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File: 1411351907989.jpg (103.91 KB, 500x695, tumblr_inline_mjrs58OoyK1qz4rg…)

No. 49394

Does anyone have any news on shmegeh? People on dumblr are saying she's homeless, is this true? What happened?

No. 49395

I think she's getting help?
She's not updating and staying away from the internet,which is good imo her shop is open again, so I don't think she's homeless

No. 49396

attention whore bitch.

No. 49397


Nah dude, she's technically on the run atm actually.
I can't remember what the crime was, something minor, but she didn't show up for court or something so there's a warrant out for her. It's true that she's homeless. I think she's sleeping with friends in a different state.

No. 49398

really? where was this posted?

No. 49399


It's been all over the tags for a while now.

I haven't looked at them in a while so they might be buried under a bunch of stuff but scroll down far enough and you'll find some posts relating to it.

No. 49400

didn't she beat up the so called girlfriend like a week after moving in with her?

No. 49401

Yep. She was Baker acted (held against her will in a psych ward) after beating up Mena, then skipped a court date. Now she's in contempt and has a warrant out.

Instead of doing the right thing, I guess she thinks she can continue to evade the system. That will only make her punishment worse.

No. 49402


I'm really surprised as to how somebody of her condition could beat up what appears to be a taller, heavier girl.

Wouldn't her blows just feels like leaves rustling softly past your face?

No. 49403

How tall is Mena? Michelle is like, almost 6 feet talls. And Mena is pretty thin herself. She does (or did) a lot of drugs, as well as drink, and would kind of flaunt it around Michelle knowing Michelle is/was an alcoholic.

Those two are just bad for each other, period.

No. 49404

Didn't Michelle or Mena post on Tumblr about the whole thing after it happened? Does anyone have caps of it?>>14320

No. 49405

I'd really like caps too.

That's what I was thinking. She looks like she barely weights 100lbs at 5'7"? i doubt she's very powerful.

No. 49406

She just updated her tumblr. Looks a bit healthier imo. I dont know if that really is recent though


No. 49407

File: 1426740196085.jpg (161.06 KB, 700x1043, tumblr_nlfwxjGHoO1qzt48xo1_128…)

Meant to post photo too in case she deletes it.

No. 49408

She actually has a pretty face. Too bad about her abusive/alcoholic personality.

No. 49409

Why does PULL like her?

No. 49410

Were you also on the kooter thread? Stop asking about PULL. This isn't fucking PULL. Most of our anons are from 4chan.

No. 49411

Pretty face? She looks like a waterlogged corpse.

No. 49412

She posted something yesterday about being angry with herself for not having a good selfie to post?

I wonder if her hair grew out again, or if it's a wig. Maybe an old picture.

No. 49413

She said in one post she had that disorder that makes you pull out your own hair with anxiety. I think she's wearing wigs now. So maybe the selfie is older? I never know anything with this girl.

No. 49414


It's a wig, she had to shave her head in rehab.

No. 49415

I keep imagining it's the same person that is in every thread going ''omg ur from pull'', ''you're so new!'', ''you must be from pull'', ''newfagggg go back to pull''…

No. 49416

Yep she does look much healthier, normal in fact. It's her albino dyed hair/eyebrows, lenses and make-up that make her look like a corpse.

No. 49417

I wonder what it would take for her to get back with her friends. She did a lot og majorly fucked up shit, but her friends have always been very ~oh they are sick, excuses excuses~ so, idk. Marisa and haku in particular will probably open up to her again. I wonder if she is still in theraphy, i mean she has hinted that her ED and addictions were byproducts of her mental illness, but then again we have proof that a lot of what she put online was pure roleplay bullshit so.

No. 49418

I did like seeing a picture of her that wasn't posed/distorted again though, it looks a lot like the photo she put up when she was talking about modeling. Props to her for not thinspo posing.

No. 49419

I'm really surprised Michelle didn't get casted as a model. I think she would be pretty good at it.

No. 49420

I honestly think it was because of her extremely low weight, her face is good and she photographs well. She should give it another go now that she's sober and not at the brink of death

No. 49421

But if she's still dealthy skinny, wouldn't she keep getting rejected?

No. 49422

because the only think about her vaguely model-esque is her weight?
other than that, her hair is like straw and the rest…well yeah

No. 49423

If she stopped dyeing/bleaching it and started taking care of it, her hair could look good.

And she did mention a long time ago that she was scouted and went to a casting but nothing ever came of it.

No. 49424

File: 1426777238607.jpg (801.35 KB, 720x960, tumblr_mzu1q2mi9z1qzt48xo1_128…)

This makes me sad D:

No. 49425

probably because, I repeat, the only thing even vaguely modelesque about her is her weight

she does not look like a model. at all.

No. 49426

Yeah but why waste the scout and company's time if the only good thing about her in their eyes is her weight?

No. 49427

I mean they never called her back

No. 49428

True, but none of us know why. IDK, I think she has a pretty face and some potential if she gained a little bit of weight and took care of her hair properly.

You have legit ugly models like Lily McMenamy who somehow find success, and Michelle looks 100x better than that.

No. 49429

Ew Lily looks like a Neanderthal.

No. 49430

Modelling isn't about beauty, it's about having a unique, yet symmetrical face, and a body that accentuates whatever clothing and/or art is placed on/around it.
Like the focus is not on the model themselves, but how interesting they can make the actual thing or product they're modelling look, if that makes any sense. Conventional attractiveness is only sort of successful with this. You can turn on the TV and see pretty people everywhere, so it's a bit pointless to use beauty to draw attention.
That's why people like Masha Tyelna, Kelly Mittendorf and Lily McMenamy are successful. You just don't forget their faces, "ugly" or not.
Michelle, on the other hand, actually has a very normal face when you take away the damage her ED has done. At a healthy weight, she wouldn't stand out very much, if at all.

No. 49431

Reminds me of grav3yardgirl sort of. I think Bunny can model too.

No. 49432

Not really. Models are a specific type of plain and ugly. Rachel is just inbred.

No. 49433

I doubt she has the professionalism needed to be a model. It's not like it's a piss easy job (unless you're Naomi Campbell).

No. 49434

It was outed that she wasn't really on the run from the law. It's on junky-business's tumblr.

No. 49435

Urghhhhhhhhhhhh yeah no.

Shmegeh and grav3yardgirl could never be models. They are neither aesthetic nor photogenic.

Shmegeh is plain whereas grav3yardgirl is just plain fucking ugly.

No. 49436

yahh not gonna go through 30 pages of that

No. 49437

Pretty sure this is an old as fuck one. She cut all her hair off, it would show up really short an that ain't a wig. I think she's gained weight but for duh reasons only wants to put up her Ana pixy girl ones up.

No. 49438

Pretty sure it's in the tags

No. 49439

yeah that pic is really fucking old. I think the newest pics of her are the ones Megain posted on instagram, and even those are old.

No. 49440

yeah I saw a photo of her with that one tumblr girl she was friends with…skinny mousey white girl, brown hair, nose ring? emily might have been her name? idk and idc….but she went to visit he. they were both kissing in stupid wigs in the photo. and you couldn't see their faces but both figures were at normal weights. normal arms. a little bit on the plump side even.

No. 49441

went to vist her

No. 49442

No. 49443

Also check her Instagram. She's tagged by some 16 yr old girl who thought they were in a relationship

No. 49444

File: 1426860610218.jpg (205.19 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Her brachial looks chunkier

No. 49445

>dat eyeshadow
>dose eyebrows
>dat fucking make-up as a whole
My god. How do you leave the house thinking that looks fine?

No. 49446

File: 1426861334094.jpg (130.65 KB, 720x720, 1509321_1402283718.6453.jpg)

She looks so much like Kina from 65_Redroses. It creeps me out a bit since Kina passed away and whenever I see this girl, I just automatically think of her.

Pic related.

No. 49447

Are you 100% sure the girl on the pic passed away? Because they look exactly the same, even that left front tooth is crossing the right one in the same way

No. 49448

That's why it's so friggin creepy, man. They're like…doppelgangers.

I didn't know Kina personally but her sister said she passed away (she had Cystic Fibrosis and had chronic rejection from her lung transplant) and the makers of the film also said the same thing. It would be nuts if she wasn't dead.

No. 49449

File: 1426866908327.png (233.21 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_2015-03-20-08-49-12…)

Her talking about shmegeh

No. 49450

Does shmegeh not have an ED page?

No. 49451

Not that I know of. She deserves one after the whole beating up Mena thing.

No. 49452

Shmegeh has always been one of my favourite tumblr train wrecks.
The time has come for her to have an ED page lol.

No. 49453

i really think she's a pedophile, that girl on instagram was like 16, and wasn't mena that age whenever they started talking? she's about 22 or 23, probably older, the shit concerns the fuck outta me

No. 49454

She looks ghetto and psychotic, like she belongs in a prison cell next to Shaniqua. You guys find this attractive? Looks like she'd strangle you for a baggie of heroin.

No. 49455

Nope. She's nothing to me.

No. 49456

The whole point of this site is to drag lulzy, delusional bitches, not to fawn over them. If any one of you find her look attractive I suggest you get help.

No. 49457

File: 1426910713742.png (Spoiler Image,394.8 KB, 414x583, shmegbleed.PNG)

??? posted an hour ago, this seems really fucked up to me, she doesn't usually post pics of blatant fresh SI, and it seemed like she's been trying to draw less attention to herself. hope ur okay shmegs

No. 49458


16 year olds aren't really children though are they.

No. 49459

argh, that's disgusting. Maybe a spoiler tag?

No. 49460

why the fuck is she taking and posting pictures of this shit?

No. 49461


No. 49462


No. 49463

Ummmm….the fuck? Just replying telling anon why she hurts herself just to take pics and post them online for pity. I don't feel sorry for this bitch at all tbh. Her internet should be taken.

No. 49464

Attention seeking bitch - O LOOK I BROKE THE CONTRACT WITH MY DOCTOR!!!!1


No. 49465

i meant stop spazzing uot

No. 49466

because she's a dick

No. 49467

Ok pedo chan

No. 49468

Jesus christ, here we go again with the pity party shit. All my money on her adressing this in the future like "gosh you guys are so stupid, it was an accident nbd and also stop looking at me ugh you only speculate you don't know me!!!" Look at me don't look at me so blatant it hurts

No. 49469

There're always going to be girls like her who think it's kool to be a mess. Fans of megaskank courtney love (back in 1800) were the same. They thought being fucked up was a good look and oh so cool. Wasted rock star thing. Fucking idiots.

No. 49470


Kek, 16 is the legal age of consent in my country but if you seriously believe that somebody dating a 16 year old is on par with fiddling with a 5 year old you're thick and filled with hysteria.
It's icky as fuck but it's not illegal.

16 year olds are not children in the same sense. When I was 16 I had already had sex and was drinking and getting krunked to fuck every weekend. What's really important is that you do it around people your own age or similar though.

No. 49471

pedo chan is right though

in a lot of countries 16 is fine for sex

I think it's pretty awkward, trying to divide when someone becomes a 'young adult' but generally by the time someone is 16 they're no longer a child

No. 49472


>pedo chan

My boyfriend is 24 :l

No. 49473

There's probably something wrong with your boyfriend if he can't get someone his age.
16 year olds may not be children, but they're hardly on similar wavelengths as adults either. I say this as an underager myself tbh

No. 49474

Exactly. I'm 25 and even 20 y.o's feel to young at this point. If there isn't anything wrong with your development you're gonna feel the same way when you get older. My growth as a cognitive person or however you want to put it spiked at 22 and it really made a difference. People can yell "he/she looked older" all they want but's not difficult to pin someones age once they open their mouth. Like you said I firmly believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with people my age, like michelle, who choose to go after youngsters like that -you're either under developed psychologically or you need someone you can easily manipulate and prey on.

No. 49475


>there's probably something wrong with your boyfriend if he can't get someone his age

What do you mean? I'm 23. I just don't get why I'm being called a pedophile because I said that being 16 years old isn't really the same as being a "child".

Like yes you're a child, but you're not a "child".

No. 49476


haha you're not a pedo for that. i bet the anon calling you a pedo is just bad at articulating what >>49474 was saying

No. 49477


>except no adderall

BWAHAHAHAHHA, her fucking idiot doctor was prescribing adderall to a wasting away corpse. The fact that she was just on adderall when she was trying to convince everyone she actually had the willpower to starve/was really "smart" is hilarious

Remember all the Harvard sweatshirts she used to wear

What a fucking cretin inbred bitch

No. 49478

Theres this girl I follow on tumblr who I became friends with really quick, at the time I was 21 and she was 17, but I shit you not, I thought she was older than me. I take a 2 yr break from tumblr, come back, shes 19 and dating a 34 yr old woman (long distance though), but had been dating her since she was 17.

I go on this womans page and she is a huge train wreck, I'm talking bipolar, multiple personality disorder, gender identity issues, obese, some disease that makes it difficult to "do anything" according to her, MARRIED, masochistic, and the list goes on. The 19 yr old seems like the adult in the relationship and goes to visit her all the time, 5 hrs away.

I do think there is something wrong with the 34 yr old for persuing her, but I can understand how differences/similarirty in maturity can make someone feel its okay. I wouldn't date someone younger than yr or 2 beneath me though, and I'm 23.

Have enough conversations with people 4-5 yrs beneath your age group and the differences are pretty incredible.

No. 49479


hahaha LMAO you are a pedo tho like 16 may not be childs but they still are underage

No. 49480

This. Because of most of my hobbies, I meet a lot of 21/22 year olds and a lot of the time our difference in speech is outstanding. Even though I'm only 27, it's like speaking to my past self sometimes when I speak to someone 21 and under.

No. 49481

They are mentally a child. Get over yourself, pedo.

No. 49482

Yeah I'm not in "your" country.

Good for you big girl. You had your big girl panties on at the age of 16. I don't care if you're physically able to reproduce, that's not being an adult. They're minors and fuckin retarded as hell and any adult who fucks with them is gross.

No. 49483

I know I'm probably responding to bait but the cut-off for pedophilia is 13 and they usually want kids 11 or younger. (wikipedia)
They like prepubescent, not post-pubescent humans.
If tumblr has taught us anything, using words with the correct definitions is pretty important, and letting it slide combined with the ridiculous, almost hysterical statements that people spit out in a pedophile related conversation only furthers the spread of misinformation and the aggressively misinformed.
A 16 year old is not an adult, obviously. But it does not make them a child either. You don't magically physically and mentally become an adult when you turn 18 and people's maturity levels can vary widely. Someone in a romantic relationship with an underage person is way more likely to be taking advantage of them in some way, I agree. Please stop using pedophile as a catchall term! Ephebophilia is the exclusive attraction to minors 15-18 (post-pubescent), but even if you are randomly attracted to a 16 year old it does not make you one.
>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronophilia for more information but please get back on topic anonfriends

No. 49484

Yeah, and if you tell anyone this, they try to argue against how illogical we're being because of that one person they know who disproves this notion.

Let's say they are smarter, more mature, and in a better SES, they're still at a different stage in life. Who a person is or should be at 30 is much different than that of a 21 year old. I don't mind this particular stage difference though.

But a 15/16 year old in H.S. with a college student, one that isn't even a freshman at that? No. Sorry, but it's skeevy.

No. 49485


Lol the hysteria penentrates deep in this one.

Are you the type that sets fire to paediatricians because it has the contraction "peado" in it? Top fucking kek

No. 49486

I am being called a pedo by since hysterical white trash because I said 16 year olds are not really children even though I was molested and raped repeatedly over a 2 year span when I was 9.

Shaking my head at the stupidity.

How is I, an actual victim, can be realistic about this stuff but people who likely had an entirely safe and normal childhood are usually the crazy types who scream "PEDOPHILE" at fucking everything.

No. 49487

u do know ur a anon and no one cares about your sad sad -probably made up- life right?

No. 49488

Not to derail but this is a thread about a lolcow, not about the definition of pedophilia.

On that note 16 year olds aren't necessarily children anymore but they definitely aren't adults. And they are definitely the preferred prey of many skeevy adults (The Red Pill really thinks it's alpha to go after 16 year olds). Except on very few exceptionally rare situations 16 year olds are not in the same life stage as most adults* and there tends to be a creepy power imbalance.
90% of the time the people advocating that 16 year olds are mentally the same as most adults are probably 16 themselves.
*I'm saying adult as in not someone who just turned 18 but someone who is older than high school age/has started college/has started actually living a life outside of school.

No. 49489

sorry, I know 3 years probably isn't an adequate amount of time to heal from your questionable past.

No. 49490

Stfu paedophile enabler

No. 49491

I think your choice of 'enabling' is really telling here especially in response to my post about how it's important to use words correctly

No. 49492

As in I didn't fucking borer to read your sad justification for shit. Stfu, nobody cares what you consider a child to be. Nobody here is super PC. I you're a grown ass person messing with minors, you are trash. That's the point. All this shit is just semantics.

No. 49493

Lol ok NAMBLA president. Make up whatever sob story that suits your agenda. No real victim that understands the trauma they went through would try to draft a defense for their predator. If you were raped/molested by an adult as a minor, understand that nothin makes it ok or justifies those actions.

No. 49494

Can we go back to talking about Michelle, jesus christ

the rest of you go to fucking /b/ if you want to hash this shit out

No. 49495

Ok. So was she truly an alcoholic or was that just for the sake of her image?

No. 49496

wtf is with crazy worried about pedos-chan??

I seriously can't find tags on that tumblr there's only one thing tagged shmegeh

No. 49497


Holy shit you have been samefagging this thread for fucking days now labelling everybody in here who disagrees with you a pedophile shut the fuck up and leave you dumb cunt.

No. 49498


And if you actually gave a shit about actual victims you wouldn't be questioning my story which just goes to show that actually, you really don't give a fuck.

I was 9 years old and the guy was my best friends father.
He only got caught after a woman that hired him to do some work around her house walked in to find him molesting her baby son in her living room.
They found a cache of CP on his computer, but despite all the evidence and my own testimony he never ended up going to prison.
I never told anybody about the rape, only the molestation.
I was too scared at the time because I was a child and he was an adult, a person in a position of power who I had been taught to respect and trust and I was still convinced that I had done something wrong because adults only ever punished you when you did something wrong.

Experiencing what I've been through doesn't turn you in a hysterical knob like you who uses the label "paedophile" as an attempt quash any attempt at debate you disagree with. I'm a realist. I know that man attacked me because I was 9, I was underage and a child in every way, physically and mentally.

16 year olds are not children even though mentally they are still partially retarded, the vast majority still possess a body that is closer to that of an adult female than that of an adolescent child such as I was. I can acknowledge this even after all I've been through. I think the word you're looking for is ephebophile, but not paedophile which is an attraction to actual children, i.e. babies, toddlers etc.

You are literal trash and you need to leave this thread because you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and have ZERO experience with the actual subject. You should listen to the people that sadly do have experience.

No. 49499

honestly this is about shmegeh and you should take this bullshit to /b/

No. 49500

Okay, I don't lurk this thread and know nothing about this girl but I was reverse searching one of Kiki's photos and the results led me to this girl's tumblr, I recognized the name from here and went on there and she seems to be pretending to be Kiki? She's probably joking or something, idk, I was just wondering and came here to ask what the deal was.
This was the page I was on http://shmegeh.tumblr.com/page/325

No. 49501

She does stuff like that a lot. She also wears a lot of Harvard stuff and pretended she went there even though she went to college in Virginia.

No. 49502

yeah that was all a joke

I thought it was obvious that she was being extremely sarcastic but you know how people are
Harvard thing was a very painfully sarcastic joke as well

No. 49503

Nigga this isn't a pissing contest about how tragic our lives were. From the ages of 5-10 I was molested and raped on a weekly basis by men older than me. But this is an anon image board and literally no one cares about your probably made up issues here, so I don't fucking talk about it. It's unecessary. Make a thread on /b/ because this whole pedophilia argument has zero to do with smegma or whatever.

It's kind of hilarious to see someone like Ash and then someone like shmegeh. Smegma tries to pretend that her ed has turned her into a walking skeleton, whereas Ash is literally a walking skin sack of bones.

No. 49504

Slow clap for you. You have just written an award winning screenplay.

No. 49505

So does that mean you question the legitimacy of her disease?

No. 49506


Sorry, jokes are funny. At the point where you're buying a shit-ton of another college's merch, it's just desperation that strangers in passing might think she went there

No. 49507

Yeah but she didn't just go to a college, she went to some community college, and pretended to go to Harvard. Pretty pathetic. I dont think it was 100% a joke, i think she wanted randoms to believe that lie, like believing the lie that her body is all skeletor.

No. 49508

having an adult looking body =/= being an actual adult. Get the fuck out of here. You are an actual retard. Stop derailing the thread.

Back to shmegeh

No. 49509

just because someone doesn't look like ashley doesn't mean they aren't sick. There is a time line of shmegeh on youtube actually where you see her go from healthy weight to where she is now. She definitely has a disease and she is underweight. She's 5' 7" I believe?

No. 49510

No. 49511


At no point did I ever say that.
Obviously you're blind or too thick to actually read my post.

No. 49512


No. 49513

All I read was "wahhhhhh feel sorry for me. Im a victim!! Look how sad my story is!!! See I'm a victim!!"

I had a friend who did this. Wore a Harvard shirt even though he was dumb as a box of nails. I think smegheh is taking it too a pathetic level like other anon said.

No. 49514

Shmegeh is 5'9. She doesn't have a disease, she has an ED. She posted a treatment plan that a psychiatrist gave her while in rehab. The sheet said the psychiatrist was very concerned about her BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) and the fact that she ate pretty much nothing.

No. 49515

I'm sorry to hear this, but no one cares.

No. 49516

>this totally happened

get out

No. 49517

I think she wore the Harvard stuff to reference Allison Harvard. She's reblogged pics of her on her tumblr.

No. 49518

no1 curr
I've said this 1000 times already now, but WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE CALL THE COPS?

I mean at this point just one look from a nurse, any doctor, policeman, social worker- anyone with any authority at her skinny wobbly legs and wiry frame… They would take her to a hospital to be force fed in the blink of an eye

No. 49519

oops, thought I was in the ashley thread

same applies to shmegheh though, if she still looks like OP image

No. 49520

anon you can't just CALL THE POLICE on everyone, she's not breaking the law. if she got admitted to an inpatient stay they would feed her ensure or something for her weight problem, for a few weeks maybe but just sticking some pounds on her isn't going to fix it. a lot of people with eating disorders go through many hospital or clinic stays but it doesn't fix them

No. 49521

That's what I assumed as well. But then she let people assume that she went there and all of a sudden everyone thinks she's a genius when she's so inarticulate. They also praised her for being so "self aware"…like no, just cause you know you're a piece of shit doesn't make you ~deep~.

No. 49522

I'm pretty sure it was just some goodwill bought shit though, wasn't it?

