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File: 1442421591211.jpg (109.02 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 32689

(The poster and the subject of this thread are the same person. For more information, please see >>52709.)
(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Not sure if anyone has brought up the semi cam girl déjà yet on here. She was involved in the truth blog community running various truth blogs the first one being a hate blog for herself which is why I wanted to bring her up lol she made her truth blog private and turned cam girl but she was the cam girl targeted in the kaylee mulleins drama(kaylee basically went after her and kept doxxing and threatening her) her tumblr is dejaentedevil.tumblr.com tho if you wanna lurk

No. 32691

No. 32692

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She kinda looks like Felice mixed with Wylona with the awful aesthetic of megvnmvrie lmao

No. 32694

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I remember her. Lmao she made her induction by running a fan blog for ember whann and then running her own hate blog all in one week and got caught quick. She was a train wreck when she first appeared but she kinda calmed down since then. But she was the quickest girl I've ever seen the community make a truth blog about lmao whimsical made one about her like a day after her appearance

No. 32701

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Lol this girl is funny she gets a few hundred-thousand likes on all her pics and has a big following I thought she was tumblr famous for a while when I first started following her but then I realized 80% of her following is pedos like megvnmvrie

No. 32705

Wat does she do beside have big tits

No. 32711

File: 1442424914184.jpg (8.33 KB, 264x191, samefag.jpg)


No. 32717

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She's funny when she's trying to truth blog but now she pretty much just whores herself out and whines about her spoiled privileged life

No. 32721

File: 1442425821332.jpg (68.16 KB, 423x750, image.jpg)

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She looks like ember whann in this pic :cringes: back when ember had her black hair also going thru her pics more than half of them is her covering her face like this she looks mad insecure

No. 32722

File: 1442426117557.jpg (304 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Her boobs don't look real or natural at all either surgery or she photoshops I can't tell but her body is so abnormal looking

No. 32726

File: 1442426507761.gif (733.12 KB, 300x270, tumblr_nu0tcnEhEc1smf70mo1_400…)

they look pretty damn saggy, just bras man. The thing she's wearing is not a good look for tits that sag over.

No. 32727

I dont understand why boobs are so valuable and important in beauty industry

No. 32735

File: 1442427613908.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.47 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

They don't look saggy in her other photos and gifs I think they're just too big and with that flannel covering half of tnem it looked like it but she has photos like this and others where her boobs look like porn star implants

No. 32737

Spoiler plz

No. 32738

I don't know who this is, but I came in here when I saw this pic bc she's not wearing a properly fitting bra.
It's not the right size for her, too small, and something like being too small or too big can aid in not properly holding up your breats - which is something big breast women need or else they'll sag.

No. 32740

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She boasts about her boobs "being too big for stores" and says she wears like 3 sizes too small because "that's all she can find"

No. 32741

It's Kaylee Mullenix, not Mulleins. I think this girl shut her truth blog down quite a while ago, too. Why is this even a thread? Because boobs? Annoying.

No. 32743

>>32741 right………….

No. 32745

Two pregnancies and those titties will be on the floor

No. 32746

The run-on sentence introducing this thread reeks of selfpost from this girl.

No. 32747

>>32746 lmfao…. "Hey i got big tits I can be famous!" Haha maybe it might work in porn

No. 32753

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I wouldn't be surprised if kaylee made this tbh it's like she was trying to throw us off with purposely spelling her last name wrong

No. 32754

So shes a camwhore with no job and saggy tits wat else is new… Sounds like every other slut on the internet

No. 32755

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Yea like why would the op even bring up kaylees name in this it's irrelevant and fishy

No. 32757

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Our doughnut used to rip this girl to shreds

No. 32760

Def a kaylee thread

No. 32765

this chick is such an asshole. I wonder what she's gonna do with her life when eventually nobody wants to see that giant flabby sagging body.

No. 32767

This makes no sense. Kaylee doesn't type like this, and she can never help sounding exactly like herself (even when she was pretending to be different people across several blogs). Deja does type exactly like this, and I know for a fact she's aware of this forum. It is definitely a selfpost.

No. 32768

Holy shit. you're right. I just realized the typing style is identical to Deja's.

No. 32774

What an idiot… No education im guessing… Probably escorts and thinks shes special cuz she had big cow tits…. And from the sounds of it a shitty boring personality

No. 32777

i hate deja to the depths of my bones, so glad someone finally made a thread about her omg

she's a self centered twat and she only has tits because she is a fat whore lol

No. 32780

deja your tits are saggy asf, you should really think of getting breast reduction surgery omg

No. 32781

imagine how fat she's gonna be in 5-10 years. :(

No. 32783


omg the poor ham planet :-(((

No. 32789

High class men never go for big cow titty camwhore with no brains

No. 32790


couldn't have said it better myself, maybe she should get a real job lol

No. 32791

Breast lift would do her good

No. 32794

someone has made a thread about JB too now finally, i really hope this one takes off


No. 32828

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She has a real job cause all she does is wines about it on her blog daily

No. 32837

lmfao why does she need a real job if she supposedly makes soooo much moneyyyy~ from camming/selling pics? seems fishy as fuck to me. she's probably not half as successful as she claims to be.

No. 32848

I adore deja, I think she's great at marketing herself and although I'd never want a body like hers…it's really nice, I don't like nsfw shit usually but honestly she has a cute face and nice tits

No. 32874

Truth. I went through one and my poor B cups look deflated

No. 32875

It must depend. Mine look exactly the same as before pregnancy.

