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File: 1462833103227.jpg (578.77 KB, 1740x1867, Our glorious Mother Sarah.jpg)

No. 268693

Old thread hit limit.

Last thread: >>228540

No. 268694

File: 1462833156141.png (162.76 KB, 1055x647, sarahs cr profile.png)

Aw shit fellow PTworshippers, I was just browsing through CR news today– only do that maybe once every two months for shits.


Ya'll better not scare her off, but she's active. And the profile does seem to be pretty legit.

No. 268695

File: 1462833484890.png (40.51 KB, 955x409, MY QUEEN.png)

Boring, but here's the post in question. Was on the Dragonball Super bringing back Trunks news page.

No. 268705

Oh, she looks really cute in that photo.

No. 268747

File: 1462867560099.png (77.95 KB, 478x629, DNA test.PNG)

I found some screencaps while cleaning out my folders. Thought they'd provide some amusement

No. 268748

File: 1462867581817.png (66.4 KB, 517x583, DNA test cont.PNG)

Part 2

No. 268749

File: 1462867635156.png (62.86 KB, 505x598, Now..PNG)

No. 268750

File: 1462867653226.png (61.57 KB, 501x521, Now 2.PNG)

No. 268751

File: 1462867718901.png (41.89 KB, 523x361, Screencap.PNG)

No. 268752

File: 1462867764212.png (257.48 KB, 948x1200, PT Bitchfit.png)

No. 268754

File: 1462867905287.jpg (60.93 KB, 146x600, tumblr_ljr9gjaDDJ1qije9lo1_400…)

No. 268763

No. 268766

lol that emerald bond girl. She's a lolcow herself.

No. 268771

because her big breasts has lotsa milk amirite xD

but why is she a lolcow? It was rude of her to bring it up imo but is that the reason why?

No. 268773

hi Emerald Bond

No. 268806

Is this woman really 30…? She honestly speaks/writes like someone who is 15/16 years old. If someone is writing shitty youtube comments, just delete/report them. Simple.

No. 268811

Sadly, yes.

No. 268842

kek @ dark mark

No. 268843

She looks so young here. Less haggard and not dead in her eyes. I didn't mind the fact she thought she was Japanese, but now it's just sad that she wants to be a tom boy.

No. 268852

File: 1462896418030.jpg (240.26 KB, 729x1096, PT.jpg)

>people shit on her for years saying how she's fat and looks old and ugly
>now she's lost weight and people say they preferred her fat because she looked marginally less old and ugly

You know, some of you make it really hard for me to hate on PT knowing the tough crowd she's dealing with. It's a shame her bad cosplay days gave her such a permanent label.

No. 268854

Even before she lost most of the weight she looked so much older and worse than she used to due to sun damage to her skin. She needs to stay inside and use skin treatment products religiously and then she could get back some of her youthful appearance while staying thinner than that.

No. 268855

Something like that. I just think she has a lot of face lines that give her the appearance of looking older.

No. 268856

Pretty much the trend with PT. I remember in /cgl/ people would all cry out how much she needed to cut her long greasy hair, until she did then everyone said it aged her horribly.

They say she shouldn't go for such a cute dolly look since it doesn't suit her and she goes full on tomboy and people criticize it. I know they didn't say she should go to the extremes she went to now, but still, you get the idea.

I remember before PT was as famous as she was people said if she lost weight her chin would look horrible and then she went into land whale status. People thought she should lose weight and here we are. PT granny edition.

The only good advise about PT the community has ever agreed upon is her needing to use skincare. PT says she uses lots of wrinkle cream and sunscreen but the reality of how much and how diligent she is about it is is unknown.

No. 268863

Actually the best response PT has ever had regarding her looks is when she's done what can best described as "Feminine And Classy". See Pixy with Red Hair in the White Dress and That time Miyu put a Wig and Necklace on Pixy. She can look so fucking amazing, but she doesn't have versatile features to do the looks she says she's happiest in.

No. 268867

Only by comparison. Remember Miyu photoshopped PT to look like … herself in those photos and the white dress red hair was criticized a lot before she was posted daily to /cgl/. PT only goes downhill.

No. 268868

I doubt PT has been diligent with the sunscreen, I see sun damage on clearer pics of her skin. She lives in Texas and I'm guessing the sun is pretty intense there, does she use a well formulated high SPF daily? Does she reapply when she's been outside all day and when she gets sweaty? Maybe she does use wrinkle creams but a lot of moisturizers advertise wrinkle improvement but she needs to use something with retinol consistently.

No. 268872

From NM and if you don't reapply sunscreen in thick obnoxious amounts, you'll get sun damage. I doubt she knows how much SPF she needs to avoid that kind of damage. It's really hard to say she just has bad genetics because her mom looks like leather due to tanning bed abuse. I'm sure she'd be looking 100000x better if she used sunscreen to adequately avoid sun damage. She is pretty conscious of it. She used to hate tanning and would complain about working outside when she worked at Home Depot.

No. 268876

The thing about sunscreen is you gotta do a little research and understand when to reapply and what's an appropriate minimum SPF for your skin tone. You can't just use a basic moisturizer with SPF 15, slap that on and call it a day. Especially in her/your region of the US, I visited Oklahoma once and it seemed like the sun was more intense out there than what I'm used to.

No. 268878

Some one CGL were pretty vicious, however most applauded her when she wore clothes that fit her. It was the fact that she crammed herself into 2 sizes too small clothes that made us cringe.
And like an anon said above she haggard before she lost the weight. It just looks worse now.

No. 268880

CGL and to now we all have said she needs to wash her hair. Her length wasn't too much of a problem until her hair got super greasy.

No. 268884

For some reason, PT doesn't think sunscreen or skin care is kawaii, even though it's HUGE in Japan.

No. 268886

Yes that was said, but I specifically remember anons photoshopping her hair short and talking about how the length made her chin look worse. There were five PT threads in /cgl/ at once though so I guess the sheer number of comments were probably varied.

No. 268909

You're retarded did you know that?
This. I dont blame her for blocking me even though I just complimented her years back (but when the entire weeb community makes fun of you i understand). Weebs should really stfu and should never give beauty advice EVER. I like Sarah and I never hated her personality, she is no different than any other weebs and the fact someone leaked revenge porn is disgusting and not funny at all. Was she shitting her content in 2016 no one would bat an eye!

No. 268918

File: 1462912644479.jpg (440.84 KB, 960x1280, pt-shoop.jpg)

Continuing makeup shooping started in the previous thread, I tried to apply some sorta Korean makeup to the pic and I must admit, it's a disaster. She looks so much better with that nasty gaijin Jenner-like makeup anons came out with in the prev thread. Poor Queen, better as gaijin at everything.

No. 268921

lol emerald you're a lolcow because of the drama with the lita comm in Vancouver and the bs you pulled in Korea being a koreaboo trying to sleep with a bunch of Korean men without condoms because it's 'normal', among many things.

No. 268922

File: 1462913030271.jpeg (345.53 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

Hey that was me lol

No. 268923

File: 1462913145923.jpeg (165.36 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

no1curr idk who she is enjoy my shitty meitu shoops

No. 268924

File: 1462913257374.jpeg (164.76 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

idk if i posted this one in the previous thread but i did bc the eyes are less heavy than in pic related
when i have time ill turn her into a korean kawaii doll, she needs the kawaii lips too!

No. 268925

File: 1462913302097.jpeg (528.83 KB, 960x1280, image.jpeg)

>implying you wouldnt fuck this hot milf

No. 268928

What is the point in this.

No. 268931

I agree she needs a bit fuller lips, but I wanted to keep her features unchanged like if she only toke good care of her skin and no botox & surgery

No. 268934

we've gotta do something with these nasty eyebrows, they look like two caterpillars. Gross

No. 268937

idk if i fixed it there, are these git gud eyebrows for you?
;_; but she will never look pretty with those thin lips, she really needs the lips imo otherwise she cant pull off any look

No. 268938

you must be new here. It's the way we show love and admiration to our goddess (when there's no milk to discuss)

You're probably right, botox is pt's only hope, also leaving natural features 100% unchanged for Korean makeup was a stupid idea of mine I admit it lol
Looking for your version of PT the Korean beauty my friend

No. 268944

This pic is un-salvagable. Sacrilege!


Lips are a must for PT. With thin lips she looks even more Leno like.

No. 268946

File: 1462918042168.jpeg (248.54 KB, 729x1096, image.jpeg)

poor phone editing.
She probably think she looks like this. I feel bad because I literally shaved off 2/3 of her face.

No. 268949


>you must be new here

No, actually I'm the person that drew the OP image. I just don't see the point in filling up a PT thread with useless, hackneyed shoops of a form of PT we all know she'll never be able to attain.

No. 268950

Looks pretty kawaii desu ne, weird mouth and thighs though.

No. 268951

File: 1462919146708.png (187.01 KB, 256x347, tumblr_lpf0xhlVPm1qcpg1p.png)


btw this is already a shoop, but I don't think the full sized original is avaliable any more.

No. 268975

She said she didn't change Sarah's features in photoshop, just removed blemishes and softened smile lines. She did her makeup though, which may have had a Miyu-izing effect.

No. 269068

Nothing short of plastic surgery will fix her face. But the haggard look could have been avoided with sunscreen. I can't imagine how bad it gets in Texas over the summer. She didn't protect her skin and now she's paying the price. She could at least avoid further damage.

I'm wondering if she'd complain about that being too hard. "Wah Kami-sama I have to reapply desu".

No. 269130

File: 1462985665033.jpeg (564.04 KB, 1459x2048, image.jpeg)

Is she a korean beauty or an ugly gaijin?? you decide!

No. 269132

File: 1462986711951.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-05-11-10-10-53…)

So she actually looks really good…

No. 269133

File: 1462986811534.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-05-11-10-11-08…)

…I'm actually proud of our queen.
Even with her signature poopin' pose.

No. 269135

She was never ugly in my eyes but those are mirror pics even fat girls can look good in such pics

No. 269136

i'm blown away and inspired. way to go sweet queen!

No. 269137

Holy shit, I can't believe this is The Queen

No. 269141

File: 1462988003197.jpg (46.25 KB, 540x960, 11720136_963095987045877_19310…)

Because pixy was known for taking such great photos when she was fatter… ?

Not that I disagree with you in general, but if you can't tell she looks better and just want to blame the change on "~ mirror angles~" have fun with that.

No. 269142

This is so fucking wild. I hope she keeps it up. I never thought that Pixy had it in her to drop all the weight. I'm so impressed with her tbh.

No. 269148

Slowly approaching butterface status

No. 269155

i never though i'd see the day when the Queen would have a somewhat recognizable waist. i am blessed

No. 269200

A girl with her unfortunate shape needs to be this thin. Her belly looks freaking flat! I want to know your ways, my queen!

No. 269204

Hail to the queen. I never thought I'd live to see the day. I-I swear this is just dust in my eye…
God bless us, every one.

Admin-sama should declare a holiday or something.

No. 269206

What's even more impressive is how good her new body is. Not just her being skinnier, but with a good body!

No. 269216

Son of a bitch. PT looks killer, and better than I do right now. good for her, dammit.

No. 269231

daaaaamn this looks so good

time to put down the fork and hit the treadmill for me I guess

No. 269232

Holy shit. This is amazing. GO PT go!

No. 269233

I always thought PT was an apple shaped body but now I'm just not sure. As a cursed apple body myself I'm a bit in shock that she has such a cute waists. Damn she looks good. If only she would get rid of the diaper panties. >>269133

No. 269234

I feel like a proud mother… Fair fucks, PT. Fair fucks.

No. 269235

PT is my inspiration. If she can lose weight, there's 100% no excuses for me.

No. 269237

File: 1463021681812.jpeg (185.14 KB, 1195x1803, image.jpeg)

Her rotten personality will never… Ever change.

No. 269238

File: 1463021857554.png (144.48 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Oh, Pixy.

Pixyteri liked my new profile picture, I feel blessed.

No. 269241

This is why I just can't feel bad for her.
She's just so bitter.
Like how?
How is she still like this?

No. 269245

Guess losing weight wasn’t enough to prove us all wrong?

Bet her plan now is to be the best ever crossplayer since she couldn't get anywhere with cutesy girly stuff, so then she can whine about how she didn’t become a world-famous shota cosplayer.

No. 269255

Girl, just get one commissioned…

No. 269271

Damn, that Sora cosplayer is perfect.

No. 269272

Keep fishing, PT.

No. 269301

I'm still pretty sure she is an apple shape. Her shoulders are still pretty broad and her arms are comparatively pretty big too. Apple shapes can have waists too, if they're at a low enough weight.

No. 269307

Damn what's her routine? Diet? Seeing her get this thin is serious motivation, especially with all the naysayers. Maybe I'm losing slower because I'm not as big, but it feels like an eternity, and she lost pretty quickly it seems!

No. 269330

Drew Barrymore is probably the best example of an apple shape. She was a "Charlie's Angel" which means apples can have cute bodies when they're aren't fat. Apples aren't that bad at all. They just carry weight poorly. Not a problem when you aren't carrying very much weight. Go PT!!! That stomach looks amazing.

No. 269333

im pretty sure she just cut out all the ridiculous amounts of snacks she used to eat. no downing whole pizza sized novelty cookies by herself, no packs of mochi after mochi… Just cutting all of that out and doing a little dancing every day was probably all she needed this whole time.

No. 269336

PT's stomach is way too flat to just be cutting out excessive junk food. >>269141
If it was this pic, I would say she gave up mochi and sodas, but
>>269132 is a product of serious cardio and proper diet.

Are there any anons who talk to her to find out what she is actually doing? This is from a woman who hate an entire cookie cake in one sitting and would say healthy eating was the grilled chicken sandwich at chick fil a. I want to know how she has gotten such drastic results for someone that was previously so hard headed about exercise and diet.

No. 269340

All I know was there was excessive dancing involved. Before that her gym routine was a few half-assed crunches at the gym and then you'd see fast food wrappers in pics of her in her bedroom. But I'd love to know what else was involved. I've never talked to her personally because I don't know if I could keep up the proper level of asspattery without having a stroke over it.

I guess she just realised that it takes effort and she couldn't treat herself to a whole cookie cake and a burger and shake at 2am because she moved around a little that day.

Maybe the environment helps? Texas must be Satan's asscrack in the summer. So if she dances a lot outside in clear weather she's probably sweating off a lot.

But this really shows how oversized her head is. I still don't ever think she'll get any plastic surgery. But at this point it would be a pretty nice way of making her face and body a little more cohesive.

No. 269426

All she's mentioned on Facebook is dancing and counting calories.

No. 269440

It's literally calories in/calories out. She also does dancing/cardio. It's…really not that hard. Just have to do it more than once a week. Keep a constantly healthy diet.

No. 269442

File: 1463089698436.jpg (20.44 KB, 490x127, nooo.jpg)

Alright which one of you did this?

No. 269443

She's just throwing a tantrum because she isn't getting the amount of asspats she wants. She's done this before, she'll do it again when she feels she isn't enough or the right type of asspats.

No. 269444

No, that's what a normal stomach look like

No. 269445


Nobody has done anything, she just does this like clockwork every month or so. She really is bipolar.

No. 269448

>help me
>save me

Good ol pt.

No. 269449

I miss "Kami-sama"

No. 269450

File: 1463092007327.png (52.25 KB, 813x549, byebyept.png)


No. 269455

Back in my day we used to call that PMS

No. 269463

I'm already excited to see what her body looks like when she comes back

No. 269484


And even before that they called it female hysteria and would blast women's cunts with a water hose as treatment. Science is a thing you know.

No. 269501

Are you saying you wouldn't want some free R&R with the doctor on account of some incurable 'disease'?

No. 269532

File: 1463107263494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.38 KB, 290x725, 61966-2.jpg)

Pixy has always been a shapely, sexy, and cute woman, idg why are you all that surprised.

No. 269536


this is shooped

No. 269555

She'll be back in a week. She always comes crawling back.

No. 269563

What? No way! I had no idea!

No. 269573


it looks so legit

No. 269577

Don't lose too much pixy. We love you for your curves. :)

No. 269591

File: 1463121345205.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.41 KB, 267x598, 267px-Pixyteri_nude_5.jpg)


No. 269594


Looks the same to me tbh

No. 269619

File: 1463132914914.jpg (82.33 KB, 866x1300, DYAmhQT.jpg)

anon irl

No. 269626

50 pounds more, 50 pounds less, what's the difference really

No. 269711

No. 269947

Her Chyna-clit grosses me out

No. 269953

This is gorgeous, who made this?!

No. 270014

File: 1463279573039.jpg (24.34 KB, 480x207, aliens.JPG)

Here is a tasty treat for my fellow farmers.

No. 270016

If anyone was in doubt as to whether she's mentally stable or not, here's their answer.

No. 270018

It's horrible how bad she has gotten.

No. 270020

Her age obsession is really sad.

No. 270021

How old is she even? Is she upset that she's too old now to be a kawaii aidoru? I'm confused.

No. 270022

She'll be 31 in August.

No. 270025

She’s been saying for years that she’s too old to go to Japan. Who knows what her thought process is.

No. 270026

You're belittling the queen.

No. 270029

I just steal the treats from my friend's fb. I'm a bit of an ass.

No. 270056


No. 270063

No. 270078

I might be able to explain the resurgence of this negativity and the quick deletion of FB. She bawws this way all the time, but the combination could be related to some people she knows from back in the day. Those of us that knew OG pixy from cosplay and lolita are her age or close to it now. A good chunk of us have been taking trips to Japan, Tokyo Disney and Disney World (since many have hit their stride career wise and can afford these nice trips) living out our fujyoshit fantasies. Myself and all the friends we have in common have been posting about Japan and disney trips to a horrifying extent and the fact that we're still dressing like weebs and living out her fantasies may have pushed her over a little bit. Something similar happened when one of our mutuals guested at a con. Then the whole world was over because no one invited HER to a con and why are they inviting xyz famous cosplay to a con but not HER. Then she bawwed about how no one cared, how she was too old to cosplay and shine like a kaweh starruuu and deleted her FB. I'm speculating, but the timing is similar to her previous incidents.

No. 270079

She is 30 and thinks she's too old for idol shit and street fashion now. She's also watching much younger looking friends that are the same age doing shit she's always wanted to do and that has to be grinding salt into her wounds.

No. 270082

>>Too old for Disneyland

I'm 30 and the day I'm too old for Disneyland is the day I'm dead and even then not bloody likely.

No. 270124

>imagining pixyteri as a guest at a convention
>her Q&A panel
>aidoru performance in the main room
>inevitable paranoid breakdown that her handlers have to coax her out of

someone please make this happen, it's all i've ever wanted from life.

No. 270126

File: 1463322298027.jpg (39.48 KB, 400x400, image.jpg)

>You can't be an idol at 30
Eitaso is doing fine, and she's 30. Don't let your dreams be dreams, PT.

No. 270144

She's also cute, though, and doesn't look 30. Pt needs plastic surgery.

No. 270151

File: 1463328999927.jpeg (182.91 KB, 728x728, image.jpeg)

No. 270160


This is awful.
Why are farmers so shit at Photoshop.

No. 270182


warped standards of beauty.

No. 270190

She's back on Facebook. That temper tantrum didn't last long.

No. 270191

And now she wants to be a girl again

No. 270253

Her mom told her to do this. Her tantrum was due to it.

No. 270273

File: 1463371851410.png (1.06 MB, 729x1024, ptshoop.png)

it used to make me feel bad to say it, but I really think PT could benefit from cosmetic surgery in a tangible way– I don't know about her job situation, but as far as plastic surgery goes, chin reduction isn't wildly expensive. if she decided to save up for it, she could realistically have it done, and with the weight loss it could really change her life. I'm genuinely glad PT is getting in shape and looking good from the neck down but man does she look more out of proportion than ever in the facial region.

No. 270274

What the fuck is it with you anons thinking plastic surgery would improve her life? She is the way she is not because of her looks, but her mentality. She isn't gonna become a star or a better person just because she has a smaller chin. It's not like she has deep set confidence issues at all anyways lmao

No. 270283

Yeah, it would not change anything for her. Even if she got the world's most amazing plastic surgery, she would still do nothing but take poopin pictures in her backyard and sit in her room whining about how she's too old to go to McDonalds or whatever crazy shit she comes up with.

