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File: 1417490260363.jpg (317.87 KB, 800x1140, tumblr_nftqtsGs531u49znuo1_128…)

No. 27570

Official Dakota thread to stop it intermingling with Kirsten's.

No. 27573

Dude, why does she look really fricken weird?

No. 27575

She's photoshopped to hell and back because of expectations. No, I'm not from PULL and think she's "average" or "not a MOOOODEL." She's a pretty girl, me thinks. But she's not exactly a living doll. So they always photoshop the shit out of her. She never looks the same, but she sorta looks manly here…purposeful because of the gun? Dunno, but I'm skerred.

No. 27583

it looks like they added a ton more blush with photoshop, it just seems like its sitting on top of her face and not actually a part of it

No. 27585

she's American so they give her a gun. kek

No. 27589

i havent seen much of her popteen stuff, anyone able to image dump?

i actually have grown to like kooter, im happy that shes gotten away from her batshit family, living her kawaii uguu dream, surpassing her sister in every possible way

No. 27602

That photo sucks. I don't know what it is but I think it's the way her mouth is half opened.

No. 27606

why does everyone on PULL suddenly love this liar??? i guess kiki's so nuts she makes kota look good???

No. 27607


She's the loveable rogue now.
Her mother, her sister, PULL, Tumblr, etc., she's waded through a tonne of shit and she actually managed to make it without having a serious mental breakdown. I can respect that.

Plus, when was the last time she actually did anything lulzy? She's pretty much reformed now, and don't try to get onto me about the shooping when a billion other idols are doing the exact same shit. The shooping was never the issue.

No. 27608


Actually there's a video of her doing the shoot and she's wearing a load of visible blush in it.



They got to pick their own theme and props for this shoot.

No. 27613

File: 1417502771945.png (311.08 KB, 497x482, uguuu.png)

No. 27621


she isn't that fat… it is just that without the PS she has that fat girl face. Her whole body looks pudgy but that is because she has zero muscle so everything looks kinda…. flabby? The thing is she does not need to work out or do anything since all her companies photoshop her. If you notice in the start of her career they were having a lot of TV interviews with her. They quickly realized it was a bad idea to put Dakota on TV or any video since people made obvious comparisons. I forgot which Japanese forum wrote about her, but they compared her to Magibon, called her fat and all this stuff. Dakota can't do anything live and if she appears anywhere they ban photos unless they have their own photographer for the event.

No. 27623

Also to keep up with the post on Kiki's thread. I don't think Dakota is 88 pounds. I'm 5'1 and 95 pounds… you can already kinda see my ribs if I remove my shirt and I have thin legs. Sure everyone is different and hey, muscle weighs more than fat blah blah blah. Just sayin. If you wanna get more complicated you can also thrown in bone structure. Keep in mind she is still your standard human

No. 27628

I still think she's a cunt, she's just smarter than the rest of her family and keeps it under wraps (which, I guess considering the circumstances, is somewhat admirable?). I get the feeling that she, like her sister, is too narcissistic for a mental breakdown.

The shooping was an issue when it was absolutely ridiculous. It was a joke.

She's not fat (though I also think her weight is a lie) she just has a really rounded face I think. She's a pretty girl but really rounded faces need to be done up just right (with makeup and hair) or it can look pretty bad. I don't think it would be an issue for her in Asia but maybe it was after she had shooped her face so differently for so long?

No. 27647

her nose is horrible. why doesn't she just get a nose job instead of shopping it.

No. 27651

I think it's really cute.

No. 27652

Jeez, that much blush makes it look like she has a drinking problem.

No. 27662

are you implying kiki hasnt had a breakdown? shes absolutely batshit now, clawing desperately at anything she thinks can get her attention, rambling incoherently about new age buddhist vegan bullshit, trying to convince people she can speak twenty different asian languages in the hopes of finding a country that loves her so she can ride the same sweet gravy train dakota's on

No. 27664

and how could i have forgotten the fact she screen caps and stalks anyone who says something remotely negative about her?

yeah, dakota is a bitch, but not anymore than any of us here are. kiki is on a whole different level of fucked up

No. 27667

I don't even know what Kiki's end game is any more. Become a model in asia like Dakota? She doesn't even do "photoshoots" like she used to or try to get signed to any US agencies. Does she honestly expect to be scouted in the exact same way as Dakota and if she just posts enough low quality kawaii instagram selfies and google translate gibberish they'll be begging to make her their new gaijin purincessu? Be an e-celebrity? She hardly makes any youtube videos and isn't really that active on social media for someone who's supposed to be…idk, I don't even know what Kiki considers herself to be.

I suppose she thinks she should be paid just for existing?

No. 27674

Agreed, she's matured a LOT, I'm pretty proud of her in a way.

No. 27675

Agreed, her nose is the only thing majorly wrong with her face. Her forehead she can hide with bangs, as she does, but her potato nose needs a permanent solution.

No. 27680

Her nose isn't that big of a deal. At certain angles it can look sharp. She doesn't suffer from OC potato nose.

I think her biggest flaw is the lines on her cheeks. Happens with girls who have chubby faces, but really ruins the kawaii doll image with deep lines. Not like it makes her look older, but definitely isn't photogenic. Otherwise, she's pretty cute.

I used to hate Dakota, but I started liking her outta spite for Kiki. I can't stop the lulz at Kiki's desperation. Please notice me like you did my sister, Asia-sempai. She truly believes Dakota got famous because of promoting, but it was more the momentum of the internet at the time. Koots got lucky and remains lucky. She got a big company behind her and managed to get some important companies on her side. Koots is also way more suited for Asian beauty standards than Kiki. Kiki doesn't fit any asian ideals of beauty as far as what I could see other than being thin and pale.

No. 27681

What are the asian beauty standards, or rather Japan's standards?

No. 27683

File: 1417531918413.png (115.02 KB, 190x353, 1408250123015.png)

No. 27684

Softer features. Cute! Youthful, round and oval shapes. Big round eyes, oval face and tiny lips.

Western idealized features…well, it's fair to think of Angelina Jolie as an ideal of western beauty, whether you think she's beautiful or not. She's got sharp features, a strong jawline, high cheekbones and huge lips. Kiki fits into a western ideal better than Japan's ideal. I mean she fits into neither, but we're talking proximity here.

No. 27686

You'd be surprised. They think snaggletooths are cute and youthful. I kinda agree with them, surgically altered straight bleached teeth are overrated.

It depends on the social class, age or even area of the people you ask. Some old fashioned japanese people think dark skin is ugly, then there's young people who use fake tan. You have people who get eyelid surgery and people who embrace their natural look.

In general the popular aesthetic for women is sexy and/or cute. I.e attractive.

No. 27687

Wow has PT been sneaking her some mochi?

Still, it's k to be a chubster in japan, a lot of people think it's a land of anorexics, but that's not so. I'm surprised she can get modelling work tho looking like this, then again what do I know lol

No. 27689

Ah damn. That theme's pretty cute but what the hell is up with that shoop. She looks like she has a gap in her front teeth from the way her mouth is opened.

More on the level of Leah Dizon I'd think, but she's a halfie.

No. 27690

I agree, I think Dakota's nose is fine, but with certain styling and combined with her round face it can look a bit fuller sometimes, that's all. It's still not a bad one.

If Kiki had kept a look that was more natural to her (sexier, rather than cuter) she could make it in Asia, in theory, maybe not for kawaii modeling type stuff but other types of modeling (though I'm not sure why she insists on keeping it in Asia). It's true that trying to look cute just doesn't work for her.

No. 27693

No, I agree, I don't think Asian (in this case, Japanese) are always as thin as we think, I've seen girls in magazines and the like that are kind of rounder and softer.

I think Dakota just gains weight in really unfortunate ways, it looks like it lumps up or goes to her face, rather than the overall softer look that's a bit more ideal.

No. 27698

This is pretty cute, actually.
Yeah, she's no living doll, but she fits in well with the beauty ideals Japan has.
This. People have some delusional idea that ALL japanese/east asian women are frail thin. Obviously they haven't seen much outside of popular japanese media.

No. 27699

File: 1417536584443.jpg (146.46 KB, 600x800, 20141117_bb1206.jpg)

the thing is her company wishes she was bone thin. Why they lie about her measurements and weight. They also claim she has a size 22 inch waist which she obviously does not have. They will either shop her thinner (In a laughable way) or have her wear frumpy large dresses or clothing to hide the fact she isn't as kawaii thin as people think. Also lol at their new trend of pretty much erasing her chin and copying and pasting clothes on her. They are not even trying ny more with her photoshop. I know it average in asia to shop models, but they mutilate Dakota so bad.

No. 27702

Damn it's ridiculous. I agree her weight is not that heavy but she doesn't have a nice bikini body and based on her figure, I doubt she works out a lot.

I'm always amazed how asian magazines have such tacky photoshop jobs that would never fly in europe (or the Us I guess). Like they'll touch up ridiculously the models features but overlook simple stuff (why are her fingers so read on op pic ??)

I wonder why they put up with the amount of work Dakota needs in photoshop, either it's because she's somewhat famous or it's because her agency has contracts with better models/opportunities and push out Dakota in it as a deal. Kinda like companies being "if you want this popular tv show you need to also buy this shitty one nobody wants"

No. 27703

As someone with an eating disorder, this really bothers me. I don't want to be stick thin, and unfortunately, I can't seem to help myself. I struggle to keep weight on, even when eating like a normal person. I think she definitely has some form of eating disorder or something, seeing as how obsessed she is with looking perfect (with minimal physical effort) and lying about her size.
5'9" (175 cm) 112 lbs (50 kg) here.

No. 27704

Yeah, she really isn't what she claims she was. I know I have a completely different body type than I do, but I'm 5'3, 100lbs, and I'm much smaller than her.
I wonder why she doesn't just work out? I'm pretty sure all the other models are expected to and she's definitely self conscious of her body.

No. 27714

No one cares about your stats, they're not relevant to the discussion at all, stop attention seeking.

No. 27715

I'm pretty sure everyone who hires her has seen what she looks like sans-shoop and they don't care. Why would she need to get plastic surgery when she's already successful without it?
You guys are so jelly it's hilarious.

No. 27717

28 inch chan is that you

No. 27720

This is like old PT threads on /cgl/ with people mentioning their own weight and measurements as if it's on topic.

No. 27721

28 inch waist kek

No. 27722

I still think she's a cunt but hides it pretty well. Guess I'm in the minority over at PULL when I actually do visit that shit site.

No. 27728

Yeah, I feel like she was never really """"lulzy"""" but she's always kinda been a cunt, just hides it better seeing as she has a reputation to protect, which is the smart thing to do. It kinda seems like now that she's made something of herself everyone likes her and pretends they always have. Sure, she's 100x better than Keekz and she's done very well for herself, but she's a bit of a dick.

No. 27731

This. I don't know where people are getting all this "Ohh she's grown and matured now, I'm so proud of her she isn't a bitch anymore guys~~". Have they talked to her and actually realized this or are they just rationalizing admiring her photos and popularity? Hell, she still has yet to make a proper apology for her shitty behavior in the past.
All that's changed is that she doesn't go on Stickam to bitch people out anymore, or allow her very public Twitter to be her space for shit-talking.

No. 27733

Exactly, keeping your bitchiness private is not maturing and being a better person, especially since she never apologized in the first place. It's just being smarter about your bitchiness.

No. 27735

I wonder this too.

I mean shes cute with out all the shoop, but how is she getting all these gigs.

No. 27736

She has a name for herself that she's probably riding off of, and combined with the fact that most of her stuff is both fully dressed and emphasizing kawaii-ness (so tons of shooping is fine) I can see how she keeps getting work. The magazines that publish cuter stuff tend to use tons of photoshop anyway, as someone pointed out.

No. 27739

I agree with all of you, that hypocrisy on PULL drove me insane. Basically because she stopped being a huge cunt directly, they all root for her and we should forget the past. Pretty sure Dakota hasn't changed that much and still won't allow any pic or video of her. It wasn't long ago since she sent copyright violations to her own employer's youtube and that french tv show got pulled out because she didn't like it. That's not someone you should root for, wtf are they on ?

No. 27744

She is still a huge cunt. You can tell with the way she speaks with Kiki. And when she went on a chatroom with KIki she was still making fun of people for their looks as a "joke". She felt safe because those people were not from Japan. Also the fact that she puts the obviously fake weight and measurements on her own blog like "Tee hee I'm tiny and perfect without doing anything" still makes her a bitch. She knows young girls obsess about their weight. She also shows no sign she appreciates anything, not even her fans. She still has that "Bitch I'm better than you" vibe. Seriously, have you ever seen her generally grateful to her fans?

No. 27746

Dakota did make a public apology, though, she posted it on her blog ages ago when she was still a hot topic on /cgl/ & that's why a lot of the hate died off.

No. 27747


That public apology was pure shit and she admitted to nothing. In fact it was more along the lines of giving excuses to her shit behavior and lying. She didn't even admit to her fake image.

No. 27752

The copyright claims are usually done by her mom and Kiki, not herself and the cases you mentioned were like 2 years ago already. People don't root for her because she doesn't throw around with insults anymore but because of the family situation she was in.

No. 27753

I personally love Kota, I have a very similar sense of humor to her and I feel like a lot of the shitty things she did was to impress Kiki. Kota idolized Kiki in the scene days because she was the skinnier and "prettier" one. And Kiki has proven to be the shittier person with her even insulting Kota for being fat/ugly. I think Kiki brought on the racist things too, Kota was a bit weeby in her scene phase and even owned some anime plushies, Kiki even made fun of her for it. I think Kota was pretty honest when she said she always had an interest in Japan, sure she didn't learn the language from Cardcaptor Sakura at five, but why else would she pick Japan over everywhere else that was giving her modeling contract offers?
Sure she made fun of people for their looks and said/did some bitchy things, but is it really that much different from what we're doing atm? I also can understand the excuse making and such, she made an idiot of herself on the internet and was to ashamed to admit it. Kiki acting like she never did anything and she was love and light her entire life is much more annoying than a half assed apology.
I agree with this anon. Other than Charms claiming Kota was abused physically and mentally by Kiki and Cathy. Could you imagine having to have Kiki as your older sister and only friend? Kiki is so self centered and narcissistic she most likely never listens to what anyone else has to say. And if you're having problems, imagine talking to Kiki about them and have her make everything about herself.

No. 27775

OMG that shoop is awful. What kind of company would let an image like that even go out.

No. 27784

Trust me, there are japanese companies that are shooping worse, some even make all their product pics look like purikura.

No. 27794

lol yeah, Kiki made up at least 60% of all those racist/homophobic videos, and she let all the dirt fall on Dakota. She never apologized for them, and unlike Dakota, has no excuses for them (no lesbian harassing story, no "I was 14", nothing.)

No. 27798

>Also the fact that she puts the obviously fake weight and measurements on her own blog like "Tee hee I'm tiny and perfect without doing anything" still makes her a bitch.

you sound fat

No. 27813

In the video where Dakota says lesbians are gross, you see Kiki continually making fun of Dakota for being a Dyke and you can see how uncomfortable Dakota is with that. Dakota, being the fatter, unpopular sister was always left at home or playing side kick to Kiki's bitchfests. And how old was Dakota? 13? (or 11 like her agents trying to shedding off years. kek). Dumbass teenagers are usually shit tier personalities. Kiki was an extreme and Dakota followed as best she could. Now, that may not excuse Dakota for saying homphobic and racist shit without a proper apology, but, at this point, who should care? Koots is now the outcast amongst the moon people of Japan. I"m sure she has better perspective, I'm sure she's shitty, but I like her sense of humor. I find it amusing that she misuses Japanese gender roles to sound like some hulked out American man. While that's really weird in Japan, I think it's a hilarious gimmic. It also shows that she doesn't necessarily try to keep up with the kawaii image in the public eye constantly.

I'm kinda high right now, but I like Koots. She's okay looking without shop. Her shops are pretty hilariously bad, but sometimes she models some cute shit. I'm glad that SHE'S the sister to gain fame, while kiki is at home taking care of cats and blogging about vegan mochi or whatever she does these days.

No. 27824

File: 1417568957523.png (247.81 KB, 385x512, lies.png)

13%? she wishes.

No. 27836

Whiteknight much? She is clearly lying about her weight, no way she is as skinny as she claims.

No. 27843

Bruh I second this.

She has a cute everything and her gimmick is funny as hell.

No. 27849

A lot of people think she's actually a closeted lesbian, which would make sense because she would always use lesbian as an insult and talk about how gross they are. I think she used to say that stuff all the time because she wanted to believe it herself and she wanted to impress her family.
And I third this, I thought it was hilarious when she kawaiified a picture of vomit.
Kota may not be a kawaii petite living doll, but she'll always be a qt in my book.

No. 27851

I dunno. I was called a lesbian by a lot of people just because I was insecure and a late bloomer when it came to interest in guys. I was intimidated, but I didn't turn out gay. She might be, but that's as solid as her NOT being gay.

Oh the kawaii vomit! I remember reading posts on PULL pissing all over Dakota for that when I thought it was gross and hilarious. Dakota has a more masculine type of humor so it makes sense she'll use masculine ways of talking. While it's inappropriate in Japanese culture and somewhat doesn't make sense, I find it endearing almost. Even Tsubasa (I think that's that Candydoll creator idol person's name) remarked on how hilarious Dakota's way of talking is. Even a native speaker can at least understand that it's funny despite being unusual then I think Dakota got a pretty cool niche way of defining herself despite that moronic dolly shit.

I"ve read a few blog posts on people who met Dakota. Despite insults saying she piles on make and its super caked on, they also say she's quite petite. No way in hell she's under 100lbs (personal opinion), but she's still itty. She's just got belly fat and is sorta squishy looking.

I hate to white knight so fucking much. I'm not from PULL and I think I started to root for Dakota when I realized that all the girls from PULL were actually JEALOUS! Not all members, but many did the same kawaii dolly bullshit and harped on every detail of Dakota that wasn't perfect. Meanwhile they'd post their ugguu shit all over the forums. Dumb bitches. You can hate Dakota for being an ignorant white girl from a shitty family that photoshopped herself into mediocre fame, but once you start hating her because you think you're more kawaii, then Dakota is suddenly the better person. Because she made it and a portion of PULL is still taking shitty photos in their dirty rooms with tons of "made in china" pokemon unicorns.

No. 27853

excuse the shit grammar. still high.

Anyways I'm sick of defending Koots. Maybe we can spam more photos of the hilarious photoshop disasters. I always love a particular campaign's take on her chin. Will they leave it? Shave it? Narrow it? Oh the possibilities!

No. 27859

File: 1417574828377.gif (1.97 MB, 370x208, qvQ9cVU.gif)

I like Koots because the more people who give her attention, the more Kiki dies inside.

No. 27862

I don't think Dakota is lesbian either. Not to be like 28 in waist chan, but I think she's like me. I'm not lesbian either, but a late bloomer and more than awkward with guys. I was usually more comfortable with girls so I came off as a dyke to my peers. I don't think I'm particularly girly so using girl vernacular in Japanese is kind of weird to me. Maybe it was because of Kiki she came to be like this. If Kiki was the main role model of a 'girl' to Dakota, it's possible she didn't want to be like that and developed differently.

No. 27863

I was the same, I just thought it could make sense.
I love that too! I think Dakota's one of the most original "snowflakes" I know of tbh. Everyone on pull likes to go on about how "unoriginal" kota is whenever people attack them or someone they want to replace Kota, like Taylor R for example. I feel like even without the shooping, Kota would be pretty popular now. She had great/interesting style and a very interesting personality. I would love to meet her and talk to her, she seems like she'd be fun to hang out with. Too bad I wasn't around during the early tumblr days, she had an aim on her tumblr where you could talk to her.
And I feel you, I thought I was going to get attacked for white knighting her. I really hate those types of bitches on pull and I never understood why they would want to be known on a forum for talking shit on people. That's pretty much the opposite of the "cute, sweet, innocent" persona all these girls have.

Same, hahaa. Part of me wants to troll Kiki and ask to interview her for a popular blog or something, and then just ask her a bunch of questions about Kota and her success, lol. Or just tweet her about Dakota, she gets so livid when people fawn over Dakota instead of her.

No. 27867

File: 1417575740623.gif (1.51 MB, 250x250, AXPG8rR.gif)


Please tweet jealousy inducing inquiries of Dakota's wonderful success to Kiki.

It would be…topkek..

No. 27870

I'll make a twitter right now and try making it look legit. I think it would be funny next time she tweets about some random Japanese food in Japanese and I'll just be like "Does Dakota like that too? What food does Dakota like?" in Japanese.

No. 27879

File: 1417578877177.png (102.04 KB, 1561x372, lolll.png)

>I think I started to root for Dakota when I realized that all the girls from PULL were actually JEALOUS!

Thank you now that somebody else has said it, I can finally let this out. I became mega turned-off by PULL when I started seeing how a number of jealous bitches were running amuck in there. Like look at this screenshot..

>Dakota victimized girls for years

LMAO are you seeing this? This girl was SO affected by Dakota's ~unholy beauty~ that when she found out it was fake!11 she considered it victimization of girls. Like how dare she post such pretty pictures, knowingly making us girls feel inferior, but not even she looks like that?? She deserves to end up selling her nudes in exchange for PS secrets for what she did!1

There are a shit ton of other examples. Like some from the user jocelynmarie who could.not see anyone say anything nice about her, cause she'd swoop in and insult both Dakota and the user.

No. 27880

File: 1417579416224.jpg (43.06 KB, 300x400, immage.jpg)

More bad kooter photoshoop?

No. 27882

It's ridiculous how so many pull users go on about how Dakota and many other people who shoop make girls hate themselves. But if these people actually looked like their shoops, should they not be allowed to take pictures because some random strangers with low self esteems will hate themselves more after seeing this them? Anyway, the shooping takes more of a toll on the person who is shooped than the person who just stumbles upon the image. So many pull users are very tumblry and go on about not triggering people, but I'm sure they're "triggering" Kota talking about how unattractive, plain, etc she is, when it's quite obvious she has a low self esteem too.

No. 27885

This photo is so fucking trippy. It's the angle, but since they blanked out the background it's all kinds of fucked up.

No. 27888

Her face looks pasted on, there is no way somebody would have a that giant forehead at that angle.

No. 27889

That anime prospective

No. 27894

Horrible shoops like this is one of the major reasons I don't take Japan's modeling scene seriously…

No. 27897

File: 1417586230586.jpg (55.61 KB, 649x600, B36H8dFCEAAKPod.jpg large.jpg)

No. 27898

i start to think dakota looks good.. then i take a look at her candids or her less shooped pics.. damn..

did anyone who goes on pull remember that european model who worked with dakota and wrote a blog calling her stuck up and rude to her during the shoot??

No. 27900

etc, can someone explain what you mean by masculine way of talking?

No. 27901

And if she is? Honestly, why does it even matter if she lies about her weight? Do you honestly think she is the only teeny-bopper magazine model in Japan that lies about her stats?

No. 27902

File: 1417587541271.jpg (6.2 KB, 213x237, images (1).jpg)


Funny thing is, they PULL goes head over heels over all the over-shooped Singapore bloggers who, imho, have shittier personalities than Kooter ever had.

No. 27903

She just curses and has sort of a gruff sound to her way of speaking. No femininity whatsoever (which I think is fine).

When speaking in Japanese, she often uses male language (in case you don't know much about the language; there are words specifically used by each sex in many cases. She often uses words spoken only by Japanese men.)

No. 27906

Like what >>27903 said, she uses male language, for example, she uses 僕(boku) which is a manly way to say "I/me" and だ(da) at the end of her sentences which is a more forceful/manly way to state things, it's kind of like です(desu) but です is humble/honorific.

No. 27909

I agree. I think the people on PULL dislike Kota because she is just an average (though I actually think she's fairly cute, shoop or no) white girl from Florida who managed to make it in Japan, while the SG bloggers are Asians so they can do no wrong because ASIA!!! I don't think it's necessarily limited to PULL either…a lot of people in the Jfashion community will have nothing negative to say about any East Asian models or personalities but tear apart black and white girls.

People say they like(d) Xiaxue because of her openness about shooping and unapologetic personality but, yeah, you could really say the same thing about so many other e-celebrities and only the non-Asian ones get called out.

That's what I thought you meant! Thanks.

No. 27911

Good point, maybe they do it because there can only be one gaijin aidoru who will take over asia~ I've heard a lot of gaijin in asia will ignore each other or sometimes even get pissed off seeing another gaijin because it's their ~special snowflake only gaijin in asia trip~ so it's plausible imo.

No. 27913

File: 1417590773097.jpg (217.59 KB, 1138x1600, 鈴東(ローラ)206.jpg)


In Japan there is a specialised way of speaking referred to as keigo, which is basically ultra-polite version. It's remembering your pleases and thank you's ramped up to a whole new level where forgetting a single desu can be the difference between basic politeness and you sounded liking an uncultured barbarian.

タメ口 / tamekuchi, or ため語 / tamego (literally equal speech / equal language) is a form of speech in Japan by which a person addresses and speaks to those around her as if they were equals, i.e. as others mentioned, using pronouns such as "ore" and "boku", ending her sentences with "da".

It's funny to the Japanese because she projects herself as this dainty, pure and clean living doll and the way she speaks is the equivalent to her walking onto a shoot and being like "alright u scallies time to get on wiv the days graft, u watch ur mowf son".

Tamekuchi is actually past of the reason Rolla managed to become so popular in Japan so when you Google it a few images of her pop up.

If there's one thing the Japanese adore it's a gimmick.

No. 27942


Tons of pics from photoshoots and similar if someone is interested

No. 27943

Actually she uses "ore" a lot. Which is gender specific to men only. Women trying to sound tom boyish use "boku" and it's usually appropriate.

No. 27944

>>27882 I used to think like that but then realized how stupid that logic is.

This. Though she's cute sometimes.

No. 27947

Can you guys finally decide for one story? At one hand you say that you hate PULL because nobody talks shit about Dakota anymore and at the other hand you say you hate PULL because everyone talk shit about her the whole time because they are jelly which I haven't seen in over a year besides the random rage posts by newfags. Most threads are neutral about Dakota these days beside people being positive about her improved posing and getting out of that shithole of a crazy family.