No. 49523

Something like that. I'm pretty sure she was just wearing it as a ~statement. You know, look at this hot mess trash in ivy league apparel. JuxTaPoSitIon much irony etc.

No. 49524

Yeah. It's definitely corny but to me it's always been an obvious joke that I never took seriously. I'd be weirded out by myself if I were passionate about that lel.

The whole exaggerated-corpse thing was obnoxious as fuck tho ngl

No. 49525

If you tried to make someone with such a bad case of an ED eat a full meal, their body would not be able to handle it

So (in the case of Ashley) I believe theres little to no hope for her to ever get better… Her body is permanently damaged. It's really sad. And as much of an ass Michelle can be, I really do feel bad for her. Dealing with the BDD on top of severe anorexia. Scary shit.

No. 49526

I don't feel bad for Shmegeh anymore. I used to, but then she beat up Mena and keeps going after underage/barely legal girls and she's kind of a horrible person.

Did anyone see the vid Shmegeh posted? she's was drunk and crying and singing badly to some Jupiter song. She deleted it quickly though.

No. 49527

I mean Jumper by Third Eye Blind, whoops.

No. 49528

Criiiinnnnggggeeeeee. She's such an attention whore. Fuck her and her "look at me/don't look at me" bullshit.

No. 49529

When she had her meltdown, or recently?

No. 49530

This was in August so probably around her meltdown I guess. If it's old news, I'm sorry.

No. 49531

i never really felt bad for her, honestly. like we all go through our own shit. she just chose to do it publicly.

No. 49532

File: 1427232743153.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.64 KB, 197x160, image.jpg)

Anyone know if this is Shmegeh?

No. 49533

Face and skin tone looks nothing like her. Sauce?

No. 49534

No way. The previous anon is right. Looks nothing like her.

No. 49535

lmao 100% sure it's not

No. 49536

Nope. Not her

No. 49537

Damn. No one saved the video?

No. 49538

Does anyone have any links to her older videos?
or are they lost forever?

No. 49539

How do you know she is "going after" barely legal girls?

No. 49540


I think that is just speculation because that meghan (or whatever the fuck her name is) is like 16, and mena was about 16 when Shmegeh and her became friends.

Does anyone have screenshots of Mena talking about the assault or any posts by shemegeh herself?

No. 49541

She's reposting old pictures, this is from 2013

No. 49542

Oh man I want her old videos back sooo bad.

No. 49543

her heyheymichelle account is gone, but this video is still up on youtube /watch?v=bpgWW-P9xWI

No. 49544

it is? it's so bad looking. Makes me cringe.

No. 49545


Ah shit… I take it no one saved or reuploaded them?
I was so curious about them all.

No. 49546

yeah good job with your shaming, we're all so proud of you !!

No. 49547

Did michelle just seriously post in the haku thread?

No. 49548


She wants her e-fame back, that's why she's been posting body pics on her tumblr. I dunno, I don't think she needs her ego fed (although I do realize that by commenting, I am acknowledging her post). She's one of the worst of the lolcows. She beat up her girlfriend, blamed it on her self-induced alcoholism, and then started dating a teenager. Ugh. If she were male, she'd have been torn apart online.

No. 49549

She did? wtf really?

No. 49550

Yeah, talking about getting top surgery done. Did anyone else catch that post she made about being angry the world is moving on without her?

No. 49551

"Anonymous asked: Michelle aka shmegeh will literally not talk to anyone unless they're skinny enough. She was friends with a close friend of mine and insisted she knew her numbers and compared bmi stats. She also took to bulimia in rehab, and would always want to fly this friend over for 'binge and purge parties' and talk about other girls she knew online and if she considered them thin or not. Unfortunately this side of her doesn't get seen by her army of followers."


No. 49552

Didn't catch it, does anyone have screenshots?

No. 49553

I wouldn't be surprised if this was true, it seems like something common among people with severe EDs.

No. 49554

She was def friends with haku and marisa because they were very, very thin. I'm certain that's how they met.

No. 49555


Nah, Marisa has IBS or something similar. She's talked about it on her blog.

No. 49556


But Shmegeh may have been attracted to Marisa because of her size. Ironically, Ashley wanted to meet Shmegeh but Shmegeh's friends told Ashley to back off because Shmegeh was triggered by Ashley.

No. 49557

iirc, Haku and Shemegeh actually met at Otakon because some guy rounded up all the EVA cosplayers there. They probably got really close because of their ED though

No. 49558

Oh yeah, Marisa doesn't have an ED like haku or shemgeh, but still thin enough for michelle to deem 'worthy' of speaking to.

No. 49559

This. It was a long time ago but I remember seeing Michelle reblogging and gushing over Haku before he finally started talking to her.

No. 49560

Honestly Michelle should stay away from Haku. He's doing so much better without her in his life.

No. 49561


No. 49562

That pic is from like a couple years ago when she went to a modeling thing

No. 49563

How can you be anorexic and an alcoholic? Alcohol has unnecessary calories, triggers binge eating and hinders your body from burning fat. I used to lurk on pro ana boards a couple of years ago and there alcohol was the devil. Drinking was more common among bulimics and/or binge eaters.

No. 49564


She could be drinking vodka or straight whiskey.

No. 49565

still same effect (binging, messing up your metabolism). if you're really an alcoholic you also need more to get drunk, even at a low weight.

>> The top 10 percent of American drinkers - 24 million adults over age 18 - consume, on average, 74 alcoholic drinks per week. That works out to a little more than four-and-a-half 750 ml bottles of Jack Daniels, 18 bottles of wine, or three 24-can cases of beer. In one week. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/09/25/think-you-drink-a-lot-this-chart-will-tell-you/

Lets assume she drinks 200ml wodka a day (which really wouldn't be much for an alcoholic) that's 460 kcal. most anorexics I know live on 300-800 kcal plus occasional binging. I'm not saying it isn't possible I'm just really impressed because alcohol messes with your self-control and that's not what you want if you're anorexic…

No. 49566


I didn't actually know vodka and whiskey has calories.

No. 49567

Maybe she doesn't eat and gets all her cals from alcohol. Vodka has 64 calories per 1 oz.

No. 49568

Really? everything has calories, except for plain water.

No. 49569

>alcohol messes with your self-control and that's not what you want if you're anorexic…

This assumes she's the super controlling type anorexic though, I always saw her more as someone who used it as a coping mechanism so the alcoholism would go hand in hand.

No. 49570

She usually drinks wine, which is all sugar. She mixes it with diet/5 cal cranberry juice and basically was drunk all day on it. At least before her rehab.

No. 49571

plain tea and black coffee don't have calories either. I tend to drink that shit all day with my meals.

No. 49572


maybe she's lying and when she says "alcohol" she really means harder drugs? like coke or m? or even heroin or meth?

No. 49573

She has a scar hand on her hand from purging

I feel like she posted I. jakes thread to get people talking about her. Did she also bump this one?

No. 49574

*posted in Hakus thread. Autocorrect, sorry.

No. 49575

I don't think she posted here, but she def posted in Haku's thread to get this thread going.

No. 49576

why? because then she can bond with haku about being bullied by a bunch of 20-something bitches on lolcow?

No. 49577

She's scum and wants attention, even negative attention, that's why.

No. 49578

It doesn't seem like Haku is communicating with her, maybe she's angry and her posting in his thread is her way of screaming "look at me look at me"

No. 49579

I kind of feel bad for Haku. He has an army of crazies obsessed with him.

No. 49580


Sorry no, you're wrong there
Tea and coffee have about 4 calories per cup, but companies label anything thats under 5 calories as 'zero calories'


Alcohol has calories, but if she is sticking to spirits these have no protein, carbs,fat etc
If you eat 500 calories of protein, it isntthe same as 500 calories from carbs.
Carbs mess with your blood sugar level and they are what turns to fat in your system. Protein is harder to digest so about 14% of the calories in that 500 you just ate in protein is being used to digest that food.

What did she post in the haku thread?

I'm so curious as to how much she weighs these days, I wonder will any ex friends tell us how much she actually weighs.

No. 49581


I don't think she has any friends who are e-famous or who are aware of her presence on social media. The ones she did have were the ones who talked to the truth blogs and they seemed to make it pretty clear that they have no interest in being friends with her.

She's going to a con in august (I thin) so there will probably be pics then.

No. 49582

She said she's going to Otakon this year and so is Haku, it'll be interesting to see how that turns out.

No. 49583

I'm praying for Haku to stay away from her. Or for Michelle to stay away from him.

No. 49584

Someone asked Haku whats their relationship with shmegeh, he said theyre not as close as they used to be

No. 49585

IIRC, he said he hadn't spoken properly to her in years. Last time she went to his place was 2-3 winters ago.

No. 49586

Haku has a lot more friends than Michelle now, and while a lot of them can be really whinny like he is sometimes at least none of them are as batshit or crazy like Michelle is/was. Haku's moved on, Michelle needs to realize that.

No. 49587

File: 1430102816032.png (13.37 KB, 727x179, adfd.PNG)

Her post on Haku's thread

No. 49588

Haku will more than likely say hi and be civil if they do run into each other, but nothing more.

No. 49589

That's eerie as fuck

No. 49590

then why do people get fat when they drink so much in university

No. 49591

People usually get fat from alcohol because they drink and lose the self control to stop eating garbage/junk food. I dunno. Alcohol tends to make people hungry for crap.

No. 49592

Plus alcohol bloats and dehydrates. And I bet the people who party in college are dinking a lot on top of eating, and mixing their booze with stuff like regular soda.

No. 49593


No. 49594

but alcohol is the worst type of calorie. it blocks your complete system. when you drink your body's busy breaking down the alcohol and stores fat, carbs and everything else. also, as another anon mentioned, bloating.


>> Unlike macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, alcohol supplies what nutritionists often refer to as empty calories: calories without nutrition. To make matters worse, it is the first fuel to be used when combined with carbohydrates, fats and proteins, postponing the fat-burning process and contributing to greater fat storage.

No. 49595


Well Shmegeh did substitute food with alcohol, and anything she did eat she purged.

Thanks anon, but is there any definitive proof this is her or is it just speculation?

No. 49596

The writing style matches up and it was a response to an old comment about her. Not an official confirmation, but it's creepy and in character to think she spends her time stalking Haku and talking about old things she said when there are more serious recent issues she should address. She's only posting old pics of herself too.

No. 49597

It's an exact match to her writing style. She's also made posts and responded to anons using a lot of that wording before.

Also what >>49596 said

No. 49598

i've struggled with bulimia and alcoholism for the past two years. when i was at my worst drinking-wise, i weighed my lightest. when you drink alcoholically, the idea of actually eating food makes you feel physically sick … i was at a point where i was throwing up clear bile every morning. also i tended not to eat when i was drinking because i knew that would sober me up. dunno if that offers any insight into shmeggles, but yeah … it is possible to drink fuckloads and not gain weight, especially if you're still exercising.

No. 49599

File: 1430180523715.jpg (69.27 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

In case anyone was wondering how Haku feels about Michelle.

No. 49600

I liked it more when Haku would post about his clothing/fashion sense, he was more interesting then he is now. Now it's just cosplaying the newest, hottest character

No. 49601


Can you imagine being asked constantly about that cray girl you knew ~2 years ago who went off the rails? He was pretty polite. I think people should let him be, including Michelle.

No. 49602

Haku said all of that before though. You asked him that off of anon just so you could post it here? All you got out of that was him knowing who you are, assuming he lurks.

No. 49603


Ikr? I also like the fact that the anon scribbled out his/her name.

No. 49604

He sounded pretty earnest too. Poor guy. Kudos for bravery but it makes you look shameless, anon.

No. 49605


This was sent to me by a close friend and personally, I've never seen him address it directly, but I guess I just missed it.

No. 49606

Well then, kudos to both you and your close friend for being gossipy and shameless. He said the same thing a few months ago, but IIRC someone on anon got angry trying to whiteknight Michelle.

No. 49607

yeah, he's become really boring.

No. 49608

>gossipy and shameless

You understand you're on an anon forum dedicated to being gossipy and shameless, right

No. 49609

Sorry, that came out wrong. What I wanted to say was he now personally knows anon (or anon's "friend") for shamelessly sharing a private message when they could have gotten the same answer without risking that. Something tells me they're trying to save face by saying it was a ~close friend~ but whatevs.

No. 49610

Samefag here. Come to think of it, they could have made an account or used one with no info to ask that. First I was loling at anon but now I feel like a retard. Sorry for OT. Please continue.

No. 49611


It's whatevs. I have read both haku's and this thread, but not all at once. Either I and anonfriend missed the post you're talking about or forgot. I was just tryna contribute, and we were both cuious about haku's opinion. Anon friend did in fact use a throwaway.

No. 49612

Smart move, anon.

Glad Haku is moving on though and he doesn't condone Michele's alcoholic and abusive behavior. Plenty of people would of stuck to Michele just for the attention they'd get of being their friend.

Michele is probably going to still try and seek out Haku at Otakon though. I wonder if she'll also try and talk to some of Haku's friends instead of him directly?

No. 49613

What the hell does shemegeh mean? Smegma? She is disgusting looking

No. 49614

gapingsores asked: Do you ever have like, deep conversations with people on here that you don't know in real life? Or have you tried that and they ended up being one of those "srsly am here 4 u eet" type people. I was also wondering what "shmegeh" means, if it's part of your name or if I'm being completely oblivious and overthink-y about it.

I’ve never tried having conversations with people on here, mainly because I don’t have time for it, and I don’t really see what there is to talk about. I don’t initiate contact. I prefer to watch people and learn about them from afar, most of the time. And I think that deep conversations in general are weird and best left inside your own head/in a therapist’s office. The whole “said too much” thing isn’t a mistake that I care to make. Though that isn’t to say that I haven’t had candid, pleasant discourse in a handful of back-and-forth messages with a few users.
Also shmegeh is my name as far as I’m concerned. Always lowercase. There is no meaning aside from it being a signifier of myself. As in, shmegeh is the signifier and the image of me is the signified. And there is no correct way of pronouncing it aloud, though there are plenty of incorrect ways. The closest I can come asks a bit of the spelling, being more like “shmeh-eh-geh”, spoken quickly with the short “e” sound as in “breath”. Not the long “e” as in “Smeagol”. It was essentially a keyboard smash so there wasn’t much thought put into it initially.

(From Michelle's tumblr)

No. 49615

haku's way too nice and polite. I would have told anon to fuck off and go back to lolcow.

signifier of the self. signifier image that is signified lol what? is that a normal phrasing in English? because to me that sounds like some saussurean shit

No. 49616


It's semantics (Roland Barthes), and actually the image of shmegeh is the sign, not the signified. Her personality is the signified. Read Camera Lucida, or don't because although short, it's boring as fuck

No. 49617

Her whole social media presence was "said too much" for fucking years.

I guess that garbled paragraph is her attempt at showing off her liberal arts degree.

No. 49618

we could now have an elaborate discussion on whether this is Saussure's semantics or Barthes’. I'd vote for Saussure because she’s only talking about signifier and signified and not about signs. but we could also just accept that Michelle randomly paraphrased some words she picked up in one of her classes and it is neither Barthes nor Saussure

No. 49619

File: 1430256280257.jpg (307.96 KB, 650x407, tumblr_m08rmv88Um1qcu0j0o1_128…)

sorry, had to.

No. 49620


In her case, it was probably a combo of Sparknotes and Wikipedia

No. 49621

File: 1430469947169.jpg (28.67 KB, 266x320, 3232157.jpg)

Nah it was really bad residual wordvomit borrowed from the last few episodes of EVA.

Also probably mixed with an intensive grammar class.

That quote is mad old (I think/hope) yet being that the internet is written in ink no level of cringing and being heatedly embarrassed with yourself is gonna do anything.

No. 49622

please let's do that! A pseudo intellectual discussion in this thread would be the irony syrup in our milk. And I feel I should
mention I got it wrong, it's semiotics, not semantics but that's what happens when you internet drunk.

No. 49623

File: 1430483663009.jpg (184.93 KB, 519x459, 124723.jpg)

no it's semiology >:/ I think Michelle is really trying to give off an intellectual vibe. her sidebar leads to Kierkegaard's The Sickness Unto Death. Does anyone know hers (and maybe also Haku's) social background?

No. 49624


That's why I hated Evangelion. It was just a mishmash of poorly communicated philosophy that seemed poorly understood by the show's writers.

No. 49625

The creator tried to sound and look a lot more intelligent than he actually was. His loop holes and poor writing is viewed upon by fans as artistic and intellectual, when i feel it is the complete opposite.

No. 49626

that sounds kind of interesting. but I'm really not into anime so I won't watch it. do you know what philosophy references exactly evangelion contains or is there an article about it?

No. 49627


there's a thread on /b/ for nge.

No. 49628

Damn. If I'd gone to Harvard I probably would have known that…

No. 49629


Well we all can't go to Harvard like Shmegeh now can we?

No. 49630

Her manner of speaking and that dumpy little house she grew up in tell me that she's probably middle class at most.

No. 49631


The only thing that made me think her parents had more money than average was the country club membership. I know of some that cost upwards of 80k to join and then there are yearly dues to pay. But I'm sure that there must be some that are much cheaper than that. And who knows, the membership might be in a relative's name like her grandma or a cousin.

Not sure if this is true but I remember reading somewhere on tumblr (an ask on one of the truth blogs, I think) that her parents used up a huge chunk of their nest egg paying for her treatment/melt downs.

No. 49632


Do you have a link to any of these truth blogs?
I wanna see if there's any more info on her and mena's fight.

I do remember reading her parents paid for her flights and rehab, but Shemegehs never really talked about her dad on her tumblr. Only her mother. It's possible they got divorced when Michelle was younger.

I'm only speculating though, but creeping through her blog I only noticed she talked about how close she is with her mother. Daddy dearest could have fucked off out of her life and been paying for her to live.

But eh, idk

No. 49633


Junky-business on tumblr gets a lot of asks with info about her.

No. 49634


Here's what Mena posted on her tumblr a bit after the altercation between her and Michelle (later deleted it):

Anonymous Asked: Do you think you'll ever tell anyone the whole story?

i don’t even want to rethink half of it.

it just makes me really sad to think about how much i loved her and how much i thought i knew her just to have it all flung back in my face with this realization that like.

this girl is incredibly sick in the head. to the point where she can not be around other people. she needs a lot of help.

i’ve had to tell my manager why i can’t be at work this week, i’ve had to confront my family, her family, and at least six officers with “the whole story” ~really just one out many episodes~ I can’t go to work because i have marks on my arms and my neck.

i just don’t want anything to do with her anymore.
she is a pathological liar and she manipulates those around her to see her as the victim. one of her last words to me were, “nobody is ever going to believe that i hit you first. my parents will do whatever i tell them to.”

this is it like…this is my breaking point.

No. 49635


Basically, anything you need to know about shmegeh can be found here:


No. 49636



i’ve had to tell my manager why i can’t be at work this week, i’ve had to confront my family, her family, and at least six officers with “the whole story” ~really just one out many episodes~ I can’t go to work because i have marks on my arms and my neck.

>she is a pathological liar and she manipulates those around her to see her as the victim. one of her last words to me were, “nobody is ever going to believe that i hit you first. my parents will do whatever i tell them to.”

That's some heavy shit. I feel so bad for Mena. I'm glad she was able to get out early.

No. 49637

Not early enough sadly. :(

No. 49638

here's the whole alcholism story from shmegeh's perspective (posted on PULL):

"Two years ago I became legally able to buy alcohol.

"I could watch this movie and sit on tumblr sober……orrrrr I could do it drunk" was my entire thought process behind how I spent my time after attending classes and going to work.

For a while it was fun.

I figured out how to mix my booze so that I didn’t experience hangovers, and was able to function, in that I attended my classes on time and did not miss work.

This period lasted for about a year.

Haku can attest to having experienced me at the beginning. During my visit to New York, I look back on it and remember how my first priority upon arriving was stopping on our way back to their apartment to buy a bottle of wine.

From the start I knew I was an alcoholic.

Like. There are no delusions there.

My father is an alcoholic - currently non-practicing to my knowledge - and it was the major killer in my parent’s marriage.

I do not know what it is exactly that is missing in me - or simply backwards - that makes me so casual about something as serious as alcoholism.

I treated my own as commonplace as any other personality trait that a person has.

Like the eating disorder, it was just another thing I had going on that I recognized as serious by usual standards, but at the same time, incorporated it as just another thing about me.

Last November marks the first time my drinking flipped the switch from drinking for effect to drinking to avoid withdrawal.

Alcohol withdrawal is, in so many words, something that I would really have to hate someone in order to wish it upon them. Like, I could go on about it, but you’ve got google and no really, it is seriously that fucking lame.

I’ve never like. Been comfortable discussing “my stuff” simply because of the severe disconnect that I have when it comes to recognizing how serious something is on paper, yet when placed into the context of being a regular aspect of my life, is something that I treat as casually as having allergies or a phobia of spiders.

But anyway. Getting back to the time table.

Last November is the marker I’ve got in my head in terms of noticing the severe physical discomfort that arose around somewhere between hour four and hour six of the time elapsed since the last time I drank.

Drinking turned into what I can only really equate to a very intense coffee/caffeine regiment, or even more simply, medication.

And it’s mad easy to be like yo uhhh you should just stop drinking and it’ll be over what the fuck stop being goddamn dramatic.

The thing is though. I managed to mostly keep myself within reaching distance of a cup, and when I was continually maintaining the buzzed, drunk, blackout, repeat state of being without anyone saying anything, I carried on that way.

My routine was to go to school, go to work, buy wine - and later, vodka, because it is cheaper and more potent - mix it in the parking lot, sip on it while driving home, go in my room, crawl into bed, put on a movie, scroll on the internet, pass out sitting fully upright, wake up, go to school, go to work, repeat.

Most of the manifestation of my shit depends on the degree to which I am able to essentially fly under the radar and wave/brush/laugh things off.

Like honestly as I type this, I can say that I meant every drink that I took, and that every drink was a decision that I made. I will never attempt to play it like I didn’t have a choice.

If memory serves me correctly - which I freely admit it may not, considering that I spent the greater part of the past year blacked out - November also marks my first hospital stay in response to my first experience with severe withdrawal symptoms and DTs.

Cue first shameless and careless relapse.

Last Christmas, my first order of business after exchanging presents with my mom was to drive to pick up a handle to kill the creeping withdrawal that had been distracting me from enjoying what is supposed to be an innocent and happy holiday.

In January, the plan was that I would fly Mena to Richmond so that she and I could alternate driving my car to Florida.

When it came time to pick her up from the airport, I was visibly wasted, and my mother refused to allow me to drive to pick her up. Thus I became the twenty-two year old drunk girl riding passenger in her own car to pick up her then girlfriend from the airport with her own mother as a driver.

Like even just thinking about it now I feel a striking amount of shame which borders on despair, but at the time, all I did was laugh and wave it off and joke and go about like nothing was super shitty about that.

