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File: 1419070908741.jpg (52.05 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nayrkoZ15l1tvky6qo1_500…)

No. 30923

Thread for lulzy camgirls. Made after OC thread was derailed by discussion about megan.
she has a thread on pull. frequent use of shoop, and used to post underage nudes as prettyp0lly until she was reported. also she can be kinda an asshole sometimes.


No. 30926

Why does it look like she has downs

No. 30930

she says she's half-chinese, so that might kinda explain the eyes, but as for the rest idk lol

No. 30940

She also pulled a Kiki and copyright claimed everything negative that was said about her back when she was into gyaru and got posted frequently on gyaru_secrets for her bad shoop.

No. 30942

oh yeah, i noticed the gyaru secrets stuff. didn't she tell some freelicer to go kill herself or something, and then that girl actually tried or something?

No. 30943

What is her stuff even copyrighted under wtf?

No. 30945

Intellectual property.

No. 30946

photos of her ass = intellectual property gg

No. 30947


says she fingered herself on the bus aw that's just grimy why

No. 30949

That was KFC from PULL. She was a fucking attention seeking moron though, there was no better person in that situation.

No. 30951

A while back Megan was having some issues with her ex. He didn't want her so she sent her followers to harass his new girlfriend.

She also said she wish she had breast cancer so she could get implants.

During the Ferguson protests, she asked if America really had all black areas because she wanted to get BBC. Then tagged it as Ferguson.

When normal tumblr users called her out, she got her horde of pedos to defend her. Then a fellow CamGirl called her out and she did damage control. She deleted the bullying and started calling the Camgirl a fat whale.

Now bigger Camgirls are ignoring her and she is playing victim so her pedo horde stands by her.

No. 30974

Is that what the "so what if I like bbc I don't care if fat black women have a problem with this abloobloo I do what I want" thing was about? I kept scrolling because it seemed like it could be hilarious but I never found the original dramu. Needless to say she still doesn't understand what was wrong with her original comment.

No. 31039

oh jesus christ i remember that mess
i think once one of her dumb followers called her a "black girl in a white girl's body", and then someone got kinda upset and responded and then megan jumped down their throat, and there was a huge furor over it.
i remember she had a weird thing about black people, like she would just talk about wanting black cock all the time lol
and then she posted a lot of Ferguson stuff later on when it was just trending on tumblr, probably just to cover her ignorant ass.

No. 31092

Like she acts like she's not racist just because she likes BBC. Cool, but you're just fetishizing black men as a sex object. Doesn't mean you automatically get to act like a dick and not deserve to get called out.

No. 31101

File: 1419112366701.jpg (52.39 KB, 500x500, 1415420640615.jpg)


>mfw I realised you weren't talking about the channel

No. 31105

East Asian genetics + somewhat overweight.

No. 31111

brb dying

No. 31113

her body constantly changes in her photos idk i never watched any of her shows so i have no idea what she actually looks like without all the ae and shoop

No. 31146

File: 1419117626066.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.93 KB, 200x149, dd54b71d3e23bdc474a96f2c06764b…)

From her live shows.

No. 31147

File: 1419117662027.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.74 KB, 200x150, 71fca3afb95fbd0e4bb9b0157dba1b…)

And I know, the sizes are tiny.

No. 31148

File: 1419117690328.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.75 KB, 200x151, 98f594b5e5d59f59c398b5b972a5a4…)

No. 31149

oh my god her tits look so saggy how old is she again, like 19?

No. 31151

She turned 18 this february.

No. 31152

What kind of sorcery did she even employ to make those sad milkbags into the perky boobs in her photos/gifs?

No. 31153

File: 1419117971244.jpg (100.52 KB, 960x720, 3432.jpg)

Because she got downs, I think?
Pic related, she is far away from being asian.

No. 31156

File: 1419118177106.jpg (47.53 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mk4kk3IjUq1qe27eso1_500…)

She used to be a Dakota clone right after her gyaru phase, go figure. She also had a Felice Fawn phase after that, then got into the nymphet stuff.

No. 31157

Some video of her twerking that was recorded by somebody else:

No. 31161

Is she the middle one there? They all kinda look like they have downs tbh
I think it was just bad photo timing but the blonde girl in the grey/green-ish jacket kinda looks like a sloth

No. 31162

oh my god she looks so…the cross eyed sucking her face in look doesn't work for her. at all.

No. 31163

Felice Fawn?
Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 31164

Idk is she actually half-asian?

No. 31165


A closer, non shooped look at her face

No. 31166

when was this even, like a year or two ago?
she looks like she's fifteen or something.
her voice is kinda annoying.

No. 31168

Asian people and Downs people share facial features, anon. You can't say she looks like one and doesn't look like the other.

No. 31172

Right, like wide-set eyes, epicanthic folds, and a flattish nose bridge. I think the other anon meant that she probably has Downs, and isn't half-Asian like she claims she is.

No. 31174

File: 1419120167081.jpg (72.6 KB, 500x400, tumblr_lytpn0uZEt1qe27eso1_500…)

No. 31175

Maybe this is just because I've had a lot of exposure to disabled people, but who on earth thinks a person with downs can be this cogent? She comes across stupid as hell but she's definitely not developmentally delayed or legitimately retarded.

No. 31178

I've heard that there are people who have less severe cases of Down's Syndrome. Like they still have the physical characteristics, but can be functioning pretty well, other than seeming a little slow or whatever. But idk maybe she just looks like she has Down's.

No. 31179

File: 1419120469440.jpg (24.59 KB, 400x300, tumblr_m3ioazC19M1qe27eso1_400…)

No. 31181

File: 1419120654129.png (33.74 KB, 1004x231, wait what.png)

Idk this might be what she has or something?
I have no real experience with this, so if there's anyone here who has experience working with disabled people or anything who wants to correct/elaborate, go ahead.

No. 31182

File: 1419120671904.jpg (58.04 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m07w8dfnUe1qe27eso1_500…)

No. 31184

Her makeup skills have improved, at least…?

No. 31185

No. 31186

The second-hand embarrassment is so real.

No. 31187

is that her tumblr or her boyfriend or ex's or whatever?

No. 31188


From what I know, it was shared as she answers and posts things for him. And she had tagged her pics on his blog as 'me'.

No. 31189

File: 1419121608564.jpg (44.87 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lm2sbsZm2e1qe27eso1_500…)

Based off her face and idiotic ways, I say she might have downs. I mean, she just started recently claiming to be asian + irish.

No. 31192

She doesn't have Down's, she's just fat, weird looking and/or partially Asian. It's not something you don't notice, Down's babies are very distinctive (They have an extremely high mortality rate) as are the developmental issues associated with it. Not to mention a huge percentage have heart defects and kidney problems.

It's not just a case of being slightly lower than average intelligence or socially retarded like people on the autistic spectrum, it's a complicated disorder resulting from a duplicate chromosome. The average IQ is 50 ffs.

If she legitimately had downs and was this intelligent and capable of looking after herself, she'd be a medical marvel.

No. 31193

i think she also does it because it means she has a shield to hide behind when people call her out (rightfully) on her racism, because oh she's not completely lily white, she has some asian descent in her so she can't be racist boo hoo

No. 31194

like people who are asian or hispanic or anything can't be racist. Being a poc doesn't automatically mean you can just say random shit and get off scot free.

No. 31195

She lives with her parents and bragged about being addicted to all sorts of drugs. She doesn't understand when she is wrong.

No. 31196

and when she is confronted with her being wrong, she's all like i do what i want xD
like ughhh that's infuriating as fuck

No. 31197

She claims to have been an heroin addict, and talks about doing coke sometimes.

No. 31199

File: 1419122172935.png (48.05 KB, 943x364, image.png)

No. 31200

No one in the UK calls E Molly. (No one says "rolling" either) Absolutely no one.

No. 31203

why do all these girls on tumblr wanna be drug addicts? it's just wtf

No. 31206

because they're young, dumb & full of cum.

No. 31207

I remember this crazy girl, catatonia or whatever, who would make herself up to look like she had track marks or wtf and claim she was always shooting up in her neck or something. that was so cringeworthy.

No. 31208

Excuse my autism, but is it possible for half-asian people mixed with caucasian to get light-coloured eyes like that. I mean, she does seem to have naturally blue eyes? I'm not a genetics expert, but the brown-eye gene should be prominent, so yeah, I call bullshit on the part asian thing.

Also, she's a fuckin' trainwreck. For real

No. 31210

If their parents are 100% Asian and Caucasian respectively only. if the Asian has any Caucasian mixed in anywhere they could have a blue eye gene.

She claims to be a quarter Chinese which makes having blue eyes entirely possible.

No. 31212

Still doesn't look to have any trace of asian blood in her to me, but ok.

No. 31215

a lot of girls, especially the ones who are into the cutesy japanese stuff, like to claim that they're asian so they can seem more kawaii or whatever, when they're white through and through. i don't put it past her lol.

No. 31229

I feel like she's lying

No. 31234

File: 1419128585647.jpg (131.48 KB, 372x527, cba41a7bed9736852.jpg)

Maybe she has Saami in her?

No. 31243


prob just wants to sound edgy

No. 31245

It always makes me laugh when people casually mention they tried meth and it "wasn't that great."

No. 31254

>>a quarter
That's really not a whole lot at all. I would be shocked if she looked asian when she's 75% white, and yet I see it anyways in her eye shape.

No. 31259

Pretty much. Or heroin.
>chemical reaction in your brain that gets you to endorphin levels you can never reach again without it
>"I like totally tried it once, guys. Honest. It wasn't that great."

No. 31260

"i'm so hardcore that meth isn't enough for me"

No. 31263

It just goes to show how ignorant they are about the real consequences of drug use.

No. 31279


Times have probably changed but meth is/was practically non existent in the UK.

Do people actually call E "molly" now?

"Meow meow" was a term made up by newspapers but maybe people use it for real now.

Why would shrooms make you puke the next day? That would only make sense if they were rotten and gave you food poisoning.

Why even mention legal weed alternatives? Even the infamous original Spice was terrible and not worth putting on any list.

I think she just reads too much of the Daily Mail. A list like this from a 25 year old former party girl would be believable but from an 18 year old that's on the internet half the time it reeks of bullshit.

No. 31292

i'm kind of a shut in most of the time, but i've done a lot of the drugs listed. you can even order most off the internet. and i have a friend who gets stomach problems with shrooms. it's pretty believable.


i've heard a lot of people say that meth isn't so good. is it really that much a better experience than snorting adderall?

No. 31309


Feeling nausea within like 30 minutes of eating shrooms and wanting to puke them back up is pretty normal, but puking the next day is not.

If all she's doing is buying this stuff online and taking it at home then that doesn't exactly match the heroin chic she's going for. When shrooms were legal in the UK I used to buy them all the time and then just sit around watching TV (I get the best hallucinations with movement like TVs and faces) and I always felt like a trashy loser doing drugs at home even if it was with friends.

No. 31323

> I always felt like a trashy loser doing drugs at home even if it was with friends.
lol captured my feelings exactly. just because you do drugs doesn't mean you're some sort of glamorously wasted party girl.

No. 31324

Yeah, someone mentioned that she could be of Sami descent, which seemed pretty plausible.

No. 31507

File: 1419161738810.gif (924.64 KB, 400x300, 6k6vOSC.gif)

Just google her name, most pics that still cab be found there are from that.

No. 31509

I highly doubt she is anywhere asian, only fat.

No. 31517

Where are you supposed to do drugs then? Only at music festivals?

When I did DMT, I did it with a group of friends in the dorm common room. I don't see how it would be better to do it somewhere else, especially when you're supposed to do it in a quiet setting.

No. 31520

I'm no expert on Down syndrome but there are definitely people who have it who can function relatively well, hold jobs and even get university degrees, like Pablo Pineda. They're certainly not common but she wouldn't be the first one, if she does have Down's.

I don't know whether or not she has it, but she definitely looks a bit off to me. Maybe she really is just fat, dumb and weird looking.

No. 31523


The reason drugs are "cool" is because they imply that you go out a lot and have good social contacts in order to obtain them. If all you're doing is buying them online and doing them in your lounge then it's simply not "glamorous" like so many Tumblr girls want it to be.

It's basically the same as getting drunk at home. Everyone does it but it's kind of sad and it's not something you boast about.

No. 31530


They do where I live in the North and Leeds is up North . Are you in the south by chance?

No. 31537

if you're in university popular drugs are super easy to get even if don't order anything online.

but i probably won't stop ordering acid any time soon just because it's not "cool"

No. 31544

Dude nobody cares if you do your drugs at home or at a party. The only reason we're talking about Megan's drug use is because she brags about it like she's automatically cool because she uses

No. 31545

Date rape pills…?

No. 31546

Is it just me, or does her leg move really weirdly in this gif?

No. 31548

File: 1419182864436.gif (959.96 KB, 400x300, 35325.gif)

They always do because of how she edits her body, pic very related, also her with tons of editing.

No. 31549

File: 1419182961745.gif (937.92 KB, 400x300, 35353.gif)

And another one where she claimed "aw when i used to put effort in to my appearance :^)" instead of shoop.

No. 31550

oh my god
how do some people believe that one person can look like three people with distinctly different sets of features? also the goddamned contrast is turned up so high i can't even tell where her arm ends and the bed begins

No. 31551

I think she's talking about RCs or whatever. A lot of people sell them as LSD or e because it's cheaper, and she probably was too stupid to check before.

No. 31557

No. 31587

I call bullshit on that list. She is 18 and tried all that?? Yeah sure. I mean i can get into weed and MDMA, it is easy to come by and most teens experiment with that stuff, in my country it is also fairly cheap. But meth, heroin, cocaïne. No fucking way in hell she tried that. Shit is expensive as hell (besides addictive)

No. 31589


From how she brags about sex and rape, she probably fucked for it.

No. 31593

I've lived in literally every region in the UK, and had uni friends from all over the country and never heard it used before. Maybe I'm older than the people using it currently?

No. 31606

lol i feel like because she's so dumb she probably got ripped off and sold what she thought was coke or whatever the fuck.

No. 31608

Lol duh.
A lot of the time when people ask you if you want to kick it or smoke or something it's pretty much an implicit agreement that you're going to mess around with them, in exchange for drugs.

No. 31971

Maybe, still hard to believe with guys who sell meth, heroin. From what i heard from friends the MDMA, lsd dealers are usually nice hippie dudes, so sex as a trade is plausible. While heroin dealers are just plain scary and in it for the loads of money. Which i can imagine. I once saw a shady dude dealing in a parking lot close to our camp retreat. Music blasting loud, face hidden under a hoodie and bandana. Looked liked a dude that would stab you for wasting his time or interrupting his deal.

No. 31972

idk, most of the guys that I know who push are general like super-rich boys who sell drugs because they party. i mean, they don't sell heroin, but they sell cocaine and k and all the other shit.

No. 31980

I'm from the states but that doesn't sound like any dealer I know. The ones I'm familiar with (I don't do hard drugs personally, but I play music quite a bit so I'm around them often) are pretty lowkey and undercover. What you're describing sounds like some idiot who is just screaming HEY FUCKING ARREST ME PLEASE.

The people that sell harder, more "sophisticated" drugs like K, coke, and heroin tend to be very discreet. The ones that are good at it live pretty normal lives on the outside, and just deal for extra cash. The dudes that hang out in lowriders, threatening others and pushing really hard ('hey want some dope, i got dope') are usually desperate and on the low end of the food chain.

They tend to not last very long.

No. 31981

Yeah, most of the people who sell harder stuff would probably be too paranoid to just act so obviously or whatever

No. 31984

File: 1419295931723.png (49.88 KB, 970x301, ughhh.png)

>she thinks she's doing everyone a favour rather than it being a transaction
hit the nail on the head. at the end of the day, sex work is a business. just because you take off your clothes or whatever does not excuse you from having to be polite to your customers, as long as they're not being forward or rude to you.

No. 31988

I don't really find the list that hard to believe, at least as far as what she believes (if that makes sense.)

Let me explain:
I've seen a lot of younger girls get caught up in the party/club scene and taken advantage of by older men who just want a cheap fuck. These girls are naive and inexperienced, and coupled with the euphoria that party drugs like MDMA bring, they feel invincible and mature.

Some rando can just pull her aside at a club, hand her a pipe, and say "hey this is meth" and she'll believe it because hey, who wants to lie to a sexy and mature woman? The drugs could be anything, in actuality.

My friend thought she was snorting coke and it turned out to be ketamine, and she's an experienced drug-doer.

However, by doing all these drugs in such a short time (There's no mention of how many times she did any) would explain things like body bloated, looking haggard, facial deterioration. Drugs are hard on the body and while it is possible to look good while being an addict, it requires a strict regime of exercise, a great diet, and lots of hydration. I don't see this girl doing anything like that. Youth doesn't mean shit when it comes to drugs. Do enough molly and you'll just end up looking burnt out by 24.

No. 31990

body being bloated* sorry, english is not my strong point.

No. 31997

She always looked bloated like this tho, >>31153 for example is from when she was 13.

No. 32030

>the drugs could be anything, in actuality
YES YES so much tbh you can never be exactly sure of what you're getting when you buy drugs off the street.

No. 32031

Yeah, her face has always been kinda chubby. She mentions that her nose has been ruined by the coke. Idk, i can't really tell though.

No. 32185

If you put it like that then yes. I meant that i cant believe she actually did meth and heroin. English isnt my first language so sorry for any confusion. I can believe she thinks she did all this, however i cant believe it was actually meth or heroin. She probably snorted/shot up something else and thought she did meth.

No. 32188

I agree. In my country people died, because some asshole sold white heroin as cocaïne. That is why i love our health agency. You can send a bit of drugs anonymous and they will send black the labresults about it. They rather have less people doing from drug overdose/contaminaties drugs then fighting a war against drugs itself.

No. 32200

Where are you from?
I'm in the States and I have a cokehead friend who says that the only time he ever got his blow tested was when they picked him up for possession, and sent the cocaine he had on him to the labs for a purity test.

No. 32202

File: 1419330896303.gif (470.02 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mgl1ngzqzp1qe27eso1_500…)

the shoop here is ridiculous.

No. 32203

File: 1419331033642.jpg (34.44 KB, 640x640, 14npdgo (1).jpg)

How can she think this is in any way plausible?

No. 32280

UK camwhore and general slut here, can confirm nobody does meth in the UK outside of the hardcore gay scene.

No. 32306

I think the Netherlands, since that happened not too long ago

No. 32341

in the states you can get your drugs tested at some festivals. They'll provide (or look the other way) testing stations where you can have your drugs tested for purity and content.

pretty fucking cool.

No. 32349


Or the Jeremy Kyle Show scene?

No. 32370

Not even there, it's seriously niche as hell and mainly gay guys, the scene isn't even really popular with white trash.

No. 32373

Seriously? Where even? Granted, I haven't been to many festivals. But that sounds really cool, and it's nice to see somebody choosing to try and reduce the harm rather than just cracking down on all drugs ever.

No. 32374

Oh I see lol, I just did a quick search, and apparently it really isn't that common in the UK. So I'll bet she probably just smoked some random shit someone handed her and thought, lol its totally meth dur.

No. 32378

She's just listing all the drugs cos she's so lol random.

No. 32379

u forgot she's 3edgy5me too

No. 32400

I actually like Megan but she's lying out of her ass if she says she's tried meth.

Meth is crazy difficult if not altogether impossible to get in the UK as there is zero supply an demand for it.

No. 32427

You can find them at Burning Man events, and a lot of other "random gathering" festivals. Theyre a bit easier to find than testing sites at bigger, corporate events.

Since festival companies don't want to be liable for drug use, they can't endorse the testers because it is seen by law enforcement as consent and approval of drug uses on festival premises. I've seen testers been told to leave, so they usually keep on the DL.

No. 32435

The Netherlands. I think it is a good initiative. A friend of mine once had very toxic XTC and because we always test first we could avoid any accidents.

No. 35992

File: 1420153472652.jpg (93.83 KB, 639x480, BwdNUyWCEAAGsQUasf.jpg)

Megan is on MFC right now and I have to say, she does look exactly like her more recent pictures.

She's actually really fucking cute, but then I am a raging dyke

She's not talking much though which is a huuuuuuuuuuu no-no as a cam girl.

No. 35995


Do you have caps of her standing and not sucking it in?

It's common thinspo logic to pose on your back, laying down with tummy hidden and covering midrif.

Also her face is more wider than her gifs/pics. This is because she washes herself out and stretches it.

No. 35997


Her webcam conveniently disconnected/went offline when this was posted.

Nice try Megan. I understand fellow Camgirls are calling you out, but trying this is sad.

No. 36000

File: 1420154983308.jpg (105.14 KB, 500x669, tumblr_n7obf1JYgx1tvky6qo1_500…)

Just as friendly reminder what she claims to be her "natural" totally not shooped body.

No. 36001

File: 1420155108590.png (Spoiler Image, 118.69 KB, 339x255, Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 8.00…)

Thanks god she didn't remove her bra this time.

No. 36003

File: 1420155380191.png (Spoiler Image, 95.31 KB, 323x241, saggy_tits.png)

No. 36004

File: 1420155470052.png (Spoiler Image, 187.11 KB, 445x354, saggy_tits2.png)

Oh well.

No. 36005


>everybody that doesn't spew unadulterated bile towards this girl is her

Ew no, don't be one of those delusional people who thinks everybody that compliments somebody is her. It is possible that other women find her attractive.

If I was her I wouldn't know who our lord and saviour PT is nor that the predecessor to this board was SR and that the one before that (I can't even remember it's fucking name now) was suspected to be run by Flan (MaxFaggotry?)


Those look like totally normal breasts to me brah'.
It makes me really sad that people seriously think otherwise because it just goes to show how badly you all as women have been brainwashed into shaming your own bodies, because I know for a fact that most of the women here won't have small, perly breasts.

Honestly as far as the shooping goes I think she's getting better though since I haven't seen her post anything ridiculous in a while.
Seems to me she was experiencing some pretty serious dysphoria a while back which I can totally relate to.

It's good she's accepting her body and being proud of it. I don't have any problem with that whatsoever and I don't know why you do.

No. 36007

those tits are nasty and I bet she has a whale vagina. The dyke anon must be one of those ugly fat dude looking dykes because megan is and always will be, GROSS

No. 36009




>people that don't like a thing I hate must be fat and disgusting b-because REASONS

Aw, diddums ;(

No. 36011

ew those boobs are saggy and so wide set apart. Her bitch tits look like she used to be 500 lbs and thats how they shrunk down. They ain't normal you fuckin retard those are some genetically unfortunate bitch cow titties and that is NOT the norm.

Fuckin retard

No. 36012


She did used to be fat as fuck.

But no, those are actually pretty average, especially if you used to be fat at some point.

No. 36013

File: 1420155928380.jpg (21.41 KB, 424x353, ds.jpg)


>Fucking retard

Easy there Shadow the Edgehog.

No. 36014

Oh come on. Don't default to that "Oh they're normal you must just be ashamed and projecting!" bullshit.

Firstly, her boobs may be normal but normal isn't necessarily good or okay. It's normal to be slightly overweight, it's not good or okay though. Secondly, her tits are unfortunate, not just average. The nipple is in a terrible place, and although a nice colour they're huge. They're big but they're saggy as shit.

and she's selling her body. Those are her merchandise. She's trying to get more money than they're worth for them, of course people are going to scrutinise them.

No. 36015

I'm here talking about boobs and you post a sonic picture and totally ~clever~ funny sonic joke. Whose the one with autism here? You fucking retarded, dyke white knight bitch :)

No. 36016

I know her ever since when she used to be a scene fag and she wasn't a lot fatter than now.

No. 36017

How sad. at least if she used to be a hamplanet her disgusting shit boobs would have an excuse. She just lost the genetic lottery lmao. I love it when girls get in the sex industry when their bodies look like shit

No. 36018

The fuck? Like..this doesn't even make sense. Oh man I used to see her on tumblr and be envious of her thigh gap, but this thread has helped me realize she's a hamplanet.

No. 36020

File: 1420156820247.jpg (43.94 KB, 440x330, thora-birch-topless.jpg)


Nope, I actually whole heartedly believe in this.

I grew up with a horrendous body image, I actually remember when I first developed breasts I cried because I couldn't understand why my boobs didn't stick together in the center automatically (I didn't realise natural boobs only looked like that in bras) so I began sleeping on my front every night hoping they'd grow into the "correct" shape.

The first time I saw a natural pair of tits was when I watched American Beauty, and I was absolutely blown away seeing that natural boobs weren't supposed to look like melons stuck to your chest, and that one could even be larger than the other.

Don't you think that's sad though? I really don't want anybody else to experience that kind of thing, it's madness, and it's exactly what you're contributing to.

So yeah, I am very pro-loving your body, all with the exception of "fat acceptance" which I firmly believe is vomit inducing and has no place in civilised society.