No. 27950

They're different posters, of course they're going to have different perceptions. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 27955

>lolcow.farm is like totally one person!!!!
Butthurt PULL users need to go

No. 27957


that person made a lot of sense actually. Get the stick out of your ass. Some members are clearly jelly, but they usually don't last long or are known attention whores any way. And those are so easy to spot. Frankly I don't know why people still want to keep up with Kooter. She is just your below average model now. Are we just waiting for the news when they boot her out? Even so she was modeling in Japan for years. Better than most weebs can ever dream of.

No. 27960

>Can you guys
Did you even read the post?

No. 27963

I don't remember the girl calling her stuck up and rude, posting something like that on a model's blog would've been social suicide.
part of being a model is making good connections with the staff you work with. even if the photographer or one of the other models behaves like a complete ass, you don't point it out publicly and you certainly don't write about it in your personal blog if you ever want to work with those people again. esp. in japan.

from what I remember, the model just said that she touched up her make-up a lot and wouldn't let anyone else do it for her, and she was kind of stand-offish.

No. 27964

It's obviously not the same people making all those posts, retards.
And have you considered the idea that PULL has both retarded extremes and people are equally annoyed by them?

No. 27966

But the posts are implying that everybody hates her or that everybody loves here and neither is true.

No. 27967

No one said "everybody".

No. 27968

no its saying that the only girls vocal about hating dakota there are ones who are jealous of her and that is their only real reason to hate her

No. 27969

>all the girls from PULL
Yeah, because that totally doesn't mean everybody.

No. 27972

And literally right after that
>Not all members
Now stop being an autist.

No. 27974


Are you autistic or is English your second language? Like I'm not even trying to be a dick here but a lot of the time "everybody" is kinda used as an exaggeration to mean "a lot of people" rather than literally everybody.

No. 27978

It is my second language and saying "everybody" or "all" instead of "many" sounds stupid to me.

No. 27979

No. 27980

Well, here's an English lesson. It usually means "many" or "majority."

No. 27981

Fair enough, I get that too, but you can't exactly expect everyone not to use it just because it sounds stupid to you.

No. 27994

I hope Kota stays in Japan. She seems a lot happier there than she did in Florida and I'm so happy she's away from her shitty family.

No. 27995

Me too. I don't think we have to worry about Dakota, when she first came to Japan, people predicted she would maybe last a year there, at most, and then fade into obscurity. I could see Dakota being a lot like Tsubasa in the future, I'm pretty sure she talked about having a clothing line after she's finished modeling. And if all else fails, she could get a spouse visa. Kota's a smart girl, she'll figure out some way to stay in Japan.

No. 27996

>Thinking you're qualified to decide what does and doesn't sound stupid in English

No. 28109

I think I know what bothers me so much about her looks. It's her skin tone with her hair color. I think she either needs to lighten her hair or darken it.

Lightening might be better because if she darkens it, the thinness of her hair might show more.

No. 28124

Yeah, I think she needs to darken it aka go back to her natural brunette hair color. The milk tea blonde they use on her makes her look kinda weird… Platinum blonde didn't look bad on her, surprisingly. I guess milk tea blonde is more doll-like? Idk.

No. 28126

I don't know how to put it but, it's like her hair and skin tone are the same. It looks so weird. I think she is scared of dyeing/bleaching anymore since her hair seems pretty brittle.

No. 28130

I think some very subtle highlights (and some darker bits, I don't know the name) may look good on her, but I get the feeling they're going for whatever look she has going on. It might help give her hair a bit more volume.

No. 28410

has she had a haircut?? or is OP just a wig in the same colour she usually has? I'm not good at telling that sort of thing by looking, haha.

No. 28414


She has cut it but only the sides. She's pinned it into a bob here.

No. 28772

but isn't boku also used by young girls to sound cute? i heard little girls sometimes use boku but it sounds childish

No. 28777

it's more of a tomboy/masculine thing. atashi is considered more cutesy, childish, and very feminine

No. 29228

No. 29231

wow that was painful to watch, got a flashback of that chick jessi slaughter all of a sudden

No. 29490

…I don't even know where to start, it is like her billionth bun tutorial.

No. 29491

And the tags of this video:
セーラームーン, お人形, ドール, メイク, 可愛い, アニメ, ダコタ, 美少女, 漫画, ヘアスタイル, 簡単, ローズ, sailor moon, hairstyle, kawaii, easy, doll, cute, モデル, 外国人, アメリカ人, candy doll, tsubasa, games, final fantasy, 19歳, girl, hairstyles, anime, Bun, Braid, 三つ編み,

No. 29492

the hairstyle is so uncute, too.

No. 29514

It might be a little weird and not a usual hairstyle but I still think its kinda cute :)

No. 29515

ew her face in the that still looks really really bad. did she just up the whiteness and not bother shooping? she looks like snape

No. 29517

Yeah, her nose looks super bad in this.

Interesting to see a different room, but it still looks bare/uneven.

No. 29520

Her chin shouldn't be nowhere this long while using a MySpace angle, you maybe should compare her hands to her face because it makes the shoop more obvious.

No. 29581

I'm still trying to wrap my head around editing your selfies and videos when you appear in a monthly magazine practically unedited.

No. 29625

shes heavily edited in her photoshoots as well.the editing is never consistent across different companies.its like theyre working with different models! id feel awkward turning up to so many popteen live events (maybe this is why they have a no photos rule at some live events)

No. 29633

isn't boku also used by little girls to sound qt?

No. 29634

thanks anon!

No. 29644

not really? i guess it could be seen as a kind of gap-moe if a young girl is using it

No. 29648

dat chin. ouch. also kinda dat whole face. ooouuch.

No. 29663

When she uploaded this new video she deleted the previous video talking about her hair cut too.

No. 29671

i was looking at the new popteen and i couldn|t find dakotoa

No. 29680

Probably because she was too busy with working for Liz Lisa last month since she is the face of their My Melody collection.

No. 29687

If you didn't say this was Dakota, I never would have guessed.

No. 30136

Keeping bitchiness private is maturing though?

No. 30138

That is true.

No. 30140

I can understand that though. I started using tumblr at age 12, and boy, oh boy.
I ended up going to an ED clinic 2 years laterc. Obviously I had internal issues before tumblr, but I really was too naive to understand that most my thinspo queens were just shooped.

No. 30142

>>27909 Give one example of an none asian e-celebrity that is open about shooping and has an unapologetic personality that gets shat on?
I can't think of any.

No. 30143

File: 1418684529439.jpg (73.94 KB, 631x600, Hanyuu.jpg)

Reminds me of Hanyuu

No. 30217

Sorry this is O/T but does any anon here know where I can find a tutorial on cutting my hair to look like Kota's does here? Like, the side layers/fringe she has going on.
I know there's an anon here who's a hair stylist…

No. 30222

Isn't it just a thinned out 姫カット?

No. 30405

is that popteen cover real? i've read it before and i've never seen an interview (especially as basic as this one) on the cover. like one of the questions asks her what food she likes and she responds cup noodles…..?

also the date says september 1995 lol.

No. 30406

It is the flashback cover of the November 2014 issue and the date is the date of her birth.

No. 30408

what does that mean tho. the only links to that cover you can find on google are from tumblr. like this wasn't actually printed right??

No. 30410

That it is at the backside and yes, it was actually printed but all the sites with scans of the issue seem to have been copyright claimed.

No. 30411

This would be the add for the Dakota special:

No. 30426


I don't think it's an actual cover, just a page from Popteen made to look like a cover. It says "150" in the corner which is probably the page number.

No. 30438


Yeah, it's not the actual cover if you compare it to other Popteen magazines. According to >>30406 this is the actual cover for the issue: http://40.media.tumblr.com/e126a5c7241e8ff054ab6832e4f03f73/tumblr_ncs1tvV1uh1ryozilo1_500.png

No. 30460

File: 1418872895837.jpg (74.66 KB, 600x800, Bz_rKTBCMAAkJds.jpg)

I think this is her worst photo from this year.

No. 30463


Late to the party, but she's not even in the Liz Lisa x My Melody mook. It's Yui Kanno and a bunch of other Japanese models. She's not even mentioned in it. So that can't be what's keeping her busy - but she's still BARELY in Popteen at all.

I'm also going to be that shitty anon who has info but is reluctant to give the source, so you can choose whether you believe me or not, I guess. I heard she lives with her BF, and he's actually around 30-ish years old? But when they met he lied about his age and said he was younger and then she decided to stay with him anyways… Also, she really is 19.

No. 30466

I believed you up until the age part.

No. 30468

File: 1418876348726.jpg (64.32 KB, 768x768, 32532.jpg)

For not being in it I see her quite a lot.

No. 30469

Sources or nobody gives a fuck

No. 30470

File: 1418877030776.jpg (114.21 KB, 768x1024, 353.jpg)

Plus she was also modeling for Ank Rouge and Syrup recently besides some puricura machine again.

No. 30491


Meh, I knew that people wouldn't believe, but believe what you will! It's all just stupid internet drama anyway, haha.


What I got was the Liz Lisa 15th Anniversary mook that celebrates the collab. She's not even mentioned. Kinda weird.


The Purikura machine photos were taken back late spring/early summer. It's why she went to Osaka. And that Ank Rouge ad is from Popteen, not Ank Rouge itself. Though she did visit their store and do that interview with Okarie, though! So maybe she's doing more shoots for them now?

No. 30493

Fake and gay

No. 30497

Aiming this question at any one who have been following her for a while or know this information, but what is the relationship between her and her sister like?

Because she from I've read about them (not much) it would seem Kiki would hate her now. Just curious.

No. 30498

ignore 'she' between because and from.

No. 30503

To me, it seems like Kota wants nothing to do with Kiki now. Kota's much happier now, she actually has a social life and does things other than shoop her photos/videos and listen to Kiki talk about herself all day. I mean, Kiki seems like that friend you have who only comes to you only when they need you or when they want to talk about themselves and then completely dumps you when they get in a relationship or find a cooler friend. I highly doubt Kiki gave a shit enough to hear when Kota wanted to talk about, unless it was something bitchy about someone h8ing on her or that she hated. This is all my speculation though, but I feel as if I'm right based off of Kota ignoring Kiki, Kota briefly unfollowed Kiki on twitter , and Kota took down the Audrey Kawasaki print that Kiki gave her. I know Kota followed Kiki back and I think she put the portrait back on her wall, but Kota could be trying to move on from that family and Kiki/Cathy could be clinging onto Kota hard. Who else is she going to try to get famous in Japan off of if Kota wants nothing to do with her? I've been in an experience with a desperate person clinging onto me, manipulating me into talking to them/letting them brag about me/etc, Kiki seems to be that desperate or at least she's becoming that desperate.

No. 30509

Thanks for your insight and opinion. It reminds me sisters I went to high school with. Went through the scene phase and everything,

No. 30511

Yeah, their relationship doesn't seem great, from an outsider perspective anyway. They hardly ever seem to speak to each other, I mean, they could well be in contact a lot privately but you'd think Kiki would want to be seen talking to Dakota. Also, seeing as Kiki has no job and does nothing all day and is desperate to be an ~aidoru, you'd think she could go and stay with Dakota in glorious Nippon for a few months and she could hook her up with some contacts or something.

I wonder if it's because Kiki is buttmad jealous and pushing Dakota away or because Dakota wants to distance herself. Maybe a bit of both?

No. 30513

Totally agree with this, plus I still find it odd that when Kiki did go to Japan they didn't upload pictures together or even really post anything about them doing stuff together.

No. 30514

No problem!
>you'd think she could go and stay with Dakota in glorious Nippon for a few months and she could hook her up with some contacts or something.
I think this also tells how bad their relationship is, I mean, if Dakota wanted to, she could easily get Kiki the popularity she so desperately desires. All she would have to do is introduce her to some people, put her into a couple videos, maybe mention her in interviews, etc.
>I wonder if it's because Kiki is buttmad jealous and pushing Dakota away or because Dakota wants to distance herself. Maybe a bit of both?
It seems to me Kiki tries to contact Dakota and stuff. From time to time Kiki would tweet to Dakota and get completely ignored. For example, when Kota posted that gun pic a while back, Kiki tweeted to Kota and got ignored. I feel like the only reason Kiki wasn't ignored recently when she tweeted Kota is because she either somehow got a hold of Kota's account, or because Kota would much rather stay on Kiki's good side since she'll have to be around her when she gets her visa renewed. I feel like Kiki would try "accidentally" hitting Kota in the face, cutting all her hair off, etc, to sabotage her if it weren't for the hope Kota would make her famous. Kiki also sent that Audrey Kawasaki print for her birthday, what did Kota even send her for her birthday?
I know that we don't see everything, but they used to be so close. I don't think Kota being very secretive is an excuse for it, I mean I'm the exact same way as her, but if you looked at my social networking sites, you could easily tell who I'm close to even though I rarely post publicly ever about them. Kota doesn't even like/favorite any of Kiki's pictures/tweets, Kiki literally gets no acknowledgement from her.

No. 30520

Unpopular opinion here, but i disagree with all the above. I think the reason they refuse to be in videos together or show the pictures they took in japan is because with kota's popularity they would spread eveywhere, and kiki's shit past/reputation will taint Dakota's image. I remember in 2012 when Dakota went viral and media outlets started digging, they found kiki's rolling stone article and started talking about how "the living doll's sister was a has-been emo who was raped and blahblah bullied blahlah vandelized her house blahblah now it's Dakota's turn to shine". And it definitely looks like Dakota wants a fresh start and an image away from all of that. It doesn't mean that they hate each other or are not talking, or kiki's jealous and wants to sabotage her or is fuming at her success. Remember that people have public lives and they have personal lives. Maybe in their personal life they talk on skype everyday, ship each other goods, kota moved the painting to the living room etc.

No. 30524

Nah, the most recent photos for a puricura machine were taken only two months ago, it's not like if she doesn't have multiple shoots for one company.

No. 30539

There's no way Kiki would accept she has a shitty reputation and willingly take a back seat to Dakota. Plus I really can't see anyone in Japan caring about some stuff some gaijin teen magazine model's sister did almost 10 years ago.

No. 30551

I feel like if Kota and Kiki were on good terms, Kiki wouldn't have to make up fake Japanese people in Japan to send her vegan Japanese snacks. Especially since Kota is vegan and would have access and knowledge of vegan Japanese snacks. But even despite that, considering Kiki will post gifts from other people (no matter how small/shitty/from the local AsianMart they are), she has never posted about any sort of gift from Kota. She never even mentions Kota. You would think that if she did get anything from Kota she would brag about her kawaii Japanese gifts.

It kinda sucks and I'm sure they haven't cut ties completely or anything (hard to cut ties completely with family) but I have to agree with the other anon who has suggested they are probably on okay terms since Kota has to stay with them when her visa expires. I'm positive there was some ruckus and Kota likely told Cathy and Kiki to stay out of her career because it's an actual real career in real life that has real consequences when dramu and lawlsuits are introduced.

Kiki is DEFINITELY jealous of Kota, and I'm not even sure how anyone could pretend otherwise, and Cathy is probably bitter because Kota is the interesting one with the fun life and wants nothing to do with her and Kiki just like pole dance 101s in her room and tweets about Buddhism all day.

No. 30557

Dakota removed Kirsten from Twitter temporarily and removed the Audrey Kawasaki painting?

When did this happen?

No. 30560

It's obvious she didn't cut ties with her family, otherwise she wouldn't tweet Kiki again recently.

No. 30562

Kota unfollowed Kiki on May 10th of this year, and Kiki unfollowed her back until they randomly decided to follow each other again. Here's a link to when it happened:
And Kota took down the painting around the same time as you can see in these videos:

No. 30572

I'm sure it has something to do with not assosiating kiki to her image though. During the kickstarter where they both wanted 20k, Dakota didn't mention it at all on her blog, twitter, or youtube, despite her being at the peak of her popularity then (when her videos were getting millions of views). Kiki (and cathy, lol remember that twitter where she begged celebrities?) advertized her ass off though.

No. 30577

Oh no, I agree. I don't think I phrased that very well. I agree that Dakota is (sensibly) trying to disassociate herself from Kiki for whatever reason, I disagree that Kiki is ok with it.

No. 30583

Even though I do feel like Kota doesn't idolize Kiki or even really like her anymore, I really agree with that too. I think it is a mix between Kota not liking her very much anymore and not wanting to be associated with her image. Has Kota ever advertised Kiki or even put "her music" in her videos? Now thinking about it, I don't think I ever have. I'm sure Kiki has asked, I mean, when Kota first came to Japan and was at the pique of her popularity, Kiki seemed to tweet her so much, post conversations they had, I think she also posted a picture of a Liz Lisa hat Kota got her one year, and she had no issue mentioning her.

And going back to what I said earlier about how I still feel Kota doesn't really like Kiki, since I'm now thinking about it. I wasn't around in the tumblr days but I've seen her old tumblr and heard all about it. But I think one other thing showing that Kota was really getting tired of Kiki's shit even in the tumblr days, is that Kota advertised her aim, I've heard about her answering all kinds of pms she'd get, and she befriended Charms and told her all kinds of personal stuff about herself. I think Kota made this Kotakoti persona, other than for fame/to be liked by people, but she also wanted to reach out to other people. Back in the scene days, Kota never seemed to have friends at all, unless you count Kiki's friends she was third wheeling with. Compare her to Kiki, Kiki never, ever replies to anyone unless the person has something to offer her and is willing to give her all their information in case everything heads south and her and Cathy need to sue them. I don't think I've ever heard of Kota doing such a thing. Even when Charms told everyone about what Kota told her, Kota never screencapped it and tried suing her or even tried to send her fans after her, though I'm sure Kiki and Cathy have. And speaking of Charms, I definitely think Dakota would've never told her all those things about her personal life if she wasn't trying to reach out to other people and the only person she had to talk about her problems to was Kiki of all people. I mean, she's learned from Kiki to not share too much to other people. And imagine if she tried to tell Kiki about being physically abused by Cathy, Kiki wouldn't relate her or other peoples' experiences to Kota's and give her advice/motivation based on what she knows like a normal person would, no, she would just make it all about herself and talk about how much harder she has it with the internet ~h8erz~ and all.
It may seem like I whiteknight Kota way too much, I just don't think she's as shitty of a person as people make her out to be, at least when you compare her to Kiki. Even though it's easy to look like a good person compared to Kiki, whom I don't think there's really a likeable quality about her, Kota seems like a really cool and good friend to have. I just wish I could've befriended her or at least talked to her before she became really popular and started to keep her guard up with people.
Idk, I apologize if I'm rambling and this makes no sense, if it doesn't, it sounded much better in my head and I'm really exhausted at the moment.

No. 30592

In Kota's tumblr days, she promoted one of Kiki's songs in a video, I think. That is the only time I can remember that happening though. (It might not have been Kiki's music though, just remember it being electro and rave-y).

No. 30597


Yup, it was her original (now deleted) outfits video.


No. 30746

File: 1418982404116.jpeg (4.08 KB, 192x160, 2014-12-19-04-41-02-1414068727…)

Actually,she didn't make the kotakoti persona to be famous, she sure as hell milked it when she realzed it got her fame, but it wasn't her intention when she created the tumblr account. I followed her on twitter beforehand and shooping was just a quiet hobby where she'd post pictures like the one here and add a crude joke underneath. She only had 8k followers and like every 1 in 5 tweets was at kiki. This was in mid 2011.

No. 30754

I was the anon who wrote that she wanted to be famous, not because I knew her motives but I was just saying a reasoning she could've made it in the first place. I also added it because I know a few people would be like "she just wanted to be famous!!11!!1!" Some people flip out when you say you believe her about her age.

Anyway, I feel like she did do the shooping for praise and to feel prettier. I don't think she expected to become a model out of it or even that was her goal in the first place. I think she just wanted to act out a fantasy of being someone else and I also think she wanted to share her makeup/fashion with like-minded people, which both are completely understandable. I'm also not going to hate her for milking the fame because if I was in her situation, I would too. Same thing with the modeling, like I'm sure Kota knew she wouldn't be good at it and she wouldn't look like her shoops but I think she took the opportunity because she's really interested in and wanted to go to Japan, even if she sucked at modeling, not many people can say they were a model in Japan, and she wanted to get away from her insane family and actually do something with her life unlike everyone around her.

No. 31896

Xiaxue can actually back herself up at the very least. She'll make a blogpost explaining if theres enough bullshit over it.

No. 33296

File: 1419579758657.png (1.23 MB, 1210x897, sdhadh.png)

I can't figure out why I like Dakota. I just do.

No. 33303


No. 33307

File: 1419581205401.png (379.23 KB, 539x478, tyrftyf.png)

If you mean by whiting her face out, this is an image from a video where the flash went off. She doesn't go this far.

No. 33308

It was just a joke, I know she is not that retarded.

No. 33312

i know she didn't do it on purpose but i never got the appeal of white washing yourself to the point where you're just eyes and a mouth, it looks creepy. i get it a little bit if you have an ugly nose/acne/lines/etc but that's it.

also she makes me think of anastasia shpagina with the weird makeup and brightness. she looks much better with the cat eye makeup

No. 33318

File: 1419587873511.jpg (219.11 KB, 802x1016, 13697358075245.jpg)

It hides some things, and makes others more prominent.

No. 33337

File: 1419596181375.png (707.48 KB, 852x936, 10430455_697955783651845_71504…)

Without flash.

No. 33339

She looks so bizarre here.

No. 33354

woahhh that eye makeup is so bad.

No. 33358

The droopy eye trend like Fetus is very unflattering. She has put more concealer around her top lip than she usually does. Soon she will start concealing her whole top lip hahaha.

No. 33364

what is up with her concealing her lips? i get that the droppy eye thing, is/was a trend even though i haven't see it look good on anyone yet. she seems to have pretty full lips which is more dolly than this weird lip shape.

No. 33372

She looks like she's tensing her whole face. Like, she's trying to maintain the baby-lips thing in case she's photographed

No. 33392

i can't believe i still like dakota…she's more relatable idk.

anyway, i wish she'd update more often though. it'd be cool if she did vlogs because she doesn't have to be in front of the camera.

No. 33393

wtf is that expression? she looks like she ate something disgusting and is trying not to spit it out as to not offend the chef

No. 33396

she ate something spicy and that was her after spitting it out.

No. 33398

i do too!
i was thinking of making a twitter and requesting vlogs in japanese since she only seems to focus about her japanese fans. but i don't think she'll ever do vlogs, she seems too private for that and she doesn't even have the time for it, it seems.

No. 33400

Did she get a nose job? The Micheal Jackson nose is strong in this one.

No. 33453

Only looks like that because of the bad contouring.

No. 33799

File: 1419651391089.jpg (41.05 KB, 500x281, Rika-Furude-Yandare.jpg)

and Rika

No. 33800

i agree, and she could at least use a foundation to conceal her lips.
If it's one shade lighter then it's so weird

No. 33929

i don't see what s so shocking about that? they all still look like the same person…….people aren't paper cutouts and only seen at one angle 100% of the time.

No. 33931

omfg why are poeple fans of this bitch. she edits so hard. everything about her looks off. dat chin. lmao.

No. 33937

look at her sister and compare them, kota is infinitely better than kiki as a person. a lot of people also like her because kota is living kiki's dream and it pisses her off that kota is more liked than her.
i can't help but love kota because i think about what it must be like having a narcissistic sister as your only friend. and on top of that, kota was constantly ignored by everyone for kiki. kota was also apparently being abused by cathy for not being as skinny and pretty as kiki is. so it's refreshing to see her happy with friends and far away from those people.

No. 34031

This. Dakota got her sister's ideal lifestyle and in Japan no less, with no help from her whatsoever. It's the best revenge imo.

No. 34134

File: 1419724400348.jpg (213.58 KB, 624x619, kota2.jpg)

This purikura though.

I know they can exaggerate your features but damn. It's so intense.

No. 34153

I am suprised that her fans don't wonder about her looking the same as her "natural" photos at purikura photos, that's the moment when everyone should notice how shooped she is.

No. 34154

I thought literally everyone knew that models are photoshopped to hell.

No. 34157

At photos from shootings, yes, but not the private ones.

No. 34172

Purikura photos are always extremely exaggerated. It gives a heavy ps effect.
Nobody looks natural on them. Everyone looks like an alien

No. 34185

…did you even bother to read the post?

No. 34309

The nose bridge is accentuated.

No. 34479


I've suspected that she's been living with her bf for awhile. She's even posted some pics of when she has had her nails done with an engagement type ring on her left finger.

To take it further I suspect that they're actually married. It makes sense– it's easier to live in Japan with a spousal visa than on an entertainment visa.

No. 34529


Could be a couple ring

No. 34868

Wow, it's so weird to see Kota smiling/seeming somewhat polite/not looking totally bored and ungrateful with her 'I'm so much better than you' attitude. She kinda reminded me of Kyary in the video. Probs the hairstyle and her smile looks similar to me. It actually makes me like her a little bit. But actually not really. She still seems arrogant and uninterested in her most recent videos and still cherishes her beloved Photoshop/After Effects/circle lenses while claiming to be 'all nachuraru desu yooooOOOOOO!!'

No. 38708

Wow every body part is different, even the face shape!

No. 38819

File: 1420826197193.png (186.02 KB, 587x469, dailyyosh.png)

Probably just a slowbro, but I've never seen this before.


No. 38903

Wow, she looks and sounds adorable here. It's really endearing.

No. 38906

anyone know whats being said in this?

No. 38914

I honestly feel like Kooters did all that shit to be like her sister. I don't deny she is a little fucking crazy with the shooping but grorious Nippon doesn't really seem to give a shit. I would've probably been jealous of her if I was still a 16yo weeb.

No. 38918

Dakota's a basic bitch who got lucky, but I love that she pulled a great escape from the kannibals. God speed, Kooter.

