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File: 1417165827432.png (74.49 KB, 606x576, THISISMYSWAMP.png)

No. 27000

Oh boohoo, you are an adult, act like one. I am afraid of needles as well, never cried after puberty. I just brace myself, turn my head away and hope for the best. They don't hurt at all, it is only scary because something is entering your skin and veins. So i don't get why she has to sob like a baby for getting a little blood taken from her.

No. 27001

File: 1417165970452.png (252.85 KB, 1269x1115, thankyouelmo.png)

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File: 1417166077886.jpg (53.4 KB, 500x409, 1406145772464.jpg)

What an amazing haircut.

No. 27003

File: 1417166083306.png (179.35 KB, 376x444, HE0ZVu9.png)

>The bigger the DICK
>the more "THAT AREA" has to STRETCH

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File: 1417166282199.jpg (351.15 KB, 501x1400, 1413683254491.jpg)

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File: 1417166327128.png (177.11 KB, 988x407, mathilda.png)

No. 27007

If anyone has the video that was on https://www.dropbox.com/s/9k1uv7sqm7ih10c/24102014_1146_58.avi can they upload it somewhere else? OC may have got it taken down like she has done in the past.

No. 27008

File: 1417166364529.png (18.94 KB, 640x480, 1409641292221.png)

No. 27013

this picture still cracks me up

what the hell was she thinking?

No. 27021

File: 1417176922145.png (2.71 MB, 1919x1031, grave-fireflies-3.png)

she looks like the little girl from grave of the fireflies

No. 27027

Just significantly less cute

No. 27048

File: 1417200336466.jpg (23.49 KB, 492x388, Saturn_3.jpg)

She legitimately said in a cam session that she thinks she looks like Sailor Saturn

Like hahaha wow bitch are you serious

No. 27050

File: 1417201542981.png (263.5 KB, 492x388, sailoroc.png)

omg anon, what are you talking about? they are obviously twinsies!

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i love you anon

No. 27072


10/10 I love you

No. 27075

my fucking sides

No. 27079

File: 1417210074909.gif (317.01 KB, 420x315, Cage.gif)

No. 27113

I am deceased.

No. 27125

File: 1417238019974.png (222.64 KB, 574x414, 0TChMgw.png)

No. 27131

Wow, can she stop? She really is milking whatever this hospital thing is all about. It's exactly like Felice Fawn's behavior. It's crazy.

No. 27134

File: 1417240550149.png (233.89 KB, 587x374, Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 12.5…)

No. 27135

File: 1417240596451.png (208.03 KB, 584x374, Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 12.5…)

Wow, it's surprising she survived this horrific incident.

No. 27136

File: 1417240621908.png (303.49 KB, 518x673, Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 12.5…)

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File: 1417240659170.png (296.48 KB, 517x674, Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 12.5…)

No. 27138

From what I remember she goes in for allergy shots lol.

Her nose always gets me. That fucking potato.

No. 27139

lol, she's so retarded. Anyone want to bet she acted like she was 10 while she was there. She must be so annoying IRL.

No. 27141

Jesus, that nose. My god, her nose is awful.

No. 27142

Jesus she's so hideous…

No. 27143

oh god, I never really got what you guys were saying about her nose but this pic makes me get it. Does her nose tip have hella cartilage or are her nostrils just tiny?

No. 27144

her nose is pretty awful, she shouldn't take close up pics imo. these pics are reeeeeally unflattering

No. 27147


what bruise? I've seen worse than that

No. 27148

File: 1417244341080.jpg (70.08 KB, 602x413, poor me.jpg)

>muh pain

No. 27149

lol bitch where's the bruise?
oh god she looks like a pouty christian boy with her dumb and dumber haircut.

No. 27150

she's just really fucking unlucky

No. 27151


No. 27152

File: 1417244535079.gif (499.63 KB, 500x359, claps.gif)

this is brilliant anon.

No. 27153

File: 1417245458016.jpg (9.15 KB, 240x200, 1410475578411.jpg)

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File: 1417245638860.jpg (60.19 KB, 486x309, 1397804087585.jpg)

No. 27155

File: 1417248442173.jpg (97.61 KB, 518x688, my pain is hurting.jpg)

Okay one more

No. 27156

File: 1417248565528.gif (703.56 KB, 320x240, jsakghs.gif)

This thread is on point.

No. 27157

Allergy shots? That is what she is so upset about, Jezus. "Oh noes, Ah needle in mah ass" bitch stop complaining. I rather have a shot in my ass then experience a swollen throat and getting a shot in my neck to stop the swelling.

No. 27159

you deserve the nobel prize more than obama did, anon. i love you.

No. 27160

File: 1417249479369.jpg (3.43 KB, 300x57, 1405917942002.jpg)

No. 27162

File: 1417249583123.jpg (23.69 KB, 524x331, 1410476528176.jpg)

>my pain is hurting.jpg

No. 27167

File: 1417251477813.png (46.48 KB, 574x414, orange3.png)

No. 27173

File: 1417258454543.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 39a.gif)

No. 27178

Looks like Darren Wilson's bruises lmao

No. 27179

I like that you have to draw her uglier than she is. The fake tweet comment stopped being funny after the first one though.

No. 27180

hahaha genius!!

No. 27183

And that's hard to do! Anon is doing the Lord's work.

No. 27185

>even my tears smell


No. 27194

lmao thats exactly what I was thinking

No. 27197

Unichanner here. God damn these are fucking funny!

No. 27208

Just followed the natural lines of her face. Can't help it if she turned out ugly.

Third one was a different anon.

No. 27228

Ignore this guy, his name is nigcompoop and he's from Unichan. He's a pedophile and thinks OC will fuck him if he whiteknights for her. We all hate him.

He's also autistic and isn't able to understand humor.

No. 27368

File: 1417395247127.png (523.34 KB, 422x750, tumblr_nfvlo9tdYP1r4132mo1_500…)

She looks like she raided her grandma's wardrobe and dressed in the dark

No. 27369

File: 1417395416781.png (608.2 KB, 428x750, tumblr_nfvl1074xp1r4132mo1_500…)

No. 27370

Damn sometimes I really feel bad for girls with no fashion sense…but it's orange so fuck her

No. 27374


kek, she claims she is not insecure but there she goes again shooping the shit out of her potato nose and skin.

She will NEVER be ANYTHING like Fullten.

No. 27380

I think she looks better than fullten, fullten is just a common hooker.

No. 27381

No. 27384

And that's a bad thing how? That chick is fucking insane and only mildly attractive.

No. 27385

This is probably the first time I say it but, damn, she dresses like someone's old grandma.

No. 27386

File: 1417400065644.gif (497.53 KB, 300x195, tumblr_inline_nekp7zQ0KI1r4g6y…)

>I think she looks better than fullten

that's not saying much. fullten is a 3 and OC is a 4. both of them need desperate help in the beauty department, and, at least in OC's case, the wardrobe department (though i can't for the life of me remember how fullten dresses)

she's trying soooo hard to do mori or whatever japanese shit she's into this week but she just looks like she went to the salvation army and threw on a bunch of ugly shit or got dressed in the dark.

if she wants to go for this whole kawaii frilly floral look there are much better ways of doing it. everything just looks so…ill-fitting and awkward in this picture.

then again, i have a feeling that she'd probably ignore anyone's beauty/fashion advice even if it was valid because she's mentally 14 and DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK!!!1

No. 27388

File: 1417400458359.jpg (284.69 KB, 571x454, OC's senior fun.jpg)

No. 27392

Holy photoshop.

No. 27394

oc gardening queen

No. 27395

File: 1417403680558.gif (467.22 KB, 500x303, loveme.gif)


Marry me, anon

No. 27399

She literally looks like she's 5 years old this is terrifying

No. 27400

File: 1417406796428.gif (1.91 MB, 259x197, n02mLAv.gif)


No. 27402

Actually the big floppy hat really suits her and it makes her hairstyle look less… well it makes it better. The thing is orange could actually be really pretty, but she clings onto the idea that shes a cute little girl. I think it'd be better with a nice sundress or even just swap out this hat with a black one for a more mature look? Girl has potential, sad she wastes it.

No. 27403

This thread has been top tier. You photoshop gurus and artists have been doing gods work

No. 27422

Hat makes her hairstyle better but she really shooped her nose here

No. 27454

ahahah oh my god what the fuck is this shit??

No. 27538

No. 27545

Bonus points for the old man checking her out.

No. 27579

this little bitch needs to stop talking

No. 27582

File: 1417496367753.jpg (54.44 KB, 960x640, 1149002_10202393771822914_1165…)

No. 27587

lmao. what is this?

No. 27616

File: 1417504894153.jpg (54.34 KB, 960x640, 1900067_10202393772102921_1314…)

No. 27617

File: 1417504993017.jpg (79.23 KB, 640x960, 1557632_10202393780503131_1562…)

this was taken in new york early this year

No. 27619

Had she never been to Stardust before? What the hell

No. 27620


oh jesus. someone please make a banner of this

No. 27627

She really doesn't look impressed at that guys singing hahaha

No. 27634

Is she cosplaying Velma?

No. 27637

File: 1417512503167.jpg (113.72 KB, 553x512, asdfdf.jpg)



No. 27638

10/10 unintentional cosplay

Oh god that made me laugh. Thank you anon.

No. 27641


No. 27655

Ok, someone quickly tell me why she's detestable.

All I see is an average looking girl acting like she's hot shit. Is there anything more to her?

No. 27656

Now boarding the sloppy seconds bandwagon! What'd this chick do again? I remember it was a few things, but IDK what exactly haha

No. 27657

Maybe you could read the thread linked in the OP. This site isn't about hating people for any justifiable reason, either, it's about laughing at retards and cringey trainwrecks. If you want some moral crusade to make you feel better about laughing and shitting on people PULL is the site you want.

No. 27658

So much shit has happened I can't even keep track. Someone with more patience and better literacy than myself could man up and do an ED page, I guess.

I know it started with her being a tard on PULL and has seemed to end with her pretending to be pedobait on webcam for perverts with money. Mix in some hypocritical lies about abuse somewhere in there too.

No. 27659

>implying you can't summarise anyone's thread in just a few sentences, whether you're there for a moral crusade or just looking for lulz

-Morbidly obese fashion obsessed weeaboo. Also a koreaboo and chinaboo who has her own business.
-Her business is reselling cheap chinese shit
-SJW, unbearably condescending, drama queen, bitches about everyone and MUH CURVES

-Batshit mallgoth pedofork, makes up longwinded stories about how her life sucks, never gets off the internet.
-Is fat but acts like she's a model, also did a fake suicide stunt.

See? It's easy to summarise, you don't have to go on a moral crusade to summarise lulz.

No. 27660

So did she get molested?

No. 27661

>This site isn't about hating people for any justifiable reason, either, it's about laughing at retards and cringey trainwrecks.
Well anon, there always has to be some reason, otherwise everyone would hate everyone. It's just sometimes hard to sum up the reason in one post. You have to expose someone to their whole personality in order for them to understand why they're shitty people worthy of derision.

In this case the best way is probably to read through the old thread first.

No. 27676

SWJ who used to stalk PULL, derail conversations with her "agenda", yet still judge women like Dakota while doing the same uggu kawaii shit.

Became a mod at PULL and turned it into shit. Don't remember the details as I don't go to PULL.

Posted huge rants about not sexualizing children, does cam shows, cosplays Matilda from the professional as loli bait for money. ← biggest offense

Summed up in one sentence:
Attention whore SWJ who is a result of her own hypocrisy.

No. 27682

Ok, so I'm reading the old thread and there's people making fun of the fact that her father died of cancer when she was 15, and that she's going to get it too.

That's really uncool.

Also, just because someone doesn't grieve in your face doesn't mean they're not grieving. The grieving process is different for different people, some people cry in private, some people feel better to tell everyone about it.

No. 27685

No one made fun of the fact that her father got cancer and I don't recall anyone saying she's gonna get it too? Most people were saying that it was pretty fucked up the way she's milking this to seem more like a victim and brings it up when she's half naked on cam.

If OC wasn't such an attention whore and constant victim I'd be inclined to agree, but she really does milk her father's death just like any other thing in her life.

>Became a mod at PULL and turned it into shit. Don't remember the details as I don't go to PULL.
Went on a SJW rampage, b8 anyone left, right and center for disagreeing with her, kept derailing threads to talk about her nasty titties and wouldn't let anyone talk shit about anyone who had big titties (eg Jessica Nigri) because she felt personally victimized and that it was ~slut shaming~ when her tits are a sad B-C at most.

Don't forget how badly she wanted to be Boxxy, spammed the shit out of /b/ or /soc/ or something with her photos and made a chan for herself which had maybe 8 people at most. Kek.

No. 27688

Ya, in the beggining of the thread there's a person joking about her dad's cancer, being all "tick tock tic toc" for when she gets cancer wtf

No. 27691

File: 1417533422001.jpg (24.53 KB, 370x250, muh feelings! im sensitive!.jp…)

You're a fuddy-duddy nonny.

No. 27701

it's just an edgy tryhard troll. every chan has them. just ignore those posts and read the rest of the thread.

No. 27713

It's not the summation part it's:
>Ok, someone quickly tell me why she's detestable.

and I said it because people who don't immediately "get" the site are the same people who say shit like this


Did you not see the word "Justifiable" in there? People's behaviour on this site is not rational or normal, we follow he online lives of literally mentally ill people in order to laugh at them. They may be shitty people but you're kidding yourself if you think that's anything other than a coincidence, or that it would suddenly stop if they were good.

No. 27724

>People's behaviour on this site is not rational or normal, we follow he online lives of literally mentally ill people in order to laugh at them. They may be shitty people but you're kidding yourself if you think that's anything other than a coincidence, or that it would suddenly stop if they were good.

eh i dunno. yes some people would still be spiteful and some posters just have grudges for all sorts of reasons, but there is a list of attributes that make someone a lolcow. without those attributes, threads about them just get 1-2 samefags and then fizzle out.

there's a rhyme and reason behind the shittalking.

No. 27725

An irrational reason is still a reason, anon. I'm not saying there aren't reasons, just that they aren't normal, rational or morally good reasons.

No. 27727

imo they often are, especially when the subjects of the shittalking are grown adults but still act like narcissistic selfish children. the threads about the teens are kind of dumb and are usually the pot calling the kettle black, or just plain bullying.

No. 27745

File: 1417551141980.png (131.73 KB, 524x1138, FireShot Screen Capture #1341 …)

OC denies attracting pedos

No. 27748


Do we have any screen caps or video clips of her acting like pedo bait?

No. 27749

Lol. Ugh.

I asked her that question. Hopefully I didn't word it in a way that led her to excusing herself, although I'm not sure that the wording would make a difference.

It's funny how she repeats she's not a child, yet goes on to prove a point by saying that "a child cannot encourage pedophilia." That's right as they are underdeveloped - but as she kept saying, she's not a child.

And I knew she'd use that crap about being paid to be "me(?)". She even knows thats bullshit herself. It's a porn site. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also: "I do not act/look 12" is also a falsity. But I'll let that one slide.

No. 27759

yes, but i don't have any on my hard drive. i've watched her on mfc for a few minutes and she does all sorts of little girl roleplaying while 50-60 year old guys like 'bigguy1952' tip her and compliment how young she looks.

you have to see her live or watch a recording to fully understand how gross and weird it is

No. 27762

She has a point tbh.

No. 27763

I'm not sure what that whole rant about children not encouraging pedophiles is about. She's not a child (and ~doesn't look 12~ lol), so whether or not children encourage pedophilia is pretty moot. Pedophiles are aroused by kids and an adult who looks and acts like a kid is a dream. If you're an adult who admits to emulating a 12 year old character (albeit ~older~ yeah right) during sex work then you are obviously banking on the pedobux.

She has to know that those men are not paying for her winning personality. Certainly she has to know that…

No. 27764

hey orange

No. 27769

No. 27772

What exactly the 'point' that she has, anon?

May I redirect you to this logical post to read too? >>27763

No. 27773

File: 1417561171220.png (6.91 KB, 291x185, ocwasphone.png)

What I don't understand is if she genuinely thinks people are paying her ~just for being special~, why doesn't she join a streaming site or youtube or something and monetize the videos rather than joining a porn site?
She must at least know deep down that nobody except elmo and bigdaddy69 want to hear her talk about how many laxatives she's taken and how dead her dad is.

No. 27777

Exactly,the part of herself people are paying for is not her personality but her child like appearance that is further intensified by her clothing choices, many of which emulate children if not direct carbon copies of fashion worn by children made famous in films. There is no way she does not know this, it's why she decided to go on the porn site as opposed to banking on what youtube would have been able to offer her if people appreciated her on a non perverted level.

Thats why I hate when people say "deep down inside" because it's too obvious, and these statements from her cannot be excused to the point where people are even questioning how ignorant she truly is about their motives.

No. 27781

she would have a point if she wasn't lying through her teeth and trying to talk about something irrelevant.

she goes out of her way to look like a small child, and intentionally tries to act all 'cute' and 'innocent' to old men, most of whom are real pedophiles. she's a grown adult who tries to look and act like a child.

No. 27783

File: 1417563347771.jpg (71.67 KB, 469x695, ocelmo.jpg)


Hahaha sorry then dude, by "deep down" I kinda meant "she knows it but she'll probably keep trying to delude herself until she believes it", like PT and her heritiji. There's absolutely no excuse for it either way, though.

No. 27786

File: 1417563705464.jpg (41.08 KB, 960x540, oc.jpg)

Apologies but someone must've posted this before, right? I just never saw it on here and it's fucking hilarious

No. 27789

her boyfriend found unichan a while ago and used to post a bit to whiteknight her. he's a complete and total cuckold. there was one time she was on the phone with him when she was camming and he sounded kind of pissed.

No. 27827

File: 1417569049510.jpg (62.91 KB, 540x960, 10487579_674535619296437_86549…)

so cute desu

No. 27829


Yeah, her neckbeard boyfriend is a total cuck, I just don't recall having seen that photo before.

Whoa, how do you know it was him? I mean not like OC has a legion of fans or anything, but I mean as opposed to OC herself or one of her basement masturbators?

No. 27832


I like how she seems to have developed her own 'look'. Like a weeby old lady. Granny kei or something.

No. 27838

her eyebrows are terrible. they are spaced way too far apart. it makes her nose look even bigger than it is.

No. 27854

File: 1417574254851.jpg (69.75 KB, 350x462, orange.jpg)

No. 27860

this girls hair is better though. OC's big problem, aside from the fact its a shitty hairstyle in general and it doesnt suit her, is that her bangs are so improperly cut. they aren't cut wide enough, its like they are only cut for the very front of her face when they should follow the curve and end beyond the end of her eyebrows, like this asian chick's hair does.

No. 27864

File: 1417575626093.jpg (45.8 KB, 720x404, nan.jpg)

Does she have down's? Those eyes are so far apart and then the eyebrows…oh lord.

Even if she had the Down's, there's reason for her to dress so poorly.

Dat season was terrible (save for Jessica Lange…), but Nan's clothes were awesome!

No. 27865

there's no reason*

No. 27877

Aw c'mon, saying that she may have downs is a bit if a stretch, isn't it? I mean, she doesn't have the look of downs in the least, she's just a regular girl. Her issues lie in her psychology rather than her physical aspect imo.

No. 27893

I wanna give this girl a professional makeover so bad… THOSE EYEBROWS, WTF!!!

No. 27896

Her eyes really aren't that far apart…her eyebrows and wide nose just make them look further apart than they are.

No. 27920

Aw she looks cute here though, she just overplucks the centre of her brows so she always looks scared haha.

No. 27923

Yeah, she looks cute in the thumbnail until you click it, and it enlarges.

No. 27925

File: 1417597955297.jpg (65.56 KB, 540x960, 10392297_674535605963105_73251…)

much cute desu

No. 27946


Can one of the anons here into beauty explain to me why she has such a lumpy playdough face? Unfortunately I know fuck all about face stuff.

No. 27948

File: 1417619169210.png (261.09 KB, 500x400, thefuck.png)

> Dat hair
> Dem brows
> Dem granny clothes

If OC was actually a little old lady with that haircut/clothes she'd be so cute. I don't know who she's trying to kid here, her "fans" or herself. She looks dumb as fuck.

I'll probably never be able to get over her coconut-head-Rock-Lee helmet. Even if shes obsessed with a character, shouldn't she be able to at least take a step back and look at /herself/, not ~irl Mathilda~? Even during my massive weeb phase at 13 where I thought I was L, I knew L's haircut looked stupid as shit irl and moreso on me. I wish she'd have the same realization.

Goddamn I hate the stupid "/ \" eyebrow trend. It looks like shit as if you're constantly afraid. Ain't kawaii.

No. 27949

My two cents are that it's mostly the hair. It's blunt and short and not suited for her face at all because it puts emphasis on her facial features, which are mostly her massive potato nose and cheek fat. Plus, I don't know if it's her natural hair, but the huge contrast between that + her skin makes it so that her chipmunk cheeks stand out even more because it doesn't cover the sides of her face. I have a lot of cheek fat as well and really short haircuts like hers make my face look lumpy as hell, she should really consider a longer hairstyle.

