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File: 1482802132100.jpg (58.19 KB, 560x373, skincare.jpg)

No. 45776

The old thread hit bump limit a while ago and I miss it.

No. 45777

File: 1482802316791.jpg (2.11 MB, 1439x2036, 20161226_192239.jpg)

Let me get this thing jump started so it doesn't get buried in /ot/.

I bought these today at Ulta. Previously, I have not had a skin care routine. Are these good brands/products? My skin is pretty hardy, so I don't think they'll break me out or anything at least.

No. 45778

I can't speak to the quality of Pacifica products, but tonymoly brand is mediocre at best. The mist should be okay if you're just using it to freshen up.

At the start of 2016, my routine was at least 10 steps day and night. I was even sheetmasking daily and had a rotating AHA/BHA schedule lol. Now, after cleaning up my diet, I'm down to three steps and I rarely ever wear makeup anymore since I don't need it.

My skincare tip would be to cut out common irritants from your diet (sugar, dairy, wheat, spicy foods, etc) and up your water intake. You might find that it reduces your need for skincare products.

No. 45779

I use skin doctors gamma hydroxy forte at night and a goats milk and oat bar then witch hazel in the mornings. No breakouts, pores are way smaller, maybe a couple of blackheads around the time my periods due.
Idk if anyone else has this sort of success with skin doctors stuff but I love it.

No. 45780

Never heard of that brand. What kind of skin do you have anon? Mine is oily but dehydrated so I've been hesitating to try witch hazel

No. 45781

Ive got combination skin. Really oily t-zone and chin but my cheeks and forehead get dry enough to flake with daily cleansers harsher than goat soap.
I'm Australian but I think the skin doctors stuff is available internationally.

I only use the witch hazel on the really sebaceous areas like the end of my nose and across my chin since that's where I'd get horribly blocked pores and huge blackheads but it's helped a lot since then. I'm too lazy for anything with more than two steps but I think you can mousturize after a toner like witch hazel to combat the dryness.
There's definitely gonna be better toners out there but for $6 for a 450ml bottle it's damn good and smells nice too imo.

No. 45782

The price point of witch hazel really appeals to me and if it's helped you with pore blockage I think I'll give it a try. Thanks anon!

No. 45783

My skin is so much more glowy and healthy looking since I've started my skin care routine! I've always had this weird fear that doing it would make me have acne because I've never had acne before and I attributed that somehow to my lack of washing/moisturizing/etc.? Idk, but I'm glad I finally gave it a chance. Will this keep me from getting wrinkles in my 30s?

No. 45784

Proper care helps for sure but you might want to look into retinoids specifically for wrinkle prevention.

No. 45785

I'm revamping my skincare as of this year.

I'm using a few Cosrx products currently. I take care of my skin but my pores need tlc due to scarring. I have a few stubborn facial piercing scars I'm hoping to rid of this year.

I have a few derma rollers I use, assigned to different tasks i.e. one for face and one for body. I'm trying to be strict about my routine and moisturize all over every day. It's made a difference.

On any blemishes or marks I apply Medihoney gel.

I mainly focus on wrinkle prevention and moisture/softness and lipcare rather than acne. Which may seem odd, but I'd rather have a few breakouts and marks here and there than be really harsh on my skin to rid of it completely, personally. I'm okay with being slow and patient about my scarring.

Most of my products are Korean although I'm not any type of 'boo. Just generally better than a lot of American brands and the price range isn't insane.

I want to try Drunk Elephant, although it's pretty expensive.

No. 45786

I have relatively sensitive dry cheeks and an oily T-zone, so I guess I'm combination. I used strictly Nivea products for my cleanser, moisturizer and toner for the longest time, but recently I've been incorporating other stuff as well.

I use Let The Good Times Roll from Lush for cleanser, Madara/Nivea toners and basic Nivea moisturizer. I only use facial scrub twice a week.

Having bangs doesn't help since the oil from them tends to stress out my forehead and gives me zits when I'm under stress/eating badly. Any advice on how to manage it? I wash my hair every 2 days, but I don't really know if washing your bangs on the days inbetween helps with anything

No. 45787

Honestly, I think you should probably just let them grow out.

No. 45788

Medihoney looks p good. I have some stubborn acne scars that are really obvious under certain types of lighting. Do you recommend any particular products from them?

No. 45789


Clip your bangs back more often.

Always clip them back when you're asleep or when you know you'll be sweating

No. 45790

i bought some medical-grade manuka honey a few months ago, and it did shit-all aside from providing some very light moisture.
i feel jewed.

No. 45791

Medihoney is good for preventing and healing fresh marks and minimizing new scarring, but not for fading preexisting ones.

I'd try gentle derma rolling over the areas in question (only if you're pretty careful with hygiene and keep it sterile) a couple/few times a week.

I'd also do a lactic acid peel every few weeks until they fade. I find it a little more forgiving if you just do it on the areas in question, maybe choosing one area at a time if you have them in multiple places. This means the downtime isn't so bad as far as your raw/peeling patches go. It'll be easier to go about your daily tasks and job without looking really disgusting.

No. 45792

tbh at-home dermarolling freaks me out, but I do have a lactic acid peel on-hand. I guess I'll start that up again.

No. 45793

It really shouldn't, so long as you store and clean it properly. If you don't wear heavy face makeup, it won't cause any harm if you're doing your steps properly. It doesn't hurt, either.

No. 45794

Reviving this thread to ask if anyone has experience with African Black Soap? In the past few months my skin has been going apeshit. I've always had shitty acne prone skin, as despite being 32 it hasn't gotten any better. And in the past few months its been getting even worse. It was doing very well for a while using Noxema for a couple of months, then it just went apeshit again.

So I'm slowly trying to revamp my routine. I heard that Rosehip oil is supposed to be helpful for dark marks and hyper pigmentation, which I have a lot of. Every zit, even after its gone flat, will remain as a dark mark for months. I also got Thayers non alcoholic witch hazel with aloe vera and cucumber. Its only been a couple of days and I think my skin is doing okay, its just hard to tell because I had my usual hormonal flare up, which goes away right when my period starts, so I can't tell if the improvement is just the natural improvement that happens after my period or if its the products.

I just ordered Dudu Osum African Black Soap to try out because I keep reading how amazing black soap can be. I'm desperate for something that works. Please give me some hope that I'm not being duped by the natural beauty meme.

No. 45795

Is it cystic? If so, you might need to go to the dermatologist and get something more heavy duty than a soap.

No. 45796

No, it used to be cystic when I was a teen, I had particularly bad cystic backne, even went on accutane for a while. I no longer get cysts, but I still get zits, and then they always leave huge dark spots that make it look like I still have tons of acne when I only currently have a few. I have large pores and get white heads mostly. My backne is always present, and of course its covered in dark marks that make it looks terrible. I haven't worn anything that exposes my back since I was 13. So… almost 20 years. My back gets a lot of hard sebum plugs, that are like a dark grain of rice when squeezed out, these when stuck often become zits. My chest used to be bad when I was a teen with cysts, but its actually quite clear these days. I just get the occasional white head or black head, or zits under my breasts if I wear bras with underwires.

No. 45797

Do you use liquid or bar soap anon? I've found that using bar soap on my face has cleared up most acne. I used to use Shiseido acne control and white Lucent products though, and my skin was glowing. I'm waiting until I move again to get some more though since it's expensive. If you are on a budget, simple bars of soap work wonders though (dermasil, Clinique…and even Dial!). I'd recommend trying the African black soap for that reason. I haven't tried it yet, but bar soap is seriously way better than liquid/foam acne soap in my experience. And I'm in my mid-late twenties so not a teen anon.

No. 45798

Good Korean skincare brand reccomendations?
I currently use mediocre brands such as tonymoly and missha but I am willing to invest bit more money into something more quality.

No. 45799

Depends on the type of skin you have anon. I like the Moistful Collagen line from Etude House. I have sensitive that gets dry, probably because the water here is hard af though. But this line seems to do a good job at keeping my skin looking and feeling nice without becoming oily or drying.

No. 45800

>I have sensitive that gets dry, probably because the water here is hard af though.

I have the same type od skin as you anon haha, I will check that out.

No. 45801

Depends on what your skin needs. I swear by Etude's cleansing oil (Real Art) and a bunch of Mizon products (Suboon cream, 8% AHA, bf uses their Snail Recovery gel though I find it too drying myself). I also use OST C20, have repurchased all of these at least twice.

No. 45802

Seconding the Etude House Real Art cleansing oil is. I think it's definitely worth a try. I've been using it for over a year with excellent results. There are a few different formulas, but I buy the moisture one.

No. 45803

Sulwhasoo is one of the more pricey-er brands out there. If you're not opposed to Japanese brands, then Albion is also an excellent option.

No. 45804

a bit of a late reply, but i use liquid. i was going okay with hada labo foaming face wash, then started getting fucked up skin again, so i switched so nozema cream cleanser with moisturizers, which was working VERY well for a couple of months, then winter hit and i think the drier air just totally raped my face, as i broke out badly but also my skin was flaking everywhere, which makes it impossible to cover because makeup just looks so fucked up on flaking skin.

its starting to heal a little now though, as i'm alternating between noxema and what i have left of hado labo, plus now im using the thayers witch hazel for toner, following it with cold pressed rose hip oil, and only washing my face with water and using the witch hazel in the morning instead of using a cleanser.

my black soap should be in the mail either tomorrow or tuesday, i have my fingers crossed it will be helpful

No. 45805

>tfw pores on cheeks are getting bigger ;_;
Can someone help me figure out why? What should I do? I can list my routine if anyone can help.

No. 45806

Has anyone here tried the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence? It's supposed to be comparable to SK-II which would be amazing because SK-II is 99 USD.

No. 45807

Any rosacea anons here? My insurance is suggesting I switch from Finacea gel (a lifesaver for the pustules that have wrecked my face) to the foam version. Curious if any others have tried it, and what non-topical products you use, as well!

No. 45808

I tried cleansing with some baby oil and just could not get the oil off with warm water after several washes. Is this really the way it's supposed to work? I feel like it's clogging my pores.

No. 45809

Supposedly baby oil has icky ingredients –petroleum or something ? I'd use a cleansing oil from amazon if you can or coconut oil. After you rinse the oil use a gentle cleanser. The oil loosens up makeup and dirt and the cleanser takes off th dirty oil/dirt/makeup.

No. 45810

I checked the ingredients beforehand and there were only mineral oil and fragrance.

No. 45811

For all the anons combating acne and looking for a cleanser, i cannot reccomend enough The "Avène cleanance gel", it was a godsend for me. I was battling acne for over 13 years and nothing took it out, not even dermatologist/expensive stuff, and using this every day ended it in like a month, i barely get hormonal breakouts if i'm not too lazy to use it every other day. It has also ended by backne, and chest-acne, since it's face & body. It's around 10 eurs here in europe and it's incredible. It also removes makeup amazingly.

For the left-over acne marks (or any scarring, really) i use the "Cicalfate post-act dermatologique superficial", it took a while because i used to pick a lot, especially on my legs, but my spots are barely noticeable anymore after using this for a few months as a spot treatment. (Around 15 eurs here)
They are pharmacy products but they are incredible for the price point.

As for other products i think helped:
On my face, apart form all my other skincare (i mostly use clarins products), i also use the Missha Time Revolution Borabit Serum every night, i'm pretty sure it's also a big helping factor with all the fading and acne, i do notice a very big difference when i do not use it. (25 eurs on ebay)
For face and body i use roseship oil and it really reduces inflammed spots and very deep "recent" marks in only a few days. (Costs me around 10 eurs)

No. 45812

File: 1484579846529.jpg (1.8 MB, 2736x3648, img_5342.jpg)

Coconut oil is one of the most controversial oils. Some swear by it but many say it gives them break outs.

Mineral oil is bad. Are you really this uninformed?
Just google "best oils for oil cleansing". It's not rocket science. You're not supposed to rinse if off when using real oil, you should use a wash cloth instead (pic related). Rinsing only works with some pre-made oil mixtures.

Either use a cleansing oil like >>45809 suggested or make your own mixture. Your mixture should contain a tiny amount of castor oil diluted in an organic sunflower oil, olive oil, almond oil etc., depending on your skin type.


No. 45813

File: 1484649364617.jpg (37.08 KB, 350x250, 1455773116509.jpg)

>Mineral oil is bad
How so?

No. 45814

There are some myths about mineral oil but while some aren't true and it's ok to apply it to your skin after you washed it in order to lock in the moisture it's not a good choice for the oil cleaning method. Its large molecular structure doesn't really penetrate the pores. You want the oil you use get into your pores and replace the dirt/sebum.

Also, mineral oil doesn't have any other beneficial qualities than locking in moisture and removing superficial dirt. Most natural oils do. Castor oil for example contains undercylenic acid, which can help to disinfect the skin.

No. 45815

>removing superficial dirt
Do you realize that's the EXACT purpose of oil cleansing? Holy shit you're dumb

No. 45816

Holy shit you're over reacting. As I wrote the purpose of oil cleansing is for the oil to dissolve and replace the dirt and sebum inside your pores, not only to remove superficial make up. That's why you're supposed to put a hot, damp wash cloth on your skin to open the pores.
Even if that's wrong the other point I made - that mineral oil has no astringent or antibacterial qualities - remains.

No. 45817

>As I wrote the purpose of oil cleansing is for the oil to dissolve and replace the dirt and sebum inside your pores, not only to remove superficial make up.
>inside your pores
That's demonstrably false, a quick google search proves this wrong.

>fell for the steam your face meme

The sanity ends here.

No. 45818

>open the pores
Girl stop

No. 45819

So the pore meme thing isn't real? The steam opens your pores thing has been going on for quite a while.

I always thought too much heat would do more harm than good to your pores. Guess I was right.

No. 45823

File: 1484659484075.gif (431.45 KB, 398x206, u-mad-gif-12.gif)

I did a short online search and only found articles about how oil cleansing unclogs (you're probably going to be angry about this expression, too) your pores whilst recommending natural oils. These obviously aren't scientific claims and as a non-native speaker I lack the vocabulary to express this in a more accurate manner. If that's what rustled your jimmies calm down and explain it to me. I'm perfectly willing to admit that I'm wrong as mentioned here >>45816 but you have to provide the sources. Also you still didn't prove the other part of my argument wrong - but keep calling me stupid and insane because that's what intelligent people do. You're way too triggered by this.

Oh come on are you taking these expressions literally?

It doesn't literally open your pores

>>Unfortunately, your pores don’t open and close like a doggie door. Here’s what does happen: Steam can help loosen the sebum that builds up inside pores. Once that sebum gets cleared out, pores appear smaller


That's exactly what some oils do too. Using those oils and steam combined maximizes the effect.

No. 45824

meant to reply to >>45818 instead of my own post

No. 45825

File: 1484713798509.jpg (70.71 KB, 395x500, thinking cat.jpg)

>Are you really this uninformed?
>haha how dare you call me dumb u mad bro

No. 45826

Bad skin anon who ordered Dudu Osun black soap here. It smells WAY too strongly of shitty soap perfume, and though I couldn't stand the smell I still tried it out. Used it for two days on my face and I could sense trouble. It stung when I used it and I felt like my skin was on the verge of going insane so I quickly stopped. I continued to use it on my body but didn't see much happen good or bad.

So next up I went for goats milk soap. Bought some with tea tree oil in it, and I've used to for two days and I do think its already helping my face. My skin is still really dry but my face doesn't have any new breakouts and the redness is fading. Using it on my body too but I'm not sure if its doing anything, its too early yet. The site I ordered it from is some family run thing and they have tons of different soaps, and actually sell a "problem skin" pack. So if I think this soap is doing good, I might buy one of their problem skin packs to see if any of their other skin specific bars work better.

Also have been continuing to use the rose hip oil as its certainly not doing anything bad to my skin but I'm still not sure if its doing good? I think it might be, but its hard to tell. I figured I spent money on it might as well keep using it.

No. 45827

I'm a semi alcoholic and my face is extremely dry and flaking out ;_; what do? I'm applying moisturizer all day long but i'm a little concerned because at the same time that my skin is dry i'm also breaking out like crazy… I stopped drinking one day ago and I know it'll take a while to improve, but how long?

No. 45828

Drink more water.

No. 45829

I drink more than enough water since I have bladder problems. Been doing water plus rehydration drinks now because that might be more effective. Taking vitamins, eating fruits, the whole nine yards. I'm just wondering if there's anything else I could do

No. 45830

Try doing korean skin routine. It's a hassle so you can start with 4 steps. (cleansing oil, cleansing foam, toner and lotion) and sheet masks twice a week.

You might be overwashing your face hence your skin flaking but having break outs.

No. 45831

Get your electrolytes in order, drink zeltzer water (salts), aloe and cold sheet masks has helped me a lot after long benders. Oh and don't shoot, but weed helps with other stuff regarding quitting drinking, if you're an idiot like me who just switches vices that is.

No. 45832

apply less moisturizer. sounds counter intuitive but you might be freaking out your skin by over applying.

No. 45833

>tfw I didn't know why I kept getting little zits on my cheeks until I checked my hair products
I felt retarded. The Alba Botanica leave-in I was using has coconut oil in it, which always breaks me out. Stopped using it and the problem stopped.

No. 45834

Are you using a retinoid product? Apparently some people have that happen to their pores while using one, but I'm not sure why. There's not much to do about them besides using a BHA to keep them clean, and/or an astringent to temporarily lessen their appearance.

No. 45835

Ugh. I have seriously awful hormonal acne, cystic style, and when it's erupting it is ERUPTING. It makes itself known for sometimes up to two weeks before my period. I use Burt's Bees acne solutions witch hazel stick on the cysts a couple times a day, and wash my face usually only once a day with Lush's angels on bare skin, spritz with their tea tree toner and moisturize with Burt's Bees acne solutions moisturizer. Once to twice a week I also use Lush's cup o coffee on my face. It switches from oily one day to dry the next. I can't get control of my acne at all. I do know the witch hazel stick does something to heal the cysts faster because before using it (started two years ago) the cysts would sometimes take over a month each to clear. I have a bar of Lush's calamine facial cleanser waiting to be opened but I figured not to bother until I run out of angels on bare skin. I'm so lost.

No. 45836

If you know it's hormonal, you probably need a derm or doctor. Topicals can mostly only treat what's already surfacing, so it'd be better to deal with whatever the source is.

Personally I'm kind of leery of how harsh Lush products can be, which might account for why you switch between dry and oily. Both of the products you use have stuff like lavender oil and citrus water, and both can be irritating and possibly cause even more trouble from that irritation.

Something more basic like the Cerave foaming cleanser or Cosrx low ph cleanser might be a lot gentler and cause less dryness. Salicylic acid, azelaic acid (The Ordinary brand has a 10% azelaic product for a low price), and benozyl peroxide (at 2.5%) are basically the best you're gonna get for treating acne that you can still get over the counter.

You can also try Differin if you really want to go far enough to start using a retinoid to treat it, although retinoids can be tricky to integrate into a routine because of their side effects. Retailers now sell the 0.1% version without needing a prescription.

No. 45837

Anyone here with PCOS?

No. 45838

I keep getting cystic acne. Like those deep in the skin, never come to the surface, painful bumps and they show up on my scalp, face, neck, chest, and shoulders.
I'm sure it's hormone based as I just switched to the implant. I was on nuvaring, got off it for a year and saw some acne, but nothing major. Now that I'm on the implant, It is a major problem. Like I kind of look diseased.
I'm morbidly obese and losing weight finally, so it could be my obesity fucking up my body.

But until I lose weight/get used to my birth control … what the every loving fuck do I do? I tried the heavy stuff and it just burns my skin, I tried the weak stuff an it's useless. I want to moisturize, but I'm afraid it will make it worse. I don't want to look 50 at 30 though.

No. 45839

File: 1485198426683.jpeg (27.39 KB, 800x800, 18723_roc-enydrial-extra-emoll…)

This product helped my skin a lot!

No. 45840

I used to have a lot of hormonal acne breakouts along the cheeks and jawline. For some time even on the neck and hairline.
Last time I went to the dermatologist, she gave me some Chinese herbs to try. I'm now two cycles in and haven't had any breakouts so far. Maybe something to consider.

No. 45841

Hey, thanks, I got some aloe stuff and it's looking better! I'm drinking less each day instead of switching to coke which is helping… weed gives me tachycardia for some reason. Maybe it's psychological since coke is fine.

I kept on doing my cleanser + moisturizer routine through the drinking and it started both flaking and breaking out at the same time so I'm pretty sure it's just the alcohol. I'm trying to get into the whole korean skin routine but I'm a poor fag so that's more of a long term plan…

I did this too and gave it time, it's looking better already, thanks!

Shit nigga I love that brand, will definitely look into it

Also, if any anons have the same problem: I read somewhere (not sure where, I was drunk, sorry) that the flaking alcohol causes gets even worse because of something related to the liver that damages the skin. So try those plant herb stuff that helps the liver recover.

No. 45842

My skin routine consists of washing my face twice a day with only water, scrub once a day every day for 5 minutes with a product my dermatologist gave me, then the skin lotion also prescribed from my dermatologist. No moisturizer because she told me so.
I have pretty oily skin on the T zone, dilated pores and blackheads on the nose and occasional breakouts on cheeks and chin, I'm doing everything my dermatologist has told me and yeah I've seen my skin getting better but it's still not a flawless skin.

No. 45843

File: 1485215180747.jpg (41.55 KB, 445x500, $_12.JPG)

Clean eating is important but I guess you're already doing that as you said you are losing weight (which you should, morbid obesity is no joke).

I have hear good thing about Accutane for cystic acne, but I think you need to get it thou a doctor. So, if you can, ask a doc or dermatologist.

In the meantime: cleaning lotion, cleaning tonic, moisturize, sunscreen in the morning, scrub occasionally. Don't pic, no make-up (but if you must just clean it as soon as possible of you face). And really, just google around and see what kind of other things you can try.

No. 45844

Is your derm a regular dermatologist or one who specializes in Chinese medicine?

No. 45845

…I don't know if it's supposed to be a joke or something, but no, it's a regular dermatologist

No. 45846


no moisturizer seems sort of weird to me….i've been on differin, epiduo and currently tretinoin and i've always been allowed to put on moisturizer afterwords (and i always have, it's super important to keep your skin hydrated in order for it to heal)

No. 45847


I'm pretty sure that anon asked that because your doctor seems absolutely crazy. First, who tells their patients to scrub their delicate facial skin daily? It should be done only once or twice a week. Scrubbing/washing too much makes your skin react by increasing its natural oils. When you scrub your skin you will get rid of this oil, making it produce MORE oil to protect itself, unless you apply a good moisturizer.
I mean, if you're seeing good results don't stop. But be pay attention to your skin because that treatment just doesn't sound right.

No. 45848

I don't know… It seemed weird to me too, but she said that another product would've been "too much" for my skin. But I think I'll look for a good moisturizer for my skin type and see what happens.
Regarding the scrub, maybe it's a delicate one… Even on the back of the bottle it says "every day". I've chosen my dermatologist because even though she ain't cheap she only has good reviews so I'm expecting a good doctor. Let's see what happens.

No. 45849

Samefagging, does anyone here with my same skin type have experience with the korean skincare? I've heard it's really good and stuff.

No. 45850

I was actually about to recommend that you try Korean skincare. Ive had oily skin the majority of my life and a lot of western products really stripped my skin. Over the last two years I started using BHA (CosRX Power Liquid) and AHA, which has improved my skin a lot. You can find BHA and AHA in western products, but Korea regulates the % so most of them are fairly mild. There are also a lot of good moisturizing products that are very light and never make my skin react

No. 45851

Okay, I'm already reading a lot of good reviews. Thank you!

No. 54482

I usually don't use lush products on my face but at my college's gym one of the workers buys a container of herbalism for the women's locker room. It smelled kind of weird but it really helped clean up the sweat and oil on my face after working out.

No. 54486

Your school buys Lush products for its gym? Damn anon that's fancy.

No. 54489

File: 1485967220731.jpg (362.57 KB, 3264x3264, img_0127.jpg)

I just found out about deciem/the ordinary and holy fuck their prices are almost too good to be true. Has anyone tried their products?
I already ordered Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and Azelaic Acid (I have slight hormonal acne)

No. 54491

The school (community college, nothing fancy) is located near a shopping area with a lush so a few of the students work there, so I'm guessing someone that works in the gym gets it or something. It doesn't seem like many people use the gym and the locker room either.

No. 54528

AH! I bought this and it's…okay. The smell is AWFUL though and I eventually stopped using it because of that. It's a shame because the price is really good and it shipped super quick but ick that smell. It's plastic-y and gross.

No. 54536

I have their 10% AHA and the 2% Retinoid. They smell a little funky, but I put up with it for the amazing price.

No. 54548

Anybody have any tanning care tips?

>inb4 ew so gross aging!!!! Not desu Baka!!!

I am so fucking sick of this gross, pasty week shit. I've had porcelain skin my whole life, and I'm sick of the look. I want to build a base tan (very subtle, enough to not be disgustingly pasty) and then just start using self tanner.

Pretty good with my skin and I don't give a shit that some of you would rather look like a veiny naked molerat for the sake of ~muh nasolabial folds desu~ than have some healthy color to you.

No. 54549

Weeb shit.

No. 54558

File: 1486101048317.png (30.09 KB, 450x450, 376CF40E-C721-4CC8-8650-902739…)

Snyone tried these masks before? I read good things

No. 54559


No. 54560

Eat carrots.

No. 54561

>some healthy color to you.
Do what you want but at least don't delude yourself into thinking it's healthy

No. 54567

Did a weeb steal your man or something? Calm down, salty.

You said yourself that you don't give a shit some of us prefer being "pasty" yet you come ask here? Why do you bother coming here if you know nobody will give you the answer you want? Dumbass.

No. 54569

I tried this before and really liked it! Right now I have some shitty Indian Healing Clay, but I'm gonna have to replace it with this…thanks for the reminder!

No. 54585

Anyone tried the Mario Badescu whitening mask for acne scars? (Or if you found something else that worked for you it's also fine)

No. 54586

>Weeb detected

I was using the casual, deadpan snark that is pretty standard on lolcow.

I know there are grills on here that can answer me, because thankfully not everyone is in your hive-collective desu. I'm chill as hell. You're the one that couldn't resist throwing a tantrum that someone doesn't subscribe to your opinion.

I knew one of you aspies would nitpick this. Sorry, I'm saying I don't want to look like I just crawled out of a cave like Kiki.

Is it really that bad that someone doesn't want to look like a sallow dead fish anymore? I've been the color of a porcelain toilet for years. I'm bored with it. Thank God I'm not going to sperg over some sun spots and vitamin d. Going out in the sun a few times isn't the end of the world. I've spent my due time hiding behind layers and 80 SPF. Who cares.

No. 54590

Look y'all I need some HELP. I do not think this shit is normal, and if it is then fuck the universe. So I usually take pretty warm showers, and I have noticed that I've been… peeling? A lot. Like, if I rub a part of my body with my hands for like not even 10 seconds I get little dead skin bits. This is especially true for under my breasts. It bothers me so then I keep rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and then I actually end up hurting myself. I've been trying to deal with it by using a loofa but it still doesn't get rid of it all, and doesn't last very long. Is there any kind of safe, dead skin peeling.. thing?

No. 54594

I can relate, anon. I used a tanning bed once (ONE TIME EVER) and it felt so good. Also, the slight tan looked nice on me, I feel. I don't want to risk my health laying in a tanning bed again, but I'd definitely get a base spray tan if I were sure it wouldn't be too orange/the chemicals weren't harsh.

No. 54595

>You're the one that couldn't resist throwing a tantrum that someone doesn't subscribe to your opinion.
Your initial post was a hostile pre-emptive tantrum though? All you've done is aggressively whinge about pale skin and people who avoid the sun as if they killed your family, I can't fathom how you think you sound chill.

No. 54601

That is a normal occurrence if you don't exfoliate properly. I use a small rolled up terrycloth towel and it manages to get everything off.

No. 54605

You're on LOLCOW.
Fucking LOLCOW. Where casual vitriol is spot on the most casual teacup-in-hand-pinky-up levels. Just stop. Either contribute to people's questions or shut the fuck up dude. I'm not even going to read all that.

No. 54606

Of all the threads to try baiting in you choose the skin care thread

Bro lol

No. 54608

You are processing anons standard posts as aggressive because you are taking them personally.

A little dry humor never hurt anyone.

Sit down and stop projecting a very obvious insecurity over the fact that someone doesn't want to look like a Twilight extra anymore :^/ Jeez. You're not used to discrimination over your skin tone, are you? Typically, in the adult world, when someone doesn't agree with your beauty standard or finds one of your assets particularly attractive, you just brush it off and move on. I think you're lost or something.

No. 54609

I bought lactic acid online, diluted it, and began applying it to scars gradually, one spot at a time to reduce peeling monstrosity.

You can leave it on undiluted for a quicker result but you should wash it off thoroughly within 2 minutes or so.

No. 54613

File: 1486166062765.jpg (8.33 KB, 264x191, 1442424914184.jpg)

Could you at least be more subtle. Stop derailing with your autism, nobody cares about your hate boner for white people

No. 54620

I tried last night it was awesome my skin felt soo smooth and soft and the redness reduced dramatically

No. 54643

What are some good masks for clear dry/combination skin? A lot of masks dry my skin out and cause me to break out, but pampering myself with masks and lotions and soothing baths is my only girly -me- time so I don't want to miss out. Mostly I just want a good skin mask that moisturizes without making me greasy, and firms my skin without drying it out.

Oh and does anybody have tips for sebaceous filaments, specifically on the under eye area? I have a bunch of obvious white ones on my $$designer$$ eye bags. I know you can't get rid of them, I just want them to be not so obvious. Coconut oil has basically made them disappear on my nose but not on my under eye area.

No. 54653

What the…I'm white. White as a paper plate. And you're so fucking weird lmao how sensitive are you to process such a thing like that? Who hurt you? Cuz it wasn't me. Or anyone else who disagrees with you.
Moving on.

I don't think those are sebaceous filaments. Those are probably fordyce spots or milia. Most likely fordyce spots if they aren't extreme. Since the under eye area is so delicate, unless they really bother you I would leave them be, honestly. Coconut oil could actually exacerbate the issue, because fordyce spots are caused by trapped oil in places where there are no pores for it to exit through. You could try putting something on it meant for sebum production but again because it's your undereyes, the harshness could aid in aging. I'd research more about fordyce spots and milia if I were you and look for any treatment you're comfortable with doing under your eyes.

No. 54670

>Tries to be too edgy and fails, then gets called out by multiple people
>Samefags pretending to be another person to whiteknight herself
>"Lmaoo u so weird xd"
You have to be at least 18 to post here.
Moving on.

No. 54793

File: 1486502370087.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.45 KB, 273x309, acne-papule.jpg)

Okay it's been almost three weeks and I'm having the worst breakout on my cheeks I've ever had in my life.
I have no idea why it's happening, yes I have mild acne but a very mild one… like one or two small pimples on whole face and one or two papule type ones, or one blind pimple at worst.
But now. Despite me not being a teenager anymore since years and nothing changing in my habits recently, both of my cheeks are covered in papules (both red and flesh colored ones) since almost three weeks and I'm washing, scrubbing, lotioning and applying Clindamycin based gel every fucking day but little is changing. Now my right cheek seems clear, almost (some flesh colored papules are still there though, and it annoys me that you can see the shadows in sunlight). But the other one is still going on and it's making me feel bad. It's never been this bad, I've always had smooth cheeks. No amount of foundation can cover it. Any advice?

No. 54794

Are you sure it's acne and not an allergic reaction? I had some similar bumps suddenly erupt on my face and didn't really go away. I went to my doctor and he prescribed me some steroids which cleared it up immediately.

No. 54799

Hmm… I don't know, nothing has changed in my habits so I doubt it's food or something. Pillowcase and towels are always clean.
I'm currently on my period so let's see if it will clear up in the next days… if it doesn't, I will start considerating the possibility of it being an allergic reaction, maybe connected to some type of plant/tree blooming in this period. I hope it resolves quickly, three weeks is already a long time

No. 54801

Yeah, allergies can develop late in life, so you might have just crossed the threshold. Good luck, anon!

No. 54803

Thank you!

No. 55004

File: 1486918412698.jpeg (382.44 KB, 750x762, 8752414.JPEG)

There's these tiny little bumps all over my face and I don't know what to do about them. I've had them for months now and got rid of the product that initially caused them but they haven't really gone away. I was thinking they were closed comedones but is it possible they could be keratosis pilaris? Like I said, they're really tiny and uniform across my entire face. No redness, no sensitivity. I have a glycolic serum that I've been using occasionally about maybe once-twice a week for the past month now but it hasn't really helped. Am I being impatient? Should I be applying it more often? Pic related.

No. 55009

Looks like it could be milia. Cleanse your face regularly, use warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Avoid perfumed products and use salicylic acid (you can get daily-use face washes with this in). Wear a hat rather than using sunblock because the sunblock can make it worse. Don't use heavy creams or anything that blocks pores and don't irritate the skin with super harsh ingredients.

No. 55026

I posted this in the advice thread but I realize now that I would have been better off posting it here, whoops.

How can I fix my skin? I used to have lovely, clear skin as a young teen but ever since I reached my 20s it's gotten crazy.

I have little red marks where acne used to be (online it says to use lemon juice but I can confirm that doesn't work so I bought a colour corrector from Vichy and that doesn't work either…will I have these forever??) and my skin is only either very oily or so dry that it's flakey and rough, most of the time I get both of these problems at the same time in different areas. I wear it daily but I'd like to cut down and just have naturally clear skin. Also makeup doesn't really sit well on my skin and it looks awful.

