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File: 1440750863178.png (520.7 KB, 597x579, snoozy.png)

No. 170942

No. 170951

File: 1440752590124.png (171.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-28-16-44-16…)

>mfw her channel is entirely let's plays
So she initially had plans for KKG to have video game DIY/cosplay/make-up/OOTD videos but then got lazy and just decided to just solely churn out LPs of her sitting on her ass being boring, unfunny and bad at games.
What a surprise.

No. 170958

Wow that philtrum is completely smooth and her upper lip is almost nonexistent. Lol she has FAS for sure this "I'm Icelandic and azn so I have a unique face" is bullshit. Also fat

No. 170960


No. 170974

File: 1440759302285.png (1.45 MB, 1302x708, Hween.png)



Halloween 2013 - Went as Sailor Moon
Halloween 2015 - Going as The Moon.

No. 170977

File: 1440759827223.png (293 KB, 384x473, 34.png)

from one of her old OOTD videos ~2 years ago

tho i wonder if she did any line photoshopping on that sailor moon picture, lmao

No. 170981

File: 1440760326431.png (526.65 KB, 648x680, Screenshot 2015-08-28 06.10.56…)

No. 170990

Ugh, she looks so waxy, it's unsettling.

No. 170992

I still think she's super pretty but damn she's a bitch. Fucking hate her personality. At least she got fat, karma huh Suz?

No. 170993

Also, that hair cut she has rn makes it look like she's trying to hide hairloss

No. 170994

File: 1440763101942.jpg (13.05 KB, 430x79, gitgud.JPG)

No. 170995

File: 1440763154714.jpg (16.21 KB, 599x75, gutgid.JPG)

No. 170997

File: 1440763248528.jpg (139.69 KB, 1302x1108, 1440010608504.jpg)

omg anon hahahah you killed me.
Look at her though, fuck.
Every part of her has gotten huge except for her tits. So now she's one of those unfortunate fat girls that has pretty much no cleavage whatsoever and their chest looks like a broad, flat, featureless canvas.

No. 170999

File: 1440763287548.jpg (13.73 KB, 375x74, impos.JPG)

Gonna stop now but man some of those comments are funny

No. 171022

does anyone know why she looks so waxy? too much makeup?

No. 171029

i feel it's because of too much shine in her face, if she'd use something to make it matte it I feel it would look better? Like it just looks like she's either made from wax or she's sweating crazy, which she might be doing tbh.

Also feel like her outfit looks way 'i don't care' and with that make up it looks so off? Like she should be wearing something flattering since she actually bothered putting on that much make up and not just jeans and a T-shirt, yaknow?

Also that fucking video was just cringe from start to finish.

No. 171032


With the amount of makeup she wears, you'd think she'd bother with a tiny bit of cheap matte powder or something

No. 171036

File: 1440772714002.png (1.24 MB, 1153x797, glossgrumps.png)

at first, i wanted to say they were probably sweating because of the lights, but looking at the video, only arin and suzy are super…? glossy? oily? dan, barry, and ross all look fine for the most part.

No. 171037

I think it's a combination of that and also that she wears heavy, full-coverage foundation while seemingly not contouring + highlighting (not well if she actually does), so her face becomes one solid colour without dimension or features that make your face look natural and real (freckles, marks, lines, the natural skin colour variation throughout the face, etc.). The waxy shine is the cherry on top.

No. 171038

File: 1440773290160.png (249.2 KB, 640x275, mask.png)

I think she contours a little bit in her daily make up videos, but it was only, like, cheeks? I don't think she did much else.

Pic mildly related. Suzy's face in >>171036 reminded me of the mask dude in Majora's Mask.

No. 171040

Is the photo in OP real…? Or did some of you photoshop it for fun?

No. 171042

File: 1440774257668.gif (452.27 KB, 508x270, hms.gif)

Oh god no, the Happy Mask Salesman is one of my favourite video game characters. He's tainted now.
Imagine hearing his eerie laugh over Suzy's plastic grinning face. Terrifying.

No. 171044

i know a lot of people know jack shit about makeup, but it's still weird to me that so many people idolize her. huh? youtube comments really are the lowest of the low

No. 171047

I get how Danny, Ross and Barry look. It's obvious they're under lights and sweating a bit. But Suzy and Arin look like they got hit with Pledge before filming, so either they have skin that fucking bad anyway or they're so fat lights for filming made them sweat that much. Or both.

Tbh, everybody needs to have been hit with a matte powder to negate the shine. Isn't Suzy into make up? I remember hearing that somewhere…

No. 171051

File: 1440775140464.png (285.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-28-23-09-31…)

Nope, that's 100% real, all natural Suzy (apart from the fifty tonnes of make-up).
It's a screenshot from this video: https://youtu.be/CBI9kvbaQVQ
I got the same one when I paused at the right time. (Ignore the 'paste' button; I can't get it to go away).

No. 171055

what i think is hypocritical is that i bet plenty of suzy's fans hate "normal" women for being fake or stupid or whatever, yet suzy is more braindead and shallow than your stereotypical sorority girl. wtf?

No. 171062

Her chins look like small hairless testicles

No. 171072

Could someone do a then/now pic of her with her in the video as the now? I'm on mobile but I really want to see it side by side

No. 171075

File: 1440779245453.png (696.03 KB, 611x695, uzz.png)

nevermind I did it
this is so sad

No. 171077

The picture on the right looks like a fucking default Sim.

No. 171080

wtf when was the first picture from?

No. 171082

2009-2010 I believe

No. 171094

File: 1440780936801.png (1.04 MB, 1403x758, Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.5…)

they look so lardy… and they're not even in their 30s yet? what happened?

No. 171097


No. 171103

She should just get pregnant at this point tbh

No. 171106

File: 1440782556363.jpg (245.33 KB, 1431x1492, IMG_20150828_132107.jpg)

Did she really spell finale wrong? Also it took the two of them hours to finish anime tiddy bejewled.

No. 171108

I think it's cause she's growing out her side shave now, so it's parted in a way to hide it and just looks a little weird on the one side

No. 171116

Why, so she can balloon and gain more weight? Too may pregnnat women think growing a baby = free for all with food, which can cause the baby to be to big, among other things.

No. 171126

back when I was brainwashed enough to enjoy her, I subscribed solely hoping for DIY stuff
what a fucking bitch

No. 171204

Wow, they're seriously doing a tile-matching game let's play? That's one of the worst most boring games you could choose for your audience.
I'm not surprised Suzy would choose it for her LP since even a 5 year old can do it but I'm kind of sad to see Arin was dragged into it but I'm guessing it's because it would've been dead boring if it was just her and she wants his fans watching too.

What I'm surprised is that she choose an adult type of game, is she trying to appeal to her male audience like she's some sort of "I like gaming AND hentai" girl?

And even with Arin there it still feels like she's sucking the life out it. She really does fail as a LPer.

No. 171206

File: 1440799284295.png (124.32 KB, 520x466, 1440643991476.png)

"The Finally" holy shit

No. 171214

So jealous of her former body. I don't care if anyone thinks it's proana. She used to be a butter face and now she's just all butter.

No. 171217

Ugh. So this is an actual nintendo amiibo advert?
I don't even mind that the game grumps are in it, but why is Suzy in it like she's an actual grump? She's not. If Suzy gets to be in it because she's in a few GG videos, then Holly should be in it too.
Why does Suzy have to put herself in every GG thing ever? Why can't she just let Arin have his own thing. She's got her own things. FFS she's like your one spoiled retarded younger cousin that you have to include in every activity, even the ones clearly not suitable for them, or else they'll pitch a fit.

No. 171218

How about no. Let's not inflict Suzy and Arin's batshit on an innocent babby, ok?

No. 171219

They shouldn't be allowed to breed lmao. Their kid will have zero chin and look like a thumb.

No. 171222

File: 1440801872447.jpg (56.27 KB, 500x333, balloon-animal.jpg)

She already had very thick limbs with a small torso. Very strange proportions.

No. 171226

dude that pic is nightmare fuel omfg

No. 171231

File: 1440802990670.jpg (77.87 KB, 726x534, 1426016518255.jpg)

No. 171239

Apparently she didn't know it was a porn game at first. It felt like she knew though and acted like she didn't. It's also really funny because the episodes where she plays alone don't get as much views as when she plays with Arin heh

No. 171248

File: 1440808434851.png (811.22 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (324).png)


No. 171252

Some fans recomend it to her and since arin has it in on his account she simply started playing and didn't even bothered to read the reviews.

No. 171253

>So Arin, how's marriage??

No. 171255

File: 1440808763320.png (144.41 KB, 405x411, 1440808434851-1.png)

No. 171256

File: 1440809151803.jpg (121 KB, 1123x703, 2ac.jpg)

She went full blown feminist stereotype huh?
Now all she needs are the cat's eye glasses and dye her hair blue to complement the side cut…

No. 171259

File: 1440809560997.png (913.63 KB, 1106x681, wlcm.png)


Welcome to Gain Grumps!

No. 171260

File: 1440809888082.png (768.96 KB, 1366x768, JFMSU.png)

When is she gonna divorce Arin and make him pay alimony?

No. 171261

He's aaalways giving her the side eye. I'd be concerned if my husband was always looking at me like I was an impudent child.

No. 171262

File: 1440810210971.jpg (176.51 KB, 505x586, sz30.jpg)


Welcome to Gain Grumps!

No. 171264

While I don't think it's bad when people put on weight, I just don't think she looks good? She looks so short and stout. The other picture makes her look taller. That weight gain is really unhealthy, she really needs to get treated for her thyroid condition. I'm not a fan of Suzy but I don't want this to turn into Cancer Grumps

No. 171265

File: 1440811121508.jpg (44.47 KB, 500x519, 1439356028873.jpg)


I agree with you anon, although it is still fun to poke fun to at.

I guess its just satisfying to see such a bitchy terrible lolcow spiral into despair.

No. 171266

File: 1440811585437.png (55.62 KB, 751x571, suzyyy.png)

kek suzy commented on the shovel knight video -trying- to be funny.

No. 171272


Homestar is so concise with that last comment.

No. 171280

You go Homestar!!

No. 171281

Wait which video was this?

No. 171282


The newest one from Nintendo for the Shovel Knight Amiibo

No. 171283




No. 171284

Yeahhh you're right. If she were sweet, had a cute face, and actually worked to treat her condition I would be more supportive. But nope. She literally got her just desserts

No. 171285

File: 1440814807908.png (14.63 KB, 469x111, daaaang.png)

No. 171286


the d-club as well…

No. 171288

the red lipstick Vampira look sure beats the hell out of her nude lipstick corpse look

No. 171291

well Dan doesn't sweat. he has hypohydrosis.

No. 171322

I'm really curious about Suzy's childhood. There's a reason she has FAS, guys. Do you think her mother was an alcoholic?
Like, what if her home life wasn't the best? What if one reason she jumped at the chance to go live with Arin was to get out of her home life? I mean, she was with Arin when he was first becoming popular on Newgrounds, right? She couldn't have known he'd be this well-known to shitty gamers and ran off to leech, right?

Off topic, but my god, that man is the sexiest thing alive. Sweet jesus.

No. 171328

The only thing I've really seen about her childhood is from my Draw My Life video

No. 171330

@ OP pic. That is one punchable face.

No. 171337

I was actually thinking about this earlier. Who knows if her mom actually drank and didn't realize she was pregnant then stopped or was an actual alcoholic

No. 171338

I've been looking through previous threads and the wayback machine. Does anyone have that screenshot of I think a DA journal entry about how much he loves katie or suzy(cant remember which)?

No. 171354

File: 1440828990778.jpg (361.18 KB, 718x1226, Screenshot_2015-08-29-14-12-47…)

Do you mean this LJ entry, anon?
It's pretty long, I took a screenshot of the part where he talks about them the most.

No. 171357

You know I sometimes wonder if him and Katie would have gotten together. Like instead of suzy we could have katie.

No. 171359

Hilary is his brother's gf right? The one Arin hated with a passion?

I wonder if she's still with his brother.

No. 171362

>that man is the sexiest thing alive

>lanky Jew

>greasy stoner hair
>sexiest thing alive

girl please. aim higher.

No. 171376

File: 1440833195008.png (902.86 KB, 662x988, awdawaw.png)

I'm sad that Suzy has potential but she just lets herself go. Their relationship seems so tired. Maybe they just don't know what to do anymore and they realized they rushed so quick into getting married.

No. 171377

I wanna fuck Arin and show him what real pussy is like, and if he's into it, he can have my ass too.
I bet Suzy doesn't even suck dick. How else do you describe the looks of hate she gets from Arin?

No. 171378

please love yourself

No. 171379

You are right I'm better than that

No. 171380

File: 1440834259028.gif (1.95 MB, 300x227, y6qDbWz.gif)

No. 171407

Sorry if everyone noticed for a longer time than I had, but has anyone noticed that Danny has become more sarcastic with his comments? Or am I looking too far into things? I don't pick up on too much humor, so probably I am.
I've been listening out to see if he made more sarcastic comments ever since they've played Wind Waist, but nowadays it's getting more noticable (imo).
Sarcasm about Arin's terrible gameplay, not making any progress, and almost open comments about Arin's and Suzy's relationshit.

(i wonder if he's the sort of dude to tell him to come to a bar and experience other girls? And on another note, I hope they don't fall out, as I watch Game Grumps for Danny, Barry, and Ross–and Holly on a bored day.)

No. 171410

Suzy looks like she's about to hit that overweight rockabilly girl phase.

No. 171420

File: 1440844308124.gif (10.5 KB, 730x413, 1350921422249.gif)

It would be pretty sweet to show a man sexual pleasure after he's been fucking a pig in lipstick for so long. The look on his face when he sees what a beautiful woman look like after being in the dark all this time…

No. 171427

File: 1440845960128.jpg (203.99 KB, 1076x690, datass.jpg)

She used to look so hot wtf happend?

No. 171429

that would still involve putting effort into her hair and clothes.

sweatsuit monster suzy all the way

No. 171462

Ugh, fucking scum of the earth.
I seriously hate that bullshit attempt of comedy of them. Is like the "lol so random xD" bullshit but worse.

No. 171469

I'll guess none of the clothing she used to model fits her anymore, that's why she dresses like a dirty hobo borrowing Arin's sweatshirts.

No. 171475

I'm jealous of that butt tho

No. 171480

What even is this body type

But yeah I agree, she was pretty cute. I kinda feel bad for her about the thyroid thing, did she flat out say she wasn't seeking treatment? They might still be adjusting her medication, which can take forever to get right.

No. 171514

She looks tall… Height?

No. 171529

The thyroid problem doesn't make you baloon up at all. She is just stuffing herself sadlyn . Even someone who has an extreme thyroid contition would gain 10-15 pounds in most extreme cases .I think for suzy, she lies to herself/others and stuffs her face for whatever reason (stress?likes food?) and its a great excuse so people wont shit on her as much (omg im so sick!! pity me!)

No. 171530

5'7 according to model mAyham

No. 171548

She used to dress cute. I've never found her attractive but I've wanted a bunch of her dresses. It's a shame she dresses so lazily since we all know she can dress herself well sometimes. Also makes me wonder what she did were all of her old clothes.

I mean for fucks sake Suzy, why would you make a video for Amiibos looking like Oscar the Grouch?

No. 171564

File: 1440871502354.jpg (107.16 KB, 530x464, SUZAY.jpg)

from /cow/ with love

No. 171566

she always looked pear shaped to me, but she's got very prominent violin hips

No. 171579

I actually took that screenshot and posted it here in the previous thread, but thanks for reminding us of her keksy uggoness.
I usually really like the look of pronounced canines but her teeth and smile annoys me so much for some reason.

No. 171614

This, all of this.
My cousin has thyroid issues, yet she mantains healthy just following her medication/diet/exersise echedule, and all that isn't as horrible as it sounds, like, even if you have a busy life you can still manage to run around for 20 minutes or adjust your time to eat a proper dinner and not stuffing yourself on fast food and sugary drinks.
Suzy is just being fucking lazy.
Before someone called her out, she used to post pics of sweets and fatty food she bought almost daily and then tried to convince people of "I-I'm living on just crumbs and water u guys, yet I don't seem to be loosing weigh, is my thyroid!", she's a fucking liar.

No. 171615

File: 1440877143066.jpg (14.48 KB, 186x197, 1409847424939.jpg)

No. 171617

It's funny to think Arin has to wake up to that (without the circle lenses, and eyeliner).

No. 171643

pear shaped bodies have tiny waists and big butts. thats it.

No. 171647

Her body looked flawless on the first pic.
what the fuck happened?

No. 171648

we already came in conclusion their fans are fucking retarded

No. 171650

I suppose because of her violin hips she;s more of a spoon shape. Which is just a subcategory of pear shape anyway. You need bigger hips too for a pear since you can have a big butt and less pronounced hips.

you also dont need to be tiny anywhere to be a pear see: pearchan/beccabae

No. 171652

File: 1440882256542.jpg (152.77 KB, 584x584, img_9186.jpg)

yeah. her body is more like a spoon.
pear shapes are qt tho

No. 171653

I wonder how suzy looks like without any lenses.

No. 171658

File: 1440882910596.jpg (239.37 KB, 1200x1722, 13024_fetal_alcohol_syndrome.j…)

No. 171660

I feel sad for this child.
because of his stupid parents, he's going to be bullied in school

No. 171666

everyone keeps saying how uneducated Suzy must be, but isn't one of the symptoms of FAS a lower IQ?

No. 171667


That is not FAS, that is Waardenburg Syndrome, it's genetic and causes deafness, but those affected are of normal intelligence in spite of their looks. It has nothing to do with having alcoholic parents.

No. 171668

poor them though.
i want to hug them

No. 171671

File: 1440884149421.jpg (182.02 KB, 800x600, batcrate.jpg)


I couldn't resist.

No. 171680

File: 1440885319812.png (390.73 KB, 500x665, tumblr_ng0x2bJqDX1rrhs85o1_500…)

Some of us like 'em tall and skinny, anon.

And the hair has never looked too bad to me. It could use a bit of extra washing, since he has said he sometimes gets a whiff of dirty hair when he turns his head too quickly, but washing too often would turn make his hair look like this all the time.

No. 171683

why can I see an eye through his hair like he's an anime character?

No. 171689

it's just the dirty mirror, but I see it too anon fuck

No. 171710

how can someone get so disgusting and fucking retarded in like 2 years?

No. 171719

She looks so much better with minimal makeup like this.

No. 171720

She looked cute here

No. 171726

It sucks to have something like that but I really admire this guy for embracing himself and being happy. I think the hair and eye colour is super fucking cool too

No. 171727

Not to derail any further but Stefan is trans and identifies as a woman. She really is beautiful and one of my new yt obsessions tho.

Back to Suzy now pls.

No. 171732

No. 171735

oo sorry about that, all I saw was this video of her's.

I also question this because what if the relationship between him and this Katie girl is just one of those first relationship in highschool kind of thing. I mean I was the same way with my ex but it was a horrible relationship. We were very lovey dovey online but he was horrible in person.

No. 171751

Funny how in Sonic 06, Arin says he was 13 when it happened, but screenshots prove he was 17 at the time.
Arin starts talking about Katie around six minutes in.

No. 171757


No. 171863

wow her eyes are tiny

No. 171864

Wow. I used to be jealous of her skin back when I had super bad acne. Now I have the at least okay skin now.

No. 171920

I feel almost sad watching these old videos because I really enjoy them. She obviously took her time with filming, had good lighting and was doing her own thing. It's like she's become a totally different person now, it's really a shame. I don't know if someone can really recover from what they have turned into and go back to who they used to be? But I am sure there are a lot more hidden issues with her despite just that.

No. 171932

yea in one of the recent videos he talked about Arins unhappy marriage and he got all defensive about it and went on a rant about how "happy" he is lol

No. 171936

Me too,I used to look up to her bc she had this creepy-cute style going on.I adore that.Nowadays she just wears normal ass clothing that looks ugly af

No. 171938

What? Where? When? I want to see that

No. 171939

Its so funny to me to see Dan next to Arin.I dont know why

No. 171949

Anyone else thinks she smells like eggs or cigarettes or something? That's the vibe I get when I look at her

No. 171950

Cigarettes covered up with cheap perfume maybe, yeah.

No. 171951

She probably smelled like sweat/farts and perfume in high school

No. 171956

Does she smoke?

No. 171958

File: 1440950445061.jpg (336.71 KB, 1439x2056, IMG_20150830_115937.jpg)

Found this on her twitter. I'm still cringing.