Does PULL still hate her? I really loved how PULL members picked her apart for every photoshopped picture and screaming "AVERAGE" with every new modeling job. I could taste their jealous kawaii tears from the other side of the internets.

No. 38949

They don't care cause she's pretty tame compared to the craziness of asian women.

No. 38950

They never hated her in the first place, more like they hated all the shit she pulled as well as her lies. The only few people that ever "hated" her on PULL were jelly shorttime wannabe living dolls.

No. 38963

What are those hair clips she uses to get the cone buns?

I haven't followed any of Kota since /cgl/ and after she went to Japan it kinda died off once it looked like she was going to be successful. It looks like her image changed too. I'm surprised she's still modeling, I didn't think it would last this long but she seems to be doing well.

No. 38971

It's not hard to get modeling in Japan as caucasian, really.

No. 38974

File: 1420851641788.jpg (56.63 KB, 500x729, 15035956.jpg)

She made quite a bunch of photos with plushies from Fruits Basket when she was still into Scene besides the usual Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear and other mascot stuff but those photos are very hard to find, pic related.

No. 38976

True. When I was there I was approached before though didn't follow through. My friend who is half Japanese did random modeling gigs and a commercial when was younger.

I meant that I didn't know that she was still modeling because the last I read, her contract with the initial company was only for a year.

No. 38978

She's so much more lovable nowadays. She always used to seem arrogant in her videos, straight-faced, sighing, looking bored, awkward 'I don't even want to be videoing this but I know how much everyone loves me and wants to see me' half-smiles. I like seeing her like this. I want to see her like this all the time.

No. 39162


Fact. As long as you're well proportioned, thin, and attractive you'll have no problem getting agency representation.

No. 39177

it looks like it's just a little piece of foam attached to a hairpin. Something like that wouldn't be hard to make, idk if it's an actual product or just some diy.

also Dakota threads didn't die off because she went to japan, it died off because the rules on /cgl/ changed and threads discussing specific people such as Jessica Nigri or Kota started being bahleeted immediately by the janitor.
stupid moot, ruining all our fun.

No. 39205


Only if you look like you're in your teens-20s though.

No. 39206

I'm thin, pale white and blonde with hazel eyes and an angular face/ski slope nose, could I pull a kooter and sent in apps to agenies? If it really is easy as all that id like to have a go at it, make some money for college perhaps.

No. 39208

You've got nothing to lose. It won't hurt to apply.

No. 39210

Probably should mention, I cannot into nihongo.

No. 39219

Do it! Let us know how it goes. I would like to give it a go as well, but I'm too afraid of rejection. D:

No. 39226

Dakota created a fair amount of hype (and infamy) before she got such an attractive modeling contract so I doubt any other pale, young white girls could get success such as Dakota. I think Dakota actually worked to market herself and an image to Japan. Truth or lies, photoshop, racist, blah blah blah. Dakota made herself cute, ran with a trend while it was uber popular and created hype around her pictures. I think Koots semi worked for her fame. Maybe not to the degree most do, but it didn't fall into her lap.

No. 39227


Are you already in Japan? Unless you’re internet popular or something, then It’s unlikely that an agency is going to have you come from overseas when they could just walk down the street and hire one of the many mediocre-looking gaijin already living/staying in Japan.

No. 39234

this. many cute thin girls go to japan, unless you're already cute and supermodel material, like lindsey wixson for example, i doubt it's that easy. another example, peachymilkytea is blonde, blue eyed, cute, has been to japan, and tries market herself to japanese people, but she isn't a model there. i definitely think she or any other cute girls in japan would've gotten a contract there if it was so easy.

No. 39236

i want to add, if you really want to be a model, i think it would be so much easier to become one somewhere like china. every girl these days wants to become a kawaii model in japan so there's going to be a lot of competition for it.

No. 39237

ive never seen this video before, could someone link me??

No. 39271


Actually I think it was the scene that gave Kota a head start. She had 8,000 followers at the time she created her tumblr, and literally the only marketing she did was post the link on twitter once. No pretentious tags, nothing. Just silently started uploading pictures. My theory is that a couple hundred or more of those twitter followers followed her on tumblr and reblogged her pictures, helping them spread out. So to a high degree I think you really can say it all just fell into her lap. At least in the beginning when the popularity started rolling in.

Though later on she definitely tried to milk it by directing her tumblr to a new website that she used as a sort of portfolio with a "contact me for bookings" page. As well trying to appeal to Korea, then China and finally Japan by making her videos in their language.

I remember the first ever youtube video, the horn tutorial, the title was originally in Korean, all because a Korean TV network featured her tumblr. Then when someone tipped her that a fake Chinese weibo account had 6k followers she had a freak out on twitter asking everyone to report it, before eventually asking the fake for the password instead. So she made a weibo and that's when she jumped ship on the Koreans and made her thank you china video. After that I assume

No. 39272

Shit, I clicked post on accident. Anyway…

I assume bravo must have contacted her for booking, so she left china now and started making videos speaking Japanese because it was "serious this time".

So I think girls like peachymilkytea CAN achieve the same thing if they took it as seriously as her (and of course were as smart/professional as her)

No. 39280

I read somewhere (dunno if it was pull or not) that she also self posted on Chinese/Korean/Japanese forums?

No. 39286

File: 1420956005083.png (62.34 KB, 773x831, fukkenkawaii.png)

Since I was looking at vintage Kiki, I visited Koti too.


No. 39287

File: 1420956157106.png (89.45 KB, 760x983, superfukkenkawaii.png)


No. 39288

File: 1420956311094.png (118.31 KB, 539x915, kawaiitransform.png)


No. 39289

File: 1420956465398.png (110.33 KB, 546x904, wutsengrish.png)


No. 39292

What's with the constant talk about shitting herself? ちょうかわいい〜

No. 39293

>my 2012 is going to be great.

it was!

No. 39295


If you're already in Japan then it's really not that hard to join an agency providing you're thin and attractive– if you're outside Japan it's not nearly as easy.

Your best bet is to join an agency near you and then have them send you abroad for work.

No. 39307

She plays/used to play DDR? I kinda like her more now that I know that lol

No. 39310

File: 1420959877902.gif (379.79 KB, 500x303, oldgregg.gif)


>My name is Old Greg BUTTERCUPZ

No. 39320

Confirmed, Dakota has a mangina.

No. 39321


So how long do you think it'll take until Keekz takes your post out of context and claims we're all mean jealous h8ers spreading rumours about her sister having a downstairs mix-up??

No. 39612

Why'd you delete your dream comment, anon?

No. 39628

Felt too much like I was blogging.

No. 39646

27 years old?

No. 39650


She used to lie about her age and say she was older. Guess she was never honest about it.

No. 39651

That was a running gag of her for a while, she was pretending to be a 27yo pedo.

No. 39890

It's like that in the whole world tho?

No. 39891

Frida Gustavsson started modeling in Japan.

No. 39892

To clarify lindsey wixson didn't get noticed in Japan. And actually faced A LOT of rejection at first.
Her parents had to take a loan to get her to LA and even then everyone except on agency rejected her. Just saying.

No. 39893

peachymilkytea is not cute at all. A weeby eyesore. The fuck you on about?

No. 39911

i never said she was noticed in japan, i was just saying she was cute enough for japan. i'm a huge fan of hers and i always see her on the covers of japanese magazines.

idk, i think she's cute and quite sweet. some things she does kinda bother me, ie all of her eye makeup tutorials have japanese titles even though she doesn't even have an eye shape similar to any asian eye shapes. but overall she isn't a mean person, doesn't try to act like an anime character, or anything like that. i don't get why you hate her so much.

anyway, even if she's "ugly," she's still cute by japan standards.

No. 39940

I wanted to apply to Bravo for fun but their sites states their cut-off age as 22 :(

No. 39941

Why not just lie about your age?

No. 39942

Because I'm 29 and despite being told I look way younger I just know the whole deal would implode if they ever needed official documents with my birthday on them.

Maybe I'll do it anyway? Afterall the worst they can say is "no" and I'll just be in the same place as I was had I not tried.

No. 39964

They have an application site? Link?

No. 39985

Did you never look at their website? Because it is at the contact link.

No. 39987

If you're really 29 you probably should get a real job instead.

No. 39989

Just looked at their website and it seems kooter's real height is now updated there, she used to list herself as taller.

Her measurements are still fake though. No way that's a 21" waist.

No. 40000

File: 1421230324629.jpg (163.23 KB, 600x800, 20140926_fc21e1.jpg)

Definitely not. She's got a li'l pooch goin' on, which is fine but yeah, no way that's anywhere near 21". I mean, pretty much all models and their agencies lie about their measurements, but that's a stretch.

No. 40002

>>40000 (dem quads)
Also holy shit, after I posted that, I noticed blue tints in her legs/parts of her arms in the picture I posted so I pushed my laptop screen back to see it better and…are those veins? Or is it some weird editing/colour fuck up? It's creeping me out, man. I'm even paler than Dakota and the veins on my thighs aren't that noticeable.

No. 40003

Have her eyebrows always been this asymmetrical? She usually has them covered with her bangs.
I have the same thing where one is straight and the other is curved and it makes me look slightly skeptical 24/7.

No. 40004

Possibly since, like you said, she almost always has them covered. It looks like her right brow (our left) has been like combed upwards and weirdly? Could just be the way that one grows though.

No. 40009

Looks like veins to me, but visibility of them isn't necessarily to do with paleness. I'm Indian and you can see my veins through my skin. I think it's pretty cool being able to see them.

No. 40014

I think it's from the pressure of sitting like that

No. 40044

File: 1421256677738.jpg (33.71 KB, 480x640, 10429385_775362765889764_50260…)

Is this Dakota?
Wow, she has almost no makeup on. :o

No. 40061

File: 1421258529934.jpg (5.63 KB, 277x182, images.jpg)


Can't unsee Macaulay Culkin.

No. 40062

It's not like if her "unique" nose was that hard to recognise.

No. 40063

she looks ok without makeup but she's blonde so her eyelashes will be light. it doesnt look as good without mascara as people with dark hair because it looks like you have no lashes

No. 40084

The dark circle lenses don't make it any better, she looks like if she smoked too much.

No. 40087

Carefully placed peace sign to cover up those balding edges. Other than that, its kind of nice to see her natural look rather than the whole morphed infant alien thing.

No. 40158

File: 1421297553482.jpg (588.26 KB, 1222x1040, age.jpg)

so what do people who don't believe she's 19 have to say about these two?

No. 40159

>Eyes: BRO

She doesn't have brown eyes though. They're blue. Idk wtf is going on anymore.

No. 40160

the police report is full of errors.
>Eyes: BRO
>Height: 5'0

And the most ignored: Born in 1993, age 15, in 2010 ??

No. 40171

She was 15 in 2006. She's in her mid 20's.

No. 40176

Cmon, faggots. Everyone knows she was born in 1989. There are documents of it.

No. 40183

File: 1421303998881.gif (387.23 KB, 289x206, wut.gif)

you're trolling, right?

No. 40214

LOL the photoshop on the boob window

No. 40215

She doesn't have a model body or 21" waist for sure. She's always quite large compared to the Japanese models when placed beside them when there's no shoop.

Her eyes are shooped big and chin shooped small on this pic but it highlights that her fivehead is gatdamn big.

No. 40336


she did when she was in middle school, for a 'deviated septum'. before that her mug was all fucked up.

No. 40352

She looks like she has a real moonface in these images. Those face-framing layers really help.

No. 40400

The way she gives herself boobs is so badly done… And obvious…

No. 40407

ikr, i don't get why she doesn't just invest in a good push-up bra. from what i've noticed, japan is filled with super push-up bras.

this is kinda ot, but when i was looking back in the thread, i saw the bikini pic and thought that it's too bad she prefers to shoop herself incredibly skinny/petite. i think if she invested in a push up bra, she could market herself as curvier/sexier. i think it would work much better since she is supposed to be a real barbie and i think japanese people would be much more interested in someone that's more different from them. like a lot of girls who want fame in japan think they need to look/act like the stereotypical japanese girl, but i think if she/they milked their foreign looks/behavior, they'd get more attention.

No. 40411

She has a cutesy face, it wouldn't work well with a sexy body. Not to mention, she would need more waist definition to be properly curvy, which she can't really fake unclothed. She markets herself more as a porcelain/BJD-type doll, not a barbie doll, anyway.

No. 40419

That's def more than contouring, she must have had a nosejob.

No. 40420

Acting and looking more foreign would NOT be something their market is interested in. The only difference they're interested in is the whiter skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

No. 40425

Did kooter really have surgery? I can't remember the old videos of her face but they were pretty tragic, makeup can't change all this.

No. 40453

I don't know why everyone is so skeptical about her age. Back in the myspace days, I remember Kiki saying something about having a 12 year old sister, and I was 14 at the time. I'm 21 now so it sounds right to me…

No. 40458

Are you that stupid or just some white knight? It's the fact her age will change. The Ostrengas can never keep their story straight on how old she is/ age gap between her and her sister.

No. 40469

Didn't kooter also post a picture of her passport or something once to prove her age?

Starting to realize that all her photos are at the same angles, her side profile is really harsh.

No. 40473

Getting septoplasty does not drastically change the appearance of one's nose. The surgery may have changed the tip of her nose for breathing, but her bridge looks pretty much the same as it did when she was 10/11 on MySpace. Except when it's badly contoured or shooooped of course. If Scott and Cathy were giving out nose jobs, I think Keekz would have jumped on board for one too.

No. 40475


but the shape of her nose did drastically change. Remember what she looked like when she was 13? It's not like her nasal bridge just sunk into her face and the tip of her nose turned upward by itself.

You have to remember also that the Ostrengas are trashy and cheap but also resourceful, so it would come as no surprise that they went around looking for a surgeon shady enough to reconstruct her nose while billing it so ther insurance would pay for it. That's actually a really common problem in FL- people lying to their insurance companies about the degree of necessity of their surgeries. Most plastic surgeons had to stop taking insurance at all without a recommendation for necessary breast reductions because women were getting cosmetic lifts and billing them as reductions for "back pain".

No. 40483

Has Kota ever denied plastic surgery accusations? Because if she hasn't I really don't care whether she has or not, there's nothing wrong with getting work done unless you lie about it.

No. 40485

But you seem to forget that noses change while puberty, just saying.

No. 40486

File: 1421412361847.png (179.31 KB, 718x202, 34324.png)

Where is the drastic change besides that her round nosetip grew more pointy while growing older?

No. 40488


Really? How about how narrow her previously wider, flatter nose got? And there were also animes on cgl who went to schools with her who remember her being out sick, then coming back with two black eyes and a new nose?

No. 40489

That's called losing baby fat, were you never in puberty?

No. 40490

It's the same fucking nose without shoop, if she would've gotten nose surgery for looking better instead of fixing a problem she sure wouldn't have keept that hooker Kiki still made fun of for ages after their scene phase.

No. 40492


She didn't lose anywhere near enough weight for her entire nose to change width, height, and shape, and puberty doesn't fuck with the structure of your nose like that.


Except it's not. Granted, it's a shitty proof pic because the angles suck, but still.

No. 40493

Looks like a MJ nose to me, example: >>33337

No. 40495

>She didn't lose anywhere near enough weight for her entire nose to change width, height, and shape, and puberty doesn't fuck with the structure of your nose like that.
Confirmed for retard and yes, puperty does, had the exact same happen to me without ANY kind of surgery.

No. 40496

shut up kaka, kootz isn't gonna give you a signal boost for white knighting her with your dumb skank logic. GTFO

No. 40498

File: 1421415208533.jpg (941.63 KB, 947x989, kota.jpg)

Her nose didn't change much other than the tip. I mean that really could be from the septoplasty, if she actually had it done. >>40488 Same with the bruising of her face /cgl/ claimed. >>40486 I believe she was like 10/11 in the "round as fuck" photo. Idk about you guys but my nose, face, and body has changed a bit from when I was 11.

No. 40499

That's because of contouring.

No. 40507

i agree, i had a really flat and round nose as a child but now my nose bridge is very sharp and thin, while the tip of my nose stayed the same. her nose looks basically the same to me. you guys gotta keep in mind though, she was a hardcore shooper even in her youth, she could easily shoop her nose too if she wanted.

No. 40554

Wouldn't be surprised if she got jaw surgery, she definitely has bigger undereyebags than before to play to the asian trends.

No. 40576

File: 1421433899141.jpg (25.42 KB, 331x239, 1420754242365.jpg)

I don't believe Dakota has had a nosejob.

You look at images of Cathy and she has the exact same nose as Dakota which is obviously where she got it from, whereas Kirsten got Scott's nose (unlucky).

Noses can change pretty drastically during puberty though. Mine used to be a petite ski slope but now at age 23 it's grown into a Roman nose, is longer and has a bump in the center.

No. 40582

File: 1421435401077.jpg (268.52 KB, 894x390, Untitled-1.jpg)

Another pic.

Really, she is the spitting image of he mother, only less dumpy and homely.
Guess we know how she's gonna look once she's older.

No. 40587

Her mother is quite pretty and it's good that Dakota inherited that (i'm glad she didn't pass on the crazy genes to Kota)

No. 40626


wow, how recent is this pic? she looks like she needs a hearty sandwich and a good nighttime moisturizer.

No. 40632

>she needs a hearty sandwich
GTFO fatty

No. 40637

i mean the bitch needs protein and nutrition. you can putloads of healthy stuff on sammiches. cunt pls take care of that sand problem before you continue postin ITT

No. 40658

About 10 years old.

No. 40675

File: 1421452141287.png (237.02 KB, 500x524, 1370665413757.png)

Nope. Read it and weep, nigga

No. 40696

>needs a hearty sandwich
How can you tell that from this photo??

No. 40750

This whole trailer trash family makes me very uncomfortable. It's like looking at the very definition of bad hygiene and god knows what else.

No. 40752


>god knows what else

cheap tobacco and cat piss, I guess

No. 40755

Oh my word, I totally forgot about the fighting cats video. Cats which are that stressed are most likely peeing everywhere in the house.

No. 40791

>>stormfront discussing kooter


No. 40820


You're all fucking idiot. No one GROWS a tip on their fucking nose as they age. Her nose would've gotten smaller/bigger but the tip won't change shape completely

No. 40840


>"you're all fucking idiot"

>can't quote posts properly q

No. 40857

The nose cartilage changes the whole life, you don't seem to know how noses work and some parents even but some clip on their childrens noses so they grow pointy which works in quite a lot of cases.

No. 40861

>Unlike too many white men I am not attracted to the Jew inspired adolecent boy with boobs body that Hollywood says a white woman is supposed to look like.
Lmao even stormfags are fat enablers

No. 40865

noses and ears are the few areas on humans that never stop growing, that is why very old people have big noses and big ears. so it is very possible that the tip of her nose grew more pointy, and it looks thinner because shes no longer 13 and the shape of people's faces change

No. 40876

I was on my phone.

No. 40878

That might work if Dakota was 3-7 in those pictures, but she was 13 (?) and her nose is already a 'adult size', so any changes those nose contraptions are very minimal (and they have to be constantly used)

No. 40882

File: 1421516869026.png (128.46 KB, 700x622, TB252CLbFXXXXbrXpXXXXXXXXXX-40…)

And changing the shape of the nosetip to something more pointy isn't hard, one of the reasons why those painful silicone inserts for reshaping the nosetip are so popular in asia.

No. 40900

Guys the tip of her nose has changed. We all agree on that. She could have gotten septoplasty to fix her deviated septum. That would explain her tip changing, and it's covered by insurance so the Ostrenga family didn't have to pay much to get it done. Sometimes your surgeon has to modify your nose for adequate airflow, usually just the tip unless your nose is completely fucked.I think this theory best explains her nose morphing because if she had rhinoplasty done, her bridge would have been modified as well.

No. 40913

So in other words, she had surgery that changed the shape of her nose… Kind of like a nose job. Not the anon you're arguing with but this convo is going in circles. Besides, who cares if she did? She's cuter now, and everybody kniws she's fake as hell anyway so what does it matter? So her trashy redneck family found a way to fix her nose and have their insurance pay for it, good for them. They're still just poor, trashy rednecks and everbody knows that as well.

No. 40958

This is something I can never work out.. Does Dakooter wear extensions? What about Kiki?

Also seeing that fried as shit hair on top and then her long, silky hair on bottom really gives me hope for my own mane. I just need to be patient :s

No. 40976

File: 1421546104001.gif (1.12 MB, 260x146, 11y5v.gif)

Dakota wears extensions quite often, not hard to notice by the color differences.

No. 40978

Ech, she reminds me of Venus in this gif.

No. 41046

Damn that's ratchet, counting like 3 diff hair colors going on.

No. 41091

A few days ago I cut my bangs and the stylist asked me what type of bangs I wanted so I searched some girls with bangs, there was a gif of Kota and the man told me 'wow how much editing… and that hair is not hers, she wears extensions"
If a man that doesn't know about Kota notices these two things… lmao how blind is Kota

No. 41139

You mean how blind are the Japanese. Seriously, as much as they utilize wigs, extensions, and hair dye, and not to mention makeup tricks and photo editing- that they could see through her in two seconds.

Maybe they're just so blinded by her ~exotic blue eyes~ that they willfully ignore everything else like her weight, hair, face, etc.

No. 41141

*you would think


No. 41146

I don't think it's a matter of not noticing, I think it's a matter of not giving a shit or thinking they're fair tools to use. Everyone else is doing the same thing, why would you not? You'd be setting yourself back for not adhering to the same standards as everyone else.

No. 41151


there's a difference between using hair, makeup, and photo editing to make yourself look better and then completely changing your entire face shape, hair color and length, eye color and size, lips, nose, chin, height, weight, and figure into a beautifies caricature of yourself and trying to pass it off as legit. kota IS cute, but she lied her ass off about how much shit she did to her pics and it's baffling how JP chooses to ignore all of that, not to mention her trashy past, batshit sister and awful use of the language and disregard for their customs. just because she has blue eyes and pale skin and can say こんにちは〜ダコタです〜

No. 41156

I always noticed how japanese don't give one single fuck about this on photo editing. Check the before after of western celebrities, they touch up the breasts, skin, weight etc. They never change a nose or the shape of the mouth or eyes. Whereas japanese graphic designers are mostly horrid at best.

Most japanese website are badly built and 10 years behind what everyone else is doing in terms of graphic design. Magazines are terrible with trashy glitter for the one aimed at teens/young women (didn't see them all obviously), it's like it's been made by a 13yo high on crack and hello kitty.

Not hating on them, but I studied graphic design and magazine editing so seeing those kind of things is hilarious and cringe worthy at the same time. They don't seem to care much that Dakota is a shape shifting alien depending on the mag she's in.

No. 41158


Japan is like some fucked up time warp. Highly sophisticated android newscasters, shitty 90s magazine design.

No. 41162

Yup, pretty much.
It's like the entire country has half of itself stuck between the 80s and the early 2000s.

No. 41207


I hear internet-wise their page design and layouts are waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind compared to the rest of the world too. Like they're still stuck in the late 90's-mid 2000's.

No. 41209

Yeah >>41156 literally said the same thing.

No. 41210


Oh, so they did. I didn't notice.
I guess it's true.

No. 41286


Japanese websites are fucking awful, especially webstores. It's like they were mostly all designed by kids with only basic HTML abilities. And the font size is like text for ants, and broken hyperlinks, broken hyperlinks errywhere.

No. 41297

Don't forget the fax machines.

No. 41331

Yup, they got no sense of organisation for some and sometimes they get delirious ideas (I showed the Liz Lisa website to a teacher and it had changed to a castle thing and he almost died laughing)

Even some brands websites are just … incredible. For example Moi-même moitié has a sort of blog like atrocity and even the french baby "website"/blog has glitters and random gifs everywhere and fucked up something as simple as a contact form.

Exactly, they'll pump you some futuristic android dolls but then feature it on a website from the 90s with a broken contact form.

I don't know much about Korea though, maybe they got better stuff and that's why they were really disappointed in Dakota.

No. 41335

I thought they hated her because she said she didn't like kimchi.

No. 41357


That, and because she's fake as fuck. Koreans love plastic surgery and photoshop but they hate her.

No. 41384

Yup, both of these reasons are why they hate her guts. Once they found everything out, shit really hit the fan.

No. 41392


In Korea, looks are only half of it. You can have plastic surgery and use PS to make yourself look like celebrity material, but if you don't act like it you'll be burned in a fucking hurry. Kota got burned by them because she acted too gruff and masculine, too uncute. She wasn't this ~humble, gracious submissive princess~ they expected her to be so they hated her.

Lucky for her Japan is fucking retarded when it comes to young white foreigners.

No. 41404

The 'I hate you because you hate kimchi' isn't true at 100%
it's a way to excuse their hate towards Kota
I remember watching Get it Beauty and my friend told me 'omo! is that the girl we used to follow on Youtube? She doesn't know how to apply a simple eyeshadow! Her behaviour is not good and doesn't look like her pictures! Woah how pathetic, thanks god I stopped watching her videos. How can she have a beauty channel in Youtube if she doesn't know how to apply eyeshadow"
Korea expected her to be cute and girly, like she seemed to be in her videos. The 'I hate her because I expected her to be submisive but she's not' isn't true. Amber from F(x) isn't cute/girly and has lots of fans, the difference? Amber speaks in a good way, I mean, she uses English and Korean right, even if she's a tomboy she doesn't speak manly or aggresive. Ah, if you're going to say Amber is accepted because is Korean, nope, she's Chinese. And Chinese people had it hard to become idols in Korea. There was a Chinese singer in SuJu that had to wear mouth masks because 'he wasn't Korean'. In that time Korea was not as 'open' to foreigners as it is today, however there's still differences. Sorry for OT

No. 41413


She fucked up the eyeshadow on the beauty show because she wasn't working with an eye shape she was familiar with on that host lady. Korea doesn't hate Her because she's bad at makeup, they hate her because of all the reasons I listed. Koreans are huge on saving face, so yeah they hate her, yeah they'll say it, but they'll lie about the reasons.

