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File: 1429596071532.jpg (47.94 KB, 604x601, 3WPK7vdbwv4koot.jpg)

No. 86224

Last thread is dead, so might as well make another.

Seems like a busy month for her.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti
Ameblo: http://ameblo.jp/dakotakoti
Personal blog: http://kotakoti.com/

No. 86226

File: 1429596095940.jpg (58.59 KB, 604x602, BFNcTO2yIaM.jpg)

No. 86227

File: 1429596132847.jpg (48.38 KB, 475x358, LlHF8DQMpsY.jpg)

Who can read moon runes?

No. 86228

File: 1429596170343.jpg (31.71 KB, 480x360, KQxZX8h7drU.jpg)

No. 86229

File: 1429596209114.jpg (36.22 KB, 339x604, -LNCJAar00g.jpg)

No. 86230

New vids from TV.

No. 86232

No. 86233

No. 86235

File: 1429596607591.jpg (46.2 KB, 604x376, MrULp2j6s8o.jpg)

No. 86236

File: 1429596661292.jpg (63.99 KB, 451x604, chPC2DHRjxI.jpg)

No. 86237

File: 1429596696619.jpg (72.14 KB, 604x427, _HC0SaRrQ6g.jpg)

No. 86239

That is a looot of equipment, can someone explain what she uses?

No. 86241

Still incapable of an unedited interview I see.

No. 86243

tree trunk legs in this photo yiiiikes

No. 86247


I can but handwritten kanji is harder to read when you're not a native.

First line says "I really, really, really love Dako-chan".

I am about to go to bed. If somebody hasn't done it when I wake up I'll engage my brain then and translate it.

No. 86248


Should also add it says it's from somebody called Mikkun, but I have no idea who that is.

No. 86257

I'm drunk and the text is small but the gist:

>I love dakocha

>You're the cutest in the world
>I was so happy that you did my hair for me

I don't understand the next sentence, something about first time on popteen (or maybe first time they worked together) and something about a memory returning quickly, and thanks.

>lots of fluff about how dakota has been on tv recently, so even though she doesn't watch tv she'll watch just to see dakota

>cheering her on
>she's happy for her but will lonely if she gets too popular
>"I'm always by your side, from Mikku"

I said it before and I'll say it again, I don't believe Dakota's changed. There's no way in hell she's putting up with these sunshine and roses bitches without having a laugh about it with her sister. But hell, maybe I'm just projecting because I find these fakely sweet Japanese girls to be an absolute chore to hang out with.

No. 86259

It says みっくw
She writes w a lot, the equivalent of handwriting an lol

No. 86263


Nope look closer, it's a funnily written ん. She used the same ん at the beginning of the letter when she wrote chan in Dako-chan.

No. 86264


Also I know what w means, you're not the only one to know Japanese, but you should look through the letter again. Those aren't w's, they're ん's.

No. 86265


Oh yeah so they are.

No. 86275

Dat angle, holy chubby face

No. 86290

All that equipment and she barely uploads photos or videos any more.
Also you'd really think she'd know better than to tie her hair back by now.

No. 86301

>leaving her camera body standing around with no lens on and the body cap off.
Bitch no.

Her hair is so thin, but she looks alright otherwise. I guess her real face is less shocking now that she has more TV appearances.

No. 86305

File: 1429618984558.jpg (848.09 KB, 640x1060, icecream.jpg)

No. 86306

File: 1429619017679.jpg (36.79 KB, 299x450, icecream2.jpg)

No. 86307

File: 1429619267624.jpg (37.66 KB, 341x365, 41d0b30d5b5c87709fe80d24a1d33e…)


No. 86308

File: 1429619318157.jpg (39.88 KB, 595x346, 06b52b70331eec756060281c190b7f…)

top kek

No. 86310

Whyyy did she cut her hair? It looks horrible!

No. 86311


at least she's not wearing black stockings with that dress again

bloomers are ugly af though

No. 86312

Because she wanted to get rid of those shorter sides she had next to her bangs apparently and probably also it makes extensions easier to wear and she often wore some even with the long hair.

No. 86313

Also she hadn't cut he hair in 4-5 year (according to her) and her ends were probably a fucking mess.

No. 86315

No. 86324

Goddamn, now that it's zoomed in you can really see how blurry the edited eyes are and how wonky her whole face looks.

No. 86336

She's actually that cute kind of chubby here.

No. 86339

gasp ..

No. 86341

May just be me, I think she looks adorable in these ones.

No. 86359

This is the second time I've seen dakota in the middle of recording a video on tv, but she hasn't uploaded anything in months

No. 86360

She records videos of herself for Popteen, they get uploaded on their channel.

No. 86374

Its nice seeing that shes happy.
I hope she makes it big. (kakas tears will be delicious.)

No. 86378

> There's no way in hell she's putting up with these sunshine and roses bitches without having a laugh about it with her sister. But hell, maybe I'm just projecting because I find these fakely sweet Japanese girls to be an absolute chore to hang out with.
no, you're right!! plenty of japanese girls annoy the fuck of out of me… all they can think/say/focus on is "zomg kawaiiiiii" or "sugoi" whether its talking about animals, other girls, etc… because in japan its not ladylike to have real opinions.

coming from an american point of view, dakota must be like jfc

No. 86382

eating isnt very kawaii, dako.

her arm omg

No. 86384

File: 1429638923350.jpg (197.79 KB, 790x555, 1427770996portfolio_wide6_6_7.…)

Does anybody else find it weird that the Bravo Models site hasn't updated Dakota's portfolio for over a year now?

I mean, she's had tonnes of work more important than what she has on there now, like the GJ lingerie cover, the shitty Vogue spread and the hideous Korean Elle Girl cover, but there they remain.

No. 86388

Yall niggers need to chill on calling her fat.
You guys act like she's quirky size. She has the same basic body as most japanese chicks.

Maybe they're slow as fuck.
Do other models have their bios up to date?

No. 86399

Lmao I'm not even a model and I do basic exercises everyday to have toned limbs. Dakota probably doesn't work all day erryday, she has plenty of time to do some basic training yet she still has a terrible tummy and chub arms.

Idk you're paid to look good get your ass to the gym instead of awkwardly covering your stomach in bikini shots.

No. 86404


Nobody said you were a model and nobody cares. She was responding to me you dimwit.

No. 86405

File: 1429641749596.jpg (136.07 KB, 600x900, example.jpg)

i found that really odd too. maybe she's afraid to gain muscle mass that's visible, like outlines of a sixpack, because that's not kawaii. are really fit models like that actually typical in japan? i mean, i've never seen one.

No. 86406

File: 1429641765629.jpg (87.2 KB, 450x675, 4OrxfyK.jpg)

No. 86407

Not toned like that, just slim petite girls.

No. 86411

did she dye her hair, or is this an edit?

No. 86413

Huh? It's not like that was even remotely the point of the post. And, er, anyone can respond to anything.

Dakota should tone up, let's face it.

No. 86424

That don't like toned women over there.

No. 86430


Even looking at the thin Japanese models, none of them are toned or muscle definition. They all have a softer aesthetic.

No. 86436

Idk how other people see her as fat… She's a little soft, sure, and she could probably lift weights and do cardio 3x a week. But she's not fat.

Anyway, where did her promise ring go ? Is she still dating someone in Japan?

No. 86445

Okay I can't be the only one here who thinks Dakota looks adorable asf (aside from that thinking hair of course). She may not be skinny or toned, but like someone said, she looks like that cute kind of chubby

No. 86446

She seems to be embracing it more too. Maybe becoming a little more confident in herself.

No. 86450

everyone would be going wild over this photo if she were skinny

me included

No. 86452

I've always had a huge hard on for Dakota, so yes I think this picture is super adorable. That dress looks really cute on her as well (though it should probably be longer.)

Maybe she's depressed and that's why she keeps gaining? Or maybe she just gave up binging and purging? Who knows, really. I bet some cardio might help her though if she feels bad about her body, it helps you feel less stressed as well.

No. 86458

The only thing that makes sense to me is eating disorder recovery tbh. Because she's in such an exposed condition and as a model it is literally her JOB to photograph well. People keep insisting she's close to the "japanese average" but she's not getting paid to be "japanese average." She would get more jobs and features if she took care of her body. I don't know why she wouldn't pursue that–unless she were afraid it would trigger her into a downward ED spiral. ED recovery can be pretty difficult, especially when you B/P.

No. 86459

I definitely wouldn't mind this body. So toned! wow!

It looks bad though. They want creepy soft women who look like children. Toned is good over all. Don't have to get beefed up like the VS model above, but having some tone makes sense, especially once you get to a certain age and you want that muscle memory.

No. 86460

Dakota has always been cute.
I even digged the over ps kawaii alien.
Im glad she finding herself more it seems,and just seems happy.

No. 86461

She isn't fat in any way though, she's just flabby as fuck and needs to hit the gym.

No. 86462

This form is love.

No. 86468

It's honestly a matter of opinion. I think soft looks better than toned.

No. 86472

because even though she has had tons of jobs, they are all kawaii bullshit mumbo jumbo. take a look at the other models on bravo - they are real editorial models that look like adult women. koti is not.

No. 86473

This. She is extremely untoned and it just really shows.

No. 86474

personally i never liked the look of toned girls.
makes them look masculine.

No. 86479

they ps her hair?

No. 86500

File: 1429648484198.jpg (104.06 KB, 450x675, booooredom.jpg)

found this photo on Pull and I was bored so lulz

No. 86501

File: 1429648533513.jpg (87.1 KB, 450x675, RUe0exR.jpg)

original photo

No. 86505

Hm, i wonder if she really did have her hair dyed? I can't tell, since she is outdoors and all (so lighting could be different) but she looks good with this light ash blonde color!

No. 86509

Um, i dunno how, but okay. You sound a bit brainwashed by the media.

No. 86510

really? i think the fact that they can kick ass is sexy. none of that moe falls-down-a-flight-of-stairs-at-the-slightest-wind bullshit

No. 86512

toned =/= body building. Women have to work really, really hard to build any kind of super visible muscle. Being toned means you're not flabby and jiggling around.

No. 86514

People don't mean she's "fat" necessarily

but she is definitely model fat

No. 86515

She would look really cute with pink hair.
But then I don't think that would work to much for modeling/tv.

No. 86519

I dont get why people keep making threads of dakota.
Her shit is so many years ago.
Whether or not you believe she changed, she doesn't do anything that is lolcow material.
shes just some gaijin model, seriously who cares
even pt is more relevant than her

No. 86521

lmao I don't see why it's something to baw about
whine about it on PULL bby

No. 86523

not that anon but i disagree with you
it's called having a preference. it has nothing to do with being brainwashed by the media.
i think girls with abs look masculine and unfeminine

No. 86526

i don't go on PULL, i'm saying that there is no reason to make a thread about her because shes not currently a lolcow.
assuming i go on pull makes you a retard :^)

No. 86528

besides i just commented that. not bawing about it, youre dumb anon

No. 86529

No one said you do go on pull, you were told to take it to pull because your "wah wah she's not relevant enough for lolcow" makes you seem like you'd be better suited for it.

No. 86530

I like her having a thread mainly because I know it has to be driving Kiki nuts. Even the hater sites tend to fawn over Dakota and you just know Kiki wants to stab every single one of us in the face.

Plus we can critic her pictures without worrying about getting warnings or banned because we hurt someone's fee-fees.

No. 86531

No, you dumb nigger. Of course Dakota is relevant. If Dakota isn't relevant, then Kiki isn't either.
Seriously, shut your pie hole, obviously people want to discuss her on here so she warrants a thread.

No. 86535


No. 86558

Do you guys ever think anyone will usurp Kota at this point?

No. 86567

I think most of Japan has caught on to this shit. I feel like if anyone ever manages to pull it off again they'd have to jump through a lot of hoops and be the total package (attractive and photogenic, interesting personality or some talant,and be able to communicate in Japanese without Google's help).

No. 86568


I will.

No. 86577

File: 1429654161885.jpg (82.15 KB, 500x744, image.jpg)

Its disappointing how far her shooping has fallen. She looked her best in this era imo

No. 86580

You sound fat.

No. 86582

She needs to ease up on the shooping, she don't love ha self.

No. 86584

>she seems to be embracing it

But she shoops herself to look anorexic or like a model's body for years now. This hasn't changed and it's why people call her "fat".

No. 86586


Did she always have eyebags before or were they shooped out before? Her face is confusing me.

No. 86587

File: 1429654713010.jpg (194.51 KB, 800x1134, Dakota-rose-barbie-doll-05.jpg)

Agreed. It was the perfect shoop look, she looked totally believable in being that pretty and not alien and loli-esque

This is my favorite of her ever, rip Dakota 2011

No. 86589

File: 1429654806848.jpg (15.72 KB, 236x354, 20ba02bf68d7258c60c31345473f16…)

Yes! I think this period/snakebite Koots was the best Koots, even though they were probably fake. I hate her constant noseless purikura-esque way of shooping now.

No. 86590

File: 1429654892804.jpg (54.23 KB, 590x885, 0acdbb68372fd24fd90bff637f6600…)

Now we have this monstrosity

No. 86597

God yes! I was legitimately jealous of her during this era. It's a shame that she didn't really look like this and jump aboard the China fame train. It would have been lulzy to see her upsurge Taylor on her home turf.

No. 86599

That's aegyosal makeup.

No. 86601

File: 1429655408352.jpg (182.23 KB, 800x1144, image.jpg)

You sound salty and insecure :^)

I like this era of Dakota best.

No. 86602

And the usage of makeup is the reason why her actual eye laugh lines look ood in >>86406

No. 86603

File: 1429655565398.jpg (13.98 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

I hate that photo so much, it gives me the creeps. It screams uncanny valley RealDoll shit and it doesn't help that she looks like an amputee either. Fucking nope.

No. 86623

she looked sooo good like this, i hate her stupid lips now

No. 86629

":^)" and "salty" are so tumblr can we NOT bring that shit here? christ

No. 86631

This WAS a good era for her. She may not look exactly like her shoops, but long hair + extensions for volume + this make up… please do it again, kota

No. 86649


I love how she looks in these pictures. She shooped them just enough, and didn't go overboard.

No. 86650

>so tumblr

>can we NOT


No. 86654

she looks so cute aw

No. 86655

>creepy soft women who look like children
youre talking as if it was a bad thing.
Babyfaced women are cute as fuck.
it's just an opinion tho

No. 86656

lol someone is mad

No. 86680

for starters, she is using a Canon EOS 1D, that camera retails for over $5000. She doesn't show her lenses, so lets just assume they are standard kit lenses.

She also uses reflectors (those flat silver things) and a special lamp (the tent with the stupidly bright light in it).

No. 86744

You're so far down the tumblr rabbit hole that you automatically view "can we not" as a singular expression instead of three words that can go into a full sentence unintentionally. T0pkek.

No. 86745

Some are super cute. I wish my face was a bit rounded, but age happens to us all I guess, haha.

That phrase annoys me so much because it's broken grammar and an incomplete sentence.

No. 86748

Damn, her videos do not look like something that was produced with $5000+ equipment. But thats probably because she washes everything out to hide her basic ass face.

No. 86750

>I wish my face was a bit rounded

take mine

No. 86799

Sure! Haha. Anyway, we're never happy with what we're born with it seems. Let's just be glad don't have thinning hair like Kota.

No. 86804

>Let's just be glad don't have thinning hair like Kota.

Shush, I'm getting there

No. 86810

>PULL shit n' tumblr faces

This board is really losing it lately.

No. 86811

Her undereye is very wrinkly here.

No. 86814

I have a theory that those pics and shoops were really hard to do and took a lot of time. Note that they happened before Bravo models (incidentally, it's what got her into Bravo though).

No. 86831

Agreed. She has a regular jp girl body, which was even mentioned in that forum. Which is why they don't think she's worth swooning over, one thing most Japanese girls swoon after is looong slender legs.
Jesus, she's not model quality at all - but she's not fat.

No. 86838

that's exactly it. It looked believable.
Once you start getting meitu xiu xiu blurry/bright ass filters involved, you know everything you're looking at is bullshit.

No. 86842

File: 1429691201023.jpg (271.4 KB, 664x964, iQYFzWevJr90Z.jpg)

I'm really tired of this. I constantly get called "Pull!" on this board now a days and it wasn't like that when it first started. I've been on /cgl/ since the Golden Age, and then maxfag, then staminarose, and now here. I'm not from Pull, and I've never had a tumblr. Christ. Just because I don't think Dakota is fat doesn't mean I'm some newfag .

Everyone here is just desperate to cannibalize everyone else. It's fucking annoying.

Anyway, does anyone else remember this style of shoop? It was a little before the rest of the pictures posted, I think.. she needs photoshop on her computer again lol.

No. 86847

> :^) being tumblr

jesus christ

No. 86852

File: 1429694166449.png (241.25 KB, 320x400, dakochan.png)

I love seeing old pictures of Kiki and Dakota.

No. 86856

Did you ever see Angels workouts ? They're not just training a bit here and there, they have a sixpack because they train like hell then stop eating before any show as to not look bloated.

You have to reaaaally push yourself and commit to your training/diet to look a bit close to that, so don't worry about Dakota looking "too toned/muscular" if she ever exercised (Didn't Chokelate mention biking to keep slim ?). Nooo way that would happen if you train normally, heck even my pole/crossfit crazy friends don't always look muscular, just when they work out.

No. 86887

File: 1429705791674.jpg (40.06 KB, 450x684, vcdqmx-596615693.jpg)

You're all WRONG his era was best :^)

No. 86898

agreed, i found out about Dakota when she photoshopped herself like this, this is what made her famous, she didn't photoshop herself into something alien like but into model looking very pretty girl who still looks human. But the problem with this type of shopping is that Kota looks nothing like this in real life, on the other hand on some of her newer pics no matter how blurred, filtered and photoshopped they are you can still recognize her real facial features so they look more similar to her real face

No. 86916

It can seem pretty tumblr. All teh weeaboo fags use that including the fakebois lol.

No. 86925

i remember this photoshoot but this is the least kawaii photo. she really effed up her jawline here. it looks quite man-ish

No. 86950

Then she should lose bodyfat. She's a model for god's sake, I can't believe they haven't made her lose weight.

No. 86953

not that anon, but i've only seen it being used ironically (on chans). i thought it was a reference to "retro" smiley faces. guess it's just making fun of tumblr then.

No. 86955

i've noticed some tumblr fakebois frequently using it after it was in the haku thread ironically kek

No. 86958

File: 1429721417691.gif (984.59 KB, 250x143, 4322432434.gif)

"after it was in the haku thread"

>being this new

No. 86962

People seem to forget that japanese model standards aren't very high.

No. 86974

Noticing that people who rim and worship a lolcows ass pick up on things they see here after constantly secretly rubbing themselves off to their precious king's hate thread doesn't make one new. Save the oprah gif for dumblr.

No. 86975

You just have to act like a retarded moe child and you're SUUUGOII.

No. 86978

holy shit, did you seriously not get the point?
":^)" is a halfchan thing originally, not your precious tumblr.

No. 87013

Tumblr has grabbed a lot of shit from 4chan, though. I've seen people saying rekt and using greentext on tumblr.

:^) was originally from 4chan.

No. 87027

yup. in fact, being on the softer side makes you appeal to more people.
those super stick thin type gyaru models only appeal to some girls who are into fashion or being "hot" and edgy, while the soft kawaii dolly appeals to more people - girls and guys alike.

tldr: your grandma aint gonna like stick thin brownface gyarus, but she probably likes dakota

No. 87028

her head shape is really weird

No. 87070


no need to get all prissy.
Just saying it's a bit masculine and unattractive to me.
If you like it then that's fine.
Different tastes for different people

No. 87078

i dunno

i think i've grown with dakota to the point where i prefer her current style/shooping better. she looks cute as fuck as an alienbaby.

No. 87079

That wasn't what was being outlined originally tho, just that I can see why people who aren't aware would associate it with tumblr now that cows have flooded threads and picked up on shit.

Anywas back 2 dakooter

No. 87081

There's a huge emphasis in Japan on being an incontinent vapid airhead baby as a woman, as well.

No. 87237

yup. or at least thats what a lot of women think.
i dont think the younger generation is as a bad and its slowly changing. but there are definitely still plenty of young women that act like intelligence and having areal opinion on things are unfeminine.
heck its even in some animes. the one slightly more boisterous clumsy girl is singled out.

No. 87239

Yup. Thinking and standing up for yourself is not kawaii. Being a subservient wife is.


No. 87255


Girl. Eyebrows please.

No. 87410



Incontinent=being unable to hold your piss or shit. I am going to assume that you meant "incompetent".

No. 87413


> Incontinent

Well…it is Japan.

No. 87420


I think they meant incoherent lol

No. 87485

No, I meant incontinent. It was an exaggerative joke to refer to how baby like they want them to act…..

No. 87502


It didn't translate too well.

No. 87527

Whats op image from?

No. 87538

her face really suits that kind of sultry and haughty look. She has a bit of a resting bitch face, but these pictures make it look so good.

I'm legit mad jelly that I'll never look like these pictures. I'm even mad Dakota doesn't look like these pictures.

This deal just doesn't suit her natural features. at all.

No. 87605

File: 1429821878329.jpg (111.14 KB, 413x413, d717d580b91781684720258ad16a2d…)


No. 87606

File: 1429821922460.jpg (137.4 KB, 413x620, c220ae9ef3cc7d2fd4454695132460…)

No. 87607

File: 1429821974946.jpg (96.37 KB, 620x413, d9df6b742c1feb73197078ce681a0b…)

No. 87608

Her upper lip confuses me

No. 87613

lipliner to make her top lip look like this ^

No. 87640

She is so cute.

No. 87651

She should seriously considee toning up a little.

No. 87673

Cute but the chola lipliner does her no favors.

No. 87679

the dress makes her torso look short

No. 87707


did kota used to be bulimic? uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh? this is news to me?

No. 87732

No. Idiot anon is playing doctor while not knowing shit about her.

No. 87733

Its obviously just speculation.
We can never know for sure anon. Between her shoops and shitty food choices and nutritional deficiencies.

No. 87744

I'm another that anon that agrees that Dakota must have at one point been suffering with an eating disorder, though which specific one I cannot say.

I mean we've all heard the multiple reports from people on Cathy's abusive behaviour towards both Dakota and Kirsten, with even Charms confirming just how horrible she was towards the pair of them and how critical she was of their looks, that it got bad enough to the point that Dakota was almost going to move in with Charms to escape it all.

We know that Dakota was always derided as the "fat one" back in Kirsten's heyday.

Then there's her art, figures of highly emaciated young females which is appeared to initially attempt to emulate in her Photoshopping of herself. We also know that it was her dream to be a model and in the West you can't do that effectively unless you're very, very skinny.

Finally there's the old racist Stickam videos in which we see Dakota present in the background, and there is a bit where she raises her arm to brush her hair from her face and it is so fucking thin. Like it is a really thin arm, way thinner than she is now, idk if anybody who has the video can get a cap of it.

My bet is on an ED that she was able to recover from shortly after getting to Japan. I mean the fact that her face was so bloated upon her initial arrival is also very suspect but idk.

No. 87745

File: 1429835643630.jpg (141.56 KB, 600x800, dtlcg.jpg)


Also this is probably shooped but even so, given the context you can tell she's obviously got a problem with her weight.

No. 87746

Or just speculating like every other person on the board.

No. 87747

That isn't how anatomy works.

No. 87748


If you're sucking in enough and are at a low enough weight that kind of body is entirely feasible and you obviously don't understand enough about the human anatomy.

No. 87750

That's true, and it can look even thinner when you wear the right bra, but there are obvious signs of photoshop in the picture in question.

No. 87751


Oh yeah she's probably shooped it for sure, but even so, you don't take pictures like this unless you've got your weight on your mind, and you can't shoop live Stickam videos.

No. 87753

It suits the sultry haughty look when it's overly photoshopped lol.

No. 87755

Yeah she was definitely super thin at one point. There's an old video of her with Kiki in a public bathroom (?i think?) where it shows her full body and she was super skinny.

