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File: 1424864594265.jpg (113.8 KB, 500x748, tumblr_inline_ndkgzizpCw1rtdvx…)

No. 54600

New "Shit from Tumblr" thread- vol. 3

Old thread ( >>47139 ) has gone to shitter because you fags can't stop arguing about pointless OT shit. Please take your debates to /b/

Anyways post SJW bullshit, fresh lolcows and similar or simply laugh at tumblr.

Pic related- tumblrina

No. 54601

File: 1424864627086.png (119.95 KB, 653x722, vu1YxC9.png)

No. 54603

File: 1424864749572.jpg (50.41 KB, 739x447, eTsHU2f.jpg)

No. 54604

File: 1424864871845.png (475.37 KB, 646x799, sM4Akxu.png)

No. 54608

What the hell. Typical tublr though.
>"Oh I'm so speciuhl and no one deserves this tragedy but me!!!

This was so dumb that not even the xoJane audience fell for it, and that means something. Her anti fatshaming stuff is so terrible too that once again even the audience on xoJane kindly suggested she's gone too far, and xoJane is usually a terrible hugbox and filled with white guilty Americans who would swallow almost everything as long as you are fat, WoC or anything else that's terribly ~oppressed~.

No. 54613

Amazing and special are the first words I think of when I think of 9/11, yes.

No. 54627

>my first ever terrorist attack
>special and amazing
This is a joke. Or at least I hope it is.

No. 54631

Yeah… because we all know that those born after '95 didn't have parents or family members die from the attack.

No. 54633

I think I've been fortunate to only follow sane people on tumblr, I seem to never come across this bs unless it's being reblogged due to the responses posts like this get

No. 54640

> If you werent born before WWII started it is not your tragedy. You do not remember the holocaust. I remember houding jews from the nazi's and NSB. Because i was old enough and you werent even born yet. It was a huge part of my life. Maybe you seen documentaries about it, but you don't know how special and sad it was for us. So yeah whatever don't mourn the dead with us.

No. 54665

Idk, maybe I'm a huge piece of shit but unless you were someone who was personally affected by 9/11 because you lost someone there or were living/working/going to school somewhere nearby where the different events that day occurred, I don't see why they would be as affected as this person (I doubt they were serious though).

I've lived in Manhattan my entire life, and idk if people change their opinion about that day depending on who they're talking to, but the vast majority of people I have met since that day (New Yorkers to be exact within my age group) have stopped caring. Sure they feel bad for the people affected, but they cared much more about the events that transpired afterwards that was painted as being the result of 9/11.

I assume this person is trolling because very few people would hold on to something like 9/11 to feel special. I doubt this person even lived in d.c. or nyc at the time because if special is what they're going after, they would have claimed that 9/11 are d.c.'s and nyc's tragedies rather than making it about age. Also, people born in 1996 would have been 5 and in their first week of school when 9/11 occurred, so yeah, they would have been affected too.

No. 54682

File: 1424887812561.jpg (19.17 KB, 500x341, closer.jpg)


I agree and disagree with you. The big thing about 9/11 was how it changed the atmosphere but to appreciate that you need to have been old enough to actually remember what the atmosphere was like before. Even being born in 1990 is probably too young for that.

I'd dare say that the SJWness of Tumblr kids is a consequence of them not knowing a time before the divisive and partisan post 9/11 atmosphere. Whereas those who were teens at the end of the 90s or start of the 00s remember how everything was a big competition to be the edgiest and most offensive and are surprised that it's kids and not adults who are trying to censor them now.

No. 54696

Yeah exactly, it's the U.S. post 9/11 that people mention when speaking about 9/11, and I do think that most people would have had to have been in their teens in order to get a better feel of how much it changed. I'm only 23, going on 24 soon and the only notable difference I can remember from the time was there being way more security checks at the airport, but thats because it was of relative influence in my life.

Though I think that the whole "tumblr culture" thing is a result of them craving notoriety and being known for the era of…I'm not even sure tbqh.

No. 54712

File: 1424900810418.png (49.67 KB, 623x683, 6T1vEZ9.png)

No. 54714

…It's even tagged with special snowflake.

No. 54723

File: 1424902292789.gif (603.96 KB, 500x280, tumblr_mh3gn71qu61rigmono1_500…)

But LGBT are the only queer identities.

No. 54725



Who the fuck gets to the average tumblr user's age (I'm guessing roughly 11-29) without being taught about consent though?

No. 54742

Transgender is a queer identity?

A few months ago I was reading an article or watching some documentary about how college freshman have to attend seminars where they talk about the rules at their universities, and consent is covered there. That's not news, but what surprised me was a lot of students reactions being: "wow I wasn't aware that if the person you want to sleep with is drunk or passed out, that it would count as rape 'cause technically they can't consent, haha crazy!" or something like that. It was ridiculous because people much older who had already graduated made comments considering it a stupid law.

So yeah, a lot of people don't know/understand consent.

No. 54746

yeah thats what the "T" stands for in LGBT.

No. 54759

File: 1424908337597.png (144.99 KB, 311x600, tumblr_n6tf8j46lo1qdxp0uo1_400…)

buttercup is now ftm
& bubbles is fat.

No. 54763

Bubbles doesn't bug me.
She comes off as a fatty(which is cute)
but the whole buttercup bugs me.
like why can't girls just be tomboys why do they have to be full blown trans.Fuck that shit.

No. 54766

One thing that's always pissed me off is the whole "pansexual" thing. Being pansexual and bisexual are the same fucking thing. Being attracted to both genders with the inclusion of trans doesn't give you your own sexual orientation. Some straight men date trannies. Same shit with demisexual, your personal preference isn't a sexual orientation.

No. 54770

>just try to not read anything by a white straight man!!
>wears Doctor Who shirt

No. 54772

File: 1424909294320.png (225.19 KB, 500x706, tumblr_n67lxhJGPP1tv17s9o1_500…)

Oh god, I have so much art like this from tumblr. It's all pone, though. I don't want to spam the thread with it, so I'll just post a few.

No. 54781

They never really draw them fat when it comes to the art.

No. 54785

File: 1424910302264.png (197.41 KB, 512x914, 1424053892089.png)

No. 54787

File: 1424910394117.png (618.39 KB, 1280x1904, 1424055490958.png)

No. 54788

File: 1424910466412.png (402.61 KB, 1280x1113, 1424065180539.png)

No. 54790

File: 1424910550298.png (267.48 KB, 591x700, 1424137959971.png)

Okay, last one.

No. 54797

>the nerdy/smart one is an asian
very progressive

No. 54798

Out of all the ponies though Rarity would be well groomed and care about her physical appearance.

This actually works.

Pinky could be more chubs,and I personally like when twi is black or white.

Makes no sense with this crossover.

No. 54804

I find it ironic how most of their human characterizations are based on stereotypes, especially lesbo dash and Muslim-shy. Honestly, though, I think ponies are white. In fact, they're stereotypically white. Zecora is black, and the ponies were acting like white people in their fear of her. There was also that episode with the buffalo who were meant to represent Indians while the ponies were the European settlers. They're obviously a racially homogeneous community. Sorry for the head canon.

No. 54807

I'm not really into MLP, but why not make the characters and other animated animals the same race as their voice actor? Problem solved

No. 54808

Why must they make rainbow dash ugly as fuck with a skrillex cut?

No. 54809

but i actually looked it up and all the ponies have white voice actresses. why isn't anyone complaining about that?

No. 54815

What is the deal with tumblr and pink noses

No. 54817

File: 1424913605834.png (183.8 KB, 1090x800, 1424149180934.png)

I don't know, dog.

No. 54828

fuck you. I'll read all the Neil Gaiman I want.

No. 54830

Why do all tumblr idiots think a tomboy/masculine woman HAS to be FTM? No, fuck you. I'm a butch lesbian and I def dont want to be trans just because I love being masculine.

No. 54831

It pisses me off to no end. I don't get tumblr's deal with "omg, this woman has short hair and is kind of masculine. She must be trans! let's respect their pronouns"

No. 54844

No. 54872


this blog…it's a joke right? right??

No. 54905

Looks like Blossom is the most privileged. She has white, thin and cis privilege and looks normal. I bet tumblr hates her, unless the author of that picture gave her autismo or something

No. 54922

animal crossing fetish?

No. 54924

File: 1424936745434.png (259.8 KB, 1700x2200, xYxpmtX.png)

No. 54925

yeah it's a joke, the tumblrbot thing is too unrealistic

No. 54926

File: 1424936905490.png (295.13 KB, 1700x2200, wN37IJL.png)

goddamn flood detector

No. 54927

File: 1424936995195.png (337.69 KB, 1700x2200, uK7cCL5.png)

I might have mixed up the pages

No. 54929

File: 1424937048336.png (361.53 KB, 1700x2200, oCFzw1A.png)

Here is the "fun" part

No. 54930

File: 1424937127304.png (337.62 KB, 1700x2200, RyV46yL.png)

Fun part 2/2

No. 54931

> Jokes

Tumblr seriously is no fun allowed.

No. 54972

is that a woman?
She looks like Penn (Penn & Teller) when he played Drell from Sabrina.

No. 54992

I think the difference is bi are attracted to genitalia related to the sex of their partner, like they'll be attracted with that girl with big boobs and a great butt, also attracted to dudes' pecs, idk.
Whereas pansexual like a person regardless of their sex (like bi can still have preferences, exemple would be to prefer petite girls but tall and muscular dudes)

I'm still confused about all those sexual stuff and don't believe most of them but I can see the slight difference in pan and bi since I'm bi.

No. 54997

As I understand it, if you are bi you are attracted to both cis males and cis females, while pans are attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender.
Being attracted to transgenders is an important distinction because I think bis still care whether your junk matches your gender. Same thing how most straight people also care.

No. 55001

In my eyes all ponies are white. I share the headcanon of >>54804 although i can picture Fluttershy having a farmers tan for being outside with her animals most of the time, while Twi is super pale for being indoors. In my headcanon rarity has a spray tan.

No. 55005

I'll tell you this, there is only heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual. Tumblr is just making the rest up.

No. 55006

Without gettting too tumblr about it, the difference is just really what you find you fall under personally. Bisexuality is not limited to just cis females and males, as that would be implying 'trans' is a gender. Bisexuality also is not just male or females either, but can be any 2 genders (so you can like girls and 'demigirls' or whatever), and so the defintion used is 2 or more by them. People do get into that bi= 2 thing, but words change and so has the definition of the sexuality as people have been inventing gender identities.

Pansexuality is used for all, so any gender. It isnt there is no preference, because everyone has some sort of type, but it is saying that all gender identities are game for that person. There is also people who say you can identify as both of these, or add polysexuality to the mix, which is some other stupid new thing.

No. 55040

bisexuality is defined as 'attracted to both (s) sexes' so its inclusive of any gender, trans or cis.
pansexual is 'all genders', so basically the same as bi, whichever people wanna choose i guess. but i think pansexual sounds stupid as its essentially the same as bi, but tumblr for a while liked to pretend it meant 'only attracted to cis men/women' so they said calling yourself bisexual was transphobic and everyone who identified as bi had to use pan now. bullshit

No. 55044

Everyone who isn't attracted to trans people is transphobic according to tumblr.

I mean, I won't deny I wouldn't fall for a nice trans person or be attracted to one but the second I'd find out that the man I am attracted to has a vagina… Well, I'm sorry, that's just not what I'm into. Not because muh transphobia or anything but simply because I'm not into vaginas, no matter to what gender they are attached. It's not like I could change that.
And even if they had surgery for their genitals that's just not the same. I'm sorry. (I think the surgery is "easier"/product is more passable for MtF than for FtM, at least according to what I've seen and read.)

But try tell that to tumblr and they'll scream and cry about you being a cislord transphobic who's worse than Hitler.

No. 55050

apparently some 'fake' vagina's on trans women have been so realistic that at first glance a doctor cant tell it was created with surgery! trans men are not so fortunate though yet

No. 55053

Please. I like women. I dont care if you think you're a woman. If you dont have tits and a vagina, I'm not gonna want to be with you.

No. 55055

This is how most people think with the gender that they go for. And honestly its perfectly normal. Tumblr just wants to shame people into dating trans queer non binary genderfucks.

No. 55060

But there's straight people who are attracted to people based on personality, too. What you're looking for in a person doesn't give you a different sexual orientation imho. It's like calling yourself blonde-sexual because you prefer blondes.

No. 55062

eh is it really true? i think a lot of trans people are super deluded to how much they pass.

a neovagina is basically an open wound that needs to be dilated. i think i could get over that, but other people, not so much

No. 55064

all this talk about pansexuals reminds me of a girl i know at school. she talks on facebook all the time for how she's oppressed for being pansexual, because the conservative hicks from her hometown don't take to that too kindly. except i know that she's basically telling random strangers about her sexual orientation for NO REASON as she's engaged to a guy and has never dated a girl as far as i know. why people go out of their way to do this shit, i have no idea.

No. 55067

Martyr complex. It let's her pretend that she's a strong survivor facing down inbred knuckle-draggers. She gets to feel superior while getting sympathy at the same time. Win/win.

No. 55071

Tumblr fucktards are really good at reinforcing gender stereotypes. That's why all this "genderqueer" nonsense happens. They can't comprehend that there isn't a default "female" and a default "male," ergo they think anyone that doesn't fit the stereotypes must not REALLY be the gender of their genitals, so they must be trans / third gender / mixed gender / agender.

Fucking retards think they're being progressive when in reality they're saying that girls and boys are supposed to act certain ways. The only "progressive" thing about them is that they don't insist people act how they're "supposed to." It's like someone saying that all black people are criminals, and that black people that aren't criminals are actually dark-skinned white people, but that's totes okay! because we're totes PROGRESSIVE!

No. 55072

>I apply human races to unnaturally colored cartoon horses living in a fantasy world with a unicorn goddess, and I think this is completely sensible

No. 55076


Relating to this thread, I find this new trend of everyone needing to know your sexual preferences a bit strange. It made sense with homosexuality because it involves an entire lifestyle, but do we all really need to know if you are asexual, or sometimes sexual, or prefer certain types of sex or whatever? If it's not visible I'm not sure why everyone in the vicinity needs to be aware of it.

No. 55078

…uh no? I don't think my sexual preference makes my life any different. I still work a 9-5 job, pay rent, go out with friends, etc. Being gay is not that different than being straight. I assure you.

No. 55092

Why do people say this? I don't think there's such a thing as a "homosexual lifestyle".
You don't get an official homo license or something, as far as I know

No. 55093

What? You don't have your license to be gay yet? Nigga, you needa go to the DMV and get that shit before you get pulled over js

No. 55099

I don't really know, I think bi are attracted to people and their sex plays a part in that. For example if I saw a really cute and tall, slightly muscular guy but with a vagina, I'd be a bit weirded out and my sexual desire would drop, where I guess pan would have no problems since people's genitals have no weight in how they feel attracted to people.

Not saying bis can't accept trans too, I just see a slight difference in pan and bi I guess, the rest of the tumblr genders and sex I gave up long ago, I don't keep up with all the flags and whatnot. I don't even know what constitute being queer anymore based on tumblr (something to do with dyed hairs and awful glasses ?)

No. 55109

ilu, anon! <3

wtf are you talking about?

No. 55126

Sometimes I see a really attractive guy, then he turns around and has a butt ugly face and my sexual desire drops. Bisexuals can have standards, too. A lot of bisexuals are more attracted to one sex than the other. For example, I consider my self bisexual, and I would be willing to date a MtF if they were pretty. I would never date a FtM, on the other hand. It's not a matter of sexual orientation, I'm just not attracted to them. The way I see it, some bisexuals just don't care about privets as much as others, I don't think they have their own sexual orientation because they're down to fuck trannies.

No. 55128

I tried dating an mtf once but her personality was shit, sjw type
it's really hard to find a trans woman who isn't a completely repulsive person

No. 55155

I think bisexual people are more attracted to particular types in terms of gender, or that they are attracted to the idea of gender roles regardless of a persons sex

Whereas pansexual people couldn't care less whether you're cis and straight but like to dress like the opposite gender

irdk, for a while I thought they were the same shit, but I think gender plays more of a role than genitals

No. 55163

File: 1425001138483.jpg (50.82 KB, 341x600, 11006384_869675053055574_58691…)

No. 55164

Ya, I tried talking to a few on dating sites. They instantly started talking about sex and I was like "woh, calm down". I get the feeling that most of them are fetishists.

No. 55182

File: 1425003274335.jpg (97.83 KB, 422x750, ahuviya.jpg)

More ADF

No. 55184

Holy shark shit, Batman. This dumbass finally realized that if he wants to be called a lady then maybe he should put more effort into looking like one.

Hell, even Chris-chan was able to figure out that simple concept years before ADF.

No. 55194

File: 1425007409729.png (48.48 KB, 563x294, ummm.png)

you guys…. I haven't been on tumblr for weeks, and come to find this post, so obviously I go look for the dress pic, but it's actually really confusing

No. 55204

I literally just came to look on here to see if someone mentioned the dress like is it a gif? Or are they all lying because of tumblr "homour"

No. 55205

File: 1425009023633.jpg (119.22 KB, 633x960, dress.jpg)

I legitimately saw it as white and gold for about a minute, and it seemed to have turned black and blue right before my eyes

No. 55206

it was explained that its due to the lighting somehow, like how that checker shadow illusion test, but i dont think it is

No. 55209

Ugh, those eyebrow piercings are so gross. whyyy

No. 55210

File: 1425009643547.jpg (84.47 KB, 845x113, Screenshot (225).jpg)

The autism is self diagnosed and they tag it as "garlic autism" to keep from being yelled at from what i remember

No. 55211


It's been white and gold to me unless I tilt my screen. I think they're just fucking with us.

No. 55213

Shhh, shh this is what straight people want to think. That someone being gay automatically means you have a free pass to a secret gay island and a gay cruise where everyone gay dances and sips flaming drinks together. Don't let the cat out of the bag.

No. 55215

that is way too much bullshit in one paragraph.

No. 55216

"neuro-divergent" always makes me laugh.

No. 55218

File: 1425010255752.jpg (123.05 KB, 989x356, Screenshot (579).jpg)

Here's an example of the type of posts it makes really full of self pity and whining. I follow it to laugh. Look at all those tags…

No. 55219

well at least they know they're pathetic

No. 55223

Where are their donuts that dogs are eating it? I hate untrained dogs. Sorry, my dogs would never eat shit on the table. That's for assholes who dont train their dogs right. If that donut was chocolate, the dog could of died, so that kind of discipline is also for their safety. Dogs are animals that will literally eat any kind of food in front of them because they dont know better.

No. 55225

probably on the floor, the room looks like a trash heap from pictures.

No. 55228

File: 1425012093486.jpg (42.64 KB, 539x960, 10891466_778004078945787_89532…)

It is actually because of the color settings of the photo, if you have multiple screens next to each other where all got different settings you will see the dress in all of those colors.

No. 55229

I wish they were so I wouldn't care about this, but it looks blue and black

It's funny how everyone likes to categorize themselves and place themselves in a box. Ironically, a lot of these morons think it's freeing them because they can now identify their quirks as being the product of a mental illness, orientation, etc. instead of it being attributed to their personalities. Instead they're literally restricting themselves to what they're claiming is responsible for their behavior/opinions. Though I guess thats the result of catching the tumblr bug where you need to feel special.

>sorry I treated you like shit, I have self diagnosed mental problems I can't seem to control, so you need to support me so that if you don't want it to happen again

>oh I'm a guy who only likes conventionally attractive women, I guess I'm aesthetic-sexual

No. 55231

File: 1425012398989.jpg (64.62 KB, 540x338, w3.jpg)

No. 55234

Oh there is. It isnt like some weird thing gays do but the change from doing a homosexual act to you being a homosexual person is where that came from. So blame Oscar Wilde.

Wtf is this 'system' thing?

No. 55235


Apparently has herobrine from minecraft in their head, and some other people i've never heard of. Takes it super seriously and refuses to post in headmates tag (said so a long while ago when asked) that it doesn't want to be a part of that community because it's special and different and "real".

No. 55237


More or less, yeah. It's just like multiple personality disorder, at least to them. But instead of being horrifying and life ruining it's fun and quirky xDDD Also a good way to absolve blame, cause if it wasn't your true consciousness in 'control' of the body, then it's not your fault :^)

No. 55238

But how does he even know the dogs' preferred pronouns are he/him? Jesus fuck what an insensitive pissbaby!

No. 55240

File: 1425015059890.jpg (70.7 KB, 640x640, wat.jpg)

obviously no fucks are given for anyone but themselves.

No. 55247


I knew a girl who acted really fragile and such for pity. Woe is fucking me to the core. She gave me a fucking list of illnesses(Both mental and physical) that she had and took her mother's medication to "treat" herself.

She said she found out about her problems from the lists of symptoms floating around tumblr.

I hated that shit. Why you gotta be a special snowflake.

No. 55252

>it is saying that all gender identities are game for that person.
>calling yourself bisexual was transphobic and everyone who identified as bi had to use pan now.

Two things kinda related.

I have a sister-like family friend who has a bit of a following on Tumblr for her cosplay, and she identifies as pan. At Thanksgiving last year, when the topic got brought up, she grabbed a frying pan and started humping it. She's awesome.

Other thing, shortly after the series finale of The Legend of Korra, there was a post on le reddit about Asami and Korra's homosexual relationship, and in the comments there was someone going on about the "erasure of the bisexual identity". IIRC, before they got to the erasure part, their comment wasn't that bad, but I guess the oppression from the straighties and gaylords can make fools of us all.

No. 55254

Here- Lemme just snapchat my sorrows.

No. 55255

This has me so fucked up right now omg

No. 55290

I did too, actually. But ended up being a very creepy stalker.

No. 55291

Yeah, after I saw the picture of the real dress, I couldn't stop seeing it for what it was. My bf got annoyed when I originally said white and gold after seeing it for the first time. Apparently he thought people were trolling.

No. 55298

these… ugh.. no. They're really trying to force the characters to attach to every single minority group they can think of. Can't they create their own stories and characters and make them all asexual overweight lesbian black transgenders instead of invading someone else's creation?

Also reminds me of some tumblrina that in all seriousness claimed that transgenders make up for like 10% of the world's population and homosexuals/other sexual minorities make 40%. Source: Most of her friends are lesbian/transgender. These people live in their own little bubble and have little to no connection to the real world, they just keep roleplaying their fantasies and get so detached from reality that they start thinking that their feelings can overrule facts.

No. 55300

>throws tantrum over not getting doughnut
>refuses to get replacement
>literally behaving like a fucking child
>oh I must have food anxiety issues


No. 55303

I saw this as blue-white at first and really coudn't understand how people saw this as blue-black but now that I see it smaller on here, I can see what they meant.
I still don't think it's fucked up though but I had lessons about colors and shit so…

No. 55720

I see the dress as white and gold (or rather a mustard yellow and a white that seems to have a blue shadow cast over it)
I first thought people were joking saying they saw blue and black and i still am unsure if this isn't just some cruel joke.
I honestly don't care about the ugly damn dress but i worried what else my eyes might deceive me with and i feared i was colorblind so i took 4 different tests to check.
Turns out i'm not colorblind but i still see the dress as white and yellow no matter what screen i've seen it on/which time of day/surrounded by a lot of light or hardly any light.

I feel better after a bunch of different tests concluded i am not colorblind but i'm still spooked as hell.

No. 55737

>Wants you to stop reading "White, straight, cis male authors"
>wearing Doctor Who shirt
>A show written entirely by white, straight, cis males and starred in by 12 different white, straight, cis males over the past 50 years, which is frequently called out for being hella sexist

No. 55757

It's blue and black right? How would someone think this was white? Even the white balanced one I saw while googling looked blue to me. Then again I kind of see blue and purple the same a lot. So maybe my eyes aren't working right.

No. 55770

It's an optical illusion that only some people see due to minor differences in eye cones responding to the lighting in the photo. The real color is blue and black, but more people actually see white and gold.

No. 55772

I can't see this picture as anything other than white and gold. There's a true shade of black to the left so there's just some serious fuckery going on with the balance.

No. 55830

putting nigger, chink and kike on the same level of chick, ho, redneck, bitch


No. 55838

I've never heard the word 'kike' in my life, is it just an american slur?

No. 55936

I guess so, i also never heard chink before. I know what they mean but they arent used in my country. Maybe it also depends what kind of people you grow up with. For example i knew Polish and marrocan kids so i know some slang/slurs that derive from their language.

No. 55938

Nigger and kike are on the same level, but I don't think chink is that bad.

No. 55948

I'm American, and I've never heard kike either.

No. 55987

Kike is a slur for Jews.

No. 55992

Yeah i saw that but ive never heard it before. Guess its not a slur/word in my country. Tumblr is super america-centric. In my country gypsy isnt a slur, you use it to describe a lifestyle but apparently in america its a rude word for Romani people? Was so confused when i heard this, considering the native romanian people I knew used the word the same way I had understood it where I live

No. 55997

>>but apparently in america its a rude word for Romani people?

It's not, tumblr thinks everything is a fucking slur. Including words like "chick" or "retarded", which most people don't give a shit about.

No. 56001

I can understand "retarded", but "chick"?

No. 56002

Ya, it surprised me that tumblr was against it, too. I'll never understand.

No. 56011

Discrimination against chickenkin of course!

No. 56023

File: 1425262840146.png (113.63 KB, 354x592, 5a6f920de4b9900838766e9b5ef241…)

I knew this girl irl briefly, she used to be kin with er television heads. Shes self diagnosed bpd because shes super manipulative and fucking crazy, when i went to stop being her friend she did the "be my friend or I'll kill myself" and since i dropped her anyway she now tells people i ruined her life. She's fucking trash. Now I guess shes fictionkin.

No. 56027


No. 56246

I'm amazed that this shit we (I assume) did when we were younger like pretending to be a character from a show or rp them is now on Tumblr on the same level like idk being transgendered. You are not Elda from Chobits. Elda is a fictional character from a series. Stop it.

No. 56253

>I'm amazed that this shit we (I assume) did when we were younger like pretending to be a character from a show or rp them is now on Tumblr on the same level like idk being transgendered

I was thinking the same thing. When I was like 7 year olds, me and my friends used to pretend we are pokemans. We grew up but these tumblrtards didn't. They want to be taken care of and stay children forever and demand everyone to accept it as something normal (while also wanting to be considered special and unique). That's why they self-diagnose various mental illnesses that fit their narrative. I think most of them are just sheltered and spoiled rotten by their parents.

I know one girl similar to that (wants attention non-stop without giving anything in return, self-diagnoses mental illnesses, hates everyone who gets more attention than her, spoiled by her mom) Thanks god she is not an otherkin. Maybe one day I'll post a story about her in the personal lolcow thread.

No. 56259

I've heard kike being used by Brits and other anglos though. It's not that commonly used overall it seems though.

No. 56454

I always thought all this forcing of diversity into places where it never was originally seems racist in a way. Like the whole token black or asian character. I don't know. Tumblr seems full of holes and hypocrisy.

No. 56455

>using a racial slur for black and jewish people is wrong but not so much for Asians
Please stop. I'm Chinese and chink is a shitty term too. My parents were immigrants in America and faced a crap ton of racism and white people using the term chinks to insult them.

No. 56458

File: 1425339372536.jpg (168.28 KB, 379x600, nw.jpg)

right? people don't seem to realize how much anti east asian sentiment there has been, specifically for chinese people

No. 56459

Yeah. It just pisses me off when some people are like "this racial slur isn't as bad as this one" when they are all equally bad. Racial slurs existed from general ignorance and fucked up things done to our older generation of families and it's just not cool to use them or shrug them off as nothing. I really respect my parents for all they went through and not backed down in spite of it.

No. 56473

Our anger towards asians is justified, though. We never wanted them here, but they forced their way in. Gtfo you smelly immigrant.

No. 56474

I am native American and hate smelly white immigrants.

No. 56475

if you're talking about the U.S., and you're not a native american, you really need to stop being the pot calling the kettle black

No. 56477

It's our country. We built it. You've done nothing on your shitty reservation but get drunk and sniff glue. Aside from that, the Injuns didn't believe in owning land. Don't be a sore loser. Who's gonna pay your welfare checks without whites?

No. 56480

I do agree there was a lot of anti-chinese sentiment but japanese had it worse in the us, Even the picture you posted is anti-japanese. I never understood why kike or nigger were so much worse than jap, chink or guk. I guess asians dont speak out as much as blacks

No. 56482

Blacks are the loudest minorities.