No. 171960

She looks like bad Bjork fanart.

No. 171963

>tfw when your body is exactly like hers on the left and pic on right is your worst nightmare

No. 171966

they look like sims

No. 171971

Aren't posts like this against the rules now

No. 171978

File: 1440954253640.jpg (378.25 KB, 970x619, 1438216405328.jpg)

Try tacky and cheap 3edgy5me goffick perfume.

No. 171979

I hope so.

No. 172002

Her weight gain doesnt bug me its just always her face and voice.

No. 172055

Interesting how Suzy says "it didn't count" and he agreed with her, but it did seem pretty genuine the way they talked to each other. I'd count it. She probably just wants to keep with the illusions they were each others only and always though.

No. 172102


Agreed. I can't even stand her nicer twin sister because they have such unfortunate faces.

No. 172111

After finding out about the other girl and the very obvious relationship she had with Arin, I have a very sinking feeling that Suzy tries very hard to isolate Arin from as many people as possible and negate relationships (platonic or romantic) he has with them.

I mean, one of the theories behind Jon leaving is Suzy monopolized so much of Arin's time ("You aren't marrying Jon you're marrying ME!") and they stopped being friends. Hell, I get the feeling her and Ross don't get along. Which makes sense, he was pretty pissy when Suzy did her "BUT I WAS BULLIED TOO!!" when Holly talked about being bullied after Suzy yammered about how all da bois loved her. And after that and him being a lifeless lump during episodes he does with her (and that visible cringe during the Guild Grumps outtakes at one of her jokes) Arin and Ross haven't seemed to have done as many episodes together or spend as much time together outside of Grumps.

Idk, that may just be me being weird and reading into stuff too much but between all of that and the fact that her videos with Arin look like a really bizarre hostage situation, their relationship makes me uncomfortable.

No. 172132

could you please link me to her and holly talking about bullying video please? i've heard it before but i don't know which video it is

No. 172140

Not that anon but I believe its this video.

No. 172159

I always get the vibe Ross isn't really a fan of her either

No. 172164

All the grumps seem pretty uncomfortable with her, to me at least. They behave kind of like she's a little kid who shows you something they made and you have to act like it's great to make them happy, so lots of "uh-huh, yeah….haha, wow.." Especially in their unscripted live action stuff.

No. 172170

Probably nervous, too scared to upset her and have Arin have a talking to them

No. 172176

Does anybody else think she's started altering her make-up to look more like Grav3yardgirl's?

No. 172182


The only thing though suzy has zero personality, and will never be as good as Grav3yardgirl

No. 172185

Both are shit

No. 172228

She has been so far up Grav3yardgirl's ass Bunny can taste her.

No. 172233

Yeah except Bunny is actually entertaining and Suzy is more boring than paint drying

No. 172248


I just thought she was using heavier makeup more recently because she was insecure with her weight gain. But it does look very similar to bunnys especially the red lip

No. 172253

i dunno if this has been posted here, but dan looks so good here. i actually didn't think this sponsorship ad was too terrible–got a chuckle out of me, at least

No. 172262

its in one of the sonic adventures xd episodes. it was one of the knuckles episodes I think.

No. 172316

I think Barry is the most comfortable with her, they always seem to get along.

Everyone else seems super uncomfortable around her. Even her own husband

No. 172320

I showed this to my boyfriend and he couldn't believe it was real kek
She would probably look way better if she cleaned up her diet, both in skin and body

No. 172330

File: 1441029605372.png (120.4 KB, 550x137, k35hcf2.png)

I don't drink so I could be wrong, but is that a line of alcohol next to a couple pictures of them? Kek

No. 172331

File: 1441029738233.jpg (72.46 KB, 480x360, image.jpg)

I think she's always kinda been a discount Bunny. Like they're both into ~alt modeling~ (except Bunny has made money/been sponsored for doing it), the two-tone hair shit before Bunny got hers fixed, the collecting bird skulls etc., their style in general. Bunny isn't amazing at makeup but she pulls off the alt fashion pretty well, better than Sooz at least.

No. 172342

Barry seems the most patient out of all of them, it probably comes naturally with being an editor. He's a sweetheart in general, too, so he might feel bad for her and want to include her a little.

No. 172351

when suzy was around 16 they went on a break
not sure on their age difference (sorry), but could it have been a relationship during that?

No. 172352

File: 1441032665017.jpg (38.47 KB, 520x203, 6522509_f520.jpg)

Looks like bottles of Starbucks syrup

No. 172375

File: 1441035641261.png (215.27 KB, 357x482, Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.3…)

your makeup looks exactly the same

No. 172376

File: 1441035668420.jpg (101.11 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nttsvm7p3I1qils0po1_128…)

you're braindead suzy. you don't discuss any ideas

No. 172377

Arin seemed to have talked to and possibly dated this other girl before he even met Suzy. So it would mean that (gasp) Suzy isn't Arin's (alsoknownasegoraptor) first relationship so she's not SPECIAL!!! 1!

No. 172382

Ah I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 172389

And this is why they are fat. I bet they put that shit on everything.

I think Katie was before Suzy. Remember when they were "on a break" Arin wrote love letters to Suzy every day for that whole year like a beta motherfucker. Why would he do that if he was seeing another girl?

Does she talk about anything except how Arin is her husband? ffs. But here we are being small minded and discussing people, so uh… I dunno.

No. 172397



I honestly wonder sometimes if this thread was just started by bitter gg fangirls. Like yeah Suzy is getting chub and has zero makeup skills, but these threads after her etsy scam have kind of gotten nitpicky, I really don't think she's very lolcow worthy.

Also watching everyone tear down Suzy and praising the other members of GG is cringey, none of them are funny, period. Lp youtube personalities are largely crap anyway, I find it hard to believe people over 12 find any of this cancer funny.

No. 172409

You could probably argue most of what's on this site is nitpicky. She might not be as big of a lolcow as our glorious Queen (may she make a swift and dramatic return to us) but she's still got we can discuss about her and the crew.

No. 172411

English took a nosedive at the end there…
But she and the crew still got some things we can talk about

No. 172417

thats so bullshit. tons of the smartest people i know love to gossip and are even really catty.

No. 172418


so? like >>172409 said, most of the site is nitpicky. i think she's up for discussion because she's a pretty big name on youtube and she's associated with the game grumps. i don't personally hate her but i think there are mock-worthy aspects of her.

i don't think i ever would watch game grumps and i don't get what's so funny. i do find jontron funny, but i only started watching him last week.

No. 172428

Kota doesn't really do anything super lolcow worthy anymore either. Her thread is 75% "she looks terrible" and the rest is how shit she used to be before becoming a kawaii z-list celebrity in Japan. Suzy's thread is basically the same - her looks get picked on and she gets dragged for dumb shit she did in the past.

GG does suck as a whole, though.

No. 172458

>Also watching everyone tear down Suzy and praising the other members of GG is cringey
There's not as much praise going on here for the other GG members as you seem to think; pretty much everyone here thinks Arin is a fat, childish, beta faggot, some people praise Ross, Barry and Dan but that's simply because they're better people than Arin/Suzy, but then there are also people who have said Dan is getting shitty (e.g. during the situation with the walkthrough guy).
Suzy does get shit-talked the most but it's because she deserves it by being a terrible money-grubbing person who scams people.
The general consensus is that Suzy + Arin are shit, Dan is okay most of the time, Ross is cool and Barry is a nice guy.
This might seem like black-and-white favouritism to you but it's not and you just have to realize there's a reason why everyone here generally feels the same way about Suzy/Arin and the rest of GG.

No. 172460


>wants to look like GraveyardGirl

>ends up looking like ForeverKailyn instead.

It would be tragic really if she wasn't such an awful person.

No. 172471

File: 1441045880584.jpg (73.45 KB, 1417x351, IMG_20150831_143028.jpg)

lmao she edited the title of the video but not the thumbnail

No. 172624


where the fuck did i say it was funny, lmao. i said it wasn't TOO terrible, there was one part that made me kinda laugh, that was it. jesus christ.

dan, ross, and barry are the least shitty people in the GG "company", so of course they're going to get some level of praise, but so far everyone seems to agree that the show isn't funny, arin and suzy suck, and i've seen plenty trash-talking of ALL the members in the suzy/GG general threads.

yes, i used to be a fan of game grumps years ago, but apart from the videos i see here, and the videos that randomly pop up on youtube, i don't watch them anymore.

No. 172675

E-Fame happened. When they first got started they weren't wrapped up in the company they are in now. She can't keep up managing her husband and doing her own thing. So her work suffers, her body suffers, and soon so will her marriage.
To be honest I think she is the way she is now because of the fans and the money. People are finding out she isn't great, she is just average and that's not good enough. I wouldn't be shocked that after there contract with Polaris is up she walks away.

No. 172700


Suzy is literally retarded lmao
I wonder how much FAS actually affects her intelligence

No. 172702

I'm a psychologist, and I wouldn't be surprised if Suzy's IQ was in the low 80 range.

No. 172705


Nah dog. I hate both Suzy and the existence of GG. I dislike Arin and Suzy the most of course, but I'm also not a fan of Ross. But tbh thats more about his general personality than it is about him doing super shitty things. I personally find him obnoxious and whiny but lots of other anons disagree so I dont really bring it up since its a matter of opinion.

I neither enjoy or dislike Barry and Dan. Tbh they seem like alright people and I hope that one day they will be able to escape the cesspit of GGs one day and work on their own projects.

I used to watch the show in the beginning when it was just Jon and Arin but I'd mostly put it on as background noise as I got work done. But even back then I found it annoying how much they actually sucked at playing video games. Now a days I dont go out of my way to watch GG unless videos are posted in the thread.

No. 172711

She's so greasy. jfc

No. 172712


No. 172713

Is Nintendo legit sponsoring them now?? Do they know about Game grumps making pedo and rape jokes?

No. 172715

Yes, since alcohol affects brain growth.

No. 172717

They look like they're both 14-16
>literally the main age range of the game grumps fanbase

No. 172721

I would be bored to shit if I did my makeup exactly the same as when I was 17/18 years old. Suzy, fucking do something new.

No. 172723

I wonder if either one is on Ashley Madison.

No. 172735

maybe but her identical twin sister doesn't seem to be so dumb. who knew there could be a ton of variation between twins?

No. 172736

File: 1441081195405.png (56.11 KB, 906x278, Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.1…)

wow, just wow

No. 172737

Is it bad that I actually checked both their emails? Nothing came up, but they were business emails.
Only person dumb enough to use their business email was Pewdiepie. Still haven't seen anyone freak out about that yet.

No. 172738

File: 1441081351731.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, 1p28aro.gif)

No. 172741

Arin going ham on Danny about suzy in SADX

No. 172743

Almost everything who knew Suzy found her via Arin. They probably subbed to her from her makeup channel, but no one knows Suzy from "omg, she's that game grump, right?" unless they are new to life.

No. 172744

Was Pewdiepie on that site? I will laugh forever.

No. 172745

Wait what Pewd is on Ashley Mad?

No. 172748

File: 1441083078635.png (51.03 KB, 1068x299, tumblr_inline_ntkf7bExIu1tn3du…)

Off topic: But yes. If anyone thinks we should make a thread for him, go for it. He's said some fucked up things about 12 year-old tits, and the obvious rape jokes, etc.


No. 172762

>However, someone else could have signed up using your email address.
Sounds more like someone trying to frame him or someone who thought it'd be funny.
It is his business email, don't forget. The only (or one of the only) email addresses he has that is made publicly known.
Felix is annoying as fuck but I don't think he's that dumb.
Plus, why the fuck would he cheat on Marzia? She's gorgeous.
But yeah, Suzy thread.

No. 172791

File: 1441097301592.jpg (22.75 KB, 480x360, image.jpg)

Suzy would look good if you shrunk her head a bit

No. 172792

FUCK, this is scary.
Actual fucking alien baby.

No. 172871

She doesn't look real? Her skin looks like latex and her contacts make her eyes look glassy and doll-like. Is Suzy just an elaborate puppet Arin built to make his wife

No. 172940

File: 1441130283257.jpg (120.81 KB, 1252x341, image.jpg)

why is suzy next to arin/in the middle shouldn't it be danny and arin next to each other, then the others on the outside of them? i know the banner has been like this for a long time now but it frustrates me

No. 172970

Honestly only her philtrum bothers me I can live with the rest lol

No. 172985

File: 1441137639450.jpg (133.33 KB, 681x685, 4358422fsae.jpg)

Suzy looking like Onision here.

No. 172993

I like this hairstyle on her if only because she looks a bit like bjork

No. 172996

Holy shit, she does hahahaha.
Wow. That's awful. I'm guessing that's a wig?
Her face is so fucking weird, I can't get over it.

No. 173061

She should do her makeup like her sister she would look at least more decent

No. 173066

that's it, she needs to chop that greasy mop and style herself a bob like this one…
That Morticia's straight hairdo makes her look even fatter on the face somehow, she needs to cut that shit up.

No. 173067

File: 1441151556943.jpg (294.43 KB, 960x540, Faith.jpg)

She kind of reminds me of Faith from Mirror's Edge with that wig and the eye makeup.

No. 173140

Faith is actually pretty. Suzy looks like an ugly Faith

No. 173170


Probably because thin/straight hair sticks to her head and really shows how fat her head really is. If she had voluminous and thick hair like she does in the picture it would balance out her moon face.

No. 173179

She looks like a villain in OP pic

No. 173216

File: 1441169973551.jpg (35.34 KB, 415x316, 2288446-Mirror_96166_screen.jp…)

At least Faith has a job, is an activist who actually fights for freedom, has a complex but authentic personality, and is athletic af too…
And people actually love her.
She's more like an anti-Suzy.

No. 173221

suzy is in the stream and she's fucking smacking on a potato apparently and she's so loud. she's legitimately pissing me off and i had to close the stream holy shit

No. 173227

I love Faith!! I wish I had her hair and athletic body. Suzy is a dog in comparison.

No. 173228

I wish blind people would seriously stop comparing suzy to Bjork.

No. 173249

omg anon

No. 173263

>smacking on a potato
W… What?

No. 173265

I had the same thought…
I think anon meant she was eating baked/roasted potatoes? It's still a strange thing to do on a stream though…

No. 173283

File: 1441194447337.jpg (55.94 KB, 713x416, reaaaaaa.jpg)

New ipsy review. It looks like she slightly improved her camera angle? Its hard to see her double chin unless shes looking down/pressing her face in

No. 173284

I am trying to understand how her lighting and setup went to such shit compared to what it was before. As soon as she got that silver plaque for her channel it just went down the shitter. She didn't get one for KKG did she?

No. 173288


Kek she did get a silver plaque for KKG.

No. 173363

File: 1441203340860.jpg (136.53 KB, 487x371, bjork.jpg)

But they do look pretty similar…

No. 173389

noooo but björk is adorable and ugh. please don't

No. 173396

Bjork has a philtrum though.

No. 173428

Just because suzy is shit and Bjork is amazing doesn't mean they don't look alike? lol sorry but grow up

No. 173430

Interestingly, there have been FAS rumors about Bjork for years.

No. 173441

That's retarded. She has weird features because she's part inuit.

No. 173474


Bjork is obviously prettier but its the eyes, the thin top lip and the dark colouring. It just so happens that 'Inuit' features and Suzie's FASy features look similar, it's only an observation alright?

No. 173612

In the other hand, when you stare at Suzy, you can almost taste the alcohol in her features.

No. 173627

Lmao! I'm done with you, anon.

No. 173629

lmao I bet she's listening to Creed

No. 173631

Rofl im sure its some basic ass alice in chains or nirvana

No. 173661

File: 1441230024750.png (155.29 KB, 508x519, kill me arin.png)

I can't finish this because looking at Suzy for too long feels like staring into the void
I need to drink

No. 173670

File: 1441230549426.png (218.9 KB, 344x482, kill me.png)

Here is another. I'm convinced she's an alien

No. 173678

File: 1441230882530.png (277.95 KB, 440x348, thumbs up.png)


These are beautiful anon, I laughed much harder than I probably should have

No. 173694


Somebody please post there to her Tumblr tag and pretend it's legit fanart.

No. 173695

I don't think Bjork is Inuit at all. If you compare her features with Inuit people, they really don't look that similar. Plus, she's only ever said that she's Icelandic with a bit of Irish. Her features definitely look like the product of FAS to me.

It doesn't really matter though cuz she's the shit.

No. 173697

Woops, meant to reply to >>173441

No. 173698

File: 1441233301496.gif (1.42 MB, 494x494, suzyintensifies.gif)

No. 173701

File: 1441233424006.jpg (77.22 KB, 1440x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


Yeah a lot of people have suspected that Bjork has FAS for a long time now and I'm definitely one of them.

She has like, every external symptom.

No. 173705



No. 173711

I always assumed Bjork had Inuit ancestory.

No. 173713

So did anyone else see that Suzy retweeted this obviously traced fanart?


She'll support art theft/tracing, but has no shame when she files a false DMCA.

No. 173732

New banner, please.

No. 173736

File: 1441238056860.gif (1.59 MB, 300x291, the-shittening.gif)

i scared myself making this.

No. 173737


No. 173745

FAS or not, she looks cute as fuck here

No. 173747

Yeah I think she's pretty cute in general. She has a unique face that suits her well.
Unlike Suzy who just looks weird, but I think that's mostly her terrible makeup.

No. 173748

That's possible. Bjork is 100 percent Icelandic, so……..

No. 173772

Holy shit I'm officially spooked by this woman's ugly mug, damn.

No. 173818

Pls. I'm the artist but I wouldn't mind if someone else posted them.

No. 173835

File: 1441256543468.png (249.22 KB, 358x358, topkek.png)

toppest kek

No. 173836

Oh my fucking sides. You are amazing, anon.

No. 173889

Sweet jesus, tweet these to her for the love of god. Don't let this gold be wasted.

No. 173914

New Disney Villain

No. 174010

She looks so similar to Arin here, with the upturned nose and the thin lips and the blobby chin/neck area. These two are going to have the most beautiful babies.

holy fucking shit anons

No. 174012



Like serious

my sides are in fucking space and they stopped thinking

No. 174013


yfw it was actually arin cross dressing as suzy

No. 174033

I actually like this look on her. Much more flattering than >>170942

No. 174038


No. 174040

oh god please don't hurt me have mercy

No. 174121

My fucking sides

She looks like a glitchy Sims character

No. 174223

File: 1441304615190.jpg (23.38 KB, 350x237, suuuzy.jpg)


No. 174226

MY SIDES hahahaha

No. 174232


No. 174245

): i think this tiger's dead now or something

No. 174249

Downs is a human disease, this tiger is just inbred for the desired fur colour
Fake Facebook viral ~factZ~ will be the end of me

No. 174263

This tiger died i believe. Shitty ass human beings kept inbreeding it to get a white tiger, but white tigers are a genetic issue, like when someone comes out albino.

People are assholes and the tiger came out with a mentally disorder similar to downs, but had issues breathing, walking, etc and didn't live very long or well.

No. 174286

Oh my god really. My ninth grade bio teacher was doing a lesson on genetic disease and showed us that tiger and said it has down syndrome. did my teacher graduate from the university of facebook

No. 174293

No. That tiger is not cute.

No. 174295

File: 1441313518444.jpg (194.24 KB, 900x771, f21969cf_b2ba41dc_3fa42be7.jpg)

Stop right there you.
I can laugh at retarded humans all day, but animals is just a new low.
Don't disrespect the unfortunate existence of this poor innocent creature.
Here, have a komodo dragon instead.
It reminds me of Suzy because neither of them has a philtrum, without make up she looks like a weird scaly thing, and it drools poison than can kill you in 20 minutes or less, kind of like her videos…

No. 174299

File: 1441314312750.jpg (26.87 KB, 639x359, 1440597916649.jpg)

So you have no sympathy for innocent humans who are born with deformaties and enjoy making fun of their unfortunate existances, but you can't handle someone making fun of a retarded animal?

No. 174301

Not that anon, but I think they might of been saying that animals have no control if they are inbred and that's sad to mock them, but Suzy, in spite of having FAS is just a piece of shit, lying, scammer in general, so it's fine to go to town on her.

No. 174303

File: 1441314621462.jpg (10.92 KB, 424x335, jokeoveryourhead.jpg)

No. 174307

Never heard of cynism?
I respect animals much more than people these days.

No. 174309

I'm a hardcore animal lover, but ffs get over yourself. If you really knew shit about animals, you'd know most species are just as fucked up to each other if not significantly more so than humans are.

