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File: 1481750809338.jpg (441.31 KB, 1325x933, eK5vbUX.jpg)

No. 323212

Previous thread: >>313147
Next thread: >333878


ALL OF KIRSTEN'S POSTS: https://lolcow.farm/all-posts-kiki.html

The rumors are true: Kiki Kannibal / Kirsten Ostrenga is Sperg-chan. Kiki made almost 2,500 lolcow posts, most of them targeting Taylor R. Her rampage began on June 16, 2016, the day Taylor announced she got a new Japanese boyfriend. About 1,900 of those posts were spam and gore.

We investigated carefully and determined that she was the sole Sperg-chan; at least during June and July 2016. Reports of similar posters past then were found not to be her. We took so long because we wanted to be 100% sure in our findings. She used several hundred IP addresses to try to mask her identity. In fact, she would often quickly switch IPs to point at previous posts she made and say "check my IP, I'm not her". She is the most dedicated and obsessive samefag in lolcow history.

Please read https://lolcow.farm/kiki for all of the details and links to her posts. Her posts have all been marked as well, though she also has around 1,900 deleted posts which you can only see from the links in https://lolcow.farm/kiki. Evidence is at the bottom of the post.

We encourage all farmers to help make new Kiki banners or any Kiki-related art they'd like.

Here is a list of some of her best tweets, if you'd like to work any of those in: http://pastebin.com/zNKurkzf

All the other useful lists are at https://lolcow.farm/kiki

No. 323217

What annoys me is back in the stickham days kooter and kaka bitched about mixed race people then asians

But what if koot or kak have a hafu hapa baby?

No. 323222

File: 1481755742817.jpg (4.84 KB, 262x193, Unknown.jpg)

hope they don't find these

No. 323233

File: 1481758077001.png (24.71 KB, 269x275, 1481755752357.png)

No. 323234

Now shes copying creepyyeha

Oh boy

No. 323235

Kek! Is this Kiki? I liked this, it suits her persona.

No. 323237

oh hell, is that actually her?

No. 323238

No. 323239

What is that company guys? Is she trying to get on tv now?

I wonder when she will turn to porn

No. 323240

It's awesome! Actually she is the perfect girl for this.

No. 323243

its tacky and low-budget, its perfect for kaka!

No. 323245

File: 1481759219489.jpg (7.95 KB, 245x197, 1454428315499.jpg)

holy. shit. she's doing something with herself? that isn't lame selfies and posting about her vegan elf goddess self?

No. 323246

File: 1481759319551.jpg (280.5 KB, 1211x1000, kaka.jpg)

It's like the first time we seen her without extreme brightness filters.

No. 323247

Next thread should have this as the OP. It's perfect.

No. 323249

Yes, and it totally matches the Kota video pic on her thread.

No. 323252

Oh my God, It's fucking Christmas. It is her. Skip to 0:59

OMG OMG OMG she has been busy doing B horror films.

No. 323253

can someone explain what this is? an internet commercial? is she gonna be in a show/movie?

No. 323257

Idk about Dreadcentral but Full Moon distributes horror films like the Puppet Master series.

I had the exact same reaction.
She has finally proved us wrong.

I agree.

No. 323258

jesus christ people, its a commercial/ ad for a channel on Amazon that streams horror movies.

No. 323259

Lmao that accent. Reminds me of the fake one Lilo is doing atm. Cringee

No. 323260

I am honestly surprised she's done SOMETHING, but its still terrible. her accent is awful, i don't understand the point of a faux eastern european accent for this

No. 323261

It's the weirdest thing. I love the hand thingies made out of tape kek

No. 323263

Im praying this bitch doesnt make it still

No. 323264

wasn't she trying to convince people was part russian at some point? accent seems on par with that

No. 323267

File: 1481762042738.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, Full Moon Channel on Amazon.mp…)

No. 323268

who found this and how?

No. 323269

>mfw keeks is actually doing more with her life than kooter

Feels good man. I genuinely hope our favorite crazy bitch rises back to the top.

No. 323271

from the screenshot it looks like it was a sponsored ad on someone's facebook newsfeed

No. 323272

Can someone please turn this into a banner

No. 323274


It was linked in the last thread.

And I would like to point out some of Full Moons Features are adult themed. I am looking to see if I can find the movie Kiki is in.

No. 323278

Probably what she did to Jack Cash or Taco when they went to bed, kek

No. 323281

>the movie Kiki is in

It's just youtube commercial no?

No. 323282

Oh my god, this cracked me up so much. The way her albinoid gecko looking ass was slinky across that bed. I'm still laughing.

No. 323283

File: 1481763116292.jpg (2.79 MB, 1617x3899, 1481762042738-1.jpg)


No. 323285

IF she's in a movie/show, I'm betting it's that Ravenwolf Towers one. It looks like the newest and it's a seven episode thing set in a hotel.

No. 323290

Nah. It just looks like a commercial. I checked the cast members of that film and she's nowhere in it.

No. 323293

File: 1481763976571.gif (1.02 MB, 400x250, 685466879685986.gif)

No. 323295

>dat accent
It's her Russian/French/Dutch/Swedish/Irish/Polish/etc heritage! It's totally natural!

No. 323296

Even if she gets into tv so many people will tear her apart

No. 323297

File: 1481764280123.png (518.06 KB, 849x430, Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 01.0…)

'Model' for a horror channel is one of the lowest 'professional' jobs you can get. She's on a zero budget job in her underwear: maximum cringe.


Kiki you're never gonna make it.

No. 323300

File: 1481764725993.png (3 MB, 1920x1080, Full Moon Channel on Amazon.mp…)

> when you channel your crazy into "acting"

fuck my sides

No. 323302

Holy fuck, I ignored this post because I thought it was posted for "looking a bit like Kiki".

……It's basically Kiki vs. Taylor's bf. This is scary as fuck. It's the perfect representation of Kiki herself, how fucking ironic isn't this?

No. 323305

great casting director i guess

No. 323307

It's definitely her. That's her voice with some bullshit accent.

No. 323308

File: 1481765116899.jpg (23.63 KB, 180x269, IMG_1861.JPG)


Then u got koots all like

No. 323309

those braids are too thin to be anyone but her

holy fuck kill it with fire

No. 323311

So i take it shes after becoming an actress now? O boi

No. 323313

She'll probably end up in one those soft core porn D-list cheesy screamer "horror" movies.

Doesn't Dakota like horror movies/want to get into acting? Lol. Maybe this is why they unfollowed each other.

No. 323314

That's being generous.

No. 323317

I love how everyone thinks Kiki is going to be able to turn this into a steady job. Like seriously? This is Kiki we're talking about, lol. What fantasy world did some of you just slip into?

No. 323322

her and dakota have always wanted to get into acting, i'm surprised its taken keek this far to actually do anything tho

No. 323323

the bar for these brats is very low, anon

No. 323327

Yeah but neither of them is going to be able to make acting work long term. They're too spoiled, entitled, lazy and think everything they do is perfect and refuse to accept any feedback. Plus they both o on massive deleting sprees whenever something makes them look bad. They won't be able to hold real jobs simple because of they way they are, Scott and Cathy raised them to be dysfunctional garbage and that's all they'll ever be unless someone else is taking care of them.

No. 323328

Not to mention, legit companies google you now. They're both fucked lol.

No. 323331

When we thought koot was bad

Kaka is worse tbf

Rape allegations, racism, nastiness, ED, shagging about, being a cunt

No. 323332

I mean it wouldnt matter to anyone if they had money and got fame that way but they dont

No. 323333

i was confused too until i noticed the nose and thin braids

No. 323338

she probably lowered her expectations when she realized she wasn't going to get something more glamorous and settled for what she can get.

it's pretty funny recalling all that bragging about being scouted in LA and Japan. i think i read once that she said she was offered a reality show but refused. and that she was chosen to be on america's next top model, but something about animals, so she refused.

No. 323340

Did you forget about Jack Cash? Jake Wolf? Jonny Craig?

No. 323341

>unless someone else is taking care of them.
Dakota is in Japan and has a manager, her agency is "taking care" of her since 2013. Now maybe Kiki has an agency too or someone who is giving her an opportunity.

No. 323348

what happened with her and jonny craig? i tried to search for it but only came up with a twitter fight they had when he saw her in a studio?

No. 323349

She was only 13~14 and he was an adult. Kiki was the victim.

Those guys are well known assholes too. It's not like everything is Kiki's fault.

I'm sick of that old shit.

Now back to topic:
Yeah obviously she is taking any job opportunity now, she has to start from the bottom, just like everyone else does.

No. 323356

This isn't a movie lmao, this is an extremely low budget ad for streaming horror vids off amazon. Guys you are way too hyped over this, hilarious as it is to see Kiki in flames and acting like the crazy bitch we know she is behind the act; it's hardly like she's made it into Hollywood.

No. 323357

>Those guys are well known assholes too. It's not like everything is Kiki's fault.

Holy shit calm down there's no blame even being passed around? Just pointing out Kaka's been with many more dudes than just Danny and Taco. There was a guy named Rhett too. On her old formspring or ask.fm she said he smashed a cinnabon in her face.

No. 323358

File: 1481769742777.jpg (17.05 KB, 409x359, image.jpg)

Her limbs are so gangly and jerk so awkwardly. Reminds me of a witch off left4dead.

No. 323359

of course not, this will probably be the prime of her acting career. They just talked a lot about it back in the day, which is why I'm always surprised they don't have more of these shitty low budget things done

No. 323362

This little internet ad for a subset of streaming B-movies will be Keek's career peak. I'm enjoying it!

No. 323365


Also don't forget about her failed fling with Fangophilia during her first Tokyo sex tour.

No. 323368


Someone edit Taylor's face/body on that man.

No. 323369

if Kiki ever did take it all the way with this tv shit and got popular,I wonder how long it would take for Dakota to haul her fat ass back to America. Lol

No. 323373



>becoming popular for anything but being a lolcow

Supreme kek.

No. 323374

YES She's finally found her calling!!! Next she can be the crypt keeper!

No. 323375

This kind of casting is found ez thru craigslist. Legit prob made less than 150$/day for this. It's super easy all you do is qualify for whatever lame ass casting they post for in her area, i.e. skinny pale birches

No. 323382

Ostrenga standards are different than normal standards m8. The fact that keeks was hired to do anything at all and actually left the house is astounding.

No. 323384

I wonder when she's gonna change her bio to vegan actress moogle of mother earth

No. 323386

File: 1481781051642.jpg (208.39 KB, 428x640, image.jpg)

>>skinny pale birches

No. 323387

File: 1481781175537.png (633.31 KB, 986x503, mfw.png)

Hahaha oh wow.

No. 323389

i snorted

No. 323390

File: 1481782733392.png (118.05 KB, 500x548, guys-im-super-scared-right-now…)


the fuck is this

No. 323392

Nooooo not Puppet Master.

She hasn't mentioned this at all. I'm surprised.

No. 323393

go back and look at how she looks in that video. do you think she'd upload this to her instagram >>323300 ?

No. 323394


Why she look like Mr. Burns tho

No. 323395


kaka is not acting. she's being herself though, a nutjob. or maybe all that sperging she did here is her version of method acting. HAHA THIS IS GLORIOUS, it's the kaka advent season.

No. 323396

Of course not but she hasn't even hinted at doing any kind of acting on her social media at all. And this is Kaka, the bitch who hinted around that she was getting an entertainment visa for Japan then deleted the tweet. You know she wouldn't keep quiet about it.

No. 323398


Her demo reel. Is she fucking serious?

No. 323399


made me wonder as well. maybe she finally learned something out of all this?

No. 323400

File: 1481783737013.png (460.25 KB, 1003x637, keeksimdb.png)

And here's her IMDB.

No. 323402

lol, nice screen name, keeks. fuckin dork.

No. 323403

>Lilou Vos
is that the name of the character, or she finally trying to escape the Kiki Kannibal/Kirsten Ostrenga rep with an alias? if it's the latter, then i actually don't wanna ruin this for her, she's finally on the right path. would also explain why she hasn't said anything on her social media

No. 323405

holy shit no wonder she's been so quiet she's been on another instagram and twitter


No. 323406

It's her attempting to escape Kiki Kannibal's legacy. The character's name is Oberheller Friede Steitze. That explains the weird accent in the video.

No. 323407

File: 1481784083388.gif (1.1 MB, 440x300, unnamed.gif)

No. 323408

And it's private. Hi Kaka!

No. 323410

HA! She just baleetd and private EVRYTHING shes reading here

No. 323411

File: 1481784406666.png (2.59 MB, 1282x705, capture_001_14122016_224423.pn…)

fuckin kek

well at least we have proof she's lurking still?

No. 323412


google cache for the twitter

No. 323413

Love that LA location - she's still confirmed in Orlando, yeah? Or did Cathy and Scott cough up funds to set her up in LA after her nippon fail?

No. 323414

File: 1481784681193.jpg (364.41 KB, 1024x768, CsZjndeUsAEKvn4.jpg)

No. 323415

She can delete and lock down her accounts, but her coworkers won't!

The "company" producing the film

Her boss

No. 323416

Don't forget her and her family lied about kaka's age when they started dating. Also, they didn't said anything to the police about the statutory rape until Danny left the ostrenga household for good (Cathy gave them birth control, go figure). Her parents are guilty for allowing a grown up stranger shag her underage daughter for myspace popularity boost. Danny is not innocent but Ostrengas aren't either. If I were the judge I'd fucking put them in jail too, they were like three steps away from prostituting their kid.

No. 323418

File: 1481784811625.jpeg (156.8 KB, 600x927, affiche-puppet-master-axis-ter…)

Never Forget

No. 323419

She could be in LA if they're filming the movie now. She had a lot of semi-recent stuff on her IG before it went private that means it could be filming right now. That would also explain the video and why her Twitter only had 16 tweets. She disappeared into a new persona. Pretty wise after she was just outed for being an enormous asshole on this site. How's your filler injected pussy doing Keeks?


No. 323420

damn i'm kinda bummed about this. she's finally doing all the right things. ditching the kiki kannibal rep, changing her name, getting off her ass and doing something with herself, and starting fresh. it's what everyone's always said she should do. now she's probably going to freak and abandon the idea. why do ya'll have to go and ruin everything??

No. 323421

This is the co star, yeah?

No. 323422

File: 1481784928256.jpg (108.97 KB, 1080x1080, 15535137_1420023498037677_7080…)

No. 323423

Obligatory: hi kiki

No. 323424


…her nose

No. 323425


yeah no. she's still awful

No. 323426

1 day ago, def filming

No. 323427

File: 1481785042433.jpg (20.16 KB, 320x245, wut-pl-ffffff-4.jpg)

because she's a disgusting wretched person. if she hadn't been sperging out on here I could've agreed with you. but no.

No. 323428

Lol moralfag

No. 323429

File: 1481785129976.png (1.08 MB, 1149x898, unknown.png)

p sure this is a celebrity isn't it? so it is LA?

No. 323430

How did anyone ruin anything? Someone found and posted the video, for all we know it was Keeks herself. We know she's posted about herself before. No one has gone to her about this, it's all been contained in this thread. She lurks here, went into panic mode and started locking social media down.

No. 323431

it's Willem Dafoe so yes

No. 323433

uh, that's Willem DeFoe. Not some random celeb, a pretty famous actor.

Possible she caught hm for a photo in LA but she seems the type to hound a celeb for a photo anywhere… which is really bad form if yu live in LA and especially if you're trying to break into the business. Shit's annoying and cringe. So, of course she did it.

No. 323434

>joined July 2016

wasn't that month when we witnessed the peak of her sperging? Damn

No. 323435

i don't mean that anyone's going to actually ruin the chance for her (no one's that bad here or on PULL), just that she's so paranoid and probably hyperventilating right now over this being on lolcow that she might just stop everything and go back into hiding.

No. 323436

That was the beginning of her spergout, yes

No. 323438

They're obviously in a grocery store so I'm sure she just asked him for a picture.

No. 323439

don't worry anon Kiki already ruins everything herself

we just sit back and laugh

No. 323440

Then she's completely gutless and it's her own damn fault. Actual celebrities deal with tons more hate, actual stalking, etc. and they don't let it ruin their dreams. Not saying any of that is ok by the way just saying she'd be stupid to let lolcow scare her off.

No. 323441

I'm actually happy for her kek I want to see that Kiki-lilou movie.

No. 323442

… and it's annoying AF to do that to an actor living in LA. She has no home training and zero social skills if she thought that was either appropriate, cool, or that it would help her career

No. 323443

love yourself more

No. 323444

but she already deleted her instagram and twitter that she had been working on for months. so there you go.

No. 323445

There were like 12 tweets. I'm sure she can make another one using her retarded stage name.

No. 323446

File: 1481785786284.png (284.82 KB, 577x521, Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.0…)

Kiki's co-star is, of course, another annoying vegan twit

She's found her kind: the bottom feeders of LA who smell their own farts

No. 323447

Then she needs to grow up. She's not the only pseudo-celebrity that people talk shit about online and the majority of e-celebs manage to go about their daily lives just fine. Outside of this imageboard and the cancer that is PULL nobody even cares about her.

No. 323448

she privated them, not deleted, and probably so some dumbass won't go commenting on them linking this pseudonym to everything she's done with her real name.

No. 323449

She hadn't been working on them for months. This movie was crowd funded and recently started filming. She just started this acting persona. Her account's locked. Big fucking deal.

No. 323450

Aaah, I hope that this crazy ass Kiki train never ends.

No. 323451

File: 1481786050574.png (20.39 KB, 883x49, Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.1…)

you mean like this

No. 323453

File: 1481786173462.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1252x1252, vjBBtROR.jpeg)

No. 323454

"LILOU VOS" LOLLLL oh my god brb while I google her new pseudonym. She is so funny, definitely didn't want us finding this.

No. 323455

her kiwifarms thread

No. 323456

As in the fifth element and the water brand. Did she use a facebook quiz to find her stripper name and go with that?

No. 323458

File: 1481786574222.jpg (52.34 KB, 720x613, CzYvIl4VIAADLN1.jpg)

She was hanging out with kaka

No. 323459

well, not tonight, or in the next few days - she only had like 15 followers. She'll be suspicious for a while of any requests.

No. 323460

I love you

No. 323461

you're underestimating how damaging her reputation is. i totally understand if she's scared shitless of anyone new she's met finding out about Kiki Kannibal. just think about how fucking embarrassing it would all be. Think about coworkers playing her homophobic video or reading her ED article, or even reading her spergchan posts knowing it's her. it's mortifying. i know after the spergchan shit no one is going to sympathize with her, but this must be pretty devastating for her.

No. 323462

This is great and a totally new Lilou era of horror movies.

So maybe I was right,
"Kiki kannibal" is finally over.

But please people don't spam her new accounts with links and shit, don't fucking scare her, what happened with Taku the last time was lame, BEHAVE.


No. 323463

File: 1481786787853.png (464.17 KB, 1123x1116, unknown.png)

so, i was lucky enough to leave her instagram open on a tab before she privated it. so here's another thing

No. 323464

yesss I had her twitter open but accidentally closed her insta. good job!

No. 323466

… is she wearing lingerie in public? Like, lace? Holy fuck how fast do you wanna cross into porn, keeks?

No. 323467

Isn't it kind of stupid of her to use photos of herself she posted as Kaka? You can reverse Google them and that would've probably brought up her other accounts. Someone could've thought she was catfishing even.

Do you think that people she works with are going to give a shit? It's a culture of looking the other way and ignoring how shitty people are. Mel Gibson's career should be completely damaged yet he's still finding work and he threatened his baby mama.

No. 323468

She looks nothing like her narcissistic Instagram videos or photos on her IMDB profile. that forehead and Lois Griffin nose. Top kek

No. 323469

Low budget b movie horror, she is a hop skip and jump away from porn

No. 323470

Funny thing, she's still using the same fucking selfies she used in the kikikannibal accounts. Like, anyone doing a 5 seconds image reverse search can discover her true self. She's an imbecile.

No. 323471

File: 1481787256306.png (2.35 MB, 2484x1170, unknown.png)

No. 323472

omg dat profile

She's such a cringe theater kid

No. 323473

Lordt that nose.

No. 323474

Omg those dandruff flowers AGAIN. Do the ostrengas ever buy new accessories?

No. 323475

Big noses are aesthetically pleasing to me so idk what you guys are on. Everything else is a mess tho

No. 323476

You're overestimating how much normies care about some random girl's random internet bullshit. Who would even bring any of this up with her in real life? Better yet, why exactly do you care about Kiki's hurt fee-fees? You seem confused or retarded. This isn't a hugbox.

No. 323477

An evil nazi,how appropriate.

No. 323478

It's so funny that kaka passive aggressively sniped about kota getting a nose job in that blog post, and humblebragged that she loves her nose as it is (accompanied by a photoshopped pic of her with a small nose). Bitch was insecure about her beak the whole time hahahahaha the irony

No. 323480

I don't mind a big shnozz either anon. But for someone who is so critical about Taylor's appearance, and someone who claims to love themselves, whilst shopping their nose smaller… well. It's the hypocrisy that's so shocking to me, not the nose itself.

No. 323482

File: 1481787718416.png (1.45 MB, 1241x1134, unknown.png)

No. 323483

>sniped about kota getting a nose job in that blog post
that never happened.

No. 323484

Lmao this wretched looking hag found the perfect job for her, b grade horror villain

No. 323485

no shit.

No. 323486

File: 1481787849508.png (2.19 MB, 1289x1161, unknown.png)

No. 323487

So… pr0n?

No. 323488

Now this is GOLD.

Taylor drama was like the best Halloween, but THIS, this is Christmas.


No. 323489

OMG her tits look so low hanging hahaha. She really is well on her way to blasting those baby titties out. I'll be surprised if she doesnt. B horror films legit contain titties in first 5 mins

No. 323490

i don't mean to slut shame but on literally all of these pictures she's dressed hella skanky in public

No. 323491

god she's SO unfashionable. I know you're reading, so let's make it clear keeks: you are not a trendsetter. You are a trend followers, and you are years behind schedule. Kawaii earth mom shit went out in like 2009.

No. 323492

This. I am also cringing at the fact that she put a cat face on him and blurred it. That is really fucking bizarre and autistic. And disrespectful as fuck

Oh Kiki LA is gonna fuck you up in more ways than one.

No. 323493

File: 1481788026443.png (618.99 KB, 1089x1149, unknown.png)

No. 323494

she looks like one of those chicks that shows up to corey feldman's house for a sad, sad orgy

No. 323495

She prob does show her tits in this for the low budget paycheck

No. 323496

LOL the thought of her wearing elf ears out in about in LA is so cringeworthy

No. 323497

… jack cash again?

