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File: 1442991652000.jpg (124.54 KB, 480x720, 037_size6.jpg)

No. 184768

No. 184769

File: 1442991725822.jpg (100.82 KB, 472x720, 038_size6.jpg)

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File: 1442991804222.jpg (104.07 KB, 457x720, 040_size6.jpg)

No. 184771

File: 1442991851673.jpg (100.34 KB, 720x493, 063_size6.jpg)

More pics from PULL. Having a hard time finding much else anywhere else.

No. 184772

File: 1442991891553.jpg (108.18 KB, 468x720, 036_size6.jpg)

No. 184773

File: 1442991950844.jpg (113.49 KB, 411x720, 064_size6.jpg)

No. 184774

File: 1442991996578.jpg (142.56 KB, 720x480, 047_size6.jpg)

No. 184775

Needs more lace.

No. 184779


I love that dress so much. damn it all.

No. 184780

It's so distracting how big those shoes are on her.

No. 184787

seriously, it's all i can see.

No. 184793

She looks like a frog in OP pic

No. 184798

I've noticed it's really common in fashion shows, I guess they only provide one pair of shoes and the model just has to wear them, whether they fit or not.
I'm more distracted by her wig, it's shiny and the color doesn't suit her.

No. 184812

She looks so fat and average without all the shoop.

No. 184814

I'm a faggot and forgot to put this in the first post.


No. 184815

That one I actually like

No. 184818

Dear Chinese anon; I apologize for bothering you, we don't have to be friends. I just thought you could help me learn the language better if we gossiped. Thanks anyway and sorry again</3

No. 184825

To be honest, I like most of these pictures. I prefer them to her shoops, anyway.

No. 184835

tbh i think she looks cute in the lolita but basic… her own face is so far from her shooped face and so looking at her real face is disappointing.

No. 184837

Don't worry, and we are 2 anons haha I'm not Chinese, maybe the another anon is. I'm also a Chinese student. You didn't bother me, and I hope the other anon is not bothered. Do you have a Weibo account? Is very good to practice, I'd say Interpals but I got tired of this network. I just wanted to know why, you know, nobody wants to be related to lolcow and it could be a trap (?)

No. 184840

She looks cute but the fact her heels are too big bother me in this picture

No. 184843

She looks so fucking cute in these, I'm loving it

No. 184847

her face is so chubby and that bonnet thing is doing her square jawline 0 favors

No. 184856

Man, I wanna say she looks cute but…she looks so old for her apparent age.
You're not a just turned 20-year-old, Kooter. It's so obvious.

No. 184859

seriously??? might as well just dress kathy up in lolita. that chin. she's reaching PT level of chin. this is not cute.

No. 184860

The dress is cute but honestly she looks like a sissy.

No. 184862

Where is the video of the fashion show?

No. 184868

File: 1443025178854.jpg (74.24 KB, 594x865, 1442964254397.jpg)

I'm one of those crazy people who really, genuinely thought that she was 20 and had just lied about her age in the scene years… But now that these Baby pictures are out (pic related, holy SHIT) I'm really starting to think that she's older.

No. 184869


Koots comes in around 5:30 or so. Can't believe she's been doing modeling and runway events for 3 years now and is still so boring with it. I know that certain brands want you to walk a certain way, but at least the other girls did cute twirls, got in character, or interacted with the audience.

No. 184878

Damn. Those new pics of kooter in baby, dare i say it, make kaka look good in comparison.
kooter seems more well adjusted though so she's still far ahead.

No. 184881

she looks like a court jester, a sad court jester..

No. 184889

if you tilt your screen back theres a lot of bumps they tried to cover up…

No. 184890

File: 1443030661826.jpg (20.93 KB, 236x354, 8a17e4cb3f85ccce576670934e2cc3…)

She really does suit ott sweet lolita.

No. 184895

It's not ott sweet, it's ott classic sweet.

No. 184897

I kinda have to wonder if part of why she is so stiff in this is because she is focusing all of her energy on not falling out of those oversized shoes hahah.

No. 184900

Here ya go.

No. 184901


Oh it's already been posted? My bad.

No. 184906

I wonder if she'll now bring out a loli clothing line? kek

No. 184909

Yup. This is probably it, added to the fact that she's just got a shit runway presence. I've done runway modeling quite a few times and I've NEVER had shoes fit from pretty much any brand - especially Japanese. They are, without fail, either way too huge or way too small. I've compared blisters from shoes with other models after shows before - not pretty. You get used to it, though.

You know what though? You have to model through that. You're getting paid to sell a product. Discomfort isnt allowed in the industry.

I mean, props to her for not looking down at her feet, I guess. That's a common mistake. But she still looks so uncomfortable and stiff! Can't believe she hasn't learned how to model through those sorts of things.

No. 184926

File: 1443037525082.jpg (33.07 KB, 600x865, 1442938436390.jpg)


Anon, that's my edit. I made her face slimmer and eyes bigger.
The original one is this one

No. 184928

I also retouched her eyebrows and eyebags

No. 184935

Her face looks bloated and she's nervous, i guess? man, that dress is stunning but it does not suit her.

No. 184937

She still looks absolutely awful. They try to make her look like a baby in so many of these and she just shows her age that much more.
>that hairline

No. 184942

I sent this pic to my brother and asked me who she was, I asked him to guess her age and told me "she's in her 30s? Or at least very close. If she started taking care of her skin shed look younger" funny when I told him she's """19"""

No. 184946

>girls in the audience looked cuter


No. 184953

File: 1443040225856.jpg (81.73 KB, 500x750, 219cj75.jpg)


Her old shoop and this pic I think were the cutest which made her look more dolly than ever

No. 184954

File: 1443040268825.jpg (11.61 KB, 236x354, 219cj75.jpg)


and this one

No. 184972

I always liked this one. It was cute yet believable.

Hmmm why wont she get fillers on her smile lines, lose some weight and perhaps learn to dress better? Does bravo not give her enough money? She has so much opportunity and she's wasting it looking like a bloated sack of potatoes.

No. 184975

whoa, she looks old

No. 184981

File: 1443045560933.jpg (18.93 KB, 200x314, christopher-walken-a-view-to-a…)

No. 184982

That's what her expression reminds me of for some reason.

No. 184997

What are these random ass comments?

No. 185022

They're related to >>184424 and onwards, keep up.

No. 185043

Taylor R looks more like this than Dakota does now …

No. 185046

Her shoes are too big

No. 185061

File: 1443062033471.png (923.02 KB, 934x512, 1428517246666[1].png)

>Taylor looks more like Dakota shoops than Dakota

She really does. The surgery she had done is horrifying and she is creepy for stalking and trying to be Dakota. I'm just not sure who is worse looking at times.

No. 185066

File: 1443062979844.gif (46.55 KB, 355x200, 200_s.gif)

Holy shit. Nightmare fuel

No. 185091

Who took this photo?

No. 185093

It's from the Samsung commercial she did a few months back.

No. 185096

It's only been this one time she's been caught looking this bad though, right?
I haven't seen any other candids where she looks this fucked up. Would this have been straight after she got fresh fillers or whatever it is?
They do look atrocious though. She doesn't even need this shit, she's just fucking up her face.
It's like Taylor cares too much and goes overboard with her appearance whereas Dakota doesn't do enough.

No. 185099

Everyone's saying she looks "old" but she looks like a normal young woman in her 20s (inb4 hurr she's 19, pls). This is literally the most flattering, true-to-life photo I've ever seen of her in lolita and it's a damn shame she's getting nitpicked for it because she couldn't jaw shave, enlarge her eyes to the size of moons, and super filter shoop the photo first.

These look so damn stupid in comparison.

No. 185105

Same, I don't get why people say she looks old. Maybe people are used to her alien toddler shoops, compared to her shoops, she looks "old" to them. Some of the other models don't exactly look super young as well.

No. 185107

I feel the exact same way. All these people saying she should get her mouth lines filled lol. Do you know how common that is? I don't even like her but everyone seems to have fucked up ideas about age.

No. 185108

body dysmorphia rampant in lolcow and pull

No. 185110

yeah, i dont get how some anons react. I dont know if it's projection or what, but Kota is entering her 20s and she also had an ED at a young age which fucks with your skin and hair as you get older. I hope she stays healthy honestly. Japan has some of the most extremely ideals of beauty and women there suffer everyday to try to adhere to them.

No. 185112

How does she look old?

No. 185113

She makes those other people look like scrunchy-faced twees in comparison >>184774. She looks legitimately pretty standing next to those birds.

The one is black has a straight up ZOMBIE hue going on with her skin and dead eyes.

No. 185116

The girl in the pink dress looks older than Kota.

No. 185117

>entering her 20's

You must be new.

No. 185120

It is, but the shooping Koots is famous for don't help. Her real chin is mahoosive compared to the shooped one and that's why people react.

No. 185121

>everyone seems to have fucked up ideas about age.

I agree, nobody seems to know what a 19-20 year old looks like. Dakota doesn't look 19-20, she looks her age (not "haggard", not "aging like milk", but yes a little bloated tbf). And what's so horribly wrong with her being 22 anyway? Lots of models lie about their age in every country, even when its common knowledge nobody really gives a fuck. Plus the logic some of you use to "prove" she's 20 is silly- she lied about bein 1 year younger than Kiki for literally her entire online life and then suddenly quit when she got a job that value youth over all else to say they've been 3 years apart the while time? So in other words, she couldn't be lying about her age now because she lied about her age for so long before Japan. Right, makes perfect sense. /sarcasm

No. 185126

But that's exactly why people react in that way; because most of the time the pictures you see of her are ones where she's shooped herself to look 13 while insisting she's younger than she really is, and when you see candids where she looks her actual age, it's such a huge contrast.
If she didn't constantly shoop herself into loli pedo-bait or claim she's younger than her real age, people wouldn't think she looks old in her candids.
She does look her (real) age. We're just more regularly exposed to her looking like an actual child.

No. 185127

Exactly! And it's a damn stupid move on Dakota's part, the more fuss she causes over her shopped pics ("100% natural reallivingbarbiedoll") the worse she's going to took in person on tv and in candids, especially since she cbf to take proper care of herself. If she would just go easy on the shoops, maybe keep the lenses and just focus on makeup/hairstyling to look younger, and used minimal editing on her pics, she would be much more likable. It's already been proven she can do pretty much whatever and still get work because of her connections, but if she just tried to look at least a little bit real instead of just pretending her pics are real she would be much more relatable and probably even more popular.

No. 185128


Gonna go and assume you were talking to me from the last thread (weibo translation anon here, hi).
You didn't bother me, and we can still be friends.

Taylor looks worst than Kota imo. She actually fucked with her face when Kota only PSes the shit out of hers.

No. 185129

Well I'm not trying to say she didn't have a part in setting herself up to be hyper-judged by strangers on the internet. Regardless though, that doesn't excuse peoples' unrealistic standards for what someone in their early twenties should look like. We all knew about her real age and shoop all along.

It disturbs me whenever I see posts about how she "ages like milk" when she hasn't really significantly changed in any candids we got of her in the past three years. Or that her face is "bloated" when it appears to me she has a square, round jaw that some people just naturally have. Her face is actually quite conventionally pretty by western standards, but it just seems to me we've been washed to think that the only acceptable face shape is a long, inverted triangle with big ass almond eyes and FAS-y cheeks.

Not trying to say she doesn't deserve it in a way, I just think it sucks. That's all.

No. 185134

Her face is p. bloated though, compared to the infamous candid from her Japanese tv debut (the real one in 2012), she does look much puffier in the face now. It's probably her diet of mostly soy sauce/not enough water or sleep, but if you put her BTTSB pics beside that first pic I just mentioned, she looks downright swollen in comparison.

No. 185137

Pretty sure they are the designers of the brand.
So they get a free pass no matter how ugly you might see them.

No. 185138

>compared to the infamous candid from her Japanese tv debut
Do you have that saved perchance? Maybe it's just me but I don't remember her looking drastically different.

No. 185144

File: 1443076403358.jpg (140.79 KB, 1440x810, 0369.jpg)

I'm loling so hard at how hard she tries to hide her chin with her hair.
Also funny that she speaks so little Japanese. I forget what her English voice sounds like.

No. 185145

File: 1443076460731.jpeg (36.52 KB, 306x306, c010abc58e7dd3c98ab8378e583056…)

Dropping a few images

No. 185146

File: 1443076649463.jpeg (81.97 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

Not on my phone, no, but it's not hard to find with google images.

No. 185147

File: 1443076802805.jpeg (18.26 KB, 500x309, 63356c71a84a13274e4b3066c942c7…)

No. 185150


Does it ever get brought up that she used to have facial piercings? Aren't they taboo in Japan?

No. 185157

File: 1443077859812.png (75.63 KB, 195x592, Kota..png)

No. 185162

I think she looks worse here. She looked so bad with that concealer on the lips makeup, she looks so much prettier with full lips. The natural eye makeup really does something for her too >>184768

No. 185164

They're not really taboo. Just not accepted in a lot of job settings. Tattoos are looked down upon more outside the music and yakuza industry.

No. 185165

>that sudden head shrink on the 4th pic onward
Lol. Third and second pic were her best and that's not her skinny face either. I wonder if she's starting to realize how bad she dun goofed.

No. 185166

2nd Kota was best Kota

No. 185171

File: 1443078936602.png (230.31 KB, 161x661, lipshrink.png)

No. 185176

File: 1443079354463.jpg (173.12 KB, 600x800, 027-3.jpg)

No. 185178

She looks cute here.

No. 185179

File: 1443079480629.jpg (188.23 KB, 600x800, 007-5.jpg)

No. 185180

File: 1443079516114.jpg (196.39 KB, 600x800, SU006-5.jpg)

No. 185181

Jfc, that leg editing

No. 185182

Tbqh she looks like she's about to bite off a dick or some shit imo but hey each to their own.

No. 185183

Betty Spaghetti

No. 185184

File: 1443079805056.jpg (489.13 KB, 1131x1600, blow-up-doll.jpg)

No. 185185

File: 1443079974041.jpg (96.75 KB, 600x800, SU021-5.jpg)

No. 185186

File: 1443080099878.jpg (144.27 KB, 600x800, 023-2.jpg)

No. 185187

Does anyone have piercings like that? Do they heal well? I wonder if you can see scars of them in any undoctored photos.

No. 185189

File: 1443080257032.gif (457.28 KB, 220x165, 638.gif)

No. 185190

I have a lip piercing. If you take care of it properly, they heal without a problem and don't bother you at all. Unless you majorly fuck up with taking care of it, if you choose to let it close up there should be minimal scarring. You probably wouldn't be able to tell unless you were looking for it or up real close. Unless they were fake, kek.

No. 185192

Also depends on what kind of skin you have. Some people scar really easily. I feel like once I take out my angel bites the scars will be visible for years. I've had them for 4 years. Maybe it also depends on how long you've had them for. Size as well.

No. 185195

True that.
Just a heads up, Angel-Bites anon, you can get scar minimization formulated creams if you ever want to get rid of your piercings.

No. 185199

I REALLY wanna watch this video again, but it seems impossible to find again

No. 185201

No. 185204

I wonder how Kiki felt when she first saw that video VS. her own first trip to Japan. She was probably expecting Japanese people to follow her around in droves, too. Of course, if she'd had a camera crew on her they would have.

No. 185209

Gotta hand it to her, her Japanese became really good. That's the only talent she has, if it counts

No. 185222

Immersion helps you learn a language quickly, if she wasn't fluent in Japanese by now then she would seriously have the IQ of a snail.

No. 185223

It was posted right here:

No. 185235

2015 should be added there - with her lip fillers. I really don't understand what made her get them when before she tried to conceal her lips so much.

No. 185236

It's because she couldn't hide her face any longer, bigger lips make her face look smaller while smaller lips make her face look bigger.

No. 185239

she's been looking so fucking cute lately, i'm just dying. if she has gotten fillers like the anon said she should keep getting them.

i have bad nasolabial folds too because my cheeks are so chubby, i want her to get fillers in them so i can see how it looks/if i wanna get it myself lmao

No. 185245

Immersion or not, it takes a lot of hard work to get to her level. It's not like you just start speaking japanese well because you live in Japan.

No. 185247

Actually you do, since English isn't very common in Japan you pick it up, if you like it or not and it goes especially fast if you already know a little bit. It's clear that you've never lived in a different country or know what immersion is.

I learned a new language in 4 months fluently after moving to that country, without any schooling. I already had a base knowledge of the language and it's within the same language group so that's why it's easier to pick it up so quick. Kotex has lived in Japan for 3 years IIRC, you really have to be sheltered (ie. no human contact that speaks that language) to not learn it on a conversational level at the very least by then.

No. 185251

>It's clear that you've never lived in a different country or know what immersion is.

Except I do live in a different country? And I worked my ass off to get to the level I'm at. It's even more so the case with Japanese, because it's not in the same language family as English. Also, she lives in Tokyo, where it's really easy just to give in with people trying to speak English with you. There are expats who have live in japan for more than a decade and don't know anything besides the basics. And yeah, she has immersion on her side, but it still takes a hell of a lot of effort to put yourself out there speaking and soaking up the language.

No. 185252

this photo is so beautiful, she looks like a little elf

No. 185256

lmao the one on the right
i dont like any of these models. dakota included

No. 185257

>Also, she lives in Tokyo, where it's really easy just to give in with people trying to speak English with you.
This is simply not true, the English level of Japanese people is horrible and most are too embarrassed to speak it past a few standard sentences.

>There are expats who have live in japan for more than a decade and don't know anything besides the basics.

Those most likely almost exclusively hang out with other expats in that case. I know that happens a lot, people seek each other out. And that's not immersion.

Stop trying to make it seem like some ~*amazing talent*~ for her being able to speak Japanese on a conversational level after being immersed in this language for 3 years. It's not, at the very least it's expected.

No. 185261

she looks like she doesn't give a shit in pretty much everything she does

No. 185263


>This is simply not true, the English level of Japanese people is horrible and most are too embarrassed to speak it past a few standard sentences.

Anon, have you been to Tokyo or any other big city in Japan? One of the biggest gripes that expats have are that Japanese people want to used botched English to talk to non-Asian foreigners rather than just use Japanese. Even when the Japanese used by the foreigner is better than their English.

>Stop trying to make it seem like some ~*amazing talent*~ for her being able to speak Japanese on a conversational level after being immersed in this language for 3 years. It's not, at the very least it's expected.

When did I say that it was an amazing talent? Hell, I don't even think it is. I DO however think it takes work, and I'm at least going to put away all of the issues I have with Dakota to acknowledge that she studied hard to speak Japanese. That's literally all I am saying, is that she studied hard. Saying that just because she has been immersed means that she would have to be stupid not to speak at her level is kind of shitting on that effort.

No. 185270

ewwwww, that way of speaking pisses me off sooo much. god i can't fucking stand it aarg. talking about the girl in the beginning obviously.

No. 185272

I'm with you. Plus, she said herself that she was forced to speak Japanese with her colleagues since most of then didn't know English.

No. 185278

File: 1443118477305.jpg (71.81 KB, 640x640, 11939307_433126953549459_75851…)

Maybe I'm a slowpoke but I don't believe I've ever seen these images posted.

No. 185279

File: 1443118496906.jpg (77.48 KB, 640x640, 11821948_168745436796846_19214…)

No. 185280

File: 1443118528802.jpg (101.07 KB, 640x640, 11909431_1035709186461899_1154…)

No. 185281

File: 1443118569107.jpg (138.48 KB, 599x432, 20150731-00000039-dal-000-view…)

No. 185282

File: 1443118604577.jpg (48.4 KB, 640x640, 11917885_857634854343524_47085…)

No. 185284

File: 1443118652356.jpg (41.97 KB, 640x640, 11850239_928289157217110_89963…)

No. 185286

fuck she's cute. unf

No. 185297

she looks so cuteeeeeeee

No. 185300


She does look cute. She's pretty anyway but this looks cute because of the angle, making her eyes look bigger and light fluffy filter. I'm just saying is all lol


No. 185307

"Kotakoti has a Tanuki face
Inori’s face is a Kitsune face, just like Himezawa or Beckii Cruel.

Japanese people prefer Tanuki, by the way.

Dakota Rose has a Tanuki face.

Kikikannibal has a Kitsune face." - Jrcach/Komaban

No. 185310

How much acid does Jrcach drop before writing this shit?

No. 185312

File: 1443124338939.jpg (339.17 KB, 1944x2592, tanukiface.jpg)

No. 185313


Couldn't he have said 'youthful' and 'mature'? I suppose he has to play up the 'Japanese ESL man' thing so he can keep preying on underage weebs.

No. 185319

lmao jrach is actually spot on with this one. can we call Kota a Tanuki from now on?

No. 185328

Anon in Japan here.
This anon is right. I even live in the country and I still manage to get around without a great knowledge of Japanese. Kinda sucks, but it's doable.

No. 185329


Why are you guys so amazed over kota's Japanese? She's in the public eye, obv she needs to learn and being there 3 years.

Gimmeaflakeman has been there over 20 years and can speak it well.

Practice, include yourself with natives and practice. Anyone can do it.

But people DO seem to treat Japanese like this special ass language. Like only the higher ups can achieve it when its just like any other language I guess.

Japan has been getting special treatment for a while now.

No. 185330


He's a fucking moron. I wish he would go away tbh. He's some gook with glasses on.

No. 185337


No. 185338

Haha, wow, calm down. There are tons of people living in Japan and still can't speak Japanese worth shit or have really bad accents when they speak it. Nothing wrong with saying kota speaks Japanese very well.

