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File: 1421166649078.png (194.23 KB, 471x337, ruaridoll.png)

No. 39813

Blah, blah, blah, you know what to do.
>pic related

No. 39815

She (or her parents) probably realized making those videos and getting slammed for them wasn't helping her mentally.
I miss her, though. I kind of wish someone would track her down, just to see if she's still present on the internet anywhere.
I'd even settle for a Tumblr where she does nothing but reblog shit to be honest

No. 39820

Seconded, I'd like to know what she's up to as well, but mostly because I'd like to know that she's okay and when she disappeared without a trace it was kinda worrying. She's weeby as hell, but I feel for the girl. She obviously is/was struggling with an ED and it'd be sad if the rumours about her having died as a result from it were true.
Also, was it confirmed that she lived with her parents? I swear I read somewhere that she was like in her mid-twenties or something (even back then). I could be remembering incorrectly though.

No. 39823

It was part of her bulimia therapy in a clinic to get her internet connection removed and leave the persona behind her in order to not have a relapse, she is still living in Hamburg.
She was 13-14.

No. 39828

How do you know this?

No. 39832

You probably missed her last posts on her DA before it got deletd as well as the "Ruaridoll is not dead" video.

No. 39875

What happened to Applemilk? Anybody know?

No. 39877

this!!! i followed applemilk for a while but she rly fell of the radar w/ the whole jrock thing.

No. 39878

WOW, that takes me back. Most recent thing I found was this amazing song from 2 years ago…

No. 39879


No. 39880


anyone know about the more recent entries here?

No. 39883

Isn't she still doing porn?

No. 75237

the journal still runs, just not as frequently. there's probably not much more to say about emurii, unless there's some juicy dramu that he's been hiding for ages.

No. 75242

it's weird, ED initially gave that guy a lot more credit for all the convo caps and everything he had, and I think there was a direct link to that livejournal, but the info has changed I guess? I love reading the ED weeaboo pages.
(sorry in advance for samefagging)

No. 75259

there are always stories and details to be shared on that LJ, even still, but i'm pretty sure nobody cares. nobody even cares about LJ, you know? OH BUT IF ONLY YOU KNEW……………

No. 75827

so if there are more deets to be shared, share them? sdduming you are really the guy that runs that LJ. there must be things you haven't talked about. you probably slept with her, didn't you?

No. 75828


No. 75829


No. 75854

File: 1428218821512.jpg (51.6 KB, 540x720, fake_breastehs_by_blewballoons…)

Does anyone remember blewballoons/Espen? The chick who claimed to be a 15-year old boy while looking and dressing like a teenage girl and had a prison tattoo of swastika on her chest? She had adult males fawning over her and treating her like a princess all the time and really put up a whole kawaii trap act for the persona. The DeviantART account had tons of photos and drawings and stupid ass journal entries about bitching how people question her being a girl and "I can't help looking like this my body is just really feminine k???".

Then like 3 years later this one girl appears claiming that these are her photos and they've been stolen from her tumblr account and that she's absolutely not a man. At first I thought it's just espen backpedaling and wanting to leave the ridiculous fakeboi persona, but sure as hell it was true. The chick was some alt fashion type girl who had nudes, photos and drawings posted on her tumblr the same time "espen" was stealing them to their imaginary persona's DA account. After the original girl found out and called them out on their deviantart page, they left forever and haven't been seen since. It's a shame because I really would've wanted to know the story behind the whole farce.

The DA account is still up, however. http://blewballoons.deviantart.com/

Pic related, this is one of the most famous photos that circulated around cgl because she claimed that "they're fake breasts cuz I'm a crossplayer lolololo".

No. 76155

original fakeboi

No. 76400

yes, i'm nick, and it's my LJ; if you want to comment on something, i'll confirm it but that's up to you either way. for example, there was a bit more to the aftermath (regarding the wrath that had befallen her) but aside from a handful of /i/nsurgents on rizon or friends i know IRL, i can't publicly share those stories because shit got too real, and it can be construed as potential illegalities on my end which i had sought to purposely avoid since the beginning by refusing to take any credit for anything. emily wasn't aware of my affiliations or even habits on the net then, otherwise she wouldn't have left her laptop available to me in her absence as she was on her own fuck quest with random JP guys from MSN chat or elsewhere after making the decision she was entitled to be a cunt at the time.

otherwise, to address this prodding yet again, we didn't sleep with each other. it was entirely platonic and i wasn't attracted to her, nor her to me, even drunk. we were affectionate in the day (being emotionally close, mind you), we slept in the same little bed, we undressed (not fully) in front of each other, and even did so in mutually minimal clothing considering the heat and humidity i wasn't conditioned to endure, but there was no sex to be had and i'm proud of that. this speaks more to our comfort and closeness to each other as friends than a symptom of any sexual dimension. she's not a bad-looking girl but like most people who doll up for the camera, IRL, she's mediocre, insecure, and would've probably been bad in bed anyway being the hayseed that she is. even if we did sleep together, what would there be to tell any different from another girl?

No. 76477

Fuck and I thought blew was real girls is still hot though.
It's pretty fucking creepy that someone was doing this though.

No. 78154

do you ever wish you were still friends with her?

No. 78572

Oh shit,that's my hometown.I never saw her at our local con though.

No. 78580

Was thinking about Jessi Slaughter the other day because I have no life. Last I heard she was transitioning into a male and going by Damien. Anything else happening with her/ him?

No. 78601


Last I heard, that boy phase was short right after she got pregnant again and took pills and drank until she lost the kid. She still has her hair short I think, but after the pregnancy she still has her breasts out. I think the poor dear is just going through major things in her life and is just trying to see who she is

No. 78606

File: 1428603805008.png (1.02 MB, 916x608, jessi.PNG)

found this on her insta. a little while after this was posted she said she had a dermatologist visit? idk.

No. 78608

>poor dear
stop this

No. 78611

I imagined it in the voice of Mrs. Potts on beauty and the beast

but seriously for a young girl who has had her CP spread over the internet and was like, traumatized and retarded I can understand why it warrants a "poor dear"

No. 78613

Oh shit, thinking about Jessi Slaughter made me think about Harmony Flashpink, and I did a YT search and she's still uploading YT videos and is social media… but holy shit now she's doing a whole kawaii thing… and… okay, like… She got riiiill fat



No. 78629

 omfg i remember her. i thought she was just a parody joke or something? and jesus christ she got HUGE. How does that happen, just how.

No. 78647

Holy fucking shit she got sooo fat! Wtf? And she looks awful, at least when she was a scene whore she could actually style herself.

No. 78663

I have no idea. Harmony was always my favorite lolcow just because of all the lies and shit she told people. It was literally shit a mental person would come up with. And it looks like she's still pumping that shit out too

No. 78790

"sakura manga pens" why do these things sound so cringey

No. 79545

File: 1428732292652.png (444.95 KB, 1070x1538, proportional.png)


The name flashpink suddenly reminded me of a certain pinku: Bubblegum Pinku

It seems that she's deleted all her videos of herself except for this one

No. 79550


No. 79623

I felt really bad for her because she was 11 years old and got her nudes spread around her school when she was 12 + pregnant at age, what, 13? It was obviously her shitty parents not giving a crap about their child and not supervising her actions at all and she should've been taken into foster care earlier. Her father hit her and her mother told her she should just kill herself already, so they obviously didn't really care that their 12-year old daughter was online stirring up drama and making a further clown out of herself. Instead they went on fucking Good Morning America to whine about being attacked. I think now she's off from the Internet fame for good.

Was there any proof of her pregnancies though? I'm still bordering on if they were real or not.

No. 80540

I wonder what she's at now and if she's still a weeb?Is she even still somewhere on the internet? Also wonder what Magibon is doing now?

BRUH i remember that bitch, she made an apology video before quitting scene and now years later she's into kawaii decora fashun, she has gained a lot of weight appearance-wise but she has better hair and is more cutesy overall?

Anyway does anyone remember frikkin Ginsengteacat idk what who put a sharpie in her pooper bc she wanted to be a real uke "like Ayase from Okane Ga Nai", said she would do surgery but do not want facial and body hair,…it was fun and then Homestuckers scared her away, i wonder what she is at these days..

No. 80551

>I wonder what she's at now and if she's still a weeb?Is she even still somewhere on the internet? Also wonder what Magibon is doing now?
Still the same as usual besides that she gets paid for making reviews for electronics in Japan.

No. 80553

SHIT how old is she now? Her face hasn't aged!!

No. 80555

She turns 29 in August.

No. 80561

Girl looks like a young teenage girl…
How is that possible? I seriously want to know

No. 80579

Her eyes I guess? Because when covering them she looks her age.

No. 80656

Did Magibon marry a Japanese? She's been there so long.

No. 80734

Her manner of speaking is really choppy.

No. 80741

No but she got a job so she can always stay via a working visa.

No. 80784

applemilk1988's instagram, if anyone cares:


seems like she has a normal life now

No. 80822

I have this weird theory that Alexa Poletti was Ruaridoll. They look really similar to me.

No. 80847

I doubt it. From what I knew, Ruaridoll was German.

No. 81928

I preferred her style when she was still kinda weeby, to be honest. She looks a bit haggard now?

No. 89431

I used to really like her but the last I heard she was doing japanese soft-core porn videos and photoshoots. It's a shame because I actually enjoyed her humor and music..

No. 124907

File: 1434854853537.jpg (265.26 KB, 1600x1600, photo 4.JPG)

No. 124919

R-Ruari? I want to believe

No. 125055

that pic was posted on pull in 2014, someone saying it looked like her

i think it's just that pic though http://fauxfurkittens.blogspot.co.uk/2014_09_01_archive.html

No. 125128


not Ruari, it's a girl from Melbourne. Ruari is French.

No. 125132

…Ruari is from Germany, not France but it's not like if people couldn't move..

No. 125152

Her bandmate's a babe, wish I could find a name for him. Song's pretty good, too bad it looks like it didn't pan out since neither of them have updated any social media in forever.

No. 125166

Hirama Mikio

No. 125175

arigatou, comrade

No. 125261


you're right, woops. How the fuck did I confuse these two countries?

No. 125279

Maybe you were thinking of a similar weeb from france?

No. 125653

File: 1434974629621.jpg (49.9 KB, 453x637, babygoth.jpg)

i used to follow this lolcow on tumblr but she disappeared. She was called babygoth but had other names later. Vegan, snowwhite tattoo, obsessed with insects and into nymphet shit. kept posting suggestive images of herself and every textpost was wonderfully cringeworthy. know who i'm talking about or how to find her now?

No. 125702


Oh yeah! I remember her, I thought she was fit as hell! Like… I actually did think she was gorgeous.. No idea :(

No. 125704

File: 1434979858662.jpg (191.02 KB, 500x375, 219cj75.jpg)

Anyone else know what happened to Parisbunny from tumblr guys? She was around during 2010-2012ish?

No. 125708


I'm friends w her ex bf and she cheated in him with Internet guys, sent nudes etc. they broke up and I think she turned into an instagram loli goth nymphet girl u know

No. 125710



I did some detective work on her bfs old tumblr and found hers again!!! Here u go


No. 125717


The typical tumblrina

No. 125718

File: 1434982624150.jpg (89.54 KB, 960x526, 406135_433161140088131_7295270…)

>better hair


No. 125755

yeah, if she wasn't embarassing i'd find her hot, too. lol

No. 125757

idk, some of them are more interesting then others/i found her milk to be fairly high quality

No. 125759

you're a wizard anon!

No. 125761

really not diggin the new rockabella style. i'm disappoint

No. 125766

after scrolling through her blog a bit, i gotta admit that i find it quite aesthetically pleasing

No. 126480

Anybody still remember Lil J?

No. 126500

what's her aesthetic, porn and 70s filter?

No. 126579

File: 1435117810379.jpg (63.31 KB, 720x960, 10858615_842879212426961_68524…)

I know she is boring and doesn't really do any harm to anyone, but Harmony is still my favorite sub-lolcow

No. 189091

ruaridoll:https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ruaridoll now. hermit gamer lol

sorry for grave digging!

No. 189101

Are you sure that's really her? There are no recent pictures, and her English is a lot better than what was on her dA/original YT.

No. 189155

Omg, yeah, what ever happened with neoclassicalneko?
The dramu with the tumblr homestucks was awesome, wonder what the hell is she doing now…

No. 189171

this is super old throwback material but does anyone remember this chick (hivslilbabe)? she had a lot of mediocre dance videos and she filmed herself at her school harassing normal kids. she was relevant for a pretty short period of time but she was top notch

No. 189387


That's a fake.

No. 189887

Harassing what now? Really?

No. 190044

I'm just here to declare that ruarridoll is not from Germany.
this is one of her artworks and the text is written in German.

there are mistakes in it which only a German primaryschool pupil would make. Or someone who didn't learn it as a mother language.

I'm not exaggerating here.

"Deine blut und meine blut" (my blood and your blood)
every German person knows that Blut is not a female word, but "Deine" implies it. "Dein Blut und mein Blut" would be correct and it's really simple. (it's somewhat like writing "you blood and my blood" in English..)

Blut is a noun - always starting with a capital letter.
I guess she is learning German.

I'd love to know what's proof that she is French.

No. 190211

oh my god anon i have been laughing at this for YEARS

i'm so glad someone else remembers her

No. 190224


>and she filmed herself at her school harassing normal kids.

I had to check this out

Poor Sarah.

No. 190401

Yeah, does anyone have any deets? What happened to her?

No. 190498

does anyone remember princessnecrophilia? she changed her url then disappeared. was most active around 2012-13

No. 190986

you are absolutely right. it pisses me off when people say she's from Germany. No German would make that kind of obvious mistake. Children old enough to be in elementary school rarely make this kind of gender error.

No. 190991

How does Magibon still look that young at 29? Fuck i'm jelly

No. 191096

Yooo, I remember her! I wonder what ever happened to her? She seemed pretty fucked up. I remember her having the occasional post about fucking dogs and how she was sexually abused when she was younger. I can still kind of remember this one post where she described having sex with a dog when she was 12 behind a barn/shed or something. She also posted a lot of weird ass hentai. I wish I could forget some of that shit.

No. 191143

I mean I knew she was into that shit, but fuck didn't know that actually happened. Not the person you're replying to btw just also curious what happened

No. 191227

I remember that she used to be really into hentai and stuff because of the sexual abuse she went through when she was younger, but then she sort of wised up and stopped using it to "cope" and became a hardcore feminist and then disappeared.

No. 191231

I miss neoclassicneko, ginsengteacat or whatever that Lynn girl went by. She was the greatest lolcow of that time.

No. 191247

Yes!! She was one of my favourite Tumblr weirdos. Does anyone know what happened to her?

No. 191248

Anyone have caps of this? The name is familiar but I don't think I ever followed her.

No. 191266

i know she was a troll but i wonder what happened to this girl

No. 191268

I used to wonder if she was a guy or a girl bc she looked really androgynous and her voice was deep and such…
Was it really a troll? It sounded like some serious weeb case?

No. 191273

i think she was probably a regular anime/jrock/hot topic/japanese culture fan and made a tongue-in-cheek weeb trolling persona

No. 193054

I've been wondering about her too, I know one of her more recent URLs was princess-of-worms but I havent been able to find anything after that

No. 193300

File: 1445037415228.jpg (90.61 KB, 640x451, tumblr_ljifuzzhzZ1qfu85fo1_128…)

Does anyone remember that girl who said that she was born with "Alexandria's genesis", and never had a period because of it? She was popular on tumblr like 2011/2012.

I can't remember her name, but she had short blonde hair I think. She was one of my favorite lolcows.

No. 193303

No but I remember when tumblr thought "alexandria's genesis" was real. God that was hilarious and it turned out it was just some shit from somebodys fanfiction.
>le dont poop, dont period, no body hair and purple eyes

No. 193310


Holy shit, that was brilliant
Everyone was shitting themselves over it and it turned out it was a condition someone made up to make their mary sue Daria OCs seem less like mary sues

No. 193334

Don't know if anyone here will know about her, but was anyone else really into Cazziecaz5 a long time ago? She used to be pretty well known in the fanimation scene back in the day, but never finished any of her projects. I remember discovering that she was pretending to be someone else online in order to give herself more viewers, or something like that and being horrified. I sorta kept an eye on her for the next few years and she just kept getting stranger and stranger. She still lives with her parents now and spends all her time playing league or wow. Just wanna know if anyone else knows who she is/wants to hear about her I got stories to share

No. 193361

what would possess someone to do this…

No. 193388

This type of person

No. 221602

File: 1452628661784.jpg (32.03 KB, 333x500, 374218_2648850298840_118318578…)

Sorry for gravedigging, but I figured this would be the best place to ask…

Does anyone have deets on Kroze? I remember LittleKuriboh posting about him all the time when abridging was still big like they were bffs, but then he just kind of stopped mentioning him.
I was just recently reminded of him because I saw a post on /cgl/ saying that LK had cut ties with him because he had been trying to sleep with underage fangirls or something? Does anyone know what the deal is?

No. 233678

>Applemilk has stopped being a loony weeb and ended up with a nice and normal looking white guy

That legit warms my heart.

Sorry for resurrecting a dead thread, but I wanted to know what happened to her.

No. 236807

I never thought applemilk was a big weeb to be honest so I always liked her but this also warms my heart. She has become so mature! If you are still lurking here: how did you find her instagram? She was already pretty but now she has become so beautiful!

No. 236821

File: 1455391656001.jpg (28.8 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

Anyone know if vikingbarbie is still on tumblr or where this chick is now? I used to follow her a few years ago and she was kind of cringey, nothing major but still mildly interesting. Remember she had purple hair or sth.

No. 236823

Oh wow, she is so pretty especially for a tumblrchick.

No. 236847

What happened to the "die cis sum" girl? The one with the black lipstick?

No. 236853

File: 1455395817962.png (504.89 KB, 960x394, the patriarchy.png)

She lost the black lipstick, at the very least.

No. 236857

File: 1455396598938.png (183.68 KB, 484x386, 1449641934083.png)

No. 236859

I have the feeling she was just trolling. She wont be recognizeable anymore with hair.

No. 236860

This shit reminds me of a Tumblr post in one of the old Tumblr threads where someone was encouraging people to lie about being gay to make them not be a minority. Maybe that is also why there are so many transtrenders these days.

No. 236863

File: 1455398130542.png (349.65 KB, 642x433, MagicalPockyUsagi.png)

I know she's more of a troll than a lolcow, but I still wonder what MagicalPockyUsagi is up to.

No. 236868

I was quite a bit younger when I was following her but at the time I was kind of fascinated by her face. I think she's from Sweden/Denmark or sth?

No. 236872

No she is from Norway. (I stalked her a bit hehe i find her pretty and in her newer pictures she is still very pretty and natural)

I found her instagram but I dont want to post the direct link, I feel bad for posting it because she clearly vanished from the internet with a reason (assuming she had a large following).

No. 236878

You posted it earlier, didn't you? She's still using the same name at any rate.

She is very pretty, and seemingly quite normal these days.

No. 236879

File: 1455399946727.jpeg (25.44 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

I have no hate against her tbh but I am still wondering her whereabouts. Also picture related also interests me…

Aaaaaa feel so guilty now for bringing them up

No. 236881

haha yes I did..well I just dont want to cause a shitstorm on her commentbox if anyone here still has a grudge or something…well…anyhow how was she back in the days then? The pic you posted and the pics she has on instagram still shows a boho chick tbh.

No. 236887

It wasn't me who posted >>236821, but I expected anything but a simple boho chick. You learn to expect the worst with Tumblr people sometimes. Fakeboi, suddenly half Korean Twitch streamer, these are things she avoided.

