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File: 1457805339201.jpg (47.38 KB, 684x426, 1455484108448.jpg)

No. 104581

No. 104585

File: 1457805910597.png (841.65 KB, 936x598, CyeLNKD.png)

No. 104586

File: 1457805950733.png (464.07 KB, 936x601, R3cbeYH.png)

No. 104587

File: 1457805981327.png (896.72 KB, 933x600, X6IbKRx.png)

No. 104588

File: 1457806003333.png (447.83 KB, 674x500, Screenshot_2.thumb.png.f19d3a9…)

No. 104590

File: 1457806694167.jpg (30.19 KB, 400x257, dogs-stung-bees-pictures-9.jpg)

No. 104608

Oh yay another thread on this girl, just what we need so people who sound like they could be cows in their own right can fill it up with all those useful and totally unheard of posts talking about how she's ugly and how they're jealous of her money and how anybody that defends Taylor is Taylor…

No. 104614

File: 1457810043484.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 104615

File: 1457810087846.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

As if it's so bad not to be vegan

No. 104618

This picture is really cute

No. 104619


It reminds me of the old dakota one where she was near that bridge in those little shorts and long hair?

No. 104621

I wonder who is travelling with her. Secret Nihonjin bf?

No. 104623

why do you care so much?

No. 104625

This was my first thought, but then I watched her behind the scenes video for that drama and it's probably her manager. Her manager seems to shoot a lot of pics/video for her, and it makes sense for her to go with her to shoots. Or she could possibly have a "handler" from the agency that travels with her as well.

No. 104626

File: 1457812585773.png (82.44 KB, 594x595, 1427485546520.png)

No. 104628

Really? You care about this question on lolcow more than about Taylor? Lmao

No. 104629

What does this have to do with anything? lol

No. 104630

That's basically every thread on this damn site. If you defend the cow, you are the cow, apparently.

No. 104635

RIP this bitch's face LMAO what a stupid fucken weeb

keep the idiots out of the thread and let the milk flow

No. 104637

Compare it to op picture, it is actually similar
I like how dog's eyes also look strange, like Taylor with lenses when her eyes are as wide open as possible (same in every picture)

No. 104645

I don't understand what everyone's beef with Taylor is. Yeah, she's spoiled and can be a bit cringey sometimes, but I really believe that she's a genuine person and has good intentions.

No. 104648

I love you, anon.

No. 104654


I was thinking she might be in Paris for fashion week but it was this past week, so I am not sure why she is there. Maybe managed to get a high-end modeling gig?

I wish I knew what areas she was hanging around in, would b fun to see her irl

No. 104661

I believe there is a good reason why she never meet her fans, and why she never tells where she's going, until her journey is over.
She doesn't want to be seen irl.

No. 104662

It might just be a fun layover on her way back to Canada. I wonder how much being a kawaii model pays to be able to afford her lifestyle

No. 104669

You must be new. Taylor Richard (real name, not a joke) is so rich because of her very, very rich father who sponsors luxury lifestyle of all of his children.
Taylor, with allof her brand clothes, business grade plane tickets to all over the world for fun, hairdresser for a dog, apartment in the center of Tokyo, paid managers (plural) etc. might even not be the biggest expense he had for his children

No. 104670

File: 1457820834660.png (426.81 KB, 815x473, tay.thumb.png.a2a9f089141430c5…)

No. 104682

LMAO thank you

No. 104701

So much for being a vegan

someone gotta stir shit up on her Instagram

No. 104703

File: 1457829257050.jpeg (119.65 KB, 711x1081, image.jpeg)

Wow, she's actually lying. And she edited the caption, it originally said (Suede) only.

No. 104719

I think we can all agree that instagram vegans are crazy, she probably didn't want 100 people spamming "ANIMAL HATER! ANIMAL KILLER!!" on every photo until she apologized and took it down so she changed the caption and said it's fake. It's not as if she did say she was vegan and lied about it.

No. 104720

Vegans period are crazy.

No. 104730

I don't get why she's lying. Has she lied about being vegan before? Is it like she's trying to be like Kota and her sister by being stupidly vegan? Or did she just say it for this picture to appear progressive and get people to not harass her?

I also don't get why people think it's their moral duty to accuse her of being awful for wearing a nice leather dress. Why do vegans always push their stances onto other people like this?

No. 104732

The only thing she doesn't really eat much of are milk products because she's lactose intolerant/sensitive. She's pretty open about eating meat and fish all the time so I don't know where people get that she's vegan. Vegans on tumblr and instagram are the fucking worst, they'll harass you for days and days until you apologize for eating/touching animal products and turn vegan. They're like onision but multiplied.

No. 104737

i feel like vegans on tumblr are some of the worst people on earth, honestly. super prideful and arrogant vegans in general leave a bad taste in my mouth. my friend is a vegetarian but can't really eat much dairy and doesn't like egg and she gets so much shit for being a 'bad/fake' vegan when she never claimed to be.

No. 104739

She's not vegan, but lately she's been posting a lot of vegan recipes and stuff. It's probably more for her health interests than anything, but the crazy PETA vegans seem to have latched on to her because of it.

No. 104740


Taylor never said she is vegan. If you saw some of her food videos, she is making something with chicken. Where do you all get this?

I'm not a defender of her but those vegan people annoy the fuck out of me. You have your morals and keep it to yourself.

No. 104758

Why lie about it being real suede? She has a dozen leather bags and shoes anyway.

Her dad is a millionaire but he doesn't spoil all the kids. Her sister finished her education and has a job. Both Taylor and her dad are actually in denial of how much she relies on one of his bank accounts to keep up the image of her success.

No. 104760

File: 1457849817367.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her fucking dog though….I want to hug it to death.

No. 104777

It's so cute, it's not even a dog, it's like a moving teddy bear

No. 104782

What breed is that? I need it in my life

No. 104789

File: 1457857786724.jpeg (69.25 KB, 505x606, image.jpeg)

A teacup poodle with a teddy bear face, I believe, but Rosie has been bred to be smaller than a normal poodle because smaller = more kawaii = can sell her for more.
Pic related is also a teddy bear teacup poodle.

No. 104792

File: 1457858962373.jpeg (554.87 KB, 1996x2646, image.jpeg)

In her introduction in Zipper she said she eats lots of vegetable, fruits, brown rice, and the she doesn't eat meat (at all).

No. 104794

File: 1457859783814.jpg (484.92 KB, 710x2218, rosie.jpg)

Rosie is from a Taiwanese teacup poodle breeder called "Teddy Bear Mommy". Pic related, it's from the breeder's blog.

No. 104801

Thank you.

Vegan or not, saying her real suede is fake is pretty bad tbh

No. 104805


There is no milk and you sound like you're from PULL.

No. 104806

Her thread in PULL is the absolute worst, there's a couple of nutters there who seem to have some personal vendetta against Tay, and still they're completely obsessed with her, constantly updating the threads.

No. 104807

I think in one of her videos she mentioned that she'll eat fish/ seafood and chicken, but mostly stays away from red meat. And I know people have pointed out that in Japan they don't consider chicken and fish meat, but I could be wrong, but if that's the case then maybe it was just stated improperly? Can't read moon runes very well so idk what it says exactly lol

No. 104834

File: 1457877266045.png (261.04 KB, 450x399, image.png)

No. 104836

File: 1457877357886.jpeg (69.44 KB, 399x494, image.jpeg)

Here is more similar, but if we look just the face, there are other much more similar pictures where Taylor wants to look like Dakota

No. 104844

omg taylor's duck face here….

No. 104845

^ kiki look what you could have been if you had only suppressed the crazy, just a little bit

yea im sure taylor psots vegan stuff because its trendy and would only increase her fanbase. nonvegans and begans alike can enjoy

No. 104846

idk its fuckin sad that vegans judge others who use leather products

No. 104868


Her thread here isn't much better tbh, and I'm positive that it's the vendetta-chans from the PULL that that have slimed their way over to lolcow and are constantly bumping these threads with non-issues cattiness.

No. 104869


Yes because Dakota invented knee highs and shorts. Time to throw mine out I guess.

Taylor is actually cuter though anyway, at least her face remains the same between her photos and videos.

No. 104873

Aside from the face fillers I think Taylor is drama free. She doesn't look like she's trying to be kota anymore at all, she's become her own type of person. And like >>104869 said, Kota didn't invent this fashion choice. People are trying way too hard to compare kota and taylor when that b4by girl is the closer clone.

No. 104876

…Don't teacup dogs (ie dogs bred specifically to be very small) actually suffer a shitload?
Fuck people who sell/adopt them.

No. 104887

File: 1457891164835.png (213 KB, 641x401, 1416886513900.png)

I'm in stitches, nice one!

No. 104890

Yup. Reputable breeders generally don't breed them because their unnatural stunted size causes medical problems with digestion, hearts, lungs, brains etc. One random small dog in a normal litter isn't a huge problem and will likely be reasonably healthy but purposely breeding them that way causes problems. Plus, it's hard to breed them because unnaturally small dogs have issues with giving birth so it's dangerous for the bitch.

Ethical issues aside, many breeders don't do them because they can be expensive in medical bills and a poorly puppy will reflect badly on the breeder when sold.

Teacup puppies are even worse from an unethical breeder, where they might be purposely starved to stunt them or they might breed dogs that are closely related to ensure a small size.

Saging because I don't know anything about Taylor, I'm just mad about bad breeders tbh.

No. 104923

I agree. When I visited the website some time ago I remember horizon being the most pathetic of them all. She would try her best to persuade everyone that Taylor is the worst. Then after her silly arguments other users would change their mind as if they were a bunch of sheep.

No. 104927

Horizon's bad. Lisa's worse I think.
Both are really obsessed.
Their posts read like really shitty fanfiction.

No. 105053

They can't handle when there's not a mob mentality so they try to force one. Most people don't care about Taylor because in terms of milk, there is none. She's boring to talk about except for her fillers which are old news.

No. 105087

File: 1457916195106.png (270.56 KB, 392x512, Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 6.33…)

postan classics

No. 105144

Is there a PULL invasion lately? The only people who care to talk about it are people who are from there.

Nobody cares about comparing cow to pull, we care about milk.

No. 105160

There's a PULL thread on /b/ if you want to talk about PULL. >>73039

No. 105163

>mfw linked it wrong
anyways just go to /b/ and it'll be there

No. 105171

Teacup dogs have too many problems… I really think she should have gotten a normal miniature poodle since they're generally healthier. Rosie is adorable, but still…

No. 105181

She bought Rosie for the kawaii factor, not because she wants a healthy pet to take care of.

No. 105257


Kill yourself.

No. 105487

File: 1457990143767.jpg (152.97 KB, 1080x1349, 10848343_514333618748780_21040…)

Taylor is such a qt and I really want these shorts. Does anybody know the name for this style?

No. 105490

Fuck, I'm really jealous of her hair length.

No. 105497

its really sad that people buy these dogs because they think they look cute.
these dogs are pretty much mutants by technological standards because they have been genetically modified by inbreeding, causing problems like the brain being to big for the skull and causing seizures.
but the dog is cute and small so thats all that matters to her

No. 105501

Do you know how biology works? Not all mutations are bad. Blonde hair is a mutation. Our ancestors started walking because of a mutation. Yes, I get that it can cause issues, but the dog looks like it's doing fine.

No. 105505

Does anybody know where these boots are from?

No. 105506


No. 105507

File: 1457992233259.png (12.64 KB, 500x301, tumblr_inline_mgtttkMdQa1qfe5t…)

No. 105509


Getting a teacup dog is incredibly unethical and a true animal or dog lover would never do that.

No. 105511

You probably missed my point. Here it is again in laymans terms: don't care. Can you provide a study that shows the majority of these breeds are unhealthy compared to other breeds?

No. 105512

I really wish she would put her Dopey ear away, I'm getting too much Sheena Duquette from this

No. 105521

Thanks, anon!

No. 105524

She always tries to show them off because she says they are "elf ears" or some shit.

No. 105534

File: 1457995245497.jpg (192.5 KB, 1080x1080, 12822454_1508724392769478_1962…)


Anon that's a normal ear and you're being way too fucking anal just for the sake of picking something out.

>"ew gross ears"

Really Anon?

ngl I wouldn't mind ears like that because I have the kind that are pretty much flat against your skull and become invisible in any photo that isn't taken in profile.

No. 105537

Nah. Mhm. Yeah… No matter which way i turn it…her face really makes me want to punch her. Sorry.

No. 105539

she looks really impish with all that surgery. Like a chipmunky Dakota. I don't know how to feel.

No. 105541

I think Taylor is really sweet. It's boring to hate on people, just because they had surgery. She was cute before, and is cute now.

No. 105542

Wasn't it pointed out before she hasn't had surgery? And if she has it was something minor or fillers?

No. 105543


>with all that surgery

She literally only got fillers which isn't even a surgical procedure. People need to stop acting like she had her entire face reconstructed ffs.

No. 105546

Her chin and jaw are reconstructed and every now and then she stops positng her face completely for a week or more, and then it takes more than a month from one close-up photo to another.
And when it does, she looks different, and also gets a different styling (clothes, makeup etc.) to cover that up.

Pics of her few years ago compared to now… Her facial structure was completely different, in terms of cheeks, jaw and chin. No makeup can change that, it's surgery.

No. 105558

You do realize that botox injections can slim your face and fillers can puff it up? It takes MONTHS for any facial reconstruction to heal fully, even something like a nose job is swollen for weeks and weeks.

No. 105562


Anon you've just reconstructed a complete fucking fantasy here, this is just pathetic.

>>99686 proves that her face is pretty much exactly the same. Holy fuck PULLtards are nuts.

No. 105563


More than months, jaw reconstruction can take upwards of a year to fully heal and is not the kind of surgery to fuck around with in account of the complications and risks involved.
>>105546 is crazy and talking out her ass. She's probably Horizon or Lisa from the PULL thread, she sounds obsessed.

No. 105564

I am sick of PULL's presence here. You faggots need to LEAVE.

No. 105565

I was just about to link them that. Holy fucking shit are people retarded. She looks the same in videos and photos and her promo shit for her drama aside from very obvious cheek fillers that have now faded out.
It's like you people (those trying so hard to prove taylor is lying) are lonely without the old kota drama so you come to taylor trying to create shit. Get a grip and do something with your life instead of sitting your ass in this thread grasping at every tiny straw you can think of. I'm not trying to whiteknight taylor here but you idiots are trying so hard.

No. 105567

I don't think she had her jaw reconstructed at all. I can't find them right now, but there were screenshots on pull from a video she did with Sharla and her face still looked square shaped. I think she just uses her hair, angles, photoshop, and fillers to make her face slimmer looking.

No. 105572

There must be some mega "everyone who disagrees with me is PULL" samefag or trolling going on here.

It's really suspect because Taylor's had three threads and they were never bumped often like this before.

No. 105579


No, I just think a lot of us are getting collectively sick and fucking tired of a select few nutjobs constantly trying to force this girl on lolcow and inventing complete fabrications about her when they realise she has no drama because they're jealous of her wealth of some shit.

Before I didn't give a fuck about Taylor, but these PULL cunts (and they are from PULL because you see the same type of ridiculously catty, fantasy posts being made about her there), they've made me a complete Taylor Stan just because I feel so fucking bad about how they're constantly going after her when she's done literally nothing wrong. It's threads like this that really bring the overall quality of lolcow down and the reason why /snow/ is regarded not as the board in which budding cows are cultivated but the garbage dump of the site.

No. 105580


Taylor has had 2 threads.

No. 105583

Exactly how I feel, thank you for summing it up. I feel like people are so thirsty for kota drama that they're projecting that need to any girl that looks somewhat like her. I think the fact that Taylor has been so successful and has gotten so popular and that she's so likable rubs them the wrong way. They're so desperate for drama they have to create some to get their fill.

No. 105589

File: 1457999486585.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-14-23-46-55…)


lmao right? Like Taylor has had extensive facial reconstructive surgery since coming to Japan and inbetween Instagram uploads she's running off to clinics and getting various nips and tucks and jaw shaving and fillers and whatever fucking else. That's why her face looks exactly same as it did 139 weeks ago, almost 3 years.
Wow, obviously that facial reconstruction didn't work out for her kek

No. 105592

> so likeable
Cavaan, is that you?

No. 105596

I like the "every now and then" as if her bones are regrowing like hair and she needs to go in for trims every month.

Compared to other "kawaii models" in Japan she does seem more approachable and makes videos with others rather than forced isolation. (sharla, Elaine, kim)

No. 105606

Taylor is the top white girl in Japan, on social media.

>every now and then

That's because her features changed one by one

No. 105608

No they didn't. She wears contacts and strategic makeup. All she got were shitty fillers.

No. 105613


>that's because her features changed one by one

No they didn't .
You're jealous, obsessed and in denial.
Stop. Seem therapy.

No. 105640

File: 1458003602756.png (191.82 KB, 492x244, tay1.thumb.png.43a58b637d84b13…)

What's with the recent influx of sage-ing anons who have nothing to say but "ERMAGOOOD THERE IS NO MILK YOU FATTIES ARE JUST JEALOUUUUUUS" instead of hiding the thread?

lol nobody cares about the 'quality' or public perception of the board. It's lolcow for fucks sake.

If you don't like what is said here, then click the little [-] on the top of the page and you never have to ever see it again. It's THAT fucking simple. There are pages upon pages of people shitting on people who in reality, aren't really that bad, but it's fun to poke fun at them. Kota, Yukapon, and hell, even PT these days have no milk. It's dry season. Until Taylor get's another drama where we can snark on her shitty Japanese and her shitty acting, pictures are all we have atm.

No. 105643

File: 1458003724142.jpg (140.73 KB, 540x720, J4g5ftp.jpg)

No. 105644

File: 1458003736626.jpg (96.32 KB, 720x540, HDngRfR.jpg)

No. 105648

lol that's not facial reconstruction or plastic surgery though.
She's just gotten a load of fillers.

yes it's fun to poke shit but people are going to call you out when you blatantly make shit up just for the sake of it.

No. 105649

*poke fun
I don't recommend you poke shit

No. 105653

This. Simply hide threads you don't want to see.

I'm guessing someone on this thread has a vendetta against someone in PULL and they're taking their argument about Taylor here.

No. 105655

You know it's a candid when she still looks like her sister

No. 105659

Her ears are only cute froma certain angle. Tbh I think they look weird from the side

No. 105665

Wow who is this

No. 105686

File: 1458006920570.jpeg (125.91 KB, 552x729, image.jpeg)

Never forget her cringey kotacopy time

No. 105688

File: 1458006947845.jpeg (80.23 KB, 750x730, image.jpeg)

No. 105689

File: 1458007004902.jpeg (82.26 KB, 750x564, image.jpeg)

No. 105690

File: 1458007026883.jpeg (94.76 KB, 750x732, image.jpeg)

No. 105745

No, many of us think your fucking annoying, you actually made me like Taylor!

No. 105747

Much cuter than Kota tho

No. 105750


(You're welcome.)

No. 105774

I wasn't even the person you're arguing with or taking sides. Hi Taytay.

No. 105829

Has Taylor done any eye makeup tutorials? I don't bother with YT so I never watch any of the cows' channels.

No. 105838

lol weird but funny

I think she did something before, long time ago, but it's deleted. Taylor never did a makeup video where she goes from no makeup to full makeup, no. Except maybe recently, which I didn't watch, but people complained a lot because she's filming all her makeup tutorials far away from camera lol. However, normal eye makeup/daily makeup routine she never did, that's why in every single selfie she takes people keep on begging her for one.

No. 105844


Why is it you faggots can never seem to make a comparison picture where her head is positioned at the same angle?
Could it be because you have an agenda and know you're full of shit? Hmmmm…

No. 105845


People only start picking on infinitesimal things such as spelling when they know they're loading an argument.
Back to PULL Horizon.

No. 105846

File: 1458033962272.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-15-09-21-25…)

Just FYI those PULL psychos ARE in the thread.
The pictures here >>105644 >>105643 >>105640 got posted to PULL before lolcow by the number 1 Taylor obsessive Lisa.
Them coming in and saying "OMG not evrybdy is PULL!" is just an attempt to make you feel paranoid and deflect notice away from their presence.

They're here and they're trying to rally up a mob mentality against this chick like they did on PULL because they're furiously jealous of her wealth and opportunity.

No. 105847

PULL states Lisa was last active 27 minutes ago, >>105838 was made 28 minutes ago. Hi Lisa you fat, jealous Hispanic mess.

No. 105848

File: 1458034248184.png (186.64 KB, 987x1819, 2016-03-15 09.27.47.png)

Just looking at this girls stats on pull and it says that she has 471 posts and it looks like all of them are about taylor. If I were taylor I'd be afraid of this nutjob…

No. 105849


Oh and I forgot to add, the photos uploaded to PULL and the ones here >>105644 >>105643 >>105640 all have the same filename so these aren't files that have been downloaded from PULL and reposted, they've all come from Lisa's HD.

No. 105852

If you download it from pull it has the same name though…

No. 105854

File: 1458035406103.png (122.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-15-09-49-22…)


>posted 2 minutes ago

Hi Lisa.

No. 105857



Are the same people and judging by the filenames it looks like they're archiving Taylor's photos… creepy.

No. 105859



No. 105860

Is anybody on lolcow actually interested in Taylor?

No. 105861


I'm more interested in this cow Lisa now, I'm going after the bitch.

No. 105864

File: 1458037005389.png (261.48 KB, 1063x1847, 2016-03-15 10.14.32.png)


Those were posted by Horizon. Filenames are the same.

Looks like Horizon and Lisa are both lurking holy shit haha
PULL can't be very good if they're being forced to come here to alleviate their bowels.

No. 105865

Looking over the old thread as well the majority of images of Taylor posted there are all named very particularly, stuff like tay01.jpg, tay02.jpg, tay03.jpg, leak1.jpg, leak2.jpg, clipboard05.jpg, clipboard06.jpg, and I've noticed Horizon appears to be the only one in PULL referring to Taylor as "tay", same as the filenames mentioned in >>105857. Horizon also appear to be operating on a Mac.
Lisa and Horizon appear to be very angry at Taylor for some reason, but archiving every image avaliable of her is some next level-tier stalking.

No. 105866

File: 1458037445257.png (957.61 KB, 1073x1155, cycycy.png)

Horizon is also online right now FYI, and is the one that has made almost all of the Taylor threads on Taylor's subsection of PULL.
Any posts defending either of them or PULL are definitely them.

No. 105868

I just dont understand how a grown woman with a successful job as a model that looks pretty (i mean how the fuck could you be a model if you arent) just suddenly turned into this loli doll freak desu. Like i understand if you are young but she was a fricking grown woman

No. 105870


Sorry Horizon, I can't hear you over the sound of your weight problem :(

No. 105871

fuck im not horizon, im just a newfag that posted at the same time. fml.

No. 105874

I actually prefer her look now. Yeah she was very pretty with her original look, but it was very average-tier, especially for a model and you could easily see her age which doesn't help in her industry.