No. 87761

She definitely does look like she's sucking in her stomach hardcore.

No. 87773

File: 1429839794415.jpg (43.2 KB, 333x500, 1294098090572_f.jpg)

If she ever did have an ED, this was probably the era where she was at her thinnest. Photoshop is at play but I think there was some truth to how thin she was here.

No. 87774

File: 1429839821408.jpg (39.56 KB, 374x500, 4164464515a6969330248l.jpg)

Also for funsies


No. 87775

Hey now. You sound a little defensive. I just remember that when she first went to Japan, there was a model who described what Dakota was like. She said Dakota seemed really nervous, insecure, would constantly re do her makeup, ect. It also looked like her face was really bloated when she first appeared. Idk, I thought that was the story, I guess I was just speculating.

No. 87846

Dat cholalip.

>thinking she was ever really this thin

Oh you.

No. 87939

well yes that is just speculation.

unless any of us or any of those kawaii models that work with her can testify with first hand experience, we will never really know if she makes herself throw up or whatever.
however, she, like kiki, is often a sickly shade of pale and bruised.

No. 87941

i agree. she probably still shooped, because hey why not. but there was definitely a time where she was super slim. there are videos but cba to find

No. 87942

File: 1429888913312.png (229.95 KB, 258x815, Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.2…)

gosh i think strange lip drawings are becoming a trend (gdi korea)

pic related - ugly lip drawings
(source is another potential lolcow - carisse iris )

No. 87946

lol, the lipstick is smeared so badly over her upper lip.

No. 87951

Actually, she used to abuse laxatives to lose weight. Kiki called her out on it on Stickam before, it was pretty funny.

No. 87954

these are my lips. are they considered a good thing in korea? they are my worst nightmare

fuck this bitch, i can never "fix" them and yet she forced herself to look like this. annoying

No. 88080

Agencies can be a bit slow to update girls online portolios. Clients are usually more interested in polaroids and the models book that she'll take to castings with her. They're updated more often.

No. 88096

In Korea, yes, but it's been popular in Japan and China for a looong time.
Google Komi.Xi, everyone was going for her look back in the day lol.

No. 88102

The "before" is so beautiful. Fuck these bitches.

No. 88194

why does anyone think laxative make you lose actual weight?
the food still passes through your intestines where all the calorie absorption takes place…

No. 88204

stop attention seeking

No. 88207


Because it speeds up the metabolic rate of your bowels the food passes through your body quicker and is not given the time it would usually take for full absorption, so upon that premise it does actually function as a weightloss aid, albeit an extremely dangerous one because you can very easily die from an electrolyte imbalance induced by literally shitting yourself to death.

You ever consumed a fuck tonne of caffeine before and ended up with green poo? Well, I know I have. It's due to rapid bowel transit. The green is the bile left over from your stomach and is the other reason why you get ring sting when you have diarrhoea. You are literally burning your anus with stomach acid.

Tha moar u kno.

No. 88219

holy shit anon thank u for this information
i never knew

No. 88224

I knew about the dehydration part, but never about the green bile part. Knowledge is power. Thank you, anon.

No. 88264


No. 88279

>sting ring

No amount of reaction gifs… I will never drink a ton of coffee ever.

No. 88280

The fetus thing she's doing to her face is terrible..

No. 88283

how the hell does she thin out her face like this? I remember when people were trying to kotify her candids, and all of them would look weird as fuck. If you try squishing her face thinner, it'll look just like the Tiara Mily fuckups, because even if you make her head different, her features will still look like they belong on a bigger face. But somehow she manages do to it and make it work.

Like shit, I'd do anything to watch a video of her shooping in action just to see what tricky techniques she uses. I remember when PULL found the metadata(?) on her photos and it showed that she would edit a photo for days or weeks.. wtf

No. 88306

>days or weeks
Sounds right, because the old pics were great but the newer ones are lazy edits. She doesn't have the time to sit around editing everything now.

No. 88379

I could imagine that she WAS actually that skinny. She clearIy shooped, but I mean her facial features would have naturally looked more exaggerated than they do now (bigger eyes and mouth), because of a thinner face. Would be great if someone had video from that time.

No. 88460


I totally am bringing it to my doctor when I get my septum fixed. Sharp as fuck hell yeah.

About the ED, I can speculate both her and the sister has suffered/do suffer from some kind of disorder OR at least have/used to have unhealthy relationships with food idk (like Kiki always sounds so paranoid when it comes to food)

No. 89288

There's one of her with Kaka in the dakota's sister thread if you don't mind scrolling to dig for it–they're in some establishment's bathroom being stupid and you see Kota in motion, full body, too old to be AE, and she is incredibly thin compared to what we are used to.

No. 89326

Full segment that we saw in parts.

No. 89351

jfc she's huge did she gain even more weight???

No. 89356

what is your deal with calling everyone a nigger did a black guy knock you up and leave your ass to get an abortion?

No. 89357

dat salt

No. 89822

Is Kooter living in a boarding place for models? It doesn't look like a reg apt.

No. 89823

Yes it does. She makes money so she doesn't have to live in a 1 room "apartment" like the other snowflakes.

No. 89827

Seems Kaka didn't stay with her. Is she in a regular apartment or model apartment?

No. 89903

File: 1430230961490.jpg (148.88 KB, 1024x736, CDjYr6VUEAA5cmd.jpg)

Aw she looks really cute in this still.

No. 89906

File: 1430231517056.jpeg (37.44 KB, 479x640, msidp.jpeg)

No. 89911

File: 1430233104211.jpg (177.75 KB, 636x525, 636px-Take-Care-of-a-Porcelain…)

This is the kind of doll she looks like

No. 89964

Thank god she has long hair again. Her face/body honestly looked really bizarre with that short style she had. She needs either really short, well above the shoulders, or long, not that weird in between.

No. 90205

lol that bit of hair makes her elbow look like it has a growth

No. 90206

does anyone know where to download Popteen?

No. 90315

Am I the only one that lIkes Dakota's current weight? I like the way her thighs look cute imo.

Her lips look like Kim possible's lips Jesus fucking Christ why would she do that

No. 90495

But those are hair extensions.

No. 90506

Damn I always wondered why diarrhea stings so bad and this explains it. Thanks for the info, bowel anon.

I like it too. She looks very cute when she isn't skinny as a twig, it gives her legs more shape and her face looks healthier. She's petite enough to afford a few extra pounds because it only adds to her cuteness, the soft upper arms look a lot better on her than the skeleton strings she used to have.

No. 90541

I know most people here think she is too soft and "chubby" for modeling, but I rather like her shape also.

She isn't a high fashion model. I don't see what's wrong with her lack of toning– looks cute and soft, but not gross.

No. 90549

Its funny how japan loves her and weaboos hate her.

No. 90558

No. Your statement is funny (and silly).

No. 90559

Agreed. She's perfectly normal by western standards, but unfortunately, she is slightly chubby by Japanese (aka anorexic) standards.

No. 90568

her taste is pretty trashy. im not saying she doesnt wear cute stuff but she sure has a penchant for ugly misplaced/unnecessary corset lacing and shoes that have nothing to do with the rest of the outfit

No. 90589

I very rarely ever like her styling, especially since she went kawaii weeaboo.

No. 90597

I like Kota's legs but her arms are chubby.

No. 90600

can't unsee

No. 90615

File: 1430322938168.jpg (74.09 KB, 604x453, m2O4lIeyU9s.jpg)

No. 90616

File: 1430322986228.jpg (91.99 KB, 603x604, 7WhiMSKrDjI.jpg)

No. 90618

File: 1430323037142.jpg (29.84 KB, 452x604, aZM8qX5oorY.jpg)


No. 90619

File: 1430323057641.jpg (60.31 KB, 604x454, 6u4JoINa34E.jpg)


No. 90620

File: 1430323071295.jpg (28.08 KB, 454x604, FysM66unEw0.jpg)

No. 90621

File: 1430323096555.jpg (67.62 KB, 768x1024, CC7OyM2VEAAOrh4.jpg)

stripes and plaid
youre killing me, dako

No. 90622

File: 1430323111623.jpg (60.01 KB, 597x445, r6RiVTPVPO0.jpg)


No. 90624

File: 1430323155046.jpg (77.95 KB, 604x454, WVEMcNYwtbk.jpg)

It's hard to believe how much she shows her real face now.

No. 90625

File: 1430323186640.jpg (71.09 KB, 604x452, IWMR-kjJp_Q.jpg)


No. 90627

File: 1430323257617.png (564.58 KB, 810x480, Sketchbook234.png)

Kontra made a good comparison photo to the way she shoops, verses TV.

No. 90628

No. 90629

Uh, duh? Did I say they weren't?

No. 90631

She has to considering all the TV she's doing now.

No. 90632

She looks way cuter on TV than in shoops.

No. 90633

alien baby vs relatable white girl

No. 90637

Man, I used to hate her, but she has really grown on me. Most of us were idiots in our youth, but she is pushing past it and trying to make something of herself and her life, at least. Yeah, she still does ugly alien-baby shoops, but I feel like over time her style will evolve again and she'll get more natural with it. Some of her styling I find personally dumb, but she's still trying and learning. I dunno, she's cute and fun to watch…

No. 90641

She's not "still learning", she just has shit taste when it comes to clothes and she can't coord worth a crap. All her cute 2011 outfits were put together by Kiki. You act like she's another 13 year old fledgeling weeblet, when she's an adult who should know hetter by now considering she's model/hair&makeup "icon".

No. 90642

Her hair looks really bad

No. 90646


What exactly should "she know better" about by now?

I used to run the second biggst anti-Kota Tumblr at one point and even I've gotten over this.

Kota is no longer a lolcow. She was a dumb teenager who did dumb things and she's obviously grown up, grown past them and is trying to make something of her life having escaped from what was a clearly abusive background.

Wah, wah she shoops herself. Who gives a fuck? Her and every other fucking idol out there. Miranda Kerr got caught shooping her shit not so long ago, where is the Miranda Kerr thread?

I still believe she's lying about her age but that isn't nearly enough to denote lolcow status.

I am 100% Kota supporter now. Everyone that's still salty over her needs to get the fuck back to PULL where you can adorn yourself in shitty eyeball bow clips and draw on your ridiculous Kota makeup imitation and cry about how ugly she is whilst trying to crowd fund for your loli idol stage début or whatever it is you sad fucks are griping about at the present.

No. 90649

>grown past them
Why do people keep saying this? Where is the proof?
I agree with you on everything else but I'm pretty sure she's still a rotten cunt and I don't give a fuck if you think I'm some jelly wannabe.

No. 90650

I think separation from Kiki did her good. I stopped following her shenanigans after she moved to Japan and I must remark that I REALLY hated Kotakoti and she was a horrible lying bitch most of the time. But then a couple of years later I see these lolcow threads about her and barely recognized her. She looks really cute here >>90628 and here >>89903
and the natural look suits her so much better than the fake as shit living doll crap. Kiki is still a self-entitled whore so I can only figure that Dakota drew too much influence from her and being apart from her helped her grow up.

No. 90660

thank you, same same here.

Well you have to admit she's gone through many big life changes since then. When those stickam videos of her were recorded all she had "special" about her was minor second-hand internet popularity and a bunch of catfish using her photos. She was a completely normal girl whom I don't think ever received attention online without Kiki attached.

Since the kotakoti thing started she had been broadcasted on foreign TV shows, went viral on the internet, was posted on official online news sites, all of her video views surpassed Kiki's, she gained psycho fans and psycho haters, 100+ blogs dedicated to her, earned money through youtube and her website, received foreign modeling contracts, accepted one from Japan, traveled abroad for the first time, lived on her own for the first time in a foreign country, got a legit job, traveled to 2 other foreign countries, was the face of a magazine, appeared as a guest on TV shows, self-taught herself a new language, got real friends, and now has enough fame in Japan that PeachyMilkTea and another girl I can't remember were both stopped and asked in Harajuku if they were Dakota Rose.

I mean, come on. Don't you think that would impact her way of thinking? How she perceives the world? She's still friendly to Kiki, and there's nothing weird about that because she's her sister and has defended her and I'm sure they've shared good times together. But there must be a world of a difference between them now.

No. 90661

oh and I forgot to mention how she was dragged miles across Hell for everything bad she's ever said or done over the past 3 years.

No. 90677


Burden of proof is on the one who first proposes the accusation.

Show me proof that she's still an immature, racist, hateful cunt.

No. 90691

oh my god who cares

No. 90692


No. 90693

its doesnt but if it helps you sleep at night, ok

No. 90695

I agree with that anon as well. It doesn't exactly look good. I just watched that video of her at the event and it's so thin and sparse. having it pulled up tight like that makes it look worse.

No. 90706

I think this look is her best as far as editing goes.

No. 90709

I agree! It looks clean and realistic, even if her outfit looks terribad.

No. 90716

wooow, i didn't expect that. actually extremely cute.

No. 90717

File: 1430337941732.jpg (26.69 KB, 371x321, 4e1659624581c1687ee9f2aa570a98…)

Calm down and take your head out of kota's ass for a minute. What she should know better by now is how to coordinate her outfits because most of the time the pieces she puts together look a mess.
Congrats on supporting her and do it all you want but this isn't exactly the place for it.

No. 90728

Koots is boring now. She seems to be at peace with her real face, but photoshops for old time fun?

Her clothes are hideous, but she's an okay looking girl for the Japanese aesthetic. I like how milky pink her skin is. I've seen uglier "idols." Old news. I really did wonder when her fame would die out but she's milked it for all it's worth. I'm impressed.

No. 90735


I'll take my head out of her ass when you take your long kike nose out of her everything.

No. 90740

I'm happy to see her progressing.
I wonder if she will move up to maybe a tv drama.(one can hope)I would love to see how kaka would react to that.

No. 90748

You seem very angry, is something the matter? Do you need to talk to someone?

No. 90751


No I just don't like fucktarded PULLtards coming here and hijacking our bastion.

No. 90753

If she were happy with her face she would've stopping photoshooping.

I'm not from pull nor am I hijacking anything, just because people aren't praising kota to high heavens doesn't mean they are "fucktarded" it just means people have different opinions and if you can't accept it this isn't the place for you and I suggest you make a fanforum dedicated to her and ban anyone you says the smallest negative thing.

No. 90757


It's not about nor praising her, nobody said you had to like her, I don't like her, I just accept her.

It's about people coming into threads and being like "Ohhhh that fucking sneaky bitch cunt Dakota, she's still an evil bitch, she'll never change her ways, lololololol her hair looks like shit, what a fucking fat slag, look at her arms lololol".

When was the last time Dakota actually had any dramu? It's ridiculous.
I don't care about who hates her and for whatever reason, but if you have nothing new to add to the conversation don't shit up the thread with your boring opinions.

>I'm not from pull

Sure you're not sweety.

No. 90767

What's new? PULL is full of teen weeb girls that shit on anyone that has the opportunity to go to dreamland Japan. Anyone that isn't Japanese is obese and isn't cute.

No. 90769

I agree so much. They act like her photoshopping is tantamount to murder or something.

No. 90771

Are you a different anon because early you said you support her. Anyway all I said was she needs to learn how to coordinate her outfits cause they usually looks a mess.
And obviously you do care who hates her or else you wouldn't be commenting lol.
And you do know you can avoid this thread right?

No. 90773

Not the same anon but have you guys ever looked at PULL the past two years? 90% of the comments regarding Dakota is praise about how much she changed.

No. 90777

File: 1430344492138.jpg (79.85 KB, 604x405, NwvQxaHox8k.jpg)

Let me spell this out for a few of you, who are clearly missing the point.

Dakota is still being marketed as "100% NON-CG REAL BAHBEE" in Japan. The frustration that most people have with her is that she continues to profess that she doesn't Photoshop her pictures. Why not just come clean? It's not that big of a deal. No, because Dakota has built her reputation based on a lie and continues to do it. It is insulting to those who are fans. Remember, many people supported her from day one and simply wanted some honesty from her. She blocks anyone that questions her. Really, she set a precedent for lolcows in a way, because she got away with the lie and gave hope for all of the other special snowflakes out there.

That being said, I somewhat enjoy watching her grow and become more comfortable without hiding her face behind her hair/hands. It's cool to see her do that. I just wish she had been honest and genuine with her fans and followers because she probably feels at this point, there's no coming back from it.

No. 90782

But it really, really doesn't. Sorry that it hurts you.

No. 90795

Damn, she looks WAY better in TV than in her shoops.

Also those bangs and lighter eye makeup really truly suit her better than the side swiped bangs + dark, excessive eye makeup. And after gaining a little bit of weight she looks way healthier than during her anorexic days. I love how she smiles a lot these days and seems more confident about her face.

No. 90798

Kooter has a cute smile.

No. 90810


When was the last time Dakota actually said "I don't PS my photos"?.

Anybody with half a fucking brain can see that she does, nobody believes she's 100% real and looks like her shoops. All of the Japanese idols edit their photos with photo apps and such. They all fucking do it. Nobody gives a fuck but you apparently.

No. 90823

She doesn't say she doesn't PS but she doesn't say she does. Magazine articles about her as well as her own book include stupid things as stating that the photos with obvious circle lens are her real eyes.

No. 90824

She's so plain looking that it almost hurts. Now I understand why everyone is praising her.

No. 90827

point is a most of japanese teen girls and idols do edit their pictures to some extent so it's not a big surprise.

No. 90829

But in the case of other idols they state the circle lens at tutorials, Dakota is the only one where they don't in Popteen because they apparently are her ~natural big dolly eyes~.

No. 90840

I think she's beautiful, /shrugs. People have different opinions, man.

No. 90877


Holy shit are you this jealous?

No. 90885

Go back to Tumblr.

No. 90887

Talk about Kota's eyes is like talking about Kylie's lips. Get over it, she uses circle lenses and everyfuckingbody knows about it. But Japan wants to be nice to her so when she says it's her real eyes they say 'woooah beautiful'. For God's sake, do you believe that Yu Shirota believed her when he asked about her eyes? hahaha he just wanted to be nice

No. 90888

File: 1430351574656.jpg (123.64 KB, 1024x1024, Bhx44qsCIAAtlP3.jpg large.jpg)

She is the one that states it is her real eyes to the magazines, yet people claim she doesn't lie anymore.

No. 90890

I know she does, and she will always claim these are her real eyes. But nobody believes her, they just want to be nice so they don't give a shit. Shirota should have said 'I see a lense'

No. 90892

I'm not even a part of this discussion, but BB… that closeup photo must have clearly shown the outline of her lenses, and someone went through the trouble to edit it out and even blend the lense to her iris. The magazine is well aware that she wears lenses and are covering for her.

No. 90893

I feel like they just went along with it to emphasis her "WOW GAIJIN SO DUH BIK EYE!"
Any idiot can see she's wearing lens.

No. 90896

File: 1430351926996.jpg (64.44 KB, 600x800, ey.jpg)

Seriously, what are you morons going on about? Literally every girl in popteen wears lenses. If Dakota didn't, she'd look like the odd one out. Gaijin eyes my ass.

No. 90901

still gross they try to pass it off as her natural eye size.

No. 90909


Shut the fuck up you pedantic twat and get back to PULL.
Literally nobody here but you gives a fuck.

No. 90910


So what?
Go hunt down every Popteen model that doesn'y openly shout from the rooftops that they're wearing circle lenses and harangue them. No1 curr.

No. 90911

I'm not even the one that started it (& didn't see the fuckery went back so far)

No. 90919

You know what site your on, right? We can shittalk how much we want, if you don't like it gtfo.

No. 90920


No. 90924

File: 1430353206444.gif (239.08 KB, 551x414, noonecaresmichelle.gif)

No. 90927

lmfao the shit show going on in this thread

No. 90934

thanks for sharing something everybody has seen before.

No. 90935

shit talk is ok, bullshit is not

No. 90945

How is it bullshit when it is obviously a lie?

No. 90953

Most people's eyes just fade at the ends/are a bit blurred.
Not harsh and rigged like this? The fuck… I like Kota, but this is just silly.

No. 90954

Yeah, it could be that they're just subtly humoring her. Besides, in the first interview in Japan, she wasn't wearing lenses. In other earlier modeling photos, she was not wearing lenses either. Everyone already knows. If you have a low self esteem about her false appearance even after knowing all this, you are probably one of the people who have low self esteems over fictional anime girls being drawn too pretty and should just get over it.

No. 90959

>If you have a low self esteem about her false appearance even after knowing all this, you are probably one of the people who have low self esteems over fictional anime girls being drawn too pretty and should just get over it.

dafuq? no. I don't even watch anime lmao

No. 90964

just kooters overly defensive fans

No. 90965

If not anime, any fictional girls that are drawn too pretty. Some people tell artists not to draw like that because it's triggering lol…

No. 90967

???? calm ur tits. I don't have low self esteem about her false appearance. In fact, I don't give a fuck if she wears circle lenses or if she dyes her hair. It's her body, her life, her decisions LOL Who cares if she lies, it's not my friend nor my sister. Maybe you're the one with low self esteem, I only pointed that Japanese people only wants to be nice to her so they say 'yes' when she says 'these are my real eyes'.

No. 90969

I wasn't even talking about you. I was talking about those kinds of people in general. Maybe you have a low self esteem because you're taking this too personally and nothing I said indicated any low self esteem so I think your comment was just a "no u" type Just pointing out the ridiculousness. Yes she lies but if the truth is obvious, then what's the problem? That's what I'm saying.

No. 90971

>you are probably one of the people who have low self esteems over fictional anime girls being drawn too pretty and should just get over it.

Nope, it was your comment

No. 90974

No. 90975

Lots of people say "you" to refer to a general group. That's what makes English tricky. I hope this is not some language barrier battle that tends to happen on PULL.

No. 90980

It's like when someone says "if you think this song is good, you probably have bad taste." It doesn't refer to a specific person.

No. 90983

Dakota wears lenses. She doesn't admit to it. Its obvious to those who know of circle lenses.

Some of these people don't give a flying fuck. They brush it off when she says they're her real eyes. Some spend hrs on PULL and lolcow angry at people for accepting her lies.

To go and get angry at people for not giving a fuck is sad. It's also sad to be angry at Dakota for something millions already do, especially her co workers. You really have to analyze your reasoning behind being mad.

Appearance is one of the easiest things to alter now a days and if most people could get away with removing anything they find to be an imperfection, they would and do.

So it's pointless to bash her over some fucking lenses. Like out of all the things….

Anyway, I'm curious about the changes Kotas and her attire will go through as the yrs pass by. Like eventually she'll reach a point where she won't be as relevant for this fashion trend because she wont be as young, so I'll wonder how she'll react to that.

No. 90993

Yet it is totally okey to rip appart other snowflakes for lying about their lenses/apparence/whatever, double standard much?

No. 90994

Um, where is the double standard? We don't even know who is who on here so we don't know who supports what.

No. 90995

Even if it is only one person it would be a double standard because he/she doesn't complain about it when it is done to others.

No. 90997

Still, no one knows who is who on here and some people may not complain about something because they don't have time to sift through all these posts and threads to catch everything.

No. 90999

Doesn't make it less annoying.

No. 91014

No it's not. It's faggots from PULL who care. All the shit heads who make the "Berry" thread popular. Low grade cow material, which is what Dakota is becoming.

Here, farmers choose grade A milk to pick apart like Pixy's one drive vids, insane Ashley antics, that one prostitute in Japan who lost her kids, Scamanda, and so forth.

No. 91016


No. 91017

These posts do not make sense. These boards are anonymous so you don't know who is who or who is new to this site. PULL logic.

No. 91021

Your head is so far up your own ass lol

No. 91022

So something can't be annoying because not knowing who the person is and you talk about logic?

No. 91038

That feel when you can barely see the shoes but you know they probably don't match the outfit as per usual.

No. 91039

She doesn't have a choice on tv..

No. 91040

She added boobs lol

No. 91044

Same, not part of discussion but glad someone pointed out how the eye was heavily edited (lazily, I might add) to look natural.

No. 91066

File: 1430364514511.jpg (128.87 KB, 900x900, ZAKR8rz.jpg)


Fuck I am so glad somebody else here gets it.
We only want the cream of the crop here, the A grade lulz, the cherry on the cake.


