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File: 1443058100333.jpeg (50.44 KB, 500x334, image.jpeg)

No. 36116

Old one reached reply limit >>13848

Post disgusting fatties and talk about their delusions.

No. 36136

Replying to things from the last thread, oops.

He counted. It was all massively unhealthy stuff, so it's possible. Calorie density and all.

Yup, I'm naive. I just took his word that it was his metabolism because I figured he knew his body. Turns out, he's never had his thyroid checked, so it's most likely that.

I've heard of people doing that too! I don't get it either.

No. 36141

File: 1443062404889.png (124.71 KB, 300x300, image.png)

Since we were talking about anti-fitspo stuff in the last thread…
>Google "fitspo is bad"
>almost all that comes up are feminist blogs
It's no wonder people don't take feminism seriously.

"And you can see that everywhere, particularly in the ways that women are taught to take up less space. Eat less, weigh less, stay quiet, cross your legs. The patriarchy is the strongest when women are at their weakest."

This is one of the arguments against fitspo. What the ever loving fuck is "weak" about being fit? Are they seriously this fucking stupid? Holy shit.

I hope people keep producing more and more fitspo to further piss off angry fatties.

Good luck to you both.

No. 36148

Thanks, haha. We're good, but he just needs to get that thyroid check out apparently.
Also, I'm sorry for making so many posts about him though. Not my diary and all that.

No. 36182

The quote after that though
>If fitspitation is pushing you to weaken yourself (by using false-hope messaging of gaining strength)

Muscles don't give you strength! It's all a lie, and being fat is true strength!

Okay, and I know I'm taking from the same article here but
>We know that for us (even as body image activists), sometimes even going out for a walk – because it’s gorgeous outside and we just want to see some gorgeousness! – can trigger feelings of shame or goal-setting.
If you're triggered by walking, you need to re-evaluate your life, not target fitspo.

No. 36183

File: 1443083608798.jpg (90.92 KB, 540x810, tumblr_nsgk9nunUc1rj3g9wo1_540…)

this guy has bigger tits than i ever will

No. 36187

File: 1443083925248.jpg (88.59 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nv3m4iRjZQ1qgbnkbo1_500…)

No. 36188

File: 1443083954270.jpg (131.16 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nv5i6k3bYE1qgbnkbo1_540…)

it is the same woman, HOW OLD IS SHE???

No. 36193

File: 1443084440259.jpg (263.81 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nv5bnwDkm71r0w93do2_128…)

"my chub" girl thats a fupa

No. 36197

I just bought an oversized sweater online because I love the look. I dont understand how someone can hate themselves this much to get this fat. No one looks good this obese. Her hair looks like it's thinning from malnutrition.

No. 36220

Her head doesn't look like it belongs on that body.
Face looks like an average sized girl in her early twenties, body looks like an obese 40+ year old's.

No. 36243


Her face looks old too. She just looks old.

No. 36249

I just don't understand why they don't dress for their body type

Like yeah, they won't look good, but they would look a lot better if they stopped wearing ultra tight clothes that make their gunt stick out.

No. 36251

I don't even know what enrages me more, the ugly clothes or that god-awful hair"style". What even is this. An extra shitty side-top-knot?

>my chub

Yeah, I would consider 10-20 pounds extra to be chubby. That girl just has a huge amount of fat, not "chub".

No. 36268

Here's yet another reverse butterface.

I don't think Becca Bae will ever look normal even if she lost the weight, but this girl looks like she still has potential. Get off Tumblr and at least go for a walk, ffs.

No. 36270

Not that anon but are you 12? Her face doesn't look any older than 25. I'd guesstimate about 21-22. Not old at all.

No. 36279

this >>36187 is one of the best you can dress for this bodytype I think

These >>36188 >>36193 are horrible for their body

No. 36280

>>36188 has the face of a 30 year old to me

No. 36282

Ugh, having flashbacks to a girl in high school. Fatass constantly wore super tight shirts so we could see every. damn. roll. on her fat stomach. So gross.

I don't understand why most fatties don't dress for their body type either. Surely it must be uncomfortable to have your clothes sucked in your rolls?

No. 36298

Story time
>on my way to class today
>have to take the bus because scattered urban campus
>bus is crowded as usual
>feeling more squished than normal
>look around
>hamplanet is sitting one seat down from me on the left
>the poor normal sized girl and her art supplies directly on my left is squished against me
>the hamplanet's arms are as big as my thighs and i don't have small thighs
>even worse she's sitting with her legs apart and i'm forced to cross my legs to fit
I really hate this "lol idk if how much space i take up bothers u deal with it" thing because it's not fair for you to take up the space of 1.5 people (unless it's something you can't control, such as abnormally wide shoulders)

No. 36299

File: 1443108893877.jpg (91.98 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nv4xc1KdAw1ua1eato1_540…)


No. 36300

File: 1443108914800.jpg (290.65 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nv3v2mElU71qaq69oo1_128…)

No. 36310

File: 1443110849496.jpg (437.27 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ntpxnkCzBO1qa0ecgo7_128…)

there is nothing sexy about this

No. 36311

I always baffles me how some of these women can be so fat but have no tits.

No. 36312

nice gunt

No. 36313

File: 1443111351043.jpg (101.75 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nv3de1HQBz1rn6my2o1_540…)

some nice curd, anyone?

No. 36315

whales say there is no such thing as "dressing for your shape"

No. 36317

File: 1443112287085.png (700.09 KB, 424x813, 435485ufgrjw4.png)

No. 36318

If this is the episode I think it is, this person actually had the surgery and lost a ton of weight and was still losing during the follow-up episode

No. 36319

I love seeing the success stories. It's really sad when they go through all the pain of surgery and end up going back to their bad habits though.

No. 36321

I think what helped her was dumping her enabler boyfriend. So many of those people have enablers. The enabler can get a salary as a caretaker if the obese person goes on disability.

No. 36331

Ugh, I remember back in high school there was a girl who like super fat during middle school, but lost a bunch of weight (was still a fatty chan tho) so she started wearing nothing but skinny jeans and tight tight shirts, so you could seriously see her bellybutton through her shirt. I remember bringing it up once when my friends were gossiping about a group of people, and they were all like "ermagerd anon u can't say that, she lost a lot of weight u know!!"

No. 36334

Please dont tell me that those dots on her forehead are her actual eyebrows

No. 36441

File: 1443138502084.jpg (87.32 KB, 540x530, tumblr_nv6lxzEWEv1r11mlfo1_540…)

No. 36446

Did she mean homosexuals?

No. 36449

File: 1443139737296.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.65 KB, 960x720, NQc56NN.jpg)

You guys see neck fungus yet?

No. 36451

I remember when I was a kid my friends and I used to joke about this fat smelly chick having mushrooms growing between her rolls

I didn't think it was actually true. Holy shit

No. 36452

You fixed her brows lmao. Good job, anon.

No. 36457

File: 1443140923313.jpeg (111.18 KB, 485x647, image.jpeg)

What do you guys think of genderqueer fatties with PCOS who grow out their beards and mustaches?

No. 36459

My ex was super short, and had the same thing. I lived with him, so I know how much he ate and how shitty the foods were (junk food daily) and how little activity he had in his life.
He still remained underweight.
My dad had the same thing, and blew up during his 30's since he still has the same shitty eating habits he had in his teens and 20's.
Some men just are that way until they hit their 30's. I think it's much rarer in women.

No. 36460

They didn't get enough attention as a child.

No. 36461


No. 36462

Link anon?

No. 36472

well its weird that they sexualize pcos. every bearded fat girl i run into tries to get all snide about themselves but they can barely hide their embarrassment over having a mustache.

No. 36494

No. 36497



>hairy face

>hairy belly

>hairy random

>hair on head thinning like whoa

>fat as fuck

>huge flabby carby gut (frontbutt)

>flat ass, pancake tits that look like moobs


>problem glasses

>wants to kill all cishets, except for Tumbledick Turtlesnatch

>tumblr fashion

>clown make up

Well if that isn't the kind of sexy any warm-blooded, functional human being is going to be attracted to!

No. 36500

if it doesn't bother them, i don't care. But if they have a snotty attitude about it or a holier than thou personality, fuck them.

No. 36502

>Home of sexuals
What? Homosexuals? i'm so confused…No lesbian wants you anyway, cunt. I'm a lesbian and I speak for a lot of us on this board, I'm sure. haha

No. 36528

Wait, people actually romanticize PCOS? The fuck? If they wanna romanticize it I'll let them have mine!

No. 36580

Even if I ignore the fact that she's fat, that is an ugly outfit
Agreed. I prefer girls over men 99% of the time but it sucks that so many lesbians are fat
You do you I guess. But the problem is that normally the ones who are fat enough to have it have annoying FA attitudes

No. 36597

>What do you guys think of genderqueer fatties with PCOS who grow out their beards and mustaches?

Because there's nothing else redeeming about them? Honestly, please show me the thin, somewhat conveniently attractive woman with PCOS who does that shit.

I'm all in for body acceptance, and it's nice to see people acknowledging that women are not born as a hairless-everywhere godess. But if you make your whole identity about some hair growing out of your face and feel special about it, it's time to re-think your life. Also to me it's just some "I'm not like other girls!!!!!!1" special snowflake bullshit to the next level.
>Ooooh look at me, a disorder caused me to grow body hair, I am a super genderqueer special unicorn with xe/xir/xirself pronouns now!!!!!
Mysteriously this almost exclusively affects women. I have yet to meet all the men who claim they're genderqueer demibois because they shave, or who think that their missing beard growth means they are secretly genderfluid transgirls.

No. 36619

I guess they're trying to normalise body hair in women but really they're doing the opposite. I'm a hairier girl and now I"m ultra sensitive about the hair that grows on my face and arms because I don't want to look like or be lumped in with these freakshows

No. 36648

File: 1443208678585.jpg (417.69 KB, 533x1119, kill me please.jpg)

only go here if you want to feel physically sick http://lovethisfat.tumblr.com/tagged/me

No. 36649

File: 1443209104670.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.68 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nq86ir4hlj1rr4di0o3_128…)

6 boobs and 3 vaginas???

No. 36650

facebook suggested me this goldmine today


No. 36656


Who even managed to fuck her to give her herpes…

No. 36658

she has got a HUSBAND

No. 36678


No. 36685

Holy fuck. This is insane. She must absolutely hate herself.
At this point she barely even looks human, she's like a fucking lump of clay.

No. 36688

File: 1443212909421.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.42 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nl6nm8tR4o1rr4di0o4_128…)

getting her nipples pierced. i dont know why i am still scrolling her tumblr, i just want to puke

No. 36691

File: 1443213353676.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.73 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nhhjk5P9fd1rr4di0o1_128…)

i am really sorry to samefag so much but someone PLEASE tell me what the fuck is wrong with this pig's teeth i am going to vomit

No. 36693

File: 1443213648006.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.81 KB, 600x960, tumblr_nsy467a8bh1rr4di0o2_128…)

I went through some of it. No dinner for me tonight.

I did find it amusing she occasionally drinks with a sippy cup, since I remember a while back there was a image comparison that fat bodies look like giant baby bodies.

No. 36695


why do you hate us

>whats wrong with her teeth

Bitch eats like shit and doesn't brush her teeth. Some of them look like they're rotting.

No. 36696

she does DD/LG shit with her husband, thats why the sippy cups and the pacifiers. in a way it makes me want to puke EVEN MORE

No. 36698

How does someone like that end up with a husband? He must be just as, if not even more disgusting than her. Or mentally fucked.

No. 36700

Just as >>36696 said, he probably got some DD/LG and fat fetish. He might be a feeder too, perverting the DD/LG even more if that's possible. Ugh, just thinking about this makes me want to throw up.

Everything about this is just so fucking wrong.
I can't wait for the day where people realise that morbidly obese people (hell, she might even be one of those beyond mordibly obese, deathfats?) are just mentally ill, like anorexics. Imagine a spoopy skeleton like Ash or Ally pulling that shit, most people would instantly protest. But if you're a fatty it's somehow okay??
Honestly I mostly have pity for them. As said, I cannot wait for the day where we treat people who literally stuff themselves to dead just like th epeople who starve to death.

No. 36710

File: 1443217670535.jpeg (53.68 KB, 399x372, image.jpeg)

No. 36714

As far as I know Conchita Wurst is a Drag Queen. That's something different. Because alas, these men put on womens' clothes yet do not claim to suddenly be ~real women~ or genderfluid or demigendered with 13 different pronouns. And they actually make efforts to look like the gender they claim to be performing, something the genderqueers/genderfluids, demigurls and fakebois on tumblr could learn from.
/sage for OT

No. 36724

>Medical Definition of MORBIDITY
>1: a diseased state or symptom

sounds about right

No. 36726

She is clearly channeling her inner Nick Bate, anon.

No. 36728

She has ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE pages of pictures of herself. I mean, the oldest is from 2012 but holy fuck.

No. 36730

This is a troll account if you take 5 seconds to look at all of her other tweets. I can't believe this got any attention at all.

No. 36781

Is this a man? because damn they're prettier than me. Nice eye makeup.

No. 36810


Conchita is Queen of all Europe. Tubblr fatties hate her because drag queens are supposedly transphobic.

No. 36815

File: 1443267221465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 575.07 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nh4qre2oHH1rr4di0o2_128…)

this is the last one of her i am posting i promise. can someone get me some bleach so i can cleanse my eyes?

No. 36817

File: 1443269440631.jpg (10.78 KB, 300x199, what.jpg)

No. 36819


Tell me again that this pondscum doesn't deserve to die.

No. 36821

File: 1443271856148.jpg (1.11 MB, 1888x4620, fat brain cancer.jpg)


Being fat helps them along.

No. 36825

File: 1443274499286.jpg (109.6 KB, 564x631, margarine acceptance.jpg)

No. 36826

File: 1443274612978.jpg (62.58 KB, 720x960, eating muh jenetics on the bus…)


The misshapen tumblr crowd are always going on about how they don't have enough spoons to deal with something.

Wanna bet they lost all their spoons in their unwashed folds?

No. 36831

… is she really eating mayonnaise straight from a jar?? JFC

No. 36832

it's the one with olive oil in it, so it's healthy!

No. 36834

File: 1443277694070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.04 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_ntb8f9aGJa1rr4di0o2_128…)

"I found a thing at Goodwill for $2."
i'm withering

No. 36847

that's just a very big fishing net

No. 36857

File: 1443286420760.jpeg (65.95 KB, 640x636, image.jpeg)

She looks like a whale caught in a net.

No. 36883

Maybe she cracked it on that lip ring and is just letting it rot. Dis girl don't love herself.

No. 36888

Fuck that shit. I have a lip ring and if it damaged my teeth there's no way I'd just let them rot. Eww. I hate people who get piercings and then don't take care of their bodies. What's the point of decorating something you don't care about?

No. 36903

Now imagine those features on a slender face with a slim body and a better hairstyle. She'd be 9/10 easily.

It's a fucking shame she's on Tumblr, all the bullshit being passed around that site is only making her worse.

No. 36924

File: 1443311213203.jpg (127.67 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Yep. Fat tumblrinas love that stupid shit.

No. 36926


She has baby chihuahua brows

No. 36928

That made me laugh, thank you for that.

No. 36937

File: 1443317192197.jpg (44.05 KB, 490x492, DIY-Segway-For-Two.jpg)


Love how glam hambeasts act of tubblr, while in real life they're like this when they go to walmart to stock up on grub.

No. 36941

File: 1443317926568.jpg (192.48 KB, 664x1250, owlets_by_klar.jpg)


Fucking hell, that shit only looks cute in illustrations.

btw you can all thank the artist Klar for popularising this :l

No. 36943

File: 1443318125812.jpg (105.24 KB, 600x600, tumblr PCOS transfat gone wild…)

No. 36947

I would probably look good on a good looking person too, or for a really high end fashion shoot with an attractive model.

Fat people look good in nothing.

No. 36948

holyshit, he looks like he's about to lose his pants and flash his dick. this is so fucking gross

No. 36949

Literally no contribution to society… I really hate people like this. There is no excuse.

No. 36950

Is she eating mayo??! mayo in a jar?? I'm going to be sick.

No. 36951

I gotta check her out. I always love seeing Queens do their makeup.

No. 36957

No. 36958


I am 100% sure that most young tubblr fatties also do this, but only in private, while they cry blubbery tears about cardio bunnies triggering them with their thin existence. Once the obeast stops giving fucks, that's when they start going public with their disgusting habits.

No. 36959

File: 1443323110697.jpg (131.19 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nuv67rS1aJ1rr4di0o1_500…)

She can't even cross stitch correctly.

No. 36960


He should be a tumblrina's ideal man.

No. 36962


As the resident homo, I have to agree with this. No matter how hard I tried, I wouldn't be able to handle the yeasty smell.

No. 36967

Fat bitches always have the absolute worst titties imaginable, my god. Shit looks like a depressed cheese cloth full of old feta.

No. 36972

But those same fat bitches are always the ones that wear super low cut tops to show off their super fat cleavage, or share those buzzfeed articles about 'only things girls with big boobs know!" Back before I lost weight, I used to be like that. I always tried to show off my boobs because that was pretty much all I had going for me. Now I've got tiny ass A cups, but I'd rather have small boobs that a super large chest and be a whale.

I see it all the time, stupid fat bitches sticking out their saggy granny G cups. "Teeheehee, sorry to touch you with my boobs, they are just so BIG!" Like bitch, see how big your tits are when you drop a few hundred pounds.

No. 36997

That's a game of "just the tip" that you couldn't end if you wanted to. If you wanted more, her belly is in the way. If you want less (most likely), she's probably got your trapped in her fat.

No. 36998

Cute small boob club.
Yeah, rather have small tits than saggy lumps because someone is really overweight.

No. 36999

No. 37022

Fucked up eyebrows don't look good on anyone.
Eyebrows are literally the most important part of your face, it's like saying "Fucked up nostrils might look good on an attractive person or in a high end fashion shoot with an attractive model".
Bitch no, it makes them less attractive. High fashion isn't really about being attractive, though, so there's an exception, I guess.

No. 37028

File: 1443345143495.png (539.5 KB, 638x640, ratfat.png)


This one's eyebrows are the least of her problems.

No. 37029

She looks disgusting.

No. 37041

Legit has a turtle face tho like even angles can't hide that shit. I give it a few years before the jowls kick in.

No. 37058



No. 37059

So, this scarred me as a kid and it's still pretty disturbing.
after rewatching it I thought of this thread
posting it because it's almost spooky time


No. 37061

Looks like a fucking hobo.

No. 37062

File: 1443368554209.jpg (40.23 KB, 540x960, whales.jpg)


the husband

No. 37063

He looks like her but with a fucking beard.

No. 37066

whenever i see this kind of crap i just think they're matronly. its not bad i guess, but there's nothing youthful, energized or inspired about these "sexy fat women" campaigns. just looks like someones mom trying to re-live the dream

No. 37126

File: 1443382957452.png (92.11 KB, 631x459, yikes.png)

No. 37144

How the fuck are you gonna be shaped like a goddamn hefty trash bag and have some musty ass dreadlocks. This bitch don't love herself.

No. 37149

Source? I really hope this is a troll although th eopposite wouldn't suprise me

No. 37173

No. 37192

This is just sad. How can a person have such little regard for their own wellbeing that they willingly and wittingly harm themselves with shitty food and a sedentary lifestyle. Do they want to lose limbs to diabetes? Do they want to die from heart failure before they hit 30? What kind of quality of life can you even have when you let yourself go that much?

And I hate when people act like healthy eating is so damn expensive. Yes, food deserts do exist and I'm pretty fucking sure that these fat people don't live in them. And if they were so tight on money that they couldn't spend much on food, that still doesn't explain how they get so large. You can maintain or lose weight eating 1,200 calories of something like McDonald's a day, easily.