No. 185339

Omg yes. Someone with photoshop skills please put Kooter's face on a tanuki statue.

No. 185344


No, it's just irritating how people need to give Japanese the thumbs up because it's "trendy" right now. That's why it's annoying. People DO act like it's something special.

Kota speaks it well but like I said she's in the public eye, so she has to because she lives and works in Japan. Four years ago she was probably reading bloody romaji on a piece of paper stuck above her mirror while she was filming herself.

No. 185345


Kota puts an accent on when she speaks Japanese though? Her natural voice is deep as hell.

That video, recently where she was on the bus or train with that black guy and some white guy from America. She switched to English "Oh my god, seriouslyyyyyyy" and it was like wow…

Only when she's talking to other Japanese does she put the ugu voice on. But most people do I think, just comes with the language. Victor does it, Mira does it ect. Suppose it's the same if you learn Turkish/French/Spanish/Italian. You just DO accents.

No. 185346


I get why Jrcach compared the two though. Kota has the special "dolly face" and kaka has the oval western girl face.

Hence why kaka wouldn't suit modelling in Japan.

No. 185352

File: 1443131505786.png (514.06 KB, 469x511, kotanuki.png)


Yeh. I totally understand what he means. It's just hilarious to me that the expression on a tanuki statue really does remind me of Kota's shops.

No. 185363

i'm so confused
what does she really look like normally?
her face seems to completely do a 180 every other day

No. 185364

It's actually common yeah.
When i speak English my voice is higher then when i speak Dutch

No. 185374

>that tanuki statue

No. 185377

2011 was the best lip-period
I've never seen this. I like the nose shoop here.
I actually like this. Might be because her lips look full and pretty human-like

I like this one. Gives off a 'ulzzang' vibe. They should of shooped the lipcolor too though jfc. looks like an inflamed butthole.
Her hair looks so healthy here. I wish I knew what hair products she used for this event.

No. 185383

I agree, I moved to Japan around the same time as kooters and my japanese lever is around the same as her, maybe a little better. I did nothing, studied nothing, all my friends are foreigners, the only japanese I get is from TV and videogames. She's no genius, her Japanese (and mine) should be WAY better by now.

No. 185390

idgi. what's wrong with the japanese?

No. 185392

I remember this. Easiest the best photo of her natural face imo

No. 185404

Those are the designers…

No. 185408

yeah, i've been in a couple brand fashion shows and you either bring your own shoes or they provide them for you. so they probably gave them to her.

No. 185446

Never saw the vids of this.

No. 185447

No. 185448

No. 185451

Who is that dude with Kota?
Kota looks pretty cute here btw.

No. 185452

Her non-shooped face is so painfully average.

No. 185454

I think she's more attractive though without the shoop.

No. 185461

they were posted in the last thread.


a trans model/actor/musician who is part Japanese. I am not even sure which pronouns to use, since they appear to be more in the realm of in between and ok with still portraying the male image (albeit with long hair).

No. 185468

wtf that looks like a legit man in a dress. sheesh. is everyone trans nowadays?

No. 185474

Um, he's not wearing a dress.

No. 185476

To be honest, anything that isn't her godawful shoops is an improvement.

No. 185493

File: 1443181481555.jpg (33.39 KB, 600x450, CPkKIdlUkAAV_X9.jpg)

No. 185516

If i didn't already know this was Kota, I wouldn't have recognized her

No. 185519

lol oh! awkward…

she just doesn't shoop herself right, that's the problem… what's the point of photoshopping your photos if you want to make yourself look uglier?

No. 185521

Wow, I've never seen this one before either. She's actually kind of cute at around 7:15 when they surprise her with a cake - much different from her stagnant uguuuu kawaii boringness. She even almost cries and it seems genuine…

No. 185523

Since we mostly just give her shit for everything she does and doesn't, it made me think:

What would Dakota have to do for you to find her interesting? Or just forgive her for her shit and respect her a little?

I know she posted a fake apology where she was all "I don't know what I did wrong", but I'd probably think a little more of her if she straight out said something like: "I have lied about wearing circle lenses and hair extensions. I do wear them, and I wear circle lenses every day."

Would also be kinda interesting if she started doing vlogging where she was more "out and about", and not sitting completely stklltin her favorite lightning. Would love to see a more candid/relaxed setting. Stuff she eats (like that cucumber video was actually nice/felt more genuine), when she goes shopping and other stuff.

No point hoping and dwelling though, her selfies are beyond redemption

No. 185526


Honestly, what you suggested would make me like her a lot more. I don't think that we'll ever get an apology (her agency will discourage her, definitely) but she could still make videos that show her being cute and likable.

She's vegetarian - maybe she can show a few food options in Tokyo or make a video guide.

She's a model - she could do a "day in my life" video that shows the process of getting ready, being on set, etc.

She's a gamer - she could record on her PS4 and do some streaming?

She could do another outfit video, or she could go to interesting places in Japan like the fox or cat islands and show that sort of stuff off.

She could do a video on current fashion trends in Japan and how to pull them off. She's part of Popteen, so I feel like she's qualified or could get some help from other models.

She could do a haul video of the cute things that she's bought in Japan, or some of her top make-up picks.

She could go to a maid cafe like Abi and dress up as one of the maids. Hell, Tokyo is PACKED with adorable cafes and character tie-ins. There's definitely something cute she can show off within a 5 minute walk of her apartment. If she's holding the camera she doesn't even need to show her face.

I just listed like… ten ideas. And yet she hasn't uploaded a video in months.

It disappoints me because she has SO MANY opportunities to make herself human, likable, and actually create interesting content. We all know that she is great at editing, so I think she has it in her to make really great and interesting videos. Not to mention it's in her best interest to do this, because then she makes money and increases her ever-waning relevancy.

No. 185527

>>It disappoints me because she has SO MANY opportunities to make herself human, likable, and actually create interesting content. We all know that she is great at editing, so I think she has it in her to make really great and interesting videos. Not to mention it's in her best interest to do this, because then she makes money and increases her ever-waning relevancy.

Well said. Even though her real face is VERY different from her selfies, she is (in my opinion at least) an attractive girl, and she's a trendsetter (scene shit, living doll shit, etc) who has a lot of potential to make herself interesting. She would know what works (editing, music, etc) If she could own up to her mistakes and her purposed lies, I don't think a lot of people would still dislike her. I also think she could make a lot of money doing genuine videos like that.

No. 185537

Id be the first in subscribing to her channel if she does fashion videos, how is to be a model for popteen and Japan vlogs

No. 185558

These would be great but there might be a reason she doesn't do videos anymore, other than she's lazy as fuck. Maybe Bravo told her to hold off or limit them since they wanted to shift her toward tv and sell her as a model.

No. 185562


Nah, she won't tell us. Dako-chan wants to be the ONLY white token kawaii model in Popteen. No 1 else can compare kek

I doubt she'll make many more videos

No. 185564

I feel like it takes so much time for her to do all that filming, editing etc, that it's simply not worth it.
As long as she's still getting at least some modelling gigs (which she is, as much as people say her career is tanking), there's no point in putting that much effort into something that will only have minimal gains. A little extra money?

No. 185566

>how is to be a model for popteen
sorry if I didn't explain well, english is not my 1st language, I meant about her job at Popteen

No. 185570

She would probably need the companies permission to do that, and they probably don't want some low tier model spilling all the details of the stuff that goes on 'behind the scenes'.

And they probably keep a close eye on her social media. A lot of entertainment related jobs don't let their employees do whatever they like on Youtube, so 'vloggy' type videos might not work out with her contract .

No. 185585

Anyone have the video?

No. 185586


Wouldn't say she's tanking but she is not as big as she was in 2012. She's cute, she's basic and is employed because kawaii/bravo thus a few models that may like her I guess. Marketed herself well and ta-da job at teen girls magazine plus a few modelling gigs on the side. How quaint.

But again, she's still not as big as she was. No one really cares anymore I don't think and we make a fuss obv because we're following her career I guess.

No. 185588


Plus, I DO wonder where she would be (apart from cathy's basement and kaka drama) if she hadn't gone to Japan. I do not think Dakota's life is all that glamorous. I truly think we only feel like it is because what's put out there and what we're seeing. Pretty pictures, here and there. But that's about it plus some TV appearances.

I think it's because she's foreign and has this "look" in her shoops that make us want to follow her still. Also cos she's kaka's baby alien sister.

No. 185589

Lol but this will never happen because she has no personality or ambition. She doesn't want to be a vlogger or put effort into things she just wants to be admired while not having to work for it at all. She won't ever really be 'famous' again because she is only known for being that chick who spent hours editing photos and videos of herself frame by frame. Its really pathetic.

No. 185860

It's a damn shame too, because she could be so big if she would get over her insecurities/ego and just do even half the amount of work most other models do.

No. 185892

No. 185893

if she did ANY of those things, she could reach a bigger fanbase

honestly she should quit being a bum and do some shit
if shes serious about anything we it doesnt seem liek she is

she plays video games ffs she could reach so many more disgusting old men - err… people - by doing a stream or some shit

No. 185895


Ugh, she finally got with Risa. Risa who actually looks more dolly despite using fuck tons of filter and kota…

No. 185897

Anyone remember how /cgl/ lost their shit when this came out? And PULL?
I couldn't believe it.

No. 185898


She won't though! Why can't everyone just accept that kota will not do any of these things.

I stated it before on here. She gets everything served to her on a plate for free!

She always had and always will.

No. 185904

File: 1443367013526.jpg (468 KB, 1006x600, kootz.jpg)

Looks like she cut her fringe short.
She looks cute.

No. 185906


Dude I have been saying for years she would be so much cuter with a shorter fringe and I was 100% correct

No. 185910

Actually it might just look short because it's curled a little. My bad.
Still, it looks better than the boring flat + past the eyebrows front fringe all the weeaboo snowflakes have.
She has nice brows in my opinion, I hate it when she hides them behind her wall fringe.

No. 185911


I noticed that too. Her brows are quite nice, they're a nice shape. Not sure about the hair though, but I thought she looked nice with curly shorter hair (when she has no extensions in) she was on a tv show where she had that style. Looked nice! She should stick with that I think.

I think it's a change instead of the straight hair and hiding behind bangs. Every weeb has that style and if I'm honest it's boring.

Dakota is a model (shocking). She's in magazines, it's GOOD for her to change around with her style. It's interesting and fun!

If only she'd drop the fucking alien pictures. Get rid of that hideous banner on her Ameblo, CHANGE IT. CHANGE EVERYTHING. Start a new with a cute girly persona and just begin giving herself a new thing.

"Hi I'm Dakota Rose, let me show you my apartment!"

or "Hi I'm Dakota Rose, today I'll be explaining how you can work in Japan!"



I know this bitch can do it. If she's got THIS far then surely to god, she can improve herself and give her career that extra push. Start engaging with Jvloggers, start maybe getting back into art/illustration realising a little Dako-tako-octi girl character as her own mascot!

Just give herself that BOOST.

She has all these opportunities, she should start using them. Even Taylor R is trying to make herself more interesting online. Kota should start doing the same.

No. 185913

File: 1443368114896.jpg (15.43 KB, 599x337, CP6IrMyUkAEZHrw.jpg)

She walked for punyus
LQ pics

No. 185914

File: 1443368150499.jpg (11.24 KB, 599x337, CP6IkwKUYAAD6hN.jpg)

No. 185915

File: 1443368208012.jpg (17.33 KB, 598x305, CP6Oz2DUYAA-hEh.jpg)

No. 185918

File: 1443368265278.jpg (14.91 KB, 599x337, CP6IkwDVEAAgl2V.jpg)

No. 185926

This somehow looks like it would have been slightly awkward for some reason. Did you watch it, anon?
She looks relatively nice though, after seeing the BTSSB show pics. Her face doesn't look bloated and she looks a little thinner all 'round.
No doubt she'll be looking all puffed out again next week though.

No. 185933



No. 185934

It's like the kind of pose a 6-year-old girl does when she's putting on a play 'fashion show'.

No. 185945


it is dodgy

No. 185948


she looks so dumb but i can't put my finger on exactly why

No. 186008

File: 1443388052123.png (131.54 KB, 544x467, kawaiigrouppic.PNG)

So i got bored and began making this in kisekae pochi 2
in memory of circa 2011-2012

No. 186017

Perfect, Anon.

No. 186019

File: 1443389355142.jpg (149.7 KB, 660x980, eh.jpg)

HD ish pics

No. 186021

i think she looks pretty cute (minus those gross earrings)

No. 186022

Wow, anon. I usually make porn with it when I'm bored. Very nice.
Those were the days tbh

No. 186037


No. 186039

who is third from the left? sry for being retarded

No. 186043

It's Kiki. Dakota's sister trying to copy her.

from left to right: Venus Angelic, Yukapon, Kiki Kannibal, Kotakoti (and the real unshooped Dakota Rose behind), Pixyteri.

No. 186049

got it. i thought the two kotas were kiki and kota

No. 186076

This fringe suits her so well.

No. 186148

still baffled she's still doing it. like, anything.

No. 186174

Hmmmm… from left to right:
Venus, Yukapon, Dakota, (again Kota and sister…? idk) and our queen.


No. 186176

File: 1443410781676.png (345.33 KB, 855x475, kaka.png)

I was looking at crap on amazon, found this and thought of you guys~

No. 186190

venus, yuka, kiki, Kota with non-ps'd version behind her and pixyteri

No. 186198

looks like she's been losing some weight.

No. 186200

Sauce on that childhood ED pl0x.

No. 186201

2011-2012 pls come back

not really taboo, just unusual/rare. Foreigners get a lot more leeway, I'm sure they realize that there are cultural differences and facial piercings are more common in western societies
depends on the person, but I had the same piercings and while there are tiny scars, you'd have to be really close to notice.

No. 186225

Strip them naked and put them in lewd poses and check the boxes under the hand symbol.

No. 186226

The angle of where the pic was taken from makes her seem taller and slimmer.

No. 186234

File: 1443426282819.jpg (22.93 KB, 332x443, image.jpg)

No. 186246

She's fat as fuck, wtf are you talking about?

No. 186251

Sorry we can't all be you, ana-chan.

No. 186271

That's just bad shoop.

No. 186279

Actually lolin' my ass off

I'm on Hellotalk chatting to some 19 year old whos into kawaii/larme ect and she mentioned Dakota Rose.

She said "She is really scary looking… I feel like I am afraid of her because of her faces D:"


No. 186284

Dakota is appearing on Downtown DX again on Thursday at 21:00.

No. 186285

File: 1443447179984.jpg (108.97 KB, 540x960, CP5iOICUEAA3lV6.jpg)

No. 186286

File: 1443447256471.jpg (44.69 KB, 600x800, CPPJEFMUcAAW9dV.jpg)

No. 186287

File: 1443447307113.jpg (65.89 KB, 470x1024, CP0-3aBUEAE-pgz.jpg)

No. 186288

File: 1443447379367.jpg (58.13 KB, 599x900, jjdesd.jpg)

No. 186299

Who is the person who constantly updates this thread with her upcoming appearances? Farmers wouldn't give a fuck about her sad little gigs unless they produced milk after.

I smell Kooter…

No. 186325

How sad that's not her real face

No. 186326

Waot. JetJ? Is she going to model for every lolita brand?
>Innocent World
And now JetJ?

No. 186334

Oh jeez, that honestly made me almost cry. All I could think about is how lonely Japan must be and how shitty her parents were to her, and how her almost crying at receiving a cake must mean that she hasn't been shown a kindness like that in a long time.

No. 186335

She looks like Griffith from Berserk.

No. 186363

Is it just me or does she kind of look like asherbee in these ones?

Like if asherbee got a make over.

No. 186364

>>how her almost crying at receiving a cake must mean that she hasn't been shown a kindness like that in a long time.

Isn't that a little over drematic?

No. 186366

Some of us are in a weird twisted way…fans

No. 186389

Thanks. Now I'm a lesbian.

No. 186532

Wow I think this is the fattest I've seen her look in a photo. (Her body, not face)

No. 186547


Pfft, she got a birthday cake back before she went to Japan with the "18" candle thing sticking out. Surely she's not that hard done to, what with a roof over her head, ton of cash off her folks, pets (including a chinchilla) and mother covering up her ass.

She's ite'

No. 186561

Honestly, she's cute as fuck here, but she desperately needs to invest in some teeth whitening.

No. 186564

That dress is beautiful. She looks really cute here.

No. 186660

Does anybody else get the feeling today Dakota might have cut herself off from her parents? Like legit estrangement?

When was the last time went home or talked about getting a package from them?

No. 186669

I don't know anon, if you say that she wants to be famous by the laziest way possible, then surely that would be just by youtubing herself pretending to eat different Japanese candy or whatever.
I know she's not being booked a million times a day, so I don't knnow what she's doing with her time. Maybe she's having a hard time keeping up with looking the part? Maybe she's actually spending time with people her own age irl? Maybe she's even just spending time alone, and not being obsessed with the internet, for once in her life.
I want her to do well, I believe she wants to keep the fame train rolling, but if she really was the laziest kind of famewhore still she would be doing something tacky for hits right now.

Everything on Japanese tv is hyper scripted, and she didn't accidentally lapse into English, I'm not sure it was genuine surprise anon. But it was cute to see some emotions from her.

I hope she does. Honestly, Cathy seems like the type to fake cancer or even hire a lawyer to get Kota to pitch in with money or to try to get Kota to help Kiki or whatever, but I want Kota to just move on from that shitshow.

No. 186686

Griffith poodle hair

No. 186712


Lol it's funny how everyone hated kota and now everyone is "omg u so beautiful omg u changed"


No. 186718


Just watched it to the end.

Nah, it didn't seem that heart rendering. She DID do acting, she's probably acting there. She is OBVIOUSLY touched but I doubt she would have actually cried. Japanese are known for their politeness and ostrengas are known for their lies.

No. 186724


No, I think she would still keep in touch. Even though she has a new life in Japan, I just think she would still keep in contact but not be as involved with them as she once was. Can't say I blame her, we don't know what happens behind the ostrenga's front door. Nor should we even care.

No. 186741

not everyone is close to their parents… or feels the need to publicly broadcast every social interaction they have

No. 186752

This is fanfiction levels of creating a story to feel for her.

No. 186757


Do you think reality shows are real?

No. 186759


"Looking around at the large crowd before her, Dako-chan felt her eyes begin to sting although she didn't wipe them in fear of smudging her false eyelashes, instead Dako-chan fought the coming tears away and smiled on at Japan. She had come so very far in her three years here, first having to photoshop all her former pictures and edit each video. Dako-chan never thought this would ever be possible, she had gone from living in the shadow of her evil sister and cruel mother to a glamorous life here in Japan. Where everything was served on a plate free for her, oh but that was all a part of being white here in Japan. You were given only the best, Dako-chan realized she was now a queen. No other fucker looked like her there in the crowd, not in Popteen or even held that Barbie aesthetic that she owned. It was all so too much… So when Dako-chan tried to speak and her voice quavered, she fought the tears again and thanked everyone.

From that moment on Dako-chan knew good things were ahead of her. Her own clothing line, more guest shows and kawaii clothes. She was living the dream every other weeb wanted to live, all thanks to her DSLR camera and photoshop. But most importantly her idiotic big sister's coattails.

Dako-chan lived happily ever after, she eventually married a very famous actor from Japan where they bought a fancy apartment and had two hafu children. Dako-chan still models from time to time, she's now got her two children modelling. They had it easy of course, just like their mother.

Dako-chan lived a great life, with no lesbian peadophiles and fat ugly cougars chasing after her.

Well… unless you count her big sister and mother from time to time calling on Skype of course… Dako-chan tolerates them. But now only from afar.


No. 186767

…you should know by now how bad Dakota is with acting, otherwise she wouldn't be such a bad model at shootings.

No. 186770


>looking around at the large crowd before her, Dako-chan felt her eyes begin to sting although she didn't wipe them in fear of smudging her false eyelashes, instead Dako-chan fought the coming tears away and smiled on at Japan

Now that's what I call a run-on sentence.
I really want to read through this and correct all of the grammatical and punctual errors.

No. 186773


its 3am

please correct me grammar-chan cos i cba

No. 186774


TBH tho

why isn't there Dakota Rose fanfiction? Didn't someone say they were going to make a kaka comic? I'm surprised kota has no ff


she's a kawaii queen

she deserves fanfiction

No. 186780

has anyone seen her chat show appearances???? theyre so boring!! she has no good jokes or interesting things to talk about

No. 186785

Lol so in Japan their fashion show runway models are 5'3 hobbits? Meanwhile in Italy, US, France etc you have to be like 5'10 and 100lbs. What a joke.

No. 186801

That's how it usually is when you basically had no life other than being online and photoshopping yourself through the years. Her jokes are probably all crass and inappropriate, I feel.

No. 186827


Her arms are chubby lately.

No. 186828

ikr? they're allowing non skeletons on the runway how awful

No. 186829

dumpy womanlet detected

No. 186835

What the fuck how was her face so fat in the Baby runway but slimmer at the other one? Bulimic detected.

No. 186844

Glad I'm not the only one whose noticed, she seems to puff up and slim down in the face at an alarming rate. Her BTTSB shoot was awful (her face I mean) and her eyes looked so beady (in the unshooped runway pics) and then she looks normal again at this new shoot. Maybe it's allergies? But then again I don't think it's allergy season…

No. 186847

not all short people are fat

it makes sense to have weight requirements for runway modeling, but height seems a bit arbitrary

No. 186850

**dakota ostrenga

No. 186856

are you all anorexic or something?