No. 32877

She's a cunt until someone does is rude back and then she cries about how she has some MH issues so don't ever be mean.
Bitch needs to stop wallowing in her fat and ego.

No. 32878

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the strategically placed blanket covering that sloppy gut.

No. 32885

Does not breast feeding keep boobs the same or no

No. 32891

Did you breastfeed? I heard breastfeeding makes the sagging worse. I pumped So that might be why I now have pancakes.

No. 32955

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

When has she used mental health as an excuse? I've never heard her claim that unless I missed something but it would be pretty funny if she did cause that's usually every snowflakes go to excuse

No. 33018

I can't find the post but tldr; someone called her out for being a jealous fatty and her flipflopping over truth blogs and she threw a big old tantrum then said nobody can ever call her out because she has paranoid personality disorder and criticism and truth are her triggers.

She sent me a personal message once calling me a retard and ugly too, which is hilarious because..I mean, just look at it?

No. 33019

File: 1442481818216.gif (1.85 MB, 340x205, Whoa.gif)

I am so high right now and I feel like every single post in this thread was written by the same person and it's freaking me out. I don't know what is going on here. Make it stop. Pls help

No. 33020

btw I am so proud that I happened to have the perfect gif for that post already saved in my pictures folder

No. 33029

File: 1442488327096.jpeg (40.7 KB, 500x345, funny-pictures-stoner-humor-au…)

so jealous of you! I still got 4 hours of work before I get to smoke my first jay of the day.
Enjoy your high, stoner-chan

It's like a present from your past self!

No. 33040

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I remember her making the ppd post and it had nothing to do with what you just said? She made that post about accusing emilyologist of submitting something about her and then used ppd as an excuse for being paranoid and accusing her. I kinda doubt she would send you a personal message off anon calling you a retard or whatever or there would have been receipts of that all over tumblr and the truth blogs. Idk you kinda just sound like you're talking out your ass

No. 33042

I never bothered submitting screenshots of her message to truth blogs, why give her the attention?
I misremembered the ppd thing, clearly. Either way she's two faced.

No. 33054

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Sorry but no proof or it didn't happen

No. 33056

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

"Not wanting to give her attention" seems like a dumb excuse seeing you're talking about it here and giving her it

No. 33075

File: 1442500072284.png (219.49 KB, 636x381, 1.png)

she only has like 3,000 followers? she is in no way tumblr famous. the only reason she even has big tits is because she is fat as shit.

pic related but it's 7 weeks old - she's only gotten fatten in that time

No. 33077

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

You kinda sound like you just have some personal vendetta against her and is dragging her for anything you can think of

No. 33079

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She posts like weekly screenshots bragging about her followers lmao last one I saw she was around 7 or 8k but her followers are all pedos so… Who really cares

No. 33083

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She doesn't look fat at all there I mean you can't even see anything in that pic. She looks like a Felice fawn wannabe but idk why do you keep dragging her for high school shit I really don't care how fat you think she is I would rather laugh at her lulzy. Behavior

No. 33084


No. 33085

white knight pls go

No. 33086

File: 1442500892121.png (722.42 KB, 628x596, krrr.png)


She has been caught sending people anonymous hate mail before. I can't remember who she sent them too but I remember someone thinking that Ember Whann >>27528 spammed them with a bunch of hateful, anonymous messages about how ugly/fat/annoying they were and when that person blamed Ember, Deja came out of the woodwork, confirming that she was the one who barraged the poor kid with a bunch of horrible anon messages and laughed about it, saying she isn't sorry and doesn't care about the person's feelings which is why she sent them to begin with.

If anyone knows what I am talking about, send remind me of the person she did this too because I would post links to prove what I am seeing is true but I just need to know who the victim was because Deja deleted all of the posts off of her blog.

No. 33088

File: 1442501290109.png (168.2 KB, 249x475, tumblr_njgzt4GcEf1rok9s0o1_128…)


>>She doesn't look fat at all

ehhhhhhhhh ok……. she looks pretty fucking huge to me

No. 33089

File: 1442501476851.png (341.88 KB, 539x373, tumblr_njgzt4GcEf1rok9s0o1_946…)

Here is Kristen compared to a normal sized girl lmfao.

That gut dough

No. 33097

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Why does this post keep getting bumped this girl is boring as fuck and a nobody this thread should just die already

No. 33098

lol nobody is forcing you to be here peace!!

No. 33099

because this is lolcow and we milk fat cows like these. stop looking at the thread if your panties are so fucki twisted bout it.

No. 33100

her blog says she is a cam girl?

anyone have any screenshots from any of her camming sessions? looking for some wins

No. 33101

ughhhh her stomach sticks out as far as her tits

No. 33103

she doesn't do live cams I don't think, I'm pretty sure she just charges $15 so you can get nudie snapchats from her. no doubt terrible quality photos with fat girl angles to hide that massive gunt.

No. 33107

File: 1442503225968.png (498.94 KB, 636x544, tumblr_gfd6wtgarze9s0o8_9765.p…)

she used to be so skinny. it's such a shame that she blew up and became a land whale.