Bringing up Amber and the reasons you listed actually proved my point. Kota speaks in a gruff and forward casual way, while Koreans rather expected her to be polite and gracious. She wasn't, and they shat all over her because Koreans are fuckin crazy and shallow about celebrities.

No. 41426

tfw your nose went from being cute to being downward curved and beak like during puberty

No. 41427

Does anybody know what her natural face shape is? Oval, maybe? I suck at these things

No. 41429

File: 1421708765049.png (176 KB, 311x360, 3532.png)

It is pretty much a square being as edgy as it is.

No. 41432

Wow, she looks so plain here…it really gives me hope, as lame as it sounds. Not of being a kawaii model in Japan, that I can learn to go from being a plain faced tomboy with thin hair an a wide jaw to actually being pretty and cute if I can manage to learn makeup and hairstyling.

No. 41437


You're going to think I'm full of shit but sometimes beauty is more than just the right features and voluminous hair.

I've met girls who were a bit "eh" in the looks department, but were so confident that they would have people swarming around them.
When you possess that level of confidence in yourself it really does shine out like a beacon, and people will come gather to bask in it.

No. 41442

That is true. But sometimes, a girl just wants to be pretty for once. In my case, my teen years were spent covered in cystic acne and struggling to deal with having H cups and faded thrift store clothes. Personality is important, but there's a reason looks come first.

No. 41447

Her face shape is heart shape. Google it and you'll see

No. 41450

She looks plain because there is no heavy eyemakeup and false lashes. She still has a full face of makeup and mascara though…

No. 41454

She got a square jaw, the jaw at a heart shape it pointy.

No. 41455

File: 1421712313983.jpg (11.56 KB, 272x296, kotex.jpg)

it is pointy.

No. 41456

File: 1421712436477.jpg (20.33 KB, 300x300, FaceShapes_heart.jpg)

No, it's not, look at >>41429

No. 41464


The only accurate way to judge a person's face shape is with a forward facing image of the perdon without shading and contouring or heavy makeup. trying to use pics of Dakota where she's shooped/overly made up/tilting her head aren't going to work.

No. 41466

File: 1421714327664.png (187.91 KB, 249x363, 3535.png)

Better? Still looks like a square to me.

No. 41468

File: 1421715295735.png (576.25 KB, 605x607, squarey.png)

nah, this is more of a square face, her jaw should be the widest part of her face

No. 41475

Agree. Her eyes are the widest part, then her jaw follows narrowly, then closes in on her chin. Hence, heart shape. In square jaws the chins are usually in the same level as the jaw.

No. 41483

we need that chart with all the face shape types on it

No. 41490

File: 1421719371554.jpg (120.09 KB, 512x1386, TBDfaceshapes1.jpg)

There are too many but her chin is way too wide for a heart shape.

No. 41500

File: 1421720553776.jpg (28.53 KB, 390x383, faces.jpg)

No. 41504

File: 1421721218210.jpg (73.61 KB, 592x593, face.jpg)

heres some using real people

No. 41538

Looking at the chart and real people, I'm going to say she has a square face. Her jaw isn't as thin as she shops it to be.

No. 41711

this gives me some hope, because i have a square face and feel like i can't be cute with it. i don't want my face to look like angelina jolies i want to be cute like emma watson or some shit! if kota can look cute with a square-ish face, maybe i can too. and if i can't at least i have photoshop installed.

No. 41713

It's not hard to make some round or squareish face look better with having the bangs the same lenght as the rest of your hair next to your cheeks, that's why it is so popular in Japan since many girls have very round faces and this way they look more slim.

No. 41714

Wow, she's looking fat as fuck these days.

No. 41715

i'm sure you're cute anon! cutiepiemarzia also has a square face and she's super adorable imo.

No. 41736

Yeah, a total Quirkplanet anon

No. 41737


is there a way for girls with hairline cowlicks to have bangs? I love the look of bangs but I've always thought I couldn't have any because the only way to get my lick to lay down is to have long hair (and with my oval face… I'm tired of looking like crap.). I asked about it in a thread on cgl once and someone told me to try clip in bangs, but I'm worried about it looking fake, especially with the way people ITT are shitting on Kota's tricolor extensions.

No. 41738

Yup, square face. She heavily edits herself to look more heart-shaped.

No. 41742

File: 1421789203510.jpg (15.09 KB, 296x271, 10384898_1582147685352774_3606…)

The only fatty is you here. A jelly fatty chan.

More seriously I need explanation how is this fat at all this is cute af you gotta be baiting nigga

No. 41743

tbh, i never noticed dakota's extensions and never cared that she wears them. as long as they're not shiny and plastic or awfully put on, i think the average person wouldn't notice or care. i think people who are more experienced with hair are going to be the only ones who notice/care. i bleach/dye my own hair and my roots almost always have some black spots where i can't see what i'm doing. everyone else compliments my hair, but my parents, who have a history of doing hair, will complain about it.
if i were you, i'd try out getting one made with real hair so you can dye it to match your color and it will look more natural. if you think it looks fake where you clip it on, you can wear a headband or something over it.

No. 41907

Hey koots.

Seriously though, she doesn't have the extremely anorexic model body she always shoops herself into.

No. 41970


seriously anon wtf is wrong with your eyeballs are they ok shes not fat but yeah she has an unfortunate bodyshape for modelling tbh

No. 42037


Anybody have any idea why Hravo hasn't dropped her yet?

No. 42040

Why would they? She's still extremely popular in Japan and regularly gets jobs. What's with all the jelly in this thread?

No. 42056


It just seems kind of silly to me hiw much they go out of their way to lie about her weight and measurements, butcher her face and figure in photoshop, and not to mention the whole "shapeshifting alien baby" thing, it seems like a ton of work just to get her in a few teen magazines and purikura machines. She isn't even trying to be super famous, she seems fine with her current status level, but Bravo seems to me like a more higher end agency (when Kota got signed, they were representing Andrej Pejic at the height of his popularity after all).

If Dakota had applied to Bravo without all the photoshop, they wold have laughed in her face. I dont get why they keep bending ovrr backwards to keep getting her jobs and photoshopping her to death. Agencies don't go after models where they have to dilute 85% of their appearance. It goes against the entire business model. "Don't waste time and money on girls who don't have the look". Obviously if Dakota had the look Japan wanted she wouldn't need the shoop in the first place, but lucky for her Japan is retarded about photoshop, to them it must be magic or some shit.

No. 42057

i wish we could talk to some of thd other Bravo models and get their honest opinions about Kooter. if we could get them to comment anonymously, i think it would turn out hilariously.

No. 42058


They hired her because she was already popular and had a shit ton of fans on youtube and twitter. I really don't think they give a fuck what she looks like sans-shoop as long as she can book jobs and she's proven that she can. It's not like Bravo bullies people into hiring her.

No. 42349

pls make this a thing i remember like 2 years ago somebody coming out talking about seeing her, another model from the US whos asian. ugh find details

No. 42376


You do know that it's not Bravo that's photoshopping her shoots right?

The only things agencies will do is advertise you on various platforms, negotiate with employers and hook you up with work. If you're lucky they might even spot you travel/accommodation fees and even then you have to pay them back. They have absolutely zero input on how a model or a client chooses to edit stills from a shoot.

No. 42403

Bravo doesn't do the photoshopping, the people that hire Kota do. They get her work because she's cute, popular and people like her. She's perfect for their business model.

No. 42420

File: 1421926876095.jpg (92.91 KB, 768x1024, B78u370CIAAmHBB.jpg)


No. 42508

She looks like a Fusion with Kiki in this one.

No. 42513

The shoop is getting 2spooky.

No. 42577

When I was thirteen years old, despite having an ugly wide on top nose my whole life, I started a new school and everyone complimented my nose.
Like fuck. I was insulted on it my whole life and all of a sudden it was nice?

No. 42581

Also, when you look at old pictures of 13 year old Skittles from when she was 12, her nose looks completely different and she only hit puberty this year.

No. 42594

well…. uh… er…. the shirt doesn't look too bad i guess, but…. eh……..

No. 42638

kiki has taken over

No. 42643

is she wearing a promise ring? its the engagement finger of her right hand, unless she flipped the image

No. 42667

gotta get that sweet asian d and a marriage visa

No. 42683

she looks horrible imo

No. 42684

The parasite has successfully inhabited its target host.

No. 42739

She literally more forehead than face in this.

No. 42772


This is like, the most unflattering picture ever. The angles and the shooping, ugh. It makes her forehad look HUGE and that "laying down selfie" angle makes her torso and tits look 3x bigger, but maybe hat was on purpose.

At least her eyes look good though?

No. 42915

>promise ring

It's a cheap accessory ring you can easily get at any mall.

Dakota at least has an agency to give her reasons to stay in Japan. I doubt kiki is also repped by Bravo or anything, she old.

No. 42926

this could have looked 300000x better if she'd cropped her forhead…

No. 42930

You'd think by now she'd be a photoshop pro, but she keeps getting worse and more obvious.

No. 46084

File: 1422980435725.jpg (21.17 KB, 350x466, 10435612_722877197826370_45576…)

Popteen announced Dakota as price for some contest with this picture.

No. 46088

maybe a whole day with her?

No. 46089


Tbh I actually don't think this is shoop.

I have a camera application that gives the exact same effect with a number of different filters. It's probably just that.

I don't think Dakota shoops nearly as much as she needs to, and not at all with her camera selfies. With the stuff she does back at her apartment with her Canon definitely, but their's a range of camera apps that kind of already do this stuff for you.

No. 46099

File: 1422986430906.jpg (32.35 KB, 500x334, 1418778068968.jpg)

>yfw kiki wins the contest

No. 46100

Wut? Anon are you blind?
Filters don't change your face, eye or nose shape.

No. 46107

I will feel so bad for Kota. Like you know kaka is gonna drag her to get a modeling job.

No. 46110

She looks pretty cute here, i like her hair

No. 46115

I bet one of the conditions if you win is to not take any selfies with your own camera with her.

No. 46116


But that is her face, those are her features, she's just wearing contacts and the appropriate makeup combined with soft lighting.

You'd be amazed with how those three things combined can make you look different,and I should know because I do the save thing all the time.

Download Youcam and see for yourself.

No. 46120

File: 1422991404349.jpg (26.12 KB, 640x480, johanisdisappoint.jpg)

No. 46127

Aw, she looks really cute.

No. 46129

Meitu filters (app only) make your face slimmer (nose, jawline, forehead…) But Kota uses photoshop, Meitu filters can't do that 'magic'

No. 46145

She has always been wearing the same lenses. And appropriate makeup my ass, she isn't wearing anything noticeable except mascara and lipgloss.
Have you ever seen Kooters face without photoshop? Eyes, nose and lips look kinda like hers, but her cheeks? Hell nah her face is A LOT wider and bigger.

No. 46159

God, that's adorable

No. 46160

no. that is straight up photoshop, anon.

yeah, there are a few apps that can work a little magic, but jfc not that much. you would be amazed at how many people will take a photo with their phone, transfer it over to their pc, fiddle around in photoshop, and either upload from there or transfer it back to their phone to try and pull off that shit like they just took it and just added little tidbits through an app.

kota loves the shoop, she lives for the shoop, no app is going to do the type of shoop she wants.

No. 46167

do you guys use photoshop? the non app version?
you understand she'd have to take the photo, send it to herself, get access to her laptop, redownload, photoshop it (and it's NOTT a lot she's doing to these) , resend it to herself

all to upload some crappy 6mp cellphone selfies?

she's modeling, socializing, doing gigs, hanging out with her perceived boyfriend, busy editing ACTUAL high res photos of herself and her videos, getting tutored. she doesnt even update her networks as often as somebody like her should with this big a fanbase

you really think she's gonna go all out on some camera selfies?

No. 46169

i know her past has a lot of you and PULL ready to pull the trigger on "shooped" and paranoid but literally, chill.

i work for a major fashion company in the creative department on photoshoots (not that itll really make my point valid to sommmeee of you). you should know for a fact she already puts mad effort into her hair/make-up/ect. then add lighting, angles, filters, and natural camera distortion.

No. 46170

i'm sure you guys have PLENTY of pictures taken of yourself by either you or other people where you look different based on 48576984756 variables. kota is NO different in that.

No. 46175

No, she's fat and you must be a fatty in denial. Her waist must be, what, 32"? She doesn't have a shapely enough figure to pull that off, she needs to lose all that fat so her waist can be smaller then her hips again.

Seriously though, kooter, wtf are you eating in Japan to get this big?

No. 46176

Guys, there's also the very real possibility that popteen shooped it and then uploaded it, but other than that, there are beauty camera apps that can change the shape of your face, skin, lighting, hair color, etc.

No. 46177

>described kotex's extremely slow process which kotex has been doing for years
>the same process that made kotex relevant
>claims she doesn't still do it despite obvious

give it up kotex

No. 46178

She's always been heavy, just that you're seeing her without the extreme shoop.

No. 46180

>making it sound like an arduous process

The transfer takes what? 2 minutes if you're not retarded? And then some basic shooping in the same style she's done a thousand times before? She's not so busy that she wouldn't have 20 minutes to spare for this shit.

>she doesnt even update her networks as often as somebody like her should with this big a fanbase

Yeah, if she's as busy as she claims she wouldn't have time for a full home photoshoot and blog post. So she takes a quick selfie and uploads that instead. Try to make at least a little sense…

No. 46181

File: 1423021835078.jpg (227.09 KB, 677x800, 002ejw.jpg)

No. 46188

the real question is why act like such a cunt when you're given realistic facts?

"Yeah, if she's as busy as she claims she wouldn't have time for a full home photoshoot and blog post. So she takes a quick selfie and uploads that instead. Try to make at least a little sense…"

yeah, because she does those every day. not once every 2 months or so, tops. you try making a little sense.

people like you just refuse to give up on your obsessive portrayal of her as being the same person from 2011/2012. you're still sooooo hung up on being deceived that you spend every little time trying to pinpoint a slight curve deformity in the images, seeing shit that's not even there.

and then at the end of the day, so what if she does fucking go through the indeed time consuming process of editing blurry ass cell pictures in photoshop? let it go already

photoshop hysteria is fucking real, man. jesus christ. every little thing "OH MY GOD, PHOTOSHOP". literally respond when you understand how a camera works

No. 46189

CHILL. these aren't cell phones pics.
nooobbbodddy was disputing her high res camera/youtube or photoshoot stuff is photoshopped. that's obvious

No. 46192

we alll know kota was modeling her edits in '12 after like, frida gustavsson or vlada roslyakova and then started trying to cross over for the asian market that's hella damn clear.

No. 46196

Wow, chill out. All I said was that it was an easy process, no judgement on Kota's personality or entire existence. No need for another nonsensical essay.

No. 46200

maybe you should learn to read something longer than a twitter post, then it won't seem so hard to get through

No. 46202

Stay mad, hun.

No. 46203

>way too invested into this shit

No. 46204

Damn, they should let Kooter shoop her own stuff. She does a better job.

No. 46205


you're on here too sweety, replying and all. don't pat yourself on the back too hard. since you're invested enough to respond

No. 46208

actually maybe if you do you'll cough up some of that bullshit, eh?

No. 46210

>not even the same people you were originally talking to


No. 46212

Lol So much white knighting in this thread.

No. 46213

her tits are huge, wow wat

No. 46222

Says the person who doesn't even use basic grammar.

>so what if she does fucking go through the indeed time consuming process of editing blurry ass cell pictures in photoshop? let it go already

The anon you're responding to even said they weren't judging Dakota, they were just explaining that it's an easy process. Half the people here aren't ragging on her, just calm down a bit or get out.

No. 46253

Lmao that cunt couldn't answer this.

No. 46254

File: 1423051892640.png (1.73 MB, 968x1294, Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.12…)

C'mon, we've been through this before.

No. 46258

that outfit is super cute imho, but i wonder what it looks like on her unshooped body… eugggh.

No. 46263

Her body is fine, what are you talking about? Sure, it may not be as skinny as she shoops herself to be (particularly her legs and she has a small pooch on her belly), but she's just fine. She ain't no fuckin' Quirky.

No. 46288

you know, some outfits don't look good on some bodytypes. i don't think that outfit would suit her real body because it is kinda square-ish and doesn't have a defined waist. it would look rather silly. the pink dress she had on in her first japanese interview looked very nice on her, for example.

No. 46290

Kooter isn't open about her shooping, though.

No. 46303

Nor about her circle lens.

No. 46307

Right? Could they be anymore obvious?

No. 46315

yes criticism on my grammar really means much coming from your pathetic ass. keep replying bitch.

No. 46316

nobody's embarrassed, trust me cunt. i'm just calling everyone out on their hysterical shit

No. 46320

jfc, does she have ANY tits? thats like an A-B cup max and she's not even filling it up.

No. 46346

She stuffs in all her pics and then shoops them further.

Even with a padded cup she's still flat.

No. 46347

File: 1423089331226.jpg (19.24 KB, 236x314, 0f92fc2e4fa0582ae6c6c374c2634f…)

No. 46349


Stop shitting the thread talking about yourself, go back to PULL where you came from.

No. 46351

File: 1423089428338.jpg (96.49 KB, 720x960, 4e6744be4701b303efef25d4817d3d…)

No. 46354

So Popteen shoops her belly and maybe her legs

No. 46356

Legs for sure, look how long they are in the bottom half and how her torso is long as well. Most modelling photos have this done in general though. The real extreme is on her face and chin.

No. 46360

her face shoop is terrifying in this one

No. 46362

they shoop her body like the body of the japanese popteen models imo
looks like an alien.

No. 46370

Lol nigga look at her ankle.
Bitch looks like she has elephant feet.

No. 46372

those are called cankles lol

No. 46379

No. 46381

What's the point of having a model you have to shoop into oblivion and back to fit whatever kawaii uguu standard they're going for? I know models are usually shopped to hell, but the way Kota's done seems extreme.

I do think she's cute though, probably more in her videos than her pictures.

No. 46384

she's only there because she's 'the Kota Koti'

No. 46387

aw anon. i've got cankles and this made me like super self conscious lol. i guess i'll never wear shoes that end below ankles at this rate.

No. 46404

nah b. i'm staying. sorry

No. 46406

but hey if you want to shit up the thread talking about yourself to keep it going i'm all for it you little shit

No. 46408

here are the reasons Bravo signed her:

>she's young and white

>light hair and blue eyes, pale skin
>is good with hair and makeup & used this and shoop to gain a ton of attention online

They put up with the amount of retouching she needs because she's cute and white and Japan shits their pants for young, innocent looking white girls, especially if they're covered in makeup and wearing lacey pastel clothes.

No. 46417

I was wondering about that. How popular are white people in Japan, or countries outside of the UK, U.S., Canada and Australia in general? I've only been outside of the U.S. a few times in my life to the Caribbean, but they didn't seem to care that you were white at all outside of trying to have you fall for tourist attractions.

I didn't really see any ads or anything with white people in them either. When I see videos with people in Japan I often notice many white models on billboards in the background.

No. 46421

japan has an audience for caucasian features but it's high-time some of these girls stop viewing east asian as some promised land because they're white and only because of that

at the end of the day, the market will always be bigger for people who are actually of these ethnicities, since these countries are made of up like 98% of the same ethnic group

like any other place, if you look beautiful you're gonna be marketable.

kota shooped herself cute and dolly, cute and dolly sells there. not just because she's white

No. 46424

I haven't been to Japan yet, but I think being white is kinda popular in Japan. I do language exchange with a lot of Japanese people and it's anonymous, the only things the people know is your age, where you're from, and first name. My name is a common Russian name so I'll have a bunch of old Japanese guys flirting with me each time I post for language exchange/friends. Which I feel like that's how Kota's sister got that sugar daddy, I've had old Japanese guys suggest that they're sugar daddies to me. A lot of these guys are very thirsty just at the idea of a white girl, which is why it was easy for her sister to get one.

That being said, like this anon said >>46421 , just being white isn't going to get you famous or worshiped by Japanese people. I think a lot of people in Japan fetishisize white people and foreigners in general, just like how a lot of people in other parts of the world would fetishisize people foreign to them.

No. 46428

'Exotic' people are always going to be popular, but only if they're a minority and the market doesn't become saturated with them.

No. 46429

i agree, like mentioned there's an audience for it. but it's more of a special snowflake syndrome thing. because it's rare there, it's popular for it's "exotic-ness." i recall watching a video where they interviewed young students in japan on their ideal mate, most of them said japanese

i think having a white girlfriend in japan is seen as more of a wealth status

No. 46430

honestly i feel like there'd be the same response if more black/afro people did the dolly thing or learned japanese. the only exposure to it comes from entertainment, and there are a slew of subcultures and styles emulating black american culture there.

the only difference is due to western/european colonization of most of the world centuries, those traits are seemed more desirable

No. 46432

I agree with you to a certain point. A lot of my friends are Latinos and when we asked each other what types of guys we go for vs guys we'd never consider dating, a lot of them said Asians for guys they aren't attracted to. I was really surprised because it was unanimous. According to them, the majority of Latinos (of different countries) don't care for Asians, they're mainly into white or native americans (mexican looking). Black guys are looked down on a lot too.

So I'm assuming that the people that are most fetishized are white world wide

No. 46434

I don't think so. Like the rest of the world, Japan seems to be happy to take African American (or whatever the politically correct term is) culture, but isn't too fond of the people's appearance.

No. 46435

I think thats true for a lot of the world, especially where they don't normally come into contact with black people

No. 46437


like i said, western/european colonization of most of the world is really responsible for that.

but it is a stretch to say white world wide. honestly if you look at non white societies what they claim as being the most beautiful are things still indigenous to that country

in japan a round face and small features are the most desired. those aren't really ethnic traits for a lot of white people who have squared jawlines and protruding noses and such

No. 46439

I know, that's what I said.

No. 46440


that's the key, not in contact with black people. japan for example is WAYYY more familiar with white people especially since the war and the original trade there

No. 46441

A fairer skin tone is generally more desired across most cultures, but that probably has more to do with the whole fairer = not having to work outside = rich thing, I guess?

No. 46443

that's because the appearance of black peoples (i'm certain black is fine, since not all black people are american) is very stark to what asian features are

but like literally go to africa, there are people with a crapload of different hues, eyecolors, nose shapes, mouths, ect. beyond the stereotypes

No. 46444


originally yes! but we've also seen in the west that pale, fair skin isn't really desired anymore. tanned skin is, because it shows you have the money to afford to lay out in the sun all day (or whatever).

very fair skin is seen as unhealthy, and olive or tanned skin is seen as healthy

beauty things change all the time

No. 46446

I'm not american so I'm not exposed to black people a lot, but aren't African Americans quite differently looking from people from Africa? And the variations in appearance aren't surprising given how huge the continent is.

No. 46448

doesn't this only apply to east asia though?

I was watching some south korean make up tutorials the other day, and I noticed that the foundation was applied muuuuch lighter than the natural skin tone. I watched many other videos where the same was being done and found that this is normal for them.

In the U.S. people tend to do the opposite.

No. 46449

I think at this point in time, the tan/paleness thing just comes down to personal preference in the west. Dita Von Teese is hella pale and her looks are widely admired, for instance.

No. 46450


african-american is a broad term. my mother is african-american and she has green eyes and fair skin and curly light brown hair

it's really hard to pigeon-hole it. because the term literally just means you can trace your genetic heritage to africa

No. 46451

File: 1423104292292.jpg (472.27 KB, 1278x1920, girl.jpg)

Americans are made up of different races and ethnicities, giving them different variations of features. Africans also don't look the same across different regions. For ex, I've never seen an african american baby that looks like this

No. 46452

Its a lot more widespread than that. Its seen in India, the Middle East and further west from there too, and black celebrities are often shopped fairer and are just celebrated more in western media too, especially the women.

No. 46453


dita von tesse has a niche audience though

and of course with everything everywhere it comes to personal preference

i'm just going off of what i see in the media on average. i know tons of people who are very fair skinned who say they wish they had tanned skin, and compare how dark everyone got over the summer and see it as a good thing, not a bad thing

No. 46454

and like, the soft grunge thing for example. or pastel goth trend has brought paleness back in fashion.

but again, niche audience

No. 46456


not necessarily.

people with dark skin aren't intentionally shooped lighter because light skin is seen as more beautiful. it's because many cameras don't meter for dark skin, but meter for fair skin.

because of that the white balance is thrown off

if you have any class pictures with very dark skinned peers you'll know what i mean. their features are drowned out.

the shooping is to recapture them

No. 46458

File: 1423104822658.jpg (283.28 KB, 500x652, 657.jpg)

No. 46459

They're not always shooped to have their features captured though. People are whitewashed for the sake of having them appear as though they had naturally lighter skin.

Though I do think this is done more so in countries like the ones mentioned by >>46452 and the US.

In countries where the majority are dark skinned it wouldn't make sense.

No. 46460

File: 1423104957659.jpg (130.47 KB, 650x360, amara.jpg)

here's another

No. 46463


i agree with the part about eastern asian countries doing that, but not western countries and definitely NOT mainstream US.

I can tell you this now, as somebody who works as a fashion photographer in NYC and also models, that isn't anymore truer for dark skinned models than it is for fair skinned models. If it happens, it's to even out tone from blemishes.

But believe what you will.

There is more shame from the black community over skin tone than there is from white people in America. I can vouch for that one.

No. 46467

File: 1423105835004.jpg (79.96 KB, 618x590, 657.jpg)


you have a very narrow view though as to what african-american means

not everyone who is of geological african descent calls themself african-american when they inhabit america.

also look as to where african peoples have been dispersed (mostly due to slavery). brazil has a huge african ethnic population but does not say Afro-Brazilian

another thing, the term "African-American" was coined BY black americans after the civil rights movement when there was a focus on reclaiming/honoring their african ancestral past which was lost to the slave trade

anyways this is getting hella OT but i'm kinda happy it's being discussed

No. 46468

>There is more shame from the black community over skin tone than there is from white people in America.
That's exactly what we're talking about? People preferring a fairer skin tone in reference to their own race? With the exception of white people, its incredibly common

No. 46470


No, that's not what I'm talking about. Because what was being alluded to in the discussion was that dark skinned people prefer that so that they look more ethnically white, which I don't 100% agree with.

