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File: 1422828730733.jpg (33.83 KB, 480x525, 6193_330003267129770_428379250…)

No. 45587

Ophelia (Although she changes her name, personality, friends, interests and life story every two years) is a MFC lolcow like non other. Prepare yourself children, for the lolcow of all lolcows


No. 45588

IIRC her real name is Laura, she did period blood fetish shit [x] years ago and sucked on a tampon and when people on 4chan found out it blew the fuck up, she used to trip on /r9k/ (where she received quite a following) and /cgl/, and now she's a gyaru and a camwhore.
Oh, and she was friends with Eva Braun, another r9k/cgl trip until something happened and now they're sworn enemies.
Anything else?

No. 45592

File: 1422829663243.jpg (69.49 KB, 714x696, 1012647_330004640462966_372381…)

Her friends never last longer than a year or so because she's a psycho. Stay tuned, there's ever so much more, I've been following her since 08.

No. 45594

i forgot
there was some drama with her and megan yesterday. she made a sarcastic comment about shooping on one of megan's photos,and then megan or one of her whiteknights started sending her random hate.

No. 45597

File: 1422830197048.jpg (102.79 KB, 1279x738, partyvan.jpg)


Thanks for providing deets, but if she was 14-16 in this picture, should we really have that on the board?

No. 45598

File: 1422830243849.jpg (43.41 KB, 600x450, 1409254978987.jpg)

After years of trawling /B/, our ophelia wanted to venture out into pastures new, as she wasn't getting enough attention, obviously.

At the age of 16 she was kicked out of her home after having a sexual affair with her father. She went to live with a drug dealer in the cosy armpit of England.

Ophelia wanted more attention now she decided her crazy slut days were behind her (if only she knew). She became a lolita for about two months, stepped on a lot of toes.

From what I understand, she instigated drama with her then lolita friends. Unsurprisingly nobody wanted to be around her, especially after proclaiming proudly that she has (see; lying) Schizophrenia, Anorexia, Bulimia, BPD, and pretty much anything that was popular that month.
She also dipped her toe into cosplay for a bit of attention, but found that everyone was such a meanie and she never ever had anything to do with it :(

No. 45599

She lied to have the images removed. She's 21 now, the images were taken in 2011, do the maths.

No. 45600

*22 sorry

No. 45601

File: 1422830436291.png (216.66 KB, 408x402, Untitled.png)

Ophelia was doing what she does best, being a psycho and picking unsolicited fights while she preaches about how much she hates bodyshaming and girl hate

No. 45603

wait, her biological father? or just stepfather

No. 45605


Just making sure. It's not like it hasn't happened before.

No. 45606

it was hella funny tho she started whining afterwards about the response she got
but man…you started it??

No. 45608

She's such a coward that she loves throwing out shit but as soon as it comes back to her she always protests she's being bullied.

Ask anyone in the cosplay or lolita scene!

She's not a gyaru any more, now she's painfully failing to look 'hipster' by taking Valium and going to vice parties. It's so cringy

No. 45610

File: 1422830880631.jpg (70.18 KB, 600x800, B0oyDl7IQAEQmPw.jpg)

never thought to ask when I saw it posted on /cgl/ a few years back. I assume her bio father. She comes from a family of pikeys in the north of england so it's no surprise really.

No. 45614

Ugh she tries so hard that I'm embarrassed

No. 45616

She's also gone by Lauren, Olivia, Lucy and Lia. She changes her name every time she starts shit, plays the victim and people realise what a shithead she is

No. 45619

File: 1422832920372.jpg (31.29 KB, 300x421, 7ZTlJs7.jpg)

No. 45621

She actually looks pretty cute here though.

No. 45622

Finally! Someone more retarded and interesting than Peter.

I mean, you can't do worse than incest.

No. 45623


She really does

But wow, dat blur tool

No. 45625

the shine lol

No. 45630

Her edited pictures are fine, but most have either crazy blur or the contract is so high you can't any texture in her skin.

She's very eager to boast that she used copious quantities of hardcore drugs, so that's probably why she has bad skin and wrinkles sans photoshoop

No. 45632

When u consider how much she shoops, it seems fishy that she'd be on megans dick for it.

No. 45633

>Just black lipstick and black normalfag clothes

No. 45636

No she's actually 15 in these.

No. 45637

She's 21 and those were from 2009 not 2011.

No. 45638

3edgy5me who even wants to brag about shitty skin wtf

No. 45639

Evidence? Pretty sure she would use that to lie herself out of a hole

No. 45640

File: 1422835927042.jpg (26.43 KB, 600x450, B8W9SOSCYAIpwKc.jpg)

I don't think her skin looks bad now as much as it did in OP.

No. 45641

Googling her old stickham handle only takes you to CP sites might be good proof.

No. 45644

Thats a lower quality web camera though, you can't see any of her skin texture unless a photo is taken with a camera or at least an iphone.

She's ageing incredibly fast for a '21 year old'

Those red extensions are hideous, ergh

No. 45645


Are all the same person, I'm pretty sure it's CP. The age she supposedly is in the pics have changed 3 times now. 4 if you count the age she claimed to have been, which, I'm not putting it past her, but would kind of be weird to lie about seeing as it's illegal either way.

No. 45647


Whats her old stickham handle?
I'll take the photos down if I can see clear evidence.
Seems almost irrelevant though that we can't clearly tell so we're clutching at straws for the facts. In my country this is not illegal, but I can understand concerns of other posters.

No. 45648

I don't know why some people are so insistent on posting and keeping around CP.

No. 45649

File: 1422836545623.png (178.72 KB, 222x404, Untitled.png)

Daaaaym her tits are so small but droopy like half filled bags of sand.

No. 45650

I'm >>45647
I'll delete it if I have evidenced cause for concern

No. 45652

google ophelia immortal stickham

No. 45653


Even if 16 is the age of consent in your country, posting nudes of people under 18 online is still considered CP

No. 45655

I don't think the poster understands the difference between consent to sex and CP.

No. 45657

In my country all ages of nude photographs are legal.
I will check anons claim and if I deem it to be viable I will happily delete the image.
The only resistance I feel in deleting is because this girl has lied so much in the past

No. 45658

I don't think you'll find a single country with sexual images of children as something legal.

No. 45659

My apologies, looks like you're right or at the very least I don't want to compromise the legality of other posters viewing this

No. 45662


Actually there are lots of countries.
I'm in Malaysia.

No. 45663

I remember the fight she had against Dolores/Lolichan a couple years ago on unichan.
She was talking about how everyone was making fun of Dolores because her tits were behind her back and about how she was actually getting an education instead of stripping on cam like Dolores (that was before she became a camwhore herself ofc).
They have become friends since this episode (maybe because Ophelia went full feminism like Dolores).

No. 45664

That's disturbing.

No. 45665

But Ophelia has been stripping off for at least 7 years now, when did she conveniently decide for all of a week she was high and mighty?

No. 45912

holy shit, she's got some massive nasolabial folds already.

No. 45915

nah theyre not that small

theyre just pretty droopy

No. 45922

It was at the time Lolichan started doing MFC pretty much. She came to fight over who was the better crackyfag I guess.
Yeah, she claimed to be so high and mighty and above all that…then she ended up on MFC too

No. 46234

If anything she's worse because she's also fucking for pay.

It's funny how she brags about trips abroad but conveniently never posts photos, and brags about how much she's earning but still lives in a small house and wears cheap tack.

My guess is that she spends all her money on hard drugs and makes up all the expensive ventures to justify not having much. Plus I don't think even the best paid MFC whores get that much

No. 46235

Anyone else thinking that her breasts look just like that sadfrog meme?

No. 46236

Wow she can't even clear up her alcohol and drugs off the nightstand before taking a photo. So hot, very mess.