No. 33110

meh, even when she was average weight she still had that paper bag worthy face

No. 33111

File: 1442503328425.png (1.74 MB, 1098x1446, tumblr_liu78uyt65ze9s0o2_4212.…)

No. 33112

File: 1442503526572.png (505.35 KB, 601x511, land whales.png)

this pic was taken around the same time as these two pictures: >>33111 >>33107

her butt and thighs are so flabby that they literally become 3 time the size when she sits down hahaha

also, get a load of the other cows she hangs out with. someone man the harpoons!!

No. 33113

File: 1442503537025.png (308.83 KB, 578x628, omg.png)



No. 33115


no wonder she never posts face pictures anymore. guys only like her for her body.

No. 33118

this smells so much like samefag

No. 33119

hoooooolyyyyy fuuuuck… I honestly NEVER would've guessed that was deja if you hadn't written it under the photo. dear god she looks awful.

No. 33120

I can certainly smell the samefag. I have a feeling it's the OP.

No. 33129

i'm the person who posted the last 4 pictures (not counting this one >>33113 though since its just a cropped version of the pic i already posted) and those, along with this message, are the only things i've posted to this thread. though i do agree with you, most of the comments at the very top sound like they all came from the same person who was just trying to get their thread noticed.

any chance this thread is a self post? she did get caught running her own hate blog, so making her own thread doesn't seem that far fetched.

No. 33130


It's very likely Kirsten posted this thread about herself. The run on sentences are a completely dead giveaway, and she also hardly ever uses punctuation. She's obviously in need of a lot of attention so it would make sense for her to self post for 15 minutes of not-even-fame.

No. 33133


Okay I snagged all of these pictures off of her PUBLIC instagram https://instagram.com/x0666xx/ and I just went to her page again and it's now PRIVATE.

Proving that Kristen is in here and possibly commenting.

Also, the probability that this thread is a self post has just increased.

(By the way, I still have her instagram pulled up and am able to view over 400 of her photos. I will be posting the luliest ones since she obviously don't want anyone to view them.)

No. 33137

God bless you, anon. to me, this just confirms that she knows we know she self posted, and is trying to backpedal and cover her arse.

No. 33141

File: 1442505519674.png (829.2 KB, 897x891, family.png)

I'm trying to make a college of her pictures so I won't spam this thread but wanted to share this photo of her and her siblings. I may be wrong but I believe she is the youngest child. Does anyone know her ethnicity?

No. 33143

File: 1442505736063.png (145.26 KB, 360x488, homer.png)



No. 33157

File: 1442506755133.jpg (146.57 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)

>>being this orange
>>having those teeth

and yet she still wants to try and come for Ember's looks. both are equally gross honestly.

No. 33162

File: 1442507080447.png (11.13 MB, 2344x4144, kristen.png)


Okay, here's the collage of selfies from Kristen's instagram page.

No. 33170


looking @ those pictures of deja makes me feel 100% better about my own appearance jesus christ what a ham planet

No. 33172

File: 1442507521506.png (380.42 KB, 770x380, man hands.png)

No. 33173

File: 1442507586284.gif (499.06 KB, 386x243, giphy-1.gif)


am i the only one who thinks of this when i see her meat hoofs

No. 33178

now we know why she covers her mouth. to hide that gnarly smile.

No. 33181

File: 1442507994402.png (190.25 KB, 383x269, gainer.png)

this makes me sad

before on the left - after on the right

No. 33189


This girl is spoiled fucking rotten. She is around 24 years old, still lives at home with mommy and daddy, drives around in a car that they bought her, and has the fucking audacity to shoplift petty shit like make up or condoms that she literally has the money for!

She used to brag about shoplifting clothes all the time before the truth bloggers starting raising hell over it. The girl is fucking scum. The fact that she is a ugly lard ass makes it worse.

No. 33192

nice strategically placed blanket to make your waist appear smaller while also enlarging the size of your breast.

you totally aren't hiding your fat under that blanket and there totally aren't any fat rolls under those shorts.

we are completely fooled.

No. 33194

File: 1442509099297.jpg (197.87 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)

I'd like to take a moment to remember that time she made this hilariously bad copy of AHS' first season promo poster.

No. 33197

it looks good to me, no need to insult her art. she's pretty darn talented.

No. 33207


Found proof of Kristen sending someone anonymous hate mail and then telling them to "Lmao cry me a fucking river" after they acknowledged her confession.


She's a cold-hearted cow.

No. 33249

i follow this girl on tumblr and i never knew that this was what she really looked like wow..

No. 33250


Eyes are too far apart, teeth are too ratty, body is too shapely, nose is too long/bulbous, and her fingers are too fat. It would cost her a lot of money to actually look decent. How unlucky. Does she actually make any money as a cam girl?

I mean, seriously?

No. 33307

That ain't even close to skinny anon.
She was average there, and now she's a hamplanet.

No. 33314

She has a better body than charms, I'm sensing a tumblrina

No. 33315

Charms is just as bad tho?

Tbh I think déjà and charms would both look a little better if they'd take a fucking shower. Girls looks greasier than McDonald's.

No. 33317

She's white. She said so. Just tans and dyes her hair. She's naturally a pale light brunette. She posted a pic once but that might have been on her truth blog.

No. 33323

I remember when someone submitted pics like this in reverse as a "before and after" to a weight loss blog with some kinda super-posi ~success story~ blurb, and asked the owner to tag it "Ember Whann" (presumably so Deja would see it and chimp out).

I think she ended up blaming Emily and Whismical? Either way, pretty funny.