(That side bit is not addressing that. Actually it was referencing the stereotypes that come with having light skin in the american black community. But I won't get into that.)

No. 46472

File: 1423106502869.png (45.92 KB, 143x153, kota.PNG)

>Who are these afro lesbians, why you're stop talking about me?

No. 46474


anyways let's make this a little bit more OT. is kota still with that fucking guy or not

No. 46481

what's wrong with her face in this pic? I'm hoping it's just no shoop+unflattering angle+lighting.

No. 46484

its like she bit off her tongue and is trying to hold in all the blood

No. 46533

Did anyone ever find out who he was?

No. 46616

File: 1423126067299.jpg (147.56 KB, 665x357, 142143540107777.jpg)

Their resemblance really shows here. Though, I still think Dakota has a much nicer face. A lot rounder and cuter. Plus, she got the good nose. Kaka looks crone-ish in comparison.

No. 46622

I agree, it looks like Kiki got more harsher/bigger versions of Kota's features. I really don't get how Kiki was the favorite. The only facial features of her that I find appealing are her eyes and lips, but she doesn't accentuate those features very well. Kota's such a little cutie patootie, I can't find one thing I don't like about her face tbh.

No. 46632

File: 1423134600381.jpg (43.8 KB, 640x464, personagens-vegeta-7e6739.jpg)

I think the only thing would be her forehead, but she's smart enough to conceal it with her fringe, unlike Kaka. And fuck, Kirsten's eyebrows annoy me so goddamn much. She goes apeshit on her eye make-up but doesn't shape or fill in her brows and they're lighter/thinner towards the center of her face so they look like a male DBZ character's eyebrows.

No. 46639

I don't really mind Kota's forehead, though Kiki's looks worse because of her harsh features. It just makes her look like an old hag. I think if Kiki got bangs she'd look sightly less bland. That annoys me too, her thick cat eyeliner also looks like shit. In Asia, they seem to love the look of a double eyelid, you'd think she'd want show off her double eyelids. Plus, the look makes her look harsher.

No. 46690


Yh it looks like Dakota got Cathy's features whilst Kirsten was saddled with her dads.

No. 47228

File: 1423340933717.png (109.84 KB, 325x354, DAKIKI_WHAT_HAVE_I_DONE.png)

Just shooped this and… Um. Wow. Kiki needs bangs.

No. 47390

she should definately get a bob and side swept bangs or something. the only good looking photos of her were from that era imo. the hair she has now looks kinda ratty and disgusting

No. 47414

Shit, Kaka, GET ON THAT.
Not only does it conceal her huge stretch of forehead but it hides her ugly Vegeta brows too. I suppose it'd be just one more thing to add to the list of things she's copied from Kota.

No. 49922

File: 1423973610203.jpg (86.7 KB, 480x640, o0480064013217005817.jpg)

Damn, Tako-san, that's pretty cute, I have to admit.

No. 49923

So much shoop…

No. 49926

Tbh, she cannot dress for shit.

No. 49995

The only thing that bothered me about this shoot was that she was just holding the gun and didn't have her finger on the trigger, so it looked kind of dumb. But it was really adorable otherwise imo.

No. 49996

The only thing that bothered me about this shoot was that she was just holding the gun and didn't have her finger on the trigger, so it looked kind of dumb. But it was really adorable otherwise imo.

No. 50006


Actually that's the 100% correct way to hold a gun.
If you're not aiming to actually fire/shoot, you should NEVER have your finger on the trigger.

Trigger discipline is so rudimentary that yes it even applies to toy guns because otherwise you look like a moron and you will literally get hundreds of people yelling "TRIGGER DISCIPLINE, TRIGGER DISCIPLINE!" at you.

No. 50017

Oh, well fuck. Didn't know that.
Thanks for correcting me, anon.

No. 50086

She looked adorable in this shot, so I don't know why they chose such a crappy photo to put on the magazine. 100 points for her trigger discipline.

Though it's annoying how guns are so taboo in Japan. You know a Japanese girl probably wouldn't have been chosen for this shoot.

No. 50098


np, I guess it's probably not that common if you're not around guns often. I only found out through 4chan myself.

No. 50125

there are loads of shoots of japanese girls with guns. guns and girls in twin-tails seem like a big thing lately. mimmmam have been in yura were in loads recently

No. 50136

I don't think guns in photoshoots would be received well in most countries outside of the US, tbh, not just Japan.

No. 50141

really? I suppose Japan thinks guns are okay as long as they're held by kawaii girls. Okay then.

No. 50144

I agree, and I don't think it's anything new. For example, there's "セーラー服と機関銃" (Sailor Suit and Machine Gun) a movie and song of the same name from the early 80s which had this same concept.

No. 50145

File: 1424032541412.jpg (39.79 KB, 356x500, 51FCwIAEC6L.jpg)

*Meant to attach this image

No. 50152

Oh wow! This looks almost identical to the magazine cover. Were they doing an homage?

No. 50221

>>50145 I like this one better because it's more dramatic. Sorry not trying to hate on Kota for being Kota.

No. 50231

I think it is because Kota only got like one espression for photos.

No. 50253

She also looks too stiff compared to the original, unless stiff is really what they were going for.

No. 50292

What does koti mean in kotakoti?

No. 50318

File: 1424066187803.jpg (7.82 KB, 296x170, url.jpg)

Koti means kawaii extra absorbency for those heavy days.
Enjoy those Kotex pads.

No. 50319

Damn, those are some kawaii pads.

No. 50327

No really what does it mean?

No. 50329

It doesn't mean anything.
Koti is not a word in the English or Japanese language.

It's just part of a stage-name.

No. 50350

Kota's always stiff, though. She's very wooden when it comes to photoshoots/modelling. Pretty much the only reason why she's signed is because she's the all-famous, all-kawaii Dakota Rose.

No. 50594

"Koti" is what used to be her nickname before she got big on Stickam. Cathy and Kiki called her that.

So she mashed part of her full first name with her nickname when she started her new kawaii persona.

No. 50635

She's famous to white girls who want to be famous in Japan. Other than that she's not really any more famous than any other regular (non supermodel) models, unless you are just interested in models. I don't know why everyone acts like she's so famous.

No. 50657

Most people in Japan who don't read Popteen have absolutely no idea who she is.

No. 50665

I don't get why people think she's so famous either, even Kiki thinks Kota is some big supermodel there. Her ameblo posts only gets 100-200 likes, sometimes over 200 if she's lucky. Her youtube comments are primarily in English, you'll see some Japanese comments but for the most part it's English and languages that aren't Asian. I'm not sure about twitter but I don't think it'll be that much different.

No. 50666

Popteen is to Japan as Tiger Beat is to the USA. Nobody except middle schoolers and pedos read it, so aside from that demographic, she's not even very well known in Japan. When the average Japanese person happens to see her on tv, it's "oh it's that foreign popteen model, oh her name is Dakota Rose? She's cute." and then they move on.

Other than her fans and jealous PULLtards she's not well known at all. As it's been said before, she's crap at modeling.

No. 50669

The reason she was signed is.because Bravo thought Tumblr was an accurate representation of what's popular in America. They thought she was already famous and that by signing her it would make them look better.

No. 50722

Just curious: about how many likes do most models' ameblos tend to get, in comparison?

It's funny to think she got voted most popular somehow when her appearances in Popteen just keep declining. She only showed up once in the latest issue, right?

All the English comments she gets on YT are fucking hilarious considering this whole time her English-speaking fans have been begging for recognition while she continues to ignore them. You'd think they'd get it by now that she doesn't give a shit about anyone not Japanese. Though maybe I shouldn't be surprised since that'd be expecting deductive reasoning from the same people who are delusional enough to keep saying "she's Asian!"

I do wonder if her views have gone down quite a bit from people who've already wised up, though.

No. 50727

>"she's Asian!"

please be joking. NOBODY can be stupid enough to believe that, can they? there's nothing remotely Asian about her except when she shoops herself to look more like she is.

No. 50730

There are people retarded enough to think that and it's maddening. It's along the lines of people who were "Asian" (aka white people) claiming that Magibon also was.

No. 50753

I looked at 2 other popteen models that seem to be the most popular, Yulayula gets 300-500 likes and Nicole gets 500-800 likes. Kota and these 2 girls basically post the same types of things. I think that's why Kota isn't really shown in popteen that much. Kota may have been the most viewed on their youtube channel, but it's only because of her non-Japanese fans. She doesn't get that much attention from Japanese people who are mostly going to be buying and reading the magazine.

No. 50774

OT but I miss Magibon :(
She only posts very rarely now. She always looks the same, though. It's like she doesn't age.

No. 50778

yulayula and nicole are both super active and post a lot to all their social media and they reply to people sometimes. If kota wants to get more popular she needs to put in more effort like these girls. It shouldnt even be difficult, she's friends with both of them especially yulayula. They dont take a lot of pictures together though compared to how many yula and nicole take together, so it's probably kota who doesnt want to take them.

No. 50811

>tfw i have the same body as the asian girl on the pic but with kinda larger arms
A-Am i ok?

No. 50822


why tf would you seek validation on a website dedicated to talking shit about people

No. 50827

who the hell cares????

No. 50829

/pt/ is getting more like PULL lmao. So many vendettas, so many people delving into their personal lives.

Sorry for OT. Anyway, I think Kota's recent Ameblo pic where she has extreme bug eyes is so…ick. She doesn't even look like a kawaii elf princess or whatever when she does that–she just looks like an alien.

No. 50840

No. 50845

you're huge and disgusting stop eating fatty.

No. 50851

Fuck off, no one was even talking about the other girl or even Kota's body in that picture, just Kota's boobs. You know she has a nice body and you just want everyone to know you have the same slim, petite, perfect little body as a Japanese model.

No. 50865

Are you for real?

No. 50871

this is not slim lmao this is average/chub

No. 50874

…I'm sorry, what?
You think this girl is average/chubby? You're fucking with me, right? Hell, even Dakota doesn't look chubby in the original picture. Somewhere in between slim and average, maybe, but not chubby at all.
I think you've been spending too much time in Ashley's thread, anon.

No. 50877

File: 1424205747309.jpg (32.39 KB, 113x314, 1423089331226.jpg)

Forgot to post pic. Using lolcow is so awkward on my piece of shit phone.

No. 50899

Alright can we please go back to Kota?
I request those lil comics of her people used to draw they were hilarious

No. 50904

One of the grills is/was in the Kota's sister thread. I honestly forgot her name, I just call her David Bowie chick

No. 50905

File: 1424211741005.jpg (74.27 KB, 400x479, kek.jpg)

Jackotass is her Dakota dumblr, though it hasn't been updated since 2013, you can still find old drawins tho

No. 50930

I just realized that in the op pic, she looks so weird because they edited away her aegyo sal on her left eye lmfao

No. 50948

lmao I just noticed that too, I've been wondering why she looked like a baby that got dropped on its head a few too many times

No. 50964

Her nose looks like a square rectangle, like one of those noses you choose for your Mii

No. 51001

Dakota's time is comIng to an end because she's not doing what she should to keep her public image up. It seems like she thinks that Japan will just keep giving her jobs because they really like her looks, and so she doesn't have to diet, exercise, work on her modeling teqniques or keep up appearances as long as she keeps up with the cute makeup and hair while occasionally posting a selfie or update.

People are gonna start to forget about her, and she's getting older which, despite her gruff gimmick and how she ages, isn't working in her favor. She can't pretend to be ~16~ forever.

I think all the time she spent as her sister's shadow might have effected her ability to be in the spotlight. Throughout her rise and her career in Japan she's always been so awkward being in the spotlight.

No. 51051

Like you said I don't think she knows how to be on the spotlight.
I would think that bravo would help her, or give her tips on what to do to make her gain a bigger following.

No. 51056

I think she alienates herself too much to have a thriving career. She doesn't seem to get along with more than a couple models, unliek the rest who at least try to pal around with the others. Dakota's always seen on her phone looking bored with proceedings or standing/sitting on the sidelines.

She also isn't as engaging with fans as other models might be. Granted, that's just the type of person she really is so it could be appreciated she's not putting on as much of a front as she could be, but the fact remains that those who are more welcoming to their fanbase will have a greater popularity. It's lucky for her that some people in Japan find her attitude funny because otherwise she'd really put people off.

No. 51069

Pretty much this. We've seen her attitude before, that one "FAQ" video comes to mind. The whole time she sighed and sounded bored and irritated and she called herself perverted and disgusting, IIRC. She just has this constantly annoyed and cold sort of demeanor. Maybe she's working it purposefully, but it's not a good idea imo, especially since she's already a foreigner and stands out just by being a whitey. Factor in her attitude and she just seems weird and unapproachable.

No. 51071

I got the same feeling. I don't know if her time is up obviously because people have been saying that since the beginning of her modeling carreer (if that's a career).

But she reeks off awkward and while she's cute, I think she's been too affected by truth blogs and how she and her family handled it. If she faced it from the start she'd have grown some balls but all she does is ignore, deflect and report. Her family taught her that even if they make mistakes (with Daniel, with her shoops, her lies, her past racism) they don't have to apologize and just block, report, harass, threaten.

I know it's armchair psychology here, but Dakota seems the closest one to sanity, I don't really like her but I can see where she tries to not make the same mistakes as her family and managed to be more successful than her sister. The problem is now she's insecure because she obviously looks way different than her shoops when other people take her pics and can't relax and have fun. She's not a good model because it's like she's always holding in, not fully smiling or revealing parts of her she doesn't like (chin, tummy I guess)

No. 51072

Both of these posts arevexactly why I don't see her making much more out of this Living Doll trend than she already has. If she doesn't get into school soon for something she can actually live on, she'll be out in the cold sooner rather than later, that's just how trends work. Unless she finds a way to be more interesting and appealing, Japan is going to get tired of her. Nobody likes a one trick pony after all, and Bravo isn't going to break the bank keeping her when she starts aging and doesn't show any sign of improving herself. At this point she's got no more tricks up her sleeve unless she ties to make her own fashion or cosmetics line, and since she doesn't have business experience then even that might not be a very good idea.

She was hella lucky that her Living Doll deal took her as far as it did, but it's still just another internet fad and it will die out, and idk what she'll do when it does.

No. 51075

To be fair, people were saying that In the beginning, and especially when she got signed, out of jealousy. Now almost 3 years later, she's a one trick pony on a dying fad, getting older, and her modeling sadly hasnt much improved since she started.

I hope she gets as much out of it while she can, her popularity is declining and she's not getting any younger.

No. 51103

The thing is, if she had some sort of personnality like she had before she could rely on it to become a sort of celebrity and get invited to show or sponsor products. If she were funny or had a talent she could use it but she's rather awkward live and can't handle her face, so she doesn't move much and try to stay as dolly as possible.

She really shoot herself in the foot because she can't keep up with her shoops and is too weak to assume her mistakes.

No. 51111

People said her living doll career wouldn't last long because doesn't look anything like her shoops irl, not because of being jelly.

No. 51148

this. i actually wish she would relax and just be cute and funny. didn't she say something about singing before, though?

No. 51243

Even in Japan she showed she's still got the same attitude. Like that time some Japanese guy wrote "I cant imagine what having cramps would be like" and she said "if you want to know, I'll punch you in the stomach!" and more recently, the way she was talking about what those guys said in the February 2015 Popteen issue ("I don't care about looking kind", "Shoes are never enough, I don't need a letter. I don't want a wallet, I want money.")

Remember the Living in Japan segment? She was very standoffish with the other girls. One tried to touch Dakota's arm while talking to her and Dakota made a face like "get away from me".

She's able to get herself to fake it enough to seem cutesy for her job…but sometimes not even then, like a lot of the time when videos show the models getting ready to go onstage, Dakota has a sour face while the rest are happy and waving for the camera, and same when they're leaving the stage.

>She was hella lucky that her Living Doll deal took her as far as it did, but it's still just another internet fad and it will die out, and idk what she'll do when it does

I do tbh. I don't think she'll allow herself to end up back in the states. It seems like she's been dating most of the time she's been in Japan and she took a guy home the last time she had to go to Florida. I'm certain she'll want to get married to get a Japanese citizenship. Dakota's sister is trying her best to do the same now.

Yeah, I don't know what was up with that. There was some article that said she was planning on singing but then other people thought it must've been a mistake. I think she also said something about how she can't sing in a later interview when asked. And I mean, we know that for ourselves already…case in point, the Belebel song, lol.

No. 51244

She's so sassy, but I kind like it it's funny.

No. 51246

I hope she does get that Japanese citizenship.
I personally like her stiff modeling its different.(doesn't mean its good)
It just seems like its hard for her to be open around people from living with kaka and her mother. Shes not gonna change over night,and it might take years for her to be comfortable being around people.

No. 51260

Kota said she wants to try fashion design let's see if she ends up doing something or starring in dramas, modelling or as waitress in Starbucks.

No. 51290

I agree, some people on pull were flipping out about it. I love that she doesn't try to act like she's all sunshine and rainbows like every other girl trying to get fame in Japan.

No. 51295

I feel I am probably the only pull member that doesn't give a crap about her attitude. She can do what she wants, humans don't have to be perfect angels all the time. Idk what the big deal is, I like her spunky attitude. Even looking back at the really old videos of her doing live streams she was fucking mental, but hilarious. Shame those videos got took down from YouTube like the Sweeney Todd one, it was great.

No. 51321

She can't get Japanese citizenship. lol

But she can get permanent resident status, although it would require living there for 10 years without moving back in-between.

You can get it as a "Highly Skilled Foreign Professional" but that would imply stuff like scientist, professional chef or other things she would never be related to.

Or if she gets married (loool) she can get it after 3 years of marriage.

No. 51323

Nah, I don't care either.

No. 51432

Where did you hear that Dakota brought a guy back last time? I know in Kiki's video she mentioned Dakota bringing a 'friend' back with her to the states and that was Kiki's 'reason for learning Japanese', so she could talk with the 'friends' Dakota brings back and their families (lol yeah, t0tez not because you want to be your sister or anything). But I don't remember reading she straight up brought a guy back. But it makes a lot of sense given how Kiki said she wanted to be able to talk to them and their family. I could definitely believe Kota has a bf.

No. 51462

Kiki was really reaching for reasons to learn Japanese in that video. Weebs who want to learn Japanese to watch unsubbed anime or play imported games have much more valid reasons to learn imo. I'd have a lot of respect for her if she'd just outright said, "I don't care about Japan, I just want to be famous like Kota."

Dakota better hold onto her man tightly! I'm imagining a scenario where Dakota brings a man back to Florida, Kiki locks him in her "office," and starts pole dancing to seduce him. I can't get her busted ass trying to seduce a man out of my head. Other than that scenario, imagine bringing home a foreign friend and a family member clings onto your friend while speaking an incredibly broken version of their language.

No. 51469

I don't believe one minute she'll be a fashion designer. Celebrities like really well known models sometimes hop unto singing or collaborating with designers to create a brand (or paying designers and seamstresses and applying their name to it) but Dakota has nowhere near the popularity to do that.
Or she could study her ass off for years but then again no way that would happen.

I doubt she'll be able to bounce once her modeling career is dead, she has no personnality whatsoever to get invited to shows and can't get into singing or fashion design. Plus let's be honest, she got no sense of style and never had. In her tumblr era she probably copied what was in but her outfits are mostly weebish and cringe inducing now.

No. 51473

File: 1424354307791.jpg (61.77 KB, 719x405, sadsad.jpg)

She looks really cute in her new video.


No. 51475

I think Taylor looks cuter than Dakota here.

No. 51485

Shit, I thought this was Dakota at first and I was like "wow, she seems cheerful for once", kek.

No. 51492

this taylor chick is crazy

No. 51510

Where did she post that video? It's not on her Youtube

No. 51512

Holy fuck I thought that was Kooter nevermind

No. 51513

You know, when you don't follow this Taylor girl at all and only get random updates of her by seeing new photos every few months, you really starkly notice her deterioration. I literally went back and forth "is that Dakota? no. Wait yes. Wait no" for a few seconds before I read the comments below. And the fact that Taylor looks nothing like Dakota without the fakery gives me heebie jeebies.

But I guess this is the result of a Kota Clone that actually has the right knowledge to accurately clone her.

No. 51514


To be fair not even Dakota looks like Dakota without all that shit on her face/hair.

No. 51533

File: 1424370487135.gif (105.58 KB, 269x350, abs3k8.gif)

What a shame. She already had an established career. Why do this?

No. 51534

File: 1424370535811.jpeg (95.2 KB, 480x640, 174118mstmfr2triq96rsm.jpeg)

No. 51537

She was so beautiful, I would put her on the same level as Kiera Knightley. Jfc why did she do this to herself.

No. 51538

Kota is just introverted. Some things can't be faked. (ISTP maybe?)

She's also a product of her environment, where you got attention from your parents by being the pretty one that everyone takes pictures of.

I'm personally in love with Kota's old (2012) personality. I thought it was adorable.

No. 51540

Taylor R probably deserves her own thread tbh. She's like, 26, and she wears school uniforms and uploads (terribad) dance vids and her "kawaii" transformation is fucking terrifying.

No. 51759

She was genuinely funny at times, but also could be very offensive (I'm not talking about the gross stuff, but the racist, homophobic and pedophilia-centered jokes) and that'd keep me from really liking her back then. It's weird to think she went from not giving a fuck about making funny faces/making herself look ugly for comedic effect, to now barely moving her mouth when speaking in videos, like an automaton.

Yeah, this. I don't think she'll ever be an "open" person and that works against her longevity in this kind of career, unfortunately. BUT she's become comfortable enough that she talks in her gruff tomboyish voice in Japanese now when she used to pretend it was highpitched and cutesy, and she's not afraid to show her true attitude. I think that's as close as it gets for her being open.

>I doubt she'll be able to bounce once her modeling career is dead

This makes me wonder, do you guys think she'll go back to being more active on Youtube and social accounts if her modeling career drops, like she did before she got picked up by Bravo? Or will she let herself fade into obscurity?

No. 51779


Ithink she'll just marry a Japanese dude and become a kawaii housewife so she doesn't have to go back to Florida. Really, I think she'll do anything to stay in Japan (except work on her modeling/public image) because if she goes back to FL, nobody will give a shit that she was ~Dakota Rozu desu~ and has no usable talenta or skills and she'll end up living with her parents and spending all her time online trying to rebuild her popularity like Kiki does now.

No. 51789

Oh please. People have been having negative predictions about her future since 2012. In timeline:

1. When she started going viral, people on tumblr started saying that she "would never survive in the real world" if she can't even handle online criticism, therefore she had no future outside of the comfort of the internet.

2. When Bravo was announced everyone questioned the agency's legitimacy, saying it was fake and no way she would be a model.

3. When her first modeling photos came out everyone said they would soon drop her because she looks nothing like her personal photos.

4. Some self-proclaimed "hate blog" claiming to be a Bravo model lied that Bravo was dumping her and set her profile with the plane icon supposedly meaning that from now on Bravo refused to pay for her.

5. When she started adding frequent videos and be active on twitter, PULL said that it's because she has no jobs.

6. When she was removed from Candy Doll PULL went on to celebrate that they're done with her and this a sign that she's losing work.

7. When she appeared in the commercial with Kyary they said that it was filmed at separate times and stitched together, so she never really met her.


It's been 3 years and none of that has happened, instead she keeps going up.

No. 51810

>It's been 3 years and none of that has happened, instead she keeps going up.

Actually, no. She peaked in Japan about a year ago, her poplarity has been decreasing ever since becayse she's not very active publicly. Popteen has started using her less and less, she isn't doing as many purikura machine shoits, and she hasn't been on TV nearly as much.

Go back to PULL with your "I'm not a Dakota fan or anything but u guise are all so jelly bc shes famou in grorious nippon and ur not" shit. Honestly, I wish I knew why every kawaii weeb thinks Dakota is so huge and famous when really she isn't, as someone said before, she got signed with Bravo because they thought she was already famous thanks to /cgl/ boosting her popularity by talking about her so much. PULL was even created originally to "expose" her.

No. 51813


Literally the only people who think Dakota is anything more than barely known in Japan are jealous western weebs and her sister. In Japan, you have to look for her to find her, she's not plastered on billboards and all over TV.

No. 51814

File: 1424395259126.png (166.87 KB, 349x253, 1b586735f18bf5c28eddd02.png)

I think what's embarrassing is you getting your frilly pantsu in a twist like this. Nobody in here's even proclaiming any of that. Only one person even said "I think her career's coming to an end" in-thread and that's far from saying in definite "her career's dead! she's a has-been!"

Also, being Popteen model for only a year and yet losing appearance in the magazine continuously to the point where she only showed up once in the last issue…seems like the opposite of "keeps going up" currently!

No. 51817

Is this her latest Popteen pic? She/they didn't even bother to shoop her it looks like.

No. 51820

Damn, she looks much older in this pic

No. 51827

File: 1424396163941.jpg (64.19 KB, 600x800, B9afn-NCUAE4cOF.jpg)

Nah, I just chose it to accompany my post since I felt it captures the mirthful reaction from reading that butthurt anon's post.

Here's the latest Dakootz Popteen mag pic, courtesy of kontrakoti.

No. 51829

Ah, ok. Still nowhere near her usual amount of shoop, and it's a pretty grainy pic buy it loos like she isn't even smiling? Is that one of those tiny shots of the other models they scatter around the bigger pics of the main models? That would explain the quality.

No. 51830

is this the one pic she had in the mag that everyone is talking about? it looks pretty tiny and sad tbh.

No. 51832


If Popteen is an accurate representation of what Japanese youth consider cute in terms of fashion, then I know I'll never be cute because that outfit is boring as hell.

No. 51837

this is a bit of an unflattering picture. She looks far better smiling with no teeth showing.

No. 51841

Popteen is mainly brand marketing, they don't show what is popular with teens but what brands want to sell them as popular.

No. 51843

Yep, I think you're spot-on, especially considering the size of the skirt to her left which must be the focal model for the whole page. This cap looks to be blown-up just so Dakota's more visible and that's why it's blurry.

