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File: 1444170580381.jpg (164.62 KB, 464x700, twat.jpg)

No. 189273

She was pretty lulzy back in her kota clone/photoshopping days but now she is a full on SJW twat. She is super racist, homophobic and Pro Donald Trump. This girl forgets her parents are immigrants. Even Charms hates her guts.

Her tumblr is really fucking stupid.


No. 189276

File: 1444170809881.jpg (87.74 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ntezk4Ls9U1rmmbzko1_500…)

No. 189279

She wants to be relevant again so bad lmfao

No. 189280

This picture makes me want to punch her face. The eyes look so stupid.

Anyone who supports Trump and isn't joking or trying to be edgy, needs a lobotomy.

No. 189284

Huh. So this is her gimmick now.
Her shoops are still really weird. She looks like an albino Pepe.

No. 189288

>Not forgetting her Felicia fawn days.

No. 189290

She is an immigrant herself, born in Romania.

No. 189291

>that hat

No. 189293

her eyes remind me of steve buscemi

No. 189297

File: 1444173319824.png (339.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-07-00-14-39…)

>even Charms hates her guts

Charms was licking her asshole all over /cgl/ back in the day; what changed?

No. 189300

Reading through three pages of her tumblr, I had an aneurysm.

If she's so conservative/republican/pro Donald trump ect., then why is she reblogging pictures of Tyler the Creator and other black people? I thought republicans hated black people.

No. 189301

File: 1444173527074.jpg (591.73 KB, 880x2640, 1363822156142.jpg)

neva 4get

No. 189302

File: 1444173544642.jpg (816.28 KB, 880x3896, 1363822208427.jpg)

No. 189306

Pretty fucking haughty considering the only reason she's known is because of her attempting to hijack Felice's entire identity.
Bitch is a fucking skincrawler.

>Anonymous asked:

>Why are people saying you pretended to be felicia? Who is that? I don't understand?

>lol, i dunno if i want to answer but it’s been so long, why the hell not?

she was this batshit, alcoholic, druggie woman who had nothing going on for her except her goffick tumblr style (literally just posing for webcam photos for a “living”), so when a cuter, younger girl showed up wearing a similar style, she got really butthurt and spent a few months stalking me, laughing at me, sending her friends to laugh at me and message me hate and making sure i was “put in my place” for daring to ~steal~ her generic tumblr goth style
>i was naive and sweet and so i initially apologized and felt guilty for causing her to feel weird because our styles were similar, but that didn’t stop her from being a complete and total bitch and causing my personal information to be released and me to be harassed at age 15/16
>after growing up quite a bit, i realize how fucking petty and sad you must be to spend so much time bashing girls you believe are “copying” you, especially much younger girls
>i’ve seen people who’ve copied my exact photos and i literally do not care, it’s awesome and cool with me and i welcome it because i have much more to offer than that. when you don’t though, i get that you’d be possessive and paranoid because you can be easily replaced
>I would never want fans that shallow nor would i ever want to be so up my own ass over what designer clothes i own and take selfies in
>but i have no reason to be mad now, her life is reason enough for me to be happy i’m me and have higher goals and more talents

No. 189307

>that second photo of Mila
My fucking sides.

No. 189308

File: 1444173700783.jpg (116.72 KB, 963x604, 1363721913604.jpg)

Oh how the times have changed.

No. 189310

Felice was an insufferable cunt, but damn- she was cute. Way cuter than Mila could ever be.

No. 189312

File: 1444173920734.jpg (39.23 KB, 272x309, 1443735708451.jpg)

Reading through her fucking ask blog goddamn she had lost the fucking plot I can't stop laughing.
God bless you OP for bringing this nut to my attention once more. I feel it's going to be a good harvest this year.

>mfw she seriously supports Ol' Trumpy

No. 189313

yeah dude, looking at all of these comparison pictures and i gotta say, felice did it better.

(even if she was a gross whore.)

No. 189314

Lol @ desperate copycat mila but at least she kept her shoops quite consistent. Felice has 4 very different faces in those pics-i've seen those pics before but didnt realise how different they were until lined up like that.

No. 189318


To be fair to Felice most of those pictures were all taken between drastically different weights.
Her face changed a lot as she lost more weight.

No. 189319

Hi felice!

No. 189320

So she's an unemployed, unschooled, Romanian immigrant NEET?
Yeah, Trumpet would just love her as a citizen.

Also fucking kek, anybody else see that ask on her blog saying that she never checks PULL because it's a disgusting hate-site? She was the one that MADE her thread under a sock account trying to promote herself and fish for compliments.

No. 189321


Ummm not to mention that she shooped just as much if not more than Dakota? Like really? Does no one else remember the candids from her meetups? She was haggard as fuck irl

No. 189322


Dude, really?

No. 189323

Your bone strucuture doesn't magically change when you lose weight. Shes also pretty well known for her shoops so you are sounding like white knight with the weight loss line.

No. 189325

Yeah been seeing a lot of that lately so much talk of random girls shooping but when it comes to felice everyone's emory goes blank lol.

No. 189326

She's only slagging her off cause Felice left the internet, she's gonna shit herself when she returns.

No. 189327

>My face completely changed because weight loss!

Yes really-glad to see you're back online felice! Hows life?

No. 189328

File: 1444174907190.jpg (50.81 KB, 540x360, tumblr_mwa9xaHwIX1s7bnfbo5_540…)


Obviously she Photoshopped herself to fuck, but there are plenty of candids where she looked normal and pretty.
I don't think Felice is/was an ugly girl at all, but for a supposed "model" she really want all that photogenic.
It happens with a lot of girls, like they can be absolutely stunning in real life but in photos look like dogshit.

No. 189330


It's the nostalgia I think. NGL I miss her too, she was one of my favorite lolcows.

Either that or newfags who didn't actually follow her before she went awol

No. 189331


This is pathetic.
You seriously think that Felice sodding Fawn browses lolcow and that I'm her right now? Go stand in the corner and feel ashamed.

Do I need to lean out of my window and photograph the Tyne bridge right now?

No. 189332


She looked good for a very brief period after she lost all the weight from Ana but before all the liquor and drugs took effect

No. 189333

>now she is a full on SJW twat. She is super racist, homophobic and Pro Donald Trump.


No. 189334

i knew felice shopped her face but i also read she shops her body too so maybe thats another reason she looks quite drastic-although i have no idea about photoshop and cant tell the difference from a real or fake pic. i didnt realise about all this stuff before coming here where many eagle eyed posters show where pics have been altered. but felices face looks so different in those pics i thought she was just really good with makeup before.

No. 189335

File: 1444175238492.jpg (65.95 KB, 540x540, tumblr_n4nrqj43ie1s7bnfbo1_540…)


That is exactly what I meant when I said weight loss drastically changed her face for the worst and i'm being told I'm fucking Felice lol

But yeah she was cuter when she was less spoopy.

No. 189336

This isn't a Felice thread guys can we please get back on topic.

No. 189337

She went to a private school, I'm sure her next stop is some prestigious university.

No. 189338

File: 1444175504950.jpg (33.18 KB, 600x444, tumblr_nt9ce4IwiM1rmmbzko1_128…)


No. 189339

Yes I agree I think its nostalgia-people liked the drama so think if Felice fondly in comparison to other lolcows. I must admit I miss the drama.

>This is pathetic.
You seriously think that Felice sodding Fawn browses lolcow and that I'm her right now?

LOL. Anyone who knows about Felice's online obsession wouldn't put this past her. I do not think you are her but coming out with crap like that does make you look guilty lol.

No. 189340

File: 1444175654547.jpg (13.45 KB, 320x480, 42lbwb8.jpg)

she is shooping herself to look like Masha Tyelna.

No. 189342

File: 1444175704120.jpg (388.21 KB, 920x814, Milaphotoshop5.jpg)


>but coming out with crap like that does make you look guilty lol

Coming out with what? Saying that weightloss made her face haggard and spoopy? u r dumb.

Anyway stfu, more about Mila.
Anybody else remember when this bomb dropped kek

No. 189343

Republicans don't hate black people dim wit, Ironically Its the democrats. Btw, Did you know that democrats wanted to keep slavery stupid? It was the republicans that made it illegal. Keep your vapid opinions to yourself or go take your rage elsewhere.(derailing)

No. 189344

You claim was in response to
Where she has 4 different faces. No one said that you dont look different because you lose weight, people said your face doesn't change structure 4 different times, significant difference. Surely you can see the difference in the real pic you posted compared to the shoops?

Back to Mila she looks much better unshooped but I have only seen one pic of her like that. The bug eye shoop she does scares me.

No. 189345

Her eyes always look fucking ridiculous. She's never had even a brief period like Kota's early shoops where they looked remotely realistic.

No. 189348

File: 1444175942623.jpg (535.88 KB, 1150x1600, tumblr_n03mma6tNW1rmmbzko1_r1_…)

She has had so many fucking phases now I seriously can't keep up.

Dakota Rose, Felice Fawn, Wylona Hayashi and now Masha Tyelna?

Mila pls go.

No. 189349

Yeah kota was very good with the shoops had me fooled. Had I not seen her lolita thread on here would never had known kota's face was so different. But Mila always seemed to be doing it more for notoriety rather than anything else. A bit like Emily-tho she is a huge attention seeker.

No. 189350

>Your bone strucuture doesn't magically change when you lose weight.
Prominence of bones can definitely change drastically if you lose weight. I don't know if those pictures are photoshopped or not but losing weight can definitely change a face in that way.

No. 189351


Uh yeah Anon, literally both of those posts are mine, and guess who it was that actually made those collages originally?

You can stop now.

No. 189352

not mila, I wish people would keep personal opinions to themselves instead of spreading contagious idiocy.

No. 189353


wtf do you think you're doing now dipshit.

No. 189354

>shoops so badly it looks like she has cataracts
>doesn't erase self-harm scars
Attention-seeking at it's finest.

Well, the majority of Kota's shoops have been awful and inconsistent too. I really do mean that she only had a very brief period of looking realistic.

No. 189356

don't forget her wylona phase as well!

No. 189357

i cant wait until feelice is back. she was my first cow

No. 189358

File: 1444176335122.jpg (88.47 KB, 400x492, fel.jpg)

Ok, lets try again. Yes losing weight does make you look different. But in the posts where felice is pretty thin her face is very different in each one. She may be a few pounds lighter between them, but shes had like 12 difference faces. That is not natural, even with makeup. All her unshopped pics are similar. Is this really a hard concept to grasp?

No. 189359

Correcting someones flawed logic dummy, just shut up. You're not fixing anything.

No. 189360

File: 1444176454255.png (281.49 KB, 500x659, tumblr_mwu41mmvDC1sp0n7bo1_500…)

No. 189361

Thumbnail on left side legit looks like Margo, oh my god.

No. 189362

I dont know who's worse in that regards, mila or emily.

No. 189367

Yeah I see it too!

No. 189379

You know that the democratic and republicans switched platforms during the reconstruction era and the early 1900's, right?
Learn some fucking history

No. 189382

Can you take the irrelevant chatter out of this thread, please?

No. 189383


imo lotte was being sarcastic

No. 189384

File: 1444179181662.jpg (72.25 KB, 500x332, I42M833y8p8.jpg)

lunabelle phase was the most laughable

No. 189385

anyone have screenshots of the HURRR DONT SEXUALIZE ME PLZ!!!1!! crotch pic incident

No. 189386


I was in the thread which was how I knew about the post and she legit wasn't being. She reblogged Mila's shit for years until they had that massive e-catfight.

No. 189390

I think these where her nicest pictures tho

No. 189391


>until they had that massive e-catfight.

deets please?

No. 189393

How can you be a SJW and racist/homophobic? Those 2 things are like mixing oil and water.

No. 189401

i think OP must've made a typo or something

No. 189406

Speaking of emily, anyone know what her tumblr is now?

No. 189411

Deetz pls

No. 189415

emily is a whore who one of my friends beta orbits

No. 189416

This is my first time hearing about this chick. She looks like Wednesday Addams if Wednesday Addams had an extra chromosome.

