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File: 1491596365352.png (84.18 KB, 652x283, koots.png)

No. 286316

Didn't see a new one yet.
Last Thread: >>258019

Not much new since last thread. Dakota keeps on uploading her creepy baby uguu pics while continuing to be an online laughingstock.

Dako-chin let herself get fat, bald and sallow and continues to upload hilariously unrealistic, heavily edited selfies to her Instagram, but hasn't been obviously buying views/followers ever since aomw farmers started checking her shit with Socialblade. Dako hasn't booked a decent quality job in over a year now, opting instead to do app game ads and web shows as a novelty guest. Pic related is from the most legit job she's had in ages, a commercial for a candy that she probably got by technicality for still being inexplicably signed to Bravo models. It was also discovered that she's a direct booking client, means her potential employers only have her hilariously inaccurate Bravo profile measurements and her photoshopped portfolio to go by if they want to hire her. Anons continue to speculate and wonder how she can afford a 2LDR in Shibuya and how she keeps her visa&contract despite hardly working and getting shit tier token gaijin gigs.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/dakotakoti
LINE: http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti
Bravo Models profile: http://bravomodels.net/detail/?mid=677

No. 286317

File: 1491596474316.png (1.03 MB, 1199x759, 2017-04-07 22_08_51-ダコタ ローズ (@…)

So I'm guessing she has an active follower base of 9000 users? I guess she only spends money on her insta-videos when they're of her and not sponsored content (which I'm guessing this is)

No. 286337

you guessed wrong cause she didn't even give the name of the game.

No. 286351

She's nothing more than a lazy, bored housewife now who gets jobs sometimes when her hubby pulls some strings. She still thinks she's hot shit and successful and famous, just like Kiki. Those two will never wake up from their fantasies.

No. 286356

does she ever? lol

also someone mentioned it in the comments.. usually when she uploads anything that's not her face or kawaii it's sponsored

No. 286430

#stillwinning gets me every time

No. 286840

Same. I feel sorry for the kind of white trash that thinks sexualizing a teenager to get a sugar daddy in another country is "winning" just because she claims she's a model because of her shoops. Nobody hired her anymore and after her first bump of good gigs she had to resort to variety TV, and now she can't even do that anymore. That Yoko Fuchigami shoot was gold, you can tell no legit jobs will book her anymore unless she's just a white body to say some basic lines they can stick in the back. I'd be so fucking depressed if I knew the high point of my life already passed me at 16.

No. 287678

File: 1491757025724.png (3.16 MB, 2047x1469, C89S_b_VYAAgrT6.png)

At least this is marginally better than some of her recent shoops, her hair always looks better with some texture and the lips aren't stupid overdrawn. Body's bulky though.

No. 287685

It's marginally better quality but it looks even less like her than usual imo.

No. 287720

Jesus she looks massive. Her slouching makes her look like a potato sack with a mannequin head.

No. 287722

Where in her apartment is this taken? The "guest" room? I don't remember those brown closet doors.

No. 287723

that curvy wardrobe lol

No. 287735

File: 1491760949069.jpg (489.06 KB, 648x365, iRi6ghF.jpg)

she looks as hunched over as an old granny. she needs to fix her posture…

No. 287752

File: 1491763667375.png (424.59 KB, 545x608, dk.png)


idk if posture can help her

No. 287760

Jeez, her shoulders and forearm look so wide. I'm a little surprised she'd even upload this. She's usually pretty hellbent on making sure she looks like a tiny, waifish baby in her shoops.

No. 287772


Sorta hard when she's gotten fat(ter) and doesn't practice shoop on a regular basis.

No. 287792

holy shit her forearm

No. 287806

If she was ugly and fat I wouldn't care lol but pretty girls wasting their looks by getting swallowed by fat pisses me off.

No. 287899

meh. she can make herself weirdly looking good in pictures but as soon as she opens her mouth she looks fucking hideous.

No. 287908

Errr, she does realize that she's giving off some major Quasimodo vibes with that lack of neck/hunched over look, right? The face shoop is at least not as creepy as what she's been going for lately… holy fuck that forearm. Idk why she bothers to shoop if she's gonna be sloppy.

No. 287935

File: 1491776982152.png (179.65 KB, 1242x1785, IMG_1914.PNG)

Has anyone noticed that she's not listed on the Bravo website anymore but she's now in the same agency as Rola?


No. 287937

It reminds me a lot of Berry's shoops, where she focused so much on her face she forgot she's huge and has no neck anymore.

>pretty girls

She never looked as pretty as her shoops.

Fake measurements again?

No. 287952


Wait … WHAT ?
Bravo gave her the boot ? and was she hired based on the same shit the other agencies had to go off of ? "Fake measurements" and "shooped images" ..

No. 287969

those measurements. kota stahp.

No. 287975

>It reminds me a lot of Berry's shoops
I was totally thinking this too. The shrunken head isn't in proportion with that body at all.

No. 287984

I'm guessing we are seeing the beginnings of Kooter the actress. Expect to see her in dramas and in bigger campaigns tbh.
She's honestly so outclassed here again, it's ridiculous.
So anyone want to speculate how she managed to land herself this one? This is a really exclusive talent agency. The names they have are huge.
I wonder how long she has been with them. Did she sign a while ago when she was still popular but they didn't put her up until she was officially out of Bravo. Btw pretty sure Bravo didn't drop her. This is a step up and could bring her real success.
I don't get it. At all. Even in that profile picture she doesn't look very attractive and she's about 15 cm larger than her measurements. Japan needs to stop trying to make Kooter happen. She's had like 5 or 6 chances already. Enough.

No. 287992

Looks like she's no longer on the BRAVO website either…

No. 288052

Well damn, I'm eager to see what this entails. Any one else under that agency that's particularly noteworthy? From the little I know, Rola is a pretty big deal right? (correct me if I'm wrong, cause I genuinely have no clue lol)

No. 288054

Oh whoops nevermind me, I didn't catch >>287984's post from before.

No. 288089

She's been following Rola on social media for a while but idk if Rola ever interacted back.

No. 288105

This is really cute and reminiscent of her 2011 self. Still shooped to hell and back, but way better than alien fetus shoop

No. 288106

But features-wise that looks even less like her than her 2011 shoops did.

No. 288107

Honestly if she wasn't doing active promo for that Fits gum thing I would say she was pregnant and trying to hide it from this photo.

No. 288123

I really like how she looks here, with soft makeup and normal sized eyes which I hadn't seen in such a long time. I prefer this image to the alien fetus shoops.

No. 288126

Agreed. She looks a lot better with a normal face (lol, this sounds ridiculous to say).

No. 288133

She looks better than her alien shoops but honestly this picture just highlights how plain she is. I mean this could be a high school year book picture. She just isn't striking. And the combination of lighting and shoop was very generous because it's completely eliminated her harsh bone structure and facial lines.

No. 288142

There are several other people on their artists page who don't have any google results (at least when i search their name in roman alphabet). Rola is the only relatively famous person here, besides her even the girls at the top of their roster are at best like… Japan's equivalent of bitches who host home makeover shows on HGTV.

No. 288155

Darenogare is a big name.

No. 288179


sits up straight

No. 288216

She looks so tubby in her new ig photo. Do better kooter

No. 288226


You need help. Her body size is a normal weight and wouldn't be considered 'pudgy' by any normal person…

No. 288231

Here we go again.
Anon, she fat for a model and talent. Moreover she's chubby for Japan where she works exclusively.

No. 288232

agreed. shes not big by normal standard but jeeezus that bowling league shirt is doing her no favors.

No. 288234

There's nothing wrong with doing sex work… That is still work, just like any other job.
I hate all the whorephobia you cunts bring here. With Charms too. You're bigots towards sex working women, congrats, go join the millions of other hypocritical "feminist" bitches who shun and harass women who live different lifestyles or whatever.

Chill with that shit. It's her own choice.

No. 288236

is she actually doing sexwork tho? i thought she just had a rich bf

No. 288237


You're delusional. Models come in all shapes and sizes. Plus Size models are a thing you know so maybe keep your fatphobic bigotry in check.
Most models are not sickly underweight. That is a liability first of all.

You are the same assholes who gave Gigi Hadid shit for being skinny but healthy skinny, not sick skinny.

For fucks sake, get out in the real world and look at what average women look like! Not these photoshopped idiots.

No. 288238

Dear anon;

I understand what you're saying and I agree with a great deal of it. But I think that you are posting on the wrong website here. Unfortunately you are fighting a losing battle trying to argue about this.

No. 288242

>kooters is a plus model you assholes!

I don't get why newfags post here to only get triggered.

No. 288243

T. moralfag

No. 288244


I don't know but OP implies it. Sugar Babies are considered a form of sex work so.

There are huge communities of Sugar Babies/Sugar Daddies. They're adults. Millions of rich guys want to spoil their gf because it's a power thing and feeds their masculine ego or whatever.

Tons of dudes literally want to be treated like human ATM machines and look for this relationship on the many kink dating sites out there.

Don't shit on these lifestyles is all I'm saying.

No. 288247


Rather be moralfag than a psychopath though.

No. 288249


She's not plus size? She's slim.

But compared to her shooping….

No. 288250

right. because thinking that sex work isnt upstanding and that someone isnt typical model standard makes someone psycho.

you need to find a new hangout anon.

No. 288252

OP implies nothing except that Kooter is living beyond what she makes off of jobs. There has been endless speculation about this which you'd know is you hadn't charged in here on some kind of moral crusade.
Lurk more.

No. 288253


The popteen models weren't significantly thinner than Koots besides a few… I've never seen huge differences at all besides ana-chans claiming there are.

No. 288256

File: 1491801953395.jpg (67.28 KB, 599x798, BMTTqmeCIAAsYNA.jpg)

The popteen models were thinner than Koots. Some a lot thinner. But they were also toned and in shape unlike Koots.
And Popteen was Koots at her thinnest. She's gained at least 15 pounds between her first set of measurements and her last and has gained more in the following year. I mean Japanese people are like "Wow she got really fat."

No. 288259

No. 288260


Have you ever even seen Japanese girls, Anon??? because Dakota looks like she ate 3 of them

No. 288265

File: 1491802276829.jpg (89.47 KB, 1280x720, jumpingpop.jpg)

No. 288267

File: 1491802405899.jpg (205.21 KB, 900x1200, Cp4tXAYVIAAUfhQ.jpg)

No. 288278


Upstanding? Like any job is? Fuck off with the elitism and trying to justify your bigoted hateful attitudes towards women with certain lifestyles you don't find ~upstanding~ enough.

Yes, it is vile to try to justify and defend bigoted attitudes. This shouldn't be news. Then again, I'm reaching here with regulars of a chan site, considering research shows the most active of you score high for Psychopathy and Narcissism.

Most models aren't scrawny. And why you personally think models have to be deathly skinny is truly beyond me.

Going back to lurking. Enjoy being equally as terrible and abusive as Kiki.

No. 288283

Stop sperging out on lolcow and go exercise fatty-chan

No. 288286

First time I see a photo that makes me realize how much she looks like her spergy sister.

No. 288292

File: 1491805577835.jpg (4.66 KB, 250x230, 1477873648596.jpg)

No. 288293


"Japanese girls"

Because all Japanese ppl look exactly the same…

All model photos are extremely shooped, anon… I was talking about their videos: they all looked like relatively similar sizes. And tone? All I see are twigs, not tone or muscle definition?

I'm sorry if I don't obsess over every extra centimeter that Kooters gains as part of being a normal healthy adult, and gleefully posting about it so I can call the girl a fattie… As if it's not already evident that she hates herself enough.

Have you ever considered that Kooter reads your pathological criticisms over every inch of her body? Stalking her every online move for new photos to prove how fat and ugly she is?
Have you ever considered that's maybe WHY she's covering herself up? To prevent you sociopaths getting new ammo?

But by all means, if it helps you sleep at night, continue justifying to yourselves that she "put herself out there" and that this is what she "got herself into" by becoming a model.

Classic abuser logic. Textbook, in fact.

Have you ever seen real Japanese women, anon? They don't look like that in real life.. Because nobody looks like the airbrushed photoshopped models in magazines…

No. 288295

Fuck off, baitchan.

No. 288296

File: 1491805933412.jpg (31.16 KB, 625x415, 1479300567449.jpg)

No. 288301

Why don't you understand how to quote people. Not that hard

No. 288304

Someone sure is personally offended that Dakota got dropped from Bravo like we said she would, lol.

If you're so proud of being a whore andntheres nothing wrong with it, then why should girls like Dakota hide their whoredom? It's not like she would have ever made it anywhere without putting out as soon as everyone saw her real face. The only thing worth laughing at in her case is how pitifully little she has to show for herself. Aside from being a ~~model~~ she looks like shit and stays cooped up in her cabbage fart filled apartment all day. Lol bitch can't even afford new shoes or jewelry unless her parents buy them for her lmao

No. 288305

Your PULLness is showing.

No. 288307

At least her page isn't filled with all her bad shoops of her old paid work I guess? But she does make a boring model. Also lol, she even said her feet aren't 22.5 anymore on her IG. They don't even care lol. Buy if Bravo finally had to drop her and she's living with their golden boy Hiroshi then I wonder what makes her think she can keep lying about these measurements of hers. Like what, nobody is gonna notice how hard she is to work with? Her bald spots? Her gut? What happens when she shows up to fittings yet again and can't fit anything that isn't a muumuu?

No. 288308

>multiple essay posts using tumblr buzzwords to defend being a whore
>make a reply poking fun at one
>"gtfo PULL"

lol k. Not the sharpest crayon in the box are you?

No. 288309

Not that anon but nah, >>288304 is a straight up lolcow narrative.

No. 288312

Honestly half the time someone says GTFO PULL I feel like it's just PULL arguing with itself via lolcow about who is more PULL. All the actual farmers just pass that shit and keep reading.

No. 288313

she looks so much like kiki rip

No. 288315


I've group counseled Narcissists and Sociopaths with less predictable shut down attemps. Try harder.

When someone tries to hold a narc or socio responsible for their abusive behavior, they turn it around and start attacking you personally in hopes of silencing you.. so they can just abuse/bully people in peace.

Kota isn't chubby. Her weight is likely on the lower end of the BMI and gaining 20 more lbs would still be a healthy BMI. Your sense of reality is warped as fuck, anon.

Get some therapy for your abusive sociopathic personality.

It's hard to enjoy reading gossip about e-celebs with the sociopathic, fatphobic, whorephobic shit you womenchildren spew in here…

No. 288317


Idc about Bravo dropping her. Not sure why they took her on in the first place considering the shoop.

Why do you think it's acceptable to be abusive to women who sell sex for money and to try to make them feel like less? Why do you think sex determines a womans' value and worth?
Why are you incapable of accepting what other adult women choose to do with their own bodies?

No. 288321


Is this addressed to me?

Are you 14? You associate sociopolitical terms like fatphobia to be from Tumblr?

This is academic jargon, kiddo. Go to grad school.

No. 288328

Bless your heart.

No. 288371

Well easily hiroshi landed her that shit. I knew something major was going down. In the end it will fail just like all her others jobs.

No. 288375

>a burn victim who has undergone extensive reconstruction surgery.
i couldnt put my finger on what freaked me out about her face so much but there it is.

those doesnt look like cigarette burns. scars from cigarette burns dont become even circles. just do a quick google image search. not gonna blog, but i know those scars irl and nope, doesnt look like it. maybe she used something else for burning, but i put my money on some disease as well.

>plus-size model
i think koots would fucking choke if she read that. which she sure will soon.
but seriously, she looks even too fat for a plus-size model. she looks like over 200 pounds.

No. 288378

samefag: and i cant freaking believe the whole "Is koots fat or not"-discussion is starting again. it's a freaking loop. she was already fat at her last days of that popteens shit and now she gained a massive amount of weight. get over it. she is fat. and now stfu and get out.

No. 288386

>Kota isn't chubby
>how dare you shame women who have sex for money!!!

Literally only 4 people in the world would care this much about either issue ITT. An ostrenga or the poor, desperate gaijin chaser trying to still keep her relevant.

Dakota is a failure, I don't care where she lives or what she calls herself, she's ugly, she looks like she pushed out 3 kids and hasn't washed her face in weeks. She's been wearing the same boring, baggy shit since she gave up on kawaii, her nude makeup isn't flattering and her hair is falling out. She has to rely on her parents sending her clothes, trinkets and vegan food replacements- what is there to really be jealous of? A HS dropout who got noticed for being fake and lying to everyone? Because she lives in Tokyo with a middle aged businessman who was already married when she first came to Japan?

I'm sorry but she's a fat, stupid whore. She could have taken the chance Hiroshi and Bravo gave er and went so much farther with it. Just by taking Japanese lessons as soon as she landed and keeping herself in shape and not just sticking her nose up at everyone and sitting in the back looking bored on her phone.

No. 288387

Right? If she wasn't fat then why do so many Japanese people call her fat? And why did Popteen have to print that she gained 15 pounds? And why can't she wear fitted clothes?

>she's aaaaaaaaaaaaaverageeeeeeeeee!!!1111

No. 288389

It's irrational to expect Dakota to be skinny as a Japanese model, she probably can't in the first place, even if she really tried. She's fat but you guys fucking reach

No. 288392

Holy shit anon calm down.

No. 288397

File: 1491822676099.png (205.26 KB, 410x328, 5643.png)

>probably cant
yeah, i mean youre right, we should all cut her some slack, poor little girl cant have a model figure…
how about not trying to fucking model then?

No. 288409

That you Kathy?

No. 288411

I didn't say that, I said like a Japanese model. Asians in general are much smaller than your average girl, even models.

No. 288418

File: 1491827275785.jpg (96.45 KB, 350x484, TP074_smart-1.jpg)

What does this article say? http://treasurenews.jp/archives/30674/

No. 288419


No. 288420

File: 1491827461414.jpg (36.02 KB, 300x430, ph10.jpg)

Sorry for the samefag but… Dakota, no…

No. 288421

Jesus, it went from 0-60 real quick in here….

Japan clearly didn't hire her to be a plus size/curvy model … Not with the fake measurements they're spewing out about her. In all seriousness I really doubt this contract will last long either. Most companies already know of her and don't want her.

I expect her to yet again fishy flop in 6month - year.


These have already been posted.
Please don't spam.

No. 288422

dakota likes that yoko person since she was still living in america or something like that

No. 288428

Dakota didn't move to japanto be a plus sized model, ad she doesn't call herself s plus sized model, and she and her agencies lie about all er measurements.

I'm sick of "she's fat FOR A MODEL!/she's fat COMPARED TO JAPANESE WOMEN!" when she has no business as a model or being in Japan to begin with. It took her 3 years to learn conversational Japanese yet when she first moved there she claimed she loved anime and kawaii so much. Her line blog entries from 2012-2013 were obviously written by someone other than her.

No. 288437

Obvious BS. She'll say anything to anyone to make herself seem interesting.

No. 288443

File: 1491830561718.jpg (18.28 KB, 360x516, f55d33f5d4377bb5726c3dd7e97355…)

Dakota's definitely carrying more fat than the popteen girls but I wouldn't describe them as "toned." It's always grossed me out how Japanese models seem to have no muscletone at all. Despite being skinny they still look so… squishy.

No. 288451

Japan likes a "soft" look for women. That's why skinnyfats all think they can model there, because of the beauty standards they go from being basic/ugly to average/pretty.

No. 288455

Hi kiki

No. 288463

She actually looks really pretty here. Like Kaka, but pretty. Plz keep doing your makeup like this, and maybe get some bangs.

No. 288471

worthless argument since she never had the figure of an american/international model either.

>That's why skinnyfats all think they can model there

No. 288474


asians usually only have smaller body frames. if she's fat, she's fat. when compared to a typical thin japanese model of the same height and weight, kootie should look thinner.

No. 288475

Well they don't have a torso like >>288443
but they are still in shape. In the running scene, from the video upthread they still look toned. None of the front girls are jiggling when they run (unlike Koots) and most of them don't have visible hip or ribcages, so maybe lightly toned is the better word. But if you comapare them to most of the "soft" girls who do gravure, the difference is night and day.

No. 288494

This girl seems to have taken Kooter's place on the Bravo site as the resident kawaii too shirt for regular markets model.
She already seems more personable and she looks like her measurements, so that's a plus.

No. 288496

File: 1491837952572.jpg (15.52 KB, 328x530, 8765432.jpg)

she also doesnt have that horsey shitface and also doesnt seem so stuck up. koots career is dead.

No. 288498

File: 1491838102325.png (968.03 KB, 1366x1145, screencapture-bravomodels-net-…)




No. 288500

She looks very pretty here. But it's shooped, isn't it?

No. 288501

File: 1491838400329.jpg (89.21 KB, 1080x1349, 14624705_1182578585143855_5248…)

This one has gorgeous hair.

No. 288502

why this one though? bravo models has hundreds of caucasian models. only a small proportion is asian.

No. 288505

idk i think even unshooped koti is cuter. but since koti has a complete shit personality, is a lair, and is bald, i'd take this girl over her any day.

No. 288506

She's beautiful, looks like Elle Fanning in some shots. Rip Kota

No. 288508

Because she is really petite. She has almost the same measurements as Kooter's fake ones. It seems like Bravo only keeps one really small girl at a time.She seems to have done anime/cosplay work as well. Plus she speaks fluent Japanese(attended Uni there) and seems to be for the Japanese market.
I guess, I can see that, but this girl just seems so fresh and alive. And I personally like her softer features compared to Kooter's harsher ones.

No. 288510

File: 1491839068955.jpg (68.74 KB, 1080x809, 15877496_1843956675849352_7673…)

She actually reminds me of a baby Evan Rachel Wood.

No. 288511

She looks infinitely better with a nude lip. The butthole lips brown nutella/mauve lipstick trend needs to die

No. 288519

this is a good edit. i noticed they airbrushed out her protruding cheek bones

No. 288529

>Dakota got dropped from Bravo
And was immediately hired by a bigger agency? KEK that's a very exclusive agency.

Bravo didn't drop her, she got a better and bigger contract… But whatever helps you sleep at night anon. Lol

I'm a different anon btw. I don't ofyen post here but this made me laugh.

No. 288532

They shooped off most of her actual face. It's hilarious that people are saying she looks cute like this when they know damn well she really looks like this >>288420

It's not just cute makeup, washed hair and different lipstick, they shaved off her jowls and her double chin and sehow made her eyes look less dead and puffy.

No. 288533

I think she looks nice.
That's cool tbh.

No. 288537

So she fucked someone else for a new contract? Because she hasn't gotten hardly any work in the last year to justify beinbfeoth a ~bigger, richer, more famous, more successful, more japanesu~ agency. Especially not after losing half her hair and gaining 20 pounds. And being a sour bitch her entire career. What exactly is it you think you're rubbing in lolcow's faces by saying her new agency is more legit? If they were truly legit they wouldn't have signed her based on the body of actual work she has. Just because her google image results are all cherry picked to be her most flattering and most popular pictures doesn't mean she really is a good model. The only time she can get work where she isn't heavily shooped or that isn't immediately buried after print she's in huge baggy clothes and shoved in the back behind the real talent.

No. 288538

Is it weird that I think Kiki would have actually been more successful as a model in japan if she had tried?

No. 288543

>So she fucked someone else for a new contract?

you don't even know for sure if she fucked someone from Bravo in the first place, that's just a theory you are taking as a fact. You tried tho.

No. 288547


Lol, getting a contract with a larger company means jack shit if she isn't going to get higher end jobs or jobs in general.