No. 33324

at least charms' face is still easier to look at, imo. her teeth aren't yellow beavers sticking out of her mouth like Kristen's. but either way they're both gross lard asses who need to grow up and stop mooching off mama and dada.

No. 33325

Didn't someone post proof that she actually self submitted that weight loss shit herself?

No. 33326

Charm's stomach looks like balls tho

No. 33327

File: 1442533632383.jpg (168.85 KB, 500x696, 9b12388442337133ae917c802199ea…)

Haha do you mean this?


"Highest weight: 270lbs
Starting weight: 246lbs
Current weight: 143lbs
Thought I do plan to continue losing weight and exercising, I love my new body so much!! My weight loss journey has been a tough one but I am so proud I kept going!! I can’t wait to see the end progress."

In all honestly, that sounds a lot like someone that Ember girl would say ^

No. 33328

so does Kristen's, but she hides her fupa with pulled up shorts and blankets lol

No. 33330

No amount of weight loss will ever fix that pitiful face.

No. 33331

Even if you guys still think she's ugly, she's definitely improved in the face department

If she had stayed thin she might have been more popular

No. 33332

Improved? really? I don't think gaining 100 lbs and covering your face to hide that is an "improvement"

No. 33333

Even turning into a full-blown spoopy ana princess wouldn't make her popular and IG/tumblr eats that shit up.

No. 33334

I don't think so, she seemed like she was actually freaking out over that.
YES that's it! Hahaa. I almost want to believe Ember did write that, the fake-posi 'tude sounds so much like her. I think Ember was kind of being ignored at the time, too, so it seems like something she would do.

No. 33335

holy damn nice quintuples anon. anyway yeah even if she had a healthy toned body that took hard work and dedication, she's still stuck with that horrendous facial structure and those awful teeth. so to even be popular, she'd have to cut her face out of allllll her selfies, and even then nobody would care about her because it's just another thin girl. so she's fucked either way.

No. 33490

File: 1442588009197.png (15.15 KB, 422x150, Hahaha.png)

No. 33491


Damn, she had some pretty nice tits before she allowed her stomach to stick out further than them.

All she needs to do is drop around 60 pounds and she woulf feel better about herself. She clearly hides her face and fat rolls in every selfie because she is ashamed of her body which is sad.

Deja, if you don't like yourself, stop hiding and work on improving your health. You'll be so much happier in the long run. (And you'll probably sell more nudes too)

No. 33493

Ew no, Kristen used to be obsessed with Felice Fawn and even posted photos of her on her Instagram.

No. 33494

Kristen is like 4 Felice Fawn's mashed together.

No. 33497

File: 1442591017272.jpg (65.46 KB, 750x619, image.jpg)

You tumblr fags are so pathetic…learn how to lolcow

No. 33519

File: 1442593345262.png (18.28 KB, 1040x918, yeah.png)

No. 33683

Tumblr; where retards come to mingle and interbreed.

No. 33692

It's some personal army bullshit

No. 33703

stop posting this everywhere. you look like a retard and you're shitting up several threads.

No. 33711


>do a lulcow on her ass

No. 33727

Déjà has left tumblr now.
Does this farmer dare hope its to take a fucking jog and dentist?

No. 33733

Maybe she's camming for braces

No. 34054

I'm gonna go ahead and say it'll take exactly one week for Deja to miss the attention too much and bring her blog back online.

No. 34069

I hope not, if she is her teeth will never see the light of dentistry.

No. 34947

She literally disgusts the fuck out of me & I really don't know why. It's not because she's fat/ugly, there are plenty of overweight technically "unattractive" people that I like just fine. There's just something about her that grosses me out. Her being nasty looking doesn't help matters lol but it's not the sole reason I can't stand her. I dislike her so much that when she followed me on tumblr I blocked her just so I wouldn't have to see her face in my notifications. Not commenting on here again either, I really don't want to see her face. Ew. Just ew.

No. 35171

feel so bad for deja lol, i can sit here and eat w/e the fuck i want bc i actually have a good physique which i maintain whereas she probably cries while staring into a bakery all day ahahah fat ham planet piece of shit

No. 35533

File: 1442940211280.png (316.95 KB, 564x492, lmfao.png)

why do you faggots think that she deleted her blog? she updates it every day. like does the url really throw you off that bad?

let me just show you all a little trick. if a person appears to have deleted their blog but you aren't for certain, just visit their archive page. if it still works, they didn't actually terminate their account lol


kristen will be back within a week, i'm sure.

No. 35535

File: 1442940335239.png (37.65 KB, 326x322, info.png)

she posted this the day she supposedly "closed her tumblr".

seriously though, if anyone has any videos of her camming, hmu.

No. 35536

wow deja, keep on draining your parent's money why don't cha

wtf is she even going to school for? god i cant imagine how disappointed her folks are going to be when she ends up dropping out in a month or so.

No. 35538

tbh i cant help but feel secondhand embarrassment knowing that this bitch is 24 and still lives at home with mommy and daddy. they just bought this bitch a new car and now she convinced them to fork out money so she can go to school? jesus christ shes so pathetic

No. 35696

watch her fat ass get lazy and drop out

No. 47278

File: 1445388210372.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_2015-10-20-20-41-38…)

This is what Kristen would look like if she wasn't so fat and her nose wasnt so huge.


No. 47667

dat armpit spillage tho..