No. 46237

She posts pictures on FB of her trips to different countries so I wouldn't say she's lying about them.

No. 46238

File: 1423042745785.jpg (49.41 KB, 320x541, tumblr_ncgalqipBr1r40s14o1_400…)

Her house looks nice and I've never heard her mention or seen any evidence of hard drugs you're reaching now.

No. 46251

Eva brauns a bandwagoning cunt it understandable that she doesn't want to be friends with her. She's currently on the boiz r so pitiful boiz need luv n help after she hopped off the man-hating self exclaimed misandrist wagon.

No. 46252

Does she live with a sugar daddy?

No. 46255


She's gay brah'.

No. 46264

Doesn't mean you can't have a sugar daddy.

No. 46272

You kidding, Eva's always been an MRA which is infuriatingly worse.
The shoop is strong with this one, damn girl slow down on the blur tool.
Also the house looks tiny and tacky/cheap, you have appalling taste. Have you really managed to miss her 360blazeit.com or OMG I LOVE VALIUM SO MUCH posts? Every other post of hers is about drugs.
She's Bi and she does have a sugar daddy and also a girlfriend who doesn't know. She also posted that she fucks her dealer.

No. 46274

No. 46317

You're going to have to post some caps to back these claims up so it's at least entertaining.

No. 46324

Erm no. If you even just google her online profiles or Eve. Go through cgl/r9k archives there's plenty galore about her self labelling as a misandrist and saying "it's different from feminism".

No. 46325

In the earlier days not recent.

No. 46330

She's hilariously cringey in her own right.

No. 46334

Where is the drugs?

No. 46665

Go on her damn blog yourself, don't be so lazy, I don't have to spoon feed you do i?

Or just scroll through for literally two seconds

Eva Braun is ridiculously stupid for somebody who goes to Oxford for college. She just swings from one stupid ideology to the next without much thought

No. 46768

Generally if you want to discuss drama on here you give caps of some form and those links were hardly lolcow worthy.

No. 54956

She's fucking the landlord for a room after her ex kicked her to the curb

No. 54991

How do you know that?
Where's the caps of this drama?

No. 55015


No. 55271

She thought she was queen of our friend group until all of us decided we were done with her shit, AMA

No. 55301

Op of the thread here, this but 2009-10, ama, all her old friends sigh at the mention of her name.

so what mental illnesses does she claim to have? has she told you about how she loved fucking her dad and her incest abortion baby?

No. 55305

Nah she kept all her new friends in the dark about any incest/beastiality/tampon eating because that wouldn't be chanel. Obviously we all knew but whatever, her personality was the dealbreaker.

No. 55309

I never heard about bestiality shit, moar plz

did she ever have those enormous baby-trantrums where she would cry about the most inane thing? She used to get super buttfrustrated about this lolita I'll only refer to as 'BM' (if she's told you about her you'll imediately know). Anyway she started a crying fit about BM copying her by naming a drawing 'Ophelia'
>Implying every special snowflake on the internet doesn't go by 'Ophelia'/'Ebony darkness dementia way'/'Bambi'/'Sakura'
>I mentioned that Ophelia is a popular pseudonym for online Identities

I knew her mam, but she always insisted they were her foster family, even though her whole family look JUST like her.

Like you, I didn't think I cared about her past drama because what I heard was pre-2010 and I thought she changed. I should have listened to the anons on Cracky House because she was and is forever batshit mc cray. I still can't stop myself from watching her dramu play out from afar tho.

Whats up with her pretending she's some black hip hop wife these days?rofl

No. 55311

Who wasn't a special snowflake at 15/16?

No. 55312

She's still a special snowflake and she's like 24 or some shit by now

No. 55313

21 since she was 15/16 in 2009/10

No. 55328



Also, what's the beef with her and Eva Braun A.K.A. Amber Janko?
Also like every other emale involved in cosplay/lolita she seems to end up having beef with.

No. 55335

Look up the stickam video, the description mentions her giving head to a dog.

Yeah, she was a fucking cow when she didn't get her way. So many tantrums. She also has to 1up everyone and gets visibly flustered when she can't.
She used to brag about going to the gym every day and how much she was lifting, dragged me along a couple of times, got a trainer to show us how to squat then literally fell on her ass using a kettlebell as I did a perfect bar squat. She looked at me like I was shit on her shoe, it was delicious.

Actually not familiar with BM, she only ever cried about how victimized she was by Annie/Amber/Vivi.
re: Amber stuff, I don't know or care about their initial drama beyond shitposting each other but they patched things up by May '13. We dropped by Amber's room briefly and there was a miscommunication when we went to go change in our own room and Amber thought she and her friends were invited. They showed up at our door and were turned away because the room was full enough as it was, Amber flipped her shit because she paid for a cab from one end of the Excel centre to the other (???) to meet us and then tensions were high all weekend. Amber kept storming off from all the meets. That was literally it, it escalated so hard because they couldn't stop flaming each other after the fact. It flares up a couple times a year when Amber runs her mouth on cgl or tumblr and Laura perpetuates it because attention. Honestly they're as bad as each other.

She used to bitch about Charms for making camming her whole identity and how stupid it was, but now posts publicly about being a sex worker on tumblr and facebook. Oh and her 2k/mo claim is bullshit. She isn't as popular as she likes to make everyone think and frequently has to stop shows because no one is tipping.
She planned to go to Denmark and Japan last summer. She spunked all her money in Denmark, came back broke as shit and begging us all for money. We'd just moved into a new place and were still paying out the ass getting settled and that was near the final straw. She would hit up her neckbeard of choice and exchange nudes for money, which she then spent on alcohol and fancy foreign snacks. We kicked her out not long after, she moved back in with mummy, found her current place on gumtree minutes before term started and now spends every penny prettying herself up because her room only costs a biweekly blowjob. Like really, who lives with their "landlord".

She's fucking disgusting as well. You've seen her nightstand in pictures but that is just how she lives. When I met her she lived in a shoebox room that you couldn't walk around for the sheer volume of trash. Her ex and I once spent 3-4 hours clearing half the room so we could rearrange the table, and that wasn't a touch on the shit under and down the side of the bed. The day she moved out she left me and another friend to sort through it so she could go drinking.
Once we got a new place I was sleeping on the couch for a while. She'd come in every morning and clatter plates around just to wake me up, then stock up on snacks and park herself on my couch, steadily scattering trash around her (if anyone was wondering how she got so fat btw), and she sat on her ass for so long straight that when she finally got up she'd just reveal this trash nest beneath her that I'd have to clear up myself if I wanted to sleep. She'd also try to argue if I asked her to sit on the other couch so I could sleep.
One time she made a pot noodle at my old place, I asked her to clean up the peas and noodle water she'd left all over the counter and she starts making excuses, waits til I'm out of the room then says "she could've asked without being a bitch." That same weekend we ordered pizza and she was tearing the crust off and throwing it across the room without looking as she stuffed her face. Who behaves like that in someone else's house? She must be legit autistic to think the way she acts is acceptable.

No. 55339

Misha is like the Russian version of Mike lol

No. 55368



No. 55379


>she used to bitch about Charms for making camming her whole identity and how stupid it was

wtf she's never even spoken to Charms.

Does anybody seriously actually bitch about these people irl? I've only ever done it online. That's just sad.

No. 55380

wow! tell me more about this chav princess! i'm absolutely loving this.

>she was tearing the crust off and throwing it across the room without looking as she stuffed her face

not only was she too good for the crust but she also threw it across someone else's home????!! amazing. tell me more

No. 55381

She doesn't have a girlfriend. She has a boyfriend who lives in Germany, who doesn't know that she's fucking her landlord and now shes fucking a guy who she used to claim was harassing her, but he's the only person giving her attention now so they're suddenly bffs.