I'm also really sensitive so I have to be careful with what skin products I use or else my face gets irritated so I currently wash my face with Cetaphil and use moisturisers from Muji and I also use a moisturising face wipe in the evening to remove makeup and exfoliate once/twice a week (kind of have to with my skin condition anyway), do I need to add some more things to my routine? Or less? Idk I'm such a skincare n00b help.

No. 55028

Yeah that could be it. Thanks anon, I'll try out those suggestions and see if it helps.

No. 55034

>online it says to use lemon juice but I can confirm that doesn't work
Nonononono. I've read it plenty of times on the internet, but don't do it. Seriously, don't put lemon juice on your face. It's absolutely not good for the skin, let alone sensitive ones. It has a pH of 2.2, it's super acidic and could do damage.

No. 55042

Yeah as I said above, it didn't work and I don't use it anymore.

No. 55050

I have these little white bumps on my forehead, and I had a skin examination and was told they're called comedones. I was given a sebum clearing cream, but I'm wondering if a facial peel would help with this stubborn acne?

No. 55137

Long story short, children are demon spawn and I ended up getting impetigo on my face. It cleared up but I'm left with a giant blotch of redness still, but I can't get it to go away. It looks like a burn mark on my cheek and it's frustrating. Any ideas on how to get post-infection pigmentation to go away without irritating your skin?

No. 55282

Bad skin anon from here >>45826 reporting back.

After that post, I had the worst breakout of my life, and I've been on fucking accutane as a teen. My skin went insane, even my back with two huge cysts and smaller zits all over to the point where I made a doctors appointment for next month (earliest I could get one, yay US healthcare.)

So, I decided to just go balls to the wall any home remedy / holistic treatment that was reasonably prices and do it fucking all. So, first I researched suppliments and found that Zinc is supposed to work well, so I bought zinc pills and also found some videos where you can use Desitin (zinc baby diaper rash cream) on breakouts, so I started doing that. Actually saw a little improvement, but not enough.

So then I bought vitamin E pills with added selenium, borage oil pills (like fish oil but supposedly more helpful for women with PMS symptoms) and most important, organic 100% spearmint tea.

I started the last three all together, along with the zinc pills, just under two weeks ago, and I think its all working, FINALLY. Particularly the spearmint tea. Even before this breakout, my forehead would be an oil slick by the end of the day, so much so that the hair touching my forehead would always look greasy and wet, to the point where I'd try, and fall, to dry it out with baby powder. Last two days that hasn't happened at all. Spearmint tea blocks DHT and testosterone, which causes hormonal breakouts and excess body hair (which I have a LOT of.) I also noticed, could be my imagination, but I feel like my armpit hair isn't as long by the end of the night when I shave (I have to shave it every day.)

Its only been two weeks but I bought a months worth of tea. I drink two cups a day (one full power, and then one with the reused tea bag because I'm cheap.)

I'm really excited this seems to be working and just wanted to share.

No. 55287

Thank you for sharing!
I'm the anon from >>54793 and 11 days later the situation hasn't changed… Breakouts stopped on right cheek and now it's fine even though there's still some redness, the flesh colored papules/closed comedones are still there though.
But on the left cheek I'm still having breakouts and the whole area kinda itches, really weird. Even more since I've never had breakouts on that zone not even in my teenage years, so I'm starting to believe in what >>54794 said. If you are still there, what kind of steroids did your doctor give you?

No. 55320

I had to switch from the combined pill to the mini pill because of migraines about a year or so ago, and since then I've been getting concurrent hormonal acne breakouts on my chin which is driving me mad.

I went to a dermatologist about it mid last year (I was getting bad back acne as well which I had never had in my life before) and he prescribed me 6 months worth of spironolactone. My back has since cleared up which I actually blame coconut oil on - my boyfriend would massage coconut oil on my back once a week and since we cut that out, my back is all clear.

I have a good skin routine going on with great Japanese/Korean/Western products with retinoids (differin), AHA, BHA, etc. which has definitely helped my skin a lot in many ways, but still trying to find something that will stop the chin pimples altogether. I seem to be able to get rid of the breakout faster for another breakout to form immediately after.

I've since ordered some evening primrose oil supplements and spear mint tea which I've heard good things about and have some scientific backing but very minimal research. I'd be happy to report back in a few months to let anons know how it goes.

Otherwise, anyone got any tips for me? Anyone been in the same boat as me and found something that works on their hormonal chin acne besides birth control? I've been considering going back to the derm and going on a different medication to the spiro because I think it made my anxiety worse than usual.

No. 55342

spearmint tea anon here, and yeah, though i've only been on it for two weeks i really do feel its helping. im going to try to get my doctor to refer me to an endocrinologist or dermatologist so i can get on spironolacone. if she won't, im going to add saw palmetto to my supplements instead.

so my suggestion is to try out saw palmetto because from what i read, some people say it works better for them than spiro sometimes.

No. 55384

>constant pimples and scarring on right side of face
>left side is perfectly clear
>I change my pillowcase every day
>I sleep on my back anyway

At this point it must be hormonal, but why only one side? My diet is clean, too, and I get tons of water and green tea.

No. 55385

I'd say go to a doctor. It could be milia, but it could be a few other things (including one I had and didn't know about for a lonnnng time. https://www.reddit.com/r/AsianBeauty/comments/5pjq31/fungal_acne_what_is_it_do_i_have_it_how_do_i_get/ )
Just in case you treat it but end up making it worse by using the wrong products. The other anon is right though, keep your skin able to breath and try and protect it's moisture barrier without heavy products.

No. 55395

I'd love to know this too, I have the same issue

No. 55426

I love tea, I'm going to try with spearmint, thanks anon! Zinc has never really made a difference for me, I do believe that it helps with my itchy patches though.

Does anyone know if drinking green tea all the time has skin benefits? I always hear that it's anti-inflammatory but I think that only applies to using it topically.

No. 55443

Thirding. My skin type is dry too but I still moisturize after I wash it and shower.

No. 55464

What is your skin care regimens? AM and PM? Do you touch your face? You say you go to sleep on your back, but do you wake up on your back, or on your right side?

No. 55467

55384 here

I sleep like a soldier lol so I don't wake up on my side.

AM routine: wash with Acwell 5.5, then layer cosrx snail mucin 96 with my rose water mist (I do a form of the 7 skin method, makes my face soft as cotton), moisturize with lush vanishing cream

PM: tbh no routine since I don't wear makeup. I might blot with oil absorbing paper before going to bed

No. 55526

You may want to consider developing an evening routine because even though you don't wear make up, your skin could be dirty/oily/sweaty/in need of moisture, but just see if that helps at all.

You may want to include some AHA/BHA or a retinoid to help with the situation too.

Another thing is you may want to check the ingredients lists of the items you're using on cosdna to see if anything could be causing you irritation.

No. 55528

File: 1487748769260.png (82.89 KB, 1680x1050, 600645C5-ACA6-4E3A-BD34-4EB82B…)

Anyone have any recs for good under eye cream? My skin is great everywhere else and it is really bothering me. It's so dull and dark. I get enough sleep, my diet is healthy, lifestyle active, take care of my skin, moisturize, I'm not old or anything. I hide it with makeup but would like something more preventative if possible. I am just fucked by genetics or what.

No. 55535

File: 1487756907420.jpg (121.24 KB, 962x1600, IMG_6042.jpg)

Been using this moisturizing eye cream and it helped a bit to lighten my under-eyes.

If anyone has other suggestions I'd love to hear them, too

No. 55552

Anything from pandas dream is cheapish and works OK. I use the eye brightening Base when I'm hungover and it works pretty well

No. 55553

File: 1487776713269.jpg (332.13 KB, 820x1267, pandaeyepatch_sample.jpg)

Also it's cute

No. 55557

How do you tell the difference between closed comedones and milia? And is milia and fungal acne the same thing? If now what's the difference and how to tell? This thread is telling me things my dermatologist hasn't never even hinted me

No. 55558

*If not

No. 55560

Closed comedones will generally look like slightly raised bumps with tiny sebum plugs. You can sometimes (but not always) squeeze out the plug and the sebum in it is usually dry and waxy.

Milia are tiny, usually white spots that can't be removed unless you use a needle to pierce them first. They can stick around for a long time and tend to appear around the eye area. Milia and fungal acne are not the same thing, and some people are more prone to milia than others.

I've seen and dealt with both in person but there may be other forms of the two for all I know. My SO gets a lot of milia and they never go away unless poked with a needle and squeezed out.

No. 55613

File: 1487847188520.jpg (16.65 KB, 421x399, 1453663934109.jpg)

i just had a real fucking weird acne/pimple breakout it started with ones on my chest that looked like a weird boil then to my butt now i have blind pimples on my right (face) cheek and one on my nose and one near my forehead

help me /g/ ;_;; ive been drinking a lot of water these dayss aaaaa

No. 55623

Have you changed your eating habits recently? Is your period normal? Are you applying any products?

No. 55657

Nah its all the same i told my mom and she thinks it's chickenpox(?)

I have some itchy ass pimples thats around near my anus and some on the labia help im dying

No. 55660

Could be ingrown hair

No. 55661

If you do not feel like you are dying, I don't think its chickenpox. Adult chickenpox will fuck you up and make you wish you were dead, that is if you do not actually die from it.

No. 55662

red bumps or white blisters?
pain and itching around the anus?

No. 55665

seems like it's time to head to the gyno

No. 55671

Anon did you have experience with this? It would really help if you told me how you dealt with it (still not sure if its chickenpox)

red small bumps and more of a itchy than pain

Does it help a bit that ive never had any sexual encounters aside from masturbating? Should I ask this on the vagina thread instead?

No. 55674

That's really weird. I don't think anyone on here can suggest anything at this point besides telling you to go see a doctor. From the things you said I'm inclined to agree with your mom but only a doctor will know for sure.

No. 55693

Same anon again it was actually chickenpox thanks to do who answered :^D

No. 55698

I had chickenpox as a baby so I don't have any personal tips as to how to deal with it. But my dad had it when he was a teen and he told me it was hell on earth, and it only gets worse as you get older. Get antivirals to prevent more blisters from forming, stack up on painkillers and stay at home. If you at any point feel that something is very wrong, do not hesitate to go to a doctor. Adult chickenpox can be lethal.

No. 55731

try to stay alive, cheers

No. 55734

I wouldn't be so happy about it… Why aren't you worried?

No. 55746

i need help guys. My bf bought me some lush stuff for christmas (Big shampoo, sea vegetable soap) and I got this HORRIBLE rash on my face I can only assume is from the soap because I stupidly put it on my face even though it was a body soap.
I stopped using it but the rash has been there for months.
I went to my doctor and she said it's rosacea and put me on Erythromycin cream which is so drying it's making my face look 100 years old and doesn't seem to be making much of a difference.
I used to have nice skin ;n; what should I do?

No. 55756

where is the rash located?

No. 55760

My face is noticeably darker than my neck/body, like full on 1 or 2 shades darker, and since i am basically a ghost it's really noticeable if i don't wear foundation.
I wear sunscreen with spf 50+ religiously and exfoliate and cleanse as i always have, but it does not seem to lighten at all.
Is there a skincare solution for this or is this some kinda genetic or diet stuff?
Would vitamin c help it be less noticeable?

No. 55761

Normal. Also could be redness. Some body parts are naturally lighter/darker than others for a lot of people. Look at Lisa Eldridge without makeup and compare her face to her hands, she uses foundation to even it out, as do a lot of people.

Vitamin C might help or it might not.

No. 55765

File: 1488041082241.jpg (79.44 KB, 700x901, 8fb031c485cbea2201868541df3e1a…)

How do you deal with blackheads on your nose?
I can't stand this cancer.

No. 55788

File: 1488063644094.jpg (47.33 KB, 806x415, tumblr_inline_nrpgojvNvy1r09yi…)

Are you actually referring to blackheads or are you talking about sebaceous filaments?

pls know the difference

No. 55789

My only skincare is that I apply a light mixture of spf 15 sunscreen and some moisturizing lotion over my face/neck/chest each day before I go out, then I wash off my makeup and the spf/lotion using some deep cleansing cold cream, warm water, and a soft washcloth that I dab lightly on my skin. Does that sound like a good routine for early 20's? I only started trying to do anything for my skin last year after reading through lolcow how it's so important for wrinkle prevention.

No. 55790

Nothing fixes them lol
I have been using pretty strong BHA/AHA regime for two years and mine haven't budged. I'm close to just buying that blackhead remover that derms use and going to town on my nose. To clarify, my regime has kept the SBs at bay but the actual blackheads are still there.

No. 55792

on my left cheek mainly but it started up a little on my right too. It's gross.

No. 55794

SPF 15 is actually a bit too low. Get yourself 50+ especially if you are out for a longer time.

No. 55795

you know those things you stick on your nose and let dry and then peel them off that you get from supermarkets? That doesn't work for you? I used to have a million blackheads when I was a teenager but they went away when I grew up. I wonder if it's hormonal.

No. 55799

File: 1488070688879.jpg (123.79 KB, 610x762, cupids.jpg)

Does anyone have advice on how to whiten your inner thighs/crotch? Products that you've used, etc? I am white but I was huge for a long time and now I have darker skin where my thighs rub. I've been losing weight because I want to feel better about myself and finally have sex and enjoy a proper love life but I think I look disgusting down there. It looks especially bad because I have really pale legs and thighs so the contrast makes it look worse.

Pic unrelated, sort of

No. 55801


I hope you realize that using those pore strips and in general messing with the pores on your nose are going to enlarge them in the long run.

No. 55803

err oh dear :\
The strips didn't do that for me (I'm >>55795) but then again, as I said I was a teen so maybe I got lucky and my skin healed. Sorry for the bad suggestion blackhead anon.

No. 55806

I'm the anon you responded to. I got the evening primrose oil supplements and spearmint tea about 5 days ago and it seems like it's already working! The first thing I've noticed is that my skin is a LOT less oily and is returning to a much more normal level, and my breakouts have been healing much faster than usual with no new breakouts. I'll see how it continues to go, but so far so good!

No. 55828

So for almost a month I'm having very bad acne on my back, shoulders and chest. It's never been this bad. I have visited the dermatologist already, got antibiotics, some Chinese medicine and creams. But it's not getting any better.
Has someone else here had such a problem before? I don't know what to do. It's just annoying and painful.

No. 55829

Super retarded question but can you buy spearmint tea in stores or do you have to go to the pharmacy?
I live in a small ass town, we don't have a wide selection so I'm wondering

Idk how you define bad in your case but moisturising helped me a lot, also less/this clothing that lets your skin breath, sleeping naked and changing the sheets often
But it never went 100% away tho :/

No. 55831

How to fix enlargened pores? I have a feeling that my skin would look 50x better if I didn't have those large visible pores on nose, forehead and around the nose. They look fine on the rest of my face, what the fuck.

No. 55832

this is probably going to sound horrible but do you scrub in the shower? Or have you changed cleansers lately? It's kinda gross but it's only recently that I started scrubbing myself in the shower because I moved to a colder climate and I started getting dry skin and acne on my body.
When I say scrubbing I mean with a washcloth on your chest/arms and an exfoliating brush for your back.
Could also be a reaction to a chemical.

No. 55837

Have you done something new with your hair? getting conditioner on my back is like death a sentence for me. I make sure i keep my hair away from my chest/back/shoulders

No. 55838

I bought the tea off iherb.com

No. 55839

Coconut oil made me break out terribly on my back so if you're using that or any bodywash, moisturiser or hair product with coconut oil in it just check and see if eliminating it gets rid of the issue.

No. 55844

I do scrub my back regularly to remove dead skin cells. So I guess that wasn't the issue. I use a honey and coconut sugar scrub once a month and the other days a wash cloth.
Now that you mention that… I started using a new shampoo a month ago. I didn't even think about this! Thank you a lot anon! I usually wash my hair while standing in the shower but will try it differently next time and see if it makes a difference.

I use coconut oil on the rest of my body but not on my back or chest. My face is fine with the oil as well. So I think it must be shampoo and conditioner.

No. 55845

I've been using them lately to no good results. They don't pick any actual blackheads in my experience, only SBs. And since I don't have those thanks to my regime the strips come back empty.

No. 55847

Have you tried face steaming? Like face over a bowl full of hot water with a towel draped over your head and then massaging your face after? My friend said that worked for her but I don't know if she's lying lol
Do you think it might be the type of makeup you're using clogging your pores?

No. 55848

a dip in the ocean really helps with body acne because of the anti-bacterial nature of the salt
No but really, using a soap with salt in it (not coarse) cleared up my body acne really fast.
And yeah conditioner can be so bad for bacne if it's really oily and you have long hair.

No. 55850

Sea salt is definitely good. My skin feels nice with it. I should try to get some. Also did some reason regarding shampoo and conditioner. Looks like panthenol as an ingredient can cause problems because it's higher concentrated in hair care products. I checked my shampoo and conditioner and both have it at the beginning of the list.

No. 55873

I've been using Missha's time revolution essence and ampoule daily for the longest time and had such nice skin. I got my birth control shot like clockwork and suddenly now the essence is breaking me out badly. I got 15 painful giant pus-filled zits overnight daily, my chin and jaw have extremely painful closed comedones and the sides of my nostrils have deep and, surprise, painful never ending pus volcanoes.

It took me a few days to realize what caused it, and now I'm in the process of fixing my face. Any ideas on speeding up the healing processes?

No. 55887

i bought my spearmint tea from vitacost.com, but last time i was in target they carry the same brand of tea, but they didnt have any spearmint. but i think i'll check again each time i go there, and various supermarkets and stuff just to see if they have it.

No. 55909

shout out to this anon for changing my goddamn life, i didn't know fungal acne was a thing but i was absolutely at my wit's end with atrocious skin for over a year, rubbed canesten on that itchy business and i woke up with an entirely new face. dreams really do come true.
may your lipid barrier be strong and your pores breathe easy, love from fungus face

No. 55910

Huh, I was taking a wild stab in the dark without seeing your skin, but hearing what you've tried it sounded similar to my experience. I'm so glad things have worked out anon, hopefully your skin will recover and be good as new!

No. 55917

File: 1488331446655.gif (362.15 KB, 405x270, clara-bow-2-o.gif)

Could anyone give me an example of a good skin care regimen? I was trying to start one since I've reached my mid-20s and want to not look like a raisin by my late 30s.
I was using hydraluron for a while since everyone was raving about it but then I read derms saying it was snake oil because the particles were too big to penetrate your skin or some shit lol.
Now I use my clarisonic with a cleanser, moisturize, use a retinol cream every night and once a week use a 10% AHA cream.

Is this a super shit regimen? I don't know what a good cleanser/moisturizer should have in it because a lot of them claim to have retinol in them but I already use it. I just want to cover all my bases.

No. 55930

It's hard to say without seeing comparison pics of your skin. Does it look and feel better now? If not they you may be using too harsh a routine, or just not the right products. If you need to replace things, I suggest doing it as a 2 week tester so you can see how your skin reacts. Most important items to have are:

Oil-based cleanser (removes makeup and sunscreen)
Low PH cleanser (removes impurities and debris after skin is clear)
Moisturiser (AM and PM suitable)
Sunscreen (face specific. If you're pale you don't have to worry as much about white caste from zinc or other physical-based products. If you're worried about that you can try chemical-based sunscreen. Either way it should be specific to the face, it wont' be the same cream/spray you use on the rest of your body.)

No. 55936

for am/pm moisturizers do you have any brand recommendations? (I have combination skin, I'm pretty sure)
I don't think what I'm doing is too harsh for my skin but I don't think my moisturizers are up to par because I'm still rather dry on my cheeks.

Thanks for the cleanser explanation! I've got an oil-based makeup remover/cleanser and it made my skin feel so greasy (duh) that I ended up using bar soap afterwards. I didn't think of buying a second cleanser for some reason.

No. 55943

Phewwwwwww moisturizers are hard to rec and get a good feel for, they're so personal. I'd say hit up r/AsianBeauty and search for moisturizer to see if anyone has HG products (holy grail). Also people are encouraged to have their skin type/color as a flair so you can try and find a skin-sister and see if they have any recs. Of course because it's Asian Beauty it'll all be focused on those skincare items.

I personally use a stupid $$ one, by Yon-Ka. I have sensitive, dehydrated combo skin. It's annoying because it's 100$ a bottle, but it does last me awhile if I use the correct amount.

No. 55950

You solved the problem only with canesten cream? How many days did it take?

No. 55956

Anyone have any good recommendations for treating/getting rid of wrinkles? I have these horrible laugh lines and they make my nose look worse and it really makes it hard to take pics of myself. Also the one on the left side of my face is way more noticeable it's really frustrating.

No. 55960

Thank you so much. I'll go check that out <3

No. 55963

Expression lines like laugh lines run a lot deeper than just regular wrinkles and fine lines. If there was a surefire way to get rid of them everyone and their grandma would hear about it. You can get filler to reduce them for a number of months before it wears off.

The best you can do (without getting fillers) is potentially soften them with things like AHAs, retinoids, copper peptides (although this is a relatively new thing and I don't know how effective it is or the side effects), and maybe alpha lipoeic acid.

No. 55969

You could try dermarolling, dermastamping, or micro rolling aka putting tons of needles in your face to help stimulate collagen growth. There's also light therapy and skin/hair/nails/collagen/hyralonic acid vitamins too. Just try things out and see what works for you.

No. 55985

File: 1488479497175.jpg (21.85 KB, 400x300, tumblr_inline_nnt068p4b41ruxd0…)

I have some questions, not sure if they have been answered in the thread yet. Keep in mind that I don't know much about skincare, I'm mostly trying to not look greasy or like I'm sick anymore:
>are konjac sponges really useful by themselves or is it better to use it with a lotion or a cleaner?
>is something possible to reduce acne scars? not the ones that are visible because of the skin's color but the ones that look like tiny craters. Sorry if I explain it with the wrong words
>I have a hairy face, the hairs on my cheeks are dark and my skin is pale, how do I hide it without shaving it or waxing it (which would cause me to break out)? I used some cheap BB cream but it didn't work for that.
>does anyone use etude house pore freshner? Would you recommend it? I've seen people complain about the alcohol in it or the fact that it dries the skin too fast but it seems popular so I'm curious. My face tends to be oily btw, or at least that's how I understand it?
>I use some tonymoly stuff like eggpore to remove blackheads, eggpore to make pores less big, and a panda dream night mask once or twice a week, what do you think about these products? It has been some months since I started using the eggpore ones but I don't use them regularly enough to be sure they're working as much as they should.

I don't trust blogs that review skincare products and makeup, they praise pretty much anything because they're sometimes paid for it so I'd rather ask here.

No. 56008

Does anyone know where I could buy a cheap exfoliating/rotating facial brush that works decently well?

The Olay brush sadly retails for about 40 bucks where I live, and the Clairsonic brushes are way too expensive.

I found one on Aliexpress for 15$ but it had no reviews. The two I found on Amazon costs a little more, but the reviews ranged from people loving it, to some reporting that it broke/died only after a few weeks of buying it.

I would trust the stars and reviews for one, but unfortunately because of the seller scare stories I've heard I feel that most good reviews are bots

No. 56113

Has anyone here ever tried using olive oil or linseed oil as a moisturizer? I've heard that it does wonders

No. 56114

Buy one of those manual wooden brushes. I doubt the rotating head will make much of a difference, plus you can be as gentle on your skin as you want.

No. 56246

File: 1489034422845.jpg (94.28 KB, 1500x1500, reshape-cellulite-gel-for-body…)

I have HORRIFIC cellulite. It's so bad and disgusting that I can't wear a bikini (or even shorts) without wanting to kms. I bought this the other day, I'm hoping it works.

do any other anons have any tips that might help? I'm desperate and will literally try anything.

No. 56250

do you mean putting lotion/cleaner on top of the konjac? in my experience it'll break down faster. just use it separately. i don't think using konjac by itself can clean your skin or… is it just me.

been using it for months and i still have some of those tiny crates but it look less visible now

No. 56256

Have you tried losing weight and building muscle? I can't imagine a topical cream having much effect.

No. 56257

Do these gels/creams even work? If so, how? Because I don't really believe it.

If you're not already doing so: start working out and eating more healthy + lots of water.

Cellulite is normal, everyone has some.

No. 56258

Hey anon, those creams work for a few hours but I wanna chime in about the hydration + exercise thing. My cellulite used to be pretty bad but now I work out regularly and it has reduced so much. Try blogilates free workout on yt, she got me in such good shape. I can wear crop tops and booty shorts now, never thought that would happen.

No. 56259

I didn't solve it just with canesten, but I imagine if you did it would take at least a month. I woke up with a new face because it was such a dramatic improvement.
It's nearly gone now, but I tried a lot of different things. Basically anything that would work for a fungal infection (tinea, athlete's foot, thrush) works for fungal acne, so i tried things like turmeric masks and head&shoulders shampoo. The nail in the coffin was when I found some prescription-strength antifungal shampoo in a cupboard and applied that in a dilute mask, every other day.
What I found to really speed the process up was doing things to break down the biofilm barrier that the fungus makes on your skin. The flaky dry bits that don't exfoliate away and the yellow/white shit that your pores are clogged with is the fungus' chitinous protection layer, and if you break that down, things such as canesten can work much more easily. I tried salicylic acid, glycolic acid, xylitol (the sweetener), and turmeric for this purpose, though the salicylic worked the best. (be gentle though, you don't need a full skin peel or anything)
I also got some zinc cream from Amazon as a future preventative and I've been using Sudocrem as a moisturiser and coconut oil as a cleanser, all of which are either antifungal or at least won't feed it.
regards, fungus face

No. 56287

I dont know if konjac sponges work either but I bought one to try and so far I'm not seeing the diffence, which is why I asked. People on forums and blogs just keep saying it's not as aggressive for thr skin as some products if you have a sensitive skin but they never talk about how efficient it is (or isnt) in the first place. It's frustrating.

>been using it for months

Which one are you talking about? Eggpore or the etude house lotion?

No. 56310

Soooo, I'm finally buying a cleanser and toner (already have p good moisturizer) and was wondering if I need anything else?

Something I was also wondering about? Do I also use the stuff in the morning? Like, before going to work and applying makeup?

No. 56315

imo straight oil is a shit moisturiser, especially if you need something else than occlusion. it doesn't give that soft feeling of a water/oil emulsion, it just forms a disgusting layer on your face and inexplicably skin underneath it dries anyway. i tried several oils (perilla, tamanu, immortelle in sunflower oil base, a mix of different ones with 2% salicylic acid) and it was disgusting every time (not to mention 3/4 of these were slightly sensitizing). theoretically you should put oil on wet face or mix it with hyaluronic acid solution but it doesn't change the feeling a lot for me.
additionally, low-processed linseed oil spoils very easily, if it doesn't sit in a refrigerator for most of its shelf life it's basically worthless.

No. 56322

Sunscreen, check out the Biore watery essence one

No. 56329

No. 56387

So I have pretty bad rosacea and nothing has ever worked well for me in the past few years of trying to find something to lessen the effects (really red cheeks)

Haven't smoked weed for a while and decided to do so yesterday and I go to look in the mirror and it's completely calmed down. I was so ecstatic about the effect it had and I have no idea how it would do that as I've had the exact opposite reaction before where I get a terrible flare up. Took loads of pics and I couldn't believe the effect it had. Of course I go to sleep, wake up, and it's as bad as ever kek. If only it stayed like that…

Worth mentioning to my dermatologist I guess though. Really weird
I just use mirvaso and a moisturizer now and it doesn't have much of an effect.
Wish I could get this meme skin condition under control

No. 56388

Thank you for the reply! Btw I still don't know if my case is fungal acne or some type of dermatitis, I'm just using canesten. A week after I've seen some slight improvement: 80% of the itching is gone and those underskin things that looked like closed comedones (but under direct sunlight looked almost… translucent? Ew, fuck) are also almost gone. It's a good sign so I'll keep using canesten, even though for now the redness and numbness is still there and some days new underskin pimples are still forming. They hurt, ugh.
I miss my clear skin but I feel like in a month I'll see it again.

No. 56394

weed? no shit! I've got rosacea (just diagnosed, yay) and I'm about to buy a shit load of weed so I'll try to observe any changes

No. 56412

File: 1489427466704.jpg (55.39 KB, 522x522, 71-h77CVadL._SX522_.jpg)

Is the Aria Starr Beauty natural dead sea mud mask any good for blackheads?

No. 56434

Opinions on Paula's Choice products anyone? Currently using Korean products and they work well enough but lately not so much.
I don't reallycwant to figure out what to change and experiment with a million products that take weeks to arrive, and PC seems so straightforward by comparision.

No. 56448

I'm on antibiotics for issues not related to acne but it makes my skin have no acne ever when I'm on it. I usually get maybe one every 1-2 weeks and then red spots lasts weeks so it looks like I've constantly got some spots. I'm thinking of getting a prescription benzyl peroxide/ antibiotic cream since it seems my acne is caused by bacteria. Is there any better way to treat acne caused by bacteria or even better to promote the bacteria that protects against acne?

Have you tried Finacea? I just got some from the doctor but haven't tried it yet.

No. 56580

there's this weird ass bump thats under of my bottom lip ;_;; i dont know what it is but whenever i cold press it it flattens it went into head like 2 days ago but it went away the night after

No. 56581

I can't find a list of ingredients, but the fact that it claims to have Shea butter in it makes me wary if you're dealing with blemishes.

A better option would be to make a clay mask yourself. Mix Bentonite clay with Apple Cider Vinegar (the vinegar makes the pH better for your skin), with maybe a little honey or tea tree oil if you skin likes that.


I didn't care for the stuff I tried, but they do have a lot of sample options, which helps the trial period. I'd also recommend The Ordinary (http://theordinary.com/) if you want simple products that work, and aren't too expensive.

No. 56586

isn't this connected to the fact that weed causes slight hypotension? just like the active ingredient in mirvaso that was originally used to treat ocular hypertension.

No. 56589

Thank you; I'll try that. Aside from that, are there any good Dead Sea mud masks made in Jordan?

No. 56624

You're better off getting natural home-made shit from etsy if you cba to do it yourself. That on the shelf, store bought shit usually has stuff in it that's no good for the consumers.

No. 56633

I agree with >>56581 anon for the ordinary, they're cheaper than paula's choice or the korean stuff and they do their work.

No. 56636

File: 1489810074759.jpg (17.16 KB, 450x450, s1765239-main-Lhero.jpg)

Okay. I have to ask if any of you have tried Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum. I tried the sample I got from my recent Sephora order and really liked it… but at $80 for 1 ounce… I want to know if you guys have tried and liked it long-term because that seems like kind of a steep price tag.

No. 56694

I know this comment is a couple months old but wanted to pop in my two cents: Tonymoly is basic BUT their line that isn't aimed at teenaged girls (all the cute stuff basically) is pretty good "beginner asian skincare" imo. I like the bunny mist for really dry days since I live in a desert

And so I can keep this thread going since I did reply to an older comment i'll end with a question of my own.

Has anyone here tried any snail products? What's your opinion of them? What brands do you like? I tried Mizon after some suggestions on AB on reddit and i dunno what to think. I keep using it but i'm not really noticing any benefit from it.

The tonymoly snail sheet mask though makes my skin feel smoother though even though people on the same subreddit didn't like it as much.

No. 56699

I've tried Benton Snail Bee Essence, Mizon Snail Recovery Gel and COSRX 95 Snail Mucin something.
Didn't like any of them.

No. 56731

>Benton Snail Bee Essence
I saw a ton of reviews raving about Benton's Snail Bee line for people with extremely dry or red skin and ordered a box with the serum, cream, some sheet masks and a gel I think. It did nothing much for me but felt really nice after applying because of a slightly taut/tingly sensation. lol

No. 56871

While I don't have this specific serum, I use the blue and pink serum from this line. I have mixed feelings about it. The first month it made my skin feel super moisturized and smoother and I was in love with it. But lately I feel like it might be what has been breaking me out in certain places. I can't tell. It is good, but in comparison to other lines I've used, I'm iffy about the results.

I'm not sure if I'm going repurchase. I definitely don't regret purchasing the serums the first time, because they were amazing and made a huge difference in the first month or so, but I feel like in the long-term it is something that my skin has adapted to? It's gotten to the point where I'm looking to replace it and I haven't even finished half the bottle.

For vitamin C serum, I use Dr Dennis Grossman serum. I've been using it on and off for about two years now. Sometimes it will break me out and I'll take a couple weeks break, but usually it is good. I'm hesitant to switch to another serum like the Drunk Elephant one because of how hit-and-miss the products have been for me.

tl;dr would probably skip this stuff if you don't have the money to burn, the entire brand seems hyped up at the moment. there are countless vitamin C serums on the market so none of these products are special enough to warrant the price tag.

No. 56872

So, I'm approaching the skincare everyone is talking about here and on r/Asianbeauty.
All I need is advice on:
-A good cleanser, better if natural
-A good AHA/BHA
-A good toner
I need advice on specifical products.
I have oily skin and my budget is low to medium. Any help would be really appreciated

No. 56873

Samefagging to add that my skin is oily but also kinda sensitive and acne-prone

No. 56912

Look back at the old thread, there's plenty of nice recs. Just Ctrl+F 'cleanser' or 'oily' or whatever

No. 57022

Thank you for your reply! I haven't tried anything else from their line aside from the sample so I'm glad you have long term experience with them… it was also my first experience with a vitamin C serum.