The morning that Mena and I were leaving Richmond to begin our drive, I was edging on blackout, and she had to take up the first leg of the trip.

The rest of the trip, I fed my buzz, but managed to be coherent and functional enough to drive. However, what stress I was feeling manifested in the form of gradually pulling out a large percentage of the hair on the left side of my head.

What I consider to be a big deal versus just being “something that happens” is complicated.

What follows is greatly redacted out of respect to Mena. I ask that you please not contact her in any way with anything about me. The greatest deal of respecting and understanding that the details of The Florida Experiment are classified would be greatly appreciated.

About a month into it I became more familiar with what it is to experience withdrawal upon going more than five hours without a drink.

I decided to go to a detox facility - The Florida House - in order to medically detox. I drove myself. On my way there I made a point of getting hammered as a “one last time” juvenile bullshit move.

After five days, I AMA’d (left against medical advice) in order to be home with Mena for Valentine’s day.

I believe I was sober for a week or two. And it was good.

My drinking has never been triggered by negative events. Every time, it has always been the result of getting comfortable and happy. As if there is something about it suddenly being okay to google when the ABC store opens in the morning simply because, for a moment, everything else isn’t as much of a shitshow.

I don’t remember very much after the week or two sober. Apparently my mother flew down to visit. I remember none of it.

Cue waking up in a hospital bed with absolutely no recollection of how I got there.

Apparently the night before, a tech from another detox - The Right Place - had driven to the apartment to pick me up and take me there. On the way - as it was told to me - I passed out in the back seat and they refused to admit me, choosing instead to take me to the hospital, where I was admitted with a .45 BAC.

The doctor commented about how extremely high that is, apparently, and could really only chalk up my lack of corpse status to my prolonged drinking and the tolerance that had built with remarkable resilience as a result.

Which in my mind was actually more of a bummer because higher tolerance meant that it took more liquor to do the job, and shit was getting expensive.

Admitted to The Right Place Detox. Which, for the record, is an extremely darkly lit place where addicts of all sorts doped up on meds lay around on a series of couches and obviously the floor (with some pillows) while zoning out to Amish Mafia.

It was one of those environments where you take a step back and just look at it and like, the only response is “dude pass that shit”. And that’s being light about the level of “wow this is the exact environment I’d choose to get fucked up in” status.

Another AMA, another short stint of sobriety.

Shit got worse.

Fly back to RVA, do a stint at Williamsville Wellness. Which, for the record, is the most beautiful, caring, important place anyone could ever hope to spend a month at. Like seriously do not discount it because I relapsed. Like, I was hell bent on continuing to drink. But that place is a dream world. Forty hours of therapy a week. Somewhere around nine or ten different therapists, each focusing on very specific things, all tailored and scheduled as seen fit by the care team once they’ve gotten a feel for what you need to focus on.

Thirty days.

Back to Florida.

About six or seven days until the bottle. I was scared of feeling feelings and generally at a complete loss of what to do with myself when left alone. I recall sitting on the couch in the silent apartment, having absolutely no clue as to what I should be doing in the nighttime hours, since it was around seven or eight when I was left to my own devices.

That is one thing that I will point out about rehab. It is a controlled environment in which your every move is basically scheduled, monitored, and watched. While I was at The Florida House, I was in one of two of the thirty or so rooms which contained security cameras. Vomiting in front of a handful of techs was a new low in the scale of “how shameless can I possibly be”.

Being hospilized, in rehab, or in detox has a way of really testing your own personal boundaries when it comes to the idea of privacy. There is none. For me, at least, that sowed the seeds of an unintentional trend, in that something about going through frequent strip searches and having someone watch you use the bathroom lends itself to a complete disregard for anything even slightly resembling intrusive. The institutionalized thing is for real.

Left The Right Place via AMA and generally causing a scene demanding my wallet and belongings less than 36 hours of arriving.

Cue rollercoaster of super awesome and super not okay Florida Experiment life.

Stay awake for the better part of five or six days.

Begin hearing the radio and television even though they are definitely - triple checked - not turned on or plugged in.

Irrationality has now exceeded previously explored levels, bordering on severe levels of YO NO SERIOUSLY GO TO BED.

Shit happens and things are said on both ends which strike a major chord, though in retrospect, was not a big deal at all.

Engage in unforgivable violence.

Apparently have a go at self in response for realizing how life ending said unforgivable violence is, believing that the only possible redemption is to ctrl+Q without saving.


Four point restraints. Which, for the record, involve a person being on their back, with their arms stretched upward, each wrist and each ankle being cuffed and attached to the four corners of the bed.


I mean I’m gonna go ahead and say it like. I was full psychological break status and four point restraints were necissary.

Though I do wish that they’d taken me seriously when I said I needed to use the restroom rather than ignoring me. To which the result was being cuffed like a starfish in a solo room with no windows and one heavy door, through which - if you say the right, nice things to - will sign the magic form to set you free.

Pissing on myself because they refused to uncuff me will definitely always be one of those “God fucking damn it” moments when you realize just how fucking ridiculous your entire situation is, and better yet, that you brought i tall upon yourself.

Part two later.
6 hours ago on November 14, 2014 at 10:31am
104 notes"

No. 49639

>Part two later.

and it never came.

No. 49640

What more is there to know, anyway?

No. 49641

I wonder what Michelle thinks about haku having a whole new group of friends and moving on ewith his life and removing himself from her

No. 49642

Yeah. Same for Marisa, Mena, and everyone else she knew.

No. 49643

Florida experiment life. Wow.

No. 49644

Is she still friends with Maria?

No. 49645

I don't think they were very close for that long.

No. 49646

Even though it wasn't long it seems like they were super close while they were. Michelle came up to visit Haku for like two weeks. Haku has tons of other friends now so he's probaby moved on but Michelle probably wants to cling tot he past as much as she can.

No. 49647

I remember that. I think it was one week? Michelle haku and marisa were a super tight trio but its a little unfair to keep dragging them into this. Someone else said it, but can you imagine constantly being linked to someone you knew years ago who went crazy abusive? I hope michelle leaves them alone.

No. 49648


>Like basically I was completely convinced that my vision was just fine and everything kind of just looked like that.

>"Mom when did my dad start wearing glasses?"

>"In his early twenties."

>"God fucking damn it."

>"Michelle there’s no need for that language."

12 hours ago on November 14, 2014 at 04:05am

Its safe to assume her parents split

No. 49649

I wonder what her relationship with her mom is. Especially since she feels so heavily with Asuka and a big chunk of Asuka's character is her relationship with her mom and how it affected her.

No. 49650

i like how she ended the story
with the abrubt mention of pissing herself and the ensuing shame

No. 49651

No. 49652

Does anyone know anything about here scene days? I've tried looking but I keep drawing a blank

No. 49653

Is the PULL link not working for anyone else?

No. 49654

I've followed her tumblr for 2 years now and she's never mentioned her mother.

No. 49655

protip: google heyheymichelle/michellealessandra

No. 49656

File: 1431101193757.jpg (6.1 KB, 194x259, images.jpg)

No. 49657

File: 1431102661087.jpg (210.79 KB, 899x615, 1.jpg)

not gonna lie. her current aesthetic suits her better. this whole albinobleached skeleton look.

No. 49658


she looks like a fail trans version of the bad guy from kickass 2

No. 49659

yeah she has a man face so being skinny helps her look more feminine and make her eyes stand out more. I feel bad for saying this but lets not pretend anything could trigger michelle any further…
btw. I can't believe some people here said she'd look like a model if she had a more healthy weight.

No. 49660

My sides!

No. 49661

Agreed. She looks horrible in those pictures…

No. 49662

I think she looked particularly bad more because of the ridiculous style she had back then. But either way, she's average-looking to me no matter what weight.

No. 49663

what do ya mean anon
models are pretty anyway
they just have 'interesting' and 'unique' faces

No. 49664

I disagree. The majority of models are plain as fuck. Apparently that works better for stylists. Lily Cole, Kate Moss and a few other odd lookers are exceptions really.

No. 49665

what >>49664 said. shmegeh has bad bone structure. her chin's was too long, her nose is crooked and her upper lip is very thin. her eyes and lips only stand out because she's so thin. also her face looks more triangle shaped due to being skinny. before it was a rectangle. but I mean, you're right, there are weird looking models so maybe she could be one. but not the plain type.

No. 49666


Go back to her early blog days, she talks about a film that say said made her cherish her mother more or something. Lurk harder anon

No. 49667

i personally think that if shes still a rail she'd probably somewhat work out for runway

No. 49668

She has the look of a homeless woman covered

No. 49669

It looks like she's back to tumblr again

No. 49670

nice. thanks anon

No. 49671

What's her tumblr? I can't find it.

No. 49672

The man face is why she poses with her mouth open and her hand covering her mouth

Pete Wentz's sister?

No. 49673

>>106622 shes only in recovery for alcoholism though not for ed

No. 49674

i hope this is sarcasm
i was inpatient for a ED and i was constantly told that the last thing you should say to other ones there is stuff like
(BTW most people on the thread were saying this before they made a new appreciation thread so they would stop circle jerking) "i love her thighs" "i wish i had her legs" which makes them feel that they need to keep of their appearance

No. 49675

File: 1432383119269.png (1.12 MB, 1066x620, shmurgerr.png)

looks like she's lurking the thread

No. 49676


Hmm, I don't think she is lurking this thread. I know she apprently 'posted' on the haku thread, but there was no real proof it was her other than it 'sounded' like her.

No. 49677

Yeah, like.

Thing thing is, her
writing style is very easy to imitate.

No. 49678

Hehe, spot on

No. 49679

i didn't even consider the haku thing.
regarding the timing, it just looks like the posts of this thread (her old pics) are an incentive for her recent posts. If she ever has posted any of her "older" pics prior to that on that tumblr, she must have deleted them long ago.

No. 49680

ewww why does PULL lick her sorry white 1st world problems ass like there's no tomorrow?

No. 49681

I think it's more so a case she came across an old picture of herself and it sparked something. /pt/ is odd because everyone assumes that if a thread is based on a specific individual that they automatically know about /pt/ and their threads.

No. 49682

Her face looked weird at a higher weight. Like she has the PT problem where her chin looks longer compared to the rest of her face, yet it doesn't look bad at lower weights.

No. 49683

It looks weird at a low weight too. She just has an unfortunate bone structure, no relation to her weight.

No. 49684

She looks good in this picture tbh.

No. 49685

Noticed Shmegeh had 3 fan sites pop up recently:


Why would you admire this anorexic, abusive woman?

No. 49686

I imagine two of those are the same person.

No. 49687

File: 1445568290208.jpg (629.44 KB, 894x1193, tumblr_nwjixoYyCM1uewr7vo1_128…)

They do. Kids' clothes or super stretchy jeggings. For example, I might be wrong because her proportions are all fucked up, but I'm pretty sure she's wearing the jeans super low here - probably because they are a kids' size and way too short for her

No. 49688

Looks almost like she stitched it up herself. I've done that before.

No. 49689

i remember she said she wore her jeans super low "to be like paris hilton" or something

No. 49690

dat shoop

No. 49691

File: 1445587173557.png (320.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-23-08-56-12…)


No. 49692

File: 1445587203268.png (354.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-23-08-56-18…)


No. 49693

File: 1445587230170.png (334.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-23-08-56-24…)


No. 49694

File: 1445587254095.png (310.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-23-08-56-40…)


No. 49695

Also, anyone notice that Mena has deactivated her Tumblr?

No. 49696

Yep, noticed that a few days ago when I was lurking through her blog and suddenly it came up not found.

I hope she's doing okay, Mena seems to have a good future for herself.

No. 49697

Its shooped?

Yeah sorry I deleted my question, I didnt want to come across as insensitive but thanks for your reply anyway :)

No. 50811

If she's sincere about that post, I'm glad. I hope she continues to improve and get better.

No. 50859


looks like Mena and Michelle had know each other for quite a long time.

No. 50883

I went into the wormhole anon. The whole geegee tag. I'm glad it looks like michelle is finally dropping her overly dramatic black/white persona. I realized the girl is as old as me, don't know if she ever posted her age, but she was in eight grade in 04, which makes her 25. I don't give a shit about her hashtag on her latest post, weight related or not, this change in outlook was long overdue. Good for her.

No. 50935

Michelle is a horrible person and the things that happened with her and mena is far worse than what was leaked on the Internet. Michelle literally doesn't care about anyone but herself.

No. 50944

Aside from Mena getting beat up by Michelle in a drunken rampage, had there been any other incidents? Just curious, because that's the only one I know of.

No. 50959

She faked the "homeless status" stint. Wandered around on a beach for a few hours before getting picked up by her parents if I remember correctly. There's been talk about "more serious shit" but nobody's been willing to spill the tea.

No. 50969

Other things are private because that is how Mena would like them to be, and the least Michelle's rubberneckers can do is respect that and stop prying. Suffice to say you think Michelle is bad? She is 10x worse than that.

No. 50972

There's nothing wrong with community college, unless you're a snob. Great way to knock out basic classes cheap/free, just make sure credits transfer.

& I thought long long ago she posted about passing out in front of VCU's library, falling down steps, and breaking a rib or something.

Harvard was an obv joke, but she kept it running a little too long.. maybe it was her real goal.

No. 50973

Dude, who are you? I get what you're saying but the bait you're throwing is pretty counter productive. "I know something you don't know nanana bloo bloo"

No. 50974

Agree. Either spill the tea, or don't say stuff like "oh well I know something BUT it's private, blahblah"

No. 50982

You know…I am still surprised Michelle went to school/graduated with a degree and had a job despite her drinking. And she never scammed anyone.

No. 50998

Is there at least any non mena related shit she has done?

No. 51017

apparently she forced herself into alcoholism to seem more "damaged" and and "mysterious" according to an ex-friend but you know. pinch of salt and all that.

No. 51021

i've known of michelle for around 7 years now and we used to talk about mcr quite often, bck in the day. i miss her, a lot. i regret not trying to get closer to her, she just always intimidated me.

No. 51022

not initially or anything, i was just a silly 14-15 y/o and she seemed so cool

No. 51043


No. 51047

I believe this but I really don't think it was the only cause lmao.

You all need to stop baiting me with this shit, I used to be a little obsessed with her. Not that she'd ever talk to us mortals back then anyway.

No. 51050

Awww, I sent Fordervet a message on Tumblr. I legit thought she was Allison Harvard's alter ego which is why I started following her. Then I realized she wasn't but still follow her anyway because she seems alright.

No. 51052

She seems deeply disturbed. It looks like she's taking therapy and medication etc pretty seriously at this point though. I hope she finds a way to live a happy life.

No. 51053

That makes sense. Anyone who is or was friends with Michelle must be disturbed to a degree.

No. 51372

The last time she put clothes on storenvy a lot of the packages didn't go out and several people had to get refunds from PayPal.

No. 51373

She was trying to date some 16 year old girl a few months back.

No. 51379

This is going to sound fucked up. But how bad could someone of Michelles size physically hurt Mena? She looks like she's 80 lbs. I don't doubt it happened at all but I have to wonder.

No. 51386

You'd be surprised at how strong people can be when they're in a messed up state, thanks to adrenaline.

No. 51463

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. The girl with the green hair right? Then she just stopped talking to her.

No. 51478

Yep. Plus, isn't she like 5'8" or 5'9"? She might be scrawny but she's still got some size on her.
Yup, that's exactly what happened. The girl is instagram.com/strongheartweakbody. She might have taken the pictures down, by now? I think she might actually spill some tea on Michelle, if someone were to ask her.

No. 51485

I remember seeing that she didn't try to scam anyone, just that by the time orders started coming in she was back in and out of rehab and had all that shit going on, so she couldn't mail anything out.

No. 51486


she's 5'7". and the thing with DV is most of us aren't actually capable of hurting other people unless we're actually in danger etc but if you're as fucked up as michelle was at the time, you don't hold back. logically mena wouldn't have been fighting or thinking michelle would–so michelle would have the advantage of surprise as well as not being inhibited by the normal hesitation to lash out at somebody you care about.

No. 51488

relatedly, people close to her have said she did the same thing with dieting, as in she deliberately forced herself to have an "eating disorder" and it was more of a deliberate extreme diet and/or BPD kind of thing. she liked the ~damaged aesthetic and the attention she got for being thin.

she didn't actually shop afaik, but she used concave mirrors, angles, the low-slung jeans, etc to exaggerate her thinness by a shitton. you could tell when you'd see her in pics other people posted at cons etc. she was thin, but not shockingly so like her pics would suggest.

she intentionally crafted the ~ana queen persona and then lashed out at anyone who asked her about her weight.

No. 51489

>you could tell when you'd see her in pics other people posted at cons etc. she was thin, but not shockingly so like her pics would suggest.

any pics of this?

No. 51490


so is this the part 2 then? to the revealing post about rehab she posted a long time ago?

No. 51492

Wasn't Mena drinking, too? If both parties were intoxicated, I can see why Michelle would be able to overtake Mena. Especially if it was age aggravated by alcoholism.

Slightly OT, but about drinking:

I had a neighbor who had three kids in a husband. The neighbor had a PhD in chemistry and was a professor at a local college. Her husband died and the wife couldn't cope, so she started drinking. Eventually, the kids were taken away and they all lived in separate homes. One day, the mom was drunk, smacked her head, had an aneurysm and died.

I know Michelle made it seem like being an alcoholic is no biggie, but it is.

No. 51509

File: 1445993542519.jpg (89.11 KB, 500x500, candid shmegz 1.jpg)

this was just what i found very quickly and i know there are better examples out there, but here are a few, all from the same 2-week period in may 2013. this is candid, posted on marisa's blog. kind of hard to tell bc it's bleachy, but her thighs look slim but not spoopy

No. 51510

File: 1445993601784.jpg (142.04 KB, 540x740, candid shmegz 2.jpg)

and a second candid from the same con, different day. again, slender but not turn-your-head-wtf-ana-queen:

No. 51511

File: 1445993647172.jpg (151.5 KB, 540x810, semi candid shmegz.jpg)

and one more semi-candid where you can tell her body and face are slender but not horribly emaciated:

No. 51512

File: 1445993728804.png (461.82 KB, 509x683, posing shmegz 1.png)

as opposed to this pic from the same time (about 2 weeks earlier) posted to michelle's blog, using her favorite concave mirror, hips back pose, flexing, and low-slung shorts to imply a lower waist and therefore thinner upper thighs

No. 51515

damn her and that girl look about the same body type wise. it's clear she poses to make herself look thinner / photoshops

No. 51517

Thanks for these anon.

No. 51518

Who's the cutie in the middle?

No. 51521

no, im positive no one can guess who I am. i never made my friendship with Michelle a big deal or even public, tbh.

No. 51523

>>her thighs look slim but not spoopy

My arm is bigger than her thigh? She definitely looks spoopy here, just not the kind of spoopiness we're used to seeing.

No. 51524

wow, that's crazy. i had assumed she was the real deal but she goes from a pretty normal size in the candids to total spoopy skeleton. the original ember lol

No. 51525

>My arm is bigger than her thigh?
…that's gross, anon. She's thin in those pics but not remarkably thin. MAYBE 5lbs underweight if that.

No. 51528

Never compared that self obsessed loser to Michelle, rofl.

Ember is a wannarexic, while Michelles illness is completely legitimate. Not to mention, Ember stalks girls like Michelle and even said how she wish they could meet up lmfao.

Could you imagine Ember, the preppy, superficial, two faced cunt, hanging out with Michelle, the emo alcoholic?

Yeah, me neither.

No. 51529

She actually looks chubby here. Dat arm fat. The other two people are skinnier than her.

No. 51530

Whatever you say, ana-chan.

No. 51539

But you can't see her upper thights because of the dress. She's also wearing clothes that look too big on her, which makes her look more normal sized.

No. 51541

that's her friend marisa. circuitbird on tumblr. she's actually really cool and never got into the drama of the tumblr animus. i'm not sure if she still talks to michelle at all but she definitely distanced herself from her during the mena/"homeless"/treatment episode

No. 51543

why is everyone trying to act like Michelle's level of thinness looks even remotely normal? This video, among others, you can clearly see she is shockingly thin.

No. 51544

oh and btw (i'm the anon who posted the images) i'm not trying to say michelle is fat or even "average" in the first three pictures. she's definitely slim. she's just not anywhere near as emaciated as she made herself out to be. as i said before, there are better pics than these for comparison, but i can't find them–i think they may have been on haku's old account that they deleted, or another tumblr user who has since deleted. i'll come back and post if i run into them.

point is that she enjoyed her "ana queen" status and deliberately sought it despite her above-it-all attitude and the way she pretended to be so offended whenever anyone addressed her weight.

(deleted/reposted bc i used the wrong pronouns for haku the first time, sorry)

No. 51545

Uh even in this you can tell she isn't as thin as what she try's to be in her mirror pictures? She is very thin but she isn't OMG Spoopy like she is in the 4th picture above. Especailly when she hikes her pants up to normal you can tell she has actual thighs unlike in all her Emo mirror selfie's.

No. 51546

I'm with you, its been said theres lots of ana's on this board so maybe thats the reason?

No. 51549

Shes still spoopy in the vid-also why would she upload a vid like that? How old is she? Just reminds me of felice's one which was just as cringy.

No. 51550

isn't that video old though compared to her con photos?

No. 51551

all four pics posted above are from may 2013, when is the video from?

No. 51552

She's not shockingly thin there, though. She's certainly slender – the anon calling her chubby has issues – but that's considered quite normal outside of countries like America.

No. 51554

Even in the con pics, she is very thin. The outfit she is wearing is a bit big on her, but you can still tell that her torso is ridiculously thin by the way her sides draw in. I think maybe why people don't seem to think she's as underweight as she is, is because she is 5'8 and has a larger bone structure/frame.

No. 51555

No it fucking well isnt lol

No. 51556

Guessing you're British, lol.

No. 51557

Michelle's abuse extended beyond a single incident of drunken physical aggression.

Michelle lied about court orders, and was never a "fugitive" in any way.

She went to treatment after she assaulted Mena, and left AMA fairly quickly, but she was free to do so. She did spend one night on the "streets," but she was never homeless or "on the run". Her parents brought her home after that one night because of her lack of safety.

When Michelle was posting pictures of herself and her friend apparently drinking and making out, while she was claiming to be ~on the run, that was not the case. Michelle was already living with her parents at the time, and was either allowed to leave or at the very least was not prevented from doing so. She went back home again after that, and back to treatment.

I know nothing of what happened after that, other than what Michelle herself has posted. I don't know anything about the status of her sobriety.

I've gathered from her creeping on the green haired girl that she is still working her job at Hot Topic; most of their pictures together appeared to be taken at a shopping mall, and I don't know where else they'd meet because Michelle obviously doesn't have a social life.