No. 52205

According to kontrakoti, a lot of brand and makeup websites that once had Kota plastered all over their banners and features are remiving her from their websites almost completely, or completely in some cases (Candydoll, luvlit.jp).

No. 52273

She wanted those weeabucks.

No. 52288

Makes no sense because there really isn't and money in the 'Living.Doll' thing. It was really only popular online.

No. 52290

No. 52291

I'm a big SV fan. I did not Sid and Nancy from this. It looks pretty boring and uninspiring.

No. 52292

The way she holds the gun annoys me. That guy is hideous.

No. 52303


There is nothing Sid & Nancy about this. At all. It's too cutesy and too clean just for starters.

No. 52308

I think it was really intentional.
>P150 「ダコタ・ローズちゃん 表紙風」

No. 52419

12 year olds taking 'photography' pictures on their camera phone quality

No. 52424

I dig it.

No. 52427

For some reason Japanese magazines are like most Japanese websites: low res, pixelated and horribly arranged.

No. 53448

Isn't it because mobile access/usage is such a huge thing there? I think a lot of priority is put on mobile design rather than desktop design for that reason (or so I've heard).

No. 53459

I think you're right. This is slightly ot, but if you just look at comparisons between home console gaming and mobile gaming there's a pretty big difference in sales. I've heard in Japan people work more hours than in the west, so a lot of people just wouldn't have the time for their computer or whatever. With mobile stuff, they can use it to pass the time on the train and stuff.

No. 53477

Anyone have link to that super old video of Dakota at the dinner table with her parents and Kiki?

No. 53516

No. 53521

Autism at its finest.

No. 53522

This family is all kinds of frightening..

No. 53626

I'm fucking crying, I read this before clicking on the video and didn't expect to see such a superb example of autism.

No. 53629

The whole time it was focused on Kota.
Kaka was just kinda there screaming like the autistic pig she is.

No. 53634

Honestly, this was kind of really nice to watch. They're just all goofing around and being themselves and a family. It's nice compared the the Ice-Queen way I usually view DR. Maybe it's really odd, but it looks like she'd be fun to hang out and have a good time with.

No. 53636

Yeah. They basically work Japanese people (especially the men) to death. A lot of people who like mobile games are usually high schoolers since they have a bit more time.

No. 53639

It doesn't work for me.

No. 53640

Just went on it, anon, it's working for me

No. 53728

to be honest, nothing is secret or surprising about the girls' behavior in this video. kiki still makes kooky videos and dako occasionally posts LINE chats between her and kaka and they are goofy as heck

No. 53731

this video makes me believe kota's age claims are true. she sounds very young here. like 11 at the time. whereas kiki was 14 or so?

No. 53732

Correct. Are there still people that doubt her age after all the evidence that the proofs of her being older were unreliable/flawed?

No. 53746

I also believe her age claims. The only reason Kota looked older in her scene pictures is because of heavy makeup, shoop, etc. Kiki, I'm not exactly sure about, she looks old either way and she constantly lies about things to save her ass. Part of me feels like she lied about being younger to help her look like a victim. But the other part feels that she lied about her age to be on myspace, to seem more mature, etc.

No. 53750

It is safe to say that most scene fags looked older than they actually were with all that makeup slapped on and hooker outfits.

No. 54576


Do you have a rar of this girl?

No. 54715

I was reading popteen and dakota was only on 4 pages

No. 54735

File: 1424905065064.png (1.25 MB, 1280x800, tmp_18516-4190438943.png)

You must have been reading an older issue because she's only in the March 2015 twice, two tiny, crap quality pics on one page where she isn't even the focus of the page.

Anywho, Kooter's gonna be on TV again, a show called "Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo" or "Legal Office: Advice So Good You Stand in Line". Never seen it so I have no idea what it's about, but the preview images have her side by side with her shoops from back in the day.

Points to whoever can read that kanji, I haven't studied in like 2 years.

No. 54749

google it, basically all before/after pictures. i guess everyone got tired of her so she needs more attention

No. 54750

Before/after pics of what? Just her face? Maybe she got plastic surgery to look more hafu to stay relevant.

No. 54753

How she looked as child vs now.

No. 54758

That doesn't make any sense. On Kontrakoti the preview images show shots of her next to her shoops from 2012ish.

Her absence was probably her either having some work done (the question mark on 整形しない? makes it sound like a question, not definite "it's not plastic surgery!") and recovery, or she thought up some new makeup tricks to make her face look completely different from the 100 other looks she's created over the years.

Personally my ojective vote is for plastic surgery. It isn't the huge taboo in the east that is is in America especially, but I could see Dakota still lying about it because she's insecure- after all, she lied about something as trivial and harmless as wearing circle lenses when it was plainly obvious she was, so I wouldn't put lying about a nose job or jaw shaping past her.

No. 54767

yup, i agree.
btw thanks to whoever made me write that kanji combo, you reminded me of how much i suck and my brain hurts lol

No. 54768

That was actually what I meant, don't forget how old she was in 2012…

No. 54773

After I did gloogle the show's usual contents is is probably about how she didn't "age" which isn't hard with how old she shooped herself before.

No. 54774

It makes the most sense, and explains why she's been fading out of Popteen, they probs ran out of pics of her on hand and had to cut back.

She wouldn't be the first and definitely not the last model to have work done and lie about it outright. Her entire career is based on her face and her making herself look half Japanese, her body and her modeling aren't up to par (sorry, but it's true) and everyone has seen her face without her hafu shoop and makeup tricks. She's supposed to be this ~magical makeup transformation guru~ so any work she does get, she'll just say it's a new super secret technique she invented.

No. 54777

File: 1424909731920.jpg (42.56 KB, 600x594, B6V7uSTCQAE9vRo.jpg)

Doesn't look like if she got surgery to me.

No. 54780

It's not like she can't post pics she already had saved. It would actually be a smart move tbh. And it's much easier for her to post saved pics herself on her own social media than it is to hand over some headshots to Popteen and say "here, use these", which she couldn't do bc they would want full body pics of her wearing what they want in the magazine.

No. 54783

>caked with makeup
>selective lighting
>tilted head

You can't tell anything from that, goofus.

No. 54786

i just think it's going to be a short bit about her talking shit about angles or whatever. just because it says 整形 it doesn't mean it's about plastic surgery necessarily, but in asia it's the most common thing to do.
i think the main point here is that any japanese girl shopping the hell out of her face would never make it to popteen or any other model agency. but she's white, kind of cute, and shopping her most likely means profit - so they do.

No. 54791

How many times can she keep trying to jump back into relevancy every time her popularity declines by going "it's 100% natural, no plastic surgery!!!"? It might work a few times, but then what?

Dakota, start learning a skill ffs. You can go to school in Japan and do shit there you couldn't have ever done in FL, don't blow it by riding on your makeup techniques because those won't work when you age too much. You got ahead of the curve by shopping yourself older, but shoppin yourself yoinger down the line won't work nearly as well.

No. 54792

Because you totally can't see her usual bad features (deep laugh lines, wide nose, chubby face).

No. 54800

File: 1424911734319.jpg (162.77 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Her LINE profile picture. Idk if it was posted.

No. 54801

File: 1424911885030.jpg (105.24 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Aren't her lips starting to look like Tsubasa's? O_ô

No. 54802


The kanji looks to be names to me, like maybe presenters and stuff?

No. 54803

>her usual bad features
>chubby face

Her "chubby face" is part of why she still finds work you idiot. Round faces with european features = cute in Japan.

No. 54806


She looks like she's trying to make her lips look like :3

No. 54812

she doesn't have a wide nose, are you stupid?
and it's not a chubby face, it's a bulky jaw. Weightloss wouldn't change it

No. 54814

When can I view this? I might be able to record

No. 54816

No. 54849

What shooping tools does she use? I need to know her magic.

No. 54894

Probably looks that way because she seems to fill out her lower lip more. She used to hide it w/ foundation.

But yeah, she does.

No. 54895

No. 54919

Wtf her nose isn't wide you must not be able to fuckin breathe out of your nose if its slimmer than that tf. Its more long/big than wide….

No. 54933

Dat fringe game.

No. 54935

lmao everything you listed is not evident in that photo at all. Really, look again without trying to be a hateful bitch.

No. 54983

This picture is cute and all, but all the blur and photoshop make my eyes hurt. Dakota is a cute girl, why does she edit herself so heavily? This is way overkill.

No. 54994

Then please show where the plastic sugery should be.

No. 55011

lol, I'm not this >>54783 anon and I don't have an opinion on whether she's had plastic surgery or not, I'm only saying that she doesn't look how you described her, not because she 'has had surgery', just because she actually doesn't have those features. At least not in that photo, at all.

No. 55012

jesus why all this talk about plastic surgery? she didn't get it most likely, she's able to make money just from lying and having companies photoshopping her.

No. 55032

Then why do you reply to a comment that is in relation to the plastic surgery claims and yes, she DOES have those features in comparison on her shoop.

No. 55054

Because she hasn't made appearances in a long time and apparently these before/after shows always have a guest who's had plastic surgery?

But I can't imagine she'd say yes to appearing on a show if it's something that'd make it obvious she's gotten work done. Then again, I'm surprised she's doing this just in general because she doesn't want to draw attention to how different her edits have been all across the years, plus she doesn't like to allude to the past in general

No. 55069

no, it's not about guests who's had plastic surgery, rather someone who's changed a lot. and if she had it done, there's no way she'd do this. she will probably make up some reason as to why she looks different, make up, style, etc.
it says ''整形してない?'', which directly translate into ''did not have surgery?''.

No. 55124

line camera or beautycam (meitu app)

No. 55168

This could probably be the reason. She doesn't look like her old photos anymore because she is shooping less. We've seen her real face in Popteen. Now she wants people to get accustomed to and accept her real face on national tv by appearing on such segment so that she doesn't have to shoop as much anymore. It seems she's transitioning and perhaps preparing for more live appearances. Who knows, she might pursue being a tarento soon.

No. 55172

>She is shooping less

I guess you didn't see these pictures

No. 55186

File: 1425004617658.png (604.37 KB, 766x592, dakotaa.png)

No. 55187

best dako comparison yet.
Getting rid of her nasolabial folds/ eye bags makes a world of difference.

No. 55188

She actually looks somewhat human on the left

No. 55207

why is it that she gets such deep folds? Is it because of the shape of her face/cheek bones?

No. 55212

she is so self-conscious about her eyes as well. She likes to edit them to be further apart than they are. Also, you can see she enlarged them on the right, because the white space of her eyeball is larger.

No. 55227

Nuts! Same outfit and hair but totally different face!

No. 55232

the only big difference is the nasolabial folds. her eyebags are still pretty noticeable in the pic on the right.

No. 55233

Yeah I don't think her face looks all that different tbh, aside from eyes and folds.

Aren't her eyes like super uneven, though? Like one's higher than the other?

No. 55251

Her left eye socket is higher placed than the other about 5mm, it is also visible on her older scene pics.

No. 55275

Is her face really uneven or is it shoop?

No. 55282

Yeah, that's the thing she's edited most. There's some other minor alterations/shoops here and there (chin and jaw is a little smaller/slimmer, eyes are a tad enlarged, nose tip is less pointy and lips are smaller). It actually sounds like a lot but she hasn't gone hardcore shoop mode on most of her face here, just on the laugh lines.

No. 55296

Pretty much everyone's face is uneven, just saying.

No. 55307

You know what, i just dont even care anymore. Dakota looks cute in the shooped pic. since literally 99% of the worlds major marketing campaigns involves shoop and mind tricks, i think its safe to say we have all accepted an alternate realty.
The internet also sculpts an alternate reality and we should all just stay there and infulge our inner hedon

No. 55308

Does anyone know what kind of camera she uses to film her youtube videos?

No. 55310

Around 2:23

No. 55315

This anon >>51243 was right. Dakota is just on her phone, not seemingly interacting with the other girls and acting like she doesn't want to be talked to/filmed backstage or wherever they are, while the other girls are super cheerful and fun and being friendly with the camera. I don't dislike Dakota but sometimes this attitude of hers makes me think she's kind of a bitch sometimes.

No. 55316

Obviously she has lines normally, but I'm pretty sure they're only that deep cause it looks like she's holding back a big smile, and that gives anyone a pugface. Look how curled her nostrils are.
Either way she's cute imo, and her shoppage has gotten more controlled as of late, save for the Venus-tier whitening and blush at >>54801

No. 55320

I'm so fucking tired of these Japanese bitches (and Dakota) using 5 filters on their photos. Are they really that insecure? They're models, for fuck's sake.

No. 55326

just because you're a model doesn't mean you're not insecure.
if anything, you probably have a lower opinion of your physical appearance after comparing it to your edited pictures in magazines.
not to mention that a model's life is made up of almost daily casting calls, where your potential employers criticize almost everything about your appearance. Being a model really is not as fun and glamorous as Popteen tries to make it seem, esp. if (like Dakota) your reputation is built on having a supposedly flawless appearance.
Not to mention that you have a very short shelf life if that's your career of choice. Dakota's going to have to find something else to do by the time she's around my age (23) or marry into money. It's actually very fortunate for her that she did turn out to be younger than everyone expected, because otherwise she'd have a much harder time competing.

No. 55330

I noticed this too, but I didn't read it as a 'bitch' move.
Dakota has a large online following, probably none of these other girls have an audience like that.
She's obviously got a lot more to worry about what with being the only foreigner on set as well. I don't speak Japanese, but the way she had to be coaxed into that half-hearted pose and 'yey' just seemed like someone trying to appear upbeat when they're actually feeling stressed, and I can't blame her for that.

No. 55332

Dakota looked super cute. I think she may just be really shy? I dont know. I'm not sure. I do wish she'd show a bit more life, though.

No. 55359

tbh, her being on her phone seems… ok? i know that being a model/tv personality, you should be sociable and friendly but honestly she is in another country and it gets rickin tiring thinking in a second language every damn second. especially if you are a introvert to begin with. forget it. you're doing double duty there - dealing with people AND using all your brain power to communicate in a second language

No. 55363

not as uneven as hers

No. 55364

Tbh I feel like all that would be things that she just has to suck it up and deal with, since being a model isn't the glamorous cakewalk magazines make it out to be, and well, she chose to go to Japan. If being a model and having to think in and speak Japanese is soooo stressful for her that she can't manage to look bored out of her skull 90% of the time, maybe she should think about doing something else.

>she's just an introvert!

Yeah, introvert, but a recluse loner who hardly speaks isn't a great thing for a model to be.

No. 55367

Why would her being the only foreigner on set mean she has a lot more to worry about? She can speak Japanese well, it's not like she's struggling to understand what people around her are saying or anything. She doesn't seem stressed to me, she just seems bored and uninterested. I think you're just making excuses for her tbh.

No. 55371

She does seem bitchy In this vid. Idk How many of you caught it, but when she put her finger up at The camera girl, that was kind of rude, and just The way she was acting was very "get that camera out of my face". I know someone's gonna jump to whiteknight her (but shewas probably tired/didn't want o be filmed/etc), well those excuses don't really apply to models, especially on a set. Being a model on set means you have to be camera ready, and being tired is a part of working for a living, boohoo. And besides all that, Popteen is a cutesy, upbeat girly magazine, Dakota should at least try to emulate that with all they've done for her. She always seems ungrateful and kind of blind to what an amazing opportunity she had fall into her lap, like she takes it for granted- "I'm THE Dakota Rose, they're lucky to have me".

No. 55389

>All these girls putting on fake cute voices and mannerisms for the camera

No. 55390

Jfc the way some of you are carrying on about how cheerful the other models were I was expectiong them to be laughing, throwing confetti, having a mini party, anything. Instead they're all just sitting around killing time before a shoot; some their phones. The only difference is Dakota didn't put her damn phone down when they got to her.

No. 55393

Literally all Japanese girls do this. It's a "kawaii" cultural ting or something. Japanese people are fake as fuck in front of strangers, cameras, and foreigners.

Cheerful =/= OTT cutesy happy funfun. The other girls are trying to appear fun, friendly and happy, Dakota is just like "get that camera off me! I don't have any photoshop on!!". I understand that she acts that way because she's hella self conscious about her face since its 95% photoediting, but jeez, you would think by now she wold at least be okay with showing her actual face, which everybody has seen before without it, she's been there modeling for how long now? They know what she looks like and obvs don't care and shoop her to oblivion anyway.

As a side note, I laugh every time someone says "she's just shy!!!". That bitch ain't shy, she's conceited and keeps her mouth shut about it because it's the smart thing to do. If she were shy she wouldn't have made all those videos and been such an outspoken bitch on all her camshows/twitter before she got noticed for being "kawaii".

No. 55395

That's a good point. The others might be fake as fuck but at least they put the phone down and played the part they were hired to play.

Although I didn't see anyone call her "shy". Introvert isn't a synonym for being bashful. It just means you get sick of other people quicker than the average person.

No. 55401

Anons have called her shy a few times ITT and other threads. Usually they sound like they're trying to paint her as some cute, innocent and sweet little victim of her environment/family, likE some interney Cinderella and it's so obvious they're the bitches from PULL who slung the most shit when she was coming up and now whiteknight and asskiss her shamelessly.

No. 55402

Seconding Meitu app, that shit is baller, you barely have to try as long as your hair and eyeliner look decent. Line camera is good for brightening up darker pics, too.

No. 55411

are you fucking kidding me?
Being a model is perfect for an introvert. A career as a talent, maybe not so much. But as a model, the only requirement is that you look pretty for the camera and be polite and obliging towards your crew.
also you say 'she chose to go to japan' as though the rest of us wouldn't have jumped at a chance to do the same, jfc.

not being a native speaker of the language.
There are people who have lived in Japan for literally decades and are still not considered fluent. Speaking on camera is nerve-wracking enough for most people, but in another language it's difficult on a whole new level. Making a mistake would be humiliating. Dakota's always paid attention to her online audience, do you think she doesn't notice people making fun of her sister's bad Japanese?
I'd be a recluse in her situation, too. Not to mention that Dakota doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation for interacting well with her peers. The only person I can ever recall having 'befriended' Dakota is Charms/Lotte, at least before Charms sold her out to /cgl/.

No. 55414

>and be polite and obliging towards your crew

which she didn't.

>There are people who have lived in Japan for literally decades and are still not considered fluent.

in those cases it's usually older adlts there for work/military placement who have no interest in the language and learn just what they need to get by.

Dakota pretended she could speak perfectly decent Japanese with google translate back when she was still in Florida, and kept that up until that first time she went on tv in Japan and sat there awkwardly. Since then she learned not to speak much in person or on camera until she got better. It's been 3 years or so by now, assuming she had a basic grasp on the language before she got there, immersion learning coupled with thw class/tutor Bravo made her take, her Japanese is good enough for jer to feel comfortable using as much slang as she does, so you can't use that as an excuse. Dakota reads, understands and speaks Japanese perfectly fine, at least JLPT N3 or N2.

No. 55415

Dakota had some irl friends in her early scene phase tho but then the batshit crazy of her family started.

No. 55416

If Kota gave a shit about Kaka getting mocked for her shitty Japanese, she would probably give her some pointers and tell her to knock it off because she sounds like a total jackass.

No. 55419

at first I thought this looked shocking, but the more I look at it it's like, her face looks pretty similar, just her lines are so deep. I feel like that's at least half because of bad lighting.
Side note, but did she change her eyebrow shape? It looks a little odd now

No. 55421

File: 1425084500781.jpg (118.17 KB, 600x800, 20140420_890a3d.jpg)

She draws them more arched? since quite a while but it isn't very visible usually due to her bangs covering them.

No. 55427

your 'crew' is not the same as 'your fellow models'. Dakota isn't shown interacting with her stylists, set technicians or photographers.
Anyways, isn't Dakota's 'persona' supposed to be the disarmingly gruff, casual-speech tsundere type?
It'd be weird for her to act all smiley and insincere for a video like this.

Idk if Kota really cares whether Kiki gets mocked or not. They seem to be pretty distant recently. I'd imagine she just doesn't want the same stigma of being an incompetent gaijin making Google Translate mistakes attached to her.

No. 55428

True. Other than the fact that Kota most likely doesn't like that Kiki's trying to steal her thing, I don't think Kota even reads here, pull, or what anyone posts about her/them in general.

And while Kota is definitely not fluent, I don't think it requires that much for her to speak Japanese. I study another language and know many other people who speak second languages. In my personal experience and from what I've seen, the more you use a language, the more natural it becomes to use it. Kota has actually lived there for almost 3 years, so I think she's fine.

No. 55464

Yes. I have deep folds like that whenever I smile, and people accuse me of making my face all weird, but in reality it's just the shape of my cheeks ::(

No. 55483

Moemo, come on..

No. 55494

your newfag is showing
Moemo was always a bitch in dakota threads, from my recollection.

No. 55515

A sentence like "整形してない?" is essentially just a question in a round-about way (Japanese phrase things like that a lot to be less direct). It's best translated non-literally as, "You haven't had plastic surgery, have you?"

No. 55521

meh, I passed the N2 yet still can't hold a proper conversation. Reading and writing is much easier seeing as you have more time to respond to the information. When speaking you have to come up with a reply much faster to keep the conversation going. I could see her being like me and just suck terribly at speaking yet can manage well online.

No. 55544

Dakota has been living in Japan full time for 3 years, she speaks Japanese. Do you live in Japan? If not, do you use and speak it every day? If not, then that's why you're not good at spoken Japanese.

Jeez, what is with people lately? "Dakota avoids cameras becuz her nihongo probably isn't that good!" You would have to be pretty slow to live there for 3 years, studying the language and still not be able to speak it decently. I'm sure her agency either put her in classes or gave her a tutor.

Face it: she's the same self conscious, yet superficial bitch she always was. Kudos to her for not conjuring some fake ass ~sweet kira kira kawaii elf princess of love and light~ persona like Kiki, but she's still the same foul mouthed white trash Ostrenga she was, she just learned how to keep her mouth shut and keep her shit personality to herself. That's why everyone saying "she needs to act more X/Y/Z or she'll lose her Japanese fans!" are ridiculous. Dakota smiles and acts cute and polite when the cameras are on because that's the only time she really has to. In candid stuff like that video, if she were expected to act a certain way she would have been against a proper background, properly lit and saying her prerehearsed bit like a good little trained monkey. Instead one of the models just decided to do a behind the scenes type of deal and Dakota clearly didn't want to be a part of it.

No. 55562

>"Didn't you"

Um no, it just means "Didn't have plastic surgery?"

Not even directed at her, just a general question.

No. 55565

I do (to both) and I can honestly say that Dakota Japanese is great. Those who say otherwise don't know what they're talking about.

Now all you jelly bitches can go to bed.

No. 55571

So much jelly in this thread.

No. 55584

I can just read through her posts, that's all. She overuses certain phrases to appear knowledgeable about everything. This is her, too. >>55326 I know it.

No. 55590

Edited as much as the other PT models. Not shocking at all imo

No. 55606

no, it's not, it's an open question. more like:
"did she have surgery?" if you want to translate it properly. the show isn't strictly about that, i think they're just curious about her change.

No. 55607

I feel like this thread has gotten so bitch eating crackers… she seriously doesn't do anything lolzy anymore except maybe Photoshop herself like literally every model and celebrity ever. not interesting, or cringy, and frankly everyone bitching about the way she was acting in a 15 second video clip just sound like jealous lolis. obviously she can act how she wants and knows what she's doing because she got over there in the first place and is making a living and supporting herself. I mean seriously, look at the shit kiki is STILL doing and kota looks so fucking normal and down to earth in comparison.

..I just white knighted an ostrenga. ugh. what is my life. seriously though, I'm happy for her. when she first went over to Japan I thought no way in hell she would be there more than 3 months and it's been years. I feel like she finally got the fuck away from her crazy, toxic family and realized that acting like they have done her entire life is not cool or endearing and changed.

No. 55609

File: 1425136348265.jpg (153.99 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

New line profile pic

No. 55616

I lived there for two years. I'm also super socially awkward so I didn't have many irl friends. Again if shes like me that's prolly the reason why she can't speak well.

No. 55623

Did she cut her hair short or is this her doing that weird short hair trick again? It looks pretty legit.

No. 55625

lol, you're paranoid as fuck.
all of those posts are mine. Still not Moemo.
Although we butted heads a couple of times in the early days of PULL, so it's really amusing to me that you think we sound alike.
If I use certain phrases repeatedly, it's because I'm drunk and forgot to read over my post before I hit 'reply'.
Let me guess, you've argued with the little autist, too? You sound like you have a raging hate boner for her.

>i just white knighted an ostrenga
isn't it a bizarre feel?
been following these threads since before the dramaban on /cgl/, never thought it would come to this.
I think Dakota's pretty savvy about managing her reputation. She knows not to respond to her critics directly, but it was pretty obvious she read her own threads and took the complaints into consideration. Her sister's infamy and her earlier tactics are what catapulted her to ~stardom~ but now that she's living independently, she's well-aware that it's not in her best interest to continue providing fresh lolcow milk.

No. 55626

File: 1425144005384.jpg (59.37 KB, 333x500, 20130202-235329.jpg)

Forgot to add the shoop on this one is ridick. Her most recent editing style is so over the top; the skin blur and whitening, almost doubling her eye size and halving her nose size. If she's gonna keep shooping (which she is) she should tone it down somewhat at least. You can barely see her nose.

Pic added is my favourite picture of Kota because she looks almost…natural? It's still shooped, of course, but at least she looks like a fucking human being and not like a pale alien fetus. Plus, 10 points for smile.

No. 55627

I mean, the shoop on this one >>55609
ok, I'm done now.

No. 55629

At least from what I've heard, there's a huge difference between having a 'working' level of fluency and having a 'native' level of fluency.
I think Dakota's probably familiar enough with the language to get about on her own, but not enough that she would manage well compared to other, native talents. There's a certain amount of jocularity amongst, for example, TV talents or hosts…you need to be more than proficient in a language to contribute to that kind of atmosphere.
Idk, maybe I'm too forgiving towards her, but like mentioned above, it's literally fifteen seconds of video. Difficult to say whether she's really a 'bitch' from that short of a clip.