No. 37194

Looks like Suzy from gamegrumps

No. 37208

But then they could only have two Big Macs instead of four Big Macs with three large fries. :((((

No. 37211

I know, like jesus its just blocks, it's like the easiest stitch art ever!

No. 37225

File: 1443413406546.jpg (37.92 KB, 560x554, APXUqcz.jpg)

ooo gurl

No. 37229

God-fucking-dammit. A girl who I have on my Facebook posts shit like this all the time, I think even this exact photo. Always heavily made up girls and/or "alt" girls with lingerie that are always photoshopped or conveniently hour glass shaped when she looks like a doped up Hutt.

No. 37231

No. 37232

What is going on with her boobs… are those darker spots her nipples? Some disgusting rash? If they're her nipples wtf is going on with them?

No. 37237

Thats a nice pic tho.

No. 37280


You can't say that and not share pictures of the doped up hutt.

No. 37283

You're golden anon. Thank you.

No. 37284

Looks like they had a stroke half way through.

No. 37285

Ewww. She looks like she smells. Looking at her photos, I feel as if she would just have that potentially 'wet towel' smell to her.

No. 37286

Haha, oh man. They actually do look like legit twins. That's gross when you look like a mirror copy of the person you're married to.

No. 37287

>How dare you have preferences
Yeaaah, would never date a fat woman. They always want to mask their insecurities with this 'sassy fat girl attitude' and it just makes me laugh.

No. 37293

>I am totally confident being fat!!1

>model wears corset

>stands in a way that it looks like you have some leg gap
>heavily shooped thinner (arms/belly)
>cellulite/etc shooped as well
>conveniently attractive not fat looking face


No. 37308


Just gonna leave this here.

Jillian is right, all fat people (like the really big ~100+ lbs overweight ones) almost certainly hate themselves. You have to hate yourself to destroy your body like that.

No. 37309

Sorry for samefagging, but anyone remember RubyRedrum from PULL 1.0? She's one of those 'kawaii fat girls'. Fucking lol. She came up on my ig feed and of course it's a picture of food


No. 37327


Those look disgusting.

>in the communal showers post workout with bro

>hambeast walks in
>mfw I look down and he has a micro penis
>smile and nod to him so my bro looks
>mfw he instantly burst out laughing and I laugh too
>hambeast knows
>hambeast mad
>told gym manager, next time we are in the gym get called to the office
>given a warning for laughing at people in the showers
>I start laughing, bro starts laughing, we can't stop
>mfw the manager laughs too

It was mean but we were dumb 17 year olds, we still laugh about it to this day

No. 37336

Yeah she's really gross. The dreads are the worst of it though. Because the top is all frizzy and they look disgusting. I would not want to sit next to her on a bus or in a waiting room. i'd probably be gagging from the smell.

No. 37350

No. 37358

Most of those would look awful even on normal sized people.

No. 37360

File: 1443458474159.png (1.12 MB, 617x614, ohhmyyygodd.png)

halp meh

No. 37368

This is horrible

Even blind people have better fashion sense wtf

No. 37369

What even is that fat distribution

No. 37371

i like jullian. she kicks ass. the interviewer is just butthurt that she's brutally honest rather than sugarcoating shit. the fact is, fatties don't love themselves.

to stuff yourself full of unhealthy garbage all day, and increase your chances of gaining various diseases/early death, is not self-love. haes bs is the way fatties try to convince themselves that they are happy and that their addiction is somehow acceptable.

former fat people, like jullian, know how they really feel deep inside and are the most outspoken about how much happier fat people will be after they lose weight.

all of those outfits were fucking tacky and hideous. being fat just makes everything look worse.

i don't even go on buzzfeed, but from what i've seen get posted around, it is just fat propaganda: the site.

No. 37397


>fat people

>fashion advice

look, i get you're insecure because you're a land whale, but hiding behind these tacky ass outfits ain't cute.

No. 37416

I'm convinced Buzzfeed has to be a troll or satire site.. It has to be.

No. 37418

Why are every single one of these women obese? this is disgusting. After I finish my egg sandwich, I'm hitting the gym. Ugh…

No. 37421

File: 1443469488105.png (275.7 KB, 309x587, lol.png)

A fav from the "#fat babe" tag on Tumblr

No. 37433

File: 1443473132878.png (1.39 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Buzzfeed! No!

No. 37436

For every body but only one type of body shown is fat.

No. 37438

File: 1443474855501.png (694.96 KB, 929x585, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 22.1…)

#2 is the reverse of a lollipop head. How does that even happen.

Clicking through to these whales' Instagrams is a goldmine of horrible outfits and attempts at being sassy, thanks Buzzfeed.

No. 37440

If they showed a normal or skinny person the fatties would get triggered and stop reading.

I want to see a ~body positivity~ photoshoot that includes an ultra skinny girl or a normal sized girl with a good figure. The fallout would be insane.

No. 37445

so how old are these ladies? none of them look younger than 33.

No. 37462


Yet they dress like toddlers with access to Barbie's closet.

No. 37490

Is that body chain cheap? Ngl, digging this look.

No. 37512

It's Jillian, anon. Julian is a man's name.

No. 37513

That has to be the most unflattering type of shoe for someone her size. Even her ankles have a muffin top.

No. 37515

Some kid in my health class was trying to tell everyone that being repulsed by fat people is human instinct, because we see them as unhealthy and unfit for breeding healthy children.

I looked it up online though and couldn't find any reliable sources.

No. 37521

File: 1443492153822.png (436.9 KB, 500x577, tumblr_nnvdbmS5w01qdj380o1_500…)

I feel like the Body positive movement is for the wrong people. For overweight people it is really a way of giving up. it's like saying " I don't have to improve as long as I'm okay looking like this."

It's really promoting a negative lifestyle for people. We shouldn't glorify obese people, we shouldn't have people looking up to women like Tess, specially not young women.

Body acceptance should be about loving yourself enough to be the best you. It shouldn't be about I'm going to sit here and accept I'm unhealthy, it should be I love myself enough to take care of my body. I don't agree with bullying anyone, but these tumblrinas that glorify their lifestyle and purposefully do things like take up space, wear revealing clothing in inappropriate places etc, just fucks me right up.

No. 37523

No. 37524

File: 1443493724409.jpg (155.82 KB, 1200x853, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 37526

File: 1443493996221.png (404.29 KB, 568x552, 1212.png)

No. 37527

File: 1443494056373.jpg (59.07 KB, 500x740, 1391460832184.jpg)

Iktfb. They take it as some personal attack, like you're losing weight just to insult them. Good on you though, Anon. May both of us, and any other anon losing weight, rustle many jimmies.

No. 37528

File: 1443494268463.png (1.31 MB, 962x1625, kek.png)

In no way am I surprised that this whale is celebrating international no diet day.

No. 37529

sorry I deleted my post i didn't want to be one of those that whine about myself on a thread. I work at a Pizza place and thats already hard enough but I started keto at 135lbs and went down about 15 lbs and it's been great.

People get hella amd when you star improving yourself it's nuts.

No. 37530

File: 1443494718937.png (7.45 KB, 403x72, images.png)

pretty much like this lmao

No. 37531

File: 1443494855483.jpg (111.88 KB, 1170x801, 1397344905648.jpg)

Don't worry about it and congrats on the loss.

They do. I think it's because it pokes at their little X doesn't work bubble, and they don't like that.


No. 37536


If it's not too much to ask can someone explain this feeder/gainer thing. I do not logically understand this fetish in any capacity and or what the purpose of making someone fat is.

No. 37538

File: 1443495638142.png (430.41 KB, 1280x1239, tumblr_nur39b0qnp1ueu660o1_128…)

Thanks anon, it is very difficult but worth it. I had to change a lot of shitty habits I picked up in Uni.

No. 37550

In simple terms it's a power thing. You're humiliating someone and making them physically uncomfortable by controlling something as major as their food intake, and literally making their body change because you said so. I don't get feederism itself either but I can see why it appeals to people who like domination/submission.

No. 37551

kek, thanks. i don't proofread enough on here.

control. feeders want someone completely dependent on them. a lot of them are insecure and don't want their partners to leave. being really obese ensures that their partners will stay since at a certain point it is hard to even walk without assistance.

No. 37553

i fucking love this thread. all of this gives me enough inspiration to continue dieting and working out.

No. 37556

makes me lol everytime

No. 37567

Ewww… no

No. 37568

Minus that disgusting hair, this would be okay on a normal sized human being. She sounds like she has a bitchy attitude. It's okay. you can insult fat people and run away. They'll never be able to chase you down.

No. 37569

Who let's themselves get this big? Dear lord…

No. 37570

I honestly don't get these lunatics who are encouraging these whales to stay obese. They're not beautiful. They're physically repulsive.

No. 37571

Same! Let's keep on triggering those fatties with her bodies.

No. 37581

Well said, anon.

By the by, stump-dude has a really cute face.

No. 37587

File: 1443520723278.gif (39.46 KB, 304x200, 200_s.gif)

The most straightforward reason is that some people think extreme obesity is sexy. Feeders make their partner progressively sexier, and the gainer becomes progressively sexier.

For others, it's a dom/sub thing. The feeder can be the dom, controlling/humiliating the gainer, OR the gainer can be the dom, treating the feeder like a food-bearing slave.

In my experience, gainers are usually spoiled brats and feeders and usually meek af.

There are other fetishes that can be involved, but those are the main ones.

No. 37600

Hambeast is a GooooooooOOOOOOD WarriouuuuuuUUUUUUUUH!

Guess she hasn't heard gluttony is a sin.

No. 37601

Damn, I wish I know english better so I can know what they're saying…

No. 37627

This is the greatest episode of wife swap ever created.

No. 37628

File: 1443545494455.png (136.99 KB, 689x491, Punpun_god.png)

lmao gotta watch this.

No. 37637

I can't believe I've never witnessed this beauty before.

I feel bad for the kids though.

No. 37640

I just keep hearing "dork sided".

No. 37641


Rofl I forgot about this!!! My fave episode

No. 37644

File: 1443555413820.jpg (204.18 KB, 660x466, ouch.jpg)

No. 37645

File: 1443555427157.jpg (257.9 KB, 660x491, ouch2.jpg)

No. 37646

File: 1443555445332.jpg (94.75 KB, 736x530, ouch3.jpg)

No. 37649

wat is it with fat girls and yoga? they can't even jump rope but they want us to be in awe of them stretching

No. 37653


"Oh look i barely do basic yoga poses at my advanced weight, TOTS HEALTHY MUCH AMAZE "

No. 37660

She's not even doing them right. God, that's embarrassing. She should practice more before posting stuff like that.

No. 37682


Look at her jacked up teeth. I'm gonna guess flossing is dork sided, and dentists are gargoyles.

No. 37691


A reminder on how easy it is to end up like one of these fucks

No. 37703

File: 1443570510843.jpg (46 KB, 650x366, 171039-32254406-5d4e-11e3-9fd2…)

No. 37705

File: 1443570589903.jpg (131.59 KB, 648x1024, 92z3cVP.jpg)

No. 37706

File: 1443570638609.png (375.65 KB, 614x522, 10001curves.png)

No. 37707

File: 1443570659615.jpg (77.68 KB, 565x638, AbYzrQE.jpg)

No. 37708

File: 1443570717730.jpg (49.43 KB, 604x453, KoWU0hj.jpg)

No. 37709

File: 1443570747551.jpg (147 KB, 1280x720, 252578_1280x720.jpg)

No. 37710

File: 1443570796401.jpg (60.93 KB, 384x512, tumblr_inline_n6r2o2njJ71qeq6q…)

No. 37711

File: 1443570830468.png (20.81 KB, 550x229, DEoK9Xw.png)

No. 37715

omg the herpes

it's like quirky, if she got naked more often

No. 37716

Her whole blog is comedy gold holy shit


No. 37719

You can tell she's pushing out her stomach in every one of those pictures to look fatter.

No. 37734


Not being a fat piece of shit makes you 10x more attractive by default. Is this an ad for a company or something? Left bitch is gross.

No. 37735

Girl on the right is qt. The whale can go though.

No. 37737

I can't tell which is the front or back of her body. holyshit

No. 37738

>non-practicing lesbian
As an actual lesbian, this sentence really pisses me off. Bitch, we don't want you.

No. 37742

It's Punyus by the look of it
Japanese brand for fatties

No. 37746

What the fuck is wrong with these people
That bikini is obviously digging into her skin. If she's so proud of her fatness, then she should wear something that fits ffs. She should not try to squeeze herself into a smaller size because it just makes things worse, in addition to going against what she's saying.

No. 37747

I think the left side is her front. Only because the lump of an arm leans more towards that side. No guarantees though since both sides are equally fat and breasted.

No. 37762

There shouldn't be enough fatties in japan to have a brand for them. This is only encouraging the fatties. Don't do this to yourself, Japan.

No. 37781

I've seen that in a movie or tvshow before but I forgot wich one…

No. 37859

that is a ridiculously cute tattoo though

No. 37866

Imagine having to put up with that every day.

No. 37901

While fatties are a pain in the ass anon, after a quick google it appears that the shop isn't just for fat people; it looks like it's got shit for taller girls, girls with bigger feet, etc. It appears they also have everything in normal sizes too.

No. 37940

File: 1443656675898.jpg (384.3 KB, 2523x500, ¨weightgainh.jpg)

No. 37941

it's fatheffalump or whatever, bitch has a blog whining about being fat, a huge activist

No. 37942

the ad campaign is pretty awesome though, gotta admit, I love the contrast

No. 37943

File: 1443656788742.png (299.59 KB, 904x740, 1413410265588-3.png)

No. 37945

File: 1443656819701.jpg (123.93 KB, 640x960, PFpEHQc.jpg)

No. 37946

File: 1443656875855.jpg (145.95 KB, 800x1191, ellie_prev02_ff.jpg)

No. 37947

the worst is how they cover their fupa/gunt (or maybe it's for the best) with it and then claim they're being so BODYPOZ HERO 111 SO BRAVE FUK UR BETTY STUNDURDS when they should be letting that shit flop around if they truly weren't disgusted by it.

No. 37948

File: 1443656969601.jpg (437.09 KB, 1280x1714, tumblr_mrwmiflPeu1symmvdo1_r1_…)

No. 37949

File: 1443657018769.jpg (72.8 KB, 360x766, ZmnKcjD.jpg)

No. 37950

File: 1443657070992.jpg (46.24 KB, 500x365, Fat_-_Bouncy_Ball_Butt.jpg)

It's probably for all the gaijin

No. 37951

File: 1443657120304.jpg (302.03 KB, 768x1024, lEXw0to.jpg)

No. 37954

File: 1443657563373.jpg (288.32 KB, 526x1776, QUz8oaV.jpg)

No. 37955

Omg I remember this, they stole her pictures for this article lmaoo

No. 37956

File: 1443657615894.png (75.54 KB, 500x227, tumblr_n82fyu2FCG1txdkzyo1_500…)

No. 37957

File: 1443657651290.jpg (96.02 KB, 540x720, tumblr_myar0fs3xO1qjkg5jo1_540…)

No. 37959

File: 1443657769400.jpg (91.46 KB, 480x531, m2SWmSK.jpg)

No. 37960

File: 1443657898943.png (478.18 KB, 501x555, Fat_eb10c0_5387344.png)

No. 37961

File: 1443657934803.png (47.09 KB, 500x152, tumblr_naawfg20mF1s6iq1po1_500…)

No. 37964

File: 1443658164441.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.01 KB, 500x700, mel_previewset88.jpg)

No. 37969

File: 1443658741332.jpg (29.64 KB, 600x400, 1441024636285.jpg)

No. 37978

this is why i laugh when 5'3 115lbs girls brag that they're size 0

No. 37981

So guys have to be 6' tall but it's sexist if guys prefer thin girls? How do they justify this sort of hypocrisy to themselves?

No. 37983

Yeahh… chances are they're lying or wearing things that fit bigger.
[source: I am 5'4 and got to 115-120lbs sophomore year of college and wore size a size 1 or 26, depending. I do hold my weight weird, though.]

No. 37994

i've never seen that anon, js

No. 37995

wth, im the same weight range and 5'6, lucky if i can fit into a size 4. :(

No. 38000

Really? That sucks :c
Like I said, I hold weight weird. It mainly affects my face/neck, then moves on to my arms/legs, and then waist/torso. But then when I lost it, it migrated to my boobs. Everyone's different. A lot of the girls I would talk to about weight and junk would say they were around 120 and wore some bs size when they held all their fat in the stomach… or they'd just lie about their weight in general.
[uhg. side note: I'm acting like my weight was fat when it really wasn't. I just didn't like the way I looked and still don't really like when I break 105. Sorry about that.]

No. 38020

You might have wide hips.
Quite honestly, due to excessive vanity sizing, sizes literally mean nothing. I gave up caring about them a long time ago, and I recommend you do the same.

No. 38065


just thought this was interesting and appropriate for the board. Can't believe people are complaining about this. At least they still have jobs and the blue dress goes up a ton of sizes. Honestly.

No. 38069

So they really do say a different waistline then it actually is? But what if you want to order online? You'd always have something too big if you measure yourself before ordering.

No. 38073

File: 1443683571923.jpg (1.79 MB, 900x3322, dataviz_vanitySizing_7.jpg)

I save myself the trouble by buying from stores I know either run small or are on average. Mainly, H&M and F21. For overseas shops(mostly Korean, Chinese, and Japanese ones) I take my measurements into consideration before buying since their sizes differ from our.

No. 38106

The same way they justify racism against whites. Much systematic oppreshun.

No. 38113

This vanity sizing shit is wrecking me. I'm 23, and had to buy Australian girls 8/10 underwear because the women's stuff is too large. Fuckin unreal.

No. 38133

How many people actually measure themselves though? A lot seem to only have an approximate idea of their size and then buy. Saying this as someone who sells clothes online with all the relevant measurements listed and there's always a few people who return stuff saying "IT'S WAAAAY SMALLER THAN I EXPECTED! REFUND ME!"

No. 38137

yeah it's fucking insane. i'm not particularly skinny, pretty flabby and thick really, and i can fit into girls size 10-12 clothing. how fucking fat are kids today?

No. 38159

I measure myself every time I get online to clothing shop. It saves a lot of hassle if people just fucking measure.

No. 38168

Dem sausage legs

No. 38173

I have no idea how any of these ladies think that being a landwhale is healthy and sexy. Do they really value food more than their own health. I mean, you can eat delicious food and still be fit by exercising more, walking more, drinking more water, cut off the damn sugar and salt intake. All you need is the will to do it.I don't see why skinny and slim/fir people need to be constantly blamed and rubbed in their faces that some dumb fat c*nt couldn't stop eating massive amounts of junk food. You want to be accepting yourself as you are - fat- go ahead, but don't shove that fckn "body acceptance" sht on others, cause you can't put down the effing burger and go for a walk instead.

No. 38225

What do you mean stole?

No. 38237

File: 1443720757187.png (167.44 KB, 441x556, OoHQXw0.png)

probably didn't pay her for including the pic

No. 38238

File: 1443720853284.png (902.61 KB, 858x644, ssssd.png)

No. 38240

File: 1443721019457.png (990.79 KB, 1025x658, tregbc.png)

No. 38244

File: 1443721284816.png (1.49 MB, 1720x684, uwott.png)

No. 38246

That's a shame because he's cute
>he needs to get out while he still can

No. 38251

No, they actually made up the entire story and stole some girls photos from tumblr.

No. 38266


Why post this girl? She just did a 35 mile race, with a personal PR over her last attempt. Clearly she's fit.

No. 38298

We should all be so lucky to be that healthy

No. 38305

>Not for porn blogs
I can't imagine how low a porn blog's standards would have to be to repost that…

No. 38314

You can run all you want but if you're still eating a shit ton of calories that aren't burned off, you're gonna gain weight/maintain fatness

No. 38323

>old navy

No. 38333

Imagine the rage if this was a skinny girl with an average guy and both were eating celery, and the caption would be
>"currently spreading my skinny agenda to x! #glomorizing skinny #future skinny friend in the making"

Can you imagine the outrage?
God, I hope I never have to meet people like this. Be fat if you want to, I don't care, but this bullshit attitude is so annyoing and dangerous.