No. 270286


I agree, pt isn't like this really because of how she looks, it's just her mentality and personality. Knowing her, she'd get the surgery and still be miserable, just like how someone offered to take her to Japan free of charge. She wouldnt accept because of XYZ, even tho that presumably would have made her happy. She's just a miserable person in general.

No. 270289

PT's problem is that she's fucking crazy, not that she's ugly. I don't think that bad looking anyway. I agree with >>270274

No. 270337

Plus PT can't spend the little time that would make her cute without plastic surgery like proper skin care, so she definitely wouldn't put the money and time to heal into plastic surgery. We all know PT could do wonders by just using sunscreen but she doesn't. Well at least she's working out like hell so there's one aspect of PT's life that's in the right place.

No. 270350

The problems all have to do with her mental stability and the fact that she does not take care of herself, period. People are not perfect looking and have genetic flaws or things that don't make themselves very much, but she doesn't seem to mention anything about her chin personally. What would fix her LOOKS, not her personality:

Sunscreen/Facial lotion: Sunscreen every day if she is outside and using something like cetaphyl facial cleanser and lotion would help keep her hydrated, none of the kawaii asian stuff.

Strength training: She is gaunt and sickly looking because she doesn't lift or tone. If she got some muscle she would fill out and look healthy again. Cardio is fine but when you do nothing but that it will just make you look aged or sick.

Study better makeup techniques: If she just would browse the internet or youtube, she could find looks that would most flatter her face vs just using what she THINKS would look good. Ditch those damn circle lenses too, jesus.

Dressing her age: Only certain people are able to pull off the kawaii japanese girl look past 30, and she is most definitely not one of them (if she ever was to begin with). Plenty of fun clothes exist that are more her age, but again, look who were talking about here.

Her personality on the other hand, seems to be fucked.

No. 270352

If she wasn't crazy she would still be an ugly weeb so she would have a thread in snow for us to bitch about how ugly is her face under her perfect makeup and fashion style anyway kek

No. 270377

"none of the kawaii asian stuff"
Bullshit, she needs a Korean skincare regime. She needs is yesterday. That stuff works the kind of wonders her dehydrated sundamanged skin is crying for.

No. 270419

But if she did all those things she wouldn't be a cow :(

No. 270454

Yes she would, she's still fucking nuts. I mean look at this weight loss - it hasn't changed her personality one bit

No. 270455

This is exactly how I feel.
If PT wasn't so openly self-loathing and envious of others she would just be another typical overweight cosplayer on the internet.

Now I WILL say that unfortunately for PT, back in the day when her Yuna cosplay got notoriety for being the shittiest, she was ahead of her time. Nowadays there's 300-400 pound planets posting in cosplay who get flooded with positive support.
However, her personality is off-putting and caustic. Even after she's lost all that weight she has no self-esteem. She still believes she's not good enough and can't do what she dreams of.

I've known plenty of people who were more ugly, fatter, and had more issues who still somehow managed to visit an overseas country from the USA. Her attitude is such a hurdle…

No. 271023

File: 1463614607065.png (215.69 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Poor Pixy, everyone is just out to trigger her.

No. 271024

File: 1463614642956.png (229.29 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Kati Rose, yous gonna get blocked.

No. 271025

File: 1463614694893.png (698.32 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Pixy is also selling some stuff on eBay, in case any anons are interested.

No. 271026

File: 1463614766249.png (715.93 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Sorry for being too lazy to crop my screenshots.

I wonder why she's selling all this stuff. I bet she's thin enough now where it would fit her, right?

No. 271029

Some things may fit, but a few of these things won't like that Bodyline 4L uniform costume. I think she's a bit too small for it now… I never thought there'd come a day where I'd say this about the Queen.

No. 271030

Because she thinks she is too old to go to japan and be kawaii anon.

No. 271032

The 4L is def too big for her. the waist is 35 inches.

No. 271055

File: 1463626992930.png (76.1 KB, 649x543, c817ede80f601def0518876e63afc0…)

In typical Pixy fashion, she takes no advice given to her.

No. 271056

I feel like she used to be less hateful to people who gave her praise but I guess grown woman is a trigger word for her now

No. 271057

File: 1463627503548.png (372.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

My queen. If you want to attract a male you should probably start by not having the pooh bear kigu pic as your profile pic. It's fucking weird.

No. 271071

I want her to succeed so badly.
Go Pixy, live your dream

No. 271073

Notice how many likes she got on that status lol. Most of the time her self depreciating statuses get no likes, but this one everyone was like yeah Sarah… You should start caring about your appearance

No. 271108

File: 1463642472455.jpg (74.48 KB, 799x1200, pixy.jpg)

I'm glad to see she's letting go of these things. Not because I take joy in seeing her dreams of being that kawaii, tiny, whitey-mistaken-for-asian girl. Rather because I think more muted colors and a professional style would suit her better.

I realize that her love for clothes that infantilize her probably has to do with some fucked up fetishes and self-esteem, I mean her idols are those teenage aidorus and models. But she can dress in other ways that can still be cute, confident, and completely appealing. Seductive even.

I'll never forget when she did fashion snaps like pic related. She should ditch those retarded doodle shirts and get some clothes that make powerful statements.

No. 271110

This is actually pretty cute!Just imagine a style more like this on her now that she's thin. Now if she would learn her way around make-up a bit better.

No. 271111


this is pretty cute, is this shooped?

No. 271113

Too bad she’s into the tomboy thing now, which means she’s probably only going to start looking worse instead of better. She flipped out when someone called her a grown woman, so there’s not much hope that she’ll start dressing more professional and mature.

No. 271114

I don't have a proper editing program, but I shopped it closer to her size now and added a little bit of makeup.

No. 271115

File: 1463644217372.png (441.76 KB, 531x796, 0.png)


No. 271117

Nice job, but she's still not that small and curvy.

No. 271121

Looks like an anon bought the Holley Tea Time crop top.

No. 271128

Nah, she is that small now; comparing to >>269132 and >>269133 it's pretty accurate.
I'd love to see her wear something like this now she's slimmed down. A bit of makeup. No circle lenses. She'd honestly look quite lovely.

No. 271129

God damn it, lolcow, now i like her too, what do i do?

No. 271131

No. This is pretty true to when she uploaded it ages ago.

No. 271142

Cheer her on from afar like the rest of us

No. 271146

I had my eye on it. Boo. Congrats to the anon who bought it though! It's super cute.

No. 271197

Why did you have to remind me that this dress exists and that my chances of owning it are pretty much nil?

No. 271216

What is this red text magic though…

No. 271240

My reaction too. I've searched for that adorable thing secondhand
but alas, it is not to be.

No. 271308

Could this be her mom policing what she wears even more now because she's thin and her mom is a whale?

No. 271317

Doubtful. I'm sure both her and mom share the same shitty self-esteem issues though.
What with her mom influencing her to tan, bleach her hair, and try to force her into a way of dressing at an early age. I don't know too many confident parents who pull shit like that and act ashamed of their kids if they don't turn out a certain way.

No. 271387

It's either her Mom telling her no man will want to be with a woman whom can't dress themselves or James telling her not to wear it because it looks stupid.
Sometimes I wonder if James actually loves her. From what I have read he seems like he could be helping. Why would one stay with someone as crazy as PT just for sex.

No. 271388

Debbie's main reason for trying to get PT to look a certain way is to help PT got in. When you have a child whom is always been a bit or a weirdo you try to help them. Sure it's not the best idea, but her mother is also from a time where it was okay to do that. My grandmother acts the same way.I'm pretty sure it's a southern thing as well.

No. 271393

Yeah, I think Debbie does it out of concern and knows that dressing like a child when you're 30 is unattractive and odd.

No. 271403

Men will do anything to get sex

No. 271565

James isn't exactly super desirable himself

No. 273081

File: 1464298179064.jpg (67.21 KB, 611x960, 13254059_10153898369771144_247…)

No. 273082

Wow I know the posing makes a big difference compared to reality but the fact that she's learning to pose in ways that are flattering and slimming for her body shape is a good sign (even though this pose would be weird for most things outside of a mirror selfie). Also the blur shows how cute she could still look with good foundation/coverup

No. 273083

PT should've been a rugby player. Those shoulders man…

No. 273094

Her stomach looks good but her face, she looks like a neanderthal

No. 273095

Holy shit, I'm impressed! Now please start taking care of your skin.

No. 273101

I thought she was throwing a hissy fit about wearing a bikini to the point she kept going "I'm scared" but she sure looks like she's enjoying it now.

No. 273102

Because she doesn't look like a beast anymore.
She's lived her whole life overweight and for once she has a flat stomach. Anyone would be insecure at first.

No. 273103

It was like, 3 weeks to a month ago she was saying this?

No. 273106

So? She was venting legitimate insecurities.

No. 273252

Maybe she will cosplay the rugby manga that is getting an anime soon

No. 273263

I'm impressed that she looks decent in a bikini now. Wow.

No. 273326

Do you guys think she's going to keep the weight off?

No. 273330

I have no idea. Like, if she's doing it for a man (James?) then she'll probably put the weight on when she doesn't get any male attention. If she did it for herself, then maybe. In the end though, I reckon she's going to end up like Debbie

No. 273364

No. She seems to have lost so much so fast and she's lived a life with mostly bad eating habits. I'd have to know more about how the Queen lost the weight to evaluate her chances of keeping it off, but right now, I'd say no. I hope she does though. Her body is awkward and it looks good when it's lean.

No. 273495


Ever wonder if she has diabetes and doesn't know it? When my mom became diabetic, she dropped a lot of weight suddenly. For someone like PT to lose so much weight so fast is kind of weird without something else going on.

No. 273504

I really want to believe in the best for my Queen, but I feel like she'll give up on weight loss once she realizes it didn't make her any more popular and men are still not very interested in her.

No. 273516

I didn't know diabetes can cause weight loss. People I know who are diabetic gained lots of weight before they were dinagnosed.

No. 273519

Undiagnosed type 1 diabetes can cause sudden weight loss. Type 2 can be caused by being over weight with bad eating habbits.

No. 273523

She's probably on an ADD/Antidepressant med like Wellbutrin. It causes drastic weightloss in some people.

No. 273660

File: 1464409178214.jpg (349.11 KB, 720x1682, 13178587_10153868625316144_730…)

No. 273664


It's uncanny how alike they both look

No. 273699

I kekked hard at this anon

No. 273714

I honestly wonder how her mind works sometimes. What in the world made her think this was a good way to pose with a fish?

No. 273724

Maybe she isn't getting more popular, but the skinny pictures are getting way more likes than anything else she's posting

No. 273854

She's not a sexy woman. Broad shoulders and no curvy waist or sexy thighs.

No. 273870


Her head just doesn't match her body. Or maybe it's the lack of neck that just makes her body seem off.

No. 273905

File: 1464484862646.png (554.84 KB, 1154x676, Sarah-HunieCam Studio.png)

No. 273918

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who made that connection. I wonder if the creator knew of PT when they made that character, it seems almost too perfect.

No. 273931

OMG I've been playing this game for a while and never realize this relation!

No. 273934

Omg… I just started playing this game a few days ago and don't know why I didn't make that connection. Her profile sounds exactly like the Sarah we know and love too!

No. 273946

File: 1464493474734.jpeg (121.65 KB, 750x897, image.jpeg)

No. 273950

File: 1464496667162.jpeg (47.55 KB, 750x265, image.jpeg)

Sometimes I feel bad when she has these breakdowns, but she just proves herself time and time again to be so unpleasant and mean.

No. 273952

I actually think she looks nice and less haggard here. It'd be a good picture if not for the fish.

No. 273959

What the fuck… She isn't making any sense. What is even her dream job? Because that Japanese idol shit isn't going to happen if that's her ideal career.

No. 273975

I see Ryan is still trying to get a piece of PT's crazy pie.

I miss her TinyChats, but I realize if we get them again Ryan will be back and annoying as fuck.

No. 273976

i've never even known 14 year olds who sound like this

No. 273981

If she hasn't already realised that being a kawaii aidoru isn't going to happen in this lifetime then she's truly delusional.

But she can still get out of retail. But she's just not gonna put forth the effort.

No. 274027

File: 1464519990301.jpg (Spoiler Image, 336.25 KB, 1995x1187, img.jpg)

Been looking through porn pics and stumbled across pic related and now I can't get rid of the feeling this is how PT would look like if she continues losing weight and fixes her skin

No. 274034

that girl has a perfectly normal chin and nose

No. 274074

I literally have PT's old body and an ugly face (and I'm not even as old so…)
Somehow her losing weight is the closest I've been to motivated ever?

No. 274076

Take motivation where you can get it, man. Anyone can be kind of pretty with the right makeup and styling. Lose that weight.

No. 274081

No she doesnt. She just has a tan, nice hair and minimal makeup.

No. 274852

I had her added on skype for a while, she freaked out at me and deleted me after a couple months. She sent me nudes and shit without me asking, shit was weird. Bitch is fucking crazy.

No. 274858

You're going to need to post more than that, anon. Any interesting chatlogs?

No. 274863

It was like three years ago, don't remember too much of it and don't have any saved logs. But the conversations were always about her and her problems and the trolls and 'how did they get my nudes? Why are the leaking them?' and then would send me a picture of her naked in a a bathtub.

There was also a moment where she decided she wanted to be a pot head and talked non stop about smoking pot and asking me where to get pot and shit.

No. 275124

Are you a dude? I'm just wondering because I can't imagine her sending nudes to a lady ever.

No. 275165

She mentioned being on a diet, counting calories and exercising. She might be doing something else and she might have diabetes, but I do think a majority of this weight loss is legit. I hope she can keep it off, but that's a bit risky. PT has a history of doing well and then backsliding.

No. 275166

pt needs jaw/nose surgery, and then co2 fractal lasering for your skin on her face, and a lift for her tits/bingo wing arms.

then she will fit the bullshit standards put in place by the Jewish Cabal media, and look closer to this 18 year old pornstar you posted.

…or she could just continue exercising and being healthy and not worrying about unattainable goals like being a kawaii idol or a sexy porn star

No. 275344

Naw I'm a girl, no idea why she sent me the nudes.

No. 275362

Was she is one of her 'I hate men, totally bi/les' phases? She gets into those, usually when she gets rejected.

No. 275371

Apparently pt thought you were cuuuute.

No. 275942

I added her on MSN once(to give you an idea of how long ago it was) but only talked to her once, and she was really boring and self absorbed and only talked about herself….it was like talking to a wall. I don't know what I expected

No. 275968

God damn, she sounds like me when I take my Adderall and haven't eaten all day

No. 275989

If she were a pleasant customer service worker she would get compliments and not be treated so harshly by the general public.

I'm no model either, but I've never been genuinely insulted and hated by customers neither in person or over the phone. Occasionally there's the customer who just wants to be an unconsolable prick but that's not my problem.
I'm just nice and pretend that I care about their problems even if I don't want to be at my job. It's how I'd like to be treated.

No. 275994


I dunno what kind of magical customer service position you work in but I get personal insults on a weekly basis just for following company policy or when someone else fucks up someone's order.

No. 276024

Airline industry.
I deal with people stuck at airports with five kids due to weather and throwing tantrums about seat policies. I speak in a pleasant voice, diffuse the conflict, and most of the time I can get them to acknowledge at least that they're pissed off at the situation and not at me.

No. 276035

Awesome but it is also true that assholes exist and you have to deal with them in customer service. PT tends to exaggerate and she doesn't always say customers hate her so it was likely just an isolated incident (or cluster of incidents) but that can happen to anyone, even the best of employees.

No. 276067

PT probably services rednecks, living and working where she does.

No. 276077

I understand what you're saying. I know people like PT who have abrasive attitudes and who act really unprofessional to customers and can't understand why things escalate though. PT strikes me as that kind of person.

It's worse when rednecks get on a plane and don't understand how the industry works ughhhh. But nvm, ranting.

No. 276085

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're probably not as fat or as ugly as you think you look. Most of the time if being beautiful is about attitude and self reflection. The reason why PT is still ugly even after loosing that weight is that shes becoming in her personality a sad and mean person. The ugliness inside is showing through.
I don't know you personally, Anon-chan, but use this motivation that Pixy gave you to become a better person. Even though PT sees herself as a failure, if she can motivate you to become a better person, shes doing something right.

No. 276475

File: 1465020703221.png (15.11 KB, 522x178, 78890890.PNG)

No. 276476

File: 1465020940222.jpg (16.98 KB, 481x103, 78890891.jpg)

No. 276481

Was she hiding under the checkout and crying again?

No. 276485

I don't know. She's probably making a mountain out of a molehill. If what she did was so bad to get fired for, they'd skip writing her up and just fire her then and there.

Then again it could be they don't want to get her unemployment, and just hope she'll quit on her own. It's not the first time a place has held onto a bad employee in hopes of that.

No. 276580


While the logical part of me sort of knows PT's just freaking out for attention, another part of me thinks she legit has issues and would benefit from anxiety medication or something. Why won't she go see a therapist?

No. 276582

I lost track after VS, do we know what her current job is?

No. 276611

Academy Sports or a similar store.

No. 276620

Weird question but can an Anon double check to see if her Facebook is still around? It won't load on mobile and it's at the '404' page on my browser.

No. 276621

Just tried and it seems to be gone again.

No. 276622

Thanks! I figured that's what happened.

No. 276643

I'd marry you, PT

No. 277183

She seems to have inactivated her FB or blocked me. I noticed after my comment on her post there were no other comments and now I can't find her page. Damn i guess telling her to explain why she's getting fired made her feel stupid cause it's probably all in her head.

No. 277201

You could have just read 2-3 comments up and seen that she just deleted her account again.

No. 277304

PT isn't cut out for retail. She really needs to get herself another sort of job. I'd say go into a training program but she will whine about that too. Maybe she should just work on trying to get herself a monthly tugboat and be done with it. Why subject customers and fellow employees to dealing with PT?

Now she's deleted her Facebook. That was the last internet presence she had right? I'm sure she'll be back when she needs more asspats.

No. 277325

She really isn't cut out for anything really. She needs to work on her crudy attitude and stop acting like the world is against her, before she trys to get another job.

No. 277375

What PT needs is therapy to help her work out her social and personality issues. That's the only thing that's going to fix her life as it stands right now.

No. 277376

This! Sadly, she would need to learn that criticism and suggestions are not a personal attack on her. She would need to get serious and admit she needs it.

No. 277422

PT needs to look into DBT at the very least.
Her actions are irrational, some mindfulness will help her a lot.

No. 277668

File: 1465275476750.png (16.43 KB, 514x208, What.PNG)

Maybe I've just been watching too much Bob's Burgers, but PT's penchant for over-sharing reminds me of Gayle

No. 277670

I'm so confused by this. Genitals changing? Is she getting blue waffle or a dick?

No. 277671

I'm inclined to think she has an STD and is in denial

No. 277672

I'm guessing so. I want to feel sorry for her, but honestly, she's brought this on herself.

No. 277674

I'm so scared for her.

No. 277677

I kind of imagine PT having no idea what transgender means, and that she thinks when you start acting and believing you're a different gender you suddenly start to sprout a dick or a vag.

No. 277682

Sometimes I wish she didn't word her posts so weird. For the most part I'm thinking she means either an infection or STD, but with how she connects things in her head, it really could mean she thinks her vag is becoming a dick.

No. 277683

Nah, I don't think she's that stupid. Just stupid enough to let random guys rawdog her, which isn't unheard of.

No. 277687

I just hope she toughens up and goes to the OBGYN. You don't mess around with that, be it infection or STD.

No. 277693

PT is no genius but she's not that level of retarded.

It's probably an STD or an infection or something.

Or maybe it changed with weight loss (possible?) and she thinks that it's more significant than it is?

No. 277697


A while back she was talking about how she felt something "growing" inside of her vag, almost as if insinuating she was growing a penis.

No. 277698

I assumed that the “changing” part was maybe referring to aging?

No. 277699

I dunno. I feel like PT just has a yeast infection and is acting manic about it in typical PT fashion.

No. 277700

You were reading too much into that, anon.

No. 277702


Nope. She talked about something "growing inside" her vagina and pushing the dildo out. You can choose to interpret that as PT claiming a sentient yeast infection is forcing a dildo out of her vagina, but that makes about as much sense as the penis interpretation.

No. 277703

Sentient yeast infection, lolol. Maybe it's gotten so out of control it's overflowing?

No. 277707

File: 1465287998071.jpg (55.44 KB, 495x412, 156425648.jpg)

>weird looking
>afraid doctors might lie to her about what's really going on

No. 277720

If not STD infection or magical peen, those changes can also be cysts, maybe even a prolapse. She better get it treated soon!