No. 323499

go check the old threads, it was a blog post heavily implying "someone she knew had a nose job" and is still unhappy with herself. It's accompanied by a full length pic of her in a short skirt, strappy top looking like a hooker in a hotel room. It was basically her bragging about how she was sick of everything being fake and photoshopped… and yet her pic contradicted all of that.

No. 323500

They're not elf ears. They're those butterfly clips she had in her hair.

No. 323501

Oh those boring yellow flower pics make sense now

No. 323502

lord she is retarded. omg LA is gonna eat her UP and spit her out. I cannot wait.

No. 323503

I mean hey… when you're not particularly smart or pretty what else are you gonna expect the poor girl to do? Her coochie's probably her only lifeline to success at this point.

No. 323504

LOL my b. They look straight up retarded either way

No. 323505

same. it's going to be like showgirls.

No. 323506

File: 1481788336210.png (863.64 KB, 720x1115, Screenshot_2016-12-15-01-49-05…)

She looks good in this one.
Hair, makeup and style..

No. 323507


No. 323509

The only way a guy like that would date her would be if he was deaf

No. 323510

I was about to agree until I saw the cat ears. She looks like a socially awkward emo at a comic con

No. 323511

… cat ear hoodie a 13 year old would wear 6-8 years ago? Looks good?

No. 323512

File: 1481788472735.png (2.57 MB, 1959x1184, unknown.png)

this is so dumb. all of those photos have been sitting on her kikikannibal instagram, twitter, youtube, and even website for years.

No. 323514

Stop being such a cunt. This is the first positive thing you see from her in years and now you wish her shit like that…

No. 323515

Hi Kaka ,stay salty

No. 323516

…you sure you in the right place?

No. 323517

Hi Kiki. We know you're here constantly since you privated everything in less than 5 minutes of us putting it here :)

No. 323519

File: 1481788703299.gif (464.79 KB, 500x282, giphy.gif)

No. 323520

Facial features match up with his, so yeah, I think it's Jack.

No. 323521

You know the movie is going to be shit if she used an alias kind of like her kiki mimeaux shit music.

No. 323522

File: 1481788864372.png (120.72 KB, 2285x336, c.png)

meh. i was thinking the same, but then again

No. 323523

File: 1481788878082.jpg (127.7 KB, 1080x1080, 14033696_948778518583769_16873…)

Guys. She actually took acting classes for this shit.


No. 323524

File: 1481788894821.jpeg (42.72 KB, 656x343, pmat343fb.jpeg)

Now we know what Taylor's nightmares are like, I guess.

No. 323525

No. 323526

>I'm a CaT xD xD Lollolololol nyaAaA~


Is there some pic of Tay looking surprised/scared? this is banner material

No. 323527

I wish I'd seen her Instagram and got screenshots. Daaaaamn.

No. 323528

>Kiki's shitposting on Lolcow, graphic description

No. 323529

HAHA omg she made reel about her posts here, saying it was about an EX??

No. 323530

Hum yeah, and please understand that you are not here to scare them or make their lives miserable. Her accounts are private now, I agree with anon: don't fucking ruin it.

What she did to Taylor was stupid, and her comments are marked, but this job is a positive thing, don't make her have a melt down again like the time idiots harassed Taku.

No. 323531

No wonder they have her the role of psycho

No. 323532

i already put every new photo here on lolcow. there weren't much and the rest are already on her kiki kannibal instagram.

No. 323533

This was a now deleted video of her basically bragging about an ex wanted her and she didn't… a lot of her videos were just random incessant rambles with jump cuts and garish images for the background while she blew raspberries and laughed at herself and acted nutty.

No. 323534

>don't fucking ruin it.
too late tho. google Lilou Vos and you'll see kiwifarms is already on the first page

No. 323535

File: 1481789487624.png (746.67 KB, 1070x623, Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 12.1…)

she used the same text as here

No. 323536

File: 1481789509058.png (763.33 KB, 1069x634, Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 12.1…)

No. 323537

ty anon. Weird. I thought she'd be posting way more if she was feeling free from judgement with her new persona

No. 323538

It looks like it just started to coincide with the movie filming.

No. 323539

Cept Taku ain't a public figure but the director and actors all are. That's the distinction. I'm not suggesting anyone do anything but they will find out sooner or later. All it takes is a fan tweeting one of them how much they love Kiki's greatest hits… and the rest will be a Google click away

Actors have lost their careers for much less.

No. 323540

such an ethnic name. Lilou is French and Vos is Dutch.

No. 323541

Too lazy to screenshot but the file name of her picture on the Puppet Master wiki is "sluttycharacter.png" lolol.

No. 323542

File: 1481789991589.png (216.14 KB, 1242x681, IMG_6845.PNG)

Is that her phone number lol rip if someone as crazy as her sees it

No. 323543

>Actors have lost their careers for much less.

Maybe if you never had one to begin with. Most people don't care.

No. 323544

I think it's because she's obsessed with being European. Ostrenga doesn't sound fancy and French enough tho apparently lol this vain bitch smh.

No. 323545

Kek. I wonder if she is playing the character "Leech Woman". She's wearing black, she slithers across the bed, and her hand is full of syringes for sucking blood….

Please. Let her be Leech Woman.

No. 323546

idk, they do a lot of filming here in Florida, especially Orlando and Miami. It wouldn't surprise me if they filmed there.

No. 323547

File: 1481790517454.jpg (97.26 KB, 960x720, 14702271_871900759612435_40692…)

No. 323549

this >>323523 was taken in Valencia 17 weeks ago so she was definitely in California at some point

No. 323550

File: 1481790688203.jpg (16.08 KB, 384x384, image.jpg)

That wink is tragic but what's with the dude in the middle

No. 323551

Top fucking kek. Best thing I've read all day.

No. 323552

File: 1481790782104.png (518.6 KB, 910x633, 11020901000.png)

No. 323553

File: 1481790789564.jpg (357.63 KB, 498x1000, 14656255_1324980330854454_2149…)

the top is transparent

No. 323554


She looks so uncomfortable in these pictures. I feel kind of bad for her, this seems like the type of role that would get a lot of gross old men touching you.

No. 323555


holy fuck i remember that coat. i wanted it so bad but she hid where it was from

No. 323556

Her style just screams slutty grandma. that bra underneath is a crime.

No. 323557


No. 323558

my sides!


Her huge forehead and shnoz, her new stupid name, LA bottom feeders who are one booking away from being homeless, Dafoe getting groceries and having cat shit pasted on his face, the stupid lace top thing, EVERYTHING IS CHRISTMAS!!!


That you keeks?

No. 323560

I cannot believe this is happening. Holy shit. Christmas is here and santa has brought milk like no other.

No. 323561

Kek stay paranoid.

Did you see the caption of this picture?

No. 323562

File: 1481791949212.jpeg (170.54 KB, 1024x768, Cu7qLO7UkAAt5el.jpeg)

No. 323563

On the first day of Christmas my lolcow gave to me, five go-old keks!
four slutty tops,
three old men,
two private accounts,
and a kiki with a bald head

No. 323564

Why are that woman's arms like Betty spaghetti's

No. 323566



https://www.instagram.com/bobbyhatanaka/ is him. His account WAS public until sometime in the last hour. I didn't see any evidence of them being a couple, but didn't take caps.

No. 323567

I didn't even notice, the trifecta of fiveheads distracted me

No. 323569

it's 1AM in LA right now. she must be taking this really hard. i still want to know who was the original anon who found the video and how? she was barely recognizable in the video still >>323233

No. 323570

Jesus. Some people are happy because she is finally doing something new, milk is great. Stop with the *dat u Kiki~?*

Lol! when you see it…

I was sure he wasn't Jack Cash, he looked nothing like him tbh.

No. 323571

Honestly I'm excited that she took our advice and is dropping the kawaii uguu shit. She suits an American audience and grungier style way better. Can't wait to see what happens!

No. 323572

All along I was under the impression she had a flawless face and looked pristine at all times. The sweet pastel witch spell worked on me and now I've seen the truth. I feel so much better about myself now.

No. 323573

man feet

No. 323574

right? it's too strange, and she seems to be stealing the thread currently. it's like the kirleos thing all over again.

I wonder what she tells these people when she tells them to others their accounts. wouldn't it be an odd request?

No. 323575

stalking* this thread
private* their accounts


No. 323576

i was on board that kirleos might have just been stumbled on by somebody also using the same website for language. but this one is a little less likely

No. 323578

Either it was a self post or there's a farmer who's a horror fan and follows Dread Central. She wasn't that unrecognizable though. She looks like she did in those braided pigtails pics on her Instagram minus filters. Kooter without filters looks different and is still recognizable too.

No. 323579

the thin braids were the only thing that made me realize it was her. i even had to zoom in and was still unsure.

No. 323580

File: 1481793354302.jpeg (115.21 KB, 1024x768, Csfa2lIUEAAN06W.jpeg)

No. 323581

She looks like the ugly step sister of Grimes.

No. 323582

man. those lighting tricks she does on her own accounts are some form of witchcraft sorcery

No. 323583

Loving that cheap stained glass window. It's just a poster made on photoshop with the stained glass effect and slapped on a window.

No. 323584

File: 1481793747624.jpeg (248.58 KB, 900x1200, CyS3iYbUQAAMu8y.jpeg)

Signed by the dairy princess herself. Christmas comes but once a year. What a time to be alive.

No. 323586

she actually dotted the i with a heart.

No. 323589

She is finally doing it right:

>Change your "Kiki kannibal" name

>Get a job
>Move from your parents house
>Attend classes or do something new
>Make friends or at least go outside

Is that her grandmother's name?
I remember she said that she looked like her French grandmother in an old video, she also mentioned her first name.. maybe that's her grandmother's name.

No. 323590

you're confused, she did mention in an FAQ video that her great-grandma was french, but didn't say any name. in the same video she bragged about people mistaking her for being French. Vos means "your" in French, and Lilou is a name that's rising in popularity in France right now.

No. 323591

No, she did mention her name in a different video. She said she looked exactly like her.

No. 323592

File: 1481795215456.jpeg (163.52 KB, 1080x1080, 14659295_1764263330480954_4007…)

No. 323593

trust me i know the video you're talking about. she didn't say any name. she said her great grandma was french and that she saw a photo of her and looked like her. besides, Lilou is only recently rising in popularity, it's not an old name.

No. 323594

oh god, those faces don't work irl

No. 323595

The derp face.

No. 323597

Ergh this is creepy. He's practically touching her butt

No. 323598

No. 323599

Make a French name, fist acting role play a nazi. The irony

No. 323600

it's in one of her "get to know me" videos, she has 3 of them up on youtube.

No. 323601


oh my god there's a puppet blow job in that

No. 323602

No. 323603

It's from the first movie, not Kaka's.

No. 323604


look what it says in the trivia
>also fans could pay via crowdfunding to get a small role in the movie.

No. 323605

she's not even listed as one of the main actors on the wiki so I'm willing to believe that, during her Taylor meltdown, she looked for a quick fix to prove da haterz wrong.

No. 323606

File: 1481796912980.gif (1.27 MB, 500x300, tumblr_o1lg32VYKI1tb7uwxo1_500…)

>lolcow complains that keeks has no job/life and lives in the past
>keeks gets a job and starts to attempt to separate from her shitty online persona and acting less crazy
>now lolcow tries to make fun out of her having a job and trying to get her shit together.
It's a shitty gig, but it's a gig. Good on her.

Now, it's time to do the same as we did with our queen. Let her soar off to sanity. Looks like keekweek affected her enough, time to let it go for now. I really do hope she gets her shit together, while I will miss the entertainment she provided.

No. 323607

man give her some credit. if she had done this to prove the haters wrong, she wouldn't have tried so hard to invent a new identity. she probably thought of this as her break. maybe if she was in a small role, she'll be discovered by someone in LA and get more roles. you gotta start somewhere.

No. 323608

File: 1481797372012.png (783.02 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7898.PNG)

Another still from the trailer.

No. 323609


Give her some credit, this is nice actually, Puppet Master movies are a classic.

No. 323610


I get what you're saying, and it makes sense. But she's still pissing around being an exhibitionist narc. Except this time there are cameras instead of her phone. This isn't going to humble her like an ACTUAL job where she has to learn a skill and work hard like a normal functioning person.

It's still just all for the internet, for glory. It's superficial, just like she is. This "actress" thing is just going to stunt her even more. She's a horrible person who cannot see beyond the inside of her own asshole. So I hope she fails.

If she actually left the internet then I'd be rooting for her - but she hasn't, and she never will.

No. 323611

Good for her for getting a role in a long running successful franchise. She's still a miserable cunt of a person who has continually tried to dodge her past. We can laugh at her all we want.

Yeah the Puppet Master movies were once great but they hit a point where the quality fell apart and this trailer proves it. Still gonna watch tho.

No. 323612

Oh good god, I was trying to think who she reminded me of in that pic and that's it. Max kek.

No. 323613

>This isn't going to humble her like an ACTUAL job where she has to learn a skill and work hard like a normal functioning person.
i think contrary. first of all, she IS going to have to learn a skill (good acting) and work hard, otherwise she'll get the boot and lose the biggest opportunity she's had in her life. and i do think this job will "humble" her. look at all these candids, she looks horrible. just like everyone discovered with Dakota, it's all smoke and mirrors, she's very plain with several flaws that are glaringly obvious in photos not taken under her controlled conditions. If she managed to fool herself into thinking she was really some ethereal looking elf, these photos and more to come are going to jam her into reality. i'm already finding it funny that she bragged so much about people hating themselves because of "pretty women" like her, when she looks like this >>323547

No. 323614

>But she's still pissing around being an exhibitionist narc.
She didn't brag about this new job and it's actually something nice.

This is exactly what anons were wishing her, now like anon said
Let her soar off to sanity

No. 323615

maybe her resume as spergchan impressed the fuck out of them. it's a horror movie after all…

No. 323617


You guys are right. I was the anon you were replying to. I hope she throws herself into this and finds a glimmer of happiness in her empty life. I hope she finally finds something she likes - not because it fits whatever role she is trying to shove in people's faces online - but because she genuinely enjoys it. and most of all I hope it humbles her.

No. 323618

File: 1481799623487.jpg (18.21 KB, 515x369, cardi-b-sips-her-tea-love--hip…)

Hi A-Log!
>But she's still pissing around being an exhibitionist narc
She has her shit on private, she hasn't tweeted funny shit in ages. How's this either of those?
>This isn't going to humble her like an ACTUAL job where she has to learn a skill and work hard like a normal functioning person.

Someone has never worked a set in their life, if this is her first set she will be humbled to hell and back. Most sets have 12 hours day on the regular.>>323613 has the right idea of what she's going through right now. She's getting a homerun on being brought back down to earth.

>If she actually left the internet then I'd be rooting for her - but she hasn't, and she never will.

SHE BASICALLY HAS, now if you are saying she shouldn't have ANY online presence, you're just as nuts as she is. For a socially awkward no name girl like her, there's no way she would get any work with no social media presence. You're asking the impossible from her, which isn't fair or sane.

>She's still a miserable cunt of a person who has continually tried to dodge her past

What should she do then, she hasn't deleted her old presence really, she's just no longer so active. I understand her here totally, she has done so much stupid shit it's easiest just to lay low and when it comes up address it lowkey.


Is it possible? Yes, but until a farmhand or other confirms this, you're full of shit and being a vendetta-chan.

No. 323619

Everyone keeps saying dont ruin this for her and omg shes doing it right.

Doesnt change how cunty she is or her sister. She will mess it up for herself regardless let her do the work.

No. 323621

Plus this is just one screening we have seen from her so far? Who even says its going to go far. Remember the thing with music in Japan? Remember modelling?

People will recognise her regardless and her name is plastered all over the internet anyway. Many people want to become actors and actresses but half never make it.

No. 323622

File: 1481800061280.jpg (34.11 KB, 355x425, C22ywkM.jpg)

I suspect she paid to be in it…

No. 323624

You do need proof.

Do you know how many different anons have been accused of being Kiki? Every time I read this thread I find a new "Hi kiki" comment.

No. 323625

Link to a vid with kaka in it.


No. 323626

Lol she probably found the now on starnow or something. She was never offered it off the plate like her sister.

No. 323627

>It's still just all for the internet, for glory.
where is your proof of that exactly? she's taken at least some acting classes. she may have derived genuine enjoyment from it, even if it turns out she bought a role.

No. 323628

I see >>323618 beat me to it.

No. 323629

File: 1481801109069.png (465.92 KB, 490x500, 11020999901.png)

Well, hopefully some farmers will actually appreciate the new Keeks content we were all blessed with today. All of this bleeding heart bullshit is annoying as fuck.

No. 323632

And so the kaka asslicking saga begins

dont forget what she did to taylor and others guys

No. 323633

That top just screams "I'm an attention whore"

No one in LA dresses like that unless it's to go clubbing. She's so out of her mind

No. 323634

god she's actually so haggard looking.

No. 323635

she's doing promo, which seems beyond the scope of the reward. I'm not saying it isn't so, just pointing that out.

No. 323636

Also wtf is her obsession with diaper pants.

No. 323637

I'm pretty sure the anon in here licking her ass is herself. she's been in koots' thread as well.

No. 323638

File: 1481802333853.jpg (71.63 KB, 450x599, 450px-A_Log.jpg)




Might wanna read these.
You guys are the Kiki equivalent of A-Log. Congratulations, that's really sad.

No. 323640

Why are you stanning her?

No. 323641

Not involved in this thread, but considering Kiki's track record, it's pretty likely it's just her samefagging.

No. 323642

File: 1481803806689.gif (888.17 KB, 268x331, large.gif)

I'm stanning her because she's trying to improve her life and due to the hypocrisy here. I was all in when making fun out of her when she was being pathetic and didn't even attempt to get to places. But it seems that for once she's not being lazy and whoring off everything she does. First complaining that she never does anything and then complaining when she finally does something is ridiculous.

She's clearly trying to change, because this behavior is unheard of her. Like mentioned, she samefags, she is at times psychotic, she has lost touch with reality, she's narcissistic and whores off every little achievement. The fact she for once hasn't done those is a big deal. All I'm saying, (this is my fourth post in this thread I believe), is that making fun out of her and demonizing her for trying to get her shit together is a dickhead move and sad.
Calling her average and kind of haggard irl doesn't belong to this scope, she really is both.

Now, if she goes and fucks up or her having shut up is due to an NDA or due to other outside powers, she hasn't changed and I'm all in again. I'm giving her the benefit of doubt, if she's trying to move on from being an idiot.

Could be, but accusing everyone disagreeing with you of being kiki is retarded.

No. 323643

I agree.. it's so funny to read lol if it's not her it looks really similar to the evidences of her posting here before and talking to herself agreeing with herself and arguing with herself…crazy bitch

No. 323645

get some new reaction images ho they're shit

No. 323646

File: 1481804851931.gif (83.15 KB, 302x400, 783840456_2025879.gif)



No. 323649

It is weird someone just happened to find the ad with her in it. Is there any chance she leaked it herself to create drama and attention?

I have a theory she moved to California to "get famous" it would make sense with the pictures of the new house on her instagram.

No. 323650

File: 1481807575378.jpg (40.01 KB, 500x372, e54443c5899477dd0f804d4c731f81…)

Kiki or Kikistan please stop with the black people gifs. It's cringey af.

She kinda reminds me of Olga from 50 first dates . Pic related

No. 323651

Oh my god I knew she reminded me of someone lmao you nailed it!

No. 323652

She can't act. I wonder if she gets killed off or she's in the sequel

No. 323653

puppet series is trash- I watch a lot of shit horror and its not even b-movie, more like z-list shit. delude yourself further Kiki

No. 323655

It's a sponsored ad anon


lel sounds just like the last shitposting rampage

No. 323656


She hasn't plastered her new puny achievement all over the internet because she knows all the shitty things she have done and said will come to bite her in the ass, not because she wanted to change and be humble.

Just look at the date she made that lilou vos twitter and the sperging rampage against taytay dates.

No. 323659

Oh good lord this is awful and so totally unprofessional. I give this new 'career' a month.

No. 323661

No, sorry, not going to be "impress" that she actually got off her ass and did something like every other human being out there in the real world. Just took her 12 years to realize she can't coast on her shitty pictures and dumb as fuck fashion style.

Also, anyone who thinks this isn't just another personality she's concocted is an idiot. She's still the same shitty person she proved herself to be in her sperg-out.

Maybe I'll be impressed if she continues working and makes an actual career out of it. But she'll probably squander it like Dakota did to her modeling. No, I'm not impressed that a skinny white chick got a minimal role in a d-rated horror movie. Maybe next time, keeks.

No. 323664

OK so let me get this straight the person who linked the "movie" trailer here was Kiki. And she will be saying Kiki kannibal is a character and anything she did online was her brilliant acting. I haven't watched the demo real but I bet she acts crazy in it to show its just a character guys

So meta Kiki. Bravo

No. 323665

her demo reel is just clips from her youtube with her dumb random XD humor

No. 323666

I think Scott and Cathy paid her way into this gig. I don't blame them- I would spend $5,000 to get that jobless screeching hag out of my house too.

Guys, Scott and Cathy finally got both Kiki AND Dakota out of their house! How happy they must be!

No. 323667

I imagine they're actually very sad their meal tickets are gone.

No. 323668

Except that isn't going to work because the rest of the world isn't as retarded as ~indigo child genius~ Kiki thinks they are. I'd love to see her take the Mensa IQ test.

No. 323669

They both have normal jobs and I'm sure Kyler still gets disabilitybux.

No. 323670

Not her main one I don't think because that's an L.A. area code

No. 323671

Of course, kaka couldn't get in that job by her own merit


and she picked the most autistic of them all.

No. 323675

Idk, I think Kiki will do well in LA. She's already proven that she's willing to sleep with any guy willing to blow smoke up her ass.

No. 323678

Nah, LA is too harsh. Maybe she could do decent if she keeps doing campy horror shit, but if she wants to do bigger things she's going to get a lot of people telling her "No" which means she'll just give up like she always does.

No. 323681

Someone posted a screen of a sponsored ad, which means it came up in their feed. You can't really force yourself to get an ad unless you're the one running the account.

I'm the anon who googled the ad and found the link.

Classic ostrenga. Buy followers. Buy roles. I also don't get why that one anon keeps trying to praise kaka and kota with oudated pics unless it's them. As if the sperging and stalking of Taylor never happened. We're not that fickle.