No. 55420

This was everything I wanted to hear and more.
How the fuck does she think it's okay to throw pizza crusts across a room? Wtf is wrong with her??

No. 55424

Ex friend chan I have some questions for you, for more delicious lolcow milks;

1) what was the last straw? What made you decide 'fuck this'? Deats on events surrounding this time period are equally delicious
2) what were your first inklings that she was batshit? Did you know about her Internet history when you met her?
3) other ex friend anon talks about crying fits, do you have any stories?
4) was her 'anorexia' or 'alcoholism' (that seems exaggerated bc she boasts about them and changes mental disorders frequently, as prevalent as she makes it out to be?
5) are you still amicable? If she knew that her tumblr got traffic from here are you in any danger if she sees this thread?

Thanks for your input, I haven't had a good ophelia milking since cracks house died

No. 55425

Why doesn't she have an ED page is all I'm saying

No. 55432

File: 1425085455930.jpg (144.53 KB, 1024x811, 1410104461201.jpg)

Still need to find this video…

No. 55437

lmao you lived on a sofa and cammed but still feel you're superior? This whole group is hilarious.

No. 55442

Hey this isn't fair, you gotta do what you gotta do. If your issue isn't with lia's god awful personality and lulzy past, you seeing the forest for the trees.

No. 55443

That room looks like a crack den

No. 55444

Who is a lulcow if not all of these stupid people? Who had to do what they had to if not anyone in any kind of situation like this? She's just as dumb.

No. 55451

hahah this is the girl trying to talk shit now

No. 55453

File: 1425087839595.jpg (83.16 KB, 1079x1079, 1511746_778756108867282_792021…)

The girl in the OP picture kind of looks like Piratetoaster.

Is it her?

No. 55456

>tact is generally applied if you want to hear more shit
You're either Ophelia or not from here

No. 55458

Or someone whoever knew these people on /cgl/.

No. 55461

File: 1425088528018.jpg (193.26 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nd39x5xOeE1r40s14o1_128…)

shame she doesn't use her cambux to fix her tits

No. 55469

No. 55477

well either way >>55437 needs to stfu for the greater good

No. 55480

File: 1425089811644.png (444.46 KB, 532x352, 1332211901083.png)

yeah that's PT

No. 55482

come on. have we really been subjected to so much plastic women? All women has kind of saggy breasts. You can do some peck exercises to fix it, but some are just naturally droopy. Her breasts arent that bad. She should def work out more though.

No. 55484

i don't mean plastic, i've seen plenty of other girls with good natural tits, it's just a shame hers make her look like she's 60 or so

No. 55485

Saggy tits detected

No. 55486

File: 1425090905143.png (708.3 KB, 641x1804, cray.png)

I'm just an outsider, but judging from her tumblr I'm gonna go out on a wing and say she has a personality disorder.
She completely swings personality from one post to another.

If ExFriend Chan is being honest about this girls delusional Queen Bee attitude, it would certainly explain all the self importance on her tumblr. seems weird that despite few followers and rarely ever notes on any of her own posts that aren't of her tits, she still thinks she's hot shit.

The anons she sends herself are pretty sad too.

No. 55487

File: 1425091085774.png (59.61 KB, 622x464, uhm.png)

Said no one ever

No. 55491

Wow, people really buy those tacky sweaters? Does she have any taste of her own or does she literally just see shit on tumblr and think 'i'll just be that'

No. 55501

I seriously hate people who use the word bae like nothing else.

No. 55503

She could probably get a natural life. I've seen them in before and after pictures. It does make a big difference.

No. 55504

meant natural lift * damn it

No. 55505

Yours sag a bit too, hunny

No. 55509

That's funny because last time I checked I don't have tits.
Keep trying, and welcome to Lolcows Ophelia, enjoy your long and gruelling stay

No. 55525

Top kek, woke up to a barrage of angry messages.

FYI your choice to judge people by their circumstances rather than their actions says more about you than I could, Laura. And if you really wanna make it a pissing contest, don't come for me while you're still living in the same squat conditions as when we met. Have you just been here all night?

No. 55527

File: 1425107270906.jpg (21.13 KB, 244x282, image.jpg)

Preach it

No. 55532

Post caps pls

No. 55540

But if she lives with the guy who she sucks dick why would it be a squat?

No. 55541

I can't make sense of that room at all.

No. 55547

Well, isn't Lia's former best friend now dating her ex. Everyone Lia comes into contact with is just odd, if ExFriend Chan is her former best friend who she cammed with then it seems a bit hypocritical to be dragging her. Ophelia is just boring now, I'm waiting on her to fail uni or drop out or something else spectacularly lulzy

No. 55549

File: 1425114548584.jpg (150.15 KB, 1024x811, lol.jpg)

I found exfriends mfc name and the things google is giving me are bizzare.

No. 55553

Laura pls, you can't berate someone for trying out camming when you've made it literally your whole identity. Go back to sticking ice up your ass for pennies.

No. 55554

>implying this info isn't available to anyone

No. 55555

what do you expect from someone who lived and hungout with Ophelia though. Lia infects people with her craziness

No. 55556

File: 1425115471137.jpg (130.68 KB, 1024x811, 53688d3116341.jpg)

It gets worse the more I look.

No. 55557

She only has 1-2 friends left. She's driven away everyone in the cosplay/lolita/gyaru community so now she's scraping the bottom of the friend bucket for people just as fucked up as her.

No. 55560

>4/5 men just chilling in the bg
Ahaha same

No. 55564

This thread has now turned into Ophelia desperately trying to move the focus onto Piratetoaster and her ex friend. It's pathetic.

No. 55566

I searched archives and found stuff this is lolcow afterall I don't know what you would expect to happen. Link related.


No. 55573

She doesn't have 1-2 friends left, she cut and burns ties bi annually and starts again

No. 55575

I don't give a shit what Lia has to say, she's crazy af please gtfo

No. 55577

Probably lacking a steady sense of self.

No. 55580

This is like Kiki trying to force that "Kira Kira Princess" shit lmao

No. 55581

I use the term friend very loosely, more like 1-2 people she's fucking

No. 55582

I googled it and it lead me to some motherless gallery someone uploaded of her.

No. 55588

Man, part of me actually felt a little bit sorry for Laura in the beginning, but now…. yeah, nah.


Go suck a tampon Lia.

No. 55589


Aha so it does.


>implying she didn't make this herself.

No. 55593

I doubt it, look at the users other activity.

No. 55594

To be fair this is lolcow if you don't expect people to find stuff you've done maybe it's best to stay anonymous considering anyone could be posting on here it wasn't hard at all to work out who she was.

No. 55595

>camming naked with friends right behind you
how low can you go?

No. 55596

I can't help but wonder what they must have been thinking so much secondhand embarassment.

No. 55599


the fake moaning and beating that clit omfg it looks so painful

these camgirls have no fucking idea how to fake it

i dont know why guys pay for this

No. 55602

The worst part is there are girls who don't even try at all and still get paid for it, camming is a mystery. It's even more crazy when you see girls being fucked by fucking machines not reacting at all. Video related: http://www.xvideos.com/video7565811/blonde_camgirl_boring_masturbates_when_noone_enter_private_show

No. 56850

File: 1425423753930.png (111.49 KB, 864x516, visable fupa.png)

I just flicked through her ~professional mfc twitter~ and she uploaded a picture of herself on the toilet having a piss. what the hell is wrong with this girl?

No. 56851

She really needs to work out more. That soft everything.

No. 56852

Guys who watch this/pay for this probably watch porn too. Those women are nasty and fake everything. I dont even know why a woman wants to go into porn knowing everything she does is fake and for the entertainment of men. That shit is boring.

No. 56854

Is there anything we could report her twitter for?
An anon said a few threads ago that we should look into contacting her parents about her new 'career' but if this thread is anything to go by, they probably don't give a fuck.