I get that this board is a place to vent your frustrations, I've done that and seen it all, I've been on 4chan for many years now, and of course I'm still here, but I never quite got attacking people for the sake of attacking them.
Yeah she's kind of dumb, and her shooping in the past was…. well, abysmal, but aside from that what else has she done wrong? She has only just turned 18 and I'm embarrassed to say I was probably a lot dumber than this at her age.

>and she's selling her body

Hmmmmm nope, sex workers don't sell their bodies, they sell their time, experience and knowledge.
Some of the top girls on MFC have totally flabby, sub-standard bodies, but they get the most tips because they're actually fun to be around and you get something back for your money.

I suppose under your logic care workers are also selling their bodies.

No. 36021

No. 36022

File: 1420156895767.jpg (40.68 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nhirblgv0a1tvky6qo1_500…)


Well that's obviously not true.

No. 36023

She's not a hamplanet by any means. Kinda overweight but the reason everyone is so virulent towards her is because she acts so goddamned entitled and bitchy toward everyone, not just the creeps.

No. 36025


I don't know, I follow her on Tumblr and she seems nice. I legit think she was just dumb in the past because she was an immature fuck, which let's be honest, we all are.

No. 36026


all were* derp

No. 36029

I follow her too, but she can get downright nasty very often. Not just toward the gross pervs, but like jumping down someone's throat when she could've just civilly responded. Also I'm not holding myself or anyone up here as paragons of maturity, but she's almost 19, I think, and she still acts like a high-schooler. Maybe I'm personally biased against her, but something about her sets my teeth on the edge.

No. 36031

>Some of the top girls on MFC have totally flabby, sub-standard bodies, but they get the most tips because they're actually fun to be around and you get something back for your money.
But Megan's like hella boring and rude lol…
Like >>35992 said, she doesn't talk much on cam shows, and being cute can only take you so far, especially as you said, there are a ton of camgirls who are entertaining and cute and generally fun to interact with.

No. 36034


Hm, maybe I haven't followed her that long.

tbh I only wish I had the balls to snap at people when I was her age. If somebody said somebody sexually inappropriate to me at that age I would just smile and put my head down and act like I was grateful, because all women should be grateful for receiving attention sexual harassment from men amirite?

Man I was a fucking pussy.


I am >>35992, but yeah I agree. She is cute but she is boring, she needs to start fucking talking otherwise it makes you look conceited.

No. 36035

lol ya she has beef curtains, but she makes her gifs and shit so bright that you can't tell

No. 36037

She looks like she's trying to act less rude now, though, which is nice.

No. 36038

Obvious samefag is obvious.

No. 36040

Haha, yeah I used to post nudes too, and I was too much of a doormat to deny any requests or just tell someone no when they got too inappropriate or aggressive. Plus I had my naked body up there–I was way too scared that I would be immediately judged based on something I said and then shittalked all over the place. So I was always polite and it honestly made me so pissed inside. So whatever we have to say about Megan, she does have balls.

No. 36041


Shit yes, me too, are you me?

I mean, I have a Tumblr and I still post nudey pics, but now I do it because I genuinely enjoy seeing myself naked and think that it's a good step towards the normalisation of the naked body, particularly the female.

Now if I get rude anons I tear their head off verbally or just ignore them. I think Megan has a good attitude for her age.

No. 36042

Omg i'm dying.
I was >>36035 and >>36037 haha

No. 36043

No but there's a good chance I'm following you. Yeah, I used to have major body dysphoria and posting nudes was kind of therapeutic, like I finally got a chance to see myself without all the self-hatred. I stopped posting nudes because it bothered my boyfriend a lot, so most of the anons stopped. But I still get some hella creepy ones once in a while, and I just ignore them now.

No. 36044

also i think she mentioned that she hasn't been camming in a while, so that might be it. hopefully she starts idk improving her camming skills?

No. 36045


>no but there's a good chance I'm following you

…. were you on /cgl/.


No. 36046

No. I don't think you automatically deserve self esteem. It should come from actually having something of value. I fundamentally believe lying to everyone about how great they are only makes things worse, and we should all just learn to be okay with being shit in whatever way.

No. 36047


No. 36048


There is no "deserve", either you have it or don't, and it's something you can create entirely of your own.

You don't get to decide whether people have anything of value or not.
If I want to strip and bend over in front of the mirror, pry my ass cheeks apart and admire the mucus lining of my colon and pretty it gleams in the light I'm going to do that, and you can stay mad as all hell about it as much as you want.

No. 36049

I used to lurk on /cgl/ a bit but never posted. I did go onto the lolita and gal comms before though lol.

No. 36050



You probably are following me too lol

Still, it makes me really happy to hear of other women going through a similar realisation. It sucks just how many women go through their life no knowing just how badly they're repressed.

No. 36051

If it wasn't for her asking everyone and their dads for their cock she wouldn't have that much creepy followers in the first place, I still remember how she asked every black guy for their "tasty" goods back on gifyo when she still had a boyfriend.

No. 36052


>women has voracious sexual appetite equivalent to that of the average male and enjoys an open relationship

>more news at 10 O'clock

No. 36053

You sound like that lolitachan girl. Are you her?

No. 36054

Too bad for her that it wasn't an open relationship and he left her because of being a cheating slut.

No. 36056

Ok ok nooo she doesn't deserve creepy followers for the sole sake of that. Girls who put up nudes and stuff tend to ATTRACT them, but nobody deserves gross sexual crap and unwarranted dickpics ok

No. 36057


Christ no, I never started THAT young.

Loli-chan is cute too though.
Now I mean, obviously not when she was a kid D:


If she cheated then she's an asshole, but I don't think a girl cheating warrants a thread on here.

No. 36058

She was the one who messaged them first, you can't just to go to dude's asking for their cock if you don't want a response in that kind of direction.

No. 36060

File: 1420159649197.png (28.39 KB, 640x258, e2r4.png)

No. 36061

File: 1420159705187.jpg (107 KB, 1036x500, zj6yzta.jpg)

No. 36063

No, it's something people either have because they already have something of value or something people lie to themselves in order to gain. Instead of coming to peace with the fact that they're shit and mediocre and that's okay. It's fine.

Yes I do. That's what making a value judgement about someone is. If we weren't allowed to decide whether other people had valuable traits we wouldn't be able to choose who to date, who to bother spending our time with and so on. Everybody judges everyone else all the time.

Hell, 90% of the discussion in the Kiki thread is about how she's overly self congratulatory and completely delusional about how great she actually is.

No. 36064

I think everybody should at least be able to not hate themselves and their appearance. Megan shouldn't have to feel bad because her boobs are kinda saggy or whatever, but acting like she's like a megagoddess and using that as an excuse to be rude to others especially when she's really not is hella annoying.

No. 36065

File: 1420159963887.gif (Spoiler Image, 953.17 KB, 400x300, b7785079356c9c5c7b9e5231256101…)

No. 36067

oh ok nvm then I didn't know she actually actively made advances toward other dudes
but idk I feel like not all of those followers are guys from her gifyo days and some of them are just creeps who think nudes= ok to be gross

No. 36068

Why are you guys posting naked pics on tumblr. Whatever, more job opportunities for us non whores.

No. 36069

Self-love is great, but Megan is just unwarrantedly arrogant sometimes, and that's probably why most people on this thread don't like her.

No. 36070


lol is this supposed to make people hate her? It's fucking true.
Almost all of the people I've tried to pick on me for my looks growing up looked like diseased hamsters.

No. 36071

cuz sometimes u feel good about urself and like the way u look that day lol

No. 36072

Yeah, but she ain't hot shit either. She's cute, but that doesn't mean she gets to be as rude as she likes.

No. 36073


I can't imagine going through life being this repressed.

Doesn't your partner get sick of lights out under the covers every night?

No. 36074


>my life revolves only around potential career opportunities so I choose to monitor my every behaviour which extends to enjoying my physicality

I feel sorry for you.
Enjoy retail I guess.

No. 36075

Even Pixyteri and Chrischan, anon? Hating yourself because you look like shit (If you actually look like shit, obviously) just means you're not deluded. Some people look like shit, it's a basic fact of life. You can decide whether being good looking is really that important to you though, and if it is, do what you can to change it. If not, get your self esteem from another trait you're happy with.

No. 36076

Right, because nude pics= whore.
Jesus Christ.

No. 36077


PT and Chris are fat as fuck, so no they shouldn't be proud of the way they look, but assuming they were of normal weight and put a modicum of effort into their appearance, yeah I don't see why they shouldn't be able to love their bodies, saggy tits and all.

We only get one shot at life anon, how miserable it is to go through it despising yourself based on the opinions of others.

No. 36078

Ok, sorry,I meant more like I don't think people should hate themselves solely based on appearance.

No. 36079


I would ignore that girl, she sounds like she couldn't distinguish her urethral opening from her clitoris.

It's a pity really, you should feel bad for her that she's never really been educated properly.

No. 36081

tbh she kinda sounds like my religious aunt who thinks that premarital sex automatically damns you to the fiery pits of hell

No. 36082

File: 1420160790866.jpg (5.21 KB, 259x194, 3532.jpg)

No. 36083


Christ that is like my boyfriends grandma.

Old Scottish woman, EXTREMELY Catholic. She doesn't even know that we've been living together for over a year or that we're engaged. I've never even met her because my boyfriend had informed me that she would automatically hate me even if I walked in covered in rosaries quoting bible passages.

No. 36084

She looks cute here. Dark hair looks nicer on her than the strawberry blonde ginger thing she's got going on. The way the light looks on her cheek is a little weird though.

No. 36085

>We only get one shot at life anon, how miserable it is to go through it despising yourself based on the opinions of others.

Why does it have to be based on other people's opinions? Most people judge themselves according their own value systems, that's why you get "Grass is greener" phenomenon.

No. 36086

The same way as she thinks >>32203 is possible

No. 36087

My aunt is super Buddhist. She used to tell me that I shouldn't eat ham, or we would be reincarnated as a pig destined for the slaughterhouse. Kinda heavy stuff for a ten year old lol.

No. 36088


That's actually exactly the way I think it should be, people judging themselves according to their own values, which is exactly what Megan appears to be doing, and so if she's happy with her ta-ta's where's the fire exactly?

No. 36089



No. 36090

what is it with megan and wanting super thick thighs, but then posing so her legs look more like anime loli twigs?

No. 36091

Yeah, my mom was a workaholic, so me and my sister ended up with my aunt a lot. I find it impressive that we didn't end up as traumatized as we could have been.

No. 36092

As much as people believe she's only rude to creepy anons, she'd rude to anyone who doesn't kiss her ass.

Late November, Early December, she was pissed her ex didn't want her back and was dating some other chick. She sent her followers to harass the girl. When people told her it was a bad idea, she responded rudely saying they were pathetic and haters and she was perfect. When more people informed her she was wrong, she bitched them out for being fat or 'copying her theme'.

Then she deleted and pretended nothing happened.

She does that a lot. She fucks up, bullies the people not on her side, has her flock of pedos tell her she is good, deletes everything and then plays goody goody.

Lately she has been super nice because there was a post going around and being reblogged by popular cam girls. The post was her PULL thread.

No. 36093

nahhh, it's fine that she's happy with her boobies and stuff. just she shouldn't use her self-love and her pride as a free pass to be rude and nasty to others is all.

No. 36094

File: 1420161357719.gif (1.91 MB, 800x533, tumblr_nh5xe061Xx1tvky6qo1_128…)

Seems like she can't decide for one.

No. 36095

Well, there key word here is
It's blatantly obvious she's insecure as fuck, maybe not as much as she used to be when she shopped, but she still makes an effort to misrepresent how she actually looks.

No. 36096

oH god i remember that she linked that girl's instagram right? that was messed up tbh.

No. 36097

>When people told her it was a bad idea, she responded rudely saying they were pathetic and haters and she was perfect.
basically we don't like her because she thinks that being cute/hot means she is always in the right and everyone else is just a jealous hater.

No. 36098

Can you post caps of the post?

No. 36099

Forgot to add, she gets all of her validation from outside sources as well. Her self esteem relies on other people telling her she's good. Which is why she can't stand criticism.

No. 36100

She wants to be like a curvy, thick sex goddess but also a kawaii desu ne virgin loli.
Can't have it both ways, Megan.

No. 36102


If this really happened and got so many reblogs you can link us to it then right?

No. 36103


The caps of her rudeness and the link to her instgram is unlikely to happen because she deleted, but the PULL post is here.


The OP took it down because even though it was proof, PULL wasn't hugbox enough for her.

Because PULL was mean, she deemed Megan's behaviors acceptable.

No. 36104

Yes, yes, yess. When you're obviously insecure in your own looks, and you post nudes/selfies or whatever on the internet, you no longer need to be reliant on yourself for validation, but on other people's opinions of you. And we all know how changeable those can be. So I can kind of understand her behavior, but that's still not excusable.

No. 36105

File: 1420161789469.jpg (40.02 KB, 640x426, tumblr_n86y2to7pl1tvky6qo1_128…)

No. 36106

No. 36107

I like her because when some lardarse black BBW woman tried to call her a racist for liking black guys she told her she was a whale and no fucks were given.

No. 36108

Oh, lol that's probably why I thought she was being more polite than usual. I was like, hey maybe people can change that's great. Silly me, she was just trying to backpedal because someone called her out on her shit.

No. 36109

File: 1420162118034.jpg (195.98 KB, 640x852, tumblr_ngvw0oFvkh1tvky6qo1_128…)

No. 36110

File: 1420162152870.jpg (40.54 KB, 500x509, 3253.jpg)

No. 36111

See, that's why I think she's kinda immature. Like dude wanting to get your own back is normal and stuff, but these kind of passive-aggressive posts reek of high school-level immaturity.

No. 36112

Didn't she tag this with "Ferguson"?

No. 36113


The tag says "black dick is fav doe", no Ferguson.

No. 36114

Yeah. That's why when Anons asked her if she liked Black men, she said she liked "personality" and race didn't matter.

Even though she has stated she wants a black man and BBC on her blog beforehand.

No. 36115

lol silly anon
whales can have valid opinions too

No. 36116


It used to be tagged Ferguson, but she changed it. I will find the cap.

No. 36117

Lol at Megan's "i'm not a racist guys i like black guys cuz they got big dicks"
You're still fetishizing them on account of a racial stereotype jeez.

No. 36120

I think all the talk on her blog about her being fatter than her gifs lead the random ass kisser to this thread.

Talking about you, >>35992

No. 36121

that's not really ass kissing idk

No. 36125


Nigger what the fuck are you on about, I came from /cgl/ to Maxfag, to Staminarose, to Unichan temporarily, and then on to here.

You likely came from PULL.

No. 36126

File: 1420164518728.png (35.61 KB, 1043x349, welp.png)

why am i not surprised

No. 36127

Then you should know better, this site is still about shittalking.

No. 36129


Actually I can kind of relate to her on that last part.

My last boyfriend was emotionally and mentally abusive to the point where my self esteem was non-existent, but then I met this amazing guy who really fucking stepped up.
I ended up cheating with her, and then I broke up with Mr. Abusive shortly after, but my circumstances don't matter because as soon as people hear I cheated everything he did to me goes out of the window and all I am is "the cheating whore".

No. 36130


If the relationship didn't last because of abuse and not her cheating, then she wouldn't have asked for followers to harass his new girlfriend (and posting the instagram), when her ex rejected her.


When did the black chick threaten to kill her?

No. 36132

tbh i don't like to judge other people's relationships because i'm never going to completely understand the circumstances surrounding their situation.
and i did sympathize with her when she talked about the shit he did to her, but she has a history of cheating, as she has very openly stated, so it's very hard for people not to negatively judge her for it.

No. 36133

No. 36134

Eh, that's not a very serious threat as far as this shit goes. She didn't even say anything like "I'm going to hunt you down and blah blah"
Seriously this is like the kind of thing you say offhandedly when someone annoys you.
Jeez at Megan feeling so threatened by this wtf.

No. 36136

off topic, that girl's banner is very…uh

No. 36137

No. 36138

does she have caps of it? or whatever?

No. 36141

Lately all these girl are like "daddy's little princess". What's with this fuckery?

No. 36144

dd/lg is hella popular right now, and so is vladimir nabokov's "lolita". so all of tumblr is jumping on the bandwagon.

No. 36146

Most haven't really read Lolita. Hebert was legit pedo, but Lo started the sexual relationship. It wasn't even a DD/LG thing because Lo wasn't submissive. Hebert was a pawn in her game. She even states it when she admits to why she left him.

No. 36147

Okay, she was what, a twelve year old girl. Jesus christ, do you actually expect her to make
responsible sexual decisions at that young of an age? She initiated the sexual relationship on a stupid whim. She was young and stupid, and he took advantage of that. No matter what sort of thing she tried to do–using tricks to get more pocket money from him, being spiteful or rebellious–he still ultimately held the power in the relationship. Yes, she technically could have left him, but he knew she was young and gullible, and manipulated her into believing that she had nowhere else to go.
But yeah, she wasn't submissive, not by the conventional definition. I think the dynamics of dd/lg kind of merged with those of a traditional d/s relationship somewhere along the way.

No. 36158

No to mention that Japan's whole Neo Lolita fashion fad that has been popular in gyaru since the past few years, still don't know why it got popular in the first place tho.

No. 36164

do you mean the sort of vintage, youthful pinup-kinda thing that i've seen in japanese fashion magazines? cuz that's the only thing that comes to mind.

No. 36176

No, nymphet fashion is called neo lolita in Japan, the stuff that Amo wears and brands like Katie, Syrup, etc sell.

No. 36193

Oh lol k
I think the growing popularity probably has to do with Lana del Rey's whole romanticization of the age gap and her constant reference to Lolita in her songs. And like literally 80% of her audience are teenage girls on tumblr. It's annoying as hell, especially since you know a few months ago, half of those tumblrinas would've been like, "Oh, gross he's so wrinkly" about the same guy they're swooning over right now.

No. 36203

how the fuck does she edit her boobs so much nicer and expect no one will notice its just so fucking obvious and cringeworthy as shit

No. 36208

probably a very good push-up bra.
also knowing how to pose. like lying on your belly, or on your back.
plus she knows how to use lighting. if you make pictures really bright, a lot of the shadows are gone, and that makes it less obvious. also she thrusts her chest forward and has the camera slightly angled from under, so her boobs look more perky and less saggy.

No. 36209

She's not exactly that smart lol. Plus her followers are 90% gross basement-dwellers who are so horny they'd fuck a warm Gatorade bottle; I doubt that they're looking closely at her pictures besides "ooh tits ass".

No. 36212

the nude ones tho… they look pretty ok but those live ones are full on deflated cow udders

so weird how these people are beyond the scope of normal human shame/embarrassment

No. 36215

I don't understand this mindset, this whole 'if your body isn't perfect by society's standards, you should be ashamed of it and hide it away' mentality. I know my tits aren't round and full and perky, I know my ass or my thighs or my stomach or whatever aren't perfect, but hey, this is what I look like. Take it or leave it.

I'm not some whiteknight, I don't even know who this girl is, but I can't help but think that some people, here and on 4chan especially, have some messed up ideas about the human body.

No. 36216

File: 1420209019904.jpg (693.28 KB, 1797x1200, image.jpg)

Her photoshopping is ridiculous

No. 36217


Thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the girls on here have boobs like this.

Mine aren't all that dissimilar to be honest, only at a 34E they're a lot fuller, a lot like the girl in >>36020 actually, probably even a bit saggier, but I'll be damned if I let anybody make me feel ashamed of them.

Just because some idiots whose concept of a normal female breast comes from pornos and beer advertisements thinks my boobs are shit isn't going to stop me from playing with them, putting them on show, generally enjoying them and allowing others to enjoy them too.
And hey, my boyfriend sure ain't complaining.

I think the people with that kind of mentality honestly sound like they're really sad. Happy people don't rag on others for their normal, healthy bodies.

No. 36218

it's not that

she deliberately displays her body in a certain way because she is ashamed of it, and is lying, in effect

it's one thing if youre displaying your body proudly for what it is, but she's being straight up deceitful

not the same, and she should be ashamed

No. 36222

Can you guys stop stroking her "half asian" fantasy? I knew a girl who looked just like her growing up. Squinting eyes isn't an asian-specific trait. Look at bjork.

Megan is blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and white as mother fucking snow.

No. 36226


Supposedly her father is Chinese and honestly I don't not believe her unless proven otherwise because I studied Biochemistry in college and I know how weird genetics are.

You can have two black parents and provided at least one of them has a smidgen of white DNA in them they can produce a fully white, blonde haired, blue eyed child, and to be fair she does look kind of half.

I mean I wouldn't be surprised if she was lying, but I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't either.

No. 36229

I'll be honest and I got boobs similar to Megan. Since I was fat before like her and lost weight (I wasn't even THAT fat but still) I guess it's partly due because of this and party because they developped very early.

I won't bash her for her tits but her shooping is ridiculous. If she doesn't want to be judged harshly on her bod she shouldn't shoop everything and then look miserable in real life compared to what she pretends to be. That's exactly why Dakota will always look frumpy fat and with a terrible chin, actually she's not really all that but compared to her fake persona, yes.

Talking about this, is there exercises that can help with that besides surgery ? I lift a bit of weight and do the wall-push up things (trying to do real ones soon).

No. 36230


If you want them to get perkier then push-ups and bench presses are the way to go.

If you want them bigger, well I can personally attest to birth control having that affect, but supposedly it works differently for some people.

Barring that, self acceptance is undoubtedly the best route, but that takes time.

If it bothers you that much, save up and get surgery. If you can't work past those issues then there's also no point in spending your life unhappy with your bod'. Buy the bod' you want.

No. 36235

i agree, my family and i have eyes similar to hers, i'm pretty sure we don't have an ounce of asian blood in us. i may be stupid, but i think a lot of people get features similar to "asian" features if their bloodline is ethnically homogeneous. i've noticed asian countries are very ethnically homogeneous and a lot of people who have "asian" features are also from ethnically homogeneous countries. but i could be wrong
tldr; megan is just super white

No. 36236

Asians do not carry the red headed gene and in order to have a red headed child, both parents need to carry the genes -

A lot of natural red heads with light eyes and light skin I know generally look like they have downs, it's a red head thing

No. 36238

She's not a natural red head you tard. Look at her roots, they're mousy brown. And secondly she claims to be a quater, i.e. three white grandparents, making it perfectly possible for both of her parents to carry recessive genes.

No. 36240

Her mother doesn't look asian too tho, there were photos of her avaiable online when Megan was still a scene/goth faggot.

No. 36241

Plus she claimed that her mother is chinese before starting the 1/4 thing.

No. 36253


Yeah, my eyes are fairly "white looking" as far as half-Asians go, but I am quite certain that this girl is white as fuck. There's nothing wrong with it, but loads of Europeans have almond shaped eyes and thinner eye-lid creases.

It seems like she is trying to bank on that "all Eurasians are sexy and gorgeous" stereotype.

No. 36263

basically, nobody cares if you're not perfect. but people will care if you lie and pretend you are.

No. 36264

She wants to be exotic and also get a pass to say whatever racist shit she wants. Being biracial means she can pull the "oh i'm a poc too ok i'm oppressed too" card, similar to the way OC is doing. Both of them know that if they didn't claim some sort of exotic heritage crap or try their hardest to be a special snowflake, they'd just get lost in the horde of identically boring, pasty-ass white girls on tumblr.

No. 36265

Also she probably says she's partly Asian to keep people from thinking she looks like she has Down's.
Because the smallish eyes and the wide face and flat nose make it kinda look like she does.

No. 36266


No. 36271

Sadly, archive.org didn't safe her old Tumblr that far as you can see in >>36021

No. 36272

No. 36276

It's not even her eyes that look Down's. It's her mouth and fat tongue.

No. 36278

To be honest, she reminds me of Jocelyn Wildenstein.

No. 36279

Wait what fat tongue what?

No. 36281

thanks can never unsee again

No. 36321

File: 1420240801650.jpg (10.5 KB, 480x270, 2010-02-21-familyguy.jpg)

About the downs thing. I have a sibling who has it and we go to a lot of support groupps and day programs where we meet many like her… and yes her face just so happens to look exactly like the kids who have downs. But that is just it, a coincidence. She is fully mentally capable. Though I find it odd that all kids with downs are kinda chubby and she is the same way. I think she was just unlucky and that is why she use to edit her face from hell and back. I just really think her body stores fat in her face for whatever reason since her eyes look so damn swollen.

It is funny how she looks exactly like the girl with downs from Family guy. They even have a similar body type

No. 36326

File: 1420241222946.jpg (15.82 KB, 352x295, simian-line.jpg)

We need a photo of her palm to get this thing straight. Does she do requests on webcam?

No. 36329

No. 36332

File: 1420241760366.jpg (43.88 KB, 500x333, tumblr_n0xwyeQAxR1tso2aio1_500…)

Looks like the right.