No. 91078

No. 91084


First of all, when the fuck did I say that? Secondly I don't engage in that type of behavior. I couldn't care less about how people dress themselves up or alter their appearance, it's why I said that. I tend to ignore comments about peoples images since it'll just cause me a headache and focus on their behavior, because it's what can actually hurt others. If I bothered to go after every asshole who said some bs about someone shooping their waist by a 2 degree angle I'd never have to do anything else.

But whatever, from your logic I doubt you'd comprehend this so I'll just leave it at that.

No. 91087

Honestly, it's insane how much of a thrill people get off of talking about her circle lenses.

When all you have left is to wait for a person to post an instagram pic to be able to dissect afterwards for any shooping, you know that persons laugh worthy material has run dry.

They're obsessed and don't want to let go and move on to actual cows who could be making everyone laugh.

No. 91104

Fucking this.

No. 91108

I've followed Dakota since her sceenie weenie days, and I agree she is not lolcow material anymore. She keeps a tight lid on her shitty personality, and unless something big happens she's just boring.

But I do like her threads and I like to see photos/ videos and nit pick them for fun. Maybe have her threads go to /b/ or some shit? idk idk

No. 91161

Well for starters she should know how to pose and be less of an awkward, slouchy goof at the very least. It wouldn't kill her to learn how to put together outfits that don't clash so hard too. Plus her Japanese should be better since she has the benefit of immersion learning for 3+ years. And she hasn't put out any hair or makeup tutorials in ages, really all she does anymore is show up in front of some cameras and stand there while people oogle the gaijin and compare her to her old shoops.

She just seems so lazy and half assed in everything she does, I don't get why people still think she'll "blow up" and become some household name in Japan and overseas… I mean really, she doesn't even do anything anymore and she never talks about having any long term plans or goals, like she thinks she can ride this real barbie shtick forever (which she obviously can't).

No. 91167

>Not lolcows

Go back to PULL. We're here to laugh at messes not ~Expose the truth~

No. 91221

lol sure. stop being sad because your weeb ass can't model in japan, dakota's over. even if she turned into a nun PULL would be running after like drooling hogs.
I rarely visit this thread due to the new trend of "HOW CAN SHE LIE ABOUT CIRCLE LENSES?! HER HAIR IS SO THIN, SHE'S SO FAT"

No. 91231

I don't give a shit about her circle lenses, but her hair is thin, and we all know she could do herself good with some cardio.

No. 91240

I don't get it, her Japanese is actually pretty good. Pretty sure all of you who try to claim it sucks don't even understand half of what she says. No I'm not a WK but I'm not gonna claim she is bad at EVERYTHING she does just because I don't like her.

No. 91250

Yeah, her Japanese is actually quite fluent yet people find reasons as to why it's not. None of them speak the language of course.

No. 91272

File: 1430387079419.jpg (23.55 KB, 499x499, 0e9.jpg)


>she just seems so lazy and half assed in everything she does

Still managed to score half a dozen huge contracts and appearances lately though hasn't she?

Where are you going in life, Anon?

No. 91288

You know I've got to agree with everyone else here. I've been thinking to myself for a long time that the phase of Dakota Rose is over, she is never coming back.
I don't really get why we keep making new threads for her here. There's actually genuinely nothing to discuss and there hasn't been for a very long time.
>inb4 hurrrrr it's lolcow and we can talk about whatever we want!!!!
I'm not saying you can't. I'm saying that there isn't even a discussion anymore. Every single thread is the exact same discussions every single time about "Hey remember when Dakota did ___?", "I still think she's a shitty person she just hides it", "Dakota won't last, Japan is sick of her". It just feels like nostalgia for all the shit that went down a very long time ago.
Imho Dakota has moved on and learned a big lesson about the internet. She's a model now who's too busy for internet stuff, I really can't see her repeating past mistakes. She does not care about e-fame or the west anymore and hasn't for years. I dunno. She's all dried up in terms of shit to discuss on here. I just have been feeling this way for the last couple of threads personally.

No. 91289

I agree. Why are they putting more emphasis on Dakota's shooping and circle lenses rather than real offenses like scamming and stealing like what Coconutbabydoll, Venusangelic, Emilyy_lav and other snowflakes did?

Oh her fake appearance is a bad influence on little girls right? Well scamming and stealing encourages people to do the same, which will end up on their record and ruin their life.

No. 91307

LMFAO this was PULL 2012. No comments about her has really changed since. Apart from her lack of styling.

No. 91310

Not the same anon but you don't seem to know how the contract with a modeling agency works because they always will be abel to find jobs for you or otherwise it would be a loss of money for them.

No. 91312

>>91310 they wouldn't sign her up for the modeling agency in the first place if they didn't think she could make them money. Yes she became famous for her false appearance but if they saw she was unusable as a model I don't think they would have done that in the first place. Her false appearance got the attention, her real appearance allowed her to stay

No. 91313

>Her false appearance got the attention, her real appearance allowed her to stay
And that isn't hard in Japan for white models in the first place.

No. 91320

Yes, and they would have stopped using her to work alongside celebrities as soon as they believed her real appearance was not appealing enough.Her false appearance alone would not have landed her so many opportunities.

No. 91322

It's still entertaining to watch her on TV and then seeing her photoshopped selfies from the same day.

No. 91327

And her pasted on boobs as well as her mismatched outfits.

No. 91332

"Of course".

No. 91337


Yes yes, Dakota's mismatched outfits, we've heard it all before. Yawn.

No. 91352

If you don't have anything to contibute besides spam gtfo.

No. 91354

hah! Are you comparing it to your modeling contract? Newb models usually get paid like shit, live in crowded dorms and have to move home at 20 because they've gotten too old. You think multi-million dollar agencies give models a contract that puts them in a bind? They could ditch any one of their models any time because it's the company that writes contracts out to make themselves rich off of young girl's looks. Don't think Dakota has them in a head lock. For some reason, she fucking sells. Maybe it's a fake image, maybe it's shoop, maybe it's her white girl appeal but she's gotten some kick ass campaigns for being so normal. Something is working for her and her agency is exploiting it, not working their asses off to keep Kooters in Japan.

You guys can talk shit about Dakota all you want, but we're not SJWs and we don't care if she's used the word faggot or beaners. We're not impressed with her, but Japan has tacky ass shit anyways so let koots milk it for all it's worth. Meanwhile, in America, Kaka is still a hilarious cow scamming money outta weebs while her sister is the real deal.

No. 91358

well, sorry, it's not my first language. But it's ok, thanks for explaining ~

No. 91359

>newb models usually get paid like shit, live in crowded dorms
Which Dakota did for a long time, your newfag is showing.
>They could ditch any one of their models any time because it's the company that writes contracts out to make themselves rich off of young girl's looks. Don't think Dakota has them in a head lock.
You are acting like she is working for Vogue, she is only the average model that keeps getting jobs due to Japan's white fever.

No. 91360

She's not working for Vogue but honestly pretty much all modeling companies want to make money. If they hate her so much and think she is that terrible of a model, they wouldn't have kept her for so long and given her deals to appear next to celebs. If she was that hated and unusable as a model, then she would be a liability and they would have dropped her earlier.

No. 91361

And to add:
With "they always will be abel to find her jobs" I meant that she doesn't need to search them herself, you basicly got the whole post wrong.

No. 91362

As said before it isn't hard to sell a model if she is exotic to japanese, just look at all the other average caucasian girls that model in Japan for popular j-fashion brands (don't get me started on the no-name ones working for lolita brands)

No. 91365

Then people should stop saying "I bet they're going to drop her any time now!"

No one said she was the best supermodel in the world and deserves to work for Vogue. What people are saying is that she is liked enough in Japan to stay there and the denial regarding that is hilarious. she may not be insanely famous but she is liked by some and gets some cool modeling gigs. She is probably not going to be dropped any time now if they like her gaijin look. people have been saying for like 3 years or something. It's ridiculous

No. 91371


I'm not the one spamming PULLtard, and apparently I'm not the only one fed up with you spamming your tired shit about Dakota's circle lenses, how fat you think she looks, how thin her hair is or how poor her dress sense is.

Nobody here cares, and if you don't have anything new or interesting to contribute then gtfo.

No. 91372

>thinking everyone is the same person
How new are you?

No. 91382


>h-how new a-are you anyway

>y-yeah I've definitely been here longer than you

Is this the default PULLtard reaction when you call them out on their shit now?

No. 91384

Oh you, I wasn't even one of the anons that was talking about her appearance and I doubt it is only one person which admin pretty sure can confirm.

No. 91406

Has anyone considered that she's already established/branded herself as the "real life Barbie" It's a bit too late to go back on that shit.

No. 91407



No. 91410

Her face has been revealed for ages and she does tv now. It's not too late and it still works.

You mean she wasn't REAL LIFE HUMAN BARBIE!??!?! EXPOSE. EXPOSE. EXPOSE. And the world didn't care.

No. 91421

Not the same anon but your post doesn't make any sense in the context of the one you replied to.

No. 91451

I'm the anon that you replied to.

I'm saying it's like McDonalds deciding to sell shoes instead of burgers. At best they can make another company to sell McShoes.

Regardless, being the "real life barbie" is Kota's schtick. Getting rid of that/rebranding takes a lot more work, first and foremost it requires people to give that much of a shit about Kota that knowing that she does this shit is a big deal.

An example of a big figure trying to shake off a public image is Miley Cyrus - someone who was truly in the spot light. Miley was branded as being wholesome, with enough people who care enough that she wants to be seen differently. There is no motive for Kota to change, being the real life Barbie is still working for her, announcing to the world that she does normal shit that an average Japanese girl would do (wear contacts and use a shitty phone app to edit pictures) absolutely has no meaning.

No. 91477

Watching kota on these shows…she has no personalty what so ever.

No. 91647

File: 1430443841990.png (341.3 KB, 568x853, asdyaswyh.png)

It thinks she's 5.

No. 91809

Put in one of her scene pics

No. 91822

but i'm honestly so jelly when people get guessed that young by that shitty thing…

No. 91829

I think you might have brain problems

No. 91864

That thing has been proven to not work right over and over.

No. 91882

This. I used it with a bunch of pt pics, for one of the pictures where you could clearly see how shitty her skin is guessed 29 and for another one with brightness/filters it guessed 54.

No. 91961

Noooo fucking way, Kota landed a gig with Samsung!


No. 91962

File: 1430500722351.png (715.71 KB, 1280x800, samsung1.png)

No. 91963

File: 1430500755283.jpg (84.9 KB, 853x546, pic_6.jpg)


Damn she's come a long way.

No. 91964

shits going down
kiki is crying alone

No. 91971


I can hear Kirsten's tears from here.

No. 91972

i feel like shes so out of place in that video

No. 91973


Speaking of which, she's been completely silent on all social media accounts for a few weeks now… I wonder what she's scheming this time…

Secret marriage to a Japanese national?
Planning Dakota's murder?

No. 91976

Koti sounds so grownup here. I like it when she giggled at the end.

No. 91978

yea its a bit random but oh well.
hot damn ill totally admit ive been a jealous hoe for awhile but this really did it for me. i'm quite proud of her now

No. 91979

Oh my god, she's so fucking cute.
I kind of like how she doesn't go the overly high pitched route… Her Japanese sounds better in a lower voice.

No. 91980

Aaah, fuck. I'm throwing in the towel. She's finally won me over. She looks absolutely precious in this video. (I was getting tired of being salty anyway.)

No. 91989


so did most of you that disliked her did so because she wasn't honest about her shooping or b/c of the way she acted as an 11-15 yr old?

No. 91990


Wow her Japanese is very, very good now.
I mean, it's to be expected having lived there for 3 years now but I'm very impressed.

Go Dakota!
Kiki can still burn.

No. 91991

i love the defensive ass licker infestation, i bet they are all from PULL. last time i visited, everyone there was praising kota and yelling at the unfortunate ones who dared to say something bad about her. kek. just join a fanclub already, stop spamming the thread with your "kawaii uguu i'm so proud omg bbygrl". if someone dared to say that butter golem's outfit looks nice or something all hell would break loose.

it is said that on warm summer nights when there is a full moon, you can hear kiki howling and crying in the far distance and if you don't cover your ears with moss, you will get earbola and be transformed into a cat that will have to run from kiki forever and ever

No. 92001


>it is said that on warm summer nights when there is a full moon, you can hear kiki howling and crying in the far distance and if you don't cover your ears with moss, you will get earbola and be transformed into a cat that will have to run from kiki forever and ever

This sounds like a legitimate piece of Japanese mythology.

No. 92005

> i bet they are all from PULL
That shit is getting old already, it's just that she doesn't do anything new anymore that's cringleworthy.

No. 92013

Damn, her Japanese is really impressive.

No. 92015

No. 92044

ikr, she has never put on the kawaii loli voice
props to her

No. 92056

Forced or not, she's so much cuter when she is smiling/talking with all this movement.
I remember when she was so robotic with her movements/gestures a few years ago.
It's refreshing. Confidence is good.
Same. I really like the tone of her voice as is. Was always a tad lower then most girls I know (as far as when she speaks english)

No. 92078

I love Dakota.

No. 92085

Totally agree. Came here after a long time and I see nothing but "omg she's so cute, beautiful, precious, sweet, adorable, smart, talented, kind……simply the best and most interesting person on the whole Asian continent". This thread already turned into a mass fapping session of all her former or recently turned-into fans (a.k.a. the second pull). So boring.

No. 92090

You sound like a jelly fatty.

No. 92107

Oh really? Is there anything smart you'd like to say to make yourself feel better? Guess I hurt your feelings with my comment :)

No. 92123

Not the same anon, but dakota hasn't done anything lulsy in forever, has landed a lot of good jobs, os looking cute and doing her thing and you don't like that so you equate her getting acknowledgement for that here with people beating off to her, your wording accordingly sounds very aggressive which in turn makes you sound jealous. As for the fatty thing, people around here seem to like using that as an insult. To me you just sound sad.

No. 92130

In that case if she isn't a lol cow anymore, can't This thread be moved to /b/ and turned into a fan thread then?

No. 92182

So if you rip on her, you're from PULL. If you praise her, you're from PULL.

I agree, this should be moved to /b/ because there is way too much grasping and boring exposures of photoshopping.

How insecure do people have to be to constantly rip on Dakota for every itty bitty tiny thing. She's not lulzy in any way.

No. 92208

I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the same 2 or 3 people making those comments lol

No. 92219

No. 92238

His last question was ''did you have plastic surgery'' to which she responded ''what are you saying? no, i didn't!''

No. 92244

Not the same, it's irritating you people try hard to figure out who's commenting, either way grow up and stay on topic. I asked to move the thread since no one is allowed to rip on her according to you dictating idiots.

No. 92258

I don't get it when people ask this.. she doesn't look like someone who have had surgery to better themselves. She's pretty average in my books.

Comparing to her old photoshops, her real face is butt ugly. But gotten used to her real face, she's alright. Sometimes cute, sometimes unfortunate.

No. 92265

idk it looks like she had a nose job, probably under the guise of deviated septum, when she was younger (scene days) it looked p bulbous

No. 92266

But those people who ask usually haven't seen her old candid photos. I guess they're just so used to big Asian noses. Dakota's is kinda tiny too, even for a gaijin nose. I still don't like the tip though.. looks really weird from the side.

No. 92268

It's because it's Japan and surgery is extremely common among celebs or ''beauties'', which is why. Of course it happens in the west too but it's usually a lot more visible.
I think you can compare it to the Jennifer Aniston dilemma, lol.

No. 92298

has japanese media forgotten what white people look like? its as if they dont realize they dont need surgery to get pointy noses and double eyelids..
"have you had surgery?"
shes not japanese! of course not!

No. 92350

why does scott look like Jeffery Dahmer

No. 92364

her nose looks repulsive from the side if i was her i'd get that tip chopped off asap.

No. 92366

Yea but in this case and most, it's fucking true. They are infesting the place.

And if there's nothing new about her and everyone loves her now and all they want to do is kiss her ass DELETE THE FUCKING THREAD OR MOVE IT TO /b/ this is lolcow not pull.

No. 92372

A lot of white people look like potatoes.
See: Venus, OrangeCitrus, Mortem3r, etc

No. 92392

except she does in her videos? lmao

No. 92403

This almost seems like a dakota appreciation thread. Maybe it is. Anyways, she looks like an angel and I'm so glad for her that she reached so much!

No. 92438

Can't say I'm on team Koots or against her. She's successful, good for her. If she becomes a washed up lol cow trying to regain her former fame in a few years I'll revisit.

Kooters fame should be used properly and that is to rub salt in Kaka's failed career. Her little sister becomes a model in Japan and her former scene frienemy becomes the owner of a popular cult line that's helped bring down the notorious LC. I love it.

No. 92442

Dakota is mediocre anf boring, the only reason threads about her keep being made are so PULLtards can have a place to anonymously worship her for living her dream and whiteknight her any time anyone says anything about her that isn't "im so proud and happy for her she's so matute now a cute sweet little hard working angel desu desu~".

No. 92444

I meant "anonymously worship her for living their* dream, all the while calling everyone else an ugly, jealous potato nose weeb.

No. 92448

tbh i thought she makes a strange voice in her videos, like she barely moves her jaw or mouth, and i attributed it to reducing her workload when editing the fuck out of her face

No. 92449

Wearing those "dolly" childish dresses actually makes her look older. She needs to dress her age.

No. 92450

Damn he's hot. And he's kota's type

No. 92455

As boring as ass kissing kota is, saying that she's wearing contacts or is using a phone app to edit her pictures is boring too. She hasn't done anything really worth internet attention. The only thing left is "good for you".

For someone who has relied so heavily on editing photos/videos to get people to like her for so many years, it really is a breath of fresh air. And I think a lot of people who do compliment her are living vicariously through her.

No. 92466

because she looks different in real life compared to her photoshopped pics.

no that's immature, dakota should be using her fame to stabilize a fanbase.

No. 92471

File: 1430587085978.jpg (83.69 KB, 759x395, kaiji2-3-nose-escaflowne.jpg)

I like Dakota's nose, it's like a late 80's-early 90's anime nose.

No. 92472

She's in the CM for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

No. 92474

less screen time out of everyone though
kinda sad

No. 92475

oh fuck off, its better than w/e youre doing with your life

No. 92483

get a grip, sis. as long as you're in school you're doing something better with your life.

No. 92491

I know, right?

It's a good thing they figured out she's such a horrible person who shoops her pics and wears circle lenses before they made her the star of their commercial! They must have looked at the truth blogs just after they cast her.

No. 92492

Sorry to say this, but only a truly immature person could imply that being in a commercial is far more important than anything else. You're a sad person.

No. 92505

And it's not sad to spend your free time here?
I'm sure you could be doing something far more important than posting on a forum dedicated to laughing at lolcows. We're all immature.

No. 92520

I'm not sure if it's wise to discuss anything with you, because I don't think you'd get it. But let me try to put it simply - what other posters from here do or don't do in their free time is absolutely none of your business. And pointing fingers at the others is just not making you look any better. What you said to that anon (from 92474) was illogical, sad and immature. Period.

No. 92525

this lol. i think it's mixed with people being jelly, screaming how obese or ugly she is. or like now, complaining about her only getting 3 seconds screentime in a commercial. i don't understand why anyone finds her interesting/provoking anymore.

No. 92528

And arguing over the internet about a retarded model isn't sad? Maybe take a look at your own life before you start pointing fingers at others, Anon.

No. 92531


u a faggot?

No. 92532

MOVE THE THREAD. Stop attacking people who have different opinions on her. If you all are so eager to defend her then move her thread to /b/. My gosh

No. 92533

No. And again, your poor attempts at turing the focus onto someone else in order to justify your answer to that particular anon is not going to make you and your answer look any better.

No. 92534

Lol so you came on on image board dedicated to making fun of obnoxious Internet lolcows in order to make fun of people who make fun of lolcows? And you want to talk shit about our free time lmao

No. 92535

She looks kinda out of place I think.
I think it's because she was looking directly into the camera

No. 92537


No. 92539

File: 1430595927553.gif (909.69 KB, 250x427, nahnahnahnah.gif)

I can attack anyone I want, you oversensitive retard.


No. 92546

No, I make fun of lolcows as much as anyone else. I just don't have delusions that what I'm doing isn't pathetic/sad.

No. 92548

Dakota's in a commercial
>Oh yeah well it's not like she got that much screentime and they use no-names all the time!

Not this stupid shit again. Why do people keep one-upping Dakota on what she doesn't have? That makes you sound insanely jelly and that's irritating to both "fans and haters"

No. 92561

Does anyone wonder if Kiki is the one screaming about how unsuccessful Dakota is and wanting her thread to be moved to /b/?

Tbh as long as this thread is being bumped then it shouldn't have to be deleted or moved. I don't think this place is a Dakota fanclub, it's an Erika fanclub more than anything. Everyone is allowed to state and defend their own opinions. Idk why everyone has their panties in a bunch.

No. 92564

Lol Im sure it could be.
We all know kaka wish she could be as kawaii as her little sister chan.

No. 92565

I agree with this anon. I don't really think it needs to be moved as long as it's being bumped.

No. 92567

holy shit calm yourself
i was being fucking genuine you dipshit

No. 92581

Some people want Dakota's thread moved to /b/ because she isn't a lolcow. all this pointing out her poor photoshopping is old and getting really petty now. Why would Kiki want that? I could understand Kiki shooting down all of Kota's achievements by pointing out everyone being better at her at every tiny thing she does. Kota did not say she was the best at anything she did. Pointing out "someone else did it better" on everything she does is annoying and A-logging.

No. 92616

Anon probably said it because someone was acting like if she was Samsung's new face model, chill.

No. 92696

File: 1430625298595.png (145.76 KB, 514x405, didsomeonecallme.PNG)

Actually I was thinking that maybe Dakota was the one coming here screaming about how jelly everyone is cause they aren't in glorious nippon.
Especially with those "go back to pull you hater" comments seeing as how I assume most regulars here know that pull users mostly praise kota but since pull was basically made to discuss Kota's drama she'd probably assume everyone there are her haters.

Besides wouldn't Kiki want to keep Dakota's thread here?

No. 92704

Literally the biggest waste of potential how annoying

No. 92708

ME TOO, It fucking guessed my baby picture was 5. Why must I look so ancient

No. 92749

Yeah I'm pretty certain Kotex has been posting lately, hardly anyone has a reason to be defensive about every little bit of success she would get but her. Sometimes I think the thread is Kotex and Kooter fighting tbh.

No. 92755

Kotex and Kooter are both nicknames for Dakota, anon.

No. 92771

Derp, meant Kaka.

No. 92773

No problem, it's easy to make mistakes.

Sometimes I'm just surprised by the hatefulness of some of the posts about her, and we all know there is no one ore jealous of Kota than Kiki.

No. 92812

I thought this was PT for a sec

No. 92813


I was one of those people so it's doubtful.

Also I fucking hate PULLtards.

No. 92904

lol, i would not be surprised if kota was bashing kiki in her thread with kiki defending herself and kiki was bashing kota in this thread with kota defending herself.

No. 93105

People were only sayingthat kind of shit because anons were acting like her getting placed for a few seconds in a TV ad means she's now an A list TV personality.

Everyone saying "shes not that big a deal stop licking her cunt go back 2 PULL" is Kiki

Everyone saying "she landed a huge fat contract with Samsung she's the star of the commercial and the new face of Samsung you're all just jelly losers doing nothing with ur lives go back 2 PULL" is Kota

I hope this is just an unfortunate cap of a face she made very briefly, it's so unflattering and eugh.

No. 93115

People have differing opinions. That doesn't make them Kota or Kiki.

No. 93130

I don't think that post was meant literally, goofus.

No. 93248

This! The digs and anger seem very specific, like who else would take things so personally?