No. 56486

actually, the people enslaved by whites built this country and whites just sat back learning that taking a shower more than once a yr and not shitting where you eat is hygenic

whites are the laziest people on the planet, literally stepping out of caves once civilizations were already built across the planet by every other race. Whites didn't even know how to survive once they reached this land and still would have a difficult time doing so now if it weren't for the advantages the good ol' government hands them since it's white itself

whites are the loudest overall though, in terms of speaking out and just having voices that carry on to each corner of the room even when they think they're whispering about how loud asians are

No. 56490

Remember indentured white servants? You do realize that less than 1% of white people owned slaves, right? Lol shitskins love to rewrite history. Aside from that, we were too busy with science and innovation, so we needed someone to pick our cotton for us. Go pick mase for twenty hours a day if you don't like what whites have done for this country. Even now, you're speaking white mans language and using white logic.

No. 56494

lmao, riiiight, whites love to tell the truth about history, you can definitely tell from consistencies in our history books. And what haven't whites stolen? Whose bodies haven't whites depended on for experimentation? aside from that of other whites, of course. Whose innovations haven't whites claimed as your own? But whatever, I'm just here feeling sorry for those poc 'cause I'm a self hating piece of shit and not because it's right under our noses.

No. 56497

I've always thought of how they would react if they went to a psychiatrist and was told they don't have any mental illnesses. Like, I could legitimately imagine them actually developing anxiety from thinking that all their problems are literally due to nothing but themselves and not their self perceived mental illnesses.

Though if anything, most of these people would be classified as having histrionic personality disorder.

No. 56500

If your race invented everything, why didn't you just use your superior technology and magical inventions to fight off white people and conquer the world? Oh, that's right. Because you didn't fucking have any. Everything you have now is there before you because of white people. The clothes you wear, the language you speak, and the technology you use. Your corrected version of history is more laughable than aliens building the pyramids. Your race has no accomplishments of its own, so you steal the history of others.

No. 56501

both of you stop

No. 56505

File: 1425346546618.jpg (99.49 KB, 540x960, image.jpg)

I haven't replied before, but damn you're fucking dumb dude. Do you realize that the United States imported Chinese immigrants for cheap labor after the Second Opium War? White people have been on a conquest of Asia since the 1800s. Honestly, even before then. We have more military bases in Japan than any other foreign nation. All ya'll niggas need to open a textbook.
European immigration from the Old World to the New decimated 99% of the original inhabitants' population, mostly through disease. Native people of North America are a tiny and segregated minority that literally no one in the US government gives a shit about. Industrialization does not always mean a people are 'better', just more powerful.

Slavery is shit and has been happening like, since civilization became a thing. Every fuckin race is guilty of slave trade. Today, there are more people in bondage than were ever exchanged during the use of the 'Triangle Trade."
Idk. You both sound racist as fuck to me. Every human race has greedy, selfish cunts. Literally the only difference (biologically) is the area on Earth that our ancient ancestors lived in for thousands of years.

Anyway, I honestly don't understand otherkin. Are they serious about it? Because that's called schizophrenia. :| I have a tumblr grrrl as a roommate right now. She literally does nothing all day but go on tumblr and Gaia and fap to furry porn. She never showers and has awful, short, damaged dyed hair. She's a pseudo activist who dropped out of (fully paid for by her parents) art school because she couldn't stand being in a long distance relationship. Truly a very lazy, stupid individual. She never shaves and calls herself a pan sexual. Dresses like a 14 year old mall goth. Pretends to know Japanese, never goes outside. Also loves Supernatural.

No. 56507

Holy shit. She sounds awful. How on earth does she even pay rent? Parents money, I'm assuming?

I don't get the whole otherkin thing, either. When I was 12, I idolized some weird werewolf artist and she claimed to be a "spiritual lycanthrope" soo I called myself that too for a year. Then I grew up lol. I think a lot of these kids (and uh young adults) are just confused about their identity. But isn't everyone?

No. 56516

This whole otherkin thing was really difficult for me to take in when I first heard about it because I couldn't separate it from attention seeking behavior or mental illness. For people to profess their spiritual identities could exist as physical entities by dressing or acting a certain way was mind blowing for me. They were describing were things that already existed as opposed to a malleable state of mind.

Fuck idek if that makes sense. It's like, when people talk about spirituality they're mostly talking about religion or finding their inner peace, right? It's like a pull to want to be a certain way. Your beliefs can definitely transcend your thoughts by you engaging in actions that coincide with them, so that you become the person you want to be. I.e. if you believe peace means not being violent unless someone is violent with you, you make sure you behave that way.

With otherkin though, they're claiming that they feel that they're a plant or a supernova, though there not being pulled to want to be these two specific things. They can't be plants. They just can't, so how can they claim that it is who they are or are drawn to be when they cannot possibly fathom what being another entity other than human is like? They're even thinking about that from a human perspective.

How can they think they don't have a mental illness under their logic, or lack their of actually.

No. 56523

>I couldn't separate it from attention seeking behavior or mental illnes

And how could you separate it now? That's exactly what it is.

No. 56538

I can't tell which one it is a product of. I wonder if it's due to people who legitimately have histrionic personality disorder or if this behavior is super low key and limited to their online following.

No. 57990

What the hell is Blackout Friday?

No. 57993

People of dark skin flooding Tumblr with selfies.

No. 57995

Just black people trying to make something trend.

No. 57996


Can they not do that any other day?

No. 58005

Well, it worked.
They definitely could but my friend was saying it was basically just a day to highlight black beauty. It's not supposed to be a black vs. everyone else thing, buuuut it's tumblr so ofc that's what it turned into and a bunch of people have insulted, threatened, and threatened to dox unwitting white people for daring to post selfies. Personally I have no problem with blackout but I do think it's stupid that so many people are getting so violent or angry about it lol. On both sides.

No. 58012


It's what seems to happen with these things. "Black, no white people allowed!" If it's on tumblr, you should already know how it's gonna go down.

No. 58019

were people actually threatening to do that? I saw that the people who originally planned that kept making posts about not wanting any violent messages sent or actions to be taken against people who were trying to take over the blackout tag in protest

from what I understood, they just wanted to have a day to reblog only black people among other black bloggers, to make friends and as you said, highlight black beauty because of how black people are usually not thought of when people think of beauty (ex that post going around showcasing what google displays when you type in beautiful men, women, babies and couples: white people)

So like you, I definitely had no problem with them doing that, especially because they just didn't want people taking over the tag

I also saw that it wasn't just white people that they were angry with, a bunch of asians, latinos and middle easteners responded to this by having a yellowout and brownout tag on the same day. That upset the black bloggers who planned blackout day because as they said, they're happy people are inspired and want to have their own movement (if you can call it that, but its tumblr so, eh), but they didn't want them to choose the same day.

Idk why it turned into a black vs everyone else thing though, it was literally just supposed to be between them and anyone who wanted to support, but people say blackout and went crazy thinking they were excluding people. Though looking through some posts there are very few dumb people who misconstrued the original posters intentions and kind of ruined it.

No. 58066

I don't have any receipts to confirm any doxxing threats so it's just hearsay. But, honestly, it wouldn't surprise me at all if it actually happened. I saw some popular bloggers get some ugly messages for DARING to reblog pictures of themselves today. It was stupid. And I bet the anons who attacked them aren't even black. Womp, womp.

>misconstruing things and ruining them

Just another day on tumblr dot com hahaha

No. 58071


Even artists who drew selfies for the people too shy to post their pictures, got attacked.

No. 79095

File: 1428668864416.png (384.15 KB, 551x625, mdUkOxf.png)

No. 79098

File: 1428669536894.png (9.61 KB, 518x291, w.PNG)

those shirts are awful she did good but no sense in taking pics

No. 79099

File: 1428669553127.png (1.41 KB, 304x66, ww.PNG)

No. 79100

File: 1428669594618.png (5.28 KB, 512x154, notafurry.PNG)

No. 79111

it was a dude not a girl lol

No. 79116

Well I would say this is better than writing 3 pges long essays a bout "OMG I saw someone wearing an Menmist shirt so oppressive I'm to triggered uwu"

>spiritually connected to everythin
What does that even mean?

No. 79124

If you're a trans mentally ill fiction kin, you're probably just mentally ill.

What the hell is fictionkin even supposed to be, that's some massive bullshit even for tumblr standards.

No. 79195

Well, then he did good

No. 79300

Blackout was horrible. It was a nice idea for blacks to celebrate their beauty but of course tumblr had to turn it into another race war. I had white girls reblogging my dash full of #blackout selfies and making "OMG YALL SUCH DIVINE BEINGS I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF U WISH I WAS THIS BEAUTIFUL U GRACEFUL GODDESS" and "IF U DON'T LIKE MY #BLACKOUT REBLOGS THEN PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME U RACIST FUCK" text posts all day. I hate any kind of excessive spam on my feed and it's an offense that has me unfollowing you in a second, and if you mix some of your ridiculous white guilt and self hate in there, I'm not ever going to follow your shit again. Not because I hate black people, but because I fucking hate middle-class white kids trying to take something and make it about them trying to rise up in the SJW hierarchy and score noble white ally brownie points.

No. 79303

i reblogged a lot of black girls because i usually reblog a fair amount whenever i see their pics because i think they're pretty (my ideal aesthetic is grace from skins uk) but holy shit i know what you mean. there was this one girl that was like "I JUST LOST 200 FOLLOWERS AFTER I REBLOGGED BLACK PEOPLE FOR 10 MINUTES"

like bitch no, no you didn't.

No. 79310

lol, and even if she did, it says a lot more about her and the content of her blog prior to blackout that she had a bunch of racist fucks following her

No. 79350

I honestly hated blackout. I hate this mentality that just because someone's black/queer/any minority/a girl, they're beautiful goddesses of the spring flower realm who have zero flaws.

I had to log out for three days because the spam of black people selfies wouldn't stop. It started to feel as if these people were being fetishized under the guise it is "recognition".

Tumblr has a big problem with this. You can't do no wrong if you're not white or cisscum. You deserve all the treats in the world and you deserve everyone to think you're beautiful.

I feel like half of the people who promote this shit do it out of feeling pressured to do it. Tumblr is an environment that can turn toxic really quick, especially when they use guilt tripping and emotionally manipulative posts to get you to agree with them.

No. 79357

They absolutely feel pressured to do it. Because if you don't conform, you receive hate mail, death threats, etc. These marginzalized communities are overrun by people who just wanna feel oppressed and they're very quick to demonize anyone who doesn't think they're perfect/amazing. It's disgusting.

No. 79366

People were definitely praising each other not because they became willfully ignorant of the others flaws, but because they were not going to acknowledge them. That was the point of blackout. For the people who normally go by unnoticed to get some love. This was taken as a social issue though because black people feel they normally go by unappreciated in terms of beauty, even by each other.

As was stated here >>58019, was for representation because of the lack of black people, specifically those with dark skin, in media. Granted, in order to say that their is a lack of representation means they had to compare their numbers to another racial group, it being white.

I was surprised people saw it as an attack on white people because of that, thinking that #blackout meant that no white people shall be seen or allowed on tumblr for one day every month as retribution when that wasn't the case at all.

I don't think #blackout pressured people who don't want to fit in with sjw's, likely their friends. You either agreed with their message or didn't. If you felt pressured it means you're fake as fuck.

No. 79376

I saw a young white girl completely being ripped to shreds because she posted a selfie on blackout.
She didn't even tag it as anything ''blackout/whiteout/somethingout related just as ''me'' and ''selfie'' and she didn't seem to be much aware of the blackout thing..
They called her disgusting and ''mayonaise bitch'' ripped on her for having thin lips and not much of a figure.

When someone pointed out the ridiculousness in this hostility towards her people were quick to somehow make them out to be the victims '' we respond so harshly because we HURT because the media doesn't represent us omg :(( ''

No. 79379

Thats a very small minority that is used to represent the much larger group and completely justify any disregard towards everyone else within that same group.

Many of the black people were all in agreement to just focus on each other, it wasn't about white people. Non black supporters tried to be respectful of that and not butt in with "everyone needs to reblog black people today and white people better not post!1111" because thats not what the original idea was about.

There were for sure both black and non black people who took it as this for some reason, but they still do not represent everyone else. It's like if one kid in class misbehaves and then the whole class gets punished and recognized as trouble makers.

Plus, everyone if not the vast majority of the white people I follow (I assume the same for all of tumblr) did not get any hate for posting selfies that day. Black bloggers even said to ignore people purposely posting on the blackout tag that day.

No. 79380

I remember seeing a post on my dashboard about how you're a shitty person if you're non white and post a selfie on a day blackout occurs. /Even if you didn't know it was occuring that day./ Like come the fuck on.

No. 79383

Bis dont accept trans. Thats pansexuality.

No. 79390

>That was the point of blackout. For the people who normally go by unnoticed to get some love.

The point of blackout was to give black people the recognition they don't often get in the media, yes, but it was still asskissery where people felt more pressure to reblog selfies of people they would otherwise ignore to earn sjw coins, so let's not pretend that the original purpose of it was kept intact for the whole day and that tumblr doesn't pat themselves on the back for doing it.

And like I said, tumblr's community deals in absolutes, with the aggregated emotional manipulation to get you to agree with them out of compromise rather than genuine solidarity and empathy. Proof of this is that right after blackout was over, they were already making a new schedule, with blackout days happening the first day of each month or something like that. When the second blackout was supposed to happen no one gave a shit.

On top of everything, when someone came up with a blackout but for all races, black people got butthurt about it. When the Ferguson shit happened, it's been about black people at any single chance, and yes, they're going through some shit but black Americans aren't the only ones with issues.

No. 79395

I am Jewish and I hate every race.
Even Jews.
You all suck equally.
Non-Jewish pasteskins for enslaving races.
Shitskins for dramatizing everything the whites did.
Native Americans for being lazy alcoholics.
Asians for acting like they're better when you're even more fucked up.
You're all stupid niggers.
I also hate Jews because in the Jew middle school I went to everyone was a fucking bacon hating bitch.
For all I care you can all go into the fucking gas chambers.
..I am an equalist.

No. 79402

who the fuck says? Are you the bi spokesman? Shut the fuck up.

No. 79403

File: 1428719721770.png (199 KB, 373x327, edge.png)

No. 79406

nah i liked blackouts. i think black girls are cute, especially the ones who get like 50k notes on their pics, so it was nice to see them on my dash. now that it's done it's back to normal and i have to see the same fucking basic white girl trying hard to look like felice fawn and it's just really annoying. i should probably follow better blogs.

im white and i posted selfies on blackout day and the selfie i posted got like a couple hundred notes and NO ONE said anything to me. but then again i dont follow sjws and i block all sjws so that probably had something to do with it.

No. 79409

Kek the good majority of users here act like SJWs even though they claim they arent.

No. 79427

>let's not pretend that the original purpose of it was kept intact for the whole day and that tumblr doesn't pat themselves on the back for doing it

Did you not read the post you replied to?
>I don't think #blackout pressured people who don't want to fit in with sjw's, likely their friends. You either agreed with their message or didn't. If you felt pressured it means you're fake as fuck.

In case you misunderstood I meant that those who felt pressured to post were doing so because they wanted to continue gaining whatever the fuck it is their sjw friends offer them, which is likely a group willing to defend them if they fit into an oppressed group. They only posted out of pressure if they gave no fucks about blackout and what it meant and just did it to not raise suspicion and retain their friends.

Anyway, these types didn't give a fuck about blackout because if they did they would also reblog the text posts that make the rounds year long talking about racism. If they make up the majority then you'd be correct in saying:

>hen the second blackout was supposed to happen no one gave a shit

Everyone I follow was posting just as much as on the first blackout, but whatever.

Also, dude, black tumblr didn't get mad because other races wanted a selfie day too, they said to go ahead, but to not take the specific day they chose because it was about their representation for other black people. It was turned into this race vs race thing when it didn't have to be if people just chose other days apart from March 6th (originally it was only going to be one day). But people were like, "wtf, black tumblr gets to post selfies and we can't??" no one said that, but thats what people took the original post as, which was exacerbated by a small group of black people who were attacking non black people to not post.

So in return it became, " well if they're gonna make that day a blackout, we're gonna turn it into a yellowout/brownout/whiteout". They were mad because they couldn't have one thing amongst themselves without people thinking it was about other races.

No. 79433

yeah man sjw ruin everything because they don't really think about justice itself. They think about what white people did/do to black, latino, asian, and native american people (mainly in the U.S.) and want to go out and attack individual teenage girls on tumblr for wearing box braids, bindis, kimonos or headdresses when it won't change the root of the problem.

No. 79440

i saw them make a post where they are like "dont wear native american head dresses if you're white, here are some hats you can wear if you're a white privileged person (:(:(:" and one of them was this russian traditional head dress and im like yeah ok because russian people are so privileged living through perestroika and losing the most people in WW2 under stalin etc. i bet someone's russian grandma got slaughtered for wearing that hat 60 years ago, but they completely ignore that yet at the same time cry about the bindi. its not like the west doesn't have a huge boner for being russophobic to the point where "russophobia" has an entire wiki page dedicated to it that is far more in-depth than any of their sjw terms they come up with

it just pisses me off because they haven't even read a single history book yet try to make decisions about race based on their FEELINGS. they are hypocrites point-blank. i don't care if someone wants to wear a funky russian hat or a bindi, people look stupid in them either way, it's just fucking hilarious how they try and twist and bend things to suit their own narrative.

No. 79445

feelings are not the same as experiences though

when people say that they have been made fun of for being a certain race and embracing their culture (one that doesn't look stupid to them as it does to you), they can talk about issues of race for their people in that section of the U.S.

the thing that separates other poc from russians in experiencing discrimination is that for the most part, asians, native americans and black people cannot blend in with that group if they needed or wanted to, so thats one reason they may not include them

No. 79447

Neil Gaiman is really big on using POC characters too, isn't he?

No. 79448

>thread about "Shit from Tumblr"
>Shit from Tumblr literally invading this thread with their feefees on blackout and ~cultural appropriation~

Pack it up, thread is ded.

No. 79485

well idk it is very hard to blend in when you have a russian sounding last name, your accent is russian, you cannot speak w/o russian inflections. like come on. when i was in 1st grade i was called a dirty commie by a boy in my class. i didnt even fucking know what a commie (i was fucking 6) was and my first name/last name isn't even russian.

havent you noticed that sjws are always american white people? they need some other white people to hate with visceral passion, they need to make some other whiteys seem like the bad guys so the spotlight gets taken off of their mass genocide. no one gives a shit about uganda stoning their gays, but putin doesn't want a gay UN representative and sjws cry to high hell.

No. 79509

shut up you fucking jew

No. 79530

Being obsessed with races and "identities" is the new trend guys

No. 79532

??? really, how old are you? I thought people got over that by the early 90s

No. 79534

File: 1428731341543.png (64.53 KB, 960x686, europe-according-to-the-united…)

No. 79554

idk man some kid said I was going to hell for being jewish in elementary school but holding on to experiences from grade school aged kids is reaching. kids are mean for everything and half the time don't know any better. by the time you and peers have grown out of the psychotic children phase they probably would be excited you were from a different country.

No. 79556

im 21 lol

No. 79558


yeah well sjws are super antisemitic as well, they just hide it by claiming they are fighting against "white supremacy" or w/e the fuck

No. 79566

Yes I read it, and my point still stands. Like all of it still stands.

No. 79572

It's not because you're Russian, it's because most Russian people are really rude and don't know how to be friendly, which makes people uncomfortable. I'm sorry, I know it's just cultural differences, but every Russian I've seen has been like this and I don't even know if they realize it or not. Just smile at people, even if you think they look like disagreeable people to you be nice to their face and others wont think you're so stuck up.

No. 79582

It's a thread about tumblr you retard, people are going to talk about fucking tumblr.

No. 79583

Then move to a country with your people as a majority or stfu and stop bitching.

No. 79590

it probably has something to do with 'not telling a POC nation what to do as a colonizer' or something like that

No. 79592

File: 1428736133135.png (139.05 KB, 520x477, tumblr_nlvle6CvQ31u00qgto1_540…)

No. 79596

File: 1428736554566.png (19.22 KB, 520x89, notes.png)

Look at the fucking notes on this stupid shit.

No. 79597

File: 1428736558875.jpg (32.38 KB, 367x270, 1165800992Finding Our Voice Em…)

please.. please tell me this is a troll.

how does 'social justie' devolve into 'fuck the fake ass jews and the fuckin holocaust'

like.. why. why. why is this bullshit trendy.

No. 79598

>fuck the gypsies

as an eastern european all i can say is: YEAH!!!!!

No. 79600

your logic astounds me

No. 79601

File: 1428737598130.png (338.19 KB, 423x1863, tumblrs.png)

In contrast this is what many black people reply when they read crap like that because it's pretty stupid to downplay another groups oppression when talking about your own oppression.

No. 79607

What the hell is this shit? Why do black people whine the most? so annoying

No. 79608

This is actually disgusting. I would punch this bitch in her face. Like no, fuck you.

No. 79611

I'm always appalled at how fucking much black people whine about EVERYTHING. Like they're the most oppressed people of the world and they always have it worst so they're entitled to being put on a pedestal and showered with babying and praise for the mere act of existing. I don't live in America but in a country that didn't have a single black person until the early 90's when the first African immigrants arrived so we have absolutely zero history with racism, slavery or any shit like that and any kind of discrimination is very highly condemned in our society that values equality over everything. And these immigrants still do nothing but whine about racism and slavery and demand special privileges and act like racist assholes towards others themselves. They refuse to get accustomed to our society and think of us as lesser people yet we're still to believe it's because the original population is so racist and oppressive. Fuck you, you're from Somalia and slavery is fucking legal in there, only you're enslaving Bantus and Kenyans.

But no, black people can't be racist or do anything wrong…

No. 79612

No. 79617


>Tfw you don't carry this "woe is me" mentality in the black community a lot of people think you're self-hating.

All I can do is hope that you guys don't think we are all like this. With sj-shit becoming popular a lot of black bloggers are being extremely vocal and it's really embarrassing and a disgrace because we aren't the only oppressed people in the world. I feel like some of this whining and complete lack of respect for other minorities sets us back.

No. 79618

Both those black people and you sound annoying as fuck. You're both generalizing entire groups of people.

No. 79619


No. 79620

Alrite mate, sorry for OT

No. 79621

Yeah, I know not everyone is like that and my black friend (how white does that sound) hates SJWs and whining black people and complains to me about how they're ruining it for everyone. It's just really annoying when it's always a self-hating white person or a whining black person crying about racism, but other people don't get a say about the issue at all. When a black immigrant tells other immigrants to grow some balls and stop complaining about racism and try to fix their act, the white people don't give them a minute of their time because they couldn't inflate their ego by "protecting" them and the black people tell them to fuck off with their "internalized racism".

No. 79622

I know not all black people pull the race card. It's just sad to see this kind of shit online.

No. 79772

You also have to remember that sjw tend to leave out a lot of other minorities.
Since they tend to focus on a lot of U.S. problems, youd think they'd talk more about immigration and discrimination towards hispanics, but nope, black people are god tier race that should be protected at all cost and other ethnicities should shut up because their struggle isnt as important

No. 79776

Also the Irish slave trade wasn't "as bad" as the African one and the Irish "never experienced any oppression because they're white". The same goes for the Polish. And the Ottoman empire couldn't have done anything bad, they're PoCs!!!!!

Really, American schools should teach kids more about global history and geography instead of talking only about the slave trade. This is what we get as the result, USA-centric SJWs policing around people from other nations.

No. 79801

No. 79868


lmao russian people are legitimately not rude, it's because you fucking yanks have been taught since you were fetuses that we're the sociopaths. i wasn't even raised russian nor do i present as russian unless i speak it (and i speak it poorly)

No. 79875

it's all about how if you are even remotely light skinned, black people think you have "white passing" privilege or some shit

like they don't realize that it is incredibly easy to pick out an irishman out of a crowd, or an italian person, or a jewish person, or a slavic person etc etc. like these are easy things that people do on a daily basis because it is fucking obvious based on the person's face unless you're blind. even if they strip their entire culture down to the point where they are speaking english without ANY accent, practicing christianity and dressing exactly like every other american it is still fucking obvious that they are not. but black people call for every other "white" culture to be stripped down to just being white because they are the only ones allowed to be victims of anything.

No. 79879

That's what kills me! They act like any person with lighter skin cannot possible be a person of color. It's insane. They're the ones judging people by the color of their skin instead of doing some research.

No. 79881

nope. you can't pick a jew out of a crowd. that's what makes antisemitism so complex and diffrent from racism. everyone can be a jew in the eyes of the antisemite. nazi-germans couldn't tell who was jewish by looks that's why they had to check the family records of each individual. I also think that it's not that easy to single out an italian or a spanish person - black skin is a very obvious marker. it's not so hard to admit that, that doesn't mean other people are "less" oppressed, it's just a different kind of oppression. even at night you can single out a black person. an italian? not so much.

>> Old thread ( >>47139 ) has gone to shitter because you fags can't stop arguing about pointless OT shit. Please take your debates to /b/

No. 79888

I went to an all black school.
They are the most awful, racist, and prejudiced scumbags to ever grace the earth. Boohoo fucking hoo. No one cares that you were slaves.
The Jews have been slaves, there were more fucking Irish slaves than black ones, both of my bloodlines.
I don't give a fuck if your grandfather was a slave. I don't respect you.
They made my life hell simply because my skin was another color.
Screw diversity.

No. 79889

File: 1428786189137.jpg (68.05 KB, 870x436, bleach.jpg)

Biggest example of how blacks find everything about race and pull that card. The clorox bleach incident on twitter.

Left is original tweet and right tweet is their apology for something they didn't need to say sorry for.

No. 79894

>nope. you can't pick a jew out of a crowd. that's what makes antisemitism so complex and diffrent from racism.

Well as a Jewish person I'm going to have to tell you you're dead wrong. Jew spotting is easy as hell, and if you get good at it you can make accurate stabs as to whether they're Ashkenazim, Hasidic or Sephardic.

>everyone can be a jew in the eyes of the antisemite

And they're sure as hell a great person to ask about what qualifies someone as a Jew! It's not like there are extremely strict criteria that exempt you from being Jewish or anything. It's not like practising Jews refer to themselves as "God's chosen people" (People as in race) or anything. /sarcasm

No. 79895

>> complains other people are racist scumbags
>> makes a judgment about a whole race on the basis of personal experience

No. 79898

I'm sure many people have had very similar experiences when it comes to black people and racism. How they pull the race or slave card, even in a situation like >>79889

Even if they're younger than 30 and have nothing to really complain about, they will.

No. 79899

It really annoys me when people use poc unironically, and I'm one of those pee oh cee peoples who need help wah.

When people say "person/people of color" I just think "not white", but that's the color of my skin.

I don't give a fuck about your solidarity that's a really retarded term to refer to minorities.

No. 79901

and by "color of my skin" i mean white as fuck.

No. 79902

I'm fucking traumatized and almost scared of PoC's. I got trampled in 7th grade, kids stole my stuff, and eventually I stopped going to school altogether.
No one, not even the teachers, tried to help me. No one.
I had no way to get out of the situation. None. Plus, I had other things going on at home, and I was never social in the first place.
I've had a worse life than anyone there and they dare claim that slavery is their justification for abuse towards another student?
I can't help but be biased. If I wasn't I'd be fucking insane. I've never experienced that shit with white people.

No. 79908

and this is exactly how racist stereotypes evolve. "many people have the experience" -> ALL OF THEM ARE LIKE THAT.

I'm a white person bullied by other white students for being a little chubby at the age of 12. TRAUMA. Am I now supposed to talk about how all skinny people are fatshaming scumbags?

Obviously you never experienced this shit with white people. Because you are white. I bet a black person did.

No. 79909

That black person has a community who supports them. They are allowed to hate white people.
Meanwhile I'm "racist."
Stupid niggers can go to hell.

No. 79912

no, you are both racist. you apply the same logic you criticize about them. that doesn’t make them "good" or anything. I'm not defending your bullies. just don't get on their level.

No. 79914

If everyone shared your opinion, perhaps I could recover. But sadly, hardly anyone does.

No. 79915

File: 1428787464776.png (72.97 KB, 235x279, 1348768871786.png)

>Meanwhile I'm "racist."

>Stupid niggers can go to hell.

I'm not even black but you just went full retarded.

No. 79917

I'm afraid such short notice the best I can do is a picture of my nose in front of the matzo we have in the kitchen.

No. 79918

haha, that pic

No. 79919

I admit, I'm racist, but so are the kids who beat the shit out of me growing up.