I am mainly concerned about breaking out from usage, which the Drunk Elephant one didn't cause (yet– I could have a delayed reaction in the future) because I can turn into a bit of a skin-picker when it comes to getting acne.

No. 57034

does anyone know a good hand moisturizer? i suddenly got those dry skin patches on two of my fingers idk whats up with that

No. 57053

Can someone recommend me a good sunscreen for my face? Been using SunDance until now, but it started breaking me out badly.
(Sorry If this has been already discussed,I'm on my phone and the browser won't let me search for keywords.)

No. 57055

Is Glossier really as good as everyone makes it out to be?
The hype has been going strong lately!

No. 57056

File: 1490512843683.jpg (23.36 KB, 500x500, 41jAiUGVHGL.jpg)

Opinion on Evian Facial Spray?
It's pretty much just mineral water in a spray can, but the girls in my social circle are absolutely in love with this for some reason

No. 57057

Benefit Total Moisture is expensive as fuck, but has been really good to my dry patches last winter

No. 57058

Amazing for light dryness and for making powdered makeup look less cakey immediately after application. I always keep a travel size in my purse.

If you're a little more than mildly dry, try Smashbox's primer water instead. It has a little more tack than just regular water and refreshes particularly dry makeup better.

As far as using the Evian outside of a makeup refresher, absolutely not worth it though. The effects aren't really lasting on clean skin imo.

No. 57060

this just sounds stupid sorry

No. 57061

Reasonable enough for long flights because the in cabin air is dry, but seems impractical/unnecessary in most other settings.

No. 57066

I use this (or some other random mineral water spray can) when I'm out of toner because of the hard tap water at home and that's it. Can't really notice any difference between this and cheaper water sprays btw.

No. 57071

I do have pretty decent skin (minimal pimples, only hormonal acne around stress/period times) but there's always small red bumps around my nose that juxtaposes my even toned skin. Though it's not as bad as the google image results of "perioral dermatitis", they're always there. Mild but persistent - no matter how well I take care of my skin. It's not itchy at all so I'm not completely sure if it's perioral dermatitis. The only thing that mildly helps is putting a shit load of moisturize around it. Any advice? Thanks all!

No. 57082

I don't think they let people bring pressurised air canisters (hairspray etc) on board though. So practically useless.

No. 57085

What can I do to improve my lips? They're perpetually dry and cracked even though I use ultra conditioning Burt's Bees.

No. 57087

Have you tried lip scrubs?

No. 57088

Drink water

No. 57095

You sound like you're vitamin deficient. Take a B complex (the Bs are responsible for healthy mouth tissue) and a skin supplement that includes E. You may also be iron deficient but that's a stab in the dark.
Basically, you need a good multi. Your lips shouldn't be cracking if you apply a balm.

No. 57096

That sounds like irritation from something. Honestly it sounds like something you want your GP/dermatologist to have a look at because it could be allergies or a fungal infection. Sometimes moisturizer isn't best because it softens damaged skin and prohibits healing so bacteria gets in.
The best thing to do while you're waiting to see a doctor would be to try an occlusive before bed (like vaseline) to stop it drying out over night and try to avoid super hot water until you know what the problem is.

No. 57100

I had (what I assume was) perioral dermatitis before and cleared it up by applying diaper cream, that zinc stuff.

I never got an appointment with a derma, but I have a feeling I caused it by stripping my skin too much and using a product with way too much paraffin. If you really think you have PD I recommend you find a list of skin irritants on google and then go through the ingredients of each product you're using to see if any are particularly irritating.

No. 57102

i'm so intimidated by skincare/routines.
i'm not young anymore and i have to take this shit seriously now but it's all so overwhelming. every attempt i've made in the past was disappointing or tragic.
my clairsonic was a lot of money only to die 2 years later, unable to get the batteries replaced (bad design guys) not gonna buy a new one every few years. and a lot of skin products end up burning/wrecking my sensitive dry skin.

i kind of want to try the korean mutlistep thing but there's spreadsheets! what the fuck! i'm also not at all able to afford the components for it all. i know i need 2 cleansers, a moisturizer and a sunscreen for the basic stuff. my skin is just so… tender and sensitive that i'm honestly scared to try things out of fear of getting burned or having my face slough or crack like in that past.

i should just save up to go to a derm and get their opinions.

No. 57105

Not sure if that is much of help for you. But I recently got back into the Korean multistep routine because of my dry skin and instead of using all Korean products I use natural ingredients based replacements who do the job just as well. For the oil cleanser I just use either coconut oil or almond oil. It does the job very well without striping my skin and then I use a very gentle foam cleanser. Iherb has a lot of good stuff for this method and not extremely expensive. I don't know tho if you react to chemicals in skin care or something else.

No. 57107

have you checked out the FAQs on the asian beauty reddit? I'm assuming you have since you sound familiar with the 10 step.

I like her beginner plans, they're cheap and quite effective.

No. 57120

this is very helpful, thank you anon. Starting with natural/simple things then slowly treading into chemicals seems to be my safest bet so i know exactly what did it if it goes tits up.
i have, but i guess let it overwhelm me too much. her site is helpful tho, really lays it out for simple consumption. walking into this blindly is easy and that guarantees a bad time.

No. 57123

Can anyone recc something for eye bags and nasal labial folds for someone on a budget?

No. 57149

I don't know if I can help but here's my korean poorfag routine:

oil cleanser: diy vegetable oil + peg 80 (oil should have a high amount of linoleic acid like safflower or grape, I don't recomment coconut or olive)
cheap mineral oil cleanser (Softymo Cleansing Oil for example)

cleanser: Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser by cosrx (is only around 9$) or other cheap cleanser with low ph

toner/lotion: Secret key makes good and affordable toners. If you can't afford them then you can use a mineral water spray can or some flower essence. But no cheap western toner with alcohol and shit.

serums: the ordinary/deciem, you can't find any better and cheaper.

moisturizer: Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream is great and not toooo expensive but you can find cheaper of course.

face masks: diy stuff mostly (honey + tumeric + milk + clay for example)

cleansing tools: konjac sponge

No. 57154

this is so helpful, thank you very much! i really appreciate it. i'll look into all of these.

No. 57156

Korean skincare kind of freaks me out because all of the girls I know who use it a lot have a lot of milia under their eyes?

No. 57159

It could be that they are using the wrong eye creams. Not so uncommon.

No. 57160

Anybody know how to avoid this?

I want to do anti aging skincare, but I have oily skin so I'm really prone to milia and a lot of Missha products made for anti aging break me out as well.

No. 57166

I think the only thing you can do is try different eye creams and see what works best for you. Annoying I know… or look up reviews from people with the same skin type as yours.

No. 57168

Thanks all!! Hopefully it goes away soon ;_;

No. 57180

>Clear skin
>Suddenly in mid January I start developing redness and acne on both cheeks, with also a lot of closed comedones on that zone
>Weird thing is that this thing is limited only on these two patches of skin on my cheeks, it seriously doesn't go further, it's like a delimited area
>A lot of under skin pimples that don't go away, we're in March
>It also itches
>I first apply some clindamycin gel, then an erythromycin one: nothing happens
>After this thread and r/SkincareAddiction I start thinking it could be fungal acne, I start rubbing Canesten every day
>Week 4: those closed comedones are less visible, but other than that no big change
>This really happened out of nowhere, no routine changes, no diet changes, nothing
I finally booked an appointment to a dermatologist, I wanted to avoid it since they're hella expensive but at this point I literally have no choice. While I wait, does anyone here know what it could be? Maybe had it? I just want it to stop, I don't know if the next treatment will work, I miss my clear skin, my skin has never looked this bad not even in my teenage years :(

No. 57186

How old are you? Supposedly, hormones go through a major change roughly every 7 years. I never had acne growing up, but suddenly broke out horribly all over my cheeks at age 21. Went through some facials, new skin care routine, etc. Took me about a year to eventually fix it and get my clear skin back.

No. 57194

Is it red?

No. 57238

dumb question, but can rubbing ice on your face before washing it give you a better complexion?

No. 57240

If at all, I would do it after washing your face to close your pores.

No. 57241

I'm 21… I really hope it's something that could heal with a specific med/gel. Don't think it's acne, it itches and the fact that it's only on a specific patch of skin is really weird

Yes, it is

No. 57260

Might be rosacea. Try out Finacea or another formulation that uses azelaic acid. Even if it's not rosacea, it works extremely well.

No. 57282

I really hope it's not rosacea, I've read that it's chronic and doesn't go away ;_; Thank you, let's see what the doctor says

No. 57308

File: 1490905924653.png (332.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170330-162726.png)

Anyone familiar with this sunscreen by la Roche posay? It was a bit pricey, I purchased it a few months ago but I'm finding it hard to apply daily because I feel like my skin gets oily ): I'm almost in my mid twenties so it's kinda annoying to know I do have to wear sunscreen but feel like everything makes me oily as fuck. I generally buy LRP stuff, I feel like they have good products but I wouldn't​ mind trying anything new, but since I'm a BRfag and don't know much about Asian products, I'd like something I could purchase in Brazil if possible, or buy online without high shipping costs.

Thanks in advance.

No. 57320

Have you tried a matte sunscreen or matte makeup over the sunscreen?

I've tried that sunscreen before, but don't remember how I felt about it. I prefer "sunscreen milk" now though. Good luck anon!

No. 57321

I hated it. It has a weird purple white cast and makes you look oily af

No. 57325

I have sensitive skin and have a job where I'm sweaty a lot. I've found that my face constantly being sweaty is causing a lot of irritation. I bought some natural/sensitive skin face wipes but worry about using them too much and causing more irritation. Any other ideas?

No. 57331

Any recommendations for sunscreen milk or matte sunscreen? Ideally, I'd like to not wear powder over it.

Also are there any britfags here? Do you still wear sunscreen to protect your skin, since you can still get damage from cloudy days?

No. 57337

Stfu with this open close pores shit lmao

No. 57347

Biore Sarasara UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen

No. 57362

I loved this sunscreen until I realized how little it really protected me from the sun as it wore off super easily. I think they will be making a more resistant version soon though.

No. 57365

>be esthetician
>avoid this thread for months to avoid being triggered
>finally go in it
Some shit that jumps out at me:
-no, rubbing ice on your face will not improve your complexion.
-toner is to restore skin pH back to normal after washing, not to "shrink pores" or whatever. Also, there is no way to permanently shrink pores outside of surgery.
-removing sebaceous filaments is still removing clogged sebum. It's not going to hurt you anymore than removing blackheads. This is more tumblr chainletter bullshit. While biore strips are trash, an exfoliator with charcoal will suck those bad boys up.
-yes for the love of God wear BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen. If you knew what your skin looked like under a skin scope without it, you would never go outside again. So much of aging is caused by the sun.

No. 57373

From what I understand, it's a chemical sunscreen, so you have to apply it on your bare skin before any moisturizers or makeup. Of course, if you did that and it still wore off then maybe it just doesn't work with your skin I guess? I no longer use it, but I don't remember it wearing off easily.

No. 57374


sorry, I didn't explain myself. Of course you have to re apply it but I meant that the protection from this one is very very light as it is an "indoors" sunscreen and it is not waterproof/oilproof/sebumproof.

Right now I switched to another "essence style" sunscreen but its waterproof/sebumproof and has longer "staying power"

No. 57385

Yes, I have but I still end up feeling oily, shockingly. Thanks, anons

No. 57386

Share tips, esthetician anon <3

No. 57516

I've got a few questions, so I'm gonna number them:

1. Is rose hip oil any good for dark circles and fine wrinkles, as well as light acne scarring/discoloration?
2. I saw someone on the other thread go on about sweet almond oil, is it any good for those things too?
3. Good lightweight drugstore sunscreens?

I have prescription retinol, but seem to be sensitive to it, so I don't know about using it around my eyes.

No. 57545

How much % zinc oxide would a physical sunscreen ideally have for good protection? 10

No. 57623

I got rose hip oil and I'm thinking it must be…the wrong concentration or something because it does NOT absorb into skin at all. It sits on top and does nothing, for hours lol.

No. 57704

Stephanie Nicole just released an amazing review of a cheap skincare brand that just does natural/no frills stuff. The video is her usual review, but she took it a step further and made a chart separated by skin needs and listed the items with their price, what they do, when to put it on and what it has. It's amazing and is actually going to make me buy from this company.


No. 57755

Is witch hazel ok as toner?
Best broad spectrum sunscreen for someone prone to blackheads and acne?

No. 57764

Does anyone have any recommendations for getting rid of hyperpigmentation?

No. 57781

I wouldn't use anything with alcohol in it, but if it's alcohol free go nuts

No. 57793

I use it as a toner. I like the feeling it leaves on my skin. Just stay away from the one that aren't pure witch hazel like this anon said; >>57781

No. 57797

File: 1491580786292.jpg (24.98 KB, 320x320, 4987241135011.jpg)

Vitamin C serum.

No. 57806

I've used their azelaic acid. Has the consistency of peanut butter so it's not that great in the AM, but I found it's pretty good for spot treating any pimples that show up, without irritating.

No. 58149

I really like the niacinamide serum, helped a lot with discoloration

No. 58172

Can anyone recommend anything for neck rings/wrinkles?

No. 58184

now that its getting warmer out anyone have any input on tanning? i don't do real tanning because the health risks/aging isn't worth it to me, but i've never had a spray tan or used self tanning lotion stuff. any recommendations for products or things to look for/avoid when getting a spray tan?

No. 58187

guys, I know this isn't entirely skincare, but I erupted a huge spot on my chin yesterday overnight. It doesn't really have one head, it's more like a load of small slits or pores that leak fluid. I get those sometimes but this area is the size of a small coin, and also the skin has turned red. it's extremely painful to put any sudocream on it, stings like a bitch.

wat is dis????? should I be worried or putting anything in particular on it?

No. 58215

Does anyone use jojoba oil? It seems to get a lot of good press but I wanted to know what it acts as. I have combo skin so I'm trying to take care of my dryness and wrinkles and scars with argan oil and retinol and my acne and oil with face washing, astringent, and Epiduo. I do the occasional mud mask or gel peel off, and the occasional sheet mask.

Also does anyone have good tips for dry lips and…uh scalp acne?

No. 58267

My legs have always been dotted and strawberry-esque and I heard laser hair removal can help this. Apparently

The problem is I have brown skin and I'm pretty hairy. What are my chances of laser hair removal working? I've heard that some lasers work on darker skin now, but that it might not be successful if you're super hairy.

Also, I can't really afford to do it without a groupon deal. Are those 90% groupon deals safe?

No. 58272

How old are you? Do you drink enough water and moisturize your skin on the neck as well every day?

No. 58273

I had rings on my neck since I was a small child, they are like expression lines, or say, the lines on your wrists, they are there largely because of the shape of one's body. I doubt typical fine line treatments will show effect.
That is of course if anon that's asking is not past 40 and her collagen is not unwinding at light speed, but I bet that's not the case.

No. 58287

Do you have a 24/7 nurse hotline with your insurance? It could just be cystic acne (if hurts and you might not be aware of what it feels like if you've never had it). But your description of it stinging and multiple pores leaking fluid does have me a little concerned about it potentially being a skin staph infection. Have you visited a hospital recently?

No. 58299

My lips have gone really red and chapped including the skin round them and I've gotten five spots and I rarely get spots

What are some good fixes?

No. 58301

Fellow olive skinned strawberry anon reporting in.

I can't answer your other questions, but I've heard that yang laser works very well on brown skin. Might want to ask nearby places about more details and if there's anyone you can talk to who has gone through with it.

No. 58306

drink more water and Vaseline those lips. Probably dehydration

No. 58319

Unfortunately not and I also don't have insurance :( I've googled it and the more rashy looking patches of staph look similar. The last time I was in a hospital was probably a month or two ago. It's too late here for me to go to a doctor now (just closed damn it) but I will go tomorrow after work. Is there anything I need to look out for in the mean time? Thank you for pointing this out anon

No. 58320

Are you dehydrated anon? If I notice my lips and particularly the corners of my mouth being dry it's 500% of the time dehydration without fail. I find it way to easy to forget to drink.

No. 58324


thank you! I'll drink more!

Should I use the little Vaseline lip tins or is the classic big tub of it ok?

No. 58327

I've got lots of red bumps and ingrown stubbles on my pubic area from shaving, I don't ever remember being this sensitive but:

- How do I heal this nasty ugly mess quickly?

- How do I prevent it in future?

I'm using aloe vera gel but so far it's not done a lot!

No. 58337

Make sure you always use a sharp razor, dull razors will cause more cuts and razor burn than fresh ones. Aloe works well, but you can also try out witch hazel if it's not doing it for you. Also, gently exfoliating the area will help with those ingrown hairs.

No. 58338

Vaseline in the tub is fine, though I'd take a small tub or the lip tin for on the go application.

No. 58339

totally recommend the vaseline lip. the rosy lips version adds color and makes them look so much healthier

No. 58391


do I exfoliate onto the ingrown hair skin?4

how do I exfoliate? what with

No. 58393

crush up some aspirin tablets and mix with a bit of water to form a paste. apply paste to razor burn, let it dry, and wash it off. i used to get really bad razor burn no matter how carefully i shaved, learned this from a stripper friend and honestly it has been totally foolproof for me

No. 58414


I have never ever heard of this before, I'm going to totally do this- is Panadol (dissolvable paracetomol) ok?

No. 58416

File: 1492542680613.png (9.61 KB, 332x465, 9876543567.png)

No. 58423

File: 1492545508564.jpeg (35.65 KB, 520x520, aspirin.jpeg)

not the same thing! just get some cheap store-brand aspirin. you can get a big bottle of plain tablets at target for just a few bucks

No. 58441


I ended up using some paracetomols and it became the paste like you said, but I didn't use the dissolvable ones in the end!

I'll get aspririn tomorrow though

No. 58443

lol, i doubt it will work, paracetamol has no anti-inflammatory action at all.

No. 58484

Chapped lip anon here, I put aloe vera gel on them (they're red and the skin round them is red creating the illusion of bigger lips)

it tingles and stings a bit, is this normal?

No. 58485

keep us updated anon hopefully everything is ok

No. 58505

Just cystic acne guys!!! Thank you so much though <3

No. 58507

Friends, I am looking for a cool korean skincare routine because I am a weeb, I'm also really concerned about aging (I'm 21 but yes).

I have oily/ combination skin, massive pores on my nose, sides of my nose and cheeks around my nose. I have really dark undereye circles like fucking permanently. And eye bags.

Any help is appreciated. I just got a new job so I am going to treat myself to the products on payday. Hopefully they are all available to ship intl on amazon.

No. 58510

Are you me? Exact same situation here (but with no job yet lol)

I want to do something about my crazy eyebags. They're dark and deep and I can't remember a day in my life I didn't have them. Even as a child I had them. I'm not sure anything can be done at this point but I've never tried harder than just sleeping a lot and moisturizing so I might as well try.
Any recs? If the product is vegan and cruelty free it'd be a nice bonus.

No. 58519


fuck, me three to both of you!!

No. 58548

There's four of us now.

I'm looking into Japanese products as well, RatzillaCosme is a pretty good website for that. I'd like to know if there's a similar 'database' for Korean stuff, it'd help a lot…

I saved this link on my browser a while ago, it has a few suggestions: http://amy-hayden.com/the-best-korean-products-for-combination-oily-troubled-skins/

No. 58553

Five now.

Unfortunately, I haven't found anything to help with the eye bags and dark circles. I've tried Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eyecream, Cerave Eyecream, and raw almond oil so far. Not sure really what to try next, or to just give up on the hope of ever improving them.

No. 58554


Can I join the dark under party a little late? I've just kind have accepted that they're probably genetic.

No. 58569

I have the most deep-set eyes in the world to the point I've got the antithesis of eye-bags. It's the fucking worse.

No. 58572

Does that make 8 of us now? lol
Same problem here. Tbh what helps me the most is good sleep and lots of water, some days you can barely see them. I know it won't help everyone, maybe a few but somehow I gave up on creams and that kind of stuff :/

No. 58576

What is the best Retina A to use? I'm fixing my skin up and I need it to be lightened in a lot of previously scarred areas

No. 58679

1. russiacore.tumblr.com gives really good skincare advice

2. Just bought a konjac sponge last night to wash my face with, and it's incredible!! My face feels so soft and fresh, I can't believe it.

No. 58693

>muh magical oils
>tones with tapwater
>whenever you want to do research about a product you just need to look up the first 5 ingredients
>youre gonna have to mist your face before using HA otherwise its gonna soak up moisture from your skin instead of from the environment

No. 58709

Accutane anons can you recommend me a moisturizer?

No. 58718

File: 1492878385520.jpg (24.46 KB, 480x538, 2717546.JPG)

Has anyone tried the nyx wonder stick?

No. 58723

Not Nyx, but I tried Maybelline's chunkier version with it being half-and-half (can't remember the name) and it game very good coverage and blend. I use it to create a sharp/harsh contour line for drag and it was smooth and easy to apply. Definitely a good cheaper alternative.

No. 58724

I have the universal one and I would say it doesn't match my skin tone (I'm a warm nude/beige tone).
The color does go on quite smoothly though but it is chunky so the line ends up being pretty thick. Probably not the best for nose contouring (which is what I bought it for)

No. 58762

I feel like i've started a family, bless us all, come under my flabby wing my loves

No. 58763


No. 58773


I'm the same, I'm seriously considering getting under eye fillers or something.

No. 58794

me too, but the upkeep puts me off, plus i'm so wary of them going wrong and looking botched. i also bet its really painful

No. 58868

File: 1493073615071.jpg (240.15 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_2296.JPG)

Does anyone know how to get rid of line creases on your cheek, the ones under your eyes. I've been smiling more which helped greatly and I've been using Korean face masks called dojoshop from my grandma that been virtually getting rid of it.

The problem I don't want to keep troubling her for the masks every time she visits and was hoping there was something I could just get in the states that works great?

No. 58870

I'm in the same boat as you guys and I actually got tear trough fillers in the summer of 2015.

I was really skeptical at first, but I'm glad I went through with it. It did absolutely nothing for my dark circles, which was a little disappointing, but it's been almost 2 years (with no touch-ups or anything) and they still look pretty much the same as they did the first year. (Although everyone's body reacts differently so I can't speak for everyone). Also, they put numbing cream under my eyes before they did the injections so I didn't feel anything.

idk if this helps, but if any of you guys are interested I can try to find some pics of what my eyes looked like before compared to more recent ones. I'd be happy to answer any questions as well.

No. 58874


No. 58878

r8 my routine

I'm a student so I don't have much disposable income, my entire routine costs about $50 a month on average. I also plan on replacing the most expensive items (Vichy thermal water, Paula's choice AHA) ASAP

>shower (if I need to)
>wipe face with Vichy micellar water
>clean and clear dual action moisturizer
>neutrogena ultra-sheer dry-touch SPF 110
>more clean and clear

>remove makeup (if any) with micellar water immediately after getting home
>clean and clear moisturizer

Before bed
>CeraVe Hydrating cleanser
>Paula's choice AHA
>The Ordinary niacinamide/zinc serum
>The Face Shop rice ceramide emulsion

Spot treatments (in order of least to greatest harshness)
>rosebud salve
>Queen Helene mint julep masque
>tea tree oil

For my lips I use any hydrating lip balm, then put some Smith's rosebud salve over it in the mornings (vaseline overnight)

No. 58884

i am an anon you're replying to, i would reeeally appreciate pics! so did it fill out the area and just leave regular dark circles?

also if you don't mind me asking, was it expensive?

No. 58885

>> tfw im no longer a student and am a working adult with disposable income and this skin routine is more detailed than any routine ive followed in my life and i wish i had a routine like this or at least understood it

No. 58896

not hard to understand at all! I'll go through it for you if you want!

micellar water is like a really really mild cleanser, it takes off oil and makeup residue but you don't have to wash your face after using it. mostly I have it because I don't want to cleanse in the mornings

ideally I'd have a toner to restore my skin's pH level - skin is naturally slightly acidic, which means that if its pH is raised too much that certain unpleasant bacteria might find it more habitable (which causes acne)
but anyway I use the dual action moisturizer because it has the tiniest bit of salicylic acid in it.

sunscreen is important for anti-aging and for preventing any dark spots from getting even darker. I use this one because it doesn't clog my pores or leave a white cast on me

then I put on more moisturizer because my skin is dry af in the mornings

I use micellar water again to remove makeup and sunscreen and all the grime that's accumulated on my face throughout the day, and then moisturize afterward just like in the morning

I really like the cerave hydrating cleanser because it contains ceramides, which help your skin retain moisture (so it looks nice and plump). cerave actually stands for ceramide vehicle!
a BHA, or beta hydroxy acid, is a gentle chemical exfoliant, so it helps to remove dead skin cells, which allows the newer ones to shine through. it's oil-soluble, so it also reduces clogged and enlarged pores by reducing the amount of sebum (yucky face oil) that's in them. this is very useful if you have those black spots on your nose - don't use pore strips, they'll yank out all of the spots and your pores will be stretched out! the dots are called sebaceous filaments, and their appearance will diminish.
an AHA is an alpha hydroxy acid. this one is water-soluble. it helps to inhibit melanin production, which is the source of dark acne scars that are left behind after a breakout. also works as a skin brightener.
AHA and BHA products also keep your pH in check!
I use serum after exfoliating because then my skin is fresh and clear of any excess sebum/etc. and the fresh skin is ready to absorb any ingredients I put on afterward!
niacinamide is the holy grail of skincare products and I honestly pity anyone who is allergic to it because it works wonders. lightens scars, retains moisture, evens skin tone, has anti-aging benefits, etc.
the zinc I'm not so sure about, but I know that pyrithone zinc (in Head and Shoulders shampoo) is sometimes used to treat dermatitis. it's helped my skin out a lot!
ps, make sure you look at whatever hair products you're using. I was using tresemme and it gave me awful dermatitis for several months. my skin used to be perfect and now it's covered in scars :( oh well

then finally an emulsion is like a lighter version of a moisturizer. i don't like having something heavy on my face at night and the lighter the product, the more quickly it will absorb.

as for spot treatments:
rosebud salve is another miracle ingredient and I'm not sure how it works? it's basically vaseline imho
the mint-julep masque is a clay mask. these work by sucking out the excess oil from your pores. also good if you want to reduce sebaceous filaments or enlarged pores! I use it all over my face when my skin is starting to freak out.
tea tree oil is the nuclear option and will dry out your skin (and any pimples too).

lips are pretty self explanatory, but it's important to note that you have to put something hydrating on BEFORE vaseline because vaseline doesn't moisturize (it just keeps moisture from escaping)

I get very autistic about my skincare. I've also started a skincare blog on tumblr as an outlet for my obsession with it so lmk if you want me to link that too!

No. 58912

link to skincare blog? im interested

No. 58922

Back acne anon here from some time ago.
My back and other parts of the skin got worse over the weeks and now affected other parts of the skin such as my chest, back of the neck and scalp. I was looking up yeast infections on the skin and the pumps I have look exactly like that. Went to the dermatologist today and she assumes the same. Took a sample and now I wait until tomorrow. I hope this finally has an end. I'm sick of my skin!

No. 58925

When you say 'yeast infection', do you mean pityrosporum folliculitis? Because that's what it sounds like, rather than acne, speaking as someone who has dealt with this myself. Try using a dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders on your skin. Seborrheic dermatitis (one cause of dandruff) is also caused by yeast, so dandruff shampoo works super well. Tea tree oil is good for this too.

No. 58928

Yes that's the term I meant. Thanks anon. I have a bit of dandruff shampoo at home so I'm gonna try that tonight and see if it makes a difference and then just wait for the results tomorrow afternoon. But I'm pretty certain it's that as no other acne medication helped so far.

No. 58948


No. 58954

Yeah, basically it just got rid of the massive indentation under my eyes but the dark circles really didn't change. As for the price, it was about 750$ Canadian. I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn't sure how long it would last and I didn't want to pay that much for a temporary fix… but like I mentioned before, they seem to have held out fairly well so far.

I'll try to find those pics for you! Sorry about the wait- I think I'm going to have to look through some old SD cards. I have my final exam tomorrow, so I'll probably get around to finding/posting them after that or the next day.

No. 58956

I'd love to see pictures, been considering having it done too. Have you had any other work done, if I may ask?

No. 58980

thank you so much anon!! do you wear heavy makeup throughout the day?

How long have you been doing this routine for also? Thank you so much for explaining BHA/ AHA type things because i've been confused for this entire thread. you are a sunshine. <3

No. 58981

damn that sounds really worth it tbh. i have to get braces first (only like seven years too late ayyy) and that will hopefully be next. good luck on your exam!!

No. 58992

hey no problem!

I don't really wear makeup - it's not that I absolutely "don't need to" because I still do have some scars, but I find that my skin looks nice enough without it. but when I do wear makeup I make sure that I take it off as soon as I can. if you wear makeup regularly then you should look into double cleansing – you go first with an oil cleanser to dissolve all your makeup, and then with a foaming-type cleanser to remove everything else.

the makeup I do use, that has worked for me, has been
>foundation: MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream
I've got a medium skin tone (light-skinned south asian) and shade 23 fits me really well. it goes on kind of gray so you have to let it oxidize into a nice colour. gives you a dewy, healthy look without transferring or looking greasy! It also has SPF which is great, but I'm a stickler for using a dedicated sunscreen regardless of what I'm putting over it.
I use the maybelline age rewind concealer and it works fine for me. I wouldn't recommend the foundation from the same line, though. mostly the MISSHA stuff is good enough for spot concealing but sometimes I'll feel like doing a bit more!

for other makeup, I usually just line my upper waterline with a brown eye pencil and then use clear mascara. I don't really like the look of heavy makeup
the burt's bees tinted lip balm is also incredible! they have a lip crayon that I use also that lasts really long, and it's my only lipstick so I wear it for super special occasions only

I've been doing this for a couple of years now I think! I've only really settled into my "final" routine (the one that works best) for a few months though. Lots of trial and error involved. it's a good idea to just go with the most inoffensive products marketed for sensitive skin and then work your way up from there.

patch testing is important too, you should always sample something on your hand and leave it for 24 hours to see if you get an allergic reaction. then before using it on your entire face segregate it to one side and you'll be able to isolate what's breaking you out (if it is breaking you out).

hope that helps :) again you're welcome to check out my blog here and submit requests >>58948

No. 59020

So I got my results from the dermatologist and there is definitely a lot of fungus on my skin. I washed with dandruff shampoo yesterday and immediately noticed that my skin looked less red and inflamed.
Got some cream and lotion to apply. I hope this disaster has an end now.

No. 59050

Thanks for posting your routine, anon! From my limited knowledge I'd say you put together a pretty simple but effective routine!
We should all post ours too, to help and inspire each other. I'd post mine but it's not even what I would call a routine. I really want to start taking better care of my skin but unfortunately I don't have the means for that yet.

I have a few questions; for someone who also uses minimal makeup double-cleansing isn't that necessary, right? Can I use micellar water instead of an oil cleanser?

I'm liking the reviews on the clay mask you use. Someone recommended me the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, I wonder which of the two would be better for my enlarged pores/sebaceous filaments…

Also, I'm on the hunt for an affordable BHA/AHA product, does anyone have suggestions?

No. 59065

you really don't need that much money - like I said, my routine is very cheap :)

>minimal makeup

depends on what you mean? the most I'll wear on a daily basis is some concealer and the lightest layer of BB cream. micellar water is enough to remove that, you just have to keep swiping until the cotton round has no more colour on it - depending on how hard your makeup is to remove, this might be too much swiping.

both of those masks are really good! I haven't tried the aztec one but I think it's pretty good based on what I've heard. MJM is less expensive, which is why I go for that one instead.


the CosRX BHA blackhead power liquid and AHA whitehead liquid (? i think that's what it's called) are really good and super cheap. A bottle of each is $20 and will easily last you 2-3 months. the paula's choice BHA liquid is also really good, but slightly more expensive - I'd recommend going for the trial size, which goes for like $9 CAD but will last you for a month if you're careful.

if you want to make products like that last longer, make sure you're applying them with hands and not a cotton round – the cotton round will absorb some of the product and it will run out more quickly.

I'd also recommend using the clay mask after putting the BHA on your face, because it will help to loosen up the sebum and the clay mask can then do its job more effectively.

No. 59126

I had a stye and eye infection so the inner part of my left eye is really red and hurts. I want it to heal ASAP please give me some fixes

No. 59128

Go to your doctor, they will give you a cream which will help and you'll probably have to apply it for a few days.
Warm compress helps too, but I don't think it'll make it go away. And don't put moisturizer there lol

No. 59140

>I'd also recommend using the clay mask after putting the BHA on your face
I can second this, soak clean compressed sheet mask in BHA, leave it on your face for 10 minutes and even the cheap L'Oréal clay mask will do wonders after this prep.

No. 59175

Ow god, I had a eye infection in both my eyes for 3 years!!

>wash all your make-up (better yet, throw it all away)

>don't use any eye make-up till it heals
>wash pillow daily
>clean your eyes with water that has been boiled
>wear sunglasses if light it too bright
>don't touch your eyes
>go to the doc asap

Hope you're better soon, I feel your pain

No. 59178

You can also put a warm, not hot, compress on it to bring it to the surface.

No. 59186


>minimal makeup

Same as you, most days I don't even wear BB cream. So I think I'll get the micellar water. I was going to buy the Bioderma one, but I see the Vichy one is cheaper and about the same, yay!

Thank you so much for all the tips! I'll make sure to have them in mind while building my routine.
I'd follow your blog, but I don't have tumblr… So I'll just bookmark it.

