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File: 1434494255830.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_npzqsa3r8Y1tvky6qo1_128…)

No. 14121

Last thread >>30923

Post about rising and old cows that are mainly active on webcam sites but don't deserve an own thread.

Usual offenders are:

General MFC drama and lulz can be found here once a while:

And yes, Megan stuffed a squid inside her.

No. 14122

i wonder if megan will ever have kids and one day one of them will find out that they came out of somewhere that a fake squid was inside they will have something in common with that squid

No. 14123

"Hey kid, what do you and a fake squid have in common? You've both been in my vagina! Now be a good boy and go get mommy some cigarettes and beer."

No. 14124

File: 1434495549559.jpg (159.63 KB, 768x1024, photo2-768x1024.jpg)

>and yes, Megan stuffed a squid inside her

That isn't a real squid, it's a glass dildo shaped like a tentacle.

No. 14125

No. 14126

File: 1434496660247.gif (950.71 KB, 240x228, eaughdotjif.gif)

She is just so nasty to me. There's nothing inherently wrong with her anatomy, but her nudes make me recoil in disgust.

No. 14127

File: 1434691595947.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.42 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nq2alxjKWp1tvky6qo1_128…)

Wtf is with her anatomy besides her sucking in badly.

No. 14128

Babyzelda is pig disgusting. Just wanted to get that out.

No. 14129

They've got to be one of the nastiest pair of tits I've laid eyes on. And that includes lotusboob.

No. 14130

I thought she stuffed an actual squid in her vag. This is much less terrifying.

No. 14131

File: 1434733583024.jpg (329.14 KB, 1920x1080, 583-166-941-357-7918815.jpg)

>>Ethnicity: Asian
Is she joking?

No. 14132

..She's a skinnier, alien-eyed version of PT's face. Ouch.

No. 14133

she is soooo creepy & so ugly i dont know who even likes her yuck.

i guess all the weebs congregate in her & katsumi chann's room

No. 14134

She looks like an anime character struggling with the physical effects of crack or meth addiction.

No. 14135

well i guess since everyone in the woman pretending to be blacks thread feels like she would be able to do whatever she wants then there's nothing wrong with turning japanese. everyone can be whatever race they want now i guess. all thanks to a black facing psycho.

No. 14136

the people who are mad about Dolezal are the same people who were pushing "race is a social construct" a while ago. I guess it isn't anymore.

No. 14137

so she's totes Asian then lol

No. 14138

Lol wut, every one in that thread was shitting on her wtf are you talking about.

No. 14139

File: 1434946891669.jpg (179.98 KB, 640x1136, https://40.media.tumblr.com/44…)

I don't really know why but there's something that looks really off with her face in this picture.

No. 14140

No. 14141

File: 1434952636244.jpg (25.75 KB, 500x375, 1403215221547.jpg)

No. 14142

She did cutout, shoop and paste her eyes into her face, it is the most noticeable at her left eye because it goes into her hair, lol.

No. 14143

I'm at a loss for words rn tbh like i just why would you cut out your features and stick them back on your face jesus Christ

No. 14144

File: 1434957896948.png (372.46 KB, 640x573, New canvas.png)

Lmao you are right
I just made it even more obvious

No. 14145

File: 1434958002672.png (334.41 KB, 420x476, New canvass.PNG)

Ooops wanted to post that.
Or is it just a reflection?

No. 14146

her nose looks so wonky/deformed tho

No. 14147

I don't understand how she ranks as high as she does. Like yeah I understand she draws in guys who are into the weeb thing but still, she's so fucking ugly and acts really tryhard cutesy and awkward and it's embarrassing to watch.

No. 14148

That's her appeal. Ugly yet attainable plus she can fuck herself with a dilldo using her feet (which I've never seen before)

No. 14149

For a lot of guys they want her because in reality, she's the hottest they can date.
I think it's a good thing. We don't have people with very high standards because they do this.
All of 4chan is an example of people with standards that are too high.

No. 14150

But even being kind of plain/ugly she's still not attainable to them, she's a camwhore on the internet. Like you're not going to be able to fuck her anyway so why look at someone ugly when you can look at someone hot?
Eh, I really just don't understand this sort of thing.

No. 14151

i can do this.

looks like ive opened up a new career opportunity!

No. 14152

uh lol, they are attainable. thats why they rank so high. i had a guy friend who was OBSESSED with cam models, and he would give the ones who actually became his "friend" so much money. one of them scammed him so hard, pretended to love him, and he believed her. he spent like $5,000 on her. she promised that she'd go see him, cheat on her husband with him, eventually get married and have kids with him.

that's what these girls do. the guys dont know better because they think its the best they can do, and they are chasing after this "dream girl". tbh the girls dont knows better either because i read the chatlogs bw my friend and his cam model, and she acted like she was soooo in love with him as well.

it's also really easy because the girls will say ANYTHING that these guys want to hear. if a guy doesn't like black people, the girl is suddenly a racist. if the guy LOVES cars, suddenly the camgirl knows everything about cars. the guy is tricked into thinking she is the "one" and unloads all his money on her because he thinks he is supporting some sort of quasi-girlfriend.

No. 14153

holla holla get dat dolla

No. 14154

By "attainable" it doesn't mean physically, it means in their league. Sure they can jack off to Asa Akria or Gianna Michaels but they don't see those type of girls when they're going to their anime club/conventions or whatever nerdo shit they're into.
And that's >>14131 appeal, a girl like the other girls her nerdy fans have probably met and could probably obtain if they tried, dressing up in weirdo costumes and fucking herself for them.

No. 14155

File: 1435076303849.jpg (135.6 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nqe7pfPbWu1tvky6qo1_128…)

>#body posititivity
Kek, that's sure why your room becomes less wide with each photo in order to make yourself look thinner.

No. 14156

And she really needed to show of her new self-harm scratches.

No. 14157

File: 1435077615804.jpg (276.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-06-23-09-39-08…)

Lmao who are u even tryna fool megan you ain't anywhere near 90 pounds

No. 14158

File: 1435077795702.jpg (89.18 KB, 720x480, https://40.media.tumblr.com/1f…)

She looks so weird here likw a chubby monkey or something.

No. 14159

I don't think Meagan is attractive at all. Shes top heavy and has no shape to her.
I understand that all boobs are different too but hers terrify me. They're all lopsided
and saggy. Plus shes got that weird alien face of hers.

No. 14160

Where did her alleged pear shaped body go?

No. 14161

Her face looks too small for her head and her body.

No. 14162

It's probably too hard to
shoop herself an ass as well as make herself thinner lol

No. 14163

petite lol

No. 14164

if she really was 90 pounds, she would have to be a dwarf. that makes sense with the face and all, tho

No. 14165

File: 1435144764426.jpg (75.38 KB, 540x635, tumblr_nqevgg3kV51tvky6qo1_540…)

No. 14166


No. 14167

She probably thought it was super hot because she's total trash and a wannabe hood rat.

No. 14168

God she's absolutely trash

No. 14169

I wonder at what age her parents just started completely depriving her of attention and affection.

And calcium, apparently.

No. 14170

Probably from like age 10 or something even her early selfies and blog posts reek of desperate attention whore.

No. 14171

the fact that she does all this while living with her parents is…..hrm.

No. 14172

Lol moving out from under her parent's roof would require actually having a consistent source of income, and as we all know, Megan's idea of working pretty much consists of taking off her clothes and making scowly faces at strangers on the internet and waiting for them to throw cash at her.

No. 14173

He isn't her boyfriend, he is her fuckdaddy.

No. 14174

what do these types of girls expect from uploading porn on a open-to-the-public site?
i remember seeing a documentary on what their lives are like and they all pretty much said that most of the feedback they receive is bad feedback and that it should be expected. this is why these tumblr ~sex workers~ don't ever make it big. they all cry when people give them anything but asspats. they should know that they will get alot of "this position doesn't look nice" or "i dont like this on you" porn isn't all smiles and compliments from doing whatever you want. it can get painful and degrading
.sorry if this is alittle OT, im just getting tired of this ~slut shaming~ thing because it seems to only apply to people that put themselves out there to be mocked

No. 14175

File: 1436108980091.jpg (256.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-05-08-04-19…)

You must be joking. This bitch was never 84 lbs my god.

No. 14176

File: 1436109050690.jpg (175.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-05-08-04-53…)

No. 14177

File: 1436109260982.jpg (169.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-05-08-05-02…)

Ok one minute u have a man and then you're totally single? Megan and that black guy that she was in that picture with are always like weirdly on and off. Probably because he's literally just using her for sex and because having to spend any amount of time with megan would make your brain explode.

No. 14178

>1950's housewife to my man

More like std-ridden cumrag to any black guy in the vicinity

No. 14179

Wow she's smaller than my mother who is already super short… I don't doubt she used to be 84 lbs it's not that shocking for someone her size…

No. 14180

Yeah but have you seen those photos of her body before? Like the real unshooped ones. Idk.

No. 14181

File: 1436125365193.jpg (348.62 KB, 600x848, Baby.jpg)

Yeah she used to be chubbier.
I used to think that she lied about her waist size but considering her size it's not very surprising either, super small waist is impressive on someone who is taller and has a generally bigger frame.

No. 14182

This. A 23" waist doesnt look tiny on someone 5' but its very noticeable on someone 5'7"

No. 14183

File: 1436132479245.png (131.97 KB, 160x358, Capture.PNG)

I still think she's lying about her size since the measurements she gave out are for a pear shaped body and her body's rectangular shaped. I do think she could be honest about the waist size though.

About the whole being 84lbs thing, I think that's definitely bullshit. There's one singer I follow who's the same height as Megan and I think weighs that much and she looks much tinier than Megan has ever looked(her body is in the pic).

No. 14184

girl is a straight up midget, which sucks because if she gains even a little weight it's super obvious. if she's a smaller person, she could still have a "little" waist because the rest of her is "little", meaning she's still just a chubby rectangle.

The tops of her thighs stick out more than her waist, because she sits down all day and her body morphed into its current lazy shape. she has a gut. like ok you're short but you're chubby as shit, sit the fuck down no one is jealous lol

No. 14185

File: 1436316966779.jpg (172.14 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nqy529vm1v1tvky6qo1_128…)

Megan, everyone knows your ribcage and waist isn't anywhere this small.

No. 14186

File: 1436317187591.jpg (188.69 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nqy529vm1v1tvky6qo3_128…)

And her window's width shrinks and grows depending on the picture.

No. 14187


Not gonna lie I fucking love that dress.

No. 14188

You a nasty hoe too.

No. 14189

lol my thoughts exactly.

No. 14190


It's a nice club dress.
I guess you're not used to this kind of apparel having never attended anything else wilder than a barn dance in chiffon frills :^)

No. 14191


There's a little too much cut out for my tastes, but the base of it is nice. I'd buy it if it didn't have the boob window.

No. 14192

File: 1436373298499.jpg (317.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-08-09-33-45…)


No. 14193

File: 1436373528396.jpg (325.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-08-09-36-46…)

And she thinks this is a good thing? Smh

No. 14194

File: 1436690759777.gif (1.96 MB, 300x533, https://33.media.tumblr.com/5a…)

There's something really off about her face.

No. 14195

Nah son its pretty tacky

No. 14196

File: 1436693732904.jpg (54.89 KB, 550x369, fucking lips.jpg)

Looks like she taped her eyes back. I used to have a weeaboo friend in middle school who put scotch tape on her lid, and pull them back to her temples to make her eyes appear oriental. And this picture is exactly what that looks like.

Also, she looks like a chimp because the middle line in between her lips are just straight instead of matching her cupid's bow.

No. 14197

you mean besides the fact that she looks like a tranny?

No. 14198

She's like the "hot" one in a family of people with Downs Syndrome.

No. 14199

No… No i dont know any couples like that…

No. 14200

y'all way too obsessed with these weight of these girls. How about focusing on what is actually juicy. I know that there are a lot of chicks with EDs browsing lolcow but sheesh, try to keep it down a notch.
Not everything has to be about weight all the time.

No. 14201

Gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 :^)

No. 14202

No 1 curr

No. 14203

oh that's what full on top tits look like

No. 14204

She keeps saying that she's gonna get a boobjob but so far nothing. Probably because she's lazy and broke as f.

No. 14205

I thought she did because of how wonky they are now. one goes one way and the other has a mind of its own.

No. 14206

Would you mind expounding on the lip thing, please? I'm having trouble visualizing what you're saying because I can't tell if you're referring to the horizontal "line" dividing our lips. If so, it looks normal to me.

No. 14207

I literally have the same face as her but my nose is different (I also have a rectangle body like hers so I get so much second hand embarrassment in her threads). She's 1/4 some type of Asian or native which gives her Down's syndrome eyes and combined with white coloring, creeps people out.

No. 14208

File: 1436732309264.jpg (412.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-12-13-11-28…)

the line between her lips looks really flat to me but that might have to do with the fact that her top lip is really thin and the way she purses her mouth makes the curve nonexistent.

No. 14209

File: 1436732461925.jpg (218.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-12-13-08-40…)

Lmao this girl is so trashy. I thought she had a man already wtf

No. 14210

File: 1436732594770.jpg (309.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-12-13-08-23…)

She sounds like a retard

No. 14211

Homegirl never has a man, just the occasional BBC.

No. 14212

the closest thing to a relationship i think she's had recently is some sort of fwb with that hugo guy. sometimes she acts like he's her boyfriend but he always denies actually being involved with her lol

No. 14213

Dude, that's an FAS symptom.
Her mom must have kept on drinking when she was preggo.

No. 14214

lollllll no wonder she looks so fucking Down's syndromey. She has the epicanthal folds, flat broad face, thin upper lip, and low nasal bridge. Makes sense now.

No. 14215

File: 1436899459939.jpg (204.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-14-11-41-48…)

Oh, megan. I'm glad to see the scope of your ambition extends so far.

No. 14216

Dumb ass camera noobs

No. 14217


As much as I am physically repulsed by this girl, I did a report paper on FAS in college and I really don't see any particular signs of it in her.

She's mentioned her father being Chinese in the past right? This seems more credible to me since she does actually looked mixed.

But nah she's a fucking skank but she has a clearly visible philtrum.

No. 14218

No no no this bitch does NOT listen to Queenadreena

No. 14219

Her past tumblrs had her songs in her playlist.

No. 14220

when she was "pretty polly", that's how she got the name.

No. 14221

File: 1436915059589.jpg (104.62 KB, 640x640, tumblr_npsz7jU6y11tvky6qo1_128…)

Gonna be the odd one out here and say that I actually do find Megan very pretty in an unusual sort of way.

She has a very unique combination of features that seem to work in my eyes and I think she's really grown into them, but GOD FUCKING DAMNIT IF SHE ISN'T RETARDED.

Like, I've tried to like her so hard. I really have because I like her pics, I'm a bit of a perv and I like seeing cute, naked girls on my dash, but I must have followed and unfollowed her like 4-5 times now on account of how repulsed I am by her innate stupidity.

Jeeeeeeeeeesus christ.

No. 14222

Give us some examples please. thanks

No. 14223


Please don't make me go back there. Please.

Also her knowingly dating a fucking convicted felon who fleeced the elderly out of pensions for one and being all "Uhmmm daddy's hot chocolate cum ;)" is one thing.

Also she didn't use contraception with her last boyfriend who complained that condoms just "didn't feel as good" and was too lazy/stupid to take the pill but was all surprised when she got preggers so had to go get an abortion at 18. I am not against abortion in the slightest but people shouldn't be allowed to default on them as a form of emergency contraception.

Her only real good points so far that I've noticed is that she's a vegan for animal welfare concerns and she blasted that cunt Ryden the fuck out when all that shit came out about her.

No. 14224

Why does ryden sound familiar

No. 14225


Ryden Armani, the camgirl that turned out to have a massive sordid history.

No. 14226

I actually think she's pretty in a weird way too. She reminds me of a good friend back home I have (in the looks department, anyway).

But yeah, she's a fucking moron and utter trash so she's just disgusting to me.

No. 14227

Eeeh…I don't think she's genuinely pretty, to be honest. I think she just knows how to clean herself up in photos and knows what angles work for her. Her actual face weirds me out.

No. 14228

She's weird looking but not ugly. Most women are at least average if not a little pretty imo

No. 14229

she looks really good here. it's annoying. she shooped her waist, right? it's so rectangular normally. and her tits are not that big. no way.

No. 14230

File: 1437045111086.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, shoopfail.png)

Her waist is shooped. Poorly.

No. 14231

I've followed and unfollowed many times too. The last straw for me was saying she thought birth control was unnatural so she doesn't want to take it.. But the morning after pill is natural, and abortions, right?

No. 14232

File: 1437156741921.png (73.15 KB, 1264x754, 3896.png)

Hate to say it, but if you zoom in her top actually folds, making the light on the half below her arm look off balance.

No. 14233

File: 1437251270735.jpg (212.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-18-13-24-00…)

Lol she was so embarrassed that she had to make a post telling everyone about it.
also, ew. Who even brags bout this shit?

No. 14234

File: 1437251627814.png (27.93 KB, 294x594, lying like a rug.png)

No. 14235

She's probably just scared of gaining weight on it. Especially since she's so fucking short.

No. 14236

for the record, Ryden Armani and her pals are threatening to dox another girl who committed suicide and they are making fun of her. Once a retarded bitch, always a retarded bitch. They never change.

No. 14237

>threatening someone who committed suicide

What? That doesn't make any sense if the person is dead…

No. 14238

i dont know either, her friends and her were threatening to release the girls dox (who seems to be dead, apparently got hit by a train). who they were threatening? i don't know. i don't know if anyone got screencaps but it was a trainwreck, they deleted it all by now. i hope someone did. their whole shtick was "well, she's not REALLY dead so we are going to dox her anyway!"

No. 14239

File: 1437844517584.gif (1.31 MB, 300x533, https://38.media.tumblr.com/4a…)

Why are her gifs always so weird and jumpy? Also her face looks really plasticky.

No. 14240

File: 1437844758495.jpg (326.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-25-10-16-49…)

She probably does have some sort of ed tbh.
Or maybe she's just trying to cover her ass cuz she can't shoop her body thinner while she's camming.

No. 14241

File: 1437845117251.jpg (338.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-25-10-22-26…)

Lmao ur logic megan. Nobody is jealous of you, with or without fake boobs. Its just that knowing you, you'd go to a cheap surgeon who'd do whatever you asked them to and end up looking like charms.

No. 14242

So the edit isn't that much noticeable, the sides of her face seem to shrink.

No. 14243

She always looks fat on cam tho because she is.

No. 14244


No. 14245


Did she put lipstick way out around her bottom lip or is it just me? Because that shit looks weird like she is putting it on far wider than her lips are

No. 14246

Yes. Looks sort of normal on camera but if you've ever seen some lip enlarging makeup IRL its horrible.

No. 14247


You can see here, she has a makeup tutorial.

No. 14248

She'd be really attractive if she got a nose job.

No. 14249

File: 1437857947376.jpg (170.95 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nijelytZNe1tvky6qo1_128…)

Why delusional? It's not like if she wasn't shooping herself ever since she was a Dakota clone and she doesn't look anything like that in her shows nor does she in all of her pics.

No. 14250


Her nose is fine though.

No. 14251

goddamn her lips look nasty

No. 14252

She's always been really pretty to me, but her personality is so trashy that I can't see past that.
A shame, really.

No. 14253

She looks legit retarded here.

No. 14254

That's how she looks out of shoop mosttimes due to her down's face.

No. 14255

She hasn't she looks the exact same since when she was 15
Face & Body always look the same I think you just have something against her.

No. 14256

Hi Megan.

No. 14257

The only time she does look the same is when she doesn't shoop herself, her face never looks the same at her shoops.

Have some scene fag megan from when she was 14.

No. 14258


She looked bigger too, babycakes t-shirt aswell. Fuck she must have been young then, bbycks was all ago when I was like 15/16 kek

Without all that make up, she's truly not even that pretty lol.

No. 14259

Oh, ew. This pretty much proves that she hasn't got a drop of Asian blood in her like she claims.

No. 14260


Asian?! She looks fuck all Asian! White as fuck!