No. 93314

I dont think dakota would waste her time here at this point. Sure she has haters but she also has 160,000 people following her on twitter. Theres definitely more love than hate going on.
Kiki coming in is another story

No. 93319

I honestly dont think either of them are posting on this site

No. 93325

Yeah, I think people are just paranoid. I am not Kiki or Kota and I was also one of the people who thought this thread belongs more on /b/ than /pt/. I still don't understand why Kiki would want that. :/ Admin can verify

No. 93330

Please though, lol. No one in this thread said she's a class A celeb, you pulled it out of your ass. She's sad, but this isn't even gossip anymore, people are trying to milk shit out of every single image of her at this point. By the way, I'm Kota, Kiki and PULL.

No. 93340


No. 93348

meh i still think dakota threads are /pt/ worthy because even though its always the same old shit, i like to come here and laugh at her baby alien shoops
i know its getting old… but not really ;)

No. 93355

Anon never said that people stated she is a class A celeb but acted like it which they indeed did, not only in this thread but also the Kiki one.

No. 93375

File: 1430757290246.png (179.8 KB, 457x336, Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.3…)

videos from january…. never seen these. she looks pretty thin here

No. 93377

She seems so awkward. The other two girls have such a cute personality and she just stands there, like she has no idea what she's suppose to do/ say.

No. 93384

This show is not from January, it's from June 2013.

No. 93388

Well it shouldn't take no more than maybe 5 minutes to read the newest posts on this thread and comment and considering all those copyright claims they did in the past I wouldn't be shocked if kiki and kota did comment here.

No. 93407

She has nice eyebrows, and theycOmOliment her face nicely, it pisses me off how she hides them under her bangs and pretends then don't exist, IMHO she looks stupid that way.

No. 93410

the video is 2 years old though, her japanese wasn't as good so she likely didnt understand what was going on, and so, yeah, she had no idea what to do or say

No. 93540

please quote where anyone did?

No. 93561

This one for example

No. 93617

Or this one.

No. 93784

Her black shirt is inside out at 6:04

No. 93787

I think anon meant the commercial would help her gain more people who would wonder who she was and research her, giving her more popularity.

Samsung uses no-names but they also use celebs. I don't know if she got the position due to her status or not but her status may have helped her get noticed a little.

No. 93829

File: 1430800365787.jpg (40.63 KB, 593x356, oops.jpg)

Oh no! haha

No. 93924

This made me laugh. Skip to 0.55 for his Dakota impression.

No. 93938

Ahaha, wow

No. 93969

LOL i actually burst out laughing..

No. 94249

File: 1430883132649.jpg (38.96 KB, 754x150, A2V5zotCAAAow14.jpg)

Kek. I remember when Duncan posted about Koti sending him a message on YouTube because of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujx16SjeuA0&feature=youtu.be&t=2m2s

No. 94250

If it's just about that tiny video clip, how is it talking shit? It's funny because he didn't lie.

No. 102374

File: 1431705109433.jpg (91.25 KB, 720x1131, dkt.jpg)

No. 102380

I know the photo is probably flipped but I am laughing at the backwards "D" on her necklace

No. 102382

This looks really bad… you can't even really see her nose from the brightness.

No. 102404

she looks like a sloth

No. 102413

Kek. Can't unsee it.

No. 102424

that angle is so unflattering her nose bridge makes it look like her eyes are far apart

No. 102430

File: 1431710348974.jpg (41.58 KB, 516x810, 11263023_775472125900210_58914…)

Someone made this on pull

No. 102461

Ugh, she's actually cute when she doesn't do this alien shooping. If she just did a filter or two it'd be totally fine and still cute, but this is a level of blurry kawaii poop I can't stand on her…

No. 102473

She just keeps getting worse with the ps. Her face looks like it's melting.

No. 102562

She doesn't even use PS anymore but abuses every single filter option her phone app got.

No. 102563

That's a sixhead.

No. 102639

the result of shooping with an app in a moving taxi?

No. 102952

Hair fringes don't always start at the forehead..

No. 102972

No. 103047

How dumb are they over at Pull?
Do they really think fringes start at the hairline?
Even in the original kooter shopped picture you can clearly see where her actual forehead starts because her hair is so fine you can pinpoint the hairline

No. 103048

File: 1431783937804.png (849.29 KB, 720x1131, jn.png)

this seems to be her hairline

No. 103052

Why'd she stopped wearing false eyelashes? It looked so much better.

No. 103057

Do you even know that there is something like joke pictures?

No. 103090

You put it way too low, her forehead is much bigger. But the point was that the angles and (mainly) the phone editing programs she uses make her head very disproportionate resulting in a forehead that's even bigger than her original one.

No. 103092

Even if it is a joke picture, the person made it as if that was her hairline per request.
On another note, does she have a Samsung? I heard it changes your features automatically when you use Bueaty Mode for the selfie cam.

No. 103095

Hahaha oh wow, this is one of the ugliest winks I've ever seen. What a damn shame. She used to shoop so beautifully.

No. 103108

Idk if she has a Samsung, but I used to and I can confirm the beauty cam mode was a part of mine and it smoothed, blurred, brightened and enlarged the fuck out of my face and eyes. I think Japanese phones that aren't Samsung mights also have this since they seem to eat that shit up.

No. 103344

keep calm gal I made it just because of the illusion it gives the angle + editing. I know her forehead isn't that big lmao I'm not that dumb
No I didn't lol it was a joke because her head seems to be massive in that picture. If someone wants to see how is her real forehead, just search photos of her. Don't be lazy and ask someone to show where her forehead starts.

No. 103351

PULL users just like to make pictures like these out of jealousy because they dress and act kawaii, photoshop and Japan never noticed them but they noticed that awful, horrible Dakota instead WHY COULDN'T IT BE THEM INSTEAD? THEY DESERVE IT MORE BOO HOO!

No. 103352

File: 1431821448435.jpg (414.26 KB, 1600x1066, 11148426_398244760347530_10227…)

and in case someone's still wondering

No. 103353

dafuq are you talking about. I was just joking about how her forehead looks in that pic. I know her forehead isn't that big lmao

No. 103354

maybe you're the one that thinks that every morning when you look at the mirror :v

No. 103355

I hardly look in the mirror and I don't care about being a model in Japan. I care more about being a businessman :p

No. 103356

same :p

No. 103359

But whoever made the pic made a very pointless pic that contributes nothing to fucking anything, much like all PULL users who make jealousy-fueled pics like these.

No. 103367

I'm agree it was useless but I didn't edit (paint because as you can see I didn't put effort) that picture because I'm jealous of her. As I said, if someone wants to see pictures of her without bangs just search on the thread. Something I should add; a friend uses perfect cam or something like that and her head looks like Kota's so maybe she used that app?

No. 103391

It's not like we don't have fun/parody images in threads all over this site too so stfu.

No. 103461

False lashes would help that too sharp eyeliner A LOT. Japanese girls love that shit so why stop? Unless it's more of the I'm so spesharu and natural.

No. 103471

She has become lazy with her appearance lately, at least everything from starting from her shoop to makeup to her outfits (and I was thinking her outfits couldn't get worse) looks like it.

No. 103487

Yeah but even the useless posts are more funny than ones made by PULL users and that's not saying much.

No. 103780

File: 1431894446733.jpg (59.21 KB, 768x1024, dktdkt.jpg)

No. 103789

I don't think she looks 'dolly' anymore. I think since the haircut and style change, she looks more.. Not barbie or dolly. Just cute? If that's the right way to put it.

No. 103802

File: 1431895908146.png (226.72 KB, 264x367, mhaudrey.png)

ugh everyone looks the same these days
pic is mh_audrey kawaii alien baby living in tokyo

No. 103819

Is it some new trend on Japan to not have visible eyelashes? That's pretty much the look she's going for?

No. 103836

dat meitu abuse. Dear god, does she and Venus think we're really that dumb? It's so obvious she's shopped

No. 103838

That cleavage looks drawn. She took a soft round brush and drew 2 brown triangles, one sharper and one blurrier.

No. 103840

No but light brows and tons of filters do that.

No. 103841

she's opening her eyes so wide it looks like her contacts are gonna pop out

No. 103843

File: 1431901843079.jpg (145.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't think so, from what I've seen, Japanese girls still wear falsies but they're more natural looking. Although, I do see some girls from time to time who didn't bother with their lashes. I don't really get it since she wants big eyes and imo eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger than any other eye-enlarging technique could. I was thinking maybe her camera didn't pick up her lashes since my webcam does that, but judging by candids, like in this pic, that doesn't seem to be the case.

I don't get how she's so bad at shooping cleavage, there are billions of pictures of cleavage on the internet she could use as an example for when she shoops. Or she could just wear a push up bra/stuff/wear 2 bras and contour.

No. 103845

Does anyone have an alternative link to this vid? It says it's private now.

No. 103894

I think it's to match the kawaii desu alien baby style.

No. 104085

I wonder why she doesn't simply buy an Upbra or similar bra.

No. 104104

Anyone else seen her apartment tour video?

It kind of reminds me of the ones Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth used to have done back when they were viral.

I like how kota is into her art though, her sketches are definitely still the same as they were back when her and Kiki were doing that KND fashion line? With the creepy boney looking characters and weird animals. If Dakota really, really wants to make a fashion label for herself… I think she'll probably go with that kind of thing… Maybe not but, I think she will.

No. 104107

oh god i hope she doesnt make a clothing line.
she and kiki lean towards white-trash-harajuku in their style choices

No. 104111

I think a year ago or so, kota did state that she infact wanted her own fashion label.

I have this feeling once Rola is out the way, kota taking the spotlight (doing god knows what idek) she'll gather all this money together and start one off. She knows herself, her modelling isn't… She CAN model in my eyes but for certain poses and angles. Kota is aware she's no runway model. So magazines, cataloge work will have to do.

Maybe she's after being the next V Westwood?

I mean good on her for making money and I'm not trying to sound salty, I don't think her style is that good. It's literally just everything you see online, Shibuya 109 ect.. There is nothing unique about it. So if she IS going to make her own fashion line it'd have to be her. No branded taobao cardigans, no chokers and garters. Her own ones. I think.. it's kind of hard to do in this day and age because literally, nearly everything has been done and once it's done, it just feels overplayed….

No. 104128

Her style is pretty much only school uniforms and you can get those for few bucks anyways, I wonder if she still will wear those with 30+.

No. 104138

but people would still buy it because dako chan kawaii ne

No. 104145

That VW comment is so random idk where you're going with it. Dakota's only interest in VW and punk in general was because that's what Tumblr liked.

No. 104172

Well if she's an inspiring designer then she'll have designers who inspire her. She still wears VW, her book is filled with it. Seen the scans.

No. 104482

hell will freeze over before Dakota makes it bigger than Rola

No. 104593

One eye is shooped bigger than the other…

No. 104594

Can someone gif these two somehow?

No. 104604

Agreed. Rola had a major setback last year the whole Dad thing and she hardly worked at all, but in 2015 she's bigger than ever. She's hitting the variety circuit hard again and she's in more advertisements than before. I can't walk down the street here without seeing her face.

I think Rola may end up sticking around on TV and endorsements for years the way Becky has done. Dakota has a very long way to go. Her Japanese needs a lot more work too.

No. 104624

File: 1432032731975.jpg (100.4 KB, 600x922, lolitarose.jpg)

hope this hasn't been posted already

cutie attack

No. 104643

She looks almost like my 50+ yo aunt in lolita, scary.

No. 104645

File: 1432034765690.gif (115.33 KB, 500x281, 2424.gif)

Can't do high-quality gifs, sorry.

No. 104647

File: 1432035378191.gif (466.73 KB, 460x307, focal range.gif)

I don't know if anyone has brought up focal range yet. It's basically the difference between you looking smoking hot in selfies and like a toad in tagged pictures.

No. 104649

I think she looks cute. And with all the drama thirst in the Lolita community she fits right in! CGL went nuts when she modeled for IW. She could become a LACE ambassadore!

No. 104651

can you please explain? c: (i'm a faggot who doesn't know anything about photography, sorry)

No. 104664

File: 1432040153028.gif (22.56 KB, 470x350, picture_angle[1].gif)

Focal length is the distance (In mm usually) the lens needs to be away from the sensor in order for the image to be in focus.

Focal length and angle of view are tied together, the shorter the focal length is, the wider the angle of view. You can see it in the cat gif, in the images where the cats face is closest to the camera, the more of the background we see. but it also distorts the cats face most heavily, because when we take a picture we often need to project the image at a smaller size to all fit on the sensor.

For example a scene you want to photograph was a metre wide, but your sensor is 23.6 mm wide. 1000mm wont divide by 23.6mm evenly, so you can't scale the image down using a whole number ratio. In order for it to all fit, some of it is going to be squished down, but squished unequally, because it doesn't divide as a whole number. Which bits get squished the most is all to do with the lens being convex. This maths is all really simplified and not representative of the actual maths involved, but hopefully illustrates what's going on.

No. 104666

File: 1432040462819.jpg (79.96 KB, 600x271, Canon-Ultra-Wide-Angle-Lens-Co…)

^ that anon has the real technical stuff

This is my basic overall explanation in layman's terms/how I understand it:
There's a difference between cameras with the big ass lenses that can take photos of cityscapes and the cameras that take pictures of tiny bugs on leaves (the ones that make small things big are called Macro lenses). If you used a Macro lens to take a picture of cityscape, it would look kinda shitty, and vice versa.

Same thing with the public event cameras and front cameras on a phone. You're just gonna look different because their uses are slightly different.

a bit OT but you're always going to look different between someone taking a picture of you from afar and you holding the camera where you can manipulate your own angle and face to look as good as you can.

No. 104667

dude rola's not even halfu she's one quarter im dying

No. 104668

Aw! I think kota looks quite cute in Loli! Shame she can't just stick at that instead :p

No. 104670


Isn't that what she's after though? I don't know, I don't know what kota is aiming for anymore. Modeling? TV? Designing? What is it?! :|

No. 104674

This blows my mind. I just quit lolita and wanted some casual references from Dakota's clothing. I remembered she never was a lolita like Venus and always had that cute but very simple style, so I thought I was relatively safe looking at her as an example for various pieces.
I look through a bunch of her stuff and she's wearing nothing but lolita, especially brands I used to enjoy.

No. 104679

Anon from above, all the stuff you said about macro lenses is incorrect. The actual definition of a macro lens is a lens that projects onto the sensor with a 1:1 magnification ratio, hence "Macro" Which actually refers to things visible with the naked eye, as opposed to micro. meaning that if you take an image with a macro lens, and scale it up or down to life size, the proportions will be perfect. The reason they're usually used to take images of small things is because they usually have a pretty short focal length, so the only things you can fit in the available angle of view are tiny. There are like, 500mm macro lenses which you can use for portraits and shit though.

They're pretty much the only lens you can use for everything, hence their huge pricetag.

No. 104693

What? I haven't been following this thread but do you guys think she looks old in this pic?

No. 104703

No, that was just a comment from one jelly anon. I think most of us think she's looks cute.

most of us because there will always be people who disagree

No. 104708


At times, I do think it's unfair when people slam her down for every single thing. Sure the drama but I do think she looks nice in some things, some oufits are a bit off but I do think she tries most of the time and she does look nice. I don't see the point in being a complete ass saying "her legs are too chubby" or "her face is bloated" I mean jesus…

No. 104723

It's not unfair, it's called karma

No. 104746

That's not jelly, in comparison to her shoops that she claims to be ~natural~ she looks old.

No. 104751

dude, even karma wears out, and Dakota's had more than her fair share.
imagine what kind of lolcow you'd be if you'd been publicizing your life on the internet since you were a wee grubby tween.

No. 104762

I think it's weird she's all but completely renounced her identity as an American. She doesn't speak English, apparently doesn't really visit America, and forgive me if I've misinterpreted, but at one point wasn't she basically claiming to be "haffu"? Maybe not saying it, but not denying it? Anyway, I always think it's weird that these girls go to Japan and then pretend their home country doesn't exist.

No. 104764

File: 1432056030726.jpg (72.79 KB, 640x428, party_05.jpg)

Also, this picture is just freakin' hilarious.

No. 104766

File: 1432056718248.png (894.7 KB, 851x472, gswd.png)

Can anyone link me to her first appearance in Japan? I'm having a hard time finding it.

No. 104769

>apparently doesn't really visit America
Honestly, I really can't blame her for that. Would you want to go back to your home country if you had her family? I know she could go other places in America, but she may not have the money or time to.

No. 104818

I don't see what's so funny about it?

No. 104819


Probably denied the hafu thing to gain more popularity but she hardly looks Asian. Just has her bangs in her face to look… the "part" if you get me? I've noticed that. Kota, Mira, Venus ect all have their hair like a Japanese girl would… But Kota does try shooping herself that way sometimes… Hm

No. 104820


Nor do I, but I don't think she looks like barbie anymore… Her old shoops DID but now.. She just looks like someone into cutesy fashion :|

No. 104827

File: 1432062276925.png (102.04 KB, 1561x372, calmdownomfg.png)

Didn't Dakota actually apologize for her past behavior, but PULLtards went like "THAT WASN'T A REAL APOLOGY!!"

I remember one other PULL member saying "If that's not a real apology, what is?" and people tore her apart viciously.

Jeez PULL, let it go already. She said stupid shit when she was a young teen and said she was sorry. Why do PULL members focus and pick on her more than actual scammers and treat her on the same level (sometimes) as Kiki who made light of someone's death?

No. 104828

Maybe they want to seem more appealing to locals.

Source of her saying she is hafu? I think the Japanese would know what their own people look like and would recognize an actual hafu.

No. 104849


I don't think it was a real apology either. But I don't think she will ever feel the need to apologize though? I doubt kota even gives a shit anyway. It's been year, I wouldn't care either. But if I met a fan or someone who asked I would just say "Ah… well it was a long time ago, I was a bit of a dick back then but I didn't mean any of that and I'm not like that anymore" smile and walk off. Even if Japanese saw the videos, they wouldn't care. Some may but companies wouldn't. Not when they're milking her and I bet half of them would laugh cos yeah, kota.

Her past behaviour is just something people bring up and use against her even though its doing NOTHING.

The present kota is what matters and if she does bad for herself, let's just say it doesn't end up good in the end then thats HER own fault, nothing to do with stickam and bla. But, I think it'll just be pushed under the rug like a lot of things are already.

No. 104854


Same person replying.. (I shoulda included this bla)

I am not kota's biggest fan. I am however, interested in her career. I'm not white but we're both 'gaijin' and I think it is quite interesting how Japan is taking her on. Despite the barbie persona thing. I like how open Japan is being, it's nice. Same with the Miss Universe thing, not the same thing but it's pretty cool how time is changing? If you get my drift, sorry I'm just rambling now.

When I first came across kota I think I was a little envious, I'll admit it! Her pictures were lovely but once I saw her face, true face, the envy stopped and now I think the ONLY thing I am slightly envious is her Japanese ha ha!

I mean, I think kota's humour is pretty funny. It's similar to mine, we'd get on I think.

I am not standing up for her though with the photoshop, rudeness and things like that though. But I just think its getting OLD now… "Shes this—" "She's that—" and it's ridiculous to always point out someone is jealous, people are entitled to their own opinions at the end of the day. Some people are still jealous and others just like to slag her off.

She isn't really doing anything wrong anymore. I think it's just the lying and getting to where she is that's pissed people off more than anything. If kota weebs and people really wanted to be like her then go find work in Japan after school, do some modelling over there if you've got the look or get into fashion design over there… I know it's not the same thing but it could lead you somewhere. Just sick of the saltiness…

No. 104869

I agree, PULLtards are just beating a dead horse. It's even worse when they want her to get harmed like get addicted to cigarettes and throw her life down the drain, selling nudes and PS secrets to make ends meet. Like wtf wishing that upon someone. that is 10000000000x worse than what she is doing.

Some people in Japan clearly like her looks even if she doesn't look like her PS pics. Who cares? IDK I guess I'm just desensitized to gaijins "who don't deserve it" getting famous in Japan. People like Beckii Cruel made me rage so hard but it lasted for a little while. I learned of idol culture and it made sense after that I just feel nothing.

Apparently PULLtards including the biggest offender kontrakoti cannot grow out of it. How psychologically disturbed do you have to be to continue chasing someone so heavily when they aren't even a lolcow anymore?

No. 104872

Come on, this comment comes across as way too thirsty. Regardless of how we feel about her, she looks cute in this. (90% of western lolitas look ugly btw.)

No. 104875

>insulting PULLtards while acting like PULLtards
This is lolcow, we shittalk about people as much as we want.

No. 104876

Why thirsty? She does look like my aunt, don't want to post a photo of her due to her privacy but people with a chubby face usually don't look old for a long time anyways but Kota doesn't look young either.

No. 104878

It's just an excuse to justify stalking her online. Some of the original people who claimed to be mad about her past behavior were from 4chan where nigger and faggot are thrown around freely.

There are a few real victims of Dakota's abuse who deserved an apology. The rest are bitter Tumlrinas offended that their kawaii goddess turned out to be a lying bitch who used them for fame. I wouldn't be surprised if they think they deserve a video of her begging for their forgiveness.

No. 104887



Pfft, Kontra is kota's biggest fucking fan on the planet! They do too far in depth with what she's up to. Everyday too, it's pretty sad, it actually is. Obsessive.

No. 104888


I can kind of agree with you there, I do think THOSE people deserve some sort of apology. But is kota gonna give it? Nah.

No. 104900

Who did she abuse?

No. 104910


You're a tad late.

Blacks, overweight, asians (YES ASIANS), disabled, mexicans… her and keeks abused everyone tbh

No. 104915


Most hafu have darker eyes, hair and asian features.. I don't scent a single drop of oriental in kota's blood at all

No. 104916

I don't get it then, You say she isn't a lolcow anymore and yet she's still posted here. Why can't the thread be moved somewhere else, if it is a crime to have an objectionable opinion about her?

No. 104917

I know about that. I thought the person said Dakota abused specific people instead of general groups. I thought Dakota apologized for the remarks or maybe I did not remember correctly

No. 104919

You tell me. Other anons including myself think she should be moved to /b/.

No. 104920

It's not a crime to have an opinion about her. I'm just voicing my opinion about their opinions. I just think she should be moved to /b/ because she is not that lulzy. You are stuffing words in my mouth

No. 104923


Nah, she didn't aha

No. 104926

She was part of kiki's scams, not a big part but still a part.

She cussed out a few people online for innocent comments they had left her.

Then there's the people irl she, Kiki, and their pathetic orbiters would verbally harass when they were out.

As far as I'm concerned those are the only people she actually needs to apologize to. The rest was just try hard bullshit encouraged by her sister.

No. 104927

Didn't put anything there, I said it was a crime because of how angry you all get when someone doesn't like her. Yet she's posted somewhere where two worlds collide. Move her and the people who don't like her won't be bothered with her anymore.

No. 104929

Oh ok. sorry
I wonder if they did apologize to the IRL people. Doubtful, but we may never know I think.

No. 104931

Also, to add in the reason people disliked her was for her dishonesty and the fact that a false persona rose her to fame. "Moral" of the story, Lie your way to success. This is why people hold that grudge. She didn't get there with honesty. So now because she's set in success and doesn't circle her life around her sister she gets a free pass because of time. Mind you, she was never sorry for lying, but whatever I'm neutral about the whole thing anyway.

No. 104934

I don't think either of them have, I could maybe see Kota doing it, but never Kiki. Kiki is so delusional that she honestly thinks she's never done anything wrong in her entire life and that people just hate her for no reason/because they're jealous.

No. 104936

The problem is that is how most people get to the top.

No. 104950

This. I was raised to always be honest and when I see people getting rewarded for cheating and lying, I simply can't accept that kind of behavior. It saddens me how people just let it all go only because they find the liar cute. It seems too shallow for me. Also, all other people who have lied as much as her are treated badly, only because they're not considered that cute; it's not fair.

No. 104951

Giant lips.
Weird fakey looking pout.

No. 104955

I don't remember. Something in the beginning of her career. Slightly implied by her being in the "Japanese" section of Bravo models.

No. 104971

She is listed in the haffu section.