No. 55630

Start watching at 2:10 (Dakota appears at 2:26).

No. 55632

That's not the only instance where we've ever seen her act generally bored/uninterested though. She acts that way a lot, even sometimes in her own YouTube videos (FAQ video, anyone?). She definitely gives off a certain vibe sometimes and a lot of people have noticed it, even fans(?) in comments on some of the Popteen videos she's featured in.

No. 55639

For a "good" job at a large company (not over seas that is), your Japanese has to be JLPT level 1 or 2, not any lower than that, so basically you have to know how to both read and write.

However for Kota she's just a model and she doesn't really need to know much japanese, and since she is a gajin people won't expect her to use formal language most of the time because baka gajin can do whatever baka gajin wants to. But yeah I think her Japanese isn't bad, and she can get by fine with it.

No. 55640

lol she looks so depressed

No. 55700

I can see why they don't use her so much lately, she's really boring.

No. 55701

Most of her following is online, isn't it? Fueled by the jelly of western weebs adding to her views and follower counts.

No. 55724

the ability to rad and write comes before n1/2 lel

No. 55736

You don't know what you're talking about.

It depends on each company & your position. Easy as that. I have foreign friends who know NO Japanese and still work for companies you know.

No. 55754

Yea lol no charisma

No. 55825

Maaan, just fucking cheer up. I get that she might be ~shy~ or whatever, but it's her job. Just plaster on a fake smile for a couple of hours and bounce around like a child, it's not exactly hard work.

No. 55827

Bitch ain't shy, her and her sister's desire for internet fame and followers since they were merely just coming into their teens and the fact that they were always putting themselves out there for attention proves that. She's just unenthusiastic with a shitty attitude. She seriously seems bored by everything.

No. 55834

No, anon. Im talking specifically about jlpt, not work. Reading and writing is not exclusive to n1/2. Anyway its jot like dakota needs to worry about it… Only professional, REAL kobs require proof of language proficiency. All she has to do is blather on about kawaii desoo hea-meiku

No. 55850

Damn, I feel kinda bad for Dakota. It looks like the other girls are leaving her out. Could it be because she's foreign?

No. 55851

I think it's Kota who doesn't want to hang around them, she's really introverted, it seems. It's obvious in this video >>55310 and in others that the girls want to hang out with her, but she doesn't want to hang out with them. They may have given up since I'm pretty sure >>55630 is more recent than the video of Kota blowing them off.

No. 55860

File: 1425225698264.jpg (44.99 KB, 720x399, 10931198_736311119816311_68839…)

Her segment aired and she looks pretty cute.


If you speak some Japanese the questions are pretty boring, just stuff like where are you from, how old are you, have you had surgery etc.

No. 55861

File: 1425226106084.jpg (77.33 KB, 950x679, 10931198_736311119816311_68839…)


She looks so happy, it's nice to see.

Livin' the dream Kota.

No. 55862

File: 1425226346502.jpg (307.36 KB, 1492x675, dfsdf.jpg)

lol, the guy they had stood next to her was Shirota Yu, a half Spanish/half Japanese actor/idol.

No. 55863

She looks beautiful. Her smile is lovely, her legs look so long. For some reason I find her chin/soft jaw line and ears cute. I don't think she needs to photoshop her jaw as it looks feminine youthful as it is. I like that she doesn't put on a cutesy voice here.

No. 55864

Aw his little cardigan, he's cute.

No. 55865

Take away the bangs and hair covering around the face and her head is really huge.

No. 55867

What a weird show.

No. 55873

I'm sure her Japanese isn't as fluent as she/her management want people to believe, which is why they had to simplify the questions. The Q&As were very basic.

I agree she looks cute here. I don't really like her attitude, but it's most likely an image created by her management.

No. 55882


She's lived in Japan 3+ years now, she'll definitely be beyond an intermediate level by now.

It's amazing how fast you pick up a language when you're properly immersed in it every day, you adapt incredibly quickly.

No. 55883

First Kooter live appearance that I actaually liked, she's cute.

No. 55887

oh jesus fuck one of the first things they say to her is YOUR EYES ARE SO BIG
oh god this always makes me uncomfortable

No. 55888

kota is so pretty and small

No. 55889

It's like if they never saw circle lens before.

No. 55891

He's really attractive. I'm not into the whole otp thing but I will say they would actually make a really cute couple. I would love it if they dated because it would be another thing to get Kaka jealous since the only Japanese guys interested in her are old.

I agree, when Kota's real face got out everyone on pull was talking about how ugly/average she is, but tbh I wish I could look like natural Kota.

No. 55893

In comparison to her ~natural~ shooped self she is not good looking tho.

No. 55894

Although PULL is my family, a lot of the members are like Bitchy Aunts who nitpick on everything or irritating little sisters bickering amount each other. It got tiring real quick.

No. 55895

She looks much nicer, prettier, more human in person. God, she would look like a mutant baby alien if she looked like her shoops in reality.

No. 55896

no we all can agree her new shoops look like shit but her old shoops? she's pretty but she was 10/10 gorgeous in them, and her 7.8/10 self looks bad in comparison

No. 55900

File: 1425233227617.jpg (75.57 KB, 482x700, oldkoti.jpg)

I guess you're right, I got so blinded by her recent shitty fetus alien shoops that I forgot that she used to be decent at it. But there is no denying that she is actually pretty anyway.
Picture related: When she used to be good at editing.

No. 55901

This looks really good, but didn't we realize that the old shoops were based on an actual model she was trying to be? And that's why they looked good?

No. 55907

File: 1425234370141.jpg (339.17 KB, 931x1400, 6ef2410599c33e21816012cfc9b7e9…)


The model was Vlada Roslyakova and it was prior to her living doll phase, a period where I'm pretty sure she was starving/purging given her dramatically smaller size at the time.

No. 55909

Someone tweet this to Kaka, pretend to be a fan and compliment how Dakota is super cute so Kaka explodes from jelly

No. 55922

she looks cute and hot, I prefer the natural Kota

No. 55924

the shoes are cooooooooooooooooooooooool <3

No. 55925

File: 1425240869595.png (317.6 KB, 449x436, lolkota.png)


No. 55931

aww, she's really cute here.
She actually looks a bit relaxed here (for being on set and what not)
Her natural smile is really nice. Hope to see it more.

No. 55943

Not gonna lie, I'm supper jelly she got to meet Shirota Yu because I think he's cute as fuck, but I couldn't stop smiling while watching the video. Kota looks so happy and natural and I just think she's so damn cute outside her shooping. Sure, a lot of people think she's plain, but I really do think she's adorable and hope she continues to be happy away from her toxic family.

No. 55955

Huh, I thought she was living with Nao. Guess what they had together is over since she said she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Is this the first time she's been a trending topic on Twitter?

No. 55960

she's cute, but oh god her sense of style is awful. bravo should get her a stylist or something

No. 55965

she may say she has no bf, but aren't aidoru-types not supposed to date since it would 1) crush the hopes and dreams of their mostly male fanbase and 2) destroy their facade of youth and innocence

No. 55970

Yeah, but she's not an idol. If that applied to models like her, she wouldn't have posted about living with him, getting gifts from his mom, making food for him etc. in the past.

No. 55971

Dakota's not really an idol, she's a model. The "no boyfriend" rule is more for idols that play cute/innocent/loli/maiden types.

No. 55977

tbh guys if Dakota has a bf she's likely loathe to reveal who they are or any details about then.

Given certain people's obsessive nature towards her they would undoubtedly track them down + every detail of their past/present and seek to shit talk Dakota to them, ruin their relationship or ruin the boyfriend's life/reputation.

That being said, I still believe Dakota's in the closet.
My dyke detection goes crazy whenever I see her.

No. 55980

Fuck, that's adorable.
She really was lovely in that video. I found myself smiling because of how glad I was to see her so cheerful. And it's not forced either, it's like she's genuinely happy. She seemed a little lost a couple of times but I think she may have not understood some things, that being said her Japanese seems good and her pronunciation is awesome. I really wish she would act this natural all the time. I start to really like Kota when I see the rare stuff like this of her being cheery but then it gets washed away by seeing her do her whole bored ice-queen thing all other times.

No. 55981

What makes you think she's gay? I've heard this a few times from others, but I don't see it. Is it just because she's never been seen with a boyfriend (to my knowledge, could be wrong)?

No. 55985

Not that anon but most people seem to think that because of when Dakota insulted Kiki on Stickam after she called Sailor Mercury a dyke.

No. 55988


Because I'm gay and we have a 6th sense for this shit.

She's just shooting off lesbo auras.
I can feel it.
In my vagina.

No. 55990

File: 1425252178518.jpeg (26.38 KB, 720x960, B_BPPa6UsAEmQsp.jpg-large.jpeg)

No. 55993


kiki said mercury was dakota's fave as a kid and dakota scoffed and said "i didn't like mercury, she was a dyke"

kiki didn't make that comment, and dakota didn't insult kiki

No. 55994

wow, that outfit is really unflattering on her.

No. 55996

inb4 comments about her looking 'fat'.
She seems to have a box-y body shape, but I think she looks just fine. She looks average. I think it's better than the mostly unrealistic thin she shoops herself to be.

No. 55998

Yeah, that's what I thought. And I think the gay assumptions were based on the idea that her saying that apparently made her seem 'insecure' about herself being gay? I dunno, I just think she was being a young brat that thought it was funny to think homosexuality is gross and stuff like that.

No. 55999

That is indeed a really unfortunate outfit. She has such nice legs and the OTKs look great on her, but the shorts make it look like she has major camel toe and like she's square shaped. Also why these shoes?

No. 56000

i don't think it looks bad. i kinda like the shorts on her.

No. 56008

I miss old kota she was so much better and unique now she looms like another kawaii alien fetus grill with a kawaii blawg on tumblr.
She is pretty cute IRL but the supahcutesydesu pastel style is meh on her also her fake cutesy voice on popteen and act when she was doing that heart hairstyle…just no…Her natur voice is deep and pretty and her natural self is so cute

No. 56029

>kota looks so happy

The whole thing was awkward as hell with a hundred cuts. The fake Japanese mannerisms and laughing behind hands stuff she picked up are so weebish.

No. 56030

Not one piece of the outfit matches with the other lol

No. 56031

Just realized it's shot at dat angle to make her look taller.

No. 56047

again, white tights with a light outfit, Kota. thought u learned. it'd look a lot better.

No. 56054

What's with her matching bright/pastel colored outfits with those black thigh socks all the time. Sometimes it looks fine, but most of her outfits would look better without the thigh socks in general or atleast in a brighter color. Also the navy blue shoes look out of place.

No. 56068

Some of her outfit choices are just awful. She has no sense of style, lucky for her she's really good at hairstyling and makeup and doesn't put her own outfits together for paid shoots.

No. 56082

her face looks totally different here

No. 56107

The outfit isn't terrible. Honestly, those shorts just dont work well as a high waist choice.

I really like those kind of shoes with thigh highs. Cute.

No. 56111

The clothes look really tight on her.

No. 56123

wow, the 'omg i smiled sooo much while watching her she looks sooo happy so beautiful' posts in this thread are ridiculous

cut the "wow shes happy im sooo happy for her" PC PULL bullshit, it's irritating af

honestly, this looks like shit

the chin is the size of a satellite, that outfit is terrible and makes her titties look saggy, and it definitely gives her that shapeless boxy look

its not that she's fat or anything, it's that she needs muscle, and i think hip exercises and ab would do her a world of good

her face looks seriously terrible though

No. 56131

It does look like she pulled the shorts up too high, but I get why she does it, she has a not-so-slim midsection, no tits, and narrow hips. JFC she could just do yoga or something 3x a week and fix that but I guess she's just too lazy and doesn't care about looking like a squishy rectangle. She isn't as tiny and skinny as she shoops herself to be, she's good at hiding it with her clothes usually but sometimes, just, damn.

No. 56132

you all need to accept she IS pretty though lol

No. 56134

she's okay, I'd even say plain, but with cute features. Her cuteness is all makeup and shoop. she's all bangs, circle lenses and chin.

No. 56135


Beauty is subjective, so nobody "needs to accept" anything FYI. Kota is cute in her own niche kind of way, but I wouldn't say personally go so far as to say she's pretty. No jelly, I just don't see it. Even Kiki was somewhat pretty with her blonde hairbefore she started trying to become her sistet, but something about Dakota's face is just too… off for me to see "pretty".

No. 56136

She should at least trim them so you can partially see her eyebrows, she looks weird without them.

No. 56137

I just watched the episode, she said she has an interest in fashion and it made me LOL and think of this.

No. 56138

Japan isn't having any of her shit.

So many mean comments about her.

Mostly about her not looking like her photos. The bottom of the page is full of drama and real photos/racist accusations

No. 56139

Good to see that they agree she has chin and forehead for days.

No. 56140

Mean comments? Did the page change because I'm mainly seeing comments calling her cute, saying she must be blessed with being photogenic (kek), and complimenting her legs.

No. 56141

Shit, now I wish I stuck with my learning nihongo phase lol.

Japanese-speaking anons, are any of them particularly lulzy? What's the gist?

No. 56142

jfc the amount of "is she hafu???" is redonk. and wtf is a ハーフタレント?

No. 56143

HAH someone posted tHe gif of kiki and kota making fUn of asians from their racist vid LOL

No. 56144

They're asking if she's a hafu tarento. I guess asking if she's a new Rola.

No. 56146

Just Google Translate the whole page, it should make sense enough to be funny.

No. 56147

Scroll down

No. 56151

Damn I had to load the next page of comments to see most of them. Are the octopus fangirls trying to kawaiify her thread?

No. 56158

File: 1425290937727.jpg (293.87 KB, 800x1130, tmp_25852-Collage 2015-03-02 0…)

Fuck, it won't let me post without a Japanesd IP and I don't know shit about proxies on tablets.

I even made this super kawaii collage!

No. 56164

There's an app for that. I posted it for you, my Japanese is shit but TBH I just wanna stir some drama so idgaf lol

No. 56173

Some of these comments are fucking awesOme, even in shitty Google translator Engrish:

>Dakota moves to Japan for attention. You do not care about the modeling. Just like the attention.

>Honestly was not at all cute. Foreigners so much is to no more cute After growth at the peak. You have the same mistake as the ugly French that says it like a want to be famous in Japan.
>Eyes can not be seen?It's not half 's 100% American
>Balance evil too it's ugly gaijin
>Thats has already jaw long. This does not have a future at the peak now.
>The hate that I hope even if it is no matter to Yoga shaping by misrepresentation of age people are professed and Asian hate are active in Japan
>It 'was cute when I saw in Shibuya in about two years ago (there may also hair and fair complexion correction)
>By age misrepresentation out into the magazine for young people, to habit you have discrimination Asian including Japanese I was coming to Japan in the reason was poison Tteyuu because fuckable and Japan if model It 's impossible at home
>I have this person Colorcon. Immediately be seen by Search by Image The addition is shaping Undeniable fact.
>The wrinkles under the eyes became worried about just me?
>Too much modification. Actually it was not at all cute.
>Face … in completely different ne net and real Why come to Japan anti-Japanese foreign? Please do not come.
>Fotosho fraud.
>Likely whites collapse in two years Ne because degradation is faster
>Sex doll like the creepy! ! This is of being told me cute?
>I model's impossible because height low in the United States, I Japan had said it Tatte come think it's okay because petite women often w And It looks like came from Japan Riadizon also not sell in the United States.
>And because it was useless in the United States and I think me in Japan, I'm selfish I do not want to see the face of the anti-Japanese people on television Na ~
>And before you sell flattery was selling flattery to Korea to Japan And will do whatever was good if Kasegere money from it hit in Yotsube
>But cute, way of speaking was too sorry!
>Cute but, wonder if stomach full and to the other half face looks the same
>But cute, so much goods bad mouth is was not a good.
>I This image is a little scary. I do not want to see in the dark.

No. 56175

Ugly french that wants to be famous in japan? Totally talking about yuriko tiger.

No. 56181

It's funny how almost all Japanese people will act so ridiculously friendly and polite in person but online they're fucking brutal, kek.

No. 56182

I thought Yuriko Tiger was Italian?

No. 56183

Taylor R was mentioned too, they called her an ugly Dakota clone.

No. 56185

In that first post about the show, it days that's her first TV show appearance? Is she trying to reboot her popularity by pretending she's just now getting noticed?

No. 56186

>omg her features aren't 10/10 perfect doll that means she's hideous and said features are the ugliest I've seen ever!!!

Don't be so fucking petty, if you seriously think her chin is 'the size of a satellite' then you're either retarded, blinded by hate or Chin-chan.
I'm all for taking the piss out of Dakota but at least make your insults fucking valid.

No. 56189

She does have a prominent chin, she shoops it much smaller along with her jaw, and her bangs making her face look so much shorter by covering practically half her face doesn't help either.

No. 56190

you briny bitch, they are most definitely valid

in that pic, her tits are hanging v low, and her chin looks, relative to her edits, huge

maybe you're working with a chin the size of Cincinnati so it looks tiny/average in comparison, but it's pretty big. not just long, but wide

No. 56192

File: 1425301316680.jpg (34.75 KB, 384x382, image.jpg)

Ywow great ok she has one prominent feature. But damn calm down she aint jay leno or the crimson chin

No. 56193

Well maybe all the hate is from the japanese equivalents of people like you all lolcows - jelly and hellbent on ripping someone apart
That being being said - only in japan can people openly rip apart other races. In america be prepared to have sjw jump down your throat

No. 56194

Well she certainly ain't helping herself by choosing to have her bangs so long they cut her face in half. It reminds me of those awkward girls in middle school who would always try to hide behind their hair. Unfortunately for Dakota it isn't a good look for her face shape.

Also, you telling me to calm down is cute since I wasn't even who you were replying to originally and you were the one acting devastated just because some anons said her chin was big and it rustled your jimmies. Nice projection btw.

No. 56195

>all the hate is from jealous Japanese lolcows

Lol, really? So Dakota is a sweet, innocent little princess and everyone who says she's vulgar and doesn't look anything like her shoops is just jealous?

Take your Kotaboner back to PULL and stay there with it. She isn't going to notice you because you stick up for her online, to her you're dogshit unless you're Japanese anyway.

No. 56197

lol, right. that's not it. it's the blatant misrepresentation of 'ethereal beauty' that people are reasonably upset about. sure, some people are jelly that's she's pretty, but tbh, she's mostly an average to pretty girl, not some timeless, eastern european looking, elfish waif doll.

she edits herself to oblivion, young girls see this, and feel like shit about themselves, when it's all a farse.

it's one thing if the companies decided to do this, but tbh, nearly every company she's worked for has given her a more natural look than what she's publicized herself.

she's very average. has no talent, no skills, and adopts a new persona every time she has the opportunity to take one on, just like her crone faced sister.

No. 56198


It's not that ~everyone is just jealous omfg~, it's that Dakota is marketing herself as a 100% Natural Real Barbie Living Doll when the truth is it's literally all fake. It's not about if she is or isn't cute, it's about her not being anything like what she claims to be imagewise and people don't like it because she's being praised as this perfect exotic beauty, and in reality she's a flabby plain looking average white girl covered in layer upon layer of fakery and lies.

No. 56201

Nice sweeping generalization, jackass. Now go back to PULL.

No. 56202

One of the hilarious and sad parts of the TV appearance is when Yu (the tall guy) came up to her and asked if that was her real eye color… to which she said yes.

She probably felt she wasn't lying, because she picked circle lenses that matched her own eyes, and chose the half-circles that are blank in the middle.

No. 56203


as if it doesn't affect japanese girls that want to smear potentially carcinogenic hydroquinone on their bodies and get jaw/nose/whatever surgery when irl their idol is average af

No. 56205

but people don't often raise their kids right, no. 1, and no. 2, do you think a 12 year old girl knows what she has to offer people, other than appearance, when the majority of female role models are chosen for their appearance alone?

No. 56207

if some idiot goes and damages or kills themselves because they dont feel "pretty enough" after seeing kooter, I say good riddance…we have enough vain useless bitches on this earth and wont be a big deal if we lose a few, to be very honest.

No. 56208

Dakota's Japan debut TL;DR

>Dakota: -uploads shoops to tumlr, emasses many followers, Google translate Japanese, Sailor Moon desu- mm yess attenton

>Asia(not Japan): wow living doll real or fake? photoshop and makeup or otherworldly beauty???
>Dakota: Ni hao~ Saranghae~
>Bravo: OMG this gaijin is so beautiful AND it's all natural?! And she speaks Japanese and has a ton of followers, she must be famous! She's unsigned? QUICK, GET HER A CONTRACT!
>Dakota: Lel fuk u korea and china JAPAN HERE I COME!
>Japan: OMG wow her eyes are so big and her lips and chin and jaw are so small and she's so pale how kawaii!!
>Dakota: (on JP TV) Ohayou~ Dakota de-su~
>Japan: …wait a minute… wtf?
>Popteen: THIS ISSUE! Kawaii girls fashion and makeup! (and Dakota Rose, pg. 32)
>Innocent World: She's white and in Japan, we can use her.
>CandyDoll: She's a pro with circle lenses, we can use her.

I had way too much fun with this.

No. 56209

How did you post on there? It won't let me post even though I've been using Japanese proxies.

No. 56210

>you briny bitch
Aw, have you been waiting for a chance to use that one? If anyone's salty here, it's you; pulling weak and irrelevant insults out of your ass due to your blatant jealousy. You'd have to be pretty insecure about yourself to go on and on and exaggerate how someone's average features look ssooo fuked up and ugly omg gross!!!

lol actually >>56192 isn't even me. soz m8.

No. 56211

I dowloded an app called HideMe VPN, selected Japan, restarted my browser and it just let me.

No. 56212

Thank you so much, anon!

No. 56213

hi Kiki.

No. 56216

ya bc people haven't been talking shit about her chin for ages, right? even the ass kissers on PULL have shit all over her meaty chin. average feature on a reg person =/= average features on someone that edits her face like mad, claims to be 100 ORGANIC ALL NATURAL and is proven to have a larger than average jaw/chin

No. 56217

File: 1425304651865.jpg (20.1 KB, 311x311, newfag.jpg)

Kiki expressing something that isn't pure jealousy toward Kota? Impossible.

No. 56219

oh, /pt/, you're getting more and more like the old /cgl/ every day. all thanks to kooter and her buttmad pull whiteknights who both obsess over and want to be her, yet seethe jealousy and hatred for her anonymously.

No. 56220

File: 1425305167266.jpg (43.89 KB, 377x514, kiki.JPG)

I fucked up and it's not letting me select Japan. I'm not even going to bother since I really suck with this kinda stuff. I was going to post about Kiki since I need some more Kiki drama. My Japanese sucks but if you also want to stir some shit with Kiki this is what I wanted to post, "中央の人がダコタの姉、キキ・カンニバル(Kiki Kannibal)と言う。キキも反日外人が日本で有名になりたい、94のGIFで右の人。彼女ら間には、ダコタが腹黒い行動に詫びた、キキが腹黒い行動に信認しない。ダコタが腹黒いになったのはキキの影響であるだろう。" With pic related.
(Also if anyone has any criticisms on my Japanese, please share them.)

No. 56224

I live in Japan, so quote me with whatever you want me to post

No. 56225

Done. What does it say?

No. 56227

I feel like there needs to be mention of their poor white trash upbringing and how they had no friends because their parents (who don't work) pulled them out of school pushed them to become internet famous. Also how Kiki got a guy killed.

No. 56228

Thanks! It says, "The one in the center is Dakota's older sister, she is called Kiki Kannibal. Kiki is also an anti Japanese foreigner who wants fame in Japan, she is on the right in the >94 gif (it's the gif of Kiki and Kota doing their impression of Japanese people). The difference between them is that, Dakota apologized for her awful behavior, while Kiki doesn't acknowledge it. I think Dakota became mean because of Kiki's influence." I wanted to add more about Kiki, like the Danny drama, but I just didn't know how to word it.

No. 56230

"They didnt have any friends growing up due to being plled frOm school by their parents to pursue internet fame on myspace, which led to kiki dating a famous myspace scene boy named danny, who was 19 (idr how old he really was) and moved in with kiki when she was 14. kiki bragged on myspace about having sex with him often, and danny got kikis face tattooed on his body. cathy would also collect their used condoms for.unknown reasons. danny left when he discovered kiki was lying about beIng older and dumped her, causing her to seek revenge. she posed as another girl and sent messages to danny asking to meet her at a mall for sex and drugs. kiki and her family went to the mall with the police and claims that danny raped kiki and amushed him, causing him to run and jumo frOm the roof of a parking garage and falling to the ground. he was taken to a hospital in a coma and died 3 months later.

to save face, kiki claims danny savagely raped her regularly while they were living together, yet viciosly slanders his name online. years later, she makes threats against people who disagree with her by saying "the last guy to cross me ended up dead".

I tried to shorten it as much as I could, but that's a lot of drama. And fuck me, but whle I was writing the part about him jumping off he roof, I thought to myself "holy shit, a 14 year old girl not only caused the death of an innocent guy, but more than likely saw him fall" and i had to stop for a second. that bitch is evil.

No. 56234


There are several links in the comments to what looks like a softcore Japanese truth blog about Dakota, maybe some Japanese speaking anons can check it out and contribute?


No. 56239

I'm gonna try my best to translate this, but it'll be hard for me to. I'm still quite the beginner at Japanese and can only write simple clauses. I think someone even said I was a "Japanese impaired foreigner" in the comments, lol. Though, I think it'd be best to try out this anon's idea >>56234

No. 56242

If you japanese is so bad, don't try such complex sentences. Just say "this is dakota's sister”
I would also ask a question stir shit like "彼女も名声見つかるでしょう?"

No. 56245

i don't know why it's so interesting for people, it's basically the same as any other blogs ..

No. 56247

this, basically. it's make gaijin look even worse.

No. 56255

the way this guy was looking at her made it seem like he was interested. what were they saying about her eyes? something about her makeup?