No. 51558

yeah, but that's the shit all of us already know.
People are always cryptically hinting that there is so much more to the story and it's annoying af that they never mention wtf actually happened, claiming they don't want to start "drama". Yeah right.

No. 51610

I honestly do admire her in a way, or maybe I just have ~big lesbian crush on her, but she is always so… vain? in her videos. Not at all like she appears in in her pictures and text posts.
Maybe she's just so self conscious that it comes across that way… or she's just really drunk lol. But it doesn't seem like it. It's not a bad thing whatever it is, I actually think confidence, even overconfidence is attractive.
It's just not what I'd expect from someone who has an ED I guess.

No. 51620

She is very underweight in all of these pics, and by no means is this girl remotely chubby. What I'm trying to get across is that her own make her look significantly more emaciated than the candids. She's playing with mirrors, "her best angles", etc.

Side note, am I the only one who finds the vid of her dancing extremely endearing?

No. 51622

French actually. Why did you guess I was british?

No. 51623

I remember someone posted a confession that they thought she was hot and wanted to have sex with her and she made an angry post about it.

No. 51646

I hear you. I know she's problematic but I kind of like her because 1) she never discussed her weight, 2) she never pretended to bea good person, 3) despite being an alcoholic, she finished college and has managed to hold down a job for quite some time.

It's a shame she was violet toward Mena. I don't even care about the pretending to be homeless/on the run, but domestic violence is serious. I am surprised Michelle wasn't court ordered to go to rehab to fix her ED. (Or was she?)

No. 51651

this is because she doesn't have a traditional ED. she basically just white-knuckled her way to a low weight, because she wanted the look. it wasn't a compulsion like it is with most ED girls.

she was always big into flaunting her body, even when she was overweight in high school.

she used to be a theater kid and it shows. she's got that classic theater kid look-at-me don't-look-at-me thing down.

No. 51652

LOL at how the ana threads always end up with people saying "This is normal in countries other than America" or "That's a normal portion size in countries other than America."

Like yes there are a lot of fatasses in America. But there are a lot of fatasses in Australia, Canada, and UK/France/Germany as well. It's not an American thing, it's a developed country thing. The obesity rates in the US might be slightly higher than the UK or something but a few percentages of a hundreds-of-millions population doesn't read that differently if you're walking around the streets of NYC versus London.

There are lots of fatasses in America but we KNOW they're fatasses. And there are plenty of normal people as well, and even…thin people.

It's just kind of dumb when it devolves into "You think everyone is anorexic because…Americans are fat!"

No. 51657

File: 1446041776609.png (368.68 KB, 408x596, tumblr_my3qq3GGQG1qzt48xo1_500…)

I've always suspected that her small size in photos was down to her taking advantage of a good focal point.
In the graduation photo she posted on Tumblr, the first thing I noticed was the F in PROOF was slightly warped and smudged, suggesting she'd used some sort of liquify tool to narrow her face.

No. 51669

She specifically for that thin to be an Ana Chan thinspo tumblr queen.

No. 51674

Thin or not, she is really unfortunate looking.

I've always thought she went for the ugly on purpose/trashy look because she knows she will never be able to look conventionally pretty. So I guess pretend you made yourself ugly, instead of just being ugly?

Also getting snowflake skinny makes everyone ignore your face.

No. 51704

I find it hilarious that she was supposedly scouted. She's not ugly, I think she's quite pretty without makeup, but she has gauged ears and facial piercings, there's no way a mainstream company would want her

No. 51707

1) she never discussed her weight because she didn't have to. She got more attention for posting her warped and edited emaciated selfies and yelling at anyone who asked about an ED 2) she never pretended to bea good person, because the "villain" persona gave her a boner and made her feel cool. She just admitted that on her blog. 3) for all we know she graduated with a 1.8 GPA. She said herself she was wasted the entire end of her schooling and doesn't think she deserves her diploma because she didn't actually really do anything. "Graduating" from a state college in the U.S. with an English defree isn't exactly difficult. And I don't think she actually held down a job that whole time. It sounds like, from her own history, she was unemployed part of the time in Florida, and certainly she didn't keep her job while she was checking herself in and out of rehab, or slumming around on benders with Tumblr friends.

No. 51714

yeah, and she doesn't have the facial structure or the frame for modeling. she's skinny but her shape is a little off and her face isn't classically pretty OR the striking/interesting look. she's just jowly and blah.
i feel like that entire story was made up and she just used it to justify going to an open call at a local place (richmond is not exactly the fashion capital of the world). it came on the heels of lots of fawning fangirls being like "omGG shMegeh you're so skinnY and pretty u should be a model like svetaaa" or whatever and i think it got to her head. but she had to be "scouted" so she could keep pretending to be so apathetic and "not caring" to suit her image, although clearly she cares A TON about everything, particularly the shit she pretended hardest not to care about.

No. 51717

Yeah, VCU is a very average school. There are some exceptionally good public universities in Virginia (UVA, William & Mary, etc) and she would've gone to one of those if she'd been as "smart" as the fangirls pretend she is.

I have plenty of friends who made it through VCU doing very little. It's not a BAD school and you can do great things there (the med school is pretty good, actually). However it's very possible to phone it in and graduate, especially if you stretch it out by an extra semester or two and take a very generic major. She did both those things.

No. 51723

Most colleges in the US require a 2.0 minimum GPA. If you get under a 2.0, you're put on academic probation for a semester and if you don't get your grades up, you get expelled.

I don't know how VCU works, community colleges might have different standards than 4 year schools.

No. 51738

VCU isn't a community college. It's a solid (not amazing but not shitty) state university.

No. 51739

Ok, well again, you need at least a 2.0 GPA in most schools to graduate so she couldn't be failing all her classes and still graduate.

No. 51741

I think y'all missed the hyperbole…the point is you can "graduate" without actually getting good grades or doing any hard work.

No. 51756

Depends on the school and what you're studying. What did Michelle major in, anyway?

No. 51765

This is literally what was just discussed.

No. 51768


No. 51816

File: 1446068236447.jpg (1.11 MB, 1728x2304, 1408901070930.jpg)

This one is the clearest. I don't think she's "chubby" whatsoever (and this is coming from another anorectic), but I think her BMI would probably be ~15 here imo.

No. 51817

15? I would say 18-19… No one with a 15 BMI has arms like that.

No. 51822

Nah son, I have to disagree. I may have a super unfortunate body fat distribution, but my bmi is right around 19 and my arms are like, almost twice her size (inb4 disgusting fatty scum, I know, I'm working on it.)

She looks more like about a 16/17 bmi there? She does look slightly underweight, but I don't think it's like, 14/15 status.

Anyway, I have a bit of a softspot for shmegeh. I really wanted to buy one of those silly ass Gerard Way shirts from her shop back on tumblr during 2012/2013, but was never able to. I think she's made a lot of mistakes, and abusing someone, especially physically, is inexcusable. But at least she stepped off the internet and seems to be working on her problems. Does she have BPD or something? I can't remember.

Michelle, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for never buying one of your shirts.

No. 51823

I agree. I had the same arms at a bmi of 18.

No. 51825

Depends. My arms looked the same way at a BMI of 18. Then again, I have long thin limbs and a small body frame. It depends on the person.

No. 51828

File: 1446069437368.jpg (60.58 KB, 338x600, IMG_0425.jpg)

I wonder if she was ever talked about in shmegeh threads before.

This girl is a literal shmegeh copycat, to the point where I think she's begging to be called out on it.
I know she reads PULL, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's here.


No. 51830

Yeah, I'm the one who posted that pic in this thread and I have a really small frame so my arms are "soft-looking" until my BMI drops down pretty low. I def don't look like that while in the healthy range but she does have a MUCH broader frame than me, so…

No. 51831

Yeah, you're right. Every body is different I guess? I have a really small frame and short limbs, so my fat accumulates really quickly. like a butterball.

I guess we can't really accurately pin down her BMI (not that I suppose it really matters, and seems a little weird to try to do I guess.) Did she ever say what her weight was in the first place? I didn't think so. I know she's pretty tall.

No. 51837

Holy fuck, I literally thought that was Michelle for a second lmao.

Just checked out her Tumblr and other selfies, 90% of them she's trying to pose and act like Michelle, she's not even subtle about it.

No. 51841

You're not kidding. She's even doing the whole thing Michelle did with the Ostrenga sisters.

No. 51878


She even cut an "x" into her shoulder like Shmegeh. This is creepy.

No. 51882

Think that's just the one "5'3", 115??!" ana.

No. 51887

File: 1446074908845.png (2.78 MB, 2048x1533, PhotoGrid_1446074834234-1.png)

Oh yeah, I remember her. She looks nothing like Michelle in her candid shots but in her self portraits, the resemblence is remarkable.

No. 51889

File: 1446075063838.png (2.28 MB, 2048x1623, PhotoGrid_1446074664465-1.png)

At first glance, you would think this was Michelle but nope.

She even wears her pants/shorts really low too.

No. 51891

i wonder if michelle inspired her to starve herself to look like that or if shes always been that way

No. 51892

File: 1446075454891.jpg (52 KB, 473x553, tumblr_mszbydNFih1rjkzwho1_500…)

idk but here's a photo of her from 2013

No. 51893

File: 1446075475585.png (468.61 KB, 925x554, Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 4.37…)

this photo is enough to tell me shes ana queen

No. 51900

File: 1446075770176.png (2 MB, 1080x1528, Screenshot_2015-10-28-19-40-42…)

and here are some candid pictures taken of her several months prior


No. 51904

File: 1446075935512.jpg (741.13 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_mordcph6sW1rjkzwho3_128…)

No. 51909

File: 1446076475729.jpg (1.08 MB, 2045x1526, Pre-shmegeh diet.jpg)

Looks like she got thinspired

No. 51913

File: 1446076722178.jpg (1.05 MB, 2038x1537, Tumblrofficial.jpg)

She's calling herself agender now

No. 51921

I'm so happy to have found that my fellow farmers realize what an idiot Michelle actually is. The bitch never did anything to prove she was intelligent, not that she needs to bring in her Mensa membership card to the table, but the bitch never said anything remotely intelligent.

No. 51924

oh my god.. I totally thought the image on the far right was shmegma.

Especially with the fashion "sense" thing, this is a 100% copy of Michelle. Fucking creepy.

No. 51925

This bitch copies Michelle right down to the homemade iron on shirts kek

No. 51934

This girl is apparently 27 or 29?

She's also 5'11", it's no wonder she lost weight so fast.

No. 51936

circuitbird is the cutest Shinji ngl. haku is fugly as shit tho

No. 51937

What makes you think she is that old?

No. 51940

Why do these sluts always cosplay Junko?

No. 51941

Holy shit. The levels of creepy on that chick…

No. 51942

She's 26, I read her asks.

>Are you really almost 26? I thought you were like 18. Woah. You look beautiful

>I'm hella old
>4 months ago

No. 51943

Holyshit, she is an exact copycat. Her mom and dad need to hug her more.

No. 51944

>those charms eyebrows

No. 51947

it would be interesting to see her and michelle next to one another

No. 51948

here's another shmegeh copycat(was called out a lot for it afew years back), but i think its been quite some time since she posted a pic of herself, or if she deleted old ones.

No. 51951

Even the name is similar. Shmegeh, Hegrha…

No. 51952

There's no photos of herself?

No. 51955

I tried to dig some up, but with no luck, but back when she had pics up, she was going for a look like shmegeh's and was underweight as well.

No. 51956

and on the word copyright

No. 51958

i always wonder what the fuck was up with her extensions in this pic since she posted it…they looks photoshopped on or something, looks terrible. anyone else?

No. 51979

i'm pretty sure they're real and not PS'd in. they're just really long, shit quality and not layered or blended in with her real hair, but that's probably on purpose so it goes with her whole ~ironic trashy blonde bimbo~ aesthetic

No. 52001

File: 1446090828375.png (1.3 MB, 2048x903, PhotoGrid_1446090540262-1.png)

Screenshots from a video she made

No. 52003

Errrr I still really like Michelle but that's just my opinion

No. 52005

She was so fucking happy (and according to her, drunk) here, it makes me smile.

Just look at how wide her grin is, it's genuinely adorable (to me).

No. 52010

I digged as much as I could and didn't find a single photo..? Self post?…

No. 52023

not a self post, i guess i just hold on to useless information for too long

No. 52056

really? she looks like something from a nightmare there… really not a flattering pic.

No. 52058

can both of them stop with the shitty makeup and hair. concealer doesn't go on your lips and your contour shouldn't look like it was applied with a paintroller. piled on black eyeshadow and liner died with scene fashion for a reason. and blend your extensions and stop buying them from a 99 cent retailer. god. it doesn't make you look like an ~ana goddess damaged thinspo queen~ you just look like an ugly scene kid from 2007

No. 52061

>you just look like an ugly scene kid from 2007
i'm pretty sure that was the look meesh was going for though to be fair.

No. 52344

File: 1446169172792.png (564.88 KB, 885x626, hegrha1.png)

I digged up hegrha.tumblr.com archives from 2013
pt 1

No. 52345

File: 1446169236464.png (491.31 KB, 869x645, hegrha2.png)

pt 2

No. 52346

File: 1446169298436.png (251.11 KB, 853x643, hegrha3.png)

pt 3

No. 52348

File: 1446169341416.png (281 KB, 863x651, hegrha4.png)

pt 4

No. 52349

pt 5

So yeah, she was a shmegeh copycat at one point.

No. 52350

File: 1446169403311.png (550.56 KB, 872x625, hegrha5.png)

Forgot the last image.
And done.

No. 52433

So do I tbh. She is entertaining to me.

No. 52437

File: 1446196021433.png (133.99 KB, 913x708, lumpyknees.png)

No. 52473

she commented about her copying in a post

#gives me the jibblies

wonder how she feels about her russian fans who worship and emulate her?

No. 52475

she is an abusive manipulator. be aware. I wish someone would post the extent of the abuse she did to mena. all I know is she physically abused her to the point of leaving bruises, and there were many incidents. and her online image was controlled, she lived for the attention (while pretending she didn't care about her followers)

No. 52484

I really don't give a shit who or what likes Michelle, I'm not going to dictate what you like. The only thing that got under my skin about the whole thing was when all her fan girls would rave about how smart and self aware she is she was not self aware and never said anything remotely intelligent. The only thing she knew how to do was manipulate stupid children. Like that Harvard sweater bullshit and how she let them spread misinformation about her attending Harvard.

No. 52495

Ngl they look normal here, but you could take a screenshot from a video and find a better comparison.

It is 100% likely the focal length is different, at least compare two things taken with the same camera.

No. 52497

agreed. it was so crazy to me for that period of time (in like 2013?) when the ~truth bloggers were kissing her ass and talking about how she "wasn't posting thinspo" and she was "so self-aware and smart."

uh. she did post thinspo. her pictures were deliberately set up to exaggerate her thinness and capitalize on it to a dumb teen pro-ana audience.

and she was never self-aware about anything…and the fact that she believed herself to be self-aware made it worse. she made so many long embarrassing text posts and answers where she'd spew those ~deep thoughts and she was like 22 sounding 14 seeking validation from actual 14-year-olds.

it seemed pretty obvious she figured out she couldn't impress people irl with her ~intelligence, and she doesn't seem to have been popular or pretty (and definitely wasn't thin) in high school. so she was rewriting her high school life by turning herself into this object of adoration for clueless preteens rather than moving on toward any real goals in her life.

can you tell i'm procrastinating

No. 52498

Man…if I had tea on her I would spill. I don't know why any of Michelle's friends or former friends hasn't dished any dirt. She's not some untouchable person.

No. 52499

imo many of them aren't dishing bc they think she'll reincarnate herself and they want to be on her good side if that happens. she still has an audience, based on the notes she gets with her occasional posts.

and the rest of them (like marisa and mena) are old enough and smart enough to be moving on completely from it instead of joining us here in the seedy underbelly of the interwebz

No. 52501

Man anon, you and I see eye to eye. As if I didn't need a better reason to hate the truth blog community. They let so much shit with her fly, they still continue to be a laughing stock in my opinion.

No. 52517

I'm just surprised she was able to work a full time retail job in her state. And she lived alone , I think?

No. 52521

Mommy and daddy duh. But I don't think she lived alone.

No. 52525

Not the OP of that but I would like to have dated that dysfunctional her. I am also an extremely reckless and manipulative person, I think it would be fun. Like a game. I like winning.

If her blog entries are to be believed she seems to be a very vulnerable person. I know I would just be destroying her. But it's kind of like an itch you want to scratch, to want to do that to her.

No. 52527

anon please find your chill omg

No. 52528

Can't wait to read your manifesto, edgelord

No. 52529

Huh, I like her partly because she is an abusive manipulator/dysfunctional cuckoo but, I don't think I am myself.
but yeah, 3edgy5me and all that.

No. 52532

You sound like you're 14 and write edgy vampire fanfiction

No. 52546

sorry but tbh all i can see is a game of thrones quote in sparkly 2005-era blingee text

enoby dark'ness dementia raven lannister

so ambitious, so malicious

No. 52549

File: 1446235196170.gif (945.55 KB, 710x225, intehgameofthrones.gif)

No. 52560



Of course, it's an edgy subject. No matter how I phrase it I'm going to sound like a teen rebelling.

No avoiding it. I don't mind though, I'm anonymous and I like the opportunity to be honest, no matter how it sounds. R

No. 52567

Lmfao you have to be a troll.

No. 52572

No. 52576

This girl already went to town on herself and there's nothing really wrong with her, besides being a big fucking attention whore baby. Nothing to wreck, nothing vulnerable, just a pathetic everyday white girl. Stop projecting.

No. 52585

For her to go to these extents for attention is for a reason. She is 'damaged', she is (or was) manipulating for attention. Whether that is average or not doesn't really matter.

It's not like I'm going to go hunt her down and try to date her, kek.

I like these kind of things. They're exciting to me. I don't get significant feeling from much else. (In b4 'that's even edgier, Anon!')

I've always come here - and /cgl/ when it was still bearable to watch these kind of people. Like anyone else.

No. 52588

I'd fuck the shit out of shmegeh too.

No. 52589


She was the queen of romanticizing mental illness, she wasn't as fucked up as she pretended to be and you're delusional to fall for it and romanticizing your own abusive bullshit.

No. 52590

Shmegeh is too skinny and I would not have sex with her.

No. 52593

For real. Talk about arrested development.
Not to mention her gross attachment and pining to be asuka and that drunkard from that one movie I can't be bothered to remember. I just hope she's sober now and can see what a try hard she is.

No. 52595

Young Adult.

No. 52597

I've read the thread, Anon, I'm aware many of her 'issues' are of her own exaggeration. It's clear she is still a vulnerable and manipulative person who thirsts for attention due to her own short comings.

I think you need to get over that people are interested in her, kek. You need to push why she's so plain or so average. Is it because you feel like the ~○•°true snowflake°•○~ and she doesn't compare to your '☆reel mental illnesses'?

Did you get abused as a child, Anon? Is that what it is? It doesn't live up to your own trauma? Is that what makes this personal, for you?

No. 52598

Lol. Please go back to Gaia Online and stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 52599

Can't wait to read the thread about you one day,

No. 52602

Hahaha, write it for me. I'll start having an online presence just for you. There hasn't been that great of milk lately, anyways. I think our snows are becoming more interesting than our main cows.

No. 52603

Bunch of samefagging going on in this thread.

she isnt even relevant anymore. she gained weight, doesn't look like her ~*pro ana goddess*~ self anymore. stopped drinking. working a minimum wage job at the age of 24, living with her mum, because she wasted her time in college on being a ~*tragic thinspo queen*~ online.

No. 52604

i noticed around the time she was obsessed with Young Adult that she came out and admitted she has trichotillomania (which i still believe was a ploy for attention like everything else). it was embarrassing how badly she was wanted to be Mavis Gary.

No. 52605

Hmm, where's the proof she's gained weight?

No. 52606

she always took snippets of characters from movies and tv shows to form her persona. reminds me of a little kid playing pretend, and is certainly embarrassing for a 20-something year old.

No. 52608


+ look at her latest instagram video. you can see it in her face she has gained weight.

No. 52610

No. 52611

Yeah, I do see it. She looks good. I couldn't see it in the video, I guess because of the stupid face she was making.

No. 52623

File: 1446249646780.png (81.66 KB, 228x200, image.png)

Bet you dying to post your photo fag

No. 52641


It wouldn't really benefit me.

No. 52642

You sound like a very interesting person. How did you discover your sadistic tendencies?

No. 52644

It sounds contradicting since I've been replying, but I'm not all that interested in derailing with my life story.

No. 52680

No. 52698

i don't know, i think saying you can tell she's gained weight by that pic/video is reaching.
She's still thin and you can't really see her body all that much, and she mentioned in a post under the tags that she was trying to be happy, but that didn't include "body stuff" (which is ridiculous if she thinks she can be even remotely happy without fixing her eating disorder)
plus her face has never thinned out all that much even at a low weight, and she used angles and expressions to make her face more gaunt than it was.

No. 52699


fordervet here, and yeah i've been lurking lolcow for a while. if this post is about me i'd like to say my thanks for wishing me a happy life.

No. 52700

Have you fixed your eyebrows yet?

No. 52701

nope, i like that the way they are. you should know that if you've seen me and my magnificent brows before.

No. 52702

Those big old sharpie stripes.

OT for Fordervet! You should do a Cruella Deville costume.

No. 52703

what can i say? life is rough when you got a total of five eyebrow hairs. anyway this thread isn't really baout me is it?

No. 52707

Srsly, Line, that's no excuse for the ridiculous shape you draw on. Those five eyebrow hairs don't grow half way up your forehead.

No. 52750

The way people refuse to talk about specifics, I strongly suspect there were instances of rape or forced sexual contact.

No. 52758

Not all of us dislike you, just an fyi. I don't know why you're getting picked on for your eyebrows. It's such a petty thing to do considering half these people are probably neckbeards.

No. 52761

We're actually legbeards, thanks.

No. 52838

She has gained weight. Why do you think she hasn't posted any full body photos in a long time? You can see it in her arms and face.

She is intentionally hiding her body I'm all recent photos of her. She is still thin, but not as underweight as she used to be.

No. 52845

Shit, I never thought about that.

No. 52854

I will never not hate your brows but srsly Line, I don't want you to fuckin hate yourself so much either.

No. 52855

Well I said that because when I looked at the video, I didn't really see a difference. But I certainly saw it when someone linked me to the picture of Michelle with that girl.

No. 52862

Given everything else that's been made public, if even worse things are being kept quiet out of respect to Mena, what else is could it be?

No. 52919

File: 1446357007856.png (1.51 MB, 1009x1108, shmegeh 1-11-2014.png)

I don't know, but I remember when this (pic related) happened and it creeped me the fuck out. It still does. Sorry for the tiny text.