No. 38341


I don't know if you understand the level of training and prep it takes to do an ultramarathon. Like a legit ultra, over trails, not 20000 ana miles on a treadmill. Any idiot can run a 5k, a 10k maybe. An ultra? That's dedication and effort, right there.

Plus she said so herself that she was working on losing weight slowly so she could improve her performance.

I'm sorry, as a fellow ultramarathoner it chaps my ass when non-runners spew shit they know nothing about.

No. 38342

Yeah, not sure why people are making fun of someone who is working towards getting healthy without crash dieting and with long-term health goals.

No. 38351

File: 1443743599546.png (848.97 KB, 1080x1920, 2BfjfSR.png)

No. 38352

File: 1443743646718.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.98 KB, 800x1191, bel_prev17_ff.jpg)

No. 38355

File: 1443743976202.jpg (114.61 KB, 678x415, 6BqSWlt.jpg)

No. 38356

File: 1443744092690.jpg (54.76 KB, 640x491, fat-abercrombie-fitch-ad.jpg)

No. 38357

'Sometimes several miles in one day' also deserves a red underline. As if that's an achievement.

No. 38360

File: 1443745719404.jpg (28.31 KB, 410x443, _84479249_ckykyqiweaaj4fa.jpg)

Seriously, I feel like something is fishy. If you're doing right by your body by eating clean and running, why is the weight still there? I think people like this don't really give 100% when doing this and just put on a front for cool points. That angers me a little.

No. 38365

??? I literally said nothing about running, I was talking about losing weight

No. 38369

idk why but this photo really made me feel confident?

No. 38375

Oh, that wasn't in response to you.

No. 38378

Guessing they're drinking the calories

No. 38384


If you look at her current pictures she's clearly lost weight and is working on losing weight. And I'm addressing that fact that morons like you think that just because you know how to lose weight fast!!! that you're somehow smarter than someone who has run an ULTRAMARATHON.

If you don't run ultras, don't mock people who have. You have zero idea what it's like. This girl is fitter than you.


She ran the Georgia Jewel TWICE. It's a RACE. You don't enter a race for "cool points." It's mountainous terrain, over a punishing distance. And she actually managed to improve on her time as well.

Y'all being fucking stupid right now. Shit on people who fake it (aka Iron Fat), whatever, but on a real ultramarathoner? Really?

No. 38392

>implying you can't simultaneously eat clean and eat at a caloric surplus

THAT is why the weight is still there.

No. 38393

She had Prader-Willi, so she actually couldn't help it.


It's really sad.

No. 38394

Why are you acting like it's a personal attack? They're obese and it's not healthy. If they're truly eating right and training they'd be lean or even a bit muscular. You cry HAES all you want, but the truth is they aren't healthy and they're more than likely not giving their all. Accept that and move on.

No. 38395


Great. I'm HAES now. When I've clearly mentioned over and over that she's lost weight in order to run better.

Whatever. Carry on being dumb.

No. 38401

File: 1443760323424.jpg (425.38 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nvd2roT5UV1r70wejo1_128…)

>hello im cute tonight love me pls
i guess this fatty isnt as bad as she could be but it'll only get worse.

No. 38402

Nah, I agree with you, anon

No. 38405


Thanks, I appreciate it

No. 38407

Well I always measure myself before ordering online.
But I bought something from Vero Moda, in the store I had S in all clothes but when I check with my measurements online I should be M. So are they vanity sizing the actual waist/bust/hip measurements too?

No. 38409

>scissors on a necklace
Natural selection at it's finest

in before "but there's a cover over the sharp part" because that can easily slide off.

No. 38410

Wasn't it the abercrombie and fitch guy that doesn't want ugly people to wear his brand?

No. 38418

Basically fat and ugly. He associated anyone who is overweight and obese with ugly. I actually kind of agreed with that logic.

No. 38419

I hope that guy is getting paid a lot of money.

No. 38422

makes it even more funny that fat sjw's are wearing his stuff

No. 38425

Oh man I remember seeing a documentary about this

No. 38427

Ew video. Here's the Mayo Clinic page if anyone prefers to read about the condition:

No. 38429

lol right? So much butthurt. "You guys have never run before! You don't know my–I mean her–pain! Waahhh!!"

No, you're literally claiming that she was fine before because she managed to run an ULTRAMARATHON(!) and, as you repeated, the weight loss was just to make her better.

No. 38435

You're overanalyzing things.

No. 38439

I feel like the whole tumblr-HAES side completly misunderstood the purpose of this.
Original HAES-intent:
>Don't discourage fat people from sports, it'll only make the problem worse
>You can be active and do sports even if you are overweight!
>Your weight shouldn't stop you from trying to do something healthy like sports!
>It's never too late to start a healthy lifestyle and care for yourself!

What tumblr makes of this:
>#fatspo #glorifyobesity

No. 38444

Fat fetish porn blogs do reblog that kind of stuff though (I will never understand those. Fat is disgusting)
It's kinda like how girls who dress in sweet lolita sometimes end up on sissy blogs or ddlg blogs

No. 38449

File: 1443798011697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.18 KB, 800x1191, tumblr_mw8rl3QK8x1s7kqsio1_128…)

No. 38450

File: 1443798157447.png (839.04 KB, 1030x681, lll.png)

It's such a morbid fetish though, I wonder if they're attracted to fatties because they're slowly killing themselves

No. 38451

Everyone moved on and you're the one bringing it up again.

No. 38452

File: 1443798254149.png (57.67 KB, 624x670, srfdguhi.png)

No. 38453

File: 1443798398080.png (191.01 KB, 1400x1400, Oxvdtdy.png)

Pretty much. It used to be about motivating the disabled/obese/elderly etc. to work out and eat well within their own abilities, but it got hijacked by intuitive eating and lots of other bullshit that panders to middle aged women and tumblerinas.

No. 38455

File: 1443798627721.png (349.55 KB, 485x536, 0dfQve4.png)

No. 38457

The doc on prader willis
Literally the only reason to be a fat cunt, and even they aren't. Also it's EXTREMELY rare

No. 38458

File: 1443798876875.png (136.39 KB, 947x510, TfXLg36.png)

No. 38459

File: 1443798905211.jpg (115.29 KB, 960x852, lnMBZRY.jpg)

No. 38460

File: 1443798978025.png (280.87 KB, 517x431, Picture 17.png)

No. 38464

Yeah because obviously the skinny chick doesn't eat pizza every day in their underwear, whereas this fatass probably does 3 square meals a day.

No. 38465

>120 pounds

No. 38473

anachan gb2 mpa pls

No. 38480

File: 1443811622677.jpg (95.32 KB, 736x981, 538b53acfd7c54dd928a64dd4c6f01…)

I notice that fit-shaming is becoming the new form of bullying from ana-chans and fatty-chans alike.

>what is this world coming to

>two extremes of the body spectrum who may have been bullied become the bullied
>all because 'MUH SELF-ESTEEM'
>fuck this gay earth

No. 38482

File: 1443812311821.jpg (112.35 KB, 423x640, jessica_nigri_jess_LPYBUxV.siz…)

Hate having to post this here but I found out that Jessica Nigri weighs 135 lbs, maybe would weigh less without dem fake tits

>would still be considered a fatty by ana-chans

>mfw that happens would be eye rolling

No. 38492

she's 5'7 and has a dece amount of muscle mass though

No. 38494

She sure have some nice abs.

No. 38515

I'm an Ana-chan and I heavyly dislike fatties, but I don't have anything against fit women.
They're not pretty for me but, I love to exercise, they exercise a lot too so I find more similarities rather than differences. Them watch what they eat too.

No. 38525

i'm an ana-chan too and feel the same way. i cannot stand fatties, but fitties are fine - i don't think their bodies look good or anything but i have respect for someone who eats well and exercises. even those gross 'strong man/woman' looking people. fatties just make me sick.

No. 38528

Literally no one cares.

No. 38530

No. 38532

>ana-chan teehee
>I must inform strangers of my mental illness at all times for Ana points!

Daily reminder that anorexics are crazy attention-starved ghouls

No. 38539

Daily reminder that you're retarded and apparently don't realize that anorexia is a mental illness.

No. 38543

So many mad fatties in the comment section.

No. 38551

Daily reminder that you're anorexic and apparently don't realize that 'retarded' is an ableist slur. Why do you hate the mentally handicapped? Is it because they often have trouble feeding and are therefore skinnier than you?

No. 38557

Wrong. I came in a few hours afterwards and posted my input, so I'm like 10 posts below what I replied to. I wasn't part of the conversation originally.
All good though, I'm sure that you were just confusing me with another anon.

No. 38567


Give it all ya got, fatty!

No. 38569


>TRENTON – A Trenton pork roll maker is being sued by the wife of a former employee who was allegedly fired for farting too much in the office, according to a federal discrimination lawsuit.

>Louann Clem, who worked alongside her husband, Richard Clem, at Case Pork Roll Co., says in a federal lawsuit filed last month that after her husband received gastric bypass surgery he suffered serious consequences, including "extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea."

What a delight! Especially in a business that sells food!

>Case President Thomas Dolan began to harass Clem and his wife when the smell of Richard's flatulence began to overpower the aroma of pork roll, according to the lawsuit.

>"We have to do something about Rich," the lawsuit says Dolan told Louann Clem. "This can't go on. We can't run an office and have visitors with the odor in the office."

And this is why you never hire a fatty. If it can't see its toes, you just know it blows.

No. 38582

Doesn't mean they need to bring it up all the time.

No. 38598

"I'm fat but I'm sexy" hahahahahahahahahahaha
I fucking can't stand their delusions i just can't

No. 38600

>on lolcow
>using the word "ableist" not as a joke

No. 38677

File: 1443904250965.png (28.71 KB, 595x569, ss (2015-10-03 at 09.30.17).pn…)

No. 38682

It's sad that these peoples lives revolve around being fat.

No. 38684

I'm not even gay but I feel deeply offended.

No. 38694


No. 38742

File: 1443919312296.jpg (178.06 KB, 1024x550, 1438709913148.jpg)

I get livid with fit-shaming. It seems to be the new tbing. To think that just a few years ago, we would congratulate those who kept fit and found it inspirational. Now it's the opposite.

Fat is the only way to live acceptably now.

Also, another thing that annoys me about fatties: how they say that men prefer 'meat' on their women, yet these fatties are more like 10% lean, 90% fat. Disgusting and ironic.

/Fit/ women have more of that meat on their bones than fatties so, literally. They're so damn lean that their dense muscle tissue put the saturated fat of fatties to shame.

>pic related: Miyu looking more fit than ever. In this day an age, fatty-chans would shame her for taking up fitness activities as a way for her to cope with the crappy life she had, instead of congratulating her for finding a healthy, non-toxic outlet. SMH if only they knew how deep in Miyu was before she left cosplay forever…

No. 38745


Why do I feel like you're Laura posting pictures of herself only with the names changed to 4chan names.

I actually used to talk to Miyu a bit through email. She was a nice girl but I knew that she had a few problems. She was always either on or off, like a switch.
I can't remember if she had bipolar or something.

For a while I was posting on /fit/ whilst I was losing weight, and there was always somebody replying to me with the exact same writing style as Miyu when I posted progress pics in the progress threads.
They were positively seething and oozing with hatred, just abusing me and calling me awful names, and knew my alias despite my face always being censored or cropped.
I was always positive then and even today that it was her doing it because I would see posts from her appearing on /fit/ at the same time the abuse would begin.

I know for a fact that most of the Miyu threads that used to get made on /cgl/ were made by her because she told me and we used to laugh at it so it's not like she has an aversion to samefagging.

Whatever she's doing now I hope she's happy. I know she for a while she was teaching iceskating classes for children which sounds pretty fulfilling.

No. 38808

Laura knows about LOLcow?

>also: I can't remember if she still referred to herself as Miyu, or only did it outside of /fit/

No. 38827

It pisses me off to the max. Working out, actually working out-lifting,toning etc is hard work. Eating right is easy for me, but getting my ass to the gym 3-4 days a week is tough. I lift weights at home and it was hard the first month, though easier after that.

I don't see any point in praising someone who literally sits on their ass and expands. We SHOULD be shaming fat people.

No. 38828

I'm legit envious of those abs.

No. 38838

No. 38861

All I take from this is that she's jealous of skinny chicks.

No. 38869

Agreed. Fat people have the luxury to remain sedentary and stuff their faces. Then they complain that they're oppressed because clothing stores won't carry tarps big enough to fit them or because they can no longer squeeze themselves into seats on public transportation. They expect people to cater to them because "waaa people stare at me and it hurts my feelings!!"
People stare because you have amassed so much extra mass that you no longer resemble a normal, healthy person. People stare because they wonder how you could let yourself get to that point.

Tl;dr: why do fat people think that having an access to an excess of food somehow makes them oppressed lol

No. 38875

I've gotten to the point where I just can't get angry at fatties crying "Opreshuuuun" at their weight. Like we are supposed to feel sorry for them, as if some higher power tied them down and made them eat 20 pounds of high caloric elephant shit for 3 meals a day, or else he would beat them.

Like no, you got to your size by eating cakes, cookies, and a bunch of other greasy junk food. You know you enjoyed every last bite of that weight gain. But noooo, it's poor fattie, they just couldn't help themselves.

No. 38877

File: 1443970380063.jpg (62.22 KB, 608x627, three butts in one pig.jpg)


Now why on earth would a beautiful, curvy fupacabra like this be jealous of girl with a model figure>

No. 38879

File: 1443970499196.jpg (81.52 KB, 400x397, muh designer tarps.jpg)

No. 38894

Question: what do people on here consider fat?

No. 38897

Girls: when their guts stick out further than their tits (without a bra, cause I know how fatties like to go but muh tittays when they cram their ham slabs into a bra)= fat fat fat fat.

Guys: Just a big gut in general is fat fat fat territory to me.

No. 38898

Honestly "fat" became such a broad term.
Y'know, the range for skinny and thin is much smaller than fat. There's only so much you can consider as "normal weight", but "fat" can mean 50, 150, 300 or even 500 pounds overweight.

To me, it depends on the person. But generally, if you cannot fit the highest size in a regular store like H&M, you're fat. If you are unable to fit the plus size section of regular stores, you're really fucking fat and should seriously reconsider your life choices. If you are so fat that even morbidly obese is out of your weight chart, you're just mentally ill to me. Like an anorexic person who's only able to fit toddler/little children clothing, only on the other extreme.

No. 38906

No. 38913

Girls: Wear an L or XL men's shirt.
Guys: Wear an XL or 2XL men's shirt.
Higher than that is obese.

No. 38952

>But generally, if you cannot fit the highest size in a regular store like H&M, you're fat
TBH if you're a medium/size 6 in US sizes, or above, you're fat. Vanity sizing is fucking ridiculous.

No. 38953

This doesn't apply if you're like 5'11 obviously but for a normal sized girl it does

No. 38987

What are you considering a normal height? Size 6 is still pretty small for people between 5'7 - 5'10. Maybe even 5'6. Especially if we're going off of H&M's sizing.

No. 38989

5'8 and below. And I am going by H&M sizing, of course other American stores are even worse…

No. 39008

so people with naturally bigger breasts are allowed to be fatter than flat chested girls?

No. 39025

>How to make a shirt bigger
>Just add more fabric! So innovative!! :O
Well no fucking shit, adding more material generally makes things bigger.

No. 39055

She didn't even do it very well, either. The side panels didn't come close to blending with the shirt fabric, and the stitching is shoddy at best.

No. 39061


Everything else about her is shoddy, the shirt blends well with her personality.

No. 39067

Not that anon, but people with larger breasts look okay for longer at higher weights. If you have tiny breasts you're going to look like a fatty at a higher weight even if you're not technically overweight.

No. 39079

From a former mini-moon; ten pounds overweight=chubby
100+lbs=ham planet
300+lbs=do not even breathe near me I can smell your cells dying you are obscene.

No. 39094

tbh it looks like she got cushings

No. 39109

I judge by height and weight, so it isn't so broad for me. If you are 15 pounds overweight, you are fat. If you are 35-45 pounds overweight, you're probably obese or borderline obese. If you are 100+ pounds, don't come near me on a public bus. People more than 200+ should be taken out to the woods and shot.

No. 39114

File: 1444044587612.jpg (105.2 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n0lwwgcVlv1qzyp0io1_500…)

No. 39115

File: 1444044788978.jpg (82.74 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nu9wipq4Ze1rj6k3yo1_500…)

The weirdest thing is, fit people (like legit muscular people, not skinnyfats who go to the gym once a week) are really body positive. They cum all over the place with excitement whenever someone asks them for advice or expresses an interest in fitness, especially if they're unhealthy.

It's the proanas and fatties that have a weird obsession with everyone looking the same, with 'horselegs' being ugly and big tits being beautiful (the only thing fat girls have)

No. 39116

File: 1444044848283.jpg (116.17 KB, 816x795, LOL.jpg)

No. 39117


Sorry, I'm on mobile, but is this cushing's too? http://imgur.com/r/ImGoingToHellForThis/x2bC22K

No. 39118

File: 1444044998201.png (372.16 KB, 684x555, QY8fDei.png)

No. 39119

File: 1444045048215.jpg (30.69 KB, 500x275, tumblr_mzf6riRPFb1s4pvwbo1_500…)

and then they sue you because SMELL EQUALITY fucking disgusting

No. 39120

Tumblr is spreading you know. The other day I saw video on youtube of some random french dude jogging in the mountains and a lot of the comments were like "YEAH FIGURES IT'S A WHITE CIS DUDE" as if his accomplishments are due to life circumstances

No. 39121

File: 1444045161982.jpg (222.41 KB, 780x1484, intro.jpg)

No. 39122

File: 1444045299500.jpg (171.07 KB, 1326x737, RF2M5Xz.jpg)

No. 39123

File: 1444045755169.png (840.28 KB, 1080x1920, gSEBT3P.png)

A LOT of people fitshame, they have this idea that if you're fit you're obsessed with the gym, with calories, that you're a stereotype of the health fanatic with steroids, kale in everything or whatever other thing they think they're being a smartass about.

The cool thing is that it's super easy to shoot these people who mock fitness down. You just respond in all seriousness, don't give them the benefit of mking it look like a joke, as if the fact that they eat 2 bars of chocolate a day every day and you don't is something 'cute' and a joke.

Question them. "Ha ha anon I bet you haven't had food like this in a while since you're all fit and such"

"Why? Do you have food like this all the time?"


Questions are the best replacement for quick wit. Their attacks are usually because of insecurity and questions make people look ridiculous in social situations as they try to explain themselves away. It's glorious

"Bones are for dogs anon! Meat is for men!"

"Oh, do you have a lot of meat then?"

"No! I…I have lots of curves and I have big boobs and I didn't mean it that way…"

"In what way did you mean it?"


"In what way did you mean it? I'm curious, please explain."

You have to be deadpan the whole way, until they reach the orgasm of social cringe where everyone is staring at them, they're blurting out nonsense and turning red.

No. 39125

This won't work, you'll just get called passive-aggressive and butthurt
I agree with your sentiment though

No. 39126

File: 1444046237660.png (938.73 KB, 1080x1920, b7wqMif.png)

Also, another tactic is one stolen from SJWs, feign stupidity.

"Oh anon, I could never eat to look like you, must be so boring"

"What do you mean? I don't understand."

"I uh…You know, all those salads you have to eat, I'd live life"

"What do you mean live life? I honestly don't understand. Can you explain please?"

"I uh…I don't have to eat salads and I can eat pizza instead and that's more exciting…"

"I eat a variety of interesting foods."