No. 51571

Given recent events, I wish an Admin would confirm whether this was a self-made thread or not, after all. There does appear to be a lot of evidence for it.

No. 51575

There's just the one Admin.

If it's a self post, it breaks the rules and Admin publicially ID's the poster.

No. 51584

lol, since when has every self post been revealed?

No. 51598

Obviously they don't all get outed. But Deja is part of the same little Tumblr drama circle as Ember and Eboni, plus self-posting a thread violates global rules, so it's worth being curious.

No. 52709

Kristen/"dejaentedevil" created this thread.

>Global Rule 8. Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

You know the drill. All of her posts have been marked with "Posted by Kristen". She is not banned, but must identify herself in the name field at all times.

Threads she's made:


Other threads she's posted in:


No. 52712

Self-posts are allowed. Only self-threads are disallowed.

Though based on a lot of comments in this board, it appears many people do not actually know what "board", "thread", or "post" mean.

No. 52714

Why do people keep doing this? I mean I get it, I'm an attention whore myself but after PD and such, you'd think they'd stop. It just doesn't usually end all that well.

No. 52715

How? Sauce?

No. 52716

I don't know, but honestly, seeing the aftermath of it is pretty hilarious (if also a bit secondhand-embarrassing). What the hell is up with the "insulting yourself on anon" thing? Are they just trying to attract white knights?

This was me. I knew this thread smelled super fishy.

No. 52725

is… is she asian?

No. 52726

File: 1446288611238.png (1.03 MB, 942x1110, 2.png)

god no

No. 52727

I was actually referencing >>32691 lol, but I forgive because she's obviously not asian at all.

No. 52736

probably looks good to you because you have 0 artistic background and haven't had anatomy lessons. it could be worse, but its still pretty shit.

No. 52738

I never made this thread and I want proof of the ip that made it because this is my ip that I'm posting from right now and the only ip I use

No. 52739

lol sure

No. 52740

They're doing it to be relevant and ~famouz~. Some people think that there's no such thing as bad publicity, and talking shit about yourself on a place like lolcow gives you a chance to post a whineblog about being bullied and shit so you get a thousand sympathizers coming your way. Every lolcow and snowflake lurks their thread here which is why their accounts swiftly get deleted or put behind a password if things get out of hand, and they themselves appear to tell bullshit lies like "I never heard of this place until my friend told me you guys are talking about me here and you're all sick fucks woe is me" etc, etc. Chances are that they often post to other threads as well making fun of other cows/flakes.

No. 52741

>same poster selffagging the fuck out
>flees the thread once word gets out that she's a fatty boo boo
>guys I never made this thread I swear this is the only IP I ever post from and I didn't just change my device!!!!

No. 52744


No. 52746

>being anything over 100 lbs at 5'1"

its like these women don't love themselves

No. 52747

Go eat a sandwich, ana chan.

No one needs to be a whale like this, but below 100 lbs is definitely underweight for a 5'1" adult woman.

No. 52748

According to BMI… which is garbage. 30% of people with a "healthy" BMI are obese according to their body fat percentage. http://blogs.plos.org/obesitypanacea/2015/04/30/30-of-people-with-a-healthy-bmi-are-actually-obese/

BMI is an extremely rough measure. It overestimates healthy weights for short people, young people, and women (as women have lower muscle mass than men). It's only meant to be used on populations to track changes in their weight over time. Not on individuals to determine if they're "healthy".

Most women around 5' look quite awful if they go above 100-105 lbs, unless they are buff or have an extremely large frame (unlikely at their height). Anyone who would deny this is either not a short woman; or a short woman who is chubby and insecure.

No. 52754

Or a normal person without a raging case of BDD, but whatever.

No. 52762

The admin is not an idiot and would never say someone made a thread or a post without being 100% certain. It isn't like he just up and decided to call you out on a whim.

Also, you immediately started posting information in this thread that only you, and a few select other's would know.

I mean, just read the posts that he labeled with your name:

>>32740 <- I follow your blog and didn't even see the post about this
>>33040 <- This post just screams you because , again, only a very few people even remember this. It's more likely that YOU would be posting that rather than someone else. I mean, you never had whiteknights before so I don't think they would magically appear on lolcow.
>>33083 <- Wow another whiteknight? What are the odds.

Do you now see why it's hard to believe you over our admin?

No. 52763

Ok, tubby.

No. 52764

If you sincerely think an adult woman who's 5'1" and 110-115 lbs is a fatty, I feel sorry for you.

No. 52765

you're both fat stfu

No. 52767

sorry, i was the anon who made the original post here.

i don't mean that women who are 5'1" and 110-115 are fat. it just shocks me that someone can get to 140 or even 200 at 5'1". for short people even 5 pounds makes a huge difference. i don't understand how she could walk around 100 lbs heavier and not feel like heavy and like shit. any extra weight on short girls isn't distributed properly.

No. 52770

Just so you know, that picture >>33327 which says Kristen is 5'1 was fake. I have no idea how tall she is, but those images were switched. The fatter ones are more recent, she actually gained a lot of weight and someone tried to pretend that she lost weight.

No. 52773

Yeah, and submitted to a weight loss blog, that was already discussed.
She probably DOES feel like shit.

No. 52774

I fucking knew it. I knew from the start that this was a selfpost and I could tell every fucking time which was Kristen and which was another anon. This bitch is so fucking dumb. Thank you for all this glorious, glorious milk, tho.