No. 323684

I dont support either sister. I hope their careers flop tbh

No. 323688

Then just leave. Go find another cow's thread to shit up. You're not going to make anyone have a change of heart or stop people from talking shit about Keeks. See you in a few months when she inevitably does something to fuck up and we're all saying told you so.

No. 323694

God I love that her scream in the trailer is so fucking bad.

No. 323697

Wow, Kiki finally found a job like a normal person. And she only had to pay $5,000 dollars to do it.

I hope she has fun sleeping with those disgusting old men for a z-list horror movie. Bravo, Kaka. Keep enjoying that sweet disability money.

No. 323698

Well, we know she's still thirsty for a japanese BF

No. 323699

She started the acting / film shit in July. During her sperg out. Long before she got exposed. She learned nothing from it.

No. 323700

Or calling her dad to pick her up whenever the director gets angry

No. 323706

Seriously who are all these salty anons? It's like they haven't read previous threads where we were saying she should do something with her life, and she finally did it.

>dont forget what she did to taylor and others guys

"Other guys" Dude do you really care about those ASSHOLES? Hypocrite.

Anons created another Tay thread here to discuss #daddysmoney and #fillers, admin confirmed it wasn't Kiki again, those idiots didn't care at all about the whole Kiki sperg-chan drama. Now you are all like Oh don't forget about Tay! Lol

Tay gave a response and moved on, do the same.

Stay paranoid. Different anons are telling you to stop saying "Hi Kaka" to every anon that doesn't agree with you.

No. 323708

Wow… good for her for getting a job but… can we take a second to look at how AWFUL she fucking looks without instagram filters etc?

This girl carries herself as though shes a model and super gorgeous online when in reality she's… fucking average at best, ugly at worst…

No. 323710

I've just read through this and have to ask why everyone shits on all that she does? Are people going to hold her to to person she was 10 years ago? I certainly am not the same as I was at 14 she is moving on and found a something she is good at I think horror fims are an excellent move for her. You guys here have bullied her far worse than anything she has done oh and if she had been in LA this whole time then sperg can't be her most likely her crazy mother

No. 323711

She looks SO homely holy fucking shit.. if I saw her walking down the street I wouldn't even glance at her.

No. 323712



No. 323713

Who are all these white knights? Do you not realize that at the exact time she started up this new personality she was spamming this board with gore porn as the culmination of her jealousy that Taylor got an azin BF and she can't keep a man?

Christ, get ahold of yourselves.

No. 323714

No shit, right? Who are these "farmers" who white knight Kiki just as new milk comes in??

No. 323715


No. 323716


She probably wasn't in LA for the time spergchan was posting. There's an ig pic of her further up the thread from her acting class at Valencia in Orlando from 15 weeks ago.

No. 323718

Oh my Christ, I hadn't checked this thread because I didn't think much would be going on, how wrong I was!
Since she's obviously reading here due to the account privatising/deleting, that must for sure mean that the autist that was sperging out in Kota's thread was indeed Kiki. I hope admin confirms it to be true.

Oh man, this is why Kiki is and always will be my favourite cow; the fun never ends.

No. 323720

File: 1481826119145.png (699.36 KB, 1052x575, Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 10.2…)

Check her "demo reel" where she has a bunch of text laid out. Its the exact same sit she spammed this board with. Apparently, that kind of spam is her go to when her feelings aren't reciprocated by her asian targets.

No. 323721

Because look at her self-made videos. Bitch is a cow. If you didn't think she was pretty, or if she looked more blatantly ugly and abused filters less, you would consider he Chris-chan 2.0 or on the same level of pixyteri…

the only reason you are whiteknighting her "errrrmaaaagawdddd shes pretty", which isn't even true. Now that we have real photos of her here, it makes all her crazy antics five times more hilarious too.

No. 323724

Salty people commenting things like
>I dont support either sister. I hope their careers flop tbh
Sad bitches..

Yeah: Hypocrite.

Criticize her looks all you want, that's not what anons are arguing.

No. 323725

>>why everyone shits on all that she does?

Do you even know what lolcow is? What are you even doing here if you're not here to make fun of the cows?

No. 323726

This. I wonder if admin can run an IP check for these new posts to see where they come from? Kaka could be evading the ban now that she moved(?) to other state.

Her mom has a very distinctive writing style, it can't be her.

No. 323728

You need to be 18 to be here.

You are new.
>Who are all these white knights?
The same anons that followed the drama for a long time. We always told her what to do and she finally does something nice. Sarah changed many aspects of her lifestyle and got some support, she is still lulzy, but no one wishes her any harm, now we are giving Kiki some credit.

>Do you not realize that at the exact time she started up this new personality she was spamming this board..

No one forgot that, this is a different issue.

Lol you are a cow too. You say this every time you find a comment you disagree with.

No. 323729

That's Valencia in California. The guy who posted it lives in LA. I 100% doubt she was in Cali the whole time she was sperging here, though, and it makes me more suspicious that there's posts from her the admins didn't catch because of her moving locations.

No. 323733

Actually it is the first time I say that. Go cry me a river.

No. 323734

Your right I don't come here often rare infact. I usual just get bored and wonder what all the old online drama queens are up too now infact I wonder why I even check in. What others use this site for is on them butI don't laugh at people online

No. 323738

No. 323739


Oh, my bad. I assumed it was Valencia College since she took a course there before. I wonder if some of the spergchan posts were Cathy then, I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 323740

File: 1481827866530.gif (54.3 KB, 299x250, superthumb.gif)

No. 323741

>>You are new.

Try again. Just because people won't jump on your new "omg so coool kiki actress!" train doesn't make them new or young.

Christ, when did the farms go so fucking soft on the cows? Congrats dipshits, you're making the big beaked toucan's day.

No. 323744

I think for some people Kiki is their PT so something like this movie thing brings out the whiteknight in them. But it's not like Kiki was being a giant asshole a few years ago she was literally on here just a couple months ago. Like, she hasn't learned anything. She's still a horrible person.

No. 323746

Can it be?? Spergchan delivers creamy milk once again?

No. 323748


Yeah its very possible it being Mama Kannibal being spergchan. I wonder if some of the IPs that were changed were from Kiki's new location.


I am not sure why theae anons are jumping up Kiki's ass. I think when we encouraged Kiki to change and do something with her life we meant go work at an animal shelter not be an actress in B adult horror films. The fact she decided to pursue acting shows she hasnt changed a bit. She is still an attention seeker. No way will she make it as an actress. This is comical watching her try. The people excited to see her do something with her life is just as delusional as Kiki.

No. 323752

>Are people going to hold her to to person she was 10 years ago?
>10 years ago
Uh… Sorry to wake you up from your sleep, but you should read the awful shit she wrote here on lolcow just a couple of months ago… She hasn't stopped being a cow

No. 323754

she said "others, guys" as in the other jvloggers, not "other guys" as in her string of boyfriends

No. 323755

Pretty sure she has always wanted to be an actress though.

No. 323756

Kaka was definitely sperg chan. Sperg chan has her sense of humor, uses the same emojis she does, and types the same way she does.
Also I'm pretty sure she didn't move until around September since that's when she started taking selfies in that blue room. The first pics she took when she came back definitely look like they were taken in her room in Florida.

I agree with everything else you said. I don't think she's changed one bit either. I don't get how someone could think she has when she's still clinging onto her Kiki Kannibal accounts. I feel like if anyone else was in her situation and wanted a fresh start, they would've deleted those accounts a long time ago.

No. 323761


She's a fucking idiot regardless and I have no shred of sympathy for her. She's not changed at all.


How are we salty? Dakota basically does fuck all in Japan now apart from be Hiroshi's cum cushion and Kaka has been in one piece of shit commercial. They're both bitches from a nasty family and they deserve to both go down the toilet together.

One commercial or ad whatever doesnt mean shit all in this day and age. It takes A LOT to make it and most who try becoming big always flop or go into porn anyway.

Get over yourself

No. 323763


Did they make her wear that top? It's kind of her weird dumb style but she looks super uncomfortable in it. Or maybe just uncomfortable around those guys. Her tits look suuuuper low and like a grandma's. Guys I bet she shows her tits in this movie.

No. 323765

Stay salty. She's going to be in a movie. And that Dakota's sugar daddy theory is just that, a stupid theory, don't assume everything you read here is a fact. You just want to hate them no matter what. We discussed in previous threads that Dakota was dating a Japanese actor and shared a link of an article in Japanese with several photos and proof of it, immediately her haters started to say "Hi Kiki!", "She never dated him ugh", "That's not proof" you don't have any valid proof of a sugar daddy, you always imagine the worst scenario possible an assume that's reality. You also say shit about Taylor because you don't believe she has her own income.

No. 323766

you know the same thing happened with Felice. the freelicers constantly shat on her for not having a job and being useless, and when she finally tried to get one, they called the employers nonstop to try to ruin it for her.

tbh, if kiki never came back from that long break she had, if she never sperged, if she actually killed off "kiki kannibal" by deleting every account associated with it. all of her threads would be long dead and she would have had a better chance at reinventing herself.

No. 323767

She just looks so nasty. Her dull skin and thin hair. Her scrawny ass body with no muscle tone. Those low swangin titties. Her face without the filters. The weird lace top. Just everything lol. I fully believe her family paid for that role in the kickstarter.

No. 323769

it's pointless you know. you're not going to achieve anything except a load of defensive anons insulting you.

No. 323775

nothing? just another random fan who wants a picture, i'm sure he gets them daily.

No. 323777

Tbh I don't care what they say about my comments or any other anon giving her credit. I have no sympathy for people who wish bad luck to someone who starts a new project. They can fuck off.

No. 323779

No they didn't make her wear that top. She's just a tacky bitch and always has been. Wtf are you high. What a dumb question

So leave then ?

No. 323781

>so leave then?
Kek No

No. 323787

newsflash: just in case you didn't know, Kaka is an ungrateful paranoid bitch who block and delete random legit followers, so no, she won't give a fuck about (neither will thank you for) your support and whiteknighting here.
Anyways, enjoy your stay.

No. 323789

The first 2 maybe, the rest are complete shit.

No. 323791

those sound effects

No. 323795

Well, not me.

Still a classic. And everyone here is going to watch it anyway.

Kek those sounds and Kiki's scream LOL cheap horror movies are fun.

First I was like.. is this really Kiki? kiki screams Ok, this is Kiki.

No. 323802

Its cancer from pull or nu-cgl

No. 323804

if she actually changed she would get a real job and not live off other people like the leech she is

acting in d-list movies that no one will ever see for barely $100 a gig is not a job. i would have more respect for her if she either went to school or just got a 9-5 job. she is just trying to live easy mode and avoid doing REAL work yet again.

those creepy old men are probably sponsoring her in LA, because she sure as shit didnt make enough money off of this puppet movie. it's fucking disgusting that white knights are actually applauding her for this lol. when people told her to "get a real job" this isnt what they meant lol

No. 323807

She is fucking hideous. I mean lots of girls photoshop, like Dakota and Taylor and Felice, but this is the first time I've actually seen someone who looks SIGNIFICANTLY worse than their shoops. Dakota and Taylor look meh, and Felice looked average but not as pretty as her photoshops.

But kiki? Holy shit… she looks… SO fucking bad… she must seriously spend a day photoshopping everything. She looks so old and haggard, and homely. Her hair is so greasy and thin and her receding hair line is practically at the top of her head. Her arms and thighs are so skinny fat and flabby. Her entire face is covered in premature sagging and folds. Her outfits look so cheap.

The illusion has been completely shattered. I guess the white knights want to bury the fact that this bitch is fucking ugly.

I don't know who she is kidding. She probably worked for free in that movie. LA is littered with girls who look like young, fit, teenaged supermodels. Most of them turn to porn or prostitution. The idea that someone would pay this girl to act pretty in a movie is very, very unlikely.

No. 323809

not even the anon that's been defending her recently, but you're going overboard with the salt here.

No. 323810

Plus, Kiki and Dakota will never truly be famous because neither of them will ever really apologize for or acknowledge everything they have done and still do that is shitty and stupid.

Plus, idk how Kiki thinks he can get famous without lolcow noticing. Does she just think she can pull a Kim Kardashian and fuck her way into fame so big nobody will bring up her past again? That will literally never happen. Her and Kota's Internet childhood (and the Spergchan saga) are going to follow them forever. It's Scott and Cathy's fault for not pulling them off the Internet when they were kids and teaching them that the opinion she of strangers and fame mean more than education and social skills. That's why they're failures, because white trash raises white trash.

No. 323812

>Proof Dakota was dating an actor

Reach harder Kiki because that never happened. Dakota isn't sill signed to Bravo without working unless she's sleeping with someone in the company. They turn away legit high fashion models with real portfolios, yet they keep her fat, balding butt with her yellow teeth and greasy hair. Yeah, I'm sure they just keep her and sponsee her visa (which costs them money BTW) because she went viral on YouTube four years ago.

Bitch how naive can you be?

No. 323813

soz but I can completely imagine the media painting them as wild child it girls, victimised by endless online harassment.

it would be horrible to see but it wouldn't be a hard task at all

No. 323815

That's not going to cover up their racist bullshit and Kiki losing her asshole out with rage at Taylor the way she did. It won't change Dakota being a fat, rude bitch with gross hair and bad makeup and it won't change Kiki's inability to control herself in any way. The best thing about the Ostrengas is that they have all these wonderful opportunities thrown at them and they piss all over them simply because they're too stupid and spoiled to appreciate anything.

No. 323816

nah, they tried to spin her story with that rolling stone article and it only worked until people actually looked her up and found the horrible shit online.

No. 323817

File: 1481841592377.jpg (417.25 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpg)

The amount of arguing about the two sisters lately is insane …

Personally I think it's good that she's doing something other then spamming here. the movie doesn't look all that great, but I can't really expect her to land a a list horror flick. I'm going to assume this little project is done and now she's back to having nothing… I wonder what her next move will be ? I'd say burning down lolcow but it seems anons are doing that for her by arguing amongst one another.

No. 323819

>Plus, Kiki and Dakota will never truly be famous because neither of them will ever really apologize for or acknowledge everything they have done and still do that is shitty and stupid.
Dakota's in Japan where no one is aware nor gives a shit about her "apologizing or acknowledging" so that's not going to hinder shit for her.

No. 323820

nah, it could still happen, the media does what it likes, think about the amount of mediocre popstars that are hyped into existence…think about hillary clinton.

that phase of time when the world is super PC is passing, everything they've done up until now, good or bad, can just be marketed as their edgy past

No. 323825

Some of you retards who think just bc she literally found some F list casting she's moved to LA are you all insane? They prob filmed on set in FL or somewhere similar and were in pre production several months ago. Theyre promo'ing now bc its done. It probably took like one month tops, she prob wasn't on call for half of that, and as a horror fan puppet masters 1 and MAYBE 2 are "cult classics" only bc of its garish lameness and how much of a flop it is. This shit reminds me of some cheesy industrial goth project that a group of dungeon dwellers managed to scrape up money and "produce" themselves. I cannot even imagine bragging about this or thinking it's her "break" you legit just sign up for casting. They take anyone fitting the mold I can't express how minute this is and the fact it's not even mainstream production makes it even more lulzy and pathetic!

No. 323826

what's the point of this? Dakota is only and will only be known in Japan, where this hasn't happened, and won't. And Kiki is trying to escape everything as Lilou. She won't get to a celebrity status where anyone is going to dig that deep and make magazine articles about "the scene queen past of actress Lilou Vos"

No. 323829

>they prob filmed
>it probably took
>she prob wasn't
>i can't express how minute this is
holy shit stop. you're embarrassing

No. 323830

This. Her chest was legit bones popping out. So pale and chalky looking

No. 323834

Lol my b is my use of prob upsetting to you? God forbid a voice of reason pipe in and tell you how it is. It's hilarious how some of you get your panties in a twist when someone shoops down your delusions of kaka literally moving out to LA~ like la de da bc its so ez~. Retard lives in Florida where shit is cheap. She couldn't afford a hotel in LA let alone move there kek

No. 323835

Shoots* not shoop. Sry for samefagging

No. 323838

There's legitimate proof she was at one point in LA. Did you completely miss the group photo from her acting class?

No. 323839

?? I hardly post in these threads or even contact kiki. how is it "salt"

I just see her face in photoshopped pictures in the OP and then her irl. she's a fugly troll. you sound like the salty one

No. 323841

Dako is cute in that picture. Kiki is hideous, both inside and out.

No. 323844

It's probably kiki herself defending herself and trying to bury the fact that she is a balding flabby loser with massive premature wrinkling. her fucking eye bags/tear trough wrinkles… did you see them??? WHO even looks like that. they try and bury the fact by calling anyone who posts calling her ugly as "salty" but like….???????? have you seen the video? her fucking face? how do people look so haggard in their 20s…

No. 323846

I have to agree. I'm not big on commenting on appearance but this bitch shits on everyone's minor "flaws" like they're a deformity yet she has to PS herself to hell and back.
And holy fuck, those movies suck ass so bad, they need to be crowd funded.

No. 323852

Hey Kiki stans ITT please justify her doing this to Dafoe. Like it's so retarded and shows no maturity at all. She's still an autistic dumb bitch

Her body is disgusting and shouldn't be wearing outfits like that in public but she needs attention.

No. 323853

Btw, anyone who got a chance to see the Asian dude's Instagram, this wouldn't happen to be the same dude she was pretending was her bf?

No. 323854

The crowdfunding was just to help make the effects better, not fund the whole movie. Not defending Kaka but just because she's involved doesn't mean the series is all bad. You're bitching about them being shit and talking about horror like every fan of the genre likes mainstream horror only. The fact that the indiegogo made as much as it did shows the audience for these films remains loyal. Like it or not, there is an audience for it. Just like there's an audience for Troll 2 and Human Centipede, some people embrace pure crap and that's the very definition of cult classic. There's no illusion there, you get what you'd expect.

No. 323855

Adminsama I hope you are checking IPs of the whiteknight posts in Kota and Kaka's threads.

The samefagging is far too strong.

No. 323856

The movie was filmed in LA according to its Indiegogo page. But you're right, anyone gushing over her getting this role is an embarrassment. This place has gone to shit because the majority of posters contribute nothing of any actual value to the threads. Once in a blue moon someone actually takes the initiative to go digging for some new content, but even then we're stuck with retards whiteknighting Keeks and trying to ruin the fun.

No. 323860

File: 1481846197342.jpg (22.59 KB, 417x353, images.jpg)

>"Her body is disgusting"
>"She looks old"
>Hi KAkA!!!!1
>her fucking eye bags/tear trough wrinkles

People so triggered by actress Kiki LOL salty cunts everywhere, this is hilarious! How a beautiful white Keekmas, look at my salt angel.

No. 323862

Way to sage your shitpost.

Seconded, I'd say summerfags but it's christmas and so we're faced with the fact that either Kiki is posting all over the place - saying the EXACT SAME SHIT she was before she spammed the gore porn, "oh you guys she's over it no milk she's moved on you're salty" - or there are some desperate PULLfags washing up on shore.

Get it together, farmers. We're here to document and laugh. Get in, or get out.

No. 323864

that timing is one sad fact. I wonder how much of her sperg was triggered by wanting to get talk about her and koots off lolcow pre the film's release too. girl needs to own her crazy and just get on with it.

No. 323865

There is currently no evidence Kiki or her friends have posted in this thread.

No. 323866


Friends ?
You mean Dakota, her only friend.

No. 323867

she wore a top to show off her tits then looked uncomfortable that her tits were showing. poor kKiki. she needs to take a lesson from Amber Heard if she's going to pull this off (just imagine…)

No. 323868


Kiki's titties look saggy for someone in their early twenties.

No. 323869

Fuck, I'm sick of all you demented anons thinking that every post that is in agreement/disagreement with another is the same anon.
>Not defending Kaka but just because she's involved doesn't mean the series is all bad. You're bitching about them being shit and talking about horror like every fan of the genre likes mainstream horror only.
No bitch, if you want to read into a benign comment, go ahead, but I never stated that.
I will give you the crowd funding comment though, as I can admit that idk why it requires it in the first place, but those movies are fucking trash, I'm sure even their shitty "loyal" fans can see that.

No. 323872

You're trying way too hard.
Like why are you so salty that nobody else wants to drink the kool-aid after being aware of this new development that could possibly just be a purchased, fleeting opportunity to be in a straight to video crappy movie? Especially after she just finished being caught being sperg-chan?
Shit does nothing to prove that's she isn't still a dumb POS of a person whilst pretending to be an ethereal peace loving indigo child.

No. 323873

I'm going to see it. And we all know you are going to see it too.

No. 323874

Nah, I got better shit to do. Just gonna wait for some anon to gather all the cringey clips and post them here.

No. 323875

Bitch, I didn't say you were the same anon it was two similar thoughts combined to make a point. Didn't know I needed to say "you two" to make it clear that I was talking to two damn people or had to address them individually. The movies might be "trash" but they're watchable trash that have a cult following. Horror fans eat it up willingly. A big part of it probably is based on the effects for a low budget company. Not everybody wants to watch whatever Platinum Dunes is shilling.

No. 323876

I'm going to wait for something to come up, since the whiteknighting began in full force exactly when Kaka's accounts went private.

No. 323884

Either way youre fucking retarded because my discussion of a film that is crowd funded has nothing to do with the fact that she's in it. I also never said that the whole movie was crowd funded…maybe you should avoid quoting posts that have fuck all to do with another post you're commenting on.

No. 323885

Not shocked that there is a high level of whiteknighting going on,let's face it a lot of people that come on here are two faced.They like to laugh when you are down,then praise you when you have the smallest bit of success. Like Kiki is ever going to appreciate you and your efforts lol.Inb4 salty, no I can't wait for the movie to come out so I can laugh my ass off.Will I actively try and "ruin" her "career"?No but I'm not gonna talk shit about her and then all of a sudden switch to praise Kiki, especially since she bullied Taylor and hasn't changed one bit.

No. 323888

This is fucking retarded and your reading comprehension fails. Both posts were about how bad the movies "suck" which no shit, the entire genre is saturated with cheesy flicks that suck by most standards. Stop trying to be an internet tough guy with your profanity laden incoherent posts and move on.

No one asked you, Rima.

No. 323889

Who the fuck is rima? Oh I see, you couldn't come up with an actual response because you know I'm right. Have a nice day two-face.