No. 189417

Wait, holy shit, I just realized that she was Lunabelle. Mind = Blown. What a creepy fuck.

No. 189419

I love trollbaiting Republicans. It's just so easy!

Mila has always been the biggest attention seeker in the world. Are those self-harm scars even real tbh?

She just lives to copy other people. Dakota, Felice, now some random model? Gurl needs to go back to school and get a job.

No. 189493

File: 1444213478879.jpg (14.6 KB, 320x213, NihTHUKVxhY.jpg)

lmao why

No. 189494


Yeah, fuck, I was just gonna say that
She's practically the spitting image of her
Jesus christ, I would almost feel bad for her if she didn't act like she's hot shit all the time

No. 189497

She looks like she had an allergic reaction to a bee sting

No. 189509

Mila is a great cow. i have a couple old videos of hers that i saved in 2013. She was trying to prove that she doesn't use aftereffects or edit her eyes in photos. Instead she drew on huge weeaboo eyes and filmed some grainy, fuzzy videos.
i've never used sendvid before - does this link work?

No. 189511

Wednesday Addams Hair Tutorial

No. 189515


-has a nice expensive camera
-films video with shitty grainy webcam


No. 189516

there are more vids on VK, including one where she waves her hands in front of her face to prove she doesn't edit videos (who cares, you don't need to edit with that level of quality anyway).

she never says anything except "thank you so much" and "what do you want to see from me?"

No. 189535

Why was this tutorial even necessary. I mean, that hairstyle is pretty much "part your hair and make two braids"

No. 189538

File: 1444236834546.jpeg (285.46 KB, 1487x680, jAFq1G53w.jpeg)

>"Weeeeeeh, weeeh, I never copied Felice! Like, totally, not at all! This is a totally common style! She's just mad that somebody more youthful and prettier came a long."

Hell yeah this particular style doesn't belong to Felice but it's pitifully obvious at the rate in which Felice's photos and styles have been recreated that she must have had a folder chock full of photos and would pick one out and randomly recreate it. It's fucking creepy.

I mean, I have literally never seen ANYBODY wear their hair like this in my life, not even magazines.
It's pretty uncommon style partly because it's kind of ugly, but she'd really have everybody believe that it was all one big coincidence? Nah fuck off Anca you Roma gypsy cunt.

No. 189539


Mila is like a bargain-bin Felice.

No. 189542

File: 1444237704310.jpg (18.96 KB, 282x325, e240b94334ebb83eb2bad5eae8f01a…)

Reminds me of Hopi squash blossom hair. Makes sense for Felice to wear, considering she's Mexican as far as I recall. Even funnier for Mila to try to copy it that way.

No. 189543

Wow, I completely retract that. I had no idea Felice was British, nonetheless white. I've seen hundreds of her pictures and she looks 100% Hispanic American in all of them.

No. 189549

File: 1444239265972.jpg (12.8 KB, 192x263, babybirth.jpg)

reminds me of this character

No. 189550

omg mila has always been the cow that makes me rage because of how fucking stupid she is

No. 189564

I didn't make a mistake. She contradicts herself a lot. She rants about caring about social justice causes but then reblogs peoples posts saying shit like hurr trans people aren't real. She says so much dumb contradicting shit that I get bored of reading it. Ill get caps later

No. 189567

Actually nvm misread

No. 189568

I'm pretty sure Mila is only going down the republican gay-hating path because her inspiration left when Felice dropped the internet so now she's desperately trying to get people to talk about her by baiting tumblrinas with this shtick. She just REALLY wants that precious attention.

No. 189569

yeah cause before she went down the goffick ~2edgy anti-religion~ route like felice did

No. 189599

Didn't Mila at one point claim to have a girlfriend and posted a picture of them kissing? It must be pretty exhausting changing your personality so fucking much.

No. 189600

>sjw twat
>racist, homophobic, pro donald trump
do you know the meaning of the words you spout or do you just use buzzwords

No. 189625

ugh mila is literally the biggest fail.
lols at http://ask.milamortice.com/
nice job guise

No. 189626

holy fuck, she has a lot of free time. She wrote like, an entire novels worth of replies.

I think she's LOVING this sudden resurgence of attention. This girl should get a job or something.

No. 189628

This broad is dumb af
>i believe in justice
>just not social justice
Justice in and of itself requires a social premise…so yeah she's an annoying ass sjw , just an attention seeking republican type. Same coin, different side.

No. 189631

>Justice in and of itself requires a social premise

What are you even getting at

No. 189635

File: 1444262655373.jpg (79.09 KB, 700x560, tumblr_myoui2GN171rmmbzko1_128…)

Well, if only one person existed what would be the point of justice, or better yet, would injustice exist? Any two people together would make a social situation upon interaction. And injustice or whatever you define as such can probably only occur after there's an idea of right and wrong set up by the social community that exists. I hope that makes sense. To me, basically, justice/injustice is always social. And she is equally as much of an annoying SJW as the people on the opposite spectrum as her.

No. 189643


That picture, omg my fuckin sides

The jaw shoop on the (our) right, next to the tree branchs. Top kek

Yeah, I recall that! I also remember that she caused ~such polemic~ because she was NOT SMOKING U GUISE, JUST VAPING or some shit at that time

No. 189646

That read was so dry I need a glass of water. Thnx anon.

No. 189648

Dude shut up.
Worded it perfectly. Thanks

No. 189649

she looks like megan marie here if megan had black hair??

No. 189651

completely disagree. ideas of justice and social justice are pretty distinct. social justice is a subset of justice, but vice versa isn't true. many people may be in favor of other kinds of justice but not social justice.

No. 189653

Would'nt it be funny if mila was some sort of social experiment. I mean fro what I read here and all the contradictions she does and everything it would kinda be fitting.

Speaking of emily should we give her her own thread? shes full of BS and she has jumped on this copy tumblr snowflakes fad too but I dont know if anyone cares enough about her?

No. 189654

nightmare fuel

No. 189657


>my eyes are pretty big and i love them but i used to enhance them a lot more with makeup and lenses and shit because everyone had always told me i looked like an anime character/doll and i thought it’d be cool to play with that

>everyone had always told me i looked like an anime character/doll


No. 189674

>she is a full on SJW twat. She is super racist, homophobic and Pro Donald Trump
What? I don't think you know what SJW means. Which one is it, dumb ass? Is she an SJW liberal or a traditionalist?


No. 189675

i think op is just throwing around buzzwords without knowing the meaning. op was actually retarded enough to ruin their own thread

No. 189709

It's weird nobody has pointed this yet, but is Mila the OP pulling a PrincessDoll? I mean, she was already discused in a previous thread not exclusively hers (pro-ana girls or something like that) and nobody payed much attention. Now after the PD drama this thread appears, with links and fresh content from this moron. Mila was always thirsty for attention, and I think it's obvious she lurked here.

No. 189711

I was wondering this also. A lot of posts seem samefaggy and not in average chan speak.

No. 189713

Was thinking the same thing. No one who actually lurks the chans can fuck up the term sjw this much. This bitch is straight up stupid.

No. 189719

normally i think when people say someone is "copying" an efamous person, they are full of shit

but this is crazy.

No. 189721

>dakota fawn

No. 189724

More like you're straight up stupid.

No. 189728

Wow hi Mila. That didn't take long.

No. 189729

words mean things. SJW has come to mean overly liberal tumblr idiot. you can't twist the definition so it matches mila. just call her an anti-sjw.

No. 189730

But her bone structure didn't change? I lost over twenty pounds and the difference it made in my face was remarkable. My face used to be rounder and now it's much thinner with very defined cheek bones. A neighbor of mine didn't even recognize me when he saw me for the first time in a few years.

No. 189731

if you kept up with her you'd know she drastically and poorly edits her photos.

No. 189733

lmao. something is fishy with this thread but i can't tell why
waiting for the milk to flow :)

No. 189735

Stay mad because you're a moron, ugly bitch. Kill yourself.

No. 189737

There are a lot of random comments on this thread that are uncharacteristically attacking other lolcow users whilst simultaneously defending Anca.

Anca, if you are in this thread, well you'd better start praying to Trumpy for protection because our Admin publically exposes cows when they're caught selfposting/samefagging.

Did PULL teach you nothing?

No. 189738

wow gud 1 d00d. you totally showed them. nice self post btw skank

No. 189747

ok but who's next to her

not the stoner looking directly into the camera but undercut girl who's smoldering

No. 189751

You cunts are really delusional.

No. 189752

abloobloo :^(
you're the only one crying over your terrible mistake. you should stop using buzzwords. if you don't want to look like a retard next time, at least google what they mean stupid twat

No. 189753

I'm not even the person who posted calling her a SJW, dumbass. How retarded are you?

No. 189754

>I made a complete ass out of myself. Th-these cunts are just delusional!
You are one dumb motherfucker

No. 189755

then why the hell are you responding to me? what crawled up your ass? stay out of the conversation if you didn't contribute in the first place, psycho.

No. 189756

I'm responding to you because you responded to me, you fucking idiot. Are you seriously this stupid?

No. 189757

So you are OP because that's the only person I addressed. What a pussy. At least own up to who you are. You're the only one who's stupid here. How retarded can you get?

No. 189758

are u autistic? leave the thread retard. you don't even know who you're responding to. sad.

No. 189759

I'm not OP, you just deluded yourself into thinking I am because I called you an idiot. Are you disabled in some way, or are you just seriously a fucking moron?

No. 189760

You're the only one who doesn't know who you're responding to. Why don't you leave the thread, you delusional cunt?

No. 189761

What are you on about now? You're the only one who sounds delusional here. Stay mad about whatever the fuck you're riled up about, you weirdo faggot.

No. 189762

Stop posting and fuck off, idiot.

No. 189764

clearly you don't. you're mixing up anons and spouting insults at random people. you sound thirteen. fuck off

No. 189765

Make me, dipshit.
>stop posting
Poor babby. Did I hurt your feefees?

No. 189766

You're the only one mixing up people and spouting insults, you crazy cunt.

No. 189767

the hypocrisy is real in this post lmao ur embarrassing yourself grl

No. 189768

Kill yourself, autismo.

No. 189769

Well, this thread has gone to shit.

No. 189770

lmao go fuck urself grl

No. 189771

You first, turbo retard.

No. 189773

Epic. Just stop breathing, you waste of space.

No. 189774

confirmed for thirteen year old. underage b&

No. 189775

wew lad

No. 189776

>loool le underage meme!!!!1!!!

Just stop posting.

No. 189777

No. 189778

>le sarcastic meme arrow meme!!!1!!

You are moronic as hell. Go away and quit fucking up the thread.

No. 189779

You're the one who fucked up the thread by being a complete idiot. Fuck off.

No. 189780



The fuck is up with you twats? Quit arguing. It's actually embarrassing watching you guys stumble to find edgy names to call each other, so obvious you're jimmies are rustled. Everyone just take a chill-pill or go to /b/.

No. 189781

File: 1444285460170.png (217.5 KB, 390x435, 1403371734449.png)

No. 189782

ur moms the worst offender in this thread

No. 189783

ya'll need to pop a xanax and calm the fuck down.

No. 189784

That makes no sense but ok. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 189785

yep they are a cringe worthy meme loving faggot. every post they created made me wince

No. 189786

ur mom helps me sleep at night tbh

No. 189787

Kill yourself, tard.

No. 189788

No. 189789

stay mad edgelord. u are 9gag tier

No. 189790

No. 189791

Please take your neckbeard and fuck off back to /r9k/ and try not to cut yourself on all your edge you little rebel you.

No. 189792

seriously fuck off already. no one here is impressed by your shitty insults

No. 189794

No. 189795

Must've ran out of material

No. 189797

well theres not much to say when you get blown the fuck out on an anonymous imageboard

No. 189798

No. 189799

ur mom got blown the fuck out on an anonymous imageboard last night tbh

No. 189804

File: 1444286966405.jpg (44.5 KB, 500x393, tumblr_inline_n7idl1591h1sfom8…)

Mila, why you do dis?