No. 56859

What's the point in reporting her to anything?

No. 56861

Seeing her reaction

No. 56863

There's a line between someone being a lolcow and just harassing someone.

No. 56913

Are u new m8?

anyway…We're not harassing her, if she's not violating any rules there wouldn't be a result anyway.

No. 57096

I'm not new but it's been said loads before in other threads that reporting people just stops being able to follow them.

No. 57107

I'm confused I always thought her name was Lia and that was why she went by Ophelia-chan. Is her name really Laura?

Also does anyone have the link to her old-ass video where she's having some kind of demented tea party in her room with a cat? Also she writes something about Cracky being queen during this video. It's from 2009

No. 57116

She changes her 'real' name every two to three years. Nobody knows her real name.

Lmao at the idea of that video tho, I would give my left kidney to see that shit

No. 57118

She hasn't used those screen names in years so that's probably why it's confusing.

No. 57130

Are YOU new?
like >>57096 said, if you go out of your way to report and harass lolcows, they'll eventually either a. run out of steam and stop posting/delete their accounts, b. go full crazy and you'll always feel a pang of guilt when you look at them, none of which are as fun as just sitting back and watching the drama unfold organically.

No. 57134

>Implying Lia hasn't already gone full crazy by eating tampons, fucking her dad, fucking a dog and having no real consistent identity or personality

No. 57135

This reads like a boardroom meeting between CEO's at some kind of lolcow dairy hq.

So what is the right and /ethical/ approach to milking lolcows for more drama? We established she has a lot of personal beef, how do we extract this into typical lolcow public drama?

Goddammit I need a 10% increase in lols by the end of the week or this cow's going out to pasture.

No. 57136

I also feel like this isn't so much a lolcow situation but personal drama. I'm unsure of how it translates to traditional cow values.

ThOse events are now over 5 years old.

No. 57147

She's been just as mental in the past 2 or so years. See ex-friend chans statements further up.

No. 57148

It is. Her and Ophelia were bffs up until recently. She must be fucking insane to even scare off someone like PT.

No. 57174

But being mental doesn't always make for a lolcow otherwise we could just pick any random mentally ill person and make a thread about them. Maybe it's just me but she isn't scamming people or doing anything really lulzy I just don't see the lolcowness of this.

No. 57247

swami here

personally I don't get the hate for Ophelia

she recently got in contact with me and followed me on twitter / started DMing me and she's very articulated / has her life in order with university and making money on the side with porn (eg cam girling)

No. 57266


>swami here


No. 57271

make me

No. 57274


You realise people on this board get slaughtered for trying to tripfag right?

Don't come over here just because your turdheap of a board is failing on 8chan.

No. 57331

oh no people are going to say mean words to me

across the internet

No. 57340

You have no idea how people like her work. You'd have to know her irl for a sustained period of time.

If you're coming here for attention, you're retarded.

No. 57346

File: 1425522373437.jpg (111.02 KB, 900x507, ashanti_2011_03_02.jpg)

>Somebody as infamously retarded as swami trying to pretend themselves as a good judge of character

No. 57349

well, i've known her since 2011 and i haven't had a single bad interaction with her
what makes you all qualified to judge her character?


No. 57351

Swami there are no men here for you to try and get attention off of. Nobody cares about you. Go away.

No. 57352

>Talks to somebody on and off online
>b-but guys, even though you all know she's a raging psycho, she's never been mean to me!

Newsflash, world hunger is over because Swami just ate.

If you really wanted to help lia, you'd stop bumping this thread that was otherwise dead, but all you care about is attention.

No. 57354

Don't you have better things to do than try and stir up old drama? Namely you have fingers gagging to be stuck down your throat, eh fatty?

No. 57356

i have seen no evidence of a lot of the claims about her

and apparently this thread isn't dead because it was being actively talked on before i posted
wow you guys are so mean :^)

No. 57357

The last post before yours was several hours before and the conversation had run dry.

Tell me swami, are you obese because you're retarded?

Life exists outside of the internet, if you even lived in the same continent, the same community, you would have no shortage of people telling you the same story.

Lia is a bully, browse her tumblr and see how she picks fights and then runs away and cries wolf. If any of her victims spoke up they would be subjected to hate campaigns spanning months.

To name one, Bloodmyer's life was ruined by lia. Lia even ASKED bloodmyer to kill herself.

You don't know shit, fuck off back to /fem/ where you can validate your feelings of self worth with other autists and sociopaths

No. 57358

HAHAHA, OH WOW. This is precious. Lia won't admit to posting here so she sent her equally retarded friend to defend her.

Come on guys, if you ignore this shit it goes away. The longer you try and defend yourself, the longer these threads last

No. 57359

oh my fucking god, is swami seriously trying to ruin this place too? i thought this place was going to be free of tripfags.

there is something inherently wrong with people who go out of their way to tripfag on websites that are 99% anonymous

No. 57360

File: 1425525038652.jpg (92.08 KB, 600x443, 1424999731958.jpg)


It looks like babby swami wasn't getting enough attention on /b/ so she's decided she's Laura's bff to garner a shred of attention.

Thats desperate

No. 57364

To link posts from other boards, use >>>/boardname/number. So for example, >>>/abc/123. Don't paste the actual link itself.

I edited your link.

No. 57365

Thanks, and thanks for doing what you do

No. 57371

>I don't know anything about the situation
>here's my opinion.

Farmhands, or mods can you please consider banning Swami before she shits up the place like she did with 8ch and r9k, thnx

No. 57372

File: 1425526152089.jpg (157.86 KB, 400x562, 1385992668865.jpg)

Anyone remember Lia's pastel vomit phase? The pic is from when she used to self post on /cgl/ constantly and can be found archived here


No. 57374

File: 1425526431408.jpg (47.05 KB, 528x720, 1386189117034.jpg)

Lest we forget, Lia's gyaru phase

>bonus lulz

>she still uses black vernacular
>she bitches about 'appropriating' black hair with cornrows/afros
>pulls this shit

No. 57375

Does anybody else remember when Ophelia said she was gonna become a model?

No. 57382

She says a lot of things, can't follow them up for shit though.

You remember when she won that ~aidoru~ contest on cgl and then it came out about her past? Man that was lulzy. GG laura for drawing attention to your shady internet past

I actually voted for her back then too, HA

No. 57414

>Lia is a bully, browse her tumblr and see how she picks fights and then runs away and cries wolf. If any of her victims spoke up they would be subjected to hate campaigns spanning months.

i don't go on tumblr, don't know her tumblr, and don't know who bloodmyer is. i don't know the circumstances or contex, thus i cannot verify what you are saying as fact. until it's proven, it's just catty highschool girl drama
i don't even think she knows about this website

i'm only here because there was a thread about me here and other reasons unrelated to stuff
>a line of text in a name triggers me and somehow ruins my browsing experience

i posted that like 2 days ago on /pt/, and it was moved by a mod
>stop being a voice of reason ABLOO BLOO BLOO

No. 57438

You aren't a voice of reason. You're pissed that /fem/ fell apart due to the fact that you're a pedo tranny and are trying to make trouble here because nobody on 8chan cares about you anymore. The hype died and nobody here gives a fuck about you or your board. You get told off for derailing threads like anyone else here does because that's how shit goes.

You're shit, your board was shit, nobody cares. Screw off.

No. 57440

edgy :^)

No. 57448

File: 1425538698207.jpg (48.82 KB, 450x416, VIP SWAMI.jpg)

Kek, you're like lolcow's anti-Tharthan.
The opposite of him personality wise, but just as self obsessed, same desire for drama, and the same spamming of threads that mention anything to do with him.

No. 57458

How do you pick a fight online then run away and don't a lot of people say bitchy shit online not to whiteknight but this whole thread is stupid. The irony of calling someone catty on thos board is killing me, did she hurt your feelings anon?

