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File: 1457563754815.jpg (1.73 MB, 2560x2560, 1446026627598.jpg)

No. 103206

Last thread reached the bump limit. >>36851

What's happened so far

>Posted a wall of text bashing Amina in Micky's thread

>Made a tumblr blog to try and make Amina look bad

>Posted said blog on her own thread

>Got caught red handed shitting on her sister and creating the fake Amina blog in her thread when the Admin revealed which posts were hers

>Was kicked out of her mother's house when her sister told their mom about her nsfw blog

>After moving into her Grandma's broom closet her delusional of grandeur got worse

>Traded nudes for people to do her homework for her. Even though she claims to be super intelligent.

>Claimed to be dating a "super important, super handsome, super rich" guy but never posted his face

>Rich guy most likely never existed as she continued talking about other guys she was fooling around with despite him being "her man".

>Posted a picture of some random dude fingering her yeast infected vagina.

>Says her dad gave her a mansion but it turns out she's living in a rental vacation home

Other things about her

>Amina is her trigger

>tends to try and whiteknight herself or derail her threads

>backstabbing is her favorite hobby

>besties with Micky, despite Micky calling her a cheap whore

>loves to lie about any and everything

>can't type properly for shit and has abysmal spelling

>thinks creepy DD/LG shit constitutes as " cute porn"

>went bat shit when her blogs got deleted because tumblr is her life

>not beneath throwing friends and family under the bus to make herself look good.

>has been posting nudes since she was 14

>claims to have been sexually abused by her father

>claims everyone here are jealous haters, even though there's nothing to hate.

>considers everything posted here to be "made up stories"

>likes to Photoshop herself

Social Media


irlbratzdoll.tumblr.com/ (nsfw)



Just like Micky, Himeka likes to delete her posts to cover her tracks. Be sure to archive and screenshot everything.

No. 103209

File: 1457563947281.png (300.77 KB, 1440x1948, Screenshot_20160309-163944~2.p…)

Ok, so who exactly is this guy? I looked at his Twitter and Facebook and it looks to me like he's in high school.

No. 103214

Is he white? He types like a wigger jfc.

No. 103228

No, he's not. Looks Hispanic.

>He types like a wigger jfc.

Wtf does that even mean?

No. 103229

Wigger = white + n*gger
A white trying to act "hood"/black.

No. 103235

I know what wigger means. I'm talking about the sentence itself. It makes no sense. Ever stupid person types like that. Himeka and her friends type like that.

No. 103883

His typing style is even more irritating than hers.

No. 103893

File: 1457604620380.png (246.11 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20160310-050817~2.p…)

They're equals.

No. 103894

Can you please stop it with your samefagging and shitting up all the threads? It's painfully obvious.

No. 103900

Wtf are you talking about?

No. 104001

I'm sorry but this pic needs to have a spoiler. I hate scrolling through the snow front page and seeing her face and disgusting tits.

This girl is horrible and she promotes pedophilia. I don't care what anyone says. A lot of people like ddlg stuff.

Theres a difference between doing it in the home and promoting it online.

No. 104026

Just hide her thread

No. 104059

Ty!!! Never saw that.

No. 104309

File: 1457726701072.png (455.47 KB, 1422x2141, Screenshot_20160311-145452~2.p…)


>making married men with teenaged daughters question their morals

Why does she think this kind of shit is cute?

No. 104317

Man..this is really sad :/

No. 104321

>5ft nothin
Am I bugging? I feel like I could've sworn she said she was like 5'2 or something before?

No. 104325

So basically she wants to inspire married men to Rape/think about their daughters inappropriately.

No. 104372

Lol why is she sending anon messages to herself in Japanese

No. 104401

>she wants to inspire married men to Rape/think about their daughters inappropriately

no. I'm not defending her, but i don't think your interpretation of that is accurate. I think she's implying that she likes making married men imagine sleeping with her, a teen, who could technically be their daughter, and sleeping with someone young enough to be your child would be "immoral". i think u made a huge leap there anon.

No. 104409

That anon isn't making a huge leap. That's fairly accurate to what she's saying.

No. 104417

File: 1457750402923.png (6.57 KB, 275x219, fetlife apparently.png)

So she's got a fetlife account, guys.

No. 104420

Yeah with angela being the kind of person she is, it's not too far off the mark.

No. 104434

File: 1457754279866.png (393.84 KB, 1204x2054, Screenshot_20160311-222642~2.p…)


No. 104435

File: 1457754302355.png (242.38 KB, 1129x2232, Screenshot_20160311-223010~2.p…)

No. 104439

File: 1457755002540.jpg (324.82 KB, 960x1280, 1457233708165.jpg)

Thanks for finding and capping, anon!

>very slim/fit body
Girl is delusional.
I lol'd at JokerHaHah's response though.

No. 104441

You might wanna censor out your username btw >>104432

No. 104442

File: 1457755588667.png (504.25 KB, 1440x2030, Screenshot_20160311-222559~3.p…)

It's just a throwaway account but I cropped it out.

No. 104458

File: 1457760485549.jpg (98.86 KB, 540x720, her_scalp.jpg)

what is up with her bangs/hairline? is himeka bald or something??

No. 104498


No it looks like she used her own hair to get bangs instead of using her extension hair. Black hair gets thins a bit when constantly permed but fail up keep. She probably had thin hair to begin with.

It only looks bad here because her thinning hair is right next to butt length thick extensions, she should of gotten a nice one that matched her hair…of course it's not like she could afford it

No. 104509

She looks kinda crazy in this pic

No. 104517

She bald

No. 104655

File: 1457817694957.jpg (164.48 KB, 569x854, tumblr_o3xr76pCqZ1v59i29o1_128…)


Of course she covers 99% of her face. Don't want anyone to see that ugly mug. Even though her body is just as bad.

No. 104667

Ok she can public about her fetish. She shouldn't even talked about FL for respect for others. Obviously doesn't know about the kink community. Don't talk about FL/kink/or w/e with vanillas, unless they inquire first. Please don't post any more from to protect the identity of others or block out the names of others.

No. 104671

What fuck are you talking about? Nobody cares about them.

No. 104672

What the fuck is up with her eye?

No. 104674

File: 1457821952758.png (684.39 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_2016-03-12-23-31-02…)

She looks like she's possessed

No. 104685


She's so tubby and the 'girly'/creepy sexualizing k*ds shit empathizes on her tubbiness even more lol

No. 104688

File: 1457827506704.png (205.28 KB, 1440x1314, Screenshot_20160312-185822~2.p…)

No. 104689

…gross. I'm hiding this thread now. Seeing her ugly face was hard enough in the OP but seeing this is another. Lol

No. 104768

wow, she gained a bit of weight and her hair i fried due to wanting the straight-hair because she actually hates being black this is kind of depressing

No. 104769

File: 1457851536678.jpg (77.44 KB, 577x599, 1444078009916.jpg)


No. 104824

She's been 18 for quite a while I wonder if she's keeping it that way for the barely legal type of thing.

No. 104830


You know what's scary… how these types of girls do that and then make kawaii ass blog reblogging cartoons, little girls toys and shit. Ergh.

No. 105496

no, it's completely normal to be 18 for multiple years

No. 105826

File: 1458025194500.png (53.15 KB, 1035x324, Screenshot_20160315-024454~2.p…)


No. 106180

File: 1458083458343.png (Spoiler Image, 172.78 KB, 1435x1777, Screenshot_20160315-190928~2.p…)

I bet it stinks like rotting fish.

No. 106259

where's her clit, fam

No. 106271

That looks gross and kind of not human.

No. 106289

She turns 19 in July I believe.

No. 106290

File: 1458106486915.jpg (Spoiler Image, 372.73 KB, 1280x1707, gross1.jpg)

No. 106291

File: 1458106501702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 223.96 KB, 960x1280, gross2.jpg)

No. 106292

File: 1458106518023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 433.76 KB, 1280x1707, gross3.jpg)

No. 106295

Ugh, spoilers plz.
That stupid little bunny doesn't hide nearly enough.

No. 106296

File: 1458109310992.jpg (Spoiler Image, 424.76 KB, 1134x1920, tumblr_o449a8gR9R1v59i29o1_128…)

No. 106302

It looks extremely shooped and abnormal like she dislocated them.

No. 106304

File: 1458111347509.png (Spoiler Image, 217.28 KB, 1440x1678, Screenshot_20160316-025424~2.p…)

She posted this on her fetlife page.

No. 106324

Ugh, this girl is just determined to utterly ruin her life before she even gets the chance to live it.

No. 106388

She's wearing heels + bending forward, that's whats making it look so weird. No photoshop as far as I can tell (though I'm no expert)

No. 106393

theyre actually not that big, about medium sized. so why are they those tits already saggy?!

No. 106394

Is she cross-eyed?

No. 106446

File: 1458161770371.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 2560x1920, 16-03-16-16-54-25-458_deco.jpg)

No. 106450

File: 1458162326167.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 2560x2560, 16-03-16-17-01-58-690_deco.jpg)

Here's another comparison. The pic on the right is from her fetlife. She's also pulling back some of her thigh with her hand to give herself a thigh gap in that pic.

No. 106480

she's looking at her phone while taking the picture.

No. 106487

I dont think she shopped them because your legs look skinnier with heels and if she would want a gap between her thighs she would have done it Much more theres literally no difference, jealous much?

No. 106502


>if she would want a gap between her thighs she would have done it Much more

Are you blind? Do you not see her hand awkwardly behind her thigh?

>because your legs look skinnier with heels

>theres literally no difference

There's an obvious difference between her legs in both pics. Even in >>104655 you can see her legs aren't as thin as they are in >>106296.

>jealous much

Nobody is jealous of her. Stop being a whiteknight.

No. 106529

>claims to have a bunch of sugar daddies who dote on her that she's totally with all the time
>has to take awkward shitty 'sexy poses' by herself
lol k
seriously tho like if she's so omg spoiled why is she wearing cheap ass shoes with cheap ass socks?
Gurl claims to be spoiled by rich guys and hasnt gotten a pair of Louboutins yet

>inb4 she tries to paint the bottom of a pair of shitty pumps because she lurks here so hard

No. 106531

Ikr. Like, where's the flashy high priced clothes and jewelry? Where's her fancy car? Why no talk about a trip somewhere exotic? All she has to show for her efforts is cheap shit. I feel like she's only able to get splenda daddies, but fronts like she's pulling super rich sugar daddies.

No. 106578

Because shes into the dumb bimbo style and slutty clothes in porn doesnt cost much…

No. 106589

File: 1458182772911.png (88.21 KB, 1440x388, Screenshot_20160316-224206~2.p…)

Wasn't she bragging on Twitter about how's she's super smart and gets straight A's? Yet on her FL she says she doesn't want to fail math again.

No. 106590

No. 106592

Um why do you care so much about her? Why do you body shame & literally spend time of ur days to write hate about this girl? Dont you have a life?>>106589

No. 106594

>Um why do you care so much about her?
Do you understand the point of this site at all?

>Why do you body shame

Pointing out someone's fat, isn't body shaming, grow some balls.

>literally spend time of ur days to write hate about this girl? Dont you have a life?

You realize it's entirely possible to post on here and have a life, right? It's also possible to be doing more than one thing at a time, it's called multitasking. I'm guessing they didn't teach you that in special ed, Micky.

No. 106597

Whos micky? Lol ur a sad person.

No. 106600

Didnt ur mom teach you that its rude to talk shit?

No. 106604

Stop samefagging.

If you're not Micky, you're definitely Himeka. And you definitely know who Micky is. That said, you should be studying instead whiteknighting on here.

No. 106607

Lol why cant i be someone else weirdo get a LIFE stop making more forums cause of ur obsession w irlbratzdoll its lame noone cares go to sleep

No. 106611


>stop making more forums

Ffs learn the proper terms before typing. This is a thread you're in.

>ur obsession w irlbratzdoll

Oh god, this is that idiot winterrose again. Ugh, admin should have banned you.

>noone cares

Obviously they do or there wouldn't be three threads about her, and that's just on here.

No. 106618

If she would stop shooping her pics and trying to make herself look smaller, no one would say shit. IIRC she also said something about being 'small', you can't say that if it's obvious you're not and it will obviously cause people to make fun of your weight/size. Don't try and make it seem like she's a victim when she's a fat liar. She obviously hates her fat self, in more ways than one and instead of sorting herself out i.e; fixing her natural hair or even just fixing her weaves or wigs. Stop lightening and smoothing her pictures like crazy and start a skincare routine, if she must, use sunscreen 24/7 and use lightening products, etc, etc. Workout out and lose weight instead of manipulating her pictures to look smaller amongst other things. There wouldn't be so much scrutiny towards her but as I said - she's a fat liar and she'll be treated as such until she fixes up. You're just as stupid as she is and I'm 100% sure you're doing the exact same shit as her judging by the way your licking her dirty, unclean, probably caked in shit for the last month from not cleaning it properly asshole.

No. 106799

Who tha fuck is "winterrose" & >>106618 i deff wouldnt wanna be in ur house full w ghosts & other spirits w ur negative energy. Sad sad angry person,get well soon.

No. 106809

>Failing an online course
Now thats a feat.

No. 106827

Yeah, it's pretty pitiful. I bet the course is easy too. Makes you wonder if she was actually a straight A student or if that was a lie.

No. 106833

it's just their shape anon. they're not even that bad. some tits just look like that from the start

still I sort of take it back fam. she is fatter than I thought.

No. 106835

File: 1458252416422.png (196.73 KB, 1409x1228, Screenshot_20160317-175122~2.p…)

No. 106856

She's trying to make her life sound like brat-grrrl and its honestly the funniest thing

No. 106872

>order me food whenever I want

Well, at least that part's believable.

No. 106879

It's really sad how hard she tries lol

No. 106969

then how the fuck did you end up here if you aren't butthurt and hate this website?
it isn't on google search or anything so you cannot just randomly come across this website, you have to be a lolcow that got made fun of here because only cows and milkers are on this site and you are clearly not a milker

No. 106973

File: 1458276117876.jpg (96.37 KB, 424x620, but why.jpg)

>i’m naturally blonde (in spirit) so plz speak slowly!!!
>(in spirit)

No. 107265

lol I was literally thinking the samething. She's always trying to talk like her too its funny and sad at the same time wow

No. 107268

no one cares about you brat girl

No. 107308

I'm not her? Just stating the obvious. Angela has a habit of copying girls she admires, its been a thing since she was a minor

No. 107311

I think its hilarious how all the haters come together here and then fight each other lmao

No. 107328

Himeka/winter-whatever shoo. Your pussy smells like a dumpster.

No. 107456

Seems like someones insecure how their ugly pussy smells like aw. Sad Cause noone wants to fuck an ugly bitter girl like you? :(

No. 107457

File: 1458420401104.png (361 KB, 1438x1743, Screenshot_20160319-164448~2.p…)

No. 107458

jesus fucking christ this was not a vision i ever needed in my life

No. 107489

Why do people use sex as a way to measure their self worth? A guy would fuck a warm bagel if the hole was big enough. Getting dicked down is NOT the accomplishment you think it is, anon. All I'm saying is if you basically have the same skillset as a fleshlight then you're not doing as well in life as you think you are.

No. 107511

Seconding this. Any woman – even Amanda Baggs –can find a guy to bang her if all she wants is dick. A guy doesn't have to love you or be madly in lust with you or hell, even like you to fuck you – you just have to be there.

No. 107514

this so hard. These deluded little girls think greasy old guys arent always looking for some ugly trollop to fuck and give $5 for a burger and go back to his real life.
he only reason she has a 'nice daddy' is because his wife isnt putting out and no one would believe her. That's the reason she refuses pictures, it's because he doesnt want her having any proof.
I bet he must febreze the shit out of the car to get rid of her pussy stank though.

No. 107600

Whats up with you and pussy smell anon? Do you have it urself or something

No. 107903

File: 1458518310267.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1440x1709, Screenshot_20160320-054220~2.p…)

>beautiful face

No. 107952


Lordy-lord at that cheap, shiny acrylic wig!! Honey, you could at least ask your "Daddy" to buy you some real human hair.

No. 107966

She looks like Bibi here

No. 108701

I know it's just a pattern on those stockings but she needs to get a bigger size to stop it stretching out and looking like dirt

No. 108756

File: 1458580705595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.97 KB, 706x1043, tumblr_o4bhwvbRRy1v59i29o1_128…)

Her legs are just so goddamn weird man. She looks like a hoodrat gumby.

No. 108833

They look even weirder than usual because she's pushing her butt out but her arm is hiding the arch in her back, so she just looks like she's duck-shaped.

No. 108844

File: 1458595220646.png (234.06 KB, 1414x1412, Screenshot_20160321-152551~2.p…)

>spending $100 in CVS

What? Why?

No. 108857

Yeast infection antibiotics add up you know

No. 108870

Have we ever actually seen her full face? It's driving me crazy

No. 108886

>Have we ever actually seen her full face?
Yes, anon. We have.
OP >>103206 pic.

No. 108889

>never wear panties

No. 108914

the shoop.. the shoooop

No. 108915

She's stupid as fuck.

No. 108943

enjoy your uti's

No. 108944

File: 1458619550196.png (163.39 KB, 1440x1024, Screenshot_20160322-000341~2.p…)

No. 108947

File: 1458619935152.png (1.24 MB, 1401x1557, Screenshot_20160322-000242~2.p…)

No. 108948


No. 108949

File: 1458620017301.png (230.59 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20160322-000214~2.p…)

No. 108951

File: 1458620253420.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2163, Screenshot_20160322-001519~2.p…)

No. 108963

>w/ my kitty almost pressed against the window
>also he was fingering me

How do physics

why does she need to fuck a dog when her super rich daddies spoil her soooooo much~

If she has all this sugar daddy money where's her bad dragon dildo? (or any dildos tbh)

No. 108966

Damn this bitch is nasty as fuck. I used to think it was cool to walk around dressed like a whore and make guys stare at me when I was 18-19, and I definitely did consider applying to be a Suicide Girl. I'm sure a lot of thots like this girl will look back on their online behavior a few years from now and be ashamed of it. I'm 26 now and I'm so glad I didn't because it would have sucked to know that my nudes were floating around on the internet forever.
/personal blog

No. 109136

File: 1458675517954.png (74.05 KB, 1432x778, Screenshot_20160322-143204~2.p…)

No. 109137

File: 1458675604631.png (348.72 KB, 1440x1192, Screenshot_20160322-153522~2.p…)

What the hell is she even talking about here?

No. 109141

Holy shit, if she is going to have a nasty kink blog she should have at least not plastered her fucking selfies/RL identity all over it.

I am so glad none of my past net shenanigans were associated with my mug or real identity.

No. 109154

Good god girl, that's a new low even for you

No. 109162

I hate people who rant in tags. No one reads them lol and the people who do read them just to look for fights tbh. If you're gonna rant, at least do it publicly. Grow a pair lol

No. 109165

File: 1458682180471.png (436.96 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_2016-03-22-22-27-00…)

I am laughing so hard at this reply, like holy fuck did you ever see someone so desperate to defend dog fucking before?

No. 109166

File: 1458682213901.png (432.93 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_2016-03-22-22-27-06…)

No. 109191

File: 1458686313844.gif (481 KB, 200x150, image.gif)

No. 109196

File: 1458686722671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 16-03-22-18-42-17-760_deco.jpg)

>"i won't fuck a dog"
>"ooo i want this dog penis dildo"

She's definitely going to fuck a dog in the near future.