No. 104974

people didn't hate her because she photoshopped or wore circle lenses, it was the fact that she denied it repeated & claimed that it was 'all natural' that got people's dander up. Combine that with the videos of her floating around as a kid making homophobic comments + some responses to 'internet stalkers', and that's how she got her reputation as a kawaii lesbian-hating faker.
People didn't hate her because of her 'persona', it was the lying about wigs, lenses, applying makeup prior to making 'makeup tutorials' & pretending she was clean-faced, etc…

She never recanted those lies because it would have blown apart her whole image, but she did apologize for her behavior as a kid (an entry that looks like it was later edited several times, possibly by Cathy? but no confirmation of this, I remember seeing the original though & feeling it was genuine. she obv. lurked the /cgl/ threads and was aware of what she was most heavily critiqued for)

Anyways, she didn't 'cheat' her way to Japan, >>104950 sounds bitter towards cute girls because they're the type to imagine that your looks will get you everything in life. this isn't true. Kota photoshopped, but advertisers and photographers will do this to any model–as evident from her changing face over various modelling campaigns. The only difference is that she showcased herself rather than waiting for a professional to notice her & do it.

No. 105054


That's true, she pretty much did market herself. Still, telling people you look like a 'real life barbie' is a bit silly though. I know WHY she did it and if she didn't she wouldn't be where she was today. Kudos to her for that in a sense..

In my eyes though it IS kind of cheating. But at the same time, it's not? It's a 'yes' and 'no' kind of strategy with her tbh and I doubt it'll end. You're ALWAYS going to get someone who disagrees and someone who'll defend kota.

At the end of the day, who really cares. It isn't as if she is a runway model, far from it because she's now slowly getting into TV work. Anyone can have an online persona, a name for themselves if they put the effort in. Kota is basically, to me, a catalogue and magazine model. Just like the ones you get here in the UK. That's it.

I know in Japan their magazines and fashion.. the way they go about things is a LOT different. People tend to make a big deal about how she got her fame. It's not that exciting. I think most girls were just bewildered as to how she got away with it really and then you got a handful who TRIED doing what she did, half the time it never really worked and they ended up making asses out of themselves or laughed at.

Kota got lucky.

She had some followers, she had some kind of skill with photoshop and camera, she had her sister's shitty backstory, she had tumblr, she did the doll thing at a time where it was kind of getting popular, she has a face that 'works' and did all the things that she knew would get her where they wanted to be, especially when Japan took interest. They're ALL your ingredients.

It's a one off and I don't think this will happen again, not unless someone is the full package with an actual talent and looks the exact same as they do in pictures.

No. 105064

She did "CHEAT", now your attempting to downplay what she did by forcing your opinion. Using photoshop, lying about her eyes are real or not, etc. are examples of her cheating. Deceit in any form or fashion is just that, "cheating".

No. 105067


It's like I said, the debate will never end. People are always gonna either defend her or diss her. Meh.

I think she did pretty much cheat if I'm honest, what can you do? Nihon loves her lol

No. 105072

I agree. Tbh, she did cheat but I personally am happy for her modeling in Japan, mostly because it pisses Kiki off and I actually like Kota.

No. 105081


I am too, I do think she is only good at certain angles though when it comes down to modelling. She suits just magazine work and websites at the most. But I would LIKE to see truthful models over there in the future. No bullshit or lies, just model and shush. I know kota is doing that but all this drama is ridiculous. I think it is slowly dying down though, like I said, no one cares because at the end of the day, it's not even important. Just a girl, like many million others out there in the world. A girl modelling, like hundreds more. That's it.

But I think what grinds people's tits is the 'living barbie' because honestly.. I don't know if it's Japan and it's thing for not really understanding much about westerners.. Kota doesn't look like a barbie doll. I've got friends who've gone to other countries and been called "Beyonce" or "Celine Dion" but they don't really know much about the people visiting their country, so they just use what they know or what they've seen in the media.

Ten years from now, none of this shit will even matter.

No. 105127

She actually got that title during her 2011 editing phase. Just look at some of the notes under this picture http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/post/9966717131

>I don’t want to seem mean but this girl is too perfect. She is like a doll. She kinda scares me. But she’s very pretty!

>She looks like a doll. -.-

>she looks like a doll dont know whether to be creeped out or amazed

>holy shit… real life barbie:|

>Wow she looks just like a doll. o.o

No. 105130


Yeah, that was at the time during, like you just said her editing phase.

She doesn't look like that now though in her new pictures and especially not in person.

No. 105192

Kontra is a blessing, whether she's just a hater-fan or whatever she is. Sometimes we're all thirsty as hell for more deets and she always supplies. She always gets the most recent pics.

No. 105266

>She never recanted those lies because it would have blown apart her whole image, but she did apologize for her behavior as a kid

In a recent tv program (the one where she was standing next to that tall model guy) she claimed her eyes were natural and not lenses. They even did a close up on her face and it was really obvious, so she's still up to bullshittery for sure.

No. 105289

She even claims that in her book besides claiming she hardly does retouch her videos/photos.

No. 105292

not to defend her, but I think you're refering to one where she was asked if her eye color was real, and she said yes.

where did she say the part about hardly retouching her photos?

No. 105297

File: 1432088140645.jpg (147.26 KB, 500x669, 98ebf20e4a12c427ecd421256d041a…)

Her shoops used to be very nice, could pass as magazine levels of editing, but her shit is downright ridiculous now. She's not really an lolcow anymore but these huge straight up lies need to stop.

>this face isn't CG!

Sure models get shooped, but you'd think she'd do a better job on her own photos if her gimmick time and time again is about her all natural beauty.

No. 105303

The part where she shows how her videos get done.

No. 105309

Thanks. I don't read moonspeak.

No. 105317

I think we all only talkin bout Dakota cause of the severe Kiki drought

No. 105318

>not really an lolcow anymore

I don't get why people say this. I think someone like Kooters is once a lolcow, always a lolcow. She just has PR now.

Stuff like her not denying she's half Japanese is one of the newer ones. Her interviews are also riddled with lies like always. It's just takes different forms from when she was pre-Japan famous.

No. 105416

LOL her face and the reaction face

No. 105417

Amazing, her face totally shrinks into less than half the size and longer.

No. 105422

Not really. There are people who screw up, and then in 5 years everyone totally forgets about them and moves on. The probably would have happened to her already if she had dropped off the internet the second she stopped acknowledging her critics (early 2012). But since she's still active online, there will always be people following her tail no matter what.

She's not presenting any more lulz worthy material, for a long time we've only been recycling old shit that doesn't even matter any more. So I agree that she's not really a lolcow at this point.

No. 105423

Is it possible that the way she does her eyemakeup now is to look half Japanese?

No. 105435

she does her eye makeup exactly like the other popteen girls, so I don't think it's for any other purpose than the generic "big eyes" illusion they all do it for.

No. 105438


See, here's my two cents on why I roll my eyes every time I see some anon defend her with that "she deserves it! She had a hard life and a shitty family!" argument.

Dakota was rewarded for being a self centered liar and manipulator with a fat modeling contract that assured she would never have to experience working a shit job to teach her any humility. I don't Know why everyone thinks that between her being in FL and going to JP she had to face some huge thing that atoned for her being a massive liar and attention whore since literally before she hit puberty.

Yes, her family and home life were not what most people would call normal and definitely not healthy, but she had no responsibility, no obligations, didn't have to work or go to school, pay bills and her parents bought her clothes and expensive photography equipment and software, not to mention their macbooks and Kiki's instruments. Personally I know a lot of people who wish they'd had it as ~hard~ as she did growing up.

>inb4 but baww her parents made her super self conscious and favored Kiki more and her sister called her fat!!!111

Oh, so traumatizing. Because that's totally the worst treatment you could ever get from your parents/siblings, totes.

>but she had no friends! she was all alone abloobloo

That's why taking kids out of school that young is retarded, but also she has a few friends online and at least one IRL she met up with at least once. With her and Kiki's followers they both could have easily posted some feelers to meet up and hang out with people in Orlando, there's Plenty to do there. Dakota and Kiki never hadfriends because they were too busy trying to be famous and to be honest just don't give a shit about other people.

Sorry for the textwall, I don't hate Dakota but it does irk me how so many people se her as some brave survivor of a fucked up family who overcame such hardship when the reality of it is she just lied her way to where she is now and is in all likelihood the same rancid bitch she always was.

No. 105442

You honestly just sound jelly and upset. You obviously hate Dakota bro, just admit it.

No. 105446

>I think the Japanese would know what their own people look like and would recognize an actual hafu.

LEL, no. I have very light natural blonde hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes, 100% white, ski slope nose, high cheekbones, bony face TL;DR white as fuck. When I went to Japan I got asked by multiple people if I was wearing brown color lenses and if my eyes were really blue, when I told them my eyes were really brown every single time the response was "oh, so are you half?"

I guess Japan is so used to seeing Anglos in the media that a blonde without blue eyes that's not mixed is a hard idea to process. TBH I think that's why Yuka and other brunette girls trying to be Japan famous don't get all that much attention, because they're not Anglo and Japan has a huge boner for Anglos (tell me I'm wrong, I dare you).

No. 105447

I don't hate Dakota, I hate her whiteknights who have their heads so firmly wedged up her ass and act like she's some innocent princess who can do no wrong because she lives in Japan.

No. 105449

>Japan has a huge boner for Anglos (tell me I'm wrong, I dare you).

fucking this. In America, the media focuses on Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, where Japan is still shitting themselves over Katy Perry and Kesha. If you have blue or green eyes Japanese people will love you.

No. 105456

Eh, i dont think there are too many people like that, but maybe im just not paying attention.

Something you might want to take into consideration is the fact that many people are comparing Dakota with Kiki, even unconsciously. And you have to admit, Kota is much more charming than her (comparively) less successful sister.

No. 105460

Are you serious? Any time anyone says anything about her that isnt at least neutral there's a surge of "go back to PULL" "you're just jealous bc you're not a model in nippon" and "she's so mature im so proud I hope she makes it really big cuz she totes deserves it" etc.

And yeah, Kiki is massively shitty, but Dakota being less shitty by comparison… still isn't anything to brag about, considering just how awful Kiki is. That's like comparing gonorrhea to cancer.

No. 105461


Why hasn't Jrcach tried to ruin Dakota like he has almost every other e-famous white girl trying to be famous in Japan? I've always wondered why he seems to ignore her completely and go after no-name girls on Tumblr instead, him being fluent in Japanese and English and his live for starting rumors and spreading drama could really do damage to her reputation if he kept his name out of it and did everything anonymously.

No. 105462

Nah man, I guess I don't really see it. Though I do see your same arguement being reported word for word in previous posts….

Hey, not trying to excuse any ass kissing there may be, just trying to explain maybe the mindset behind it. I don't think Dakota having a sister as abhorrent as Kiki is an excuse for maybe/maybe not being a shitbag, but people might be seeing Dakota in a more positive light because of it. Do you get me?

No. 105467

She is signed under one of the biggest agencies in Japan. Maybe he's scared they'd go after him. It's definitely not worth the risk when there's plenty of nobodies to harass.

No. 105468

I know what you're trying to say, but what I'm saying is that having a sack of shit for a sister doesn't make her a good person just because she's less shitty by comparison.

Look, I'm not saying Dakota is a human cancer, I'm saying she's a spoiled, self centered liar who never had to really work for anything. Catalogue and magazine modeling isn't very hard work, the hard part is getting into it wich Dakota also did by lying.

No. 105469

But if he did it anonymously on 2ch they couldn't really go after him I think. I know a few things about him, like I know how he loves starting drama and talking shit about foreign girls more than life itself, so it's just odd to me how he never even said anything much about her.

No. 105471

I'm not saying she's a good person though? I'm just offering insight as to why other anons might think she is.

Idk man, I feel like you have a hate boner for her and maybe you should let it go. She's not hurting anyone but herself and there are so many finer lulz to be had. You might stress yourself into a stroke.
But then again, it doesn't matter and I can't tell you what to feel. Do what you do, I guess.

No. 105472

The other girls are easier targets for him, I imagine.

No. 105474


And that entire last paragraph is exactly what irks me about Dakota whiteknights. You are literally doing exactly what I said you would. "meh well I guess ur just jealous just admit you're obsessed with her and get over it jeez lol".

There isn't anything about Dakota worth hating that isn't years old and beaten to a pulp, you're right, but her whiteknights are fucking irritating, denser than lead, and so far up her ass that Their replies are the only reason Dakota threads keep being made. That is literally every single Dakota thread, some pics of her and some news, then 300 posts of asskissing her and diging on whoever doesn't asskiss her or points out any of her flaws.

No. 105476

God, how I hate these kind of comments "I have nothing better to say, so I'm going to call you jelly just because you said something bad about my Dakota". Where did that anon sound jelly?!

No. 105490

Very true, and honestly I am loving how little makeup she wears now compared to her Japan debut. It appears she just wears some kind of BB creme or foundation/powder, that downward facing eyeliner, minimal blush, minimal mascara and some white under the eyes for tearbags. On some of her fellow Popteen models Twitters you can even see her with what looks like simply lip gloss, foundation and lenses. She seems to be so much more comfortable with her real face. Remember that model who worked with Kota when she was newly in Japan? How she said Kota was obsessed with re-applying her makeup, and we never saw her without quite a bit on?

Well I think this more natural look is very sweet. She is not stunningly beautiful, but I think she is quite adorable and cute, like Japanese-school-girl-next-door.

No. 105513

Where in that last paragraph did I say that at all? I honestly said that you can do whatever you want because it doesn't matter, dude. Her life isn't important enough to stress over. That's all. I don't really care for Dakota either way, It just seems to me like you have kind of an unnatural hatred of her and I think it would benefit you to not give a shit as much as you do.

But this is way off topic and I'm not contributing anything interesting, so I'll move on. Sorry for rustling your jimmies.

No. 105531

….you jump to conclusions for no reason. How does that anon sound like they hate Dakota? Where?

No. 105534

He thinks he influenced her rise to fame with his blog posts whatever so he has no reason to bring down what he "built."

No. 105539


Yeah but if you look at most blogger, majority of them have a 'natural look' they use for everyday make up. Doesn't automatically make them a doll though.

Most girls do just put on foundation, bit of blush, mascara and lipgloss/lipstick with a natural tint.

It's nothing new. Pretty, but that's about it.

No. 105541



It's not 'ass kissing' or anything. Just hearing the same shit about her gets boring as fuck, she's NOT that interesting. I quite like kota, I'm not her biggest fan but the drama is BORING. She is BORING. She gets put on TV and its the same "omg so you're a barbie?!??!?!?!" and the same questions… That's all there is to her! I don't understand why people need to bash her constantly or get heated over nothing! The girl is just there! Oh my lord..

No. 105542

I don't know why everyone is going along with her no contacts lie … If it was in the west I could get why not a lot of people would pick it up, but I expect japanese teens to know and be able to recognise those large lenses.

It'd be funny if one got stuck, I usually only wear regular contacts but sometimes they move around a bit and (rarely) can get stuck under my eyelid. Maybe they cut to somebody else when/if that happens.

No. 105544

I don't think she was as messy as she was when she was younger. I think if you're wanting that from her and others are, they need to move on.

She's definitely still lulzy with these messy photoshops, tons of lies, and "living doll" persona still intact. Someone like Kota always has drama following her closely behind.

No. 105549

Sorry, I'm out of the loop. Who is this Jrach guy and why does he care so much? Does he have some sort of blog?

No. 105560


I have blue eyes, blonde hair and look white all over, but still i've gotten the "are you half?" question numerous times in Japan. I look nothing like a half so i guess it must have been because i can speak Japanese, or maybe they just use it as a general compliment lol.

No. 105561

Yes, because not having to go to school, paying bills, and having cool expensive stuff cancels out the actual abuse she went through. By the way, pulling kids out of school and not teaching them responsibility is abuse and Cathy was said to hit and emotionally abuse her. You sound like Totemokawaii.

No. 105565


Dakota wasn't actually offered a "fat" modeling contract. Around the time she went to Japan and was 16 years old, she didn't get many modeling jobs. They weren't just handed to her without her doing nothing for it.
At some point she was struggling with money so much she had to collect fuckin 10 yen coins so she could buy 1 bread a day from a convenience store and survive on that. But she decided not to give up and came a long way!

No. 105567


Dakota didn't come to Japan when she was 16 though. It's been stated so many times that her and kiki are much older. That police report floating around even said that Kiki was borin in 1992 and Dakota was born in 1993. So, she's practically 22. She looks older, like her age? She can still pass off as young but she doesn't look younger than 18/19.

Kiki definitely looks a lot older.

No. 105580


someone sure sounds pissy over in their corner.
dude, using photoshop for your personal blog photos is not 'cheating'.
Submitting photoshopped pictures to apply to a modelling agency, yeah, that's questionable. But the agency has seen what she looks like, they've had the opportunity to drop her several times. She's been there long enough that her visa must have been renewed by now, which means she's getting jobs.
You can't 'cheat' in real life using those tactics. Clients who consider using her for their campaigns know she's not 'IRL Barbie', they can recognize circle lenses when they see them, she has to go to castings sans makeup, and she's been successful anyways. Like it or not, photoshop (and the controversy that surrounded her use of it) garnered her the attention to get into the field she chose. But she has the looks to make it there, anyways. The only difference is that now she has a gimmick whereas otherwise she'd be just your run-of-the-mill white girl model in Japan.

tbh it just sounds like you're jelly that the same opportunity hasn't just fallen in your lap.

No. 105582

tbh i think kota is very beautiful, a lot more beautiful that most run-of-the-mill girls, recently. i think that she just took a while to grow into her looks. she is definitely interesting looking.

No. 105595

What's the source on this? I would find reading this side of girls like kotas story a whole lot more interesting. If this is the case she has all my respect. Honestly, I've been trying to understand for a while now what the deal with "hating" on dakota is about. Is it because she is somewhat of a public figure, because i sure as hell haven't issued a PSA saying sorry for every horrible comment i made when i was a kid.

No. 105612

Because Dakota's agency could actually sue him for defamation. It's much easier to harass people that can't really fight back.

No. 105615

The incredible irony is that Dakota more or less has always been FU to her fans. When she garnered popularity, people were full on with their conspiracy theories and hate-filled tumblr posts. Now that Dakota is established, everyone is licking her ass.

I'm kind of indifferent of her. It's definitely been interesting following her career.

No. 105617

>When she garnered popularity, people were full on with their conspiracy theories and hate-filled tumblr posts. Now that Dakota is established, everyone is licking her ass.
That's because they aren't the same people, most of the old truth bloggers moved to other things just like how it also was with most Feelice bloggers.

Her former chinese fans still hate her tho for dumping them and her weibo right after Japan noticed her.

No. 105619


I agree.
Sure she abuses camera editing apps and filters too shit these days but you take a look at videos featuring her filmed by other people and her candid shots and she looks downright angelic.

tbh I am so done with the Kota drama and the people trying to cling to it really do come across as being extremely jealous that Kota went off and fulfilled her dreams despite having a shitty history.
I come from an abusive home myself and really I couldn't be more happier for her. People don't understand just how much that kind of environment poisons you until they've lived it themselves.


Makeup could be considering cheating too, you gonna go follow around every model in the world and harass them for "cheating"?
You stink of jello, ese.

No. 105621


This video in particular.
I really wish I could find a higher quality video because she really does look stunning in this one. The hair length, style and black tank really, really suits her.

No. 105635

Another video from the line friends event.

No. 105637

I think this is the reason, I've noticed he really doesn't talk/acknowledge about girls who completely ignore him. He's been going on and on about that Megan girl, because he knows it upsets her. Same thing with Kiki, while Kiki doesn't openly acknowledge him, she did block him and he already knows Kiki gets upset at anything that isn't ass kissing.

No. 105641

File: 1432143220991.jpg (38.56 KB, 613x817, CE5I-RUUIAATqX.jpg)

No. 105654

>tbh I am so done with the Kota drama and the people trying to cling to it really do come across as being extremely jealous that Kota went off and fulfilled her dreams despite having a shitty history.

So according to you everyone on lolcow is jelly of the people they post because they ~archived their dreams~. What?

No. 105673


In a recent TV show Dakota talked about this herself. I guess nobody hasn't translated the show tho.

No. 105680

She will always be bad at coordinating outfits tho

No. 105683


No because not everybody on this board actually hates Dakota.
From what I've witnessed the majority now support her, with a very small minority still jumping up and down and screeching "CHEATER, FAT, ADOBE AE, RACISM, CIRCLE LENSES!", typically those that have originated from PULL.

No. 105687

Magibon was a little deceptive in her appearance and they dropped her. They didn't drop Kota.

No. 105688


Not that person you replied to*

Was coming to Japan really kota's dream though? I don't think it was. I personally think she wanted to be a runway model

No. 105690


Thing with Magibon was that she didn't really have a purpose? All she did was stare at the camera. Whereas kota is the 'barbie' that's her persona and ofc japan wants to milk her as much as they can

No. 105692

You could argue she got famous for being cute but in reality she wasn't all that cute so that is deceptive. Some people got angry she went to Japan, fulfilling the dreams they had, modeling gravure and being on TV because of her appearance that was a lie kind of

No. 105693


I think they say that because don't some Japanese girls TRY and look half though? So they probably dye their hair, contacts and have a cutesy style. Hence why they might ask if you're half due to this…

I've yet to see an actual half Japanese person with blonde hair and blue eyes…

No. 105695

Magibon is still working in Japan, nobody dropped her.

No. 105696


I'm not that person you're responding to.

In all honestly, if it was ALLOWED and it could happen AGAIN most girls probably would try and do this. As if those living dolls or whatever wouldn't take that opportunity. But it's only Japan anyway, it's not as if this is some big modelling job. I don't want to sound mean but I really don't think it's THAT big of a deal. Korea dropped her apparently, so it's only Japan kota is swarming all over.

Like I've said before, she'll be a TV personality no doubt and modelling for magazines/wesbites. But I don't see it as big as anything in the West.

No. 105697

Huh, most of the people that got angry were the japanese pedos that were fapping to her videos.

No. 105698


So's TaylorR, but she's fucked that up for herself. Taylor I think is prettier, she has that 'look' about her, an actual model look. Whereas kota has that 'there is something about her' and 'cutie' look. But not a runway face. She's already been on the runway before and seeing the pictures, it wasn't so good… i'm not trying to sound salty, but they weren't. I think the cuter the face, the worse for modelling unless it's been tampered with photoshop. But the more unusual the face, the better it looks in picture and runway.

meh thats my take on it

No. 105704


Nah, girls were pissed off because they wanted to be the le nihon living doll but kota got there first.

that's why girls are salty as hell towards her

No. 105709

You have a good point there. You grow up in that kind of environment, you often don't realize that you are really even a shitty person. It's almost like a self defense mechanism to naturally do what it takes to survive in it.

No. 105710

Get on it, moon rune translators.

No. 105711

We were talking about Magibon, not Dakota.

No. 105719

i think cutesy girls are the best for modeling j fashion and lolita (unless they are japanese which kota isnt)

for regular fashion id agree with you

No. 105721


Yeah, well it's their cute faces which go with the clothes aha

No. 105728

What is she doing? I think she would be more successful if he looked like how she looked in the youtube vids. I wouldn't want her to fail still and I don't think she's less of a person for it

No. 105730

No. 105731


Not much you can really do, kota doesn't give a flying fuck and is gonna continue being barbie

No. 105740

Quite a lot but she is the most successful with her work for Akihabara Radio Shokai as their face model and review video blogger.

No. 105753

Where do you guys think she'll be ten years from now?

No. 105775


If she continues at the rate she does I really can see her with her own fashion label or makeup line.
She's doing incredibly well for herself considering her circumstances.

No. 105781

Considering how well Magibon still does while she never was booked a lot, we can say for sure she won't be jobless at least.

No. 105786


I can see kota maybe leaning more to a designer path… Just a bit of a shame when people are at university trying to get a label for themselves.. But I guess, with small businesses nowadays and socialmedia anyone can pretty much create a little label for themselves.

I can kind of see kota's being all garters and things like that. I hope if that's the case, it's not similar to Creepyyeha's… that girl's stuff has already been ripped off so, so many timesss…

No. 105824


Most of Creepyyeha's designs are a product of plagiarism anyway. It's her that steals other peoples stuff.