No. 14261

She has beady FAS eyes and claims she's azn, oh my god my sides.

No. 14262

File: 1437982594471.jpg (204.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-27-00-34-09…)

What the fuck do you mean you don't know what size they're going to be? Even charms knew that come on Megan what kind of back-alley hack surgeon are you going to? Or are you just that dumb?

No. 14263

She has such a shitty attitude about being vegan though, like being a meat eater doesnt make your pussy nastier and being vegan doesn't make your pussy taste like fruit lol wtf. Also her calling out Ryden is almost hypocritical.

No. 14264

she's so beautiful <3333

No. 14265

such a perfect celestial goddess <333

No. 14266

Being a meat eater does make ur pussy taste nasty as fuck

No. 14267

No. 14268


lolok megan

No. 14269

uhh she's retarded

also how can she afford a surgery when she lives with her mom and has a disgusting little dinky room. how is she ok living like this but will get fake tits from a back alley surgeon

No. 14270

>also how can she afford a surgery when she lives with her mom and has a disgusting little dinky room. how is she ok living like this but will get fake tits from a back alley surgeon
Prolly learned from JNig who also lives with her mom in a tiny room, lol.

No. 14271

File: 1438010339270.jpg (17.45 KB, 240x320, down syndrome girl on FG.jpg)

Lmao beautiful?
she looks like the down's syndrome girl from family guy.

No. 14272

File: 1438010581597.jpg (253.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-27-00-40-53…)

Also didn't she say she was and is a full time sex worker a while ago? Like if you're constantly stating that being a camgirl is a valid job and just as good as any other career and get upset whenever someone implies otherwise, at least be proud of it, for fuck's sake! Don't just flip flop and cover your tracks whenever you think it'll make you look better. Ugh…

No. 14273

File: 1438011202494.jpg (205.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-27-08-29-31…)

This fucking idiot. Also why would you tell everyone on your blog about your laxative use? Like ain't nobody wants to hear about that. Plus you're a camgirl? Kinda hard to get turned on when all we can imagine is your diarrhea.

No. 14274

Laxatives aren't even good for that.

No. 14275


LOL she actually fucking does

No. 14276

wtf coding what?? this bitch tries to be one of those omg sexy but also so -different- edgy coder sexy gurll ;)))

we all know she is just a full time cheap prostitute

No. 14277

i like how she pretends to have some sort of eating disoder (omg pain when i eat real foodz :'cc omg i use laxatives so i wonty b fat haha)

same thing she did with drugs back in the pretty polly days, pretending to be cool/hard/edgy

its so fucking see through

also she is fat and bloated so???

No. 14278

These gifs made me realise how much of an ass she doesn't have.

>She hasn't she looks the exact same since when she was 15
Her face literally looks totally different in the first few, and is totally dakota style. That…really backfired on you.

No. 14279

Yeah back when she was exposing ryden and stuff (probably like the only good thing she ever did) she claimed that she actually had a life outside of camming and it was just a hobby. Fast forward a few months: 'I'm going to be a full-time sex worker soon!!"
Girl needs to at least try to keep her stories straight.

No. 14280

Typical shit tho. Wah wah I'm just a basic white girl with no real skills MAYBE PEOPLE WILL THINK I'M INTERESTING IF I MAKE UP SOME PROBLEMS

No. 14281

File: 1438041434030.jpg (191.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-27-16-50-14…)

At least I'm not an unsuccessful camgirl with crooked titties and a Down's syndrome face mooching off her parents and dating some dude who scammed grannies for a living.

No. 14282

File: 1438098028866.gif (Spoiler Image,801.65 KB, 300x533, tumblr_ns5c9ckwm71tvky6qo2_400…)

I can't deal with the squishing and deforming in here.

No. 14283

so squished vertically that her fingers look like fat prawns

No. 14284

Wtf is going on with her arm here btw?

No. 14285

Anyone see this last night? Olivia, a top model on MFC, was doing a nazi-themed show where she dressed up as a nazi, and then made a Hitler speech in front of thousands of people.

People were going absolutely BATSHIT. Especially other SJW-y cam models who want her banned off the site lmao.

No. 14286

File: 1438532585032.png (Spoiler Image,162.73 KB, 271x423, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.2…)

She called another top camgirl a holocaust/auschwitz victim, due to her very thin physique.

No. 14287

File: 1438532800883.png (123.38 KB, 550x632, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.2…)

She made about $6,000 (if not more in private tips) in 5 hours simply by dressing up as a nazi. So everyone is really, really mad.

No. 14288

K that's mean but that girl is straight up starving herself.

No. 14289


That's actually fucking hilarious.

No. 14290

nazism is a fairly big fetish so that's not surprising, also >>14286 is pumpkinspice right? she uses the word faggot constantly but i guess they'd pick a homophobe over someone who dressed up a nazi one time
>morals on a site where most people shove things up their ass to get money

No. 14291

How is someone so plain #1 model

No. 14292

Because what men think is pretty isn't as high Lvl as you girls think. You nitpick and makeup shit to find anything wrong with another girl. Seriously seeing girls fighting over what's prettier, what body type is better and shit is hilarious.

No. 14293


Yeah, it's pretty pathetic.

But then again, so is visiting a notoriously gossipy bitchy board just to whine about girls being gossipy and bitchy.

No. 14294

I don't know who this girl is so maybe I'm way off the mark but I guess she's probably approachable, fun to watch and good with the viewers? There are better looking girls out there but loads of them have shitty attitudes and think guys should throw money at them just for existing.

No. 14295


yeah pumpkinspice is trash. she constantly says faggot, nigger, etc. so she is really gross

No. 14296

Stfu nigger faggot

No. 14297

Lol. And this is why I am so glad I never became a cam girl when I was desperate for money. I'm still broke as fuck and can't find a job but shit.

Still though. I don't think SJWs should be so surprised by this considering MFC originally only had Russian models working on there.

No. 14298

Visit the board because its funny just like everyone else. Calm your tits.

No. 14299


Dude, I was talking about the post I was replying to. I'm 0% pissed.

No. 14300

For a good minute I thought this was a guy.

No. 14301

File: 1438637759052.jpg (280.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-03-14-33-09…)

Lmao megan doesn't like black guys anymore apparentlyp

No. 14302

File: 1438637779257.jpg (202.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-03-14-34-35…)

Or hugo either lol

No. 14303

Me too. I was just think what a passable trap he was.

No. 14304

In those 15-18 pics. She posted her as being "15" like one or two years ago, which would make her only just turning 18 this year (correct me if im wrong im bad at maths) and there's also been a lot of speculation as to if her earlier nudes that she posted, are even of her at 18 considering she sent some of them to people when she was very much underage.
She's always used photoshop ever since I even noticed her presence on Tumblr a few years ago.

No. 14305

File: 1438733956430.png (22.04 KB, 774x337, v19k.png)

We already know her real age since ages due to people doxing her at anonib. The photos she posted are all from the past two years and not 2011-2014 as you can see on her older YouTube channel, she still dressed like a scene fag until she started to be a dakota clone in 2013.

No. 14306

File: 1438733990174.png (61.02 KB, 774x748, 7onr.png)

No. 14307

I know it's not really all that important, but when will you learn to use 'since' properly? It's been ages.

No. 14308

Bad habit from thinking sentences mostly in the native language.

No. 14309

funny how she couldnt be arsed to do anything about those nubby hotdog legs

No. 14310

File: 1439161076929.gif (1.87 MB, 800x533, https://33.media.tumblr.com/14…)

Wtf is going on with the left side of her face it's blurring up

No. 14311

Bad focusing? Seems like the whole gif is doing that tbh.

No. 14312

I agree, its the majority of the gif doing it

i think its suppose to add a sexy vibe

No. 14313

File: 1439189678928.png (24.52 KB, 190x187, anamiaconfirmed.png)

megan eating disorder confirmed?
shes following anamiamusic aka the youtube channel dedicated to posting eating disorder related songs

No. 14314

Lmao she's trying so hard to act like she has an eating disorder tho she keeps talking about laxatives

No. 14315

The only eating disorder she could have is prolly eating way too much.

No. 14316

File: 1439226898618.png (297.69 KB, 567x475, Down Syndrome-model6.png)

No. 14317

…You know what? Good for her.

No. 14318

Also, she looks like Megan kek.

That's probably the joke, and I've ruined thee punchline.

No. 14319

wtf … don't most Down's Syndrome people have the mindset of a very very young person …? If so, this is pretty disturbing …

No. 14320

File: 1439227453770.jpg (211.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-10-10-23-58…)

No. 14321

File: 1439227489678.jpg (376.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-10-10-17-28…)

No. 14322

File: 1439227622793.jpg (301.16 KB, 880x654, down-syndrome-model-job-madeli…)

She's got a better body than Megan for sure. In fact, she probably has the body that Megan wishes she had.

No. 14323

File: 1439227691764.jpg (367.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-10-10-18-54…)

Lmao who wants to guess that hugo ended up having to go to jail

No. 14324

That is indeed the joke, although I'm sure she takes much better care of her body than Megan.

No. 14325

She has down syndrome but she also wants to become a model. She was interviewed and such, just google down syndrome model

No. 14326

who wants to bet what megans new shtick is gonna be: 'Ride or die gang$ta bae locked up' prison wifey. When in reality she's just obsessed with a granny scammer who didn't like her anyway :-|

No. 14327

I mean this would be really hot if she actually looked this way. But nah

No. 14328

File: 1439261679789.jpg (18.21 KB, 320x320, 11426184_398429680359423_12019…)

Anything on Jessie Blush? Shes a scene girl turned cam model thats also a mom. Her twitter is nothing but baby daddy drama and bragging about whatever relationship she is in. Right now shes dating some wannabe nobody white boy rapper named Bucky Howard who posts pictures of her ass on instagram and the trashy parties they throw.


No. 14329

File: 1439261767629.jpg (22.31 KB, 236x362, 0862cb45b9096369f885fc601e6efa…)

her body reminds me of the worms from men in black

No. 14330

File: 1439261827021.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.22 KB, 600x600, B_aWHr2U0AAswnV.jpg)

not many photos of her cam sessions, i feel like she hardly ever actually cams, she just talks on twitter about why she had to postpone her session.

No. 14331

lmao im dying please let it happen omg
can u imagine how many cringey lana del rey gifs she would reblog

No. 14332

fuuuck I'm sorry OT but where are these girls getting all this cute af lingerie?? recs please?

No. 14333


dat ass

No. 14334


amazon. Just look for shitty lingerie, kek.

No. 14335


I missed this but I saw the aftermath.

She came back on wearing a CCCP shirt and a Soviet officer's hat and people had no problem with them. People were in her room still giving her shit about the Nazi uniform she wore an hour earlier but completely ignored that she was wearing USSR memorabilia. I'm pretty sure she was wearing them on purpose to show how stupid the situation is.

If you search for the video you will mostly find news articles complaining that somebody "profited from Nazism". These SJWs would never let The Producers be released today.

No. 14336

File: 1439738642763.png (176.85 KB, 434x342, 4324.png)

Never knew 90lbs was so fat, she also claims she can fit clothes for 9yo.

No. 14337

File: 1439738755151.jpg (331.31 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nt6i68zHHO1tvky6qo1_128…)

And I still don't know whats wrong with her legs, its like all her fat is on their upper part.

No. 14338


It's because she's small. It's realistic for her height.

No. 14339


She's small, yes, but there is no way in hell her weight is 90 lbs.

No. 14340

She's only 90lbs if she's like….4'5" because she is all fat.

No. 14341

Im 5'1 and im at 105. Any extra weight I gain that isnt worked into muscle or whatever looks fat

Her arm looks like a sausage.

No. 14342

Just the fact that she makes a point to talk about her weight so often makes me doubt that she's actually 90 lbs. It's like she thinks it's an accomplishment worthy of distinction or something. If she were the weight, she'd let her pictures talk for her imo

I also doubt she can wear clothes for 9 year olds despite her height, that's something girls like Erika or Ashley can do. I'm 5'5" at 100 lbs and wear kids size 12, which would probably fit any standard 00 person. Size 9 is just pushing it way too far. I don't get why these girls exaggerate themselves to the point of absurdity - it's like they think everyone is too stupid to realize

No. 14343

idk, you're kind of acting like kids clothing is some insanely tiny thing only the smallest people can fit in to, but I'm not the thinnest person at 5"5 and 130 and I buy (granted, L) kids clothing from Target all the time. "kids clothing" just sounds ~~sooo tiny and delicate~~ which is why people like her repeatedly say it, but honestly, it's really not that big of a deal.

No. 14344

Tbh yeah vanity sizing has made it so that honestly kid's clothes in like the upper age range will fit most thin-medium size people

No. 14345

Well I found an old question on yahoo answers from her when she was 15 or 16 or something which was asking what the average weight for someone who is 5"4.

When I confronted her about it she went and deleted that old yahoo account.


No. 14346

File: 1439822280497.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.44 KB, 1537x1078, 1417874819019.jpg)

The fact she tries to claim she has 32" hips and a 23" waist is beyond ridiculous.

She's got a wide waist in comparison to her hips, just like myself.

I have 32" hips and my waist is like 27".

Even at my most underweight my waist would prob not have been that thin because my bones. She's a fucking nutjob and it blows my mind that so many people are blind to her bullshit

No. 14347

File: 1439824260922.jpg (394.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-17-08-09-12…)

No. 14348

File: 1439824454954.jpg (250.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-17-08-13-39…)

Lmao seriously tho

No. 14349

Had a look at some of these live mfc vids.

God they're so shit. Anyone who pays for the that got ripped off.

She really doesn't know how to be a camgirl, she's very much just "you dress up, you get naked a bit n that's it"

She spends half the time pissing about on her damn phone. Poor show!

No. 14350

Oh my god thats disgusting. There is no way inhell those are her measurements.

Ugh shes actually so nasty, I wish all those Tumbletards saw her cam shows instead of the photoshopped lies that circulate

No. 14351

File: 1439919153092.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.73 KB, 720x480, 21204636554ec0b7df7e554dfa5472…)

top kek.

Yes this body totally fits the major hourglass shape that her "stats" do.

No. 14352

She'll be fucking him as soon as he's out of prison. She is utter trash.

No. 14353

File: 1439929218356.jpg (316.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-18-13-16-12…)

Lmao megan even if their operating system is old as fuck as least they don't have a chunky ass rectangle body like you.

No. 14354

File: 1439929274638.jpg (240.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-18-13-20-46…)

No. 14355

looool that is some bald faced lying. she's a literal rectangle. who even gets off to this, i thought men were all about the hip/waist ratio

No. 14356

A 23-32?? Are you fucking joking. Im 27-34 and she looks nothing close to hoe my body is.How fucking stupid are people to believe her?

No. 14357

The kind of guys who pay to watch camgirls are the kind of guys who can't afford to have standards.

No. 14358

So, what is this thread making fun of exactly?
>mfw just started camwhoring last night

No. 14359

Stupid things webcamgirls say, bullshit claims, bad shoop and the usual lolcow stuff.

No. 14360

yeah i have this too. its so fucking ugly. it makes your ass look even smallee

No. 14361

>stupid things webcam girls say
alright, I'll contribute my own idiocy then.
>be me, first time camwhoring
>a total prude so staying anonymous because I don't want people to recognise me
>assume that "disable" camera means people can't see me
>camera light is still on, but when I press disable the video goes black so I figure they can't see me anyway
>mfw I was wrong
>mfw someone said they were video capturing it
>start freaking out because MUH FACE IS ON PORN NOW
>various people think this is hilarious of course and post screen captures of the videos on /b/.

No. 14362

File: 1439941224405.jpg (57.88 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

just been on her chat, her body is quite small but absolutely no shape to it at all.

No. 14363

What an incredibly unfortunate looking ass. holyshit.

No. 14364

File: 1439941490724.jpg (23.46 KB, 500x376, tumblr_lopnxhaIWR1qmfrjro1_500…)


Good god…

No. 14365

ROFL Yessss. My thoughts exactly.

No. 14366

I am desperately trying to connect to MFC to come watch her feed but it's stuck on connecting for some reason :<

Somebody please take caps!

No. 14367

tbh if it weren't for her boob, I'd assume this was a guy.

omfg, I was literally about to post the same thing lmao

No. 14368

Lmao and she always shoops herself to have such a nice ass

No. 14369

YA'LL ARE SO RUTHLESS. oh my god, i'm actually choking

No. 14370

File: 1439945983243.jpg (47.71 KB, 561x426, image.jpg)

No. 14371

LOL Megan pls. Your body is so gross.

No. 14372


I shlould submit this to her tumblr

No. 14373

Unfortunately she wont post it. If anything make a new tumblr with all the groas unshooped/screen caps of her and tag them with her tags or reblog her touched up photos with those

No. 14374

researched it, all sources say she's made a whopping $30,000 for that nazi act, when she usually makes $1,000 a night.

No. 14375

hahaha how can she say she looks the same on webcam, daft cow.

Also how do other people say it, is she sending questions to herself lol

No. 14376

File: 1440001388271.jpg (41.35 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

No. 14377

File: 1440001462475.jpg (55.42 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

To be fair she was moving around and interacting a lot, think she may of been drunk? Only stayed on for a sec

No. 14378

she looks like a shaved ape :(

No. 14379

she looks rekt

No. 14380

What did you do though?

No. 14381

Why is she claiming her natural hair colour is black anyway, it's clearly dark brown. Does she not understand how rare it is to have naturally black hair?

Is this all part of the claiming to be part asian nonsense?

No. 14382

It's not rare.

No. 14383

Sure it is, for white people anyway, and it seems less common in women too.

Usually it's just a very dark shade of brown. Only black haired white person I know is my dad

No. 14384

File: 1440005926202.jpg (Spoiler Image,29 KB, 512x384, 296837009_c2e199e502_o.jpg)

her boobs make me think of Ms. Garrison's boobs in South Park

No. 14385


So she's got the face of the downs girl in Family guy, the tits of Mrs Garrison and the ass of Hank Hill, brilliant.

No. 14386

Megan is on cam again lol. she looks kinda cute and shes not that bad of a cam girl unlike Big lottes

No. 14387

scissor me timbers

No. 14388

not much, they just saw my face, which I did not want them to see.

No. 14389

File: 1440029825352.jpg (14.08 KB, 191x236, lel.jpg)

No. 14390

Her face looks good i guess. Post nore caps please, anon. Mfc doesnt work for me.

No. 14391

More ffs

No. 14392

No. 14393

File: 1440030586236.png (311.76 KB, 439x449, 1.png)

No. 14394

File: 1440030731534.jpg (49.17 KB, 821x235, 3.jpg)

No. 14395

tbh i think she actually looks cute lmao. i dont even care anymore.

No. 14396

Right? Me too. I'm the one posting the pictures and the bad ones are just unflattering angles/in the middle of her talking or something. I think she's pretty cute. Except for that horrid fake giggle. Stooop.

No. 14397

File: 1440031608308.jpg (34.08 KB, 563x217, 2.jpg)

No. 14398

I don't think she's cute, it's all lightening and angles. Looks like she has downs

No. 14399

File: 1440031889383.jpg (35.25 KB, 553x232, 4.jpg)

No. 14400

File: 1440031922569.jpg (23.16 KB, 512x384, 1409444353947.jpg)

No. 14401

She literally looks special needs lol

No. 14402

like tbh maybe its because ive watched too many cam girls but she actually seems young and bubbly whereas some girls seem like old washed up cows (littlelotte/charms/ashe/etc)???

she has really unfortunate genetics though. she doesnt seem fat but her stomach is really big

No. 14403

I just KNEW this character reminded me of someone.

No. 14404

why does her face piss me off so much? like it actually makes me want to cringe. i avoid this thread for that reason. her's and fetsu's
i can't stand even looking at their faces

No. 14405

shes hot tho

No. 14406

She's really not….

No. 14407

She has to be mentally retarded. She just looks it.

No. 14408

She looks like a literal retard.