Telling someone that you don't understand forces them to explain their words in more depth, which when it comes to fatties pushing their fatlogic is where it falls apart like a house made of paper. They are faced with their own stupidity, their own inability to defend their words and when they stand on the shakiest of grounds you can deliver the response you may have given initially (I don't eat in a boring way) but now it has more effect.

Silence is another good one, or calling over a third party and getting the person that said that to explain it to them are also good, but you need the right situation and charisma to pull those off.

No. 39127

File: 1444046261666.jpg (127.88 KB, 760x528, IWFvQvn.jpg)

No. 39128

File: 1444046429906.jpg (292.99 KB, 650x463, sableintro.jpg)

No. 39129

File: 1444046592266.jpg (17.42 KB, 500x178, tumblr_n4yk1wqk6c1taut99o1_500…)

No. 39131

File: 1444046698011.jpg (74.48 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n8axuwEqrU1sbxm8oo1_500…)

She should take the fact that she can't fit into the biggest band shirts as a sign she needs to lose weight

No. 39132

Yeah, but you know they'd respond with MUG GENETICS/MUH PCOS/MUH DEPRESSION/MUH BODY MY CHOUICE etcc

No. 39133

File: 1444046933682.png (507.81 KB, 808x574, P8ClWQN.png)

It probably varies a lot since we are such a diverse (kek) community.

For me, personally, it's a BMI of around 25 or over. Some people carry weight better than others so around the 25 mark it can be a bit ambiguous sometimes, and obviously I'm not taking into account muscular people who need to use a special BMI scale.

No. 39134

Oh shit I remember this



No. 39135

File: 1444047063303.jpg (839.45 KB, 2611x1469, K6RHIRl.jpg)

Well she's fat what do you expect? They o the most mundane of things and act like experts, see saxy and her BUSINESS AND CHINESE

No. 39136


either cushings or HIV, there's an antiretroviral drug that makes you put all your weight on your upper body

No. 39137

It could work better for certain cultures/languages then. I live in a french speaking place and doing this sort of thing doesn't come off as butthurt, more as standing up for yourself. It's necessary because once you let someone walk all over you they might decide to do it again nd again.

You're right though in that you have to be careful about looking butthurt, it's not a good idea to get too emotional with it, and a cheeky smile when things get too serious is fine too. It's a tricky thing, telling fatties off, because they're like supersensitive pigs.

No. 39138

Junk food is literally loaded with chemicals specifically made to get people addicted.
Some people have lower willpower than others, or their mental health/personal circumstances have turned it into a coping mechanism. It's pretty typical, and I don't totally blame fatties for their fucked up relationship with food (the same way you don't blame an anorexic for not eating by saying shit like "omg what's wrong with you?? just eat SOME food. ur dying smh ://").
What I don't like is all this "fat acceptance" shit. Literally glamorizing sickness and calling it normal. Unless you're a fucking heavyweight champion, a sumo wrestler or a practitioner of something else that requires you being a certain weight or above to maintain health/strength levels, there's no good reason to defend being a hamplanet.

No. 39158

File: 1444049211665.png (145.47 KB, 540x329, lel.png)

No. 39160

File: 1444049667345.jpg (51.59 KB, 500x351, abloobloo.jpg)

No. 39164

Things like this piss me off.
Everything is a combination of goddamn chemicals and you can't escape it.
You are chemicals. Your family is chemicals. Your 37 cats you have from living alone are chemicals.

No. 39181


Nah, evolution will kill you before "fatshaming" does. Case in point:

>A 45-year-old man, was admitted for investigation of severe sexual impairment. During 20 years of marriage, he had had no normal sexual intercourse and the couple was childless. Physical examination disclosed a severely obese man (weight 300 kg, height 1.75 m), with a relatively small and invaginated penis and small (5 ml) soft testes. Laboratory examinations disclosed the following: low serum testosterone (1 ng/ml), with a reduced response to HCG (3.8 ng/ml). Sex hormone binding globulin was at the lower limit of normal (0.38 microgram/dl), serum free testosterone was low (0.98% of total testosterone) as well as non-SHBG bound testosterone (22% of total testosterone). Daily total urinary estrogen excretion was increased (107 micrograms), the plasma estrone (78 pg/ml) and estradiol (74 pg/ml) were elevated. The gonadotropins were normal and responded adequately to LRH. Plasma growth hormone was decreased, prolactin, T4 and adrenal steroids were normal and responded normally to stimuli and inhibitors. Chromosomal constitution was 46XY. Thus, in this man the marked obesity produced a significant increase in estrogens which subsequently induced a severe decrease in testosterone and its free counterpart in excessive impairment of sexual function.

>invaginated penis


LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MOMENT. Or rather, don't.

>and small (5 ml) soft testes


My life of making fun of fatties is hereby complete.

No. 39184

File: 1444056604161.jpg (11.92 KB, 250x333, 5de9e842c98d56467148d49619490e…)

No. 39186

Exactly. The size acceptance stuff back in the day was pretty reasonable and focused on getting fat/old/disabled people to get into sports/healthy eating but it transformed into HAES due to intuitive eating and pseudoscience being pushed as truth

No. 39187

File: 1444056988418.jpg (49.33 KB, 640x640, 1422827684490-0 (1).jpg)

No. 39189


What is happening here? I feel as if I'm on shrooms.

No. 39193

It's like looking into a funhouse mirror

No. 39194



well thank god for small favors, eh?

No. 39195

File: 1444058428988.jpg (243.82 KB, 1440x1440, 1411754925645.jpg)

No. 39197

File: 1444058746407.jpg (68.51 KB, 730x301, rh10zkK.jpg)

No. 39198

>fat shaming kills faster than anything else

Pfft I'd love to see the cat facts on that

No. 39199

File: 1444058903250.png (735.87 KB, 793x1089, 9B70s5o.png)

This, detox, wraps, SPOT REDUCTION and those joji berry ANCIENT CHINESE MEDICINE things

So much pseudoscience, these bitches do it all and then whine that they've tried everything and still can't lose weight.

No. 39200

File: 1444059103409.png (118.87 KB, 838x498, f8B3iUV.png)

No. 39201

File: 1444059419980.jpg (142.48 KB, 838x1000, 2FeJmCz.jpg)

No. 39202

File: 1444059527198.jpg (40.59 KB, 334x500, d7690bbe2236fa8ae37cb746f0cf47…)

No. 39203

File: 1444059816284.jpg (125.51 KB, 1072x1432, ogTqnM9.jpg)

No. 39204

File: 1444059854165.jpg (41.65 KB, 521x409, i9GgMtJ.jpg)

No. 39205

I really want to touch her face, just out of curiosity you know?

No. 39206

File: 1444060047311.jpg (81.4 KB, 540x707, 04856zv.jpg)

No. 39212

Except the thin person has like 1 or 2 slices of pizza a few times a month, and the fat person crams an entire loaf of bread into their mouth every 2 hours

No. 39218

why are things like thinspo and stuff so looked down upon and even blocked on certain sites but this shit is totally normal and ~body positive~! it's just as unhealthy. wtf.

No. 39226

This is probably why there's a lot of fat cunts 8n the bdsm/kink scenes. Must be sad you can't even have vanilla PiV sex

Are they saying that what size 0 is now used to be labeled 14? Wouldn't that mean clothes are running larger now?

No. 39237

I think that most people get into BDSM because they're too fucking ugly/fat for normal sex to be enjoyable. You can't get off from looking at your partner's nasty hambeast body so you have to get into some really weird shit so you can cum

No. 39248

you've obviously never been to /fit/

No. 39263

I'm skinny and I have fibromyalgia and I think being fat would definitely worsen the condition. I have joint pain already, and I just can't imagine what it'd be like to try to stand with so much weight being applied on them.

No. 39267

> and a lot of the comments were like "YEAH FIGURES IT'S A WHITE CIS DUDE" as if his accomplishments are due to life circumstances

I can't stand this shit. Sometimes I feel like I entered the twilight zone.

No. 39268

i always think about what it would feel like to have 200+lb of fat to carry around. it must feel awful. and not being even able to walk

No. 39274

This sounds hilaroius. Like wow his cis white privilege allows him to jog in the mountains! I'm too oppressed to jog in mountains :(

My highest weight has been 138 at 5' and I could feel every jiggle as I walked it felt really shameful. I'd imagine 200+ would be 100x that plus waddling and getting out of breath all the time and sweaty

No. 39277

I hate this video

No. 39280

those are THE MOST unflattering pants

No. 39282

…ive always been around 145-150 but i ballooned to 162. I did not enjoy bursting out of all of my clothes and feeling those gross fat wings growing on my upper back starting to develop. I've lost the excess weight and im working towards 120ish. getting so close to 200 lbs was not a good feeling, theres no pride in it, its just mindless eating.

No. 39283

yeah i used to be 115 at 5'1 and it was nasty. so jiggly and gross.

No. 39284

man, i've really packed on the weight lately. i gained 40 lbs in 3 months and now i'm 183 lbs at 5'5. I don't know how these people feel even remotely happy being as large as they are bc i cant stand it.

No. 39295


No. 39299

No. 39301

Hahahah! That reminds me of my friend, who is around a BMI of 47 or so (thus, morbidly obese). She complains because her husband barely ever goes down on her, but to be quite frank, I can't blame him.
First off, I imagine it must get very suffocating down there. Her thick thighs and gut… ugh, makes me feel claustrophobic just thinking about it!
Second off, think of all the sweat and build-up that must happen… I can't imagine it smells or tastes even relatively okay down there.

No. 39302

Don't forget the leg lifters!
I really wish I could find the blog, but this person had a bunch of fatass accommodation items, including leg lifters and cushions to soak up the sweat between rolls.

No. 39303

Everything is single serving size, duh! Why would you have more food hanging around if you're not going to eat it?

No. 39305

File: 1444083239713.jpg (118.24 KB, 500x631, tumblr_nvm7ckzcNn1qlnt5jo1_500…)

all these disgusting fatty nudes

No. 39311

Meh as far as fetishes go bdsm can be very mild.

No. 39312

> you do not have my consent to reblog to your porn/BBW/feeder blogs

most of these pics have this attached but like who else would reblog/like them(besides other fatties)? porn/BBW/feeder blogs are literally the only ones that care about your fatass

No. 39316

>#poc fashion

As in "I am 1/16 native!!! uwu"? She looks pretty white to me.

>it's many curves

Indeed, I believe there are quite a few more curves than there should be.

No. 39333

>showing off my tiger stripes!~ uwu
Ugh, normally I don't really give a fuck what fatties do, but there's something about them co-opting the whole 'tiger stripes' thing that was originally about women who have had babies and ended up with stretch marks that really rustles my jimmies.

No. 39336

File: 1444097131596.jpg (193.21 KB, 1056x1576, tumblr_nvkdei0xao1rjt5hgo4_128…)

wear a shirt that will distract people from your size

No. 39337

I thought that tag said #fatkin for a sec.

No. 39340

I feel depressed, because his tits are bigger than mine

No. 39342

Can someone post pictures of this instagram? https://instagram.com/randomlancila/?hl=en The luls would be glorious. This is my favorite fat person besides quirky.

No. 39345

why cant you do it?

No. 39349

File: 1444101686880.jpg (58.29 KB, 479x680, tumblr_inline_mmzzukTvqr1qz4rg…)


No. 39355

I agree. The tiger stripes thing was supposed to turn a negative consequence of pregnancy into a positive. Instead, fatties thing their stretch marks are equivalent but there is a huge difference between
>I made a LIFE with my body
>I ate myself into heart disease ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 39356


No. 39357

Ew… Is this person real?

No. 39358

Size 0 is a really stupid size tbh. Men clothing doesn't have this issue. Everything should just be measured in cm or inches. I hate vanity sizing.

No. 39359

is this real??

No. 39366

It is stupid but not for the reasons Laci gives

No. 39394

She wont approve me

No. 39401


No. 39479

they use makeup as a distraction too

No. 39496



>under eating

… huh?

No. 39498

i-is that a man

No. 39533

File: 1444157774088.jpg (254.17 KB, 892x1024, Barbara-H.-Before-and-AFter-fr…)

Yeah, it's annoying because just by reading posts from men online, a lot prefer the curvaceous (I mean real curves, like 36-24-36 type curves, not what fatties parade around as 'MUH CURVES' aha you're right; more like MUH LUMPS OF FAT) look that bikini/import car models/insert-whatever-sexy models have, and neither extremes have that figure and don't think it's "pretty" somehow–yet the general population doesn't like extreme thigh gaps or lumps of fat, which both extremes find to be 'pretty'.

Women just have bad taste when it comes to themselves.

No. 39534

Is she gonna eat that baby? lel

OP here; those are good points, anon. I mean I'm just frustrated seeing it all over Instagram, and it's made me hesitant to post my own progress. Luckily I haven't encounter that kind of BS yet. If shit doesn't get better, I'll probably just stick to posting pics on MyFitnessPal or something.

No. 39537

File: 1444158494457.jpg (367.55 KB, 2602x1000, original.jpg)

Speaking of fat people in Olympics–I remember Fierce Fatties making some BS post about that and saying "Who are you to judge these people for being overweight in their sport" blah blah fat logic BS: http://fiercefatties.com/2012/08/03/olympians-they-come-in-all-shapes-and-sizes/

She missed the point that these plus-sized people have muscle underneath all that, and a good amount, too. Unlike most ham-planets who just sit around like the sedentary animals they are and whine 'MUH OPPRESSHUN' all day.

No. 39540

File: 1444158680528.jpeg (43.09 KB, 500x379, fun-activities-with-no-chemica…)

Is that post talking about the cons of chemicals? Like all the shit we see today that says 'chemical-free'? Ugh. Such a stupid word. Why can't companies go back to using 'non-toxic?'

Reminds me of that Chemistry without Chemicals kit.

No. 39541

This explains all the fat neckbeards' beta ways, kek

At least they can't breed, kek. That means less hamplanets available to infest this planet

No. 39552

File: 1444159804232.jpg (476.37 KB, 500x1230, The Only Toilet in the World f…)

No. 39598

Are you fucking kidding me??? If realizing your ass is too fat for a standard toilet doesn't motivate you to make some life changes, then you should just go live out in a field like an animal.

No. 39611

imagine in 2000 years when archaeologists find one of these.
they'll probably think its a monument to some god of digestive systems/pooping

No. 39613

>Jessica Howard's FUCKING TOES
scary as fuck

No. 39617

HAHAHA Laco Green is still trying to gain SJW credit in the fat acceptance movement.
Just for information, a few years ago she lost weight and uploaded a video abut healthy weight loss and stuff. Of course the tumblr fat base went MAD with hate, constantly bitching about how "fat shaming she was and how dare she lose weight, or worse, suggest others that losing weight cn be healthy!!! #triggered"
So of course Laci continues her quest for approval by writing stuff like this.

No. 39618

This is making me feel so ill. Why do we cater to these fat asses? They shouldn't even be considered human anymore at this point.

No. 39621

>Lisa Leslie
Wow! Love her body. Also, I really do like seeing these kind of banners with the different types of bodies women can obtain depending on where they are most active. It really is cool. …Unlike those Dove ads.

No. 39623


I feel for you anon. There are so many fat lesbians, and a great deal of them identify as lesbian not because they are, but because they're simply damaged and desperately want to be different.

And on top of that you have the even worse version, the tumblrtard lezkin ones. EF MUH HYGIENE STANDARDS!

No. 39636

Definitely. It's hilarious because she probably took that picture like "haha I'll show my friends how funny and quirky I am!" but she looks like someone that would eat a baby.

No. 39638

It could be. With how large her arms are though i dont know.

No. 39639

I used to have a dog named sable lmfao

No. 39640

Clothing sizes are bigger now. A size 12 now is much bigger than it was in say, 1950. Its because vanity sizing became a thing

No. 39663

Having my ass hang over the edge if my toilet seat is half of what made me decide to lose the weight.
I'm now at risk of falling in certain toilets but its still worth it.

No. 39754

this is pleasing to look at. to bad no one stands for fit women.

No. 39796

>but MUH OPPRESHUN! Shitlords should instead adjust their standards and expectations! Hello society is changing! Fat is the new average so everything from toilets to airplane seats and clothing sizes should all be made to accommodate people of size! Even if it means stressing the planet's resources!

No. 39801

I'm so glad to see this pic because it blows the skeleton logic out of the water that anything even a tiny bit above 100lbs is fat. And it also blows fat logic out of the water, too, for slightly the same reasons.

>although they might look at that one 300 lb power lifter in that pic and think, "She represents me because I'm her size and I'm also as fit and healthy as her!"

>like bitch, show me that you can lift more than a hamburger to your mouth and then I'll believe you

No. 39822

Hey fatso, I'm guessing you don't have the muscle mass of an Olympic athlete, so yeah, you actually still look fat at 130lbs

No. 39824

File: 1444221440842.png (417.36 KB, 1184x682, muh curves 1.png)

No. 39825

File: 1444221462566.png (447.87 KB, 1191x634, muh cundishuns 2.png)

No. 39826

File: 1444221483902.png (362.43 KB, 1152x569, muh zaftig rape ready thick th…)

No. 39882

this comic was kinda shitty, but god those balls look funny as fuck

No. 39961

Ana-chan much?

If you mean Morbidly-obese fat,at 130 lbs and average height, then no lol. Skinny fat? I can understand.

No. 39965

File: 1444249572347.jpg (220.25 KB, 1117x675, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)


No. 40061

I remember I asked TITP about the super over obese, the fat ones who need to be lifted out of their house's apartment with construction vehicles, if it is fat shaming them for caring about their weight.
They didn't reply. Maybe because they get the same question over, or she doesn't have a reply.

No. 40075


No. 40078

No. 40081

Oh, pardon me! The acronym didn't dawn on me. Yeah, that blog is full of excuses and insanity.

No. 40083

Jesus wept.

No. 40225


>At 5’1” and nearing 300 pounds it’s safe to assume I was disconnected from my body.

You think? At that point you're spherical.

>(Not everyone at that size is just so we’re clear).


So… thin privilege is not being completely demented?

No. 40231

File: 1444317628127.png (223.38 KB, 296x542, 5jKEV6p.png)

No. 40233

File: 1444317968272.png (381.69 KB, 992x688, dscok.png)

she would probably try to eat your hand tho

No. 40237

File: 1444318829202.png (104.46 KB, 1006x676, jRty7mi (1).png)

No. 40240

File: 1444319799787.jpg (210.8 KB, 600x350, holley-beach.jpg)

No. 40242

I know right? Who the hell uses internet explorer these days?

No. 40248

File: 1444321959701.jpg (186.6 KB, 800x1191, sab_prev80_ff.jpg)

No. 40250

File: 1444322264318.png (371.48 KB, 864x1703, 6tK4pnC.png)

No. 40255

No, you've obviously never been to fit. /fit/ is great to fatties and actually tries to help them, but yeah it's 'mean' because it's got chan culture.

It's kinder to be mean to fatties than to tell them they're healthy and beautiful

No. 40256

Fibromylagia is not an actual condition. It's what your doctor tells you to get you to fuck off.

No. 40257

File: 1444322418897.gif (946.55 KB, 500x282, large.gif)

No. 40259

File: 1444322486457.jpg (65.64 KB, 576x1024, LXp7uw1.jpg)

Worst thing is that it's often white people saying this, especially north americans. Because you know, white people are always rich and privileged, even in south africa and russia, right?

No. 40260

> tfw so hungry you have to snack on your body parts

No. 40261

File: 1444322579124.jpg (149.29 KB, 570x855, il_570xN.610519458_kil9.jpg)

No. 40262

File: 1444322686481.jpg (66.36 KB, 746x356, ndVi42R.jpg)

submision is a tumblr term for when you submit a post to a blog eg. submitting a pic of your being fat with a whiny caption for the FIERCEFATTIES blog

No. 40264

File: 1444322807962.png (340.44 KB, 480x800, n6LR6sM.png)

omg it's like she's melting

No. 40268

File: 1444323187518.png (95.3 KB, 815x559, ShXSd9w.png)

No. 40269

she's mexican I think

No. 40273

Fat people wearing shirts with skinny people looks so awkward.