No. 105837

lolyeah like yeha's stuff is so original.

No. 105856


Meh, it's all tacky anyway. I'm getting kinda tired of the 'choker look'. It's one of those things you've seen and it's like "k stop now"

No. 105874

There is no actual proof that Cathy hit Dakota, unless you can provide it then don't go around saying things like that just so you can make her look like some kind of saint.

No. 105883


Eck, I shouldn't be saying this but I'm the one that originally delivered that information on /cgl/ and I did so after receiving it from somebody who knew Dakota personally at the time.

I never went into it too much so it could range from anything to light slapping to full on smacking their shit but I'm not going to go into it too far because I was never really supposed to tell anybody in the first place but I did so because I felt so shitty for Dakota and thought people needed to know so they could ease up on her.

Like you can say there's no proof but I know for a fact it's true.

No. 105886

I didn't say she was a saint, Totemokurwa, but really, there is no proof that she wasn't hit or abused. You could say that about anything, you could say there is no proof she wasn't sincere about being sorry for her behavior but there isn't proof she was. I didn't say her being abused gives her a free pass to do things so don't shove words in my mouth.

No. 105889


I'm >>105883 and I can say with absolute confidence that she really was physically abused by Cathy in some manner or another.

No. 105894

I think so too. You can see other forms of abuse and general ickiness show from the family if you guys don't believe the physical abuse. What about Scott taking pics of his bikini-clad daughter or whatever or pulling their kids out of school, being neglectful of them?

No. 105935

a dad taking pictures of his daughter in a teeny bikini is creepy, but that has nothing to do with the definition of neglect.

And during the time Kiki was raging at Chris Stone on twitter she posted a police report thing that showed that she was having issues in school because some girl had beat her up, and another one pulled out a knife. ..like idk, but Florida schools suck ass and physically bullying is pretty scary, so I don't doubt that they pulled her out of school for good reason.

No. 105945

Yes, which is why I said "other forms of abuse." I said "being neglectful of them" because that's another thing they did.

Yeah that is a good reason. The students should have never done that no matter what she did. But I think even if they weren't in public school, they should get a quality homeschool without being dangerously publicized on the internet.

No. 105976

>>considering her circumstances
Which are…?

No. 106004

The burden of proof is on the one who makes the claim.

No. 106010


I think you mean were*, and by the sounds of it get past circumstances were dreadful.

No. 106042

Dakota is starting to look a lot like Magibon, it's weird.

No. 106174

Based on what name you gave to the anon, you seem to be Polish. And to be honest, it wasn't funny.

No. 106221

um no lol
if they were fapping to her videos, they could continue to do so regardless of her real-life appearance, so long as she continued the facade in her own videos

No. 106245

You don't seem to know how idol otakus work.

No. 106456

File: 1432246506154.jpg (31.88 KB, 494x352, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

Tens the betting kota has tagged kiki in this at least once… but for good measure i'd tag the bitch 10 times!

No. 108806

File: 1432568711061.jpg (43.16 KB, 438x604, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 108807

File: 1432568748941.jpg (47.73 KB, 453x604, 914455_304482629733142_2097752…)

She isn't even trying anymore, good. I'm glad.

No. 108936

She looks bad in these pictures.

No. 108952

Just like Penus i think it's her face that gives her that "chubby" look, and her stomach. Nothing else. But she's hella cute and a japanese average size so whatever,maybe kinda chub at most tho. she's not thin as a snake like in her old sh00ps but idgaf she's super cute this way.
Also why is she so boring nowadays? I want 2011 kota back no more of that fakely sweet nihongo kawaii pastel shit

No. 108977

She looks so dough-y here

No. 108983

Agreed, it is cute. But I just think she looks a little strange at the same time. I do prefer her style back when she first started this 'doll' look.

She has Amo's hair and that's about it.

She's boring because she can't have drama surrounding her which may shatter her innocent hafu kawaii angelic barbie look. Kota must have all Japanese believe she has never seen an episode of South Park and that she's cute because she speaks like a dude in Japanese. But, hell, she's cute so it doesn't matter.

End ~

No. 108995

her head looks so huge and is not like that o_o

No. 108996

File: 1432586071005.jpg (19.36 KB, 339x178, moe.JPG)

She looks like the older sister of Moe twin style lmao

No. 111226


You guys need to stop this right now. Yeah, I know it's just lolcow but you can't go around anonymously claiming you knew Dakota personally and that her parents physically abused her unless you're able to prove either of those claims.

>there is no proof that she wasn't hit or abused.

Shut up. That "guilty until proven innocent" bullshit doesn't work in real life, you can't just go around saying shit because you want it to be true so Dakota looks like the poor little helpless victim. You need proof that Cathy DID abuse Dakota before you can go around saying shit like that. Otherwise what you're doing now is akin to girls crying rape when people find out they had sex and they're trying to make themselves look better.

>it could range from anything to light slapping to full on smacking their shit

Neither of those = physical abuse. You sound like those bleeding heart hippies who think spanking their kids is abuse. Do you kniw what actually constitutes physical abuse of a child? Clearly you don't, but I'm sure now you'll Google it and come back with some vague story about how Cathy sprained Dakota's wrist by pushing her down the stairs or some shit.

Jeez, all this reaching for reasons why everyone has to love Dakota or else is getting sadder and sadder. I wonder how long until someone claims Danny used to touch on her after he was done "raping" Kiki, jfc.

No. 111245

Oh my gawd so much edge. You also sound like Totemokawaii because you shove words in the mouths of others and accuse people of saying she's 100% innocent lol.

True, innocent til proven guilty is usually how it should go right? But then you could say that about her being sincere about her apology. inb4someonesaysI'msayingDakotaisaninnocentangellamb. No I'm not, I'm pointing out possibilities, Totemocow.

No. 111246

What an awkward expression

No. 111292

Idk who Totemokawaii is, but I'm guessing she must be a big deal on Tumblr with how often you guys namedrop her on here.

Seriously, when did this board just become Anonymous Tumblr? It's ike nobody who posts here has any grasp on reality or how the real world works, or how facts work, etc. It's Just "love kawaii Japanese princess Dakota Rose or else be trolled into oblivion". Nobody has a 100% approval rating, and just because someone disagrees with you about your precious avatar Dako-chan doesn't mean they're Totemokawaii or some jelly weeb. Modeling is for self conscious girls who crave attention and approval from others, and not everyone is like that.

No. 111299

Wth are you even trying to say? Did you even read my post? Fine, I'll simplify it for you:

Pls don't go around claiming Dakota was abused by her mother without objective and undeniable proof because that shit ain't cool.

Before we know it this place is just gonna sound like a Dakota RP thread.
>she was abused as a kid by her whole family
>She has a secret boyfriend who is much older than her, to take the place of the father she wished she'd had growing up
>Her secret dream is to be an artist, she only got into modeling to get away from her shitty family

No. 111312

my 2 cents. I found it weird that Cathy and Kiki didn't screenshot the abuse thread on PULL, or acknowledge it whatsoever. i understand that would be something major to be furious/upset about if it were fake, so it's a little weird that they just ignored it.

No. 111313

>Idk who Totemokawaii is, but I'm guessing she must be a big deal on Tumblr with how often you guys namedrop her on here.

Obvious tumblrina is obvious. I'm not even an oldfag and I know that totemo or w/e is some shitposter on this board from PULL. You must be from tumblr considering how many times you reference it.

No. 111429

The reverse version could be said about you. You're trying really hard to make Dakota hated. She could have been abused, then again she may not have been abused.

Thinking she was abused does not mean abuse gives her a free pass to act crappy. It also doesn't mean she is some innocent lamb. Stop with the strawman arguments.

No. 111579

Finally someone with a common sense.

No. 111594

Kota made a new blog post. If I'm not mistaken, she's going to be doing a photoshoot somewhere that's not in Japan? Please correct me if my translation is wrong.
"To go to a place that's not in Japan
It's for a photoshoot, however
I will do my best!"

No. 111601

She's going to a place in Japan that she hasn't been to before.

No. 111604

Ohh, that makes a lot more sense, thanks!

No. 111667

File: 1432732792827.jpg (221.35 KB, 485x612, tumblr_m07vg9773m1qzy8r9.jpg)


Oh my god shut up.
You want some proof? Picture related is your proof.

I was friends with Charlotte/Charms. Dakota personally told Charlotte who then personally told me when we touched upon the topic over Skype about how Cathy was physically abusing her and that I quote "that Kirsten and Scott were doing nothing to stop and it and basically ignoring it when it happened".

It got so bad that Charlotte actually offered to let Dakota move into her place to escape from it and Dakota was going to do it too, but then she got her Bravo contract and moved to Japan.
Dakota also confided in her about how awful Cathy was in regards to her looks, apparently super critical of them and constantly picking on her about them.

When she says abusing I have no idea the scale of but I know it was physical and emotional, and FYI smacking, hitting and slapping your child is fucking abuse you ginormous, pampered chlamydia infected twat.
I have been curled up in a ball on my sofa with my mother punching and slapping me before and what hurt way more than the blows was the psychological and emotional damage it causes so just shut the fuck up.

I am not even supposed to be talking about this because A. it's none of my business and B. it was told to me in confidence but honestly I feel so fucking bad for Dakota that I think that it's worth people knowing because it really does sound like she's had it rough.

No. 111670

>I am not even supposed to be talking about this because A. it's none of my business and B.
I hope you know that Charms posted a similar story to /cgl/ and if was different everytime she did, right? She mainly did this in order to be shown in a good light after she threw a tantrum and quit being friends with her after Dakota was not telling her where to get those stupis VW horns.

No. 111671


Charms coulda just like… taobao'd them or aliexpress tho jfc

No. 111706

Hey man, I understand that abuse is awful and it especially sucks when people say you're lying about your own abuse. I get that.

But to be perfectly honest, unless Dako-chan or her sister say anything confirming or denying these allegations of abuse, they are moot. Unless Dakota says "I was abused" or we can find evidence of her saying that before in her internet history, unfortunately we are faced with a lack of proof. (I tend to be on the side of that if people admit to abuse, it probably happened, except for people who do it for attention– but even then, it's easy to pick out because it's usually the first thing they ever say to you.)

I am personally of the opinion that they grew up in a fucking whacky household and I would not put it past Cathy to be abusive. But you are anon and we cannot confirm your claims, unless you give us chat logs ect. it's the internet. pics or it didn't happen, unfortunately.

inb4 you're invalidating her abuse!! nah, it's possible it happened to her and I feel really sorry for her if it did. but she's done really well for herself, she's obviously getting enough modeling jobs to support herself financially and I think it's awesome if she was able to overcome her abuse to become a successful person. But no one can really say whether or not it happened, except for Dakota.

No. 111708


Actually I was talking with Charlotte on Skype when that happened and it's neither a "different version", they're all pieces of a timeline. The story never changed once, you just aren't putting them in order.

Dakota and Charlotte were friends, blah, blah, they talked etc.
Dakota got the Bravo contract.
At this point Dakota stops messaging Charlotte.
Couple of days later that photo set of Dakota standing around a park or some shit wearing the VW horn tiara shows up on her blog.
Charlotte messages her asking her were she got them.
Dakota lies and tells her that they're authentic (which they're obviously not, anybody can tell if you've seen the authentic ones).
Dakota never ends up telling her and then proceed to ignore her.

That's it. That's the end.


I was after the horns myself and at the time the replicas had only JUST completed production and were ridiculously hard to find on Taobao if you weren't Chinese/didn't have a Chinese friend to search for you because they weren't just listed under "Vivienne Westwood horns", it was some bullshit that translated to like "Saturn (because of the VW logo) cow horn cone metal tiara princess crown" and used a shit load of weird characters that you just wouldn't think to use because CHINA.

Now it's easy because now they've been found the links to the Taobao sale pages are everywhere but back then it was so difficult.

No. 111712

lol but who would want to even be friends with charlotte tho.

No. 111720


This was in 2012 and my PC has undergone a lot of formats since then so I obviously don't have chatlogs, but even so, I wouldn't screw over Charlotte like that.

I personally believe it happened because when she told me on Skype it wasn't as if she was posting publicly on a forum or whatever where people can just say you're making stuff up for attention, it was a private Skype conversation where the Dakota thing just happened to pop up and she expanded a little on her relationship to her. She had no reason to lie to me.

I don't like doing this though because I know I wouldn't be happy if somebody was talking about me on a forum but I'm doing it for Dakota's sake because I'm a victim of parental abuse myself and I know just how soul destroying it is.


I like her. She's pretty nice and we have/had a lot in common which makes her relatable to me. I don't really talk to her any more though which is why I wouldn't say we're "friends". I don't really know her but she's pleasant enough imo.

No. 111730

I understand that, I do. If you think it happened then I'm not going to try to convince you or anyone else that it didn't, because it's pretty realistic imo. I am not accusing you of lying.

But again, being anon and with no sort of proof, unfortunately there is no undeniable evidence that what you are saying is true. Again, I will reiterate that I'm sure it's possible and I would never invalidate Dakota if she ever came out and admitted she was abused. No one deserves that. But you have to realize there is no real evidence to your claims, so there's no reason for any of us to believe you about what Charms said. Sorry.

Also kind of weird you are defending Charms when I've never seen her defending on lolcow before and the general consensus is that she's a pretty shitty person. But I won't accuse you of anything.

No. 111732


Naw it's cool if nobody believes it, nobody has to at the end of the day, I just thought I'd put it out there so that people are at least aware of an alternative to story to just "lol Dakota is/was a mean person for absolutely no reason so let's destroy her".

Also lol no, I am not Charlotte. I guess it does look kind of suspect.
It's actually not too hard to figure out who I am but that's a whole other can of worms and for that reason I'm outta this thread before it derails.

No. 111734

File: 1432739436127.jpg (330.05 KB, 540x960, am1.jpg)

I didn't really pay attention to the whole /cgl/ drama involving cosplayers or tripfags, so I personally have no clue as to your identity (spoony? idk no fucking clue.)

Also I'm gonna say I personally believe you and I don't think the Ostrenga home was a great place to be. I don't think it's normal for parents to allow their kids to become what Kiki Kannibal and Dakota Rose became on the internet; I personally feel there was probably at least neglect involved, if not abuse. But I can't prove it so I won't say it happened.

I'm a huge fan of Dakota lol so you don't have to convince me she's not a terrible person. She's probably just flawed, like the rest of us. I'm glad she got out of her house and became a model, learned a new language, and made new friends. Even if people still think that she's a liar, she's really an evil person inside, that she doesn't deserve her job ect. I still like her. shrugs

No. 111739

File: 1432739889771.jpg (435.9 KB, 750x960, o0750096013318799076.jpg)

Has this been posted yet?

No. 111920


I wonder if Japan will start hiring anymore models for this kind of things. I mean, all you gotta be is white and cute, right?


Meh and kota seems happy enough, no one really cares anymore because the doll thing isnt viral anymore and she barely even makes videos so shrugs

No. 111932

You need more than being white and cute to be a model in japan. You also need a good portfolio and experience.

No. 111938


Can you shoop tho?

Will they notice?

No. 111940

Just curious… why did kota cut her hair then get extensions tho? I cannot understand that… yeah for change but…

I like her new hair but i did prefer it long..

No. 111941

or just a really good agent?
what are kiki and kota's real experience with modeling? wearing swim suits and paint and freaky hair styles in front of dad's camera? um…
unless after the myspace hayday they did some jobs on the down low. otherwise i cant think of any real experience koti has. IMO she just has her mom's pressure and a good agent.

No. 111944


Well, its mostly magazine work.. She's moving to telly now

No. 111945

she's not that bad in real life BUT theres not doubt she's better in photos.
and im getting tired of her same old schtick on tv (being sassy and speaking like a raucous nip man)

No. 111967


Not to be a salty bitch, but like most personalities, I don't understand why Dakota needs to be on TV. Gameshows and the doll thing I can/could understand. But to keep going on shows and telling Japan how she became a barbie doll is tiring. It's like Venus, the whole same old same old at interviews about her wanting to be a doll.

I know some people have never seen it before and are only just hearing about it. But it gets repetitive and boring. I don't understand why it can be THAT fascinating because dolls have been around for many years and some girls/guys do have dolly features, but why does it have to be something that's made a big deal about?

Also has anyone else noticed, I've seen so many 'living doll' interviews with different girls, just to see what they say and why they're 'different'. Most of the time Venus, that russian one and the weird anime fairy looking one are all there but Dakota is never there in the preview/slideshows? Is it the copyright thing or–? Is Dakota just the 'Japanese living barbie doll'? It's weird, I don't get why she's never added in that circle.

But yeah, pretty much everytime Dakota goes on live shows she's just using male honorifics and trying to be funny. She looks lovely, don't get me wrong but… I heard Rola used to talk like a child, that's what made her popular. Seems if you have a 'persona' you're in apparently or if you act a certain way on shows over there… you're in.

It's weird.

No. 111977

She is so cute gosh

No. 111978

Oh god no it was horrible, their art style was beyond creepy and depressing to look at. It's like sad anorexic art

No. 111980

Her legs are so sad there but i think it's bc of the contrast and the awful outfit

No. 112000

I wonder though, this kawaii doll fad thing… when it dies out, what will kota and the rest of these dolls do? it wont last forever, will they just continue or move on to something else?

No. 112057

yea its getting really fricking weird. when will these east asians get over kawaii haku-jins

No. 112881


Aw, koti actually looks fucking adorable in that unshooped picture!!!!! I actually went "EEEEEEEE!!!"

But those shoops… scary… Not fond of the extensions.. Do think she looks lovely with her new hair tho!

No. 112892

The living doll trend IS dead anon. Only late retards are trying to milk that shit again (see Venus Angelic), it's as dead as emo and scene (inb4 Moemo arrives to tell me how scene/emo is "NOT DEAD1!")
I can't wait to see the new EXCITING trend the internet will bring us. Along with more lolcow goodness. I wonder tho, do you guys think emo/scene and living doll bullshit will ever resurface under a new light one day?

No. 112904

Most fads these days are just recycled, the whole living doll thing was basicly only gyaru with lots of shoop.

No. 112942

> (inb4 Moemo arrives to tell me how scene/emo is "NOT DEAD1!")


No. 112946

I'm waiting for ~*ethereal rotten flower baby who loves bugs*~ ~*sad eerie baby doll*~ ~*angel victim*~ fashion to become oversaturated. It's sad because I really like that aesthetic, but it's getting way too big for its own britches, especially when it's combined with creepyyeha merch, dd/lg bullshit, flower crowns and what's commonly known as nymphet fashion.
They go hand in hand at this point.

No. 112956

That's already dying again tho but no clue what will be next, in Japan it seems to be suicidal magical girls.

No. 112961

> dat thin sparse almost baldness on the top of her head.

its fucking tragic

No. 112963

>when you realize her haircut is basically a huge combover

Is it from dyeing her hair too much at a young age? Her sister's hair looks bad too but not bald bad.

No. 112965

dyeing your hair at a young age cant do that much damage, otherwise kiki would be just as bald. i think she has to have some sort of condition to be making her lose her hair this badly. she is likely in denial but i wish she'd go to a doctor about it, though really, i dont think there is much that can be done once you've gone bald. she's basically fucked and its sad.

No. 113016

File: 1432866763452.jpg (124.16 KB, 1024x827, image.jpg)

She looks real good in this selfie. I mean, REALLY good.

No. 113023

File: 1432867313302.jpg (153.34 KB, 2080x942, kote.jpg)

boy have times changed

No. 113030

I still don't understand why the fuck she shoops/blurs out all detail in her upper lip. Now, skin I can understand, but her lip looks fucking ridiculous.

No. 113035

Kiki's done some down low things. Like having her picture in front of a local hair salon (does that count?), some gigs in LA that never amounted to anything, and a few other odd jobs for small places. I don't think Dakota ever did anything though.

nu-uh. Kotex landed a modeling contract in Japan with zero experience and no portfolio (they even had to use her selfies on their website for a while because she had nothing professional to show). Though it was more than just being cute and white, her popularity in Japan was skyrocketing at the time because of her Japanese subbed youtube videos and her picture blog. The only other kawaii white girl who reached something similar was Venus. But she wasn't smart enough to milk it right.

No. 113038

I think it is to make it less obvious that she drew over her lip. Without it it probably would look like if she had some allergic reaction to some food.

No. 113044

Malnutrition maybe? Isn't she vegan or vegetarian(I know almost nothing about her, and I'm not going to learn, because idgaf)? Protein and iron deficiencies can cause hair loss.

No. 113059

No she doesn't, stop that.

No. 113102


this so much. They apparently only focused on Kaka's threads

No. 113105

I don't know who thinks that it looks good other than Kooter herself kek

No. 113216


I wonder what it'll be next then.. So we've had scene queens, living dolls, pastel goth girls… currently we're on the sad eyed nicole dollanganger dead corpses i love baby grubs and weepy angel music flower crown fad… What is the magical girl thing someone mentioned? I've noticed, every 'kawaii doll girl' has to have a sailor moon bag or something sailor moon… I always found it pretty overrated tbh.

HMM.. what about space cow girls? Oh I know! Retro doll barbie girls? I've yet to see a vintage fad go off, like a kawaii Audrey Hepburn or something lol.

But yeah, where ever there is a new trend they'll be more fucking idiots.

I wonder if Kota and Keekz will jump to that trend once it kicks in? Or do you think Kota will just stick at this doll thing now she has anchored in Japan?

PLUS.. she doesn't really dress dolly now. I think she just looks normal, like larme kei at the most…

No. 113220

Mahou Kei but that's popular with western jfash girls currently due to all the old magical girl series by Toei getting remakes, in Japan it is because of mangas like Menhera Chan (this one gets promoted by the brand Galaxxxy a lot).

No. 113223


It's a little off… can't say I'm taken by mahou kei, looks just like fairy kei. I know mori kei is quite popular but it's not as… yeah.

I'd like a cutesy vintage style, but there a loads like that already… and I don't think I could stomach someone like kiki going "im the new elizabeth taylor" tho god no

No. 113230

>mori girl
Mori girl has been dead for a while already, most of the brands that were once popular have either closed or moved onto mainstream fashion.

No. 113231

File: 1432904385107.jpg (13.5 KB, 600x255, gq_025AlienBabies.jpg)

what are you smoking anon and where can i get some
im not saying its ugly
but it literally looks like an alien baby
the epitome

No. 113232

yea even compared to >>111667 its noticeably thinner

No. 113238

File: 1432905288231.jpg (63.96 KB, 432x508, sadas.jpg)


Guys, she just has light coloured thin hair.

I have virtually the exact same colour as her and my hair is just as thin, only difference being mines naturally wavy so it gives an impression of having more volume, and fortunately despite it being thin I have quite a lot of it.
It's not over-bleaching, it's not dye damage, it's not stress, it's just genetic.

Even mine when I pull my hair back, it looks sparse as fuck, you could even say balding, but when it's down I look completely normal. It's just a hair type.

Out of all the things people rag on Dakota for, the hair thing I never got. Like, you guys have seriously never seen somebody with this hair style before?

No. 113248


Yeah, even I know and I have a totally different texture than you.

I've seen PLENTY of girls with fine hair like this when it's pulled back. It's not balding, it's just how the hair is. My mother is like that, whereas my grandmother's is thicker. All hair is different.

Just how it works.

No. 113250


I think it's just tumblr, they make out trends are still popular but they've been dead for yonks… TBH I can't even tell the difference anymore with all these 'kei' styles… They're all just MESHED and THERE…

No. 113254

kota doesnt have to do shit, tbh
sure her living doll rearu baabi is getting old, but it got her this far and no matter what stupid shit she may endorse, even the same old shit, shes still a face people will recognize.

No. 113258

I think the issue is that the filters she uses to smoothen her face make it look more like bald spots

No. 113261


but her hair isn't even pulled back. its so thin you can see the bald patches now on top of her head with her hair down. that is not normal fine hair, i see people with fine hair all the time, i also have fine hair, but i can't see my scalp through my hair when its down. also, it would be one thing if her hair has always been this thin, but it wasn't. its becoming noticeably thinner over time. its way thinner now than it was two years ago, or even just a year ago.