No. 14409

File: 1440180323843.jpg (56.76 KB, 661x657, whatispushupbra.jpg)

this everything lol

No. 14410

File: 1440180632345.jpg (5.83 KB, 317x158, gradeafuckup.jpg)

The fact she used to refer to herself as "grade a pedo bait" as a 17 year old girl is rather disturbing.

No. 14411

File: 1440180824975.jpg (17.06 KB, 290x246, ANYMORE.jpg)

top kek, those men would be disappointed.

Remember when she claimed to be a stripper despite being 17 years old?

No. 14412


It's really fucking sad that she was like this at 17 years old.

Like, she still had the opportunity to do just about any job she wanted, yet she set her sights on becoming a professional whore?

Is she still in college or was she bullshitting about going to college in general? I can't imagine she sees any point in an education seeing as her goal is "to be a famous porn star"

No. 14413

I think she said she "codes" for a living? But she still lives with her parents and does a lot of camming and shit so I highly doubt it.

No. 14414

It would have probably just a been a 1 year crappy course that most people tend to do after school, so she would have been done with that before being 18.
Not sure in what but I'd imagine in something rather pointless that provides very little career opportunities.

I really don't think she understands the porn business, unless you're a top dog it's not good, and even still, it's pretty bleak. It ain't no "ooh ima fap on webcam".

I'm an exhibitionist n I guess I do what megan does for free as a bit of a side hobby thing, but jesus I'd never wanna go anywhere near the actual porn world!

No. 14415

lol ye whatever that means, prob something to do with fucking tumblr, I really doubt she makes any money from anything else than the camwhoring.

I do wonder how much she makes, obv not gonna be loads.

No. 14416


Yeah, I guess you're right, but I guess a part of me was hoping she'd go on to more advanced courses afterwards


Oh fuck, I remember that now, thanks
Yeah, I kind of doubt it too. Unless she considers making tumblr themes the same as professionally coding or something.

No. 14417

I'm confused if she really did coding or not. I feel like she would have followed coding types of blogs on tumblr at least or post any work shes done since shes so active on social media. I know that when I started going to school my tumblr shifted over towards more of the stuff I was studying, same goes for my friends. Is there any way she can prove it or does she just do that online coding website stuff that anyone can learn

No. 14418

hahahah wtf.

Has megan's tumblr been hacked or something?

When you go on it, it redirects to a video on pornhub of a white woman being fucked by some black guys

No. 14419


She might have your IP address blocked and redirected. It's a common thing Sex workers use, along with statscounter.

I can still access her blog

No. 14420

Tip: If you guys aren't doing this already, add http://statcounter.com/* to adblock and they won't be able to track you. Blocks the tracking script

No. 14421

File: 1440210767300.gif (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 500x281, tumblr_ntdxsbIw1a1tvky6qo3_500…)

So her newest video is about her first bbc (big black cock) for the first time and all it features is her sucking a dildo, very misleading and the amount of brightness doesn't help it either, she is blending into her room's white wall.

Don't get me started on how bored she looks, pic related.

No. 14422

Her using a hitachi while looking that bored is all the more hilarious.

No. 14423

Who cares, go to /g/

No. 14424

i legit thought she was pretending to be dead or something. jesus christ that expression on her face

No. 14425

im still getting redirected lol

No. 14426

File: 1440276417984.jpg (100.27 KB, 500x667, what.jpg)

someone did fanart of megan lmao

No. 14427

No. 14428

haha so her hips have got bigger but her waist is still the same despite being as rectangular as ever.

ffs she's so ridiculous!!!

No. 14429

File: 1440279340636.jpg (25.59 KB, 480x720, 149532_10150133451808206_10765…)

This is basically the figure by the stats megan claims to be.

Ye, I'm not buying it.

Also when did megan decide that she's 4"10 instead of 4"11 she always used to say. SHRINKAGE

No. 14430

that looks about right

No. 14431

Good thing her followers are a bunch of thirsty idiots i guess lmao

No. 14432

It's so obvious she's a chunky rectangle with no waist definition why does she trying to claim otherwise

No. 14433

File: 1440280498108.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.27 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nske79uuxI1tvky6qo2_128…)

Like if you're going to lie about your measurements at least make it BELIEVABLE. Even in her selfies, she looks super thick and stumpy. If I had to guess I'd assume she has a ~27 waist and ~30 hips.

No. 14434

I outed kati3kat on 4chan bc we went to hs together and now I feel bad oops

No. 14435

>bust 32"
>bra 30DD

? if her bra size is 30DD then her bust size would be ~35", or she isn't a 30DD and is actually a 30B. (correct me if I'm wrong pls)

No. 14436

Pretty much, it would have to be worn at the last hook to fit at that.

No. 14437


Not supporting Megan here at all because frankly she's a moron, but that's at least a 5"-6" waist/hip difference taking into account overall circumference.

No. 14438

File: 1440297954425.jpg (117.4 KB, 720x1231, Screenshot_2015-08-22-19-40-38…)

Hey, look she mentioned us lol. But honestly why draw attention to it, though? You just look like a big child. Like I don't really think anyone is actively sending you hate every single day (Correct me if I'm wrong.) so if you just kept quiet, I doubt anyone would have noticed the existence of this thread.

No. 14439

she's not chinese or anything near chinese or asian.

she photoshops her eyelids to give her like a weird illusion of monolids, thats why her eyes are weird and she squints sometimes.

i think she really just wishes she was asian.

tl;dr megan is white weaboo.

No. 14440

can someone please call her out on this? like megan is weird and she looks like that venus angelic girl but with photoshoped monolids…
like this is so insulting… its been bothering how megan hasnt came out yet.

No. 14441

for example http://megvnmvrie.tumblr.com/post/119124171638/do-you-have-more-pictures-of-yourself-with-the

just type in megvnmvrie with brown hair or her old usernames

No. 14442

yeah but mostly just to save face i think because otherwise she'd have to admit that she got the short end of the genetic stick and looks like a down's syndrome kid.
also by saying that she's half asian, she gets "exotic" points and also gets to pull the "lol i can't be racist i'm a poc" card.

No. 14443


Okay she is a Photoshopping ho but just sayin' she has a YouTube makeup tutorial vid where her eyes look exactly the same.

No. 14444


She does have great skin I'll give her that.

No. 14445

bitch gotta face like a retarded preschooler, why tf she showing it off like she ain't a genetic reject.. no one needa see that.. smh fuckin white ppl(>>>/b/)

No. 14446


Race posting is banned on /pt/.

No. 14447

she obviously just wants people to white knight for her.

No. 14448

All dat squishing and brightness.

No. 14449

She's a trend jumper.
First she was scene, then went goth, then very weeaboo, then lolita, still lingering on those last two as it is.

She doesn't seem to know who she is. Let's predict future phases.

No. 14450

You forgot when she was Nu Goth (nothing more hipster than that), Gyaru and a Dakota clone. I wish she wouldn't have copyright claimed all the gyaru secrets that were about her, shit was gold, more so her fail gyaru makeup tutorials.

No. 14451

File: 1440357381751.png (117.66 KB, 470x424, 3423.png)

Pic related, she didn't know shit about gyaru and claimed to be an expert.

No. 14452

She just doesn't get it.

This is not just "oh grr i dunt like this camgirl"
It's because she's a horrible person who has said and done terrible things, taking the piss out of bad photoshopping and lies is one thing but she's a horrible cunt and is damaging the other sex workers and just society in general.

If she was just a random normal cam girl with a weird appearance then we wouldnt be here and this thread or any other discussion about her would not exist.

No. 14453

I'm a bit concerned about her asking to do "porn" with another cam girl, I mean knowing megan, it's just another bullshit thing to say and nothing will ever come of it but if I were another cam girl I would be afraid of her.

We all know it could end horribly for the other girl.

No. 14454

File: 1440361098174.gif (850.09 KB, 500x375, lmao.gif)


Holy fucking shit, the pure unconcentrated cringe in this one gif

No. 14455

that is baaaaaaad

her bf was actually cute. he looks like a young steve wilson

No. 14456

ha oh gosh I remember when she used to brag about cheating on him all the time.

No. 14457

But anon, can't you see how totally chinese she is???

No. 14458

File: 1440362705678.gif (158.65 KB, 220x220, c77c9fd0jw1e4kk5qc4iag2064064n…)

Too bad she forgot about some of her accounts of when she tried to be a dakota wannabe, she even made herself a weibo with shitty Google translate japanese.

No. 14459

File: 1440362779002.jpg (233.3 KB, 1024x683, c77c9fd0gw1e493jpn4r5j20u00k0t…)

Which is even more funny as it is a chinese site, she got the languages confused all few posts.

No. 14460

File: 1440362871443.jpg (22.76 KB, 355x484, c77c9fd0jw1e42htt43sjj209v0dgj…)

And she claimed at all she doesn't do anything but filters but the copy+paste enlarged eyes made themself on their own.

No. 14461

Even made a Kiyomi Video with her magical deforming face:

No. 14462


He's definitely not bad looking
His expression makes him seem like a massive faggot there though
it kinda seems like a waste

No. 14463

Or when she defended some pedo that lured little girls into sending nudes:

To bad her comments are all gone but you can guess her stupid answers by the replies, everyone on gifyo hated her.

No. 14464

hahahahah what the fuck is this?!

No. 14465

ye she was a fucking banana on gifyo, If my account didnt get banned then I'd totally have some comments from her about how I was fat despite being underweight n had small boobs n shit.

No. 14466

She is even a meme on there, when somebody gets banned for posting cp they say the person pulled a mysticalmegan, lol.

No. 14467

File: 1440365496257.png (41.02 KB, 1342x516, 342.png)

As friendly reminder how nice Megan is to others, totally not a bully or anything.

No. 14468

File: 1440366816723.jpg (8.16 KB, 653x113, becauseimnotyou.jpg)

In reference to a piss take photo of myself, she delightfully suggested I looked fat despite being underweight and her still being fat at this point.

No. 14469

Anyway can someone call her out on being 100% white??
like its clear to me andeveryone she's like not remotely asian

and it's so fuckin weird like how she photoshops her eyelids tolook like monolids

and p.s.

like it's just… weird… why is megan lying about her race??

No. 14470

wait how does she know what u look like…. thats so rude.

No. 14471

Her lips look normal without that wacky prolapsed anus look. She should try not pouting them constantly for once.

No. 14472

looks the same here

No. 14473

she says she has dimples thats why

No. 14474

holy shit i cant believe this is her shes so… american…

No. 14475


Wow, all that effort and she still looked like an emo landwhale afterwards

No. 14476

Fuck, she is so heinously ugly.
She's got the typical fatty's face; shaped like a moon, piggu nose and huge cheeks that make her eyes look like slits.
Not only is she uggo but her body is extremely unfortunate too.
There's no way I'd have the confidence to show that shit to strangers on cam if I was her.

No. 15134

Omg lmfao. Those nude lips do nothing for her.

No. 15136

And here i thought she was kinda unfortunate looking before i saw these photos. I had no idea how fucking ugly she used to look.

No. 15168

what the fuck was the point in this video? No one can tell "how you do your makeup" when it's sped up x10.

Megan must have no idea what the email and password for this old youtube is cos she deffo would've deleted this shit by now.

No. 15171

File: 1440422723992.jpg (13.14 KB, 526x146, yebrokencyderox.jpg)

HAHAHA why have I never read the comments before

No. 15175

File: 1440423418052.jpg (34.22 KB, 600x450, normal_Picture_13.jpg)

she uploaded herself to "cute emo girls"

No. 15181

I'm dying lmao thank god she was such a trend-hopping attention whore otherwise we wouldn't have this goldmine of pics to laugh at.

No. 15183

So do we believe she is actually going to get breast surgery or it's just another bullshit story to get attention.

My thoughts, I doubt it. I really don't think she can afford that or that mummy would pay for that. If she does, I predict they will be badly done.

No. 15191

I'm not sure if she does, this was 2012, her being chubby 15 year old and me being underweight 20 year old.
If she saw me now she'd prob have a heart attack as I am not an average weight.

But she always told me I was lying about my weight.
I probably struck a nerve because it was a scene kid piss take and that was her a year earlier lol.

I've always had a wide waist in comparison to my hips and my torso area never looked malnourished, my arms and legs were the major giveaway. I don't look particularly fat or skinny in the photo, but she obviously had seen many pictures of me on my profile.

..would it be appropriate to post the pic, I'm not sure if I want to, ha, but it's just a stupid piss take.

No. 16604

its funny because megan says her NATURAL HAIR is BLACK.

No. 17363

Dead ringer for Suzy Berhow

No. 20233

File: 1440778125428.jpg (Spoiler Image,405.41 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nbn0nlf1jc1tvky6qo1_128…)

Is this creamy gook normal? I've never seen anything like that come out my vagina in a sexual context.
Se always posts pics of it, it doesn't look right.

No. 20236

uh anon that's probably semen coming out of a vagina, aka a creampie

No. 20241

nah she doesn't post sex stuff, she's solo. And calls it her cream.

No. 20266

I think it's supposed to be like some sort of lube or something that looks like semen. Or she has a persistent yeast infection idk honestly.

No. 20416

it's just vaginal discharge

No. 20417

personally think its lube mixed with other fluids

No. 20500

Just a bit weird, obviously I discharge out my vagina like any normal person, but it doesnt tend to happen when having sex or masturbating, the wetness colourless n the fact it drips out of her..
I'm sure it's not in the norm.

No. 20513

File: 1440955789058.jpg (7.04 KB, 207x181, 1439234535038.jpg)

Sometimes when i masturbate (especially before my period) i get this white stuff like this person. >>20233
so…..is it not normal…?should i see a doctor?

No. 20533

Discharge is different in color and consistency depending on where you are in your cycle. As long as it's not yellow or green you're good. If it's white and extremely smelly, it might be a yeast infection.

So unless you're having a lot of white discharge AND it smells horrible, you're fine.

No. 20558

It looks like lube/vaginal fluid. Her vagina doesn't look red and inflamed it looks pretty healthy so I doubt it's yeast of bv

No. 20568

File: 1440975216504.jpg (342.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-30-15-37-34…)

God she's so butthurt. writes a paragraph about how much she doesn't care about your opinion

No. 20569

File: 1440975377435.jpg (42.39 KB, 720x465, Screenshot_2015-08-30-15-37-56…)

Oh, goody.

No. 20576


Anyone who truly doesn't care ignores shit like this and doesn't bat an eye at hate mail. She's obviously offended. She's a haggard chunky ginger with downs and likes to play with herself on the internet. I wish she'd get over herself.

No. 20580

File: 1440987047440.gif (1.66 MB, 550x367, https://38.media.tumblr.com/29…)

She captioned this as: "that awkward moment when ppl think u suk ur cheeks in but u just got high cheekbones lmao"
Like um…..ok

No. 20670

yeah that's why she doesn't look like that in any other pics…

No. 20671

Saying she cuts herself because of a blood fetish? Oh god she's ridiculous.

No. 20684


Your discharge changes in texture, consistency and colour depending on how close you are to your period.

Mine is occasionally like that during sex with my bf, but I can't remember if it's before or after my period…

I think it might be before?

No. 20685

Oh, megan. Like who does she think she's fooling? She only cuts herself for the attention pls.

No. 20687


>acting like contouring isn't a thing.

She looks like an ugly hairless cat

No. 20688


Is her mouth always so sloppy and retarded looking, or is it just because she's sucking in?

She looks mentally retarded.

No. 20689

why are we talking about someone's discharge anyway… for all we know it could be fucking whipped cream

No. 20706

I usually just laugh at lolcows, but Megan really pisses me off. She sounds always so hateful and bitchy while being an ugly fake ass who shoops herself to death in order to make some neckbeards horny.

No. 20711

She must literally have no friends, I've only seen pictures of her with another person twice in like 5 years…

But then again if she acts the same way she does online then it's perfectly clear why she has no friends

No. 20714

doesn't she have a boyfriend though?

No. 20718

That awkward moment when you watch her face warp before your eyes because anyone can use after effects

He went to jail

No. 20727

He wasn't a proper bf anyway. Basically just "main guy I fuck" she says she hates him now. This girl could never hold a relationship. At least not a trusting and honest one!

No. 20735

File: 1441067673859.gif (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 500x334, tumblr_ntyh0uOapU1tvky6qo1_500…)

It rather looks like she is holding her cheeks with her teeth, idk how to describe it better.

Also she increased the brightness a lot which each new gif, what's the point if you are on with the wall and it seems she is making them in some other room now considering the lack of pink. I hope her mother spots her doing the usual nasty porn stuff as she obviously doesn't know what her daughter has been up to for years on the internet ever since she was 13 (that's when her first nudes got posted).

No. 20737

And where would she place it, her room is triny and messy enough already as it is and I doubt her family allows her to put it in the living room, their home as whole is small.

No. 20808

So she's spent £200 on a pole, something she has no experience with and not exactly something you can just teach yourself.

Hey, at least it should make for some funny content.

No. 20849

not in the slightest, anon

No. 22609

File: 1441283272351.jpg (277.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-03-05-20-51…)

That ego though lmao. A fundraiser for a new bed?? Seriously wtf also if you were making the amount of money you claim to be, you would be able to afford a new bed, instead of having to beg your followers for donations.

No. 22612

maybe she shouldve used that pole money for a new bed lmao

No. 22613

Yeah like I understand people buying sex toys and lingerie but a bed? That's really no gain to them.

No. 22730

Jfc what a slut.

No. 22740

Claims she has enough money from doing "coding" and camming but needs to ask for a bed. Lmfao she is such a cow.

No. 22754


She really needs to get herself a 9-5 or do something aside from playing with her fanny infront of her webcam. She's from the UK, beds aren't even expensive. Argos fuckin' catalogue is having a SALE atm and they're like £99 or cheaper stores like B&M are selling beds less than £50!

I bet she's on the JSA lol bet you she is

No. 22755


JSA = Jobs seekers allowance A.K.A welfare money

(most youngsters are on it these days cos 'i cant find a job' or 'foreigners have stole mi job!')

No. 22773

Why is she suddenley bringing up this so called complicated on and off relationship she's had for 2 years despite never mentioning this person before.
It's always just "hurrr bbc daddy".

No. 22819

File: 1441409192159.jpg (40.52 KB, 280x464, SEVERALDAYS.jpg)

"masturbartes 2-6 hours everyday" aaaaahahahhaa

thinks the world several means literal 7

No. 22824

Real sex worker here.
Yup sexe is different when it's for work. Even if you like it, it's soul crushing. You have to do what the other person / realisator wants and only that. There's no pleasure doing things you don't like in ways that do nothing for you.
And yeah. It makes sexe for pleasure bland af. Why would you do again what is not pleasurable at all during the rest of the day.
It's like asking a wage slave at Mc Donalds to eat fries at home after a shift.

She as a very skewed idea of what is a sexworker like.
I do hope she will become a prostitute or a porn star.
It will be hilarious to hear her whine about it.

No. 22825

She has no idea.

Hey I'd predict she will lie about being a prostitute at some point, she likes about everything else. At least if she claims to be a porn star she has to have good hard proof otherwise it's so fucking obvious. Like why wouldn't she advertise her own porn.

I can't get my head around her, there is something very wrong and clearly this a not a line of work she is cut out for or will help her in any way.

No. 22826

Oh fuck, and what does she think "has 7 jobs lined up everyday" ?
You don't need 7 jobs a week to be forced to work for 7-9 hours a day if your filming.
She probably think it's like what she does now. Gently diddling herself for 2 hours a day and then begging to make ends meet.
Can't wait for her to be asked to smile during 4 hours of double anal.

No. 22907

She's such a lazy brat that she can't try getting a real job like i honestly doubt she could actually do porn. I kinda wanna see her try and fail so miserably though, just because she's such a gross cunt.

No. 22913

She can't even be bothered to reply to people's questions properly. Like there is no chance in hell she would make it in porn, and does she even understand that she has to start at the bottom, with dirty shitty companies that will underpay but expect the same kind of performance but with probably added requests that she may no want to do.

No. 22921


I remember the last girl I knew to start hooking.

She was found dead in her apartment less than a year later :(

No. 22922

She also has a massive ego like that's also why she wouldn't be able to actually succeed in the porn industry–like she probably thinks she can dictate the terms of her jobs. Like, lmao if you refuse to do it, there are a bunch of other girls who will. She's going to realize that she's not hot shit and easily replaceable. That is, if she even ever gets a job in the first place.