No. 186861

File: 1443500293096.jpg (12.4 KB, 299x228, dark-crystal_168324_top.jpg)

No. 186867

File: 1443501458101.jpg (31.58 KB, 341x604, p3zoyE52X8k.jpg)

Dako's book for sale.
Crazy how different she already looks from then.

No. 186869

File: 1443501847579.gif (4.74 MB, 851x461, Dakota (1).gif)

No. 186870

File: 1443501987764.jpg (25.4 KB, 219x332, dthkld.jpg)

No. 186871


tbh she looks younger now

No. 186875

Because she always shoops herself younger, give it another 3 years and she will look like a toddler.

No. 186884

Eyes too far apart for kota

No. 186885

Maybe Kontrakoti

No. 186887

File: 1443509413867.jpg (62.47 KB, 500x422, 8aU_9L5uiRg.jpg)

thought you guys might like it

No. 186889

thank you anon, this is lovely

A+ kek

No. 186890

Fucking love it.

No. 186897

You are officially my favorite anon.

No. 186906

I found it on my old HDD - not sure who created it originally, but it's still my favorite comic of the ostrenga's.

No. 186920

"that's why her forehead is so big"
perfect, anon.

No. 186923

File: 1443524327343.jpg (111.54 KB, 1034x1035, Screenshot_2015-09-29-11-57-31…)

Okay but why

No. 186924

File: 1443524413230.jpg (134.54 KB, 1052x1052, Screenshot_2015-09-29-11-59-10…)

No. 186926

File: 1443524896441.jpg (9.85 KB, 236x261, sgha.jpg)

Those lips.

No. 186927

"I don't wear circle lenses"

Fucking l o l

No. 186928

Are these old? Her hair looks long and doesn't seem like extensions.. but her ugly top lip is a recent thing, and her real hair is shoulder length

No. 186933

File: 1443526664539.png (477.28 KB, 600x601, unshoop1.png)

shooped off her overdrawn lips and unbloated her eyes.

No. 186934

Bravo anon. No pun intended.

No. 186936

They could be, but she's only just posted them on Instagram.
Maybe she's got decent extensions in, her agency could've gotten mad about her cutting her hair and paid for them.

No. 186937

They're probably old pics she got around to shooping just now, the clothes look winter. Also kek at using various things to hide her massive chin before shooping.

No. 186942

It's getting kinda chilly in Japan though, her clothes make sense to me

No. 186944

Nice edit, anon! She looks more human and actually pretty cute.

No. 186945

she looks cuter like this. but that facial expression isn't doing her any favors. kooter pls shoop like you did in 2012 again :(

No. 186951

So much better.
I'd like to see a gif of the difference.

No. 186956

Those lips are just hilarious.

No. 186982

25 degrees? Im sweating

No. 186984

i like how at first she wanted nonexistent dolly uuguu lips but now she changed her mind

No. 186986

Nah, it's still short sleeves season in tokyo.

No. 186989

looks the same in the vid from 10 months ago

No. 186990

The lips are inoffensive to me compared to those buggy eyes and shooped nose. Yikes.

No. 186997

File: 1443551047311.jpg (63.37 KB, 599x706, CQChTFjVAAAebjB.jpg)

No. 187001


Okay dis is cute.

No. 187004

No. 187005

She almost looks fucking adorable here, but the excessive eye enlarging to mouse lemur proportions just looks ridiculous.

No. 187006


I thought that too until I enlarged it. Then it got a bit uncanny valley… she looks like a creepy sex doll. The soulless eyes are horrible

No. 187036

Each to their own. I wear a jacket, like many other people here. Last night was really windy and kinda cold.

Her sweater isn't even thick. But I think she freezes easily like me.. Plus she had pics of herself in jackets in hot weather a lot earlier.

No. 187051

>that eyebrow

No. 187066


I saw this one on IG this morning… I just shook my head and kept scrolling. Those circle lenses look ridiculous…

No. 187067


I don't understand how half of you find her shoops (unless they're her original kotakoti pics from 2012) even though… most just make me go "who believes this shit?"


No. 187096

I'm baffled by it too. She looks legitimately retarded in that shoop. I keep getting tard vibes off quite a few of her recent shoops.

Show that photo to your average normalfag and I guarantee the reactions will be great.

No. 187117

i showed my bf pics of kooters and he said her shooped/unshooped face looks very punchable

No. 187118

cannot unsee

No. 187120

No. 187121

Was sure this was a winter outfit pic, good catch!

No. 187124

shit you are slow as fuck. It was posted like 2 dakota threads ago.

No. 187131

I don't speak moonspeak, but I found this.
Is this Japanese guy trying to get Dako-senpai to notice him or what?

No. 187293

Can someone translate what he says?

No. 187294

he looks like some edgelord

No. 187296

I really suck with understanding spoken Japanese but I just looked at the description, he goes on about how she's a vegetarian and lists a bunch of benefits of being a vegan.

No. 187298

He's praising her for being so direct about criticizing meat eaters on tv. Talks about her shortly then goes on to talking about how Japanese are disgusted by what Koreans eat, but it's no different than the animals they eat. I think the Koots title was mostly clickbait.

No. 187299

Kaka should get with this guy, lol.

Also when did Kota criticize meat eaters?

No. 187301

I was thinking the same thing haha.

Apparently she was discussing being a vegetarian and was told by the panel that it's unbelievable. She retorted that eating meat is unbelievable. No idea what show.

No. 187318

Which vid is he referring to where she speaks about this?

No. 187331


Probably to shock Japan into thinking she's even more unique and speshul.

lol or maybe she's pushing Japan into stocking up on vegan shit so kaka will be satisfied that nippon is catering more for vegans

No. 187332

She said it on a TV appearance

No. 187404


somebody pleaaaaaaaase take away all her lip liners. The overdrawn top lip looks like shit, kota pls stop…

No. 187405

She seriously looks mentally ill in this shot…I am sure it was supposed to look "te-hee" cute…but it don't.

No. 187521

File: 1443673122011.gif (396.4 KB, 292x283, tumblr_mt11q2uQo01r2sec6o2_400…)

We are always curious how Japanese respond to Dakota. So, I found this kind of interesting. Check out the reviews:

(Google Translate, but seems to get the point across)

>with a lot make of whether to flame of whether overall there is an uncomfortable feeling photos, cute Satisfaction is lower and I think with.

>I think I know when to expand the cover photo, but the under eye area of the eye line

has become a larger shift was cosmetic. And over there is sooo uncomfortable,
was all the pages all this makeup in.

>Dakota's is a great liar. I am writing I "this face, !! It's not CG" in cover red characters in the book, but if you search the past of Mr. Dakota, you immediately know is I is changing the face with Fotosho. Even now photos, and when you see one by one properly, the face is always different. Even though normally the cute child, with strange makeup, it can Huge eyes with Fotosho and after effects, you can reduce the nose, you are changing the lips of form. It something is regrettable.

>Bad reputation enough to cringe, Caucasian model this upstart lower-born discrimination ideologist.

Also there is only the following value 100 yen in this the book off.
And videos and television appearances during, but I think still photos is a thing that CG if someone else state. Of it is favorable impression of high Japanese gal us. Unpleasant book. No value. (They're saying that you can buy this book for 100 yen at Book off, used)

>Though sooo cute, why this strange eye makeup?

It has already been commented, but I also to this eye line
was remember the intense "discomfort".
(Maybe this is why she backed off with the eyeliner.)

No. 187522

Comparing these two pics is hilarious

No. 187628

>>187521 I was bored, so I translated the reviews.

2 stars "Different from her web photos"
>I bought this because I thought her photos on the web were really cute!
>But, I was like "huh?" when I saw how different her face is from her web photos.
>I remember her legs being much slimmer, too.
>It's clear when you zoom into the cover photo, but her lower eyelid is shifted way down with make-up. Not only does that look super strange, she uses the same make-up in all the photos in the book.
>It's probably to make her eyes look bigger, but I think she'd be plenty cute with normal make-up so I would have liked to see natural make-up.

1 star "('・Д・)」"
>I know her from the internet. I bought this hoping it would have photos from that era, but I was disappointed. ('∀`; )
>There are many photos with unnatural-looking make-up, and I do think she's cute, but this was a let down. My favorite photos of her are the small ones used in her hairstyle tutorials, lol.

No. 187629

More review translations:

1 star "('・Д・)」"
>I know her from the internet. I bought this hoping it would have photos from that era, but I was disappointed. ('∀`; )
>There are many photos with unnatural-looking make-up, and I do think she's cute, but this was a let down. My favorite photos of her are the small ones used in her hairstyle tutorials, lol.

1 star "Nothing but lies"
>I know Dakota from her online days as a Living Barbie. Dakota is a huge liar.
>The cover has red text declaring "this face isn't CG!!", but if you search for Dakota's past, you can tell right away she changes her face with photoshop. Even in her current photos, if you look at each one carefully, her face is always changing. She's a cute girl, yet she uses strange make-up, enlargening her eyes with Photoshop and After Effects, shrinking her nose, changing the shape of her lips. It's kind of a shame.
>Apparently her true age is 20-23, too.
>I don't think it's wrong for her to use colored contact lenses, but she lies and says she doesn't.
>Her Vivian Westwoods are all fakes she bought from a cheap Chinese site called Taobao, too. Her non-Vivian items are also from Taobao.
>She's uploaded many hairstyle tutorials on Youtube, but she didn't come up with those styles. That's fine and all, but isn't it kind of wrong for her to talk about them like they were her ideas?
>In the book interview, she says her middle name "Rose" means "love," but "rose" just means a flower. Also, in many other interviews, she says she's been watching Japanese anime since the age of 5, but in this book, she says age 12-13. She also says she doesn't study Japanese, but in Ufufu girls, she says she does study Japanese.
>For about a year, she stole pictures from a blogger called Xiaxue for her own use.
>When I searched Dakota's history, there were many videos of her and her older sister Kiki Kannibal mocking asians, blacks, and gays.
>In her early days, she was noticed by the Chinese media so she matched her Photoshop style to Chinese trends, but when she started getting noticed by Japan, she immediately began ignoring her Chinese and Korean fans. It seems she now ignores her American and Latin fans.

1 star "All lies. A fantasy book about a ficticious person"
>A book starring a racist white model with a cringe-inducingly bad reputation, hyped up by the lower masses.
>Not even worth 100 yen at Book Off.
>If she looks completely different in her photos compared to her video and TV appearances, she may as well be CG.
>Japanese Gal-kei have more charisma than her.
>A putrid book. Worthless.

No. 187630

Thanks for this anon!

>For about a year, she stole pictures from a blogger called Xiaxue for her own use.

I don't remember this though? I could only find someone claiming Kota had stolen Xiaxue's blog background.

No. 187635

What era/which shoots are in this book? I'm curious to know what photos illicit such a negative reaction from the reviewers…

No. 187639

I'm waiting for the anons that rant and rave about how much the Nips worship and adore Dakota and her lies/cunty behavior because it's "refreshing" or whatever the fuck :^))

No. 187685

File: 1443742359376.jpg (127.78 KB, 700x638, img1560488835986.jpg)

It came out mid-2013, anon. Tbh I think that she looks her best in it, since she's well-dressed (probably by a stylist since we all know she can't dress herself) and wasn't in charge of editing. I'm considering dropping $10 to get a used copy.

It seems like she does do the super overdrawn make-up though, so maybe that's what people are referring to?

No. 187711

In the book interview, she says her middle name "Rose" means "love," but "rose" just means a flower.

Rose is one of the more popular English loan words, how the hell could she think the Japanese would be so stupid as to not know what it means?

No. 187720

she said it means friend in some Native American language iirc

No. 187726

No, that's what Dakota apparently means. Not sure why she said anything about Rose since it's a very common English word that Japanese are bound to know. It means pink in French but that's it, I think.

No. 187736

maybe its a bit of a mistranslation/understanding?
a rose is a symbol of love, you know like a red rose on valentines day

No. 187739

Yeah, they probably asked her what "Rose" means and she thought they meant what's the meaning behind a rose.

No. 187741

haha yep this is %100 what happened

No. 187780

File: 1443778530062.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-02-10-33-40…)

Has anyone got their own screenshot of this show? I wanna see if she's shopped this post (we know she has, it'll be interesting to see how much)

No. 187796

Condensed my posts into one.

I found the video.
She appears twice.

She draws this at 1:27:48

No. 187797

File: 1443782195216.png (407.54 KB, 653x667, dakotdraw.png)

No. 187798

File: 1443782218596.jpg (86.59 KB, 640x640, 12080661_551837901634106_18465…)

A couple more photos posted online.

No. 187799

File: 1443782238720.jpg (85.81 KB, 640x640, 12081208_1714683905474080_5415…)

No. 187800

File: 1443782250469.jpg (197.38 KB, 640x480, IMGP2044.jpg)

No. 187801

File: 1443782343372.png (283.42 KB, 705x336, dakota.png)

I wonder if she listened to our criticisms.

No. 187802

File: 1443784459556.png (3.59 MB, 1246x1278, oklol.png)


No. 187803

Wow she made the lady next to get look bigger… Nice Kota, you bitch.

No. 187804

*next to her

No. 187805

File: 1443785520551.png (834.08 KB, 630x644, dunnowhat.png)

her chin looks so big

No. 187806

File: 1443785642589.png (335.42 KB, 480x534, justsad.png)

No. 187808

"haha… ha, why am I laughing? oh omg do I still look cute?!"

No. 187817

29万 is $2400

No. 187822

…Did she? I'm pretty sure it's just the warping of it being taken from an angle of a tv screen.

No. 187823

She looks cute in this appearance, ngl.

No. 187829


They still look weird but I just think it's her way of drawing…

No. 187830


I can't believe they've still got her on telly… Bravo is trying SO ridiculously hard to get Kota to become to new Rola.

No. 187836

She never will be no matter what they do. She's not Japanese, she's not half, and no matter how well she learns the language or lives there she still didn't grow up with the culture so she'll never really "get" the Japanese and their fuckloads of subtle customs you can't find in books. It's been said that Kiki is the human embodiment of everything Japan hates in a person, which she is, but Dakota is still a gaijin and always will be, she'll never be accepted as Rola-tier famous.

No. 187840

This video got taken down for some reason… Here's a new one. Her outfit comes in around 00:29:00. She comes in at 1:09:21ish if you want to see the whole segment, or 1:10:30 if you just want to see her draw/talk afterwards.

I think she looks cute - I totally want whatever plaid set she's wearing. It's cute as fuck.

Interesting she wanted to put the number "19" on this, just like her supposed "age". Haha.

No. 187842

Is this the same girl that was posted in the /snow/ fat thread 3 days ago…?

No. 187847

File: 1443800743358.jpg (184.1 KB, 700x480, naomi-ena.jpg)

Yup! Her name is Naomi Watanabe. She has her own brand called Punyus - all clothes come in both normal and plus sizes. She got her fame from impersonating Beyonce, weirdly enough. I think she's fucking hilarious/awesome. I know a lot of farmers don't like her because of how fat she is, but I think it's cool that she has found her own success despite her size. That's not easy to do in Japan.

Sage for OT.

No. 187848


I don't mind Naomi tbh, she's alright. Beyonce and Solange lol'd at her tbh. Naomi seems nice and I embrace her being a fatty and a happy funny fatty for Japs to laugh at.

No. 187849


It's probably off some larme brand of Ginza boutique. She looks like an updated lass from clueless.

No. 187850


It is difficult, I mean it'd be NICE for Japan to start accepting gaijin. But I would rather it be someone else and not Dakota. Sounds bitchy to say, as long as it's none of the cows then I'm cool with it. But Dakota is likely to be the one because kawaii/aryan and barbie.

No. 187853

No. 187858


Uh no Anon, it's because it's been photographed from a downward angle.

No. 187882

ngl i really love dakotas outfits in the dx segment even though her outfits are kinda mix matched its still very cute and her vw bag is pretty for being a taobao fake lol

No. 187977

>>185278 photo has lens correction and professional portrait lighting whereas >>185279 was taken no a wide angle (phone) camera that distorts her face under normal indoor fluorescent lighting that casts shadows beneath her eyes. So The first is actually a more accurate portrayal of her, if a bit more carefully styled.

No. 187978

Maybe she's not doing those things because she doesn't need to? I think she's doing just fine financially. Would you be dicking around on youtube, much less a nasty fucking maid cafe if you had a decent modeling career? That's yukapon territory. Her western fanbase has never done her any favors, so I don't see how appealing to them would behoove her.

No. 187986

she has no variation in how she draws faces and expressions. Also, her anatomy and proportions are whacked out. Tin babby hands and arms paired up with a huge alien head, lol.

No. 187990

File: 1443844631328.png (800.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-03-04-56-23…)

When was the last time she wrote in English?

No. 187991

File: 1443844719499.jpg (178.6 KB, 1052x1054, Screenshot_2015-10-03-04-57-23…)

No. 187996

her artwork looks similar to kukula (nataly abramovitch)

No. 187997

i know she doesnt look like this irl but this pic is super cute and i love the dress

No. 188003

Her head is shooped so small that it no longer matches her body.

No. 188043

I wonder if the photographer/designer looks at her when she shows up to the photo shoot and goes like "sweet! I get to shoop her how I want" or go "WTF is this monster? I have to shoop the hell out of this specimen so it doesn't ruin my shot!!" because she get photoshop beyond recognition on everything, it's crazy

No. 188045

She's shooped like an actual BJD here.

No. 188054

File: 1443870959646.jpg (44.35 KB, 600x800, CQUvXMaUEAAsTyZ.jpg)

No. 188057


Yeah but she still has western fans though? She could still cater to BOTH sides.

No. 188058


Her face doesn't look right with the hair and outfit.

No. 188059


She always had a weird tinge to her tbh like nothing ever matched but it was okay?

No. 188060


Also there IS Japanese vloggers who do things like hauls/beauty products ect you know that usual shit. Dakota could even do it for her Japanese fans when she has spare time.

No. 188061


Yeah but she's an ugu dolly goddess so its okay

Japanese are impressed that not only is she a doll but can draw too!

No. 188066

so she draws her shooped self. wow, very talent

No. 188067

She wrote a comment on one of her first photos there (it seems to be deleted now), answering someone who said welcome with "Thank you, I'm still trying to get used to Instagram" or something similar.

No. 188084

But by doing stuff on youtube should could expand her fanbase, maybe get sponsors, etc..

>>Her western fanbase has never done her any favors, so I don't see how appealing to them would behoove her.

Why not appeal to both? It seems silly to alienate one fanbase when you could appeal to both and have a bigger fanbase. Plus she gets alot of comments from western fans.

No. 188087

She probably feels like it's too much work to cater to anyone but who her anger you say to cater too.

No. 188093

finally the tables have turned and kota looks cuter than the girl next to her

No. 188094

she drew these? Kinda meh but the hair and eyes look nice. Also kek she draws what she thinks she looks like

No. 188103

why did she cut her hair off if she wants extensions. she never wears her hair short without them

No. 188108

maybe she had to cut her hair? It might have been damaged from the years of bleach / dye/ straightening. Through herscene phase up until her Kawaii Dolly Fame. Perhaps it got a little too damaged and noticeable against her extensions that she often wore anyway, so she cut off the dead ends and chose to wear the extensions to keep the long hair look?

No. 188109

File: 1443900685351.jpg (40 KB, 600x493, tumblr_nvnq9d0Jrq1s27rh1o1_128…)

No. 188114

why did she blur out the side part in her bangs lol
lurking here too much?

No. 188121


This isn't Photoshop, it's one of those auto-editing apps like YouCam, it does it automatically.

No. 188146

What ws said about her bangs?

No. 188150

>>185278 is better than >>185279

No. 188170



its silly really because god help the japs sell her out one day

(but ofc that will NEVER happen)

No. 188182

She looks super cute. Too bad she doesn't look like this lmao

No. 188200

that the part in her bangs goes so high people were tracing it in photos and posting it here and also some photos (screen caps from tv appearances i think?) of the gap between her bangs and her hair. because it makes her look bald. it looks atrocious. she used some kind of blur/healing tool over it in this photo lol

No. 188201

she has a weird face, probably regretted it and felt self conscious. i did too after i cut mine short

No. 188359

No. 188361

I don't understand the hate just because she's "fat" what the fuck even
>inb4 weeeh u tumblrina u just fattt and self conscioussss keep telling urself dat
cry all you want but hating on someone because "hurr fat" makes you look like a retard, also a secret fatty but there are many secret fatties here. And ana-chans,body dysmorphia-chans,…seriously.

But to be honest i think Naomi is ok she seems funny and happy and comfortable with herself. That's nice to see.

No. 188364


I still say they're trying and forcing Japan to make Dakota the next Rola.


Also I don't get it either? she's far from fat! especially not with fucking Naomi next to her lookin' like fem budda

No. 188365

my adobe flash for some reason does not work on this site(

No. 188370

wish we had hq, this is painful to my eyes. i can't watch it.
240p?? what year is it???

i think she is so cute.
well.. fat japanese people (plus she dresses herself right and wears nice makeup) might seem cuter than the lardy gross looking americans we have :(

No. 188373

I was looking for a long time that video. I'm sorry I did not find in good quality! sorry! sorry!

No. 188374

she is around 41:50

No. 188375

wew! thanks)

No. 188376

actually it's 40:10 lol such a mistake

No. 188378

She is around 0:18!!!!

No. 188379

No. 188382


lol how they're using the free iwatobi swim club sound track

No. 188383

she beautiful… but not very much.