No. 109221


What the fuck did I just read? This shit cannot be real…

No. 109236

Probably a fetish one of her clients will pay for.

No. 109267

File: 1458690431611.gif (1 MB, 245x220, no.gif)

Everything about this is crazy. Do we have a thread for sexual deviants?

No. 109270

File: 1458690575725.gif (1.64 MB, 500x280, logout.gif)

>how do dogs consent

No. 109274

File: 1458690732450.jpeg (18.54 KB, 400x265, image.jpeg)


Fuck this noise – this bitch just went from tasteless, cheap and tacky to straight-up Horrorcow. Beastiality and incest, are you fucking kidding me? I'm outta here!

No. 109279

Who and where is this guy from?

Okay this is purely mind fucking me right now. It's like finding out someone you know has a very deviant side but they're…the total opposite. I too believe she'll try to fuck a dog. She's really attention seeking enough to do so.

No. 109298

It's Matt Daddario. Not sure what movie that gif is specifically from.

I like to blank out all the creepy people in the world but then posts like this bring me back to earth and make me realise that people will pay for the pleasure of being creepy.

No. 109304

File: 1458692820834.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 336.35 KB, 1000x753, image.jpeg)

Each day I get further away from the warm embrace of all that is pure.

Also she gonna buy a 100 dollar dildo but can't get human hair extensions to cover that balding head of hers. No words

No. 109326

I can see it already:
>Florida prostitute detained over allegations of sexual abuse towards animals

No. 109328

File: 1458694923011.png (104.91 KB, 1440x749, Screenshot_20160322-205940~2.p…)

They have some pretty shit goals then.

No. 109330

File: 1458695517910.png (145.62 KB, 1440x988, Screenshot_20160322-205956~2.p…)

No. 109349

You know you've seen way too much of the Internet when the thing that irks you the most about this screenshot is the misspelled "masterbate"


No. 109360

Oh, Internet. Why.

I'm going to go read some Wodehouse and think of more innocent times

No. 109386

File: 1458698672753.png (265.41 KB, 1440x1634, Screenshot_20160322-220124~2.p…)

>mountains of Costa Rica

Something about this seems like a lie.

No. 109397

File: 1458699365521.jpg (30.47 KB, 640x360, cc_toys_barbie_130320_wmain.jp…)

In her next ask, she'll say some shit like "daddy fucked me on the moon guies" like how the fuck far is your head up your ass you ghetto dollar store barbie get real.

No. 109398


But she just admitted to wanting to fuck dogs earlier…


Holy shit, that picture.

No. 109400

I hope that this is just some weird, ham-fisted attempt at her trying to troll. I hope.

No. 109461

The sad part is that one quick trip to the Florida Woman twitter account will tell you taht won't even be the strangest headline out of the state for the week. Not unless it involves alligators, manatees, Walmart, or a Taco Bell parking lot.

No. 109648

>Matt Daddario
Mhm. More like Matt Daddyrio amirite.
Saged for obvious reasons

No. 109654

File: 1458751047239.gif (1.86 MB, 245x245, zqj7i1wqd1tjcopr_500.gif)

It feels wrong to link any of the attractive daddario siblings to himeka

Imagine having money to travel and visit really awesome places but instead you just have a weird blog and a future conviction for animal abuse

No. 109691

So he is Alexandra Daddario's brother! They're both really ridiculously good looking

No. 109754

File: 1458768421971.png (2.15 MB, 1440x2155, Screenshot_20160323-172028~2.p…)

That's embarrassing

No. 109761

oh fuck no, this looks like something you'd see on a 78yo grandma complete with sag bags flopping out of the top.

No. 109764

Gravity is a harsh mistress.

No. 109776

Doggie girl believes trashy = sexy.

It doesn't.

No. 109796

I feel like she went out and bought a one piece from the kid's section of a department store.

No. 109808

They're probably buttering her up so she can shit out more cringe to laugh at.

No. 109809

That's what it looks like but since no kids size would actually fit her she probably did have to go the grandma going to waterobics route

No. 109934


This is a weird cross between what my grandmother would wear to the pool, what you'd put a nine year old in, and what a slutty teenager would spring for.

Well done.

No. 110013

Why does she stand like Quasimodo

No. 110014

She's got a pic of her sucking dick on her irlbratzdoll blog.. I don't wanna save that on my computer :/

No. 110017

Oh wait,it's not her. It just looks like her..alot.

No. 110042

File: 1458817044978.png (1.74 MB, 1396x2106, Screenshot_20160324-064438~2.p…)

>big tits sag you dumb whore.
Himeka, your breast aren't big, they're small and saggy. Which is very sad.

>and guess what? i’m still cuter than you,

OP's pic and your constant need to cover your unedited face with stickers say otherwise. You're a 4 at best.

>better than you,

How exactly? You have no real skills besides being absolutely retarded and lack any real self-esteem unless you have a blog with thousands of followers drooling over your gross body and vag.

>smarter than you(clearly)

You admitted that you were failing in college. Especially in math, most likely basic math at that. So, no, you are nowhere near as smart as you poorly lead on.

>def got more money than you,

I know for sure you're broke. Getting $100 don't mean shit, especially within that lie of a lifestyle you go on about having.

>anyone worth anything loves me,

Oh please, the only men willing to deal with you are just as trash as you. They aren't big wigs, they're just bummy dudes who got over on you because your stupid and easy to manipulate.

No. 110046

File: 1458818029988.png (358.74 KB, 1440x1853, Screenshot_20160324-070508~2.p…)

>thx to some gross unnamed jealous stalkers who r ever so obsessed w/ lil ol me

>jealous stalkers

Is that really the lie you tell yourself, Himeka? No one's stalking you. You lay all your shit out into the open for anyone to view and/or report. Secondly, nobody's jealous of you. There's nothing admirable about you or your life at all. It's all gross. Thirdly, you got reported for posting CP on your blog.

>who r ever so obsessed w/ lil ol me

You wish. Lol We only care when there's milk involved, but it just so happens you constantly provide us with that because you're just that retarded.

No. 110049

tbh I like to think of it more as the fact that she's basically a zoo attraction. None of us get to see a train wreck with this much detail. sure we might know some dumb fat whores but this is like a backstage pass to seeing how deluded and idiotic they all are.

No. 110093

>gets message
>has no idea who sent it
>has no idea what they look like or what their life is like
>"I'm smarter, better, cuter and richer than you!"
lmao okay

No. 110110

The level of insecurity here is just too stronk.

No. 110157

Yes, I R jealous of you, Angela. Jealous because you are rich in communicable diseases and can make gorilla cookies with your face!

No. 110173

File: 1458844981116.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.16 KB, 477x810, tumblr_o4k3spido11v59i29o1_540…)

Shapless and sucking it in. Hilarious.

No. 110175

And holdin' up dem titties so you can't tell how floppy they are! Oh Himeka, you joker you…

No. 110178

Cover up the boobs and it's like you're looking at a chubby 10 year old boy. Sad.

No. 110182

She's been lurking pretty hard today. She deleted >>110173 from her blog. She also deleted >>110046 and >>110042 . Himeka if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

No. 110198


Why does she do the same pigeon-toed pose in every picture? It's so annoying.

No. 110199

Cause as soon as she puts those feet together those jiggly ol thighs of hers are gonna clamp together tighter than a motherfucker.

No. 110202

File: 1458849132603.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.44 KB, 504x810, tumblr_o4k3spido11v59i29o2_540…)

Don't forget how she awkwardly places her hand behind her thigh to pull back her fat so she can have a thigh gap.

No. 110281

File: 1458861917735.png (130.53 KB, 1440x838, Screenshot_20160324-192307~2.p…)

No. 110282

File: 1458862119790.png (Spoiler Image, 892.26 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20160324-192445~2.p…)

>can he come back home…. like now? >but kids n work take up alot of time

Another question, didn't she break with the guy she's talking about here? Like, is she unable to keep her lies straight?

No. 110379

File: 1458876591001.png (195.18 KB, 1440x1303, Screenshot_20160324-231757~2.p…)


>Don't you let those virginal, wannabe cyberbullies get to you.

>wannabe cyberbullies
You're making a lot of assumptions, dogfucker. Us laughing at her own stupidity isn't close to bullying. If you want to see cyberbullies check some of the shit her and Micky have done to others.

>they never ever get to me ? they never ever will 0:)

Himeka, stop. You've come here multiple times whiteknighting yourself (or sending your lackey to do it). You constantly delete any posts that end up here. You go on ridiculous rants whenever someone calls you out here. You have always flipped your shit. You're bothered by everything posted here.

>i know i’m awesome & amazing & happy & i live a great worry-less life filled with ppl who luuuuv me

Back at it again with the lies I see.

>so i’m not worried about them! ? ty

Is that why you constantly come here lurking and whiteknighting yourself? Or why everytime one of your posts end up here, you delete it? Or why you constantly have to remind everyone about how you're "not bothered" by us, even though it's obvious you are?

Himeka, you can miss us with the bullshit.

No. 110395

I regret my decision to click on the spoilered image.

No. 110453

Trying to be all kawaii uhguuu bullshit.
Unevitable, failing.

No. 110521


Someone REALLY needs to school Himeka and Ashley on how to write convincing "anonymous blog messages". Because ain't no one buying these ridiculous self-posts.

No. 110536

Are we all just ignoring the fact that she thinks dog cum is poisonous or….?

No. 110541

Trying to ignore that whole dog thing, tbh…,

No. 110936

File: 1459013243938.png (278.13 KB, 1440x1613, Screenshot_20160326-132551~2.p…)

No. 110938

File: 1459013409797.png (107.47 KB, 1440x761, Screenshot_20160326-132747~2.p…)


>i’m awesome & amazing & happy

>i’ve been feeling down recently

Lol I knew it was a lie.

No. 110963

lol what about the "mountains of costa rica?"

No. 111008

File: 1459021680077.gif (411.03 KB, 500x284, mi32zuHWHh1qz4rgp.gif)

>already have a jp dude who's intent on marrying me so there's my backup plan

No. 111054

Dog fucking isn't legal anywhere in Europe.

No. 111130

Since when did she study art in Japan and since when does she know a WORD (outside of weeb phrases) of Japanese.

Also I laugh that she thinks she would ever make it to the UK or Europe. Bitch cant even make it out of Florida

tbh it's not impossible. It's just gonna be some poor guy who wants exotic easy sex. He probably knows she doesnt speak a work of actual japanese so his plan is to stick her in a place where she wouldnt be able to get away cause she's dumb as a brick. Easy warm onahole forever.

No. 111155

File: 1459048838608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 400.62 KB, 1191x1920, tumblr_o4m6wr4oWq1v59i29o1_128…)

>do your tits hang low, do they wobble to the floor
>can you tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow

No. 111158


She looks so downsy here and those crossed eyes don't help.

No. 111176

Himeka isn't even LOL-worthy anymore; she's just sad and pathetic. I see a very dismal future for her.

No. 111203


>omg England is so gloomy ew gross

>preferably Scottish or Irish

Literally what

No. 111217

lmao she probably thinks you cross the Scottish border and the clouds part, the sun shines, possible husbands line up, etc etc.

No. 111232


She's in the shock for her life if she turns up in the UK wearing no knickers, tiny ass skirts and mini camisoles. Even those bitches and asshat guys on Geordie Shore, TOWIE and Made in Chelsea would laugh at her stupidity and coming from them twats, that's saying something.

No. 111233


Highly doubt she's been out of her hometown let alone Flordia and the US.

No. 111242

She isn't lying about going to Japan. She mentions it in this video. Though I'm certain it wasn't to study art.

No. 111245

She has been to Japan, she had a purikura picture with a couple of people and I think Yukapon too

No. 111251


Even so, shes a trainewreck. It doesnt matter where she goes. Still a dirty gross cunt.

No. 111297

cant find the link but this prooves that her voice in the 'I totes live in a mansion' video was edited/faked since that was WAY more high pitched and no one's voice raises in pitch with age. At least not like THAT

No. 111304

I thought her voice in that mansion video was her actual voice and >>111242
was her faking her voice.

No. 111305

>I thought her voice in that mansion video was her actual

Not even close. She was trying hard to sound like a ditz or valley girl. It's painfully obvious and obnoxious.

No. 111355

File: 1459126314227.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1440x1856, Screenshot_20160327-204437~2.p…)


>#that's sand on my thigh!!

Himeka, everybody knows that's a lie. We all know it's a yeast infection.

She also put that sticker there to cover a bump on her crotch.

No. 111357


why do they always clutch their sleeves in their hands and talk like they're 5?

its so embarrassing

No. 111360

No way. Why would a younger her talk in a deeper voice than now??

Whereas I do believe that it's sand in this picture
it's WORSE that it's sand because that means this dude is fingering sand INTO her vagina so no matter what it would be EXTREMELY uncomfortable and she would literally have the sandiest vagina

No. 111364

It looks like he has sand all over his palm and fingers (not that I wanted to look that closely at this pic…) so I bet it is sand but still ew

No. 111365


Sand in that area is just the worst. Must have been desperate for some fingering, at least wash the sand off first damn…

No. 111371

Surprised she doesn't look that bad in that video, although her glasses being so low makes her nose look huge! I think that's the cutest she has ever looked, it could mostly be the hair though.

No. 111457

Ew…those chubby redneck hands

No. 111467

you summed it up perfectly. those are the hands of a slightly chubby southern white boy. probably has a camo hat and shirt with the sleeves cut off. definitely drinks Mountain Dew, and generally just looks like he's probably just someone's cousin.

No. 111506

This was already discussed in the last thread, it's a yeast infection.

No. 111512

File: 1459158713311.png (391.86 KB, 1440x2061, Screenshot_20160328-054613~2.p…)

No. 111533

Someone's severely lacking in self-esteem and attention.

No. 111553

File: 1459170751502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 2560x1920, 16-03-28-09-09-54-293_deco.jpg)

No. 111617

File: 1459171977970.jpg (20.71 KB, 500x278, shedontloveherself.jpg)

No. 111641

girl no.

plz no

No. 111643

girl no.

plz no

No. 111646

She is going to regret this soooo hard later in life. And not that much later, either.

No. 111664

If she wants to be a porn star so badly then why doesn't she just become one? Last time I checked you didn't need a PHD to take a 30 dicks on camera.

No. 111666

What makes someone become like this?

No. 111677

Her mother never properly punished her. There's also the fact nobody went to the police or cps when she was doing this while underage.

No. 111678


This is why Tommy Sotomayor makes the videos he does about African American women. Obviously not all of them act like this but the "ones". I'm not surprised he does.

No dad around and the mother is probably a slag herself

No. 111679


fuck sake

No. 111681


She would've been a slave masters dream tbh

No. 111699

Understand where she's coming from actually. despite being scottish myself I do have a preference for them and a huge thing for Irish.. however our weather is fucking awful. The dream is a scottisih/irish bf in a warmer climate. ugh

No. 111705

Her school and mother were warned about this a lot actually but her mom just blamed other people until Bibi finally showed the mom her blog. Honestly her family is abusive as hell, and her mom isn't any better.

What I find is funny is that she used to be a huge huge SJW but secretly she hates being black and only wants white cock up her ass and wishes she looks like Britney Spears kek

No. 111722

It doesn't like they really did much of anything, outside of her mother getting upset at her about the blog. Even then, she ran off before anything really happened.

No. 111739

File: 1459185216918.png (79.05 KB, 1440x687, Screenshot_20160328-130558~2.p…)

No. 111865

File: 1459199269380.png (207.53 KB, 1440x1108, Screenshot_20160328-165539~2.p…)

No. 111867

I'm not surprised.

No. 111920

"tvmblrkreep" – well, it's truth in advertising at least!

No. 111923


You need to be not fucking gross looking tho

No. 111930


>people pay to spend time with me, I just happen to suck their dicks and let them finger me while we hang out!

No. 111933

There's plenty of ugly chicks in porn. Plus they probably would just constantly have her in the doggy position. I doubt she can handle how demanding the job would be though.

No. 112024

>iusually jst give ppl my address
>i'm super trusting

Does she she want to get kidnapped and murdered?!

No. 112033


that`s probably exactly what she wants

No. 112091

File: 1459233939060.png (217.61 KB, 639x356, nervousweat.png)

>mfw i just now noticed himeka follows me
>shes been following me for at least 2 months
>shes reblogged 4 of my post
this makes me sliiiiiightly unconformable.

No. 112363

File: 1459275313461.png (166.48 KB, 1440x1119, Screenshot_20160329-122041~2.p…)

No. 112364

File: 1459275426905.png (167.34 KB, 1409x1166, Screenshot_20160329-122019~2.p…)

No. 112372


I'm not a native english speaker but the way she writes is just so awful and sometimes hard to understand for me.

No. 112397

File: 1459278600072.jpg (43.25 KB, 450x450, disgusting.jpg)

No. 112454

File: 1459281973363.jpg (13.94 KB, 397x127, nope.jpg)

No. 112529

File: 1459292710219.png (Spoiler Image, 869.87 KB, 1440x1248, Screenshot_20160329-190327~2.p…)

No. 112539

File: 1459293440988.gif (9.34 KB, 217x20, 6LpwCQy.gif)

No. 112560

My thoughts exactly. She needs therapy or something.

No. 112588

File: 1459297648062.png (255.74 KB, 1440x815, Screenshot_20160329-202404~2.p…)

No. 112592

File: 1459297858003.png (357.37 KB, 1440x1235, Screenshot_20160329-202420~2.p…)

No. 112594

She's only sayin this because brat-grrrl said the same exact thing.

No. 112602

File: 1459298437517.png (514.29 KB, 1440x1740, Screenshot_20160329-202339~2.p…)





One, now we know who the other whiteknight on the previous Micky thread is. Two, Himeka, clearly you're trying to cover your tracks because if you weren't, all that shit you've said about Amina and Micky would still be there. Same with the stuff about Jrcach. And all the posts you've made shitting on your sister Bibi and your family. You're hiding shit to make yourself seem innocent and now you're mad you can't do that anymore.

No. 112614

No bratgirl, get over yourself, stop selfposting, no one cares about you, make your own thread

No. 112654

I'm not her lol i just follow her and its painfully obvious that she is if you compare them. She just answered a similiar question like this a week ago.

No. 112660

Hahaha Himeka, you're just mad as fuck that you got caught posting about your sister and she turned on you so now you have to suck old man dick for McDonalds and jewelry from Claire's.

No. 113139

File: 1459365365863.png (104.9 KB, 1440x824, Screenshot_20160330-151404~2.p…)

No. 113140

File: 1459365494988.png (146.12 KB, 1409x1054, Screenshot_20160330-151724~2.p…)

No. 113150

Can you imagine the type of neckbeard would actually want that nasty creature to ride his face? Gagging forever

No. 113168

File: 1459368904843.gif (4.84 MB, 512x288, stop.gif)

Because billion gajillion dollars definitely equals kfc. Disgusting.

Pic related.

No. 113194


>1 billion gajillion dollars

>or some kfc

Money can be exchanged for goods and services.


Does she sit at home braless too? It would explain the droopy tits.

No. 113198

>Does she sit at home braless too? It would explain the droopy tits.

You can be braless all day erry day and your tits won't look like hers at that age unless you're genetically predisposed to have saggy tits, you've lost a ton of weight, or you've spent several years breastfeeding. She's obviously got shit genetics. I can guarantee she could have worn a bra every second of her life since her breasts starting budding and she'd still have those disgusting abominations.

For the record, the evidence that bras keep your boobs from sagging is mixed at best.