No. 27951

File: 1417620043927.jpg (20.75 KB, 408x271, 295845695_796.jpg)

Forgot pic. Notice how Mathilda doesn't have a massive nose or lots of face/cheek fat. It's just a shitty hairstyle and it's rare that people pull it off.

No. 27952


Cheers, anon!
I can't believe how many of her problems would be fixed if she just lost that hairstyle.

She'd actually be pretty cute even with the shitty hair, makeup and dress sense if she had a genuinely nice personality. It makes me kinda sad.

No. 27953

>season of the witch
You're a pleb, anon. I agree that Nan was best dressed, though

No. 27954

Mathilda is like an anime character tbh
Her look only works for her, on anyone else it looks frumpy as hell.

No. 27959

Orange can't even do Mathilda's hair right, I wouldn't even call it that since she fucks it up. Mathilda's hair reaches her lip while Orange's barely reaches down to her nose. If she grew her hair out 2 more inches it wouldn't look nearly as bad. Also that actor has really nice thick hair with volume. Orange's hair does not look as full and looks weighed down by either her own natural oils or cheap product. If she wants to go for the character so much, she should grow it out and blow dry it

No. 27965


Kinda like our dear Queen and her 'Rukia bang' that makes her hair just look pretty stringy and gross?


Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. Mathilda also seems to have more of a very dark brown hair colour and slightly more tanned skin. The black hair against OC's skin, especially seeing as she whitewashes herself (anyone else think it's to make her look more ill or something? She seems to want to come across as sickly a lot. Maybe because it makes her seem 'vulnerable'?) and doesn't wear much makeup, looks harsh as fuck.
Can anyone tell if OC's hair dye blue-based or what? A lot of edgy mallgoths in secondary school/high school used to dye their hair blue-black when red-black would've looked better and ended up looking like lego figures with their hair one solid block colour.

No. 27971

File: 1417623890510.jpg (14.02 KB, 250x380, harshblack.JPG)


the kinda shit I'm on about

No. 27985

File: 1417629228121.jpg (186.42 KB, 700x525, lego amelie.jpg)

I wonder if she's not going for the Amelie look as much as Mathilda? I knew like three "quirky" girls who got the Amelie cut 10+ years ago. None could pull it off.

No. 27987

naw shes going for mathilda's because mathilda's bangs are thin kind of whispy

No. 28017

No that really was the worst season lol, different anon here. Sorry :).

No. 28023

OC doesn't have the strong facial features to pull anything like that off. her face is just kind of…mushy/blobbish. she'd look so much better with like, wavy shoulder-length hair that was a lighter brown color, or something. anything to off-set the awkward round-ness of her nose/face.

No. 28027

In her desperation to be a loli she doesn't realise Mathilda only looks cute because she's played goddamn by Natalie Portman, and it's nothing to do with the shitty hair and clothes.

No. 28029

I think Mathilda's clothing is great, so does OC. She wears what she likes and so she should, it is her choice anyway.

No. 28035

Season 2 > Season 3 = Season 4 > Season 1

No. 28039

Pretty much everyone else I'VE spoken to disagrees with you. Most people think Season 1 was the best, and Season 3 sucks (the plot was so fucking all over the place and crap. Characters had 0 depth. IMO!)

But hey, I'm glad everyone has their own favorites. To each their own!

But anyways :P…
This lol.

No. 28040

Kind of an outsider but you seem to be in the wrong place. No one is talking about OC's free will or her rights or anything. Yes we all know she can make her own choices, thank you. She just happens to make ones that we believe make her look gross and weird.
Are you actually a regular here? You don't seem to be fitting in.

No. 28046

I've actually had the exact opposite experience when talking about the series with people (especially when it comes to character depth), but yeah whatever.

No. 28059

Meet me in B, bitches. Let's talk AHS.

I think whoever OC's fan is, needs to sit at the fat kid's table and GTFO.

No. 28069

I HATED Asylum, loved S1, and I really liked Coven just because I was happy Taissa was back and I like the idea of teen witches. I'm really not feeling Freak Show though..

To be on topic, I think OC would look so cute with some voluminous hair, especially if it was long and curly. But she'll never listen to the voice of reason, so.

No. 28076

File: 1417663781143.jpg (38.13 KB, 480x367, 1stum_you_came_to_wrong_neighb…)

No. 28134

No. 28175

File: 1417692946667.jpg (54.5 KB, 487x720, eh.jpg)

No. 28184



No. 28186

Yeah, she still had a weirdly lumpy face but she was 10x cuter in her boxxy wannabe phase
Also when she was trying to be lolsorandum nobody could tell what a bitch she was

No. 28187

her bangs are properly cut in this, basically her whole hairstyle is done better and actually looks pretty decent, though i do think she'd look better with something else entirely

is she just too much of a poorfag now to afford a real stylist? it seriously looks like she ha her mom cut her hair these days

No. 28194

I thought she was making big bucks from MFC.

No. 28204

If she is, you'd think she could at least afford a rhinoplasty to fix that God awful nose.

No. 28303

what happened to her eyebrows between then and now? i thought maybe her eyebrows were naturally sparse in the middle but they look pretty normal in this pic, so i guess she actually plucks/shaves them in the middle to look retarded on purpose?

No. 28316

>so i guess she actually plucks/shaves them in the middle to look retarded on purpose?
Yes, she actually does. It's bizarre.

No. 28318

I suppose it must be related to her thinking it somehow makes her look more loli/mathilda.

No. 28320

File: 1417791494402.png (139.63 KB, 250x271, browbeauty.png)

Also, I forgot to add that bowbeauty24 also does something similar with her eyebrows and she is obsessed with being a teenager even though she is almost 30. Have I missed some sort of ~hot new beauty tip that taking the middle of your eyebrows away makes you look more youthful?

No. 28321

It makes your eyes look further apart, which I suppose could be interpreted as looking youthful. Only works if you have long brows/overly long brows to begin with though, otherwise it just looks like you shaved them off and you have little hitler moustaches above your eyes.

No. 28324

Lol bow beauty. This girl is just a delusional retard.

No. 28325

File: 1417793437877.png (6.51 MB, 2440x1604, far apart.png)

Yep, it's a trend that's supposed to make you look 'youthful'. Personally, I think it very rarely looks good, you have to have the face for it (i.e natural shark face, eyes spaced far apart) and OC just does not have that type of face, so she ends up being an eyebrow fail.

No. 28330

i dont think its a trend so much as girls not knowing what the fuck they are doing. isnt it in fashion right now to have thick eyebrows? like cara delevingne and lily collins? i think a lot of this over plucking bullshit is girls paranoid about having a unibrow so they pluck too much, then they are stuck that way because their brows look retarded when the hairs start growing back and they are too self conscious about it to wait until they grow in properly. my niece did this shit when she first started using makeup and plucking her brows, but thank god she eventually saw the light and let her brows grow in and uses eyebrow powder to fill them in and shape them.

No. 28332

File: 1417797103201.png (459.93 KB, 715x567, 2vlu0yf.png)

MTE, the whole "pencil at the side of you nose" trick and "don't pluck from above" are really well known, simple and basic things. So I've no idea how some people can be so incompetent/blind to fuck it up so badly.

I've been thinking about starting a thread on her. She has a lot of similarities to PT, imo.

No. 28336

Wow, and I thought my teeth were bad. She has piano keys for teeth. She should get that fixed, can really change her face shape.

No. 28338

please do.
personally I'd love a thread about all/any of the personalities that crop up frequently over at Guru Gossip, I just don't know enough about any of them to start one myself.

it looks like she did try the pencil-at-the-side-of-your-nose guidelines, but her nose-tip is so wide that plucking to those standards makes her brows look completely whacked. it's just exaggerating the worst of her features.

No. 28344

File: 1417805533608.jpg (47.17 KB, 1024x768, mathilda.jpg)

Could someone shop OC's face onto this? IMO it would be a good banner.

No. 28349

File: 1417808105208.gif (1 MB, 1018x424, Untitled-1.gif)


GIF needs to be resized but here you go.

No. 28351

Omg lol

No. 28352

I forgot to add 'please make it one of her stupid faces' and couldn't come up with a good joke but you read my mind. God bless you anon.

No. 28361

I remember something about her purposefully mangling her hair to keep all the silly boys from hitting on her, but I don't remember where I read it.

No. 28373

Why are we making fun of her for having a dead dad?

No. 28377

Are you >>27682?

We're making fun of her for being a stupid cunt that milks MUH DAD IS DEAD for attention as she strips for pedos.

No. 28381

because she fucking whines about her fathers death and uses it as a crutch to be a fucking bitch

No. 28400

I don't think they are. She literally brings it up every 10 minutes, for no reason, to everyone she talks to. To strangers and friends alike.

She does it so much that I'm pretty sure it's just a ploy to get sympathy and pity points, nothing more.

No. 28404

File: 1417828955320.jpg (266.15 KB, 900x1238, 1416520323590.jpg)


You think she does that to turn on her pedo followers even more during strip shows? Isn't fatherless/motherless children like the ultimate fetish for pedophiles or something.

Maybe I'm looking too much into things, but it seems like she's using her dad's death to get even more desperate pedo bucks.

No. 28406

It's very likely. I'm not going to make any assumptions about her intent, but it does seem like she started to ramp it up when talking to old men on MFC and simultaneously dressing like a little girl and seeming like she needs a "father figure".

She definitely has the kind of manipulative personality to combine those things as a way to get more tips.

No. 28407


No. 28420

I feel like that's a possibility but I think her main intent is to garner pity and increase her "likeness" to Mathilda, who was an orphan. I also think that she's playing up the ~helpless little girl~ thing too.

Silly anon, only school is scary because of big mean bullies that make fun of her tittes so she can't focus on work aboobooboo.

For reals though. She's just a lazy bitch that can't be bothered to do anything but leech money off others and she's trying to pass off as a little girl so that she can get away with it. Dumb cunt isn't scared of the "outside", she's scared of responsibility. OC pls.

No. 28451

blonde girl on bottom row second from the right doesn't look TOO bad, but that's probably just because filters. she'd still look better with thicker brows though.

people like Orange need to understand that thinner brows actually have the opposite effect than intended, and make you look much older than you are.


holy shit that potato nose though.

No. 28457

She sounds like she lacks attention and care. If she has to vent to people like this I imagine she doesn't receive enough love. I'm just commenting though, I don't know what she's all about.

No. 28458

i can kind of understand the trend, these people are all just doing it wrong. it would look good on someone with a skinny nose/close set eyes if they started their eyebrows a teeny tiny bit behind where their tear duct starts.
>people like Orange need to understand that thinner brows actually have the opposite effect than intended, and make you look much older than you are.
i feel like thin eyebrows look stupid as hell unless you already have a youthful face/skin in general, one example of someone who can pull it off is sky ferreira. the only "youthful" thing about orange's face is that it's round, that's it.

No. 28477


The whole "don't pluck from above" thing is kind of a myth though.
I don't know why people spread it around like common info when my own brows are thick as fuck but I still pluck from above in order to shape them properly. I have more than enough eyebrow to spare though.

No. 28485

I think it's probably applicable to most people, you can really fuck up the shape if you don't know what you're doing.

No. 28487

If you feel that eyebrows are such an interesting topic make a godamn thread on b/ and stop flooding oc's thread with this shit.

No. 28503

Man, calm down. I agree it's getting a little OT but it's hardly a huge debate and there's not really much else going on with her right now.

No. 28568

>> A lot of edgy mallgoths in secondary school/high school used to dye their hair blue-black when red-black would've looked better and ended up looking like lego figures with their hair one solid block colour.

i think blue black hair is really cool looking though :c

No. 28571

Did you miss the point of that post? If it doesn't match your skintone then it looks stupid. Otherwise it looks fine.

No. 28591

File: 1417947372429.jpg (141.07 KB, 696x1280, tumblr_ng6v68VFa71r4132mo1_128…)

>"At a club. Pretending to be 21. Whatever just holding my bitch face. It works."

No. 28592

That club looks lame af.

No. 28594

At least she looks nice when her face is pointed downward and her eyes are closed.
Btw isn't she like 19 or 20 already? Hard to believe she has to pretend to be 21. Doing this "I'm just a little girl tee-hee" shit again.

No. 28595

That's because that is the toilet…

No. 28602

The middle aged women dressed in their supermarket run clothes don't really do it any favours either.

No. 28603

Hahaha true

No. 28604

haha yes >>28602 is what I was getting at. It doesn't really look much like a club bathroom either. Oh well.

No. 28605


There is no way that pic was taken in any kind of night club.

It's probably a working men's club, youth club, or some other type of club that has live bands and drinking on Friday nights.

No. 28606

File: 1417962406137.jpg (217.92 KB, 996x1280, tumblr_ng76wuH3Ra1r4132mo1_128…)

Christ what is it about this family and posing for dramatic, inappropriate photographs?

Who the hell is about to put their dog down and thinks "Quick! Get a photoshoot in!".

This girl is addicted to pity like no other.

No. 28609

I think it was just picture for her to remember her dog by and treasure the last moment she had with him. She loved her dog so writing hate about the situation at this time is not fair and will make her feel even more like shit. I know you like to dish the dirt on her, but loosing a pet is not nice.

No. 28610

That's why you have pictures of when your dog was happy you dumb bitch. Treasuring your dog during it's last moment is bullshit. Usually you're in too much pain to do anything but actually BE THERE FOR YOUR DOG instead of a photo op. It's not about you memories but about your dog at it's last moments.

I hope she feels like shit. Don't take a picture of your dying dog trying to look cute in your little girl clothes. Fuck OC.

No. 28615

Agreed so much, anon. Didn't she say something once about her dog vomiting blood and that "if it continues we'll take it to the vet"?? Like considering the fact that when she fucking sneezes she runs to the hospital ASAP?

No. 28616

For the record I don't actually have a source, so don't readily believe that, but I'm positive she said something like that at some point.

No. 28618

Maybe she dont have enough happy dog pictures, you dumb fuck

No. 28620


Why didn't she take some, y'know, when it wasn't in pain?

No. 28621

Felt like this song was appropriate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1GmxMTwUgs

No. 28624

This isn't a nightclub. Judging by that dumpy room and the pink ribbon on that mom's shirt, it's probably something like The Pink Hatters or some other family-friendly place. OC, you are fucking retarded lmao

No. 28628


Why the fuck would anybody want their last picture of their dog to be of one when it was in pain and the last moments of it's life?

People don't take images of dying relatives and stick them on their fireplace as "mementos" because that's not how you want to remember them. You're fucking retarded.

No. 28629


Then obviously she didn't love the dog enough retardo.

Actually I'm starting to think you're OC in disguise.

No. 28651

ANyone else notice she is wearing the same clothes in the picture with the dog and in the "club" photo? You don't spend your last moments with your dog and then go out to a night club. She's so full of bullshit.

No. 28662

especially having yourself pose in the picture with a super sad face. What a shitty attention whore. Poor dog.

No. 28664

Maybe because she went to the vets late at night asshole.

No. 28666

OC is that you?

>"because maybe my braces are clear, asshole!!!"

No. 28668

why are they even looking at the camera if this is supposed to be to remember the dog by? you can barely see the dog, the dog isn't even facing the camera. Why didn't the camera person kneel down and get a close up of the dog, and call the dog so it would look at the camera?

Bullshit this photo is about the dog, this is about showing off how sad she is, look at my poor as face! Look at me cry!

No. 28678


Of course it's her.
We all know she browses this board and that she's the type to become angry enough at this commentary and subsequently stupid enough to try and defend herself when she already knows everybody here despises her.

Look Hummingbird, or whatever the fuck your name was IRL, I'm sorry your dog died, losing a pet sucks, but taking a photo of it before it's death and whilst you and your mom have visibly been crying is fucking retarded.

Don't bitch at us for pointing out that you don't have any happy photos of it when it was alive, that's your own fault for not taking any. Obviously you must have not liked it that much if you didn't bother when it was healthy.

I have two little shih tzu's and thousands of pictures of them from puppyhood to adult-dawg life because I actually love them.

No. 28682

File: 1417985010128.jpg (12.09 KB, 285x214, 213547_1.jpg)


I'm sow sowwy fow yow loss.
Wets take a qwoot picture to show ebberyone your saddness!

>muh pity

No. 28692

File: 1417985854287.jpg (111.19 KB, 584x622, 4502815_4427f3dea2c6ba880479ab…)



No. 28693

Naah mate, not even an American IP if you really want the admin to check because you are insecure and in disbelief that anyone likes her go ahead.

No. 28695

File: 1417987136980.jpg (46.55 KB, 592x600, MUH DED DOG.jpg)

you got us… We are so insecure and in disbelief.

No. 28701

Agree with >>28594
She's an adult trying to emulate a preteen girl that's trying to emulate an adult. It blows my mind.

Okay I'm sorry and I feel so bad for the dog and yeah, losing a pet sucks, but fuck this overly dramatic photograph with her mom made me chuckle.

OC or not, your shitty whightknight attempt is funny.

No. 28711

File: 1417992615594.jpg (41.03 KB, 505x502, My Dog is Dead.jpg)

No. 28722

So, you guys made fun of her dad dying and now her dog dying?

That's not funny.

No. 28727


I've never seen this dog in any of her pictures. Maybe there are a few floating around that I haven't seen, but for the most part if she loved her dog that much there would be more pictures of it. I don't think she even mentioned it, and if she did, she didn't do it often enough to warrant this.

She can go choke on her BF's tiny brown dick for all I care. She doesn't deserve a father or a pet.

No. 28728

why are you even here?

No. 28729

You know that just because she doesnt deserve a father or a pet doesnt make it so the dog or the father deserves to die.
I am all for being mean and calling people out but a puppy died here :(
No sympathy even for a doggy, that's just horrible.

Besides, she mentions feeding him chicken.. Depending on which kind of chicken it could be that he died of accidentally eating a bone.. They can splinter and kill the animal. but yea depends if it was a whole chicken or just a chicken breast.

No. 28730

I hate her guts but even I'm not going to make fun of her for her dad or dog dying. The dog didn't do anything wrong.

No. 28731

None of us are making fun of her dog dying. We are pointing out that she's milking it for sympathy, considering most of us didn't even know she had a dog and the posted a picture of her crying with him on the internet. It would be one thing if they just took the picture for themselves but no, she put it online.

No. 28732


Woah Woah anons, I don't want any animal to die, I don't think her father deserved to die either. I meant that she just doesn't deserve pets. Do I wish any pet she currently has, but doesn't talk about, to die? Of course not, I love animals.

The reason I said she doesn't deserve animals is because she's the type to go out and get a new one to replace the one she just lost. Like, fuck her.

No. 28733

Sorry for samefagging. She said her dog had another seizure which implied he had many seizures and was probably old or sick, and he was euthanized.

No. 28735

That's fair. I probably just misunderstood.

No. 28740

File: 1417996702057.gif (173.9 KB, 500x264, Commentary_Sorry, not Sorry.gi…)

Yeah sorry. Having a hard time feeling sorry for her.

I've had several pets die, and it's horrible. Did not post pictures, or cry over the web for pity.

Also had witnessed one of my parents die. I have pictures of them on their death bed, but would NEVER share those things on the internet. Ever. It's disrespectful to milk their death for your whatever's on your personal agenda.

The only reason for one to share those things is to gain sympathy. Plain and simple.
If you're really feeling sad, go talk to your friends, family, or a councilor. Posting that shit on the web makes your sincerity less valid.

No. 28741

oops grammatical errors of passion in there.

No. 28743


That David Tennant gif always makes me sad.

But yeah, fuck OC

RIP doggie I hope he's chasing rabbits in meadows right now, I know he obviously didn't get any attention from OC, but I'm hoping her mom spent loads of time with him.

No. 28767

Pretty much what the other anon said, we're making fun of OC for milking deaths for attention. We're not making fun of OC's dad or dog from dying.

No. 28778

I just noticed it says that she's bisexual on her MFC profile. Is this new or did I somehow overlook this?

No. 28779

File: 1418006551206.jpg (180.69 KB, 996x1280, 1417962406137b.jpg)

No. 28780

Farmer, pls.
I'm cackling so fucking hard.

No. 28811

o i an laffin

No. 28950

File: 1418108967952.png (110.13 KB, 590x624, baaaaw.png)

Good lord this girl can milk it

No. 28951

File: 1418109112238.png (338.01 KB, 598x496, oc.png)

"baaaaaaw I'm in mourning for my dog but pay attention to me and tell me how cute I am MY DOG IS DEEEEEEAD"

No. 28952

>yfw Beeblefox lives in the UK

>yfw the dog was perfectly healthy but they put it down just for sympathy pics

No. 28968

File: 1418120274627.jpg (219.76 KB, 1155x1280, agoo.jpg)

No. 28969

oops dat lazy shop.

No. 28971


>but I know he was ready, he just went to sleep so easy

Yeah, pumping a life form full of sodium pentothal will have that kind of effect.

No. 28980


Wait, she said "what if all he needed was medicine" Did they not take him to a vet to be examined before putting him down? Or did they just say "he's sick he needs to be put down" and go to a vet and tell them that?

No. 28982


"Hello, today I will like to ask you, in the depths of your hearts to support Orange and other snowflakes, and cure their Victim Complex and Special Snowflake Syndrome.

All you need to do is donate .50 cents, yes .50 cents, and save the snowflakes! We all need your help, because we can't do it without you.."