No. 79921

>Stupid niggers can go to hell.
Anon, pls

No. 79927

that should suffice. another text recommendation for you: "Are Jews White? Or the History of the Nose Job." by Sander Gilman. (not sure if he has the authority of being jewish though)

No. 79945

if you can't pick a jew out of a crowd, you are pants on fucking head retarded and need to be kept in doors at all times because i really worry for your visual comprehension and do not want to see you get in trouble

No. 79946

>jew facts so we can get back on topic
1. if that story is even true, we were slaves thousands of years ago which does not count anymore and being zion-y means you are pro killing civilians that are in 'muh promised land'
2. the holocaust killed people of other ethnicities as well as jews + the handicapped and gay, and russia fucked it's civilians way worse in terms of death
3. some people look jewish and some don't. people can convert to judaism or be mixed. just because someone has a big nose doesn't mean they are jewish.
4. jewish people are often white, some can be other races. being jewish doesn't make you a PEOPLE OF COLOR.
5. the most antisemitism i have experienced is 1 kid in elementary school and a plethora of mild jew jokes, i really don't think america is going to sprout up HOLOCAUST 2.0 anytime soon.
>the closest i have gotten is someone saying during a conspiracy convo 'i hate jews' and i said 'i am jewish' and they said 'oh.. i mean the illuminati, not you obviously'

>some extra facts related to other races

1. some people are mean, it doesn't mean everyone the same race or gender or living in the same location is mean
2. people judge others based on (perceived) traits, not just blackness

now stop shitting up the thread

No. 79953

open up a history book you sjw, 60% of jews are literally brown, and only a small fraction of jews are ashkenazi

No. 79954

>>i wasn't even raised russian nor do i present as russian unless i speak it

Yet you're speaking for russian people and bitching about being persecuted for being Russian?
Russians are bitchy and have a horrible attitude. Anyone's who's met a handful of them would know that they're cunts.
Most people don't give a fuck about russians unless you were raised during the cold war (which you weren't) which tells me that the issues you have is probably because you're rude and stuck up.

No. 79964

File: 1428790765011.jpg (76.18 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nml8b3xet81r83zleo1_500…)

I'm not an SJW, I meant in america there are a lot of white jews, not people in the middle east are white, but didn't type it. sorry!


>The Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστος holókaustos: hólos, "whole" and kaustós, "burnt"),[2] also known as the Shoah (Hebrew: השואה, HaShoah, "the catastrophe"), was a genocide in which approximately six million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. Many historians use a definition of the Holocaust that includes the additional five million non-Jewish victims of Nazi mass murders, bringing the total to approximately eleven million.

No. 79965

uhm no. holocaust as well as shoah is specifically used for the 6 000 000 dead jews. the other numbers are small compared to this count (doesn't mean they don't matter). Please at least check wikipedia before you spread your facts.

btw. you can't tell other people to stop shitting up this thread while shitting it up yourself.

No. 79973

as an arab i must disagree with you. Even the darkest jews over here are pretty white. The original jew(yemeni jew) still are white with green eyes but with a tan due the hot sun. I think a long time ago they were brown…but now not anymore. Being a jew is now a privilege everywhere, just like being white is. Also dont call someone a SJW if you dont agree with someone. Just calm down and point out her/his fallacies.

No. 79974

>at least check wikipedia


No. 79975


also wiki says Ashkenazi are at least 70%
>Statistical figures vary for the contemporary demography of Ashkenazi Jews, oscillating between 10 million[1] and 11.2 million.[2] Sergio DellaPergola in a rough calculation of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, implies that Ashkenazi make up less than 74% of Jews worldwide.[24] Other estimates place Ashkenazi Jews as making up about 75% of Jews worldwide.[25]

No. 79982

Oh LOLLLLLLL how funny, someone didn't use US-Wikipedia. the world doesn't revolve around the us, you know?
I checked german Wikipedia and it says:

>> Als Holocaust [ˈhoːlokaʊst, holoˈkaʊst] (griechisch ὁλόκαυστον holókauston ‚vollständig verbrannt‘) oder Schoah (auch Schoa, Shoah oder Shoa; hebräisch ‏הַשּׁוֹאָה‎ ha'Schoah „die Katastrophe“, „das große Unglück/Unheil“) wird der Völkermord an 5,6 bis 6,3 Millionen Menschen bezeichnet, die das Deutsche Reich in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus als Juden definierte. Er gründete auf dem vom NS-Regime propagierten Antisemitismus, zielte auf die vollständige Vernichtung der europäischen Juden und wurde von 1941 bis 1945 systematisch, ab 1942 auch mit industriellen Methoden durchgeführt.

(put it through google translate…)

since most historians who do research on this topic are german or german jews I'd say the english wikipedia page is wrong about "many". I don't know any historian who uses it for all victims. nazi-genocide qould be the term for all

Anyway, I'm out, don't want to get banned because of you idiots.

No. 79984

You need to calm down. Damn, why is it here filled with tumblrinas and pull-ers? Wikipedia should never ever be a source.

No. 79985


yes, because my parents are russian and we come from russia and we were persecuted for being russian. which is why i don't speak it and i don't present as russian. i just say i'm white and my family was born here. because people are meaner when you say you are not slavic.

>Most people don't give a fuck about russians unless you were raised during the cold war

have you been on reddit……. or literally outside…… stupid yank lol

No. 79987

this happens on facebook a lot, I have a friend from persia that talks about how muslums do bad things a lot and whie people always come out like 'noo don't say bad things not everyone is like that'

No. 79988

Also, wtf did you quoted? You wont get banned as long if you arent behaving like a fucktard. Jews are mostly white, period. Arabs are mostly white too.

No. 79990

friend from turkey is that persian…. sorry

No. 79992

Yeah, basically.
People need to read up on their history.
(Like the Arab slave trade and ottoman empire to name a few)
But nah, just whitey did the bad things :^) kek

No. 79993

well, technically arabs are white. Turks now are white. So yeah…

No. 79995

>Can't tell a jew by looking at them
>But someone's nose alone is a good enough identifying feature

Something isn't adding up here.

No. 79997

yeah because I was totally serious about that. next time I'll use /sarcasm, ok?

No. 79999

You talk with so much anger. I just am here since this post >>79973. You need to calm down!
"White" people can have big noses too. It isn't a "Semitic" trait exclusively.

No. 80000

>I was born in America
>stupid yank lol
>haven't you ever been on reddit?

Hahahahahahahahahaha. I don't think that your family faced persecution, I think you're just a whiny cunt who can't handle a little bit of banter or people making jokes here and there. This is why people don't like you. If people can't even tell that you're russian from talking to you, then you're life can't be this fucking difficult. Go back to russia, mongoloid.

No. 80003

I'm not that girl/guy but you seriously need to get rid of that sand in your vagina.

No. 80005

File: 1428792427209.jpg (31.87 KB, 250x354, crackerasshonkey.jpg)

So white ugu pay for my welfare plz

No. 80006

I get what you are saying, but no one see's the majority of Arabic countries as the western definition of "white" (Not to mention a majority would probably not pass as white in Western countries)
Hence why progressives like to ignore the wrong doings of Arabic countries because they are not coded as white.

No. 80007

His facial features are white. Plus he is in the sun and has a different culture, this is why you cant accept him as white. Italians can look like this sandnigga too. And remember that being arab is just a culture, damn it.
true. And the arab slave trade is complicated but race had no part in it, if you were male, strong, arab and rich you would snatch and rape. But whats in the past is in the past. I rather focus on present.

No. 80011

have you met all of them? No, you just stick to meeting them through your holy social media accounts and memories from school

your opinions are biased because you refuse to see any good black people because of what happened to you

growing up, all the white dudes in my neighborhood were creepy as fuck, saying nasty shit to my girlfriends and I whenever we would pass by, even after we screamed at them to stop because we were 12 and wanted nothing to do with them

they would be arrested and return a month later and the same shit would start all over again

this went on for yrs but I don't go and assume every white dude is a pedophile or that the only reason they go to my home country is to rape the girls there

I use common sense

No. 80013

its only obvious to me by attire, hair(jew fro) or nose size

I know what you mean, I'm considered a poc but I hate that term because it's based off of the term colored and implies that there are only two groups of people in the u.s.: colored or white. That makes it obvious that they are separated due to not just physical characteristics but their status within society. One group has more power than the other.

However, it's not true because it's not that fucking simple. Among white and non-white people there is a hierarchy.

No. 80015

File: 1428793378641.png (202.47 KB, 1037x1600, bar-refaeli-389.png)

Very exotic…and orange…

No. 80018

>I'm a white person bullied by other white students for being a little chubby at the age of 12. TRAUMA. Am I now supposed to talk about how all skinny people are fatshaming scumbags?

JFC anon was bullied for BEING WHITE by black people so that sounds fucking racist to me. And living in a black neighborhood I can confirm that blacks can be pretty openly blatantly racist to a white person's face without consequences. I don't even care if I'm labeled as a racist anymore, I'm so sick of all this "white people can't experience racism" just because of slavery!!111

No. 80025

Blacks can very much be racist. Im that arabanon and I can remember all the times blacks called me and my mum a terrorist. I think blacks ridiculed me more than whites. Both actually did, but blacks did it in public.

No. 80064

Arabs are racist against blacks more than any other race. Your kind HATES them, which then in return you get called out. Don't come here crying about black people.

No. 80066

I remember hanging with an arab girl and her other friends gave me so much crap just because of my skin color, they walk around mocking black people like they do in their country. Forgot about the african slavery going on in the middle east too huh?

No. 80101

You're retarded.
Bisexuality is liking guys and girls. It doesn't include people that are trans. That's what bisexual means, dumbass.
Don't take it as a personal attack lmao. If you like trans then you're pansexual

No. 80103

this is why people don't take niggers seriously

No. 80104

No. 80107

I'm just speaking from experience. You must know that there are black Arabs too and I've seen blacks talking shit about black Arabs because the nonarab blacks initially talked crap about them. You and that jewish girl are crazy and need to have sip some relaxing arabic coffee.
there was no african slavery specifically. Like I said, black brown white yellow arabs all captured women. Women were victims more than anything tbh.

No. 80109

And of course, lotsa english mistakes. Ah IDGAF its understandable.

No. 80112

this is so fucking dumb.
people can go cry because i called them ladies or gentlemen. if you care that much when complete strangers "misgender" you then you need to go seek help asap because youre insecure as fuck

No. 80113

shes really pretty

No. 80115

I agree. She is jewish btw.

No. 80120

lmao you need to clam your social justice vagina and relax. im not saying i was persecuted, but neither are any of the black people that sit around on twitter and tumblr crying about their lives. and if you were to open a history book, you would see that my people have suffered far more so lmao

No. 80121

she is an ashkenazi jew

like you could definitely tell if you stepped outside and actually spoke to people other than the 7/11 cashier, legbeard.

No. 80122

Hey easy on me! I couldnt even tell. Being jewish is just a culture/religion.

No. 80125

it is an ethnoreligion. these people all look similar. take a trip to israel and you would see.

No. 80126

I used to live in Yemen, believe me I know more than you think about the jews. I even have jewish blood in me and let me tell you that my grandmother does not look like Bar Refaeli…jews are exactly like arabs. Its not a race, just a culture.

No. 80128

of course your grandmother does not look like her, but i have an israeli friend who looks exactly like her… so… where is your god now?

No. 80133

File: 1428800287847.jpg (223.75 KB, 933x1400, abdul1u611.jpg)

But what about Paula Abdul then? So much variety…

No. 80421

So, being North African makes you white?
White=European decent. Africans aren't white.

No. 80422

Did you experience this "suffering of your people" during your cushy life in the states? No?
>yes, because my parents are russian and we come from russia and we were persecuted for being Russian.
>im not saying i was persecuted
Commi double think right there lol. You were just crying over how you've been "persecuted" for having Russian parents, which I'm sure was imagined, as no one could even tell you were Russian in the first place.

No. 80423


Go to fucking Africa and see how well your "whitey rules the world & blackies are noble savages who respect other people" theory holds up there.

No. 80424

What if you're a straight man and you like transwomen, but not their dicks?
Bi=attraction to both genders, and trannies try to identify with the opposite gender.

No. 80440

It's kinda complicated to explain because bisexuality means being sexually attracted to both men and women.

In the case of a straight man entering into a relationship with a transwoman, it doesn't really affect his sexuality. He's still pretty much straight. However, the idea of him not liking her dick has to do more with how he perceives her, which could [could] mean that he still perceives her as a man and therefore perceives that any sort of relationship or sexual contact would be homosexual.

Pansexuality means that you're attracted to anyone, this could range from a cis person to a trans person to an asexual person.

Not that anon btw.

No. 80444

>Bisexuality is liking guys and girls.
So, and trannies their own gender now? Pretty sure they're either a guy or a girl unless they have some serious disorder.
This is what I don't get about the SJW thing with "pansexuality". (not to imply that you are one) A MtF transsexual is a woman, right? So then being attracted to them means you like women.
>He's still pretty much straight.
But you just said that being attracted to transexuals makes you a pansexual. If you can't be bi and attracted to trannies, then you can't be straight and attracted to trannies.
>However, the idea of him not liking her dick has to do more with how he perceives her
It really doesn't, it has to do with him being straight and not liking cock.

No. 80447

>So, and trannies their own gender now? Pretty sure they're either a guy or a girl unless they have some serious disorder.

gdi Thank you. I know trans people hate this whole thing about trannies being their "own gender" and not the gender they're fucking identifying as and trying to pass as. I think it's fucking demeaning to call a trans woman just "trans" and not a "woman". Not all trans people are tumblrites who war transgenderism as an achievement badge and 100% of their identity.

No. 80518

This. Everytime someone saus "bisexuals dont date trans only pansexuals do :^}" i know theyre tumblr retards and to just ignore the rest of their idiocy.

Making trans people into a third alien gender is, actually, pretty fucking offensive it turns out, but sjw are too busy circlejerking to realize how backwards and disgusting it is.

No. 80525

This is why I hate niggers.

No. 80550

But anon, if sexual orientation is attraction to sex rather than gender, that means lesbians aren't transphobic and evil for not wanting to have sex with a pre-OP transwoman!!

But, seriously. That's a prime argument on tumblr. Oh, and lately everyone who's monosexual (not just heterosexual but yes, homosexual) apparently has "privilege" over bi/pan people and they're called "gross" and "boring" for "only being attracted to one gender1!1!!"

FFS. It's so stupid. I'm so sick of this shit.

No. 80601

Tbh I genuinely dislike white people. As a whole we're deluded into thinking that our race can do no wrong, meanwhile we're the most violent and sick people on the face of the earth.

Also, it's ironic how whites only focus on "poc" tumblr tards who think that all of their problems are due to oppression. There are tons of poc I follow who don't condone this shit. Do they face discrimination that highly limits what they can do without being stigmatized? Yes, but that doesn't mean they're allowed to do whatever they want.

Somehow though most white people will read a few fucking posts that represent the minority within that very minority and think "they're all the same." I don't blame poc for thinking white people are racist in return. They'd be accurate at least.

No. 80602

>most violent
Read a history book. Wasn't just whitey who did a lot of bad.

Besides that and your stupid white guilt, I mostly agree with you, Anon.

No. 80607

get the fuck out
i fucking hate how americans started this "we, le white people" shit.

No. 80643

My history books didn't tell me about any wars other than those in Europe, even my global history classes were focused on Europeans and the wars among themselves. American history was then based on more war, slightly going over the genocide of native americans and the enslavement of blacks.

I know that white people aren't responsible for all the fucked up shit in the world, but for us, especially those in the U.S., to think they're better and glamorize the same violence we look down on others for is ridiculous.

The one argument I hate is when other white people say that some Africans sold other Africans into slavery as though they forced our ancestors to buy them and treat them the way they did, or that native americans died only from diseases. All I'm saying is that we all need to be realistic and honest.

All races are full of shit, but most white people are deluded. C'mon the kkk is allowed to exist and many other white people think race isn't an issue in the U.S. anymore.

Those few black people on tumblr are deluded as well for thinking there would be no problems within their community if they had more power, or that lack of power = innocence, but many other black people are quick to correct them from what I see on my dash.

Do you mean it shouldn't be about race but rather nationality? Sorry if thats not what you meant, I just understood it as this because thats the argument many make since many issues are U.S. centered.

No. 80688


No. 80691

Seriously, these "self-hating" whities from the tumblurs are all from the US and ignore absolutely ever other place on Earth, and every chink, spic, nigger and towelhead from Cockjackistan are minorities and soooo oppressed by The White Man.

No. 80694

>The one argument I hate is when other white people say that some Africans sold other Africans into slavery as though they forced our ancestors to buy them and treat them the way they did, or that native americans died only from diseases. All I'm saying is that we all need to be realistic and honest.

How old are you, 14? 15? Like I can't even get into how ridiculous you are right now.

No. 80696

Its funny cause its suuuuper arrogant. asians hate other asians more than any whitie. Such as chinese people hate japanese, rape of nanking of antone? But nah everything everywhere revolves around chubby white teens with white guilt, amirote? Get over yourselves.

No. 80698

Rape of nanking, anyone?*
Fuck auto correct

No. 80700

File: 1428869215350.jpg (27.7 KB, 342x348, bill-cosby-2013.jpg)

>rape of nanking of antone

No. 80703

how is it ridiculous?

No. 80704

Africa is just a continent. South Africans can be white too.
North Africans in general mostly are white. North Africans are Mediterraneans more than that they are Africans, just like the rest of the Arabs(the Arabs in Asia are also more Medit. than that they are Asian for example). They can be black, brown, "yellow", or white. Most of them happen to be white-brown. But some can argue brown people are just white people with a tan. I am a firm believer of that.

t Sheikh Abdullah Aziz

No. 80705

You can't refer to people as minorities if you're not talking about a subset of the population within your own country. I haven't heard anyone refer to Japanese people in Japan as minorities as an example, and hope I won't because by then tumblrs stupidity will reach levels I thought was even beyond them.

No. 80706

Redneck shut up. You cringe me.

t Sheikh Abdullah Aziz

No. 80715

One thing is gender, the other thing is sex. You're confusing one with the other.

"Sex refers to biological differences; chromosomes, hormonal profiles, internal and external sex organs.

Gender describes the characteristics that a society or culture delineates as masculine or feminine."

>But you just said that being attracted to transexuals makes you a pansexual.

No, what I said is that pansexuality covers -anyone- on the spectrum. It goes from cis people to trans people to asexual people and so on.

Bisexuality is being sexually attracted to men and women, generally cis. However, and like I said, it's a complicated thing to understand because there are many sides to it. There's no absolutes in sexuality.

>It really doesn't, it has to do with him being straight and not liking cock.

…Which is basically related to how he perceives her.

No. 80720

Go back to Tumblr.
As much as I hate 4chan you stupid self loathing Tumblrfags are making me wish I lived on there. And I'm a fucking woman.

No. 80723

There were more Irish slaves than black ones, or at least a comparative amount.
Boo fucking hoo. I don't care if you niggers were slaves. So were my great-great-great grandparents. I would prefer it if you all went back to prison.

No. 80727

weren't the irish enslaved by other whites though? not trying to argue or push my opinion, but I thought that was why black people on tumblr always mentioned slavery, since in the U.S. they were brought over and enslaved by a different race

No. 80728

Yes, but we're not racist to all British people.
Lol why can't we identify as PoC's?

No. 80731

Because Irish people are white? Lmao

No. 80736

But slavery in the U.S. was an issue of racism, not nationality.

No. 80738

And Africans sold other africans. So?

No. 80748

THIS 100%

No. 80751

Yes but these Africans did not sell them out of racism, they did it because every country basically did it/are doing it. And even in first world countries we kind of still pray on the weak to make them do the dirty job

No. 80764

Black slaves were originally enslaved by other Africans, then sold to whites. Slaves were like a common measure of wealth there and selling extra children into slavery wasn't that uncommon. Some villages preferred to marry a woman who already had children so that they could sell her kids into slavery and get back what they paid for the wife.
The whole reason polygamy was able to work is because one village would go to war with another, kill all the men, and take the women and children as slaves, so there was enough women to go around.

No. 80766

And white people didn't originally buy them out of racism. The laws on race that would later be enforced to manage slaves were restrictive on blacks because it was assumed that all slaves were black.

No. 80777

yeah, but it eventually evolved into that when they were trying to justify why they were doing it

people have been enslaved in many cultures across the globe and throughout much of human history

what I think people aren't taken into account is that black americans are usually only referring to the history of their ancestors within the U.S. and how many white americans benefited from slavery and racism

I see no point in saying yeah whatever you were enlsaved, so were such and such if that is not a history they shared together in the U.S.

No. 80785

Yes, but Africa practiced it on a much larger scale than did the Europeans, to the point of shocking them.
Aside from that most white Americans didn't benefit from slavery. Less than 1% of whites owned slaves, and slavery took away jobs from low class whites. Indentured servants were also treated much worse than slaves. Slaves were expensive, so it was within the owners best interest to keep them in good health. Indentured servants would eventually need to be freed and paid, so their masters would basically try to work them to death before having to pay them.

No. 80790

I can't even laugh at your warped version of history, it's just sad. Whatever, i'm over it, it's no use trying to have a discussion like this because most white people continuously try to justify slavery. I don't even get why because most go "we didn't do it, so don't be mad at us" but then go and defend our ancestors actions. If you don't even want to be associated with it, why defend something you know is so wrong?

Anyway, I guess I shouldn't be talking either since I'm just a self hating white person and can't see shit from your pov.

No. 80804

That anon that replied to you was not justifying slavery. They were simply telling you facts. Nothing about their reply held a personal opinion attached. So how is that justifying slavery? By being factual? Guess we should just ignore facts, because it hurts your personal agenda.

No one here is saying that since the Africans themselves played a role in the slave trade, that it justifies the actions of Europeans– No.

We've instead been giving you facts that you seem to ignore, because you'd much rather paint your own picture that has only white people to blame. (Which just isn't true– it's not a matter of opinion.)

All anyone was trying to show you, through facts, was that white people are not the ONLY people at fault. And if you think that is "justifying slavery"… then fine. Ignore the facts.

No. 80811

Not every african was sold into slavery by other africans, this has been discussed numerous times. Even if it we're true, by saying "well africans sold their own people into slavery," it's insinuating that the actions of the slave owners are not as bad because those that originally sold them played a role in the subjugation of those enslaved by whites. It also insinuates that had africans never sold them in the first place, slavery never would have occurred, as though because an offer is being made the people who wanted to buy them were being forced to do so.

That's why I refer to it as justification. No matter the reason, white people in America enslaved africans. Thats a fact. It doesn't matter if they were robbed from africa or sold, those people were still enslaved. The people that bought them are not better because they didn't do it first or because it wasn't to their own people.

Besides, my argument doesn't end at just slavery because oppression did not end with it. There was just as equal if not worse treatment after black people became free with the number of laws that were against them that benefited white people, rich or poor.

Anyway the argument many of you are painting only applies to enslaved africans, not native americans. They have even more reason to be angry with white people considering that after their near genocide, when they weren't completely wiped out, they tried to make them forget their own culture.

No. 80852

Because the term person/people of color was originally intended for people of African ancestry, directly related to slavery and segregation issues that happened in the States.

Nowadays, the term is used as an umbrella term for any race that isn't white and/or of European ancestry. The reason is because it promotes the idea of solidarity between minorities against systemic racism in America and because the term "minority" has a subordinate connotation.

However, all this explanation I just gave you is utterly retarded because it strips away the identity of people who belong to races and cultures other than black, all for the sake of lumping them into one category, which is "not white".

Plus it has this condescending tone to it that I particularly hate.
Had to look this term up because I'm not white and it doesn't resonate with me, so yeah.

No. 80864

Wow what is going on in this thread?!

I came to lolcow to laugh at idiots not have a deep discussion about social/political/historical issues


No. 80867

Yeah the two groups (white and non white) imply not a difference in race (because then the term poc wouldn't exist since every non white race would not be grouped together but rather referred to individually) bur instead a difference in power.

"POC" as you said does have connotations of subordination or being marginalized by the dominant group, which is why it was used to show solidarity against white people.

However, and for same reasons as yours, there is not equal experiences of oppression between "poc," so it's stupid. Especially because there are poc who have privileges over the same group thats supposed to be oppressing them because of their class level.

Race isn't enough of a factor to determine if you're oppressed.

But anyway, now that I have that off my chest, >>80864 is right.

No. 80873

idk SJWs invaded this thread because someone dared to suggest that not only black people have suffered on this planet. i wasn't even a racist before entering this thread but now i'm seriously rethinking things

No. 80875

>what I think people aren't taken into account is that black americans are usually only referring to the history of their ancestors within the U.S. and how many white americans benefited from slavery and racism

Which is retarded because many americans (myself included) weren't even IN fucking america until the most recent decade, yet we have to hear the same whiny bullshit as though it is our problem. fuck, some people are emigrating to avoid being bombed to oblivion, and they come to america and hear middle class black people whining about something that happened 60 years ago

No. 80890

One thing I hate is when black people say they have it worse than other groups over all. Like yeah, you guys are profiled more by cops unfairly, but that doesn't mean other groups don't get treated worse for other reasons.

I mean holy fuck they ignore all the crazy shit Latinos, Middle Easteners and Native Americans have to go through (not specifically at the hands of white people). Many times they even contribute to this shit (i.e. black people saying they want latinos and middle eastners to stop coming to the U.S.)

Black people have a much bigger voice to express their feelings than these other groups yet they always feel like they're the least represented because of dark skin. Like wtf, latinos have dark skin too, I don't even know more than 1 or 2 famous native people.

No. 80898

That's because you live in a majority whit country you stupid fuck. If you lived in the Philippines you would hear a lot about Philippe history, Asian history, Buddhism, ect.
You just sound like an ignorant fuck who willingly doesn't educate themselves, then spouts their narrow worldview.
>All races are full of shit, but most white people are deluded.
You wouldn't know any of this because you had a shitty education and don't know shit about any race other than whites.
>Africans sold other Africans into slavery as though they forced our ancestors to buy them and treat them the way they did
They were treated better and lived longer under white masters. In the Americas, they were retarded expensive. Only people who would now be considered millionaires could own them. In Africa, they were expendable. Some Africans would buy slaves specifically so they could sacrifice them. No one forced us to buy slaves, sure, but Africans introduced their form of slavery to us.

>most white people are deluded

I agree. Most white people think we're the only race to enslave others or do wrong because they're uneducated on the history of other races.
>C'mon the kkk is allowed to exist
It's not like they fucking do anything. And the black panthers are allowed to exist, too.

No. 80900

exactly, im so tired of this shit. not to mention black men treat black women so poorly. instead of pointing fingers at everyone else ("asians and brown people are treated too well in america, latinos have white passing ~privulug~, etc etc") they should really figure out their own shit. every time a black woman wants to stand with women instead of with her race, she gets shouted down by black people for being a "race traitor"

hmmm… race traitor… where have i heard that before…

No. 80902

I disagree, I hear a shit ton of eurofags talking like this on the interwebs and complaining about America being racist when they haven't got a clue.

No. 80904

You're either white or you're brown, pick one. You can't serve milk if it has shit in it. Do black people just think that anyone who isn't a straight up nigger is white?

No. 80906

KKK allows gays and minorities now. Feel free to join, everyone!

No. 80907

You can serve chocolate milk. White milk with brown chocolate syrup. It's still a shade of brown and not white in the end.

No. 80910

No I'm not, you are. A person being a transexual does not give them their own fucking gender, they're still either a boy or a girl. Next time you hear a tranny say they're a women, slap them and tell them that human genders doesn't apply to them anymore, so no one who likes women can date them.
Pansexuality is not a fucking thing. Sexual orientation is rooted in biology, and there is nothing in your brain that makes a person "pansexual". Someone who likes trans can be straight, gay, or bi. You don't need to make up bullshit sexual orientations for people who date transsexuals, it's fucking stupid tumblr shit. I bet you think made up pronouns are legit, too.

No. 80916

>not to mention black men treat black women so poorly

Idk, I think thats a matter of perception as well as the fact that negative experiences are voiced so much louder by the black community. I think a lot of latina women are treated like absolute garbage by their husbands because of this whole "machismo" ideology that befalls latin america. It's also present in the familial values as well, so it's not easy to escape even if they were to leave their husbands because it's considered a norm. Maybe thats why they don't complain nearly as much. I notice the women who do are Americanized or those born and raised in the U.S.

Also your claim perpetuates the misconception that certain behaviors are inherited or an aspect of race. It's like when black people say white people become serial killers when they don't get their way because they think we have this killer gene in us.

Other than that though, I do understand what you're saying. They can't keep saying all of their problems is due to everyone having privileges over them. Lol the other day on tumblr this girl was saying in the U.S. being able to speak english gives you an advantage for obvious reasons, and they were shot down by a black person saying that at least they still knew/had access to their native culture and language. It was hilarious because Spanish isn't the native language of Mexican people. It's the product of colonization. So much for "poc".