No. 40274

File: 1444323634771.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.75 KB, 800x1191, bel_prev03_ff.jpg)

No. 40275

same. someone post her!

No. 40276

File: 1444323901911.png (38.59 KB, 610x384, tumblr_moee05sJPZ1run9beo1_128…)

No. 40277

It's literally the opposite of what preggers women do too, fatties destroy lives (by eating so much meat) not make it

No. 40278

File: 1444324639632.jpg (119.2 KB, 760x478, GszThoT.jpg)

No. 40279

File: 1444324726196.png (1.07 MB, 1482x596, fdusu.png)

Don't forget the loud clothes, obnoxious personalities and constantly voicing how awesome/smart/quirky they are opposed to those skinny/stupid bimbos/health freaks

No. 40281

File: 1444324823588.jpg (25.12 KB, 316x421, heffa.jpg)

No. 40282

File: 1444324845894.jpg (51.91 KB, 468x730, cute-girls-who-became-fat-part…)

No. 40283

You should post anyway, all the support you'll get will make the random errant fatty whining about how you're 'boring and should eat a pizza' worthless. Also block out your face if it makes you feel better, it helps me because it gives me a bit of anonymity.

the fitness community is pretty cool on tumblr, but filled with proana and tumblerinas

No. 40286

Ewww this is why I get uncomfortable whenever a fatty comes around to my place and needs to use the toilet. I always wonder if they'll break it

No. 40289

Dove makes skin bleaching creams for india africa, it's also the same company that owns AXE/lynx bodysprays etc. with their 'sexist' ads

They're just playing up the HAES crowd for money and those dumblerinas are dumb enough to lap it up just like the liberal bullshit they lap up

No. 40290

My fav is the tiny figure skater. She looks like a cute stubby little gnome.

No. 40292

File: 1444325481555.png (473.45 KB, 589x670, Fat_d99b5a_5387344.png)

No. 40294

File: 1444325761357.png (585.9 KB, 791x631, jgLr0b0.png)

No. 40296

is that cheek fat or filler??

No. 40297

File: 1444326306016.jpg (162.4 KB, 605x834, poummMA.jpg)

No. 40299

File: 1444326479636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.32 KB, 422x750, tumblr_nujn3jlEjl1rr4di0o5_500…)

No. 40300

File: 1444326522097.png (883.47 KB, 1076x638, sosd.png)

No. 40302

a bmi over 24

No. 40305


i'm so upset

No. 40306

File: 1444327080713.png (263.15 KB, 995x672, ffdsfds.png)

No. 40307

I thought it was funny

No. 40308

File: 1444327242858.jpg (573.3 KB, 1920x2560, jkngrAU.jpg)

No. 40310

File: 1444327312034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.76 KB, 540x613, tumblr_nvsrdwFDY31tqcfono1_540…)

mmm diabeetus

No. 40317

Well she might enter starvation mode if she goes 15mins without food

No. 40318

They're like plants. Bright colours=pay attention to me

No. 40322

In all fairness though, those abs are extremely ugly on a female. Her bf percentage is so low she probably isn't menstruating.

Not that working out is bad, she's clearly better than a fatty, but too low is just as unhealthy as too high.

I mean, she looks like a fucking tranny

No. 40323

You've been lied to.
They consider any three digit weight fat around here

No. 40330

Dat Cushing's Syndrome.

No. 40334

Watch landwhales get mad saying that she's misrepresentating fat people because she's a "small fat"

No. 40342


No. 40348

At first I thought that was her dress being used as a curtain.

No. 40350

She's right, I can't understand simply because I have never met such girls. Damn, the victim complex is strong in this one.

No. 40499

File: 1444375216543.jpg (125.15 KB, 634x984, boycott lush hogs.jpg)


This kind of fat, what does it live for? Desperate dick?

No. 40502

I think size 14 was still children's sizes back then. I'm not entirely sure but I think I did read something along those lines. That child sizes stopped at 14 and then women's sizes began. So if a woman fit into a 14 she'd just be very small.

I could be wrong. But that sounds about right from what I read.

No. 40503

Her gut looks like a shaved ballsack.

No. 40506


Anyone else notice how the mentally ill dirtbags on hoarders are always deathfats? Take a look at this one, she expects her family to live in the middle of a dump infested millions or roaches and black widow spiders.


>I'm just as healthy as a skinny slut whore bitch!

>but but but MUH CUNDISHUNS!

Pick one, fatties. Don't have your cake and eat it too, you filthy animals.

No. 40509


No. 40513

Oh god this fucking episode.
I watched it with my mom once and the both of us were literally screaming at the TV by the end. I think the roaches/spiders combined with the literal mountain of used insulin needles in the middle of the living room were the point where my mind refused to try comprehend what the fuck I was seeing.

No. 40620

File: 1444415083360.png (34.04 KB, 702x312, gt8yy4R.png)

No. 40623

File: 1444415297786.jpg (45.47 KB, 500x750, a60b606d76fa5f42a47032897d1391…)

Ok so because I got BANNED for posting a diabetic's leg, I would like for the farmhand to let me know first instead that I shouldn't post a particular type of pic…?

Like is this ok? Cos to me this is just as gross

No. 40624

File: 1444415377702.jpg (557.05 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ncljj1uqAV1s2hhjvo5_128…)

No. 40626

File: 1444415462790.jpg (121.78 KB, 749x1117, rRRdGH5.jpg)

No. 40635

what the fuck, what was the ban for?
~too gross~ of a picture for them to handle?
i love admin-sama but def. question his choice of assistance sometimes.

No. 40636

File: 1444416419022.jpg (111.95 KB, 537x720, 43uDtMF.jpg)

No. 40638

File: 1444416698770.png (457.58 KB, 522x642, Fat_3d84ee_5387344.png)

I get that it should've been spoilered, but the farmhand didn't have to outright ban me for it, as if I'm a troll posting gore or something when in the context of the thread its in. They could've just spoilered it themselves (which they did) and given me a warning. It makes it so I'm now hesitant to post in case they ban me again for extreme cellulite or a FUPA

Lol I'm overreacting it was a super short ban but rah rah fight the powah and all that

No. 40639

holy fuck.
I hate how belly dance seems to attract these whales who think 'the more belly, the better!' or something.
seriously, every single troupe that I've seen perform, there are like two or three normal-sized girls, and then these massive blinged-out manatees who are just desperately trying to reinforce their self-esteem by learning such an ~exotic~ and ~sexy~ dance style. and it's like 'no, at least put on a damn shirt for the time being'

No. 40640

File: 1444416776888.png (360.85 KB, 499x569, 1420496944708.png)

A classic epic. The tragic love story of a woman and cheesy perderders

No. 40642

The way they jiggle can be relaxing tho, it's like a lava lamp

No. 40647

File: 1444417317233.jpg (172.97 KB, 500x648, morelikethis.jpg)

actually that lady is pretty good compared to most dancers, you can tell she has precise control over her core muscles.
it's way more common (at least in my area) to see something more like pic related wallowing around the dance floor, tho.

No. 40648

File: 1444417410497.jpg (124.6 KB, 640x960, tribal-fusion-bellydance-02.jp…)

This is the figure you should have for belly dance (maybe even a little bit thinner), you're not supposed to cause an earthquake while dancing

No. 40649

File: 1444417469455.jpg (199.43 KB, 631x898, QdRlITw.jpg)

No. 40650

File: 1444417572408.jpg (72.32 KB, 720x960, ikikki.jpg)

she looks like quirky, if quirky took makeup classes and knew how to take care of her hair

No. 40651

File: 1444417637440.png (1.61 MB, 1317x681, diabeetus.png)

speaking of quirky…I miss her…We need another huge lolcow, too many skellingtons over on /pt/

does anyone have some good suggestions?

No. 40659


Burlesque too.

No. 40661

File: 1444423115742.png (679.26 KB, 934x598, road to fupa.png)

for some reason, i get insanely mad when i see a person who could be gorgeous if they didn't stuff their face with cheese cake.

girl in pic related could seriously be a model if she wasn't so fat and was tall. i'm kinda jelly of her face, why did she ruin it!

No. 40684


>that face

>could be a model

uhm ok. she'd be average if she wasn't fat.

No. 40694


You should have spoilered it or asked admin to spoiler it for you. That was REALLY REALLY REALLY gross. The skeletal ana chans in other threads can be gross too, but nothing really compares to a morbidly obese monster rotting while it is still somewhat alive.

Makes me glad again I'm not a nurse or a doctor. Imagine having to touch that stuff.

No. 40695


The funny thing is that many of these amateur, and fatties are the rankest of amateurs, events go down in makeshift venues. I hope they hurt only themselves falling through/off stages.

No. 40697

File: 1444431532003.jpg (51.64 KB, 676x335, muh business!.jpg)


Virginie Tovar? She looks like a toad in a bikini.



Their stance on their own people's bodies is like the Catholic churches stance on pedophilia and same sex. "We do what we want, and you do what we want too!" Fat hippocrits.

No. 40698

I'm a belly dance enthusiast and I like both this figure and a toned body, like Rachel Brice's. I think that belly is sexy, but with Rachel Brice I like to see how her muscles work while she's dancing.

No. 40703

Agreed, she has a big nose. The eyebrow hair combo is very nice and her makeup is great and goes with her glasses. She would look pretty cute skinny probably

No. 40704

File: 1444432909581.jpg (747.06 KB, 800x1191, sable98_prevFF.jpg)

The most disgusting thing about these rotting fatties is that they soak up taxpayers money like big fat sponges.

In the UK if you're a fat cunt you can get state paid carers, chairlifts, nurses, treatment etc. all because you can't shut your greedy maw

No. 40705

File: 1444432968047.png (461.62 KB, 628x628, gdfhjkhu.png)

No. 40706

File: 1444432986117.jpg (38.73 KB, 600x300, toad in a wig.jpg)


Toad in a wig. Her body is not as big as Mess Dumpster, but her face/neck is completely fucked up.

No. 40708

File: 1444433020741.png (1.17 MB, 1387x639, ad.png)

No. 40709

wtf is that thing and does it have a tumblr?

of course it has a tumblr

No. 40710

File: 1444433063656.png (27.66 KB, 522x269, tQHmgfj.png)

No. 40711


The businesses who keep selling these hogs food should be fined and held responsible for their care. Wanna sell this hambeast fifty packs of crisps a week, Tesco? Better be sure you can pay for its amputations.

No. 40712


She "runs" a fatcamp, a virtual fatcamp, because you can't expect the heffalumps to actually move away from their snacks and tubblr for a few days: http://www.virgietovar.com/babecamp.html

No. 40713

File: 1444433374142.jpeg (103.25 KB, 625x531, funny-pictures-auto-demotivati…)

What amazes me is WHY do they eat all this crap? It can't feel good to be so huge and ugly, and it can't be nice to just have the aftertaste of dorriots and shame in your mouth all day.

I eat oats nearly daily and because of this I'm more keen to different flavours. I read somewhere that the obese actually taste less than skinnies. It must be horrible. They can't even take real pleasure in their drug of choice because they've abused it so much.

No. 40714

>VIRTUAL fatcamp
lol this is epic

what's her ethnicity? she looks kinda asian but she's so fat it's hard to tell

No. 40716

File: 1444433497045.png (216.69 KB, 338x464, sd5.png)

No. 40718

File: 1444433653415.png (26.26 KB, 647x123, pjVOOZP.png)

No. 40719

File: 1444433665078.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 44.87 KB, 604x453, Fatty_soap.jpeg)

No. 40721

File: 1444433853224.png (1.22 MB, 1528x638, peeek9.png)

No. 40724


Tovar is a Spanish name, and she's a disgrace to it. Her eyes are probably just squished from all the fat settling in her face. You have unfortunate fat distribution, and then you have looking like the pervert toad from Thumbelina.

No. 40726


Yup. I don't eat sugar nor flour to keep my IBS under control (not an ana, get enough calories from healthy fats), but I'm sure I love food much more than hams who inhale processed shit all day, every day.

No. 40728

File: 1444434329336.png (235.47 KB, 1015x1121, b97vXzt.png)

No. 40729


I lurk on half-chan's fit a lot, and yesterday there was a thread with a number of guys who's fuck a ham, but who would never ever date her.

That said, I wouldn't date a guy if he had a habit of entering a fatty's lair and getting naked with it. I don't want the yeast and skin mold they may have, as well as the STDs since they're desperate enough to go without condoms.

No. 40731

It's sad how fatties can't get pleasure from simple foods like apples. I remember I was out with some whales (don't ask) and they balked that I took out an apple to snack on because they're 'tasteless'

yeah they probably only eat apples in pies

No. 40732

File: 1444434563961.jpg (257.95 KB, 1376x917, intense-and-choking-facesittin…)

No. 40733


If you're fat, you're obviously utterly retarded. I got your sauce right here!


Your bones did not grow into anything, fatty, your brain cells are dying, fast.

No. 40734

File: 1444434619360.jpg (69.77 KB, 640x863, nNoQnJh.jpg)

No. 40736

>what the fuck, what was the ban for?
>~too gross~ of a picture for them to handle?

Yeah, I'm curious about this as well. I know there have been worse pictures posted (like of a morbidly obese corpse cut open to show all the fat ). It should have just been spoilered, not banning someone.

No. 40737

File: 1444434742193.jpg (744.61 KB, 1885x2131, 5H7FgHx.jpg)

they can probably just fuck one of the folds though, so they probably can't get chlamydia from that

No. 40738

File: 1444434841662.jpg (50.44 KB, 500x593, 71110b061286eeac2369c6b853e97b…)

It was this one >>40310

I get that I should have spoilered it, but it was an honest mistake, I don't see why the farmhand couldn't just give a warning

but meh they run the site how they want, I just wouldn't ban people for honest mistakes

No. 40739


And artificial apple flavor. They'd probably drink apple scented shampoo before they'd eat a real one.

The most baffling thing that many a fat has told me is that real food is dirty. Apples grow on trees, right? Well birds fly in trees, and have diseases. Water? Fish shit in it. Spinach? Grows in the earth and may still have dirt and manure on it. Meat or fish that's still recognizable as organic? Well that's just disgusting! /s

Those heffalumps will not touch anything that is not a 100% processed, and fried and battered to the point you can't tell where it came from.

No. 40740

File: 1444434898455.jpg (133.7 KB, 1000x751, MrTdNOT.jpg)

No. 40741


You could probably get a rash you can never ever get rid of again from one of their folds. People who fuck fatties are just as disgusting as fatties.

No. 40742

Is Quirky still gone? Why exactly did she leave? Because her feeder left her?

No. 40743

"for the next time i wake up and my vagina says 'i have an idea'" actually made me gag a bit

No. 40744

File: 1444434949580.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.4 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ndq7p4wOyv1tljkrvo4_500…)

Spoilering for horrifying effects of obesity

No. 40746

File: 1444434975842.png (22.87 KB, 680x237, lBEKR7y.png)

No. 40747


She's probably dying. There's a point of no return after you reach a certain weight. If something get obstructed in your abdomen and starts to get infected, it's often really hard for doctors to find it, with a wall of seven inches of visceral fat in the way.

No. 40748


How about you bond about moving more, eating really nice, fresh food, feeling better and getting healthier?

I guess that makes me a nazi.

No. 40749

Agreed. They'd sooner eat dinosaur shaped chicken than carrots or pears with a few weird stringy dark roots or bits on them.

Food has become so sterile in some ways, even though underneath all that outside sterility and neatness, the way that mars bar looks so perfect and the way that chicken nugget has no stringy bits, the ingredients are way more vile than the 'organic' unprocessed stuff they balk at.

No. 40750


Not just as fat as Jabba, but smokes too. I give it five years.

No. 40751

File: 1444435246878.png (887.08 KB, 1163x663, dsg.png)

She's still gone, has an insta but it's so tight under wraps none of us knows what it is

we're waiting for her glorious return, it might take years

It'll be all the more delicious because of that. It's going to be a national holiday over at /pt/ when it happens

No. 40752


Those belly rolls on the right look as if they are going to split open and spill rotting garbage any second now. Teehee & yolo!

No. 40753

her head is weirdly small though


No. 40754

File: 1444435354630.jpg (210.45 KB, 792x3032, tSIQQGw.jpg)

No. 40755

File: 1444435472093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.8 KB, 800x1191, 123summer_all.jpg)

Spoilering because of deformed barney the dinosaur cosplay

No. 40756


Never mind that McDonald's sometimes uses slush from chicken that's been dead for five years, and includes everything that fell on the floor of the processing plant.

The fact that they actually believe that artificial means safer and more hygienic just goes to show they're truly and well retarded.

If you bring food and veggies in from the garden, you're probably going to wash them like a normal person. I guess that's already too much work for them.

No. 40757


Andrew is a fucking disgrace if he doesn't take the dog and run.

No. 40758

File: 1444435737250.jpg (7.08 KB, 318x159, muh animuh eyes.jpg)


Anime troll perhaps. And the nose too.

No. 40759

File: 1444435766223.jpg (219.08 KB, 1936x1936, H3CbcPE.jpg)

No. 40761

File: 1444435863422.png (810.5 KB, 1079x655, sdds99ds9dik.png)

No. 40763


Why shouldn't you be fat? Because it's easier to help you if you're not fat. A little old lady sweeping her porch once collapsed in front of me. I picked her up, and was surprised how easy it was. Got her into her house and her family took it from there. I'm an average size girl, not a hulking EMT.

If you're 400lbs and collapse, I know I might injure myself if I'm anywhere near you and you roll over. I might be maimed for life. I'll leave you to die, fatty.

No. 40766

File: 1444436345459.gif (4.04 MB, 480x360, rude guzzling.gif)


This is my favorite obeast lolcow. She looks as if all her fat will burst through her skin soon.

No. 40767

No. 40768

File: 1444436385596.jpg (87.68 KB, 594x444, Jabba and Lily Collins.jpg)

No. 40769

File: 1444436435010.jpg (19.33 KB, 281x211, cassandra.jpg)

No. 40771

what's the one in the middle called?

we need a new hambeast to farm on /pt/, too many skeletal cows with their low fat skimmed milk

No. 40772

File: 1444436828516.png (112.64 KB, 1228x712, V6giSk8.png)

No. 40773

I was seriously thinking about this the other day. Like every single lesbian I've ever personally known has been a blimp.

No. 40774

I knew a 'skinny one' but even she was getting to be chubs, I wouldn't be surprised if she's fat now

oh and her gf was overweight, duh

Maybe it's something to do with the patriarchy

No. 40775

File: 1444436997143.png (452.19 KB, 489x800, ms_chunky_very_sexy_these_days…)

No. 40776

File: 1444437118639.png (947.38 KB, 894x665, edee.png)

No. 40777


Cassandra Clare. She's the E.L. James of Harry Potter fans, wrote some derivative dreck called "City of Bones". She's actually worse than E.L. James not just because she's more obese, but because she harassed a woman with terminal cancer and her family, setting her fans on them like a pack of dogs, and got underage fans to steal their parents' credit cards to fundraise new computers for her and her boyfriend.

What's also interesting is that she only ever writes about skinny characters in incestuous relationships.

No. 40778


It's disgusting. I'm bi, but the majority of women that's shown an interest in me have been landwhales. What the fuck gives them the idea that someone like me, who makes sure she doesn't outgrow her clothes, who minds her food, exercise, hygiene and posture, would want to hook up with something that smells of diabetes? People with diabetes have that sickly sweet smell hanging about them. It's disgusting. I'm sticking to dick for now.