No. 57502

apparently i trigger not only beta males, but also beta woman, with my presence

such is life of queen bee / alpha bitch [in the words of hotwheels]


no clue who that is. explain.

No. 57518

>using the word beta

Do you have any idea of how ridiculous you sound? You're not a queen bee, if you think so you're just as deluded as Laura. You're just a fat tranny who spends all his pathetic life on an Internet presence. There is no one in this whole wide word remotely decent that gives two shits about you.

And if you think Laura is your friend you're shit out of luck. She's riding your spergy coat tails for attention like everyone else she's ever befriended.

No. 57522

You're being trolled to death. Who gives a fuck if they're friends they're strangers online getting this mad and involved is very autistic of you.

No. 57528

on phone, don't remember trip
edgy :^) why are you so angry that I'm better than you

not even trying to troll though

No. 57550

Prove that you're swami by posting "PT is queen" on twitter or GTFO.

You're probably some butthurt omega from /baphomet/ trying to stir shit, like we give a fuck about swami.

No. 57553

you already did the edgy joke bb.

No. 57564

swami's obnoxious posting style is very easy to recognize. it seems 100% like her.

No. 57603

$ue me
i'll confirm when i get home :^)
ye, that's what hotwheels has said before

my submissive typing style / tone is very indentifable and i can easily be identified without a trip

No. 57631

yes this is me

No. 57646

>such is life of queen bee / alpha bitch [in the words of hotwheels]
>ye, that's what hotwheels has said before

Hey you should namedrop hotwheels a few more times just so everyone is 100% aware that you're bffs with him and are totally a super special butterfly

No. 57650

hotwheels is cool
i like hotwheels
he's fun to talk to


hotwheels hotwheels hotwheels

No. 57652

one poster here and I haven't been posted yesterday, pretty sure lots of people hate the pair of you, gg tho swammi

I hope that when you get your dick chopped off the doctor forgets to use anaesthesia

No. 57654

You're being trolled anon.

No. 57717

Swami is just shitposting as usual, thats not trolling, trolling implies some level of humour or deception.

No. 58021

Can an admin ban Swami, please? She's obviously being an attention-seeking cunt and we're only feeding her ego.

No. 58025

Seconding this.

No. 58027

File: 1425681755502.png (211.37 KB, 803x688, ebinmene.png)


>Trying to troll

>By using blue waffle
>In 2015

No. 58049

File: 1425689388263.jpg (33.96 KB, 455x606, 1323677058859.jpg)

No. 58050

File: 1425689412406.jpg (42.43 KB, 640x480, 1322591494902.jpg)

No. 58051

File: 1425689495319.jpg (537.51 KB, 2080x1544, whysoedgy.jpg)

No. 58056

File: 1425690302466.jpg (121.79 KB, 640x480, 1325101427676.jpg)

Also, she tried to hard.

No. 58057

File: 1425690427117.jpg (31.47 KB, 640x480, 1325097870864.jpg)


No. 58058

File: 1425690585572.jpg (117.92 KB, 640x480, icanbecrackynowplz.jpg)

No. 58060

File: 1425690800341.jpg (696.12 KB, 3220x2415, 1323649507565.jpg)

No. 58083

What is on her face? It looks like someone wiped their ass on her.

No. 58098

It's period blood.

No. 58103

queen bees ridicule others and people have respect for them.
bitch, people make fun of you and we're all insulting you. you're not a queen bee

No. 58145

Even four years ago her tits were saggy, that's sad as fuck

No. 58146

Why is it always either noses or boobs everyone here complains about?

No. 58147

Her tits don't look saggy here though?

No. 58158

because half this board is self hating anonymous PULL users here to project their jealousy.

No. 58159

CP we've been overe this, someone please clean this up

No. 58160

She was actually a really cute kid.

No. 58161

That's some YouTube-tier white knighting. Her tits look okay, though.

No. 58162

She's 15 here can we stop commenting on CHILDRENS tits this is really creepy.

No. 58165

I'm not a whiteknight, it's just something I've noticed.
True, OC has a potato nose but now whenever there's a lolcow, there is something wrong with her nose. If there's nothing wrong with her nose, her tits are the problem.

No. 58168

I guess, but why defend her when she's such an annoying person? And it just comes off as personal fan girl rage when you accuse people of being jealous. That's why it's YouTube tier. She's gross and we like drama. Welcome to the internets.

No. 58169

I'm not calling anyone jealous or trying to defend her, it's just that there are more concrete reasons why she's gross than her boobs not looking like a porn star's. It's just weird.
Or maybe I'm just being sensitive because mine aren't perfect either, idk.

No. 58171

Even pornstars don't have perfect tits and there's nothign wrong with Lia's tits I don't get it. She's not ugly and she has no outward actual internet drama I don't get it.

No. 58174

>apparently i trigger not only beta males, but also beta woman, with my presence
>such is life of queen bee / alpha bitch [in the words of hotwheels]

How fucking embarassing.

No. 58194

File: 1425737194457.jpg (127.54 KB, 1918x998, ei2o6KX.jpg)

Agreed, it's a cheap shot, but I guess what could be said about her character has already been summed up previously. Really the best thing now is to stop talking about her so she can cease to be relevant but she keeps coming back once in a while. A-anyway…I'm sure you're chest is fine. A lot of times we worry too much about dumb things that aren't a big deal.

No. 58295

No. 58313

File: 1425768355938.jpg (52 KB, 720x960, tumblr_mvv6msA6dz1qjyxleo1_128…)

I saw this pic of this girl today and she is the doppelgänger of Ophelia, like Ophelia if she went alternative.

She should do it.

No. 58430

who is this

just finished this thread. wow. i didn't understand half of it but if ophelia wasn't so damn nasty she'd be really cute. other than that observation. no. just. no ew

No. 58492

i`m sorry, but i love this girl`s hair.

No. 58592

That's what being mentally ill I think I mean if she was abused like this thread says hopefully one day she gets better.

No. 58594

But Lia is haggard from hard drugs. It's too late for her to look good.
If you ain't already noticed, she has tacky as fuck tastes so she can't really suit any aesthetic, that's why she goes through em so quickly.

No. 60413

File: 1426096868884.gif (783.88 KB, 320x240, tumblr_niyuxm86mX1r3x5j9o1_400…)

Jesus christ I found this girl that looks like the double of Ophelia and she lives in London too but she lifts so she's like swole Laura and it's freaking me out.

I wonder if they're related.

No. 60680

Ophelia has a really common face tbh. She always used to remind me of Julia Stiles sometimes, that kind of round face with small eyes and high cheekbones.
Maybe there's an army of mini Ophelia clones out there, just waiting for their crazy switch to be turned on.

No. 60686

who is this and why would you do this to yourself

eh, at least shes healthy i guess

No. 60693


>why would you do this to yourself

I don't even know that that's supposed to mean.

She looks great. You want to be weak and powerless?

No. 60695

I follow this chick on tumblr. She's a rugby player for her college and likes weightlifting. She's pretty cool. In her old pics, she's always sick, like she has those nose tubes in. I think she looks great, but then again, I'm also into lifting

No. 60723

be still my heart

No. 60815

i don't think this looks good, no. if it's this or being weak, this by a longshot, but no, i don't think this LOOKS good.

No. 60857

Do what to herself? Work out and eat well to gain lots of muscle? She's into lifting and looks fucking great. I dont know what you mean by 'why would you do this to yourself?' anon. Those guns are hot.

No. 60884

again, she's healthy - that's fantastic, but i don't think it looks good. seriously, if lia looked like this, y'all would be shitting on her and saying she looks manly.

i don't buy that you guys sincerely think this looks good, tbf.