No. 277762

An STD, I am so scared for her.

No. 277773

>maybe even a prolapse

my grandma had a uterian prolapse, and was stuck in bed for a while because of it.

pt would be an absolute mess if it were one of those

No. 277778

Wait a second, I thought she deleted her FB again?

No. 277779

I'm confused about why she thinks the doctors are going to lie about "what's going on". What does _she_ think is going on?

No. 277804

She's got a bit of paranoia after years of trolling. Plus she does it for attention.

No. 277819

Does PT have an underbite or is her chin naturally that large? If she has an underbite she could easily have that fixed.

No. 277882

>asking if PT's chin is large


No. 277992

She reactivates it every now and then. She habitually disappears off the internet then reappears sometime later. It's just a matter of when, not if.

No. 277999

has she ever been evaluated for autism/aspergers? Because that is the only reason I can think for a person to be so out of touch with what is and is not appropriate to talk about and share with others.

No. 278010

Now that you mention it, I don't think she's ever said she has. I agree that she's probably somewhere on the spectrum though.

No. 278013

There's definitely something off about PT. It wouldn't shock me in the least if she were autistic, though I almost wonder if there's some kind of personality disorder on top it that as well.

No. 278030

Yeah, I don't think it's autism alone. Probably a personality disorder and a mood disorder too.

No. 278035

being bipolar can do that too.

No. 278070

There's something kind of distinct about how socially clueless she can be. I'd be willing to bet she is bipolar but that can exist alongside autism as well.

No. 278073

She's mentioned going to a therapist in the past and wanting to switch therapists. But I don't remember her mentioning a specific diagnosis.

No. 278083

Thought it was for depression and/or anxiety. Depression is quite likely especially after her "suicide attempt" and that whole mess.

Though considering Debbie is bipolar and PT acts bipolar that is probably in there as well.

No. 278329

Yes, that sounds right. I didn't want to say depression in case I didn't remember correctly.

No. 278368

well i mean considering the fact that pixy either is cheery, bitchy, or depressed, i wouldnt be surprised if she was manic-depressive bipolar along with something else like aspergers or whatever.

not my personal diary, i know, but my mother ws diagnosed with that type of bipolar and her mood swings resembled pixy's a lot. their personalities werent the same obviously, but their mood swings were really similar now that i think about it.

pt should go see a psychologist after a her gyno app.

No. 278393

I'm pretty sure she has already seen/is seeing a psychologist. She's been on meds

No. 278639

File: 1465505435295.png (12.77 KB, 499x132, agh.png)

I know PT isn't THIS dumb, but reading this I believed this theory for a sec, like "can't be a clit, I'm growing a dick", but yeah, unlikely.
Anyway I hope it's nothing serious.

No. 278642

Oh my god, the anons called it. She seriously think she's growing a dick. PT needs serious meds.

No. 278645

File: 1465505972014.jpg (31.59 KB, 500x281, 7B93hnth.jpg)

>"girl you're just getting old"

No. 278656

it's probably not growing, her skin is probably pulling back which, yes, is due to aging. Sorry PT but you're just showing your age down there, too.
I feel bad for her, she must be so sad, everything that she believes will make her happy she thinks can only happen to young, thin, beautiful girls.

No. 278658

Her weight loss may also make it look and feel more prominent to her.

No. 278664

File: 1465509254575.jpeg (122.25 KB, 750x734, image.jpeg)

PT got a speeding ticket so she can't fish because she's too old (?)

No. 278665

>Runs a red light


Oh, texas…

No. 278668

…but old people fish all the time.

No. 278671

File: 1465510395379.gif (1.34 MB, 248x224, 1397440353349.gif)

And you all told me she couldn't be this dumb.

No. 278672

I…don't understand. The only thing I can think of is that she can't get a fishing permit because she has an unpaid red light ticket.

No. 278681

I had no internet for the last ~2 weeks.
Plz tell me someone got a hold of her fb account, she couldn't get this retarded this fast.

No. 278692

Maybe she can't drive as a result of getting a ticket, so she has no way to her fishing location? That's the only thing I can think of.

No. 278696

Oh, you sweet summer child…

No. 278697

File: 1465514253835.jpg (41.23 KB, 357x356, 1445739870385.jpg)

The milk is coming.

No. 278698

Good point, but wouldn't you need more than one unpaid violation to have a suspended license? unless Debbie said no driving because of the ticket.

No. 278699


Texas is a big state
The drive from Victoria (where she lives) to port Lavaca is 30 minutes with no traffic.
She's probably paranoid about being stopped again because she doesn't plan on paying her speeding tickets

No. 278702

File: 1465514474215.jpg (47.47 KB, 261x520, 529a64e71605fb6361000428.jpg)

No. 278710

That would make sense.

No. 278713

Come on, this is the woman who thinks she's not allowed to see cherry blossoms in Japan because she's too old

No. 278714

serious question: does weight loss cause a saggy vagina? Is she just now getting to a thin enough weight that she can SEE her vagina again past the fupa?

No. 278716

No. Pixy is mentally ill. She's going through a tom boy phase and suddenly she's delusional and has it in her head that her clit is growing and she can no longer be penetrated. We all know Pixy is functioning (barely) and I like to avoid armchair psych but Pixy's behavior over the years shows signs of mental illness. Whatever it may be.

No. 278717

File: 1465516845993.jpeg (113.86 KB, 1242x641, image.jpeg)

Good attitude, PT.

No. 278722

No. Age does.

No. 278725

vaginas do not drastically change until a woman hits menopause, and even then the visual changes are minimal at most.

No. 278727

Well at least it's not mochi. God, Pixy can't you appreciate your fucking body!! You looked like a gross potato and now your body is better than 50% of Farmers. Imagine having a fucking unfortunate body and looking like garbage for all of your life then suddenly having a waist for the first time in your 30s. That's fucking cool.

My Queen, I've followed her for years upon years and she manages to make me grit my teeth. I love her.

No. 278739

Not 100% sure how true this is, but I recall hearing that hormonal changes as a woman is in her thirties can cause the clitoris to enlarge. Whether or not that's happening to PT, no idea, but possible, I suppose.

No. 278745

your hormones don't change drastically until you either get pregnant or hit menopause.

No. 278748

Lol maybe she's pregnant

No. 278751

I don't get why PT thinks she's an old lady. I'm two years younger than her and I don't feel old at all.

No. 278752

Yeah the clitoris will keeping growing well into your 30s. again if you get knocked up. My guess is that she never got a good look at her own vag for a long time and is now losing it as a small change.

No. 278753

she's been saying she's old since she was at least 20

No. 278794

I stopped following Pixyteri 6 months ago and decided to come back and check how she's doing just now.

My jaw is on the floor from how different she looks now, I would have never dreamed this was possible.

No. 278804


RIGHT? It's impressive to start losing weight at 30. Isn't that when people stop caring about how they look like?

No. 278806

She looks great but needs some more confidence

No. 278819

What did she think? That men would suddenly start fawning over her because she lost weight?

Plus as she lost weight she decided to dress manly, so she especially wasn't going to get any attention.

No. 278820

That's exactly what she thought. Now that it hasn't happened, she's very likely on the path to gaining her weight back.

No. 278822

I'm gonna try and follow her train of thought here. she got a ticket for running a red light. whether she pays it or not doesn't matter, the fact that she got it MUST be a punishment for enjoying herself, she can't go fishing again and have fun because MUST be because she's getting old. everything negative that happens to her has to be a personal affront. homegirl is getting pretty delusional.

No. 278868

With all this nonsense… I'm calling Pixy going trans sometime within the next year just to change her mind shortly thereafter.

No. 278902

This seems reasonable. She may also have been punished by her parents.

She's really getting delusional with the "I'm too old to do anything" ideas.

Oh PT no.

I guess this is the inevitable fall back into fatness for her.

No. 278903

Proof again that she and Chris-chan are soulmates.

No. 278906

God damnit, Sarah. Don't revert back to a fatass. YOU HAVE A NORMAL BODY NOW! Jebus, when she lost the weight, she wasn't exactly wearing feminine clothes to show off her shape either. I know not to comment on her status updates so I never say shit to her on Facebook.

I wouldn't be too surprised. I just hope she doesn't do hormones because once she does change her mind (which we all know she will), she'd regret her existence so much once she stops. I don't wish that upon anybody.

No. 278930

I knew she's going to end up gaining the weight back

No. 278933

Did she deactivate again?

No. 278939

Looks like it. She'll be back

No. 279036

Does anyone know her address so we can send her love letters in the mean time

No. 279174

Thanks! I always worry one day she'll just go on a huge blocking spree.

I'm getting worried we might be getting another hiatus, since it seems she's deactivating after every few posts.

No. 279228

I'm so pissed at Sarah right now. She was such an asshole to me.

No. 279241

Stop the vagueposting and just post caps..

No. 279266


Don't whine, anon. Firstly, you're here. That means you didn't have friendly intentions when engaging her in the first place, so fair's fair. Secondly, you have to be a martyr to interact with Sarah anyway; human beings are just buttpat machines or punching bags for her, she is incapable of normal, healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

No. 279272

Am not who you're talking to, but can confirm. I've only tried to reach out a couple times when it seems like she's having an especially hard time. Regret each time. There is nothing you can say to her that will placate her unless you agree with her that the world wants her to be a miserable spinster, doctors don't know shit, and she's growing a girl dick.

No. 279325

File: 1465628540243.jpg (10.03 KB, 274x184, chyba.jpg)

She should be like the recently deceased wrestler Chyna and take steroids to get a bigger clit. I could also see Sarah going into wrestling now - couldn't you?

No. 279329

Chyna has nice facial features than Sarah. You can see that she's actually got a really nice shape to her in the pictures where she has less muscle mass

No. 279332

If you were one of the people that commented on her posts and she got mad at, I don't know what you were expecting. If you were smart or not new, you'd know that there's nothing that you can say that'll make her feel better about anything.

It's best to just watch. I never comment, I never like any of her posts, I just watch them pop up in my newsfeed.

No. 279333

Same here. I wonder if the lack of asspats is affecting her in a way? I've noticed she hasn't been getting as many likes or comments (the type she wants) on her stuff like she used to.

No. 279334

Oh definitely. I think that's partially what >>278717 is about.

No. 279336

shut up hater

No. 279338

yes definitely

No. 279392

She should google image search some clits. That's a wide variety of sizes in the normal range. I'm pretty sure it it was turning into a hyena clit it would raise red flags and the doctors would do some tests to make sure it wasn't some serious hormonal problem.

I just hope she doesn't legit think it's growing into a penis and that's she's going to become magically trans. There might not even be any size difference at all. It could all be in her head. But with all this tomboy cosplay stuff she's been doing I'm hoping we aren't going to see a reverse Chris Chan here.

Please don't gait it back PT! You look better than ever. I think no one cares because your bad attitude is poison no one wants to deal with. If you had a better, more positive outlook you might attract some friends and a decent boyfriend.

No. 279394

*gain not gait

No. 279396

As long as she wasn't getting testosterone injections to become a better tomboy (which only seems doubtful to me because you can't get those meds for free and PT is always broke), I see no reason for a clit getting bigger and turning into a ftm dick.

It's probably because now that she got rid of her fupa and could examine her vajayjay well she saw it grew slightly bigger (due to normal age changes) since the last time she could see it in her early 20s and she freaked out to the extreme about this very slight change in her well-known fashion.
Pretty sure this was the reason.

No. 279420


She looked to have a fairly prominent clit in that naked batgirl photo from years ago. Maybe she just has a big clit and never noticed because of her fat outer labia. Now that it's thinner, it looks bigger.

No. 279457

File: 1465660861038.jpg (185.53 KB, 400x543, 039-1.jpg)

i was thinking earlier that pt's body type would really be good for weightlifting. she's got that endomorphic body type, she's pretty scrawny right now and i think filling out with some muscle would look good on her. not like chyna-level buff (god rest her soul) but enough muscle to fill out the extra skin from losing fat.

but before anything else she needs to get herself into a mental hospital or something. i feel that a full blown mental breakdown is coming close. she's always been kinda loony but "my clit is turning into a dick" reaches a whole nother level of loony. are her parents aware of how weird she's been acting? has she ever been this bad in her entire career of being pt?

No. 279458

>"no one cares that i've lost weight"

>tons of admiring comments on her fb


>"it hasn't done anything for me"

>loses impressive amount of weight

>hides it with ugly tomboy clothes instead of showing it by wearing some nice feminine outfits
>expects men to instantly fall for her boy-ish looks with nothing to feast their eyes on
>suprisingly this doesn't happen

Oh my Queen

No. 279472

>are her parents aware of how weird she's been acting?

Imo they just stay in denial, like "Sarah is a normal person, she just needs to pull herself together and grow up", while in fact the problem is way more deep, as we all could see observing her life for years. It's way too obvious she needs a good therapist to help her to get through normal life/social experience she's been missing for years and finally catch up her peers as she got stuck at age 16 or so and obviously can't move on by herself.

Many parents tragically underestimate their children's issues and prefer to deny the problem even when it comes to something really dangerous for their life. They just think their kids are spoiled/stubborn/immature and get annoyed by that instead of getting worried and seeking for help.

No. 279483


I don't think she's getting worse. The whole "I'm secretly Japanese because of a windchime" fiasco was far worse than the clitdick thing. Mostly because there's an actual basis for the clitdick, IE, she lost weight, her body's changing, and in traditional PT fashion, she overreacts and thinks there's something wrong. The haffu delusion was pulled out of thin air.

No. 279545

>are her parents aware of how weird she's been acting? has she ever been this bad in her entire career of being pt?
I could be wrong, but I think I remember her sister in law saying that she's known around Victoria for her antics and that her family was embarrassed by it.

As for it getting worse, I do think it's either gotten worse, or she's just talking about it a lot more online. She used to have friends irl and a somewhat normal life, now it seems like all she does outside the internet and take photos is fishing with her dad/brother. It doesn't even seem like she gets attention from guys anymore, she at least used to have Kris and then James

No. 279546

James seemed to have come back after she lost weight, but he may have fucked off again.

No. 279547

Yeah, I have no idea what's going on with him. I feel like she's not getting much attention from him, based on >>278717 though

No. 279555

Maybe he hoped some of the jealousy and craziness would subside with the weight loss. Maybe he just got a need for pissing in a girl's ass or whatever kinky shit he got PT to do.

No. 279610

James seems like a total ween kid and coupling that with how unfortunate looking he is he probably couldn't find another girl that would do weird kinky shit with.

No. 279612

I always thought he seemed pretty normal. A little immature maybe, but he was a fair bit younger than PT

No. 279615

Has she been doing as much? I feel like she does less cosplay and photography now and the ones she did do were male characters and I feel like that gets less attention.

No. 279626

Sidenote: I know the majority of doctors are actually just socially tone-deaf autismos, but I wish they weren't so blasé about legitimate health concerns without explaining the science behind it.

For example I was really upset after seeing a male gyno who asked if I had "thought about getting on a treadmill" after I gained a massive amount of weight on the depo shot, when that fucker knew a massive side effect is weight gain and bone density loss making the bc not right for me.

They're such asshats, and I'm actually kind of mad for PT here.

No. 279627

I would question the legitimacy of how accurate her recollection of what happened. For all we know the doctor could have told her, "this is something that happens when women get older" because you know how PT gets if anyone mentions age around her. Though I understand where you're coming from.

No. 279628

File: 1465696064170.png (147.7 KB, 487x328, 1448937712852.png)

No. 279629

I agree with that doctor, Anon. :^)

No. 279631

File: 1465696992580.jpg (232.75 KB, 525x477, HE8eIMC.jpg)

No. 279635

If you consider that edgy imageboards might not be the place for you

No. 279638

Why would you be upset though? A doctor is supposed to be concerned with weight. If you're fat from a depo shot, you're overeating-plain and simple. Lose weight, fattie.

No. 279651

I've been on the Depo shot for over 2 years and have gained less than 10 lbs total. I also eat just the same as I did before going on it.

Stop blaming the shot for your shitty life choices.

No. 279711

Oh yea I forgot she lives with her parents

My doctor told me that Depo and other birth control only makes you gain weight cuz it makes you hungry. The weight doesn't come from nowhere.

No. 279724

Yeah that's what I learned as well. Birth control 'tricks' your body into thinking you're pregnant, so your brain activates bigger appetite mode so that both you and your child (if said baby was there) will be fed properly.

Just know when to stop eating so much and how much exercise to do to wars off the unnecessary extra hunger.

No. 280332

Wow, look at the asshurt I caused because I said doctors should explain the science behind medications.

>implying there's no difference between explaining how the depo shot alters the brain, hormones, and appetite and just saying "LOL TREADMILL"

Nice job defending your own deficient kind, autists.

No. 280753

File: 1465969678734.png (74.3 KB, 636x1328, SPIAs5b.png)

PTNR is back and boy did they post a doozy!

PT nudes (Not Safe For Life) (Period blood)

No. 280755

From PTNR's post.


PT is going tranny.

PT is deciding what pronouns to use.

PT has some sort of fucked up hormonal issues going on that has caused her to sprout male-pattern body hair and develop an enlarged clit. Her hair is also falling out in clumps when she brushes it. She has chosen to parse this as proof that she's tranny: her body is literally re-configuring itself to match who she is inside. She prefers anal now (she is literally going to be a male-souled female faggot to match Chris's female-souled male lesbo it seems). She also has graduated from yeast infections to what I can only guess is bacteria vaginosis, though she thinks the discharge is "cum" from her girlcock.

Some things not yet included in screen shots: PT has only used protection "about 50% of the time" when doing the depraved sex shit she does. She is also worried she has HPV due to symptoms but refuses to get an STD test because she is scared and broke. She eats about 1500 calories per day and then dances a ton to burn weight. She doesn't take any wacky weight loss shit that she admits to anyway, and has only taken vitamins, green tea and "garcinia Cambogia" her mom gave her. Her mom is worried PT is killing herself but is being a thundercunt in the way she's expressing concern to PT (she bought PT a pretty black dress, PT thanked her and her mom said "it's probably because there's going to be a death in the family soon" implying PT). She has taken to masturbating anally because her vagina is too fucked up/painful to accommodate dildos anymore. She has been peeing a ton lately and experiencing dizziness and stuff if she doesn't eat regularly and is apparently pre-diabetic and has glucose intolerance. James made her realize she's tranny. She cries every time they fuck and hates it. She has no feeling in her megaclit or vagina anymore. Her skin is constantly puckered due to dehydration. She is also experiencing severe chills and moderate-high fever (apparently confirmed as being real, as her mom is worried about it).

No. 280756

is this real life

No. 280758

No. 280759

What the actual fuck is going on, this is not the route I hoped for the queen

No. 280761

um this is crazy disturbing… she needs to get her blood checked and get an std test to see what or if anything is wrong with her.

If its her hormones.. maybe being put on birth control will help? I really have no idea..

No. 280762

warms my heart to see PT on the front page again w some timeless crazy scuttlebutt. shine on you crazy diamond

No. 280766

Out of control, untreated PCOS. Good luck, PT.

No. 280767

Didn't realize videos couldn't be hidden spoiler.

No. 280773

Yeah, that could cause the infertility issues, her original weight gain, and facial hair, etc. But PT is crazy and is twisting it into some kind of animu fantasy storyline.

No. 280797

what is happening?? she legit sounds like that 14 year old ginsengteacat bitch, but pt is in her thirties. is she that desperate for attention to make up such ridiculous nonsense? is she so lost about her identity after being delusional about being japanese for so long? just how? i feel like i'm being trolled. on a side note, jesus fuck i though pt had sad titties before her weight loss, this is just…mournful. she should really start some weight training.

No. 280799

Christ poor PT. I didn't think this tranny stuff was real but I guess the PT ride never ends. I hope she gets help for her medical issues though that sounds dangerous.

No. 280803

Jesus those are the most depressing tits I've ever seen. No wonder she hates them.

No. 280816

Why on earth would she send her gross period pictures to anyone?

No. 280834

Are they even period pictures? I thought she'd masturbated so hard she bled

No. 280847

Sounds to me like going from shitty diet to shitty diet to rapid weightloss has caused her Thyroid to go bonkers

No. 280851

That's a period pad, though?

No. 280852

Nah, it's PCOS.