Now she has that kawaii look (which will keep her employed in East Asia at least), her looks make her age much more ambiguous and separates her from a lot of other western models (Kooter notwithstanding).

No. 105875



You sound underage.
We have a rule against unintergrated users shitting up threads with personal opinions you know, and you just stated that you are a newfag so where did you come from.

No. 105877

Her outfits are much better now.

No. 105878

you sound like a frustrated 14 yr old that hasn't grown out of their ugly duckling phase and is heaps bitter that Taylor's in japan being kawaii and shit.

No. 105886

OP here. Why is samefag going on and on about me being certain members from PULL? I get photos from PULL, but only because thats the only site where I can find her hold candids.

Because everybody changes the filename when the download something? Who actually does this everytime they do it?

>they're furiously jealous of her wealth and opportunity.

hi taylor

No. 105896


>hi taylor

If you're not from PULL then you're doing a particularly bad job of trying prove that you're not from their special breed of stupid.

I'm poor as fuck but even I can recognise from all the posts bitching about Taylor's branded shit and how often she gets to travel that they're obviously green with envy over her money, and I know this because despite being a poorfag I opt not to whine like a little bitch because I'm not jealous.

>I get photos from PULL

Fucking gross.

No. 105902


I have query, if you're the OP then what is it about Taylor that you despise so much? I love dramu and am all for a good hoedown when the milk is flowing, but as far as I can see Taylor is genuinely nice, normal young woman who's out trying to forge a good career, exploring different fashions, different beauty standards and off generally living her life.

Seeing the level of vitriol and hate people like you are throwing her way is legitimately making me feel sick, and the image archiving is beyond fucked, but to date neither you nor those creeps from PULL can seem to offer up a reason as to why you believe she's snowflake material which is why people keep relegating it back to petty jealousy, which imo is exactly what it looks like.

So, what's your real reason for all this? And no, whilst fillers gone awry are certainly amusing, fillers does not a lolcow make considering a good chunk of lolcow's userbase will have dabbled in them/are considering dabbling in them.

And no, before you say it I'm not Taylor. I can take a picture of the change in my pocket to prove it if necessary which are neither € nor $ nor ¥.

No. 105903

fucking psycho pull members

No. 105906

This is what happened in the ahripop thread, faggots from pull posting alot of lulzy shit.

No. 105911

just get the fuck out of here. nobody even said they despise taylor. when did i ever say anything about her fillers? what makes taylor so special that we cant snark on her but we can have 9+ pages devoted to snarking on other people. if it bothers you so much that you feel the need to bump the thread 3 or 4 times with your own samefag opinion , then maybe lolcow isn't for you.

If you like Taylor so much, we are you constantly in her PULL threads and lolcow threads to begin with? Do stupid internet forums really bother you this much? You obviously hate both of these sites, yet you seem to know everything they talk about and how certain users act and bother you.

No. 105912

Tbh I wish she still dressed like this. It's what made me like her in the first place

No. 105916


lol, and I think this absolutely illustrates the types of people that persist in these poor quality threads - angry raging, menstrual, envious little bitches with an inferiority complex.
I put my questions to you in a very polite manner and you have unsuccessfully managed to dodge every single one whilst behaving like an ape.

This is why I can't take you PULLfags seriously. There's drama and snarking on people for their ills and then there's just hating people for the sake of hating on them because you have so little going on in your own life that you need to live vicariously through the lives of others. Pathetic.

No. 105918

>what makes taylor so special that we cant snark on her but we can have 9+ pages devoted to snarking on other people
What is it about this you morons don't seem to fucking grasp? You keep trying to force this bitch on lolcow like she's the next big cow when there's literally nothing to her and it's cringey and embarrassing and transparent as fuck. Fail thread is fail.

No. 105924

it baffled me when people come into thread just yelling
like, just ignore the thread.

if we wanna rag on her for miniscules things, let us be. fuck off and find your own cow to milk

No. 105925


Taylor's trying to be as pure, drama free as possible, that's why she even doesn't reveal almost anything from her private life.
And that's why she is in /snow/.

Are you saying people should not be alowed to talk about Taylor, even if it's only fillers, only makeup or bad PS?

I would now post some of her failure pictures for laughs but you all are killing fun with your ridiculous whiteknighting like Taylor will ever be your bff. Crazy.

No. 105926

Taylor is boring. No milk. Nothing. Time to move on and to let this thread die.

You realize that spouting useless arguments about her is bringing the quality of lolcow down right? Goddamn, newfags will never understand. You need to know when it's time to let something go because when you don't, you just look as retarded as what you're trying to laugh at.

No. 105927

I am the one who made the first Taylor Thread on PULL a few years ago.
I regret it to this day.

I've spoken with Taylor afterwards
She was immensely sweet and forgiving about it.

No. 105928

not even a newfag. try harder

No. 105929

That's all you have to say? Okay.. Enjoy your useless and boring thread bubble.

No. 105930


If you're going to come to lolcow and shit the board up with your persistent autism why shouldn't we come in here and laugh at you for your pitiful vendetta?
Find another board to post this shit to, nobody wants you here.

No. 105931


>Taylor is in /snow/ and we're trying to pick apart every aspect of her person because she wants to maintain a private life away from the internet

Are you PULLtards so idiotic that you don't realise what it is you just said…

No. 105938


It's nice that you actually took the initiative and apologised though Anon.

When I found about Dakota's domestic abuse I also apologised to Dakota and I haven't really been involved in any of her threads since. Sometimes I think it's easy to let yourself run away with the collective mob mentality and it slowly can turn you into a really shitty person without you even realising.
That's a problem that the people gunning for Taylor have right now but they'll realise one day that stalking her entire history online, archiving every publication she's ever been involved in and concocting wild fantasies about total facial reconstruction is not normal behaviour.

No. 105943


dakota's "domestic abuse" kek

I don't really get why someone archiving Taylor's pictures is a "creep." People all ober the world are doing it - pervs, teens who want to be like her, pinterest bitches. It's to be expected if you post a ton of photos online. She used to pose for "mensclub" anyway. I am sure they all jacked off to her pics and saved them and did who knows what with them.

No. 105945

I think they already know it's not normal which is why all they ever do is spit vemon when questioned. >>105902 this anon asked in a very nice way what exactly their issues were with taylor and they got screamed at. There is a sense of "this seems wrong" that everyone goes through when collecting info on flakes and cows, but usually your conscience tells you when it's time to stop. These people, lisa and horizon, ignore that and keep going into stalker territory. They have no reason to be doing it and no defense for it either so they can only resort to throwing tantrums like toddlers. If they were honest with themselves and admitted they were jealous of her, it would reflect poorly on them. So they create these worlds in which taylor is the bad guy and they're doing a hero's job by archiving every letter she types for future reference if it ever should come out they were right all along. Ofc that time will never come but they need to prepare.

No. 105948

I get what you're saying, but they are not doing anything to harm Taylor (giving out personal info, whatever). These are normal pics she and others post online. Their behavior is obsessive but calling it stalking is a bit much. There have been many incidents with Kiki and Dakota that were stalkerish. I haven't seen any with Taylor.

If they want to save all her photos, I doubt even Taylor would care.

No. 105952

You really think one can be e-celeb and expect to keep their "privacy" away from the Internet?

No. 105953

Well the thread i made wasn't out of malice.
Rather admiration.
And she got ripped to shreds nearly instantly.

My regrets come from that.
I know she would have been found/brought up eventually but i feel like i threw her into the lions den.
Not too long afterwards i requested my PULL account to be deleted.

I spoke to Taylor about this and she was so polite.
It's surprising how well and calmly she spoke of the people bashing her.
So everytime i see posts in these threads going ''Hey taylor'' i just find it funny because i honestly don't think she even bothers to look for this place she's too busy doing her thing.

Same goes for Dakota i think she moved on from this a long time ago and is now just busy living her life.

No. 105955

Oh yeah, I know they're not doing things to harass her but I think it's getting too creepy that they decided it fell on their shoulders to document her life because they're so sure she's secretly up to something. I guess that's what I'm trying to say, they've become entirely too obsessed with the idea of finding something wrong with her that they decided to save all of it in case something comes up. It's not as if they're saving screen caps of drama, like people do with jnig or mira or margo/venus, they're trying to force drama by saving everything and picking it apart.

No. 105958

I know who posted original thread on PULL and not only your account did not get deleted, but you keept posting years after.

So no matter if you are op of that thread or not, you'r lying.

No. 105962

You do realize that if a persons account get deleted the thread remains but instead gets dumped onto the first person that posted in that thread right?

No. 105965

It was real op post, with a link to social media and explanation. Don't try to cover, I know who you are, and I'm that nice to not reveal.

No. 105966

Oh i dare you to reveal because my account is 100% gone and when i last checked back that thread was dumped onto someone named Ami or something and the first few pages where a complete mess because all my posts where gone but you could still see people quoting my posts

No. 105973

Find another board that suits this shit. Lolcow does not accommodate vendetta posts and shit threads. PULL is better suited for that.

No. 105980

>I'm that nice not to reveal.
Kek. Are you threatening anon?
What are you gonna do? Reveal their information? For what? You PULL fags don't even bother to integrate here and understand the way the board functions. If you're too retarded to do that why don't you just stay in your hug box?

No. 105982

File: 1458059534411.jpg (74.44 KB, 720x720, 154410_446436635405889_1654629…)

Damnit i posted the picture without the comment.
Anyway what i wanted to ask was does anyone know which brand has realistic circle lenses like this?
Because all the ones i have bought so far looked fake as shit.
Or do they always look fake as shit up close?

No. 105986

I think it may be one of the before mentioned stalkers Horizon or Lisa and they are pissed i said that Taylor doesn't give a crap about them.

I just went to look and i cannot even find that old original thread anymore nor any evidence of my old account i had there.
And even if they for some reason remembered my old account name after so many years i never revealed anything private about myself.
I didn't have my shit deleted to hide something, I requested to be deleted because my skin crawled at the knowledge i was a part of such a mental community.

On an unrelated note wtf happened to PULL? It looks even more insane now then it did when i browsed it.
Back then there was only that one Taylor thread and now there is a full blown investigation side board discussing every aspect of her life.

No. 105987

Idk thw brand, but maybe you're not using the right color. Darker colors (grass-green, brown, black) look more natural, and Taylor usually wears those lenses. Also you got used to see her with lenses, and thw overall outfit is also important. If it's dolly, it'll look less strange than if you dress up normally any buy circle lenses that stand out

No. 105995

Gotta say it, i am a pretty regular user on PULL and i agree. I don't understand why this girl has even a big section in that page like Kota or Palermo, because she has no drama. I think she is just a boring weeb who had fillers.

No. 105998

shes not even a weeb. just a boring white girl who happened to jump on the japand-wagon

No. 106001

That makes her even less interesting

No. 106029



No. 106033

File: 1458068513602.jpg (44.28 KB, 500x372, tumblr_m914tbjEC81r6g2s5.jpg)

>complains about taylor having multiple threads in /snow/
>keeps bumping the thread with multiple posts until someone replies instead of just letting it die.

No. 106034

Post it then, faggot.

Oh yeah, you won't because you're bluffing big time.

No. 106050


I don't know why you're laughing about Dakota being abused at home, it's real and I would know given that I'm the one that revealed that little secret to /cgl/ and later PULL.
I sat on that information at the behest of the person who disclosed it to me for over a year, until the guilt became too much. Seeing all those threads trashing her whilst being one of the few people that knew what was going on fucking sucked.

Laugh all you want, it's real.
Cathy used to psychological abuse and physically hit Dakota repeatedly whilst Kirsten and Scott both acted like nothing was happening.

No. 106061

why did they choose dakota to abuse instead of kirsten?

No. 106062

Fat, ugly, not the cash cow

No. 106064

NGL I felt really bad for Taylor when she couldn't go home for christmas because you can tell she's obviously close to her family. I'm living abroad too so I kind of feel for her on that one (though if we were as well off as her family I would have pushed as much as I could for them to come to Tokyo lol) Somebody should have gone up and seen her, but they were probably all too busy.

Does anybody know if she brought Rosy with her on this trip? I can't imagine the amount of stress flying must have on a toy breed :(

No. 106068

Taylor was also abused, somebody called her fat when she was 9.
Not only this, but she had a nickname "Tiny tits Taylor".
Not a joke. She said it in her video and she even filmed how she got a tear in her eye because of that.

No. 106075

Which is ironic because Dakota is the spitting image of Cathy, of course except she's younger and nowhere near as fat. Wtf…

No. 106079

Are you saying she was actually abused, or that she called very light verbal playground 'bullying' abuse?

No. 106080

Hmm the second one, but judge it for yourself

No. 106086

She also talked about it in one of her other social media, made posts about it etc.
Well, see it and comment then, I just provided video.

No. 106089

I'm not sure why you're saying it like that, it wasn't as if one person called her fat and she broke down crying from that. she didn't call it abuse, she called it what it was. bullying. Bullying can be considered abuse if it crosses a line but she clearly calls it bullying.

No. 106095


No idea. I guess as >>106062 suggested it was because growing up Dakota was the chubby, unpopular weeb whilst Kirsten was the family cashcow and seemingly more successful child.
From what Charms told me a hell of a lot of it was a constant stream of psychological abuse, criticism of Dakota for her looks, her weight, her clothing, her hair, her makeup and forcing her to compete against Kirsten. She always had to be perfect, perfect, perfect.

All that pressure, it's no wonder she appeared so nutty to all of us at first, wearing all that extreme, heavy makeup, Photoshopping her face and her body to extremes, lying about so many aspects of herself. Even though she's now escaped it it seems like a lot of that has really stuck with her. I feel sorry for Dakota really.

No. 106096

So what's the general verdict here on Taylor? What makes her a cow in the eyes of whoever posted her threads?

No. 106097

I think the all around opinion is that yes it was pretty fun to laugh at how bad her fillers were, and her Japanese is choppy and rough but other than that there's really nothing special about her. There's not much to talk about. PULL members Lisa and Horizon have a serious problem with her and take things entirely too far due to jealousy since they refuse to say what they hate about her while continuing to document every fragment of her life like creepy basement dwellers.

No. 106105

She tends to leave Rosie at home.
It also took a while before she transferred Rosie from China to Japan.
I do think she takes good care of her dog

No. 106110

Sorry, there's no real proof of any of this besides your third-hand account and Dakota-abuse stories were always a kind of fantasy around PULL. We'll find out when and if Dakota makes it public. Otherwise, I'll kek all I want about your privileged information. Dakota not going home often is just not proof enough.

No. 106113

Makes sense. I mean when you think about it, Rosie is sort of her only "family" out there, and you can see she really cares about her when you see her talk to her as if she were her baby lol (no shame I'd do it too if I could afford a Rosie dog lol)

Hopefully she lives long, I'd hate to see how she'd take it if she lost her :( Dog deaths break my heart

No. 106114

Yeah, there's no denying she loves Rosie. That adorable cuddly little ball of fluff…

No. 106126

Rosie is heathy :)
The other dog, samw breed as Rosie, just white one, which her family has, is sick unfortunatelly. Genetic problems.

No. 106131


Dakota will never make this information public and fortunately for me I don't receive validation on the basis of whether or not people believe my account.
If you're really this sceptical you're free to go ask Charms all of this yourself, but I get the feeling that you're not really interested in hearing the truth, that is assuming that Charms would even respond at all.
I have nothing to gain by inventing such a story, that's all I'll say.

No. 106138

File: 1458079462260.jpg (9.33 KB, 400x236, bokaos-bebo-21349176.jpg)

I'm surprised Sharla hasn't talked her into getting a cat lol

A white persian really does fit into her aesthetic, but I wonder how Rosie would take it

No. 106258

File: 1458097535794.png (80.79 KB, 583x591, Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.0…)

No. 106265

Charlotte knows Kota personally?

No. 106322

What she could say though?
"Fuck you bitch, die"? lol

No. 106323

Used to, back when they were teens. They stopped being friends when Dakota wouldn't tell Charms what Taobao shop she got her fake Vivienne Westwood horns from.

No. 106325


It was that and a couple of other things. Apparently Dakota was always lying about shit, stuff like whether she was wearing much makeup, whether she had extensions in, whether her clothing was legit brand or not (according to Dakota it always was. Charlotte knew she was full of shit but never said anything).

Last straw was when Charlotte discovered the Vivienne Westwood horn tiara online and sent a link to Dakota. Dakota war really interested in it too and was supposedly great with Taobao. Charlotte asked Dakota that if she came across any fakes online that she'd let Charlotte know.
Like a month later those pictures of Dakota wearing the horn tiara appear online, Charlotte had to see them first through /cgl/ and when she messaged Dakota asking where she found them, Dakota lied and said they were real.

No. 106328

LOL I knew about the horn tiara drama but not about the rest. Honestly, I wouldn't want to be friends with someone that lies as much as Dakota either. Charms is pretty repulsive but still… wouldn't wanna be friends with either of them. Too bitchy and lie too much.

No. 106332

True. Better to not have friends than have bullshit lies. I understand being poor is embarrasing and nobody wants to have a copy, but if you are lying to the rest of the world, at least keep it real with people who provide you copy in the first place.

No. 106334

Hi Lisa!

No. 106336

You do understand that one cannot bring a dog from China to Japan just like that? There's a 180 day waiting period with the rabies vaccines that has to be completed first, so if the importing procedures weren't started early enough, no wonder she couldn't get Rosie with her immediately.

No. 106338

Where are the PULLtards getting these old personal photos of her, I wonder? Have they sneakily friended one of her family members in facebook?

Lisa has also dug out a considerable amount of Taylor's old modelling photos from somewhere. Now that's what I call dedication.

No. 106348


Dedication? You mean obsession.
I wonder if they have a Taylor mask and a long, dirty blonde wig they put on every night whilst caressing their flabby bodies in front of a mirror.

>"yes precious, we're a model aren'ts we? That nasty Taylor took its from us she did! Tricksy tricksy Canadians!"

No. 106353

The pictures she's been posting on instagram have been really pretty as of recent. This is the most model-esque I've seen her look in a while.

No. 106360

File: 1458135800368.jpeg (15.6 KB, 236x356, image.jpeg)

Rare pic of a Taylor posting PULL member.

No. 106364

PULL be damned, there is a strange influx of Taylor fans in this thread and it's getting on my nerves.

No. 106368


Nobody cares Horizon. Fuck off.

No. 106369


Funny because I was just thinking about how strange it was how hate for Taylor has recently increased.

No. 106371

File: 1458138634082.png (390.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-16-14-22-47…)

I'm just reading the Taylor section on PULL and it's complete garbage, cobbled together graspings trying so hard to make this chick appear like the scum of the earth and stating that she actually had secret plastic surgery between moving from Hong Kong to Tokyo.

Picture related is basically some crap somebody's scraped together trying to justify her position as a snowflake because she doesn't disclose her monetary earnings of financial situation.
Do these idiots not realise how dangerous it can be waving around wealth? Kidnappings, muggings and burglary are still very much a fucking thing. Since when was anybody entitled to know somebody's financial status anyway?

PULL is legit stuffed full of creeps and stalkers and I feel sick today I even had an active account on the first phase of the site.

No. 106373

These dumbasses don't realize how long v-line surgery takes to heal. It's not a month long process and bam she's back in the spotlight. They have no clue how anything works and it's embarrassing.

No. 106377

Omg I wasn't really aware of the current stupidity level on PULL bc I don't check it anymore.

>The main problem with Taylor is that she's very good at marketing herself.

How's that a bad thing? She clearly wants to be a blogger/e-personality besides modelling (which is not a bad thing btw, sometimes I think that for those pulltards wanting to be a popular blogger is something unethical), so she's doing a good job.

I was going to comment more things but the text is just too stupid, I can't.

No. 106378

Wtf is horizon?

No. 106379

Agree. I don't come here often because no milk but every time I have there's more positive posts than negative.

No. 106380

Wat. I don't understand?
Why is she obligated to tell the world how much she makes and where she's getting it from?
>getting better at evading questions and diverting her followers/fan's attention
Again, what obligation does she have to spill her guts to everyone? Do you post all of your info online? Why not!? You're evading "something!!!!"

No. 106381

That's why they're collecting everything they can find on her, in case one day it comes out that she has a boyfriend or how much she makes, or where her income comes from. So they have evidence dating back 3+ years that they can whip out to prove she's a bad person.

No. 106384

This specific thing, Taylor said how she has everything because she, I'm quoting "financially fully support myself since I was 14", which is not true.

No. 106391


How do you know it's not true? Are you Taylor's brother? Do you live next door? Are you spying on Taylor through her window? Are you Taylor herself? Are you her agent? Are you aware of every job she's done since she got signed aged 11? Do you know how much her net earnings are per year? How much she earns per job?

How do you know Anon? How?

No. 106400

Does anyone know why Taylor doesn't follow anyone on Instagram? It's sort of odd..

No. 106401

It's been discussed and speculated about a lot before.
Honestly we don't know why she doesn't follow anyone.
Has anyone ever asked her before?

No. 106402

Ah sorry, I guess I missed when that was talked about. It seems self indulgent imo. Sharla follows her and posted a bunch a photos with her before and in between the videos they have done together so I'm assuming they are friends.. like why would you follow your friend?

No. 106403

She used to follow many but unfollowed everybody. To be cool like Dakota's sister.

No. 106405

Does she not realize that doing that actually makes her look like a total asshole

No. 106410

She does have some shitty personality traits but she's probably not a true cow.

She got a ton of people to follow her by promising to follow back - then she unfollowed all of them. When people noticed her cheek fillers, she said she got fat and had to diet. In fact, despite being a stick, she still hawks diet products and talks about losing weight. That's super healthy, isn't it? She hides her age, deleting any comments about it. Her pandering to certain Internet trends (bullying, omg, someone called me fat when I was prepubescent) is annoying. It comes across as insincere. But there was already a fight about that.

If she were still uploading dance videos, I bet she'd have more negative posts. lol. Those were damn funny.

No. 106415

>>106410 Does Kota not hide her age? no one is shitting on her for it

No. 106416

Now this is simply untrue.

No. 106420

Taylor gets shits on for having surgery and not saying much about her old career in HK.

Venus and Yukapon get asslicked because they're "new ppl" now. Ugh.

No. 106426


Taylor doesn't peddle diet products ur chattin shit m8

No. 106430

I haven't seen her instagramming #fittea or #flattummytea unlike others. If by diet products you mean soy/almond milk and vegan recipes then yes she's giving people diet products. Also she's a model, she needs to keep her weight the same for what she does, so yes she'd talk about losing weight. Especialyl since 50% of her comments are asking how she stays so thin.

No. 106433

on mobile, here's just one example

No. 106434

Weird to see her actually looking her age here. All those fillers made her look a lot younger.

No. 106436

That's cereal. That's not a diet product at all.

No. 106438

she is promoting a weight loss plan. you know, like special K plans, where you lose X lbs in a couple weeks? It's retarded for her to be doing that at her size.

she did a couple others too.