No. 36347


Oh my god, every time I see this thread I think that too.

How unfortunate do you have to be to look like you have downs when you're actually fully functional though. I feel pretty bad for her.

No. 36354

omg yeah i never thought of the face storing fat thing. probably also she doesn't lead the healthiest lifestyle, and she retains water, especially under her eyes.

No. 36356

werk dem fat angles

No. 36357

Are those drawn on freckles?

No. 36358

To match her claim of being a natural ginger.

No. 36360

File: 1420247045087.png (496.44 KB, 773x443, whyy.png)


nice use of fake foliage to hide your tummy, megan.

No. 36363

Because she's lying down in them.

No. 36371

Except she uncovers it right after. Still looks effing stupid.

No. 36379

and then promptly lies down so no one can get a look at it.
why couldn't she just use a dildo? why did it have to be a banana?

No. 36385

I watched it but had to skip because her voice is so annoying.

No. 36387

when I was watching it, I was trying to figure out what the deal with the fake leaves was.

No. 36391

yeah, her voice makes me just wanna punch her through the computer screen
i honestly have no idea either i think it might have been a halloween costume or something.

No. 36397


Not whiteknighting but she was doing a Poison Ivy dressup.

No. 36400

dollar store poison ivy costume tho lol

No. 36401

Ivy wore fake glasses?

No. 36403

Probably Megan was too lazy to take off her normal frames.

No. 37023

omg at Megan throwing a shitfit on tumblr because someone said she wasn't petite. She's certainly not hamplanet status or even very fat, but she's obviously overweight and a lil chubby. Plus you're in the adult industry, right? Petite generally equals not only short, but fairly small/thin body. And she claims her measurements are 32-23-37. I'm dying there is no way those udders are anywhere near 32. Try harder, Megan.

No. 37032

lmao wat, >>36065 hear and other pictures show she barely has any waist definition even though you can tell she's sucking it in. if her waist was actually 23 in and thighs were 37in, there would definitely be some definition. i will give her some slack with the bust measurement bc they do sag and lay pretty flat on her chest.

just curious, was she bigger before and lost weight? her boobs look too small to be sagging like that.

No. 37033

here* not hear

No. 37071


To be fair they are her real glasses. I've seen her with other styles in the past and smaller ones look horrendous on her.

No. 37075

She looks like she's always been around the same size. Maybe a little larger before, but probably just not as good at shooping before. I don't think she ever lost enough weight for her tits to do that. I think she literally just got a bad draw in the genetic lottery.

No. 37077

Her torso is pretty boxy she ain't an hourglass figure like she pretends she is in her gifs.

No. 37078

oh lord
i can imagine

No. 37120

She also says she wears a 32 C bra, so she could just be dumb and actually have a 32 inch bust but not know how to get a proper bra. Or she has a 32 inch underbust.

No. 37125

I feel like it would be hella painful for her to squeeze her boobs into 32 inch bras like they're not going to just lie flat like when you measure, they have to fit in there. But she probably just used her underbust measurement.
Her ass is supposedly 37 inches and she doesn't have much definition at all. Just pretty much straight up and down her ass can't be that big, with the rest of her measurements.

No. 37141

i think the bra size is right for her but i think she didn't think about that at all when she gave out these obviously fake measurements. i've seen so many lolcows like her lie about shit and not think it through.

i won't believe these measurements until i see her wear something i know is for petite people, like asian free size clothing.

No. 37144

So wait, she claims she is a natural ginger/redhead and also part Asian? Can't you literally not be both, or is that just really rare?

No. 37145

She is a notorious liar. She says it to be more kawaii and shit. And to explain her downs face

No. 37153

File: 1420408434701.jpg (455.4 KB, 2063x1329, zJLrj.jpg)

You can be both, anon. Not sure who told you otherwise

No. 37155

File: 1420409279194.jpg (115.79 KB, 332x500, 2925337905_f47551ca31.jpg)

No. 37156

File: 1420409464995.jpg (9.61 KB, 150x185, 03-fenci-daisy-150.jpg)

No. 37157

you really needed to reply three times

No. 37158

File: 1420409647605.jpg (32.49 KB, 400x262, 2nbvsc3.jpg)

Well, I only replied twice, but here, have more.

No. 37162

>>37153 is me, I'm assuming the other two are >>37158.
No need to feel bad about getting corrected more than once, anon.

No. 37163

albino asians can also b ginger I think

No. 37170

Yeah but not with freckless which she claims to have ~naturally~ just like her fake red hair.

No. 37174

File: 1420411124072.jpg (312.16 KB, 960x675, 1316811_lookbook1.jpg)

Her face looked so much better before she started doing drugs, pic related is from 2011.

No. 37191

File: 1420413298470.jpg (85.03 KB, 720x480, tumblr_nhb5v4Mo5D1tvky6qo1_128…)

Yeah all gingers have naturally dark brown roots DUH

No. 37193

she's a notorious liar and shooper, but there's evidence both ways that she could be of Asian descent, so I'm just going to assume she is unless she definitely proves she's not by tripping herself up or something.

No. 37194

yeah, she looks hella haggard now tbh

No. 37195

Oh man, remember Mila Mortice's supposedly 21 inch waist?
At least Megan is short enough for her numbers to be at least in the realm of plausibility.

No. 37196

oh god, i do, that was really pathetic because i remember her personal info got out and she got scared off the internet. but then a few days later she gets her friend to post for her, but she was more worried about people not thinking she had a 21 inch waist.
>At least Megan is short enough for her numbers to be at least in the realm of plausibility.
well, they're plausible if you have never seen her unshooped body and even some of her shooped pics since she's not sure if she wants to be sexy and curvy or petite and cute.

No. 37197

>well, they're plausible if you have never seen her unshooped body and even some of her shooped pics
yeah true more like if the only time you've seen megan was in her pics where she wanted to look like a cute tiny loli and shooped herself accordingly.

No. 37198

Dammit y'all, I'm fine with strangers on the internet thinking that I'm a liar and unoriginal as hell, but I can't have people thinking that my waist isn't 21 inches!!
Good lord, these girls sometimes.

No. 37201

>since she's not sure if she wants to be sexy and curvy or petite and cute
i just wanted to add, that's it's impossible to be sexy, curvy, petite, and cute, unless you're our queen pt.

it's worse because it was when her address and real name came out. granted no one really gives a shit enough to fuck with some random stranger irl, tho there are those people. but it didn't worry her that potential employers, irl friends, and family would see all the stupid shit she does on the internet. that would worry me more tbh.
what's even going on with her anymore?

No. 37204

I have no idea, but I think her parents took away her computer, and she's been fairly quiet ever since.
I think they gave it back later on, because her tumblr is active. She still obviously shoops her selfies, but she isn't as outspoken or dumb as she is before. Probably her personal info being leaked was a big enough scare.

No. 37211

that's great for her if they did take it away. i hope she's much happier now, the internet seemed to be driving her a bit insane.

No. 37214

Yeah, I felt pretty bad for her tbh. She wasn't mean or malicious. Yeah, knowing that people are complimenting her appearance based on her edited photos, and the pressure to keep up with Felice. Basically she just was dumb and had no idea what she got herself into.

No. 37223

File: 1420419088121.jpg (243.61 KB, 479x700, tumblr_nhdcszGrDO1rmmbzko1_500…)

Mila is still shooping ridiculously.

No. 37225

File: 1420419511570.jpg (63.57 KB, 678x600, okay then.jpg)

Oh well. She's pretty but sheesh I thought she'd learned.

No. 37230

It just looks like makeup to make her eyes look bigger, but I'm not a photoshop expert.

No. 37232

(x-files theme song plays)

no but seriously, last time i checked, she was claiming to be an artist. but i'm pretty sure an artist would understand a thing or two about basic human anatomy. like for example, that your face is supposed to be 5x the width of your eyes.

No. 37241

Fetish's are usually stereotype based.

No. 37245

>your face is supposed to be 5x the width of your eyes.
But anon, she is an ~*anime doll faerie*~

No. 37266

I didn't read thread but ginger downs bitch looks like she smells like tuna fish. That's all.

No. 37295

An accurate and eloquent description of the lovely Megan.

No. 37359

File: 1420462086929.jpeg (106.59 KB, 700x516, jocelyn-wildenstein-afp1.jpeg)

She reminds me of Jocelyn

No. 37362

didn't she die? what happened to her?

No. 37377

No? She is still alive and getting more surgeries to evolve into a cat.

No. 37379

File: 1420471253839.jpg (41.46 KB, 800x600, 47163_800x600_crop_5409e8a2d07…)


That's actually an older photo, she looks like this now.

The woman obviously has body dysmorphia and doctors should be barred from giving her any more surgery and actually start treating her mentally.

No. 37382

File: 1420471676524.jpg (143.95 KB, 600x380, catwomannew.jpg)

I think she fixed her face though…?

Also, in case anyone has been living under a rock and doesn't know, her husband was obsessed with big cats, esp. mountain lions, she had all this surgery done to look more like the cats he loved, but it had the opposite effect. They divorced as soon as her surgeries started getting bad.

No. 37387


You know even with all this surgery, I'd, never have guessed she was 74 years old.

No. 37391

File: 1420473377205.png (548.36 KB, 394x534, alium.png)

she's a shape shifting alien

No. 37449

didn't learn at all omg
at least learn how to shoop better, mila, especially since you got caught out so badly last time

No. 37452

actually i have no idea how old megan actually looks. to me, she looks like a chubby baby sometimes and then like a worn out crack whore at other times lol

No. 37455

File: 1420484301400.jpg (101.68 KB, 582x743, oh jesus.jpg)

these legs are edited so terribly

No. 37462

I love it when these fools shoop their legs to look like amputee stumps

No. 37465

Looks like Seraphina's edits

No. 37469

mila is an annoying sjw cunt

No. 37479

lol omg you're right
even if you put your legs in the exact same position, realistically, there should be some hint of your feet/lower legs. not just space…

No. 37482

>self-appointed moralists and bigots are the downfall of this world, not the saviors, and it’s about time enough people realized that to stop listening to and glorifying these people
aren't you acting like you're so high and mighty just because you're not, in your own words, a bigot or a moralist?
you're the one preaching at us about how shitty we are and acting like you're so much better, mila.

No. 37483

Always creeps me out when people shoop themselves to have thigh gaps and shit in these photos.
Stop. Thighs touching does not make you fat. A literal gap of space between your legs does not make you any more or less attractive. This is unhealthy and retarded.

No. 37485

> it’s about time enough people realized that to stop listening to and glorifying these people
You mean the people who point out your photoshop?
Top kek

No. 37486

Also when people shoop themselves to have one, and then others point it out, they always get childishly defensive like "oh ur just saying i'm too skinny to be real ur body shaming me kek ur just jealous whale".
Like uh, no. That's not even the issue at hand, dumbass.

No. 37492

However despite everything, mila is still prettier than Megan. Naturally and shopped

No. 37493

yeah lol megan will always look like a down's kid

No. 37497

it's really ridiculous how she hopped on the sjw thing, she's a rich white girl who appropriates ~black culture~ (aka liking tyler the creator and acting ratchet). anca has no sort of thing to make her as ~oppressed~ as every other sjw, except that she's a woman, but she's still a cis gendered woman.

tho personality-wise they're basically the same. i could definitely see anca camming when she gets older, not even for the money(she has more than enough of it), just for the attention. she has posted nudes/provocative photos before.

No. 37502

I don't think Anca is as shameless as Megan though.
Megan can be a vile cunt, plus she's not afraid to be rude. Anca would try too hard to hold onto her "sweet innocent doll" persona. Being a camgirl means that you need to be aware of the fact that you have to be assertive in order to not get stomped on by creeps, and that in doing so, you're going to get some negative feedback. She wouldn't be able to take it, I don't think.
I like how Megan and Anca are both white girls who think because they appreciate certain facets of black culture means that they're given a free pass for racism.

No. 37504

>You don't agree with me so let me insult you for a completely unrelated reason

No. 37509

true, i didn't think of the creeps. though i do see her posting nudes in general for attention, but she'll probably just claim they're "art."

No. 37531

Yeah, I can see Anca doing nudes, but probably not camming. And then she'd take the Wylona Hayashi route in justifying them as her "artistic vision".
> I like making art i dare to show my body for photos because i think it’s beautiful to be able to create photos like that. But i’m actually not the person you think i may be. I would say i’m quite cool but can be really funny and awkward/shy.
Goodness, everyone knows you just want attention. We all do, just own up.

No. 37535

Honestly I will take unshooped mila nudes over shopped megan nudes. Mila is actually so pretty! She just needs to shut up.

No. 37537

Tbh even when Megan looks good in her shooped nudes, she gives off this overwhelming reek of desperation.

No. 37622


Oh god. I remember seeing Anca's hello kitty panty covered crotch she posted to her blog. When it got removed, she screamed *~oppression~* and how wrong it was to remove her photo because you were *~sexualizing~* her innocent photo.

No. 37623

No. 37624

it's not an artistic photo at all. it is pretty sexual and gross considering pedos would get off to this since she was like 15-16 when she took this. I hope mila doesnt put nudes up. Her dad has a really nice job and that would suck for that to get him fired.

Oh but what am I saying. according to the slut anons from earlier it is perfectly fine to put nude pics on tumblr. totally isn't desperate and attention whoring

No. 37625

On an unrelated note, I have the same skirt.

No. 37626


She had a few bathroom pictures and ones where she tried to photoshop her nipple out. But you know, art.

No. 37628

Oh, come on Anca. You're not even trying here. The only thing in the frame is your butt and your crotch. And you're wearing little kid underwear. Seriously? That's like pedo bait right there.

No. 37629

…her nipple?

No. 37631


Well more like MS Paint her nipples. It was mentioned on PULL.


Why does she always look like a dirty hobo?

No. 37637

Her arm doesn't even look real dude. Also why is there that weird shadow across her forehead?

No. 37639

she looks so uncanny valley i'm terrified

No. 37655

oh god, i remember that, when i first saw it, it literally looks like she took an upskirt photo of a barbie or something. it's weird how it got so many likes and that people actually believe her shitty shoops.

No. 37661

File: 1420510506452.jpg (33.5 KB, 400x296, 15085_197910643742167_20240883…)

I think she should stay like this

No. 37669

she does look a lot nicer in that set of photos. i personally liked her lllunabelle stage the best.
also have any of you guys looked at her amazon wishlist? she's got a lot of hideous clothes and little girls' underwear that looks like diapers.

No. 37674


i think she underestimates how bad that shooping is holy shit it looks like a mans ass

No. 37675

Omg i know
i was like…are those diapers?
and at the weird little girl's clothes: uh…Mila, did you forget that you don't actually have a 21 inch waist like you claim?
also those snow boots at the top of the list are so ugly lol

No. 37683

i know and the lolita dresses/blouses, i'm not even into lolita, but most of them are ita as fuck cosplay lolita. i don't mind some of the kids' clothing, some kids' clothing is cute, but you know she had sexual intentions when she added them to her wishlist. the girls' uniform peter pan collar blouse she had on there was really cute. also i think she could fit kids' clothing, kids are getting really fat these days, i could fit into some kids' clothes and we seem to wear the exact same size(and no i don't have a ~21 inch waist~ like her).
i wonder if down the line she's going to go pt on us and take sexy toddler photoshoots

No. 37688

Agreed, I have a 30inch waist (I'm losing weight) and I can fit into the pleated skirts they sell for uniforms for young girls.

No. 37694

Yeah, true some of the stuff I saw looked hella tiny, but it was probably just the thumbnail. Also so many heart-shaped sunglasses, ugh at her hopping on the nymphet bandwagon like every other white girl on tumblr.
A knife is her highest priority good god.
>sexy toddler
oh god

No. 37698

On an unrelated note, I go to a private school, and we have uniforms. Our junior/adult skirt sizes only go down to around 28 inches, but they go all the way up to 41 inches. If your waist is smaller than 28, you have to buy kid's sizes.
Wtf? Why? The possibility of teenage girls with 41 inch waists > possibility of girls with waists smaller than 28 inches?
At least it's cheaper, I guess.

No. 37790

File: 1420560165437.png (10.2 KB, 817x153, lol gross.png)

Hey you guys, we're all racist closet homos!!
This is coming from a dude whose url contains the word porn.

No. 37792

File: 1420560552870.png (7.66 KB, 555x135, are you serious.png)

Why do these girls (OC, megan) feel the need to lie so blatantly about their weight? Like holy fuck, nobody would care tbh. The only reason we do is because you're trying to hide it.

No. 37800

i feel like she'd be supermodel skinny if she actually weighed that much. i looked at the height and weight on mybodygallery and all the girls at 90lbs are super skinny and wear an xs/0. if these measurements were correct, she'd wear a small top and she'd be a size 4/5 pants(according to a women's pants size chart). i think if she was actually that size and pear shaped like she claims, she'd at least be an xxs on top and 1/2 on bottom. compared to the girls i saw on my bodygallery she looks fat, i mean she isn't but there's a pretty huge difference between her real body and these girls' bodies.

No. 37804

I mean, we can give her a bit of leeway because of her size, but she honestly looks like she's at least around 115 lbs or so.
All of the shit on her wishlist corresponds to her measurements though. I kinda wanna see her try and squeeze herself into all those things lol.

No. 37805

her fake measurements, I mean.

No. 37811

well she does need to keep up the charade, she could be a lot like pt and deludes herself into thinking she's this size.

i wanna see her squeeze into fitted asian free size clothing and move around in it. i think i'm smaller than her, even though my bust/waist measurements/weight are slightly bigger than the ones she's claiming, and i sometimes have slight issues with the shoulders/bust on those clothes. she shouldn't have any issues since she's so ~petite~

No. 37813

Bullshit, I found this cute page here

She is way too chubby for 97lbs, she weighs at least 115 pounds

No. 37814

Oh my god yeah. Free size Asian clothing is generally made for girls on the shorter, smaller side. Megan can scream until she's blue in the face about how petite she is, but she'd still look like a overstuffed sausage in it.

No. 37815

Most of her followers are too stupid and horny to look too closely at her body though. But on the ask where she lists her measurements, there's a comment like "97 pounds?"

No. 37819

She wants to get a boob job to 32DD apparently. Good grief. Hopefully her boobs will look less saggy afterwards though.

No. 37820

32DD and isn't even 150cm tall. Will only make her look shorter and fatter.

No. 37823

Tbh she's a butterface. Even if she worked our and got more toned and augmented her boobs, she's still gonna look like she has Down's. Unless she decides to get surgery on her face too.

No. 37824

Anca always looks permanently greasy.

No. 37826

she's gonna need a really great doctor to fix that mess. her boobs already look like tara reid's when she got that awful boob job.

i'm not sure if it'll be an improvement or not. if i were her, i'd just get a breast lift and start working out. her body is pretty boxy looking and it would look strange if she had bigger boobs but no waist definition.

true, what could she get done to her face to fix it though? i mean, maybe a double eyelid surgery may work to make her eyes look slightly bigger. i think if anything, plastic surgery on her face will make her look weirder.

No. 37829

Yeah, tbh you're right. She's kind of unfortunate looking, and her face is naturally sort of broad and flat.
Knowing Megan, she probably wouldn't be able to go to a really good doctor because it would be too expensive. And her only income comes from camming, which she sucks at anyway. And her clipvia.

No. 37877

File: 1420575739587.jpg (51.78 KB, 460x300, h9991909_004.jpg)

She would need to tone up, get a lift and then get implants after the lift when her body's settled into the new muscle and boobs. If she just got a lift it would leave them still looking kind of soft looking and a bit saggy, the implants would make them perky and round like she shoops them.

No. 37929

those are literally megan's titties right there in the before picture

No. 37937

Too much shoop can have irreversible effects on the skin. Poor Anca.

No. 37961

File: 1420588072916.png (75.02 KB, 287x217, bobby-hill.png)

TFW I lose 60lbs and my boobs now look like the before pic

No. 37962

Same here. I call em my National Geographic tits. Perfection is boring though. They're only tits.

No. 37964

>National Geographic tits

No. 37967

File: 1420588670371.jpg (8.34 KB, 194x259, download.jpg)

You know, the kind you see in National Geographic (although much smaller than this ladys).

No. 37968

Oops shoulda done a spoiler.

No. 37969

Gotta love them Natty titties. I can rub one out to that.

No. 37976

Boobie specialist here, it could also be that she has tuberous breasts, or 'snoopy breasts'. Characteristics are sagging, large nipples, wide spacing between them and asymmetry, everything she has.
Happens when the breast is missing at least one of the breast-quarters, so the boob can't hold everything in place and it 'falls out' which results in the sagging, big nipples etc. Looks different depending on how many quarters are missing.

No. 37981

how does that happen??? is it bad genetics or did she maybe do something wrong? i don't really get how her boobs can be saggy yet on the small side??

No. 38020

This thread makes me panic like what if my boobs aren't normal and I just think they're normal????

No. 38023

…breast quarters? that sounds very ominous.

No. 38025

I know holy shit at least 40% of this thread is devoted to how weird looking Megan's titties are, and we're all staring at them and scrutinizing every little thing that's wrong with hers. Like now I look at my boobs and I'm like…plz don't be sagging plz don't

No. 38029

It's genetics or just bad luck,, if you have it you can't change it without surgery. All tuberous breasts look saggy, no matter how small or big they are, the parts that makes the boob stand is missing.

I know sorry, translated in my language they are called 'breastquarters'. Just googled quickly, they are actually called breast quadrants. Oh well but I was close lol

No. 38031

I just googled it, and tbh Megan's boobs look ok in comparison to some of the examples. Some of them were literally like banana boobs.

No. 38033

thats because she doesnt have tuberous boobs idk wtf that person was talking about

theyre still like a pair of anchors in a skin bag though

No. 38036

> like a pair of anchors in a skin bag though
keep talking dirty to me, anon
idk i think at this point we're all totally clueless on why her boobs are so saggy, and we're literally just throwing out random theories

No. 38037

File: 1420599582995.jpg (33.94 KB, 850x243, tuberous-breast-2.jpg)

There are 3 grades, depending on how many quadrants are missing. It looks like she could be type 1.

Idk what she has maybe her boobs are normal but just saggy, but Tuberous breasts were my first guess, because she is realllly young to have such saggy breasts.

No. 38040

Well, her tits were always like that when not wearing a bra, see >>36065 which was pretty much one of her first nudes.

No. 38041

File: 1420600002861.gif (963.74 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mxt4rlyZ1I1qapet0o1_400…)

And suddenly her nipples went in the correct position.

No. 38043

File: 1420600114228.jpg (42.8 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mytx63HJhR1qapet0o1_500…)

When she tried to be loli.

No. 38044

wait what??

No. 38045

i just
the sides of her torso look so painfully edited and stiff and unreal just
it's so fake it looks uncomfortable

No. 38047

her nipples are usually pointing downwards, like how they do in >>36004

No. 38048

Don't worry about it. Mine are saggers. Let's face it, if you're worried what men think THEY DON'T CARE. Unless they're REALLY disturbing shit, they don't care.

Mine were perky up til around 25, but I never wore a good bra and went braless around the house. They weren't huge, but gravity gets you in the end. Don't worry about it.

No. 38049

File: 1420600439561.jpg (37.47 KB, 500x333, tumblr_myt2bfgoxM1qapet0o1_500…)

Another one, those are all from when she was lewdl0lita at Tumblr.

No. 38051

File: 1420600583777.jpg (61.49 KB, 201x490, tumblr_mvfmmxKv531qapet0o1_400…)

Another body shoop of doom.

No. 38056

probably just a lack of muscle tone

when youre sedentary you neglect that area

gotta work out them pecs and shit

her boobs would be much smaller if they were 'tighter', and less hangy downy on the chest

it happens

it's not crazy abnormal or anything. it's pretty common amongst heavier girls that lose weight, esp since when they start goin on a caloric deficit, they lose muscle, and usually women don't think to train their boob areas. it's just kind of unfortunate and it's obvious that theyre not as taut as her shooped pix would have ppl believe

No. 38058

There are guys who like Megans boobs, so you're right, they really don't care. Boobs are boobs.

Also am I the only one who thinks that slightly saggy boobs still look beautiful?
A lot better than those really obvious balloon implants

No. 38059

i hear a lot of stuff about orange's boobs and how saggy they are but tbh i think they look really nice…

No. 38060

File: 1420601234785.gif (1.25 MB, 400x215, 332523.gif)

I wonder how her parents feel about her making pornographic content in their kitchen, pic somewhat related.
Do they even know?

No. 38063

I think they know she cams but I think she tries to do it when they're not around.
Tbh orange's boobs > megan's boobs

No. 38065

Yeah, all boobs are fine, but the contrast of her ridiculously edited boobs vs. her real unedited boobs is what's really laughable.

No. 38066

>train their boob areas
that gave me a weird mental image tbh

No. 38067

Wait, was she underage then?