So lets see and wait. If she still doesn't get any jobs then I say its pretty safe to assume that Hiroshi pulled some strings and contacted an associate of his in Libera.

Doesn't needed to be pointed out that Dakota has no business modelling when she's out of shape,balding,average looking and short. SO with that being said, she shouldn't have been able to score that deal on her own.

No. 288548

Again, her body of work proves she's a shot model. After her first few big name contracts she did small fry shit randomly for a few years and whatever Bravo group gigs she could sneak into. Her being with Bravo longer than a year makes no sense on a professional level, since her initial spike in popularity dropped and never fully recovered after her debut and her trip to Korea. She should have been dropped 3 years ago based solely on her looks, hernwork and her behavior. Nobody cares anymore what happened in 2012 or how old she really is, because she looks so sour and does so little that it doesn't matter. Either she's super careful to make sure very little info of her is posted online that isn't Dako-approved, or she really is a basic, boring bitch sitting on her ass eating soy sauce and cabbage and watching Walking Dead and texting Kiki all day.

No. 288572

Are you that Maxine chick?

No. 288596

I think her face might be a bit too harsh for it, honestly.

No. 288617


mm, it'd at least take a lot less time and resources to make Kiki look descent then it does with Kota though.

No. 288642

I've been thinking the deal with Libera is that she has been working with them for a while. I think that Bravo worked with them to get her most of her Talento work in 2015. I would make sense. In 2015 she was on tons of shows and still in Popteen. If Libera wanted to work with her it makes sense. Now, it seems like she has left Bravo because she is going to focus on building her brand as a Talento and wants to cut Bravo out of the equation (more money for her),or because she's no longer a good fit for Bravo and it was their decision.
Whatever the case, if they are serious about marketing her, I think they will try to rebrand her somehow. But they will have to do it carefully, because except for teenage girls who lament that they don't look like her shooped face, most Japanese people think that she's pretty unlikable at this point and not cute enough to get away with it.
It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

No. 288659

they look better than this girl, she just looks old and weird. >>288265 look like normal, young and healthy girls

No. 288662

If it's so easy then why don't you fuck someone for a contract? Seems like you're jealous.

No. 288668


She hasn't had a tv gig in ages though….
So why take on someone who hasn't had a gig in that field since like, what ? 2015 … Even if she was with them since then, still hasn't had a job on tv since 2015. Can you even be signed to two agencies at once ?

I just think its too weird for an agency to use another agency for the means of finding their model ( dakota ) gigs when they are well capable of doing so themselves. It'd makes sense if she was to shift to a different country to then go thru a different agency in finding/receiving gigs…

This all to me just seems like her contract was coming to an end and was not going to be renewed, so Herpderposhi pulled some strings and got her signed with another agency. Dakota is just not capable of scoring these things on her own.

I always wondered why Taylor didn't score a better agency then Dakota, until I saw the portfolio/resume page of requirements and they seem to only want people who are younger then 25 to apply. I guess they're sticklers for age in Japan, so maybe once Dakota's over 25 she'll be obsolete.

No. 288683

But bravo handles the fashion end. Think about it. Your model wants to expand out into other entertainment. You hook them up with the right people. Bravo was never a talent agency and they probably knew that they would be better off deferring to a company with more experience in that kind of marketing. Think of it as a subcontractor kind of thing.
And Hiroshi got her hooked up with one of the best ones. But now it's up to them to shape her career.

No. 288688

They also softened and rounded off her nose. Still trying to make her look like a Russian 8 year old?

No. 288704


I suppose.

Though I'm going to fucking piss my pants if she still doesn't get any tv gigs despite completely swapping over to Libera.

( Does anyone else find it a bit sus that someone came on here awhile ago rambling about how she must be signed to a talent agency … and also proclaimed to be a model and know the industry. Did we get a legit visit from Tooters ? )

No. 288706

She's tried to become one there multiple times but it didn't work out. Like >>288596 said, her face is too harsh for it. Plus, they wouldn't like her personality.

No. 288709

I always thought that hafu-model chan was her. Same ego and pretension as her insta "I legit look like a fetus" post. She's been here a couple of times I think. Usually her posts are pretentious faux intellectual screeds.

No. 288728

Not that person, but how is that whiteknighting? It doesn't matter if any of us look better or worse than her, she's someone we make fun of for her horrible shooping skills and personality at the end of the day.

We haven't heard any input from other Asians except from here, the Girl Talk forum (when she was involved with FITS) and when she was on a South Korean beauty show.

It's not so much her "jowls" as it is her big chin and square face, like what >>276682 said. >>277303 illustrates it well, too.

I can't see them.

This. They're called cuspids.

Her eyes still look unfeasibly huge.

She actually looks pretty here. Shooped, but nevertheless by someone who knew what they were actually doing.

Also this. I know we're here to make fun of certain people, but the A-Logging has really gotten out of hand these days.

No. 288791

>I always wondered why Taylor didn't score a better agency then Dakota
only top models stay relevant above a certain age. or the ones especially applying for senior looks, or anti-aging supplements.
first off taytays hands/arms and knees look like she is a plastified 40 year old that somehow managed to lift and botox her face well enough for looking decent, which is also the reason why she has little to no facial expression when talking or smiling. she is no model only because she was booked for being photographed in a fucking pumpkin for a catalogue shoot. she is a fucking joke. she can only hope to stay popular on youtube/IG, thats her only chance.

No. 288822

Ah Taylor sperg. How you have not been missed. Can't you go whine about Tay's geriatric knees in her own thread?

No. 288851

File: 1491869015200.jpg (172.68 KB, 900x1200, IMTnw5-xe2g.jpg)

Sorry in advance if someone already posted these

No. 288852

File: 1491869031818.jpg (163.64 KB, 900x1200, xp4qdbY76E8.jpg)

No. 288856

File: 1491869156135.jpg (139.7 KB, 900x1200, Nv57TmI7Tn8.jpg)


No. 288861

Can't unsee 40 year old Drew Barrymore.

No. 288863

sage for total OT but it's so fucken weird how Japan chooses to use white models for fashion shoots, especially when they dress them up in traditional clothing

No. 288869

When you're shaped like a sausage they can't exactly have you modeling party dresses. Also her hair looks like dirty, limp noodles half the time, putting it up and adding extensions is the not way she doesn't look like a new chemo patient.

No. 288870


Even with shoop you can tell her face is meaty, but other then that these shoots are nice. These must be from that one vlogg she made, did they just come out ?

No. 288871

Part of low key marketing her as hafu I think. Plus furisode (what's she's modeling) is popular with the popteen/gyaru crowd for events like Seijin no hi.
They are about a year old or so.

No. 288874

These are heavily edited anon. Like most of her other catalog work, including Popteen.

No. 288879

File: 1491870497714.png (547 KB, 859x536, Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 8.22…)


Ah, right right. She post on Youtube so little and belated I forget that this was actually that old. (oct 2016) is when she posted the video for this shoot.


Anon, I'm well aware of that, but I can think that some of the shoop/shoot jobs are decent. Thus why I mentioned still being able to tell her face is meaty despite there being shoop.

No. 288881

File: 1491870563656.jpg (26.36 KB, 390x480, 780c42c3f407f0d460d99dc81ed3cb…)

How about 21 year old Drew Barrymore?
sage for ot

No. 288886

File: 1491870990377.jpg (88.33 KB, 892x604, 9months.JPG)

Actually this shoot predates the video substantially. It's from about 9 months ago.
+Koots uh interpretation.

No. 288887


never mind this video was for a runway show she did ..

No. 288890

she is so cute here

No. 288967

File: 1491882853286.jpg (129.88 KB, 660x440, yokofuchigami_20170314_003.jpg)

Good luck Libera.

No. 288968

File: 1491882902907.jpg (184.93 KB, 900x1200, C9CU8ZaUQAAcsQa.jpg)

No. 288969

A lighter lip color would really do wonders for softening her lower face. The prolapse anus lips look so much worse in these colors.

No. 288970

yikes those clown pants on such a short girl… bad idea

No. 288989

File: 1491886278449.jpg (65.79 KB, 920x753, 920x920.jpg)

Koots also heavily shoops her hands.

Makes you wonder what her hands really look like.

No. 289048

Only in her shoops, anon. And her dreams.

No. 289140

puts on tinfoil hat Has anyone ever considered that her gimmick is shooping? I know there's a lot of flaws with the thought but she reminds me of those weird robot/cartoon looking girls on insta like lilmiquela.

No. 289157

File: 1491919942257.gif (Spoiler Image, 453.51 KB, 238x238, 1473371048196.gif)

what the fuck are you talking about and where have you been the last trizillion threads about her?
next time sage your shitty post at least.

No. 289447

File: 1491948926905.png (824.88 KB, 899x608, Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 6.13…)

Dunno how old these are, but she legit looks like a cancer patients ….

No. 289449

File: 1491948984146.png (341.23 KB, 575x361, Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 6.13…)


Also why is it when ever someone is incharge of the picture she makes the same stupid facial expression ?

No. 289518

wait how does she look like a cancer patient?

No. 289572

Bc doing that face hides her nasolabials more and makes lips a bit bigger, while also lifts her saggy chin. Shame about her eyes being smaller than an asian's kek.

No. 289588

I thought it was because her hair looks like a wig lol

No. 289602


She just looks unwell and has that fresh out of chemo "my hairs falling out" look..


> Shame about her eyes being smaller than an asian's

I choked …
Though it probably only looks that way because she's making a retarded winky face, that just rather looks like she's constipated.

No. 289625


no1curr, go back to your professional whore support group or whatever and whine about it there.

>she looks like over 200 pounds.

Oh babe… hopefully you're either an end-stage anachan or a twelve-year-old because normal adults are able to guess weight at least somewhat accurately. 200lbs is far, far, far fatter than the chub Koots has.

Wouldn't be surprising, her spergouts throughout this thread resemble her post on PULL.

>I always wondered why Taylor didn't score a better agency then Dakota, until I saw the portfolio/resume page of requirements and they seem to only want people who are younger then 25 to apply. I guess they're sticklers for age in Japan, so maybe once Dakota's over 25 she'll be obsolete.

Taylor also kind of wrecked her look with all the plastic surgery she got.

Why would Hiroshi land her a spot in another agency rather than keeping her at Bravo? What would the benefit be to either of them, unless Hiroshi was strongarmed into getting rid of her and managed to find her a new gig in order to keep her around?

Does anybody have a theory or any ideas about what happened?

No. 289659

She doesn't look far far far from 200 lbs. In her most recent ig selfie she legit looks 150 lbs. I know she's not really that big but she shopped herself with a big back and shoulders with no neck. She should quit making her head so small

No. 289664

File: 1491968142214.jpg (32.26 KB, 403x604, 1YZSilsiUgE.jpg)

Her new profile pic reminded me of this bullshit.
Still can't believe her shoops were posted to legit sites like modelpress as real.
Well this is my theory
Make of it what you will

No. 289666

File: 1491968276479.jpg (87.15 KB, 600x494, artst_dakota.jpg)

her Libera profile I mean

No. 289668

Thing is, the new pic is def shooped too. Just not as extremely.

No. 289669

200lb / 90kg… anon, please.

No. 289670

Of course it is. The hairstyle and shirt just reminded me of >>289664. I mean at least the Libera shoot resembles her. >>289664 is another person entirely.

No. 289676

I bet she looks terrible in person. How do employers not fire her when meeting her. Is it really that easy to catfish as a model in Japan? Is it only because she's internet popular that she's hired?

No. 289689

I don't have any experience with japanese culture firsthand so if anyone can clarify or correct me, that'd be cool. It seems that with the prevalence of editing/editing apps in Japan that there's a general understanding that there'll be some discrepancy between your online/photo shoot face and your face IRL?

However, I've met a couple of JP lolita models in person (Midori, KimuraU, Misako) and they look just like their pictures. So I'm not entirely sure where the line is drawn, if it is drawn.

No. 289700

there was discussion about this before mostly pointing to the super over politeness in Japan and not wanting to hurt business relations or make a stink

No. 289701

lmao I still don't understand how she thought she could shoop her eyes that big and no one would be the wiser?

well I mean, it did work, but still

No. 289704

It's pretty obvious from the fact that she's changed agencies that she's not fucking Bravo-san, and based on that it seems much less likely that she ever was. She's possibly been bankrolled by her parents, or possibly another japanese sugar daddy, but the likelihood of it being Hiroshi seems very small. There's no way he would help her get signed to another, bigger agency if the only reason he was keeping her on at Bravo was for sexual favors.

No. 289707

Well this isn't a bigger agency but a more boutique one. it's specialized for tarento. We'll see if it has any effect on her current career.
I don't think Koots and Libera together is a new thing. I believe that she has been working with this agency for a while since probably late 2014-early 2015 not as a signed model, but kind of in a subcontracted way.
The stuff with Bravo-san has to do with the way her career was pretty much built up out of nothing after her initial burst of popularity fizzled. She received special treatment that was really unusual.
Now at this point, she may have decided that Bravo couldn't give her any more, so she left, but in the beginning someone at that agency went to a lot of trouble to buttress her flailing career. They did some really shady things to make her happen and financed a couple of her projects (Baby Fang plus probably her photobook) Not sure what was going on with her but someone at that agency was acting as her fairy godparent and they were doing things that weren't above board.

No. 289801


I think her contract just ran out and maybe before then she just sat down with her manager and spoke about what her next steps would be. I am genuinely curious to how long this contract she has with Libra is . Also I wonder if the roles will reverse and she'll possibly subcontract thru Bravo when it comes to modelling gigs.

No. 289810

She's not closing in on 150 anon

Kooter is short asf so 150 would make her more like 2000's PT tier. She's probably about 125lbs. Koots is also kind of apple shaped and out of shape in general which makes her look fatter than what 125 might look like on a different person of similar hieght.

No. 289975

This shoop still looks better than that alien shit

No. 289992

You call this toned and in shape? Anon you need to visit a gym more often. These women look like they diet and that's about it. There is zero tone or muscle evident.

No. 290013

Them specifically, no. The girl are the right Maenon is really really thin naturally. But many pop models aren't naturally that thin and many of them probably exercise (mostly cardio). At least Kumicky mentions it periodically in her blog. They may not be toned like this >>288443 but their stomachs are firm and flat.

No. 290026

File: 1492030406179.jpg (65.83 KB, 405x540, 1487777599633.jpg)

No. 290078

This. Dakota isn't a model on her own right. All her work is heavily edited or buried and nobody else gets that kind of special pass. Other girls are thrown away for much, much less, but they decided to keep this fat, balding twat because Yula and Hiroshi like her?


Hernparents cant afford to pay for her living in Japan for 5 years. If they could they would be trying to show off a much more affluent lifestyle than they have in the past. She's fucking Hiroshi because he's the only person who has been by her side since she entered Japan and after everything that she's done that would have sent anyone else packing. She isn't paying for that apartment and now that she's not with Bravo that theory is out the window that it was "in her contract". No new agency is gonna adopt a new model who is fat and can't wear anything fitted and pay her living expenses.

Dakota's career is a sham because she's living too comfortably without doing work. Because she insists on pretending to be a model, and that she doesn't do anything else but model/TV work for money, it doesn't add up. Most of her work she does is buried or heavily edited.

No. 290121

she's doing sex favors or faking it, no other way.
people are cut for less. she's not that special.

it's not even like her social media presence is something they can truly monetize anymore because she neglected tf out of any real consumers. she has no personality. interacts with nothing. and is STILL lying and trying to keep up this fucking barbie shit.

No. 290124

there are so many things wrong with her in this photo I am flabbergasted every time I see it lol

No. 290127

She's so huge it's almost like she was photoshopped… but she isn't.

> she may have decided that Bravo couldn't give her any more, so she left

More like Bravo can't get work and make money off someone who looks like she does.

No. 290130

Some people are just to dumb to understand that. Who knows hiroshi could just be following koots around, similar to how that lady use to follow Tay around.

No. 290133

She tried to wear black to make her body appear slimmer but it didn't work.

No. 290160

more like the people shooting the photo giving her the outfit to somehow hide the fact shes chubby.

also omfg im dead… the towel cover-up at 2:23 … holy cow.

No. 290165

LMAO! Smooth, Popteen

No. 290167

it gets better. the black bikini shoot? it is shown in this video. and dakota is even running with chubby ass. oh ma lurd.

10/10 she fucked hiroshi or any other guy.

No. 290172

File: 1492040960864.gif (490.49 KB, 500x538, 87654335.gif)

samefag that cant stop laughing.

No. 290174

The fact that she's doing sex work or otherwise making a second income is undeniable; the Ostrengas aren't remotely wealthy enough to finance her lifestyle. Shame we can't figure out for sure which strain of sex work it is. Or perhaps she has a visa husbando or wealthy boyfriend…wasn't there a rumor going around that she was dating an actor a little while back? Or has that been debunked?

Are Popteen models supposed to be beautiful? All of them aside from one look like regular girls here. Aside from her weight, Koots doesn't seem particularly different in terms of how attractive she is compared to them. Seems like Japan generally values youthful appearance over beauty in their models, though.

No. 290180

It's so obvious that she's married, I've been saying this since the beginning of time

No. 290187

The actor thing was probably made up.Anons figured it out a while ago but I don't remember all the details. Someone wanna chime in?

Popteen models are supposed to be really cute and young. They are relatable to the girls who read the magazines.In that picture it cuts off a lot of the cutest girls but if you watch >>290167 you can see they all are pretty adorable. At least imho they are head and shoulders above Koots in terms of looks. Your mileage may vary.

No. 290192

>legion of cute, upbeat, slim Asian girls
>Dakota awkwardly trying to cover her muffin top with her arms

How did she ever think she could be a model and never once have to show her stomach on video?

No. 290193

The girl with the black hair is super cute. Other than that, they're all pretty average. Dakota is ssuper chubby compared to them.

No. 290212

Definitely wouldn't be surprising; there doesn't seem to be a better explanation given that she doesn't get nearly enough work to renew an entertainment visa. Pretty sad if it's true, though; if that's the case then she's not much different than the other gaijin who go on some shitty temp visa and desperately marry to stay.

Must mean that she truly does love Japan, though. Or that she's desperate to make her career work because she can't do shit back at home.

>The actor thing was probably made up.Anons figured it out a while ago but I don't remember all the details. Someone wanna chime in?

Seconding this request; I remember people putting the theory together a while back, but not if/how it was debunked.

No. 290228

I never actually watched this video before because I just took anon's word for it and omg how awkward
She's literally the only one you could not see the body of. That lady IMMEDIATELY jumped in with the towel

No. 290231

File: 1492044195335.png (860.44 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Her face did look much better than whatever is going on with it now though. Is it literally all the hair?

No. 290234

>super chubby
They're all stick figures though
She looks nice here, wish she'd go back to this look instead of whatever the fuck she's up to now

No. 290239

They aren't sticks at all. They are really tiny but look healthy and not bony.
She can't go back to it. It wouldn't work with how her face looks now. Anyway, the girl modeling with her in that screenshot is so much cuter.

No. 290241

File: 1492045123857.jpg (62.41 KB, 656x624, EWWWW.jpg)

Samefag but these are sticks and in the back of most Popteens.

No. 290243

What is this like from 2008?

No. 290244

lol probably. Just googled Popteen diet ads.

No. 290246

They're not supposed to be super models, just relatable models. Since they're serious about doing their jobs, their hair, nails, bodies and faces aren't a hot mess like Koots'. They also show lots of positive energy to the camera.

Basically she bought various things he owned and took pics wearing it. Then posted the theory online, This is easy to do when you shop items that are in season. She then tweeted at him but he never replied.

No. 290249

Actually, you could also see her (albeit upper body only) 8 seconds in.

No. 290255

you did? because I did too and this image is nowhere to be found, neither on google nor reverse-searching it.

also those are clearly photoshopped and not the models themselves. I also think "ads" in a magazine is not what the actual magazine depictures.

No. 290263

File: 1492046811827.jpeg (30.63 KB, 560x495, a72eefbaad70b3162628bf1ca1f076…)

Don't know what to tell you. It came up for me. I can try to point you to the source if it matters. I know they are shooped. I didn't shoop them.
I was just pointing out to >>290234 that in the great world of skinny gyaru girls, the Popteen models aren't sticks. That's all.
I also found this ad courtesy of girl's channel.

No. 290278

The shoop abomination all the way to the left has the body of lolcow, Sheena.

No. 290294

Do you know her actual height? I thought she was like 5'5", that's not really short

No. 290295

Aging. She's still young enough that her face is changing pretty significantly with age, plus weight gain making her face look larger.

No. 290297

No. 290303

File: 1492049693706.png (166.05 KB, 970x779, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 7.14…)

Yeah that's pretty short. At 5'3", 125 would make her fairly chunky and give her measurements FAR from what's listed on her agency page.

No. 290304

damn. when was this??

No. 290305

I think she is between 120-125. Yeah her measurements-particularly her waist-are about 15cm off that this point. She isn't huge by any means and honestly 125 is probably the max I think she could be. But she lied and shooped and claimed to be 88lbs. And unfortunately the Japanese expect their models and entertainers to be the Japanese ideal (really thin).

No. 290340

why do people use this? it's never accurate…

No. 290344

File: 1492053785763.png (149.48 KB, 1321x843, image.png)


125 doesn't look out of the realm of possibility at all. Pic related is 5'3 at 200lbs, which was anachan's guess lmao


Huh, I vaguely remember something about them having followed each other or exchanged comments or something like that. Highly unlikely that they're dating/married, of course.

No. 290350

It's pretty accurate? When I put in my own height and weight/measurements it gives me a pretty close estimate of what my own body looks like.

No. 290353

Let's not derail into ~my measurements~ again dear god, every thread

No. 290354

Calm down anon, I only added that because people were saying the thing was inaccurate.

No. 290366

ah sorry then. it always makes me look like an oompa loompa even though i'm a 17 bmi lol

No. 290371

I really don't get what happened to her, she was enviously cute during her popteen days even in videos where she couldn't control or shoop.
Hopefully Libera re markets her in some believable way, the real life barbie shtick is old. She ain't fooling anyone.

No. 290378

tbh could be interesting to see if they try to improve her at all?
not sure how she can continue like this but hey I could be wrong

No. 290392

Wtf these shoops are awful looks like slender man.Why did they shoop the neck too?

No. 290397

Sage next time you blog or don't blog at all, please.

No. 290458

I don't know how far back or how long ago it was, but she's "cleaned" her IG of some of her worst pictures. One that comes to mind was that awful pic of her sitting on the floor and her reflection not being shooped. I would go through old threads and repost what she's deleted but I don't have that kind of time or attention span.

No. 290467

Popteen was shopping her the entire time.

No. 290472

Maybe they'll force her into an actual exercise regiment with proper nutrition skin/hair care. #prayfordakota

No. 290504

She's not getting her face back the way it was without at least Botox, even if she did lose weight. She's all jaws & cheeks.

No. 290514

I don't understand how she's even getting away with not having some kind of exercise routine already wtf it's bizarre

No. 290554

They must think that pushing her as a tarento again, even though she hasn't been doing tarento type tv appearances for over a year now (her gimmick wore off & people got sick of her attitude) lessens the pressure on her to look like any other model. It's like they think they can keep calling her something and eventually they'll find something people will believe. Go back in the catalog 2 years and you'll find posts in old Dakota threads about her getting her own clothes line, a movie gig, etc. ad now the general consensus is that she's married to someone or sleeping around for a visa job as a model, because she so obviously is not and never should have attempted to trick anyone into believing she could be a model based on her looks, makeup, or style.