No. 323890

can you all stop the petty fighting and just discuss? the past 30+ posts have been nothing but bickering

No. 323892

File: 1481849994378.jpg (163.69 KB, 1068x500, indigooo.jpg)

The interest was that she can buy a small role in it for a mere 5k. And 6 people did, according to the indiegogo page.

No. 323893

Actually, yeah. She's talked about movies like Hellraiser, Clockwork Orange, and Asian horror. She mentioned going to Horror Nights at Universal in one of her vlogs, not sure which though. She's about as interested in horror as she is anime. Not enough to the point that anyone would expect her to buy her way into a movie, but she probably thought she had to start somewhere.

No. 323894

This is the true horror right here.

No. 323896

I think her parents paid the 5,000 bucks to get Kiki in this movie. I mean does she even have an actual agent? And with that shitty acting she did in the commercial they probably were like "well we took her money already, gotta go through with it now"lol. And that accent gawd. Kiki is so brainless because if she was so serious about acting or even getting into the entertainment industry she would delete all of her cringy ass weeby portfolio pictures and private her YouTube videos. But no she wants to be lazy,what's the point in changing your name if you're gonna keep everything else?Come on Kiki use common sense.

No. 323898

Rima chan is here~
I can feel her rage in the air

This only demonstrates the acting skills of actress lilou.
~ Sweet girl
~ Lunatic bitch

No. 323899

File: 1481850516124.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, IMG_1601.PNG)

>Internet tough guy on an anon board
Right. Cause I'm getting mad props for being "tough". How about you stop being a sensitive pussy that's shocked over strong language and let a discussion evolve?
K, so you're going to tell me what I meant? I'm done shitting up the thread by arguing with your dumbass—–and with that, I apologize for such autism farmers.

No. 323901

kiki's bad features are her 8head and receding hairline. hair pulled back with two braids is the worst possible thing for this. she should get bangs and some kind of volumizing hairstyle

No. 323904

The people saying she bought this role are retarded. She's doing promotion for the movie with one of the leads, and she's also featured in the trailer, so the role isn't that small. She's clearly a supporting character, so no, she probably didn't get this as a kickstarter reward.

I'm not trying to defend her but people spreading rumors like this with zero evidence discredit everything we say that is true about her.

No. 323906

For anyone who doesn't know who crazy ass Rima is >>>/snow/23880

No. 323907

I do too. Quite a few of them are anon donors.

No. 323910


>I'm not trying to defend her but people spreading rumors like this with zero evidence discredit everything we say that is true about her.

So where's your~ evidence~?

No. 323911

not that anon, but are you retarded? there isn't evidence for either, that's ~the fucking point~.

No. 323914


Can you fucking read?

She's doing promotion with the lead actress, she's featured in the trailer, she filmed a commercial for their streaming service as the character. I don't see five other people doing those things, do you?

No. 323918

No. 323920

Not this one >>323906 I just like trying to irritate Rima whenever she pops up.

No. 323922

can we just acknowledge she has a job now, and it's a shitty job? it's better than spamming chopped up dicks and calling taylor a flabby cunt for months, but it's not exactly a career

No. 323923

No. >>323888 Rima's just real easy to spot around here and she's twice as easy to stir up.

Well if the timing is correct she was spamming chopped dicks and calling Taylor a flabby cunt while working on the movie.

No. 323925


The grammar is too coherent to be Rima imo

No. 323926

>Well if the timing is correct she was spamming chopped dicks and calling Taylor a flabby cunt while working on the movie.
maybe she just takes method acting really seriously anon

No. 323928

Where? >>323885 sounds exactly like she did when she popped up in Kooter's thread to complain about getting blocked by Kiki. Notice they stand out compared to the rest of the posters here.

When you consider that and then see her in those ads I'm not sure how much acting she's actually doing. That seems like genuine Kaka crazy.

No. 323929

Holy shit, I usually only lurk this thread, but the fuck is with all these white knights? You can be happy for her, there's people who cheer for pixyteri, but stop trying to push others to also. It makes no sense why you care so much what others think unless you are actually a white knight. No one is going out of their way to fuck with her, so chill out.

I find it strange anyways that if this opportunity was all that great for her why the fuck was she on here shit talking Taylor and being jealous? Was she having a mental breakdown and her parents did everything to get her a role to pacify her?

No. 323930

what if Keek was already in LA at the time and spergchan was just drunk Cathy not knowing what to do without kiki around

No. 323932

Agreed, the only people who care what others think and want to change it are the cows themselves because they're taking the insults personally.

No. 323933

Nope I posted that comment, and I'm not rima, I'm sure admin can vouch for that. Now move on.

No. 323934

No bc she doesn't have a "job!" One singular acting gig that she paid for doesn't mean you have a job. That means you booked a gig or in her case, bought kek

No. 323935

yeah i know i was just kidding. it's just funny timing that she auditioned/acted for a role as a crazy murderer lady while making posts like a crazy murdererer lady

No. 323940

Well that's just an unprofessional way to take her job seriously

No. 323943

U guiz need to treat her better she is after all a big star in Puppet Massacre 25 :Balding Nazis

No. 323946

literal lol

No. 323949

File: 1481854879331.jpg (32.62 KB, 600x573, CacLyN1WIAA1CKM.jpg)

she found ze dream job

No. 323963


That's right, admin sans said the IPs were from Florida or something. Idk anything about that shizz so whatever, but how could Kiki have been filming in LA and posting in FL? Unless she was only in LA for a few days or a week?

No. 323966

Alright, if anyone is Rima it's this anon

No. 323971

There is some info on when they were shooting here https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/axistermination/

No. 323972

Most of her posts were from a proxy so there isn't that much that can be checked I think.

No. 323973

Kek'ing to death rn anon

No. 323974

She started posting pictures in that new place in September. Most of her sperging happened in July.

No. 323975

About 13 weeks ago or three months.

No. 323978

LMAO THE MOVIE IS BY FULL MOON??? That is beyond bottom of the barrel, so appropriate for a washed up internet star.

No. 323981

BC that's what I'm sayin… she WAS in LA for just a few days… I told yall that production for that shit lasted only a few days "on call" for her. I say a week tops. Not trying to diary blog but Im a damn PA that works on this shit.

No. 323985

File: 1481860692629.png (78.04 KB, 144x226, keki.png)

the difference between kooter and kaka is that kooter is actually cute. If she embraced her actual face and changed her hair she would be super adorable. Kaka legit looks like someone's insane grandma.

No. 323986

File: 1481861753264.jpg (93.36 KB, 448x538, kaks.jpg)

They both don't have enough hair tho. Even extensions aren't helping Kota.

No. 323987

Fuck she looks greasy.

No. 323991

She needs more volume and extremely straight hair doesn't look good on her. Her hair is very thin and it looks like it's sticking to her scalp, making her entire head look RIDICULOUS, especially because she has a huge forehead.

…i have a huge forehead and thin hair too. sob sob. But at least my personality is nice

No. 323992

File: 1481863004399.png (596.25 KB, 682x862, Screenshot_2016-12-15-23-33-53…)


>shitposting this hard

No. 323993


i've never believed that crap about Kaka and Koots being into J-subcultures, animu and the like. they're complete poseur/wannabe weebs lemming after what is considered cool or edgy at the moment. of course now that Kaka has a role in a d-ranked horror movie, she's now into the horror genre as well.

No. 323994

>She's about as interested in horror as she is anime.
As in not very much. She showed a casual interest in both at best. She couldn't even remember the name of Ranma ½ for fuck's sake.

Koots was definitely more into animu than Keeks. Keeks shamed and embarrassed her about it on Stickam.

No. 323997

she actually does look better than her. though it may be because kooter has 4 years experience on how to look a bit better for the public cameras, while kak just came out fresh out of 10 years of ring-light selfies.

No. 324000

anyone remember when kaka was a "producer/dj" or whatever she was calling herself? what ever happened to that?

this song actually isn't that bad, don't want her getting a big head over it or anything though…oh wait

sage for OT

No. 324001

She ripped off the vast majority of the tracks, and her dad (who was a musician for years) did a lot of the work for her that wasn't stolen.

No. 324006

File: 1481865238146.png (19.76 KB, 166x200, 697846354635.png)

>don't want her getting a big head over it or anything though…oh wait

No. 324009

OT but how does keeks get rid of her huge eyebags in her pics?

t. Horrible eyebag anon

No. 324011

Shoop da woop.

No. 324012

Photoshop. There's several tools to clone, heal, smooth, whatever it takes.

No. 324015

Has her bit in the interview been posted here yet? Starts around 4:30 http://fullmoonstreaming.com/movie/vidcast-del12

No. 324020

File: 1481869778106.jpg (44.67 KB, 490x661, RackMultipart20161201-18969-1b…)

No. 324021

Did she fuck up her interview? He cut out before she finished saying the name then straight into another thing and "cut to a clip". Meanwhile the other lady had more to talk about.

No. 324024

she seems so awkward. she also gives the other actress the stink eye hardcore right before kiki's interview

No. 324027

Lol called it. Three days of 6 hr filming. That's nothing. So figure 6hrs at/ 8hr even tho 8/hr is reserved for 10hrs+. Lololol background work.

No. 324028

So she could have bought her way into the movie.

No. 324029

Not could, did

No. 324034

I said that from the start but there are some deluded asslicker anons who believe Kaka didn't Draco Malfoy her way into this and talking in absolutes rustles their jimmies. It's annoying.

No. 324035

in this vid i can kind of see a nude strapless bra so her nips probably weren't exposed

No. 324037

also the puppet master movie is giving me some serious uncanny valley vibes…only a lunatic would pay 5k to be in such a shit film

No. 324040

She's probably going to try to milk the role into some other roles but she is a shit actress and can't get other roles unless she pays her way into them.

No. 324043

Ah yeah, I forgot,
you don't have proof

No. 324044

See? >>324043 Fuck off, Keeks.

No. 324045

Don't need any when it's obvious, honey. Stay deluded.

No. 324048

you have to be an idiot if you dont think she paid her way into that trash "film" kiki stan

No. 324049

Or Kiki herself. This was exactly the same stupid shit she pulled in past threads. If not Kiki, an Ostrenga.

Fuck your whole family, bitch.

No. 324051

Cant wait for your D horror titty shot. The one where the skinny freak bitch flashes her A cups for a glance right in the beginning before getting killed. Lol the classic skinny first bitch killed no credit given role!

No. 324052

everything about it heavily implies it. the kickstarter promised a role, a ticket to LA, and an IMBD profile. maybe because she was a slutty female willing to act nuts on camera without embarrassment is how she ended up getting a bit more. tbh i don't see what other way keeks could have landed the role, do you? the kickstarter happens to answer all of the "hows" and "whys"

No. 324053

Her timing is extremely similar to the other people who paid to be in it.


No. 324054

No. 324055

Except there's more than enough circumstantial evidence.

No. 324056

what do you have support your belief otherwise?

No. 324060

Kaka is hard at work building this new IMDB profile all around one measly non-union, non-auditioned, totally bought background appearance.

I wonder how IMDB admins feel making profiles for whiny nobodies in trashy z list movies.


No. 324066

Retardo-chan identified.

No. 324070

File: 1481879239177.jpg (517.77 KB, 1440x1015, 20161216_040339.jpg)

No. 324071

It's so fucking weird hearing people calling her Lilou hahaha

No. 324072

After sketching the dude charles band and all this other shit his twitter doesn't even mention the series(axis or whatever) and he basically just retweets same old gifs from OG puppet master holding onto the glory days.

No. 324073

Unpopular opinion but I think Kaka is better looking than Kota (atm at least) because the difference between her shooped pics and her candids is not as huge as Kota's.

I mean, sure she pretends to have a smaller nose through filters and shoops herself a bubble butt, but she's genuinely thin and the difference here >>323892 doesn't surprise me much.
Anyone could tell it's the same person (and these days everyone is familiar with edited, filtered pics of celebrities compared to papparazzi's pics)

She doesn't mess up with her eye size or her lip size too much whereas Dako is out there looking like an alien foetus and has to wear circle lenses every day to look a tiny teensy bit like her edited pics.

In the end, Dakota is still a bit more loveable than Kaka because Kaka is instantly annoying and obnoxious. You can sense the insanity seeping through her pores.

No. 324075

What in the actual fuck who cares??? You're literally comparing sisters to which degenerate is "better looking" they're both disgusting trolls w no soul can we get back on track here?!

No. 324079

File: 1481885106165.jpg (293.81 KB, 1152x2048, beethumb.jpg)


Agreed. It's a bit silly to even compare, but koot be kinda looking like a skinny version of Chyna with worse hair and makeup in that recent video. Also tbh kaka aight 7.2/10 would prob bang just to see how shooped the ass is.

No. 324082

Would have more traps for her if she started doing porn tbh

No. 324088

She removed her demo reel.

No. 324089

>the ridiculous posing while she talks
Well, at least she feigns more energy than Koots, but neither of them are naturals in front of the camera, as much as they think they are.

No. 324094

Demo reel oh you mean clips of her shitty YouTube videos

No. 324096

All these pictures of Kiki look waaay different than the pictures she portrays. It's pretty shocking to see her unedited pics but I still think she is pretty in a way.I think if she cut her hair to give it more texture, maybe a shorter style with a fringe or something. I also can't judge because I don't exactly know what she eats, but judging off her unedited pictures she looks really malnourished. Like past model-like to kinda gollum on the weight range. If she put on like maybe 5 kilos, it might fill out the gauntness around her eyes and make her face look a little softer. She might even find if she eats a bit more, her hair might grow a bit. I am speculating now, so I'll end my ramblings.

No. 324097

"I can be you're angle or yuor devil"

No. 324098

from where? it is still up on her imdb

No. 324102

Got on to this thread and watched the video for the ad, and could not stop laughing. Happy she got some kind of acting gig but the way she says "it's like netflix….FOR LUNATICS" makes me lose it everytime. I laughed so hard and for so long holy shit. It's not that funny but I can't stop. Like after she says lunatics and makes that face I just lose my shit. I thought about today at work and actually laughed out loud. I am laughing right now because I just thought of it again hahaha

No. 324104

>demo reel

It's amazing that she thinks talking to herself on youtube is the same as a monologue, and believes a casting director would give that nonsense the time of day.

Same anon, I had a delayed kek processing. It truly is christmas.

No. 324108

Can you really say that ponying up $5000 and making a new twitter and insta, all the while having a sperg out on an obscure chan is "trying hard"?

This is truly the year of delicious cream.

No. 324111


yup, she payed for it kek

No. 324114

The saddest thing about all this is that her parents paying $5,000 for her to be in this shitty movie is probably the most sensible investment they've ever made for her and even this is going to end up being a complete waste of time/money like everything else she's done.

No. 324116

There is no doubt in my mind. Sure we don't have someone from the movie coming in here and saying "YES, KIRSTEN LEIGH OSTRENGA PAID $5,000 TO PLAY A ROLE IN THIS MOVIE" but considering she:

- Did her scenes during the two day window as other people who DID pay the $5k
- Also was in LA during the same time
- Got an IMDb page

Maybe they just happened to enjoy the fact they got a relatively pretty, skinny, white chick so are using her a lot to promote the movie.

No. 324122

lmao forgive for replying to an older post but im fucking dying

this needs to be in every thread to rub it in kikis face

No. 324123

I'd say they picked her for looking and acting like a deranged maniac

No. 324128

Seriously, good detective work, anon

No. 324129

I can only imagine what the other actors look like, wouldn't surprise mean if she is the creame of the manure

No. 324132

she doesnt look bad there tbh, she looks cute there. but her other photos are arguable and hagid lol

No. 324133


Worse part is they probably don't know she isn't acting … Kiki is for real nuts.

No. 324134

>using her a lot to promote the movie
Wasn't it just that one event at what looks like a little comic store?

No. 324135

>relatively pretty


No. 324140

She's in the ad for the streaming channel, and she's the thumbnail for the "trailer." They seem to be into her for whatever reason.

No. 324141

Yeah I think the feature was for the Delirium magazine which is distributed by Full Moon too. It looks like other people were there who also worked on the movie. In the background in one Keeks is talking to a guy with longer hair and it might be the guy who bought his role.

No. 324142


I was hoping she really did do something on her own this time. Maybe she hopes it will help her to start an acting career, but I seriously doubt it.

After reading all the post from her on here I can't feel bad for her, though. She's just not a good person, imo.

No. 324147

So two question, do we think the new house is on Florida or California? I see Scott and Kathy buying a house over in California because Kiki has started a career in "acting" or even maybe she is renting a house?

Second question if the family has 5k to spend to get Kiki a acting gig they are no longer in debt/ bankrupted. Couldn't Daniel's family finally sue them?

No. 324149

they obviously had 5k to spend when they sent her to japan moron

No. 324150

According to the info posted above, the company booked hotel rooms for the actors for 2 days and nothing more. Unless she moved on her own, there's no reason for her to stay there.

About your second queastion, yeah I'm also curious to know if Danny's family are aware of that.

No. 324152

Buying a house in LA requires far more capital than the Ostrengas could muster - $5k is a drop in the bucket compared to dropping at least $1 mil on a house. Especially considering they currently line in FL where real estate prices are dirt cheap; they couldn't sell their house in Orlando high enough to even make a down payment on a CA house (if they're not underwater on their current home, which they may well be.)

No. 324153

File: 1481917056207.png (1.05 MB, 1247x976, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 2.36…)

>dropping at least $1 mil on a house
this is one of the stupidest posts I've seen on this entire website, holy fuck.

No. 324154

File: 1481917109838.jpg (16.51 KB, 250x250, 3494f128b738b869df4527ab1c1b58…)


Why so salty?

No. 324156


No. 324157

Buying a house, anon. Buying a house in any major area with at least 3 bedrooms is $1mil.

No. 324159

Or they didn't move and aren't out of the gutter and just took a second… third ? maybe even a forth mortgage on the house ? Wouldn't surprise me if thats whats sponsoring their daughters "acting career" and trip to Japan. Maybe its even going towards Koots who looks like she has no jobs.

No. 324161

To clarify even further, because you don't read, the person I was replying to was wondering if Cathy and Scott had bought a house and relocated to LA.

For real. Like I said in my house post, with their track record of financial irresponsibility and bankruptcy, I'd be willing to bet the Orlando house is underwater from multiple mortgages.

No. 324163

Didn't their grandma own the house and when she passed it went to them?

No. 324164

File: 1481917930597.png (1.74 MB, 1215x998, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 2.50…)

are you trolling are you literally this fucking dumb?

No. 324166

Imagine Scott & Cathy in South Central LA.

No. 324168

… yes, I'm sure you can buy a lovely shack at auction for $100k.

I live in CA. Any ready to move in house - not one you have to rip down to the studs in a $500k construction project, even if it's in the hood - in a metro area starts around $1mil.

You must not live here. I see the photos you are scraping up, and those places are like police auction places. I'm talking about buying a house like a normal person, not a crackhead looking to flip their 10th crackshack to fund their Amway "investments".

No. 324171

Yes. But that wouldn't prevent them from taking out mortgages against a fully paid house (it's actually way easier to get a credit line on a paid house, the banks LOVE it when you get right back into debt with them.)

No. 324172

why would they even buy a house? scott has a full time jerb in fl, if anything kiki would just rent an apartment or some shit

No. 324174

Stop being fucking retarded on purpose, anon. You must live in the Midwest or something if you believe that 3 bedroom houses in a major city don't go for one million easily.

No. 324176

I agree. Like I said, I was replying to someone who wondered if the Ostrengas had purchased a house and relocated (which they cannot possibly afford.)

If anything they're renting a cheap place for Kiki only, if she wasn't just out there for her 3 days of filming.

No. 324179

Right, but that means they willingly screwed themselves into a mountain of debt no? What a bunch of retards.

No. 324181

Fucking moron. Stop talking out of your ass. You clearly know fuck all about LA/Hollywood/CA. Maybe look up drone stats and see why those shitty houses cost what they do.

No. 324182

Ayup. No one ever accused any of the Ostrengas of being financially savvy (or even marginally functional.)

No. 324185

File: 1481919549875.jpg (86.97 KB, 620x413, aotdauqgmcosr16yv78m[1].jpg)


Here is what other people who paid to be in the thing looked like.

No. 324187

File: 1481919756079.png (868.11 KB, 487x607, capture_001_16122016_122058.pn…)

kiki and this guy >>324053 seem to be the best looking of them lel

No. 324190

figured as much

No. 324192

I'm actually happy for that guy. His IG shows he's a huge horror fan and he's appearing in another movie as well. He seems more deserving of it than Keeks.

Those other people… yeeeeeeesh they could've spent that $5k so much more efficiently. Kek at the dick cutouts behind the clown though.

No. 324199

Those people spent 2k to die. It's the 5k folks who specifically got IMDB credit.

The >>323622 description with the >>324053 timing and subsequent IMDB credit creation is ALL the proof anyone who isn't Kaka needs.

No. 324207

So 2k to die, still could've been spent better but I guess it meant something to them.


So did I and he seems like a genuine person. He comes off lively unlike "Lilou" and her dead eyed pics of nothing.

No. 324225

Stop trying to convince us you didn't pay for the role Kaka.

No. 324227


Like a good diet plan maybe ?
Though to be honest, they look like Kiki's kinda crowd, basement dwellers.

No. 324230

No. 324231

Currently no evidence. From some of the posts - which sound exactly like her old whiteknight posts - I wouldn't be very surprised if she's using a different VP. That research take time, though.

No. 324232

Even if Kaka didn't pay for the role, it's low-rent and cringey as all hell.

No. 324233

LEL if you want to kiss her bony flat ass so badly go resurrect a Tumblr. This isn't the Kiki fanclub. Whiteknighting and defending her is useless here when no one likes her for good reasons.

No. 324236

If they keep posting we might get gold like when Kaka was called out 10x and it actually ended up being her.

No. 324238

That's better. Still going to watch it though.

I'm one of the anons you thought it was Kiki before admin sama confirmed it LOL suck it ~~~ >>323865

I wouldn't be white knighting Kiki if it wasn't super fun the way salty bitches reacted. You look insane stalking innocent people, like that guy just because he had a picture with Kiki.

More like the 10k times it wasn't really her kek

No. 324243

> You look insane stalking innocent people, like that guy just because he had a picture with Kiki.

Who stalked anyone? Finding social media isn't stalking and his account went private because Kaka probably told him to do it. No one cares how they look posting on an anonymous board because it's anonymous and if you do you're taking it way too serious. Carry on.

No. 324246

>suck it
>salty salt salt
>getting triggered when being called kaka
>pretending being retarded was actually on purpose to shitpost

You new here?