No. 106442


m8 I am like 99.9% certain that Nestlé isn't paying some unknown weeb personality to sell their already popular cereal. She probably just eats the damn stuff herself.

No. 106445

No, 50% of her comments are asking her to do everyday makeup tutorial.

No. 106452

File: 1458162722881.jpg (21.08 KB, 583x456, Cc1eFk-UYAItp2g.jpg)

No. 106454

50% makeup, 50% "omg you're so thin why am I a potato tell me how to be thin"

No. 106485

…but you keep coming to this thread. ok den

No. 106489

sure seemed like a paid shill to me

No. 106524

her hair looks so shiny and soft, i want to pet it!! Dammit

No. 106525

.. lol, this makes me cringy
Damn u a gangsta ass bitch anon

No. 106527

>here's just one example
>from 2014
Wow are you a coal miners daughter cause that was some digging

I promote stuff to my fans/friends all the time and I have a bigger following that Taylor does. Does that mean I'm being paid?

No. 106547

Agree. Admin sama needs to clean out whoever is shitting up and derailing this thread.

No. 106624

File: 1458190464975.jpeg (102.43 KB, 500x392, image.jpeg)

clean the sand out of your vagina. People making posts that don't reflect the PULL echo chamber is not derailing the thread.

No. 106653

idk anon, do you do "14-day mini belly CHALLENGE" crap? If so, then I'd guess yeah, you probably are.

No. 106654

I like Taylor, but was kind of shocked by her face in this video
It looks…lumpy. That makeup style also seems to look good only in edited photographs

No. 106661

this is definitely a paid post https://anon.to/QkhgWL
the milk diet ones are also paid
I can barely believe she wrote the English text here (though she makes a lot of mistakes in English anyway) http://www.beautyexchange.com.hk/blog/%20105143

other than some detox posts I didn't see much else

No. 106800

File: 1458245876714.jpeg (8.33 KB, 223x223, image.jpeg)

Honestly I fucking love Taylor. She's sweet and cool.

No. 106808

>when you nut but she keeps sucking

No. 106837

>When you come but he keeps licking

No. 106943

I just realized that this post I made earlier makes it look like I was tryna be sarcastic but I do love Taylor 100%

These made my day/night. Omfg

No. 107572

File: 1458444014259.png (246.24 KB, 399x358, Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.1…)


No. 107573

File: 1458444030926.jpg (286.5 KB, 840x560, teira_840_13-thumb-840x560-101…)

No. 107574

File: 1458444049398.jpg (245.54 KB, 840x560, teira_840_07-thumb-840x560-100…)

No. 107575

File: 1458444105867.jpg (233.34 KB, 840x560, teira2_840_11-thumb-840x560-10…)

whats wrong with her face

No. 107577

File: 1458444164242.png (121.67 KB, 188x285, Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.2…)

No. 107580

Heat haze from the flames.

No. 107587

Is tripod guy her husband? He seems to travel around with her and be in her room late at night for videos and shoots at home.

No. 107589

I'm pretty sure it's her manager. Why does everyone assume if there's a guy that the person MUST be married to said guy?

No. 107635

She looks really sweet here

No. 107647


Dang she looks so cute in most of these pictures, but in some of them her face looks weird because of the cheek fillers and that fucking eyebag make up. I wish she'd stop doing that, she doesn't need it at all.

No. 107648

I love that jacket on her. She's pretty cool, yeah.

No. 107657


Fuck off Horizon you fucking obsessive creep.

No. 107659

are y'all blind or…? she looks like a hamster with those cheeks…i mean, she looked plain before the magical nihonland but she looks weird as fuck now

No. 107669

You'll get over it.

No. 107679

New outfit video finally

No. 107681


Very cute. I do like how she's filmed herself actually walking around and doing stuff rather than just standing in her bedroom where she's safe from the elements, feels more real.

Taylor is a real professional.

No. 107700


It is cute isn't it? Yeah but it isn't the first. Most vloggers and fashion bloggers take pictures and videos when they're out as lookbooks or w/e they are? It's just that Taylor is going for the quite factor and unlike Dakota with that bedroom outfit video, Taylor is being more proactive.

No. 107704

This is actually well done. Using city life in a fashion video gives you the feel that she's living a glamorous, carefree life. She keeps up this quality of marketing tactics and she should be able to do more gigs.

I'm torn on Taylor. I think her face was a lot better pre-cheek fillers, but that freak hamster face is definitely more marketable in the scene of kawaii fashion. Sometimes, I find the fillers and new look cute and endearing and then sometimes, it's really off-putting and scary. I guess it depends on how swollen it is.

And wtf is up with the pulltards and this girl? "She lies about not being financed by her family?!" Uh do you retards have social media? Everyone lies about their lives in some shape or form to seem more successful. Give it a rest. We all know that Taylor owns YSL bags because she comes from a wealthy family. Get over it, you're poor and she's rich. And just remember, pulltards: You'll never come close to living a life like this: >>107679

No. 107721

What the fuck is with the music choices in this video?

No. 107723

Inb4 people call you Taylor lol

I agree though, I kind of think of it as, she may be funded by her family, but at the same time she DOES work and make her own money no matter if it's not enough to fund this lifestyle. Obviously she has a family that wants her to do these things and supports it. Which is nice, really. I'm not a fan of the fillers, but I do like her personality, videos, posts, and looks for the most part.

No. 107724

Her music taste is fine, like who gives a fuck what she listens to?

No. 107732

Am i the only one who thinks her hair is a little bit too long? It looks so dry and thin at the end , if she just cut off a teeny tiny bit it would look so much better.
Also hair that long must be hella much work but ~fairy princess~ I guess, her decision

No. 107737

Thank god she included links of where to get the stuff she wore. You'd think that would be a given, but its crazy how tight-fisted some of these beauty bloggers are with where they get there shit.

No. 107744

I like that she's showing more skin. If she does this once in a while, she doesn't have to learn Japanese.

No. 107755

You're trying way to hard to find something to pick apart

No. 107767

lmfao I thought the same thing

No. 107771

i like that song but it doesnt fit the video at all lol wtf

No. 107772

shes showing her age with that soundtrack

No. 107773

im not though. i think its a cute video! and i dont hate the music i just think its awkward. couldnt she pick something more current and happy?

No. 107777

I really love this video and I really hope she makes more videos like this.

I agree with everything you said.

Before I used to think it all was so creepy/weird and want the old Taylor back. But now I'm starting to warm up to her new kawaii look, I guess it's because I'm so used to it now.

Why do people think all "negative" criticism towards Taylor automatically means you're a hater?
I also felt the same way about the music. I haven't watched many of her videos but out of the ones I've seen, the music is usually cutesy, fun, and/or jpop. So, I was kind of expecting something along those lines.
Though, I will say, I can kinda see why she picked the music since it does go with the style she's going for in the video, just not the video itself.

No. 107787

The outfit video is cute.. that style looks good on her.

On a different note, her bedroom looks like a teenager's bedroom at their parents house. Shouldn't she be sharing a bedroom with her husband?

No. 107790


Yeah, I don't get the PULLtards attitude towards Taylor at all.

>"Weeehh, she's dishonest about her financing!"

Uh, so what? You're jealous because she's rich? Why is that bad?
I was born into a dirt poor family too, legit poverty, but I'm not angry at Taylor for having more than me, I'm happy for her that whilst she appears to have it all she is still out working and trying to forge her own path in life rather than laying around living off her families money.

I do want that Chanel bag tho o lawd I'm hitting up TK Maxx on Monday.

No. 107795

How does the marriage factor even come into play? Not every white female model in Japan who renews her visa has a husband lmao. Is it that hard for PULL to understand that some people can actually be single in Japan? Just because you have yellow fever doesn't mean everybody else does.

>if you don't disclose you personal and financial information to your followers you're lying trash

How is she unclear about how she maintains her lavish lifestyle? It can't be because her and her family are loaded! She's being supported by a man!

No. 107796

> implying those who marry for a visa have yellow fever

No. 107797

I mean…marriage isn't a huge priority for some people. It's okay to wanna enjoy life on your own before wanting to settle down.

No. 107798

I realized this the other day but her workout video's are exact copies of a couple of workouts from the Ballet Beautiful dvd's. (The lady from those dvd's trains VS Angels) No one else seems to have seen through this, but it kinda pisses me off she can just steal someone's workouts and pass it off as her own.

No. 107809

People asked what she does for a workout so she made a video on her workout. Holy shit she didn't say she invented the exercises, almost everyone who exercises "copies" someone else. Find something else to bitch about that matters.

No. 107816

The autism is strong within these threads…

No. 107821

Some people here are really retarded. Nobody complains about Taylor being rich, but about the fact that she's lying where the money came from.
It's good that she's rich, at least she can show all the nice stuff. Just why the fuck does she lie about that.

No. 107823

File: 1458511590146.png (365.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-03-20-22-00-33…)

I'm just looking at Taylor's PULL section for shits and giggles and holy fucking shit the users are completely beyond saving.

One of them has made an entire thread about how Taylor is a NeoNazi white supremacist because of her old username Taylor1488, whilst subtly neglecting to mention that Taylor's birthday is on the 14th of December 1988…

No. 107847

Then you must be noticing that everybody else laughed at it as well.

No. 107881


Hi PULLtard.

No. 107907

You wanna say somebody here didn't read pull? Idiot.

No. 107930

>Taylor1488, whilst subtly neglecting to mention that Taylor's birthday is on the 14th of December 1988…
No way this wasn't on purpose but I think it's funny and it makes me like her even more. She did it because she has a birthday excuse but it's written in the right order and is a huge meme.

No. 107938

Did she go on a trip and restaurants to make photos and videos? She doesn't seem to be going anywhere with any friends or family, just tripodsan.

Weird music choices though.

No. 107954

Had a flick through some of the Taylor threads on PULL and holy shit Horizon and Lisa are beyond the point of restraining orders

they also jump down the throats of anybody who so much as compliments taylor lmao the damn girl got no drama

No. 107958



Nigger you dun goofd. That is a term used in conjunction with Taylor ONLY on PULL.


No. 107987

Oh a PULLtard. Go away

No. 107989

You are all way too obsessed with pull.

No. 108640

File: 1458541797702.jpg (31.67 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_n5au3wekJh1su289…)

Bitch please, Tripod-san came from our dear Queen Pixyteri.

No. 108641

There is a difference between speaking like a child and merely mentioning you look at PULL. Don't derail over it unless the poster is actually exhibiting a particular undesirable trait.

No. 108653

I don't… really like most of these outfits. Or the music… I think she look better in her random vlogs where she goes to a party, she looks so much better. I'm pretty disappointed tbh :/

No. 108676


Exactly, but on PULL they use it to talk about Taylor.

No. 108678

>>107679 i like taylor but this video was kinda lame. The outfits are cool and she looks cute but the choice of shots and music are really strange, could have been a lot better with a different choice of cinematography and music.

No. 108691

overall gave me a happy feelig to watch but had to mute it. the music didnt fit and its like… 90s mom music or something

No. 108699

This wasn't a lookbook. I like this video better than others, although it was just made to show her being pretty in different clothes and pretty places.
Every one of this outfits I would like to see from at least 3 more different angles. I wish she makes a lookbook on these. I hope she will post more about fashion.

No. 108723

Did anyone watch the drama she's in? Is it worth watching?

No. 108733

The first one is essentially just an advertisement for traditional Japanese goods hidden under the guise of a quick drama.

I haven't seen the second one and don't know if it's available for streaming? But I think a few anons saw it and said it was ok.

No. 108747


The second one was a legit romantic/comedy drama and was actually pretty cute, but I don't imagine I'll ever watch it again.

No. 108792

She did more than 1 drama? I was talking about the one where she plays a foreign first love (or something along those lines)

No. 108830

The plot is the same in both, and both are infomercials where she's overacting more than in her social media. Both are completely made within a month, with a low budget, and it's visible. Not worth watching, unless white women in Japan intrigue you.

No. 109053

I see, thanks. Guess I'll not waste my time on it then

No. 109088


idk which other drama you watched by only one of them was an infomercial.

No. 109139

the first one is an infomercial for random Japanese products such as knives and paper
the second one is also some corny daytime tv drama, iirc its not informericialy. its kinda cute.

No. 109148

No. 109263

Literally where?

I'll reiterate since you lack reading comprehension:
Not everyone who goes to Japan has yellow fever, and wants to have a Japanese boyfriend. Just because that is your life goal, doesn't mean that it is everyone else's.

No. 109532

You didn't talk with me but I'll try ro explain you.

>somebody said Taylor might be married because she has visa

>you somehow connected yellow fever with visa
>anon said it's not connected
>you stopped talking about Taylor and said how anon has yellow fever

See, only person who talks about falling for Japanese emotionally is you.

No. 110242

Just to put some positivity in this thread (tay has essentially no drama anyway) I've been really enjoying her vlogs lately and the full body workout she posted recently is great. (What other kawaii snowflake is so open and resourcefull about being fit?) I wish she'd do a appartment tour tho, kinda curious to see how the place where she lives looks besides her bedroom.

No. 110309

She reposted it, it's not new. She had to repost it for the third time, because first two times she used copyrighted music.

No. 110953

uh its a tiny tokyo apartment. there isnt much besides the bedroom

No. 111517

>she got Burberry sunglasses as a present

She's so damn rich that it makes me jelly af. Also slightly annoyed that she tries to pass off like she isn't loaded.

No. 111520

What was up with that model she was baking with in her latest vlog? She seemed like she was trying to be cold just to be funny, but it kept coming off as seriously rude. I actually felt bad for Taylor, you can tell she made her feel uncomfortable.

No. 111524

Am I the only one who thinks her hair is long to the point of being unflattering? It just makes her look frumpy and her face longer imo.

Then again, I have a bias for bob-length hair in general.

No. 111638

She was just joking, I don't think Taylor felt uncomfortable. IMO she was really funny.

No. 111648

It's just you.

No. 111657

But if she brags about how rich she is you'd shit all over her for being a rich bitch.

No. 111665


It's just you.
I legit think Taylor is a qt patootie and I can only pray I look as good at her when I hit 28. I'm eternally grateful to her for recommending Cetaphil in one of her videos because I went out the next day and bought some and it's helped my skin enormously.

PULL is bitching at the moment for her having the AUDACITY to recommend vegan recipes in her latest video when she's not a vegan, because you're not allowed to suggest something unless you do it yourself lel

No. 111667


Because the alternative of her bragging and flashing her cash every where is better rite?

No. 111788

How dare someone with money not flaunt it and blatantly talk about it all the time as if that's a part of their personality! Just like if you're poor you need to complain about not having money all the time because that's not annoying at all. </sarcasm>

She got it as a gift. You dont even have to be rich for that.

No. 111810

i think they meant more like, how she says she worked all by herself for everything she's got since she was 14 or whatever? like, bitch, there's nothing wrong with spending your parent's cash if they're ok with it but pretending she supported herself alone is a bunch of bs

No. 111839

File: 1459195029536.jpeg (730.7 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpeg)

She had one job year or two ago where she had a wig, dark bob hair, and it looked excellent on her. Pic related

No. 111841

Ah sorry, it was more than a year ago. She didn't have fillers yet.

No. 111858

she literally said "this is a gift" how the fuck is that her pretending that she worked for it? I'm sorry for slight rage but jesus fuck, leave the girl alone. like the anons above said, how on earth would it be better to brag about her rich family? it is literally none of our business if her ma' and pa' are loaded jeez

No. 111861


It's cute but she's too generic in it.
Her long-ass hair is what adds uniqueness to her appearance.

No. 112075

No. 112077

She's lied about how rich she is though.

Also, what's with this thread being full of nothing but whiteknights? How did you guys even find this place?

No. 112080

Anon's talking about that time someone pointed out how easy it is for her to say ~follow your dreams~ when she's super rich, and she responded by saying she worked for all the money she has or something like that.

No. 112085

>wears knit hat and wool lined jacket
>mini skirt

I will never fucking understand this shit.

No. 112125

Lol they're not even that expensive? Poor-chans up in here wow

No. 112170

good question.

and yeah, it is easy for her to say "follow your dreams" with her life circumstances. She should just own that and move on. It's not incredibly offensive or anything.

No. 112171

They're longtime friends from HK or something

No. 112186


Been here longer than you you sour cunt.

No. 112389

go lick Taylor's assole somewhere else ok? i think it was in that video where she cried or whatever that she said how she supported herself since she was 14 lmao. like, even now she doesn't do almost anything aside from filming her hamster face doing boring stuff. i wish she still copied dakota, those edits were fucking ridiculous.

No. 112441


You're sadly deluded if you think this site is for hating on people and only hating on them.

No. 112446

Are you horizon or lisa?

No. 112547

Everything for being kawaii

No. 112677

Good summary for newbies.

No. 112754

Okay, calm down.

No. 112759

>not expensive

Also, kill yourself.

No. 112797

Well then clearly you didn't understand the true meaning of this website you fucking white knight cunt. If you want to lick Taylors asshole go to her yt comment section and tell her how flawless she is. Or fucking go to pull and tell them 14yo that they're wrong idc.
This is LOLCOW bitch. We lol about fucking cows. Man what has this website become.

No. 112833

Come on. Almost all $250 or less, a lot around $200.
Prada, YSL, Dior, Chanel, etc can be $500+ and Linda Farrow can run $1k.
Burberry isn't even worth bragging about

No. 112851

Jesus, relax edgy chan. The fact that most reasonable adults on this site can differentiate between a cow and someone who just happens to be known on the internet shouldn't make you this angry.

No. 112860

Thats exactly what its for. Whats wrong? You're not getting enough attention in your rainbow board that you have to come here to feel better about yourself? Pathetic. You're just like /lgbt/ posters who go to other boards to attentionwhore because they obviously don't get enough attention in their own safespace.

No. 112883

fucking kek. she has a thread on this board and we are not here to creach up her arse. if you want to distinguish between a cow and someone who happens to be known on the internet then tell the admin to move this thread to /pt/
but don't feel butthurt cause there's "reasonable adults" here who don't worship her like a goddess.

No. 112885

Nah, annoying video and full of bs

No. 112892

It's nice that Taylor posts "wallet-friendly" options for her looks, but come on, she's loaded and has been forever. Why are we quibbling over Burberry sunglasses when she has a Chanel Boy Bag and a Fendi Monster Eyes Bag (on top of everything else). I don't even know the prices of some of the shit she has because it is so far out of my price zone. Poor-chan me all you want, but I am an adult with an education and a good job; I couldn't even dream of spending that much on a bag at this point in my life - maybe never.

Random thought: I swear in one video with Sharla (maybe the Halloween video), Taylor mentions that she didn't shave her legs. But she filmed a video a couple years ago (in seifuku of course) about going to get laser hair removal on her legs. I wonder if it didn't work? She must dye her hair, btw: laser hair removal isn't recommended for blond hair, and she's using a color-preserving shampoo (mentioned in the packing video, I think).

No. 112893


Burberry ISN'T expensive kek

No. 112896


>an what has this website become

You tell me, I don't even think you've come from /cgl/ given that you can't even differentiate between what constitutes a cow. The lack of milk has obviously driven you to delusional graspings and not only is it embarrassing Anon, it's outright pathetic.


No. 112902

Didn't listen to the video but saw a comparison photo where her mouth now has the sides permanently pulled up in a smile like the Joker. Creepy.

No. 112965

personality wise i find her quite alright. she is far more bearable than cringey-ass-Sharla awwww omygoduguiiiissseeeeeeeeee.

but am i the only one who thinks her face is a little bit "too much"? idk how to say it but everything seems to be so exaggerated like the weird shape of her upper lips and her eyes. not saying that she's ugly per se but i never saw what others see in her. to me she looks like a weird pouty-mouthed monkey with a hime cut

No. 114278

File: 1459621854476.jpg (159.56 KB, 1080x1349, 12934978_1856960717864358_1704…)

those beady eyes

No. 114279

File: 1459622085872.jpg (29.38 KB, 605x320, oksdo.JPG)


go back to pull (︶ω︶)

No. 114283


ure a fucking pudgy two faced fukking ss fatty ass repulsive ass fatt embarrassing ass skeliten!!!!!

No. 114298

you shud have been aborted, u goddamn motherfucking cow.

No. 114309

>implyig my BMI is over 16

No. 114310

wut the fq did u just say to me u newfag.

greasy fukking glory hole ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No. 114318

cool sandy vag u jealous fatt AS thundercunt

No. 114319

thanks, anon ・ω・!!!!

No. 114324

u r retarde, u bulldyke. hooknosed whore

No. 114370

The simulator is better than the real thing, I love it.

No. 114444

She deleted the video of her hair removal treatment. I wonder how the clinic feels about that, given that she certainly received services for free and/or payment for the vlog.

No. 114450


Eh, it was almost 3 years old, I doubt they're getting much more advertising out of it.

No. 114452

That method is painless, but takes many treatments to work and even still there may be a little growth

No. 114851


She kinda looks dead inside. Ew.

No. 114895

I personally don't care if Taylor comes from a rich family or gets money from her dad or whatever. Probably because she has the same tastes as me, and buys things that are stupid and overly weeby. I imagine if any other J-vloggers came from the same background, we'd just be seeing stupid ~kawaii harajuku fashion~ OOTDs, overpriced plastic sailor moon shit, and plushies. She's got a nice apartment that she keeps up with. His a nice sense of fashion (IMO), and buys good quality makeup. I may be biased because we are pretty similar though, so who knows.

I really liked her new vlog. I need a dog like Rosy in my life, because she is too fucking cute. That kiss at the end made my heart swell, i don't know how taylor doesn't squeeze her to death.

No. 114933

this so hard. It's so obvious that Rosie love mamaTay. Running little circles around when she gets home n the such.

But this. People want to rag on her because she's rich and then get mad when she doesnt talk about the money but tbh she's kind of living an 'average' lifestyle? She's not spending thousands a month on food or anything and with the amount of work we see her doing she should be able to afford it? I dont care if it isnt either since if someone asked me (or anyone in this thread tbh) how much they were making I'd be offended since it's not their business.

If you compare her to Dakota who often shows off her weeb shit like in her aparment tour but Taylor is way more 'normal girl with weeb likes'

No. 114945

File: 1459796191751.png (264.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160404-205423.png)

Hey I'm not hating and I'm new to locow so idk how to pick the comment (sorry weird school English) but I don't think that Taylor is living an average life in Japan. From what I have heard many Japanese people live in really small flats. Like really small and not as luxurious I think? (probably not the right word). And she made a room or apartment tour video where she kind of acts like a doll weaboo but it's one of her older videos and seems like she's not behaving in that way anymore. At that time I felt like she was copying Dakota and I really dislike people who act like that. It's my opinion don't take in personally Dakota's fans. If there are any here lol. And I don't understand why koti is the one and only'creator' of that style and no one else should dress and look like that.. not everybody thinks that but some people whatever. Now that she started to show more of her character I started to like her the collabs are fine and the model videos are interesting. She seems like a real person now lol.. ok weird. I know she is rich, she worked in hk, doesn't talk about her age, most probably had plastic surgery (even if she was pretty before) but I don't care. Like that's not milk gossip all you want I'm not her mother bhtsome people are really obsessing (example that crazy Lisa girl on PULL gosh it's getting unhealthy I can't even just look at the picture) I can only load one picture so I'll post the other one later

No. 114946

File: 1459796243539.png (551.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160404-205431.png)

Part 2

No. 114949


Surprise, surprise Lisa is writing an entire blog on Taylor's activities once again.