No. 290560

Holy shit, they covered Dakota up with the towel so fast the assistant had to pull the pink bag off her arm from under the bag so she could get her arms around it.

And to think, that was before she gained all the weight Popteen claimed.

No. 290563

If you look koots is the same size as the assistant. All of the other models are a lot smaller.

No. 290571

Sooo, I googled "Dakota Rose タレント" and one of the results was her Bravo page, apparently it's still up? sage in case everyone else already knew. I went to their model page and didn't see her so I figured they would take her profile/'portfolio' down.


No. 290574

She must have been 115ish then when they were claiming she was 100. So if they printed that she gained 15 pounds and was now 115, she must be pushing 130 now at least, according to Popteen's body checks.

No. 290582

The whole thing is so weird. All the other girls are happy and overly genki desu desu as usual and actually trying to get the camera's attention while Dakota is just … there for a few seconds and then covered up before she just… walks away

No. 290603

Do you guys think that back when she used to get mega views on YouTube that she might still have some savings from that? Sage for off topic question,but I was lurking through her YouTube channel and noticed that she used to a butt load of views before she let her channel go,so maybe she made a couple thousand dollars from all that? Maybe even more? I'm not really sure how to confirm any of this, but it's a theory I've been considering.

No. 290635

That doesn't explain her still being a "model" with the way she looks and acts.

No. 290670


Unlikely as the cost of living in Japan ( food,rent,taxis,trinkets ) is not exactly cheap. Whatever savings she did have she probably already blew thru it when the jobs ran dry.

Girl seems like she's just barely scrapping by. Ratty clothing,old af shoes, dirty thinning hair and eating cabbage. . . "Its a hard knock life, for tooters"

No. 290726

>>290303 matches >>290026 and she was thinner back then. So like >>290574 I believe she's 130.

Maybe she'll go the direction of fat comedian like the FITS lady.

No. 290750

Have any of you ever thought that maybe she just has a sugar daddy with really good connections and a chubby white girl fetish? What if the SD noticed her on YouTube, contacted her, and they started talking. She said she wanted to model so he used his connection to get her a contract with bravo. And they have been together and he's been helping ever since. It's the only reason why I would think an agency like bravo would keep her. And then she wanted more fame so he got her into the new agency.

No. 290835

File: 1492136719902.jpg (50.45 KB, 457x650, 1870fa21c1080aef7a3532f4b2f073…)

i dont think that he initially wanted her because she was so chubby. but maybe thats why her contract now flew and he lost interest?

sage for complete speculation ongoing.

No. 291368

Have any of you considered maybe no one in the industry seems to care she gained weight

No. 291446

People have been saying this for over a year now. She's not a model because she's good at it/popular/photogenic because she's none of those things. Without Hiroshi she wouldn't have been in Japan longer than 6 months.

No. 291469

Why she never gained the nickname "Dakota Ruse" is beyond ne

No. 291483

>Have any of you considered maybe no one in the industry seems to care she gained weight

true! chubby models are so popular in japan! and i mean since she is such a popular supermodel they probably simply dont care!
also balding models are a super popular thing over there!
irony off

No. 291490

>PT losing weight
>Dakota gaining weight
Never thought this would be the outcome of things.

No. 291494


I'm so on the fence about this topic, as a sugar baby would have more to show then Tooter's… wouldn't they ?

What if she slept with Hiroshi while under age (16-17) and is holding it as black mail against him ? Extorting money and a job from him ? Because she's just not that appealing to be a actual sugar baby.

No. 291498

The AoC in most Japanese prefectures is around 16-17, though. I don't think she has anything solid if that's the case.
Some people just enjoy mediocre white girls, anon. I mean, have you seen some of the gaijin that get the occasional modelling gig in Japan? Their standards aren't that high as long as you're blonde and not morbidly obese or overly crusty/grandma-tier.
She might not even be his "main girl", just one of many.

No. 291500


Damn, Japans that low on standards ?
I guess thats why all these basic flakes congregate there.

No. 291507

There needs to be some kind of balance in the cowniverse.

No. 291514

They were initially claiming she was 162cm and a mere 40kg, which is about 88lbs!
Compare that with teen model Tamashiro Tina, who at that same time was 163cm and 43kg in her official profile, despite being noticeably thinner.

Girl, this is Japan! Get real.

No. 291526

She would have more to show for sugaring imho. That's why I think she married him. She started wearing her ring around the same time she got her new apartment, iirc. That's also when she started her IG and stopped getting good brand jobs with Bravo and floated over to Popteen.

No. 291536

well here she is, signed to a new agency, and will continue to get work despite her gaining weight all throughout her career

No. 291577


No. 291580

Because she married her manager for a visa and an easy life because she's a lazy, fat, ugly and rude person. She would have never made it in the real world the way Scott and Cathy coddled her and Kiki. Kiki can only get student gigs and is shacked up with a guy in LA and still had pet parents sending her care packages too. Neither one of those girls is ever going to have anything they didn't earn on their back or their knees, and that in itself proves that no matter what they can ~technically~ call themselves, they'll never be anything but plain white trash.

No. 291676

File: 1492201988737.jpg (62.86 KB, 610x612, 1489872290401.jpg)

sage for no contribution but does anyone else think she would make a great redhead? I just added some eyeliner but otherwise I changed nothing about her face. I think even if she lost zero weight, a change in hairstyle/hair color and some eyeliner would make a world of difference.

No. 291685

that looks awful anon, sorry

No. 291701

with that kind of hair loss she is dealing with she actually cant afford risking to lose more by dying it.

No. 291745

It's funny that charlotte charms and Kota koti use to be interner weeaboo queens and treated people like shit but now both of them are fat and aging like crap…ahhh karma.

No. 291747

She could just get a 100% human hair wig

No. 291799

LOL none of the work she does pays for what she has. The new agency doesn't have to spend on supporting her with a visa because she already is married.

No. 291856

well idk, it could make her at least stand out a little more I guess

No. 291857

wait a minute you gave her some bangs too I just noticed lol

She needs that more than anything

No. 291867

OMG this is legit embarrassing, the way that lady gives kota the towel like "here, cover your fat ass immediately, please" LMAO then kota is so awkward - it's just painful to watch

I think koots is the living proof that you cannot force anyone to do anything. if she had cared at all she would have at least lost weight (way easier than fixing that personality), I bet at some point someone had to tell her that it'd be best if she took care of her image but she just didn't listen obviously.

No. 291881

She's too lazy and spoiled to care. Don't you know? She deserves a lifetime modeling contract entertainment visa with full living allowance because she went viral on YouTube in 2012 when she was only ~16~. She's exptoc and special, unlike everyone else who is a pedophile lesbian and a hater.

She's the product of shitty parenting for sure. She had so much handed to her and decided to take a giant steaming shit on it. Reading the current Dakota thread VS the first Dakota thread is crazy.

No. 292777

Not sure if somebody has posted this but I haven't seen it around. Sorry if I missed it.

Anyways, I was being my weeb self and listening to J-Music, and I found Dakota in a music video.

No. 292845

Yup, she played a brown haired mannequin who falls in love with the guy, who chooses the Japanese girl anyway.

No. 292851

File: 1492390624230.jpg (69.89 KB, 1427x777, mannequin.jpg)

They should have casted a model that actually looked like the mannequin. Her face was like ten times larger.

No. 292854


She's a mannequin because of her blank, dead face.

No. 292858

File: 1492391606921.png (45.18 KB, 733x416, IMG_3499.PNG)

The best shot I can get of her

No. 292862

I don't want to be another of a gaggle saying she looks awful in that video but my god… RIP Dakota

No. 292868

It must be terrible working with a model you can't dress or style the way you want.

No. 292896

Also the thing about this screenshot is. It's the most appealing shot of her throughout the video. And it's only because it's cutting off her forehead. Otherwise her chin and nose looked terrible and the person filming gave no shots for flattering angles.

No. 292926

She looks like someone's mom.

No. 292932


This is shit and assumes everyone has the same body fat composition.

That's because you're fat waisted with little shape. Not every woman is like this.

No. 292944

Omg… has Dakota always looked this bad? I'm quite shocked at her appearance in this video.

No. 292967

it's actually really disarming to see her suddenly in the vid because there's all these cute/normal/fashionable asian people and then… some really plain white girl who looks like she wants to kill herself. dead eyes, no emotion, dumpy appearance.

hiroshi must be friends with someone who was directing this vid.

No. 293059

Maybe Yula was involved somehow? Or one of her other Popteen connections. Also can't figure out why they would stretch so hard to get her work, Hiroshi at least would be banging her.

No. 293103

I feel like the only Popteen model who actually didn't care about Dakota's lies was Yula. Everyone else seemed to ignore her.

No. 293106

File: 1492431100532.png (558.23 KB, 936x597, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 8.08…)

Kooter fuzz IG update.

Can we lol at how her leg looks thinner then her arm.

No. 293107

File: 1492431173242.png (379.71 KB, 935x428, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 8.08…)


For once a wild friend actually appears ! And isn't just her sitting alone saying "blah blah muuh friends "

No. 293108

File: 1492431208606.png (665.13 KB, 930x598, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 8.08…)


Boring dish.

No. 293120


Wow, look at him ow hard Dakota shooped herself and left the other girl out of focus and blurry. What a friend.

Also is that someone dressed in black I see reflected in the mirror?

No. 293123

I think it's just the girl's hair in the reflection.

No. 293130

More like probably her new manager, since she moved to another agency.

No. 293137

So this is her new editing style now? She's going for a natural model tier look huh. She stopped wearing contacts,editing her forehead,and over lining her lips.

No. 293138

dumbfuck anon doesnt know how camera work

No. 293139

File: 1492436834951.png (63.06 KB, 640x572, IMG_8863.PNG)

I've never saw this photo but she actually look decent.

No. 293144

I mean, it's not too hard to look decent with that overexposure. It's like back on myspace when people put the contrast all the way up on pics until they didn't have a nose lol.

I know this pic is heavily shooped but I think this is really cute.

No. 293157

I dont know why she didn't just find a high-waisted bathing suit bottom and also put her hair up, she could have looked just fine here

No. 293167

What happened to Hiroshi? Did she dump him?

No. 293168

How is she not verified on Instagram? Doesn't she have 250k followers?

No. 293180


sure jan.gif

No. 293193

You don't get verified by buying followers. You get verified for suddenly gainin a lot of followers in a short amount of time. She missed her chance to get verified by not making IG until after her popularity started dwindling.

No. 293277

Instagram probably think she's a catfish since each picture her face change.

No. 293297


130k in which 100k are boughten.

No. 293316


>This actually involves common sense, and while it doesn’t increase your chances of getting a verified badge, it simply ensures how to avoid losing the opportunity.

>Based on our research, only accounts with a high level of real engagement are more likely to get the verified badge. More importantly, however, purchasing fake followers may dent your chances of getting a verified badge completely, even if you’re very popular or very likely to get impersonated.

>So for instance, if you have got 1.2 million followers and decide to purchase fake followers to cross 2 million in followers, you will probably never be getting a verified badge, even if Instagram finds you worthy of one (based on other factors).

>Hence, if you’re looking to get the verified badge at some point, purchasing fake followers is a big no.


She would have to actually use it to engage with her followers, not just have a fuckload of them.

No. 293427

it's a complete lie and fabrication. Don't believe it. Dakota Ostrenga is nothing but a podgy porker with increasingly thinning hair and such an unfortunate lopsided face shape that will always be uneven unless aided by more retouching than any photographer worth his weight in gold would ever agree to undertake. Unless she tweets to deny this then I can confirm that I have it on record that she's nothing but an antisocial, stuck up and bitchy diva to work with and much Much MUCH fatter than any picture of her portray. All the executives at Bravo have a good ol' chuckle to themselves at her pictures when she's out of the room. They shoved her fat lumpy ass out of the door and havent looked back.

No. 293434

>All the executives at Bravo have a good ol' chuckle to themselves at her pictures when she's out of the room. They shoved her fat lumpy ass out of the door and havent looked back.
I would like to believe this is true but I have no idea wtf is going on at bravo and why they kept her so long

No. 293436

cash why else?
Living doll trend's over now. She's old news.

No. 293526

>leg smaller than arm

Koots always goes overboard on the warp tool when it comes to her cankles.

We want to know more.

No. 293575


No. 293602


Proof or gtfo !
There has been far to many fake retards coming to this thread claiming they know stuff, but never have any viable proof of what they are saying is true. It only ever flows with current unproven speculations about what happen and just gets anons hopes up.

Even if she was "kicked out" why did another agency take on her bullshit lies immediately ? So they can have a good chuckle too ? Why would they also keep her if they thought her career was laughable at Bravo ?

No. 293608

yeah that's what I was thinking.
If she's so laughable how did she get picked up right away? And why was she with bravo for so long when she wasn't getting any more jobs than any white girl who quickly scans craigslist with no agency? How much money could she be making, and how was it enough to pay for that apartment (although the second bedroom is obviously suspicious)

No. 293629

Post proof or fuck off.

No. 293631

File: 1492480828729.png (490.81 KB, 847x603, dakotababyfang.png)

without overexposure

No. 293632

Why does her face carry so much of her fat?

She'd look decent at her current weight (not for modeling, but just as a regular person) if she just had less face/neck/jaw fat.

No. 293665

This picture still has a ton of overexposure going on..

No. 293689


Still incredibly overexposed and this photo was taken at her babyfang event which is old. She seems to have gained weight again since then.


I almost feel bad for how she carries her fat… Fupa,jowls and thick neck … don't forget her ass looks like a saggy diaper. Unfortunate is an understatement tbh.

No. 293702

LMAO at the comments
I'm guessing this pic is not shooped?

No. 293712

Jesus Christ her lips WHY

No. 293719

So cheesy, but the song is cute. She keeps doing that tight-lipped thing.

No. 293781

That song is terrible lmfao

No. 293791

Kota's lips just make her so ugly. Why does no one criticize her or pull her to the side?

No. 293796

File: 1492499246716.jpeg (223.06 KB, 2044x1157, image.jpeg)

No. 293815

File: 1492502235543.png (419.51 KB, 828x385, Untitled.png)


I honestly can't tell anymore if she's really, truly ugly or just like an average girl and my mind has been fucked by all the shoops.

No. 293821

The song's overall ok, but tbh I think Dakota being in the video soured it for me lol

No. 293824

Facially, I'd say she's on the lower end of average. I feel like how she's styled makes her look more ugly, but her facial features have become pretty unfortunate looking with age.

No. 293825

How do you know bravo laughs at her ,when she's not around? You sound like a bravo employee or a model who's from bravo.

No. 293831

i think shes average and could be cute with some care. what she really, really needs is a good workout regimen. a good amount of muscle mass will help fix up her body composition.

No. 293850

File: 1492511732185.jpg (767.15 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_6058.JPG)

No. 293851

File: 1492511839639.jpg (700.36 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_6057.JPG)

No. 293853

File: 1492511912140.jpg (746.87 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_6056.JPG)

No. 293855

File: 1492511984311.jpg (775.1 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_6055.JPG)

No. 293859


Please post moar about Dakota. Pls pls pls

No. 293863

>Tinfoil hat time

What if Dakota and Taiko were really messing around and he broke it off wen his fans started noticing and being appalled by it? Because didn't she start gaining all that weight suddenly and doing half as much work after people started noticing they were wearing/posting the same stuff?

No. 293869

>40 year old mom of 3
>the 9 year old child

No. 293900

I will never get over how pointy her nose and chin are. Despite that I wish she'd embrace the fact that she's getting older and try for more mature looks and jobs. She can look really pretty if styled right.

Nah she's been gaining weight steadily for a while now. I doubt any breakup really triggered it.


No. 293951

She's been getting bigger for the last year, and IIRC the Taiko dating rumors stopped around that time.

No. 293965

Lmao you could probably make an entire family album of Dakotas with her shooped/unshooped pics.

No. 294022

I really doubt it

No. 294048

File: 1492543872218.gif (896.21 KB, 306x304, mmhmmmhm.gif)

i think she's good-looking, or at least has the potential to be good-looking. having features that are atypical or slightly off can really give you an edge in the entertainment industry. there are lots of actresses and models that are weird-looking or nearly ugly due to their features. but you have to play into them. you have to soften or highlight harsh features to wear them properly. what dakota does is take her prominent features (like her chin and nose) and ignores them irl and erases them in photoshop. the result is the bizarre distortion of viewers' perception of her face.
she was better off making her nose/chin pointy in shoops rather than shrinking them.

No. 294049

Agreed. That was super cheesy and lame which sums up the majority of Japanese songs no matter what genre.

No. 294050

Still overexposed, but at least her hair looks nice.

No. 294054

I prefer her in unedited pics tbh,the edited ones look really unnatural and fake, if I saw a girl like that irl I'd run

No. 294122

File: 1492549079398.jpg (300.37 KB, 1912x1285, image.jpg)


I actually prefer her edits, though it depends on what genre of editing.

No. 294206


I enjoyed Dakota's old edits and some of her more subtle edits since Japan, but I of course know she's a rotten bitch and that she doesn't look like that and never has or will. I consider her shoops and edited YT videos to be just her trying to make herself look like what she wished she was so she could pretend to live that fantasy. Like writing self insert fan fiction but IRL and possibly being a sex worker.

sage for stoned and irrelevant

No. 294227


Eh, again. I like her shoops, not her. I think its pretty obvious nobody here likes her ( or anybody in general ). Her current shoop style is just about if not even more ugly then her in rl. ( though some come out alright, not great but still an upgrade from her real looks.

I seriously wonder if her or her retard sister will ever have kids. What would Dakota tell them when going down memory lain and seeing their mom have 100 different faces … ?

No. 294266

i wouldn't say she's truly ugly but she has a really chunky, extremely masculine, "hard" face. it's a combination of unfortunate fat deposit and having really intense facial structure that i guess her youth hid from everyone.

her personality makes her ogre-tier, though

No. 294276


NGL I wonder if she ever got pregs now.

No. 294279


Yes, with a food baby.

No. 294387

File: 1492581921721.jpg (1.07 MB, 2560x1920, 20170326_201527.jpg)

Found her in the wild over the weekend. Sorry for the potato pic, I was hammered.

No. 294391

For some reason I hope she goes back to being a nutty edgelord but gets all political about it like goes all altright or something I dunno she's been kind of boring lately

No. 294602

She's not smart enough to pull that off. Plus, neither she or Kiki has ever given a fuck about politics, I doubt either of them know the difference between a democratic and a republican because all their family ever seemed to care about was fame and celebrities.

Dakota is going to keep being boring, ugly and fat in Japan and fuckinn old guys to keep up her lie of being a famous model in Japan. She's living off a middle aged man who took advantage of a 16 year old foreigner who didn't speak the language and had stars in her eyes to turn her into his personal sex waifu. Nothing about Dakota is enviable or cute, her life before Japan was disgusting and empty and it's still disgusting and empty now.

No. 294977

That's why she's losing fans because she's so boring. Public figures usually show their fans a piece of their life she hardly does. Shes too lazy to even go live playing video games.

No. 294979

I wonder if koots getting kick out of bravo is actually a good thing or bad thing? What if this is her last chance to redeem herself? Her moving agencies before they give her the boot?

No. 294988

I can't see Kota getting into politics but Kiki has gotten into some political stuff before. Though, I think she does mostly follow the trends when it comes to politics. When feminism was trendy a few years ago, she posted about Anita Sarkeesian and did sorta blame video games on why she's constantly sexually harassed. But when she came back after Taku dumped her, she retweeted a post making fun of sjws for being offended at everything and liked a few Donald Trump memes. There was also that time that she got into an argument with blm supporters about racism against white people.

No. 295162


She still has yet to have a job with her new agency.
Can they fire her before the contracts up ? or do they have to wait out the contract.

I really feel like the Lirbra agency got the same treatment as all her employers got. No meet N greet, hire before meeting. Her profile on Libra is exactly the same as on Bravo. Even with Taylor's agency switch from HK to JP there was fluxing in the measurements.

No. 295182

>>Sage for OT

Does anyone know what this hair color is here? I really like it!

No. 295183

dishwater blonde with the contrast turned way up.

No. 295217

This. She was only moved around on paper essentially. And to be honest I doubt the jobs she was getting when she was with Bravo had anything at all to do with them. She only got shit tier gaming ads, podcasts, catalogue work and some variety TV she can't do anymore because she wants to be a cunt to everyone.

I'm wondering if Hiroshi got a new job at Libera and just took his favorite sock with him.

No. 295236


Sorta makes me wonder if they've even meet Dakota yet, and the profile picture wasn't just sent over from Bravo with the rest of the shit measurements.

No. 295240

File: 1492706372827.png (165.49 KB, 693x337, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.3…)

Sorry to same fag. I actually just now checked her profile in which there is now a "job" added to it.

Fits comercial was thru Libera. I guess she's been with them for a little while. Seeing as thats the only job mentioned and the first one I think its safe to say that somewhere between that job and the one before it is when she switched.

( Though did Yoko come before or after ? Fits.. My memory is a bit fuzzy )

No. 295313

File: 1492715240686.jpg (193.33 KB, 1024x768, ruleofrose.jpg)

Request: cows faces on these characters with title "Ruse of Rose"

No. 295318

Koots takes forever to upload a video to YouTube because she has to freaking edit it to look like she wished she looked, of course she'd never go live because she'd have to show her real face. She's limited herself with all that editing getting in the way between her and freaking reality.

No. 295334

That game was so fucked up..

This looks hilarious in the wild, what is she supposed to be?

No. 295347

sage for ot

does anyone know the song used in this video?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pMtA4zMQUxU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

No. 295402

I doubt it that would cause suspicion. She maybe have another sugar daddy in her new agency.

No. 295473

The hella shooped video of her walking up the bridge that was used in the Yoko booklet was uploaded by Dakota lay Christmas. So, probably a month e two before that, like around October or November if you adjust for her shoop.

No. 295515

File: 1492733913180.jpg (83.3 KB, 748x736, image.jpg)

Hahahahaha how is shit from the fits commercial still coming out ?

No. 295518

File: 1492733975657.jpg (112.47 KB, 747x742, image.jpg)


Lol. She's looks like she has autism.


No. 295521

Does she steal the official photos or is she given one to do with as she pleases?

No. 295529


I got these off of a VK page so no clue.

No. 295533

This is really here worst shooping era thus far. She just looks like a someone recovering from some kind of illness.

No. 295535

Those eyes are really poorly shooped.
Does she even use Photoshop anymore or is this all phone-app meitu tier stuff now?

No. 295540

And her "modelling skills" nonexistent as always. What are those poses even? She looks sloppy and unprofessional af

No. 295541

She's using photoshop bc Meitu doesn't have freeze/thaw mask on liquefy.

No. 295573

Damn anon uz a wizard.

No. 295584

no joke when i opened this i thought someone had already shooped koots' face onto the fat girl

No. 295588


Can not unsee ! haha

No. 295591

What's that dark spot on her finger holding the gum?

No. 295594


Dirt ? Dookie ? A snack for later ?

Idk, man.

No. 295601

>a snack for later
idk why but lmao

It looks like a bloody hangnail or something, anon.

No. 295606

Standing in a random corner and she already put her own shoop on it. So… awkward….. ????

No. 295619

Just noticed her necklace bending all over as weirdly as her sweater. Is that another VW knockoff?

No. 295759

I forgot I had some old dakota videos in my old computer, heres one.