No. 324248

How many of these did Kiki do too? All of them. They are one meltdown away from filler injected pussy hard homo bitches shitposting.

No. 324264

We're shitting all over that vid of dakota in her thread but even in that sallow shit lighting she still looks dramatically better than any of these new film stills of kiki : (

No. 324268


>You look insane stalking innocent people,like that guy just because he has a picture with Kaka.

So everyone here is salty and a creepy stalker for being here and reading this thread ? How are you any better then ? You're coming here for the same reason as everyone else, to read up on Kaka.

Get over yourself, Anon.


I refuse to get my hopes up and believe its her until Admin gives reason to. For now I think its just a really bored troll.

No. 324288

Probably not her in all honesty but a dedicated troll mimicking her style. Surely she's not dumb enough to come back and sperg out like that after she got busted once.

No. 324293

"for whatever reason"

z-grade horror people are always on the lookout for "hot" girls to put in their shit, the more stupid and willing they are the better. i'm sure keeks is being her usual psychotically "nice" self and going above and beyond what they want they probably realize she's a little unhinged and also desperate.

No. 324294

>the more stupid and willing they are the better

Especially since she acts and dresses textbook like this type >>323494

The only thing keeping her safe right now is that her body and looks aren't good enough for porn. Otherwise it's only her parents' credit cards being taken advantage of.

No. 324300


I could see her doing cam girl shit. She has the look down..

No. 324302

If you look at the cast on IMDB there are 6 members there that have roles with numbers on them or with no actual character name, which checks out with the 6 spots filled in the Indiegogo campaign. Nazi Thug #1, American Officer, Nazi Guard #1, Secretary 1, Nazi Thug #5, Nazi Thug #2. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5257554/fullcredits
So it's possible that Kaka didn't buy her role through Indiegogo, and it just so happened that her schedule coincided with the extras because they were in the same scene. I'm still open to the idea that she did ~favors to get this part.

No. 324311

There really is only 2 options, 1) she paid to get the role 2) she blew the director or producer. She has 0 talent and looks haggard as fuck to get a role legitimately.

No. 324330

>but her internet history and any interview longer than 5 minutes is gonna disqualify her due to the "crazy"

If she used the Lilou Vos name then the crew likely wouldn't know about Kiki and her past since she looks rather different from her peak days, except if they reverse searched her recent photos that she uploaded but why would they bother doing that normally?

Look at this crap: I doubt they put much effort into casting. The casting call was likely actually ~skinny pale birch

No. 324334

Honestly, if she did pay the money, it would make sense why she didn't brag so much about being in a movie or going to LA or anything. She knew we could easily find out that she paid her way in and she just didn't want people to know she's that pathetic.

No. 324340

They're trying to be clever about the ad. Netflix for LUNAtics. Fans of Full MOON. Lame.

No. 324341

File: 1481939668253.png (383.16 KB, 435x357, FreddyFingers.png)

Kaka's teeth look quite jacked up in this photo on the new Oberhelfer Friede Steitze wiki.

No. 324342

we need to fix the link thing, anonylink doesn't work

No. 324344

Last time I checked she removed it, but now it's there again. I think she must be editing her own imdb page. Is that possible? She has no agent. She must be the one doing it.

No. 324345

File: 1481940309985.png (106.86 KB, 282x286, Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 6.04…)

She lives, apparently

No. 324354


Thats what bugs me too. All of a sudden everyone is up kaka's ass over a shitty small role in some dodgy movie. Yet the other month she was an evil washed out witch. It happened with Venus back when she was finally free of her mother now they've gone back to slagging her off.

I dont care what anyone says this wont last with Kiki because she can never keep to one thing and work with it. First it was a model, then an actress, then designer, then a dj, then a spiritual goddessu then now an actress… its a pile of shit.

No. 324356

>Full Moon Features & Charles Band: Casting is done in LA! We publish casting calls through the standard avenues

>Full Moon Features & Charles Band: You're going to love this actor! So much more to come from her

>John Lowe: The accent is laughable at best.

>John Lowe: The girl at the end is scary as fuck and that forehead has to be prosthetics.


No. 324371

I wouldn't be surprised if the pair of them were aiming to role in the walking dead tbh

they both have a weird obsession with gore and horror shit

koot followers the actors and kaka is starring in weird shit

they're both up to something

No. 324375

Lilouvos.com and Lilouvos.net have been registered last August? I'm assuming she registered these because she's been planning to become an actress for a while now…

No. 324400

One small role in a sequel of a subpar horror franchise and she is registering websites. What a fucking joke.

No. 324456

Kiki has been saying for at least the past few years that her goal was to move to LA. then she became fixated with japan, but i guess she dropped that and is back at it with this original goal again

No. 324458


Its because her looks dont suit Japan compared to Dakota. There isn't much different between the two apart from Kaka has a long face and Dakota has a rounder one.

Isn't she involved with some asian dude? Bobby or something?

No. 324464

File: 1481945279393.jpg (66.9 KB, 385x217, 69fcc3041442735399a3651355df3c…)

Can't we just fast forward 30 years in the future where she is keeping Dakota hostage in a wheelchair and feeding her rats while planning her big Lilou Vos comeback.

No. 324467



because we all know they're going to be rebounds

No. 324507

I wonder why they let her use that fake alias name? Instead of her real name.

No. 324525


tons of people use stage names

No. 324527

most of the entertainment business lets you do that. Iggy Azalea is credited like that for Fast and Furious 7 when her real name is Amethyst Kelly.

No. 324576


You're both right. Thank you. I didn't know that about Iggy.

No. 324620

Remember when she made a fake VEVO for herself? good times.

No. 324643

Pretty sure TWD films in GA still. Unless they moved up north

No. 324651

No. 324661

Probably,everybody has to embrace Lilou Vos,kaka kannibus is dead.

No. 324672

File: 1481954237216.png (1.7 MB, 924x640, capture_003_16122016_213626.pn…)


No. 324679

I live where TWD films. It's here in south side ATL

No. 324682

Samefag to add its super easy to get casted but its hard work unlike Keeks is used to. Lots of running, getting dirty, 15 hr filming days standing around in the sun,bugs, etc and the pay is shit. This is the antithesis of something keeks would be interested in.

No. 324686

Lol yeah and in that pic her one boob is funny looking. Totally not Photoshopped one bit. Lol

No. 324693

>create a fantasy

d-did she just full on admit this

No. 324773


Haha how did I never catch that she calls social media that. What a granny

No. 324774

It's part of what got her caught here for posting - her anachronistic phrasing for social media

No. 324782


She also used to say "mee mee" for meme. It made me lol.

No. 324784

That's what happens when you have a 7th grade education and a 5th grade reading level and call it "good enough".

No. 324786

File: 1481962072193.jpg (167.99 KB, 467x700, nomakeup.jpg)

yeah that's supposed to be her all natural, because in real life her face is blurry just like that. she tried to pass this pic off as her without makeup and editing too. please take note of the way her face warps and slants to one side like a circus freakshow.

No. 324798

>without makeup
i really hope your memory is failing, cause that clearly has winged eyeliner, mascara and blush

i've always thought this photo is the one that looks the least like her real face out of all the thousands she has. i don't think she liquefies like kote does, but this photo she did.

No. 324803

File: 1481963173756.png (57.49 KB, 2061x148, Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 3.24…)

i never heard of SNS beforehand, and kiki's twitter and spergchan's posts are still the only places i've seen it since.

No. 324804

Kek, in normal places this would be just any old diss. But with Keeks it's just calling it like it is.

No. 324808

no. she definitely claimed no makeup. it got posted on some site like the dirty too.

No. 324812

so i googled "kiki kannibal the dirty" and found this

>Her sister says that she thinks you’re cute for a “colored guy”


No. 324819

>dont you have old womens money to steal and little kids to touch? Or is that when your off your meds? there is some killer pwnage of you on cs. And they know you dont have a website now to. your fu(ked dude. BLA HA HA HA!

Oh look, there's Kiki in the comments.

No. 324821

It's funny and sad that that even back then people talked about her sagging boobs, and how she's basically a soft core porn model that never made it.

No. 324822

surprise! the ostrengas are racist.

No. 324823

fuck that sounds exactly like spergchan. it also sounds exactly how keek talked to stickydrama during their twitter fight. pretty freaky realizing how she has been undercover answering all her haters all these years while pretending she ignores them

No. 324850

Haha Nik's response is always on the ball. Kiki is totally a fetishist

No. 324851

Haha Nik's response is always on the ball. Kiki is totally a fetishist

No. 324854

People have to pay for their own IMDB profiles

No. 324855

File: 1481979773317.png (77.19 KB, 973x534, screenshot-www.imdb.com 2016-1…)

hmm I don't think so, these posts are still up. That's the first thing she would want to delete-of course since Kiki is reading here (hi Kaka!) she will get someone to delete them asap.

BTW, wasn't that jeshikadoll another delusional bitch jumping on the living doll bandwagon or I am mistaken her for someone else?

it has been down for a while

No. 324867

that is such a messy thing to do.

No. 324999

Don't you have to submit posts to admins to be deleted? Give her time.

No. 325018

I kinda really wish people wouldn't do this. We have this forum to bitch about her. Let the girl live and leave her other profiles alone.

No. 325020

In peace lol? As long as kaka is around online she will never have peace because shes a cunt.

I cant wait to see her newly found career flunk and kooters crumble too.

No. 325028

Plus asking all her coworkers to private their accounts isnt going to get her anywhere. You need to be open to get known and she isnt exactly doing that. Youtube doesnt count because half her videos is just general chatting shit or DIY not exactly acting. I dont count that racist shitty umpalmpa thing she did years ago acting either thats just being daft.

Kaka would have more luck going to the UK and starring on big brother because every fame hungry gobby desperate girl here goes on that, gogglebox or geordie shore.

No. 325031

It's a term that I've noticed is employed a lot in Korean dramas actually, but her use of it may also be a holdover from myspace/stickam days.

No. 325034

That's the issue for the Ostrengas. Candid shots or poorly lit photos taken by third parties was a huge scandal for Dakota, and it's going to be the same way for Kiki. These are really some of the first images of Kiki we've seen in years where the editing was out of her court. It's going to be tough because to "make it" (ugh) in LA you really do have to be hot. She's going to need a personal trainer, teeth whitening, plastic surgery and an agent if this is going to go anywhere.

No. 325036

File: 1482003099194.png (624.31 KB, 647x570, Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 2.30…)

Sorry for multipost but actually who is this?

No. 325055

Tbh, I kind of agree with that anon. It's irritating how these retards are trying to ruin this for her when it's much more interesting to see her ruin it for herself like she always does. And I think if people keep trying to ruin it for her, she'll go on another hiatus from the internet.

If this doesn't get ruined for her, I have high hopes she'll become full of herself and start posting delusional humble bragging tweets again. I also think this could lead into her doing porn since a lot of the girls who act in these shitty horror films are porn stars.

No. 325066

Why does someone always suggest she goes on BB…?

No. 325107


Anon it doesnt matter because one way or another it will go to shit. EVERYTHING kaka has done turns into shit.

She isn't likeable enough to get fame. The Japanese sadly have to put up with koot in a humble manner despite not really liking her.

No. 325119

jeshikadoll is that girl from PULL who is one of the few people who goes out of her way to fuck with Kirsten.

No. 325124



Then theres kaka who goes out to fuck with Tay Tay :)

No. 325147

On top of that, the same thing that happened when people tried to air Koot's dirty laundry will probably end up happening with Kiki, nothing. If someone thinks they can make money off of you, they'll sign and use you. If you make it difficult and undesirable for them to work with you and you don't have much public favor, you're done. So harping about how it will supposedly ruin her "opportunity" is pointless. And she wasn't on hiatus, she was using shit under the guise of Lilou, and on anon I'm sure.

No. 325255

Dakota had the advantage of the language barrier and the fact that almost nobody who cares enough about her to try o "expose" her could speak beyond weeb tier Japanese. But Kiki wants to get famous here, which isn't going to work because people will recognize her eventually. She uses the same oveshooped selfies for her new Lilou Vos accounts, and it won't take long for Google results for her new moniker to turn into lolcow, Rolling Stone and Stickam.

No. 325257

Lolcow and PULL are already the 3rd and 4th results. The lolcow link title is KIKI KANNIBAL and the PULL link title is "Lilou Vos - Kiki Kannibal". It's already happening.

No. 325261

the fact that no one has the name "Lilou Vos" means that only her and things related to her will show up instantly. if she had chosen a more common name it would bury or at least be in pages 5+ of the search results, but she had to be exotic-French-foreigner

No. 325263

I love that she has ONE acting credit, but 28 photos uploaded.

No. 325267

File: 1482018638271.gif (331.68 KB, 499x323, top kek.gif)

>John Lowe: The girl at the end is scary as fuck and that forehead has to be prosthetics.

this. in her attempt to start anew and have a unique foreign name, she didn't think about how a search would appear. she should change it to something extremely basic like courtney woods or something idk

i wish she would remove that cringey ass demo reel! i wonder if after this she will go on to do something else in the acting industry. she should do commercials or something. she has a very commercial look about her.

No. 325268

also a bit embarrassing to see photos of an actress on IMBD, clearly taken as bedroom filter selfies with her room in the background

No. 325310

hi google

Lilou Vos
Lilou Vos
Lilou Vos
Lilou Vos
Lilou Vos
Lilou Vos
Kiki Kannibal Lilou Vos
Lilou Vos Kiki Kannibal

No. 325314

it won't work like that. only if the next thread if labeled Lilou Vos will it show up like PULL and kiwifarms

No. 325331

Edited the subject.

No. 325365

100 says she already told them about how everybody wants to rape and stalk and murder her

yeah you're right anon, I mistook her for ekaterinadoll or whatever that freak calls herself

yeah fucking kirsten as lazy and dumb as always. If she wanted to start a new persona she must have ditch anything tied to kiki kannibal. Bitch can't let go her 5 minutes of fame.

No. 325384

California license plate, huh

No. 325386


What the other anon said Dakota had the Japanese have NO idea who she was formerly and her shitty past because of them not knowing enough English. Only SOME could find and make out parts of about her - those added it on Girls Channel like her old pictures and stuff.

Its alright, all well and good in a country where they know fuck all English. But in the US where she has history, people know about her and her old shit then they will find out.

Plus in Asia, Japan they dont like all that drama and nasty stuff in the media. It's not like in the US and the west were its all a go and fun to stir shit up. Thats another reason why Dakota calmed her ass, kept her mouth shut and played by their rules. Kiki can't do that either and alas the Japanese weeb thing with her flopped. So its best her just to stay in the US.

Lilou Vos will be just exposed as her old self once pulltards unfortunately fuck her around and cause stupid shit because there is ALWAYS one person who does it.

The only way I think kaka would get away with this now is use a basic name and throw herself into unshooped pictures, just start from and keep it basic. Don't get involved with Dakota on social media and just… keep it low. But nope she uses her old shit on the new accounts so obviously we will know its her.

No. 325392


But to be honest… you know what. I can't see her going far. I rather her just have kept doing make up tutorials on Youtube and maybe becoming a lifestyle blogger. But nope.

She could have honestly started fresh… she could have just apologised about their asshole behaviour on stickam and everything else, the scamming ect ect.

Just started fresh, honest and doing more tutorials because honestly I did quite like her edie one. It was quite nice sadly for me to say, I did like it. But she has such unrealistic fucking goals. Why can't she just accept Dakota got to where she was on a whim and sheer luck? Even now though her sister has lost tons of attention and fan base to the point where she has to keep on the other end of Hiroshi's cock and buy followers. Its NO fun.

The pair of them are not working towards anything but: fame <

They just want to be famous for the sake of being famous and thats it.

No. 325398


Does anyone remember back before Dakota went to Japan she made a video with kaka talking about becoming actresses and using a gofundme to get the money?

I feel as if this was all set up. They both get popularity and collide together in the end as actresses or something…

Was the money they got from that gofundme the money that bought kaka the role in this shitty film? Or was it spent on Kooter's laptop, tripod and camera she used to take her living doll pictures?

No. 325405

none of that is realistic. if there's anything that this new thing showed, is that no matter what she does, people will still shit on her. this is the ultimate thing she could have done, and it didn't work.

you're wrong on everything. the kickstarter was to make them musicians going on tour. and they never got a single dime because kickstarter doesn't let you have any of the donations if you don't reach the complete goal you set.

No. 325523

>this is the ultimate thing she could have done

Girl plz she could just stop with the delusions, step away from the internet and get a regular ass job. A bit part in a Dgrade movie among a decade of fail is not exactly the pinnacle of success lmaoo

No. 325554

Lol kiki can't even be the queen of drama anymore because she's already been up staged by better milk. Like, she's not even good at being bad anymore.

No. 325574

>this is the ultimate thing she could have done

LOL.. kiki…. if this is the ultimate thing you could do, you're a failuyre at life

No. 325578

Eh idk. She needs to work on her skin and hair a bit but Kiki actually has really nice teeth.

No. 325609

File: 1482041737908.png (110.63 KB, 937x490, Untitled.png)

this is fucking hilarious for a lot of reasons

No. 325611

Working on her new persona Lilou Vos since July 2016. Lilou, Keeks, Kirsten. Doesn't matter her name, we truly know how she is inside. She's not fooling anyone.

No. 325622

File: 1482044601369.gif (968.97 KB, 180x209, kakasings.gif)


No. 325699

Why'd they unfollow each other?

No. 325712

It's not known.

I'd like to think they had a jelly argument about the $5K their parents put up for one sibling but not the other.

No. 325733


People just dont like her anon. She fucked it up for herself in the beginning and was a popular total cunt back in the day.

No. 325735


She should just try going on a reality tv show if she NEEDS fame. Would be much easier.

No. 325737

File: 1482070245359.png (524.36 KB, 591x597, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 14.0…)

New Dakota pic

and it seems she's been a little inspired by Lilou Vos too! Hair and pentagram koot how edgy.

Told you guys they were meshing into one another gradually… Dakota probably wants to get into acting now too, she follows TWD actors and now kaka is starring in crazy horror films.

No. 325756

I normally hate dumb reaching, but this one actually made me laugh. I hope it's true.

No. 325768


She's been acting her whole life, anon. Acting like she doesn't care, acting like the past isn't there, acting like she isn't balding, acting like a kawaii princess and acting like she isn't flabby.

No. 325774

>this is the ultimate thing she could have done

she obviously has neither talent nor training. why would she try to be an actress? (in case this wasn't just a one time thing).
why doesn't she try to pursue a career outside of the public eye?
if >>325392 is right and
>They just want to be famous for the sake of being famous
then that's just deplorable.
recognition is usally a mere byproduct of actual accomplishments.

also, the kind of pseudo-accomplishment, of people, like certain youtube personalities or the kardashians, is simply being entertaining in one way or another.
if she's going for that, then she might really consider big brother uk.

No. 325775

oh man i would adore a kiki reality show

she could make so much money off that shit too, and operate under the delusion that she has fans cheering her on while fresh milk is produced every week, it'd be perfect

No. 325783

At least Kota isn't shooping her lips as much anymore. Maybe the living doll phase is somewhat over.

No. 325794

Thank you so much, based Farmhand! omg

No. 325796

Not to mention the girly, low cut top instead of a frumpy XL beige sweater. And she even bothered to put on earrings! Now all she needs is to be the first Monstrenga sister to start wearing actual, noticeable makeup again. They're both too average to look good without makeup or shoop.

No. 325797


Sounds like they've been watching too much Kardashians …

Thing is not enough people care about Kaka to make a reality show work. Kim K was born to fame and Kaka was born to… ? delusion ? …

No. 325800



But honestly, who wants to watch an entire reality series of Kaka sitting in her room talking to her self because she has no friends… It'd be the same as watching her Youtube channel.. Her making up stories and talking to herself.

No. 325801

Kim K fucked her way to the top with her sex tapes with basketball players and whoever else. Her father was a famous Hollywood lawyer but she and her sisters were nobodies until she got her fat transferred asscheeks and her new face.

No. 325809


Still helped that she was born into a family full of money anon. Same with Taylor R too hence why kaka was jealous because it was easier for Taylor and her looks too. Koot and Kaka never had what neither Kim or Taylor had: shit tons of money. I know she used to make a bit back when she made jewellery in her scene days but apparently it went to shit with Love bits and bruises stole her creations or something plus the scamming.

Plus lets be real. What is the trend right now? Big ass and big lips. What does Kaka have? NONE of those things and she would look awful with them too, she doesn't even fit the bill for the Instabaddie trend and no one is envious of her looks. She isn't sexy or that pretty. Koot and her have that awful crooked nose from what I've seen recently in their candid videos and pictures. They're hardly both worthy of being jealous of unless its shit tons of photoshop.

No. 325810


I agree.

The best way I would say is kaka just going on a reality tv show.

I think she's definitely up to something and Dakota as of right now. I don't think they have both given up striving for fame since they've been TRYING for over ten years now but we are going to probably see a lot of them over the next couple of years.

More failures

No. 325851

File: 1482086379115.jpg (47.64 KB, 500x500, CteQSZ8WcAA9Ubv.jpg)

>apparently it went to shit with Love bits and bruises stole her creations or something plus the scamming.

if you mean the plastic diamond necklaces, those were/are wholesale laser cut shapes. Literally anyone can buy a bunch of these, a bag of rhinestones and call it a day. If Ostrengas made something more complex like pic related, then it would be a different story.

No. 325873


It was back in the day though, that store was around 2006-2008 I think? Those ugly bat and diamond necklaces. I think tacky cheap jewellery was all the hype and it was easier to make money off them than nowadays because EVERYWHERE is doing it and sells it cheap.

No. 325911

>Dakota probably wants to get into acting now too
she's had that necklace since her birthday and has worn braids before, jfc i've never seen so much grasping of straws over two minute things.

No. 325922


They're both into creepy shit anon. Plus Dakota apparently has mentioned that she DOES want to get into acting before back in her scene days where she would make Sweeney Todd videos for Buzznet with her sister and recently. So the pair of them have kinda always wanted to be actresses and models.

No. 325974

Didn't she somewhat recently say in an interview she wants to be an actress?

I don't know which sister degraded themselves more to be on tv, Koots with the oldman bath thing or Kaka with the softcore porn.

No. 326030

Yeah but she hasn't made an effort to not look like a nude potato since before we found out about Lilou Vos.