No. 237048

ohh i remember her. her url was bacon something at one point i think?

No. 237056

what happened to magibon

No. 237064

She earns money with making tech reviews in Akihabara.

No. 237078

Bumping this picture because princegyasa is wanted :^)

No. 237092

Please, I need to know if this person exists.

No. 237129

I wonder whatever happened to applemilk1988

No. 237147

No. 237169


I'm so happy for her! I actually liked Magibon for some strange reason.

No. 237403

Oop I shoulda searched the thread, my bad! Thanks

No. 237417

well she used to post pretty personal stuff and bra pics so i understand. she was just a teen so

No. 237467

File: 1455504223931.jpg (367.54 KB, 800x600, rainbow_boy_by_zerodomon-d46j8…)

Whatever happened to Aki? I feel like she's the OG fakeboi and yet no one seems to talk about her.

From the minimal research I just did she still seems to be claiming to be a boy, even at 25 years old, so I guess she's probably been one of the longest running fakebois online. But she has practically no fans anymore since that whole alt gawth fakeboi look isn't in and she didn't transition into any other style. Honestly it genuinely looks like she's stuck in that so randumb 2007 look.


No. 237830

>still very pretty and natural

can't tell if newfag or selfposter

No. 237838

I'm a selfposter. Here your reaction.

No. 237843

I think joji grey takes the fakeboi title.

No. 238980

Jessica literally hasn't changed at all, except now she seems to go by "Louis" instead of Aki as her boy name. Her Facebook is akiwarumono.louis

No. 238996


quick google searches anon
shes cute tho

No. 243193

Any later lulzy stories?

No. 246054

Yep, me too, was thinking about Jessi Slaughter since I randomly remembered "Ya dun goofed!". Is it true that her father has passed away though?

No. 246055

Ooops, sorry for replying to a 10 month old post.

No. 246135

Don't do it again.

No. 246183

Jessi's dad did die. Now she's a special snowflake on Tumblr who called herself Catie for a while to distance herself from being Jessi Slaughter, although that Tumblr doesn't belong to her anymore, and I don't know her new one.

No. 246246

File: 1457435916004.jpg (42.65 KB, 599x432, scumbag.JPG)

Her dad abused her before he died just 6 months later. I think we should just leave her alone and not be jerks towards that poor girl.

No. 246253

Thank you for the information anons. Kinda sad to hear that about her now, but hope everything would turn out well for her.

No. 246298

I follow her on her new Tumblr but there's no way in bloody hell I'm making it public.

Jessi's story really is an intolerable example of the cruelty of the internet when group cohesiveness is brought into play. What happened to her, a little girl, was absolutely fucking revolting and I would think more of this place if the users would just leave her the fuck alone.

No. 246325

File: 1457452089334.jpeg (83.11 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)


Maybe I'm just heartless but I think she deserved it. She could have shut the computer, leave it all behind and go outside and lose some weight. Se got punched by her father once to be put in her place. I'm sorry but I can't really sympathize for her and she created huge lolz. No wonder she's going down the typical "I'm a boy now" tumblr shit.

I was actually wondering what she was up to nowadays, thanks anon!

(Also literally no one forced her to cp lmao if anyone is to blame it's her parents and partially her)

No. 246327

no one else but her kept creating drama like "oh this guy in a band raped me and I'm having his baby". Bitch could have shit her mouth and left her infamous reputation if she wanted to, it's not like she was controlled to coming back, I guess she just had no common sense

No. 246330

Most likely, she was attention seeking because her dad was being an abusive asshole and she didn't know any better. Kids are a product of their enviornment…

No. 246334

Do you really think an 11 year old deserves to be harassed?

No. 246337


Oh my god shut the fuck up edgelord, she was a preteen girl. There's no fucking way in hell you didn't do equally stupid shit at that age, you just had less attention

No. 246339

Actually, I am not an edgelord. I was also a kid who was abused from a young age until I finally move out at 28.

No. 246341


Oh so you're some 30 year old loser hating on 11 year olds, even better

No. 246343


How am I being an edge lord? I'm just recognizing she did stupid ass decisions and wasn't raised properly at all.
I mean me personally if I was constantly getting shit on I would just fucking leave the Internet like she could have, especially once she was receiving help.
I don't feel much pity for any lolcow so why would I pity her? Did someone hold her st knife point to go on cam and deep throat objects ?

No. 246345


Same fag here and I'm not the abuse anon. I'm only a few years older than her, why are you being such a moralfag?

No. 246348

Nah that anon right, stop being such a sjw. Logical thinking /=/ edgelord

Kind of annoying how empathetic a site whose roots are in 4chan has become

Newsflash faggot, you don't have any moral high ground on an image board dedicated to gossip and keks at other's expense

No. 246349


It has nothing to do with morals and everything to do with the sheer cringe factor of being an old woman trying to brag about having more common sense than someone who probably hadn't even had their period yet

No. 246353

Wut. I don't hate an 11 year old. I said she was a product of her enviornment. Improper parenting will result in kids who act out for attention. Also preteens are immature and don't have rational reasoning until their frontal lobe is developed at around 21.

No. 246355

You quoted two different anons, do you realize that? I was the second one, the poster above was the first anon.

No. 246360

Wait, so people in their 30's can't have a little laugh about a child making a huge ass out of herself continuously for years? Even I don't think that's cringe, adults can find stuff lulzy about teens from afar. There's no age limit on watching someone crash and burn.

Like I said, I'm not much older than her and I found i was dumbfounded at first when seeing the vids. She didn't need to "confront da haterzz" and all of this stuff. Yeah the blame isn't all on her because she's a stupid child but unless she's autistic she still had a chance to shut the fuck up and leave the Internet drama.

No. 246362

Different anon, personally I don't see why being empathetic on cows is such a bad thing, but it's okay, we just have different perspective I guess.

No. 246364


That's fine, but isn't there a difference between being empathetic and a raging whiteknight who will fight anyone who has a different opinion?

No. 246368

It's annoying when it gets in the way of the milk/someone tries to hold it over the heads of anons making 'less empathetic' observations, like the posts I was quoting

If you're just some random anon who feels sorry for cows that's no big deal. Like you said, that's just a perspective

It's like the difference between someone being religious and someone shoving their faith down your throat. The first is obviously fine, where as the latter is irritating as fuck; the latter is what this anon is doing

No. 246370

yeah, you are right anons, there is a difference. I agree with >>246368.

No. 246387


You are an edgelord.
You're sitting on a bitch-forum in your 30's trying to make a case as to why an 11 year girl who was being abused at home should be subjected to a tirade of online and IRL abuse for delving into a public environment at a point in her life when she was first developing an identity for herself.

Sort your own fucking life out you disgusting legbeard.

No. 246391

You got that allllll wrong. I have zero feelings on Jessi. All I said is that kids are a product of their enviornment and that bad parenting leads to bad kids. That. is. it.

No. 246397


You have you zero feelings regarding the girl and yet here you are talking trash about an abuse victim.

What exactly is the difference between Jessi and Venus here? Some of you make me sick.

No. 246398


No. 246401


I'm not even in my 20's yet calm down there. Getting punched in the face does suck but it's not like she got beat on the regular. I've gotten slapped a few times myself when I was being a brat.

I just don't feel bad because she could have shut off the fucking computer and stopped bragging about all her boyfriends and acting like tough shit and making rumours.

All Venus does is be a weeb and she still gets roasted on the Internet but she can block comments and do other stuff. She doesn't come online to brag about her getting raped by some cringey scene singer

No. 246403

Are you retarded? I NEVER said anything about Jessi. I think you're confusing me with some other anons.

No. 246404


I did absolutely nothing of the sort. The original comment I responded to was not milk, it was some old bitch trying to be edgy. I don't even give a single fuck about Jessi but I will call out dumb ass Onion-tier comments when I see them.

No. 246409


Uh, good for you? But I was never talking to you in the beginning, I was responding to this waste of skin >>246339 so I don't even know why you're talking to me if that's not you.

No. 246427

Different Anon than the ones who've posted but you are legitimately retarded.

Just stop posting you're embarrassing yourself, jfc.

>inb4 'lolz got u I'm such a trolololll!'

I recognize you don't have enough self awareness to be able to tell, but that's how stupid you are being right now.

No. 246428


>realises she's been responding to the wrong person


top kek

No. 246433

Fucking kek I just realized you're not the retard WK Anon. I'm sorry m8 I mixed up your posts quoting you. That comment was intended for that shit lord.

No. 246439


np fam we gud.

No. 247482

Compared to the sorts of weebs today she wasn't as bad, the likes of Kanadajin and Venus are obviously significantly worse.

Still, she did that whole go through a phase of dating shitty asian dudes, going to japan, doing softcore shit, getting involved with even shittier asian bands, going into a depressive spiral so it's nice to see she's changed and has a normal life now.

I can't help but think there's a lesson in there against asiaphilia somewhere…

No. 252017


She was never pregnant…who takes the word of an 11 year old?

No. 252153

File: 1458795743488.jpg (303.76 KB, 665x925, collage_meitu_1.jpg)

sage 4 conspiracy theory
I think Ruari is frillypinkdreams on tumblr/blogspot. I don't follow her but she seems to be quite popular, so maybe other people have noticed the similarities and I'm super out of the loop.
But she looks identical in the face right down to the freckles, same eye color, same uneven mouth/smile, they're both in Germany. Makeup is better now but some pictures from 2012 still have the same harsh liner. Ruari's accounts died in about 2011 and FPD's blogs started in 2012.
The only thing I'm not sure about is her nose. I can't tell if she shops her nasal tip thinner, had work done, or maybe aging has changed it, but it looks different in her more recent pictures. The 2012 ones still have the chubby tip though.
Assuming nobody else follows her, her ED doesn't seem to have gotten better but she's definitely been repeatedly getting help over the years.

Top is Ruari in 2010 and bottom is FPD in 2012. Ruari is mid-eating and has big contacts in and the angle isn't the same but I tried.

No. 252210

Hi self-post chan.
Frillypinkdreams is from Norway, try better.

No. 252214

I don't see the resemblance.

No. 253473

They don't look anything alike, and magibons eyes are bigger

No. 253486

File: 1459255053378.gif (255.37 KB, 200x140, 200w.gif)


No. 253488



No. 269818

File: 1463203138234.jpg (531.27 KB, 772x1034, XvffZlu.jpg)


I hate to pull my rum outta my ass. But…

Does anyone know where she's currently at as of 2016?

The bitch is probably hot by now. XD

Also… Bump!(kill yourself)

No. 269831

Just because I was curious I looked up Magibon. Her YouTube is pretty dead but she's fairly active on Twitter and Instagram. She was recently volunteering after the earthquake. She follows Venus Angelic on twitter lol.


No. 269938

File: 1463261406417.jpeg (124.94 KB, 640x991, image.jpeg)

The thirst of the kind of people that make girls like Dakota, Magibon and co. Efamous is just… Eugh.

No. 269987

I know the person who wrote the fic and I think it was the spreading of the "Alexandria's Genesis" shit that made them remember the fanfic they had written years prior. They got a real kick out of how their shitty fic got this sort of attention.

No. 269992

File: 1463275108258.jpg (46.99 KB, 474x500, 08b98d580c63775c0c73dd2e7d8fd3…)

Anyone else kept up with the Usagi Kou drama? I know it has been years, but anyone know what she has been up to and if she's still bat shit crazy? It's a shame she was a loony because I think she cosplayed Sailor Moon pretty well.

No. 269996

do you have a better pic than this? her facial expression makes her look like one of those bored couture clothing models from the 90s.

No. 270002


Haha, honestly she makes that same face in almost all her photos. Which is a shame, because I think she's pretty.

No. 270006

File: 1463277857051.jpeg (721.51 KB, 700x1050, image.jpeg)

She's still around but I'm not sure if cgl/ as recently as 2 years ago with an annoying as fuck habit of calling people "broski." Not sure if she's still batshit insane but she still cosplays mostly Sailor Moon stuff but she also did a Rapunzel cosplay that people ripped into her for and it wasn't even bad. Just dumb comments like, "What gives her the right to do that cosplay with her real hair at that length?!" You know /cgl/…

She's married to some new guy and lives in Washington now. She doesn't seem to be into drama anymore like she did when she was in her late teens to mid 20s.

No. 270008

These threads always make me sad and remind me of how I'll never drink some milks again. Weird how attached it's possible to get to people we follow in order to laugh at.

Can anyone get us a dead cow funeral screenshot from Harvest Moon? It'd be quite appropriate.

No. 270010


I guess that's good that she has straightened her life out. Sucks for me because I'm wanting to read about old lolcows still being funny because I feel old and can't get into the newer lolcow drama.

No. 270176

File: 1463336038341.jpg (18.87 KB, 300x378, sith lord ali.jpg)

Any old gaiafags remember Sith Lord Ali? She was one of the very first fakeboi personas back in the day and made quite a name for herself. There was a huge scandal once she outed herself as a girl.

No. 270177

That was her Gaia name right? I remember sucking up to her for a bit because I wanted to be part of her prommie group kek

No. 270179

Damn, she's gorgeous. I wanna comb her hair.

No. 270208

Hell yeah I remember. The GD went berserk and every thread was "OMGZ SITH LORD ALI IZz A GURL?!!" Promies were pitted against each other. It was madness.

No. 270213

A true classic. I remember how vehemently she'd deny being a girl before the reveal, with all her whiteknights backing her up.

My memory's failing me these days though: how was she outed?

No. 270215

HA HA OH SHIT my first ever lolcow! she turned the GD on its head. if anyone has any details on what became of her pls provide. i would love to revisit this saga as i'm fuzzy on the details of what went down specifically. fakeboi OG

No. 270244

No. 270267

File: 1463369857163.jpg (19.2 KB, 763x128, Capture.JPG)

Sounds legit.

No. 279776

Actually I was playing Neopets.

No. 279778

Its like being a racist on tumblr. Its like being a SJW on 4chan. Its like bringing a pulled pork burger to a vegan restaurant at a place your friend is eating at. Time and place for everything, and being a kind hearted Mother Theresa on lolcow? Pleaaaase.

No. 280509


She just announced on Facebook that she will be making videos again soon.

No. 280575

Eh, she gives me molested vibes. And not just from the incident with that chodey Mexican.

No. 281881

File: 1466151928547.jpg (77.91 KB, 498x599, Info_486d5b_5632483.jpg)

I remember Snapesnogger and her antics. She moved multiple accounts, and from what i know, she has been inactive for three years on her most recent furaffinity account. I wonder if she just gave up on the internet due to her bad reputation?

No. 281885

Nah, she's still active on Tumblr and DeviantArt.

No. 281887

Found out a while ago about her current tumblr page. I love how she somewhat improved on her style and seemingly takes criticism well.

No. 281924

She's called OwlyMedic now and she clung to the TF2 fandom like a little tumor despite kinda offending people with her utterly stupid headcanons and some really weird underaged fanart.

Funnily, she posted to the tf2chan board hoping for asspats and got critiques and 'mehs' and flipped her utter shit. Owly is a lost cause. She'll never take any advice and prefers just to draw her weird canons and sit in her echo chamber with her fans.

No. 281932


Oh my goddddd! I remember Snapesnogger, I used to follow their ass over on Fanartcentral way back.

Miss her works… back when the net was semi-normal.

No. 281993


Wow, I knew her art but I didn't know her.
I went to check on her owlymedics tumblr and her art (obviously) really improved, I'm impressed haha so at least there's that.

No. 297200

File: 1472221000645.jpg (62.86 KB, 736x1104, 7bebf6e33e5ec415f325c896efbed0…)

Queen of photoshop Alex Clark/ bushb4by/oreob4by whatever fake name shes made up to escape the shitstorm has, perhaps unsurprisingly, become a cheap camwhore.

No. 297202

I don't think she's improved that much from her pregnant naga guy days, she just changed her chibi weeb style to the generic exaggerated Tumblr cartoon one.

No. 297207



She became owlygem and has now attached herself to the SU fandom.

No. 305855

File: 1476355389119.jpg (73.69 KB, 480x640, cute-NekoNyapii.jpg)

Where is Nekonyapii (Lisa) at?
I remember her shooping herself so hard into an azn,trying hard to get popular by posting her "ulzzang" pics on chinese and korean forums,and mocking kota for using PS while she xiuxiu meitu'ed her pics to hell.

No. 305859

She makes beauty videos as Lisa Ring.
I think she's stopped lying about being half-Japanese or something but people keep asking her if she's Korean now.

No. 305862

This might be a far reach, but anyone remember the chubby/fat seemingly autistic girl who looked kind of mexican? She had glasses and dressed badly in some fairy key style. She used to make youtube videos were all she would talk about was her favorite korean girl group, she would call them for unnis and go around in a little circle making kisses for all the members.

She was posted quite a lot on /cgl/ back in the day, but I can't remember her name.

No. 305864

What happened to Cracky-chan? Does she have instagram or tumblr etc?

No. 305891

her hair looks a million times better. that eyeliners not doing her makeup any favours though. it makes her look like she has droopy epicanthal folds

No. 305892

Is anyone else wondering where MagicalPockyUsagi has been all these years? She wasn't a cow but holy shit she was a good troll

No. 305957

She is still posting traced "original" art to her FB tho.

No. 305974

Her name is Jane Rayner. You can find her on fb.

No. 305986

welcome new friend

No. 305991

omg, thank you based anon<3

No. 306017

Does she still have a youtube channel? I remember the video the other anon was mentioning and I wanted to watch it again.

No. 306020

Yeah, she went from weeaboo to koreaboo.

No. 306326

File: 1476600422496.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x480, 75378_173541765994207_6995214_…)

does anyone remember tinkerchel?

she used to do covers on her youtube channel but has gone completely MIA until recently, when she started posting on facebook talking about her ex-boyfriend.

people have called her out on being mentally unstable and have advised her to leave thailand and go back home. (she's left her hometown hong kong to live with him)

regardless, she refuses to leave, is currently staying at a hotel, begging him to meet with her and threatening him with suicide.


No. 306327

File: 1476600607790.png (162.84 KB, 503x566, tt.png)


screenshots of her first fb post

No. 306328

File: 1476600654386.png (65.84 KB, 496x283, tt2.png)

No. 306361

…How old is she?
I checked her FB, and she looks 12-16 in the image you attached, but anywhere from 20-40 in her other photos lol.

Also she looks 100% Thai, not Hker. I don't believe for a second she is Hker!

No. 306363

File: 1476635707817.png (258.8 KB, 440x572, Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 12.3…)

Woah! I do remember tinkerchel. I loved her videos. She wasn't particularly exceptional at singing but she was adorable and the grainy homemade webcam mvs she made to accompany were pretty creative and cute.

>>306326's photo is from ages ago. Late twenties? It's hard to date her age because she has youtube videos from 9 years ago in which she looks the same as her most recent vid from 2 years ago.

Anyway, she's posting these horrifying photos & captions– apparently she has a skin rash from malnutrition, but refuses to leave Thailand to "finish [her] work" (find her boyfriend? I have no idea what that means.) Attention mongering aside, she's very obviously not in her right mind and I'm concerned that no one is physically removing her from the situation.

No. 306381

Omg I love herrr she was so weird I wondered what happened :c

No. 306405

Holy Fuck What the Actual Fuck??

No. 306407

File: 1476654493758.jpg (31.83 KB, 640x480, 10858348_961643143850728_57627…)

She kind of looks like PT in this

No. 306470

I hope shes okay

No. 306479

I read her facebook posts,so disturbing. I wonder what has happened to her. I hope she'll get help as soon as possible.