(cues pics of OC crying because I don't have any right now)

No. 28986


OC stfu you were soooo busy stripping on cam for pedos to notice your dog had seizures and take it to the vet.

No. 29033


My cat started having seizures and stopped eating or drinking water. When we took her to the vet, she was dying and kept going into seizures, it was really traumatic (I love animals and I get sentimental like that), I thought that was going to be the end of her.

The vet put her on steroids, told us to force feed her (basically just a giant syringe without a needle that we filled with wet food and slowly fed her that through the corner of her mouth) until she could eat on her own again.

She was fine after 3 days. She had brain swelling but the steroids fixed that. The vet said she would have to be on them for the rest of her life. We don't know what's wrong with her, the vet said it could be anything from cancer to a virus, contaminated pet food, trauma to the back of her head etc. We need an MRI to know for sure but yeah… those are 6k and as much as I love my kitty, that's 3 months of my rent right there.


No. 29035


I just fucking saw this, good god is it making me rage. I just keep picturing that cute little puppy (yes I know he was 15), scared and alone, whining at the bottom of the stairs while OC ignored him and kept web whoring. He wanted his humans, and you ignored him like the piece of shit you are AND THEN you fucking killed him.

Like I already said, you don't deserve a dog, you can't take care of pets because you're too narcissistic. You fucking live at home and don't have a job or go to school, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT NOTICE YOUR DOG IS SICK WHEN YOU HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD AND LITERALLY NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE UNLESS IT'S TO GET ALLERGY TESTS (or go kill your dog).

Fuck you, YOU ARE SCUM OC. You don't deserve pets or a father, the good lord knows you wouldn't have appreciated him either.

RIP little pooch, I hope you're over the rainbow leading a pack of dogs like the little alpha you are.

No. 29052


If anyone is scum it is you, you are being down right fucking malicious. How do you know if her dog was neglected or not? You don't. How do you know if dogs condition was treatable or not? You don't. How do you know that the family haven't tried treatments before? You don't. You can't assume Somersby or her mum didn't love the dog because she hasn't spoke about it before, that is just ridiculous. Everyone knows that she follows this thread, she is still sore about having to put the dog down. All these stupid presumptions are unfair.

No. 29055


STFU OC, no one even knew you had a dog, if you loved him as much as you claimed you did, you would have mentioned him a couple of times. Hell he would have appeared with you during one of your cam shows, while you acted like a little girl with her cute wittle puppy.

Here: >>28950 you ask, "What if all he needed was medicine?" You didn't even fucking know if he needed medicine and then you killed him, so yeah fuck you.

"Maybe he was having seizures before we knew" How the fuck do you not know? I figured it out in 1 fucking day that something was wrong with my cat and took her to the vet the next day.
You don't have a leg to stand on. You never loved that poor dog, you were just like "Oh he's getting seizures, guess it's time to put him down".

I'll give you a few months before you get a new kitten/puppy and you're showing it off on cam.

No. 29057


to be fair, she has mentioned him before on tumblr, but it was something about his illness…

No. 29059

I understand your pain. My dog had spinal/brain/optic nerve inflammation. I got the MRI and now I'm over my head in debt. However, my dog never had one seizure, isn't blind anymore and is pretty happy cuddling on his dog bed. You think all that bragging about the money for her cam whoring could at least let her find out what was wrong with the poor guy or try a treatment plan. Seizures are often fixed with steroids and they cost 20 bucks for over a month supply!

No. 29061

I've found more often than not, animal seizures are very traumatic for them and they cry out during/after them and are generally unwell for a period after the seizure has ended. I find it hard to believe she don't know her animal was having seizures. My cat had two before we knew what they were, and had only caught the after effects. But just like everyone said, vets and meds solved the issue. It's hard to miss seizures, grand and petit both.

No. 29062

If I had a pound for everytime someone calls me out as being OC I would be fucking rich. You do realise you are making yourself look like a right knob head accusing everyone of being her.

No. 29064

When an animal is dying, it hides. I find this to be true for both cats and dogs. I don't know why they do this, but they go find a hiding spot and just sleep/rest until they die. The fact that her dog was crying out for them at the bottom of the stairs just confirms that the dog didn't need to be put down. And part of me just knows that they let the dog whine and sleep alone at night because both of them were too busy on the internet. And you know what? They probably balked at the estimated cost of the vet visit and blood tests, decided to just put him down because he's old and "it's his time" and there's no point in spending so much on a dog that's "dying". OC you're a stingy cunt.

It probably just needed steroids, and like some anon said, they only cost like $20 a month. She could have easily extended her dogs life by a couple of years and it wouldn't be in pain.

No. 29075

Is it just me or does everything she ever write, say, or do seem like an alien trying its hardest to pretend to have human emotions? It's like a puppet trying to be a person. She creeps me the fuck out.

No. 29081

My pug had seizures too, but he had a pug dog disease called PDE. The first time he had a seizure we got him right to the vet, and he survived his terminal illness for another good year and a half after we got him on meds. Had we not done that, he would have passed away sooner. We had to put him down in the end because one night he just would not stop seizing, and if they seize for too long they will end up with brain damage. My poor little guy was only 5. But he was always terrified after a seizure, animals don't know what's happening when they seize, or even after they don't know it happened because more times than not they're unconscious. They just know they feel weird and afraid and sick, my poor little pup always wanted us after a seizure, and we made sure we could be right next to him holding him still while he seized and lost bowl control and was sick, we did it because we loved him, and comforting him was our top priority. It makes me absolutely sick to think she did fucking nothing for her poor little old pup while he was sick and afraid, fucking left him at the bottom of the stairs to cry alone. No comfort, no medicine, and did not even give the poor old guy a chance. She literally put him down for nothing, that she knows of. We didn't let our dog suffer, but he held on and we helped him until he couldn't hold on anymore, and the emergency room couldn't help him anymore, THEN we helped him cross the rainbow bridge.
sorry for the BAWWing but this made me literally sick. The fucking bitch don't even try to help him and he depended on her, meanwhile she brags her potato nose off about how much she gets for MFC. And here I am broke as fuck and I still managed to get him to his vet appointments and his meds every month.. fucking piece of trash OC.

No. 29085

I knew she had two cats because sometimes they go into her bedroom and she likes showing them in photos and on cam and mentioning them.

But I never knew she had a dog at all until now. Guessing he wasn't allowed in her bedroom.

No. 29087


You are a good pet owner.

OC is garbage. Potato-nosed garbage.

No. 29095

her head looks like a triangle wtf

No. 29099


I'm so sorry, anon.
There should be more good pet owners like you out there. I hate people who half-ass owning a pet.

No. 29103

File: 1418189441007.png (1.31 MB, 1059x870, likemotherlikedaughter.png)

There is a striking resemblance

No. 29104

Potato noses

No. 29111



No. 29115


Who the fuck poses in a picture like that while the dog is about to be euthanized. And then who the fuck posts this shit on their blog?

No. 29116

>right knob head
OC's only whiteknight happens to be British. What a coincidence. Beeblefox, get a fucking life.

No. 29118

Thank you, Anon-sama's. I mean I didn't post it for the praise or stmpathy, but I posted it to prove a point, my pets come first, they DEPEND on me. And also that she had OPTIONS. The fact that her dog was suffering all alone, sick, confused, afraid, and her fucking troll self was stripping for pedos online. She has reached a new level of disgust for me, I didn't think that was possible, but lo and behild.
I don't think I've disliked a cow this much since Kaka.
I really wanna know what she's thinking when she does half the shit she does.

No. 29130

Oh so now I'm not OC but Beeblefox whatever or whoever the hell that is jfc..

No. 29133


I wonder if he identifies as a nonce

No. 29140

I'm sorry bout your pup. That's waaay too young, but a dog feels so much comfort by your presence, even when in pain. Dogs don't live long, so giving him an extra year and a half is a god send.

I live paycheck to paycheck, but to pay for my dog's MRI and treatment I had to sell my car. I get tons of fucking jerk offs saying "just for a dog…!!!!" YES, JUST FOR MY FAMILY.

OC, thinks she's going to get sympathy, she's wrong. "I FEEL LIKE A I MURDER. I FEEEEL. ME. ME. ME." What about your dog? What about his experience? This is why we're all so enraged. Because she takes a pic where it focuses on ugly crying haggard faces instead of the poor dog looking around terrified.

No. 29170

Not this person but my dog had seizures and it's pretty fucking obvious when your animal is having them.

No. 29172

I love how here: >>28606 she's wearing makeup, did her hair, and dressed kawaii to put her dog down (See doggy? She really did love you! She even got dressed to euthanize you even though she didn't know why you needed to die!) while here >>28591 it seems it's later in the day and she's just hanging around "at da club" pretending to be 21. She's wearing the exact same thing, so I'm assuming it's the same day. (Unless she's a retard and gets obsessed with one cord she did and wears it for 2 weeks)

No. 29173

She went clubbing and when she came back she found her dog having a seizure, on Tumblr she said that she came home with her mum. So I assume she went clubbing with her mum?

No. 29175


I see, I don't follow her tumblr so my bad. If it's a nightclub she's talking about (it doesn't look like a club bathroom but ok OC), that means they took the dog to an emergency vet place (if it was after hours) just to put him down.

They couldn't have slept on it? Maybe cuddle with him in the bed while they did? Take him to a good vet during day hours to get a cheaper estimate? It sounds like he didn't even get a diagnoses or even a checkup, just "My dog is dying, we're here to end his suffering".

No. 29216

I find OC very cute. why do you guys hate her so much?

No. 29218


We thought her dog was cuter, but she killed it. :(

No. 29235

she was a regular poster on PULL for a long time, she knows the importance of playing to her audience. esp. since basically all they fucking do on those forums is nitpick about their e-aidoru or whatever. (even though it seems to have been her long-term goal over the past few years to become an e-aidoru herself.)

anyways, the point being that OC's internet persona is very obviously manufactured, which is why her posts read like the uncanny valley of blogging.

No. 29237

This is coming from someone who used to find her cute, I am someone she leeched off of since she thought she could gain from my friendship.

This is why I don't like her:
She lies. Nonstop lying, anything she can do to get pity. Her Dad dying was a tragedy but she uses it to benefit her in such a way that its disgusting, she'll do the same with her dog. She told me that her nudes got spread by some creeper online when she posted them herself, under trip on /b/. And after that more whining about Daddy.

After she realized I wasn't going to promote her in any way, she dropped contact, only messaging me occasionally just in case she needs help or something. Or just because she wants someone to listen to her rambling or complaints.
We haven't spoken in years since I ignore her now.

Who ever she befriends will most likely go through the same thing.

No. 29246

Beeblefox is a massive fucking troll and the videos are made to antagonise her, not to support her. You have to be stupid not to see this. You thought his New Daughter and Female Hormones videos were serious?

No. 29247

If I had a dime for every neckbeard whose said "b-but she's cute, why u guys hate"

Fucking read the thread r-tard.

No. 29249

is that her mom in the supermarket clothes at the club?

No. 29420

File: 1418354297854.jpg (649.71 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

does she remind anyone else of this girl

No. 29421

pls don't ruin angela anaconda for me.

No. 29426

File: 1418355809231.png (212.72 KB, 500x416, tumblr_ne313xdicu1r4132mo2_500…)

look at this picture and tell me they are not twins! you cant because that would be a lie

No. 29429

File: 1418357557410.jpg (66.94 KB, 445x444, orangelaoracondo.jpg)

this was brought up in the last thread, i even made a lovely shoop last time, pic related

No. 29446

A shoop of a blatatant shoop…shoopinception

No. 29462

pimp my oc

No. 29463

Speaking of the female hormones video, has he deleted it? He was fucking hilarious, I'm sad now.

No. 29833

She reblogs Ophelia a lot this may come to something.

No. 29841

Of course they're not serious but he doesn't do them to piss her off, he does them because he's trying to make her laugh??
If you watched her early videos she talks about him in one of the first ones. He was her friend on tinychat and she has since mentioned him in certain posts on Unichan as being a friend.

No. 30289

When is dis bitch gonna record herself taking the D? I'm getting tired of waiting.

No. 30293

File: 1418784861362.gif (3.64 MB, 320x240, swan-gag-o.gif)

Hopefully never

No. 30546

The woman in that gif actually looks like future OC

No. 30547

gagging on the D

No. 30580

Yeah, she's even got OC's sense of style

No. 30593

I'm surprised she isn't buddy buddy with that attention whore pedo lover MegvnMvrie/PrettyP0lly.

They would be best friends.

No. 30599

If you follow Megan since the beginning you would remember how she attacked Orange.

No. 30612


I follow Megan on Tumblr.
I like her, girls got sass.

No. 30617

Megan can't have any competition pandering to pedos.
Does it not bother you that she's been posting nudes since she was like 16? I always feel uncomfortable as fuck whenever one of her old nudes pops up on my dash, which happens all the time.

No. 30619

She's annoying and the face she shoops on herself is so… unpleasant. She kinda looks like she has downs

No. 30621


Hmmmm not really.

To be honest I did the same shit at her age. What I did was nowhere near her scale, but some people develop physically and mentally waaaaay earlier than others.

What I'm absolutely not saying is that the law should be bent or anything, but saying this as somebody who developed pretty early on, it's pretty weird being 16 with D cups and a full bush, already a non-virgin for an entire year and for all intensive purposes a woman, and then having people tell you that you're a child and that your body is illegal to look at until 730 days.

I was kek'ing like crazy reading on PULL where some people were accusing her of shooping her labia flat to look like a kids though. My labia looks just that. Sorry PULLtards, we can't all have big, flappy meat-rags like yours.

No. 30626

Cool story bro.

No. 30639


> To be honest I did the same shit at her age… some people develop physically and mentally waaaaay earlier than others.

You were hormonal and stupid. You thought your tits and bush and popped cherry made you a grown-up. You were wrong.

> it's pretty weird being 16 with D cups and a full bush, already a non-virgin for an entire year and for all intensive purposes a woman, and then having people tell you that you're a child and that your body is illegal to look at until 730 days.

I was fully developed, 5'7" with D cups, by age 12 (dat precocious puberty). I was a child who was regularly mistaken for an adult. You know why it's not okay to sexualize kids? Because they're fucking idiots. You're getting off on someone with the mind of a child. It reeks of exploitation. I tell you this as someone who was regularly dealing with grown men trying to get in my pants before I was even out of middle school.

> for all intensive purposes

for all intents and purposes*

No. 30643

Man, only orange's thread attracts the dumbest, most retarded and self absorbed anons. Leave.

No. 30647


What annoys me is that society does a lot to tell teenagers that they're mature adults when they're not.

Think of how many teachers tell young pupils (especially girls) that they're so well behaved and "mature".

Then at like 16-18 even the government gets in on the act and tells teens that they're adults now and that their opinions are "the future".

It's annoying because it makes teens arrogant but I think it's also dangerous because it makes a 15 year girl believe that she's an intellectual match for a 25 year old man when in reality she's just going to get manipulated.

Now saying all that I don't think that getting turned on by pictures of a fully developed 16 year old makes you a pedo (and those pics are probably legal in many countries anyway). But I don't think the girls creating such pics understand the consequences of what they're doing and that should be taken into account.

No. 30655

i've knew some 15 years olds that could because they were really mature, smart and sounded older but you're right

No. 30656

just because you're physically more developped doesn't change anything.
Just because you're 16 with big tits and a non-shaved vajayjay doesn't mean you're a woman and you're still a child.
The body doesn't make you a woman nor an adult.

No. 30657

*because you're still a child

No. 30749


There is no way that any 15 year old knows how to deal with a 25 year old unless the 25 year old is borderline retarded.

If being intelligent means knowing how much you don't know, then being an adult means knowing how childish you are. Claiming that you're "mature" is a clear indicator that you are actually a child.

No. 30751

>for all intensive purposes

Your brain is still significantly underdeveloped at that age. Tits and hormones don't make you an adult.

My volunteering means I'm often in contact with pretentious 14-year-olds who think that they're super genius snowflakes who are sooo much more mature and intelligent than both the adults in their lives and their own peers, and holy shit they are my least favourite kind of person. Pretty much all teenagers think they're more mature than they really are but some of the ones I've met take the cake. They're like proto-fedoras, looking down on everyone who isn't exactly like them or kisses their asses. I really hope they grow out of it, for their own sake.
The funny thing is that I've also met some genuinely wise teenagers and they're always the ones who are well aware that they're still kids with very limited life experience. Those are actually fun to talk to, whereas the ones that think they know it all make me want to tear my hair out.

No. 30762


I never did say that I was adult, however it's foolish to cast a blanket statement on everybody and state that exactly everybody develops at the exact same pace.

I've known 16 year olds that were borderline retarded levels of stupid, and then there's people like me who due to a number of traumatic experiences growing up developed emotionally way beyond their years at a much earlier rate.

No. 30785


You said you were "for all intensive purposes" a woman. That kinda implies you think you were mentally and physically an adult.

I think it's the fact you seriously think you were fully mentally developed at 16 and the fact you're weirdly conceited about it that's making people go after you.

No. 30792

>I was kek'ing like crazy reading on PULL where some people were accusing her of shooping her labia flat to look like a kids though. My labia looks just that. Sorry PULLtards, we can't all have big, flappy meat-rags like yours.

When not claiming to be older than she is, she was into the ~I am a 12yo tehee, just look at my pure virgin pussy~ shit tho. Bitch is either shizo or can't decide on what she wants to be.

No. 30794


I never said anything about being "fully developed", you're the one saying that.

No. 30795


I never said that, actually. I only said you were claiming to be an adult after you claimed you weren't. I said you were coming across as thinking that you were.

But seeing as you're fully developed mentally as an adult unless you have some kind of severe mental disability, you were sort of claiming that.

Why does it matter anyway? You're still spouting the same shit whether you use that exact choice of words or not.

No. 30808


>I think it's the fact you seriously think you were fully mentally developed

>I never said that, actually

You like, literally just did say that.

No. 30811

>the fact you seriously think you were fully mentally developed


>I said you were coming across as thinking you were

Reading comprehension, m8

No. 30823


I had the dissatisfaction of seeing her underaged pussy gifs.

Her vagina was like Arby's roast beef sandwhichs. She could fly away with those meat curtain.

The gifs were on Anonib, but the old thread got shut down for CP.

Just sayin'. Her pussy was shooped to get that virgin loli poon flavor.

No. 30825

File: 1419022740209.gif (1.51 MB, 320x240, 1322_l_princess-strips-and-oil…)


Curious, I guess they shot back up inside of her as soon as she came of age then, and these are from her videos.

No. 30827


I strike her as one to use AE. I've seen her gifs verses her live shows. I think PULL has screen captures from one of her shows.

Her face is more round and downs looking. Her vagina isn't as 'pretty' and she is fatter.

No. 30843

You can even see how much they hang down at the standing part but with that high amount of brightness everything looks flat because almost all shadows are gone.

No. 30844

File: 1419031118690.gif (623.21 KB, 322x300, tumblr_mhcrtkrRZq1qe27eso1_400…)

Her saggy tits lifted themself too, she abuses angles, brightness and AE a lot.

No. 30845

What's AE?

No. 30846

Adobe AfterEffects, a video editing programme. Dakota used it to change her chin, nose and eyes in her youtube videos.

No. 30847

No. 30854

Can we start a new thread for her so we don't spam this one?

No. 30855


No. 30862

Or make a webcam girl general thread because I don't think there is much content for her besides her bad shoop.

No. 30863

idk her answered asks are just full of….ugh
like she has a right to her opinion but she comes off as hella rude sometimes

No. 30867

I don't think she's quite as blatantly rude as when she was kissing fullten's ass but she's still pretty obviously trying to pander to the whole "unfriendly black girl SJW" tumblr trend. It's pretty pathetic to see. Like why the hell would you deliberately try to act like you have a stick up your ass?

No. 30869

kissing fullten's ass? i don't remember this what even happened?
because acting like you got a stick up your butt automatically equals = strong independent woman i guess

No. 30870

File: 1419038626506.png (244.56 KB, 751x579, expectation.png)

No. 30871

i didn't even notice the stuff u did to her face omg

No. 30872


Not much actually went on but it was kinda speculated fullten was her flavour of the month a while ago:


No. 30873


potato-est nose option it would give me, anon

No. 30890

but there is? it's rare but yeah

No. 31962

I had a dream OC and I were part of some camgirl sorority house or something, and she kept trying to steal my stuff. I would catch her in my room playing with my jewelry on cam and telling her pedos it was hers. Every time I'd stop her and ask wtf, she'd do this obnoxious little "tee hee" like a kid and say something like "Anon is just jealous I'm so young and more popular" and refuse to stay out of my room and try to take some of my stuff with her. Goddamn lolcow dreams are weird.

No. 31985

this would probably happen if she ever managed to move out of her mom's house. god i feel bad for whoever lives with her.

No. 32067

I decided to check OC's tumblr out of boredom. What is with the constant

>black people are beautiful :)

>poor black people always victims :(
>look! crayons for black people! 12 real skin tones!

Kind of funny to see her posting this on almost every page.

No. 32075

God ikr
she just reblogged this
>This isn’t just about “white people”, it’s about white Christian Americans. An important distinction to make in this case.