No. 295763

Same anon, maybe is because she looks like shit now, but she actually looked pretty in this video. The way she does her makeup now doesn't suit her at all, well nothing she does now favors her at all, I know people say it a lot in this thread but getting rid of the bangs really was a terrible choice.

No. 295767

The video was already deleted by "Fullscreen, Inc."

… Kiki chill

No. 295828

Try re uploading it to some other video hosting site the Fagstrengas can't go shitting their pants to.

No. 295883

Argh what is that disaster of an outfit

No. 295917

That's some macaulay culkin shit right there

No. 295918

Does anyone know where to find her room tour video? i think it was removed from her youtube..

No. 295920

Lol, they filmed this in the patio at the Bravo office. Her "debut" intro was filmed at Bravo too actually. I guess all the actual work she was really doing was behind those doors because she sure as hell didn't get much decent work outside of them.

No. 295921

never seen that before. her makeup looks so heavy from the side. but what's the point of showing your body from the side if you're wearing such a baggy top that hides your whole torso lmao

No. 295923

Because you're a fat fuck who has no business modeling in to begin with, so your only hope is to hide under big clothes and pretend to be ~smol~ And hope there's enough gaijin chasers out there to throw her a bone(r).

No. 295926

lol, fucking chill.

No. 296042

God it's baffling how different she looked

No. 296113

Her forehead looks weird asf here, looks like it's receding and balding at the same time.

No. 296166

Her lopsided eyes are so obv with the heavy makeup. There's def a very specific lens being used here and >>295763 to make her look slimmer.

She also has several photos taken just outside of it, not counting the ones on the white couch inside where it gets distorted into a new dimension.

No. 296212

This is actually a nice photo of her but that's probably because they wouldn't allow her to do her usual make-up and photoshop for this and thank god for that.

Ugh, I forgot this existed. They tried to make it seem touching and sweet but I found it disturbing especially with them still trying to play off of Dakota's dead "Barbie living doll" look.

No. 296393

lol no. her "atypical" features are plain ugly. she's average at best.

No. 296412

Wow, you can really see that receding hairline and those Dumbo ears sticking out.

No. 296443


It's a bloody hangnail.

No. 297415

It looks like it is her usual makeup it's just that it's not photoshopped into oblivion. This is kind of reaching but I wonder what Dakotas religion is, she's always wearing that pentagram necklace. Maybe she's a witch. I could totally see her putting hexes on everyone who shit talks her lol

No. 297463

Her and Kiki have made joked in the past about religion so I doubt it's anything more than a fashion accessory. She doesn't seem to have a lot of jewelry to begin with and most of it is cheap looking or knockoff, not to mention she didn't seem to save much from Babyfang to wear herself. I think it's just a tacky, crap necklace she wears for edgy horror desu points, like when she posts pics of all the games nobody ever sees her playing or talking about.

No. 297467

>I could totally see her putting hexes on everyone who shit talks her lol

Then she's as shitty at being a witch as she is at modeling, because she's the one who looks hexed. I've only ever seen girls go downhill that hard between 16-22 when drugs/sex work or long term abuse were involved.

No. 297470

Pentagrams are just fashionable in Japan right now. They don't care about appropriating symbols in the slightest and frequently get it completely wrong. I see a lot of "Pentagram" necklaces that are actually stars of david kek.

No. 297472

Didn't she claim that it's a gift from her father and she cherishes it so much she wears it 24/7?

No. 297487

Yes. She claimed it was her father's 15 year old necklace that he sent her. Either way, it looks exactly like the cheap $12 pendants you buy at fast fashion stores.

No. 297721

I miss Dakota's old style. Sure it was kinda weird sometimes but something about it was so much more interesting than whatever shit she wears now. Her aesthetic in general was much more pleasing.
>tfw most of the stuff she wore back then is gone from Taobao (or whatever)since years now
>tfw will probably never find it
I kinda regret that thread back when PULL was still young where they would try to find koots clothes and music from her vids and stuff.

No. 297724

File: 1492989881774.jpeg (507.3 KB, 856x2414, image.jpeg.698381935edf29a2e98…)

Dropped pic

No. 297752

that's subjective, anon. there are many people with ugly features who are able to downplay, juxtapose, or even emphasize them to stand out among rows of beauty queens with similar plain features. all i'm saying is you have to work with your face in showbusiness, or else change it. you can't just pretend it's something that it isn't.

No. 297859

Their family must have had a few loans or something come through because this era was the first and last time Koots was able to afford tons of garbage from Taobao.

Oh well, she wouldn't be able to shimmy into those one-size clothes nowadays.

No. 297861


taobao is super cheap (also cheaply made), you can get skirts for like 5 american bucks. what's expensive is to ship it overseas if you don't have a chinese bank account, then you have to get an agent to buy from it.

No. 297862

That's what's being implied. She never afforded much in the way of new clothes since then. Everything she wears is cheap fast fashion.

No. 297991

File: 1493030234536.jpg (49.79 KB, 500x745, dakota-rose-human-doll-girl-10…)

I still love her B4,B7 and D6 outfit.
I tried to search the clothes she wore on some pictures (pic related was one of my favorite, those shoes bro) but by the time i realized they were from taobao they were either impossible to find because too old or out of stock.

Can we share our fave Dakooter outfits/clothes?

No. 298005

God, the Ostrengas have no taste at all.

No. 298006

File: 1493034143085.png (793.54 KB, 1016x798, kooter.png)

Well, this gave me a fright when I was scrolling down Twitter.

No. 298012

>tfw i kinda like some of these

No. 298013

She really needs to stop and come back to her cute but "mature" style from 2011-2012

No. 298014

Gollum realness

No. 298019

File: 1493035183052.jpg (45.35 KB, 549x408, The-Grudge.jpg)

No. 298020

File: 1493035263763.jpg (39.77 KB, 640x360, 640_trending_thering_032415.jp…)

No. 298021

File: 1493035534336.jpg (39.01 KB, 486x370, 90s-fashion-women-is-a-preposs…)

tbh i feel like my 12 year old self wouldve loved these clothings. like those stuff was in someparts popular like in the 90s?
but even then, some outfits seem really off. like the style of a porn actress in those "teenage" porn genres, that is suppossed to be a minor school girl.

like, it just doesnt suit her in any way, because she is not 16 anymore.

No. 298023

File: 1493036019403.png (86.97 KB, 205x243, Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 8.11…)


Michael Myer's tier of creepy.


Those shoes are huge on her … and why the fuck is she always wearing socks with her heels ?

No. 298031

wylona hayashi cyclops teas

No. 298035


Most of her face isn't visible and she still looks like an unwashed NEET. Also lol, she's become full Kiki now, gone straight brunette yet still insists she's ~dark blonde~ because their hair color is all that makes them speshul.

Also lol, she enlarged her eye area so much it makes her eyebrows look huuuuge.

Because she's the cankle queen and doesn't have ankles. She either shoops them in so that her legs look broken, wears boots or wears socks with her heels.

No. 298049

File: 1493043938977.jpg (48.73 KB, 640x480, kk1.JPG)

your pic related actually WAS my style when I was 11-14 years old during 1996-1999, at least until JNCO came on the scene.

for the most part, I like her style from a few years back. a lot of it was pretty nostalgic and cute (minus some ugly accessories and bad pairings with shoes), but like you, I saw it being more for the crowd that was younger than she was at the time.

even with all the photoshopping done while she wore those outfits and doing various other poses, you can still see how they didn't pair well with her body.

kek i noticed her eyebrows, too.

if you were to look at her head on, not only would her eyes be real far apart, but her forehead and brow bone would be super wide. pair that with how she photoshops herself a tiny ass chin with slim cheeks, she would look like an alien (even more so than usual). you'd think by now that someone who edits themselves constantly would finally understand facial proportions and what works best that doesn't look so retarded.

No. 298058

But why not just enlarge your eye, eh also enlarge your brow bone? Does she want to look like a caveman? She already has the forehead for it.

No. 298064

no. these clothes are all fucking hideous.

No. 298067


gotta agree with >>298064
are those freaking sport socks in open sandals?

No. 298076

>But why not just enlarge your eye

because it's kooter we're talking about here. the girl who doesn't know how to just do basic touch-ups in editing, but goes overboard so they can give this faux, distorted image that is the complete opposite of what they look like.

ignoring all her shitty behavior and antics (hard to do, but for the sake of it), the idea that someone goes to those extremes every single time they post a photo, even of just their EYE, is pretty fucked up.

yep'. i could maybe understand ruffled socks, as it used to be big with those types of sandals, but i don't know what the hell she was going for here…it's a disaster.

No. 298082

seriously wonder how that anon dresses if they think kota is fashionable. her outfits are tacky af and look embarrassing and cheap.

No. 298083

this just looks so greasy and gross

No. 298154


I love how you can tell which clothes are her normalfag clothes and which ones she got from Taobao. Even the lighting for her Taobao haul videos were better despite being in the same room. My guess is the ostrengas cams into some money when grandma died and used it on kiki's music equipment and Dakota's photography & Taobao shit. Ofc Kiki sold all her music stuff and Dakota doesn't fit into any of her old clothes anymore, kek.

No. 298157

The cardigan for B4 is from Abercrombie and Fitch. I have the exact same one. Some of these clothes are from normie stores circa 2012

No. 298346

>always wearing socks with her heels ?

bc she can't afford pedis.

No. 298454

So now she wanna be natural ,okay koots. Just a few years ago, she was saying those circle lenses was her natural eyes. Now she shows her real eyes, now her fans know she's a liar. She just keep digging herself farther in a hole.

No. 298476

File: 1493095769864.jpg (61.2 KB, 599x427, 1491827461414edit.jpg)

I tried giving her bangs, but her jaw looked like shit. I then put side bangs on her and they looked great, but my computer started messing up so no bangs. I tried to make her look "good" by just fixing up her "makeup" and not liquefying her face. It wasn't happening

No. 298488

She looks like an eldritch vampire.

No. 298492

Did you just make a mtg reference? I love you anon.

No. 298551

File: 1493109064750.jpg (96.3 KB, 467x700, tumblr_m07vf5CnDn1qzy8r9.jpg)

I used to love some of her clothes but i'm going to have to agree with the other anons. She wasn't exactly fashionable. Some or even most of her outfits were bleh or terrible.
Also sport socks in cutesy sandals? Come on. But she did have some cute clothes imo

No. 298557

Idk, this is /snow/ so people are just going to call her tacky and bad at fashion or w/e but although clothes like this look bad now they were super trendy in the gyaru community a few years ago. Outfits like these were all over Popteen and Ranzuki and I remember so many girls on daily_gyaru dressing up like this too.
It also reminds me a lot of European chain stores Fornarina and Tally Weijl, they used to sell shit like this cca 2009-2013.

No. 298578


eeeh, a lot of her clothing looks really frumpy.. Though I dunno if thats just her, herself making it look that way or just the clothing.

I'm laughing because she still wears her A11 sweater. Pretty sure in the most recent picture with that sweater she can't even get all the buttons done up.

No. 298593

She did have a fair number of cute individual pieces but she's terrible at putting together outfits, same as Kiki.

No. 298595

True, this stuff wasnin style back then. Problem is, Dakota just bought a bunch of trendy stuff ad slapped it on, and before hat she had her parents and Kiki helping her with scene. Since she's been to Japan everything she wears is fugly, unflattering or XXL, so it's obvious that the kawaii shit that got her noticed was never her actual style. It was just a bunch of shit she bought to play dress up for Tumblr ~for the aesthetic~ and then never actually wore again. She has no fashion sense when it's just her dressing herself.

I wonder what makes it worth it to be picked apart and look so bad in everything just to be able to grasp at calling yourself a model and not technically lying? Modeling isn't for insecure girls looking for praise. It can't be fun to hear how ugly and basic and fat you are constantly, so what is the appeal I wonder? What is it that Dakota thinks is so glamorous and prestigious about modeling?

No. 298607

What you saw on Popteen and Ranzuki were the actual brands her taobao trash was based on. Those mags have the clothes in the season they were released. China is always slightly behind the trends in copying, so even back then her tacky shit was late and poorly made.

No. 298609


>What is it that Dakota thinks is so glamorous and prestigious about modelling ?

The Title.

The title its self makes her feel more important and better than others. How often have we seen her throw the line " I'm a model" as a explanation to why she totally can't get surgery or photoshop or do something ? The title "Model" makes her feel untouchable in some sense. I don't think she cares about the job its self, just the title and being able to tell people "I'm a model". She has and still sorta is aiming for the next title "celebrity" so she can then tell people "I'm a star".

No. 298623

She's said herself she doesn't care about her job, her reputation, fashion or makeup anymore. Her arrogance is gonna be her downfall, I don't believe for a second that she's in Japan on an entertainment or work visa simply because she's not doing enough legitimate work to justify one, and her work has been wildly inconsistent for the last 3.5 years. She's married to Hiroshi or someone else so she doesn't have to move back in with her trashy family, that's all.

No. 298625


Thing is we just don't know.
Taylor does even less work and her agency signs for her. Dakota's with a new agency so she may have them signing for her visa and maybe she agreed to do more work or promote certain things.

I wish one of the Japan anons would just spot her out and about with said "bf/husband" so we could make it case closed. 9 Or half closed )

No. 298627

Knowing the rest of her family is fucking batshit trash, and firsthand how much Florida sucks, I don't even think I'd blame her much if she did marry for a visa. While she could and probably should have just worked for it, that seems less stable than marriage, and the Ostrenga family is incredibly unstable.

No. 298649

But Taylor is actually pretty, actually a model, and actually uploads content regularly which Dakota never has. She shouldn't be signed anywhere because she doesn't do anything that anyone else who is signed and living in Tokyo is doing. Dakota being there makes 0 professional sense.

No. 298698

File: 1493136363696.png (600.84 KB, 714x500, Screen_Shot_2016-09-18_at_8.52…)

>real model

can people stop bringing taylor up for arguing how dakota is not a real model? because it's laughable.

No. 298724


Beauty is subjective, anon… I don't personally think either are pretty. Taylor is aged and considered a"mature model" yet still tries so fucking hard to do teeny bopper gigs. No large company wanted her because she's nearly 30. Her content is trash and she doesn't advertise shit. Both really shouldn't have a signed visa by agencies, but they do.

To me all these plain as day girls need is a "name/brand" and at least one shit tier modelling agency will sign them for there once a month/year gig. Both Taylor and Dakota have both got there name out there.

I just don't really get the vibe that Dakota is "married" when her apartment more just looks shared between her and another girl ( if even ) . That shitty ring she's been wearing looks like a vending machine ring, and wouldn't she technically need her parents to fly down and sign for her to marry ? Due to age, just like Venus needed her mother to sign ? Also if she was married why try and make it look like your "dating" a celeb by buying shit they have and tweeting at them ?


Taylor's face always looks like uncooked pizza dough in candids not taken by her.

No. 298740

she really needs to stop wearing those ridiculously long extensions. looks so retarded and fake

No. 298744


Thats Taylor… and is actually her real hair.

No. 298823


Venus didn't need her mother's signature for her to get married, she was already 18 years of age and a legal adult. If Dakota is married, and there is no real proof for it, if she was 18 and over she wouldn't need anybody's signature other than hers.

No. 298846

She definitely has some cute pieces but even for some of my favorite outfits of hers I would tweak like which stockings or ribbons/neck-ties to pair.
Considering how she dresses now, I'm inclined to believe the speculation that it was Kiki who helped her coordinate most of her outfits back then.

No. 298849

um no. if someone has "ugly features", their other features have to make up for it. eg natalie dormer's smirk, georgia may jagger's gap, etc. you need to be beautiful regardless of the bad feature to make it striking. kota is plain af.

No. 298850

correct, venus only needed papers from the hungarian embassy or something.

No. 298905


Taylor is a real model because she didn't get her jobs from her sugar daddy. She got them by being thin and pretty and photogenic.


She doesn't work enough as a legitimate model to afford that apartment. She doesn't even work enough legitimately to stay in the country.

>Also if she was married why try and make it look like your "dating" a celeb by buying shit they have and tweeting at them ?

Really? Because what could Dakota possibly gain by making people think she's dating a hot, young celebrity instead of married to a fat, older man who has a daughter by a woman he was married to when he met Dakota? Yeah why would she ever want that.

No. 298910

Dakota never travels to renew her visa like Taylor does. She also doesn't have the personal cashflow that Taylor does.

Whether Taylor works or not, she isn't begging for handouts and apartments like Koots. She keeps her appearance up using her own money and this alone makes her very attractive to agencies.

LOL ikr, gee whiz why would Dakota spend all that time building up a lie, like everything else she does? I wonder!

No. 298940


Do either of you really think for a second Cathy wouldn't sign papers to allow Dakota to marry a wealthy man who can buy her pretend fame just because she's 16 and he's probably in his 40s? Come the fuck on now. This is an Ostrenga we're talking about.

No. 298944

The same people who used "you saw what we did to Danny cespedes" to threaten people running tumblrs they didn't like lol

No. 298950

fucking top kek

No. 298960


Ah, thanks for the correction. I thought Margo did have to sign for something. Guess not.

Her place comes off as to dorm mates sharing rather then lovers/couple. Koots doesn't seem like the type to me to settle down either. Nobody knows if she has or hasn't left the country to renew visas, and I don't know why people are claiming as fact that they know she hasn't. Korea to Japan isn't that expensive and if homeless Margo can do it .. Why can't homely looking Toots ? Besides Dakota seems extremely frugal that half the rent is all she's putting out for + cabbage/junk food.


I sometimes wonder if the clothing was actually Kiki's clothing since so much got left behind. If I moved to a different country I'd probably ask my family to mail me my clothing, but Kota didn't and now Kiki is wearing them. ( Unless they were shared clothing which is kinda gross )



Taylor was a real model in HK. Now she's a house wife who mooches off of a rich boyfriend and gets 1-2 modelling related jobs a year just to keep her Visa. She can't even get more then 1/4th her subs to view her shit.

She herself has stated that she isn't a model anymore. Frankly because she failed at replacing Kota, and has been reduced down to a unkept insecure mess that hates her body and face.


>Wealthy man

where ?

Anon, Tooters is wearing the same shit form 2012 and looks like a scrub.. She shares an apartment with a room mate most likely.. How does anything about her scream " I'm married to a wealthy man" … This sounds more like Taylor who sports designer shit and lives in a fancy large fully decorated house, not Dakota who wears the same shit from 2012, and lives in a 2 bedroom apartment barely furnished and sharing with a room mate.

I think she makes just enough to live, and nothing else. No nails, hair,clothing, excessive eating out or traveling. She's not Taylor so could everyone stop trying to claim she has a rich boyfriend paying for her apartment and life style.

No. 299020

Koots is so poor that every time she travels she makes some stupid post about it. Other than that trip to a shitty BestBuy to take a selfie in USA, we aint seen shit.

No. 299119

She hardly leaves her house so thats not happening.

No. 299121

I'm pretty sure Tay dad helped her get a modeling job with his money. Tay and her brother was both models and on a magazine. Kendall did the same thing if you have the money you can buy yourself in.

No. 299124

Someone should check if he still have pictures of his wife up? I'm pretty sure his wife going to stay ,even if she finds out. Unless she wants to suffer collateral damage, divorce in Asian society can be tough.

No. 299126

That's complete bullshit.

No. 299127

You'd have to to go back in the catalog, his FB and her FB were both posted in an old thread long ago, they were taken I think but after that he took all his pics of his wife and kid off his FB.

As for ~scandal~ she was also a fat, white former model so Japan wouldn't care.

No. 299145


Ok but like

How does any of that explain how she's still a model despite being a fat, balding greasy slob? She looks like a 40 year old mom of 3 (a la Cathy). "Being white" isn't enough to live in a foreign country for 5 years doing barely any work. Yes, her contract and her apartment could be her "payment" for her work, but she barely works, so…? Better models who get more jobs live in shoeboxes they share with other models. The only way Dakota could afford that apartment, even with a roomie, is if the roomie was a much more successful model who makes lots of money and lets Dakota live there and helps her get jobs.

Either way, nothing Dakota has was gained on her own merit as a model, talent, or whatever else she claims to be.

No. 299155


At this point I'd say contacts.
Of course she isn't in there based on her looks or skills, she's in there because someone did the paper work and lying for her. Likely who ever it is she's fucking. Its clear they didn't do a remeasure and just faxed her fake info over.

Anon, Dakota has only had one job so far with the new company, and it came with a tidal wave of back lash to the point they had to disable comments. I'm almost inclined to think this contract will end much sooner as she doesn't have her sausage linked fingers wrapped around some gross managers willy there.

No. 299177

She's way up Yula's vag, and she has another model friend named Arina who probably helps her out. Still, it's pathetic that Dakota isn't good enough to just show up to fittings or auditions and model on her own looks, so she has to kiss ass and lick muff to get by. All her pretending to be better than all her ~fat, jelly haterzzzz~ means nothing in this case.

No. 299178

>Anon, Dakota has only had one job so far with the new company, and it came with a tidal wave of back lash to the point they had to disable comments. I'm almost inclined to think this contract will end much sooner

This. Her hair is dark as fuck now, and despite dropping the circle lenses finally, she still looks like shit because she needs bangs, volume, and makeup on. Her Libera models picture is so overexposed and shooped, I wish I could have seen the face of whoever saw her in person for the Fitts commercial.

No. 299264

I'm still wondering how she survives. She can't even afford clothes,nails and new video games? I doubt she will survive in her new agency, I'll give her to the end of this year. Her going natural is a disaster ,nothing is striking about her unless her photoshop counts.

No. 299268

It's true,so coincidentally they both got sign to a agency yeah okay anon. Tay is just as bad as koots both lied about their looks,racist, sugar daddy,and average looking white girls. People need to stop making Tay as a saint or some shit.

No. 299275


Wow, someone is seriously mad about Taylor. Granted, Taylor is just as overrated as Dakota but Taylor never lied about her looks, has no racist dirty laundry unlike Dakota, can get work based on her looks (which automatically jumps her up from '"average white girl"), has a wealthy family and a boyfriend she can actually be seen with. As for her being a sugar baby, there's literally no evidence to support that. She was modeling for Lancôme in Hong Kong, something Dakota could never do. Even her pitiful "vogue photo shoot" was still just a Bravo ad shot she did that was later put into Vogue.

Taylor gives 0 fucks about some podunk white trash lardass like Dakota, and the only people who do are either laughing at her or still think she could or would ever want to go back to her 2012 look so they can either wear her skin or fantasize about fucking a 16 year old.

No. 299276

i would still say that koots is way worse than taylor. it's a whole other level of embarrassment. and when was taylor racist?

No. 299293


Eh, different anon here.

Taylor's the physical embodiment of " dumb bimbo blonde with dumb luck". Taylor was fortunate to have a wealthy supportive father who paid for her modelling class ( yes, she took classes ), drove her all around Toronto from agency to agency till she got signed and then paid for her flight and accommodations till she got on her own feet. He even paid for her wasted dropped out college education in HK.

Would I call that evil ? or paying her way into an agency ? No.

Would I call it lucky, yes.

Not a lot of families have the spare change or time to do that for their kids, but Taylor's did. Taylor is just like Dakota is, another spoiled child except Taylor's not a giant asshole, she's just really stunt and stupid. ( Or really likes acting stupid ) Honestly, neither of them have really worked all that hard for what they have either, Dakota sucks dick for support, and Taylor has always had someone wealthy by her side to pay all the larger expenses.

No. 299298

Alright, I know that this is not the Taylor thread but there was never ANY proof of her dad being rich. I live in the GTA and know approximately where they live and it's not expensive to live there/ have a big house. At all. It's not uncommon to have multiple cars within a family here, either. (Plus he's a car dealer) So stop claiming he's so rich.