-hair falling out
-insulin resistance
-increase in body hair

Seems pretty obvious to me. She needs a panel done to test hormone levels and get on some Metformin or something else to help.

No. 280854

For my own sanity I refuse to believe this is a real person, this must be an elaborate troll. There's just no fucking way

No. 280871

File: 1465996670420.png (183.29 KB, 287x318, 1434958719490.png)

Well fuck. Now I feel like a retard for thinking maybe PT would finally get her shit together.

This seemed to just come out of nowhere. What the fuck is going on with her?

No. 280879

The rise, fall, rise again, and fall or our queen

No. 280891

No rise, just free fall. PT is the result of mental illness not being treated early on. I know Sarah is an adult, but I blame her parents. They enabled her to be this low functioning and she uses strange delusions to explain the troubles she has in life. Her mother who also suffers from mental illness seems to make these issues 100x fold worse.

No. 280893

>she is pre-diabetic


No. 280895

>is futanari a real condition
hoo boy

No. 280899

>like invader Zim


No. 280905

File: 1466006210498.png (953.7 KB, 959x533, 1442571736512.png)

>Skype icon
I wonder if PT wants to self insert as Gon. Maybe that's why she wants to be trans? The fishing pictures make sense in this context. I'm probably reaching here though.

>Pic semi related

No. 280906

Well she has been really set on imitating specific anime characters before. And Gon is a young, cute, peppy and much-loved character, all of which definitely appeals to her.

No. 280907

>Well she has been really set on imitating specific anime characters before.
I still have trouble comprehending why people do this. Is it for attention?

If she wants to be Gon I wonder who her Killua is.

No. 280908

So Chris thinks hypnosis videos will turn his duck into a china and PT thinks she is morphing into a futa-chan. It's unreal. It really is.

Did he call himself zie or something? I don't remember. Anyway, I don't think her parents would take too kindly to her using neo-pronouns and telling people she's genderfluid. Having a gay son is one thing. But weird tumblr sexualities are a little much. If their only daughter decides to go trans because of a treatable hormonal imbalance they will be heartbroken.

No. 280930

>PT's sad, deflated little boobies
The true face of weight loss that they don't like telling people about.
But oh well, if she wants to be a boy she can ACE bandage them into oblivion I guess…

>She is also worried she has HPV due to symptoms but refuses to get an STD test because she is scared and broke.

Fair assessment in the south. Healthcare coverage in red states can be poor. I personally went to a doctor that was covered by my insurance, but they sent my HPV test to a private lab corporation that tried to charge me close to $1000 for the pleasure. I contested the charges, but for someone like PT I mean…

>Her mom is worried PT is killing herself but is being a thundercunt in the way she's expressing concern to PT (she bought PT a pretty black dress, PT thanked her and her mom said "it's probably because there's going to be a death in the family soon" implying PT).

Since the mom's bipolar she probably has irrational jealousy towards PT about her weight loss.

>James made her realize she's tranny. She cries every time they fuck and hates it. She has no feeling in her megaclit or vagina anymore


PT sounds so different when she's not trying to be a squeaky weeb. Her voice is really endearing, but I'm guessing she has a hormonal disorder. Anyone else catch how raspy her voice is? I've read that can be a sign.

No. 280953

No. 280954

File: 1466014012899.gif (767.61 KB, 275x220, 1427717685085.gif)

Yeah srsly pic is how i feel i just don't understand how any of this is real MY BRAIN IS just turning to mush. lolcow has been slowly eroding my intelligence for a while now but this is like i'm gonna puke so hard i'm gonna go inside out and turn autistic

No. 280955

Quit it. PT has given us the quality milk on she can provide. Let's remember the time Berry threads were in /pt/ while PT disappeared from the internet. Dark times.

No. 280959

File: 1466014394917.jpg (96.46 KB, 596x628, 1448240492912.jpg)

Invader Zim referred to himself in third person, and definitely not because of identity/gender issues, he just had a huge ego. There were no neo-pronouns involved. Where PT got this from is beyond me.

I cannot believe that PT somehow still manages to impress us after all those years…

No. 280962

I'm not even sure this is milk though I just feel sorry for her mangled std ridden fanny and her brain that convinces herself it's all tranny animusplainable

No. 280969

Same… I thought she was really doing better, but I guess not

No. 281014

PT has always worked overtime being a shudder cow, but I understand your compassion for our dear queen. I remember when I witnessed her mother telling her to bathe while she sobbed on camera. I felt soooo bad for her. I guess this milk isn't hilarious cream but 100% fascinating. I've been PT old school around 2007/2008, so the love/hate has evolved over the years to pure fascination.

No. 281048

Yeah, but she could have been using it to stop the blood from staining her underwear

No. 281100

Yeah srsly the invader zim thing is just so dumb it's a mindfuck.

Is she just trolling at this point? Like come one she must be aware of this site, that her online friends post all communication with her she must just say shit now for the sake

it's pretty fucked up attention but maybe attention is attention if you're a mid 30s unemployed weeaboo

No. 281104

Sounds like PCOS and lots of women with PCOS have gender identity issues and tend to start identifying as "somewhere in the middle," so the tranny thing isn't really surprising.

I'm no gender studies person but from what I've read PCOS is complicated, gender identity issues don't always resolve because the treatment is pretty shit and mostly revolves around making the shitty parts a little less shitty.

We unfortunately don't understand a lot about the condition.

No. 281108

Is it just me, or do a lot of lolcows have PCOS? Could it be causation, as well as correlation?

No. 281110

I don't know, personally, I think its a little irritating that people on here try to be armchair psychologists and shit, especially when they don't really understand anything about what they're on about.

I think that its coincidence and because PCOS is more likely to lead to gender identity issues and because most lolcows have gender identity issues its really just a matter of statistics.

No. 281120

File: 1466031789334.jpg (126.07 KB, 800x533, 1354412455850.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 281122

How common is PCOS it seems that as the years go by more and more people are developing it and complaining about it

No. 281124

Very common, because there are more obese and overweight women in the US than ever before.

No. 281126

Just wanna say that she should use a binder rather than ACE bandages. Those can warp your ribs and give you breathing problems.

No. 281127

File: 1466032158224.jpg (33.73 KB, 568x449, milk.JPG)

mte. this is more milk than I was ready to handle.

No. 281131

Just when I didn't think pt could shock me anymore she found away.

No. 281132

it's not just from being overweight though

No. 281134

I keep coming back to look at this, it's crazy.

>You're a gyno so you know: is futanari a real condition

…Yes, pt. Yes it is.

No. 281142

Yes, you can have PCOS and be thin like Jilliam Michaels. But 80 percent of women who have it are overweight or obese. So at the very least, there's a strong correlation.

No. 281143


No. 281144

It looks like the 'period pad' picture was actually supposed to demonstrate that…she's been bleeding from her ass? like, that is not where period blood is supposed to end up. Even if you were heavy flow and lying down the whole time, there would be 'drips' rather than it starting from the back. this is really sad to me, like wtf pt, don't let guys do that to you. that can really fuck up your internals.

No. 281149

Yeah, I don't think she was using pads for her period at all, there wasn't any blood where her vagina would be, just where her clit and asshole would be.

I don't think it's just guys doing it to her though, she went on a rant about going celibate on Facebook before she left, and she's known for being a rampant masturbator too.

No. 281151

Could be hemorroids

No. 281153

>lots of women with PCOS have gender identity issues

You have any reputable sources for that?

No. 281154

File: 1466034526627.jpg (125.57 KB, 966x600, 1463347400811.jpg)

This is so fucked up and sad, wtf. And we were all cheering her on for her weight loss.

No. 281155

Also the blood on her vag and on the pad didn't really look like period blood, at least not the sort I've ever got. It looks too bright, whereas period blood has always been a few shades darker, in my experience.

No. 281156

Eh, most of us knew that her weight was the least of her problems. I do sympathise with her to a degree, but I can't say I'm surprised by this turn of events.

No. 281159

Who would've thought she'd end up having PCOS though? Fucking hell

No. 281161

can someone give me a breakdown of the PCOS thing? i'm just confused by what i looked at with the bloody pad honestly

No. 281166

We're just speculating, I don't want to talk as if she's been diagnosed. Also she's been known to be a hypochondriac (no, I'm not diagnosing her as that, I'm just using it as a description of her behaviour) and is a pretty anxious person, so she might be making a mountain out of a molehill

No. 281168

PT isn't saying she has PCOS. James said she was pre-diabetic. That couples with other symptoms make it seem PCOS is the culprit. PT as far as she knows, thinks her body wants to be a man.

No. 281173

This is true, PT complained about her health all the time and I'm willing to bet a lot of it was in her head.

However, considering how strong her symptoms are and the fact that her mother is worried I wonder if it's a combination of things all coming to a head at once (PCOS, diabetes and an STD, let's say).

And this is horrible because it really did seem like she was getting her life together for a while, she was losing weight and finally got a job.

No. 281176

I wonder if PT is taking steroids? Only thing I've heard of that causes an enlarged clit and could account for rapid weight loss.

No. 281177

I'm not ruling PCOS out as a possibility, but I'm not saying she has it either. I'm just making it clear that it's a 'maybe she has it, maybe she doesn't - we just don't know for sure' situation.

I think the blood is just as a result of her using dildos on her ass and rubbing her clit too hard.

No. 281178

PTNR is posting about it on the kiwifarms. It's period blood.

No. 281180

That was a bunch of vague and unfounded bullshit. PCOS has more in common with pre-diabetes than anything else. My source? I participated in a medical study on that very aspect of it.

PT's just vulnerable to all the transtrender shit going around.

No. 281186

Basically PCOS means not ovulating or having troubled ovulation. 'Follicles' form on the ovaries making them large and tender. The follicles often do not burst as they should which means no or low progesterone. progesterone is the wellbeing hormone so the woman with PCOS feels like shit. Like diabetes / pre-diabetes, being overweight makes it worse. Male pattern hair growth can occur. Diabetes, heart disease and infertility due to not ovulating are problems. Diabetes meds work for some women to start ovulation again. Losing weight helps.

No. 281204

PT developed these symptoms after she got to a normal weight, not when she was obese…

No. 281208

please stop being so retarded. she's clearly on her period.

No. 281209

She might have had it already but now she's thin she's noticing her body in a different way - also that her hormonal balance has changed since the weight loss. Put that together with mental illness and voilà. It is possible (just less common) to be thin, to have periods and still have PCOS. It's just that we are used to seeing hairy hambeasts like Baggs with it.

No. 281211

I feel like she's being a little bit dramatic. She always has "symptoms" related to what she's currently into (which happen to be shotas atm). Some thinning hair and increased body hair is normal at age 30 and her weightloss probably messed with her hormones. STD/HPV is possible though, she needs to get that shit checked.

No. 281219

Weight training makes zero difference. The skin has stretched then deflated. It's a myth that weight training would help. Her boobs will improve only if she gains weight again

No. 281221

As a PCOS haver, even after I lost 60lbs I still had irregular periods and insulin resistance. Losing weight helps relieve symptoms, but it doesn't reverse the syndrome completely. Often you can have it right up until menopause.

No. 281222

Just because she was fat doesn't mean she wouldn't have noticed abnormal facial hair, clogged up throat, abnormal periods, or a massive clit. She's also developed pre diabetes. Maybe she's being more melodramatic than before, but logically she should be in the best shape she's been in years and it seems like she has even more now despite the pretty drastic lifestyle change.

No. 281235

The only thing that will save PT's boobs is surgery.

She's had various symptoms but never quite like this. It was always some variation of her "tummy" or chest hurting, never specific issues with growing a lot of hair, her throat (she used to sing all the time too so she would have noted this) and all her weird vagina shit going on. I have no doubt that there is something mental going on, this is our Queen we are talking about, but there has to be something new too.

No. 281250

>like, that is not where period blood is supposed to end up.
you know pads have adhesive on them and she can put the pad wherever she fucking wants even horizontal across the top of her underwear if she wanted, right

>at least not the sort I've ever got
"muh vagina blood looks like this so everyone else's must too!"

lining can cause your blood to be darker, but overall its the same blood as anywhere else. when it's darker its because you're looking at it after it exited your body and oxidized, but if you bleed fresh and check it instantly after (especially if you have heavy flow), it's generally as light as the blood that would come from a nosebleed or any other injury.

it's a fucking period you retards lmao

No. 281257

Why are you so worked up over period blood? Are you okay?

No. 281265

Anon might be lined up with the Queen's cycle.

No. 281371

what if PT gets really sick and then dies and then FOX news runs a story on how people were harassing her online and then they take everyones ip addresses and we all end up in lolcow jail together

No. 281380

Imagine how much of a clusterfuck it'd be if we were in jail together.

No. 281387

>is futanari a real condition

Now that's one for the ages.

No. 281388


You'd be my prison bitches and I'd reward you daily with a suckle at my teat.

No. 281391

i don't understand why people are acting concerned, i think it's pretty obvious pt is vying for attention as usual. she wants people to think she doesn't know what's going on with her body despite having the sudden interest in cosplaying boy characters when she never has before. her clit is clearly normal sized, she has hair on her legs because she didn't shave them, and has normal facial hair growth. i'm not saying she doesn't have pcos, but c'mon guys, stop being so gullible. she's not furiously masturbating until she's a bloody mess. she's just being a weird. she's trading in her fake japanese heritage bs for some fake transgender issues. it's classic pt.

No. 281417


Why does pt want to be a futanari if she thinks she's really a man? futas are girls with dicks. like, everything female but the dick.

pt is so fucking nonsensical.

No. 281464

Why are you trying so hard? Are you okay?

Does being wrong hurt your feefees?

No. 281471

File: 1466084042495.jpg (151.42 KB, 299x450, goMeihuaTemp_mh1466083846488.j…)

I can't stop

No. 281473

even without shoop, pt has potential. too bad her skin is wrecked.

No. 281491

no she doesnt

No. 281495

you must not have been around the Miyu-era, because styled right, PT did look good.

No. 281503

Another snippet from kiwifarms from PTNR.

"Another thing I'll note is that she is REALLY disjointed and borderline incoherent as compared with how she used to be.

At one point, she randomly asked if I believed in witches. She told me she thinks hermaphrodites are aliens from another planet. She then kept asking me to assure her that no one was going to throw her into a mental hospital. She'll interrupt to say she feels like she is pregnant but she knows she isn't and feels that there is something growing inside her. She is absolutely terrified that she is going to die. She also seems to think her mom is plotting against her somehow and wants her to die because she wasn't born as a male or some shit.

I'm not a doctor (but I play one on Skype), but I don't think this stuff is just more of her usual craziness. This stuff is too nutty even for her. I'd chalk it up to a symptom of whatever the fuck is going on with her more than anything else. It's either causing psych issues or exacerbating the ones she already has. It was really hard to have a lucid conversation with her. "

No. 281505

Sounds like she does need a visit to the mental hospital, tbh. This isn't even funny like PT's usual antics.

No. 281506

File: 1466093290202.png (49.08 KB, 479x411, .png)


No. 281519

I can't tell if the thread is freakin out about PT being crazy again or because they ~actually~ believe what she is saying.

No, she is not dying. No her body is not "going crazy on her". She is 30 and just lost a ton of weight really fast. Her body is adjusting. She has a perfectly normal vag from what I could see in the pics. She didn't shave her legs. MY fuckin voice is raspy because of seasonal allergies. PT, like 80% of america, prolly has seasonal allergies that are fuckin her over. in the old pics of her vag she was literally pulling and spreading the labia out to make it look tighter, so of course with years of that, she is going to have some wrinkles down there. Those pictures were her sitting down and not spreading anything, of course it's gonna look a little gross. I assumed most everyone on here were women, yall should know that she just has a plain ole 30 year old vagina. No biggie.

I used to be depressed all the time and not bathe often because of it. We know PT has a history of unhygienic habits. You guys are surprised she has gross stuff going on with her vagina? My she does have an std, I dunno, but im betting (99% sure) it is just gross discharge.

On a side note, her mom is a bitch. Of course she is jealous of PT's weight loss. She's done really well and her mom is trying to sabotage it. My family would do the same thing. I'd lose weight, and then they'd say I'm "freakin out too much about food, come on, just eat junk food! It's okay to have it sometimes!" and then when I would eat junk food they'd shame me. PT's mom is most likely doing the same thing, making her even more stressed and depressed. At least PT isn't spending all her money on dumb shit anymore so hopefully she'll be able to move out soon. What she really needs is a therapist. Desperately. I highly doubt she has ever been to one in her life. She needs one so badly. Someone who won't judge her and shame her but also won't accept her BS and attention seeking.

PT if you're reading this, You are doing a great job with your health. Being 30 doesn't make you an old woman. You are still very attractive and agitated throat aside you have a tremendously cute voice. You are talented and capable of great things and you don't need to be a scared victim to get attention. You were getting tons of positive attention from us during your weight loss and period of mental stability. You'll always be our queen. Milk or not.

…. but damn this is good milk ….

No. 281525

Question for those who've been following the PT saga for a while:

How likely is it that she'd go to a doctor over a problem she made up for attention? I sort of think she legit believes her body is transforming or something, because if she was just lying for attention, why would she waste her money going to a doctor when she knows she doesn't need to? Is that something PT would do?

No. 281536

She used to go to the ER all the time when her "tummy" hurt so I don't think she'd have an issue here, I just think she can't afford it.

Except the point is that PT is going crazy. Yes, her physical symptoms can be written off as normal enough medical issues (potentially gross STD aside) combined with her tendency towards exaggeration, but that doesn't explain that weird vagina issue she has and her apparent paranoia as per>>281503

No. 281539

Sounds like normal PT to me. "Eaten" is a new one though.

No. 281540

been away for a while does she not have a FB anymore? or any social site?

No. 281562

Maybe she has syphilis and it's affecting her brain

No. 281569

According to PTNR2.0, she actually deleted her Facebook this time, unlike the previous times of deactivating it.
Who knows if she'll make a new one under her actual name or if it'll be under her new futa persona name (whatever that'll be).

No. 281578


She's saying it's like Invader Zim because the pronoun is "Zir", you guys. I think she got "Zim" mixed with "Gir" and, well… It's PT afterall.

No. 281581


TBH, it's a pretty common issue.
i also have it but i just identify as an ugly ass woman

But not all hairy girls have it, though.

No. 281582

Yeah. She's fallen off the deep end and needs help. I honestly never thought she'd get this bad. Maybe being ill is just making her act more irrational then usual. If she keeps getting a fever her brain frying could be making her say and do very strange things. But I do think some of it is her own eccentric brand of whining.

But there's definitely still something very wrong here. This is a bit different from her normal hysterics. She sounds like she's really going mad.

No. 281584

I hate that she's just giving up on being a woman because things in her life haven't gone 100% her way.
I want good things for PT but sometimes it feels like she's constantly crying for help when anyone else would just help themselves. Does being a victim really feel that good? Will there ever be a time where Pixy can pick herself up, except her faults, and love herself?

No. 281591

It's deeper than this. PT is having her breakdown. We all predicted this would happen when she was still in her 20s. When she reached her 30s it would be a quick spiral down.

PT doesn't make these problems up, but she exaggerates and is incredibly sensitive to any second of pain and is pretty intolerant of it. She doesn't quite do it for attention, but she does…I guess she subconsciously does this for attention. And yes, this is 100% real. Just like Pixy was convinced she was partially Asian. I use this saying a lot as a joke, but it's applicable to Sarah. "It's a lie if you believe it." Frankly, she will whole heartily believe things that are convenient for her current mind set and will aggressively reject anything that opposes it. It's more a neurosis than straight up lying. When she's confronted with an undeniable truth that conflicts with her current beliefs or ideas she breaks down. I'm guessing working at Victoria's Secret was really traumatic and made Sarah face up to a lot of realities about her preconceived ideals of femininity which led this rejection of feminine gender. The thing that makes PT the lolcow queen is that she's deeply devoted to her delusions and when faced with staggering blows to those delusions reacts in very abnormal and contradictory ways.

No. 281592

"It's not a lie if you believe it" - George Costanza

No. 281598

File: 1466110137635.jpg (12.89 KB, 320x240, 4356897822_765713c079.jpg)

Goddamnit, Sarah…

No. 281602


The answer is so simple:

She lost weight.

The change in appearance of her genitals? Her hormones shifting a bit? All of it is accounted for from significant fat loss.

Source: I'm a nutritionist

No. 281604

PT is prediabetic and her hair is coming out. That doesn't sound like something only attributed to weight loss. Sounds like a hormonal issue that should be looked into.