No. 306487

File: 1476677905122.jpg (234.68 KB, 1270x865, holy shit.jpg)

Hadn't heard of this girl and I'm extremely worried for her well-being. Posting relevant caps.

No. 306488

File: 1476678079563.jpg (147.32 KB, 986x901, holy shit2.jpg)

More caps.

No. 306490

File: 1476678450402.png (73.1 KB, 473x770, 4444.png)

I'm honestly concerned that she is going to actually kill herself, whether it be without 'real' warning or slowly with continually less lucid updates on her situation.

No. 306597


Why won't this crazy person help her own cause?

If she wants to reclaim her life, she has to actually fight for it. Very fucking sad and a vaguely insipid reaction to common cruelty.

No. 306602

> how does mental illness work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 306603


coherent enough to complain but incapable of DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT… I'm such a bitch to question, "but is asking for it?"

No. 306613

I briefly felt the same way before I delved deeper into her posts and saw the stark difference in lucidity between her older ones and now. She needs someone to intervene.

No. 307124

shes mentally ill you cunt

No. 307215

you can be completely engrossed in psychosis and still be coherent enough to type. she's also clearly all alone & no one has tried to help her; that's the perfect situation for one's mental illness to take over. i really hope she gets help soon…

No. 307288

sorry for bringing this up again, but if anyone is still interested she is still on tumblr, deleted then remade a couple of times (somehow i always find her). she got lip fillers and i think it suits her a lot, she's turned into a pretty young woman. she's also doing sooo much better than before.
i won't post the url cause i don't think she deserves it.
she still overshares personal stuff sometimes, but not as much.

No. 307314

Every time this thread is bumped I always feel a little twang of hope that someone tracked down Ruaridoll.
I'm always disappointed.

No. 307399

In all seriousness– is there anything we can do about the tinkerchel situation? I'm amazed that her fans aren't actually offering any real help, most of them seem to be too immature to see that her dreamy responses are her actual mental break talking. She's suffering from starvation and is obviously in really, really dire need of medical care. Apparently she is in Bangkok. Do we have any Bangkok farmers who could at least help get local authorities involved?

No. 307453

She's on steam & has replied to someone recently if that helps?

No. 307455

Is it the person mentioned here >>189091?
If so, did anyone manage to get proof that she's the real ruaridoll and not someone who just uses her old pics/name? I hope it's really her tbh.

No. 307467

File: 1476939949210.jpg (93.04 KB, 540x960, 14516478_108315432968174_86897…)

Holy shit, this is making me so nervous. I'm reading her facebook fanpage, she sounds very schizo
She said she bit her abusive boyfriend, I thought she was trying to defend herself somehow, then someone posted a pic of what she actually did to him, what the hell?
I hope she gets help, I really loved her videos back them :(

No. 307469

File: 1476940108973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.58 KB, 540x960, 14449828_108318379634546_31451…)

No. 307470

What the fuck… This is confirmed to be the ex? Those look like really serious bite marks all over his body, like how did that even happen?

No. 307473

Someone said they were in a S&M kind of relationship and he wanted to be bitten, she went too far.
This dude was defending the guy and posted these pics, but is now apologizing in all of her posts on how the boyfriend is a liar and she is now in a mental hospital. At least she might be safe now.

No. 307477

Jesus, I can see why he would break it off.

To be fair, I doubt the Thai police authorities would care about a mentally ill foreigner, presumably now illegal, posting suicidal statuses on Facebook.

No. 307573

Source on these photos? I can't find them on her fb page.

> I doubt the Thai police authorities would care about a mentally ill foreigner
That's what I was thinking (I think she actually mentioned it in one of the updates,) but like… it seems like someone should at least… idk, alert the hotel staff and hope they have an emergency contact? She's not totally estranged, I don't know where the fuck her family is throughout all of this.

No. 307575

Sorry to doublepost but I'm looking at these and honestly like… my boyfriend has given me hickies on par with these, only excepting the torn up arm. Most of those would heal in a week.

No. 307655

No. 307713

File: 1477054020819.png (27.58 KB, 444x339, tehfuck.PNG)

What is this shitfest

No. 307714

Welp shit i always wanted to be like Tinkerchell as a teen.
To me so was perfection, cute, innocent, feminine etc.
And i always felt a bit jelly eventually i grew out of that phase and forgot about her and that whole girly girl aesthetic.

No. 307756

File: 1477076536035.jpg (426.88 KB, 1110x810, 4tbmQB4.jpg)

Anyone remember UnseelieAllure aka Kassandra Leigh Purcell? She's still alive and has hopped onto the Patreon bandwagon. Still making *~kinky~ rawr ^_- Ne how* photosets.

No. 307758

File: 1477076624190.jpg (670.09 KB, 724x1086, upIdyTN.jpg)

No. 307786

Oh god that fucking ass. You'd think she'd edit out those workout lines…

No. 307792


the hell are workout lines? genuinely curious.

Sage for no contribution whatsoever

No. 307796

Sweet, summer child.

No. 307798

choke on your easy explanation … she's not mentally incapacitated so much as stuck on a loop of derp & doom

No. 307805

This stuff is why you're supposed to lurk for a long ass time on a chan before posting. We all did our time, do yours.

No. 307834

File: 1477118047990.jpg (106.16 KB, 666x1288, udders.jpg)

No. 307874

She's literally delirious from starving herself in a dark hotel room for several weeks you dipshit. This isn't liek "hurr durr im suffering from CLINICAL DEPRESSION,"

Yeah, but there's not really any milk nowadays. Does anyone remember the shit she used to pull in the lolita community? There was an epic saga on GTFOmyEGL about how she had taken a bunch of (admittedly beautiful) group photos at a meetup and proceeded to post them ALL OVER a like.. "doll fetish"* webforum without the consent of the girls in the photos, proceeded to rake in the attention from the nasty old men whom she profits from.

*(not living doll as Dakota Rose / venus / russian anime looking girls, this is an older use of the term that was specific to this fetish)

Yandere over there has a fantastic ass, but is it a trap?

No. 307964


sheltered and delusional but insane? actually insane? no.

No. 307972

her posts and comment replies read like those of a self-important, overly indulged, sheltered cutesy pie with a martyrdom complex… her mother probably smothered her and after she insisted she be cut loose from overprotective mother to be with her great love and accomplish her great work, she eventually drove her boyfriend away with her entitlement issues and then "oh man, the big bad world is so scary but internet fame will sustain me" glorywhore shit

No. 307975

She also photoshopped only herself in those photos IIRC, leaving everyone else's faces untouched.
I also remember she had a BDSM relationship, or at least that's what she thought. It looked more like her ~hubby~ came over, fucked her, and left, every single time.

No. 307987

There were super 'progressive' pictures of her being whipped with barbed wire by some other dykey non-binary thing. Plus, didn't she have DIE CIS SCUM tattooed on her arm? I don't think she was trolling; she just grew out of it.

No. 307990

I was wondering this too. What happened with Kroze?

No. 308144

File: 1477255212094.jpg (114.07 KB, 500x575, s6_56e572e87f5a0.jpg)

Does anyone know what happened to Renee Stage / Ashton Von / Renee Nicole from Orlando? She got knocked up in 2010 and then disappeared from the internet. Is she still with that ugly Brian guy? Is her kid camwhoring yet?

No. 308146

As is the case with all these Tumblr retards… it's a fucking phase and a very annoying one at that.

No. 308149

>She also photoshopped only herself in those photos IIRC, leaving everyone else's faces untouched.
Ahahahhahh yess anon it's all coming back now.

No. 308179

File: 1477268027019.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Just went in kind of deep because I felt like looking her up. She's still active and continuing with both the scene kid look and the shota fakeboi persona. It's kind of surreal to see this in 2016 and with adults.

She broke up with her bf by the looks of it and still lives in Sacramento. Is active on furaffinity, deviantart, twitch and fb. Got p chubby but other than that looks pretty much the same as 8 years ago.

http://akirurumon.tumblr.com/post/84598824605/mandaloretazir-my-bf-and-me-xd-i-was-mmaadd-at (Tumblr with bonus photo of her ex)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IcyXjUFKYw4 (YouTube with bonus cringe inducing shota pandering)

No. 309505

So…she is apparently going to kill herself.

No. 309507

people went all out to protect that marina joyce bitch but not Tinkerchel… I hope she doesn't go through with it.

No. 309516


what the actual fuck.
i've reported her post on facebook as suicidal.

No. 309561

her whole craziness would make a great ed article

No. 309581

there's literally nothing entertaining about her situation, though

No. 309584

I know she's in Thailand but where are her parents. family, or friends in all this? I would have a hard time believing all are clueless about her social media.
If she's alone and about to do something stupid out of mental illness, then they should share the guilt if she goes through with it. I can hardly blame the guy in the situation if he refused to be with her after >>307467.

I wish there was more to be done about this. If she's this brazen about suicide she's likely to follow through.

No. 309591

You kidding? She's a train wreck, it's fantastic

No. 309592

The dude that shared the pics of the bite marks on the bf said that she was put in a mental hospital in Bangkok and that they contacted her mom to get her out.

No. 309593

Youre just a sad cunt

No. 309594

Wa wa, get offended a little more

No. 309595

No. 309596

File: 1477883299284.png (190.12 KB, 373x327, 139035361828.png)

No. 309597

this whole situation is so weird, if your daughter was dying in a hotel room in Thailand why would you get so sick you put yourself in hospital and do nothing? The fuck is this family
who the fuck gets "so sad" they get sick and have to be hospitalized but does nothing to help?

No. 309600

Shit is this real? I actually hope she's ok goddamn.

No. 309601

Really, take anything she says with a grain of salt. She's clearly not mentally stable considering she's been acting like an idiot the past month. I've known a few people like her, they embellish and throw in half-truths or straight up make up shit, basically so they can be a victim, or get attention, or encourage others (and themselves) to believe that they are a lost cause

What she needs is to be thrown out of Thailand and committed

No. 309602

And to add, she's only "dying" insofar as she's refusing to eat until he sees her. And I highly doubt she hasn't eaten in a month. She's trying to shame him into meeting with her and dragging the public into her spastic actions.

No. 309606

I mean, the guy was apparently in the wrong and even his friends eventually turned on him when they "found out the truth" about the situation between him and her ex. However, I do agree with you that something is not right with her in the first place to be using her life as bait to try and screw this guy into seeing her again for literally no reason but to be able to yell at him, I guess. The greatest revenge would be to leave him and find someone who actually treats her well… but of course, all of this is much easier said than done when you feel you've been wronged and made to feel like nothing and are starving yourself alone in a foreign country…

No. 309621

If you scroll down the comments on the original post she claimed there was physical and emotional abuse, and there is a comment from one of his friends who was accusing her/telling her to go to a mental hospital in which he basically says "now that we know the situation we're gonna work w/ her to bring our friend to justice" or some shit.

No. 309624

What even is the truth though? She talks a lot but there's little actual content. I have't read all the comments on her page and can barely make it through those word…salads…that she…posts…but what I got was, her various mental illnesses reared up, and she started to go crazy. Her bf and his family did (possibly didn't do) something and that apparently made it worse, so she bit him.
Eighty times.
Possibly while they were having sex since they apparently had an s&m thing going on.
I don't know what the bf told people but apparently she went too far and that's why he left her in the hotel.
The situation could very well have even been something like, he was tied up, she bit him and kept biting him, he told her to cut it out, she wouldn't, so he left the hotel room. And that equates to abandoning her in a foreign country and causing her to starve herself.

I mean look at this:
>he abandoned me while i was having a severe heart attack in the hotel room all by myself..knowing that his actions would result in my ultimate death(ive had multiple heart attacks just days before..he said he didnt want me to die)..after coming around i tried contacting him on my last breath but he and his family refused to let him talk to me..the hotel staffs seems extremely unsympathetic towards my situation lying about his whereabouts with a smile..
First of all, she obviously has not had any heart attacks. She's being melodramatic and, if anything, she was having an anxiety or panic attack. Or maybe just spazzing out for the sake of spazzing out/desiring attention.
She probably was throwing a tantrum in the hotel, and outside the family's house. In fact, I guarantee it.

I don't know Thai culture, or family culture, or the stigmas surrounding mental illness, if any, or stigmas about foreigners or dating foreigners or anything else. But I find it rather likely that she was acting like a crazy bitch and the family was making suggestions or saying things she didn't like, so that equals being mean to her and harassing her, causing her great pain so large that the only way to rectify it is to threaten to kill herself because her ex-boyfriend doesn't want to deal with her crazy ass anymore.

No. 309638

File: 1477904700872.png (400.77 KB, 1084x688, similarities.PNG)

so this was pointed out on her facebook page

No. 309639

File: 1477905135631.jpg (167.05 KB, 1916x1080, 14917181_10210579092014979_241…)

downloaded the picture for a better look

No. 309640

I noticed this last night while reading about this chick, but with this video here >>306381 ; same curtains in the background. I didn't mention anything though because I don't know anything about her/her story except for what I read here briefly after it caught my attention scrolling through.
Just went through her channel and saw this video which is even a bit older and not only are the curtains the same but the bedhead is certainly identical to the one in her 'farewell' video.

I don't know much about what's going on here, but she's definitely lying at least about being currently abandoned in a hotel.

No. 309642

File: 1477908775434.jpg (157.75 KB, 411x564, 00001666.jpg)

Samefagging for comparison pics.

No. 309646

oh shit, the plot thickens :o

No. 309647

which it's the weirdest part considering that all the pictures of her rash, her mosquito bites and the picture of Yung are real and not stolen. the pic of him was posted by one of his buddies.

No. 309649

I was trying to figure out the picture of Tinkerchel's boyfriend and I went to go to the profile who posted it which was named Shushu Shishi. They had only one like, which was Tinkerchel. And before I could even message them they deleted the account.

No. 309657

Lololol what a total fucking cow

No. 309660

No. 309663

No. 309664

Still don't think this would made a good ed article? Lmao

No. 309665


hahahah you're right
This was their account: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013691527224
Archive of post by shushu with pics: https://archive.is/FaV3h
Post now: https://archive.is/LAbX4
Archive of post where shushu says "yung lied!!!": https://archive.is/nfF7F
Post now: https://archive.is/jPL4e

No. 309666

this is probably going to turn into some sort of "social experiment totally guuuuyyys"

No. 309671

I honestly think it's more likely that she's fucking crazy.

No. 309679

kek she just banned me from her page for saying she probably went crazy at Yung and that's why he left her
either that or for posting the pic from >>309642

No. 309681

File: 1477935606480.png (45.33 KB, 623x468, Capture.PNG)

Someone send him here. lol

No. 309684

From the /cow/ thread, video from the same room from Oct 15

No. 309687

I'm here ^^
did you guys see her private video with that "yung" ?

No. 309688

File: 1477937154415.png (34.11 KB, 610x228, tink.PNG)

No. 309689

She's totally crazy lol
Thank you so much for posting that, this adds a whole lot more questions about whatever it is that's going on. This is great

No. 309691

Never followed thus chick before now, but do we think she should get her own thread since she's active?

No. 309693

sage for constant samefagging, I assume this video is the "proof" she mentions a few times about him being the reason her life is ruined or whatever

No. 309694

File: 1477937816749.png (66.41 KB, 857x482, aaron.PNG)

And I wanna know who Aaron Scott. Can't tell if they're just a random fan of hers and my imagination is just overactive, or a friend or something that's tying to keep up with/add to the charade . They're in several posts on her fb page

I personally think so because this is now my new addiction

No. 309696

File: 1477938204260.png (2.23 MB, 1918x1080, yung.png)

the best comparaison i fund sadly we don't see the other part of his arm

No. 309698

I wonder if the s&m thing is true, and that this video is part of their deal, like him being 'forced' to make this video, and later have it shared with all her fans, to embarrass him and then they can get off on it.

I'm p sure she wrote the script out for him, considering it's also transcribed, same with that letter posted on her page about him saying he's to blame

>for those of you who believed in the rumor yungs family spread about me being obsessed over yung.. i hereby provide a signatured hand-written letter by yung..where he confessed to the several physical abuses(each time he told me was going to be the last time..until i learnt to start taking photo evidences to protect myself) he inflicted on me which resulted in scars and internal damages..he claimed his responsibility to help me with my recovery..in the letter as well as everyday that we spent together he always told me that he loved me more than anything..perhaps it was all a lie..which is something you get used to staying with yung i guess..

No. 309699

File: 1477940668061.png (22.79 KB, 417x210, Capture.PNG)

idk now maybe they're just an idiot

No. 309702

File: 1477940909681.png (280.14 KB, 632x358, yung.PNG)

Yeah, starting at 2:52 you can see the other sides of his arms, it's hard to tell because it's quick and blurry, but doesn't look like anything is there

No. 309709

File: 1477942527957.jpg (283 KB, 633x717, 9238.jpg)

Oh man, haven't had this much fun since the lifters.
It's definitely the same room. Aside from the curtains, the same vanity shelf thing sitting in the corner, and the tv, is in both his vid and her vids.

No. 309718


Yeah okay so she is a total cow. She needs her own thread, this is getting milky

No. 309719


No. 309720

No. 309722

Yup, someone who has been following more closely should do an OP, I just start got caught up today.

No. 309801

File: 1477962523036.png (13.39 KB, 465x102, jesus.PNG)

god, don't give her any ideas

No. 309845

i think they lived in that hotel room he just bailed out and left her there

No. 309855

On mobile, just wondering if anyone's replied to this "where are they now" thread about Audrey Kitching, Jac Vanek, Hannabeth or maybe even mentioned Jeffree Star?

Jw because I did a big "where are they now?" write-up about all of them (minus a Jeffree) on r/drama a few weeks ago and that's actually how I ended up getting referred to this community lol.

So if anyone's interest, lemme know. Also lemme know if any of them are deserving/worthy of their own thread. Like I said, I'm still a bit new and I'm on mobile so I can't search the whole catalogue for them. Not much new milk, but HB at least is my favorite and she was even on a reality show last year, so their could be a bit to talk about there. They also al post on IG frequently so, lemme know!

No. 309860

File: 1477973398260.jpg (57.55 KB, 319x480, IMG_0495.JPG)

Welcome. I think Jeffree has his own thread, but it's mad old.

Not sure if a bunch of these underage autists born in 1997 have ever heard of them, but I remember those girls! Curious to hear is any of those train wrecks have crashed yet.

Also what about Zui Suicide? Probably no milk there, but I remember her having a kid right?

No. 309861

Sry, forgot to add that that's Zui in 2014. LOL

No. 309867

File: 1477974717484.png (815.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0496.PNG)


Samefag as >>309855 , but I forgot to add a picture to my post in case anyone kind offff remembers who I'm talking about, but can't quite put a face to a name. Generally, I need to get better about adding images to my posts. I mean, this is an imaeboard site after all, right? Lol.

Okay, so this is hannabeth from her IG a few weeks ago. IDK about Zui much, though I am curious, too. Don't follow her or know if she has an IG. Anyone on here know more?

But lmao, HB clearly got her lips done. She is SUCH a tryhard Kim Kardashian it's kind of pathetic. All she can do is modeling shit and lame reality shows like House of DvF (which she won, after DVF awkwardly asked her if she got her lips done AND SHE DENIED IT.).

Bitch, you are not Kim Kardashian. Sure, I always made fun of you on site like these, but at least you were the one lolcow I secretly admired and wanted to look like.

Now? Obvious plastic surgery and jumping on the fucking Kim/Kylie trend? Pathetic. I'm ashamed I ever called myself a "fan" of your almost D-List ass.

Anyways, sorry if this is derailing the thread. Like I said, idk of anyone remembers or knows these people. If you want to hear more, lemme know if you want to read my "where are they now?" write-up I posted on Reddit, or if any of them are worthy of their own thread.