No. 113214

File: 1459374710306.png (205.22 KB, 1440x1193, Screenshot_20160330-174740~2.p…)

No. 113227

Kek at him thinking she's a catfish

No. 113253

Can you please chill with the Jontron shit

No. 113346

I am a native english speaker, and I sometimes don't understand her either. You're not alone.

Jesus Christ what the fuck this girl is sick

No. 113347

Because not all of us are pathetic cunts with tumblrs.

Also, I'm pretty happy knowing that you will die alone and unloved, covered in wrinkles and without ever having a meaningful relationship with another human being.

No. 113370

>himeka telling someone else they are lacking attention and no one loves them
>projecting this hard

No. 113482

Wow edgy rate: 9

No. 113530

File: 1459432953834.png (440.15 KB, 1440x2135, Screenshot_20160331-095953~2.p…)

No. 113532

File: 1459433047798.png (279.61 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20160331-100037~2.p…)

No. 113534

No. 113558

The way she types is so annoying and try hard, like yes we get it you're 'ditzy'

No. 113628

LOL, this bitch is so basic!! Her wishlist is full of cheap, tacky crap – Lime Crime lipstick, really bitch? If she is serious about being a trophy wife/girlfriend/whatever, she better up her game and stop dressing like a truckstop hooker.

No. 113702

File: 1459467209881.png (128.98 KB, 1440x832, Screenshot_20160331-193032~2.p…)


She's seriously not going to get very far in life acting this level of stupid. It's obnoxious.

No. 113772

No milk here

No. 113883


gorgeous greasy face you ratchet newfag

bucktoothed self-poster

No. 113899


you ultra pulltard motherfucking gross anorexic gross goddamn motherfucking shitposting hamplanet

No. 113930


what the fuck did you just say to me fucking enormous fucking fucking cow

No. 113944


u're such a fuccing faggot.

No. 113970

sweet butterface you slutty hamgalaxy

fucking pleb.

No. 113972

lo ok u troglodyte.

No. 113973

you greasy tub of lard faggot 32 inch waistchan.

No. 113974

fuccing cancer pulltard. wrong, check my ip. (◡‿◡✿)

No. 114095

File: 1459552137988.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.75 KB, 540x582, tumblr_o4z2z2HtAl1v59i29o1_540…)

wow loo at her nasolabial folds tho.

No. 114101


ember detected you fucking delusional grandmalooking robot.

No. 114197

File: 1459588177206.png (109.56 KB, 1440x894, Screenshot_20160402-050635~2.p…)

No. 114198

File: 1459588605685.png (100.99 KB, 1440x873, Screenshot_20160402-051504~2.p…)

No. 114308

File: 1459628167905.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.21 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_o50rfz9KC11v59i29o1_128…)

Lolling @ the man chin! (・ω・)

No. 114313

File: 1459630639640.jpg (49.64 KB, 350x250, aged-black-angus-roast-beef.jp…)


Im triggerd, hun.

you scaly gigantic fukking whore.

No. 114342

delete this, eeb, u skinnyfat gross hamgalaxy!!! 。◕ ‿ ◕。

No. 114362

File: 1459652599964.jpg (67.45 KB, 500x398, 9f9624fd358701823ed20a7.jpg)


dakota detected OAO

No. 114363

delete dat, fucktad, u fuking mouth breathing newfag
caty ratchet thuner thighs o.o

No. 114364

wat te fq did u just fukking sy to me u skeliten. insufferable roting sad snaggle toothed scaly amerifatish dye

No. 114365

fuk off back to tumblr, fa. uwu

No. 114366

File: 1459652761889.png (106.24 KB, 326x316, 6afb35b3b6ff0e6cddf897ff916.pn…)


awesome pst, anon ^.

^. OAO

No. 114368

>Piggy tail

No. 114371

This looks like a sex-reassignment procedure gone wrong. That poon is shredded. I know pussies are like snowflakes, but shit. Is it normal for the whole thing to just "flap out" like that? Shit looks like a spat out Tootsie roll.

No. 114374

I'd say it's the norm. Most girls' inner labia stick out and they can get way bigger. She's calling it an "itty bitty kitty" though which makes no sense because while her labia aren't huge they aren't small either.

No. 114375

she just set her entire race back one hundred years, jesus

No. 114376

lol, showed my bf this with no explanation and his reaction was "those are really bad boobs, her nipples are pointing down"
i'm dying

No. 114384

It can still be little depending how deep and small it is, the labia doesnt count. Who wants small ugly labia lips anyway even tho hers are black its kinda gross

No. 114386

How is it even possible for her boobs to be so saggy? But why would you tell ur boyfriend that so you could feel better about ur small boobs? You seem kinda insecure tbh

No. 114390

File: 1459659951375.png (Spoiler Image, 445.03 KB, 431x547, squidward nose.png)


jesus christ how can she even breathe when she wears her glasses like that

No. 114467

wtf… why doesn't she just get contacts?

No. 114471

What's up with her top lip?

No. 114518

LOL, this fucktard is trying so hard to convince herself she's cute when she really looks like a second string dancer at a low-rent strip club.

No. 114523

File: 1459710836838.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.52 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o51lw0gd8M1v59i29o2_540…)

No. 114528

she's doing it to hide her nose

she either shooped out come herpes or just tried to shoop it bigger to look cute

No. 114564

Ew her vag is still crusty. Never ending yeast infection.

No. 114648

File: 1459725990683.png (219.68 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20160403-192339~2.p…)


>i told him about my knotting fantasies he was like “my friend has a big dog! let’s do it” sniffles

I think I'm gonna be sick.

No. 114655

I expected this to end with "so he bought me a fetish sex toy!!" but instead I got this. God, she's disgusting. I hope the dog owner isn't dumb enough to hand over his dog.

No. 114662

This nasty ass bitch…

No. 114671

wtf is knotting?

No. 114673


No. 114674

>tfw you were once like this anon and made the mistake of looking it up
Some animals have a different penis shape to humans and some of them, like dogs, have a "knot" in them. It's like a lump or something. Fucking a dick like that is "knotting" but since people don't have dicks like that it's pretty much what >>114673 said

No. 114680

I was really hoping it wasnt that.. jfc

No. 114683

I hope she wasn't planning to share that cake with anyone else (who didn't know about it). That's sick.

No. 114684

File: 1459729821935.png (401.48 KB, 1402x2006, Screenshot_20160403-202707~2.p…)

No. 114734

They may lie and say they just want to spend time with it or something.both of em are nasty asses I'm sorry I hate animal abusers.

No. 114741

well i am a c cup and i wouldnt want to get any bigger because i don't want to get hit in the face if i run
her boobs aren't even that big, they are just saggy. Its like they are deflated, i wouldnt wan't that shit if you paid me.
and i didn't purposefully show him he is a nosey bastard that likes to see what i'm doing online so i showed him

No. 114749

She sounds like a retard but she has a point. All this ddlg nonsense is clearly sexual, so it's creepy to go around pretending it isn't.

Lol this reminds me of another tumblr post I've seen, think it might've reached copypasta status, can't find it right now but basically a woman cucked her boyfriend with another man, and she took the other guy's sperm and baked some food with it which she then served to her boyfriend who didn't know what it was.

No. 114761

File: 1459745996718.png (357.68 KB, 1440x1965, Screenshot_20160404-005836~2.p…)

No. 114770

File: 1459749625913.png (118.02 KB, 327x333, 1456844846393.png)

No. 114771

>i can be talking about my day on the phone w/ a pervy friend of mine n next thing u know they’re masturbating

If guys are that attracted to her why is she trying to fuck a dog?

No. 114777

Omg shes so disgusting. Just to go on her blog is making me grossed out. Her private parts is making me puke but shes so annoying at the same time. And wtf >>114749 thats fucking gross and terrible. Wtf is wrong w these people

No. 114781

>her private parts
Anon are you 12?

No. 114833

What is pussy or vagina better? Im so grossed out by her i dont even Wanna say the word.

No. 114865

File: 1459781371042.gif (708.6 KB, 500x275, large.gif)

She tries so hard to be like Trisha Paytas back in her trolling days

No. 114866


I thought you were rich and lived in a mansion and had rich guys buying you shit constantly

No. 114872

File: 1459782136574.png (131.02 KB, 1440x1196, Screenshot_20160404-105900~2.p…)

No. 115020

File: 1459805189303.png (289.96 KB, 1426x1792, Screenshot_20160404-172437~2.p…)

No. 115030


why is she trying to be whitney Wisconsin

No. 115292

lol did she get deleted?

No. 115295

What? Her tumblr? It's still there for me.

No. 115296

No,her porn blog is still there.

No. 115391

File: 1459883007870.png (222.36 KB, 1440x1160, Screenshot_20160405-145647~2.p…)


>i cannot wait to go back to sugaring when i move

>i move

So that "mansion" really isn't her place.

No. 115419

Is her daddy even real? Why does she need to escort and find other sugar daddies if she has one.

No. 115424

Lol, my bet is that her "daddy" is simply an amalgamation of the johns she fucks whenever she wants to buy a mcchicken or something and coaxes into letting her take a vague picture of their filthy redneck hands up her snatch to make it seem like its the same one white guy.

No. 115433

Why would she even need to escort ontop of having a sugar daddy? Who wants that infected looking snatch anyway, but she keeps getting Brazilian waxes down there maybe her current "daddy" pays for that and let's her buy anything off a McDonald's menu

No. 115756

This girl is not "sugaring" material, unless by sugaring she means being gifted with KFC, bargain bin hooker wear and cheap costume jewelry. And trophy wife hopefuls know better than to post yeasty vag pics all over the web and talk about wanting to bang dogs.

Just sayin'.

No. 115768

She seems to think "sugaring" means "fucking some guy from Craigslist after he buys me dinner at applebees"

No. 115788

File: 1459899298518.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 1440x2050, Screenshot_20160405-192841~2.p…)

>going ass to mouth

She gets grosser and grosser with each post.

No. 115791

File: 1459899627116.png (429.18 KB, 1440x2144, Screenshot_20160405-193810~3.p…)

No. 115794


Just when I thought she was becoming self-aware that she doesn't have the looks/class to be a highend escort she pulled the "well Imma be unique and charge more teehee".

No. 115801

Those areolas fam…why is her body so fucking ugly…

No. 115806

Yeah those women being red lipstick and black lingerie is literally what makes them different than a street hooker. Escorts have to be courtesans in a sense that they offer more than sex(which is why they don't get arrested). A rich man isn't going to hire a fat pudgy black bitch to be his daughter fantasy. He could either get a skinny actually young looking girl or if he's rich enough he'll go to a third world country and have his pick of any thirtee year old. This girl actually has a mental illness and I see her on the streets within five years as a crack hoe

No. 115829

Goddamn it Himeka, there is a REASON there are "no girls like you" in the escort ads. Your "niche" is very small, and generally made up of much younger-looking and prettier girls than you.

You are in for a very rude awakening.

No. 115839

Tbh, the black lingerie-red lipstick-louboutin women are at least likely to charge as proper escorts whereas I think most girls doing her "innocent" ddlg niche are just emotionally wrecked tumblr morons that will even put out for free. It's like, if she's not an upscale girl (and Himeka isn't), then you can just as well find another girl of the same caliber as her who will do it for free. Why pay in that case lol.

Anyway ddlg is kinda silly cause, at least in my opinion, it seems more women are into that than men. If she wanted proper business and wasn't lazy to just fill her own fetish, she should consider domming. There's more clients for that

No. 115849

File: 1459918886370.png (264.14 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20160406-005727~2.p…)


>i basically watched every anime that existed

I highly doubt that's even remotely true.

No. 115864


I disagree,there's a lot of people out there with a lot of money with very various tastes. I'm sure there's pudgy black women making tons of money as escorts and sugarbabies because they're good at the services (be it whatever) they offer.

Himeka doesn't have that. She's stunted herself on purpouse. Of course her Tumblr is very much make-believe. But based on it alone, she seems awkward as fuck and very clumsy when it comes to sensuality.

I agree with the niche thing. I don't think a lot of these girls are mature enough to actually handle what they're talking about. They have a fantasy that is very different from the reality of it.

I think the biggest indication that Himeka is going to wreck herself if her wishlist. It's all composed of cheap crap.

No. 115897

Is she implying that she watched ALL of Pokemon? Because I call bullshit on that

No. 115909

She might have done it; I have a friend who got through all 700 episodes of Naruto in an alarmingly short time period so watching tons of anime isn't too hard. Although that friend basically had no life at that time outside of Naruto (it was their weeb phase) while Himeka appears to actually go outside and spend lots of time taking gross nudes, so chances are she hasn't watched all of Pokemon at all.

No. 115913

I think she's not into ddlg because she probably tried to be a little, realized that community is not about incest and got upset because it has the word "daddy" in it but isn't rape- play daddy/daughter incest fantasy. I see her making posts often about "omg I'm NOT A LITTLE~!" and I feel like maybe she's salty that there isn't a huge community for father/dauther rape incest play like there is for ddlg.

No. 115914

I meant to respond to:

No. 115951

She mostly likely kept up with it the same way every other kid in the US did by watching on TV. It's still airing though I think it's on DisneyXD now. She also probably started from Master Quest or Advanced and continued from there. Though I have my doubts about her seeing all the movies.

No. 115959

Calling bullshit on all of these. They're all big name 'kawaii blogger' anime but 'older' ones which is why she specified that 'lol I've only watched the 1999 HxH'

Also if she hasnt watched anime in a really long time how could she have watched every seasons of Jewelpets since the latest season was in 2014???

She's just trying to further her 'cutesy bimbo' persona.

Also if she actually liked stuff like Jewelpets and Pretty Rhythm and actually knew about current anime she would have been ALL OVER stuff like Pripara, and Precure.

sage for weeb rage

No. 116077

File: 1459972953814.png (100.81 KB, 1440x711, Screenshot_20160406-155949~2.p…)


>#also if u don't reblog MY pics ur especially getting blocked

This girl is a hot mess.

No. 116092

>u r getting blocked js
And nothing of value was lost.

No. 116097

File: 1459975389599.gif (Spoiler Image, 922.93 KB, 384x288, 1bc5694a-1bfd-4227-8dde-35a652…)

Just browsed this girls tumblr for the first time and holy shit, she's disgusting. Which right thinking woman would reblog shit like pic related and actually get off to it? Like seriously, domestic violence ain't sexy and I don't even think this counts as bdsm

No. 116100

File: 1459975491067.png (178.01 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_2016-04-06-22-43-34…)

No. 116205

File: 1459994537062.png (522.85 KB, 1440x2128, Screenshot_20160406-215503~2.p…)

No. 116206

File: 1459994572534.png (190.94 KB, 1440x859, Screenshot_20160406-215607~2.p…)

No. 116207

File: 1459994808042.png (122.16 KB, 1440x906, Screenshot_20160406-220333~2.p…)

No. 116209

>a disney moving playing in the bg while i'm being anally raped

No. 116211

almost good enough for the Soren thread

No. 116212

File: 1459996365841.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, readImage.jpg)

That shit sounds like a video on porn hub.

No. 116216

>>"baby its okay all daddies do this w/ their little girls

Fuck this bitch, i don't give a fuck about her getting treated like horseshit and her rape play fantasies but she can fuck right off with her child molestation/predator bullshit. There is no amount of explaining that "its just a kink" in the world that will ever make me accept this kind of fucked up thinking. There are actual children who have been molested by their fathers and her blog is basically catering to these fucking sickos because people like her make them think they aren't doing anything. She needs to have psychiatric evaluation, this is not healthy at all and pisses me the fuck off.

No. 116220

File: 1459997916970.png (274.02 KB, 1440x1438, Screenshot_20160406-225508~2.p…)

No. 116226

Yet she still reblogs porn of underage/ or underage looking girls all the time. Like if you go back a month on her blog she has a shit ton of it.

No. 116229

She deadass needs to chill tf out with this garbage. This is borderline horrorcow-tier. It's vile. I wouldn't be surprised if she literally started eating shit.

No. 116230

Am I the only one laughing hard at the fact that she's gonna get preggo and be stuck with a baby within the year?

No. 116232

i pray to god if she ever gets pregnant someone shows CPS this shit. I wouldn't let this idiot take care of an ant let alone a child.

No. 116235

not at all anon
the beautiful facts of life kek

No. 116237

I mean..she already wants to get pissed on and fucked by a dog so…

No. 116310

File: 1460034359616.gif (2.17 MB, 286x210, 4902139-4886584-shake's head g…)

I refuse, I absolutely refuse to believe somebody is this stupid. Please for the love of God let her get knocked up by some crusty old fart who jumps ship and everybody just turns around to say "we told you so" to this dumbass.

No. 116322

>daddys spermies r like dead or whatever bc he's half a century yrs old
Half a century is fifty. There are men who have kids in their seventies. Why does she do this?

No. 116323

I wouldn't even be able to laugh tbh. I'm anxious that a girl who wants to fuck dogs and has a daddy/little girl fetish could end up with a child.

No. 116325

OMGEEEZ anon,its bcuz thinking maeks her head hurty an stufzzzz. daddi iz smahrt 4 her

No. 116330

I hope she gets beaten to a pulp by one of her 'sugar daddies' and ends up in a coma for the rest of her life. Yeah maybe it's a-logging but holy shit, put this bitch out of her misery.

No. 116332

Apart of me wants to believe she's a troll but I've been knowing about her for years and that she's fucked with 50+ guys online since she was 14. Her mom was warned about it several times but only cursed out other people than took the Internet from her daughter and now she's super mentally unhealthy. Either way besides getting pregnant she's just asking for HIV, Syphilis, Hep and all types of shit for having unprotected sex. Especially unprotected anal sex. It's a death wish.

No. 116333

I also find it funny that she used to be a huge fake SJW but now she only dates crusty ol slave master looking white men and wants to be like Britney Spears. She hates herself.

No. 116334

I feel like Himeka is going through what a lot of people do when they get into fetishes initially - they believe their life revolves around the fetish, or that they can never have normal sex again.
Combine that with whatever problems she's dealing with and the attention and reinforcement these kinks bring, she's keeping herself in that mentality.

No. 116340

Did her dad really abuse her?

No. 116345

She wishes

No. 116405

My guess is funny uncle or creepy cousin.
Does she have brothers?

No. 116417

Probably? Think it was mentioned in earlier threads that she has a lot of siblings/half-siblings so I wouldn't put weird shit like that out of the question.

No. 116436

File: 1460064034872.png (168.98 KB, 1440x1021, Screenshot_20160407-171903~2.p…)

No. 116437

>>116436 that will make her lose like 80% of her followers lol

No. 116451

She's so ingratiating. She would be literally a phenomenal troll if only she weren't serious. My blood boils whenever I read anything she posts.

No. 116452

I noticed that her pics and vids only get 10-30 notes usually. You know you look like shit when even thirsty internet guys don't want to see your nudes.

No. 116458

And most of those are likes from spam blogs.

No. 116526

There is a grown man who is willing not only to stick his unprotected dick into Himeka's house of horrors, but also to repeatedly cum inside her.

Think about that. It's horrendous enough that anyone would willingly fuck Himeka, but this dude wants to do it so badly that he's willing to risk catching god knows how many STIs.

As for potentially knocking her up, sure, he could bail, and she's probably too stupid to track him down to demand child support. But imagine if she did. Imagine having people learn that you have a bastard child with the human equivalent of a used condom found in a port-a-potty.