No. 114953

she looks really cute and young here. is she the same age as sharla? i wonder if sharla feels self conscious when they hang out together.

for some reason it makes me super happy to see taylor watching full house during her down time. yasssss

No. 114954

I'm the only one that doesn't understand wtf is this lisa girl saying? Maybe it's bc the post out of context, but I don't get what is she trying to say.

Loved that vlog, she seems pretty genuine and nice here. If I had to pick one thing I don't like it would be the way she shapes her upper lip, but I can get over it perfectly lol

No. 114971

Now I see that Lisa was already discussed here sry I mistook it for an other thread… >>114949
What a loser she even herself is a subject on lolcow maybe she is jealous because she wants a thread for herself. She's already semi internet famous thanks to us I guess :D must be a big achievement! I applaud to you.
I imagine her as some crazy person who is complimenting Taylor and liking her ass on her instagram or whatnot but inside she's jealous and insecure af. I hope you read this Lisa.

No. 115171

Taking captions from pull smh

No. 115438

I cant really hate Taylor because at least she gets it. She doesnt hang around in Akiba or Harajuku in overly complicated coords wanting a street snap, nor wanting that weeb lyfe. She trys to be original with her youtube channel, you find out alot about her in contrast to other vloggers and idk shes not fucking bland as all hell. Yeh problamatic things but shes a white teenage girl whos also a model with a tonne of people on her back to nitpick her life.
The models/idorus who are actually in japan and WORKING I have a little respect here. so many girls just go there to live off nothing on a student visa and are huge weaboos. The people who are straight about it all and tell it as it is instead of treating it as anime dreamland honestly are gonna last longer. Even if she does just turn out to be that "one American model we turn too for wierd commercials/dramas" meh. theres ilk sure but honestly compared to the girls who dont even want to try and get a transfer and ust live a shitty weeby life…shes better.

No. 115945

wow, you think she's teenage and American? maybe you should research the person you're talking about before posting to whiteknight.

she's not the scum of the earth or anything but she lives a pretty weeby life.

No. 115961

Canadians are still 'Americans' for the Japanese. They're all 'white people who talk similar english'

Also tell me more about how weeby her life is when she doesnt really do anime stuff, stopped wearing seifuku a really long time ago, and only wore lolita for the dramas she's in.

Does living in Japan auto make someone a weeb now???

No. 116029

I'll just list things off the top of my head.
eyebag makeup
circle lenses
fillers and/or extreme photo editing (whatever it is) to make herself look like a fetushead
following other Japanese "kawaii" trends - seifuku and lolita are hardly the only ones

"a really long time ago"? about 6-8 months ago she stopped wearing seifuku so much. But she was still doing it in October
https://anon.to/uodINw (late august)
https://anon.to/bSJZ9Z (august)
dancing videos in dolly clothing or seifuku like these:
https://anon.to/nVGYyw (october)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUseTat1KfE (7 months ago)
http://www.bilibili.com/video/av1994687/ (lol, yeah it's from 1.5 years ago but remember this one and her voice at the end? she copyright-claimed it off of a bunch of sites)

do you think she just threw out all the weeb stuff from this video she made a year ago? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjxnoLyyl3A&nohtml5=False

I really don't care what she does, and good for her for making it as a model/etc. in Japan. But to me, she's still pretty weeby.

No. 116040

This just in: living your life and following trends of the country you live in means you are an obnoxious creep obsessed with japan!

Follow #saltyanons for more news.

No. 116041

>implying popular Asian trends = weeaboo

also most of those pictures you showed are from gigs she was doing? The seifuku one from that one spot where she went to that one store that sells uniforms n uniform accessories. Also wearing a plaid pleated skirt =/= weeaboo.

and yes I do consider half a year a long time ago. that milk went stale forever ago so show me recent shit

Also no I dont expect her to throw the clothing out but she obviously doesn't wear it anymore idiot.

No. 116060


>circle lenses


If you consider these a "Japanese" exclusive trend you're legit retarded.

No. 116076

she aint a weeb but she's trying to hard to be cute (i mean specifically her non stop pouty face and shit like that). imho if she wants to be cutesey that much she should stick to that style she had in her last photoshoot, that hair and make up suits her a lot

No. 116078

The weirdest thing about Taylor imho is how up-and-down her Moonspeak is. Like, there were videos where it seemed like she had been practicing a lot (including that Hatsune Miku one). But even some of her recent videos had really awful pronunciation errors (obvious ones even to me, and I don't know that much Moon) and she didn't understand those women in Kochi when they said basic things (the fortunes). But then she did that drama… I don't understand it unless she really just did rote memorization and intense work with a language teacher.

No. 116101

Well the drama is scripted, so she probably was about to memorise exactly what was said. But when people speak, sometimes they have accents or speak too quickly for you to catch up. If it's written down you can easily remember it/correct errors but when you speak and listen it's a bit harder.

No. 116107

It's not that difficult to learn things by heart. You probably know some song in some foreign language where you don't understand the lyrics.
Now imagine if you wanted to be actress and your manager made a role for you and you just have to learn sentence or two by heart for each scene, and you can repeat scene as many times as needed. It's not that difficult.
It was all scripted and made for her, it's not like she could ever speak Japanese, and then forgot it.
She also spoke Cantonese in some commercials from Hong Kong, but she never understood the language.

No. 116111

yeah, I know, I learned other languages by immersion and remember how it was. But the words were so simple in Kochi (little luck)


No. 116152

Well I'm studying japanese and I havent actually learned the word 'luck' yet. It really depends on how you're learning and the such.

No. 116401

Her face looks so weird in her new video probably because she's doing the super flat hair thing like in OP picture so she can show off her ears.

Her hair is so great but she styles it like shit to show off her dumb ears. And its not like she's ugly or fat and the only thing going for her is her literally no one cares pointy ears.

No. 116423



No. 116428

Okay we get it, you're really mega defensive of Taylor. Anon wasn't even being unreasonable or calling her ugly so we really don't need to constantly have your obnoxious ass swoop in over inane comments. Stop for fucksake.

No. 116434

different anon. yes. please stop.

No. 116438

Do you actually believe that everybody that defends this girl is all one person? There are plenty of us that believe that this entire thread is ridiculous and unnecessary.

No. 116440

Maybe two or three of you because I guarantee you that actually farmers don't give a fuck either way.
It's pretty fishy when you feel the need to defend her so much that even the most objective opinions have you outraged.

No. 116442


>maybe two or three of you

You sound like Cathy.

No. 116446

Oh god just how obnoxious are you? This thread is going to stay, regardless of how much you stomp your feet and bang your fists around. Get over it.

No. 116447

Taylor is a grown woman who is/was in the modeling industry and is a public figure on the internet, I'm sure she can handle someone saying they don't like the way she styles her hair.

Plus, she probably doesn't even keep up with these sites too often anyway. She seems like she actually has a life outside of the internet.

No. 116467


Kek it's got nothing to do with wanting the thread to be gone considering I submit content pertaining to Taylor myself, it's that I'm tired of you little PULLfaggots and your cheap vendetta.

So, Horizon or Lisa; which is it?

No. 116469

What in the fuck are you talking about…? Now you're just sperging, faggit.

No. 116825

Cuz people hating on Taytay = automatically PULLtards
Fucking kek.

Now can we stop glorifying that bore of a person and all admit that she is actually way too irrelevant to even have a own thread. I mean come on. She literally is the most uninteressting thing.

No. 116896

File: 1460230732017.jpg (20.82 KB, 758x569, pantogar-engorda.jpg)

btw, for those of you envious of Taylor's hair, this is the product she recommended as to how she got her hair so thick and shiny.

Supposedly when modelling in China, with the amount of changes she did in between shoots, the stylists are always pretty rough in order to get the job done quickly and so she ended up losing a considerable amount of hair. She asked a Brazilian flatmate of hers what she was doing in order to maintain her own hair whilst on shoots and she said that this is what a lot of the Brazilian and Chinese models use.

Obviously it won't affect the existing hair, but it will affect the quality and the strength of whatever new hair grows in.

No. 117015

When did she say that? In a video or something?

No. 117016

No. 117019

No. 117113

Any pictures of her with thin hair?

No. 117114

So? It adds to drama and reason why she is on snow.

No. 117115

quick google says this thing gives people yeast infections kek

No. 117119


I don't understand how that's possible given that yeast infections are effectively caused by poor hygiene/bacteria hanging around near your cooch.

No. 117120

File: 1460292292761.jpg (64.51 KB, 720x960, 4b7909a08f72cc4396a504e54d0294…)

No. 117121

Go away goblin

No. 117122

Found this link of a few old pictures (Jan 2015)
She's still wearing circle lenses here, just with a smaller diameter than usual.

She looks really different. I almost did not recognize her.

No. 117123

Wow, she looked so much better then.

No. 117153

I thought so too.

No. 117165

I think she looks way better now. She should just do something to her bangs, and not wear clothes that are wayyyyyy too big for her. I think she's getting over the Kota clone days, which is good. I might be a huge weeb, but I really enjoy her videos and style. I wish Kota would copy her a bit, too, and start posting similar style videos again.

No. 117173

you like the puffy eyebags and overdrawn lips and fetal shoops? ok, then.

No. 117175

File: 1460305537784.jpg (313.98 KB, 999x662, 20130917_jimmy-jams_0005.jpg)


She's very pretty, but looks generic as fuck in these old shots.
Her current style is better imo, but she does need to tone down the eyebag makeup and overdrawing her lip. Just get fillers for gods sake.

No. 117177


The eyebags and hamster cheeks? Kek

Some of the standards y'all have tho


She should have kept this face and got bangs/weeb look

No. 117178


Looks more natural.

No. 117179

Yes, it actually looks youthful to me.

I wonder if these were really taken in Jan 2015, though. I think maybe the photographer just posted them then.

No. 117185


Yeah, she should have totally kept this look and never gotten another job ever again. That's a great idea, you're obviously an expert Anon! Well done!

No. 117186

wtf she had jobs before she looked like she does now.

No. 117193

File: 1460310380287.jpg (326.91 KB, 676x1000, 20130917_jimmy-jams_0646.jpg)

I'm conflicted because I think she looks really nice in these, but she also just looks like a basic white girl which isn't great for someone trying to get noticed in the modelling industry. But maybe it's less of a problem if you work in Asia where there aren't as many girls like this? I don't really know how it works over there, but even Taylor said in her modelling tips video that her look is very generic so maybe that's why she went OTT with the eyebags and lenses.

No. 117194

File: 1460310411805.jpg (364.72 KB, 676x1000, 20130917_jimmy-jams_1050.jpg)

No. 117227


Oh shut up anon. You do know Dakota doesn't have eye bags fitted right? She just draws them on from time to time.

She should have kept her natural realistic face and kept on going with lenses/doll look. Kinda like peachymilk is doing and she doesn't have eye bags. She got nose surgery but it was minor and can hardly see a different. Tay just looks ridiculous.


She has a youthful face and played it off before she got surgery back in her copy kotakoti era (before eye bags and cheeks). It would have worked.

Now she looks stupid. People keep saying "omg she couldnt have found work!" yeah but she has experience before, Japan likes blondes and white espesh. Taylor would've been fine. I think she was just trying to follow stupid asian trends to appeal more not because her agency told her to.

Quite frankly, she's ruined her looks. She never needed surgery and does NOT look better for it. She's still CUTE and pretty and seems nice. But her previous and natural face won hands down.

No. 117240

i think she looks pretty nice but remember this is probably for her modelling in HK or some where in asia. of course they will think it is far prettier than it is, because whoah so exotic light hair and eyes

No. 117241

is this real? her face is so lopsided.
i know most peoples faces are, but dang never noticed this

No. 117242

No. 117249


>she got nose surgery but it was minor and can hardly see a different

Nice fairytale you've spun there.

No. 117264

This is from few years ago, back when she was still living and working in Hong Kong.

No. 117333

Thanks anon, I asked because I suffered severe hair loss from a disease

No. 117552


No. 117590

What do you mean? Peachmilky did get a minor nose job, she's talked about it before. Unless you thought they meant Taylor got a nose job, then you're right on the fairytale thing.

No. 117660


I did think they meant Taylor. My bad.

No. 119097

New video. She got her 100,000 subscribers Youtube award, even though she has 218,585 lol

No. 119109

She even had natural "aegyo sal" before, why the fuck would she feel the need to mutilate her looks like that? Just for a stupid asian trend? Like, what? Now it just looks puffy and like their is fluid retention just in those spots, which doesn't make sense. Ugh. She's fucked, does she hate herself?

No. 119114


Anon chill, the aegyo sal is makeup, not surgery.

No. 119131

Ok but it's just i heard about the surgery allegations and I would believe it, her face shape changed in her late 20s? Hah what. But still, it's not a good look how forced it is, she looks like shes having allergies and the way she holds her eyes open large to try to look kawaii is scary and ugly

No. 119470

This is the most white girl with rich parents video ever.

No. 119481

I really can't stand how much she's pushing the "FOLLOW UR DREAMS, U CAN DO IT" "WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER" kind of thing. In every video she's like "YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOALS". I feel like she's trying too hard to be an ~inspiring personality~

No. 119482

Anyone else notice how she's copying dakota's new curly hair/bangs style? kek

No. 119486

File: 1460633923138.jpg (58.61 KB, 500x708, c1fc1be41bbcd5b390e76c8e3954c1…)


>dakota's new curly hair/bangs style?

That's a South Korean trend you fucking degenerate. Dakota didn't invent shit .

No. 119608

File: 1460655356706.gif (494.36 KB, 800x675, 1456882514705.gif)


Her face shape hasn't changed though. You underestimate what different eyebrows, makeup, circle lenses, hair etc. can achieve.

What, you think that jaw shaving surgery is something you can just walk into a clinic for, book on the day, have done on a whim and then walk out and have the swelling dissipate after a few weeks? It can take over a YEAR for that kind of swelling to subside.

No. 119647

this youtuber did it

No. 119684

ah yes how dare she, a popular successful person, actually imply other people can be popular and successful. SO terrible of her.

Mind you this is the same girl that people in these very threads kept saying 'she'll never make it' 'she'll be back in canada in a month lol' and yet here she is.

No. 119693

File: 1460665095517.png (425.17 KB, 739x357, Capture.PNG)

Here's a screenshot from her recent photoshoot video that pretty much proves that she's just taking advantage of makeup, angles, hair, etc.

No. 119722

At least people here all the time cry how comparison pictures are not with the same angle - well this one really isn't. In blue shirt her head is tilted on the side, and it makes her jaw look bigger, as it was before.
Her swollen cheeks also helped to make her jaw and sharp chin look more normal.

> 'she'll be back in canada in a month lol'
This is said only in your head.
She will probably never go back to Canada, unless she stops living this dream and start having some other dream.
We all know age and money is not a limitation to her, so why would anybody say anything like that? It's not like she came to Japan because of a better job offer anyway.

No. 119757

No. 119795

you can literally see her fucking jaw move seriously, are you fucking blind? it's most likely her head position cause i doubt she got anything done but fillers. also that lip overdrawing is so unfortunate…but her hair looks nice curled like that

No. 119838

She'd look good here if she didn't do the overdrawn kotalip thing.

No. 119841

File: 1460689669292.jpeg (21.29 KB, 400x263, main-qimg-905538e785841e73c358…)

Yo just FYI you can reduce your jaw muscles with botox.

She also very obviously has cheek fillers, but because hers are overdone you can tell she stops herself from smiling all the way so they don't distort. I have fillers too, they're very accessible, and considering she's in the industry it would be fucking unreal if she hadn't done at least minor cosmetic work.

Regardless she's always been pretty, but the alien stuff is just injectables.

No. 119881

People are so far up her ass that they don't even see how much her face- and eye shape changed…circle lenses and make up my ass. Jesus christ, people just have surgery in asia. Its what they do. its normal. And she did as well. Whats the big deal. This girl is far from the natural beauty icon you all wish to see in her. She is pretty, yes, and luckily far from being a weeb but she did have surgery. So why don't you all just crawl out of that ladies colon and accept it.

No. 119882


Comparing the two you can really see how she tried to fit asian beauty standarte they have for westerners like pouty mouths, big eyes and a cute oval doll face. She obviously changed all that imho. She looked so much better before :( but well its her decision. I totally understand why she is so successful on the asian market with her modelling. She impersonates everything an asian girl wants to be
(I am vietnamese and at least i think so)

No. 119886


>but she did have surgery

Cool evidence brah'.
Fillers are not surgery.

No. 119895

>She impersonates everything an asian girl wants to be (I am vietnamese and at least i think so)
You mean blonde and white/foreign? I've never really understood the inferiority complex many Asian girls have towards foreigners. It's sad but kind of pathetic too…

No. 119922

I quite like Taylor, but I'd find it very hard to believe if she hasn't had some kind of facial reconstructive surgery. Her jaw is clearly far boxier and thicker there than it is now.

No. 119929

see >>119841
"Facial reconstruction" is a hard process, getting fillers and botox is simple and quick, and an easy way to change the shape of your muscles. Just call her stuff what it is, fillers and botox.

No. 120135

Different anon. A lot of you guys are overestimating how widespread jaw surgery is and are not understanding how serious/how long the downtime is. And someone keeps linking this random girl here >>119647, but just because she did it doesn't mean it's common. She's just one girl on Youtube, like…? Ok?

No one here is saying that Taylor is a natural beauty, just that it's highly unlikely she had massively invasive surgery to shave her jaw down when she could get similar results using injectables. Go google it, jaw botox can have quite drastic results, like this >>119841 anon mentioned. This plastic surgery witch hunt reeks of PULL tbh.

No. 120251

Taylor is a white girl trying to look like a Asian girl that's trying to look like a white girl. Asians are mad because she's extremely good at their aesthetic because she's actually white.

No. 121135

New Video: Spring Hairstyles | Braids

No. 121198

It goes both ways. White weebs are incredibly intimidated by the youthful, Asian look and Asians that are more focused on global fashion are super jealous of white models.

It's like reading all the god damn weeb fighting on threads about Scar Jo playing the Major in Ghost in the Shell. "Animu tries to look like white people n e ways!" Uh…they're fucking cartoons. They don't even look like real people.

Overall point is that weebs are delusional if they think Asians want to look white and Asians do copy a lot of western global trends that cater toward white people. It's a circle-jerk of inferiority and superiority complexes.

Taylor only looks good when the fillers settle down. When she redoes them it looks horrifying. I do love her hair and thinks it's the best advantage she has over Kooter.

No. 121210


OT but Scarlet Johansson is one million percent the wrong fucking actress to play Motoko.
The only person Scarlet Johansson can play is Scarlet Johansson.

No. 121213

That was really insightful anon

No. 121296

Wapanese anime or not, GITS should have never been made into live action by americans. A character who's name is Japanese, born in Japan should b played by a Japanese actress at least. Scarjo is the worst choice and a prime example of how racism exists boldly still in Hollywood. Pardon for OT.

No. 121297

meant to say *whose

No. 121322

yeah. they're not making the movie to be accurate, they're making it to milk the wapanese fanbase.
Just like that awful DBZ movie and the infamous Avatar the last airbender.

Scarjo is also a young white man's wet dream so, bait for the non-fanbase too.

No. 121332


Hopefully it'll tank exactly the same way that Pan and Stonewall did kek

No. 121451

File: 1460949872482.jpeg (110.88 KB, 640x915, image.jpeg)

Why's she giving this random girl a shoutout

No. 121469

There's a tag #looktay she puts at the end of her videos. Basically a bunch of attention whores who pst shit in hope that she'll repost, which she does sometimes, so she can be a Saint Goddess Blessing Taylor

No. 121497

>"Gorgeous then"

No. 121526

This tag is hilarious to browse… the same minions posting incessantly, and tagging every unrelated pic with it.

No. 121558

Apart from other things, I seriously envy her hair. I take a all kinds of supplements, but mine will never be that long or luscious. Hell, even Kaka managed to grow super long and healthy hair.

No. 122624

New Video: Vlog | Home in Canada & Meeting my Nephew

No. 122625

File: 1461264226040.jpg (397.9 KB, 1920x1080, dfdf.jpg)


Her entire family is so attractive.

No. 122627

I'm vegetarian but I'd definitely bite that sausafe

No. 122628

shit lol

No. 122630

Damn her brother is a fucking babe.

No. 122701

I like you.

He really is. Wow.

No. 122704

A few things:

"Being vegan makes everything so much easier"
Uh, didn't she claim she WASN'T? That she just liked to eat the vegan food?

When she said she "was the fat kid at home playing with dolls", her mom instantly said "You weren't fat". And she wasn't.. She was chubby at most. lol

No. 122772


>her mom instantly said "You weren't fat". And she wasn't.. She was chubby at most. lol

Uh, duh? What parent is actually going to admit to their kid that they were a little porker when they were young? Everybody's parents, most normal ones anyway, will flat out lie to your face. It's just a mother thing. They'll always try to mitigate it by just saying "Ohhh you were just big-boned", "you just needed to grow in to your body sweety", "you had a healthy appetite".

No. 122790

Yeah but in her case she wasnt really fat just a chubby kid and she probably would have grown out of it cause shes quite tall and her family doesnt seem like the kind that eat a lot of junk they are all quite thin and good looking

No. 122793

>pretending chubby isn't a euphemism for fat anyway.

No. 122794

File: 1461301558430.jpeg (337.17 KB, 2720x816, 1461120815759.jpeg)


I'm guessing you're American, in which case I'm sorry to say but you're probably so used to seeing fat kids waddling around that they almost appear mildly chubby by comparison.

In literally any other country that isn't America, this is a fat child.

No. 122795

Nah im swedish and most kids over here if they happen to be a bit chubby grows out of it. Unless you keep chuggin that mountin dew and eating doritos i guess. But again her family doesnt seem like they do that

No. 122798

Yeah, this is fat. Only an American would say it isn't. Glad Taylor works out and is in better shape now.

No. 122799

You don't grow out of being fat, anon. You are fat or you aren't. Only babies are chubby sometimes (hence babyfat) but once you're 3-4 years old, you aren't chubby… Taylor was indeed fat. At least she took control before it really got out of hand.

No. 122800

>tfw used to be a chubby kid until growth spurt.

No. 122812

I grew up in different countries in europe and this is not considered fat over here at all. you ana-chans are ridiculous

No. 122818

same. haven't you people ever heard of Wachstumsschub (dict.cc translates as growth spurt)? Like you don't see someone for a few months and the "fat" girl is suddenly much taller?