No. 174313

I think you mean sarcasm lol

No. 174318

Animals don't unapologetically scam each other on etsy

No. 174337

what an edgy opinion, 2deeo4me

animals don't have etsy. they shit in the woods.

No. 174340


I'm sorry but you seriously sound like a 13 year old going through their edgy 'misanthrope' phase

No. 174351

if they had etsy they'd totally scam each other if it meant survival

i guess you could argue suzy is doing that but she has arin's jewtube $$$$

No. 174357

No, they eat their own young if they don't have enough money. Altruism is a human concept that MOSTLY exists within human society. Evolutionary behavioralist have several theories on why it's so predominant in humans opposed to other species.

And I'm the one who posted this retarded tiger. It's hilarious and I'm sure that tiger was getting meats and not giving a shit if people, years later, make fun of him.

(I put money instead of resources in my original post. Too busy laughing at the jewtube comment.)

No. 174369

Wow, edgy… That hurt me because reading that again I do sound 2edgy5u.
In my defense, I forgot to take my pills. Sorry.

No. 174433

File: 1441333219084.png (714.79 KB, 594x592, ?Suzy Berhow? (@mortemer) • In…)

Real talk there has to be something going on with her thyroid (I thought she was faking it because how the fuck do doctors get it wrong this long?) because her Instagram is showing thin Suzy and her videos (I know they film ahead of time) got her looking like a solid 225.

No. 174437

This is from May of this year. But in this she just looks terrible. I know sometimes you can retain water but god damn.

No. 174438

File: 1441333480854.jpg (135.54 KB, 960x720, may7th.jpg)

this is the picture

No. 174444

Fatty one and two look like they were ps in.

No. 174447


Hypothyroidism can only make you gain around 10-20 lbs max, it cannot magic fat onto your body from thin air. She is eating too much.

No. 174487

I wonder if she binges and purges.

No. 174526

what's wrong with her face

No. 174594

Someone tell pube face to brush his teeth

No. 174613

File: 1441373723204.jpg (89.63 KB, 536x538, 11121401_900583226698442_72356…)

I remember going through her IG awhile ago and I found this picture of her and I love it

No. 174627

Yeah, it's been posted here before.
Everyone agreed she looks immensely better.
Minimal eye make-up + volume in your hair, Suzy.
Those two things could improve your appearance tenfold.
(though shedding a few kilos wouldn't do any harm either).

No. 174678

hehe barry ;)

No. 174698

No. 174702

I actually really like Holly's hair in that style. Also isnt the guy in the red shirt one of the Normal Boots guys who also appeared on their channel? Or is that not him (I'm sorry I only know ProJared and Jontron)

I was trying to find it but I remember this coming up before anyways
The post in which she says her and markiplier look alike
The one where she says they're siblings

obviously both were not meant to be serious but eh

No. 174735

I don't know who this is, but I just scrolled past this and needed to voice how absolutely terrifying I think it is.

No. 174737


Hell even if she JUST stopped lining the inner corner she would look a billion times better

No. 174739

So this "fawn" tutorial is basically her normal makeup except with more eyeliner where it doesn't belong. Thanks Suzy.

No. 174754

>I don't really go in the sun so I don't need spf.

She's kidding…right?

No. 174765

Doesn't she life in FUCKING CALIFORNIA

No. 174770


Pretty sure she does.

I'm a socal anon, and we are having a hell of heatwave right now too. While I don't go out of my way to walk around in the sun unless I need to, I always put on spf in the mornings.

No. 174781

File: 1441391216256.jpg (115.02 KB, 1263x790, IMG_20150904_142610.jpg)

tfw you don't have a philtrum

No. 174798

Yeah, that's Jirard from the Completionist.

No. 174799

Well then, that explains why her skin looks like utter shit without make-up on.
She'll pay the full price for that in a few years to come.

No. 174800

File: 1441393812322.jpg (90 KB, 540x404, 1439026262653.jpg)

Ooooh girl

No. 174804


She has a lot of dark spots on her face and shoulders, potential sunspots? Suzy looks naturally pale, so I'm honestly surprised she doesn't use spf religiously, sun damage always seem to look worse on people with fairer complexions.

No. 174808

Do you really think its thyroid issues though? My mom has had thyroid problems for a number of years and she hasn't gained any weight from it, quite the opposite actually. But she eats healthy and exercises on a daily basis.

This video was posted in the last thread and at somepoint Arin is asked if they've done anything interesting while in Texas, and he just goes on and on about the food that he's eaten. He was listing some major junk foods and it sounded like he was eating them multiple times a day. So if she eats anything like he does then she's just a fatty using her thyroid as a convenient excuse.

No. 174810

Starts at 31:10

No. 174849

Usually when you have a thyroid problem you need to be a little more mindful with what you eat and exercise a little more, it's not so horrible a problem that you turn into a landwhale immediately once you have it.

No. 174870

File: 1441402731617.png (776.97 KB, 843x1458, fawn makeup tutorial so orgina…)

No. 174891

Yeah this shits been around for 2 years now I think? Probably longer but a couple years ago it exploded and suddenly there were little tumblrinas and make up "gurus" giving this tutorial.

No. 174913

haha eurofag

No. 174944

Suzy should really give that volumizing mousse a try because her hair is always so painfully limp and flat.

No. 175012

Bitch went full tumblr now.
Next she's going to make a tutorial about flower crowns.

No. 175137

No. 175145

No. 175146

No. 175183

Not even from Europe (there're other countries that use kg) but even if I were I don't see how that's laughable or worth pointing out.
Not everyone on here is from the US, anon…not even close.
Stop trying so hard, bud.

No. 175198


Preach it anon. Only 3 countries in the world still use the outdated Imperial system. The metric system actually makes sense compared to the cluster fuck that is the imperial.

No. 175205

Whoops, dumb moment; totally forgot to quote the post I was replying to, which was >>174913
Exactly. Anon was basically saying
>haha you live in one of the many countries that use a more modern and efficient system of measurement, what a faggot

No. 175211

whenever i travel, i like to eat new foods too. but these guys need to learn portion control.

No. 175276


But she's trying you guys

No. 175279

Ffs, this is what we're talking about when we say she's using her 'thyroid' as an excuse and is actually so fat because she eats like shit.
I love the implication that there were multiple layers of donuts…she's complaining but there's still four left, wtf???
She's such a fucking fatass. Put your thyroid card away, Suzy. How dare you try and play that shit and post this at the same time.

No. 175282

File: 1441479986028.png (693.18 KB, 934x596, MUH THYROID!!.png)

Also please cap as well as link next time, anon. For convenience.

No. 175306


Like maybe sort of as kids? But then with child proportions most people look sort of similar. But as adult no way in hell do they look related.

No. 175319

File: 1441483340124.png (331.38 KB, 525x425, Untitled.png)


Is just me or does her chest area look very red and irritated?

No. 175323

File: 1441483619151.png (751.95 KB, 1102x368, suz.png)

>that tangent between the eyebrow and eyeliner
>ugggggh no why its killing me

No. 175329

Arin suckin too hard on those titties.
The lack of color of her bottom lip makes her chin look super long.

No. 175330

god that looks so bad i can't even

No. 175331

At first I thought that was chest hair or something lmao.

No. 175332

Yeah or maybe she was scratching donut crumbs off of her.

No. 175333

Yeah, it looks pretty rashy. She probably gets acne on her chest but it's hard to judge from that picture.
I've also figured out why her chest looks so broad and canvas-like; it's a combination of her having small boobs with no visible cleavage and also that her collarbones don't protrude in the slightest. They're totally invisible and tucked away under all that pudge. They weren't even visible when she was thin either.
I know all people are built differently and blah blah, but it looks so odd to me. She has to many features that are strange-looking, too smoothed out or simply not there.
Wow, you can really see the intensity of the contour from that angle in the left pic.
She looks fucking dirty, jesus.
Actually cackled.

No. 175351

she looks retarded

No. 175355

more so than usual

No. 175381

File: 1441498861960.png (882.97 KB, 685x756, 4a881ff7c20aafed94f259817b5379…)

is it just me or does she look better here?
probably because she's wearing something that doesn't look like complete fucking garbage. imo she'd look a lot better if she didn't wear flare jeans, an ugly hoodie and those ugly ass shirts.

lots of shop on her face probs, but she'd do a complete 180 if she got a bob cut, bangs and had on more feme clothes.

No. 175384

Her make up also doesn't look crazy.

She should wear waist clinching things more often

No. 175416

>small minds discuss people
lmao that's like everyone on this site

No. 175418

This makeup makes her look even more like a cow than she already does.

No. 175442

Suzy, I think I found the reason for your weight "problem"

No. 175453

>those roots
I also think lightening up her hair color would help. Doesn't her sister have reddish hair? I think that would work. She could even keep her streak.

No. 175506

Is she wearing flared jeans under that dress?

Also, bitch is fat. She might have a medical issues, but it wouldnt make her gain over 50 pounds.

No. 175507

>Ross and Holly are qts
>lardos on the left
>Suzy is still as trashy as ever

No. 175508

Jfc, he's huge. Why are fat men socially accepted? Whale needs to lose weight. He looks pregnant.

No. 175509

ngl Promise phan's tutorial of the chesire cat looks pretty cool.

No. 175511

and this is why you're fat.

No. 175513

jirard is cool as fuck, he's a genuinely sweet person. i don't give a fuck if he's a land whale, that personality is attractive as hell. i'd rather bang a whale than suzy.

No. 175543

wtf is that bacon on a donut?

No. 175763

can we talk about how annoying suzy was in the new episode? holy shit.

No. 175778

I had no idea what the heck you were talking about at first. The first half she was fine but after the five min mark she would not shut the fuck up.

No. 175782

yeah; you're right. other than her sucking, she wasn't annoying aside from her banshee screams.

No. 175787

Wow basic platforming is soooo hard.

No. 175795

File: 1441574759883.png (819 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (348).png)

do all girls look like this without makeup

No. 175797

File: 1441574853691.png (975.8 KB, 965x643, suzy5.PNG)

Suzy is not Mexican.
Suzy has nothing to do with Mexican culture or celebrations.
Suzy is going to monetize a video appropriating Mexican culture.
Suzy is scum.

Sidenote, I'm excited to see her fumble her way through trying to explain what Dia de los Muertos is about and half-ass read the wikipedia article, pretending she's celebrated it all her life.

No. 175801

the comments made me so pissed.
i was surprised her ignorant ass didn't say halloween, but i'm curious to see how her racist ass deals with this tutorial.
i loathe suzy even more now

No. 175803


why does everyone do these sugar skull looks now? why did it get so popular

No. 175804

cos they're a bunch of lazy white people who think it's cool and spoopy to do sugar skulls

No. 175805

Because white girls think it's just "Mexican Halloween" and have no idea what the real holiday is about. Also it's easy YT money, taking a concept that already exists and making bank off a dime a dozen "makeup tutorial". (See also: her fawn makeup)

No. 175807

because if done right, they look beautiful.


the tumblrstat is on full blast in this thread, jesus christ

No. 175808

In a recent loot crate video she and Arin got Los Pollos Hermanos aprons from breaking bad and I was losing my shit at her pronouncing the Ls in pollos

No. 175811

how does getting tired of nasty ass white girls making fun of a sacred holiday make me tumblr lmfao? i hate sjw shit but this is legit one thing that annoys me.

No. 175816

I had to look it up and now I'm wishing I didn't.


Arin fucking pronounces it correctly and he dropped out of high school.

No. 175817


Amen. Fucking hell, so many people triggered in this thread

No. 175819

have fun being one of the first people to do the tutorial whenever it comes out

No. 175820

Because Suzy is a white ass girl turning a Mexican holiday into a Halloween costume and profiting from it. And also lying, pretending she actually celebrates the holiday.
She's racist scum. Why would you defend her anon :^)

No. 175821

you might as well be getting your panties in a bunch over someone wearing a crucifix even though they aren't particularly religious.

>"nasty ass white girls"
>not tumblr

lmao good 1

No. 175823

suzy is an obnoxious cunt for a million reasons
but if you're getting this worked up over her appropriating a holiday, you need to rethink your life lol

No. 175824

i bet you secretly jerk off to her greasy face anon-san

No. 175826

lupe, why aren't you doing my dishes
what do you think i pay you 3 dollars an hour for

No. 175827

i can't do them, bill, i'm too busy thinking of how you rub your chode to snoozy )):

No. 175830

>had to google what snoozy is
>bunch of pictures of campers

i don't understand, lupe

No. 175834

File: 1441577954202.png (1.11 MB, 948x614, mykie.PNG)

This will be the whole Mykie sitaution all over again oh boy.
I can't WAIT til Suzy rants about how people are being racist to her for being white.

No. 175835

Most of it looks like those temporary tattoos you put on, anyways.
Love the victim complex though.

No. 175838

File: 1441578033652.png (953.71 KB, 1054x683, 3b8a22997.png)

Woops I forgot to add the file

No. 175839

It really is, she just made a tumblr post trying to guilt trip people over it. She's so sad now you guys :^(((((((((((((((


No. 175841

>I don’t understand where the line is on cultural appropriation and cultural APPRECIATION. Sharing a culture is how you make it live on and not die out

According to Suzy, Mexican culture is dying and needs white girls like her to save it by shitty makeup tutorials.

No. 175844

did she really just delete her instagram or did she just block me omg?

No. 175845

She deleted the original photo, but the picture is still up on her tumblr.


No. 175849

this is funny as fuck

No. 175854

>>it’s teaching the CORRECT ways of day of the dead and not perpetuating the incorrect fallacies that people tend to think of.

And Suzy, a non-Mexican, is the authority on how Day of the Dead should be celebrated by uninspired white girls looking for likes and validation on insta?

No. 175857

What did you do to make her block you?
Just wondering haha

No. 175862

i told her 'do you ever get tired of pretending to be the victim'

No. 175866

File: 1441580811427.png (666.03 KB, 603x561, Sparksy (@sparksygrams) • Inst…)

I really do think she has a binge and purge problem. There is no way even with ps she looks like this in natural light but like the queen of ham in some of the unboxings.

No. 175876


>You disagree with me therefore you must like Suzy

No, I just don't give a shit about "OMG CULTURAL APPROPRIATION". Go make a tumblr post about it if you want people to agree she's "omg so racist" just for doing a stupid, ugly looking "makeup tutorial"

She does plenty of stuff that's retardedly funny and actually worth talking about. Stop looking for an excuse to laugh at her and still feel like you're morally superior. This is the whole "A-Logging" bullshit all over again.

No. 175882

Please enlighten us

No. 175890

She always looks worse in video than photos. Maybe because of her ~modeling~ training she knows how to pose or position to look better? I don't think she purges. She's just photogenic.

No. 175893

File: 1441584634850.png (445.86 KB, 640x427, snoozy saves ethiopia.png)

No. 175894


Oh, come on. Literally all I'm saying is gb2 tumblr if you're gonna get mad about people thinking you're a tard for whining about ~cultural appropriation~

No. 175905

Aren't we (collectively but not everyone) the ones who laugh at Tumblrinas when they cry cultural appropriation, but when a snowflake does it its wrong??
I'm seeing a lot of hypocrisy on this site recently. Either that, or their is a lot of new people who doesn't understand the concept of making fun of people and try to take a moral high ground. Or I just never noticed them until such topics came out. Either one works.

Anyways, the makeup is 'meh' at best and is like any other average sugar skull tutorial. Dime in a dozen.

And it's cultural appropration because it came from Mexico? Welp, that means we Americans (since Suzy is Mexican, don't tell me that I'm Americentric when the person in question is American)can't enjoy almost anything.
She didn't claim the ethnic group, and she didn't pretend non Mexicans made it.

No. 175910

Or maybe this website has tons of contributors involved that don't belong to one single hivemind?

Let me just say, talking shit about Suzy, let alone anyone on this site, doesn't put anyone on "higher moral ground", if anything it does the opposite. I know personally I'm not here to feed my own ego or feel some sort of reassurance/boost of self esteem. I can't speak for every one though.

What is specifically wrong with what Suzy just did was the fact that she is not Mexican (just listening to Suzy speak Spanish made me want to scream), and has never celebrated Dia de Los Muertos in her life, yet thinks she is keeping the culture "alive" through some makeup tutorial. I also take issue that she's turning calaveras into a Halloween costume and profiting off of it via YouTube ads.

Suzy fucked up, and is now trying to manipulate the situation so she's the victim.

This also isn't the first time Suzy has fucked up with someone else's culture. Suzy basically fetishizes everything Japanese, dresses up as a Geisha every time she's in Japan, and doesn't correct people when they think she's Japanese (or some form of east Asian). She even goes to the length of comparing pictures of herself and Markiplier (who is half Korean) saying that they are practically siblings, thus further tricking fans into believing she's Asian.

Suzy is white. She's not Mexican, and she's certainly not Asian. I don't care that she's white, I care that she desperately tries to be something else, flat out lies to the internet, and makes money off of cultures that she's not apart of. She's a total scam artist. Just look at her etsy, christ. This isn't just about about Suzy "appreciating" culture, it's about easy money.

ALL of her makeup tutorials for Halloween are uninspired and lazy, and I'm positive we won't see any improvements in the future.

No. 175914

Did you miss the part when I said not everybody? So I'm not able to say that I can see a genral pattern in this sight?

Anyway, many people haven't celebrated holidays before talking about it, wearing facial paint, or just practicing what they read. That's just how stuff works. If some people see something that they like, researched or not, they'll copy it.
As I said, she didn't claim the culture or anything, and seriously?
She has never said she was Spanish/Latina. If she has, I want to see and I'll take It back.
It pissed you off when she spoke Spanish? So no one who is seriously learning the language can speak it? She never claimed to be learning the language.

Shes not taking anything from that holiday what so ever. And is just doing a tutorial on it, I honestly don't see anything wrong with it.

With the Japanese thing, I'm pretty iffy about that since we all know she's a major weeb, but if her fans want to believe she's Asian and her looks are not a production of her FAS well so be it.
But I don't want a say in that since I have no proof of her family ancestry.
(copy and pasted so I can eaten since the discussion is pretty OT.)

No. 175919

Thanks guys I wanted to see how shitty she was going to do this.

No. 175943

File: 1441592685011.png (183.25 KB, 574x520, stupid naive poc's.png)

do ya seriously think we mexicans are so sensitive, ignorant and delicate that we can't let others enjoy our culture??? Uh? Is that what you're trying to say?
"Dun look at them Mexicanos they'll get maaad!"
Stop with yer white guilt darling, Dia de los Muertos is supposed to be a fiesta, a celebration in honor of those fortunate souls that are gone and don't have to deal with your ~cultural appropiashum~ bullshit anymore, jeez, exposure is a good think in culture, the more people celebrate and acknowledge it, the better, get your head out of your ass.
Of all the shitty things Suzy has done, this is fucking inoffensive. A shame that she didn't upload the video fearing the Tumblr backlash tho. Fucking coward.

No. 175945

that anon is retarded lol

No. 175947

only the ones that have a shitty skincare routine and cake on makeup instead of trying to solve their skin problems

No. 175949

Also the ones who have FAS

No. 175950

Her skin doesn't look terrible or anything…

No. 175952

File: 1441593713553.jpg (614.76 KB, 1536x2048, Alien Isolation HD.jpg)

Are you blind? It looks greasy as fuck.
Also the acne scars are pretty noticeable on that gargantuan forehead of hers.

No. 175954

It looked fine in the screencap eh, guess not

No. 175959

It's fixable, it's going to take time and self control (diet and sticking to a better care routine) but it can get fixed.

No. 175962

This is an old photo from years ago, she got worse since then.
Like, know she looks like this >>170981 and that's with make up on.

No. 175963

Homegirl can't even stick to a good diet for her thyroid problem.

No. 175965

i zoomed in and i saw mustache and nose hair
closes tab slowly

No. 175968

We demo this game at my local game store and it's so much fucking fun but watching them play is painful.

No. 175969

He would be more attractive if he lose 50 pounds. He's nearing morbid obesity and won't live too long in that weight spectrum.

No. 175992

Go outside more. You can leave your basement and see more actual women, most who dont wear makeup and look fine.

No. 175993

It got popular because LA.

No. 175995

Why cant she tell the truth and just said she likes the sugarskull makeup and wants to try it?? Why does she have to lie and say she loves mexico and appreciate the culture. That's the only part that annoys me. I don't care if Suzy is white or from LA, but she's just a liar. Just say she thinks it looks cool and wants to try it. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 175996

>the correct ways to do it. not the fallacies you see online

This bitch.. Wow..