No. 309881


This is Zui's tumblr. Mostly its pictures of her nude modelling work and personal photos of her and her daughter and sister. It's a little depressing but her life seems devoid of milk.

No. 309890

File: 1477978486891.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0503.PNG)

Nice anon! I'll check it out, thanks. Yeah, definitely seem depressing that she's trying to do all that at her age now (whatever it is, but I'm assuming significantly older than everyone else I mentioned. I mean, she was, right? Or at least looked it back in 2004).

Agreed about it probably being devoid of milk, especially compared to everyone else I mentioned who always brought ~le milk~

Added a current pic of Audz for good measure. lol! I probably picked the worst possible one I could've, but hey, that's what we're here for, right?

No. 309906

Wow Zui is a mess. I mean, she always was but she just looks so haggard now. Her Tumblr pics are so nasty and cheap and depressing.

No. 309985

Anyone remember that guy that had a popular Facebook page, Lejaredface? I remember his low quality memes and that he got into a internet fight with some scene kid. I wonder how he's doing now

No. 309996

File: 1478016108626.jpg (40.49 KB, 1075x674, 14707776_1404217469593291_7472…)

I just realized, the pics of Tinkerchel's mosquito bites, on the 19th day of being "abandoned in a hotel room" are in the same room she's lived in the last several years and that I assume she shares with her bf, or "bf", and not the hotel.

No. 309999

File: 1478016260826.jpg (144.51 KB, 1070x627, 14712662_1404217756259929_3484…)

If you go through her videos, you can see this cabinet is to the left of the bed/futon (from your pov of the video).

No. 310000

No, this pic is pretty on par with the rest of her current stuff. She doesn't have eyebrows and makes the same agitated or bored expression in every photo or just closes her eyes and makes her body limp. She posted something a while back about how she doesn't like to fake expressions or emotions in photos and she wants that to show in pictures.

But really isn't that kind of the point of modeling? Like, being able to convey things in pictures with your face and body alone? I don't get it. I u followed her because she's extremely boring and her pics are becoming progressively less pleasant to look at. I don't know how she can afford to live her lifestyle because she does nothing but have boring pictures taken of her for her ig or nobody magazines by the same photographer

Sage bc i sperged to hard for lack of milk

No. 310012

I still visit Audrey's IG from time to time for the laughs. All her modeling photos are so amateur. She's like someone with too much time and money. How she manages to stay semi-relevant is beyond me.

No. 310086

File: 1478046164955.png (1.36 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_9297.PNG)

Holy fuck Zui looks so aged and beaten. Also wtf at the caption.

No. 310113

File: 1478055252251.jpg (104.97 KB, 800x1197, azu_nyan_by_lobitah-d3144lp.jp…)

She's not really a cow, but she did get into some drama on cgl. Anyone know what Lobitah is up to these days? Her DA hasn't been active for a whole year now. She was cute, never understood why she tripped.

No. 310132

She changed her handle to Shika, I don't know if she's still active on tumblr but on instagram she is quite active. Still cosplays, and is going full attention whore these days.
I don't think there was drama about her on cgl though? I mean, she tripped, that was drama on itself. But she was nice and helpful as far as I can remember. I wish she stayed with her cute former image instead of showing her tits on all her pics these days.

No. 310142

File: 1478069607098.png (1.37 MB, 1073x810, alaina.png)

Y'all remember Alaina Beaton/Porcelain and the Tramps? She was famous on Myspace as a pseudo-scene queen & making msuic about how cool and hardcore she was.

She now goes by Porcelain Black & was discovered by RedOne in 2009, and they produced a single together in 2011. She was subsequently signed to his record label, 2101 Records, and produced an entire album but only officially released two more songs from the album. RedOne continued to push back the release of Porcelain's album over & over until she decided to depart the label in 2014.

Anyway, she hasn't really changed since her edgy Myspace days, she released her entire scrapped album for free & is still making shitty music under Porcelain Black. She also got lip fillers that make her looked like she was punched in the face & she got a boob job + apparently another recent one because her tits are HUGE and she was pretty flat-chested in PatT era & they weren't even as massive as the photo I included in 2011. She hasn't really done anything milk-worthy aside from being edgy/pretentious (albeit slightly less so), begging her fans to buy her merch even though no one knows who the fuck she is, and mentioning that she's from Detroit every chance she gets; otherwise she stays to herself. She also married Bradley Soileau (ugly model boy from Lana Del Rey's Blue Jeans video) in 2012 & divorced him in 2014 because he apparently beat the shit out of her (good for her for divorcing him).

Image related, shitty MS Paint before & after

I had the hardest fucking time posting this, first the image didn't upload and then for some reason half of my text got cut off jesus fucking christ I'm so sorry you had to witness that admin & anyone else who saw it.

No. 310155

File: 1478077486990.jpg (54.51 KB, 500x500, meghan-trainor-makeup-121-500x…)

I don't remember her from myspace but I know of her. I've always wanted to talk to one of these people who were obviously so desperate for fame but only achieve a pseudo-level of fame, like how do they cope with getting a big break and shot at it only to only make it halfway? (the amount of cast offs like this who, post-gaga, shot at fame simply off of an 'outrageous' aesthetic.)

then again they would prob have nothing to say and would just deny deny deny claiming they have been super succesfful and famooze. And who is to know anyway, there's so many fucking people on the internet and in 30 years time the youtube views will still be there, how will the difference be told between who were genuinely liked or 'authentic' artists and people who were just total PR creations and just piggybacked?

No. 310158

EL OH EL YES I remember her! This goes perfectly with the earlier posts about Audz, Jac and hannabeth.

Gah, all of that is kind of pathetic and just screams "I want attention." And what is up with everyone getting lip fillers and trying to be Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian? Hannabeth did it, too and denies it lmao.

TBH I feel kind of bad for ppl like her, and I guess Hannabeth, who want so desperately to be famous but just aren't and never will be.

HB was also engaged to that actor dude. I wanna say Chris Zylka? Went to award shows and stuff with him, seemed to be going well until of course they broke it off because of cheating.

This seems to be the story with all of HBs exes, I'm sensing a pattern here. She just seems like a shitty person TBH. Also, "sober is sexy?" Lol. From her recent Halloween posts I gather that she is at least drinking again…

No. 310185

She looks good now, I gotta admit.

No. 310189

Looks better when she had her grainy ass webcam

No. 310220

lol yeah i agree, i think the lip fillers & boob job did her well, they don't look outrageous just..good. she's really, really pretty imo, and her voice is super unique & versatile, i don't know what the fuck she's been doing wrong all these years.
yeah she has always been that way, desperate for attention, like when she dyed her hair half black half white and wrote a pop song called "this is what rock n roll looks like" ft. lil wayne LOL… she's calmed down a lot from what i've seen tho, she said she'll never dye her hair like that again lol
as far as the lips thing goes tbh Porcelain did it before it was a ~thing~, like in ~2010. but it's sad that she tries so hard and will most likely never be famous lol…poor thing

No. 310558

I don't really get a "post-gaga"/ outrageous feel from that girl. Didn't she get her one hit by flaunting her fatness?

No. 311953

I remember roko sperg out her secret that she isn't a virgin or something

btw anybody know what happen to derp queen heard she got into drama with voldermort

No. 312029

File: 1478458238533.jpg (108.9 KB, 500x488, 137978430396.jpg)

anyone knows what happened to Saxiii?

No. 312077

she has her shop and is on tumbly under moonkittyproductions

No. 312093

yes i still follow her she hardly posts but now she is an escort

No. 312194

She just started to work in retail and loses her sit regularly and can't type for shit whilst being bitter about everything in her life. She is so petty it's unbelievable.

No. 312404

what's amor hilton up to these days ???

No. 312485


Weren't they cosplay buddies? Whats their beef?

No. 312511


Last I heard she became a porn star under the name "Molly Morrison"

No. 312550



Excessive botox, a failed porn career, dating someone who raped two girls on two separate livestreams, and then dating Trace Cyrus aged her BAD.

No. 312642


it's so weird…her style has barely changed at all since her myspace days

No. 312650

File: 1478634381319.jpg (197.31 KB, 732x583, Obama elected quot jesus fekin…)

ol' spoony is getting a nose job

No. 313883

I think slip out in one of the thread


No. 314889

Last year I met a normalfag girl who dated a gamer and browsed 9gag. She told me and some other girls about it and I laughed my ass off right in her face. She actually thought it was real.

No. 315649

She is fucking her weedman and going full attention-whore.

No. 316647

An update on the Tinkerchel thing. Wtf?

No. 316649

She just posted ANOTHER "this is my last video" on her page (new video)

No. 316728


she's such a trainwreck. can't believe she's actually posting all this shit trying to get attention.

No. 317205

File: 1479582481431.png (56.55 KB, 625x431, Untitled.png)


she is know trying to make us think it's the admin that speak on her fb and youtube but it is clearly her

how should i take that no with a smile ? is it a kind of admiting it's her ? ahah

No. 317335

lol, bitch made sure to not show her head board in the video this time

No. 317339

File: 1479608200076.jpg (402 KB, 1029x717, wheretfrthey.jpg)

anon I don't know where you got the video on the bottom because I can't find it on her channel, but this is a pic that she posted on facebook two days ago compared to these two other screen shots.

No. 317351

I also forgot to circle the furniture in the two pictures, but it's definitely in the same room

No. 317426


Wow, i never expected to see her here. I've known her online (before tumblr) since 2007 and we lived fairly close. I know she's been signed to a model agency and it seemed to me like she was doing pretty well, but I haven't heard from her in ages.

No. 317486

File: 1479667509457.jpg (8.26 KB, 209x242, url.jpg)

I for one would love to know what happened to this crazy libertarian bitch. I miss her bad coords and conspiracy theories about how fluoridated water makes you retarded

No. 317536


oh wow, me too. I remember her from her sockpuppeting egl LJ days, telling everyone she was model material and a super cereal famous rorita.

No. 317584

She's Milky_moth on Instagram now. I think she's married? Idk she's kept a low profile

No. 317605

I always thought she was the person behind the Frances/hosiery/Mary Kay troll.

No. 317645


She definitely seemed to have enough free time to have been, no real friends. Sad really, although she was a horrible racist and anti-fem nutjob she did come across as lonely and insecure.

No. 317682

File: 1479744075520.png (495.66 KB, 583x566, Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.5…)

Wow! She's way cuter now.

No. 317763

File: 1479768530756.png (23.77 KB, 300x255, click.png)

What about Shmegeh or Felice Fawn?

No. 317767

Felice is almost 28. I wonder how the lack of attention has transformed her.

No. 317814

Fuck, I just realized Shmegeh hasn't updated her Tumblr in 7 months. I know she did her own fucked up shit, but I think she was an interesting person underneath her mental illnesses. I kinda miss her posts on her daily life and anime.

There's not much to update other than she started rehab late last year and did the smart thing by stepping back from all the internet bullshit to focus on her recovery. Some of her friends have given little updates, just to say that she's fine, but she really just wants to start over completely, online and in real life.

No. 317896

File: 1479803687909.png (1.58 MB, 1732x864, Screenshot_20161122-033157~2.p…)

Angles and filters, anon.

No. 317912

Ha, she's overlining the shit out of her upper lip. Can't really blame her, but it probably looks weird in real life.

No. 317929

>didn't move out until 28
>has no sympathy for a girl with no choice to be stuck with an abusive father
I don't get this anon you really shouldn't be talking if you as an adult stayed that long.

No. 317959

File: 1479836528488.png (143.77 KB, 550x588, liarhcel3.png)

so she is lonely in thailand for 4 year ? huh ?

No. 317966

what the hell is wrong with this girl….

No. 318250

Ooh her aesthetic is cuter now but god her art is awful lol dear god

No. 318892

Me too. Someone asked me what my bra size was and I didn't know about sizes so I said "medium".


No. 318988

Considering how shitty that pic is, she still looks pretty good.

I had an enormous crush on her because she was such an edgelord. I still like her, wish she'd come back to us.

No. 319008

File: 1480126923367.gif (425.66 KB, 400x300, gigi.gif)

Does anyone remember Gigilau? She was tumblr famous a couple of years ago. She loved naruto but I don't remember much else I'm so curious about where she is now. Anyone got anything?

No. 320013

Can't find the tumblr thread so I'll post here. Any one remember Jam Jars? Well he posted a YouTube video claiming he's transgender now

No. 320045

Can you post the video?

No. 320343

File: 1480595946711.png (481.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4748.PNG)

No. 320380

>"I'm transgender!!"
>still dressing like a tumblr-esque fuckboy
Yeah okay.
Don't want to waste my phone data on watching this, but if anyone wants to summarize I'd be grateful.

No. 320408

From the little I could stomach, he's had a turbulent few years. Moving to Australia and having some hard times made him realise that he's transgender etc. and he always has been.

His remaining friends/family don't yet know, he's telling you the faithful fan first ft tears. Some video he did five years ago where he did drag made him feel that he should have been born female.

No. 320587

File: 1480673883907.jpg (5.02 KB, 140x175, 58zqwmu3w9.jpg)

Did anyone follow Mintylittlemew in 2013? She was a little who was married to her daddy but she also had an "owner" and the marriage was pretty open. I remember this fucked up post about her cutting on cam because some guy was into it, and gifs of herself humping stuffed animals. She said she liked to smell and taste the pussy juice that got in their fur, which I can only assume is actually discharge. It was probably like a grilled cheese sandwich down there. She was really tall (like man height) and definitely obese but not pushing deathfat or anything. She was more of a very depressing person than a lolcow but my friend and I used to read her blog a lot. These memories are so vivid.

I had screencaps but my old laptop got destroyed. Pic related it's from her Experience Project, which was all I could find. Do you think she got her life back on track?

No. 321076

File: 1480869791322.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.89 KB, 500x375, no.jpg)

No. 321132


Holy crap, I legit looked at the thumbnail and thought for a split second that it was Cristiano Ronaldo.

No. 351732


I think I know her. She has severe mental problems and used to hang out with me. Her mother was so thankful I hung out with her and gave her hugs often. She kinda dropped off the face of the earth :\

No. 353186

No. 354852

File: 1488054913565.png (190.29 KB, 1282x953, harmony2.png)

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but Harmony has recently decided to shave her eyebrows into little dots (hikimayu, I think they're called) and is freaking out at anyone who advises her against it.

For anyone who is not still following her, she has also become a huge weeb since her "scene kid days" and uploads lots of photos of herself in cheap wigs and horrendous makeup, claiming it to be "gyaru" style. She blocks anyone who tries to give her advice.

No. 354861

File: 1488056358979.png (75.97 KB, 642x530, harmony6.png)

here she is judging other artists on their work when…she really isn't in the position to judge.

No. 354901



kek at her putting so many filters on her shit that she looks asian

No. 354912

Lol she doesn't look Asian…she looks like a basic Mexico instahoe.
Black hair + brown eyes =/= Asian.

No. 355849

Are those circle lenses?

No. 356148

A LOT of Mexicans look Asian. Not all but certainly there is a type that has that look.

No. 356166

she doesnt look bad at all

No. 356385

obviously. how can u not see them. they look retarded

No. 358030

File: 1489050754277.png (18.6 KB, 568x186, harmony8.png)

New update, she wants to shave the side of her head. Of course, she blocked anyone who gives her any decent advice so everyone in the comments is encouraging her to do it and dye the shaved part.

How the fuck does she think this adds to the "gyaru" look she's going for???

No. 358815

I miss Felice Fawn so much…. she will always be my #1

No. 360500

Fucking same

No. 360516

Same. I think I say thin in every thread but I just loved how much effort she put into her persona compared to other cows.

I hope she got better now that she left the Internet. She seemed to have abandoned her YouTube channel so, who knows.

No. 360565

Last I heard was that she was trying to weasel into the gaming community and had a twitch. She went by LaurenEm or something. She ditched the felice fawn name and went back to Lauren

No. 361181

I was friends with her through tumblr. Lol, it actually brings back so many memories. The last thing I heard from her was that she's a lesbian now and in a relationship with a girl, even though she was earlier in a 24/7 BDSM relationship with a guy (at one point another guy also joined in on it). She was abused by a family member in extremely terrifying and sadistic ways, I feel really bad for her. I wonder how she's doing. It seems like she just disappeared off the internet. Also sage for replying to an old post.

No. 368912

Oh my god I didn't realise this cringey whale was Harmony Flashpink. She got absolutely roasted by everyone in the gyaru comm, after we realised how hard she was going to sperg about being told her makeup was shit terrible.

No. 372796

File: 1492630494342.jpg (55.38 KB, 650x501, 650px-ValisKansas.jpg)


I caught up with him randomly on youtube recently, has another new account, has all of about 7 subscribers.

Apparently he thinks enough time has passed that people forgot him, since he claimed that he was never involved in any illegal activities with under-age girls.

Of course I reminded him that the internet exists and slapped a link to the image above.

I hear he moderates Anita Sarkeesian's streams the irony is palpable.

For those of you who are unfamilliar, Valis was convicted of sexual acts with a minor in 2010, although it wasn't a surprise to most of us.

He was a very creepy furfag Let's Player who would often fantasize about fucking the anthropomorphic "women" in the games he played. Had a very creepy air about him.

Anyway, he is trying to hide from his mistakes and is claiming he never did it, so if you want, go show ol' Valis that we, in fact, DO NOT FORGET DO NOT FORGIVE.

Or don't I don't really care, just found it hilarious that I accidentally stumbled across him after my last contact being in 2008

No. 372800


I remember this guy. Last time I checked, he still did LP's but that was around a little more than a year ago.
I used to be subbed to him up until I found out he was a child predator, though this was circa 2011.
valis is a great game too come to think of it but alas. .

No. 372802

He chose Valis because of the half-naked anime wimminz, those games were full of "battle thongs" and the like.

Like I mentioned, he is very obsessed with sex and the female body.

The first and only video of his I ever saw was the "bucky-o-hare" arcade game where 15 seconds in he starts going on about the rabbit-woman's "child-bearing hips" I immediately clicked-off and dunked my head in a bucket of bleach.

I guess I was lucky lol.

No. 377934

File: 1493382097819.png (489.58 KB, 500x667, tumblr_m1ay12BN8z1r4cavlo1_500…)

Does anyone know what happened to kayla? She was a famous anorexia recovery blog on tumblr years ago. She also started camming iirc. She deleted her tumblr multiple times and remade. I remember some of her URL's being odolnost. boobsandbread, kayladoeshappy, radiatingkayla, velvetfork, myselfagainstme. She also posted a video of herself doing yoga naked and her mom found out.

This is her old yt https://www.youtube.com/user/kaylatronful/videos

No. 378441


Oh my god blast from the past. Harmony was the second cow I ever discovered as a young teen, right after jessi slaughter. This brings back some prime and old keks

No. 378616

Someone mentioned Kassi Kandi in the Onision thread. Apparently she was in the younow. Anyone know what she's been up to?

No. 378659

I've been reading for a while. This is my very first post. I just can't understand why she would wear a bra that cuts her boobs in half. What the fuck.

No. 378692

She has a youtube, seems boring now

No. 378705


Kayla's new tumblr is silverc300.tumblr.com, but you have to be on the app/logged into view. She's engaged now, got her tits done, has clear substance abuse issues, and goes on major deleting sprees.

No. 378852

File: 1493522933116.png (310.6 KB, 720x877, Screenshot_20170429-222651.png)

No. 378959

you guys remember tinaecmusic? man that chick was a riot, from flashing to dating videos and doing sining videos. Clearly she is autistic but she was basically a female version of Chris chan

No. 379818

ashley the anorexic + her blond friend smegma?