No. 80917

You sound like Totemokawaii…

They are biologically either a boy or girl. But mentally they are something else. I think that's what people mean.

What about intersex people, who are actually born with both xx and xy chromosomes?

No. 80920

Wtf do you think the Black Panthers are? Do you really think they're equal? And you're telling me to go educate myself, please.

Besides I already stated I was focusing my attention on the U.S. not bullshit that had nothing to do with what went on there.

No. 80922

>>What about intersex people, who are actually born with both xx and xy chromosomes?
What about them?
>But mentally they are something else.
Yes, mentally, they feel that they were born in the wrong gender, and want to live their lives as the opposite sex. Hence "MtF" or "FtM".
They are not their own gender.

No. 80923

Black Panthers are black supremacists who commit violent acts and terrorism. KKK doesn't do shit anymore but whine about this and that.
And what had been happening in Africa kind of did have a lot to do with what happened in the US, it has a lot to do with why whites though they were barbarians.

No. 80926

I completely agree with you, and it's based mostly on the fact that no one has ever been able to give me a clear distinction on what it means to be pansexual.

In the U.S. and most parts of the world, we recognize two genders (many places recognize 3, where they identify with both men and women and don't want to adhere to just one gender, so they play the role of both).

Going off this two gender notion, you can only be a man or woman. If you're transgender, you're still one or the other gender. It doesn't really have anything to do with your sexuality besides it not matching with our concept of gender (men = male = dicks, women = female = vags) and having others view you as your gender because of the way you describe yourself as opposed to the physical cues that help them identify you (genitals, breasts, facial structure, all of which are different than the clothes or make up you wear, which anyone can do).

Anyway, if you're bi, and you're attracted to someone who is trans and didn't know they were but once you found out you're no longer interested, it doesn't mean shit. Neither does it if you're bi and are willing to date them. There are too many factors to consider to reduce it down to making a new sexuality just because someone is willing to date a trans person. You're still attracted to a gender and body just like straight and gay people are, except a bi person has more to admire.

does this apply to intersex people though? I would think so, but what does anyone else think?

No. 80930

If you like an intersex person who is literally biologically a boy and a girl, are you a pansexual…?

No. 80933

If you are attracted to intersex and non binary people than you would be pansexual, since the literal definition of bisexuality is being attracted to male/men and females/women. Being intersex and nonbinary does not adhere to this by not being in either category.

No. 80934

What the fuck are you smoking did you not read what I said you retard?

>A person being a transexual does not give them their own fucking gender,

You gotta be shitting me with this.

>they're still either a boy or a girl.

Biologically yes. How they perceive themselves is another story.

>You don't need to make up bullshit sexual orientations for people who date transsexuals, it's fucking stupid tumblr shit. I bet you think made up pronouns are legit, too.

Don't bring up tumblr to this shit to try to put yourself on a higher ground, the definition of pansexual means "all". Literally, all, everyone, regardless of sex, gender, or orientation.

I said every single person on the sexuality spectrum how is this hard to comprehend?

No. 80936

Then unlike what anon >>80910 said , pansexuality can be a thing since intersex people are naturally both male and female.

No. 80937

But some trans people are not one gender or the other. Some are intersex people who are literally both.

No. 80939

are you saying transgender people are their own gender???? they still want to be the gender they weren't born as, either man or woman, that doesn't mean they're somehow a different gender

No. 80942

exactly, as long as you are attracted to people who are not male, female, men, or women (this includes transgender people who want to be recognized as either a man or woman) then you are pan.

If you like both sexes and genders but are not interested in people who are nonbinary or intersex, then you are bi.

No. 80946

well, herp a fucking derp, anon.

No. 80969

>So, and trannies their own gender now? Pretty sure they're either a guy or a girl unless they have some serious disorder.
To be trans, you need body dysmorphia so yes, they have a serious disorder. lol

No. 80970

Calm the fuck down.
I fucking hate tumblr with their snowflake shit but i still believe pansexuality is a thing. To like trans, you need to be pansexual imo

No. 80972

you're retarded as fuck

No. 80998

It would be sad to date a tranny. At least if you're dating a cute trap, it could be a fun. A tranny would be like pretending you're fucking a cute girl and attempting to ignore their big veiny cock. No thanks

No. 81299

Intersex people are not "Both male and female" What is this retardation? Chromosome wise you can be a multiple X male, but all it does is diminish male characteristics slightly. Unless someone is born with four sets of gonads, they cannot possess develop the organs required to make both types of sex cell, (Testes and ovaries originate from the same thing) which is what defines your sex. Not your chromosomes. Even an XXXXY male that produces sperm is still a male.

You don't see people saying humans with other physical deformities are a separate species. Down syndrome kids aren't considered another type of human, they're just genetic abnormalities.

No. 81332

male or female isn't limited to just chromosomes though, people who don't have the resources to check them go by genitalia to determine what sex they are

No. 81619

File: 1428988526781.png (17.98 KB, 456x229, wow.png)


No. 81675

>Do you mean it shouldn't be about race but rather nationality? Sorry if thats not what you meant, I just understood it as this because thats the argument many make since many issues are U.S. centered

Late reply but I can explain it from my point of view. I am from Europe and from a small country. I can never think in a way "we, white people" because I see myself, and people from my country different from (example) French or German people. We all are white, but I can't put us in the same bin. Our experiences, cultures, history and sometimes even way of thinking is different.

Many people of other races think similarly. Like the Japanese don't put themselves in the same bin with other Asians. And even black people from Africa (not black americans) have their identity based more on their ethnicity or from which tribe they are from and hate when they are lumped together with other Africans and regarded to just as "black people".

I guess since the USA is the "melting pot", a multicultural country, and everyone becomes American regardless of their ethnicity, culture or history, people lump themselves together based on race.

No. 81801

File: 1429037340989.jpg (29.11 KB, 480x480, tumblr_mvor7wH87G1s33yljo1_500…)

Take a look at those wonderful eyebrows guys

No. 81812

File: 1429037676602.png (81.66 KB, 500x489, tumblr_nm35wqBERy1u6jjgmo1_500…)

"enigender is a gender that you cannot describe accurately with any words. however, certain pictures/audio/video/ect. can describe it just fine. basically anything that’s not written or spoken word can describe enigender. its a really fluid gender that could be described differently from person to person! i havent worked out if this can branch out to be -boy and -girl genders but if so itd be a gender indescribable with words aside from the fact that it feels vaguely masculine/feminine. demi- could also work with it, meaning an indescribable with words gender that feels very faint

i based the name off of the word enigma, which i felt fit the feeling the gender gives perfectly. it’s a big ol mystery gender to me!!!

What the fuck

No. 81818

She looks like she took some black construction paper and taped it to her forehead…

No. 81829

You pretty much nailed it there. I agree.

Eyebrows are shit. Eyeliner is shit. What's up with the two black dots on her lower lash line? The fuck…

No. 81885

im so fucking confused
how the hell does someone even interact with someone like this

im so confused omg

No. 81896

ahahaha OMG look at her eyeliner holy shit those eyebrows

No. 81912

how can you even be polyamorous AND aromantic?

Also, the funny thing I've found about tumblr is some dumb kid will look at a SJW rant written by a self-proclaimed mentally ill person and just go "yup, yes this is true, this is how I'm gonna base my identity from now on!"

No. 81917

What the fuck is a factkin?

No. 81920

It's like a glutenkin, but with facts.

No. 82056

File: 1429055831389.jpg (44.59 KB, 550x409, jkewdkewj.jpg)

No. 82062

I've been wondering for the past 2 yrs about my sexuality because of tumblr tbh. It bothers me because it makes me feel impressionable, since I've always thought there was something wrong with me prior to reading posts talking about asexuality.

Since I first started engaging in sexual relationships, I had been pretty grossed out, indifferent to or bothered by the thought of having sexual contact with anyone.

At the same time, I don't know if this is what I am because a lot of people say asexual people still feel sexual attraction to others. Like is this just tumblr fucking up meanings or is this accurate? I researched it, but honest to God it's like each time tumblr updates its meanings, so do a lot of sites.

No. 82082

File: 1429058011460.jpg (25.49 KB, 608x609, AESTHETIC.jpg)

Asexual = lack of sexual attraction to people. That's it. You can masturbate, notice "hey that person's really nice looking", whatever, but you lack sexual attraction to people no matter what. Anyone who says otherwise is probably an upset tumblrite trying to feel unique.

What is the point of this?

Pic unrelated.

No. 82165

Yeah thats what I figured asexual meant for a while until many people on tumblr stated that you can still want to have sex with someone. I thought that contradicted the meaning completely

No. 82166

kek, the bald spot

in reference to your question, the eyeliner dots on the lower lid were pretty popular a yr or two ago, enough so that it was featured as a make up trend in fashion shows, and of course tumblr got a hold of it

No. 82179

I should use this to get more followers…

No. 82198

if an asexual is in a relationship with someone who is sexual, but that asexual person is still not interested in having sex and doesn't feel any sexual attraction, then usually that involves an asexual having sex to please their partner or settling on a good compromise.

unfortunately tumblr's definition of asexuality doesn't include people like that and pushes out sex repulsed/sex indifferent asexuals who want nothing to do with sex at all… it includes people who want to have sex, but don't want to be those icky people who somehow have sex 24/7 and do nothing else because that's how sex works don't you know?? special snowflake cred honestly

No. 82254

Why have sex with someone if you're not into sex? that makes no sense.

No. 82257

I miss the simpler times of gay, straight and bi.

No. 82262

to make them happy, duh?

No. 82264

To make their partner happy. They don't need sex to be pleased in a relationship. However if their partner wants sex they just want to see them happy.

No. 82291

lol @ all the shitty american white guilt

>Black Africans sold other black people of the to the whiteys


>Black African slave traders got mad when slavery was outlawed and their business was ruined


>PoC arabians bought even more slaves to their countries than the whitey did and treated them like animals instead of expensive and valuable articles, they castrated all the male slaves by cutting off their balls and the female slaves by sticking a hot iron bar in their vaginas so they couldn't breed with the overlord arabians


>The White Irish were treated as slaves as well


>Many slaves didn't want to return to Africa because they had it better in the states


>It was the white people who helped to free the slaves and kept the underground railroad up


>A lot of black African nations to this date still use neighboring, lesser tribes as slaves


Fuck you and your savior complex

No. 82309

lol, I'd love to see you go to a transgendered person and say that you're a pansexual so you love transgendered people and watch them slap you up for implying they're not the gender they're trying to pass as but some "other 3rd gender".

No. 82315

File: 1429101768369.png (21.87 KB, 483x415, tumblr_mc0pjhimS71ryeto5o1_500…)

No. 82322

File: 1429103136687.png (406.92 KB, 502x554, Have_you_checked_your_cis_priv…)

No. 82325

>Born in '97
>Remember 9/11
>Remember shit that happened in 1998

No. 82342

I guarantee you they would never teach half these things in american public school though. I remember only ever learning about the civil war struggles and indentured servants.

No. 82343

Ew– what the hell?

No. 82350

Neil Gaiman is ethnically jewish lol.
U tried, gold star.

No. 82378

>"don't apologize to me"
>outright says they want to draw out more apologies

No. 82379

dumblr in a nutshell, I suppose.

No. 82399

Wow you have tons of great facts here, and the best part is that they don't even justify the enslavement of Africans at all! I mean if you're interested in enslaving someone and someone sells you someone they already enslaved you should buy them right? I mean they're much worse for already doing what you want to do anyway. Nevevermind the fact that the reason you even want to enslave Africans is because you already killed off all the Natives in the "New World" by hand and through your infectious diseases. Good thing you also think those Africans are subhuman. And because you think of them as subhuman, you're going to treat them as prized possessions as you mentioned, by whipping, castrating and burning them alive, all after you made sure to distance them as far as possible from their families and keep them uneducated. Its a good thing what we recognize as modern day police was invented to keep those awful enslaved people in check since they outnumbered good ol' whitey.

Like holy fuck are you serious. Dude there were white people against slavery who wanted to and did help out enslaved Africans, but don't act like white people were innocent little sheep forced to buy them and put them through hell so that they can be free to do anything but hard labor. Slavery existed in Africa but it also existed in Europe, it wasn't a new concept to them.

No. 82400

that person was trolling

No. 82402

go see a head doctor

No. 82411

>what we recognize as modern day police was invented

No. 82431

Not anon, but the police were literally originally named "slave patrol". Think about that for a second. Slave patrol.
Look it up.

No. 82458

I'm sorry but why the fuck should I give a shit about something the Americans did 300 years ago when my country didn't even have slaves?

No. 82459


black people don't care that cubans have been starved by the american government up until last year. they don't give a shit that they live in abject poverty. they don't give a shit that most of the world is being bombed by US drones. it's all wah wah wah wah wah what about me. it's pathetic and a victim complex. black men got to vote before women even did, that should tell you how "oppressed" black people are.

No. 82461

That's because they're men. White women got the right to vote far before black women ever did.
That should tell you how "oppressed" white women are.
See how this works, anon?

No. 82464

I'm still waiting for the U RACIST SHITLORDS anon to address the point about Africans today holding slaves (for example somalis oppressing bantus) and why nobody gives them shit for that or wants the whole world's black people to be held accountable for their actions

also you gotta be fucking kidding me, black slave traders sold black slaves and it's only whitey who bought them. fuck you, the arabs and blacks themselves bought them as well.

No. 82480

File: 1429129600563.jpg (26.52 KB, 633x135, image.jpg)

Does bullshit Twitter counts on this thread as well. I mean. Look at this shit.

No. 82481

But Anon pocs never do anything wrong.

>pope criticizes Armenian genocide

>Erdogan rages, calls everyone a liar, acts like nothing wrong happened, calls everyone islamohpobis and evil
>no one on tumblr cares

Yeah imagine if an imam criticized the Holocaust and Merkel would deny everything, throw a tantrum and act like a victim. Cany you imagine the rage that would follow? Yet when Erdogan says shit like that no one on tumblr writes a three page essay about muh genocide.

No. 82482

except no one is saying white women are oppressed

white women are INCREDIBLY privileged. which is why it is fucking hilarious how black men got the right to vote before they did, got far more privileges far earlier than they did, and still think they have the right to bitch about who is ~~teh most oppressed~~

if you're less oppressed than a white woman imo you're not oppressed at all

No. 82578

Policing and having armed dudes go around making sure things are alright is not a recent concept…just because that's what their form of policing was called at the time does not mean modern day police were "invented" from that.

Seriously you guys?

No. 82649

why should anyone give a shit if they themselves are not cuban, live in cuba or are being affected by cubans?

No. 82663

why would anyone give a shit about black people if they aren't black? oh right, you have to pretend to for fear of being called racist.

No. 82673


you would obviously care because relations between you and black people affect you since you live in the same country and because of your history

if the issue with cubans is not a racial one, why should black people care under these terms?

they're talking about issues that require their immediate attention, such as the high number of black people who are killed by police officers while others, such as white people who commit the same exact crime, may be let off, tackled or tazed in their place.

also, it's not like they're not talking about it, wtf? if you don't care about blacks why would you look to see if they cared or talked about these issues? I follow black people on all my social media accounts and they talk about injustices all over the world, but more about their own personal experiences with it, obviously.

you just choose to focus on the people who complain about shit that doesn't matter as much and generalize for all black people, then get mad when black people do the same thing to whites

No. 82679

If China all of a sudden was in the market for some slaves and filthy rich Americans started selling everyone beneath them they already had enslaved, we wouldn't only be angry with the rich Americans that enslaved and sold us. The dehumanization would have still continued regardless of who is doing the enslavement if they were forcing people to work for them.

Like how can any of you think slavery isn't horrible or as horrible just because other groups experienced it too or because people sold off their own into slavery?

No. 82681

>Picks on Neil Gaiman of all people
>while wearing shirt of show he writes for

No. 82690

File: 1429147731205.png (164.91 KB, 422x658, tumblr .png)

No. 82691

I can feel the blood starting to pool in the back of my brain.

No. 82692

wasnt there a video of this guy getting curb stomped on liveleak a while back ago?? im probably mistaken but i feel like it might be the same person

No. 82762

What is romantic expression?

No. 82790

Why the hell would you look at this guy and go "Yes. He is my role model, I want to be like him"???

No. 82799

>they're talking about issues that require their immediate attention, such as the high number of black people who are killed by police officers while others, such as white people who commit the same exact crime, may be let off, tackled or tazed in their place.

I'm so sick of this RACIST POLICE DUN KILL'D BLACK PEOPLE FOR FUN shit because YEAH, that 6'6'' gang thug who robbed a convenience store? Totally innocent, he was just a nice young man going for college and muh baby boy din do nuffin. The ferguson case was especially bullshit, I don't think anyone has bothered to read the autopsy report or seen the security tapes.

Sure there are black people getting shot by police for no reason but that's because America's polices are trigger-happy assholes in general with no firearm training. There are white kids who have gotten shot by the police too for doing something like carrying an item that could resemble a weapon.

No. 82824

Most intersexed people still identify as either a man or a woman. It's very rare that they just "don't know lol". Usually, gender identity issues will only occur if the parents picked the wrong gender for their kid. Even then, they'll usually try to identify with the opposite gender.

No. 82826

Then why the fuck are you complaining about people from the U.S. doing it when talking about slavery and U.S. racial issues? If it doesn't apply to your shitty ass country then shut the fuck up.

No. 82831

There's a musician who I follow on Tumblr who makes great music and is gorgeous, but she constantly makes excuses for why she's not successful yet. She looks like the fat version of FKA Twigs, but she's a better singer and has more interesting concepts in my opinion.

Like she recently posted on her Tumblr that if she were thin, she'd be in magazines by now. And she's said before that because of that, FKA Twigs ~triggers~ her. Like no, fatty, FKA got her shit together and got a job and moved somewhere where she'd have opportunities, like every other normal adult. It pisses me off that this girl could really be famous if she got off her ass and made more than 10 songs and didn't blame every problem she had on her bullshit eating disorder. She's convinced that everyone is out to get her just because she's a fat black woman. It's so sad. I'd like her a lot more if she weren't so delusional.

Sorry for not really being ot, I just needed to get this out

No. 82832

It always makes me lol a bit how most of tumblrinas are die hard feminazis talking about how evil men are, yet they go as far as to invent new genders just so that they can pretent to be anything other than the plain old girls that they are. So much for women's rights.

No. 82836


No. 82872

That's what I was thinking too, a lot of fakebois seem to not want to be boys, they just don't want to be girls.
Isn't it pretty misoguhnistic to not want to be a girl at all,that you renounce the entire gender overall.

No. 83270

File: 1429218779652.jpg (60.85 KB, 540x607, HtvLH7u.jpg)

Hanging out with SJWs must be so fun

No. 83297

File: 1429220813504.jpg (18.67 KB, 400x300, mfw.jpg)


>the character of Guts is from Kill la Kill

No. 83322

all i can think of is
>it hurt itself in its confusion!

No. 83646

File: 1429252272143.jpg (65.46 KB, 566x480, 1422141509552.jpg)

>if you're less oppressed than a white woman imo you're not oppressed at all

nigga what??

how wonderful it must be that a tumblrities worst nightmare is being misgendered. i mean, have they ever considered how fabuluously lucky they really are? to have access to food, free public education, internet? i wonder how they would feel if they were born in north korea. they would be sent to a prison camp immediately for even expressing the possibility of being anything other than a man or a women. at least they weren't born as a poor farmer in rural china who gets their face bashed in by the secret police.

i really just want to slap these people in the fucking face sometimes because they literally have no idea how fucking privileged they really are.

read a book not a blog :^)

No. 83668

I think a lot of people seem to forget/overlook the fact that it's not all about who you are to be subject to oppression, but it's really contingent on where and in what circumstance you find yourself in. A white woman could be oppressed in x place but be completely privileged in y place.

Also, I'm really fucking tired of tumblr's Theory of Unified Whiteness. It's really disrespectful to history and culture to just blur the lines between all the various white countries just because you want to whine about something.

How do these people function without self awareness? How on earth can they shit around and do nothing but make blog post after blog post on their fucking laptops while sitting at home collecting disability checks/welfare and THINK THAT THEY'RE NOT FUCKING PRIVILEGED.

No. 83676

S-Surely they must be jesting. No one could possibly be this ignorant.

No. 83677

This. So much this.

No. 83746

>tumblr's Theory of Unified Whitenes

What the hell did I miss??

>"All white people are the same!!11 :( :("
God I love me some American SJW who have never once stuck their noses in an actual book to read how all these "unified" white people in Europ have constantly murdered each other over the last severeal hundred years. B-but all the privileges amiright??

No. 83754

According to tumblr, Irish people weren't oppressed either. They're entire logic of kissing anyone's ass as long as they're black or hispanic is really jaw droppingly bad.

No. 83767

>What the hell did I miss??
nothing, I just meant
>"All white people are the same!!11 :( :("
in the same way you do

No. 83768

Not exactly tumblr, but in February my bf's uni's school newspaper was incidentally hilarious and sad. The front page story was about a "shit in" where some tumblresque white kids commandeered a washroom to protest gender inclusive washrooms because muh genderfluidity :( (despite the school already having installed a number of gender neutral washrooms).

The very last page had an op ed about Black History Month and black issues.

No. 83788

>protest gender inclusive washrooms because muh genderfluidity :(
>(despite the school already having installed a number of gender neutral washrooms).
??? So what? They already have gender neutral bathrooms and yet they still complain?
Is this an American thing? I'm from Germany and never once have I seen genderneutral bathrooms. Except in the LGBT museum in Berlin and some small hipster bars.

No. 83835


Wai. You guys have gender neutral washrooms… What exactly are they asking for?

No. 83932

This is in Canada. The gender neutral washrooms are like those one toilet room unisex ones, I think. Honestly even while reading the article it was extremely hard to tell what these people actually wanted. They just said they wanted gender inclusive washrooms and "the school wasn't doing enough". Like, ????? I suspect what they wanted was either ALL washrooms to be gender inclusive, or like new multi-stall gender inclusive ones??? I'm just as confused tbh. Just sounds like kids complaining about nothing worth complaining about.

No. 83937

nvm I looked it up and "But protesters say they want gender-inclusive signs added to them and a number of multi-stall men's and women's restrooms to be made gender-neutral."

like, washrooms are just places to piss and shit, why does it matter what sign it has if it's obvious it's gender neutral, and WHY does it matter whether or not it's multi-stall or not????

No. 83950

js this as a rape survivor but I would never use a multi stall bathroom meant for both men and women (and other, I guess) to use… But I'm cis white scum so it doesn't matter how I feel!!!


No. 83974

Yeah, all I could think of was that this would just cause way more problems than solutions. Like compared to the incredibly small populations of trans or people "outside of the gender binary". This is also a university with a HUGE international student population from nations that culturally don't have this kind of shit. (bf told me how one guy from Uganda basically had a meltdown during an orientation lecture about safe sex practices). Like. Just use the one stall, shitlord.

No. 83998

What tumblr doesn't realize is that when it comes to gender identity/trans/otherkin/whatever is that compared to the rest of the world…
they are the 1 percent

No. 84111

Yeah. Not even gay people whine like this and they at least make up a good 10 -15% or so of the population.

No. 84115

I wouldn't either. It would make me very uncomfortable to enter a bathroom and have both men and women in it. I'm fine with gendered bathrooms or just the one stall ones like in Starbucks. trans people want too much with this bathroom shit.

No. 84124

Well since tumblr is America centric, and in the U.S. all ethnic groups get jumbled into x race, it makes sense that they would group all European people as white.

All Latinos, despite race and nationality are all grouped into the same ethnicity.

All dark skinned people sans obviously Indian ones are grouped as black.

There are a few exceptions to this I think, but for the most part in the U.S. everything is about race rather than ethnicity because of how multicultural it is. Most other countries want people to embrace the national culture, while in the U.S. its waaay more accepting to celebrate your culture.

If they were to try and recognize the millions of different groups, it'd be difficult, especially because most people would have a difficult time recognizing who is from where just from physical appearance alone. Ex, "That Uruguayan guy over there," vs "That white guy over there".

No. 84126

Yeah and I think it has to do with the whole race issue America is obsessed with. Irish people were oppressed bu other white people in Americas eyes, which is much different than black, asian or native american people being oppressed by white people.

No. 84131

> Gender-inclusive signs

Of course tumblrina kids will throw a shitstorm (pun unintended) over fucking bathroom signs. "WE'RE NOT REPRESENTED!!!" shut the fuck up, it's a bathroom.

I had gender neutral washrooms installed in my school last year. It was a nice thing to see at first but eventually they resorted them to key-access only because people kept meeting up in there to fuck around. I went in there once during class and I'm 99% sure there was a girl giving a dude a blowjob in one of the stalls because people were less inclined to go into the gender neutral bathrooms compared to the others if they were of the evil cis variety.

No. 84141

> I'm 99% sure there was a girl giving a dude a blowjob in one of the stalls because people were less inclined to go into the gender neutral bathrooms compared to the others if they were of the evil cis variety.
why do people gotta do this shit and ruin it for everyone? I would of pounded on that stall door and laughed really hard and then starting screaming to make them as uncomfortable as possible.

No. 84259

We had uni-gender bathrooms in high school. Not because our school was run by SJW but because it was in an old Austro Hungarian building that had only one bathroom on each side of the floor. It was awkward.

No. 84265

Exactly, everyone in America groups eachother together by race, whereas other countries group together by ethnicity, nationality, or don't even care that much. People in Europe don't think 'Im white' they think 'Im italian' or 'Im swedish', but tumblr is so focused on american thinking that if you actually speak up about this they scream at you. Lol @ tumblr's 'acceptance of other cultures' BS

No. 84274

>trans people want too much with this bathroom shit.
It's not even trans people saying this shit. Actual trans people just want to use the bathroom for their own gender. Whcih I'm totally okay with, if you're a legit trans person you should be able to use the right bathroom.

It's more the tumblr-genderfluid/agender/demiboiii/sparklygender people that proclaim they need their own bathroom because they feel triggered by using a gendered bathroom!!11
Mind you that it's just a minority but a very very small yet vocal one that ruins it for everyone. I know trans people and I even know one person who claims to be genderfluid. You know what these people do? They just use one of the fucking bathrooms and don't tell everyone how much of a special snowflake they are and need to be catered for special snowflake shit in every single aspect of their life.
These kids on tumblr are just obnoxius little snowflakes without any real problems.

No. 84286

Like I could sympathize with people who genuinely struggle with fitting into either gender and have all their lives. The bathroom, a place that is meant to be for your private use (even if its a public restroom), is a reminder that there is a gender binary that they feel they don't fit into, but must choose if they feel like relieving themselves.

So having one or two bathrooms like this for this population is fine. However to change all of them for all trans people? No. It literally opposes everything trans people try to uphold, which is being able to live as the gender they actually are, which includes having the option of going into the bathroom that represents that gender.

By removing that choice from them it's like saying that because they are trans they are neither man nor woman, they fit into neither, which is not true.

I do think a line needs to be drawn though, and having a genderfluid bathroom is enough. You can't have a bathroom for every fucking version of gender or lack there of out there. It would be like making bars for every sexuality out there.

No. 84292

File: 1429366208851.png (132.81 KB, 1454x404, nM6y4EK.png)

No. 84381


as if tumblrinas are political activists. as if they give a shit about environmental issues, widening income gaps, tax loopholes, the startling lack of UNIONS in a first world country, the TPP, etc, etc

if anything isn't directly involved w gender/race, they dgaf

No. 84469

File: 1429395817154.jpg (38.58 KB, 460x393, 1424048105395.jpg)

Confirmed for being a troll or really, completely fucking stupid.

No. 85434

File: 1429491915481.png (234.88 KB, 646x603, proud homeless pothead tranny.…)

I feel like this guy could be a whole other lolcow

No. 85435

Why no link anon??

No. 85511

what an annoying person lol

No. 85526

No. 85573

File: 1429513340610.jpg (61.17 KB, 540x360, tumblr_nn1rx8JoFi1td4dflo3_540…)

omfg if you have tumblr i'm sure you know this chick. so tired of seeing her on my dash even though i've unfolllowed her a long ass time ago. sjw psycho.

No. 85574

she thirsty af posting these same half naked pics in this same pose 20 times

No. 85599

I've never seen her but her "look" is really common.
She's hot as hell though, who is she?

No. 85604

pyrrhics 2.0

No. 85608

Looks fat to me. Wonder how hard she's suckin in for this pic.