No. 281605

It honestly sounds like PCOS

No. 281606

Is PCOS the current flavor of the month disorder?

No. 281610

I agree, but it's up to PT to bring it up at the doctor's.

No. 281615

holy shit i always forget how normal her voice this, i usually imagine it sounding like a whiny teenager lol

No. 281626

anyone can be pre diabetic. It's not uncommon and has little to no symptoms. It's not a disease, it just means she needs to control what she's eating. Which she has been. And besides, who saw the doctors note for that one? My grandma claims she's "pre diabetic" all the time for attention and then stuff chips in her face. Pre diabetes is something people can easily throw around to appear sick but nothing happens. No symptoms.

And with the hair … again … this is PT we're talking about. She prolly found a little more hair in her brush than usual and is now saying "whole clumps of hair are just fallin out!". She has always had the flattest most volumeless hair, if she started losing hair, it would be extremely obvious and her hair looked fine the recent vid.

She has the build for PCOS, but god damn everyone and their mom can't shut up about it. Blaming EVERYTHING on a "sudden epidemic" of pcos. I highly doubt she has it.
pcos is common but don't you guys find it funny that suddenly everyone wont shut up about it? Lolcow you crazy sometimes.

No. 281627

No, that would be (insert name here) personality disorder. PCOS is a fatty meme illness

No. 281634

Maybe if PT becomes a boy she won't have to worry about being an old maid anymore. She can go to Japan as a kawaii man without ever having to worry about all her weird imagined female restrictions.

No. 281668


The hair loss is probably from poor nutrition. Has she ever posted about what she's eating while on the new diet? Not getting enough or the right nutrients will make you lose hair.

No. 281676

IIRC she once posted a breakfast consisting of eggs and microwave vegetables, and I believe maybe pancakes.
PTNR said she said she only eats 1500 calories a day.

No. 281690

How tall is she? 1,500 really isn't bad at all depending on her height. Eggs, veggies, and pancakes is more than enough food for one meal.

No. 281695

she's around 5'2", so 1500 is probably a little over her BMR, but she also works out by dancing with ankle weights iirc.

No. 281698

She's only 5'2"? I don't know why I thought she was quite a bit taller than that. Yeah, 1,500 is actually kind of a lot for her then. Not sure why the other anon said "only" 1,500. Isn't it around 1,200 for around 5'2"?

No. 281717

According to an online calculator online it would be about 1462.

PT never struck me as someone who didn't get enough nutrients, she wasn't a picky eater, she just ate way too much in the past. Her diet now just seems to limit calories, she didn't really say much beyond that. I don't think it's malnutrition, in the end.

No. 281750

tbh it kinda sounds like she has an STD and at least a raging UTI. If she does have PCOS she needs to get evaluated and fast, because it sounds like her case is pretty severe. I have it too but much milder than this. Damn PT, what the hell is going on?

No. 281755

pancakes is trash. She shouldn't eat that shit anyway since it's literally junk food. 1,500 cals/day is way too much for someone who is only 5'2 and doesn't do much more than shitty dance cardio. 1,200 is much better for a shorter, less active woman. I bet PT is beyond malnutritioned.

No. 281757

File: 1466139539875.jpg (25.93 KB, 640x640, 11049580_1719876924897858_6288…)

Wow. Just wow. I have a hard time believing she isn't actually retarded from these posts. How is she 30??

No. 281765


Can confirm, I am a 5'2'' female, similar age and weight [5 years younger and 15 lbs lighter, but close enough], and recommended calorie amount for weight loss is 1,200-1,350 unless you're doing some crazy cardio or muscle building or something.

No. 281786

guys , I fear PT may be looking at a serious infection. the fever and shivers added to her history of yeast infections make me fear it has travelled up her urinary tract and got her kidneys. someone ask her if her back is in pain .

also, same with her vaginal pain: infection

No. 281826

she did go to the doctor recently >>278639 if it was that bad they'd probably see it

No. 281829

She probably has HPV or HSV2.
You can get both through vaginal and anal sex and can cause extreme pain. HSV can cause flu like symptoms.

No. 281878

I'm so disgusted that I'm offended seeing my sonfu's face next to the text

No. 281923


I wasn't talking about calorie intake you massive retards

I was talking about a NUTRITIONAL DEFICIT.

No. 281947

Same. Why Sarah, why?

No. 281972

You say that, but she's already lost a great deal of weight.

No. 281982

Right…skellies need to stop being dicks.

No. 282283

Not that anon, but it's hardly being a spoop to know pancakes are bad for you. Being 5'2" means a low calorie intake to lose or stay at a reasonable weight, it sucks, but it's reality of being a short person unless you have a fast metabolism.

Eggs are nutritious and so are most veggies? Only the pancakes lack nutrition.

No. 282292

>but it's hardly being a spoop to know pancakes are bad for you
It's a phrase called "eating in moderation" and clearly PT has demonstrated that she can do that by losing the weight she has. You're bringing up a non-issue that maybe would be valid if, say, she was still at the weight she was at two years ago. Which is why you're being called a spoop. Only spoops obsess about someone stating that they've eaten a pancake.

No. 282305

I never intended for it to seem like I'm shaming PT for eating a couple pancakes. I'm just saying to the other anon that over all her meal was nutritional besides the pancakes. She's lost a great deal of weight and I think it's probably the best thing she's done for herself so far.

No. 282307

Sorry to samefag, but I should probably clarify I wasn't the anon who said pancakes are trash, but the other anon here >>281690

No. 282465

"I feel like someone's chocking me all the time"

Doesn't she have reflux? That's a very common symptom.
It's called Globus.

~The more you know ~

No. 282485

I once knew someone that had severe bipolar disorder, and what Sarah's been going through lately reminds me a lot of what they went through. My friend was worse, though, and would do shit like self-injure, shave their hair off, etc. But they'd also be suddenly overcome with distorted thinking, paranoia and delusions during a bipolar episode, just like what Sarah's been experiencing.

If her mom is bipolar, it strikes me as pretty likely that Sarah's bipolar as well, and is probably going through an episode right now. She seriously needs to seek help and get this under control.

No. 282599

It's possible she is bipolar with psychosis or schizoaffective. It's really sad but honestly I couldn't help but laugh when futanari was the conclusion she jumped to.

No. 282604

She likely is bipolar, she's shown bipolar type of behavior for a while, this just seems to be worse. She's always had delusions and felt like she was being persecuted but this is just on another level for her.

Also I just find it disturbing that she slutted around so much without using any protections.

No. 282727


I'm curious about the "choking" sensation. It could be anxiety causing her throat and neck muscles to tense up. I had a similar experience during an emotional breakdown where I felt constant pressure in my neck, almost as if something inside of it was swollen. I went to a doctor about it. There wasn't anything wrong. Just anxiety.


The sluttiness could also be a manifestation of the bipolar.

I wonder how bad she's going to have to get before her parents make her do something. Like another anon asked, I wonder if they're even aware of what's going on with her.

No. 282750

I don't want to derail too much, but yeah, it's also caused by stress and anxiety.
It could also be related to the vagus nerve.
Globus has a lot of triggers. It is referred as Globus Hystericus, because most of the time you'll feel like you're literally choking, but there's nothing going on.

I'm not in the least surprised she feels it, combining her GERD and anxiety prone personality.
It's also one of those things that the more you think about the more you feel it.

I remember when she was on twitter I used to send her little tidbits of random info like this.
I miss those days.

No. 282826

The sluttiness business could be borderline trait as well. It's very common to be diagnosed with both BPD and bi polar.

No. 282859

I've really never gotten the impression that PT is borderline. She's likely high functioning autistic with a healthy serving of bipolar.

No. 283042

File: 1466439731689.jpeg (78.43 KB, 450x600, image.jpeg)

Looking through old Pixy pics

No. 283043

File: 1466439902996.jpeg (60.66 KB, 450x600, image.jpeg)

No. 283044

File: 1466440059782.jpeg (59.97 KB, 600x450, image.jpeg)

No. 283045

File: 1466440110273.jpeg (41.28 KB, 337x450, image.jpeg)

okay done spamming pics now

No. 283050

goddamn what a pear

No. 283066

how sad is it that this is one of her better looks

No. 283067

File: 1466446746902.jpeg (95.5 KB, 684x1024, image.jpeg)

here are some more oldies

No. 283068

File: 1466446781004.jpeg (22.71 KB, 283x192, image.jpeg)

No. 283069

File: 1466446814345.jpeg (65.52 KB, 487x513, image.jpeg)

No. 283091

Tripod-san in the reflection gets me every time. Wasn't this taken around the time they went on the family trip to New Orleans and Sarah threw a shitfit and her mom kicked her out of the car for a while and then bought her some japaroo soap or the like to make up with Sarah?

No. 283141


I feel like it's probably shooped. Looks like she tried to make her waist look thinner by messing with her proportions a bit.

No. 283151

When I saw it I assumed that she was sitting or leaning on something and that was squishing out her hips, based on the proportions and the positioning of her left hand, resting on the bench/wall/whatever. Doubt it's shoop.

No. 283273

File: 1466530818234.png (182.32 KB, 1455x536, 34264337.png)

An update on the health and well-being of our queen. She was prescribed some antibiotics. Speculations abound, but apparently it was for bronchitis. We shall see if her futanari swollen vagina clears up as well.

No. 283282

this one gets me everytime, she looks like a retarded adult whose caretaker left her alone in the bath lol

No. 283338

Has PT ever tried to shoop?

No. 283363

I know, every time I see the banner I laugh in that uncomfortable way, then shudder slightly.

No. 283370

Idk if it was the photog or her that did it, but wasn't there a mermaid or Riku cosplay where her face was shooped?

It was prob over 3 years ago, my memory is so fuzzy on it. If someone knows what I'm talking about let me know! I could have sworn it was PT. it was on da from what I remember.

No. 283376

I don't think she's ever really shooped herself beyond blurring out imperfections.

No. 283377

I think Miyu was the only one to ever heavily shoop her but at least PT looked really pretty in those.

The only other 'shoop' PT did was yellowing her skin so she could claim haffu, and stretching images so she didn't appear so fat.

No. 283406

Azithromycin is commly used to treat a broad range of STI's

No. 283461

No. 283476

I haven't read up on Pixy in awhile, how did she lose all the weight??? Weight loss surgery?

No. 283477

limiting her calories and 'dancing'

No. 283489

Yeah, it's called a broad spectrum antibiotic for a reason. It treats a multitude of bacteria.

No. 283506

Maybe "beaten"?

No. 284545

File: 1467061275391.png (1.63 MB, 1440x1987, Screenshot_2016-06-27-16-56-37…)


No. 284547

I like the new hair color, it suits her and really brings out her eyes.

Now if only she would do something about that unfortunate skin

No. 284548

The bottom middle picture needs to be made into a bait meme

No. 284553

That actually happened in Destin, Fl. And then her mom took her to a Japanese restaurant.

No. 284554

I mean, what can she do besides makeup?
Her skin doesn't look that bad, like I don't see any ongoing acne, just looks like sunspots ?

No. 284563

It's really dry and dull anon. Yes, she needs make-up anyways but she also needs to get on a good skincare regimen to give that skin some moisture. But she also does have a lot of sunspots, I wish she would start putting on sunblock.

No. 284569

Yeah. Dry, dull and full of sun damage.

No. 284570

If she could afford it, peels and microdermabrasion + wearing strong sunscreen. She lives in Texas where it's hot and sunny all year round.

No. 284596

File: 1467075110270.png (2.32 MB, 1426x1824, Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.51…)

some mysterious pixy art posted to fb

No. 284618

I missed her horrible japanese.

No. 284619


Weeaboo transgender art?

No. 284629

I feel sorry for PT because I remember her always saying she did put on sunblock. Remember her wanting to be pale geisha? She's just too lazy and incompetent to reapply and put on enough layers to properly protect her skin. Protecting yourself from Texas sun is a task for the most diligent sunscreen users so for Pixy, she never had a chance. She is ultra pale and would have probably been served best by moving from Texas and similar environments all together.

No. 284639

Not to mention she worked outside (at Home Depot) for a considerable amount of time. No wonder her skin is so damaged.

No. 284651

It would be hard for any naturally pale person in Texas, but PT was also doubly screwed if we believe that her mother made her tan with her.

So PT dyed her hair lighter now? I thought she hated that and wanted it black, it's an interesting change.

No. 284668

She hates red hair, and the blonde she was complaining about was in high school where she said her mom made her color her hair.

No. 284674

So…what does it mean? For a long time PT has been staunchly against ever dying her hair lighter, to the point of refusing to bathe with soap/shampoo in fear of making her hair fade, and now she dyes it strawberry blonde? Is she finally giving up on the haffu dream?

No. 284675

Probably not. She changes her appearance to whichever anime character she identifies the most with. So which character is it now?

No. 284716

File: 1467130287699.jpg (25.2 KB, 400x267, Pix_happy_birthday_cake.jpg)

>She lives in Texas where it's hot and sunny all year round.
Pfffhahaha. I wish. We have winter here too. Not a lot of subzero stuff, mind you, but sometimes we see snow. The past two years have had much cooler summers than the norm (fewer 100+ degree days). It's not like it's Arizona where it's normally 110+ degrees in the summer.

I'm thinking she probably isn't using the right kind of sunscreen or is exaggerating how much she reapplies it. Let's be real here– she was never the most diligent at basic hygiene. Reapplying sunscreen every couple of hours would probably be beyond her level of effort. She's got some bad genes with the freckles and sunspots, and it's going to get worse as she gets older. Man, I know that feel well.

Also… almost a month until #31

No. 284773

>Also… almost a month until #31
And I can't wait

No. 284790

Her Skype avatar is Gon. That makes no sense though.

No. 284807

Victoriafag here. Its pretty hot and humid all year round. In our part of Texas what we consider winter is absolutely not really winter. People say it's cold when it's 70 out.

No. 284810

Hell instead of all that she should just practice all that dancing she does inside or in the shade. A lot of her videos have her standing out in the bright sunlight on concrete or blacktop which is fine in a video but she probably practices like that too given how badly damaged her skin is.

No. 284813

File: 1467162556087.jpg (488.25 KB, 681x1024, 1455904987901.jpg)

I think she has. Look at her pointy left shoulder in this pic and the way her hair is bending around it. I'm pretty sure this was the version she uploaded, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 284814

File: 1467162652313.jpg (456.42 KB, 681x1024, 1455913847668.jpg)

Also, some anons felt the thigh gap in this was probably shooped.

No. 284822

That doesn't make sense, why would she shoop her shoulders and not the huge arm flab?

No. 284830

I mean, this is the same girl who (used to) think that not washing her hair would make it turn black, so common sense doesn't really apply to her. Maybe she wasn't the person who edited it, but it definitely has been shooped by someone.

No. 284840

That's either shoop or her ass is so flat it's receding

I think it's pretty clear that PT doesn't see things the way everyone else does.

No. 284848

I was a bit confused at first. The only Gon I know is that little yellow dinosaur.

It's interesting to see PT in a new phase though. I had forgotten what the Gon kid looked like. But when I looked it up he wasn't blondish. So maybe PT isn't trying to be a kawaii shota after all.

I'm just really stunned that she made it lighter at all considering her previous stance.

No. 285303

File: 1467273119622.jpg (72.79 KB, 679x1024, 1419159744157.jpg)

What is this sexy woman thinking about…?

No. 285359

YES! Maybe something like "Such little bait? No thanks."

No. 285436

Thinking about having hubby minge

No. 285437

Thinking about having chubby minge

No. 285565

stupid weeaboo shit, probably

No. 285615

Miyu didn't heavily shoop PT in those pics though. She left in her smile lines and all that. It was the makeup and flattering angles that made so much of a difference. PT can look good, she just doesn't know the tricks that most girls know like makeup, lighting, angles, and styling.

No. 285874

So is she disabling her facebook pretty much every few days? Once again it's gone.

No. 286012

Should I buy a clit pump?

No. 286093

Should I wash tonight or am I starting to enjoy the smell of my minge?

No. 286100

File: 1467648406134.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.09 MB, 2064x3100, 81XKY8m 34354.jpg)

While it's not great of a Shoop, I wanted to do something that expressed her weight loss a bit more accurately

No. 286109

>I wanted to do something that expressed her weight loss a bit more accurately
>more accurately

what's the point fan-shooping this weeb i don't get it when you guys do this

No. 286110

File: 1467654185431.jpg (135.9 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nz6g0mvifj1qg1gkdo1_500…)

No. 286122

Our queen demands shoops to satiate her monstrous ego, its either this or kawaii sacrifices sooo

No. 286195

Sometimes on the 4th of July I'm reminded of the times PT insisted on wearing a kimono even though her family asked her not to out of her own wonderful weeb logic that kimonos were for watching fireworks or something.

Let's just remember the good times and hope she's wearing one now.

No. 286207

File: 1467682237079.jpg (495.51 KB, 682x1024, 1453625084693.jpg)

No. 286236

let us pray

No. 286260

Poor Pixie…She's built like a human weiner dog.

No. 286267

I don't think I've ever seen her face look this bad

No. 286293

Her face makes her look like she is in her 60's.

No. 286305

She doesn't look too bad in some pics. It makes me wonder why she chooses to keep pics were her face looks bad. Unless she just can't see it.

No. 286331

Poor Pixy's face deflated and is sagging to the point where she'll be needing a facelift by 35. :(

No. 286333

Silly American, it's her cultural right to watch the hanabi for the tanabata you baka

No. 286337

Most of PT's face problems comes from the fact that she doesn't use sunscreen.

No. 286366

>Now that I'm a futanari should I start taking nudes more often like in my Japanese doujins?

No. 286697

why does she sunbathe a lot or something

you shouldn't use sunscreen every day it's a fucking conspriracy

No. 286717

Uh, yes you should, especially if you live in a place like Texas.

No. 286744

when you live in texas you should, not to mention she worked outside in the gardening department of home depot for a while, standing in the sun with no sunscreen. add to that the damage done by her mother's supposed tanning obsession when pixy was young (that whole tanning pills story) its all caught up with her now.

its not just the fact she never wore/wears sunscreen, she also doesn't moisturize. a double whammy for shit skin.

No. 286748

Nah sunscreen is bad in the long run if you use it everyday because your skin stops producing a natural protection.

No. 286751

All Texans don't always wear sunscreen every day, it's not necessary if you're Mexican or not pale but those with pasty white skin need to or they get heat rash or burnt to a crisp.

No. 286767

Uh, if you're pale like PT and you live in a sunny place your skin already lacks "natural protection" (i.e. melanin)… All pale people should wear sunscreen everyday, at least in the summer!

No. 286768

Are you an idiot? Yes, you NEED to protect yourself from the sun at all times, even on cloudy days. Have fun prematurely aging and perhaps skin cancer.

No. 286790

File: 1467835693758.jpg (56.46 KB, 413x399, 3874685.jpg)

>even on cloudy days
fucking lol. Definitely not an idiot, I'm at the top post-graduate university in the world. You however are definitely an idiot, having been brainwashed by the cosmetics industry into rubbing the by-products of the petrol industry into your face and paying them for the privilege as well. Have fun ACTUALLY cultivating cancer and perhaps tumors. You probably shampoo your hair as well.

No. 286792


Thanks for the copy pasta.

fucking lol. Definitely not an idiot, I'm at the top post-graduate university in the world. You however are definitely an idiot, having been brainwashed by the 'murican cartoon industry into watching the by-products of the animu industry and paying them for the privilege as well. Have fun ACTUALLY cultivating cancer and perhaps tumors on imageboards. You probably play vidya as well.

No. 286794

File: 1467836249657.gif (1.25 MB, 500x375, cheers.gif)

No. 286795

File: 1467837020056.jpeg (47.13 KB, 385x513, image.jpeg)

I hope you enjoy your saggy, wrinkly, sunspot covered skin anon! Meanwhile I can avoid getting melanoma by not being a lazy asshole and just wearing sunscreen. :^)

No. 286797

File: 1467837644057.jpg (39.82 KB, 400x400, 50608542.jpg)

by cultivating tumors instead? did you even read my post fuckwit

I'd rather die old and wrinkly than prematurely

No. 286798

File: 1467839114070.jpeg (23.95 KB, 275x220, image.jpeg)

Cancer if you do and cancer if you don't

No. 286799

Even if you're Mexican you need sunscreen. It depends on how often you're in contact with the sun and how pale you are.
I live a few hours from Pt and it gets ungodly here so me imagining her working in the gardening section during summer months must have fucked her over hardcore.