No. 379829

There's also a blog called "lord–swoledemort" where she is being discussed or if you want to talk about her

No. 379865

She used to be massive, literal hamplanet size. I do think she lost quite a bit of weight over the years because she got off of some type of medication. But she still fat

No. 379907

She looks like gothic king cobra but female

Speaking of, is he still doing the same weird shit he was doing in the documentary? Can't imagine him doing any better tbh

No. 379921

I read in another imagen board that the Herpes scandal was made up by San Chan Claudia (another cosplayer) and her boyfriend. Knowing that bitch, it doesn't surprised me, because of the way she talks about other cosplayers that are more pretty and famous than her.

No. 380010

File: 1493765480326.jpg (114.75 KB, 623x960, IMG_2067.JPG)

My bad, I dropped the screencap that resumes everything about the Lobitah's herpes drama. Also, sage.

No. 380026

I hate myself for admitting it but I miss shmegeh.

No. 380505

Why not just claim to be albino..? They're the only people who can naturally have purple eyes.

No. 380506

I miss zeriara drama. While it was funny seeing her get banned from nearly every site, despite her having not changed a bit she's so boring now with no easy way to harass people and with only a fraction of her previous popularity. Her art has gotten shittier too.

snapesnogger is alive on tumblr as owlygem and all she does is whine about having no motivation for asspats but she at least doesn't totally flip shit anymore about negative comments.

But everyone i've talked to who's befriended her or tried to re-friend her since her old days all report back with "Nothing about her has changed."
She's still the psycho child she was back in her hayday.

I was friends with her when i was in high school and she turned our entire mutual friend group against me (Who now admit years later it wasn't right and everyone was just in a shitty place back then). All of our problems stemmed from her.

Being friends with her is a nightmare.

I remember her posting new art and if we were online and didn't comment AND like it RIGHT THAT SECOND it was OBVIOUSLY a garbage piece of art.


Her arts gotten better but it's really boring now. All she draws are her bug people for her comic Escart (stupid name) but nothing new, nothing with really dynamic coloring (She was fantastic at coloring before but now you can see her heart really isn't in it).

I think she's someone who's better off doing art as a hobby.

I miss these cows. Why are there no lolcows in the art community anymore? Not the way it was around 07 anyway. Are people just over it?

No. 380541

File: 1493864852756.png (2.28 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_opegnuy0YE1qh8fyjo1_128…)

I follow Amor Hilton on snapchat and she's still doing the same eyebrows, but seems to be doing okay? she doesn't update often tho

No. 380548


How do you know it's not true? Did lobitha say anything to defend herself? or did she just say "LOL11!XD not true"

No. 380559

File: 1493869039141.jpg (37.69 KB, 934x601, never change amor.jpg)

She's semi-active on IG featuring a heavily tattooed Soundcloud rapper-looking boyfriend and legal troubles.
I really thought she'd have OD'd by now.

No. 380568

Is probably true. A lot of people in the community said that she even slept with the head of the committee of organization of La Mole Comic Con (one of the biggest cons in Mexico) in order to be a guest.
At least I can't recall if Lobitah said something about all of the drama, but there was even herpes jokes about it

No. 380582

fuckin figures. guess she never got over that tragic taste in boyfriends.

No. 380701

File: 1493912217001.jpg (512.87 KB, 1800x1200, IMG_2076.JPG)

Because San Chan Claudia and Lobitah were with the same guy (a YouTuber from QuePario! ) at one point. This guy's butt was on fire because he found that Lobitah was cheating on him with other 4 dudes. Also, San Chan and this guy are friendly with each other after their break up.

Pic related. San Chan and his ugly as sin ex.

No. 380722

Wait you guys talking about Lobitah the tripfag from /cgl/?

No. 380751

Yes, we are. Now she goes by the name of Shika Cosplay

No. 380824

I just looked at her stuff, it's such a shame she became like every code white out there, she was a real QT back in the days. I remember hr being loved by most of cgl, which in its self is an amazing feat.

No. 380906

Welp, that's disgusting from both parts (lobitha's & youtuber/claudia's). But it sucks to know that a girl that seemed sweet is a cheating human garbage.

No. 380914

File: 1493958134567.jpg (47.39 KB, 384x384, IMG_2081.JPG)

Sure, she is cute as f… but her rotten personality is something. Back last year, everybody was talking about how she slept w/someone in order to be guest at this event.

No. 381477

I do wonder though if she was always like this while putting up a good facade.

Personally finding her cute now is hard with my bias of seeing her personality. Plus the whole being a typical coswhore. iirc she was really modest back in the cgl days, would modify cosplays to make them more modest.
What the happened for a huge 180? Becoming a adult? It just seems so drastic

No. 381849

Is like the other cosplayers of Mexico's scene. When they are young (and minors) usually they try to look cute and build a fanbase. At the moment they became legal adults, is when they start with the lingerie sessions, the patreons, and being attention wores.
Is the same with the other 90% percent of "famous" cosplayers in Mexico. They want to live of this and don't have a real work.

No. 381897

A lot of Cosplayers in Mexico started prude. Once the cash flow starts, there's no going back.

No. 381910

Lobitah was a slut?!! Daaaamn.

No. 381969

File: 1494194913366.jpg (38.41 KB, 429x323, IMG_2086.JPG)

And there're rumors about her having herpes

No. 382269

File: 1494272576831.png (31.07 KB, 664x219, Capture.PNG)

Latest news from Harmony: she's going to stretch her ears you know, because stretched ears, a shaved head and no eyebrows fits in soooooo well with the gyaru aesthetic.

She's just baiting people to tell her not to at this point, right???

No. 382640

File: 1494365435804.jpg (63.7 KB, 612x612, b8e7d13eba2511e1aebc1231381b64…)

sorry for being the 5th person to mention her, but does anyone know what Shmegeh is up to? She def wasn't a lolcow on lolcow levels but she was cringey edgelord cynical and I loved it. I don't hate her, I'm a nosy bitch and I want to know what's up if anyone knows

No. 382683

She finally got her shit together and is in rehab for real now. I guess she's staying away from social media as part of her treatment, but I think I remember a friend of hers saying that she's doing fine. Hopefully she's still in school and/or working.

No. 382755

File: 1494387857281.jpg (210.71 KB, 500x666, Ivy-Levan-ivy-levan-415121_500…)

Anyone remember Ivy Levan? She was another Myspace scene queen and an emo groupie. I remember she dated Davey Havok and Ian from Lostprophets who is now in prison for planning to rape a baby. YEAH.

She also modeled and has been trying to get her music career going for years but it never took off despite putting an album out on Interscope a year or two ago and being heavily branded/lots of professional effort put into her image. There were a few years after the scene queen thing where she was a bit of a trainwreck, gained some weight and had a shitty goth look and was just doing drugs and promoting lame parties in LA. But she looks really good again now and her bone structure is amazing. https://www.instagram.com/ivylevan/?hl=en

No. 382762

>>Ian from Lostprophets who is now in prison for planning to rape a baby. YEAH.

W T F.
I won't google this but holy shit reading it made me feel fucking awful.

No. 382773

File: 1494391311961.png (1.84 MB, 966x1202, those lips.png)

>>But she looks really good again now and her bone structure is amazing.

No. 382780

She was also in the remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show

No. 382792

I actually really like her voice. I guess I missed her back in the MySpace days. Fuck lost prophets though

No. 382806

Yeah she's very talented. She sounds like Christina. I feel like she never developed a musical sound that fit her voice though, or that she didn't get to work with good songwriters. But yeah she was a big deal on MySpace and Buzznet (lol remember that? Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth were big on there).

No. 382809

sage for buzznet!

No. 382813

Interscope really wanted another Lady Gaga at the time (this was years ago) but the music always sounded like some royalty-free shit you'd hear in the background of a reality show. Video related.

Had no idea about the MySpace groupie/Lostprophets connection though, jesus.

No. 383203

who buys balm for stretching their ears lmao

No. 383550

This music video is the most cringest thing, holy sheeeet. Why the fuck is there a dancing KFC biscuit?! If they were aiming for a Lady Gaga, they missed the mark by a light year. Every single scene in the video is just embarrassing. Sad.

No. 383675

They make little balms of oils for ear stretching, i used one when i did my ears. Jojoba oil is best imo

But they also sell shitty balms along with those kits on amazon so hopefully she didn't get that crap

No. 383693

File: 1494667493439.gif (3.75 MB, 200x200, 3bBSfDF.gif)

OMG it's so cool to see her mentioned. I've known her ever since I was a teenager obsessed with DH and saw a photo of the two of them cuddling in bed. He's 12 years older though so probably creepy.

The only other detail I know about her is that she had a photo on that "Is Anyone Up?" site. A friend showed it to me and I just so happened (after viewing 10 pages of pics out of morbid curiousity) to find a picture of her. I think she was on a couch with other people and had her pants down? It wasn't porn, she just seemed ridiculously drunk/high.

No. 384590

File: 1494900507956.jpg (35.01 KB, 331x400, talia.jpg)

who else remembers talia_speaks / jolie chose designs / esther fox? what's she up to? The last I heard from her was like 5-6 years ago when she made those "driver seat confessions" videos where she just ranted about random shit while driving her manchild husband to work in the morning. what's she up to?

No. 384625

I remember her and some other lolitas of the old times, what is up with Miss Megan Maude today?

No. 385957

she scammed a whole bunch of people and then just disappeared, owed loads of people commissions but there was a call out post about her shitty construction (badly fitting things, threads left on, hot glue marks) and how long it took her to make things (people waited ages for her stuff) and she flounced hard
oh shit she was the one with the diaper pictures right? she turned thirty in 2009, so I guess she just kinda grew out of it

No. 387033

File: 1495468644798.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, 1495336888606.png)

Tried to reply to most people who had an interest in shmegeh; someone else found and posted pictures of her in the wannarexia thread. I just stole them to post here because holy shit. I was one of those people fascinated with her persona and seeing her like this made me sad as fuck. homegirl looks dead sad.

No. 387034

File: 1495468761254.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, 1495336767810.png)

I am not sure I would classify her as "well" or "healthy" considering the uniform she's still wearing, but the weightgain is awesome.

No. 387103

Kassi lives in my hometown. She's tried cleaning up her image and personality by becoming overly-friendly and nice. For awhile she was always asking people to hang out on Facebook, but no one ever did. Pretty normal/boring at this point

No. 387175

Thanks for sharing, anon. Glad to see that she's getting back to a healthy weight. Maybe she's just embarrassed and self-conscious about more recent pics of herself being put online.

No. 387665

lol yeah I remember that photo!! It made the rounds. When I saw her new career etc. I wondered what the strategy was for scrubbing that sort of shit from the internet.

No. 402426

File: 1498499063720.png (162.25 KB, 764x586, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 18.4…)

well Alex Clark's camming career which she once claimed she could 'live off for her whole life' has taken a turn for the worst.

She's now an actual prostitute. Lmao

No. 402442

lol "seeking sugar daddy 18-25"

No. 402698

I've been on an SD dating site before looking for some one off paid dates so i dont have to sleep with them and i dont take anyone under 40 seriously

No. 402699

in addition sugar daddy sites are fake. they want to fuck you on the first date for $100 and the mere mention of money for a platonic date sends them into a blocking frenzy. these sites are literal shit

No. 402756


No. 402757

It's always weird to me when people pay to have their top lip made bigger than their bottom lip.

Kek yes I agree, her music sounded like something you'd hear on a Monster High doll/Real Housewives advert or something. So spoopy and ~edgy~

I think she sounds like a more manly Christina Aguilera.

Weird how everyone with even the slightest singing ability expects to become an instant star nowadays.

No. 405856

deerhoof from tumblr?? Last I heard there were some shoo scams but then nothing.

Also the yoga/ana girl Kayla who did porn, has anyone ever found that ? Lol.. viva 2011

No. 405952

Isn't she 22 year old? Not 18 kek

No. 405962

Which Kayla? The chick who uploaded the naked yoga video and her username was olodonist or some shit like that?

deerhoof has a thread in /snow/

No. 418701


No. 418714

File: 1501750589788.jpg (171.3 KB, 500x393, aldjkdfa.jpg)

does anyone remember bellz/vladlenas? emo deviantart fakeboi who did mostly self-portraits. i remember legitimately thinking this was a male as a closeted bisexual middle schooler and being very drawn to her and having to face some things when she revealed that she was female lmao. i don't think there was much milk other than some typical emo attention whoring shit but it would be interesting if anyone knows what she's up to since this was like 10 years ago.

No. 418733

File: 1501763328572.jpg (90.75 KB, 960x960, xGIYC12hNdM.jpg)


She is a photographer, is married and lives in London.

No. 418760

Fuck my life, that's hot.

Btw, regarding fakebois. Is Jessi Slaughter still "trans"?

No. 418772

Yup, apparently still a "non-binary AFAB transperson", whatever the fuck that means.

No. 418803

I've never even heard of this
Apparently it means:
"A vulva-bearing child is typically assigned female at birth, or AFAB, for short"

Can you get anymore politically correct than this?

No. 419015

sage for long shot, but what ever happened to that fat girl who "made" tights from copyrighted patterns and got into a load of trouble for scamming? She used to put up loads of hyper-filtered images of her fatass wearing her tights up to her shins because they wouldn't fit on her entire legs.

I swear her name was Saxxy but I can't find anything on her. There was a thread on lolcow.farm years ago then she rage-deleted.

No. 419041

You mean Saxy? She's still selling her tights and shit. https://twitter.com/moonkittyp

No. 419168

yay! i'm glad to hear that

No. 419169

the hypocrisy of it all is right in the usage. "assigned" or even "coercively assigned" a biological sex yet for some elusive reason they need to specify AFAB or AMAB all the time…i wonder why

No. 431647

File: 1505083095542.jpg (78.77 KB, 467x971, sni.jpg)

sniper_nyan is posting on r/femalefashionadvice under the name shy-bae (the same as her ig i think?)

she says she's trying to move away from twee and into professional

she's also not as rail-thin as her ridiculous angles/photoshop a couple years ago would have you believe

surprised she's still around

No. 431648


Well, she needs it.

No. 431654

it's kind of unfortunate, her shitty personality aside i really liked sniper's style outside of lolita and liked her blog before she deleted it where she catalogued her casual outfits. even if she's not as scrawny as she presented herself to be, she has a nice body that her style looked good on and it'd be unfortunate if she switched to generic business casual trash

No. 473385

File: 1512787814351.jpg (259.06 KB, 720x720, IMG_2017-12-08_21-46-53.JPG)

Anybody remember jamiextc from the MySpace scene queen days? She lives in my city and we have mutual friends/hung out a handful of times. She's pretty low key now in the sense that she's not chasing internet fame anymore. She's a stripper now though lol



No. 474938

>>473385 I think most scene queens ended up as strippers

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 474944

Does anyone remember Miss Kristen Nicole? She used to leak her own nudes and pov porn selfies so I assume she's a washed up stripper by now

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 475258

anybody remember that one idol wannabe that actually got in japan ? there was a lot of drama of her, a whole site just for it also a video of her peeing ? i can't remember her name tho…

No. 475263

Are you talking about yukapon?

No. 475264

Yukapon? She had her own dull threads and pops up in the Aspiring Aidorus thread over in /snow/

No. 477160

Anybody remember an Australian archeologist who made YT videos? He made one video as a guy having sex with his clone, another as serial killer who kills clowns. He was quite popular back in 2007 or so and was angling for a partnership back when those were hard to get. He went on an Archeological dig to Greece. I think his name was Greg? Not sure. I always wonder what happened to him as he was a funny fucker and he just disappeared from my radar when I made a new YT account.

No. 487411

does anyone remember this early YT beauty guru: she was chubby, had a lisp and loved pink. She ended up having nudes or some shit with her weird BF. She kind of reminded me of glitterforever but less gross.

No. 487452


ForeverKailyn? >>>/snow/7656

No. 487453

Yes! Any update on her?

No. 487457


>got married
>had a kid (almost 4 now and can barely speak english)
>raped someone
>got divorced
>nude scandal after nude scandal
>27, still lives at home, no desire to do anything
>currently hoards washi tape and pens because cheaper than makeup
>pretty boring aside from fail pof/okcupid dates
>too lazy to "edit" videos anymore
>looking for her next carpeniswallet

No. 504466

File: 1523552204375.png (232.06 KB, 501x394, 5DF001AB-114E-49ED-8684-64768C…)

Bump for Chloe colishaw

No. 504563


She's married, had a kid like 3 years ago. This is the most recent video she posted with herself in it.

No. 504567

File: 1523569718675.jpg (65.49 KB, 891x683, 1240203_540968639290362_170250…)

No. 580671

Does anybody remember the days of Dansa no himistu and that weird failed idol group that she helped ‘produce’? With a weeby song about video games!?

No. 580698

She has another kid on the way.
One is called Snow and the other is called Horizon. Pretty sure she's an anti vaccine parent. She's all into that crystal healing and shit.
I am pretty sure she's still ana as well.

No. 580699

I remember! She had "try outs" and promised they were going to be bigger than the Cruel Angel's Project. And then it flopped hard, anyone have any updates on her/the failed project?

No. 580724

wasn't it oishi project or some shit?

No. 580778

She pretended to kill herself on social media a bit before she got pregnant with her first kid and made a fake news website kek


No. 580779

Oh hell yeah, I completely forgot about this trainwreck.

Even motherfucking Ally and Sally made it in. And, unsurprisingly, Kelsey, because her commitment to being involved in sub-mediocre projects is truly unwavering.

No. 580807

fucking ally and sally good lord. i remember them. they wanted to be eroge VAs in japan.

No. 580941

They go to ubc and are still trying to be idoru

No. 581051

Woooah flahsback. Oh my god its worse than i imagined

Wasnt there some dramu with the curly haired bob girl (the one with the overexposed shots in the vid) and trying to become some pop star in nippon and had her mom helping her??

Kek and I remember dansanohimistu finally showing her face and ended up being this chubby black koreaboo and not the chibi kawaii expert everybody expected

No. 581101

blind leading the blind leading the blind.

i don't know why soooo many people followed her advice if she didn't even upload things. was it cause she was friends with beckii?

No. 582419

File: 1538284975915.jpg (294.79 KB, 960x1280, f (19).jpg)

Sadder still is that Ras (the real girl) has completely ghosted on the internet now. Tumblrs gone, youtube wiped. That fake DA is still up though. Espen wasn't the first or last to use her pics and I guess she just got tired of it. Miss her tho.

No. 582831

File: 1538329018172.jpeg (194.86 KB, 960x720, CDE9B69A-0BFC-44D1-88A3-128CEA…)

Does anyone remember Sheena Lestrange aka digustinghuman on tumblr?
She was real on top of all those tumblr trends a few years ago, kinda kinky and gross but in an intriguing way. Also totally ‘manic pixie dream girl’ esque. She was superrr active for years but then dropped off because of a Russian fan page that wouldn’t stop reposting her photos? I miss following her antics honestly.

No. 582880

Ugh, I used to be obsessed with her. She's still active on IG and twitter, but her IG is private and her twitter is boring (no pics, mostly #woke sjw tripe and random stuff)

No. 582964

oh, man sheena. i thought she was the coolest when i was a grungy teen obsessed with photography. she and nooraan matties were like my idols lol.
this is so vague, but does anyone remember that one australian girl who used to post about popping pills or whatever and bragged about getting fucked in a stairway when she was like 16 and posting it on pornhub?? i think she called herself pixi?

No. 582997

she blocked me on insta when I tried to follow her after she went all super private! the complete rejection of her online following was really jarring to me.

Nooraan is a trip, I started following her about a year ago so I don’t know her beyond recent stuff + a friend of mine who knew her personally said she’s very… elitist when it comes to the body mod thing.