No. 85609

ur so edge ana chan

No. 85611

NickJonasstillhas diabetes.tumblr.com a basic chubby Chinese sjw that thinks she's better than everyone else bc her followers pump up her ego. Tries seem sad and quirky but also bad bitch at the same time. Often brags about not taking a shower for weeks and thinks nasty shit like that is cute idek. Says "tbh" ALOT. We were mutuals but she's so fucking annoying I finally unfollowed.

No. 85613

>implying anyone with a pair of working eyes wouldn't fuck her

No. 85614

She actually is kind of chubby especially the bottom half and stomach. Stop getting fucking offended.

No. 85615

If you want to fuck her that's gr8. Just stating the obvious here. Doesn't mean you can't like her body type.

No. 85617

It's just that when you feel the need to point something like that out, it has negative connotations. Don't be surprised or upset when people assume you mean specific things when you say them in a specific way.

No. 85620

Phrryrics style and body are better and shes actually interesting and does stuff this is an insult. Both got kind of hard man faces though but whatever.

No. 85623

Oh my god stfu nigger damn. So fuckin butthurt someone called her fat or doesn't want to bone this bitch who gives a fuck pervert. People can talk shit all they want where the fuck do you think you are right now hugbox.com? All these insecure land whales trying to get validation on this board suddenly. fuck off.

No. 85626

Holy shit, you're mad as fuck just because someone stated the obvious.
Chill your fucking tits. Her being fat doesn't make her the least bit unattractive and people saying so doesn't make them offended or butthurt, you autist.

No. 85627

Ikr like how come whenever someone comments about weight anon comes in saying "durr I'd fuck it" like that's supposed to mean something. I mean nigga yeah OK there's also people that would fuck dogs do you want a trophy?

No. 85628

Yeah ok go listen to that shitty Megan trainor song on repeat while eating krispy kremes and pretending society accepts you.

No. 85629

File: 1429528171975.gif (157.55 KB, 1600x1272, u.gif)

No. 85632

Don't agree with person. call them autistic. Classic.

No. 85633

some of u just try so hard to sound edgy and offensive, it's like you've spent most of your sad childhood of fetal alcohol syndrome trying your best to be Just One of The Dudes on 4chan

No. 85637

The fact that you see them as edgy and offensive is your problem not theirs. As long as I can understand what's trying to be communicated idc. Everyone thinks and talks differently accept it. In this age of kids growing up on the internet its going to be increasingly common you should be used to it by now.

No. 85639

Don't agree with person. Call them an insecure land-whale. Classic.

No. 85695

More kids trying their hardest to be hxXxc 3edgy5me? great.

No. 85697

I swear a lot of people who speak this way with no real reason to be provoked are people who spend too much time on Youtube comment section and reddit, where they think insults are how you should speak. It's annoying. It makes them sound young and immature.

No. 85699

I say some rude shit when I feel it's warranted but I s2g there are desperate fatties that spend all their time on image boards rubbing their clits to calling other people super fatty landwhale chubby lard tub losers who should kill themselves. I'm sorry daddy didn't love you but like chill.

No. 85700

What the hell are you even going on about? Yeah, sometimes people say dumb shit and whatever, but it seems lately that if you have a different opinions from others, people are gonna be assholes for no reason.
You make no sense honestly.

No. 85703

It makes sense. You don't have to go retard because you disagree.

No. 85706

someone that used to be call nonbinary people "snowflakes" is now identifying as "demi girl" even though she presents herself in a feminine way, and she's comfortable with being called a girl and she pronouns. All her friends are nonbinary and now she wants to jump in the non binary bandwagon because she wants to get more notes on her selfies by tagging it as nonbinary demi girl lmaoooooooioooooooooo

No. 85707

she cut her hair short and the moment that she did she said MY GENDER IS VALID IM A DEMI GIRL

No. 85716

I agree. Her underwear is pulled up over her gut so you can't see the fold and her legs look super dough-y to me.

No. 85808

Oh god, I hate that shit. A lot of cisgender girls like to use those quirky litte add-ons because it's convenient for them and they want to be Super Special Desu. Unimportant things such as a short haircut or boxers becomes "I'm sucha cutie patootie boy*~ I'm a prince*~". Vom.

No. 85821

They all just want a piece of that sweet, sweet opression cake. But not in real life, only on tumblr for the notes, e-fame and pity (and free gifts if you're that popular).

This pisses me off so much and I'm not even trans or nonbinary. I can't imagine what it must feel like to actually struggle with your gender and THIS is what most people will see as a representation for nonbinary/trans. Bisexuals still haven't recovered from the great myspace/lj years where everyone was bi, it'll be the same for the speciuhl snowflake genderstuff.

No. 85826

Oh fuck yes, it's pretty damaging for the trans community as a whole. What's crazy is a lot of trans people just grit their teeth and bare it regardless of how fake someone sounds–what else can you do when your gender has been invalidated your whole life eh?

Like there are trans women being murdered constantly and places where it's LEGAL to murder a woman for being trans with "panic mode" as the defense–and teenage girls wanna look like Desu Yaoi Princes and pretend to be trans for maybe two years like it's an accessory.

No. 85842

I usually roll my eyes when I see girls like the one in the image, >>85573 get called fat because of what I perceive to be fat, and she's not it. Fat = overweight or obese, and she looks like a healthy normal weight to me. Honestly she could gain a lot of muscle, lose fat, remain the same weight and turn out smaller (since muscle is 1/3 the size of fat for the most part but weighs more), but that wouldn't make her more attractive in my eyes.

I think its the fact that she's bigger than the typical asian seen in media that makes a lot of people fawn over her. Besides being fat is often associated with being ugly, so I think thats why a lot of people feel the need to defend others when they see the "but she's fat" comments.

I think its best to just ignore them. There are people who hate themselves, wished they looked like her and feel better when they leave comments like that. There are people who are very small and feel better than her for being smaller so comment to keep up their self esteem, and there are people who look just like her who prefer smaller looking girls.

No. 85850

I don't find her attractive nor do I find her body desirable but I can't say I've ever felt the need to call her a fatty or cow or whatever. Thank god I'm not bitter enough for that.

No. 85864

is this a joke? that defense is not illegal but only one person has tried to use it. fucking sjws I swear to god

No. 85895

What Anon said sounds silly but in the end Tranwoman are murdered everywhere and no one except tumblr cares.

On tumblr the more radical SJW will even go against actual legit trans person speaking out against this demiguuurl shit and attack them for being truscum or I don't even know what tumblr term to use. I think we had one or two trans anons in the other threads providing more info there and if you go around the tags and blogs you'll see them get their panties in their twist once people who are actually oppressed ask these demiboy magigenders to fucking grow up and stop posing.
Not to mention all the sissies and creepy perverts who make Transwomen look even more bad.

No. 85906

Hasn't it only been used once because it's a recent thing? I think the point that is trying to be put across is that it's an issue…not necessarily sjw. An sjw would be PISSED at someone pointing out that cis teen girls like to pretend to be fakebois because it's ~*invalidating muh uber tranz identitty!!11*~ uwu ~.

I think it's hysterical how people get so bored that they spend their time trying to be the police of absolutely everything that doesn't even include them. There's a post going around that says "binch" is an appropriation of african american slang and shouldn't be used when "binch" originally came from a youtube comment. Fucking nuts.

No. 86190

finally a sane person. why can't people just accept she's tubby and move on instead of raging.

No. 87966

File: 1429895496514.jpg (56.32 KB, 634x476, 27F277DA00000578-3054067-image…)

No. 88015

File: 1429901614308.png (281 KB, 437x845, kek.png)

Everything about this is p funny.

No. 88053



Basically the humanities college for UCL and is like 75% female and has no STEM courses.

It's a crazy left wing university that prides itself on things like their alumni frequently getting nominated for the Turner Prize. A conceptual art prize so vapid that even The Guardian doesn't take it seriously anymore.

tl;dr Goldsmiths was Tumblr decades before Tumblr existed.

No. 89182

File: 1430092437471.jpeg (59.68 KB, 432x340, 1428426784822.jpeg)

Fuck everything about this picture.

No. 89238


idk those last two lines are pretty accurate.

No. 89256

I think the 4chan thing was added in.

No. 89263

I've live in Canada all my life and I've NEVER seen a gender neutral washroom nor unisex toilets.
and honestly, it's disgusting if it exists.

No. 89265

go back to 4chan with your "wow so edgy hurhur XDD i called u ana chan"
jfc this is why lolcow is becoming like shit

No. 89266

>Her being fat doesn't make her the least bit unattractive
Actually, only chubby chasers like fat people.
Yes, someone being fat makes him/her unattractive.
i can tell you're a mad fatty

No. 89267

You responded to something posted a week ago, gr8 comeback.

No. 89268

She's chubby or fat. who cares, she's a bit overweight and that's ugly. sorry that we have a different opinion, it doesnt mean we're insecure.

No. 89269

Perhaps you should go back to wherever the fuck you came from with your "U mad fatty bro XD," that doesn't seem any nobler than calling someone ana chan, friend.

No. 89270

I thought it was suzy for a sec
holy shit

No. 89272

Lol it's obvious you're a fatty though.
Only fatties defend fatties.
Go back listening to shitty songs that try to convince you that fat girls are beautiful when in reality, we all laugh at them.

No. 89275

Ive been dying to know who this fuckwad is.
He/she Im guessing an mtf, did some dumb fucking shit to be a meme on 4chin.

No. 89285

Their name is Asher. They used to run this blog


No. 89292

Definitely not even remotely close to fatty status but….try harder babygirl.

No. 89294

I'm almost too scared to look lol. Maybe it's best if I don't know.

No. 89301

> I don’t want people who disagree with my politics to approach me. Ever.

Well that sums them up well.
What happened to him? Or is that all that is left?

No. 89307

I acknowledged that within the comment you fucking retard, the fact that you felt the need to reply to something I said almost a week ago tells me enough about how insecure you feel

Comments that read "but she's not skinny" are not made by people who don't obsess about weight

No. 89375

all I can see is
>All these social media networks taught me to be fucking self-obsessed

No. 89377

File: 1430119093750.jpg (10.56 KB, 403x299, creepy.jpg)

please….people that use this make me fucking cringe.

No. 89378

hey god, another great flood pls thanks.

No. 89379

fat black women use it

No. 89380

Where in Canada, anon? This in BC.
Unisex toilets seem to be common, they're like the one room where it's just one toilet and a sink, etc.

No. 89559

that's the point honey muffin sweetie pie sweetheart dear uwu

No. 89561

Stop trying so hard

No. 89601


My university has gender-neutral washrooms in the more modern buildings. They're also wheelchair accessible, which makes sense since the regular ones aren't (weird bends). Where are you?

No. 89728

How were they trying hard? Dumbass.

No. 89994

>not you
Stop trying so hard.

No. 90737

File: 1430340330001.jpg (55.74 KB, 750x497, tumblr_nmldwsWhDa1u5wu84o1_128…)

Because no one raises an eyebrow when they see a couple of Klansmen walking down the street, right?

No. 90834

I think she means that the kkk can still exist as a group and not be regarded as a terrorist group. Its the same with the westborough baptists church, people know these people are evil yet allow them to exist, however if they see a person with a hijab in an airplane it's frightening, if they see an orthodox jew he must treat his wife like shit, if they see a brown latino = illegal, if they see a black person = criminal, if they see a white person = racist scum.

Like people can't be judged for the color of their skin or appearance but their actions. I think only racists would not have a problem with the kkk being able to assemble but find a group of black people dangerous.

No. 91072

No. 91075

File: 1430365634789.png (27.54 KB, 312x279, umwhat.png)

So, the "actually divine" tag is kind of terrifying

No. 91090

??? whats the actually divine thread?

No. 91096


Otherkin who identify as gods.

No. 91107

This is how you know you've failed as a parent.

No. 91117

File: 1430369379595.png (49.69 KB, 310x555, okhavefunwiththat.png)

No. 91121

fuckin millenials

No. 91216

What has to happen in your life in order for this to be the path you choose holy shit

No. 91229

This just screams edgy tryhard. I'd love to see the blog of this person if only they weren't anon.

No. 91233

The most disturbing thing for me is that it seems less edgy tryhard and more completely off the deep end delusional crackpot. Edgy tryhards usually stick to pretending to worship satan. I don't even HAVE a profile for people who say this type of shit.

No. 91245

This is a level of edgy tryhard I've unfortunately encountered irl and is rabid all over tumblr otherkin community. They usually claim this shit to sound mentally unstable and ~dark~ (and are the kind of people to list all their self diagnosed mental illnesses in their description) but have no idea the extent of what they're actually saying. They're just snowflakes to a whole new level.

No. 91302

I like how he/she clarified that eating jello sent legally cannibalism. Just in case you weren't sure/are jello otherkin.

No. 91308

Some people are cows and pigs. Jello is made of cows and pigs.

No. 91316

I'm waiting for some cowkin to come here and say that lolcow is cultural appropriation.

No. 91329

the last time the KKK tried to have a march in my city, everybody else showed up and fucking shamed them into slinking off without so much as a rallying speech.
referencing them as an example in this situation is a joke.

No. 91334

I agree, but they sometimes get police protection for their marches and stuff and I think people are wroth about that

No. 91765

You do know that the KKK gets watched by the FBI, right? Hate groups being allowed to exist has nothing to do with racial stereotyping. The Black Panthers are allowed to exist. NAMBLA is allowed to exist. Anything is allowed to exist so long as they don't hurt anything. This bitch is dumb for treating it as a sign of social injustice because she still gets stereotyped. Everyone gets stereotyped you stupid bitch.

No. 91768

File: 1430460851673.png (168.12 KB, 445x577, tumblr_nn5tvfZj2l1u00qgto1_500…)

No. 91769

File: 1430461215481.png (21.33 KB, 681x158, tumblr_nn5tln6Zm51u00qgto1_128…)

No. 91770

File: 1430461569010.png (38.67 KB, 520x254, tumblr_nnad4c3GYK1u00qgto1_540…)

No. 91773

Read about COINTELPRO. The government has never surveilled the KKK and other hate groups to the extent that is has civil rights organizations because the governMent does not perceive them as threat in the same way. The government doesn't care about some idiots who wear ghost costumes and burn crosses. Do you know how much it could cost to monitor every inbred, gap-toothed, piece of trailer trash who expresses racist views? Do you know how many conservative senators could complain about first amendment rights if that were the case?

No. 91776

And before someone links to the Wikipedia article about COINYEL, know that the governments surveillance work on the KKK was perfunctory at best and was a poor attempt at preventing litigation from leftist groups that were being harassed and infiltrated.

No. 91778

>the person in the picture is Speedwagon
>pic is clearly not Speedwagon

No. 91779

anon what's your opinion on incest? i'm just curious cuz I'm against it (it's gross and weird)

No. 91818

I haven't seen any farm animal kin, I thought the point was to choose something kawaii so they can pretend they're cuter than their human form

No. 91828

Bubbles is cute as a chub.
Ughhh, trans Buttercup though.

No. 91833

File: 1430484017473.png (39.79 KB, 626x521, whyareyousomean.png)

Here's another gen. She's a demi-god but she's nice. So she doesn't understand why people are being so mean.

She claims to be a triplet and two sisters have a tumblr. However they are also part of a genderfluid, pescatarian, DID Multiple System of around 65 members called The Shale System. So it looks like she isn't actually a 13 year old girl from a set of triplet sisters. She also says in her "about me" that the blog is not an RP blog but a blog for a Shale System member. The Shale System main blog lists the age as 18. The whole thing is set up in a way that is very confusing. at first I didn't realise it was a headmate and just some dumb kid RPing.

This particular headmate has a really annoying way of typing. I don't know if she's trying to sound kawaii or doesn't know how a 13 year old girl would type. But she puts "uh" in almost every sentence, with many sentences ending in elipses, making things hard to read.

The "sisters" are named Louisa, Darcey and Ashley. They are all demi-gods with Ashley also being a shinigami.

I just don't get these people at all. What goes wrong to make someone such a special snowflake. You have all these people on tumblr claiming DID, schizophrenia and all kinds of other disorders and acting like it's a great and fun thing to have.

No. 91835

*gem not gen. I'm still sleepy.

No. 91837

I don't think they should be allowed to be married and have children but what 2 adults do behind closed doors is none of my business.

No. 92026

I hate that shit. It's pretty hypocritical to try and scream that gender binary shouldn't be real when you are literally taking a character from a children's show and claiming she has to be trans because she's a tomboy? What kind of fishing.

No. 92249

File: 1430535807140.jpg (753.37 KB, 482x4234, 1430459256329-0.jpg)

No. 92250

File: 1430535888838.png (29.24 KB, 499x441, 1430506691655.png)

No. 92269

File: 1430538234247.jpg (29.24 KB, 512x512, gender_pronouns_they_them_thei…)

No. 92270

File: 1430538684043.jpg (129.24 KB, 480x640, tumblr_nm3fjzf1SZ1s28nqco3_500…)

>I’m Lavender, she/her. I’m a Jewish lesbian trans woman.

Are they even trying anymore?? I always say this but I feel for real trans people who have to put up with this shit.

No. 92272

File: 1430538946593.jpg (103.02 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nmfu2fePmn1qdrjnao1_128…)

No. 92274

File: 1430539117152.jpg (67.67 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nmgota5Bqz1rme3kfo2_500…)

What's with guys not knowing how to dress??
Like you can tell this fucker likes trap anime shit.

No. 92280

File: 1430539333795.jpg (88.2 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nlxvf1BiZB1qf07ewo3_500…)

>Scruff- and stink-less clean gay dragon girl.

No. 92282

No. 92306

No. 92478

oh kek
they sent their gross tit pics to some ftm a few days ago

No. 92510

>Google taught me that creating a catch phrase and following the tenets of that phrase are two different things.
>Tumblr taught me that being decent is stupid.
>Youtube taught me to be self centered.
>Vine taught me that every little thing I do is important to someone.
>DeviantArt taught me to trace and pretend I did something original.
>Blogger taught me everything I do is important as well.
>Facebook taught me that I have no privacy.
>Instagram taught me to continue destroying my privacy.
>Etsy taught me that I can steal and resell with ease.
>Twitter helped destroy my attention span.
>4chan taught me that being a rainbow haired cuck is great.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

No. 92828

File: 1430665378365.png (42.2 KB, 491x250, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 92899

File: 1430679102147.jpg (28.01 KB, 478x394, Screenshot_2015-05-03-11-47-44…)

This is hilarious. How the hell can Google results make you cry? Not like they're the ultimate authority or anything.

If that was the case, then I'd be a beautiful pirate surround by a fucking ghost.

No. 92901

Sometimes I love just how stupid Tumblrinas are. I didn't know wtf "demisexual" was until I Googled it just now and it sounds like the majority of heterosexuals out there. Demisexual isn't a fucking thing.

No. 92909

>She is understood to live with her mother Nursen, 55, father Ismail, 57, and sister Ipek, 23, in Enfield in a £450,000 three-bedroom terrace.

No. 92925

reminds me of this article

And not even the xoJane audience who is usually all about "muh fatshaming, muh racism and muh opression!!1 :^(" believed this crap.

No. 92957

Good lord a lolcow near me.

No. 92959

Is it really not? I mean, some people really can't find sexual attraction in someone no matter how hot they are if they don't feel any feelings for them. For some people, sex is more about the emotional part than the physical part…
And I don't think that goes for everyone.

Yeah, shit, not making any sense. I'm not saying you're wrong! I'd just really like to hear your POV as to why it isn't real

…ngl though, tumblr is tumblr, kids hop on trends without thinking twice and don't care.

No. 92963

You're not unique or a minority just because you prefer banging people you're in love with over strangers.

>For some people, sex is more about the emotional part than the physical part…

And I don't think that goes for everyone.
Not for everyone, but most people? Yes. It's normal.

No. 92968

Oh please. Oppression. You're tumblrina speshal snowflake sexuality isn't going to result in you being beaten, killed or denied basic rights. Why does everyone want to be oppressed these days. Everything has to have a special term attached to it so everyone can feel unique and special and get to be oppressed too.

Demisexuality is not being sexually attracted to someone unless you have developed an emotional bond with them. That just sounds like a normal person to me. Just a variation of various shades on mundane and normal sexual attraction.

Bitch thinks she deserves a pride flag for being something that is socially acceptable. In fact, many of the most closed minded and conservative people would probably applaud her for her demisexuality.

No. 92971

I think it's nothing special because it's just heterosexuality without throwing their pussy or dick at anyone they find attractive. I'm someone that isn't down to fuck anyone that I find physically attractive and can only see myself doing that with someone I'm in a serious relationship with but I don't call myself "demisexual." It's just being a regular straight person that puts their emotions before their libido. I'm probably the pickiest person I know but I don't see it as a bad thing. It's nothing special or something deserving a new term for no real reason.

No. 92981

My university used to have these little one-person study rooms with a desk, electrical socket and a frosted-glass door. They were pretty much the only place I could comfortably work on my super-crowded campus. Naturally they were removed after two months because a bunch of people were having sex in them.

Back in my day people were claiming to be schizophrenic/psychotic/whatever 2edgi cereal killers on myspace and deviantart. This shit is nothing new, it's just gotten bigger.

>Why does the illustration of the troll have to be fat

No. 92984

The only people who claim to be demisexual are people who think they're ~so pure and special~ and are being "oppressed" by those other sluts when they laugh at their high and mighty attitude. Demisexual is the new abstinence I swear to god.

No. 92986

bitch the term Demisexual was created by a 13 year old on a Furry RP blog. Sorry to break it to you but nobody will think you're special because you use common sense when dating someone like a normal person
Seriously, this thread has more sjw than Cgl and tumblr together wtf

No. 92989

Haha, Tumblr bitches moan about those edgy myspace kids ruining self-diagnosis for them and now nobody takes them seriously

No. 92990

No. 92991

I get what you mean. There are people I have met that I would be sexually attracted to just from making eye contact, but thats just sexual not emotional.

I think that a lot of people are like this, it's strange to me that people are not in any way attracted to someone until they become emotionally attached to them.

No. 93009

I know I've posted this before but I feel like everyone, tumblrina or not should watch this.

No. 93290

I didn't say it was a minority, don't get me wrong! But it is a thing, right? It just isn't as oppressed as tumblr makes it to be. …If anything, it's really oppressed. I know this isn't the fucking oppression olympics, but if you're gonna compare being demiheterosexual to, say, just homosexual… For fuck's sake.

I think the label's good if it's, say, for a dating site. "Not available for only a simple casual one night stand" kinda thing?

Another thing I've noticed - >>92986 and everyone's calling no sexual attraction unless you have an emotional bond "normal, regular, etc"; but does that mean only feeling sexual attraction/hookups are… not normal?
…Y-y'all not gonna bring the whole "those are called sluts" , are you? In plain 2k15? Please?

tl;dr I definitely don't think demisexuality needs to be so fucking glorified and called so "oppressed", it's good for dating sites in your bio or if you just wanna let someone know about your sexuality and etc, but other than that, it's so fucking unnecessary to wave it around, and, again, glorify it like the 12y/o uwu tumblr kids do. Everyone needs their dose of attention, but jumping on ~oppressed~ trains sure as hell ain't the way to do it jfc

No. 93536

Demisexual is literally just "I don't fuck on the first date" the sexuality.
The amount of heteros I've seen claiming they're LGBT now because they're a "demisexual" makes me disassociate myself with my own community even more.

No. 93565

Sexuality is about WHO you fuck. I don't believe I have to don't believe I have to do this:

Gay/Homo: Liking your own sex
Bi: Liking both sexes
Pan:Liking both sexes and inbetweens
Demi: Fucking people when you love them
There is something is wrong with the pattern here. You can be gay and 'demi', you can be 'bi' and demi, and you ca be 'pan' and demi. Why? Because demisexuality is a choice/preference not a sexuality.

No. 93571

I thought demi sexuality was being physically/emotionally/psychologically or whatever unable to become sexually aroused by another person until you develop a stronger relationship with them. So that if you just met someone everyone insists is hot, you don't experience the reactions most people do around those they find attractive. Instead, the more you interact and eventually become romantically interested in them, then you become sexually attracted to/aroused by them.

No. 93666

You all trying to validate this bullshit pseudo sexuality so hard, dammit.
Why does EVERYTHING needs a label lately?
Who are you all trying to impress with that?
And don't bullshit me with "Oh well some people just want to call their conditions on a simple way to understand" WHY?? Why do you need to get a label for what you're feeling? To prove is real? Darling even if you get a dictionary definition of what you think you're feeling, nobody will understand because we are not you. Get over it.
I know I sound like a cunt, a lot of people has told me that when I talk about this.
But honestly, who gives a shit? As long as you're responsible, caring, your relationships are healthy and both (or more) fuckers are happy with each other, who cares what it is called? As long as is legal why should the rest of the world care, uh?
My head hurts.
You all need some self-awareness because, between Tumblr and this thread there's no fucking difference.

No. 93701

>at least make up a good 10 -15% or so of the population

What. This would mean there were more gay people than black people in America. The most generous estimate for gay demographics I've ever seen was 5% of the population. It's nowhere near 10%-15%

No. 93716

File: 1430789524316.jpg (574.46 KB, 1034x916, fN3LSMP.jpg)

No. 93755

>But honestly, who gives a shit? As long as you're responsible, caring, your relationships are healthy and both (or more) fuckers are happy with each other, who cares what it is called? As long as is legal why should the rest of the world care, uh?

Then wtf was the rant in the beginning for? Some things do need labels regardless of how you feel about it and very much because of how the person experiencing those emotions feels. Many people who need to be seen by a shrink bypass them because they don't understand what they're feeling, associating it with something else when it isn't.

I'm not legitimizing demisexuality though, unless it really is as was said here >>93571. I'm referring in general to things like mental illness.

Again, some things do need labels and at many times they're more for that persons own understanding of what they perceive their own world to be like than for our understanding. I can't fathom people telling someone that what they're feeling/experiencing isn't a real thing. (And again, I must emphasize that I am not talking about demisexuality here.)

Things like "grey asexual" though? No. That doesn't need a label.

No. 93757

Super sexist, she forgot about the dad, they aren't always he's :(

No. 93827

It's not a unique sexual orientation because it's fucking normal. I think these people who think they have their own sexual orientation because they aren't attracted to people who they aren't emotionally attached to are delusional as fuck on what normal sexuality is. I think they just watch so much hyper sexed media that they feel like aliens for not wanting to fuck strangers "like everyone else does".

No. 93843

I really like this guy, totally agree with vid related.

No. 93896

but the dad is cishet scum, probably white under the fur too!!!1 oppressing the poor teacup-kin, trans species non-womanhood-prescribing womyn!!

No. 93910

I think the key word here is "normal" they hate that word, so they fight daily to be recognized as the special snowflakes they feel they are.
>I think they just watch so much hyper sexed media that they feel like aliens for not wanting to fuck strangers "like everyone else does"
Well, too much porn can distort your view of sex immensely if you have never experienced it first hand, that's a fact. And everyone knows that Tumblr LOVES porn.
Hell, some of them don't even know what a fetish is and often label those preferences as a whole new sexuality.

No. 93912

No, you see, I agree with you in that aspect, illnesses, dissorders and all that serious stuff, needs a name and category to be treated properly. Yeah, but I'm talking about all this bullshit about arodemisexuality polyamori headmatesexual bullshit that Tumblr tries so hard to validate with made up names and fake "research pages".
Sorry I worded all that wrong tho. My English is not the best and I get carried away easily (and this infuriates me)

No. 93928

File: 1430842778834.jpg (85.18 KB, 1564x302, sassyblackpixels.jpg)

I don't know if I should put this here. But it's too SJW for the Gaia thread in /b/. It's leaning more towards tumblr.

This is a responce to a complaint about a bundle called "Sassy Black Bundle". Someone was offended and thought it was racist. The items in the bundle are more or less gothic and mostly black colored.

This post might be a troll post. But I'm not sure. I just thought it was funny.

No. 93932

>I'm a sociologist, to qualify. I am a trained professional.
>I am telling everyone this as a scientist and authority on the subject
Calm the fuck down you're on Gaia Online lmao

No. 93971

When you thought Gaia Online couldn't be more of a cesspool that it already was…

No. 93982

He got his DIE CIS SCUM tattoo kinda covered. It reads PIE IS SCRUMPTIOUS now, some anon posted it on /pol/. No shoop or anything, it was fresh of his twitter and he is holding a freshbaked apple pie in the picture as well.

No. 93983

https://twitter.com/charvortryss scroll down a bit and there it is, can't post it here since i have no idea how to save a pic from twitter.

No. 94030

This guy looks like if Kanadajin ans Suzy had a baby

No. 94031


Are you sure he didn't just sharpie over it for the picture? He's still a weird greasy tumblrite.