No. 175997

Well, it's gone now. thanks for not screencapping it

No. 175999

I like you.

No. 176002

No. 176003

Whoa, thanks. I didn't want to miss Suzy's breakdown.

No. 176006

Amen, anon

No. 176010


This is probably the most sane thing I've seen Suzy say. Yes shes probably a huge liar and the video would have been hilarious to see. But this part of tumblr with all the -cultural appropriation- is such a huge fucking mess.

>at least she isn't dressing as Mexican or something, like with a sombrero and taco or some racist shit

No. 176013

Idk, her whipping out CULTURAL APPRECIATION is funny but blatantly inaccurate. I have a feeling the video will be nothing but her half assedly reading a Wikipedia article, slopping eyeliner on her face and trying to convince people that she's NOT doing this because 1) it'll make a quick buck and get views and 2) she wants to seem spoopy by liking STUFF RELATED TO DEATH SO GAWTH.

You can appreciate Day of the Dead and what it means even if you're white, but she's really not and if you had to use the term "cultural appropriation" I guess it would make sense in this case. She's just doing it to make money and seem cool, not because she actually is interested in or has respect for it.

No. 176018

File: 1441600592053.jpg (34.84 KB, 640x242, image.jpg)

People legitimately believe Suzy's Asian / half Asian lmao

No. 176022

jfc. That's so offensive to actual asian people. Suzy's skin and hair are greasy af.

No. 176032

This person is pretty much saying that FAS = Asian features which is really hilarious but also really shitty lmao
also where does this person live in they think Suzy looks so ~exotic~? Staten Island? Alabama???

No. 176036

File: 1441606591697.jpg (22.09 KB, 600x299, fff.jpg)


Like I vaguely understand where people get this assumption? Because her none existent nose bridge and the lack of those eye creases. But personally I've never thought she looked Asian at all.

No. 176037

File: 1441606725137.jpg (338.87 KB, 1275x1257, image.jpg)

Ok but are we not going to talk about this? Arin looks like the fucking Burns alien. Does he wear circle lenses too now?

No. 176038

In aillis you can enlarge features like eyes which is probably what Suzy did editing this pic

No. 176041

I guess she could look like a Finn? They're white but with some asian from a long time ago so they sometimes have those features. She definitely doesn't look asian in any modern way though not even mixed

No. 176076


I think so too! We have many people here with features like her.

No. 176090

>at least she isn't dressing as Mexican or something, like with a sombrero and taco or some racist shit
Amen! People are just being fucking irrational for the sake of shitting on her. Seriously of all the nasty sketchy shit she has done, this is fucking mild.

No. 176091

Super Make up guru, everybody…

No. 176203

How can people think she is asian?

No. 176217

>A Burns alien
rofl! I'm dying.

No. 176218

No. 176219

Because she's grasping for straws just as they are. She never denies the asian accusations, just kind of laughs it off.

No. 176220

File: 1441647652960.png (620.07 KB, 959x621, suzzzz.PNG)

Because she does shit like this.

No. 176222

File: 1441647711551.png (1.01 MB, 969x629, szy.PNG)

And this.

No. 176224

File: 1441647753944.png (906.03 KB, 955x629, suzyy.PNG)

But especially this.

No. 176230

I wasn't getting at her cultural appropriation or whataver or even the offence it could cause, I was getting at the fact that she thinks she's all of a sudden extremely knowledgable about something that she, most likely, is not that knowledgable about. It's her unwarranted arrogance I was trying to point out. Calm the fuck down!

No. 176234

Mark must be creeped out by this, surely…I mean holy fuck.
She didn't even write it in a way that it seems like a joke; hence people's comments taking it seriously and being shocked.
>Sibling time with my brother
>See the family resemblance?
>in front of the same background for school photos
She knows that sentence implies they went to the same school as siblings.
It's seriously creepy of her though.
I bet she didn't even correct them or comment saying "I was just joking guys!".
Even if she did she still initially insinuated with the pictures that she's Asian by comparing herself to a half-Korean man.
She wants people to think she's Asian so bad.

No. 176247

To be fair this is a service you can get done in Kyoto iirc. You pay for people to dress you up like this, and it's probably fine as long as you're being respectful. Knowing how Arin and Suzy are huge weebs tho they probably got off on this so eh.

No. 176263

I thought that was Arin at first.

No. 176273


No. 176278

I'm not sure why, but the fact she does that dramatic winged eyeliner ALL THE TIME pisses me off.

Maybe it helps her feel like she is truly part asian like her long lost sibling markiplier

No. 176310

This. Most (non racist) japanese people are okay with outsiders trying on traditional clothing if its done correctly, to the point there are services to tie the kimono/yutaka properly and do the make up. Is not a big deal as some people want to make it seem.

No. 176318

This makeup really emphasizes how inbred she looks.

There's just so much real estate on her face. Especially between her nose and mouth and between her eyes.

No. 176373

File: 1441661458380.webm (4.51 MB, 768x576, TOPKEK.webm)

Holy shit my sides, fucking beautiful

No. 176419

She can't spell and is barely articulate, is she actually retarded?

No. 176429

Poor Markiplier. He doesn't need to be dragged into this. He seems like a really nice guy.

No. 176430

Wow. Wow. Is she seriously one of those people who thinks life would be better, easier if she was Asian? she's disgusting and she really is fetishizing a race and culture.

No. 176446

someone should let nintendo know cuz nintendo is super uptight about keeping all of their content kid friendly.

careful, anon. you don't wanna drink so much that your kid has fas.

No. 176478

You know what would suck? Worse case, she leaves Aaron for Mark cuz Mark is getting more popular

No. 176480

Mark is too good of a person to run off with Suzy tbh, and too attractive for ayy lmao.
If anyone would hit up Suzy post-divorce, it'd be Barry. He seems to be like Suzy's personal assistant and the only person not tired of her bullshit.

No. 176481

or if Arin left her for Mark

No. 176489

>implying anyone will want Suzy besides the one guy that she knew when she was jail bait.
If they do get divorced she will talk about how terrible the marriage was. How he would abuse her or not care enough for her.
Barry might still work with her but hitting her up for sex. I doubt it.
Heads up the average relationship of a marriage is 15.9 years including courtship. So what we got like what 3-5 years left?

No. 176490

Mark is absolutely disgusting and ugly, I would barely even pity duck him, and that's with him being famous.

No. 176497

This got Suzys forehead on point.

No. 176500

^Same Anon.

It's also pretty much like every GG episode

No. 176521

Those mirrors look just like charlotte that cam chicks room mirrors. Maybe Suzy is a fan of her as well? I just remember seeing that big black mirror.

No. 176526

Curious, why do you think he's disgusting?
Ugly? well that's just personal preference. He isn't my type, but he isn't an eyesore imo.

No. 176535

That mirror is from walmart, Charms has similar ones but she at least used to have class.

No. 176536

I have one anon, I got mine from Wal Mart. It was less than a whopping $20 iirc….

No. 176539

I don't want to bring another Suzy into this world so don't worry
Yeahhh this for sure. Mark is waaay out of her league, not just in looks, but also in being a decent person as far as I know. I've watched KKG eps where they play games together and their chemistry is really awkward. You can tell Suzy is eager to spend time with him and you can read that as you like, but Mark just doesn't seem like he's into hanging out with her.
Also I would love to see the Grumps drama become like The Room with Arin yelling about how he never hit Suzy
>oh hi danny

No. 176546


Point is they both did that same whole wall of mirror thing and they are both "gothic"

No. 176555

She does so much shit that's sacreligious for so many different cultures and you choose this one to get fanny flustered about?

-Making cheapo inaccurate rosaries and using them for decoration instead of prayer
-sticking hamsas on rosaries and other weird shit that doesn't make any sense
-crosses everywhere
-uses the bodies of dead things to decorate shit

"Mexican" isn't a race, it's a nationality, one that's growing in size in the US and its culture is starting to mingle with US culture. New cultures are seen as "cool" and "unique" to younger people. Of course tumblrites will want to celebrate this instead of boring old patriarchalcisheterowhitenonotherkin halloween, it's not a surprise.

No. 176557

ngl, it's a cute mirror. Thanks for saying where it's from.

No. 176558

Haha, so much this.

No. 176564

Its those fucking hottopic tats you get for this. SMH this bitch couldn't even do the makeup for it.

No. 176568

>Heads up the average relationship of a marriage is 15.9 years including courtship. So what we got like what 3-5 years left?

I read here it was much longer. Apparently it's between 25-40 years NOT including courtship.


Maybe Suzy and Arin will get divorced but I hardly think you could consider them an average couple or use average statistics. I think we might have to wait until Game Grumps dies down before we see a divorce. I wouldn't hold my breath.

No. 176569

File: 1441684403360.jpg (158.87 KB, 550x327, Book_of_Life_Emberd_html.jpg)

Bless. But don't go saying that on tumblr.

No. 176571

I knew something looked fishy about the texture of that 'makeup.' She goes on a rant about educating people about Mexican culture and the day of the dead and she seriously just buys face stickers from hot topic?

No. 176624

I also thought they looked suspiciously like fake tattoos.
What the fuck, seriously though? That's pathetic. How was she going to turn that into a make-up tutorial when all she did was slap on some temporary tattoos and fill in around her eye with black eye shadow? Is she joking?
She's so fucking lazy and it aggravates me that she thought this would be a sufficient and worthy tutorial where she's actually teaching people something with her own skills (!).
Y'know, I'm thinking she planned to never actually make a tutorial video to upload, knew she would get comments about 'cultural appropriation' and she just wanted it to seem by the Instagram picture that she did it all herself with make-up.
There's just no way you could make a tutorial out of that.

No. 176844

I wouldn't put it past her to pull a stunt like this just to stir shit up. At the same time, though, I don't doubt that she's both stupid and uncreative enough to think slapping on temporary tattoos would make for a good tutorial.

No. 177149

"Hey YouTube, it's Mortem3r! Today I'm going to show you this awesome new tutorial for Dia de los Muertos! As you guys know I am a huge fan of all things to do with the dead and occult (and everything edgy), so I thought I'd show you this awesome and easy makeup tutorial. Here's how to put some on some temporary tattoos. I got these from Hot Topic and I can't recommend these enough to you guys. Then after I do that, I just take this huge brush and blacken my eyes. Ta-da! Now you're ready for the Day of the Dead too! (I won't be because I don't actually care about Mexican culture besides their food)"

No. 177156

Not enough amazings thrown in there.

No. 177181

Suzy is kind of notorious for "Look at this make up I did!!" on IG and then either throwing a tantrum because it's not good (as in, she didn't get enough asspats) or the recording "failed."

No. 177197


Lol @ cultural appreciation. God, could Suzy ever get out of her teen try-hard phase? She has such a…white person view on culture. She acts like a child claiming that all cultures need to SHAAARE. Oh the entitlement.

Anyways, half of my family lives in Mexico and I don't think any of them would think twice about Dia del los muertos "appropriation" stuff. They're all practicing catholics so to many Mexicans, the day is something incredibly different to what tumblrinas think. Usually, family will light a candle, say a prayer or visit a grave. If white girls wanna paint themselves up and act like they're suddenly so in tune with sacred spirits they certainly can without offending many Mexicans. We honestly aren't as private as Native Americans (whose ceremonies come with repercussions if viewed by outsiders). Dia Del Los Muertos in my family is merely like a happier version of a funeral reception where you eat and talk about your loved ones. There's nothing exotic about it. Most activists who complain about the commercialization of the holiday are usually third generations who don't really practice the day traditionally anyways. They're just finding another reason to be mad at whitey. The day is pretty inclusive of all people as long as you can honor the ones you love that have passed on.

It's like what many Japanese think about weaboos obsession with Geishas. It's not really offensive when a girl is in costume; it's offensive when a white girl thinks the most valuable think about Japanese culture (rich in Shinto and Buddhist traditions) is being a rich man's prostitute. If you truly want to appreciate Mexican culture, don't pick and choose the gaudiest representation with zero context and expect people to take you seriously when you say you've always practiced it. You're only offending others because you look like a clown, not because you're stealing anything important from the culture.

No. 177198

Your entire post fell apart right there.

No. 177199

Thank you. People screaming about cultural appreciation being done wrong or whatever gets on my nerves. Like what you said most people arent bothered by it.She put on fancy make up, that is all

No. 177203

lol @ the myth that Geishas didn't have sex with their clients. A man isn't going to hire a beautiful unknown woman so she can ramble off about poetry and play a flute for him. Japanese culture was much different from Western culture. The idea that no sex took place was only for good form. For god sakes, they at least admitted to selling a woman's virginity. It's documented that plenty of sex took place and the idea that it did not was only a front for perceived modesty. Once again, another Western romanticized idea of Eastern culture.

No. 177207

Having sex with clients =/= Prostitution
From what I understand, the sexual aspect is/was purely secondary to the actual practice and it'd be retarded to just call them "rich men's prostitutes".
>"le romanticization maymay, you just don't understand nipponese culture!!!"
Yeah, nah.

No. 177211


They were highly educated in the art of music and language and politics, and not paid to sell their bodies. Stop acting like you know shit when you don't.

No. 177215

money in exchange for eventual sex…hmm I wish they had a word for that…OH YEAH IT'S CALLED PROSTITUTION. Just because Geishas provided the full girlfriend experience doesn't make the sex for money any less significant. They weren't your average brothel sex worker, but they were sex workers. There's a reason why Geishas were only women. Don't be so naive. They were groomed in fine arts and intellectual studies because they were meant to service the nobility.

U must b mad and u must be white, bro. It's always white bitches that go around acting like Geishas were such a noble profession. There's a lot of interesting shit about Japanese history. Pick up a fucking book, kid, instead of watching your Memoirs of a Geisha dvd.

No. 177216

I like Holly's personality a hell of a lot more than Suzy's, but she's guilty of this too

>How to Make Easy Soy Candles

># 1: buy a kit
># 2: follow instructions included in kit
># 3: soy candles!

No. 177218

I'm Hispanic actually and I'm damn sure I'm older and more intelligent than you. You're pathetic. Never saw that shit movie either.

No. 177220

Yeah, I never understood this whole "Buy a thing and read instructions!"
If you're going to advertise making a home made gift, it should be more home made.

No. 177221

Why are you bringing up race, you dumb cunt?

No. 177223

File: 1441779376637.jpg (9.85 KB, 331x333, manugga.jpg)

>u mad cuz u white
>white bitches

don't be so angry anon, it's just a forum on the internet

No. 177225

>There's a reason why Geishas were only women.
…The first geisha were men. They were called Taikomochi.
With every post, you expose yourself as more and more retarded.
And I'm not white at all, I'm a black girl. I'm just not a fucking idiot like you. Please go.
>"M-M-Memoirs of A Geisha"
Stop projecting. Nobody here cares about that shit movie except you and PT.

No. 177226

Haha. This bitch is dumb. Let's just ignore her anon. She's been proven wrong by several people already. Don't want the thread derailing.

No. 177227

>It's always white bitches that go around acting like Geishas were such a noble profession
What the fuck are you babbling about?
Go home.

No. 177229

File: 1441780152264.gif (1.08 MB, 255x182, 1422306595016.gif)

No. 177230

File: 1441780174806.png (712.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-09-14-24-31…)

>Winged eyeliner
>"Strong eyebrows and smokey eye"
>"Makeup of the day"
You mean makeup of every fucking day.

No. 177231

she always takes selfies in flattering angles and lighting, so why can't she translate that to her videos?

No. 177232

I guess it's hard to suck in her gut and hold a flattering angle for longer than a few seconds for a selfie.
She seems to have kind of shit Quasimodo-esque posture when she's sitting in her videos too which adds to her looking like a fat slob.
She looks better in >>177230 than in her videos but she kind of looks trans, kek.

No. 177234

Like she does for a selfie*

No. 177235

She never does anything different! She is the Queen of basics.

No. 177237

Whoa, her eyebrows look super sloppy.

No. 177240

Right? I mean, honestly there's nothing really wrong with doing your make-up similarly all the time if you're comfortable with it and aren't big on changing or experimenting but you can't do the paint same shit on your face every single day and call yourself a ~beauty guru~ and think you're good enough to produce make-up tutorials that are all similar bar the outrageous ones that no one will actually do on themselves (eg. the retarded deer one and even that one had the same fucking Cleopatra cat eye bullshit).

No. 177241

Can't paint the same shit on*
Sorry I'm retarded.

No. 177242

I think the worst part is she has money and sponsors (I think with Lush?), so she can do better and try new styles with makeup, but she doesn't even bother to.

No. 177338

Her eyebrows look so badddd. They usually look sharper than this. She literally does the same thing every fucking day, how is she getting worse?

No. 177355

i totally agree. if someone wants to have their own style or not wear any makeup at all, that's their own decision. however, i think if Suzy wants to have her own youtube channel and present herself as a makeup guru, she is opening herself up to criticism.

No. 177366

I know, I mean they never look that great and always look very obviously drawn on but this is a bit of a new low in terms of the effort she put into them to at least look passable.
What is that huge chunk not filled in on her left brow (our right) towards the tail?
I've noticed her leave it like that before, it's all jagged and looks fucking terrible.
"Beauty Guru", jfc.

No. 177371

This is a year old but still lulzy.

>"GLAMOROUS Evening Makeup Tutorial!"

>does the same makeup as always with the addition of ugly drag queen fake lashes
>very obviously a sponsored video for the ~temptu airbrush foundation from birchbox! link 2 buy in the description :^)~
>"This is the best eyeliner I've ever used, I WISH Stila was paying me to talk about this because I cannot sing the praises high enough for this pen"
>"I got a comment the other day saying like "Suzy, do you do anything but the cat-eye makeup tutorials?" No, I just always do the cat-eye"
At least she admits it.

No. 177404

I hate her use of 'amazing' so much I get angry whenever I hear someone saying it at this point.

No. 177407

File: 1441821053132.jpg (77.51 KB, 880x743, IMG_20150909_134947.jpg)

>tfw you use your scam money to buy beauty products and make a haul video for it

No. 177419

File: 1441821920734.jpg (112.62 KB, 1433x746, IMG_20150909_140321.jpg)

She's describing how good this face mask smells and says "it's really hard for me not to try and eat it!" lmao

No. 177424

No. 177441

You've never had bacon donuts? They're fantastic.
They sound weird at first, but think of it this way:
Maple Logs + Maple cured bacon

No. 177449

The fatty in me would kill for some voodoo doughnuts.

No. 177450

Currently living in Germany maybe that is why? But I'm believing you that it is not that weird. I just saw it for the first time.

No. 177461


Just watched this video. Looks like she's dragging, not sure. It just felt very blah like "time to make a video" for the sake of views.

I honestly think a lot of her early reviews (mostly before game grumps fame) were pretty good, and her energy was high, but she always looks so lifeless now. I don't feel the passion in her videos, the new tutorials are lazy as fuck, and her reviews feel forced. Probably just doing it for the youtube money at this point.

No. 177465

Well yeah, because tha haturz stopped her from making money off that calavera tutorial, she had to whip up something quick to get her YT money.
It's obviously rushed, she just picked out a few things from her bathroom to show off and also praise birchbox to high heaven.

Remember when she had a daily upload schedule? Lmao.

No. 177466

hho my gosh when she puts on the highlighter
>"it's amazing!!!!!"
>swipes it on cheek
>literally nothing
>"instant light on my god!!!!!! so amazing!"

No. 177513

File: 1441835235255.png (937.82 KB, 973x622, suzu.PNG)

Wow so creative. Totally not different from her normal makeup.

No. 177542

looks like Arin sneezed on her face and she just left it there to crust

No. 177544

I think her hands are just programmed to do cat eyes when she touches her eyeliner

No. 177550

>"beetlejuice tutorial!!!"
>same shitty cat eye
>same boring circle lenses
wow !

No. 177559

still not cultural appropriation lol

No. 177563

>implying having sex with your client is prostitution

No. 177565

i feel sad for girls who cake on makeup everyday like suzy
I'm a girl but if you're not confident in natural makeup then you're insecure as fuck. unless you have a style where heavy makeup needs to be applied (ex: gyaru)

No. 177575

feeling sorry for other people because they're doing what they like with their appearance is also a sign of insecurity.

No. 177576

true kek

No. 177586

I feel sad for your internalized mysongyny, anon

No. 177599

Stilla would be embarrassed by this basic bitch!