No. 583379

She still goes by pixi.
She has an art fb and a fairly open and active personal. I vaguely remember her doing shows a few years ago but fuck knows what she was actually doing. Her style's slightly toned down too.

No. 583797

File: 1538451130295.png (317.41 KB, 568x600, 568px-Complete_rena_reference_…)

Anybody know what became of HinaUchi/CyanBirdDog/Samantha Dunlop?

Last I heard of her, she moved to Florida to marry her fakeboi s/o. She'd been making new accounts constantly to escape the bad reputation she gained from taking commission money and never makung the art/fursuits payed for.

No. 584359

File: 1538587825287.jpg (29.33 KB, 384x500, photo_17_10_86_pinky_fans_love…)

Does anyone remember Pinky, aka DECORA TRALALA? Pinky lived in Berlin and was pretty famous back then.
I think she was actually a guy. At some point he or she posted topless selfies, there were absolutely 0 boobs. Not that gender is relavant but Pinky made a big secret out of it as long as I can remember.

No. 584363

File: 1538588884319.jpg (469.44 KB, 1080x1920, spoon.jpg)

what's spoony up to these days? where's she lurking?

No. 584369

She's probably here right with us making another 13000 posts as anon.

No. 584436

she got outted on crystal.cafe a few months ago and got a new thread. not sure if she's here still but she got super fat.

i'm sure she will pop up if she's here tho since we summoned her.

No. 584441

That's a shame, she has the potential to be a cutie and she was already pretty large the last I saw of her

Any Insta or Tumblr?

No. 584450

Almost definitely, she's usually pretty easy to spot but I suspect she's been keeping a low profile in /pt/ and /snow/ I don't hang out in /ot/ or /g/ so no idea whether she's there or not. There are some spoony hallmarks I haven't seen in a while. Highly suspect she's in the Dakota thread though.

She was genuinely really bad looking anon, she looked like she was her boyfriends mum. She threw around the word haggard a looooot and I'm starting to suspect it was a bit of projection.

Did her posts actually get marked on cc btw? I'm not a regular there

No. 584451

She didn't get tagged cause c.c is too soft, admin just banned her and said she'd "see how it goes"

No. 584453

Aww I wanted to go and read her posts and see if I could improve my spoonydar. I bet she's loving the recent charms drama, she tried to buddy up with her a lot back on /cgl/, charms always rejected her because she was really shallow. I remember them having a hilarious falling out in peak Dakota year where charms was like
>Wtf we were never even friends

She's always had that tagalong vibe, tried to become friends with the people she shittalked for being popular and cool. Desperately wants to sit and the popular kids' table, but will shittalk them at any given opportunity.

No. 584455


this is her, she's in other threads too. but this is the only one i remember.

No. 584456

samefag but here is our thread.


i remember now that she posted some pretentious shit about not having to work ever and wanting furniture suggestions for stuff that isn't "flatbox crap".

No. 584460

I saw the similar wall she left over on her reddit account that was capped and posted here.

She posted a lot in OT/g here at around the same time about her seborrheic dermatitis, and her fear of the dentist, how she was getting a nosejob on the NHS

It's really sad when you consider how much time she must have spent writing out these novels. Seems like most of the 10,000 posts she made were novels.

No. 584715

spoony is still hot tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 584800

if you were the real sieg you'd still be saying that!

No. 584942

Real deal, she looked good on /fa/ still looks good now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 584943

come on sieg, you've always had bad taste bb.

No. 584953

File: 1538701184002.png (37.92 KB, 1057x160, Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 2.03…)

Spoony can't keep her grubby paws away from the keyboard, nor her witch nose from out of the drama infested slums of the internet. She never really went away, and I suspect she never will.

It's really sad to think about how friendless and alone she is.

Thinking about Spoony also reminds me of another cow who has some severe mental issues. I read through all of the Charms threads again recently and I was more than a little disturbed to see how many posts in that thread were from Mystery.jpg. Weird how both those girls are so similar, and yet hate each other.

No. 584954

File: 1538701251633.jpg (167.2 KB, 720x960, 1506796935233.jpg)

No. 584955

File: 1538701273699.jpg (160.64 KB, 720x960, 1506797214316.jpg)

No. 584997


probably, but everyone on /fa/ fapped to spoony at least once

decade later still cute(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 585117

these pictures are two years old. a lot can change, I was expecting something more recent

No. 626539

File: 1547591418969.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3072x3072, C8C0E277-8D5F-47A3-87BC-8694F1…)

Does anyone remember MKN? Her gums and eyebrows are what nightmares of but she appears to be way less mentally unstable now

No. 626544

Here is the most recent pic I could find of Chloë without heavy filters (she has tons of recent pics doused in layers of filters.) It was taken in 2016 I believe.(child)

No. 626550

File: 1547592687239.jpeg (884.7 KB, 1242x1377, 8B165106-871C-4EEE-ABD1-C7BC6D…)

Probs an escort too

No. 626559

Sorry I have no pictures to show for reference, but she was pretty popular on here last year.
I can't for the life of me remember her name but she was this extremely skinny anorexic girl that spent lots of money on food only to throw it up and just be generally toxic to people around her.
She terrifies me but I always wonder what happened to her because it was so shocking she was alive after looking like a literal walking skeleton.

No. 626573

Not sure if we’re allowed to talk about her but could it be Shmegeh?

No. 626579

File: 1547596604828.png (Spoiler Image, 776.43 KB, 721x767, FBA7D776-1627-4A1D-86F9-0F601E…)

It’s not shmegeh, I think they’re talking about Ashley isaacs

No. 626628

GOD YES, it was her!
I was hoping she somehow turned around but looks like she just got worse..

No. 628836

File: 1548147310407.jpg (228.05 KB, 986x750, rabbit.jpg)

Does anybody remember rabbit777?
She was friends with Talia, did a bunch of reality shows then freaked out about being mocked online and had really dirty sheets.
Any idea what she's up to now?

No. 635772

Not sure if anybody's been keeping up, but in December 2017 Ruraridoll uploaded a YouTube video.
Unless her account was hacked, all we can see are her fingers.
She's such a mystery I wish we knew more about her.

No. 643825

What happened to Aly Antorcha?
Felling very nostalgic for Tumblr

No. 643830

She's still on instagram, but rarely posts and there's no drama. What happened with her and Felice?

No. 643833

like the other anon said she’s pretty much grown out of all her cows ways and living in NY. she’s still friends with gatlinboy. you can find her @skimmyskunk

No. 643917


No. 643921


No. 648103

File: 1553377079267.jpg (9.42 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

not very milky anymore but samm's s/o fen isnt a fakeboi anymore shes a she now
fen also isnt samms s/o anymore after years of being under samm's constant supervision/only having internet access while samm was watching fen waited for samm to fall asleep and stole a cellphone.
Fen then contacted one of her friends for help. her friend contacted fen's mother who called the police and fen was removed from the household by force and deported back to canada under protection to keep samm away from her.
A no contact order was filed and Fen lives in canada and is dating micthemicrophone now. who is a dude who made MLP themed music back when that was a thing

fen is still a creepy diaperfur with a creepy diaperfur discord but at least she seems happy

Samm is supposedly dating some dude nobody has ever heard of who pays for everything for her but she donest really post publicly on the internet anymore. who knows what kinds of shenanigans shes getting up to behind the scenes

No. 648105

File: 1553377453152.jpg (175.58 KB, 640x480, logs.jpg)

No. 648124

quite a horrific way to die. i feel bad for her mother, even if your kid is a mess you never want to have to go through this

No. 648317

I'm not familiar with her (never was a /soc/-fag) but man, that's too bad. she's so beautiful to me based on that pic, one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. but I suppose drug-addiction doesn't discriminate on looks.

I wouldn't say 'horrific'. I mean, I imagine the time leading up to her death was horrific, but when you OD on heroin you don't feel it or even realize you're dying - it's just like a haze then blacking out. and I assume even with the narcan she was never lucid enough to experience the latter issues. sad, she was still so young, but, I would assume it was (at least) painless.

No. 658865

So blewballoons/espen recently showed up on an adult site for hookups with the same photos from 2014+ claiming they were just entering transition and had tons of people giving them tips (points for cash etc ) which gives them free membership and other things. They remained active uploading the pics once a week which any google image search returned either here or their DA.

It was recently reported and the profile was removed, but kinda crazy that 5+ years later this is still going on. The pic in question they posted midway saying they just got their implants and people went wild with it, looks like they were trying to get funding for it despite it being fake.

No. 660344

File: 1557648160381.jpeg (24.45 KB, 400x400, vNqCthm__400x400.jpeg)

What in the ever living fuck happened to Hannah Minx…

No. 660360

No. 660463

File: 1557681052759.jpeg (92.01 KB, 598x479, 6C38917D-406F-49CE-ADB6-BABB8A…)

Posting this itt because I’m curious, but does anyone remember nsect/Alex Ryan or anyone else from her weird culty crew from like 2010-2013ish or so?
People used to cut her name into their arms and shit.

I know she had an ED and I’m just wondering if she’s doing better now or…you know, dead.

No. 662007

Omg would love to know what’s up with Alex Ryan

No. 662030

i have never heard of alex ryan/nsect before?? can you brief me on what happened?

No. 663200

Couple members of her cult are literally dead. Drug overdose and suicide.

No. 663217

People keep parroting that, but there's literally no pictures or evidence of it. She was last seen at a convention and never came back. She's fucking dead bro.

No. 663219

nta but there’s a picture of her with her supposed husband in the article anon linked. idk, it sounds plausible to me, it wouldn’t be the first time that a company owning a trademark fucks over the creator. tinfoil but in the pic w her husband she’s holding an LV bag or something, so maybe she just scored a rich dude and didn’t feel like making youtube videos since she doesn’t need the cash anymore? who knows tbh. i doubt she’s dead though, her legal name(s) are all out there so i’m sure some autist would’ve found her obit. she probably also outgrew her persona, her content was basically the same for years.

No. 663233

No. 663248



>Actress Hannah Wagner who plays the bubbly, blue-haired “Adventure Girl” Sadie. It’s not that she wasn’t welcome; the truth is, no one has seen Wagner for years.

No. 663265

File: 1558465544198.jpeg (137.89 KB, 750x1148, 864A78CB-8F9F-4632-BD9F-5D84A9…)

Nothing really happened inso much as she was popular on weird internet performance art tumblr (think mollysoda). Making vapourware type art and a zine and just being a personality.

That’s awful. Who were they?

No. 663271

I’m not providing full details because I think in these cases it’s disrespectful, both were abused as children and had pretty difficult lives. The circumstances sourrounding their deaths just make me really reluctant to put them on lolcow of all places, feels wrong. But a few people here probably know who I’m talking about regardless. Their names were Jake and Emmett.

No. 663272

Thanks for the names, anon. I didn’t know Jake had passed.

No. 665229

wow, just wow. I remember when she was still around /cgl/, when she was caught stealing in a shop or something like that. I feel for her family, these last years must have been hell for them.

No. 665486

I know this post is two years old but can someone explain what they meant by this

No. 665494


I find the whole situation fascinating. So much of the info about her marriage, etc. could be faked and it’s hard to tell where some of the pictures with this man came from. A part of me thinks she’s living a normal life somewhere, but then there’s another part of me that wonders if something really did happen to her. I haven’t seen anything on relatives looking for her,

No. 665807

File: 1559335457133.gif (684.73 KB, 370x278, 0FC5FED1-8202-4686-98C3-80DCA7…)

What happened to Nikk Elli?

No. 666051

File: 1559380299726.jpeg (235.77 KB, 605x475, B758F780-E3B0-4D06-93ED-79C659…)

Anyone recognize this crazy Australian bitch? She’s in one of the lolcow banners but i can’t find any threads mentioning her. Around 2010-2012 she was super active on tumblr and man she was insane. Her name was “Emily or Emilie” and when ppl asked “no but really which one is it” she’d just say you decide hehe I don’t care xx. She had two kids, and named one of them Luffy. Her husband was abusive but she’d post pics of them smiling on date nights and so ppl would ask her if they were ok and she’d say some shit about victim blaming. She was a fucking mess and I haven’t been able to find her in years

No. 666054


Anon, are you high or just stupid?
That's Pixielocks, aka Jillian.

No. 666055

please fucking kill me I’m drunk and dumb. They look exactly alike in this picture, hair color and eyebrows and everything.

No. 666067

I almost think I know who you're talking about, at least I vaguely remember some weeb naming her child Luffy.. That can't be that common (hopefully)
I think I read about her on ED

No. 666125

File: 1559407224920.jpeg (459.1 KB, 1440x1440, F9CF4421-FC91-47F6-8080-9B3A6D…)

Here’s him recently, he started loosing his hair from t so he had a hairpiece put in the front I think?
He’s been doing small acting jobs

No. 666246

Does T make you lose hair sometimes? Damn that sucks. Glad they seem nowbto be super cringe anymore

No. 666414

Wasn't there some cow that was obsessed with some video game villain and would make shoops of herself with him on DA? Said she was going to have his baby.

She was so cringy!

No. 666467

That sounds like a lot of weebs on DA, I remember the one chick waluigi's girl. Takes me back. I remember last time I checked she still has an account on DA, but under a different name and spergs about other characters or cartoons now. Possibly MLP.

No. 666528


yeah, excess testosterone in women can create male pattern baldness.

No. 666573

holy shit i know this girl you're talking about, I'm friends with her on facebook, she's always been really obnoxious and attention seeking but I had no idea she had history as a cow lmao (although not surprised)

No. 666636

Idk if she was legit a cow or just one my my personal cows but she was p juicy and posted personal shit CONSTANTLY. I did find her on twitter as pedigree pussy and she’s still oversharing about her kids but seems way healthier mentally

No. 666638


No. 666798

Yeah I did remember her posting about how she was raped and physically abused by the father of her kids and up until like maybe a few months ago they were back together posting happy family pics on her Facebook. Seems like she’s with a new dude now, posting some things looking for trans friendly psychs so maybe she’s gonna go down the transtrender lane.
Definitely not as milky as she used to be though, it’s mostly just activism stuff and charity posts (not for her tho lol)

No. 668503

File: 1559997912080.png (1.41 MB, 1480x1160, jlh.png)

This might be obscure, but does anyone remember Japanese Lettuce Hardcore or JLH, she was an r9k tripfag very active around 2013? Did she an hero?

No. 669183

I wonder if nsect is alive also. She was trolling me horribly on tumblr when I was 20 years old. My mom was dying from cancer and she would send me messages like “are you watching her wither away and wishing you were as skinny?” She posted videos of herself puking etc. Truly a fucked up girl and added to trauma in my life and surely many others

No. 669184

Samefagging, I just remembered she was good friends with the mods at gurochan if that leads to any info

No. 669283

damn i want to find this bitch now. that sounds terrible anon i hope you came out stronger.

No. 669345

File: 1560318312837.jpg (56.45 KB, 500x283, aEJGnzD.jpg)

Man, just thought about PT today and also thought about Miyu, a oldfag cosplayer who disappeared after she contacted PT. What happened to her?

No. 669743

no idea what happened to her, but i used to be an r9k trip in 2013/14 and am still in contact with some of the other ones from around that time so i'll see if anyone knows anything

No. 670011

iirc, she became a body builder and devote Christian.

No. 670098

File: 1560529145501.jpg (230.1 KB, 496x690, Firend.jpg)

Does anyone know what happened to Peacockfeather?
She was an infamous cosplayer that would stalk her idols uwu.

No. 670099

File: 1560529485108.png (649.87 KB, 718x637, Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 12.2…)

She's a lolita and posts on CoF occasionally. This was from a few weeks ago.

No. 670100

Also here's a really weird YouTube video she posted the other day:

No. 670365

Didn’t you provoke her?

No. 670370

File: 1560656421828.png (88.89 KB, 767x922, CHUBBY CHASERS WILL ENJOY THIS…)

i know this post is several years old but id thought id mention just a few weeks ago the comments on that video were enabled, and now they're disabled
look i even screencapped some 'cuz i thought they were funny
strange. you know it's really crazy how fast society has changed, nobody would comment things like this nowadays, that girl probably felt so horrible haha

No. 670372

ohhh my fuck sorry for the double post but wow, i didn't know other people were aware of her existence. i found her through a makeup video she did a long time ago and was intrigued and concerned.
(this was a loong time ago, but) i actually messaged one of her relatives on facebook asking about her saying i was a fan and they denied knowing her, after i pointed out they were on each other's friends list she admitted she knew her and then shooed me away, it was strange, but anyway rachel is still active on facebook and youtube. she uploaded 13 hours ago. her youtube is ladyelectric1.

No. 670424


i think she legitimately has some developmental and physical disabilities. people used to gang up on her mainly for being so "funny lookin'", even PULL had a thread on her in the guise of "BUT SHE'S A STAAALKEEER" if i'm not mistaken? her relative might be aware of who her "fans" are and not wanted to send more harassment her way. i always felt kinda sorry for her, she probably couldn't help the way she was.

No. 670436

File: 1560688541583.jpg (184.72 KB, 431x650, large.jpg)

Where did Mila Mortice go? She was a kota copycat from what i remember

No. 670441

She was copying Felice, maybe both. Iirch she dropped the whole goff persona and tried to be all political/alt right or something for attention. Last time I checked her blog was deleted.

No. 670514

Yeah, she had a habit of doing that…

Her other blog was qq8qqqq. Maybe someone with Facebook can look her up.
Old account was facebook.com/nisect or /nsect.

I just want to know if she’s alive/doing better. It’s not a vendetta thing.

No. 670576

She was super popular on /cgl/ when I used to browse it daily in 2011 or so. Don't check it as often nowadays (like once a month) but I haven't seen her mentioned in a long while.

No. 671284

If she isn’t dead, I could see why she decided to drop off the map. I’m sure she’s deeply embarrassed of who she was when she was clearly really sick, otherwise she wouldn’t have made herself so inaccessible. Given that one of her friends from Florida is actually dead, she may have had a wake up call. If not, I really wouldn’t be surprised if she’s dead either.

It can actually be difficult to find records of death, even if you know their full name and scour for obituaries. If the family doesn’t make it public, it can be virtually untraceable. I only recently found out another member in her little crew died of suicide about a year and a half ago because of a Facebook post from one of their parents, and I couldn’t find anything about it elsewhere.

No. 671336

she doesn't have developmental disabilities and i wish that assumption would die. i have a few friends who know her outside of cons, she has cerebral palsy.

No. 671405

just looking her up comes with results,
2018- was in sleigh belles
did a lot of videos with onision in the recent years
her new channel is deceptively naked 'annah minx'
its really not that hard to find her

No. 671406

that's not the real hannah Minx, just a copycat. What are you smoking?

No. 671884

File: 1561095734662.png (108.11 KB, 515x600, www.png)

if anyone knows who wolfe barrett/drrty pharms/wolfe margolies is (i think that some anons suggested a thread on him a while ago), he's going to prison for selling heroin and possessing CP, finally

No. 671926

i'm surprised people actually think she's just mentally ill when she has like textbook cerebral palsy/an obvious muscle disorder

No. 674262

Anybody got any threads or caps on her? Never heard of her but sounds like a mess…kinda fascinated by what y’all are saying.