And it's common to take modelling classes as a model, duh. It requires skill, too.

Her boyfriend seems wealthy, but they haven't been together that long. Taylor actually works out basically everyday and works to achieve her goals, how it that lucky? She has supportive parents, that's all.

And as >>299275, Taylor has no bad past. She's an average white girl, but Dakota is a cow.

No. 299304

>she's nearly 30.
not to derail but source? how old is she?

No. 299308

Taylor just turned 28.

There's just a salty as fuck Ostrenga posting in here today, most likely.

No. 299312


Okay, Taylor is plain, and I guess she could be considered lucky to not be homely, uneducated and trashy like Dakota and Kiki. She's also hella lucky she looks as good as she does for her age, whereas Dakota and Kiki both look like they could be in various stages of decomposition without selective lighting and extensive photo editing.

No. 299331

Nah Dakota is plain. I would argue that Taylor is average in the best way. I mean her original face took makeup well and was easy to photograph. She has really even features that (used to) look good from just about any angle. She was a solid commercial model and if she had about 3 more inches she probably could have done work in the west too.

No. 299332


Her father is well off, but not a millionaire either. I was just stating that he has the funds to support his kid in that way, so calm your tits. Not every family has that kind of funds to throw into their children's dreams, which they themselves typically have to save for. She is lucky and I don't know why thats something you feel is worth arguing over.

( I always wonder about the lives of the anons on this site when they praise someone for "staying healthy and going to the gym" like its hard to do or accomplish when to me its basic and everyone I know does it )

> Taylor's a plain white girl and Dakota is a cow

Thats basically what everyone here has been stating … ( Except for one person thats arguing that Taylor is horrible and apparently racist despite no proof )

No. 299339

Dakota was plain when she gave enough of a shit to style her hair and wear makeup. Now that she let herself go, she's ugly. Her face is swollen and she looks like a Cathy clone, pointy witch nose and all.

No. 299340

THIS. Since when is being lucky a bad thing? And wasn't Dakota's argument for her big break that she was "just lucky & good with makeup"? Who but an Ostrenga would be so invested in Taylor, yet posting in a Dakota thread (where we know Kiki has posted many many many times before).

No. 299348

i dont think it's an ostrenga, because it started with this post praising taylor here >>298649
this >>298698 was my response to it and now i wanna kill myself since this thread keeps derailing

No. 299351

File: 1493238964044.png (153.78 KB, 320x371, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.31…)

Blah, back on Topic.

Any Anons in Japan ? How often do they change their building advertisements ? I saw this in a Russians Youtuber's video from yesterday and can tell its Tooter, but its also really old.

No. 299367

The hair looks too reddish brown to be Dakota, but we would need the pic to compare them for sure.

No. 299368

video link?

No. 299371



You wont see much more then whats shown tbh. It looks like one of the first shoots she did from Ufufuf ? or whatever that brand was called.


I'm try and find the picture it looks like. Hold on.

No. 299378

Ufufu girls
as far as i understand, it's a shop that works with several brands not a brand itself?

No. 299381

They also might've sold they copyrights to her images to other companies since it was from an older campaign.

No. 299392

r u kitten me? i live in the gta too, her house is nice af. she's well-off.

No. 299402


Taylor's house is an average middle class suburban house. Sorry you're living in a ghetto :(

No. 299404

File: 1493246798604.jpg (284.67 KB, 932x1300, 876543.jpg)

apparently not THAT often, this is from google street view, march this year, the girl with the glasses is the same. unfortunately the photo quality is the shitty as well. maybe a japanese speaking anon can make out what the advert is about?

No. 299414

Her house is a upper middle class house, she even have her own beach at the back.

No. 299422

I can't make out any text on one the one that might be Dakota but the one on the right says that it's for a Cosmetic Surgery place in Shinagawa (品川美容外科)

No. 299441

Idk I honestly don't think that's Koots.

No. 299445

That looks just like koots I swear, even the chin looks similar. Koots have that weird as chin that goes up a little.

No. 299449

nah tbh that doesn't look like koots to me

No. 299450

i dont think it's koots either. too much hair.

No. 299452

File: 1493254392070.png (116.21 KB, 277x194, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.52…)


In the video it looked more like her, but in the googles maps not as much. The one in the video reminded me of (pic related ) >>299351

No. 299453

>Grimsby meh mcmansions

Not GTA, they are upper middle class though.

No. 299594

That face shoop is heinous. they changed the entire shape of her face!

No. 299644

Well so are Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner.

I'd say most models are probably from wealthier families that allow them to travel to big cities for auditions or rent a flat there (Living in Paris will set you back some serious cash) and build a photobook with a photographer.

Dakota and Kiki's parents are just as supportive even if they're throwing their money down the drain. How many props and stuff did they buy to launch their many failed businesses (KND Kouture, their photoshoots and props) and spend so much time advertising them ? Even Scott traveled to Japan with Dakota and I'm only guessing but that probably cost a cool $2k at the lowest.

They probably helped Kiki get into that crap movie for 5k too.

No. 299686

If you have the looks then an agency will snap you up and you don't pay for any of that. If you need a photo book to start off then you're probably nothing special. I think it's just how well connected you are that would help, and that would certainly come from wealthier families. Social media presence too

No. 299857

>If you need a photo book to start off then you're probably nothing special.

You mean like "All About Dakota Rose"? Kek.

No. 299863

The difference between Taylor's parents and Dakota and Kiki's parents is that Taylor's parents are actually intelligent enough to realize that sending your kid to take classes for what they want to do is better than trying to buy them into a job or fame. They never taught Kiki or Kota to work for anything, they taught them that as long as everyone is looking at you, there's no such thing as a scandal or bad press. Taylor & her parents, on the other hand, aren't white trash.

No. 300033

I really wonder what was in that book. Did anyone get it?

No. 300076

I think just pictures of her,so people can marvel at how dolly she look. The book also contained hair tutorials, outfits and probably her fake life story.

No. 300079

Both parents suck kooters and Tay both don't have nothing to fall back on. Once youtube and modeling is up both are back to depending on their parents. Kooters hardly get any jobs and Tay isn't using her youtube to her full potential.

No. 300088

Tay isn't that useless anon. I'm sure if push came to shove she could get and do another job if she had to. It's not like she hasn't worked before. She said her first job was working at Swiss Chalet in high school and she certainly hustled her ass in Hong Kong and took some truly shit embarrassing jobs in the beginning.
Koots I'm less sure about given her upbringing but if she was desperate she probably would also be able to figure something out.
I mean I don't really like either of these chicks but you just sound salty af.

No. 300091

Yeah it was strange tbh. Most people make photo books when there is a demand due to popularity. But there was never really a demand for Koots in that way. The book was used more as a tool to promote her and propagate the lies that she was already telling. It was part of Bravo's campaign to rebuild her career and was probably commissioned by them.

No. 300120

Theoretically Taylor could work at an model agency or something like that. Wouldn't be to far of, she is English native and knows the business.
And don't forget her rich boyfriend. She could also marry and pop out some hafu babies.

No. 300122

How is Taylor not using the YouTube channel not to full potential?

No. 300134



Hope the link works, but thats her wonky book I believe. The only thing you could marvel at is how terrible her makeup is.


Taylor basically is already a house wife, so I wouldn't be surprised if she completely just fell back on her bf. Which isn't horrible since I remember her actually expressing wanting kids so she'd be pretty busy regardless.

Kota will likely become a Basement dweller at her parents house when all else fails, or just turn to prostituting in Japan like some other cows on here do. ( Just had a flash of horror of tooters having leaked nudes… lord save future farmers )

No. 300138

omg ive never seen these before
she looks ridiculous jfc!

No. 300142

File: 1493350716424.jpg (202.76 KB, 725x1024, eCmPeTWZXrs.jpg)

It looks like someone sliced the top of her head off. By the way, how did she even get a book?

No. 300151

File: 1493351496343.jpg (160.65 KB, 724x1024, f4ladUsyAFk.jpg)

Thanks anon, holy crap.

Her eyemakeup and thin hair, even with all the shoop to hide flaws is still so visibly bad.

No. 300245

she looks so much like scene era kota here

No. 300249

Second hand embarrassment from seeing her extraordinarily thinning hair like this… is it from hair dye during scene years? Why is her hair so thin nowadays?

No. 300252

god, that hair. how do people have hair this thin? the back picture is sickening

No. 300253

Probably, though her hair seems browner here. But holy crap the balding line through her head looks like an open wound.

No. 300258

She looks good here because she uses after affects on her videos. How are people still forgetting this?

No. 300263

Imagine this anon, drunk off their ass, fiddiling with their camera to capture this blurry photo for this board. Bless.

No. 300264

Kiki should have never quit YouTube. She had a handsome subscriber base for that good while. Had she continued YouTube she would actually still be relevant, get money off YouTube, have an active fan base, and who knows what else.

No. 300275

Holy hell. Soneone ought to send her some biotin tablets. Her hair just looks like a sad, wispy curtain.

No. 300302

No. 300351

why are these pictures even relevant to her "arty" content? i don't know how many times i have seen a stupid close up photo of her face but all shes doing is showing us these photos to "prove" she ain't photoshppped lol…. no wonder her fan base has quietened down, she needs to get more creative with her content, no one honestly takes in interest in your balding hair and eyebrows koots pmsl

No. 300374

they were probably busy laughing their ass off

No. 300380

File: 1493389393843.png (474.3 KB, 936x401, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.2…)

Dunno why but her hand looks so weird to me…

>"Waiting for my burrito"

You are what you eat Tooters.

No. 300381

oh my giggitygod she just does not look like this I DON'T GET IT

No. 300394

her hairrrrrr omg :'(

she looks cute happy in that pose but so deformed. that outfit…..

No. 300395

No. 300399

What manner of fuckery is this

No. 300402

and this is from when she still looked 'good' ..sad

No. 300421

Why did she use the shrink tool
On her hands like that? It's disturbing how she tries to photoshop herself to look like a child. At this point I just think Dakota is simply mental.

No. 300436

She's literally pretending she's a child at this point. She must love attracting pedophiles. sick freak.

No. 300437

I swear I would pay cash money to see the original photos before she gets her meaty little paws on them.

Why can't any of our farmers be master phone hackers ?

However I bet she instantly deletes the original photos as soon as she's edited herself into a totally new person.

No. 300447

>I get asked if I do anything for my eyebrows but I just use clear gel.

Hahahaha, it's so funny how try hard pre-Japan Toots was.

No. 300511

She can promote more ads on her Instagram, go to beautycons if Tokyo have any, change up her youtube style, and etc. She hasn't made it to her 500,000 mark yet and it's been 2 months.

No. 300515

Damn her hair is thin asf.

No. 300561

File: 1493407345488.png (397.25 KB, 475x470, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 3.19…)


I kinda wonder at this point if she thinks having thin hair is cute because it looks like baby hair… Babies don't have as much hair as toddlers and up.

She does have a habit of fetus shooping herself..

No. 300604

What's creeping me out is that she has those little baby hairs on her forehead just like this picture you chose to compare

No. 300625

>At this point I just think Dakota is simply mental.
only now?

No. 300647


Isn't that one of the promo jackets she wore for the Fitt's commercial release events? In her ugly ultra high waisted sefuku?

No. 300651

I literally think she's suffering from a midlife crisis or something similar to it. She's so obsess with looking young it's scary.

No. 300686

Gahhh I hate this shoop so much. Why does she want to be a Hartley Hooligan so bad? Her pictures/hair/makeup are just so dull and grey, there is literally nothing aesthetically pleasing about her photos nowadays.

No. 300743

So 2 confirmed parts of her diet: cabbage and burritos


No. 300745

She must be ripping ass constantly lol

No. 300746

For an idea of how massive her jaw really is, the top of her head is supposed to be equal in girth/thickness as the bottom half. The collar of her jacket being stretched all over says it all. As usual she spaced her eyes apart and made them big.

Her hands were also made tinyy thanks to us pointing out her massive hands compared to the tiny shooped face. Unfortunately she shrunk them so much that the jacket sleeve size now doesn't match on either arm.

No. 300770

Moses, I read that as "dripping ass" initially and got incredibly concerned.

No. 300776

File: 1493434221826.jpg (547.54 KB, 533x3718, fb.jpg)

this is the next best thing. each were taken minutes apart

No. 300783

File: 1493435327150.jpg (99.45 KB, 640x640, IMG_4029.JPG)

A failed attempt to unshoop her face. She's just ps her face beyond repair. Midface is so squished in I don't even know what to do.

No. 300794

What part of her collar is stretched? I need to work on my photoshop radar.

No. 300795

File: 1493436519491.gif (546.04 KB, 660x624, 9601bb52-s.gif)

lemme show u how a pro does it

No. 300799

File: 1493436885121.jpg (577.24 KB, 1200x800, 201704282024367810.jpg)

This is A+ anon. The jarring difference made me laugh.
I tried to make her hand normal but they ended up sorta sausage-y. Facetune can only do so much.

No. 300804

File: 1493437265326.jpg (586.37 KB, 1200x800, 20170428-230178486.jpg)

Ok I got finicky and made a few more tweaks. Pardon the samefagging.

No. 300808

She needs some nioxin or something tbh. she looks like her hair is thinning.. lmao

No. 300812

Don't forget cucumber and soy sauce

No. 300826

Look at her neck, it's very long compared to her unshooped self. That's why the collar is so long, too.

Good job, just need to make her chin less pointy and eye brows smaller.

No. 300829

Ngl, cucumber+soysauce+rice is pretty good.

No. 300853


No. 300884

Her hair is getting as brown as Kiki's now, lel. And yet they both still cling to calling themselves "dark blonde" because they're both so basic that hair color has to be a ersonality feature for them. Neither of them has been truly blonde since their early tees.

No. 300893

File: 1493462343004.jpg (140.13 KB, 750x682, YeC_frKOaas.jpg)

She really needs to start doing eye makeup again. She looks like a naked mole rat

No. 300908

File: 1493465993328.png (195.1 KB, 358x480, 1387198579325.png)


Didn't Tooter's lighten her hair when she first entered Japan ? I thought she was always a dark blonde-light brown.

No. 300921

I always thought she looked so, so pretty for those bridal pictures. Even the shoop was cute. That was back right before her shoops hit that tipping point between cute/creepy.

No. 300934

File: 1493472668239.jpg (686.16 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_5211.JPG)

Meh, she looks good but I wouldn't say "cute". She still looks older than she should. Her and Kiki both look best for their age, going by looks alone I would say Kota is 24/25 and Kiki is 28/29. They both look so malnourished.

I wouldn't doubt it, the only time it's been "dark blonde" since we debut is in washout lighting or web she shoops the color lighter. Premium denial.

No. 300935

funny how she's a "paripi joshi" instead of a living doll in this ad. i guess no one's really buying the loli act nowadays lol

No. 300941

Dakota's hair is dark blonde, though. Kiki's hair is way darker than her's.

No. 300949

>speedy gonzalas coat
>burrito probably means latino friend

never change koots

No. 300953

this is hilarious

she's so ugly

No. 300964

Dear god, that last one is so uncanny it's freaking me out

No. 300969

I think that's just part of the "character" she's playing for this? How can she be that when she never leaves her house lol

No. 300975


Is it weird that my first thought was that she is working at a fast food chain in Japan .. Thats what that jacket looks like to me, fast food chain uniform.


Her cheek bones got significantly bigger from her debut till now .

No. 300989


kooter pls

No. 300990

What continues to bum me out the most is the fact that Koots could look pretty decent if she knew how to goddamn style herself. Girl really can't dress, do her own makeup, or style her damn hair.

No. 300997

dang.. i always thought i have super thin hair but i don't think i have anything to worry about after seeing this lmao

No. 301010

makes me wonder if this was partially self written. seems like she's trying to run away from her past so bad

No. 301019

That forth one though kek she looks like a cancer sufferer

No. 301023

translaish please

No. 301070

I feel sad for dakota, I went through this fucked up phase when I was 14-18. I used to wake up at 5am so I could do my hair and makeup and pick out clothes. My parents gave me a nice camera that Christmas, I used to take hundreds of pictures of myself and then pick out the best ones and shoop them, and then pick the best shoop to post online. All of a sudden, everybody is calling you beautiful and wanting to be your friend.
It sucks looking in the mirror and not loving the person you see, you don't even realize how fucked up it is that you wish you looked like a completely different person.
Dakota, if you are reading this, you are fucking beautiful just the way you are. I am sorry that this messed up world made you feel like you were not good enough.

No. 301074

farts loudly
it's her own fault. she's made a career based on lies and it looks like her big in japan story is almost over. rip koots.

No. 301076

That's the best part. I couldn't keep up with my lies either, eventually you have to tell the truth, now I've moved on with my life.
I truly do wish dakota the best.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 301094

lmao STFU, no one cares.

No. 301101

stop namefagging and at least sage your blog posting. jesus fuck these newfags

No. 301104

File: 1493494468305.jpg (50.64 KB, 500x750, DakotaRose5.jpg)

i think it's obvious she would have turned out like this. coming from a mother and older sister obsessed with vanity who made her think she was some internet teen idol before she was even teenage (pic related). Only having her narc Regina George of a sister as a role model. And then going through the pressure of suddenly going viral as an inhumanly beautiful doll girl that she knew she was't.

i don't think ANYONE could have come out of that without having severe self image issues.

No. 301169


Shit, even then she looked much older then she was.

To me she looks 16-17 here.
( The unevenness in her bangs triggers me )

No. 301185


No. 301363

its the awful nasolabial folds her family all has

No. 301384

She's not going to ever tell the truth tho,so good for you. On her blog, her apology was half assed for her racists videos. That's if she even wrote the apology,I severely doubt it she would own up to her lies.

No. 301393

It's not much of an apology when she didn't even specify the shit she did. What is she apologizing for? Eating food from her friends fridge? Partying too much in the past? Picking fights with Kiki? Like, her apology was so vague. I do not consider it an apology at all.

No. 301491


I can't full remember it but didn't she just brush it off as " well, guises ! I was just a kid and kids do stupid stuff. "

No. 301622

TBH it's amazing watching her be a fat, balding joke in Japan surrounded by thin, happy models with full heads of hair who can actually get work. I honestly don't know who she thinks she's still fooling by pretending to be a model and not just Hiroshi's pocket pussy.

No. 301623

Forgot to type the rest of my post, hur.

I would give anything to time travel back to 2012 before Dakota ever heard from bravo, right as she went viral and show her pics of herself from the last 3 years plus a pic of Hiroshi and his wife. I couldn't even imagine her and Kiki's reaction.

No. 301647

File: 1493579736104.jpg (27.84 KB, 300x427, dakota-rose.jpg)


She's always been some balding twat that was lumpy. She may not even be fazed since I'm sure she's well aware of how shitty she looks. Why else would you shoop yourself to those extremes ?

I'm more curious if her shoops would look even grander now if she never left for Japan. They looked really decent when she started and almost believable ( when there were no photo evidence of her real looks )

(Pic related ) If she stuck with this editing and improved upon it. Just imagine what they'd look like.

No. 301659

Oh man, yeah then, that is so vague and could've meant anything. Had she listed the shitty things she's done and fully clarify, I think most of us would be less agitated by her. Honestly though, I think everyone here has the last laugh. Like others are saying, she's just getting chunky, balding, and slowly becoming a laughing stock in japan now.

No. 301700

File: 1493584810921.png (168.88 KB, 279x293, 1437180481197.thumb.png.477dfe…)

it really is hilariously ironic that she used to make fun of asians, and now she's a fat meat-face talentless joke who nobody cares about anymore beyond middle-aged south american and arab men who want to jerk off to little kids, living in a country full of adorable asian model girls who are infinitely more successful and better-looking and healthier than her, who aren't sucking old man dick to keep getting jobs


No. 301703

i'm really curious about what japanese/living-in-japan anons see when they google search 'dakota rose'. because most of the first hits here in 'murca are about her lies. i know google shows different results based on individuals, but i'm just wondering.

No. 301722

So, what would (in your opinion) be the best way to make her face shape look good?
The chin and meaty jaw especially. Obviously, the extremely thin hair is a very bad look, but very thick/wavy hair might also make her head look wider..

No. 301723


No. 301760

love this pic wish it could be spammed for all her followers to see

No. 301797


Weightloss wont change her bone structure. Nor will it affect her buccal fat as much either.

-Bangs will shorten the length of her face and cover her caveman brow and receding hairline.
-Shorter hair will give her hair more body and a break from extensions.
- Buccal fat removal + botox might make her lower face look a lot less meaty.
-Proper diet and a lot less sodium intake might help with the greyish tone in her skin aswell as help with the bloaty look in her face.
-Contouring the face, especially the jaw.

No. 301800

And this is a pic from when she was thinner…


She totally has to shave her jaw if she wants to look young, full stop. Botox only works for defined jaws by weakening the muscles, not fatty ones.

Also one of her eyes is a lot higher than the other. That can't really be fixed. It's also probably why she stopped wearing eyemakeup, it exagerrates how wonky they are.

No. 301861

File: 1493605895174.png (413.19 KB, 1000x440, Kotakotihomophobe.png)

idk if you guys saw it, but that apology was edited at least 3-4 times. each time it got more passive-agressive and less apologetic. The first one was the most genuine.

iirc she said that an adult lesbian woman was sending her sexual messages through formspring, and in one of them she described what she was wearing, and that freaked her out. so she vented with those homophobic slurs. For the racism, she said that she was actually making fun of some show, not actual asian people. Might be true, I think spoony might have been one of the people that got those videos off of stickam and i think even she said that in one of them they were making fun of Brock from pokemon.

BUT then again. Kiki is a raging homophobe who hates lesbians in particular, and Dakota did once say the guy from TheDirty was "cute for a colored guy", proof: https://gossip.thedirty.com/gossip/orlando/the-girl-who-hates-you-but-has-thedirty-com-bookmarked-on-her-computer/#post-574785

No. 301866

searching in japanese/while in japan brings similar results. many japanese people (who've ever had an interest in her) have known at least a little about kooters past and her photoshopping for a couple years now. it's not hard to find since the headlines about her lies are usually in the first few links..

No. 301890

You cared enough to reply.

No. 301913

you people are so stupid and just love your negative energy. that was a completely valid post.

No. 301916

Learn to sage, dumb-dumb.

No. 301997

It used to be dark blonde, these days it's straight up brunette unless she shoops it or is in certain lighting.

No. 302005

So much for her being a tarento, kek. Now the only gimmick she has left is "whitey speaks Japanese like an old thug".

No. 302006


Who wants a rude white chick on there show that if posted online they have to turn off comments ( or be copyrighted by Dakota ) I wouldn't be surprised if the news was spread around well, that she's rude,chubby and thinks she's entitled to claim their work if she doesn't look good.

No. 302049


I wonder what she must have to do to keep getting these strings pulled for her. She doesn't have anything to fall back on that justifies her still being signed to an agency after 2 years of spotty, inconsistent work and gradual weight gain, not to mention rapidly thinning hair and expanding face. Dakoko was at least always smart enough to keep her sex life private, unlike Kiki and Charms. Who knows, maybe she's a freak and her perv gimmick isn't an act.

No. 302170


She's with a new company and honestly I doubt she's going to have the same treatment. It looks like the company got her signed on the same way a client would and thats direct booking. Libera only got her paperwork and photoshopped images to base her worthiness off of. Once this contracts up, she's done.

2-4 months of being signed and only one gig ?
She wont last.