In Europe it is considered unhealthy to put kids on diets. You just don't let them eat only chips and shit without doing any sport. But I can't imagine someone putting a normal-looking child on a diet.

Taylor was a normal-looking kid and she doesn't even look like she has hit her teenage years yet in these "fat" pictures. one pic just looks especially bad because she obviously has food in her mouth and the angle is bad

No. 122823


Okay, my bad.
I still think think you have kind of a skewed vision of appropriate adolescent weight though.
Like I get we don't really have a full body image of her from her childhood but looking at her shoulders, arms and face in these photos you can tell she's on the high end of fat. My little sister is medically obese and she looks just like Taylor in these pics.

No. 122826


I'm not an ana-chan Anon. I got really fat between the ages of 12 to 15 so I know what this looks like. Taylor was a fat kid.
In Britain I think we have the highest obesity levels in the EU and this would absolutely be considered fat. If Taylor was a British kid she would have definitely have gotten a letter from the NHS in the post telling her to cut back on the junk.

No. 122830

Taylor and her brother have the same face ftw

No. 122843

She looks like a preteen in those photos and I've seen chubby preteens who lean out during puberty.

No. 122863

In the "fattest" photo she was 9. She said it in the video.

No. 122867

No. 122872


>"look at how salty I am about being poor >:("

No. 122873

shit thats fucking beautiful

No. 122897

I knew they're very rich but I didn't think it's THIS level

No. 122899

BREH that fridge

No. 122901

>tfw i'll never be as cute, nor live as comfy of a lifestyle as taylor
shit sucks man

her bro is pretty hot, too

No. 122902

He's pretty attractive, but he looks a lot more like her sister than her imho

No. 122904

Upper middle class
I like all the distressed wood and the kitchen counters

No. 122909

Why are you guys freaking out over this? That's a completely average middle class house. Does everyone here live in a trailer or something

No. 122924

File: 1461336614547.jpg (39.5 KB, 699x637, KVhmgA4.jpg)

No. 122934

I'm serious. What do you consider an average house?

No. 122935


Why did you link my post >>122872

No. 122940

File: 1461338736566.jpg (50.97 KB, 640x420, traditional-bathroom.jpg)

Honestly, the house is not all that impressive. That Bathroom looks like a typical, newly built bathroom and the same goes for the kitchen (Except for that oversized fridge, that thing is massive.)
If you renovate a house in 2016, high chance this is what you're going to end up with.

Also her brother is a freaking cutiepie

No. 122941

Am I the only one who just smiles at her family videos? Like idk man the family just seems really nice? (obviously not perfect since her parents divorced)

But yeah it's a nice place but >>122937 did you mean 'expensive'? Cause you cant really expect a recently moved in place to have a bunch of personality

Also joining the train that her brother is a freaking cutiepie

No. 122942

Not at all, but where do you live that this is average for you? You also have garage like that? The view too? Idk but if this is only "middle class" to you, then what is "high class"?

No. 122948

People need to stop saying that Taylor is rich tbh. Taylor isn't rich, her mother and father her; it's not Taylor's money.

Holy shit though, the garage is the same dimensions of my mother's house alone.

No. 122965

The "middle class" is a HUGE range but most upper middle class people have similar living conditions

No. 122970


Nah. It's really nice to see that the world isn't all doom and gloom sometimes.

No. 122973

This is upper middle class living.
Or her parents took out a very lengthy mortgage. It's definitely a newer house.

No. 122977

Sure is nice living in a first world country. Where I'm from you have to be seriously rich to live like that.

No. 122982

File: 1461341923952.jpg (696.75 KB, 807x1446, t.jpg)

not this

No. 122985

I'm so confused because I don't understand why you all are acting like this looks expensive. Is this just a cultural difference between europe and america? Because literally all of my friends parents houses looks similiar to this and none of them are upper class or "rich"

No. 122986

Yeah this looks like the typical home you see on that decor shows like My dream home. I see this from an european pov, here's not very common having so much space, but I know it's pretty common in the USA and Canada for middle/upper middle class people living in a house in some residential area.
These kind of suburbs are usually kind of far away from downtown, aren't they?

No. 122987

in america, taylors home would be AT LEAST upper middle class. in some areas it would be definitely upper class.

since america is so huge, the "average" home is vastly different depending where you are. "average" might mean small, post-war homes that arent much to look at

No. 122988

theres king size beds and chandeliers in every room. tell me who needs a king size bed?
also by the looks of furniture and general design, someone was hired to do the decorating. and thats not cheap

ALSO, you can see at least two porsches and some other car through the video.

No. 122989

I would say its upper middle class but I'm not trailer trash, my parents live in a far better house (I don't live with them)

but Taylor's family is rich, look at the bags on the counter (louboutin shopping bag and a LV purse), some really nice cars and new furniture everywhere. they definitely have a lot of money to spare.

No. 122990

I should probably make clear that I'm from europe

No. 122991


Nobody needs one, but maybe he WANTS one?

No. 122992


It's not Taylor's home, it's her "Dad's" home, she doesn't live with her dad.
People need to stop acting like it's Taylor's money.

No. 122994

I live in Finland and I have NEVER been in or seen a house that big or expensive looking. My friend's family is super rich and even their house isn't that nice. And it seems to be in a very very nice location, and the scenery is just beautiful, which adds a huge value.

Taylor and her siblings and family seem to have a very good relationship! Her videos of her family always make me smile. She's really growing on me

No. 123018

This. This is pretty normal for a new home I'm thinking it's in the 300 - 450's range. The homes in my mom's neighborhood range from 750,000 - 100,000 so in that respect it's a nice home but not the nicest I've seen.

No. 123053

>implying her dad's money has nothing to do with her
Your parents don't like you? You haven't seen what her dad is buying to her other siblings? Which one is it?
No reason that he would ignore his daughter Taylor only.

No. 123079


Anon since when did buying your children gifts equal specified children having legal access to your finances?

I say that her dad's money has nothing to with her because it doesn't. It has literally nothing to do with her, or any of his children for that matter.
If her dad wanted to, tomorrow he could disconnect his phone, swap out his sim card, move house, emigrate and never allow his kids to see another penny of his money. They're his children yeah, but as legal adults he has no legal obligation to finance them by any means.

Ofc my parents like me, but if they really wanted to they could burn every last note of their money on their death bed and I could do fuck all about because it isn't MY money, just like it isn't TAYLOR'S money.

The money that Taylor makes is Taylor's money. The money her dad makes is her dad's money.

Get it now?

No. 123081

I guess that Anon doesn't know what a trust fund is. I know I won't see a penny of the money my dad left me until I'm 25, but my mom still does things for me because I'm her kid, but I don't have direct access to my mom's money and she doesn't have access to mine.

No. 123082


Exactly. And it would annoy you if people saw your mum out driving a flashy car and began referring to you as rich and talking about how you "had money" right?

No. 123085

It is her dad's money, I agree. The reason why people talk like it's Taylor's money is, because her dad is sponsoring Taylor same as her siblings. They literally can buy whatever they want and mostly they buy whatever is popular now. Dad can cut them off anytime, true, but as of now, looks like he gives them everything that crosses his children's mind, which is awesome, and even better than spending their own money.

No. 123277

I'm a eurofag, and her dad's lodgings look quite lavish to me. I know that Americans in generally live in much bigger apartments/ houses compared to the often crammed spaces of the Europeans, but size aside, this does not look a like a middle class pad to me.

No. 123279

sooo i grew up in a wealthy area though i wasn't all that wealthy myself and it looks somewhat comparable to my dad's house which was about 600k.

but it does look a bit more like some of my old friends' houses which were in nicer neighborhoods, slightly nicer details, etc. which were anywhere from 1-3 mil

theirs is obviously in a nice location but it's not really impressive to me. your average mcmansion basically, it's a typical model, you can tell they didn't design it themselves except for maybe picking out details like the floors and countertops. it lacks personality and IMO the decorating could be a lot better.


No. 123384

They live in a good part of Oakville and her father owns a few properties. As cute as the gays surfing here think the brother is, he is a typical jock who says derogatory terms.

No. 123391

Her house is nice, but not anything super special IMO. Her brother isn't cute, y'all need to calm your thirst holy fuck.

No. 123406

It also depends on the location too. Having a house like that close to the city is impressive but if it's in the suburbs it's just alright. Also the OP pic of this thread bothers me a lot. Her face is busted.

No. 123746

A poorfag uglyfag anon here. Can I admit, that I am fucking envious? She's pretty, rich, has an amazing & comfy lifestyle, constantly travels to foreign countries, she has a nice family and she will never have to work in some shitty job. No matter how much I'd try, I'd never achieve any of that.

No. 123747

I mean, he isn't ugly, but the guy is waaay too young for me to find him ~attractive~

I'm one of the old oldfags, I don't think there are many of us in this thread tbh.

No. 123776

Her bro seems like a typical obnoxious rich kid jock who knows he's good looking and behaves accordingly.

No. 123779


Well I doubt her mum and dad just had their money fall into their lap. Obviously they followed a set career path and it accumulated over time.
You could definitely acquire that money in your lifetime, you just don't want to have to take the steps required to get you there, which is ofc fine because a lot of the time it requires doing a lot of soulless, shady shit.

No. 123798


No. 123800

Huh, I wondered why I recognized the scenery in the background of her video.

No. 123826


No. 123932

The oldest sister probably has a complex for being the homely looking one. Like how is it that three kids come out looking like very attractive model types and then there's her.

No. 123962

Yeah that really might be. Nobody commented on her. I looked at her instagram and saw that her sister is working as a nurse even if her family is really well off and she didn't have to. Idk but that makes her likeable to me because it's hard work. Didn't see anyone commenting on her and maybe she reads this so I think she's really pretty too in a more natural way. Kek imagine Taylor reading this thread with her family

Anyways I feel like basically all comments on Taylor's last two videos are "OMG ya brothers so hawt" "your family's SO attractive! Adopt me. Notice meeeee" .. THIRSTY :'D

No. 123985

Do they have same parents? Maybe not

No. 123994

Yeah i find her sister traditionally american girl pretty but she really doesn't suit the circle lenses and cute japanese outfit she sometimes wear

No. 123998

This comment talks about Alex
This comment talks about Carly

I think you're mixing them up.
Alex just had baby. Carly is the youngest of sisters.
Their youngest child is a boy, Blake.

No. 124012

Why does Taylor go on and on about things being 'Gluten Free' as if that makes them healthy or low calorie? Unless you have celiac disease and are allergic to gluten, 'gluten free' doesn't mean shit.

No. 124056

Yeah I was actually thinking about asking this on her video. She seems really obsessed with gluten free but it's not healthier at all unless you're sensitive to it or celiac.

It's confusing because she seems to know a lot about nutrition but then she spouts this shit.

She also mentioned only having egg yolks sometimes in one of her vids as if they are bad for you (which they are not)

I think she knows more than the average person about nutrition but she is also prone to swallowing a lot of fad things- gluten free, eggs bad, oil pulling, etc.

No. 124058

> prone to swallowing a lot of fad thingss
this completely

No. 124062

File: 1461546332672.png (87.39 KB, 263x264, sister.png)

is this the oldest sister? (or whatever one has a baby) oh dear…

No. 124063


Oil pulling is legit though isn't it? I mean just for your teeth? idk what else it's supposed to do.

No. 124072

Oil pulling had been prescribed for a long time, it's just now that white people know about it

No. 124073

I meant practiced, but prescribed works, since it's ayurvedic

No. 124092

let her be

No. 124097

He also comes across as a blatant manchild.

No. 124108

>they followed a set career path and it accumulated over time.

LOL no, the dad inherited a car business.

No. 124118

I was kinda jealous of her white teeth, but then she said she used whitening strips, so now I feel all better, because I thought it was natural

No. 124119

Plus there is no evidence her mom had a lot of money

No. 124122

Cut her some slack, she just had a baby.

Actually when it comes to facial characteristics, Taylor and her older sister look very similar, and more like their dad. The younger sister looks exactly like their mother, and the brother is a combination of both.

No. 124123

Taylor was born into it, she didn't have to work hard to achieve that lifestyle.

No. 124124

I tried it for a while and the benefits I noticed were better gums, that my dentist commented on and I had less trouble waking up and I felt less bloated.

No. 124146


Hmmmm so his parents worked hard to accumulate this and now he is working hard to maintain it?
Same difference, stop complaining about being a lazy piece of shit and go out and make your own fortune instead of side-eyeing other people's.

No. 124147


I'm poor as balls, spent half my life in legitimate poverty, but you salty, jelly poorfags are getting on my nerves now.

Either go out and make your own future and shit here bitching about the future of others.

No. 124172

she also seemed like she didn't want to be in Taylor's vlog, so I find it kind of mean to pick on her. Hell, I wouldn't want to be in Taylor's vlog either

No. 124249

I have nothing against her besides the fact that she copied Dakota and still is. Also being a weeb. she gave people and informative video on how they can become a model or actress and that atone can do it if they put their mind to it.

No. 124255


Nah, Koots is totally copying Taylor now.

No. 124271

Seriously? Just because of that stupid hat? Everyone is wearing snap backs and stan smiths now, in case you haven't noticed.
Taylor is the copycat and still is. She toned it down but she's still copying Kooter by doing that ugly lip makeup and she moved to another country (!) because of her. If Kooter never moved to Tokyo, Taylor would still be living in Hongkong.
And I forgot to mention she cut her bangs like her. Not that Kotex invented it but it's not Taylor's taste and it doesn't suit her face at all. Makes her have a big plastic Korean type of face.

No. 124325



>okay but lmao Taylor is totally copying Dakota with an overdrawn gradient lip and blunt bangs
>because Dakota invented those
>they're not at all popular within East Asia
>you never see it on the television or magazines there
>literally only Dakota does it

No. 124354

Carly is so pretty…

No. 124360


No. 124362

She really is. The first time I saw her I thought she was a cgl tripfag for a second though, kek. She looks like a weird mix of Derpqueen and Logseux or something.

No. 124378

Side eyeing? I'm not the person you originally were responding to. Stop assuming everyone is a poorfag for pointing out facts.

No. 126218

It's shitty that she continually films her Nana, even though her Nana has said tons of times she doesn't like it. That's my one complaint.

Her brother in the Niagara Falls video was pretty funny, although of course it's the kind of act a guy who knows he is attractive & popular can get away with.

No. 126222

File: 1462007264432.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

The fact that she believes all the things she has, she did by herself just because she believed in it, irritates me.

No. 126224

just because you get a notebook with a tacky inspirational quote doesnt mean you believe what it's saying

it's just cute


No. 126247

Quotes like that are supposed to inspire you in the future, they're not really meant to be a comment on what you already did or have. I think she just liked the quote.

No. 126248

"Look at me guise, I'm so inspiring 8)))"

No. 126251

get the fuck out of here same fag. Your attempt at salt didnt work the first time. Why are you so fucking jealous that Taylor has it easier than you?

No. 126253

>concrete proof of the fact that she believes all the things she has, she did by herself right here guys

No. 126262

You're taking this way too seriously…

No. 126268

grasping for straws much?

No. 126282

Chill, bro. It's just the internet.

No. 126311

File: 1462028979471.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Trying Japanese snacks, so interesting and original!

Good point: her hair is shinny

No. 126329

Kek that sounds like something Lisa would say

No. 126333

PULLtards are so obsessed with the fact that her parents have money that if Taylor posted a status about how she was manually breathing they'd start bitching about how she was probably secretly having her oxygen provided for her by a respirator.

No. 126335


Oh for fucks sake shut the fuck up and lose some weight holy shit.

No. 126336


Back to PULL cuck.

No. 126410

So many Taylor's fans here
Tay wouldn't be happy to know you're here

No. 126411


Well your mother wouldn't like to know that you're colossal faggot but we all have our little secrets now don't we.

No. 126414

What a great comment back, thank you

No. 126420

I wonder if the sister actually doesn't want to be in her videos (the nana doesn't and she puts her in them anyways) or Taylor doesn't want her in the videos because having a super obese sister is embarrassing/makes the family look white trash.

No. 126421

File: 1462061607831.jpeg (240.28 KB, 750x1008, image.jpeg)

Carly obese? What's wrong with you?
She might not wear fitting/flattering clothes, or be as tall as Taylor, but the girl is not even chubby.

No. 126422

Anon was talking about older, fat sister, Alex.

No. 126423

But isn't she her half-sister, a lot older than the others and lives with her husband?

No. 126500


i just watched the niagara falls video and her brother is so cringey. how is she not embarrassed? how he acted could totally be interpreted as racist as well, not that i care, but considering a large part of her fanbase is asian….

No. 126503

Just skimmed it and wow, it's very telling how he targetted Asians only. Taylor should have edited his stuff out.

No. 126506

yeah i don't understand why she thought it was good to include that

i'm a taylor fan, i think she's a sweet girl, but i don't think she's the brightest.

No. 126522

Where do you get the info, that she's a half sister? To my knowledge, all four are full siblings, nobody's half anything. And it's not like Alex is a "lot older". Taylor was born 1988, so Alex is probably a couple of years older. Taylor and Alex actually look very much alike face wise.

No. 126548

She openly mentioned Alex a few times and included family photos etc.

So i don't think Tay is ashamed to show her.
i think it's rather that Alex doesn't wish to be a part of this.
We all have that family member that you practically need to sedate and tie up to get a picture off

No. 126557

getting a picture of someone is pretty different from posting a vlog for thousands of people on the internet.

Taylor is also, well, really self-focused. She wants to look the best, always. It's clear from all her videos that she tailors the videos to her own strengths, cuts out parts where she doesn't look her best, etc. She doesn't tend to do this for other people. I wouldn't want to be in a video edited by Taylor.

No. 126569

No. 126584

File: 1462118369918.jpg (640.76 KB, 1280x1358, Untitled-2.jpg)

I know people keep saying that Taylor is a Dakota clone, but I actually think that Taylor has legit surpassed Dakota in this shit.
She's just infinitely more endearing in the way she projects herself. She isn't afraid to film herself without makeup, she has videos where she actively hangs out with friends and where she's not afraid to move around in them and show herself from various angles. If you ask her what she's wearing or where she got something she will actually TELL you instead of being all secretive and creepy about it the way Dakota is with all her shit, and her style is cuter and more energetic imo.

I think Dakota probably really has settled down with her boyfriend or she's married in secret or something/got a spouse visa because you barely see her doing anything any more and she doesn't really seem to bother with her social media or promoting herself as a figure. This is why I don't think she'll last very long in the industry.
Like I don't think she'll end up leaving Japan, but it kind of seems she just does the odd television appearance now and again. I don't even remember the last time she featured in Popteen.

No. 126642

I wouldn't mind making videos with "no make-up on" if I had fillers too.

No. 126660

she did it before fillers too, she just deleted it

No. 126661


m8 she did this before fillers as well.
If you want fillers quit being a salty little bitch and go buy some.

No. 126665

Why are people so salty about how she was born into an easy life? Yes guys it sucks having to wake at 5am to some shitty job you don't like, but that's the reality. You want a lot of money an to be able to travel, then make a youtube account or go to college to get a better job. stop sitting there any whining about how it sucks that she gets what she wants and you don't. She is not an evil person. She's not pulling out lies like Kiki Kannibal or Jnigs.

No. 126670


It's just grotty little teens from PULL.Not mature adult whines about shit like this.

No. 126671


Because a large portion of people here would love to have her life and are under the impression that they could do it "better" if given the opportunity. It's just jealousy IMO.

I mean you can find a reason to talk shit about anyone in the world really BC no one is perfect, but it's really obvious when people are just reaching for shit

No. 126678

I don't think anybody has a problem of her being born rich, but of her saying she earned big money herself, and stuff like that.

No. 126680


Well she's been modelling since 12 and she says that she used to work in a restaurant from a super young age as well. I don't remember her saying that she earned "big money herself" either, only that she's been earning enough to support herself since, what…. 16-17?

No. 126684

To fully support herself since 14. And that's not true.
In one of her recent videos she again talked about earning a big money.

Anyway, that's the thing. Not the fact she's born into it, nobody cares, good for her.

No. 126702


>nobody cares

You obviously do though…

No. 126708

I don't understand why she fillers her cheeks, and then always put half of her hair in front of her ears to make her face look slimmer by hiding under it?

No. 126765

Because whatever she did to her jaw to make it smaller, it's still not as small as she wanted

No. 127990

New Video: Vlog | Chubby Bunny & Last Dinner

No. 127991

File: 1462479598893.jpg (231.46 KB, 1281x677, sdvsd.jpg)


Aw man it sounds weird but Taylor looks really cute when she cries.
I actually feel bad for her. Everybody is always talking about how privileged she is with the modelling shtick and getting to travel a lot, but it's pretty clear she just wants to be at home with her fam.

No. 127999

It was really sweet. I really feel for her.

No. 128000

I'm just waiting for all the spiteful PULL commentary to start rolling in now.

>"LOL she looks like a fucking chipmunk!"

>"Just trying to get sympathy tbh smh"

No. 128002

I thought PULL commentary was overly nice and sentimental shit or am I getting something wrong?
Your examples just look like ordinary lolcow posts tbh

No. 128003


idk what board you're looking at but PULLites are catty as fuck and the userbase usually consists of bitchy, jealous teenagers.

No. 128004

I understand, although seeing her crying while holding a camera doesn't make me emotional. Am I heartless?

No. 128005

same here. i always found it awkward when people took selfies crying. like crying emily for example. also, she can go back home if she wants, no one is forcing her to live in nipponland, sorry for not having much sympathy for her super hard life as well

No. 128013

basically the same as here, then.

No. 128018


I was going to make an argument about the majority userbase being the more mature off-shed of the bygone /cgl/ era, but then I realised you were completely right.

No. 128033

Tbh after the video I think she's going to move back sometime, maybe even soon. I definitely get where she's coming from and it's tough not being around your family, especially when they all live and interact together and you're halfway across the world. The main issue would be what would she do in Canada.

No. 128038


I like her but I agree with you. It's like that time Zoella made that video of her crying about how hard her life was and people commenting on how good she has it not having to work and sitting on her ass all day filming and getting free shit in the post with a £1M house with a dog and bf. Then her whiteknights were all "buh her feelings!"

it was just cringeworthy

No. 128039


Agreed, it is mostly younger people anon. Most of us such as myself are working two jobs and is at university. It's just younger people or jobless lazies who bitch and moan.

Sounds cruel but in a few years Taylor could go bankrupt for all we know.

No. 128040


Yes and being mind everyone Taylor is around 28-29 so she was a teenager long before any of this living doll bullshit. She was born into a wealthy family yes and probably had part time jobs, just doing her thing and putting money aside. Only now older, internet fame here and there and having modelled abroad is she getting "more popular". So she is probably using money she's had saved up or given to her to support this niche.