No. 60887

>It doesn't fit what society says is attractivw for a female so obviously anyone who says they like is is just lying

You're retarded. Attraction is subjective. Yes, she looks great and those who disagree are entitled to, but saying "I don't believe anyone can find this attractive" is just dumb. Not everyone understand the allure of a strong woman, but there's no need to be an ass about it.

No. 60892

File: 1426149914414.jpg (151.35 KB, 1024x768, Julia-Stiles-CelebHealthy_com.…)

I would disagree about it being common but I can see the Julia thing.

No. 60893

File: 1426150025125.jpg (55.57 KB, 350x622, tumblr_nioyykZkAs1r40s14o1_500…)

I think.

No. 60990

File: 1426176119675.jpg (75.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Those stupid ass tumblr shirts she wears really fucking rattle my cage. Her style is on par with a 2008 narutard, trying to impress a niche group and looking tacky and retarded.
No you're not cool for knowing who sasha grey is, name dropping pornstars is beyond autistic.

Her ratchet ass hair annoys me too, it reminds me of those girls in middle school circa mid 2000's, tryna look alt but being too much of a pussy to commit to they end up doing it in a really blasé boring way. She's kinda like how Jessi Slaughter was when she was 12, but lia has never grown up and developed better taste and continues to bandwagon any trashy fad
pic related

No. 61009

Oh no, people arent attracted to what I'm attracted to. It's called opinions and some people do think women with lots of muscles are hot. It's not that uncommon. I can respect how hard she must work out to maintain that body.

No. 61010

Holy shit, this is a train wreck.

No. 61020

Sorry for poor English skills, I'm German something like this frustration is hard to articulate

No. 61021


They mean the trainwreck is the girl in the picture, not your writing. Your writing is fine.

No. 61025

Oh my gosh, yes. I mean the photo. Your writing is fine. I apologize if you thought I was insulting your grammar. It's actually really good.

No. 61052

She does work in the sex industry so why can't she wear an edgy related shirt if she wants? I really fail to see how this girl is a lolcow or any kind of ugly trainwreck. She might well be a bitch in her personal life but I don't care considering I'm no Saint.

No. 61059

File: 1426187681297.jpg (231.93 KB, 1315x1544, 1248519289395.jpg)


>I really fail to see how this girl is a lolcow or any kind of ugly trainwreck

She was a fucking chan at one point you ugly noob.

She filmed herself wearing her sisters panties, smeared her own menstrual blood on her face and chewed on her used tampons.

She had CP ffs.

No. 61066


Oh and by the way when I say "sister" I forgot to include that they were her kid sister's panties.

Pedo's on /b/ requested she wear them and take pics.

Not a lolcow my ass.

No. 61100

But that's years old drama which in my opinion just seems sad as opposed to the drama usually posted on here I'm nto a noob this just isn't the norm for a lolcow.

No. 61102

This is also 6 year old events which most people on this board have been over and over a long time ago, she stopped being remotely interesting a long time ago.

No. 61195


Ophelia fuck off.
Nobody here gives enough of a shit to defend you, only to shit on you.

No. 61239

You can't deny she has lolcow potential. She will undoubtedly do something stupid so it's better to already have a thread that's documented her past so that when she provides us with milk again there is somewhere to post about it.
But I'm fairly sure I'm replying to Ophelia herself or one of her followers, if she even has any left.

Also worth noting: she is an integral part of Cracky House and there's plenty of history there if anyone has something archived. She also had a stint at Unichan when the attention started to dry up over at CH and there was major dramu between her and Loli-chan.

No. 70102

File: 1427499580217.png (473.61 KB, 900x2750, 1423970272714.png)

Hey just found your board and have seen that swami was tripfagging here.

Just wanted to inform you that swami got exposed as beeing a male pedophile and his /fem/ board got devasted

No. 70132

Is it really a surprise though?

No. 70140

Swami's a crazy bitch but I think that's false, I don't think she's JLH. She was probably using it as a Steam name temporarily as some joke or meme or whatever, because JLH was the other /r9k/ attentionwhore.

No. 70191

what…the fuck.

No. 70287

File: 1427536819779.png (336.61 KB, 1192x500, 8inchbeauty.png)

No. 70288

File: 1427536996565.png (109.77 KB, 1489x1384, 1338989438542.png)

No. 70289

File: 1427537195307.png (301.42 KB, 1421x914, 1338989469371.png)

No. 70301

oh I know her

she's also a hell of a lot hotter

she recovered from an ED and is currently doing circus training

No. 70615

The guy in the pic isn't her bf, he's her friend from uni, he's gay. He came to a cgl party, he's lively.

Why are you trying to post about amber? Idgi, she hasn't been relevant for YEARS

No. 70726

lol, just fake made up stuff that the lolcows over at baphomet tried to because i troll them, ayyteam, and GGNA all of the time

so far they have failed to dox me, slander me, and harass me

ayy lmao

they even have an article section on me on the encylopedia page for baphomet where they whine their delicious male tears about me

No. 70739

Why don't you whiteknight Swami as well Amb- Oh.

No. 70848

because people here are to stupid to realize that noses and tits look the worst on photographs when you don't have good lightening and don't know how to pose.

No. 70937

bleh. her tumblr is just so tumblry i wanna slap her.

No. 70940

Never met swami, not even white knighting Eva, just saying that the guy in the pic isn't her bf, her bf back in 2013 was a neckbeard type, really gross looking. Amber has grown up lately, I think it's nice that she's left her drama days behind, I'm happy for her.

No. 70941

You're gonna have a hard time bitching out Amber here. She's friends with everyone in the uk gyaru comm. not many people know/care about her days as eva.

Some people have grown up and moved past the drama, Lia, maybe you could work on that? Maybe it's because the rest of us are older than you, though.

No. 71075

cry moar you insufferable faggot. Don't be frustrated because you board is pretty much dead and your falseflag operations on 8ch won't lead you anywhere. I hope so much Hotwheels will ban you one day and take away your board.

No. 71076

also how can't you see that no-one on 8ch can stand you? It's not because of you it's because of your behaviour.

No. 71079


Amber I know your ways.
Stop, you're only drawing further attention to yourself. If you want it to go away just ignore it.

No. 71083

Oh fuck Amber, for a brief time I was pretty friendly with her and was invited to the /cgl/ party she was throwing in London and was even intending to go.

I spoke to her on Skype a fair bit and the last time we properly talked she'd turned into a hardcore Christfag and was recommending I download these Christian sermon audio files. It made me feel pretty uncomfortable at the time as it felt like she was trying to convert me.

A few days after that I saw multiple posts made by her on /cgl/ essentially throwing me under the fucking bus so I immediately deleted her off Skype and blocked her on Facebook.
Was legit hurt at the time as we'd both confided in each about personal stuff; probably my own dumb fault for thinking I could be friends with other tripfags.

idk if she'd even remember who I am since it seemed like she had quite a few online friends who fit this criteria so she might not be able to discern who I am, but for her sake I really hope she's been able to grow up as I myself have tried.

No. 71103

swami is from toronto right? i think based on the writing style and everything mentioned ITT i know who he is… woah

No. 71751

this would be hilarious because he was bragging how nobody doxed him even after 600 postings.

No. 71762

i'm the anon u were replying to.

he definitely is from toronto (i started tripping on r9k when he did a long ass time ago and i remember him being more honest)

but idk if he's actually a trans woman? if he is then i 100% know who he is because there is only 1 transwoman over the age of 20 in toronto who could be that much of a cunt

No. 72084

k lol
try doxxing me

i am pretty much a goddess and impossible to dox

No. 72085

I think it's cute that you think we're stupid. As if baiting us with that pathetic goddess bullshit is going to make us want to dox you. It's nice that you try to uphold the illusion that you like yourself but it's so obvious that you hate yourself.