No. 38068

No. 38069

They do look nice, if people think her boobs are saggy then I don't know what Megans are.

No. 38070

I don't think working out would change much for her. She would have to become a bodybuilder to make them stand again.

No. 38071

Megan as a bodybuilder
i cannot unsee

No. 38072

lmaoo she could still improve them tho im sure

though im sure shed prefer to shoop herself into oblivion

No. 38114

File: 1420615959492.jpg (133.32 KB, 640x1136, dpdlk.jpg)

Braless and her tits are this perky?

Her hips look nothing like her edits. Wow.

No. 38118

Could be a strapless bra?

No. 38119

Whatever she is, she's so top-heavy.

No. 38121

Dude, her left boob looks like it's about to run away.

No. 38122

But you can see her nipples tru the clothes.

No. 38123

I can't?
It could be a supporting bandeu, I wear a white one sometimes, to perk up my boobs, but it is a thin material, and if it's white I can have a nipple situation if I'm not wearing something thick enough ontop.

No. 38124

A link to the wishlist?

No. 38125

No. 38126

But I thought she said she was a pear-shape…

No. 38127

Does that look pear shaped to you anon? Idk who she thinks she's kidding, she is not pear shaped. Her hips are only slightly bigger than her waist, while her bust is much larger.

No. 38128

Samefagging to say that while it is plausible that she's stuffed her tits, she looks a lot more rectangular in her other (unphotoshopped) photos. Idk what it is about girls claiming to be pear shaped when they're clearly not.

No. 38129

she looked more boxy in her other photos, but they are from a long time ago. plus her boobs lay kinda flat on their own, so it's easy to think her torso is like more of a rectangle.

No. 38130

Because I guess pear-shaped means big butt and thicker thighs? So it makes their body sound more appealing I guess.

No. 38131

I would have thought if they were going to be delusional about their body shape, they would go all the way to hourglass instead of pear. Pear shaped is relatively quite easier to spot and distinguish from rectangular than hourglass so I would have thought that girls would mistake their body shape for hourglass more often then pear. Of course, it's not always easy to slot yourself into one category or another (I would know, I'm somewhere between pear and hourglass myself, leaning more towards pear), but the four body shapes generally work for most girls

No. 38134

i have no idea tbh i don't think these girls really think through anything that they do. until like someone calls them out on it later.
idk i have like a rectangle body i think.

No. 38144

because she looooves the BBC so she wants to pretend shes got a thick, juicy ass and big hips when it's obvious shes an inverted triangle and the tbh i bet the only reason why shes into black dudes is bc they fucking love chubby white girls

No. 38151

more like chubby white girls are generally pretty insecure as a collective whole, and toss themselves at pretty much any guy who'd have them so they can feel like an ~empowered sexual womyn~ , and rn nobody likes white boys cuz tumblr says they're fuckboys.

No. 38160

shit, is the sjw tumblr train so bad that white guys are actually less desirable rn?

No. 38161

On tumblr. But tumblr is not anywhere near an accurate reflection of the real world.

No. 38162

tumblr likes to think it's an accurate reflection of the entire world, but it's basically just all confused 3edgy5me teenagers + people who are unhealthily obsessed with fictional things + raging sjw

No. 38163

Yeap, Tumblr believes that white boys are the source of all evil rn.

No. 39782

File: 1421148102302.jpg (88.22 KB, 500x667, uh what.jpg)

what the fuck is up with her leg there?

No. 39785

The shoop is strong with this one.

No. 39787

aw man, she looks so adorable in this picture but not in the rest of them…are there any more like this?

No. 39788

even if that wasn't a shitty shoop, she didn't eve bother to shoop the other leg.

megan, what happened to your ~37 inch hips~ and ~thick thighs?~ one thing i don't get about these girls is they never stick to one shooping style but desperately want people to believe their shoops. because having a shapeshifting face and body is totally plausible

No. 39789

u srs?
She looks like a downy kid that's all excited about having been given an ice cream.

No. 39790

idk man she looks like a cute ginger here
and I really don't see the downs part you guys have been talking about

No. 39796

she looks more like shes got fetal alcohol syndrome than downs

No. 39800

Does she really expect people to believe that she's pear shaped with wide hips and thick thighs if she literally shoops her ass off? Like seriously, where is her asscheek?

No. 39919

File: 1421198697911.jpg (172.35 KB, 580x326, UnzntOWWqxUgKxy-580x326-noPad.…)

No. 39920

is she laughing at sex slaves and child sex trafficking?

No. 39943


Why do people always think that humans cost so much? Whenever there's human trafficking stuff in the news they always say that people go for like $10-$20k at most. People are basically worthless except to their family and employers but everyone thinks they're worth a million dollars.

I saw some Katsumi drama on Twitter 2 weeks ago so I went back and found it.

Apparently on Jan 2nd she said something bad about Brina on cam: https://twitter.com/sabrina_nellie_/status/551108193024094208

Later on Jan 2nd Brina retweets this from Ashee Maree complaining about catering to pedos which is blatantly aimed at Katsumi: https://twitter.com/AsheMareexoxo/status/551127149239758849

On Jan 6th Brina retweets the petition: https://twitter.com/VeraBabyLIVE/status/553214233706758144

The timing sure makes it seem like a bunch of white knights are protecting Brina. Plus I bet a lot of models are also pissed that someone plain like Katsumi could come in and get to #3 on Miss MFC on her second or third month.

Katsumi is on all the fucking time (like 16 hours a day) so I've popped into her channel a few times but never seen her actually cater to pedos other than the fact that she looks about 12. Sure she has "daddy issues" in her tags but I wouldn't say she caters to pedos in the same way that OC does. Like I'm sure Katsumi will do age play in private but she's not trying to be an innocent little girl 24/7 like OC.

I can't wait for more MFC drama like this. You know like half these girls only pretend to like each other for the sake of business.

No. 39945


Oops, the Ashe Maree tweet is not the right one. I can't find the right tweet so it's probably been deleted or protected. I'm pretty sure it was either from AsheMaree or VioletDoll and said something like "I hate models who cater to pedos, we already have enough weird perverts to deal with without some models making it worse".

No. 39948

She reminds me of Leda Muir appearance-wise.

No. 39949

disappeared into a wormhole. if you're gonna shoop yourself, at least do it less obviously and consistently.

No. 39950

are you joking omg

No. 39951

Good grief, the overwhelming bad taste.

No. 39953

Oh yeah, omg. It's fucking hilarious how sweet and nice they act with each other, and say stuff like "girls gotta stick together", when they're dying to rip each other apart with the slightest provocation. I think there are maybe like a few models who genuinely are good-natured, but honestly I haven't encountered many.

No. 39960


Yeah that's pretty much what happened to Katsumi. The other models were all "you go girl" for a couple months but four days after she dissed Brina they're suddenly concerned about her being pedo bait?

No. 39980

Just wondering, but is Katsumi actually any good at camming? Like is she engaging and interesting instead of being like Megan's whole voiceless routine of posing and making faces

No. 39993


Katsumi talks all the fucking time and seems to hardly ever actually be naked or do shows.

Whenever I go into her room she's always drinking beer, swearing, talking and ranting, and eating tons of junk food (next time she's online look at the crates of soda and empty boxes of Oreos behind her. It is making her put on weight and not be as grossly thin so I guess that's good).

Personally I think she's annoying and obnoxious which is why the pedo bait claims seem silly. Loads of models do age play and incest in private so I don't see why Katsumi should get more shit than others about it.

For example, she was on tonight and didn't even get naked but was boasting about restraining orders out on her and how she was going to beat up some girl harassing her via texts. Such virgin innocence, right?

No. 39997

What lel omg so basically she's just somewhat young-looking and the other mfc girls are just fishing for whatever the fuck to pin on her.
she sounds obnoxious as hell though…i can see angry junk-food eating girls at mcdonald's or some shit…i don't understand why anyone would tip her for this shit.

No. 40110


Well she seems to be into stuff like incest hentai and and lolicon but you'd be surprised at how many "normal" models will randomly have lolicon on their profiles. It seems like she will also role play underage which is most likely against MFC rules. Not to mention that she looks like a 12 year old boy.

But saying all that it's not like she sits in public chat giggling like a little girl and being pure pedo bait. She only seems to role play in private and for whatever reason that doesn't bother me.

She probably deserves a warning from MFC for breaking their rules but the whole moral crusade petition is just inter-model drama. It makes me wonder how easy it would be to stir up shit between models.

No. 40114


Beat up a girl? Has she looked in the mirror lately? Her and look like they'd crumple in on themselves if she tried to take a swing at anybody. Any normal sized girl would absolutely wreck her shit.

No. 40565

In london they do, or at least in my circles

No. 40567

Up north I've never heard anyone say Mollies.

No. 40575


They do where I am in the North West.

No. 40608

I'm the north anon. North west too. Weird how small England is but it's like we have our different languages in the same area!

No. 40610


Oh really? Where abouts in the North West?
Not any where near Cumbria I suppose?

No. 40615

slightly off topic but i'm finding it quite interesting how the dumbest people always seem to enjoy lsd the most. this is obviously not a rule but oftentimes i get intelligent people state that they overthink way too much on lsd so they prefer to avoid it
then again they are mostly already very open minded and sensitive so strenghtening isn't the best idea

anyways it feels like she just listed every fucking drug on the planet but failed to mention a single benzo which leads me to think she hadn't exactly been binging on stims lol

it does get called molly around here, actually. how can you speak for the entirety of England…?

No. 40629

File: 1421443002037.png (464.9 KB, 497x481, oh megan.png)

her real unshooped thighs.
extensions are nice, but the bangs don't really flatter her face shape.
also she changed her theme and her clothes style. jumping on the "tumblr girl with issues" bandwagon now lol.

No. 40630

sorry, i meant to link to this one

No. 40631

Lol yeah. If you do coke/adderall/whatever the fuck regularly, you get that weird in-between state where you're still paranoid and alert from the stims but you don't have the happy feelings left, so you usually end up using benzos to chill.

No. 40634

File: 1421443288372.jpg (637.04 KB, 1280x1920, daphne.jpg)

Too bad she'll never be Pearchan.

No. 40635

File: 1421443398989.jpg (59.98 KB, 500x667, orangehair.jpg)

No. 40636

Damn that's uncanny.
At first glance, I was like, lol what happened to you Megan?

No. 40642


>too bad

Pear-chan is a fucking hog.

No. 40643

Yeah, she's fat as fuck, but she's got a conventionally attractive face, which Megan doesn't have.

No. 40650

No, not that far north. Two football teams, not Liverpool. Starts with an M ;)

No. 40660

File: 1421449518373.jpg (62.18 KB, 514x514, 659751_main.jpg)



I'll actually be in at Manchester Picadilly for 40 minutes tomorrow around 17:00 on my way to Sheffield.
If you're around you should keep an eye out for for a blonde girl with glasses, a dark gray overcoat and this scarf :^)

No. 40662


Original anon here, how old are you guys? I'm starting to think this is an age thing not a region thing and younger people do use the term, maybe because of having more international friends online?

My parents friends are all filthy potheads and I had to explain what a joint was - "Oh! You mean a spliff!"

No. 40663


Well I'm >>40575 and I'm [spoiler]23.[/spoiler]

( ;__;)

No. 40664


wtf spoilers don't work on lolcow?


No. 40666

They do. The code for it is in the stickied admin post.

No. 40669




No. 40671

Yeah, tbh I think that molly is usually used by like teenagers. All the older people I know says E or ecstasy or X or whatnot.

No. 40677

Kinda feels like being a spy arranging a rendezvous. You can get a brew while you're in the station. Too cold to venture out. Fuck, Sheffield's going to be cold.

I'm of the age where they're spliffs, coke was too expensive for a low income person and everyone was sorted for Es and Whizz when I was a student. yeah that old.

No. 40684


>you can get a brew while you're in the station

Yeah, I will probably get a mocha and chill inside for a while. I assume theirs a Costa at Manchester Picadilly?

Still kind of hoping a fellow "farmer" will walk past and recognise me and we can have a 10 minute awkward as fuck conversation whilst nodding knowingly at each other.

Also, wouldn't Sheffield be less cold than the North West? I mean I know it's elevated, but it is further South.
I went all the way down to Worthing on the coat on the 20th for a body modification and it was SO WARM, I actually had to remove my coat and walk around in a tank top.
Kind of want to move South now.

No. 40689

File: 1421452731404.jpg (335.33 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

She goes by Skittles-chan.
Camwhore on 4chan. She's kinda cute, but only 13 and tries too hard.
Instagram: RhapsySan

No. 40698

Thirteen? Thirteen?! THIRTEEN!???
(reference from the lame 90's babysitter's club movie)

No. 40703

All fun and games until the handle breaks off

No. 40713

Her hairbrush is in every picture

No. 40715

File: 1421462115584.jpg (100.59 KB, 640x640, 10895178_1004213759602725_2193…)


>I told my mom that school starts tomorrow when it started today. Epic win

Wow, that does say everything.

No. 40772

Good grief, this chick is never going to graduate, is she? Probably going to go the same way as 75% of the girls featured on this site, drop out, and spend all her time on the internet, either camming or something.

No. 40775

File: 1421476939602.png (928.11 KB, 1038x580, i'm so confused.png)

I can't tell what she's actually going for here. Like is she trying to brag about how she's not skinny, or how she's skinny?? Someone??

No. 40777

File: 1421477038055.png (1001.47 KB, 1048x612, jeez.png)

No. 40787

>slightly off topic but i'm finding it quite interesting how the dumbest people always seem to enjoy lsd the most. this is obviously not a rule but oftentimes i get intelligent people state that they overthink way too much on lsd so they prefer to avoid it

I've noticed something similar. The basic difference seems to be between those who believe that psychedelics are just a light show and those that believe they reveal some inner truth or true reality or some other dumb shit.

If you believe that they're just a light show then your mind is a battle between your rational half trying to maintain control and your emotional half trying to convince you that what you see and feel is real. Strong willed people end up fighting their two halves the whole time but dumb asses just let go and go full McKenna.

No. 40788

Tbh the only times i ever did acid were at the behest of my best friend, and every time, he was all like, "Oh man, I got totally lost in myself! Like I saw the Devil, and I talked to him on the phone." And while I spent my entire trip staring at the ceiling feeling like I was choking and all my thoughts zipping around.
But this is also the guy who managed to wander off during an acid trip, get run over, wake up in the hospital, and then wander off again. He's also hella paranoid now. Like he makes up shit from nothing.

No. 40819


That's one of the reasons why I always liked mushrooms. They were legal for a part of my teens so had decent consistency and since they took ~30 mins to digest you were always eased into the trip and thus could enjoy it.

But artificial drugs you never knew what could happen and I often ended up sitting down and battling to control my emotions rather than enjoying it.

This is why nobody likes salvia. It comes on too fast (like 30 seconds), too hard, and is over too quick (like 3 minutes) for anyone to actually control the trip and so you end up laying around or standing still until it's over.

No. 40828

She's bragging about how thin she is by saying she's fat. "I'm sooooo fat and I totally love it. #selflove"

Sorry if I sound like a fatty. It just really annoys me when people who are obviously not fat/overweight say that they are and then go on to say how much they love it. Bitch, please.

No. 40831

Don't perpetuate this natural vs manmade false dichotomy. LSD is just a purified compound found in ergot fungus. A chemical is a chemical, it makes no difference whether it came from a lab or from a plant.

Not only that but LSD and psilocybin are so similar that they're cross tolerant; you take one and you build up a resistance to the other.

No. 40833

Not that anon but I half-agree half-disagree. The chemicals themselves are unchanged when something is purified but the way your body handles them is different. When something is impure/raw your body needs to work harder to digest it so the reaction is drawn out and often less severe. Ingesting something that was purified can be a shock to your system because there's a sudden spike of immediately available compound in your bloodstream. Just like there's a difference between eating a teaspoon of table sugar and eating a piece of fruit, there's probably a difference between eating a wheat product contaminated with ergot and taking purified LSD or between eating mushrooms and ingesting the purified hallucinogen.

Polite sage of OT

No. 40835


But when you buy manmade drugs you have no idea what is in them. It's not like people are injecting mushrooms with random shit to increase their profit.

This was even more true when mushrooms were legal and you knew you were getting what it said on the packaging.

No. 40838

Yeah, the difference mostly lies in that ergot fungus is completely poisonous in its unprocessed form. You will die.

I'm not sure about eating mushrooms vs taking pure psilocybin, it's already in its simplest form in the mushroom, all you'd change is the mass to compound ratio, which in dried mushrooms is already very low because they're 70-90% water.

I'm thinking the difference in trips is more likely due to anon having a hangup about "artificial" compounds. They think the trip is going to be a certain way, so it is. Self fulfilling prophecy.

We're not talking about the purity of street drugs vs "natural" drugs though. Weed is a plant and there are hundreds of reports about it being sprayed with fibreglass to give the appearance of THC crystals. But this is a red herring - We're talking about manmade chemicals vs natural chemicals.

No. 40841


I am the anon in >>40819 and >>40835.

The point is when drugs are legal and natural there is little room for manipulation. When you buy an unregulated artificial drug there is loads of room for for all kinds of things.

If you are going to try psychedelics you want to start with something that is predictable so you can ease yourself in. The best way to do so when I was a teen was legal mushrooms.

Did you guys overlook the part where I diss natural salvia because it comes on too fast to be predictable?

No. 40850

I kinda know her personally, and from what I've seen, she lacks confidence because somebody blackmailed her into doing shit and she was in foster care for a while.
She doesn't really tell anyone that. She tries to come off as a satirist when in reality she's just overall unfunny.
I feel bad for her. All she ever does is try to get out of doing the right thing.
Also, her "sister" is a real anorexic and I think she's trying to be like her, although she's admitted before she can't stop eating.
Sad kid.

No. 40931

why…is anorexia a tag?

No. 40934

Okay, now I kind of feel bad for her too, but her insensitivity and attitude problems are going to really hold her back later on. She's 13 right now, so people will excuse her lack of responsibility and everything, but it's going to get worse as she grows up.
Her sister though. Shit. Off-topic a little, but I've always wondered how much one person's ED can influence their siblings' attitude toward food and eating habits.

No. 40955

Not her actual sister, but a girl she calls her rolemodel and her sister, or used to.
I know them both but I'm not sure of the history between the two.
Skittles is careless about everything. She doesn't care what happens, which is probably why she's in these situations.

No. 41502

probably just because her arms are supporting them

No. 41516


No. 41522

File: 1421722319316.png (23.04 KB, 519x337, lel.png)

And now Megan is blatantly being rude to people who are asking her for advice, and defending herself by saying that she never said she was an advice hotline. Well, okay, fair enough, but if you really object to people asking you to advice, MENTION IT on your ask page or in a post before.
Also, don't you get all self-righteously angry when you're called a slut? Jeesh Megan.

No. 41526

shes such a douche

i can understand if hot girls act like this (still not cool, but w/e) but 1. shes not hot, 2. she looked like a tubby gnome in need of 1 less chromosome

she has obvious weaknesses. why she gonna play this "im flawless, fuck you" act all the time

No. 41529

File: 1421722702066.png (7.39 KB, 251x178, uh.png)

The truth.

No. 41534

File: 1421723207029.png (175.9 KB, 1366x768, lol.png)

More proof of her astounding idiocy: she thinks she might be knocked up cuz she didn't use protection. Good grief Megan, please use condoms at least. Not just because you could catch all sorts of shit, but also because you're one of those people who honestly shouldn't reproduce. You have a terrible personality, your intelligence is below average, you have delusions of grandiosity, and you're unattractive too. Like there is nothing positive that you can offer the world, besides photos of your sad unwashed tuna fish.

No. 41539

i usually try not to get violent or hostile with people because it's unnecessary. but if she ends up pregnant and decides to keep it, someone really needs to fight her or do something to get rid of the baby. i absolutely despise teen "moms" and basically all worthless people who feel the need to have children in general.
i'm hoping she aborts it since having a baby would ruin her camming career and her """"""petite"""""" figure.

No. 41540

Not to mention, she can barely take care of herself–how the fuck is she going to take care of a child? And she's still living with her parents. I kind of feel bad for any potential kid of hers (if she doesn't manage to wise up and become a more mature person) being totally neglected because her mom has better things to do, i.e. flashing her vadge to all the internets and being rude to people online.

No. 41541

i'm seeing lots of potential luls in her amazon wishlist if she ever has a baby though. like those stripper wishlists someone mentioned in another thread: lingerie, sex toys, little kid clothes and toys.

No. 41543

i totally agree with you, that's why i never refer to teen "moms" as true moms. every girl i went to school with is a teen mom and i don't care how many diapers they change or how much time they spend with their kid, they aren't "moms," they're essentially baby sitters. i know some teen "moms" do move out and take care of their baby themselves but i still don't consider them mom's because 1, taxpayers are paying for the kids, and 2, mom's are selfless. bringing a child into the world when you can't mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially provide for them is literally the most fucked up and selfish thing you can do to a human being. looking at the fact that megan refuses to accept advice or listen to something that doesn't relate to her, shows me she's a selfish piece of shit she is so it makes me feel she'd be the type to keep the kid. people who only care about themselves always want to have kids because they want to have little versions of themselves.

No. 41545

No. 41547

Plus like you said, having to take care of a child >when you can't mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially provide for them
often breeds resentment. Knowing Megan, she'd wind up being really rude and nasty toward the kid, because she actually has to get off her ass and work for something, and because her figure is ruined. And god forbid someone try to give her parenting advice, she'd be like "R U TRYNA TELL ME WHAT TO DO EXCUSE ME R U SAYING IM A BAD MUM STFU".
Thankfully, I think she's mentioned before that she doesn't want kids until she's at least 30, so hopefully she doesn't keep it. Plus her camming career would be all but over after she started to show, and she's not popular or likable enough for people to really want to pay much attention to her after she stops getting naked.

No. 41548

>every girl i went to school with is a teen mom
….oh my god where do u live i'm scared

No. 41549

No. 41556

File: 1421726516790.png (26.07 KB, 293x495, not even a butterface tho.png)

Tbh, at least a quarter of the new camgirls are like this. They turn 18, and they think that camming is like easy cash. They totally half-ass it, and have terrible attitudes. Being successful as a camgirl actually takes work beyond just taking off your clothes and schlicking, and that's why a lot of girls give up quickly, I think.
Plus one of the qualifications of a butterface is a nice body, no? Megan and her deflated udders hardly make the cut.

No. 41559

>Plus like you said, having to take care of a child >when you can't mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially provide for them often breeds resentment
i know that really well, my grandmother did that and my dad ran away from home after 8th grade, sold his body told old perverts in order to survive, and became a stripper when he came of age. and all of his other siblings, but one, have all kinds of issues. i'm sharing this ot stuff in hopes if megan is pregnant and reads this, she considers doing the right thing.
>And god forbid someone try to give her parenting advice, she'd be like "R U TRYNA TELL ME WHAT TO DO EXCUSE ME R U SAYING IM A BAD MUM STFU".
oh god, i remember one time i posted a status about how much i despise teen moms and antichoicers and one of them screencapped it, unfriended me, so she could talk about how "stupid" i am behind my back. what gave me no faith in humanity is everyone was backing her up but the only things they could say is i'm a bigot and i'm ugly/weird. the sad part is this girl is 17 and my 13 year old sister told her off using logic and reason, all the girl could say was "your too young to understand this stuff" and "okay sweetheart"

i live in maryland, which is where foreverkailyn is from. but the exact city is baltimore, i went to school in the only primarily white area, and where john waters filmed a lot of his stuff(i think he also lives there too), the people are wiggers who think they're hood but they're also like stereotypical rednecks(ie, inbred (literally), racist, homophobic, sexist, antichoice, etc). literally every time a teen announces they're going to be a "parent" almost everyone congratulates them, even the adults. a lot of teens i know want to be parents asap. you can see where john waters gets his inspiration from.

No. 41562

and i really apologize for getting so ot and personal.

No. 41571

> my grandmother did that and my dad ran away from home after 8th grade, sold his body told old perverts in order to survive, and became a stripper when he came of age. and all of his other siblings, but one, have all kinds of issues.
Oh god that is honestly really terrible and I know this is like coming from some random internet person and it's not going to change anything, but I'm really sorry that happened to your dad and your aunts/uncles.
>but the only things they could say is i'm a bigot and i'm ugly/weird.
Nothing like good old ad hominem when you can't think of a logical rebuttal.
>a lot of teens i know want to be parents asap.
Your classmates are dumbfucks. Children aren't pets that only need to receive food and shelter and get their nappies changed, that you only need to take out for photo opps and don't have to deal with for the rest of the time. Raising a kid means that you have to teach them and discipline them and all kinds of other shit. GOD WHY ARE PEOPLE SO DUMB SOMETIMES

No. 41573

it's fine, his siblings are shitty people and him/my aunt both have families and are living much better. also my dad doesn't have issues with his past, he wishes he was a woman so he could be like anna nicole smith, minus the drugs and other issues. i appreciate your concern though.

i agree about them, when i was in school it was like being joe in idiocracy, it's still like that even though i'm the dropout and a lot of them are in college now. it's really sad because i was expecting other anons to complain about the retarded teen "moms" they know too or something like that. tbh i think it should be mandatory for people who shouldn't be having kids to take birth control. and if they become pregnant, they should be forced to either give up the baby or abort. i know it's controlling, but if that were the case, idiocracy would just be a comedy movie and not a depressing look into the future for america.