No. 326168

File: 1482107710315.png (125.04 KB, 280x479, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 7.33…)

The actress who played alongside Keeks looks like a semi legid D-list actress. Her wikipedia page is obvioulsy self written (MOVEMENT: RAW VEGAN / RELIGION: CHAOTE, PAGAN) but it seems like she's actually been in a few real movies and probably didn't have to pay for her role. Take from that what you will.

No. 326192

Maybe Keeks can learn pole techniques from her.

No. 326197

She legit looks stereotypical for b-grade movies lol. But at least she puts in more effort with her appearance at 35 than Kiki does at 26.

No. 326198

Here's Koots' actual, current face >>>/snow/210979 so I think you'll find she's doing quite a bit of photoshop.

No. 326219

File: 1482110302985.jpeg (100.45 KB, 750x1276, image.jpeg)

Can we talk about this "co-star" who does actual porn? http://imdb.com/name/nm2500339/filmotype/actress/

No. 326226

Kiki is hot as fuck… if she got into p0rn wed all watch, dont deny

No. 326228

My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 4. There are at least four of these movies.

She's not hot though.

No. 326231

The franchise really jumped the shark after the first two

No. 326232

Keeks is a solid 7

No. 326238


Sure anon… A solid 7….

No. 326248

A flimsy 7, depending on lighting

No. 326253

kiki is 24, enough with this shit

No. 326257


Even worse then

No. 326265

Lol stop spreading this myth that she is young and hot. She is foul as fuck. People are so easily swayed by a fuckin filter these days.

No. 326273

She is a 5 at best , she has no ass or tits

No. 326283

White and female are all she needs for basement dwellers to say she is hot lol

No. 326294

Good lord. And yet she's more successful and marketable than keeks.

No. 326296

forgive me if someone already suggested this but maybe Kota and kaka unfollowed each other because kaka doesn't want to be connected and have people find their drama easier?
Obviously everyone still can but maybe just a lame attempt to cover tracks

No. 326298


Saggy little titties and boney arse.


Perhaps she followed Koots on her new IG/Twitter/ect … The Lilou Vos ones ?

No. 326300

404 not found

anyways, given how much she despises sex workers (and basically the whole humankind, for that matter) I wonder if kaka spent the whole time mentally judging the other actresses.

No. 326307

Agreed. Not to mention her shitty attitude and she's such a hypocrite. Love and light bullshit and harassed Taylor. Whatever "Lilou"

No. 326310

26 is no different in youth from 24, wtf?
and it's not been proven anywhere that she's anything other than 24. every single place everywhere says 1992. can you name one place where it doesn't?

No. 326322

Kek I think you really wish that was real so you could fap all night with her soft porn scenes.


You are the one spreading myths.

What about reading previous threads newfags? her age has been proven several times, Kiki is 24, it's a fact, so yeah stop with that shit.

No. 326326

Wat? How does this anon want to fap to soft porn because Kaka despises sex workers?

No. 326331

Who said that it was for those reasons? Anon wants to fap to Kiki's soft porn movie, she just needs Kiki to be the protagonist of such scene, no extra reasons needed.

No. 326333

Please explain how this made sense to you because it doesn't at all.

No. 326338

File: 1482123138210.png (77.88 KB, 1275x551, doesfollow.png)


Doesn't look like they follow each other on Twitter.

No. 326339

Sorry Kiki but you were the one who had a (hate)boner for mycherrycrush and the other tattoed camgirl, didn't you?

No. 326340

btw I'm not into necrophilia

No. 326361

So a problem with 2 cam girls means she has something against sexworkers?

This is Rima's logic.. When she blocked Rima for spam, she was all like She blocked me, that means she hates latinas Lol

No. 326372

I don't really care how old she is, two years doesn't matter between 24-26. Stop being so defense of this crypt keeper looking ass bitch.

No. 326373

No, that is Kiki's holy than thou logic "I can sleep around and sext engaged guys, but if other women do, they are fucking filthy whores ugh"

and Rima wasn't even a latina hahaha. But yeah you have a point, kaka hate anything but yellow dicks.

No. 326382

it's a link to an actual porn star's imdb profile who has a part in the puppet master shitshow kiki is in you sperg. the anon who posted it fucked up the url is all http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2500339/

No. 326383


Kiki turned 24 this year. Kyler turns 26 next month.

No. 326384

File: 1482129601193.png (22.78 KB, 1008x280, screenshot-www.imdb.com 2016-1…)


No. 326442

She probably reported it. Can she even do that? Or.. I guess if she created her own page from her profile, she'll have access to do that?

No. 326500

The link in her Lilou Vos Instagram bio still works.

No. 326501

Her IMDB still shows up though? What exactly is this?

No. 326505

No. 326525

Proof that her new persona is just the same salty cunt

No. 326530


Kiki didn't noticed some PULL chick left a message with her old alias as header the same day it was revealed her new identity, until we pointed it out. She's a fucking idiot, almost all of her Lilou profile pics show her old alias when reverse searched.

>Kaka taking down her profile pics in 3,2,1…

No. 326539

I think it was Jeshika who deleted the post: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8444336/board/thread/264190007
>This message has been deleted by the poster

No. 326541

You're right anon

No. 326661

If it wasnt for the crazy she would be fit. This is true

No. 326718

Yes Kiki is pretty attractive. How is this relevant though? Stop spamming

No. 326739

Fuck of you balding cunt,shouldn't you be filming Nazi Bloodsuckers 15 or something.

No. 326757

Kiki looks so fucking haggard. I don't find her pretty at all. Why do some anons insist she's the "prettier sister"? Because she's not fat?Both kaka and koots are ugly in their own ways. It's even worse that Kaka actually is 24 because she looks so old and worn out. Kaka's straight up crazy and I can't wait to see her mess this up. Her pending failures are more than well-deserved.

No. 326759

They're believing her filtered image. In reality she's got bad under eye circles, a beak nose that looks like a dick, and an egg head. Her face is so long and she's so pointy. She looks like Lady Elaine.

No. 326781

why is anyone even acting like she has accomplished anything with this…? She paid $5000 for a spot in this movie and an IMDb link

No. 326831

File: 1482213586149.png (107.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2598.PNG)

My favorite part is the fact that she's taking this so seriously, she actually purchased a subscription for IMDb Pro.

No. 326838

lol it fucking costs $150 a year for IMDb pro. Kiki if you'd just got a normal job like a normal person you could have made friends at work and earned an honest wage and moved out. But because you think you're too special you just end up wasting money on these shitty ideas on a whim. So much wasted money that could have been invested in an actual future… smh.

Kota also pisses me off for not establishing a proper career and just wasting her life sleeping with a jap dude who just gives her enough cash to live on week by week. Like holy shit girls, you're so frustratingly deluded.

No. 326843

ikr? daddy and mommy ostrenga must be really proud of their offspring.

No. 326844

Maybe she's just using the 30 day trial.

No. 326845

That's true..forgot to consider that, but tbqh, this bitch hasn't changed one bit, it'd put all my money on her doing it.

No. 326849

I guess we'll find out in a week since her account is 3 weeks old already.

No. 326853

I wonder if she will be type cast into "balding nazi" roles.

No. 326877

And (assuming she has paid for the full year) she can't just sell the subscription when she inevitably fails and gives up on this 'career' like she did with all her music equipment.

No. 326879

Probably paid by her parents from their Kyler welfare.

No. 326882

Better start brushing up on your German, Kiki.

No. 326885

How do people read posts like >>326322 and not believe Kiki is in this thread? Literally only she makes all these weird, vulgar sexual references toward herself (and girls she hates, for that matter).

No. 326886


I mean, the farmhands pretty much told her exactly how to hide herself this time when they ratted her out. I think it's kind of naive to think she wouldn't go right back to posting once she figured it out

No. 326903

Yeah, I don't believe for one second that she isn't in this thread.

Only she would refer to herself as anything above a 6. And really, farmers aren't going to be making "I agree she's quite attractive" posts. When has that ever happened? When has she ever been the "prettier" sister without ten pounds of makeup and fried extensions covering her sixhead?

No. 326907


It's literally just Kiki tryin to convince hersel she is anything other than a quick fuck for guys who know to blow smoke up her ass and call her pretty so she hops on their dick. She's basically a balding Kleenex.

No. 326908

File: 1482244595645.jpg (560.69 KB, 1406x1536, ca14d549837f4feba9206e11969d95…)


Since always.

No. 326916


Of course. Her bitter sarcastic writing style is quite distinctive.

No. 326971

honestly, i think it's great, that she takes it seriously, if it's something she is passionate about and 100% wants to pursue.
not sure about the approach and her motive.
also, she might have a job (probably not a career though). didn't she work for a chinese restaurant at some point? i'd keep it under wraps on social media too, if i were her.
btw, i'm really conflicted writing this, after how she has behaved on here.
it's sort of a disappointment in her morals. her sperging out only in her own threads wouldn't have been nearly as bad as attacking taylor like that.
people are usually humbled by bad experiences and grow from them. why doesn't she?
it makes me feel bad for her. her positive public persona (on twitter for example) seems PURELY opportunistic.
makes you wonder, how much of a moral compass she really has, if she behaves completely in stark contrast to that, when she thinks there are no repercussions.
it isn't just some spazzing on the internet anymore, when you look at the scope and the targeted aggression of it.
what does that say about someone's mental well being, their self esteem?

should or shouldn't i wish well for someone like that?

No. 326972

>>people are usually humbled by bad experiences and grow from them. why doesn't she?

Because she's a narcissist who was raised by narcissists. Cluster B personality disorders are not treatable; they are terrible, toxic and dangerous their whole lives. They do not have the capacity for self reflection or empathy for others.

No. 326984

I'm convinced she's here since the posting of her new "SNS" accounts.

>a balding Kleenex
I kekked

>how much of a moral compass she really has

That's the thing with psycho bitches like her. They can stalk and harass people like crazy and still sleep well at night. There is no compass or empathy, though she half assedly fakes it.

No. 327014

Kiki gets accused of being a racist then takes a role in a D-list moving as a Nazi. -.- lmao what a time to be alive. Ironically career suicide, before she's able to take off.(-.-)

No. 327021

that's what got her cast

No. 327045

She wasn't casted, she bought the role.

No. 327048

She bought a role. The people who bought roles still had to be placed into whichever one they were suited for so technically it's both.

No. 327064

It's so obvious Kiki's lurking amongst us. When would a farmer ever consider a shitty little role in a cheap d-list film the "ultimate thing she could have done?"

Only Kaka would call her malnourished gonzo snoz looking ass hot. In addition, as other anons have pointed out, it's not hard to identify sperg-chan in the comments since Kaka has such a distinct, vulgar writing style with not-so-subtle undertones of anxious self-defense.

No. 327068

Someone commented on her forehead on the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlO9fmPU6yQ

No. 327071

>they are terrible, toxic and dangerous their whole lives. They do not have the capacity for self reflection or empathy for others.

Yeah but throughout everything, Kiki hasn't actually done anything nasty to anyone except anonymously shit all over one specific girl on the internet, which is more or less the exact same thing that we're all here for.

I can see where she lacks self reflection but we don't really have enough information to diagnose her with NPD. To do that we'd need to have seen more of her interactions with other people, or have some reliable written account (like Charms' of Kota).

Don't get me wrong, I am certain that one or both of her parents has NPD or a similar personality disorder. As far as we know Kiki's just a delusional product of her parents.

No. 327073

>When would a farmer ever consider a shitty little role in a cheap d-list film the "ultimate thing she could have done?"
jfc. this was me, and 3 people already completely misunderstood. I meant that changing her name, leaving "kiki kannibal", and start new accounts without the following she's built up over the years is the "ultimate thing she could have done" to get away from the drama (aside from disappear completely and never come back to the internet ofc). stop being so stupid and paranoid.

No. 327074

>>Kiki hasn't actually done anything nasty to anyone except anonymously shit all over one specific girl on the internet

Taylor is not the first person Kiki has relentlessly shit on online, she's been doing it since 2007. She and her parents attacked, called, left threatening VMs, and sicced fans on anyone who didn't receive goods ordered from her website, or left an honest review.

This is leaving aside all of the racist videos (mimicking black and asian women) and Stickam callouts and drama. She was much younger during in much this, and she seemed to have stepped back from this kind of behavior - until this year when she proved beyond a doubt that she's not changed at all.

No. 327076

It just occurred to me that Kiki's probably insanely jealous of Taylor's preternaturally thick hair. Kiki's hair is just as long but looks SO thin, whereas taylor claims to not wear extensions but still has roughly a 2:1 body to hair ratio.

No. 327082


Her following was quite dead for a while tbh. I'd be more surprised if she did that a few years ago.

No. 327084

THIS. How do people forget all the shit she's done? She's had a history of this kind of behavior. Don't forget when that Samantha girl died she was on her Stickam insisting she didn't really die and that everyone had been duped for attention. Even when she was linked to video of news reports that confirmed that she died she insisted she didn't believe it. That's a pretty cunty thing to do. She never apologized for any of the things she did. Even if you argue that she did it when she was a teenager and everyone does fucked up stuff in their teens, she's trying to be a public persona. She at least should have been responsible for it. Her being caught as spergchan just makes it obvious she's never reformed. She just is that kind of cunt as is the rest of her family except Kyler.

No. 327086

Don't forget using the uncensored footage of the girl being raped on camera for her own agenda

No. 327087

Exactly. She was a terrible person and still is, possibly worse than we know because we only see the garbage from her that is online.

I don't like the idea of trying to normalize kaka.

No. 327090

Armchair diagnosis = Just don't.
Don't waste your time, no one can take it seriously, it's often innacurate and only used to insult the person.

No. 327107

It's amazing how literally nothing you just described about Kiki is particularly disordered behavior for a catty teenage internet girl. Every kid who ran a scam and made ching chong eyes and joked around with a shaniqua from tha hood accent doesn't have NPD.

A big part of determining whether someone has NPD is how they handle relationships (platonic or otherwise) and interact with those people, whether they have any capacity for empathy and selflessness towards those people. But we've yet to observe any kind of relationship between kiki and anyone outside of her family so we don't have that information. The only exception I can think of is Taku, another scenario we don't know much about because he doesn't speak english or use social media.

Now, if you really wanted to think about actual NPD characteristics kiki has, it would include:
>delusions of grandeur
>repeatedly attempting to portray oneself as a saint or inspirational figure from whom others should seek advice
>general oversharing & attention seeking
>daughter of parents who are likely NPD

Not shit stirring on stickam like every other kid of her generation.

>I don't like the idea of trying to normalize kaka.
Save your faux concern and SJW lexicon for your facebook feed.

But basically this

No. 327108

Really? Sperg chan was way crazier than any user here. Did you actually read the posts?

No. 327113

She also shit on Audrey and Sharla in her posts.

No. 327114

well Kiki used Taku (and Danny and Jack, for that matter) as background prop for likes and views, and all of these 3 ended in bad breakups. Her attitude towards her exes isn't quite healthy either (calling them liars,cheaters, abusers, players at every chance she has). I'm guess her urge to overshare every bit of their private moments and the need of shape their relationships according on how her audience perceived them can give some hints.

No. 327129


Lmao no that's not how it works.

BPD is a cluster b and is managable with therapy. Also BPDers have extreme empathy so no that's not how it works. Don't spread false shit.

No. 327141

I've been to DBT with BPD people. It IS untreatable, it's a personality disorder. There are skills they can learn to manage it, but they need to be on the low end of the spectrum and very motivated for it to have any kind of effect (and there is no getting better, it's a personality disorder.)

Also, BPD is totally different from NPD… but of course, you have BPD so you found a way to make this about you and your hurt feelings.

No. 327143

To clarify: someone said kiki has NPD, which involves having no empathy. NPD and SPD and low empathy personality disorders. BPD people have empathy. They are all cluster B disorders, however. And all personality disorders are incurable.

No. 327144

just stop though

No. 327154

Aw you shit on a lot of people here too.

I wonder how many of you twats are shit talking Sharla, Taylor and friends in their threads too. Hypocrites.

Taylor gave a response about the whole Sperg chan drama, a very good one, and moved on. Do the same.

Enough with the armchair diagnosis.

No. 327155

>>Taylor gave a response about the whole Sperg chan drama, a very good one, and moved on. Do the same.

… no? This is the Kiki / SpergChan thread, where we talk about, well, SpergChan and Kiki. There will be no "moving on".

Kiki is sperg chan and recently created another online personality to be in softcore horror pornos. This is drama.

No. 327156

Kiki and Kota also gave Emily (lovelymilky) some shit too a while ago. I remember Koots even blocked her on twitter lmao

No. 327161

No one said "don't talk about Kiki in her thread" you twat, I'm just pointing out how hypocrite you all sound saying things like "Evil Kaka shit talked Sharla and Tay!!1! B1TCH!1!"

Last time I checked, their threads were still there. So don't use that as an excuse because some of you do the same.

No. 327172

Keeks shouldn't you be convincing your co-stars to lock their "SNS" so the internet bullies don't stalk and harass you and your enormous forehead?

No. 327174

Taylor does use extensions. Look up her "how I hide my bangs" video.

No. 327179

>Taylor gave a response about the whole Sperg chan drama, a very good one

oh shit when??

No. 327181

Aw, someone's gotten their lil feefees hurt:(

Do you not realise how retarded you sound?
>Last time I checked, their threads were still there. So don't use that as an excuse because some of you do the same.

Ok…And? The difference is that farmers aren't lolcows like Kaka who go out of their way to preach *~love and light kirakira~* and anti-bullying/ online harassment whilst simultaneously sperging out all over the same platform she supposedly condemns.

So farmers aren't allowed to mention Kaka bitching about other youtubers because some of these farmers post in threads about the same youtubers?


No. 327184

>outdated leetspeek!1

Sup kaka.

No. 327195

Jesus, you ok?
Calm down.


Who mentioned anything about this?
I actually defended Taylor Lol

No. 327204

No. 327205

I was comparing the logic wherein both are severely autistic.

No. 327210

holy fuck shit I googled the quotes to an old blog i found a long time ago that videos of Kiki being a bully and the person wrote down what she said, thank god the videos were removed obviously. if you wanna take a peek at how horrible kiki was on stickam, the link is all the way down. but i'm blown away by the sheer irony of this first one. just read it, word for word.

>"Yeah, remember that big chunky girl? This girl, her name was like Chelsea or something, and she would always go on Stickam, and people thought, oh, she was this sexy girl, and da-da-da-da-da, but she ended up being really, really, like a jerk, and uh, I guess she won some contest and went out to L.A., and they, uh, video-taped her, with like, a legit real camera, like how you would look like in real life, and MAN!, you saw how she REALLY was, and she was like [makes gestures indicating fatness].

here's some other ones
>"Let's look at your pictures. You don't want to piss me off, because this is what I do. Enough of that, I'm getting off her profile, it's making me queasy. I tell it like it is! If you're gonna, if you're gonna like, mess with me, I'm gonna look at your shit, evaluate it, and tell you straight up what I think.
"Gross! I'm gonna, I'm gonna look through her pictures. This is amusing. I think these girls have made my day."
"See, okay, look at her pictures! BLEEEUUUGH! 'Model shot'? Holy crap! I think this just made my day! I think this, this made my day! I'm gonna blow up your pictures and save them as my, my desktop, so every time I come to my Mac, and go online, I see your model shots. That's just gonna… Oh, I'm [unintelligible]! You guys wanna see this?

>"I can't– when lesbians look at me, it's just like, whoa, don't do that, like, just don't! That's so disrespectful!"


No. 327215

Oh actually that's my screenshot! Thanks. Like I said, Tay responded and moved on.

So please,
Stay Paranoid

am I the only one around here who trusts Admin? >>323865

No. 327217

thats just a vague tweet after the sperg reveal from taylor, not an official statement about it. i also doubt taylor will ever address it bc why would she waste her time addressing the low-life trash that is kiki? taylor is better looking, richer, and has the career and fame kaka craves but will never have, tay knows shes winning. i wouldnt be suprised if she pities kakas sad little life

No. 327218


dude I didn't say untreatable, i said its managable. No feelings are hurt, I just wanted to correct wrong information. But clearly you don't give a fuck.

back to kiki thx

No. 327219

The video's still around. I'm sure someone has it. Lesbians looking at her, so disrespectful. Fucking kek. How would she even know?

No. 327220

>Thats just a vague tweet after the sperg reveal
>not an official statement

Oh what did you expect exactly?

So I was lurking Lolcow yesterday and Woah! It was YOU @Keek all this time!! #LMAO

People shit talk me and my friends there but who cares? Sperg chan is insane! Thank you! #Tayfarm
#Blessed #Thankful #Relief

No. 327221

my point was that you cant count that vague tweet as a response, so stop grasping at straws and saying 'taylor responded move on!!'

and if taylor ever did make an official statement about the shit-show that is kiki kannibal, it still wouldnt change the fact that kiki is the worlds biggest hypocrite, preaching love and light on twitter then coming to lolcow and pull to shit talk taylor, sharla, rachel, and audrey.

kiki is the best lolcow because her hypocrisy is undeniable, and fucking hilarious.

No. 327224

Sure, Jan.

No. 327225

goodnight kiki, just remember youll never be as rich, pretty, or successful as taylor.

No. 327228

Your reading skills are shit, Jan. Read again: >>327215 I defended Taylor back then and I'm the same anon who posted the screenshot of Tay's tweet.
Stay paranoid

No. 327235

You sound as fucking insane as Kaka herself

No. 327240

I'm >>326885. Lmao I wasn't even posting about you.
If she's not even in her piddly little Florida home anymore, it's completely viable she's posting from a different IP, and with all that >>326886 said, why WOULDN'T she go out of her way to cover her tracks by changing browsers, making screen resolution look off, etc? Admin wouldn't be able to prove it was her, either, unless she was doing all the same things as before.
Stay retarded.

No. 327241

File: 1482322689960.png (3.09 KB, 240x130, images.png)


Replace "Chelsea" and "LA" for "Dakota" and "Japan" in the first quote.

oh the irony.

No. 327244

Someone needs to download that video and spoof this. Kiki and Dakota would both shit themselves with rage.

No. 327298

I wonder if keeks is going to start going to horror cons and the like as a guest of honor and really play up the horror subculture angle. If so, that's a pretty good decision because it hasn't really been overdone yet. Keeks is my pt so I'm glad she's reinventing herself in a way that's far more appropriate for her look and personality and much less common than ~kawaii earth child uwu~

No. 327314

File: 1482346622814.jpg (184.01 KB, 536x670, IMG_4780.JPG)

Sorry if this was already posted. I just saw this.