No. 94126

File: 1430867657950.png (53.46 KB, 564x365, Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 4.09…)

just spotted this as it rolled across my dash. Of course, a random persyn from Texas knows MUCH MUCH MUCH more about another persyn's body than a doctor!! of course!! especially when that persyn keeps posting about how unmotivated they are to do anything!!

i have so much more to say about this bullshit but it honestly and truly pisses me off. I recently faced a medical crisis and I was so incredibly scared. I can't imagine reaching out, in a moment of fear, to someone on tumblr whose blog I may like/whose confidence I may like, and be answered with this.

I was lucky enough to get the tumor removed with no repercussions, but I was told flat out that unhealthy habits (over eating, smoking) lead to it in the first place, so I fucking FIXED it because I didn't want it to happen again! This whole molly coddling ideal of "Don't worry your precious widdle babyhead, it's your DOCTOR/SOCIETY dat's wong, not uuuuu <3" is going to have so much fucking negative impact on people in the future. It makes me fucking sick.

No. 94131

I doubt they're talking about something comparable to tumors

No. 94201

It probably wasn't, but it shouldn't take a tumor for people to start to think about trying to change their health.

No. 94210

File: 1430877811377.png (31.14 KB, 526x222, Screenshot 2015-05-05 09.01.53…)

jesus christ

No. 94214

Both being attracted to strangers or only being attracted to people you like is fucking normal. Like, extremely fucking normal. It all depends on individual personality. Get your head out of your ass, you don't need your own sexual orientation. You don't hear people claiming to be blondesexual because they only fuck blondes, do you? This shit is so dumb.

No. 94221

Halp me Jesus

No. 94229

60 year old grandmother doesn't have a crazy sex drive? obviously she's asexual and not just an old woman.

No. 94285

The shit people make up for notes, jfc. That's just sad.

But on a somewhat related note, the "asexual spectrum" is probably one of the stupidest schools of thought to come from Tumblr. You're either asexual (very small percentage of the population) or you're sex-repulsed or you're neither of the two. This need for Tumlblr people to attach a label to their preferences and emotions and act like they're being oppressed is maddening. Rarely wanting sex doesn't make you gray ace or whatever. And demisexual is actually one of the most fucktarded things I've ever come across. Honestly.

No. 94290

I don't disagree with what a lot of you guys say here, but what I don't ascribe to is this notion that any controversial beliefs or those you don't happen to agree with originate from tumblr.

A quick research session would point you to numerous articles where people claim the same shit they do, which is what they sometimes use to back up their claims.

One of the most outrageous claims I've seen on this board is that tumblr invented the idea of being transgender (or something along those lines) because of the amount of fakebois on tumblr.

Give me a fucking break.

No. 94444

>tumblr invented transgender
o-oh god why

NGL, it's (or was) pretty okay at spreading info and resources, but tumblr being the origin of trans… KEK

No. 94514

The idea that Dumblr invent transgender is dumb as fuq. However Dumblr goes about with constantly treating transgender as if it is an edgy trend makes no one want to take them seriously.

No. 94586

Yeah but it's even stupider to disagree with the existence of actual transgender people just because they have a blog on tumblr, the amount of fakebois on tumblr, or even the people who misidentify due to confusion or ignorance.

Someones hatred for tumblr, valid or not, should not turn them into an idiot. Like if someone said tumblr is pushing gayness onto others, should they think every person they come across that says they're gay is lying?

Tumblr makes tumblr users stupid to a certain extent, but those who oppose it to such an extent are retarded.

No. 94589

I'm all for trans-rights, but Tumblr has introduced me to the whole "transtrender" thing, and it makes me feel like I almost have to "vet" someone who claims to be transgender, to see if they actually have gender dysphoria or just want to be showered with attention as a special snowflake.

Obviously my initial judgment is always to give the benefit of the doubt and assume someone is serious, since statistically they're probably not lying (unless they also claim to be otherkin or whatever, or have other warning signs), but that hesitation is still in my mind.

Tumblr and places like it are hurting transgender causes more than they're helping them.

No. 94718

File: 1430962887359.gif (205.24 KB, 500x465, tumblr_mdpo1vBCuW1qgacym.gif)

I feel like I can't trust anyone I follow now because there's always chances that they are:
A). A SJW or Left wing "Activist"
B). A genderspecial, transtrender scene-queen wannabe.

No. 94844

This. I tried to find other people on tumblr with fibro to talk about it, but the fibro tag was flooded with "I am a disabled nonbinary demisexual and i have (huge list of mental and physical illness) Nopenopenope

No. 94845

Jesus, is Gaia still a thing? I get some messages from them, but it all lands in spam, so I don't even pay attention. People still go there?

No. 94846

Eeyup. And now thanks to the tumblr flow of special snowflakes is even more difficult to look at it with a straight face. If you disliked the weeaboos you'll despise the opinionated tumblrweebs

No. 94847

Ahhh same. And I found myself feeling a little embittered by transwomen especially since a lot of them seem to be aggressive and talk over actual women? IDK if that makes sense. Like, I realise it must be tough for them to be taken seriously in the gender they'e chosen but a lot of them act like they've been struggling with being female and women's rights all their life but…technically they haven't?

I have weird feelings about it. I'm all for anyone being what they want honestly as long as they aren't being obnoxious or hurting anyone else.

No. 94848

As a fellow person who has clinically diagnosed chronic pain, I stay away from talking to anyone on tumblr about it unless asked.
A lot of them are self diagnosed because doctors are evil money grabbers and they just want to be looked as special triggered babies who want to add more disabilities to their list.
A friend of a friend heard I had RA so they looked up the symptoms on webMD then self diagnosed themself with it too. Major lolcow sjw tumblrite to add on top of it, I had to block her ass after that and refused to have anything to do with her after that.
They are just looking for a excuse to cry oppression and seem more zpeshial.
If they had to spend a day in an actual physically disabled person's shoes, they would end up crying to in bed the entire time.

No. 94955

>everyone's calling no sexual attraction unless you have an emotional bond "normal, regular, etc"; but does that mean only feeling sexual attraction/hookups are… not normal?

this shit right here is such a huge problem. you have to grow up and learn about yourself and others and figure shit out instead of looking for validation from others about everything.

it's completely normal to be attracted to people the first time you meet them, and it's completely normal to have to get to know someone before you have feelings for them. it's also completely normal to feel sad sometimes, to get stressed out, to like or not like traditional woman things, to like sex not very much or a lot, to not fit perfectly into labels.

you know why? because those are just general terms, humans are not neat little things you can fit into categories. people change over time, they feel complex emotions and relationships with other people and when you are growing up (teenager) and figuring out your identity it's normal to grasp for labels to relate to but ultimately you have to move past that because it's not you. being gay or having a mental illness or liking dark haired guys isn't who you are, you are a person first that has preferences and attributes. most of which no one else gives a shit about.

No. 94965

>actual women
>the gender they'e chosen
You're transphobic

No. 94967

Phobic implies fear. I don't think this person is afraid of trans ppl.

No. 94973

Shut up. They are not actually biologically female and will never experience the particular stress and stigma that comes with the facets of being female that only apply to people born with female reproductive organs and genitals.

No. 94979

This. I support trans women all the way, but there is a very small and very vocal subset of transwomen who are EXTREMELY violent and they've recruited lots of young and impressionable people (trans or not) to rally behind everything they say, including death threats. It's disgusting.

Like when Mich Fest announced that this would be the last year, Transtrender tumblr was ECSTATIC because they think of it as a terf Mecca or whatever. But in all actuality, trans women are welcome–they just make it known that the whole fest revolves around female realities and that trans women might not feel 100% in tune with the fest as a whole. But they were never outright banned–not even when they were caught exposing themselves to others or triggering rape survivors at workshops.

And then they talk about the patriarchy as if they don't still cling to their violent and entitled tendencies lol. K.

No. 94988

You make a lot of good points, thank you.

So what I don't really understand is what tumblr does which is politicize their gender or race or ethnicity or sexuality. They shape their entire identities and look at people in black and white based on those characteristics. (Oh you're a ciswhite male = terrible person, regardless if that person is actually a terrible person or not).But still they cry when you do it to them.

No. 94995

I've always felt a little weird about transgender people, likely stemming from I have no idea what body dysmorphia is like and just can't understand it.

But, for example a man, how would he know he is actually a female? Sure, he would feel different or wrong compared to other guys, so is that like "I'm not a regular guy therefore I'm a girl"? How does he know he's actually a girl and not just not a regular guy? I guess there's professionals to help them figure this stuff out, and it probably varies from case to case.

Sorry for all of the questions. I usually just stay out of trans issues, and let them live their lives, but I still find it weird.

No. 95015

yes, lots of people have decided to think it matters most what group you fit into above being an individual. for myself, sometimes I blow off, a bit, men talking too assuredly about women's issues because how would they know? but you don't have to be any specific kind of person to have something meaningful or interesting to say. it's good to evaluate if the person talking has the life experience or understanding to comment on the issue but that would mean a reasonable approach and not automatically taking things to extremes, which sjws tend to do with almost any controversial issue.

hm, I think it's sweet when someone finally feels like their identity is correctly reflected by their physical appearance. I would just think of it as coming out I guess? It's how they feel and they can't really do anything about it. I'm not sure if it's about feeling like the more traditional gender roles in our society for the opposite sex resonate more with you? I don't really strongly feel connected to ~BeInG a WoMaN~ but I do like clothes and organizing and nesting and decorating. So maybe stuff like that? Putting on makeup with mom? Idk what stops being somewhat instinctual things to 'things girl movies told me to like'. fwiw I wouldn't be too broken up about it if I suddenly became a man though, I think it would be fun to have a dick.

No. 95017

>but I do like clothes and organizing and nesting and decorating.
sooooo gender roles?

No. 95029

well, maybe but some things are from too early on and not because how I was raised.

No. 95066

Well, legitimate trans people do have neurological patterns and sometimes even hormonal imbalance that is closer to the opposite of their birth sex. So basically you just have, for example, a male brain in a female body. You identify as male and your body is like a costume you wear and it doesn't feel like your own. Your boobs might not just exist for you and they feel like cysts or some other excessive parts of flesh that you don't need. That's body dysphoria.

Try dressing up as your opposite gender once and looking in the mirror, walking around etc. You'll probably get what I mean.

No. 95216

Well, duh. We are socialized to adhere to certain expectations and roles. That goes for males and females alike. And that's were all this nonbinary/gender queer stuff stems from. People realize that they don't fit into a box (and really, who does?) and they might even be uncomfortable with societal pressures for their sex. So they decide they're *~*bigender*~* because they like to wear pants and ride bikes but also sometimes they wear lipstick and bake. As if people can't just like things to like them? Everything has to be gendered? And then these are the same people who yell "ABOLISH GENDER ROLES" yet are the most rigid enforcers of them haha. It's ridiculous. I wish people would stop drinking that gender koolaid already.

No. 95218

…there's no such thing as brain sex, Jesus Christ. That's like saying women are inferior because smaller brains and we are hard wired to be weak and submissive and saying men are hard wired to be big dumb brutes. Thinking that brain sex is real harms both sexes, so quit it. What affects trans people is dysphoria/dysmorphia. It's not about having the wrong body for your brain–it's that they see themselves as just wrong and they want their bodies to match how they see themselves.

Sorry, I don't mean to jump down your throat but it's a huge pet peeve of mine when people say that.

No. 95221

"Brain sex" Might not be a real thing but sex hormones both in the womb and as a person develops have real effects on the structure and development of almost every area of the brain. The effects are consistent and so there are trends and patterns within the behaviour of either sex due to it. Obviously not everyone conforms to these patterns or trends, but this doesn't mean that they don't exist or apply to the vast majority of the populace.

>Thinking that brain sex is real harms both sexes, so quit it.

No, what harms both sexes is trying to force the idea that the sexes are exactly the same. They're not and that's fine. Different doesn't mean superior or inferior, it just means different. You cannot hold men and women to the same standard in every area, it is just not possible for them to compete fairly due to the innate advantages and disadvantages our biology gives us.

No. 95279


I think the term phobic is used in terms of having an aversion to something rather than being fearful of it (ex hydrophobic vs hyrdophilic).

Anyway, I get what you're trying to say and I think that person is very ignorant of what it means to be transgender or at the most, unaccepting. To me it sounded the same as saying it's a lifestyle choice akin to how people who are against homosexuality say it's a lifestyle choice.

It is an extremely common occurrence for transgender people to report perceiving themselves to be in the wrong body from very early childhood. Not just uncomfortable with the thought of being treated like the gender they're labelled as, but literally in the wrong body.

No. 95422

>Try dressing up as your opposite gender once and looking in the mirror, walking around etc.
I've done that a few times, doesn't feel any different.

>Not just uncomfortable with the thought of being treated like the gender they're labelled as, but literally in the wrong body.
So why are they called transgenders instead of transsexuals? Genuine question, since nowadays people are differentiating sex and gender. If I'm understanding you correctly, trans people don't necessarily feel wrong in their gender, but in their sex. I guess in this world sex and gender tend to go hand in hand, but if the nonbinary thing is taking off, why not.

I watched some documentary where a genderfluid girl and her friend walked down the gendered children's toy aisle, complaining about gender roles, then in the next scene describing her genderfluidity, said something like "I knew I wasn't like the other girls because I played with trucks and dirt" or something like that. idk how she never realized the irony

No. 95460

But you're talking about hormones and the pituitary gland and what not, but what everyone else means when they talk about "brain sex" is "I knew I had a female brain because I'm meek and gentle and love pink tehe" and that's where it hacks me off. I don't disagree that females and males are vastly different in terms of biology, anon. I'm just saying that the classic "brain sex" ideology is moot and needs to be put to rest because it rigidly enforces stupid gender stereotypes.

No. 95496

>idk how she never realized the irony

Either gender is a societal construct and your likes and dislikes are just you being you, or gender is a biological truth and you're genuinely a unique special snowflake because you've defeated biology. "Genderfluid" tards pay lip service to the former because it's progressive ideology, but they act out the latter because they want to be unique special snowflakes. It's doublethink.

No. 95527


Sorry I think english being my second language doesn't help, but when I said 'in the gender they've chosen' I meant it like, in the gender they choose to, hrm, present as, if that's the better term? Like if you're trans female and you choose to present as female? I mean, you may believe in your head you are female as a gender but that doesn't necessarily mean you choose to wear female clothes.

And I'm not against trans people, no, I have no real issue with it but I do have a problem with tumblr's version of it perhaps? Which is where I've met a high concentration of it. They tend to act like trans makes you automatically a good or better person and that it's far more occurring than it really is.

No. 95540

Are you implying trans women will never pass as women? Because if so, you're being a fucking asshole.

Gender can be a combo of both and I don't see why it can't be. A fuckload of trans guys talk about how, after they get on T, their ability to empathise with others seems to plummet for no real reason. In the same way that a biological guy seems to just say "that's shitty" instead of how women handle people talking about bad situations. Can't really explain it because I'm a trans guy who already just =/-faces and says "that seems really shitty, I'm sorry".

> Try dressing up as your opposite gender once and looking in the mirror, walking around etc. You'll probably get what I mean.

I don't think it's this simple and I can't really explain why. I can wear women's jeans or men's jeans and I don't really give a damn. In fact, I love the hell out of flare jeans and wish men had an equivalent/bell bottoms would come back to style. Wearing a dress makes me feel like I'm fake? I can't explain the feeling behind it, though. I feel like a foreigner in certain clothing, like I shouldn't wear it because of societal pressure, until I remember that I'm… supposed to be able to wear it with the body I have. There is a disconnect there. The problem is, is directing women to wear men's clothing isn't really a way to make the dots connect because women can already wear men's clothing and get away with it.

That said, haha, if you want to really walk the walk of the opposite gender you have to really get into it. Literally walking like they do. Contour makeup works wonders (and helped me realise I was trans tbh even though I never wear makeup).

As for the boobs bit, my dysphoria comes from a body fat percentage that is high and I have anorectic tendencies as a result. I can't explain why it bothers me so much, at all, and I don't think I ever will. There is a discomfort in the softness of the female body that I just cannot stand on myself (and as I'm not attracted to women, I'm not fond of it in general). Whereas most women like it to some extent, I looked in the mirror at my shoulders and such and noped out of the look as soon as I could. Getting hips from fat as a preteen made me have my first panic attack when I finally noticed (fwiw, I have narrow guyish hips naturally under the fat, and once I lost the fat, I can stop focusing on it). Going into 'female only' spaces (dressing rooms in particular) makes me feel like an alien on Earth. I feel like I do not belong. I don't particularly feel like I belong in male spaces, either, because I know that I'm not fooling anyone (I do not pass in public), but that's the only reason: my body is wrong and I know it and I know I stick out so I avoid any gendered spaces when at all possible. I only go to stores with unisex dressing rooms, and I avoid public bathrooms like a plague on humanity.

I don't know if this helps anyone with this 'what is dysphoria' question. I can't even adequately explain it myself. I do not and would not expect someone who doesn't experience it to understand why I would be startled into a sleeplessness when I want to sleep with my arms crossed around my chest, but there's something (boobs, that is) in the way, or with my hands tucked between my thighs but there's something missing there. I don't even know why, myself. I just know it's mad discomforting. IMO, as long as one doesn't imply my feelings don't exist, I don't expect or mind them not 'getting it'. I can only explain it so much, and even then most people still don't get it, and I assure them it's fine.

Expecting someone who has never experienced this, and doesn't have any anxiety disorders to relate to it, is kind of an impossible mental task for them. And that's okay, and those people are hella fortunate and I envy the hell out of anyone who lives so carelessly that they never hyperfocus on these types of things. Male or female. I only dream I could be cisgender and not give a damn, not think of this shit like 80% of my awake life.

No. 95548

>Are you implying trans women will never pass as women?
Not that anon, but I read it as there are certain aspects of being a woman that only occur/are experienced because of specific situations regarding the female anatomy that are really only experienced when being born as/growing up a female with female anatomy. Transwomen can definitely pass as women, and can experience things adult women do because of being/passing as a woman, but they are "missing something" in a unique sense from not being born as nor growing up as a female in the early stages of life. An example that comes to mind is menstruation. The stress of having your first period or even just periods in general isn't something transwomen can or probably ever will really understand at a experiential level.

Think of it like cis people never really understanding what it's like to be trans, like you. You can be as read up on it as possible, empathize as much as possible, but it's an experience completely unavailable to them because of the fact that they're cis. There's nothing wrong with transwomen not actually experiencing things only available to women born with female anatomy, it's just the fact of the matter.

No. 95549

>Gender can be a combo of both and I don't see why it can't be.

Biological sex can influence one's personality, absolutely. But if a guy, say, is super empathetic, or a woman isn't empathetic at all, that doesn't mean they're genderqueer. It means they're outliers. If someone says, "I have a dick but I'm very empathetic, therefore I'm only partially male," that's stereotyping, sexist crap.

>I can't even adequately explain it myself

I think of it sort of like having a phantom limb. Your brain says the limb is there, but your eyes say they aren't, and it's all very confusing and distressing. With dysphoria, your brain says you're sex A, but your eyes say you're sex B.

I know it's not really the same thing, but it's similar enough that it might help some people understand it.

>my dysphoria comes from a body fat percentage that is high and I have anorectic tendencies as a result.

Hit the gym! Bulking up can do wonders for your dysphoria. A trans friend of mine was a total gym rat before getting access to surgery and HRT, and he was mostly passing. And, ya know, it's MUCH HEALTHIER than starving yourself.

No. 95550


I genuinely believe your miss understanding out of a language barrier and not ignorance.

The problem word is chose, making it seem add though being trans is not something you're born with but a decision you just woke up and made one day. I hope I explained that we'll for you.

Disregarding the tumblr people who actually just decide to be trans out of trying to be cool.

No. 95559

This is a really interesting post. One thing that comes to mind when I think of transsexual people as they are most commonly represented on tumblr or on 4chan is their hyper-stereotypical presentation of themselves as whichever gender/sex they are transitioning to. Most cisborn men and women don't totally apply themselves to either "feminine" or "masculine" traits in life, I mean. It makes me wonder if transsexualism would exist if true, complete gender neutrality were possible. It becomes a question of if "transism" is an expression of sex vs gender dysphoria.

There's a documentary on transabilism that includes footage of brain studies which shows that there's an area that either is or isn't stimulated that should/shouldn't be. I imagine that the same applies to anyone who is dysphoric in some regard.

No. 95576


Yes I understand. It's not a choice, no. I don't think anyone would choose to not want to belong in their own body, honestly.

But you are right. Tumblr sours your opinion of people that identity truly with it. I took a break from it because even with blacklist I still saw a lot of bad examples and it was making me cynical. I prefer to think that mostly people are good despite some having bad opinions or things I disagree with.

No. 95598

No. 95599

you know, i can't get over how little we know about the brain. neurology is still a very mysterious field in many regards and it makes me feel like i live in the dark ages. i wish i didn't have to die so i could see the future where people will look back on these times like we do on the middle ages or sth.

No. 95643

No, I'm not implying they wont pass at all. What I'm saying is they'll never experience the parts of being a woman that come with female bodies. Like starting your period in the middle of public and being to ashamed to ask someone for a pad, for example.

This anon got it perfectly.

No. 95665

To be honest? That isn't the fault of trans people. I've talked to loooots of trans people about this and because being misgendered is a pretty severe pain, they go out of their way to looks a feminine/masculine as humanly possible to avoid the misgender process altogether. And when your entire life revolves around the fact you're born in the wrong body, you begin to notice what is and isn't considered 'for men' or 'for women' by society.

I was never one of the kids who screamed 'I'm a boy!' as a kid. Ever. That being said, I was always a perfectionist and never wanted to tell my parents they were wrong and always wanted to please them. I didn't really think there was a difference between my brother and I, though, but there was a voice in my head that would prevent me from doing things because "you're a girl, you can't do that". It never registered to me that that's not normal at all up until pretty recently.

Anyway, back to the point, trans people tend to go out of their way to look super masculine or feminine, depends on where they're transitioning to, because of other people. I was going to transition with long hair but you get really beat down after a while because no one takes you seriously, even though plenty of cis guys have long hair and they're not judged for it on nearly as harsh a scale. The only reason I plan to cut it is because of all this.

And although >>95549 told me I should bulk up, I don't particularly want to be a muscular guy at all. I refused to believe I was trans because I was and am more like Haku (and back then everyone thought he was a fakeboi) and people like him are judged so harshly. I saw hundreds of people talking about "yeah, Haku can't get any HRT, no therapist would look at his girly ass and let him transition" and… well, the truth is, is trans people get that it has fuck-all to do with your interests and personality. There are butch lesbian trans women and feminine gay trans men and all sorts of people in between. The truth is, is it's cis people who put ridiculously high standards on us.

I have definitely heard of gatekeeping revolving around cutting hair and the style of pants one wears. Fucking hair and trousers. Most trans people get what you just said. We go overboard with looking as binary as possible because of other people.

TL;DR: The thing you're complaining about is societal, not a trans thing. If we don't put in every effort to act stereotypical as fuck people think we're just feminine dudes or masculine chicks and they may try to gatekeep us from HRT.

No. 95700

Wow that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining, anon. I'm glad I came back to see your response.

No. 95716

That was very interesting to read, Anon, thank you. I can't imagine how much it must suck with all these standards pushed upon you. It' salready annoying even for cis people so for trans it must de infinitely worse.

So what do you think about the whole genderqueer/fakeboi/transtrender thing on tumblr? Are we being too harsh with the binary system, or are actually most of these tumblrinas as attention seeking as they seem to be?

No. 95736

Gender = man/woman
Biological Sex = male/female

Thats why when someone says they are transgender, they are saying the gender they identify as does not match their biological sex. We tend to group gender and sex: male: man, female: woman.

No. 95742

Man imagine the pressure trans men must feel when they experience their first period

No. 95751


Okay, here's something I don't understand at all. To me, it feels kind of….sexist? stereotypical? When I think of transgenderism. It's like, if gender is all some ~societal construct~ why the need to be a different gender that is apparently, not even real? So you want to be, for example, a woman because women…wear make up and dresses and perfume? Feels really offensive. But then if you say, no that's not what we want, then what is it?

Like, I'm honestly confused by this. Would there be transgender people in a society with no gender roles? I mean, what are transgender people wanting to be by wanting to be a different gender. I can understand changing your sex but not your ~gender~ I am genuinely confused by it all.

Not trying to be an asshole but this is something I just 100% don't understand.

No. 95801

As a trans man, periods in general were the worst thing- at least in my experience. Most trans men have more top (breast) dysphoria than bottom (vaginal) dysphoria- I was the opposite, and the majority of my dysphoria was centered around having a vagina.
When we got the puberty talks I dreaded, dreaded, dreaded my period, I did not want it to come. I was praying to god I was gonna be one of those girls who never gets her period and finds out she has an intersex condition or something but a week before my 12th birthday, that wasn't the case. I cried all day about it, it was pathetic really. At the time I didn't have any knowledge of me being trans and when in high school I first thought I was trans I simply tried to pass it off as "oh maybe it was me just not wanting my period".

Did you read what >>95665 said? If not a basic tl;dr would be we have harsh standards forced onto us. We make ourselves as presentable to the gender we are working to transition to because we would rather be seen as "over-compensating" than "faking".
I do admit, I have to keep myself fairly stereotypically masculine because of the fear of being called a transtrender or fakeboi over expressing like for so-called feminine things.

And yes. There would be transsexual people in a society with no gender roles. Transsexuality exists because of dysphoria, the feeling trans people get when their primary and secondary sex characteristics aren't what they're supposed to be.
As a child I was raised fairly neutrally, I mean, of course I was treated like a girl, but there were no harsh "PLAY WITH DOLLS ONLY" shit enforced. Gender roles have nothing to do with my dysphoria.

No. 95805

From what I've gathered by the discussion ITT so far, transgenderism is largely wanting to change your sex into what feels right. But I am similarly confused as you are, where gender fits in or why transsexuals were redefined to be transgenders if we're saying sex =/= gender.

I can only assume that transgenders also change their gender in addition to sex in an attempt to be "cis" whether because they feel that is what they are and should be or from society's pressures on trans people.

>Most trans men have more top (breast) dysphoria than bottom (vaginal) dysphoria
Honestly, if some of them are more or less fine with having a vagina but not with breasts, what makes them trans and not just a women who hates breasts?

No. 95808

It is a social construct, in the sense that men and women have different roles that are dictated by their purpose (i.e. females = mothers, which tells you a lot about what they expect from them in terms of behavior).

So when someone is transgender, they are not just identifying with that gender just because they want to dress a certain way, but because the roles that are ascribed to that gender are those that match with whom they are. While not rigid, these roles do not transcend past gender. As someone previously mentioned it is not as simple as liking dresses or expressing emotions associated with women to think that you are not the gender you were told you are.

If that were the case all women who like playing sports would question their gender identities. So its the roles, the expectations that come from you as that gender, etc that make this an issue of you feeling as though you can connect with that gender. The physical aspect of it, the sex relating to gender, is one of the most important parts.

Its a social construct so everyone, including you, knows what to recognize a woman and from. If you have the body that matches the gender you identify as, then it is easier for you to finally live as that gender because the roles expected of you will match.

No. 95844

Do you act the way you do because you have a penis/vagina? It has nothing to do with your genitals are and more to do with what was expected of you because of your genitals

No. 95864

This thread has made me consider that I do not have a gender identity at all. I can't even conceptualise it; The concept still doesn't make any sense to me, despite the valiant efforts of the patient anons to explain it.

I just don't get it. I get dysphoria, that makes perfect sense. But Whatever it is that gives you your gender identity just must not be a facet or aspect of my identity because I don't have it. I don't understand what feeling like a particular gender is.

No. 95883

It's not that most are more or less fine with having a vagina and not breasts, I think it's more of the fact that breasts are a more prominent feature. Especially with those who have bigger chests, binding is difficult. Binders don't flatten all the way- maybe not even at all if you have a bigger chest and it just looks like you're just a chick wearing a fashionable tank top.
I'm positive some are just girls who hate their breasts. Just as I'm positive some are girls trying to live out yaoi fantasies. There's not really much I can do about it but pray they realize their mistaken identities.

No. 95966

I don't know, aside from gender roles I don't think being a particular gender actually feels like anything that's not biological. I'm in the same boat that I don't know how being female feels like, I just feel like…me and I happen to be a female. This is why I'm pretty wary of separating sex and gender. I have not seen an argument that sex and gender should be differentiated that doesn't boil down to wah gender roles!

No. 96296

Well, gender roles are exactly what the differentiation is based upon. Gender is cultural and sex is biological. Berdaches are good examples of this that you learn about in anthro 101 classes.