No. 177601

Oh, we know it's hard for you not to eat it, Suzy. We see you expanding.

No. 177607

Memoirs of a Geisha uses prostitution as a key story point, so this argument doesn't really make sense.

No. 177610

I don't know why but this made me laugh so hard irl.

No. 177612

That looks NOTHING like beetlejuice. This dumb bitch. It looks like Slimer from ghostbusters jizzed on her face.

No. 177613

Just because someone likes to wear heavy makeup, doesn't mean they're insecure, wtf. Look at Amy Doan from Sugarpill. She puts on near drag makeup almost every day and she is freakin amazingly confident. You're misunderstanding a lot, anon.

No. 177614

Women do put on makeup for themselves though. What's wrong with you?

No. 177615

She probably ate it once the camera was off. lmao

No. 177616

File: 1441845861087.jpg (121 KB, 1433x741, IMG_20150909_140338.jpg)


No. 177619


>~i'm not like other girlzzzz~

>girls who do dramatic makeup are so insecure
>except gyarus

So you're saying you have to fit a certain fashion subculture to a T or else you're insecure for wearing heavy makeup? wat

Also, does that mean Suzy is a-ok seeing as she wants to be goth so badly? That's a style where heavy makeup is usually applied. I know she doesn't listen to the music, whatever

inb4 'you probably cake makeup on', I suck with makeup and I get the impression you do, too. It's ok, anon. I'm here for you.

No. 177690

I never understood this logic. If any kind of make up was a sign of insecurity, wouldn't it be natural makeup since the main purpose of it is making yourself look prettier without people knowing you have it on (or at least not knowinghow much) and covering imperfections? I don't think it is, I'm just saying I don't get people who say natural isn't a sign of insecurity, but dramatic is.

No. 177695

Internalized _____ doesnt exist.
and i guess i found the feminist lol

No. 177696

true tbh
you triggered tons of girls by saying that though it's hilarious

No. 177698

Because caking on makeup to cover your shitty eyebags and acne (basically wearing a mask) sure means you're confident!!!!!! and that's a lie. seriously, cut that "WOMEN DO IT FOR THEMSELVES" bullshit

No. 177700

Because if you wear dramatic makeup, you basically change your face, whereas natural is subtle and just to enhance your beauty idk

No. 177702

>being this upset over one post

No. 177703

she looks scary

No. 177709

It totally does tho. Learn to stop projecting your own insecurities onto others and learn to love yourself. It's irrational. Hate Suzy because she's a money hungry liar, not because you think she wears too much makeup.

No. 177750

Except it does. Look at all the girls turning on each other and going "I'm not like those other girls!!!"

Why though? What the hell is wrong with being a woman? So many women want to impress the men by not being like them other gurls and it's bullshit.

Whether you wear no makeup, light or heavy makeup, it has zero to do with your insecurities. Stop projecting.

No. 177752

You're so sad, it's hilarious.

No. 177764

File: 1441855967497.jpg (9.78 KB, 197x200, 897866785.jpg)

>caking on foundation if you have acne ISN'T FOR YOURSELF

As someone who had genetic cystic acne, fuck you if it doesn't mean precisely that.
Foundation is the difference between me looking tired/dirty to others from looking like I have normal, pretty skin that reflects how much I try to fucking take care of it while it resists my efforts.

It's not a reflection of -my- personal confidence if other people look at me and judge me for shit that I bloody can't control. I'm confident in MANY aspects of my life, but you can't tell me to fuck myself just because I want to look attractive and healthy when my body can't naturally do it. I don't have to be okay with how my acne looks just like how you don't have to be okay with having a lady 'stache or brunette hair when you really want to be blonde, for instance.

For the record:
>I have tried antibiotics; acne persisted
>Topical creams with antibiotics; acne persisted
>Strict skin regimens and diet changes; persisted
>my own mom is 60 and still gets acne

The only thing I haven't tried is Accutane and that's because it's a fucking CHEMO drug that my insurance denied me for and is too expensive to pay out of pocket.

Replied to the b8/10

No. 177769

As someone who had terrible acne as soon as I hit 21, I truly wish you the best in finding a solution that works for you, anon. No one has the same type of skin and that is always really tough to deal with.

No. 177794

File: 1441861080749.jpg (39.94 KB, 392x411, 1395621450670.jpg)

>anon can't into makeup and looks like she was hit by the ugly stick from birth
>tries foundation ONCE
>looks like shit because she doesn't know how to apply it
>feels bad
>goes on imageboards and insults girls who can actually figure out makeup because they must be "ttly unconfident!!" and "insecure omg"
Fucking kek.

No. 177795

I agree 100% but this poor thread is being shredded with OT

No. 177806

tbh I don't see how being insecure and caking on make up = not doing it for yourself

if you were so insecure about your face so you cake on makeup every day and freak out at the prospect of people seeing you without make up i think that means you're doing it for yourself anyway right? to feel more comfortable about yourself?

No. 177808

>Assuming I'm upset when I'm simply pointing out how retarded that logic is

No. 177833

File: 1441868895613.jpg (267.13 KB, 718x1086, Screenshot_2015-09-10-14-55-03…)

Alright guys, that's enough derailment for one day.

Suzy retweeted someone saying they wanted these dresses.
Of course she'd love something so hideously tacky.

No. 177834

What the heck. Those look like halloween costumes or something. Is she trying to sell them? I bet it's because she can't fit into them anymore.

No. 177845

those are cute, in a "pay $13 for a slutty china quality dress to wear and get shittered in on halloween" way

No. 177876

File: 1441885548004.png (52.29 KB, 672x333, mariomaker.png)

Did anyone watch the livestream? Suzy went on a massive rant about Nintendo and her Mario Maker video. She said she'd never play a nintendo game again blah blah

No. 177877

I didn't know about the video she made before reading this.
Did they actually give her early access to film her playing it or to review it or what?
She clearly must've gotten something wrong and not followed certain rules.

No. 177891

I have a strong feeling that Nintendo gave the code to game grumps for their show and in her stupid little brain that equated to "I'm a grump let me use it on my channel" I mean looking it up it made it's way thru IGN and Polaris channels.
In the mean time here is a "new" table flip.

No. 177893

Literally every guy I'm friends wirh hates that "I'm just one of the guys, I'm not like other girls!" bullshit and sees it as a massive red flag because the vast majority of the time these girls are stuck in high school and extremely prone to drama. My friends group has mostly been men throughout my life, especially in high school, but I never saw myself as "one of the guys" or some kind of special snowflake among my gender. I don't get this mentality at all.

No. 177894

I will never understand how people don't get that making yourself better looking isn't always for other people. I don't wear makeup, but I have friends who will wear it when they're not even leaving the house just because they like to look prettier.

No. 177953

Good on Nintendo. I kind of hate how Nintendo's okay with GG making sponsored videos for them being how they go against the company's family friendly mantra, so seeing at least one of them (aka pseudo-grump Suzy) get shit on by them feels really rewarding.

No. 177977

File: 1441911965991.png (28.76 KB, 300x302, ahegao.png)


Is she being a massive weeb and trying to do the hentai ahegao face?

No. 177978


Oh god that waist to hip ratio on the left…HRNNNNN

No. 177987

She kept rolling her eyes in the video and I caught them at the best possible time. It wouldn't surprise me though. What are Arin and Suzy's fetishes anyway? Do you think he fucked her while she was dressed up as Sailor Moon?

No. 177989

>every external symptom

She has a clearly visible and defined philtrum, you're a moron.

No. 177993


Are you on birth control?
I found that my skin cleared up once I went on it, it's been known to help reduce acne. I do still get breakouts, but my skin is like the clearest it has ever been.

No. 178001

For once I'm on Suzy's side. Nintendo is fucking A LOT of people over just for playing Super Mario Maker on youtube, even if they got permission.

No. 178003

No, the person just screencapped it on her ugly faces.

No. 178005

Don't derail the thread.

No. 178037

Since when did tumblrinas invaded lolcow?
stop samefagging

No. 178040

You're insecure as fuck and you cake on makeup because you have acne. nobody cares

No. 178041

The girls on this board are all teens and feminists.
they're going to go apeshit over you because THATS SEXIST!!!!!!!!! and shit like that.
it's best to not say this kind of thing in pt

No. 178043

Stop same fagging and DERAILING. Jfc

No. 178044

What the fuck is wrong with women trying to impress men?
Not all women do things for themselves and not all women wear makeup because they're confident.
that's bullshit.

No. 178045

stop samefagging and gtfo with your internalized mysogny bullshit

No. 178048

File: 1441919537846.jpg (350.45 KB, 900x900, 7cb69de88cf8d12240f8e400cc4027…)

>implying you know anon to say this thing
Holy shit, lolcow has gone downhill.

No. 178051

I'm that anon and I never said i wasnt like other girls you fucking dumbass.
I mentionned i was a girl because if i was a guy, you guys would have gone APESHIT and "OMG NOBODY CARES ABOUT WHAT GUYS THINK OMGGG SEXISM"
I don't think im different or special so fuck off

No. 178053

Bitch, shut the fuck up and stop derailing the Snoozy thread. Where are the mods?

No. 178054

File: 1441920174025.jpg (96.92 KB, 906x598, bitch-n-beta.jpg)

Suzy must hate looking at her old body, but she keeps reposting old photos of her and Arin. Arin is so freakin unattractive…

No. 178055

Damn. Suzy used to be so thin. Now she's a balloon.

No. 178056

Arin looks like he's receiving a premonition about his future where he marries Suzy and has an LP channel on YouTube

No. 178057

Stop derailing the thread and let it go.
Suzy looked so slim here

No. 178058

LOL!! I think he's trying to do the codec thing, but he just looks skinny and awkward. He's a really hideous Snake. And Suzy's wig is pretty bad, but they're both young, so whatever, i guess?

It's funny Suzy posted this 5 days ago as if she's remembering the 'good times.'

No. 178060

if i was her, i would be depressed looking at that pic

No. 178061

Oh god, if she wants Arin to cosplay BiBo does that mean she wants to cosplay Quiet??

No. 178062

Please don't even SUGGEST that

No. 178063

File: 1441920699404.jpg (100.51 KB, 933x601, nicetry.jpg)

This fanart someone drew for them.
>Thin suzy
>buff Arin

haha that's fanart alright.

No. 178065

>Arin still has chicken legs

At least something is accurate. To be fair, the art is nice and I do like the concept. I just hate Arin and Suzy too much to really like this fanart.

No. 178066

"Look at how skinny I was. I should join the gym and start eating clean." Snoozy says as she starts another box of bacon donuts.

No. 178067

File: 1441920991772.jpg (49.33 KB, 599x601, ArinandSuzygoasthemselvesforha…)


Look at them from last Halloween. As an Addams family fan, this annoys me so much. They look NOTHING like Gomez and Morticia. Morticia as ruby red or blood red lipstick and heavily shadowed eyes. Suzy is wearing her SAME everyday winged eyeliner and nude lipstick makeup.

Arin's hair isn't slicked back. And Gomez would never wear that suit. They both fail miserably.

No. 178068

I meant Morticia Addams wears ruby red lipsticks or blood red lipstick * up there

No. 178071

Thanks :P

Agreed, The dress is a little too light to be like Morticias. The eye make up could maybe be forgiven in this on snuzzys behalf, but not having red lipstick is a fucking disgrace if shes trying to be Morticia.

No. 178078

She could cosplay Skullface. She already has the no lips thing going on

No. 178085

File: 1441921897221.jpg (99.27 KB, 906x595, nope.jpg)

Someone came into my job this week wearing this shirt. I felt embarrassed for them. What's worse is they weren't the first. A lot of young teens ( people usually 16 and under) wearing GG shirts would come in with their parents.

I'm sure Jon is glad he got away from this.

No. 178090

i think jon is glad he's not in gg anymore.
i mean it's shit and they tolerated their fans to doxx some poor guys.

No. 178095

Yeah, that's awful. And their fanbase are literally mra fedoras. The only women in the fandom are for Suzy or Danny now and they're the typical obese women you'd think of.

No. 178109

i bet they dont even know what a daruma is

No. 178110

At least it's for a good cause.

No. 178119

File: 1441924600639.jpg (58.25 KB, 600x600, IMG_20150831_223312.jpg)

I have a friend who likes gamegrumps and Suzy. I don't wanna piss in her oatmeal and tell her about how super shitty they are, because I'm afraid it'd hurt her feelings. She even got an undercut recently

No. 178122

I do volunteer work for teens every now and then, and one girl in particular is a huge GG fan. She spews any kind of reference she can when given the opportunity, even shouting "god dammit Ross" at the other kids. I've never wanted to punch someone so badly.

No. 178144

Nothing wrong with undercuts. Suzy didnt invent it. Just tell her like it is. Or she doesn't take it well, she's a damn child

No. 178145

That's so embarrassing.

No. 178151

Yeah you're definitely right but she legitimately believes Suzy is a beauty guru. She faved that selfie Suzy took with the KVD shit-looking liquid lipstick smeared all over her mouth

No. 178152

Drop this person.

No. 178158

She's a sweet girl but she's the epitome of basic nerd girl and i's really embarrassing. She'll start clamoring about star wars and brags about how her bf is "the Link to her Zelda" and it's really embarrassing

No. 178164

Ugh, you're starting to sound just as retarded honestly.

No. 178182

I never called her retarded but lmao ok

No. 178219

It is pretty bad, I'd struggle to guess it was Gomez and Morticia by the outfits. And I swear she's worn that dress like a thousand times I've seen it so much, including the game grumps calendar, she must love how she looks in it or something.

No. 178231

I bet that dress doesn't even fit her now.

No. 178346

File: 1441965930273.jpg (559.8 KB, 2200x2111, Fotor_144196486375659.jpg)

Such a gamur gurlll~
>"Arrriiin take a pic of me in bed looking sad about Metal Gear"
>"Only if you promise to not make me be in any more of your unboxing videos"
>"No, take the picture"

No. 178347

File: 1441966390081.gif (499.07 KB, 500x212, bf1200f8469f88c257d55de66ca460…)

There's a reason why she wears hoodies as everyday 'ware'.

No. 178348

She should take her instagram photos from the back more often.

No. 178355

Yeah I think you nailed it there.
I noticed 'ware' also, lol. She really is dim.

No. 178377

It says a lot when you have to resort to calling everyone who calls out your idiotic statements a samefag.

No. 178385

Please just drop it; we don't need any more derailment.

No. 178398

girl you have white sheets go wash your face pls

No. 178500


this video is so awkward now she's a) fat and b) in game grumps.

"I think if I was in an episode of Game Grumps, it'd be very bland and dull and you guys would get sick of me." Well, she's not wrong.

No. 178507

File: 1442004603608.png (207.01 KB, 396x338, fathead.png)

Her talking about being into "fashion" and how she will never just wear jeans and a t-shirt.

Like bitch thats all you wear now.

No. 178554

Damn compared to now, she's like a completely different person

No. 178586

Wow; that's just sad.

No. 178594

>Denies getting spoiled by Arin
>I get my own money
Guess when she upped the snack budget she had to make a second channel and scam people on etsy.

No. 178620

She used to seem so genuine. What happened to her?

No. 178688

Ok, suzy is a stupid bitch and all, but let's stop using the 'gamer gurl~~~" insult. that shit was invented by basement dweller guys who still think female gamers are some kind of myth. I work at a fucking video game STORE and went out still in uniform for lunch and some guy at the cafe i was ordering at asked me if I was gamer for reals after I told him where I worked. (He asked me. I didn't just bring up, but he saw my uniform.)

It was really insulting since guys never get the "omg you're not a real gamer!" bullshit thrown at them. Suzy sucks ass and is a casual gamer for sure, but she's still a gamer. she isn't fake in that aspect at least. She is still a lying, scheming cunt though.

No. 178690

LOL My thoughts exactly.

No. 178691

no one cares

No. 178692

Game Grumps got popular in a very quick two year time span and the money started rolling in.

No. 178761

>mfw if there was no game grumps Suzy would just be making bugs and unboxing videos. Not as popular but enough to not be broke
>mfw Arin would still be a lazy and not draw as much
>mfw they would be Florida trash with Suzy being the main breadwinner

No. 178762

File: 1442030325569.png (56.72 KB, 127x159, 1347385349388.png)

No. 178768

I also work at a video game store and I've had that happen to me so few times. I think if anything; people like you who perpetuate the myth that male gamers are "basement dwellers" who are in shock and awe at the sight of a woman in their hobby are a lot more obnoxious than the occasional curious dude.

No. 178793

I keep forgetting they're from florida

No. 178806

being from florida, can confirm everyone here is fucking whack or crazy af

No. 178810

I'm from FL too, but I've never seen it.
Maybe cause I live in central fl.

No. 178813

>It never happened to me so it doesn't exist
come on girl, just because it doesn't happen on a wide scale, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I bet you think street harassment is made up too. Don't be one of those people.
(Sorry, but that shit pisses me off when people act like it's a myth or a thing that never happens)

Back to Suzy: Do you think she will recruit any new game grump members since she seems to be the self proclaimed leader now?

No. 178819

Believe it or not but fake gamer gurl is a thing that actually exist. You just need to look at all those Twitch Whores who play LoL for a living.
Just because you're not one of them doesn't mean they aren't real

No. 178820

File: 1442041050600.png (95.65 KB, 620x457, d40e92ab7feb4be82f48120038c1f2…)

this is fucking disgusting, i wanna puke from looking. wtf is wrong with her?

No. 178843


Agreed. The reason it exists is because games got very popular with men. So some female decided to pretend to like games so they could get with hot guys they liked thinking they were so unique~~ the reason this stereotype doesn't exist for men is because there would be such a minority of guys who would start playing games to get a females attention since they probably already play them.

Also not saying women can't genuinely like games or that girls didn't get into them when it became popular, because it totally did happen. But that's just my idea of why this phenomenon exists

No. 178882

What the FUCK.
I stupidly looked at the whole gallery of step by step pictures she uploaded on imgur of the zit popping process…now I want to vomit. Not kidding, I legitimately feel slightly nauseous.
>I usually get 1 crazy zit before my period each month and I guess this month in particular was crazy stressful resulting in this monster!
Wtf? Not trying to be one of those people that are like ~periods are gross eww~ but this whole post is just enitrely TMI.
Nasty bitch.

No. 178918

No. 178919


She's "not like other gurls" and has no problem with being gross!
So progressiv!

Also I think we now know why she has terrible skin

No. 178920

>I get photoshopped on naked bodies all the time
>all the time
Is that supposed to be her bragging?
Also I've never seen these supposed photoshopped nudes and I've lurked quite a few GG related threads on various imageboards and such.
The only ones I've seen posted are >>166017 and the behind shot of some random (obviously black/latina/darker skinned) woman bent over that happened to have black and blonde hair and is clearly not her. None of them are photoshopped though.
Also don't know where or why she's looking to find these 'pictures'.

No. 179078

She must miss all the creepy pictures fans draw of all the guys having sex with each other.

The only one I remember being posted that was an edit were in the first thread
And here's the one that >>178920 brought up

No. 179167

Why is this okay?? This is not okay. Argh. Suzy is greasy and disgusting

No. 179169

File: 1442106508355.jpg (36.28 KB, 631x400, 01.jpg)

Well, i actually agree with a lot of the comments that this happens a lot to women, but not really with guys. Arin and Jon had creepy fans, but drawings are less creepy than real life photoshop your head onto a nude body.

No. 179175


Oh god, thumbcramps is the fatty that made that shitty 'clothing line'

No. 179189

No. 179194

File: 1442108895784.jpg (23.32 KB, 629x311, i-was-only-pretending-to-be-re…)

rofl that guy back peddling so hard.

No. 179208

File: 1442113579314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.91 KB, 778x778, WQghln3.jpg)


"a fun collage to remember it by!"

No. 179209


Ugghhh Paige. I'm part of the AANI and I creep the AA threads in /cgl/ all the time. She seems so tumblr it hurts

No. 179211

I clicked on that and instantly regretted it

No. 179230


No. 179259

She hit 200k subscribers on her YT channel and said there's going to be a special video Monday.
>inb4 it's zit popping.

No. 179260

Arin is a lucky, lucky man.

No. 179261

File: 1442122808542.jpg (Spoiler Image, 327.11 KB, 1067x1600, 1494903 - Game_Grumps Suzy_Ber…)


There's some lazy fakes in there. Some don't even try to blend the skin colors or match angles. Then you got this shit…

No. 179262

Honestly who would ever mistake those as real?