No. 302190

The Yoko thing was Libera too, right? Or just Fitt's? Because the Yoko shoot was around October/November 2016.

No. 302191

She literally should've stayed with bravo, she still haven't got a new job in 2-4 months. Bravo jumped hoops for her, her new agency don't give a shit about her. I think after this year her time will be up.

No. 302195

I don't think she stayed with Bravo as long as she did just by taking shit jobs like Eresuto High School and 5+ hour game streaming podcasts in full Lolita. I kind of knew once she started doing the same gigs as Yuka that she was done as a serious model. Yuka can't be a real model despite speaking fluent Japanese, being cuter and younger and thinner just because she fucker herself so hard with her pee videos and her partying. Once she and Dakota posted that pic together working for BTSSB she went way downhill.

No. 302197

Also Yuka really doesn't have the look to be a model. She's not photogenic and tbh is really plain and not in a blank canvas kind of way. Her face can't take a lot of make up or hairstyles. She could have maybe been a Talento sans pee videos, but she was never really model-y at all.
Neither she nor Koots have any business being models.

No. 302199

>I think after this year her time will be up.
if i had a penny for every time i've read this in the past 5 years lol. i still remember these comments on /cgl/, then pull, and now here.

No. 302205

If she really has a spouse visa she aint goin nowhere. Besides, if she quits trying to get famous, I'll have nothing to laugh at.

No. 302219

This. She clearly isn't worried about moving back in with her family, so she must be married. It would explain her letting herself go so hard.

No. 302229


Libera only enlist one gig .. If she had any gigs before the Fits job or around the same time it would be listed on the website, but instead it only list one job (Fits).


Feels more possible this time. She may not leave Japan, but she is likely to lose her model title within a year+. Before with Bravo she got a few gigs a month, and now she only gets one once 1-2 months.. Thats embarrassing.

She has no strong social media presence for them to want to keep her on .. ( maybe this is also why she went back to youtube and created a few more recentish videos )


What if she's working as a host (escort) ? Like another cow on here is in Japan ? ( I still don't feel convinced enough that she's married ).

No. 302248

If she was hosting, we'd hear about it.
That world is very very small and you can only be so inconspicuous.
The drama would be welcome though.

No. 302321

TOP KEK Im in love with you fartanon

I can totally imagine them both in high school being arrogant bitches bullying others.

im guessing she will pop out a baby soon and justifying ending her model career with that.

No. 302332

imo one of 2 things could happen. She could make like Felice and once everything's up, just disappear from internet without a trace. she's not like Kiki who's internet presence is her lifeblood because she's a nobody offline and needs constant validation from strangers. Maybe marry a rich gaijin fetishist.

or, knowing the ostrengas after modeling she might come up with something new. like become a clothing designer.. she's always wanted to do that apart from modeling.

No. 302333


How great would it be if she was discovered on a Japanese escort site like Sere was? Or some sugar baby site, carfishing older wealthy men with 6 year old shooped pics of herself.

No. 302337

After Babyfangni doubt she'll be able to do any kind of clothing or fashion design again. She didn't put any effort into it and just deleted everything and pretended it never happened after the fact. Nobody would do business with someone like that, knowing they would more than likely get screwed over by a foreigner.

No. 302385

I just can't get over how dry and crepe-y her undereye skin has always been, even when she was younger.

No. 302498

File: 1493688425173.jpg (641.71 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_n6epfw2reo1sq7yuxo1_128…)


No. 302529

How is her jaw and chin normal here? It looks almost as thin as Kaka's

No. 302534

Because she didn't reach puberty yet.

No. 302628

Yeah I think this time it's going to happen, its getting harder for her agency to find and keep jobs for her. She probably will try being a tarento again, since she is awful at modeling.

No. 302633

lolol what? she reached puberty way before those videos.

No. 302651

Nobody would hate her as a tarento, that's why she hasn't been on tv as a tarento in over a year. They only list her as such because she was at one point trying to be a tarento but failed because she's a rude, sandy twat.

No. 302652

>Nobody would hate her

*hire her. Fucking predictive text.

No. 302725

Your face takes a while to fully develop. For girls it's usually between the age of 15 and 20.

No. 303417

Which is why Dakota never looked as good in person as wen she first got to Japan. She was already aging out of her cute, youthful face and into her adult Cathy face, same pointy witch chin, nose, mouth lines and all. She even got fat like her mom, lel. And what's even better? Her old BFF Charms is also a fat, balding trainwreck too.

No. 303447

File: 1493821377318.jpg (303.81 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_6300.JPG)

Why doesn't she do anything about her hair… and that tiny neck isn't fooling anyone.

No. 303472


She has such a pointy large nose, but then again it could only look that way because she's shrinking everything else.

2 questions though :

1) Did she shrink her forehead in this pic ? Looks smaller in comparison to her other pics ..

2)Are those baby hairs of breakage ?

No. 303473

God I remember being 15 and having a bit of a crush on her back then, then being completely heartbroken when I found out about this.
Wouldn't even touch her with chopsticks now in any case. Lesbians don't want to fuck any girl from the same sex, we have standards. We like girls, not blobfishes, that would be beastiality.

No. 303493

I don't understand why she just doesn't get surgery on her chin to look more like her shoops. it would be an investment as she would get more modelling jobs in the long run and it would save her time photoshopping her images in to oblivion. Isn't surgery fairly cheaper and more advanced in asia, especially Korea? Can't she just hop a plane and go get herself a smaller face? lol

No. 303495

Shit, her under her eyes in the bottom pic, ew. That's why it's never a good idea to tape/glue/pull on your eye area all day every day.

No. 303504

holy shit this is a bad photo

No. 303505

her taste in jewelry/general style is so bad. everything is tacky af

No. 303509

File: 1493828662720.jpg (69.69 KB, 960x540, 18199341_1295921337194254_5606…)

I was thinking the same I just saw this photo on FB and it remind me of her, there are so many procedures in the field of surgery in Asia it makes me angry AF she prefers photoshop over a permanent change in her image

No. 303510


I'm getting the vibe that she doesn't like Kawaii trends/fashion/looks anymore, but also doesn't really have a choice because its all she's known for. ( Then again I don't think she actually ever liked it and only saw it as a cheap gimmick to get her attention )

Also because she's bum ass broke and can't even afford to get her nails done, new shoes, better hair extensions or possible even lenses anymore as she's stopped wearing them …


Holy fuck, is that real ?
Can you really fucking morph your lips now too ?

No. 303519

File: 1493829934848.png (854.72 KB, 817x450, Untitled.png)

just get the surgery already jesus

ikr looks like stuff a ten year old would pick out at claire's.

No. 303522

File: 1493830009261.jpg (16.66 KB, 490x349, 9af8e616a62d5178a842e211f4c479…)

I think so, if you look like this after a surgery in korea everything is possible lol
And yeah, the same thought crossed over my mind, I'm pretty sure she just jumped over the trendy train and thinked the kawaii/uguu/human doll was a goldmine and someday she'll be "famous" like her sister and in consequence get all the attention her sister stole in her puber years

No. 303523

kotex will probably never get surgery because she has no friends and doesn't go outside, so she apparently doesn't have a problem spending hours photoshopping herself all day every day.

i am surprised keeks hasn't had some kind of surgery yet though [that we know about]. probably just too vain to think she needs it

No. 303527

oh kiki is definitely too vain to think she would ever need sugery
>types something about fat filler injected pussy or something like that

No. 303539

File: 1493830842484.jpg (117.02 KB, 600x827, koot.jpg)

yes surgery would be such an improvement tbh.

i wonder if kooter will get herself together this year. maybe eventually become somewhat close to the likeness of her old shoops and fake measurements? at this point it's just embarrassing. i feel like within the next year she's going to look like a whole new level of bad. her face already looks so scary in her yt videos.

No. 303551

File: 1493832194713.png (334.1 KB, 454x531, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.18…)

Could lacking B12 and Protein be why Dakota is going even more bald … I mean she's always had thin shitty hair, but after years of a shitty diet.. Maybe ?

( Not the image is actually just makeup and a wig to demo what lacking those vitamins and protein would look like )

Video incase someone wants to watch it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peZwRUbcPQE

( Replace this girls and her love for potatoes with Kota and her love for cabbage )

No. 303553

File: 1493832569650.jpg (1.11 MB, 1564x1564, 20170503-854048130.jpg)

Fuck, I tried ya'll.

No. 303564

probably accurate. needs her protruding apple cheekbone tho. she probably airbrushed it out

No. 303583

Does she have a bunch of smeared mascara on her undereye area here? lel

No. 303584

I snorted

No. 303609

now that's the kooter we all know and love!

No. 303694

Okay but this is completely unattractive

No. 303698

She looks like a Hartley hooligan in the first picture…

No. 303726

I don't know, the photo was just a reference on what korean surgery is capable to do and if kooters had the money could look exactly the same as her bad photoshopped pics (i personaly prefer plumped lips tho)

No. 303758

And if she lost weight before/after the surgery she could write the change in her face off as weightloss.

Sure some people would still know but the mass would be just kind of ''meh'' about it

No. 303763

the shape of her lips is one of the things that change the most every year. around 2010 she had that horrible sharp cupid's bow, in 2012 she was drawing them much smaller than they were, and now she draws over them. that's probably why she won't do anything to them cosmetically. with makeup and photoshop you can change your mind and reshape them again, but not with surgery.

No. 303898

That fucking chin.
That everything.

> can't even afford to get her nails done, new shoes, better hair extensions or possible even lenses anymore

I wonder about this now, did she get this desperate for dollars after Bravo canned her?

Gross, what's happening here? Are they making lips smaller?

No. 303911

Holy gosh, what kind of surgery did they do to her? I can see a jaw shave, but what else? How did they fix her eyes? She had a cute nose and lip shape before, I'm glad that the rest of her features are now also pretty to match. Korean surgery fascinates me.

No. 303947

File: 1493862881078.jpg (62.21 KB, 584x611, fb.jpg)

>She was already aging out of her cute, youthful face
you sure you're not just thinking of her photoshop? cause to me her real face hasn't changed much at all.

No. 304022

No, I'm thinking of her Bravo debut video. Her real face was nothing like her pics, and was ugly in comparison, but compared to now she was cuter and had a more youthful face then. Now she looks busted af.

No. 304070

Cheek implants or fillers. They even did her ears..

No. 304085

The lighting is different in the before pic and she's wearing makeup in the after along with flattering soft lighting, there's no harsh shadows like in the before.

No. 304097

Different anon but kek

No. 304099

File: 1493874397982.jpg (168.76 KB, 1564x949, 1493821377318.jpg)

No. 304113

omg did you faceapp her

No. 304115

that vid was shooped too

she has never looked good or cute

No. 304184

I'm most impressed this is only 3 months later? Idk I thought your face would still be looking pretty rough or you would at least space out your procedures a bit rather than doing them all at once but eh it is korea

No. 304205

her apartment looks big though in here >>303447
considered this even is hers.

would be another point for actually being married.

>implying plastic surgery companies dont use make up and ton of photoshop to advertise their business
kek, are you dumb anon?

but for real, you can do a lot. still most of the times it looks a lot better on pictures than irl or on video. Most of the time especially the mouth area just looks weird and off to me. but idk, i can understand it. Especially those girls with extremely deformed jaws.

there is this korean makeover tv show "let me in" and they have a lot of videos from before - after on youtube.

sage for ot and no contrib

No. 304228

Her nose is so weird, and looka misplaced on her face.

No. 304262

File: 1493896018811.jpg (47.6 KB, 560x315, IMG_5266.JPG)

This was the pic I was thinking of. Cute, not beautiful, not model material, just plain and cute.

No. 304274

File: 1493897244487.jpg (64.75 KB, 671x428, IMG_5268.JPG)

I was looking through google images and I found a new (to me) pic of Kooter in some shampoo commercial, but the video is private.

Here's the link though: http://twdoga.net/kawaii/1663/

No. 304275

File: 1493897267431.jpg (102.64 KB, 480x720, IMG_5270.JPG)

No. 304287


Or simply just having a room mate to split the rent with. She barely even has furniture, and maybe that inhaler was actually a room mates … Why marry someone and help them with rent but nothing else ? She looks like shit,dresses like shit,eats like shit and is one step away from looking homeless.

Worse case scenario is she occasionally sleeps around for money.

And yes, Korean clinics edit ALL of there before and afters.


This is old and even here you can tell she gained a significant amount of weight since entering Japan.

No. 304314

>Worse case scenario is she occasionally sleeps around for money.

I'd believe it. It would explain all those random nice traditional style dinners she goes to with "friends" she can't take pics of or be seen with.

>she gained a significant amount of weight since entering Japan.

Not surprising. Without her parents buying groceries for her she only eats candy, convenience food and fried/boiled everything else.

No. 304322


tbh I wouldn't be surprised if her "direct booking" thru her website is also used for escorting.

I'd love to see those leaked emails.

No. 304352

>trying to make it look like she still get's work
nice try, koots
lazy anon. took me 2 minutes to find it elsewhere ts ts ts ts
it's from 2012

>shampoo commercial
>with koots

No. 304433

I drew on her face in photoshop and I copied the lines on her face from >>303519 but I was surprised how bad and old she looks

No. 304445

Has she been typecast as a mannequin or something? First that music video and now a shampoo commercial.

No. 304449

why is her head so…. flat

No. 304566

Kyary is in it too? Wow, they really tried to make Dakota a thing in Japan. I wonder how far someone with actual manners and personality would have gotten with all her handouts.

No. 304567

Well, to be fair, the shampoo commerical is 3 years old…I think. It was from when she was first getting a lot of work. So back then she was typecasted as "real Barbie come to life." The commerical is rare as fuck because as soon as it hit YT it was copyrighted by Kiki.

No. 304568

Kek, they didn't let Dakota do a model walk at the end with the other girls.

"Real Barbie" shooping fail probably.

No. 304890

I wonder if anyone here tried to book her or knows because it would explain how her inconsistent cash flow + flaunting fakes matches right up with other Japan escort cows.

There was that one anon who was spilling deets earlier…

No. 305033

Leaked emails?

No. 305039

They meant that if there were any they'd love to read them…

No. 305054

File: 1493980454804.jpg (398.91 KB, 2030x2560, IMG_5337.JPG)

I love how confused she looks by the shampoo.

>claims "dark blonde"

>studio lighting & it still looks light brown
>in a commercial from 2012

So has she legit been shopping her hair lighter for 4 years? Because it's the same medium brunette in all her unedited work too.


No. 305071

File: 1493982716300.jpg (156.67 KB, 600x900, LQci4p6pwcY.jpg)

tbh i always used think whoever called her "blonde" was fucking blind. however, it's true that in very, very rare lighting it can look legit blonde. these two pics are from the same day in different lighting conditions.

No. 305122

The contrast/brightness on the bigger pic was turned way up too, it's not just lighting. But yeah, her being "blonde" is a pipe dream she refuses to let go of because she's so basic that her hair color has to be a selling point, since being white and blue eyed isn't enough for her and Kiki.

No. 305126


I think she lightened her when during the first few years there.

No. 305134

File: 1493992941696.jpg (338.83 KB, 720x720, 20170505_224154.jpg)

Anon I don't think being blonde is something that special.

Dakota is blonde. It's just not like Dakota/Elle Fanning's/barbie kind of blonde, just blonde.

Pic is dark blonde vs light brown, Dakota's natural hair isn't in the light brown team imo.

No. 305138

Both light brown and dark blonde have super light ends but you can tell the difference looking at the hair roots.

Dakota's hair roots never show/ look dark compared to the rest of her hair.

No. 305157

This. Unless you live in Sweden or something and you're used to super light blondes so much that it warped your perception of colors, saying that Dakota is a brunette is kinda delusional. It's not a big deal anyway. She's blonde, let's move on.

No. 305167

Thank you anon. And there are a LOT of different shades of blonde.

No. 305358

File: 1494016359205.jpg (68.84 KB, 525x525, IMG_5338.JPG)

I agree, it's not, but Dakota's hair is darker than dark blonde now. It was dark blonde in 2011-2012, but as Cathy's hair did and now Kiki's hair is doing, it's darkening with age. She wasn't ever gonna stay the blonde she was as a kid if Cathy didn't, dye or not.

That said, if I took her hair color now and put it up against any box dye color chart it would be called light brown, not dark blonde. And at what point will she ever stop being "dark blonde"? Kiki still calls herself a blonde and her hair is medium brown now. IIRC Cathy has very dark/black hair, probably dyed though.

>sage for ~hair color is a spectrum~ and kooter & spergy being darkblondes by technicality until it's not cool anymore bs

No. 305361

That's not really a fair argument, considering Dakota doesn't have enough left to really tell either way.

No. 305371

No. 305457

No it wasn't. that picture was part of a series of candid pics that were all unedited, stop making shit up out of thin air.

>Unless you live in Sweden
you would be surprised how many blonde people in Nordic countries are actually dyed. In Iceland Dakota's hair color is called skollitaður, it's an ash dark blonde/light brown. It's the color that people who were platinum blonde as kids typically grow into as their hair darkened after puberty, and it's the most common natural hair color in Iceland. Women usually don't like it and often dye it lighter blonde.

No. 305465

She looks like Kojirina in that first screenshot

No. 305512

if you compare your chart with her picture here >>287678 she actually has some ash blond or wheat blond going on. Though it depends on lighting. A hairstylist once explained the difference to me: blond hair of whatever shade becomes seethrough when sunlight shines through. Thatswhy the strain that is laying on top of her head almost looks like swedish blond and which is also the reason why her hair looks different in the next picture here >>303553 because there was nearly no lightning and it was night time and probably because it was already greasy (btw what was she trying to prove here, that she is not indeed fat?).
In >>303553 most of her hair looks like a greyish ash blond, but again the strains on her hair look light blond.

No. 305551

There's something wonky about her chin on this commercial. They did a ton of filtering to the commercial, but the chin size warps around. Even her hair on that upper image bends with a hard angle at the chin.

What's funny is that she probably never met Kyary. It's clear they were filmed at two different times.

No. 305617

Sage because this argument is getting stupid, but by stylist terms she is blonde. Haircolor is broken up by levels and I would put her at a level 7. 7 ash if we're being technical. She is very cool-toned so her hair can look much darker in certain light because of its ashy untertone. Probably also explains why her skin dulls out easily too.

No. 305846

she's so fucking ugly

No. 305874

File: 1494071843372.jpg (38.1 KB, 300x450, kill me.jpg)

the angry vegans in the comment section

No. 306136

i agree arguing about her hair color seems reaching. who the fuck cares if she is blond or not. Either way she is fugly. even if her hair would have a nicer tone she would still be ugly.

No. 306355

pretty sure its an argue topic bc kotex and keeks both will screech to the grave about being blonde and ppl think anyone who says they are blonde are an ostrenga in disguise.

i mean i dont doubt a lot are but its hard to tell bc of all the shop.

No. 306417

No. 306428

what crawled up into your ass?

No. 306430

>Speedy Gonzalez
the fuck?

No. 306471

god i hate hipsters

No. 306509

It's someone from podunk, Kentucky who thinks their tacky Chinese character goods are worth over $100 because she calls it "vintage" and 80s/90s. It's the same tacky, cheap crap Dakota has been buying for years.

No. 306648


I legit thought it was an ugly fast food restaurant uniform for the " burrito " she was waiting for ..

Just lowkey showing how far she has fallen that she's serving burritos to Japs.

No. 307097

Those jackets used to be called race car jackets. All the 90s kids use to wear this shit,I swear. Koots trying to show love to her Hispanic fans huh.

No. 308991

Well,, she did have a chola phase.

No. 309213

File: 1494430775072.jpg (36.05 KB, 180x231, 20170510_113828.jpg)

kek just realized kooter is the splitting image of this picture of yung jodie foster

No. 309217

holy fuck. They look exactly the same, that's so freaky.

No. 309240

…I assumed this was her lmao

No. 309257

No. 309264

File: 1494435012352.jpg (35.19 KB, 640x480, 183602709_640.jpg)

Dakota wishes she looked like young Jodie Foster.

No. 309290

File: 1494437246274.png (534.24 KB, 464x595, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.26…)

Who wouldn't ;)

No. 309293


Proof that Dakota could look good if she tried. Too bad she chooses not to and so every time someone critiques her the screeching stans swoop in.

No. 309318

she's, like, 14 here. The 70s was a strange, strange time.

No. 309377

damn i love lolitas like her what about you guys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 309391

No. 309731

Wow you are spot on!!!

No. 309733

Holy shit, thought it was her.

She could but Jodie's face isn't as gross and her eyes are aligned.

No. 309954


She looks like an average blonde, white girl you'd see on the street in her early photos. Am I missing something…?

No. 309961

My hair can look like Dakota's in these pics depending on lighting. Outside, I'm blonde. Inside, I'm brunette. I can see why anons are debating this, but her hair color is actually called blonette (it's basically in-between blonde and brunette).

No. 310033

>average blonde, white girl you'd see on the street
i guess that's the point.
i never really liked the jodie foster look with her thin hair and her thin lips, but at least she had a look going and i like her acting.

No. 310161

File: 1494527397478.png (317.64 KB, 936x404, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 2.28…)

Guess its that time of the month for her.. You know, when she finally decides to bathe herself.

No. 310191

This is fucking scary.

No. 310271

She has been somewhat active on ig lately. Do you guys think that her new contract requires her to post more and interact with fans? She has been answering some Japanese comments

No. 310273

Dat liquify + blur

No. 310385

How did Dakota originally become famous in Japan? ive been reading her threads for awhile but I'm not sure of the original stuff. Any links to the original threads?
Saged of course

No. 310424

Why is the link about kooters on bravo models page still working?

No. 310538

It's like the opposite of what she looks like in real life. The fuck is this even.

No. 310551

She looks legit dirty to me tho. What kind of look is she trying to pull off here? I have no idea

No. 310558

File: 1494556698611.png (824.14 KB, 967x544, lolita_film_1997.png)

"I'm a young loli that just came out of the bath, I'm totes pure and thin"

No. 310566

holy shit, i used to watch her videos a long time ago and even then she was being accused of photoshopping evrrything, i haven't seen her since then and her photoshopping has gotten so extreme. she should just let the idea of having internet fame go and live a normal life.

No. 310627

It's passed the point of absurdity. Like who the fuck is still buying this shit?

No. 310656

This is hilarious. It's like her thoughts were "Oh better leave the dark undereye circles, don't want it to look too fake"

No. 310670

File: 1494564726507.png (103.81 KB, 1240x1200, IMG_2684.PNG)

It looks like she's off the Libera site now, too? So does she not have an agency anymore?

No. 310696

File: 1494565768303.png (266.39 KB, 460x446, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 1.04…)

No. 310701

File: 1494566098509.png (535.67 KB, 993x399, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 1.05…)

Let me explain

I can't be arsed to find a pic that perfectly sums up what i know Dakota's going for, but it's basically the 2017 edition of heroin chic. Everyone's accusing her of trying to look like an "alien baby" which isn't like, inaccurate, but it's really obvious that she wishes she looked like a high fashion model. Probably since she's not doing so well as an actual model lately. The girls she's emulating have bulbous facial features and seem to like having stringy weird avant-instagrammable hair that they can pull off and get away with because they're insanely beautiful.

You're welcome

No. 310708

Maybe they saw her IRL.