No. 59229

If I post a picture of my chest/stomach will you guys judge me? I have acne there but also super bad hyperpigmentation. I also suffer from dermatillomania horribly and that paired with my adderall makes the picking…so terrible. I recently had a looong session (of picking) that started at like 2AM this morning and has stopped like an hour ago. Some places are so red/puffy and idk I'm so embarrassed of myself.

I just want advice so badly and I think if you guys saw a picture you would be able to better judge what I need to do. Obviously I need to get the picking under control but I also need help lightening scars/controlling acne on that area. Some areas have been so picked at because I keep "seeing" the scar tissue form a new pimple inside, they're so dark and ugly. I can barely take my shirt off around my bf at the best of times.

If it's any help, I also have high testosterone and another male hormone, have a lot of fine hair that makes the pimples worse, and they often get ingrown. I'm so sad and depressed I don't know how to fix this, I've tried so many things from scar creams (aggravates the acne), dermatologists (medicines made me REALLY sick), natural remedies…nothing

No. 59231

have you tried spironolactone? you said medicines make you sick but you didn't say which ones. i have slightly elevated testosterone and i can 100% say that drinking spearmint tea twice a day jump started my skin improving.

i drink spearmint tea twice a day, take vitamin e at least once a day, sometimes twice, zinc once a day, borage oil capsule once a day, vitamin a capsule once a day, and am now on 50mg of spiro. my skin has improved A LOT.

i also use tea tree oil infused goats milk soap, and just starting using Skin&Co products (i got a sample of their toner in my ipsy bag this month and liked it so much i went whole hog on a $100 set of their products. it's been two days and my skin really does feel softer and look better no fucking lie.)

No. 59232

Honestly I can't remember what I've been on, two oral pills and a few topical, one being Accutane? I think that was it? But honestly this is embarrassing to admit but I'm 24 and just moved out of my parents into my boyfriend's house to get out of a bad family situation. I've still been very stressed and lacking mad amounts of sleep 2hich I think helps contribute to me breaking out..

Also embarrassing but I have no money and am afraid it's "greedy" to ask my parents to help me with something…superficial? Is that the right word? Now I'm not sure where to turn. I'm trying to improve my diet but I barely eat and everything is a mess. It's why I'm trying to hopefully turn to more natural options to make it hopefully cheaper and since I get so sick from so many things avoiding a lot of medications my body might know how to handle.

I'm gonna try to gather the courage to ask my mom soon to help me look into the things you mentioned and maybe get an appointment with a dermatologists again. My parents aren't lacking in the money department so I shouldn't feel so terrible asking but idk. Do you think there is hope to getting my skin back to semi normal? I'm gonna say fuck it and post a pic of what I'm dealing with…sigh

No. 59233

File: 1493393707229.jpg (2.23 MB, 4032x3024, 20170428_113120.jpg)

This is my sad skin…very nerve wracking to post this but I'm losing hope. There's pink zinc on my skin right now so it's camaflouging how dark/red it is right now, but I guess you get it…

No. 59234

none of the suppliments i'm taking are expensive, i get them from CVS or vitacost.com. i live in MA and since I just work part time I'm considered low income so I get mass health. I was first on 25mg of spiro for about a month and a half and was just recently upped to 50mg two weeks ago because i was still breaking out on my back. The 25mg of spiro only cost 3.50 with my insurance, the 50mg is 6.50ish so it is not an expensive medication.

and to be honest, unless you are shaving, you are waaaay less hairy on your stomach than i am.

No. 59235

just adding that you need to be on the medication for a long time to really start seeing the effects. birth control did nothing for me, but the spiro is working, and its taken a month to really see the difference so you have to have realistic expectations and stick with it. for the spiro to even effect body hair growth you need to be on it at least a year. be patient.

No. 59238

hi anon, I had very similar issues to you. My hormones were completely out of balance (a lot of testosterone gave me more hair, acne all over my face and back). I found out I have an underactive thyroid as well as a stomach issue called "leaky gut". Food slips through holes in the stomach and wrecks havoc in the body.

Try to do some tests for food allergies, and I definitely recommend staying away from oral contraceptive pills if they didn't help. Those pills absolutely ruined my skin (still working on the scarring and pitting now).

Natural could be a great way to go. Cut out irritants like soda, excess sugar (only 25g a day max), and junk food. Incorporate veggies into every meal if you can. Write down your meals for a couple days and see how you feel after them. You can do this for longer too. I personally cut white rice, gluten, and dairy and my skin is happy and pimple free (just hyperpigmentation now!)

It sounds like your issue is mainly hormonal, so perhaps look into natural hormone treatments, like Maca in pill form I believe.

A dermatologist could definitely help. And for the picknig issue, I was there too. I was constantly popping stuff on my face and back. But it was because I would stand in front of the mirror for way too long and get the urge. So try to wash your face, do your routine, and get away from the mirror.

Good luck anon! I just noticed your pic too, I have not seen something like this so probably a derm will be your best bet!

No. 59242

Most of your problem from what I see in the picture is the picking, as that particular area isn't really a place where hormonal acne happens. maybe try to start a hobby that occupies both your hands? like knitting? or playing videogames? an hour spent knitting is an hour not spent picking at your skin.

if all else fails force yourself to wear gloves whenever you're not in public. if you didn't pick you wouldn't be introducing bacteria into your skin and you wouldn't be getting as many infections.

No. 59243

also keep your nails as short as possible so you can't dig in as deep into your skin

No. 59246

No matter what razor I use, I always get razor bumps and ingrowns. I've tried everything down to expensive Gilette and Wilkinson replaceables

It is an endless nightmare of hiding my bumpy, ingrown fested legs and vagina from my boyfriend and it is driving me mad. I've tried baby oil, etc, what the fuck is wrong with my skin this never happened when I was 18

please help

No. 59361

Wax or laser

No. 59364

File: 1493579928212.png (256.71 KB, 1366x648, nzShEG8r.png)

I've been trying to follow ScA and MuA advice, but I can't get the products without them costing an arm and a leg!

I live in the EU (Slovenia) and local stores don't carry those brands (CeraVe, Paula's Choice, Shiseido …). I don't want to ship it from amazon.com, because of the enormous tax and shipping cost but also don't want to buy it from amazon.de / amazon.co.uk, because the same products cost MUCH more! Check picture for side by side cart comparison.

Can anyone recommend me some European cosmetics webstore, where I can't get all those products with reasonable prices and shipping?

Sorry for simulatenously posting this here and on ScA. I've been trying to order on amazon for DAYS but can't get around high costs! Please, help :<

No. 59365

from what I see CeraVe is cheap shit and there's tens of brands that do the same stuff that are available in Europe - french pharmacy or any pharmacy brand for sensitive skin, really.

No. 59367

then what the fuck is with all the sca cerave pushing? i just want something with millions of reviews of it working

i have dehydrated skin or dry skin and mild rosacea. i want my skin to look good an that's it

No. 59368

I imagine this market sector in the US is pretty limited, thus all the CeraVe shilling. Maybe some of their products are really that good in their category, but there's nothing in them that can't be easily sourced from other brands.

No. 59369

try amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk

it's from the UK so usually no shipping cost since it's still in Europe.

No. 59381

Jesus Christ just go and buy something and see if it works. Even if 2 billion people use CeraVe, that doesn't mean you have to as well. I live in the non-shit part of Europe and only use local brands, my skin is grand even though I'm using obscure products with 0 online information.

No. 59399

File: 1493611021198.png (1.48 MB, 964x1452, eyes.png)

Thank you for the well-wishes on my exam!
Here are the pictures I promised. I know I had taken 'before' pictures prior to getting the fillers specifically for comparison, but I couldn't find them for the life of me. I ended up having to crop my eye area from various photographs instead, so it's worth noting that I'm wearing makeup in all the before pics (also, I believe the bottom one was taken with my camera's portrait setting which has some sort of automatic skin softening feature). Please ignore my eyebrows in the first after pictures as well… I have no idea what's going on with them, I swear they're not usually that unkempt.

Anyways, I don't know well the pictures showcase the difference… The lines of my dark circles are really defined so it kind of looks like a shadow. I think the second-to-last pics in each row are probably the best indicators of the difference. I'm smiling in both but you can really see how noticeable the indentations were in the first one.
(btw if you're wondering why my skin looks so flakey in a couple of the pictures, it's because I recently had dermatitis on my eyelids and the area is still rather dry.)

Thanks for being patient- I hope this helps! If you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them as best I can. (Faster than it took with the pictures, haha)

Not a problem. I actually had cartilage removed from behind my ears when I was 11 because they stuck out a lot and and I was really self-conscious about it. (and that particular procedure was covered by my province's health care for anyone under 16.) Apart from that, I haven't had any other work done.

No. 59417

Fill in your eyebrows deeper, you're now making it clear how close your eyes are.

No. 59418

Thank you for this very useful post about living in Europe and having nice skin. I will now leave my house and try a product for the first time in my life.

No. 59420

Gee girl, just try something like Avene Tolerance Extreme or Antirougeurs, it's better than importing Ceteareth-20 in a bottle from US of A for 20 EUR.
If you did try everything available in Europe then I doubt CeraVe is going to save you.

No. 59421

Thanks. Of course I didn't try everything, I just tried buying shit at random.

No. 59423

Look for locally made stuff in pharmacies too, I use a polish Cetaphil dupe that costs the equivalent of 2 euros and that's not even the cheapest one available.

No. 59427

holy crap anon i want this procedure so bad now ;-; also you have beautiful eyes

No. 59429

Cheers love, go get 'em

No. 59442

I appreciate the advice. I've always struggled with my eyebrows because they grow in 2 different shapes… Thanks for the tip!

Aw thank you so much! Good luck, I hope you're pleased with the results if/when you get around to it. ♥

No. 60042

Spearmint tea / goats milk soap / borage oil & vitamins anon from many posts up.

I am now at my second month of being on spironolactone and I'm so happy. My skin is clearer than it has been in years. I still have hyperpigmentation, but if it weren't for that I am almost to the point of being able to leave the house without makeup.

My first month was at 25mg once a day, and that had started to help my face but didn't really touch my backne, so I asked to be upped to 50mg. After being on 50mg for a month I'm now finally seeing my back clearing up and some of my body hair is thinning. I'm still drinking spearmint tea along with taking spiro. I also bought some expensive skincare shit from Skin&Co and I feel like its helping too, as my skin is baby soft and my dry patches are slowly going away.

The only downside is being thirsty and peeing a lot more but fuck it, its worth it.

No. 60069

>I'm still drinking spearmint tea
why tho? you're on actual medicine now and random hormone-affecting herbs may fuck with you in some other way. maybe i'm overreacting but i read enough about people getting circulation problems and irregular cycles after eating hoary willowherb for acne.

No. 60101

How do I work my routine around the fact that I shower before bedtime, instead of in the morning?

No. 60104


what's your routine now?

No. 60139

what's the problem though? You can wash just your face in the morning and go with the routine as anyone would

No. 60155

im on what is considered a low dose of spiro. to really effect body hair you need to be at like 100, but i'm not a hambeast and i don't have high blood pressure so going on anything higher wouldn't be good for me. don't want to get my blood pressure too low and pass out everywhere and shit. so keeping on with the tea and whatnot ups the DHT blocking i need without the risks of higher doses of spiro.

No. 60157

I've mostly gotten rid of my acne pretty consistently for the last month or so. What steps can I take to create an even tone for my skin that is left over from past acne?

No. 60163

If I put stuff on my face before I shower it will just come off, and if I put stuff on after I shower I'm afraid it won't work correctly.

I just wash my face in the morning and maybe put on sunscreen or something.

No. 60211

File: 1494381076688.jpg (115.79 KB, 640x640, IMG_8065.JPG)

Starting an all natural skincare routine today just posting before pics and ill add an after in a couple weeks
Also upping my water intake because i dont get enough
K bye

No. 60212

uh the majority of products are meant to be used on a freshly cleaned face. so they will all work BETTER after you've washed your face in the shower, because that is when they are supposed to be applied. then they work while you sleep.

No. 60218

Anyone have opinions on grapeseed oil?

No. 60345

File: 1494573805457.jpg (228.17 KB, 563x745, Jessica-Alba-LED-Mask.jpg)

Is the LED trend dead? There are cheaper home kits now.

No. 60383

does serum and shit really do anything? i just use sunscr. and moisturiser. is it all just marketing or ist there more i should be doing?

No. 60384

This looks scary, like something out of a scifi movie where robots wear our corpses.

No. 60385

>help me

No. 60392

No. 60398

File: 1494635304881.jpg (4.76 KB, 209x184, download.jpg)

No. 60443

So, I picked up one of those sheet masks, trying to step my skin care game up and be a little pampered for once. Put it on, it burns but I assume that's because it's working, take it off and my face is red all over. Looks like a horrible sunburn and feels just as bad. Wtf. I don't have sensitive skin and have never been allergic to anything before.

No. 60463

Sounds like you used a shitty sheet mask with an ingredient that irritated your skin. You should never feel irritation from a mask.

No. 60476

Does LED light therapy even do anything long term? Even a little bit? When I look for before after pics from small time blogs (instead of sites that have an incentive to praise LED) I can never find anything.

No. 60479

Was it by any chance from the "Yes to" line? They're very common all over but always irritate my skin.

Try Tonymoly, they're getting pretty easy to find. Walmart sells some (Ae soo i believe?) that are nice and mild too.

Just remember not every brand or even every variety from a brand is created equal.
It's also likely your skin will react weirdly if you've never done skincare before (My husband's skin freaks out when he uses anything other than one specific skincare line, he can't add anything to it without breaking out for a few months first).

The only stuff that hasn't bothered him are SOME Tonymoly products (the banana-based ones for instance) but everything else burns his skin while it just feels wet and soothing to me.

No. 60480

Everything i've looked up on it during the trend's peak said it was bullshit.

No. 60543

File: 1494789647434.jpg (162.67 KB, 1052x1500, 71oPpLohUCL._SL1500_.jpg)

It was this.

I knew I should've looked at some reviews instead of being impulsive, but I guess that's what I get.

No. 60910

File: 1495132617901.jpg (115.42 KB, 640x640, IMG_8293.JPG)

1 week later already an improvement imo

No. 60912

Oh god
Yeah most individually wrapped masks that they sell like that on a corner rack are straight garbage
Definitely look at reviews first next time and dont use those anymore
And never use peel off tbh

No. 60939


please give steps!

No. 60956

I've been complimented on my skin many times but I'm actually just wearing foundation

it seems like theres a bunch of pimples under my skin on my cheeks, i can only see them when i put on my nighttime masks and the light catches them

do i just need to keep exfoliating until they come to the top?

No. 60958

Honey in place of face wash (on wet skin is best)
Rose water or witch hazel or the combination kind
Coconut oil
I dont wear foundation but if i do for some reason remove with all natural wipes (can find hem at health food stores and shit)

No. 61005

Hopefully someone here can help me. When I was a teen, my acne wasn't too bad but ever since I hit adulthood my skin has been so bad and I'm not sure why (my diet is good and I drink plenty of water).

Around my mouth and chin I get these hard lumps (that I think are spots but they never surface) which are very painful and hard to cover with makeup. My skin is very pale and my skin has lots of red patches caused by previous scarring. Also my skin is both really oily and tight/flaky at the same time.

I've no idea how to start fixing any of these problems :( I just want clear skin so I can stop wearing makeup all the time.

No. 61009

Idk about the rest, but pimples and spots around your mouth/chin are said to be hormonal! If it's really bothering you, try talking to your doctor, or a dermatologist! Birth control might help. Good luck anon!

No. 61014

My new derm says that for the summer, the only thing that will wipe out my acne is the sun (of course in addition to the face soap, moisturizer and sunblock he gave me). Don't know why but it sounds weird to me… the sun? Wipes out acne?

No. 61015

wew mate that's one shit doctor

No. 61033

Oh that's interesting, I didn't know that. I was on the pill recently to help my painful periods but it didn't really help. Might ask for another type though…

No. 61034

Actually he's not wrong. I'm from a cold climate and I suffer from acne but when I'm on holidays for a few weeks it clears up. My nails and hair tend to grow faster too. I'm really jealous of girls from hotter climates because they can wear less makeup.

Depriving yourself of sun can have really horrible effects on your body, we need it to survive.

No. 61035

I think it's more that your body needs the Vitamin D from the sun, but not wearing sunscreen is a real big no-no unless you want to age much faster.

No. 61095

yeah, uv rays kill acne bacteria apparently, but that's pretty fucking unprofessional of him imo. it's not like it's an approved way of treating acne (ie. there's no way to administer the appropriate dose that shows clinical effects). so there's good chance that either anon will see no effects because of her sunscreen use/not enough time in the sun or will burn and likely her acne will be back in a few months anyway. it's not like acne is nonexistent in sunnier climates, as it is primarily a hormonal condition.
i don't know what was in the products he gave her but if it's just basic non-medicated stuff then he basically scammed her out of a visit.

No. 61098

Not sure if this is the thread for it (since it's not face skincare) but,
How do you get rid of dark armpit skin?
I exfoliate the area with an italian towel, shave it (and sometimes wax it) every other day, clean it thoroughly everyday… but my armpits still look a dark yellow color no matter what i do with them. they had that color since i was a little kid.
I am very pale, so it shows even more in contrast, and it sucks in summer having them.

Tried whitening creams once, they did nothing, but they irritated the shit out of them. I would be willing to try another one if it has worked for any of you anons (able to be bought in EU, though).
Any products that worked for you and are good for sensitive skin?

No. 61100

It seems he gave her suncream though so it's all good.

Idk I'd rather exhaust all of the other, easier options before I started treating it with something strong like hormones personally.

No. 61118

"hormones" in this situation is usually just contraception pills.
i agree about exhausting less intrusive options first, but "just get some sun" belongs there with "just change your pillowcase daily lol" type of advice, the principle isn't wrong per se but it just doesn't address the core problem which is what i think a medical professional should do.

No. 61122

some people just have darker skin in those areas, armpits, upper thighs and knees can look like that.

No. 61123

It seems to me that all you should really do to your skin is keep it out of the sun/use sunscreen and was with a mild cleanser if you use makeup or with water only if you don't. I just don't buy into anything else. Retinol and all that stuff just seems like overkill that will just turn around on you and make your skin age quicker in the long run. I don't trust stuff like that.

Maybe I'm wrong about this but for now I look a lot younger than I am without doing anything other than staying out of the sun and using very little or no makeup.

No. 61273

I have very deep stretchmarks on the skin between my breasts and shoulders from growing a lot as a teen

they depress me, and I want to get rid of them, how do you get rid of longer term stretchmarks? white and deep grooved ones…

No. 61289

you can never get rid of them unless you surgically remove the skin they're scarred onto.
best you can do is use topical creams or oils to lessen how they look and get a little sun.

No. 61299

Try dermarolling anon!

No. 61300

I don't get how dermarolling would help? Stretch marks are scars in the dermis, a dermaroller doesn't penetrate that deep.

No. 61323

dermarolling is supposed to stimulate collagen production by inflicting controlled surface damage to the skin, i don't think there's something with more [theoretical] potential outside of laser treatments.

No. 61328

Anon from OP here, he gave me already some legit medical antiacne products to treat my acne, and for the summer he told me to stop only the antiacne gel application, since - he says - I'm getting better and it's one of those gels who react to the sunlight so it would be better to avoid it for the season. Don't know why he's so obsessed with the sun thing anyway. As far as I know it's the sea water that makes acne disappear on summer, not the sun, but I'll follow his advice and will make sure that my face takes a full hour exposed, with sunscreen of course. In this case, if nothing happens, on my October check I'll let him know that his advice was shit, lol. I can't take hormones, so the next step would be retinol. Thanks for the answers!
(Btw I just remembered that he also denied that fungal acne exists, I'm from a small town and his knowledge may be… eh… but there's people coming everywhere from my area to get visited by him and he has a certain reputation so for now I'll trust him)

No. 61598

.5mm or greater reach the dermis. You'll probably want to use a numbing cream first if you go deeper than that though.

No. 61759

File: 1495874794807.jpg (107.29 KB, 1273x922, bb0.jpg)

Is anyone here more prone to whiteheads? I have trouble with whiteheads alot then it turns into a fullblow pimple that hurts pls send help

No. 61938

Any anons have experience with hemp seed oil for skin care? I want to try it.

No. 61942

Yes, me. I worked for 3 years in a hemp shop and would not recommend you putting hemp products on your face. I used hemp balm for my face for quite a while and I found it to be drying in the long run and a bitch to soak in.

Otherwise I don't see any problems (or benefits, tbh) with putting it on the rest of your body.

No. 61952

Hmm, thanks. Pretty much every type of moisturizer, lotion, cream, etc. has made me break out in a rash, so I'll take your word for it and stay away from products. Have you tried plain hemp seed oil? Also, do hemp products smell weird?

I've been trying out pure oils lately. Coconut, jojoba, olive, argan, and shea butter clog the fuck out of my pores. I use camellia right now with no irritation, but I still have thick, grimy sebum that I can't seem to wash off, and I've heard that an oil with higher linoleic acid (like hemp) would help with that. People have also said it's good for eczema. Idk, maybe I'll just have to get a small bottle and see how it goes.

No. 62042

I've had really bad acne lately and I went back to my old routine from when I was a teenager: using a gentle exfoliator every night and covering my face in Sudocrem.

It's only been about three days and already I've gone from not wanting to leave the house to clearing it by around 70%. In a few more days it should be gone completely.

Just thought I'd share for anyone who hasn't discovered Sudocrem yet, it works miracles.

No. 62043

what exfoliator?

No. 62045

File: 1496275108069.png (415.64 KB, 649x649, Y2WkEyl.png)

Pic related combined with 2x daily gentle facial washing rid me of my acne. I highly recommend it and am on my third or fourth stick now.

No. 62047

Just the little green one from Simple because my skin is very sensitive.

No. 62048

Does anyone have experiences with dermalogica profucts? I've had a 90 minute facial yesterday plus blackhead and whitehead extraction. I got some products to try and my skin does look a whole lot better after the treatment. Less dull, mist blackheads are gone and it look lighter overall.

No. 62226

Since The Ordinary was brought up in the makeup thread, I'll post here too. I fell for the hype train and just got my first package from them last night.

My issues are combo skin, sensitive skin, hyper pigmentation out the ass, hormonal acne, large pores, flaky patches…

I got the

- Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
- "Buffet"
- Lactic Acid 5% = HA 2%
- Advanced Retinoid 2%
- Natrual Moisturizing Factors + HA

I used the Niacinamide and Buffet last night and this morning. The Niacinamide sinks into the skin, but the buffet leaves a faintly tacky feel. I'm going to ease myself into the Lactic Acid, maybe do it twice a week, and the Retinoid once a week.

I am also spearmint tea + spiro anon, the spiro has done a lot to clear up my skin but now I need to undo as much damage as I can.

I'll keep you guys updated if anybody is interested.

No. 62227

I'm using their Vit C + HA suspension cream and I like it, but it's super potent and siliconey. I'd ease up on the actives if their other stuff is anywhere near as strong as this.

Do you really need the retinol for treating all your issues? Because if you really have sensitive skin as you claim, it won't take all of that very well. It'll just make you sun-sensitive and even flakier.
5% AHA is good, but for enlarge pores you may want to try 1-2% BHA, it's not photosensitising like AHA (Lactic Acid).

No. 62238

File: 1496513186780.jpg (334.9 KB, 1365x2048, theordinary.jpg)

I did a lot of research and my skin isn't really that sensitive (it was never sensitive at all until starting this fall inexplicably.) their lactic acid is supposed to be very mild, i already used it on my back/shoulders last night with some buffet and felt nothing at all, and this morning there is no irritation, no dryness etc.

most of the people i've seen who are using the lactic acid from them use it every other night, some even every night. the retinoid is also supposed to be pretty mild from them (i've heard their 1% is crazy though and will make you peel/sore.) I heard bad things about their Vitamin C suspension (burning, gritty texture etc) so I didn't opt for it.

I based my choices from reviews from gothmista, waynegoss, and a reviewer who seems to have disappeared entirely from youtube and his website is gone too but it was inthenameofskin.

But mostly I focused on this chick's review

she uses the 10% lactic acid daily with no ill effects. with results like pic related after only 5 weeks i had to at least try

No. 62249

File: 1496529613749.gif (449.75 KB, 245x245, leosshattereddreams.gif)

ooooooooooookay. update already. my face has broken out with some micozits/white heads. looking around online leads me to believe that its the niacinamide, as ive found a few reviews from people saying that niacinamide in products broke them out.

super disappointed. washed my face and covered it with some aloe vera gel. never expected such a quick bad reaction. now i got to go back to my regular routine till my face calms down, then i guess i'll try the buffet by itself for a few days.


No. 62252

Told ya.
Also skin on the body =/= skin on the face.

No. 62254

no youre warning was about the acids. i didnt use lactic acid or retinoid on my face. niacinamide is just a high concentrate of B vitamins and the serum had zinc added. the only products i used on my face last night and this morning was the niacinamide and buffet

No. 62255

Okay, why is this stuff so cheap?

No. 62256

apparently because they dont pay for advertising, use cheap simple packaging, and each serum is basically just that one active ingredient rather than most other serums that have multiple ingredients to target multiple issues at once? you're meant to sort of pick and chose the products to create your regimen to suit your skin needs.

No. 62270

Their brand is all about being cheap and no nonsense, which allows them to stand out (and it's worked since stuff flies in and out of stock so quickly). Also, part of the hook they get you with is exactly how cheap each item is. It's really easy to just stack up your cart and end up buying a dozen products since each one is only 5-15$.

No. 62281

Maybe it's like a lot of skin products for acne that in the first time will make you break out even worse than before, then start getting better after a week or two?

No. 62291

from what i read that sort of thing usually takes a few days to start happening, rather than fucking your face up within 24 hours though. the niacinamide isnt supposed to have exfoliating properties so idk. it MIGHT have been the buffet, but looking around online i've found many posts and reviews about the ordinary's, as well as other brand's products that contain niacinamide and a small percentage of people seem to have a bad reaction to it. theres a difference between a purge and between irritated freaking out skin, and i'm 100% sure this is not a purge.

No. 62336

File: 1496661074080.jpg (206.2 KB, 2466x704, IMG_20170605_210812.jpg)

A bit of a retarded question- what are these tiny brown spots across my nose and cheek area? Are they freckles or something else? (I'm a relatively pale south-asian and don't know what freckles look like on my skin type).

I've been doing a skincare routine for about a year now and seriously for half a year. My skin has cleared up heaps and colour has evened out a lot but don't known if these need spot treatment?

No. 62337

They look like freckles to me. It's not that uncommon for asians to have them too.

No. 62338


Thanks anon!

No. 62344

Looks like moles, start wearing sunscreen to prevent them

No. 62592

I have a sore on my face that won't heal. It was originally a pimple, I thought all the puss got out, but it's been almost 2 months and it won't go away. What do?

No. 62595

File: 1497044987813.jpg (10.58 KB, 275x227, 1495531493018.jpg)

How does one get rid of discoloration like this?

I have something similar but it's more around the mouth corners than a circle

No. 62600


No. 62610

not med anon, but speculating, but are you sure its not an infection or MRSA or something? go to a derm or the er or gp or something. do you keep picking at it?

No. 62623


Pretty sure, it's not inflamed or growing or anything, it just scabbed over and is sitting there. I've been very good about leaving it alone. I can't go to the dermatologist for another month unfortunately.

No. 62625

just use some heparin gel on that are, it always works for me in cases like this. it'll thin out the blood, help with circulation and natural removal of toxins from that area with your blood flow (sorry for being so vague, english is not my first language)

use azelaic acid on that area. it'll whiten it nicely.
you can also try something stronger like lactic acid, pha or aha but they cannot be used during summer because they may cause photosensivity.

No. 62733

How do I control my face getting red in the heat? As soon as it starts to get a bit warm, my face just starts flushing and getting hot.

No. 62736

i just got a sample of a korean sunscreen that supposedly reduces heat in your skin. i havent tried it yet, but its called MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me Blue Ray Sun Fluid SPF 50+

Maybe it will help you? Supposedly the brand is pretty good.


No. 62747

Fairly certain my skin issues stem from digestive issues. Tried a few things with my dermatologist and my GP but no dice. I live in a new country and haven't gotten a new dermatologist or a gastroenterologist or whatever it's called yet.

What are some changes I can make or some things I can take (e.g. Acidophilus) to help with my digestive tract and that may help clear up my skin? What's worked for you?

No. 62755

File: 1497223783032.jpeg (28.08 KB, 640x640, oils-of-life-intensely-revital…)

I started incorporating this into my skincare rutine about a month ago. I really like it, because it gives my skin a healthy glow and makes it really soft.

However during the last 2-3 weeks I have also gotten spontainous breakouts. I'm in the middle of my exam period, so I'm not sure if the breakouts are because of the facial oil or if it's just stress.

Anyone have any experience?

No. 62757

It might be stress or purging, but maybe cut back on using it.
I had products where they worked for awhile and then my face broke out from them. So I took a break from them.

No. 63185

Anybody here on/tried Accutane for their acne? I want to know about any possible permanent side effects. I've been on it for about a month and within a week I became extremely high-strung and paranoid. Now just today I noticed I have a small dark spot on my inner lip, upon googling it sounds like there could be a slim chance that the drug might cause melanoma, but it also be benign. Now I'm freaking out because I have to be on it for another 5 months and it's barely started working

If anybody could share their experiences, or if they have any alternatives to this drug(I want to ditch this stuff so bad) I would appreciate it…

No. 63186

I just this article today:

Try looking through the skincareaddiction subreddit, too. I don't have any personal experiences, though.

No. 63217

i was on it for 6 months as a teen, its no big deal. if you have only been on it a week then anything you're experiencing right now is psycho somatic due to you being so scared by horror stories you've read.

the only issue i had was extremely dry lips, i would do insane if i didnt have chapstick within reach at all times.

No. 63230


I took it, best decision ever, minimal side effects . Don't drink on it and follow your doctors instructions and you should be fine. I doubt you got melanoma from taking accutane for a few weeks. I would blame the anxiety at one week from scaring yourself, you're already googling to see if you have cancer lol, trust me I read some horrible things too but it was mostly fearmongering.

mine started to really kick in around 3 months.

No. 63235

Do you have to have really bad acne to be prescribed Accutane? I'm in my late 20's and still get acne. It's not terrible, but I have at least 5 zits or acne bumps on my face at a time, and resulting redness from previous zits. I saw a dermatologist recently about a different issue (cyst removal) and he just told me to wash my face using a benzoyl peroxide wash. I saw a dermatologist around 5 years ago about Accutane, and he told me just to use Retin-A (but I was younger). Having to use acne washes for however many years sounds pretty morbid to me because I'm scared it will damage my skin.

No. 63237

Seconding. I've heard some horror stories about Accutane but "after that you won't have any pimple, not even on your period". Is it true?

No. 63240

File: 1497726302657.png (101.52 KB, 415x600, 1436180599306.png)

I saw a dermatologist when I was a teenager. My acne wasn't even that bad, but he wanted to start me on Accutane right away, without even trying anything else. Let me repeat that my acne wasn't even that bad, just a few whiteheads every now and then. I didn't go on Accutane because I was scared of the side effects.

It all really depends on which dermatologist you happen to see.

No. 63253

the acne on my face wasnt very bad, but my back was a sea of cysts (it still is, though while on accutane and for a couple years after it was fine. only started getting bad again the past 3 years.)

if you only get 5 zits at a time you wont get a dr to subscribe it to you

No. 63255

how the FUCK do i clear out my back? just general red spots and stuff, but i feel so yucky when i see it in the mirror and i dont even want to doggy because of it

No. 63258


Sorry for replying to so many of you at once, but since we are on the same general topic, is Accutane popular around the world? I'm American, but moving to Europe in a few months. I'm not moving back to the U.S., and wondering if Accutane would even be a possibility abroad. I've always imagined Accutane as more of an American thing, and know it needs to be monitored by a doctor.

No. 63268


try showering with a shampoo or body wash that contains ketoconazole. i had acne on my upper legs and it helped immensely. it dries out the skin a lot tho.

No. 63270

Under a different name only.

No. 63278

It's supposed to be prescribed for cystic acne only if you've tried literally everything else(daily washing, AHA/BHA products, diet changes, exercise, hormones etc.) and haven't seen any improvement

No. 63404

Retin-a is amazing for skin and I totally recommend it. Even though it requires long term commitment, if you stop you basically just get your old skin back. There is a really gross flaky period like a month or so in, but afterwords skin is just SO glowing and beautiful. It helps prevent wrinkles long term too. The only thing that sucks is treating dry skin/using spf but that's really minimal and necessary regardless. If you end up going to a derm and getting it, try to pick up a lower dosage one (definitely not .1 like I started with).

BP facewashes are notoriously drying, have you tried using benzoyl peroxide spot treatments instead since your acne isn't severe?

No. 63423

Accutane is basically isotretinoin. Yes, it's available in every country. Just say "isotretinoin" to your derm and he will understand

No. 63730

I went ahead an bought some hemp seed oil like I said I would. Cold pressed. I'm very happy with it.

It looks gross (green & thick like olive oil) and smells grassy, but when I apply it to my skin and hair, the odor fades away. No one could smell it. The oil absorbs quickly instead of sitting on on the surface. No grimy feel. I actually had to apply more oil to my body a few hours later because my skin absorbed it all and was still a bit dry.

I apply a few drops straight to my scalp and ends of my hair before a shower. After the shower, I mix 5-6 drops with some Cetaphil and slather that on my face and body generously.

I was expecting it to be disgusting, but I think I'm gonna be using this every day. My skin is retaining moisture a lot better. The camellia oil I was using is shit in comparison to this.