No. 327345

File: 1482350721211.jpg (55.85 KB, 320x438, image.jpg)

Daily reminder to ~uplift your neighbour~ kek

No. 327359

Uplift your neighbor by selling your knock-off jewelry and bags.

No. 327371

I know all lolcows have this to a point, but why are they so opposed to a normal job?

Why must they be a model/musician/actor? Why can't they just get a normal fucking job at mcdonalds or F21.

No. 327379

p sure by age 14 scene queen on myspace running her own "business" as a "jewelry designer" kiki and her parents were convinced she was destined for greatness. she can't just go to school and become a pharmacist you know. especially when her sister managed to become a magazine model in a foreign country.

No. 327389

One of the fundamental things that makes a lolcow a lolcow is a pathological need for attention. Art and entertainment jobs provide that, along with praise, admiration, and an elevated social standing.

No. 327391

She is the biggest hypocrite I've ever known. Preach love & light, yet hate on people, steal their hard-earned money on her ridiculous necklaces and wing pins you can buy for a few bucks on EBay.

No. 327403

I know this is halfway up the thread but it's worth replying to because it happens in every thread.

Your google searches are catered to you specifically, even if you don't have a google account signed in. The results you see reflect the websites you regularly go on, not what will come up for someone else.

No. 327411

I've been absent, can someone please point me towards Taylors response? I missed it. Sorry for slight OT

No. 327415


>Love and light

Isn't that the same shit that fruit loop Valeria Lukyanova preaches too ?

No. 327419

i never go on kiwifarms.

No. 327421

That's not what I mean, sorry. If enough of the percentage of people who go on lolcow also go on kiwifarms regularly, then google will assume anyone who goes on one will also like the other, so they put it higher up in the results.

Google modifies your results based on other, similar users' trends as well as your own. also the fact kikifarms is mentioned here all day pushes it up the results for regular lolcow users. Google knows the websites are connected, so if you go on one it's more likely to show you the other.

I thought this shit was common knowledge guys. It's like the targeted advertising shit but more subtle.

No. 327511

I guess a good way to test this is to have a completely random friend or family member search Lilou Vos and have them screenshot their results. In other words, we need someone that doesn't frequent lolcow or kiwifarms to test this.

No. 327513

I completely agree. She would know she has a different IP now. Kaka's thread is the only one that gets these kind of posts consistently. It's the same posts with same reactions from confused anons as the spergchan ones.

No. 327518

It can be difficult to prove if someone is really her, but it's not that hard to disprove that someone is her. In this case, it's been easy to disprove everyone who's been accused of being her.

She'd have to do much more than what you're suggesting to successfully evade our suspicion.

No. 327524

because they're too good and gifted and a(u)rtistic and talented to work in normal jobs like the rest of us

No. 327525

don't forget Kaka stole the art for her shitty shop and didn't credited the goldsmith who made the winged heart rings she was reselling as ~her design~

No. 328583


I believe it's because Kaka is always after her "haterz" to show them that she is going to go and live a "glamorous" life since she thinks people who rag on her are sorryass basement dwellers with no life. being in the entertainment/creative/modeling industry for this pathetic piece of shit means glamour. it's all about image for her, admiration, she's not after work that will enrich her soul or character. it's so shallow.

besides what do you expect from a person who once said (along these lines at least), that if she leaves the internet, the haters will win? course she will go after jobs that will make her a star and put her into a pedestal that will make us all BAAAAWW with jealousy.

this is why i have more sympathy for Pixyeri. at least Pixyteri has a normal family, she was not raised in a household that encouraged the children to go after the dead dreams of their parents.

No. 328598

are you even aware that she tried to keep this whole thing a secret and went into full panic mode when people found out? are you autistic?

No. 328622

So true.

I see what you mean. It's just my personal take, but I think that she wanted to start again on a clean slate with this whole Lilou Vos thing because there's too much dirt on her as Kiki. She's still the same narcissistic person who has done bad things, she just wanted to be special and famous as someone new.

No. 328625

Even if people didn't found out it was her through the facebook ad, Kiki left too many bread crumbles leading to her old persona. Why just not take new pics, record brand new clips for the reel, create professional content for her portfolio, not reuse the same old cringeworthy stuff she's already well known for.

No. 328627

it's the way of the cow

No. 328629

Because this is still kaka we are talking about, she has always half assed everything she has done.

No. 328638

The fact that she only has 10 Twitter followers on her Lilou Vos account speaks volumes of what an unlikeable cunt she is.

No. 328639

Of course. If Kiki could made an extra effort this time and severed ties with her old persona, this recent drama could have been just an "oh look, a kiki lookalike, except this actress has a real job"

No. 328657

Her demo reel and old profile pics gave her away instantly. Her vanity and obsession with having an online presence destroyed her chances of building a new one.

No. 328660

Is it just me who is starting to think she actually wants us to find these things? She's always playing the victim and complains about how we ruin everything for her, so I wouldn't be surprised if she does this to confirm that.

This. She will really hate hearing this, but I think out of all the lolcows I've seen, she's probably the most basic one. I mean, she doesn't really have many distinct things about her. The most distinct thing about her is her thin hair and receding hairline, which isn't really that special since many people have fucked up hair situations.

No. 328672

>She's always playing the victim and complains about how we ruin everything for her, so I wouldn't be surprised if she does this to confirm that.

This, under any other circumstances she could have exploited this on her favor. But the stupid bitch chose to mess up with the wrong farm thinking no one would notice and now is afraid of people digging her real past hah.

No. 328680

>this is why i have more sympathy for Pixyeri. at least Pixyteri has a normal family, she was not raised in a household that encouraged the children to go after the dead dreams of their parents.

Lol dude no she wasn't. her mum has severe untreated bipolar disorder and takes it all out on Pixy.

No. 328685

Agree. The queen is the queen, but be real, you don't grow up to be a delusional grown ass woman because you have a normal family.

No. 328691

Pretty sure forces a teenage daughter to take "tanning pills" is really, really not a sign of a normal parent. I don't remember any of the other crap. Part of pixys japan delusion came from feeling completely outcast and othered in her own family.

No. 328729

>she doesn't really have many distinct things about her.

Kiki was one of the first true social media celebrities, was the poster child for a huge subculture, has had numerous failed business ventures and legal problems, caused an obscene amount of drama on myspace and stickam, and indirectly lead to someone's death. She is also quite possibly the first major online lolcow whose notoriety extended beyond niche communities and the most common visage for catfishing, roleplaying, etc. She is pretty distinct and notable in terms of the history of internet culture in regards to the fact that she displayed lolcow tendencies in the early days of social media and at a time where there were very few internet celebrities due to the lack of diverse social media, subcultures, and content sharing platforms. She was THE person to hate for social media users of the day. Most of the people on this board are too young to have experienced this and probably really don't and can't understand, but this made the few internet celebrities who did exist BIG, much bigger than e-celebs today despite having a relatively smaller audience.

So while Keeks may not be distinct today as there are far more platforms on which to attention whore, far more attention whores, and sites dedicated to documenting them, she is historically significant for being one of the first, if not the first mainstream lolcows, and for reaching a level of notoriety and infamy that is probably impossible to attain in the contemporary internet landscape.

t. knower

No. 328734

I remember her drama with Jeffree Star on MySpace and other things like bragging how the sex was with Danny then when they broke up she said it was small etc. Its funny she has a video up about her "rape and how she is supposedly traumatized.
But still dressed in skimpy clothing & pranced around in a shirt and underwear on Stickam. I highly doubt she is traumatized by any of it. And since Danny is here to defend himself, she blames him for most all of it. Funny she never mentioned Jake Wolf Crunk or whatever his name was that gave her an STD. She's the pinnacle of cows.

No. 328735

*isn't here to defend himself
Sorry I'm at work on break and had to type fast.

No. 328752

No, but Mama Kannibal set the whole situation up and then mocked his death afterwards. So maybe Kiki isn't even indirectly responsible, but the Kannibal family still played a role in his death.

No. 328754

I understand what you're saying completely & I'm talking about the other boyfriends she's been with too.
We weren't there first-hand if he slept with all those underage girls. Girls that age are known for a lot of drama and lying.
No one is completely innocent there. She just tries to make herself look like a Saint & flips out when someone airs out her dirty laundry lol.

No. 328755

Agreed 100%

No. 328783

You misquoted anon, they said inadvertently which means without intention or blame, accidentally. They didn't imply Kiki was responsible, but her actions undoubtedly played a role in what occurred.

No. 328786

No. 328788

o yeh. My bad.

No. 328792

I said 'lead to' in that his act of dating her is what lead to his death. Kiki isn't remotely culpable; she was a child when it happened, Momma Ostrenga pushed her into dating Cespedes, another stickam girl alerted the police to the situation, and Cespedes p clearly was shaping up to be a predator. However, the events that lead to her death were dependent on his relationship with Kiki.

No. 328847

That's too much anon. So how was he to know that getting involved with this specific girl would end up so badly? By that logic, every accidental death could've been prevented by that person if only they had realized they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I agree with >>328787. Ultimately, he chose to run away like a dumbass, and it was his actions that made him culpable of the crimes he committed. No one forced his ass to date Kiki, or is he not responsible because he can't help but be attracted to that sweet, sweet jailbait?

No. 328877

Did she make this for self promotion??

No. 328879

kek i see someone changed her name to Lilou on there.

No. 328881

Not to whiteknight Danny but remember Ostrengas first lied about Kiki's age, later he learnt she was 14 (and still continued dating her, of course that's his fault).

Anyways. Cathy and Scott behavior raise too many questions, why let a stranger live in their house, sleeping in the same bed with their underage daughter? why they waited until the breakup to take legal action? myspace fame worthed more than your kid's emotional health? Idk why the judges ignored the blatant child abuse happening in Ostrenga household.

No. 328894

whoever made this put the birthdate as September 19, 1990. her birthday is September 18, 1992. I know some of you really want her to be older than she is but you need to stop making this false BS just so you can fool other people. Sep. 19th is Dakota's birthday for starters. and you can find on any whitepages website that Kyler's birthdate is in 1991, and everyone knows he's the oldest. so top the BS

No. 328923

Damn why do you care this much

No. 328928

File: 1482476395404.png (660.99 KB, 668x337, capture_001_22122016_221310.pn…)

it's been up for at least five years so if it's wrong no one's cared enough to change it

No. 328938

Geh, these pedophile lesbians leaving comments about Princess Kiki.

No. 328940

Stop trying to find ways to make her look bad too. Just STOP.
This is sick.

Anon cares because her age has been discussed and proved several times, Kiki and Dakota are not lying. Like anon said >>328894 >you need to stop making this false BS just so you can fool other people.
Some anons who don't want to accept this fact always try to spread this rumour using old material we already know.

No. 328980

Who, other than an Ostrenga, would defend shitty parents like Scott and Cathy? Your 11-12 year old daughters get harassed by people online and instead of actually parenting them and taking them offline, you let the kid convince you with their child logic that the haterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz will win and let her continue to whore herself for attention. Granted, I don't expect great parenting from a redneck who got knocked up by a failed musician, but Cathy and Scott are crappy parents. I'm sure they love all their kids, but they messed Kiki and Kota way the fuck up letting them be internet addicts and pushing them to seek fame and attention by any means necessary. That's why one of them is a fat, greasy sugar baby and the other is a balding, screeching hag who jumps into bed with any guy for any imaginary gain at all.

Great parenting, much success.

No. 328982

Anon you sound like you're 8.

>This is sick


No. 328986

Did you even read my comment? I was defending her lmao

No. 329010


Yeah I agree in the sense the Ostrengas have some shitting parenting skills. They let Danny into their home and sleep in their underage daughter's bed. Thats fucked up. Danny might have not been the best but Kathy and Scott are at fault for letting him in.

>Stop trying to find ways to make her look bad

Do you know what website you are on anon?

No. 329012

…? Anon states facts. You can't pound away at a keyboard only spouting negative shit and believing anything to support your opinion/agenda because it's convenient and not accept a counterargument, that's silly. Going "damn why do you care so much" to dismiss facts you don't want to agree with is just juvenile lmao.

No. 329022

Just because it's on whitepages doesn't make it true, there is a lot of wrong information on White pages.

It's a known fact Kiki and Dakota lie about their age, it should't be such a surprise, and it's the stupidest thing I have aeen if someone is arguing they haven't.

I think anon was just making the point their age has been discussed multiple times, why keep beating a dead horse, and why are you getting ao pissy about it.

No. 329023

Nobody is pissy what on earth. It's Christmas, where are all these summerfags coming from?

No. 329024

A lot of the people who vehemently believe they're older than they say also weren't around when their fame was unfolding. I was part of the MySpace era and back in those days, we all said we were 16-18 when we were 12 because we wanted to be cool.
It was a thing.

No. 329059

Letting a legal adult havre sex with your underaged daughter and then calling him a pedophile rapist is a great example of the Ostrenga mentality. If anyone else does it, it's gross and wrong and stupid. But if it benefits me or if I want to do it, it's totally fine and acceptable and should be praised and admired, which probably explains why no Ostrenga has any sort of self awareness or shame lol

No. 329061

I was around back then. I remember Dakota and Kiki always saying they were 3yrs 1daty apart in age. That only changed when Dakota went viral. And the only "roof" is shit the Monstrengas haven't copyright claimed.

Besides, the proof is in the shit they pretend never happened. Dakota's "sound engineering degree" (certificate of completion), the beer commercial from 2008, the tweets about her driving. She didn't do all that as an 11-12 year old. And she sure as shit didn't look 11-12 either.

No. 329064

Are you sure anon? I don't want to start Ostrenga age debate time but I seem to remember it the opposite, that Dakota and Kiki said they were a year apart in age. Then when Dakota went viral they started using her real age so that was what started the whole controversy to begin with. It makes more sense for the Ostrengas to age Dakota up to get away with all of the glorified kiddie porn "scene" shoots they did with her than to say she was incredibly younger. As far as her not looking 11-12, she was caked in makeup and all of her photos were PSed anyway.

No. 329077


No, I remember vividly Kiki posting on her Formspring that she and Kota were 1 year and 1 day apart. Wen Dakota went viral all their old shit started disappearing rapidly and that's the first time I ever heard about her being 3 years younger than Kiki.

No. 329080

File: 1482521571032.png (94.8 KB, 1197x562, 1442636425383.png)

No. 329081

Idk why ppl get so triggered by their ages. Who cares, a couple years difference is fucking nothing.

That 2nd tweet is insufferable

No. 329085

It doesn't really matter all that much except for it being another case of an Ostrenga lying.

No. 329098

I think the age they state now are correct but they did lie back then either way they still lied.

No. 329111

I hope you're not trying to use Kiki's words as some sort of proof. Because that would be hilarious.


The only time someone spergs out about their ages is when someone says she's older. And it's always the same obnoxious, blatantly self-unaware and dated writing style the Monstrengas are known for.

The only saving grace is that Dakota has a round, fatty face and Kiki has a bony, mature face. They only ever looked "3 years apart" because Kiki legit already looked 16-17 when she was really 14-15.

No. 329113

*their saving grace

No. 329114

They look three years apart in the pictures of them when they were kids.

No. 329115

I just posted her statement, you guys are free to believe her or not.

No. 329116

I actually look forward to that one person who spergs on age posts. It's like clockwork every time. It's also really weird because it doesn't matter or change anything.

No. 329121

I know right, who gives a fuck? Whether she's 20 or 30 she's still a crazy shit person who buys her way into low budget horror films.

No. 329142

I'm loving every bit of what's going on! I hope she has success in this new thing, anywho. What with letting go of "Kiki kannibal" name and all.

Although I'm super late i gotta say: I watched the interview where she had a totally transparent top on and she was so CLEARLY uncomfortable on that, I actually felt sorry for her

No. 329181


Nah they look a year apart

Look at the one where they were eating in Disney land

they're at least a YEAR apart anon

No. 329206

You need to get your eyes checked or look into child development. Koots was definitely younger than a year difference from Keeks.

No. 329228

Because they have different face shapes. Kiki maturing sooner than Kota and having a longer, narrower face shape, even when they were both little, makes Kiki look older than her age. She's 24 but she looks so much worse. Dakota looks a lot worse than she should for 21.

Btw, multipost-sage-chan, I'm only saying she looks like worn out, given up on life shit for being as young as she is (or maybe isn't). Other 20-somethings don't look as close to the grave from malnutrition and stress as Kiki and Dakota.

No. 329229

>younger than a year difference

You type like you dropped out of middle school, damn. I hope English isn't your native language.

No. 329237

She had a bra on underneath, no?

No. 329246

Does it really matter? Resorting to grammar nazi retorts because there's nothing better to argue over their ages of all things. It's better the thread not move at all than this shit come up again when it had been settled and let go of two or three threads ago.

Yes. It's not very subtle either. She's so tacky.

No. 329261

It isn't one person.
It's a cluster of people.
If it doesn't matter, why constantly spread the misinformation tho?

Yall pretending to be aloof when things don't go your way. All of us are spergs, nice try.

No. 329266

Okay Keeks. It doesn't matter. No one was even talking about it. Be more obvious.

No. 329282

this anon really knows their internet history/culture shit. good post

No. 329286

>If it doesn't matter, why constantly spread the misinformation tho?
exactly. someone actually took the time to enter in a bogus birthday they either yanked out of their ass at that moment, or purposely put wrong. why do people here get so mad when they're told she's younger than they want her to be?

and all they can do is give an incompetent reply dodging the questions and sperging out "Okay Keeks. It doesn't matter."

No. 329288

Saying we're all spergs when no, not all of us have posted gore and fat filler injected pussy spam.

No. 329289

Don't you mean 'splergs', Kaka?

No. 329299

Kiki has a real NO U type of insult style. She's so increative all she can do is call you uncreatve and stupid and parrot whatever you said about her/Kota/Cathy back to whoever said anything remotely negative about any of them. I wonder what it's like to be such a failure that your family is obsessed with erasing all evidence of your embarrassing life you have nothing to show for. Although credit to Cathy, it takes a special kind of obsession to constantly search and delete anything you disagree with.

No. 329302

The fact that you felt the need to defend yourself against that post proves that you're a sperg my dude.

No. 329303

Paranoia: calling a farmer Kaka for pointing out that you're probably wrong.

K. Hope that tinfoil hat is comfortable.

Moving on.

No. 329307

She did, but regardless of that, her body language indicated she wasn't comfortable at all

No. 329309


Kiki and Dakota and Cathy are the reason there's so much misinformation. You can delete fucking everything but it still doesn't change the fact that the people who were around to see it when they posted it originally will remember it. You can say "lies" "fake" "never happened" all you want, but you can't go back and erase people's memories. Kiki Kannibal was huge, Dakota was there too, and a hell of a lot of people saw them be racist, homophobic, ignorant, trashy and rude. Thousands of people. Gormsprinf dowsnt exist anymore, but when it did it was hella popular and Kiki had a ton of followers on there. I was one of them. And no amount of smoke anyone tries to blow up my ass is gonna change the fact that I distinctly remember Kirsten Ostrenga posting on her Formspring.me that she and Dakota were one year an one day apart.

So how is that "some random birthdate pulled out of my ass", exactly? The 1993 DOB Dakota used to use was made up by her so she could join MySpace at the same time as Kiki.

No. 329317

File: 1482593931291.jpg (34.69 KB, 412x255, SBWC-2.jpg)

Yeah but that granny nude bra look hideous, why not just use something like pic related?

>Although credit to Cathy, it takes a special kind of obsession to constantly search and delete anything you disagree with.

the wonders of being unemployed and have too much free time on your hands

No. 329319

Actually Cathy works retail, or she did as of around march last year. But yeah, obsessively registering accounts on people finder websites and searching/deleting any results that show up for your kids is… well, I don't imagine that's something most parents would ever think to do.

It's great to me that the Ostrengas are all so fame hungry, yet anyone talking about them terrifies them. Even just postin caps ofnold shit they did and said, they're terrified. Why keep trying? If they put half the time, money and effort into actually developing a skill instead of just trying to lie, rip off and fake everything would have gotten them both so much farther. If both of them reinvented themselves- and not just their clothes, either- and truly apologized and came clean, then they could put it all behind them. The only reason people still talk about them is because they still do the exact same thing they've been doing for 10 years now. Trying to trick people into thinking they're beautiful, talented, special, unique, etc. while being nothing but nasty and boring.

No. 329366

But can you really say she let it go if she still has her Kiki kannibal Instagram up? She hasn't let that die.

No. 329376

Course not! Need that back up plan in case Lilouvos flops

Tinfoil hat time: maybe since she's doing a new project she used a different name, afraid that people (we) would find out and make fun of her or "ruin" it by "contacting employers/colleagues etc" (bc everyone is out to get her)

No. 329386

Dude, no one gives a shit if what you remember has the distinct possibility of also being lies.

I don't understand how in the same breath you can dismiss their words as lies (Correct) and then use nothing but their own words as proof? you can't cherrypick the information that you think is reliable. If someone is a liar on the scale Kiki is, everything they've ever said has to be taken with a massive grain of salt.

Until someone pays for whatever information is publicly available (another copy of the police report or the other thing) Hell, if someone in her state drops me an email and proof, I will personally paypal you the money so we can put this stupid bullshit to bed. The only reason I haven't done it already is because I'm in the UK.

No. 329389

Or you could just let it go? It's not that important.

No. 329451

>>Actually Cathy works retail, or she did as of around march last year.
Not that anon, but where did you get this info. I don't remember it being mentioned in past threads and I could've sworn people mentioned she used to work in the law sector/did a degree in law?

No. 329461

I wonder how many thousands of dollars her parents wasted on kaka's dead end bullshit over the years.

No. 329466

As I recall the info costs something like fifteen dollars. I would spend that on lunch, and happily spend it to have annoying people shut the fuck up about a tired argument on a site I like to visit for leisure.

No. 329473


The only person still bringing this up is you. The only person who cares this much and offered to throw money at a cause that no one else is that invested in is you. You're the only one so either you're Kiki trying to distract from what you don't want us to know or you've got some serious problems paying to win an argument on lolcow. If you want the topic to die off it's as simple as not talking about it anymore. Happy holidays.

No. 329495

I'm a different anon, that was my first post in the thread on this topic. And admin has already been to say Kiki hasn't posted, so clearly I'm not her. By the looks of it there are at least three of us sick to death of tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists who're convinced she's older than she claims and that somehow there's a massive ostrengas cover up and they're capable of forging passports and all kinds of bullshit.

