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File: 1484542542866.jpg (29.33 KB, 600x329, makeup-face-shape.jpg)

No. 43368

Tell posters what face shape they have

No. 43369

File: 1484542622023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.84 KB, 212x227, welp.jpg)

Op here, i cant for the life of me figure out what shape i have, i think i have a round face and i get different replies from friends, some say oval, some say square.


No. 43370

I've played monopoly with dice less perfectly square than your head.

No. 43371

Looks oval.

No. 43372

I think in between oval and square. Your jawline pushes you towards the square side but it's not wide enough to be absolute square.

No. 43373

You have a nice shape

No. 43374

I have this exact same shape. Oval from the front, square from the side

No. 43375

File: 1485198791555.png (61.43 KB, 212x227, lasjdfajsdf.png)

No. 43376

I'm in between long and oval

No. 43377

File: 1485374519218.jpg (126.02 KB, 512x908, Snapchat-1983636236.jpg)

I was unfortunately born with the most ugliest face shape there is. No make up/contour can hid it or make it less obvious. I can only hide it behind long straigt hair.

No. 43378

omg i feel for you i have it too and i hate it, it makes me feel like a caveman. does anybody know what it's called ?

No. 43379



No. 43380


you have a diamond-shaped face. :) google celebrities with it, you'll find flattering hairstyle and makeup tips. And it's not ugly - everyone is beautiful to someone!

No. 43381

its really hard to say due to my overbite but i'd guess long

No. 43382

I'm pretty square. Like 'the corner of my jaw could cut you' square

No. 43383

ok, thanks pour the info anon

No. 43384

I have an upside down triangle face since I have >dat jaw

No. 43385

File: 1485421297849.png (390.21 KB, 429x555, 5678765567.png)

I'm not really sure, all I know is that blunt bangs make my face look too round.

No. 43386

I'd say oval, but with a slightly square jaw?

No. 43387


No. 43388


you've got an oval face. These face shapes don't have to be perfectly in line to fit, it's just whatever is closest - and oval is the best fit by far.

not to be rude but it just looks to me like you're carrying weight in your face, which is slightly (and I mean slightly) accentuating your jawline.

No. 43389

Maybe upload a pic with hair pulled back, but it looks oval

No. 43390


Oval probably, but you're fat so it's hard to tell

No. 43391

oh gee another thinly veiled selfposting thread

how wonderful

No. 43392

Anon stop, if "self posting" threads triggur you so don't click them. you're hardly obligated to make an obligatory post divulging your apparent disgust.

No. 43393

>d-don't come into muh safe space!

No. 43394

>Someone still thinks that replying with "triggered! xdd" or "go back to your safe space lmao" won't make them look like the biggest fools

No. 54091

Total different anon but I hate to break it to you buttercup: it doesn't.

Self-post threads are completely narcissistic. Excuses excuses. It's an anonymous board for a reason.

No. 54095

Total different anon too, but yes it does, "buttercup".
The anons who posted censored their faces completely, what "attention" could they ever get here? If not, one should expect bashing to come in their direction given the place they posted to. I don't understand the fuss, we've also had the eye thread for a long time.

No. 54105

Pray, tell, if you can take the time to upload a photo of yourself and then scribble your face out vaguely in MS paint, why don't you have the time to draw a line around the contours of your face and figure it out yourself? It isn't hard.

And if you've got a fucked up face shape, go to the realself forums. Not here. This is completely ridiculous. This is not PULL.

No. 54106

We have other selfposting threads in /g/, like the one about eye makeup advice, or the friend finder thread. If admin/farmhands are allowing it, there's not much to debate.

No. 54109


Lose weight

No. 54110

>I'm too ugly/insecure to even post my face shape with my actual face scribbled out for tips on how to use makeup, and others should be too!
Blow it out your asshole.

No. 54159

Nah. Not the same anons either. I'm not nearly retarded enough to have to ask other people what my face shape is ;^)

No. 54463

Not sure if this is too off topic (if it is I'll remove it) but does anyone know how to contour a roundish face to look slightly more V-shaped? (nothing dramatic, I don't want dorito chin)

for extra info, my cheeks are the widest part of my face, my jaw is slightly thinner, and my forehead is very thin compared to my cheeks and jaw (practically nonexistent). My chin is slightly pointed but my face shape still looks rather round. I'd post a pic but I'm not very comfortable with that.

No. 54555

File: 1486100034180.jpg (245.18 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5839.JPG)


No. 54570

Your hairline has to be visible. Learn2

No. 54572

Id guess either round or triangle, but as the other anon said, it's difficult to say with the bangs.

No. 54642

No. 54751


No. 54767

File: 1486451698976.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x2560, 17-02-07-01-11-30-073_deco.jpg)

I have no idea what mine is, all I know is I have a weird crooked jawline. Left is neutral position and right is smiling

No. 54775

Easy. Heart shaped.