No. 52808

I'm going numb from her stupidity. She didn't even try to hide the fact that she's a samefag, she used the same typing style in every one of her posts. It's as if she was hoping to get caught.

No. 52809

It's not shocking really. I mean she did create her own hate blog and try to blame it on someone else.

No. 52814

Nah, she's just barely literate and can't help it.

No. 52816

A lot of her self posts are super obvious because she types in run-on sentences ALL THE TIME.

If you read her blog you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Her sentences have no punctuation and just go on forever. Same with her self posts.

She didn't even bother to try and change her writing style lmao. Embarrassing.

No. 52840

>I never made this thread and I want proof of the ip that made it because this is my ip that I'm posting from right now and the only ip I use

The IP you're currently posting from is the same IP you used to make several posts in other threads, like >>33495. That IP did not post this thread or post in it, but several of your other IPs did. As usual, I rely on much more than just IP addresses to attribute posts.

No. 52844

hahahahaha I love when they try to deny it like admin knows what theyre doing sweetie just admit you were looking for attention and "fame"

No. 52850

She's desperately trying to make whismical look bad again in her blog.

These two girls are like starving dogs fighting over a scrap of gristle. Excellent keks rn.

No. 52851

Typical hamplanet behavior.
Muh cuuuuuurves are so sexeeeeeeee
Teeheeee my boobs are just SO BIG
Only a dog wants a bone ~jigglejiggle~

If she acts like she's hot and wanted she can ignore how hard it is to use stairs and tie her shoelaces, and that she probably sweats in the snow.

No. 52866

It's amazing the way girls in the US balloon up right when they hit the legal drinking age. American cuisine and college drinking culture do not mix well.

No. 52872

I think it's just because they've stopped growing and aren't using up as many calories anymore. You can get away with a lot of shit as a teenager, but when you're 20 and still eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast and pasta for dinner, you're going to get huge quickly

No. 52873

File: 1446339514898.png (244.49 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ni5hq9k53Y1smf70mo1_128…)

No. 52874

File: 1446339531926.gif (1.54 MB, 360x270, tumblr_ngloemPlBP1smf70mo1_400…)

No. 52875

File: 1446339592261.jpg (107 KB, 640x480, tumblr_nitfctfGSN1smf70mo1_128…)

No. 52876

File: 1446339625920.jpg (92.73 KB, 780x717, tumblr_n5p3sxU1Ft1smf70mo1_128…)

No. 52882

Mom is still probably cooking her meals when she isn't getting takeout.
She looks so soft, like a slightly toasted marshmallow but with lipstick and eyeliner and nipples.

No. 52883

I thought her arm was part of her stomach for a second.
If you're not confident in your stomach, why take photos like this? What are you trying to prove?

No. 52901

Damn that belly overhang

No. 52902

File: 1446350965812.jpg (159.07 KB, 487x498, tumblr_nx4akxHLxc1smf70mo1_500…)

she tried lol

No. 52905


No. 52908

For so long I thought she was way thinner than she actually is because when I first followed her she was only posting like sfw selfies. Then one day I noticed how chub her wrists seemed.

I was always kind of taken aback by how big her boobs were compared to how thin (I thought) she was.

But then I looked at her archive and lol. She'd probably drop a couple cup sizes if she lost weight.
It's amazing what flattering angles and carefully placed pieces of hair/clothing can do.

No. 52909

Just sitting back, laughing at this cause I knew this girl was transparent as water. Another try hard. But in one of dejas posts she calls out Whism about posting as much as she did. They are the same so im sure deja is right about that. Why do they think this helps relevance online. It creates more of a following of people tearing you down which I can only assume isn't healthy 24/7

No. 52910

File: 1446353143060.png (103.78 KB, 797x399, Screenshot_2015-11-01-00-40-49…)

Found this in the Webcam girl thread, she's talking about Megan here.

I wonder the same thing about Kristen, she tries to hard to come off as a bitch on het blog and her body looks much worse than hers, so I just am curious if anyone actually has ever paid to see her nudes/cam up.

No. 52911

Funny because she's constantly up Megan's asshole

No. 52915

File: 1446354883558.jpeg (419.74 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

When the girl one French fry away from morbid obesity goes in the fat girl thread to try and make herself feel better. Kristen makes half those girls look like bikini models.

No. 52997

She thought she could lie, she thought she could get away with it, BITCH THOUGHT WRONG.

Looks like she deleted her blog (or maybe changed the url - probably since Whismical keeps telling her followers what Kristen did) either way, looks like she is on the run!!

No. 53002

File: 1446399333399.png (660.78 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_2015-11-01-12-20-13…)


No. 53003

File: 1446399338295.jpg (340.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-01-09-31-04…)

And someone told megan lmao this is hilarious. I didn't even know kristen had it in her to be so desperate and attention-whorey. Would've expected it from ember but not her.

No. 53005

File: 1446399716823.png (790.43 KB, 2048x1466, PhotoGrid_1446399614104-1.png)


No. 53014

This is almost as good as when ember got exposed for self posting.

No. 53018

File: 1446402400555.jpeg (39.66 KB, 361x517, image.jpeg)

Holy fuck look at this beast. No wonder she hides her face. She's the ugly fat friend.