No. 52925

I assume that's her own blood, since her confessional whatever post a year ago implied she tried to off herself after the assault that lead to Mena leaving her. That whole thing is confusing and smells like lies and omissions to me, though. She claimed to be full on psychotic during "the incident." But if that was the case, how could she have been lucid enough to these posts laced with such obvious manipulative guilt tripping self-pity? That seems pretty conscious, to me.

No. 52926

Yeah, who the fuck knows. It's none of my business, but I'd like to know the actual story behind the bloodstain and the "You will never touch me ever again" shit.

No. 52953

File: 1446381396565.png (1.09 MB, 1009x1108, 1446357007856.png)

I thought I was the only one who noticed

No. 52954

What a fucking attetion whore lmao

No. 52985

I remember this one "fanblog" who apparently got the scoop after continuing to idolize michelle after the assault was made public. She did a total 180 and told people to stay away from michelle. I seriously wonder what she was told. Like, if physical abuse is fine.

No. 53111

Can't believe even people on this site fawn over her. I could see through her false persona the minute I came across her.

No. 53113

No. 53119

So she actually abused Mena regularly? I thought she just lost her shit once and beat her up.
Yeah I don't really see what other worse things that she could have done… So maybe it was sexual abuse, or some really fucked up mental abuse.
I feel kind of bad gossiping about this tbh

No. 53123

Why the hell did Mena stay with Michelle for so long, then?

No. 53128

Well I don't think any of us know her personal reasons for doing so, but I can think of a lot of possibilities. They had been friends for many years. Michelle may have indirectly (and possibly directly) threatened suicide if Mena left (it certainly seemed like the threat was there, given some of the cryptic messages and shit Michelle posted on her Tumblr. If Mena wasn't around to "help" (enable) Michelle, Michelle might not have have anyone willing to help her, and her already poor condition could have worsened. Who knows. It's hardly uncommon for people to stay in abusive relationships.

No. 53142

See >>49634 for why Mena stayed for so long.
Michelle is/was a manipulator. She manipulated Mena, just like she manipulated all her followers.

No. 53147

File: 1446431939390.png (55.79 KB, 484x794, shmegeh-junky-business3.png)

i think this sums shmegeh up perfectly.

No. 53166

i feel bad she was abused and had to watch michelles minions defend her and worship her until the death. well at least some people know the truth.

No. 53168

Multiple incidents. and yes, regularly. mental and physical abuse. but mena is a strong woman and has moved past it all.

No. 53354


yeah except JB didn't "see through" shmegeh until the abuse story broke. she was a dedicated shmegeh stan for way too long for someone who claims to have "seen through" her the whole time, and by the time she posted this, the same had already been said on other sites.

still true though.

No. 53420

bullshit, jb was making posts about shmegeh when they were SNAR still.

No. 53438

maybe i'm thinking of another truth blogger then? i get all of them confused tbh, it's an echo chamber and they change their names pretty often.

maybe jb was the one who loved emily (thinsquids)? idek and idec anymore…

No. 53439

Yeah jb did get pretty chummy with Emily and it lead to a lot of people to question if they would be fair when it came to discussing her for sure

No. 53445

Well this is confusing, because I remember she was defended by a few freelice sites because apparently, unlike felice, she didnt want to be a "pro-ana role model" and made a few posts saying how much she hates that people use her as inspo. Contrasted with the type of selfies she took this comes across as a contradiction imo.

No. 53447

LOL are you victoria?

No. 54764

Her fingers make it look like shes been purging…

No. 54766

She hasn't posted anything so how would we know?

No. 54790

she posted a picture of her hand like a week ago

No. 54815

she has had scars on her right knuckles for years now, obviously due to excessive and violent purging.

No. 54870

holy baby jesus those are some disgusting fingers, it makes me uncomfortable and sad at the same time

No. 54879

what the fuck Michelle, the last line tho

No. 55292

i'm terribly, deeply fascinated by michelle and I don't know why. I wouldn't go near her in person, because she's a toxic and bad individual, but watching her play whatever persona she's doing is so fun.

No. 55293

Bruh this is from four years ago. she was like 19 and was still Ana as fuck. her brain didn't work properly, which isn't an excuse, but might explain why she thought that was a rational thing to say.

No. 55314

she was young and I can understand what she was feeling. it's understandable, mostly.
My mom was the same way, and it's very common among sufferers of mental illness to have parents who are skeptical and think everything you feel is overdramatic and ridiculous and easy to fix at the snap of a finger.

No. 55613

russells sign is usually on the knuckles and hand, not on the fingers. this doesnt tell you if shes purging or not. you can see a russells sign scar on her hand.

No. 64374

>can't spell 'absolutely'

Jesus christ.

No. 64452

Thanks for bumping a dead thread to show your ignorance. Have you never been to a doctor's office before? Half of them write in illegible chicken scratch. Besides, it's only one letter off, it's not like the Doctor is illiterate for mistyping a word. >>64374

No. 64697

Let's talk about Line. She seems nice but is a huge try hard and really latched on to Michele and copied like everything about her. Anyways she confirmed that she lurks here and I'm sure would love to be the topic of conversation lol

No. 64702

No one cares about who that is

No. 64905

who is that? enlighten me.

No. 65026

lets not

No. 65169

fordervet here again, just letting you know that i would really not appreciate that and it would make me really happy to see you guys Not discussing me, no matter how much of a try hard you think I am, I really do not appreciate negative attention.

No. 65174

If it helps, I didn't see any major copycatting going on? Idk who the person was but they might be reaching, just ignore it, no one's interested in what they have to say anyways

No. 65210


No1currs about you, stop selfposting already

No. 65561

File: 1448764108805.png (281.95 KB, 450x600, tumblr_nyjxp8tTaE1uewr7vo1_500…)

Is this a recent picture?

No. 65562

Not fordevert but man, you don't have to be so rude. She has been associated with Michelle in the past so I kind of get that she doesn't want us to post about her. She has legit problems so I think we shouldn't talk about her. She's also not lulzy in the way shmegeh used to be.

No. 65564

no. Michelle is like 19 or 20 in this. I remember seeing it a couple years ago.

No. 65567

Thanks. I thought it was new and was about to say that she didn't look so bad here.

No. 65568

I highly doubt it. That's her old hair (you know, before she watchrd Young Adult) and she looks she used to before she tried to look aa fucked up as possible

No. 68177

File: 1449397605906.jpg (21.91 KB, 640x640, B_ZOY-sU0AEcwAk.jpg-large.jpg)

Fuck guys. I don't know, I really miss 2012-2013 when I found her tumblr. It was ~~le maGicAl~~… not really, but I would look at her tumblr everyday. Not just because of her skinny body, but the throwback slightly-emo-goth anime-loving cosplay theme going on and the fact that she loved paris hilton. When she was friends with Marissa and the "formerly known as Haku who is now some russian guy".
I'm pretty normal looking myself and don't even watch anime anymore, but I loved the "aesthetic" of her blog and her outfits and look. I imagined myself getting as tiny as her and taking selfies at forever21. LMAO
Sound pathetic and ~proana-y as fuck but idc. I was just really intrigued.

Sucks how everything unfolded. Is she like 25 now? 26?

No. 68178

File: 1449398033097.jpg (345.21 KB, 846x1128, tumblr_mff57r4Ddq1qzt48xo1_128…)

;_ ;

No. 68182

It unfolded exactly as anyone should have probably imagined. You can't play a character for a personality.

No. 68186

>as everyone should have imagined
I meant that she ended up being abusive and that she stopped posting pics, stopped cosplaying, and (assumingly) gained weight.

Toward the end she was getting very ill/"crazy" and playing off certain characters too much (the alcoholic chick from that movie) but meanwhile just her shopping around taking selfies and posting other dumb shit and pics of her smoking, hanging with friends, random shit going on in her life…
; _; oh well…

No. 68190

Wow my writing is atrocious. I mean aside from that and the way she ended up being…

Anyway, here's another pics.

No. 68193

She was always playing a character. She just picked sicker and sicker role models based on the positive feedback she was getting on social media. She's never had a personality of her own. Classic theater kid turned self-inflicted tragedy.

No. 68219

I think anons are just sick&tired of all the selfposts, it seemed like one. You know, always the same beat: anon bumps/creates a thread saying "Let's talk about [insert a literal nobody here]" which is the anon herself, samefags multiple times, whiteknights herself etc.

No. 68228

idk if you'll take my word for it but it really wasn't a self post. I have also stated several times that i really don't want to be discussed well, anywhere really and i suspect that's why someone (probably the same one person lol) keeps bringing me up. /fordervet. ps i know i'm probably not helping the matter by replying to this.

No. 68427

File: 1449454542580.jpg (86.89 KB, 632x650, odbs.jpg)

No. 68432

I wish people would just fucking come out with the ENTIRE story about Michelle and how she came to be what she is and what her relationship with Mena was like all throughout, not just pieces.
Shit, no one likes her anymore anyway, why not just spill it already?

No. 68433

I'd love that too but I'm not even sure there is that much else to say. She's probably not as interesting as she makes herself out to be, I expect.

No. 68441

Who wrote this anon?

No. 68456


No. 68459

Yep, the same as every other e-famous person.

No. 68460

Mena quit tumblr altogether, and I think she and Michelle are the only ones who know the whole story. I doubt it will ever come out.

No. 68475

Is there any other posts mentioning her taking adderall? That's so weird

No. 68481

She admitted in the past, at least once, to being a "drug addict" as well as an alcoholic. She never really elaborated, at least not that I saw. I assumed she did whatever Mena was doing, probably at least adderall and coke, but that's just conjuncture on my part.

No. 68506

i still like her lol

fuck i have tons if slow release adderall i should use that shit

No. 68509


Did you guys miss this?

No. 68573


No, I just figured she was trying to get a script
I had no idea she did it before this+that one post where mena mentioned her crushing up adderall

No. 68886

what post from mena?

No. 68963

File: 1449550189184.jpg (161.84 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

i found an old post of her actually talking about her diet.

No. 68964

File: 1449550274782.jpg (198.4 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 69095

I can relate to shmegeh and that sickens me

No. 69109

File: 1449613068090.png (228.88 KB, 640x960, adderall.png)

well, a screenshot of their text convo that she posted a while ago

No. 69119

ohhh okay. so that confirms my suspicions then; Mena and Michelle frequently used together. you know how shit didn't really, truly hit the fan until she moved to Florida with Mena? well, her alcoholism was at a peak, but I'm pretty sure Mena sent her over the edge with her drug habits. I followed both of them on tumblr for quite some time and Mena has never been shy about her penchant for stimulants and such. What a fucked up situation.

No. 69121

This post is full of lies or was written before she started to b/p

No. 69123

it's a really old post from before she became super spoopy. She was skinny, but actually ate food and was happy, made videos, had a full head of hair etc. sad to look back on now…

No. 69129

I agree. What Michelle did to Mena was wrong, but Mena should have known that drinking and drugs was going to get messy.

No. 69132

Honestly I'm tired of the "Mena was innocent, poor Mena" attitude, because she practically enabled Michelle. I still recall that one day where she posted a picture of her and Michelle on their way to a bar at like 2AM shortly after Michelle's first or second try at sobriety.

No, Mena didn't deserve to be knocked around but she damn sure didn't seem to do much to help her addict partner recover.

No. 69144

Has she got rickets?

Also I only had a look on her tumblr for a short while some time ago, there was a slightly pedo vibe to it which really creeped me out.

No. 69150

I knew these bitches were tweakers

No. 69152

File: 1449623066574.jpg (28.24 KB, 236x595, 71a52a6d31f20e819fc5f2ac507fae…)

Anyone know where I can find shoes similar to these? they're awesome looking.

No. 69153


No. 69154

File: 1449623121872.jpg (3.31 KB, 260x194, melissa.jpg)

I haven't seen her shoes but do they look like these?

No. 69156

Hm, that could be them. But I think I like the one with the bows better.

No. 69157

Ew. I've got a pair of these in black >>69154
Uncomfortable as fuck.

No. 69158

Blah, I have no idea how to shop on Taobao.

No. 69208

Mena was also a 19 year old girl out on her own for the first time, with an extremely manipulative adult woman, already in an emotionally abusive relationship. Mena always handled her drinking and drug use well, I have a feeling Michelle got her to go along with what she wanted because Michelle always gets what she wants.

Innocent? Probably not, but despite being mature for her age, Mena was still pretty inexperienced at "adulting" and Michelle is a master manipulator. Like, is it fair to ask a 19 year old girl to totally rearrange her life for the fuckup addict who essentially just moved in with her? Nah, Michelle should have gotten her shit together or moved out and let Mena enjoy her youth.

No. 69211

I remember that tumblr post. Mena isn't innocent either.

No. 69212

damn man, I'll buy them if you don't want them.

No. 69219

Yeah, I understand Mena was young and inexperienced, which would be fine had she not constantly posted about how she was in control and on top and all of that stuff. Don't get me wrong, I adored Mena, but I seriously think she wasn't as nice and innocent as people think.

Again, I know Michelle was rotten to her (I'm not going to demonize her because I believe people can change), but I wholeheartedly, sincerely think they fucked each other up equally.

They were practically together for years before ever meeting in person, and by the time they did meet in person it was a recipe for disaster. Mena likes to do drugs, she likes to drink. Michelle was deep into her drinking problem by then.

Mena preaching control and being all "I know when to stop and she doesn't", imo, was a dick move. Some people can't stop, but for some reason despite how much she claimed to care she eventually just let it happen over and over.

They were just so terribly bad for one another.

No. 69221

Well duh, opposites do not generally attract. Sure Mena was no where near as bad as Michelle. They were both a little fucked up. Mena seemed like she had her shit together at least and could come out of it soon though.
She's not an innocent little flower no, but people like Michelle see that and like it. Like all narcissistics she picked someone who had a litte something "wrong", someone who was vulnerable.
Michelle didn't do fuck all to help Mena either.
In the end, Michelle beat the shit out of her, not the opposite.

No. 69224

Agreed. Literally no one is perfect in any relationship, but to act like Mena shares responsibility for what went wrong with Michelle is ridiculous. Is it not the addict's job to recognize a situation that's not good for their sobriety? Or is it the partner's job to force the crybaby clingy histrionic BPD psycho to get her shit together?

No. 69225

Samefag, but:

>They were practically together for years before ever meeting in person, and by the time they did meet in person it was a recipe for disaster.

Michelle is a lying, fake, manipulative disaster. Mena definitely did not "know" her one bit before her drunk ass had to be driven by her mother to pick Mena up from the airport.

No. 69226

I know, I'm sorry. You're both right, I just get really frustrated with the whole thing sometimes, maybe it's the sheer lack of details that makes it harder for me to personally grasp. I'm not good with emotions and connecting them so I can only take what is written and make assumptions, you know?

I didn't mean to go all devil's advocate up there, I just get a little steamed about a lot of Mena's contradictory posts. I guess in the end I wish them both the best.

No. 69228

We don't know what happened though we're kind of just assuming yeah. I guess I just err to the side of the person who got beat up, and unless Mena was somehow abusing her mentally - which is unlikely considering the few accounts we've seen about their relationship, well it's still not an excuse.

No. 69244

You could always tell from Mena's posts that she was an emotionally stable and, for her age, mature person. I've talked to a few friends of Mena's who were just like "holy shit NONE OF US saw that mess coming" re: Michelle moving in.

No. 69340

Honestly their interactions always seemed kind of odd to me, like if Mena wasn't really feeling it.
Or may be it was just her normal way to behave, but still

No. 69709

Michelle is insane BPD clingy. If Mena came off as, like, pulling back a little from that, it would make sense.

No. 69711

Samefag, but that's also a pretty typical dynamic in an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship.

No. 69872

I keep coming back to this post because it feels so full of weird inconsistencies and insincerity.


>I figured out how to mix my booze so that I didn’t experience hangovers, and was able to function, in that I attended my classes on time and did not miss work.

Like, as a recovering alcoholic with an ED myself, been in treatment many times with similar people, all I hear is "I learned how to purge excess booze often enough to function without being caught."

No. 69874

Yeah, trying to sum up your life in a post tends to come across as insincere.

I don't think it's anything against Michelle, really. When I'm self-posting on forums, I find that there are huge inconsistencies depending on what I'm talking about. I'm not lying, it's just that certain thoughts and memories have prominence at different times, and when you're trying to find the origin for actions you've taken, it can be quite difficult to pinpoint them with any degree of consistency.

There's a difference between Ember Whann lying about every detail of her life and her eating disorder, coming across as insincere because she makes up a new story every day, and someone who has a hard time pinpointing their sense of self and is just kind of trying to fit everything together. Idk. I just read people's posts while thinking it's never really the reality that they're discussing, but just their own thought process on things that happened, which is incredibly prone to insecurities and psychosis. The overall intent is more important, and the way you get there is just as valuable.

No. 69875

Eh, I believe you can be a functional alcoholic. My neighbor was one. She had a phD in chemistry and was a professor at a local college. But then she went off the deep end and was drinking one day and hit her head and died. She was young, too.

No. 69883

If your drinking kills you, you're not a "functional alcoholic."

There is no such thing.

No. 69889

It didn't kill her until she went off the deep end. She held a job fine, had three kids, etc. But after her husband died she was so depressed that she drank more and more and then became non-functional. Prior to that yeah, she was able to drink and attend work, tutor, etc.

No. 69893


Mena has no room to play the victim, bye bitch

No. 69902

Speaking from experience, it's a hell of a lot easier to be a functioning alcoholic if you take adderall or the likes at the same time. It removes the urge to pass out and somewhat weakens the alcohols effect on your motor skills.

No. 73166

Michelle posted a new picture on insta, someone, likely mena is contacting ourdoughnut to take down the posts about her & ourdoughnut is now saying michelle took heroine. It's been a year and a half, michelle still gets over a thousand notes on her selfies.

No. 73320

I'm torn between feeling really bad for Mena and hoping shmegeh makes a comeback…

No. 73322

File: 1450365816837.png (278.92 KB, 390x496, shmegeh.png)

I know some anons said she gained weight but IDK, her fingers are so boney.

No. 73324

Those nails make her fingers look longer and thinner. Her hands don't look spoopy here, just slim.

No. 73329

if she were still spoopy, she'd post a picture that proved it. the only recent-ish pics of her had her going out of her way to hide her body when she really loved showing it off in her thinnest days.

the lack of evidence is the evidence.

also, who knows if this picture is even recent? she posted several old pics in relatively recent months, clearly trying to quell the rumors that she'd gained.

No. 73351

Me and shmegeh are similar in build and shape, her hands look spoopy but she has man hands like me; spoopy looking but i have a bmi of 21.

No. 73353

File: 1450379980350.jpg (5.7 MB, 5312x2988, 1450379878604-1129185399.jpg)

Photo evidence of ugly ass man hands

No. 73357

wtf are those nails. they're not even the right size….

i would believe she gained some weight back.

No. 73358

i think there is a thing as functional insert any type of addict here
there are plenty of anas floating around. they are addicting to restricting/binging/purging but not all of them do it 24/7. hence functional

No. 73386

i think shmegeh was badass

No. 73404

You must be 12

No. 73405


nah 19

No. 73409

then you're an idiot with the mentality of a 12 year old. congratulations.

No. 73410

why are you so angry?

No. 73415

Literally same difference, you're a barely developed fetus.

No. 73417


why are you so mad at this kid?? ahahahah

No. 73446

No. 73683

does anyone know why shmegeh is so popular in Russia?

No. 73707

vk doesn't censor stuff so you can post all the thinspo you want

No. 73727

I actually thought shmegeh was Russian herself before i heard her talk, she looks it. If that makes sense..

and >>73707 yeah but how the fuck do they find all those "rare" pictures of her?

No. 73995

I really hopes she gets better. I discovered her a couple years ago, back when Felice Fawn was at the height of her internet fame. I'd really like to see Michelle at a healthy weight. :)

No. 75048

File: 1451021210175.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.58 KB, 400x266, image.jpg)


anyway, lol.

I just want shmegeh to start "documenting" her life again. Posting pics, anime shit, her job, cat, writing shit. She was interesting as fuck.

And she kindof became what she supposedly "wanted". Someone said here that she wanted to be like the celebs paris hilton or some shit, and in a way she was. Talked about a lot, fans, haters, skinny, and there are people talking about her today still.

I have tons of adderall and bar hop a few times a week, wish she would just come to Cali with and we chill in this trashy shit town.

I don't think it's sad/weird, I don't know any other somewhat-weaboos who like to drink and like paris hilton/lindsey lohan, have a semi-feminist attitude, know about hf models, try to be not-fat (serious cows here) and all that shit.

And we're well aware her and Felice were the more interesting of the tumblr-fame girls. Now everyone's just ugly and boring af.

No. 75049

….Are you that creepy giraffe bitch because I can't imagine anyone else typing something like this

No. 75050

that wasnt supposed to have the spoiler thing on it lol
oh well

No. 75051

that was the quickest reply jesus.
Also no, lol.

I get that it comes off as kinda sad, but it has to make sense to some extent too

No. 75052

pretty sure I could smell that crazy earlier in this thread, but I was waiting for someone else to mention it. now I know I'm not nuts.

No. 75054

Oh, is that the person from PULLwho wrote creepy long posts about shmegeh?

No. 75067

if you take it from time to time, maybe. but taking adderall and drinking combined increases neurotoxicity, anxiety, depression and so on.

the combination also makes you highly aggressive.

adderal or amphetamine in general suppresses the effects of alcohol to some point. but when you cross that point suddenly it hits you all at once and you pass out.

if Michelle was taking addeall while drinking the whole time I’m seriously surprised how she managed to keep her brain from melting completely.

No. 75072

so that's why my psych said not to drink and take addys..

thought it was mainly because i wouldnt be able to measure how drunk i truly was, like doing cocaine and booze..

No. 75076

same goes for cocaine and alcohol tbh.

alcohol is a neurotoxic substance which increases dopamine and serotonin release. combining it with any other neurotoxic substance (amphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, most antidepressants) = increased neurotoxicity.

most of these substances are fine on their own if you watch the dosage and frequency of consumption. but as soon as you combine them the risks are unpredictable.

people who die or become crazy because of stimulant abuse? mostly poly drug users who don’t even realize what they are doing because they think alcohol isn’t a drug since it’s legal. or they’re stupid enough to combine it with a third drug.

there’s absolutely no point in drinking and taking stimulants. either the stimulant cancels out the alcohol impact or you get completely wasted and damage your brain.

apart from that there’s also the typical risks that come with being drunk like being irresponsible and poor in judgement. I get dexamphetamine on prescription and got drunk once while on it. after a while of partying with my friends I thought I lost all my pills and panicked. well, next morning I realized I had taken them all because alcohol makes you dumb. on top of that everybody had noticed I was drugged while I thought I was so high and mighty…

sage for OT

No. 75133

jfc how many pills does that mean you took roughly that night?

damn reminds me I had the worst hangover of my life when I was given bunk molli aka just shitty meth and kept pounding shots until half the handle was nearly
gone- and since then I feel a little off. idk. thanks for the reassuring reply though I have friends who snort cocaine and drink in intervals throughout nights of partying and i say hey doesnt it cancel out and they say yeah so you can get drunker !! ^_^

top kek(^_^)

No. 75134

hey what are the ex groups instas?

i know mena had one, then haku er mikhail or whatever, and marissa, i know shmegehs tho..