I understand why felice shopped herself, because she is plain without photoshop (and there is nothing wrong with that) but mila, you are cute without it. If only you were not such an attention seeker.

No. 189805

File: 1444287106923.png (126.17 KB, 481x271, cs.png)

You made your point, yes you are totes edgy insulting people on this board. Please go back to /r9k/ to make threats about shooting up schools because no girl wants to touch your stubby dick. be gone troll.

No. 189806

No. 189807

No. 189809

File: 1444287699022.gif (1008.9 KB, 365x185, 201_3957.gif)

No. 189812

Getting a little bit sick of all the infighting on this board.

What happened to us guys?
There was a time when we were once all united under a shining sun of brilliance that was our Queen? When did that unity crumble and turn to piss and shit and dust?

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

No. 189814

tumblr, pull, reddit, 8ch, and r9k (basically redditors) invaded the board. rip 2014 lolcow.

No. 189815

and mentally ill cunts like you love to shit the threads up too

No. 189816

File: 1444288267058.jpg (79.67 KB, 727x546, x4ICtKVLfIA.jpg)

Less aspergers, more Mila and her ridiculous shoops.

No. 189817

P much this. The person making mom jokes and saying no u keeps prolonging this stupid shit.

No. 189818

File: 1444288497642.jpg (38.65 KB, 497x750, ZcgPKPiBTeM.jpg)




No. 189819

Youre 12 typing in all caps and sperging out.
Fuck off shitposter. You just keep messing up the thread and arguing with people.

No. 189820

File: 1444288699395.jpg (44.1 KB, 500x514, NFJiy0Owe5Y.jpg)

Kek her fucking malleable playdough face

No. 189822

lol are you just sitting there watching the thread still? its gr8 how mad you are

No. 189823

ur mom has a playdough face

No. 189824

File: 1444288797527.jpg (62.5 KB, 497x750, vPiMgzeMq8k.jpg)


Kay' well enjoy your ban because you hadn't the sense enough to ignore what is an obvious shitposter.
This kind of derailment is against the rules. Control your autism in future ne?

Back to Mila.

No. 189825

it's gr8 how retarded you are

No. 189826

File: 1444288831503.jpg (55.78 KB, 454x750, La-M_X4VJQE.jpg)

No. 189827

File: 1444288860627.jpg (23.28 KB, 320x427, Uf5mgbAuxGk.jpg)

No. 189828

File: 1444288860685.jpg (64.09 KB, 407x331, yeahok.jpg)


These pics were taken the exact same day, shes even still wearing the same dress. Now if you want to take the weightloss excuse-she probably did lose a few ounces that day, still not buying it doing that to her face, but hey what do I know eh?

No. 189829

No. 189830


>responding to the three biggest trolls of all time.

the one who derailed it is going to get banned

No. 189831


Anon you have totally missed the mark on what we are actually discussing..
Scroll up and read the thread properly please.

No. 189832

ur mom is getting banned

No. 189833

Yeah I dont think its "infighting" its invasions from other sites.

No. 189834

Yeah, because there are never any shitposters from here, right? Totally!

No. 189835

control your weeaboo-ness in the future k? lrn2english

No. 189836

I would hope no one from here is stupid enough to rehash mom jokes.

No. 189837

I am responding to previous posts, dont be so condescending and get your feefees hurt. At least its pretty much on track as searching for mila online bring up a load of felice. Least I'm not engaging the troll.

No. 189838

ur mom is stupid enough to rehash ur mom jokes

No. 189839

I guess I am alone in saying I kinda like mila's shoops? Because they are so redic and wierd I kinda like them.

No. 189840


Er, you need to chill, my prior post was polite and respectful.

Fuck this entire site has anger issues.

No. 189841

ur mom is stupid enough to rehash ur mom jokes is what ur mom rehashed to me last night in a joke

No. 189843

>implying the ur mom troll in this thread isn't Mila trying to destroy it and people are falling for her shit

Note for Admin: Mila lives in Seattle I believe. See if the IP corresponds.

No. 189844

everybody is mentally ill and catty no shit dumbass

No. 189845

ur mom lives in seattle
i checked the IP in her pussy

No. 189846

I'm not angry, just dont understand your objection when i was replying to previous posts, not making my own? you did sound condescending, not polite, so not quite sure what you were expecting?

No. 189847

what the fuck brah

No. 189848

She could always be using a VPN and use a different IP.

No. 189849

shut up skank

No. 189850

are you losing your mind or something? this is the second time you've called somebody a skank for no reason

if you would like to talk about it were here for you and ur mom

No. 189851

What wit, such comedy and charisma, you must have sellout shows. I am certain bill hicks is rolling in his grave that he lacks the intellectual stmulation that your form of comedy brings. Bravo.

No. 189852


>don't be so condescending and get your fee-fees hurt

Yeah you kind of jumped the gun and sperged just because I said I don't think you understand what we were discussing when we discussing how HAGGARD she has become through weightloss.

People on this site have become hyper-aggressive and extremely tone-police recently.

You thought my post sounded condescending? Get over it! Where do you think you are? Tumblr?

No. 189853

/r9k/ pls fuck off.

No. 189854

>consistently off-topic or extremely irritating posts may result in a warning or short ban, and repeat offenders may receive a long or permanent ban from /pt/. In the event that you are banned from /pt/, you are advised to only post in /b/.

We really need more mods.

No. 189855

that's what ur mom said when i fucked her in the pussy last night

No. 189856

Where the fuck are the admins?
Ban these raging autists already.
There's sperging out and then there's this.

No. 189857

>You thought my post sounded condescending?
>Anon you have totally missed the mark on what we are actually discussing..
Scroll up and read the thread properly please.

No it didnt sound condescending, it was condescending. For the record I had agreed with what you said but you appear to have ignored that.

>Get over it! Where do you think you are?

You are the only one who's pissed right now. I dont have any beef with you for real.

No. 189858

lmao @ the shitposting turning into arguments

No. 189859

And it looks like a completely different argument is about to happen as well

No. 189860

No. 189861

hope u get smacked on the mouth by ur mum

No. 189862

i smacked ur mom in the mouth last night

with my dick

No. 189863

listen boi im gonna take u down with ur own m*m. meet me in the steel cage, mamas boi

No. 189864

fuck off bully

No. 189866

i kissed ur m*m on the lips last night and she loved it. also found 20 dollars in her pussy

No. 189867

fuck off you didn't do that

maybe i did that to ur mom and you saw cunt

No. 189870

File: 1444290892938.jpeg (9.27 KB, 231x218, dfghjk.jpeg)

oh my god, can you just chill out?
ya'll on your period or something?

obviously if you spend enough time on lolcow your periods start to synchronise

No. 189871

ur moms period synchronized with my dick

No. 189872

i did. even sealed a blunt with ur m*ms pussy juice in seattle

No. 189873

LOL @ assuming that troll is a woman.

No. 189874

no u and ur m*m got synchronized pods

No. 189875

i sealed ur moms pussy into a blunt so fuck off

No. 189877

ur m*m got dem beef curtains and a fine ass carpet to match. i sucky on her pubes all night loong b

No. 189878


Anon just stop.
This isn't Tumblr.
This isn't reddit.
I'm not going to apologise for offending your fragile sensibilities.
Just stop.

No. 189879

Everybody has stopped responding to the troll and it's creating fake posts to troll itself?

If this turns out to be Mila shitposting for real it'll be like Christmas came early.

Oh please Admin, wake up faster, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase

No. 189880

No. 189881

stop talking about my mom like that cunt

No. 189882

it's not though

maybe you're a samefag

No. 189884

i splooged on ur m*m twit git over it

No. 189885

stop mila

No. 189886

no you didn't cunt stop lying or ill come fuck ur mom in front of you

No. 189888

u dont have the balls prick ill come after u and take ur m*m with me so she can watch

No. 189889

Trolling is stupid
Trolling yourself is even worse
Pls stop.

No. 189890

leave my mom out of this

im coming to go fuck ur mom right now just wait

No. 189891

ill troll ur mom with my dick

No. 189892

ur m*m stopped and died on my pickle

No. 189893

o no u dont u twit ill tackle u with ur own m*m and splooge my spag all over

No. 189894


No. 189895

stop making up words you cunt

No. 189896

top banter lads

No. 189899

No. 189900

i wont until u take back what u said about my m*m u sod

No. 189901

it's true though

No. 189902

who are you even replying to…

No. 189903

Most likely projection.

You really are a sad little man.

No. 189904

they're mentally ill don't pick on them

No. 189905

No. 189906

that's not what ur mom said last night

No. 189907

Says the asshole who has nothing better to do than troll this board.

No. 189908

ur m*ms a troll

No. 189909

No. 189910

ur m*m quoted toy story in bed with me last night

No. 189911


No. 189912


No. 189913

No. 189914

I'm not offended, I agree with you, not sure why I have had to say this yet again or why you keep saying that but ok.

No. 189915

Admin ban this troll

No. 189916

are you mad that you got BTFO

No. 189918

will u and ur m*m blow me

No. 189919

ill blow u

the fuck out mate!!!!

No. 189920

i found a pair of sketchers in all ur m*ms pussies. it moulded the inside of her vag to look like a pair of gums like clay. it was stankay

No. 189922

shut up my moms vagina doesn't look like that

maybe you saw ur own moms stinky dirty poosy

No. 189923

that does it if i ever see you irl ill tussle with ur m*m if u know what i mean

No. 189924

no ur m*m def has sketchers for a vag soz to break it to u

No. 189925

Ok, trolling is so 2012. Pls kill yourself.

No. 189926

honestly its like i was shopping at footlocker cept in ur m*ms stankay p00sie

No. 189927

stop lying you dummy bully get off the internet

No. 189928

u mean 2001? lol u newfag bet ur mom is real proud

No. 189929


No. 189930

when i licked it the texture was dentures

No. 189931

my mom would beat ur ass mate

No. 189932

don't talk about my moms dentures you fuck

maybe you should take ur mom to get vaginal rejuvenation because she needs it

No. 189933


No. 189934

not after i steal ur m*ms heart with my giant cock

No. 189935

ill shit up ur moms thread if you know what i mean

No. 189937

she'll feed your ur own dick mate don't fuck with me

No. 189938

fucking ur m*m is like fucking a ?

No. 189940

what the fuck does this mean

No. 189941

not after i rape her like chris hansen did to me. tell ur m*m im tracing her ip as we spek

No. 189943

think about it a ?

No. 189944

my mom works for the internet so she's tracking ur ip to come beat ur ass m8

No. 189946

how the fuck do you fuck a question mark

No. 189948

ur nsa mm does not scare me i will fuck her ip and her pussy at the same time. after out ice skating date tho ur mm and i are dating and she told me she loves hotdogs :^) and figure skating. call me papa

No. 189951

ur m*ms vag is like a hook and im the bait

No. 189952

m*m oops

No. 189953

fuck u papa ill beat ur ass and ur moms don't fuck with my mom

No. 189954

b nice to ur old man boi. wen ur older maybe u will understand how fresh ur m*ms pussy is mm yes

No. 189956

fuck u my mom is arrested ur mom right now

No. 189958

i will bail her out in the blink of an eye. me and ur m*m went to the casino last night, banged at the dealers table, and won a splooge load of cash

No. 189959

File: 1444293905229.gif (1.73 MB, 300x198, giphy.gif)

No. 189960

ur m*m was abandoned

No. 189961

no u didn't my mom was with me last night so fuck off liar

No. 189962

it was ur second mm soz i banged them both i couldnt resist. ur second mms pussy is more of a ! so it's easier to dig in

No. 189965

fuck u and ur mom cunt

No. 189966

hate ur m*m i spit on her during intercourse

No. 189970

fuck u ill spit on ur grave u cunt

No. 189973

ill crawl out and chase u around town whilst riding ur m*m so everyone can watch

No. 189975

sick of ur bullshit m8 leave me and my mom alons

No. 189976

still waiting for u to take back what u said about my m*m

No. 189977

i didn't say shit about ur mom

No. 189978

u fuckin liar and i want her unarrested no bail. free

No. 189979

ok sorry i already fucked her in her cell so she can go for free

ur welcome

No. 189981

Why do you keep replying to yourself? Everyone has abandoned the thread, so I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve here.