No. 41577

Totally OT, but I actually know a couple who have a kid, who're friends of my boyfriend. Like the mom's a super senior who flunked senior yr two times, and the guy works in a liquor store. We went over to their house to hang out once. Anyway they ended up literally doing coke in front of their 1 year old son. LIKE NO!! !!!!!!!! My bf was like, dude, shouldn't you do that somewhere else?
They were like, nah he's a baby he won't remember. Okay, fine, but the sort of logic and attitude behind that kind of conclusion is not one you should be using to raise a kid with.

No. 41578

oh god, i know i sound like hitler or something but can people like this be forced to not be allowed to have kids anymore? i'm glad at least my area doesn't have hardcore drugs like that anymore, they do smoke pot but it's not as bad as coke or heroin, i'd feel more for the children being raised by the morons in my area. okay maybe i'm a bit of a bigot, i'll give the white trash people i know that, but at least i'm like this because i want the world to be a better place.

i hope you called cps or something on those awful people. hopefully no one minds us going really ot, if they do, we should make our own thread or go to the personal lolcows thread, it feels good to vent about these idiots and the stories are quite entertaining imo.

No. 41580

File: 1421730912859.png (14.48 KB, 253x295, u suck.png)

Actually, yes there is. It's called common courtesy, and both of you are rude children.

No. 41586

I don't think anyone really minds haha there's not much in this thread rn besides occasional screencaps of Megan being a douchecanoe.
Our neighborhood is pretty middle-class, but surprisingly easy to find cocaine and meth and shit around here. We don't have any teen moms at my school, because I go to a private Christian school, but there are quite a few at my old school. We're a predominantly Asian/Hispanic community, so the teen moms were usually like trashy Mexican girls.
We left pretty quickly afterwards, and he was like, "they're my friends, i can't call cps on them", plus he's leery of getting authorities involved in anything, because he used to be mixed up in some shit.

No. 41592

i'm surprised to hear you don't have teen moms since you go to a christian school. christians tend to be really weird and sexual and are more likely to be teen parents. everyone i went to school with is a christian, when i was in my 2edgy4u phase in middle school i drew upside down crosses and stuff like "abort christ" on my binders/notebooks and i remember a girl threatening to fight me bc i don't believe in god, lol. you'd at least expect these people to be from low income areas but no, they actually live in one of the best areas in the city. a lot of yuppies, fat bettie page/pinup wannabe girls, and rich old people love the area.
i get that, i hope someone else at least has.

No. 41594

Tbh our christian school is hella funny. Most of the student body is made up of ridiculously wealthy kids from China and Korea (basically fobs), who are at this school on an F1 student visa. Because if you're overseas, you can only be an exchange student for one year at a public school. Private schools don't have that restriction. Plus a lot of them are like "ew public school plebs".
Our teachers are all typical conservative Christian Caucasian-types. My school is really weird sometimes tbh.
But honestly I'm surprised that we don't, because a lot of fobs are ridiculously lax when it comes to using protection. Quite a number of them are hella promiscuous, but don't use condoms because they're like "oh, it doesn't feel good" and the girl is like, fine, fine.
Me too, but I think most of the people they hang out with are like equally trashy and irresponsible, so they probably see no problem with that (!!!!!!)

No. 41596

>a girl threatening to fight me bc i don't believe in god
I'm dying at that though.

No. 41600

File: 1421733960394.png (41.32 KB, 502x295, OH GOD WHY.png)

please be joking…
but then again, considering how retarded she is and how much she sleeps around without protection, it's probably pretty likely that she's picked up something.

No. 41603

my school was kinda like that too, like there were racist wiggers but almost all the teachers and staff were black. these people hate black people but also desperately wanna be black, so it's funny to me. were your teachers ever a bit racist towards the students?

i've been threatened for more stupid reasons, believe it or not. like one time there was drama with one girl at my table in the cafeteria and these girls at another table were talking shit, so we kept looking over to them for some reason. all of a sudden on girl gets up, starts yelling and threatening me because i was looking over at her. i've never spoken to or done anything wrong to this girl in my entire life. i think they threatened me bc i was tiny and kiki skinny and everyone else looked like full grown adults.

i think she's joking, who would admit this publicly? unless they're trying to inspire people to make better choices or something, which we all know megan isn't considering she couldn't care less about giving advice to the people who like her for some reason.

No. 41604

she does have weird shit around her genital area in one of the gifs from that video like i'm hoping it's just a rash or something??

No. 41605

Oh god, yeah. Some of them can be hella racist sometimes. And I have one teacher who literally started talking about how abortion should be outlawed IN CLASS.

No. 41609

I live in NZ and it seems like every girl who went to a public school in my home town has a kid now. Heck, a guy I knew when I was 10 has three kids. One girl I used to work with had two kids within one year (not even joking), she got knocked up with the first within six months of being with her first boyfriend at 20 and everything. Its embarrassing telling people where I'm from.

No. 41610

ew, i must've missed that. it could be a rash or ingrown hairs? maybe she is just that gross. i was thinking it could be a way to deter the creeps but that makes no sense considering she desires attention/money from these people.

i'm glad i didn't go to your school, damn. i always kept my mouth shut when my classmates would spout stupid opinions since they were stupid to the point where every test was open book and stated where every answer was in the book, we had to read children's books like where the wild things are, we never learned algebra or anything above multiplying until 8th grade, and even then we used calculators for everything. but if a teacher was spouting this stupid shit, i would definitely go off on them, i wouldn't even care about the punishment.

i get feeling that way, it's really infuriating for me. but on the bright side, it is interesting to hear about, it's like a trainwreck and you just can't look away. i sometimes wish there was a show following the people in my area and other areas like mine.

No. 41612

>i sometimes wish there was a show following the people in my area and other areas like mine
Its called Facebook

No. 41613

File: 1421739040304.gif (Spoiler Image, 974.7 KB, 500x477, tumblr_ni6gwcu35y1tvky6qo1_500…)

The gif in question. idk but there are like bumps around her genitals that I haven't seen before. awk.

No. 41615

sadly not many lols happen on fb for me anymore, most people i went to school with unfriended/blocked me because i drag them when they try to have an opinion.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW omfg, those are definitely not ingrown hairs. i thought you were overreacting, i was so wrong.

No. 41616

None of my classmates really voice their opinions in class, but a lot of them will just openly insult everyone around them in Chinese, and it's like…dude, Chinese isn't some sort of super sekrit language, k? Like I understand what you're saying…The only reason you're just flat out talking smack is because you think nobody can understand you. If they did, you'd be too pussy to say shit, because it's human nature not to want to be held responsible for the bad things we say/do. (Hence this site lol)
I was like gritting my teeth so hard during it, and he was like, "What I say to prochoice people is, well, if you're so for abortion, then shouldn't you have never been born?"
Uh what kind of fucklogic is that? Excuse me, but the idea of "choice" is that you can CHOOSE whether to abort your baby or not. Not everybody wants to abort their kid (even if i would be in their best interests to do so) and not everyone aborts their kid, even now.
But I said nothing, because I know he'd have it out for me otherwise, and probably fuck up my GPA.

No. 41617

Facebook is like the equivalent of trashy reality TV sometimes.
My Facebook feed is clogged with multiple statuses about "who's down to kick it" .
In my town, "kicking it" generally equals weed + sex lol. Some people are so thirsty it's ridiculous.
And the terrible misspellings and the overuse of emoticons.

No. 41619

I…this looks even worse than before because I didn't blow it up to full size. Why would you take photos of your vagina when you have suspicious stuff around it?? Like especially if your primary and only income depends heavily on appearing as sexually desirable as possible????

No. 41620

i get them talking smack in their native language. i would too if i knew another language then.
i never got when antichoicers would ask you what you would do/how you would feel if you were aborted. i've been asked that plenty of times and whenever they ask that, they have this smug look on their faces. they always think they have you cornered and that you'll have to be anti choice now.

sadly i don't even get that anymore, i just get "i love my baby, (insert stupid ass name here)" posts 24/7. which is funny to me bc i have an aunt who recently had a baby and she's rarely on fb. she has her husband helping her out an she's still busy, yet these bitches are proud ~single moms~ and post on fb every 10 minutes.

i don't get that either, the least she could've done is shoop it out or maybe even color them darker to be like beauty marks or something idk. her vag looks a little red and irritated right next to the bumps. does she sell her used undies? i've heard some guys who buy used undies want underwear that's been worn for days with sweat and shit stains. if she sells her undies, a rash there could be a possibility. idk if you'd get bumps like that from a rash, the rashes i've seen have little bumps and those look like warts.

No. 41622

I know…also his reasoning was, "Well, my best friend was going to be aborted, but his mom didn't, and he grew up to be such a great guy and went to Columbia and blah blah blah. You shouldn't abort people cuz you could be giving birth to the next Einstein."
Ok but I could be giving birth to the next Ted Bundy too, by your logic.
They're insecure because inside they know that they're just hella mediocre and their only achievement so far in life is creating a sprog, so they must flaunt their baby and anything about their pregnancy 24/7. Like, great, you squeezed out a kid. Bravo, gold star. Now you have to raise your kid and help them grow into a healthy, helpful adult, which you clearly don't have time for if you're spamming your Facebook wall with BS.

No. 41623

Yeah, she sells her underwear. She calls it "lingerie" and is selling it for the whopping price of 100 bucks. And that does make sense, come to think about it.
But those honestly don't look like rash bumps. Maybe hives? I don't think you'd get hives down there though…

No. 41624

I'm not surprised she has weird issues down there if she's putting sugary candy canes in her ass and especially her vag

No. 41627

Yeah lol most Christmas themed porn videos involving fucking a candy cane meant a dildo shaped like a candy cane.
Not a real one, Megan. Jesus christ.

No. 41630

>Ok but I could be giving birth to the next Ted Bundy too, by your logic.
a lot of teen moms are supported by their parents/guardians and they are willing to take care of their children for them so they can get an education/still be a teen. ted bundy grew up in a pretty similar situation and even thought his grandparents were his parents. i think even charles manson was raised in a situation similar to that, at least before he was sent to reform schools. it's ridiculous but tbh with most people, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree so having a child who grows up to be serial killer is much ore plausible than having an intelligent one.

i agree and i also feel like these people are miserable right now so they have to try to convince themselves and others that they're happy.

i'm surprised myself or the other anon didn't catch that she was putting candy in her butt. i couldn't stop staring at the gross warts or whatever it is. i wonder is she'll get into the dessert porn thing. i think there was one lolcow mentioned on here or some other forum who did that. if you don't know what i'm talking about, apparently there's a fetish for girls naked and covered in dessert. it makes me cringe just imagining how funky their vags must be.

No. 41631

Especially since their kids don't end up receiving like as much proper parental guidance and stuff because their parents don't have time for them, and generally grandparents either spoil their grandchildren, or come down super harshly on them. My theory is, they've already been parents once, and they don't want to go through the hard work of doing it all over again, or they figure that hey, I'm not actually the parent, so whatever.

No. 41632

Oh christ…all the sugar. Ughhh gross gross gross no. I have a hatred of sugary fatty foods in general, and smearing them all over your body sounds even grosser.

No. 41633

>Especially since their kids don't end up receiving like as much proper parental guidance and stuff because their parents don't have time for them
true with that, the kids i went to school with who lived in that situation were actually violent/weren't all talk, constantly stole, would set things on fire, break into places even if it meant scaling the building, etc.

No. 41635

Jesus christ no impulse control…

No. 41643


more like butter everything

No. 41644

i hope she used a different cane for her ass and vag, at least

No. 41645

Megan's intellect is so low that remembering basic stuff like "don't put something that's been in your asshole in your vadge" is an accomplishment.

No. 41646

File: 1421758020683.gif (1.85 MB, 500x408, tumblr_ndvl378vbO1tvky6qo1_500…)

also oldish gif, but what the fuck is wrong with her movements she looks like a marionette or something. and that angle doesn't do her any favors at all.

No. 41658

File: 1421769010769.jpg (13.25 KB, 418x358, Brock-pokemon-18232516-418-358…)

She looks like she has no eyes.

No. 41813

File: 1421799508605.png (1.04 MB, 1366x768, ewwww.png)

Megan bawwing for attention and pity. Can't just say that I'm sad, gotta go and make a post about how I'm going to make a video of myself gashing my wrists.
Seriously like that's just in horrible taste.

No. 41816

probs just wants to make all the mean anons feel bad. like "u made me cut myselffff i h8 u cyberbully" ugh i have seen this shit so many times it's not even funny.

No. 42689

He didn't manipulate her at all, it was the reverse.

No. 42729

She always looks like that.

No. 42900

I hate when people are too fucking cheap to get AR coating on their glasses… pisses me off. Then I doubt those are prescription…

No. 42905

No offense to anyone here, but I always thought the people on these threads were much younger since the lolcows are typically in their teens. I'm always surprised when I lurk around and come across someone commenting that they're in their mid to late 20s

No. 42906

Hm, maybe because she thinks she's worthless and no one truly else cares about her?

I mean it's typical of kids to react this way, especially kids just starting out their teen years, to "rebel" against what's going on in their lives by engaging in extreme behavior.

No. 42907


Most of us are from /cgl/ and had been there for a couple of years by the time we migrated because we'd been there long enough to see how shit it had gotten.

No. 43401

I ducked in there today to have a look around, it's still shit. Every decent thread gets derailed. A makeup thread got thrown off track when someone dared to mention LimeCrime and then shit just hit the fan. I didn't even make it past page 3.

No. 43756

The amount of new is what's the problem. All the stupid emoji and people stupid enough to respond to bait. Most threads are shit

No. 43815


Personal anecdote time!

My mom had me when she was 15, she grew up in a super religious sheltered household (think the movie saved) and she really stepped up and became an AWESOME mom. Her and I have a super good relationship, she never touched a beer or smoked a cigarette, always had a job and rented a condo, and now she's settled down in a real marriage and has a nice ass house and a baby she had with the guy, and I'm working and have a place of my own. Just saying, it IS possible, and it can be done, but it definitely isn't likely and Meghan would fail because she lacks any sort of responsibility. Idk, it just bothers me when people think all teenage moms are failures.

No. 43818

That is great, well done to her for being a responsible and brilliant mother.

No. 43910

File: 1422314528898.png (16.98 KB, 277x350, ooh.png)

Megan's a model now apparently

No. 43911

Best joke ever, unless they need a model as example for saggy bags.

No. 43915

is the before picture in an ad for magic lift bras

No. 43942

okayyyy isn't she like a midget tho?

No. 43948

who's her agency? tumblr?

No. 43950

No one else noticed Spoony's sucking up to her now? Disappointing, she almost had me tricked that she'd changed.

No. 43951

yeah like 4' 10 or something if i remember correctly.

No. 43952

Who's Spoony sucking up to?

No. 43953

My bad, didn't realise this was a camgirl general, thought it was just about Megan.

No. 43954

File: 1422324611394.png (20.17 KB, 277x473, sigh..png)

moar asks bout her pregnancy
also stop being so fecking dramatic, megan. he doesn't say much when we're texting, BAWWW our relationship is OVER. are you still in high school or something?

No. 43956


No. 44216

File: 1422435682689.png (15.45 KB, 255x314, tumblr_nhbe9li89324.png)

Megan's vagina is so perfect that she never gets yeast infections. Oh my god, you can make a special snowflake out of anything, huh?

No. 44217

Maybe whatever she has incubating down there that caused those warts scared off the yeast.

No. 44231

why does she act so dismissive/bitchy when she answers asks? also why does she think 6 inches is small, is it because shes so loose she cant feel it?

No. 44232

Because she wants to come off as not giving a fuck, when irl she probably spends her time in front of the computer going through all her anons and composing "witty" rebuttals. And because she wants to be one of those girls who're so hot that their bitchiness is disregarded. Fake it until you make it, I guess. Too bad you look like a Down's kid and have saggy milkbags, Megan.

No. 44233

File: 1422446146017.png (12.16 KB, 509x220, lol.png)

Photoshop is the answer to your prayers. Now you can be both a "kawaii uguu delicate loli" and a bombshell with thick thighs and a big butt.

No. 44234

File: 1422446473927.png (Spoiler Image, 83.8 KB, 1013x313, clipvia.png)

Anybody fancy spending 14.99 to watch Megan stick candy canes up her genital wart-infested vadge?

No. 44275



>food insertion

Why is this even a thing

No. 44279

File: 1422468437096.gif (999.73 KB, 260x146, unexpected.gif)


Why does she cam under her real name???
What if it broke?????
oh god

No. 44289

File: 1422471552251.png (19.66 KB, 1336x209, 3523.png)

Megan isn't even her real name according to her.

No. 44292

>uses an alias to do porn
>plans to change real name to alias

No. 44294


Oh. Thanks, anon!


Yeah, wow that's pretty fucking dumb.
>That's not my real name
>It's just the name I've been going by IRL since I was 10 that everybody knows me as

No. 44295

Lol innies are way more prone to yeast infections because they trap everything, theorised to be one of the reasons outties are so much more common.

No. 44348

The way Megan types reminds me of an overexcited autistic kid who doesn't know how to use punctuation.

No. 44349

File: 1422483237443.png (10.13 KB, 277x224, you idiot.png)

More proof of Megan's sparkling intelligence. Africa is a continent, christ.

No. 44350

she doesn't care right now, but her parents probably aren't going to just let her keep freeloading off of them forever. (because i know she talks like she's some sort of camgirl who makes megabucks, but i honestly doubt it) and by then, she'll probably look too haggard and nasty for camming to be her main source of income, and she'll be forced to look for legit jobs. too bad her future employers are just going to google her, and find all her stupid racist shit and her porn. all the stuff she's doing now is just going to come back and bite her in the ass someday, guaranteed.

No. 44383

>africa, jamaica

bitch wants that bbc bad.

No. 44384

Antarctica though lol. Probably just added it because she wanted to stand out from all the other girls who put down Paris and Tokyo and more typical travel destinations.

No. 44390


This bitch is a lost cause. Someone should tell her dumb ass that she will never be able to visit Antarctica in her life lmao.

No. 44395

Megan is too dumb to live lol.
The only thing she can do when the glaring holes in her own logic are pointed out is to insult them or say "xo" or "lmao".

No. 44397

File: 1422491693195.png (16 KB, 277x277, dogs.png)

I don't even know what a person with a dog face would look like, but hey, dog face> Down's face.

No. 44398

lol duh don't you remember the post she made asking where the all-black areas in america were and tagged #ferguson

No. 44399

She's really in no place to be calling other girls "fat slobs with dog faces".

No. 44404

seriously, she may not be landwhale status but she's still pretty chunky looking and don't get me started on her down's face. also i don't get the dog face insult, dogs are cute. when people think of dogs, they think intelligent, man's best friend, sweet, cute, etc, but when people think down's, they think retarded and unattractive. so i'd much rather a dog than down's.

also considering the fact that most of us call her fat and that most of us come from cgl where a lot of people wear jfashion, i'm willing to bet that majority of us here are much smaller than her.

No. 44414

>I'm the queen bitch tho
nah megan, more like just a bitch. i think she was trying to say something along the lines of "horse face" and she just forgot.
also megan's prob around like a hundred and thirty pounds at the very most, but she carries her weight pretty badly

No. 44457

Quick off topic question but does anyone have a good picture depicting the difference between an innie vs. outie?

No. 44485

File: 1422508417555.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.17 KB, 318x158, download (1).jpg)

here's the best I could find lol

No. 44508

and here I was thinking anon meant bellybuttons…

No. 44511

i'm sorry man

No. 44688

I thought that too. I was so confused!

No. 44749

god bless you anons. that's just too cute

No. 44978

File: 1422657671538.png (62.11 KB, 530x495, shit.png)

So, I think she most likely is pregnant. I honestly don't like how she thinks the only options are abortion and keeping the kid to raise as her own. I thought she'd immediately abort it, based on her own vanity and not wanting to have a kid slowing her down, but the person who mentioned earlier on that she might keep the kid seems to be right.

No. 44979

File: 1422657995241.png (76.82 KB, 478x612, well.png)

And then her boyfriend broke up with her. So to be honest, I think Megan's a vile cunt, but I can't not feel bad for her right now. Some of the stuff he's saying is right, but it's basically him just getting the fuck out of dodge before he gets trapped with her. I think she really did care about him, so this must be terrible to her, and I can understand how paltry this goodbye message seems to her right now, compared to actually having him.

No. 44980

Correction, she is preggo.

No. 45021

She posted a picture of a negative pregnancy test a little while ago. Guess it was false/too early?

No. 45023

I can't fully feel bad for her. There's a rational part of me that says that you can spot a guy who'll run at the first hint of pregnancy a mile away, and if he was her boyfriend, she should have had a pretty good idea of what he was like anyway. That, and there's always a chance of pregnancy when you have sex no matter how careful you are, so they should have had some sort of discussion what to do in the event it does happen. She doesn't deserve this, but I don't think it should have been a complete surprise to her that he left.

No. 45027

Side note: I fucking hate when people say shit like 'he got you pregnant', like the girl has no responsibility in it. Unless it was rape, the are equally responsible.

No. 45032

File: 1422675384339.png (3.05 KB, 260x139, mann.png)

sigh it would've been better for her if she wasn't, honestly.

No. 45036

How long was she with her boyfriend? Wasn't she boasting about fucking loads of guys not long ago?

What about their relationship made her think he should stick around? Did he abandon her or did she try to trap him?

No. 45037

That's true, I guess. Megan's an adult, and as mentioned before, she's irresponsible enough not to use protection and just rely on day-after pills to do the job, the effectiveness of which, if I recall correctly, decreases as you get heavier and shit.

No. 45038

I don't know, tbh. I think they were together for around since middle of December, so almost two months. Not very long, actually. Yeah, she spent a lot of time boasting about that, but that was during her relationship with another guy, who I think was more of a dick. I think Megan was infatuated with him, but according to her, they were getting along fairly well, until she broke the news of her pregnancy. Then he apparently up and left and blocked her from everything. Tbh, she doesn't seem like she's trapping him, really, but I'm only going off of what she's saying, which is that she really just wants him to go with her to the clinic, talk about, and just like support her while she gets it aborted. But idk.

No. 45053

I highly doubt her weight has anything to do with anything in this instance, she's at a perfectly normal weight and if the morning after pill isn't effective for her, it isn't effective for a large percentage of women. It's just got to do with how irresponsible she is, she probably didn't take the morning after pill soon enough, and it's not that effective to begin with.

No. 45058

wait was she saying that she took the morning after pill after every time they had sex? iirc that shit is horrible for your health and you shouldn't rely on it.

No. 45060

So is sticking a candy cane up your ass and vag, but Megan isn't exactly the sort of person who looks after her body.

No. 45061

Was it the black dude who knocked her up?

And if she's taking plan B every time she has sex then I'm surprised her uterus isn't a toxic wasteland at this point. Why the fuck wouldn't she just get on BC?

No. 45065

According to her tumblr, he was the black dude.

As for the BC question, probably because she doesn't realise there are other options other than the pill and condoms. She's too irresponsible to take the pill properly, and the guy probably talked her out of using condoms.

No. 45083

god she's a fucking tard

No. 45084

I don't even know why she couldn't just idk get an intrauterine device or something goddammit. Like she has sex with a lot of guys, no prob, but then she isn't fucking responsible about it. Then she ends up with STDs and with a baby and then dumb people look at her and go like "lol this is wut happens if u have sex with a lot of ppl".
No, this is what happens if you're irresponsible and stupid about it.

No. 45092

OT as fuck but i want to ask this quickly since you're all smart ladies, what's the best method of birth control? BC pills make me so emotional. i always use condoms but i'm still paranoid. ahhhhhh.

No. 45097

Apparently the implant (the one that goes in your upper arm) is pretty good. Big upfront cost, but it lasts up to 5 years and has relatively few side effects

No. 45101

I got one of those rings that you stick up your vadge. It's called the NuvaRing, and it works pretty well. You do have to change it every month, plus sometimes when you fuck the guy can like feel it, but other than that it's pretty unnoticeable.

No. 45118

I got an arm implant like anon said, I'm lucky I didn't gain weight and don't have periods anymore ! Still need to use a condom with new guys obviously

No. 45135

File: 1422702588471.jpg (288.65 KB, 640x480, Togepi-032-[chansluts.com].jpg)

What about Ex camwhores ;)

No. 45155

Are you the same person who tried to start a thread on this girl?