As long as people mention Kiki's age there'll be some fuckwit who comes out of the woodwork to yell about how there's an ostrenga conspiracy and she's really older. So no, me specifically not talking about it wont help considering my input has only been one reply to an already pretty active discussion.

>you've got some serious problems paying to win an argument on lolcow

Honestly Idgaf about "winning" definitive proof either way is good enough for me. Also fifteen dollars is fucking nothing.

No. 329516

not the same anon but it was on some kind of public financial record. her employment sector was listed as retail. a cap was posted here.

No. 329528

Agree. Admin confirmed it twice itt and it's ridiculous to think that those who dare to disagree with conspiracy theories and false rumors are all Kiki.

I'm a different anon btw, I haven't posted here today. Happy Holidays!!

No. 329559

It doesn't matter if it's fifteen dollars, a hundred dollars, or five cents. The fact that anyone is willing to spend any money on some stupid internet 'conspiracy' is ridiculous. If you're still so inclined though, hit up Chris Stone. He'd be more than happy to do it since blogging about SJWs isn't bringing in the cash that the teen scene used to and he's still got a hardon for the Ostrengas.

No. 329568

what's chris stone up to nowadays?

No. 329572

File: 1482652666600.jpg (2.11 MB, 3988x3988, lolcow 3.jpg)

sage for ot; different anon.

was interested in this so i had my younger sister google her. same thing pops up, although lolcow isn't on the first page.

this makes me shudder every time i see it. it's so cringey. she's like some 2000s weeb; this is something you'd expect from a kid. the ostrenga's lack self-awareness and it's unnerving.

No. 329589

I must have scrolled past it when it was posted. Thanks, anon!

No. 329600

Kiki and Dakota are following each other on Instagram again. Seriously so petty if they just unfollow whenever they have a fight or whatever.

No. 329606

Gee for someone who really "doesn't care" about the Internet Kiki takes it pretty darn srsly

No. 329649

Didn't we already establish that it was most likely a joke to get people here riled up? Smh.

No. 329651

No. 329664

Thanks for sharing Anon. That's pretty cool.

No. 329764

File: 1482720433860.jpg (539.95 KB, 1770x1147, IMG_5633.JPG)

If anyone else is curious Corey is or was recently modeling. Jake is a sad-looking tortured soul musician. Jack Cash is still a musician in LA.

No. 329766

>It doesn't matter if it's fifteen dollars, a hundred dollars, or five cents. The fact that anyone is willing to spend any money on some stupid internet 'conspiracy' is ridiculous.

That's just like, your opinion man.

Also you do realise that admin is paying for this entire website to exist, right? You wouldn't be able to enjoy any of this milk without someone spending money on "stupid internet conspiracies". Clearly you don't think it's that ridiculous, or you wouldn't be here.

>If you're still so inclined though, hit up Chris Stone.

I would, but I honestly don't trust him not to tamper with it or hide it if it contains info he doesn't like. He's hardly unbiased when it comes to Kiki.

No. 329774


No. 329850

It was a lie she pulled out of her ass.

No. 329890

Good post. I wouldn't waste my time arguing with them though, they sounded like a summerfag.

Very strange when we get people invested enough to make hundreds of posts on lolcow, but as soon as there is some sort of disagreement (as there always is and will be, hur dur) they try to pull out this aloof, "I'm so calm and you're not lol wow obsessed much? You'd spend $15 whole dollars to bury this lol wow what a loser. I'm on here all the time but wow you're like so pathetic. Not that I care."

No. 329948


Lolcow doesn't exist to post about internet conspiracies, though. That's not the intention of it at all.

It feels ridiculous to put money on this. At the height of the age debate maybe it would've made more sense. This late in the game it's old news and most people just don't seem to care considering it doesn't change much at all. There aren't a lot of people jumping in the thread to contribute to the argument for either side and no one else is agreeing it's a good idea. It just seems like most people are tired of it aside from the few anons who brought it back up which for that matter could've been for the intention of starting drama.

Plus you buy the documents, there are going to be those anons who insist the document's forged and are going to accuse you of shooping it to fit whatever age narrative you want to push. These are the same people insisting passports and legal documents have all been faked by the Ostrengas. It might shut some people up, but there's always going to be that handful of people who think otherwise so what does it accomplish? If you still think it's worth it then I hope you find someone to help you with getting what you need.

No. 329958

You don't seem to get that I was using the term conspiracy mockingly to poke fun at the people who think Kiki is secretly older, I also called them tinfoil hat chans. I don't really think there's a conspiracy, I think they simply lied about their ages to make myspace profiles back in the day.

>Plus you buy the documents, there are going to be those anons who insist the document's forged and are going to accuse you of shooping it to fit whatever age narrative you want to push.

Excellent point tbh, I guess people who think they're capable of forging passports aren't going to take heed of any other evidence.

The problem is that people - well I say people but I'm pretty convinced it's just one anon who clings to the idea because if Dakota is really the age she claims to be then her success in Japan and so on is actually kind of impressive and it makes them feel like a failure in comparison. - bring it up whenever someone makes an offhand comment about kiki's age they have to "correct" the person making the comment.

No. 330122

Idek if this is an unpopular opinion or what but I loved the crazy bitch scream she does in that snippet of puppet master. I I atine she makes that sound before devouring her prey *ahem boyfriends

No. 330335

Im surprised she paid to be in the movie since there's a nazi flag in the background where she's sitting on the couch. Since she's the Moogle Elven Goddess Desu of Mother Earth and all.

No. 330388

>"she paid to be in the movie"
Evidence = 0

Grow up.

No. 330390

Did you miss the part where there was evidence tho?

No. 330394

File: 1482887777792.gif (259.11 KB, 500x331, tumblr_inline_nh9vhrXyFA1rw72d…)

No. 330411

It's pure speculation.

That was cute!

No. 330413

No shit it's speculation, so is a lot of stuff on lolcow. That's not going to stop it. Go cry somewhere else.

No. 330434

There was evidence from the ad. All the evidence was provided already Anon.

No. 330444

more than enough circumstantial evidence. it explains every question, how else would she have gotten the role?

No. 330445

Ah, you're back!

No. 330511

Here we go.

You don't really believe she really just randomly got some role in a horror realm she's expressed no interest in with no prior experience or any redeemable talent, do you?

No. 330515

But she definetly has? Kiki and kooter both have since scene days made weird posts and have a weird sense of humor, kiki at least has always been edgy and has in the past made slight remarks of being into horror. I doubt she paid for the role, until the movie comes out it is hard to say. If she appears for a few minutes, paid for. If she has any decent amount of lines and scenes, she didnt pay for it. Its as simple as that to deduct, her getting the role isnt surprising. Its a D-grade movie and basically no one is famous in it, hell they have a hardcore pornstar in it, so an old scene queen/ a notorious person is a no brainer addition. She generates views if for nothing else than hate.

Im not saying kiki realised this is why she might have gotten the role, but the director/ casters sure did. They googled her, I doubt this role is what kiki read for even. As for her age, all teens claim to be older. There is no conspiracy,all it proves is that kiki never grew out of that teen mentality.

No. 330518

>a notorious person is a no brainer addition. She generates views if for nothing else than hate.

She's not using her name/scene name, though. She hasn't advertised this in any of her Kiki Kannibal profiles, only under Lilou Vos. If that ad had not been pushed on FB the way it was we might not have seen it or noticed. They're not expecting her to generate interest. They might have Googled her, it's not that hard, but I don't think they would've cared about any of that for their movie. It's the 11th movie of a franchise. They've got enough of an audience to not need Kaka to push it. The film's effects were supported through crowdfunding.

No. 330521

>so an old scene queen/ a notorious person is a no brainer addition
>they googled her
are you stupid or did you just read the last 10 posts on this thread? she walked into this as newly born Lilou Vos without a shred of background to that name.

No. 330524

I wasnt thinking, but
Do you think kiki wouldnt namedrop herself? I wouldnt be surprised.

No. 330533

I think it's pretty clear with the multiple accounts and IMDB she was trying to start a new name half-assedly. Otherwise she'd have added the Kiki Kannibal shit to all those profiles.

No. 330536

no, i don't. it would defeat the entire purpose of changing her name in the first place.

No. 330548

most likely told everybody a sob story about how serial stalkers and rapists are after her, but omitting the "I'm an asshole to everyone on the internet" part

No. 330574

Also, she has mentioned that she hates being known as Kiki Kannibal before. The only reason why she keeps the name is because she doesn't want to lose her following. You have to keep in mind, she doesn't have any friends and she doesn't leave the house, so she only gets attention/social interaction on the internet. Without it, she has nothing.

When it comes to the role in that movie, she definitely bought it. But I think the reason why she's featured in the trailer and stuff is because the director was pleasantly surprised by her. She isn't really that attractive imo but compared to the girls I know that would be interested in this sort of thing, she looks like a model. (These girls look a lot like Raven Sparks when she was fatter)
Plus, I feel like Kiki would be down to pretty much do any sort of scene. Like I wouldn't be surprised at all if we see her naked in the movie.

No. 330602

She's close to naked. She's wearing some dominatrix getup in the scene in the trailer where she screams. Not very different from her day to day outfits except for more skin.

No. 330609

File: 1482952557923.jpg (70.21 KB, 300x100, lilouvosnetflixforlunatics.jpg)

I submitted a banner.

No. 330622

She looks like CL! ^_^

No. 330680

Fucking kek anon. Though small suggestion? I don't know if you need the N in lolnatics. I think it would work just as well as lolatics.

No. 330774

anyone know when the movie's coming out?

No. 330781

early 2017 from what I saw

No. 330807

maybe as early as jan or feb

No. 330817

I agree, we saw what the other trolls that paid to be in the movie look like. She may look like shit compared to other women in LA, but she's not a landwhale.

She likely showed up in her best lingerie looking DTF and they bumped her up to a slightly bigger role bc that's how that niche industry works.

No. 330865

alllll of this, man. i thought the same, that she bought the role but managed to impress the directors and so she got more parts than she was supposed to. you can tell in a photo way up in the thread of the fans of this movie that other females who went into this all look like obese goths. plus kiki feels comfortable enough in front of a camera to scream like a banshee and make voices.

and yes about the kiki kannibal/kirsten ostrenga part. that name is only associated with nothing but negativity. googling it will only gives results like her ED page, PULL, lolcow, and articles with titles like "Kiki Kannibal: A Story of Stupid Hair, Statutory Rape, and Online Stalking in South Florida". of course she must hate it, but stays with it for the same reason she made it in the first place when she was 14, because without it she's lonely.

No. 330974

If Kiki were willing to get naked on camera she would be famous already, or at the very least have a decent sugar daddy.

No. 331015

who knows, maybe by this point she'll be desperate enough for the job

No. 331060

We already know she'll bang guys she barely knows if she thinks it'll help her end goal. But I don't think she would ever let there be video evidence of it. She's too prideful and too conceited. She wants people to believe she gets everything because she's lucky/kind/hardworking/talented, not just because she puts out.

No. 331077

guess we'll just have to wait and see

No. 331086

I love the word "kekflix" so much

No. 331335

So lets ask the import question - are there noodes?

No. 331337

No. 331338

no fun allowed :( How big do you reckon she is? smaller b-cup?

No. 331340

They're droopy and saggy like they're sad.

No. 331344

judge by yourself

No. 331350


No. 331351


She needs to do some pectoral exercises to perk them puppies up.

No. 331376

she's definitely a saggy, sad b cup

No. 331486

Straight looks like Count Olaf

No. 331518

I see it.

No. 331626

May 2017 provide us with more milk and lulz from this sad balding cunt

No. 331644


does twitter show how many tweets you have when your account is private? her lilou vos twitter shows her having 16 and that's what she had when she made her account private. i don't know if that just stays because it was how many she had before going private or if her twitter getting posted sent her into another breakdown where she's staying off the internet. or she made another twitter.

No. 331674

Kaka just unprivatized the lilouvos ig and twitter

No. 331676

If she’s still in LA doing the actress thing, it’s really sad that she has nothing better to post than 3 year old photos.

No. 331677

lol it's literally the same old shit from her kikikannibal ig

bitch never learns

No. 331679

File: 1483256631368.png (803.26 KB, 935x596, Capture.PNG)

Too bad this is just a wig, the cut/color is such a huge improvement on her.

No. 331681


well happy new year kaka

No. 331682

THis is really pretty actually. This look really suits her. Nice hair

No. 331685

Wow, yeah the bob wouldn't be a bad look for her. Maybe she should start hitting the art hoe aesthetic kek.

No. 331687

bit longer thicker bangs and she could rock this. maybe a lighter color or a darker brow as. its an improvement not seeing the string hair and the 8 head.

No. 331689

This look definitely suits her. The hair brings out her cheekbones. It's more befitting of a horror lead too.

No. 331718

She made a Facebook profile and page:
The page links back to lilouvos.com but nothing comes up on that website. She's preparing for the launch of the movie, I guess.

No. 331719

File: 1483273463130.jpg (112.59 KB, 362x500, vos.jpg)

No. 331720

File: 1483273580945.jpg (136.99 KB, 640x800, vos2.jpg)

No. 331721

File: 1483273626043.jpg (156.17 KB, 640x800, vos5.jpg)

Fuck, spam detector

No. 331722

File: 1483273674574.jpg (95.64 KB, 500x647, 9F0612AA-0C68-45C6-87F2E79D9E3…)

No. 331724

File: 1483273923709.jpeg (309 KB, 1280x1957, shot-20170101-12891-86f85z.jpe…)

Sorry I deleted my post because I posted her old Backstage profile. This is her updated acting resume.

>Acupuncture, Beginner Japanese, Beginner Mandarin, Botany, Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, Metal Fabrication, Qi Gong, Hula Hoop, Martial Arts - Tai Chi, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Running - Sprint, Trampoline, Yoga, Comedian, Guitar, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Piano, Asian - Chinese Accent, Asian - Japanese Accent, Australian Accent, Scottish Accent, Southern Accent, Spanish Accent, Texan Accent


No. 331726

>beginner Japanese
But I thought she was totemo fluent desu! And her and Kota sure did great Asian accents back on Stickam…

No. 331727

Nice "golden blonde" hair.

So much airbrush.

Did she get a bad nosejob? Compare this to >>331722 - holy shit.

No. 331728

The links:

Her reel is just an unlisted video on her Lilou Vos YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCdCqQDwVAg
Nothing new.

No. 331736

Tried Googling all the shit on her resume. Probably all made up shit.

No. 331737

Kaka is also an editor-in-chief for a magazine. What talent!

>Kirsten Ostrenga - Editor-in-Chief
>Kirsten Ostrenga is an aspiring lawyer, litigator, longevity health enthusiast and emerging writer due to her dark personal experiences. She has had her life story published in RollingStone, LifeStyle and MarieClaire magazines. She aims to inspire those to heal, rise like phoenix from past ashes, reborn to live healthy lifestyles despite traumatic experiences.

Jeez, Kaka. Lawyer? Litigator? Fuck you.

One of her articles:

No. 331738

Samefag, I think this might be a student project back in 2014, but still…. lawyer, litigator, writer? phoenix?

No. 331740

Welcome to Hell House is a student film in Full Sail University which isn't even in the director's reel videos on YouTube, so it's not remarkable. Don't Frack My Mother is a collab video on YouTube and she is never mentioned. Happily Whatever After at the Berubian has many shows like that, nothing special.

No. 331741

File: 1483277188251.jpg (186.81 KB, 500x625, B4B32867-A9B3-4BF4-A83CC043B71…)

bigger photo

No. 331742

File: 1483277971733.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1280x5711, shot-20170101-12891-8dnoy6.jpe…)

For posterity

No. 331743


New year milk already!

No. 331746

File: 1483282160071.jpg (57.54 KB, 332x249, IMG_4854.JPG)

Lol Lawyer [insert Keek's laugh]

No. 331747

Oh I thought this was an extremely thin pixyteri


Of course anons! after reading her mom's old textbooks and filing thousands of copyright claims, Kiki is a law expert now

No. 331748

File: 1483282528322.gif (784.38 KB, 500x226, huehue.gif)


No. 331750

>Asian - Chinese Accent, Asian - Japanese Accent

No. 331752

File: 1483282956628.jpeg (462.1 KB, 1280x1308, shot-20170101-12891-ubffcj.jpe…)

For posterity and kekking purposes

No. 331755

I was going to be mad we just discovered this, but it seems like it hasn't been updated since 2014

No. 331757

File: 1483287338038.jpeg (56.62 KB, 640x637, image.jpeg)

Kiki you are in DESPERATE need of some hair TLC holy shit. You can tout sixhead pride all you want but if you want a job in front of the camera you're actually going to put forth some real effort and shove the delusion in the closet.

Sideswept bangs, layers, and a pantogar script are your only hopes at this point. Girl really.

No. 331759

>did she get a bad nose job?

Photoshop, anon. Photoshop.

No. 331769

Inspiring lawyer? So this must mean she's actually trying to get her life together,or so we can only hope.

No. 331772

I remember that in her old scene days she took a webcam picture of herself with her tits out, I've seen it somewhere

No. 331773

File: 1483291506677.gif (988.89 KB, 526x263, Gandalf_heey.gif)


If no one will take down pesky Lolcow and PULL, she will!

No. 331774

I'm 100% positive that's the only reason she wants to be a lawyer.


No. 331776

She was like 15, so its child porn. But it does exist, but please don't post it here if anyone finds it.

The picture is the reason she got banned for Myspace too, btw.

No. 331780

Other anons pointed out that site hasn't been updated since 2014. If she actually was trying to become a lawyer, I highly doubt she still is because:
>She seems to have given up on the court case
>She has always had way too much time on her hands for someone who is supposed to be in school.
>She always gives up on stuff that involves actual work and doesn't give her immediate results.

I also feel like she dropped out of school because she really thought she was going to get a spouse visa from Taku. I mean, she even missed a court hearing just to visit him.


No. 331781

I only remember seeing it somewhere, I didn't have any idea how old was she in the picture and I don't have it saved obviously. I was just wondering if it was real or just my memory playing games

No. 331786

I know what one you mean. She definitely took a webcam pic with her boobs out, and one she took with her phone.

No. 331801

She's been updating and unlocking her stuff in the past 24 hours. January release for the movie maybe?

This bitch is delusional. We've heard her accent attempts and they're not good.

No. 331835

File: 1483310324554.jpg (46.38 KB, 480x480, 69ee8e30c1fc14ea2045294b702220…)

>Chinese accent


No. 331838

File: 1483311559795.jpg (224.14 KB, 750x906, IMG_6128.JPG)

Man the Ostrengas cannot put together outfits to save their lives.

No. 331842

That's a costume. Was she the wardrobe department or something?

She rike a flied lice.

No. 331846

Yes, we know it's a costume. But it's the costume she put together for Snow White.

No. 331860

It looks like the outfits were in part provided by the acting students. Notice the clip-in Korean bridal dandruff from her personal collection.

No. 331863

That much is obvious. Her everyday style is incredibly white trash. I wouldn't hold a costume to the same standards though. The theater feels like the one place where it kind of works. She tried at least out of vanity.

No. 331870

A better pic would be the one where she stretches her eyelids.

My highschool plays looked better than this.

No. 331876

Yeah lol. That jacket I've always thought was cute. Who knows how old that damn thing is.

No. 331877

File: 1483318743170.jpg (36.25 KB, 500x392, IMG_4861.JPG)

She looks really cute with shorter hair and a more natural look. Plus she looks more mature. What do you guys think?

No. 331878

She just looks like a general in the skeleton army in all honesty

No. 331879

the shorter hair suited her tbh. it looked thicker and healthier.

No. 331881

Yeah.. she doesn't seem very healthy. But that was already established before.

No. 331891

File: 1483320784105.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4880.PNG)

Anyone know who is this photo with Keeks?

No. 331892

Lol look at those noodle legs. She needs a posing class JFC that one of her on the sofa is embarassing. she looks like her eyes are too close together.

No. 331895

File: 1483321776124.png (98.09 KB, 750x836, IMG_4889.PNG)

Yeah ha. Here she looks like a female Slenderman.

No. 331896

Dying from second hand embarrassment at that whole pic omfg cmon keeks try HARDER.

No. 331897

Because Koots probably edited it for her.

No. 331898

You can see the editing around her butt. Nice try Lilou.

No. 331904

Lol keeks you can't be a skeleton and try to have an ass as well (albeit a shitty edited one but I digress…)

No. 331918

even if her butt really did look like that… It doesn't look good lol
What makes her think this looks good??

No. 331919

She thinks it's proof she has a "bubble butt."

No. 331932

she's been posting pics that are 4 years old on insta all day.

No. 331940

Yeah lol we know her tricks. And her ass doesn't look like that. But shoops anyways lol

No. 331942

And anons are going to talk about those old photos ∞ AGAIN ∞.
Have fun.

No. 331958

Looks like Lisa Damato

No. 331968

She looks like she's wearing a filled diaper.

No. 331994


This photo conveys a message to me, considering the imagery: she's staring at this photo of another hottie and herself held over her crotch presumably alone while wearing provocative black tights. Maybe she's a LESBIAN and rubbing it to this girl.

No. 332018

Kiki is not ugly. A more mature, less kawaiishit look would suit her much more. It's just that she wants to pull the "angel cute kawaii goddess" act at every cost. A look change alone would do a great improvement.

No. 332020

It was posted briefly at the bottom of her ED page, I saw it there. She was topless and in her panties in front of the bathroom mirror, if I recall correctly. I knew she was underage so I noped out of there immediately and sure as hell didn't save it, but you Know someone did.

No. 332035

Speaking of ED there's no mention of Lilou Vos on her page yet…

No. 332045


Wow the sloppy photoshopping. Kaka had some cool headshots from backstage profile but these are just too obvious.

Pull a Koto already Kiki, will ya

No. 332046

Just look at that sad, lonely single blonde-colored hair strand

No. 332049

That one is different. There's one that's clearly a webcam cap with tshirt raised and scene hair, that's one you nope out of.

I think she posted that on MySpace herself after an internet boyfriend sent it to friends.

No. 332070

File: 1483383166020.png (262.85 KB, 825x407, Skærmbillede 2017-01-02 kl. 19…)

The 'agency' that represents her seems like a joke as well.

Their pitchs for television shows are hilarious.

No. 332071

File: 1483383187666.png (304.75 KB, 888x413, Skærmbillede 2017-01-02 kl. 19…)

No. 332072

File: 1483383250196.png (362.22 KB, 894x433, Skærmbillede 2017-01-02 kl. 19…)