No. 53019

File: 1446402682305.jpeg (141.03 KB, 640x1081, image.jpeg)

She changed her blog name to hide from the backlash.

No. 53021

Fuck she is so ugly. No wonder the hidden face aesthetic worked so well for her.

Her friend is a qtpi doe.

No. 53024

>favouriting anything by whismical
Your storenevy wishlist is atrocious. I hope you never wear any of that in public.
Thanks for the email.

No. 53028

File: 1446403880719.jpg (63.34 KB, 561x553, tumblr_n5p3sxU1Ft1smf70mo1_128…)


Lol deja submitted a photo of herself to megan and it barely got 100 notes. sad, considering she has over 50k followers

No. 53038

File: 1446405611308.jpeg (85.39 KB, 636x638, image.jpeg)

No wonder she's been camming for almost six months and has only made 1,000 dollars. That rounds off to about 8 customers a month…

No. 53054

I just wanted to post this here to let you guys know I addressed everything I did on my blog. I've realized what I've done and it's not right to ignore it. I think it's best for me not to be online so that's why I'm shutting down my blog and won't be coming on here anymore. I don't want you guys to think I'm ditching all of this which is why I addressed it all on my blog. But I won't be coming back on here to check or logging into my tumblr for a few weeks and I apologize for starting so much immature shit on here

No. 53058

File: 1446410883931.jpg (140.63 KB, 430x430, i-dont-always-talk-to-communit…)

No. 53063

File: 1446411389736.jpg (3.69 MB, 600x336, 1620292 (1).jpg)

>>53054 Shut the fuck up with the excuses. No one cares, you're an official lolcow now. Congrats.

No. 53064

I'm honestly not giving any excuses Im only explaining why I did what I did you guys can hate me it's understandable I just wanted to address everything and not hide what I did anymore

No. 53066

Honestly, just stop commenting. You're only making shit worse for yourself. It's embarrassing to watch.

No. 53068

File: 1446412488043.jpg (388.52 KB, 1054x856, Screenshot_5434_eu3n.jpg)

>>I posted a thread about myself on the forum because I just wanted to see how people felt about me

Just like that hate blog you made for yourself, right? You should have learned your lesson the last time you were caught doing this kind of stuff. Did you really think you would get away with it?

>>All of the threads that don’t contain ember, Emily, the two Megan’s, and heather were completely me just saying something relating to the thread to bump them over mine.

Still doesn't explain why you were such a vapid cunt when you were just "bumping" random threads.

>>I’m honestly fat myself and will always admit it and would never fat shame

But you did though…. You had complete anonymity, could have said ANYTHING, but you choose to say this: >>33177 Sounds like a pretty honest opinion you just shared there, huh?

>>I know you won’t admit to the comment and maybe you didn’t make it but I honestly believe you did and unless I saw the admin post the ip I’m gonna still believe it

Have you still not read the rules? It clearly states:

>>By violating a global rule, you also waive your right to anonymity […] All reports and communication to staff will stay anonymous. Staff will never reveal the identity, IP address, or full report message of anyone who files a report

>>I feel the most bad

Lol, k.

>>I clearly need to work on myself

You needed to work on yourself the last time you were caught doing this shit and that was over A YEAR AGO. There's something wrong with you, obviously, and the only way you can help yourself is to get off of Tumblr and leave these people alone. May wanna work on your sense of entitlement too.

No. 53106

Lol deja. You nasty. I remember you saying I look like a troll on one of my selfies.thats pretty rich coming from a bag of lard someone smeared lipstick on.
You're an embarrassment to yourself and anyone who ever liked or defended you, are you still gonna waddle around like a vain pig?

No. 53107

All she does is fucking blame other people for her being a stupid cunt.
'I did the thread but its because whismical posted a post I swear she did I'm not really in the wrong'
Bitch wouldn't know an apology if it wore her gross panties and offered her a cake.

No. 53114

Her run on sentences make this absolutely unbearable.

No. 53118

Not to mention, didn't she shit on Emily when Emily was found to have been sending herself and other blogs hate messages about herself? Now you do it Kristen? You obese hypocrite.

No. 53154

Anonymity isn't for everyone, it can bring out the worst in people. You're doing the right thing by apologising and taking time away from the Internet.

No. 53161

>Not to mention, didn't she shit on Emily when Emily was found to have been sending herself and other blogs hate messages about herself?

Why the fuck do all these tumblr/instagram snowflakes false flag like this?

I mean I get "why". They want attention, positive or negative, and want asspats from friends and strangers consoling them about the mean nasty haterz. Like an extreme form of compliment fishing.

But why are so many of them attention whores to such a crazy extent?

No. 53171

I think there's the fact that you can hide behind shit online, it's not usually going to spill over into your real life. Like they can embarrass themselves for the attention and it's ok, cause you can run away from your online drama if you just stay off the platforms that you used to ridicule yourself. I hope their friends in real life, if they have any, see this crap and throw it in their face.

No. 53307

nobody believes you, silly obese pig

No. 53311

she posted another explanation post lmfao


she honestly thinks she can just ramble this shit away.

No. 53315

Maybe she's actually trying to apologize? This thread is so disgusting. The stuff anons are saying are worse than anything she said herself. Half the mean ass anons are probably whismical.

No. 53319

I request all whismicals posts be revealed because I'm 99.9999999% sure she's done worse than this

No. 53325

Never broke a global rule, so obviously she hasn't done anything worse than deja.