No. 128042


Taylor could dethrone Dakota being she has more modelling experience, she's got the money obv, taller, friendlier and willing to mesh with other people.

So if she tried harder she could probably take Dakota's place somehow. It isn't easy because Dakota seems to have more of a Japanese following than Taylor. It's the somehow… winning the Japanese over and claiming that place?

No. 128049

honestly i kinda like her too, i mean, as much as i can like any snowflake, in a lack of a better word.
but she doesn't seem to be doing much in japan anyway? tho who knows, maybe she just isn't showing it. i'm sure she could find a job that might be less kawaii in canada tho, she seems like she can manage

No. 128061

Dakota can speak Japanese comfortably and legibly and not in a stupid kawaii voice which I believe sets her apart from the other western models in Japan. If Taylor stepped it up and tried learning the language she'd get invited to more tv spots like Dakota does and probably take her place easily since she embodies their 'look' more realistically irl.

No. 128102

But Taylor is almost 30, her age will show sooner or later. and isn't being shorter more beneficial for the whole kawaii thing? If Taylor goes back to a mature style that's a different story but then it would be no use comparing her to Dakota.

No. 128108

I wish she would do more videos like her morning nutrition routine and regular vlogs where she shows what she eats.

Now it's just stupid DIYs and cringey crying and family vlogs. Too much cringey moments in the family vlog and Taylor's fake laugh.

No. 128113

Not going to watch the video but the screen reminds me of leave Britney alone.

No. 128115


Well she's doing a fucking good job of beating back the ageing process. I want to know her secret, if she has any.

No. 128122

I was thinking of OC, but now when you say this, can't unsee

No. 128165

Yeah, I think she will as well. I honestly can't blame her for it. Other than the fact that she obviously misses her family, it seems like Japan really only suits introverted people. I've heard many stories of people coming to live in Japan and ending up leaving because of how lonely it is. Hell, I even have some Japanese friends who seem really lonely there.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. She could just really enjoy being in Japan.

Honestly, I don't really get why she just doesn't live in Canada and visits Japan when she gets jobs or when she feels like it.

No. 128612

Taylor deleted my comment on insta and I'm butthurt about it. It was just asking for hair advice lmao.

And yet she keeps comments like 'you need to eat' and 'so skinny!' If it doesn't fit her narrative, it's gone. How contrived- it must be exhausting doing that all the time.

I'm surprised she doesn't delete the comments about her racist brother tho lol

No. 128613

Probably fillers, asian skin care and expensive spa treatments. Not that there's anything wrong with that

No. 128615


Her skin/face looks kinda stiff when she talks. Does she do this to avoid ~angles~?

I'm surprised she hasn't gotten a nosejob or lip fillers yet, considering how much she loves fillers.

No. 128618


What did your comment say? I wasn't to believe this isn't true since I really like Taylor, but if so that dramatically lowers hers in my estimations.

No. 128636

I remember once some 14yo girl was critical of her makeup & posturing. Some of Taylor's rabid fans went to her IG and made fun of her SI/depression posts. Taylor deleted the girl's comment from her IG but left the ones calling the 14yo girl an ugly bitch and cunt and hoping she continued to get bullied, etc.

It really turned me off to Taylor. The girl was rude but it wasn't that bad and she didn't deserve to be attacked like that.

No. 128639


tbh this I don't mind so much. Snotty little teenagers think they go online and talk shit to people from behind their screen with little to no consequences, and act surprised when they get their shit pushed in.

No. 128642

agree. don't dish it if you can't take it.

No. 128647

True, but still, why did Taylor leave those harassing comments toward a teenagers? She should be mature enough to delete any kind of bulling from her comments then, esp toward people whose comments she deleted.

No. 128651


Yeah, she should, but I'm not gonna begrudge her for it either way. She's not the one that started it.

No. 128664

which post was this?

No. 128669

I'll find it when I have a minute later tonight - it was awhile ago.

I remembered it only after she did the video about her bullying experience.

No. 128675

some stuff got deleted, but a bunch of insults are still there. The girl also deleted the posts off her instagram where Taylor's followers told her she deserved to feel pain/depression/get bullied/SI because she was mean to Taylor.

No. 128676


Good. You mess with the bull you get the horns.
I bet she thinks twice now before opening her stupid mouth and shittalking strangers online so in that respect Taylor did her a favour.

I used to have girls like that attack me as a teen too so she gets no sympathy from me. If I were Taylor I would have savaged her too.

No. 128679

But we can't even see what she originally said?

No. 128680

samefag: and Taylor didn't say anything, just other people it looks like.

No. 128681


I know she didn't say anything, but by leaving the comments intact she really didn't need to lel

No. 128700

Agree. Where is her "be kind" when someone leaves negative comment?
Like that time when she let people bully girl who said on her FB (on one of pics from trip to France before last time) that Taylor is too skinny (not heathy looking)?
That girl even appologized because people bullied her too much over that comment, and Taylor responded smtng along lines "I'm glad you see your mistake".
People continued to bully that girl even after.

Yes it's stupid to comment negative to people who have over 10k followers anyway (or to comment at all on their sm) but still, I think it's not a kind thing to do at all.

No. 128701


You say you agree but I'm actually supporting Taylor here >>128681

The girl ended up learning a lesson from this right? Good, she obviously needed to.

No. 128730

All i said was that her hair was so amazing and i'm trying pantogar to see if it works for me like it did for her, but that it's causing me to break out and did she have any issues like that or know of any.

No. 128731


That's really fucking weird.

No. 128734

yeah i was disappointed. i wanted her experience because when i google it (because yes i actually tried!) all i get is spanish/portuguese pages and the translation is just not very good. i figured out that one site said that there was an initial breakout that went away, so i just wanted to see if she experienced anything like that.

i just thought it was really lame that she would bother to delete it, like it wasn't rude or anything.

No. 128757

What bugs me is how she left the comments there, and replied to other people in the same post, RIGHT below.

I believe she has bad selfesteem enough so that she feels the need to keep comments defending her ugly ass lenses/eyebags up on her Instagram

No. 128841

That girl was 14 years old lmao. Taylor is one step away from being 30. People are seriously saying they support taylor cause now some immature 14 year old learned her lesson? Wtf.

No. 128849

Maybe she had a paid partnership to promote that product?

It looks like most of her videos are showcasing things she 'bought' so that viewers follow.

No. 128862

Agreed, dude. It sounds like just one salty cunt though.

No. 128867

She just retweeted some illuminati quote. Idk I just found it kind if funny.

No. 128956

Looks like she has some new media thing booked. Maybe some sort of music video or something, since she talked about learning a dance?

No. 128960

Holy fuck her arms are so skinny. They look really unnatural somehow.Her outfit isn't the greatest and her editing has for sure not improved.

No. 128965

I think she said it was for a commercial later in the video.

The vlog wasn't too interesting imo, but it's good to see she's actually trying to speak/learn Japanese now.

No. 129012

File: 1462846468178.jpg (143.94 KB, 960x478, yikes.jpg)

No. 129078

That's somebody else who masked to Taylor, I hope

No. 129088

God her fillers make her face look LUMPY

Jesus christ. Jessssssssus christ. This has dissuaded me from ever doing fillers. I'll just keep doing a strict skincare regime and stay outta the sun.

No. 129091

Man, I used to be the biggest stan for Taylor in this thread, and the thing about her deleting that farmer's comment on Instagram about Pantogar and the fact she's outright ignoring me multiple times on Twitter when I'm requesting to know what lenses she uses has put me RIGHT off her.

Taylor, I know you're reading this, so for your own benefit, quit with the shitty attitude.
At the end of the day you're just another Dakota aren't you. You don't get to preach love and acceptance and self improvement and then ignore and block people when they make requests of you, you colossal shit.

No. 129096

Her stans will probably say this is just a bad lighting shot, but in the video of her in Kochi (the official ones posted on some Japanese website), her face also looks unnatural and strange.

Likewise her Tokyo Guide video. The eyebag makeup looked especially horrendous in that video and something was just off about her face. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URZfOaIkveI

No. 129097

Shes lanky as fuck
Also dressing like a dakota baby clone

No. 129098

In her fukuoka vlog, I felt so bad for whoever was her neighbor in that hotel. When she was Skyping with her grandmother she was being SO LOUD. Japanese business hotels have the worst thin walls, if there is a baby in the next room it will literally wake you up with it's crying.

No. 129099

I think she has some kind of disordered eating or orthorexia. (Note I didn't say "eating disorder"). The way she looks really isn't natural. She has devised a routine for maintaining a significantly underweight figure and that's supposed to be applauded because she was a few lbs overweight when she was a preteen. It's kind of sickening to see her pitched as a role model.

>inb4 amerifat. I'm neither.

No. 129100

she does, imo. in all her family vlogs they all ate big things while she had her tiny pathetic ass meals.

i mean it is part of her job so its to be expected but she does seem quite obsessed with what she puts into her body. she works hard to maintain that waifish figure, which is not necessarily bad, its what models have to do, but its still fairly disordered.

No. 129101

models are supposed to be skinny, dummy. it's her job

No. 129103

She never, ever answers questions from others. She always answered her own "questions", even in the 50 facts about me. She'll never do an FAQ video (and if she does, it's to prove this comment wrong), because the questions from others don't benefit her. She strikes me as the kind of person who wouldn't tell anyone where she got her stuff because she's too selfish to share.

No. 129104

True lightning showing her true self, lol

No. 129105

Kek, she muted the song to show ~she speaking nihongo~ just days before someone here said she doesn't try

No. 129110

File: 1462883757729.png (2.84 MB, 2162x1330, white highlighter and lipstick…)

Is she trying to pretend she's not wearing any makeup here? lol

No. 129142

Has she done the cleft lip thing so much that it's left a permanent red make over her upper lip? That's so sad and unfortunate.

No. 129161

Do you guys notice that she still talks like Kooter? The head tilting, little mouth movements and nervous laugh every couple of words? Sometimes it creeps me out how much she copies her, it's like she wishes she could wear her skin. Please tell me I'm not the only one who hears it. Look at an old video of Kooter talking and you'll know what I mean.

No. 129165

Dakota? Is it you?

No. 129168

thats….what a lot of girls do
chill out

No. 129181

Not only Dakota, every weeaboo who goes remotely for loving doll thing does that. Beckii as well, just they are more consistent in it so it looks better. It's new for Taylor (she stopped being complete copycat only a year ago).

No. 129210

It is uncannily like Dakota but other "living dolls" think that shit is kawaii too.

No. 129299

>the kind of person who wouldn't tell anyone where she got her stuff because she's too selfish to share

Wasn't Dakota like this?

No. 129432

File: 1462970220811.jpg (153.22 KB, 709x974, inkW1aQ.jpg)

I just want to share a few old pics of Taylor.

Check out this photoshop fail on her legs and ankle (I presume the photoeditor did this).

No. 129433

File: 1462970274480.jpg (38.19 KB, 475x720, A96u5RY.jpg)

gotta pee?

No. 129434

File: 1462970330238.jpg (47.97 KB, 475x720, 6EIYXka.jpg)

I don't like when she poses like this (deranged eyes)

No. 129443

"I just diarrhea'd in my tights and i must escape"

No. 129466


Those are cringey

No. 129468

I can't believe she use to look anything like this. She looked so young!!

No. 129493

She used to be so beautiful.

No. 129508

Yup, and that's how she lost her only friend (Charms)

No. 129517

I'm no Taylor fan, but she actually tells her viewers where she gets her clothes at least some of the time, so she's really not like Dakota in this way.

No. 129520

You mean, she did that in only one video, the one where she lied how her real suede dress is fake leather? Yeah, bravo.

No. 129521

Nah she does it more often then you may think just previously in her last video for example . She told where she got her dress from I think

No. 129533

I think that one was sponzored.

No. 129762

Because you're one of those faggots that claim "I AM TOTZ middle classs" when in actuality you're rich and can afford yearly vacations and other houses.

No. 129764

tl;dr Taylor is hotter/more attractive than Dakota. There's no need to be so roundabout about this fact.

No. 129801

I think it's called upper middle class. It's where you have two household incomes that range, at minimum, 100,000 USD per year. It's not technically "rich," but definitely an affluent lifestyle.

No. 129823

File: 1463064388070.jpg (77.15 KB, 720x960, taylor lipstick.jpg)

because imageboard, here's some more old Taylor. To be honest I am not always convinced by the filler talk but looking at these, I see a woman who is somewhat heavier (still model thin) but who has a much slimmer face.

No. 129824

File: 1463064416485.jpg (86.74 KB, 928x960, taylor2012pb.jpg)

No. 129825

File: 1463064435195.jpg (124.65 KB, 1365x2048, taylor2012pb2.jpg)

No. 129826

File: 1463064454754.jpg (94.25 KB, 640x960, taylor2012pb3.jpg)

lol these poses

No. 129828

At least she got better lol

No. 129831

Taylor's family lives in a typical Canadian house. Most houses here are those "mcmansions" everyone seems to think are for rich people. Taylor's family has money but they didn't spend it on their house unless they are in a city and then they were paying for expensive land.

No. 129911

Damn, she looks her age here

No. 129913

File: 1463083250402.jpeg (283.11 KB, 750x1032, image.jpeg)

Is this Blake, or her visa husband?

We'll never know..

No. 129917

File: 1463083360016.jpeg (330.11 KB, 750x786, image.jpeg)

Her clothes match but Blake's doesn't.

Canadian bf? Wearing the same as in Canada but with a Japanese guy?

No. 129925

Errr… Isn't that her brother? And she's using a picture of him to make vague love interest drama. Creepy.

No. 129993

She's not. I don't think >>129913 is her brother.

No. 130030

I just can't be irritated with taylor, guys. Even though she deleted my comment it's not a huge deal. I get that she DOES have an image to maintain– it's her job! But even if it was stupid its so insignificant so whatever, I just love her videos. I can't help myself.

Mimei annoys me. I'm sure she's nice but she's so… cringey. and greasy. I feel awful saying that but like how could you look like that around taylor haha

No. 130031

File: 1463101132360.jpg (71.1 KB, 1135x510, Capture.JPG)

ALSO someone commented on her video asking about Venus and Taylor said she'd be glad to hang out with her. I doubt it will ever happen but I think it would be good for Venus to make some girl friends.

No. 130038

I'm not a fan of Saint Taylor tbh

No. 130050

>If she reached out
Mm. But, she's the one in need. Given that, I would think that it would make more sense to reach out to her instead. It wouldn't hurt to at least pop her a "if you need someone to talk to blahblahblah" in her dm or something. (Not saying she's obligated to, but eh. Idk.)

No. 130747

Chokelate's like this too. Bitch why even show it off? HATE these type of cunts with a burning passion.

No. 130761

tbh if i were venus i wouldnt want that kind of pity party

No. 130974

Taylor also did start by saying she didn't want to start drama, so I assume she doesn't want to offend venus in any way or attract Margo's crazy to herself. Also maybe she didn't want people to assume she'd contact V to gain attention or use her fame. I could think of a laundry list of reasons why Tay would wait and see if Venus would contact her first tbh.

No. 131277

File: 1463446464903.jpg (307.47 KB, 1398x673, adasda.jpg)

She very recently returned to Tokyo and all her videos since have her face looking all weird and misshapen again. I guess she just got a top-up.

Taylor, why.

No. 131280

what did you guys think of yet another crying video
idk i guess she wants to seem more "real" but i find it kinda lame

No. 131281

its so obviously she buys followers because she has 100k on IG but twitter is like 13k kek

No. 131283

The cheeks are so low..

No. 131284

That pic on the right is giving me strong rajee narinesingh vibes.

No. 131286

It's extremely cringey

No. 131338

This actually isn't really proof of much. A lot more people are actively engaged on instagram than they are on twitter.

No. 131353

File: 1463470933232.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

The midget-looking face on the right reminds me of Rachel

No. 131359

Damn, whoever it is, he's a fucking giant. Taylor's already tall and she looks like a dwarf next to him.

No. 131375

She's not that tall

No. 131378

shes 5'8 m8

No. 131381

>I'm crying but I'm holding my hair back so I look cute

No. 131389

>I am not always convinced by the filler talk
pls gurl.
at the very least it's 100% obvious she's had cheek fillers.

No. 131392

I haven't even pay attention to it
So true

No. 131410

Lol 5'8 in very tall in Japan anon

No. 131412


5'8" isn't tall unless you're Mexican tbh.

No. 131424

Actually, she's 170cm or 5'7.
Her Canadian mother agency added an inch to make her more viable for high end commercial work.

No. 131433

Not even in Mexico… 5'7-5'8 is average female height (or below average) pretty much everywhere except Asian countries.

No. 131434

Exactly anon



No. 131435

>>131359 and >>131378 didn't say that she was tall compared to Asians, they said she was tall in general, which is not true

No. 131440

> 5'8
> below average
ok lol
pretty sure amerifat is 5'6" average

No. 131441

Lol 5'4 is average in us
Stop making her seem like shes not tall
She is.

No. 131442

5'6 is short as fuck even in the USA. And 5'8 isn't below average in america but it is in Northern Europe.

No. 131443

It's not even disputed that she's had fillers, anon. You must be partially retarded. Open for dispute is any other surgical procedures.

No. 131456

File: 1463498352388.png (37.88 KB, 647x211, Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.1…)

don't know what you're on about.
these are literally statistics measured by major organizations.

No. 131457

y'all trollin
or summer is early

No. 131460

short as fuck, lol. Right.

No. 131511


No one who frequents this site cares about truth. Only jealousy and hate. Don't bother with facts.

No. 131703

This includes non-whites and elderly people. It's not representative of the average height of young white women

No. 131708

Ah, the Taylor white knights are here

No. 131723

So is Taylor really fluent in Cantonese or Japanese?

No. 131733

no lol

No. 131738

Lol, back to PULL with you

No. 131754

I don't know Chinese, but Taylor is only like 20% conversational in Japanese. She knows only how to reply in basic one-words, but she wouldn't be able to hold conversations, reply properly or understand most of what's said or asked. So the answer is "lol no".

No. 131769

Her Canto is very basic.

No. 131770

I've always thought that as well, but in one of her recent videos-where she is eating with her manager or agent person in a Japanese restaurant- she breaks out some keigo and seems to understand what she is saying. It's certainly possible she is just mimicking what she's heard people say before when dining but her cadence was pretty decent and natural. So who knows what her level is.

No. 131772

It's very basic.

No. 131776

Agreed. But it's still a little bit beyond only a yes/no answer.
Keigo's a bitch to learn properly even for Japanese people.
She used it pretty naturally.
i give her minimal credit for that.

No. 131778

She probably spends a looot of time with her manager and is getting used to it

No. 131839

sure yoda

No. 131876

Her Cantonese pronunciation at least sounds atrocious. But if she can spin together whole sentences and actually hold a conversation, her heavy accent doesn't matter.

No. 131934

She can't.

No. 131953

i dont think it was taylor talking i think it was the manager talking to someone else lol

No. 131954

she acts like dakota in the beginning

No. 131965

You mean the hello everyone part or what? Lol!

No. 131972

I don't see how she is copying dakota.

Part of me really hates when she smugly throws whatever she is talking about on the floor because she's ripping off Gigi Gorgeous when she does it

No. 131981

I also don't like it because it doesn't fit the cutesy character

No. 132011

It was really uncomfortable watching Taylor treat her manager like a slave and only speaking to her in English. Taylor wants a snack and just gives the item to Anna and asks if it it has gluten instead of looking herself. And is she gluten-free or fake gluten-free and whyyy? ED behavior imho. If somethingis cute enough for a photoshoot, gluten doesn't seem to matter. But a snack - god, get the gluten devil away.

She can't even read a menu of juices in Japanese . . . it is safe to say she is nowhere near fluent.

No. 132012

No it's her talking or someone who sounds exactly like her. Her manager has a totally different sound to her voice, less cutesy, a more mature feeling.

No. 132014

Eh, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. Kanji is hard to read and write unless your are actively studying it and foreigners are often perplexed by katakana.
There are many people who speak enough to converse and make small talk who can't read or write well.
She seems to look after her body.
She is in a profession in a country where they literally take measurements of every cm of her body. In order to maintain her career, it just seems like common sense to watch what she consumes.

No. 132020

gluten has nothing to do weight or anything, so unless she has celiac disease or something similar then idk why she is avoiding it as if its bad for you.

No. 132028

>>Kanji is hard to read and write unless your are actively studying it and foreigners are often perplexed by katakana.

She can just learn the necessary kanji for it to check herself. Heck, even Kiki did that.

Which part of the video was this?

No. 132034

> foreigners are often perplexed by katakana
what does this even mean
katakana is a basic alphabet
if you're gonna live in japan AT LEAST learn the kanas

No. 132036


I can kind of back this up tbh.
When I first began learning Japanese I could not for the life of me wrap my head around katakana. I think for some people it must be more difficult. Until one day it all clicked into place, I honestly believed kanji was easier.

Now I know better. Sadly.
Fuck kanji man. I love it, but like. fuck kanji.

No. 132044

It starts from about 6:55 on to about 7:10.

Kanji kanji kanji, such a love/hate relationship.

No. 132090

I didn't know she was ripping off another video by throwing things, but I did notice a lot of her video contents follow other Youtuber trends.

Overall her videos are just 'here are things I bought' and stealth sponsorships which is mostly boring.

No. 132097

I just checked, and that was the waiter talking so it sounded like Tay, and her manager replying. If Taylor talked, all she said was はい, which indicates absolutely nothing in Japanese language.

No. 132277

> smugly throws whatever she is talking about on the floor
whether she is ripping off someone or not, its such snotty behavior lmao
trying to be cute like a little kid or something

No. 132305

I also throw my clothes on the floor but when I see the kind of expensive stuff (OVO) she was holding and throwing away it just seems so wrong. Idk am I being weird?

No. 132323

yean no youre right

No. 132453

Average height in the US for an adult female is 5'4". I dunno why people think it's taller. Literally just pop in "average height for a female in the US" into any search engine.

No. 132482

she's pulling a gigi gorgeous

No. 132538

Have you ever actually been to Mexico? Where are you finding a standard of 5'7-5'8 women? Mexican women are short on average, 5'-5'3. If you're talking about the average male height, then more or less, yeah.
5'7 isn't that tall, just a tad above average. The guy is probably around 6'1.


No. 132553

Its funny because both of them are spoiled brats who come from rich Canadian families.

No. 132555

Ahaha stop lying, 5'4" is normal even here

T. Northern European

No. 132558

Spoiled I can maybe give you, but in what way is Taylor a brat?
She doesn't throw temper tantrums.
She is generally positive and pleasant.
And whether you think she's good at it or deserves it, she puts effort into her modeling and you-tubing.
I mean she seems like a pretty decent human being.

No. 132564

No. 132572


I was legit Taylor's biggest stan right up until I tried asking where she got something and she blatantly ignored me, then again when I asked a second time, and then a third.
Didn't have a problem retweeting a tweet of mine I made praising her for a product she mentioned in a video though. Selective blindness is a funny thing.
She's exactly like Dakota, with this sweet demeanour on the outside but rotten on the inside.