No. 23026

File: 1441486261090.jpg (10.33 KB, 439x81, dishace.jpg)

From her mfc room

top kek.

No. 23509

File: 1441607360089.jpg (397.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-06-23-23-19…)

Don't worry megan, you can just shoop your fat out of your photos like you always do.

No. 23587

she's definitely lying. i have a 23" waist and 34" hips and look vastly different from her. especially in gifs like >>14310

No. 23637

I was thinking maybe she could've been honest about the waist measurements because of how short she is, but I just remembered this pic: >>77847
If she actually had that waist measurement, the skirt wouldn't be so tight on her.

Iirc, there was also another pic of that skirt from the side and you can see she had a bit of a muffin top in it.

No. 23681

File: 1441692448312.jpg (199.06 KB, 720x480, https://40.media.tumblr.com/71…)

She doesnt even look recognisable anymore tbh.

No. 23767

File: 1441754097881.png (408.77 KB, 720x480, wtf.png)

Nor does the face, that she shooped herself in this one, make sense.

Oh, and nor does her arm.

No. 23806

well that's a blatant exaggeration, jsa is chicken feed you'd be a fucking moron to try and claim it nowadays

No. 23864

File: 1441805207863.png (342.96 KB, 469x347, meg1.PNG)


She is online right now.
i must say i am not as put off as i assumed i would be.
She's speaking in a very quiet soft voice.
She has the bathroom sort of echo going on and you hear birds chirp outside.
It's like some kind of ASMR thing and it's not off putting at all.

No. 23869

File: 1441806129737.png (323.19 KB, 778x314, meg.png)

Those droopy tits look absolutely upset about being a part of her body.

No. 23870

File: 1441806203472.png (131.47 KB, 293x237, 764251.png)

"My boobs are getting fixed because my boobs are uneven"

No. 23871


2.46pm here in the UK and she's in the bath? bet she's only got up the lazy cow

Bet she's on job seekers allowence

No. 23872

No. 23874

I knew i led someone to troll in her room, It had been nice the entire time and as quick as i posted that she was online someone came into the room calling her a trout etc. lol

I don't know i am going to need to read this thread on her again because after watching her for a while today i must say she's not that bad.

No. 23875

nvm 5 minutes on her tumblr and i'm cured, She was rather cute being all homely and sitting in the bath though.

No. 23879

Why do you feel the need to harass her?

No. 23894

sup white knight.

Maybe a few people are but the majority of people posting here are not talking to her, harassing her, just sitting back and watching and having a discussion.

No. 23896

File: 1441811360914.jpg (3.96 KB, 297x121, drugsrcool.jpg)


No. 23915

Pretty pathetic you can't leave her alone and just discuss here.

No. 23918

Did you actually read what I just said?
Clearly not…

No. 24000

lsd does cause nausea tho. The first time I tried it I almost threw up

No. 24005

Not saying it doesn't just saying that's she'd obviously lying about doing it.
as she has been since she was like 17.

cuz she's like such a badass, she's done all the drugs before she was 18.
The meth claim was my personal fave

No. 25084

File: 1442168728199.gif (2 MB, 400x267, https://33.media.tumblr.com/8f…)

Her face looks gross here. Also i can't wait to see her cringey attempts actually dancing with the pole, instead of just walking around it.

No. 25085


Lol she finally got the pole did she

No. 25088

I thought her shirt said 'dolt'.

No. 25091

File: 1442171482755.jpg (330.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-13-12-07-51…)

And her fundraiser for her bed is still happening…why didn't she save the money she used to buy the pole for her stupid bed?

No. 25110

Even if she could she can't do fuck all on that pole in her small bedroom

No. 25111


Yeah, why the hell get a pole for your bedroom?

No. 25112

Her face looks so bloated!

No. 25160

File: 1442194019196.jpg (100.52 KB, 960x720, 526312_3469659796784_538473035…)

she has this weird large chub face for a none chubby person, but my god its deffo an improvement from when she was fat, her face look like she had been stung by a wasp in the face and had a severe allergic reaction

so downs

No. 25166

Holy fucking British. How come they are so fucking ugly? You'd have to selectively pick out the ugliest girls from all over America to get this many deformed hideous dogs in one photo but this is just a regular thing in bongland.

No. 28750

Yikes, I haven't seen this many unattractive people in a single photo in a long time.

No. 28904

Well they are like 14, and prob in a rough area of leeds

No. 28945

Plus nobody pretty would ever want to be seen with Megan.

No. 28946

Considering how tiny as fuck her room is, I don't think dancing would be possible without her destroying everything.

No. 28967

u mad fatties

No. 28990


tbh with this group photo those types of girls at school are usually the types to congregate together (i.e. dog ugly but bond over shared obsessions with tanning, horrendously thick makeup, false eyelashes, false nails, hooped earrings, bleached/streaked hair etc.).

The genuinely pretty ones you won't see in photos like this at all because a lot of the time they're being picked on by groups of girls like this and so don't have many friends.

This has always been the case with British highschools imo. There are packs of these girls all over the place and there was a massive group of them at my own highschool that bullied the shit out of me because when I transferred I was innocent as fuck and all their chav boyfriends fancied me because my mum thought it'd be a grand idea to stick me in knee high socks and a little pleated skirt for my first day of school and because I wasn't rough/didn't wear makeup.


Fuck off Megan you downs-ridden cunt.

No. 29004

I can see at least three of them being very pretty if they lost weight, honestly. The redhead has nice features.

No. 29008

>they're 14
yikes, they look like a bunch of dumpy women in their mid-20s, or even 30s. The one with the teeth especially looks like someone's mother.

No. 29069

She does look so incredibly downs in this. Like I would 100% think that person had down syndrome if I was just shown this picture.

No. 29142

File: 1442277516479.png (349.68 KB, 449x342, kitten_xx.PNG)

This chick reminds me of a kotakoti clone

No. 29144

She looks like she could be kin with Kanadajin3

No. 29727

…what has the size of the room to do with fatties? Your post doesn't make sense, Megan.

No. 29985


She looks absolutely nothing like Dakota.

No. 30112

File: 1442330044905.jpg (15.37 KB, 776x273, tipseverywhere.jpg)

srsly does megan ever make money on mfc, top tippers of the month is always 0 lol

No. 30113

lmao, how embarrassing.

No. 30451

File: 1442362094321.gif (1.59 MB, 400x267, tumblr_n2sm05GSOQ1tuaudzo1_400…)

she looks proper downy here

No. 30452

File: 1442362149319.gif (1.24 MB, 400x267, tumblr_n40kvzZF3G1tuaudzo1_400…)

How she managed to look fatter in a corset than without one is impressive.

No. 30455

File: 1442362227092.gif (588.88 KB, 400x300, f03baa65c74ad0d182cb542a8971ce…)

hurr durr I cut myself cos I have a blood fetish not because I'm just a messed up bitch in denial, why else would I do pathetic cuts that would barely bleed and then post them on social media?

No. 30456

Because that is not a corset. Just because it laces in the back doesn't mean it's a corset. That doesn't look very well boned either, so there's no compression.

No. 30462

Like honestly, blood fetish=/= cat scratches on your wrists. If she actually had one, I feel like she'd at least try to smear the cuts so that we could see like….actual blood?

No. 30473

Lel, you'd get more blood by pricking your finger.

No. 30490


No. 32674

File: 1442419025892.jpg (10.92 KB, 312x260, 3inchesdeep.jpg)

The neck of a beer bottle/the length of your fingers is not deepthroating megan.

No. 32682

Gosh, her retarded uguu face make me wanna kick her hard in the nose

No. 32699

i think this one is kind of cute

No. 32706

she really is. im so jealous of kitten_xx, shes so beautiful and skinny. but i heard pumpkinspice talking shit about her, saying how she is a pedophile and her bf irl is like a 50 year old loser bum, and how shes a mean person. which i can agree with from what ive seen she's a stuck up bitch (rightfully so though, shes so beautiful holy shit)

No. 32710

I think she's cute but her nose is way, waaay too fucked for her to justifiably have a bad attitude lmao

No. 32725

pls do it

No. 32752

idk i actually like her nose lmao. i think it matches her face. but then again i like weird noses (dakotas, ashe maree's, sabrina nellie's and charms are cute too). i think noses like megan maries are fucking ugly.

No. 32759

Nah, the anon that said she looks like Mira is right. She has a wonky, inbred face. She better stay super skinny because that's the only thing she has going.

I don't think she looks like kota at all but if she did, it would be like an Appalachian version.

No. 32829

Man her nose reminds me of Miss Piggy

No. 32844

I am the poster who posted her screenshot.
And yes holy shit i clicked on her because she seemed cute but she speaks like a bitchy redneck with a horrible attitude it was kinda offputting and shocking to see.

I don't know why she reminded me of kota.. she just did.
I think it was something about her eye makeup that day.

Pumpkinspice did ageplay with old men pretending to be jailbait so she's just complaining out of jelly

No. 33259

File: 1442516743207.jpg (4.99 KB, 277x121, cpalert.jpg)

wtf is megan doing, yes you dont want that there, then report it yourself and explain the situation, why the fuck does she think its a good idea to post the link on her tumblr as it is CP.

She's admitted she is 16 or 17. We all know she has dodgy followers and are gonna watch and fap to that since she's always gone for a rather paedophilic fan base referring to herself as "grade A paedo bait" and posted a lot of CP back in the day.

Bringing thousands of people attention to this video is so moronic.

I honestly think she just wants people to say she looks hot and fucks good tbh.
If you don't want people to see it and want to get rid then oh yeah posting the link on your highly popular tumblr seems like such a smart idea, doesn't it?

No. 33263

Her ass is ugly in that video

No. 33481

How is she camming at that age?

No. 33482

she's underage? holy shit, she looks fucking rough. she already has the body of a 30 year old

No. 33487

The only reason Pumpkinspice is fawned over is because she's an emaciated white swine who other white swine females adore–wish to be. And since white men are all pedos anyway, they like her because she's built like a 12 year old. :)

No. 33489

She is 19 now but said she is underage in that video despite still posting it so basically distributing CP.

She always posted when she was underaged though and lied about her age on numerous occasions.
She posted pornographic images of herself on tumblr when she was 17 or younger.

No. 33530

File: 1442595612391.jpg (11.62 KB, 288x212, nope..jpg)

They have like no physical similarities…

No. 33547

Literally what lmao Megan looks like a Down's syndrome kid….are they blind?

No. 33563

File: 1442600287747.jpg (910.29 KB, 1864x727, Untitled-1.jpg)


How dare this hog-mongrel insult my waifu Cara.

No. 33564


I don't believe she was underage in that vid if she's 19 now. It wasn't even that long ago that it got uploaded, she is just lying to have it taken down but oh well.

No. 33588

ye tbh it's hard to believe anything she says but we know she's posted cp before so who knows, she doesn seem to care.

The story was it was some guy she fucked and he was jealous and controlling and threatening and when she refused to go along with him he got mad and uploaded that video as revenge, and keeps re-upping it.

A completely believable story but because it's megan… yeah I dunno.

No. 33611

Guh, she looks like she has FAS

No. 33621

I don't think it's out of the question that she actually as.

No. 33623

File: 1442606530595.jpg (99.9 KB, 423x750, tumblr_nghvlyv91t1tvky6qo1_500…)

Symptons of FAS:

a small head
a smooth ridge between the upper lip and nose, small eyes, a very thin upper lip, or other abnormal facial features
below-average height and weight
lack of focus
poor coordination
delayed development and problems in thinking, speech, movement and social skills
poor judgment
problems seeing or hearing
learning disabilities
mental retardation
heart problems
kidney defects and abnormalities
deformed limbs or fingers
mood swings

A lot of those do scream megan haha

No. 33624

File: 1442607114445.jpg (50.92 KB, 672x607, fsamegz.jpg)

I added a ginger hairstyle to an diagram image of what an FAS kid looks like.

No. 33625

It's actually scaring me, it looks so much like her

No. 33648

File: 1442611012001.png (989.07 KB, 994x818, 5.png)

No. 33761

God how is possible for one person to be so unattractive?

No. 33766

Question; do people who have FAS always have a smooth philtrum or is it just one of the possible/likely symptoms that aren't compulsory?
Because I always see people on here try to debunk the possibility of someone (like Suzy) having FAS by saying "She can't have it; she has a defined philtrum".

No. 33768

It's not necessary. I remember reading something saying that the philtrum is produced over three days and that if the mother avoids alcohol on those three (random, unpredictable) days, but drinks on other days, the child will have FAS but will have a defined philtrum.

No. 33770

Ah, I thought so.
Thanks! I'll remember that next time someone tries to disprove it by pointing out the philtrum.

No. 33795


No. 33806

the sheer snowflakery of this comment..

No. 33807

I know megans a cunt but I feel bad about the boob slagging. They're just normal boobs. Though tbh mine are similar but bigger (therefore saggier and more uneven) and I'm pretty fucking insecure about them. I look forward to seeing how her boob job goes as I might do it myself one day.

No. 33809

lmao yeah
>The genuinely pretty ones you won't see in photos like this at all because a lot of the time they're being picked on by groups of girls like this
>there was a massive group of them at my own highschool that bullied the shit out of me because when I transferred I was innocent as fuck and all their chav boyfriends fancied me because my mum thought it'd be a grand idea to stick me in knee high socks and a little pleated skirt for my first day of school
boo hoo i was so pretty that all those ugly jealous haters picked on me and all the boys liked me my life is so hard
~such a pure loli schoolgirl desu~

No. 33829

ikr i was thinking that as i read it a while ago. like holy shit how self obsessed can you be

No. 33852

it's not just that they hang, that's natural. they're unfortunate looking in every way.

No. 34906

File: 1442790351081.jpg (7.33 KB, 293x139, 7475y48u494.jpg)

Ew. What a grubby cunt, clearly doesn't look after her sex toys if they just happen to fall under her bed, also how would you not notice? Unless she has like 700 dildos

No. 34976

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Did anyone else see her text post after that about her prostituting herself out for an Alienware laptop?

No. 34977

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Back when her "black daddy" went to jail I remember her making a text post saying "thank god I have 100 dildos while he's locked up"

No. 35099

lol, seriously no one needs that many

No. 35101

File: 1442849076109.jpg (266.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-21-08-21-55…)

There's something weird about this photo idk what it is tho

No. 35130

Don't feel bad anon. I have her tits too, it's bad genetics and losing a lot of weight. A lot of people have them, and I'm insecure too. Just save and save for your own boobs job and it'll be alright.

No. 35156

It's just Megan, she makes all photos weird.

No. 35159

She looks like a stingray, that's whats wrong.

No. 35164

File: 1442855071060.jpg (15.7 KB, 572x289, smooth-stingray-572x289.jpg)

No. 35180


Ugly as fuck. And yet she's trying so hard.

No. 35182

Somebody should add "Ayyy lmao" on this pic

No. 35198

File: 1442863163634.png (66.5 KB, 275x137, bobs.png)

No. 35217

File: 1442867953866.jpg (33.9 KB, 570x374, tpb-bubs.jpg)

She looks like bubbles from trailer park boys

No. 35222

>>35217 her face is karma so we need not worry too much and who pokes her will get an std that vile slag

No. 35514

File: 1442937697629.gif (1.86 MB, 500x333, tumblr_nv313nZudj1tvky6qo2_500…)

She hugged onto the pole and it span a bit.

Top pole dancing megan!

No. 35519

File: 1442938622057.gif (1015.04 KB, 500x281, tumblr_ntdxsbIw1a1tvky6qo4_500…)

Good job meg sell those dude vids of you sucking your yeast infection off a dildo btw she cant even suck cock worth shit let alone that nasty shit on the dick, i've NEVER seen a normal vagina produce that only during infections what a nasty bitch

No. 35522

Oh sweet moses, is that what that white shit is? I'm gonna be sick, it looks like old yogurt.

No. 35524

Yeaaaaaah, vaginal fluids are usually clear, slightly white when alot of it is together. THAT, however, is clumpy lotion-y looking straight white INFECTION CREAM! And apparently she is EATING IT. IMAGINE HOW IT SMELLS OH MY FUCKING GOD. I'm a girl btw so I know vag stuff.

No. 35526

>>35524 Woman here too. Also what I'm wondering is, if it's some gross vaginal discharge and she just had the dick inside of her… Wouldn't see not be aroused/wet and it would kind of thin it out and not look so clumpy?

If she's fucking herself with a big dildo like that, and not even getting wet, does she really enjoy her work like she says?

No. 35554

ikr, it's fucking disgusting. That is not normal.

And her talking about doing a squirt video, looking at the goop that comes out her cunt I am intrigued and horrified what that may look like.

also a person with a vagina and never "cum" that dodgy shit.

No. 35562



No. 35573

Underrated post

I knew she looked familiar

No. 35630

File: 1442953893308.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.3 KB, 678x393, pussysnot.jpg)

Just Ew.

It's like her pussy sneezed.

No. 35631

File: 1442953982826.gif (Spoiler Image,1.67 MB, 500x333, tumblr_nbn4lhUyXw1tvky6qo3_r1_…)

And now she's rubbed that dodgy spackle on her anus?


No. 35641

even my eyes are screaming.
it looks so…viscous.

No. 35649

That does not look healthy…

No. 35661

i feel like i'll get pink eye just from looking at these pictures

No. 35668

I wonder if she will let me borrow some, I feel like doing some paper mache.

No. 35671


fucking gross

No. 35695

i swear to god she called it her "cream" once

No. 35730

She sticks candy canes up her butt and clearly doesn't bother to make sure her sex toys are clean and not lying on a floor lmao what did we expect

No. 35733

She prob does anal then vaginal with the same toy.

No. 35737


please don't make me have these mental images

No. 35741


Cara is gorgeous. Bitches are blind.

No. 35742

Yeah, my vagina discharge only looks like that during a yeast infection. That's real nasty.

No. 35745


I don't have boobs like that either but tbh that is the one it of slagging on lolcow I have always rejected and arguing against.

I don't like picking on people for the things they cannot change, only the things they can.

No. 35746

It's probably bacterial infection. Some sex toys are not 100% silicone and a lot of people are allergic to rubber toys and non-silicone toys. I know I am. If I don't use 100% silicone, i get an immediate burning reaction. I had one dildo that said it was silicone when it was only partial silicone and i started to discharge white like that. i threw it away immediately. I would always recommend doing research on companies since sadly a lot of them are not health regulated and everyone's vagina does react differently to toys depending on what they are made from. For me, 100% silicone and glass are the safest.

No. 35747


Urgh, her pole is rotating, that's the one people buy to do spin tricks on and people that don't know there are rotating poles think they're amazing and really well practised and that they're spinning on their own.

It's the same one Kiki bought.

No. 35749

Bitch needs to see a doctor.

No. 35750


I approve of this appropriate use of vocabulary.

No. 35751



No. 35764

I think she would be well aware if she had a yeast infection. To be totally honest I got herpes of my ex (and first) boyfriend. And while I did have a little white discharge occasionally before I then had it increase a shitload during outbreaks. It didn't smell though.

whatever. Maybe she has herpes and hasn't realised.

No. 35765

Idk maybe I'm a prude but I'd be fucking humiliated if my parents found my sex toys.

No. 35797

This is only based on what I've seen from reality shows that come out of the UK, a lot of people don't see sex as something to hide. They're very open and upfront about it. I wouldn't doubt it if her mother was just as trashy as her and supported everything she does

No. 35845

i dont think it's so bad if like… my parents have found my hitachi, and tbh i just leave it out under my clothes because i don't use it and have nowhere to put it. i don't really give a shit if they see it. it's another thing to leave out a dildo though.

No. 35852

knowing her, bitch probably has herpes.

No. 36003

File: 1443036974648.gif (1.98 MB, 450x300, tumblr_nv53eeSrPn1tvky6qo1_500…)

Caption: I think back hooks look so pretty


That flat ass

No. 36004

I can't stop laughing at that poor little booty. It's really unfortunate. The rest her body (minus the boobs) looks pretty decent though. Is she actually losing weight now?