No. 189982

damn it well i 69'd and did the eiffel tower position with ur mm and she liked it so ur mm is a whore

No. 189983

the only whore here is u and ur mom

No. 189984

ur m*m abandoned thread. why u here then ho

No. 189985

I think the troll is trying to get the thread deleted.

No. 189986

say that to my squad of m*ms fag

No. 189987

im trying to achieve ur moms poosy

oh wait she already gave it up

No. 189988

don't tell me what to do m8

No. 189989

No. 189990

No. 189991

go tickle ye ballsack to some wrinkley raisin m*ms

No. 189992

listen im sorry for what i said about ur mom

i hope u and ur mom can forgive me(stop)

No. 189993

i forgive u but dont be playin me dirty. thank u i appreciate(stop)

No. 189994

Emily stop self posting and I know your self posting in other threads too. Fuck off no one cares about you

No. 190005

This. What a loon, man.

No. 190008

I honestly did ask for her tumblr though.

No. 190012


>the troll

I think you mean Mila.
I wish Admin would come in and just delete the entire exchange.

No. 190013

Do you think that if you pulled your car up next to Mila she'd instinctively come up to your window and try to hawk some lucky heather on you?

No. 190015

Wow. I'm actually not sure how I read through this entire thread.I realize there are a few anons on here lately who don't know how 2 imageboard (links? Really?) However, this is the spergiest sperg I've seen in a long time. Its obviously just one person replying to themselevws over and over.

The real question is, who is the "ebin troll"? I hope it's Mila. No raider/troll would show interest I. This thread above all others. If you want to hurt pt, hit them in the real milky spots.

Hopefully admin-kun will sort this out soon.

No. 190063

Can we just make a new thread? This one is pretty much trashed and it looks like Admin won't delete the shitposting.

No. 190084

Ugh why are we giving this bitch attention??? Admin please delete, she's not even a lolcow.

No. 190087

I've noticed this lately in general.

I think there is one or two samefags fucking up the site lately. They fit in less than summer and have the same kind of posting style/phrasing.

Wouldn't be surprised if they were ban evading. Admin-sama, for the love of dairy, please consider shadow banning them.

No. 190088


>she's not even a lolcow

kek, way to fucking broadcast how new you are.

No. 190119

Holy shit Mila, could yoube any mmore obvious? Threads don't get deleted here. Ever.

No. 191056

File: 1444506762746.jpg (26.06 KB, 320x210, 309.jpg)

another former kota clone turned 3edgy5me pretentious artist https://instagram.com/sofia_balashova/

i love the pseudo intellectual shit they spew. teenagers are so embarrassing.

sofia isn't as embarrassing as mila, though, but it's cool to see where kiddo snowflakes are now.

No. 191065

That photo looks like someone has cut out newpaper pics and put them together as a collage, so wierd. The girl is cute irl why does she do this shit to herself ffs.

No. 191070

Man, she used to be so cute. Now she's a total butterface unless she's wearing eyeliner.
At least she's a good artist/photographer

No. 191071

Man, she used to be so cute. Now she's a total butterface unless she's wearing eyeliner.
At least she's a good artist/photographer

No. 191072


can you take a picture of the bridge anyways

No. 191073

i think shes cute wow. so jealous :(

No. 191078

File: 1444513769687.png (229.53 KB, 400x533, tumblr_mz9asjolWN1tpveqbo2_400…)


No. 191079

File: 1444513813928.jpg (140.43 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mz9ejobbb71tpveqbo1_128…)

No. 191080

File: 1444513831088.jpg (36.46 KB, 331x500, tumblr_n0giq3u3Jc1tpveqbo2_400…)

No. 191081

File: 1444513850456.jpg (58.18 KB, 960x720, tumblr_n3jv3d03W61tpveqbo1_128…)

No. 191082

File: 1444513872048.jpg (71.46 KB, 960x720, tumblr_n3jv3d03W61tpveqbo2_128…)

No. 191083


yeah trump would love Anka.

No. 191090

Goodness, she looks like a bird.

No. 191118

average as fuck
that beak

No. 191132


I think she is way cuter on these pics than on the shooped crap

No. 191134

this is like the worst outfit I've ever seen in my life

No. 191154

Mylar is a sad girl. It must suck having to make your own thread and then shit post to bump it bc you're genuinely boring and the only thing ppl talked about was Felicia and your hideous shoops :/

No. 191159


lol this.

why does she need to be well known on the internet so badly? she's average and has nothing to offer. truth hurts.

No. 191173

File: 1444557783634.jpg (54.74 KB, 423x537, s.jpg)

Lol really? k.

No. 191174

Fuck thats mila? Still, she looks way better here than that creeper bug eyed abomination she likes to shoop herself into.

No. 191214

Haha the good ol' days of her copying Kooter and Felicia it was hilarious
I miss the days where there was many parodies floating around and all the drama starting..

No. 191220

File: 1444580603062.jpg (76.69 KB, 540x402, tumblr_nvmsqfQrSS1rmmbzko3_r1_…)

Not this shit again. I think she wants another go around on the living doll train.

No. 191223


No. 191241

I remember this chick. I followed her for a little bit because she was being talked about on efagz and the minute I unfollowed her because it was just too cringy she sent me a message calling me ~beautiful~ (I'm not, and because it i rarely post selfies) even though we werent mutuals. She has an unfollower counter and watched it like a hawk. super obsessed with e-fame. I wouldnt be surprised if it was a princess doll situation.

No. 191250


Hooooooooooly shit she did the exact same shit to me. It must have been about 2 years ago now though.

No. 191253

I'm howling, oh my god. I had this happen to me too ages ago.

No. 191257

File: 1444591629101.jpg (51.39 KB, 419x800, B0019D546C-1-l.jpg)


oh she's jumping in the baby alien shoop bandwagon

I guess either being edgy nihilist tumblr goffick isn't good enough anymore or she ran out of pic related

No. 191258

She's called Felice, not Felicia. Unless this is a joke I just don't get, it's annoying.

No. 191262

she's cooler than me

No. 191264

please put this in /snow/

No. 191271


Fuck off, Mila is a lolcow whether you agree or not.

No. 191292


I thought the babydoll bandwagon died?

No. 191308

Maybe it was just a auto correct error.

No. 191309


or bitch might be trying to be 2015 dakota now

No. 191323

it did but mila is always too late to things lol
she's also way too obvious with her copying

No. 191373

does anyone remember when she first started posting and she blatantly said that she uses photoshop to answer an ask as to how she was so pretty?

No. 191395

File: 1444631264800.jpg (196.67 KB, 464x700, behind you.jpg)

No. 191418

fucking file name and everything. I'm so drunk right now this is scaring the shit out of me lol

No. 191424

Yeah a lot of tumblr snowflakes are still trying to milk the 2edgy4me atheist goth "satan is my daddy" thing. I remember when dyspnoeic threw a shitfit when she was called out for copying felice and suddenly had lots of anon asks saying how original and not copying she was.

No. 191438

Ew. She really fucked up with shooping her iris, huh? She looks diseased.

No. 191463

thank god i'm not high

No. 191548

Yeah I noticed that right away too. Looks really horrible and extremely noticeable.

No. 191551

File: 1444686025226.jpg (21.4 KB, 320x480, image.jpg)

I think she's still trying to look like the model masha, but girly.

No. 191552


Uh guys, she has a single circle lens in her left eye.

No. 191554

She looks like a super creepy Emily Blunt here…

No. 191555

I've never seen circle lens that look like that. And also why would she just wear one?

No. 191558

A Felicia is someone who isn't relevant. So yes. It's a joke.

No. 191561

Bish plz that girl in the movie was called Felisha not felicia uggghhhhhh

No. 191566

Nice. idc.

It's EOS Ice Brown. They have that sharp design and then leave a white space when you look tot he sides and such. She's probably doing a comparison picture. I dunno.

No. 191567

Dont be a tryhard dumbass then if you dont care, retard.

No. 191568

Not really being a tryhard. But k.

No. 192231

>supports trump
Op… You have no idea what an sjw is, do you?

No. 192239

Not OP but it's not like if SJW would make sense anyways.

No. 209005

File: 1448807607011.jpg (66.5 KB, 362x509, tumblr_nyglmty9291rmmbzko1_400…)

Are we really not going to discuss the progression of insanity seen through her recent shoops and "close the borders!" posts regarding the Paris attacks. She clearly has some serious mental illness.

No. 209009

This face she keeps pretending to have via photoshop is so fucking ugly. Who would even want to look like that, it's gross

No. 209014

I know - looks like Sid the sloth.

No. 209016

Her wanting to wear the skin of many Tumblr queens over the years and the resulting backlash has left her bitter towards Tumblr as a whole. As a result, she's having an identity crisis and trying real hard to be the antithesis of Tumblr's brand of SJW rampant acceptance of minorities and overbearing shunning of everyone else. Yet, she's still an attention starved teenager so she still photoshops herself into oblivion and says anything for shock value (anything staunchly republication but taken to the extreme) so someone will interact with her and give her the attention she craves. Because, for real, if she is so anti the Tumblr mindset as she claims, she would have deleted hers years ago.

Girl still has same issues from Luna days, but she has herself convinced that it's from bettering herself instead of being another manifestation of her old bullshit. Gotta love those Tumblr teens who believe they're ~enlightened~ and claim to see the world for what it truly is.

No. 209022

Shed look good if she wouldnt shoop her eyes fucking huge, it looks like shes sick or something

No. 209049

Lmao how can she think this looks remotely believable or good? It makes her look like she has some kind of horrible genetic disease.

No. 209057

Her pupils are dilated. She's on uppers I think

No. 209060

Ew. She needs to find her lashes.

No. 209168

>anyone who doesnt support the same president as me IS WRONG AND NEEDS LOBOTOMY!!!!!
you're so mature

No. 209170

you can be pro donald trump and like black people lol

No. 209171

why would anyone want to be felice?

No. 209173

this scares me

No. 209249

File: 1448846634073.jpeg (46.64 KB, 500x333, image.jpeg)

No. 209254

Lol you obviously don't realize what a psychopath he is.

No. 209265


No. 209266

you're still extremely immature by thinking your opinion is right and people who have different opinions are wrong and need lobotomy. what are you, 12?

No. 209267

they probably come from Tumblr because so far it's tumblrinas that have a hate boner for trump.
most people just dont give a shit

No. 209298

File: 1448851626708.jpg (128.19 KB, 400x595, gummo.jpg)

No. 209311

don't compare that cute shota to mila

No. 209316

I wasn't even the same person, but ok, really don't give a shit about tards getting lobotomies.
And it's clear that you're from tumblr—"hate boner", really, I've seen that usedninnother predominantly tumblr threads. Not hard to tell its the same fag who loves tumblr truth blogs.

No. 209323

That's not Mila

Except Bunny Boy actually looked pretty good

No. 209330


>that's not Mila

No shit…

No. 209343

Nooooo she's not cool enough for that stop it

No. 209360

Anon in >>209311 called her Mila, anon. Read next time.

No. 209364

This is the trashiest fucking flake ever. She's trying so hard to get noticed, it's so pathetic.

No. 209369

Agreed. It's like she's trying to constantly push the envelope just to get some interest generated but she's so boring and full of shit it falls flat.

No. 209381

She's so ugly in person that there isn't a single shoop that can be interpreted as her.
It blows my mind when people say she's cute without shoop. Have you seen her real face? Yikes.

I still think she would tape pictures of Felice to her binder and folders and pray that people would say "omg is that u?"

No. 209393

File: 1448880522991.jpg (72.72 KB, 508x354, mila01.jpg)

Just posting so that nobody forgets her real face.

No. 209421

File: 1448888871114.jpg (40.28 KB, 500x264, mila.jpg)

her lips on the right pic reminds me of this

No. 209692


No, they were saying don't compare MILA to the CUTE SHOTA i.e. the Gummo actor.