No. 132577

Eh, Dakota doesn't have a sweet demeanor. She's an asshole. In fact,the main part of her talento gimmick is that she is an asshole with a doll's face.
I'm sorry that Taylor didn't answer you but that doesn't make her a brat.
It takes less time to re-tweet something than to write a reply.

I say she seems like a decent person because she is capable of caring about other people, has genuine friendships (in Hong Kong and Japan), and seems well-liked by the people she works with. She is also capable of self-deprecating humor which something that other snowflakes rarely seem able to do.

No. 132580


By sweet demeanor I mean outside exterior, and it doesn't take any time at all to reply "hi, my circle lenses are X!". I'm somebody that supports her, has supported and defended her, subscribed to her all shit, and she blatantly ignores her fans.
She wants unconditional support without ever actually giving anything back. Stop defending this cunt.

No. 132582

Look. I don't know why she didn't answer you. I was trying to inject some reason into your whining.
I'm sure she didn't see your username and go, "Whelp, xxxx is a loser. I'm not answering their question."
Don't take it so personally.

Incidentally, I'm not a fan of hers (haven't subscribed to any of her shit just know her from this thread) but if I was, I wouldn't expect her to communicate with me just because I supported her. She doesn't owe you anything. If that was the straw that broke the camel's back for you, stop being her fan, but frothing at the mouth like this makes you come across as entitled and a little unstable.

No. 132584

I like how Dakota's lips reflect her asshole personality.

No. 132585

I like how Dakota's lips reflect her asshole personality.

No. 132587


>ermergerd don' support her if u don like her

>stop frothin at the moth! gaaaawd
>i'm sitting on this thread monitoring it for any negative replies so I can reply back about how angry you are!!! >:[

Really gurl. Pull your head out of her asshole. Hell you're probably her.

>she doesn't owe you anything

She owes her fans everything though. How is that even debatable. It's the people that supported her, like me, that put her exactly where she is today.

No. 132588

Funny how back in the days she was actually reviewing circle lenses in her blog. Now she can't even answer a single question relating to them.

Anyway, the green lenses she wears most often are G&G Max Pure Green.

No. 132589

It takes some time, and if you multiply it for every question or comment people like her receive, you might find it could become a second job. It's a matter of adding up time.

No. 132625

No. Honestly its people like you that ruins every fandom. Its like saying movie actors should only do movies their fans want them to be in. They have fans because of their videos. Its a simple matter of if the fans dont like what the person produces then they can stop following. I dont give a shit about what you think about taylor herself but dont put your retarded twisted views on that kinda bullshit.

No. 132630

Before you said that she ignored and blocked you after asking about circle lenses. Did she just ignore the q or did she actually block you?

If you got blocked, that's bullshit. Ignoring the q is annoying but not the same level of assholishness

No. 132646

She's one of those assholes that show things off but refuse to tell anyone where she got it because shes soooo original.

No. 132673


lol maybe she won't answer unless you pay her then.

And thanks Anon.

No. 132674


>I dont give a shit about what you think about taylor herself

You obviously do tho…

No. 132675


No she blocked me.

No. 132709

this reminds me we were mutuals on IG and when I asked her why she unfollowed me, she blocked me lmao

No. 132710

it was when she unollowed everybody

No. 132906

did anyone else notice how thin her hair looked in her newest video? you could see lots of scalp and her bun looked way less full than usual…

just wondering if she actually has extensions and took them out/was giving her hair a break

No. 132922

she doesnt owe you shit; shut up.

they're clothes, fam. if they don't hold sentimental value then i don't see the problem with tossing them to the side, regardless of price. she could always buy another if she fucks it up.

No. 133034


What does Taylor's shit smell like Anon?

No. 133040

I just noticed it was different, like it looked greasy in the roots.

No. 133041

Her Chanel bag is made of calfskin and suede.
What an inspiring vegan.

No. 133048

Have you watched her newest video?

No. 133052

Not the same person to who you replied, but
>Chanel bag is not "vegan slipping"
>this bag is new
>it's not from her work
Taylor doesn't give a flying fuck about being animal friendly

(neither do I, but I don't pretend it's the opposite)

No. 133060

Can't believe it took me this long to realised what a phony this chick is.

I literally hope she gets attacked by bees.

No. 133062

I don't even disagree with you it's just she said that in her video that she isn't a vegan. But supporting and agreeing with the vegan lifestyle and buying bags with real leather is hypocritical, too.

It's clear that she's reading the gossip threads about her. I'm kinda glad that some people here aren't really just nitpicking (like on a certain other website) or are jealous because Taylor is living their weeaboo dream. To me they want her to be perfect and do things like they would do so they can get more ASMR out of it. I still don't know what to think of Taylor I don't support her or dislike her but I think that she should just do her thing and let them burst with jealousy. On the other side it's fun to read their online meltdowns - once you start reading lolcow or any gossip forums you just can't stop it no matter how embarrassed you are of the users I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ok my little diary entry is over guys

No. 133063

By ASMR I mean something like 'real life experience effect' lol

No. 133067

I wish Kaka is still around so that when Taylor slips up with veganism, she can take notice and call her out on it, and also add some "YOU COPIED MY SISTER!!11" drama in it, too. They lived in the same building for some time. They could have been vegan raw organic raw raw vegan frenemies.

No. 133068

She's not ready to give up her leather bags, non-vegan makeup and her other luxury items just yet. She can just send them all to her younger sister then tell everyone on YouTube that she's finally vegan, kek.

No. 133070

That would be amazing but according to Kaka thread, Kaka may also be going off the vegan bandwagon now. It's just no longer edgy enough.

No. 133087

Eating vegan food doesn't make you a lifestyle vegan. Jfc y'all are reaching

No. 133097

Her latest video was really defensive. She mentions eating a plant-based diet with some fish because "it's hard to be vegan in Japan" and "I can't be fussy if they give me fish!" She never once mentions that she eats chicken/turkey because that is not as acceptable. We saw it on her plate in Canada video and she has posted chicken soup recipes.

She mentions not drinking milk because it is "another animal's pus," but posts recipes and pics of dishes containing eggs. Not hidden eggs, mind you, obvious eggs. Much vegan. So animal-free. But I guess it is just hard to be vegan in Canada, Japan, Paris, and London.

The vegan community is so critical of makeup and clothing but understand, that's not Taylor's fault!! It's her work. Nevermind her Fendi and Chanel bags, her own private cosmetics, her leather dress, and all the stuff she eats that is not vegan at all. She has ordered fish while on vacation and even said she eats fish snacks. How, again, is that vegan? The right word for that - if she didn't eat chicken, which she does - is pescetarian.

This gluten intolerance is new and totally BS. Just go back through her instagram and blog. Macarons, crepes, endless other stuff containing gluten. But now she's gluten intolerant - until the next photoshoot.

I'm just a simple vegetarian and feel absolutely no need for everyone to be vegan. I respect just about everyone's life choices when it comes to basic diets. But this latest video is just ridiculous. Taylor, the would-be vegan, if it weren't for Japan and her work! Poor Taylor, the gluten intolerant girl who can't eat pizza but other gluteny things seem to be OK! Taylor, what you probably have is called disordered eating.

Also, for a former student of nutrition, she seems pretty dumb. Yeah, garbanzo beans are the same as chickpeas. I forgot what else struck me as stupid (aside from the vegan pseudoscience but I'll forgive that, it's on trend), but there were a few eye-rolly moments in the i'm vegannnn (sort of) video.

No. 133101

She's not gluten intolerant, otherwise the desserts she constantly takes photos or videos of eating would cause serious issues.

Like all the other things she does it's about blindly following trends.

No. 133106

taylor has made herself really unlikeable, really fast. it's kind of remarkable actually.

i wish she would just be honest. like look, i eat 95% vegan but i'm not going to pretend that it's all for the animals or environment or whatever. most of it is because it keeps me slim,healthy, and looking my best. i dont think theres anything wrong with that. i still like my leather bags and shoes and whatever and i'm not gonna give those up.and re:gluten intolerance,i don't eat bread or refined flour, but not because i pretend i'm intolerant, but because it makes me bloated and usually comes served with shit food with it. avoiding it altogether forces me to make healthier choices.

so making up stupid excuses and trying to seem better than she really is is just…ugh. stop,taylor. you're embarrassing.

she should have just stuck with the spoiled but nice rich girl thing, it was unique and she wasn't like everyone else on youtube.

surprised nobody has mentioned her dog yet either, that thing, while cute, is totally unethical

i was rooting for you.

No. 133112

File: 1463907412995.jpg (416.85 KB, 1521x1323, titay.jpg)

No. 133117

I would have bullied her in elementary school

Btw I have never seen anyone mention how big her face is. For a white girl she has a big chunky face both now and as a child. If you want to be a white model in Asia you should have a small face imo because that's what they expect and is one of the traits that makes us attractive (which is why a lot of Asian girls cover their jaw with peace signs when taking a picture next to a white girl)

No. 133118

I would have bullied her in elementary school

Btw I have never seen anyone mention how big her face is. For a white girl she has a big chunky face both now and as a child. If you want to be a white model in Asia you should have a small face imo because that's what they expect and is one of the traits that makes us attractive (which is why a lot of Asian girls cover their jaw with peace signs when taking a picture next to a white girl)

No. 133119

I bet everyone in this thread talking about 'she's not gluten intolerant' is a fat shit. Every body is gluten intolerant because gluten is terrible for you. But you guys can keep enjoying your fatty gluten donuts and cakes and Taylor can keep being a girl who was fat turned thin showing you her eating tips that you guys will continue to rage about no matter what loool

No. 133122

are you fucking retarded?

No. 133127

taylors true side coming out to play

No. 133132

ok blake

No. 133133

Aside from the real leather and the fake animal friendliness why is it so important to some of you what she eats? I don't see a good reason to discuss and fight about it.

No. 133134

Remove the food and now there's nothing much to talk about her. She's THAT boring.

No. 133135


Yup. Rosie is cute and all but just another example of how less of a shit Taylor gives about animal welfare. If she really cared she'd have gotten a dog that didn't actually have a home from a shelter, not pump more money into breeders so they can continue their mass deformity. A breed like Rosie shouldn't even exist, it's cruel.

No. 133136


Kek is this fucking Taylor.

No. 133137


Because she's a hypocrite.

No. 133138

I am the person that consistently defended Taylor in this thread and the last and I feel only regret now that her true side has slipped out.

Forgive me guys, I was wrong. Taylor a shit.

No. 133139

File: 1463917440386.jpg (572.35 KB, 1461x2047, ttt.jpg)

Hi Taylor!!

No. 133141

Don't get angry but you come across as stalkerish

No. 133143

I know Taylor used to post a lot of her childhood pics but dear god she looked like a devil's child in some of them

No. 133144

Reminds me of Jack Nicholson

No. 133148

File: 1463921814518.jpg (252.75 KB, 709x974, mag.jpg)

Because imageboard.

No. 133154

Sorry taytay, but only about 1% of the population has a gluten intolerance, it's called celiac disease. The rest is people following fads ie you.

Maybe properly research things for once in your life.

No. 133179

So true!
I'm a celiac and I find it so damn annoying when normal, healthy people claim they have the disease just to be cool. its not making anything better for those with real issues.

No. 133188

This "hork hork gluten free" shit was the thing that first made me raise an eyebrow at Taylor.
The story the Anon told about Taylor blocking her when inquiring about her hair care routine was the second.

No. 133191

This might be nitpicking but I hate how she films her family's embarrassing reactions and even repeats them, but she never does that for herself. She is only allowed to look good. Everyone else, well fuck them

No. 133196

I've just been watching a few of her videos and noticed whenever Carly is on she (Taylor) often has to slide in how they're "sisters, but look nothing alike". Maybe I'm reading in to it too much, but it seems kind of passive aggressive? Especially since I think they do look alike, even more so before Taylor had all her work done. I suppose it could be that she's self conscious about how much her face has changed, rather than taking a dig at her sisters looks.

No. 133204

she posts pics of herself with weird faces, crying, and 'no makeup' so idk what you want

No. 133243

Why does this bitch get more hate than Venus and Dakota these days?

I truly don't think she's a lolcow. She edits her face and has had ugly eye fat inserted. That's all.

No. 133252


Why would Venus get hate?

No. 133260

Here's the thing. Taylor is coming across as extremely fake and tryhard because a lot of what she says contradicts what she does. She is trying to please everyone and is starting to please no one.

Regarding the whole vegan thing, it is pretty silly how she is going about it. It seems like she is being so vocal about it due to wanting positive attention for throwing "vegan" around but then she justifies eating meat/poultry/fish, how she blatantly purchases products that test on animals, etc. It makes her look stupid because she could easily be a bit more down to earth, kind of like >>133106 mentioned, and just say what works for HER as opposed to "I TRY TO BE VEGAN BUT I CAN'T WOE IS ME BLABLA."

While I applaud (non-agressive) lifestyle vegans since it is a tricky way to live, it is not very realistic in this day and age. But that doesn't mean someone who is striving to be more conscious about what they eat and buy is wrong. What is foolish is trying to get attention for being vegan and then making excuses for conflicting choices. That behavior makes her look like an attention whore who hopped on the band wagon and got caught in a lie.

No. 133306

posting vegan things she makes/eats is still scoring her points though

No. 133307

if anything she might mean 'gluten sensitive'
some people bloat up if they eat too much wheat/bread/etc but honestly thats just because carbs

No. 133308

also i dont get why people say theyre gluten free for a diet trend but then load up on all the gluten free versions of the same fatty snacks (cookies, pancakes, etc)

No. 133309

That and most commonly eaten things with gluten are like pizza, burgers, cookies etc.

No. 133311

I wish veganism would fuck off tbh

No. 133322

yeah. But when she's crying you can tell she's trying so hard to look cute.

No. 133330

I agree, but it would make her a lot more respectable if she relaxed a little and just expressed she tries to make as many healthy/conscious choices as possible within her personal boundaries. There is nothing wrong with that.

The best thing people who are not vegan or vegetarian can do is try to eat red meat sparingly (like a couple of times a month, especially in regards to beef and pork), purchase animal products from companies with good ethics (animals are fed well, given room to roam, not injected with hormones/antibiotics/steroids), and try to avoid companies that test on animals for cosmetics or luxury body products.

Doing those things is fairly easy, it's all about shopping consciously and it makes a HUGE difference long-term, especially if more people try. She should promote messages like that instead of what she is now, it would have a better impact.

No. 133352

That "OMG VEGAN SUPERMARKET" is NOT vegan. It has a few vegan items, but other than that, it's a normal with imported food.

No. 133353

Not to mention with constant irregular travel schedules, this dog is not with her often. Dogs get huge amounts of anxiety when you're not on a schedule.

The way she vlogs with other people is always uneven. They're not in the best light and she doesn't edit people out when they don't want to be recorded.

In one of Mimei's videos, Taylor barely pays attention when Mimei is talking to her because she's distracted with trying to look good or use her hair to cover her big face. It's a strange friendship, if it is one.

No. 133354

Do you admit to same-fagging a lot?

No. 133357


Pretending to be multiple people in a single thread? No, I never did that.

No. 133360

How the fuck would I know? I don't care for her.

No. 133361

Double posting to add that you farmers that love her act just like the beliebers who think Justin owes them meet & greets. Your idols don't owe you shit, regardless of who they are. It's pathetic that you think she ought to tell you were she got her lenses and clothes from simply because she has a following or something.

No. 133365


When a noted individual has gathered a sizable following on the back of her purported propensity towards openness, sharing, kindness and mindfulness, yes it's complete bullshit that she actively goes out of her way to ignore and block followers inquiring as to her lifestyle.
Again, pull your head out of her fucking ass you grotty little brown-noser.

No. 133367

Why are you guys so butthurt about petty contradictions? She's a pretty airheaded girl, I don't think she's trying to decieve anyone and if she is why do you care so much?

No. 133368


Why do you come in here at least once a day samefagging and defending this cunt.

No. 133370

She's like 30 and everything she puts out online is extremely staged. Not an airhead at all.

No. 133371

I think I only posted in this thread once before. I just think you guys are so ridiculous when it comes to certain people.

No. 133373

Hm, maybe you should grow up and get over it? You people act just like Charms did with Dakota.
How am I up her ass, again? Just called you lot that love her pathetic. She's the most boring snowflake here. She's so uninteresting that you're arguing over her diet for fucks sake.

No. 133377

You can't post in this thread without being called a stan. Bystander input is practically forbidden lmao. It's ass backwards, really. You offer a good argument and you're called a fan or up her ass. Criticizing Taylor = asskisser idk.

Honestly, it seems that someone's a bit pissy that Taylor is living the weeb dream and they must see her fall. Why else would they nitpick frivolous things like her diet and her childhood obesity story when there's nothing to gain from that?

No. 133379

The thing is though, she actually lists where she bought all the stuff she's wearing in her video description. Why can't she do th same with her lenses? That's what people actually want to know. I don't think they're nice lenses, but a lot of people in her comments seem to wanna buy the same. Is she pulling a Dakota? We know they're not real, fam.

No. 133380

How would she be pulling a Dakota?
There are pictures and recent videos of her without them in.

No. 133389


How small and unfulfilled is your own life that you project into strangers and assume we're all in pursuit of the "weeb dream"?
I've got much higher aspirations than being a rice fetishist. Sort your life out m8.

No. 133411

I think anon said "weeb dream" because she was doing Idol dancing on her channel and anime cosplays. Not just modeling. Taylor has displayed her her love of Japanese culture many times.

No. 133438

chill bitch

No. 133453

Did Justin Bieber unfollowed all of his fans, friends etc. to appear more popular?

No. 133652

There's no correlation with what you said lmao. So because I think you're jealous of her weeb lifestyle my life is so unfulfilled? Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night. Maybe if you danced a little harder and got bigger lenses you could be where she is.

She's done lense reviews before, no? I doubt she up and changed her favorites. It's still not a big deal imo. People are whining about miniscule "problems" to create drama around her, it seems.


You care about that? Genuinely?

No. 133672

I remember this unfollowing frenzy, I still don't understand why do that. Many celebrities follow at least their friends back.

You sound like an angry Taylor fan who wants to fuel the fire.

No. 133682


>so because I think you're jealous of her weeb lifestyle my life is so unfulfilled?

Yes, because only somebody with an exceedingly small worldview could consider a weeb lifestyle something worthy of envy.
I want to write books furthering the study of my field and contribute articles to academic journals. Long term I'm hoping to sit on the allied council of my discipline, not prance around like a twat in thigh highs and a wig.

Again, sort your life out m8, and get some bigger aspirations for fucks sake. It's just sad that you legitimately think that sitting around in Japan doing shit fuck all is some kind of big deal.

No. 133683


It's probably Taylor tbh.

No. 133686

Anon, that's pants on head retarded.
I've never understood why anyone would think that Taylor, Dakota, Amina or any of the other vaguely well known girls would comment in their own threads. Don't you think they all have better shit to do?

No. 133690


No. It was well known that Dakota frequented her own friends on /cgl/ back in the day.

No. 133691

They do though. That's how their threads originally got so much traction and their videos would always be in answer to the threads.

No. 133704

>I want to write books furthering the study of my field and contribute articles to academic journals. Long term I'm hoping to sit on the allied council of my discipline

wow good for you way to go

No. 133706


Thank you Anon, I really appreciate it.
I'm glad for the warm and welcome environment of lolcow. I'm so happy to have the support of you, my friends. Thank you so much again.

No. 133712

please shut the fuck up

No. 133713


Since you asked so nicely, weeb :>

No. 133728

It's highly possible that they do. Taylor was already following PULL for quite a while, then when her Facebook got discovered there, she untagged a lot of public photos about her modelling work and changed profile photos. It happened real time.

I also have a feeling that at least one sibling is defending her here. Could be Blake or Carly. Most likely Blake because he's so 0xxxhardcorexxx0.

Mira and her sock puppeting on PULL, and shit stirring on 2ch.

Audrey the pregnant snowflake cow also was here.

There's that thing about Kiki's Japanese language account being mentioned randomly on her Lolcow thread, and it could be Dakota.

Kiki ragetweeted about Lolcow before. She knows this site very well and made screen shots.

Those jvloggers Sharla, Micaela, Rachel and Mimei were also on PULL using random usernames.

No. 133730

i wouldnt even say it's just highly possible, but probable.

im fairly certain that

are taylor. the 'so idk what you want' seems like something that she herself would say rather than some random outsider by the way it is worded…

there's probably more in this thread, even.

a lot of these weebs are frequent internet users. it's probably why they wanted to move to glorious nippon in the first place. people who vlog also tend to be pretty obsessed with themselves in general so it would be little surprise that they search themselves.

No. 133731

not to mention if you google 'taylor r' PULL is on the first page and this site on the second.

No. 133734

Wow, good catch anon. Those two posts have the exact same voice.

No. 133736

obviously not but it's the way she refers to herself

one is indignant and one is much less so but they both seem strange in the way they talk about her

the first one i just assumed was her reading the responses about her new vid and getting angry because i hope only she is stupid enough to believe that 'everyone is gluten intolerant'

No. 133739

Even anon, I'm not sure she'd call anyone a fat shit. Just doesn't seem to fit her character. She's too needy and desperate for approval to be that harsh.

No. 133750

people act very different when they are anonymous.

No. 133802

You want a cookie?

No, you think anyone who shits on Taylor and her stans is her. It makes no sense. Just because you're all being overdramatic about trivial matters doesn't make me the flake in question ffs.

Right? It's always "hi Taylor/hi Kiki/hi Amina" etc when you don't follow the herd. Shit is repetitive as fuck. Exhibit A >>133672
>angry Taylor fan
Honestly where? All the angry Taylor fans are spiteful I called them jealous weebs and think the latest "drama" is undeniably childish.

No. 133832


No you fucking lose I want you to quit pushing your dead-end weeb fantasies on everybody like it's the standard aspiration. Go do something useful with your useless life jfc.

No. 133942

Oh my god calm down, how many times to you have to reinforce your notion that we're all weebs and you're totally above it.

>How small and unfulfilled is your own life that you project into strangers and assume we're all in pursuit of the "weeb dream"?

You're kinda getting hypocritical.

No. 133953

I'm pretty sure the envy that exists has less to do with fact that she's living a weeby dream and more to do with the fact that she's loaded.
I mean people may not care for or want her career in Japan, but I'd imagine they wouldn't say no to her luxurious semi-jet-set model lifestyle.
The comments about her only really started to get vicious after that became apparent.
So, no weeb fantasies, just good old fashioned "the haves and the have nots".

No. 133956


idk about you but I'm the kind of person that only wants what I can I can attain for myself. Success is meaningless if it's just handed to you for no reason.
When I see people throwing out this rhetoric about how anybody that disagrees with them is "jus' jeluz" of Taylor's inherited wealth, I can't help but think of what low character they must have. Whatever happened to working hard for your shit, christ. Why do half the faggots on this board seem to want to chase this unattainable pipe-dream of eternal youth and engineered crowd-worship?