Or maybe he'll just murder her if she gets pregnant. That wouldn't be surprising.

No. 116530

There are way uglier chicks who get fucked?

TBH you sound jealous that people wanna fuck her? She'd never be smart enough to track him down and even if she did? She has no proof the baby is his. It's not like some crazy cracked out black chick can walk up to any white guy and claim their mixed baby is theirs.

Probably why he doesnt allow her to use his name/image.

Once again even if she DID track him down no one would look at that mistake and think 'oh yes this totally makes sense' since the general mindset it 'rich guys can afford hot bimbos'

No. 116531

Guys will fuck a hobby horse if you write "free sex" on it. Sure, not every guy will fuck every woman, but even the nastiest/fattest/ugliest women can get laid if they aren't selective. Getting boned is not an accomplishment in and of itself.

Just sayin'.

No. 116534

I'm not saying it is hence why I started off with 'there are way uglier chicks that get fucked'

No. 116536


It's 2016. They have court mandated DNA tests stupid fuck.

No. 116537

not the person you were talking to but oh my god no one is jelly. just disgusted/concerned that's she's too stupid to take precautions

No. 116598


>why i hate those elitist vegans and health nuts. pleaaase stop shaming ppl for eating ~*~unhealthy~*~ bc we live in a world where sometimes mcdonalds and burger king is ALL WE CAN GET. survival > how do the animals feel :(!!!! sry that most ppl can’t eat organic grilled dirt that’s 65$ a ounce or whatever.

Shit like this is the reason why Himeka is doomed to failure in the near future.

No. 116612

It is hilarious how whenever people say something like this it's usually the fatties/skinnyfatties bitching. Healthier food is really not as expensive as people like to make it out to be, they just want an excuse to eat garbage without outright saying they're too lazy to prepare food. I spend less on food now that I'm eating better and preparing my own meals rather then when I was eating fast food and microwave garbage on the regular.

No. 116613

Depends on where you live. Before I took time off I eat cheap/fast and spent about 50-70$ a week on food. I do cook my own food now and freeze it, reuse things - but each week is easily 100$+ dollars. Lettuce is like 4$ - 6$ a head near me, so a salad kinda starts adding up when you put other things in there. Still super healthy and filling but expensive.

No. 116615

>There are way uglier chicks who get fucked?
I'm more concerned that there is a guy out there that is willing to fuck somebody who's into dog dick, porn stars that look like kids and pretending she's fucking her daddy. Her looks barely even come into her gross factor tbh.

No. 116636

okay so let's go with the lower end of that:

a head of lettuce should be good enough for at least four salads so that's maximum $18 on that. You can still easily afford carrots, deli slices spinach and dressing for under $70 a week if you're talking about lunch and dinneer

MIND YOU this is the girl who is all like 'ooh my Daddy spoils me' 'Men pay me for my time and lots to lololol' and 'I live in a mansion'

She CLAIMS not to be some broke ho but she's just another ignorant fatass american

No. 116638

Do you know every gross kink of even your friends? Let's be real no one's asking the chick they use as a toilet what he kinks are.

The dudes that are fucking her arent quality or anything like that. How do you think she would have gotten STDs in the FIRST place (not even claiming she does just since the other anon said she did)

No. 116651

yes indeed! also beans and legumes are dirt cheap but relatively filling - you just have to plan ahead. excuses excuses. it's cheaper in the long run to take care of your health. you can see this play out over generations for better or worse

so which is it himeka, are you a ~*spoiled lil princess uwu~* or why are you struggling to survive living off of burger king

No. 116656

And i assume you're some kinda supermodel?

No. 116666

>>116656 please cry elsewhere this isn't the thread for it. and start saging your useless posts.

No. 116680

Can't she like get food stamps since she's technically homeless. I'm a college student with a full time job and my room mate is also a full time college student (double majoring) with a part time job. My roommate gets food stamps so we have an agreement that I'll cover the utilities and give some of my money towards groceries the reset of the groceries fall on my roommate. That being said I'm a vegetarian and my roommate is a vegan…so yeah it is possible. Sorry for the wall of text.

No. 116683

Aw, seems like you're the one feeling hurt. Anyway, dont be acting like ur something while Talking mad shit about himeka. Like yes she ugly and fat but please you sound butthurt

No. 116693

Stay in your kennel, dogfucker.

No. 116694

nice get

you are literally clueless

No. 116741

File: 1460170788556.jpg (52.39 KB, 480x480, image.jpg)

Well howdy there, Himeka!

No. 116762

LOL is that all u can say? Im deff not a dogfucker. Ur gross and just as Much trash as her. Pathetic

No. 116781

Himeka, either learn to sage before posting your garbage posts or get your homeless, fat, dumb, dirty, dogfucking ass out of the thread. And don't give us that, "I'm not her!!" We already know how low you'll stoop when defending yourself.

No. 117088

Come on dude, this is knot the thread to talk about this.

No. 117125

File: 1460298656471.jpg (216.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-04-10-07-25-22…)

um himeka, i don't think you ever had a varsity cheerleader body

No. 117136

File: 1460300803706.jpg (55.22 KB, 500x447, image.jpg)

No. 117140


Wait, so she's okay with posting her saggy tits, floppy pussy, and beastiality fantasies all over the web, but she's embarrassed about her flabby ass??! The mind wobbles…,

On the other hand, at least she can still feel embarrassed about something. I guess there's that.

No. 117207

File: 1460312863158.png (266.41 KB, 1425x1423, Screenshot_20160410-142351~2.p…)

No. 117211

File: 1460313199484.png (Spoiler Image, 798.06 KB, 1440x1850, Screenshot_20160410-143016~2.p…)

No. 117226

File: 1460314028785.png (113.03 KB, 1440x624, Screenshot_20160410-144452~2.p…)

This girl claims to be smarter than all of us, but can't even do basic math without begging others for help.

No. 117244

This is the third (?) time she's asking someone to do her homework like seriously JUST SIT DOWN AND DO IT YOURSELF

No. 117253

I don't see how she managed to make it through grade school if she has this much trouble with basic math.

No. 117255

File: 1460315812176.png (138.92 KB, 1440x546, Screenshot_20160410-144601~2.p…)

Seriously, how stupid do have to be to ask others to help you do grade school math? Plus, she's fucking up her own lie of claiming to be smart by making these posts.

No. 117383

Why did I watch this

No. 117560

my curiosity got the best of me and i wish it hadnt…

No. 117566


That shit looks feral.

No. 117571

File: 1460374296855.png (136.27 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 117572

Her voice is really cute but damn she looks massive in this

No. 117573

The definition for what she is doing is called bimbofication. It's quite rare but people still have a fetish for this.

You people are pretty much talking about a girl into a bdsm subculture. There are many people a part of this subculture too and they are very public. How comes you only have a thread on her?

No. 117574

Also when I say this subculture I mean dd/lg

No. 117576

That's her faking her voice idiot.
this is her voice from several years ago and it's OBVIOUS that she was faking it to be cuter back then. She's just gotten better at faking it. No one's voice becomes higher pitched from young teens to late teens. (or it's extremely rare)
the fact that you actually think that is her real voice is sad either way.

Honestly maybe it's because I dabbled in voice acting for a while but I hear her voice and it's full of rookie VA mistakes. She sounds like half of the fandub Hinatas I've had the displeasure of hearing.

No. 117580

Dude chill, I just said that I think her voice is cute. Wasn't meant to attack you on a personal basis. Never said that I think it's real either

No. 117583

File: 1460377737072.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, EjJopdb.jpg)

No. 117584


Because she provides milk. We're not making fun of her because she's into bimbofication (lmao I am too), we're making fun of her because her ridiculous lying, photoshopping, and general antics.


How thirsty do you have to be for that nasty pussy to do her homework? Gross.

No. 117599

Someone should do it and fuck it up on purpose.

No. 117601

>We're not making fun of her because she's into bimbofication (lmao I am too),


No. 117602

File: 1460384734410.png (293.77 KB, 1440x1636, Screenshot_20160411-102239~2.p…)

No. 117603

It's not just because of her fetish. It's because she's a huge dramabomb, constantly lies about her life, acts like she's a hot teen slut when she has the body of a 40 year old mom, wants to fuck dogs, etc.

No. 117617

Anon we have a thread on her and not the other girls because the other girls didn't get caught shit-talking their own sibling on anonymous imageboards. I'd say documenting her bullshit is pretty warranted.

No. 117621

They could have just read the OP's post to know why she has a thread. But it's obvious they're just trying to bait people.

No. 117624

File: 1460391241203.gif (956.8 KB, 500x387, giphy (4).gif)

> make a point of putting on heavier makeup every day, the most critical is lipstick every day to make my mouth as inviting as possible

Yeah that's super inviting! Also inviting is 3 syllables you're violating rule #4.

No. 117662

File: 1460401922231.png (142.82 KB, 1440x969, Screenshot_20160411-151013~2.p…)

No. 117663

File: 1460402058378.png (136.93 KB, 1440x949, Screenshot_20160411-151306~2.p…)

No. 117664

File: 1460402173469.png (176.37 KB, 1440x1032, Screenshot_20160411-151512~2.p…)

No. 118060

File: 1460481173042.png (356.33 KB, 1440x1961, Screenshot_20160412-131018~2.p…)

No. 118068

File: 1460481436068.jpg (1.2 MB, 2560x2560, 16-04-12-13-16-31-888_deco.jpg)

No. 118077

"i won't be making any more videos until the last one get's more attention" is this My Immortal

No. 118095

I don't even see the point of her waiting. It's not like she's doing anything special.

No. 118108

uhmmmmmmm but I thought she said she 'looooooved getting creampied
see vvv

No. 118110

You know Himeka can't keep her lies straight.

No. 118395

File: 1460526125082.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.83 KB, 636x854, tumblr_o5k18loUVR1v59i29o1_128…)

No. 118396

File: 1460526274030.png (280.01 KB, 1379x1378, Screenshot_20160413-014311~2.p…)

No. 118397

File: 1460526375098.png (189.62 KB, 1440x1255, Screenshot_20160413-014458~2.p…)

No. 118398

Welp.Now I need eyebleach.

No. 118407

Is she a troll? I feel like she isn't but she's mentally insane. She's going to end up pregnant or with a bad STD or both.

No. 118410

File: 1460531408165.jpg (54.8 KB, 634x404, IMG_20150528_154126.jpg)

Girl considers fucking a dog. What would she do with a child? Live out her daddy pedophilia fantasies?

No. 118411

I swear she posted some selfies on 4chan not long ago, maybe about a month back. If not her then her clone, I just remember some guys called her a nigger weeb and then some other guys were fawning over her because she was so short, so then she posted a nude lol. What an attention whore, I wonder if shes actually a channer?

No. 118444

I actually hate you.

No. 118447

I wouldn't be surprised in the least. She seems to be the kind of person who would have aimed to be the queen of /b/ a few years ago.

No. 118448

Wow her sugar daddy took her to Walgreens. Pure luxury. I bet their fancy dinner was at Applebees

No. 118453

LMAo I wanna click but ya'll are making me nervous, can someone describe it?

No. 118455

Himeka's nasty roast beef pussy with ?daddy's cummies? leaking out.

No. 118475

I pray to god that she didn't get pregnant.

No. 118481


No. 118489

How do people live like this?

No. 119180

it looks like an axe wound leaking pus

No. 119182

Please don't.
There's enough suffering and degeneracy out there to damn another child to a sad excuse of a life.
I swear to God if she gets a child I'll report her ass with all the fucked up shit we've collected here.

No. 119196


Just curious though guys, will Tumblr ever put a stop to the daddy dom shit? It's getting old fast and it's disgusting because they're following random girls who are just simply into kawaii shit alone.

No. 119198


Exactly. This is why it's getting serious, she would probably go for it and say it's normal then the ass licking feminists will back her up like they did that ugly beast from Girls who touched up her little sister cos "it was curiosity" when it was just plain disgusting and clearly molestation.

Bitches will actually back this sick cunt up.

No. 119199


Daddy's paying for her pill, she'll be fine cos she's a big gurl!


Fucking gross.

Y'know, she'll be regretting this in 5 years time. But by then she'll probably be a porn star or 5 kids on the go, all to exotic men wiv de gud hair xo

No. 119203

Kinda glad Bibi isn't turning out like this.

No. 119214

Then you're not dedicated to the cause of this site my friend.

No. 119220

Don't cut yourself on that xxEdGexx pal

No. 119241

File: 1460594420558.jpeg (143.22 KB, 715x288, image.jpeg)

Lol did you really need to take it up the ass?

No. 119272


I think she asks herself these types of questions just so she can go on and on about her ~~~wonderful daddy~~~ because I don't think anyone else would give two flying fucks otherwise. As if her blog posts aren't enough, she's gotta have "anons" wanna know all about her ~~~pwecious papi who luvs me and spoils me so much!!!~~~

No. 119295

It's okay to not want her sister to turn out like her. Angela has enough milk on her own tbh

No. 119300

Point is I wasn't serious and anon got butt hurt over it. Idk who her sister is anyway.

No. 119303

Ok but you said something that for all intents and purposes could easily be taken as a real thing someone here would really say.
calling someone edgy isn't the definition of butrhurt but okay

No. 119306

What is it with these tramps and glorifying being a homewrecker

No. 119308

Looks like melted chocolate ice cream to me tbh

In the absolute worst fucking way. You don't want your pussy to look like it's melting.

No. 119375

I ned a widdle baby gurL. I wuv widdles, is it rigt to bully her because of her fetish?

No. 119395

No. 119411

Ewww off yourself, pedophile freak

No. 119447

Then it's your fault for interpreting it that way. It's only lolcow, don't take it so seriously.

No. 119452

…anyways are you done backpedaling or

No. 119506

Her anon asks in Japanese were all google translate so it's likely

Wow I've never seen semen that resembled cottage cheese

No. 119513

That's when you know it's unhealthy old man jizz

No. 119531

File: 1460647821972.jpeg (11.78 KB, 208x260, image.jpeg)

His sperm prolly looks like this

No. 119542


No. 119663

Oh for all that is holy i wish i did not unspoiler this.

No. 119670

Every so often i come back to this thread to see if she's dead in a ditch yet.

No. 119691

i bet her pussy smells like a dead possum and 3 week old tampons

No. 119729

Anon, I gagged. Thanks for that.

No. 119746

File: 1460670895707.jpg (31.22 KB, 500x500, 500_F_80821981_PQSNCqmuuWzqogv…)


The abnormal sperm looks like the devil's tail.

No. 119761

The messed up part is that you're not exaggerating, that really could happen to her. It's seems like she goes out of her way to appeal to the sickest of sickos, is she attempting suicide by creepy internet pervert?

No. 119792


She's trying to appeal to niche fetishes because she is too nasty to appeal to anyone otherwise.

No. 119860

It's clear she's so thirsty for attention she'd say or do just about anything but the bestiality curiosity is crossing the line for me. Seeing her put that on the internet made me cringe so hard.

No. 119862

she might as well become a legit fetish pornstar. There is no way in hell she will ever be able to get a real job with her internet history. I hope she regrets this shit when she is 40 (assuming she hasn't been murdered of od'd by then.

No. 119956

Yeah I'm surprised she hasn't tried porn yet or legit camwhoring instead of uploading 10 second videos on tumblr.

No. 119960

For real, the Tampa Bay area has the most strip clubs per capita in the US and they have lots of legit porn businesses too. She should probably just go get a legit job in the sex industry instead of waiting to meet a serial killer on Craigslist.

No. 119962

Yeah she is really dumb, and not in the ditzy sex kitten way she wants to be, more like the 'trailer trash single mom of 8 with herpes' way. She thinks posting all of this gross shit and letting random dudes from Craigslist jizz in her is just some fun, sexy fantasy instead of a real life thing with major risks. She's going to regret it so hard in a few years

No. 120823

She posted this earlier and I reuploaded it in case she deletes it. Her massive forehead is disturbing.


No. 120834

Gross. She sounds and looks like a fucking retard.

No. 120853

File: 1460855717309.gif (814.37 KB, 285x228, ujlFu7A.gif)

No. 120870

That's fucking retarded. Is that tail plugged in her asshole?

No. 120992

I don't think it was… maybe it was just a cheap fucking party city costume… but no, I don't think it was a butt plug

No. 121850

File: 1461028367875.png (277.63 KB, 1440x1572, Screenshot_20160418-210103~2.p…)


>not bc i’m not confident, or anything along those lines. it’s jst sometimes if i’m having an insecure bout

She's supposedly super smart but didn't realize that being insecure means that someone is not confident

>which happens to all of us idc who u r or what u say rolls eyes so tired of some girls on here acting like they’re perfect & above everyone all the time it’s such an obvious act

Himeka, there are plenty of people in the who aren't extremely insecure like you, and have total confidence in themselves and their abilities. There are also people who don't desperately seek out validation from others like you do, too.

No. 121851

File: 1461028516315.jpg (60.88 KB, 500x365, nah.jpg)

>being so insecure you feel the need to completely degrade yourself online to total strangers for attention and considering that normal

No. 121858

I would like to think she's smarter than she plays herself off to be. But the begging for schoolwork/failing/making only bad decisions doesn't help her case. Maybe it's psychocognitive because you can't help that level of stupidity. I bet she's going to kill her career choices "sugaring" and being a slut and end up in section 8 selling full service sex for crack and diapers.

No. 121866


I'm 98% sure that most of these girls with blogs like Himeka's are smarter than they put off. Not to get too personal but I have a bimbofication fetish too and used to have a blog like Himeka's (without the nudes lol) and I typed like her and purposely made myself seem dumb. I doubt she acts like that irl.

I kind of think that her asking for homework help on Fetlife was her indulging in her fetish /and/ actually asking someone to do it for her. I don't know, though.

No. 121868

Is it considered maladaptive to have so much of your life seemly controlled by that type of fetish? Tg I just have to be beat every once in a while and I'm good. I don't think she feels sexually (or emotionally) fulfilled. :/

No. 121869

> I doubt she acts like that irl.
>I kind of think that her asking for homework help on Fetlife was her indulging in her fetish /and/ actually asking someone to do it for her.

Not even close. She's actually extremely stupid, inching ever closer to retarded.

No. 121871

File: 1461032410328.png (1.12 MB, 1102x1291, Screenshot_20160418-205705~2.p…)

Nothing about this looks sexy. She looks like a brain-dead idiot.

No. 121885

File: 1461036004752.png (15.96 KB, 280x291, rSQRipZ.png)


I don't think she does either. Living a fetish 24/7 is usually a sign of a much deeper problem and while bimbofication can be fun to play out in the bedroom, I can't imagine doing it all the time - especially since it heavily ties in with misogyny and degradation. I wish she would see a therapist, for her own benefit and sorry for rambling.


I mean, we have different opinions and that's fine. I think she does some extremely stupid things like posting her face and name with her kink stuff, but I don't think she's close to retarded. Maybe I'm just optimistic.

Anyways, this post seems so creepy considering the fact that she was deleted for cp before.

No. 121886

She was this stupid before the bimbo fetish. She came out the gate being this way, but lacks so much self awareness and maturity that she think she's not coming off as a creepy idiot and what she's doing is cool.

>Maybe I'm just optimistic.

No offense, but you're kind of a fool if you think this girl is acting. I've been reading about her for awhile now, and she's been this way for years, she's actually gotten worse now. Don't how long you've been keeping up with this, but if you read her older threads here, you'll see she's not pretending.

No. 121892

It's like the snapchat filter but greasier.