No. 113276


People have different hair textures.
Some people have unbelievably thick hair, so thick you can't understand how they can possibly manage it, and some people have thin hair, hair so thin it looks painful to even attempt to tie up.

It happens, it doesn't make it abnormal. If it's common and frequent it's generally consider normal.

No. 113282


i think she should just stick to this and that be that tbh

No. 113395

Dif anon and yes, she has fine, thin hair. While there is a certain amount of shedding that's normal (what comes out when you brush/comb your hair usually) Kota's hair is almost abnormally thin, as in not enough on her head. It only seems to look nice/normal when she has extensions in. If you remember the videos she did before she got famous, you could tell the amount of hair on her head was pretty minuscule and that she made sure her bald spots didn't show (mostly.)

It's likely because she's fried so much of it from her scene kid days. At least she has pros working on it now.

No. 113408

Her hair looks the same as it always has done to me. I think it's just different styles and lighting. My auntie had hair as thin as Kotas, maybe even thinner. There was nothing wrong with her, just unfortunate genetics.

Even if her hair was fried in her scene days, once the damaged hair grows out it should just go back to normal.

No. 113418

>Even if her hair was fried in her scene days, once the damaged hair grows out it should just go back to normal.

Not always. And you'd have to cut the fried dead parts off first, before it starts to grow in nice again. I've seen people struggle trying to grow out their over-dyed hair without trimming the actual fried part off. Even for her hair to look better, she would have likely needed to go bald initially.

Not saying it isn't unfortunate genetics, but that ain't kawaii. (Mind you, I've seen 18 year old girls who have already started their pattern baldness cycle. VERY unfortunate genetics.)

No. 113430


>and you'd have to cut the fried dead parts off first

That's what she did though.

No. 113582

I feel like I'm slowly turning into.. not a fan but a support of Dakota? Despite everything, I dunno, I kind of like her!

No. 113583

Latest video…

She looks a little… Not fake but… The way she acts?

No. 113718

File: 1432955147230.jpg (373.05 KB, 939x675, tumblr_lyul14xoHB1roh4ki.jpg)

No. 113719

This is a really jealous looking pic

No. 113720

And it begins….

No. 113727

uugh, that entire outfit is so unflattering. It shows off her fat mom arms and makes her look top heavy. Also, I hate it when she has pin straight hair, it only emphasizes her thin hair problem. She needs to also get her bangs cut and maybe style them differently. She looks good when they are slightly side swept and not so straight.

No. 113737

that drawing is from like 2011 /cgl/

No. 113738

You must be new

No. 113880

File: 1432970454400.jpg (155.99 KB, 2080x942, jsbd.jpg)

wanted to try and see how she'd look without lenses

No. 113881

File: 1432970537200.jpg (148.73 KB, 2080x942, scddedr.jpg)

No. 113884

hm. Nice attempt, but they wouldn't be that small.
After all, you an see her real iris behind the lens, there's no space between her normal iris & bottom lid.

No. 113885


Looks like she's trying to keep sperm in her mouth without throwing up

No. 113886

File: 1432971049466.gif (234.94 KB, 500x313, tumblr_lqoffghjpI1qljbqro1_500…)

Um, she's wearing massive circle lenses.
Everyone has the same size iris, with the exception of maybe 1/2 mm.

No. 113887

err. I realise that. I mentioned it.
I just meant in that particular photo it looks like her iris has no space.

No. 113889

if she had a space she could have shooped it you know

No. 113899

File: 1432972600860.jpg (51.34 KB, 600x759, CGDFRKQUEAABRXU[1].jpg)

Kooter claiming this is her no makeup face lol

No. 113904

with them lips -_-

No. 114014

El-oh-el. Dat flawless skin with no color variation.

No. 114059

File: 1433010284342.png (176 KB, 311x360, 1421708765049.png)

I see no difference between her own no make-up face and Etude House's no make-up face sarcasm
But honestly, if I were a man I'd find it scary to wake up next to such "make-up free face" every morning.

No. 114066

Yeah, I wasn't too sure. I took her iris' from the first image on the left here >>113880 and pasted them on the right and just whitened out the part where her circle lenses were still exposed

No. 114174

Tha fuck? This is new? She just said I like soba and pasta and Japanese people. It's like 1st grade japanese

No. 114211


She's been there three years, I thought she was 'fluent' lol? Plus when she's on chat shows… she seems to know what she's talking about most of the time.

No. 114221

Playing the dumb barbie persona seems to be a gimmik, I mean her Popteen "cover page" was stupid answers like this too.

No. 114235


In that video though where she's answering questions… I've noticed something. I've watched A LOT of J-drama, chat shows and interviews. I notice a lot of female Japanese, young, tend to do that thing with their lips when they speak? It's like a pout… I know the actress Saki Fukuda tends to do it. Dakota sits the way they would, back straight and knees together. Nods, smiles and "etoooo… anoooo…" -__-
She's really fitting in, isn't she?

But when the guy is asking her and she's scratching her head making like "Ah.. oh.. nnn" cute noises?

Oh… dumb barbie persona… pffttttt this girl reckons she's got Japan sussed ahaha

No. 114250

I like how her own pic has a tiny face and her real face is HUGE in comparison but in reality is just a normal size face for a gal who got chub in her genes.

No. 114253

The mannerisms is part of the assimilation. Even if your comprehension and speaking is basic as long as you nail those you're halfway to looking the part.

She does say basic phrases and repeats them for most her interviews. She can't help being asked the same dumb qs though.

No. 114299


I know, but I can't help but think it's a bit too false. I know people usually put a bit of a 'voice' on when they speak Japanese, but I can't make kota out at all. It's like… not slurs her words but.. quickens them? Almost as if she jumps over them? I don't know… it isn't clear to me.

No. 114307


Tbh the whole "Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ano, etooooo" part of Japanese is actually a really important part of the language.

My Japanese class once spent an entire lesson just practising the "Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" together trying to get the pitch just right, and the difference between Un and Unnn.

No. 114324

The quick slurring and skipping over certain vowels even whole syllables is from learning by speaking with others informally.

If she learnt how to read/write then she'd realize the parts she was missing. Her tweets are poorly done with the slang. She types out how she would say things but forgets how the lack of structure is confusing.

This. And yup, it's totally fake and totally annoying. More so when a white person does it to act Japanese.

No. 114484

there is proof. stickydrama has copies of the police report(2009 or 2010) made where cathy took away keke's cellphone and wouldn't let her get on birth control or something (that started the fight) dakota in the report said that there was abuse (hitting screaming) and how she hide in her room from it.

No. 114489

shit, I remember when this picture first came out and i thought it was so shooped and fake

No. 114513

um no. here's the report (scroll all the way to the bottom) https://archive.lolcow.farm/kikikannibal/ostrenga_cespedes/police%20reports/2010_report.pdf

it says the guy didn't find any marks on them at all, and that there has been scratching and hair pulling between Kirsten and Cathy. The only thing it said about Dakota is that Cathy grabbed her arm and told her to go to her room. nothing beyond that. and it didn't say anything about hiding in any room.

No. 114514

or actually, I'll just copy and paste the statements here

>Kristen Ostrenga stated the following:

She asked her mother to take her to the doctor to get an allergy test Her mother refused and stated she needed to stop taking the birth control pill which was making her moody and the reason for her skin rash Kristen and her mother began to argue about the past and present issues Kristen walked away slammed her bed room door Her sister Dokota began yelling at her mother in the hallway Kristen came back into the hallway and they all continued to argue Her mother asked her for her cell phone Kristen refused to give it to her Her mother grabbed the phone out of Kristen shand and walked down stairs with the phone At this point Kristen and her sister began throwing household items down the stairs Her mother returned to the upstairs hallway and told Kristen she was calling their father and he would calm everyone down Kristen and Dokota continued to yell curse and throw things down the stairs Her mother grabbed Dokota by the arms and told her to go to her room and stop throwing things in the hallway Kristen yelled to her mother to give her
phone back so she could call her father Her mother refused to give the phone back stating she was going to call a guy Kristen yelled at her mom that she was going to call the police so she could get her phone back her mother told her to go next door and call the police They continued to yell and argue They were grabbing and pushing each other over the tug of war over the phone being taken away Kristen walked down the stairs exited the house went across the street and called 911

>Dokota Ostrenga stated:

Her mother her and her sister have been arguing for days and today her sister asked her mother to take her to the doctor Her mother refused and told her she was eighteen and she could go on her own Her mother and sister continued to yell and argue about ongoing issues Her mother asked for her sister phone because mom pays the bill Her mom grabbed the phone from her sister and went down the stairs to give it to their grand mother Her and her sister began throwing things down the stairs and yelling at her mom Her mom carne back up the stairs and grabbed her anus and told her to stop throwing and breaking stuff Her sister tried to get in between them and her mom and her sister continued to argue yell and begun pushing each other She stated to Sgt Nylander the pushing and grabbing was related to the tug of war over the phone Her sister said she was going to call their dad Her mother told her to call the dad Her
went mom back said she intowas her going room to call the police Her sister said she was going next door to call the police Her sister left the house and she went back to her room.

>Cathy Ostrenga stated:

Her daughter Kristen has been on birth control for 3 weeks and she has become moody Cathy was on the phone with her husband and Kristen carne into the room yelling that she needed to go to the allergy doctor Cathy told her she would do it later or she could call for her self Cathy told Kristen she thought she should not take the pill anymore Cathy went down stairs to speak with her mother about the situation Kristen and Dokota began throwing books dvd s and other supplies over the edge of the stairway They started taking pictures off the walls and throwing them on the ground Cathy yelled for them to stop throwing things She grabbed Dokota's arm and told her to stop She went to Kristen and asked for the phone A tug of war began over the phone In the struggle hair was pulled and scratches her received by Kristen and Cathy

No. 114516

>Her mom carne back up the stairs and grabbed her anus


No. 114517

File: 1433058851541.png (168.25 KB, 1591x230, Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 3.52…)

I'M CRYING but i really don't know what is going on, i just copied it and it switched the word somehow. it even shows up when i search "anus" in that document?????

No. 114518

Oh my god, that was great.

No. 114519


No. 114528

Somewhere, out there, some sick fuck is going to draw Cathy grabbing Dakota's anus.

No. 114533

And make it a header banner for cow…

No. 114748

File: 1433102924107.jpg (47.32 KB, 1024x768, CGUWN1hUIAETzPI.jpg large.jpg)

Tsuabasa feels

No. 114749

derp, i meant Tsubasa ofc

No. 114750

File: 1433103438698.jpg (39.08 KB, 750x740, CGPx3l9UgAAAgEm.jpg large.jpg)

No. 114751

File: 1433103487361.jpg (29.08 KB, 600x600, CCNMrbWUEAAlNAF.jpg)

No. 114752

what is she doing with her lips lately
it looks like she got stung by a bee

No. 114769

Nobody knows, it isn't a fad anywhere in asia and I would know no reason why anybody would think this looks good.

No. 114793


I think it's just the way she's drawing her line lip, meh it's nothing fancy.

No. 114794


Am I the only one loving her hair like this?

Also, is she going to continue modelling though? She wears extensions a lot these days…

No. 114807

that sad limp little pony tail
the style is cute though

No. 114831

is that her belly poking out?

No. 114832

it's not unlikely as she's wearing a tight top but i thought she had an ed so idk. not everyone has completely flat stomachs tho - it's healthy to have a little bump or a roll or two when sitting.

No. 114844

this lip style makes it look like she has downs

No. 114908

Rewatched this old video from 2011 where she lists all her makeup products, and she completely skipped mentioning lipliner, nose contour, and falsies (which she's all wearing).


No. 114928

And those things are the MAIN things that she uses, aside from after effects and special lighting.

She wants to pretend she's all natural all the time.

No. 114948

File: 1433127348148.jpg (25.74 KB, 500x376, tum.jpg)

>after effects
yeah. she after effected that shitty webcam video for her tiny starter pack tumblr followers.

No. 114951

>new here

You actually can use shitty webcam videos in after effects. I've done it, and that's also why her face is a bit crooked.

No. 114952

This is one of her earlier videos so it's easy to see that she added rough motion trackers and stayed in the same spot. She added effect liquify on the chin, then added effect bloat on the eyes.

Due to turning her head and speaking the motion tracker doesn't work perfectly and you see her chin suddenly become a square on the sides.

We know what her real face should be like so this isn't even necessary.

No. 114954

File: 1433128940944.png (327.74 KB, 854x476, kotex.png)

lmao where did I say it can't be done? I implied it's a stupid thing to bother with, and I'm not new here, I've been around since that video was posted on her tumblr. she doesn't use after effects and she never has. there is zero proof for this except paranoid "look!!1 that one pixel on her nostril just moved!". People can look drastically different with makeup, special lighting and angle play. And if you don't know (or don't believe) this, it's 100% because you don't have enough experience with makeup or video preparation to know what difference it can make. It doesn't matter that you've used after effects, and did it on your own videos, and it worked. That's not proof that she does. There are enough modeling videos to prove she can look perfectly the same without it. I bet if this video on the left were uploaded by her, you would all scream "after effects" at it too.

No. 114979

Requesting old vids where she actually talks English, especially in an annoying manner. Anytime I feel that urge to root for her or cheer her on, all I do is actually hear her speak her native language and hate her again. The Japanese personality is especially fake. She always came off really deadpan and egotistical, moreso than her sister.


Here's an example of her pushing the living doll image by her goo-goo doll gaze. Remember her lack of ~kawaii~ Japanese voice here. That's the real her. Some awkward modeling there too.

No. 114981



Here's another. Anyone know when she did this one? It's Korean which is weird. She only speaks to her ~Japanese fans~.

>this weird fake accent she keeps dipping into

>t-trying to sound cute?

No. 115016

she really looks best with her cheek lines buffed out. i wonder if you can surgically fix them

No. 115043

Is it me or does the shape of her chin change a lot here?

No. 115072

Yeah this was pointed out since 2011, it's due to the after effects use where her chin area is pinched.

No. 115076


Well, I'll have to admit that this version of kota pisses me off, but in the same way every teenager can with their aloof oh so edgy know it all attitude. The last question especially makes me want to shake her.

No. 115123

If you want to see her speaking English: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/qzezKwxHjyo/
"Why are you so perverted and disgusting?" haha, far from her current kawaii persona.

No. 115128

derp i had not realized you had posted it already. sorry

No. 115181

File: 1433177308996.gif (1.29 MB, 1280x720, output_RzuJ0f.gif)

I really don't understand why Kota insists on drawing her lips the way she does. It looks like she's sucking on something sour all the time.

I feel she would look much better with normal fucking lips

No. 115629

File: 1433238102512.jpg (1.75 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

She looks so much better with makeup done by a stylist.

No. 115630

File: 1433238179902.jpg (1.6 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

Natural chin

No. 115752

she looks terrible what happened

No. 115799

i know that shirt is from a popular brand but its just not that cute
it looks like a grandpa shirt. im not even complaining because its dakota, just anyone that wears that shirt lol

No. 115804

File: 1433272749949.jpg (68.79 KB, 275x242, 1433095234853.jpg)

>she doesn't use after effects and she never has

Suuuuure, totally

No. 115813

I was about to say, yeah, she's looking a bit chinny but the girl next to her looks like a guy in drag, so their standards can't be that high. Then I scrolled down further.

No. 115819


She's drawing over her cupid's bow to make it look lIke she has more round, pouty lips. Imo it seems like another way she's trying to be 'more Japanese" because tons of Japanese people have lips like that. It's especially noticable in this pic >>114750

No. 115824


The "girl" next to her IS a guy in drag lol
The before picture of him is in the bottom left.

No. 115852


Yeah, she's already got enough advantages going for her. But kota is trying to come across as looking and being more Japanese. She'll always be American and white though. She isn't Japanese. Where has this 'im white so its easy for me to be japanese' come from? and when will it end?

No. 115856

Imitating the Japanese preferred aesthetic isn't trying to look Japanese. Unless if she said "im white so its easy for me to be japanese" don't assume she is trying to be Japanese. why wouldn't she try to appeal to her market? It makes good business sense. PULL is making lolcow boring.

No. 115866

Pretty much this. She has been living in Japan for years now. It would make sense that she is adopting the beauty aesthetics they find cute being that her job is all about her looks (Though, she really needs to drop that lip thing. Looks weird)

No. 115890

lol what i think you're reading into it a bit much.
following asian trends =/= trying to be asian
and even if westerners do follow their makeup/hair trends, they really dont achieve the same effect.

No. 115895

File: 1433278519274.gif (478.78 KB, 427x258, large.gif)

But she did perfectly drew her lips like that before tho, back when she first got noticed so I am pretty sure it isn't that rather than her getting lazy with her makeup.

No. 116055

kek, it's probably kooter herself again. She is the only person touting her "natural" ness in the whole universe.

No. 116056

Her neck is doing some Berry stuff here.

No. 116344

Why is her Twitter not verified anymore?

No. 116361

http://www.miomio.tv/watch/cc209702/ kota is making an appearance getting eaten by a dinosaur

No. 116496

maybe twitter got tired of her ¿? Idk what happened

No. 116780

File: 1433424280419.jpg (97.82 KB, 1024x576, CGpPdlUU8AAhIo7.jpg)

Have some Dakota upskirt.

No. 116851

File: 1433431149337.jpg (47.54 KB, 495x703, MDL_LIZMERO01.jpg)

Dakota got a small Lizmelo gig and she looks cute as fuck in the shots.

No. 116852

What are you doing? Don't give PULL fap fuel!

No. 116861

She's flipping adorable if she lets someone else do her makeup. I don't understand what she is trying to achieve with her own makeup style.

No. 116873

lol keep sucking dakota's teet.


fuckk off and go back to pull

No. 116912


she's definitely getting into the AMO/RISA style now.

the hair style, the shoes and that mon lily style of clothing

if the UK had those cute clothes! i'd fucking buy them too!!!! (:

No. 116913

By PULL you mean kontra, right

No. 116914

A looot of Japanese models aim for the Risadoll style. I think it's cute but they all end up looking so similar. I think koti would really stand out if she did that style since she's white but cute

No. 116923


Mmmm, exactly. They do end up looking very similar.

I want to get into this style too but I'd prefer to do my own twists on things. There is a girl called Cornelia who runs the blog FASHIONSQUID. She also has this kind of hair too, before Dakota did. She's pretty damn cute! I'm surprised she isn't modelling!

No. 116932

No. 116939

she will post this in her facebook ew

No. 116951

File: 1433447679634.png (56.94 KB, 720x197, 10522520_600668763380548_31479…)

No. 116957

File: 1433448882807.gif (375.78 KB, 500x469, Internet.gif)


Dang dude, that's dank. She changed kontrakoti to cuntrakoti

No. 116999

That hairstyle isn't exactly unique. It's one of the generic girl hairstyles. (Now I sound PULL-ish because it sounds like I'm shitting on Kota. I'm not I'm just being neutral and pointing out it's a normal hairdo lol)

Anyway your post sounds a bit like a self post but I could be wrong since I talk about others that way too on chan boards and I am not those people that I speak of

No. 117008


Nah, you're not shitting on kota. It's obvious, she is copying other models hair and models over there tend to follow each other like sheep to fit their little mould. I mean, I'm not trying to be mean as much as I like those hairstyles. How many more cutesy kawaii styles can they possibly do? They all look the same, it's all been done and nothing looks new anymore. They all get recycled at some point. I just think this one kota has, like amo is that the bangs play a big part.. giving it that 'aw cute little dolly' look.

It's all pretty meh when you think about it. Larme kei or w/e it is, it's cute but how far can cute really go until it's just meh. I feel like we've reached that point tbh.

No. 117122

She's lucky that she was chunky enough to have her thighs cover everything despite her legs being so open.

No. 117128

Those goddamn fucking crocks are the only thing I can focus on.

No. 117138

No. 117158

It's the angle that prevents the panty shot and placement of her legs, nothing to have with her being "chunky" and you have some warped standards like most people here actually if you think her legs are chunky.
>inb4 "you sound fat"/"hi kota"
just kinda sick of people shitting on kooter's size

No. 117166

Agreed. It's annoying because you know most of these anons are fattychans themselves.

No. 117167

including you

No. 117172

You realize people say that shit to piss people like you off, right?

No. 117183


kota is just normal sized in my eyes, literally here in the UK i see girls her size all over the place, it's just normal? i dont think much of her size though, it's just her body. She's not stick thin and she's not podgy, just body average.

i think her hair and face is more interesting tbh

No. 117184


not really, when anyone sits down their thighs automatically spread out tho? its just thigh fat, we all have it (not all ahem u kno) but yeah it happens

No. 117198

sure she holds more weight in her tummy but its far from being a huge bulging gut.
and her body like many western girls will never be comparable to an asian girls, so idk what you expect from her.
im sure if she was your average anorexic white chick you'd shit on her too

No. 118010

File: 1433681054685.png (636.85 KB, 1011x913, da.png)

No. 118012

I think he doesnt know he's tagging fake accounts…
oh man that's so creepy, his whole facebook is about Kota

No. 118015

he's in his late 30's, this has been going on for well over a year or more. and he hasn't calmed down one bit. he must have mental problems

No. 118019

File: 1433685677123.jpg (7.04 KB, 200x200, 254607_164359697038591_2447618…)

Whenever I see him and grandpa geezer in the comment section I get that nasty crawling feeling on my skin.

This is partially her own fault for pandering to these kinds of losers when she started off, but that doesn't make it sit any better with me.

No. 118021

Why do people care about such losers?

No. 118022

She didn't, though. She was always about that Tumblr fame, then started making makeup/hair tutorials.

No. 118027

idk who the geezer is, but the other guy doesn't know a word of english. he wandered into where he is now all by himself.

No. 118030

I'd have to look for old screencaps but a lot of her earlier videos were tagged with Lolita-esque search words and she would talk about how she liked old guys.

No. 118031

I think we can blame the fake Spanish accounts for him. After most of they were shut down he probably just kept doing searches until her found more fakes. He really does worry me, all this time without a response and still persistent. If he had money I'm sure he'd be in Japan stalking her.

No. 118033

…she even tags her videos "blowup doll", you can still see the tags when viewing a video's sourcecode.

No. 118036

yeah, some of the old Spanish accounts had over a hundred thousand likes and were coated with creeps like this, that's where they really came from. However i wouldn't worry about him at all. he's so stupid i doubt he even knows his left from his right. and with the massive language barrier (of both english and japanese) that leaves any chance at serious creeping at -0%.

No. 118037

She also tagged elf, goddess, which is how she got that nickname by /cgl/

No. 118038

File: 1433691494522.jpg (32.02 KB, 540x540, 10357811_500043590125583_29379…)

Is this the same guy that was saying he was having bad feelings about kidnapping her and hurting her?
Anyone have those caps?

No. 118039

File: 1433691515498.jpg (13.87 KB, 344x345, 10537807_500043883458887_61654…)

No. 118040

File: 1433691533306.jpg (4.75 KB, 179x180, 10270655_500044533458822_82841…)


No. 118042

he's living a fake dream with a fake Kota

No. 118044

There was another creep that used to stalk Kontrakoti's FB page thinking she was the real Kota. He was always saying 'by God' when he wanted to say ?My God/Oh my God' there's a common spanish slang which is 'por Dios' so he tranlated it like por->by but the meaning is different

No. 118052

File: 1433693875562.jpg (34.7 KB, 413x551, da.jpg)

lol no, that was this guy, Hans Palacios

No. 118059

File: 1433694616499.jpg (52.67 KB, 609x601, da.jpg)

No. 118074


No. 118078


Just kidding no habla espanol

No. 118081

upper left bubble
>"Don't worry boys I ONLY LOVE YOU GUYS.."
upper right bubble
>"I'm like REALLY GAY YOU GUYS, don't get MAD_XD"
bottom left bubble
>"Peace as Love.."

No. 118083

*peace and love

No. 118092

>>118052 this one is who I was talking about in >>118044

No. 118285

Wow that's not funny at all. Thanks for the translation though.