No. 179263

File: 1442123747117.png (320.75 KB, 512x512, 1454562 - Game_Grumps Suzy_Ber…)

Holy shit these shoops are killing me.

No. 179264

File: 1442123839662.png (Spoiler Image, 997.95 KB, 1016x819, 1283013 - Game_Grumps Suzy_Ber…)

No. 179265

This looks like a monkey with makeup on. How did this person not realize they made her face way too small lmao

No. 179266

File: 1442124078494.png (Spoiler Image, 624.98 KB, 1024x683, 1308329 - Game_Grumps Suzy_Ber…)

She looks like a fucking potato.
I feel sorry for whoever fapped to this.

No. 179267

Haha, it's bad shooping, but i think the point is that it's tactless and tasteless versus "hey, it's a bad shoop"

No. 179272

No. 179277

File: 1442127282790.jpg (29.78 KB, 300x339, IMG_20150908_172652.jpg)

No. 179322


I'm sorry but I don't understand how ANYONE can take shit like this serious. This is HILARIOUS and I'm not even saying that because it's suzy. How bitchy do you have to be to get all defensive and butthurt about shit like this?

No. 179323


I will never get the appeal of Rule 34 stuff

No. 179324

R.I.P My Boner

No. 179338

I think most of the time it's just for fun & mocks

No. 179378

File: 1442162527792.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.95 KB, 1280x1071, 1412835 - Arin_Hanson Game_Gru…)

Why would someone do a crayola colored pencil illustration of anime Arin and Suzy porking

No. 179386

What the FUCK

No. 179396

S-someone had to get their material together, sit down, think about it, and draw it.

Think about it.

People actually spend time making these.

No. 179410

kill me now

No. 179413

even worse, there are people jerking it to this stuff

No. 179452

And then post is online?? No idea. Has Suzy or Arin seen this?

No. 179454

File: 1442178881818.gif (1.04 MB, 450x234, 144169570996.gif)

I'm done.

No. 179460

File: 1442180401564.jpg (256.74 KB, 775x332, sozyaronamateurhotcuckaction.j…)

No. 179468

File: 1442182571069.jpg (286.63 KB, 1151x1671, _20150913_181522.JPG)

suzy pls just let me nut into your crayola scented cooch

No. 179469

No. 179473

I love you anon

No. 179527

Are you ready for more amazing reviews?

No. 179574

Is it just me or is her blonde streak looking dingy as fuck? Seems like in the past it used to at least be a nice shade of blonde, now it just looks washed out.

No. 179576

Pale or platinum blonde always has to be toned. At least once a week or two, but yeah.. Suzy has probably been too lazy. I wonder how often she even showers?

No. 179578

File: 1442213026195.jpg (15.77 KB, 300x300, image.jpg)

No. 179690

Her hair always looks really flat and kinda greasy. I dunno if it's from not showering or just how her hair is, but she needs to put something in it for some texture. It's so limp.

No. 179745

No. 179754

No. 179756

I actually liked them both in this video. They were adorable!

No. 179760

If Arin was clean shaven, he'd make a pretty cross-dresser. I wonder if he got aroused after this?

No. 179761

Yeah, it's weird. they actually looked kind of cute and natural here. I wonder what happened?

No. 179764

No. 179765

File: 1442256574540.jpg (18.11 KB, 368x452, IMG_20150914_143559.jpg)

No. 179766

File: 1442256615828.jpg (23.61 KB, 434x455, IMG_20150914_143620.jpg)

No. 179768

File: 1442256670929.jpg (17.83 KB, 292x377, IMG_20150914_145044.jpg)

No. 179770

>winged eyeliner
god damn it, Suzy! I know you can't do anything but winged eyeliner, but she should of tried something new on Arin that fits his eyeshape. He would of looked fine with just basic eyeliner. that winged shit makes me rage.

No. 179771

arins a hotter woman than suzy here, lmaaaoooo

No. 179772

File: 1442256914618.jpg (69.4 KB, 1280x720, torture.jpg)


I wanted to like this, but Arin is a gigantic man baby who thinks putting on makeup is comparative to torture. Please.

No. 179773

She needs to tone that nasty yellow chunk

No. 179774

File: 1442258482742.jpg (10.46 KB, 691x151, Clipboard02.jpg)

Haha, this one comment.

No. 179775

When suzy dresses up as anything it reminds me of jnig. Wearing the same style hair all the time, and the same makeup. Just throw on a costume and keep the same everything else.

No. 179776

So true. She makes zero effort to actually get into costume and be someone other than Suzy.

No. 179779

I think he exaggerates to cover up the fact that he loves it and wants to be a woman.

No. 179782

They just uploaded a playthrough of MGSV with Arin and Suzy

Going to go ahead and ignore that

No. 179789

I think she said in a video before she only conditions like once or twice a week but washes it with shampoo pretty often. Her hair might be overproducing oil to counteract that

No. 179795

He always complains SO hard when it's being put on, but whenever she reveals it to him, his reaction always makes me wonder (not to mention the countless other things he's said implying he wants to be a lady). I know he's said before he's just a guy who likes femme things, but if he actually does want to be a woman, then I hope sometime he'll be able to go live his life as he wants.

No. 179800


Wow their chemistry wasn't horrible for once.

No. 179809


pretty sure she said in a video she showers everyday

No. 179820

Counting down the days until Arin comes out as a transwomen.

No. 179826

Fuck, someone photoshop his head onto Caitlyn Jenner's body

No. 179865

He's screaming all the time while she's putting on the makeup, but when he looks at his reflection he looks like he's in love and seems really happy.

No. 179869

File: 1442271524672.jpg (9.73 KB, 236x177, 764f14d9085c10a1bcff0ca9cd2aaa…)

Didn't he used to wear makeup though?

No. 179877

File: 1442274270311.jpg (20.09 KB, 348x322, PQH5D.jpg)

I'm laughing my ass off at this video

No. 179886

That's how I feel as well. He probably puts on Suzy's makeup when she's out working or sleeping.

No. 179887

Hahaha yeaaaah, no. Def not watching that shit either.

No. 179888

Yeah, he always liked long hair and makeup. I don't think Arin is trans, but he just likes socially feminine things. Plenty of straight and cis men wear makeup for fun.

No. 179891

>Translated by CGRascal

>Arin, I love your phimosis dick

No. 179899


No. 179900

>grow up

No. 179902

Sometimes I feel like Arin is seriously in the closet and Suzy is his long term beard. Like when he was talking about how amazing A+ Suzy's vagina was it sounded so forced.

No. 179905

Suzy didn't sound completely fake, but she was annoying. Seems about right.

Whoa when did he talk about that?

No. 179908

I think it was a Game Grumps episode with Jon?

No. 179909

Jfc someone tell her to fix her shit lighting. They both look so washed out and pale like a constantly bad instagram filter. Also the end where she makes that kissy face at him like she really wants him to kiss her but he doesn't so then she just awkwardly hangs all over him as usual.

No. 179923

I didn't hate this. They seemed cute, relaxed even, like a couple should be. Funny how >>179869 is right but I think he doesn't like suzy's makeup. She lays it thick.

He mentioned it before in several episodes. He doesn't know if he would have become straight or gay depending on how things in his life have turned out. It was actually a good conversation. Turned into an ep of him and Dan wondering if being gay is a mix of being born with it and life events. Wish I could find it.

No. 179926

File: 1442288853876.jpg (106.88 KB, 1336x838, image.jpg)

That was pretty cute, that was definitely the first time they've actually almost seemed like a normal couple. But geez, Suzy does not look good in profile, I don't think I could watch a video of myself looking like that and be ok with it.

No. 179933

It's in of the last We Love Katamari Episodes I think maybe even the finale. Can't look it up rn but I'm pretty sure.

No. 179939

Her weight gain is overlapping her neck. She is one of those people who looks okay with a little chub, but she is definitely 30+ pounds overweight at this point and her chin and neck are melding to become a chneck.

No. 179941

I know tons of people who have this profile, both thin and fat.

IMO you guys are being kind of idealistic about what she should look like at her age. Is she a model? No, but iirc she isn't trying to be. She has the profile of an average woman.

No. 179942

LOL! Sorry you got so fat, Suzy, but most women don't have their chins and necks melting together.

No. 179943

She's only 26 or 27 years old. She gained a lot of weight in the last year and it's obvious that's why she looks so bad. Her diet is shit and she refuses to work out. She used to be naturally thin, but then her thyroid thing happened, but she can manage it and won't. It's her fault for being so lazy. She looks older than she is because of how fat she is. Stop being a white knight.

No. 179944

File: 1442296052718.png (114.82 KB, 1018x665, mm.PNG)

>Is she a model? No, but iirc she isn't trying to be.

Come again?

No. 179945

I bet she misses being 115. She's probably like 145 at this point.

No. 179946

Yeah nah, you're being a cunt and I'm not Suzy.

Having a slight double chin in your late twenties because you have a short jaw and neck isn't some SJW body positivity scam, it's just basic biology in action. Especially if a small weight gain has happened. Sorry if you don't think this isn't extremely common.

No. 179947

>call out an unreasonable, deluded view
>24 inch waist
So how old is this profile?

No. 179948

File: 1442296424114.png (3.8 KB, 196x151, mm2.PNG)

>So how old is this profile?

Wow good thing you can see the last time she signed in was literally five days ago! :-)


No. 179949

Again, that's neat. Guess I'll take back my recall that I thought she wasn't a model.

But again, what does that have to do with the biological fact that people with shorter lower jaws and necks are more likely to have this kind of profile? She could alternatively just stay away from profile glamour shots.

No. 179952

File: 1442297386475.jpg (118.38 KB, 921x580, that-edge.jpg)

Suzy is so boring.
>muh new spooky board
>i'm so edgy you guys

No. 179953

Hey now anon, I love shitting on Suzy for stuff she is perfectly capable of improving i.e. her shitty samefaggy makeup, her attitude, her "art," and her gut, etc.

I just think shitting on her weak genetic lottery ticket and blaming it on an unrelated factor might inadvertently hurt others in the process. Lots of skinnier asians also have that profile because they also have the same unfortunate flat face, no jaw that she has. It's got nothing to do with fatness.

No. 179954

Suzy is NOT Asian. Suzy has FAS and has let herself go by gorging herself with donuts while blaming an easily treatable condition. she's a model and her YT channel is based all around her appearance, that gives us every right to call her out on her shit looks.
Her skin is aged to hell, covered in acne scars and zits that she loves to pop because she is too lazy to take care of her face, let alone the rest of her body.
I don't know why you seem to take personal offense to someone saying she looks like shit.

No. 179955

>Suzy is not asian
The point, dear anon, is that people with flat faces, lack of jaw, and short necks tend to have those profiles. I equated hers to asians because they're the group who most commonly have those characteristics, but I've seen it on thin white people as well. And other races in fact.

The acne thing is also another factor you don't really know about. I've known people who've gone to extreme lengths to take care of their acne skin (antibiotics + topicals, bc, diet changes) yet their acne is genetic or hormonal and even with treatments they're stuck with it. Idrk if Suzy has done any of that, but it seems kind of unfair to assume she bathes in makeup grease and chocolate every night to be stuck with unfortunate skin.

It's not that I'm offended by what you're saying, but it just seems unreasonable and kind of harsh.

No. 179957


If you go up in the thread a bit, you'll find a review of an ipsy bag or something where she says she rarely uses sunscreen.

She lives in fucking CA, but her location doesn't matter honestly, she flat out stated she doesn't regularly use sun protection on her skin.

All this from a woman trying to be a beauty guru. And it's been made clear that enjoys popping her pimples, and that shit leads to scarring, no matter how skilled you are. Girl doesn't take care of her skin, it's been made clear throughout all of these threads.

No. 179958

Yeah the lotion thing is kind of retarded. I'll give you that.

But lots of people are guilty of pimple popping, even "gurus." Some derms even pop pimples with comedone tools (it's not the same as using unsterile fingers, but still).
Tbh if you've gone years without seeing a day of clear skin, the popping doesn't really seem to matter. It just makes the pimples flatter to cover with foundation.

Regardless, the way she takes care (or doesn't) of her skin is different than her genetic predisposition to a shitty neckline and double chin.

No. 179959

Stop defending Suzy. It's been said. She calls herself a beauty and makeup guru and makes a living off her appearance, before she became a Grump and started leeching off Arin. Her appearance is what she pinpoints, so she's fair game to be mocked and critiqued.

She eats shit, doesn't use sunscreen, and doesn't work out. She did this to herself. Stop defending her.

No. 179960

>It's not that I'm offended by what you're saying, but it just seems unreasonable and kind of harsh.

You are on lolcow. Did you get lost on your way to tumblr or another hugbox site?

No. 179962

>implying I'm defending Suzy
I thought I've made it clear, multiple times now, that the issue is you girls assuming a certain genetic profile is due to fatness and not because it's just predispositioned to look a certain way.
If you would at least admit that I'd fuck off entirely. You're the one bringing up other unrelated shit like her acne and skin "guru"ness that I frankly don't care about.

>get outta here with your stinkin' reasonability!
I just woke up in the middle of the night, went on my phone, lurked here like I usually do, and happened upon something ignorant that I thought needed to be pointed out. I'm willing to let it go anon, are you?

No. 179965

File: 1442300841747.jpg (313.94 KB, 960x1084, image.jpg)

Mostly it's her forehead that bothers me in profile, it just seems like it makes her hairline look awful. Personally, I thought her hair looked best like this.

No. 179971

She looked awesome there, but now since she's fatter, that hairstyle may not look so good on her anymore. If she tries to emulate it now, I'm sure it wouldn't look so great on her anymore.
She may need to add more volume or something.

No. 179972


I wonder how her family feels about Arin. Like if they think he's an obnoxious man child but tolerate it since he makes the big bucks.

No. 180012

In all seriousness, I've never heard of anything good coming from Ouija boards and I like to research a lot of paranormal activities and things like this. They're sort of unanimously considered a bad thing and create some terrifying experiences. Can anyone confirm any bad experiences themselves?

This is funny to me, though. Like the other comments, it'd be funny if Suzy opens some "portal to hell" and "spooks up the grump house". This coming from her followers even is funny to me.

No. 180016

Bangs definitely help her forehead situation.

They probably hate him but are glad they'll never have to support Suzy again, long as the jewtube bucks don't run out.

No. 180019

Just the thought of a ouiji board gives me chills, I can't imagine just having one in the house let alone as many as she says she has. Those are absolutely no joke and you don't want to mess with what you can't control. I would imagine with as much as she likes them, one day she'll fuck up and open a door she can't close. There's being "edgy" and "different" but then there's being uneducated and fucking stupid.

No. 180020


You really shouldn't believe in stuff like that, it just makes you more anxious. The most that's ever happened to me when I was over at some friend's for a sleepover was that the board would magically tell them and their closest friends that the guys they liked were secretly into them when they had their fingers on the piece, while it stayed completely silent when my friend and I did.

No. 180021

I agree. Her hair (bangs included) looked best like this.

No. 180022

Friends wantted to use one in highschool, but I decided to peace out. I came to school the next day and one of my friend's had a blackeye because he woke up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. The door was jammed and he heard scratching sounds, then it suddenly flew open and hit in the face. He had a pretty bad face injury. And now there's a thick tension in the air around his house. I wouldn't mess with that shit just to be safe. I do believe in ghosts and i wouldnt want to mess with them, even if it doesn't work for everyone.

No. 180024

So Suzy says she gained weight because of thyroid polyps. Usually that goes hand in hand with hypothyroidism, which is completely treatable with meds. Suzy hasn't mentioned medications so I wonder if she's even on Synthroid or anything.

Hypothyroidism doesn't exactly mean massive weight gain. I know someone who managed to lose weight with hypo. Suzy probably eats way too much and blames it on her condishun.

No. 180025

Even if she is on meds, she never mentions working out. And she drinks a lot of soda, which contributes greatly to her weight gain.

No. 180027

Yeah, she's probably lazy and overeating and instead of saying that she has a condishun but that she's also eating too much and not moving enough, she's solely blaming her thyroid.

No. 180029

I wonder if Suzy ever worked out? Like went out jogging or to the gym before all this? She used to have a pretty much 9 or 10 people and it's sad she threw it out the window.

No. 180040

No. 180043

She needs to stop being a blob before she starts correcting small problems like fat between your thighs.

No. 180051

I hope she realizes spot training doesn't work… You need to stop being an overall fat ass for your thigh fat to burn off and tone up.

No. 180054

Someone needs to confirm if this is actually Suzy or did she stand behind someone and videotape them working out? haha

No. 180056

So stupid. I have a thigh gap and my bmi is 24. It has to do with the width of your hips, sheesh.

No. 180059

For the most part, yes. I'm 125 pounds and i have just a little gap, but my thighs do still rub together because welp, that's where all my fat goes, but my upper body and arms are skinny. It's all how your distribution is.

I'm sick of these air heads obsessing over thigh gaps.

No. 180061

I just realized this video is from 10 weeks ago. I wonder if she's made any progress?

No. 180062

She talks about it at around 6:30 minutes into this vid. Apparently her doctor hasn't put her on any meds.

No. 180075

That's very unusual. An Endocrinologist should prescribe something to regulate her thyroid if the polyps are causing hypothyroidism.

No. 180077

Imagine this all ending with tons of game grumps streams to raise money for Suzy's chemo

No. 180079

Haha. Awwwwkward.

No. 180103


Imagine how sad that would be

No. 180154

Oh geez, someone should tell her that that machine makes your thighs bigger. Gurl needs cardio and a diet.

No. 180157

If she were honestly as concerned or worried about this condition that she has then, as an adult as she so claims to be, would be taking the most necessary steps such as diet and exercise to help themselves. She is so concerned in wallowing in self pity and getting so many compliments i begin to wonder if she even WANTS to get fixed. People keep saying how beautiful, strong, special she is because of this "ailment" she has. All she has to do is realize that it's not impossible and you can't blame a disease on weight all of the time. I have PCOS, and people claim how tough it is to lose weight with it, but I lost 12 pounds in 9 months eating healthy and exercising, so I never buy the medical excuses unless it's something physically debilitating. She is lazy, enjoys her donuts, soda and eating out, and not exercising. That is why she is overweight, not her stupid thyroid.

No. 180165

I can't think of PCOS without thinking of Whitney Thore, the fat girl from My Big Fat Fabulous life. No Whitney, your PCOS didn't cause a 200 lb weight gain. Eating banana mayo sandwiches, whole pizzas and drinking a copious amount of booze did.

No. 180201

File: 1442354372634.png (908.52 KB, 955x618, suzyquiet.PNG)

Be prepared, guys.

No. 180223

And I thought I was being an annoying commentator when watching my bf play mgsv

No. 180229

>the issue is you girls assuming a certain genetic profile is due to fatness and not because it's just predispositioned to look a certain way
I mean… look at >>179965 the chin-neck merge is definitely because of how fat she got.

No. 180235

this looks legitimately horrible

No. 180236

Anything is better than the fucking cat eye at this point, lbr

No. 180240

Honestly a little surprised she didn't do the cat eye as well as the "mask" overtop

No. 180264

I hope this is just a tutorial for the "mask"… Though I'll probably bust a gut if she's dressed as Quiet in the video.

No. 180272

Her natural genetic profile is due to fas, the blubber is just a bonus.

No. 180290

HAHAHA bitch you wish! You're too fat and nowhere near as cool and awesome as Quiet.

No. 180293

Her FAS face up close is disgusting

No. 180313

I know she's doing the Quiet "mask" look, but would it kill her to use some color on her lips or a lip balm at the very least? I'm probably being nitpicky but bare lips are not a good look for her. Her red lip recently is really helping her look better imo.

No. 180354

This is so painful to watch what the hell.

No. 180372

File: 1442424558001.jpg (41.05 KB, 1440x271, IMG_20150916_132824.jpg)


No. 180387

thinks of Suzy cosplaying as Quiet oh god no… nooo… NOOOOOOOOOO!

No. 180393


No. 180394

Man, those guys are zero standards. I hate whiteknights.

No. 180395

I don't know if she puts foundation over her lips or what, but they look so washed out. You're right, she needs some pink or red for color.

No. 180400

Tfw you open an episode of gg and she's the first thing you see :)

No. 180401

Why is she not wearing pants? Why is she so bad at even fake acting on purpose?

WHY ARE THEY ADVERTISING FOR LOOT CRATE? This is the most cringey shit.

No. 180403

File: 1442429970102.jpg (61.87 KB, 805x583, Clipboard02.jpg)

Those comments

No. 180404

CaptinFalco's comment about Suzy's face has me rolling.