No. 45158

She has no drama, who cares?

No. 45181

>but it lasts up to 5 years and has relatively few side effects

Except weight gain and "Iregular periods" Read: bleeding for weeks on end or completely absent periods. You also can't have it if you're diagnosed with any mood or personality disorders because it carries a suicide risk.

>I got one of those rings that you stick up your vadge. It's called the NuvaRing

Exactly the same hormones as in the regular pill but in a much higher dose.

No. 45189

There are side effects for all medication and weight gain is one for all hormonal bc. Relatively few doesnt mean none. Implant is likely the best long term one because you dont have to think about it. The ring is not the same hormones as the bc pill actually, works a bit different. But it is hormonal if that was your point.

I do suggest trying other hormonal bc first, because just because 1 brand of bc pills arent the best doesnt mean all of them. If you want to go hormone free, the best is to cut your tubes really, otherwise there is an IUD that isnt hormonal. You are best to see a doctor and talk about all the options and get as informed as you can.

No. 45191

Uh, I said higher I got an arm implant and I didn't gain any weight nor did I have periods anymore. It's my favorite method of contraception but I know several girl friend who had to change pills before finding one that fit them.

Nobody reacts the same, some girls might still have periods with the implant but honestly it's cool and you're sure to not forget your pill.

No. 45223

No it isn't. Weight gain has never been proven to be linked to combined hormonal contraceptives, but proven conclusively enough to list as a potential side effect for progesterone only. Of course there are side effects to all medication, but progesterone only contraception is supposed to be used as a second choice for people who can't take the combined pill. The side effects are potentially much worse, the only serious side effect for the combined pill is DVT/stroke risk, which you'll be screed out for if you have any sort of history of blood clots etc. If it works for you that's great, but you're massively in the minority.

Nuvaring is desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol which is the most common combination used in the combined pill.

No. 45314

File: 1422746039331.png (27.78 KB, 260x464, thanks.png)

thank u god
megan's aborting her kid. good for her, she actually made a smart decision. plus her logic for keeping the kid was something along the lines of "babies make everything better, all my friends said so", which just proves how not ready for a child she was.

No. 45318

File: 1422746548255.png (55.75 KB, 499x334, okkk.png)

this girl's a hot mess like holy flip-flopping, but i guess she is in a hella shitty situation rn

No. 45340

tfw I really want to have a kid and she gets to brag about her abortion.

I'm pro-choice but her wording is kind of bullshit disrespectful to others. I'm sure there's better ways to admit you're getting one but most normal people would just keep the whole situation to themselves.

No. 45345

I have an non hormonal copper IUD, and tbh, I love it for the most part because I don't have to remember shit and pills make me cray. The thing is though, be prepared for fucking awful periods. And then a nice little thing I like to call 'second period' between the two haha, Second period is really light though

No. 45356

I took the Pill for PMS and it was handy that I could use it as contraception as well. The one I was taking gave me really high blood pressure after a while so switched to a different one.

I loved being on the Pill because my periods were so light.

When I hit 30 I decided to stop with the Pill because I'm a smoker and stroke risk etc.

I've never had a problem with condoms though. I knew I never wanted to spawn so never ever have sex without one.

I'm pro-choice too, and if I'd ever become pregnant because of a faulty condom I would've opted for a termination. Bragging about it is fucked up, like it's some kind of "cool" badge - oh, I'm having an abortion.

Attention-seeking repulsive fuckwit.

No. 45434

Is that the only instance where she mentions getting an abortion? Because it really doesn't sound like bragging to me and I'm not sure why people are saying that she's bragging. Just sounds like she's making it clear what she's going to do since lots of people seem interested.

No. 45460

Where on earth is she bragging? And how is it disrespectful? That post IS correct, and something you have to think about when you have an unwanted pregnancy and are considering your options. And people deal with their feelings in different ways. A lot of people who get abortions, including myself, are pretty open about our past situations.

Also, judging people for their abortions because you are trying hard to have a kid is pretty shitty behavior too js.

No. 45464


She's not bragging about it anon. You must be one of those people who takes personal offensive over stupid shit.
>waah I really want a kid and she's not going to have hers

No. 45465

I don't mean to whiteknight someone I despise, but your inability to conceive has nothing to do with her and you sound like you're begging for pity. She's allowed to post about her situation on her own tumble and answer questions for those who are interested, she's under no obligation to coddle you. There is nothing to suggest she's bragging about it either, stop reading in things because you're bitter.

No. 45481

youre an idiot

you SHOULDNT be having a child if this is how you interpret megan's dumbassery

No. 45500

Dude I'll admit that I rag on her pretty hard, but that doesn't really seem like bragging or insensitive.

No. 45617

File: 1422832321172.jpeg (8.69 KB, 266x190, images.jpeg)

Talking about general lulzy cam girls, meet my personal favorite: "Kelli Autumn" or "Kelli Maxx".


her boyfriend works at a venue doing security in boston, he's older and has vague connections to get her into concerts. he's the absolute most ignorant, obnoxious "VEGAN XXX BOSTON STRAIGHT EDGE" person. brags about being "shredded" when dude is thick but also flabby. he works at a vegan cake place, obviously eating a lot of it.

she was a fat myspace whore back in the day, don't want to expose her real name otherwise i'd link to her old stuff. has tried every way of trying to "get internet famous" without having anything to offer the world besides entitlement and a bad attitude. is now a huge SJW, but used to make fun of feminists. has gone through LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING TREND including (but not limited to) hardcore girl, short-lived old school hip hop phase, pop punk phase, pin-up phase, guido phase (tweeted some bitch from the jersey house wives all the time, tanned like crazy, and bragged about her italian heritage lol), british-shabby-chic phase (had a cath kinston fan account she used to turn into her account to look like 20k people cared about her), a goth phase (claimed to be studying to be a mortician), a japanophile phase (complete with purikura editing and circle lenses around the time when Dakota was it), a mermaid girl phase (tweeted Cori Shea lmao), aaaaaaaand a cute girl phase (where she obsessed over lame girl Jasmine Blu).

She lived in a basement before she started camming. Extremely spoiled and entitled. She constantly threatens to kill herself after being called out for saying something stupid because she does not know how to take criticism. BUT ITS NOT HER FAULT because she's claimed to have: aspergers (undiagnosed; claims this because her mom told her when she was little she showed symptoms, and now she wants attention for it as an adult), bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, anorexia (un. fucking. diag. nosed. starving yourself for a day and feeling shitty about your lazy ass doesn't fucking qualify, asshole), dyslexia, ADHD, diabetes (no shit), a "junk food addiction" (aka lazy entitled "i should be able to eat as many chemicals as I want" fat ass syndrome), depression, self harm, and anxiety.

I'm honestly probably forgetting one, but TL;DR this girl feels shitty about not working for anything in her life and self-diagnoses her failure on wikipedia for excuses.

This present to me was posted only moments ago, and is a perfect example (via her tumblr diaryofautumn.tumblr.com):

"I feel so defeated and unwanted in the cam girl community. I’ve been beaten up and beaten down by so many people (including myself), telling me I can’t make it, just to give up, that fat girls don’t make money, that fat girls cant do x y z, that fans of fat girls are poor losers, that fans of fat girls just look at us like a fetish vs people. I rarely let shit get to my head but this has gotten to my head. I battle depression and I battle bpd, and often these things get in the way of my life and productivity. But when there are other forces outside of my mental demons making me feel small and useless, I want to curl up in a ball and avoid the world. I feel so useless, ugly, and boring lately. I don’t really know where to go from here or what to do anymore. I’ve sort of been stuck in a horrible rut and I don’t know how to get out of it.

I see so many awesome babes doing so well and it makes me realize how shitty of a cam girl I am. I don’t put in enough effort, energy, anything. I can’t keep fans, I get emotional or upset. I don’t have a great body. I don’t have long pretty hair. I don’t have cool sex toys, or anything really special to me. I don’t have much going for me other than huge boobs and that breaks my heart to know that in reality, my boobs are what keep people entertained by me. I wish I had more to me, but lately I just don’t.

Maybe it’s my time to leave camming, and to pursue other ventures. I don’t know how I’ll be able to afford my apartment, bills. I’d probably end up homeless, carless, phoneless, if I left. And honestly, I don’t want to go. But seeing as I can’t bring much to the table these days, maybe I should."

She has gone to community college to study multiple different things, refuses to finish any of them. Dropped out of high school and claimed "bullying", but untrue because she was friend of friends and a lazy drama queen. She grew big boobs early and was probably fawned over for them; became an ugly entitled bitch and now spends her time scheming for money, switching her entire personality more than her underwear. I've been saving screenshots of her phases for a while, if anyone's interested I can dig them up for lolz.

ADDITIONAL LINKS: her fat-scoreland porn shoot.

just google kelli maxx. I'm about to throw up.

No. 45618

just reading this made me cringe like holy fuck. originality, get some. lol she seems like megan, but 10x more whiny and self-pitying and prone to compliment-fishing

No. 45620

Oh, her eyebrows are so ridiculous in her sidebar pic.

No. 45626

"money cant buy happiness but it can pay off my debt and that’d make me stress free and stress causes my unhappiness so like??"

note: she has debt because she bought a bunch of dumb, over-priced, trendy shit to go with each phase. including expensive professional cameras to take evidence pictures of all her shit, to put on various social media platforms.

"i just want all teenagers to realize how quickly your 20’s come and to not take advantage of being a kid. appreciate it. don’t wish to be older, cause one day you will be and you’ll beg the world to let you be young again."

More bitching because she fucked up her youth on myspace.

"i need a little hiatus from camming. i’ve been forgetting who i truly am and i need some serious time with myself - away from twitter, snapchat, cam sites. i’ve been battling a terrible seasonal depression which has left me in an odd place emotionally - wanting to do well but not having the slightest bit of energy or motivation to do what i want.
i’m hoping taking a few days away will help me connect with myself again. i’m going to do quite a bit of meditation, self therapy, and more to feel inspired to be my awesome self again - my awesome motivated hard working self that i’ve seemed to have lost sight off.
i’ll still be around tumblr, so feel free to send me questions if wanted."

oh, only seasonal depression? not agonizing crippling major snowflake depression? her self help also consists of reblogging posi shit on tumblr and middle-aged housewife "positive attitude" things on twitter. real honest self-confronting work.

"i have no “personal” outlet. i have no personal twitter, instagram, tumblr so i’m sorry for venting on my “work” accounts. it may seem unprofessional but when you have a job like this you have to get rid of your old internet life and it sucks. a lot."


"I would love to get one of those ancestor DNA tests - but I’m terrified. My entire life I have been told I’m Italian, Dutch, and Native American. I would be heart broken to find out I wasn’t as much Native American as I’ve been told. I connect so much, I respect the culture and love it so much. Their folklore, I studied it when I was a teenager. I love their spirituality…But I feel I do owe it to myself to get the test done."

lol oppression points. also you and everyone else in america has native american blood.

"the person i want to be is talented; a beautiful blues singer, slender, with locks of hair so shiny black. she writes poetry as quickly as she can snap her fingers, she’s mysterious and poise. most importantly, she’s respected and desired."

no comment.

No. 45627

File: 1422834113482.jpg (110 KB, 500x334, 3822310636_c717176041.jpg)

they've been worse.

No. 45669

Why do 70% of girls on tumblr have such terrible eyebrows

No. 45670

would u like some cheese to go with that whine of yours?
but seriously this girl needs to fucking stop whining all over the place about how terrible her life is and how bad she feels and give me sympathyyyyy

No. 45800

>"I have so much respect for Native American culture and folklore!"
>lumps every tribe together as if they're all one homogenous blob
I wonder if "studying their culture" just means she watched Disney's Pocahontas a few times as a kid. If she does have native ancestors she's probably as far removed from them as I am from Charlemagne.

No. 46168

File: 1423018451779.jpg (274.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-02-03-18-48-36…)

And she flies off the handle whenever someone dares to make a comment about her being a sex worker "u r SLUT SHAMING MEEEEE"

No. 46171

File: 1423018836734.jpg (207.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-02-03-18-49-41…)

If this sort of haphazard attitude regarding protection/contraception is normal for Megan, then I'm honestly surprised she hasn't had more pregnancy scares. Like you can't just keep taking plan b after you have sex–that's terrible for your body. Abortions and Plan B aren't like some sort of magical way to duck your responsibilities. Everything comes with risks and consequences.

No. 46173

File: 1423018881060.jpg (315.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-02-03-18-49-24…)

Yeah, she's totally not a mess you guys.

No. 46211

This girl is beyond retarded. She's going to get herpes by 22.

No. 46215

Excuse me, she's YOUNGER than 22???? Bullshit.

Why does this tumblr generation age so damn quickly? Like daaaamn Africa what happened.

No. 46225

She's like 19 or something.

No. 46228

Probably already has it lol didn't you see the weird bumps around her genital area in that stupid gif with the candy cane?

No. 46229

She's almost 19. Still has a few months til her birthday.

No. 46230

>implying she doesn't already have herpes

No. 46262


She's probably as far removed from them as she is from fucking Mitochondrial Eve, but admitting to being white means they can't bitch about ~muh opresshun~. Just like OC.

No. 46278

She's definitely been pregnant/had an abortion before. Back a few years ago I used to follow her on tumblr and gifyo and she was posting about how she had to get one when she was with Dan.

No. 46377

And Megan says camming isn't her main source of income anymore. (Lol i wonder why) Apparently she's started coding. Quite frankly, I'm surprised because I didn't think she had more than two brain cells to rub together, but hey, if she's serious about it and decides to work hard, good for her.

No. 50838

File: 1424195297121.png (Spoiler Image, 178.67 KB, 288x459, Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 17.3…)

No. 50844

wouldn't be surprised
hasn't she been going thru some shit with whichever dude she's dating now? idk it seems like it from all her text posts anyway.

No. 50847

I don't think they do really, they'd be redder.

No. 51061

File: 1424246123609.png (33.72 KB, 291x278, Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 07.5…)

https://www.youtube.com/user/chriswheels2 Apparently this is the guy who got her preggers..

No. 51065

link to tumblr's been deleted.

No. 56696

File: 1425400050057.jpg (48.51 KB, 500x333, tumblr_n74ts1T7bn1tvky6qo1_500…)

Megan couldn't spin and shoop herself less unrealistic?

No. 56705

what are you talking about? this looks pretty normal

No. 56708

The torso being half the size of the hips isn't very realistic.

No. 56709

The tiny waist and wide hips. Her body looks nothing like that.

No. 56715

I have never seen someone contort themself for a photo this much before.

No. 56720

File: 1425403836575.png (192.69 KB, 640x480, Vlcsnap-2013-01-20-03h21m40s16…)

fuck… her lips… i can't unsee

No. 56725

File: 1425406662711.gif (1.91 MB, 290x515, tumblr_nixxagVAX71tvky6qo1_400…)

The whole second bit looks odd as fuck.

No. 56728

i know this is supposed to be lingerie but it just looks like some orthopedic device.
or diaper.

No. 56731

Why the fuck does she always stand on her toes like that when posing? Looks so weird. She's probably trying to make herself look less stumpy.

No. 56732

It has the same effect as wearing high heels, arches your back, sticks out your butt and slims your legs.

No. 56746

why the fuck would you sleep with someone AGAIN after they raped you?

No. 56747

Because she is either lying or stupid, like always.

No. 56748

oh shit… why do people like this exist? I really do weep for this gen of morons.

No. 56750

Yup. trying to make her stumpy ass look taller as if she's wearing heels.

No. 56765

why wouldn't she just, idk, wear high heels? it looks stupid with her just standing like that and high heels would be more sexy.

No. 56767

Maybe because without it is easier for her to stretch herself thinner which she did in the second part of this gif. Otherwise her shoulder wouldn't look so enormous in comparison I think.

No. 56813

File: 1425420480975.png (7.07 KB, 510x111, 12321.png)

Oh Megan, your reblogs say something else.

No. 56916

I've fucked a lot of girls and I've only known non whites to have outies. wtf

No. 57010

a 23" waist IS. NOT. REALISTIC.
maybe for a petite (short and very slim) Asian girl with a small frame or a coke head anorexic model but she's clearly nowhere near petite- she doesn't seem that short, she's definitely not slim enough, and nothing about thay body frame looks 'petite' to me… her figure seems very average sized. did she even fucking consider what a 23" waist looks like before saying this???
now I'm beginning to think she definitely has the downs….

No. 57089

she looks like she lost weight. i could believe 23 inches. like, she doesn`t look chubby in >>56725

her profile says that she is 4`10``, so she is definitely short. 90-100lbs is believable, because that`s not low for that height (if that height is true). her face is round which might just be making it seem like she should be fatter.

don`t mean to sound like a whiteknight. she`s not that thin, especially if she weighs what she says at that height, but 23`` isn`t unrealistic. i`ve measured a girl with a 23.5`` waist, and she looked chubbier than megan does in some of her pics because she still had a pouch thing going on

No. 57090

also, i don`t believe her hip measurement is 37``. my guess is more like 32-34

No. 57097

For some short girls, it's impossible to get a waist that small because there just isn't space between the ribcage and pelvis. 25 inches I can believe, but not 23. Her hip measurement is not 37", there isn't enough of a difference between her waist and hips (when you take out angles, contorting and photoshop).

No. 57101

She doesn't look chubby, no, but she looks very average. When she turns to face the mirror you can see that her waist isn't that small. Like >>57097 said, she looks more near the 25" mark.

No. 57105


I had a 23.5" waist once when I was a teenager. And megan looked about twice as big as I was then. She does NOT have a 23" waist. She's short but she's shaped like an oil barrel and has no waist definition whatsoever.

No. 57121

I have a 25in waist and 34in hips, and there's a significant difference between them. Megan doesn't really have any difference at all between her waist and hips. I'm not saying she's a landwhale/chubby, because she isn't. She just doesn't have this tiny waist/body type that she wants people to think she has. If she actually had this body type she claims to have, she wouldn't need to pose like this >>56725 to make herself look slimmer or whatever. If her waist was really as small as she claims, her waist would actually be small in the ones where you can see her entire body. Here's what her body really looks like:

No. 57122

>her body looks like these pictures of her body
No shit. No one here actually believes she looks anything like her pictures.

No. 57222

were you taller than 4'10" though? and do you have wider hips? hers honestly cannot be 37". that would be quite big with that height. i just don't think 23.5" is that small for a tiny person; it's kind of average. as i mentioned, my friend has the same size waist, and i believe she's around 5'. she's not as slim as other cosplayers at her height.

but looking at her other pics, i would say i agree with >>57101 that she's around 25". even 24" with 32"-34" hips.

No. 57225

(I reply from a mobile device so pardon the lazy grammar and punctuation)
oh god please tell me you're not really that ignorant…

so you're really going to say- in the same post- that having a thigh gap doesn't mean you're fat….. but a thigh gaps are unhealthy? ok so would you like to come assess my health, doctor? i heard thigh gaps are unhealthy so im just concerned for my health :(((

thigh gaps, or a lack of one, can be caused two things: weight, but much more importantly, body frame. how wide your hips are. I've seen thick looking girls with thigh gaps and I've seen really slim girls who's thighs touch. also, if we're referring to a photo, poses play a huge part: ass pushed out, feet together with your heels slightly outward, or sitting with your butt at the edge of your seat so your thighs hang down making them look slimmer from above can give someone a ""thigh gap"" or exaggerate an existing one.
i think posing to make your legs look thinner is pretty commonly accepted these days unless you look uncomfortably contorted

…. but liquifying your photos to create a gap or make one bigger is just fucking irritating to me. mostly because the thigh gaps are a huge thing in Ana communities.. and because just like having a little extra weight doesn't necessarily make someone unhealthy, being on the thin side doesn't necessarily make someone healthy/unhealthy. in fact, it's sort of fucked up to make rash assumptions about anyone's health or lifestyle based solely on how their body looks…. there are soo many factors that can contribute to someone's weight.

i know this site was made for bitching about people and trust me I'm all about that, but that's not going to stop me from calling out people who make dumb generalizations just for the sake of shit talking and supporting their views.

No. 57227

hey there, did you ever consider… that maybe…. those girls…… don't do it because they need validation and attention?!?!! wow, mind blowing, right?
honestly I have a lot of respect for girls who have the guts to post pictures like that, and the ones i personally follow i feel genuinely have a lot of confidence and are pretty humble about it. in no way at all do i feel that they would be affected by not getting attention from it. obviously i don't know their motives or minds but i truly get the impression that they feel good about themselves and want to show it off- regardless of what anyone else thinks. if you get positive attention, that's just a bonus imo.

or are you one of those people that actually thinks that anyone who's ever taken nudes is a slut? would you like some holy water to wash down that ignorance?

No. 57242

File: 1425495830356.png (11.08 KB, 386x290, 1408297624721.png)

No. 57311

I agree anon

No. 57312

If they had confidence then they wouldnt do this.
Showing your naked body to random dudes on the internet is a sign theyre confident? Hahaha oh anon, go back to tumblr

No. 57390

Who says you get to decide how a person shows their confidence? Everyone does it differently and you don't have to understand it or like it, but it shouldn't mean you can just decide their confidence isn't real or valid.

I think it's very easy to differentiate between someone who has a healthy level of confidence and someone like Megan who's insecurity is painfully obvious with the photoshopping, entitlement, and overgratification.

You seem like you're really intent on putting yourself above people who choose to publicly show off their bodies…. are naked bodies still really thay taboo these days??

I wouldn't post myself naked but I see nothing wrong with others doing it unless they're acting particularly snowflakey.

Weird.I thought this thread was for calling out and gossiping about cam girls that are shitty people, not group together and put down every single person who posts nude photos.

No. 57394

File: 1425529274917.jpg (58.76 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nknskzlPUI1tvky6qo1_500…)

Where did her "enormous" tits and tiny waist go? kek.

No. 57395

File: 1425529337487.jpg (84.6 KB, 400x400, decider.jpg)

this is lolcow, not confident-body-positive-love hugfest.

>I thought this thread was for calling out and gossiping about cam girls that are shitty people, not group together and put down every single person who posts nude photos.

Again. LOLCOW, not PULL.
Our only objective is to drink the milk.

No. 57399

>Who says you get to decide how a person shows their confidence?
lol if i can't say my opinion then your "showing your naked body to people shows they love their bodies" opinion is also wrong
> Everyone does it differently and you don't have to understand it or like it, but it shouldn't mean you can just decide their confidence isn't real or valid.
Boohoo it's called having an opinion.
People who post their naked bodies on tumblr like that aren't confident, they're attention whores that want men to like them. I don't give a shit if you're upset about me opinion, get over it. Not everyone will agree with you.
>You seem like you're really intent on putting yourself above people who choose to publicly show off their bodies
Showing off legs or cleavage is fine.
Showing off your naked body to horny dudes on tumblr is trashy and gross. lol i'm not 100% innocent either but i didn't say my opinion to "make me feel better" about myself or w/e seriously do you know on what site are you on?
we're not PULL. if my opinion offends you or bothers you then lolcow isn't for you lol besides it's not like i said they're whores or anything like that.
it's just unclassy, trashy and attention-whoring. and i said showing your naked body to random dudes on the internet so i was being specific

No. 57400

This made me laugh so hard. Yes, cam sluts are the people we should be looking up to. Got it, tumblr.

No. 57401

sorry for being OT btw
does anyone have more pics from her dakota phase?

No. 57402

ffs stop posting a wall of text of this shit. This isn't tumblr or PULL. no1curr

No. 57406

File: 1425530681471.gif (687.66 KB, 400x300, tumblr_ml79kbxkaU1qe27eso1_400…)

I try to find them.

No. 57407

File: 1425530721888.gif (976.66 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mxt7dtmxXu1qapet0o1_400…)

No. 57410

File: 1425531106620.gif (1.02 MB, 400x300, tumblr_muk2ypW96m1shdw4so1_400…)

…so many gifs.

No. 57413

Ugh that eye makeup. It makes her look cross eyed and retarded..well, more retarded.

No. 57415

File: 1425531964177.gif (665.48 KB, 400x300, prettyp0lly_so_gyaru.gif)

She did worse.

No. 57421


That's a fucking alien in a wig.

No. 57422

Her eye make up is just awful. Geez.

No. 57423

This is literally trying to sexualize a child and be pedo bait. I hate girls who do this like nothing else. This is not cool.

No. 57428

her hair looks so damaged and fried
she should really moisturize her hair

No. 57429

unless she was underage, it's not sexualizing a child lol

No. 57431

she seems to be doing anastasia's eye makeup
it's really fucked up
i mean come on kota's makeup wasn't this fucking horrible

No. 57500

She's pretending to be a child though and making it sexual. Her tits are out in full force, shes making it like her sweater is too big, holding her teddy bear and acting all shy and 'moe'. Its Pedo fodder.