No. 209713

File: 1448957455769.jpg (19.94 KB, 350x261, soft-pink-lips.jpg)

The way she shoops her lips makes them look like a hot dug bun. Normal lips are slightly "m" shaped in the middle. Why is her mouth opening completely straight across? It makes her look like a muppet.

No. 209722

Except the girl being compared to bunnyboy isn't even Mila.

No. 209723


No. Shit.
Nobody said it was Mila.
That's what a comparison is.
To compare.
Not the same thing.
But similar.

Is English your first language? What is it that you're not getting here?

No. 209727

>>209298 linked >>191173, which was a picture of another Kotaclone.
>>209311 said don't compare Gummo to Mila.
>>209323 pointed out that it wasn't Mila being compared.

What don't <b>you</b> get?

No. 209729

Kill yourself m8.

No. 209730

it's called a cupids bow.

you're welcome.

No. 209741

just admit you fucked up and have kindergarten level reading comprehension.

No. 209808

If the lips are cupid's bow, are kisses cupid's arrows?

No. 209820

File: 1448996269614.png (151.52 KB, 316x361, lips.png)

they are talking about this, not the cupids bow

No. 209829


I was going to say you were right and that I misinterpreted the entire exchange and that I apologise but the person you're responding to >>209729 isn't even me kek

No. 209839

Pathetic attempt at damage control lmao

No. 209842

Why are people such cunts in this thread? Is mila self posting or what?

No. 209844

File: 1449002318217.jpg (189.08 KB, 1867x950, sfgrsg.jpg)




Probably tbh.
It seems like people on lolcow are becoming increasingly aggressive with very little agitation and for little reason.

No. 209853

File: 1449006739528.jpg (253.37 KB, 722x457, 1420958612725.jpg)

No. 209861

Honestly who revived this thread?? Why? So it could turn into another Kota thread?

>omg her shoops r so milky!!

>teehee~ does she think this is kawaii? News flash: it's not!!111
>she's so boring she just shops to make herself interesting

No. 209894

I support Trump for the republican ticket because maybe if he gets it, it'll light a fire under the democrats collective ass and something will fucking get done.

No. 209896

You're retarded.

No. 209900

Please kill yourself.

No. 209912

File: 1449019014865.png (231.21 KB, 800x800, donald ''pump 'em and dump 'em…)

the mexicant butthurt is real

No. 209920

too bad i'm aryan master race :^)

No. 209921

Funny how comments like this are ok, but let someone come in to debate or set straight admin blocks.
There is no "master" race.

No. 209922

The thread should stay on Mila and Mila only, no debates .

No. 209930

welcome to chan type imageboards, enjoy your stay

No. 209931


No. 209932

File: 1449021571319.gif (757.4 KB, 200x150, 0893bed2141682462962984943_700…)

No. 209942

File: 1449023329901.gif (2.02 MB, 352x272, 1421891633210.gif)

look, i can post gifs too

No. 209947

LOL!! So??? Is this to insult me?
I posted the gif because chan boards are a bumpy ride of stupidity and teenage angst.
The person posted welcome to chan boards, My gif is basically (you got that right, jeez).
But you basically summed up my expression. Unnecessary insults and hatred towards one another, and you people think you'll run a perfect world.

No. 209948

Sure, it's fun. You try! Call me a faggot, a doublenigger, anything you can think of.

No. 209981

>and you people think you'll run a perfect world

wtf are you even saying

No. 209998

File: 1449036573767.png (Spoiler Image, 7.61 KB, 300x300, TOP_MEME.png)

Shut up, you swine.

No. 209999

No. 215292

File: 1450415949871.jpg (242.49 KB, 600x906, tumblr_nzf571BnOH1rmmbzko2_r1_…)


No. 215293


No. 215294

File: 1450416689622.jpeg (75.15 KB, 500x335, image.jpeg)

the bloat tool abuse is so real

No. 215295

File: 1450416732995.jpg (2.71 KB, 125x125, 1449154313383.jpg)

No. 215296

2015 kota failed attempt

No. 215298

File: 1450416965884.jpg (36.21 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mz9ehkEq3S1tpveqbo2_400…)


LOL no

No. 215299

File: 1450417572553.jpg (17.77 KB, 400x319, tumblr_mz9ehkEq3S1tpveqbo1_400…)

the kind of nose trump <3s

No. 215300

File: 1450417632212.jpg (169.37 KB, 600x800, 2ue0ft1.jpg)


No. 215302

File: 1450418123506.jpg (90.21 KB, 397x600, tumblr_nzf299XQ0a1rmmbzko2_400…)

This heifer has lost her mind

No. 215305

File: 1450420139398.png (490.86 KB, 792x600, Sin título.png)


eyes are almost the same width of her mouth

No. 215312


fucking lol how desperate can she get

No. 215325

i saw op pic and thought wow she's pretty and then saw this and now she's ruined for me completely so never mind

No. 215464

i'm terrified. she seriously shooped her eyes to be bigger than her nose.

No. 215497

lmao is this a joke

No. 215597

I've only ever seen one person with eyes this huge in real life. It creeped me the fuck out, and she was standing about a foot away from me after she got on the train. I tried to keep my staring at a minimum, but eyes that huge honestly look terrifying.

No. 215785

No. 215787

File: 1450547153234.gif (2.7 MB, 436x245, 1445988852177.gif)

What..the hell..?
She must be fucking with us at this point.

No. 215801

she actually shooped her eyebrows here too? damn

No. 215838

I knew someone with massive eyes like that and they never keep an almond or oval shape, they're always really round, protuberant and gross. Like a black moor fish. I think it's a side effect of hyperthyroidism.

No. 215839

Same. My neighbor has Graves Disease and her eyes practically pop out of her head.

No. 215904

She's really gagging for a sniff of attention now aint she!

No. 215906

File: 1450574264458.jpg (31.91 KB, 480x294, image.jpg)

She apparently went to a rave

No. 215908

Looks like she just ate a lollipop in bed.

No. 216109

File: 1450661733467.jpg (19.75 KB, 600x454, 2b3.jpg)

No. 216221

She must be taking the piss with these new photos. Cannot be serious.

No. 216237

Those eyes are disgusting. How mentally fucked does a person have to be to look at this fish eye picture and think it looks swell? Fuck.

No. 216533

File: 1450776279596.jpg (383.83 KB, 1024x779, 8352921442_e91f4523ae_b.jpg)

No. 216555

File: 1450788245899.jpg (39.71 KB, 480x270, https://41.media.tumblr.com/09…)

No. 216556

Forgot to add: this is before the photoshoot and after the rave (might be the inverse. Her blog loads painfully slow for me)

She has to be editing herself hideously for attention or something.

No. 216574

Is this suppose to be her??No sense of consistency, every photo she posted lately looks like completely different people. Someone should make comparisons. .I can't cause I'm shite

No. 216621

ewww, who goes into a swimming pool with makeup on? that's fucking disgusting.

No. 216628

>supports Trump
…you can only pick one of the above, you can't do both… sjws are anti trump

No. 216685

File: 1450828225794.jpg (130.39 KB, 413x550, tumblr_nzqh899kZm1rmmbzko2_r1_…)

i look like a dude

Girl, I could write an essay on the things you look like in this picture and "a dude" is not one of them.

No. 216716

File: 1450835394658.png (84.67 KB, 250x354, tumblr_nzc5vbob0U1ucj1lzo1_250…)

Sort of resembles Lorde.

No. 216722

File: 1450836498388.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_2015-12-22-21-05-43…)

I really wish Mila would post before and afters of her own selfies instead of the celebrities she retouches

No. 216743

File: 1450841114928.jpg (10.86 KB, 221x242, powv8i2rog.jpg)


These shoops look like she's trying to look like Krysten Ritter

No. 216754

wait how can she be sjw if shes racist and pro donald… wut

No. 216758

File: 1450844966741.gif (185.96 KB, 500x436, THE_RIDE_NEVER_ENDS_2.gif)

No. 216759

I swear, she's looking more like a david lynch fever dream monster with every post

No. 216760

>Don’t get loans you can’t pay.

Mila said this in a rant about student loans and I.. just don't understand her logic. If you could pay the loan, why woukd you need the loan.

How old is this girl?

No. 216762


>who has the higher chance of being a criminal? the scrawny asian kid or the large black guy dressed like he’s in a gang? it wouldn’t make logical sense for police to treat everyone as if they have the same chance of being a suspect if each demographic doesn’t commit the same percentage of crimes

Another wonderful quote by Mila Mortice

No. 216766

Erm someone who was wearing makeup before they entered it retard

No. 216772


It is pretty gross if you've got a full face of foundation or no kind of makeup sealant or something, but I don't get what the problem is if it's just a touch.

No. 216881

I own a pool and never wear make up while swimming but you guys have NO IDEA how many times I've seen chicks with faces full of make up come over for a dip. I try to warn them but "it's waterproof" and soon after, their faces are covered in black smudges.

Some girls never want you to see them without make up, it's just a low self esteem thing.

No. 216882


When she got doxxed it was discovered that her family is pretty rich so that about sums it up.

The bitch doesn't understand the real world because she's used to having her family bankroll her through life.
The idea of loan to her is probably money her family gives to her that she isn't required to pay back. She's a nasty, spiteful, spoiled, ugly little goblin and I hope she develops cervical cancer.

No. 216942

I love how she's vaguely implying that she's still a frail recovering anachan with that dumb recovery inspiration post. Fuck off with that. What shes really starving for is attention.

No. 216952

>I hope she develops cervical cancer.
Oh c'mon now anon, that's a nasty thing to wish on anyone.

No. 216957



No. 216959


Where do you think we are…

No. 216960

Not that anon but who the fuck cares it's just Mila it's not like she's saying this about our queen PT.

No. 216970


lolcow is turning into a hugbox.

>>216952 is probably from PULL or Tumblr.

No. 216995

I hope she develops cervical cancer.

No. 216996

She's definitely a goblin.
She should've saved all that money she's milked from her parents for ugly shoes and tacky clothing to imitate felice fawn for a nose job because the amount of Ugly she is compared to her also ugly and anatomically impossible shoops is jarring.

No. 216999

File: 1450919020892.gif (970.19 KB, 500x280, tumblr_m2hmkykToK1r2t74lo1_500…)

No. 217173

because makeup remover and wipes are so hard to find nowadays you adorable butt muncher. please remove your ugly ass makeup before going in pool girls

No. 219564

She deleted her Tumblr :>

No. 219568

not deleted, just password protected

No. 219573

Is she trying to do the whole dakota fish-eyed -baby look but goth?

No. 220968

File: 1452325283317.jpg (26.7 KB, 500x282, image.jpg)

omg she's a gamer gurl too~~~

No. 221097


please no

No. 221098

File: 1452400179861.jpg (112.3 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

The resemblance is there tho…

No. 221114

>the cramps
fuck yeah baby

No. 221132

Why does every gamer guurl need to fuck their controllers. We get it, you play…

No. 221350

File: 1452493370302.jpeg (85.18 KB, 414x974, everytime.jpeg)

No. 221356

File: 1452498190148.jpg (13.75 KB, 218x239, 1452278132724.jpg)

That's a hot tub, numbnuts.

No. 221364

.. That sounds even more disgusting, to be honest. All the sweat and steam combined with heavyish make-up. Classy.

No. 221783

File: 1452713190451.jpg (58.47 KB, 397x600, 48LXRDK7ph0.jpg)

Haha she is still regularly uploading hyper-shooped photos to VK and trying to find work as a model


No. 221785

File: 1452713366640.jpg (40.88 KB, 393x550, Vi5K-yLp4XE.jpg)

ffs Anca how do you expect to model when you look fuck all like your photos.