No. 122223

Fucking nasty brows

No. 122235


shes shortstack and very fuckable

No. 122236

nvm i take it back. shes gross. creepy. and her body is shit since she is one of those chubbies who got a wide waist and no hips

No. 122239


Her pussy looks like its been through 50 guys.. from how wide it is i mean.. the hole

No. 123219

That's not how pussies work you idiot male.

No. 123234

File: 1461390027914.png (497.98 KB, 1440x1836, Screenshot_20160423-013813~2.p…)

No. 123975

> I have a lot of tumblr friends
> post get two notes in two days


No. 126640

No. 126686

Less than two weeks.

No. 126710

I thought for sure she would come back saying she was pregnant. Unless maybe she got an abortion and that's why she had to "leave" while getting her life together.


No. 126733

File: 1462161757194.png (217.85 KB, 1440x1178, Screenshot_20160501-235913~2.p…)

No. 126763

Or her parents/guardian put her on punishment or limited computer time until finals are over but idk.

If her parents let her run around banging old dudes off the net and go outside dressing like a dollar store hooker they probably wouldn't care to punish her though.

No. 126775

Technically she's of legal age, they can threaten to kick her out but they know that would be disastrous for her.

No. 131638

File: 1463512592668.png (203.38 KB, 1390x1061, Screenshot_20160517-151248~2.p…)

No. 131640

File: 1463512655070.png (164.86 KB, 1440x691, Screenshot_20160517-151306~2.p…)

That's what she gets for cheating. I hope they screw her over again. Lol

No. 131650

>"it's extremely easy"

No. 131655

>failing a developmental math course



No. 131724

how retarded do you have to be to not be able to pass a remediary math class, twice?

No. 131787

>failing developmental math
>it's extremely easy!11!!

which is it?

No. 131790

Kek shes not been busy with anything besides failing her math class.

No. 132229

guess we all act "hood"

No. 132861

File: 1463805722780.png (189.38 KB, 1440x939, Screenshot_20160521-004014~2.p…)

No. 135077

File: 1464441508518.png (531.6 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 135078

File: 1464441535385.png (723.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 135079

File: 1464441603806.png (337.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 135115


Wtf is wrong with folk

No. 135141

File: 1464453777505.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1440x2116, Screenshot_20160528-124015~2.p…)


Why the fuck would she use that for the sales pic? God she's trashy.

No. 135146

Who wants to bet that no-one will buy those thigh highs? God knows where they've been…

No. 135171

She should be selling her used panties to creepy old men, not teenage girls from tumblr.

No. 135328

File: 1464500453122.png (253.15 KB, 448x450, 1454873931034.png)

No. 135329

>Body & Height

No. 135547

The idea of using your sexuality to "win"
against another woman.
Essentially seeing their sexuality as their only assets or outright internalised misogyny lol.

No. 136224

File: 1464757121120.png (190.65 KB, 1440x1118, Screenshot_20160601-005742~2.p…)

No. 136226

File: 1464757250096.png (92.4 KB, 1440x830, Screenshot_20160601-005930~2.p…)

No. 136227

Looks like Himeka got burned by her splenda daddies.

No. 136228

File: 1464757318409.png (85.71 KB, 1440x755, Screenshot_20160601-010103~2.p…)

No. 136230

File: 1464757480740.png (136.17 KB, 1440x911, Screenshot_20160601-010248~2.p…)


They probably got fed up with being seen in public with someone as cringy as her.

No. 136232

I was going to say her Japanese is so cringey, but this is barely even Japanese to begin with.

The younger girl thing is def a thing for some older guys, but himeka probably made them feel like they were molesting a disabled girl. She's so dumb.

No. 136234

>Do u dream of walking in public with cum as lip gloss?

>lipsmackers& cum all day every day (i should so do a everyday makeup look tutorial w/ cum as the main product. would youtube delete it lol)

Ratchet as fuck.

No. 136381

Eugh. If you can form a sentence you can use kana. Fuck's sake. You'd think weebs would be embarrassed to use romaji everywhere. Like you can literal learn all the hiragana and katakana in a week, it's not that hard.

No. 136385

and because the only women himeka could "win" against are fat middle aged moms who don't fuck their husbands anymore

No. 136523

sage goes in email field….

No. 136849

File: 1464937872400.png (359.92 KB, 1440x1907, Screenshot_20160603-030420~2.p…)

>revolves her life around her fetishes
>acts like her fetishes are the only thing that matter
>"Why does everyone treat me like a walking festish????"

>tells people not waste their time with boring questions

>when people asks her interesting questions she acts evasive
>"Waahh waahh why don't my followers care about meee????"

Himeka, girl, please gain some self awareness.

No. 136943

>everyone treats me like a walking fetish
Isn't that what she wanted?

No. 136986

She's always wanted to be treated like this. Like holy fudge what do you expect when that's all you put out.

No. 136988

im not sure but did anyone mention her depop account? were she sells her stuff and basically post half naked pics of her wearing the thing she is selling.

No. 137016

File: 1464990824615.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2287, Screenshot_20160603-175013~2.p…)


Here's another one. Why did she feel the need to include this picture for some damn shoes? She's just too damn ratchet.

No. 138685

The fug is an "outlier" ? …is she finally admitting she's a complete loser outsider?

No. 139097

Is this girl really only 18? She needs to start taking care of herself because she looks much older :/

No. 139254

I don't trust her to have not worn them, nor do I want to give her any of my money, so does anyone know where to find these panties or anything similar? theyre cute af

No. 139257

I think she's 19, almost 20 by now.

No. 139263

No. 145994

File: 1466464531082.png (288.67 KB, 1440x1564, Screenshot_20160620-191254~2.p…)

No. 145997

File: 1466464638204.png (203.2 KB, 1440x1206, Screenshot_20160620-191619~2.p…)

No. 146001

File: 1466464936803.png (136.22 KB, 1440x902, Screenshot_20160620-192103~2.p…)

No. 146012

ugh the google translate strikes back

No. 146025

Ikr. And once again she's talking about living in Miami. Can't wait to see what excuse she'll use when that falls through.

No. 146065

File: 1466478707826.jpg (207.86 KB, 1280x720, 04.jpg)

Why is she moving into an apartment when she lives in a mansion? >>102133

No. 146157

because no matter how many times she called it a mansion it's a mansion her dad was turning into a hotel

No. 146158

has himeka ever actually /been/ to japan?

for someone who's been and loves it so much she doesn't have any pics or anything, which is weird. has anyone called her out on this?

No. 146189

as someone who has been actually friends with her i can tell you with 100% certainty that she's never been there lol

No. 146197


What proof do you have that you are her friend IRL?

No. 146216

What are you talking about? You are obviously not her friend because she has been to Japan not for vey long maybe for a month. But it was on her honeykittenmomo tumblr before she deleted it pictures of her and Yukapon and some other chick.

No. 147157

File: 1466652812925.png (174.45 KB, 1440x1042, Screenshot_20160622-233109~2.p…)

No. 147158

File: 1466652889356.png (76.64 KB, 1440x751, Screenshot_20160622-233351~2.p…)

No. 147159

File: 1466653141079.png (524.98 KB, 1440x2151, Screenshot_20160622-233635~2.p…)


>if u guys haven’t noticed i get lots of asks in japanese from my twitter followers who are all Japanese

I'm pretty sure it's just her using Google translate and sending herself asks.

No. 147162

File: 1466653767802.png (337.7 KB, 1440x1695, Screenshot_20160622-234001~2.p…)


>he’s an attorney (i won’t say what kind bcoz of crazies who stalk my blog & the last thing i need is people doxxing him eye rolling emoji)

I'm pretty sure just saying he's an attorney is enough for people to catch your lie, Himeka.

No. 147173

No. 147193

File: 1466659869325.png (120.8 KB, 466x645, Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.28…)

i went to the post she linked (my fucking mistake) and honestly what the actual fucking shit is this garbage

No. 147288


>smartest bimbette you'll evah meet

…God, her ego about her own intelligence is just astounding. She sounds like she's 13 and desperately trying to be smart but fails utterly. Her typing style and her personality is vapid and annoying. I doubt any actual older man would deal with her if he has half a brain himself.

No. 147324

>(i hope that doesn't sound cocky omg gross cockiness/narcissm isnt cute)
She seems to forget this a lot.

No. 148845

Saw her at the mall today. No sugar daddy or grandpa or whatever, just some girl with braids. She seemed really standoffish and kind of rude. That's not very uwu bimbo of her.

No. 148860


How'd she look?

No. 148865

File: 1467088904397.png (173.56 KB, 1440x1058, Screenshot_20160628-003941~2.p…)

No. 148866

File: 1467088964749.png (306.07 KB, 1440x1556, Screenshot_20160628-004013~2.p…)

No. 148868

File: 1467089149029.png (122.9 KB, 1440x902, Screenshot_20160628-004311~2.p…)

No. 148880

She's honestly kind of cute in person(albeit lumpy) but can't match for shit. Some kind of weird tracksuit thing with baby pink sneakers and a Little Twin Stars wallet. Also a gray dad hat? It was a mess

No. 148881

File: 1467091028521.jpg (464.21 KB, 600x600, 1464127296570.jpg)

No. 150432

File: 1467599991375.png (180.49 KB, 1440x1238, Screenshot_20160703-223700~2.p…)

No. 150434

for anyone who doesn't want to click that link (trust me, you don't), it's a gif of a girl shitting on a guy's dick and the guy rubbing the shit on her pussy.
you need jesus himeka

No. 150437

Is there anything this nasty trick isn't into?

No. 150451

Thank you anon.
Sad thing is,I kind of like her clothes..but don't want to touch hers. God knows where she's been.

No. 150490

thank you for taking one for the team, anon…

hope she does it and gets the work uti of her life, like wtf himeka…

No. 150509

Since talking about aminyan is banned here Himeka is leaving shit on her YouTube videos lol

No. 150792

File: 1467692700682.png (169.92 KB, 1425x883, Screenshot_20160705-001646~2.p…)

Screenshots pls


Here's more of these Japanese ask she likes to send herself.

No. 150799

File: 1467693141922.png (73.09 KB, 1440x854, Screenshot_20160705-002515~2.p…)

No. 150804

File: 1467693240418.png (153.98 KB, 1440x1159, Screenshot_20160705-003246~2.p…)

No. 150843

File: 1467693615438.png (139.96 KB, 1440x1069, Screenshot_20160705-003417~2.p…)

No. 150856

You hardly hear japanese people actually use "totemo" in 2016. The only people who use this are usually old women or weebs. Weebs love totemo and it's a dead giveaway she sent these herself.

No. 150869

Lol not to mention that it's written とっても

No. 152345

File: 1467954839963.png (300.88 KB, 1440x1710, Screenshot_20160708-001147~2.p…)

No. 152405

File: 1467978309341.png (440.23 KB, 1440x2196, Screenshot_20160708-063830~2.p…)


>requires alot of charisma & intellect.

>charisma & intellect.

Himeka, you have neither of these things at all.

>i’m 100% a slut/nymphomaniac<33

>along w/ being extremely sexual by nature

She gets mad when people send her sexual questions but says things like that and seems to forget she run a creepy porn blog. Himeka, if you don't want so many sexual questions stop saying things like that and delete your blog. It's that simple.

No. 152434

High-class escorts are supposed to be attractive. Himeka would be the kind of 'escort' who sucks dick for gas money on craigslist

No. 152442

File: 1467988610029.jpg (127.23 KB, 1080x1349, 13584025_475745659296718_30584…)

>hard work

she sounds like she's talking about a white collar job lol. literally all you need to be is super attractive. a filthy rich old geezer is not going to be stupid enough to be manipulated by "charisma & intellect", only by being light years out of his league like pic related.

No. 152831

It's a statistics term. It refers to something deviating from the norm that would throw off the average of a sample. Himeka is trying to say that her skin colour is rare/hard to find on tumblr (lol it's not).

No. 152978

File: 1468059943665.png (412.02 KB, 1440x2303, Screenshot_20160709-052353~2.p…)

No. 152983

sage for irrelevancy by now, but


did this crazy bitch seriously flood her south mouth w/ freaking shampoo?

No. 153258

Nah sis that's her super rich lawyer/doctor sugar daddies cum.

No. 153603

File: 1468215836799.png (456.46 KB, 1440x2301, Screenshot_20160711-014101~2.p…)


Himeka takes the opportunity to incite a regrettable argument by race baiting, poorly.

No. 153824

i wonder if she knows that no one, literally no one, gives a shit about an porn blog's opinion on race relations?

No. 153852

#cos iz rly aching her hart

No. 153855

Her pussy probably smells real nice because judging from the pearly shine that "cum" has to it, it's probably intimate wash.

I don't have sex nearly as often as she does and I use it, I'm sure she does too. Not sure how healthy it is to actually put it inside, though.

No. 153877

No, that's not what that means. It's just the blur from the camera. She doesn't wear panties with her bottoms so it actually would smell gross.

No. 153913

personally don't see any reason why it would smell more than the average vag. I'm sure she washes

No. 153967

you put that shit inside and you get a fucked up vag. it's outside use only.

No. 154008

Not wearing underwear while wearing tight denim shorts in hot as balls weather can do some damage. She's sure to have some stink down there.

No. 154095

Himeka stop trying to seem worldy and smart. Everyone (really everyone) knows your only value is 3 holes. Nobody cares about your interests, views, or opinions. Nobody will ever care.

No. 154949

The last person who should be talking about race and worldliness. Shouldn't be the same girl who gets off at being abused by white guys and dreams of being a bimbo housewife, and pursues bimbofication. You can not want to be an idiot one day.. and choose to be treated like a scholar the next

No. 155026

OMG!! You are just obsessed and jealous of her cute sexiness!!!

No. 155071

After tons of apps and shoop still couldn't even get remotely close to "cute." Sexy shouldn't even be in the same sentence let alone in anyone's mouth about this one. Gutter trash and cum stash is all this girls self worth is. Triggered hard my bad guys. This girl is something else.. An not in a good way.

No. 155323


Did you see her and her fat sister wrote to aminyan and Amina made a status about it but deleted it. Apparently they made fun of Amina's sister who has some cancer all while harassing Amina. I think it's good she deleted the status but I can't understand why Bibi and Momo act like such bitches. Amina is a goddess compared to those ugly broads.

No. 155347

whatever happened to her sister?? i remember she like outed to her mom that himeka was selling nudes or whatever which resulted in her getting kicked out and then bibi fell off the face of the internet

No. 155354

They made fun of a girl with cancer. That is disgusting behavior from two adult women. They're dumbasses need to fuck off with this Aminyan hate. And try to take some lessons from her on how to be a functioning adult, what did they say about her sister? any screenshots?

No. 155379

No screenshots but Amina's Facebook said Her "former friend" sent her a nasty text message, harassing her and her sister.
In the comments people figured out it was Momo and Bibi she was talking about. I thought it was Micky but she denied it. She quickly deleted it probably because they're trying to threaten her family.

No. 155383

File: 1468465975248.jpeg (218.36 KB, 721x1075, image.jpeg)

Bibi's tumblr is pooh-hunny99.tumblr.com
Her blog is basically a clone of Momo's. It's so weird they worship girls like Paris Hilton and say they only want to fuck old white guys in one post but are hyper social justice warriors in the next. they're both crazy…. I know mentioning Ami is banned here so I won't bring her up again.

No. 155385

File: 1468466066219.jpeg (174.36 KB, 714x788, image.jpeg)

Full reply shot

No. 155399

Bet Amina deleted it because she didn't want to be even vaguely linked to those girls anymore
It is weird. They worship white girls. Even Himekas blogs have tons of reposts of blond haired blue eyes girls. Plus they always talk about sleeping with and getting abused by these guys. They want to be treated inferior and I think, believe they are inferior to white people.
I think they are only vaguely talking about worldly social justice shit. Because that girl they hate does it all the time. But shes been too many countries and likely has read a newspaper. Instead of these forums.

No. 155403

>>No. 136849
Also I know this was from a month ago but it pisses me off.
>(the way my followers talk to me make me feel lowly)
Because your an object. Thats all you are to them. They dont care about your feelings they want to see your pussy.
>(Any other basic white girl has more caring followers then I do..)
Because they aren't talking like they are mentally retarded. Your followers have genuinely complained to you about it and you still do it. Its not cute it makes you sound uncomprehendable and retarded. And makes it harder to take you seriously.
>(Being black but dark skinned too makes me feel like a walking fetish..)
Because you chose to fetishize yourself. Because you told these same people its what you want.
This isn't a black or white issue. You aren't treated kindly or lovingly by your followers because they don't respect you short and simple.

No. 155411


Does anyone have a link to the original post?

No. 155429

Yeah, I really want to see it.

No. 155431

(fingers crossed someone has it)

No. 155921

I've always gotten a sense she feels inferior to blond white girls. Knowing her she probably gets off on it.

No. 155999

File: 1468622893796.png (163.41 KB, 1440x1152, Screenshot_20160715-184510~2.p…)

She knows her fat ass is going back to that broom closet in St. Petersburg, I don't know why she keeps lying about Miami.

No. 156003

File: 1468623475299.png (203.75 KB, 1440x1261, Screenshot_20160715-185355~2.p…)




So Himeka went on a rant about the ddlg community she's 100% definitely totally not a part of. The last to answers were too long for me to screenshot, if someone else can get the whole thing, by all means, post it.

No. 156008

File: 1468625852471.png (130.23 KB, 819x612, sighhhhhh i cant even read thi…)

No. 156141

Why do I feel like this amazing papabear guy she speaks of isn't real. And sadly if he is I know she adores him but hes probably using her like everyone else does. This woman needs to stop justifying her existence solely for men!Like seriously she speaks so highly of him. Its obvious she leans on whomever this guy is for phsycological support. If he change her good. But I doubt it since she did make fun of a girl with cancer. And pitifully attacked someone on their tumblr calling them a
(Pussy ass Hoe)Totally unprovoked.
and cussing like a child. Wait how old is this woman?! She obviously is mentally handicapped.

No. 156142


I agree. She obviously has an inferiority complex.

No. 157052

File: 1468896236626.png (207.5 KB, 1440x1273, Screenshot_20160718-223736~2.p…)

No. 157053

File: 1468896306792.png (382.67 KB, 1440x1988, Screenshot_20160718-223938~2.p…)

No. 157388

>>No. 157052

Bullshit. I doubt she was a cheerleader in highschool. I doubt she was ever in any school activities or she wouldn't be making up the weird fantasy she could be a cheerleader in a university!