No. 57511

Um, she has big pig tail hair styles with an over sized sweater, hugging a stuffed animal and is trying to be 'chu chu kawaii' in a child like way. She is trying to be a child. And there for, she is sexualizing a child with her breasts hanging out. It's obvious and it's disgusting.

No. 57516

she was around 15-16 around that time.

tricky. She's underaged, but not quite child child. Children children, don't have boobies.. so.

No. 57520

What child has tits that big?
I can definitely see the "sexualizing a child" thing with OC and Yukapon and other lolcows because they actually RP as children, but literally all this girl is doing is acting "moe" because some people find it more attractive/approachable than full on "sexy".
With this attitude, I seriously hope you consider ecchi anime with moeshit characters tantamount to CP, anon.

No. 57521

>but she's obviously overweight and a lil chubby
Yo this girl is dumb and has a shapeless body and a face like a down's syndrome patient but if that is "overweight and lil chubby", I have to wonder if /pt/'s standards for a skinny/average body requires a BMI of 16. She's skinnyfat and pasty but doesn't look overweight or chubby at all.

No. 57523

It doesn't matter that she has breasts, it matters that she is pretending to be a child. It's like when grown ass women put on a cheer leaders or high school uniform and try to be younger for some creepy role playing thing in bed. It's trying to seem younger and in this case, she's trying to seem like a little girl. How is this so difficult to get?

No. 57526

Not original anon who made that comment but I think skinny/chubby is all relative. Megan would definitely 100% be considered chubby in East Asia (where I'm from). In North America or UK (where I currently live) she would probably be normal/flabby. She isn't fat but she doesn't have a small/delicate bone structure either.

That said I don't understand how anyone can find her porn attractive. I have nothing against her but I feel skeeved out watching her strip because it makes me feel like I'm taking advantage of a disabled/downs person.

No. 57530

If she hasn't claimed to be 12 or tagged herself as "loli", "jailbait", etc, she's not sexualizing children or pretending to be one. She's just trying to look like a kawaii desu animu character.
And it matters that she has breasts because large breasts are a sign of sexual maturity and not pre-pubescence.

No. 57532

I feel the same way

No. 57534

>If she hasn't claimed to be 12 or tagged herself as "loli", "jailbait", etc, she's not sexualizing children or pretending to be one.
She called herself pedobait before.

No. 57537

shrug well your opinion may rub me the wrong way but it doesn't mean shit to most of those girls so I guess I should leave it be.

If you can state your opinion then I can state my opinion on your views. Don't like it? Well I mean, no one said you had to respond.

I get such a bitter vibe from people who care that much about what someone you don't know personally is doing with their body. Then again, who in this thread hasn't been bitter? anonymous shit talking on the internet isn't exactly 'classy' either lol so I guess that must make us all trashy too hmm

But y'know, as much as I know what to expect from the people here, I can't help but feel pity for some of you

also PULL is and always has been garbage

No. 58535

File: 1425795499013.png (328.04 KB, 590x623, ehhh.png)

captioned: "I prefer my natural face vs makeup face"
tbh this is one of the photos where she actually looks pretty good, plus this is a snapchat so in all likelihood she didn't shoop it either.

No. 58538

File: 1425795663026.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.25 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nkepzpRlSO1tvky6qo1_128…)

lol at her covering her stomach tho
captioned: "I need some laxatives"
she looks kinda skinnier than before and her face has gotten less chubby i think and she mentioned losing weight. she says she lost the weight from going vegan but is anyone else getting like ED vibes rn?

No. 58539

One of her posts was like, "I hate the fact we have to eat to live, i wish we just had to drink water or something. I’m sure anybody with a lot of food allergies understands this."
Food allergies. Rightttttt.

No. 58554

So is she still pregnant and wallowing or did she abort mission?

No. 58564

Do ugly, like diseased alien. Million times better when she's hiding those eyes with glasses. And should stop those duck lips

No. 58629

He body photos always look like that, she stretches and bends the hell out of herself to look like that but at her webcam sessions she is still the same ugly bitch with saggy tits.

No. 58653

just cause it's snapchat doesn't mean it can't be edited. i download my sc selfies and send them right to meitu (the beautycam app) if i wanna upload them anywhere.

No. 58658

I know a girl with a 21" waist so its not unrealistic, anon

No. 58659

Ugh. what. that photo is so not sexy. Why is she posing with her panties pulled down? It looks like some trashy woman who got drunk and then decided to take a photo at 2am. she's gross.

No. 58660

Hahahaha, Sure.

No. 58663

Except we're on anon. I dont publicly talk shit about lolcows. She publicly shoe her tits to random horny men because she doesnt have any morals nor self-esteem. Youre talking as if we act like this in public lmao we're all on anon. Sorry but a girl presenting herself like that on the interneg clearly has no self-esteem. If it was a nude for her bf then ok i understandbut this? keep thinking camming means you have self-confidence and self-respect. And yeah it doesnt mean shit to them because they only care about the guys fapping to them

No. 58667

Trying to be a child /=/ being an actual child
you cant sexualize children if youre not one. Shes just ageplaying

No. 58668

Idk about 21" but I know a couple of girls with 23" waists. One has it naturally and the other did corset training for a year or so.

No. 58682

There is a difference in trying to shoop yourself into a child while pretending to be one and ageplay.

No. 58692

File: 1425841669703.jpg (59.49 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nb7y4aaotu1tvky6qo1_128…)

Nobody's saying that 21/23" waists cannot exist.

What they are saying is that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY Megan has a 23" waist because her body simply isn't shaped like that. Her waist looks nearly as wide as her hips. Unless y'all are barrel-shaped as well take a look in the mirror and you would know what I mean

No. 58693

Isnt ageplay the same as pedobait though?

No. 58694

No because a pedobait IS a minor.

No. 58695

It's creepy af to sexualize things that are associated with children. Ageplay is nasty and the fact that so many of these crusty men get off to pretending to fuck a child is repulsive. The fact that it's such a huge seller on these cam sites is weird af.

No. 58720

why is her pussy so open you can see how far from eachother her lips are ahhhhhhhhhhhhh disgusting

No. 58722

Because she's got a fat pussy. She's carrying weight around her pubis reeeetchhhhhhh

No. 58724

I agree with this 100%, but how many of these guys are attracted to actual children I wonder?

Age play is fucking horrible, even if a child isn't get hurt from it. It's disgusting.

No. 58728

She reminds me of why I need a labioplatsy

No. 58732

Why are you defending ageplay, anon? Are you a sad pathetic person getting off to adults pretending to be children?

No. 58737

Not that Anon but I get off to dressing as a little girl and acting like one.
I never take pictures. Even when I turn 18, I won't.

No. 58738

Please don't disclose that shit if you're a minor. We didn't need to know.

No. 58742

Did you even read the post or?
Pedobait=Minor who wants to sexually attract adults, that shit ain't ageplay.

No. 58743

googling that was a mistake. Hope yours turn out great

No. 58764

Is that a sailor moon swimsuit? That's cute af

No. 58766

It is a replica of the Peach John Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary underwear.

No. 58769

It's impractical underwear. basically lingerie for losers.

No. 58771

Anon I think it's for sex
I agree it should've been a swimsuit, though. That would be a lot cuter and more practical.

No. 58776

The target audience of Peach John's animu collab collections are female otaku that don't have bfs in the first place, it is for wearing around your room in summer.

No. 64395

File: 1426625997172.png (6.2 KB, 544x202, gross.png)

yeah, we were all dying to know about your sticky asshole, megan. you have no idea.

No. 65068

I bet she ate it afterwards.

No. 67732

File: 1427221450605.jpg (73.82 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nfzdw576F01tvky6qo1_128…)

Her face magical changed its shape again.

No. 67733

File: 1427221651746.png (4.08 KB, 500x49, 343242.png)

I hope everybody that fucks her gets checked for STD afterwards.

No. 67735

File: 1427222079816.gif (970.24 KB, 400x227, tumblr_n3pil4fkvO1tuaudzo1_400…)

Couldn't try to make herself any more thin, huh?

No. 67886

Whats wrong with showing your body? Havent you heard of marilyn monroe?

No. 67891

Why doesnt she do squats?

No. 67899

Ageplay isnt disgusting nor wrong.
A lot of people are into ageplay because they were abused as a child and it helps them cope with their shitty childhood.

No. 67908

No. 67914

that text post contained so much shit i didn't want to think about. Megan is like a cesspool of STDS.

No. 67916

too much workkkk
same reason why a lot of these girls shoop. too lazy to actually exercise.

No. 68045

Getting fucked in diapers helps you get over childhood trauma? We all had shitty childhoods. We dont suck on pacifiers and wear diapers as adults to compensate.

No. 68046

No. 68198

A lot of people are unhappy, but not all people self harm. Different people just deal with things differently.

I don't see a problem with 2 consenting adults doing things between each other. The line is drawn when one party does not give consent.

No. 68249


She's probably allergic to latex and goes "hurr durr all da condoms r latex so i cant use dem dur hurr"
Girl, they make latex-free condoms. USE THEM.

No. 68258

I doubt it she has one of the nicest vagina's I've seen.
She looks the same like every other photo, delusional much?

No. 68260

Hi Megan.

No. 68265

this isn't a place for whiteknighting, megan. you and your tube sock titties may dismiss yourselves.

anyway, I think the whole thing with her constantly bringing up BBC is so funny. I mean, I've seen plenty of good looking black guys with ugly pasty fat white girls all the time.. but she sounds so desperate about it only a completely shameless person would be proud to be with that…

No. 68283

If you like your vaginas warty and disease ridden, ok.

No. 68545


you probably haven't seen many vaginas then

No. 69232

There is. Legit video someone recorded of Sabrina nellies cam show where she shit herself and just pushed it back in it's so gross!

No. 69596

File: 1427431557507.png (9.79 KB, 521x243, 3423.png)

So azn desu.

No. 69604

she's a disgusting mix if she looks like that. shit genetics.

No. 69630

Wouldn't showering have taken care of that…

No. 69759

No. 69764

File: 1427464173825.jpg (300.33 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_ku798dOnCU1qapet0o1_128…)

Yeah, SO asian.

Pic related, from when she was a scene fag.

No. 69765

File: 1427464267368.jpg (254.27 KB, 640x480, tumblr_kuxdt8AiqM1qapet0o1_128…)

No. 69766

File: 1427464351837.jpg (259.58 KB, 640x480, tumblr_kuxdvfoL5h1qapet0o1_128…)

And yes, she already let her tits hang out for everyone with 13/14.

No. 69767

File: 1427464417953.jpg (257 KB, 640x480, tumblr_kuxdp7iH0K1qapet0o1_128…)

No. 70180

File: 1427514332260.jpg (41.76 KB, 160x600, tumblr_nlusuttIMk1tvky6qo1_400…)


No. 70186

Damn, she's just a plain white girl after all.

No. 70192

I find it worse that the old photos show that she is still living with her parent due to the room still being the same, imagine your daughter doing porn in your apartment.

No. 70198

Are those playboy bunny curtains?

No. 70286

is she pulling her eyes to look Asian?

No. 70307

considering how much they've let her do already they probably don't care.

No. 70313

More like, they don't even know about it. At least she said so when she got called out for making underage nudes.

No. 70315

No, look at the other photos, it's because of her hair.

No. 70333

her parents must be really stupid then. where do they think she's getting all of that money?can she really sneak that many guys in their house without them noticing?

No. 70506

File: 1427579616276.png (1.66 KB, 267x79, 34242.png)

And don't get me started on her latest masturbation gifs, they are more disgusting than usual and I didn't expect that she can almost fist her own asshole.

No. 70509

She never seems to have much money in the first place.

No. 70657

>almost fist her own asshole


No. 70658


It's super against the rules to be visibly intoxicated as a result of consuming known illegal substances whilst broadcasting on MFC/Chaturbate, but they probably won't do shit if she's reporting unless they saw her actually take it.

No. 70749

So how would she pay for her abortions?

With how much black dick she takes raw, she probably has a preferred customer stamp card to the clinic.

No. 70808

Oh god dude I cannot imagine anything I'd want to do LESS than masturbate on can to strangers while I was peaking on acid. It honestly makes me doubt she's ever even done it because js but unless you are on some weak shit it is basically impossible to do anything like do a can show when you're retardedly high

Any drug anons can confirm that she is full of shit?

No. 70852

She lied about being pregnant for attention.

No. 70863


Health treatment, including abortions, is covered by taxes in the UK so we don't pay anything, you just arrange an appointment and go.

No. 71058

She has some odd fetish for putting everyshe can find into her butt, you don't want to see that.

No. 71070

in my experience there's nothing such as being horny while on acid. I just chased clouds and little imaginary things. Maybe she can control it? I don't believe her tho' but under other drugs my friends had gotten horny and i just want to watch tv so everyone is different?
Megan is a big fat liar ! !

No. 71071

Americans have to pay for abortions? Oh dear.

No. 71072

I don't believe anything she says but I'm pretty sure that she is doing hard drugs because her face has fucking deteriorated within the last year or so

She didn't go on last night (she went on this morning) either so it is impossible to know whether she was high or not.

but yeah, when she went on… she looks so haggard. she doesn't look 18 at all. more like 38, not even exaggerating.

No. 71078

she looks so old and used. she might as well fight venus for who looks older

No. 72503

File: 1427820667429.png (11.02 KB, 515x210, 3424.png)

Yeah, that's sure why you always copy somebody else and follow fads, like when you were a scene fag, a dakota clone, a felice clone, etc.

No. 72510

Even being a camgirl is a fad with these brats.

Speaking of apparently she got into it with some other camgirl and made fun of her for sticking scissors in her vagina? Bitch at least it ain't candy canes you racist downs-looking shitbag

No. 72592

Americans have to pay for a lot of shit they shouldnt have to. Curious though, what country at you from?

No. 72610

ryden armani (the girl she was making fun of) is a bigger lolcow than half of these girls combined. the girl used to fucking work for hunter moore for christ's sake. she is the epitome of trash.

No. 72619


I follow Ryden on Tumblr and I like her, but I don't know much about her.

No. 72626

Do tell.

No. 72723

She is probably the biggest cunt that has ever breathed on this planet, I'm surprised she doesn't have her own thread here and I'm surprised someone actually likes her, jeez.

She used to be your annoying ~XD Edgy pUNk teen~ when she was like 14-16 who posted a lot of nudes on 4chan. Like a lot. I remember seeing her posting nudes around 2008 and she was 14 then. She also used to give random guys blowies on webcam for the entire internet to see

She denies all this happened and blames her ex boyfriend for "leaking" the nudes when we all know she was SO desperate to become a -chan

Fast forward, now she's a real camwhore. When she started camwhoring at 18 she literally sucked the dicks of Hunter Moore who is this guy that got arrested recently for having a revenge porn website or w/e. Either way she used to work for his website (like submitting nudes) and that is how she garnered a lot of attention for her ~business~. On her old twitter if you go back there are a lot of posts where she would bully other girls etc and it is so clear she agreed with him exploiting other girls for nudes (he used to do a lot of blackmailing for nudes) etc

Fast forward a little further, she now harasses anyone who posts CP. It's quite odd really. She's one of those camwhores that NEVER wants any other girls to start camwhoring because I guess she knows she can't handle the competition. She has even been quoted saying that she wishes she could get half the newb camwhores off her site. She constantly complains about people having lower priced videos like $4 because her shitty $15 videos don't sell.

She had this giant movement to get a trap to become a model for God's Girls while simultaneously campaigning to stop having overweight girls signing up. I don't really care either way but it's funny because she literally called overweight women not real women meanwhile she was supporting a dude in a dress. When other models started calling her out she deleted all the posts and pretended it never happened.

Also she's just generally gross. She is dating a "daddy" guy who is old af and has a 14 year old daughter and 3 other girlfriends. She pays all their bills with her internet beggary money while he works a job at taco bell or some shit and spends all his money on shoes, hats and video game consoles. Yet she can never stop going on about how "in love" they are. Yeah, he brings home other girls to fuck while she pays the bills. True love. They are the epitome of white trash I literally wish I never learned of their existence

No. 72844

you should make a thread.

No. 72878

File: 1427851301058.jpg (57.74 KB, 600x399, vitamind.jpg)


Yes, please. I'm just imagining the delicious milk we would get from it.

No. 73025

Please make a thread.

No. 73041

I will make a thread tomorrow.

No. 74508

File: 1428029546747.jpg (174.77 KB, 610x1080, tumblr_nm6jtggcYB1tvky6qo1_128…)


No. 74509

She doesn't look real and not in a "beautiful unreal goddess" sort of way

No. 74516

Some of her deleted YT tutorials:
She tries to hard to look azn these days.

No. 74517

No. 74651

Like some sort of weird doughy faced goblin thing. I think it's because her eyebrows are covered by her bangs and glasses.

No. 74652

Lol at Megan calling out Ryden though. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. (Although Ryden is a piece of shit, but Megan isn't exactly unproblematic either.)
Someone made a masterpost of Megan's receipts hahaha.

No. 74693


Are we sure this bitch doesn't have FAS. I know tons of halfies and 1/4s and her colouring would mean that any asian heritage in her would be very diluted. Red hair and light eyes are recessive genes. The overwhelming majority of asian/white children have brown hair and brown eyes.

No. 74695


She's said countless times her hair is not naturally red, it's a very dark brown/black colour and no, her lips are too big to be FAS.

No. 74745

I wish the shooting pics by her were still online because they were the ones that clearly showed that she is as white as a cracker but she copyright claimed everything, she doesn't even have epicanthic fold like most halfs.

No. 74750

i wouldn't rule out FAS because even though her lips are big now i think that she gets them injected.

yeah but the problem is megan doesn't harass other people who say problematic shit. if you tell a whale to go kill herself, megan would probably join in. ryden would probably throw a fit and try and get you banned off the site.

No. 74760

Is it bad I want a body like Megan's?
She has a really nice vagina and tits.
I'd exchange out my outie and big areolas anyday.

No. 74778


No. 74781

Ugh anon. I don't think you want her diseased meatflaps and orangatube titties.

No. 74782

Maybe she's using photoshop, but some of the pictures on her blog are awesome, her face ruins it though.
I have small breasts and big areola and would exchange them for normal small breasts without a doubt.

No. 74784

>i wouldn't rule out FAS because even though her lips are big now i think that she gets them injected.
You seem to forget how old she is and her lips always looked like that as you can see in the pics posted from when she was 13-14.

No. 74796

File: 1428081015441.png (Spoiler Image, 440.8 KB, 614x237, pancake.png)


You want breasts that look like someone smashed two sloppy jam-filled donuts on your ribcage?

YMMV but I mean there are higher goals you can aim for tbh

No. 74806

Ugh. There's something about her ass and vagina from behind that really grosses me out.

No. 74812

File: 1428082666378.jpg (59.51 KB, 998x589, urges.jpg)

Classy, Megan.

No. 74824

Let's hook her up with Ashley.

No. 75251

File: 1428127119122.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.41 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_n8us0yg4fL1tvky6qo1_128…)

She tries too hard to make her body look different than it actually does.

No. 75253

yeahh…..megan is hella gross looking i have no idea how people find her fappable tbh

No. 75254

True, but it's funny to see her get called out though.

No. 75256

probably also looking for da sympathies and a wave of "no dunt do that u have a perfect body" lol

No. 75327

..Okay, still better than mine, but I could do without breasts if they sag..
In The pictures I saw they looked pretty perky.

No. 76613

lol megan's getting a boob job. apparently a lift + implants. good for her, they'll be an improvement on her sad saggy tits rn.

No. 76624

Damn girl there's thirst and then there's whatever you have that even all the gatorade in the world can't quench.

Go to VS and buy a push up bra

No. 76628

File: 1428354724067.png (60.54 KB, 627x376, 1427621441791.png)

>tfw breasts are not all that different from Megan's

Th-thanks friends.

No. 76630


No. 76693

File: 1428359427816.jpg (51.47 KB, 298x248, VerticalLiftLollipopIncisio.jp…)

i mean they're small and saggy but all they need is just an implant and a small lift through the nipple, so you got the easy way out (but not as easy as those who are flat chested)

try being an H cup on an 110 lb frame where the only surgery you can get leaves you with scars like pic related. why even live on this planet

No. 76699

I feel you anon, my genetics are shit and don't have enough elasticity in my skin so that they're perky, even at my age (23). Idk whats worse though, the scars (my skin is pale and scars easily, I still have scars from when I would fall off bikes and shit when I was 6) or the saggy boobs.

No. 76774

isnt megan doing a lift tho? dont they all give you terrible scars?

No. 76904

File: 1428389223445.jpg (100.18 KB, 440x320, tumblr_nlumwq3qS11ts10q9o1_128…)

Seems like megan's mom was arrested

No. 76905


but actually though?

No. 76960

LMFAO ikr. Breasts are literally human chest udders

No. 77283

for small boobs they do the lift through the nipples most of the time, especially if you're getting implants. so it looks a little wonky but after a couple of years it heals up and looks unnoticeable… unless your surgeon fucks up :)). for bigger breasts you have to do it via the lollipop method. imo i wish they would just do a masectomy and then implants for bigger breasts because masectomy scars are less ugly but for some reason they don't do that.

scars are worse imo. i think theyre gross. :(

No. 77341

Probably the same. At this point I feel like I should really opt for a surgery when I can, scars be damned. I'll imagine a story behind it.

No. 77756

File: 1428497088895.png (4.53 KB, 514x45, 2423.png)

Yes Megan, you are totally an asian ginger albino, right.

No. 77766

Or just own up to it. I've had plastic surgery myself and nothing irks me more than people who got work done but refuses to admit it.

Oh. Those perfectly symmetrical scars are from a freak accident? Right.

No. 77773

As much I dislike Mega, I don't know why people keep insisting she's lying and pretending she's a natural ginger. She's never said it was natural, she's said plenty of times that her natural hair is dark brown and you frequently see her dark roots.

Idk it just annoys me when people try to make up drama, like PULL.

No. 77777

none of it surprises me really, lolcow and pull alike. like yeah we have some really hot ass girls that post on lolcow but for every hot girl that's jus there ~2laff~ there's 15 bitter ugly fatties looking to project their intense self hatred on absolutely anyone and everyone they can get their grubby little sausage fingers on.

No. 77819

I went through her Amazon wishlist around November-October time, and she literally had the hair dye in it. I don't know whether it's still there

No. 77830

post number confirms

No. 77840


Still there. http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/NCP5UQ29LMDP

Although looking through her wishlist, damn she basic.

No. 77841

File: 1428513173713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.27 KB, 1080x610, tumblr_nmhvuicKOa1tvky6qo1_128…)

Say whatever you will about her boobs, but they are definitely sagging prematurely. Nips are pointing downwards when she's on her back.

No. 77845

holy shit like I get that boobs are sometimes bigger than the other but damn the difference in hers is so unfortunate

No. 77847

File: 1428513397188.jpg (278.29 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nia69lyN7g1tvky6qo1_128…)

She most definitely should size up on that skirt instead of insisting that she wears S/XS in everything.

No. 77887

to be honest I think a lot of it is due to the fact that her nipples are just WAY too low on her breasts. its so unfortunate. she will always have a saggy breast appearance even if she gets implants because they're too fucking low. especially the left one.

No. 77905

At some she said she is a natural ginger but dyes it to enchante the color, just saying.

No. 78107

>dat hole in the seam

No. 78113

Her boobs are so crooked, hahahah

No. 78124

File: 1428532708459.png (166.54 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_njcg8dm8cU1qcksa…)


They're not sagging prematurely she just has a high apex.

There are generally three types of apex for breasts, high, low and center. High creates a breast for which the nipple points downwards due to the fat residing high up on the chest, low creates the appearance of perky breasts due to the fat situating on the lower half, and center is what creates the look of tuberous breasts.

I have breasts like Megan's and I'm only 23 and honestly I actually think it's a bit shitty ragging on her for them.
Like I know I'm not the only one that's experienced this but I went through self esteem HELL growing up because I believed my own breasts were disgusting and saggy and made me look like a middle aged woman.

To date I still have problems with them which is fucking bollocks because they're completely natural and entirely functional. There's nothing wrong with them but I'm being assaulted from all angles daily, being informed that there's something inherently wrong with my otherwise healthy body and that I need to pay thousands in order to "correct" it.

It's just shit. It's really shit.

No. 78127

welcome to lol cow, saggy boob chan.

No. 78130



Niggo I've been on /cgl/ since 2008, then PULL, then maxfag, then staminarose and now here. Probably longer than most of you fuckers and I still disapprove.

If I want to get down to the bare bones of it I think it's sexist as fuck. I mean it was men that created and perpetuated this notion in the first place, the ones that marketed it and began promoting the idea of correctional surgery and you fuckers have fallen hook line and sinker for it.

If you want to shell out $$$ on your tata's that's all well and fine but don't try and bully others girls into it.