(written by an european white girl)

No. 32622

File: 1419386326872.jpg (82.74 KB, 449x572, ss (2014-12-23 at 08.53.58).jp…)

Is OC not white anymore? I see her reposting several things about pro-black and anti-white.

No. 32632

You forgot, she's a super speshul Cherokee princess.

No. 32672

self hating white cunts do this all the time

No. 32705


she's a strong independent proud native american POC womyn who needs no tips

No. 32706

she's a white girl whose aware.

No. 32730

snickers princess my ass, damn white girl thinks there's royalty in that tribe….oh wait this one isn't all that smart anyways. I'm laughing at her stpidity

No. 32737


No. 32739

Yup that 1/16 cherokee totally cancels out her evil 15/16 wHite heritage and makes her POC mhmmm sure

No. 32839

You know, on PULL, OC has identified herself as White.

IDK where this Cherokee nonsense is coming from.

No. 32891

>But when you are white, and you change your skin to portray a black person, that. Is. Racism.
If I wanted to cosplay as Anthy (She is likely from India) from Revolutionary girl Utena, I would have to settle with being a white Anthy.
lol you're right.

No. 32897

Sorry that sentence about Anthy was also hers, missed the green text somehow.

No. 32937


From our favorite echo chamber and SJW hugbox called Tumblr of course!

Idk about the Cherokee thing though. Once I was browsing on the Cwcki forums (or maybe the actual cwckipedia?) that older people in the states identify as a native group so that way they can justify being mixed with something, but not with blacks. Cherokee is very common I guess? So most people say they are descendants of that group.
I do't live on the mainland US so Idk how people do these ethnicity things up there. Just giving suggestions to your questions.

I'm not going o deny she doesn't have some lineage in her though–As probably she realized she would get more reliability from her Tumblr peers if she said she was a minority (or a POC whatever)

No. 32943

People identify as cherokee because it is a large tribe so it's hard to test the validity of the claim due to how far the tribe had spread out. Whenever people (usually white) say they are _% cherokee I usually just roll my eyes because they are just trying to be exotic. I'm a quarter iviatim from the cahuilla tribe, but I know I'm 3/4 white so it's stupid to say i'm native when it makes up only a minority of my heritage, then again I'm not a stupid tumblr moron who is ashamed of their skin color.

No. 32969

>stupid tumblr moron who is ashamed of their skin color
Yeah, that's her.
She got called out for it multiple times a while ago but her response was basically "so just because I'm white I can't celebrate my precious heritiji?? Damn evil whiteys keeping us native americans down again!!"

No. 32985

just ask them if they have a card or have ever lived on a reservation.
they're white as pidgeon shit.
cherokee tribe is actually really picky about their lines of descent, basically if you don't have a card or any cultural experiences you shouldn't be repping them.

No. 33004

So has OC been on MFC recently or is she still at the nightclub mourning the loss of her dog?

No. 33006

Cherokee is often the "go to" Native group when you are not sure, and probably not, Native American.

Probably has to do with how large the tribe is, and how easy it is to enroll. (As long as you can prove you had an ancestor through the Dawes Roll, I'm pretty sure you can enroll. Which is lax as fuck.)

Also, the Tribal Leader of the Cherokee Nation is only 1/32nds Cherokee by blood.

Anyway– I highly, highly doubt she's Cherokee. Probably just says it for oppression points because she is so ridden with white guilt that she needs a ~special heritiji~ to cure her.

No. 33051

depends on which group you're enrolling with, there are three different federally recognized 'tribes'. Cherokee Nation is basically a joke, takes anyone who claims heritage with a 'lol, ok' but the other two are pickier. UKB you have to be at least 1/4th and if you ever relinquish membership you and your descendents are out for good. EBC requires at least 1/16th but let's not kid ourselves, OC probably doesn't even have that. She just wants to be ~exotic~
and she's probably figured out by now that tumblr has a love affair with oppressed POC, and this is her desperate bid for some of that sympathy. bitch just wants to complain more.
>"muh dead dad"
>"muh dead dog"
>"muh crippling anxiety"
>"muh sexual harassment (did I mention I have boobs? I have boobs)"
>"muh oppressed ancestry"

OC, you literally whitewash yourself to the same shade as the paint on your wall.

No. 34790

File: 1419826541622.jpg (96.33 KB, 506x576, lel.jpg)

dat neck doe

No. 34792

is she padding her boobs again or something?

No. 34793

Sure looks like it. She needs to keep growing her hair out of that fucking awful haircut.

No. 34817

File: 1419832973860.jpg (295.34 KB, 696x1188, cat in hat.jpg)


her chin is so pale and weak so she looks like a Dr. Suess character. Think about it.

No. 34820


>i'm druuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk lololol

>and went out to eat

so that mean there's no self diagnosed disorder of the week huh

No. 34824

That crop top is doing her no favors. The only girls who can pull that shit off are toned and/or tan, and oc is skinny fat and pasty.

No. 34827

She's fine in a crop top. May not be model material, but it's not gross to look at. However, that fucking face. Dear lord. Hideous.

No. 34828

agreed, her lower body is fine. it's everything from her boobs up that she needs to work on. her "boobs" look like a pillow because she has no idea how to stuff/pad, her lower jaw is practically nonexistent and her hair is the punchline to her joke of a head.

so, yeah, her stomach showing is like the least problematic thing in that pic tbh.

No. 34830

No. 34840

Oh no she went back to stuffing her bra even though we all seen her tiny sagging titts before? I guess soon she will claim her bewbs are giant again and talk about them at every chance she gets "Guuuys you can't mention boobies around me. You will upset my tissue titties"

No. 34863


I thought she had social anxiety and agoraphobia?

No. 34870


Didn't you know pretending to be unable to leave your house without flying into a panic attack is kawaii as fuck, anon?

No. 34872


And before you post something about how you're ~fighting your mental illness~ by going out to eat, OC, don't try and act like eating in public isn't one of the hardest things to do with social anxiety.

No. 34875

File: 1419869912507.jpg (30.74 KB, 257x500, 25keira (1).jpg)

It still doesn't really look good. Low rise jeans are the worst, especially with a fucking crop top. It would look infinitely better if she had some high-waisted skinnies or something. Even Keira Knightley can't pull this shit off.

No. 34876

It's not completely awful, but imo those pants are too low to be worn with a crop top. It makes her stomach and hips look weird and disproportionate.

No. 34918

I always thought OC had a pretty long torso for her height, I think that's what's making her look a bit "off"

No. 34972

idk if this is just me but does anyone else think her hips/waist look edited? they're strangely blurry, esp. around the waistband.
also lol@OC trying to hide her eyebags with filters in the right pic. she is aging fast, must have bad genes. pretty soon she's not going to be able to pull in the pedos like she used to.

No. 34984

Yeah, I think she edited her waistline and neck. I know she's already relatively small, but I think she wanted to emphasize it.
Also, look at her chin in the first pic. The angle doesn't match up with the neck and looks totally weird. Anybody see what I'm saying? It's so thin, it looks like her head should be falling over.

No. 35007


>lol@OC trying to hide her eyebags with filters in the right pic

I'm such a tard, every time I see a new pic of her I think "her personality is shit-tier but she looks a bit better" and then I remember photoshop was invented

No. 36273

her mfc profile says she's 64 inches tall and 93 pounds, can that be true? i'm her height and weigh 10 kilos more and she looks slightly bigger than me. or maybe i am just a fat delusional fuck.

No. 36275

It's possible for a person that hardly moves all day, weak muscles don't weigh much and so does fat.

No. 36285

Nah it's not just you. I'm the same height as her, and have at least good five pounds on her. I'm also probably just as sedentary she is, and even she looks kinda big for the weight she claims she is. Also I think once in the old thread, there was photo of her on the scale, and it was on the carpet. So she probably weighs herself with the scale on the carpet, and that fucks with the accuracy.

No. 36291

File: 1420232189330.png (11.37 KB, 503x113, octumblr.png)

Friendly reminder that she does indeed check the threads about her.

No. 36292

Huh that is funny, a few weeks ago someone sent her an ask on Tumblr about Lolcow and Unichan and she said she had 'blocked the sites and doesn't go on them'

No. 36294

Nah man,I don't think many of us here would be able to resist regularly checking a webpage that you know talks about you.

No. 36296

Maybe if some of it were positive, but she only ever gets negative comments both here and unichan. If I knew that a site constantly talked crap about me, I'd avoid that place like the plague. Why does she keep reading these threads? To whiteknight herself when needed?

Lol, it's funny seeing which of her asks she chooses to tag under #me and which ones she doesn't.

No. 36298

I think like most of the people on this site, she honestly don't give a shit what kind of attention she gets as long as it's attention. Remember those photos and posts of laxatives and diarrhea?

No. 36299

obv the ones where she can respond and sound like a strong sassy poc womyn

No. 36301


No. 36305

this girl is so disgusting lol shes the personification of a bruise or a runny nose

No. 36307

Bruises are magical and beautiful on Tumblr remember, that will be seen as a complement to her.

No. 36311

She posted a picture of her scale as she was standing on it, but the scale was on carpet, so she definitely weighs more than that.

No. 36312

dat aesthetic doe

No. 36534

The funny part is that she has actually posted photos of her bruises on tumblr.

No. 36539

File: 1420267136268.png (31.68 KB, 558x301, bra.png)

Haha. Actually she is referring to an ask i sent to her :p

No. 36551

I went to an allergist for the first time in my life and all I could think about was Orange.
I was poked and scratched, and I got a shot in the ass. Not a single selfie was taken. But as I walked out with my list with some answers and a treatment plan, all I could think was 'thank you Elmo'.

No. 36567


>hurrr mah boobs are that giant even wearing sports bra

do you realize how stupid you are oc? everybody has seen already your sad saggy sandbags

No. 36817

Her tumblr URL… I heard that "Family of Trees" song for the first time last week and it is easily one of the worst songs I've heard in a long time. She has shit music taste.

No. 36818

lmao has she forgotten we've seen her nudes?

No. 36833

Mmmn yes the nudes. They are naked and countless

No. 36855

File: 1420344998487.jpg (67.67 KB, 997x307, ss (2015-01-03 at 11.15.58).jp…)

hi orange

No. 36864

File: 1420345621792.png (28.87 KB, 300x100, 2.png)

i think they were referencing pic related

No. 36905

File: 1420356362649.jpg (15.61 KB, 234x251, ednamode.jpg)

found a new pic of oc

No. 36926

File: 1420361073535.jpg (56.36 KB, 180x240, ocboobies.jpg)

actually nonny, I think you meant this

No. 36941

i'm so horrified
but my sides

No. 36949

you're a dumbass

You win the prize

No. 36952

How insulting for Edna to be compared to oc. At least Edna was cool.

No. 38275

If I were as cute as her, I'd definitely be milking the pedos. Can't really fault her for that.

No. 38281

Wut lol. Without shoop and lighting, OC is hella average looks-wise. The only reason she appeals to them is because she does look a lot younger than she really is.

No. 38428


in like, an "ugly kid" sort of way, sure?

honestly she ACTS more like a 13-year-old than anything…

No. 38468

she's appropriating big boobs! check your average breast privilege, scum!!1 i'm sooo triggered, my precious cleavagiiii~~

No. 38470

That actually sounds like something she could have said back in her PULL days.
The funniest thing about OC to me is still that she kept whining on PULL about how big her boobs are and how much of a hassle it was and boob shaming ablooblooboobs but then it turns out that
>she stuffs them
>they're not even real
>her only oppression points-generating attribute is a work of fiction
>she could solve all those problems by just taking the socks out of her bra
poor babbu

No. 38476

ughhhhhh orange
making up shit and then whining about how nonexistent people are oppressing you for it okay then don't make up shit holy crap

No. 39394

Why does this eleven year old have saggy tits?

No. 39403

Maybe because of all the billion years of bad stuffing?

No. 39570

File: 1421050467611.png (393.45 KB, 516x572, Untitled.png)

No. 39572

File: 1421050647905.png (39.63 KB, 542x338, Untitled.png)

No. 39681

lol i think you mean "i'd steal her skin and wear it if i could" doncha, orange? u try so hard, and fail so hard

No. 39971

Where are her ginormous tits in these pics?

No. 39972

omg i never noticed until you pointed it out but jesus christ you're right
oh orange

No. 39973

No. 40092

I hope you're trying to be funny.

No. 40098

Dear god, even OC looks good like this compared to her previous bowl cut.

No. 40112

In her drawers! Duh anon..

No. 40133

lol thank god her hair grew out
her previous hair literally ended at the roundest part of her cheeks and made her face look chubby as hell

No. 42968

i'm so sad this thread has been dead for a while, oc is one of my fav cows. isn't there aaanything new? anybody?

No. 42971

check her tumblr yourself. you're not that stupid are you?

No. 42978



Not new but I don't think anyone posted this annoying shit where she goes full weeb

No. 42990

File: 1422027032054.png (343.43 KB, 620x818, Matilda_Wormwood_Film.png)

omg this whole time I thought she and you guys were talking about Matilda like from the Roald Dahl book and movie HAHAAHHAHAHAHA.

No. 42992

but the picture in the first post… it just makes me uncomfortable. I don't know why, but makes me cringe.

No. 43124

File: 1422078646543.jpg (76.67 KB, 422x750, tumblr_nhhwvdmBwG1r4132mo1_500…)

drunken oc

No. 43125

Oh god

No. 43241

So did I and I almost corrected people on the name's spelling before I realised.

No. 43246

she looks like an ogre

No. 43247

OC is love, OC is life.

No. 43249

File: 1422113869244.jpg (111.2 KB, 1600x901, henrietta.jpg)

Is it bad that I saw that photo and thought of the nasty monster in the basement from Evil Dead 2?

No. 45962

File: 1422932743892.png (183.06 KB, 226x477, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj.png)

No. 45963

That's Usagi's engagement ring and those are like less than $30.
And yet I'm still jelly.

No. 46043

lmfao that engagement ring

there's no way people are going to believe she's seriously engaged with that hunk of shit stuck on her hand

nothing wrong with saving $$$ on a ring (maybe to get a better one or invest in something else), but that thing is hideous for an engagement ring

No. 46046

Just buy one then.

No. 46083

Should have clarified, I'm jelly of girls who are gifted them by their boyfriends.
Even then though, that one looks cheap as fuck and tacky on her. Nice ones I've seen are size appropriate and don't look like costume jewelry.

No. 46087

but the guy giving it to her is a baby mexican thats ok with having a pedobait mfc wife?

No. 46090

File: 1422983851607.png (8.4 KB, 314x61, comment.png)

No. 46163

Lmao. I used to buy these for $5 from Chinese sellers and resell them on eBay for $30 as Usagi's engagement ring. Just search "pink heart ring" on eBay if you guys want one for cheap.

No. 46166

He must be a big spender though. This baby sent him back $45 http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=301067668169

Sterling silver scratches easily too so while they're replacing the giant fake stones, they may as well replace the metal while they're at it.

No. 46224

File: 1423035835951.gif (493.95 KB, 200x200, why would you do that.gif)

where are them private show downloads boi

No. 46233

He didn't get him that one. he got her a shitty one off etsy lol

No. 46242

I'm doubtful that that particular design can be scaled down without losing detail and looking like an ordinary ring with a heart shaped pink stone.

No. 46259


what losing detail? it's a stone in the shape of a heart with a few surrounding stones

it's not exactly toile

No. 46260


it can be scaled though, those rings are just a cluster of prong settings. Cubic zircon stones comes in different sizes of each cut.

No. 46399

loololol she's pretending to be "engaged" now? i went through that phase when i was 19, too.

No. 47303

What even is this movie? I kept thinking it was the old school movie Mathilda with the really mean teacher.

No. 47308

LOL. That shit's even funnier because it probably is one of those $5 Chinese mystery metal rings.

No. 47318

Leon / The Professional. Despite the fact that I can barely watch it without thinking of OC anymore, it's a pretty damn good movie.

No. 47320

Thank you so much for your reply. I'll check it out.

No. 47347


Make sure it's the "international cut". The original theatre cut for the US had a lot of the more overt pedo and hitman stuff removed so that Mathilda would appear more innocent.

No. 48060

where are her nudes

No. 48536

the old thread

No. 48587

There's only one of her topless pics in it. Does anyone have those caps from the Staminarose thread?

No. 58619


bump id like these as well

No. 60222

File: 1426051599132.jpg (92.42 KB, 960x540, 1420974882260.jpg)

Is this OC? I just saw it in a /soc/ thread on 8ch. If it is her and has been posted then sorry. For some reason lolcow is incredibly slow and rarely loads pictures for me now.

No. 60229

Doesnt look like her to me.

No. 60239

Could be, it does really look like her I think, OC did have braces and had her hair like this before. This girl's nose seems a little wider though and her nostrils seem less 'slitted' than OC's are.

No. 63345

No. 63360

File: 1426480293713.jpg (65.91 KB, 540x540, 10406886_914598828551403_56314…)

No. 63361


not saying she isn't allowed to puff out her cheeks… but it just seems like stupid shit girls do to seem kawaii. Like that stupid duck lip trend

No. 63365

she looks so much better with longer bangs like this. I hope she grows out that cut.

No. 63372

File: 1426481097354.jpg (41.85 KB, 600x374, B1skgZvIEAADMol.jpg)


Yah that's her.


No. 63394


the try-hard boxy impression i have never cringed so hard in my life

No. 63567

No, OC had her braces removed. just another up and coming attentionwhore or someone catfishing.

No. 63574

No, it's not and she doesn't have that hair anymore for years.

No. 63585

the pic is very likely her, its just an old pic that someone was using to troll or catfish on /soc/ smarten the fuck up anon

No. 63604


God you guys are dumb.
It's obviously an old picture, and it probably wasn't even her that posted it.

No. 63909

just wondering, is her nude picture still around?

No. 63997

i don't see a resemblance other than hair color, braces, and potato nose. :/
they do share that light freckle above their mouth though.

if it is her, damn she went way downhill and fast.

No. 64116

>>26992 Her appearance reminds me of a retarded kitten.

No. 64203

This one? >>36855

No. 64588

I thought thats more of half naked. I was talking about like when she was in unichan and stuff

No. 64590

So you're asking for CP?

No. 64644


It isn't her, I knew her since she was 13. Definitely not her.

No. 64645


You're dumb, it isn't her. I've known her personally since she was 13, she never looked like that.

No. 69698

what has orange been up to? is she still engaged? does she still cam? haven't heard anything about her in awhile.

No. 72777

Shit ive known her since kindergarten

No. 72786

Me too.

No. 72824


Haha absolutely mad man,

I was in her class, were you too?

No. 72834

Share deets.

No. 75896


Huh so Oranges bf just posted this. I wonder if they ever bump heads.

No. 82222

I was the anon above you, Yea i've known her for a long time almost feel ashamed to say i had a crush on her in highschool, but it's what ever

No. 82225

i went through his blog and creeped his twitter and he seems like such a ~420 blaze it fagg0t~ gaymer gay. how do losers like this even get women

No. 82227

File: 1429070027258.gif (1.8 MB, 291x160, rxCgvtn.gif)

…Go on

No. 84012

File: 1429306277741.png (38.28 KB, 185x192, Yeah, clearly.png)

psh, okay, we knew each other enough that when ever we saw each other one of us would say hi, in 10th i had my health/pe class with her which was a dream come true because im a pervert, Any way she started doing the orange videos and found out through a thread on /b/ because she was that new queen shit or what ever said i liked and im in class with her and she just so happens to be in the thread and calls me out on it on the fuicking thread of all places, I try to ask her out but she was apparently in love with the guy who lives across the country, after that we talked a little bit more. in junior year i gave her a valentines and i think she even made a video on it? im not sure i really dont remember, and I asked her out to prom, she said yes but said she didn't want to go with me about 2 weeks later because her boyfriend was jealous or some shit
I did tear up like a bitch though on my way back to class.
Senior wee really didn't talk much and just recently i was wondering what was going on and find out she has a webcamming profile under the same name as her tumblr then I found you guys and here we are.

I stopped crushing on after 12th grade because she didn't really seem worth it

No. 84014

I will admit that i still think she is pretty cute but that's just me

No. 84015

She claims she was bullied nonstop in high school. Is that true?

No. 84129

I want to know the full story.
She tells everyone she's bullied for "wah my boobs were too big"

I'd bully her because she's such a shitstain

No. 84318

I'd also like to know if this is true. It's nice to hear thing from someone else's perspective since we know that Hummingbird or whatever the fuck her name is is always full of shit.

No. 85565

File: 1429510582344.jpg (48.1 KB, 721x539, OC.jpg)


No. 85567

Hair looks better.

No. 85568

>Those national geographic titties

No. 85569

She looks a bit plumper to me

No. 85570

that's the shirt folds…My pj shirt does that a lot or any looser fitting shirt i wear.

No. 85589

It's hard to continue hating her when she has a BFC shirt and her hair doesn't look awful for once

No. 85605

What does BFC stand for? It stands for a lot of things so I'm confused

No. 85784

File: 1429555321438.jpg (459.23 KB, 1280x1810, tumblr_nmmg10NF5h1r1dojho1_128…)

Barf Farm Cult, a creation of shoppingcartfullofpinkturd, a Japanese artist on Tumblr.
His art is pretty edgy, but the longer you spend looking at it, the more it speaks to you if you're mentally ill or depressed in any way.