No. 678493

File: 1562641865534.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 750x1334, 3C606DE2-BF2A-409B-B468-4E2C0F…)

This is a fanblog reminiscing about when people were cutting her name into their arms. Really, really sick community that she fostered

No. 678504

File: 1562642389195.jpeg (307.75 KB, 1200x1676, A97CB8FA-F358-4EC0-A0D2-658A02…)

Sorry for collage, I’m on my phone. Just a few old text posts, can’t find her old vomiting videos (thankfully) and if I recall most of her worst stuff ended up on other peoples’ tumblrs. Seems like she lived in NYC for a time and sleazed around on St Marks, originally from Florida

No. 678505

File: 1562642481969.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, 3EAECA03-7DA8-4FCE-B917-42D61A…)

No. 678509

File: 1562642793571.jpeg (270.61 KB, 856x1800, D6178D08-1BB6-4115-B7AC-0B6197…)

Last one, I can’t stand to scroll on her blog any longer

No. 678513

I would love to see how Spoony is doing these days

No. 678538

Same. I also wonder how Mystery is.

No. 678643

File: 1562685873198.jpg (275.72 KB, 591x482, LittleCloudIRL.jpg)

I've been fascinated with "Littlecloud" ever since I found out about who she was. Does anyone know how she is doing nowadays, or if she has improved as a person?

No. 678732

Any photos or updates for Shmegeh?
I’ve always been morbidly fascinated with her…

No. 678733

the other day visited berry tsukasa twitter and she still has her gamer bf and now she accepted that shes a brown and fat filipino lmao, i think she stil lie in some things but al least she doesnt shop her face that much

No. 678942

Honestly thought/still think she’s a good writer

No. 679183

But she used her powers for evil??? I guess she had some talent somewhere to be so enticing to people, almost like a cult leader. Her content was fucked, she hurt people and influenced people to hurt themselves. If she was still updating her stuff would probably belong on the pro-ana scumbags thread. It’s just sick

No. 679208

>Anybody remember an Australian archeologist who made YT videos? He made one video as a guy having sex with his clone, another as serial killer who kills clowns. He was quite popular back in 2007 or so and was angling for a partnership back when those were hard to get. >He went on an Archeological dig to Greece. I think his name was Greg? Not sure. I always wonder what happened to him as he was a funny fucker and he just disappeared from my radar when I made a new YT account.

HughsNews? He no longer does Youtube. He finished his archeology doctorate and is married with a kid now.


No. 680056

stumbled upon one of her old puking videos. dont watch if you dont like seeing vomit.
the fact that she and her friend recorded and then uploaded this for teh lulz … offensive blogging in 2011-2013 was wild.

No. 680063

I went to go look because of this post
and lmao she's got more pics of her real self on PULL then she does on twitter

No. 694628

File: 1566868237049.jpg (60.31 KB, 768x960, 36751550_2296754493674153_1953…)

I know this meth head irl and can give an update if she was ever famous and anyone wants it. It's a longshot but shes actually relatively famous in our community. Very bad wigs and photoshop.

Apparently has been selling nude pics of herself since 14 and has made multiple videos of herself cheating on her boyfriends for money.


No. 774116

File: 1589196473822.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x2013, 5BC8B0C2-BFC2-4B92-9DE3-756ACC…)

Apparently she googled her twitter handle and found this thread lmao
When I googled her insta handle I found her only fans which she’s linked her Paypal to that uses her real name… real smart…

No. 774123

She's got a feed on par with Shayna. It might be worth someone making a thread for her or at least introducing her to one of the other ethot threads.

No. 774133

and she's always going on about her bpd/weed addiction like shayna, i sense the milk may be plentiful

No. 774265

File: 1589239160010.jpeg (50.97 KB, 346x512, 1BB37693-54D8-4E90-A9A3-31C589…)

Sooo, Hannie Dropkick was my favourite scene queen in 2008 or whenever. Does anyone know what happened to her? I think she‘s from Finland.

No. 774272

File: 1589240948720.jpg (82.39 KB, 385x600, file.jpg)

hvnnvx on instagram, but it's private

No. 774415

she's insanely milky but also just plain insane, i used to follow her on ig/twitter but it just got too intense lol. someone should def make a thread bc she's wild

No. 774578

Omg I just randomly thought of her the other day. She was also my favourite. Along with JurikolovesHIM

No. 774581

I wish I knew more of her back story, she sounds nuts, where's those anons from earlier? maybe they could provide recaps to begin a thread?

No. 775158

apparently he didnt stay in prison because he's out now

No. 775560

File: 1589808235066.jpg (49.26 KB, 620x620, lolnada.org-1588732439106.jpg)

So, Mexican cosplayer Heyshika (Lobitah) is a patreon thot now, according to recent rumors, she's not longer invited to cons anymore due to her shitty rotten schizoid personality, she only assists to La Mole comic con (the biggest and worst comics & games convention in Mexico), she claims that she no longer assists to other national cons because the organizers treat her badly and don't want to pay travel expenses (which is obviously bs).

Also, looks like she has mental and self-esteem issues, her mom always tell her that she looks fat and she pretends to be a hardcore feminist and activist but it's just a facade.

She also had problems with another Mexican cosplayer called San Chan, San Chan was invited to La Mole but her invitation was retired because heyshika talked with La Mole main manager stating that she was being stalked by San Chan but it was just false. It was later revealed that Heyshika was stalking San Chan and she even filmed her having sex with a YouTuber. She also cheated her boyfriend with 5 dudes including the main manager of La Mole.

I wish someone upload all her patreon sets tho.(thirst)

No. 775681

She has Leigh syndrome. She also had a BF and they would post nudes on tumblr

No. 775682

I remember Lobi from when she would tripfag on /cgl/. She always seemed like one of the nicer, saner tripfags, so this is super distressing to see.

No. 778670

File: 1591270917965.jpg (76.06 KB, 320x480, e1a5429612e0f1c8ceb385920ba722…)

this will be vague but does anyone have news on renard queenston/lapfox trax? he was a furry bandcamp musician, had a huge dragon dildo collection and had a furry porn tumblr. i remember he got canceled a few years ago because one of his exes posted about him being sexually abusive towards her. i think he's still making music.

No. 778671

File: 1591271621836.jpg (74.69 KB, 400x616, ugly ass.jpg)

that picture is so fucking ugly lmfao
yeah i guess they're still making music but keeping a lower profile. i believe he's also been streaming on twitch? watched a few clips a while ago and it was boring as shit

No. 779436

File: 1591722057778.jpeg (48.56 KB, 500x747, ACAA9F22-4A09-404C-B59A-FF1A40…)

Does anyone know Aly Antorcha’s (daughterofhungryghosts, smellyantorcha) current socials?

No. 779439

Disregard me I suck cocks since someone asked itt a year ago. Her current insta is @cheeseboogerinparadise

No. 779522

Isn't he a scatloving rapist?

No. 779601

Anyone remember that mixed girl on CGL, I think she was married to some trashy white guy and she had a daughter. She was also doing porn on and off. I wanna say her name is Momo but not sure. I'm just worried about her, and hoping her life is betterr now.

No. 779653

Ooo you must mean m0m0ko I think that’s how she spelled her username. I used to follow her but she hasn’t posted in a while. Hopefully she’s doing well

No. 779661

I'm not that anon but the other one that posted the image collage. I remember seeing the obituary too but felt confused after seeing the look alike. Spent some time trying to find it but again, her name cockblocks me and I can't remember what her real name actually was
That's m0m0ko, yeah. She still goes by that name on most of her accounts. https://momokomitchell.tumblr.com/ is her tumblr but the last post was Valentines day. Seems she works as a barista now which is good-a life away from hardcore porn is much better for her and her kid. Well she's still active on her ManyVids account too and probably an OnlyFans knowing her but whatever-it's still better than the shit she used to put herself through

No. 779692

Yes her! She seems to be doing well, I'm very glad she's recovering and seems clean now. Hopefully she has more custody of her daughter, and she left that dickbag of a husband/boyfriend.

No. 779817

i don’t know if she counts as a cow but the mention of m0m0ko reminded me of the tumblr admin of weeaboo-stories which was popping for a little in like 2011. does anyone remember her? she went by “rune.” last i checked she’s a literal japanese housewaifu tradfem type

No. 779829

You're thinking of Rune-midgarts. Twitter is https://mobile.twitter.com/runelapin, instagram is https://www.instagram.com/runemidgarts. She either ran weeaboo-stories or some bad cosplayer tumblr or but distanced herself from it once the tide started turning on whether or not morally it was the right thing to do aka threads on cgl started calling her a bitch so she stopped and went full unproblematic mode. Lives as a housewife in Japan, either married to that ugly whitey she was with years ago or a Japanese man. I actually used to get her mixed up with Dansa no Himitsu which I cant remember who they were, just the ugly little character with the bob haircut they used to use twirling on the page or something. I wonder what whoever that is is up to now.

No. 779839

File: 1591970310297.png (75.83 KB, 255x255, 1403572196702.png)

anyone knows what happened to orange citrus / somersby hankins? I got bored and re-read her old threads brought back nostalgia.

No. 779840

I want to know this too. She disappeared. I wonder if she ever get out of that pedo pandering matilda persona

No. 779844

She's married to some Russian guy, thought it was a Japanese guy too, but she mentioned something about Russian.

No. 779851

she looks extremely familiar, do you have forward-facing pics? also was she nonbinary?

No. 780042

File: 1592115569327.png (113.62 KB, 340x257, 1417164365001.png)

its actually pretty hard to find any pics of her outside of her lolcow threads since she basically fell off the internet in 2017. Alledgely in the last update we get she became a fake boi.

Yeah I hope so too. I thought her mathilda haircut was cute but basically skinwalking a movie character was weird to me. she was fairly young durring her drama on here only 18 or so still in hs i think… I hope shes doing ok though she eventually lost milk and people lost intrest in her…

No. 780061

File: 1592129938500.jpeg (72.27 KB, 1024x682, EM6bWV2XUAAR0FW.jpeg)

Did Bonnie the Witten disappear completely from internet after drama with redscarepod dasha nekrasova?

No. 780062

um no samm is still active on the internet, her twitter is miniaussieart in which she still posts.

No. 780082

I met them in a Skype chat once a couple years ago, they were going by male pronouns then and using the name Damien yeah.

Not to white knight or anything but they actually seemed really chill and nice and I don't have anything negative to say about them. Obviously had some mental issues and I didn't talk to them a ton or anything, but they were nice enough that I felt bad for all the bullying they got.

No. 780119

Does anyone know what happened to Ashleigh/Ashley, the super skinny skelly girl? I haven't heard anything about her in so long, as much as she was a cunt, I hope she isn't dead

No. 780160

File: 1592179467439.png (857.3 KB, 926x523, F3CB18DF-911A-405E-9CF1-064976…)

Does anyone know what happened to carrotriot/anabelle
She was very popular for posting herself naked, making her nose bleed constantly, having breakdowns, and was apart of the body posi movement but was still a high schooler during all this. She suddenly deactivated and deleted everything out of nowhere does anyone know what happened to her?

No. 780178

File: 1592184177216.png (705.1 KB, 935x599, howisshealive.png)

She's suprisingly alive, her last post was about two weeks ago on insta and twitter. She's still active on her tumblr I think.

No. 780204

I truly cannot comprehend how she is still alive. It just doesn’t seem physically possible but here she is.

No. 780230

wouldn’t she be even more at risk to corvid considering her state? Can’t imagine how she can survive at all much less with this pandemic

No. 780274

Ive seen this…thing a bunch of times and skimming through this thread makes me fucking vomit everytime I see the picture.

No. 780277

for sanity's sake i have to believe she photoshopped this to some degree. she has achieved final skelly.

No. 780278

doesn't it post on KF animal control board under 'renard'?

No. 780283

File: 1592238554533.jpg (94.68 KB, 500x652, taylor ruth.jpg)

taylor-ruth baldwin aka thisishangingrockcomics from tumblr. she stopped posting a while ago and i really miss her online presence. she was good friends with caroline itchycoil but they seemed to have fallen out. last thing i've heard of tr, she's been working as a pastry chef I think?

No. 780284

File: 1592238607832.png (201.56 KB, 500x655, hanging rock.png)

one of her old comics

No. 780294

oh man anon, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I miss her playlists and comics—the last I heard was the pastry chef thing and her mattress art series. Hope she’s doing well.

No. 780999

wtf with this self harm? is this the girl from the linked posts?

No. 781015

More than milky, its really sad

No. 781025

that's really terrible. i suppose you could call her a horrorcow but i don't even feel like that would be appropriate since it goes beyond the worst stuff i've seen on here. i feel really bad for her

No. 781097

wish I didn't click into that link. Men are really scum. Poor girl

No. 781115

that link makes me hate men more than ever. I wish we could kill all men and start over,they are nothing but useless weight. That poor girl,man,fuck,i hope she gets better

No. 781116

File: 1592624807514.png (7.3 MB, 2208x1242, EACE037D-1F0F-44CE-A1D4-F90813…)

Does anyone remember VanessaVandalism? she was a scene kid with alooecia on YouTube and MySpace around 2008. she would post videos of her styling her real hair or wearing different wigs and overal be an annoying scene kid on YouTube.
She had drama with another wannabe scene queen Lee Lighting who would skinwalk vanessa and take videos of herself with fake black eyes saying Vanessaa sent goons to beat her up. Vanessa quit Youtube when her fakes and lee got too bad to handle.
Vanessa’s channel is still up and it’s such a time machine

No. 782065

Does anyone remember minor myspaz personality Suzi X Suicide? Can't find related pics but she was an Asian ~scene kween~ from the Mosman Sydney area in Australia. I vividly remember lurking her for the typical emo sad posting, constant brags about being br00t4l and frequently running away from home to post MySpace pics with captions about how her parents don't understand her. She was my first lolcow, long before I even knew the term's meaning. Nostalgia dictates I find out what happened to her but so far my search has yielded nothing, although I doubt anything will come of this vauge post kek. This all would have occurred well over 10 years ago now, maybe 2008/2009?

No. 782072

No anon, that is not the case at all. You are clearly very familiar with all this information because you are a creepy fuck

No. 782075

wtf are you replying to me, I am as creeped out as you and don't know shit. I have checked and according to my experience you cannot randomly find the pedo imageboard

No. 782102

I meant that reply for >>782052
Sorry about

No. 782191

If you look up "suzixsuicide myspace" and "puddlesxmofo" there's some links to long-dead social media that you may be able to use to find where she is today if you're good at sleuthing/stalking/doxxing.

No. 782239

Thanks anon, didn't expect a response.

No. 782590

File: 1593362634013.jpeg (145.76 KB, 622x844, 9FBAAAB2-2435-4701-9DE5-DAF318…)

Oh, damn, I remember Vanessa Vandalism and Lee Lightning! I’ve tried to find out more about them but never succeeded. I wonder where they are now.

No. 782608

File: 1593373252999.jpeg (20.54 KB, 150x200, AEDEA4E5-55C2-4795-930C-BE7CFE…)

Wasn’t there huge drama with Lee pretending to have alopecia while Vanessa really had it? The only extra stuff I could ever find of Vanessa was in 2009; she had a blogspot and live journal where she looks really classic goth but she stopped posting fairly quickly

No. 782627

I used to read her blogs also, lol. I thought she was so cool. I wish she still made videos when she changed into her goth phase, the outfits she posted on her blog were so cool.
Yeah, Lee lied about having alopecia along with many other things. She had many sockpuppet ‘fan’ accounts on YouTube and tried to encite a bunch of unnecessary drama against Vanessa, who she was skinwalking.
I’ve never been able to find more about Vanessa, but I came across Lee Lightning’s newer channel, Cellektive. she still seems very immature although she’s probably in her 20’s by now.

No. 782628

File: 1593383432551.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1242x1601, 101A74F5-696B-4C13-83CA-138CFD…)

Did a little digging and found Lee Lightning. She’s a blue lives matter fag, works at a sandwich shop, cams to pay off some debts and spergs out on reddit periodically.
Not exactly sure what she’s trying to prove with this outfit, but she seems just as tarded and attention seeking as she always was.

If only Vanessa was easier to trace, lol. I’m genuinely curious about how she is doing these days.

No. 782634

Sounds like she's still a cow. Maybe she deserves her own thread.

No. 782638

Back in the day I think she had the equivalent of a ‘thread’ on stickydrama, or whatever gossip site was popular for scene kids in 2009

No. 782705

I really hope Vanessa is well. I loved watching her videos when I was younger. She always pops up in my mind from time to time, and then I end up going on a deep dig with absolutely no luck. I hope she's doing good.

No. 782725

I don't know if anyone knows her, but does anyone remember a girl called Emily from Instagram? I think Emilythefox
or something but I can't find her. She's canadian and around 2015 she was part of some kind of self harm community on IG, where everyone posted their cuts and wallowed in self-pity. She had burn marks on her lower stomach from harming herself with hot water bottles which had boiling water in them and she kept them on her stomach for hours. She was one of my personal lolcows back then and I wonder how she is doing now. A lot of the people involved are still mentally sick and unstable and she seemed like she's using her brain more often than the rest

No. 784154

I was surprised that nobody here mentioned Ruaridoll uploading a new video on December 2017.

No. 784156

Nah I think it’s been mentioned in other threads, some speculated the account being hacked and some thought it was her trying to prove she wasn’t dead

No. 784202

What would make 2020 absolutely complete for me would be the return of Felice Fawn. She is my all-time favorite cow and I'm dying to know how she's doing now. In spite of everything, I genuinely hope she's learned from her misgivings and is recovered, sober, and holding a real job

No. 784217

Ok real question but where's the subject in pic related's OP? And that pocky princess weeb that would troll weebs?

No. 784234

She still has her twitter account, just locked and the last time she was on her ps was almost a year ago. Maybe she did find a job and finally stopped playing video games.

I also wish she would come back but the internet would "cancel' her instantly, no matter how much she'd apologize. Hope she's doing alright.

No. 784265

does anyone know whats up with charlotte charms?

No. 784268

Wow creepy, I was just gonna ask this. I remembered her when I posted to the cow culture thread on /ot/, specifically her /cgl/ days. Took me several minutes to remember we did keep up with her way after that, that she became an obese camgirl, etc.

From where we left off, I expect she's prostituting herself somewhere, or found an abusive man to support her.

No. 784270

Agreed, anon, I'd be rejoicing with you. Felice a fascinating case of lolcowism.

I bet if any of the cows were to turn their shit around, most anons would be all "I'll miss the milk, but good for them "

No. 784275

There are a few threads on her but they are dead now, occasional updates on the whores thread.

Honestly she really did just stop camming and is living that disabled life. Still with Mike, still casually whoring but not camming anymore. Going to get a new boob job and lipo on her arms soon. Still living off her parents' money.

No. 784637

having trouble finding that too since i can't find eiher of their actual fb's

No. 785750

Maybe her mom put strings on her limbs and is marionetting her dead corpse kek

No. 785899

I was just thinking of Taylor-Ruth and wondering what she's up to. I deleted tumblr around the same time she was working in a gas station instead of being at art school, so I'm glad to hear she managed to at least turn that around. I really miss her comics.

No. 786146

Not sure about MagicalPockyUsagi (assuming that's who you mean by Pocky Princess Weeb) as she's never come back and admitted she's a troll. Magibon is seldom active on Instagram and still in japan it seems.


No. 786573

witten got forced into rehab for heroin addiction after that happened and i haven't heard anything since, she was dating a friend of mine and the guy refuses to talk about her. weird stuff

No. 791334


i always felt alone in kind of hating those comics, they were all very "everyone is dumb but me" and of course the characters always had to be wearing either a twin peaks or band shirt. i could see liking/relating to them in high school i guess, and the creator does seem cool as a person(no one cares)

No. 794874

idk if ur the person that made that thread a few days ago but what's the tea with this dude? Is he delcada/vivi's big brother or something cause he's the dude who comes up when you google them and I never knew who the hell he was but they look alike && I guess he's one convicted pedo???(necro)

No. 794901

Does jrcach post anywhere now

No. 795717

Woah.. that creator was me. Can’t believe I’m posted here. Lol. I was literally just scrolling through this thread out of morbid curiosity (maybe ill advised, I don’t lurk much anywhere on the internet now, especially places like this. tends to make me anxious and cross. But I’m going through a shitty breakup and wanted a distraction.)