No. 53327

Whismical is literally so annoying and she definitely says/does way worse shit than Deja. I'm extremely positive most of this thread is whis talking back and forth to herself hahahahahahahaha

No. 53352


No. 53388

Admin-sama doesn't just go around revealing posts like that. If he did, no one would post here.

No. 53426

File: 1446484097764.png (17.16 KB, 670x142, boom.png)

No. 53432

You guys should be detectives holy shit KEK

No. 53450

I'm actually not Deja. Obviously. She has to put her name every time she posts. Whism is an awful person believe it or not. She's shady and ~throws people under the bus, just not directly. She's your average sneaky, back stabbing person. Whism is probably overjoyed that Deja got exposed and she didn't. But she will in due time so I'm not too much concerned :) Deja apologized and I believe it truly was a genuine apology but of course whism is gonna crash on her. The "snowflake cycle" (as I like to refer to it as) goes as follows: someone fucks up, truth blogs demand an apology, apology is given, their apology is "fake" it's literally the same thing over and over and it's redundant at this point

No. 53455

That's not gonna happen though so have fun with your speculations and assumptions.

No. 53457

Just because she has to doesn't mean she does

No. 53497

I will, Whism. Keep lurking this thread & obsessively posting about Deja's thread & sending anons about Deja's thread! :)

No. 53499

Megan, you're no better than Deja. Both of you are ugly, insufferable cunts who can stand to each lose about half your fucking body weight and get off the damn internet. Okay? Okay; now go do something fucking productive, like getting a real job instead of selling dinky shitty repackaged Aliexpress charms.

No. 53505


No. 53512

File: 1446499323675.jpeg (46.25 KB, 640x343, image.jpeg)

I was gonna say deadmau5 subtweeted whism until I remembered she doesn't have an actual job )-:/ soz

No. 53523

Ya Whism, shouldn't you be ordering more plastic crystals and China made string?

No. 53574

It amusing me how this thread turned into a place to shit on Whism as soon as Deja caught was posting about her. Reminds me of her apology. How she pointed all blame to Whism KeK.

No. 53590

This thread needs to either die or go back to taking the piss out of déjà the sexy suet sack.

No. 53620

File: 1446517143151.png (76.09 KB, 578x359, ewwwwwwwwwwww.png)

everytime i try to lurk her tag for lulz, i stumble across this post
and cringeeeee

>>click with caution - nsfw

No. 53643

Whism is literally the only person posting in this besides me and the one post by the other anon. It's pretty creepy how obsessed you are with Ember and Deja, even before this.

No. 54475

i don't understand what all the fuss is about. can someone give me a tl;dr?

i like deja really much, and think she is very attractive. kinda sad her blog's deleted.

No. 54483

Deja posted made a thread about herself hoping to get more people on her tumblr to look at her gross nudes, and to trash whismical, who makes shitty jewellery, Emily who had anorexia, and that camgirl with downs, Megan.

She also made a thread about whismical and tried to make it look like whismical made it. It didnt work.

Tumblr bitches war it out, spill into threads here and shit all over the place.

Deja was busted, denied it and was again proved to be a lying tool.

She made a big 'apology' post blaming over 9000 straw men for being such a fat sack of attention seeking, cried about it and hid from her tumblr.

Did I miss anything?

No. 54693

Her blog isn't gone, never in her life would she give up that account. She submitted so many photos of her disgusting sand bag titties to a trillion blogs under that url, it would be a bad fanicial decision to terminate it at this point.

But Tumblr does have a new feature where, unless you follow the person, you cannot view their blog. You can turn it on and off though.

No. 54700

File: 1446761656804.png (9.02 KB, 567x175, kek.png)

People shat all over her "apology" (aka a huge list of excuses) so she deleted all of them and changed her url and bio to this

>i'm no longer selling content right now so please don't ask

dat grammer lol and don't worry deja, no one was going too

No. 54708

The fat bitch is hiding the best she can whilst still getting her tumblr fix.
This is ember tier pathetic.

Like anyone wants to buy a snapchat of those football socks with sand in the bottom she calls her tiddies. I'd rather buy a used condom.

No. 54735

That's not why she created the thread…whism, you should stop spreading false info!

No. 54744

I assume you're referring to >>54483

I'm not whismical, she's just as much of a faggot as Deja.
I just really fucking hate Kirsten lel.

No. 73163

File: 1450294196491.png (29.45 KB, 560x306, lol.png)

>>slut shamed me
You slut shamed yourself lol
>>she pretty much just whores herself out and whines about her spoiled privileged life


No. 73165

Jesus. You actually left the Ember thread, took the time to find this dead ass thread to make this post. what is your obsession lol
>inb4 deja self posting AGAIN

No. 73169

Ten bucks says this is Kaylee

No. 73170

I'm torn between it being Deja herself or Kaylee. Could be either tbh

No. 73172

Is deja one of the losers that has to write out their name every time they post? I can't remember which of the attention whores got called out

No. 73173

Samefagging because I hit post too soon. I know her posts got marked by admin but does she have to write out her name on every post in every thread? I don't understand how any of this is enforced tbh

No. 74188

Threads about anorexic/ED/wannabe-anorexic people should now all go into one single /snow/ thread. The only exceptions are Ashley and Aly. Ashley's thread will remain in /pt/, and Aly's will remain in /snow/.

Please move all discussion to >>44088.

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