No. 133970

No. I'm pretty content with what I have as well and am willing to work hard for my achievements (but thanks for pretending to know anything about my character). I'm positing this theory based on observation, nothing more, nothing less.
But I'm not the one in this thread: speculating about her Chanel bag, calling her a spoiled brat (apropos of nothing), speculating on her income, saying that she isn't hard working, using every minute detail of her life to try to trash her.

No. 133989

I agree. Saying "they're just jealous" is weak and only validates the original criticisms because they weren't even addressed.

People wouldn't speculate if she didn't bait by saying she paid for everything since she was a teen.

The observation has nothing to do with anyone's personal situation. One can be wealthy and successful, and also able to notice that a small time model can't afford certain things without parental support.

No. 134035

i was p critical of taylor's last video on here but i found her newest one cute. shes easier to like when she doesnt give her uninformed opinions.

what was weird is that her day of food is similar to mine, but i eat more veggies in general. i like mixing chia pudding with coco yogurt though, bc the texture on its oen is kinda ick.

the only thing i didnt like was her little ~challenge~ at the end. i get what she was going for, as someone who eats a plant based diet myself, but shes not very eloquent and it comes off as pushy. i also think its kinda a lame challenge because most people who eat meat on the reg arent going to feel great after just a day of plant based. they probably wont eat enough so they will be fatigued, or will eat junk, etc. it takes a little trial and error to feel your best and transition into plant based eating.

that, and i feel that nobody should feel pressured to if its something they dont want to do.

but overall it was cute and not so bad.

No. 134038


>but thanks for pretending to know anything about my character

>haha you just want Tayor's lifestyle! Weeb, weeb! Maybe if you dance more and wear circle lenses! Haha!


No. 134144

Could people link to YT videos if they haven't been mentioned yet? Thanks :)

No. 134217

She has a good diet.

No. 134232

Reminds me of Taylor lmao

No. 134282

This. I can't take her seriously after the gluten intolerance thing and I feel like an idiot for following her advice previously. Dropped.

No. 134291

The guy is hypnotizing.

No. 134294

I'm now 100% that >>133119 is Taylor.

No. 134300

I dunno if >>133119 is bait
But I eat meat, gluten, whatever and I"m 95 pounds. Granted I"m also a short shit. My only restrictions are what I'm allergic too

I just don't eat processed shit, dairy (intolerant) and I"m good. Bread, berries, veggies, fish, ancient grain, whatever dude. If it isn't processed to hell and back. And by some miracle I'm skinny Gasps And my diet doesn't consist of me only nomming on veggies. Verity yay. Though some of what she cooks does look like a yummy snack(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 134316


Good blog post, A+.

No. 134327

she does, and it shows.

wish she would just admit to avoiding gluten not because shes intolerant but because it means she avoids things like bread, cookies, muffins, cakes, etc; therefore helping her stay healthier and thinner

though tbqh im always really baffled by 'gluten intolerant' people who basically just eat the gluten free alternatives because its really just as calorically dense and just tastes shittier. like just avoid bread altogether its not that hard, and you get used to it

though if she is eating plant based like this all the time she does need the dense calories i guess. i would just prefer other sources personally

No. 134329

Taylor's videos nowadays are about how she looks, what she does to maintain it, what food she puts in that body, what she buys with that money, what trends she can do or copy for her vlog.. I feel that she has no substance. Her cheek fillers gives anons something to talk about once in a while, but when that gets old, what else can we talk about her? She's really boring. Her douchebag brother is more interesting than her and he doesn't even try. Look, Dakota has done the doll look, and Kiki has done the vegan fashionista guru crap. If all she does is take up what her "contemporaries" or "predecessors" fail to do and add the nice girl factor in it to make the formula somehow better, she's still going to come out bland. I guess what frustrates me the most is that she has all these things, but she's still bland. She's pushing herself so hard to be this somewhat perfect individual, but in fact it's on the inside that she should really work on. She is lost. Her dream of becoming famous is eating her alive.

No. 134348

agreed 1000000x

this is along the lines of what i have thought but didnt articulate when pondering why taylor is so… vanilla. you have all these things- good looks, body, bubbly, rich, nice things and nice places to show, and yet shes somehow still incredibly boring.

she really needs more depth. i have found random youtubers with fuckall subscribers living in the middle of nowhere to be more interesting than her.

i think shes still learning and i hope she figures it out.

No. 134393


Holy shit! She used to look so much better! What Taylor R has done to her face will be remembered as one of the great disasters of the 21st century.

No. 134424

> her videos are all about …
her videos are things that people will eat up
talks about being vegan? great she caters to a huge fanbase
is skinny blonde and pretty? great people will believe if they do what she does, they will be skinny and pretty too

No. 134605

I'm fucking dead

No. 134608

Okay yes but I also agree with >>132014
My sister who has a life threatening allergy to milk oftentimes has me or my mom look over the ingredients in certain foods again just to make sure there are no milk ingredients in it. There are so many different words for milk, it's insane. And it's good to have more than one person check. I don't know if Taylor is allergic to gluten or whatever but maybe she just wants to ensure there's no wheat in what she eats?? (Although she'd have to trust that her manager wouldn't try to kill her).

No. 134619

theres a difference between life threatening allergy and a maybe-at-best-slightly-intolerant-but-most-likely-completely-made-up-allergy

No. 134719

File: 1464330831659.png (590.96 KB, 1280x768, Screenshot_2016-05-12-23-50-44…)

never happened. lol at the art

No. 134813

File: 1464365143740.png (193.56 KB, 326x361, hai.png)

No. 134846

We should play a game of match the cow or flake to their fanart at this rate.

No. 134851

File: 1464372307944.png (508.29 KB, 695x393, still.png)

Seeing her friend side by side with her in video really shows how…bizarre her features are.

No. 134854

Sharla is just ugly compared to her lol

No. 134855

I mean more her eye socket size and shape compared to the rest of her face. But I guess compared to her it's hard to look half decent. tbh Sharla is just a solid 5 to me, nothing noticeable in a good or bad way with her looks. She's just…there. Existing.

No. 134856

Does she wear circle lenses 24/7?
Her eyes must hurt like shit

No. 134879

No. 134906

Other than trying to get views through other popular youtubers, I'm pretty sure she's friends with them because they're all ugly, and she looks better next to them. She probably feels like the center of attention all the time, and she loves it.

No. 134947

What?? Sharla is MILES above Taylor when it comes to looks. I'm not saying Sharla is a goddess, but at least her looks are slightly above average.

No. 134967

File: 1464395013067.png (408.64 KB, 459x483, sharl.png)

you must be looking at sharlas selfies only

No. 134971

Tbh i also think sharla is pretty

No. 134994

I wish Taylor is a secret home-wrecking cunt plotting to ruin Sharla and Mimei's marriages and lives basically. She'd be way more interesting like that, lol.

No. 135012

Sharla's not terrible, like >>134855 says she's a solid 5. She must have a good personality if she was able to get a husband and Taylor not.

No. 135056

Canuck here, she definitely has an upper middle class home. Very lavish and expensive, by the looks of it. I've seen judges (which is a highly wealthy occupation) homes look about the same.

No. 135057

Anon, she regularly buys clothing from Aritzia, a notoriously expensive Vancouver based store. She's loaded and I doubt that money comes solely from modelling.

And it doesn't matter where the money is coming from per se, the point is she lives a very comfy and, dare I say it, privileged life.

No. 135064

Dude, 27 year olds should know better than to let people dogpile a 14 year old.

Jesus, Taylor defenders are kind of nuts.

No. 135110

She looks like a non-cute hamster

No. 135145

Really wish she just looked more natural cause Ithink she looks especially beautiful here

No. 135150

Aritzia isn't expensive… overpriced for the quality, maybe, but it's perfectly affordable for anyone with a job. Are you like 13

No. 135286


Nice clickbait. Doesn't it sound like she's trying to say Sharla got injections? I just find it weird why she couldn't word it better. Like "I did Sharla's lips" or "Sharla tries my lipsticks"

No. 135311

I hope they did sleep together…

No. 135326

It's expensive as shit where I live. Do you live in some poor place where houses or cost of rent/food are cheap?

I don't understand this "only kids with no jobs complain about being poor" stance the whiteknighters are taking. You seem incredibly detached from normal people tbh.

No. 135332

Not that anon, but Aritizia is basic mall crap made in China. If you're trying to talk about expensive things Taylor is using, why not talk about the luxury designer ones?

No. 135333

Totally sounds as she got lip plumping surgery. Clever clickbait.

No. 135338

Because more clicks = mo money.

No. 135347

most people want more views because of more money but Taylor does it for attention. More people = more likely to receive compliments
I understand people who do it for money but Taylor does it for attention and that makes her a hoe.

No. 135362


No. 135369

Ofuro bath fun with Shaylor

No. 135687

File: 1464591033958.jpg (150.78 KB, 1257x967, CHEAP AS FUCK.jpg)


I know, right? So cheap, only $270 for a pair of jeans. I'll definitely throw away my hard earned money for some crappy, and more than overpriced piece of shit. Because, you know, I'm over 13 and have a job. Why the fuck not.

No. 135691

$270 for jeans? Holyshit, no thanks.

Yeah, >>135150 is a fucking idiot.

No. 135694

Something about Sharla is so obnoxious, but I can't quite figure out what it is.

And I understand the compulsion to look at yourself, but Taylor does that an awful lot in these vlogs. Like be a little more subtle about it, girl.

No. 135695

Seriously, the anons here >>135150 and >>135332 couldn't be anymore cunty and defensive of Taylor if they tried.

No. 136504

I'm so jealous of how rich she is. She seems to live really comfortably and able to afford the same western lifestyle she was used to in Canada, which isn't cheap.

How much do you reckon her modeling gigs pay? I also wonder how often she taps into Bank of Daddy. It must be amazing to have your parents supporting you at that age, but the whole dynamic of that is so weird to me. Does she just hit up her dad for a couple hours and dollars every month or something?

No. 136505

unless you are a super model, you're not making much money as a model. not even enough to live off of, usually, which is why many models have other jobs.

No. 136506

but yea definitely not enough to buy chanel bags and fly to europe every other month

No. 136508

closet tour

No. 136509

We never see her anywhere, I wonder what kinds of jobs she's doing. Must be so super obsucre stuff, aka not very well paid. Thank god she has Daddy. Probably brought her Canadian bank card and gets monthly allowance from him.

Even dakota had tons of jobs and I don't think she earned enough to feel comfortable enough to casually buy $5000 Chanel bags

No. 136511

Preauthorized credit cards connected to the bank of daddy. Also has money transferred each month for rent and living cost to Japanese bank account.

Dakota also can't affiod to throw her clothes away after one use like Taylor does, kek.

No. 136514

She probably donated most, if not all, of her seifukus already because she's done with the trend and also realised how ridiculous she looks in them, kek.

Is she getting rid of those Blythe dolls just like that, by donating them? What.. Aren't they expensive?

No. 136517

Um, that's a normal price for decent quality jeans, anon. How out of touch are you? Yeah there are places where you can buy jeans for much less than that, but they'll look like shit, they're made by sweatshop kids and they will fall apart in a few months. People who dress like adults and care about the quality of their clothes have to spend a bit more money than you would at walmart. What a surprise.

No. 136519

Those anons don't know what Chanel is and kept whining about Aritizia, kek

No. 136536

Samefag, stop trying to validate spending nearly $300 on one pair of jeans. it is not normal. You can get a decent pair for under $60 usually.

No. 136539

Especially 300$ jeans you are gonna throw away the month after

No. 136555

>rich cunts thinking they're normal
>keep pulling out the bizarre "y-you're just children, a-adults spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of pants!!" argument

kek go back to mooching off daddy's bank account, you spoiled bitches.

No. 136556

This. How out of touch are these people? Is this why they're desperately trying to defend Taylor?

No. 136560

for the most part, if you shop right, $300 jeans should last you years

i pay a lot for basics like jeans (ans yes i earn my own money) but i buy well made, not made in china bullshit.

they feel nicer than cheap shit and surprise! last longer too so you dont have to throw them out each season

i'd never spend that money on those jeans that taylor did though, thats just being stupid.

No. 136566

I mean, the Sailor Moon doll was $130 or so? That's change for Taylor, just look at the way she treated her in the closet, the hair was all fucked up.

No. 136568

Good on you, fatty. Now go blog elsewhere.

No. 136579

Lmao neither of you realize its looks like youre defending aritizia and their prices, but their quality is shit.

No. 136585

True. If she was going to stuff her expensive dolls in her closet like that, she should have placed them in a sturdy box or a container that looks nice. It seems like she is simply done with them and only bought them because they look cute at the time. Man, I really thought she's a serious doll collector. I'm kinda disappointed. That poor Sailormoon doll… She probably let go of all her gashapon compacts as well because they're useless.

No. 136590

Anon, the brand of jeans in Rag&Bone.
That's high end denim you can find at places like Saks, Barney's, Harrods etc. It's not shit quality.
Anyway, what do these jeans have to do with Taylor anyway?
It's not like she bought them. Anon was just using it as an example of Aritzia pricing, of which they seem to be on the higher end.

No. 136601

File: 1464874120156.jpg (147.1 KB, 1024x768, photo-79-1024x768.jpg)

In memory of her expensive dolls that cost 1000 HKD or more each

No. 136602

File: 1464874225309.jpg (48.41 KB, 720x721, 60618_577174482332103_64583956…)

No. 136626

Don't you think she too old to play with dolls Anon?
I really don't get the people either who google all the prizes of her stuff. OK she's a rich bitch we get it. There is no reason to care that much at this point

No. 136638

If you want to look like garbage then yeah.
You can get a car for $500. But it won't be a good car.

No. 136648

There's no age limit to doll collecting, Anon. And if there was, say 10 years old, she was already old when she got them.

No. 136652

I meant play and not collect in my post. Collecting didn't even occur to me. On the other hand though people who are 30 and post in these kinds of threads are called old and childish hags but people at the age of 30 collecting dolls/barbies.. just seems weird too in my opinion.

No. 136653

Good quality jeans do not have to be that expensive. If you ever lose or gain weight, it would be difficult to part ways with jeans you've spent so much on. It can also get stained badly just the same like ordinary jeans, with bleach or paint or whatever. My two cents.

No. 136655

Not that weird. If you look up on YouTube you would find adult doll collectors reviewing and making short films with their dolls. Why do you think Barbie still has new expensive doll releases in toy stores and online every time? It's for them; there's a market. They collect and play with them, but they still function normally in society. It's a stigma of the hobby.

Taylor did play with these dolls. She used them while filming her Halloween video, but it seems she lost her interest afterwards. It's kinda sad because that's a lot of money spent on dolls.

No. 136684

Spending 200$ on a pair of jeans is bullshit. I don't care what type of job you have, it's still a waste.

No. 136686

That's nice anon, but eventually you'll grow up and stop shopping at hot topic.

No. 136691

What exactly is your deal? $200 jeans are not normal if you have to work for a living and pay bills. Sorry we don't all have access to mommy and daddy's cards. Now fuck off and stop derailing.

No. 136698

anyone stupid enough to pay $200 for plain jeans is dumb as a rock, even if they can comfortably afford it. on principle it's ridiculous. well done, you're a sheep that following the marketing hype herd.

No. 136702

It's normal if you have a real job, anon. I can tell you've never worked a day in your life by the fact that you think anyone who can afford more than the bare minimum must be bankrolled by daddy. Hopefully you're just underage and not an adult NEET. Not trying to defend Taylor btw, she's spoiled and has bad taste, but it's funny to watch poorfags freak out at her parents' middle class home and shopping at Aritzia.

No. 136703

Can you jeanfags please shut up? This has nothing to do with Taylor.

No. 136706

its not normal. im have a fulltime job in tech and its not normal

No. 136716

"in tech"? that can mean a lot, are you a developer or are you the person who updates their facebook page?

No. 136726

This so much.

On topic I think Taylor's clothing video was sponsored by the website she kept on mentioning.

No. 136742


Hi, Taylor. At most you shouldn't spend over $50-70 on a pair of jeans because theyre just not worth that much. Denim is pretty durable as long as it's not that thin, acid washed damaged crap. How much do you think it costs to make a pair of ethically made denim jeans? Certainly not $270. If you're paying that much for basic jeans it's because you're an idiot that believes brand markups make you better than other people because you're dumb enough to be tricked into paying 4x the price of a basic clothing item just because some label told you to. There is no economical reason a pair of plain blue jeans should ever cost $270 otherwise, regardless of your income or job.

No. 136747

Everything comes with a markup, anon. Your precious $50 jeans probably cost 50 cents to make. It would be nice if we could buy clothes for the price of materials and labour alone, but that's not how companies make money. Better quality results in a higher price - don't act like you're a savvy consumer because you purchase cheap garbage instead of more expensive items that look great and last longer.

This is like saying "Why would you ever pay over a thousand dollars for a car? I can get one for just $300! Look! http://wwwa.autotrader.ca/a/Ford/Focus/PETAWAWA/Ontario/19_9370497_/?showcpo=ShowCPO&orup=15_15_304400 "

No. 136751

>There is no economical reason
A demand for good looking clothes exists because people choose to buy them. They aren't stupid, you just aren't the target market.

No. 136756

Are you high? No one in their right mind is gonna pay 300 for jeans. You'd get a better deal getting cheaper ones and then asking someone professional to fit them to you. Jeezus christ.

No. 136758

File: 1464911136190.jpg (24.09 KB, 600x451, b4f.jpg)


You're defending this so hard. Just shut the fuck up already. If you want to buy $300 jeans, feel free to, but that is not common for many people who actually work for their money. Fuck off this thread already.

No. 136768

You're paying for the brand, not the quality, $270jeans-chan. You have been misled.

I assume Taylor has a lot of sponsored clothes, so she can cull some of them if she hasn't used all of them in a while. But it seems she doesn't buy expensive items because of the quality but because it's trendy or pleasing to her eyes at the moment.

No. 136778

Jeans anon, wtf does this have to do with Taylor? She didn't buy the jeans.
Judging by the video, a lot of her wardrobe seems to be fast fashion (brands like One Spo, Liz Lisa, Stylenanda). She was keeping all of her expensive stuff (Kenzo, Helmut
Lang etc).
But damn girl has a lot of Kenzo. I was surprised by that.

No. 136790

>Your precious $50 jeans probably cost 50 cents to make.

Exactly, so the o my reason to pay more than that for a good, durable (read: not thin and distressed/ripped, I'm talking good sturdy thick material) jeans should never cost more than (since you missed that part the first time apparently) that. So as I was saying, the only reason you would ever pay more than that is so you can feel superior to other people by pretending they're poor to justify paying an uneccessary brand markup. Sounds like you have some inferiority issues to work out, anon. Did you grow up poor perhaps, not able to afford good clothes and now you're overcompensating by getting mad that not everyone licks your ass for buying overpriced clothes?

No. 136802

You obviously didn't understand anything I was saying. Your $50 jeans are made in a sweatshop from shit material. The manufacturing costs are consequently lower than what they would be for a decent quality pair of jeans. The $270 jeans probably cost $2.70 to make- yes, it's a ripoff, but all clothing is heavily marked up unless you make it yourself. There's no need for all that projection in the latter half of your post, by the way. That just makes you look silly.

No. 136810

Admin sama please ban dumbass sama she wont stop :(

No. 136818

It costs that much because the company has to pay for advertising/marketing and keeping the brand "high-end" by hiring famous endorsers. There are times the clothing company would buy made items already and just put their labels on them. You are definitely paying for the brand rather than the quality if you are paying that much for clothing.

>This is so off topic now. Hi Blake.

No. 136822

File: 1464922286791.jpg (42.57 KB, 604x453, TUrX7Mk.jpg)

Jeans party up in this thread

No. 136830

sorry to add to these jeans thing but the rag & bone ones that were mentioned above are actually unreal in quality they feel like no other denim it almost justifies the price

No. 136856


All of other jeanfags shut up pleaseeeee
Or post pics of Taylor in denim

No. 136900

i dont know why this is so cute to me

No. 136901

ok no more jeans talk please guys
lets agree to disagree and talk about taylor

No. 136903

So Carly is younger than Taylor, but still looks older. That's kinda unfortunate.

No. 136905

I started a jeans thread in /g - please go rant about jeans in it

No. 136919

Funniest thing is Audrey's shit got bawleted in real time as well. What a strong empowered womin~!

No. 136921

You must live with daddy and have no savings or insurance.

No. 136924

Some people know how to manage their money, anon. You don't need to project your issues on everyone else.

No. 136985

its not that. its just like… why do you need to spend $300 on a pair of jeans. i just save all my money.

No. 137001

Can you idiots please stop

No. 137154

I have several good quality pants that cost around $50-$70 each. I also have a decent job (certainly not retail or service industry). I still think you're full of shit and not normal at all. You were born with a silver spoon up your ass, nonny, just admit it.

No. 137175

Who the FUCK cares

No. 137540

File: 1465161156039.jpg (8.85 KB, 208x200, DE9E96CCC01216584072697675776_…)

hi. how are ya.

No. 137616

ok you gave me a chuckle

anyway shes not up to anything exciting lately. except becoming BFFs with mimei when sharla's at her home 5 hours from tokyo

No. 137699

File: 1465196995847.jpeg (165.3 KB, 750x1333, image.jpeg)

"Changing my hair" aka "doing my roots again so people won't know I'm not a natural light blonde"

No. 137703

File: 1465198949982.jpeg (20.04 KB, 214x291, image.jpeg)

This photo is terrifying as fuck if you zoom in on the fillered face and skeleton fingers.

Also don't really get why she is trying to mislead about getting her roots done but posts a picture of foils in her roots.

No. 137707


No. 137714

File: 1465201836630.jpeg (102.17 KB, 750x1092, image.jpeg)

Eternally kawaii desu

No. 137723

Maybe she doing something else and this the in-between or first stages of it.
Why assume she's being misleading?

No. 137733

What I don't get it is why is a haircolor like her's or kota's considered something desirable? Maybe it's because I live in a Nordic country but to me it doesn't even look blonde, just this average mousy light brown that most girls over here have naturally and constantly try to hide with hair dyes and such.

No. 137737

Idk about canada where she is from but in usa natural blonde is pretty rare imo. So in japan its like godly i guess. Japnese tend to be fascinated with white people hair simply because its different

No. 137739


In the UK it is considered a mousey blonde because your type of blonde, the really light, pale variant is kind of an anomaly here. According to hair charts it does belong in the blonde category though regardless of how you perceive it.

No. 137742

Yeah, if you're white AND have blonde hair in Japan, you're standing out a lot. People assume it's your natural color, and then you're automatically a ~ethereal gorgeous angel~. That's why even ugly people like bususawa gets attention. It also helps if they wear nice or cute clothes.

No. 137748

also taylor is a tall motherfucker so she probably stands out even more.