No. 221786

File: 1452713379368.jpg (42.32 KB, 405x604, i08P3s4MKzQ.jpg)

No. 221787

File: 1452713505203.jpg (47.14 KB, 400x604, NxLsNU5pk-U.jpg)

No. 221788

File: 1452713550736.jpg (31.16 KB, 500x331, d99cD2PcwWY.jpg)

No. 221789

File: 1452713655535.jpg (20.6 KB, 500x331, qVcpccUQrHc.jpg)

No. 221790

File: 1452713688106.jpg (52.77 KB, 414x604, GhmVPtN6Exo.jpg)

No. 221791

File: 1452713762852.jpg (27.95 KB, 332x496, IKqRGHOTGUA.jpg)

No. 221792

File: 1452713789796.jpg (42.04 KB, 399x604, ytVcU7b-CDQ.jpg)

No. 221797

Lmao I could've sworn she went on some long ass tirade on tumblr about not wanting to be a model anymore a while back ago.

No. 221804

Aside from obvious ps, these are actually kinda cute

No. 221830

File: 1452718117280.jpg (36.7 KB, 600x444, p6r3Ijbhdus.jpg)


I like this one but it's like, c'mon girl, you don't look anything like this abs you know it.

No. 222028

Idk why but she looks like a sloth lol

No. 222036

her face is so punchable oh my fucking god

No. 222038

OMG that shit ain't blended out properly.

No. 223089


you can tell she's copying of a lolcow that's on this thread wowza this girl really lacks originality

No. 223094

File: 1453156790224.jpg (74.04 KB, 397x600, image.jpg)

No. 223097

File: 1453157201265.png (287.91 KB, 640x342, Quasimodo_45.PNG)

what is wrong with her, each new photo is more terrifying than the last.

No. 223100

She looks like an accessory to her nose.

No. 223225

this bitch lost it lol

probably threw out all her mirrors

No. 223306

This one actually looks the most like her real face hahahhaa

No. 223360

She looks like that girl with turd brows in this pic

No. 228940

File: 1454428907142.jpg (103.14 KB, 490x475, image.jpg)

sorry i couldn't resist

No. 229057

Holy fuck, this brings back memories. Those hilariously weird Quiznos commercials.

No. 255610

File: 1459819766259.jpg (46.27 KB, 446x550, image.jpg)

Can we just take a moment to discuss how pathetic she looks lately Christ how many faces does she have

No. 255611

File: 1459819863193.jpg (50.66 KB, 431x650, image.jpg)

No. 255624

she looks like a bogeyed brazilian

No. 255625


I can't stop fucking laughing for some reason oh god

No. 255630

[muffled "ayy lmao" in the distance]

No. 257628

Does anyone have any photos from her Kotex-shooping days?

No. 257632

No. 257637

…trying to be the next creepy-chan, mila?

No. 257718

This chick popped up on my Pinterest feed and I thought she looked like she was trying to copy kooter. Didn't know I was right.

No. 257720

is this bitch shapeshifting again?

No. 257782

Her eyes are too far apart for this to work. She looks awful.

No. 257914

Best Mila's shooping style. I'd be jelly as hell if she really looked like this.

No. 258280

What is she up to these days? Did she follow her older sister's path to some ivy league university?

No. 258305

She looks gruesome here though?

No. 258307

Mila Morticia shut up

No. 258332

Don't think so

No. 258333

Don't think so

No. 258353

All that shooping and her nose still looks piggy af.


No. 258354

All that shooping and her nose still looks piggy af.


No. 258360

is there something wrong with her? how can she think her shoops look good / realistic??

No. 258364

Yeah they all look really disgusting so I mean she must have.

No. 258454

File: 1460407784734.jpg (13.93 KB, 240x339, Masha_Tyelna.jpg)

Very Masha Tyelna.

No. 258455

What's wrong with being pro trump?

No. 258465


No. 258802

Regardless of political affiliation, Trump is just plain stupid and very childish. I'm surprised anybody says they'll vote for him because I'm sure there are other far right conservatives that appeal to their views that don't act like toddlers having tantrums.

No. 258803

File: 1460470949716.jpg (45.73 KB, 400x266, tumblr_md5v4wRrys1ry871qo1_400…)

Most people improve at photoshopping over time but somehow she got worse. her luna belle phase looked better

No. 258807


idk why mila thought shooping from cute faced girl to a fas goffick alien was a good idea

No. 259316

Nothing. Support and vote for who you think is right. That's the point. Not everyone on the internet will share the same views as you; or be mature about it.

No. 262615

are these really mila?

No. 262645

They indeed are. There's also another bunch of unedited photos floating around taken from her sister's/ friend's fb-account.

No. 262661

oh yeah, I found some. The shooting range ones?

I wish I had saved them to share here, they are really pretty cute photos. Good angles/bad angles I guess.

No. 262698

File: 1461327430651.jpg (864.88 KB, 1344x1397, microcephaly.JPG)

No. 262799


one hell of a jew nose

No. 263103

Yeah, the shooting range ones. Then there's some older ones, where she is younger and has shorter hair.

No. 263106

I like her political views tbh

No. 263810

where are her parents from?

No. 263811


No. 267646

She'd be better if she could bench 3pl8.

No. 267650

>This girl forgets her parents are immigrants
So is everyone else in America, doesn't really matter much.

No. 267653

what the fuck is up with this shitposting tonight
why bother bumping this nothing ass thread

No. 267658


Its /fit/, someone posted about this board, thread blew up and now we're here.

No. 267674


Do pecs count?

No. 267711

What's wrong with supporting the Donald?

No. 267794

I dont see anything wrong either.

No. 268036

File: 1462672623948.jpg (54.04 KB, 604x453, 1e8ce01fb162a405e2f6a77f73fbcb…)

No. 271324

It's problematic.

No. 271330


Do you really want a man that wants to fuck his own daughter to lead an entire nation?

No. 271349

Have you seen the alternatives? Daymn.

No. 276459

File: 1465012623457.png (224.73 KB, 500x377, 1452747797687.png)


I think I know the who the dude is.
This all but possibly confirms that this is the girl who is ruining his life and using him as an orbiter.

No. 276477

File: 1465021111980.png (760.29 KB, 2543x1354, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?.p…)


Kek. Looks like Mila is actually getting serious about politics. This is pretty damn hilarious.


Hard to believe someone I know is involved with a girl this insane.

No. 276480

Spill the dirt please. I'm listening

No. 276483

but didn't mila had a turbo sjw phase, or I'm mistaking her for someone else?

No. 276484

What do you want to know?

No. 276487

File: 1465024222657.jpg (50.26 KB, 499x388, purfect.jpg)

Well now this is interesting.
I think I might have stumbled upon her facebook.
The pictures are the same as ones recently posted on her blog but it might be pure coincidence.
Scary thing is, it looks like her facebook background was updated 2 hours ago.
But Im pretty confident this might be Mila's actual account.

No. 276508

No your right. She was a total SJW then she went all Trump/Republican overnight. She deleted most SJW shit but some is still on her Tumblr.

No. 276509

How is she ruining his life?

No. 276550

Didn't she say that guy was her brother?

No. 276585

File: 1465058742516.png (386.82 KB, 655x722, Rising anger.png)

So she is literally using him as a beta orbiter. Using him for attention, for money, as a free ride to raves for free gas, free sex ETC. Basiclly the relationship is completely toxic, its caused him depression, him going to drugs and alcohol and a lot of other shit because his feelings for her are so strong that he can't leave and thinks that if he hangs around her long enough eventually things will go back to how they once were when they did start dating which was like 4 years ago. I mean he really loves her but he's being taken advantage of all the fucking time. He's completely under her control and the pussy game ridiculous. I don't know if he actually knows all about this internet drama Anca's been a part of and its completely possible she has him believing she's a legit model.

This is the funny thing, these 2 are not actually siblings. They have a close relationship but Anca being a manipulative cunt basiclly brother zoned him and he's living his life as a beta orbiter. She's that big of a shit person and won't tell him that having a real relationship with him isn't going to happen because she likes the attention and all the other benefits she gets from him. She's been stringing this guy along for like 4 years now.

I don't know if she was a full blown SJW but the time I met her was probably when she was in that phase and she was lesbian with some hardcore asian druggie. of course "her bro" was still beta orbiting her at this time. The hardcore asian druggie she was being lezbo with went missing maybe 3 years ago.

No. 276588

haha you beat me to it anon, I was about to ask whatever happened to her "girlfriend"

No. 276589

Oh damn! That's a good ass question. I totally forgot about that one asian(?) girl she used to post fake lezzy kissing selfies with. What ever happened to her lmao?

No. 276592

Okay but isn't she rich? Why does she use him for money. Also is he the dude she shooped one time when they had a picture together?

No. 276594

File: 1465060949912.jpg (30.98 KB, 313x286, Uh wut wus dat.jpg)

>Why does she use him for money
so she doesn't have to use hers I guess.
I don't know if she is rich, bellevue is a pretty damn wealthy area so she is AT LEAST middle class though.

I don't know what picture your talking about, you have a link for it so I could confirm?

This is all completely new to me learning that this dumb bitch was a fucking lolcow of all things. Is this what its like to go down the rabbit hole?

No. 276601

How does she look like in real life?

No. 276616

File: 1465068031346.jpg (627.24 KB, 1229x1920, tumblr_mn6wogXoaB1ssn5n9o1_128…)

My bad I was on mobile and couldn't find it earlier

No. 276629

if this is the guy she's fucking with emotionally, he looks cute. he looks like a guy who would be easy to string along because he's deeply in love.

No. 276630

Am I the only one who doesn't see it as a big deal that she was an sjw before becoming a republican? Most people in their teens-early 20's are sjw liberals so it's really easy to become one yourself when you only ever hear those viewpoints and you want to fit in.

No. 276637


except mila does it for edge points, just like everything controversial shit she pretended to be (self injurer,lesbian jailbait, goth, living doll, weed advocate, omniglot,nihilist,copycat, etc etc etc)

Also there are already too many SJW and our goffick little snowflake needed less mainstream bandwagons to jump on.

No. 276644

File: 1465072723607.png (376.1 KB, 798x576, Oh sweet jesus.png)


This confirms everything for me now!
Thats him, Im sure of it, the heights are a dead give away even though the faces are shopped I know its him I'm 100% confident!
Thats her ex-boyfriend who is now her 3 year orbiter that she's manipulating and abusing for her benefit, she is what I think is the main cause of his depression and problems.

Okay, so her "bro" from this picture
Is most likely the same person in this photo
I can't confirm if she has a real brother or not but I do know this. She had a relationship with this guy and they were dating. The relationship went bad after a while. (Why it went bad, I am not sure) But after they broke up her orbiter couldn't let go because his feelings are too strong, so they started to have one of these "brother sister type of relationships". This probably happened 2-3 years ago. So it would not surprise me if this "bro" of hers is really her orbiter. But I'm sure thats who her "bro" really is. I'm confident this relationship is still going on.

I still can't believe I met a legit lolcow and that someone I know is involved with her. Hell, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what I've heard about her from people who associate with her. I am pretty fucking mad about all this. I don't want to get involved with the drama this girl causes IRL wherever she goes but he needs to get her out of his life.

No. 276654

What do people say about her? Do they know she put CP of herself on her blog before?

Mila, Anca, you're disgusting. Truly.

No. 276665

Are you fucking serious? I heard a story about her from an associate was that she claimed she had seen CP, I'm not gonna ask for proof that she posted CP of herself online obviously because thats fucking disgusting, but do you have any links to people commenting about that as a more appropriate form of proof she did indeed do something that disgusting?

But her are things I have heard about her
-that she claims to be a model
-She barely leaves the house
-Has depression
-Severe Anxiety

She has her orbiter believing that she's the "LOGICAL ONE" of them. He is and probably has been for a long time under the illusion that the reason the relationship is so fucked up is because its his fault for X reason.

It gets worse, her orbiter use to be a somewhat slightly leaning left wing person. But apparently now he's a full on hardcore trump supporter and the reason is most likely because of her. She has made him literally unable to think for himself, thats how much control and infatuation he has for her. So my personal view of this woman is that she's extremely manipulative.

Its also possible that she did some more hardcore drugs because that ex lezbo GF she had was a real fucking hardcore junkie, her lezbo GF legit went missing like no one knows where she went to at all not even her parents.