No. 36006


Aha, reality shows aren't really a good model of basis for an entire country, like basing the whole of America off of Jerry Springer.

It's kind of half and half.

The UK actually has the worst teenage pregnancy rates, highest STD rates and lowest rates of sexual education in the entire EU and this is a throwback to our culture of "repressed stiff upper lip/lights out and under covers" attitude to reproduction. The disturbing lack of any real sex-ed is really having catastrophic consequences on our teenage population but also female sexual health.
Every single male in the country knows all about erectile dysfunction and pretty much every dick malady going, but nobody really knows about female conditions such as vaginismus, and most (and this includes the women) can't even draw an accurate diagram of the female genitalia or locate the clitoris. I have endometriosis and I didn't get properly diagnosed until I was hospitalised in excruciating agony because every doctor I spoke to about my horrendous periods put it down to "wimmenz trubble".

Prostitution is legal in the UK, an in terms of sexual variation I think the UK actual has a massive BDSM community.
When we do do sex we're pretty kinky fuckers, and attitudes are slowly beginning to change as we hail in the newer generations, but obviously it depends on your location whether you're living in a tiny village cut off from all civilisation or if you live somewhere like Manchester where literally everybody there knows what cAnal Street is (ayyy lmao) and it's entirely accepted and celebrated.

I'm English and although my entire family is pretty liberal my mother has never, ever spoken to me about sex or things like that. She has 5 daughters in total and because it was so embarrassing in our family to talk about stuff like that to our mother we each made a pack to inform her of when one of got our period so that they didn't have to tell her directly.

It's not a good nor healthy attitude to have tbh and I would never raise any child of mine like that but hey it's my mother, I can't criticise too much, she's from a totally different era.

No. 36015

People have different comfort levels. I dont care if my parents know i have sex, but i dont want them finding my sex toys either.

No. 36016

That's so wrong! Sex is a natural part of life and growing up. Pretending sex doesn't exist is everything wrong with parents and their kids. I'd rather have an informed teenager son or daughter than shame them and make shit worse. My mom spoke to me about my period when I was 10 years old so I didnt freak out when I got it at 11/12. It's biology. I hate prude parents. Don't be a parent then

No. 36017

This gif alone shows how thing her hair is, her non-existent butt, and how stupid it was to put a pole in a tiny room. Any wide moves and bam, concussion.

No. 36128

File: 1443059860959.jpg (92.49 KB, 380x523, parentsvssexwork.jpg)

"i love sex work n what I do"

Yeah that's why you're always complaining about how no one tips you and you have to beg n repost n repost for people to buy your shit vids.

Anyone who was more in it for enjoyment wouldn't basically refuse to cam cos no one gives her money.

No. 36130

File: 1443060594786.png (91.95 KB, 250x250, 1410010073166.png)

>i don't know any body fat irl

No. 36132

hahaha that made me laugh too.
Either lies or she just has like no friends, which I always thought tbh

No. 36134

Didn't she mention earlier on that she was allergic to condoms or something? Like I'm assuming she meant latex ones. I'm not sure if she was just trying to come up with a bullshit excuse for not using protection or if she really was

No. 36135

There's a weird sort of hitch in the gif at the beginning, so I wouldn't put it past her to have edited it. But this is kind of a hard pose to like edit herself smaller (i think) so i don't really know.
Whatever happened to that boob job she was talking about anyway?

No. 36149

I feel so, so sorry for her parents.

No. 36151

In my pole class we had to be certified to wear those shoes, good luck meg

No. 36152

Ngl edited or not her stomach looks pretty nice

No. 36168

Are there other options for people allergic to latex? I never had to use condoms since i'm a lesbian, but i have heard straight girls can use other types of condoms that are not latex. Even some guys have a latex allergy.

No. 36172

I think I recall that too. I wouldn't be surprised if she was but she's clearly too much of a dumb bitch to know about non latex condoms or get herself and a partner tested before jumping into anything. I'd be very surprised if she didn't have an STD. Anyone have those pictures with the bumps? looked like genital warts

No. 36215

Yeah there are a lot of options for people who are allergic to latex. Most of the more well-known condom brands (Trojan, durex, etc) have non-latex products.
Sage for ot

No. 36216

I don't think she's actually dancing tho, just like clinging onto the (spinning) pole for dear life.

No. 36217

They're in the last thread, here >>41613
Really gross, btw.

No. 36281


You put sage in the email part, not the name for a sage

No. 36295

I'm bothered by her lack of pussy lips here. Her poonanny looks like an infected cut.

No. 36324


Oh no, my mother isn't a prude, she actually worked as an escort for a period after my father abandoned us, she just seems almost shy talking about it with her children, it's just the way she is and I have no problem with that at all.

She wouldn't shame us or anything if we broached it with her, it's just awkward.

No. 36436

When she makes gifs she deletes all oof the frames she doesn't like before converting, resulting in weird glitches

source: a tutorial she made on youtube

No. 36496

File: 1443149830578.jpg (454.78 KB, 800x720, tumblr_mxix81jJOj1qapet0o1_128…)

God I dont understand, why edit shit to never be a bit off especially if you do live cam.

Surely the worst thing to do is portray this amazing image of yourself and then when people see the live cam they think "well this is a bit different".

Most of us could be hot if we edited all our shit.

Don't we want people to like us and not some fucked up fabricated image of us?

lol this squashed as fuck image.. WHY??

No. 36513

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Pretty sure she's not Asian. She said she used to tape her eyes back and wear circle lenses and "use geysha makeup" and if you were already Asian why do all of that? Plus her eyes look taped, no ones eyes slant diagonally upwards like that. Plus she claims she's Irish too but went out of her way to bleach her dark hair and dye it to look ginger. I honestly feel like she's just transforming herself to look like the ethnicities she wants because she's trying too hard to look like both of them

No. 36640

What the actual fuck Megan, learn how to use punctuation. Reading any of her posts feels like holding your breath underwater

No. 36894

File: 1443302789820.jpg (11.48 KB, 290x215, 48575944.jpg)

omg why is she so rude to her customers, that's like 101 of what not to do.
This guy said he had paid for vids but said he didnt like the nose ring.

Can you imagine if you were in a clothes shop and asked if you could remove something from an item and the staff shouted and chased you out the shop calling you a "broke ass bitch".

Jesus christ megan, it may be sex work but you still need a business head on, she's just lowering the sales everytime she says something stupid.

Recently I've noticed shes trying very hard to sell but doing it in a shit way, like everytime someone asks a question or gives a compliment. "buy this" often followed up with an insult of how they wont buy it because they are poor.


No. 36895

File: 1443302973136.jpg (5.62 KB, 306x121, whitez.jpg)

No one thinks you look asian girl, just a victim of FAS.

No. 36909


she's not cute enough to be so bitchy

No. 36910

Right?! The audacity of this Oblivion character creator looking bitch to talk half the shit she does. She's either dumb as fuck or bold as fuck.

No. 36946

even if she was part azn and not an fas poster child, it still wouldn't make sense for her to be all "lol white people have no lips" because that's something black people mock whites for?? but you know i'm betting that never happened anyway

No. 36961

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She's super rude and bitchy but what you said was kinda stupid like if you went into a clothing shop and didn't like how a button looked on a dress the people would tell you not to buy it like?? They're not gonna rip it off the dress and fix it for you wtf lol. But a guy bitching over something as small as a nose ring is stupid and irrelevant to the porn he bought I mean I wouldn't call him a broke bitch or whatever she should've just ignored him cause his ask was stupid

No. 36963

yeah it's not like asians are known for their full lips.

No. 37256

File: 1443422705239.jpg (293.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-26-23-36-18…)

What….is she even saving up for now? I thought she made enough for a bed already.

No. 37258

File: 1443422768744.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.51 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nvaqohJ9ym1tvky6qo1_128…)

She's sucking in really hard tbh

No. 37266

I feel like I can't breathe. Those sad tits and that no ass.

No. 37282

She really has such a gross body.

No. 37337

Yeah I thought the same thing, I guess it's just begging for money now, cos she already has the bed.. fuck knows

No. 37338

File: 1443453147458.jpg (8.77 KB, 282x172, 23dd.jpg)

You can't go back to something that never happened lol.

She's just a shit camgirl and she ain't gonna make money just cos it's a different website, it's still gonna be mostly the same people who came from her tumblr!

No. 37626

File: 1443544275331.jpg (4.38 KB, 292x111, 658866.jpg)

She doesn't realise you can view purchased items does she?
Hope he nan goes through and sees all these fat dildos n shit

No. 37630

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Idt she realizes you can make more than one list either lmao she should just make a pg one separate

No. 37822

She was asking for a tip of 4000 for her to fap basically. Jesus shes overcharging. No wonder she makes no money on it.

She spends too much time pissing about on her phone. Poor form!

No. 38001

File: 1443664174433.jpg (276.19 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nvep9oEICk1tvky6qo1_128…)

She has like, no shape.

No. 38005

Holy shit, she looks way fatter than usual here and her face looks like a 3 dollar blow up doll from China

No. 38016

christ, she looks almost as chunky as charms.

No. 38018


She thought this was cute? Jesus meg.

No. 38022

That lingerie is so unflattering.

No. 38026

Woah that pic. She looks really chubby/fat. Everything about this picture looks bad.

No. 38216

If she had nice boobs she could get away with it but nah, they look like tube socks.

Don't rly get the bow placements, seems so random n black on this pale colour, just looks like cheap shit, not very appealing.

No. 38217

She looks a fucking mess.
Her body is so unappealing.
Saggy boobs.
Cheap ass 'lingerie'.
Also that pout which makes her lips look weird as fuck.
Ugh. What is she even doing?

No. 38219

grandma body

No. 38245

Well since she became a full blown cam girl she cant hide behind her push up bras anymore, aw boo.

Bras sometimes scare me, she has some nasty ass titties but they look acceptable when pushed up to fuck. She must get a lot of "man takes off bra disappointed face"

No. 38413

Why would you even post that.. Did she even try to shoop this one

No. 38414

Straight up rectangle.
How unfortunate.

No. 38415

File: 1443771507929.gif (1.81 MB, 700x467, tumblr_nc84fzjMCn1tvky6qo1_128…)


No. 38416

It is. Fuck, she is cringey.
Look at those thunder thighs.
~so petite~

No. 38432

This picture makes me so uncomfortable. It's like watching a chubby special needs kid trying to act sexy.

No. 38433

Damn what happened to her?? Like she at least tried to shoop herself into looking slim before did she just start giving no fucks? Also those sad ass bows on her lingerie, kek.

No. 38436

Dear God that hair colour looks awful on her

No. 38438

That bra is so ill-fitting, holy shit. Please get a better bra. Boobs sag, that is perfectly exusable, but a shitty bra that doesn't support your sag is not.

>that gut
>still tiny boobs

No. 38448

Looks so much like that downs model here

No. 38554

Her tits are crying. :( I'm sad now. Poor tits.

No. 38564

File: 1443848464405.jpg (43.59 KB, 720x475, Screenshot_2015-10-02-21-55-06…)

And she complains about not making enough money, like maybe if you actually got on cam regularly instead of being lazy and wallowing in self pity???

No. 38648

File: 1443895179935.jpg (98.51 KB, 1081x547, 3.JPG)

Half chan introduced me to CassieBrooksxxx last night. Am I late to the party, because it's the first time I heard of her.

Male to female ts with a dick. Cried, had convulsions, high on meth, begged for someone to call emergency, shoved a dildo up her ass and pulled it out (obv didn't douche beforehand). A bag of bones danced naked to shit music while having a breakdown.

Just leaving her here for anyone who enjoys a trainwreck.

No. 38777

i watched her for like 3 hours

this was the bomb dot com

No. 38778

also no, you're not late to the party. she was largely irrelevant.

she was high on xanax and alcohol (deadly combination)

she had shit all over her dildo and licked it clean, then left to go talk to her little brothers, butt naked.

it was probably the most disturbing thing i'd ever seen

No. 38794

Oh my god. I'm not sure I've ever felt quite this combination of "damn, I missed out" and "that's atrocious, I'm so glad I didn't have to witness it" before.

No. 38821

File: 1443951302497.jpg (34.28 KB, 617x461, 2.JPG)

Apparently she's always entertaining. She was talking about how she's going to be a singer called Broken Babydoll.

Yep, when she went out to wash her dildo, you could hear her young brothers playing and running around on the same floor and she went out with her balls a-flappin'.

No. 38826

trans people should just kill themselves already. Look at this wreck.

No. 38835


No you, fatty.

No. 38850

Yeah that creature is a wreck. How about you don't go full retard and extend that to every other trans person in the world, though? The autogynephiles and "sissies" (I'm categorizing Cassie as one of these, because of all of the over-the-top "I'm so submissive"/"OMG I love Britney Spears and pink and glitter and I'm such a girly girl!" shit) are an embarrassment and shouldn't even be in the same category as "actual" trans people. Same with bandwagon-riding Tumblr transtrenders/fakebois.

No. 38852

Butthurt trannies/tranny chasers detected. Go cut your dick off

No. 38853


Which board? Tryna find the thread.

No. 38854


At least we can see our dicks, fatty. Go wash your yeasty folds for once in a while.

No. 38856

I saw it on /pol while it was happening.

No. 38857

>trannies chimp the fuck out over an accurate representation of their kind

This is why I don't visit this site anymore. It's like Tumblr 2.0.

No. 38860

File: 1443968158072.jpg (24.92 KB, 539x125, m.JPG)

I can't find it on archive, but this shows up on my history

No. 38867

Sorry, I don't have a dick, anon.

No. 38868

File: 1443969306481.jpg (31.05 KB, 512x342, ApexKek.jpg)

Damn, if you think that the two short comments posted above constitute "chimping out," I have to wonder how new to the internet you are.

No. 38870

Oh excuse me, there were three comments. Total chimpout by the crazy trannies. Abandon lolcow dot farm immediately.

No. 38884

Why is she suddenly BigLotte
What is it

No. 38905

File: 1443978691737.jpg (6.45 KB, 286x161, virginlief.jpg)

What the fuck is megoon on about now?

No. 38915

File: 1443979861101.jpg (22.92 KB, 491x386, 75856489584.jpg)

dis bitch looks ill af

No. 38916

File: 1443979983148.jpg (164.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-04-10-31-01…)

Idk she sounds kind of dead. Do any of you follow yungangelita? Thats who she sounds like rn. Kind of disconnected, not really paying attention.

No. 38917

surprised pumpkinspice is still working. sometimes I wonder if she is a post op tranny until I see her vag

No. 38926

File: 1443980945987.jpg (62.7 KB, 1025x547, bighairduntcurifidie.jpg)

Why do anorexic girls always tend to go for the biggest hairstyle?

Do they not realise it makes their heads look even larger than they do in the first place.
Like bobbleheads.

pic related

No. 38930

….she looks normal to me, probably only a little bit underweight

No. 38931

IDK but that tattoo is trash I bet she regrets it

No. 38932

She's tiny, there is nothing too her apart from her (probably normal sized head, but looks huge.

Her arms and legs scream holy anorexia

No. 38934

She has mosquito bites on a rib cage, that definitely isn't normal.

No. 38936

Is there something wrong with me because when I see sexcamming I'm more interested in the decor than the person.

No. 38937

File: 1443982782868.jpg (8.64 KB, 300x225, th_974416459_KatsumiChann2_123…)

No. 38938

No. 38940

She looks like she's been flattened from the hips up.

No. 38942


No. 38945

Ye she doesn't seem interested, and the amount of times she's said "I'll be on came at …" and never actually does, she's gonna bury herself, don't show up or work, you don't get paid n people stop caring about you and will move on.

Bad camgirl is bad

No. 38948

She's not "suddenly" BigLotte, she just forgot to put her shoop on for that pic.

No. 38950

I'm pretty sure that's just bad shoop. You can't have an upper body that skinny yet a normal sized ass.

No. 38951

File: 1443984833361.jpg (18.53 KB, 435x320, 31640ub.jpg)

Goodlord is this the new Sweeteva?

No. 38954


It makes their bodies look even smaller by comparison.

No. 38955

Jesus anon, this picture scared the absolute fuck outta me while scrolling.

No. 38974

I think she just has a really unfortunate pear shaped body and almost nonexistent tits to begin with–plus the angle of the laptop.screen could be making her butt look a lot bigger idk

No. 38975

Who the hell is that oh my god

No. 38982

its not shoop, its a still from her cam stream. probably taken live.

i think she looks like a little boy though… i can't watch her w/o feeling like a pedo

No. 38986

lol oh u ana-chans!

No. 39009

I get that when I'm not super wet and stick something inside. Don't have an infection and 100% sure I'm herp free.

No. 39012

yeah idk how old y'all are but it's normal if you're ovulating, you'll secrete white cummy-like material. It's cervical discharge.

No. 39029

yeah but she does it all the time, it's not an occasional thing for her.

No. 39033

I sure hope so.
SweetEva with a dick.
Some methed-out camwhore that /b/ used to troll.

No. 39041

how do you know that? she only posts pics like once a month lol

No. 39042

Idk somehow she manages to post pics/videos of her jerking off at around the same stage in her ovulation cycle every month? Maybe once or twice but lmao im not buying it.

No. 39100


that's why the sextape of her and her ex got leaked huh.

No. 39324

Yeah, "stripping" at the clubs she apparently "works at" since she was 13…

Tbh this made me think of her when it popped on my dash:

No. 39996

File: 1444255448183.png (135.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-07-23-03-07…)

God she's scum.

No. 40319

lots of people are into rape porn, oh well

No. 40333

There's a difference between being into rape porn (fake stuff)and blogging gifs that can be triggering to some people. Without the disclaimer of "hey guys we gonna do rape roleplay" it's dodgy as fuck, and her answer being "because I can" despite after her previous claims of being raped.

She just doesnt give a shit about anyone

No. 40335

File: 1444332437064.jpg (7.91 KB, 281x159, 4564446.jpg)

Such a cunt, she could just delete messages like this if she isn't interested but no she has to make a public display out of it and be a rude bitch for no reason. Why she does this idk, she only ruins her own reputation and scares off potential buyers.

No. 40367

File: 1444343391736.png (105.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-08-23-26-46…)

Size 4.. Who is she fucking kidding? Shes gonna go buy a highly elasticated size 4 item then show off the tag like its proof. Shes gonna look like she's bursting out of em.

No. 40368

I've been underweight at like 94lbs at 5" 3 and never needed a size 4. The only thing I ever needed so small was a braismaids dress that was ordered as an American size 0 and needed some altering.

This girl does not need a size 4 in anything!

No. 40371


she ain't no size 4

a 14 but not a size 4 pfft

No. 40372


It is gross though.

God help if she got raped in real life, actually for real. But she's so skanky she'd cry and then probably say "tbh it was sorta good tho"


Feminists would stick up for this cunt, that's the scary party.

"Yh buh its her bodeh if she felt gud during it then dats all dat matters <3 but he's a icky rapist ew ew die die men are all evil… OKAY SHE MAY BE SLUTTEH BUH GIRLS CAN BE SLUTTEH TOO COS ITS HER PUSSY <3333333"

No. 40373


scary part* kek

No. 40374

File: 1444344441854.jpg (257.8 KB, 960x1280, 1443664174433.jpg)

Lmao just reposting this pic for emphasis

THIS bitch is claiming she's size 4 (equivalent to size 0 for Amerifags)

No. 40375

She posted something was that was along the lines of "that was a good raping" referring to her supposedly being raped at age 13

No. 40376


God she's minging.

Nah, she's not a size 4. Tits and gut spell it out.

You know, she's like one of those girls who were really unattractive in high school and dorky but had a perverted side to them. Then once they left school, no job living in their bedroom on JSA, they start buying mac and doing all sorts of weird shit so they can give themselves the upper hand online into getting people to believe they're hot af.


No. 40377


She's fucking gross.

Attitude is gross and her body is gross.

No. 40433

I think the very smallest size she'd fit is a size 8. I think her real size is probably 10.