No. 85794

Aw man she actually looks pretty cute here. I hope she leaves her hair like that.

Too bad her personality is absolutely abhorrent.

No. 85803

Yuta is kind of a dumbass but also a genius because he's milking the shit out of these dumb tumblr tards lmao

No. 85805

File: 1429556995754.jpg (51.99 KB, 491x399, blackpeopleofcolour.JPG)

>black people of colour

No. 85830

File: 1429558862773.jpg (73.2 KB, 500x622, tumblr_ngmmqfNRkb1qdvew2o1_500…)

idk man, I just think his art is cool, and his wordplay is often pretty good, especially for someone who speaks English as a second language. Has he been in any drama or anything?
If you know the Tumblr user sterility, they have a similar style of childish/crayon drawings used to display negative emotions

No. 85833

I think the 3edgy5me is a little ridiculous but yeah Yuta is pretty endearing regardless. Sterility is a creepy piece of shit. I hate the fuck out of those daddy-fucked-me-i'm-so-empty fake little girl scribbles. It screams sexualizing little girls.

No. 85843

I feel like these drawings are a "thing" there because that's an accurate portrayal of the general personality of a lot of users.
A lot of Tumblr is made up of sexualized wo/manchildren, and I don't just mean creepy borderline pedophilic/ageplay shit like you're talking about, but in general attitude. Like on one side it's
>"Bad bitches only. Sex positive ~*slut pride*~ I drink boy tears. [insert nicki minaj lyric here] buy me lingerie and sex toys from my amazon wishlist, this is my clipvia"
and on another it's
>"uwu protect me! i am a little baby! i am a child, do not say those things to me! everything i own is pink! don't hurt me! <3"
And altogether it's kind of a fucked up mess.

No. 85845

It really gets on my nerves. It's fucking creepy. They consider child molestation their """"""""aesthetic"""""""" and base their entire blogs around imagery of children being hurt/anything that implies ageplay or dances around the subject of pedophilia.

No. 85865

What really disgusts me out is the whole "nymphet" bullshit and people who sexualize Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita and defend it by claiming "I KNOW what happens in the book!!!!!".
Apparently, understanding that the very thing they're trying to emulate or use as a descriptor for their gross older guy/ageplay fetish or "aesthetic" is literally the opposite of what the author wanted doesn't actually stop them from doing it.

No. 85870

It is so dumb and makes me rage endlessly

They are the same people to go "it's just my kink! I don't hurt anyone"

It's like wow that's really what Humbert Humbert was saying in the book, great job you must have read it you piece of shit

No. 86033

this is the stupidest fucking video i've ever watched. just try to sit through all of this.

No. 86114

This is so accurate. And it drives me nuts because there seems to be no inbetween.

No. 86115

hair looks 90000% better

i hope she doesn't cut it any shorter than this ever again

No. 86118

This entire story made no sense.

No. 86272

Is she saying that family represents all black people?

No. 86340

That's what it sounded like.

No. 86699

I don't know how anybody can watch her giggle at 1:02 and not think that it's fake.

No. 86718

Typical moronic hypocrisy.

>black person was nice to me

>all black people are therefore nice

>black person commits a crime

>all black people are therefore criminals

That's her logic which of course she would cry racist nazi about a statement like that so only believes them to be true if they support her ideology and anything that does not she does not tolerate even though they are essentially the same thing/thought process as above displays.

No. 89779

File: 1430192641229.jpg (23.71 KB, 318x238, 14298504872.jpg)

Guess she's back on MFC. There are two threads about her on unichan

I think she looks cute af but whitewashed to hell and back.

No. 89781

Her longer hair makes her look 1,000x better. Such a huge difference.

No. 89789

I think OC is so cute tbh

No. 89793

She looks a lot better. But her personality is still as shitty as it's always been. Watching even a minute of her shows makes me wince.

No. 89800

now that her hair's longer she looks really cute

No. 89868

I think it comes down to being ignorant to things outside of her experiences. I think everybody goes through that realisation, but in their own time.

No. 89878

File: 1430221235263.png (104.03 KB, 313x235, 142976312298.png)

Getting pudgy

No. 89880

File: 1430221257737.png (101.81 KB, 302x227, 142976306230.png)

No. 89897

her stomach has always looked like that

No. 89924

Wow she looks great.

No. 89925

You can tell she's put a bit of weight on because her boobs are bigger and she has thicker arms also.

No. 89978

No way, she's super cute. I saw some gifs on the other forum and she looks fine. She was sitting down too and her stomach was flat.

No. 90106

Is that a scar above her bellybutton?

No. 90109

No, that's a belly crease that comes from sitting in one position too often and slightly bending over.

No. 90131

So how long before she hacks her hair off again since she has a really strong aversion to actually looking good?

No. 90145

she really doesnt. she looks exactly the same.

No. 90175

Everyone's trippin shit about her gaining weight but she's always had that angry red belly crease. It's in the thank u elmo video.

No. 90184

What if she put some cream on it? It's purdy nasty, girl needs to fix her posture.

No. 90190

i think that's just because she looks a lot better now so her weird flaws like that stand out more.

No. 90262

this. her arms are the same too. just bc she doesnt look quite like a haggard golden girl anymore people are fixating on her belly when its never been super flat. shes still ugly af tho.

No. 90296

I agree lol. Only difference is her hair is slightly better.

No. 90328

And that isn't hard in the first place, even bald she would've looked better than with the bowlcut.

No. 91774

Shes on MFC right now, doing pathetic

No. 91787

MFC so far:
Only one guy tipping her
Her getting angry that someone called her white
Her doing nothing interesting or sexy.
Yelling at the room for not giving her more money.

No. 91867

I'm annoyed I keep missing her cam shows. I wanna laugh at her. Does she usually have a scheduled night?

No. 91881

I actually caught her on. It was really strange. She got really offended when someone was like asking to see her vagina and a private. "I'm not gonna show my vagina, especially not for 100 tokens". it was really awkward.

No. 91884

Why would she be offended from being called white?

No. 91914


Because tumblr.

She doesn't want to be an oppressive white shitlord because she's ~15% Native American~ or something

No. 92267

No. She gets on whenever she feels like it.

She's successful since she looks 12. its creepy pedo-pandering. at least use makeup to make yourself look older. But you know she wont do that because she wont get that cash for doing jack.

She only had 1 guy tipping her really, no one's going to pay to watch a retarded girl that looks 12 years old stack bottles. They will join her room in hopes that they get to see something though.

No. 98863

Hey The guy that liked this chick here, just remembered something, I once got her phone number after a very spaghetti pep talk to myself texted her and she didn't answer til tw oweeks and then never again.

No. 101629

Antonio DuFauchard

No. 102900

What up

No. 102911

Nothing in a while. Been waiting for her to get back on MFC

No. 103466

So since you know my name i guess that means i know you

No. 103676

I have this fantasy that I'm her dad, dying of cancer. She comes to visit me one last time at the hospital and asks what she can do to make me feel better. I tell her that she can wrap her little loli lips around my big, hard, throbbing 1/32 Cherokee cock and get it wet so I can slide it into her loli 1/64 Cherokee cunt. I piston my 1/32 Cherokee tamahawk into my daughter's 1/64 teepee until I burst sweet cancer butter into her womb. She shivers and whispers into my ear "Daddy, I think I have lyme disease or fibromyalgia".

No. 103818

File: 1431898511618.jpg (89.1 KB, 250x250, Potat.jpg)

>1/32 Cherokee Tomahawk

>Not "Tomacock"

Please leave and never come back

No. 103873

>Please leave and never come back
That's mean. What if I get brain cancer and die, you faggot?

No. 114701

She's been saying there's something special thats going to happen. I wonder what it is……

No. 114710

File: 1433095234853.jpg (208.87 KB, 682x600, david.jpg)

No. 118133

File: 1433708628019.jpg (163.28 KB, 1275x705, 143286812041.jpg)

What the fuck did you guys know that OC is friends with Asherbee/Luvmonkies?

How is it these cows always know each other?


No. 118135

No. 118136

Yes, I knew that. OC claims that Asherbee copied her name, Somersby + Ashley = Asherbee or so she claims. Something's in the water down there in crazy ass Virginia.

No. 118138

i vaguely remember she made some dumbass remark on PULL or whatever a while ago saying that asherbee was "copying" her name and some other equally shady shit.

No. 118139

File: 1433709117621.png (103.57 KB, 286x230, 143104979931.png)


No. 118140

File: 1433709130355.jpg (103.27 KB, 636x706, 143105199471.jpg)

No. 118141

Sorry for being "that bitch",this girl needs to make friends with some crunches.

No. 118142

Why does she wear her most granny-looking underwear on cam?

No. 118186

Damon that's what I was thinking. The underwear is probably supposed to be like children's underwear since she likes playing up the loli thing. Wearing a bra like that with that underwear just makes it more absurd.

No. 118188

You'd think with the amount of money she brags about making for doing absolutely nothing on cam, she'd afford some sexy underwear from Victoria's Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood but nope, she's wearing the frumpiest stuff possible. It doesn't even look like it'd entice her disgusting followers.

No. 118193

File: 1433717303523.png (495.17 KB, 998x1641, 2015-06-07 18.47.38.png)

OC confirmed for black guy bait.

No. 118198

That would actually be pretty funny if it's true.

No. 119005

I got so excited from this omg

No. 119069


dear lord she has no waist. glad she's growing out the stupid ass bowlcut though.

No. 119074

>tfw you're growing out a pixie cut and your hair currently looks like OC's

Kill me.

No. 120760


Looks like she's friends with Lamb of God as well. What. The. Fuck?


That is Somersby in the overalls. I like this fucking song but I can't believe she is in this video. O_O

No. 120762

File: 1434166392775.png (394.63 KB, 853x468, Somersby in LOG 512.png)

No. 120787

I highly doubt the know who this twat even is. More likely she saw they were doing a casting call for extras, or just googled it.

No. 120814

>>out with a group of friends having fun
I distinctly remember her complaining on cam about how she can't go outside because of some social phobia and had no friends. It was while she was complaining about not being allowed to go to a party, she though it was super important because she was overcoming her phobia or some shit.

No. 121322

They don't look like people who would be friends with her irl

No. 121335

She's posted a few photos on facebook with them. It seems like she hung out with them a couple of days and did make up for them too. She looked like she had a lot of fun.

No. 127566


are you sure? doesn't look like her to me, also I feel like the girl in the video is a bit more chubby
also why wouldn't she brag if it was??

No. 127569

No. 127585

LoG is one of my favorite bands
fuck you Orange

No. 133433

File: 1436233397156.png (341.38 KB, 1920x1080, 4lolcow.png)

SO this happened in April, I just discovered your lovely site, so i felt it was proper to post this here.

Long story short, I had sex with her, and a week later she blew my best friend. Good times.

No. 133441

I was literally just thinking about her.
Shit dude, that's crazy

No. 133444

File: 1436234532525.jpg (20.31 KB, 224x299, hugh.jpg)

You're welcome

No. 133445

Uh, doesn't she have a boyfriend? She cheated on him with you?

No. 133447

File: 1436234683051.gif (4.65 MB, 640x480, nice.gif)

Precisely, the messages were from her saying she finally told her "fiance"

No. 133449

File: 1436234746970.gif (1 MB, 350x191, Dis-gon-b-gud.gif)

No. 133450


Any more juicy logs or anything?

Did you know she had a fiance?

Did you know about her internet "presence" and that she was a cam girl?

No. 133453

File: 1436234967818.jpg (36.92 KB, 518x692, 1013649_890275444357025_490350…)

Oh, for sure. I've known her since fifth grade. I had a crush on her at some point and then I got single and we started hanging out (I knew she was a shit person, but I had always wanted to fuck her so I tried and I did), I had already know about Orange being a thing but when we started hanging out she told me about MFC. And I missed the finace thing, but yes I definitely knew.

No. 133458



No. 133460


So over the last few years she's claimed to have all these disorders and issues ranging from her being the victim of a violent rape to her having an anxiety disorder a long with severe agoraphobia, heart conditions, hearing problems and I can't even remember what the fuck else the list is too long.

Is there ANY truth to any of this? Like her claiming that she can't leave her house and what not.

No. 133461


m8 u fookin' legend.

Do you feel weird having stumbled across all this shit? (also she's seriously reviled here, like, you really need to see the history to understand. She's just such a fucking cunt)

No. 133467

File: 1436235487215.jpg (46.22 KB, 960x703, dead.jpg)

I've done my fair share of digging, I understand it. And not at all.

She says a lot of shit, I don't honestly know what to believe, but all I know is her dad is hella dead and she's fucked up. She recently told me that she had a stomach problem or something.

No. 133469

she seems to be a pathological liar. but yeah we knew her dad really was dead, she just brings it up nonstop to the point of it being extremely weird.

do you still talk to her? what's she going to say or do when she sees you posted this? do you have anything else to give?

No. 133474

File: 1436236037655.jpg (9.36 KB, 200x355, absolutely solid.jpg)

I stopped talking to her because she wasn't trying to fuck again. And she's just not interesting enough to talk to xD plus now I've got a girlfriend so life's good now. And about her seeing, I could give a fuck. I said something on another thread somewhere, maybe on here, and I think she said something, but she didn't confront me or anything. What else would you like to know, bud?

tips fedora

No. 133477

logs? also anything you remember about her talking or complaining about internet shit or internet people?

No. 133479

File: 1436236360425.jpg (58.78 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'll see if I can find anything. And about the internet, she absolutely never talked about how much the internet hates her. I always knew though.

I could tell the stories though, about the night in question and when my friend got blown.

No. 133480


>what else would you like to know, bud?


But more to the point, do you know much about her fiancé.
He seems like an enormous cuck. I mean as a woman myself I am extremely supportive of women's sexual freedom and the right for anybody to exchange sex acts in exchange for monetary recompense so long as both parties are willing, so camming as an act doesn't bother me at all, but it's clear to me that he isn't comfortable with it in the slightest and I have no idea why he sticks around.

It actually seems like he's STILL with her even after her cheating on him twice, and that's just the instances we know about (do you know if she sleeps around a lot?).

Man I feel an angel just descended down to lolcow in the form of you. Every now and again we are bestown these precious little gifts and it's always glorious. Every. Fucking. Time.

So yeah, Jesse. Know any more?

No. 133481


>I could tell the stories though, about the night in question and when my friend got blown


No. 133486

File: 1436236661608.jpg (24.43 KB, 500x392, Oh, you.jpg)

Boy I don't know fucking anything about him besides that there relationship was rocky for some reason (she never went into detail), but then all that happened, mind you it was in March or April. I really don't know why he supports he in this pursuit, but I think it has to do with him being hella unemployed and broke, so she like sends him money and shit. I don't know. To my knowledge she doesn't, but hey, what do I know.

I am here for you my child, I'm just glad that the internet can hear about this.

No. 133496

File: 1436237091463.jpg (165.95 KB, 1500x600, true.jpg)

So basically what happened was she messaged me (my phone's broke) and she says she's drunk and needs a hug because of the storm, I live 5 minutes away from her. So she gets in here and wants to like lay down and watch netflix, so we're just watching something and she starts kissing me and being like "Don't you want me?" and shit of that nature. I started rubbing her back and she was just stripping her clothes off and then she grabs my dick and keeps trying to be all coy and shit. Relations ensue, she tries telling me she's never given anyone a handjob before or a bj, and that she's never been eaten out. The act finishes because she starts complaining about how much it hurts… -.- mind you my dick is very below average, so she's just being a pussy and then she tries to get my friend in there to have a threeesome… A THREESOME, YOU GUYS… but he's in a relationship, so he said no. AFter that, she was there for maybe an hour, but then she just left. And that's about it.

No. 133500


Man you got pumped and dumped.

Well, was she any good? :^)

No. 133502

How did she end up sucking your friend's dick?

Someone should link Jesse this thread.

No. 133503

I mean we only did it in missionary, so I was the only one doing any work. Handjob was meh and the blowjob was even more meh. Overall experience was maybe a 6/10, but that's just cuz I've wanted to fuck her for quite some time and he body isn't mad, imo.

No. 133504

*her, even

No. 133506

Well she wanted to fuck him, he's the same friend she wanted to fuck with me. But we got drunk, she was actually drunk, and I fell asleep and she blew him right next to me. In my own bed xD He told his girlfriend and they've since settled their differences, so nobody really cares about her existence in my friend circle.

No. 133509

Does she have any legitimate friends in real life?
It seems like she burns bridges with pretty much everybody she meets.

No. 133510

I don't think so, I was the closest thing she had top a friend and I don't even talk to her anymore.

No. 133511

What do you personally see for the future of Somersby Hankins?

At the rate she's going it can't be good.

No. 133512

Will you upload more logs please!

No. 133514

What's she generally like IRL?

No. 133515

those memes from 2007 are giving me a migraine..

No. 133516

I was checking the logs and nothing really stood out, it's just a lot of her saying "hey wanna hang out and see a movie or something" or "My problems, this that and the other"

No. 133517

Didn't OC claim to be asexual more than once?

No. 133519

Yes. She repeatedly said she was asexual and was just doing MFC for the money.

No. 133521

>implying that wasn't from the Phantom Pain

No. 133523

To clarify I'm not OC-fucker, I just remember her saying she was asexual repeatedly.

No. 133527

She's told me the same, but I don't particularly have an opinion on the matter, we had sex and she blew my friend, so that must mean something.

IRL, she's the same as she is on MFC really, just she tries to be less annoying, for whatever reason.

Boy, I have just zero idea, dead probably. Like don't know what she can do with all of her illogical fears, fake phobias, and diseases.

No. 133530

Could you tell us more about her hypochondria and phobia obsession? How much of it was for the attention and how much of it did she genuinely believe?

No. 133534

Your guess is as good as mine, the internet as just about as much information about her life as I do. She's been an attention whore since day one, so maybe it just spawns from her wanting attention. She was in the hospital for whatever reason getting shots or something, so it may be possible, but idk. I actually have a log of her complaining about being lactose intolerant and want milk or something, let me find it.

No. 133537

File: 1436238942072.png (349.36 KB, 1920x1080, 4lolcow2.png)

Ice cream, it was ice cream.

No. 133539

>She was in the hospital for whatever reason getting shots or something
I assume you're referring to >>27125 ?

The way she exaggerates everything is so funny.

No. 133542

That and she had like some weird pattern on her back it was fucking gross, but she unfriended me on facebook, so I can't pull it up.

No. 133546

How did you find this place? Are you aware there is another site that totally hates her and she used to spam her pictures on for attention?


We hated her for ages and she would say everybody else loved her and then when we knew of this place everyone felt exactly the same about her.

Are you also aware she is a hardcore tumblr feminist and always posts shit about fighting muh patriarchy.

Yet she calls over a guy because she's scared form a storm and then cheats on her fiancee. This is too good.

No. 133548


>those walls of texts

>your tiny, often one-worded replies

Oh man she wanted your vitamin D so bad.

No. 133552

File: 1436239936460.jpg (1.02 MB, 2843x2274, Mane, Gucci.jpg)

Well aware. Haha.

But no, I actually didn't know about unichan, I know very few boards and I stumbled upon this one from just looking her up naked, that's about it and that was before we fucked.

No. 133553

Gotta love how she keeps saying her stomach was angry when what she is really telling you is she was shitting all over.

No. 133558


Why are you doing this?

No. 133559

Please tell me this is who I think it is.

No. 133561

oh boy!!

No. 133562

Hello orange citrus. Woo, you go girl! Cheating on your man, feminism rules!! Woo!

You sad lonely prick.

No. 133566

LMAOOO no im not oc sorry for baiting but i was just curious what happened

No. 133568

Hahaha xD I just posted something in another thread about her and got nothing, so I posted it here because this one looked more active and I wanted people to know, because everybody hates her so much.

No. 133580

File: 1436241707255.png (43.36 KB, 527x339, 143624089244.png)

No. 133581


>you don't know me

Yes we do know you Somersby because you broadcast virtually every detail of your life online.
Aside from the bit about you cucking your fiancé. Left that out didn't you :^)

No. 133601

OC fucker, have you seen http://thankyouelmo.tk

No. 133603

No. 133605

yea ik i thought about doing so rp but na

No. 133608

this reply just screams "guilty" lmao

No. 133615

fucking spoony

No. 133617

You know spoony lurks here? She even posts on /b/, how late are you?

No. 133618

I'm guessing you meant to quote the poster above you.

No. 133624

.. ; - ;

No. 133633

she should get off the internet and go get a job. spoony is the worst.

No. 133701

What a horrendous prick are you, >>133433? Ofc this is milky af but also more than private. At least she told it her fiance and the other guy's gf. Idgaf about OC, so don't come at me with 'hello, OC'.

Also, why did you go off anon?

No. 133719

I have a nose like that, it's not cartilage, just skin or whatever. Squishy.

Meh, I don't see anything wrong with her nose so keep hating or whatever. Sure she's a cunt but I don't think she looks bad.

No. 133745

>Also, why did you go off anon?

I'm not derealistic/spoony, but OC has a script on her tumblr ask box that makes it so that if you mark your message as anonymous, it will show your username on the ask anyways.