No. 63932

File: 1498418255821.jpg (17.59 KB, 275x282, cicapair.JPG)

just bought this from sephora yesterday. I've wanted a Dr Jart product for a while since the rest of my skincare routine is Korean based but I knew the brand was pricier. I'm hoping it'll even out my skin tone. I get red cheeks and oily skin. I was going to just get a BB cream but the rep at the store told me this will help the problem and not cover it up. Gonna start using this week and see how it goes.

No. 64027

Has anyone here used Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex before?

Just recieved my package with it and i'm not sure if it has gone bad , recieved a fake or the texture is supposed to be like this.
It's kind of very lumpy and slightly greasy on the jar but it spreads fine and the lumps disappear. Is this texture normal for this cream or have i recieved a bad one?
For lack of better comparision it reminds me of the texture of a very slightly stirred yoghurt, which i never found before in a cream.

Also it kind of smells like a dentist clinic, which i am also not sure if it's normal.

No. 64114

File: 1498698384780.png (1.15 MB, 1133x526, gillette.png)

Whats the best razor/shaving gel to use on sensitive legs? Are pic related any good?

How do you girls shave?

No. 64116

File: 1498699633226.jpg (117.23 KB, 400x322, IMG_5674.JPG)

I use my conditioner and this body trimmer. The normal trimmer piece shortens longer hairs, and the rotary piece gets super close to the skin. Since you don't actually scrape the skin/trim the hair too short like a normal razor, you don't get ingrowns.

I actually use it on my entire bikini area for that reason. As a bonus, it's waterproof and incredibly easy to clean.

No. 64117

That looks pretty cool, and it's cute too! I've never thought of using something like that.

The thing is, I have very dark, thick leg hair and I'm concerned that the stubble will show too much. How close of a trim does it get? Also, does it get dull and do you have to change it?


No. 64118

It's hard for me to say from personal experience because my hair is pretty light, but these are really popular in Japan so I'd expect them to do a good job on dark hair.

The blades will eventually dull, but the replacements are fairly cheap and easy to swap. Plus, the shaver itself was only about $20, still really cost effective compared to regular razors even if you throw it out after a year.

No. 64122

Safety razor

No. 64129

any chance you have a link or a place to buy the body trimmer?

No. 64131

samefag but has anyone tried jojoba oil for acne? i've heard it works really good for the face but i havent tried it yet

No. 64264

Any good products for fading hyperpigmentation? Lately for some reason my occasional pimples turn into dark marks when they heal, even if I don't pick them.

I also randomly have a huge cystic(?) pimple right above my lip that's so swollen it's making my lip puffy. It's incredibly painful. Any tips on shrinking this thing fast? It's literally pulsing in pain 24/7 and it's been days. I even got desperate enough to put a needle in it, but that only got out some gunk.

No. 64269

All I could say is the whole lemon juice method or using some baking powder mixed ith salt and form a paste with water to place over that acne or try apple cider vinegar.
I tried Bragg's with the Mother for 2 days personally before having to stop due to a weak stomach, but I saw my face clear up a bit in that timespan of my acne; though it might have just been a coincidence.
I heard 3 Tsp honey mixed with 1Tsp cinnamon can help, that or 3 Tsp honey mixed with egg whites.

You could also try breaking open Vitamin E gel capsules and putting it over your hyperpigmentation areas and acne, that or aloe vera or a sliced open potato.
Some reported it helps.

Otherwise I'd look towards your diet, it seems a lot of carbohydrates (even in vegetables) and/or sugars contribute to this.

The video I attached is a girl who combines potato and lemon.
You might want to moisturise quite often with this and use an SPF however to help protect the skin after using the lemon as it can end up with the opposite effect without the SPF. Definitely use a high factor.

No. 64333

No. 64334

ugh, never give anyone skincare advice again, this shit is a recipe for a chemical burn

No. 64336

what is this meme advice, potato slices and aloe vera don't fade pigmentation, melanin inhibitors and uva filters do.

No. 64338

How did the whole putting lemon or baking soda on your face thing start? I've been getting this bad advice since I was a teenager, wonder why it's so prevalent.

No. 64553

Oh God, I used to do all of that and more. As a desperate teen I would rub lemon, toothpaste (shiver), and baking soda on my zits. My dumb ass thought if I felt my skin burning that meant it was working. Now I have slight crater-like marks where my zits were.

No. 64995

File: 1500309219399.jpeg (118.5 KB, 1834x2048, received_1516390655050088.jpeg)

Wondering if anyone can help me out, I'm fairly sure I have rosacea on my cheeks/jaw but it's not super serious so I don't want to bother with a dermatologist. Has anyone used La Roche Posay products for this?

No. 64996

File: 1500312778014.png (354.99 KB, 952x664, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 1.32…)

hey anons! i just bought this a few nights ago from CVS' new korean beauty haul and i freaking love it–very gentle on skin. i have really sensitive skin as it is and this is non-abrasive while still cleaning my pores. i do it in the morning and at night.

cute packaging
not expansive
good for sensitive skin

seems like it'll be a bit of a pain later when it starts running out because of the packaging.

(i'm saging just because i don't know if this is considered a blogpost or not.)

No. 65024

it's me

again, just wanted to add that I've seen the most improvement using witch hazel as a toner. I use the Thayers rose petal one. In the morning I spray it on after my micellar water and before my moisturizer; when I get home, I also spray; at night, I put it on a cotton round and wipe my face with it.

I've also been using the Face Shop real nature rice mask maybe once/twice every month, and it works wonders. I have literally no more zits on my face or even "hard spots" under my skin.

No. 65084

Late to the party, but woah. I've used lemon and/or baking soda with salt as a scrub sometimes, because my mom always told me that "it's good for the skin". I'm feeling like a complete retard. I've done it less than 10 times overall though, I hope I haven't damaged my skin

No. 65124

anyone use jojoba oil for skin?????

No. 65165

I used it for my skin in the past, it helps with acne and didn't clog my pores. It makes a good moisturizer as well.

No. 65220

File: 1500594820887.jpg (55.88 KB, 658x488, 1477420854612.jpg)

I have Agatha level undereye hollows, it's horrible. Is there anything I can do about this, or do I just have to bite the bullet and get fillers?

No. 65225

why spend so much money time and patience over something most people don't give a shit about?
I honestly wouldn't have ever noticed agathas eyebags until you pointed them out, it's really not a big deal, especially if you have good skin, good facial structure, nice hair, etc

No. 65234

Undereye concealer and highlight will help a bunch but if they are a very hollowed-in indented shape as well in addition to the purplish color, then you would need fillers for that. But just concealing and highlighting should give them more of the appearance of being bright and filled in

No. 65541

is there any way to lessen nasolabial folds? i have them not particularly bad but i do have them and one side is worse than the other and i feel like they ruin my whole face and make me look older and more manly

No. 65544

File: 1501033279075.jpg (43.79 KB, 640x480, 1473783129017.jpg)

Do you guys wear makeup while working out? Am I crazy to think it's strange to wear makeup to the gym?

No. 65546

File: 1501033659486.jpg (19.98 KB, 670x223, Sindhu filler WM.jpg.opt670x22…)

ugh i have under eye hollows too and i have been trying nearly every under eye cream i can get my hands on with little improvement, i think fillers would be the best option.

No. 65547

Girl you do you, if you feel like wearing make up to the gym do it, i don't think it's strange at all, just don't overdo it.

No. 65548

I feel like I'd break out immediately, and like my makeup would look terrible afterwards. Also, it seems like it'd be a pain if you want to go swimming.

No. 65554


What the fuck is up with all the tard tier advice here lately? NEVER exercise with makeup on, it's AWFUL for your skin.

No. 65559

I do it because I have a massive insecurity about my skin and my eyes look masculine without some mascara and eyeliner, I feel kinda bad about it because I don't wanna seem like cardio bunny level girl but the gym is one of the places I am most self conscious at, I should just save from gym membership and buy the equipment I need tbh

No. 65560

I used it in the past. I have really dry, sensitive, acne prone skin. Its a light moisturizer, not too greasy. Didn't seem to break me out.

Only reason I stopped using it, was I found a moisturizer that worked for me. It's not worth it for me to buy anymore. Would recommend though.

No. 65572


I can't even take a nap without taking my makeup off unless I wanna break out, and if I hear the "I go to the gym straight after work so ofc I'll have it on" excuse one more time I'm going to scream.

No. 65574

Since I'm working out at home I'm barefaced. But if I were going to the gym I would wear concealer and foundation, since I'm having bad acne for the first time in my life and I would be too self conscious to go outside bare.

No. 65576

File: 1501089459522.jpg (25.49 KB, 500x375, hahahahah.jpg)

red faced people! read this post and it might help you

so i'm this bitch

and i believed this so i tried some more SCA and MUA recommended products and it of course broke me out like crazy. my skin has been at its worst for the past few months

now i finally visited a private dermatologist and that shit has payed off instantly. before you ask, i didn't visit it before because i didn't think i had an actual skin condition

i self diagnosed myself with rosacea and dehydrated skin and tried different rutines. my last was avenes face wash, hadolabo tonic, cerave or sebamed moisturizer, biores 50spf and paulas choice BHA once a week

my face was getting redder by the second. i can't even use make up at the moment, without my face fucking exploding with redness

the derma doc told me that i dont actually have rosacea and that i have seborrhoeic dermatitis. now, dont google that, because it look absolutely disgusting (i dont have any kind of eczema or rashes or anything like this).

she gave me ducray's kelual ds and my skin turnt white in like 20min, lol

No. 65596

I'm not sure if this post should be in advice thread or here, well here it goes anyway:
it's been years since I wore makeup because my skin's extremely sensitive (I had a few allergic reactions even to products for sensitive skin). I was hoping if some anons here use organic makeup and if they have any recommendations? I don't care about the price tag, as long as it's suitable for chalk pale skin. I'm clueless so I'm not sure if I'm asking the right question? I would just like to make my face more uniform in color, it's a bit pinkish around the nose but I don't want to use heavy makeup. Is it doable?

No. 65604

no offense but that thought makes me cringe.

if you must wear makeup then go for eye makeup. for your skin maybe just dot some BB cream over any spots you have.

No. 65605

I'd also recommend witch hazel and pyrithone zinc (found in dandruff shampoos). you could also try the ordinary's zinc and niacinamide serum

I only use Head and Shoulders classic clean now, it gets the job done and keeps my face clear lol.

the lesson here is that if your skin isn't responding to actives then it might not be acne

No. 65621

Have you you ever used mineral powder foundation? Lili lolo is a great 100% natural brand, doesn't contain bismuth and other shit(like bareminerals). It's very lightweight and buildable. Also they have a good range of colors for pale skin tones and sell sample sizes.

No. 65622

My sunscreen is too thick and sticky. Is it ok for me to dilute it a bit with water? Or does it ruin the benefits of the sunscreen?

No. 65623

Get a better sunscreen.

No. 65624


I'll, but i didn't want to be wasteful.

No. 65625

just a heads up that if you are trying out a product with niacinimide in it and you begin to break out, don't keep trying to slog through it thinking its a purge. niacinimide doesnt cause purging, if you break out, you're having a reaction to it.

i learned that the hard way. its a pain to find products for hyperpigmentation that don't contain niacinimide, particularly when it comes to korean skincare.

No. 65626

maybe you can use that sunscreen when you don't really care about your looks, like when you're gardening or going for long bike rides, or use it on your body
and then get a better sunscreen for your face, like shiseido senka mineral water UV sunscreen gel

No. 65627


That's a good idea, thanks, anon!

No. 65628

thanks to both of you. do you have any recs for moisturizing and sunscreen for SD? should i just buy everything else from ducray too?

i wonder if i will ever get to use bb cream again. any of you had this kind of episode? or just having their skin permanently get fucked up like this?

No. 65633

I just checked LilyLolo and I think this is just what I needed. And there seem to be tutorials on applying it too. Thanks anon <3

No. 65635

File: 1501185926905.jpg (11.4 KB, 480x481, GlowRecipe_MakePrem_SafeRelief…)

im having good luck currently with make p:rem safe me relief moisture cream.

i was using it mixed with skin&co's anti aging regenerative face cream, but when i ran out of that cream, i switched to adding in skin&co's ultra rich face cream and my skin immediately began to get shitty (compounded by me using retinoid one night) so after like 3 days of that i just switched to ONLY using the make p:rem cream and my skin is clearing up again. not quite to the point where it was before i made it angry with the switch, but compared to 3 days ago its better.

the make p:rem cream is only 12 ingredients and its advertised for sensitive skin

No. 65636

im >>65633

i just to say that trying out aha and bha's did fuck my skin up as well. it wasn't until i stopped using them that my skin got better. last week i used the ordinary's retinoid solution which i used a few times before without much trouble, but i noticed my skin was a bit pink after. the next night i used their 5% lactic acid, which i also used a few times before, but my skin again went pink. then at the same time i also made the mistake of switching to a different face cream mixed with my usual and my skin was just pissed.

basically i havent seen any results from using the lactic acid or retinoid, and my skin was really improving the week i didnt use any of it, which is why i made the mistake of thinking i could push it to improve a little faster by using those products again. nope.

No. 65935

File: 1501554361105.jpg (251.05 KB, 2048x2048, EB4504AE-0B21-4BC2-99A6-494ED2…)

Just wanted to share this

I have combination skin that's mainly oily and I've tried a shitload of brands (decleor, Elizabeth Arden, Nuxe, excuviance, clarins etc) and nothing has been as good as this.

Mario badescu Glycolic cleanser
Paula's choice pore minimizing toner

No. 65971

File: 1501617142148.jpg (29.8 KB, 420x780, IMG_0086.JPG)

Hey anon, Mario Badescu has a gentle lotion with a little bit of lactic acid that I enjoy. I wouldn't say it has holy grail immediate results, but I really like it. My acne prone skin is no longer acne prone and it's not irritating at all.

No. 65979

File: 1501626226592.jpg (4.91 KB, 121x300, index.jpg)

My skincare routine is fucked and I'm trying to get back into it but I'm dealing with new skin issues.
Biggest thing is I sometimes drool while sleeping and it has caused red flaky patches at the corners of my mouth. I also get dry flaking skin at the sides of my nostrils. The cortisone may be helping with the mouth rash I can't tell, but no matter how much I moisturize I always have dry skin by my nose.
However, I would consider the rest of my face to be normal/oily as I always have small bumps of acne. I also have several old acne marks.

I currently use whatever gentle/sensitive cleanser I find at the drug store like simple, have both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide I use interchangeably (but see no improvement), and a light moisturizer. I was wondering if any anons had recommendations on products to try to help with my dry skin + acne. Would something from Paula's Choice or Murad be beneficial?
Also would Mizon snail recovery gel cream be good?

No. 66992

Sometimes I wake up with orange scab things on my arms, hands, and legs. They're not exactly scabs, they look more like pieces of missing skin that develop actual scabs after a few days. There's no blood and they don't really hurt unless I touch them.

I've had this problem multiple times before, eventually it went away for a few months or years at a time but then it comes back. I have no idea what they could be or how to get rid of it, I've never seen anyone else with it besides my sister. Anyone know what it could be?

No. 67062

File: 1503648583376.jpg (228.26 KB, 535x358, rainbow-girls.jpg)

I'm wondering how much sun is too much for me.
I'm outside in the sun about 20 hours a week, and otherwise pretty much indoors. It feels like everyone I know is either outside for much longer and leathery, or almost never even goes outside.
To be really specific, about 10 hours is out of shade but in the morning so it's not the brightest of the day and sometimes even overcast. 10 is in one day so i get the brightest sun but the whole time is spend under a shade structure.
I'm also the kind of white person where if i didn't wear sunscreen (which i do!) i'd tan for about an hour and then burn after that.
So what do you think farmers, am I on track for premature skin aging or am i being ridiculous and this is barely even anything? I got some korean face sunscreen bc of this website kek.

No. 67070

It's not great for you to be out in the sun without protection. Reapply sunscreen after two hours. Don't neglect your hands and neck/chest. Consider a hat.

No. 67071

i always wear a hat and try to cover up in a way that doesn't make me too hot! I definitely need to be better about reapplying sunscreen though.

No. 67132

Retinoids and lactic acid need time to work and your skin needs time to get used to them. Retinoids also require sunscreen and otherwise gentle skincare. So some pinkness isn't that odd.

If your skin is sensitive to 5% lactic acid just use it once a week.

So don't toss the products just yet, you have a whole year to call in a refund from The Ordinary.

No. 67136

I personally wouldn't risk that much time outdoors, it's not like you're guaranteed to be a wrinkly monster by 30 because of it but the less sun exposure the better. So I guess it depends how necessary that time in the sun is (like, is it for work? or play?), and how important youthful skin is to you.

No. 67141

the pinkness was immediately after application, and my skin texture looked like an orange afterwards. no thanks.

No. 67150

yeah it's for work. fuck.

No. 67550

Didn't know where to post it, this thread seems the most appropriate.
I have this problem which consists in getting red marks/lines in my face when I smile or furrow/raise my eyebrows for more than 5 seconds. When I smile it results in red laugh lines, when I move my forehead area it results in a red wrinkle-like horizontal line. Those red creases disappear after a couple of minutes, but until then they're visible. It's very annoying and embarrassing, even more since I'm an actress so I have to emote a lot and do it several times.
I also noticed that I have the same problem on my stomach, with a constant red crease that's also kinda deep and I get that everytime I sit down, so it's there almost all the time except for when I get up in the morning or stand up for a lot of time - and even then there's no redness but the crease is there, just like when you press fold a piece of paper and then unfold it and try to flatten it.
I moisturize daily. What else should I do?

No. 67557

how old are you? these are normal developments on the human body… think about how many times you bend over, smile, etc in your lifetime. even if you have 0% body fat, raising your eyebrows will eventually cause wrinkles on your forehead.

No. 67584

I'm 22 and slim… I don't know, sometimes it's as if my skin is super sensitive. Someone touches me with unclean hands and the area will get red and itchy. When I scratch on it, even lightly, the area will become red with bumps. It's not about the future wrinkles, but the redness. I get red marks from doing anything

No. 67588

Is your skin dry? I also have a skin that gets red at any touch and the only thing somewhat helping is to moisturize it constantly.

No. 67610

The derm said it's pretty dry on my body, while on face I have combination skin, oily on my T zone.

No. 67664

Any other anons live in countries that have DM? (Germany, Austria, Czech, possibly Slovakia?)

Any product recs? I like that Alverde is all vegan and all DM names are cruelty free. Their stuff is pretty cheap so I don't mind trying things out.

No. 67668

File: 1505665027833.png (119.52 KB, 235x300, feuchtigkeitsmaske-wildrose-sh…)

I like their shea butter rose mask. It's nice and moisturising, also great for calming breakouts.

No. 67670

Nice, thank you! I'll pick this up tomorrow. I love that their stuff is so cheap considering it's vegan and pretty good quality.

No. 68169

File: 1506389242891.png (116.89 KB, 328x485, bild-alverde-clear-waschcreme-…)

Anyone here used otc retinol/retinoid products? My hormonal acne seems to have gone into remission but I still have two ugly, flaking patches of closed comedones left. I have quite sensitive skin and prone to flaking around pimples too, and I'm debating what strength should I get to make it work. I'm in Europe, so retinol in cosmetic products is capped at 0.3% and often combined with AHAs (a la Avene Triacneal). Should I stick to 0.3% (possibly lower?) or get some acid combo? I'm also interested in the Granactive Retinoids in Squalane from the Ordinary, but do they even do anything?

My cuntry doesn't have DM but if I were passing by one I would get pic related. It's a dupe (using cheaper oils and extracts) for a way more expensive (at least where I live) Luvos cleanser that I once had and it was super nice.

No. 69589

Does anyone have any tips for fading stretch marks? Mine are still relatively new so they are a horrible dark red all over my thighs and make me want to kill myself

No. 69590

Moisturize your skin to keep it elastic but the only thing you can really do it wait for it to fade on its own. I had nasty reddish stretch marks when I was a teen and now they're so light you wouldn't even know they're there unless I point it out. All those miracle creams don't seem to do shit.

No. 69950

does anyone else struggle with hyper pigmentation around the mouth? it looks like i have a weird orange sunburned mustache and i don't know what to do. i'm a shutin who doesn't get much sunlight and when i do i use a really good sunscreen. i also use vit c and retinoids but it's been months and i don't see much of a difference. am i screwed? or is there something else out there i can try?

No. 69951

I have something like that but it turns my face kind of sickly green. Going out into the sun actually makes my skin looks more even-toned but I'm tanned so I'm not sure if that would help you.

No. 69953

i thought about laying off the sunscreen and getting a little tanned but i'm paranoid about uva/uvb rays damaging my skin and enhancing my already premature wrinkles. :\

No. 70113

Yes. I kind of just try to ignore it. I don't wear makeup more than once or twice a month. It's only visible in certain lights. I think my acne distracts from it, anyways.

No. 70114

Jesus Christ, that's horrifying.

See a dermatologist. Are you very fair-skinned?

No. 70121

Does anyone else get hard nodules under their skin? For the past few months I’ve been noticing these very hard nodules pop up on my cheeks and jawline. They’re not red or painful at all but they’re definitely noticeable. I leave them alone for the most part because even if I squeeze them, NOTHING comes out. What does happen (which is my fault for squeezing them so hard) is the top layer of my skin gets ripped off. What I noticed though are that on these pieces of the skin that come off are what look like plugs of blackheads that have grown and attached themselves underneath the first layer of skin. At the moment I can’t afford to go and see a dermatologist but plan to eventually, but has anyone else experienced this or heard about it?

No. 70129


Yeah I've one by my ear and another just along my jaw line. Like a hard, movable lump under the skin? They've been there at least ten years. The one by my ear is only slightly visible so I'm not too worried about them, would love to find some way to pop them though

No. 70130

No. 70250

Come here to ask for advice for my bf. He's 19 and has hormonal acne, not that much but still bothers him a lot. He has sensitive combination skin, any recommendations for a routine? I do not know about skincare for skin with hormonal acne… thanks in advance

No. 70253

Tell him to see a dermatologist if it’s hormonal they can prescribe something. In the mean time try to find a gentle cleanser one that’s maybe non-foaming and not to drying. Also I find most guys I know hate moisturizing because they think it’s counter productive and feels greasy but sometimes your skin acts out and reves up oil production when it’s dry which can lead to more break outs so moisturizing is important.

No. 70299

thank you!

No. 70532

Does anyone here have experience with cutting out dairy to reduce cystic acne?

I get huge, painful cysts on my chin all the time. I get zits most of the time but I fucking hate these ones.

I’m going to try to get on a different birth control, and drink more peppermint tea, and add a BHA to my skincare routine. But I’m also going to try to cut out dairy to see if it helps my cystic acne problem.

What are your experiences with fixing cystic acne?

No. 70539

Dairy is basically pus, so yes, cutting it out will help very dramatically.

No. 70544

Dairy isn't puss…although I agree, cutting it out could help.

Anyway, my acne is clearing up quite a bit through regular face masks and stress reduction. I'm also on birth control, although never noticed any correlation with the condition of my skin.

I tried cutting out dairy for a few months, but noticed no changes. Some people claim it helps though, so worth a try if you think that could be the cause. I really hope it works for you, since acne sucks!

No. 70546

Dairy has been proven to aggravate a number of conditions, especially skin problems. One of the reasons being the hormones (synthetic and natural) in dairy; some women are sensitive to them and causes skin to break out. Quitting dairy might not cure your skin problems but I bet it’ll reduce the severity quite dramatically. Give it 6 weeks though, you need the entire layer to renew before you judge results.

No. 70550

I'm on my third day of lymecycline to treat my acne. Anyone had any experience using it? I have what I think are papules on my face, as well as whiteheads and blackheads. I also have them on my back and chest. I hope it works. Tips to clear my skin alongside using the treatment are most welcome.

No. 70558

what kind of stress reduction? i started taking better care of my skin a couple months ago after damaging it from over exfoliation. by keeping it hydrated it's improved like 85% but i'm still getting small whiteheads breaking out along my laugh lines on the left side of my face. that's the only area where i have active acne at this point, and i'm assuming any resulting acne is hormonally caused but i want it to go away lol.

No. 70731

Actually, it is basically like drinking/eating pus. So why would you put it in your body? Check your country's allowed somatic count.

No. 70768

any advice for getting a few random zits to go away in under a week?

how effective is over the counter cortisone cream? any experiences with the "natural", kitchen ingredients stuff?

No. 70769

I've never had acne, I don't even get pimples, but my skin is just generally bad. My pores are huge and black and some of them frequently look bumpy and inflamed. I'm allergic to practically every skincare product and get at least one hive on my face daily. It is always itchy in one spot or another and if I touch the itchy spot, I'll immediately get an inflamed red spot there.

It's seriously infuriating. At the moment I'm using Fresh soy face cleanser, and Lush's 'angels on bare skin.' I also am using this Clinique moisturiser that is honestly really shitty, but it's the only one I have ever tried that doesn't give me a reaction. I sample new products literally every month but none of them ever work for me. Can't wear any face makeup or bb cream either or my face gets itchy and I get at least one little hive. Exfoliating products are the worst; they give me horrific reactions that peel the skin off my face and make me break out. Even those little brushes for your face that scrape the skin off, even the most gentle things there are. Nothing.

I am so envious of the girls that I see every day with PERFECT skin. No pores, no redness, nothing. They're just by themselves in a t shirt and sweatpants buying some fucking groceries while I stand there creepily staring at them with my basket of arugula. HOW?

I feel like I've tried everything and now I just bitch to myself about this every day of my life. I saw a dermatologist about it once when I was a teenager, and they gave me 100s of dollars worth of products that literally stripped the outer layers of skin off of my face like the worst sunburn in the goddamn world.

I eat a nutritious diet, my dairy intake is limited to the occasional frappuccino indulgence, and I get exercise. I'm fit, thin, and healthy. I'm obsessive about washing my towels and pillowcases nearly every day; if not, I always put a towel over the pillowcase before putting my head on it. I use a loose bandanna to keep my hair positioned out of my face at all times when I am not out so that it is never touching my face. My only bad habit is rarely squeezing the skin on my nostrils to see the white goo that comes out of my pores (which is absolutely disgusting, I'm sorry), other than that I don't even touch my skin. It's just so frustrating.

Whenever I mention this to anyone people just go 'oh you should try _____,' and I want to rip their damn heads off. Literally no one has ever suggested anything that works, not professionals, friends, or anyone on the Internet. And I have tried so many damn products I am honestly surprised that Sephora hasn't banned me from getting samples or returning things at this point. And I was even vegan for a couple of years and it didn't make a difference, someone tried telling me that once.

Ignore this rant, just REEEEEEEEing into the abyss, holy shit I need some actual female friends

No. 70770

what do you guys recommend for cystic acne that always shows up before getting your period? It's always on my chin, but sometimes I get it in really weird spots like my eyebrow or nostril. I wash my face, use BP, etc until it comes to a head to pop it. They're super painful. I am off birth control for over a year, and my acne didn't change. It wasn't worse, nor was it improved, just the same. I also don't want to get back on the pill because I'd like to try for a baby. I've tried removing dairy from my diet. Tried my sister's perscription retin-A. Saw no difference with changing pillow sheets, etc. I do need to go to the dermatologist obviously, but I was just curious what other people's experiences were?

No. 70795

I ran out of moisturizer and I can't replace it at the moment because it's kinda expensive, what could I use until payday comes?

No. 70796

Some kind of vegetable oil?

No. 70797

Hi! Not sure if this will help but you can try cold water for your skin to close pores. You've probably tried it already but it does make a difference. You can also try sunscreen for sensitive skin I use a neutrogena one and it actually helps with my big pores. I recommend using all sensitive skin products. As for making your skin smooth/nice i use cure natural aqua gel and so far it just gets rid of my dry dead skin and doesnt mess up my skin! I have big pores and super super sensitive skin as well. Sometimes I don't use any foundation and I will just use Etude House Face Blur which honestly gets rid of my pores and evens out my skin (I have very pale skin and this product is for paler people fyi). Sorry if I am not a big help!

No. 70798

Good god, I looked in the mirror and I've got a ton of fine lines on my forehead. I've also got a disgusting amount of closed comedones cropping up now too. I'm only in my early 20's and I've had a good skincare routine. (oil cleanser for makeup, then foam cleanser, toner and moisturizer) The CC's are new and I cannot get them to fuck off.

Should I add a physical exfoliator or chemical? and ones you guys like?

No. 70803

Samples. Walk into a beauty store and go around asking for samples.

No. 70806

its the oil clogging your pores

No. 70807

But she's using a foam cleanser afterwards. Unless that's not enough?

No. 70856

Has anyone ever used Erborian as a brand? If so, is it any good?

No. 70878

File: 1511887248347.jpeg (77.49 KB, 600x600, P.jpeg)

Their bamboo eye gel is really nice.

No. 70899

go to a fucking dermatologist girl, samples from sephora won't stop you from getting hives on your face, most likely they only make it worse.

No. 70902

File: 1511928083655.jpeg (479.14 KB, 2048x2048, 2CC09F3E-50F9-4538-BCCD-DA5102…)

Been trying out some Korean skincare routines (I know Ordinary isn’t Korean, but it was recommended) and I’m diggin’ these products so far especially Cosrx.

cosrx good morning cleanser
Etude sunprise spf 50 mild
klairs black deep cleansing oil
The Ordinary retinoid 2%

Any recommendations on other Korean skincare stuff that’s worth looking into? I’ve got combo pale ass skin

No. 71296

the erborian bb cream is excellent!

No. 71300

>Any recommendations on other Korean skincare stuff that’s worth looking into?
I'd like to ask this as well. Especially sheet masks with lactic acid as an AHA if anyone knows any.

No. 71324

I’ve been washing my face more regularly and noticed my skin clear up which is awesome, except it’s left my pores like massive and open? I can’t describe it more than that… does anyone know how to tighten your pores so u don’t look like u just have a million holes in ur face? Lmao

No. 71339

fuck large pore genetics, you can try:
-washing with cold water
-ice cube massage (but don't let it too long on the same spot and put on good moisturizer afterward)
-eggwhite mask (smells disgusting but actually works)
- primer

No. 71341

Thanks anon, will try those! I’ve honestly started slacking in my skin care routine because I’ve become more self conscious of my pores than I was my acne haha

No. 72056

^Their pressed serums and that watermelon mask are pretty good.

^ My favorite from here is the poreless mask.

No. 72072

NTAYTT, but I tried that egg white mask and I wish it worked. Gdi.

No. 72107

Does anyone have tips for dramatically sensitive skin? It’s dry, flaky even after exfoliating, yet also seems oily in places and I always have at least one blemish, adult acne is embarrassing. I’ve tried leaving it alone completely, just cleansing it, variety of moisturizers, even stuff aimed at sensitive skin like Clinique can make it flare up badly. I tried prescription creams for the acne part but they either don’t work at all or give me sunburn. I don’t have rosacea just very problematic skin and wondered if anyone else has managed to deal with this? I can’t afford to see a dermatologist. Thanks in advance.

No. 72174

You could give aloe based products a try. Or rosehip oil.

No. 72193

What about Aveeno stuff? Their skincare is supposed to focus on sensitive skin types.

No. 72268

Routines/preventions for crazy oily skin and hair?

My skin care routine is pretty basic mostly because I have no idea where to begin. But my skin is so oily and gross and I just don't know how to fix it or if I can.

I drink water almost exclusively, don't do sugar, cut out most dairy except for cheese, eat lots of veggies and cook a lot. My biggest vices are alcohol, cheese, and touching my face. I'm a serial picker and can not leave any kind of zit on my face or body alone. If I don't touch them I sit there thinking about it.

As far as my routine I was my face with a tea tree oil face wash and when I can afford moisturizer I use that but usually it's cheap lotion.

I'm not a big fan of overly harsh chemicals I like to have things going on my body be as natural as they can be but I'm tired of looking like a greasy fuck in every photo because all the oil on my skin pushes through my makeup.

Sorry if this is weird and rambly.

No. 72273

I've been using Alba Botanica's Acnedote for my oily skin and it does wonders. I also drink diluted apple cider vinegar everyday and I also use it as a toner. Its really helped.

For a moisturizer, you could try https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Republic-300ml-10-56-Fluid/dp/B0080EEMCA/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1514583900&sr=8-3&keywords=aloe+moisturizer

If you're skin is that oily then you'd want a moisturizer which is light. Alternatively, you could use witch hazel as a toner.

No. 72274

Oh and I forgot to mention that this

is a really good mask for oily skin as well. I've been using this for two years and it helps with acne and mopping up excess oil. Sometimes I'll even go to bed with it on and wash it off in the morning.

No. 72283

Ordered this a few days ago but amazon says my package is delayed until monday.


Will post review when it gets here.

No. 72327

Are there better pore strips than Biore?

No. 72966

File: 1515350279031.png (1.2 MB, 756x1254, pinskin.png)

No. 72967

>skin medium oily mix
> diet not unhealthy but okish vegetarian
> used to get acne and really bad pimples
> bf gets me MD perricone bc he saw it posted on a group

I haven’t had a pimple in six months guys I have PCOS and it fixed everything

No. 72968

File: 1515352098647.png (54.28 KB, 550x900, hack.png)

That's great to hear anon!

No. 73007

But which of their products do you have? I am also a vegetarian with pcos. :(

No. 73017


Ok, but water based moisturizers should go on before oil. The oil acts as a barrier so if you put it on first the moisturizer won’t absorb as well, but if you put it on after it helps lock in the moisturizer

No. 73023

Anon, I’d really like to know as well. I just got my diagnosis today, and the breakouts have been so, so painful. I can afford a facewash and moisturizer (or whatever your recommendation) while I wait for the follow-up with my OB-GYN.