No. 75144

Alright, does anyone know where she got her phone case like in OP's pic and if they make it for iPhone 6? It's so cute.

No. 75154

5 pills in a couple of hours in addition to the three pills I should have taken that day. so 8 pills total. thankfully, I didn't have more pills on me otherwise I would have gobbled down all of them.

molly in the U.S. = meth? I thought it's mdma. is there a general drug/substance-abuse thread so I can take my OT there?

No. 75156

They used to be all over Taobao, have a look there.

Sage for OT.

No. 75161

I used to have the same one before I upgraded my phone. I got it from eBay under "iphone 3d case Angela". But it seems like they stopped making them because I can't find any for anything newer than the iphone 5.

No. 75289

well it depends… where I'm from molli is definitely cut with meth, and the shit bunk i recieved probably had a higher meth ratio than mdma is what I meant. Which doesn't make sense because "muh pure molleh!1" but people suck so..
>dont touch it anyone tho

No. 75298

forgot sage. I'm sorry.

No. 75299

cut MDMA with meth? that’s weird. thank god I’m from a town where MDMA is as pure as it can be. people here take amphetamine to end their MDMA trip. I imagine meth would cancel out completely the nice, warm, cozy feeling you get from MDMA.

>dont touch it anyone tho

I would highly recommend to touch pure MDMA in a save environment at least once. it’s a life changing experience. there’s a reason why some psychiatrists want it legalized for treatment of PTSD.
but take it on a regular basis and/or in high dosages and it will fry your brain so don’t do that. also don’t do MDMA with meth. I can’t believe shit like this exists. that’s fucking nasty. and dangerous.

sage for OT

No. 75300

No, meth gives you an upper effect so that you feel the warm/cozy feel without passing out/sleeping. I tend to feel floored when it's pure on a low dose. The "meth" keeps me awake. On a euro dose of mdma (super high af) I'm wide awake. But in the states, you have to know the right people to find euros.

No. 75350

No. 75352

Stop derailing.

No. 75763

I'm 85% sure that half of the posts in this thread were made by Creepy Giraffe Girl, don't worry.

No. 84175


No. 84379

Mena was a young teenager when Michelle started pursuing her, their entire relationship was conducted online until they moved in together, at which time Mena was still only 19 and found herself stuck with someone she loved, who had issues way too big for her to handle, and manipulative & abusive tendencies to boot.

Mena isn't perfect but she's practically a saint in terms of people who find themselves in relationships like that. Mena never slandered her, was really cooperative with Michelle's parents to help the situations, didn't press charges, and didnt encourage any hate towards Michelle. She never played the victim in any sense, even though she absolutely was one.

No. 84383

Marisa confirmed Michelle did heroin when she ran off on that random trip to visit Emily/pseudointellectualslut, when she was supposed to be living with her parents in sobriety (while telling her followers she was running from a warrant for abusing Mena). Search her #Emily tag, that's the incident when she definitely did heroin.

No. 84449

so uhh
who said she isn't spoopy?

No. 94989

Does anyone have access to her old YT videos where she wasn't spoopy and still in her #scene phase?

No. 94990

Gonna need some screenshots of this anon.

No. 95045

No. 95159

>i'm so in love with her bones and eyes that look like she havn't sleep in a year

Lip sync videos are really embarrassing.

No. 97847

why would Marisa admit that?

No. 97910

I saw Marisa's posts at the time and there was literally none of this bullshit in it. She just confirmed shmegs was okay.

No. 97916

Are you sure it's Marisa? She seems the least likely to talk shit about someone in the fellowship.

No. 97986

File: 1456370177641.png (Spoiler Image,541.53 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_2790-Screenshot_2016-02-24…)

You guys see this? Sorry if it was already posted.

No. 97988

At least she realized that she's a try-hard edge lord, i guess?

No. 98026

Ancient news. This cows carcass was picked clean long ago.

No. 99228

Jesus she has huge calves

No. 99230

File: 1456772823000.gif (236.86 KB, 332x214, image.gif)

Fuck off, bonelord.

No. 99234

No. 99263

this smells of self post

lol no you don't look like her bye

No. 99277

not a self post, just a lurker, I stalked her tumblr, and she posted her insta– I googled, first thing was that account, looked the same in passing

No. 109946

File: 1458791575493.png (303.93 KB, 2048x1536, image.png)

I saw this signature on someone's comment on mpa. Look familiar?

No. 109952

Those goobers practically worship her.

No. 152864

Anyone have any news on her?

No. 152877

She's the assistant manager now at the Hot Topic she's worked at since forever. I think she's getting better and recovering properly, getting off the internet was the best thing for her.

No. 152892

Not to bump an old thread or anything, but I'm just curious. Am I the only one who never hated or even disliked Michelle? I mean, don't get me wrong, the stuff with her abusing Mena and faking being on the run from the police and all was pretty shitty and retarded. Other than that though what else was there that was bad other than the ED? I might be missing something, I don't know, but to me she just seemed like a troubled and deeply disturbed girl. I followed for her a long time, almost since she first made her Tumblr because I'd watched a few of her YouTube vids, she never seemed like a bad person. So, again, other than the abuse stuff and drama in general with Mena; What made her lulzy?

No. 152904

yeah I know the assistant manager part from her tumblr, thanks for the reply though but I was wondering if anyone has seen her irl at that hottopic and what she's really up to? I assumed she got think because of adderall that was prescribed to her, which also made her "crazy" (anorexia and prescription meth will do that to you, especially prescribed at a slightly higher and above dose than needed over an extended period of time, ugh trust me -_-)
she still in florida?

No. 152905

I think a lot of people liked her, and still are interested/miss her, but I assume just because she was e-famous and some of the whack shit she did. I mean, I miss her.
Also don't feel bad about bumping old thread, most other threads here are shit nowadays anyway, i dont see other shmegeh threads
I also miss looking at her friends' tumblrs. Haku (who's now goig by a russian name), Marissa, Mena, and that other girl. Mostly shmegeh though. Yeah I know it's pathetic, but for whatever reason they were interesting- although I'd bet it involved their skinniness of course, but also the anime/gothic/rainy-metro-city vibes? idk

No. 152950

I'd assume she's back in Virginia, but who knows.
Yeah. I think I like her most because she was in bandom and at the time I was, too. I miss her YouTube channel, I wonder if the videos are out there some where?

No. 152966

She was melodramatic as hell, shooped herself skellier than she was despite already being skelly, was stuck in the persona of a 2005 scene/emo kid, got off on being heroin-chic thinspo, posted self-harm iirc… Why do old cows always get WK'd? I didn't hate her but she's just another ana-chan that actually got spoopy, idk what there is to like. Hope she is recovering though.

No. 153036

I think it's because something felt earnest about her. She was obviously mentally ill and it was different to see compared to the tumblr skinnyfat wannarexics. She didn't answer every ask ever sent about her ED at first and didn't post thinly-veiled thinspo. Her pictures were very blatant thinspo. It was all so obvious and in your face to the point it almost felt unapologetic in a sense. She definitely LOVED being known as that sick-looking thin girl on tumblr but her leaving the internet for the most part shows that she is capable of growth, though it's probably just to get away from the backlash of the Mena drama.

No. 153198

Fuck I had a whole thing typed out but I fucked up the video.

Anyway this chick's fanbase/followers always annoyed the shit out of me and I see more of it here.
She's not a special snowflake, she's a disgusting adult who panders to children and exploits her illness.
How is anyone surprised she was dating a minor? I mean to her defense, she seems to have gone offline for the most part, so at least she has some modicum of intelligence like she claimed to have and was so praised for.

Look at her dumb, slack-jawed, gaping mouth. I can't bring myself to watch this video again after the first time I saw it because of her stupid facial expressions. Her mouth/lips look like they stink.

Feels good to say that finally lol

No. 153200


she looks like some shit from out of a zombie video game

No. 153201

File: 1468116975256.png (143.75 KB, 500x333, ECxTQp8.png)

Same anon but if she weren't so obsessed w herself she wouldn't come off so fucking dumb.

Bitch looks like she has a mean case of underbite

No. 153203

was she besties with kiki by any chance? found a pic of kaka with pink hair from way back saying they're besties

No. 153206

Her jaw is seriously fucked. She also looks pretty drunk, not sure if that works in her defense or not though

No. 153214

She's horrifically self conscious in this vid, hence the fucked facial expressions and exaggerations. Trying to hide under it. She hated herself so blatant!y,and just was swallowed into this image of her sickness while relishing it, reviling it in turn. Obsessed with self yes just not proud of it

No. 153227

File: 1468121343209.jpeg (81.26 KB, 450x750, image.jpeg)

the way you guys type about her is so poetic.. lol
not in a bad or good way, but very psychoanalytic.
I honestly think the interesting thing about her was who we didn't think she was- meaning before we got a glimpse of her real personality and life and bullshit, what was i teresting was her as thinspo images, such and this

No. 153275

File: 1468134360259.jpg (89.26 KB, 640x480, tumblr_losppiFhTk1qzt48xo1_r1_…)

In the beginning she really seemed nice. Back when she was hanging out with babymaria and just having fun. There wasn't this whole persona/show she was putting on, she was just being a young adult. It's no coincidence that she started to significantly change once she turned 21.

No. 153311

Damn. She looks fucking wasted.

Does anyone have a link to Mena's tumblr/Instagram?

No. 153322

Mena's instagram is on private and she deleted her Tumblr a few months back

No. 153330

New fag here

Can someone just sum up what her story even is despite anorexia? Why was she well known?

No. 153332

>was a fairly decently known scene girl vlogger in 2008-2010
>makes a tumblr
>starts to lose weight noticeably fast
>at first just says she diets and has portion control
>people worship her for being thinspo even though she says she "doesn't want to be thinspo"
>years go on
>around 2012-2013 starts drinking heavily and getting spoopy
>also has an online gf named mena
>ends up moving mena in with her
>everything seems happy dandy for shmegs
>all of a sudden shit starts hitting the wall
>shmegs starts going to rehab for being an alcoholic + ED
>mena comes out and says shmegs hits her so bad it keeps her from going to work
>they break up
>shmegs lies online claiming to be on the run from the police
>it comes out she isn't and is just sitting at home
>shmegs stops going on social media
>people think she's dead
>turns out she's fine and is actually recovering

Also there's stuff about her dating an underage girl for a hot second but I forgot when that happened.

No. 153334


oh my christ

k thanks anon

No. 153349

Why does she have this affinity on touching her mouth. I've noticed this in her pictures as well. It's fucking weird and gross.

No. 153356

Hates her chin/jaw. Spoke about it in passing often. She has a very strong jaw so she hides it with her hand or that slack, open mouth, head tilted way down, eyes wide look at she so often did

No. 153370

Well it certainly brings more attention to it the more she tries to conver it up.

No. 153472

also drugs. Again, adderall makes people go craaaazzyyyy

No. 324823

File: 1496103878376.jpg (120.37 KB, 720x960, 1495911912145.jpg)

Reposting this picture and comment from someone in /pt who meant to put this here…
" anyone remember this girl? I used to follow her Tumblr and Instagram pretty closely because I liked her style and she lived about an hour away from me. she destroyed her body by starving herself and consuming only sugar-free cranberry juice mixed with wine, former friends and SOs came forward with allegations of emotional abuse/manipulation and physical abuse, she went to rehab, then just went dark on the internet in around late 2013 or so. since then people have swarmed her Instagram (which is still up) speculating over whether or not she's dead.

anyway, I found this picture of her with her father at Universal Orlando. it's from around this time last year. she doesn't seem to have lost her old ways at all – in typical shmegeh fashion, she found a way to hide her body under a Hogwarts robe, but I think based on her ankles and face it's pretty obvious that she's beefed up.

I'm still trying to find more pictures, but I just lucked upon this one and probably won't find more. I remember the last time people could track her down, she was dating a girl under 18 and looked like she'd gained weight in those photos as well (but had, again, figured out a way to pose so that it was harder to tell).

crazy how she was once the Tumblr thinspo attention-whore queen to rival Felice Fawn and now she's just… whatever this is. am I so old and dusty that I still am interested in what these people are up to after they just drop off the face of the earth?? (yes)"

No. 324836

Anyone have info about the situation with her dating a minor? I can't seem to find it…

No. 324858

not the same Anon but iirc Mena was 17 too. I can dig up some of the old drama and screenshots if wanted, but I don't have news.

No. 324880

Her dad is adorable :(

No. 324894

iirc it was this girl >>49444 but that's all I remember/could find

No. 326521

oh i hope they find more pics it'd be weird to see smeggy at a normal weight again

No. 326686

are the old PULL threads about her archived?

No. 326692

File: 1496289880928.jpg (120.92 KB, 375x500, 4326308225_fe6dac57b2.jpg)

Minus the terrible makeup she used to make herself look sicker, her face was way cuter as a skelly than at a healthy weight. Maybe aging helped too though.

No. 326729

her insane side profiled hair and eyebrows are doing the most damage to her face, along with the harsh eyeliner having such light features.

You can get botox to slim your jaw and it's considered cheap for how long it works. I don't want to say her legitimately life threatening illness in any way made her look better, but yeah she could've styled herself better with consideration to how strong her features are. But she's also a piece of shit who constantly physically abused her ex and is fucking minors so0o0o0o0o0o….

No. 326747

She was never pretty. I believe during her skelly phase she was just more body dysmorphic and would take extra care to cover her jaw and angle pictures to create the illusion of a v shape

No. 326766

File: 1496302192840.png (70.45 KB, 508x751, 5A4E0F41-DE27-4B75-AFCD-D1CE17…)

there's a lot of pics of her when she's chubby and when she's spoopy but there's a few of her at a middle range if you go deep in her tag

No. 326767

File: 1496302221513.jpg (69.99 KB, 640x480, 612C593C-37CB-4401-B571-31C5A7…)

No. 326769

File: 1496302249792.jpg (202.92 KB, 1280x1149, CE1AF313-0E92-4D47-B49D-8CBEF8…)

No. 326771

File: 1496302294709.jpg (91.43 KB, 480x640, 88E0EB17-666C-484D-BD98-B1BA8C…)

tbh it's weird seeing her with eyebrows.

No. 326772

File: 1496302337644.png (36.33 KB, 500x333, 78AF4055-8D55-4290-B697-340CBD…)

No. 326774

She looks cute here tho.

No. 327056

Lol this girl was super cringy. Hope she racked up some DUI's for driving drunk all the time.

No. 327098

whoa holy shit.
i guess michelle used to post a lot more personal stuff on tumblr, here is a post from Dec 2010 that I think gives a lot of insight. idk i thought it was very interesting.


No. 327196

sage for ot, but I didn't´t really get why people were calling fordervet a copy cat. now I do


No. 327357

Deleted. Don't forget to take screenshots, anons.

No. 327363

This was probably the best she looked. No stupid emo kid costume, smiling instead of either dead-face or pulling her bottom lip out weirdly. She's been stuck in some weird time capsule of her own making and recent photos make it look like she's staying there til either she or the world ends, tucked in next to six cases of eyeliner.

No. 327382

it's still there…

feel free to screenshot it cause i'm not. that's a novel right there

No. 327397

scrolling through fordervet's selfie tag, and she really porked up… was she ever even eating disordered?

No. 327445

>I want to be special. I want to make a difference or an impact somewhere. Something. Anything. I play with the idea of “what if I was famous?”. I’d love to be famous. I’ve always been fascinated with it, since I was a kid. I’ve always been such a performer, wanting to be in the spotlight. I feel like I could do so much with it without ever taking it for granted for even a second.

She has only a few video like this and is several years younger than shmegeh (probably was around 18 then) + in her friend circle so it's to be expected she is easily influenced. I don't think she was consciously copying her nor doing that all the time.

Yes. She gained weight because of antipsychotic medication (that shit makes you hungry and lazy) and she doesn't even look like that anymore.

No. 327448

The difference between her nose in still photos and videos is amazing.

No. 327478

File: 1496388239516.png (141.61 KB, 633x1034, IMG_6229.PNG)

No. 327479

File: 1496388279918.png (134.73 KB, 640x655, IMG_6230.PNG)

No. 327480

oops, forgot my sage for multi posting

No. 327494

Line was pretty weirdly into Michelle. I'm pretty sure she even bought some of Michelle's second hand clothes from depop. She had vague posts that were very obviously about Michelle and never tried to hide the fact that she would basically cosplay as shmegeh. She's nice but completely insane.

No. 327523

File: 1496399701950.jpg (68.73 KB, 385x257, waaambulance.jpg)


all i read is WAAAH WAAAH WAAAH. she types like my friends who found out what borderline personality disorder is and tried to act like they have it when they were 16.

No. 327549

I figured that she´s Norwegian because of her name and url, and her accent sounds like she´s from the same part of Norway I am, so I tried to find her on facebook to lurk, but that was close to impossible

No. 327561

Nah, Line/fordervet was pretty much a "part of the gang" back when. Her tumblr was a trip and a half to read (some shmeg milk as well), so it's chill.

No. 330956

File: 1496865240261.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Shmegeh.png)

reposting from > >>>/snow/243674

What shmegeh looks like now. 1/2

No. 330957

File: 1496865275890.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, shemegeh.png)

some things never change

No. 330971

She is Norweigan. IDK from what part but she's def. said it on tumblr before. She's a huge hypochondriac, she's always convinced she's dying and crap. It's really annoying because there are people out there with really serious illnesses.

No. 331267

I think this is the best I've ever seen her look. Less makeup is definitely more flattering for her.

No. 331274

What did fordervet change her url to?

No. 331309

lobotomert. she always uses grotesque Norwegian words.

No. 331311

She works at hot topic in virginia? I'm tempted to see what she looks like in person.

No. 334920

you should go, anon

No. 334975

Go and keep us updated to what she looks like. I'm so curious.

No. 334982

personally I'm more curious an what she acts like irl, her online persona was always so self conscious and fake. wonder how she interacts with people when she's not trying to put on her theater kid show

No. 335070

No. She was arnoldhey, fordervet (sp?), lobotomert and now t74n3v66x. I'm not even joking.

No. 335108

All of these posts about fordervet feel like self posts. She was never popular and was only marginally known bc she kissed the asses of everyone in Michelle's circle back when Michelle was semi relevant. Michelle's been gone for years now and no one ever cared about fordervet bc she was boring and wasn't thin like the rest of the group. So why the random interest now? She's been known to self post before.

No. 335117


No anon, I am not Line. I just think she is worth discussing but not worthy of her own thread. She's a huge hypochondriac and then gets mad when people thinks she's an alcoholic because all she does is talk about drinking or how fat she got on antipsychotics.

No. 335307

ohhhhhh my god no one cares

No. 335543

Seems like Line deleted her older blog after being discussed here, as it's documented in her newer blog. She didn't say lolcow was the reason, but the dates match too precisely. Hmmmm

No. 335995

Never commented in this threat before. I've actually been trying to find out what happened to fordervet for a while now. Always found her more intriguing than shmegeh (but not lolcowzy). So thanks anon who posted her current tumblr name.

No. 336022

IIRC, she said she couldn't remember the password and username which makes no sense bc you can just write it down or use the autofill option where the computer/device will remember.

No. 336291

quit selfposting, line

No. 366988

File: 1501941369779.png (1009.87 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

she lives and is healthy
from october 2016

No. 367003

Old news

No. 385475

Did anyone ever go?

No. 405387

We’re still only here bacause we miss her.

No. 405446

Sage your non-contribution next time

No. 412103

Any updates on her?

No. 412111

File: 1509402629029.png (933.15 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5959.PNG)

No. 412120

File: 1509403960320.png (950.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5960.PNG)

No. 414686

Wish people wouldn’t comment on her jobs IG. What if she gets into trouble…

No. 414688

Glad to see she's alive. Don't think she's much recovered though at all…

No. 414766

File: 1509764623912.jpeg (Spoiler Image,239.65 KB, 2048x2048, A303C39A-5456-473F-BB2D-43B44F…)

Agreed, this is creepy and weird. It's obvious she's lessened her social media presence on purpose, but this kind of stuff could actually leak into her real life. Whoever runs hers store's page would probably question her about this. Shitty.

No. 414907

I don’t know anything about this cow, but I stopped to read this thread because I noticed that workplace pic was from a local mall to me. One of the commenters is a friend of mine and works at the same mall so I’m assuming she knows her and whoever runs the account irl.

No. 437909

what if you run into michelle one day lmao

No. 795556

The past two summers I've attended BronyCon in Baltimore, MD I've seen Michelle with her mother. She was wearing a barebones cosplay of what I presumed was her OC. I don't have pictures because it would be incredibly weird to either ask a stranger for a photo or to sneak photos unknowingly. Besides, I'd honestly be interesting in simply talking to her and getting to know her personally.

I know she previously attended Otakon and AnimeNext, but I assumed the comment on her Tumblr mentioning BronyCon was a joke, being her sarcastic self as usual. However given her random bouts of specific juvenile interests (anyone remember when she was obsessed with a member of One Direction and had him on her phone case?) I honestly shouldn't be surprised what she does anymore.

No. 795558

The past two summers I've attended BronyCon in Baltimore, MD I've seen Michelle with her mother. She was wearing a barebones cosplay of what I presumed was her OC. I don't have pictures because it would be incredibly weird to either ask a stranger for a photo or to sneak photos unknowingly. Besides, I'd honestly be interesting in simply talking to her and getting to know her personally.

I know she previously attended Otakon and AnimeNext, but I assumed the comment on her Tumblr mentioning BronyCon was a joke, being her sarcastic self as usual. However given her random bouts of specific juvenile interests (anyone remember when she was obsessed with a member of One Direction and had him on her phone case?) I honestly shouldn't be surprised what she does anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 795578

Why are you bumping threads that haven't been posted in for a year with no milk.. Smh read the rules.

No. 795654

You sound creepy. leave Michelle alone

No. 795689


Sorry about that. The post had a sage but there was a double post because of a connection issue. Although it's relevant to discuss how what she did before relates to what she does now. Plus it is new info!

No. 795884

How thin is she?

No. 961533

she was on the thinner side but had the standard "recovery bloat" to her.

No. 963438

What? A year ago? I’m glad I’m not the only one still curious about her whereabouts. Isn’t she almost 30 now?

No. 1026352

File: 1597968758415.jpeg (223.02 KB, 828x1519, 0B3B28D9-ACEB-481E-A70E-91131C…)

Her ex mena has a podcast now and she posted on her Instagram that she’ll be speaking about her .