No. 40779

I'm kinda into foraging (especially for mushrooms and herbs, that kind of hippie thing) and my fat 'friend' (more like girl I know and tolerate) can't wrap her head around it

she told me it's 'dirty' because it's from the forest, that she would never pick mushrooms because some are poisonous (I obviously don't eat those you dumb bitch) and that mushrooms and weeds don't 'taste' of anything anyway

then again a different slim friend thinks nettle soup is a step too far so maybe it's not just a fat thing

sorry for the rant but I need to let off steam or I'll strangle her with my forest basket

No. 40780

why did she harass that woman with terminal cancer? does she have insta? this bitch needs to be a cow

No. 40781

File: 1444437732033.png (53.23 KB, 571x495, lmPbTUf.png)

No. 40782

Dick is better anyway. Guys can be such sweethearts compared to women, but they can't eat you out too well so it's a trade

No. 40783

File: 1444437852909.jpg (446.63 KB, 1810x1440, qIpeFia.jpg)

No. 40784


I'm totally with you. I used to garden with my gran a lot, and what's better than digging up your own potatoes, plucking your own berries, and eating them the same day? Something that comes out of a factory is much more likely to be contaminated by something that is really going to fuck you up.

No. 40785

That's really cool. It's a nice hobby to have, gardening. It seems so zen and relaxing. Also you get to grow whatever you like, which is pretty neat.

No. 40786

File: 1444438103946.jpg (1.34 MB, 500x3030, 4RSrzjx.jpg)

No. 40787



It's so infuriating because you know this bitch's food budget is easily $8000 a month, and her parents are filthy rich. She never needed a fundraiser for herself.

No. 40788


It really is. But fatties be like

>you eat things that you grew yourself?! SAVAGE!

>More oreos for me.

No. 40789

File: 1444438585453.png (4.7 KB, 404x110, literallyascam.png)

her virtual fatcamp costs $99 to tell you to eat yourself into a grave and encourage you to post selfies on tumblr along the way. 99 goddamn dollars.

No. 40790


Swear to god, if I ever lose my job I'm going to buy a fatsuit, become a fativist, and make a living selling bullshit advice to hams.

No. 40797

lesbian bed death

No. 40801

File: 1444443994585.png (485.71 KB, 1008x527, ss (2015-10-09 at 10.24.25).pn…)

found her new fb

No. 40803

File: 1444444274121.png (50.84 KB, 385x732, ss (2015-10-09 at 10.30.46).pn…)


No. 40804

Anon, bless you. I'm so happy.

No. 40807

File: 1444444860787.jpg (65.23 KB, 960x960, 12118830_10153781912372652_850…)


No. 40808

File: 1444444997544.jpg (56.3 KB, 720x719, 11148320_10153407778217652_696…)

Holy shit, her wrist.

No. 40809

God she is so disgusting. She looks like she sweats lard

No. 40810

What wrist? Is there a name for that, like we have for cankles?

No. 40812

File: 1444445288530.png (69.34 KB, 398x740, ss (2015-10-09 at 10.35.45).pn…)

I'm guessing she's back with the feeder? She posted a picture of them on the 2nd of this month. Pretty sure it's an old picture though.

No. 40813

File: 1444445467223.jpg (61.42 KB, 638x476, ss (2015-10-09 at 10.50.05).jp…)

I know it's not new, but it fits with the thread.

No. 40814

File: 1444445542362.jpg (406.49 KB, 2448x3264, 821qfkjNfERKo..jpg)

No. 40823

No. 40832

Sooo she's gonna stuff cookies up her yeast beast?

No. 40834


Check this one out: she wants half a million dollars from a fitness store because she got hemorrhoids from eating crap food. http://mobile.news.com.au/finance/business/lorna-jane-fights-fat-shaming-workplace-bullying-lawsuit

No. 40839


>Also, when I was a healthier weight (under 200) I never had stinky sweaty vag smell… It was almost like after I got over 200 that happened.

No. 40853

>other people ruined my entire life!!! Everything that ever happened to me is their fault! All thin people are evil :((((
I can't.

I also can't imagine what outrage there would be if someone made a generalization about fat people.

No. 40855

Quirky and her awful makeup is back, hallelujah. She even attempted a cut crease, bless.

No. 40973


No. 40974

so edgy

No. 40975

File: 1444507804800.jpg (107.68 KB, 425x640, 1412292949183.jpg)

Hey that's Miyu/Laura you're talking about. I personally think she looks better now than she did back in her cosplay days.

No. 40976

why does quirky even attempt to look cute? shits impossible…

No. 40981

Lmao, this artist has never heard of anorexia.

No. 40983

>Her bf percentage is so low she probably isn't menstruating

What in the fuck?

No. 40985

File: 1444509627248.png (190.55 KB, 286x571, Romanies.png)

What's up with belky dancers being all 'Gothic tribal", especially at Renaissance faires???? I don't get the fusion, seriously. Not even period accurate.

No. 40990


No. 41013

It's from a show tho. Not a legit weehhweeh victim.

No. 41016

File: 1444514303525.jpg (22.32 KB, 246x205, moro.jpg)

AYY finnanon

No. 41024

File: 1444516150156.gif (1011.17 KB, 500x252, e2fdb920-2f34-0132-0953-0eae5e…)

No. 41026

What video is this from?

No. 41036


And she doesn't look skinny enough to not be menstruating.

No. 41037


Ain't that the goddamn truth.

No. 41039

Fat cuntflaps murder baby:

>A British baby girl died in a hospital toilet after her overweight mother gave birth without doctors realizing she was pregnant.

>Fatass Diane Thomas was admitted to the hospital in March this year believing she was suffering from stomach cramps for two days.

>But she was heavily pregnant and was actually miscarrying her baby daughter, an inquest heard.

>She had been admitted to the gynecological ward and was awaiting an ultrasound scan when she went to the toilet.

>"It was a bad shock, like it was all a dream," said a devastated Thomas, who was eight months pregnant at the time.

>The newborn got stuck in the toilet and survived for a few minutes, but died a short time later, reported Mirror Online.

> Doctors at the hospital in England said there was a small chance that the baby could have survived had she been born in a birthing suite, but it was unlikely as she was suffering from a “very severe infection.”

>The coroner for Cornwall, Dr. Emma Carlyon, concluded the baby died of natural causes.

Murdered by grossly obese, unhygienic & negligent parent is now natural?

No. 41040


Don't remind me of renn fair fats, it's such a freakshow.

No. 41043

File: 1444520273102.png (541.65 KB, 967x558, butterhuffer starter pack.png)

No. 41055

File: 1444523799099.png (558.42 KB, 770x743, scary pig.png)

Like an angry pig, or something wild.

No. 41056

those piercings look like pus infected sores

No. 41057

I wish, anon. Those pictures came from her Facebook account.

No. 41058


She'll get plenty of infections, they'll probably take her life.

No. 41059

File: 1444524290669.jpg (467.69 KB, 1248x1664, meat is for the surgeon.jpg)

Meat is for the man in a certain profession.

No. 41060


>What a dick. I think I'll dress up nice! That'll show him!

Dat hamtard logic.

No. 41064

I think piercings like she has are actually beautiful, but not on her. She really does look like a pig, that skin tone.

No. 41065

File: 1444528727882.jpg (497.53 KB, 1280x1807, tumblr_nvz8z5lWJ41tiaa92o5_128…)

Do you think these people are truly #bodypositive, or are they body positive because they don't want to put the effort in to change?

Do you think that if any of these people had the option could magically lose the weight overnight they'd say no because they truly love their size?

I feel like the body positive movement is almost an easy out for them. I truly believe it's okay to love your body and not hate yourself over being chubs or whatever, but it's okay to want to change and become healthy as well.

No. 41067

File: 1444530601911.jpg (109.82 KB, 631x703, ss.jpg)

>Do you think these people are truly #bodypositive
No. When I was obese I hated myself, hated the way I looked and dreaded any eye contact or seeing people look me up and down in public. I put up a barrier of faux confidence to show that I wouldn't be affected by any comments about my weight and just maybe then people wouldn't make any. It didn't last long, since I couldn't convince myself. Ended up making a lifestyle change.

>Do you think that if any of these people had the option could magically lose the weight overnight they'd say no because they truly love their size?

No. Whoever can look you in the eye and say with a straight face that they would choose their deathfat body that comes with the aches, always feeling sick, being sluggish, the stares and murmurs from children/other adults over a healthy and smaller body is either an incredible liar, or they have a fetish.

And before some lard ass can smash the keys with their smokies sausage fingers about how much they exercise - taking an hour to walk two miles doesn't make you healthy. It's a start, but you're not as healthy as someone who eats clean, exercises regularly and cares about their body.

No. 41068

File: 1444531077330.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_2015-10-10-22-36-29…)

just gonna leave this here. ..

No. 41069

File: 1444531522389.png (3.02 MB, 1709x1991, PhotoGrid_1444531431026-1.png)

No. 41071

File: 1444533644274.png (1 MB, 606x612, Capture.PNG)

that image is perfect haha.

I was asking because I'm slightly overweight now by about 10 lbs and I know I can easily exercise and get it off in a short amount of time. It's just every time I make a bad food choice or skip a workout I feel guilty. Every time I work out my self confidence goes up so it's just hard to imagine not being where I want to be physically and just going "ok I'm done"

Also congratulations for making a change anon. I think the biggest part of anything is starting with the desire to do it no matter where anyone is in their journey.

No. 41072

u can buy fat people and send them to upset your friends?

No. 41073

No. 41078

bf = body fat

Female athletes stop menstruating at very low body fat. Look it up you goddamned twelve year old

No. 41080

File: 1444535271241.jpg (130.94 KB, 610x786, body-fat-percentage-women.jpg)

Not in that photo, but in the above ab pics, yes, definitely.
The percentage at which menstruation ceases varies from individual to individual, but it's looking probable there. Maybe just the light.

Obviously, having too high a percentage is also very unhealthy, especially considering the endocrine effects.

This fucking board and it's ignorance of physiology, god damn

No. 41083

File: 1444536017142.jpg (4.06 MB, 4080x2000, Nerds-Candies.jpg)

Looks like nerds candy.

No. 41084

I'm laughing because if this is a feeldoe, it's being pushing up against her fat. There's no way it could be "correctly" in place and still show past her stomach.

Maybe I'm wrong and it's a really similar looking purple dildo, but the point probably still stands.

No. 41086

File: 1444536188561.gif (841.3 KB, 320x180, tumblr_nnp0hmLFgX1rm73mfo1_400…)


No. 41087

I'm actually unsettled by this
>that dog's face
Poor creature has seen some shit

No. 41096

YES. Xmas came early.

No. 41097

I don't come into this thread but I saw this gif as I was eating the last bite of my mcdonalds burger

why anon why

No. 41098

How do people honestly get this big?? There has to be a point where you go "I need to cut back and work out more" because this takes at least a year or more to get this bad.

No. 41099

Wow. I had no idea. Glad I don't buy dove products.

No. 41100

>b-but fat people are healthy and don't hurt anyone
>muh fat privilege
I hate this. That poor child

No. 41101

Is this the LUSH ad that australia pulled?

No. 41102

Being naked doesn't mean looking like a saggy sack of shit.. These women need to work out hardcore. Ugh so gross.

No. 41103


Good fats is entirely different from cholesterol- heart clogging fats.

No. 41105

It's like she isn't even human…

No. 41106

>comparing choosing to become obese to not choosing to get cancer
god damn, i hate tumblr

No. 41108


No. 41109

You fucking cunt. You wanna destroy your body, go ahead, but dragging an innocent animal into it? Are vets not allowed to take away pets when this big? this is abuse.

No. 41110

I saw her at Bookcon last year. I had no idea who she was until some fans passed by me to get to her autograph line.

No. 41112

She's super fit. I'm envious of her stomach.

No. 41113

This breaks my heart.

No. 41114

Let it die and do the world a favor.

No. 41115

I'm…so confused and disturbed.

No. 41116

File: 1444546265772.png (200.97 KB, 302x518, Capture.PNG)

No. 41119

But her bodyfat is totaly normal you sound crazy.
She have a nice kinda fat ass above her muscle.

You must be gigantic if you think that she is too small. Kek

No. 41120

You are the only one sounding ignorant and jelly but whatever.

No. 41121


Jesus fucking christ. When the aliens invade, I will refuse to admit that thing is the same species as I am.

No. 41122

File: 1444548864475.jpg (39.53 KB, 250x311, masai-women.jpg)


Nah. At my lowest, and I admit this was bad, I wasn't anorexic, had another chronic illness that is now under control, my bmi was 16.4 and I was still regular. As fit as she is, her bmi must be higher because muscle is more dense than fat (from the look of her I'd say 20 - 21), but since she doesn't look like pic 1 in your chart of 9, she is fine.

>This fucking board and it's ignorance of physiology, god damn

Right back at you! We live surrounded by fats and are very fast to judge someone who's merely skinny as anorexic.

From our Hamerican perspective, all Masai women look "anorexic". They're anything but, and have a lot less fertility problems than our common garden obeasts.

>omuhgod I can see the bones in her wrist and hand, she must be on the brink of death!

No. 41123


Have to agree with this. When I have difficulty reaching my fat macros for the day, I have a big spoon of coconut oil. Fatties always think I'm fucking with them when I tell them my secret to staying slender. Eggs, Steak, butter, oil, avocado, and leafy greens.

They want some diet secret they can eat not instead of, but on top of all the processed garbage they inhale.

No. 41133

I have been in so many fat threads, but this is still one of the grossest images I have ever seen. How can you live like that.

No. 41134

File: 1444564896255.png (209.24 KB, 1080x1227, muh cundishuns.png)

No. 41135

File: 1444564958875.jpg (93.9 KB, 456x810, spitroast.jpg)

No. 41136

File: 1444565120350.png (1.83 MB, 1210x1026, Chubbyfat.png)

Fuck guys, this chick is spewing shit about how she is chubby at most.
Am I the only one that thinks girls this size are already landwhale-tier?

No. 41137

File: 1444565146832.png (2.07 MB, 879x1580, fatcali3.png)

No. 41138

File: 1444565510043.png (272.69 KB, 1016x554, shit all over walmart.png)


If she's only eighteen or twenty, she'll be 350lbs by the time she's thirty. There's a certain type of retard that fails to notice you eat for maintenance once you've reached your adult height.

But at least she's not "I shit myself in public" literally shit tier fat yet. Pic related.

No. 41139

File: 1444566390419.jpg (78.09 KB, 541x495, pantsless ham.jpg)

No. 41140

I don't get how the fuck this is anywhere near acceptable. She's morbidly obese, suffering from side effects like pain, fatigue and others, yet it is totally acceptable because "MUH BEAUTY AND MUH CURVES AND ALSO I WALK THREE MILES EVERY DAY!!!!11 YOU DON'T KNOW MUH HEALTH STOP SHAMING ME! #triggered"

This is no better than the spoopy anas like Ally who are severly underweight, have their bones stick out everywhere and can barely do anything anymore besides posting pics on instagram and yet be like "I love muh body, and I totes eat food all the time #healthy"

I mean, it i sliterally called morbidly obese. How can you live knowing that this is your weight category.
>inb4 b-but BMI is bullshit

No. 41142

she's gross and should lose at least 30-40 lbs

No. 41143

>186 notes
I'm pretty sure all those notes are just fatties kissing her ass.

No. 41144

I smell a self post trying to fish for compliments and assurance that you're not chubby. Or you're a crazy Ana-chan.

No. 41147

She passed chubby territory a long time ago. kek, she IS a fatass/

No. 41170

Fatty detected

No. 41193

Samefag much? That chick is chubby for sure but unlike most whales she has a defined waist and isn't covered in rolls. I get that you're grumpy from binging and purging but this thread is for horrifying deathfats and crazy HAES, not people who could stand to lose <30 lbs.

No. 41221

My whole point is that everyone else is so fat that chick thinks she is barely chubby.That's why I asked for a second opinion.

No. 41244

File: 1444586370428.jpg (222 KB, 1280x960, https://41.media.tumblr.com/87…)

i don't get why they try to dress themselves up nicely but refuse to lose weight.

No. 41248

multiple people thinking a landwhale is fat = samefag.
What is even a brain.

No. 41306

File: 1444594123908.png (32 KB, 475x318, muh curvess.png)

>if you're under 140 lbs you're not a real curvy woman!!!

No. 41450

dude, her body's cute af.
See, this is what curvy actually means. She has a little bit of chub on her, but she's not what I would call fat because it is very well proportioned. If she were 20 lbs heavier, yeah, I might agree that she was fat.

No. 41560

File: 1444598063224.jpg (64.55 KB, 450x696, mario-testino-predicts-victori…)


Wtf no. She's a lardass and obviously has an unhealthy body fat percentage. THIS pic is what curvy looks like. The girl you linked to doesn't have curves, she has chunks and lumps and rolls.

No. 41577

She is pretty fat. damn, sad since you can see her body shape is pretty

No. 41641

She is a bit chubby, but she is not the landwhale you two are making her out to be. pro-ana pls go.

No. 41681

That's so disgusting I want to puke

No. 41682

File: 1444601446040.jpeg (265.66 KB, 780x1825, comics-family-guy-fat-people-2…)

No. 41684

They're not attractive at all. They scream edgy and annoying.

No. 41685

File: 1444601516652.jpg (26.62 KB, 585x303, FgxwGzB.jpg)

No. 41687

File: 1444601566426.jpg (208.19 KB, 800x1191, sum_prev09_ff.jpg)

No. 41689

wtf am I looking at here

No. 41695

lol wtf is that fat bitch doing? Why is she taking photos of it? Why does she need EQUIPMENT in order to stretch to a very easy position anyone who isn't a whale could do?

so many questions

No. 41698

File: 1444601772512.png (401.14 KB, 1167x614, fdsl.png)

No. 41704

File: 1444601868447.jpg (564.04 KB, 1035x935, rmiiUjW.jpg)

No. 41709

File: 1444601962254.jpg (97.87 KB, 900x675, ssbbw_by_oki888-d32rl7b.jpg)

>Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. They will all suffer for this outrage.

No. 41714

File: 1444602124717.png (179.95 KB, 1080x1138, Muo6weB.png)

No. 41718

File: 1444602192405.png (585.35 KB, 516x717, fsdk.png)

No. 41720

Nice selfpost you stupid bitch, now fuck off.
You're ugly, put a bag over it.

No. 41723

File: 1444602423208.png (69.69 KB, 750x785, FatHate_zps510646f0.png)

No. 41733

Gotta say though, bmi is not as important to menstruation as bodyfat. If you have a bmi of 16.4 with a normal bf% you will keep your menstruation. If you have a bmi of 20 with a super low bf% you can lose your menstruation (happens to many olympic athletes, it's part of the female athlete triad).

No. 41734

File: 1444602861858.jpg (216.34 KB, 720x1280, JA6rE8x (1).jpg)

No. 41742

File: 1444603707226.png (436.29 KB, 403x572, gf.png)

No. 41747

This. Begone, hungry skeletons.

No. 41750

File: 1444604466649.png (1.39 MB, 1599x899, praiseme.png)


T-thanks for defending me fam

No. 41752

Why are you in this thread if you don't like it when fat people are called fat?

No. 41754

File: 1444604764953.jpg (13.08 KB, 236x248, obeast world.jpg)


This is a thread for real women now. Another selfpost, but I went out like this the other day and a skinny bitch lost it because her BF checked out my cute tummy, teehee!

No. 41756

File: 1444604841300.jpg (53.01 KB, 620x878, gross.jpg)

No. 41757

File: 1444604871875.jpg (29.81 KB, 539x375, indecent fat exposure.jpg)

No. 41758

File: 1444604909729.jpg (44.77 KB, 500x473, tramp trollop.jpg)

No. 41759

File: 1444604941951.jpg (16.04 KB, 224x300, turd for a mom.jpg)

No. 41760

>not being able to cross your legs because your tights are too big

How fat and pathetic do you have to be. How delusional do you have to be to believe that this is okay or healthy?

No. 41763

Typical HAES double standard. It took years to make people realise that ana-tier models are maybe not the best role model (pun not intended) only to have it shattered by fatties praising landhwales like Tess for being unhealthy– I mean, totes healthy and fierece, guuurl.