No. 73041

Also hoping to know this.

No. 73044

File: 1515478997187.png (470.1 KB, 650x922, ABA534EC-BB95-4183-A1F8-DE4290…)

Pcos perricone anon here

I usually use the following moisturiser, toner and cleanser
I apologise for dump 1/3

No. 73045

File: 1515479018254.png (195.17 KB, 497x708, A1C3DDC7-84AD-4588-A91C-AE2375…)


No. 73046

File: 1515479075866.jpeg (74.13 KB, 864x864, 016B50E8-F442-4A8D-B8DC-4E2A2F…)


No. 73072

i recently had a revelation when it came to skin care, thought i'd share with the good anons here
if u have pollen allergies and/or oral pollen allergy (look it up, u might have), avoid products that contain traces of certain natural ingredients
it literally took me my entire life until a few weeks ago to realize that the reason why my face gets so irritated by certain products (especially ones with honey) is due to my pollen allergy

No. 73077

What do farmers do about nasolabial folds?

No. 73088

File: 1515590550448.png (Spoiler Image, 310.43 KB, 1054x720, 6FB25EB8-B884-4081-B6B9-8BA0F8…)

I avoid smoking moisturise like a maniac and avoid the sun.

If someone knows how to avoid / treat nasolabial folds and has successfully done it please tell me how

No. 73091


My mom had a face yoga book and i used some of the practices shown there.It does make a change in the long run but not so effective ofc.I also use intense mousturizer/or oils around that area,in a not-so-very-gentle rubbing motion.tbh i think it mostly depends on genetics,my mom,aunts and most of my cousins have it,solutions besides botox/other medical applications doesnt seem to work miracles.

No. 73098

Vitamin C serum apparently works.

No. 73101

My skin is really dry and I’m looking for a daily moisturizer. Problem is the basic drugstore one I bought makes my skin burn, and I have no idea which ingredient is at fault. I don’t have a ton of money to try a bunch of products, so my question is:
1) are there any good, reasonably-priced moisturizers with very few ingredients?
2) would it be ok to use a bit of oil such as argon or sunflower as a daily moisturizer?

No. 73102

You can use grapeseed, rosehip, or jojoba oil to moisturize. There's plenty of sellers on Amazon.

No. 73117

File: 1515645693476.jpg (121.17 KB, 1600x1600, gio.jpg)

I'm allergic to almost everything, but not this. If you find it at Mashall's or TJMaxx, it's like $4, but it's more like $10 online.

No. 73126

Where are you based? I have really sensitive skin on my face too as well as patches of rosacea and so far the only highstreet brand that I can use is Simple, but I think it's a UK brand.

It might be worth trying to narrow down any other triggers for your skin, for example literally anything will burn my skin after a shower because it seems hot water makes my skin more sensitive, and so I have learnt to only wash with a gentle drugstore cleanser and tepid water, pat dry and apply moisturiser after my skin feels dry. You might even want to try something like epiderm emollient if your skin is that sensitive.

No. 73127


Thanks for the help! I’m in the US for the record.

No. 73191

Took this advice and massaged with rosehip oil and it really seems to have helped!

No. 73200

No. 73217

Does anyone know a legit website to lookup ingredients? hopefully with both western and asian brands.
I've gotten allergic reactions from plenty of things like lipsmackers, clinique moisturizers and even a banila cleanser s: no idea why, for now ive been safe with aloe products but with all of previous items i got the reaction after using them a couple of times.

No. 73218

everybody typically uses cosdna

No. 73245

Is there a beginner's guide for skincare? I always have a few zits and don't know what my skin wants exactly. There are all these guides about if your skin is too oily or too dry or whatever, but I wouldn't really describe mine as either. It just always has one or two blemishes. They pop up, burst, heal over, and then fade away, like clockwork. What's its problem? Would my best bet be to go get a facial or something and ask them to tell me about my own face?

No. 73247

No. 73328

File: 1516039257924.png (155.89 KB, 1500x1500, 81Ej-F4ngAL._SL1500_.png)

First time trying out micellar water and this is the one I got. I saw two other ones by this brand in coconut and cucumber. I really like how it makes my skin feel. It certainly gives a different compared to my diluted acv toner I've been using all of these years.

Also picked up drops of light lotion from the body shop. Been using it and my skin is noticeably softer and brighter, but I think the sebaceous gland minimizing may be due to the micellar water.

No. 73470


I thought this post was sorta nice.


>Hemp seed oil may be my favorite oil for people with oily and/or acne prone skin! Not only does it have a comedogenic rating of ZERO, but it is known to help balance the oils in your skin. It may also help clear up blackheads and small pimples. It does all of that while helping reduce dry patches, inflammation, redness, and fine lines!


>Argan oil was already one of my favorite oils for both skin and hair, but I love it even more knowing that it also has a comedogenic rating of ZERO. The great thing about argan oil is that, because it helps balance the sebum production of the skin, it is a great oil to use on any skin type. It hydrates and works great on flaking or itchy dry skin. It is normally very well tolerated by people with sensitive skin, and it may help eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis. Because it helps balance the sebum production of your skin, it’s especially great for moisturizing oily or combination skin.


>I was very surprised to find that sunflower oil is another oil with a comedogenic rating of ZERO! There is a catch, though: you shouldn’t use sunflower oil with a high oleic content which may clog pores. Sunflower oil that doesn’t specifically say it is high oleic, which is made from sunflowers that have been crossbred to be high oleic to help prolong their shelf life and make them healthier for eating, should be fine. Otherwise sunflower oil is probably the very best oil to use on acne prone skin because it is the highest in linoleic acid of the oils with a comedogenic rating of zero. People who are acne prone tend to have lower levels of linoleic acid in their skin, and it is generally thought that oils high in linoleic acid will help with acne.


>Rosehip oil is great for helping combat the redness and inflammation from acne. I was first introduced to rosehip oil when my husband was badly burned in an accident on his fishing boat. During his rehabilitation phase, the doctors prescribed rubbing reshape oil into the scars daily to help reduce them and allow for mobility in the scarred areas of his skin. Rosehip oil is thought to help with a lot of skin conditions: from fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, and skin discolorations like age spots to eczema, psoriasis, and stretch marks.

Out of all of these rosehip has been my go-to. I've never had a problem with it and I have oily skin. It is a dry oil.

No. 73768

Is purging a legit thing? I recently incorporated 10% lactic acid into my routine and have been using it for the past month, 2-3 times a week, and although I'm starting to notice my acne scars fading my face is all covered in closed comedones. Should I keep using it? My routine before didn't cause any issues.

No. 73771

Please dont use oil on skin, it gave me cystic acne and i never had acne in my life prior

No. 73781

Skincare babby here, I have been using BHA and AHA (Cosrx AHA and BHA toner and BHA Teatree serum) 4 times a week since 11th jan, it's kinda breaking me out but my pores are starting to feel emptier and smaller, is it normal breaking out a bit? Also when does it stop?

No. 73783

4 times seems really excessive for that, i'd say 1-2 times a week 3 at most.

No. 73793

Hi, I had coconut oil as a makeup remover and rosehip oil drops in my moisturizer.

And, I have oily skin.

And, I've been doing it for 4 years.

And, the rosehip helps heal acne marks.

As with all skin care, some things work for others and some things don't.

How about don't come to a thread and tell others what to do? Because, you know, your skin and problem isn't everybody's skin or problem.


No. 73794

File: 1516730287877.jpg (72.35 KB, 1900x1068, means-cartoon-in-japanese-what…)

Oil cleansing has existed in skin care for years, anon. Nobody here has to stop doing what works for them just because you have shitty luck.

No. 73821

it's existed since freakin roman times, mang. some people just seem to get overly sensitive and don't realize not everyone is the same.

No. 73825

They're probably from Reddit skin care. That place has always been full of cunts who diagnose others through the internet and can't seem to grasp that everybody's skin is different. Don't even get me started on how they sperg out when you say that you use diluted acv as a toner and that it works for you.

And, when you tell them you know what you're doing?


No. 73826

purging is a thing but typically doesn't occur from using AHAs like lactic acid - if it does it's very mild. could the closed comedones be caused by something else you've added in your routine?

No. 73827

what is your skin type? do you know for sure if you require using both?

if you use the AHA and the BHA 4x a week on the same days, i would suggest using them on alternating days instead. depending on how sensitive your skin is, two actives on the same day could be too much.

No. 73837

Holy shit i triggered you spergs, sca recomend oil cleasing btw kek
Just trying to put it out there that some people cant handle oil and perhaps help them from destroying their skin with scars etc. Such a bitch

No. 73845

File: 1516749194289.jpg (119.93 KB, 610x561, enhanced-17378-1453379313-1.jp…)

>make a stupid comment instead of simply asking how something works for others
>get told off

You brought that upon yourself, you know that right?

And, no, sca isn't a hivemind. I've lurked that subreddit for years and they always go back and forth between oil cleansing, get triggered by Asian products and micellar water, and routinely try to play armchair dermatologist over the internet.

You weren't "putting it out there" by wording your post the way that you did.

No. 73846

Anybody have luck with dermarolling?

No. 73850

what would you be doing it for?

a close girlfriend of mine has been dermarolling for about a year for her acne scars but has seen no difference. i'm not sure why she continues tbh.

No. 73851

The marks that take ages to fade after popping a zit.

No. 73855

if it's discoloration and not a pock mark, i guess it wouldn't hurt, but i'm always quite skeptical of 'physical' methods of skin improvement (like dermarolling and physical exfoliation) and tend to opt for chemical methods instead. (i've had tons of success with AHAs, for example, in lightening my scars and even dark circles)

No. 73858

Have you used that Paula's Choice one? I see it shilled so heavily but I'm skeptical.

No. 73860

File: 1516750916475.png (91.54 KB, 600x640, toner-shiseido-600x640.png)

I hate when I'm tempted by pretty packaging.

No. 73864

hey anon, i had some serious acne scars from when i had cystic acne. heres how i got rid of them completely:
-DERMAROLLING is so important. It gives you 'new' skin, which makes the products you use after work a lot better.

VITAMIN C IS A MUST- these two are my favorites.


these pads helped a ton:

and, most importantly, RETINOL. this one from sephora is the highest % you can buy without a prescription.

No. 73866

i tried paula's choice 8% AHA lotion and it was waaayyyy too harsh on my skin. i think i still have it, barely used lol. at the time they didn't sell a lower percentage so after trying it out like three times i had to switch over to a different brand at 5%. i don't think AHAs differ too much across brands except in consistency and maybe fragrance, but if you're looking for recommendations i would highly recommend turning to The Ordinary for actives as they are a ~no fuss no muss~ kind of brand.

No. 73871

File: 1516762179017.png (210.29 KB, 1000x750, P1010704.png)

Anybody ever try anything from this line? Their face wash didn't change much for me, but their deep cream and lotion were pretty moisturizing. I know they have a blue placenta line which is apparently even more moisturizing and it smells like lemons.

Speaking of, what is the worst skin care product everyone has used? The worst for me was that face wash by Simple and the Neutrogena oil-free face wash that is an orange gel in a pump bottle. The latter dried my skin out and made it itchy, but the acne remained.

No. 73872

i use the aqua placenta. it has a nice citrus/lemon candy smell. i have the mist spray and cream. i kinda agree about the face wash, it's nice but it just seems like standard. what does that one smell like, i really like the pink better tbh.

No. 73874

Honestly, it just smells heavily of collagen lol. Collagen is a difficult smell to explain for me unless someone has smelled it already, but it smells similar to snail based products. Its not good or bad. Just kinda meh.

No. 73876

oh that sucks. i don't like the smell, i've used masks before and you're right, hard to explain.

No. 73899

My skin type is extremely oily (I mean by oily, when I use KVD foundation with setting powder and in 6h it's all oily as shit and nasty already), big pores and some light acne scars. Thankfully no heavy acne anymore, some 2-3 zits per month at my period week and they dry and disappear. Thankfully I have been long enough doing basic skincare (toner+moisturizer and weekly clay masks) so my skin is not completely ruined.

No. 74229

File: 1517139652630.jpg (66.66 KB, 900x900, IMG_9150.JPG)

I know everyone's skin is different, but have any of you used products from Daytox? I want to pick up a couple of their serums.

No. 74238

is bentonite clay as good as they say? i use rhassoul and it helped my skin heaps. Soon I'll finish the product and wondered about switching to bentonite

No. 74647

Does drinking green tea help anybody else with their hormonal acne?

No. 74650

It helped me with redness, I think. I drink 3 cups per day. But other than that I haven't really found anything that helps with hormonal acne :/

In my case: hormones are normal, I work out 4 times per week, eat healthy, minimal sugar (like 2 knoppers per week), change sheets frequently and have a skincare routine.

I'll try adding witch hazel to my skincare routine to see if it'll do anything. Other than that idk really.

No. 74672

perricone cleanser and pore tightening saved my life

I used to have really bad pcos flares and it’s 👌🏻

No. 74675

Is there anything for people with Eczema?

No. 74710

Has anyone tried stuff by The Ordinary? Wondering if its worth the hype. I have oily skin if it matters.

No. 74770

i've been using the advanced retinoid 2% for the past month. my skin definitely cleared up a little, but i still have issues with redness and some small red bumps on my nose/chin. however, i also have sensitive/normal skin and this doesn't break me out/dry me out/make me oily, so if you're new to retinol/retinoids it's essentially baby's first foray into the product since the others tend to be much, much stronger and often result in peeling. i haven't tried their other products, though.

No. 74808

I'm Canadian so I couldn't resist trying a few products. For the price, I really like their 23% vitamin c suspension with HA spheres. It's quite gritty on the skin though because the vitamin c is a finely milled powder suspended in the formula, so it does take quite a bit of time for it to sit and sink in, usually about 20 minutes (or else anything I put on top of it pills up). Some folks say that you need to wait this long anyway for the vitamin c to work, so depending on what school of thought you follow, this might be irrelevant or even a good thing. But I'm definitely considering trying one of their new vitamin c formulas that are in silicone and apply smoothly just for the sake of convenience.

I'm trying out their 2% retinoid, but I may need to discontinue use because I'm pretty sure it gave me some small whiteheads that popped up on my cheeks. Hard to tell if it's purging or if my skin really doesn't like it.

I've also tried their glycolic acid and niacinamide solutions, but they did nothing for me unfortunately. I'm probably gonna try their caffeine and buffet solutions soon just because they're so inexpensive and I'm not immune to the internet hype they get. I think for the price they're good for trying new active ingredients but like anything, YMMV with the effectiveness. I've seen better improvement with my winter skin from cosrx products, which are also quite affordable but not nearly as cheap as TO.

No. 74927

Singing the praises of retinol for diminishing dark circles. I feel like I wasted my time using carrot oil years ago.

No. 74930

Have you tried cerave products?

No. 74948

No but I'm curious as well. Personally though I'd rather pay for a well formulated product that does more than just one thing, unless you have a very specific need I don't really see the point?

No. 74962

I didn't have acne in my teens, I had the odd spot usually on my chin around my period. When I hit 21, I started getting proper, under the skin, hard and very painful cyst-y spots all over my fuckin chin and jaw. I get regular spots, seldom enough, in other places, but these things do NOT quit. I have tried everything. Also I mentioned it to my doctor but doctors here are useless unless you're blatantly throwing up blood in front of them fwiw. I have tried every combo of scrub and wash and moisturiser I can get here, as well as using less of all these, or none, or just coconut oil.
It is much worse when I'm not wearing makeup, my skin deals much better when I wear heavy makeup routinely.
It's made me really self conscious. Normally I would wear no makeup if I could, but it's not even a matter of detoxing and letting my skin "breathe" without makeup like everyone fucking says, I've gone for months without it and the chin acne just amps the fuck up. I hate it so much.

No. 74967

Same exact situation, but my skin's getting under control with a 15% azealiac acid formula prescription and BHA, every other night usage for the latter.

I have a feeling that mine's more due to stress because it flares up so badly when I'm feeling mentally unwell, though. My scarring's pretty bad and extensive, too, where my chin is an entirely different color than the rest of my face. It's weird to say that my skin only adds to my suicidal ideation, but it really does–especially since I'm like that one person in my classes who looks like they haven't grown out of the pimply teenager phase, in spite of having great skin in high school.

No. 74969

I totally understand anon, mine has really affected my mental health too. It feels ridiculous to say but it sucks so much especially when you already feel bad then find another spot cropping up. It's a catch 22 cause they make you more stressed and give you even more!!

For your prescription did you go to a dermatologist if you don't mind me asking? I really need to get my hands on something BHA. Thank you for replying btw!

No. 74970

I'm looking across their reviews and it seems hit or miss. I'm not entirely sure what the hype is other than it being cheap.

No. 74979

The azelaic acid (specifically Finacea) was prescribed by a derm, yes, but The Ordinary has a 10% formulation and there's a 20% formulation on Amazon under the name of Melazepam. If you're outside the US, apparently it's easier to find over the counter, especially in Europe.

Forgot to mention, but the BHA I'm using is CORSX.

No. 74981


I've had similar issues with stubborn cystic chin/jaw acne. While doing a lot of research into skincare and developing a good routine helped the overall quality of my skin, my acne completely cleared up once I stopped eating dairy. I don't want to be one of those people who tries to push diet changes on others but now pretty much the only time I break out is if I eat dairy, so I definitely think it's worth a shot at the very least.

I've also heard good things about birth control or spirolactone for acne that seems horomonal in nature, which I've heard chin/jaw acne often is (not sure how true that is though).

In the meanwhile, I definitely second the recommendation of a BHA.

No. 75012

Did anybody ever experience actual tearing in their skin from that st ives apricot scrub? I remember a few years back there was a lot of controversy with it. I think it smells nice, but its better off as a body scrub.

No. 75025

I have a very similar problem, too. Are there any BHA products you recommend?

No. 75158

Advices on a good moisturizer under 10$?

No. 75160

Clean and clear dual action, cerave PM, the face shop rice ceramide emulsion

No. 75164

Currently using, haven't had any bad breakouts or infections yet, then again I only use it once every three weeks when the dead skin cells pile up too much, and never scrubbed too hard.

No. 75214

I didn't get tearing but the next day after using it my skin broke out in a rash of these tiny pimple like bumps all over my whole face.

No. 75224

File: 1519058107329.png (242.65 KB, 1024x300, 485937593.png)

No. I've been using cheap lotions and ointments my entire life because my family is poor and I've just gotten my hands on some cash, via college grant.

Cetaphil works, but it dissolves too fast for my taste and it's 3-4 dollars a bar. Dove is also good, but not as good as Cetaphil.

The only two cheap soaps I like are Dial and Ivory.

No. 75225

Oops I hit send. I'm willing to try Cerave, though.

Also, I like the way Aveno products smell, but for what they are, they are over priced. Infact any skin product that's Eczema-related is WAY over priced for what they are.

I hate having Eczema so much.

No. 75227

They're literally microscopic tears, not visible to the naked eye, that can lead to increased chances of inflammation and reduced collagen.

No. 75260

Jaw/chin acne can also be caused by face touching, with hair/hands/phone. Also because people eat and don’t wash their face after, residue from food sits there (worse if food is greasy and/or wearing makeup).

No. 75261

Samefag but has anyone used The Ordinary products? Thinking of ordering something to help with texture but idk if it’s worth the money…

No. 75264

I just wanted to come back and thank you for this. Cutting out dairy and upping my water intake really did help. I also started using Lush cupcake fresh face mask once a week and it really helps too.

No. 75282

I have sensitive skin and I've tried 5 things from TO and they all broke me out pretty bad but I've heard people with good experiences too. It's cheap enough to try out and see if it works.

No. 75294

I use TO as well and it helped me with my acne. I used to look pretty bad but ever since I started using them my skin completely cleared up and I tried a lot of products over the years.
But everyone is different. Do your research on your skin and the products.

No. 75295

Recently used epiduo for a mild breakout during exam week at uni, by day 3 I had a chemical burn on my face and stopped using it. It's now about 4 days after I stopped using it and my skin has finally stopped hurting and peeling. Chemist said its a common reaction (I was on the 2.5% one) and that my reaction was mild to moderate however, it honestly looked horrible and felt worse. Do not recommend for anyone with sensitive skin.

No. 75312

I'm trying AHA and BHA for hormonal cystic acne. Has anybody tried this, and if so, how long did it take to see results? Did anybody find it ineffective?

No. 75322

Oh great I'm so glad to hear that! Seriously once I went just a few months without it my skin completely cleared up, it was crazy that I had been trying everything for so long and that was all I had to do. I hope it keeps working out for you!

No. 75540

How do I keep pollution from wrecking my skin? I moved from the countryside to a big city with lots of air pollution, and my skin is not happy. I know its not stress, because it has been long enough for me to complete settle down. I've also never had acne before in my life. I get cysts and loads of blackheads and whiteheads. My skin is also looking rougher in general.

I use sunscreen, wash my face the second I get home, change my sheets often, but nothing seems to help.

No. 75697

File: 1519805323584.jpg (17.71 KB, 348x450, 46W9bTb.jpg)

to be quite honest my sister had this issue and the only thing that really helped her was antibiotics. she also used differin gel though

she used stridex pads a few times (BHA) and it really irritated her , differin gel is also over the counter FYI

No. 75698

try chemical exfoliation such as a BHA or AHA. start once a week. in the mornings use a occlusive cream to stop anything from entering the skin. Sunscreen is usually enough for this purpose.

No. 75732

What can I do about my gross back that’s constantly ridden with whitehead’s and zits?

No. 75769

Get a long-handled brush and a medicated wash. Just make sure you rinse it out and dry it properly to stop it becoming a bacteria breeding ground.

No. 75851

+1 for antibiotics

I went off birth control and my face exploded in cystic acne. I just wish I took them sooner. Cystic acne takes forever to fade.

No. 75855

there's a big chance it's not just pollution but the water is different (worse). Try washing/rinsing your face with bottled/mineral water, not your tap water and see if there's a change.
Use clays such as rhassoul, bentonite, because they draw out toxins. Same with active charcoal. Use cosmetics with vitamin C and E. Basically practise an intense skincare with a lot of cleansing, because the city pollution can seriously wreck your skin.

No. 75856

The water quality is just as good as the one back home, I live in a country where the tap water is the same or better than the bottled water.

But thank you for the tips, I'll seriously up my skincare routine.

No. 75887

Has any of you girls already found the secret to really good skin? (I know that this sounds mean, but i don't really want to take advice from somebody with less than perfect skin) Would you mind sharing your routine?
Right now i'm at a point there i feel like i'm still breaking out, but already get fine lines, i'm at a loss of what to do… (plus i often feel so depressed that i don't wash at all)

Recently for the first time in my life i also started getting acne on the back of my shoulders, why could that be?

No. 75890

I'm depressed as well so right now I use a mosturizing sake toner and astral cream. I also try to drink as much water as I can.
One a week I'll apply AHA to get rid of flaky skin, I also wear sunscreen everyday.
My skintype is dehydrated/ combination and I used to have alot of closed comodones and more redness and flaky patches. I wash day and night.

No. 75893

Do you use only toner and no cleanser?

No. 75900

Yes, genetics and washing your bed linens (and hands). My skin has always been really nice (haven't worn foundation since I was 18, and that was only because I thought it's what you're 'supposed' to do). I just put on a nice moisturising cream that evens out my skintone.

I know I'm going to get shit on six ways to Sunday for saying something nice about myself but, well… You asked for advice from someone with good skin.

No. 75906

Thank you for your advice anon

No. 75915

Sorry! I mentioned I wash my face day and night. I use cheap cleansers like cetaphil because I have sensitive skin

No. 76030

so ive decided that since applying a full face of makeup daily is way too time consuming, fucks up my skin and makes me feel gross, im gonna stop wearing makeup aside from mascara, brow gel and tinted lip balm. the only thing i am pretty insecure about are my prominent dark circles under my eyes. anyone know any good treatments or products that lighten under eye circles?

No. 76031

Don't know if you're asking for good concealers or other treatments to lighten the undereye circles(?). Cause using concealer doesn't take much effort but makes a huge difference. I'm totally unaware if there are any creams that have a longterm effect. Oftentimes I don't want to use foundation but I usually use undereye concealers even when I do "lazy" makeup. Makeup revolution has a new line that's supposed to be a good dupe of tarte's shape tape and it's really affordable. Some other drugstore brands have good products too.

No. 76037

i follow a similar minimal makeup routine like you, I like using NARS concealer for my undereyes then I set it with a bit of powder

No. 76160

anyone here have experience with getting rid of hypertrophic scars? i have some scars after picking acne (yes, i know it's gross) that i really want to get rid of. i'm thinking about just biting the bullet and splurging and going for some treatments at a clinic.

No. 76192

Has anyone gotten rid of their stretch marks without going into a clinic? If so, how?

No. 76250

there's the whole dermaroller meme but honestly, stretch marks are very deep scars that aren't just going to go away with a home remedy. I have very bad ones from yoyo weight gain and loss but I've come to accept them.

No. 76261

File: 1521038883739.png (130.7 KB, 500x500, gar-dau_1024x1024.png)

Shoutout to this product, it might be drugstore but since I've started using it my forehead's never been smoother.

No. 76301

i use the one for combo to oily skin and it is fucking great

No. 76337

File: 1521110105292.jpg (8.45 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

Since I started using a facial brush like pic related I've noticed my skin is smoother and I don't have those keratin small bumps that look like pimples but aren't. Really recommend using a cleansing brush.

No. 76344

Where did you buy this one?

No. 76353

File: 1521143449181.jpg (1.88 MB, 4032x3022, img_6576.jpg)

I use the pink one (right) and its fantastic~ would love to try the oil one (left), but scared it will cause acne. Any anons here try it before?

No. 76355

Both the left and right exacerbate my breakouts but the middle one is good shit

No. 76374

File: 1521171975545.jpeg (79.45 KB, 800x800, 35EF257A-B072-486B-AADA-503F89…)

I got theis because it was on sale for the same price as the garnier one. I tried the pink one garnier one before and I’m pretty sure there is no difference.

No. 76375

Recently got the oil one…. that explains why I’ve been breaking out actually. My skin was doing so well until these past few weeks using it damnit!

No. 76376

Recently got the oil one…. that explains why I’ve been breaking out actually. My skin was doing so well until these past few weeks using it damnit!

No. 76388

The oil one broke me out like crazy and even caused a slight burning feeling on my eyes when I removed eye makeup. Avoid. Use the green one (normal/combo/oily skin), it made my skin smoother and with less breakouts

No. 76409

File: 1521233910339.jpg (51.53 KB, 800x800, 71224.jpg)

I use this one and I looove my skin now.

No. 76411

File: 1521234692156.png (805.27 KB, 1000x1500, RosePetalToner-site.png)

Question about micellar water + toner: toner before micellar water, after, or not at all?

I use micellar water every morning and night, and occasionally throughout the day if I feel like my face is grimy, but I can't figure out when I should use toner. Seems like if I use micellar water before, the toner would rinse off the micelles, and if I use it after, the micellar water would rinse off the toner, so either way, there's no point. But IDK.

No. 76416

Micellar water is more of a cleanser so I would say use it first and then the toner afterwards. The micelles just act as a sort of magnet to pull the dirt away so basically when you're swiping it around your face they remove the dirt but it doesn't matter if they get swiped away afterwards. If you're really don't want to to remove it then try to tap the toner in. Dont use the toner first though because it needs to remain on your skin to properly work and get its benefits. Hope this makes sense and helps.

No. 76417

Makes perfect sense, tysm!

No. 78928

File: 1523533979411.jpg (165.91 KB, 1199x675, 1522795966399.jpg)

Please help anons!

I'm the prime example of white trash that ages badly, i'm only 22 but already have
>a big wide meaty jaw a la Kooters
>bad nasolabial folds
>extremely deep set eyes and therefore very dark circles and eyebags since i was just a preteen
>no longer just fine lines on my forehead, which really make me look a lot older
On the one hand my skin is so dry that it wrinkles horribly and sometimes feels super tight due to it's dryness, but on the other hand i constantly still get breakouts, especially on my chin and jaw.
My acne is not super bad, but even if i don't have any, my skin overall looks so red and uneven.
All of this paired of with a resting bitch face makes me look like a mean witchy hag…

My body is also pretty gross:
>half a year ago i suddenly started getting acne on my shoulders/upper back
>my tits already started sagging
>i've got cellulite
>horrible stretch marks and my hips, butt, thighs and the back of my knees
>and my whole legs are full of spider veins
>also, i somehow can't shave even once without getting dozens of ingrowns, pimples and itchyness

No. 78929

Saged for samefag, but i forgot to add that no matter how often remove it, i always have cornea on my feet.
In summer they smell so badly and they're so sensitive that i'll even get blisters in my most comfy sneakers when i walk for more than like an hour…

No. 78932

Anon, I'm kinda worried a lot of your problems come from lack of proper diet, not drinking enough water and possibly no exercise. How is your lifestyle? Do you use any skin products? Did you have your hormones checked?

>On the one hand my skin is so dry that it wrinkles horribly

Sounds like eczema, I have it too.

No. 78934

File: 1523536376659.jpg (153.79 KB, 709x236, forehead-wrinkles.jpg)

I probably worded that weirdly. My skin is just always rather pinkish and small veins are visible (even on my face), because i'm so pale.
Whenever i pull up my eyebrows my forehead wrinkles and if i relax my face again there are lines left, more visible than for other people my age and they also take longer to fade; but not bumpy or anything.
I don't think that's excema, just dryness and loss of elasticity.

I don't sleep a lot and eat like shit, but right now i can't change that so at least i wanted to start a skin care routine, since i often don't even wash my face at all, not even water…

Pic related, that's how my forehead looks before and after raising my brows.

No. 78935

Is it bad if you don't wash your face?

I never wear make-up but I do apply moisturizer every day and sunscreen when it's sunny and I stay outdoors. I only wash my face with water in the shower(I shower every two days).

What are the possible negative effects of my actual skincare (non-)routine?

No. 78941

there's honestly so many pollutants outside that washing your face on occasion every 2 days once is going to mean that the grime of 2 days will be sticking to your face and clogging your pores. It'll be hindering cell renewal because you're leaving the dead skin sitting.

Get micellar water and a toner and cotton pads for your face. Every morning take the water and wipe your face, then use the toner and moisturise. I clean my face after the shower and put my creams on before doing my hair and makeup. At night do the same to your face as you did in the morning, you can add extra creams to sleep in.

Also do a face mask maybe once a week?

No. 78944

Are there any over the counter products that actually work for eczema and psoriasis?

I've got eczema around my eyes and it makes me look like I'm sick all the time, plus it's very easily irritated by pretty much everything.

I also have psoriasis, mostly on my scalp, but it's spreading to other areas too.

No. 78962

Dishydrotic eczema anon here (though it's on my hands). Look for a hydrocortisone steroid anti-itch cream at your local pharmacy. There's tons of brands, I personally use Cortizone 10 maximum strength which has 1% hydrocortisone. If your eczema is really bad, you should see a dermatologist if you can as they can prescribe you higher strength topical cream among further treatment.

However, if I were you, I would research hydrocortisone cream and the potentially long lasting effects since your eczema is on your face and in such a delicate area. I've heard the cream thins and ages the skin which the cream is applied on but I haven't personally noticed those effects on my hands. I don't know much about psoriasis, hopefully another anon can pitch in for that one.

No. 78973

Yeah the forehead lines thing shouldn't be happening at your age but everyone ages at their own pace and when it happens there's not much you can do.
Do you use sunscreen? Have 3 meals a day? Sleep at LEAST 5 hours every night? Do you sleep with the lights on, or have your phone/computer on? Do you drink alcohol, do drugs, smoke? How much are you stressing out? Do you do anything for your skin at all?

First, the quick fixes:

If you're not using sunscreen, start now. Bioderma Photoderm Fluide (the Dry Touch one) is really nice and only 2€ more than the famed Biore Watery Essence/gel. Order one, get the other in the pharmacy until it arrives, both are really good, lightweight sunscreens with moisturising properties.

Get some primer to fill out the wrinkles a bit and help the area under your eyes hold concealer better. Bourjois Blur the Lines is great, Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer is cheaper and also good.

Get some concealer for your undereyes. Bourjois Radiance Reveal is really really really nice (seriously, I love it a lot and I've used many different brands). Prime the area, apply the concealer sparingly and tap until blended, seal in with some translucent powder (Innisfree No Sebum is great, if not Essence All About Matt is also good and very cheap).

If you're not using any skincare products yet, get a good pH balanced cleansing milk or lotion (I use a Nuxe one but lots of people in the States like Cetaphil), a makeup removing product if you wear any makeup and for the sunscreen (Etude House's Real Art cleanser is good but you can find a lot of pharmacy cleansing oils, micellar water is also popular but I find it's not as strong), one lightweight moisturiser and a heavier one for night time (La Roche-Posay Lipikar AP+ is super cheap for the size and has niacinamide as the 4th ingredient).

Second, cut out soda from your diet, try to drink more water and/or green tea, try to eat more vegetables (roasted capsicum is really good, asparagus with hollandaise sauce is delicious, you can also buy frozen veggie mix and fry it and eat it with some fish or chicken and something else like potatoes, try to push yourself to eat more salad with your meals too. It's okay if you can't do it all the time, at least try three times a week at first. Get a multivitamin and take it every day. Try to wash your face twice a day, when you brush your teeth for example.