No. 1026356

How can we listen to her podcast/when is it? I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. (I don’t have Instagram)

No. 1026361

File: 1597969344745.png (371.65 KB, 2048x940, Screenshot_20200821-022207.png)

Will be out on Tuesday apparently

No. 1026363

File: 1597969484013.png (707.77 KB, 828x1792, 09113584-64D3-4D12-82E5-013A33…)

She said it will be up on her YouTube channel Tuesday . She told someone in the comments that shmegeh is the worst person to walk the earth so it’s gonna be interesting .

No. 1026366


Thanks anon! This is gonna b milky

No. 1026369

What an unexpected harvest. I miss the Tumblr/efagz era flakes and cows. These new ones just aren't as fun to me.

No. 1026418

whew, i was reading this cow's thread some days ago on a nostalgia trip, what a coincidence. i know these are old, but i'm baffled remembering takes like
were ever posted on this site.
this was one of my first cows i discussed in this site so this is very exciting! but seriously too many people itt would worship this abusive pedophile just because she was ana queen. i hope mena drags her like she deserves.

No. 1026473

Damn efagz takes me back. Truly a different era.

No. 1026501

I'm hyped as fuck. I miss shmegeh. She was interesting and so full of shit.

No. 1026558

To mean anons’ credit I always questioned how much physical abuse Michelle could actually inflict. Brittle-boned waif that she is.

I guess we’ll find out though! Feels grim to be excited for the “tea” about someone’s abuse but I’m a tumblr oldfag and I live for cow reboots.

No. 1026588

I'm as excited for the milk as the next person but damn, that's one way to get clout for your newly started podcast.

I thought she made the right decision back when it happened when she chose not to be public about it. Made her seem mature and dignified, but I guess she might have had no choice considering shmegehs enormous and crazy following at the time.

It would be fun if this could lure out shmegeh to come defend herself and tell her side of the story.

No. 1026606

I'm a stupid anachan and have been reading through michelles Tumblr over the past year. I've been Googleing her name trying to find any updates, no one has had milk since the hot topic ig came out. Its wild how she has totally managed to fly so under the internet radar. I would love to have her back online but I also can see how detrimental it can be for her. I dont doubt she's a loser with a huge ego irl. Im sure mena will spin a crazy yarn about her though. If she wants hits on her podcast this is definitely the way to do it. If shmegeh re-emerges in the year of our underlord 2020 that would just be too much of a treat.

No. 1026612

Oh, I should mention, as I've been going through her blog she admits to having an attraction to children , and refers to herself as an ephebophile several times. She and Maria befriended a 15 year old boy when they were 19/20 just to be around a kid.
She basically outed herself as a pedo in 2011/2012 (if i come across any relevant posts I will share ss). Good luck coming online in this decade with a background like that

No. 1026624

Same here, re: her just fucking disappearing, but I think old-school cows had less of a problem just moving on. I think it's because most of them are from before people really started making money from their following, so it wasn't as much of a loss. Yeah, you had people like Felice that scammed and somehow still had a following, but for the most part, it wasn't a big deal. I wonder if anyone would be interested in a thread for some of the older cows. I'm still a member of some of those old LJ groups, so a where are they now type of deal would be fun.
Pls share caps, I don't remember this.

No. 1026642

what is her old tumblr? I missed shmegeh and her drama and would love to catch up, she seems fascinating

No. 1026643


Definitely interested!

No. 1026652

If anyone is more tech savvy and can search through her 1000+ page blog for the word ephebophile you'll find the post. It wasnt a tag, but she does have a tag for children…which isn't all that creepy.
She posts a lot about her attraction to children somewhere between page 1200 and 1500 i think… that will take some time to sort through.
She also has pictures of young Leonardo decaprio and other celebs with tags and comments like "uunnnfff"

No. 1026665

File: 1598030151600.png (699.63 KB, 1458x1070, Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 1.16…)

This post?

No. 1026668

File: 1598030603772.jpg (667.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200821-122411_Chr…)

No. 1026670

Yeah I’m gonna need you to post those kid diddling ss because from >>1026665 and thirsting young DiCaprio just seems like 2010’s edgelordery

No. 1026671

File: 1598030690910.jpg (755.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200821-114335_Chr…)

Yes that might be it.
I dont remember exactly what it said but thats probably the one I'm thinking of unless there is others.
Also this is from her blog.

No. 1026673

I dont doubt a lot of it is just her being edgy and like, 20 years old and anorexic, therefore idealizing an undeveloped figure but there's a lot pointing that her ~joking/mentioning~ pedophilia is more of an insight than it seems

No. 1026752

nta but she started dating mena when she was 20/21 and mena was 15, and moved in with her once mena was 18.

No. 1026755

File: 1598040979283.png (110.77 KB, 540x691, tumblr_mv8jbhci5W1qzt48xo2_540…)

No. 1026757

Weren’t they only talking online and then decided to call it dating after they met irl?

No. 1026788

Mena is at most 4 years younger iirc. Michelle would have been 21/22 when they moved together, I think she's born in 91 or 92. I think Mena was born in 94 or 95. Makes sense if Michelle was in her first year of high scool while Mena was in the last year of elementary.

No. 1026800

Anon I thought the exact same thing. Her channel has 14 subscribers in >>1026363 and I’m so interested to see her SocialBlade at the end of next week. I mean of course she deserves to talk about her experience, but like. Damn.

No. 1026902

Curious as to where anon got this photo from. Also it seems the Hot topic instagram took down all of the pictures of Michelle.

No. 1027354

i'm not able to post screenshots right now, but shmegeh just made two new posts on instagram. none of them are pictures of her.

No. 1027355

File: 1598141440326.jpeg (740.81 KB, 1142x3176, DA080B84-51DB-4D99-B8A1-391CD9…)

Yup she’s back

No. 1027359

Very cute cat. That's all I got.

No. 1027374

looks like she's working at gamestop now?

No. 1027406

File: 1598153915319.jpg (79.64 KB, 1080x578, Screenshot_20200822-233754_Ins…)

No. 1027549

Kek, this is going to be such a trainwreck. Michelle returning to instagram after the podcast announcement was a big mistake.

No. 1027550

I agree. Its going to go down.

No. 1027554

Idk why she even went to college if she’s going to spend her whole life working at shitty mall chains

No. 1027583


Who is surprised? She's a cow, thus, isn't she also an attentionwhore?

No. 1027592

Pretty sure she’s also a BPD fag, so yeah big attention whore.

She still has pics of her and mena up on her IG. Tinfoil but with her batshit insanity, I wonder if she’s been stalking mena all these years. She found out about the podcast real fast

No. 1027615

I feel like a dick saying this because obviously Mena is a victim of horrible abuse and it makes sense she would need time to talk about it, but this feels like such a blatant attention grab. It's been almost 5 years, I doubt someone like Shmegeh can change and her suddenly posting on IG after the announcement is so cringy but finally telling the story after everyone has fully moved on with their lives and lost nearly all relevancy (including Mena) seems like a desperate attempt to get attention and a cheap way to force people to listen to her podcast because she is not interesting or high profile enough for anyone to care without name dropping Michelle.

No. 1027617

shes jumping on the callout culture bandwagon like all the Onision victims.

No. 1027630

I'm soooo fucking pumped. I hope she posts pics of herself soon. I still wait for the day Felice returns.

No. 1027643

kek anon. i thought felice would have come out of hiding sooner than michelle

No. 1027647

File: 1598197178102.jpg (206.08 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20200823_163925.jpg)

From Mena's Instagram stories

No. 1027660

I tried listening to episodes of Mena's podcast and it's excruciatingly boring "xD random" humor. Hopefully she actually delivers some good milk on Tuesday

No. 1027677

File: 1598202256072.png (94.3 KB, 1438x392, Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 1.03…)

>I inflict so much physical harm upon you

No. 1027685

I don’t get it, I thought she wanted to be left alone? Why bring it up after such a long time?

No. 1027693

She's got a podcast now and is thirsty for views.

No. 1027694

I honestly don't give a single fuck about her reasons, I'm just excited for the return of some vintage milk. If Smeagol has any followers left, I hope they don't try to tip and scare Mena off.

No. 1027696

we get it, she wants views. we don’t need 30 posts ITT sperging out about her intentions because it literally doesn’t fucking matter. these are two random internet personalities lmao. just drink the milk and stfu with the purity politics

No. 1027699

>it's been x years why is she talking about it now
It takes time to process these things, you have to safely distance yourself from your abuser, re-learn what's normal and then have enough space that you feel you can unpack it all to work through it. If someone had an older abuser they will gain further awareness of how fucked up the situation was when they reach that age themselves.
Haven't you noticed that people who were abused in their youth will usually only be able to come out about it in their adulthood? That's how this works.

>jumping on the callout culture bandwagon
Kys. She has every right to talk about shit that has happened to her on her own podcast and make some gains on that pain, plus you're here so it's exactly what you want her to do anyway

No. 1027707


Hi, Mena.(hi cow)

No. 1027712

I don’t understand why Shmegeh started posting again after Mena’s announcement. She seemed to quickly leave the internet after shit went down and to be fair to her, has remained offline for years. Not sure why she’d return just before Mena’s podcast rather than continue to ignore everything

No. 1027720

while its probably true, michelle also has all these weirdo russian/proana followers that are probably commenting left and right about it, they find out every weird bit of obscure info out there. hell they probably knew before she did

No. 1027747

god I hope this means haku/mikhail/whatever name ariana is going by now comes crawling out of the woodwork as well, some vintage milk

No. 1027769

I think it was supposed to show everyone and Mena that she's watching and aware. Mena's instagram story >>1027647 seems to show she's also interpreting it that way.
Maybe Michelle's got some dirt on Mena that she's saving for after the podcast goes up? Posting could backfire on her too, because now she can't pretend that she doesn't know about it and is just living her life unaffected at hot topic. Guess we'll know soon enough.

No. 1027859

Could Mena have been quiet because she may have started legal filings? I know if people are planning on or thinking about filing any criminal charges or statements, they tend to stay quiet.

But five years seems pretty suspicious. Maybe she is just officially over it.

No. 1027896

after all this time would be near impossible to do anything legally against michelle, heck i think even at the time would be pretty hard to convince a judge that a walking skeleton assaulted her.

No. 1027901

Michelle posted about her drunken blackouts pretty often, even taking pictures of the bloody messes she made. She was a spook, but she wasn't Ash level of unable to take care of herself, so I wouldn't be surprised if she managed to do a little bit of damage when she was smashed.

No. 1027914

It’s so weird she worked super hard to get good grades too right?

No. 1027920

I hope Mena has her blocked. It’s been half a decade since it all went down and Michelle seems the type to gaslight now. “That never happened, you’re misremembering, etc.” and it’ll just devolve into he said she said if Michelle gets a chance to pick apart the minor details that inevitably fell through the cracks over the past five years. Better to not give her a chance to speak at all.

No. 1027949

she said once she graduated with a 1.8 gpa, it's higher up in the thread, so not really lmao

No. 1028036

File: 1598270370389.jpg (450.25 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20200824_135818.jpg)

Hasn't she posted this before? Seems like an old as fuck picture. If she honestly still looks the same as whole 5 years ago that's just sad.

No. 1028079

haku/misha is still active on social media

No. 1028095

Do you think Ariana will have any comment on Mena’s podcast?

No. 1028105

Considering they both agreed to not talk about it at all when it happened, I'm positive there is dirt on both ends.

No anon, that's quite a reach to expect. I think all of her friends have quietly moved on and none of them seemed to be involved with any of the stuff with Mena. They are all also in their late 20s/early 30s, so they should know better than to dive into this drama pit either way.

No. 1028116

The world was a lot different five years ago tho, Upthread you can see so much victim blaming 18 year old mena. I know I was a teenager that still wanted to side with Michelle even though I knew she did something wrong. maybe mena just didn’t wanna get attacked by a mob.

Airing out how someone with a following abused you wasn’t a Common accepted practice back then either She prob woulda just gotten called dramatic or an attention seeker if she tried to talk abt it.

No. 1028138

I agree that this looks like a pic from 2013 or 2012. Michelle was looking rough as fuck when she abandoned all her social media. I imagine all the drinking,starving and neglect probably took a toll on her looks. Plus thats the same hair she had eight years ago.

No. 1028155

Mena messaged me once on tumblr and it was… intense. She let loose about Michelle and her abuse but made me promise not to post it. Michelle is very damaged.

No. 1028160

Obvious attention-grab from Mena. Yes, "it takes years to process abuse," but doesn't it seem far healthier to process with friends, a therapist, family, I dunno … people who currently know you and are a part of your life? Not to make an announcement, build suspense with an audience of strangers on the internet, w/teasers, and freakin podcast? That doesn't sound like processing to me. That is sensationalizing and exploiting your own abuse because you want attention.

And of course shmegs is coming back at this exact moment. She's probably nervous af about what Mena is gonna say, and is returning to her old ways of finding solace and comfort: validation thru likes, reassuring herself she still has an audience.

This is gonna be an awesome shitshow. I'm stoked.

No. 1028163

spill, anon

No. 1028173

sorry I'm completely out of the loop, any links?

No. 1028188

the post you're referring to is just speculation >>51707
yeah, she talked about school all the time and how much work she put into it. i think she graduated with something pretty useless like women's studies

No. 1028203

kek is that you, graff?

No. 1028211

She was an English major.

No. 1028266

who is this smegma?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1028297

lurk more faggot and learn to sage

No. 1028330

Would an anon do one for the team and create a transcript of Mena’s podcast tomorrow?

No. 1028427

Heavily seconded, this is potential milk of the year

No. 1028440

File: 1598344243915.jpg (199.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200825-042823_Ins…)

This & a countdown in her bio. She's really milking this.

No. 1028576

I will look for the screen caps. It was so long ago I don’t remember specifics.

No. 1028658

You don’t need to bump the thread for your non milk you know. Your info is going to be irrelevant in about 2 1/2 hours anyway

No. 1028671

I think anon should post it. It'll very interesting to see if / how much the story has changed over the years.

No. 1028672

right? if screencaps anon can find them, it will actually be very interesting to see if the information conflicts with Mena's story today. That is, if these screencaps of this conversation actually exist.

No. 1028747

mena's podcast is live. 10 minutes in and no mention of michelle yet. the other dude seems nice but it's not particularly riveting so far

No. 1028748

They're talking about fucking eggs. Someone else watch this and let me know if anything interesting happens. I'll tune in later

No. 1028749

They're talking about eggs GODDAMMIT I WANT MILK

No. 1028752

this is so painful to watch just give us what we want

No. 1028753

They're obnoxious and circlejerking about how there's been "a lot of hype" around this. Just rambling about unrelated things, they should have just cut that out prior to premiering the video if they were so aware of the ~hype~. They're also in the chat commenting on the parts of their smalltalk that they know are boring and/or plain wrong. Mena is typical loud/obnoxious ~cackling~ girl stuck in 2014 with her "crazy" contact lenses and tongue piercing. Feels like they kept this in to build personality but it's just like boring and lazy, feels like listening in on a conversation between two randos just killing time. This is by far the worst "podcast duo" I've ever witnessed and that's saying a lot.

I'm saying all this because I'm already convinced that this is a pure attention grab, there's zero seriousness to the video and they're just spending a lot of time talking about absolutely nothing without getting to the topic that was so grandiosely announced.

Please get to the milk, you're not interesting.

Will summarize when the milk is spilled.

No. 1028755

sorry to nitpick, but i can't believe how old mena looks. she could easily be a mother of 3 in her late 30s.

No. 1028756

16 minutes in. she's talking about michelle

No. 1028759

They finally started talking about Shmegeh and the bf constantly interrupts her with unfunny quips, like multiple times a sentence. Holy shit.

No. 1028760

she alleged that michelle was physically & emotionally abusive. apparently she ran at mena with knives but "she was so tiny and malnourished" she couldn't do much damage. talking about how much she hates being asked about michelle

No. 1028763

apparently it ended when she got baker acted

"honestly, it's nobody's business.. i don't like being asked about it"
then why did you make a podcast about it?

aaaand they got interrupted by a group of people singing happy birthday.

No. 1028764

Well, that was fucking underwhelming.

No. 1028767

whoever commented that it's the worst podcast ever: you're right and you should say it

she's spent half the time talking about how much she hates talking about and being associated with michelle, but she chose to come on here 5 years later and talk about her on the internet.

now they're talking about bo's ex. a lot of hype for essentially nothing

No. 1028770

lmao this podcast is awful. Dogs barking the background, people barging in the middle of the whoel point of this podcast to sing happy birthday. She hyped this thing sooo up and now is barely talking about her.
She said that before michelle was baker acted she was cutting herself and rubbing her blood on the walls, chasing mena around with a knife.
It honestly is kind of cringy. No doubt that michelle was extremely mentally ill, so it seems lame to make a big announcement that she's going to spill milk on her when the milk is just a sick woman doing sick shit… it's a little too personal.
Especially since she hasn't talked to Michelle and has no new milk. Lmao Fuck mena honestly. Her ~podcast~ is shit.

No. 1028773

They spent more time talking about the bf's random ex than about Michelle. There was 1 sentence about Shmegeh and the rest was all about how she doesn't want to talk about her. All the hyping up for what? Bo & Mena are even being salty in the chat. She'll be live on IG in a bit.

No. 1028774

"one of the last things she said to me was 'nobody will ever believe you'. "
a lot of talk about how michelle is probably watching the podcast at the moment, which is most likely true
ending it now. how anticlimactic

No. 1028776

I bet Michelle's relieved there was no actual groundbreaking exposée lmao. What a waste of time.

No. 1028777

It never really occurred to me before (because I’m petty and assume everyone wants some delicious milk of crazy alcoholic Michelle) but maybe she’s trying to appeal to shmegeh’s fans by fence-sitting about it all. But then again why would she call Michelle “the actual worst person to actually walk this planet” if she’s just going to say it’s no ones business and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Makes zero sense. Terrible PR stunt.

No. 1028781

Mena & Michelle are both retarded and probably deserved each other

No. 1028782

She literally said something along the lines of “I don’t care if she dies” and literally gives us no milk

No. 1028784

the only thing i didn't know was the running at mena with a knife and blood on the walls shit. that's fucking demonic.

but yeah podcast sucked. waste of time. screen cap anon probably could have told us that

No. 1028786

She's live now talking about their relationship

No. 1028788

She's spilling more on the IG Live, the podcast teasing was really just advertising. Lame.
Relationship started when she was 16 and Michelle was 23. I'm recording the video and will post it later for someone else to summarize

No. 1028791

the live is spicier. apparently michelle dated a 16 y/o after breaking up with mena. some allegations of michelle being into underage teens and posting about 'ephebophilia' on her tumblr.
apparently when she got the cops called on her she hid in a bush for 3 hours and then yelled sexual shit at them. michelle's dad begged her not to press charges.
"to my knowledge the only drug she was on was adderall."

No. 1028792

shit, so that would make michelle 32-33 now? maybe i'm misremembering but i thought she would have been a few years younger than that still. (mena said she just turned 26 on the podcast, if i heard correctly.)

No. 1028796

wasn't michelle born in 91? that's what she always said, so either she lied about her age or mena is exaggerating michelle's age

No. 1028797

Mena is a fucking idiot lmfao

>She was into young people and had access to them bc she worked at hot topic

>But she depended on her family because she never worked
>She wanted attention and she got it from YOU GUYS
>I don't need her to apologize, it's water under the bridge uwu (does she know what that means?) but yeah she's a violent pedophile and a danger to society

No. 1028798

apparently she used to vomit in rando places and then hide it by putting objects over it.
she wouldn't let mena hang out with friends without her and would cut herself for attention

she said she decided to go public because she gets asked about it all the time and i guess wants to get it out of the way

No. 1028799

i think she got the job at hot topic after all this went down

No. 1028800

"she edits her pictures so don't believe everything you see."

the annoying dude from the podcast has joined the live for some reason

No. 1028802

I wonder if this >>49444 is the alleged 16 y/o rebound?

No. 1028803

Apparently michelle was hard-core bulimic. Which people already suspected. Mena said their bathroom constantly smelled like vomit and so did michelle. Michelle would also puke in random places and cover it up with stuff and try to hide it.
And apparently she hid in bushes when the cops came to baker act her.

No. 1028805

that dude is such an autist.

i wonder how shmegeh is going to address this whole thing, and if she even watched it. seems like mena purposefully exaggerated a few things, like their age difference. shmegeh is obviously not 34 lol.

No. 1028807

I don't think she'll say anything. None of it was really that damning or stuff that people didn't already pretty much know. It just goes with Michelle's "tragic unstable chaos waif" shtick. The pedo accusations are the most serious part, but her mountains of stans won't be deterred by it and she can't really be cancelled because she's barely around in the first place.

No. 1028809

The recording of her live is pretty big, I'll upload it overnight. Everything of note was already posted anyway.

No. 1028810

Michelle is closing in on her 30s but I don't rhink she's there yet. She turned 21 in 2012 or 2013. Mena is milkless. Id love for shmegeh to respond, but i also would hate for her to get back on social media as its obviously not good for her. Mena also said that michelle never got a job, but mich worked at hot topic since she was 15 and worked at a hot topic at the coral something mall in florida, and then we saw in 2015/16 she was back at the VA hot topic and now works at gamestop. Not impressive but she's obviously working, and managed to go to college.

No. 1028811

>Became violent basically the minute they moved in together, punching and throwing shit around
>Would scream Mena's name at the top of her lungs so she would be forced to come in the room to make Michelle stop
>Constantly smelled like vomit, had no hair, edited her pictures to look more sick for attention
>There was a time when Mena brought Michelle to meet her other friends. When Michelle wasn't getting all the attention, she started cutting herself in front of everyone
>Would smear blood all over the walls at home, vomit all over the place and then hide it
>Refused to get a job
>When Michelle was getting Baker Acted by the cops: the cops were trying to cuff Michelle while she gyrated around saying "Do you wanna fuck me?"

No. 1028812

>There was a time when Mena brought Michelle to meet her other friends. When Michelle wasn't getting all the attention, she started cutting herself in front of everyone
Holy shit.

>When Michelle was getting Baker Acted by the cops: the cops were trying to cuff Michelle while she gyrated around saying "Do you wanna fuck me?"

Kinda based tbh.

No. 1028815

the thing with the cops is so embarrassing it's actually painful to read. i get that she was probably drunk constantly and on adderall on top, but how do you even come back from something that cringe worthy? can't blame her for leaving the internet.

No. 1028820

Michelle actually moved states at one point and worked at, believe it or not, a different Hot Topic.

No. 1028822

File: 1598401450501.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1863, FB0AE6E5-280E-42E9-BC4E-FF9CE9…)

No. 1028841

coral ridge mall in FL?

No. 1028848

Post that in the mena thread.
Oh wait it doesn't exist because there isn't any milk

No. 1028858

nah michelle worked at hot topic since like 2009.