>It's okay she lies about her size, because muh quest for glorifying obesity!

No. 41766

youre fat just go

No. 41767


>in bra and panties

>porn blogs plz donut reblog

I'll never understand this.

No. 41768

Get lost attention whore.

No. 41769

File: 1444607336258.png (1.54 MB, 899x1599, fatcali2.png)

Eh im not fat im chubby… whats wrong with that? I love my body type

Ah but keep going. You trying to "prove" im not attractive is amusing

No. 41770

I don't think you're someone self posting because a:no one is that retarded and b: >im not fat im chubby
>filename is fatcali2.png

I think you're trying to make this girl look bad

No. 41771

File: 1444608213477.jpg (198.05 KB, 540x810, tumblr_nw25a7YNbI1t1cfk5o6_540…)

Just ignore this faggot and post fats.

No. 41772

File: 1444608259483.jpg (500.84 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_nw2e4eFILC1rzcwfwo1_128…)

I seriously don't understand how people can get this fucking huge. You'd have to be stuffing your face 24/7.

No. 41773

>this stupid
>what is humor?

No. 41774

File: 1444608346350.jpg (825.83 KB, 1280x1468, tumblr_nw2xo7fmR31r6dwigo2_128…)

No. 41776

File: 1444608375718.jpg (272.26 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_nw2kfa30yA1rqv3oso1_128…)

I want to puke

No. 41777

File: 1444608454403.jpg (149.65 KB, 364x647, tumblr_nw1zdiHONh1tbwop0o1_500…)

No. 41778

File: 1444608501530.jpg (121.51 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_nw249isQcu1tw5xr9o1_128…)

No. 41779

File: 1444608634354.jpg (108.27 KB, 540x675, tumblr_nw14lfq0wh1qbgcyeo1_540…)

What is even going on with these proportions

No. 41780

File: 1444608672441.jpg (104.35 KB, 540x541, tumblr_nv2e23uv9X1rgnjkao2_540…)

Just no

No. 41781

File: 1444608841479.jpg (211.28 KB, 540x810, tumblr_nv2pqgVaL51t1cfk5o7_540…)

Just to remind us that there is a skeleton under all that blubber

Also this is apparently what a size 4 looks like at Torrid.

No. 41792

her arms…
bitch that is repulsive

No. 41793

what the actual fuck

No. 41794

it looks like her arm fat is eating her elbow

No. 41795


That darkened skin on her elbows? Acanthosis nigrans, a symptom of insulin resistance. In other words, Welcome to Diabetes Land, hope you like it here, cause you're going to die here!

No. 41796

File: 1444617166238.jpg (55.01 KB, 550x550, no shame.jpg)

So many fats have no shame, no dignity, no common sense. I have a pretty good body but I'd never go out with my butt hanging out. Maybe on the beach, but in a supermarket, where you come into contact with food? That's just gross, and these people should be stopped at the door.

This privilege is not looking like someone with severe mental illness.

No. 41797

thin, not this

No. 41798

File: 1444617592934.jpg (45.39 KB, 500x533, muh make up tutorial.jpg)

At least muh eyebros ar on point.

No. 41799

File: 1444617651335.jpg (86.32 KB, 499x650, hamerican gladiator.jpg)

This is why you don't wear anything strappy unless you're fit and toned.

No. 41800

File: 1444617719288.jpg (55.27 KB, 550x733, butt on the front, tits on the…)

Real women have at least two rows of spare tits on the back.

No. 41801

File: 1444617730566.jpg (364.08 KB, 469x700, tumblr_nr3lx2usgo1qaqfpko3_500…)

Leotards are great for highlighting your FUPA

No. 41802

File: 1444617802289.jpg (46.88 KB, 550x621, he doesn't need exercise.jpg)

that's not how baby carriers work.

No. 41803


It's supposed to be Sailor Moon? That's as bad as a brony.

No. 41804


More like: Real women have two of Hagrid's mom's pussies on their backs. What evil magic is this?

No. 41805

File: 1444618093161.jpg (506.73 KB, 1280x910, fashion.jpg)

Chin-necks are the next big fashion statement

No. 41806


>I'll dye muh hair green and wear round glasses, so no one will notice I'm an obeast!


No. 41823

how does fat even distribute like this wtf

No. 41838


Uh, yeah that's a size 4; X-tra huge times 4!!

No. 41840

File: 1444629473450.gif (47.65 KB, 600x338, image.gif)

No. 41842

No dignity, no shame. It's the battle cry of hams everywhere.

>So last night I went to see Bernie Sanders speak in my town. There was a good 7,000 supporters there AT LEAST and, sadly, a few disrespectful cunts that shouldn't have bothered to come.

>Fist off, there was concessions. I dunno why there would be concessions besides water at a presidential candidate's speech but whatever. It at least kept people's kids pacified. But this god damn ham standing behind me has a massive bag of kettle corn. And was noisily and messily cramming it into her gob like she hadn't eaten in months. The open mouth chewing was killing me. The noise was so distracting I couldn't concentrate on the native american girl up before Bernie who was talking about the loss of her native land, so I had to move from my nice spot where I didn't have a spotlight glaring in my eyes, to one where I was literally blinded. But, at least I could hear.

>Next, a little 10 year old boy came on to talk about his mother who had been deported when he was four. It was really goddamn sad, I actually cried. But the two girls behind must have gotten bored because I started hearing giggling and then loud, smacking sounds. Like someone sucking the "best part of the doritos" off of their fingers. I turned around to see two female hams knotted around each other SLOPPILY AND LOUDLY MAKING OUT. Obviously everyone quickly started scooting away from them so there was an open circle around them where they were easily seen, and still continued to giggle, suck, and grope. There is a little fucking boy on stage talking about not having a mom since he was 4, AND YOU'RE GETTING OFF TO THAT.

No. 41843

That kid is at least six. What the FUCK

No. 41844

Uggh, she looks like Zoidberg

No. 41845

I don't even understand where these people live and how they function in society.

No. 41846

>I'm in pain all the time
>I don't care

Yeah, you and every morbidly obese person ever.

No. 41850

Fuck everyone who accepts fat people and has double standards like this.

No. 41851

Obeasts have zero shame.

No. 41852

It looks like the person taking that shot is also a fattie though.

No. 41853

That story makes me sick. I would of shamed them so hard. that's seriously awful though when people act like 15 year olds in a serious situation.

No. 41854

I don't know what is up with all the ana-chans in here but this girl is just chubby.
She would do well to lose weight though since she seems to be an hourglass.

meh, I was fat in my early 20s and only started losing weight when I was 25. I didn't care enough before that.

No. 41864


You're still fat.

No. 41871

Oh you're just mad that they demand their rightful space!!!11 Fatties have all the rights to be loud, obnoxious and seen by everyone!!!!!!!

No. 41874

This thread is hilarious. According to its own users, everyone is either emaciated or hambeasts. There are no "normal" size people here.

No. 41875


Smallfats like the one vendetta chan posted are overweight, not normal, and therefore part of hamdom.

No. 41879

No but it's not even just the smallfat that was posted. This thread (and the one before it) is probably at least 20-30% anons calling other anons ana/ana-chan, fat, or hambeast.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of posts about fat people, their pictures, and the horrific situations. It's just that there's a lot of calling each other emaciated or hambeast too.

No. 41881

I'm gonna go ahead and agree with your overstrained shirt, there, sweetheart.

No. 41882


No. 41883

Your face looks really annoying and punchable.

No. 41884

she has such an unfortunate body type too…

No. 41885

File: 1444650062347.png (183.62 KB, 705x355, gSK3eaW.png)

No. 41886

File: 1444650102144.png (42.52 KB, 756x312, MGKgV4v.png)

how does she wash those back tits?

No. 41889

Hams are so narcissistic, much more than the average person I think.

No. 41891

Yeah, because we all know what the only type of good fatty is…

No. 41892

File: 1444650256845.jpg (150.31 KB, 605x900, 4r.jpg)

No. 41894

maybe it's a muscular dude?

No. 41895

File: 1444650416582.png (431.21 KB, 982x617, sadfyvxcb.png)

No. 41898

File: 1444650505232.jpg (113.71 KB, 492x660, 4d6e2fd69fb90a887d311938631367…)

No there's just one cunt posting bullshit >>41864 to aggravate people. Reporting them does nothing though, so I guess thread derailing is a OK now

No. 41900

Just don't let it get to you. You know for yourself whether you're a fat cunt or not, why would some random anon calling you fat bother you if they've never even seen you?

No. 41901

File: 1444650822314.png (528.13 KB, 701x758, gfgdhg.png)

No. 41902

No. 41904

File: 1444651245911.png (173.83 KB, 523x788, EPlHG3h.png)

No. 41907

Why are they all borderline illiterate, too? Is the fat strangling their brains, or something?

No. 41915


both deathfats and ana-chans are proven to be dumber than average folks.

No. 41918

File: 1444658787161.jpg (188.87 KB, 914x1280, tumblr_nhqnclhTsS1s7m8owo1_128…)

>Leaders of Size Special: Maggie De Block!

>Recently proclaimed the most popular politician in Flanders in a recent poll, Belgian politician Maggie De Block started her career as a physician for 25 years. In 2011, she was tapped to take on oversight of the politically sensitive issue of immigration. Her “tough but fair” approach made the process of seeking asylum considerably more efficient, though in turn this ultimately would reduce the number asylum applications drastically. Due to her popularity, she was often discussed as a possible candidate to become Belgium’s first female Prime Minister during the negotiations that lead to the current coalition government. Ultimately, she would take on a new role as Minister of Social Affairs and Health, though not without weathering vitriolic criticism regarding her size from those who insist it should disqualify her from her office.

As a Belgian this triggers me.

No. 41919

File: 1444659376725.jpg (164.08 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nvapq2mLHX1qgsmduo3_540…)

No. 41920

File: 1444659470718.jpg (104.49 KB, 640x480, tumblr_nvai0yhuc51qgsmduo1_128…)

Fatties show off their udders like they're something to be proud of. Tits don't count if you're fat

No. 41922

File: 1444659622135.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.92 KB, 498x750, tumblr_nw1xdarq2o1ubrivto1_500…)

All of these gross girls posting their nude selfies on tumblr. I bet all this "body positivity" shit was started by some thirsty fat fetishists who wanted nudes

No. 41923

File: 1444659651161.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.55 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nvfbos4sea1qcl5svo1_128…)

No. 41924

File: 1444659827230.jpg (218.15 KB, 461x766, tumblr_nvpczuGzN31srscvho1_540…)

Taking a break from my shift in the pediatric ward to snap disgusting ~naughty~ pics in my XXL scrubs and granny panties. Being fat should disqualify you from working in any health profession, except maybe being a sideshow exhibit to teach children the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles

No. 42039


It's really bad that i can look at these and go "oh she's not fat" because of all the land whales in here.


She's actually pretty cute though.

No. 42040


Do you really call this girl fat ? Shes normal, just a bit on The chubbier side.

No. 42041


Gtfo pro-ana

No. 42042

Samefag. Those girls are clearly overweight. Yes they're not 500lb landwhales but still gross

No. 42047

Shes not that bad

No. 42064

File: 1444665831176.jpg (44.6 KB, 589x600, 589px-Fat_-_Genetics.jpg)


jut report this shit for derailing everyone

it's some butthurt fatty trying to ruin the thread

No. 42065

Being a fat cunt makes you slower because it makes you have chronic fatigue and hormonal problems, so in a way, yes, they are dumber.

There was a study where they made skinny and obese people do mental tasks and found the fats were slower, but caught up once they lost weight.

No. 42066

for all the curves they like to say they have, she sure has none

it's a very unfortunate shape

No. 42067

>posts fat people in fat thread

I'm guessing you're a 200lb fatty who makes fun of 500 lb people to feel better about yourself, those women are all fat

No. 42068

they're trolling you, just ignore it

No. 42069

Seriously please fuck off. Go make a 'normal BMI' thread or something, but this is the fat thread and you WILL be reported for posting shit like >>41924

No. 42070

File: 1444666082982.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.98 KB, 1024x246, ¨weightgainsad.jpg)

No. 42071

File: 1444666118698.jpg (45.25 KB, 558x499, gainedd.jpg)

No. 42072

I don't get how some people here can deny a lot of these women (no matter how "attractive" or "cute" they may be to some of you) are overweight/very overweight. Sure they are not MORDBIDLY OBESE. It's funny and sad how people can look at someone how is actually very overweight and think "oh this person is just a bit chubby" or "just a small bit overweight" when being "obese" BMI wise isn't so hard after all. Working in the health industry this is something I see all the time.

Most people in the US are overweight and MANY MANY MANY of those are also obese or borderline obese. Obesity does not like like 6000 pounds usually

No. 42073

Ok first of all lol at your post number
2nd that woman is CLEARLY overweight
Don't post in the fucking fat thread if you get mad when ppl make fun of fats. You can be fat without being a hamplanet with a BMI in the undreds

No. 42074

File: 1444666283239.jpg (190.75 KB, 768x1024, ixmyW9j.jpg)

No. 42075

File: 1444666373444.jpeg (135.5 KB, 811x505, toplel.jpeg)

No. 42076

File: 1444666409373.png (54.85 KB, 603x496, rYhkJT0.png)

No. 42077

File: 1444666442726.jpg (82.16 KB, 786x659, tumblr_n5zivpUfje1qbmzy3o4_128…)

No. 42078

File: 1444666631470.png (31.15 KB, 508x539, k12I50h.png)

No. 42079

File: 1444666643060.jpg (181.22 KB, 850x582, jOW2nJU.jpg)

No. 42080

File: 1444666665070.jpg (55.15 KB, 600x450, tumblr_n9yv7wDRVD1szkmeyo1_128…)

No. 42081

Before I learned about this fat activist shit I would have thought this pic was about weight loss. But nope, it just means "don't attempt to change your unhealthy habits at all, you can be just like marilyn monroe while weighing 400 lbs"


No. 42083

File: 1444667181777.jpg (59.55 KB, 759x476, JFyzXZv.jpg)

No. 42084

File: 1444667210720.jpg (142.79 KB, 497x1024, kb0h514.jpg)

No. 42085

File: 1444667297871.png (1.66 MB, 1564x644, ewws.png)

No. 42086

mads-next-meal <-not really, but her loose skin would be put in good use by Buffalo Bill

No. 42087

Models are not a good representation of bodies. They are chosen for their exceptional traits. And everyone knows that VS models have no waist.

No. 42091

File: 1444668251652.jpg (120.5 KB, 634x845, article-2519282-05F46E7A000005…)

yeah candice swanepoel clearly has no waist you fucking fatass

No. 42092

I used to know a woman who got a dessert-pretending-to-be-coffee Starbucks concoction each day before work, drank several more coffees with lots of cream and sugar throughout the rest of the day, always had a can of soda within reach, and often bought milkshakes when we went out for lunch. One day, while she was whining to me about her inability to lose weight, I suggested she start replacing some of her coffees/sodas/milkshakes with water. She laughed in my face and insisted that you can't gain weight from liquids.

Shouldn't you be busy purging and crying?

No. 42093

She looks like she's wearing a grandma couch.

Ugh the feedee tag is pretty scary.

No. 42094

Dude, that looks terrible.
I don't even know how to explain it to you. Her head looks huge and her waist isn't even that small when compared to her hips. What is she, 24in waist and 31 inch hips?

No. 42098

She looks bomb as fuck, don't get me wrong.
But she seriously has no waist. That's just the way she was built, nothing wrong with that

No. 42102

>>41136 "wow so pretty and curvy and healthy uwu"

>>42091 "disgusting! no waist"


No. 42111


No. 42116

File: 1444671768578.jpg (58 KB, 400x518, candice.jpg)

How delusional can one be? Candice is pretty much perfect appearance wise.

No. 42117

File: 1444671814731.jpg (77.55 KB, 400x565, candice2.jpg)

>Inb4 B-but her waist is squeezed by her swimsuit!!! M-MUH CURVES

No. 42120

File: 1444672189400.jpg (241.34 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nqim14W4em1u1eza7o7_128…)

…who does this shit at their own jobs out in the open wtf

No. 42125

These look marginally better than the first picture you posted.

No. 42127

File: 1444672542652.jpg (41.51 KB, 560x373, Tovar-Feature-560x373.jpg)

Virgie Tovar writes a LOT of bullshit articles about muh fat shaming. She also has extremely horrible fashion sense.

No. 42128

File: 1444672589813.jpg (84.96 KB, 789x660, tumblr_n5wc7h3P2s1qba3iuo1_128…)

Tumblr somehow coalesced into a human being

No. 42129

Yeah I'd probably kill my pet cat to look like her.

No. 42130

I'm not the one who posted the previous picture



No. 42136


AHAHAH omg, this is why american men adore french and european (britfag no included) women, if you think this is an okay body, you must have such a low maintenance life, gosh it's so sad.

No. 42148

File: 1444679168704.jpg (174.16 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nv799uG1IT1qba3iuo1_500…)

Ooooh this person used to live in my hometown.

No. 42149

what the fuck is wrong with you
are you a sociopath?

No. 42155

So, out of curiosity, what do you guys think is an "acceptable" BMI or weight? I honestly can't tell anymore whether people are trolling when they say shit like that you're fat if you're like 5'4" and 100 pounds. I'm starting to think that I'd probably be considered "fat" by at least some people on here with my 15-something BMI. Just how thin do you have to be to not be "fat"?

No. 42158


This thing looks like Eric Wareheim.

No. 42160

>my 15-something BMI
Stop selfposting and fuck off

No. 42166

It's a girl? Is it just me or is it harder to tell fat women apart from fat men the fatter they get?

No. 42168

File: 1444682046103.jpg (138.73 KB, 640x880, tumblr_mufco7JaGZ1rn6c38o1_128…)

No. 42170

Do you take everything everyone says on a chan seriously? Are you autistic?

No. 42171

Girl with a rather patchy 'tache. Because fuck gender binaries or whatever excuse the lazy come up with.

No. 42174

File: 1444682155622.jpg (64.93 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nw16rzVff11qba3iuo1_500…)

No. 42176

File: 1444682186928.jpg (78.05 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mn5vxpAPjK1qd9ytco1_r1_…)

No. 42178

File: 1444682219170.png (437.55 KB, 526x576, Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.35…)

Jesus, you might want to wash some of that sand out of your vagina. Sorry for asking a question. Here, have a picture of a random disgusting hamplanet I found, maybe it'll cheer you up.

No. 42179

File: 1444682293178.png (1.07 MB, 1296x578, gfdhgjgk.png)

No. 42185

This question has already been asked in this thread. Also why do you care what eating disordered people, whether they're ana, chubby bulimics or fatties think is fat?

Fat to reasonable people tends to be BMI 25 or over, roughly that area. Obviously bodybuilders and the very elderly are exempts since they use a different BMI scale especially adjusted for them.

Others however will see BMI 22-24 as fat becaue of cultural reasons, and in their own way they are also being reasonable since in their own immediate area being BMI 23 may carry the same stigma and disgust as being BMI 33 does in other places. Examples would include south korea, japan (although that's changing) and certain parts of europe and even india (basically rich/high class people).

No. 42189

File: 1444682807855.png (364.2 KB, 960x540, RacDnDy.png)

No. 42191

File: 1444682872752.png (284.54 KB, 845x490, gxe6DLD.png)

Maybe she has PCOS or something. How gross is this shit tho can you imagine actually knowing her as a family member and having to communicate with her at family functions? I imagine she's a mess of SJW politics and self centered narcissism with MUH OPPRESHUNS

No. 42195

File: 1444682971019.jpg (156.97 KB, 1376x917, 2-obese-sbbw-dommies-fuck-a-du…)

Please stop derailing the thread.

No. 42205

uh, no, I recognize that it's a joke.
but right, I must be autistic because your sense of humor is incredible tasteless and disturbing.
i hope your cat bites the fuck out of you.