There are some stories I could tell about her when I met in a group setting but it would give away who I actually am.

No. 276674


Original CP post from Anca/Mila with her bogus rationale. It's so shooped to hell and back too

No. 276676


all I recall for the alleged CP was some generic high contrast ~artistic nude~ deleted within hours (actually model's face was covered so it could be someone else's stolen pic, idk) and a panty shot. Nothing really explicit (as in Jessy slaughter CP explicit levels)

No. 276677

Yeah that first nude one I didn't even try to find on Tumblr. I don't think it came up on reverse Google when someone from PULL looked it up. But the crotch shot is still there. CLASSY. She should just change her name kek

No. 276679

File: 1465078161604.jpg (72.52 KB, 600x480, tumblr_n43bww2VMw1rmmbzko3_128…)

I think this was all during her age play phase. I legit unfollowed her then before she went all batshit trump crazy

No. 276681

File: 1465078791053.jpg (385.65 KB, 1190x800, tumblr_n090u5XfVj1rmmbzko1_r1_…)

and probably this one, but you can't see shit and it's so badly shooped it's hilarious

No. 276682

File: 1465078990027.jpg (47.37 KB, 500x500, xm16iCl5hVk.jpg)

speaking of the current batshit Trumpet fan phase

my fucking sides Mila, you ain't even american

No. 276683

Now that's funny. She hates on ~illegal~ immigration so hard but didn't her and her family get deported? I remember she was crying on Tumblr about how she was sick in Romania as a child and blamed the broken immigration system on illegals. I'll try finding it later

No. 276687


I'm waiting her to pull a Mira and start acting more american than actual american people kek

No. 276690

File: 1465080483696.jpg (81.67 KB, 1080x1080, I don't like this.jpg)


I don't have a suitable reaction face and I cannot think of anything to say anymore.
Im surprised this soft CP incident isn't on her wiki.
I had a hunch this girl was crazy trouble for a long time, but I never thought it would be of this level.
I'm more determined then ever to do something.

Thanks for all this info /pt/.

No. 276704

File: 1465082977933.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.44 KB, 370x550, tumblr_mldt75dzjg1rmmbzko1_400…)

nothing to see here but i've put it under spoiler anyways

No. 276712

File: 1465084243624.jpeg (46.16 KB, 640x521, image.jpeg)

She reminds me of the demon creature from VHS.

No. 276756

Honestly why doesn't he just leave her. Mila sounds abusive but luckily she is a NEET and likely doesn't drive or possess any real power or threat.

No. 276766

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 276781

Does she look the same in real life as she does in her photos? Because I swear she still shops the shit out of herself but she claims she no longer does.

No. 276793

File: 1465097887355.jpg (205.34 KB, 928x450, Milaphotoshop3.jpg)

not the anon who knows her, but yeah she's full of shit.

No. 276797

Before pic looks like a slowly melting Ariana Grande

No. 276802

Well yeah I know she doesn't look like luna or whatever she went by, but i mean the recent pics on her blog. theres no way a human being can look like that, no? i'm terrible at identifying photoshop tbh

No. 276855

File: 1465115577910.jpg (72.54 KB, 612x612, 28820c44087211e3807022000ae913…)

Is this the Asian girlfriend?

No. 276856

File: 1465115909058.jpg (19.5 KB, 500x282, tumblr_mny1buZoUU1rjijkbo1_500…)

But she is 'Murican!

No. 276858

File: 1465116074544.jpg (85.83 KB, 640x400, tumblr_msxe7vahBW1rmmbzko5_128…)

Sorry for the spam.

No. 276927


hahahaha so she did the kotakoti passport pic too?

do you happen to know when this pic was taken anon?

No. 276955

don't care to look at her accounts, haven't seen her in like a year, all I remember that she was CRINGY and AWKWARD as all hell. and that lulzy time people began calling her parents and she posted that "i'm the stupid one, i deserve all of this, but leave my parents out of it"

No. 276964

The date in the passport says 2013, so it was around then. It was a tumblr post about her becoming a US citizen.

No. 276980


>Is an immigrant

>Supports Donald Trump

oh my god

No. 276988


Bitch must feel above your average asian or hispanic immigrant because she's not brown and her parents are rich kek

No. 277019

this is so fucking try hard and cringy

so is trump's wife tho

No. 277034

It's not too farfetched, Trump likes Eastern Europeans (having married one and given his daughter a slav name).

No. 277035

funny thing, Romanian immigrants are often considered in Europe the equivalent of the same scum Mila despise hah. I don't care about her family background, maybe her parents are indeed educated (iirc she flaunted her dad earning big cash) and that's why they could move to America and get citizenship, but she also could ended begging or stealing shit in Spain or UK.

sage for ot

No. 277040

Begging in Spain? Are you confusing Romanians with the Romani people? Mila and her family are not gypsies.

No. 277042


Spanish news refers to them as Romanians. I didn't knew those weren't the same, sorry.

No. 277326

they're not romani but still looked down upon in western europe, for many of the same reasons mexicans are in the US which makes it incredibly ironic

No. 277329

Yeah, the Romanian beggars you see on the streets come from Romania, but they are Roma people, gypsies. Inside Romania, they are looked down by Romanians as much as they are in rest of Europe.

Mila's parents have experienced life under the Ceausescu regime, so I don't blame them for taking a chance for a better life in the US.

No. 277378

Yup, Romanian are kind of the butt of the jokes of western countries (or at least the wealthier ones). They're seen as poor, lazy and not classy at all, sorry to all the romanians on this board. They also have a reputation for stealing but I wonder if it's just people confusing romanians and romanis people.

It's true though that romanians are stereotyped as taking locals jobs and sending the money to their family back home. So I don't really see why Mila is so proud and supporting Trump, considering that's how she'd be treated if her parents had decided to move to western Europe.

No. 277531

File: 1465246977339.png (72.07 KB, 2519x1336, She's here.png)

Whelp her blog is locked down now. I wanted to read more from here. She probably came to this thread or something.

No. 277535

File: 1465247571948.png (205.99 KB, 2499x1358, Facebook confirmed to have bee…)

Whelp, looks this now has a high probability of confirmation of actually being her facebook. Just got deleted out of the blue. Mila might be coming here after all.

No. 277538


>Mila might be coming here after all.

lol, of course she is, was there ever any doubt. I mean she definitely contributes to her own thread on Anon.

No. 277539


Oooooooh boy that Anon that knew that guy IRL definitely spilled some major tea.

No. 277555

Wasn't it theorized that she made this thread? It appeared out of nowhere and blew up too fast thanks to some samefag.

IRL anon should throw caution to the wind and let the milk gush at this point.

No. 277568

Yes I never doubted her coming here. She's that kind of idiot.
But I don't know why someone she knows in real life talking about her ex was the last straw for her deleting everything.
Mila, you did this to yourself. You make an ass out of yourself on the internet for everyone to laugh at.
Especially if this is true

No. 277602

Nope I made it. I characterized her incorrectly as a Trump/SJW when she's just a Trump supporter. I was confused cuz I coulda swore she was both, playing two sides of the same coin etc y

No. 277621

She was definitely a SJW at one time. I remember this phase. And then all of a sudden she flip flopped over to the other side. It was weird as hell

No. 277627


yeah, it was around the time of the asian pothead gf and the panty shot incident.

No. 277714

Sounds like a name of a hipster band

No. 277719

I'm pretty sure she comes in once in a while to bump the thread

No. 278006

File: 1465350686728.png (2.41 MB, 1275x1281, Mila mortice and friend.png)

I think I found a pic of Mila on accident with no photoshop or make-up on when she was with a friend.

No. 278008

She should stop shooping herself. This is way better.

No. 278012

She would be okay if she didn't have such shitty opinions and stopped shooping herself

No. 278019

Seriously. Makes me really miss Felice. She faked intelligence like Mila but at least she wasn't a Trump supporter kek

No. 278021

oh man, I don't get mila's obsession for morphing into Pepe >>221783

No. 278023

Im really surprised that she's recognizable. She doesn't really need the insane editing she's been doing lately, but since she craves attention…
Ah, it's starting to come back. I skipped through the whole sjw debate.
I believe this too.

No. 278033

she's so pretty wtf is wrong with her
shes probably mentally fucked

No. 278128

I don't get it either. And its a pattern with a lot of cows - decently attractive, fairly intelligent, but horribly self-destructive and lusting for attention in all the wrong ways. Just do you, Anca. This fad-surfing thing is gross.

No. 278205

File: 1465418776614.jpg (28.81 KB, 359x450, 88YTnK7.jpg)

The OP image reminds me too much of Lucien Freud's crap early work

No. 278212

body dysmorphic disorder probably

No. 278216


No. 278346

File: 1465445048645.png (99.37 KB, 1504x1360, Possibly mila mortices youtube…)

So I kept doing more research on this woman and I think I might have possibly found her youtube channel for all of you. I didn't see this information anywhere in the thread so I guess I can post it for you.

Im not 100% sure this is her channel though but my intuition is telling me that it is very very likely that this is her channel.

She didn't cover her trail and left her blog address that she locked a day ago in the about section in the youtube page. (Pure Coincidence?)
<-pic related

Here is the link to the channel.

here is a link to a make-up tutorial video with what I believe is her in it judgeing from the comments of the video.

If she's really trying to commit internet harakiri then Anca needs to do much better then this.

No. 278348

File: 1465445177719.png (383.63 KB, 1898x1351, Anca is an active youtuber.png)


here are some more links I should give to archive for all of you.
Its her playlist of video's she's been watching, which shows she was active recently updating her liked playlist.


Look through them for a giggle.

No. 278354

File: 1465446505353.png (42.98 KB, 877x1176, All the confirmation I need.pn…)

Now I'm confident this is Anca/Mila . According to the google+ she changed her profile picture 3 days ago. So I think this really is her youtube account.


No. 278372

You're right, it is her youtube account. I know this because I used to be subscribed to her channel back when she was relevant and was trying to do youtube.

No. 278423

She has her makeup video on her channel. That's her alright.

No. 278607

Does anyone know what spurred this sudden deletion of everything? I mean she's done worse before and still kept all her stuff up…

No. 278622

Eh, this isn't the first time she's pulled shit like this. I think this is about the third or so time she's baw-leeted her stuff and almost each time she's come back with a different "style." She'll probably be back sooner or later.

No. 278624

I guess she's trying to create some "drama" around herself so we would keep talking about her or something.

No. 279604

>racist, pro trump
…….. Oh … kay…

No. 280154

this is a really apt analysis

No. 280159

this is fucking hilarious, thank you

No. 280487

how is it racist to be pro trump?

No. 280488

Because Trump himself is racist. He called Mexicans rapists and wants to build a wall around the border of Mexico and the US and wants to charge Mexico for it.

No. 280491

Mexicans aren't a race

No. 280494

File: 1465912033556.jpg (4.65 KB, 128x128, image.jpg)

No. 280525

No, they're not a race, but they are considered Latino and Trump saying that all Mexicans are rapists is racist to Latinos.

No. 280526

>bumping this shit thread

No. 284811

File: 1467160850800.jpg (37.44 KB, 431x650, Q_JQRMHf7Us.jpg)


No. 284835

For what purpose

No. 284847

should i just make a new thread there

No. 284856

can we please stop bringing up this uneducated bitch she is cringey

No. 284857

Ugh, you've just bumped the thread. GG

No. 285030

Bumpy bump

No. 285209


do i just make a new thread in /snow/

No. 285219

just let admin move this one or whatever. she's not even active at the moment so what would be the point

No. 285553

holy shit she looks a bit like Margo Palmero

No. 285647

True, others have also said this.

No. 285809

she did it wrong anyway lmao

No. 285815

jesus christ she's like Dakota w her ridiculous alien kawayy shoop if she went down the ~~nu-goth~~ route lmfao

No. 285841


Her eyes look infected in the OP.