Later you can start introducing vitamin C into your skincare and if you have leftover money get fillers for your nlf (I have them too, mine are genetic) and forehead. I'd suggest retinol but you seem kind of inconsistent and if you aren't vigilant with sun protection it can only make things worse.

Good luck! Sorry for the long post.

No. 78984

I have this too, from skin dryness. It’s probably not as noticeable to others as you think, if that’s any consolation. Get a good moisturiser and sunscreen to stop it getting worse.

I’m still trying to find something that doesn’t either make my skin drier or cause acne, sensitive skin is an ongoing battle.

No. 78985

Anon there is nothing you can do that will work as well as Botox. If this bothers you that much I'd consider it, no matter how young you are.

No. 78998

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer, anon.
I actually drink a lot (nearly only water), even take mutivitamin pills, but other than that i'm retty bad i guess.
I just checked and here the Bioderma one costs just half as much as the Biore, so i'll definitely try that.

About filler/botox, until now i've done shit for my skin, so i do hope that if i finally manage to put in some effort it'll get better. I'm really against any kind of ps, i'd rather stay as i'm now.

No. 78999

File: 1523573163542.jpg (7.84 KB, 188x268, images-1.jpg)

I get why she has a modeling career. But I HATE the weak chin, massive lips looks.

No. 79000

Thanks for the tips, anon.
I should try that, it's not much work after all.

No. 79145

Any eurofags here? More specifically german/living in Germany? I'm looking for recommendations of cheap skincare products I could find at rossmann or DM

No. 79147

Pale Brit living in California.

I was awful about wearing sunscreen in my teens. I didn’t want to smell like it and I was super awkward about being the only super pale girl.

Now in my twenties, started wearing it because I’m sick of the perma-pink on my cheeks and forehead (which my sisters and Mum don’t have). How long do you reckon it’ll be until long term sunscreen wear reduces my redness?

I don’t have pimples and no noticeable blackheads… so I’m really lazy about taking care of my face. Will I have to take more care now I’m wearing sunscreen and do more than rub my face with water in the shower? Will it break me out if I’m not careful?

No. 79149

I'd like to second this.
Many anons here seem to only use either korean or high end brands, which is expensive and a hassle to order…

No. 79150

Does anyone know of any skin lightening methods that aren't sunscreen/avoiding sun/exfoliation/anemia? I'm south asian and I am literally terrified of getting darker

No. 79152

Ugh same.
/inb4 "asian products are so much better/ don't you want to take care of your skin??"

Some of us can't afford shipping etc

I'm not german but we have a lot of your products here (mostly in DM and Muller lol)

I really recommend Alverde and Balea, it's really cheap but work pretty good (for me at least). Some of the products are hit or miss so try to find reviews before buying. Also Alkmene, Neutrogena and Vichy seem alright.

No. 79156


This! I could order online but I like the idea of being able to hop to my nearest beauty store and get the skin care products when I want or in case I want to try something new.

No. 79158

Which products do you us exactly, anon?

No. 79161

Balea - Soft & Clear Ölfreies Waschgel (Ölfreies Waschgel mit Salizylsäure und Zink)

Alkmene Teebaumöl Gesichtswasser

Neutrogena deep moisture comfort balm

Alverde peeling bio-aprikose, bio-calendula

If you're from Germany then you guys probably have a bigger selection of products than us here, so it's worth looking around a bit since I'm working with only what's available

No. 79164


No. 79208

Hello Austrian anon!

Can you recommend an acne spot treatment? The Balea and Alverde ones don't seem to work for me, but I don't know if it is worth it to buy one of the more expensive ones or not.

Alverde's Clear Waschcreme is the best cleanser I have ever tried for combination / acne-prone skin - and I've tried a lot of cleansers.

Does anyone have suggestions for a good eye creme that is easy to get in the EU or UK? I don't have many eye wrinkles yet but I want to prevent them. My ageless aunt gave me some kind of roller for puffy eyebags, but I think I habe the opposite of that problem. I get datk circles, not puffiness.

No. 79215

I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but maybe someone can help me anyways.

I've been struggling with perioral dermatitis for the past 6 months and no matter what I do it just doesn't seem to go away.
After finding out I had PD I stopped using moisturizer, makeup and soap completely for about a month. It did get a bit better initially, but for some reason everytime I thought it was gone the bumps eventually returned.
After that month I have started using a mineral powder foundation (still without moisturizer), which I only apply to the top half of my face, and to put on my regular eye makeup. While the PD hasn't gotten worse, it also hasn't disappeared completely, and I just don't know what I'm doing wrong at this point.

Does any of you guys have any experience on this issue? I wish I could wear my normal foundation again and moisturize my skin :(

No. 79250

Not really since I don't use it, but I know alkmene has something like that which is basically just tea tree oil

If you can afford it go for the more expensive ones, but read up reviews and ingredients

No. 79271


It depends whether it's eczema or perioral dermatitis, as steroids can worsen perioral dermatitis.

However for eczema, OTC 1% hydrocortisone cream as anon suggested helps settle inflammation. It is however near the bottom of the potency ladder so I'd second visiting a dermatologist if you see no improvement.
Otherwise, emollients are the mainstay. I'd recommend trying diprobase as it's available OTC and a very rationalised ingredients list.

You can have a look on the dermnetnz.org site - it is a fantastic resource for skin conditions as it provides images for most of them. Some articles are aimed more at healthcare professionals but it's simple enough for non-medics to use as reference, too.


I had a bad flare of seborrhoeic dermatitis recently and found the Avene Cicalfate cream a lifesaver. It was designed to support the skin's natural barrier, helped to reduce flaking throughout the day under makeup.

No. 79273

I have really really bad discoloration from old acne. I'm 18, this whole time i thought it was actual acne (thats how bad it was). Went to the derm and it turns out its just very bad redness from old acne spots. Not a lot of texture at all. I have no clue what to do, she said she wants to get my skin clear before working on the scars, but the scats/discoloration is what makes me feel so insecure. I'd rather have an even skin tone with a few pimples.

No. 79274

i've been using vitamin c, peeling products, etc. forever now.. i'm a huge skincare junkie so i've tried it all. nothing is working. I wanna do the fraxel treatment but it seems 50/50 on results and a lot of people end up with ruined skin.

No. 79322

File: 1523808878594.png (12.59 KB, 100x100, 1521272034106.png)

Hello, I've been experiencing this thing for years and I was wondering if anyone here was having the same, and if it's possible to fix it.
Basically, whenever I frown or smile for more than 3 seconds I get red smiling lines (if I smile) or my forehead gets all red (if I frown) for like 30-60 seconds. I don't see other people experiencing the same thing, though. It's embarrassing, even more since I'm recently doing theatre so I have to, you know, act, without my forehead becoming red or getting red smile lines out of simply emoting. What can I do?

No. 79323

I have exactly the same problem.
It's even more noticible when wearing makeup since it creases, those lines stay and make me look like a granny…

No. 79327

Exactly! Hopefully some anon will have some advice for us…

No. 79344

I havent really thought much about this but my lower face gets irritated when I smile. I'd also like some advice tbh

No. 79346

Daily reminder to eat more carotenoids. Found in carrots, red peppers, dark green leafy veg. Gives your skin a healthy golden "glow" on top of generally being good for you. Done more for me than any cosmetic product.

No. 79351

File: 1523840869837.jpg (92.99 KB, 612x611, image8.jpg)

What can I do to protect my hands from the sun? The rest of my non-face skin?
I work indoors, but usually spend at least an hour outside each day during the daytime, and an hour in the car. I'd rather not look off-putting, but I don't mind looking a little silly.

No. 79352

I'm concerned about birth defects with this. Is there anything that works as well that won't maybe give you potato babies?

No. 79355

okay usually I pluck my chin hairs out when I get the chance
Even wax them and my mustache but sometimes when I don't have the time or chance I shave them real quick

Usually the means applying cream then shaving and washing my face after
But when I do that my face breaks out where I've shaved so badly and some is same day
I don't understand since I wash my face….are there other products I should try

No. 79358

You can wear gloves if the obvious answer of sunscreen isn't enough, I'm not sure what kind of suggestions you expected other than that.

No. 79361

Go look at Chinese tourist groups, they know what to do. As anon above said, gloves, parasols, high neck shirts, sunglasses, burglar masks

No. 79366

To add to this anon:
Research skincare carefully. Treat everything you buy as a possible hazard because each ingredient could have a serious drawback. It may seem like Spain but you will thank yourself. Your skin is still an organ.
If you use clays like bentonite, understand the risks as bentonite clay soaks up a lot of lead from soil and overtime could cause damage. Each possible “holy grail” you see touted could be detrimental to your skin.

No. 79367

I replied to the wrong post. Damn it. Whatever.

No. 79510

Good Japanese or Korean sunscreens for the body? Specifically something cruelty-free.

No. 79518

quit smoking, like unless you heavily tan from like working outside or have bad genetics, it doesn't really happen. they'll only get worse and then you'll get the fun awkward stretch where everyone knows you had wrinkles but they magically disappeared

No. 79520

Not that anon but I’ve got PD or SB and tried LRP cicaplast baume for a few days and if anything it seemed to make it worse. Is the avene one worth picking up to try or is it basically the same thing?

Now I’ve been trying finacea since reading the dermnetz article for PD.

No. 79545

I did actually try the LRP cicaplast one first, as it had rave reviews and I'd never heard of Avene. Cicaplast burned on contact and made my scaling/peeling issues worse. My skin is generally sensitive anyway, but it's also acne-prone with a tendency towards fungal skin issues too since it's so oily.

The cicalfate cream is halfway between an emulsion and a thicker nappy cream, quite heavy for a facial cream really. It remains quite heavy and moist on the skin and behaves like a barrier cream. However it didn't burn and didn't worsen my existing acne, and as it never ended up 100% absorbed into skin, helped promote a moist healing environment for damaged skin. It didn't look fantastic under makeup as it is so heavy, but far preferable to the previous flaky mess I had. I only use it when I absolutely have to, but I've always got it in my bathroom just in case.

For very irritated and oozing skin, I've found Medihoney barrier cream useful. However, this will worsen acne so it's not a good all-over facial cream, just as a protective patch where the skin's upper layers are breached.

No. 79701

Wow, sounds like we have the same type of skin. LRP cicaplast might have given me acne since I was only putting it where the flaky skin was and I never get acne around my nose. I thought it was TO since I'm an idiot and never properly test products.

What actually gets rid of the flaky skin for you?

No. 79753

File: 1524224241159.png (259.12 KB, 1120x892, abnormal malassezia skin colon…)

It's hard to find products that work though, the skin care industry peddles so many ineffective and misleading things, and push certain products as "essential" when they're actually fairly harmful - alcohol-laden toner is a particularly common example. Not to mention all the nonsense words like "revitalising", "detoxifying", "rejuvenating" etc that sound impressive but mean fuck all in terms of measurable skin benefits. Not to mention practices like angel dusting and shit like "Proven 99% reduction in wrinkles!*" then next to the asterisk at the bottom is "consumer survey, subjective opinion of consumers' wrinkles after 2 weeks, sample size 14 people"
Actual evidence it is not.

Anyway here's my routine, if it helps:
>sunscreen every day
>anti-dandruff shampoo used twice a week as face + body wash, left on for 3-5mins, then rinsed off in shower using warm cotton muslin cloth to gently physically remove flaky skin.
Don't scrub too hard! Gentle pressure going once or twice over is enough.
Ketoconazole and selenium sulphide shampoos are less irritating than zinc pyrithione ones on my skin, and avoid anything with eucalyptus, citrus, or menthol in.

>mild facial cleanser, Cosrx BHA liquid, The Ordinary's niacinamide and resveratrol serums
BHA can treat acne while also softening and reducing dry flaky patches, niacinamide is anti-inflammatory and reduces sebum production. The resveratrol I use because it's an antioxidant.
>Hada Labo hyaluronic acid lotion, white bottle
Humectant, supports skin's surface hydration
>Avene skin recovery cream, or cicalfate if very dry/irritated
The only Avene products really worth the money - fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, richly moisturising and non-comedogenic. Rest is overpriced rubbish.

>remove makeup with dual phase solution since I wear waterproof mascara, any will do.
>mild face cleanser, cosrx BHA liquid, TO niacinamide + resveratrol serums as above
>The Ordinary - granactive retinoid 5% in squalane
Not as potent as prescription retinoids, but that suits me fine at present since my skin is quite irritable. I like that it comes as a squalane suspension, which is quite moisturising.
>CeraVe night cream
has niacinamide in it as well as hyaluronic acids and ceramides to maintain surface hydration overnight, reducing dryness and flakes.

When it is super dry, irritated, sore & flaky I'll skip the anti-dandruff shampoo, BHA & retinoid until it's better. At that point the skin just needs TLC and protection until the epithelial layer has healed.

Sorry this has ended up like War and Peace lol
But it's taken me YEARS to finally get my skin under control, keeping acne and flaky fungal skin issues at bay while also now having to battle against the ageing process. Hope it helps!

No. 79796

Thanks for the reply and I love long posts

>anti-dandruff shampoo

Do you just put it on the affected areas or all over your face? My dermatologist recommended me to do this but I've been putting it off since it seems scary


Oh man I just bought their lipid replenishing balm for body and sunscreen emulsion. I noticed a lot of there stuff has fragrance in it when I was looking for a cleanser.

Do you put cicalfate all over your face? And do you think those Avene creams are good enough for night? I have an irrational fear of CeraVe since the foaming cleanser gave me chemical burns.

No. 79807

File: 1524274229954.jpg (14.52 KB, 355x355, nizoral.jpg)

Sorry, didn't mean to rain on your parade!
Generally Avene's products are good and are unlikely to do your skin any harm, it's just that for the price I'd expect more fragrance-free and one-way dispenser valves to minimise contact with air and microbes within the tube. Like the recovery cream. I also find the thermal water schtick a bit stupid - it has some more unusual electrolytes in it like selenium but honestly water is water, it's not innately soothing. To be fair, the other French pharmacy brands do this too - LRP, Vichy, Bioderma etc
My mother is a huge fan of their sunscreen emulsion if it's any consolation.

Anyway, for when I need to use cicalfate i.e. flaking, tight, red, itchy etc it goes over my whole face. A little goes a long way. For overnight use when needed, I apply a thicker layer and wash it off next morning.

So as regards to the anti-dandruff shampoo, it goes over all my oiliest parts - scalp, face, neck, chest, back.
Ketoconazole shampoo is probably the least irritating - you work it in to a foamy lather on your skin, wait 3-5 minutes, then wash off. As it's a short-contact treatment, it will kill off fungal cells while minimising the potential for irritants in the shampoo to cause problems. Avoid shampoos with known irritants - menthol etc
And be sure not to use it every day as that's too harsh on your skin.

It's a shame that CeraVe didn't work for you, I really like it. There's plenty of other good night creams out there, but a good moisturiser is absolutely fine by itself too so nbd.

No. 79808

No. 79813

Has anyone ever used tallow as a face cream for flaky dermatitis?
I have severely oily skin in other spots on my face but I heard beef or elk tallow is supposed to be really good for your face to hydrate and invite certain oils and minerals that can't be found in seed oils alone

Does anyone have any experience with this? And are there any decent sellers for this kind of thing that won't cost an arm and a leg? (To buy pure tallow costs like $35 alone without mixing anything else in)

No. 79815

File: 1524283279557.jpg (25.59 KB, 525x539, boro.JPG)

I thought BHA interferes with your hormones, causing them to go awall and can also interfere with your reproductive system?
I try to stay away from it until more research can conclude if it's really safe to use in short periods at least

Is there any truth to those Indian miracle type creams? I know some are just really gloopy and oily that will break you out in acne
But some get really positive reviews like Kailas Jeevan cream, or Himani Boro Plus, but my issue is that there's Talc in them.
What do you guys think?

No. 79855

File: 1524334961447.jpg (41.39 KB, 550x510, xkcdcellphone.jpg)

I meant BHA as in beta hydroxy acids, as opposed to alpha hydroxy acids. AHAs are water-soluble and BHAs are lipid-soluble. The only BHA used in skincare is salicylic acid. With normal use, i.e. putting it on your face once or twice a day & not bathing in it all day with broken skin, it isn't absorbed through the skin in sufficient quantities to have detectable systemic effects. I know of no cases where medical topical salicylic acid preparations were definitively linked to reproductive issues.

oh fuck it, rant incoming. Forewarning you now. This is not aimed at you in particular anon, as the fault lies with the “health guru” people spreading this crap online and in the media as if they have any scientific authority whatsoever. It drives me CRAZY the way they consistently misinterpret clinical and/or scientific data, and draw at best wildly overblown and at worst completely inaccurate conclusions from it.
The drug aspirin, or acetylsalicylic acid, is converted to salicylic acid within the body as the active metabolite. It has a variety of uses other than as pain relief, owing to its antiplatelet activity. It belongs to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) class, alongside ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, and more uncommonly used ones like indomethacin and celecoxib. Broadly, they inhibit the cyclo-oxygenase enzymes (COX-1 & COX-2) which are needed to complete production of prostaglandins needed in inflammation, and the thromboxanes which are needed in normal blood clotting.
Aspirin is strongly selective against COX-1, and the only one that inhibits it irreversibly. This means that far less thromboxane-A2 can be produced, a vital component of the platelet aggregation mechanism. Therefore it is helpful in diseases where clot formation within damaged blood vessels would be dangerous - cardiac coronary arteries, arteries supplying the brain, etc. A more uncommon one is women with an autoimmune disorder called antiphospholipid syndrome. It is frequently discovered in those with recurrent miscarriages. Aspirin in combintion with heparin is used to treat these women and reduce rates of miscarriage. By itself at lower doses, 75mg-150mg/day, is used to treat pregnant women at risk of high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia beyond the first trimester.

There are a few older studies suggesting very large doses of aspirin over time may result in fertility and erectile issues in male rats, indicating prostaglandins are needed for normal reproductive function. Again, the doses involved are very high, not like 1 aspirin a day for a headache. There isn't any high-quality evidence supporting this conclusion in humans as far as I'm aware, just a Finnish study where men taking aspirin for years reported increased rates of erectile dysfunction than those not taking it. However it was a simple questionnaire type study and didn't distinguish whether it was the aspirin they were taking, or the condition they were taking it for - i.e. endovascular damage to arteries supplying the nerves and tissues there.

Finally, I want to highlight that just because something causes problems in massive overdose, this doesn't mean it's an unsafe or unnatural chemical that you shouldn't use EVER. Retinoids are strongly teratogenic and hepatotoxic, and this includes vitamin A in large enough doses. Massive doses (as in 100,000IU/day) were used to treat severe acne before isotretinoin was on the scene. In excess it's bad, but avoiding it altogether is also terrible for your health since you need a certain level of dietary intake of vitamin A to be healthy. “Natural” is also not an indicator of whether a product is beneficial or not –you need only look at the physical damage traditional Chinese medicine can do using “natural” herbs and ingredients.
Please be wary of what you read online, beauty magazines, in the news etc. It's frighteningly easy for people to put misleading and patently false information out there because they don't know enough about it to realise they are wrong. Case in point, someone finds that study about massive doses of aspirin affecting male rats' boners and interprets that as ASPIRIN IS AN ENDOCRINE DISRUPTOR, never mind that in normal doses it does no such thing. Fuck, even WATER will kill you if you manage to drink a heroic amount within a certain time frame. Of course you have to be guarded when it comes to buying products - at the end of the day, profit comes before everything else in most companies. However, those pushing the "natural" healthcare lifestyle also have their own motives, half the time to sell their bullshit-in-a-bottle daisy tablets or whatever. Sometimes it is meant well, but still wrong - and harms others who avoid potentially beneficial treatment over unfounded safety fears.

TL;DR please be aware that study findings are frequently misrepresented in mainstream media and try not to fall into the trap that natural = harmless and synthetic = harmful. Be especially wary of those advising against conventional medicine with a good evidence base behind it.

Fuck I’m mad. I’ll get off my soapbox now and stop sperging out. I won't be making any further posts in this thread.
Best of luck to you all anons <3

No. 79863

File: 1524340297703.png (104.95 KB, 334x428, 7EF76D1F-60D5-4D62-81A2-7BC687…)

I need to try the dandruff shampoo. My skin has been acting so badly this year and I even got head dandruff for the first time in my life. And the inside of my nose got sort of like an infection? after a cold in December so it’s always dry and cracking. Hoping this works.

>thermal water

What do you think about serozinc though? I’ve been patiently waiting for a sale since they released it over here but they always exclude serozinc.

I know this feel.

>re-applying sunscreen in the summer when UV index is super high

Anglo Saxon boomers with permanently red, damaged skin bragging how they never use sunscreen and saying chemicals in sunscreen are more dangerous than the sun. Not even mad I just feel bad for them especially when they get skin cancer.

No. 79906

File: 1524371029367.jpg (90.04 KB, 323x800, fuckman_feeling_useless.jpg)

>take hot shower
>use skin peel
>it doesn't get any of the blackheads
Goddammit this fucking feel. Any one got any skin peel product recommendations? I've been using this cucumber one but it's not working for me.

No. 79930

those charcoal peeloff masks do wonders for me, I just bought some generic drugstore brand one

No. 79935

Kinda a silly thing, but how do you feel confident with cystic acne? I don't put on makeup at school to cover it so it shows.

I was extremely stressed (still am) over the holidays (I have major exams this year) and applied some skincare products, which ironically caused this whole thing. Not to mention, my mother always scrutinizes my face when I wake up, and keeps talking about me acne and scars and shit.

I've told her so many times to stop it. I'm trying my hardest to stop it since it's compulsive, and whenever I feel stressed I just love squeezing the oil out. Fuck I've been feeling so shitty for the past 6 months, especially since Accutane has done nothing and I'm not even pretty to begin with.

No. 79937

If you cover cystic acne with foundation you'll just end up looking like a leper with a textured pizza face. At least when you have spots people see that it's a spot, when you cover a raised spot with foundation it looks like skin tags, tiny moles or something else more permanent if that makes sense.

No. 80125

I'm looking for advice…

I don't really have a skin care routine but desperately want to change that. I have no idea what type of products I should choose and also don't want to spend a fortune.

I have a combination type skin, my face produces a lot of natural oils around my T/I Zone and also have fairly dry patchy spots. I can also be sensitive to perfumed products.

Any help would be much appreciated.

No. 80298

you're on accutane and you've only had cystic acne since last holidays? girl…
and honestly i just try not to look at myself in the mirror. or like at least not look at my skin. im a bit shortsighted so i can't really see most of the acne and hyperpigmentation on my face when i stand more than a meter away from my mirror lol so that helps. but seriously, don't overexamine your skin. throw any magnifying mirrors right out. and stop letting your hands be anywhere near your face. every time you notice yourself mindlessly stratching or squeezing a spot, put your damn hand down. realize what you are doing, tell yourself why you don't want to be doing this and then busy yourself with school work or something. it takes time though. (tbh i sometimes switch to scratching at my hair/hairline if i can't help myself. at least that part of me is covered, ya know.)
i put on some light foundation and powder in the morning (doesnt cover much, just makes the red spots less in-your-face) and then just try not to think about it. yeah, the less the people in your life talk about it, the better, either explain to your mom how her comments make you feel even worse about the skin problem you know you have (and are reminded of every day in the mirror) or try your best to ignore her (which is hard but mastering the skill of ignoring stupid shit people say is really helpful in life lol).

but honestly, confidence is about so much more than just outwards appearance, you know? so once you start working on your inside, having bad skin won't seem like the end of the world.

No. 80306

sigh. I stopped wearing makeup, drink a lot of water, but my skin is total shit.
my diet isn't great but I don't eat a ton of junk or sweets, just generic dinners of oven food are what's unhealthy about it
>Wedges or fries, breaded chicken
I eat fruit and good shit outside of that, I use micellar water,a toner and a charcoal moisturiser, take vitamins, but my skin is still dull as fuck, flaky yet oily,and under my eyes is pure fucking grey.

it's so depressing to see myself every day

No. 80307

You care about your acne about a 1000 times more than anyone you will ever meet. It's hard, but most people will probably take notice at most, go "oh" and then proceed to think about their own insecurities. You're fine.
The only thing that helped me with cystic acne was birth control pills. No matter how much I changed in my diet, skincare or makeup routine, I wasn't able to get rid of the worst acne. I tripled my water intake, stopped eating meat, cut out dairy, slept on a clean pillowcase every night, stopped wearing makeup, added and removed countless skincare products. No measurable change from any of those things. It took me a few months to completely get rid of my acne with birth control. Now I'm working on the hyper pigmentation that got left behind.
I'm about to switch birth control and it scares me shitless because my skin is the best it's been since I became a teenager and I don't want to undo all the progress.

No. 80319

Best place to order cheap k-beauty that ships worldwide? Preferably that has sheet masks you don’t have to pay 5 bucks a pop

No. 80350

Recently I started applying Apple cider vinegar on my face before going to bed and now I wanna try Shea butter, has any anon tried it?

No. 80549

>vinegar on your face
do not!

No. 80815

Why anon?

No. 81012

I take 100mg wellbutrin daily and adderall around once-twice a week, is there anything I can do to protect my skin?

No. 81266

File: 1525078325526.jpg (3.3 MB, 4208x2368, DSC_0100.JPG)

Eurofag here. I posted previously asking for recommendations of cheap products you can find at DM or rossmann. I bought this toner at DM for < 3 euros and it's doing wonders for my skin. The instructions say to apply it mornings and nights, but I only use it at night.

No. 81267

File: 1525078380301.jpg (3.46 MB, 4208x2368, DSC_0098.JPG)

Fuck I posted the wrong pic

No. 81270

Actually, thanks for posting the back by mistake! I wanted to peep at the ingredients before running over to DM. I’m really impressed by Balea/Alverde stuff. It’s so cheap but it works so well for me.

No. 81274

Do you want a better pic of the back?

No. 81277

Nah, I can read it just fine. Thanks! I’ve been looking for a good toner actually.

No. 81287

How is your sleep schedule? Getting 8 hours every night does wonders for your appearance, seriously.
>micellar water,a toner and a charcoal moisturiser
Maybe you could try switching brands? If any of the products you use contain alcohol, it is probably contributing to your dry skin.
Also, how much is "a lot" of water? Make sure to measure how much you're drinking every day to be sure you're getting as much as you think.

No. 81289

I use raw shea butter every night as a moisturizer. Don't use it in the morning, it's rich and greasy, but works wonders overnight.
Make sure you whip it before using (google whipped shea butter for more information), it helps a lot with the application.

No. 81308


you can use apple cider vinegar, as long as you dilute it.

No. 81400

Is there some skin care regimen to make my hands look less like an old woman's?

No. 81405

Do you moisturize them often? Also, avoid washing them too much with harsh soaps

No. 81491

File: 1525303779874.jpg (25.05 KB, 640x640, smellssofuckingood.jpg)

I recently got pic related from the body shop and it's awesome.Great body butter but dries into your skin and kind of locks in, like 10 seconds after applying so you're not all sticky,and makes your skin rly nice esp with continued use. I love it.

Can anyone recommend anything for visible redness and blood vessels around the nostrils? I have had it as long as I can remember and it really bothers me.
Also, are under-eye roll ons worth it? Like the cooling roll on serums?

I also have very grey under eyes as my skin there is very thin but i dont want fillers so I guess I just have to deal with it

No. 81780

This is embarassing and gross but a few weeks ago, I broke out in hives, i went to the doc and they gave meds that cleared it up in an instant

Anyway, I keep getting red bumps all over my body but not as much, like I'll have one or two on my arm, one on my boob, one on my stomach, etc etc but i have this huge one on my inner thigh, one on my pubis and these small flat ones where my pubes grow but assume theyre razor bumps and a rash/irritation, i think its from my pad where it goes

I never had sensitive skin before so idk why my skin is acting up my acne also has been getting worse than ever with AWFUL acne scarring

What do I do guys? If it helps im on birth control and my mom has been getting similar rashes

Sometimes I just wanna burn off my skin and start all over, this is driving me crazy especially since summer is coming and I've never felt more hideous

No. 81860

I have awful eye bags, like my eyes are hollow AND dark underneath AND puffy seemingly nonstop. They can hardly be covered with good concealer, and never go away. Even with a good sleep schedule and proper diet. Feeling desperate, like there’s no fixing this without injections or something. I’d look so much younger and brighter and more approachable without skeleton eyes. Does anyone deal with this?

No. 81887

Could be an allergy? Of your mother gets them too then try to look for things that you share, it could even be the laundry detergent you're using

Other than that, if it's really that bad go back to the doctor and get some test done or to a derm

I think this is partially genetic?
I also have "hollow" undereyes with dark circles. Can't hide hollow they look from the side but a really heavy duty concealer (like 3 shades lighter) does it. Maybe you still need to find a brand that does the trick?

No. 81924

File: 1525657533897.png (2.78 MB, 1800x1800, 9B39B2C1-1603-43F9-A15C-B97162…)

Picture is my skincare routine in the order I use them. I don’t use every thing at once. I shave my entire face every 2ish weeks with the razors and the lemon peeling gel about 2-3 times a week. I use a knockoff Clarisonic with soft bristles to wash with and use lukewarm water. I only use my cleanser/Clarisonic at night, and the micellar water for my makeup and in the mornings. Toner, vitamin c serum, and eye gel is standard - if it’s night I end with my retinol and if it’s day then sunscreen. My skin is really clear and the tone and texture has improved a lot, it’s as close to perfect I think I can get without professional treatments. For undereye anons, the gel and retinol I use have been total game changers and if you’re comfortable with the price I say get them. Everything pictured I get on amazon. Remember to drink your water and get a full 8 hours sleep, ladies.

No. 81926

Also for reference I have kinda oily skin and get the occasional small breakout around my period. Also as a tip sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated to help prevent wrinkles and morning puffiness.

No. 81930

I'm dealing with the same issue. Going to the doctor this week. Its like clockwork around the same time everyday I break out in hives. I am pretty sure it's my laundry detergent because it started around the same time I bought a new brand. I am still going to the doc though. But maybe it's the laundry detergent for you as well?

No. 81933

I’ve tried many concealers and too many layers means it accentuates any fine lines under my eyes. If I go heavy on concealer I just look stupid, and even with the dark circles lightened, the eye bags and awful drooping exhausted look is still there. I’m only 23, but I do smoke (been trying to quit) and I’ve dealt with an eating disorder and insomnia for a long time. I’m underweight on the BMI scale. I think my only option is a filler, eye gels and creams do very little. I look constantly sick and it ages me, even if I got enough sleep, nutrients and quit smoking… I don’t think it could be reversed. What do you guys think? Could a lifestyle change save me or am I destined for injections?

No. 81956

Anybody knows a good (and cheap) sunscreen that doesn't make you break out/isn't too oily?
I'm German and would prefer not having to order on the internet.
So far I've always used Sundance but even if I didn't apply it on my eye area it always made them sting and tear up like hell…

No. 81968

Lirene sunscreen, but one for the body, not face. Face one clogs (as most cheap chemical sunscreens). Their 50 spf body one is recommended on a fb group with natural skincare I'm in, and they're pretty strict and paranoid about clogging so I know it's the good shit. Gonna buy it myself

No. 81969

I use plain ol baby sunscreen, the hypoallergenic kind, it helps a lot and I only have to use very little and isnt as greasy as other sunscreens
Possibly, I'm going to switch to laundry detergent for sensitive skin and see if it will help, thanks anons
Are these good for scarring?

No. 82008

File: 1525729062389.jpg (818.35 KB, 3264x2448, IMG_1520.JPG)

Has anyone tried derma drinkables?
I just impulsed bought some but debating if it was a good choice or not

Nothing seems to be working for me even my perscribe face medication and I'm on my last straw

No. 82016

Have you made sure you have propper diet and don't have chronic illnesses? Bad skin is a consequence of something in your body going wrong, and you have to fix that first or else no cosmetics will help.

No. 82027

Before you go the chronic-illness route (seriously I’ve never heard that as a suggestion as to why someone has severe/chronic/never-going-away acne….)
Have you tried estrogen?
Many people I know who’ve suffered severe acne and tried everything under the sun started to take estrogen pills and their skin cleared up and stayed clear after a few months of usage

No. 82633

File: 1526335609695.jpeg (42.5 KB, 528x342, 6D52277F-A851-4507-883D-AFBD78…)

Fucking hell, I’ve started getting problem areas around my mouth. Like they’re not traditional zits with roots n shit, they’re more tiny little white-filled bumps? Anyone know what could be causing this?

No. 82639

On the topic of problems with the mouth area, does anyone know how get rid of blackheads around the lips?
I've already stopped using lip balms with clogging properties

No. 82745

e-every two days?

No. 82746

Use a hair clip that has a circular shape somewhere and press it down your skin and it should come out

No. 82750

I don’t use any products of my face but sunscreen, cetaphil, witch hazel, and an anti-aging oil. I wash it every other day, sometimes less. Sometimes I’ll just whip witch hazel or moisturizer around on a cotton pad if I feel I need it. No acne. I think some people really over do it tbh. Some people use too many products, too often. They’re too harsh on their skin. Every other day is fine imo. Unless you live in a city or somewhere smoggy/dusty.

No. 82753

Actually showering every 2 days was proven to be the best for your skin and hygiene

No. 82754

Gross. How does this work if you have an active sex life? Do you just walk around with goopy vagina for 2 days?

No. 82755

You can wash one part of your body without showering, anon.

No. 82779

This speaks more about you than it does the anyone else kek

No. 82793

I’ll let my skin suffer a little for the sake of not being a stanky bitch.