No. 286800

one of the cancers you pay for

No. 286802

Looks like she's gained some weight back. The constant fluctuations are going to destroy her skin.

No. 286855

There's not much left to destroy tbh

No. 287199

No it isn't. You just need to make sure you're buying the right kind, those low in toxicity.

No. 287211

Well she did say she was cheating on her diet again. A little cheating won't hurt. But I'm thinking she just said "screw it" and now it's gonna eventually pile back on.

But no matter what PT weighs it's her attitude that needs adjusting. It's the reason why she can't make friends or get a decent guy. She just can't see it. That's pretty sad actually.

No. 287213


No. Cancer if you don't wear sunscreen.

Of course if any human lives long enough, they will get cancer– however, if you don't wear sunscreen, you have a higher probability of developing skin cancer early in life.

Have fun with your melanoma and wrinkles, fucking retards.

No. 287215

Scrolling through the whole thread and thought I'd point out that the blood on her vag can come from clitoral masturbation whilst on her period. The blood on the pad could be her doing a through-the-panties session. If she's only doing anal and clitoral stim because of her festering vag it's feasible.

No. 287349

This picture is from the last thread.

No. 287381

This image is from January or prior anyway. Before the most recent photos

No. 287608

i-i think i have the same panties as her

No. 287938

That's awesome, anon. Do you eat food and breathe air like she does, too?

No. 287940

No that's gross, only pt does that.

No. 288346

File: 1468182534805.gif (1.89 MB, 338x216, 1348551956077.gif)

Could you elaborate on this?

No. 288347

crazy person who thinks using sunscreen gives you cancer at a way higher rate than the sun itself. basically tinfoil hat retardation anon, don't worry about it.

No. 288526

File: 1468262101905.gif (977.15 KB, 400x273, tumblr_mr8rj9scjk1sc4ljxo1_r1_…)

what would you like
tin foil hat retardation is putting sunscreen on every day,
even on cloudy days or even when you're not going in the sun.

No. 288527

File: 1468262219997.jpg (119.29 KB, 500x500, pic1418335_md.jpg)

actually no tin foil hat retardation is just me, you suffer from shopping mall logic

No. 288531

File: 1468265974862.gif (23.44 KB, 256x224, 49028-mortal-kombat-snes-scree…)

Take it out of the Queen's thread, ladies. I keep being disappointed seeing her thread on the top then seeing this tom foolery. Choose Your Cancer (source) in /b/.

No. 288534

File: 1468267359494.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.81 KB, 320x240, image.jpeg)

Have fun being a leather bag

No. 288536

File: 1468267956486.gif (141.54 KB, 500x272, wtf...?.gif)

No. 288542

Can you guys either make a sunscreen general in /b/ or shut the fuck up?

No. 288656

File: 1468316283577.jpg (198.96 KB, 345x518, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 288682

noob question, but has she advanced anything in Japanese? or has she given up completely?

No. 288748

Anon, all the off-topic garbage has been worth it to inspire this meme. 10/10.

No. 288749

Nope, she doesn't put any effort into studying.

No. 288750

File: 1468352613679.gif (740.37 KB, 350x196, thankswayne.gif)


No. 288766

yea I'm not even huge on pt or reaction images but I like this and feel like this could actually come in handy gj

btw is she even supposed to be cosplaying something in that outfit or like

No. 288780

File: 1468370810373.jpg (42.07 KB, 621x607, pt.JPG)

I'm sure she'll be working on something for us soon

No. 288799

Is this shooped? She looks pretty cute

No. 288827

File: 1468400571015.jpg (357.72 KB, 683x1024, pixycarrie.jpg)

who is this guy btw? I saw a video of him cosplaying her at some convention, looked really horrible. I'd hate if she saw that.

It's one thing to imagine the empty echo of anon laughter coming from lolcows and it's another to know an entire hall of people in a real physical place were laughing together at you :(


No. 288920

The guy is funny and spot on with his impressions,lighten the fuck up.

No. 288926

Sorry for the noob question, but where is the best place to look at all the old pt photos and videos? I tried checking old threads but there's no links in the OP and i feel like the archive keeps changing anyway.

No. 288945

it still boggles my mind that hes a man yet he still looks like a prettier version of her. our poor queen.

No. 288950

Our queen looks pretty cute here. Honestly even if it were just lightly shooped it makes a world of difference–and everyone shoops these days so who would care.

No. 288953

Yeah but you're not tearing down a celebrity in public, its some random penniless weeb (beautiful sexy weeb)

No. 288968

File: 1468447865132.jpeg (79.86 KB, 480x321, image.jpeg)


No. 288971


whoa her calves look amazing??

No. 288972


motherfucking steph-on-knee.

No. 288973

File: 1468448714831.jpeg (39.26 KB, 342x480, image.jpeg)

She looks so cute and then she does this

No. 288983

File: 1468448818021.jpeg (48.19 KB, 360x480, image.jpeg)

No. 288991


she looks like robin williams in popeye

No. 289007

Yeah. That sounds like something out of Robocop. I mean I've heard it before. But the sun can really burn. If you are fair you are gonna burn.

So we're back to "I'm poopin'?

At least she is finally thin enough for it to not be totally gross. It's just a bit weird. If her expression wasn't so blank it would look better though.

No. 289009


can you shut the fuck up about sunscreen already

No. 289013

File: 1468449782147.jpeg (58 KB, 360x480, image.jpeg)

Gonna post new photos to drown out the sunscreen autism

No. 289014

File: 1468449832301.jpeg (40.19 KB, 320x480, image.jpeg)

No. 289015

File: 1468449871203.jpeg (42.66 KB, 320x480, image.jpeg)

No. 289018

File: 1468449933103.jpeg (34.52 KB, 319x480, image.jpeg)

No. 289019

File: 1468449981896.jpeg (85.85 KB, 480x320, image.jpeg)

Dem legs tho

No. 289021

File: 1468450074374.jpeg (64.94 KB, 320x480, image.jpeg)

No. 289023

Someone shoop her working the pole.

No. 289024

Our queen looks fucking amazing, Im so proud

No. 289027

her weight loss is seriously impressive

No. 289035

File: 1468456270344.jpeg (78.66 KB, 480x344, image.jpeg)

No. 289044

be still my heart

for real though

No. 289059

She looks nice here, like Jena Malone.

No. 289064

Holy shit, she looks amazing. Good for her!

No. 289065

These pictures made my day

No. 289070

She looks so nice compared to her former self

I even feel hopeful for myself. Like if she did it then maybe someday I'll be kawaii too.

No. 289079

Those legs are fantastic! Great job PT, I'm so proud.

No. 289090

I'm convinced she's autistic but it only makes me love her more, tbh. Our beautiful queen

No. 289091

pt is now my weight loss inspiration but for a different reason than she used to be. Shine on you crazy diamond

No. 289092

Her legs seriously do look great. Weird.

No. 289093

For real PT what's with the wig? You've been in the scene long enough to know better

No. 289094

File: 1468468696715.jpeg (28.26 KB, 320x480, image.jpeg)

No. 289095

File: 1468468831135.jpeg (80.67 KB, 480x321, image.jpeg)

I actually quite like her kairi cosplay. It's one of her better ones. But she still makes weird faces in some shots

No. 289108

Her face looks so haggard, so much sun damage.

No. 289130

This is seriously impressive.

No. 289139

she looks really cute here tbh??? wow u go pixy

No. 289143

Damn, she looks good but her face does not match her body at all. It's so bizarre.

No. 289145

Come back to the PT thread after a month and this is the first thing I see. I did a double take, I'm fucking impressed by her weight (that wigs a bit too red hot though but fuck it for now). That's something to be damn proud of. Knowing PTs behavior she probably won't be but I'm proud of her for her hard work

No. 289149


I'm seriously so dang proud of PT!
Oh my goodness, she just did a 180 on everything spare her skin routine.
She looks great so far though.

No. 289152

File: 1468489619739.png (163.38 KB, 612x450, yees.png)


Oh my Gods
She looks fantastic!

No. 289178

wtf this pic is amazing, she looks nice

No. 289179

File: 1468511438147.png (516.6 KB, 728x442, h.PNG)

nice PT

No. 289182

that hair suited her so much better though

No. 289183

NO don't you dare do this to Gon

No. 289184

I want to go out and sperg out about Pokémon with our Queen.

No. 289186

File: 1468517674128.jpeg (32.82 KB, 319x480, image.jpeg)

She looks amazing when she smiles as well. My queen is so adorable

No. 289187

File: 1468517743643.jpeg (74.15 KB, 480x343, image.jpeg)

But then she continues to do this.
And she still uses white granny panties

No. 289204

File: 1468528550541.jpg (129.78 KB, 1024x768, radar.zoolander.paramountpictu…)

No. 289217

Jesus fuck. Now i cant unsee

No. 289226

Doesn't she work at Victorias Secret why the fuck has she been wearing the same pair for an entire decade

No. 289228

Also what are these poses fucking informed by and besides us what is her demographic?????

No. 289229

Holy shit I read that as "Where did you put my dick"

No. 289242

She only worked there for like a week.

No. 289285

No. 289332

does anyone have the link to that onedrive folder with all her vids uploaded by one of us? I forgot to bookmark it and now I can't find it :')

No. 289335

She complains of yeast infections all the time. A plain pair of cotton granny panties is prob the for the best.

No. 289338

Has anyone spotted the queen out playing Pokemon go in Texas?

No. 289447

If it's the one I'm thinking of everything got taken down. If there's still one that exists I'd love to have it too though.

No. 289452

I love in the same town as her. My ex got a pic with her. I think there was a meetup today. He knew who she was because I've always been a seagull and farmer so he sent it to me

No. 289453

File: 1468634477703.png (548.71 KB, 1080x1920, 2016-07-15 21.00.02.png)

No. 289473

she cute

No. 289491

She looks so happy. God speed my queen.

No. 289619

File: 1468726390994.png (425.24 KB, 637x717, Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 11.2…)

I want to send PT a cute letter congratulating her on her progress and include these as a birthday gift.

No. 289620

I think thatd be sweet, throw in random weeb/shota shit and i think shed be happy and not think its an insult

No. 289653

Our queen has come so far. I'm so happy for her.

No. 289733

Awww, that'd be so sweet. If I weren't jobless rn I'd love to do something like that. Guess I'll just send her a nice message complimenting her current self.

No. 289734

Wasn't it decided a few threads back that there is no way to give her this stuff without offending her? She can't even take a compliment about her hair colour without feeling insulted, it would have to be mixed in with a giant amount of stuff for her not to throw some childish tantrum.

No. 289735

Anon's suggestion should help smooth out suspicions. Besides that skincare is weeb enough to make PT forget about the insult. Since Pokemon is big again throw in some figurine garbage.

And you're so sweet anon>>289619 I know PT can be a spoiled bitch, but she's kept us entertained for years. This would be 100% cute with no maliciousness.

No. 289744

File: 1468769058458.jpg (446.14 KB, 1374x1600, s-l1600-1.jpg)

Something like this would be really cute

No. 289745

Is she into pokemon go? I feel like she would enjoy it since she's been so dedicated to losing weight.

No. 289769

File: 1468777404303.jpg (112.42 KB, 576x1024, haunter-576x1024.jpg)

I'm so left out with my phone unable to play this. But I hope PT is into Pokemon Go, I'd love to see her progress further.

No. 289780

the weeb stuff would need to outnumber the skin stuff

No. 289827

Don't send her shit unsolicited. It's a nice sentiment, but how creeped out would you be if you received a package out of the blue?

No. 289831

The sheet masks are fine but is that anti wrinkle serum? cleanser? sunscreen? don't think she's that dumb. Maybe something a bit more weeby. like tony moly stuff with the cute packagine.

and lets be real a cleanser isn't going to do shit for her anyway.

No. 289849


Her skin isn't going to get any better unless she starts to take taking care of her skin seriously. Which I doubt she'll do and I truly don't understand why since she has this unhealthy obsession on looking young.

No. 289861

back when I talked to her and retouched her photos, I often tried to drop little links to ~~kawaii~~ skin care products (including tony moly). She was in no way interested and actually got super rude to me. She is too lazy to maintain an actual skincare routine.

No. 289862

If I were or wanted to be internet famous? I wouldn't be creeped out at all.

No. 289863

Anon, that's not a wrinkle serum. It's a moisturizer.

No. 289874

You can't be serious. She knows the only people that give her attention are places like this, places dedicated to talking shit about people. Do you really think she'd be fine with people from this board sending her stuff?

No. 289875

Back when stamina rose was still around anons were thinking of sending her flowers and she found out about it and got pissed. Don't send her shit.

No. 289915

Before SR anons sent her things and she was like "oh well" and pretty happy with it. I think during that time people were mostly trying to deliver pizzas to her house and it was close to the former friend calling a wahbulance after PT's suicide "threats" and doubling the financial burden Sarah already accumulated. PT is pretty delusional so if you write a note saying you're a fan of hers she will believe it.

No. 289937

I see no one posted this yet so… Pixy got interviewed at a pokemon go gathering: http://www.crossroadstoday.com/story/32459237/pokemon-go-craze-sweeps-crossroads

No. 289948

Great minds anon, I was just about to.

The Queen pops in at about 1:15 if no one wants to watch the rest of the video.

No. 289952


she's very well spoken.

No. 289961

She has/had an amazon wishlist. Just go off that. Not sure it's still active. I'm sure some anon has a link.

No. 289965

she seems so normal and at ease and she doesn't even look half bad, brings a tear to my eye

No. 289970

She seems a little off…like tired or something.
But I hope she makes some friends from this. It's great she's socializing with others in real life and not via interwebs.

No. 290208


She has such a nice voice. Also she looks really good? I agree with >>289970 though, I hope she made some friends through this.

No. 290222

I hope for the best, but knowing the Queen she is thinking with her vagina and its just gonna fuck shit up once she starts sleeping with every guy she can.

No. 290224

you think she's downloaded pokemon go with a plan to sleep with every male player already in mind?

No. 290225

guys fuck she looks super nice and normal (as normal as you get dressed as ash ketchum)

forget the skin stuff, anon suggested it before i think it just comes across as a veiled insult

but people have followed her for so long would it not be nice to send her a package with loads of weeb shit and fan art of her to say thanks for all the memes ur gr8

No. 290226

>inb4 thanking someone for memes is a veiled insult

No. 290267

File: 1468935981364.jpg (255.14 KB, 1024x768, collage-2016-07-19.jpg)

Something like this?

I'm afraid it might be too girly but I don't know where to find cute tomboy stuff

No. 290269

Super cute, but PT is in her tomboy phase so anything girly might be insulting?

I just don't know with our queen.

No. 290271

File: 1468937425917.png (682.76 KB, 1024x766, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.0…)

I wonder if replacing the hair clips and perfume with some of this might help. The cats ears in black are probably tomboy enough.

No. 290276

Or just buy her something of her wishlist/send her a gift card

No. 290277

Moisturizer isn't on her wishlist fam

No. 290279

File: 1468939152494.png (39.04 KB, 608x185, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.3…)

Actually… She also has two kinds of sunscreen on it. Someone get on that shit.

No. 290298

Rule #1 Don't interact with the cows

No. 290319

I've never understood why she doesn't do commissions. Way worse artists do it on tumblr and people actually buy those red nosed 3rd grade scribbles.

If she does fan wank like this I'm sure she'd get requests.

No. 290327

Did she delete her FB or am I blocked? I looked up her mom and it says we have a mutual friend but I can't find her page anymore.

No. 290333

Same, I'm quite surprised to see that Our Queen drawing skills seems to be decent for someone who isn't an ~artist~. I've seen outrageous YGO fanart that gets hundreds of reblogs.

No. 290347

I think she deactivated. My friends list has a greyed box where her profile would be.

No. 290372

She's seen it. She reacted in the most predictable way: angry that people commented saying he looks more fuckable than her. Classic Queen.

No. 290373

File: 1468977108116.png (373.68 KB, 620x318, pokept.png)

It's hard to believe the woman in this interview is even the same person that typed the final stuff in >>280753 and is such a rude crybaby on facebook.
Like of course she's clearly an adult in cosplay but in this interview she looks clean and friendly, and is speaking in a nice and not-crazy way like a grade school teacher or something.
I wish she could be this was all the time. I just want her to live a happy life.

No. 290382

Is she wearing a binder in this picture?

No. 290387

Finally got around to watching the video. She looks so normal and nice, even cute. She's in cosplay, but doesn't look ridiculous, she seems happy, friendly, and surprisingly well spoken. I hope she keeps going in this direction tbh.

No. 290389

I bet she's taken sexy pictures in that Ash cosplay

No. 290394

File: 1469004997995.jpg (76.88 KB, 500x487, 1360006503376.jpg)

>mfw it's getting harder to say 'well at least i'm not as bad as pt'

No. 290397

maybe she's finally growing up, it's been like a 10 year WIP…

No. 290401

Looks like us farmers are going to have to step our shit up and honour our queen's progress.

I'm legitimately proud of her. I hope she can make some friends through this new Pokemon Go thing, because clearly only getting social interaction from the internet has never done her good.

No. 290635

File: 1469059497024.gif (3.41 MB, 485x272, D6ngp4w.gif)

>her legs are better than mine

No. 290669

File: 1469063325506.gif (34.39 KB, 300x225, 1031.gif)

So many fat fucks on lolcow.

No. 290931

No. 290935

that's so nasty, that guys a dick

No. 290941

File: 1469100216409.jpg (369.22 KB, 500x900, 1431996810446.jpg)

haha found this in an old thread kek

anyone got some vids they can post, I wanted some old kek and cringe but all the dropbox links are dead

No. 290999

Will our queen ever return to Twitter? I liked tweeting cute stuff at her.

No. 291007

The Queen has the power to bring lolcow together <3

No. 291008

There's still the OneDrive where an anon uploaded a bunch of her old videos you can watch. I actually only just remembered it myself the other night and had a good laugh. Made me even miss chubs PT a little bit, oddly enough.
Knock yourself out, anon; https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E9CEC6CECD3BA421!108&authkey=!AKZR-Xy6U293vAM&ithint=folder%2cavi

No. 291025

File: 1469118124834.jpg (65.16 KB, 610x343, love.jpg)

what? a fucking masssive stash you made my week

No. 291026

has anyone made pixyteri on the sims>>? because i would buy it and download her and put her in it

No. 291027

I made Pixyteri in the Sims 3 once. It did not end well even if I did try to make her do positive stuff.

No. 291028

fuck yes pixy listens to queens of the stone age

No. 291029

Thanks for sharing the link anon!
>that image
Is that Frenchy?

No. 291038

her awkward squat and bounce pose is so hard to watch…

No. 291047

yas frenchy mafia!

No. 291093

Hastings is closing. Where will the queen go now?

No. 291133

Lmao as soon as I heard about it, my first thought was what I'll PT do now

No. 291136

What do expect from /cgl/? If I remember correctly he posted them asking if he should do it, they begged him to do it. He later posted a video of himself cosplaying as PT singing the "I'm just beginning to shine" song and those seagulls went nuts

No. 291469

Your joking right?

Her legs look like ham shanks

No. 291470

you wish

No. 291478

Nah ana-chan. Her new legs look really good. Probably the biggest improvement.

No. 291482

He was such an attentionwhore, I can't believe people actually like him

No. 291493

File: 1469270967141.jpg (341.83 KB, 714x1082, PT_pole.jpg)

No. 291497

My guess is that it had to do with the great Pixyteri drought and how talking about her was banned. Him doing his parodies got around that rule since it was technically a cosplay skit. Idk, I'm pretty neutral about it.

No. 291509

I think it's completely gross he did it at a public event

No. 291514

Any news if PT still thinks she's a shota and growing a dick?

No. 291535



No. 291571

Most cosplayers are attentionwhores tbh, but I thought what he did was pretty funny and to look down morally on it and still use lolcow for precious pixy milk is hypocritical.
What he did wasn't big or nice, but pixy is hardly an angel herself. We love her, but she's a rude piece of shit who throws shade at strangers too.

No. 291631

At the time there was a great big PT void. There was the ban on talking about her and I think she was maintaining radio silence. Everyone was PT starved and he stepped in. It was well received at the time because there was nothing else going on to talk about. That outfit he is wearing was actually bought from one of PT's ebay sales.