No. 133747

When it comes to acts of deceit like cheating spouses, I think it's ok to share chat logs.

No. 133777


I sent the ask off Anon anyway.
If I'm going to be a prick I prefer to do it out in the open.

I thought Tumblr disabled Know Anon?


m8 I have a job, and I'm a full time university student.

No. 133781

Spoony stop using"m8" and gtfo. No one likes you.

No. 133783

jfc how paranoid are u m8
still not spoony.

No. 133810


No >>133777 really was me.


>no one likes you

Oh no, what a tragedy.
m8 :^)

No. 133814

She literally just sent that ask so she could get attention here. Just stop replying to her and she'll go away.

No. 133825


I sent that ask because of all the people posted to this board OC potentially reviles me the most for a variety of different reasons.
I didn't even anticipate it even being posted publicly given OC's track record of sticking her head in the sand nor did I expect anybody to screencap it and post it when I haven't been worthy of any notable attention in… well since ever.

Get over yourself.

No. 133830

Shut the fuck up, cunt.

No. 133842

No. 133848

Spoony is cute

No. 133863

So who's that tropicaltrailmix guy? I want pics since both are involved in something called cheating.

No. 133867

>Spoony telling someone else to get over themselves

Okay. Have a nice day at "university".

No. 133885

that is oc's facebook username

No. 133964

so humble
much self aware

No. 133967


Why are you talking like that.

No. 134017

No more posting about Spoony, or self-posting or self-identifying from Spoony.

No. 134296

File: 1436339628482.jpg (6.08 KB, 180x180, k.jpg)

This is the most flattering picture I have on my pc, just thought you should know the face of the OC fucker

No. 134299

And yes, my sides are satellites.

No. 134391

HAHAHAHAHA, you fat fuck. I can't believe she fucked you. Wow, she really is fucked up in the head.

No. 134396

Is she getting actual professional mental help you know of? She seems hella unstable and since she has no problems seeing doctors for various reason this shouldn't be a problem either.

No. 134415


Hi OC!

No. 134462

Thanks, bud! :D

She should be, but she's not, not that I'm aware of at least. She was at Tucker's a year ago though, because she tried to kill herself or something. Tucker's is an asylum essentially.

Not OC.

No. 134463

File: 1436365860870.jpg (27.81 KB, 640x480, Snapshot_20150708_1.JPG)

Is this a better picture for you, sir/ma'am?

No. 134466

Why would you post your photo here..?

No. 134473

The other pic was terribad, you're not bad looking tho.

Does she still talk to you btw?

No. 134480

Damn, I'd love to know what inbred swamp monster qualifies as "bad looking" in your mind.

No. 134491


He's not bad looking he just needs to lose weight.

No. 134548

grow your hair a little longer, lose the facial hair and try on some trendier clothes. you're welcome.

No. 134550

shave your head, grow out the beard, lose the earrings. you're welcome

No. 134553

No. 134561

Oh man OC mad as hell lel

No. 134573

Post caps

No. 134609

How could you do this to me? I thought we had something special. My dad is DEAD.

No. 134610

shitty bait man, ain't nobody here that stupid

No. 134611

that's probably going thru her head rn

No. 134659

After seeing how fat you are i doubt even if OC was sloppy wasted would she be coy with you. LOL! You probably just saw your chance and took advantage of her. Hahahaha.

No. 134680

>LOL! u sound like OC

No. 134681

Facebook is private now..

No. 134683

Jesse's overweight. This guy is more attractive than Jesse too.

No. 134723

but Jesse isn't all that cute either lol

No. 134797

File: 1436405906226.gif (1.49 MB, 346x261, 1368601037740.gif)

>fat fuck
>extends neck to attempt to appear to have a thinner face
>fucks OC
>comes on lolcow and unichan with dank memes from 2007
>I am your new king, bow before me
>facebook url is RickRoll

No. 134803


I don't care if my facebook's out there, I would've given it if you had asked

No. 134804

Don't listen to the cunts, you're doing everyone a great service and we appreciate it. You could have attention whored way more than you have, but didn't. And you definitely do look better than Jesse.

No. 134807

lol you even have ur phone number out there too (804) 464-3538 Does ur gf know that u fucked oc and browse anon-ib?

No. 134810

Yes? And my phone doesn't work, so ring away.

No. 134828

That went over your head. Then again, I don't expect a retard to understand when someone is calling him a retard.

No. 134829

>You could have attention whored way more than you have, but didn't.

Yeah, he did.

No. 134848

File: 1436411462186.png (772.04 KB, 600x600, hi.png)

I am Beeblefox. Hello.

No. 134870

he's actually not bad looking

No. 134871

Proofs plz

No. 134925

Well not really, but sure.

No. 135134

Looks like Matt Stone

No. 136015

Hey guys, Antonio here,

I'd believe he fucked her, he used to hang with her all the fucking time

No. 136089

it bothers me that beebs looks like this. he can't look like zach braff. i mean, i know it was all a joke, but the fact that he still doesn't look like kip dynamite upsets me.

No. 136100

Antonio, what's up man?! Rick here. How you been?

No. 136130

Are there any high school pics that confirm you went to the same high school?


No. 136271


why does jesse even stay with her? like wtf is this lol

No. 136279

wah wah i only drove home once this random acquaintance let me leave!!!1

jesus christ how much can u play a victim

No. 136341

Like a year book?, if not the guy who slept with her is still here I had a class or 2 with him. other than that the only other thing i can give you is probably a shitty shot of me since my name is already out there and doesnt matter

No. 136693

File: 1436725949456.jpg (117.48 KB, 481x795, ss (2015-07-12 at 02.31.44).jp…)

…How is this edgy?

No. 136698

Jesse probably thinks he can do no better

No. 137244

Hello friends, I'm the guy that got blown by OC. I thought I could also provide insight, or a more detailed story, If you guys wanted it, although I was nowhere near as involved in her life as my dear friend.

What's up my dude? It's Zac, we had biology together.

No. 137255

She has zero backbone. She could have just fucking left but nope, playing everything up to seem like a fucking kidnapping victim.

No. 137274

somersby isn't actually her name, right?

No. 137306

No. 137307

haha, holy shit so what, 4 people that went to school with her know about this board now?

No. 137308

Should we make a new thread? This one doesn't seemed to be getting bumped anymore and I want to keep up with these new deets.

No. 137309

Threads stop bumping at 1200 posts, you still have at least 400 more to go before you need a new thread.

No. 137325

yup. seems legit

No. 137776

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but I could hit you with the yearbook pictures of all of us if you're that skeptical.

Also, I think I have logs somewhere of my girlfriend talking to her about it, so I'll try to find those

No. 137779


>I could hit you with the yearbook pictures of all of us


(btw how was the blowjob?)

No. 137785

I'll post the yearbook pics tomorrow, I don't have it where I am now.

The blowjob was alright, she swallowed like a champ, I definitely don't buy her not having done it before. The thing that got me though was that she like tried to cuddle with me after and be all intimate and shit, it was kinda unnerving the way she went about it, so I left lol

Also her tits aren't that bad, def don't deserve all the hate they get here.

No. 137801

File: 1436918772497.jpg (233.88 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Here are those logs for you gentlemen, assuming you wanted to see.

No. 137802

File: 1436918816360.jpg (194.17 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 137803

File: 1436918853109.jpg (182.31 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 137812



This board is almost exclusively female :^)

Also, thank.

No. 137839

hella suicidal y'allll!!

i fucking hate this bitch and her casual suicide mentions

No. 137863

why did you let her do it when you have a girlfriend?

No. 137871

She actually had the balls to apologize, so it's not very much milk but just pretty sad.

No. 137900

This is pretty hilarious tbh. She doesn't have balls either in my opinion. If she did, she would shut the fuck up about herself and stop tying to earn pity.

She's full of shit.

No. 137927

It's not exactly something I'm proud of, but in my defense, I was pretty drunk; I verbally told her I didn't want anything like that to happen several times, and physically rebuffed her more courageous advances for the better part of the night, but there was a point where my tiredness and drunkeness didn't allow me to stop her.

I'm not saying I was compromised enough that I couldn't have stopped her, but my judgment was definitely fucked, and my willpower just gave out.

No. 137930

In retrospect it was a kinda rapey thing for someone who has said that she's been raped before to do.

No. 137938


did you cry?

No. 137944

File: 1436937410810.png (48.41 KB, 179x207, bruh.png)

I dont know why this made me laugh

No. 137965

Yes, and then I took a cold shower, blood spiraling down the drain from my cock due to her liberal use of teeth, I washed my body as much as I could, but it couldn't clear me of the feeling I had inside.

Someone asked a question, and I answered, friend.

No. 138028


That sounds rapey as fuck.

OC confirmed for rapist.

No. 138041

She pressured someone to have sex with her repeatedly until he was too drunk to say no. She's the definition of a rapist. Congrats OC.

No. 138066

Didn't she say once before during a cam session that she didn't drink so it was ~totally possible~ that she got drunk off a half bottle of Mike's? It sounds like she slams them back more than she likes to admit.

No. 138107

Hell yeah, one must be drunk as fuck to betray his beautiful girlfriend (spied on some photos from her fb kek, sorry) with that fugly twisted banana Angela Anaconda look-alike.
Like what
Plus, to remember her "skillfulness" pretty good like you do ("she swallows like a champ" kek) I'm not buying the "I was drunk" excuse

No. 138113


she reposts things like this but is willing to suck off and fuck other girls' boyfriends lol

No. 138171

Agreeing with this anon. Not buying it. Didn't OC ask the guy she fucked for a threesome with you before? Wouldn't you know she was going to try something? I feel bad for your girlfriend, she seems like a sweet person.

No. 138249

I'm not trying to absolve myself of responsibility, I put myself in a compromising position, and totally wasn't drunk enough that I'm not also at fault, I'm just telling you guys what happened.

I'm also having a hard time finding my yearbook, but I'll get the pics up soon enough.


No. 138480

Got it. You seem mature enough, I'll cut it out with the "Aw dude how could you not freak out looking at her" jokes lol.
Now seriously, of course I don't know her, but from all the things she writes and does that get reported on the internet, I've seen that she totally behaves like a girl I know. This chick is batshit insane, has the lowest self esteem, sucks totally on keeping female friends because she's a selfish brat that just can't stay away from boyfriends/ex boyfriends of her "friends", insanely competitive with other girls and female friends (especially on the looks and gaining attention from males), always wants to stay at the center of the attention, always complains about everything, always suicidal, it's all about "me me me me me", weird desperate sexual behaviors and stuff. And she's been diagnosed with depression, goes on meds, meets her psychiatrist every week, so even if sometimes it seems like she's acting, she's not.
I do believe that OC is depressed as hell, just like this girl. Incapable of discernment.

ps: sorry for every mistake, english is not my native language, I speak pasta

No. 138750

I just made a family tree for OC based on Google searches and genealogy records and I'm confused (or not) because each of her ancestors were described as white in censuses taken between 1900 and 1940. I could easily go further back, but that might be a waste of time.

Even if she does have some Cherokee ancestry, this tells us that her ancestors were considered indistinguishable from whites by 1900.

No. 138888

A bit off topic, but how did you do that genealogy search? I'm interested in doing a family tree of mine

No. 138913

I have a subscription to Ancestry.com, but FamilySearch.org is free and is almost as good, if not better in some cases. You can use the catalog to search for collections that haven't been indexed yet. Good luck!

No. 138957

Thank you :>

No. 138960

This, i think OrangeCitrus isn't buttugly or anything seriously i think that her hairstyle isn't flattering at all but as always farmers here are exaggerating how ugly she is like every other cow, i think she's pretty cute actually, sure she has some unfortunate pics of her like every human being out there and she isn't a hot bomb or anything but she's not terribly hideous come on.
Doesn't excuse her behaviour tho.

No. 138964

Well maybe she isn't ugly for you, but I was serious when I said that her face scares the hell out of me. Like this >>26999 was like a jumpscare for me. It's not my intention to be mean or exaggerate, I'm not like the anons screaming "booo ugly" or "look at that snozz" in every thread, it's true

No. 138965

Oh man she looks way better now
Fuck she's cute i used to think she was ugly but i must admit that a new haircut can change a lot.

she isn't pudgy, not skinny stick thin either tho but she's totally fine and far from chub or fat

No. 138966

Wow she's cute but she really needs to ditch the granny underwear

No. 138970

Shes not ugly, just normal

No. 140705

Does she do anything on cam? Sounds like all she's doing is seducing pedos and old folks

No. 140706

File: 1437360884573.jpeg (11.78 KB, 228x221, soon.jpeg)

Alright farmers, I've been working on this for a while and it's nothing super juicy, but I got a friend on the inside who knows OC as well. We've been talking and they've given me info on stuff we've already known OC lied about. It may take a day or two for me to get all my caps in order, especially since I want to keep this friend anonymous so they don't get bitched out by OC, but it's coming.

No. 140709

>awful music
>shitty tribute to twin peaks
well i hate this a lot

No. 140710

Oh man, this is seriously exciting.

No. 140715


she's live here. and being annoying as shit per usual.

No. 140720


She looks a lot nicer now that she's not half-assing her makeup as much

Personality is still 0/10 though

No. 140725

She looks so much better now that she's grown out her hair.

No. 140726

File: 1437363395205.png (1.6 KB, 246x51, 143736299636.png)

yeah she looks pretty good. there's no cure for being a cunt, though.

her chat is entertaining as usual.

No. 140728

She freaked the fuck out when someone said 'camel toe' lmao.

No. 140732


good job camming

No. 140733

File: 1437363985289.png (106.65 KB, 340x249, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11.3…)

No. 140747

>get bored of OC's chat
>click around
>find some random drunk Japanese chick with a weird voice
MFC can be an odd place

No. 140748


Yessssssssssssssssss delicious milkkkk

No. 140756

OC stop browsing the forum and get back to work you scag.

No. 140762

Wow, she is just bending over spanking herself repeatedly, making zero noise, peering back over at the camera, whilst spanking away and all you can hear is the music playing softly in the background and the sound her wet-fish arse slaps.

That was possibly the most unsexy thing I've ever seen in my life, and I'm a dyke so I'm supposed to be into this shit.

Eurgh, I'll never get that image and sound out of my head.

No. 140763

Hnnngg im biscum yet i was fappjng at this

You sure youre not biscum?

No. 140768

File: 1437366057632.jpg (71.21 KB, 967x363, dsd.jpg)

Gotten kinda chunko hasn't she?

No. 140774

File: 1437366525717.png (110.46 KB, 337x274, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.1…)

What, you don't find this sex??

No. 140775

File: 1437366575128.png (106.28 KB, 334x255, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.1…)

No. 140785

It say's she's offline for me.

No. 140787

I do and anon is prolly not gay

No. 140790

Stop spending your webcam money on cupcakes, OC.

No. 140820

Lipstick does wonders for her

No. 140821

File: 1437370135516.png (9.9 KB, 677x237, OC.png)

Alright farmers, I don't have much I can give right now because my source wants to remain anonymous, but I capped the snippets from our conversation about OC. While I can't give a name, I can confirm this person DOES know OC because they're friends on Facebook. I can't give much else because we all know OC lurks here. Cut into 4 pictures because it was a conversation filled with a few side-tracks, me explaining OC's internet presence, ect, and I'm only posting the important parts. Not super juicy milk, but hey, it made me giggle.

No. 140822

File: 1437370172681.png (19.85 KB, 696x421, OC2.png)

No. 140823

wtf for a fact?? is this a woman? sounds like a woman. or someone more sympathetic to lies. bitch wasn't raped. i'd imagine few women go into sex work when they have like, actual homes and shit, after theyve been raped and almost kidnapped.

No. 140824

File: 1437370302156.png (15.55 KB, 679x354, OC3.png)

Name blacked out to protect the innocent. Also forgot to mention in my last cap, after we talked a bit at length verbally, the person retracted their statement about whether or not OC has actually been raped. Since the person had no proof and only OC's word, the person now doubts it's true as well after OC's lying was revealed.

No. 140826

File: 1437370357710.png (9.74 KB, 679x239, OC4.png)

That's all for now folks. I'm still in touch with my source and they said they'll get back to me with more info as soon as they can.

No. 140827

That's kind of presumptive.

OC lies a lot and I wouldn't put it past her to lie about being raped, but how can you assume women who are raped never go into sex work? I think a bunch of them do. (As for whether that's healthy or not, that's a different conundrum…)

At this point it's impossible to know whether OC was telling the truth or not. No point accusing her of lying when none of us can ever really know if she was lying.

No. 140829

that's not what i said. i said women with actual homes and security, who aren't in dire situations, that have been raped and "almost kidnapped", are not going to be apt to do sex work.

No. 140830

and no, nah, i can accuse her of lying. the bitch is stupid, and does anything for sympathy points. it's more than likely that it's a lie. quit being PC as fuck, anon.

No. 140831

I mean what the fuck do you want me to say? She's the kind of person to lie about being raped for sympathy, but that's not hard proof she did. It's fucked up if someone was actually raped and you accuse them of lying just because of what you know about their personality, not actual evidence that they lied (like inconsistency with the story, refutation by the supposed rapist, etc.)

Has nothing to do with being PC. I'm not a SJW and not even a girl.

No. 140833

of course it's not hard proof. i doubt anyone will find any hard proof, and that's why this is a great sympathy gainer, plus, it fits her SJW image. it's not like i'd accuse attention seeking women that are claiming rape, of lying, irl. OC is a special case. it is presumptuous, but idc. it's OC.

No. 140842

Hey guys, source friend again, almost forgot but apparently OC also tried to claim our two friends here whom she fucked/cheated on her fiance with actually raped her. So I'm sure she's telling the truth about every other time she was raped, right? I'll provide the cap of that snippet in a sec, gotta find it.

No. 140845

File: 1437373767238.png (52.22 KB, 681x431, OC5.png)

Got it. Once again, blacked out any names per request.

No. 140847

hahaha shes such a fucking scumbag she's so embarrassing

No. 140848

Yup. At that point, my source wanted to talk verbally, so I'm afraid I can't give further caps, but they said they now found her story of her supposed rape questionable after I showed her caps of what we'd been told happened as well as OC's conversation with the girlfriend. Hopefully I hear from my source again soon, they're now pretty interested in everything.

No. 140878

Well, that is pathetic. Even more so considering she was the one who kind of forced the threesome on them making herself out to be on the rapey side. Smh. Anyway, thank you anon for the milky juice. Is there more to come?

No. 140880

That remains to be seen. My source is willing to answer my questions the best they can and I may have more info tomorrow. I asked them about OC's story about the guy on the 4th or 5th of July, but they haven't responded yet since I'm assuming it's pretty early in the States right now and they're asleep. But again, my source is very willing to give whatever they can for the lulz.

No. 140891

Thanks to this cunt, I can't enjoy The Professional without associating Mathilda as OC. But instead of seeing a lonely, abused girl, I see OC thinking of herself as Mathilda for attention and sympathy and just "Oh woe is me, my family ignores/abuses me and no one understands me and MY DAD IS DEAAAAAD!"

No. 140905

As amusing as OC being ousted yet again is, this time it's more serious.

Those two men that got sucked and fucked by OC need to go to the police right away and make a statement that OC is making informal allegations of rape and give details to the police of the date and times the encounters took place and obviously, that they were 100% consensual between both parties.

Oh and also print out that Skype conversation you had afterwards.

You need to seriously safeguard yourself because she could very well turn round and start telling me people including the police that you both raped her.

No. 140908

I want to agree, but I doubt she'll actually go to the police. She knows she's lying, and the moment any of them mention they were drinking, especially with OC being underage, the cops likely won't give a fuck. It's fucking Chesterfield Virginia.

No. 140933

US laws are funny. You can be old enough to strip and masturbate in front of hundreds of middle aged and old men and yet still too young to drink a beer.

No. 140941

Being the OC fucker can I get the first letter of both of their first and last names, I assume I know them.

No. 140943

you can volunteer to get killed in some middle eastern country before you can drink alcohol

No. 140945

I'd like to talk about that actually. We were hanging out one day after the "incident" and she honestly turned to me and said "I don't want to tell anybody because they'll think I was raped because I was drunk" and I tried to tell her that she knew that wasn't true, but she kept going "I don't know"

No. 140947

like she was trying to imply I raped her

No. 141022

I don't see how you raped her when you guys were drunk too and she is the one that was being pushy. It's not like you got her blacked out while you remained a sober joe.

No. 141108

Afraid I can't give initials since OC lurks here. If she has as few friends as you guys and my source has said, I don't want them outted by an easy elimination. Sorry dude.

No. 141114

If that's the case, definitely go to the police and give them the whole story because it DEFINITELY sounds like she was trying to blame you guys for everything. Instead of saying, "Oh people will think I'm a slut" or "It'll seem like I raped you", she's flat-out implying that even though ALL of you were drinking and she came onto both of you, SHE'S the victim.

No. 141155

She's online and being boring as usual.

No. 141165

can we ruin this stream

No. 141189

Wow, nothing happened.

No. 141190

Source-friend anon again with confirming what we already knew. Source says OC doesn't have acid reflux, or fibromyalgia. I don't have caps because this was verbal, but after the other caps I'm sure verbal confirmation is enough for now.

No. 141192

She left for "15 minutes" to do a "private chat"…conveniently right after someone posted here that she's online.