No. 157392

File: 1468986056827.png (46.1 KB, 1017x498, tumblr_oalf10t9VM1rdaosho1_128…)

Himeka's sister has lost the plot lmao. Not sure if her response to the whole thing has already been posted.
>(Sorry to my followers, but I had to clock this because this girl has been terrorizing my family)First off, I’m gonna make a point to say that you are so irrelevant. Like, I think I sent you this ask over a week ago , and not one single message in my inbox about it or ANYTHING. Where are your white knights now? Like.. wtf? Usually they would be running to my shit in packs to say some fuckery. Oh they probably found out your a thottin ass hoe LIKE EVERYBODY YOU STAY TALKING SHIT ABOUT, who is wearing stiff ass synthetic futura fibers. Stop with this fucking positivity for black girls bullshit. If you hate drama so much why would you post this publicly? You stay acting like your a martyr and innocent when your fucking not. Why would you post this with no context publicly if you want to avoid drama. Girl you know me better than that, you know I’m not scared to read you for filth. You were literally in my sisters bestfriends DM’s nothing but a week ago stirring up drama and inciting more hate. Like, I literally have screenshots of every thing you said to her. You are trying to ruin the dwindling idol community, especially for black girls by making us look, malicious, ratchet, hypersexual, and bad as shit. You are literally the antithesis of a positive role model. HOW DARE YOU LIE TO YOUR 25 FOLLOWERS SAYING SHIT LIKE THIS. You constantly shame me and my sister for being dark skinned, which you are too ( trying to edit your pictures to make you look yellow when they quite literally look like they have been soaked in cat urine though). You are pro ana asf, and stay calling me fat and ugly on anon with your 2 friends. Your also ableist and using a serious mental disorder as a scapegoat for your fucked up hair, lack of talent, and stained up clothes. And can somebody explain to me how I can Dox myself? Post reciepts of me voluntarily posting my addy, full name, and school. Bitch, I didnt do that shit. I don’t even talk to nobody on the fucking internet. Like, wtf? Arent you the queen of receipts? go pull up some screenshots about the shit you stay saying. And why did you add your name among the list of people I was talking about on lolcow? I wasnt even talking about you. You are abusing the fact that we dont look at that fucking site, so you can say we did things that we didnt do. Like bitch why does it shock you for me to literally be disgusted by you and the shit that you do. I DO NOT LIKE YOU BITCH. NO ONE LIKES YOU. SAYING YOUR 5 FEET 5, YOU ARE 5 FEET 9. Go through the aminyan tag! THE FIRST POST YOU SEE ON THAT SHIT IS A GIRL SAYING THAT YOU ARE TALL ASF. And idec about height, weight, creed, gender, but when you lie about frivolous shit, you must be self conscious asf. Just think about it logically for a second, if your lying about such a small thing like your height, your prob lying about everything else too. Which is ironic because you are the first person talking big asf on the internet, and bringing other girls down because of their confidence, which you are jealous of. Thank god for anon right?

p.s. If you don’t support bringing down other girls, and support feminine unity or whatever tf, why is it so hard for you to just say leave himeka and bibi alone because they really think I am antagonizing them? You literally liked post demonizing us on tumblr.com. Not even on a side blog, on YOUR MAIN BLOG. If you really did not say one thing about me and my sister on lolcow, go ask an lolcow admin to run your ip on every thread where me and my sisters name is mentioned and get back to me. Weren’t you the one who admittedly endorsed hatred towards micky? Why? Because she was dating your ex boyfriend. I thought you were sisters over misters right????? When rini brought up sheila mcgraw you did not deny it, and that could’ve fucked up my sisters life.

>P.P.S ANOTHER THING, the first line of your bio on tumblr is a fucking lie. Your real name is not Amina Dujean, its Aminah Camara Johnson tf. The award you won for missID was a thanks for trying award, stop fucking with peoples minds like that, please and thank you. And your a certified wannabe. You consistently have a party of 3 people (your friends) at your lives at any given time. We have all seen your kawaii international special (which has suspiciously been taken down, hmm…), where the one guy who came to your booth gave you a pack of airplane peanuts, and unsweetened generic brand tea out of pity. Am I the only who is suspicious of the fact that your family can afford to send you to Japan to prostitute yourself for minimal capital, but they cant afford to pay for your sisters medicine for her sickle cell disease. And idols/gravure models can’t have boyfriends. Ur just lying to these people who don’t understand idol culture so when ur 45 year olds boyfriends get outed you can have an excuse. And how is that against human rights? It’s a contract U SIGN. Selfish heifer

>Why did you block me now all of a sudden? But not last year…? Oh bc now your former white knights are tired of your tried ass looks, poor performance art, “career” stagnance, and catfishery. So you got scared, blocked me, and tried to act like your a kumbaya innocent peace keeper.

No. 157395

File: 1468986160877.jpg (99.03 KB, 422x750, tumblr_oalfx0p3kR1rdaosho1_500…)

No. 157398

If ami was 5'9 she wouldn't be able to wear Japanese clothes and looking at the pictures next to her and j-girls who are like 5 feet she looks around 5'6. This is pathetic on Bibi and Momo's part that they have to even keep bringing her dying sister into the mix. I've never seen Amina say her family couldn't pay for her sister only that she was worried about her. Like how fucking low. She blocked them and they keep going at it. When does this fuckery end.

No. 157399

I've seen videos of her next to other japanese girls she isn't that much taller then them. Also thats retarded she only can pick on this id name, girls hair and height really.. And called her pro ana. Im happy amy blocked her. This is pathetic. And almost screams jealousy. Its disgusting.

No. 157411

I hope their bullying doesnt get to ami since her grandma did just die recently I hope she has a lot of support right now and hope she gets everything she wants in life just to spite those slutty ugly bitches

No. 157413


They would probably bring up her dead grannie the way they did her sister

No. 157415

I actually have never genuinely hated a lolcow but from
.making fun of a girl with cancer
.harassing a black american girl who actually is doing something in japan
.Promoting pedophilia
.Being sexworkers
.Hurting eachother (when Bibi showed her sisters porn blog to their parents) (talking shit about eachother on lolcow)
.I actually and genuinely believe these girls are pure evil

No. 157466

Aminyan has posted that she is 5ft7 before. If she is gonna lie then at least stick to the same height.

No. 157479

They're products of a garbage upbringing. What's raised amongst shit will more than likely become shit in turn.

No. 157488


They're the reason Black lives matter is even a movement

No. 157490


Easy with the hyperbole, please? She's a dumb ratchet slut with nasty personality and no redeeming qualities whatsoever but calling that pathetic mess "pure evil" is just retarded.

No. 157532

yeah I saw her say 5'6 on her facebook

No. 157535

to be fair, american colleges have cheerleading teams, but i doubt she's actually in good enough shape to not get injured or something lmao.

No. 157617

File: 1469054170783.png (534.08 KB, 1440x2295, Screenshot_20160720-182525~2.p…)


Angela, Amina does not give two shits about you and your retarded sister. She didn't post you info, you two are just too stupid to cover your tracks and brag too much. Both of you are salty because Amina is actually successful while y'all have to plead and beg just get by. You're both mad because she out grew your manipulation and bullshit. Y'all are upset because she has talent and works hard. Get over yourselves. Nobody wants to deal with two sloppy, ugly, bitter ass hoodrats with zero talent, empathy, and work ethic. Seriously, instead trying to drag her down, work on yourselves. Do something meaningful with your lives for once and quit bullshiting with yourselves.

No. 157619

File: 1469054559049.png (509.99 KB, 1440x2292, Screenshot_20160720-183953~2.p…)

No. 157620

Can someone explain a timeline for this? What actually caused bibi to go at Amina? Something most have sparked up the bullying again.

I feel kinda sorry for Amina. She's come out as suffering from depression too recently. Although I don't think she will achieve an amazing level of fame in Japan's idol industry she really is paving the way for other black and Western aspiring idols and that's brave imo. She's been doing a lot better career wise in recent months too.

No. 157621

File: 1469054945213.png (489.74 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160720-184528.png)


Most likely has to do with Amina's transition to gravure modeling. Which is going well for her. So you know they have to give her shit for doing well because they're bitter ugly hoodrats that failed to do what she did.

No. 157623

File: 1469055097072.png (393.97 KB, 1440x1967, Screenshot_20160720-185030~2.p…)

No. 157625

File: 1469055283077.png (474 KB, 1440x2126, Screenshot_20160720-185342~2.p…)

No. 157642

>i was 17 and my sis was 15
>but it's a-okay a 16 year old girls school and consistently bully a 13 year old
>you guys have no issue body shaming a 13 year old girl (me)

These bitches are aging backwards lmao.

No. 157654

File: 1469064701399.jpg (223.25 KB, 1280x949, b006bb83-786c-4724-8564-80b0a4…)


Ami looks like she's around the same height as the rest of these girls, if I had to guess I'd say 5'5- 5'6.

But wtf, why do they keep bringing up her height like it's something that actually matters here?

No. 157663


No. 157669

She mentions being 5'6" in posts on her tumblr. I don't get their obsession with her height either? She's still a lot thinner than either of them, but reasonably so. She seems to be doing well and isn't going the sere route either so, good for her I guess? Was there any real milk? She honestly seems pretty alright.

No. 157671

Not tryna white knight but I will say that boobs are made for breast feeding like holding a baby in your arms so nipples pointing more downward toward the baby rather than upward makes sense biologically. Popularity has risen for porn featuring plastic surgery tits and hentai etc often have nipples facing the fucking ceiling so I get why some people who look at porn frequently have the notion that 'all tiddies r sky high and smack ur jaw when u walk'. Where ever nipples point that's okay or whatever but yeah this girl does have the saggy tit look. I wouldn't be showing them off hanging out like that if I had her chest but I'm also kinda giving her props for posting tits that obv look kinda saggy and not caring (she does get a little defensive at the hate comments but she still posting pics with em so she must not care too fuckin much).

I'm not the farmer who showed her bf the thread, I also don't understand why people show their significant others lolcow or other chans.. like unless my partner was already into it I'm not gonna introduce them a fucking anonymous message board I frequent, too much shit to be ashamed of on here haha. Sometimes if the cow is too beautiful I have to share them with close friends like chris chan but even then unless they come to love cows organicallyon their own they'll never understand or appreciate the art of milking

No. 157674

5'6 is taller than the average Japanese girl but it's not -that- tall and if she was 5'9 they wouldn't let her do competitions and shit because she couldn't fit the brand's clothes. Shani is around 5'10 and seeing her in a pic with aminyan around a year ago it's obvious Amina is taller and skinnier than her.
It's kind of shitty to call someone anorexic just because she's a reasonable weight. They love shitting on Amina any chance given but responding to them she's never publicly called them fat or ugly which they are. Even with Amina's shitty weave, flat tiddies and slightly tall, she looks a billion times better than either of them which is why they're so hateful. They keep seeing Amina sends them anon hate but if she sent so much wouldn't they have proof and IP shit besides a screenshot from Micky from 2011? They don't have anything. also don't understand the bit about Ami wasting her life. She's in university, bilingual and a relatively successful aidoru/model in Japan. Yeah she's not Dakota famous but she's actually getting an education whereas Himeka is publicly posting cum shots of Craigslist geezers. Even if ami is a sugar baby she's not PUBLIC about it. They honestly have nothing and to bully this girl while her grandma die is so so shitty.

No. 157676

Obvious Amina is shorter and skinnier than Shani made a mistake

No. 157678

Also in the past thread (the first one) Himeka doxxed herself writing her OWN school in the thread and someone called the school then. She was 17 and selling nudes so anyone contacting her school or the authorities were in the right.

No. 157738

>followers and friends alike

does…she even have a lot of followers?? all of her self posts get 1 note or no note

No. 157741

>nipples pointing more downward toward the baby rather than upward makes sense biologically

It probably works well for other mammals to have downwards-pointing nipples but it wouldn’t really make a difference for humans since we lift our babies to feed them. It's obviously a normal breast shape, but it's not any more helpful than others when it comes to breastfeeding, especially since you’d most likely have to adjust your breast with your free hand anyway if you had very large or sagging breasts, since most mothers don’t feel comfortable holding their baby too low down.

No. 158756

File: 1469367180398.png (313.51 KB, 1440x1617, Screenshot_20160724-093014~2.p…)

No. 158762

File: 1469369362849.png (243.31 KB, 1440x1424, Screenshot_20160724-093338~2.p…)

No. 159001

Bitch thinks Hogwarts is an actual school? I mean, I know she plays dumb but… Ugh…

Also, where is the SVU part in The X Files? Like, did they just crawled up Mulder's ass, or something? Because I seriously do not remember any sex crimes on the show. Did an alien probe somebody, does that count as a sex crime?

No. 159183

This girls insecurity is so obvious. I feel bad for her.

No. 163335

File: 1470415431834.png (475.15 KB, 1440x2305, Screenshot_20160805-123935~2.p…)

No. 163347

>I'm kind of a total genius

This is just sad.

No. 163407

The kind of "total genius" who can't pass remedial math at community college. Y'know, that kind.

No. 163704

I really don't know anything about this girl, but it's known that people can have one type of intelligence but not another. Someone could not understand math, but be gifted spatially.

No. 164622

So she wants to be retarded?

No. 164624

i don't disagree with you on that point but this particular person is mostly gifted at being disgusting. every time i see her thread up i squint while i scroll past just in case someone forgot to spoiler a closeup of daddies cummies

No. 164777

File: 1470892064926.png (371.74 KB, 1440x1700, Screenshot_20160811-010501~2.p…)

No. 164778

File: 1470892227123.png (198.54 KB, 1440x1087, Screenshot_20160811-010910~2.p…)

No. 164780

File: 1470892380354.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2071, Screenshot_20160811-011107~2.p…)


Himeka, you know you could have easily just ignored that instead rudely responding.

No. 164856

I'm laughing because this proves that not only does she call any male her 'daddy uwu' but also that she doesnt know how elastic works. Instead of thinking that maybe her 'totally XS waist trainer' stretched out she's buying a super small one. like who does she think she's fooling when a couple of weeks ago she said she thought she was too chubby to take bikini pics and she's definitely never been an s much less an XS

No. 164912

Waiting for her and her sister to react now that Amina is a major idol group

No. 164926

not even an xs, an xxs roflmao; why lie about that when posting so many semi-nudes like >>137016 where you can clearly see her figure

No. 165005

Apparently Himeka's millionaire sugar daddy can't afford a $50 piercing. It's sad how her only aspiration in life is to be a dumb hoe and she still fails at it.

No. 165329

How can you fault her for finding this annoying ? This message is creepy and disgusting serial-killer level shit

No. 165332

posting pics of yourself busting it open while pretending to be a ~wittle baby princess for daddy uwu is WAY creepier and disgusting, actually.

No. 165621

i kinda wish this girl would clean up and realize shes more then this.
its getting pretty obvious she doesn't want that type of attention anymore.

No. 165624

I agree the messages are creepy and annoying, but Himeka has openly asked to be treated this way. Like, it's not even victim blaming at this point given that she has said she wants to be treated like, in her own words, a "cock socket". She claims to have a bimbofication fetish, wants to be a cumdump, etc. but I don't think that's a reality for her at all. She's just doing it for the attention because she's kind of desperate and hopes it might snag her a sugar daddy that will give her an easy life. I agree that I hope she grows out of it, but I don't really see that happening, she's already hooked up with much older married men for things like "walgreens shopping sprees". The only reason she acts annoyed by comments like those are because she can't get much out of them.

No. 165633

I think shes beginning to realize is that these people don't give a shit about her. There not her fans theyare perverts who are dehumanizing her into nothing but the cum bucket she gave off she wanted to be. I hate to bring up Amina. But I think its a decent example, Aminas male fans appear to have immense respect for her and treat her as a normal fan should. Simply being considerate of her and if she made a post about being upset jumping out of nowhere to calmn her. While Himeka's fans sit quietly whenever she goes on rants talking about how people are treating her badly or the "haterz on lolcow" they aren't personal they have no desire to get to know her she is only sex to them. Overall she needs to quit on this sugar daddy nonsense close her account or make a new account and do something with her life if she has lost desire to be treated like that anymore. Doesn't she have a hobby/ It is sad because I feel like she trapped herself and is beginning to realize what she really is to people. I mean in reality noone cares about her.. and if she wants to be treated better she needs to act better. And demand respect.

No. 165913

She thought that since she probably had a good influx of followers at first and thought it was all uphill and that she'd have people throwing money at her by now. It's only just dawning on her that she's literally the only one giving anything out and I'd assume she may have ended up losing or getting turned down from jobs because it's easy to find her nudes by looking up her name.

No. 165915

Funniest thing is, the haterz on lolcow care a lot more about her than her followers. It's a little disturbing.

No. 165930

i think many of us do want to see her do better. if she died wed all be discussing it more then her fans who would just move on to another e-ho. i think thats a big reason why i dislike her is because its annoying to see another woman spiral so poorly downhill. if she only took the criticisms and advice lolcow offers instead of seeing us all as jealous haterz shed be in a better position in life.

No. 165931

No one has ever cared for her. All her texts posts get maybe 2 notes tops, her pictures flop so she deletes them (she only has a few with notes), her asks are mostly sent by her own self. She's never been popular or even had real fans.

She has no fanbase, she has no friends in real life, no genuine friends online. Her family is fucked up. All she has is the old fat men she meets online who pay to use her body. I mean, she wanted to be a "cocksleeve" & a "cumdump" & that's all she is now. Self fulling prophecy.
No one here is that interested in her anymore either. This thread rarely gets bumped.

The saddest part? She's already declining. She doesn't take care of herself. She looks bigger & older in every pic she takes (+shops them more & more). She fails in school, doesn't even bother. Throwing her future away. Not even trying.

We know and she knows she's just going to end up another poor income, struggling all her life, + maybe stuck with a few kids as a single mom.

No. 165933

kinda hoping shes infertile

No. 166125

File: 1471339680521.png (3.46 MB, 1382x2296, Screenshot_20160816-051639~2.p…)


This looks absolutely terrible.

>This message is creepy and disgusting serial-killer level shit

Overstatement of the year. Asking someone who regularly posted nsfw oc to post nsfw oc isn't out of the ordinary.

No. 166323

This is true. Makes me sad.

No. 166507

File: 1471469364897.png (412.61 KB, 1440x2043, Screenshot_20160817-172419~2.p…)


Fucking Christ Himeka, that's not blackface. Also it's sad she thinks this is a serious matter.

No. 166521

She probably won't be able to have children because of stds.

No. 166879

what app is this?

No. 166890

No. 167541

File: 1471844313174.png (435.12 KB, 1440x1891, Screenshot_20160822-013545~2.p…)

No. 167550

holy shit did she actually get into a real university? I hope she doesn't act like this in person and realizes her "daddy" can't come over and fuck her there.

No. 167647

She can't do basic math, so I highly doubt it. She might be at some kind of Job Corp it something.

No. 167661

That's affirmative action for you :^)

No. 167666

>Pepperdine University

That's a highly expensive, and competitive private university. I think she's talking bullshit!!

No. 167672

I live an hour away from Pepperdine. It's very rich, Christian and difficult to get in. I do believe she is going to a private school just not as nice as that one

No. 167676

Lol, no doubt she's talking straight out of her cum-encrusted ass. I'm betting she's just attending a community college.

No. 167688

She didn't say that she's going to pepperdine, she just compared her current school to it. Which is still a huge exaggeration probably. She's probably just going to a third rate community college.

No. 168266

File: 1472099441743.png (373.13 KB, 1440x1734, Screenshot_20160824-210308~2.p…)

No. 168267

No. 168294

Soooo very cringe.

No. 168306

>i'll throw hands with a girl any day of the week
lol easy there, tough guy

No. 168392

must be rooted in sexual trauma tbh

No. 168905


No, she just knows that the only way to get any guy to give her the time of day is to be a cumdumpster

She's dumb, unattractive, too lazy to actually work, annoying and the only thing she has to offer is being a blow up doll basically

No. 169308

File: 1472418870608.jpg (85.73 KB, 958x1278, tumblr_inline_ocmx84mm0F1tm3ld…)


She posted a picture of her dorm. It looks small and pretty unimpressive.

No. 169483

oh god, imagine having your room mate decorate her side of the room like she's 3 years old.

No. 169486

she says it's like.