No. 72109

this just in: swami is an annoying cunt who actually bothers to tripfag on a board with 0 trips

what a piece of shit. Does /baph/ know about shim?

No. 74458

She's one of those types who pretend to be nice. She does it with multiple guys on r9k as well. The trips. I think she just likes having information on infamous people.

No. 74463

>not many people know/care

How is hiding it under the rug growing up?

No. 117195

bumping a dead thread but did anyone see how on her Tumblr Ophelia said she got put into hospital for "bad cocaine"? gurl please

I read a thread on 8chan and it mentioned about Crackyhouse and remembered Ophelia, did a Google of her name + crackyhouse and a goldmine of shit came up. screenshots, archives and pastebins of her talking to her "johns" or whatever, lol

No. 117229

i've gotta say, thank you for bumping this, even if it's old news i had not heard of this cow and have enjoyed reading through

No. 117259

Good! Now that PT has deactivated and dropped off the grid I'm just trying to find another lolcow to laugh at. Sadly Ophelia hasn't really done anything else lolcow worthy lately.

On a UK MCM thread on /cgl/ someone posted a picture of "ex-best friend chan" from this thread along with some other dude that used to be friends with Ophelia - when I was reading through the CrackyHouse threads he was brought up too alot… He made a Cracky fansite and that's how he met her.. Weird as Hell.

No. 119532

>bad cocaine

How is she supporting this habit? Has she become a legit coke whore?

No. 119622

Is this 2007 again?

No. 119636

It's not that expensive to buy cocaine.

No. 130565

£40 out of a student budget is pretty considerable.
I probably check her tumblr three times a week and I always laugh so hard at her slacktivism and droopy tit selfies. I could post back here more regularly with screenshots if nobody else wants to do it?

No. 132982

File: 1436174332367.png (21.68 KB, 537x52, healthblogger.png)

Please do. I'm too lazy but everything she posts is gold.

No. 132993

She did have a phase where she'd only eat that green powder that replaces food. Girl should relax more, she looked cute in her chubby days.

No. 133207

the fuck are you talking about? She's fatter than ever now and she only looks haggard from the drugs and inability to take care of herself

No. 133218

She only just got chubby and she looks shit

No. 133244

dude this girl is hot ok
I'd lik to party with her

No. 133248

So I don't see why people are complaining that she's trying to diet.

No. 133399

Just checked her tumblr, well this happened fast.
She always was on the chubby side when younger. Way back in her early teens.

No. 133637

Because she fad diets like a suburban mom and it's hilarious.

No. 133669

File: 1436253426004.jpg (246.46 KB, 350x511, ophelia.jpg)

DAMN WTF she was so skinny just a minute ago

No. 133681

I've never noticed her fad dieting even if she was it's hardly hilarious, some people lose weight easier with rules so I imagine that's why those exist. Is atkins even a fad diet?

No. 133682

File: 1436256229651.jpg (62.42 KB, 720x960, 10930883_965077943537193_52589…)

No. 133706

Diet pills? That green powder some anon mentioned above? Tbh you sound new, fat or like ophelia herself. If she thinks cutting carbs is a better rule to follow than eating less and working out then she's in for a rude awakening.

No. 133724

Soylent isn't a diet it's a meal replacement drink. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_(drink)

No. 133743

>forty percent of the calories are fat
Man, I don't know. I was taught to derive 20% or fewer of my calories from fat.

No. 133803

The Charms Effect

No. 133824

File: 1436292058760.jpg (34.45 KB, 350x184, SoylentGreen_156Pyxurz-350x184…)

Same. I was also taught not to drink anything made from PEOPLE

No. 133975

Thanks for posting this anon, she's a landwhale and this shit is christmas to me <3

No. 133978

File: 1436308269578.jpg (38.58 KB, 460x393, 1429395817154.jpg)

Pls go ofatliar

No. 133983

You've gotta feel somewhat sorry for Opheezy. When she's skinny she looks elderly and when she's fat her body is so disproportionate and saggy looking.

For most cows you can say "if they did X they'd be prettier" but even though Lia has a pretty face she doesn't seem to suit any style.


No. 134090

She looks like shit because she's a trashy hobag who doesn't know how to dress herself.

That body would look cute as fuck on anyone who knew how to wear a nice dress, heels, and pantyhose.

No. 134319

File: 1436342146273.jpg (143.59 KB, 1000x750, tumblr_no6pfowOya1r40s14o1_128…)

She doesn't have a bad body really I think those shorts are doing her no favours.

No. 134364

Oh please, she could not be working her angles any harder for this picture.

And those chubby fingers, yeesh.

No. 134375

She's not unsaveable though

No. 134390

File: 1436352873169.jpg (20.59 KB, 600x450, CGWJb6DW0AArmb1.jpg)

No. 134398

I like her face, it is pretty in chubby or thin form. Yet I always though she looked tired and fucked up when skinny (and probably on drugs). I just hope she'll find an inbetween she's happy with.
Also, I think her drama potential is low these days. Drug self destruction isn't funny and neither are weight fluctuations.

No. 135248

File: 1436478347279.gif (987.6 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nhw1fysMcH1saypano1_500…)

Dem ratty extentions, yesh, whats the point of even putting them on your head when they look like that?

No. 135859

I was supposed to post this a few months ago during the whole drama with >>87247 but completely forgot.

Annie made this thread and was the most active poster in the thread until she was outed.

No. 138476

is the thread closed?

No. 138481


Haha oh lord Admin, I hope to God I never get on your bad side, the amount of shit talking I do on this website.

In my class at university there's a girl I get along with who was friends with Annie IRL, back when they were both into lolita.

I kind of want to ask her about Annie but I don't want to seem like a creeper.

No. 193403

File: 1445059774941.png (325.99 KB, 800x480, 760.png)

whf is this place

No. 194340

lolcow or crackychan? crackychan forums are weird and just obsess over cracky, stalk her irl, try and get other mentally ill girls to become the "next" cracky

No. 194355

people are still talking about cracky-chan like… 10 years later? jfc

sage for offtopic

No. 194360

No. 194379



No. 194396

File: 1445289070639.jpg (24.16 KB, 448x448, 11224520_805150029605803_59472…)

Annie really is nuts.

I guess there goes her hopes of any future arguments against how she doesn't stalk and send hate to Ophelia/Laura.

No. 194476

yeah its really creepy, she's changed her name and moved around loads but people always end up stalking her down and trying to get her to post again or talk to them. i feel sorry for internet famous people

No. 194809

>not knowing who princess doll is

No. 194810

Annie seems totally normal in person and even on her facebook, but scratch under the surface and the stuff she gets up to when she can be anonymised is batshit.

No. 194860


Oh shit yh it's that mental bitch, and Admin forces a name on her whenever she posts right? My bad kek

No. 196463


Even better:

>Laura Renvoize, 22, a sex worker and co-founder of the newly launched Goldsmiths Sex Worker Solidarity Society, said the situation needs to change.


No. 214644

File: 1450211493512.png (793.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-15-20-25-19…)

In case anyone was wondering what she's up to nowadays

No. 266910

File: 1462448293598.jpg (26.25 KB, 640x480, 1399265787486.jpg)

Ophelia looks alot like Logseux. blonde,freckles, same eyes. she was british too

No. 266921

ngl, that's kind of hot

No. 266950


Kinda surprised there's somebody else here that remembers Logseux.
Have you heard about what has happened to her?

No. 266958

File: 1462456163961.jpg (243.04 KB, 640x480, rate_me_guise_by_logseux-d3f3j…)


she was a drug addict, went to jail, went to rehab, went into a mental hosp? did I miss anything?

No. 266962

File: 1462457009142.jpg (36.19 KB, 533x480, dsfdsfds.jpg)


I believe it was more alcoholism than anything, but damn I was shocked when I saw a more recent picture of her. She looks very sick, but I suppose that's what drug abuse does to you.