No. 141194

Aside from the fact we've seen her drinking a Mike's, source says OC loves Mexican food, pizza, ect and has a normal appetite. Pretty sure that shit would fuck with anyone's acid reflux.

No. 141212

Source-friend again, and my source has finally decided to reveal themselves. But this person also hopes we might be able to provide evidence of OC possibly having a hand in leading to this friend's own harassment they faced on 4chan, especially given OC's own history on the site. After OC talked about them on PULL and gave a link to their ED page, we have no doubt OC may have had a hand in giving /cgl/ details of this person's life that led to their harassment.
Farmers, my source is none other than AsherBee herself. After lengthy discussions, she's owned up to her mistakes years ago when she first became a lolcow, and now laughs and agrees with much of what we've posted. She's made slow progress in her crafts, something she herself has admitted, but she's grown emotionally and is not the person she was.
She had put everything behind her, but now that she knows OC gave PULL a link to her ED, she's suspicious because OC lives right down the street from her and they've known each other for years. She doesn't want any trouble from us, but she wants to help in exchange for peace of mind when it comes to someone she's called a friend for so long.

No. 141221

The plot thickens. Are you talking to her rn?

No. 141227

She's on again.

No. 141231

She has the worst voice oh my god

No. 141237

File: 1437440967251.jpg (11.02 KB, 320x241, 4e.jpg)

This is still so boring.

No. 141239

Invite her on or something.

No. 141249

File: 1437441340281.png (293.74 KB, 560x488, hilolcow.png)

Sure am.
She attempted to confront OC about the post on PULL and OC denied everything until I gave Ash the screencap. Now OC is avoiding her, so Ash figures she'll come to us for the truth since we're willing to talk and she obviously can't trust OC. Caps incoming, courtesy of Ash.

No. 141251

File: 1437441458963.png (87.69 KB, 300x256, nick-young-confused-face-300x2…)

>Ash doesn't look like shit.
Maybe it's because it's bad quality, or something, but she looks kinda adorable.

No. 141256

File: 1437441802048.png (67.72 KB, 793x283, OClie.png)

Ash is happy to help, guys!
She really does look better than she used to, the quality on my Skype was being shit at the time.

No. 141259

Can you pls upload the screen they talk about?

No. 141260

Goddamn, OC's a bitch to Ash.

No. 141261

Quick note, Ash says every time she's tried to bring it up since last night, OC just responds with "I'm working."

No. 141262

File: 1437441976263.jpg (14.23 KB, 327x105, hmm.jpg)

No. 141263

File: 1437442133035.png (48.42 KB, 793x372, OC.png)

This was the cap Ash was given. After talking to her, Ash agrees OC could've easily just said something like "Yeah I know her" but OC linked her ED article to PULL. Nothing says true friend like "Here's her ED page, laugh at her." Sure, someone may have linked it eventually, but it was OC, who has known Ash for years and claims to be her friend. Ash was pissed.

No. 141264

>Good eyebrows

I can truly believe she has changed based on this alone. Ash, I'm happy for you. I hope stuff is going well for you.

No. 141266

Well farmers, it seems that if you live in the Virginia area, you're now blocked from watching her make a fool of herself on MFC

No. 141271

Based Ash.

No. 141274

This is the greatest example of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" I've ever seen.

The milk is good.

No. 141275


Hoy fucking shit this is how OC treats her friends?

Ash, join us, we will treat you right.

No. 141277


I just remembered something.

Anon who is in contact with Ash, you ought to tell her that years ago back when PULL was fairly new I was speaking with OC in a private message exchange before any of us knew who she was or what she'd done and I remember her telling me about a "stalker" she had that was so obsessed with her she "inserted her name into her online" alias. Now that I know the source is Ash herself suddenly this has clicked.

She says they've been friends for years right? Well she told me this like 1.5-2 years ago so apparently OC didn't consider her a friend at the time and hasn't for a while.

OC when will your fucking lies end, they are closing in around you. You need to stop and get your shit together.

Also OC, SomersBY=/=AsherBEE. They're not even spelled the same you fucking loon.

No. 141278

I'm keeping her up to date on the thread and she's happy to help. If anyone knows anything about OC shit-talking her further, that'd be great.
Like I said, Ash is pretty sure OC had a hand in her information being spread on /cgl/ considering someone was screencapping her personal Facebook and seemed to know a lot about her that Ash didn't share online. There was Amy for a while, but she was chased off after /cgl/ caught on to her own batshit shenanigans, but someone was still supplying info.
OC, if you're reading this, spill all your lies to Ash or she'll gladly give us information on you.

No. 141279

If you can possibly get a cap of the message, that'd be great. I don't know if your profile is still active on PULL or if you can access it, but anything you can provide would be helpful.

No. 141286


Unfortunately the profile is inaccessible, I've been trying to get into it for like a year now to no avail :<

No. 141287

Any way you could contact a mod for help?

No. 141292

watching her on mfc is so awful how does she get any tokens

No. 141296

I'm just sitting here wringing my hands with glee that she's taking off her clothes for someone called childseeker while Ash is ratting her out on her lies. This is glorious.

No. 141298

File: 1437444700014.jpg (15.99 KB, 480x318, JOHN CENA (trumpet noises).jpg)



No. 141299

Wtf is wrong with this child? Smh.

It's just sad watching her beg these greedy pedos to pay her 15 tokens to take off her skirt.

No. 141303


>childseeker: do you dance professionally because you got some mooves, very interesting

also she just said she was working on toning her body

No. 141306

Aaaaand I got banned from her chat lol
She was going on about how she doesn't want some guy's dick and I mentioned Rick back in April. Wish I would've screencapped before my ban. If anyone else is in there, cap it lol

No. 141307

>my dyslexia was like… 9… 4… 2
>I hate dyslexia!

Inability to comprehend numbers and mathematics is dyscalculia you dumb bitch. Dyslexia is words.

No. 141308

Let her have her moment anon

No. 141309

File: 1437446131979.png (282.96 KB, 939x433, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.3…)

I thought I heard her say "and he's gone" when she banned you

No. 141311

Is it just me or has she put on a noticeable amount of weight?

She used to be very slim, now she's looking really chunky/chubby.

Eating those feelings OC?

No. 141314

Bless you, my fellow farmers.

No. 141316

Has willstretchu been banned yet? I find it funny she's okay with someone baiting her with that talk, but banned someone for mentioning Rick lol

No. 141318

She's gotten massively pear-shaped.

No. 141319

File: 1437446924224.png (10.36 KB, 356x32, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.4…)

No. 141320

I don't know if she banned him, but she liked calling him out in front of the chat and ranting. His name isn't listed anymore though

No. 141323

File: 1437448134244.png (18.86 KB, 548x46, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.0…)

Oh shhhh

No. 141325

File: 1437448198053.png (109.8 KB, 330x251, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.0…)

>"I don't know why daddy issues are a bad thing?"

This is gold.

No. 141326

was just about to show that lmao. she was talking about silent hill movies for twenty minutes

No. 141333

At least now she's talking about how good she is at runescape. Much more thrilling topic.

No. 141340

Is she crying or laughing?

No. 141343

File: 1437449083806.png (111.7 KB, 327x249, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.0…)

She was making a weirded-out face.

No. 141350

No. 141351

Oh my god she was wiping off her under boob sweat and complaining about it. So gross. Why am i watching this.

No. 141352

File: 1437449974881.png (12.16 KB, 355x43, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.3…)


No. 141353

yes, it is legit.

No. 141354

File: 1437450062932.png (107.56 KB, 336x252, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.3…)

No. 141356

I just copied this: >>140790 :p
Surprised she didnt ban me though.

No. 141357

Wait, someone paid for a private show with her and recorded it? Aw shit, I wonder if she knows…lol

No. 141358

it's just her talking. Non-nude.

No. 141360

30 minutes of her just talking? Who would pay for that?

No. 141368

oh sorry, i was talking about the video embedded on the page (which lasts 50 sec). Didn't noticed the download link (which is dead).

No. 141369

You are a thing of wonder!

No. 141423

File: 1437456928683.jpg (162.13 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Hot off the Skype, guys, OC has never needed braces and got a nose job! Bless you, Ash!

No. 141428

File: 1437457006894.jpg (135.17 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 141432

Her skin disgusts me so much. It's pink like raw chicken or something.

No. 141439

can't really fault her for wanting to get rid of that fucking mess of a nose.
I knew something looked different.

No. 141440

O lawd she actually got a nosejob, I thought her nose looked mysteriously less potato-like on cam.

No. 141443

So I thought like….I'd make my presence known since no one seems to want to give me hell. But yeah, if I had known about this sooner.

The lies and the trash she basically said and did. I wish I had known.

And for my behavior in the past, I'm sorry. I regret my behavior during that time and everything I posted and said.

But I really do want the proof about what she did. I want the proof so I can confront her and be rid of all the garbage in my life.

And I thank you guys for letting me know its ok that I can come here without any problems. Cause I don't want that.

Oh god look at me being all sentimental and junk.

No. 141445

No. 141460

Jfc, fake braces? The invisalign thingies are able to be taken off though and there are types you can only wear at home.
I'd like to spot the before and after of the nose job but it all looks the same to me.

No. 141466

Nah I think you're fucking retard. If you grew up, you wouldn't be involved in any of this in the first place. Why do you care? Your name is already tarnished beyond repair because of that ED. Like Orange, you don't have a future cuz you went full retard on social media. I really don't know why some anons are being nice to you. I would make a thread about you but weab drama is not my favorite.

But thanks for supplying the drama. Just know that some of us do not take you seriously.

No. 141467


Haha of all typos…

No. 141468

Oranges nose doesn't even look better

No. 141475

Hi OC :)

No. 141477

Lmao only OC could have made this salty-ass post.
Ash's drama is some insular /cgl/ shit over costumes and bad makeup from years ago, and it all disappears the moment she changes her online handle.
It's nowhere near as bad as anyone with a thread here, including OC and her sketchy rape claims.

No. 141480

lmao, oc, you're such a dumb cunt. ash is fine. no one here has any real problem with ash. you're evil hearted bitch though, and an uggo, at that.

No. 141482

Hi Ash! You seem to be doing good! How are you? Thanks for giving info!

No. 141484

Obligatory check my IP admin.

Nope not OC. I read asherbees ED thread and there was way more stuff than cosplay or craft shit. It's also linked to her real name. But whatever.

Honestly I just think she's stupid. And a cow. Retro cow, but a cow nonetheless. Is that okay?

No. 141485

This. Ignore this >>141466 fuckhead, you're always welcome here.

No. 141487

Lol cute. Thanks babygirl. I'm sorry I scared your friend away. Just don't know why this girl can't vendetta and spill deets anonymously. I gotta call a spade a spade.

No. 141497

Maybe because if someone spilled deets anonymously at least some of us would like proof the person DOES know OC? Bitch all you want, but I find it awesome a former lolcow is willing to rat out a current one, vendetta or not. And yes, former because Ash did exactly what seagulls kept telling her to: changed her handle and got quiet online. Hell, I don't even find her ED by searching her name, so unless someone knows Ash was formerly Luvmonkeys, she's not ruined. But hey, stay bitchy.

No. 141569

File: 1437485182435.jpg (15.68 KB, 275x152, 1433708628019.jpg)


>some of us would like proof the person DOES know OC?

Fucking idiot.

No. 141576

what. she was saying that her revealing her identity is useful because otherwise, we would have asked who she was, how she knew her, etc. we already know asherbee is friends w OC, so her just saying that she's asherbee is helpful. fuck off.

No. 141653

Also I thought she's kind of tight on her budget? Something about her and James being poor and jobless? So why she's spending her mfc money on nose jobs?
Does Ash has anything on James? He's like seriously the most spineless guy I've read about.

No. 141664

To be fair she has always had pretty features (at least imo) but her makeup and costumes ruined it.

No. 141688


Hi OC.
Get back to MFC so you start spreading your pussy for pedos. That "Childseeker" seems pretty keen.

No. 141692

File: 1437500812244.jpg (64.68 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Found this on tumblr, reminded me of OC

No. 141720

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how someone could go to such lengths to ruin the life of a person they call their friend. I'm sure most of us have gossiped about stupid things our friends or former friends do, but we don't have any malicious intent in doing it. What OC did sounds like a deliberate attempt to damage Ash's reputation forever. Even if whether it ended up being permanent damage is debatable, I imagine the emotional scars will stick around for a while. Seeing as how she provided information and screenshots over an extended period of time, this was not a heat of the moment thing. She had time to think it over, but chose to continue on ruining her friend's life. I don't know if that could be considered evil, but it's pretty damn horrible. OC should be ashamed, but I know she's probably rationalized it to herself in a way that makes her the victim.

No. 141722


I think at this point she must be running out of rationalisations. Like, how could you keep it going to this extent?

She must know deep down inside how bad she's fucked up but because there's no way for her to spin herself into the victim here aside from "SHE STOLE MY NAME SORT-OF KIND-OF" she'll probably try to brush it under the carpet, ex-communicate Ash and pretend like it never happened, just like did with Loli-chan.

I wonder if we could ever get Loli in here from Unichan to spill some deets? Last I heard she was pretty beefed about OC bailing on her after she bought her a plane ticket for OC to come visit her and OC never refunded her even after promising to.

No. 141726

Oh I plan to confront her about all of this. Seriously like….I'm not gonna tolerate it. She openly LIED to my FACE when I confronted her about it MULTIPLE times. She lied to me. So I'm gonna get fucking even.

She's a liar, a cheat and a general bad person and I want nothing more to do with her.

And to the anons who wanna think I haven't changed, hey thats your provocative, have fun with knowing I live in your minds/hearts rent free.

No. 141727

I mean prerogative. SPELL CHECK YOU LIED TO ME!

No. 141728


Don't sweat it Ash, that anon was probably OC trying to desperately save face. You're more than welcome here.

No. 141736

Seconded. OC can fuck off.

No. 141744

All these new revelations really make me want to punch OC in the face even more now. Deliberately ruining the lie of someone she called a friend? Oh my god, I can't wait for Sommersby, Hummingbird or whatever the fuck her name is to get what's coming to her.

No. 141771

Tell us more!

No. 141776

does anyone have vids of her camwhoring? i work fulltime so i never get to witness her live

No. 141779

The fuck did she do to Loli? Is there more that happened? I'm not even that fond of that femnazi druggie but don't OC ever try to ruin even more depressed camwhores than she is. Was there some kind of beef with Ophelia by chance, too? I've seen her basically licking her ass, reblogging all selfies but it has stopped. Wouldn't surprise me she fucked her over, too.


No. 141783

Ok so there's a story that she told me that I'm wondering if it's true.

A few weeks ago, she told me that she was moving to California. Well, that didn't happen. She claims both the girls she was gonna move in with backed out on her.

No. 141797

OC has fucked over almost every friend she's ever had, plus her fiance. She made Loli waste a plane ticket or something and randomly stopped responding to het. The full story may be in one of the previous threads.

This sounds a bit extreme but I've been following OC's cuntiness for 4 years now, and starting all the way back then I've been convinced she possesses no conscience or compassion whatsoever. Everything she does is extremely opportunistic and selfish. She's feigned all of her emotions to her friends and "fans".

After all the recent drama, I'm even more sure. Something's seriously wrong with her.

No. 141815

well there is always http://thankyouelmo.tk/

No. 141830

you just made my day. you're a real human being, anon

No. 141834

Some dude from unichan made it IIRC

Anyway it reminds me when OC just started camwhoring on MFC, and lolcow and unichan anons trolled her by pretending they are pedos with nicknames such as "BIGDADDYPEDO"

No. 141840

well she's into that so i bet she took the bait. i mean, i'm a newfag to oc but

No. 141848

>implying OC is a psychopath
If this is the case I don't wish her upon anyone. Those manipulative people are the worst. They lie even about the most irrelevant things and are heavy human users. Asher, maybe look up the symptoms, mostly things that seemed odd come into mind when discovering human sociopath scum.

Why would she move in with someone other than her fiance? That girl makes it obvious she doesn't love him. Holy shit, poor guy. Is anyone in contact with him? Could have been a lie though.

No. 141856

The funny part is that was only after seeing a bunch of real guys, not trolls, in her chat with names like bigguy1952 and daddyluvsyou1957 and shit like that.

No. 141864

I see OC reblog Ophelia a lot.

No. 141867


She's 100% not a sociopath judging how emotionally unstable she is. That's the very thing sociopaths are lacking in.

If anything I'd say she's histrionic with a touch of hypochondria.

>Characteristics of a histrionic personality

>Constant seeking of reassurance or approval

>Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval
>Pride of own personality and unwillingness to change, viewing any change as a threat
>Using somatic symptoms (of physical illness) to garner attention
>A need to be the center of attention
>Blaming personal failures or disappointments on others
>Being overly dramatic and emotional
>Exhibitionist behavior

Now who does that sound like?

No. 141870

Yeah, I agree. She's not a sociopath, she just values herself over other people.

No. 141875

You can have unstable ASPD people, it's actually a part of diagnosis but you're right, she's not impulsive. The difference being ASPD people just do whatever they want even if it's a terrible idea. Attention seeking is still ASPD so is a lot of stuff you said but I still agree. Besides, this is OT.

No. 141889

I just want you people to know she has schizophrenia. It runs in her family and I have the proof. So if you guys take pleasure in bullying some girl with a mental problems is fun so be it but personally I think this thread is a waste of time. It's best to just avoid her at this stage and move onto the next "cam whore" who isn't delusional.


No. 141893

The fuck are you talking about? That's just an audio clip of her talking about her brother having schizophrenia.

Yes schizophrenia runs in families, but just because her brother has it does not mean she has it.

She probably did inherit some mental illness through her parents, probably a personality disorder, but that doesn't mean she's schizophrenic. And she's exhibited no symptoms of being schizophrenic.

No. 141899

It's about her uncle not brother. I know how it travels through families. The symptoms vary. People think schizophrenia is all hearing voices because they're ignorant. It's a very broad illness. It effects every individual differently. In her case her brain creates false memories about certain situations to the point she fully believes them. I have been studying for years. Relax. There's no point making excuses for lolcows ignorance. Time to move on.

No. 141905

Oh I misheard "her brother" as "my brother".

Either way you're spouting pure bullshit unless you have facts to back it up.

I know schizophrenia does not always mean hallucinations, but it does at the least mean someone has chronic delusions, fears of persecution, and feelings of grandiosity. While she definitely seems arrogant and possibily narcissistic, and she does often claim to be persecuted when she isn't, that's really just her lying for sympathy. She doesn't really do it in a delusional matter. I haven't once heard her make any references to conspiracy theories, odd beliefs, or magical thinking.

She probably is mentally ill in some way but there's no way in hell she has schizophrenia.

>In her case her brain creates false memories about certain situations to the point she fully believes them.

Examples and proof?

>Relax. There's no point making excuses for lolcows ignorance. Time to move on.

Why are you so persistent in getting us to stop talking about her?

No. 141910

>Examples and proof?
Well you have an example in this thread. Where she has consensual sex with someone and then decides a day later it's rape.

>Why are you so persistent in getting us to stop talking about her?

Because it's ridiculous. I'm trying to get you people to just understand you're wasting your energy & time. Everything you say is just going to go right through her. I'm not entirely sure what your goal is. Maybe it's just because drama is fun etc. But it's unhealthy to have a hateful obsession for someone who just doesn't even realize what they're doing. You won't be able to change or have an effect on her.

No. 141911

>Where she has consensual sex with someone and then decides a day later it's rape.
…or she cheated on her fiance who she's going to marry soon, and intentionally lied about being raped to save face?

Come on.

No. 141913

The thing is. She's not just lying. She has fully convinced herself it's true. That's the part people don't know. I'm sorry the evidence wasn't enough for you but just watch closely and you will see. She's more delusional than you think. I can dig through the audio log and see if there's anything else in here.

No. 141917

How do you know her?

And sure, post other logs if you have them.

No. 141918

>She's not just lying. She has fully convinced herself it's true.
Proof? What lead you to this conclusion?

No. 141921


Er, is that even OC?
I don't think it is, it sounds like a totally different woman.

No. 141926

No one wants to change her or have an effect on her, because then our source of entertainment would stop. What's so hard to understand that websites like this have no other purpose other than to sit and watch people do stupid and hilarious things?

No. 141935

It is her. Like all women they mimic or match the pitch of their romantic partner. There's just a lot of personal life talk in this so I'm not going to upload much. I am Jesse hello.

You have cringe threads for that.

No. 141937

Prove you're Jesse.

No. 141938

uhm sombrero?

No. 141939


Just take a timestamped pic faggot.

No. 141942

Hey, your fiancé is a cheating cunt.

No. 141948

how harsh Anon, stop it she's 'ill'

No. 141952

even if you're schizophrenic, there are meds you can take to combat the effects.
OC has never once, to my knowledge, admitted she had schizophrenia OR sought counseling/medication for her delusions.
Jesse, if everything you claim is true, you need to get her help.
there was a guy I lived with (co-op housing) for the better part of the year who was schizophrenic, we never learned until one day he decided he was 'better' and could stop taking his meds. within the next week he left the house, we found him downtown knee-deep in the river with a dead pidgeon nailed to a yard sign, proclaiming himself the risen christ and telling us that he needed to be on the front lines (the river) to hold off the oncoming apocalypse of the risen dead.
you may think that you're supporting sommersby, but you're enabling her by doing so without demanding that she seek psychiatric treatment. as things stand now, she's simply using you to continue the lifestyle she's accustomed to.