No. 188385

ahahhahah llololo

No. 188386


Gonna be honest, if this was telly in the UK and Dakota was sat there. Doll pics popping up on the screen, the presenters would go "Is that actually you?" and "You don't look like them"

I'm amazed how Japanese just go with it…

No. 188387

thank you anon!!
sometimes i think she's pretty and other times she doesn't look pretty to me and i can't figure out why.

she looks so ugly in
to me.

No. 188388

I am tormented by this fact.

No. 188389


No. 188390


No. 188391


It's so so true. Here they would say "Dakota, you don't really look like you do sat down now?"

Japanese people… fucking hell.

No. 188392


I agree, sometimes she can be super cute and others I'm like "you're basic af dakota" but… idk why. It's so strange.

No. 188393

In any case, the Dakota in Japan will remain a sweet girl and adequate. And only there.

No. 188394

40:01 naomi xD

No. 188396

Japan's more important to look beautiful in the photo and not in life? I try to understand.

No. 188399

I believe that Naomi-san is a very interesting person =)

No. 188400


Yeah, I get it. But even the japanese models look more like they do in pictures than dakota.

No. 188401


Naomi is boisterous af

No. 188402

i mean i guess that's true in america too.
they photoshop the fuck out of celebrities on magazine covers and of models and stuff but nobody really says anything about how they look in real life to their faces if they appear on tv. guess out of respect.

No. 188403

You do not have bothered to discuss it? Really. I think it's time to talk about other beautiful girls.

No. 188405

this is dakota's thread though… to discuss dakota… lol

No. 188406

I would be ashamed to deceive people like "beautiful" celebrity.

No. 188407


It's true but Dakota messes with her features, you can just tell. like you just KNOW and because it's her aswell.

But again, Japan for you. They all shoop the fuck out of each other and even Risa Nakamura looks basic without shoop in person.

No. 188408

No. 188410

but but butwe do not give chances to other little-known beautiful girls((

No. 188411


still can't believe risa is 27

but kota is 22 and yui kanno is 30 odd

syeah kawaii and wakai xo

No. 188412

it's just so weird because dakota is basic af. sometimes she doesn't look it though. but sometimes it's painful how basic white girl she looks. maybe depends on how high quality the photo/video i'm looking at is? cause they you can see her chin and her laugh lines and her drawn on lip and you just realize… oh…

No. 188413

The Japanese people have a template looks. especially celebrities.

No. 188414

I'm one of those believers Kota is pushing almost thirty. Has anyone noticed she's been a "teen" for a really fucking long time? Her true teenage years were the peak of Myspace.

No. 188415



It's weird :| she looks alright sometimes and others… its… kota what happened

No. 188416

21-25 maybe but not 30. she is too stupid to 30

No. 188419

that's cause everyone lied about their age on myspace hahahaha

No. 188422

Maybe someone has the old picture of her drivers license, but her birthday was 1987 on it. I can't believe Dakota is almost 28 sometimes.

No. 188423

oh, i don't think i've ever seen it? could someone post it? is it real or a fake id?

No. 188425

I think Dakota well done. She did not use black PR.

No. 188428

guys, let's be honest. Who really wants to fuck her?

No. 188429

Sounds like either a fake ID or something someone shooped up.
I believe Kota is around 20-23 but no way is she 28; that's pushing it.
How old would Kiki be then? 30+? I mean, Kirsten looks haggard sometimes, but come on…

No. 188430


Fucking hell guys, she's 20-22 but not 30. Kota ain't that old.

No. 188431

Dakota definitely ISN'T 30 and she doesn't look 30 at all like wow that's pushing it far there i know you guys always throw "haggard" and "old" even on 12yo girls but that's exaggerating there.
Tho Kirsten would be 30+ then and seriously no i know she really DOES look haggard/old sometimes but no way.

No. 188433

I think I remember what it was now, but forgive me if I get some of the details wrong. It was on an older PULL thread.
I'm almost positive it was either drivers license or passport. I think she showed it off specifically because this is when she was just about to go to Japan or something. The numbers were partially obscured on it or it was slanted in a way that was hard to read, but PULL managed to get "1987" out of it.

She is definitely late 20's. Dakota is NOT that young if you've been following her this long. Just because someone dresses kawaii doesn't make them automatically 22 or something. If you asked me the age of people like Misako Aoki, I'd guess maybe your range too, but remember she's in her 30's. She is 28 years old and her receding hairline, really plain facelines, and other features reflect it. It wasn't always so severe when she was younger.

No. 188434


I know. It's like Risa and Yui, I was shocked to find out they're edging to 30.

No. 188435

Does anyone miss old kota? ;<

No. 188437


even tho they were smothered to death with AE they were still pretty nice to watch

No. 188438

No. 188439

No. 188440


i miss her english

No. 188441


her japanese sounds so off here

No. 188442

that looks really bad in the back

No. 188446

Anyone else think she must feel strained sometimes in videos? To keep her face straight as possible

No. 188447

I miss old kota

It was her best era style-wise,shoop-wise, i was obsessed with her back then a bit bc all of her life seemed so interesting and kawaii and i made a plan of her bedroom and try to be as kawaii as her haha…Sad weeby me days.
Seriously i miss it now she's really boring and bland and she used to be source of drama on cgl and it was kinda fun.

No. 188448

I think it sucks that she doesn't make videos any more because even though her tutorials kind of suck I did genuinely enjoy watching them.

No. 188449


yep :(

No. 188450


I know what you mean, they're shit and she knows it but it was all for self promotion.

I know Peachymilk makes similar videos but idk… I can't get into them.

No. 188452

Wat. To be pushing 30 now she'd have to be 20+ in the MySpace years.
I do think she's older than she claims, but that's definitely too high.

No. 188454

File: 1443980943971.jpg (543.75 KB, 1000x690, 643100907.jpg)

I try.

No. 188457

now i'm going to cry ;(((

No. 188459

>She is definitely late 20's
It's not definite at all. You've provided zero proof.
There're many things that've circulated around here/PULL that suggest she's born in 1993, but never have I seen anything indicating she's nearing 30.

No. 188460

Okay so, I got the new issue of Larme the other day and saw kota modelling that lolita brand right at the back. Just an advert.

Is kota gonna go into Larme at some point guys? I mean isn't Larme based on kawaii dolly ass girls anyway? Popteen just isn't as kota as it was before… I feel like kota is going down the mature kawaii dolly route. It's just because I've noticed her clothes in each interview and they're not school girl or anime girl as they once were. Unless she has to model in them obv.

I feel like very soon Kota will be appearing more and more in certain brands. I know you all say "nah she basic and shit model" but she's STILL getting work guys… c'mon.

With a bit of shoop and edit on her face, she'll probably do Larme well. Although it could piss off some of its readers.

I know Larme is actually bigger in Japan atm and other things like Lolita/Gyaru ect are actually more popular outside Japan. I mean they still are in Japan but Larme is rising and Kota is getting whiffs of this style.

It won't be long until she's on the front page with Risa and I think that's Bravo's aim aside from TV work. They're obviously trying to push kota's image even further. So far she's met some of the BIG models and presenters. So yeah, I do think she will eventually being hafu or not become a successful face.

No. 188461

File: 1443981663717.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.32 KB, 613x480, imagFFFe.jpg)

Who knows this girl? stupid purple hurts my eyes, but it's cute photo. I'm sorry I had to talk about Dakota, but I just want to know what you think about it.

No. 188462


hello self poster

No. 188463

god dammit
why do people think it's a good idea to post their face

No. 188464

No one knows you and no one cares.

No. 188466


Nobody fucking cares about your insecurities get out.

No. 188470

Fucking self poster go away
why do people EVEN think it's an actual good idea to post their ugly faces HERE.
For the love of everything kawaii stop.
You just look retarded and no one will compliment you.

No. 188473

Ok ok. I'm leaving. Byyeee!

No. 188474

The fuck happened to this thread today. Self posting, reposting old shit that's been discussed to death, smileys all over the place…

No. 188475


its sunday anon

No. 188477

I think will not be worse. Amen.

No. 188479

>stupid purple hurts my eyes, but it's a cute photo
people are psychotic. self posting and casually insulting/complimenting themselves lol

No. 188481

Why here? Why? There are many other useless forums. go there. but not here please.

No. 188485

Excuse me guys. I ruined your mood greatly.

No. 188501


Well, if you really want to know what a image board full of judgemental assholes thinks, I'll tell ya.

-I think your hair is dry as shit and you tried to hide it with that terrible filter. Invest in some fucking hair serum and a ceramic straightener.
-your bangs look a bit crooked, therefore not kawaii uguu. But this isn't really a big deal.
-I think your nose is weird and big. It has an odd indent in the middle that makes it look pig like.
-I think this filter does you absolutely no justice. you look like a slutty smurf on acid with a thin ass prince mustache. (I'm assuming it's like, skin. But it looks like a teenage mexican boy mustache at a quick glance.)
-I think you need braces cause your bottom teeth look like they're about to start throwing up gang signs.
-I think you don't suit this style. But it's okay, none of the ugly ass ho's on here do either. Including myself. I'm ugly as shit girl, so don't feel bad. You're basic white bitch tho with a bad nose. If you grew out your bangs and styled yourself in more of a Ulzang kpop-y style you'd be cyoot. Take my advice bitch, admire the dolly style from afar but do not partake. You look dumb. Stoppit.

No. 188502

Also, I thought you were one of those ugly ass FAS twins at a glance. Ally & sally. You cyooter doe.

No. 188509

yes yes you have killed me mentally. i was very offended. yes yes. apologized to me. and i'm gone from this forum

No. 188512

Girl please calm down. Your nose is normal. Calm down and go away.

No. 188513

I am calm. but. damn. I feel uncomfortable.

No. 188514

Tbh I really don't even think this was you lol. Youre prob just trollin. I don't know anyone who would be brave enough to self post on this forum and actually expect a good outcome. But if in case it is, you aren't ugly. Just fix your hair man and grow out those bangs.

Anyways, enough OT discussion. Back to my boo dako chan.

No. 188515

File: 1443990410832.jpg (11.41 KB, 251x242, 1400961574709.jpg)

>see this is a post of judgemental bitches
>obviously pathetic selfpost
>'baaawww i am offended noooww'

I don't even think you're ugly but you are stupid as fuck though. Or a child. Probably the second.

No. 188516


>a post

I meant to say forum, dang it

No. 188518

You are fucking retarded. I almost think you're pretending to self post to make whoever this girl is look bad, bc no real person could be this stupid… right?

No. 188520

I think you are badly thought before you place your photo here. I do not mean that you are stupid but i seriously just do not understand why you did it.

No. 188521

well rima has proved that there are people this dumb..

No. 188523

Right I never said you were UGLYYYY. Just…You're hair is bad and that filter is very unflattering. Your nose is fine lol, I was just being petty. I'm a jerk, but if it means anything I'm sowwwyz. but don't let strangers on the Internet ruin your self esteem. And don't self post in these horrid forums.

GROW OUT YOUR BANGS THO. I'm telling ya, you'll be cyooter. Straight bangs like this rarely work for da crackers. Or I should say people of non asian descent in general. Also, take photos with your mouth closed. Your lips are cyoot and the open mouth thing is kinda…weird..

No. 188525

I am 14 years old. okay. I think it's a bad idea. and photo is not the best. I will not send more photos. it would be stupid, right?(underage)

No. 188526


Ya please don't. You don't know what type of people lurk here. This is all anonymous. What if someone reverse searches your images and starts blackmailing or harassing you? You a baby doe so I'll forgive your stupidity, just don't make these dumb mistakes anymore. Leave or pretend this never existed lol and delete your posts to deter anymore backlash and hurt feelings.

No. 188527

What is even happening in this thread.

>Rule 9. You must be at least 18 years old to browse or post.


No. 188530

oh! i'm leaving! forget about me! bye!

No. 188531

Yeah idk. Niggas is crazy. Anyways.

I'm curious af as to what yukapon and dakota talked about. I feel like yuka was prob blowing that shit out of proportion and made that post to make it seem like they were oooooh so close and bonding. They probably only made small talk at the most. Dako chan prob would be followed her on twitter and made her number 14 of she felt that they bonded. You know dako is private af. I don't think she revealed any type of emotion to yuka.

No. 188533


No. 188535


Same here, I think Kota would have smiled and nodded thinking "bitch, pls fuck off." before turning to one of the Japanese models and chatting about how cute the clothes are. I doubt kota had the time of day for Yuka.

No. 188536

do any of these girls hang out with each other?
i feel like if i were in their place i would be desperate for other american friends because i might feel alone. especially how they all have similar interests and stuff.

No. 188537

* excuse mobilefag auto correct typos.

She is really cute, and yes in real life too. NOW. She was busted when she first got to japan. She eventually got a lil closer to looking like 1/4th of her PS' d photos. Not gonna lie, still love her doe. She my boo.

No. 188538

I wanna lick kota's asshole

No. 188539

Right. Yukapons trying to leech off dako. Didn't seem to work cause dakota doesn't even tweet back at her when she @'s her.

Yeah I would assume that too. Dakota is probably just scarred from the charms thing tho. Her only friend her whole life was kiki. And every American weeb knows who dakota is and knows her drama. She ain't stupid. She knows they'd leak da milk. So I can see why she doesn't interact with any jvloggers/net famous weebs.

No. 188540


Mmm, I doubt kota cares much for friends. I think she has certain people close to her and that's it but even those aren't close close to her. Just… at a nice reach. Just enough for them NOT to know about her personal bits and bobs.

Dakota probably knows about Yuka and doesn't want to get caught up with her. Remember when Mira tried sucking up to kaka? Kaka backfired. Ostrengas don't want to mix with the other cows.

But if it's Risa Nakamura, Yui Kanno or Yula Yula Dakota WILL probably hang with the due to a popularity boost. Other than that, nah.

No. 188542

it's kind of sad she has no close friends but i wonder why.
i wonder if people just don't want to be friends with her or if it's her choice

No. 188543

I wish she would start caring about her fans outside of japan. I know we're not her target audience, but she could at least make a short youtube video in english just fucking saying hi and updating us. Tweet us in English once in a while, make a blog post, SOMETHING. She literally ignores the fact that she ever had a fan base before japan.

No. 188544


Nah, it's her. She seems like she doesn't let people into her personal life. Plus japanese girls seem dry af. They prob have no type of real humor or substance when they talk to her anyways. Why would she wanna be close with some bimbo ass japanese chicks? Dakotas sense of humor is foul lol, she's vulgar, opinionated and crude. They ain't about that life.

No. 188545

yeah this is kind of ignorant/rude of her.
i think she thinks most of the haters are in america (same with kiki) even though what they say about her in japanese forums and japanese tweet about her seem to be so much worse than what is said about her in english. she thinks she can escape that all by only speaking to a specific audience. but that audience makes fun of her too lol

No. 188546


I can kind of understand kota because I'm a little bit like her in that aspect. I don't let many people in either, why? everyone fucks off and leaves. Plus she's in public eye and has a career, so it's important to maintain with a history like hers. But some people are just like this, withdrawn and reserved. Just how some people are.

No. 188548


I do agree, she should keep up with us to. It is a little rude.

No. 188550

Yo I wonder if someone offered yuka money if she'd spill the milk? Bitch I'll PayPal you some dough. Gimme da feet lol

No. 188551

*lmfao DEETZ. Not feet.

No. 188552

pls be the new Rima

No. 188553


I agree, I have Japanese female friends and to be honest I speak to the males more because they have more personality than the girls.

The girls just seem to be "kawaii!" and looking cute

But it's boring after 5 minutes… I like personality and funny people

No. 188554

How many times have you said you're leaving this 'forum' now? Christ.

No. 188559

All of this, plus the amount of abuse Kota's had online. Whether it's justified or not, it would affect you and make you less able to trust people.

No. 188560

File: 1443994711197.jpg (126.11 KB, 580x581, ShockBlast-Audrey-Kawasaki-wor…)

i think an anon has said it before but, isnt her 'style' kind of a rip-off of audrey kawasaki? imo, yes i think it is.

No. 188563


Exactly, she probably thinks "fuck off you're not using me or making a mockery out of me."

I can't blame her really, espesh with a dumb fuck sister and mother. I do feel for kota in a way.

No. 188564


A little yeah…

No. 188565

Jrcach/komaban just said this about the latest dakota tv appearance:

"Dakota Rose made a TV appearance again. She’s on the program hosted by DownTown (famous in outside Japan for Gaki no Tsukai).

She’s drawing with a pencil.

At 0:59, a fatty girl suddenly appears!

It’s a technique.

The editor intended to get a laugh by “contrasting a pretty princess and a wild beast”.

It’s also reflected in how the guest talkers were chosen.

Dakota was seated next to this fatty comedian called Watanabe Naomi.

Other than Dakota no half tarento or gaijin tarento were invited.

That’s because キャラかぶり (overlap of charas) is avoided."

No. 188566


Jrcach is useless. All he does is point out the obvious and throw some random nippongo word in somewhere for no reason. Thanks for pointing out the fucking obvious, yet again, jrcach.

No. 188586

Then where is your proof? All I've ever heard from that 1993 number is that it was provided by her herself. Kota and Kiki are notorious for spouting off lies about their ages so it shouldn't be trusted. The 1987 one was one she tried to cover up. Most of PULL was in disbelief over it in that particular thread too, but that's what it spelled out.

But anyway, you say earlier 20's, I say pushing 30. No matter what, though, the point is she's older than what she says she is. She'll lie over it because her job in Japan really depends on the idea she's youthful. If I'm right about nearing 30, or even if you're right about her being in her mid 20's or so, 25 is considered past their prime.

No. 188589

Where is your proof though? You still didn't actually tell us where the 1987 came from other than PULL, which is one of the worst sources ever, packed with pointless speculation. What video? What image? Show us.

As others have said, if Kota's 'pushing 30', what does that make Kiki? She looks horrible but there's no way she's over 30.

No. 188620


If only!

No. 188629

File: 1444022679885.png (249.61 KB, 432x291, dakotadesu.png)

This styling was the absolute worst.

No. 188630

Some of you were asking when she said she was a vegetarian on TV.
Here's one time she did.


No. 188631

who is the Japanese girl at 46:01 with the cute host guy? I find her bubbly personality very likeable.

No. 188660

File: 1444029611694.jpg (22.6 KB, 636x358, 18e5ssjsx25kcjpg.jpg)


That's Minami Minegishi, a member of akb48

No. 188672

That is why I asked if anyone else had proof or remembered the thread, anon. I do not have it and I'd still like to know if anyone else here remembers the 1987 number.

Why are you deflecting when I say where is your 1993 proof if it's so plentiful? Why don't you show yours? Get it out if this bothers you so much and you have so much proof of it. Are you Kiki and am I angering you by inferring you and your sister aren't little eternal 18 year olds?

Kiki for sure is pushing 30 or is it. I don't get why you're trying so hard to prove she's some 24 year old or something. Kiki and Kota have been balding and their faces are weathered without Photoshop.

No. 188675


Try harder troll. Stop taking the bait farmers. This shit is stupid. Anyways…..

No. 188676

How is it a troll if I'm just asking for an old picture of her holding up an old passport/ID from long ago?

No. 188683

File: 1444035626875.jpg (57.31 KB, 640x640, 055b0649f4e1bb233317d9f1bf3984…)

Does anyone know who the guy in this is? He's pretty cute.

Also, I don't remember looking like this for any photoshoot or anything. Does anyone know the context of the photo?

No. 188688

I doubt that, wasn't there a video(s) of koti with other japanese models and she wasn't really interacting with them or anything.

No. 188695


He kind of looks like Yu Shirota.

No. 188709

No. 188711

She's been getting really nice gigs lately.

No. 188712

File: 1444043510193.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x800, CQhfet-UwAAqSlR.jpg)

No. 188713

Can't wait to see her own photo version of this, I bet it's insane

No. 188714

File: 1444043733403.png (529.41 KB, 852x436, dakota23.png)

You can see every extension taped in.

No. 188716

I'm kinda rooting for Kota tbh.

No. 188720

I get she was trying to be Tinkerbell(?) and her hair up in a bun was kind of essential for that look but jeez, couldn't whoever who did her hair have at least tried to strategically place parts of her real hair over them so they didn't look so obvious?
Who am I kidding, she probably did this herself.

No. 188724

Yikes. I kind of feel bad about how thin her hair is.

No. 188732

Doesn't help that she used so much of her hair as her bangs

No. 188733


That's cos Bravo is trying to make her Rola

No. 188734


I think the Tinker bell look is SO much better than the Cinderella look.

It's funny because in the July issue of Popteen there was sections about each model in the magazine. They were all asked "Who was your favourite Disney princess or Disney film?"

Only Kota and another girl said "None"


No. 188740

Everett Craig or Toma Craig. He is a half model.


No. 188742


Does anyone else ever get the feeling Bravo is trying to force kota may be hafu on Japan? Despite her looking nothing like a hafu

No. 188747

Despite the awful hair, I agree. It's 10x better than the ugly satin cinderella outfit and those giganto sleeves.

No. 188769


Ah, he's very attractive.
Halfu men always tend to be super tall and get the best of both ethnicities.

No. 188776

and the baldness between her bangs and her hair.
guys i think she only ever looks good when the quality of the vids and pics are super shitty
see how the bald spot is all blurry? imagine if it weren't. that's all you would be able to see. and if her nasal folds weren't blurry as well or her extensions.

No. 188781

if she wants that retarded upper lip thing, why doesn't she just get botox on her cupid's bow like kylie jenner????