Also, according to a size chart and the measurements she gave out herself, she still wouldn't even fit a size 4. She claims to be 32-23-34 and in order to fit in a size 4 you need to be 30-22-32.

No. 40434

>But she's so skanky she'd cry and then probably say "tbh it was sorta good tho"

Didn't she claim back in her under-aged 3edgy5me days that she was raped by an adult family member and liked it? Or am I thinking of another lying dumbass?

No. 40435

Maybe US size 10 but I doubt she could fit into UK 10

No. 40436

Nope, pretty sure you're right. I remember that.

I don't believe anything she says though, think she's just got major lying issues and will do whatever to get attention and be edgy.

It all ends in hypocrisy, she was complaining about some guy who reblogged her photos with captions, basically along the lines of "would bang" n she went off on one calling him a harasser and a rapist.. One minute shes acting like its good and the next its bad.

"My daddy raped me n I liked it but God forbid a man writes a complimenting caption on my photos I publicly upload on tumblr"
That's her mindset

No. 40437

bit harsh. She could definitely fit a uk 10.

No. 40438

>>40374 does this look like a 26-27 waist to you? maybe if she's like 4 feet tall

No. 40439

I think she's bout a 10 as well and that's probably only because she's a midget

I wear a size 6 in skirts and if my guts were to be as big as hers you can bet that I will be living at the fucking gym. She literally has no waist

No. 40440

That's very similar to my measurements (except my waist is more like 24.5-25") and I look NOTHING like that overstuffed sausage with sad pancake tits

May Megan's tits sag 1" everytime she lies amen

No. 40616

File: 1444414496312.png (824.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-09-19-10-37…)

This is the realisticness of size 4-6. Never owned a size 4.
Megan is not a skellington, how does she expect to fit in a fucking 4?? She has quite chunky thighs and average sized arms, they won't go in a sleeve/trouser leg of a 4, like ever. Besides, being a size 4 is nothing to be proud of, there's a reason why shops don't really sell them, its very rare and if you're a size 4 you're prob not well.

No. 40654

if someone has such a bad taste that they find megan attractive, they deserve to be publicly humiliated

No. 40680

You sound fat
a size 4 is healthy

No. 40685


Newfag, but a size four in the UK isn't healthy (usually)…

No. 40688

File: 1444430136007.jpg (67.62 KB, 423x750, tumblr_nvxn1cHPuw1tvky6qo1_500…)

23 waist I'm sure lmfao

No. 40690

jesus how delusional can you be…sure if you're like 60 pounds then yeah that's bad but a size 0/uk 4 is fine

No. 40691

God this looks so trashy wtf kind of look was she going for?? Like weird corset plaid skirt and those striped socks and garters??? Idk

No. 40692

Get out of here, ana faggot.

No. 40693

Idk, but how you describe it, I thought it would be something similar to punk completed with a Megan touch. Now that it has fully loaded, she looks like trashy and basic whore,

No. 40700

Bahaha, 60lbs, Jesus.

No. 40720

short women exist you know

No. 40723

I couldn't really think of anything LOL

I feel like some people think a size zero is like 50 pounds or someshit lmao

No. 40770

I think she meant that it's too skinny. Which is still dumb.

No. 40791


I'm short, just not midget tier. I don't believe Megan is as short as she says she is though

No. 40792

File: 1444440886676.png (128.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-10-02-25-35…)

Hahahah so perf that you shoop and suck in all the time?

She can't think tube sock tits and a flat ass is perfect.. No one does.

But why is her bent over ass/pussy so weird looking? Is it purely because she has no ass and thick thighs and they're literally the same width and it looks like a pair of legs with a gash in them.

No. 40793

File: 1444441350568.gif (2 MB, 320x346, tumblr_nvzard0x5e1tvky6qo1_400…)

Just to remind you of how flat and sad Megan's ass is. Perfection, yeah right lmao.

No. 40795

I don't understand the point of this gif and why she uploaded it. Just looks like she is confronted with a pole and reacts with "I have no idea what I'm doing"

No. 40796

To refute the haters or something? Like boo my body is great look at my butt!!
Idk honestly megan doesn't seem like the sharpest crayon in the box.

No. 40798

Would make sense if her ass didn't look like a square

No. 40824

She's actually around 4"11

No. 40864

She posted a yahoo ask years ago asking if she was an appropriate weight for someone who is 5" 4. I confronted her about it, she didn't respond and went and deleted her old yahoo account to get rid of the proof.

No. 40923

I remember seeing this too. I regret not taking screenshots.

No. 41149

File: 1444571991113.jpg (122.05 KB, 691x480, tumblr_nuqiellwVS1tvky6qo1_r1_…)

God her body looks sad

No. 41175

She should start corset training. That body shape is just so unfortunate.

No. 41177

File: 1444580017805.jpg (251.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-11-08-29-47…)

Hey look u guys, she's claiming to be 4"10 now. Megan just keeps magically shrinking in height Lmao.
Also lol at "buy-sexual"

No. 41183


how does this heffer claim to have a 23 inch waist wtf

No. 41184

File: 1444581309255.gif (4.58 MB, 703x395, karlpilkers.gif)

Like 70%+ of all this are lies.
Honey, those are Bs and you know it.
>Plant Based Princess - Vegan ^.^
Nobody who eats a plant-based diet is that fucking fat and dumpy.

I don't know who the fuck she thinks she's fooling.
All of this is so obviously false just from looking at her.

No. 41186

Also she's got an obviously rectangular torso like does she expect people to actually believe she's got like 34 inch hips bitch please

No. 41194

Thirsty virgins will believe her because they don't know what women's bodies actually look like. 18 inch waist and 56 inch ass? Seems legit, u wan sum fuk?

No. 41195

Official Megan song

No. 41204

I never get tired of this video

No. 41279

File: 1444592222807.jpg (19.27 KB, 442x396, tubesockstakeabath.jpg)

Jesus, how much makeup does she wanna put on just take take a shit 2 second video of her udders in the bath.

No. 41280

File: 1444592345187.jpg (15.7 KB, 282x227, 245678.jpg)

Natural, yeah, thats why she was a chubby fucker when she was under 16…

No. 41281

She has the tits of a 35 year old who's had a bunch of kids. :^(

No. 41283

Even when she's lying down they look god awful. She hardly ever actually takes a braless facing forward standing picture because they look sooo fucking bad

No. 41387

Sometimes I feel bad for her cuz she's so goddamn unfortunate looking but then I remember what a huge cunt she is.

No. 41390

File: 1444595395288.jpg (191.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-11-12-10-07…)

Tbh i can't really keep up with whoever Megan says she's "dating" now

No. 41394

File: 1444595449410.jpg (231.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-11-12-10-14…)

She's been lifting weights you guys!!

No. 41396

She's never mentioned a name or anything about this "guy". Idk if he even exists.

No. 41401

picking up a KFC family bucket is not 'lifting weight', megan

No. 41402

I'm guessing whenever she talks about her man/bf or whatever she really means whoever her latest fuckbuddy is.

No. 41410

Also what ever happened to that breast augmentation she kept saying she was gonna get?

No. 41534

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Yes she has lol she posted texts from him where he was complaining how all she ever talks about is sex and then she posted a text post about him telling her he wants space for a few hrs cause he's sick of her texting him every second and a text post complaining about him not having time to talk to her it was embarrassing

No. 41599

File: 1444599373519.jpeg (75.63 KB, 736x657, image.jpeg)

A 30DD yet has a 34B bra on her wish list. If she was 30DD, her sister size would be a 34C or 36B. Girl really needs to get her size checked.

No. 41748

>Nobody who eats a plant-based diet is that fucking fat and dumpy.
It's possible, I have an aunt who's been a vegetarian for 20 or so years and she's literally obese. There are tons of junk foods that are vegetarian/vegan and living a sedentary lifestyle would make anyone fatter.

I was literally just thinking to myself that her real band size was most likely 34in, lol.

She's also claiming she has a 32in bust, but if she has a 30in band size, her bra size would be 30B.

No. 42046

File: 1444662633038.jpg (3.69 KB, 266x122, 5321333.jpg)

Is this anon taking the piss?

No. 42050

File: 1444663437481.jpg (27.5 KB, 797x319, 5677777.jpg)

"I'm a size 4"
Owns these items in these sizes.

No. 42343

she talks about wanting to get raped all the time, her followers should know shes into that by now

No. 42473

File: 1444747255544.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.45 KB, 225x400, tumblr_nv222jIxEH1snmpqto8_250…)

her cooter is so weird and I'm not even sure why

No. 42481

File: 1444748751956.jpg (Spoiler Image,791.19 KB, 1780x1423, MegvnMvrie_300915_0300_MyFreeC…)

No. 42482

File: 1444748780849.jpg (Spoiler Image,613.14 KB, 1780x1423, megvnmvrie_160915_1405_MFC_MyF…)

she one downs ridden bitch

No. 42484

File: 1444748827298.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.93 KB, 1780x1423, megvnmvrie_190815_0133_MFC_MyF…)

The central right picture gave me keks

No. 42497

That is one sore looking vag.

No. 42514

why doesnt she advertise herself as a girl with downs, maybe she'll make money lul

No. 42516

her vag looks like it has a rash

No. 42540

She always used to say she waxed her vagina but you can clearly see she has razor burn, she just normally changes te lighting on her photos to be bright as fuck

No. 42542


I'm glad somebody else remembers Sweeteva.
The reactions to her being mentioned make me feel old…

I wonder if she's still alive? I remember when the police raided her house whilst she was camming.


No. 42544


Neh, I legit believe she's probably an 8 and could squeeze into a 6 if she really tried.

She's a total shortarse right? You gotta remember that when you're very short you wear small sizes because your proportions are smaller too.

No. 42546

File: 1444756009433.jpg (783.18 KB, 1780x1423, megvnmvrie_050915_2228_MFC_MyF…)

Your average megan show right here.

No. 42607

You keep saying this but her vag is the only attractive thing about her. Just let it go that she has one nice thing on her body.

No. 42621

Despite it not being a roast beef sandwich it's still unattractive. It does look like an axe wound, she just over edits.

No. 42622

File: 1444767422207.gif (Spoiler Image,962.12 KB, 500x333, tumblr_ncrisd3ah01tvky6qo1_500…)

This gif is creepy AF.

makes it look like her cunt is a living creature.

No. 42627

Jesus FUCK, what a mess. That face, those sad tits, that square ass, all that chub…oh man. And she thinks she's hot shit. I can't help but feel kind of bad for her, though, because she really does look like she has Downs or fetal alcohol syndrome or something. At the very least, I wonder if she has some sort of mild mental retardation. Whatever is wrong with her, it makes it even creepier and more awkward that she's getting naked and embarrassing herself all over the internet.

My body isn't perfect by any means, but seeing this abomination rolling around naked and allegedly getting paid for it makes me wonder how much money I could make if I tried camming. I think I'd probably want to kill myself after about five minutes, though.

Wow. Snore.

Oh god, what the hell? Is it just me, or does it look like her labia are somehow fused with the skin around her vulva??? I feel like I'm looking at the aftermath of some sort of female genital mutilation here.

No. 42685

Whoops, obviously meant to quote >>42622 not >>42542 there

No. 44224

File: 1444938315536.jpg (46.25 KB, 554x638, Scan_20150803.jpg)

No. 44230

Fuck if I had clear skin and a cute body, I would sure as hell be doing this.

I can't believe she has earned so much. That's almost enough to buy a fucking house.

No. 44231


Nah, I don't believe she has. If she did, she wouldn't be swinging on a pole in her parents house. She'd buy a nice apartment and do all that gross shit there.

I think she's on JSA myself and doing this on the side.

No. 44233

I earned 18 grand in the past 9 months from running an online store yet I'm broke as fuck right now thanks to having to pay to survive, and all that jazz. I live with my dad, by the way. So, at least I don't have to pay for rent/power/water.

No. 44235


Nah, I don't believe she's made 20 grand. Probably a grand but not 20. She's your typical Ned flanders at school, then after high school ended started wearing make up and dyed their hair so they felt "sexy" and sucked up to playing with their tits on the internet for dolla. But I don't think she's that well known. It's all angles, her figure is gross and she has downs I'm sure.

No. 44236

I also wish I could just show guy's my p*y and have them buy me stuff/send me money. Fuck, if only I were attractive. Though I am sure there has to be some guy who will pay to see me nude.

No. 44237


Most people run online stores these days? But all I am saying is that, I don't believe she has made as much money as she claims she does.

No. 44238


you don't have to be, meg is a perfect example

No. 44240

You may be right but you gotta be realistic here. She knows how to photograph her body/face.
Yeah, I know it's just angles and make up and when she goes on cam, you can see just how fucked her body is >>42484
But she has a lot of guys following her blog, looking at her cam girl sites, and forking out money to the girl in the pictures. I know of some seriously fat cam girls who are very popular, so it is no surprise if she has at least made over 10k since she started to sell her sc username.

She has over 30k followers and even if 1% of those people bought her snapchat, she would have earned $6,000 dollars.

No. 44241


It's similar to Dakota, it's like manipulating pictures basically.

Still I don't believe she's made as much as she says. I just don't. If she is making as much as she says, she should start investing in shit that fits properly and better looking attire. Everything looks tacky and cheap.

No. 44242

File: 1444940011984.gif (254.35 KB, 540x601, tumblr_inline_nng6hsimpz1sbmxo…)

Looks like she has over 130k, actually.

1% of 130,000 is 1,300. So, if 1% of her 130k followers paid $20 for a subscription to her snapchat, that means she has at least made $26,000.

Which according to this >>44224 sounds like only 1% has purchased her username so far. Which is quite pathetic.

No. 44243

quite pathetic considering the kind of exposure she has**

That is a lot of money though.

No. 44244


Either way, money runs out and unless she marries some old fart with tons of cash. She'll be a ginger trollop for the rest of her days.

No. 44245

It wouldn't be hard for her to find a sugar daddy but he definitely won't be young/attractive.

I bet Indian men love her.

No. 44247

Indian? I thought it was black men that liked fat, trashy white women. Although I suppose her ass isn't big enough for black dudes.

No. 44249


Anyone can find a sugar daddy though, just be happy and young basically. Give him what he wants lol. It ain't hard.

No. 44250

File: 1444940497495.jpg (53.94 KB, 720x549, 535px-10.jpg)


Anyone else remember that troll here in the UK who she and her mother got face work to look like Katie Price? (idk if yank-chans know KP)

"HOW ARENT I MARRIED TO A BILLIONAIRE!? This is how i do the house work in 10 inch heels and of course with out knickers on LOL #barbie #housewife" https://www.facebook.com/kayla.morris.3348?fref=photo

why is it all the fat ugly women end up with the most dolla tho? jfc

No. 44251

Nope, it's common for Indian men to spoil and have sex with young white women before marrying an Indian woman. They practice on white chicks so they don't embarrass themselves in front of their wives.

They will never marry you though.

No. 44252


I heard about this too, they just find white women easy apparently.

No. 44255

File: 1444940701182.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.62 KB, 855x574, lol.jpg)

No. 44256


I'm kekkin' hard at the comments and her page too anon

No. 44257

File: 1444940958749.jpg (32.57 KB, 540x513, 535px-10 - Copy.jpg)


"we need feminism becoz"

yh this is why we need feminism xo

No. 44262


oh lord

No. 44267

File: 1444941516167.gif (540.47 KB, 639x889, troll.gif)

No. 44269

File: 1444942094886.jpg (68.72 KB, 540x960, 12075029_930970203644021_74103…)

She looks cute here

No. 44270

I hope you're joking

No. 44272

File: 1444942220533.jpg (32.11 KB, 539x540, 11659515_883542335053475_86241…)

Nah, compared to this, she looks cute here.

No. 44278

File: 1444943297470.jpg (215.83 KB, 1450x1242, lol.jpg)

No. 44280


im glad u noticed too

No. 44289

oh my god kayla morris… she fishes for negative attention 24/7 on ig and it's the funniest thing because people are dumb enough to fall for it. i think her whole shtick is bimbo fetishism pure and simple… she reminds me of megan a bit because she says she was stripping at 17?? but what is up with her nose if i had £££ i would sort that snout out before i got a tit job js

No. 44300


It's pretty obvious comparing her skintone to her mother that she had a black/mixed dad kek
Probably get his nose too I expect.

No. 44305

i thought she just had an unfortunate nose like josie cunningham?? it looks so… incongruous

also if i were katie price i would be so offended

No. 44322


yeah she's mixed race, her little girl (yes shes a mum jfc) is like the alpha mixed so when like a mixed race person (black & white aka mulatto) has a baby with someone either mixed race (mulatto or w/e) or white it usually looks lighter, looser curls and lighter eyes. Not always but most of the time.

Her little girl is actually adorable tbh… shame her mum is a dog's dinner kek

No. 44323


our meg might be on telly soon lol imagine tho

"i started showin me fanny on tumblr for some pennies u see cos i cudn't find a job… it was just easier tho holly, i mean no jobs in uk init? cant be doin' wiv uni and i liek older men… so yh really."

"Will you ever regret this choice tho megan?"

"Nah, i got photoshop and a cute pussy so its okay xo"

No. 44355

File: 1444960106730.jpg (279.9 KB, 1100x733, 25-David-Lazar-Laughing-Cheeta…)

I'm dying. Stop.

No. 44356


holy shit she looks like my ex here


those acne scars kek

No. 44379


fuk u even got the accent
I am diggin' the levels of other BritAnons in this thread.

No. 44412

It both look like they put their makeup on while drunk, without a mirror, with their non-dominant hand.

No. 44419

>that makeup
>uneven skin
>acne scarring
>those lips

She really is disgusting

No. 44453

Bet the bitch sent the anonymous message herself.

No. 44583

20 grand and still no boob job for those sad floppy tits? K big megs.

No. 44609



If she has the few quick, she may want to invest in more 'attractive assets'.

Pfft this bitch is on Job seekers. Probably has a separate account and robbing UK taxpayers along with every other lazy cunt in the country.

No. 44610


a just had to anon

its how us brits roll xo

No. 44613


I know and people were calling Katie Price rotten…

I bet Katie Price saw her and her mother and just fell about laughing. I know I would.

No. 44639

Speaking of KP, I think we should all vote for Megan to be on page 3 for Downs awareness day.

No. 44681

>everything looks tacky and cheap
just like megan lmao. all the money in the world can't buy good taste unfortunately.

No. 44683

File: 1445054521381.png (3.7 KB, 499x95, keeping it classy.png)

No. 44684

File: 1445054570453.png (95.28 KB, 524x757, lmao.png)

And when someone called her out on it.

No. 44685

Sorry, it cut off the last part.
>told him the negative things I said on the phone anyways and he just laughed at it. Anyway I hate arguments, good night and take care. xo

No. 45362

lmao she's the dumbest of hoes

No. 45433

Her writing is so annoying, it's all "m8, ppl, u, pls", she sounds so dumb

No. 45457

File: 1445114441341.jpg (167.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-17-13-39-31…)

Apparently megan's moving out

No. 46288

I'll believe it when I see it

No. 46422

File: 1445197030245.jpg (281.95 KB, 1276x1102, tumblr_nwfdkmLiQk1tvky6qo1_128…)

This is her Halloween outfit?! Wtf is that, did she even try?

No. 46435

Wow, she really is a fucking midget. Also I never realised how unfortunate her torso to legs ratio was, either.

No. 46439

why does she say she's half-chinese? she has one of this Swedish swine face

No. 46449

Suck your cheeks in harder

No. 46456

File: 1445200022012.jpg (88.56 KB, 701x785, 535px-10.jpg)


even cinderella had more class looking like that

No. 46457


Downs yeah but not chinese

No. 46459

Well… I spend lots of time on 4 chan and I don't think all of them have "high standards". If we're talking bout /b/tards then yes, but what else do you expect of such cunts?

>"We was arguing…"
Top kek.

No. 46460

Like what is she even supposed to be for God's sake?

No. 46463

Megan is so unbelievably stupid. Like she probably just took her GCSE, and didn't stay on for sixth form or take any A-levels.