I’m deeply embarrassed of my old comics, ha. They’re terrible of course. I should really purge that blog, but idk. It survives out of posterity! So I got into RISD, then never went. Got into culinary school (the bakery I worked for help me pay) and became a chef eventually. I try to keep a low profile these days, I have an adult job in the culinary industry and don’t post anywhere online. But I still make art, work on a few graphic novels, and would like to come back with it someday. More mature.

Anyway- update for anyone who remembered me and has ever thought “what happened to her?” Have a lovely evening.

No. 795741

You shouldn't be embarrassed of them, they're very much a product of their time, almost a time capsule, and a lot of people enjoyed them. It's nice to hear that you're doing well.

No. 795831

Very strange to see Taylor Ruth posting here of all places. Like the other poster said, your comics & pieces are a relic of their time and were a lot of peoples introductions to feminism, social justice, bohemian suburbia etc. so they'll persevere for a few more years.
Personally, your art introduced me to Rookie and got the ball rolling on my own art, so thanks for that. All the best.

No. 796815


this is so wholesome

No. 798006

Thank you anon, I really appreciate that. I hope your art is still going strong.

Early tumblr- Rookie- Tavi- Molly Soda- those were the days right! Remember when Barbie Ferreira ran a one direction stan blog?

No. 798537

are you still super morbidly obese(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798556

So crazy to see you posting here. You probably won’t read this reply since this was posted almost a month ago, but if you do, and warning this is super embarrassing, you had a really huge impact on my development when I was like 14-15. I idolized you and always thought you were so cool. I really wanted to be like you. Your art and your cultivation of literature + music + the whole of your blog profoundly shaped my taste. This is probably super creepy and I realize how parasocial of me it was, lmfao, but I was a depressed kid who spent way too much time on tumblr.

Really glad to hear you’re doing well. I hope you continue to to make good things and find joy in the suffering.

No. 798673

Nah I lost about 100 pounds from age 22-24 when I moved to Rhode Island. I hated myself, hid myself, and made a change. Intermittent fasting, running, and weight training. Like a size 10 now, never gonna be super skinny but I’m much happier.

That’s really sweet anon I don’t even know how to respond. I’m happy to I had any impact on anyone. I certainly had those figures in my life too. I hope you’re well.

Anyway I’m gonna stop keeping tabs on this thread, all the best!

No. 799685

File: 1602463645520.jpeg (98.57 KB, 974x551, 0E348898-99AA-41F6-ACB1-C176EF…)

Does anyone remember/know where Geoffrey Paris is now? I was thinking of that one “Scene kids” song a few days ago and couldn’t find anything

No. 801746

File: 1603510167167.jpg (143.52 KB, 1280x1280, photo_2020-10-23_20-16-39.jpg)


No. 805634

She used to be so cute, shame that she's literally crazy now, wouldn't be surprised if she has some legit personality disorders.(necro)

No. 807575

File: 1607090057620.png (257.31 KB, 330x416, Captura de pantalla 2020-12-04…)

Anybody remembers Princess Skye from The Princess Portal blog? I remember that after she broke up with her bf and found a new man, she kinda started to fall off the radar, changed her style and then deleted her blog and started writing on a new one, but then fell off the earth. I wonder what became of her in the end.

No. 807711

There’s a TON of old Lolitas I wonder about occasionally. Like that parfait girl who was a raging alcoholic and needed the new liver and wouldn’t shut up about her pink hair. Or the “it” girls like faunkegin. Even the crazy ones like the one who who obsessed with hating bears and sniper_nyan. Mid/late 2k EGL was wild and I miss it.

No. 807726

Anon, you just shook my brain and unblocked a bunch of memories I thought I'd never think about again. I too miss all these drama queens we had in egl.
Was it parfait doll the pink haired one?

No. 807732

Wait wait wait. Parfait doll, the pink haired blogger, was such an alcoholic she needed a new LIVER?! Where was this information?

Also I'd love to see where sniper_nyan is these days. Last I remember she was swan_milk or something and had started shooping herself to hell and back.

No. 807796

File: 1607208066364.jpg (147.35 KB, 442x488, 1430419332938.jpg)


woow I was trying to explain Princess Skye to my partner literally just yesterday. She was Australian right?

Sniper_nyan's "give me money and I'll reveal which super efamous egl member I am" scam was truly hilarious. I have fond memories of EGL LJ in the mid 2000s but I was such an asshat and I dread the thought of people remembering me from then.

I am so ancient I also remember Lolitasnap days, when Mistress M/ Kaoru Ai or psychodolfie/_graveflower were the pinnacle of Western EGL.

No. 807799

File: 1607208890245.jpg (219.29 KB, 720x960, 121095407_10158258642982107_56…)


https://www.facebook.com/SugaryCarnival is Faunkegin/ashlee, still seems delightfully bonkers.

No. 807914

File: 1607274942566.jpg (20.14 KB, 348x250, peter_griffith_by_maaariano_dd…)

Griffith looks rough nowadays

No. 807980

Parfaitdoll is still around. She goes by victoriasuzanne. Her only friend now is a fat girl who she keeps around to take her outfit pics and make her look better by comparison. There's not much milk, other than a lolita meme account becoming obsessed with her and harassing her daily for not posting about blm soon enough.

No. 808004

Faunkegin was the girl with the really long chin, right? Or am I confusing her with someone else?

No. 808084

File: 1607376800803.jpg (28.58 KB, 400x533, 76760026_10157264548172107_492…)

No. 808150

did she get a bunch of plastic surgery? looks very different

graveflower and psychodolfie were the sisters that did twinning stuff right?

I was moderately active in the lolita community until things started getting drama heavy. I remember Mabet, the portland lolitas, the two girls from Alberta that were really cute and a few others but this is going back to 2004-2006.

No. 808455

File: 1607524292901.jpg (43.65 KB, 500x667, FLUFFmindre.jpg)


Just filters/snow I think.

Psychodolfie and Graveflower weren't sisters, just two Swedish girls who went to live in Japan. I think Camilla (Psychodolfie) stayed, did low level tv work and got married there, Anna went back to Sweden after a year or so.

No. 808592

I wish I knew how Spoony was doing

No. 808661

Camilla has left Japan a while ago. She now lives in Germany and is working as a yoga teacher and is expecting her first child with her husband.

No. 808673

Remember Missmeganmaude?
Or meow_tan, who tried so hard to be a mary sue and then her boyfriend turned out gay. And the next one too. She's still very active on ONTD and ended up opening a store for cheap chinese knockoffs of tumblr aesthetic goods in NYC, but idk if she still runs that. Something like "cupcake poison"

No. 808674

I last talked to Spoony around a year ago and she still blames all her problems on everyone but herself. Sometimes she was fun to talk to because she'd just endless go on romanticizing herself and making her position in other people's lives much more grand and important seeming than it was, but I got bored with her narcissism

No. 808691

Meow_tan is still active on ontd. I see her comment every once in a while.
And she owns a shop now or similar she said on ig

No. 808718

Does anyone know what really happen to Nyanafk and einshine?

No. 808721

This. Did they become moderately successful mangakas in the glorious land of the rising sun or fuck off back to wherever (Canada I think?) they're from?

No. 808774

congrats on reading my post

No. 808838

Does anyone remember rapeblossom? I think that's what she went by. She was a kind of fucked up lolita (as in the book) pioneer, i suppose. Used lots of nazi imagery. Pretty girl, but troubled. She seems to have disappeared.

No. 808849

She was brought up a few years ago in another thread. There weren't many details but apparently she went normie and got some kind of degree which isn't the usual end for these types.
I think her family is or was pretty well off too.

No. 808872

What ever happened to missmeganmaude? She was doing abdl porn for ahwile and then went rockabilly?
Does anyone remember Faithchan she was Australian, I think she became a stripper after leaving lolita.

No. 808887

File: 1607724442887.jpg (170.73 KB, 1440x1440, 43419402_10205324429787018_298…)


She did steampunk cosplay for a while with Masterchode/Austin, think they both still do cosplay. Not sure if she still does the adult baby porn.

No. 808888


Adult baby porn????????

No. 808978


Yeah I no longer have the images but basically she was modelling ABDL erotica, pissing in diapers in an oversize nursery and playing with dolls. She was also making/selling adult baby clothes hosted on the same site as her lolita website IIRC, and had a deviantart account full of adult baby erotic drawings.

When EGL LJ discovered this she said she was just doing it for the cash, all her fans were horrible creeps and we were endangering her by pointing out that she was also a porn model (she usually had ginger/blond hair but just had blond hair when modelling so was apparently completely in disguise).

I wish I could remember her adult baby porn name, I think it was kitso…something…

No. 809010

File: 1607797514412.jpg (3.43 KB, 90x120, 90px-Missmeganmaude.jpg)


Kitso Koneko, I just remembered.

No. 809053


Thank you anon, this is so surprising! I used to like her style at one point, some of the dresses she made for her honeymoon were real cute. Did NOT expect to see her in an adult diaper. Jesus.

No. 809054

There was also drama because she slandered her ex-bf (his name was Joe IIRC) who went on to date another redhead steampunk lolita who whiteknighted him and started beef with MMM over him, I could swear it's the one that now goes by Claire Max but I'm not 100% certain they are both the same person.

No. 809055

I found the public rant she posted in the LJ post where MMM's diaper fetish was outed kek

>You know, Megan, I gave you the benefit of the doubt for a VERY long time. Apparently far longer than I should have. Even with Joe constantly warning me how two-faced you were, I was reluctant to believe him because you seemed like such a nice person. I have to commend you-you put up an excellent facade. You said people loved you as Kitso Koneko because you were convincing; people liked you as the egl mod, electroncat/Kats because you were convincing as well. But it's all just an act to you, isn't it? Put up a face, make people like you, and then bitch them out behind their backs. How do you think the adult baby community would feel if they found out you thought they were all creepy and potentially dangerous? Probably the same way the lolita community feels now that we know you think we're all fat ugly bitches. But it's all about what pays off for YOU. YOu pander to the adult babies because they buy your clothes, and it's the same with the lolitas.

>But really, when you're trying to run a business, it's really not a good idea to go around insulting your customers, even if you're doing it in "private". Posting on wank communities is one thing; people there aren't made fun of because of physical factors out of their control, but rather for bad fashion choices or bad attitudes. Frankly these are mistakes we've all made, and half of these communities have been posted themselves at one point. WE laugh it off and make a point to put together a better outfit next time. What you did is completely uncalled for. You made a point to search out these people, and it seems to me as though you're calling them fat and ugly as a way of making yourself feel better, because you know the people you're pointing out are the ones who have never particularly been fans of YOU.

>To me this is just the icing on the cake. POsting insulting anonymous comments in my old journal that are apparently from your "mom" (and regardless of whether your mom really wrote that, that's pretty damn ridiculous). Telling people you couldn't wait to meet me in person because you wanted to "stir up drama." Lying to people about Joe and making it so he's not comfortable going to clubs and places anymore. Constantly talking down to me and accusing me of trying to "be" you (though that was Austin and not you, but I'm sure you share the sentiment) because I sew lolita clothes and I cut my hair. swdpunk started her own brand and she just cut her hair too, is she trying to "be" you as well? Oh wait, no, she's not dating your ex. My mistake.

>Being the moderator of a community of 6000+ young girls (many of whom have body image issues already) garners you a certain responsibility. Sure, you're human like the rest of us, you have every right to get angry or irritated. But you DON'T have the right to insult the members of that community, even under friends lock. Whether you said it to 20 people or 200 people, the point is that you said it, and you have no reason to.

>And on that note, what has Caroline ever done (especially to you) that warrants you calling her a bitch? Made fun of some people's outfits on the fucks community? Right, this coming from the girl who makes a point of taking pictures of "train wrecks" at conventions. You've laughed at bad outfits just as much as the rest of us, perhaps more than some. Or is it because she made fun of your baby pictures? Well obviously you think the whole adult baby thing is ridiculous and are only doing it for the money anyway, so I don't see why that would matter.

>You really ought to sit back and take a look at yourself before posting something like this, whether "publicly" or not. And you REALLY ought to think about stepping down from modship of egl. After all, all of these double-lives you're leading must get pretty tiring, I'm sure the last thing you need is the added stress.

No. 809057


Mmmm yes. Delicious vintage drama

No. 809061

File: 1607817457249.png (653.52 KB, 1031x593, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 23.5…)


Ohh that was Arktoi on EGL LJ wasn't it? I remember her beef with MMM. I think you are right, her name is Claire and looks v much like she did then. Didn't Megan also later have some kind of weird spinal malfunction which meant she was incontinent so genuinely needed diapers?! Mid 2000s EGL LJ days were crazy.

I wonder how Tropigalia is doing too, I occasionally see her face popping on a tights fb page.

No. 809548

File: 1608087943614.jpg (22.4 KB, 278x370, wtfhugenose.jpg)

Does anyone know what happened to momoco? She didn't really have any drama or anything, I just wonder what she looks like now. She's the one with black hair and thats not my file name.

No. 809598

Awww, Mary! Hope she’s doing well, we shared a con hotel back in like 2004? Honestly all the lolitas I met in the early 2000s were super sweet, I miss the community a lot.

No. 809610

File: 1608117994414.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.75 MB, 3000x4000, 1370207175080.jpg)

I need to know.

WARNING very nsfw/nsfl

No. 809649

Thanks for the flashbacks. Never realised how much that video imprinted on my brain

No. 809798

iirc she's married with kids now

No. 809865


she? this creature is a biological female??????????

No. 809873

Omg TUNA CHAN! I can't believe I forgot about this girl. This was like the only time she ever cosplayed too lmfao

No. 809899

who is that? ive seen the picture before but wow

No. 809911

Google "tuna-chan" or "tuna melt-chan"

No. 809932

yeah, she just got unlucky with genetics

No. 809974

does anyone else remember a sweet lolita from early 2000 times she was really big on deviantart and tumblr eventually. big blonde hair from texas that would always type in third person and do the uwu so kawaii style. she was super abnoxious and would comment on everything that was lolita related

No. 809983

that's crazy, i wonder how old she is now! how old was she back in this pic?

No. 809985

She was like 19 or 20 iirc and it was 10+ years ago, so it's possible

No. 810509

Do any of you anons know what became of Felice Fawn? It was honestly some of the best milk imho.

No. 811310

File: 1609200291820.png (2.43 MB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20201228-160120~2.p…)

not sure if anyone remembers Kill Natalie or Batcavedillema
She was a goth youtuber and author around 2011-2013 ish, had drama with Sebastian Columbine and after some weird personal drama she dropped off the face of the earth.
It has been rumored that she committed suicide, Sebastian even has said this on some of livestreams but she's alive and is a satanic priestess in michigan.
Here's a recent photo

No. 811411

File: 1609247377576.jpeg (228.27 KB, 960x1280, 2407065B-B356-4022-AC2E-49F95F…)

Wtf THIS is her? Omg I used to love her YouTube. I remember she was reading poems? What was her beef with Sebastian?

No. 811470

There’s a thread with the only info in snow. She’s had the same private twitter since 2016 and only talks about gaming. She doesn’t have any intention of reaching out ever again.

No. 811513

Woah a bearded lady.

No. 811575

Thank you anon, I'll check that out.

No. 811699

she doesn't go by Kill Natale either, she uses the name Evyn Aytch. not sure about the Sebastian beef either. there used to only be like 6 goth youtubers back then, all of which were so cringy and poorly styled (Sebastian, Kill Natalie, Leah Mouse, sharken911, that one chick with the really crappy gothrock band)

No. 811864

File: 1609378889002.jpeg (104.88 KB, 605x746, 6B10805D-A0A9-4FC3-8304-FD4B64…)

Apparently she’s founder of a satanic coven and grows a beard kek

No. 814167

File: 1610100026767.jpeg (729.98 KB, 828x1443, 1E53FDA3-2F9E-4E40-8EF0-ADAAE6…)

Nobody was going to tell me heroingranola looks like a special needs mental patient now? Damn 1/2

No. 814168

File: 1610100077339.jpeg (634.17 KB, 828x1463, C29509D5-6911-4CD8-AED8-EA6E11…)

No. 814172

I cringed into another dimension from "esoteric satinist". Let her be milky and not just some idiot.

No. 814178

Jesus christ, what are her socials now? I was wondering what happened to her a little while ago. Kinda figured she od’ed or dropped off the internet completely.

No. 814211

Might be a niche cow but does anyone remember that disgusting creature on tumblr that would save her period blood in a jar and added it to her food and shit, even making cookies with it that she gave to her son? She was also very open and strangely proud of having herpes and boasted about how her sexual partner (s?) were ok because as long as there were no open sores on her vag, it was fine? I honestly can't remember her name but I need to see if CPS confiscated her boy yet.

No. 814215

Ms. Graveyard Dirt, the roast sitter.

No. 814216

File: 1610125271004.png (Spoiler Image, 613.26 KB, 494x733, cuntbarf.png)

She's a crackhead but not the crackhead I'm looking for - I asked an old friend from that time if she remembered, and apparently the url was "cuntbarf". Tumblr appears to have been scrubbed though so no luck.

No. 814258

Jesus, how are there two people who fit the description of “put menstrual blood in food, have herpes, very online about those things”?

No. 814271

jamie vulva!

No. 814317

she runs a vegan restaurant in Olympia now apparently

No. 814340

Her ig is hollirx_. The only thing she’s known for in any capacity now is selling drugs but god damn is she ugly.

No. 814425


Any more info on this? I thought about her the other day out of nowhere. She was one of my OG cows before I knew what lolcows were.

No. 814426


Same anon ignore me I just googled and she still goes by Jamie Vulva so it’s all on there. Blast from the past!

No. 814836


This is what autism looks like in females.

No. 814839

I skimmed through the thread and only saw her mentioned 5 yrs ago so maybe theres some new info, does anyone remember neoclassicneko/ginsengteacat? I miss her milk

No. 815021

I’ve got a question.

Does anyone remember a Mexican girl who was popular on tumblr between 2011/2014 she was really skinny and dresses in kawaii and weeb clothes? It was from some website she would always get gifted.

She always took pics of her legs because thigh gap and it was always the tights like cat face tights or hearts?

And she got so much hate because of her lulzy ways

No. 815036

Any more description of her?

No. 815287

>talks about that racist mexican
>doesn’t just simply describe her as that insert racist slur racist tumblr chick that dyed her hair in pastel colors tumblr

I think you’re talking about aly antorcha

No. 816280

Omg anon my friends and I used to laugh our asses off at her. Last I heard she worked at McDicks and complained about the bronies wanting the MLP toys.

No. 816423

Any news about Felice Fawn? I'm bored

No. 816470

File: 1610917353153.jpg (10.42 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Any knowledge on what happened to the Anime Club girls?

No. 816556

Barely scroll up and you’ll get your answer.

No. 816866

i wanna know what was of Ginger Bronson, if she really dropped off the face of the internet or if she's still out there somewhere pretending to be trailer trash

No. 818140

i feel like i might know who you're talking about. was her name Jane? or something like that, i honestly could be remembering wrong too. the girl i'm thinking about had a disney obsession, also.

No. 818540

File: 1611690316651.jpeg (124.07 KB, 500x747, A77C3C50-AF2E-4860-A656-C8F706…)

Aly Antorcha? current ig @cheeseboogerinparadise

No. 821345

Jasmine blu?

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