No. 188782

she's so indecisive about how she wants her face to look i don't think she should get anything done

No. 188791

GOD hahahahaahahaahah. wow

No. 188792

Even if Bravo was pushing her to become the new Rola, she would never become one, because her personality is boring as hell and as much as I find Rola annoying at time, she is far more interesting to watch than Kota. Watching Kota on TV is like watching paint dry.

No. 188794


she looks like one of those shota loving fakebois here

No. 188806


Botox? Do you mean fillers?

No. 188812


Alright aggro-chan, for people who don't know much about cosmetic procedures it's easy to lump botox and fillers together since they're both non-surgical injections that alter ones looks.

For anyone who's interested, fillers add artificial fat for volume (eg. Kylie Jenner got it in her lips, can be used to fill out wrinkles and folds) whereas Botox is a liquid that temporarily paralyses muscles and tightens everything up. Botox prevents wrinkles from forming with facial expression eg. frown lines or crows feet around the eyes.

Botox can be used to slim the jawline as it tightens the chewing muscles and they waste away a little because they aren't working so hard. Maybe Kota should do this to get that ridiculous upside down triangle look she shoops herself with.

No. 188813



Uh, are you okay? I wasn't being aggressive at all.

What's with all these hyper-angry or over-sensitive people plaguing lolcow at the moment?

Also I don't understand your post at all, somebody talked about how Dakota should get botox in her upper lip so that she no longer has to draw it on any more and I just corrected them saying them meant fillers.

No. 188814


No, botox and fillers. Fillers to add volume to the lip, botox to get rid of the pronounced cupids bow and give it the shape that she shoops it with. It relaxes the muscles of the upper lip, you only need 3-4 units to achieve it, and it gives the upper lip a more uniform slope.

What the second anon is describing is botox for the masseters. DO NOT DO THIS. Yes, it slims the jaw line but you end up with jowls because you have no more muscle to support your cheeks.

No. 188815

File: 1444070614796.png (22.46 KB, 125x69, Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.42…)

I didn't need to be corrected. Look at all of Dakota's shoops. She pulls her upper lip/cupid's bow up from it's original position. She wouldn't be able to get this retarded shape just by filling her real lips, she would need to change her cupid's bow a little slightly, which is what botox would do. It's too prominent right now and if she tried filling her lips it would become even more pronounced. Look at the way she shoops them, then look at her real lips. A lot of doctors don't do this, most don't. I know Kylie got this done (in addition to fillers), as well as other people in the industry.

I feel like in this picture, it illustrates quite clearly what I mean… she draws over her cupids bow because it's retarded. I'm wondering why she doesn't just raise it with a little bit of botox. She would only need a few units, it would be very cheap…

No. 188818


K, but why are you so mad tho.
You gotta go through life experiencing minor disagreements every now and again, and if you fly into an ape-rage every time you do encounter you're not going to be able to get very far.

No. 188819

Those lips are horrible btw lol

No. 188821


This is one of the worst overdrawn lips ever. I hope to god that she doesn't walk outside with that top lip, cause it looks like a colorful milk stashe

No. 188823

Don't worry, probably a seagull

No. 188824

Does that ANTM contestant Allison Harvard do that too ? I was looking at her ig the other day and it looks like she draws up into her divot in every single picture.

No. 188887

yeah, it's not even a bad look. Anons just need something retarded to argue about until something interesting actually happens.

No. 188919

File: 1444096646359.jpg (103.88 KB, 1277x715, gross.JPG)

here is an even clearer screencap from the side. I don't think she even has enough natural hair thickness to cover up that tape. It looks like they tried, but obviously failed. They should have tried to cover it up with a flower crown or something.

No. 188921

holy shit, that looks awful. i feel bad for her, honestly

No. 188922

I've seen infants with more hair. Yikes.

No. 188923


koti is ugu and goddessu and thats all what matters

No. 188924


i wonder when she's getting that clothing line ;p

No. 188925


it looks shitty because you can clearly see her natural top lip outline. I have no issue with people overdrawing their lips, when it doesn't go too drastically over their lip line and isn't painfully obvious.

No. 188926

HOLY SHIT…I thought my hair was thin, but god damn. Did she not look in the mirror…did the stylist think it was an ok look. I know Japanese are all about politeness and shit, but come on.

No. 188928

im not mad, you're mad. kek…


i agree, but it would look a lot less stupid than her drawing all over her upper lip

idk i just checked her instagram and holy crap she's aged so poorly….

No. 188930

Lol it's funny to see you here too. You should reply to my email sometime! It was nice chatting with you, even if it wasn't very long!

No. 188942

or they could've tied it up looser or something maybe? :/ she looks horrible with those hair styles

No. 188944

oh, wow…that's really embarrassing. Like, I actually feel bad for her.

It's too bad they couldn't do anything to hide those clips.

No. 188948

holy hell, thank god for the bangs i guess

No. 188951


Time for some caboki I guess

No. 188980

File: 1444120339652.jpg (75.54 KB, 480x640, 12074678_640593666042943_13954…)

Her lip make-up looks so ridiculous when she doesn't get to shoop it

No. 188981

File: 1444120397479.jpg (70.67 KB, 480x640, 12122848_640593682709608_64347…)

Don't try to hide your tiny lips, it looks stupid. Get injections

No. 188984

baldspots here too

No. 188996

Why does she keep overlining her upper lip? It's so obvious and so bad.

No. 189005

File: 1444129026854.jpg (80.09 KB, 300x450, 144405560764311600.jpg)

Japanese are more critical in my opinion than a western audience:

No. 189009

Can someone translate the Japanese comments? This gonna be good.

No. 189011

File: 1444129527424.png (7.32 KB, 848x163, gull-chans.png)

KEK. Is this person really saying what I think they're saying? The Japanese are aware of /cgl/?

No. 189012

She should go back to america, she should do a diet, she got a bad mouth etc

No. 189014


She's fat, her cheeks/chin are big, she doesn't look anything like her pictures, just a normal white girl, go back to your country, she doesn't look good in that outfit, please appear on TV anymore, etc etc etc
Wow and here I was thinking japanese people liked her lol

No. 189015


^^^ Here's another thread…

I think it's people who are into kawaii and dolls that worship her

No. 189016

It's funny and I bet the Japanese people making those comments are hideous themselves.

No. 189018


Probably and probably not. But you can't blame them though, it's like they've been lied to in a sense while kota marketed herself so some are shocked af at this reveal.

But it's taken them THIS long to actually realize? Christ. Did anyone ever realize something just didn't add up or one of kota's eyes were a little off? Anyone who actually believes she looks like that must be a total tard. It was always, ALWAYS obvious photoshop since the beginning.

No. 189019

I'm not surprised it took them long to realize this considering the fact that some Japanese people thought Abi pop and PeachMilkyTea were her.

No. 189020

She looks really fat in this picture. Not like she's /actually fat/ but compared to her own pictures she looks like a cow. I can't imagine that she is comfortable with her body looking like this.

No. 189022

> Not like she's /actually fat/
Don't sugarcoat it. She's fucking huge.

No. 189024

I think she looks average, but would have the tendency to get fat if she doesn't watch her diet.

No. 189026

She's very likely average sized but fucking huge compared to her own pictures. She looks so skinny and tiny on her photos, no wonder people are disappointed.

No. 189027

File: 1444136494851.png (424.59 KB, 545x608, 816a3c92bcc97a41efd381c5810f20…)

Pretty much this. She's chub and has a huge chin but because her shoops are so tall and skinny, she's making her real self look ginormous in comparison.

No. 189028


But to be honest though, even though kota doesn't look like her pictures at least she looks comfortable in her weight. She isn't stick thin and she isn't chubby. she's just "comfortable". Maybe she's happy like that?

Remember they're only employing her due to her image being a barbie doll and her face. Bravo doesn't seem interested in her body at all.

It's all about her image.

She isn't a cat walk model and I think kota accepted that a long time ago.

No. 189029


It's the angle, she isn't fat.

No. 189032

Ikr? She could easily use the kotakoti site for English sice she has ameba. I mean, wouldn't she get money from all the traffic?

No. 189036

File: 1444140751639.jpg (13.28 KB, 354x352, 1433187399000.jpg)

>huge chin

No. 189037

she isn't fat, rather, she just has very unfortunate fat distribution. She has a very bad case of "mom arms" where her upper arms look huge and fat. Pair that with her broad shoulders, and it is a disaster.

No. 189041

Tbh her chin looks bigger in the shoop

No. 189048

i can't stop seeing her mom in her face lately. she's going to age so terribly

No. 189053

Japan is 98% ethnically Japanese. Your brain has to learn to distinguish faces from one another, it's not something it can do automatically. If it only ever sees faces of one race, it struggles with the others and has to learn all over again. This is a well documented fact.

No. 189061

No. 189063

Sorry if this is been brought up before and I just missed it but, in a couple of TV appearances she mentioned she quit school when she was like 6 years old or something? My japanese isn't the best so that could be wrong but holy shit if it's true.

No. 189096

She's lying, I've heard her say it was 10 and then 8 before. She dropped out when she was 13-14 or so, but she made up that ~I got a sound engineering degree when I was 12 but when I graduated I lost interest in music so I didn't use it~ shit so people wouldn't call her a dumb bumpkin or w.e

No. 189117

It makes me laugh that she keeps switching up the details about quitting school. I imagine any Japanese person gives her an "ehhhhh??? sugoi!!!" response which has been misinterpreted as a good thing. I can't think of a reason for it to be anything but embarrassing to admit you haven't had formal education in a country where homeschooling is relatively unknown.

No. 189120

If she was happy with her body she wouldn't keep photoshopping it super skinny. She's not confident with her real face or body but too lazy to do anything about it.

No. 189132


Doll look obviously, if she really wanted to look it in person she'd get her ass to the gym. Again it's all about the barbie image. Japan is paying her to dish out that image whether she looks dolly or not in person. Bravo knows shes basic as fuck but because of the name she's gave herself, they'll milk her dry until Japan is sick the fuck to death of seeing her. Course, kota will keep doing it because it's keeping a roof over her head, away from her bat shit crazy family and money obviously. Plus she loves cute shit and dolly image gives her kawaii stuff. She knows she can get away with it? Most Japanese models edit their pictures and that gives kota the excuse to do so.

She isn't even big guys. For all we know in years to come she may pack up and leave Japan for America. Dakota Rose, her image is just paying her. It's a job.

No. 189394


Foreigners get shitloads of leeway that native Japanese don't, socially speaking. Pretty much anything Dakota says, as long as it's in Japanese, they'll play along with and compliment her and forget about it all as soon as she leaves. Even if they know it's utter bullshit, it's not their custom to call a guest on their bullshit, they have to be polite and courteous while the cameras/audience/guests are looking. It doesn't matter what they say to her face. Is the anonymous comments online that show what Japan really thinks of her.

No. 189446

naah garu-chan is short for garusu-channeru (girls channel)

No. 189605

Can someone please translate the japanese comments on dakota's stuff? Im curious

No. 189611

Comments from this thread http://girlschannel.net/topics/499546/
+748 votes
WTF about her is a "Real Barbie"

+601 votes
I get a bad personality vibe, so I can't support her

+381 votes
Looks cuter than usual. Maybe it's the angle, but her chin doesn't stand out as much

Just as I thought, that's how she looks in reality, even though she looks like a doll in her selfies

+522 votes
Yep, no photoshop, no Barbie (。-_-。) Not cute. Go back to America already!

+362 votes
She's no fairie type. This is a disgrace to Tinkerbell. Barbie, too. And she's so rugged-looking…

+491 votes
Dakota Rose really looks like a doll in her edited pics. But without the edits, her body type is like any average girl's.

+581 votes
After seeing this, I just can't think of her as cute
(two photos comparing a candid shot with her photoshopped pic)

No. 189612

+265 votes
Sorry. I don't really like her…

+386 votes
I wish they'd stop calling her Real Barbie! She's not like Barbie at all!

+176 votes
Watching her makes me realize you need more than just a cute face. It's important to be well-spoken.

+303 votes
Her face is completely different lol. She edits the hell out of her selfies for sure.

+224 votes
She should never have appeared on TV. Her first TV appearance was a shocker. Like, "THAT'S the Real Barbie?"

+98 votes
She's cute, but her photos are a scam. Go home.

+233 votes
Her arms and legs are bigger than expected. Completely different from their super skinny appearance in her edited blog photos. Isn't she embarrassed?

+121 votes
She should go on a diet. Her face and body are unbalanced.

+171 votes
She's white, but she looks like someone who's trying to look white. Why is that?

+84 votes
Small face, fat ankles

+119 votes
The way she talks makes me hate her. Bad personality.
In her variety show appearances, she's expressionless whenever the camera cuts to her. It makes me want to stop watching. I wish she wouldn't appear at all.

No. 189613

+112 votes
There are plenty of cuter Japanese girls with slimmer legs

+14 votes
Looks so-so cute this time.
But without any photo edits, her skeletal structure makes her look fat

+17 votes
We get one of these every 10 years. 10 years ago, it was Leah Dizon. She probably came to Japan because she couldn't make it in America.

+19 votes
There's plenty of white girls exactly on her level. Isn't she embarrassed by the Real Barbie label? lol

+7 votes
Her legs are so thick, they're pushing the limits of thick legs. She's a model?

+28 votes
She really looks like she has fatty potential. Her jaw is huge, too, so if she got fat, she'd be like a sumo wrestler.

+41 votes
Too much photoshop. I've hated her since her and her sister were posting videos, pulling the corner of their eyes to mock asians and telling lesbians to die.

+15 votes
Pretty ruggedly-built and has a granny face

+11 votes
She looks like she'd be pretty strong. Like she could clothesline 20 people at once

+1 vote
Oh, she's still around

No. 189616

>She's white, but she looks like someone who's trying to look white. Why is that?
>She looks like she'd be pretty strong. Like she could clothesline 20 people at once
>Oh, she's still around

No. 189620


>She probably came to Japan because she couldn't make it in America.

they forgot to add:

>same goes for her sister

No. 189624

Thanks anon! Do u guys think she reads those comments?

No. 189627

File: 1444260759323.gif (398.08 KB, 500x281, inline_nu29watbhJ1su39rr_500.g…)

>Her legs are so thick, they're pushing the limits of thick legs.

No. 189630

haha the google translate for these comments is fucking hilarious

>I can not cheer because personality is evil likely

>Its arms and legs are surprisingly strong. Its rasping's blog of processing. Completely different. I wonder if ashamed?

>Its full of jealousy rice.

>The radish foot long you'll have enough to radish leg

No. 189656

radish legs?
did they her legs "daikon ashi"? bc it says here that's very insulting


No. 189660

Damn, Kota seriously looks like Magibon here, especially compared to this other girl who actually looks like a moderu.

No. 189661

File: 1444267330468.jpg (266.32 KB, 943x629, 1365569021272.jpg)

Anyone see this on PULL?:
>You guys are wondering why she cannot befriend any of the other Popteen models and pity her for them 'ignoring' her. The fact is that Dakota seems to be a really rude and self-centered person. My friend is a model in one of the show she worked for as well and she told me that Dakota never talks with any other models, AT ALL. She looks always very upset and annoyed. Actually i met her in the backstage, while waiting for my friend to pack herself and leave the building. I've seen many of the famous models leaving, they all looked tired (the show was few hours long so they were pretty much working non stop the entire day) but none of them had that kind of look on their face that Dakota did. She looked at me as if she immediately assumed she is way better than me and just in general it was easy to tell that she isn't a good person. I'm pretty new on this forum so I don't know how much do you guys know about her but I just wanted to add that she is super short irl and she smokes quiet a lot

>I did, she walked right next to me and i also looked at her for a moment when she was saying goodbye to her manager and chose the taxi. I really don't like the way she always has that really fake smile around the people she works for but whenever she isn't around them she looks just really full of hate for everyone. Among all those models I've seen there (who were most of the time way way more famous than her) she was the only one who looked so fake, as if she never smiles in a genuine way.Oh and in case if any of you think she is actually famous here (in Tokyo) - she isn't lol When she was on the stage none screamed or reacted in any kind of way. Normally on this kind of fashion show Japanese girls are pretty loud and crazy whenever any famous female model is on the stage so yeah, that probably tells a lot. To Japanese she is pretty much just another random white model that appears sometimes on the purikura machines or morning tv shows, nothing more than that.

No. 189664

She sounds like she's still a scene queen in lolita clothing.
Also is that pic shooped or are her eyes actually a little wonky?

No. 189665

>looks like she was grabbing her cardboard nipples

No. 189670

File: 1444269807759.jpg (19.39 KB, 275x239, 1426301679343.jpg)

her eyes are really noticeably uneven. Like, one eye socket is lower than the other. She usually tries to correct this with makeup and the angle in which she hold her head/poses.

No. 189672

File: 1444270084958.jpg (20.27 KB, 400x217, 3-3.jpg)

more wonky eye

No. 189673


Someone should go tell them the only reason she's still around is because all this time she's been boning that one guy at bravo who scouted her from YT. I can't remember his name but it was posted in a previous thread, I'll see if I can find it.

No. 189676

I didn't know she smoked. Wonder how her sister feels about that.

No. 189680

File: 1444271554956.jpg (16.43 KB, 168x250, 1420301260363.jpg)

the japs are so creative with their insults

No. 189683

File: 1444272078294.gif (597.38 KB, 264x380, Kotakoti_Dakota_Ostrenga_Totem…)

Oh, wow. I never even noticed her melting eye in this picture or any others except this one.
It really is super jarring when you actually focus on it.
I think the right side of her face (her left) looks quite attractive, at least in your picture.
If you cover her lower down eye, she looks nice. But if you cover the other one she looks really odd. Like reminiscent of those gross huge-forehead, true alien shoops she was doing of herself when she was spoopy, the ones in the gallery(?) with Kiki next to their 'art'.
Maybe then she was actually shooping her normal eye to be aligned with her droopy eye and that's why they looked so fucking weird.

No. 189684

what the fuck, so wonk-eye

No. 189686

File: 1444273247781.jpg (74.92 KB, 720x960, 1b987a6d45.jpg)

fucking kek

No. 189693

File: 1444274137734.jpg (93.04 KB, 790x555, 1427771044portfolio_wide2_CAND…)

Sorry if slowpoke, but I have never seen this picture of her. She look so much better with dark hair, jfc.

No. 189695

Holyshit. She really does look a million times better with dark hair. Younger too.

No. 189697


Yes. If the brows were darker too, she would look even better. Please Dako-chan, do this

No. 189698

She probably went on the anti smoking tirade as a way to throw shade at Dakota, like her ~I don't use photoshop or filters desu~ shit, and the random comment on her blog about "a friend who got plastic surgery and it didn't make them feel any better" (Kiki, having friends? Kek.)

No. 189700


She could even pull of the hafu implication with darker hair, too. But ofc she won't because she's arru nachuraru desu yo~~ and Anglo makes more bank than fake hafu.

No. 189701

Would that be about the nosejob Kota apparently got?
I thought I heard they both got nosejobs. During school or something.
Then again, Kaka still has a beak.

No. 189702

File: 1444274840912.jpg (13.39 KB, 236x275, f3b4e0499545ebe419dbf4745f4344…)


I was thinking about the hafu façade as well. But yeah, I guess you are right about the anglo shit. I'm just so sad now because I keep picturing Kooters with darker hair and I am mad she won't ever do it :(
Some talented shooper anon, pls make this pic of her with darker hair, it would make this sad anon so happy for like 5 seconds

No. 189703

File: 1444274870955.jpg (28.88 KB, 326x326, img_0.jpg)

No. 189704

File: 1444275749618.jpg (33.38 KB, 468x725, radish_2b.jpg)

this is amazing

No. 189707

Haha omg!! I want that radish to find its way into my stew though.

No. 189718

the chub is real

No. 189726

The color she's got makes her stand out more against a sea of dark hair. The wig looks cute but can you imagine if her actual hair was dark? Lighter hair does her some favors hiding the thinness. Her scalp would shine through like a beacon if she had dark hair contrasting with it.

No. 189746

File: 1444281708306.jpg (574.37 KB, 1735x1173, tryhard.jpg)

>+171 votes
She's white, but she looks like someone who's trying to look white. Why is that?
>+17 votes
We get one of these every 10 years. 10 years ago, it was Leah Dizon. She probably came to Japan because she couldn't make it in America.

LOL these are hilarious! She does look like a white girl trying too hard to look like those fashionable preppy girls. I tried including pics that somewhat kinda looks like her kawaii school girl style.

No. 189749

This. Dakota knows she looks terrible and plain and could never cut it against real models. She's always resorted to gimmicks. Remember her weird "alien look" phase? When she was a scene girl, she was eternally in her sisters shadow. She struggled for years with that.

No. 189750

dakota smokes?! is that why her teeth are so yellow…?

No. 189763

She's been a smoker for at least 4-5 years now. And yes.

No. 189793

Way longer than that
Probably back to her scene days

No. 189796

Where is the text from?

No. 189801

>taylor swift

No. 189808

Hahaha when you put it that way it's probably true. The smoking thing I mean. I can def. see it.

No. 189810

Did I miss some drama about Leah Dizon? All I know is that she used to be beautiful, and still is posted literally everywhere. So I don't get it.

No. 189869

that girl on the left can almost bend her legs 90 degrees sideways.

No. 189917


She is an actual model, Akemi Darenogare. Also known for a horrible personality, speaking rough, made former Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi cry on television lol. I guess bitches gotta stick together since Akemi refered to Dakota as like a little sister in that tweet with the photo.

No. 189921

Wait, what?
How did she make Mari cry?