No. 118302

Yeah… Jealous creeps have no sense of humor at all.

No. 118305

But only fat people would be sensitive about this, so they're right…

No. 118306

That's really creepy but considering how she tagged her videos with creepy things and how the majority searching for it are creepy people pumping the views, she knew it came with the territory.

No. 118545

Someone mentioned this on PULL, so I thought I'd link it here.
I hadn't seen it before.

No. 118548

Here's another.

No. 118550

Never seen this one before either.

No. 118552

She speaks a little English at the very end.

No. 118582

Is this place all about what you've seen and never seen before? Is it that difficult to scroll up ,jfc? For example, one of the videos you posted have been mentioned 4 days ago. Stay on Pull plz

No. 118583

It's good to see her smiling i think she looks happier and more confident this days, and she looks cute, it makes me comfortable deep inside for some reason to see her doing ok?
>inb4 "lol u coming from pull to lick her ass"

Nah I just like seeing the girl happy,actually y'know i think Dakota isn't really a bad person, I think all the shit she said and did was kinda influenced by her awful sister and awful family (on top of that, Cathy and Kaka would call her "fat" and all that stuff so she had a skewed body image and low self confidence), she still did shit and i'm not gonna deny any of it, that was pretty uncool of her, but i also think that we all did some shit when we were younger.
She went from that awkward "living doll" appearing on tv looking nothing like her shoops to now, sure she isn't a perfect kawaii baabi dorru, no one is anyway but everyone can be one with Photoshop, but she seems more chill and confident and i think she's a cute girl and i followed her since 2011, I use to dislike her,i was friend with truthbloggers and i would poke fun at her like "har har she so ugly and not a kawaii thin perfect barbie durr", it was actually pretty stupid of me but somehow i kinda just liked her more and more after all the stupid drama died down and just hope good things for her?
I'm weird jfc sorry if i type like a retard english isn't my mother language but hope you guys got what i'm saying.

No. 118586

Shit that was stupid.
but shit that was kinda cute. I sort of missed hearing her english voice that isn't some kawaii rori high pitched voice

No. 118595

No. 118623

Here's the complete version of these videos, which are all fragments of the same tv spot. My Nihongo is mediocre at best, anyone care to translate?

No. 118648

Take your salty vag somewhere else.
This video was only liked on MioMio and it's been showing errors on my end. All of this has been new content on this board.

No. 118664

go fuck yourself and after that go back to pull

No. 118672


She seems pretty normal, doesn't she? Meh, I'm glad she's not living up to the doll thing anymore. Better just being as she is now. (:

No. 118674

File: 1433802775296.gif (4.54 MB, 637x445, kota (5).gif)

>Being this mad

No. 118689

>thinking hitting your child is not physical abuse
Please, gtfo and never come back again. You try so much to make dakota look like she's a bitch and such.

No. 118691

i agree. she looks very cute!

No. 118693

better than thin small lips tbh

No. 118695

people with average bodies or anyone that isnt skinny could be sensitive about it.
like idk why people think that having non stick thin legs is bad

No. 118713

I'm not trying to shit on kota. But all we've ever known is HER as a bitch. BACK THEN and now we barely even know her at all. Just because someone gives a few smiles and nods in cute clothes, doesn't mean they're not a bitch. Plenty of celebs are like that. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Not calling her a bitch but I am also NOT calling her innocent either. Not that many of us are nowadays anyway. But she's no angel, put it that way.

No. 118715


because you're not 'delicate' or 'kawaii' enough if you don't have thin legs, it's stupid.

No. 118721

What is she going on about in this?

No. 118726

Her new Galaxy phone. She's promoting it.

No. 118736


Why do you even fucking care if she is oror isn't a bitch?
This isn't fucking bitchcow, it's LOLCOW and Dakota hasn't done anything lulzy for literally years.

You are trying so fucking hard to push this vendetta and honestly you look pathetic and jealous.

No. 118739

Look who's getting defensive now. Why am I–actually no, why is it everyone who points something out or has an opinion is suddenly, jealous? I am not jealous though.

ALL am I saying is that we don't know her at all, I don't even know WHY she still has a thread anyway since she's NOT done anything lulzy in years. We only know her as the BITCH, the bitch her bitchy sister brought out in her. We only know THAT Dakota. I'm just saying that she's not much of an angel because of the previous lies and lying about her appearance at the START of the doll persona she led online. That's what I meant. Christ, I'm not saying that she's the anti-christ's minion or anything. Stop overreacting, that's the problem with people in this thread. They get annoyed if you make a remark or if you're bashing Dakota.

Would Dakota care about this thread? Pfft, she wouldn't give a flying fuck or a fuck about what we say about her. Seems she doesn't give a fuck because look at her now! She's happy.

Am I pathetic or jealous for wishing happy? No.

I don't care whether she is a bitch or whether she isn't. Why do you care about what I say? Why are you even on this thread?

No need to jump down my throat about it. I'll say what I want, besides it's hardly the WORST thing anyone has ever said about her anyway. Calm your ass down.

No. 118741


>"calm your ass down!"

>types a fucking novella of a reply

No. 118743


well duh

im jel as fuck apparently

No. 118745


You sound way too invested in this girl's personal life to the point that it makes people suspicious of your motives.
To put it plainly, you sound obsessed.

No. 118749


Funny thing is, I'm actually not though? All I know is based on what I've read on here and PULL (and no I don't have an account on there either but I've lurked)

Now you're just making shit up. Again, why are you on this thread? Surely, you're just as interested too? She isn't doing anything 'lulzy' so why're you here? Seems you're a bit too interested too.

No. 118754

This thread just gone full retard.

It's stupid but Kooter believes in this aesthetic herself. Just look at her shooped pics with toothpick legs she never had.

No. 118755


I'm here because in the middle of switching tabs on my phone to my hentai I saw your dumb ass making a fool of yourself and thought I'd do you a favour and tell you to knock that shit off but you're awfully persistent.

>lurks PULL

As I thought, your posts reek of unwarranted indignation and jealousy.

No. 118781

File: 1433821821248.jpg (50.51 KB, 599x398, CG_by-OVAAABqXn[1].jpg)

Did she photoshop her face in a screenshot again? It looks weird.

No. 118785

>Just because someone gives a few smiles and nods in cute clothes, doesn't mean they're not a bitch.

Is the burden of proof somehow on her? Does she have to definitively show the public beyond a reasonable doubt that she is not, in fact, a bitch?

Maybe she is a bitch, but if she's not currently known to be a bitch then she's clearly not a lolcow.

No. 118786

File: 1433822525116.png (671.97 KB, 838x459, noshit.png)

WHat do you think?

No. 118789

No. 118799


Yes se fu**ing did! Just watched the video earlier and then saw her twit pic. I sure laughed. Too damn obvious gurl!!

No. 118818

lol, someone find the exact same screenshot she shooped & do a comparison.

No. 118826

I don't get what she's trying to do with her lips. Sexdoll look?

No. 118860


No. 118864

this should somehow be a banner

No. 118873

Now I think she's fucking with us.

No. 118909

Not a fan of her outfit here. White frills and military print…?

No. 118912

File: 1433853945587.gif (985.34 KB, 390x259, 21641_eye-roll-annoyed-judge-j…)

No. 118914


Like I said, we ONLY know her from back then. We don't really know this new kota, she doesn't give much about herself away anymore. I don't blame her either to be honest. But how do we know she's changed?

You see, this is why people get pissy. You're questioning her, making kota out to be a 'bad person'. I'm doing no such thing, I am just saying how do we know she's changed and that this isn't all an act? Because the delusional barbie thing she does in interviews acting all coy is certainly an act. For the public of course and her image. Even so, doesn't mean someone is jealous because they're wondering or questioning it. That's the issue, people are branded 'jealous' because you have something to say about someone. It's not always the case though.

Even so, if she's not a lolcow anymore… why is she even still on this board?

She's doing nothing wrong, so far. Just seems to be living her life.

People just want her to do lulzy shit you see. For something to point out and laugh at. Lol and I got told I was bad… oh dear.

Whatever, I'm done with this.

No. 118916


she definitely suits plumper and fuller lips, looks nice on her!

No. 118917

it's not the worst one she's worn, the last interview where she was sat with those middle aged women was the worst because nothing matched and her extensions…

i think the best outfit she wore was where she was showing her new haircut off with it being curly in a cute skirt and shirt! she looked absolutely lovely there! i even went "awww bless" (:

No. 118926


Holy shit shut the fuck up literally no one cares.

No. 118928


>awwww bless

I see you fellow Britfag

No. 118972

Can someone please send Dakota a "fan mail" like >>86227 except use a bunch of photos of Taylor looking like Dakota?

No. 119078


oh fuck off i was responding to someone
dont like it then ignore it and move on

No. 119080


why would you want to? she's probably see them and i doubt she gives a flying fuck either

No. 119085

Just sharing a video I've never seen before, she looks cute. But what is even going on?

No. 119087

This was mentioned earlier in the thread, it was part of a long ass TV spot about Dako chan.

No. 119088


I thought you were leaving? :^)

No. 119093

Yes, someone needs to make one!

No. 119100


mmm she eats cucumbers and act cute


No. 119516

File: 1433947618668.png (145.64 KB, 317x338, Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.4…)

not to beat a dead horse, but her hair was thick this time last year

No. 119526


No. 119590

No way is that all her real hair.

No. 119607

Yeah, those are obviously extensions. She's had them several times in the past few years. I remember one of Cathy's crazy net tirades wherein she's yammering on about how "Dakota has never worn circle lenses! She did have extensions but she took them out because she didn't want to deceive her fans!"

No. 119626

damn she's really cute there, i fucking love when she use her deep normal voice it's so much prettier than her fake loli crap.
Also it's nice to see her in "normal clothes", i think she should stop the kawaii pastel bullshit and maybe go back to her older style it looked so nice on her tho, also heavy eye makeup looked amazing on her

No. 119627

But i like her more ""natural"" look too, just that i think she should seriously go for a more mature yet cute look,it's more unique tbh i see so much kawaii pastel vomit crap it's kinda annoying

No. 119638

goddamn this picture scared the shit out of me. who thought that lighting was a good idea?

No. 119639

Yeah I do agree her old style was nice,but at the same time her japanese fans and what they think matters most because thats who her target audience is. The whole real barbie thing ,kawaii stuff is what got her to be one of the top celebrities in japan .She obviously doesnt want to do the whole natural thing and if she`s happy then thats what matters.

No. 119641


If she did though, I think people would find her boring. All these models tend to wear cutesy dolly clothes anyway, so it's just catering for the audience. I do myself, think she would suit a natural and mature look but until she's fed up playing barbie then she'll keep wearing it.

I don't get it? Barbie never even wore kawaii clothes though? I never understand why they branded her barbie and not anime girl or anime doll… Idk.

Her actual voice is much better, I was surprised when I watched the video with her on the bus. I like her true voice! It's nice.

No. 119642

I wonder if there will be anymore living doll gaijins in the future tho

No. 119645


I don't think kota is actually a top celebrity though? Isn't she known here and there at the most?

No. 119648

yea like all the other kawaii girls and idols, she's only known among younger people. and i guess old creepy men. but thats about it.
theres no reason any rational human out of their teens should hail her as some mega celeb. if anything its the teens who are like OMG SO CUTE. thats about it

No. 119651


not saying she can't be btw, its what she'll make of herself i guess so yeah it depends, future is in her hands

No. 119652

File: 1433971866673.png (321.5 KB, 417x351, Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 5.30…)

here she is in the newest popteen mag

No. 119654

File: 1433972064250.png (431.54 KB, 442x435, Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 5.30…)

No. 119661


meh cute

No. 119679

Aw, that's cute. She looks genuine.

No. 119685

For those who haven't seen any of the Popteen magazines in person, it's worth mentioning that they edit the brightness so much, clothes and skin often melt in with the background. Almost none of the photos inside are of decent quality (except the make-up guides), and this gives the girls inside wrinkleless eternal young faces.

No. 119686


I've seen the scans and I own some, not popteen but I've seen the popteen models. I know, they're all yellow and tacky in person compared to the shoops in the magazines. Again, it's just for cuteness and appeal. If they didn't shoop everyone then it wouldn't look good.

I found the latest issue of popteen on ebay, I've never bought a popteen magazine actually and debating on doing so. It does look like a fairly cute magazine! Wish we had cute shit over here in the UK… but nah everyone wants to look like Kim K and our fashion is uglyyyyyy

No. 119690

Wow this lightning would make ANYONE look awful why did they think this was an actual good idea to do this?

No. 119692

Guys, i just realized
Dakota isn't really even a lolcow now tbh she hasn't done lulzy shit in years she's just living her own life being cute and "quiet", her shoops at this point..idek why does she even bother or do this much? Is it to fuck with us? Is she delusional or want to milk it?
She hasn't posted a video since half a year now, i think she's slowly fading off the internet somehow?

I wonder, will she live in japan? Will she find a prince and have a happy ending? Will she ever return to america? What will happen with her crazy sister and crazy parents? Will she ever stop the "barbie" thing? Like, she's like us she will not be young eternally what will she do after that kawaii barbie stuff? Does she have a diploma or anything? I just wonder so many things, a part of me just want to see her become better everyday and i truly hope she has changed and has become a better person. She seems more confident at least it's kinda warming my heart.

No. 119699

She doesn't have any education besides being homeschooled by her parents and that's far away from something good as we can see at Kiki. It's not hard to get a simple job in Japan without a higher education in case her modeling contract is over but we don't know if she sees herself above that kind of work just like Kiki.

No. 119710


I get the feeling Dakota will deign to remain in Japan for a long time to come.
Her look works there and she's only becoming and more and more well known.

With her current status and the amount of work she's getting coupled with her public presence she'll have no problem getting citizenship in the future.

I can actually see her living there permanently.

No. 119713



But honestly, wouldn't she ever get a little bored? I mean… there is only SO long someone can keep interested in kawaii/cute and not want to change their appearance. I think in the future, she will probably live there but maybe she will head back to the states, depending.

I would like to see other foreign girls in the media there. I mean, I think if they allow kota then another foreign girl should be able to get the same treatment and jobs as kota. If they're good enough of course or is there some kind of limitation to this?

No. 119714


Well you say that but look at Tsubasa Masakawa, she turns 30 in October and she's still going strong.

I can see Dakota bringing out her own line of fashion or makeup in the future.

No. 119715


I pointed this out the other day. She isn't, not really. People on PULL keep her going just to poke fun out of. She's boring if anything, we're just keeping up with what she's doing. Nothing exciting, I mean maybe it is for her but it isn't for us. She goes on tv shows, talks about her persona and acts cute. No doubt in the future she'll get more jobs, probably overtake Rola's place and maybe even get married. I mean, isn't that what her nutjob mother wanted anyway? Some fame, money and for her to life a good life? Her sister, another story.

I think she is slowly fading off the internet. Gradually, aside from Ameblo and catering to her Japanese fans, that's about it.

Nah, she was homeschooled from what we know. Hence why she wanted to become a model, took the chance and has made a career for herself. Even if it's just within Japan.

I just think she keeps herself to herself. I always thought her personality was more… reserved than Kiki's. Dakota would fit in better with Japanese, not as loud and as annoying.

Who knows, I think we should all forget about Dakota if anything. I think she really does need to be forgotten, it's not a huge deal anymore. That's it, it's done with.

No. 119718

Indeed she is.

I think Dakota wanted to bring out her own fashion line before her modelling days anyway. She was always sketching, drawing those strange boney looking characters. Back when her and Kiki had that KND fashion line.

In a sense though, I know Dakota deserves this because yeah, she has become her own sort of success. Some will argue on that, yeah. But I do think… from the way she dresses herself, I can't really imagine her clothing line being… amazing. I just do not think it would be. Sorry.

I've seen design/fashion students work, some are brilliant. I know celebs bring out their own clothing lines all the time, half are shit anyway but it bugs me even with them, sure they've got the money to do so (they earned it, I get it) but people who are amateurs, good at what they do and still, no one either knows them or wants to know them. Blogging, out of the question. It's popular but EVERYONE is doing it. I always find that there is literally no room for newbie bloggers anymore, unless you're somehow… 'unique' as was Dakota with the doll thing back when it wasn't AS popular, then it's hard to get attention. Unless you're a dick and lulzy. It's harder.

So I always find celebs who just get their own lines, even down to Zoella who just makes videos sniffing yankee candles and then whines about her boyfriend, gets her own line of products. I just feel no a great deal of effort is truly made. They're just there because they're there and they can because they've got the money.

I know people will be like "they earned it and they can because–" yeah, you probably get my point.

Either way, I'm sure she'll make something of herself or leave Japan with a good $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

No. 119730

Extensions boo, she has never had that much hair. You can tell by the color being off.

No. 119733

>living permanently as a model

You know that models have expiry dates right? And hers is coming right up, unless she goes the route of Magibon and they do look similar.

No. 119734

and now she wears them with her shorter hair


(i like her shorter hair btw but not with the extensions)

No. 119737


I think it'd be cuter if kota was like a shop manager or something of her own little shop with cutesy dako-chan style clothes…

No. 119738

She could probably open her own little online stuff an sell shit like hotcakes because of her fanbase.
It would be so funny because Kaka's failed.

No. 119739

I meant to say "online shop" not stuff

No. 119740


That's true, I mean what is she going to do with all the clothes when she is no longer playing barbie? Just sell them on! Someone will buy them. Espesh if it's rare and limited edition goods.

No. 119742

She already sells her old clothes online and buys some used in order to have a lot of variety in her wardrobe. Japan has a huge secondary market.

No. 119744

I agree wholeheartedly with this anon. Dakota's not lulzy anymore beyond her occasional tendency to over shoop, which is so ubiquitous that it's not a big deal.

Dako's modeling career will end eventually (especially since it hinges on the appearance of being young and kawaii) but I anticipate her doing something else afterwards since she's a pretty sharp kid. Her videography and portraiture is excellent, she can capitalize on that if not licensing her name for various products. I anticipate her marrying some b list jpop idol boy and fading quietly into obscurity.

No. 119751


then they'll have hafu babies, get them into modelling and be rich and happy

kiki will end up being like the patty and selma

No. 119765

Her stuff is cute by itself, but goddamn that girl can't coordinate an outfit for her life.

All her shit would be way overpriced. Like the time they tried to sell plastic jewellery for $100

No. 119798



After years and years have gone by, one of the two will pen a biography. Or maybe there'll be a documentary, I don't know. Kiki would be more likely too since she's so reckless, which is kind of a shame since she's the less interesting sister.

No. 119845

Oh my god link to her account so i can stalk the cute clothes she's selling

No. 119864


I think in many years to come, when I've got a stable career and happily settled down, I don't think I'll care much about Dakota or Kiki. They'll just be fragments of the past, plus a new fresh gaijin face or someone else will have long taken the spotlight.

Kota already has her own book? It's funny, how come Risa Nakamura only JUST got her own book? I was surprised, since her dad is some famous guy and she's modelled for far longer. I know Amo and a few others have their own books. Did Dakota's even sell that well? I've never seen anyone on instagram with it, I always seen Japanese models but not Dakota's. Usually the Japanese girls I've come across on instagram so shit mental for those style books.

It made me giggle when I found out Peachymilktea wants to buy Dakota's book. Apparently something about wanting to live up to her style and copy her…

As if we need more living dolls already…

No. 119865


You do know you can find most of Dakota's old clothes over on Rakuten (DreamV) and Taobao? I've spotted many of her clothes on those sites when I've had a nosy myself.

However, some are older collections and no longer available from certain lines e.g Lizlisa/Angelic pretty.

No. 119866


Exactly. That's precisely what I was thinking, her pieces are lovely but when put together they don't go. But if I am brutally honest, most of these models over there look tacky in the cutesy pastel clothes. They just do. When it's not photoshopped and blended in with all this filet/lightening it looks terrible in person. Like childrens clothes from the 80's or something.

I do think it would be overpriced too, it would be something with "angel baby" or "gorgeous baby doll" on a plastic glitter ring/necklace. Just that she has a bigger fanbase this time, more fools to fool and idiots to buy it.

However, maybe not. Maybe she'll surprise us? Maybe she might have good stuff and maybe, we'll even buy it? Who knows.

No. 120223

File: 1434087199557.png (708.79 KB, 464x1331, Untitled-1 copy.png)

A book doesn't seem to be a big deal. Granted, Dakota does seem to be making a presence in panel shows. I'd say she wouldn't last long due to her being a one trick pony but Japan eats that shit up. Just take a look at Hayashi-sensei. It's been over 3 years I believe and he's still being treated like a god for saying "ima desho?"

My point about the books is pic related. Found this gem when cleaning my friend's room. It's a business English book and there's a small interview with her in the back. I was disappointed to find there's nothing really lulzy… Sorry if this is old news but I don't think Becky was too much in the spotlight outside of the otaku world and even she's had a few photobooks and such.

No. 120850

File: 1434182003698.jpg (127.13 KB, 800x600, 2015-06-12 01.38.38.jpg)

I found Dakota in an old episode of King of the Hill.

No. 120852

File: 1434182410126.gif (490.06 KB, 480x360, BWAHH.gif)

that actually kind of looks like her

No. 120858

File: 1434184600565.png (519.08 KB, 800x600, koots.png)


No. 120862

Holy shit it's perfect

No. 120876

It always blows my mind when people say that Dakota will be 'Rola level' famous

No. 120890


To be honest, until I looked Rola up I never knew who she was lol. Who knows maybe kota will be but it's only for the barbie persona more than anything.

No. 121066

Kota is too boring to ever be on Rola-level. Kota is like a robot but Rola seems to be quite spontaneous and a bit annoying, which is actually entertaining. Plus she looks gorgeous while Kota is just cute.

No. 121179


Rila is actually gorgeous tho, I looked her up and I was like "geez she pretty!"

kota is yeah, cute, just cute. Nice cute but cute.

No. 121188

cute, but she's got a bit of a fat face. western makeup and (and especially contouring that slimmed her face) suited her face much better IMO. and as everyone always suggests, she should hit the gym; she comes off as extremely doughy-looking, but that's just my two cents.

this is hilariously accurate

No. 121202

Why are you guys even comparing them? Rola is EVERYWHERE in Japan. You can open any random female magazine and she will constantly be in it. She's on posters around Japan, in commercials on national TV, etc. I only saw Dakota randomly ONCE outside of Popteen and it was on one of those purikura posters years ago.

No. 121205

File: 1434252593480.jpg (57.04 KB, 600x800, CHDePXHUYAAzv6z.jpg)

From a salon's twitter 1/2

No. 121207

File: 1434252695069.jpg (47.59 KB, 600x800, CHDePXGVAAAz1P4.jpg)

Looks like she got some cheap and ugly extensions

No. 121208

koti looks pretty cute.

No. 121209

How does it look cheap and ugly Just wanting to know

No. 121210

Because anon is an autist and thinks everything associated with kooter is somehow bad

No. 121211

I think it looks fine :(

No. 121212

This. I mean kota hasn't done anything really for her to be recent/besides being cute.

No. 121216

Yes I must be autistic for having my own opinions. The ends are super dry and look damaged, and her own hair is obvious

No. 121217

Most 'normal' salons can't do it any better, this looks totally fine and normal.

No. 121224

YES I love her bangs in this photo. I hate it when she over straightens them and they look too overly styled. They look so much better slightly tossled. Also it is nice to see her hair looking fluffy. Most of the time it is too straightened and limp.

No. 121239

Oh okay

No. 121249

hmm… i've definitely seen worse, but these aren't that great. they match the texture of her hair, which is to say they both look damaged. however, they color is slightly off and also very flat. which is probably the biggest reason why they don't blend very well.

i hope to kami-sama that they are not glue ins or beads. her hair is already so delicate and thin, it would only get even more wrecked. i hope they are tape ins at the very least.

i can see why anons might think they look pretty, dakota always has looked better with long hair (at least in my opinion.) however, they don't blend very well and don't seem to be in great condition (also in my opinion.)

so does look cute af here though (except she and kiki need to whiten their teeth, eugh)