No. 141953


Hey Jesse, and welcome.

Gonna be the first to say whilst you should have cut her out of your life earlier, I'm actually sorry about what Somersby has put you through. Seems she just goes through life burning people.

Obviously love is blind and without reason in the beginning.

Also lolcow be nice to our guest u lil' shits.

No. 141967

I'm still not convinced it's really him.

No. 141989

I'm gonna laugh at your hoein ass fiancée regardless of whether she's mental or not. She's pouring the milk Jesse, I'm just drinking.

No. 141991

If she was schizophrenic she'd probably be too paranoid to cam stfu.

No. 141997

File: 1437535253187.jpg (7.75 KB, 225x225, trouble...jpg)

>Also lolcow be nice to our guest u lil' shits.

No. 142002

Soooo, the only "proof" of her being schizophrenic is the rape thing? How very convenient.

No. 142074

Attention farmers! I have a story.

An old friend from high school who I will call "R" has a story to share. Two in fact.

"in highschool both she and "e"" were supposed to be in charge of the makeup for the school's production of dracula and both she and "e" flaked multiple times and me and another girl did most of the work and they took the credit"

Story two!

she was dating e's ex for a while and instead of breaking up with him she claimed on the phone that she fell of the bed and hit her head and didn't remember anything.

and said she didn't remember that they were dating. and tried to play victim because she "couldn't remember"

Fun stories huh? So she's unreliable and again, a liar.

No. 142080

File: 1437543776994.gif (424.95 KB, 320x240, OC.gif)

>she fell of the bed and hit her head and didn't remember anything.

I kek'd. So dramatic.

No. 142090

File: 1437544896432.jpg (36.19 KB, 480x346, image.jpg)

Oh god, please more stories if you have them

No. 142095

If she is schizophrenic and knows it I am pretty sure she would be telling everyone for pity points.

No. 142097

>she claimed on the phone that she fell of the bed and hit her head and didn't remember anything.
lmao what kind of cringy 8th grade-tier shenanigans

No. 142110

kek, this was great

No. 142149

File: 1437556644744.png (1.12 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-22-02-05-41…)

No. 142151


Is E substituting the name of a person?

Because I want to guess Erin

No. 142187

I'm going to guess no because that girl's body doesn't look flabby like OC's.
>Plus her underwear is pretty unlike OC and her ugly granny panties.

No. 142252

Nah, it's a camgirl who went by LadyAmalthea long before OC did. Whose copying names now, OC? Unoriginal twat.

No. 142284

I honestly thought that was a guy-and i regret checking that tumblr. ew.

No. 142294

this is theunicornkittenkween, who is a lolcow in her own right.

4 years ago she used to be super skinny but now she is borderline obese. she used to never show her face either. so she amassed a MASSIVE following

then she got fat and started showing her face. she looks like a fucking man with makeup on, and the ugliest human being without it on. its honestly so sad.

she bitches all day about having no money and being a "survival" sex worker when she doesn't go get a job and her life goals consist of being a "house wife" to her boyfriend who doesn't have a job either. like no shit, you're both poor, you don't have jobs you lazy pieces of shit.

No. 142460

Yeah, and I'm sure you're earning six figures at a Fortune 500 company.

You seem unnaturally obsessed with the behavior of people on the internet that you barely know. I recommend that you do yourself and the world a favor by blowing your head off with a shotgun.

No. 142462

Whoop, looks like she found the thread.

No. 142494

File: 1437601785967.jpeg (7.97 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpeg)

No. 142514

File: 1437605784331.jpg (343.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-22-15-51-26…)

I didn't know it wasn't okay to say "butthurt" anymore. Or is it just tumblr?

No. 142546

It's striking how much of a cunt this girl is. She comes off as so rude in her FAQ. She has a link to a question where she basically bitches about people asking her about why she shows her face in the porn she does over and over again…
Thread anyone?

No. 143089

can we please? she is such a massive self-important cunt.

No. 143095

File: 1437674706819.jpg (182.57 KB, 1280x854, tumblr_nmg89ehnl01s2rscko1_128…)

She didn't show her face because she is fucking ugly. It's like looking at a fucking golem.

No. 143097

File: 1437674759282.png (141.41 KB, 439x645, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.05…)

And a rant about why its okay for her to beg for money for animals she can't afford but keeps getting

No. 143102

File: 1437674940995.png (32.62 KB, 475x129, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.07…)

Her condescending better-than-you tone is really fucking grating.

And the excuses she makes for not being able to afford basic animal care. Bitch, get a real job. It is no ones fault but you are own that you have student debt from a useless degree from a mediocre college.

No. 143106

What the FUCK? This is super OT. Make a separate thread for this girl. We're here to talk about what a psychotic bitch Sommersby is.

No. 143119


I made another thread, you can view it here: >>143110

No. 143400

I spend half my life on Tumblr and this is my first time seeing someone getting butthurt over "butthurt". I never even thought about a connection to anal rape until I read this bullshit right here.

No. 143401

Gotta love tumblrinas.

>The term "butthurt" originates from spanking, the act of striking the buttocks of another person, which is often seen as a method of punishing a child. Though some cultures view this as an acceptable form of discipline, it can be interpreted as abusive corporal punishment. Online, one of the earliest archived mentions of "butthurt" appeared in a 1998 comment posted on the website of Swiss surrealist painter H. R. Giger.

No. 143485

Thought you guys would like to know this.
Sommersby has definetly seen the thread because she has taken the screencaps of my conversation with another person here on the site, and posted them on facebook.

I deleted her as friends and she got another one of my friends to do it for her. I tried contacting her to take them down but she said she needed to talk to sommersby first to see if it was alright.

Someone has been fooled by her. I'm trying seriously to get them taken down.

No. 143491

Fight back with caps of her camming for pedos lol

No. 143499

Holy shit she posted about me on her tumblr! She's pissed. So instead of talking to me like AN ADULT, she went to social media. Nice.

No. 143500

File: 1437723023569.jpg (246.68 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

She mad lol

No. 143501

Classy as ever, OC, and still trying to play the victim.

No. 143511

File: 1437724578500.png (28.28 KB, 533x275, ha.png)

Oh the hypocrisy

No. 143519

No. 143522

File: 1437727007765.jpg (247.24 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

So much for Jesse claiming OC is schizo. Any other excuses you can come up with for your pedo whore fiancée, bud?

No. 143530

Alright, if she cut out contact with Asherbee, I also have contact with OC so I can keep you updated and stuff.

You see, she only talks to people she finds useful, or if she wants to vent about some shit. I've been trying to be on the down low and keeping the delish drama to myself but

>she does come here but denys it

>every time you guys make fun of her appearance she takes it to heart and tries to improve it

"Potato nose"-nose job
"lol she's got stubby nails"- only gets her nails done at a salon now.

Not to mention, there are others here that have her on facebook. Talking to her she's sweet and cute but call her out on lying and she freaks out at you.

No. 143532

Now that you mention it, she does seem to get super long nails now. Please do go on.

No. 143537

I try not to pry into her personal life- (because I dont want to hear her bitching)but could if I wanted to.

She's a compulsive liar (duh). Sometimes she'll tell me something and then sit on it, come back and say "hey, I'm sorry.. I lied to you.. the truth is.. (insert more lies here)

The shitty lies she tells are easily resolved through google
"a pedo abused me and posted my nudes.."

>go to google

>OC posted nudes under trip on /b/

I was actually dissapointed because she seemed like such a sweet girl but the more I talked to her the more irritated I got.

So, I ended up here, shit talking her myself.

No. 143540

File: 1437730871781.jpg (192.63 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

We all know you lurk here, OC. Only place you could've gotten those screencaps to have your friend post was here. You're just digging your hole deeper.

No. 143553

OC had a nose job?

No. 143562

You know what makes me laugh about this?
Yeah, I do think she would wear fake braces! Just like how she stuffed her bra and pretended to have "omg huge boobs" for all those years!

No. 143574

Did she lie to you about mundane things before, too?

No. 143599

I don't think her getting a nose job is all that bad, considering her nose was pretty unfortunate before. Doesn't excuse her other shitty actions at all though.

No. 143610


Nobody is saying it's bad, we're saying it's hilarious

No. 143624

all the fucking time
Pretty much this
>everyone calls her potato nose
"I don't care what fat losers think of me!"
>gets a nose job

top kek. you made fun of her hair too and she changed that.

No. 143632

File: 1437750295126.png (102.67 KB, 252x260, HONKHONK.png)


No. 143644

File: 1437752165050.jpg (128.24 KB, 999x911, 1367403299980.jpg)

Is it just me or does her nose look exactly the same? What a waste of money & she wants to go back for a second one. No wonder.

Cosmetic surgeons use people with mental disorders to make money.
Recent research has found that there are no hormonal differences between a straight man and a transgender.
It's now to be considered a mental disorder.

But the media aren't going to over publicize that. Want to know why?
Money! Money! Money! Cosmetics!

Here's why that's relevant.

It's people like OC making it financially difficult on burn victims. All this glamour and "teehee make me look better" has completely poisoned the industry. These tansgenders are poisoning the industry. Think of what a burn victim has to go through compared to what you're doing for leisure and get over yourself you pathetic fucking cunt.

tl;dr Mentally disabled and transpeople have raised the price on cosmetic surgery making it more difficult on burn victims. thankyouorange.tk

No. 143648

oh god, oc looks like anne frank.

No. 143649

Oh, sorry I misunderstood. But now I see what you mean, her lying about it getting to her.

No. 143653

No. 143663

I always thought Anne Frank looked sorta like Beckii Cruel or something.

No. 143688

>Recent research has found that there are no hormonal differences between a straight man and a transgender.

No. 143692

No. 143695

no way, anne wasn't that ugly. say what you want about oc but she's at least kinda cute facially, in a girl next door kinda way anyway

No. 143710

>in a girl next door kinda way anyway

I think you mean in a girl one floor up kind of way.

No. 143727

That just shows there are no hormone differences. Other studies show structural brain differences.

No. 143753

I might be posting a conversation I just had with her a moment ago. She basically told me "You need serious help." because I told her "I get even when I've been wronged."

No. 143761

post it, ash, there's no point in not posting it.

No. 143766

So this will be my last post here.

Sommersby just came here to my house. She yelled at me and I yelled back. She basically…..yeah lets leave it there. I'm at a loss for words. I explained to her "I gotta get ready for work." but she was insistent I talk to her.

So per her request, which is the WORST thing I can do, I will not post about her on here anymore. She'll take down the tumblr post about me, I stop posting about her.

Keeps the god damn peace. Even though god knows I'm angry as hell.

No. 143767

oh my god, she is such a fucking nutcase. i'm sorry, ash. well, thanks for taking your time to post and let us in on stuff.

No. 143775


No. 143778

don't go please

No. 143779

Please don't go! Don't let her control your right to talk to us, or control your life in general. You should have called the police on her for trespassing your property.

No. 143793


Wow OC can fuck right off.
So she can't talk to you when she's busy working spreading her chuff for paedophiles but the second she wants to talk she DEMANDS that you drop everything, stop getting ready for walk and talk to her when she's the one that's in the wrong?

Don't go Ash, don't let her fucking bully. I will box her fucking potato nose.

No. 143800

Honestly, as much as I absolutely enjoy the drama, I totally understand if Ash wants to stop posting here.
She said OC lives down the street from her, right? If Ash keeps posting here, it'll have real life consequenses for her and I don't think it's worth it. It's only smart to try to contain online drama online and not let it spill out to your everyday life. No one wants OC to come to their house to yell at them.
Thank you anyway Ash, for all the lols you provided (I always did find you endearing even when you were a lolcow).

No. 143802

in a girl on floor (on her back) kinda way

No. 143806

Do whatever keeps you safe. Fuck that cunt though

No. 143807

If she ever comes back into your property, you should film her.

No. 143809

This is how emotional pressuring works, AB. I bet she even told you she'll kill herself if you don't stop posting. You have the right to do and say whatever you like. YOU didn't do anything wrong and lie about anything possible.

No. 143817

File: 1437775840357.jpg (111.04 KB, 600x400, kony before pony.jpg)

You are well within your rights to post here. What's the big deal? She enjoys this and continues to lurk. She's just laughing it off. Once you show any kindness she will fuck you over or put you on the ignore list. Why? Because she thinks everyone should be just as disrespectful as she is. The only thing that touches the feels is calling her schizo because they're mostly too scared to admit it. Her life is going down hill because she thinks these opinions are a joke when they are very factual and relevant to her persona.

Her Life:
Cam girl for pedophiles
Cosmetic Spending
Drugs & Alcohol

No. 143824

File: 1437777440021.jpg (48.39 KB, 578x706, fd1.jpg)

The problem is always someone else, smh.

No. 143825

File: 1437777456722.jpg (104.89 KB, 576x866, fd2.jpg)

No. 143826

File: 1437777497729.jpg (69.56 KB, 587x684, fd3.jpg)

No. 143827

File: 1437777525333.jpg (43.48 KB, 576x1024, CKjf51mXAAA_Yhq.jpg)

Showing off her new nose on twitter.

No. 143835

It honestly looks the same as before.

No. 143837

lmao it's still so fucking ugly. did they even touch it or did they just put her to sleep and pocket the 5k

No. 143842

File: 1437779276115.jpg (292.67 KB, 974x914, dsdadsd.jpg)

Hey OC just letting you know since it's now painfully obvious that you lurk that if you dare to approach Ash's mother and try to pin what was originally YOUR fuck up for spreading her ED shit in the first place behind her back and then lying about it straight to her face on Ash I'll be sending YOUR mother not only a link to this thread, every thread before it and the threads from Unichan but also a 4 page spread of screenshots from your "anal play video" and every possible screenshot and video I can find of you on cam.

Usually I wouldn't make the effort but you've taken this too far now you conniving cunt. Fucking try me bitch.

No. 143845

Wow, she's going to go tell on her to her mom? What a psycho.

No. 143846


Yeah she's threatened to in this cap here >>143825.

Imagine her trying to take the high ground when she got caught red fucking handed of spreading shit behind her friends back and then had the audacity to make herself into the victim, once again, when confronted.

Maybe Ash should show her mother these threads too, so that if Somersby does happen to show up at her mother's house she knows exactly the kind of psychotic whore she's dealing with.

No. 143847

Wow. Really fucked up. I hate anon culture.

No. 143848

lmao that's probably exactly what they did

No. 143850

It's happening

No. 143851

That image. My sides are in orbit.

No. 143853

Not to mention that showing it doesn't make sense anyways, it takes almost a year until all the swelling is gone.

No. 143854

Much respect anon.

No. 143855

Why? This is amazing.
She made her bed, and now she's going to lie in it.

No. 143859

The send her a message option will be gone soon since OC will go crying to her mom about how Asher is a crazy stalker and tries to spread lies about her.

No. 143862


If she does that and then I find out that she did approach Ash's mother it'll be sent out to her extended family then, which in many ways will be worse.

No. 143866

File: 1437780959465.jpg (57.38 KB, 683x575, 6u.jpg)

Forgot one, posting it before the posts get baleeted.

No. 143891


Link anal play

No. 143896

File: 1437784715085.jpg (69.68 KB, 500x390, group-hug.jpg)

Well, she's still talking about you, Ash! Clearly it's not keeping the peace.

Also sorry for going off topic, but since you do lurk here Ashley, I'm sorry. I was one of the people who bullied you years ago. I never contacted you, but I was one of the people in the background laughing. I'm glad things have turned around for you, you look good. I hope OC gets fucked. If she does contact your mom, please let us know.

No. 143897

What are the chances that OC sent this message to herself as Anon?

I feel like that's a very common thing on Tumblr.

No. 143900

We're talking about the manipulative "I'm the stalked victim and ASH is the sick one"-OC here…

No. 143909


>I cared (and still do)

>She didn't care. So now I don't.


No. 143925

Wow you guys are like super great and my mom knows about this thread. She also KNOWS about her tumblr as well.

She honestly wanted the girls phone number so she could talk to her and her mother herself.

But I did get threatened to get kicked out the house today because my parents think she's going to vandalize our stuff -like our pool-

They said "If anything of ours is damaged or the police show up, then you're out!" So thanks to her, I might be losing my home.

I'm not playing the victim. I'm just letting you guys know whats going on. Thats another reason behind my posting.

But yeah, my mother KNOWS whats going down. And she'll get the money when I damn well please. It's my hard earned money that I do at a minimum wage job. Sorry but I will pay her pack when I fucking please.

Especially with my california trip coming up.

No. 143927


Don't sweat it Ash.
Because of Somersby's actions she's only served to make you look more innocent and her the bad guy.

Seriously, threatening to go your house and taddle on you to your mother? She is pond scum.

No. 143932

Do you have tulpas or something?

No. 143948

I hope OC gets raped up the ass with a dragon dildo

No. 143949

I'm thinking about contacting her mum and telling her about her daughter's suicidal states. At least that kind of attention on her online presence would help OC somehow.

No. 143952

Headmates? Really?


No. 143954

File: 1437796672147.gif (722.98 KB, 480x360, 1421885399849.gif)

do it do it do it

No. 143963

OC is literally a little kid with no friends. She's also physically crippled (supposedly) so she'll probably fall over and croak if she has the audacity to go to your house again.

I personally would have a baseball bat ready though. Just in case she's stupid enough to try anything. ^_^

No. 143965

Dont worry. I have 911 on speed dial. If she comes by again, I give her one warning then it's calling the cops to get her off my property.

I did slam the door behind her though when she left today. Pretty much did it in her face.

No. 143971

Why wait? Send all that shit to her mom right now. She's already cemented herself as an awful person 3 threads and 1 year ago. Now it's just ridiculous.

No. 143973

Don't worry Asherbee, I got this.

No. 143974

File: 1437799598920.png (333.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-25-05-18-13…)

Okay so I don't know if anybody missed this but Admin or a janitor just outed OC in this thread and posted her IP but forgot to put on their mod/farmhand trip so deleted their post.

Anyway I screencapped it (sorry mods, I want to show the rest of the thread OC's samefagging).

No. 143975

File: 1437799790853.png (521.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-25-05-43-41…)


So anyway I looked up the IP and well, well, well, Virginia.

Anybody else remember OC's diatribes about how she's been raped and the evils of rape and don't even joke about rape blah, "I'm a victim" blah?
Well, here's OC making false flag rape threats against herself >>143948

No. 143976

If it's really her and she wants to get raped with a dragon dildo why doesn't she ever show that on fucking MFC?

Its not like she has "Good christian values" it's a fucking Webcam whore site

No. 143977

Goddamn who would have thought that retarded little PULL admin would have turned out to be such a great cow.

Now I want the rest of her posts ITT this thread to get ousted.

No. 143978


But she's asexual Anon :^(

No. 143979

No staff have posted IPs or anything similar in this thread.

No. 143980

You don't need to have a sexuality to stuff a dragon dildo up your ass

No. 143981


So who the hell was the poster in >>143974 that submitted OC's IP which links to a server just outside Chesterfield, VA?

No. 143983

plenty of asexuals masturbate with dragon dildoes anon-chan don't be an opressive shitlord you're #triggering me

No. 143985

the hacker known as 4chan

No. 144056

Thank you anon. I appreciate the apology. We were kids and ya know…we did dumb stuff.

No. 144069

lmao I woke up this morning and I think OC did a huge clear out of her friends list, cause I'm not on it any more. Oh well.

No. 144113

Except no, she didn't tell her to not be seen as a meanie desu but decided to tell internet anonymous people rather than her ''friend''. I think she's not aware of how transparent she is. She could be better if she tried.

No. 144130

File: 1437825374846.jpg (31.19 KB, 526x403, drgt.jpg)

Exactly, OC. Leaving friendships off without apologies and realizing your faults is shit as well.

No. 144132

Looking at these old pics >>1463 >>1469 and >>1474 kind of show that her old nose was a bit bigger. It's all in all a bit smaller and can't be this recent. The face braces accusation is kind of dumb though.

No. 144134

She's just using a tactic abusers use. Notice how she says the stuff she gave you was "For free" Alongside saying she wants it back?

No. 144135

Found out this morning she sent a friend request to my mother.

No. 144136

so she's still planning to do whatever the fuck she wants, while manipulating you? she's such a cunt.

No. 144137

jokes on OC though bc all this time we've still been laughing at her post-nosejob nose. it still looks like shit, somersby. you're still fucking ugly, and you have the hideous personality to match your shapeless schnoz.

No. 144142

Light that bitch up

No. 144145


Oh really?
Time to start gathering up those links and pictures then huh

No. 144150

File: 1437835024575.jpg (31.48 KB, 443x332, image.jpg)

Are you the same anon who said they'd contact OC's mom?

No. 144165

File: 1437838957465.jpg (95.33 KB, 400x491, strong womyn.jpg)

let her be, guys! geez! can't you see how she's such a strong and independent native american feminist womyn who needs no elmo?

No. 144167



No. 144171

No. 144173

post the anal video, lets send all of her camwhoring shit to them