Looking back it's indeed a bit cringy.

No. 291638

He was more pixy than pt. All hail the new Queen

No. 291656

Not gonna lie, seeing Pixy in these photos made me get off my own fat arse and go for a jog


No. 291680

File: 1469358359796.jpeg (47.8 KB, 480x320, image.jpeg)

Looks like she needs life alert

No. 291706

I'm so proud of her holy crap

No. 291857

File: 1469415730905.png (218.73 KB, 553x773, pronounsarethey-them.png)

i drew tumblr style pixyteri

No. 291860

I fucking hate this so much.

No. 291873



No. 291890

Damn, this is pretty spot on for disgusting tumblr-style art.

No. 291917

put it on tumblr and tag it with some shit like steve universe and se how many notes you get.

No. 291936

I vote for this too

No. 291944

why anon, why would you do that

No. 292179

Why are you guys being so harsh on her still? Seriously, that picture is disgusting.

No. 292315

Probably because she would have to do pictures of things she doesn't necessarily want to draw.

A few anons did Sims with some of the lolcows and I think PT was having an affair with Raven's boytoy or something like that. It was really hilarious, but since the site has been rearranged a few times since then I'm not sure where to look– maybe /b/ or /g/?

She's too brown. But that may be part of the joke, idk.

No. 292317

Here's the thread >>292315 was talking about:


No. 292339

That thread was fun af, it should be revived or something should be made over on /b/.

No. 292365

haha thanks

I tried searching pixyteri in the gallery theres nothing. Kota is there though

No. 292366

File: 1469576024737.jpeg (75.78 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

Oh queen~

No. 292367

File: 1469576078231.jpeg (64.92 KB, 320x480, image.jpeg)

No. 292368

She looks a bit like Doggett from OITNB here, or maybe I'm just seeing things

No. 292369

awe she looks so kawaii, i like this outfit.

No. 292373

Nah, I see it too. Especially because of the hair.

No. 292382


Wow, this would be a fantastic pic if she wasn't making that face. She legit looks good here.

No. 292384

Ah! The queen becomes more glorious! Seriously she looks fucking good here, even her quality of photography has gotten better.

No. 292385


This hair color suits her so much better. It seems like it goes better with her skin tone and eye color than the black/dark brown hair did.

No. 292410

The photo's so overexposed on the back of her head and foliage but at this point I don't care. She went out of her way to catch different lighting and it's way more attractive than her other photos. Shine on, Queen

No. 292435

>She went out of her way to catch different lighting and it's way more attractive than her other photos.
I'm pretty sure it's a fluke. After all these years, she still has no clue about lighting and angles, her good photos are just a stroke of luck.

No. 292436

Our queen is finally improving, cut that shit out.

No. 292444

this belong to the bad tumblr art thread

No. 292446

she looks really really good here

No. 292456

she looks so good.

I wish we could see her win the lottery or something so we could watch her transform into some ultra delicious manifestation of herself

No. 292496

File: 1469623417092.jpeg (37.7 KB, 342x480, image.jpeg)

No. 292501

No. 292506


No. 292532

why are you replacing her blemishes with others?
Poor Queen

No. 292572

~Kawaii uke face~

No. 292573

I'm pretty sure she's wearing 50% of her Ciel Phantomhive cosplay in this.

No. 292585

Her weight loss is amazing but doesn't really help her manface.

No. 292602

File: 1469661754123.jpeg (65.87 KB, 320x480, image.jpeg)

No. 292603

File: 1469661984770.jpeg (43.07 KB, 320x480, image.jpeg)

No. 292604

damn she's so much thinner now it looks weird. like i can't shake the immediate thought it's a shoop

No. 292607

This is a sweet picture, she looks good here.

No. 292613

Does anyone know how much our queen weighed back then and now?

No. 292614

P-PT….??? With a baby thigh gap?????????


No. 292615

I hate to be That Bitch but if she just got fillers in her eye and nose lines, she would actually look younger than her age. I wish she would do her eyebrows less angled and more straight like typical Asian eyebrows so she doesn't look furious all the time, but the weight loss dramatically improved her look.

I actually really fucking love all the work she's been finally putting in and just want her to succeed before she grows the penis and it's all over.

No. 292629

YES, eyebrows would make such a difference for her

No. 292630

Cute pic

PT would look good with long red hair and subtle lipstick

If only she were a Britaboo instead of a weeaboo, she'd honestly look a lot better in some old country-inspired fits

No. 292644

File: 1469680183652.jpeg (82.81 KB, 578x317, Unknown.jpeg)

No. 292646

are we ignoring the nudes leaked?

No. 292656


No. 292657

New ones?

No. 292744

Post them. I didn't know there was new ones.

No. 292773

I don't remember seeing them posted, but they're from some time in the last month? Bloody pad, close ups of her vag. Didn't want to post them if they weren't new.

No. 292787

Pretty sure those aren't new, they've been posted.

Granted, we've seen plenty of close ups of her vagina.

No. 292791

Go back to the Tumblr art thread
Saged for awful work

No. 292809

yep you're right, overlooked them because they were a link in this post >>280753

No. 292829

File: 1469746706236.jpeg (18.65 KB, 194x259, image.jpeg)

Just to remind everyone

She's come far

No. 292856

File: 1469753583476.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.29 KB, 900x1200, ptvag.jpg)


No. 292857

File: 1469753622974.jpg (Spoiler Image, 237.91 KB, 1200x900, ptvag2.jpg)

more vagina

No. 292858

Still shopping that skin yellow, ilu my queen

No. 292872

Wow. I'm hoping that protruding part is her anus. If it is, she really needs to get to a doctor.

No. 292873


No. 292875

God forgive me, it kinda looks like a chestburster.

No. 292877

I'm trying really hard to figure out her anatomy here.

No. 292878

>that puckered anus
>that gaping clit…hole…don't even know
>semen? discharge? who knows

stay gross, my queen

No. 292879

>that gaping hole
>toilet with paper still in it

No. 292888

This site has been nothing but diseased fatty genitals for the past few days

No. 292897

Lmfao does Pt really have a mild anal prolapse going on? Also- disgusteng. Does she really send these out to people? she has a piece of toilet paper stuck to her labia still

No. 292898


No. 292901

who the fuck is requesting genital shots from pixy

No. 292902

It's very possible. She has been having primarily anal sex according to PTNR2.0 a few weeks back.

No. 292904

I can't figure out this picture.
I'm at a disgusting point where I keep watching to figure it out, but wanting to stop every second.

No. 292907

It may be a hemorrhoid, its fairly common in heavy people with poor diet and lifestyle

No. 292910

Looks like PT has a hemeroid or the beginning of anal prolapse. She should see a dr regardless.

No. 292948

…she really needs to see a doctor. That isn't right.

No. 292967

Has our Queen done anything interesting for her birthday?

No. 292975

She hates it, it makes her crazy every year for the whole month as it reminds her she's not a foreverloli idoru.
She gets upset if her birthday is ignored but gets upset when people wish her a happy birthday. It's not a good time for our Queen.

No. 292986


I vote yes.

No. 293009

she desperately needs to go to a gyno. it looks like her pelvic floor is so weak her vagina and anus are beginning to prolapse.

No. 293010

Why is her urethra so big?

No. 293011

http://www.newhealthadvisor.com/Swollen-Urethra-Female.html could be any one of these among other things.

No. 293022

sarah please for the love of god look after yourself

No. 293028

Man I'm not even sure what's worse at this point, CWC's festering taint hole or poor Pixy's (possibly) blown-out pussy and asshole.

No. 293062

The two of them getting together would be the most holy union.

No. 293247

I think the fact that they're available to see on the internet is what takes the cake as the absolute worst.

No. 294955

File: 1470691736056.jpg (185.42 KB, 560x420, 1319377051171.jpg)

If anyone is interested, I was looking through my old laptop and came across a giant folder of PT goodness someone else had shared, probably over 4 years ago on /cgl/ when we could actually have PT threads. Gifs, edits, general photos. Probably pics people have seen before, but if anyone is curious here's a link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uizid9l0meq5vvl/AAAGhZ5r5TsE1opGtefb8Sofa?dl=0

No. 294958

File: 1470692481446.gif (251.79 KB, 500x281, 5564y56u67uu7.gif)

Bless you anon, this is amazing.

No. 294959

File: 1470692772705.gif (468.09 KB, 200x265, kyun~.gif)

You're welcome! Glad I found this thread, I've missed my daily dose of PT.

No. 294963

kigu pixy is the best old pixy

No. 295365

I don't know why I feel our queen's thread is one of the nicest right now, anons happy for her weight loss, wishing her to take care of herself, even those who comment in a harsh way look genuinely worried, Idk maybe it's just me after watching tons of non sense shit on other threads.

No. 295367

File: 1470899601368.png (907.05 KB, 1792x1024, c.png)

man i want this to happen again, for her to have a desire to go to Japan and actively save up for it.

No. 295370

Her ideas are ok when she's not thinking with her vagina. I loved her answer during that pokemon go interview, and it looks like she's trying to change, I hope she can pay her debts and save some money so she can travel, and that she's taking a shower every day like a normal person haha.

No. 295371

Why doesn't she try for a program to teach in Japan? Unless she's in the states. From my understanding here in Canada we have some kind of deal with Japan so its really easy to do that.

No. 295373

File: 1470901914978.jpg (567.84 KB, 760x1096, 16-08-11-02-26-22-457_deco.jpg)

I liked her bangs and I think dark brown hair looks good on her. I edited her, maybe it's too thin? Anyway I tried to not modify much her facial features, just a bit smaller face since she's losing weight.

No. 295374

She tried to get into JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) in the past but wasn't chosen and threw a hissy fit. She also worked as a substitute English teacher for a little while but didn't like it, and after that declared that she never wanted to teach again. This was back in her wanting to be a Japanese high school anime protagonist phase though, so I'm not sure how she feels about it now that she's apparently more of a tomboy.

No. 295376

I think she tried once. Anyway she did have problems getting a job for her reputation online , so if they google her and find those nudes it's not going to be easy. I hope she changes her behavior overall and become a good teacher, so that they can give her a chance, not only in Japan but in any other place.

No. 295377

>>295374 oh so she completely give up? But well, I hope she found any other job. if she still wants to go to Japan she can juat travel there some weeks and return oor save money and find for a Japanese school or a university program in Japan. There's always many options, it just takes some time and money haha.

No. 295379

iirc she was rejected because she told the interviewer about her bizarre love of Japan, probably mentioned anime, cosplay, her life long obsession or even dropped "i have Japanese heritage", who knows. people online begged her not to say anything stupid but she didn't want to listen.

No. 295381

Lol Sarah… she's really immature, weebs always have that problem they just lack of common sense. She's still making those weird "gravure" poses, she's losing weight and that's great for her health but she has to do something about her weird weeb side.

No. 295417

Wasn't there a drama and manga about a female teacher? Someone should show her Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo and the one with the yakuza woman, maybe she'll want to get back into it.

Don't give up, Your Majesty.

No. 295418


Uh, should probably let you know there's Little Twin Stars porn under pixyteri> edited images

Unless that's meant to be there and I'm just missing something.

No. 295422

I think that was a picture pixy reblogged on tumblr that got her in a bit of shit with people because she'd only tagged it nsfw and some 12 year old saw it or something. Back in the day when cgl would lose its shit over nothing.

No. 295443

File: 1470945549062.jpg (69.09 KB, 520x755, 054db2ff006b074ff6c8c718384b7b…)

Back In The Day I was hoping we would be able to get her into the sexy teacher or sexy OL trope so she would at least dress a little more her age compared to the toddler stuff she was doing, and maybe even be more open to getting an actual job. Although I think she'd have a hard time getting hired by any school what with her nudes and other questionable pictures out there for anyone to find. Plus she has no idea how to be appropriate around teenagers. When she was a substitute she would scribble kawaii animu drawings on the whiteboard and at one point said some of her male students were hot. IIRC she quit because they wouldn't let her dress the way she wanted in the classroom.

No. 295484

Her problem is her weeb side, that shit is deep inside her.

No. 295533

File: 1471010169691.gif (8.84 MB, 428x180, 38598-hell-naw-to-tha-naw-naw-…)

No. 295705

File: 1471102695577.jpg (98.13 KB, 511x840, james.jpg)

Fuck. I wish I had the screenshots for that. It was really cringey. Like, people were being nice and telling her to pack lightly for Japan, but she felt she had to bring ALL of her kimonos along.

I started reading an old /cgl/ thread. Man. Those were great times.

No. 295706

Er… here's a link to that archived thread:

No. 295759

Sarah is a good person and you should all leave her alone (or "Leever Alone", as Nintendo Power would say). She is a good person and does not deserve to be harassed.

Fuck you and fuck Republicans.

No. 295760

File: 1471150697979.jpg (18.73 KB, 574x488, 10271634_10156623106210074_197…)

No. 295761

What about Republicans that agree that this board should leave PT alone?

No. 295822

Am I blocked, or has she deleted/disabled her facebook?

No. 295833

I think she disabled it awhile ago.

No. 295834

Haha I agree with this. Leave Sarah alone. Let her graduate from lolcow.

No. 295837

Honestly, a lot of what has been said on here lately has seemed rather in favor or supportive of PT. Seems there's only a couple of anons who still shit on her on the regular.

No. 295843

Same happens with many threads, but some anons love to live in the past. Boring.

No. 295844

私、ギルボ サラはLOLCOWを卒業します。

No. 295846

Fuck off weeb

No. 295847

Anon said Fuck republicans k? haha jk then make lolcow great again and join the party, free Sarah.

No. 295849

Anon, do I really have to explain it?

No. 295850

People have wanted to see her do better for years; since she lost weight she's been getting tons of compliments on that but otherwise still shit on for her usual bullshit antics

No. 295852

I say send her a care package, then free her

No. 295853

File: 1471209279118.gif (970.73 KB, 332x225, 68vzl.gif)

actually send her a care package, blackmail her into producing vast amounts of new material; perhaps including a kawaii docudrama where she goes to japan, then free her

No. 295854

File: 1471209399580.jpg (20.6 KB, 275x275, 1470710051155.jpg)

then recapture her and milk her into a coma

No. 295858

Actually I think about cleaning up nudes and shit where you can see her face, mostly for her job opportunities in the future.

No. 295860

It's ok only with the care package as a present for now anon.

No. 295926

One last thread filled with fan art and goodbyes?

Everyone chips in to a hamper of weeb shit

No. 295945

I'm lesbian and it made me puke a little in my mouth.
Absolutely disgusting.

No. 295996

Y'all are all assuming she's gonna continue getting better.

It was only a couple of weeks ago she gave more weird pics of her vag and prolapsed anus to PTNR.

She has tame times and then comes right back with crazy. Just stay tuned for more crazy shit from our glorious Queen.

No. 295999

Deadass. The only area she's improved in is her weight, and I guess dying her hair a lighter color, but we don't know for sure if it's another weeb phase or something else. She's still sending crazy gross pics to PTNR or whoever about her futagina, and there's probably more insanity we don't have access to because she's deleted all her social media.

Also sending her shit is still creepy and a mistake. I doubt she's going to appreciate it, unless you buy it off her Amazon wish list. Then go to town.

No. 296001

When did PTNR come back in the picture??

No. 296002

PTNR never left, they just post over on the kiwifag forums. Whenever PT gets an inkling PTNR isn't who they say they are PNTR makes a different persona.

No. 296003

anything new then besides the two crotchrot pics?

No. 296015

holy fuck reading this thread and being 30 enrages me. She's such a pity party drama queen. some of you guys are fucking crazy. "isnt that when people give up?" Uh no. Im 30 and i run 5 miles a day and i've never felt better. You just IDK take care of yourself??? Like..JFC. She prob lost weight and can see her vag for the first time ever. I'm convinced some of you idiots are legit mentally deficient. Some of these comments are just HILARIOUS and uninformed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 296041

You want a fucking cookie, newfag?

No. 296044

Is she still Rukia?
or did the shota dream exorcised Rukia out?

Because Bleach is ending and I want to see her reaction if her self-insert doesn't win.

No. 296060

No1 currs, hag.

No. 296104

I don't think she's Rukia anymore, but she seemed to follow it pretty consistently.

I don't think our queen has graduated from lolcow status but I am glad she seems to be doing better and I'm curious why she dyed her hair lighter. Is she Orihime again or is there some light haired shota that she is possessed by now?

No. 296274

I'm so happy for her, getting to a healthy weight is a great thing to happen to someone! She looks great now and is probably happier.

No. 296302

So how has PT reacted to Rukia getting with Renji instead of Ichigo? Did she even care about ships or just Rukia?

No. 296315

She mostly seemed to care about Rukia. or a while she shipped her with Hat Guy (Urahara?). Now whether or not the ship came before or after she showed interest in James, I can't say for sure.

No. 296355

If she's still Rukia, maybe she'll start crushing on a red-haired guy with tattoos next.

No. 296356

pt hasn't been into bleach for a long ass time now.

No. 296468

File: 1471704818849.jpg (184.64 KB, 900x1200, pt.jpg)

New info about pt via PTNR:

Apparently, PT has been self-harming lately if she's to be believed.

No. 296470

File: 1471704952395.jpg (224.24 KB, 900x1200, pt2.jpg)

Also, she had a pregnancy scare last month.

Also, she sent a kajillion nudes (unsolicited this time!) but tbh they're just getting sad, not funny.

Her weight loss is continuing though and I'd honestly categorize her as "thin". See enclosed pic.

No. 296471

wow wait what

OP's pic need to be updated

No. 296481

Her arms are nearly as big as her stomach
What is this?

No. 296482

I'm all for our queen losing weight… but this just looks like she's sucking her stomach in

No. 296483

It'll be updated next thread, I'm sure

Probably a lot of this and that. She's been known to do mirror tricks, suck it in and squish her photos.

I would love more sauce on this pregnancy scare.

No. 296484

File: 1471721646328.jpg (509.15 KB, 1394x1698, Screenshot_20160820-153220.jpg)

More info about the pregnancy scare.

No. 296498

Her proportions are so bizarre.

No. 296509

She really needs to go to a gyno. Hey vag is inflamed which means it could be anything from a standard infection to an sti…

No. 296519

I know I might be preaching to the choir, but she needs to leave James in the dust once and for all. He'll drag her further down, if he hasn't already, and he's just not worth it.

No. 296536

i know about the dancing and dieting pt started in order to lose weight, but i'm curious how she suddenly became informed enough and determined enough to become educated on the steps to take to get where she is. just considering she was so delusional before about what was healthy when it came to her caloric intake and workout routine. i wonder who helped her to inform her how many calories she should be eating and how long she should be doing cardio. she was just so utterly clueless about it before and then to have these results i wonder what changed her to have the will power to get where she is.

No. 296557

I thought at one point she was using the My Fitness Pal app, which supplies all that info for you. Didn't someone manage to find her profile on there or something?

No. 296598

Yes, she has said on multiple occasions that she uses MyFitnessPal daily.

No. 296599

Her arms are still hammy compared to her stomach, she's sucking it in. Definitely lost a lot of weight though.

No. 296604

File: 1471798182602.png (435.31 KB, 1440x1913, 20160821_124754.png)

More info from PTNR.

No. 296605

File: 1471798251058.png (595.88 KB, 1440x2475, 20160821_124819.png)

No. 296606

File: 1471798321511.jpg (Spoiler Image, 193.54 KB, 900x1200, ^0B193506C33520036812992CAB304…)

Here's the nude ptnr posted.

No. 296607

I'm sort of questioning if she did lose weight through an eating disorder since she has very little loose skin. I would assume this means she's been working out.

No. 296612

Not having loose skin doesn't automatically mean no disorder. You can see in done of her early pictures after she debuted her new bid she did have some loose skin. She does do a lot of cardio, but it's possible she's starting to tone up now. Either way we can agree she did loose a lot of weight very quickly, which is the cause of the concern.

No. 296615

she's pushing her butt out to simulate thigh gap.
She looks super tense as well, like she's sucking everything up in a "perfect" pose.

But she does look a lot better, I think her legs look great.

No. 296703

File: 1471846329867.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.33 KB, 409x415, 1466234645684.jpg)

So I'm not the only one who noticed this.
I guess she's about 140lbs maybe?


Her nudes are looking better though

No. 296707

PT has always had thicker arms and legs though. She kind of has the proportions of a little person, sort of, and her stomach shows a lot of her weight gain/loss.