No. 46473

File: 1445201283692.jpg (224.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-18-13-38-17…)

lmao she's got a high opinion of herself but then again, there's not much else to choose from. Saggy boobs, no waist, a Hank hill ass…at least she knows how to do makeup and which angles will flatter her face.

No. 46537

Regarding the weight thing, I'm 154 cm (not sure in ft, tbh) and I weigh around 43 kilos. Everyone says I look weird because my body is tiny/petite and I look really thin. This girl must be in drugs if she claims she's around 90 lb (aka ~45 kilos). If she indeed weighs that then it must be purely fat.


Plus, she claims that she's a vegan for the animal welfare but in her makeup video she uses AVON and Benefit makeup which are tested on animals? The fuck? I'm a vegan for the same reason and I would never purchase that shit. Fucking liar.

No. 46538


Shit I got the labels mixed, lol. Well, for the cringe feels, I can't seem to find the "rape reblogs" everyone shits about, did she remove them?

No. 46546

That's about a little over 5 feet. I don't even think Megan's actually that short. Her claimed weight changes constantly, see >>40864 and >>41177

No. 46579


lulz, what we all know is that those 90 lb are on her gut only

No. 47231

File: 1445376383583.png (262.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-20-22-23-14…)

Then don't sat the safeword you dumb hoe. A safeword purpose is if at any point you aren't into it, you say the word, if you are then don't say the damn word!
Shes just tryna be edgy, "I don't wanna fake rape, I actually want real rape". No megan, you really don't.

No. 47239

>slyly sliding in a humblebrag about ur weight like it matters
ok anon
>inb4 jealous fatty detected, etc

No. 47246

I do wish mine looked like this though, my outer labia are like two huge mounds, and so much darker even though I'm pale.
It's always been that way.

No. 47577

No. 47599

Guys like that soft, fat pussy though. (At least with the outer labia. Meat curtains are gross though.)

I hope this dumb cunt gets raped for real. Then she wouldn't take this shit so fucking lightly.

No. 47612

File: 1445478686674.png (217.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-22-02-50-46…)

Top kek

No. 47622

that was the most obnoxious thing i've seen from her to date

No. 47629

remember when she was gonna get a boob job because she said her boobs were shit?

No. 47734

I'd rather have some meat curtains than the gash that Megan has. Looks like an open sore. No labia vaginas are so gross looking imo.

No. 47762

honestly I don't get why people on here shit on the way her vag looks, since it's considered an "attractive" vag (just popular opinion I mean, large/fat outer labia, pink inner lips, light skin color, no large inner labia)

I hate saying "jelly" but in this case I think many girls are envious of her vagina (VAGINA ONLY, not talking about her downs face or saggy tits)

No. 47766

maybe her axe wound is considered attractive by porn standards, but most adults are actually aroused by the physical signs of sexual maturity, like visible labia and a flushed color to the region. anyway if you believe that her pics aren't photoshopped to hell and back there's no hope for you.

No. 47773

That's what I meant by attractive, it's considered almost "ideal" by many people. Also, I don't think her vagina is shopped the point of it not looking like that, I think it really looks mostly how she portrays it. OFC her face and shape is shopped but her vag I think is almost the same

No. 47774

And honestly, I've never heard a man say they are attracted to "large visible labia" or a woman say they want "large visible labia" unless they are outliers

No. 47776

I really don't think her Vagina is attractive.
It does look like an axe wound. On the other side who the fuck cares, If I wanna fuck a girl I'm not gonna be stopped by a "ugly vagina"

No. 47778

She significantly brightens all her photos, making her vulva look lighter and less scabby than it really is. Seriously, scroll up and look at some of the spoilered images in this thread, nobody's jealous of that.

Nobody that isn't underage, including most men, consider porn to be the sexual ideal. Most women are 'outies' after they reach puberty which is why it's considered sexually appealing. I'm thinking you're young or haven't had contact with an actual male in a while.

No. 47780

Huh, funny because every man i've been with has loved visible labias including mine. They're cute and fun to play with. Her cunt looks gross (Sorry but it just does to me). Not every man has this idea of plastic looking porn vaginas to be the ideal look - a lot are turned off by it. Just like fake tits.

No. 47785

File: 1445527135285.jpg (Spoiler Image,333.14 KB, 1074x638, tumblr_n99v43CKUW1tvky6qo1_128…)

I think her vagina is extremly pretty. would kill for a pussy like that

No. 47788

File: 1445527867047.gif (174.79 KB, 327x292, 2pynryt.jpg.gif)

Holy blur tool, batman! and it still looks pretty gross. what's that weird lump?

No. 47789

That's nice anon. I was just stating a different opinion.
Towards the bottom of the opening of the vagina? Looks like fluid honestly. Probably just took this after shoving her squid dildo inside her.

No. 47790

File: 1445528092689.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.39 KB, 600x450, beef_tongue_accidental_vagina.…)

No. 47791

I don't think it's hideous, but it looks… off, somehow. It's like the uncanny valley of pussies.

No. 47792

Oh my god I never want to eat beef ever again now. Fuck sake Anon.

No. 47812

I…she doesn't have pussy lips? Why doesn't she have pussy lips? It's like someone took a scalpel and made an incision where a pussy should be.

No. 47813

Seconded. She has a perfect vagina. The roasties on here remind me of HAES idiots but even more deluded because chubby chasers exist, men that like roast beef curtains are extremely rare. The guys you fucked will tell you whatever you want to hear about your blown out vagina.

No. 47820

I have an innie puss and believe innies are on the whole more aesthetically pleasing but Meg's looks weird but I think it's half to do with her weird ass and thighs. Her body makes it look like a literal gash. It looks awful from behind cos her fat thigh/no ass combo.

No. 47844

Oppositely, every man I've ever been with or discussed vaginas with prefer small inner labias and are slightly grossed out by "beef curtains" (I hate that term).

Really though if you're giving it up any guy is going to tell you he likes your cunt during so he can keep hitting it while behind closed doors with his friends he's comparing it to a roast beef sandwich.

No. 47854

She does but with ereasing the shadows with shoop it starts to look flat.

No. 47886


All the men i've been with have loved my pussy. Unless you fuck fourteen year olds, you'd be suprised what variety of pussy men do like. You're the one who sounds deluded and hella inexperienced, just saying.

No. 47887

Again, this depends on the dude you're fucking. I don't fuck losers who can't appreciate womens bodies, so i've never been in that position.

No. 47906


Jesus…so defensive…roast beef much?

No. 47912

Kek. Not particularly.

No. 47918

Everyone loves muh roastie, that's why surgeries to decrease the size of the inner labia are really rare and everyone's always getting surgery to make them bigger ;) ;) ;)

No. 47922

Did I take a wrong turn and end up on /r9k/? Stop shitposting pls

No. 47925

You sound like Megan, gtfo

No. 47929

That's because people are insecure as fuck and I feel sad for them. I really do.

No. 47934

Why do you think people are insecure about beef curtains and not insecure about small pink pussies?

Could it be because….. people don't like beef curtains?

Look I know you're bitter about your shit genetics, but there's no reason to cry about it on the internet. Just put some money away at the end of the month and you'll be able to afford your labiaplasty in no time.

No. 47937

Yeah, because cavemen were -really- picky about fucking people who have protuding labia than people who don't.
Shut the fuck up dude. You sound ridiculous and around 16 years old. I think it's important to appreciate womens bodies as a large amount of women do have protuding labia. I'd rather spend that money on some shoes tbh.

No. 47939

Holy shit, so many people ITT getting angry over vaginas

No. 47946

File: 1445545202001.png (Spoiler Image,347.78 KB, 520x490, Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.19…)

No, the perfect vagina is pic related. Her vagina looks too smushed. You need some labia majora otherwise it just looks fucking weird and fake.

No. 47947

It's just one roastie that thinks what guys say when they want to fuck them/keep fucking them is anywhere close to reality and that the fact no one gets roastie surgery, fap to roastie porn, and men on the internet all hate roasties are just obscure pedos.

Some girls are just fucking retarded and don't understand guys will bullshit compliment your ass off to get pussy.

No. 47948

Bi anon here. Idgaf what a vagina looks like.

No. 47949

I should add - by that I don't care how it looks so long as it's not diseased or anything. Hygiene over aesthetics every time.

No. 47950

Bollocks. Absolute bollocks. Men like variety, none is the -right- pussy, it all comes down to what you like. But to say men don't like women with labia is fucking shite. I wouldn't allow a dude to put me down for having labia because it's fucking natural and sexy.

No. 47951

Are you female?
Men have different tastes, just look at porn made for lesbians vs. porn made for straight men.

No. 47954

Girls with innies have labia too, they're just small and pretty instead of looking like wrinkled ballsacks

No. 47955

>Implying porn suits all men's needs and wants.

No. 47956

Nicer shape but Megan's is a nicer color. I just don't understand why even talk about her vagina so much when the rest of her body/face is actually ugly and horrible and her pussy is above average.

No. 47957

Of course, but they aren't ballsacks. You sound really scared of a bit of skin, awww. You really MUST be 16.

No. 47958

File: 1445545630348.gif (1.95 MB, 490x327, tumblr_na77acg6RW1tvky6qo1_500…)

i mean, i like innies and have an innie but if i had to choose between meat curtains and megan's vagina, i would choose meat curtains.

in b4 "jelly" - hear me out.

if i had meat curtains, i could just get them snipped and achieve the perfect pussy aesthetic ( >>47946 )

if i had megan's vagina (pic related), with its smushy, axe-wound gash-like quality… i'd be stuck with it for life. there is NO fixing how weird it fucking is. she's stuck with an oblong-shaped pussy for life.

part of the reason of why it so weird, is bc it is so difficult to differentiate between her asscrack and pussy. tbh it really does look like what i imagine a baby's vagina looks like. not that i've seen any, but it has some weird, immature quality to it that i've never seen before.

No. 47959

Yeah, female. Not sure about the male taste debate. Young teen kids have warped ideas of the perfect vagina because they're given sex doll type badges to watch. In the 70s it was hairy bush in porn so…
They fap to what they're given because it's what the makers think men like.

No. 47960

You sound like an 18 year old who's really proud of how "old" and "mature" they are, lol. When you actually grow up you'll realize that this idealistic "everyone is beautiful!! your body is perfect!!!" nonsense is just nonsense.

No. 47961

vadges not badges ha

No. 47962

I'm 22. I've had 4 sexual male partners, all who have been decent gentlemen. I don't think everyone is beautiful - I stated above that men like variety. But larger labia is perfectly natural and it's fucked up that this generation spend so much money on cutting themselves up.

No. 47964

File: 1445545810476.png (21.03 KB, 128x128, pink pussy.png)

vaginas are supposed to be pink. hers looks grey and weird. like it's not alive. to be honest i think thats 99% of why hers looks weird, it's just beige and has no flush to it like most vaginas do

either way i've watched a lot of porn and most of the vaginas in porn look nothing like megans. maybe hers is weird because she's fat, but honestly i have no idea its just fuckin weird

No. 47965

Vaginas aren't meant to just be pink. They can be a variety of colours. Pink, red, brown, greyish, purpleish. It's completely normal to have pink and brown labia.
>watched alot of porn
Yeah. I can tell.

No. 47968

Seconded, anon. This is a beautiful vagina.

The roasties in this thread:
>all vaginas are beautiful
>men that don't like my purpley brown/grey roast beef curtains are immature losers
>Megan has a disgusting vagina

No. 47970

File: 1445546157007.jpg (120.34 KB, 794x560, 3BYyR.jpg)

so what? the point is, most women don't have a vagina that looks like megan's. megans looks weird and fake. it probably is shooped to death.

pic related. two real vaginas. both look natural, normal and no one would even give it a second thought. meanwhile, megan's vagina looks creepy af

No. 47972

She does have a disgusting vagina though. It looks wrong, despite being an innie.

No. 47973

You guys know this board is supposed to be sfw right? Spoiler your vagina pics, I don't need someone glancing at my phone and seeing a bunch of spread pussies

No. 47975

Meh, my opinion but I'd rather have Megan's than the roastie with a brown vag on the left. But I'm in the minority apparently in thinking that Megan's vag is alright.

No. 47976

…and next up we discuss wangs. Can they ever be handsome?

No. 47977


Her ass is a weird shape, the thighs touch ad her fanny looks odd. Idk

No. 47978



all this talk about vaginas jfc

No. 47981

File: 1445546964397.jpg (Spoiler Image,163.75 KB, 960x960, 1444187982737.jpg)

I think so but most of them are ugly as fuck. I only like the super light pink ones and they have to be the right shape. There's so many penis' with a weird shape.

No. 47982

tmi but my mom got her labia cut and shes in her 50s so its not always about how teenagers think old people can have warped views on how the human body should look like too
i told her she really shouldnt care about it but she said it made her uncomfortable so i guess to each their own

No. 47984

my bfs peen is like three different shades
penises are ugly to me and dont get me started on how gross cum is and the texture makes me feel so gross also tastes like shit

No. 47985

I'm not a fan of the wang. Guys have wang image issues though, like the ones that use weights to grow their foreskin back.

I like uncut. They're friendlier.

No. 47986

Cut dicks all look dried out, scarred and mutilated. They are usually the ones that are multi-colored, too. Circumsion should be illegal tbh.

No. 47988

Whaaat? You seriously prefer uncut dicks? Like, I respect your opinion and all but I've always thought that they were unsanitary? But what the fuck do I know.

No. 47989

I agree, but that's never going to happen because religion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm in the UK. Most males are uncut. Foreskins aren't an issue if the male washes. Women wash all the inner crevices, so men should too. My first was cut and it was ugly.

No. 47990

They produce dick cheese and need to be cleaned just like vaginas. But I wouldn't touch a guy cut or uncut that didn't have good hygiene.

Never actually been with an uncut guy, though. I just think they look better from pictures on the internet.

No. 48083

I know. ;_;
I'm so ugly, ugly, ugly. My boyfriend says he likes it, but I'm sure he's lying to me, trying to make me feel better about be disgusting.

No. 48084

>tfw told fiance I wanted to get labiaplasty and he begged me never to do it because he "like[d] playing with them"

No. 48096


They make giving bjs more fun. An old fwb of mine was uncut and it was v v nice

No. 48097

ah i totally agree

No. 48113

Ah, yes. Women putting other women down for things that they can't help and were born with. I'm sorry that other people's bodies are so important to you.

No. 48116

they can help it if they want to by getting labiaplasty, as mentioned.

No. 48118

but that's not true. my fiance is cut and doesn't look dried out nor badly scarred. i love wang and i love semen, but i only have experience with circumcised dick and thus that's what i prefer, though i'm sure if my fiance was uncut i would love it just the same. only thing that really freaks me out is phimosis.

No. 48124

Not to get all sjw but that thought wouldn't even enter their minds without shitty people like you. Or like, anal bleaching. It's so depressing to think about, we still need feminism, as twisted as the movement has become.

No. 48125

Nahh bro. Expensive and pointless. What if the scar tissue makes it look like a tranny gash?
Honestly, I don't even believe in circumcision.

No. 48150

I have an ugly 'roastie' as some of you would call it and I hate it so much and am real self-conscious about it. Though I know I wouldn't be if so many people, guys and girls, didn't think it's disgusting.
I just recently broke up with my bf of 4 years and I feel like I'll never be able to be with another guy and let him see my vagina, unless I get labiaplasty. Even with my ex-bf, even after being together so long, I always tried to hide it.
I know people say that guys don't care about that shit and will just be happy they get to see/touch/be inside a vagina, but I know that's mostly not true.

Sage for OT and rambling. Sorry. This shit just really gets me down and I wish this kind of mindset didn't exist.

No. 48156

You can change your mindset. Therapy/Councelling helps. You don't have to slice yourself to make you or your partner happier. If your partner loves you, it shouldn't matter. It's LITERALLY just skin. Also this >>48125 It can fuck up your entire vagina, do you want that?

No. 48158

Yes, spend thousands of dollars to get some extra skin sliced off your vagoo just to please other people. Go fuck yourself.

No. 48161

I feel you, anon. I always think of myself as having a messy, ugly pussy … but I think if I said that to any bloke I've been with, they'd think I was insane. I'm super insecure about my body anyway, but I try to keep in mind that it's mostly just in my head, and if I pointed out what I consider to be huge disgusting flaws, they'd be like, "What the fuck are you on about?"

inb4 'No you're right you're disgusting, you should kill yourself.' Yes, I know that already.

No. 48170

>if I said that to any bloke I've been with, they'd think I was insane.

No, they would agree, they just wouldn't say that because it would make you mad.

No. 48171


No. 48174

Yes, I've seen that stated repeatedly on this thread, but I don't really agree; I think mostly, depending on the type of person they are, they just don't care enough about the appearance of it to have thought about it.

No. 48175

Men place much more importance on appearance than women do.

No. 48176


So, are you a dude or just an insecure chick?

Because thinking that bullying people for shit they are born with is now tumblr.

No. 48177

My guess is insecure chick.

No. 48179

Stating your aesthetic preferences is "bullying" now? And you're calling others insecure? Just stfu and get your labiaplasty already.

No. 48181

> tfw getting my anus bleached soon

I agree. It's humiliating lmao. Men don't need to worry about bleaching or getting surgery on their junk. I dont even blame porn 100% because lots of women in porn have roasties. I blame the normalization of pedo culture and how most men these days are pedos.

No. 48182

It is bullying. People cannot help that they have larger labia and you're promoting surgery as the solution, which is fucked up and wrong. If this was about fat people, I'd agree that they need to stop putting food in their mouths - but people cannot control that and not everyone is insecure enough to pay thousands to fix something which doesn't -need- to fixed. You need to shut the fuck up.

No. 48183

I wonder how many women on here have pubes still? I personally go for the landing strip. I hate being completely bare because it feels wrong - but I like being smooth around because it feels more hygienic. I feel like men get excited when they see hair downstairs now because it's become such the norm to shave it off.

No. 48185

I have pubes. I used to get it waxed all the time but then I changed my mind and grew out a bush a year ago. Haven't touched it since. It's kind of a cycle - I've kind of been turned off from sex by thinking about pedophiliac men's preferences are, so I stopped waxing and stopped having sex.

One time I was with a guy that shaved all his pubes off as well (without asking me to do anything, but I trimmed mine) which was nice. But most men want you to be bald like a child down there while a jungle surrounds their dick. It just grosses me out too much anymore to want to participate. I'm not even insecure about my genitals, I have an innie and it looks nice. But doesn't it make you guys feel gross that men want you to look like a child?

No. 48186

File: 1445605888242.gif (1.52 MB, 500x280, reallynigga.gif)

>acting like you speak for the entire human male population

No. 48192

All I'm gonna say about the vagina discussion is that there's a reason people call sex bumping uglies.

No. 48238

Thank you

No. 48244

Sage for self-posting about vagina, lol

>But doesn't it make you guys feel gross that men want you to look like a child?
Yeah, I'm not really down with the idea that the "perfect vagina" looks like a prepubescent girl's. I'm really grateful that my boyfriend (and only sex partner) actually likes some pubes and labia. He's asked me not to shave before, but I still do most of the time because I feel too self-conscious when I don't, even though he never does. I also still want to get labiaplasty, even though my boyfriend is against it, just because I can't get over feeling like my vagina is "wrong" for not looking like a little kid's. My inner labia aren't huge or anything, but they're uneven, and one side sticks out from the outer labia like a little tongue. I find it disgusting and I want to get rid of it but MONEY.

No. 48250

Full bush and glad. It makes me feel more womanly, my boyfriend loves it, no more razor burn, ingrown hairs and sandpaper stubble. I used to shave back when I was single (despite no one ever seeing it) but since I've gotten into a relationship, I've realized it doesn't even matter. I feel like that's how it goes for a lot of relationships; spend a year or two together and let the garden grow wild.
I shampoo and condition that shit and it's sooo soft.

No. 48251

>and one side sticks out from the outer labia like a little tongue.
That sounds cute asf, yo.

No. 48288

File: 1445627100047.jpg (16.05 KB, 440x245, deadtumblr.jpg)

Megans tumblr is kill?

No. 48292

tumblr has a new feature that means your blog won't show up if someone types in your url, it's still there if you use tumblr's search bar

No. 48399

Nah it's back idk what happened lmao.