No. 1028870

Five years ago she made this post >>49638 and said she became legally allowed to buy alcohol 2 years ago, putting her between 28 and 29 now.

No. 1028873

This wasn’t even milk, this was embarrassing to learn that yeah wow Michelle is fucking mentally ill. Mena should learn from this experience and move on, quietly, like anons have stated before this was a ploy for attention. If people HOUNDED her about Michelle she could have said, she was mentally ill I hope her the best I’m not in contact with her anymore.
What a waste of time. If Michelle answers back I hope it’s a bunch of paragraphs to one up Mena’s obviously lacking mental maturity.

No. 1028878

Ok this is actually a little milky. What a psycho. BPD fags will have sympathy for her tho lol

No. 1028879

Samefag case in point

No. 1028881

You wanna witch-hunt her? Jfc until there’s proof Shmegeh is milky today who really cares? She successfully stayed away from social media for a long ass time, that in itself says something.

No. 1028883

mena's already deleted this >>1026352

No. 1028886

Wtf no. Shmegeh chose to come back to social media on her own so idk how it’s a witch hunt. I just think it’s funny that tumbler fags’ fav special ana queen is an embarrassing, bald, violent bulimic. Her being mentally ill doesn’t give her a free pass to be an abusive asshole

No. 1028887

Yeah for sure no one gets a free pass for being abusive, but I think everyone already assumed shmegeh was all of these things. The ppl who praise her are probably more milky than she is currently is my point.

No. 1028892

yeah ntayrt but you could find that out just by scrolling her tumblr for five minutes. none of this is news. people stan her for her fucked up life, not despite it.

No. 1028903

Before she started drinking heavily she always claimed trichotillomania was her drug of choice, and after they broke up she publicly admitted on her tumblr to physically abusing Mena. This all happened five years ago, so no, none of this is new milk. The details are lulsy, at least, ignoring the fact that Mena is an unreliable narrator given her inability to do simple math when it comes to their age difference. Sexy bush cop times made me kek.

No shade to you, anon. I think a lot of people are just pissed that Mena hyped this up so much to provide literally nothing of substance whatsoever.

No. 1028932

Wait but a copy of the post she did explaining her going to rehab said she was 22 when she moved in with mena >>49638

No. 1028969

lol @ the thing she said to the cops. she thinks she's lisa rowe from girl interrupted.

No. 1029029

Lol Exactly. Her and her FouR pOinT ResTrAinTs. Just like how she was obsessed with Charlize Theron's character in Young Adult. It's so fucking cringe worthy.
I hated how people on Tumblr would shit on Felice but would kiss Shmegeh's flat ass for literally doing the same shit. Felice would post a normal pic and everyone would REEEEE about thinspo but Shmegeh would post LITERAL thinspo and show off hospital pics and her self harm and fucking Freelicers would be "Man she's just so cool n unique uwu" Fucking hate Tumblr and glad that cesspool of a site died off slightly. Of course they'd worship a psychotic, abusive pedophile.

No. 1029060

>Just like how she was obsessed with Charlize Theron's character in Young Adult. It's so fucking cringe worthy.

I forgot about that. "omg I'm exactly like her." Except the character was attractive and successful lol

No. 1029095

Hahah Maybe just like her as in only consuming diet coke and whiskey and being a complete psycho. She ain't wrong there.

No. 1029106

Don't forget her skinwalking Asuka from NGE during the part in her story where she's at her lowest and worst, she (Asuka) runs away for a week, then is found naked, emaciated and catatonic in a bathtub. I remember Smegma posting anachan shit in her plugsuit and wig talking about how much she identifies with Asuka.

As for the podcast "reveal", I think what happened is Mena hyped up Smegma being a POS too much and ended up burying the lead. Maybe the milk wasn't creamy enough to justify the buildup so she tried to play it off?

No. 1029116

Could also be that she chickened out when Michelle came back, or they talked privately and Mena had second thoughts.

No. 1029117

Whatever the reason she backed off spilling the dirty details, I’m annoyed I sat through that shitty podcast. If I wanted to watch two fat drunks try to talk over each other, I would have visited my parents

No. 1029586

Livestream reupload

No. 1029615

kek at the fact that mena's talking about some dark and serious shit and bo comes on the live like "mena i can't see myself, i can't see whether i look beautiful or hideous uwu i washed my hair today it's kind of a thing"

apparently she's still surrounding herself with narcissistic attention-seekers who have no self-awareness

No. 1029767

what was the point of him trying to join the live anyway? to eye fuck himself and drop unfunny one liners?

No. 1030013

I don’t know how anyone can support shmegeh at this point. She sounds like a sociopath.

No. 1030049

sociopath narc ephebophile.
>preyed at mena at 15, dating a 16 year old after coming back from florida
>suicide baiting
>impulsive (shopping constantly, moving to florida with no long term plan)
>physically mentally emotionally abusive
>now, after 5 years of being silent..starts posting on instagram. days after mena announces she's going to finally talk about what happened.

No. 1030187

No. 1030202

minor cows colliding: sexnegative (commenting in her live) used to be a cow on tumblr who always talked ab being schizophrenic and made cringey art and stuff. she's in one of the headers if i remember correctly, the "its not a phase" one. she's fine now but i wonder how they know each other

No. 1030235

caps of michelle admitting her being older than mena/their relationship being "illegal"?
ik shes posted about it through dumblr text posts and asks. but im too lazy to go through that shit again

No. 1030280

For a second I thought you were talking about Madi, also in that banner and “schizophrenic,” who is not at all normal since she’s still twans and kin with like 400 anime characters in her late 20s.

Anyway I have a hunch that like a solid half of the flakes who were posted about here 5+ years ago ended up silently becoming farmers once they realized how insufferable they acted. Wouldn’t surprise me if she came from this thread.

No. 1030308

File: 1598659688059.png (193.05 KB, 485x691, Screenshot_2020-08-28 Tumblr.p…)

No. 1030325

File: 1598662206226.png (156.51 KB, 664x996, Screenshot_2020-08-28 Мишель ✖…)

Some old interactions between Michelle and Mena.


Michelle's birthdate is 9/22/1991, what's Mena's?

No. 1030333

File: 1598663374685.png (29.62 KB, 723x294, uhhhokaypedomichelle.png)

No. 1030336

File: 1598663627390.jpeg (22.77 KB, 300x250, AD040C9E-138C-4AF5-A18A-8FC48D…)

If Mena just turned 26 like anon said, then Smeg is only 3 years older than her?
So Mena was calling her a pedophile (I’m guessing Smeg liked loli shit and teenagers, whether for attention or not like how Grimes does) but was doing the same “Omg this person is too young for me >.<“ crap as well?

>#William Beckett

The others are weird, but this is less so because it seems like just thirsting over an emo band member who was born in 1985.

So 19 and 16? Like how teenagers normally date? Both of them are as much an attention-seeking, pathological liar as the other. Smeg just clung to her persona of Manic Pixie Scene Girl so she was violent and ridiculous to Mena (Which I do feel bad for Mena about). Besides that, what’s different here from other Tumblr couples who break up and then write a call-out?

No. 1030350

Wait, they’re only 3 years apart? This whole time I’ve been thinking there had to be a bigger gap because of how people have referenced it, jfc

No. 1030356

That last one abt the done up girl was her pitying/mocking a wannabe teen model that had an embarrassingly wrong idea about how to show up to a casting not expressing attraction

No. 1030369

Damn now that you mention it I think I remember that, didn't michelle get scouted at a mall or something at one point and go to a casting? I guess nothing ever came of that kek.

No. 1030375

smegma is 28 turning 29 on september 22.
in regards to casting, she got turned down.

No. 1030379

File: 1598670835390.png (328.64 KB, 426x634, Screenshot.png)

No. 1030386

File: 1598671523287.jpg (222.48 KB, 1080x973, 20200828_232514.jpg)

oh.. okay.

No. 1030387

File: 1598671608160.png (234.11 KB, 1021x1574, Screenshot (2).PNG)

No. 1030388

File: 1598671712780.png (815.24 KB, 1242x1187, Screenshot (3).PNG)

No. 1030394

File: 1598672161992.png (111.98 KB, 1096x1645, Screenshot (4).PNG)

I'm not sure what this photo could have been, but it's removed now.

Thank you for the context, anon. It was a pretty dumb thing to include without context.

No. 1030397

She was just being an edgelord anon bilvy and ryro were literally older than her at time of posting in these

No. 1030403

This, even in 2008 Ryan and William were 22 and 23.
The “I’m a cradle robber” joke was very of it’s time. She’s clearly being an edgelord, it’s cringey but the “she’s a pedo” narrative seems to not really amount to much.

No. 1030518

How does mena not know shmegeh’a when they lived together? Lol they’re only 3 years apart so she’s playing up the “Michelle is a pedophile” thing waaaay too much. She should have just focused on the abuse because now she sounds unreliable

No. 1030533

I agree. No doubt did she go through terrible abuse, but it's impossible to know to what extent now that she's been established as a liar. She seemed pretty drunk in the shitty podcast so maybe that's why she embellished the details. It was a terrible move of her, she just made it that much easier for shmegehs rabid fans to sweep the whole thing under the rug as one big lie.

No. 1030607

I'm aware of the literal ages of the band members. I'm saying that within context, having multiple references to CP on your blog isn't a good look for someone in Michelle's situation, no matter how normalized the jokes were at the time. It appeared that Mena was also contributing to it too, which I didn't realize at the time.

No. 1030609

Mena was also making those jokes and feeding into it because it was that harmless at the time to joke abt cp. especially with the context of boy band members who are still fawned over by being called babies smol tiny sons or whatever

No. 1030610

File: 1598719094444.png (20.66 KB, 864x194, Screenshot_2020-08-29 Мишель ✖…)

Michelle on abusive relationships

No. 1030729

Lord, I miss the 1st generation of ana cosplayer fakebois + shmegeh on tumblr, they were so entertaining…

I wonder how young the people falling for the "shmegeh is a pedo"-thing are, those jokes were pretty normal for internet famous people during those times, back then they tried to be as edgy as possible, nowadays they try to be as woke as possible.
I always saw it that way: many girls followed or even secretly admired shmegeh but mena was the only one dumb and trashy enough to actually get close to her irl lol She likely wants to try and kickstart her new career as streamer, influencer or whatever by getting a bit of clout as the victim of a former scene queen.

No. 1030947

There are two obituaries published that refer to her. One as “granddaughter, Kohaku Aoki” and an earlier one as her real name, Arianna Drury

No. 1030982

File: 1598806921851.jpg (708.22 KB, 1439x2522, Screenshot_20200830-125904_Tum…)

I remember this happening too. god I was so deeply interested in her life this is all so clear to me lol, embarrassing

No. 1030983

File: 1598806993764.jpg (1.23 MB, 1440x2344, Screenshot_20200830-125832_Tum…)

No. 1030998

>mena was the only one dumb and trashy enough to actually get close to her irl

And that one chick with green hair. Tumblr fame may have been the only way for Michelle to get dates because I can’t imagine people would find her attractive irl.

Even on tumblr she sounded gross af. She admitted to almost never washing her hands or brushing her teeth. And as someone who was vomiting multiple times a day and constantly reeking of booze

No. 1030999

File: 1598810107328.jpg (13.53 KB, 320x240, you can't be young enough.jpg)

> seeing the wall of polaroids made her want to work in the industry and somehow "magically be one of the people in charge of picking through/wrangling the girls"

Sounds super predatory in hindsight, as though she fantasized about being able to leer at underage girls for a living like Ashley Arbaugh in Girl Model.

No. 1031019

That is a what I don’t get. Mena wants to paint herself as a victim and say shmegeh is the worst person in the world. And yes Mena did get hurt and that isn’t her fault, but like, she had to have had an idea of what Michelle was really like. I mean, one look at Michelle and you can tell she wasn’t eating, trapped in a fantasy world and had terrible hygiene.

I guess the only credit that can be given to Michelle was that she knew she was a hot mess and pretty open about the trich/lack of hair.

No. 1031024

File: 1598813955467.png (163.33 KB, 500x279, A39EF0BE-D58D-4812-A5C4-46CD6E…)

No. 1031049

File: 1598818525930.jpg (41.83 KB, 890x123, shmegm.jpg)

fucking hypocrite lmao

she has tags like these which aren't inherently sexual but it's fucking weird to collect pictures of ~pretty children~ on your blog

No. 1031052

File: 1598818655313.jpg (35.96 KB, 894x129, smegma.jpg)

samefag but especially when their features coincide with that of the type of model you're attracted to.
(she always struck me as lowkey racist too, but i guess she just has a "preference" idk.)

No. 1031097

Lmao this bald Gollum looking bitch acting like the authority on beauty

No. 1031115

Oh nah, Michelle was truly pathetic and only developed trich after she became obsessed with the movie young adult. Then suddenly she was an angry alcoholic with trich. It was actually creepy how she adapted the Mavis character into herself like that like it was who she was.

No. 1031272

File: 1598853056523.jpg (796.75 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20200831-014954_Ins…)

No. 1031378

Shmegeh had absolutely no personality of her own so she decided to adopt fictional character's WORST and most unhealthy traits. Like Mavis' disordered eating, alcoholism, abuse, and stalking. Or Paris Hilton's mean girl persona. Or Asuka's tragic childhood so she's super competitive, prideful, and looks down on people until the inevitable "I'm the junk" look-at-me-dont-look-at-me shit. How embarrassing.

No. 1031437

is she back yall think?

No. 1031474

Woof. God, she was so clearly a predator. I don't know how documentary crews do it.

No. 1031475

The racism thing is a really old rumor from back when the freelice community was still going strong on tumblr. IIRC no one took it seriously back then because she was Mena who very obviously wasn't a white american.

I don't think she's gonna be around on instagram much longer. She probably just came back because of the podcast drama and I don't think she has anything else going for her online right now. I think she would be better off ditching the shmegeh persona forever rather than trying to clear her name. Nothing about shmegeh works in 2020.

No. 1031522

These pictures seem old so maybe she's just baiting attention again. It really is pathetic to be so addicted to negative attention after all these years. She'll never log off.

No. 1031558

File: 1598915287436.png (470.44 KB, 750x1334, 1A02B002-1193-4B81-A84D-F3CC99…)

she was obsessed with Girl Model, so it checks out.

No. 1031559

File: 1598915308279.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 0B6A0469-2EB8-4AE1-B2D4-7FCC13…)

No. 1031630

Both Michelle and mena seem like attention seeking tards who will never get off the internet. Michelle is almost 30, which doesn’t mean she can’t be “internet famous,” but her schtick is so tired. Also nobody gaf about anything besides using her as thinspo. She may be using old photos to hide any weight gain because all her fans would leave if she didn’t look sickly

No. 1031697

this. michelle had her 'prime' i guess on the internet already. she should check out edtwt if she's so starved (kek) for attention, in regards to mena no one would gaf about her if she wasn't michelle's ex.

No. 1032097


This is why calling her a Predator~ is such a catch 22, any personality she has can literally be attributed to some piece of media she consumed so it both renders her text posts as fantasy while also provides “proof she is a predator”. Either way she gets what she wants, and funny enough Mena gets what she wants by way of this.

Smegma comes off as someone who “doesn’t want to be seen as a victim” but still wants all the romanticized traits of one, Mena comes off as someone who wants to be a victim and will literally lie to continue the narrative. Surprised they aren’t still together, tbh.

No. 1034944

mena deleted all her posts on instagram.

No. 1035006


No. 1035026

Why would she do that?

No. 1036588

sexnegative is still a cow, fakeboi with an onlyfans

No. 1037377

File: 1599895346805.jpeg (209.5 KB, 750x1085, DD11F7B1-D8A3-47A0-BA29-0B2530…)

Idk if she’s a predator or not and only caught up with the new stuff today but I went digging for an answer to an ask I saw years ago (2013) that your guys’ comments made me remember. I don’t think she’s ever elaborated on this when she says it but it sure is a weird thing to say.

No. 1037386

It's a joke

No. 1037477

To me it seems like she’s being edgy implying she’d be neglecting them or abusing them etc

No. 1037505

File: 1599922685683.png (946.21 KB, 1430x913, legitnotits.png)

relapse or another old picture from her internet golden years?

No. 1037526

if you told me this was a photo of a woman in her late forties, i would well believe you.

No. 1037533


Did she get top surgery? She always talked about it back in the day. Even skellies keep some amount of structural/anatomical boob. You dont get that flat without a binder or surgery and she's showing too much skin for a binder.

No. 1037537

Yeah it looks like she might have gotten that top surgery because she always had boobs even as a skelly
Her hand and arm aren’t skelly. Tsk tsk giving herself away like that because she has to be edgy and get the cigarette in the shot

No. 1037586


Definitely a new photo. None of her old pictures were ever this high quality. Also, looks as though she’s had some sort of mastectomy or top surgery. That, or she’s binding with tape.

Doesn’t necessarily mean a relapse? Not sure though

No. 1037588

She got her boobs removed, I remember her posting about the surgery coming up years ago. Her fingers are bloated, her wrists look normal, and her stomach looks pretty normal as well, if this isn’t newish it’s from when her weight first ballooned a little bit and people found pics on that one girls ig. She does look like she’s wearing bad fake tan tho.

No. 1037597

I remember her getting into fake tan back in her tumblr days too, it always looked really jarring on her.

No. 1037714

Honestly with the amount of weird bloating & body horror stuff EDs cause (especially with booze and cigs) it’d be near impossible to say if she gained weight or not. I have a feeling she most likely had whatever just to maintain her weight, it doesn’t really matter though her glory days are way over. It’s like that old IBS thinspo hag who tries to get validation from pro ana teens.

No. 1037798

> it doesn’t really matter though her glory days are way over
Yeah I can’t figure out why she came back. Is her life that boring and empty? It’s hard to tell from her posts, but it seems like she’s been stagnant for a long time: same terrible style, same crappy mall jobs, same edgy vague posting
>It’s like that old IBS thinspo hag who tries to get validation from pro ana teens.
OT but who is this? I see some older ana chans discusses in the pro ana scum bags thread, but I don’t know who you’re referring to

No. 1039653

I think she only came back because of that podcast, she probably got hundreds of messages and is gonna go and jerk off to them then just disappear again.

No. 1073353


Pretty sure they were referring to imskinnybeautiful2 on insta

No. 1074344

While her peak tumblr fame days are over, it's clear that a bunch of people, including us, are invested in her. Look at all those Russians on her ig. Plus, keeping relatively the same look gives a sense of nostalgia. Not to be a dick but seeing Mena look like an average, overweight rando just clugging down beer was a bummer, and her disappointing podcast as well. I would be down to listen to a Shmegeh podcast, see what train-wreckery she is up to now.

No. 1074359

I don’t much care about shmegeh but god would I give for a felice fawn pod

No. 1074412

Right? She dropped off the face of the earth …one of the few cows I never see updates on

No. 1074424

Every once in a while something pops up about her. She’s still skinny and just stays in and streams video games. Idk if she lives off welfare or off of bf/family because she’s too low profile to make liveable money from streaming

No. 1074562

Ah, that actually sounds very ‘Felice-like’ lol I remember she got married (Those engagement party pics) and just vanished

No. 1074923

I'm surprised her stream isn't relatively big from the trickled down e-fame, or does she keep it private or disguise herself? lol

No. 1121407


what is her handle?

No. 1121532

I think I saw Michelle the other day, not sure if it was indeed her or if it was someone who looked like her though. She was out doing groceries. Doesn't look too different from before imo

No. 1125390


I only remember her posting about wanting a mastectomy, wanting to look like an androgynous guy.

No. 1125814

wtf she's a streamer now?

No. 1136481


any more on this?

No. 1144629

File: 1611872867118.jpeg (239.27 KB, 1170x1277, 6351E46E-8312-430F-90BE-3DE378…)


Not sure if this is her, but she’s never used other usernames afaik.


No. 1144885

They were talking about Felice, anon.

No. 1276358

File: 1626253869043.jpeg (557.36 KB, 1125x1735, 3D49DA74-A21E-441C-8A09-D9FA3F…)

She posted on her ig again

No. 1276392

No. 1285568

You don't miss her?
God I wish she would just f*cking come back already. I'm hard into weeb-emo nostalgia of the early 2000s.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1285572

Please sage newfriend.

No. 1285780

She was such a blue print for being into trashy 00’s shit in a really weird way a decade ago

No. 1285784

Michelle was one of those messy ana-chans some of us followed, kind of like Felice. Although unlike Felice, Michelle only started updating her instagram last year because she knew that Mena was coming out with her side of the story about their relationship.
It's a cat picture.. so. Take it how you want I guess.

No. 1287103


the Red Scare wannabe girls on tiktok/twitter today owe so much to Michelle… doubt any of them know who she is though

No. 1299964

I still go back and look through her blog, just for the nostalgia of that time. Even though tumblr marked it as a nsfw blog, making it incredibly hard to search through.

I always felt I related to her just on interests alone. Those old MCR obsessive teen years, and the anime boom of the early to mid 2000s.

No. 1303389


i miss her too, anon.

No. 1327897

File: 1632022247127.jpeg (955.05 KB, 1125x1649, F4A41533-28F6-486B-BADA-4C1455…)

There’s this new girl on the block megsuperstarprincess that’s doing zoomer Michelle it’s a trip to watch

Anyways michelle posted a new photo

No. 1375897


Runway prefers tall skinny eastern Europeans and chinese/koreans. The only time I see dark skinned african runway models is when they got very small or narrow noses..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1375917

was it necessary to comment that unsaged after a whole year since the original post kek

No. 1375931

No. 1684769

Mena out here with bleached eyebrows, acting sloppy, like she's invoking someone.(necro )

No. 1685162

i know you guys are starved for that dead milk, but Shmegeh really didn't invent bleaching eyebrows kek. or acting sloppy

No. 1685807

when/where? at least post a pic or something if you're gonna dig up a thread that's six feet under

No. 1685904

why are you obsessed with Mena? she literally dated michelle when she was like 19 and got abused by michelle, i doubt she bleached her brows bc shes trying to trigger her abusive ex whos ghosted social media years ago

No. 1687853

File: 1667049682525.jpg (180.21 KB, 648x1119, Igslop.jpg)

maybe shes thinking about those failed dumblr famous ig lives she was working on after the shmegeh podcast did so well

No. 1687942

is this Shmegeh looking for drama? or a lost fan looking for something that isn't there. This is literally split colored hair and bleached brows. Half of fucking zoomer population bleach/shave brows rn and act "messy", are they copying precious Michelle too?
this thread is filled with weirdest ppl, from rabid Shmegeh whiteknights, to idiots who blame Mena for getting abused "b-b-because she did drugs! so she's worse!". and now "Mena is copying Shmegeh" anon. Don't make this thread a second shmegeh PULL thread. (which was totally unreadable btw with amount of idiots praising her for being skeletor and cutting herself for attention.)

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