I also don't identify myself with any particular gender; I'm female by sex, but similarly "androgynous" in my gender self-recognition. My boyfriend strongly identifies as male in every sense of the word, though. It's interesting to see the variations in how people perceive themselves..

So then there does exist a definite dichotomy between transgenderism and transsexuality? Although transsexuality can manifest itself through transgenderism, the reverse doesn't occur? Which is why most tomboys don't grow up thinking they're meant to be boys

No. 96313

You should consider that maybe you haven't found one because you haven't done any legitimate research on it.

No I don't think there is a dichotomy because the majority of people who get sex reassignment surgery do so because they are transgender. I was using the tomboy example to explain to that other anon that it's not as simple as not properly fulfilling gender expectations. However, gender roles are a huge aspect of it because they shape much of your identity.

Some other anons are saying gender roles don't matter, but you do not know what the world is like without the existence of them. Children become aware of them by a very young age and make decisions on how to act because of them (ex. little girl who thinks pink = girly and since she is a girl she should like all things pink).

I won't deny sex plays a factor. Even if gender roles didn't exist, there would still be transsexuals because they may feel they were meant to be female because they can be mothers, or they may feel they were meant to be males because they feel they were never meant to have that ability.

No. 96336

I guess I'm still confused. I guess I still view it as slightly offensive, that someone wants to become another gender because of "gender roles". It feels very shallow and stereotypical to say I want to be a woman because those fit with my gender roles. Why? Why can't you just be a nurturing man? Why does that force you to become a woman? It seems to viciously feed into women are X and men are Y. I just can't wrap my head around it.

I think I have extra difficulties because my brother told us he is mtf and the nasty sexist shit he says about it has absolutely poisoned me towards transgenderism. Essentially he wants to be a woman because its "easier." Fuck that noise.

No. 96401

Pardon, I don't mean to be rude, but how is it offensive? I always thought of their brains being set up some way that makes the idea of being expected to act a certain way on sight because of their physical appearance to be what caused them to be trans.

Thats just one theory though, there are many more, gender roles being another. Even if gender roles were the culprit, they did not come up with them. Theres a reason why an athletic girl or girls who don't like to wear dresses, skirts or heels are at many times called tomboys. However, it is not the same.

A tomboy would be what your're describing, or a metrosexual. For trans people to not be comfortable just being either of these labels has to give you a sign that it is not just about gender roles and a psychological, emotional and physical need to be the gender or sex they identify with.

Being trans is not a choice, the operations and transitioning are, however the mental state is not. They have always felt this way. As soon as their parents and society said things like "you're this and that because you're a boy or girl," they were likely already uncomfortable with the gender they were ascribed with.

No. 96404

Honestly you should recognize your sister does not represent all people. C'mon now, by this point you just sound like you don't want to accept or understand trans people.

That's your prerogative but to push your ideas of what you think it may mean when actual trans people are telling you what their experiences are like and not doing any other outside research is ridiculous.

You keep saying you're confused, that you think it's this or that but are poisoned towards trans people. How can you make a sensible opinion if you don't know?

No. 96420

File: 1431142627708.png (328.29 KB, 524x1237, t (1).png)

please take this shit to /b/.

Mini dump incoming.

No. 96424

File: 1431142689517.png (191.5 KB, 502x265, t (2).png)

No. 96425

File: 1431142740107.png (61.08 KB, 305x620, t (3).png)

No. 96427

File: 1431142850623.png (82.96 KB, 435x476, t (4).png)

No. 96429

File: 1431142911025.png (61.96 KB, 446x266, t (5).png)

No. 96434

File: 1431143019578.png (106.1 KB, 258x497, t (6).png)

No. 96437

File: 1431143095455.png (10.74 KB, 687x119, t (7).png)

No. 96438

File: 1431143272928.png (120.33 KB, 441x465, t (8).png)

No. 96440

File: 1431143361712.png (50.68 KB, 422x505, t (9).png)

No. 96442

File: 1431143422220.png (93.22 KB, 538x220, t (10).png)

No. 96443

File: 1431143463570.png (73.11 KB, 534x204, t (11).png)

No. 96446

File: 1431143589411.png (4.4 KB, 286x124, t (12).png)

No. 96449

File: 1431143691343.png (422.07 KB, 546x472, t (13).png)

No. 96450

They're a blocky pink thing with transparent hair and no forehead or cranium?

Someone should put together a catalogue of Tumblr art styles. It would take up all of one page.

No. 96453

File: 1431143872055.png (10.13 KB, 538x176, t (14).png)

No. 96456

File: 1431144021490.png (487.85 KB, 518x606, t (15).png)

No. 96457

File: 1431144069071.png (10.77 KB, 289x263, t (16).png)

End of dump because I cannot handle large amounts of genderspecial/sjw craziness

No. 96517

No. 95665 here again.

Transtrenders absolutely make me livid, and I fear I'm seen as one of them, and more often than not, a high influx of seeing them (and especially seeing them get stupidly high amount of support for a very wrong decision) makes me want to give up in life, give up transition, fear I may be the same as them and I consider death very seriously in those moments. Even as someone who may cosplay in lolita in the future (I do like the style, I think it's really cute and I think there is a time and place for everything and gender bending in cosplay is a-okay) I couldn't deal with it right now as a pre-op, pre-HRT trans guy. I don't see how anyone dealing with severe dysphoria could… or even light dysphoria. I'm a hard-ass and even then I still cry sometimes because some days I just cannot take being misgendered and the physical dysphoria all at once. And I get mad at myself because I don't see myself as a total pussy who cries over shit, and I've been hitting encyclopaedia dramatica and 4chan for about a decade now. I should have tougher skin, but there are days where I literally cannot fucking deal.

To post an image publicly of myself in 'female mode' is like a disastrous target that says 'DROP DYSPHORIA NUKE HERE'. Transtrenders piss me the fuck off in the same way that I imagine, say, a Japanese person would be frustrated with weebs who only know 'konnichiwa' and use it at the wrong time.

I had the period freak out years before I actually got it. In fact, I remember getting my first period (very light the first time) and being like "wow I was freaking out over nothing".

To me, it has always been something I have to do, mentally. Kind of like taking nasal spray when I have a cold. When I LEARNED about it, though, I hid in my room for days staring tearfully at my Animal Crossing town and resenting the animals because they lived so carefree without having to worry about that shit. I have severe bottom dysphoria, but I see periods on the same level as a minor cold. Annoying at most, relatively forgettable with ibuprofen taken every 6 hours on the hour.

Transsexual has the stigma attached to it that makes people get edgy as fuck around you. The reason we ditched the term was stigma. This is a stigma that has built up over 30 years, whereas transgender is much lighter in stigma.

> Would there be transgender people in a society with no gender roles?
Yes. My entire body absolutely is abhorrent to me. I'm a 17.5 BMI to avoid the female shape altogether.

> So you want to be, for example, a woman because women…wear make up and dresses and perfume?

…There are butch lesbian trans women.

>But then if you say, no that's not what we want, then what is it?

Trans women normally want a female's body, trans men normally want a man's body. I don't understand what you don't get about that?

That being said, to pretend that society perception has nothing to do with this is absolutely delusional. One does not live in a vacuum. That all said, call me a misogynist, but nothing hurts more than she/her/ma'am/miss/young lady/"that's the men's dressing room". Nothing hurts more than the fact that I can't enjoy half the shit I do enjoy in the body I have in public because people take it as a discredit of my identity.

It might be easier to him because of his own… well, let me explain: to me, it would be easier as a guy not because of the 'privileges' men get to have (though I don't really give a fuck about that because both genders have their own privileges in different categories; ie women are able to be around kids without judgement but a guy who wants to work with children is seen as a paedophile creep) but because the societal perception of who I am is right. That, to me, makes life easier. I like stupid cute shit, but liking stupid cute shit as a girl is completely different than liking stupid cute shit as a guy and I can't admit I like stupid cute shit as a girl because the image that people place to that on me is utterly fucking wrong to me.

Liking some of the things I do may be 'stereotypically feminine', and I might get shit on for it as a guy, but the perception other people have if I like said things is the (horrible) societally 'right' outlook to have to me. It's weird as hell to say it so bluntly, but knowing people will think I'm 'wrong' if I like pastel pink (and I do) is… right for me? I can't explain it any other way. "I don't like competitive games" should get a weird glance not because 'female' but because 'why? You're a guy, guys are supposed to be competitive'. Essentially, even when things are harder, it's easier to me because it's the societally 'right' way to see me, even if I disagree that men shouldn't like X.

As for your other shit, I've got feminine traits, I still shave from shoulders to toes, and still plan to transition completely. I don't give a fuck about gender roles and I vehemently disagree that people shouldn't like certain things based on their genitals. ALL of that said, I don't plan to change a goddamn thing about my interests and personality to fit what a man 'should be'. I had my fears that maybe I was living out a yaoi fantasy, and I tried to back out of this, and I fucking hated every single second of trying to detransition. I slept through most of it from sheer depression. It has nothing to do with that and even if your sister offends you, you shouldn't take it out on the rest of us in the same way you wouldn't take it out on black people because one black person hit your car and drove away or something.

>I can only assume that transgenders also change their gender in addition to sex in an attempt to be "cis" whether because they feel that is what they are and should be or from society's pressures on trans people.

It's usually temporary, to be able to gain access to HRT without gatekeeping. In locations where therapists are more prone to hold the gates closed, trans guys, for example, will go super fucking masculine to prove themselves to the therapist. Once they have their treatment, they'll drop that shit.

The pressure is absolutely real, though. I haven't met many people who haven't asked me "why can't you just be a tomboy and LIKE IT? It's OKAY to be a masculine chick" and no matter how often I try to explain that I get that that's okay and support masculine women, but that is not who I am, I still hit that wall that people refuse to tear down and meet me halfway through. I thought living with the secret was hard, but that wall of "being a tomboy is okay" is just as hard to deal with.


If there's a /b/ thread made for all this, someone should link it here so I can move there, please. I'm free to answer any questions.

No. 96576

This actually helps me understand a lot more, so thanks. Somehow, I think i got influenced by tumblr trans-trenders without even realizing it or even using tumblr to me. I thought it was " I want to be treated as a man by society but look like a girl" and I just didn't get it. Still don't but I guess that's because that's not how it works and is dumb? Like tumblrs insistence that ~women can have dicks~ and ~men can have vaginas~

So actually transgenderism is about making your physical body match your inner gender? Right? Am I getting it or still fucked?

No. 96619

There's a lot about dysphoria and things I can't even begin to explain and don't want to shit this thread up any further. I made a throwaway email for you to move to another place. Send me an email with the same question and I'll get back to you, k?

No. 96738

Lolita isn't cosplay. You probably shouldn't wear it if you think it is because you're likely a massive ita and wont be able to cope with being ripped to shreds for it online.

No. 96793

Lolita cosplay exists though

No. 96798

File: 1431190742748.jpg (81.76 KB, 540x675, image.jpg)

Posted by a trans person.
Thoughts? Am I a crazy, radical feminist crazy for finding this the tiniest bit offensive?
(Having an extremely bad day here so maybe I am just booty tickled.)

No. 96800

*clarifying: I am not trans, the person who posted the picture originally is

No. 96801

This may surprise you but trans people can be scummy sexists too. Shocking, i know, but its almost as if they're regular people, and not some alien perfect species incapabl of being fucktards like ~*cis people*~

No. 96803

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply trans people were in any way differen from anyone else. I just thought it was strange that someone who has be fitted from femenists/femenism could be so quick to demoralize it (in the comments as well.) idk, I'm sorry.

No. 96804

Fitted from feminists/feminism? There are a lot of trans people out there who dislike feminists.
Radical feminists were the ones who tried to bar trans people from getting health care back in the 70's/80's.

No. 96810

Really? I'm very sorry for myignorance, I wasn't aware of that.

I am obviously just very booty tickled and a shitty person so I'm sorry. (Not sarcasm.) For some reason I am still trying to look at femenism as a good thing.

No. 96822

I don't know why it's always just about radical femenists. There's radical Islamists, radical Christians, radical everything… But feminism is all just lumped in together as one radical entity that's considered worthless by a great majority of people.

No. 96829

File: 1431194838428.jpg (15.29 KB, 397x415, 1411946703193.jpg)

Probably because the Tumblr "community" is the face of feminism. It's also the kind of feminists people see during slutwalks and at universities throughout the Anglosphere.

Whether you like it or not, radfems are the face of feminism.

And there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 96830

For the record, anyone who believes in conspiracies like patriarchy theory, rape culture theory and male gaze theory is a radical feminist. Period.

No. 96888

>And there's nothing you can do about it.

Thank you for that inspiring, hopeful message.
>women are painted as devils that are good for nothing but housework and don't belong in politics
>congratulations everyone, we have now come full circle

No. 96890

I don't believe in any of that. I just think that women are equal to men, and should be around the world.

Guess that makes me a radical feminist for being concerned about issues that affect me. Poor me, I'll never find a man who accepts a frigid old maid like myself.

No. 96905

Well, not really. You could cosplay an existing character who is a lolita and that would qualify, but dressing in an established fashion style is not cosplay. Dressing as a punk or a raver would never qualify so I don't see why lolita should be any different.

No. 96906

If you have a problem with your movements fundamentalists, you have a problem with your movements fundamentals.

No. 96939

>as someone who may cosplay in lolita in the future
>To post an image publicly of myself in 'female mode' is like a disastrous target that says 'DROP DYSPHORIA NUKE HERE'.

>gets triggered when looking overtly feminine

>wants to wear lolita
lol k

No. 96940

I realised that after I posted and didn't bother to correct. Had replied right after a 9 hour work shift. My bad.

No. 96943

>new age, bitter single braud detected

tbh I can see how this might put people off if you're not really into this kind of stuff, but notice how it doesn't say "THIS IS HOW TO BE A REAL WOMAN". all it says is, if that is what you want to do (take care of your man in this way) don't let radfems scare you off from doing what you like to do on the basis of their own personal agenda.

No. 96945

Don't be silly, no one trusts women to do even basic housework anymore.

No. 96967

Radical feminists are against slutwalks though, because they aren't "sex-positive" - it's crazy liberal feminists that are the face of Tumblr feminism. Sorry for nit-picking but yeah, they're basically opposites and radical feminists have a specific set of beliefs, it's not just a title for obnoxious/extreme feminists.

No. 97009

This. People think that it's the radical that means "extreme" but it's the radical that means "at the root" (like in math.)
Very common misconception.
Honestly, I used to identify as a radfem (weird considering I love lolcow kek) but the rampant transphobia and protection of abusers/shitty people really turned me off. But fuck liberal feminism, honestly. It makes me cringe so hard. But I guess it's better than hating yourself and hating other women–not that I think you have to prescribe to feminism to love yourself or other women. I just haven't seen blatantly anti-feminist women say or do anything very supportive for other women.

No. 97434

Clearly you stopped reading and dropped down some lines because right after I mentioned wearing lolita in the future I said:

>I couldn't deal with it right now as a pre-op, pre-HRT trans guy.

That doesn't include the future, after I plan to transition medically, and I said 'may', kek. Please, if you're going to look this dumb, you should just stop.

No. 97445

>as someone who may cosplay in lolita
Nigger lolita is not and never will be cosplay you dumb lil fag. Go cry more on tumblr.

No. 97486


No. 97523

I don' mind this sort of thing as long as it's mutual. I'd expect the same level of TLC if I'm tired or stressed.

No. 97815

>im demiquoiromantic asexual
>demiquoiromantic asexual
I s2g this does NOT FUCKING MEAN ANYTHING GET OUT (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

No. 97873

what the fuck is a demiquoiromantic

No. 97972



I visibly name a noise. Back in my day it was teen witches and wiccans, now it's made up sexual identities and pronouns to be special snowflakes

No. 97974


*made a noise, freaking autocorrect

No. 97978

Somewhat attracted to a quotient of people in a romantic way aka sort of maybe polyamorous.

No. 97980

pretty sure they just put together demiromantic and quoiromantic

No. 97981


wtf how. Did they just pull a bunch of mental issues out of a hat and decide they just HAD to have them? I swear to god.

No. 98111

lesbian-gayze is your stereotypical tumblrina. There are many lulz to be had on her blog. http://lesbian-gayze.tumblr.com/
Anyway, It's super embarrassing to know people like her actually exist.

No. 98170


This kid thinks he's a bunch of shitty anime characters and keeps telling people to kill themselves, he got accused of rape, it was pretty funny watching that shitstorm.

No. 98373

Someone in our friend's IRL group proposed a story saying "It's what Twilight was supposed to be" saying it's a way better version of Twilight. she plans to publish it.

I'm mentioning this because she behaves like a tumblrtard. I am not joking when I say this: It features a hijab wearing girl in a rock band, a main character girl who is normal but has strange stuff happen in her favor mysteriously because of a supernatural guy in the background, an albino Asian with 5 siblings that all start with the same letter name.

She also interrupts excessively, not caring what the other person has to say on social issues. Like when our friend mentioned that men could be just as oppressed as women but in different ways, she repeatedly scoffed and interrupted saying "Look no women are more oppressed you don't know what you're talking about."

Other person: Ok please hear me ou–
Her: (scoff) Ok no if you knew the discrimination they went through.
Other person: I'm not denying any of that could you please let me–
Her: (scoffs again and proceeds to talk over her)

She talks over people, then misses details because of that even though they did mention said details before but she was too busy blocking out their words with hers. The other person would speak literally 3 sentences and she would continue talking over them.

No. 98381

It also features transgenders, people of all sexual orientation and races, disabilities. It sounds like a mess. I'm all for representing minorities but this feels like tumblr threw up all over it.

She would talk over 3-5 sentences worth of words it was funny but rage-inducing at the same time.

No. 98382

Well, Fifty Shades of Grey was a Twilight fanfic…

No. 98518

Not too long ago, some girl on tumblr wanted to feed soy milk to her future children. Anyone remember her?

No. 99413

Yeah, I think I do.

No. 99554

I fucking hate it when tumblrinas think if you are white or are curvy or skinny or have light eyes then your life is flawless.
everyone have insecurities. I've seen some curvy girls insecure while some fat girls were confident. also, you dont even know that persons life.
if a white person struggles with shitty family, is poor, with many mental illnesses, she is not priviledged at all.
why do people put so much focus on the gender or race?

No. 99558

i hate it when they do that.
I have like 6 mental illnesses (including sleep disorders and eating disorders) and it's fucking horrible to live with. I don't understand how they can be proud of saying them. They're making fun of people who truly have real mental illnesses. Because of them, people assume that mental illnesses arent important. it annoys me

No. 99573

except it's mostly women haters or dumb people that think all radfems are feminists so i couldnt care less.

No. 99577

you're very cute anon.

No. 99582

thats what i meant anon
ex: dressing up as a lolita for halloween is cospay because it implies lolita is a costume

No. 99594

So yeah, I was right. What you meant was that you're a massive ita.

No. 99695

So basically, they're admitting to faking having a mental illness and they lay it on thick around others to maintain the illusion? K.

No. 100278

File: 1431461348602.png (16.12 KB, 528x151, Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 4.08…)

ill just leave this here

No. 100392

>you don't realize how much tumblr has brainwashed you

No. 101061

Feminazi detected

No. 101069

More privilege than a poc that has those problems but whatever helps ya sleep at night

No. 101222

WTF is quoiromantic?

No. 101369

File: 1431562499360.jpg (23.96 KB, 206x356, foydls1.jpg)

No. 101375


Well the tiny green men found it funny.

Give the normal sized people a chance to giggle.

No. 101546

File: 1431579090249.jpg (113.8 KB, 554x960, woops.jpg)


No. 101555

This just in: taking a kid's internet away when they aren't doing their homework is child abuse.

No. 101612

Why does everyone on reddit pretend to be a chantard, yet post on reddit?

No. 101616

cuz 4chan is ~mean~ and ~scary~

No. 101619

what's child abuse is naming your kid "Braiden"

No. 101624

I want to marry the creator of this image. My reign of the internet started in 1999 and I was a part of SA, NG, YTMND and 4chan in its earliest days and back then most users were sensible and had a great sense of humor. They knew how to use the power of laughter to nullify the effect of bad things, not write whining blog posts cranking in the oppression points. I grew up during the time when people in the internet knew not to take it so seriously and they should man up and improve themselves if they wanted to take their place in the community. Hell, SA regularly did spotlights to point out the flaws of the week's asshole poster and they gave literally zero shits about sensibilities - if you were a self-righteous dick, you are going to hear about it. These online communities (SA, NG, YTMND, 4chan) were the sanctuaries of free expression and discussion. If you compared 4chan of 2003 to 4chan of 2015, you'd see the difference straight away.

Now the freedom of expression is gone and nobody should be called out or be held responsible, everyone's feelings matter and the internet is all about creating a hugbox that doesn't challenge people or encourage them to an open discussion. The kids born after around 1996 are incredibly naïve and seem to think they have the right to be omnipotent, special and invulnerable. Like they can share their selfies and personal information everywhere without suffering any consequences or drawbacks for basically giving out their valuable data to over a billion persons, especially after saying or doing something controversial. They think they are entitled to being catered to and having all their needs fulfilled without making compromises or having to face negative emotions. They think everyone should be interested them and that everything they do is creative, unique and admirable.

And this is why I enjoy lolcow. It's a rare specimen and a fragment of what I originally enjoyed about online communities. You don't have to be sensitive or give out your personal information and it's not about scoring internet fame points. The concept of lolcow reminds me of the good old days of SA spotlights which always reminded ME of how not to be a douchebag to others by pointing out other people who are.

No. 101625

Taking away your computer and phone is shitty and I hated it too when my mom did it but it's not abusive, damn it.

>over 10 000 notes

jfc these kids

No. 101631

this reads like a copypasta

No. 101745

I took the image from 8chan /pol/ so… maybe your future significant other is there.

No. 101770

Jesus, so much cringe in all those posts.

No. 101781

with a name like braiden it's probably chosen

No. 101782

Nice blog faggot.

No. 102008

File: 1431642653007.jpg (35.66 KB, 400x600, 1414163685373-1.jpg)

no fucking way. what a privileged piece of shit nobody snot nosed motherfucker. his mother probably works very hard to make sure he has everything he needs in his pathetic little life, and he thinks that this is child abuse??!!?

No,motherfucker. Abuse would be if your parent was ignoring everything about you and never pusing you to do your best. Abuse if your parent telling you they hate you/should have been an abortion, not that she knows you are smart and can apply yourself to your studies better than you are.

get the fuck off tumblr and respect your fucking elders you piece of shit faggot

100/10 i fucking raged

No. 102009

File: 1431642770732.jpg (62.05 KB, 402x720, 1421884358089.jpg)


kill yourself. please. no1curr

No. 102019

Haha, holy shit you guys should read a little further into the OPs blog. The responses to that post are fucking gold.
>waahh it's emotional abuse!! She took my computer and phone and it made me sad she's literally an abusive devil woman!QQ

No. 102020

anon pls no aokigahara.

No. 102445

I'm glad to have come across your comment, people love to spew shit they don't know anything about just because they think its something they dislike

No. 102621

Not the OP, but no kidding there.
People will go on and on about how they hate radfems, and then go on to claim radfems say something that completely goes against radical feminism, like overtly sex positivity or high-caliber genderspecialty things liberal femininsts say. I mean, if you just wanna say you hate feminism altogether, say it instead of mis-attributing shit to branches that wouldn't spew shit like that.

No. 103142

i think its fine imo i dont find it gross

No. 104084

What would you do if your kid walked up to you and said that they were an aromantic genderfae grey-a ravioli-kin?

No. 104093

slap them into next week

No. 104105

File: 1431950083784.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, 1428941083831.jpg)

a factkin is somebody that identifies as somebody that is an important historical figure. i.e a president, philosopher, etc. Supposedly they can also identify as living people???????

No. 104112

This is just stupid. What happened to good old RPing?? Now you have to actually *~*identify*~* as everyone and everything and claim you're an oppressed otherkin.

No. 104571

File: 1432019152241.png (19.96 KB, 502x365, tumblr_nokzqb7agP1u00qgto1_540…)

No. 104578

thank you for the leukemia

No. 104600

What the fuck does this even mean. Like Jesus, you can't just be everything at once. This is why We need bullying.

No. 104612

File: 1432030972919.png (469.94 KB, 648x547, o4DDXwi.png)

brb, taking selfie while having panic attack

No. 104619

No one's forcing her to watch Game of Thrones. If I see something on TV that bothers me I turn it off. If she's having a real panic attack she wouldn't be taking pics or herself to upload to tumblr.

No. 104632

Calmest panic attack I've ever seen. She wouldn't even be able to keep the phone steady to take a pic.

No. 104640

this thing makes me uncomfortable now equals panic attack. great, good job. way to go.

I don't watch Game of Thrones, but is the rape scene really so jarring? From what I've heard about the show, fucked up shit is bound to happen, and it's part of the story. Even if it deviates from the book, I thought it was established that the show was going in a different direction than the book anyway.

No. 104657

The problem is that in the books daenerys was not raped, in the show she was, cercei was not raped in the books, in the show she was, and now, in stead of having sansa chill in the eyrie and be badass they chose to have her raped as well. It is lazy screen writing, and it feels fucking unnecessary to have to rape characters for shock value.

No. 104660

Oh I see, thank you. I didn't know it was that different, I thought some of that stuff happened in the books too.

No. 104677


I don't see how it was 'normalised' in the slightest though, I'm pretty sure they made it as horrific as they possibly could

Hahaha though, "I'm so triggered I've gotta take a selfie of this"


I agree it's pretty lazy, but in fairness, they used Sansa to replace a minor character in the books who did get raped, so for once it at least has some kind of relevance to the plot.

No. 104681

Good god she's so fucking annoying

No. 104690

This. You took the words out of my mouth.

I personally hate feeling bitter judging people who claim all these special snowflake titles, but I just can't believe them a lot of the time. I've come to learn it's the fucking narcissism I hate, which makes me feel a lot better. In the rare cases I meet people who don't strike me as full of themselves, I could care less about what they identify with.

No. 104692

Lol even this aside:
>I don't see how it was 'normalised' in the slightest though, I'm pretty sure they made it as horrific as they possibly could

It's a fucking fantasy show with dragons and animal mind control and zombies. Who the fuck is sitting there thinking, "The rules of this world clearly apply to real life, I will make my moral judgements based on what's in this show. I now think rape is fine and normal, even though it was clearly presented in a way that intends to make me hate the character doing it, and is presented as one of the worst things said character has done, including flaying people alive." !?!?

No. 104714

Kek, I'm fairy certain the original post was that girl petit-something saying she was crying over an anime. Where'd you find this, anon?

No. 104733

File: 1432052143913.png (91.46 KB, 508x609, 6f590985167b395a243c2ed68aa395…)

this is her response

No. 104734

Posted the same haha I deleted mine
I said that I think she explained it well and good for owning up and I actually feel sorry for the responses she got

No. 104736


kind of doubt those responses happened. and her mentioning "rape culture" still is.. yeah shes.. shes still fuckin dumb

No. 104737

Also her whole "IDK WHY I POSTED IT I DONT EVEN REMEMBER!" she did it for attention and she knows it, but unfortunately rather than "ohhh u poor sweetie baby boo dont cry" she got "You are being so fucking stupid" so she deleted

No. 104756

Hmm I definitely can see your points
I don't know if I believe her but I guess since that instance was really tame than what Tumblr normally fabricates I'm just like- eh it's okay

No. 104758

>wind under our winds

No. 104759

So agree. I figured that this would happen (obviously not Sansa, but Jeyne Poole like in the books) but lol yeah. The response as been crazy. They didn't even show it.

Also, I saw someone complaining like 'they did a close up up Theon to show a MAN's discomfort at this! MISOGYNY!' like lol okay. It couldn't be that we're supposed to be the stand in for Reek and his revulsion is ours? Like…man, c'mon.

No. 104760

I doubt that too. It's horrible but I kind of doubt the majourity rape threats people say they have. Where's the proof? Where's the evidence? Reddit and tumblr have paper trails of comments and IPs and shit. Why should I take a hysterical little girl's word as straight up fact? I don't take anything at face value any more.

No. 104781

>kawaii crying selfie uguu
>so triggered ;_;
>p-p-please, anon, i'm having a panic attack! look how i'm covering my face!!
Fuck this shit

No. 104791

Holy shit. This girl has some severe mental issues that are not caused by a TV show or internet trolls and she should fucking get help for them instead of trying to get the internet to validate her reaction as normal.

No. 104804

Isn't Michael/Mogar a member of Achievement Hunter? I mean, the real one.