No. 54780

No. 54822

File: 1486519380986.gif (535.01 KB, 540x405, me.gif)

i feel conflicted between oblong and oval

No. 54823

definitely a heart, your pointy hairline helps illustrates the fact

No. 54825

lmao you guys have to pull back your hair for us to guess

No. 54829

It isn't ugly, that is a diamond shape and some of the most beautiful models have it. If youre wearing long straight hair, that may not be a great way to frame it. http://hair.allwomenstalk.com/hairstyles-for-your-diamond-shape-face

No. 54833

Australian here. Isn't she just holding a regular mastercard? What is the gif supposed to be showing exactly?

No. 54860

I'm also confused about that gif…what is the point of it? If it's to ask about face shape, having it at that angle doesn't exactly make it easy to guess.

No. 54869

Her face looks oblong to me.

No. 54879

File: 1486594744877.jpg (15.29 KB, 291x292, Worm.jpg)

sorry if this posts i need to see why it keeps saying "failed to resize image"

No. 54880

File: 1486594931375.jpg (37.51 KB, 418x498, aaaaaaaa.jpg)

attempting again

No. 54882

File: 1486596470162.jpg (143.89 KB, 1080x810, me.jpg)

Sorry, I didn't feel like digging one up. My baby sister asked to see my new card last night and that was the last selfie I took.
Is this more appropriate?
Its a little hard to ascertain where the apples of your cheekbones fall with the blackout but I'd say you're a strong square shape, due to the mandibular structure.

No. 54883

Maybe a square? But not an Olivia Wilde tier one, I'd say a soft square.

Oval I think

No. 54884

thanks, square was what i thought but i needed some anonymous reassurance
maybe when i lose 20 pounds or so i'll cut my hair shorter

No. 54887


Much better pic. I think it's really more oblong since it's fairly narrow and long overall but with a slightly squared jaw.

No. 54896

File: 1486629273357.jpg (14.3 KB, 236x236, 3ecb58b1545b9358a725ceda9baf2e…)

cannot unsee

No. 54900

My thoughts exactly.

No. 54902

No. 54903

You're pretty and I still think you've got an oblong face shape, buuut you may not want to post your face on lolcow. There are some nasty bitches here

No. 54904

I'd say square. I love your face shape though, it's so cute!

No. 54936


Oh my god I can't believe you posted your face here.

Also you look like someone I've seen on Tumblr.

No. 54939

wow i'm crying myself to sleep :(
its okay, I know im funny looking lmao. my physical form is the LEAST of my insecurities. thanks though :)
thank you, i think the difference between an oval and oblong shape is primarily to be discerned by the cheekbone position and where the mandible begins, so its hard to tell that small difference with obscured features. I usually wear my hair in a pixie.

No. 54940

Girl don't be doing this reckless shit.

On occasion we get chan tards that have partaken in /baphomet/ and will wreck your shit in like two minutes just for the fun of it. This was just stupid for you to do.

No. 54964

Yeah or some creepy dude will save your pics and post them to 4chan. It happened to a girl I know. Posted once on /social/ and this guy used to spam her pic on other boards to ask who she was. Really creepy!

No. 54966

I have to agree with >>54940 and >>54964, I suggest you to ask admin to take down your pics… A lot of us don't have any interest in saving your pictures and doing stuff with them, I mean, okay an anon posted a picture of them, so what.
But you know that we have robots lurking. It's extremely stupid to just take the picture of someone that's not even famous and spam them somewhere just for the sake of it when you could save any picture on the internet, from Facebook to Google, but some people are crazy. A friendly advice

No. 54977

I just wanted to tell the damn glasses fitter my head shape but honestly I think you guys are being a little paranoid. I used to post on 4chan for years as a teen and nothing ever happened! but, I will ask them to take it down.

No. 54991

Better safe than sorry, no one wants to see you get fucked over because of some retard funposting.

No. 54994

We were saying it for your sake, but obviously if it doesn't bother you, you do you anon

No. 55097

File: 1487121239650.jpg (347.82 KB, 960x1280, IMG_0613.JPG)

No. 55103

Perfectly oval

No. 55107

I'd say triangle

No. 55108

File: 1487144976716.jpg (76.38 KB, 541x747, IMG_8923.JPG)

My fave shape? I'm over weight so I've got a double chin in purple but from a better angle (hiding the double chin) in red I look like a whole different face shape? Also I've got a weird hair line..

No. 55109

File: 1487145066736.jpg (62.16 KB, 457x604, IMG_8919.JPG)

My fave shape? I'm over weight so I've got a double chin in purple but from a better angle (hiding the double chin) in red I look like a whole different face shape? Also I've got a weird hair line..

No. 55112

Anyone who posts in this thread who has bangs, PUT YOUR BANGS BACK.
Your chin makes you look like a heart shape but the bangs can be deceiving.