No. 180405

I don't know, I think this is probably her least terrible work in the ads. And she looked a little decent in it. It could've been a lot worse. Y'know. Like the first ad they did for the "New" Game Grumps shirts.

No. 180406

No. 180407

File: 1442430348005.png (510.8 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2015-09-16-15h04m52s05…)

No. 180412

Yeah, this was her best appearance in awhile imo. I think anything's better than her scary bloated latex doll look from the shovel knight video

No. 180418

You make the best screencaps, anon

No. 180420

I agree. I thought it was fine. Even kind of funny. (Rare for GG/Suzy.)

No. 180422


That fucking shilling are you kidding me…

How greedy can you get? Arin is seriously destroying the Gamegrumps name with this jewery, and all in the name of $$$.

No. 180425


I am sooooooooo salty that these gaylords have so much money and nice shit

No. 180455

Suzy's doing what looks like a q&a on Tumblr right now if anyone's interested.

No. 180463

You shouldn't be. Money isn't everything.

No. 180466

No. 180476

It's true., at least I think so. I had a super rich uncle and guess what? his kids and grandkids were ungrateful brats.

No. 180515

File: 1442457888760.jpg (197.22 KB, 1432x1404, IMG_20150916_224422.jpg)

is this person high

No. 180530

I dont wan't Suzy to do anything MGS related. ugh…

No. 180531

He may be trolling her who knows

No. 180544

Yeah, I actually found some of her bits slightly funny for once, which is surprising seeing as whenever I watch her I think "here we go, more unfunny shittery".
She usually tries too hard when trying to emulate the type of over-the-top, blatant humor Arin and the other guys do in the ad videos, but she seemed more…natural here?
I still don't like Suzy but she got a smile from me (begrudgingly).
I agree with this though.
They think straight up saying "yeah, we're getting paid for this!" in a comedic way makes it okay, but it really doesn't. It kind of comes off even more obnoxious to me for some reason.

No. 180560

File: 1442462342851.jpg (204.87 KB, 1427x1928, IMG_20150916_235835.jpg)


No. 180561

did she lose some weight? her face doesn't look as greasy either. also she wore something other than sweats and a hoodie. maybe she's improving?

No. 180563

Everyone knows they're getting sponsored by loot crate at this point. It does make it even more obnoxious to do this 'commercial.'

No. 180564

She has no business wearing those shorts though. Her hair and makeup is still the same shit.

No. 180565

She looks like a plastic model made with the Unity engine.

No. 180566

Haha, I like the OP here.

No. 180568

What the fuck, why'd she get so offended?
That's not even really a personal question in my opinion.
People ask others that are childless and have a S.O. or are married that question all the time. Maybe it's just me but it doesn't seem out of line.
Maybe one of them is infertile? I can't think of why else she would get so disgruntled.

No. 180575

I mean, it is a personal question that is no one's business and a lot of heterosexual couples get that question once they're together for more than a year. Not really defending Suzy but i can understand her annoyance. Her and Arin have been getting that question before their marriage and they probably don't want to discuss it. It really is no one's business tbh

No. 180583

File: 1442469343979.jpg (9.46 KB, 762x123, hah.jpg)

someone posted this comment on a collegehumor video called "Every beauty vlogger ever"
Kind of hilarious.

No. 180584

The video btw

No. 180585

Saw that video the other day, fucking hilarious

No. 180589

This is pretty accurate. haha

No. 180600

sorry for oot but 1:18 reminds me venus and manaki somehow

No. 180660

what vid is this from? I think I preordered that shirt from levelup wear but it got delayed to November…

No. 180662

No. 180677

File: 1442505474815.png (110.57 KB, 1077x676, Screenshot_2015-09-17-17-55-53…)

Well,at least she is kind of self aware i guess?

No. 180733

She didn't have to respond if she didn't want to answer. Acting rude to your fans is just stupid and obnoxious.

No. 180800

Yeah, she could've easily ignored it. I get that it probably gets asked a lot and is old but jeez simmer down over there suz

No. 180826

I love how her bf in this is the every YouTube gamer.

No. 180900

File: 1442539278026.jpg (161.63 KB, 927x592, ss (2015-09-17 at 06.21.20).jp…)

No. 180927

And I love how the "Every youtube gamer channel" ever video is so about people like Arin and Peanutbuttergamer.

No. 180928

hahaha holyshit. Suzy knows she's boring.

No. 180929

It's a super personal question, but you have to love how rude she is at first when her ass isn't being directly kissed, and then she's super nice when the fan realizes they pissed off Kween Grumples and bows down to her instantly.

A+ public relations, Scuzy.

No. 180974

Chill with the filter a little Suzy…

No. 180975

Her skin must look like shit.

No. 180993

lol @ her lips.

No. 183251

>There's being "edgy" and "different" but then there's being uneducated and fucking stupid.

Omfg, are you mentally challenged?
You seriously believe a piece or cardboard with letters on it can summon 'demonic spirits' lol, Ouija boards are fucking bullshit, if you seriously believe they work you probably believe in this bearded man in the sky who will forgive you for all your sins like being born and having periods.

Youtube Penn and Tellers video on Ouija boards and educate yourself on the spoopy.

No. 183263

Why doesn't she get lip injections ?

No. 183282


I'm so happy that she cosplays Venom and not Quiet

No. 183308

Suzy was in my wet dream about Nicole, too.
I want to die.

No. 183338

File: 1442696390692.png (768.55 KB, 720x1280, suzy.png)

I tried so hard and got so far

No. 183341

It's getting there anon. Godspeed.

No. 183353

She looks so pretty

No. 183379

she looks amazing, honestly. what'd you do, just lips?

No. 183384

File: 1442700929760.gif (702.09 KB, 719x719, extrememakeover.gif)

ngl i haven't looked at suzy's mug for a while, so i didn't see too much of a difference, but comparing them side-by-side just…wow. she needs to take this picture to a plastic surgeon stat.

here's the comparison in a handy gif form

No. 183387

you are a photoshop magician

No. 183402

Did tearing this post a new one just make your dick hard? fuck you.

No. 183404


Ugh her real eyebrows look so damn fake and overdrawn, why do the shooped ones look real-er

No. 183452

WELL if Penn and Teller made a video it must be true!!!!!!!

No. 183456

File: 1442717770297.jpg (103.98 KB, 422x750, tumblr_nuxeusScLB1tbwop0o1_500…)

I found a fat suzy clone on tumblr

No. 183458

No fucking way

No. 183459

Different anon but seriously, if you believe those things actually summon demons or whatever the fuck, you are a moron, you don't need a TV show to tell you that

No. 183461

File: 1442718032658.jpg (617.23 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nugslbBPbO1tbwop0o1_128…)

It's scary

No. 183462

what the fuck

No. 183468

Why does this person think those eyebrows are good? Or those bangs? Ew.

No. 183524

is there any possible way to fix that nose?

No. 183534


No. 183535

This is so good and most of it is just not doing her shitty basic makeup with too much eyeliner.

No. 183552

File: 1442738926607.jpg (195.27 KB, 917x586, ss (2015-09-17 at 06.21.20).jp…)

Ughh she looks like shes molding

No. 183553

I wonder if Suzy ever had a crush on Barry tbh. Shes usually way more natural with him than her own husband

No. 183554

File: 1442739123721.png (17.57 KB, 608x131, ss (2015-09-20 at 01.51.40).pn…)

No. 183557

THANK GOD,that means no bikini or bra cosplay

No. 183559

I may actually like the cosplay just because I don't have to see much of her face or body

No. 183564

File: 1442742852238.png (913.92 KB, 1355x659, mort2.png)


all those awkward face poses wtf

No. 183579

Trying to get some attention from Daniels death

No. 183583

She probably would've done a 'sexy' version if she wasn't fat now.
She'd look blubbery and disgusting and she knows it.

No. 183585

Wait what?

No. 183586


Can someone give me a quick synopsis of who this Danial is? Also what relation does GG have to him

No. 183587


"I wanna be the real deal"


No. 183611

Daniel was involved with Cyndago and he killed himself recently. A lot of people have been torn up and Suzy & Sheena ~~Oum~~ have been up peope's asses about it.

No. 183615


He worded for Cyndago who were probably most well known for their skits with Markiplier. I think Markiplier lived with them too? Some of the Game grumps have done videos with them as well (I know of Ross and Dan being in videos at least).

Daniel was a member and he committed suicide, so now Cyndago are split up, and Markiplier is on a break.

No. 183619


Yeah, mark moved in with them because some stalkers found out where he lived.

No. 183626

So what if someone wants to do a sexy snake cosplay? Suzy touts herself as a big feminist with her "I PLAY MORE VIDEO GAMES THAN BOYS!!" and her ~~~girl gang~~~ bullshit all the time but she's really just as bad as Arin with his "I'm a feminist cuz I want pus" schtick.

No. 183651

Who is Daniel and why didnt you just screencap and post it here? this is an image board. No one wants to click on links unless they can't be posted.

No. 183652

She's going to be awful. Why is she even planning on making that cosplay?

No. 183653

who cares about him then

No. 183656

I think his friends. Mark was that. Suzy not so much.

No. 183657

what's wrong with the shorts? her legs don't even look bad. are you guys serious? she's really not that fat. the problem is that her face is fat and she has a doublechin.

No. 183664

File: 1442768736881.png (334.42 KB, 406x422, smug jontron.png)

No. 183673

her legs really don't look bad in that video.

No. 183694

I've thought about that too. They spend so much time together so there's probably a little something

No. 183696

She's supposed to look like she's molding, doesn't beetlejuice have that same thing going on?

No. 183701


ignore the ana-chans, they've seem to have forgotten what people who eat something other than half a baby carrot look like in shorts.

No. 183702

She missed the mark. I feel like should could have made it more Halloween like by adding more liquid latex around her face.

No. 183757

I've thought the opposite, if Barry has had a crush on her… he really is the only person who doesn't seem to be completely awkward around her on camera. I mean…

This video is weird. And her application skills are awful, even with a twitchy Arin.

No. 183759

File: 1442782063074.jpg (3.83 MB, 4537x4725, a man removing a plaster repre…)


>You should def do a Siouxsie sioux one!!

pls no

No. 183760

File: 1442782254005.jpg (92.64 KB, 960x1044, p16422wu38v.jpg)

Problem is Suzy's look is nearly Siouxsie Sioux. She'd still fuck it up, or wonder who the hell this person is.

No. 183761


I wonder if she knows who Siouxsie Sioux is
You know, being ~so goff~ and all

No. 183764

She probably doesn't and is goth in aesthetic only. Not a bad thing, but it's why I don't call myself goth even though I like the look. I don't listen to the music much.

No. 183768


I want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she's at least somewhat aware of her, but maybe I'm just worried I end up like one of those ~omg super spooky~ kids that jump up and start asking Bauhaus trivia whenever anyone even mentions liking the goth aesthetic, idk

sage for getting OT

No. 183776

Eh as long as you aren't a judgemental prick you'd be okay. Some people are willing to learn.

And then you have Suzy who wants to be right about everything. All she'd kind of need to do is watch the Pixiwoo tutorial on it.

No. 183854

And it's insulting as fuck to girls who are truly gamers that have to deal with the attention seeking game gurl whores.
get over yourself
>it's bad to use gamer gurl
>it's okay to call guys basement dwellers
go back to tumblr

No. 183856

that is very unkawaii

No. 183857

This shit can happen to everyone and why does it seem like she's bragging? wtf?

No. 183858

I regret clicking on this holy shit
who the fuck does that?

No. 183859

Worst PS ever

No. 183860

>implying anyone would fap to this

No. 183862


No. 183867

>if you have different beliefs in me then youre a moron!!!
i'm not that anon but you seem like you're the one who is a moron

No. 183868

I bet this girl is a SJW and a feminist and calls herself trans

No. 183869

to look like a fierce woman!!!

No. 183872

Why, so you can ask to take her feminist sjw dick in your ass? Calm down, edgelord. You're creepy.

No. 183875

No. I can at least give Arin that he can be informed about certain things, even if he failed as a weeb and didn't know what tsundere meant, but I don't think Suzy goes out of her way to learn anything, much less expand her vocabulary.

No. 183891

I really feel bad for people like Mark who are really down to earth and just wanna do what they love, but insane fans want to stalk them. Like, leave the guy alone.

I dont really care for Pewdiepie's videos, but he does a lot of charity work, which is great. He's in LA right now and because of some of their vlogs, I guess stans found out the house they're staying while in LA and left a package on their doorstep. Like who thinks that's okay?

No. 183892

Sorry you're so fat, Suzy

No. 183894

Love this tutorial!

No. 183898

Why does her underarm look so fucking dirty?

No. 183899

I'm going to say filter.
>It's not.

No. 183911

Her skin always looks like mine when I put on foundation too, it looks like she doesn't exfoliate but I do every day. What am I doing wrong

No. 183914


you need to wear primer to protect your skin; most foundations have comedogenic ingredients so try ones that affect your skin less.

korres makes an amazing brightening rose scrub that saved my skin as i wear foundation every day too.

No. 183980

I was in this fucking thread for five minutes and it made me get up and go outside for a jog.

No. 183986

Is it okay if I mix my primer with my foundation or base because they're both liquid? When mixed, the primer lightens the other to a shade I can wear without it looking bad (pale skin sucks when trying to find matching make up ;_; )
doesn't mixing the two essentially make a bb cream or something?
(polite sage bc this is kind of OT)

No. 184077

Suzy's fat is kind of motivating like that.

No. 184099

Lush sells a serum-like product called Grease Lightning. It's supposed to be a spot treatment, but I apply it over broad areas where I tend to break out. I put it on under my makeup and it helps keep my pores from getting dirty/clogged. It isn't very pricy and there's a ton in the bottle.

No. 184145

you know if she were in the middle of these two weights she would look perf
in my personal opinion
such a shame

No. 184172


I feel sorry for your parent's bringing a fucktard such as yourself into this world.

No. 184202

Grease lightning is a terrible name for a facial product, but I'll try a sample and check it out.

No. 184203

She looks perfect on the left though tbh

No. 184228

Holy shit even in this Arin has that depressed, dead behind the eyes look.

No. 184234


Same. I'm nowhere near her weight but I just got anxious I literally never want her life.

No. 184236

File: 1442884653168.jpg (50.55 KB, 306x419, 24831AAD00000578-2901810-image…)

DIf anon but I'm trying so hard to lose weight. A vid that was posted awhile ago that had Suzy looking very porky reminded me of when I was over 200 lbs. Suzy does look better with a fully face, but her arms are gross. If she curled her hair and gave it more body, she'd also look less gross.

And actually right now, I think Suzy's body type/shape is a bit like Tanya Burr's, a much more successful beauty youtuber. Tanya's not really 'fat' but makes very bad fashion choices (it's happening less, but that might also be because she lost some weight for her wedding…) by not dressing to her body type and picking things that just aren't flattering.

No. 184246

He's lost his passion, even when it comes to fucking his wife.

No. 184288


which is sad because he's fucking gross looking, sorry.

i only know of these people from this thread but it sucks she has a shitty marriage and he may not be open about not wanting to be with her. like she's not THAT fucking bad, she's just not at all fit to be a youtube personality, and should eat better.

but he's not exactly a prize so i don't get it…

No. 184299

Exactly. I feel like I could deal with being in a room with suzy for a few hours, but would genuinely get up and punch Arin in the face after a while. He tries so hard to be funny, like that kid in everyone's gradeschool who would eat anything for $1.

No. 184326

File: 1442899814731.jpg (186.93 KB, 651x875, suzy just shut up.jpg)

holy shit how gullible is this bitch

No. 184331

Whenever I hear stuff like that, my first instinct is to Google. Just in a few seconds I saw that there's never been a direct link, and any studies that hinted towards it had skepticism and were never actually able to prove anything. I dunno how she can just spread information around without thinking. Especially when you have such a large following of people.

No. 184334

Adding on to this, I'm glad to see a lot of people in the comments trying to correct her

No. 184363


I didn't understand until I read "links to breast cancer and deodorant"
Kek what the hell bitch, why does she believe everything she reads and tries to act like such a hippy? And then pounds of makeup on her face which is terrible for her skin??

Speaking of aluminum free deodorants, anyone have any suggestions? I have the Tom's right now but I'd like to try something else in the future when I run out. I wear aluminum free for the fact that aluminum causes those horrible yellow stains in clothes.
>be lolita
>gotta protect that burando

No. 184365

OT but is aluminum really what causes those stains? I thought it was just sweat!

>tfw so many white shirts ruined

No. 184374

I dunno about the links to breast cancer, but I use Tom's products in general because they just work for me and feel more natural. I have been using their toothpaste for years.

No. 184375

>protects staining
Glad I use Tom's! Those are the worst. i hate armpit stains. Thanks for the info, anon.

No. 184380

I thought the same thing; she cares about the apparent 'links to breast cancer' when the chances of actually getting cancer from deodorant is likely extremely, extremely slim, yet she stuffs her face with garbage 24/7, does nothing lose weight and gives no fucks about the very probable health issues she can obtain from that.
Fuck, she is dumb.

No. 184386

File: 1442911334305.jpg (250.94 KB, 1431x1600, cbd-3_product-shot_email.jpg)

I occasionally use this brand from the recommendation from a friend (who uses it in conjunction with another organic deodorant that I can't remember. She uses Crystal at night and the other one during the day. In a fursuit at a con in the dead heat of summer no less.) I specifically have the one in the middle which is a bit weird… you have to wet it before application. I find it's not that strong (so I've switch back to Dove for the time being) but the other formulas might be better.

If Suzy was smart she'd also stop using all the carcinogenic makeup she has and find her skin would likely look a lot better for it, since she's such shit at skin care. With how much she cakes on, she's more likely to get cancer from that. I swear she's like the teenagers who come into the store I work at (I work at a major US chain of beauty stores) who don't want to be told that the best way to deal with their acne isn't a full coverage foundation but a decent skin care regime.

I also finally watched this. Dammit Suzy, you should have used a gel eyeliner or a cream shadow as a base around the eye before the powder shadow. It's patchy as fuck (and if you look at caps of Quiet, it's darker and smokier around her eyes) which you could also have avoided by laying down a taupe shade first and then the black. Fuck, even using a goddamn eye primer would have helped. Why is she so bad?

No. 184387


The spray version of this works wonders for me. I don't have super potent armpit stank, though.

No. 184507

My dad has been using crystal for over 10 years now and swears by it. I totally forgot about this brand. Both Tom's and Crystal are great products you can find in almost every beauty store, CVS or target.

No. 184508

>I also finally watched this. Dammit Suzy, you should have used a gel eyeliner or a cream shadow as a base around the eye before the powder shadow. It's patchy as fuck (and if you look at caps of Quiet, it's darker and smokier around her eyes) which you could also have avoided by laying down a taupe shade first and then the black. Fuck, even using a goddamn eye primer would have helped. Why is she so bad?

I like you, anon. Maybe you should do a Quiet makeup tutorial and show Suzy up.

No. 184517

I'm thinking about it. I've wanted to do a cosplay make up channel for awhile, in part because I'm medium skin toned and they are very lacking on YT (everyone is either white, sometimes with fake tan, or very dark brown or they suck at make up) and also because of shit like Suzy.

I did search for some other Quiet tutorials and… one was old (from when clips of Quiet were first revealed) so she can have a pass for lack of resources and the other… is technically better because she did some of the things I mentioned but she was sort of back lit the whole time and good shots of the make up were filtered selfies. And it was still patchy looking in the video itself but that's probably because she used the dumb sponge applicators. This shit ain't hard!

No. 184614

File: 1442960923215.jpg (169.16 KB, 929x586, ss (2015-09-22 at 03.28.05).jp…)

Thanks everyone for the advice on aluminum free deodorant !

No. 184617

No. 184619

No prob anon! We should stick together and be better and more informed than Snoozy.

No. 184623

File: 1442961297979.jpg (82.03 KB, 930x595, what.jpg)

Are you hispanic like me? I have olive tone skin with a slight tan and almost all the tan YT makeup gurus are fake tanned bitches and I kind of want to see some actual dark skinned people without fake bronzer. Haha. If you ever do it, I'll seek you out.

Getting back on track, now Suzy is using other users on instagram to promote her overpriced garbage jewelry. Why do people still give her money??

No. 184624

Why do all these women look the same is the better question?

No. 184625

arrrgh her voice is so annoying and her commentary makes me barely able to watch her play for more than 10 minutes. Honestly, I'd rather just watch Dodger or Minx do something like this.