No. 42207

File: 1444683733715.jpg (47.22 KB, 460x699, tumblr_ned6azTJpa1tflb94o1_500…)

No. 42209

File: 1444683754027.jpg (Spoiler Image, 232.15 KB, 800x1191, belle43_prev_ff.jpg)

No. 42215

This stuff is just as sick as the anorexic fetishists. How can you jack off to this? It doesn't look human

No. 42247


Literally no one cares. Kill yourself when you care so much about validation on the Internet.

No. 42256

File: 1444689176497.jpg (84.51 KB, 670x409, brown-fat.jpg)

OK, I just killed myself. Have another picture, literally of fat.

No. 42262

I wonder why fat is yellow

No. 42263

File: 1444689781609.png (614.54 KB, 597x604, Screen-Shot-2015-03-30-at-9.37…)

No. 42267

Jesus fucking Christ, I thought this was a slushie when I saw the pic on the front page. Boy was I far from right.

No. 42268

>fetishized, ridiculed

"I find fat women attractive."
"I find fat women unattractive."

And LOL at her "Fat" pin. Hun, we can tell you're fat just by looking at you.

It's like she… he… it… is going out of its way to look as gross as possible. I wonder if it does that so when people think it's hideous, it can claim "You think I'm gross because I choose to look gross." That way, it doesn't have to admit that it's naturally physically disgusting.

No. 42271

Well, some of it is "brown" (see blob on right). Either way, it's fucking disgusting.

Sorry anon…

No. 42279


If she weren't obese, her face would still look like an unfortunate toad.

No. 42281

It's a diagnosis of exclusion, which basically means "we have tried tested for all the diseases and we got nothing".

No. 42284

Generally because you're just making shit up. Or to put it more politely, it's a somaticized form of depression, plus general aches and pains from being overweight and sedentary.

No. 42293

File: 1444694167097.png (547.12 KB, 554x602, dumbwhale.png)

No. 42294

No one was going to masturbate to this anyway smh

Is posting nudes self care now? Tell that to your therapist

No. 42300

Fair point.

Thank you. I'm good, and just found it amusing.

No. 42302

Currently gagging. You couldn't spoiler?

No. 42305

wtf is wrong with her nipples, it looks like they're inverted and swollen in the second pic!

No. 42322

Aaaaaaaaaa wtf is wrong with her

Is she melting

No. 42331

>self care
this always translates to "eat all the food you want! portion control is a social construct!!"

No. 42377

No. 42384

AW MAN! I was at NYCC. if I saw this fat bitch, I would of straight up been like "Omg, I love your Penguin cosplay! "

No. 42387

Why are fatties always such bitches like this? I hope she had to pay for them all.

No. 42388

You can eat french fries and still be that thin though. wtf. I hate fat 'logic'

No. 42390

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the pic.

No. 42391

Ehhh…my mom was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and she's thin and active. n=1, I know, but still.

No. 42392

The thin woman is cute as fuck.

No. 42394

Is this real?!

No. 42395

>can't gain weight from liquids
>drinks starfucks milkshakes every day
Wow. Yup. Fat logic at its best.

No. 42396

Real life ugly betty.

No. 42397

My mom was diagnosed as well and she's always been very slim. She is a narcissist, but I honestly believe her about her illness.
I'm starting to get mild symptoms myself and it kind of terrifies me.

No. 42398

I have a little bit of hair above my lip that is painful when I wax it, so i dont do it too much. but that's a full on stache!! Damn, why is this woman so gross?

No. 42399

There aren't many people who are straight up fugly, but this bitch is.

No. 42401

Fuck, this is from 2013?? NY used to be a lot lower. This is NY state though. In NYC alone, there are more thin people than obese, but upstate NY is a whole different story. Of course West Virginia is the fattest…

No. 42402

How is this not considered discrimination?

No. 42403

File: 1444722610722.gif (702.42 KB, 400x160, frodo-ultimatedigust.gif)

Those are the most disgusting tits I've seen in my life. If I wasn't such a hardcore lesbian, I'd become straight just from this photo. Ugh..

No. 42404

Seriously, what does self care even mean? She's a disgusting whale

No. 42407

that poor dog probably never gets walked. ;_;

No. 42408

this mustached bitch again? ugh.

No. 42409

They've ruined their tastebuds with artificial processed garbage. If it's not full of added salt and high fructose corn syrup then it has no taste to them.

I have gone off sweets and tried to eat a piece of cake today. I couldn't do it. It was way too sweet. The opposite is true with people who only eat junk. Real food tastes bland because it's not full of additives that manufacturers use to make the food addictive.

If I want something sweet I'll just eat some fruit. There's nothing bland about fruit unless your idea of fruit is artificially flavored junk food from Walmart.

No. 42410

ugh, they probably eat canned fruits.

No. 42426

>I am 31 years old and I weigh 400 pounds. The last time I was pregnant, which sadly ended in miscarriage, I weighed 350 pounds…I've overcome as best as I can and I want to try for a baby again.
>My current OBGYN says he can get me and my baby safely through pregnancy, and that he has lots of history with obese women and pregnancy. I want to believe him, but I worry because of what another doctor told me…. and because of what I've been brainwashed for years to believe.
>Anyway, when I was pregnant, I went to a doctor who CONDEMNED me the moment I walked into the office. He told me that I wasn't going to make it alive through my pregnancy and that they would "have to take drastic measures to try save me before they would even attempt to save my baby" etc.
>He kept saying I shouldn't have gotten pregnant, that I had in a sense, committed suicide! He told me that my heart was going to give out, or that I was going to stroke out while attempting to push my LARGE baby out, therefore I was going to have a c-section. He told me that I was going to have massive blood clots in my legs and severe pre-eclampsia.
>I left his office completely panicked and in tears. I was shaking so bad I could hardly walk and all he did was look at me and said in a cold voice with no emotion at all, "It's really scary, isn't it."
>I regretted all the years of trying and numerous fertility treatments (I have PCOS) to get pregnant. It was 4 days later that I lost my very much-loved baby. I believe it was a good part due to the stress and fear that he caused me.

These fat baby killers need a visit from the clue chainsaw.

No. 42442

Fruit has as much sugar as candy though.
Don't delude yourself into thinking you're healthy, you're probably fat too

No. 42448

I can only imagine them eating super sugary yogurts and apple pies and grossly understimating the rest.

Even I seriously underestimated the calories in pastries before, until I downloaded myfitnesspal and oh look ! That apple turnover was around 300cal ! This little M&Ms bag 250 ! etc.

No. 42455

File: 1444739812120.jpg (164.19 KB, 640x1136, uppity hog roast.jpg)

This burn goes on forever.

No. 42460

File: 1444740537652.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.46 KB, 307x400, caverns of endless sorrow.jpg)

How does this even happen? HAES now?

No. 42461

Her body looks like its disintegrating.

No. 42462

File: 1444741782800.gif (937.12 KB, 375x211, tumblr_mgz91vfI6P1rl52wjo7_400…)

Reminds of blob baby Tetsuo from Akira.

No. 42464

No. 42466


It is.

No. 42512


>that fucking filename

No. 42577

I doubt fatsy here loves the way she looks. She's just lying to herself because she has no willpower and has given up.

It's the same kind of person who will claim diets and exercise don't work because they can't force themselves off the couch for any reason other than to get another pint of ice cream out of the freezer.

I hate this "All bodies are beautiful" trend. No. They're not. There's nothing beautiful about having layers of sweaty cellulite ridden rolls hidden under your size 5X clothing that you barely fit into anyway.

No. 42582

I've never noticed her mustache, just her shitty hair styles and bad choices in clothing.

No. 42648

This is so gross. Why couldn't she just lose some weight? I know PCOS might make it hard but if she had really wanted a healthy pregnancy why not loose weight? She'd rather risk the life of her unborn baby thn put the fork down?

Ugh, maybe it's for th ebest these people don't reproduce.
inb4 fat activists screaming about "muh doctord shamed me!!!"

No. 42707

Are you honestly saying that fruit is unhealthy

No. 42710

uhh yes?
a banana has almost as much sugar per 100g as a can of coke
it's ok in moderation but i fucking hate fat and skinnyfat girls who think they're healthy for eating basically candy all day long

No. 42711

The poor kid would have just been raised on pie and McDonalds anyway. I hope she never successfully breeds.

No. 42712

I'm a bit overweight yes. I'm dieting though. It has nothing to do with fruit. I've actually lost a lot of weight eating melons and bananas instead of candy that I was addicted to for a long time. But I'm not going to gorge on a ton of fruit and call that moderation either. But you are better off with a piece of fruit than a candy bar loaded with high fructose corn syrup and chemicals or some awful soda that's bad for your stomach. At least fruit is natural. And I know not to eat until I pop. Some people don't though, and they end up looking like sperm whales.

No. 42713

Artificial sugar found in soda isn't the same as real sugar found in fruits. I understand eating fruits all day isn't super healthy either, but the two don't even compare. Chill

No. 42714

You should be of a certain weight limit just to quality to reproduce.

No. 42715

Oh my gosh, this is the best chain burn I've ever seen.

No. 42716

"natural" doesn't mean anything. i mean at least you acknowledge you're fat, but just remember that if you eat like, 3 apples a day, you're as disgusting as someone eating 3 chocolate bars a day

No. 42717

rofl what bitch?

No. 42718

Please be trolling

No. 42719


Nah. Besides, chocolate is made with child slavery. The more processed the shit is, the worse for the environment. I hate fatties too, but don't slam them if they try to get better by eating real food.

No. 42720

Eating three apples a day is nowhere near the same amount of garbage in three chocolate bars. Are you serious?

No. 42721

Overeating is bad no matter what, but replacing candy with fruit is a better choice. Just like replacing soda with water or unsweetened tea is better. There are reasons cutting out certain junk works.

No. 42722

amount of sugar in a snickers bar = 27g
amount of sugar in a large apple = 23g


you are fat and addicted to carbs, deal with it

No. 42729

Ok so just ignore fiber, vitamins, potassium and folic acid then
The USDA recommends 1.5 - 2 cups of fruit daily

No. 42730

the usda is paid off by agriculture firms

No. 42733


By the grain and corn mafia, as well as cancer salesman Monsanto. Apple orchards are hardly the biggest evil.

No. 42736

fruit is natures candy

No. 42739

>Sand out of vagina
Finnfag.jpg ?

No. 42741

File: 1444790372325.png (4.69 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1444790284969.png)


No. 42749

It's not even that hard to lose weight on PCOS, you just do it a little bit slower. I've been losing 2 pounds a week just by cutting out sugar. No exercise, no portion control. And I've got more than one condition that's supposed to make you fat. A lot of these people probably aren't even trying or they think they're eating healthy with a lowfat mayo sandwich on white bread.

Also, they think being overweight might cause PCOS for some people. Fat fucks with hormones.

No. 42751

lmao ok Alex Jones

No. 42837

Bitch you dumb

do you even fructose

No. 42844

Fructose is even worse for you than glucose, idiot. Keep cramming your fat mouth full of carbs

No. 42858

The bottom middle has potential if she got better hair and didn't have those retarded piercings.

No. 42864


>candy and fruit are both the same evil

what are health benefits? I can't wait until your hair starts falling out because you only eat air and maybe half a sip of water, Anna chan.

No. 42866

File: 1444827444834.gif (9.76 MB, 360x360, dangerham.gif)

No. 42867


Fruit is nature's fruit, trollkin.

No. 42868

>tfw playgrounds don't have fun shit like this anymore

No. 42874

File: 1444828539000.png (469.61 KB, 824x1122, loki doesn't do fat.png)

Love how tubblr fats are all in love with Loki. It's a thin privileged character played by a thin privileged actor who only dates thin privileged conventionally attractive women, but somehow the delusional globs have convinced themselves he's on their side.

No. 42875

File: 1444828572995.png (840.19 KB, 791x810, muh trashbag.png)

No. 42877

Fruit has a bit of fiber and some vitamins. You can get those without the sugar by eating vegetables instead of sugary fruit. But veggies are gross because they don't have as much sugar as a candy bar!! ;_______;

I eat keto, fatass.

No. 42879

File: 1444828838668.png (1017.75 KB, 641x829, indecent fatsposure.png)

No. 42880

File: 1444828888478.jpg (315.36 KB, 720x1380, addictivism now!.jpg)

No. 42881

In fairness tons of ugly/unattractive women flock to Loki.

No. 42882

Is she shooped onto a subway?

No. 42883

Are you constipated or something?
Nobody said vegetables aren't better than fruits, the point was that eating a fruit is better than eating a candy bar. Fact. Now calm your bitch tits.

No. 42885

And drinking piss isn't as bad as eating shit, but you really shouldn't do either.

No. 42887

Last I checked drinking your own piss was perfectly safe. Never heard of anyone eating shit outside of a fetish standpoint though.

Maybe you should go eat shit and report back with the results, you know, for science.

No. 42888


Same for Snape. "Ooooh, he's so bad! He must love my fat, lazy, ugly ass!"

Fatlogic at its finest.

No. 42889


No, she's performance arting. I hope some crazy homeless person murders her next time she does it.

No. 42890

File: 1444829510679.jpg (94.98 KB, 640x749, shoot fat parents.jpg)

No. 42891


More like lonelywomenlogic

No. 42892

File: 1444829530176.png (440.43 KB, 921x741, fat cunts are dirty liars.png)

No. 42896


95% of "bad boy" stereotype fans are fat. Just go to a con or a meet-up and count them. The other 5% are weirdos.

No. 42899

>Last I checked drinking your own piss was perfectly safe

Fruit-eater logic, everyone

No. 42900

>only 5% are weirdos
Uh, it's way higher than that. Get out more.

No. 42901

So now you're just shitposting, right?
>haha because you're comparing fruit eating to shit eating, get it? LMFAOROFLCOPTER XD

No. 42902

File: 1444829875608.jpg (31.18 KB, 500x280, no fatties pls.jpg)

No. 42903

Well I mean, if you're not disgusted by the idea of drinking piss, I can see why you wouldn't be disgusted by eating a fuckton of sugar.

No. 42904

File: 1444830051577.gif (2.84 MB, 250x255, 1444785486209.gif)

No. 42907

File: 1444830308729.png (531.19 KB, 1024x827, they called it fatty love.png)

No. 42908

File: 1444830368799.png (707.44 KB, 1024x956, by their fruits you shall know…)

Fat or weird, or fat and weird.

No. 42909

File: 1444830455198.png (941.18 KB, 1024x1099, snapewives.png)

No. 42913

File: 1444830755527.jpg (78.49 KB, 640x426, meetup1.jpg)

No. 42940

>those fucking fruit-eaters, amirite?!!?!
You sound legitimately insane.
Like, I am concerned for you.

No. 42941

I'm concerned about your weight and diabetes. Fruit is candy. Get over it.

No. 42943

if you actually eat a healthy diet you shouldnt be able to stand the sugar content in most fruits… if you can eat a strawberry or drink juice straight without cringing you must constantly consume tons of refined sugar…

No. 42969

File: 1444840117002.jpg (69.47 KB, 960x603, fat-shaming-meme.jpg)

Fructose is better for you than glucose you moran.

No. 42975

How is refined sugar relevant to fruits? Have you never had corn?

No. 42977

Don't make up lies because you got called out on your fatlogic.

Inb4 "science doesn't real because it told me the stuff I like is bad!!! The media said fruit is healthy so I'm going to keep getting fat and sickly off of muh natural candies :) :)"

No. 42979

why are fat people always so happy and jolly and fit people always so miserable looking? me and my bf are like this. im thin and literally look miserable 99% of the time (i'm miserable like 50% in reality) and my bf is fat and is like, fucking ecstatic and always smiling.

tbh i wish that i could let go and eat a lot of stuff (not "unhealthy" stuff but just like, lots of fruits and whole grain breads and sweet potatoes and other stuff) but im too neurotic.

No. 42982

File: 1444841795954.jpg (12.32 KB, 255x255, H3U8mcu.jpg)

No. 42983

File: 1444841865117.jpg (44.41 KB, 625x626, 3947037 _1e3c620a07b72382357a9…)

No. 43020


so… eating fruit is as bad as eating shit? Anna chan please eat.


fruit is good for you, and veggies are too. What's the fucking problem here?

No. 43024

Fruit is bad for you. It contains massive amounts of sugar. It's ok to have as a treat but if you eat it every day it's as disgusting, like having a bag of candy every day.

Yes it has some more nutrients than a chocolate bar but you can get the same nutrients without the garbage by eating veggies, it's not like if you grind up a vitamin and sprinkle it onto your big mac that automatically makes it healthy. You're still eating crap. Idk why this is hard to understand. Cut sugar and carbs out for a few days and you won't even want to eat fruit anymore.

No. 43025

Damn Anas I can't even eat fruit now?

No. 43028

I'm not ana lmao. I lift. In my experience it's usually the flabby skinnyfats who are obsessed with muh fruits. The insulin response wrecks their body and gives them a big pot belly even though they have a low bmi

No. 43030

only an Ana would be delusional enough To rant about how unhealthy fruit is and thinks eating fruits is the same as eating a Big Mac with vitamins sprinkled on it

No. 43032

OK, anyone who thinks eating too much sugar is bad = anorexic. Got it. Enjoy your diabeetus.

No. 43033

Anyone who has a problem with people eating fruit is a nut job

No. 43035

Yes, it's not socially accepted so it must not be true (even though the science says otherwise). Meanwhile, it's socially accepted in America and the UK to be overweight and sedentary… 50 years ago you'd call me a wackjob if I said smoking is bad for you, after all everyone does it and it feels good, who cares what those stuffy old doctors say?

No. 43039

Never in my entire life has a doctor ever told me eating fruit is unhealthy

No. 43042

I'm sure they've told you that too much sugar is unhealthy.

No. 43044

If you consume anything in excessive amount it can be bad for you. Hell, drinking too much water could kill me. I guess water is bad for me.

No. 43065


Eating fruit=/ eating pure sugar.

No. 43067

File: 1444859667750.png (18.87 KB, 220x300, 155 (1).png)

Stop responding to bait, guys.

No. 43069

One twinkie = 16.5 g of sugar
One large banana= 17g of sugar
>anyone who disagrees with me is trolling! ;_;

No. 43074

Let it go non. No one cares about your opinions of evil fruits. If you think an apple is as bad as chocolate that's fine, but pls shut the fuck up.

I think this inspired me for a recipe- anyone lurking the ginger ana thread? She could put it in her cook book!
>1 apple
>cocoa powder
>30 drops of Stevia

>slice apple, sprinkle cocoa powder on top

>add Stevia drops
>Congratulations, raw vegan chocolate!!!!

No. 43076

>implying ginger would use real food like apples
It would probably be more like

>3 spoonfuls of PB2 powder

>1 cup protein powder
>1 pack low calorie tofu
>1 tsp cocoa powder
>75 drops of stevia
>Dijon mustard to taste

No. 43078

File: 1444861582843.png (86.71 KB, 208x218, 67.png)

No. 43086

File: 1444862763331.jpg (41.94 KB, 640x480, And this is where i call out y…)

No. 43093


No. 43094

File: 1444864476124.jpg (127.83 KB, 866x1300, 5460316-Man-Eating-Bowl-of-Fru…)

No. 43095

File: 1444864477914.png (111.2 KB, 800x680, by fruit.png)

No. 43096

File: 1444864616356.jpg (399.49 KB, 2322x4128, bunches of fat.jpg)

No. 43097

File: 1444864695749.jpg (57.4 KB, 540x960, school.jpg)

No. 44066

File: 1444875896513.jpg (721.18 KB, 800x1200, as1_24.jpg)

Sorry if this is OT, but is it wrong to feel bad for (non-bitchy and very overweight) fatties, especially little kids that get buliied? My ninet-year-old brother weighs 160 lbs and it's killing me knowing I can't help him without also coaching my parents or moving back home.
>tfw I can fit into shorts and shirts he can't fit into and I'm a bit chubby
>tfw diabetes, sleep apnea, and years of bullying are around the corner for him