No. 170424

File: 1472697082154.png (116.27 KB, 1440x629, Screenshot_20160831-222430~2.p…)

I was looking at Himeka's Fetlife and it seems she added even more fucked shit on her list of *~kawaii fetishes~*. Someone also took some of her pics and made a catfish account on there. Lol

No. 170425

File: 1472697127599.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2030, Screenshot_20160831-222400~2.p…)

Here's the catfish page.

No. 170428

File: 1472697287835.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1440x2010, Screenshot_20160831-222058~2.p…)

I don't think Himeka has posted these before. So, how did the catfish get a hold of them?

No. 170430

File: 1472697341525.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1400x1890, Screenshot_20160831-222027~2.p…)

Disappearing navel.

No. 170432

File: 1472697501982.png (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 1440x2053, Screenshot_20160831-222259~2.p…)

No. 170441

File: 1472701111019.jpg (43.2 KB, 616x616, BT4n87p.jpg)

All I see.

No. 170654

Can not unseen

No. 170668

File: 1472774979697.jpg (17.7 KB, 310x317, 1457899200823.jpg)

No. 170720

File: 1472794207600.png (94.88 KB, 1440x588, Screenshot_20160902-011853~2.p…)

No. 172714

Her tumblr blogs are gone.

No. 172806

No. 175524

update on this trash?

No. 175918

File: 1474533279906.png (639.67 KB, 1440x1970, Screenshot_20160921-023842~2.p…)

She changed her location on Fetlife and is now claiming to live in Japan. She also changed her bio to Japanese. She made her Twitter private as well.

No. 175929

The Japanese in this is so awkward
Quick example: 赤子のように泣く should be 赤ちゃんのように泣く bc 赤子 sounds really dated to me, and not cutesy and young like she's going for

No. 175931

she was probably like "gonna go with a not so popular word to look S M A R T"

No. 175944

I read the whole thing. Its obvious she used google translate.

No. 177178

so she deleted her blogs & is now pretending to be japanese? she's finally cracked

No. 177219

File: 1474924245643.png (Spoiler Image, 915.91 KB, 1440x1714, Screenshot_20160926-165934~2.p…)

What does it say?
Her sister has deleted her blog as well.

She deleted all her old pics on FetLife and began reposting. This one is new though. I can't really tell what she wrote on herself.

No. 177221

File: 1474924478432.png (1.07 MB, 1045x1405, Screenshot_20160926-170028~2.p…)

This one is new too. You can see the crazy in her eyes. lol

No. 177222

What a lumpy body

No. 177247

It looks deformed. This is why people shouldn't abuse the liquefy tool.

No. 177249


>that creepy old guy

well, it's what shes going for anyway, right?

No. 177261

her url is asduahsduasuduwuwuwu and she has it set now so you have to have a tumblr account to see it
no new milk there (yet) however

No. 177277

Posting a photo of herself looking like that is such a self-drag. I wonder if this is a "good" picture by her standards.

No. 177314

no muscle definition at all.

No. 179289

File: 1475638625481.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1336x1675, Screenshot_20161003-063810~2.p…)

Her face looks really weird.

No. 179290

File: 1475638687348.png (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 1440x2106, Screenshot_20161003-063725~2.p…)

No. 179292

Fat with small saggy tits and no hips.. what a sad combination

No. 179296

I think her body isn't horrible, just really average with somewhat saggy tits. Something def seems off with her face though, like she shopped her eyes or the bridge of her nose? Something in that area just looks super unnatural, but I can't quite place it.

No. 179301

File: 1475645293005.jpg (12.58 KB, 203x224, tumblr_nrt66uehFd1sqfgmoo1_250…)

those pancake size nipples

No. 179323

all women's breast and nipples arent the same mosquito nips

No. 179324

The fact that her nipples aren't…prominent? (I'm not even sure if thats the right word to use) makes this look especially weird. It's like it's just an areola.

No. 179325

*makes the piercings look esepciallt weird
I'm sleepy, sorry.

No. 180037

I like her body in this pic, personally
But yea, it disguises her breasts.
>>something def seems off with her face though, like she shopped her eyes or the bridge of her nose?
I don't think she shopped, just going for the distant barbie/bimbo/doll look.

No. 180086

I dont see whats so bad about her body she has nice skin and isnt really fat she just needs to do some waist and stomach exercises or waist training.

No. 180094

Not white knighting but how are her tits small? The warped body images some anons on this sight have frightens me

No. 180105

Eh they are just normal sized and saggy. which some women have saggy boobs that's natural, maybe she'said a c cup, I'd I guess that's small in their eyes

No. 180148

They want to find things to pick at but this isn't one of them. Her boobs are nowhere near small

No. 180169

She has small, beady eyes, that's what makes her face look weird. Her bangs aren't doing her any favors either.

She's sucking it in, using angles and the blur tool. In reality she has a beer gut going on and her skin ain't that great.

Stop lying to yourselves, the girl has small breasts.It's ok.

No. 180187

Shes atleast a D or E cup lol, do you consider Jessica Nigiris small medium then

No. 180190


>D or E cup

That's definitely on the small side.

Also, you should take two seconds to learn how to quote a post properly.

No. 180200


>d or e

>small side

Land whale detected. Small is A-B cup. A normal nonfat woman is around a C. D is probably the biggest you can be without being fat. E+(naturally) is land whale status.

No. 180209

um okay you really sound pathetic trying so hard to convince me to hate her body. the girl is a fucking idiot but her body isnt bad and I doubt the sad weeaboo bitches posting here look better.

No. 180210

>Land whale detected

Knowing proper bra sizes does not make me a landwhale.

A-C are flat, D-G are small. Once you get a H they start to look slightly big. I and beyond is large. There are women who fall under an I and beyond that aren't fat.

You'd know this if you knew proper bra sizing.

I do notsound like anything, but you sure do sound like a whiteknight. I would not even be a bit surprised if you were actually Himeka.

No. 180211

I called her a fucking idiot. Im not this dumb bitch stop being paranoid. Just because someone isn't being a nitpicky cunt doesn't make them a whitenight.

No. 180212

you're actually retarded

No. 180213

She's thrown herself and her sister under the bus multiple times on her. The former admin even pointed out some of the posts she made. So there's a valid reason to suspect you're Himeka.

If you're the first anon that I respond to, you really need to go to the r/abrathatfits because you really have no clue what you're talking about.

No. 180214

Not the same anon, but you sound like you're trying to change the subject. You were wrong now leave it alone. Himeka is a dipshit, but you are being nit picky. How about we talk about the stupid shit she does instead?

No. 180218

>but you sound like you're trying to change the subject.
Nothing I've said is along the lines of that. Nor have I been "nitpicking". I'm not wrong either. I've posted nothing but facts, take it or leave.

>How about we talk about the stupid shit she does instead

That's what was happening before people(Himeka) came in whiteknighting.

No. 180222

You sound so salty, nobody is whiteknighting her, we were just pointing out that you were wrong,get over it you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

No. 180289

What's with all the whiteknights?

No. 180303

I feel like anytime this thread gets bumped after months of nothing, it's Himeka. She's posted here in the past, I think so I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 180314

The thread has been active

No. 180315

no one can disagree without being called himeka. Fucking annoying.

No. 180321

Himeka's been sniffing around here again. Only she would get that worked up over someone stating the obvious. Micky and Bibi are probably lurking right now too.

Because 9 times out 10, it's her. When it's not her it's either Micky or Bibi. In the earlier part of this thread and the last thread, it was some chick called winterrose.


No. 183203

oh she's definitely been lurking. she changed her fetlife username and got rid of all the photos that had her face in them kek

No. 186532

I'm so glad I'm flat chested. Those sag bags are terrible!

No. 186581

File: 1477080568084.png (215.71 KB, 540x136, capture_001_21102016_130915.pn…)

hi Bunny

No. 190690

File: 1477860234007.png (465.73 KB, 1126x1590, Screenshot_20161030-163711~2.p…)

That second comment was hilarious.

No. 190691

File: 1477860365977.png (1.44 MB, 1440x1891, Screenshot_20161030-163534~2.p…)

She's looking pretty haggard. She needs to take better care of herself.

No. 191899

Any other time she would abuse the filter option why not now. like good god get it together girl.

No. 192811

She looks like a middle-aged woman trying to stay hip and young. How embarrassing.

No. 192993

Huh, I thought the name Simon Benson was familiar. He has his own porn company for specific bdsm fetishes like pet girls. Doesn't surprise me at all that Himeka is trying to talk to him. We might see her saggy dough body on video tape soon enough.

No. 203270

File: 1479954502506.png (148.5 KB, 1440x870, Screenshot_20161123-010318~2.p…)

There's gonna be videos of her on Porn Hub very soon.

No. 204317

File: 1480195930152.png (620.74 KB, 1120x2042, Screenshot_20161126-162430~2.p…)

So she was traveling with Simon. They were in London but should be back in Japan now.

No. 204342

Looks like fetlife has temporarily landed her that "rich" old daddy she's always wanted. Makes me wonder about how low this guys standards must be, however, he must not be that rich if this is the best he could afford.

No. 204347

Think he's pretty rich but I don't think his standards are fantastic. He messaged me asking if i wanted to model for him and im probably a 5/10 on a good day

No. 204349

Looks like it's time for all the weeb uggos to start hitting this guy up for free Japan trips.

No. 204359

Huh, she actually looks decent in that photo. What a shocker.

No. 204406

he might have a taste for girls who he sees as being needy / desperate / or on the edge.

No. 204673

I wonder if he gets that impression. I think he just goes for "petite" average girls who look kinda young if anything. But he does have some shit on his profile about damaged girls I think. idk

No. 204774

File: 1480273110187.png (456.52 KB, 831x1816, Screenshot_20161127-134540~2.p…)

Here's his bio.

That picture he posted of her was deleted from his page. I guess she's still lurking on here.

No. 204778

>all i expect is that you don't use foul language, mix an old fashioned, a dirty martini, you can dance, you never lie, you can make dashi stock, you can make a hollindase

lmao so himeka told him she can do all of that, and that she doesn't lie?

how long before he realizes that she can't do any of that and that she lies lol

No. 204780

File: 1480273716992.png (72.42 KB, 283x87, capture_001_20112016_011249.pn…)

No. 204799

I think he realized she was lying. Which is why her picture isn't on his page.

She posted that she's into knotting too. Meaning she fucked a dog at some point.

No. 204816

Seems like she saw this "all travel paid for petgirl vids" on fetlife and realized it was probably her only chance of ever seeing Tokyo. Not that she probably saw much given that she was too busy being an old creep's personal fucktoy for the trip (on video none the less). Oh Himeka, you dirty weeb, never change.

No. 204827

he means don't retweet anyone on twitter which doesn't make any sense?? no one's twitter is composed of only original tweets. bunny even retweets too

No. 204828

how long before she goes full hooker gaijin in japan?

No. 204845

i thought he meant something along the lines of "i'm only interested in classy m'ladies who don't care for such trivial pursuits as twitter and facebook
-tips fedora-
-shoves dick in some dumpy whore with daddy issues-"

No. 204851

Looks like we might have another Barbie on our hands if she goes that route. Similar dumpy body type, but slightly cuter in the face. I don't think Barbie ever made shitty porn vids though.

Haha, yes.

No. 204942

File: 1480293462961.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 117.99 KB, 720x480, image.jpeg)

Delandra DEFINITELY made shitty porn (pic related). Although if the company she's keeping is any indication, Himeka's porn will be even worse; that petgirl/degradation shit is so gross. Still, at least Himeka is prettier than D.

No. 205577

File: 1480317887266.jpeg (173.36 KB, 615x820, 00054239-18e6-d152-3a05-82f6ac…)

she honestly doesn't look bad here

No. 205580

File: 1480318400992.png (67.39 KB, 616x345, Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 11.2…)

nah, they're still together, since he's commented her picture recently with "approved"

honestly, he's just as much of a lolcow as himeka. he threw a tantrum because someone else posted one of his pictures and even has a post dedicated to people posting his content so he can cmplain about it

No. 205630

it's amazing what a shower and a roof over your head can do

No. 205637

It sounds as if Simon has put the kibbosh on Himeka's tacky tastes and is trying to give her a little class in her personal life (the videos, of course, will be a different story but that's for her to deal with). I mean, she's bound and determined to play out this bimbo fucktoy fantasy of hers, and as disgusting a creep as Simon appears to be he's pretty high-profile so she probably won't end up being sold to some overseas brothel. At least as long as she's his "pet" (puke).

No. 205646

Tbh looking at his fetlife profile it looks like he just pumps and dumps random young girls. Doubt he'll have anything to do with her once she's done starring in "cat girl sucks old man's dick volume #478"

No. 205676

i honestly can't believe that this bimbo fantasy is really her only goal in life. like i get having your sexual things, ykimk and all that but the fact that she has no literal aspirations other than to be some bimbo fuck toy is literally the saddest thing ever. that's like having your goal in life to be a heroin addict.

No. 205682

what's even sadder is that she's not even good at it… like if your only goal is to be a sex object maybe try working out once in a while

No. 205687

Her eyes scare me but other than that she looks alright. Thank god she took that awful looking weave out.

No. 205729

File: 1480356007535.png (1.59 MB, 1054x2030, Screenshot_20161128-125341~2.p…)

Something about her face seems off

No. 205732

I'm pretty sure that's the same weave but cut short, considering how choppy the ends look.

No. 205759

Only because her sad tits are contained.

No. 205764

File: 1480360205028.jpg (70.49 KB, 720x518, IMG_20161128_150758.jpg)


It's the crazy eyes. I knew she reminded me of someone.

No. 205768

compare her eyes to the pic in the op and that's the big difference. lel was she shooping them smaller before?

No. 205769

shooping them bigger and shinier lol

No. 205770

well it was gonna be one or the other. wonder if the creep was disappointed when he met her.

No. 205778

considering how she's wearing glasses in the op pic, that's tmost likely the real size of her eyes lol, you can see them more in >>111155 >>121871

she's definitely photoshopping them bigger

No. 205781

So what is the porn going to be called and who her is going to watch it??

No. 206023

File: 1480401492718.jpg (55.71 KB, 500x500, ne-yo.jpg)

Perhaps it's her jarring Ne-yo nose.

No. 207016

File: 1480574729138.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.4 KB, 615x820, 0005428f-d938-4b56-c710-1cf955…)

is that a burn on her tit?

No. 207020

Her boobs are so unfortunate looking. Her areola might even rival Luna's.

No. 207025

No. 207063

That's a scratch. She's been picking at it from the looks of it.

No. 207193

File: 1480627626201.png (211.12 KB, 1440x899, Screenshot_20161201-152740~2.p…)

Seems like she might be getting a boob job in the near future.

No. 207374

why would you not edit that out? smh no one wants to see open sores on your tits

No. 207436

Is he paying for her tit job??

No. 207438

probably. seems like several of the women involved with him have bimbo boobs.

No. 207474

amazing the things that must be going through her head; "i've finally beaten the haters"

No. 207491

Himeka's actually really pretty when she does a cute selfie pose. It's a shame she's decided to be a degraded pornstar. Could've just kept her fetish in the bedroom and had a normal life

No. 207803

File: 1480735707632.png (Spoiler Image, 547.62 KB, 560x333, capture_001_02122016_192702.pn…)

apparently this is how she wants her tits to look

No. 207905

File: 1480767282588.png (381.31 KB, 1440x1992, Screenshot_20161203-070026~2.p…)

No. 208197

It's called "consent", Himeka. Not something you're likely well versed upon but it does exist.

No. 208237

She deleted that post. She never misses a beat. lol This thread must control her life.

No. 208240

Either that or the post wasn't Simon-sanctioned so he made her delete. My money's o n her lurking tho.

No. 208641

File: 1480905977380.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.19 KB, 461x820, 000542d3-c7a9-fa3f-a19f-bd33df…)

> ready? ok! 1234 im nothing but a silly whore 5678 think of nothing but fellate 1234 i'll suck your cock and beg for more 5678 sucking cock is really great!!

No. 208651

she probably thinks that tight dress makes her look like a ~sexy bimbo baby slut~ but it just makes her look chunky af

No. 208851

doubt she knows what fellate means

No. 209152

Okay well to fair she doesn't really know anything besides gross old man dick.

No. 209908

File: 1481102522939.png (194.24 KB, 529x125, capture_001_07122016_012057.pn…)

I get she's into that "I'm so dumb teehee" shit but come on

No. 210345

… God she's retarded.

No. 210362

File: 1481185705666.png (1.34 MB, 1440x1944, Screenshot_20161207-183037~2.p…)

You can tell she's widen her eyes. Himeka, stop it. You look stupid.

No. 210369

Her skin is so greasy

No. 210372

I hope that Simon creep posts some photos without her style of shooping

No. 210381

File: 1481191341126.jpg (119.68 KB, 615x820, 00054321-fdb1-a392-47bf-27eee0…)

> wheee x (will take a better picture tomorrow! i snapped this right after i got them done >< my bottom row isnt going to be put in until jan 25th wah)

No. 210421


can she put away her tits until she gets that scar fixed? it looks fucking gross.

Also she has the eyes of a crazy person.

No. 210932

Well thank god he's kinda cleaning up her act.

No. 210938

File: 1481270986586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.33 KB, 615x820, 00054331-fb5d-2238-f449-39c029…)

> reason #7277372 why little girls like me need daddies: we go out in short skirts & no undies & no ones around to tell us otherwise waaa.

No. 210943

I hope this bimbo slut act ends up fucking her shit up by meeting the wrong person. And hopefully that knocks some common sense into her head.

No. 210952

File: 1481271878155.jpg (90.55 KB, 615x820, 00054331-fd4f-7b0c-5e8f-2842fa…)

> bRaCe FaCe xxx

I'm confused why she got her top set, but the bottom ones are getting put on later. Everyone I know who's gotten braces got top and bottom done at the same time.

No. 210962

Her sugar daddy allowance only can go so far anon. Probably has to do another petgirl video for Simon to pay her with bottom braces.

No. 210967

The gross thing about this is she's probably loving the braces because they fit her DDLG aesthetic.

No. 210971

she'd look pretty cute in those photos if it wasn't for those terrible bags

No. 210972

I wonder if she'll keep them past her due date for ~aesthetic~ reasons. Honestly, her teeth didn't seem all that crooked, I doubt she'll need them very long.

Simon should be funding her skincare, girl looks greasy and those eyebags are making her look more middle aged than middle schooler.

No. 210977

it's sort of common to get your top braces put on first, especially if you have a bite problem…it just depends on your teeth & denist, her bottom teeth probably just aren't as bad as her top

No. 211422

Nigger needs to pay to get her hair done properly, and her skin.

No. 211437

She looks like she's had a rough life. That's a strong case of struggleface.

No. 211526

Apparently she's been spending her days doing blow. Which is why she's starting to look haggard. She should stop before she ends up living the crackhead life at 20 or 21.

No. 211535

has/is her 'training' video going to be posted on Simon's petgirls site???

No. 211589

Simon should get her some botox first

No. 211593

File: 1481396740657.png (Spoiler Image, 591.98 KB, 615x880, 68546532.png)

posted and deleted last night. I'm betting Simon made her delete it.

No. 211595

Awwww – is Bunny's trainer not paying her enough attention? Poor wittle boo, her so sad she hafta post a piccie of her nasty genitals.


No. 211606

Tf. This girl is so fucking gross and pathetic. Who says that? That's why you're treated like a piece of shit, you portray yourself as one

No. 211761

lol what, for real?

he's gonna drop her soon, probably early next year

No. 211776

depends on whether or not he thinks she's ~trainable and can bring in money. he commented again saying he 'approved' of one of her other photos, probably after she deleted >>211593

No. 211799

File: 1481424516076.png (156.35 KB, 1440x957, Screenshot_20161210-214402~2.p…)

Yeah, here's the tweet. I'm guessing she doesn't plan on being employed at all in the near future.