No. 48401

File: 1445649527676.jpg (348.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-23-10-45-14…)

Still trying to convince us that she does hard drugs.

No. 48404

Shes a twat. Like a week ago she said she didn't do drugs anymore now she's back on the thinking its cool trend.

She can't make a decision about anything.
Pick a story and stick to it fgs.
Does she not realise how much it makes her look like a bullshitter?

No. 48406

File: 1445650657181.jpg (44.13 KB, 400x267, tumblr_nwp7zuWbmn1tvky6qo1_400…)

Her lipstick looks awful, like a dark hole on her face.

Also holy midget leg

No. 48409

Why is she doing this to herself that lipstick looks so bad. Like if she's trying to go for a vampy look or something then use like dark burgundy or something this just looks awful. Most people look awful in black lipstick.

No. 48411

Every single person I've known from the 1980s onwards who wore black lipstick had been an absolute nob with no redeeming features at all. Of you wear black lipstick you might as well write NOB with it across your forehead. All other colours are fine.

No. 48414

Damn you must be super old.

No. 48415

Jfc black lipstick even makes my autocorrect spazzy that's how disgusting these people are who wear it.

No. 48416

Too fucking right I'm old. That's why I know so much about how choice of cosmetic colours relate to people.

No. 48418

She probably bought like the cheap shitty black lipstick they sell at costume shops during halloween ugh.

No. 48423

She's probably going to wear it with that sexy Halloween outfit she put so much effort into.

No. 48424


Fucking hell, I know Halloween is coming up and everything, but the black lipstick thing needs to die. It looks like shit unless maybe you're incredibly skilled with makeup.


lmao, pretty much
It's the official bell-end lip colour.

No. 48444

Oh, right lmao Megan's "costume": black underwear with some weird long negligee on top and a flower (??) in her hair. Jesus Christ.

No. 48458

mmm sorry for being OT


Shaving causes microcuts and abrasions in the skin and it makes it easier for bacteria to enter your vagina. I don't do it, I just trim with scissors.

Also, I can't believe I just spent 15 minutes reading The Great Vag Debate™. "Beef curtains" (terrible term btw) are perfectly natural, as if having a brownish/greyish/purpleish vagina. I can't believe some of you are actually praising labiaplasty, it's very expensive and completely unnecessary. Same with asshole bleaching, which can create a ton of health issues.

Vaginas are vaginas, we don't go around telling guys with ugly dicks to just get circumcised. Ok, enough vagina talk. I'm done.

No. 48603

if they want to, were the keywords there. go fuck yourself because you're self conscious as fuck. not my problem, i personally don't have the problem but you clearly do. get more comfortable with yourself instead of lashing out at others.

No. 48610

people like me who support choice which is what feminism is really about. if it's depressing to think about that's your hang up. grow the fuck up, not everyone is like you. if people want to be natural, good for them, if people want surgery, good for them. but fuck you for shaming people who want to better themselves because it doesn't suit your ideal.

No. 48619


Dude, the argument ended already. Take your pro-labiaplasty business somewhere else.

No. 48656


Are they still arguing about fannies?

Guys, every pussy is different. Take your feminism and fuck off. This isn't tumblr, I come on here to GET AWAY from all that sjw feminism "she du wa she want" shit.

Get over it.

Move along pls

No. 48663

This. Everyone shut the fuck up about it now and get back to shit talking about Megan.

No. 48721

File: 1445718830870.jpg (484.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-24-13-30-16…)

More black lipstick photos. And her arms look weirdly small and sticklike compaared to the rest of her body.

No. 48724

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Her lips aren't black… That's clearly dark red it doesn't look black at all like you can literally see the red in it.

No. 48728

Lol the pose in the bottom pic is sooo awkward

No. 48729


she always looks like she's in pain… like her expression it's always nervous looking.

god help what she looks like with a big black cock up her hole tho

it'd be even worse!

No. 48730


and you'd think she'd have the audacity to clean up properly

No. 48741

you decide to get your anus bleached but blame men for it? seriously how many adult men have you heard saying "I want my girl to bleach her anus". Nobody fucking cares

No. 48742

They æsthetically like pussy as much as women like dick, i.e. they think it's ugly, "beef curtains" or not.

No. 48743

Nice ae ligature, you prissy faggot

No. 48756


is that shit smeared on the side of the face, or did she try to contour

No. 48757


Is that shit smeared on the side of her face, or did she attempt to contour

No. 48761

Sry, meant to delete a post, but clicked on report instead. Can't brain today at all

No. 48779

She was trying to contour lmao. I don't get how a bunch of girls can just smear like overly dark bronzer down the side of their face a la the proserpina or whatever her name is, and think it looks good.

No. 48892

Why on earth did she post that second picture? Does she not know how fucking dumb she looks? Looks like she blinked the second the camera went off, but her lazy ass couldn't be bothered to take another one. Contour looks like shit. Girl, look at your life… look at your choices.

No. 48947

File: 1445792315925.jpg (183.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-25-09-53-59…)

It's a lot worse in motion, like this really doesnt flatter her. At all.

No. 48949

File: 1445792588896.jpg (175.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-25-10-01-01…)

Begging for her followers to buy her free shit….as per usual.
On the other hand at least she's admitted to being a little chubby? Instead of desperately clinging to "muh 23 inch waist" like she normally does.

No. 49060

File: 1445799481142.jpg (92.69 KB, 1288x641, image.jpg)

Lol sure Megan

No. 49108

File: 1445807703115.jpg (140.84 KB, 720x1103, _20151025_141201.JPG)


Can we talk about this actual piece of shit? Don't involve kids in your disgusting cuck fetish (she'll also claim that "old wifeys" totes follow her and are into her so people who call her out are kinkshaming)

No. 49157

Ha yeah after her claims of selling her Snapchat to thousands which equalled at least 10kk yet she still begging and having to ooh and ah over a pair of shoes costing under £60. Just no.

She'll still claim to have a 23in waist and call it chubby.

Shes been fatter, shes been thinner but never likes to admit hermeasurements change

No. 49168

She's not a camgirl..?

No. 49278

Close enough.

No. 49295

i used to follow her, she used to claim she was 18 and looked much older. this was like a year and a half ago.

i dont know what exactly happened but she started dressing like a toddler. it's weird lol

No. 49345

File: 1445832496584.jpg (130.1 KB, 720x1063, _20151025_210614.JPG)

She looks like a generic trashy white girl in her twenties. This is the most she's shown of her face.
She kind of is a lolcow but I don't know if she deserves her own thread tbh. People probably think her and brat-grrrl are just generic ddlgs but they're not littles, they're worse.

No. 49348

That face is ferocious

No. 50724

Went through her /tagged me. feel dirty now. Need to take a shower. And throw up.

Why do people like this exist?

No. 50735

File: 1445854955521.jpg (14.81 KB, 320x240, zHxeI6y.jpg)

well i never

No. 50776


Ergh, that's gross as fuck.


I have a bit of a daddy kink fetish too but I'd never involve kids. Plus shagging married men is just rotten. Yet the tumblr feminists protect bitches like this? Fuck off. I don't care how much we shud "stick up 4 all da gurls cos gurl powa and gurls are alwayz rite" bullshit.

She's a cunt and a disgusting mess.

No. 50779


That's another thing which has become quite popular on tumblr. People with too many followers begging off their followers to buy them shit because "my life is so hard and and problems". Pfft, don't we ALL have problems.

I unfollowed a girl, who is pretty alright and lovely but she has become that big headed and one of "those" on tumblr and is getting people to buy her shit. It's like… do people have any shame or any will to get up and find a job nowadays? I know it's hard to find a job but jfc try at least.

No. 50789

File: 1445861571279.jpg (50.17 KB, 390x472, tumblr_nd92xuHGC51t0fouvo1_r1_…)

I browsed the whole me tag because serious thinspo tbh and she posted her face in the first pic. Her face is so white trash lol

No. 50795

Thinspo? Her body is very average…

No. 50803

oh my god go back to MPA, her body is actually pretty nice

No. 50804

oh my god go back to MPA, her body is actually pretty nice

No. 50805

oh my god go back to MPA, her body is actually pretty nice

No. 50807

sry for the triple post

No. 50834

Now I'm starting to see why so many pro ana girls get posted to this site.
>inb4 jealous fatty detected

No. 50836


I agree, no girl's body is ever good enough it seems.

No. 50837


Her body is just thin/small but her face looks awful.

I don't care, she's a cunt for believing shagging on someone's kid's bed is fine.


No. 50891

for a 18-19 year old or however old she is, she has a good body. if she actually is underaged (i doubt it bc her face looks beat as heck) then its average. but for someone who has gone thru puberty thats a pretty good body. i wish i never grew tits lol

No. 50905

Well I agree it would be pushing it to say that she's not on the somewhat thin side. But she looks a lot thinner because of the angle and pose; if the photo were taken at a neutral angle with her legs together you would see a lot more easily that she does have a normal size, not to say that she looks chubby or anything like that. So I can see where both sides of these comments are coming from.

No. 50927

no wonder she hides her face. wow. tbh she looks like a trailer park drug addict. cool body, though

No. 50929

you sound jelly as fuck lol. she's small but not boney like your thinspo queens. get over it.

No. 50977

File: 1445886392287.jpg (37.69 KB, 604x404, Wat8.jpg)

>anon says her body is pretty normal, not chubby but probably looks thinner due to angles
>"omg ur jelly af because she's not bony like your thinspo queens!!"

I don't understand how you sound so personally offended

No. 50983

It's because she's self-posting. Look at how obvious these posts are


No. 51018

Okay but >>50977 and >>49108 are both me so you can't really claim selfposting on that. If you look at her tumblr tag/search her she has a few people calling her out on her bs.

I can't help but find it funny that the new DDlg cool thing is all these bitches talking about how they're not little or hate littles despite tagging their shit as DDlg (a la Himeka), and how married 50 year olds get them hot and how they can fit into kids clothes and wear braces because it's "sooo pervy". Even bratcandy wrote up a straight up stepfather child abuse fantasy. It's disgusting.

No. 51076


It's not her body I'm arsed about anon, most girls are that sized if they're petite/small frame.

What I'm irked about is the "its fine for fucking on kids beds doe"

and "so wot if hes married"

I just find it gross.

No. 51077


Some people take it kind of far to be honest.

No. 51078


I think she's got into that kink because she knows her body is like… well a kid's body tbh.

No. 51085

link? for research purposes…

No. 51190

What do you need linked? Her blog was posted already.

No. 51200

File: 1445910029481.jpg (157.93 KB, 1280x688, tumblr_nwuuyrgvbM1tvky6qo1_128…)

God this looks awful. She looks like one of those fat birds with small tits

No. 51222

File: 1445913245224.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.5 KB, 934x1280, tumblr_nwsuk8NnV51tvky6qo1_128…)

God this is gross!!

And sorry but if they are Hickey's surely they'd be bigger?? Idk I never understood it, thought it was a thing teens do.

She prob creates them herself, like who the fuck are they supposed to be from? Her jailed fuckbuddy and she says she's not had sex in ages..

No. 51226

Hickies can def be that small

and she def sleeps around while leading her jail fuckbuddy on. She's basically scum

No. 51229

File: 1445914189766.png (42.28 KB, 486x148, Screenshot 2015-10-26 07.45.58…)

christ this bitch is repulsive

No. 51234

>i have morals
>i hope he fucks me on his kid's bed

pick one slut

No. 51235

They look like sad ziplock bags full of pudding.

No. 51254

Oh god those sand bags. They're so disgusting. I feel like when she bends over they hang so low.

No. 51314

Look like punching bags. Come on, swing at em! Bruise them so it looks like i'm kinky~

No. 51317

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Did anyone see how someone sent her an ask yesterday and she straight up replied with "don't ever message me again unless you're giving me money" she is so repulsive who would even buy her stuff between her gross body and ugly attitude??

No. 51655

File: 1446041250352.jpg (343.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-28-06-29-16…)

Lmao megan is so two-faced i swear. One minute she's talking smack about hugo and how she's leading him on in jail and now she's suddenly missing him and calling him her man.

No. 51656

File: 1446041323865.jpg (319.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-28-06-25-13…)

"Stripper hoe aesthetics"
This is actually a thing?

No. 51693

whats funniest is that aint even Hugo

No. 51750

She's an idiot, of course he will "forgive" and get over it because he used her and if she's dumb enough to let him in again then he will do it again.

She must be desperate and have no one else who is remotely interested in her.

No. 51752

The spinning flat ass is so sad to watch :(

No. 52375

Who is it??

No. 52431

So glad I'm never having kids. This bitch is disgusting.

No. 52535

File: 1446232980578.jpg (238.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-30-12-17-39…)

I agree with the sentiment, but lmao Megan is as white as they come is she for real?

No. 52541

her old "daddy"

No. 52547

Excuse you, she's totally Chinese.

No. 52555

I mean I'm white but make white people jokes all the time, i think they are funny

but yea she is white af

No. 52733

File: 1446294801297.png (107.24 KB, 1080x709, Screenshot_2015-10-31-08-27-13…)

waka flocka flames voice .. okay..

No. 53015

File: 1446401882434.png (2.97 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1446401766306.png)

No. 53017

this triggers me

No. 53022

You can actually see her whiteness here. Does she still claim to be half Asian?

No. 53023

File: 1446403392531.jpg (16.97 KB, 324x392, downsyndrome1.jpg)

Catering to the scat fetishists?

Megan doesn't know that "Asian" and "mongoloid" aren't the same thing

No. 53026


She doesn't even look remotely asian. She looks like she actually has a genetic disorder like down syndrome or something.

No. 53033

She looks like an ogre here. Whyyy

No. 53034

Why does she look like she's rubbing vomit all over her face? Jesus Christ megan

No. 53041

File: 1446406360483.jpg (40.34 KB, 342x298, 1394854070978.jpg)

No. 53049

Shrek is that u

No. 53067

File: 1446412375020.jpg (26.63 KB, 400x398, 1404010821141.jpg)

No. 53627

Do we reckon mother just hasn't told her the truth and shes gullible enough to believe anything someone says (cough Hugo bollocks". There is no way she is normal. She has features like suzy, they both look downy/FAS and obv not asian. If you are more distantly Asian than parents then you wouldn't have Asian eyes. And shes never attempted to claim one of her parents is full Asian. And Irish? Honestly I think she just made that up when she dyed her hair ginger. Shes just a northerner with something horribly wrong

No. 53633

I don't think she has FAS. She might have something, but I think she's just ugly.

No. 53775

File: 1446581281633.gif (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 390x293, image.gif)

Oh god, this is freaking me out

No. 53789

Yep, that's fucking disgusting. Wtf is wrong with her anatomy?!

Also this constant "fuck of white boiz" is getting way too much, its cringey as fuck. She clearly doesn't view black people as just people. Shes a daft racist in denial.

No. 53790

Yooooooooooooooooooo WHAT TYPA SHAPE IS THAT? WHO WOULD WANT THAT? Who in their right mind would be like "damn, I wanna tap that." Now, I'm a fan of self-confidence in a girl, but Megan is straight up delusional to think that her spongebob squarepants looking ass is the least bit desirable to anyone with functioning eyesight. I need to go read my bible just to cleanse my vision of that nastiness.

No. 53805

her pussy looks so weird. it's so long and seems to completely lack labia

No. 53818


her pussy looks like someone used a x-acto knife on a barbie doll like no labia whatsoever

and that ass…so unfortunate

No. 53861

WTF. Her ass is flat, yet somehow flabby. Her vagina looks like its merged with her asshole. This is some serious trippy shit.

No. 53862

File: 1446598833687.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta.pn…)

>spongebob squarepants looking ass

Holy shit, my sides.

No. 53863

looks like a pig

No. 53873

Oh god that's what it is, that really is what her vag looks like. Ugh.

No. 53875

What the fuck, why does her vag slit go all the way up and join with her asshole?
I've watched it loop for like 20 times now and I don't even know what I'm looking at anymore. The way the tiniest inside part of her asscheeks tense around her asshole is freaking me out and I don't know why.

No. 53886

Stop watching it. That's just her flab making it look like that. Her vag is under all that flop.

No. 53893

File: 1446605302380.png (514.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-04-02-44-42…)

This dumb fuck don't even know the flag to the country shes half claiming to be.
Orange Meg, not red.

No. 53894

I really like her hair color, it suits her but she still looks like a downie :/

No. 53905

File: 1446608464357.jpg (64.25 KB, 770x400, Ydo.jpg)


No. 53906

File: 1446608690606.jpg (56.73 KB, 480x640, P1200570.jpg)

They look just like her.

No. 53918

File: 1446613041300.png (214.36 KB, 464x460, Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-46-57…)

No. 53922

File: 1446613972338.png (3.23 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1446613907259.png)

No. 53990

LOL, they really do

No. 54024

What if this whole time we've just been making fun of a special needs girl.

No. 54031

Honestly, and maybe I'm an asshole, but I still don't think I'd feel bad.

No. 54035

File: 1446639226568.jpg (31.9 KB, 541x259, ds.JPG)

No. 54037

I don't think she has FAS at all given that she's missing most if not all of the key indicators, specifically the main ones of prominent epicanthal folds, missing/smooth philtrum, undersized upper lip (this is a big one and her lips are very big/full).
You guys can't just go around labelling everybody ugly as having FAS, it doesn't work like that.

I think she is just genuinely weird looking and I could definitely believe that she has a Chinese father, but that remains to be seen.

No. 54038


She has literally none of the indicators of FAS, she's just weird looking.

No. 54044

They can still be arseholes, just like non-Downs people.

No. 54054

That's not FAS, it's Down's.

No. 54092

File: 1446650544900.jpg (10.44 KB, 300x162, scarymovie304.jpg)

Reminds me of

No. 54099

Can FAS affect the bodycos I'm baffled by her weird body. Ive never seen anyone else that looks like >>53775

No. 54100


Oh god what. And let's be real I used to be kind of jealous of her because I thought she had a nice pussy (mine's definitely not as pretty as her's looks in pictures) but now that I've seen this… Well. At least I look fuckable from behind. Probably more so than from any other angle.

About her face though. All of her features (maybe minus the nose) separately are actually quite beautiful/pretty/unique. Her eyes, her lips, her facial structure. But together they're just unfortunate.

No. 54128

File: 1446662258756.gif (Spoiler Image,539.24 KB, 320x227, tumblr_nmwox5GcM41tvky6qo3_400…)

Incoming grossness

No. 54129

it's like a baby's penis stuffed inside her

No. 54131

File: 1446662442116.jpg (Spoiler Image,485.55 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nbuq87YHb31tvky6qo1_128…)

sucking up some dirty bath water to shoot it back out, lovely.

No. 54132

File: 1446662474415.gif (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 320x240, tumblr_nmwox5GcM41tvky6qo7_400…)

No. 54133

File: 1446662519418.jpg (215.73 KB, 640x426, 572539bd4b1ec42d0fd13fc6b83bce…)

She looks ill here

No. 54134

File: 1446662546241.jpg (Spoiler Image,199.46 KB, 640x426, Oo8P9bg.jpg)

idk what's going on with here anus…

No. 54136

File: 1446662616209.jpg (Spoiler Image,488.41 KB, 1792x1131, 1416264305039.jpg)

Stills from her vids

yfw people pay for this crap

No. 54137

File: 1446662652597.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.01 KB, 1672x1078, 1417874271869.jpg)

No. 54139

File: 1446662719189.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.55 KB, 720x480, Tx3vu3D.jpg)

keep ya clothes on girl, this is baaad

No. 54140

Are you all jealous lesbians in denial or something wow

No. 54141

I sometimes think the downs comparisons are overblown, but this pic absolutely looks like a downie tarding out. Jesus.

No. 54142

How's it going, Meg?

No. 54144

File: 1446662989915.jpg (Spoiler Image,351.57 KB, 1917x946, 1417954126959.jpg)

No. 54146

What is wrong with her tits oh my god THE LEFT ONE IS SO SMALL

No. 54147

hi meg

No. 54148


I never met a lesbian who got wet for dwarfs, meg…

No. 54154