She has to be less than 140, just because she's so short.

Also I don't think her weight loss was in itself that unhealthy was it? From everything she said it just seemed like she cut calories (but she did continue eating, she mentioned it) and she exercised enough.

No. 296709

If she's that short, yeah, she's probably more like 125-130 range which is healthy for her height. I think her arms just look hammy cause she's kind of top heavy, it shows in her shoulders too. Even if she worked out more while losing weight (or lost weight at a slower pace), her tits would have deflated to some extent, she's just super lucky the same didn't happen to her stomach or other areas of her body.

No. 296791

It's no surprises that PT has an eating disorder since she kept losing that much weight for a very short period of time and people on the internet are pointing out on the fact that she was overweight while her parents probably kept going on about it as well. Its obvious that she have low self esteem and for her believing that she's turning into a boy because of the mega-clit is where a meltdown is about to happen just like CWC. I just hope that she doesn't starve herself since I believe the eating disorder is causing her to lose hair and dehydration

No. 296796

Where was it confirmed that she has an eating disorder?

No. 296798

never, anon is just making headcanons about the Queen

No. 296801

From this: >>296605

No. 296821

losing like 5lbs a month like she did is completely reasonable

No. 296834

You sound fat

No. 296835

Losing 5lb.s a month at her weight is actually more than reasonable. She could have lost 10lb.s a month and it could still be a healthy weight loss. There honestly isn't much she could have done to save her chest from losing that much weight. They are made of fat, so of course they are going to deflate. She's just lucky that her skin around her thighs and stomach and such didn't become loose from losing so much weight.

No. 296897

People can't just recognize when someone is actually doing something good to change…sad, let her move on and keep trying. She has no ED for losing 5 lbs a month, that's completely ok.

I think Sarah still has a lot to understand and see it from different perspective, for example she still thinks gravure and nudes are something ok because she's adult so she's not ashamed of posting a nude to show her progress, but that doesn't mean she's not changing her lifestyle and making improvements.

No. 296901

But did she send the nudes to PTNR?

No. 296907

All I'm angry about is that the nudes were leaked. Poor Sarah…Maybe I grew out of this but it's not funny to make fun of someone who genuinely is improving. I'm so happy she lost the weight.

No. 296909

Yep, she's doing well but sometimes people want to see a complete make over or something extreme to accept she's improving. It's like they're expecting her to look like a VS model with a PhD in engineering, ahot bf and her own business to believe she changed, I don't really know what they want to see to leave her alone haha

No. 296930

are you kidding me??? pt has never had problems sending nudes to people she's barely known with little to no provocation. or hosting nudes on a site that is easily accessible by anyone. she's not especially ashamed of her body, never has been. only thing she's taken an issue with is getting older and the negative comments others have given her about her body. just because sarah has lost weight doesn't mean her horrible attitude or poor choices have whatsoever, she has no friends for a reason. if you've followed her at all you ought to know this by now.

No. 296932

She's slowly changing but hey she has to start with something, right? Losing weight, whatever the reason she had to do so, is a positive thing and she's doing it right. Yeah Sarah probably still has issues and is still a weeb, but you can see her attitude also improved in that pokemon go interview, and the guy who has a photo with her said she was nice to him even though he called her "PT".

No. 296934

She’s not really changing though, if anything she’s getting worse. The weight loss is awesome and all, but this is a 30 year old woman who believes she might be sprouting a wiener. PT’s always been a weeb and delusional but believing futanari is a legit medical condition is a whole different level of crazy.

No. 296942

she changed so much since her weight loss. We skyped from time to time and she was so genuine cute to me.
Too bad she turned into a crazy psychotic bitch.

No. 296993

No. 297004

you have extremely low expectations. she lost weight for vanity, that's all. but good for her, her personality hasn't changed though. she isn't that crazy that she doesn't know to behave on tv and she loves and craves attention, always has.

No. 297043

Is there any character that she could actually pull off cosplaying and look good given her face?

No. 297047

File: 1472173556447.jpg (38.67 KB, 293x502, image.jpg)

No. 297054


No. 297136

losing weight for vanity isn't something bad, anon, we all want to look good. And she's doing it slowly and in a healthy way. I'm not waiting to see a big change right now tbh, little by little is ok.

No. 297156

>she lost weight for vanity
As opposed to what? And don't say 'health', we've both seen twiggy thinspo girls and instagram vegan fitness instructors taking countless selfies.

No. 297190

>she lost weight for vanity

you say that as if it where something bad

No. 297266

it gives me a lot of hope that even in her late 20's she doesn't have that much hanging "extra" skin from the fast weight loss. Good for her. I'm not sure if her arms are muscular, fat, or nothing but extra skin now. Who knows, maybe she is lifting to try and get a more boyish upper body look.

She's actually realizing that james isn't the best option for her? Thats actually really mature of her. I could see it being a problem for her to date guys that remember her for how she used to be because 1) most of them were dicks anyways and will continue to be and 2) will hold her old batshit ways against her even though she is trying to look forward.

I'm hoping this whole thinking she growing a dick thing is just her having weird manic episodes. Like she'll have an episode of crazy and when she snaps out of it for a little she doesn't want to talk about it and just forget she ever said it. I dunno. It's been so long since I talked to PT and I feel she is prolly a lot better to talk to now.

No. 297385

never said it was bad whatsoever, i'm super proud even! just don't think that she's changing her life for the better overall because she lost some weight and thus no longer a cow and should be "left alone". she'll still be crawling under her cash register crying about having to work part-time as usual (if she gets a job, that is). her personality is shit and losing weight does not change that, so spare me the bleeding heart bs.

No. 297393

It's unfortunate that she now looks like a bobble head. I think maybe she looks a bit better chubby due to her large head and stumpy arms. But at least she's out of the beetus zone. I'm proud of her.

No. 297408

PT just came to the scene at the wrong time, when cosplay memeposting was everyone's new babby and "fat Yuna" was just the gosh darn bee's knees of humor that epitomized the existence of overweight, socially-stunted nerds which most people hadn't been exposed to in the early 2000s.

Granted how unextreme she is compared to the average tumblrina of today. Sure she has a mediocre job, loves melodrama, and doesn't know when to quit social media.
But that is nothing compared to the bottom of the barrel "cosplayers" that exist now. There are scammers, beggars, liars, and shitty cosplayers who demand twice the attention PT ever thought she deserved. Hell, I remember when PT was shit on for being fat in lolita and now having 300 pound hambeasts twice her size are whiteknighted to hell and back.

So I assume anybody who truly thinks PT is the worst just has their nostalgia goggles on, which is fair since she is our one true queen. But yeah, she's not the worst by far anymore. Back in my day we called butch girls who idolized their big clits, smelly vaginas, and ego complexes 'radfems.' She's not special by cow standards, it would just be weird to not have her here..

No. 297469

File: 1472322599453.png (Spoiler Image, 3.68 MB, 1064x1600, tsunde-pt.png)

made an animu-esque PT. spoiler'd cause its kinda big.

No. 297706

Those "nudes" she hosted are not nudes, just lingerie pictures. I wonder how you would feel if someone leaked your nudes.

No. 297737

Looks cute, anon.

No. 297764

there were radfems back in the day? interesting. i'd really like to know more.

No. 297784

File: 1472472909527.png (90.56 KB, 610x553, unnamed.png)

Ok, so some time ago I used to upload the queen's stuff on tumblr and some britfag asshole has started a massive report campaign about a month ago and the queen's materials are getting removed one by one by tumblr staff (even though none of them contained any nudity) and I'm seriously fucking tired of getting "your content has been removed" notifications.

If you're reading this, go choke on a dick, asshole. I'm making that blog NSWF today so there will be nothing you can do to keep reporting the content anymore. Go fuck yourself.

Sage for OT.

No. 297789

this is so glorious anon holy shit. nice art

No. 297817

Why are they trying to stop the glory that is PT from being shared

No. 297822

Naomi Klein has written about how everyone was distracted by social and representational issues when she was in college, and that was early 90s I was like fml this has gone a long time

No. 297823


No. 297826

Radfems have been around since the '60s. Lots of political lesbianism, whining about "fetishizing" genitalia, insisting that monogamy is patriarchal oppression, blaming men for all the ills in the world, blah blah blah. The SCUM Manifesto came out in the '60s and quite a few prominent feminists thought very highly of it. TERFs showed up during the late '70s or early '80s. Third wave feminism, which came about in the early '90s, was the "Holy shit radfems, calm the fuck down" brand of feminism. And nowadays mainstream feminism is becoming progressively more radical again.

Basically all the crazy radfem shit you come across nowadays was already a talking point among radfems back before your average tumblr radfem was even born.

No. 297831

Christ. I hope that doesn't mean Rico (Britfag) is back.
Then again I'm not even sure he ever went away.

No. 298408

you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. have you not been following pt long? no one could leak my nudes because i'm not stupid enough to take them nor share them with people i wouldn't be able to trust, nice try though, sis.

No. 298813

No. 298821

You need to fucking stop.

No. 298854

You kinda made her look like young bikini Margo with tiddies.

No. 298967

I'm gonna take that as an insult and work harder next time

No. 299425

guys where is our queen pixy?
has she gone sane all of the sudden and decided to banish the whole soft-porno kawaii cosplayer image?
were those nudes leaked or did she post them herself?
sorry for my retard questions btw :V

No. 299441

File: 1473194188865.gif (1.64 MB, 360x480, 1311960614679.gif)

yah where de fuks the queen

aren't some of you boys supposed to be stationed directly by her side on facebook?

No. 299445

I think she deactivated Facebook a while back. PTNR2.0 is in contact with her and posts on KF when they have an update. The last few nudes were leaked by PTNR, but they said PT is now sending them unsolicited.

No. 299676

You mean "all of A sudden," not "all of THE sudden." Just so your retard questions are a bit less retarded.

No. 299695

thanks for correcting me anon, but since i'm not a native english speaker i may make some grammar/ spelling mistakes.

No. 299699

Thank you for bumping this just to correct someone's grammar,sperglord.

No. 299721

File: 1473369609265.gif (2.38 MB, 349x202, 4dzewjpg.gif)

Thank you for taking the time to bump the queens thread whilst thanking someone for bumping the queen's thread

No. 300036


No. 300045

A woman who has a breakdown every year on her birthday, refuses to shower regularly, is delusional enough to think that's she's a loli who will make it in japan someday, who was obese until just recently, and doesn't have any social skills or know how to act in public?…No, I feel like I'd end up being a mother to her instead.

No. 300054

File: 1473492409618.gif (3.43 MB, 240x196, giphy.gif)

I wish PT all the best, but lord almighty, no. I'd sooner wish to be an orphan than be her kid. I can't begin to fathom what such a life would entail.

No. 300071

Can we start from the beginning?

No. 300096

She would probably try to kill me for being younger than her

No. 300099

Yeah man just fuck my shit up

No. 300112

I think I'd rather adopt her than have her adopt me. Her as a mother would be a nightmare.

No. 300161

File: 1473584069112.jpg (16.96 KB, 400x400, volkr_te37time_brl_ci3_l.jpg)

Assuming that guy is ESL that would be helpful. If that guy is american and doesn't know the phrase… u wat?

No. 300167

File: 1473590715165.jpg (34.92 KB, 238x218, 1470691736056.jpg)

If PT had a child young, which then grew up to have an overgrown weeaboo as a mom, one that the child and their friends would arrive home from school to find her out the front of the garage doing panty shots, that would be a really incredible tv show, cartoon or comic.

No. 300187

File: 1473618042118.jpg (120.71 KB, 446x500, mmaw001.jpg)

There's a comic like that. It's called "My Mama's a Weeaboo".


No. 300200

haha eurgh wtf

No. 300233

I could only think of Aiko's Mom (Oyasumi Punpun) wearing her sailor uniform when she wasn't home. Shivers, man.

No. 300264

that was the cringiest thing I've ever read.
>so baka

No. 300284

File: 1473696845468.jpg (22.58 KB, 319x176, hotter-than-my-daughter-realit…)

I'd watch this

I don't see PT wanting any daughter of hers to get more attention than her tbh. Even if she did acknowledge the child (rather than dumping it with her parents and pretending it doesn't exist), she would just use it to paint herself as a sekushii housewaifu and MILF.


No. 300991

File: 1474247520128.gif (644.66 KB, 500x300, 1472698440969.gif)

How long does she usually keep facebook deleted?
I miss her.

No. 300999

Anywhere from days to months. Sometimes I wonder if her mom "bans" her after she publicly posts her crazy. I know she usually has her brothers and mom on her friends list.

No. 301050

I hope she doesn't gain a ton of weight during this break

No. 301067

Imagine if the oppoisite happened
Idk if I can handle the queen becoming a spoopy skeleton

No. 301068

That would look weird as fuck with her giant chin

No. 301080

I remember reading this. It was so depressing in the end. I was kind of hoping that the girl would sneak regular clothes or just tell mom to piss off or something.

I hope nothing this crazy ever happens in real life. I think the real life equivalent is giving your kid a very blatantly silly animu or vidya name. I really hope that PT is past that enough to never do that to any kids she might have. Save the silly names for your pets. I don't think she'd give her kid a Japanese name at this point. I think Debbie would fight that tooth and nail until PT caved. But a kid is the last thing PT needs and I'm glad that never happened. Although I do recall a troll years ago trying to convince everyone (poorly) that PT was pregnant.

I'm still kind of hoping PT can eventually get herself together. But maybe just losing weight is the best we are gonna get at this point.

No. 301094

will lolcows make a thread for pt's baby?

No. 301099

>omg that fat bitch just shit herself lmaoooo
>i heard she sucked 50 titties in one day

No. 301105

genuinely lol'd

No. 301168

There's a girl I know who sorta does this. Homeschooled her kid, acts like they're BFFs, they stay up late, they watch anime and cosplay etc. I don't think she has any friends outside of her mom. She's very awkward and doesn't hardly speak when I've seen her.

Her name isn't anime but it's a real life version and the girl never had a choice to choose if she wanted to have these interests or not.

It's pretty sad.

No. 301310

Reminds me of Venus and Margo tbh

No. 301708

She's back on Facebook. I'm a bit excited to see what's been going on with her.

No. 301714

Appears to be gone again. Is Facebook like Twitter where they'll delete your profile after X days unless you sign in within that limit?

No. 301718

Nah, Facebook lets you come back any time from what I remember. https://m.facebook.com/help/125338004213029?helpref=hc_fnav

No. 301768

i had no idea twitter did that

No. 301781

Thanks Anon! Well that makes this random and quick come back a bit odd then. I did notice Ryan (the annoying guy) was the first person to welcome her back this time. Maybe that creeped her out, and she left again?

I kind of wish he'd leave the Queen alone or at least take the hint she doesn't seem to want anything to do with him. IIRC for her tinychat days, he pretty much tried to out pity story her.

No. 308180

She looks super cute here

No. 308211

I miss our Queen

No. 308285

File: 1477306800178.jpg (254.4 KB, 1078x1683, Screenshot_20161024-055241_1.j…)

Just check her photobucket for updates

No. 308296

Is she wearing chest binders these days?

No. 308364

I wouldn't be too surprised but I think she's just wearing sports bras. Her breasts deflated quite a bit with her weight loss.

No. 308387

Absolutely nailing the classic 'what the fuck did you just say?' selfie

No. 308399

lol she still uses photobucket

No. 309462


I had no idea PT had her own photobooks?

No. 309469

I want these as a birthday gift

No. 309475

File: 1477795664867.jpg (40.03 KB, 492x600, 5091476-1619f4751cce25f86a769c…)

Oh god, I remember her talking about these a few years back but I completely forgot about them

I'm getting some really weird IKEA catalogue vibes from the font/layout of this one lmao

No. 309476

>RYKIÄ Photobook

No. 309480

omg, I thought I was on the Hartley hooligans thread for a sec

No. 309498

fucking hell

someone needs to order all of these in case the whole world goes to shit and the internet disappears

No. 309552

I wish they were affordable enough that I could just get all of them.

No. 309582

Underrated post

No. 309672

File: 1477931410671.jpg (45.43 KB, 360x480, IMG_9267.JPG)

From her bday this year, it's insane how tiny she looks now next to the cookie cake.

No. 309676

File: 1477933540664.png (864.92 KB, 535x811, 34323343333.png)

I wonder what's up with those boxes, did she move recently?

Also, the queen and her signature pose. Never change PT.

No. 309680

PT looks so much younger and cuter now!

Did she move? That looks like a much bigger room than the ones in her photos. Hoping the Queen is starting a better life.

No. 309682

her head still looks kinda big for her body, but aside from that she really looks so good! :')

No. 309683

Probably boxes from her bday presents? >>309680
I don't think she moved either. Looks to be maybe her parents room

No. 309700

Why is she trying to poop on that couch?

No. 309708

File: 1477942348379.png (1.06 MB, 536x804, 534655635.png)

That is what the queen does. Do not question her majesty.

No. 309711

I wish PT could end up being an anime convention guest. I'd pay to go to a Cosplay Posing 101 panel held by her.

No. 309715

Wow, she looks great, good for her! w2g pt

No. 309733

When she first got into cosplay I believe she actually made most of her costumes and they looked really good. She was dedicated. But after the first trolls got to her, she stopped being so passionate about it and became crazy.

I'd love to see her cosplay again like I'm her DA days.

No. 309749

Same. She has a shitload more talent than Moomoo anyways. I wish she would do more cosplays and attend more cons but I don't think she wants to go unless she gets invited.

No. 309804

holy shit she looks like a bobble head. proud of her weight loss, but yikes…that mature face and childish looking body is freaking me out.

No. 309807

Do you mean Yaya? I don't follow a lot of cosplayers, sadly.

No. 309834

Momokun, who has her own thread in >>>/snow/188201

No. 309908

are we all just ignoring the ass sweat or

No. 309952

When you've seen the levels of disturbing stuff PT has put out in the past, something like ass sweat seems pretty normal.

No. 310024

I am more concerned about her wearing the boots on the couch.

I'm still grateful for these few drops of sweet nectar from our Queen, even if pictures were taken months ago.

No. 310047

>kinda big

How about freaking enormous?! It looks like someone shooped the queens head on a highschool girls body, damn! I'm all for her losing weight (and keeping it off) but she really has such unfortunate genetics.

That pose will never fail to make me laugh.

No. 310049

I give that a pass bc Texas.

No. 310076

She looks cute all dressed like a mom

No. 310083

File: 1478045439580.jpg (44.22 KB, 320x480, IMG_9227.JPG)

It was an abandoned house

No. 310084

File: 1478045496498.jpg (50.72 KB, 480x344, IMG_9228.JPG)

More weird abanonded house pics

No. 310085

What is she supposed to be?

No. 310099

how has she not been raped and murdered yet from hanging out in abandoned houses??? does she just live in a really safe neighborhood or something? abandoned houses around here tend to be homeless hangouts and crack dens. like seriously this shit is so dangerous!

No. 310102

She also goes alone to parks at night to take half-dressed sexy photoshoots. She’s lucky to have never gotten into any trouble.

No. 310105

I don't live where she does, but rural spelunking isn't too uncommon of a hobby here. I've done it with my parents a few times and they've done it for years and only got chased off by a hillbilly with a gun once. The houses are always too far out in bumfuck nowhere to be a crack den.

No. 310108

It looks like the abandoned house she is in might be located in old victoria. It's the historical part of our city and there's a lot of those old plantation style houses or whatever from the 1800s. The people that live in that area are more likely to be old money and it's a safe neighborhood. The other part of victoria that would have abandoned houses would be under the hill which is dangerous but none of the houses there would look like that on the inside for sure

No. 310147

>old money
>in America

No. 310196

Hi, are you new to ths earth?

No. 310205

File: 1478101357507.jpg (123.5 KB, 706x513, 1466628010483.jpg)

No im old. Very old money ty

No. 310206

>セクシ エロ本 へんたい


No. 310415

Hello Victoria is one of the first colonies settled in Texas. It was founded by Martin DeLeon who was a Spaniard aristocrat. The people that founded this town existed elsewhere before it existed and they came from wealthy backgrounds, thus they were financially able to venture off and live in a new part of the world. Do you think that the people that live in America just spontaneously came into existence when it was established? Sage because of my irrelevant history lesson and irrational anger.

No. 319326

File: 1480262694831.jpg (128.64 KB, 682x1024, Dscn0633-001_zpsfklrj4ya.jpg)