No. 56262

I feel like you guys are beating a dead horse if that's your only excuse for disliking her.
This shit has literally been going on for years, and the only reason why Dakota is attacked for those titles (as opposed to the two hundred girls on tumblr who are proudly proclaiming themselves kawaii elf princess living dolls uguu in desperate imitation of her) is because she's successful.
If she wasn't, these adopted titles would just be a reason to pity her rather than nitpick every minor flaw in her body and face.

products containing hydroquinine are banned in both the U.S. and Japan. Plus, Japan is known for having high standards for skincare products, they don't need yo' dollar store bleach.
It's true that some girls might be insecure enough about their appearance to get plastic surgery, but I don't see anything wrong with that if it makes someone happier and more confident.
This argument is grasping at straws.

No. 56265

EU* not US my bad

No. 56272

most of it is just blind hate with thinly veiled excuses for doing so
how bored do you have to be, jaysus

No. 56287

Why are some people even on this site? This is all about gossip and you don't need any deep reason in order to be abel to gossip about somebody.

No. 56295

I don't get why people insist on saying she's really cute and has long legs or whatnot.
Like, because some anons are shitting so bad on her, others have the opposite reaction and think she's a sugoi kawaii model.

Let's be honest she's not. She somewhat cute but her belly is unfortunate and I fail to see how her legs are awesome, they seem above average at best and with huge pumps.
She has a cute nose and her face is ok I guess but her chin is terrible to shoot at certain angles. Let's face it, she's a good model if you think marketing yourself is a huge part of a model work, then yes. If we only take shootings, modeling and figure into account she's not model-like.

I want to see her next move though, she can't model forever.

No. 56296

Dakota is far less entertaining than all the people that have been posted here only to have to have a bunch of anon's scream "they're not a lolcow ur just jelly!!!!". If people like Creepyeha "aren't lolcows" then Dakota certainly isn't. She hasn't done anything entertaining for years and years, and even then it was more to do with her being pulled into all of Kiki's shit.

I'm all for gossiping about whoever, it's just fucking annoying when people whine that certain people shouldn't be posted because "they're not lolcows" yet Dakota still has a thread.

No. 56297

If Kota reads PULL of these threads I wish people would start to encourage her to work out more.
Stupid tweens on PULL were all like "Nooo I don't want her to be all muscly" uh you won't ever be super muscly if you properly work out.

VS Angel do yoga and even boxing to keep a good figure. Nobody ever said they looked like butch

No. 56309

A lot of people in the u.s. are like that too,. especially the south. They give you a bit of that ol' southern hospitality and the second you leave they're getting ready to turn you into the afternoon topic of conversation

No. 56310

Idk I think SK takes the title in making themselves look fake

No. 56311


Shit… this is so true.

I've gotta wonder why some people are on lolcow if they don't like people talking badly about their sweet Dakota. Go back to PULL.

No. 56315

>you all lolcows - jelly and hellbent on ripping someone apart

>obsess over and want to be her, yet seethe jealousy and hatred for her anonymously.


only feels like jealous weeaboo girls that want to ruin her image in japan to make themselves feel better



jfc, you keep interjecting this shit in the thread every several comments or so when none of the discussion has a lick of jealousy in it. nobody's fucking obsessed with her. at best people think she's cute and at worst they think she's boring. you're trying it, though!!

you're grasping at straws to make this thread seem full of mean comments and jelly, yet you're probably the samefag who was flooding the last thread with bitchy comments about that liz girl. hypocrisy kek

No. 56321

Yeah, her features look androgynous there to me.

And I thought only her YT comment section was dumb enough to even consider her hafu…

No. 56383

I hope you guys are shit stiring for fun because Japan isn't going to care about most of her past dramu. They don't care about lgbt rights and if she claims she was just making fun of the Chinese it might even get her some fans. Plus she can play the young and stupid and poor upbringing cards.

The main thing that's pissing them off is how different she looks from her edits. If you really want to have fun find those collages that show how she's shopped herself differently over the years and post then.

No. 56401

File: 1425334316099.gif (188.61 KB, 345x474, dako.gif)


No. 56412

File: 1425336018285.gif (597.38 KB, 264x380, seriously.gif)

Honestly, it's not much more shooping/filters than most people on tumblr/instagram have nowadays.
There have been worse cases.

No. 56413

Is her right eye really that much lower than her left? I've seen this issue with some breasts (one slightly bigger than the other) but not with eyes before.

No. 56415

She looks like a fucking picaso painting. rofl

No. 56430

Right? Obviously opinions on beauty aren't subjective but mere fact, it's impossible for someone to actually find Kota remotely attractive, let alone cute, it's all a ploy to counteract all the negative comments she always gets for some reason.

No. 56487

Its the difference in angles in the pics making it look more dramatic, but they are uneven. Although, it's not out of the ordinary to have uneven eyes, very few people have perfect facial symmetry, but the naked eye doesn't usually pick up on it.

No. 56531

>PULL shit complaining about pettiness while in a place where you're supposed to be petty

The comments were from the Japanese thread talking about her face.

No. 56533

Yeah that poster seems to be super defensive about big chins, says a lot between the lines.

No. 56534

He was looking close to see if her eyes were real, she obviously had lenses on though.

No. 56535

he asked if its the real color. she said yes. he said its pretty. she said thanks.
that was a cute moment tho, when she looked up at him and he looked down at little koot

No. 56539

also, besides that, the host asked whats her type. she said "oji-san" which is just like uncle/old guy
after, she just said she wants to be on tv more, she didnt know it would be this fun.
thats basically it

No. 56542

You know what I think is funny?

PULL was created to call Dakota out when /cgl/ got sick of having threads about her that weren't board relevant. It's entire purpose was to expoe her salty, bitchy, rotten cunt personality and how fake she was (and discuss other weeb girls like her), and until the trip and namefags overtook it, it was doing a pretty good job.

Then suddenly Dakota gets noticed by Bravo and moves to Japan and suddenly PULL and weebs all over the internet can't stop whiteknighting her and kissing her ass, talking about how much she's ~changed~ and ~matured~ by living in Japan, even though 99.9% of them never met her or spoke to her online or off.

It's funny to me because it proves just how stupidly desperate they are to defend anything Japan likes no matter what, because Grorious Nippon can do no wrong so if they like Dakota, then obviously it means she's 100% completely different and fully reformed desu~!!

No. 56544

And then the PULL kids come here, and the cycle will continue lol

No. 56545

What was the source on this? She's so shooped thinner and face smaller on the final shots.

No. 56546

Eh, the time when she got signed to Bravo was the one where she got exposed the most but after years of nothing changing at all discussing her got boring because there is hardly any new drama, most of the original members don't post anymore in her forum.

No. 56553

That's it though, they started whiteknighting her just because she stopped producing lolcow milk when she actually got to Japan. That's the only reason they like her, because she's in Japan and living every weeaboo girl's dream (except the ojisan thing maybe?). They act like she's so rformed because she hasn't started any shit in a while, but even that is only because she no longer gives a shit about anyone who isn't Japanese.

No. 56595

How can you read something and miss the point so bad ?
If you think she's cute even with her stumpy frame that's ok but trying to pretend she got legs that never end or not anything problematic with her apple shaped figure you're deluded.

No. 56604

File: 1425377781749.jpg (127.08 KB, 777x1027, circle_lenses____by_punkgaarag…)

Her lenses are super obvious when compared this way. Does she wear circle lenses with only a slightly bigger diameter than her actual iris? I'm thinking that's how she gets away with fooling people into thinking they're her real irises and that she just has big 'dolly' eyes, because they're not so big that they look incredibly obvious. I mean, compare her to any other white girl wearing circle lenses and hers look quite natural, and I mean in candid pics/videos/instances where she can't use shoop. Pic related.

No. 56613

She wears the Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown lenses, I believe they're 14.5mm, though pinkyparadise now says they're 14.2mm. They may look more obvious in person since the lenses have a thick black limbal ring.

No. 56616

File: 1425383990406.jpg (170.94 KB, 1075x539, img.jpg)

>>56604 >>56613

They aren't larger than these ones. Same brand, same series.
That brand goes natural and "dolly" at the same time in person. Those look huge :x

No. 56618


She ain't wearing no brown lenses what are you chatting goy.

No. 56642

Do you even know how the mentioned lenses look? Because they are just a outer ring with a bit of brown fading towards the middle but depending on the eye color they look grey.

No. 56673

File: 1425398131502.jpg (57.12 KB, 544x592, lenseru.jpg)


No. 56674

File: 1425398195166.png (152.8 KB, 498x244, kotakotilens.png)

She either wears Beaucon Shimmer Blues or Geo Angel Blue lens.

I dont know why she'd lie about that on set. No one has light eyes with that thick of a dark outer circle. Let alone take up that much of the eye naturally. C'mon Kota.

No. 56680

No way. Beaucon Shimmers are much smaller. I own a pair in brown.

No. 56683

File: 1425398706452.png (122.63 KB, 373x340, Kotakoti_fake_eyess.png)

Dakota's always worn lenses with a very slim limbal ring, never as thick as the Princess Mimi series. idk what you're smoking but I want some.
I think Beaucon Shimmers is a lot more likely. Pic related from ED.

No. 56692

File: 1425399435170.jpg (42.05 KB, 600x800, 8f0f7a9d6d6d75fbec2e9fc3436d62…)

It's not like if she wears the exact same all the time.

Pic related looks like >>56673

No. 56700

It's possible that she changed the type of lense that she wears, but remember that this picture is also from a photoshopped advertising shoot. They would have made adjustments to color & facial features.
Also, I'm not sure about this, but aren't most models required to show up to shoots without lenses or prior styling…? Idk if Japan is as rigorous about this, since I've heard accounts that claim Dakota does her own makeup at shoots, but at least at castings it's normally required that you wear minimal makeup.

No. 56730


yet another loophole by the ostrengas.

literally im pretty sure all real models are supposed to go to castings with a fairly natural look. dakota never mentions casting - just photo shoots. but of course, why would she mention casting - where editors and whatnot rip you apart.

actually most of her major updates are just saying "photography is done"

No. 56733

File: 1425410085328.jpg (231.49 KB, 736x981, korea.jpg)

I think it's interesting that Japan allows her to do her own makeup in every single shoot. But when she went to Korea, all of photos clearly had makeup done by other people (not to mention that their shoop was a million times better).

No. 56742

File: 1425413218771.jpeg (86.15 KB, 400x600, Dakota-koti-play-etude-house-s…)

Korea has also seen through her bullshit very fast

No. 56760

That shoop makes her hair look so nice and thick.

No. 56763

she has black rim around her eye. What a bad liar.

No. 56818

You're supposed to send in candid shots of youraelf, usually in a bikini with little to no makeup and your hair pulled back to agencies before you even get signed and she never did that with Bravo, they just snapped her up because they thought her shoops were real.

If she had actually done a proper casting, she would still be in Florida living with her parents and sister.

No. 56823

In 2011 she tried modeling in America, and said on twitter that the agency woman said "omg, you look just like your pictures! and you're so tall", as well as "I see you're the 'my eyes are too big for my head' type".

Then never spoke about her again.

No. 56826

Weird, I found the second but not the first.


No. 56881

What a load of horse shit. Dakota, tall? Pfft. Nobody relevant scouts for models in Florida except Miami anyway.

No. 56884

The tweet that followed was her saying "and then I looked down at my shoes".

It looks like she completely removed it. I can't even find the keyword "tall" anywhere in her tweets. I know that these two tweets were referenced on PULL once and that must be why she deleted them.. though it was mostly likely because of the "you look just like your pictures" part.

No. 56892

File: 1425429134673.jpg (45.96 KB, 751x480, oct22013.JPG)

Speaking of deleted shit, when people were talking about the picture Kaka gifted to Kota, I went looking for the ameblo entry where she talks about being grateful for her sis despite their fights, and it's no longer there. Here's the tweet pertaining to it, though.

No. 56893

are you sure it was on twitter?
For some reason I feel like it was on her tumblr.

No. 56897

pretty sure it was twitter..

No. 56898

No. 56969

it's weird how they wouldn't accept that considering how fake koreans are themselves about appearance

No. 56970

Because she insulted their national dish.

No. 56973

It's really interesting seeing the difference in shoop jobs. I can definitely see the Korean beauty standards kept in mind here.

No. 56974

kimchi? lol

No. 56978

Seriously. Haha. Koreans are all about plastic surgery and so stuck on appearance, you have to include a photo on your job resume.

No. 56981

Yep, kimchi.

No. 57000

>too fat and ugly for korea

It's sad but true. She'd need a ton of face and body surgery before dieting for years to make it there.

No. 57001

I remember these tweets, Kooter's twitter fanfiction of how she became a model was great times.

No. 57007

lmao what did she say about it?

No. 57036

She said in Japanese that she hated kimchi which just made it worse.

She didn't even use suki janai, but kirai. That is like pure hatred lol. She was still learning Japanese so she probably didn't realize how strong the word kirai is.

No. 57058


Also apparently there's a thing floating around saying the etude workers didn't like her attitude and how she didn't look like her pics.

also i found this and i'm laughing

No. 57060

there's this one white model that;s really popular in korea with a preemie face. i forgot her name tho……

No. 57061

File: 1425450948737.gif (234.94 KB, 500x313, tumblr_lqoffghjpI1qljbqro1_500…)

Reminder of Dakota's real eyes. Just to put into perspective of how stupid people are for believing her circle lenses are real.

No. 57110

This is Kota? What's this from? I haven't seen it before.
So that pretty much makes even her saying that it was her real eye colour in >>55860 a lie. Her eyes are a much more saturated and deeper blue with her lenses in. In your picture they're more greyish blue.

No. 57111

Not only that but you can see the clear edge where the circle lens ends, just past the black ring.

No. 57132

I feel bad for whatever poor dumb guy she tricks into marrying her, he'll wake up one day and his kawaii real living barbie doll wil have turned into a pumpkin, lol.

So this means Kota wears her circle lenses pretty much 24/7 when she's anywhere she could be seen? That's sad. I can't imagine ow insecure she must ne, even with all this hype and attention she gets. All the attention in the world can't fix a broken personality caused by being taught you're only worth shit if you're famous.

No. 57133

if he's superficial and naive enough to care that she only looks moderately attractive rather than like a CGI barbie, he deserves to be disapointed

No. 57150

she's a lesbian though so…

No. 57162

>dieting for years
Yep. Her upper arms are twice the size of Korean models in >>56742

Personally I'm 50/50 on the lesbian thing, but let's say she is… could you actually see her coming out of the closet?

No. 57164

File: 1425478177111.jpg (36.58 KB, 600x800, B_QjXx6U4AAyVr8.jpg)

Is her elbow warping towards her waist or is it just the angle?

No. 57167

Definitely. That's some atrocious lazy ass shooping. She somehow keeps getting worse.

No. 57173

she has a job where she will constantly be judged for her appearance, even if her images do get shooped, she still has to look somewhat like her shooped images.

Plus maybe knowing people online speculate the validity behind every aspect of her appearance makes her want to look her best. I'm not saying she isn't wearing lenses or that she lied about wearing them, but that if she said they're her natural eye color because it's a near perfect match, then I wouldn't consider it an outright lie about her eyes in general.

No. 57175

her face looks so much like a pug here, she should stop shooping it so that her features look so squished together. It works on Japanese faces because they don't have massive foreheads, especially ones that get covered by that helmet fringe hairstyle.

No. 57176

terribad waist shoop.
Also, is her hair cut to her shoulders now?

No. 57187

she cant even zip those pants i guess…
im not even being mean but its literally a fact she is not shaped like that.

No. 57190


so I guess this disproves all of the retarded ass anons that were like "there's no way she would upload a shitty phone pic to her computer to edit it and then send it back to her phone!!! 1!!"

No. 57195

Weird, I don't think she's ever posted a photo of her body exposed like this before. It's so terribly shooped as well, that elbow pinch, jeeeesh. I guess shooping bodies must be her weakness. How did she think that wouldn't be noticeable? I think she had shadowing from a belly pooch as well but smoothed it out; you can see a slight shadow near the top of her pants. Also her left (right to us) eye looks more enlarged than the other. So bad, Dakota. So bad.

No. 57196

File: 1425487719301.jpg (43.08 KB, 300x523, GemmaWardThin.jpg)


Not trying to defend her but when you have a low body weight elbows frequently jut out just like that when viewed at that angle.

No. 57200

Her body weight isn't low though, she isn't as skinny as Gemma Ward, Gemma's arms are super thin and that's why the elbow sticks out so much, but Dakota's arms aren't really that thin at all. I've noticed they're slightly on the chubbier side if anything. Even in >>57164 where it's edited to hell, her arms still look bigger than Gemma's.

No. 57203


I've seen girls at a higher weight than Dakota who've had their elbows jut out like this.
You have to bear in mind, not everybody's fat distribution is exactly the same. I've noticed too that she gains weight in her upper arms but her forearms have always appeared pretty thin to me.

No. 57208

Come on, anon. It's so obviously shoop. I'm not gonna start throwing insults at you just because you don't agree with me because there's waaay too much of that in this thread, but you have to see how unnatural it looks compared to the picture of Gemma. It juts out a lot more.

I also just noticed how squiggly and compressed the creases where her armpit is/where her arms press against her boobs look. Definitely shooped. Looks like she pushed in on her arms to make them thinner and used the bloat tool on her boobs.

No. 57209

I think her elbow just looks funny in the image. Bony elbows tend to jut both ways (towards and away from the body) and hers just sticks out inside, while being totally flat away from her. That's what struck me as strange. She seems to not have a joint facing away.

Her stomach looks really weird though. Obvious edit there. Something is wrong with her navel in this photo.

No. 57210

File: 1425489627520.jpg (77.21 KB, 480x640, ogfJurV.jpg)

It's from her old tumblr, kotakoti.tumblr.com (it's still there, check the archive)
She's too selfish to marry anyone
It is
There are many pics of her in a bikini from Popteen proving otherwise, and let's not forget the beach video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbWIoUFnjL4
honestly, I think dakota is losing a lot of weight suddenly, very fast. (pic related) but she also seems to know how to pose with her arms, sticking her elbow inwards to make the bone show more

No. 57211

I consider her eyes gray, not blue, in their natural color.

No. 57214


Seriously, if you can't tell this is edited you have to be fucking retarded or blind. Her bikini candids really show what her body looks like. Shits warped and looks like it was edited on Meitu or something

No. 57215

File: 1425490792258.png (396.48 KB, 469x424, kako.png)

No. 57216

her elbow juts out strangely, though. like it sticks out a little too high above the actual joint part when it`s supposed to look more like >>57196. her chubby upper arms are very noticeable, so we`d have seen if she had bony elbows before. the shoop is making it seem like her upper arms are the same or even smaller than her forearms, which is ridiculous for her.

it`s like >>57209 says. if you have bony elbows, it sticks out on both sides like with gemma ward. if you have thin arms, the forearm muscle is a lot more prominent compared to your forearm and upper arm, so it sticks out like your elbow.

i wanna add that she looks flat chested here and that although her waistline isn`t unbelievably small or anything, it`s obvious from magazines that she is more rectangular

No. 57217

if she's lost a lot of weight lately it's probable that her hair simply started falling out rapidly & she had to cut it because it started looking thinner than ever

tbh i wish she'd do something like teaching as a native speaker instead and drop the model thing - it's taking a huge toll on her confidence and she doesn't quite enjoy being a social butterfly..

No. 57218

Wow, she's really insecure about her tummy in that video, she's covering it with her arms.
On a side-note, Yulayula's bikini is adorable.

No. 57220


Thanks anon, it's really noticeable how different her body size is compared to the other models…
>her bottoms look to small for her size lol

No. 57221


Her elbows are doing this same shit there too.

No. 57223

tbh almost no one compare to the tiny bone structure of some japanese girls. especially the girl in the purple bikini, shes just naturally very tiny. yes im american but im not going MAH BONE STRUCTURE

No. 57224

she can't get a visa to do that, though. you need a degree

No. 57226

But Kotex is pretty tiny in stature, she's not tall with long legs or anything. She's just not skinny.

No. 57236

I never realized how thin Kota's sister was. Her legs are quite thin. Compared to Kirsten, Dakotas body seems…soft? She's not chubby at all, just in desperate need to tone up.

No. 57241

right. kiki is quite slim and apparently in all the right places.
dakota… could go for the soft/squishy/chubster fetish market, but her fat is oddly distributed. like her tummy is ok and it would be cute if her thighs were a little bigger but no her legs are disproportionately slim

No. 57244

No you don't

No. 57246

Kiki is just bony as fuck

I'd rather have kota's skinnyfat body

No. 57275

I just watched that whole video and she was barely in it.

I'd be the same tbh since everyone just talks about how fat she is…even though she .

No. 57297

File: 1425511146886.jpg (23.86 KB, 510x330, CUBITUS.jpg)

I think she has cubits valgus deformity. I have the same thing and my arms are not that thin. Mine is due to Ehlers-Danlos, though.

No. 57298

This. Some people on PULL keep insisting that she wears the brown Princess Mimis, but no way is that possible. They have a thick ass limbal ring and I've never seen Dakota with anything else than a thin limbal ring. Also the brown Mimis do make the eye darker whereas Dakota's eyes are always clear and light in colour.

No. 57299

Is her build genetic? I feel like since her parents aren't too thin, it's a good reason? She says her parents used to be thin but maybe they were skinnyfat too?

No. 57302

File: 1425511702335.png (1.04 MB, 1600x452, klb7.png)

What are you smoking, the ring of Princess Mimi Almond Brown is thin as fuck.

No. 57303

are you people fucking serious

she doesnt have deformity, because her arms dont do that shit

why is it so difficult for people to accept that she shoops cell pix?? bitch lies like mad, and always has done

No. 57304

File: 1425512026777.jpg (39.07 KB, 417x560, 6a36nrYh0SScwQGO9OHwMhTMWtPm2V…)

And the almond brown tint isn't hard to see.

No. 57306

File: 1425512105093.jpg (444.36 KB, 720x953, dc8c2a5dda1e9a4f21bc9c03e9134f…)

No. 57307

File: 1425512553355.jpg (35.06 KB, 600x800, 11008392_730715833709173_73470…)

This angle sure doesn't flatter her.

No. 57322

Kota used to wear the Beaucon Shimmer Blue lenses when she was in America, but now she wears Princess Mimi Almond Brown.

No. 57323

>She's too selfish to marry anyone

IDK, I could see her pulling a Kanadajin for a permanent resident visa and just pretending to be single.

You need at least a BA to teach English in Japan with any credibility. You can do it without one but the places that would employ you are sketchy as f.

No. 57327

There's no way she wears brown lenses, they're probably the sesame grey or blue color. I own those lenses in grey but idk the limbal ring is so much thicker than what Kota's look like

No. 57337

…almnond brown IS a grey color, see >>57302

No. 57338

File: 1425521292254.jpg (52.78 KB, 461x344, GEO_princess_mimi-almond_Befor…)

You are confusing them with the Bambi series, there is no other color than Almond Brown.

No. 57339

File: 1425521332345.jpg (465.32 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpg)


I dunno, these are Princess Mimi Grey (in sunlight) compared to Kota
If she wore brown lenses her eyes would look brown…

No. 57341

I just think the Princess Mimi series are way too artificial-lookng. look at those hard black edges…
There's no way Kota would wear those & be able to pretend that her eyes were natural, it would give the whole game away. The patter on the top picture lenses looks way softer.

No. 57342


I agree, the edges are really dark. (no filter or editing on the bottom pic though) They're super noticible and look very obviously fake irl.

No. 57343

Those are the Princess Mimi BAMBI series, not Almond.

No. 57387

Hilarious how people are not calling this shoop despite her arm being stretched right at the waist, and when we see her stomach in several other photos.

No. 57389

I agree. You can tell from the gigantic size of the top half of her head that the bottom half has been shooped smaller.

No. 57487

This. Putting her warped body down to a (probably uncommon) deformity rather than bad shoop when we know for a goddamn fact that Kota is the Queen of Photoshop and never posts a picture/video without editing it to hell and back beforehand. Seriously guys, which seems more likely? Come on.

No. 57501

Seriously guys, not to mention her waist being so ridiculously pinched tells the whole damn story. That's some Valeria tier shit.

No. 57506

I'm not sure I agree with you anon… I think she looks really elegant and pretty in this picture. Certainly not sugoii-kawaii-ugguu-desu but a more mature pretty. It's a nice change of pace from her usual pictures.

No. 57519

Yeah, I thought the same thing. She looks nice, better than a lot of her super shooped pictures even. Anon is probably going to say "but dat chin doe!!" which doesn't look bad at all imo.

No. 57524

People always wanna bitch about something, but Dakota does look nice here. At least I can admit that. That angle is hard for anyone to look nice at, but she looks fine.

No. 57538

File: 1425570496261.jpg (72.47 KB, 600x800, 1234069_579472148833543_831061…)

I was actually talking about the shoop fail of a nose as well as the back. All Tiara Mily photos have some wierd shoop going on when they didn't just paste stuff on her.

No. 57551

File: 1425572109334.jpg (197.01 KB, 600x800, Furisode.jpg)

Her eyes here

Also tbh im jealous of this photoshoot. those furisodes are so so pretty

No. 57571

The pasting on of the clothes is so hilarious to me. It's so cringy. I would be super embarrassed if I were Dakota, having modeled for a company that's as shoddy and cheap as that.

Her limbal ring is very thick here. so nachuraru eye karaa~~
And agreed. It's fucking gorgeous.

No. 57572

Those creepy clouded looking contacts ruin the look, but damn that Furisode is just stunning. I wish i could wear one.

No. 57579

Not true. The BA is for the working visa, or if you apply as a professor and not teacher.

SOME require BA but most don't. As long as you qualify for a visa most of them don't care. Assuming you pass the interview ofc

No. 57585

File: 1425577363741.jpg (19.2 KB, 241x481, bikini1.JPG)

No. 57587

File: 1425577824407.jpg (22.06 KB, 204x491, bikini2.JPG)


She looks pretty slim but seems to carry her weight in her hips and stomach…