No. 285847

i don't follow her, and am afraid of the cringe to go into blog, but did she really say that????? JFC. Felice never did any of that, she would have never even known about Anca's nobody ass if one of felice's followers didn't send her a message asking "is this you?" and naturally Felice freaked out, but that was the one and only time she ever mentioned her. Anca responded by acting like a wailing baby and saying "how can someone be so cruel, i never did anything to her", she literally said it that way, and then dragged it on for weeks by replying to freelicers sympathy asks about what a bitch Felice is. Now she's trying to act badass by spewing these lies?

jfc, i'm shocked at the levels of cringe, awkward and …UGHgrossNO that this girl is.

No. 285852

So.. who's who in these? (sorry, new to both & it all looks like the same person to me.)

No. 285856

the left are all Felice, the right are all Mila

No. 286004

File: 1467584148021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.91 KB, 400x480, 12359828_10207127027085666_421…)

Hi Mila. Trying to pretend to dox yourself partially to create some self made drama on here is pretty laughable honestly.
Have fun with that I guess.

No. 289289

Do you think she's doxxing herself to try and get this thread removed?

No. 289291

no makeup? check your EYESIGHT

No. 289458

File: 1468639033643.jpg (94.25 KB, 801x713, 1462842710301.jpg)

No its not Anca, I'm the anon who posted about a month ago saying I met her before who posted these.

I just wanted to dump all the things I found out about her but seems like most of what I found and a lot of stuff I didn't find was posted here so I figured I should just contribute to the thread what hasn't been posted, since this thread has really helped me learning what kind of a person Anca is.

I do live near her area and I do go to the same college she does, I wish I could say more but I can't risk giving away who I am since she most likely has been to this thread.

No. 319535

Man I hate to bump this dead thread, but does anyone know what happened to her? Any accounts on any social media under a different name or something? She was my favorite cow and I miss her tumblr drivel.

No. 319546

>favorite cow
how? she was the most awkward, internet try-hard of all

No. 319552

That's part of why I liked her. She tried so hard. I only started to pay attention to her when she went from politically correct "SJW" to die hard Trump supporter in like less than 3 months. It was great.

Her Felice copying was pretty dull to me.

No. 320333

File: 1480587945949.jpeg (3.33 KB, 150x150, Putinspicious.jpeg)

I really wish I could explain how complicated things have become on getting and sharing information about her for your entertainment.

Because I have possibly obtained a lead on what Mila has been up to, but I do not want to post anything yet until I am confident that the information I believe is correct can be proven in this thread which might not be that easy without speculation. There is someone who I need to find that Mila has a new connection with.

Once I find that persons social media it should be super easy to figure out a connection because of a picture of her with that person or from other possible details since she dressed very uniquely back when I met her in college. Lolcows can never resist getting their picture taken. I know I'm really close. Give me some more time and I could maybe give you a small update of info about her. Its a race against time right now.(don't announce your plans)

No. 320341

Just post it. Speculation is fine we do it all the time.

Who gives a fuck about Mila though anyway. Even her drama is boring and unoriginal

No. 320790

if it's any good, post it

No. 320796

Cut the crap Putin and give us the milk. She's so dull that withholding the milk will just cause it to evaporate. Not like Kiki. Her milk became delicious cheese after being delayed for keekweek.

No. 320940

Am I… am I looking at a corpse?

No. 321349

I apologize to the mods for announcing my plan, it was all part of my overall plan to actually attain proof of the connection to the person I saw Mila hanging out with a while back. I had to bet on the chance that she still comes here and cause her to make a move out of panic to confirm that I was correct about who that person was. Now I have proof that she has a connection to THIS guy and this is the guy I saw her with. There is not a doubt in my mind anymore.

Let me present my evidence to help strengthen any claims of milk I spill on her to have more ground to being legitimate. I am positive that the new milk I got on her is the truth.

First let me say that I am confident the girl in the water in this photo is Mila. (I'll explain what I know about her relation to William Gilchrist in another post)

Posting facebook link so it gets saved: https://www.facebook.com/williamgilchrist777?fref=ts

Aside from the unique clothes that make me confident this is her I have another form of proof. I took this screenshot a few seconds before I made this post >>320333 to bait Mila into making a move to reveal that this was her in the photo. In all honesty I was thinking she was going to get William to delete it out of panic which would of been proof enough buuuuuut that was not the case. Instead something else unexpected happened. Notice how many friends William Gilchrist has in the pic related? 317. Well these past few days William made a new facebook friend which makes it 318. Well the new friend William added just so happens to be Anca's relative.

Facebook links:
Williams recently added:

The relative in question:

Its the facebook page that contains this photo that one anon posted earlier. Which means that this girl has a strong connection to Anca in the fact they are cousins.
This was not part of my plan to get the proof between Anca and William Gilchrist but either way I got the proof I needed before I get to posting the juicy stuff as to what she's been up to and what she's started to get involved in.

No. 321350

File: 1480973799250.png (1.32 MB, 1852x1197, Testing the waters.png)

Forgot to post the pic.

No. 321353

Is that it? You found out she has a friend. What a boring load of shit.

No. 321358

>William Gilchrist


No. 321359

Not just any friend, anon. William Gilchrist.

No. 321361

So this image >>321350 was posted on August 18th.
This anons >>289458 last post was on and this is what caused Mila to really go off the deep end.

Between the dates of July 15th and August 18th is when Mila disassociated from all of her close friends most likely to a sense of paranoia thinking that possibly someone close to her blabbed about meeting her before from this anon >>289458 and sharing details about her personal life. The information I have gotten about her during this time is that she basiclly lost it and became a top-tier bitch towards anyone and everyone especially towards those that really care about her including her parents who want her to get help.

She met William Gilchrist between that time frame though. He's around 50 years old and she's around 20. Mila has basiclly become a runaway thats maybe like a mile or 2 away from her parents house and is mooching off this guy who basiclly just has some kind of small record company that I'm not sure is going anywhere.I can speculate that maybe its a sugar daddy situation. So that is currently what is going on with Mila Mortice. Not going to college classes, not doing a job and sadly nothing I could discover of any new usernames she might of adopted.

Sorry, thats all the milk I really got on her. I wanted to give this anon >>319535 an update of what I knew but there is really nothing that interesting going on with her.

No. 321367


Sugar Daddy … ?

Why didn't you just say he's a sugar daddy rather then rambling on and on about "omg, she made a friend" …

No. 321369

who's that faggot?

No. 321372

Anca ran away from home to live with a 50 year old man? is that it?

No. 321392

no fucking clue.

No. 321394

i'm that anon - thanks for the info. that's kind of interesting i guess. I would have thought she would be in college at the very least because she used to talk about studying political science on her tumblr.

And when you say her parents want her to get help - help for what exactly?

No. 321399


the only William Gilchrists that pop up in google search are some fashion designer who isn't obviously the guy in >>321350 and some man who died in 1916. I assume it's a local celebrity aka a nobody

No. 321417

File: 1481001078790.png (343.56 KB, 340x523, 1479204863875.png)

Gayest most boring milk ever.

No. 321418

100% bland powdered soy milk

No. 321422

File: 1481004109275.jpg (23.77 KB, 500x281, It might be over now.jpg)

If you wanna get better results on him google "William Gilchrist Bellevue" and you can get his work place phone number, work location, and stuff about his music tutor job, his address and all that other stuff if you have an interest in causing shenanigans by calling him asking about Mila if you really are desperate to try and force some more info about Mila out.

Sadly nothing that really relates to Mila and her relationship with William can be found when you do a lot of searches relating to William Gilchrist. Mila must be staying low and probably won't be milk worthy again or at least for a long time like she was in her prime sadly.

No. 321425

What part of
>I assume it's a local celebrity aka a nobody
do you need me to explain to you again?

No. 321454

Bitch she's not saying you should know him and she literally said before your post he was some local music nobody. She just gave the name for stalking purposes and to record it.

No. 321459

That's gross she's with a senior citizen but hey a John is a John.

Not surprising she got daddy issues

No. 322413

@189350 felice looks like venus' mom in that non edited pic XD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 324617

She's a Neoclassical painting.

No. 324907

> full on SJW
>She is super racist, homophobic and Pro Donald Trump.

No. 325476

I think they are referring to her SJW phase that she was in right before she went all pro-Trump. It happened in record time and was hilarious to watch

No. 325640

i vividly remember her pretending her school friend was her "girlfriend" and cringingly replying to someone on facebook that she had left her hickies.

No. 333750

File: 1483734489570.png (257.92 KB, 600x439, a1e.png)

Dear Miss Anca Nitulescu,

Thank you for reaching out. As a general rule, we do not remove threads unless they're in major violation of board rules, so you can stop making reports, sending us emails, and making Discord accounts to ask us to 'delete the thread about Mila Mortice because it has no milk'.

Your Lolcow Farm

No. 333752


No. 333768

Oo busted.

Best thing to do at this point is to just move on, in all honesty.

If she's worried about people looking her up or something and reading about this stuff she should just be honest.

We were all dumb teens at one time or another.

No. 333772

>because it has no milk
now suspect she comes here often and is probably a shit-talking anon. Anca you cringey, awkward weirdo, it never ceases to freak me out of dramatically you can change your whole character from one thing to another.

No. 333809

What a coincidence that she tries to have this removed and when admin says no there are now suddenly shit threads being created to flood the first page

Sage for tinfoilhattery

No. 333816

I think you're onto something here…

No. 333817

How sad. She can't even be an original spergchan. She'll always be a copy

No. 333871

I think you're right.
It's a shame she's the only one to make herself relevant again.

No. 333937

Sorry if I'm being blind, but does anyone have the link to her Tumblr? Drawing a blank.

No. 333944

It was milameux or some shit, but I think she nuked it a few months back iirc.

No. 333973

Kind of sad, because I'm pretty sure she just wants to have people talk about her on here. I bet she posted in this thread a lot to make herself seem relevant

No. 333976

meh, I don't know. I feel like admin-sama would have said something about that.

No. 334103


Thanks for the info, but yes it's gone. Just links to a website with some mediocre photography on now.

No. 336957

Damn. She is hot and I'd love to see her hollow eyes bobbing up and down my dick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347410


youre so stupid on here lol enjoy your kebab dicks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432561

Did she vanish from the Internet too? Dammit, all the good snowflakes are dying off.

No. 432676

File: 1505239493920.jpg (71.64 KB, 397x600, 8659ccf2-ddb3-4b0e-b8fc-14611b…)

Looks like it. Not a big loss tbh, she was boring.

No. 478112

i'm 2 years late to this girl in general and politically neutral but i hate when people try to emulate 4chan on here when really this is just a guru gossip-esque imageboard centered around degerenate e-celebs. it's so cringey when one second we're picking apart bad shoops and then another second someone posts a pepe and "welcome to 4chan kid :^)" type posts.

No. 523137

File: 1527299888343.jpeg (106.65 KB, 127x2048, 7BA7B79F-CE67-4809-997F-26381D…)

Just found this old gem(necro)

No. 546250

Romanians are usually leaning towards the right wing, so it doesn't surprise me(Necro)

No. 816309

Any update on Mila/Anca ? How's she able to completely ghost social media but everyone found Felice Fawn ?

No. 816311

Any update on Mila/Anca ? How's she able to completely ghost social media but everyone found Felice Fawn ?(necro)

No. 816341

Anca was never the level of popularity as Felice. No cult following that's still interested in her whereabouts. Besides she shooped so heavily that you probably would't recognize her if you saw her posting selfies on reddit.

No. 816721

Aggreeing with your comment and also saying that her lack of personality was the only interesting thing about her which is not saying much. She was terribly boring and only had her name on the internet because she was such a bad copycat. She didn’t have anything else about her—No good blog, no fashion/style, no skills (her photoshop was terrible)
So yeah, it’s pretty easy to understand why no one really gave a damn to find her.

No. 818442

File: 1611629488113.jpg (32.32 KB, 497x750, BrfHG3yIUAAn2__.jpeg.jpg)

Anca w/out shoop is 10x more gorgeous than Felice imo.

(Sorry ik this thread is dead)

No. 818467

She was butt ugly and that pic is still shooped

No. 819123

being racist is the natural state.
stupid shitskin semite faggots(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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