No. 189936

She made Mari from Morning musume cry? wow..

No. 189969


There's no clip of it anymore but irc Akemi brought up Mari's affair and how she cannot stand women that cheat. At that time when the affair was huge news tons of media waited outside Mari's apartment for weeks, causing trouble for other residents, one being Akemi. She made Mari apologize and bow to her on tv for causing such a scene.

Here are some screenshots:

sage for OT

No. 190000

File: 1444297638542.gif (43.95 KB, 275x239, wonk.gif)


No. 190001

Women who cheat are scum though. (Well,men too) People who cheat in general are scummy. Poor Mari though

No. 190006

Ok but Kristen Stewart tho

No. 190007

I mean KStew is my waifu but so yay at the mention but I'm confused

No. 190011

Anon meant with her droopy eyes she looks like her.

No. 190067

Hahaha holy fuck, I was staring at that selfie last night trying to figure out who it reminded me of. That's it. Thanks, Anon.

I really don't care for kirsten stewart (her face bothers me), but I don't actually mind that picture of dakota.

Now that I think of it, they both have that kind of mouth breather resting face. Like resting bitch face, but instead of looking like a bitch they look like that mouth breathing guy from hey Arnold.

No. 190274

The fixed eyes are so gorgeous that it makes her wonky eyes look so much worse now.

No. 190295

Leah Dizon got knocked up by her hairdresser/makeup guy, had a shotgun wedding, lasted about a year then got a divorce and then fled back to the United States.

No. 190318

I wonder if that will end up happening to Koots, but she's safe being not desirable or hot enough to be a target.

No. 190409

I really can't see Dakota having kids, she's too selfish and lazy. I feel like she's the kind of girl who would rather get an abortion so she doesn't have to quit smoking or get "fat".

No. 190410

Lots of selfish people have kids (like her own parents), and lots of pregnant woman continue to disregard life of said child and smoke.

Hoping she's more proactive in preventative measures. Stop a problem before it happens, that way no guilt rides with it.

No. 190414

"+112 votes
There are plenty of cuter Japanese girls with slimmer legs"
Kek, most of japanese girls are uglier than Dakota

No. 190434

If we're being realistic 'most girls' are uglier than Dakota. She's not absolutely repulsive and if she hadn't lied about her looks I honestly think more people would have liked her.
Anyway you're comparing a quantifying word with a percentile word. There are 'plenty' (hundreds) of Japanese girls cuter than Dakota but I would venture to agree that Dakota is cuter than most (more than half) of the girls in Japan.
Then again not everyone wants to be a model so there's probably a large number of cuter girls who have aspirations higher than that.

No. 190501

Yeah, but Dakota and especially Kiki are far more self centered than Cathy. Kiki would only have a baby so she could whore it out and blog about her kid being ~born & raised vegan~ and try to make it a model (esp. If it's half Japanese). I don't think Dakota would until maybe her early 30's, and then only by some guy with money and she'd pawn it off on nannies while she plays video games and shops online.

No. 190609

The thought of the Monstrengas having babies is horrifying

No. 190636

One gets "mom arms" when gaining weight. She wasn't always like that.
She really could drop a few lbs, just around 10~15? it's not like she's obese, but 10~15lbs would make a huge difference.

She doesn't work out for a single minute.. really flabby.

No. 191050

She's never gonna do anything to improve herself as long as sucking manager-sama's dick for jobs keeps her in work. If e clever gets tired of her and replaces her with the next underrated weeb, she's screwed.

No. 191052


Should be *underaged, hurr

No. 191060

Both work

No. 191160

File: 1444547072133.jpg (61.8 KB, 600x800, CRAe7P8UwAAq5sx.jpg)

No. 191172

Why does she continue on with the crazed retard face?

No. 191185


Yes dakota, you totally look like that

No. 191187

File: 1444572407620.png (1.16 MB, 1074x1077, 2015-10-11 10.04.47.png)

No. 191188

File: 1444572431479.png (1.1 MB, 1076x1078, 2015-10-11 10.05.38.png)

No. 191207

this, most of the comments were realistic but the comments about how her legs are fat wat. Like no, not even.
I agree that maybe she looks ""fat"" in comparison of her photoshopped picture but wth. I agree with the comment saying she looks like many other white girls and how her body is similar to average japanese girls. She's "cute" but average cute,nothing spectacular or dolly.

No. 191217

For a model she is fat sorry to tell you. She is not average because the average model is slim. Skinny is average basically.

I wish people would stop sugarcoating it, if she was a regular person on the street nobody would be calling her fat and you would have a point by saying she's average. But she is a model so she has to meet a higher standard.

Stand kooter next to a normal girl she'll look ok but next to another model she looks like a chub.

No. 191218

lmfao except they don't even know kaka exists.

No. 191219

As a model she is fat, as a normal girl shes average and cute.

If she put effort into doing workouts and eating better she'd probably look better next to thew models unshooped.

But her problem is she spends all her time on the shoop. Less shoop more sweat is what she needs.

No. 191237

She has fat legs. To me atleast, maybe because I have stick legs

No. 191243

File: 1444590071582.jpg (469.6 KB, 976x749, 2015-10-11 14.59.37.jpg)

No. 191244

File: 1444590091098.jpg (562.67 KB, 1007x754, 2015-10-11 15.00.10.jpg)

No. 191255

oh kootex, where ya giant eyes at?

No. 191256

What's with the stupid ass one eye open one eye closed shit?

No. 191261



Must be some weird gesture they only do in Japan or something

No. 191263


You mean that bizarre "winking" mechanism human eyes can engage?

No. 191265

she looks so out of place here

No. 191267

lmao wtf
she looks like when you squeeze the sides of a barbie's head and she gets a fish face

No. 191269

she's obviously doing it to hide her wonky eye

No. 191278

Fuck Kota, he's so handsome ughh

No. 191284

closing one eye does not equal a wink

No. 191285


Japanese 18 year old girl I met on Hellotalk reads Popteen still and she said "Dakota is cute but some of us readers are scared of her D:"

No. 191286

all these kawaii girls and then there's kota…

No. 191287


Why would you even upload this… kota if you think you can override risa

pls fink agen

No. 191305

File: 1444600890630.png (887.09 KB, 915x435, dakota.png.866dd8fcf3cee6fa145…)

No. 191306

File: 1444600910450.png (306.69 KB, 743x285, 242bf9f.thumb.png.52dce938bd09…)

No. 191311

Oh. My. God. Kill it. Kill it right now!

No. 191315

she's that really fat blonde blob, right?

good thing she has changed.

she shouldn't be drifting into that 'weight class' again lol.
and it currently looks like it might happen.

No. 191317


No. 191318

lol shes trying to wink without squinting her eye. girl just keep them open like everyone else

No. 191321

i had no idea she smokes. that's not kawaii desu
how do we know this? are there pictures?
this makes the weird smoking isn't cute photo of kaka and kota even funnier to me

No. 191335

iirc Charms dished about Dakota smoking in her exposé on /cgl/ from way back

No. 191336

>i had no idea she smokes. that's not kawaii desu

Everyone in Japan smokes, even the tiny kawaii girls.

No. 191337

left: a toddler
right: a turnip that fell onto a red eyebrow pencil

No. 191339

there might not be any pictures since in japanese culture it is 'rude' when a woman is seen smoking. She might be thought to be 'manly' if she is seen smoking but many women smoke. I have seen women sneaking off to smoke secretly, some even in bathrooms but not in front of others.

No. 191342

Dakota as tinkerbell for halloween 2015

No. 191345

Ew. Dakota, you can't pull off updos, you're balding. Extensions don't help you at all. Jesus, that looks so bad. Her using 3/4 of her hair as bangs doesn't help either.

No. 191347

>both pics ugly

The way she tries to hide how huge her chin is lol

No. 191348

I think she was trying to hide her wonk eye by winking.

No. 191349

Her chin isn't even huge, it's just because she doesn't take care of herself and her face looks chubby. It looks a bit like if she gains any more weight she'll have a double chin.

No. 191351


This reminds me of those fuckugly hairdos "punk" girls do where they shave their while head except the bangs and the two long strands on either side. It looks good on nobody and makes their ears look Dumbo-huge.

No. 191358

please look at when she turns her head, the amount of hair she's missing from behind her ear?????
her legs are big…

No. 191359

Most of the hair in that bun has to be fake, there's no way hair as thin as hers would make a bun that big.

No. 191371

Did you miss >>188714 ?

No. 191386

Have you ever seen those hair pieces or puffy things for making a bun? She's obviously using that lol

No. 191430

What is going on with her eyebrows???

No. 191432

No. 191436

ew you can see her extension glue

No. 191437

hair inspired by donald trump

No. 191442

I wonder what Japanese girls are saying about her hair online, it looks truly awful.

No. 191448

what the fuck is happening on pull? Newly registered users creating useless threads and spamming all the threads

No. 191452

you know how sometimes photos are posted and everyones like awww look she's so cute!
no. this is what she really is. a hairless white girl that overlines her top lip.

No. 191454

File: 1444662351160.jpg (744.99 KB, 952x1406, Dakota-Koti-Ostrenga-KotaKoti-…)

I just miss this era of her so much…
And this era in general where drama and milk was flowing in abundance with Venus Angelic and Felice anf Mila's shenanigans and there was all these parody tumblrs and it was a good time…
it feels so boring now.

No. 191455

I feel you anon. The reveals of her "true face" were fun back in like… 2011, but now it's just so bland. The lolcow golden age has truly passed. I'm so sad.

No. 191465

It will come back. It always does

No. 191470

So one of my subscriptions released a video about "real people who look like dolls" and this is what they claim about Dakota:

>Also known as Dakota Ostrenga or Kotakoti, this 19 year old is extremely popular in China and Japan

>Her small mouth, large eyes and tendency to post pictures of herself dressed up like a schoolgirl
>No doubt add to her online popularity. All indications are that Dakota does it all naturally without any
>surgical help. Sure she uses contacts and a lot of makeup to help her look, but in comparison to what's
>What's coming on this list - she is one of the more natural doll-like people out there today


No. 191472

Holy shit, that bald chunk behind her ear.

No. 191475

i've never seen anything like that. even on thin-haired people.
there has to be some sort of illness involved or something? i don't get it

No. 191476

I think it's probably some weird genetic thing. Kaka's hair is really thinned out too.

No. 191480

File: 1444669999369.jpeg (39.85 KB, 450x391, hAcRbja1truBLIP_9YO5f_35.jpeg)

>I think it's people who are into kawaii and dolls that worship her

Think again. Comments saying she's cute/that they like her have a lot of dislikes and a lot of negative comments have more likes.

>She's cute, but she seems to have a terrible personality

>They go so far to praise her, but she's really not beautiful
>Seems like this? (picture of some guy who had surgery )
>I hate this girl's character. It makes me sick.
>In a still image she's cute, but in motion I don't like her
>Her chin is concaved/crooked
>She is an entirely different person on Youtube and television
>When she first appeared on tv she spoke casually and was quite conceited lol. However, she's become a little plump, her skin is dirty and she's not a beautiful girl. In a still image she's very cute, but she's such a disappointment. (And I think they mention her chin is a little crooked again. )
>The Japanese hate this girl, huh? ( 300+ likes, 8 dislikes )
>Isn't she ugly? (referring to pic related )
>She girl is a bundle of lies
>Why do you think she's cute? She has a criminal record, she's lied about her age, her videos are questionable, on Youtube together with her sister they put up videos of them despising Japanese people and similar videos and I see nothing but a terrible personality. (also something about how she couldn't sell to Americans, so she came to Japan because she's white and said she could sell there. Also mentioning about about her intentions going to South Korea seemed to be that she wanted to be an idol ). She's disgusting!
>Isn't she actually 27?

Sorry if these aren't translated perfectly, I'm still learning.

There are several comments about her chin kek

No. 191481

>She girl
Meant to say "this girl".

No. 191482

Kaka's may be thin but she seems to at least have a full head of hair.

I think she may have Alopecia, stress, and/or her hair's falling out due to all the stuff that's done to/put in it on a regular basis.
I was also thinking that maybe she could be one of those people who pull out their hair when they're stressed. But if that were the case, she'd probably pull out hair in less noticeable areas.

No. 191483

>she seems to at least have a full head of hair
no she doesn't at all. she's missing so much at the bottom/behind her ears.

No. 191487

The thing I'm curious to know is, are people commenting negative shit like this on other articles on this site too? Because if theyre bashing everyone, that's one thing. If they're singling out Koti, well… Haha.

No. 191491

The top comment in >>189015
says "I don't think I'd like her"

also, to add the most recent article about koti in girl's talk

Had the comment
> "Real barbie? Where?" (+754, -15)

lol they aren't buying her shit anymore

No. 191492

it's soooooo many people too!

No. 191495

Another comment translation

I'm just going to do the ones with a lot of + on it

> So shooped (+1044, -15)

> "So Shooped" isn't Dakota's face really scary? (+1016, -19)
> Hirose Suzu is definitely saying shit about Dakota in some other account of hers lol (+1194, -33)
> Dakota shoops too much so I'm always shocked when I see her on TV (+1540, -45)

No. 191497

Just translating a few more from this page as well

>I want whoever wrote "Real Barbie" to resign! She's not Barbie at all!

>It would be good if she went on a diet. Her face and body are unbalanced.
>Huh? Where's Tinkerbell?
>Her cheekbones are amazing
>She only looks good in photos
>Her face is small, but her ankle is fat
>Why is she no longer active in America? Is it because her reception in Japan is good?
>She has such ugly qualities. Her chin is also strong, so if she gains weight she looks like she'd become a sumo grand champion. ( this translation is a little rough, sorry ).

There's also a comment about her using a lot of photoshop and that her sister and her made videos about discriminating Asians as well as telling lesbians to die. It seems someone includes this in almost every page about her.

No. 191499

they're so vicious lol
and kota and kaka think LOLCOW is terrible. why don't they listen to what their beloved japanese are saying

No. 191500

Tbh I have to wonder if some of this isn't commented from us/people from cgl etc.

Though it seems the Japanese are on board, things like mentioning her history/really old videos seem more like farmers trying to spread the word.

No. 191503

it doesn't really matter who posted it when they do have around 1k people agreeing to the comments lol

No. 191505


You have to be in Japan in order to make comments or sign up. But anon is right, Japanese are starting to agree about things and slowly pick up on kota's looks.

But that doesn't mean she won't loose popularity, people still like dakota.

No. 191506

No. 191507

C-can this thread be used to show love to dakota? I-I think she is really cute but this thread is used to spread hate…

No. 191508

No. 191509

Is this instagram or something ?

No. 191510

what, i'm not allowed to think that comment was funny?

No. 191511

File: 1444675770918.jpeg (35.27 KB, 500x500, pvVeCIht67SmXVs_ftLV1_151.jpeg)

Thank you, fellow translator-anon. I'll add a few more

>She photoshops so much that her bangs have become blurred ( +433 -7 )

>I don't like either, I don't think they're cute. ( +136 -13 )
>But both of them aren't cute… ( +153 -30 )
>Dakota's face looks different in pictures and television (ー ー;) ( +326 -4 )
>The Dakota Rose who made fun of Japanese people with her sister ( +723 -20 )
>Trash&Garbage (+295 -12 )
>Both are malicious. I want them to disappear from the world of show business. ( +154 -10 )
>She uses photoshop ( +231 -5 )
>She's an old lady (+202 -3)

I wish I could translate it properly, but there's one about the devil talking about Dakota's chin and dubbing her Crooked/Concave Rose.

No. 191513


Well you've got to be realistic. Dakota isn't going to loose her fans over night and probably never will, not now. Some people genuine like her because she's cute and that's all there is to it. No personality and cute.

The Japanese seem to like that.

You'll get Japanese who will bash her behind the screen but never say it to kota's face and kota probably reads that shit. But she's so hard faced, she will keep shooping and shooping whether they like it or not.

No. 191514

some of the comments still have downvotes but those could easily be some of the same people.

No. 191516


b-but Japanese people are so polite,lovely and vegan they cannot do anything bad anon~*

No. 191518

i wish we had an upvoting system too anon i'd upvote your comment :)

No. 191538

Sorry I'm on mobile…

I don't know if this has been posted, but notice how she does the same poses/covers mostly her chin

No. 191549

My bad, I meant to quote >>191495

No. 191563

Oh wow dat downvotes.. They really like her.

No. 191565

How did she learn japanese so quickly? I seen many videos of her making fun of asians call me a conspiracy theorist but i beleive since her family is in illuminati maybe the real dekota died and some old ass japanese guy/girl is in the body VIA soul consciousness transfer i suck at grammar i know

No. 191570

>how did she learn japanese so quickly
Because she is smart.

No. 191572

She's actually Japanese

No. 191642

File: 1444714367452.jpg (2.59 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)

Make-up vs no make-up

Or shall I say, "no make-up"

No. 191644

File: 1444714472878.jpg (1.44 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)

Nice circle lenses, kota

No. 191645

Btw, notice the very wonky eyes

No. 191646


No. 191647

Btw, notice the very wonky eyes

No. 191648

She already has such nice colored eyes. Why does she bother with those shitty circle lenses?

No. 191649

Is she using eyelid tape?

No. 191652

File: 1444715735121.jpg (1.78 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)

Here, have some comedy gold.

Dakota had had 3 size photos in Popteen (I will post the old ones, quoting this post.

Let's compare them all.

1) 40 KG
2) 40,3 KG
3) 45,5 KG (damn, koti)

1) 80 CM
2) 84,8 CM (LOL)
3) 81,1 CM

1) 54 CM
2) 54,5 CM
3) 60,7 CM

1) 81 CM
2) 83 CM
3) 88 CM (wat)

1) 37 CM
2) 40,6 CM
3) 41 CM (probably more like 45)

Look at the last photo. Nice thighs, koti. It's super obvious she gained a lot of weight. I know Popteen lies about measurements, but these are pretty consistent with each other if she gained. Not like they only magically gave her a huge bust.

No. 191653

File: 1444715766209.jpg (68.94 KB, 326x450, image.jpg)

First one

No. 191656

File: 1444715932014.jpg (227.44 KB, 742x1000, image.jpg)

Second one

No. 191657

I really don't think there's anything wrong with her body at any of those weights/measurements. I'm not going to notice a 4 cm difference in her thighs or a 5 cm difference in her waist anyway, even if those measurements aren't made up.

No. 191659

4 cm and 5 cm difference would be impresive on one's body. So you would notice.

No. 191664

her thighs are so flabby looking and untoned.

No. 191666


Her thighs are still touching despite her bowing her knees way out and posing hard as fuck. I wouldn't doubt she's sucking in her gut like a mofo and shaded her tummy with makeup.

Get your lazy ass on a treadmill, Dakota. Once all your hair finally falls out and your age starts to show, your manager will find another desperate underaged Anglo weeb to fuck.

No. 191667

She's also standing on her toes and the pic has been airbrushed a bit.

No. 191668

>1) 40 KG
>2) 40,3 KG
>3) 45,5 KG (damn, koti)



What a total crock of shit, and how much weight do you have to gain for your agency, who is willing to lie about your weight, to say you gained 15 pounds in the magazine? Wow. They must have had no other choice, this was probably all they thought they could get away with.

To you or might not be much of a difference, to an agency it could be all the difference in the world. Some models lose contracts over gaining 3cm in the wrong place.

No. 191673

she looks so chubby

No. 191678

Because she is. Those weight measurements are lies. Kooter's standing on a couple good sized ham hocks, she's gotta be at least 120.

No. 191711

I've seen those original measurements posted a few times and I still can't get over them claiming she was 40kg. Maybe on Mars.

No. 191728

>I was too skinny before so this weight is good

Curious about the interview on the right

No. 191751

loool sure, koti

No. 191753

I'll take pictures of the whole page, hang on

No. 191758

File: 1444728053739.jpg (3.13 MB, 2448x3264, image.jpg)

Are you able tontranslate the whole thing?

No. 191759

File: 1444728081803.jpg (1.26 MB, 2448x3264, image.jpg)

Bonus: koters in jeans

No. 191767


Huh, she's very top heavy isn't she? But she's got more of a waist than I originally expected.

No. 191772

Yeah she does not look good in jeans.
Stick with skirts that cover your thighs, Koots.

No. 191773

Dakota is nowhere near top heavy, she's an A-B cup at best. Even across those 3 different measurements that's still only 31-33 inches.

No. 191774

What is with you people and her thighs? They are NOT that big. Get out of here

No. 191775

She's pretty hefty considering that she's a model though.

No. 191776

No. 191782

JEZUS..she looks creepy….omg..wooow..those lenses..KOTA STAAAHP

No. 191783


Q: strengths and weaknesses?
A: strength - dependable , weakness- short tempered
Q: what do you do with body hair?
A:nothing, it's blonde so it doesn't stand out
Q:how much do you sleep a day?
A: 0~5 hours
Q:how do you sleep?
A: i don't move at all like a dead body.
Q: what do you do when you wake up?
A: brush hair, put in ponytail, brush teeth.
Q:aave you ever been in a fight with a friend?
A: yeah, I have. i left it like that (don't rly get the answer sorry)
Q:what's your type?
A: not too showy, black hair, natural.
Q: what's your longest and shortest relationship?
A:longest 2 years, shortest a year.
Q:when you argue how do you make up?
A: i apologize even if i'm not wrong because i hate arguing.
Q:tell us a scary experience you've had/
A: when i was 18 i woke up in front of myself, out of body experience. i was scared so i screamed.

No. 191784

I think it's because her thighs grew, giving a curvy illusion

No. 191785

what issue of popteen is this?