No. 105321

That bitch is the definition of frumpy

No. 105343

File: 1432092266381.jpg (114.41 KB, 458x750, tumblr_nol5wowrW91tbwop0o5_500…)

those eyebrows

No. 105347

She looks like a moth.

No. 105360

what's going on with her hair? is it a wig? why is it floating off her head. why would anyone think that bangs style would look good. who decided that softly bleached asshole was a good color for lipstick? man i hope her two piercings is just a giant barbell so no one would ever have to hear anything that would likely come out of her mouth.

No. 105380

why do all these tumblrinas decide to cut their bangs super-short by themselves?? why?? it always looks so bad

No. 105393

She kind of looks like Suzy. Wtf

No. 105400

its really not far fetched to believe reddit snagged this post when you guys screenshot it too? it was dumb of her to post the crying selfies but the lack of self awareness is lol

No. 105407

I want my eyebrows like this so no one will ever approach me or want to talk to me.

No. 105412

No ones saying it didnt get posted to other websites where people enjoy stupid shit, but little tumblrinas lie about rape threats all the time, the rape threats are what we are denying happened not that they got posted.

No. 105430

File: 1432102411741.jpg (78.54 KB, 960x960, gordo.jpg)

My dog has those same brows

No. 105445

that's a real cute dog anon

No. 105453

File: 1432106415262.jpg (39.67 KB, 500x335, tumblr_nokxcmvgac1t0qo0xo1_500…)

No. 105458

Lol I remember when this was going around. I'll take things that never happened for 500, Alex.

No. 105631

Totally believable.

No. 105656


Fake and gay

No. 105694

>implying a guy is gonna walk up to you out of nowhere and threaten to kill you for no reason
>implying someone set on killing you would SLIT YOUR WRISTS (one of THE most ineffective methods to die)
>implying piddly cutter scars would scare off a supposed murderer


No. 105707

The first one isn't that unbelievable when compared to the others. Like it would only happen in the fantasies of people with headmates. Probably imagined their own headmate doing it too

No. 105732

I would think with brows like that people are going to talk or approach you more often to as wtf you were thinking.

Also does anyone else think that tumblrinas whine about getting stared at/catcalled often is because of shit like this and not ~male gaze~ and ~rape culture~

No. 105737

ask* dang phone keyboard

No. 105754

File: 1432155007255.jpg (116.26 KB, 1000x666, chinaeyebrows.jpg)

reminds me of these

No. 105843


quick, someone accuse her of ~~cultural appropriation~~

No. 105847

Her bangs are floating because she straightened them incorrectly. Happens to me sometimes.

No. 105875

This is fucking hilarious.

No. 105896

Hi Totemo.

No. 105897

>You hurt yourself? I was going to hurt you first I'm sad now!

No. 106318

No. 106342

is that vaervaf? he made some okay techno albums before he suddenly decided to do… that.

No. 106455

>this happened

No. 106555

File: 1432253831349.jpg (414.12 KB, 1000x1500, rottweiler.jpg)


No. 106560

The bastard offspring of jimmy neutron and riff raff

No. 106661

Why the fuck include "black"?
it doesnt fucking matter.
trans people's lives matter. there.
no need to add a specific race, for fucks sake

No. 106671

I think it's because they face the highest rate of being murdered, mistreated, arrested but when its reported nothing gets done about it in comparison to trans (legal) latinos and white people

No. 106692

>probably pronounced "maya"
why do people do this

No. 106715

idk, elephant, pronounced elefant
knife, pronounced nyfe

No. 106722

please, stop. you're just embarrassing yourself.

No. 106733

File: 1432275131914.jpg (51.43 KB, 539x960, fatphobia.jpg)

No. 106771

Any time someone on tumblr mentions "fatphobia" and "health" in the same sentence, I usually end up wanting to sock them in the face. Everyone on there has a massively oversensitive victimization complex, it completely blows my mind how (if they're as !!!POLITICALLY ACTIVE!!! as they claim) they'd function in the real world.

No. 106777

"I'm not fat, I'm horizontally challenged!"

No. 107157

File: 1432336681929.png (36.18 KB, 413x558, dW4zjYg.png)

No. 107229

…what am I even reading? How DARE people want to have healthy diets and eating habits? How dare people who have never been fat not WANT to be fat? How dare fat people try to turn their lives around and start eating well/exercising??

Lol it's cause as soon as that formerly fat person starts rapidly shedding pounds they realize that it isn't *~*genetics*~*

No. 107410

>huurr feminazi
>for thinking radfem are not feminists
I bet youre an mra. Please kill yourself

No. 107481

tumblrina detected.

No. 107739

im pretty sure pansexual can still have preferences, just like anyone.

No. 107742

to be fair, he deserved it. mras are women-haters so

No. 107745

and you think that's a bad thing? she has a nice butt and thighs and a lil fat on the stomach is fine.
you think boney butts are attractive or?

No. 107747

she's not fat though, she's chubby.
if people think that's fat then you're really fucked up

No. 107749

you're retarded. I don't go on tumblr. btw even tumblrinas are better than MRAs. please go away with your women-hating bullshit and thinking everyone that disagrees with you is "omg tumblr feminazi XD". so embarassing

No. 107786

I never got that pairing,and any other time these people would be freaking out about bestiality.

No. 107816


Nice buzzwords your soutting out, sweetie pie, but I doubt you're going to win anything or get any upboats
SRS is back at reddit and feminazis and tumblr!femninists are the worst things that could be connected to Feminism

No. 107867

sjws and neo-nazis have quite a lot in common

No. 107874

Someone with the same writing style and fascination with MRAs has recently been getting butthurt in multiple threads over any perceived criticism of feminism.

It seems like we had a bit of an SJW invasion 3-4 weeks ago. This place has been slowly getting more SJW for a long time but there's definitely been a sudden worsening.

No. 107893

File: 1432411705151.jpg (88.81 KB, 497x746, 1432341893264.jpg)

alot of them like hitler because he killed jewish white people
completely ignoring the whole master race thing
its exactly like tumblr
they try to act like black people are so oppressed by saying their poor and ghetto and ugly. and it ends up making them even more racist than the people they were attacking

No. 107894

that one person shitting up the suzy thread and berry thread?
i remember she said racism doesnt count white people because they aint oppressed enough lol and then saying how she hated how people were calling out journalists for lieing because zoe is a girl (who hasnt been relevant in gamergate for a few months)

No. 107895

its because PULL is dying because everyone doesn't want to be made fun of. so they are all moving here

No. 107896

you seem…………………………………………………………………………………triggered

No. 107898

>acting like that isnt you

No. 107901

they are just as autistic as "feminists" who don't know about women's sufferage
stop blowing this out of proportion
are you a man hater? fine, more dick for me :^)

No. 107914

Why can't they just post on PULL without revealing too much of their identity? Do they really need to be posting shooped pictures of themselves?
I agree. There's been a huge influx of people who I can defiantly tell are from PULL. In /b/, there's a shit ton of wannabee idol threads that didn't even need to be made and are pretty out of place among the typical content here. Everything about that Tiffany Cadillac thread, for example. I almost feel like I know who it is based on the writing style, brb, going through PULL thread to look for her.

No. 107933

"You hate fat people if you diet"
Ah yes the fatlogic…

No. 107943

tbf you cant really shit on dumb threads in /b/ since anything goes. as long as they arent posting them in /pt/

No. 108287

There has been quite a few thirsty threads
I even remember seeing a OP use I think problematic/trigger unironically

No. 108613

File: 1432527913904.png (11.17 KB, 519x176, word salad.png)

What the fuck is going on. This looks like some shit google translate would spit out. It's worse than asha's posts. I'm going to bed.


No. 108615

Jesus Christ how horrifying.
Seriously I feel triggered reading so many ficticious terms in one ask.

No. 108619

The fuck these bitches do to my childhood? They're fucking cats. FUCK THIS SHIT.

No. 108859

someone send an ask saying this triggers them

No. 108961

Michael is, yes. His Minecraft character is called Mogar. Pretty dumb things to pick as your names.

>speshul kawaii achievement-hunterkin uwu

No. 111449

File: 1432700059401.png (67.09 KB, 584x536, milo.png)

No. 111451

File: 1432700144982.png (83.12 KB, 548x295, offended.png)

From his Tumblr. He's such a cry baby I can't even.

No. 111474

I think a lot of artists feel his way but don't have the audacity to say it

No. 111526

what race is this guy supposed to be anyways? Latino?

No. 111637


His surname is Portugese in origin and he was born in Wisconsin, so he's probably not even black to begin with

No. 111641



>fantano said I suck

He gave your fucking albums solid 8/10s, the fuck are you talking about you fucking loon

No. 111893

>except I never feel male/masculine
>b-but that doesn't mean I'm a regular girly girl! I'm ~genderfae~! I'm still special!
For such a so-called 'feminist' platform, tumblrites seem to think being a regular woman is the absolute worst thing in the world.

No. 113164

File: 1432888862927.png (8.25 KB, 542x221, deffinjun.png)

>>Those notes

No. 113168

File: 1432889654294.png (23.47 KB, 569x633, hiv.png)

No. 113171

File: 1432889999349.png (20.78 KB, 434x399, tumblr.png)


No. 113181

I'm pretty sure someone changed the post because I saw this post but the second part is completely different.
please don't tell me this is real…omg
Pretty sure "normal" people have spoken "tumblr language" because we all pass it around on different sites and pretty sure at least half of those began somewhere else. I learned most of those before I even knew tumblr was a thing. Cmon tumblr, the internet isn't tumblr-centric.

No. 113182

i can't believe this is legit but i checked the tag and it totally is
fuck tumblr

also i frequently see tumblr feminist types bitch about tampons/pads and shit not being free. like, toilet paper isn't free either you morons. if you really cannot afford to buy basic sanitary products there are options out there for you.

No. 113193

It's not even "tumblr language", most of that shit is from 4chan and reddit. Except maybe the AIR thing.
>pig disgusting tumblrites culturally appropriating 4chan and being proud of it
>tfw triggered

No. 113196

>also i frequently see tumblr feminist types bitch about tampons/pads and shit not being free. like, toilet paper isn't free either you morons. if you really cannot afford to buy basic sanitary products there are options out there for you.
This shit pisses me off too. There are so many other options out there. There are menstrual cups and the like, or if shoving things up your vag isn't your thing, you could always just use rags like women used to do before tampons and pads were widely available and wash them out. But of course, those are ~icky~

No. 113209


diff anon-

It's annoying. God help them if they had to live the way women used to fucking thousands of years ago

No. 113561

I know this person, figured she'd get posted in a place like this eventually. She's a sweet kid, she just got wrapped up in tumblrs bs and she is legitimately mentally ill.

No. 113637

This is for real? I'm sorry but I'm not taking the risk. If I know you are HIV positive or have full blown AIDS we are just going to have to be friends. That's just the way it is. I have my reasons and this tumblrtard doesn't know me and has no right to judge.

Why they bolded that it's not a guilt issue, it sure as hell comes off that way. It's worded very similar to those "I am fat and you will find me sexy" type posts. Basically saying you are a horrible person for not being attracted to someone with certain health or appearance issues.

Don't they realise that it does come off as a guilt trip and that someone who feels guilted into a relationship with a non-compatible person because they don't want to be the bad guy just makes for two very unhappy people?

No. 113642

File: 1432946074092.jpg (96.61 KB, 441x750, gross shit.jpg)

Have you ever heard of free bleeding?
Welp… let's just say they don't really care if tampons or pads are free or not.
They just don't use any of those because menstrual blood is ~byootiful~ and that "the patriarchy has brainwashed society all these years into thinking that vaginal secretion, uterine lining and blood are gross and filthy".
I'm not kidding.

No. 113645

what the fuck who actually bleeds that much??

No. 113646

File: 1432946209977.jpg (92.25 KB, 500x667, i dont' even.jpg)

And now, I'll go stab my eyes out with the dullest of all our carving knives.

No. 113660

Idk, I'm one of those people that thinks pads, water, and condoms should be free.

No. 113663

lol thats a fake pic..

i free bleed sometimes (usually after the first day of my period) because blood doesn't really come out that much unless you force it out? i have really light periods though so that could be why.

and toilet paper is free. i go into my university bathrooms and steal their 2-ply. problem solved.

No. 113664

but yeah that picture is fake, it was a well known 4chan ruse going around on instagram and twitter talking about free bleeding when in reality it was just a bunch of trolls?

No. 113741

It's a greyhound bus, so I'm guessing it was a long trip. (Even more disgusting tbh)

No. 113742


No. 113849

>force it out
do you do like a billion kegels a day

No. 114084

No. 114098

>blood doesn't really come out that much unless you force it out

The fuck are you on about…? Speak for yourself, seriously.

No. 114100

you sound like a dude who doesn't know anything about periods

No. 114101

How tf do you force it out? It's not like taking a piss.

No. 114108

Never done kegels on your period?

No. 114279

Sounds like you're having miscarriages, not periods

I mean it has to be a lot if you can freaking push it out

No. 114281

nah sometimes you can get those moments where you can get some out
only for a bit though
after that you'd probably just crap yourself

No. 114431

File: 1433042976094.jpg (306.97 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_novgzePMEj1snxjwdo1_128…)


>I guess you could say I'm autochorissexual, quoiromantic/panromantic, polyamorous, trans, and fictionkin, but I don't really like using labels. I AM AUTISTIC AND BPD. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WHILE INTERACTING WITH ME. I'd like she/her or fe/fim/fer/fers/fimself pronouns, please, and the alters each have their own set.

No. 114538

this thing can't be NOT trolling. also, that pizza face either needs a dermatologist or a trigger warning because i just puked my coffee back in my cup.

No. 114543

if they took a shower and saw a dermatologist I can almost guarantee 90% of their problems would be solved holy shit. also leaning towards not troll due to the amount of pics in public and speeches on their tumblr

No. 114551

>I don't really like using labels

No. 114552

Someone tell that person to make his face look less like Somme in 1916.

No. 114553

Gender-dysphoric Cro-magnon's tumblr has over 5200 pages.

No. 115572

File: 1433224319565.png (77.54 KB, 319x192, 1002.jpg.png)

"Got a couple of these asks asking about who I am, what I like, etc, so here’s the answer:
My name is [censored], 19 years old, I’m genderfluid, physically female, I weigh in at about 210lbs, and I’m 5’ 5".
I’m pagan, a solitary witch.
I’m in a romantic relationship with the fellow of my dreams. He’s 31, a huge nerd, loves wrestling and boxing, super sweet and asexual. This morning we talked about Hulk Hogan officiating a wedding, our relationship is clearly solid. I’m also in a platonic/sexual relationship with another fellow who’s my best pal, and yes my romantic knows.
Uh hobbies. I LARP, God I love LARPing. I’m currently attending Shadow Accord (a World Of Darkness larp), Dystopia Rising: Oregon (only every now and then), and SPITE which has its first game next weekend. I also enjoy games like WH40k, Parhfinder, Eclipse Phase, MTG, etc. I don’t watch much TV but Steven Universe and Hannibal are my favorites. Music wise I’ll listen to just about anything. Also I’m a huge HUGE corvid lover and enthusiast. I’m waiting for the day I can work with corvid ranches.
Yep that’s me."

> gets angry about people calling her bf a pedophile.

> has special gender shit
> claims she's been raped a lot.
> censoring because I wish to not break rules.
> brags about having child bearing hips.

No. 115622

File: 1433234070276.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, LIfq5NV.png)

>make his face look less like Somme in 1916.
>pic related

No. 115721

> she straightened them incorrectly
I didn't even know here was a way to straighten them incorrectly. I'm paranoid now.
Are there any tuts on how to style your bangs correctly?

No. 115726

If you straighten your fringe and it looks like that, you did it wrong. That's pretty much it.

No. 116209

Bitches don't know about razor combs.

No. 116953

File: 1433447756228.png (6.31 KB, 696x179, wtf tumblr.png)


No. 116956

File: 1433448751035.jpg (93.52 KB, 423x808, ugh.jpg)

Came across this. Firstly I'm not sure I even buy it because it seems like they are doing that "in fact I have EVERY POSSIBLE PROBLEM look how terrible my life is" thing, particularly the random OH BTW MY STEPDAD BEATS ME A LOT. But mostly I am posting it because JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, IDC HOW BITCHY IT MAKES ME, I DON'T EVEN FEEL SORRY FOR YOU IF IT'S REAL JUST BECAUSE YOU WRITE SO OBNOXIOUSLY. What the fuck is this?!?!? Do your hands have a glitch?!?

No. 116966

this just has to be trolling

No. 116974


I cannot be dealing with the "we are 90s kids and you're notttttttt"
its annoying af

No. 116983

File: 1433453217108.png (27.03 KB, 371x637, LITERALLY.png)

Posted this in the lift thread but it belongs here too

No. 117020

Why do the teen mentally ill queer uwu etc etc etc of tumblr ttype llikee t tht tht his??? ??!?!! pplea se ejh hhepl me e yy you can cclelarly tell imm mm hhaving babdy bad time lliek thhis s s pp plea se pi ty me …… i im im just oso tired pple ase help

I'm not really one to judge people by their typing, and some people might actually have a hard time typing and all (especially when it's on tiny smartphone keyboards and you're really in an emergency), but this seems just like fake-drunk typing all over again.

Another way to gather attention, I guess.

No. 117044

File: 1433468320112.png (280.89 KB, 408x369, c64fb119a7eb46c140574adda761e5…)

Yeah cryposting is just another bullshit tumblr thing they do when they're upset or "having a panic attack" or w/e.

No. 117047


People who post pictures of themselves crying make me laugh. Can you imagine them just pausing and picking up their phone to snap a picture and being like "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!11"

No. 117075

my tumblrite abuser (legit emotional manipulator/abuser, not "baww hurt my feelings" 'abuser' that tumblr seems to use for people they dont like) used to do that all the fucking time

No. 117093

File: 1433475442353.jpg (59.33 KB, 568x559, dude.JPG)

These crying people deserve a thread of their own.

No. 117102


Please. I would love you if you made a crying tumblr/panic attack tumblr thread.

No. 117105

please. I need this thread

No. 117130


I have to jump in and agree with this. These cows need to be milked BADLY.

No. 117131

A true patriot

No. 117144


No. 117446

>crying tumblr/panic attack tumblr thread
That is a glorious idea.

No. 117550

Well you know anon, being cis means you're the scum of the Earth. God forbid you're cis, white, and middle class.

No. 117664

File: 1433613261540.png (192.55 KB, 773x644, aut.png)

Tumblr teaching people how to trick psychologists into diagnosing you with autism

No. 117675

No. 117679

legitimately gross

No. 117683

this is why I call bullshit on people who say they have aspergers
my brother has aspergers (diagnosed at birth) and there's a visible difference between him and, say, someone like Choke who claim they have it but act completely normal and go 'teehee xD so awkward xD' at everything they do that isn't 100% TV normal.
Compare that to someone like Susan Boyle, the difference is quite obvious.

No. 117686

I think there are gradations on Asperger. I know a guy who is awkward as fuck to be around with aspergers, but also a guy who is very high functioning. He has some issues communicating his emotions (which is mostly troublesome for his GF) but overall he is pleasant to be around, because he has humor on his side and can hold a conversation that isnt about his interests.

No. 117688

Why would you even diagnose someone like that with it then? It seems like such a non-issue, that's basically all of Finland.

No. 117766

The fact that people are this desperate to be snowflakes makes me want to hurl.

This person will be taking away psychiatric appointment time and college disability center assistance from someone who really does need help.

Are psychiatrists prone to falling for this? I'd think they'd be educated enough to tell when someone is faking. It makes me wonder how many faked diagnoses are out there.

No. 117821

>It makes me wonder how many faked diagnoses are out there.

Honestly I imagine a very significant minority of diagnoses are wrong and the psychiatrists just don't care.

Maybe it's the kickbacks they get from prescribing drugs that haven't been properly researched, or maybe they've been reading about some fashionable new disorder that all their psych buddies have gotten to diagnose and they're feeling left out.

No. 117890

i laughed….. thanks

No. 117955

File: 1433665402509.jpg (164.52 KB, 411x535, tumblr_n7lfn31Nms1qm67tro6_500…)


Comedy gold. Massive SJW who claims to be a goddess and is always posting selfies with captions about her "divine beauty".

She also has poems about being a goddess on her DA.


No. 117959

File: 1433666708180.png (32.53 KB, 653x453, trad.png)

No. 117961

It's not "having a panic attack" it's "havenign a pancic ;attackk", shitlord

No. 117962

"upper middle class" pretty much sums her up I feel

No. 117963

File: 1433667445002.jpg (91.47 KB, 723x767, 1431105302795-1.jpg)

Oh, and she's also the same person who posted this a while back. (She used to be toxicnebulae)

No. 117967

i fucking hate tumblr.

No. 117968


I am reading this hobgoblin's shit right now and making the most retarded noises.

Like seriously, I'm lying in bed on my back with my phone in my face lauding away to myself going "ECK ECK ECK ECK ECK".

No. 117992

Since when is berber a synonym to barbaric?
that is actually pretty offensive, not what she was aiming for I assume

No. 118023

No. 118025

….oh god

No. 118034

Except "Berber" is an actual ethnic classification of people I.e the indigenous/aboriginal people of Morocco and other Moorish regions. Since they're so obsessed with indigenous peoples you think they'd know that….but who am I kidding, not white indigenous people count. Not the gross brown ones.

No. 118035

Sorry, "only white people count"* typos ahoy.

No. 118066

No offense but I have never met anyone who grew up on those sites before that didn't turn out to be a convicted child molester. (i wish i was joking)

No. 118155

File: 1433711215120.jpg (197.07 KB, 623x720, tumblr_nnnpzfget91qm67tro7_128…)

No. 118173

Cute boob tho. Overall cute. The armpit hair doesn't bother me but I see how other wouldn't like it.

No. 118179


I have zero problems with another woman choosing to grow out her body hair and I think the standard enforced upon us that women should be as hairless as prepubescent children is absurd and legitimately oppressive to the entire female gender, however you can tell this cunt is only doing it to try and be edgy and "shocking", not because she's actually opting not to shave.

No. 118187

This is my constant reminder to never use Tumblr.

No. 118191

true, makeup is far worse as a whole but she has no problem slathering it on in pounds. it's just edgy shit for her. plus no one grows out their armpit hair that long, even if they're trying to be "natural"… i trim mine because its not fucking comfortable when its down to ur knees

No. 118207

There was this hairy tumblrina chick in some of my classes w a poorly dyed greasy fauxhawk and she smelled fucking AWFUL. Like coffee breathe and BO. She always wore sleeveless shirts even in 0 degree weather just to show off her pube-like 5 inch long pit hairs every day.

This girl reminds me of her. Maybe slightly less filthy but same shitty unwashed dyed hair, same penchant for sleeveless shirts to show off edgelord pit hair. Nothing casual about the "oh yea I don't shave" thing like a normal person, it's always LOOK AT MY PIT HAIR I DARE U TO SAY SOMETHING SHITLORD

No. 118209

fucking tumblr does not even know what a panic attack is/feels like.

They think crying is a panic attack.

No. 118212


call me a cunt, but i laughed at this.

No. 118217

There are plenty of hippy chicks in my area who don't shave their pits at all to keep it natural. The difference is, they don't go around taking pictures showing it off and posting them on Tumblr to get a reaction.

No. 118221


Not only that but the thing that really enrages me is her tagging her photos with "scopophobia", which I don't know how many of you know but is an irrational fear of being seen or viewed by others.

I developed it really badly in my teens a long with a particularly nasty bout of anxiety and panic disorder.
I ended up dropping out of highchool because of it, either waiting for my mother to leave the house and locking myself in my room, or on days where she'd stay in I'd go and sit in the woods for 8 hours until it was time for me to come home and pretend I'd been at school for 8 hours.

I became a selective mute, I stopped looking in my reflection in mirrors full stop. I had this massive woolen coat that went down to my calves that I wore EVERY WHERE, even in Summer. I even slept in the damned thing.
Going outside was an ordeal. A panic attack for me could be triggered by even walking past a reflective shop window and catching sight of myself, and trying to purchase something in any shop, I would look down and avoid their gaze, shoving the change into their hands and hurrying away like like photosensitive British goblin.

This girl claims to have scopophobia? I would gladyly pour acid on her face and show her what it's really like to be so fearful of the very acknowledgement of your own existence. It ruins your life, I had to retake all of my highschool exams in college whilst everybody else my age was already moving on to university and shit.

I just looked at the scopophobia tag on Tumblr and it's a bloody disgrace. Seems like scopophobia is the new "in" Tumblr mental illness to pretend to have.

No. 118230

File: 1433721909005.png (17.88 KB, 596x122, tumblr_nln10wpMev1so3hnwo3_128…)

Just came across this: http://junky-business.tumblr.com/post/120944542782/omg-these-have-to-be-trolls

#transracial #ethnickin

… seriously?

No. 118250

Not even otherkin/fictionkin/ect take the ~transracials~ seriously.
If you've ran in the Tumblr scene enough, you'll see a lot of troll blogs who only have a vague understanding of tumblr from outrageous screencaps and think making a blog and using every buzzword they can pull out the ass (ie. IM A DEMIPLATONIC DEITYKIN GENDERVOID TRANSETHNIC TRANSFAT GENDER-CRITICAL POC RESPECT MY DOGSELF PRONOUNS) will make them fit in and troll these otherkins. Nobody really falls for the easy bait.
Plus it's been determined that transraciality/transethnicity has been racist for years now, and there's currently a debate on whether fictionkin are or not.

No. 118253

If you're having a legit panic attack you are not going to be in a state of mind to take selfies of you crying and then posting them.

No. 118278

Funny how these mental illnesses such as "anxiety" "depression" and "X phobia" only effect middle class to upper class kids who use the internet. Hmm. Inb4 you make up some sob back story about your crackwhore mom molesting you.

No. 118281

File: 1433727744914.png (13.75 KB, 647x227, cray.png)


Her mental illness tag is so funny. She claims to have so many disorders that she obviously doesn't and every single one is self diagnosed. She can afford therapists and drugs, yet bitches about people who say that you need to be professionally diagnosed and calls it "classism".

>>bipolar disorder NOS, cluster B personality disorders, PTSD, transient psychotic episodes, full-time psychotic symptoms (with no hallucinations)

No. 118290

I'd get what they were trying to say if they would have said that people shouldn't trivialize other cultures, customs or their people, especially when it is well known that those people have suffered from oppression. However, she didn't say that and she reduced their actual abuse down to this, as though a verb is the real culprit here. Besides, the word does describe exactly what they are doing once they leave their home country to visit another.

Not only that, but not all of South America or Africa is a giant shithole where the people have been deprived of any freedom or an education and as a result need privileged white people to go there not to travel, but to help them. There are amazing places, cultures and people to see, which would do some good for people of any background who had misconceptions to be proven wrong.

Then again, this tumblr user would be against that too, so idk how they fuck they'd want them to describe what they're doing in these countries. Personally, I don't like seeing people go to to other countries and talk about the people or their culture by patronizing them. One of the main group of people who do this though are those who travel under the guise of doing "good".

Idk I just figure this person feels that white people shouldn't travel anywhere non-white people live (though a lot of countries, such as Argentina are predominantly white (Argentina itself has a 97% white population)) which is ridiculous.

No. 118291

I tag my photos with "travel" if I go to the next city jfc.

No. 118292

I love how Tumblr pretty much tries to erase western Europe.

No. 118310

Barbaric comes from the Greek word barbarikós. That's also where the name Barbara comes from. It pretty much means stranger. Not sure if it's related to Berber in any way. I don't think it is. This person needs to check up on the history of word origins. They probably don't even know that the word slave comes from slav.

No. 118317

>blacklist: #pale skin
How is that even triggering?

No. 118331


No. 118355

is berber carpet triggering now?

No. 118389

File: 1433754465345.jpg (85.55 KB, 559x431, itssohardtobeme.jpg)

Her hair looks fried in every pic yet she thinks it looks amazing. She claims to be necrogender, whatever that is.

As I looked through her blog I thought she was a troll at first.

I guess she has to be as special as snowflakingly possible. She's also off her zoloft. Who knows if she really needed it though. I can imagine her faking symptoms to get a prescription so she can flash the bottle at people for attention. There's no way she has all these disorders. I'm so sick of people self diagnosing and acting like their ten minute glance at Wikipedia and Web MD makes them more of an expert than a specialist who spent years in school.

Pale skin triggers her because she can't pass for white. She hates white people and has suffered racial dysphoria or claims to. Yet she has tons of selfies with captions about how great she looks.

No. 118473

File: 1433781021539.jpg (41.03 KB, 480x640, 1098229_10201001757662659_1490…)

i'm scared