No. 55121

Reese Witherspoon?

No. 55123

No. 55158

I think it's triangle in the one angle but becomes a slight square, from the other. So a mix of those.

No. 55159

File: 1487263520678.jpg (208 KB, 928x1160, 1.jpg)

I don't quite know, I always thought long but I have no idea.

No. 55162

Can one have a widows peak without being a heart shape? I have one but I feel like my face is more round.

No. 55170

Of course

No. 55192

>long rectangle face
>crooked jaw
>big forehead
>visible brow ridge
>small eyes
>big, sharp nose
>no lips

kill me, lads. i look like an ugly tranny.

No. 55193

Don't die, you just need to figure out how to style yourself. Find a haircut for long faces with big foreheads. Learn to contour and highlight, and to make your eyes look bigger with makeup. Use lip plumping products and find colors that make them look bigger. Line your lip with a pencil (but don't overdraw them). Using a little gloss in the center of your lip helps them look a little fuller, too.

Or learn to accept the shit you hate. :)

No. 55203

This is my face shape too, and have the same dilemna. I've always had those face shape tests come out long too, so that's probably our shape. I think it's just that long faces are often represented by people like Sarah Jessica Parker, who have thin and long faces. A little annoying for makeup/hair suggestions.

No. 55476

File: 1487714492629.png (127.38 KB, 459x448, herp.png)

I like to call my face shape "the leafyishere"

but no really, what is this? I'd assume round, but honestly in a lot of pictures it looks too long to be round, but too chinless to be oval? I might be thinking about it too much.

No. 55484

It looks pretty close to heart shape to me. It's kind of hard to tell for sure since I can't see your chin and jawline very well. But yeah, that's what I'm going with.

No. 55506

File: 1487735167825.jpg (306.11 KB, 1015x1797, IMG_20170221_234002.jpg)

Fuck, first of all I hope my post helps anons who feel shitty over their massive foreheads. I hope you all feel a little better (that includes you, Kiki lol). You're not alone. I have a massive forehead and I fucking hate it. I do not wear my hair like that in the photo, unless I am home. I tried to make it a little more obvious to show in the photo. I have side bangs, and used to have full bangs before. Bangs are life.

I have really nice facial features and I love them, especially my eyes, but I think my forehead drags attention away from them. Ugh.

Anyway, is my face round because of said forehead? Because I have a much smaller jaw, so I wonder if it could be heart shape. Or is it oval? Or round again? Thanks if anyone knows.

No. 55514


i like your chin

No. 55524

Pretty sure your face is long, not round. Long faces don't have to be sharp and masculine; it just means your face is longer than it is wide. I have a similar face shape and it took me a while to accept.

I'd say heart shape. It's a nice shape!

No. 55525

Hi starchan

No. 55570

I'd say long, very pretty from what I can see.

Agree, chin is very nice for some reason. IDK why lol

No. 55584

Thanks, anons!!

No. 55585


Oops, forgot >>55524 thank you too!

No. 55588

hmm, long is one I've never heard before.
maybe the picture is distorting but looking in a mirror, I don't think "long" is the word I would use to describe my face. Now I'm even more confused.

I feel like you and I have similar face shapes. Giant forehead and no chin/jaw. I've had bangs my entire life because of it. Shit sucks.

No. 55594

I'm the same way anon. I've got a similar face shape (little broader) and all the tests I took say it's long. Again, long faces don't have to look old and masculine etc. Hopefully another anon can pop in on this though, because I'm also curious.

No. 56048

File: 1488579977209.jpg (386.09 KB, 2560x1387, IMG_7355.JPG)

Left is neutral, right is smiling. I have very, very prominent apples cheeks. I used to think I had a heart shaped face but now I don't know.

No. 56051

You have such a pretty face shape! I think that overall, you're an oval.

No. 56144

File: 1488818276346.jpg (165.52 KB, 948x360, New canvas.jpg)

i don't know it's round or oval or any other shape.

No. 56145

I think you may be oval as well.

Definitely heart shaped.

No. 56179

File: 1488915050773.jpg (403.86 KB, 720x1280, 1535.jpg)

No. 56185

No. 56206

You fucks all secretly love to selfpost, don't you?

No. 56207

My thoughts exactly
>inb4 you must be uggo!!!1
No bitch, this is an anon image board and I'm not a narcissist

No. 56209

Considering this is the only active thread where people REALLY post pictures of themselves, and said pictures have faces totally covered, only showing the face shape, that's not bad at all. I wouldn't even call it self post in this case since it's absolutely impossible to identify people and most girls have "unflattering" shapes and seem curious/worried but whatever you want, anon

No. 56210

Long, definitely

No. 56214

yep, wouldn't be surprised to find out most of these girls came from Tumblr or PULL tbh

No. 56222

truth bomb. love how you can spot certain cows in the eye thread.

No. 56224

thank you anon! never thought of it before.

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