No. 191786

No. 191787

Her thighs are flabby for a molded….nothing that a few few hours a week at a gym can't fix.

No. 191788

>>Q: what do you do with body hair?
>>A:nothing, it's blonde so it doesn't stand out

she's lucky that way, I was cursed with black body hair everywhere

but I do remember one of her first photoshoots where she was standing in front of the sunlight and we could see inches long blonde hair sticking out from her legs. that should be a reason for her to shave her legs, at least

No. 191791

File: 1444731335521.jpg (1.17 MB, 1856x1553, fsdffs.jpg)

Ooooooh fuck, I fucking found it, a direct copy of the original apology.

Here they are, the original and the one suspected to have been edited by Cathy/Scott at a later date, with text compared:

No. 191792


>this was nearly 2 years ago

changed to

>this was over 2 years ago

Fucking kek.

No. 191793

>Q: what do you do when you wake up?
>A: […] brush teeth

>Q: have you ever been in a fight with a friend?

>A: yeah, I have. I left it like that
I think she might mean that she didn't resolve it and they just stopped being friends maybe.
Possibly a reference to Charms?

Oh wow, source? I don't think I've seen that.
Yeah, she is lucky for that. Shaving sucks and if you have dark body hair even one day of stubble is noticeable. Fuck you, Kootz.

No. 191811

Eh, kota and kiki strikes me as the kind of people who fights easily with other girls over dumb jealousy shit. Charms is definitely not the first, or the last.

No. 191828

Am i the ONLY ONE that likes her thighs and find her legs nice/slim/average and not chubby at all?!
Yeah she is fat for a MODEL but.you guys exaggerate she isnt chubby except in the stomach and face tho.

No. 191830


I don't really mind her body tbh. It's alright? she looks human.

No. 191832

I don't know how to search because it's really old. I can only describe it and hope another anon knows what photoshoot I mean. It was one of her first photoshoot (for clothes), in a soft kind of lighting. She was sitting at a kitchen table, and she also wore that extremely ugly dress while standing in a kitchen. I think it's from the same shoot as that infamous wonky eye photo (where she's wearing her hair up in a bun and standing outside a house/place).

No. 191833

She looks average, which is okay for normal people but not for models. She also looks nothing like how skinny she shoops herself, and that makes her look so much fatter than she is. She set herself up for this failure

No. 191835


Exactly. I agree, her weight is fine. She just has a bit more weight than the Japanese models but kota could easy loose it but we all know she's a lazy ass.

Again, she shoops and set herself up for this. It's her own fault at the end of the day, I get she had to market herself in order to get anywhere in life and fool people. But you reap what you sow.

No. 191842

whenever the one girl started having a giggle fit, lol that bitchy look kota gave her
she looks so annoyed

lol soon she's gonna be PT. she seems like she would have the same body type if she weighed as much as her.
she's definitely gaining weight
everyone try making this pose (feet together, thighs apart, on high heels/tiptoes) and see how much of a difference it actually makes. she must look so much worse. plus i'm sure there's even photoshop.

No. 191843

She looks so…like, soft. And flabby. Not fat, but just like she sits around a lot of eats a lot of garbage-y food. Could've sworn she made two posts a while back about how she got new running shoes and a bike on her blog. Guess that was just for show. :/

No. 191844

Oops, **or.

No. 191851


Top heavy can also mean having a wide ribcage anon, which is what Dakota has. Her ribcage is wider than her hips from a front view -= top heavy.

No. 191888


and I'm sure her real weight is even higher than that (or her height is lower than reported), to be honest

No. 191907



No. 191908

>even if not wrong

No. 191928

Holy shit that bikini photo is giving me intense second hand embarrassment. I can't believe she doesn't just diet and exercise more already. She's a model and yet she looks like she sits around shoving junk food in her face all day, which is sad because I actually think she is pretty cute too, and she does put all that effort into makeup etc.

No. 191931

agree. looking good is her JOB. she's responsible for how her body looks. part of the job is eating right and exercising.
she just sucks at her job then.

No. 192001

jeans look bad on her here because the top is hitting her at the widest part of her butt/hips making her look even wider… she has a kinda cute shape

No. 192091

File: 1444780232819.png (94.02 KB, 236x275, kotadark.png)

Just for you

No. 192106

Exactly, it's not like she can't lose a few pounds and whiten her teeth at the very least, but no. She doesn't care about her image at all as long as she has shoop and photo editing apps.

No. 192160


omg kind anon, marry me, I didn't think anyone would do it, really :')

No. 192188

She's apparently gonna upload a new video soon and here's a clip from it.

No. 192192

She looks legitimately retarded in that clip, wtf?

No. 192193

She looks so much cuter with dark hair. Too bad she'd probably never do this.

No. 192194

She looks like an alien baby fetus with Down syndrome.

No. 192195

File: 1444804649033.jpg (48.71 KB, 511x581, lčl.JPG)

lmao da fug

No. 192202

File: 1444805104094.jpg (90.01 KB, 432x261, trouts with fringes.jpg)

Ain't no denying they're sisters.

No. 192225

what video editing software is she using?

No. 192227


EW wtf?

No. 192228

Because we can totally tell that from a shitty still picture of a computer screen.

No. 192233

Wow asshole, who shit in your salad? If you go to the link to it on her Twitter you can see that the program is in the video and someone can probably identify it by the interface. There's also the Adobe logo in the menu bar.

No. 192236

its After Effects, as a quick google search for Adobe video editing software would tell you.

No. 192237

That's After Effects.

No. 192243

I'm not even the one who asked, so no I'm not going to do a quick Google search to find out. There's no reason to be shitty over a simple question. Just because the Adobe symbol is in the upper bar doesn't mean that's the exact program she's using since she also has other things running but it might help the anon who asked.

No. 192258

I was the anon who asked about the program. I'm not familiar with After Effects and I did not even see the Adobe logo.

No. 192269

if youre not that anon why are you getting so triggered on their behalf? relax, put the computer down and go find something productive to be mad about.

No. 192283

Her mannerisms are so annoying. If your selling point is that you're not japanese stop trying so hard to act japanese!

No. 192286

Translation, pretty please?

No. 192297

The fuck. Wheres her neck? Wtf was that sound at the end?

Kota you make it move obvious when you dont move that you are trying to after effect yoyrself.

No. 192302

>it took 6 hours but I finally managed to fix my computer that was broken. Please look forward to my video! It will be a bit long.

No. 192306

this screenshot in particular is terrifying
she looks like one of those albino models with huge lips. not in a good way

No. 192326

i cant stop reading the girls channel posts. i'm just imaging a bunch of japanese women being polite IRL and catty bitches online

No. 192328

That's pretty much how it is.

No. 192330


That was a sneeze Anon.

No. 192335

can't wait to see it lol she thinks she looks cute in this??? why would she post this??
i can't tell what video editing program it is but (i've never owned a mac) does the adobe logo with the 4 on it mean she has four adobe programs open?
she looks like an alien fetus throughout the whole preview so she had to have shopped it some way.

No. 192337

More like it took her 6 hours to edit the video to her liking.

No. 192387

no, I believe it means she has 4 new notifications on adobe update centre. The program is After Effects.

No. 192391

i like how she just confirmed herself she uses after effects

No. 192426


Yeah, she has to go through the process of getting her angle right so making her eyes look bigger and chin smaller.

Kota has to pale her self out as much as possible so the point where we only see background/eyes/mouth and hair.

She then must edit and keep still af so it makes editing easier on AE.

She's gotta upload some cheesy anime music and get kawaii text.

Reverse some crappy kawaii hairstyle she has seen in some magazine.

Why can't she just do cutesy hairstyle with her new shorter hair anyway? We all know she's got extensions in. It'd just be a change.

No. 192444

sry for newfag, but is her hair colour natural? It just looks so uniform/homogeneous for blonde hair.

No. 192464

Remember that one anon who kept insisting she doesnt use After Effects? TOPKEK

No. 192482

Her haircolor is natural but it's a light brown, not blonde.

No. 192572

File: 1444856051146.jpg (14.54 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

Not that anon, but nah, she is technically a blonde. I took three years of cosmetology, for reference.

No. 192603

According to this chart to me her hair seems more like light brown.

No. 192616

to me it looks like she is around a shade 6. I think it is a really lovely shade, I just wish she would nurture her hair instead of damaging it so thoroughly with extensions.

No. 192625


I would say light brown is more Kiki's kinda colour according to that chart, but I feel like whether it's blonde or brown just depends on who you ask

No. 192640

I'd say it also depends on which picture of her you use for reference. It varies constantly. Generally she seems to fall between a 7 - 5.

No. 192686

why is she taking so long to upload the new video

No. 192703

Her hair could also darken as she gets older like Kiki's has, it's definitely a bit darker than it was a few years ago.

No. 192705

I can't believe anyone would think this looks better than her "blonde". Is this a ruse to make kootz make herself look bad because she looks shit brunette.

No. 192720

Anticipating Koot's yearly video upload.

No. 192722

i agree, anon

No. 192725

File: 1444882190347.png (312.61 KB, 750x479, tmp_3731-Kotakoti_quotes2-1471…)

Reading Kootie's original apology does kind of make me feel for her, but then I see pic related and remember she said all the shit she did because she wanted to, not because she was "bullied" or "pressured". That apology was nothing but a face saving gesture in the first place.

No. 192734

Actually I thought she was pretty cute in that video. I wanna see more!

No. 192753

I have the same colour hair as Dakota and it is definitely classified as within the region of blonde, often being referred to as a "mousey blonde".
Kirsten is definitely a light brown.

No. 192768

I think she doesnt dye it dark because of her balding. I bet if her hair was dark you could really see how thin and little her hair is. Not kawaii. I bet if this were not the case she would have done it a long ass time ago for sure.

No. 192776


How about, wild idea, she likes the natural colour of her hair?

No. 192777

I dont really think so. Most weebs or idol wannabes dye it black at one point cause "uggu asian hair". This has not been the case with Kota. Only wigs.

No. 192781


You are forgetting that this is the girl who has been frying her hair dying it every colour under the sun since she was like 12.
I'm not surprised if she's tired of it now and wants to grow out healthy, natural hair without the bullshit of root maintenance and protection serums.

No. 192790

Think about it though. Look at the video and puctures of her with an updo. She has so many balding spots. Imagine this with black hair.

No. 192797

whoah whoah whoah anon that's crazy talk!!!
but i agree… like… she has naturally blonde hair and japan loves it. sure she lies about tons of other things (her eyes, for one) but whats wrong with keeping her natural hair. jeez you guys

No. 192811

not only the dark hair, but when her roots grow in she'll have light roots and it would look so terrible oh my god

No. 192817

Seriously. For a long time I thought it was just her acting "tough" and "edgy" to be cool with her scene sister, but… I think she's really kind of like that. I don't think she's THAT bad and is definitely hamming it up a little but… It's sad.

No. 192840

both her and kiki are definitely just like that. that's their personalities. they just hide them now.

No. 192843

Everyone does stupid shit when they're young, and maybe she's still a terrible person at the core but she seems to have toned down a lot. I think if she didn't shoop so hard she wouldn't get half the hate she gets.

I mean she isn't fooling anyone when she appears on TV looking so different from her pictures, why does she do it anyways? It's just sad and it would be a lot better for her to be truthful.

It's not like she is super ugly without shoop either. I'd still consider her attractive. Just not "real barbie" level.

No. 192845

If I had a dime for everyone of these posts I'd have a lot of dimes.

No. 192852

I know that but it sounded like she was trying to add a sound effect to it.

No. 192861


to me it sounded like "ah-choo…nyaaaaa"
kawaii animu koti 24/7

No. 192862

Me too, anon. Me too.

>she was a stupid kid! Everyone does stupid stuff at that age!!!

Idk about you but when I was 12-16 I didn't go around calling people faggot, nigger, pedophile lesbian and insulting them for so much as complimenting me at every single turn. Nor did anyone else I knew, and it's not something I ran into on a regular basis. Dakota and Kiki did it because they're cunts who believed- and still do believe that they're better than everyone else, and other people only exist to worship them and give them things. Dakota hasn't changed into some sweet, kawaii angel. She just learned that she had to hide her nasty personality so she can stay in Japan and keep making money as a """model""".

No. 192864

>when I was 12-16 I didn't go around calling people faggot, nigger, pedophile lesbian…

EXACTLY!! thank you!! seriously who does this?? how many people you knew have done this and what are they like now?

No. 192865


The only reason anyone likes Dakota now is because she's a kawaii moderu in glorious Nippon despite being fat, lazy and plain as fuck and the makes them think they have a chance at the same. Or that by somehow ignoring literally everything from before Japan noticed her and saying how cute she looks (when let's be honest, if it were anyone else she would be torn apart) that koti will notice them.

It baffles me how people are willing to completely forget literally anything as long as you can be attractive or cute and pretend to be polite.

No. 192866

I didn't know anyone who would ever say that in real life but there were plenty of people who would in their online personas. Of course they all cringe about it now that they're adults and have grown out of it. They also were a bit more anonymous than Kooters and Kaka were and didn't post videos of themselves all over the place. It was more of blogging and forums type of shit.

No. 192876

Even the kids who did shit like that did t do it 24/7 and plaster it everywhere right next to pictures of their faces and using heir real names. Even those who did (Jessie Slaughter, for example) only did it until they realized what an asshole they were and disappeared. Kiki and Kota did it because that how they are as people- their parents destroyed them by isolating them and grooming them to believe their shit doesn't stink and the entire world owes them everything, and anyone who doesn't agree 100% is scum at their feet. Yes, it sucks for them having a family like that, but even with all that grooming they still could have ended up as at least semi decent people but they didn't. They both fully embraced the shit the Monstrengas were feeding them and ran with it to this day.

No. 192884


I agree, it's because kota got there first. Sorry, but she did. She was the one who collected that "living dorru" crown and shooped herself into something Japan would go "wow" at.

Peachymilktea and Kittyphina try, try and try to be like kota. But it's been done, Japan already has a barbie. That's why Venus won't get popularity over there.

No. 192901


>despite being fat

That girl is clearly not fat.

No. 192905

She's fat for a model, to the point where they have to lie about all her measurements and can't put her in jeans. Don't start beating this dead horse again.

This. Why if they have a Dakota, would they want another one? Beckii and Magibon got noticed by Japan by doing their own thing, and Dakota too. So why would trying to be a clone of them get you anywhere when thy already have the original? Make up your own gimmick.

No. 192906

I like that this is a mainly a female user website, but do we have to devolve every thread into "fat or not?"

No. 192907

She's fat for a model, not for a normal person. Her body is normal/average, no one would give a shit if she was just a random girl, but her job is literally to look delicate and kawaii desu

No. 192913


You are confusing pop culture models with high fashion models.

Pop culture models, especially Asian ones, have wildly different standards there and it's totally acceptable to have a little bit of chub on you.

No. 192914

I don't really follow jap idols but from what I've seen they tend to be very thin. They just look softer and more childlike instead of super toned like runway models.

No. 192918

remember when they were doing that bikini shoot and only handed kota a towel to cover up? lol

No. 192924

yea its pretty niche
a lot of the pop culture models are tiny or chubby in the right places or something that gives them youthful appeal

No. 192955

>she seems to have toned down a lot
Bitch where?
All she's learned to do is close her mouth.

No. 192995

File: 1444959295125.jpg (1.75 MB, 2037x1527, 2015-10-15 21.34.05.jpg)

No. 192996

File: 1444959321178.jpg (1.61 MB, 2033x1526, 2015-10-15 21.34.27.jpg)

No. 192997

File: 1444959347711.png (242.05 KB, 480x640, F2z9EWCLYD.png)

No. 192998

File: 1444959379256.png (261.71 KB, 500x500, uqFeEPAhd5.png)

No. 193000

y u postin old photos

No. 193007

File: 1444961629656.jpeg (69.44 KB, 600x800, 502c0f5404544d12d50f3398f3c474…)

No. 193009

No. 193012

File: 1444962409325.png (1.23 MB, 661x846, sdff.png)

No. 193017

File: 1444962939399.png (714.9 KB, 837x474, bawd.png)

I know we already covered Tinkerbell, but I found another vid where you can see her other side clearly and it looks…well…
See for yourself.

No. 193018

File: 1444962964749.png (675.26 KB, 840x452, bawd2.png)

No. 193019

File: 1444963012458.png (720.9 KB, 842x471, bawd3.png)

Like, the stylist should be fired for that updo.
It makes her look really bad. I actually feel terrible for her to be seen like that.

No. 193021


jesus fuck
just give her a tinkerbell wig or something similar

No. 193023


Jesus her ribcage is so wide.

No. 193030

File: 1444966028791.png (562.71 KB, 561x730, grosskota.png)

Holy shit, what is going on with her arm and chest? Her shitty diet and lifestyle has truly ruined her body. Disgusting.

No. 193034

wat am i looking at? what are you even circling

No. 193037


Anon are you okay…

No. 193038

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be looking at, looks like a healthy arm and chest to me. Am I supposed to be seeing solid bone or something and you have a problem with the lack thereof?
Also imo kota looks hella cute with a bit more meat, she looks soft.

No. 193041

Another proana PULLtard putting Dakota under a microscope.

No. 193042

Anon Im kinda confused on what you are trying to point out here?

I kinda think she looks cute here. Not like a model. But cute in a better than average way.

No. 193044

No, I'm not saying she's fat, I mean that it looks abnormal and unhealthy… Do you often see people who look like that? The shape and texture is so strange.

No. 193046

2 the slaughterhouse with you Anabelle-chan.

No. 193047

>The shape and texture


No. 193049

Lol what! That anon is crazy. There is nothing to see inside those circles. Are u a pro Anna or something? She's totally normal

No. 193050

God her upper arms look flabby

No. 193052


OMG the hair…I died hahahahaha

No. 193056

ok her arms do look weird in this photo now that you've pointed it out lol

No. 193058

She looks like she's squeezing into an outfit that's a bit too small, which is kekworthy but on the level you're trying to act like it is.

No. 193059

Ew,the face she's making reminds me of Ahri-whatever.

No. 193060

Dakota is not fat by any means but she is dreadfully underdeveloped in terms of muscular mass.

Girl needs to pick up a weight sometime.

No. 193062

are you fucking retarded? Thats exactly the reason she has toned down.

Face it farmers, you are never getting good quality milk from this cow again. Every few weeks you will get some keks from her unedited photos but that's it.

No. 193063

This is the cold, hard truth. Kooters will probably never act like a little shit in public again.

No. 193075

That wasn't the argument, the argument was that deep down she's still the same cunt she always was, despite not being as vocal about it. People like to act like once she went to Japan she's some angelic, reformed little princess of sweetness when in reality it's all an act she puts on so the Japanese will throw yen at her.

No. 193085

literally no one said she wasn't still a cunt deep down. But what does it matter what she is really like when you'll never get to see that side of her again?

No. 193086

You must have missed all the "she really has changed and I'm happy for her" shit that was rampant in older threads.

No. 193109

you go koot

No. 193110

That Tinkerbell fiasco… why didn't the hairstylist add the extensions only to the bun part to avoid this ridiculous mess from happening. I don't get it. I have fairly thin hair and if I want to fake thicker ponytails or buns, I'll put the extensions only to the ponytail/ bun so they aren't showing any clips or tape or whatever.

No. 193111

because her extensions were put in well before this event, and not meant to add volume to a bun only.

No. 193113

Texture? Is that what you're trying to say about her chest??

No. 193128

Bitch, I'm a skeleton and she looks healthy to me. Almost anyone that's at a normal BMI has those bumps at their armpits and arms when held like that. Stop pushing your proana bullshit, it's not cool. It's sad.

No. 193131

File: 1444996054623.jpg (74.63 KB, 700x1000, dootdoot.jpg)

thank you, reasonable skelly.

No. 193136

>The shape and texture is so strange.

It's called 'pixels' anon

No. 193142


Are you guys blind? It looks like she has keratosis pilaris and possibly a maculopapular rash.

No. 193143

tbh this pic looks cut and paste. i know its not lol but they look so unnatural and awkward together

i dont see anything

are u ok

No. 193154

oh no is it contagious?

No. 193158

I hope you're joking, if not: >>193136

No. 193161

You obviously have no knowledge of anatomy or physiology.

No. 193174

Even if she has KP it's not an issue. A ton of people have it and it's normal. ffs, you're just nitpicking at literally nothing anon.

No. 193178

Uh, don't you mean dermatology…?
Anatomy/physiology really has nothing to do with identifying skin disorders, and I don't blame anon for not knowing about them. It's not really common knowledge.

No. 193181

can we go back to talking about her baldness because i still can't get over it

No. 193201

paging dr. anon, you're needed on another thread.

No. 193202

Er, except I am aware of both conditions. There is nothing on her chest and you can barely see bumps on her arms. Find a decent quality image where it's clearly visible and maybe you'll find a single person to agree with you.

No. 193210

Sorry, I'm >>193178, I don't think she has anything going on with her skin either, I was just trying to point out that anon doesn't know what they're talking about.

No. 193213

Don't worry, most of the post wasn't aimed at you.

No. 193214

File: 1445018720059.png (358.23 KB, 584x581, Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 19.0…)

Anyway more dark-haired Kota. I quite like it, but she needs to fill in her brows at least a little darker.

No. 193219


tbh in england most girls look like this

this is the average brit body

No. 193220

True, if not bigger.