No. 184626

File: 1442961615544.jpg (51.58 KB, 400x252, FAS Facefini.jpg)

No. 184639

File: 1442963363476.jpg (63.25 KB, 980x490, landscape-1429904352-getty-kyl…)

I'm actually South Asian, but I get mistaken for Hispanic all the time (and disappointed look from every Spanish speaking person for betraying my not-culture). I'm pretty yellow toned actually for being South Asian, and that's mostly on my Dad's side.

Actually it's probably because of Kylie Jenner. Add in wanting to look edgy and you get too much contouring as well as weird hair colors.

No. 184656

I think in Suzy's case, it's mostly or just FAS.

No. 184662

Oh yeah but the chick in >>184623 is def going for a gothier Kylie Jenner look.

No. 184679

yeah, they need to tone down that contouring.

No. 184687

Especially since it's becoming passe now. Strobing (aka highlighting to almost stupid degrees) is where it's at currently.

Suzy could never do strobe make up. Her skin is shit and she's greasy enough.

No. 184707

Yikes, fake lips always look like shit

No. 184708

It's pretty much the instagram makeup trend. I have a friend that does her makeup like that and bases it off of Instagram famous girls. It looks fucking awful in person/sunlight though. Contouring in general looks disgusting if it's not done naturally

No. 184715

I wonder if Suzy won't get rid of the eyeliner because it's one of the things that make people think she's Asian. There's so many people that think she's mixed or not white at all it's hilarious

No. 184717

How boring and basic do you have to be to follow instagram makeup trends? damn these bitches

Maybe? It makes her eyes look more fas-y though.

No. 184800

holy fuck. you can't just post this without the url, anon. pls deliver

No. 184811

The eye makeup change alone makes her look a million times better. even if she kept everything else the same. That nasty inner wing she does makes her look awful.

No. 184845

She looks like some unholy cross between Suzy and Zachary Quinto's Spock.

No. 184857

What's funny is that eye make up is more of a thing in India or the Middle East. Most East Asian make up trends don't involve heavily lining the eye like that. Pic related, this is much more common from what I can tell from various Japanese and Korean media. The cat eye flick is still a thing, but the downward 'puppy dog' eye remains popular too. I'd like to see Suzy attempt this.

No. 184858

File: 1443023036585.jpg (37.89 KB, 736x530, bb0c92c49a42264cd56f0905d4252b…)

And I forgot the pic.

No. 184962


Also Suzy, you're supposed to be in a corset. When can't you sit right.

No. 184964

Dodger is legit cool though. Don't try to lump her in with Snoozy. haha

No. 184967

Actually my point was more that Suzy wasn't the only girl on table flip for a change. Dodger is great. Suzy wishes she came off half as genuine.

No. 184969

Ahh yeah! I agree, Suzy is probably seething at that table. Dodger is really likable and just is herself like Holly is. Suzy can't comprehend that since she's fake 99% of the time.

No. 184988


She's probably so pissed off she can't keep crying "m-muh sexism!!!" as if people dislike her because she's a woman rather than because she's a piece of shit

No. 184999

Exactly. This was already proven as soon as Ross brought Holly into the guest grumps episodes. Everyone loved Holly's chemistry with Ross and co, but still hated Suzy. Suzy cannot use the sexism card when people have proven it has zero to do with her being a women and more of a controlling, obnoxious cunt.

No. 185004


Not familiar with this Dodger chick, but she needs to have someone fix her brows. She's pretty cute, but she'd look 11/10 with a better brow shape.

It's a wonder girls like her don't have more followers/press when you have the usual attention whores like Jnig and Anita making headlines everywhere. And then it's an even bigger wonder how Suzy gets attention…

No. 185012

It's probably because she's not an attention whore. Or has an e-famous boyfriend/husband whose fame she can leech off of.

Dodger does the Friendzone streams for Polaris a lot (which is where the Danny/Dodger ship came from) and you can tell she just never really makes things about her in that kind of setting.

No. 185016

She would look better with thicker brows tbh, but her personality is cute and I like her a lot.

It's because people like Jnigger and Anita are all people wanna talk about and actual cool women in gaming get brushed off because they arent causing drama.

No. 185032

I feel bad, but anytime there is a grump video with her in it, even if everyone is in it plus her, I just can't bring myself to watch it. She makes me cringe so hard. And this whole time I was like, "Well she's not funny at all … but I'm sure she is a super nice person irl!" And then I read through this thread of her just suddenly feeling offended at random friendly banter, pulling a ton of bullshit with her shop, not realizing how she whores out her youtube channel. Wow … I mean at the very least I think she is pretty? But this thread is right she keeps pulling the same make up over and over again. Granted I do the same thing, but I'm not running a makeup channel for money. She's a good artist from what I understand, she should dedicate more time to making good paintings and original (nongrump themed) artwork and she'd be able to sell it easier on her etsy.

This all wouldn't be so bad if she was just a chill humble person like ross's wife. But she is just so … ugh and uptight and demanding and sensitive and in everyones face to prove herself. Her video gaming channel … is so boring and annoying I would shoot myself if I had to watch her videos.

No. 185034

Is this an old prerecorded video? Suzy's tattoo isn't finished.

No. 185122

Table Flip wasn't airing for a really long while, I think there was some issue why they weren't being published yet. That or it might be something to do with how the episodes are first being aired on a different (paid) site, and then take awhile to come out for free.

No. 185290

File: 1443120167625.jpg (289.6 KB, 1440x2016, IMG_20150924_144131.jpg)


No. 185292


lol those lips look nasty
My sister does them like that and thinks no one notices. We just don't say anything to her face.

No. 185293

I don't know how girls can even wear makeup on hot days. Like, I looooove makeup and have spent most of my income on it, but summer is just the worst when it comes to wearing it. I'd rather not wear it then feel and look mucky af.

No. 185295

They're overdrawn a bit sloppily but they aren't terrible. I think Suzy looks way better with a lip color that isn't nude lipgloss. Hopefully she learns how to line her lips better though lmao.

No. 185302


I guess I'm seeing it as: If they look this bad in a photo, they look 10x worse in real life. Her upper lip is really defined and she can't hide that ridge.

My sister's overdrawing looks believable in photos and he gets tons of compliments on her ~*flawless*~ makeup, but irl it just looks awful. Some people just can't pull it off due to lip shape. Myself included.

Maybe if Suzy didn't go so far past her natural lip it wouldn't look as weird.

No. 185303

Maybe she's trying to get rid of that FAS look.

No. 185311

File: 1443124029740.jpg (51.19 KB, 221x300, review_nmbc2_1a-1.jpg)

I honestly would respect suzy if she came clean about her FAS and stop trying to pretend she's asian/icelandic/mixed etc. She looks like pic related

No. 185318

She really just looks very Finnish to me, but then again maybe FAS is common in Finland

No. 185321

File: 1443127088896.jpg (58.77 KB, 598x577, perfect-ifyouremoveSuzy.jpg)

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong.

No. 185322

Does she seriously wear such thick and heavy makeup all the time? I take a break from makeup a lot during the summer or else I'd get greasy and break out more often.

No. 185324

Seriously! I sometimes wear tinted moisturizers with spf, but full on face like Snoozy? No thank you.

No. 185326

Don't insult people in Finland.

No. 185332

Always anon, but she usually has nude lips and they do not compliment her. If you've seen any of her make-up tutorials it's basically this heavy, winged eyeliner look over and over again.

No. 185334

File: 1443128684121.jpg (26 KB, 600x300, shutupfaggot.jpg)

Not that anon, but that wasn't an insult? She was making a hypothesis. tbh Finnish people are known to drink heavily, I wouldn't be surprised if her guess is true.

Oh, yeah and go back to tumblr

No. 185341

She can seriously just wear tinted moisturizer and some lip tint instead of such heavy shit. Is Suzy still questioning why her skin is in such bad shape?

No. 185343

You're the only one who is taking it the wrong way. I merely meant that the people of Finland don't deserve to be compared to Snoozy. Haha. Get over yourself.

No. 185394

Oh your right I'm retarded I read that outta context. Sorry

No. 185396

File: 1443143269119.jpg (129.58 KB, 658x1109, fe6f8145627d38a3ad24a417dc8d29…)

Her skin is that bad tho that a tinted moisturizer/bb cream would do much in the way of coverage. I wanna say in an old video she was using the Smashbox BB cream, but that brand isn't the most non-comedogenic…

Fuck if she got into a mineral make up during the summer she'd look loads better. Can she just get into Korean makeup since her husband like KPop so much? She'd look load better since their make up is meant to look… not stupid.

Also personally I do heavy make up during the summer, but I work at a make up store, so I kind of have to.

No. 185423

>that redhead
She's so cute. Damn.

No. 185428

File: 1443151229773.png (339.29 KB, 915x557, lilniggaknowswhatisup.png)

I hate her fans they always go to her side

No. 185431

File: 1443152971997.png (994.61 KB, 911x552, ?Suzy Berhow? (@mortemer) • In…)

She is also terrible at brush care

No. 185433

She's wearing all that heavy make-up plus fake eyelashes. Fucking how and why?
I would be dying to take all that shit off as soon as I put it on, especially in summer.
Fuck that.

No. 185434

that's kinda what fans do anon.

No. 185435

>it came apart after washing it for the third time
Why does the handle look like she's had it for years then?…
The paint looks like it's cracked and about to start flaking off.
Seriously, it looks like my mum's blush brush that she's kept for years (I know, gross).

No. 185437

Also (samefagging, sorry) you're right anon, that shit pretty much happens when you aren't careful when washing them; she must not be keeping the brush facing down and holding it upright. That's how water seeps up to the handle and un-sticks the glue. She should know this.
>~*~makeup guru~*~

No. 185456

Does she throw it into the washing machine?? That brush looks 10 years old. I've had ELF and MAC brushes for 4 years that don't look nearly as bad at those. Suzy sucks so bad at makeup anything.

No. 185457

That's what I'm thinking. She probably washes them right side up and lets the water leak in and it probably also has bacteria because of that. No wonder she is had shitty skin.

No. 185484


Dodger's bf is also a youtuber/e-famus but she has more followers than him and has been doing YT longer than him.

No. 185489

You know what makes me rage more than Suzy? How Arin wont NUT THE FUCK UP LIKE A REAL MAN AND JUST TELL HER FUCKING "NO!!!!!" ALREADY!!! Jesus FUCK man it's been like 10 years almost you spineless FUCK, just tell her NO this is my thing, I'm gonna animate and do whatever the fuck I feel like, go kick rocks if you don't like it, SORRY you suck so much at life you have to ride my ass to claim any type of success… She doesn't add anything special to GG, not that it's a special show to begin with, but COME ON, how everyone tiptoes around Arin and Suzy makes me damn surprised how they haven't encountered a single person in 8+ years that hasn't said, "Hey Arin, you should probably stand up for yourself and tell your girlfriend no."

I've had to tell my bros that shit SO many times, and if they don't listen it almost always bites them in the ass really hard. It hurts them more than the initial guilt they would have felt if they stood up for themselves. Fucking Arin, you piece of shit, I would bitch slap him so God damn hard if I was his friend and he let his girl just shit all over his life like he does.

Truly the definition of a spineless fuck.

No. 185524

No. 185528

It looks like she drew on Venom's scars with a sharpie. Why would she do her shitty Egyptian cat eye with this??

No. 185529


Because she's a unique special snowflake adding a "twist" to the look. You should know that by now anon, Suzy isn't like other girls.

No. 185532

>"No blush on this tutorial, I'm not doin a GIRLY snake I wunna be a ~BADASS~!!"

No. 185534

I hate how Suzy is all "IM A SOOPER FEMINNINST!! GIRL GANG!!11!" and then does shit like this. So what if you wanna be a sexy snake with your titty out?? Her being with Arin only for most of her life is really showing.

No. 185546

>20lbs of eyeliner
>false lashes


No. 185556

I seriously want to see this episode.

No. 185575

she didn't even try with the scars tbh, compare them with hollys skills

No. 185576

I believe its this video. lmfao

No. 185584

Starts at 3:04

No. 185604

god fucking damn, she seriously does that tacky winged liner and heavy lined corner for EVERYTHING, doesn't she?

like good god, do something different, especially for """"cosplay"""

No. 185618

FUCK HER. she's going to butcher one of my favorite video game characters. I seriously cannot stand Suzy and her fans are going to praise her no matter what. Uggh… sorry, i'm so mad at this.

No. 185619

She is literally like JNig who is just suzy cosplaying suzy with some other shit on her face. she doesn't even try to change her makeup routine for a male costume.

No. 185620

I never played the Metal Gear DLC where Snake gained 40 pounds of fat, put on heavy eyeliner and got an ugly tattoo.

No. 185622

This looks like shit.
It's her regular make-up routine except she added a contact, an eyepatch, the shrapnel and some shitty scars,
Why did she use black eyeliner for the scars instead of a light (slightly reddish) brown…? Scars aren't fucking black, Suzy.
It made the use of rigid collodion pretty much pointless. Even with the effect of them looking sunken and carved, they still don't look like scars because they're fucking black.
She didn't try to draw them on even slightly realistically. No effort at all.
I've seen children's face paint with more realistic scars.

No. 185624

Seriously. She couldn't even be bothered to google scar makeup. For characters with burns like Prince Zuko or Mello from deathnote, so many people use tissue and latex and other cool forms of makeup for scarring. She couldn't even use liquid latex from ben nye for effect. She's LAZY and she just wants wants asspats because she's Arin's wife. I cant stand her.

No. 185649

Did anyone else notice her say "My Crazy Life" when referring to that KVD palette?
It's "Mi Vida Loca".
Why did she say it in English.
How did this bitch think she was going to make a calavera makeup tutorial and "honor" Mexican culture if she can't even say basic shit in Spanish.
I have no words.

No. 185651


OMG really? I dont follow most luxury brands of makeup so I didnt know the name. I thought the "My Crazy Life" palette sounded really fucking weird.

No. 185652

File: 1443258761444.jpg (134.38 KB, 1024x986, Kat-Von-D-Mi-Vida-Loca-Remix-P…)

No. 185653

File: 1443259216828.jpg (123.84 KB, 917x585, ss (2015-09-26 at 02.19.40).jp…)

No. 185661

>scene queen
Nothing about this is particularly 'scene' apart from the septum piercing and I'm pretty sure it's fake because I've never seen or heard of her ever having one in any old pics or posts.
But yes, Suzy. We remember when you were thin and cute.
Why don't you stop posting 'flashback' pictures, obviously lamenting over the fact that you used to be attractive and are now fat with shit skin and actually do something about it.

No. 185671

She looks so much better here. Without the huge inner liner points she does now.

No. 185674

hes trying so hard to convince himself and everyone else theyre soooo in love lmao

No. 185681

She could have asked Holly. I'm sure she would have helped. Why she choose to fuck up so much is beyond me.

No. 185699


She should've, but I doubt she'd ask Holly for help with it. She seems like she'd be too stubborn and egotistical to actually ask for help. It'd be like admitting she isn't the ~omg amazing kitty makeup guru~ she thinks she is.

No. 185703

File: 1443286503541.jpg (60.8 KB, 700x1049, 4bbfc8d693ca4.jpg)

she definitely had a septum piercing at one point. she talks about it briefly here around 3:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvXL7B3d1eY

also pic related. i'm kind of ashamed i know this off the top of my head.

No. 185709

She really needs to go back to this look. She seriously looks so much better without the inner corner of her eyes lined.

No. 185716

Her brows look good here too, and the bangs really soften her look while hiding her fivehead. The uniform hair color is a plus too, imo. Pls go back to this look Snoozy, stop being such a tryhard

No. 185797

She actually looks cute with minimal makeup. She also used to have such a nice figure.

No. 185798

kek. It's not even hard to pronounce for a non familiar spanish speaker. Snoozy is pathetic.

No. 185799

Suzy, this isn't scene fashion at all.

No. 185802

She really should go back to this minimalist kind of look, it's really cute. She's trying so hard to cover up her features with overdone make-up and hair now and it's not doing any favors for her; it really only makes her look insecure.

No. 185807

PBG is great tho unlike them

No. 185808

Is this definitely Suzy? She looks like Jean here.
That's a compliment.

No. 185819


Yeah its def suzy. Its from one of her few paid gigs as a model and I believe this one in particular was from Hot Topic.

Its okay anon, I knew that as well. Used to like watching Suzy videos before she became a narcissistic jew

No. 185866


I honestly feel a bit bad for Suzy. It's like she has zero talent and doesn't really have a place in her husbands world. Holly is cool, creative and she's talented at it. Everyone in Game grumps has their attributes and strengths except for Suzy, who seriously fails short in every area… that must suck and I bet she thinks about it a lot.

No. 185964

When the thing you only really seem "good" at (makeup and fashion) and you still aren't great at them. When you find your way on a comedic show about videogames and you're bad at both those things with thousands of fans shitting on you. Yeah, it would suck. To be honest, not sure why she does it still. I wonder how enjoyable this stuff is. She always clinged to what Arin did, when he was doing animations, she was colouring his art or drawing on her own. When he had his youtube channel, so did she, after he did GG so did she

No. 185968

Can't screenshot right now but I found this.Suzy really thinks she doesn't have FAS


No. 185970

File: 1443381212119.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_2015-09-27-21-06-20…)

No. 185973

>*Distinctive facial features, including small eyes, an exceptionally thin upper lip, a short, upturned nose, and a smooth skin surface between the nose and upper lip (I DO have a large forehead and space between my nose and upper lip- I inherited this from my father who is Icelandic and Native American.)

Okay, so she has some Icelandic in her. That's she looks like Bjork.

No. 185985

File: 1443383504660.png (1.17 MB, 1078x1065, Screenshot_2015-09-27-21-48-40…)

I'm sorry but her dad looks american to me

No. 185988

What happened to her "love for black" and her gawth clothes? I noticed the clothes she picked out for her outfits video always some non existent. She dresses extremely average imo.

No. 186087

Google icelandic people, she looks nothing like them. Neither does Bjork. Native Americans don't look like that either.

I know Bjork is from Iceland and Suzy might have Icelandic blood in her family, but their unique facial features definitely look like FAS.

No. 186098

I don't feel bad for her. She had all her opportunities in life handed down to her and she didn't work for anything or faced real hardships. Anyone can get a talent if they can practice, love what they do and work hard at it. She could've been much better at makeup by now but she won't leave her winged eyeliner filled bubble. Fuck Snoozy.

No. 186099

Jean is so damn cute.

No. 186100

Suzy is a basic ass bitch. The most basic as they come.

No. 186109

This. My family is Icelandic and I've never seen a face like Suzy's. Granted, it is possible that she was just born with a really unfortunate face and it has nothing to do with FAS. There are some strange looking people in the world.

No. 186112

I know right? And she had the actual sense to move on from that anime/"goth"/"edgy" bs unlike Snoozy. I find Jean to be super cute, though I do wish she still did have her red hair.

No. 186133

Ew her parents look like Keebler elves

No. 186143

she doesn't look fat here, smh…

No. 186144

Her father's giant gut is disgusting. I dont care how old you are, you dont let yourself go that badly.

No. 186146

to be fair, her dad does have an enormous five-head too, so it could be genetics after all. or it could just be that his hairline receded

No. 186151

the pictures from 2009, she only ballooned up in the past couple years.

No. 186154

Pretty sure it's from today. She didn't even have the blonde in 2009.

No. 186156

It's from today. You can see her tattoo. I think it's her makeup, hair, and outfits that make her look terrible.

No. 186161

"Native American" lmao sure Suzy

No. 186177

Her mom looks like the kind of white trash redneck who would drink while pregnant, but of course she has to blame it on genetics.

No. 186182

Yeah, her mom has that alcohol/heavy drinker bloat.

No. 186187

She looks like her dad and her dad looks very white American.

No. 186189

>*Poor coordination (I don't think I could paint if I had bad coordination…let alone play video games!)
You can't though.

No. 186195

after seeing her parents, I really don't think her fucked up face is because of FAS

that shit is genetic

No. 186197

That's nice Suzy. Still doesn't change the fact that you look like the living example of FAS.

No. 186205

She definitely has FAS. stop.

No. 186208

Even if she did why do we care, again? I'm confused as to why there's so much "EEEHHEEE SUZY HAS FAS"

Like, if she did or she didn't, either way it wouldn't be her fault.

No. 186215


Yeah but I guess people just like to make fun of the possibility of her actually being less than average intelligence.