No. 310721

>that girl
>insanely beautiful

sure jan

No. 310723

wasn't the fitts commercial enough? I'm confused

No. 310728

File: 1494567572564.png (379.04 KB, 478x482, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.0…)

hmmm isn't that whole alien model era dead with moli blair being a thing only in ss'15

also I think in 2017 being conventionally pretty is the only relevant thing like the whole heroin chic aesthetic is just clothes even that ali model u posted isn't a thing anymore it's all about being pretty by normie standards ie gigi

No. 310737

I'm kind of weirded out by this. I shouldn't be because it's been a long time coming but everything seems to have fallen apart so suddenly. I wonder what will happen now.

No. 310753

I would not even recognize this as her if I saw it elsewhere on the web.
Girl has gone off the rails. I would at least hope she's getting some money promoting pducts on instagram with her fake ass face, but pretty sure she isn't. Which makes me wonder what the point of changing herself this much is.

No. 310831


Maybe they weren't as okay with being catfishes with heavily shooped candids like Bravo was for so long.

No. 310832


Goddamn autocorrect

No. 310834

I think maybe her contract with them ended. Maybe it was a two year contract from 2015 (when she was doing tons of talento work) and now they aren't renewing. I wonder if another agency will pick her up.

No. 310840

Her Libera gig didn't last that long. She had one job with them, right? And the feedback was so bad they had to disable comments on one of the Fitt's videos. If you mean Bravo, there's no logical reason for her to have been with Bravo and Popteen for as long as she was.

No. 310848

No I think that she was working with Libera for a while before. But they weren't her primary/mother agency so she didn't appear on their website. I think that Bravo worked Libera to get her Tarento work because that isn't Bravo's focus.

No. 310852

Not a good look, without makeup she looks like that kid off home alone.

No. 310858

Libera saw her in person,looked at the measurements and realize she was a catfish. Everyone already knows she's a fraud no point and continuing that Barbie gig gimmick.

No. 310886

File: 1494583174948.jpeg (94.5 KB, 815x543, 96B25F72-AEF4-4D69-BD83-5B633F…)

She's been sporting the Macaulay look for at least half a year

No. 310895

So what now? Can she get an English teaching job? Maybe work as a translator, you know if this whole model/tarento thing doesn't work out?I wonder what her next move will be, this is if she hasn't married yet.

No. 310898

So is she signed with any agency now??
Shes gotta have a spousal visa..

No. 310994



>teaching English

Topkek. Dakota wouldn't do anything that makes her seem like some filthy normie.

No. 310996


Just some tinfoiling :

What if she lost her contract to Bravo due to a breakup with one of the workers there that was keeping her on ? Like she was dating a manager or was their go to slut and things went sour so they stopped signing for her ? Like everyone keeps saying, there was no legit reason to keep her signed on so long..

Now with Libera, they got her signed thru direct booking and had no damn clue what she looked like until her first job. Then came the negative backlash, and they decided to keep her until the end of her short contract of 3 months ?? maybe ??

I think modelling agencies do short contracts, don't they ? Maybe the only had her signed for 3 months as a trial model before deciding if the want her full on.


Work probably as a host or prostitute, or give up and pack her bags for Florida and do what Kiki is doing… Shitty film.

Either or will probably deliver some tasty milk.

No. 310999

I've been suspicious ever since she made her Instagram. It's too convenient that she dropped off the radar after her initial bump and came back with a big new apartment, a bunch of TV tarento gigs, speaking Japanese (with no lessons, as she claims) like an older male who uses a lot of casual speech and slang) and her own jewelry brand. Not to mention her ring she never takes off, even when she's not wearing any makeup or jewelry. And it doesn't help that her first Instagram pic was of her in a wedding dress with just the caption "wedding" and not anything about a shoot or a job (until later). People who don't know much about her still comment on that old ass pic asking if she's married. Plus, it would explain why a vain narcissist like Dakota would let herself go so badly- clearly she feels safe enough to do nothing but eat junk food and play video games most days.

No. 311014

was the wedding dress for a shoot? or is it still unexplained?

No. 311030


It was for a photoshoot.

I get the vibe she didn't mention it on her IG because it was also around the same time she was trying to convince people she was dating that one Japan Celeb by posting pictures of owning/having the same shit. ( ie : Sweater , pillows ect )

Maybe Dakota was given a promise ring by one of those player dudes ( for got what they're called ). I remember reading stories of guys that hit on foreigners and make the girls believe that they are special and what not, but the dudes only want sex. Some even give the girls promise rings that are cheap little shit tier rings like Koot's.

No. 311042


Taiko Katono as Kota's cover boyfriend? I believe she'd do something trashy like have a younger side guy to ease suspicion. We all know how much her and Kiki used to love trashy celebs like Paris Hilton and OG JStar.

No. 311049

>younger side guy
it's not like she's in her mid thirties. that whole saga was really odd though, all those times she was coincidentally wearing the same clothes

No. 311054

It's trashy if she's married. It's also trashy to marry your manager just to live off him so you don't have to live with your parents or get a real job.

No. 311056

oh god i remember that. trying to leave "breadcrumbs" so people will think they are dating. how cringy.

i reckon she is married though. there is no way to finance her lifestyle with so few jobs in japan. her parents are poor so its not like she has family money to fall on.

No. 311080

ahh misunderstood what you meant, my bad.
it's the only reason I'm still following her honestly, she's so boring these days - the reveal of her husband will be such good milk

No. 311156

Thissssss. Dakota fucked herself from the start by trying to lie her way into being a successful, flawless celebrity when she was none of those things. She's a washed up internet meme who does some modeling sometimes when her famous friends throw her a bone.

No. 311227

File: 1494614297828.jpg (38.08 KB, 500x667, 636589-500w.jpg)

I mean yeah, it does actually strike me as being a little bit dated. I probably shouldn't have used the phrase 2017 lol. Still though I expect that working in japan dakota is exposed to a lot of alien baby looking russian models, since those are the ones that are particularly popular over there

You're on lolcow though so your standard of beauty is probably closer to Taylor R than naturally attractive people like pic related

No. 311233

She doesn't look bad but desperately needs to fix her hideous brows.

No. 311251

Well, I guess we'll see what happens, will she just stop getting any jobs whatsoever from now on? What are the chances someone else will sign her?

No. 311277

She doesn't know proper English and only speaks Japanese like an old man bc it was learnt from the old man she lives with.

>the reveal of her husband will be such good milk

I'd be so here for this. It likely will be revealed after they get divorced and she's sent packing.

The "off duty model" is allowed shitty brows. That's what Koots is trying to recreate in those selfies. Problem is she's neither off duty nor a model.

No. 311284

File: 1494616865358.jpg (241.71 KB, 600x600, dff8489a02cec7340481abb9f28ceb…)

>hideous brows
Her brows are like the crux of her career though so not really. It's a Cara D situation

>Problem is she's neither off duty nor a model.
This tbh

No. 311288


How long do you suppose until said marriage is up ?

I mean with all that weight gain and balding … The fact that said spouse also doesn't buy her new shoes or proper fitted clothing that doesn't appear to be from the discount rack/thrift stores like what she's always wearing. Doesn't also seem to buy her shampoos/conditioner for her greasy scalp or proper groceries ( cabbage ). God, all we know is her poorness might even be why she finally stopped wearing lenses and makeup.

How much could a spouse love their significant other if all they do for them is give them a place to live and fuck'em ?

No. 311314

Woah.. Dakota's thread is the biggest reach ever

>Sugar daddy

>Married to her manager
>No friends
>No jobs
>Agencies never know how she looks like irl and hire her, then they kick her out because measures aren't the same and she's fat!!!1


The only funny thing is that girl literally continues shoping her pictures without giving a fuck, the rest are just pretty weak theories.

>Hi Dakota!1
>Hi Kiki!1

No. 311320

tbh there are shittier weebs getting gigs in Japan so, it's not impossible for her to get something but to afford that apartment … idk

No. 311324

>no friends
>no jobs

these aren't reaching

No. 311329

>weak theories

So you're saying she doesn't have a sugar daddy, is rich, is married to someone NOT her manager (the ring), has friends we NEVER see, is beautiful and gets tons of jobs?

No. 311332

hi ostrenga shill~

No. 311338

her family is confirmed poor though. there is proof.

No. 311347

Well I mean some of it is speculation but she hasn't worked since January/February and both of her agencies did drop her. I mean she's no longer on either site, so what's your explanation for them dropping her?

No. 311354


I love how every time Dakota goes quiet and releases some bad work pics and the milk starts slowly dripping, someone comes in here and makes a huge post about how pathetic everyone here is and how hard we reach and cherry pick photos of her to make her look bad.

What these stans don't seem to get is that Dakota provided the lolcow fuel herself by being fat, balding, getting bad reviews and failing at everything she tries.

No. 311379

There are uglier white webs with better Japanese in Japan getting better non-brand modeling jobs than Dakota who live in much smaller apartments. It's not reaching, adults who pay actually work and pay bills for a living know that Dakota isn't paying for that apartment by herself unless she's doing other work secretly on the side or someone gave it to her. And there's no such thing as 5-year modeling contracts with built in home and living expenses in lieu of payment, either. If that were the case then agencies would cram even more models in shitty apartments and pay them even less.

No. 311388

Could you imagine the apartment wasn't actually hers…

And she was just crashing at a friends apartment this entire time …

Like why does she sleep in the smaller room rather than the bigger one with the built in closet ? Why doesn't she wear any of those other shoes in the closet ?


No. 311395

I don't think it's a stan. She literally doesn't interact with anyone to make any fans. The few human comments on her IG account are by strange men from arabic countries.

No. 311400

Yeah but as soon as you start saying "hi Kiki" or "monstrenga" they shit their pants and derail the thread with their blatant autism. Kiki or outed as Sperg-chan only because she broke a rule, but other cows who post here are protected by he same rules as the cows- as long as you don't break the rules repeatedly you won't be outed and mods won't check your IP.

Dakota, Kiki, and their parents and Hiroshi could have all posted here at some point, and could at any time, and we wouldn't even know unless they fuck up big like Cringelord Kaka.

No. 311438

Funny imagery but I kind of doubt Hiroshi is white knighting Koots here. The Ostrengas though, probably.

No. 311635

Some of these theories aren't reaching anon.

No. 311638

Welp another dakota stan believing dakota achieve this by herself.

No. 311790

I don't think Hiroshi knows english enough to do it and the Ostrengas are pretty consistent.

They always bring up very specific things (money, jobs, friends, imagined success) that only Koots' ego would care to defend.

No. 311854

How jog does Dakotas apartment cost? I mean apartments are slot in Japan and that's a really nice one so there's obwat she could afford it from the small amount of modelling she does. Though instagram sponsorships and YouTube money might be able to add up..

No. 311859

She doesn't use YT and insta enough to pay for that apartment. She hardly uses YT, honestly I'm impressed she's still with FullScreennaince she only uploads a few videos a year now.

No. 311882

She claims the smaller room is for making videos and the bigger room is the one she actually sleeps in and spends time in. Basically she's claiming her bedroom is a prop for videos she hasn't made in over a year.

No. 311890

agree with everything tbh lol. but we're not allowed to believe different from these "theories" unless you wanna be hounded down by the every regular of this thread. so i just quietly roll my eyes.

No. 311900

Except most of these theories are facts so..

No. 311931

I really feel like aggressive stanning that derails threads and just throws insults at users (jelly faggot hater stalkerzzz) should be temp bannable. Every time something actually intriguing about Cooter comes to light the threads get run into the ground by Kiki-tier projection and 2008 slang.

No. 311941


Soooo… It is possible that its someone else's apartment ?

Like the larger room was quite barren minus the self shrine she built on the window ledge. I also wonder why she took the video down, like was her flatmate unimpressed by her filming their home. ( Though I guess its entirely possible its a bfs room.. Still don't buy that she's married. )

No. 311942

File: 1494682057988.png (315.1 KB, 931x524, Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.22…)


Ack. Meant to post these with it.


(Hope the like works )

No. 311987

Wait, so there are 3 rooms? The pink one with her fan crap and dresser, this one and the big one with the furry bedspread?

No. 312002


No, she probably just didn't have that blanket on her bed at the time. She's also placed in on her couch sometimes.

No. 312025

i don't think taylor r nor that girl are attractive

basic white girls with bad eyebrows do not strike me as "insanely beautiful". she looks average

No. 312035

No. 312052

Couldnt agree more. Average white girl with good skin and terrible eyebrows

No. 312086

File: 1494699526210.jpg (162.9 KB, 630x630, Kelly-Mittendorf-The-Model-Wal…)

"lmao i like commercial models" - anon

try again when you get some taste in white models who are actually striking and stand out

No. 312090

I agree with you, but ew. Couldn't you have used a better example?

No. 312119

Agree with you too anon, I think Miranda Kerr is striking.

No. 312145

feel free to post one, kelly mittendorf just has a face that looks like nothing i've ever seen. she's really bizarre-looking and, to me, that's more beautiful than an average "pretty girl next door" look.

No. 312152

uhhhm … no. looking like you have some kind of face deformity doesnt make you look beautiful. she looks like she has a tumour in her forehead growing.

No. 312159

You would probably say this about a literal inbred hick with birth deformities if someone gave her a middle parting in her hair, put her in a black dress and stuck her on the cover of a magazine.

No. 312163


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I agree that the caveman original Anon posted is fugly but if she thinks that's pretty then… Whatever

No. 312190

we can all at least agree on the fact that someone who looks deformed has had 1000 times more success and fame in modeling than kotex, lol

No. 312204

This is true.

No. 312645


That because deformed people are a unique sort of ugly where as Dakota is just ugly.

You don't see deformities as often as you see ugly people.

No. 314371

File: 1494984871635.jpg (112.75 KB, 528x1080, IMG_5988.JPG)

This (Kristina Pimenova) is what kaka and kooters wish they looked like, an 11 year old who so far has had more success than what they can ever dream of having.

No. 314406

File: 1494987950560.jpg (336.8 KB, 1163x611, surekoots.jpg)

Damn, how many poses did she steal from this girl's insta?

No. 314448

File: 1494993108458.jpg (36.8 KB, 990x634, 342.jpg)

thats also the one that is actually signed with bravo and she is absolutely gorgeous already.
Koots in comparison looks like a little alien abnormality.

No. 314639

IIRC Kristina got signed with Bravo when she was 9 after going viral for being a kawaii underage dolly beauty. Basically she stole Dakotas entire gimmick and then Dakota became a Kristinaclone, started copying her look/poses, shopping herself smaller and younger looking, not wearing jewelry or makeup, etc. Dakota's 15 minutes are over, no more purikura machines and makeup collabos and kawaii magazine covers for her, now she's just clinging to the scraps of her former self.

No. 314649

Kek, her hair is lighter than Dakota's and it's listed as light brown.

No. 314671

File: 1495034740613.png (413.18 KB, 1242x1866, IMG_6685.PNG)

>she stole Dakotas entire gimmick
With absolutely no effort

No. 314678

>she stole dakotas entire gimmick
anon youre retarded. without question.
kristina stole nothing. kristina didnt get plastic surgery to look any different from herself. she just looks like she does naturally.
she just happens to embody everything dakota every wanted to be, without doing anything for it despite being young, beautiful and having sane adults around her who are able to advance her in her career.

No. 314684

no one said she stole it by trying.

No. 314692

She stole the spotlight from Dakota for being a beautiful, natural (bs in Dako's case ofc), delicate living doll-girl. That was Dakota's gimmick. But as soon as Kristina P came on the scene in Japan, Dakota changed her look and her shopping style, stopped getting work with Popteen, gained hella weight and faded into what she is now. She stopped updating basically everything but twitter and insta and occasionally gets work through her successful friends that shows just how badly she's aging and how poorly she takes care of herself.

Meanwhile, Kristina rockets to the top, is landing high end contracts in multiple countries, and is labeled "the most beautiful girl in the world" and a supermodel/actress as well, before even hitting puberty. Dakota got rid of her bangs, copied her poses, wore those awful huge lenses and started doing what I can not assume is her attempt at a youthful, nude style that honestly just doesn't work with her harsh features.

>sage for stoned rambling

No. 314702

I thought that was Dakota in the thumbnail for a sec, wow.
She's probably going to grow up to naturally look the way Dakota wishes she does.

No. 314706

This girl is definitely the inspiration for Dakota's shoop & style change.

No. 314708

She looks like an average kid there (and I guess in reality/daily life), which just makes this so much sadder for Dakota tbh.
So washed up that she couldn't top an 11 year old and protect her position in the modelling game, RIP.

No. 314715

sage bc pointless but omg shes cute

No. 314851

File: 1495053079756.jpg (59.54 KB, 808x565, 3453.jpg)

>looks like average kid
ikr? but she got it all going.

No. 314893

This explains everything. I wondered why she picked the most ugly, unattractive part of that video to post.

No. 314909

the resemblance is sooooooo darn creepy. I freaks me out. Looks like she wanted to scalp Kristina and wear her face.

No. 314938

Can you choose the thumbnail for IG videos?

No. 314946

I was thinking that too. Just one with good basic features who grew into them early in a Brook Shields way.

No. 314949

No. 314980

jfc kooter is so ugly here WHY
and why tf did she warp her head like that?, why would anyone think that looks good ?? wtf

No. 314985

Effortless beauty. People may argue she's average or she's really beautiful, but this kid is objectively good looking if you throw out personal preferences.

It's sad when an adult tries to copy a child's beauty. Of course she looks like a living doll. She's a little girl! My niece looks like a doll too.

Anyways, have to agree that Kooters is mimicking Kristina, but this is probably one of the least likely looks Kooters is capable of pulling off.

No. 314994

She was trying to make her head smaller and shorter like a child, while also increasing size of eyes. Instead her head is shaped like spongebob.

No. 315000

File: 1495065154408.png (776.52 KB, 1134x522, creepy.png)

So I went to that girl's instagram to see if there were any other similarities…

No. 315002

the kid's face looks more mature than whatever the fuck she's shopping herself into here

No. 315006

can someone explain to me how she is able to shoop her head into that alien shape in a video?


No. 315016

No. 315029

makes you wonder why she didnt just freaking get surgery instead

No. 315077

ahh, funny how dakota had everyone shooping themselves into her & copycating. now she's doing the same for Kristina. that shit takes effort.

i think she was inspired by some other model Gemma Ward or something back in the day. but at least her creepy cute highschool pretty girl look was original at the time.

remembers shoujo koots

No. 315174

Aftereffects. It's photoshop for video. It's a LOT of work but kooter's delusion knows no bounds.

No. 315183

no matter how much they try, monstrengas just can't compete with actual natural beauty.

I bet both of them screech and froth everytime Kristina posts a new pic

No. 315195

File: 1495082869120.jpg (32.79 KB, 400x599, dakota-rose.jpg)

her old edit style was so attractive because she actually looked the opposite of cute. Her face looked hot in a mature way, she looked like a teenage girl with a mature face and delicate features, who wore very cute and frilly clothes. Now she's trying to look like an actual child, so she's literally lost the whole appeal of her image. The appeal wasn't that she was "cute", it was that she was hot with a cute style. Pic related and sage for pointless commentary. Her shoops now, even when done "well", are honestly just plain boring to look at. If she still did her old style of makeup and photoshop I would honestly still follow her social media even if I knew it was fake. At least back then her pictures drew people in. Her photos now are just boring as fuck

No. 315231

Okay so she might use aftereffects (or used to) but if not, she might play it on her laptop, tilt the screen a bit down, and film it on another device, and maybe put a filter on it. That particular video looks particularly shitty, so I think that may be what she did for that one. You know how when you take a picture of someone on tv and you can make their faces look really strange by tilting your phone forwards or backwards.

No. 315246

Shit anon. I think you just described what I've never been able to put my finger on about her.

No. 315248

If she was filming it on another device, you'd see screen flicker. it's AE.

No. 315258

after effects is literally photoshop for video. It's not that hard. She probably just imported her video into a composition and skewed it.

No. 315263

File: 1495087762292.png (1.11 MB, 922x611, Untitled.png)

ugh i miss her old style

No. 315271

same. It's like … I know it's fake but I don't mind looking at it. The thing on the right on the other hand… I'd rather not see that lol

No. 315299

oh wow, this really puts into perspective just how much her shoops have changed. the one on the left is fake but it's at least plausible and could be seen as aspirational, the one to the right is some straight up uncanny valley shit

No. 315315

She has been using AE for ages. I remember the days when she came on CGL to pretend that she never did, and that she was all natural despite her chin flopping around.

No. 315417

File: 1495100918443.jpg (12.1 KB, 320x320, A02xwqACEAA7CxI.jpg)

hot is never a word i would have described it tho. i think they were just extremely pretty and realistic. but also had that blank stare that made her look like a doll i guess?

tbh it was just the perfect combination of flattering light (I believe she used natural light + photography light, nowadays its just washed up artificial light), good shoop that she took her time with. and makeup that looks fucking horrid irl but very good in photo. i can't be bothered to find good pictures that show it, but the makeup she used to do in all her 2012 selfies like pic related, would have all looked incredibly bad irl.

No. 315420

File: 1495102011057.gif (496.48 KB, 500x339, wLPWMjU.gif)

my fav kota is gif related, round face and all.

No. 315432

She has tried to wear that eye makeup irl before, I know there are pics of it floating around somewhere.

No. 315478

File: 1495112427050.jpg (18.24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault copy.jpg)

Yeah, she did look silly irl with her eye makeup. Even though this image is photoshopped, you
can see how low she positioned her lashes to enhance them.

No. 315481

looking back her lips look weird in this image as well…

No. 315556

It's because she has way more bottom lip than top lip and chooses to emphasize the bottom lip & her Cupid's bow and nothing else.

No. 315572

File: 1495122545529.jpg (192.32 KB, 797x408, fb.jpg)

if anyone wants to know how she probably looked during that ~golden era~ these pictures were from her first modeling gig straight out of Florida. the makeup and resting bitchface she has here are the same that were base for those early tumblr pictures.

No. 315576

I mean actually kind of puzzled as to why she didn't do better with modeling after her debut, she looks good here and she was cute in her unshooped Etude pics. She could have been a decent model until she stopped caring and tried being a plain faced salty gamer thug.

No. 315579

File: 1495123454226.gif (591.33 KB, 357x392, fb.gif)

here's a fading gif. the nose stays identical, but you can see the sides of her jaw shrink and her eyes get bigger and farther apart

No. 315582

File: 1495123693487.gif (296.43 KB, 223x314, fb.gif)

and just for fun. her currently shooping for comparison

No. 315583

her crazy shopping is more obvious the smaller the image is. when you look at the full size images you can almost think they're relatively unshopped bc she does the altering well so each feature on its own is semi believable. but in thumbnails she looks completely deformed and anatomically impossible.

No. 315601


No. 315638

Meitu has a feature now where you can completely reshape your face like this. I wonder if that's what she uses now instead of photoshop

No. 315649

File: 1495130401056.png (Spoiler Image, 77.5 KB, 640x885, IMG_5512.PNG)


Looks like there's still a page for Dakota with a big "COMMERCIAL" banner on the bottom at Libera, lel.


She still comes up in Google with Bravo, though I bet they'll use her much now that they have the living version of her shoops.

No. 315651

Have you guys ever watched PeachMilky's video on how she edits her videos to make her face smoother/lighter? I think it's useful to link to anyone who hasn't realized that videos can be edited, and she also acknowledges that many youtubers do it.

>hot is never a word i would have described it

I'm not that Anon but I think the main reason for seeing her face as "hot" are the squinty-ish sexy bedroom eyes. I think if she dropped this whole Japan thing and changed her makeup and clothing style, she could be a sexy mature American girl, even with the weight gain.