No. 193228

a few days ago i commented "加工しすぎてやばいw" and she blocked me today
anyway theres this >>193214
seems like she listened to our thread lol
now if only kaka would

No. 193243

Tsubasa clone

No. 193244

It's just a wig, but yeah, it does look better than her own hair. If she got a milk blonde one this length with more layers it would be cute af.

No. 193247

Every time I see another new photo all I can think is this bitch is out of her damn mind. And that's saying something because I've grown quite used to, maybe even fond of, shoop faces. I can only imagine the reaction of someone who's never been exposed to this level of fuckery before.

No. 193265

Holy shit, it looks like she is a AAA cup in this photo. In fact her right cup that her breast is suppose to fill out is concaving. I'm so confused about what her real cup size is.

No. 193267

Why does she do her eyemake to look like she has downs

No. 193270


Because helpless, weak little uguus are kawaii, silly anon.

No. 193272

*eye makeup

No. 193274

seems like a combo of having to buy a bigger size to fit that huge ribcage AND having no tits therefore tightening the straps too much

No. 193275

Hahaha look at the outer corners of her circle lenses. You can see that her own iris is too small under to fill completely

No. 193287


She could have at least put in a cloth pad to fill out the cup, that's just sad. And ahe looks so wide compared to the girl next to her, yikes. She really should start wearing some serious shape wear.

No. 193288

That's the point of circle lenses…?

No. 193290


Yes, Kota, hear my pleading
You can start with darker wigs
Now it's just a matter of time when she'll dye her own hair

No. 193295

I have this same top - it's a bustier from Forever 21's lingerie section, actually. I have B cup boobs and I look flat in it, too… Damn, though, she could have used chicken cutlets or something. Compared to the girl standing next to her she looks… really not good.

No. 193305


That explains why it's so sheer and costumey looking.

No. 193312

File: 1445040263915.jpg (39.16 KB, 640x637, image.jpg)

… To have a white space between her iri and the circle lens? Ok…

I know what circle lenses are for, geez, I'm saying that the color doesn't reach her iris so you can see a lot of white space between the end of her iris, and the inside of the lens.

No. 193315

Obvious samefag. Embarassing.

No. 193319

Are you the same anon from >>193030 ?

No. 193325

I was watching Jeremy Kyle the other day and this ep came on. Swear to god, I thought she was a cross between kota and kaka

No. 193344


has noone else noticed that she is wearing a bra UNDERNEATH that thing as well? She has two distinctly different bra straps on each shoulder. She is so flat, that even wearing a bra under it is doing nothing for her.

No. 193345

Wow she must be really really flat then! How did she shoop her boobs so big in all her other pics!?

No. 193428

File: 1445070261818.jpg (52.93 KB, 640x640, 12145021_1638180226469957_1415…)

No. 193429

File: 1445070484609.png (540.45 KB, 442x598, dakota26.png)

No. 193432

File: 1445070778767.png (1.27 MB, 768x1024, dakotawa.png)

No. 193434

File: 1445070922255.png (467.81 KB, 446x598, nomake.png)

No. 193435

File: 1445071210602.png (429.73 KB, 472x630, dakoda.png)

No. 193442

What the fuck is wrong with the other girl's eyes?

No. 193517

Eyelid glue fail

No. 193518


Reckon they're pissed up here? Kota looks hammered af

No. 193519

In sweden people actually say this. "Make" or like "she's really "maked"
It's a huge pet peeve of mine.

No. 193523

She's really maked? I actually thought Swedes were excellent at English.

No. 193563


Yup, tape ftw!


I'd believe it. She looks hammered, plus she let someone take a pic of her without makeup on (even if she did have them blur her to hell and back).

No. 193570

I dont even think that is sclera tho… Plz calm down. U are beingautistically nitpicky
Zomg guys kotas iris are sooo tiny trolololol

No. 193572

Are you guys really not getting their point? It's just pointing out her laziness considering even quite recently she's claimed not to wear circle lenses. She used to at least give a shit to hide it better.

No. 193586

Her INTENSE blurring from the thumbnail is really obvious here. It looks awful.
She looks super haggard here. No wonder she's blurring to death.

No. 193611

It's not perfect but I don't have much experience with GIMP so best I could do

Wow, a good step forward, now if she only stopped shopping her pics like an alien.

I like her here, she looks cute

No. 193635

She looks like she's in pain and really didn't want this pic taken lol.

Looks like red-eye auto correction gone wrong?

No. 193648

Her top lip look soooo much fuller in this series of pics. Looks like much better overdrawing but for her sake I hope she got injections as well

No. 193673

Is this that one JAV actress that got all that terrible plastic surgery done?

No. 193691

No. 193693

Come on, it's obvious where her lip ends

No. 193702

Ah no, they're fine with English, that's how they say it in swedish. "maked" or "makead", a "swedification" of the English word. It sounds really dumb.

No. 193742

lol no i dont think rumi kanda is kawaii enough for kota

though the AV route seems to be next in line once she is more washed up

No. 193747

They make English sound like a completely different language, holy fuck. The way they talk is almost Indian.

No. 193754

I'm pretty sure it's some ugly UK trash accent?

No. 193769

New apartment video is up

No. 193773

Yup, that's England for you - people like that make up most of our population here, shame really that it is full of scum.

No. 193776


It's so fake it makes me cringe. Who the fuck would keep handbags in your kitchen counter next to the heating place ? She just wanted to show off her things.

Also to me it confirms two things:

- She definitely reads everything we write here. Just when people where complaining she didn't made any new video for one year and wrote a list of suggestions, BAM house tour video

- She's definitely living on someone's money and I'm starting to believe she's really married to someone in Bravo. There's no way she could afford a nice, modern and big apartment in the center of Tokyo (I bet rent is about 150 000y/month if not more) and all that crap with small commercial modeling contracts. There was like 30 pairs of brand shoes, I saw some Swankiss and Liz Lisa.

No. 193777

Also confirmed 9000 hours in after effects to boot, which is why this took so fucking long lol

No. 193778

that fake high pitched voice, wow.

No. 193779


This is why us Britfags get sensible chuckles whenever non-Brits talk about how much they love the "British accent" and how English people sound so refined.

There are 56 different accents in England alone, and those are only the officially recognised ones, and the vast majority of them are not entirely pleasant to listen to either.

No. 193780

File: 1445174296153.png (722.88 KB, 1280x717, adasda.png)

I'm sure it's just funny angles but her head looks absolutely enormous at 3:53.

Also Dakota, you really should have adjusted the vibrancy and colour balance on this one to a warmer hue. The cold tones make you look really washed out.

No. 193781

Her place is a little gaudy for my tastes but I know there's not a lot you can do in terms of customisation in a Japanese rental apartment.

Still, it looks cosy. Nice job Dakota.

No. 193782

>She's definitely living on someone's money

Apartment probably costs more but I believe she gets a ton of presents sent to her from fans, as well as money from Youtube.

I can't even watch this, she's trying not to move her face and eyes and mouth outside of the guidelines.

I forwarded around and saw pictures of her with her friends but not Kaka…

No. 193783

File: 1445174878844.jpg (56.54 KB, 650x433, image.jpg)

Pretty interesting to watch, I like how minimal it is. Too bad the overdrawn lips and no eye makeup make her look like a demented child that's just eaten a ice lolly. I genuinely think she's trying to make herself look like a toddler.

Her apartment definitley doesn't look like there's a guy living there, both the beds look like singles as well. Has she ever said she lives in the centre of Tokyo? Because apartments like an hour or so away from the centre aren't that expensive compared to a lot of other large cities.

Definitley not discounting that someone could be bankrolling her though.

No. 193784


She looks like Tsubplastic in this video… those sausage lips.

No. 193785


Possibly giving some manager a weekly shag?

No. 193786

It looks like her arms don't belong to her body, same for her ears lmao

No. 193787

There is so much stuff everywhere…If that's the way her flat is everyday it must be a pain in the ass to clean

No. 193788

>purses on the stove
>pillow and jewelery at the bathroom sink

The plastic toys are meant to look neatly staged but seem messy. All the shopping bags being used as temporary storage are just hiding even more clutter.

No. 193789

Japanese men would pay Kota not to fuck them.

No. 193790


I thought the same. I think it's a nice, I love the white theme (I am into white theme too) but it got on my nerves constantly either seeing her face in photo frames, Sailor Moon merch and cats. Seriously, it looked over done.

Plus the make up bags near the cooker though? Jesus christ kota, you've got a pretty apartment. Don't go setting it alight!

I think she reads things on here too. She must do.

Her voice and lips were cringeworthy. I know people do a bit of an 'accent' when they talk in Japanese. But kota's is weird and not cute. Especially when you know her English voice is gruff and deep.

I think it's nice how her fans send her gifts and shit though. I think Dakota really did look up to Audrey Kitching back in her scene days, remember when AK would do those apartment tours? She'd have her pictures on walls, mixed combo of random things that didn't go but still kept it cutesy? I think kota is trying to be like that too. Especially in that NHK apartment tour (its taken down now) but it was where we saw her sketch designs in her old apartment. It was a few months back or so.

I think she could possibly be either married in secret (not living with them) or fucking someone. OR doing something else on the side we don't know about.

No. 193791


Nah, they would. Definitely. They'll fuck anything.

No. 193792

File: 1445175475217.png (703.83 KB, 1067x628, kek.png)

Aye it's the Audrey Kawasaki print that farmers claimed she sent back to Kaka after a ~fight~
This goes to show that what we post here about the sister's relationship is purely speculation and we will never know what they're truly like together. No more silly rumors please, unless you have solid proof.

No. 193793

Yeah, I noticed that too. Lot's of pictures of herself, a few of her friends, but no trace of kacka. Kind of surprising, considering how close they used to be. I mean, I guess it isn't really surprising, as we know things are awkward between them. But it just kinda confirms it.

I reallllly want to know what the situation is with her and the rest of the ostrengas. I'd also love to know what she really thinks about Kiki's desperate visa chasing.

No. 193794


>no more silly rumors please, unless you have solid proof


No. 193795


I thought the same. I saw this part and it make me laugh cos it's like kota's way of saying "yh bitches me and kaka are still in touch so fuck u"

No. 193796


I know you'd like to believe that on account of how much you hate her but the truth is Dakota is pretty much the average Japanese man's fantasy fuck.

No. 193797


Especially when the chinese started using her pictures to advertise those gross sex dolls over on aliexpress

No. 193798

Only one person ever said that though?

Everything else about them fighting online was pretty legit, especially with the unfollows and these magical leaks of Kaka profiles before each breakdown.

This, it's the sole reason she's actually still in Japan. Like those videos with her in a bath with the old man?

No. 193799


Well, let's put it this way. Kota sleeps comfortably at night with a smile on her face.

No. 193800


God, it's weird seeing her videos of her trying to be kawaii and then remembering that minging shit. That old man was just…

No. 193801


I kinda wish she would make her own art actually. It'd be interesting, I know it's haggard to hell and back with the skele-chan girls. But it's a nice personal touch I think?

No. 193803


I was thinking the same. Every video I see of apartments in Japan, people do their best to make it look cute. But they can't do that much to it cos yh. Reasons.

Compared to how big her bedroom was in America… it must have been a shocker for her when she first arrived there years back,

No. 193804

Ehh, if she really wanted to do that, wouldn't she have zoomed in on a picture of them together or something?

No. 193805

Does anyone find it weird she never had a shot of her face as she's moving around the apartment? Maybe too hard to do on AE?

No. 193825

i think she's transitioning, so that some day she'll use the alien filter on her mac, and make videos like that

No. 193837

File: 1445182342484.png (24.03 KB, 738x155, 210000101.png)

Her lips move in such a freakish manner, it's quite unsettling.
I don't understand Moonspeak so all I have to focus on is her distorted face.

From caption though:
>I suck at translating. Next video I will film in English. Sorry.
>I am basically just complaining about the problems I had moving. I moved this year in March.
>A lot of buildings do not accept "celebrities" or people in the entertainment industry over here. Understandable…but infuriating.

It's nice that she's planning on doing a video in English next, considering she used to give no fucks about her English-speaking audience, or really just anyone that wasn't Japanese.

Also this comment caught me off guard a little bit.
It seems quite…honest? And polite?
Strange to see from Kota. I feel like a couple of years ago when she making vids before, this kind of comment would be one she'd not approve/delete or at least definitely not respond to.

Also lol at Beckii and Abi's comments already.

No. 193838

File: 1445182448907.jpg (56.17 KB, 1536x310, image.jpg)

Why is it so hard for her to get a balance between puckered butthole and smeary blown out vagina. Just do your lips normally Kota.

No. 193847


Why are you so surprised that over the last 5 years she's actually grown up and matured?
I never understood why people treat present Dakota like some kind of proverbial witch when we hardly get a window into her life as it is.

No. 193848

I agree, I'm actually excited for her - I can't wait to see her release more content for us to pull apart.

No. 193853


>these are my real lips! I just used to cover them with makeup, teehee

Next thing you know she'll claim she always wore lenses to make her eyes look smaller before she went to Japan and "stopped wearing lenses". Jfc.


Lol shut up Dakota. Grown up and matured eh? That's why she still lies and deletes shit constantly, and keeps trying to subtly "prove" shit to us farmers. If she was so happy and grown up she would be worrying about whitening her teeth and losin weight and nt sitting on her ass lurking lolcow trying to sabotage her sister.

No. 193855


Cos that's all we know since her and kaka. She doesn't let us into her life anymore so people assume the worst. Who knows, it could all be an act or maybe not.

It's like Venus people know she's an asshole but still treat her like a queen.

No. 193856


I'm not saying I hate kota but I don't think she's an angel. I think people just think "oh shes changed now!" but tbh… I don't know. Maybe she has, maybe she hasn't. The Ostrengas have ALWAYS been shady.

No. 193857


Don't get your hopes up too high, it'll be another year until we see another video.

No. 193858


No idiot, the picture was a sly dig.

No. 193860

I actually am one of those people that believe she has matured somewhat (maybe not completely) and seems more genuine than she did a couple of years ago.
It just surprised me because it's something we're not used to seeing.
What surprised me more was the honesty rather than the politeness, really. That's one thing she's never really done. She's constantly lying about every aspect of her appearance, she'd usually try to act like her lips are like that ~naturally~ in some way or stay silent and not respond at all.

No. 193861

My theory is that she's threatened by Taylor because if anything I think it's Taylor who reads this thread and does everything we want Dakota to do (keeping up with videos, apt tours, vlogs of what she can record while working).
Maybe it's both too (reading the thread and threatened by taytay) because it wasnt until Taylor started doing everything we wanted kooter to do until Dakota probably recorded this.
I'm also laughing hardcore at that octave drop on the bit that wasnt recorded with the rest at the end there. If you're gonna pretend your voice sounds like that stay consistent you idiot. Also most people have seen you on TV and you dont sound like that then either so why even bother?????

If she just acted even SLIGTHLY more natural instead of being fake all the time people would like her and I think it's that reason that even with plastic surgery Japan is gonna steadily jump over to Taylor.

No. 193862

I don't believe it, and there's a very simple reason why:

You're telling me that moving away from her asshole family and living on her own made her grow up and mature? Sure, that might be believable, except you're talking about a girl who never had to work or even finish school and was taught that she deserves everything on a silver platter and that she's better than everyone else.

THEN send her to Japan, give her a modeling contract and watch as the Japanese bend over to ignore her obvious lies just because of their disgusting Anglo fucktoy fetish- how would that make her more mature or grown up?

She still basically doesn't have to work, everything is handed to her and she doesn't even have to put any real work into her appearance or job, no matter what she does they'll still cater to her because ~blonde white and blue eyes so exotic desu~.

I don't believe that having everything she always thought she deserved for nothing handed to her for nothing has made her grow up. She's still a compulsive liar and photoshop/AE addict.

No. 193865

>she'd usually try to act like her lips are like that ~naturally~ in some way

That's exactly what she did, she claimed that she always used to conceal her lips to look smaller with makeup and now she's ~embracing her full, natural lips~.

No. 193866

Whereas I do agree the Ostrengas are super shady, I do think Kooter has gotten more perspective on life. By having to work all by herself and experiencing life and its challenges she has grown much, much more than her sister.

If given free reigns, with what she knows now, I don't think she'll ever act as poorly as she did before.

What I do think is that she is very, very keen on making sure that what is happening now is somewhat garantueed in the future.
She knows she's on borrowed time, she's using every tool in her arsenal to make sure she will get what she wants.

Kooter isn't a sweet person, I am sure she's ruthless and has that hunger the desperates ones have. She wants a certain life and will do anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, to get it.

No. 193869

Uhm if anything that's dakota saying 'Yeah bitch I have the thing you got me on the floor' to kiki? She could easily have it hung up but it's on the floor in a corner. Sending it back would cost money and why would she waste money on Kiki. Remember that kiki got dakota birthday presents but I dont think dakota's gotten her anything?

No. 193870


It's weird isn't it? Taylor isn't as popular as Dakota though. I know Taylor is a spoilt little bastard but I like how she is slightly more honest than Dakota.

I think Dakota has created this illusion for herself so badly that she MUST keep on top of it. So like Taylor showed pictures of her weight gain as a kid, Dakota would never show anything like that. She just wouldn't because A) embarrassing and god help what the japs over on girlschannel would say about her. B) Must obtain barbie doll cos barbies never put on weight and C) too smug do any of that shit.

It's just not her. We'll only ever see the perfection in her life. Never the flaws.

No. 193871

No she didn't, her exact words were "Now I go over them a little"

No. 193876

Does anyone mind translating what she said? I know it's just her moving frustrations but i think it'd still be interesting.

Seeing she posted a video definetly made me double take. Hi kotaaaa

No. 193877

She's not "all by herself" though, she's been getting handouts and hookups from Bravo from the beginning. If she really was all on her own she would have ran home to FL years ago. Modeling, even as a white girl's in Japan, isn't as easy as all that, you can't just show up and start getting jobs. There are hundreds of young, thin white girls in Japan hoping to be models every year who go home in debt with their dreams crushed. There's a wonderful documentary on modeling in Japan called Girl Model, it's on Netflix and it'll give you a new perspective on the matter. One girl, a tall and very thin Anglo girl got sent home because she gained one too many cm on her waist- and you think a chubster like Dakota is maki it on her own? Top kek.

No. 193880


Taylor could easily surpass Dakota if she let the cheek fillers go away and stopped trying to dress like a little boy. If she embraced the more feminine, kawaii elf dolly shit with more dresses and cute shoes she would be set. Problem is nobody likes her 90's prepubescent tomboy look, that she ain't cute.

No. 193882


Well Dakota's got time over Taylor but Taytay already has a contract with zipper I think? She's also deeper in the actual modelling world compared to 'public face' Kooter who gets in a lot of things where they can use her name but she'll never be in a legit fashion show where they dont name every model.

Even though Taylor is loaded I dont think she necessarily lets that affect her. Even in her videos talking about vegetarian and gluten-free options I never felt like she was talking down to me (see: the Ostrenga method of 'if you dont do what we do it's gross/wrong') and honestly I dont care about plastic surgery at all and I honestly hope Taylor dethrones dakota because she's a better influence and seems to actually put effort and try.

Sure she has it easier because she's spoiled (which she doesnt even flaunt her money cause she still spends wisely and could easily go overboard) but she seems to put effort into looking nice (working out/knowing how to dress) compared to Dakota who it's as cute, doesnt work as hard and is literally handed her jobs because of her shoops.

No. 193883

To add to that, the girl PURPOSELY gained too many cms on her waist so that she'd be sent home. The main girl in the documentary suddenly retracted her feelings and said that the producers of the documentary cast their experience in a negative light, but… Just watching it you can tell that both girls are absolutely miserable.

The modeling industry is tough. A lot of people think that it's just getting into clothes and being kawaii and sitting around getting your photos taken. It's not like that at all. You have to be "on" all the time and even then, you're going to be rejected a LOT. Once you get a job, it's full of really, really long days on your feet. Not even that, but posing and such takes a lot of practice to get good at because what looks good is different for everyone. Then on top of that you're in the public eye and people can shit on you all they want. (Not saying Kooter doesn't deserve it; she definitely does.)

Also, I shudder thinking about how catty Japanese models would be… Especially to foreigners.

I guess to some people it doesn't seem too bad, but once you do it you realize how draining it can be. Obviously she's not digging ditches or doing rocket science, but there's still an exhausting element to it.

No. 193885

And they should, in my opinion.
Taylor is everything Kota wants to/shoops herself to be. She's like the Dakota that should have been.
She's pretty, thin and in shape, healthy, honest, seems friendly, actually puts effort into the modelling stuff, has long thick and real hair, seems to have an actual personality, etc. etc.
I mean, the whole copying Kota thing in itself is kind of dumb and she should just ~be herself~ or whatever (also stop with those god-awful cheek fillers), but she really is a better Kota than Kota herself.

No. 193886

Yeah, both girls crying hysterically, saying they want to go home, and asking why they aren't getting any jobs despite being promised jobs in their contracts- it was awful and I felt so bad for them. Plus it skeeved me out that they lied about that one girl's age- saying she was 15 when she was really 13. Andno feel like she only changed her mind and said all that so she could continue on trying to be a model overseas without the film damaging her reputation.

No. 193887

I actually like it… :3(
It at least makes her stand out somewhat from all the other weebs that dress in all kawaii shit 24/7. She'd be more boring and generic I think if she switched completely to cute girly stuff.

No. 193888

And on top of all this, if she makes her real age a selling point she could tap into a huge market for older women- Japan likes to focus on young girls and teens, but there are plenty of older women who can still pull off kawaii. She could even probably get deals for skincare products as a face model.