Also the fact that you don't know what a -chan is just proves your newfaggotry. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 78131

>don't try to bully others(sic) girls into it

welcome to lolcow, saggy boob newfag

No. 78135

Can't post them here but in her earliest underage nudes her breasts were still quite normal looking and her nipples were where they belong.

No. 78136


I don't have big boobs but I agree with you. We're here to discuss lolcows for their shittiness not for things they can't help.

>can't post them here
Why do you even have them?

No. 78137

She posted them herself all over the web.

No. 78138


Yeah and if it's CP you know it's illegal to possess right?

No. 78139

I never said I have them on my computer.

No. 78142

No. 78173

To be honest, I agree with you about the breasts. :(

No. 78174

File: 1428538567217.jpg (162.39 KB, 638x360, maniquies.jpg)

Yeah. It is annoying. Breast expectations are so fucked. Breasts have a little bit of sag naturally. 10 years ago, natural breasts were still well-liked and stuck on, hard plastic objects in your chest were shamed. Now we're all supposed to look like pic related? Fuck that shit. Men clearly have no taste

No. 78184

Take your self esteem issues back to tumblr

No. 78207

>gets BTFO
>"g-g-go back 2 tumblr"
Saggy boobs are still boobs, there's actually nothing "wrong" with them, the media is just shitty about these things.

Remember when everyone had cone-shaped tits in like the 60s-70s? If a girl had breasts like that today, people would take issue with it. It's really weird.

No. 78213

File: 1428542004971.jpg (51.06 KB, 549x733, 80051_bd6086d.jpg)


Yep, and you look at the older eras where heavier breasts with a high apex were pretty well accepted as normal and equally sexy.

Today boobs like in pic related would be considered saggy and in need of a lift; it's absurd.

I'm so glad I got over my tit issues, because really they're so soft and fun to play with regardless of which direction the nipple points.

No. 78234

I think they don't want to admit it because they're ashamed of not being born "perfect," (ot but if you're born without deformities, sicknesses, mental illnesses, decent looking face etc. being predisposed to saggy boobs is a pretty nice trade off imo) and because they're just as ashamed of the scars as they are the saggy boobs

No. 78252

File: 1428546072829.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 300x600, 1428062608626.gif)

Now a days we find tranny titties attractive the most. Pig-disgusting.

No. 78263

>Today boobs like in pic related would be considered saggy and in need of a lift; it's absurd.
No they don't, the average playmate without silicone tits looks like this.

No. 78314

File: 1428554101614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.77 KB, 173x474, sder.jpg)

I remember in HS this guy was talking really badly about his gf with his other guy friends, saying she turned out to be a disappointment because, and I quote, "her tits were so fucking saggy man. Why the fuck should bitches wear bras, thats like false advertisement, right??" followed by a roars of laughter and agreement.

I was shocked because her boobs looked normal, like the girl in the above picture (this makes me feel like a giant creep for even posting this but I remember cementing what they looked like into my mind because I felt terrible about mine). I didn't know wtf he was talking about until I realized he wanted boobs like those he mainly saw on porn stars

No. 78321

Seriously? Man, some dude's need to lay off the porn stars, cause those boobs on the bottom half are anything but natural. That's just sad.

No. 78334

Exactly, if people want to be with women that have fake looking breasts, they should make sure they get with women that have fake breasts.

No. 78417


Those boobs on the top are gorgeous though.

See this is what I mean about perpetuating this shit. I REAAAALLY don't want to sound like Dumblr but this shit is so fucking harmful for women. Like you gotta remember when you're on here ragging on somebody for their sandbags that is imprinting onto the minds of everybody that sees it and they carry that away with them only to later regurgitate it in some form or another.

God fuck Megan and her seemingly inherent stupidity irritates me to no end and I wouldn't be all that unhappy if she fell down her stairs and broke a leg today but I don't see a point in laughing at her tits.

Man, I wish I had somebody like me to tell me this shit when I growing up.

No. 78425

To be honest, I have the same one as Megan and it's funny to see what tricks she uses to make them look perkier in pics, like taking a pic right after taking off her bra, or from a downward angle.

But I don't give a shit if anyone poke fun at her because she's selling the look of her body and masturbation videos, it's like when people were "Omg don't bully Kota because she has laugh lines or thin hairs, I got them too !" well who cares ?? She's a model, she's paid to look good. I won't mock my accountant for having shit hairs but I would if that was my hairdresser.

Having saggy tits is lame though, I hope I won't get a dude ever telling me they're weird in my face, but reading shit about them online don't really hurt me.

No. 78430


Ammmmeeeenn. People need to stop making everything about themselves because that's clearly not what is being discussed here.



No. 78431

but this applies to almost everything discussed on here. noses, thin lips, too big lips, saggy boobs etc.. this isn a hug-box. if you don't have the self-esteem to deal with the fact that your tits are saggy or your nose is too big maybe open another board for the elaborate, objective critique of internet stars. I’m not even saying that’s a bad idea. I’d love to read an essay on what these people do wrong that doesn’t attack their looks but this isn’t the place for it.

No. 78439


I don't know why you keep saying saggy. My breasts aren't saggy, the nipple is situated lower on my tit. I'm only 23 years old, that isn't sagging. This is what I'm talking about.

No. 78440


People need to stop saying their saggy.

If you're young and haven't experienced extreme weight loss you just have a high apex, not sagging.

No. 78445

I have no idea what you look like and I'm really not interested. stop being buthurt.

No. 78447

>if you don't have the self-esteem to deal with the fact that your tits are saggy or your nose is too big maybe open another board for the elaborate, objective critique of internet stars.
It's fascinating how many people here can dish it out but they can't take it themselves.

No. 78448

You know, I was sick of PULL accusations going around for awhile, but THIS IS EXACTLY what happened at PULL. No one could make fun of Dakota's deep face lines because "NO MINE R THE SAME I FEEEEEL BAD!"

Just because you have a similar feature to a cow doesn't mean that cows feature is suddenly better. It means you have a hideous feature. I have a pt nose. Doesn't mean we can't make fun of PT's hideous nipponese button nose. It's a hideous nose. And so are your sagging tits. Just because it's "natural" doesn't mean that your sagging tits will look any less saggy.

No. 78449


No. 78450

who fucking cares about these technicalities
>well techincaly her nipple is just low!! NOT SAGGY

who gives a FUCK they look saggy so call them what they are

No. 78452

I opened a lolcowturningintopull thread in /b. maybe we can continue the discussion there?

No. 78459

File: 1428583625643.jpg (31.76 KB, 550x300, sagging-breasts.jpg)


Saggy tits by any other name is still as saggy. Protip: If your nipples are lower than your infra-mammary fold, shit's drooping. But call it whatever you will if it makes you happier.

No. 78462

File: 1428583818328.jpg (175.02 KB, 720x480, tumblr_nfyj9xhC9L1tvky6qo1_128…)

For fuck's sake her breasts crease AT THE TOP when she's lying down. I pray for you anons who still don't think she's got a pair of floppy ass tits.

No. 78464

could you imagine if she were actually hot like this?

this is practically catfishing

No. 78467

File: 1428584461390.jpg (295.9 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nb2ef3zKw11tvky6qo1_128…)

ikr she literally shopped her face to half its original size

No. 78468

uhh..this is crazy shopped and she is arching her back so hard her tits are practially in her face. no shit they will go backwards
also dat contouring

No. 78476

Her tits are saggy and ugly. End of.

No. 78483

if you have saggy tits, you're going to have saggy tits for the rest of your life. You're predisposed to it. Even if you spend 20k on surgery you will have saggy tits. You guys will see, after Megan gets implants, they won't look any better. Just like cow udders. Take it from someone who has been to like five PS consultations about it and has way less sag than Megan's. Implants and lifts won't do shit for her. They'll just ruin her further. It's sad that she's clearly not going to an honest doctor who would tell her that since she's predisposed to sagging, putting in implants is just going to make it worse over the years.

Which is completely different from someone having a bad nose or bad hair or bad lines or thin lips. All of that can be fixed. Lines and thin lips? Juvaderm and botox. A bad nose? Get rhinoplasty and stfu. Bad hair? Extensions or hormones. All of these are really well developed easy fixes. Tits? Not so much.

No. 78485

nose-job fag here. you should take a look at nosejob-forums and all the people who have 3-4 operation to get their OLD NOSE back. nose jobs have the highest risk of failure from all plastic surgeries. and the more often your nose is cut open the harder it gets to repair it. I had minimal changes and left my nose tip alone even though it's ugly because I didn't want to take the risk. and still my nose job didn't go perfectly well. same goes for lip fillers and botox. might look good the first time but after four injections your lips look like shit but you also can't go back to the natural stage because that looks even worse. plastic surgery isn't a magic fix and it doesn't make sense tu establish hierarchies like "you can change your nose but your definetly can't change your boobs.". nope. it's not that easy.

No. 78486

idk, this is kind of… weird-cute. like a cat/alien/toad/girl. if she had a nicer personality, i could probably get into it.

whatever's going on in the bust area looks uncomfortable, though.

No. 78488

Well that really blows because I was seriously considering getting a nose job. I'm ok with the shape of my nose, but I HATE how wide it is and want it to be narrower.

No. 78493

Same here, I just want my nose flattened from the side and the bridge more rounded. I was definitely going to get it done, but now I'm a little hesitant.

No. 78498

you can do it. you just have to be aware of the high risk. never go to a surgeon who makes it seem like it's no big deal. an honest surgeon will tell you his rate for re-operations (usually one out of ten if he's good). also he should offer you a free re-operation in advance if anything goes wrong (you still have to pay for the hospital, anesthetics and stuff, just not the doctor's fee) and show you his results with noses similar to yours. every nose surgeon has his own style because it's kind of like sculpturing. Ask him, if he ever fixes nose-jobs that other colleagues messed up. He should be able to build up a nose too, not only to make it smaller. Also get in contact with other patients and don't be cheap. NEVER go to a PC who does everything (breasts, lips, chin, nose). A nose surgeon has to be highly specialized. Changing the tip and narrowing the nose are the most difficult parts of a nose job so be careful.
But if you're from the US you are lucky because the best nose surgeons are there (+ Iran and Turkey, if you want to safe money).

sorry for OT.

No. 78500

Thank you so much, anon. I'm definitely going to keep this all in mind.

No. 78510


I'm the person you were replying to and I have had a nose job myself. You have to go to a good doctor. I went to South Korea for my nose. Breasts are another issue entirely.
If the skin is predisposed to sagging there is nothing you can do about it short of a mastectomy. I have never seen a good job done in my life because they don't exist. It's only beneficial for girls with huge tits so they don't get back pain, not aesthetics.

No. 78513

What's the point of laughing at Megan's breasts and saying "hurghh hurghh her tits are saggy" when probably half of this board have similar breasts. It's almost like this weird brand of self hate.

Am I the only one that doesn't think her boobs are ugly? They just like natural boobs to me.

No. 78514

uhm looks ok to me? http://www.estheticon.com/before-after-pictures/brest-lift-mastopexy?doctor=basilio-henriquez-tejeda I suppose you have a high risk of failure and need a good doctor. just like nose jobs.

No. 78518

Regarding everyone posted here, people only care about these flaws that the lolcows have because they're irritating and/or shitty people. If you especially have an ego, people are going to want to point out your flaws even more. I don't think anyone has anything against the specific flaw the lolcow has, it's moreso the person with the flaw.

Tbh, I don't get why people care so much about talking shit about a lolcow's appearance. And I also don't get the people who get upset when someone compliments or finds a lolcow attractive.

No. 78520

Yeah, but if her skin is predisposed to sagging she will have saggy tits within the next two years again. What is she gonna do then? Get another boob job? Lol. So she'll have "perky" boobs that have been mutilated with scars? Nice.

Every reputable surgeon I've been to refuses to even put implants into women with breasts like Megan's.

No. 78522

Plus she loves to shoop her breasts like her whole everything..

No. 78523

She's a camgirl. Her tits are part of her business. We are lolcow, we are here to talk shit about her.

Simple stuff, right?

No. 78602

Look dude. You don't know if her skin is predisposed for sagging. You sound a little bit delusional for someone so insistent.

She lost a lot of weight. She has excess skin. Her breasts are gonna sag.

I have seen great lifts done with a lot of prep and very thorough scar treatment. There's a science behind healing, asshat.

A couple years of scarring means nothing when your breasts improve overall. She could benefit from a lollipop lift with teardrop implants. If she ate properly, took the right vitamins and supplements, and had discipline with her scar treatment, it would be fine.

No. 78627

have you seen her? she's barely lost any weight. the cp from like 6 years ago that someone posted in this thread and then deleted was proof of that. if you care that much you can go google it. she's always had pancake titties.

No. 78637

boobs are boobs, she's making money off of them the way they are.

Plus being a camgirl might not last forever, I think losing the ability to produce milk when you have a kid is a really big decision.

No. 78638

I've seen some very fat photos of her
are u ok boo

No. 78720

File: 1428613183851.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.39 KB, 1080x610, tumblr_nmgt8wQt191tvky6qo1_128…)

>what is photoshop
She still looks fat in her webcam sessions even with that MySpace angle, hence she does in all her pics that weren't squished and stretched to dead.

No. 78734

The squishing in this video is the worst.

No. 78738

File: 1428614282101.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.89 KB, 640x426, tumblr_nb4pwxFqpF1tvky6qo1_128…)

Or this butt shoop.

No. 78741

File: 1428614334912.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.31 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ncw80aMRpz1tvky6qo1_500…)

Or this everything.

No. 78743

That is the worst shoop job I've seen in a while

No. 78754

No. 78774

The lipsnacking after each sentence tho

No. 78816

what do you mean by squishing? I dont see it?

No. 78830

the weird way she moves her lips, for fucks sake

all i can see is her fat self trying too hard jfc

No. 78834

she has an ED right?

No. 78835

Reducing the width without the height and then cropping it to look like a normal video, she does that a lot and her eyes are far away from being close-set.

No. 78843

File: 1428623105132.png (508.3 KB, 914x702, 2324.png)

Pic related for example, look at the odd lenght of her head.

No. 78846

And then compare it to >>78467

No. 78863

File: 1428624503836.png (1.75 MB, 1074x563, Untitled-1.png)

Unsquished it for all you guys who can't see it

No. 78873

she claims she doesn't but i think she does. she works 24 hr a day and brags about not eating for 3 days lol….

No. 78933

Ageplay isnt always like what you said. Can be just pretending to be a child, thats it. Its not sexual or anything like that. d you havent been abuses as a child so i doubt you can understand the consequences of it on people when they grow up smh

No. 78935

And being abused isnt a typical shitty childhood, just stop lol its far worst than that and it fucks people up a lot

No. 78936

Marilyn monroe showed her body a lot so

No. 78957

I know people who are different in photos and videos , because everything depends on the angle at which the photo is taken , lighting, near or far , videos are different than photos where someone is posing to actually look good , but I think she may have edited the photo

No. 78964

ageplay anon here
Its not sexual for me, i just like to color and play legos and feel comforted and loved. never had that as a child

No. 78967

thanks anon, I see it now. she does this to so many pics lmao fatty

No. 78983

yeah but we're obvi talking about the kind of people who like to shove legos up their assholes while they wear diapers and choke on "papas" dick

seriously, i get it. i like buying lots of stickers. i even have a sticker book. it makes me feel like a kid again. when i grew up, i was poor so its really like escapism for me. but its not the same thing as what some gross people do (for example doctor-daddy on tumblr asks his gf to piss in her diaper and then fucks her in it…)

No. 78988

i kind of want to watch her when she's on cam just to see what her actual unshooped body looks like, because the ones we have of her are kind of old, but i honestly don't think i could stand her fucking annoying voice.

No. 79110

what is happening here? is that a dress? if it's a skirt, why would she pull it up like that? is that supposed to look good? i am full of questions

No. 79113

It's a cosplay school uniform skirt.

No. 82091

Megan's boyfriend just posted a leaked sex tape of her riding him:


I can almost smell the aids

No. 82098

File: 1429058718128.png (292.97 KB, 442x594, 1421803775242.png)

oh my god

No. 82099

> The sound

This is horrific. What's the deal behind this though? I want the dramu. Also wow why would she even post that on her blog to go "OMG IDC 2 YEARS LOLOL".

No. 82103


>releasing a sex tape of a sex worker as revenge

Sorry but that is the worst fucking revenge possible kek

No. 82105

Ewwwwww. Why the fuck is her ass so red?

No. 82109

Awww I was expecting the bbc but that was pretty disappointing? Or is it just me?

No. 82112

the guy who released is her annoying white ex bf that is a pussy

No. 82114

Aaah ok ok, that makes more sense. In my defense, the bad lighting made his skintone appear brownish, but damn I must be colorblind!

No. 85419

File: 1429488883674.png (18 KB, 546x327, wh.png)

oh megan
literally "coke gonna cheer me up!!"
how stupid can you be

No. 85421

I don't usually say things like this, but damn, I really want to see this bitch crash and burn. You're an idiot, Megan.

No. 85436

Yeah, there's something so infuriating about her that makes you just wanna see her get her just desserts for being such a pos.

No. 85437

thanks for glamorizing a drug that ruins thousands of lives each year, megan

No. 85440

File: 1429492948729.png (8.45 KB, 546x172, hy.png)

more ignorant drug advice from her
"heroin feels better" jesus christ

No. 85446

This makes me rage so fucking hard.. Heroin destroys lives, man. If she injects heroin (and isn't just being edgy) she's a real fucking disgusting person for promoting it to others.
Coke isn't really that great, either. I'm a drug fiend but I would never promote my lifestyle to anyone, it's sad and miserable and so is she.
(This is assuming she actually does drugs and isn't just making it up for attention.)

No. 85459

Megan talks like somebody that's never touched a drug in their life.

No. 85460

P sure she just makes it up to look ~soooper edgy~ with no concept of the actual consequences that can occur.


No. 85467

File: 1429496530272.png (8.74 KB, 581x183, lol.png)

Ur probably right now that i think about it because anyone who's ever done it honestly wouldn't be so blase about injecting heroin. plus she didnt know what xanax was when someone mentioned it.

No. 85471

does she use insulin shots or something?

sorry but a little insulin shot is not the same as tying off until your arm feels tingly, cooking up some black tar, sucking it into the syringe and pushing the shit into your vein.
i'll promise you there's nothing quite like that experience. but i wish no would would ever touch that fucking stuff. jesus christ. i want to punch this whore in the face with a butcher knife.

No. 85478

im not sure but insulin shots are probably what she's talking about. lol at her being like "i stick a needle in my skin everyday to live" like wow megan way to go 3edgy5me

No. 85480

File: 1429497543141.png (5.84 KB, 581x183, kek.png)

Literally Megan is a middle class white girl who uses the drug knowledge she's gleaned off of stupid Lifetime movies to sound cool and hardcore.

No. 85512

Oh my fcking god. This just literally proves she has never done heroin in her life. You can't snort it unless you get china white and even it's totally not even worth it, you can't even get high.
You can smoke heroin but do anyone ever talks about snorting it the are 100% full of bullshit.
I would correct her but I don't have a tumblr.

No. 85557

File: 1429509253628.png (5.38 KB, 581x183, ew.png)

"cute mafia n ride or die together"
does this girl just get her shit from lana del rey or something

No. 85559

File: 1429510187711.jpg (30.42 KB, 500x383, 11078053_623954704718_20619876…)

No. 85648

this is what i've always though. she reminds me of that fat white girl, who wrote long poetic entries and pretended to shoot up drugs/be in hospital

megan sounds so bs but to regular retard plebs they will believe her

No. 85651

Oh my fucking god
You're not living in Spring Breakers

No. 85669

you mean catatonia? didnt she like also do her makeup to look like track marks and gave herself a black eye and aimed that her abusive bf beat her up?? good god this mess

No. 85672

Claimed* gdi

No. 85673

I don't understand why someone would even fake that sort of thing.
That's a shitty life to have. What is there to emulate?
It's not even hard to accomplish, just get fucked up on drugs and wait.

No. 85680

No it's not it's the american apparel tennis skirt, (looks more like a knockoff actually) That tumblr has been collectively wanking over for months.

No. 85681

Tiny subcutaneous insulin needle = injecting literal tar into your VEIN, you heard it here first.

No. 85686

Lol yeah she claimed that she had type 1 diabetes and had to take insulin. Seriously idek where her logic is–insulin shots and injecting heroin are like in completely different ballparks

No. 85687

Bcuz they wanna look sooper edgy and hardcore like "troubled hot mess girl/effy stonem" shit. Idk its really stupid honestly

No. 86706

So apparently she lost her virginity with 11 to her best friend's dad in consent, eww.

No. 86713

File: 1429669544217.jpg (51.77 KB, 600x433, 1422779803481.jpg)

i'm dying. this girl is the biggest mess, jesus tittyfucking christ.

No. 86721

Goddammit ugh that's so fucking gross and she sounds so proud of it too like bruh there's nothing to be proud of literally you got taken advantage of by a gross married middle aged dude was thirsty enuf to hit on daughter's 11 year old friend who looked like she had down's. Like jeez what a mess. Just gross gross gross

No. 86726

idk I don't buy it. wasn't she like a chubbster uggo kid

No. 86757

Yeah she looked really down's-y when she was younger but idk she might be trying to sound like mature and cool and so hot that some dude wanted her when she was a kid

No. 86835

Lol do you guys really believe any words coming from her filthy mouth? It's so obvious she makes up shit like that to try to sound hardcore and 3edgy5me, just like with all of her drug talk, sex escapades and abortions. Hell she's even lying about her ethnicity, there is no chance in hell she is remotely asian. Just look at her pasty fassy face. She must be one of the biggest cases of munchausen by internet I've ever seen in recent years.

No. 86840

Tbh i doubt she's ever done half of the drugs she claims to have done, or that she's half asian (I mean, look at those old photos of her: literally just a chubby white kid) but she honestly seems nasty and ratchet enuf to have done at least most of the sexual shit she talks about. Like something about her just screams chlamydia.

No. 86861

Tumblr seems to have this stupid idea where doing drugs and being "fucked up" is the coolest trend. Being a cam girl means bonus points. Why would anyone want to brag about the drugs they do. Also holy fuck what a fat vagina.

No. 86871

Honestly wouldn't surprise me coming from Megan. She seems to have a messed up sexuality imo, having to shove it into everyone's face constantly.

I remember a rather ok girl in my highschool told us she lost her virginity at 12 to a 23yo guy. It hit me years later that the guy was borderline pedo and definitely a rapist !

No. 86874

i dunno, i think it is fun to talk about drugs sometimes. and yeah i can get a little braggy. a lot of people like to brag about how much they drink irl or whatever.

No. 86883

Eurgh I used to like Megan and would follow her and talk to her occasionally through Tumblr and when this thread popped up initially I was like "Hm it's just lolcow being picky" but she's been getting progressively more and more retarded and I just can't any more jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus christ this chick is one chromosome short of a functioning nucleus.

No. 86886

Plus she started to post nudes all over the internet with 13.

No. 86890

Also megan was like thats where I got my daddy kink from so tbh i kinda believe it. Like this girl is all kinds of sexually fucked up and being like taken advantage at a young age would explain a lot. Along with her promiscuity–a sort of coping method i guess. Like her twisting shit in her brain to somehow make it ok for a really old dude to have taken advantage of her at a young age. Idk just my thoughts.

No. 86926


No. 87319

Tumblr takes everything bad and just makes it worse.

Tbh, I can't really imagine sinking lower than being a heroin addicted camgirl. I've come close to that life and now I want to do anything I can to stay away from it.

Not to say that I don't like drugs, but they are a slippery slope into the spiral of madness, and if you can't admit that then you aren't mature enough to do them.

No. 87320

Megan is just…idk always fucked up and flashing her tits and vagoo to strangers on the internet cuz she's too fucking lazy to actually get off her ass and work and she's still.living in her parents house for God's sake

No. 87321

There should be a new thread I think this one's nearing autosage

No. 87393

Nah, it's 170 posts away from the auto sage

No. 87394

Well we can't know the truth but I can see a clear distinction between girls on tumblr who are sexually liberated in a healthy way and Megan. I don't think your life should revolve around your libido even if it's high.

No. 87408

but drugs are such a big category. hell alcohol is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs there are. just because someone smokes some weed doesn't mean they're going to end up on the streets.

No. 87892

weed is not a drug.
WEED IS NOT A DRUG. you're not going to end up on the streets because of a joint.

amphetamines, heroin, PCP, LSD, MDMA are all drugs that can go badly wrong when you become addicted to taking them (physically or mentally.) Alcohol and smoking kills more people yearly than all of these but together, but i digress,

i never, ever said someone who does weed is going to end up on the streets. but someone who starts doing heroin and begins spending $60+ a day to shoot it up doesn't stand a good chance. educate yourself brother

No. 87893

>does weed

lol i should go to bed