No. 211813

File: 1481426090473.jpg (10.02 KB, 224x225, 5x1ARiI.jpg)

"Not needed."

No. 211834

File: 1481430718287.png (46.27 KB, 595x172, QYSrge2.png)

…does she think this is cute? lord i would be embarrassed to see this irl

also has it been discussed that she most likely bought her followers on tiwtter since no one really favorites her tweets, the only person who ever replies to them is Micky, yet she has 1k followers


looking through her tweets she straight up admits that she's a prostitute so this isn't surprising

No. 211875

I can picture her looking like one of those bag ladies that you see from time to time that walk around talking to themselves and smell weird.

It's mostly pornbots that are following her because she use to post nsfw pics on there. Though I wouldn't be surprised if she bought followers on top of that.

No. 211883

Does she still have a NSFW blog?

No. 211942

File: 1481454821549.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2307, Screenshot_20161211-060338~2.p…)

Himeka, if this post was truly about money you wouldn't have needed to post a full body shot. But now that we can see your outfit, you look more like the busted hookers I see hanging around the strip club late at night. Also, have fun freezing your ass off because it's definitely cold there.

Not from what I've seen. I think she only uses Fetlife for nsfw things now.

No. 211999

>she fucking calls it her "kitty"

For some reason this just makes me want to slap her. Does she think its cute or childlike to call it that? Like tf of all the slang terms for it i've never heard it called that I really hope its not common.

No. 212001

idk where you're from anon, but calling it a kitty is pretty common.

No. 212002

Is it a yank thing? never heard it called that over here (uk) and even so its ucking retarded.

SAGE for ot

No. 212011

I'm from the US and I've never heard anybody say that shit either

No. 212023

her ass won't make it through boston cold, let alone japan if she's wearing that shit.

No. 212028

Yeah, I'm from the Midwest, USA, and I've never heard anyone call a vagina a kitty. It's almost on par with "cunny".

No. 212044

no you're right, no one says that
the only place it's common is on ddlg blogs lol

No. 212061

But this Simon guy seems controlling and creepy. I guess that's what she likes

No. 212064

He's definitely a creep, but compared to her old, fat, redneck Splenda daddies that would take her on "walgreens shopping sprees" he must seem like a catch. She's just the flavor of the week though, fresh mindless, obedient meat for his porn site.

No. 212068

Yeah his fetlife has hundreds of nudes of different girls, most of which are much better looking than Himeka. I wonder if Himeka realizes that he's just going to pump and dump her or if she really thinks she landed a long term sugar daddy

No. 212069

she's one of the few cows I genuinely feel sorry for.

No. 212088

People say it, but they're the embarrassing kind of people that no sane person would associate with. It's a less vulgar way of calling it a pussy, as in pussycat.

No. 212091

yep, i've only ever seen someone use it in a "daddy pet my kitty please" kind of context. it's fucking weird.

No. 212215

File: 1481499261134.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x2560, 16-12-11-18-31-10-420_deco.jpg)

Maybe it's just me but these two tweets seem a sneak diss towards Micky.

No. 212444

doubt it. she was all on micky's tip when micky posted about it

No. 212456

….Those are black leggings is she also retarded with colors?

No. 213011

File: 1481619802343.png (70.14 KB, 606x279, yV2058W.png)

honestly, if angela was smart, she would move off of twitter and on to instagram

also her jealousy from this post isn't because of micky, but because she saw other girls get make up and jewelry and flowers from their BOYFRIENDS (not sugar daddies) and got jealous

probably reminded that she'll never have that since she's let herself get used up by gross old white dudes

No. 213026

File: 1481622700102.png (1.18 MB, 1440x2300, Screenshot_20161213-040817~2.p…)

Another one to add to her "shit that never happened" list.

No. 213843

File: 1481694158914.png (357.75 KB, 1440x1732, Screenshot_20161213-230543~2.p…)

No. 213849

File: 1481695326034.jpg (83.13 KB, 400x400, tumblr_m9ql82qTFC1r0bo8m.jpg)

so she literally wants a father who will fuck her and tell her to do things that are just common sense

jesus christ bunny

No. 213892

>men who are naturally father like
>>japanese business men

lol she's gonna be in for a shock

No. 214078


Oh my god, yes Japanese business men aren't "naturally fatherly" wtf is this bullshit, she's so delusional. A man who works from 8am-10pm isn't going to want to get off work and fuck some random fugly foreign brat, or "father her." Hardly anybody is having kids or getting in relationships in Japan rn, that's why the birth rate is going down lol. Everybody just wants to focus on their careers it seems. And if they DO want to, they're not going to do it with her, unless they're a creepy psychopath who literally cannot get anybody else.

No. 214120

i love it when daddy comes home wasted and ignores me to wank to a jav uwu

No. 214371

File: 1481767745717.png (779.91 KB, 612x434, capture_001_14122016_180746.pn…)

he's shaming her for wearing her glasses

A+ quality guy

No. 214374

File: 1481767980509.jpg (100.12 KB, 615x820, 000543a7-39a4-381e-5eb5-f738d0…)

> Me and lovely @bunny-angel when she came to London.. Yes our height difference is insane haha - EstellaBathory

No. 214502

File: 1481785340902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.63 KB, 615x820, 000543a9-e99e-7ddc-7202-190735…)

> this is my "was face fucked last night pubes in my braces dried cum on my face & hair wearing japanese mans pajamas" look. bless me x

No. 214503

i need a shower after reading this shit jesus christ

No. 214509

An anon was saying that maybe she didn't get bottom braces because her bottom teeth weren't as bad as the top row, but that clearly isn't the issue.

How come she only covered one nipple? I wonder what she's hiding underneath that sticker? Given her standards, and Japanese dude's standards, I can only imagine the type of guy she slept with.

No. 214510

Huh. I've never seen speckled areolas before. And I wish that I could still say that now.

No. 214513

he's honestly so gross

how much do you think she is charging? beccause she honestly can't be charging much

No. 214516

Honestly, I don't think she's even charging? Angela isn't very intelligent and has incredibly low standards. This is the girl who hooked up with fat, old, married, redneck dudes in their cars for Walgreens "shopping sprees" and fast food. Honestly, I think she's the type of girl who will almost take anything she can get.

No. 214518

File: 1481790021558.png (487.62 KB, 1440x1017, Screenshot_20161215-025827~2.p…)

The bullshit never ends with her.

No. 214530

She's not even "thiqq" or small, she's kind of average, short and doughy at best. Like, in all honesty, if she bothered to eat better and started working out, she could probably be pretty decent, but nah.

No. 214552

What's up with that nasty looking crust around her nipple piercing. Does she not clean her shit?

No. 214553

Might be why she's got the other nipple hidden. First that gross looking scar on her chest and now this.

No. 214654

10$ that she got both her nipples pierced and the other one is infected kek

No. 214789


So. Fucking. Gross.

No. 214795

Judge all you want but I'm going to find out more about this simon benson "modelling" offer. I'm curious.

and skint

and would really like to go to japan tbh

No. 214798

dumb weeb

No. 214800


No. 214805

if you're into being treated like an animal and having photos taken of you deepthroating a dildo then go for it.

No. 214809

not a weeb just interested in seeing the country
Not really, Im just wanting to see exactly whats expected more than anything. but I'm not all that against doing photoshoots or anything if i paid well. Its whatever.

No. 214833

>Responding to obvious bait

No. 214854

File: 1481851183172.png (1.76 MB, 1440x1765, Screenshot_20161215-172541~2.p…)

I really wish Simon would make Himeka retire that ratty ass weave she's been wearing for the last three years. Like, I know that shit is nappy and stinks to high heaven.

No. 214912

Estella is another of Simon's "pets". I guess they're all just one big, happy harem!

No. 214914

I know i will probably sound like a fucking pussy but can we spoiler her pictures? Like, always? I like reading the thread and thay includes most pictures that show screenshots etc, but she grosses me out so much. And it's not necessarily because I think she's ugly (even though she is). The problem is that she is literally vomit inducing.

Sage for whiny and triggered anon

No. 214917

No. 214986

does this bitch not know how to dress? even for the aesthetic she's going for, she still looks so tacky and bad

No. 214995

then get a job and save up to go on vacation? jesus.

No. 215016

File: 1481877361980.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.13 KB, 661x820, 000543c1-43a5-212b-bb64-b91b79…)

just posted about an hour ago

>my adult video debut is happening here in Japan! the producer specialises in huUuUge boobie girls which i am not. i'm tiny. he thinks i'm really cute though & that's what matters right ? x

No. 215029

File: 1481885767237.jpeg (98.82 KB, 600x402, tumblr_odcj5p0cyP1t0ij5do1_128…)

Is she going to rival Aminyan?

No. 215030

>the producer specialises in huUuUge boobie girls which i am not.
Wait. Isn't she the same girl who was bragging everywhere about her so called G cup breasts? Hmm.

No. 215031

Damn, she looks good.

No. 215035

File: 1481890215159.jpeg (141.95 KB, 698x1200, 1476650456411.jpeg)

The photos taken for that cover probably had to be cleaned up a lot, though.

No. 215037

This girl is such a trainwreck. She's going to get so many STDs

No. 215042

Jesus, what is going around her in between her legs? Don't get the hype about her other than her not being a complete thot.

No. 215043

What are all those..spots? Marks?

No. 215044

Unless Aminyan's video is porn – which it does not appear to be but correct me if I'm wrong – then you're comparing apples and oranges. Aminyan is in the idol scene, whereas Himeka is aiming for porn star status. More specifically, Queen of the dumb cunt bimbo pet girl cock sockets.

Her parents must be so proud.

No. 215045

her features aren't bad, she's actually cute I think but those marks on her body are so fucking gross. Where did she even get them? Also her teeth look putrid and she needs to shave and moisturize her skin.

No. 215048

She used to be on the same level as Himeka and had a similar Tumblr blog where she'd post crusty nudes, do findomme shit and pretend to be half-Japanese. Seems she's learned to delete her shit and keep quiet about the whole thing, though. Of course, Himeka, her sister and Micky despise Aminyan.

No. 215050

Why does everyone on here yap on about her with no milk?

No. 215051

File: 1481896014470.jpeg (42.83 KB, 376x666, image.jpeg)

Not porn. Just a Normal gravure idol DVD.

No. 215054

Ami pls. Everyone remembers when Himeka came here, went on a vendetta rampage and exposed you. No one actually gives a fuck, but it's relevant in historical discussions. Just ignore it instead of spamming "No milk! No milk! No milk!" like you did when you had a thread.

No. 215060

Those nudes were of a random black girl though. Even looked like himeka. Sorry if I seem like a white knight but there's zero receipts for the random milk you guys spout.

No. 215071

In case anyone thinks I'm just vendettaposing, I've gone out of my way to find this mirrored videos of messages she exchanged about the findomme shit with either Micky or Himeka. If you pause, you can read the messages. One or both of those girls uploaded these to "expose" her or prove they were friends or whatever. The blogs that showed she posted nudes were all deleted by Tumblr staff because they were CP (though she claimed to be "18" on the blog itself), as were links to said blog(s) that were posted on Lolcow, and I didn't bother to screencap the /about where she claimed to have "lived in Japan" and "been a junior idol" when she was little (fucking kek), but it happened. I don't care enough to make this shit up.
I know it's not really relevant, but don't get it twisted. Ami most definitely is/was just as ratchet and thotty as all the other girls in this "scene". She's just slightly less retarded, knew to delete her nonsense because openly being a horny weeaboo hoodrat actually isn't very kawaii, and she isn't fat like they are. I'm posting this specifically because I suspect Ami lurks this thread, and I've never been a supporter of blatant damage control.

The girl in those photos had much lighter skin than Himeka (more like Ami's), and the same odd skin markings as in >>215035. I can't prove that much or compare pictures since I don't save child pornography, but anyone who remembers that shitstorm can vouch. I was actually one of the people denying it was Ami, but the similarities are too much. It was obviously her, anon.

Now back to our main hoodrat dd/lg cringe princess, Himeka. Anyone know when her JAV "debut" is coming out?

No. 215088

so she really plans on just doing this foreever and having no real career or anything like that, huh?


No. 215100


That blog was fake as hell, anon. Anyone who wasn't Himeka, Bibi, and Micky knew it was a sham. Also doing sexy photoshoots isn't on the same level as doing super degrading petgirl porn and fucking old rednecks so they'll take you Walgreens for a "shopping spree". Honestly, these posts are so left field I would not be surprised if Himeka herself posted them out of spite. Girl, go get some help.

No. 215101

I can't confirm whether or not the blog itself was fake since I don't even remember the URL, but I do know the resemblance between the body shown in those nudes and Ami's body are enough to confirm they're the same.
Obviously, Himeka is the more fucked up and disgusting of the two, but honestly thinking Ami is cleaner is just retarded and reeks of damage control/whiteknighting.
Telling me to "get help" and accusing me of being Himeka won't erase the facts.

No. 215111

>I can't confirm whether or not the blog itself was fake since I don't even remember the URL, but I do know the resemblance between the body shown in those nudes and Ami's body are enough to confirm they're the same.

I was there for that whole thing and I can assure you that was not her. It was a totally different girl. None of those pictures were similar.

>Obviously, Himeka is the more fucked up and disgusting of the two, but honestly thinking Ami is cleaner is just retarded and reeks of damage control/whiteknighting.

Nobody is whiteknighting her, we're pointing out that you're comparing apples to oranges. There was no point to even bringing her up.

>Telling me to "get help" and accusing me of being Himeka won't erase the facts.

What facts? Like, they aren't doing the same thing. Also, posting irrelevant information about Amina is something Himeka does here often. If you've been since the first thread, you know this. Don't act brand new.

No. 215114

They had the same moles on their chest/stomach, and I said they used to be on the same level, not that they are the same now.
There's no need to even argue about this or claim there's "no milk" (which she did to spam up her old thread) when there obviously was in the past, which is why I suspect whiteknighting. Ami isn't that much better fundamentally, it's literally that simple.

No. 215119

>They had the same moles on their chest/stomach

They didn't, nice try though. Like, I said, I was there to see that shitshow unfold and multiple people pointed out it wasn't the same person. We knew it was Himeka behind the blog.

>and I said they used to be on the same level, not that they are the same now

Not really? Yeah they both were doing findomme, but Himeka has always been way worse than Amina. At least Amina actually matured, Himeka has progressively gotten worse over the years.

>There's no need to even argue about this or claim there's "no milk" (which she did to spam up her old thread) when there obviously was in the past, which is why I suspect whiteknighting. Ami isn't that much better fundamentally, it's literally that simple.

Amina wasn't the one spamming her thread. Multiple people who were on here didn't feel she had any milk. Himeka and Micky were the only ones who seemed to think she had milk. Also, you really seem to be whiteknighting Himeka right now. The girl was caught red handed for trying to frame Amina with those blogs she kept making and posting in her thread.

I swear, it's like every time we get some real good milk on Himeka this shit happens. Whether it's Himeka or Micky is unknown, but damn is it annoying either way.(derailing)

No. 215130

Wat. How am I whiteknighting Himeka? All I've done up til this point is shit on her. This is getting ridiculous, and there's really no doubt in my mind that you're just Ami posting trying to cover her ass now.
All I can do is shrug and stop responding, but this whole thing should pretty obvious to anyone who's not a whiteknight (or Ami herself lmao).

No. 215138

Ami's thread was banned because even admin found no milk/tons of vendetta same fags. Amina has a decent following online so to claim everyone that mildly defends her must be her is stupid. plus seeing she's been around for so long and has quite a few haters don't you think we would have better "milk" than random scraps from 2012 Facebook messages or he said she said bullshit?

No. 215139

Also I'm a different anon than >>215119
Either way this is himeka's thread. Even if Amina has dry milk it's irrelevant to this thread in every context. Let's say she was a tumblr Thot in 2012. It was nearly 5 years ago. No milk. Move the fuck on and continue on himeka.

No. 215157

It isnt quite so simple to just "get a job" in the UK right now. Trust me I have been trying

No. 215166

File: 1481916974126.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.99 KB, 614x820, 00053bac-cc7c-c2de-d438-b57ac3…)

if she's talking about Simon's petgirls then yeah, Bunny is small compared to some of them.

No. 215173

Yep he appears to pay for them to get bimbo tits/ lip injections. Its obviously something he discussed with himeka but she doesnt seem like one of his main girls

No. 215174

The chick on the left is his main girl, I think. She goes by Tigerr Benson and he definitely controls the size of her tits and lips.

I'm waiting for her to pass whatever tests/training he has for her and start making her over. Her tits are gonna be so fucked.

No. 215183

Literally only her or a stan would accuse someone who discredits her of whiteknighting an objectively nastier person.

No. 215185

Christ, they look nasty. Those must have been some cheap boob jobs.

No. 215241

File: 1481927786674.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.28 KB, 1211x1149, image.jpeg)


Tigers Benson is actually Simon's legal wife; he's quite proud of the "transformation" he's put her through (he posted this "before and after" on one of his sites. He brags about how he's "fattened her up."). She's also an escort.

Simon's world is a profoundly perverse one. I mean, that's fine if that's what one wants, I just hope Himeka is prepared for what she is becoming part of. I don't think this is something you just "do for a while" then walk away from.

No. 215250


I'm almost positive it's Himeka herself doing the derailing, because I just can't imagine how low your standards must be to be a Himeka stan. Either way, the blatant derailing is hilarious. Shit used to happen on Micky's threads all the time.

No. 215261

Sage for OT, but what happened with Micky's thread? She wasn't ever that milky, but she reminded me of so many try hards that I know irl.

No. 215672

it was one of the threads old admin locked when he left. there's a thread on 8ch for her, but there's really no milk these days except for her selling overpriced ~sexy photos and being upset about someone catfishing with her photos.

No. 215673

Her thread was banned, but there's an ongoing thread about her on 8chan. She has had quite of bit milk since her threads been banned.

No. 215674

File: 1481932732837.png (379.8 KB, 530x244, capture_001_16122016_155757.pn…)

Meanwhile, Bunny's liking some diaper wearing chick's photos.

No. 215676

It's so obvious she's copying brat-grrrrl2 with her entire persona. The whole "I like fucking married guys who are ~naturally~ fatherly" thing and they've reblogged each other's selfies multiple times. They're both fake, trashy, and ridiculous.

No. 215678

fuck I hate that girl. I forgot about her

No. 215681

OT but her and tinydoll are the worst to me, even more fucked up than Himeka. Brat-grrrrl2 getting with a married man with kids who was in prison and tinydoll's "daddy" being married with a pregnant wife and both of them being fucked up spoiled brats. Ugh, they're both worthy of their own threads.

No. 215684

I swear there's a thread somewhere for the ddlg weirdos, you should post them over there.

No. 215685

brat-grrl actually has a thread on here and there's ddlg thread on here too.

Sage for OT

No. 215750

Again with this "If you don't like Ami, you're TOTALLY whiteknighting Himeka" bullshit.
Go to bed already, Ami. No one has ever stanned Himeka ITT.

No. 215800

Honestly find this girl to be much cuter and more normal in the before picture. I know it's her choice to do this to herself or whatever, but she looked so much better before.

No. 216086

Wheres the thread?

No. 216103