No. 315654

File: 1495130630870.png (652.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5505.PNG)

Damn, didn't mean to put the pic under a spoiler.

Another pic of Kristina, compared to Dakota's Libera models "polariod".

No. 315659

File: 1495131255361.png (79.54 KB, 640x829, IMG_5513.PNG)


Damn, dropped my sage.
>Kristina's Bravo Polaroid

I went to Dakota's Bravo page to get hers to compare and she doesn't have one, KEK. She only has a list of all the good jobs they booked her before she even got to Japan as her 'portfolio'. Regardless, it's obvious that Dakota is shopping herself to look like her twisted BDD version of Kristina, and someone else is editing her to look like Kristina as well to get her contracts (as a commercial model) with high end talent agencies (that don't have other commercial models).

No. 315663

Kristina's mother did a much better job than the monstrenga's. For example Kristina practices gymnastics, hence her long legs and fit body.

No. 315666

dude, gymnastics don't make your legs grow

No. 315667

Those measurements are insane.

No. 315670

unpopular opinion I guess? but there's no proof Dakota is basing herself off this kid. the only thing similar to them is their hair and eye color, and the fact that Dakota shoops herself into the face of loli toddler, and Kristina is well, young. I saw somebody say she's trying to be like her because she started parting her hair in the middle like.. lol, as if that wasn't a universal hairstyle that's getting trendy now.

>Hair: Lt.brown
LOL Kristina is much blonder than Dakota, but they put her as "light brown"? this just goes to show it was Dakota who told those people "put my hair as dark blonde".

No. 315673

Yeah I think its a bit of a stretch too tbh. The so called similar pics are just.. meh

No. 315682

File: 1495133743544.jpg (753.89 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_5518.JPG)

It's the fact that she copies her poses, and ditched her bags, makeup and kawaii shit and hobbies when Kristina started getting popular. And now that Kristina is signed with Bravo, Dakota had to move over to Libera, and her picture for her profile on their site has her as a brightened version of Kristina basically. They changed the entire shape of her jaw, chin, and forehead and shaved away half her face to make her look as "young" as possible, and thebavr that Dakota changed her style to the same basic model style (that doesn't flatter her in the least) and stopped wearing makeup. Anons saw it coming years ago when Kristina started first making waves in Japan.

No. 315683

Again what a stretch. That's a simple pose. It is not trademark of some model kid.

No. 315685

File: 1495133964660.jpg (425.99 KB, 2560x1536, IMG_5519.JPG)

Dakota, compared to herself.

No. 315689

It's the professional Polaroid he used for Libera models. Yes, it was edited to look more like Kristina. What are you trying to even argue? That it doesn't count as a lie because it's not a 100% identical shoop? Dakota is intentionally misrepresenting her appearance and edition eeself to look like a more successful, younger model who stole the spotlight from her. Without her old Popteen connections she wouldn't even be with Libera, and since the backlash from the Fitt's commercial senmight not be there much longer.

No. 315697



>DR: 162cm/5"3
>KP: 137cm/4"4


>DR: 74cm/29in
>KP: 58cm/22in


>DR: 55cm/21.5in
>KP: 52cm/20in


>DR: 78cm/30.7in
>KP: 69/27in


>DR: 22.5/US6
>KP: 21cm/US5

In other words, Bravo claims Dakota is Kristina's size, but taller and with bigger tits.

No. 315702

>DR: 55cm/21.5in

No. 315719

File: 1495135847150.jpg (196.04 KB, 2137x1920, IMG_5522.JPG)

No. 315795


samefag but I remember back during this era, even though I knew it was fake, I actually felt inspired by her photos to do my hair and makeup and get fit and become more stylish. I really miss those times! Honestly, if I was her I would have just kept doing youtube for two more years in the editing style that got her famous, I would have never changed my editing style, would have monetized my videos and done instagram sponsorships until I saved up enough money, and then I would have gone to south korea for a face reshaping surgery and an upper lip lift before finally revealing myself in person. She could have easily made the fantasy a reality and become an international sensation. Why she chose to go to Japan and reveal her real face despite knowing that it was fake is beyond me, I have no idea in what way she thought that could ever go down well. Sage again for more pointless commentary. I just really miss her 2012 era.

No. 315819

Sometimes I wonder if she shoops the way she does because she got so lazy that she lost the skills to.

She did for the longest time stop posting large scale edits of herself. Stopped making videos and doesn't post as much anymore. I just think she doesn't know how to edit pictures properly anymore.

No. 315822

Plastic surgery wouldn't help her at this point. Maybe if her looks were the only thing holding her back, and maybe if she found one hell of a wizard plastic surgeon, and managed to get him to do her surgery for whatever perks Hiroshi gets to keep pushing her as a legit model.

She eats like shit, claims she sleeps very little and has multiple health problems (anemia, asthma), doesn't exercise and doesn't look like she takes good care of herself at all. Plastic surgery would be for Dakota what implants and tattoos are for Charms: an expensive, permanent coping mechanism to deal with some serious underlying self issues.

No. 315880

So gross. She is pretty without the shoop. With it, she looks so creepy.

No. 315901

File: 1495150460045.jpg (47.71 KB, 500x745, cc5ae769cb541205bc07470482f96c…)

I have an embarassing confession to make. I'm 22 and still look up to 2011-2012 shooped Koot in a way.
Some of her clothes were neat (she couldn't coord well most of the time, a shame), her general aesthetic was really pleasing,…
Am I weird for taking her as an inspo? I kept like five pics of her that I hide shamefully in one of my folders

No. 315903

tbh i feel like she gave up on life altogether.

No. 315906

this a hundred times. I'm still baffled at how she just showed herself to TV looking absolutely nothing like her edits and not even wearing bangs or circle lenses (probably because you can easily tell when someone wear CL in real life and someone might have called her out on it and that would have been extra awkward).
I remember the day that video was leaked though, oh boy. PULL v.1(and tumblr) was on fire. I kinda miss the old dramu looking back. Now the milk is dry

No. 315911

no, i'm 24 and I still do haha

No. 315915

oh man, thank god lmao, i thought i was a complete weirdo

No. 315920

The nose stays identical,

Yeah. Her nose is perfect imo.

>but you can see the sides of her jaw shrink

That's nothing compared to whatever she does to her jawline these days. I think the jawline in that picture is the same or almost the same, also the angle is slightly different..

>and her eyes get bigger and farther apart

Her lips get bigger and rounder too

No. 315970

Holy christ it's like she's mid transformation into some demonic hell child

No. 315988

It's wild the amount of detailed work she must have done.

Even the ears and neck shrink!

There's no proof but with ostrengas there are no coincidences.

No. 315989

Eventually she'll just be eyes, lips & nostrils.

No. 315990


She edits her Wikipedia page herself, her wiki username is KurodaSho.

No. 316062

dude same here, I'm the anon who said I missed the original 2012 era because it inspired me. I still google those photos purely for inspiration. There's just something about her photos back then that make me want to become more stylish? I'm glad I'm not the only one hahaha

No. 316063

>her parents are poor so its not like she has family money to fall on
I know the Ostrenegas filed for bankruptcy a few years back. Any mention of what their financial situation is like nowadays?

Methinks they'd look prettier with bangs. Either way, Kristina looks adorable!

It could be worse. There could have been another Rima episode.

No. 316065


I remember when she went thru the faze of shooping one of her nostrils off.

No. 316454

They have enough to support Kiki in LA and buy her a $5,000 movie role for Puppet Master. They're probably middle class, yes they have Kyler to take care of and Cathy only works retail, but Scott has a pretty good computer job of some sort.

No. 317125

that bankruptcy happened 10 years ago. they're not poor.

No. 317127

I miss her old style so so much, even though I knew her face was fake (and watched her debut and how awful she actually looked) her shoops were so nice to look at

No. 317191

What is this, the obligatory Kota thread bump? Really, can we stop beating the dead horse? 2012 Kota was her prime, but just because her pics from then were the most aesthetically pleasing doesn't mean we need to hear about how much everyone misses her old shoops every time her thread slows down. You can always just learn to use PS and AE and make your own amazing aesthetic dolly shoops.

No. 317194

okay but someone had bumped it ten minutes before that? stop your sperging

No. 317206

Well I hope this isn't "bumping", but she uploaded a new pic.

Is she even still in Japan or do they usually only have signs only in english ?

No. 317207

File: 1495285142792.png (1.01 MB, 1223x586, Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 8.55…)


-fuck forgot to upload.

No. 317215

She must have bought those boots secondhand from a stripper, yikes. How is a girl this tacky even still relevant? She always looks so… cheap. All she has going for her is her fake modeling career.

No. 317217

It's Japan, America really doesn't have upstairs shops with room numbers like that, except maybe in a very busy, crowded city or inside a shopping center.

No. 317254

god her fashion and style is so fucking tragic.

No. 317290

It's Japan. The house behind is your typical Japanese house and that's a store in Shibuya.

No. 317291

File: 1495294493201.jpg (20.63 KB, 450x327, images.jpg)

>She must have bought those boots secondhand from a stripper

Bitch pls…

No. 317314

That looks like shit too, anon. Just because it's expensive =/= It's classy. The clothes are only part of modeling, it's how you wear them. Everything Dakota wears looks cheap and tacky because she half asses everything she is and does. Real models, like in your pic, can make hot garbage like that look good because that's what modeling really is.

No. 317338

Is she really this thin now? Or how did she manage to shoop her body without messing up the background? Because I have the feeling that pic is edited to hell and back.

No. 317451

Good lord that outfit is awful. The Ostrengas have the worst taste.


Kyler is 25.

No. 317468

It's probably edited a little but the pose, very high heels, and loose top help a lot.

No. 317469

Sage for Taylor mention, but this really looks like she's copying her style. The sweatshirt, the round glasses, the hat, the jeans, ponytail, backpack.
Which is funny because these boots were brought up after people started making fun of her shoes.

No. 317472

File: 1495307351374.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 1403339510633.gif)

>I have the feeling that pic is edited to hell and back.

No. 317487

Photoshop had a freeze setting where you can keep the background unwarped while you edit something in the foreground. If she werebreslly the thin or still looked good, her pictures wouldn't be 1000% filtered, smoothed and overexposed. She'd go back to her ~I'm all natural~ BS.

No. 317506

File: 1495309196044.jpeg (725.17 KB, 2000x3000, 201617fallwinterreadytowear.jp…)

Vetements is the definition of a shitpost brand, to be honest. I refuse to believe the head designer isn't laughing his ass off at some of the shit he pushes out.
Pic very related.

No. 317518

File: 1495309713759.jpeg (953.56 KB, 2000x3000, unnamed5.jpeg)

One more for good measure
>tres chic

No. 317521


Model looks like a crack addict.


I got Taytay vibes from her out too, except I think that was the still Taylor did last year. I haven't seen her rock a cap in a while now.

No. 317724

Calm down, I never said they were poor. I was just responding to another Anon.

No. 317756

It's called fashion. Look it up.

No. 317757

No. 317767

A whole lot is edited. Mainly made her body thinner and longer, especially the legs. Also gave her jaw and head another slimdown and eyes bigger.

Can see where she struggled to give herself a thigh gap, hers touch so she must have dragged the gap from her legs (not thighs) higher, resulting in that bend on her white sweater in the middle.

No. 317781

How to do freeze setting? What is the exact term for this? Gotta know how Dakota does her shooping, cause honestly she's pretty damn good at it, even if she does look freaky as outcome

No. 317855

No. 317908

actually those boots are from dollskill, idk, I was planning to get a pair

sage for offtopic

No. 317971

They're still tacky as fuck. Dakota reminds me of those cringey weebs who wear naruto headbands in public and think they look so cool because it's unique and different. She dresses like she can't decide if she wants to look like she's going to a club or like she's going to the library to study for midterms. Dollskill has shoes that aren't fugly, I'm sure.

No. 317988

Literally just watch some YT photoshop tutorials and just play with it. Or do like Dakota and take some community college classes that teach you how to use PS and AE.

No. 318005

i think what that anon was talking about is actually called masking. go to liquefy, look for mask options on the right, select mask all. it will turn the image all red. then click on the "thaw mask tool" on the left. and erase the mask off the part that you want to liquefy. and you can move it around without messing with the background

No. 318247

the majority of the stuff on dollskill is pretty tacky IMO

No. 318846

File: 1495462658584.png (329.5 KB, 938x420, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.1…)

She looks like a literal retard here.

No. 318850


I also don't get why she buys/receives makeup when its evident she doesn't wear it.

( She always goes for rose scented things I realize… So she probably smells like a old fucking lady )

No. 318851

File: 1495462789454.png (523.86 KB, 936x449, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.1…)


-sorry to same fag… I keep forgetting to attach the fucking image

No. 318924

I really like this one. Occasionally her newer shoops are actually attractive

No. 318925

Or Turkish delight

No. 319104

File: 1495481250350.jpg (59.27 KB, 750x563, 575721edbcc8ba93078b45c8-750-5…)

You got a thing for downies, anon?

I agree with >>318846
She looks like her new shoop inspo is a downsydrome child

No. 319118

File: 1495482382440.jpg (185.71 KB, 500x377, c.jpg)

lol I saw this coming when I wrote it.

No. 319148

The glasses hides her face, and its taken a bit further away than an upclose shot Like usual, so you cant focus too much on her weirdly shooped face. I can still see how she shoops her eyes farther apart and shrinks her entire face so its still fuckin weird tbh.

No. 319234

Not her, but nice assumption.

Sad but true, Anon. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ugly (for Dakota, in this case) runs all the way to the bone.

No. 319236

>Not her, but nice assumption.

tf are you on about?

No. 319313

Her subtle digs at her haterzzz to prove how rich and famous in Japan she is are so cute.

No. 319325


How is this a dig at haters ? Are these of any value ?, cause they look cheap to me.

No. 319337


Honestly this looks like another care package from Mom. Dakota never outright says she buys anything except games and she so rarely posts anything at all, but goes to all those nice looking restaurants with "friends", nice apartments visiting "friends", and then cheap makeup and trinkets that play on her initials or her name/Sailor Moon.

Everyone knows she's just a commercial model who is more than likely shacked up for a visa somehow, and her uploads on Instagram are all she has left of her dead ass "modeling" career and ~5 months of internet fame. It's been how long since her last 3 jobs? Fitt's in March, Yoko Fuchigami in November, and what was before that? Yet another ~Eresuto~ app game ad mints before that.

She's slowly grinding down to instahoe model tier and it's so tasty. Trying to be a combo of Taylor and Kristina while expecting people to believe models are simply allowed to get fat and ugly. Even worse, she's become Kiki- she literally can't accept that her glory days are behind her.

Sage for stoned rambling

No. 319400


She's aging out of modeling in Japan for sure, but I'm sure she'll still get some acting gigs and if she's smart and good at networking (which I would assume she has to be by now, even if it is networking through a sugar daddy) there are other things that she can do in the industry.

Realistically though she's like, what, 22? And somehow maintained internet fame for the better part of a decade? I'm sure she'll be fine.

No. 319407

Also, my theory is that she works at a hostess club and that's how she affords her lifestyle.

No. 319433

nah, she probably imitates taylor (or they other way around) and has catched a rich fish in the pond.

No. 319434

>30 degrees out
>wears sweater again
>shoop all over the sweater, chin and eyes

Nice $10 haul.

I wonder if the stuff she has, like games and DVDs belong to the guy she's living with? A lot of the tastes are on the side of what an older man would like.

No. 319456


>Rich guy

I doubt it… Taylor is well taken care of, while Dakota's only perk is having shelter .. She's like a unwanted mutt at the pound who's now on death row. He's probably more on Manaki's level than anywhere near "rich".

No. 319458

well excuse me, not tom-lip-sama rich tier, but the flat looks big, so considerably well of then.
he probably also has influence as well as she is still getting jobs.

No. 319477

>she is still getting jobs
She is? I thought that she was dropped by all of her agencies.

No. 319486


What ? a 3k ish apartment ? Well off ? For all we know he pulls in only 5k a mouth, and in a house hold where thats the only income coming in, HEH. Clearly she'd have more then just shelter if someone wealthy was taking care of her. Instead she looks like a homeless person that broke into some poor Japanese couples apartment.

She hasn't had a job in a LONG time and she isn't signed to Libera anymore. Just because you can still click a link and see and archive version doesn't mean she's still signed. She isn't on the list, therefor no contract,jobs or model title.

She's probably taking a walk ( applying ) to random agencies. I'd laugh if she got signed to Taylor's agency and we saw her frumpy ass in the background of one of Tay's vloggs.

No. 319504


She isn't signed to Libera anymore? Since when?

No. 319519

>she is still getting jobs

kek where?

No. 319524

idk scroll back you lazy ass.
somewhere in the beginning of year or november/december she posted an image that looked like it was taken on a fashion show or something, before that was a christmas thingy that looked like from a tv show and before that there was a photo shoot where she was in a yukata or kimono.

No. 319557

Working once or twice in 6 months is shit tier, anon. No way could she afford that apartment by herself on that kind of work load.

No. 319561

>sporadic work from 84 years ago

No. 319607


So, uhm, kootz has a sugar daddy who provides rent but her taste in everything is just cheap af and can't hide it?

No. 319703

>Working once or twice in 6 months is shit tier, anon. No way could she afford that apartment by herself on that kind of work load.
wasnt implying that.

No. 319705

Sounds about right, lol. Dakota and Kiki kept acting like spergs on stickam until the day it shut down in 2015, even after her big break and she went to Japan. Even with everything handed to her, she was and still is a trashy edgelord.

No. 319709

me too. her first doll aesthetic was the best. she really fucked her face up though. like taylor.

No. 319726


With how poor she looks, i'd say splenda daddy. He clearly doesn't invest much in his fuck toy, or else he'd buy her a gym membership.


Hasn't been for a little while now. No one knows the true date in which she was removed, but if you manually go to the site she's not there.


She's been given the boot.

No. 319792

If I were to rank the splenda daddies, I'd say hers is below Yumi King's bc Koots doesn't look like she is eating vitamins or getting new cheap clothes kek..

No. 319843


Kek, when even Yumi can get a better splenda daddy.

She seems to be affording less and less .. I really wonder if she'll end up back in the states by new years, and if she doesn't then I might start believing the marriage theories.

No. 320141


Koot got the boot

fucking finally

No. 320150

I wonder if she'd retreat back to the states if her career went belly up.

No. 320152


http://dakotarose.com/ < all her content is gone not far short

No. 320157

>I really wonder if she'll end up back in the states by new years, and if she doesn't then I might start believing the marriage theories.

She's not married lol stop reaching.

She visits her family on holidays but not sure if every year so don't assume things.

No. 320213

Is it a sign she's leaving Japan? Along with the agencies dropping her?

If she's not married, how is she staying without a visa?

No. 320220


No idea but her website is literally dead and her Line blog is dead too. It's only her Instagram and Twitter she is keeping alive atm.

http://dakotarose.com/videos/ < Even her videos are disabled.

She well and truly has given up

No. 320237

>Dakota rose is represented by


No. 320255


Her Bravo link still works, but her website footer still has her contact email for booking as management@dakotarose.com.

No. 320278

I don't think she'd ever delete or remove her IG or twitter. Like kaka, she holds onto the precious bot followers that were purchased kek.

No. 320289


I didn't say she was if you actually could read, but without a working visa or income how would she stay there. I'm just saying I might lean more to that tinfoil theory if she stays there indefinitely. It seems expensive and pointless for her to go for a tourist visa which requires leaving the country every 3 months for Americans ( correct me if wrong ).

I'm just trying to speculate when her final dime will run dry and her visa will expire.


Links are just archive copies. When you manually ( type in thru google or type the website in ) search she doesn't show up, which is what a client would do.

No. 320332

damn. dakota is finally over. who will take her place?

No. 320334

I wonder. As much as I'd like to see a fresh face take the baton, I'm pretty sure the whole doll trend or whatever is more or less dead and done. Everyone in that realm is kind of "old" now.

No. 320344

No one knows a shit about her visa status and you can still see her portfolio here:

No. 320348


The archive copy though..

Direct Booking list link ( no Dakota ) :


In town list for booking page ( No Dakota ) :


No. 320396

That doesn't mean she's not working anymore as a model or that she's not with those agencies. Sometimes agencies put new faces on it to update it but still represent other models that used to be on their website. Who knows.

No. 320398


No. 320422

Tin-foil hat time:
>Dakota's success was heavily weighted on the "traffic" she was producing on the internet. Search results, website views, etc.
>She gets to Japan
>Still "producing hits".
>Lulzyness fades because she's getting jobs.
>The real world (and Japan specifically) isn't super interested.
>The wave of fame she was riding on is piddling out and she can't boast internet notoriety anymore, especially since she can't seem to keep up her image.

No. 320424

Forgot to add that I think her agency was really pushing this too for getting her jobs.

No. 320427

She's already in her early 20s, the truth is that she's too old to be doing the kind of modeling that she was doing. It will be interesting to see if she manages to make a transition into a more "mature" type… but with the weight gain and her internet fame for being a "kawaii living doll" dwindling it doesn't seem likely. She definitely lived the dream for a little bit, though.

No. 320441

Okay tbh just because you arent on an agencies website DOESNT MEAN you arent still represented by the agency.

Casting directors don't browse the agencies websites when they are searching for models. They contact the agency and say things like : brunette, tall, light complexion, etc. etc. and the agency sends the comp cards of the girls who fit the description.

Some agencies make you pay to be on their site, and there's really not much of a point of it unless you want to be able to say 'look i'm a model'

She could still be represented.

No. 320461

She's definitely married and on a spouse visa.

Taylor has an entertainment(model) visa which needs to be renewed every 6 months. And is the easiest to do by going to Korea (or China), to "reset" your stay. I've never once seen any implication of Koti being in either of those countries (or anywhere outside of Japan), and we know she's a bragger so she'd definitely share photos from there.

No. 320466

shes a pretty girl im surprised she couldnt get a rich business man like taylor maybe she settled for the best she thought she could get.

No. 320474

File: 1495615989052.jpg (93.57 KB, 807x417, 9d05a0395cf6.jpg)

i'm really fascinated by how Dakota Rose became so loathed.. i know it all adds up to

>her cunt attitude (racism, homophobia, narcissism, frequent humble-bragging, offensive/crude/vulgar way of talking)

>her fakery. the fact that her pictures are heavily edited and she intentionally fools people, as well as outright lies about it (lenses, wearing a wig once etc), or blocks/copyrights anyone that points it out.
>undeserved success as a model in Japan, that she wouldn't have achieved without photoshop, lies, and concealing the truth. This probably has a bit of jealousy involved, but also the fact that she's not a nice person also fuels the "undeserved" part.

but i wonder what steps she could have taken to avoid all of this happening. if she was never Dakota Rose the nasty scene queen/stickam bitch, and just started fresh as kotakoti, reserved, quiet and mysterious~, then people wouldn't have had a reason to hate her from the start, and maybe this wouldn't have gone so far. Actually, if that part of her life was never online, then /cgl/ would have never found out she didn't look like her pictures because they wouldn't have had pic related for comparison, there wouldn't have been anyone to tell stories about what a bitch she is or pull out those stickam videos, and PULL would have never happened. therefore nothing about her would have been so closely documented, and she may not even have haters at all.

No. 320480

You're essentially describing Taylor, who is more favorably seen than Koots but still has obsessive haters
Unless you're imagining an alternate universe where Koots never had a social media presence in which case you could look at the hundreds of other average white girls who have briefly modeled in Japan without much fanfare

No. 320484