No. 82794

Ew, how can you stank after only two day of not showering? You must have jacked up hormones.

No. 82811

it's called…. being physically active on a daily basis instead of sitting on my ass 24/7

No. 82818

Yeah yeah. The way people automatically try to find an excuse as to why the other anon could be a lazy ass when arguing is getting old.

Different skin, different needs. I shower every day mostly because I get sweaty at work and the commute home being stuck in a damp train car with other people leaves me feeling icky, so it's a nice boost when I come home.

Using a soap that works like a moisturizer during shower is a nice way to save some time. I will usually wash my hair with water or at least conditioner, so the shampoo doesn't dry it out.

No. 82830

I have been struggling with cystic acne for months and finally got on antibiotics and it has done wonders for me. If any of you have stubborn cystic acne talk to your dermatologist about it it's worth a try imo

No. 82838

Reminder to wash your pillow covers, drink more water, de-stress, and put the sugary snacks down. Your skin will thank you.
And. Don't. Pick.

No. 82843

File: 1526631004886.png (407.55 KB, 811x410, skincare.png)

So I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, then the Black snail repair cream followed by this retinal moisturizer. Previously I was just using body lotion in the place of the retinal moisturizer, as thought that was just a normal thing to do. Since switching to this retinal one, my skin has been a little dry especially around my forehead. Should I go back to using the body lotion, or maybe the body lotion on top? Or a different facial moisturizer all together? Is it weird to use both the snail cream and the moisturizer?

No. 82844

>body lotion
>on your face
What, why? If your skin is dry just buy something more heavy duty. It's fine to use the snail cream with other products, I have the same one and find it too light sometimes.

No. 82862

How often are using the retinol cream? When I first started using retinol I used it daily, big mistake! It will dry your skin out like crazy because it's renewing your skin and clearing out the acne and fine lines. Only use the retinol 3 times a week and see if that helps with the dryness.

No. 82865

I am kinda new to skin care and such, but I will look into a thicker moisturizer. Good to know I can combine it with the snail cream!
I use the retinol every day and night, I suppose I ought to switch it out with a thick moisturizer for four days out of the week then?

No. 82866

Yes, use a night cream or a sleeping pack. They tend to have extra vitamins and moisture in them to really give your skin that extra bit of oomph. Also, if you're using the retinol during the day be sure to put on a good sunscreen if you're going outside.

No. 82867

Samefag, but I mean use the night creams and sleeping packs at night time and a good day time moisturizer in the morning.

No. 82929

How the hell do you get rid of white bumps under your eye?

No. 82948

File: 1526732352947.png (43.48 KB, 225x284, 1453173947350.png)

For the past year I thought the acne on my upper arms is caused by bad skin care. After trying to get rid of it in different ways meself I gave up and signed up to dermatologist to find out I have Folliculitis so got to use topical steroid cream 2 times a day for the next week. Already noticed that there are no new pimples.
I am so glad especially when summer comes and I won't have to be ashamed anymore and hiding my arms under cloth even when it's hot outside.
Similar problem with legs tho got different medicine and have to use it mainly after shaving.

No. 82957

So I found out these things on my nose are sebacious filaments and that apparently I'm the only one who notices/cares that they're there. Glad I didn't make them worse with pore strips.

With that in mind, I really don't have a proper skincare routine. Of course I wash my face, but still. I have combination/sensitive skin, so would anyone have any good advice for a newbie at this beauty game?

No. 82976

Those are most likely milia and I wouldn't recommend removing them yourself. Try to go to a derm or a certified skin technician (do those exist?) and get it removed. Otherwise you'll end up scarring yourself.

No. 83237

Not sure if this is the right thread, but I've got a problem with my feet.
I get blisters insanely easily, especially at the bottom of my feet. Today I only wore flip-flops and still, I swear by god, after just 10 steps the soles of my feet started to feel so hot as if they were on fire and I could already feel blisters starting to form.
I have a lot of calluses which I tried to remive, but that doesn't seem to help. I tried using moisturizer and baby powder. On the one hand they're super dry but also extremely sweaty. The blisters seem to be so deep (and the calluses are extremely bad atm) that I couldn't even open them. What could I do against this?
There's not a single area on both of my feel that doesn't hurt like a bitch, I have no idea how I'm supposed to walk tomorrow…

No. 83243

Couldn't find a specific hair-care thread so I hope this is okay here.
Does anyone have any leave in conditioners or hair masks they'd recommend for quite dry & damaged hair?

No. 83257

i really like eva nyc therapy session!

No. 83262

I used a lush hair mask after I bleached my hair and fried it and it changed it completely. I only used it once and continue to use a purple shampoo every month or 2 without my hair drying out. I would look online to find the ones that best suit your hair type and results you’re looking for, but I swear by their hair mask products…

Bleaching also had changed the way my hair would curl, and after doing the hair mask it’s gone back to its natural curls instead of frizzy waves… they’re also decently affordable!

No. 83266

File: 1527139554781.jpg (225.52 KB, 1000x667, wpid5673-DSC_5970.jpg)

My face, especially my forehead, but really all over, is the texture of lumpy cake batter. What can I do? I've tried vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid.

No. 83278

BHA, AHA, hyaluronic acid, have you tried these? They helped my pizza face.

No. 83279

Get any hair mask without parabens or mineral oil and add some essential coconut or argan oil. Your hair will thank you later.

No. 83281

See if the cream and other products you use doesn't have stuff like heavy oils (coconut, soy etc), paraffin, glycerine high in ingredients. I usually get those awful forehead bumps from comedogenic stuff in products and from SPF creams specifically, they clog my skin like hell.
Maybe try OCM but make sure to use the lightest oils or you'll make more damage

No. 83332

I haven't tried hyaluronic acid; is there a brand you'd recommend?
I have done this.

No. 83339

don't laugh anon, this is serious

No. 83361

Will not wearing foundation help my pores? This alongside cleansing, toning, moisturizing, exfoliating, treating, etc.

No. 83374

retin-a if you have insurance and can go to the dermatologist

No. 83375

yes anon, it's good to give your skin a break from time to time.

No. 83383

hada labo is very good, you can get it on amazon

No. 83406

That can cause birth defects (not that I'm pregnant, but it's a reason I've been wary of certain things) but I'd be willing to try it. Is it worth trying Differin first?

No. 83421

are you perhaps confusing retin-a with accutane? the topical gel retin-a is pretty mild and shouldn't have any crazy side effects like that. i used it for years and it cleared up my hormonal teenage cystic acne a ton.

accutane is poison shit though, avoid it like the plague. you have to get your blood and liver tested every month you're on it to make sure it's not destroying your organs too much. not worth it unless you have a face like an earthquake and have zero quality of life

No. 83434

retin-a is topical, I think you're thinking of accutane like >>83421 said. you would have to use an extremely high concentration of retinoids, the labels saying to not use while pregnant are just overly cautious. you could try differin, but if you have insurance it will be cheaper to just get prescription-strength. I have shit insurance and mine costs $10 for a 3 month supply

No. 83580

File: 1527436032793.jpg (55.61 KB, 1086x724, skin-shaving.jpg)

Does anyone here have experience with shaving as a means of skin exfoliation?

One of my mom's friends does it regularly, biweekly, she's in her mid 50s, yet by the look of her skin, she looks like in mid 30s at most. There are telltale signs of her actual age like around the neck, hands etc., but overall I was impressed. I didn't think she was my mom's age, although my mom looks really well for her age too.

She said that her secret was just that, along with a healthy diet, steering away from the sun, not smoking or consuming alcohol. She doesn't use any anti-aging products.

So, are there any tips regarding shaving? Do any of you do it?

No. 83583

Really? Every month? I know you have to be on birth control and they make you take pregnancy tests every month on it. Jesus. It sounds like a nightmare to deal with. Really glad I told my derm hell no when she asked if I wanted to get on it. I don’t even have a pizza face—just a lot of acne scar spots and the occasional break out near my period.

No. 83636

I don't but i've heard of that. Although I think you can get results just as good with

No. 83640

I think staying out of the sun, not drinking, not smoking have a much bigger part to play than the skin shaving thing. I could see shaving causing long term damage as well, no way would I run a blade on my skin. I look about 7 years younger than my actual age and that's a combination of genes, barely any sun or using sun protection, no drinking or smoking (or drugs)

No. 83641

I'm breaking out badly. I want to make it go away, but I also don't want to fuck my skin up more. It's dry and breaking out at the same time. It hasn't been this bad in a while.


No. 83643

It’s her other healthy habits, not shaving her damn face. Don’t shave your face for nice skin anon. It’s just silly.

No. 83644

Well what’s your usual routine?

No. 83645

This is a myth pls don’t do it. Just exfoliate with an appropriate product
>Shaving can not only result in razor burn, ingrown hairs and razor bumps, but it can lead to increased sensitization and inflammation that results in premature aging
>Shaving can increase the risk of hyperpigmentation, particularly if you do not use the right shaving techniques and products to protect your skin…one of the most common causes of dark patches on the skin is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which develops as a result of irritation and swelling.

No. 83647

What about shaving with a tinkle razor for hair removal/to make foundation go on easier? I'm one hairy bitch and I feel like waxing does just as much damage, and hurts to boot, especially since I have hair on my upper cheeks.
I don't get irritation but I'm scared about premature aging

No. 83652

I use a tinkle/eyebrow razor on my chin hairs since they are long and very noticeable. I get irritation if I shave the rest of my face, though, but the hairs there are very tiny and light so I'm not too bothered by them.

I'm not too worried about premature aging. I try to take good care of my health and skin otherwise, like the friend of anon's mom further up in the thread. I'm going to get old anyway, might as well enjoy the years my makeup goes on flawlessly without creasing in the fine lines and wrinkles that will, no matter how hard I try, eventually appear.

No. 83654

File: 1527519778740.jpeg (98.2 KB, 933x1245, C21A5E77-FC6C-492E-9DAA-B7043D…)

It’s your choice anon. If you’re not getting irritation and you’re using appropriate accompanying products, the risk of inflammation and pigmentation issues may be worth not having hair on your cheeks. However, do know the longer you space it, the better. Most of the worst cases are observed in daily male shavers.

No. 83660

This. The sun causes 90% of aging. If you want to look good when you’re 60 avoiding the sun at all costs is literally the only way. Even if you go outside for 5 min don your hat and long sleeves and SPF.

We have a lady at my clinic in her late 60s with the skin of a 30 year old because she is so phobic of the sun. Huge sun hat and clothes that cover her neck to toe every time she comes in. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

So yeah, shaving has nothing to do with it at all.

No. 83661

I shave my face sometimes and it makes my skin look very nice, can't report any long-term effects though because it's not part of any routine.
I always use a brand new razor and only go over every part of skin once, with the lightest touch. I'm not very hairy to start with so it's just peach fuzz. It's definitely less damaging than waxing or plucking.
Once I manages to shave off part of my eyebrow though, so there's that.

No. 83664

It's a bit…spotty, to be honest. Not as good as some anons here.

I use Alba Bontanica Un-Petroleum when I'm really dried out, but I took it off last night because I realized it has coconut oil in it. Argan oil for dryness as well. Thayer's witch hazel as a toner, Kracie Naive peach cleanser. I don't wash super often (used to be better about it) but I try to keep my face clean and free of too much oil.

I also use Ziana and Epiduo for acne, but keep the Ziana off when I'm drying up, as it is retinol.

I do sheet masks every once in a great while, or peel or wash-off masks when my skin isn't too dry.

I probably just need to stop touching my face for starters. :/

No. 83774

Do any anons have a bad case of red face? I don't want to wear foundation but if I don't I look like I'm badly sunburnt. I already use color concealing moisturiser and primer. But it only helps the first 5 minutes.

It's easily irritable as well. Just from coming out of a lukewarm shower leaves me skin nearly purple and burning.

No other part of my body reacts this way.

No. 83880

File: 1527711300096.jpg (62.15 KB, 564x798, cbf8468a6f45dc261e8348a98bc93b…)

Okay, ladies, please help me out by giving me your opinions on natural skincare!

A little context: I have sensitive, oily skin that is occasionally acne-prone. A couple years ago, when my skin was way more prone to breakouts, I went to a dermatologist and she told me to use Cetaphil's oil control foaming cleanser, and to moisturize with CeraVe PM moisturizer. No toners or anything like that in between cleansing and moisturizing.

These products have worked fine for the last couple of years or so until maybe 2 or so months ago. In the past 2 months, I've noticed an increase in my little breakouts – which are never anything awful like cystic acne, but I do take pride in generally having clear skin, and so this understandably bothers me. But I also got a new IUD put in 2 months ago as well.

The other day I decided to try using African black soap in place of my regular cleanser to see if that helped any, and it has! I'm not using "organic" African black soap found on Amazon or anything because I didn't want to wait for it to arrive. I just went to Target and got their Shea Moisture brand. I haven't popped any of my pimples, and they seem to be going away on their own faster when I use the ABS. I'm still using that same moisturizer after washing my face, though I'm considering buying jojoba oil instead since a woman I know with the clearest skin I've ever seen uses it. I've also heard that using raw shea butter as a moisturizer following African black soap works wonders.

Please let me know your thoughts on these methods/products, etc. If you love them, tell me why! If you hate them, also tell me why!

No. 84451

I would bet that your breakouts came from the oil control foaming cleanser. It's too harsh and drying for your skin, and dry skin produces excess sebums and oils to compensate - this leads to acne. Try the Cerave hydrating foam cleanser, it won't be as drying. Their entire line is great.

As for black soap….I think it's a meme. Real black soap is drying and cakey, and makes your skin smell like mud. It also leaves brown streaks on your body, idk, I really didn't like using it. The one you're using probably helped your acne because it helped to moisturize your skin due to the shea butter. It sounds like shea butter works for your skin so you should continue to use it as a moisturizer.

No. 84924

This is a great starter kit, thank you, anon! My only question is that I don't have oily skin and I hate how my skin feels tight after getting wet, but I do get like maybe one boil near my period. I've also had cellulitis in the past. Point is, do I need the neutrogena acne stuff? My current cleanser is the cetaphil one.

I'm really confused about my skin type. I used to lather my face in vaseline when I was in high school, then stopped when I learned how bad it was for your skin. However, that made me crave the feeling of my skin feeling dripping wet at all times. I'm always slathering on lotion on my face. I'm not sure if I actually have dry skin, though, because I'm so psychologically obsessed with wet, dripping skin. My nose has those things that look like blackheads, but aren't (according to my dermatologist, anyway). I only get boils on my chin and my nose does get sort of oily, I guess. But I'm not sure if that's because when I'm home and before I sleep that I slather it. Does anyone think I'm more of a dry skin type or combination? I'm so confused over such a simple detail.

No. 84926

yo i need advice about in grown hairs/acne scars. i have hormonal acne and i have really bad acne scars because of my bc. whats some holy grail items that are somewhat affordable?

No. 84978

>Real black soap is drying and cakey, and makes your skin smell like mud. It also leaves brown streaks on your body
wtf did you buy then.
I bought both: hand-packed black soap without even a company name from amazon (which was the best tbh) and original black soap from africa from an african super market in my town.
none left black streaks or were cakey at all. They also didnt dry out my skin like western soap does. My pimples got a lot better with using only those and nothing else.

what youre looking for is accutane. low dose 20 mg per day. keep for 6-12 months.

No. 85717

File: 1529434347673.jpg (44.65 KB, 545x335, Boils-on-Inner-Thighs.jpg)

I just butchered my thigh in a pathetic attempt to get an ingrown hair out…

I gained a lot of weight the last few years, so my thighs are touching while I walk. I was so happy that finally my stretchmarks had faded, but when I shaved my thighs for the first time this spring I got tons of ingrowns.
Around 3 weeks ago I went for a run and made the mistake of wearing shorts: all my ingrowns then turned into big bumps and it actually even hurt. I can't help but pick at them, but at least I managed to 'free' all hairs but one. It's such a big and kind of deep boil and hurts a lot if I try to pop it, so I couldn't stand it any longer and cut into it; no matter how hard i tried to search in it, I can't find that damn hair… I know that this was a dumb move that'll probably give me a scar, but I've had this for so long already, that getting one was inevitable anyways.

I've already tried everything
>using shaving foam, shaving cream or conditioner to shave
>using baby powder or aloe gel afterwards
>I tried using some toner (with and without moisturizing later on)
>and probably every single moisturizer on the market
but nothing works… The day after shaving my skin gets so incredibly itchy and even if I manage not to scratch I always get ingrowns. I don't even attemt to shave my bikini area any more… So even if I were to lose weight again, my legs would still look disguting because of my shitty skin.

No. 85718

I have sensitive skin and get ingrowns a lot too and what has really worked for me is using a (gentle) physical exfoliant before I shave and then shaving with coconut oil. I know it's a huge meme but it's really helped because it's so moisturizing and it gives me way less burn. I would also recommend getting a body moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that'll help retain moisture.

Anyone have any suggestions for incredibly stubborn blackheads? I have them all over my T-zone, all over the apples of my cheeks, and covering my chin. I've had them for about 11 years now. I wash my face twice a day and use a chemical exfoliant but nothing seems to work.

No. 85724

They've fallen out of popularity now but the black charcoal peel-off masks really work for me. Wash your face, let a layer of BHA soak in for 20 min, use the mask, use some astringent toner afterwards.

No. 85725

what would you recommend exfoliating with? not the person youre replying to but my legs are covered in little polka-dot scars from ingrown hairs and its disgusting :(

No. 85727

File: 1529443257509.jpg (40.14 KB, 488x488, 52732796.jpg)

Something gentle if your skin is sensitive. I use a cream based sugar scrub, one of the
Love Beauty and Planet ones. It's okay, sugar scrubs aren't amazing for the skin but as long as you don't use it on your face/verjerj you'll be fine. For something that's really gentle I'd recommend a body wash with jojoba oil beads. They're really delicate on the skin and are good for the environment.

No. 85732

File: 1529446270028.jpg (48.33 KB, 800x800, rBVaEFdib66AKlK7AAEVAcTYf0s881…)

If you aren't already I would use a brush when you wash your face, mine has helped my blackheads a lot. Just make sure you actually focus on the problem areas and scrub them thoroughly, but only if your brush has fluffy bristles like pic related. If they're too hard you can cause broken blood vessels or hurt your skin. I got one from forever 21 for like $3.

No. 85743

File: 1529464310306.jpg (701.28 KB, 1760x2000, Epidermal_Re_Texturizing_Micro…)

The Kiehls Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion is amazing. It doesn't leave a greasy residue at all and doesn't have an odor. I thought I hated all exfoliants until I tried this one

No. 85745

How long until differing stops making my skin worse than it was before? It's been about 3 weeks so far, and this is worse than when I used benzoyl peroxide.

No. 85810

I meant Differin.

No. 85818

when I started using tretinoin (similar product) my dermatologist told me the purging period could last up to 2 months. make sure you stay moisturized

No. 85833

Thank you. I switched to a gentle cream cleanser and use the Differin moisturizer if it feels dry, otherwise I just use my normal one. I'm great about using sunscreen during the day, but I don't use it at night, so I might be getting sun exposure through the windows in my sleep before I wake up. I'm not sure if it's worth wearing sunscreen to bed to avoid this.

No. 85847

File: 1529575586468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 216.32 KB, 1600x1202, strawberry_nose.JPG)

Someone please help.
I've got a strawberry nose like pic related and it's affected my life profoundly. I can't stand being to someone upclose because of my hideous nose.

I tried every single product out there, went to beauticians and dermatologists, and nothing worked.

Does anybody else have a strawberry nose and how did you treat it?

I want to cut it off at this point.

No. 85848

steam + ice after
jojoba oil
clay mask, I like using indian healing clay mask
peel off masks can work too but it doesn't work most of the time

No. 85849

File: 1529578174035.jpg (81.6 KB, 838x828, FT9NmM4.jpg)

I have the same problem, anon. BHA peels didn't do shit for me. AHA didn't remove them either.

This clay mask is supposedly able to remove all kinds of impurities and it has amazing reviews. I have not tried it because my skin is ridiculously sensitive, so I can't recommend it. It's the one the anon above me mentioned.

No. 85850

File: 1529579733602.jpg (102.04 KB, 1293x1390, rudolf-drawing-65.jpg)

I'm going to try with the jojoba oil and clay mask. I'm from europe and there's no indian healing clay mask but there are other clay masks that apparently also clear the skin and blackheads. Hopefully, it's going to have the same effect.

> I have not tried it because my skin is ridiculously sensitive

Mine is too, but I'm so desperate. My skin is otherwise clear with no acne problems, but I've been called rudolf the deer (Rudi was my nickname) for a long time that my body image, and even more so, my face image sometimes prevents me to go outside which also affects things like college and work. I never had a boyfriend and I feel like I'm missing out on life. It's just that when I dare to look at myself in the mirror I start crying. It's sounds superficial af but I can't help it. I just feel like covering my nose when I talk to other people. I feel hideous to myself and imagine others feel like that too.

No. 85851

Can anyone recommend some decent sunscreen for everyday use? I do a full face of makeup daily, so something that works underneath makeup preferably. How often do you really have to re-apply? I’ve been dying for a long lasting, legit brand

No. 85854

Ocean potion makes good sunscreen and aveeno

No. 85860

File: 1529591863749.jpg (23.59 KB, 280x280, 0*Yjw3BqrB2xj-ed0U.jpg)

Check out some of the Japanese water gel types, they have them on Amazon. They're really light and great under makeup. I've also heard the sunscreen powder my Colore Science is great (you put it on over makeup), although it's quite pricey.

No. 85867

File: 1529595734379.jpg (18.49 KB, 640x640, super-soft-cleansing-brush-3-6…)

Ntayrt but thank for bringing this up, I bought one today and used right away, it made my skin feel so smooth and soft and the sensation of deep skin cleansing is sooo satisfying. I'm guessing you can't use it too often because even thought the bristle are super soft it left my skin feeling quite different.

Brought pic related from the body shop.

No. 85870

I have that and I regularly squeeze my pores. Also when I used some harsh facial peel with microplastics like they're probably not even legal anymore, that helped incredibly well.

Those are both things that you're not really supposed to do but eh, what helps. BHA and peel-off masks as wll, you just have to know that BHA does shit on its own, it just loosens the plugs and makes them easier to remove when you use another product afterwards, like a mask or peel.

No. 85989

Can you use unscented baby oil instead of jojoba oil?

No. 85999

Not that anon but baby oil is just mineral oil and will clog your pores real bad

No. 86012

yes i have this too anon, they are called sebaceous filaments and they are perfectly normal, they are healthy and part of the skin's way of naturally cleansing and moisturising itself. basically they are small deposits of oil in the pores which are somewhat visible.

you can't get rid of them entirely, again they are a healthy, natural and important method for the skin to keep itself clean and healthy. to minimise their appearance, make sure you cleanse and RINSE VERY WELL with warm running water morning and night, pay careful attention to your nose area. clay masks should also help minimise their appearance.

also you shouldnt worry so much and be so insecure about it anon. literally nobody except you will ever notice them, if you asked anyone whether they had noticed the small dots on your nose they would look at you like you grew an extra head. its perfectly normal and a part of healthy skin. i hope you wont worry about it too much.

No. 86013

this is a very simple but stupid question

i see people talking about exfoliating (after shaving to avoid ingrowns or to remove dry skin) but what do you guys exfoliate with..? i've used scrubber pads before but they weren't super effective

No. 86040

I’ve used a variety of body scrubs from “the body shop” but honestly the best one I’ve ever used was a homemade sugar scrub a friend made for me for Christmas! I pair whatever I’m using with an exfoliating glove that you can pick up anywhere that sells body wash generally

No. 86044

don't use sugar scrub. anywhere.

No. 86046

Why not?

No. 86104

I use italy towels because they're cheap af

No. 86130

File: 1529810022002.jpg (689.11 KB, 820x950, peelinggel_bodypeelingmist_01.…)

Okay, I found this at my local Marshalls and decided to give it a shot. I've never heard of a 'body peeling mist' before but figured since my skin is always dry, I'd give it a shot and I'm wondering if I'm falling for some sort of hoax.

Basically you spray this on you, rub it into your skin until you get grey/white clumps coming up and you rinse it off.

And I think it works? I don't really know. My skin does feel a lot softer after I use it, and I notice if I use it a couple days in a row I get less and less clumps coming up when I rub it in, but if I got, say, a week without doing it my I get a lot of clumps. However, I don't really notice an overall difference in the way my skin looks? I can still see the cracks in my skin where I know it's dry despite rubbing so much dead skin off of it.

Have any of you used products like this? What kind of results did you have?

No. 86131

>exfoliating glove
Never heard, seen, or thought about this but it sounds awesome.

Any recommendations?

No. 86132

They're called Italy Towel or Korean Spa Towel and are around $2. You basically soak your skin for 30 minutes in water (for example taking a bath) and scrub afterwards to exfoliate (without soap).

Different colours mean different levels of exfoliation. I like this article, it also explains the colours: https://getwellified.com/exfoliation-softer-smoother-skin/

No. 86133

File: 1529812053403.jpeg (179.34 KB, 1242x1278, 554EA08E-0B59-4E3C-8A22-7EBB30…)

I’m anon ur replying to and I was talking about these, everyone has different preferences but in my personal experience rash and ingrown hairs are reduced insanely after using this with a scrub of some sort. Currently I’m using apricot exfoliating scrub from the body shop!

Personally I hadn’t heard anything bad about the sugar scrub but maybe I’m just misinformed! Only suggesting things I’ve used personally that are affordable and worked for me’

No. 86134

I think that sort of product is called a peeling exfoliator, it basically has some sort of ingredient that clumps as you rub it and while it clumps up it it removes dirt and death skin cells (sorry for the bad explanation). They're pretty gentle though so if you have a lot of dead skin cells you probably need something stronger and if you have dry skin you probably also need a really rich moisturizer.

No. 86137

That's similar it seems to this stuff I used to buy by sharicart. Except that was a body wash. As far as I can tell they're just chemical exfoliators which personally I like better because if it's made well you can't over exfoliates unlike with those gloves and bath scrubs

No. 86138

What’s your moisturizer/oil routine?

No. 86139

Do anyone else have to exfoliate more on one area of their face? For me it’s my nose, I really gotta scrub it to get the dead skin off (which litterally is like when you’ve rubber watercolor paper too much lol). But the rest of my skin seems fine? I’m not sure what’s up with that or if it’s a common thing. Why does my nose seem to produce more dead skin? Is it sun damage?

No. 86144

NTA. Apparently sugar scrubs are like St.Ive’s (with the walnut shells) and will cause micro tears. I just saw this on various blogs and sites and on r/SCA as well.

No. 86150

It’s precisely this. Sugar crystals and shit like that are sharp and rough. They will tear your skin up on a microscopic level and leave heaps of spaces for bacteria to create pimples. You’re better off with a chemical exfoliant.

No. 86172


Neat! Thank you guys for explaining it to me. The box didn't really have a lot of English on it aside from instructions, so I wasn't sure. Hopefully Marshalls will get it again because I do like the fact it is gentle. My skin has yet to feel irritated after using it, so maybe combined with this and a better moisturizing routine… I can get decent skin lol.

Not the greatest for anything that's not my face. My face is fine and I don't use this on there, but my legs and arms have a lovely routine of getting lotion on them… not often. So I know that's my fault.

No. 86256

There's this big trend going on now (at least in my country) to use natural skin care - acids, products with herbs, no strong chemicals, checking components for harmful stuff. I bought some recommended cosmetics and tried to change my routine.

Long story short, my skin has never been this bad. The natural cosmetics did wonders for my skintone, evened it out nicely, my skin's bright. But I'm getting those deep hurting pimples on my forehead and chin and blackheads/big closed pores in places that were previously smooth.
I switched back to my cosmetics (for example, Garnier's Botanical Cleanser, Avon's cocoa butter cream, stuff that would make those "natural skincare" girls dread) and the acne is calming down very fast. But my face is significantly more oily and somehow grey.
I don't know what to do. There has to be some middle ground.

No. 86257

Witch hazel worked really well for me as a teen when I got acne and it’s great for toning. It’s a pretty fair balance between the all natural and all lab chemical roads.

No. 86260

natural skincare is a meme. In the end it's the chemicals in those natural things that have an effect.
Learn about useful skincare ingredients and those that might be irritants.
For example, if your skin feels dull and grey you could try using hyaluronic acid or vitamin c.

No. 86262

If you're using stuff like essential oils, stop it. They literally burn you if not diluted.

No. 86271

I only use tea tree oil pointwise, when I can feel the pimple rising. Sometiems it stops the pimple from surfacing.
Witch hazel mist was a part of my "natural" routine. I still use it though, it's very light so I doubt it's the perpetrator. It's very refreshing but I don't see it helping with acne.
yes but it's more about avoiding strong chemicals like SLS or clogging silicones etc. I agree though that it seems to be a meme, on a group I am the girls are really extreme, to the point of it being quite ridiculous sometimes. A lot of them don't use any creams, just oils, which I doubt is good on long run.
I think I'll experiment, use both chemical and natural stuff and see which cosmetic is fucking me up.

Can someone recommend me a "safe" moisturizer, something that won't clog me up more?

No. 86275

>Can someone recommend me a "safe" moisturizer, something that won't clog me up more?
I use pure, raw shea butter and mix it with a tiny bit of oil to make the consistency smoother. It has never broken me out and it's really affordable.

No. 86305

For moisturizers, look for non comedogenic ones. (They can still break you out but are less likely to do so)
I like water gels a lot. Elizzaveca hyaluronic water drop cream is great.
If you need something heavier, cerave, dr jart ceramidin and benton steam cream are good options.

No. 86323

am i just screwed with bad ageing genetics or is there something i can do about it? I'm still young but worried.

No. 86324

Witch hazel is an astringent lol. How can you not see how that would help acne?

It will remove excess oils and tighten up pores, helping to prevent clogging with dirt or makeup. I’d worry less about establishing the ideal natural routine and more about learning the basics of how your products work first. I don’t mean that in a nasty way, just that it’s easier to build an effective routine with a solid understanding of what each product does and how it does it.

No. 86330

While you can’t change your genes, you can make sure you’re always hydrated, wear SPF/hats/sunglasses, and keep up with a routine to help as much as possible.

No. 86353

Thanks anon! Benton seems a little pricey for me but I see people praising it, maybe I'll save up for it.

Have you used Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel maybe? Or someone else? Is it any good?

I'm not saying it can't help with acne, just I don't see it helping with my acne. I definitely feel the tightening but I broke out heavily while using it, anyway. I guess you could say "the damage is done", witch hazel alone won't fix it. I'm not negating its benefits though.

No. 86536

Thanks anons!
The one I had used with best results was handmade with literally just sugar (and probably like coconut oil or some thing), however I had been using a new sugar scfrub with kiwi seeds and I can totally understand what you mean - I broke out using it but assumed it was becuase my skin wasn't used to the new product, but I will for sure be staying away now yikes.

anyone know how to help pores? I feel like when my skin gets clear all I can focus on are the massive pores left on my face, i think some may even be scars from past zits… do i need to undergo a treatment or is tehre any at home solutions ?

No. 86621

File: 1530237318736.png (763.52 KB, 1744x1184, bele.png)

Hey there farmers, I have a good idea of what order I should follow in general with my skincare, but in this case I am a bit confused. I own both of these products, which should go first? Anyone else use any of them? (The Elizavecca one is the most recent, I've being using the CORSX one for a while and I really love it)

Thanks in advance!

No. 86622

Use the hyaluronic acid treatment first, pat it in well and let it absorb and dry. Then pat in the snail essence.

No. 86624

File: 1530237903813.jpg (81.3 KB, 474x1185, 1a6a7fd0662c9920995260c96dc2bb…)

Is the brown sugar + honey combo effective as an exfoliating method? I mean, how often should you exfoliate?
Somehow I feel like doing it everyday is counterproductive

No. 86626

I know from experience that this is really great on the legs, especially if you shave and want really smooth silky skin. however i would be hesitant to use this on the face, as sugar is a pretty abrasive scrub. if you want physical exfoliation on your face maybe use a clarisonic-type brush instead. i typically use mine once or twice a week.

No. 86633

Thanks anon!

No. 86644

I've been struggling with bacnea for many years and have been taking DHT blockers to combat it. It's worked like a dream for the acnea, but killed my libido. Latekly I've been determined to quit them for good!

Here's what I've done: I've cut out regular milk from my diet, only drink fermented/sour milk. I wash my back well with a tea tree soap from Lush every day (Parsley Porridge, or something like that) and I change my bedsheets frequently. Also tried cutting a bit back on sweets. And gosh-darn, it's working! I've been doing this for almost 3 weeks now and there's already such an improvement! I'll need to give it more time for the final verdict, but so far these small easy steps really seems to have made a difference.

No. 86645

>only drink sour milk
Anon…why even bother at that point. That sounds awful.

No. 86650

Does anyone have any tips on how to stop popping pimples? I try to resist the urge but I justcan't help it

No. 86652

>tfw puss-filled zits look gross on your face
>tfw scars for months later also look gross
There is no winning here. Sometimes the ones I don't pop still scar.

I don't have advice, sorry. I just wanted to share the misery.

No. 86654

Just to clarify, I don't mean milk that has expired, but fermented milk, like Kefir. I find it delicious! (but I'm also Norwegian and we like a lot of salted, dried and fermented stuff)

No. 86656

I have been emotionally eating for a whole month: barely washing my face, sugar, fat, fucked up sleeping schedules, no exercise.. my face is full of scars, zits and pimples.
I'm trying to get my shit together and follow all your tips, wish me luck!

No. 86660

Good luck Anon, you can do it!