No. 266977

File: 1462458968777.jpg (449.84 KB, 1280x720, 1429184757890.jpg)


i thought so too in the most recent pic. she's finally starting to look her age b/c shes nearly 30. i read that she is well now…

No. 266980


Ah I hope so.
I never really had a grudge against Logseux so her slow decline was very shocking to me. I did always want to see her GLaDOS cosplay though.

No. 267016

I hated this bitch when she was shitposting on cgl.
I don't feel the least bit bad that she's starting to look as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. We're all gonna be old someday, but at least some of us can age gracefully with the dignity that we didn't have to go to drug rehab.

No. 267173

Wait wtf Swami is from toronto? How did I not know that

No. 267347

apart from the shitty, misinformation infographic made by salty cucks on baphomet, yes i am in toronto

specifically oshawa

No. 268338

Seeing swami here is undoing my hard work of suppressing my memories of being on r9k. It was truly a dark and shameful time.

No. 268712

Her twitter mentioned doing incalls. Is she a full on prostitute now?

Gotta burn my leftover student loan on something.

No. 294826

File: 1470616552162.png (Spoiler Image, 520.44 KB, 540x960, wp_ss_20160804_0001.png)

She's doing real porn now

No. 294827

I don't know what's uglier - her or the dick.

No. 294828

Jesus, put a spoiler.

No. 294829

whoa anon, spoiler!

No. 294876

Geez, the eyebags. She's really fallen far. To think /cgl/ used to kiss her ass and gush over how "pretty" she was.

No. 295083

>those eyebags
Does she not sleep or what?

No. 295094

Sweet merciful Christ, that is one ugly cock. Looks like she's also doing meth now.

No. 295851

No. 295889

Jesus Christ, that is awful.

No. 295948

She's not obligated to fit into the fantasy of all heterosexual males, dude. Don't be lame

No. 295954

File: 1471268254599.jpg (50.19 KB, 1024x576, B-DMcOcIQAAz8Ey.jpg large.jpg)

No. 297751

https://curiouscat.me/1748454140 This is her curious Cat

No. 298074

Jesus. Saddest thing I've ever seen. I don't normally consume this sort of clunky British "end-of-the-pier" porn and frankly I didn't even know it still existed. But is there anything on earth cringier than the whole fantasy cuck narrative this "Pascal" guy tries to rope his users into when he has nothing better to work with than this figureless, out-of-shape, definitely coarse-featured and vulgar young woman, with her acquired, pseudo-genteel Home Counties accent plastered clumsily over her ugly native tones of sub-prole Durham chav?
"She is beyond your reach….One of the beautiful ones"….My fucking sides. I am actually pretty susceptible to the "cuck" narrative in principle, and can imagine getting off on the whole "you sat there gazing achingly at her in the university refectory, knowing she was out of your league and now you have to watch a superior male punish her for her coldness toward beta cucks like you" schtick.
It might have actually WORKED if they had been able to rope some halfway genuine example of the type of girl one fantasizes about that way into their cheap Croydon-living-room porn shoot - someone like Laura's MFC colleague Harriet SugarCookie for example, who actually does appear to be pretty hot, tolerably "posh", and a secret - well, not-so-secret - slut.
But with Laura playing the role of "one of the beautiful ones", the fantasy just doesn't work (at least for anyone with an IQ over 60). Laura did indeed go to an elite university, of sorts: Goldsmiths, planted in the middle of hip, edgy New Cross and attended by all the little sons and daughters of lawyers and doctors badgering eagerly away at becoming the next decade's Damien Hirsts and Tracey Emins. There certainly WERE, I'm sure, girls of gut-wrenching loveliness and intoxicating charm in Goldsmith's refectory during Laura's years there. But poor Laura certainly wasn't one of them. With her crude slab of a face, ugly, ill-proportioned body and undisguisable sub-working-class vulgarity, she must have been a complete pariah among all the Tristams and Cassandras at Goldsmiths. Sadness all round.

No. 298175

File: 1472587426479.gif (1.53 MB, 370x335, 5ccLtCs.gif)

No. 298398

i thought this post was pure sperge - but exquisitely so. great job mods?

No. 298425

i feel like it desrves to go in /cream/

No. 298430

it really does

No. 298431

File: 1472700929717.gif (491.51 KB, 500x325, tea500.gif)

>one fantasizes about
>becoming the next decade's Damien Hirsts and Tracy Emins
>undisguisable sub-working-class vulgarity

No. 298439

Homeboy sounds like he's pulling a William Bennett
>can I suggest you get fuuuuucked

No. 298542

This was a good post tbh
Capped and saved

No. 298556

Alex Reynolds I didn't realise you were no longer homeless.

No. 298592

Dolores i didn't realise you were still browsing lolcow.

No. 298639

I wish I'd saved some of Alex Reynolds sperg rants from the past, there are so many about so many different women online who turned him down. There's some real classics out there buried in the depths of the internet.

No. 298641

No. 298797

Her fake lashes are REALLY bothering me.

No. 298801

Lmao but which is worse?

No. 298865

…am i the only one who thinks this is actually kinda hot…?

No. 298877

She's super hot in the photo, I agree. I thought she was cute in the porn in >>295851 too, all the rimming aside.

No. 299089

i like pascal

No. 299606

>Follow her comings and going throughout the years
>Eventually becomes a full fledged porn slut
>It's so shit and she's so used up that it's not even enjoyable

What a disappointment

No. 299638

lmao to what extent or concentration of "used-up" did you want

No. 299646

I'm not surprised you got banned for this, but I chuckled heartily. Well done, anon.

No. 299756

Ha good point. Somewhere above the 'rimming a fat, old man from a no-name company as your porn debut' level of used up.

No. 339925

I don't know I had a run in with her years ago and while the porn does nothing for me in a sexual sense it's pretty funny to see that's getting fat.

No. 340082

File: 1484852834710.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.06 KB, 675x1200, C2iD85CXgAANYTs.jpg)

Oh lord

No. 342415

I liked this too tbh. Pretty accurate.

No. 342419

Umm is the ginger girl from the UK? Pretty sure I went to uni with her. She studied forensic science.

No. 342425

She's a tripfag from CGL called Pirate Toaster iirc. She's infamous for flaunting her relationshit with another trip called Blue and then they broke up and he bawwed or something. Last I saw she was a booth babe for some shit. She has a long face. I wonder what she's up to lately?

No. 342429

Also, yeah she's from the UK and I think her name is Fran.

No. 342474

Well she's better looking than the other two if that means anything.

No. 343156

They got back together but broke up (again)

But anyway, Misha is doing fake cuck porn now

No. 343343

Only in the context that she's the best-looking crack whore on the corner.

No. 351435

delusional fatty detected(necromancy)

No. 351440

did you really bump a dead thread just to reply to a year old comment? are you mentally disabled?

No. 353498


hahaha, what a wonderful post.
someone unban this man!

No. 364762


No. 422173

File: 1502434301780.jpg (60.77 KB, 634x765, 4296604C00000578-4721156-Leade…)

>BLACK DOG: Jeremy Corbyn poses for a selfie with Gagged Girls soft porn star Misha Mayfair


No. 422179

>I am the sex worker who took a selfie with Corbyn – this is my side of the story


No. 479941

I talked to her on skype for about a year or more a looooong time ago when she was about 17.

She's not as bad as everyone is saying. At the very least she is a kind person.

No. 480989

I find it extremely hard to believe a child would willingly have consensual sex with their BIOLOGICAL FATHER without some sort of grooming going on. Why are anons here referring to it as if she fucked her dad? That doesn't happen, if it did then it would be that she was raped/molested/abused. I've worked with kids of sexual abuse who were conditioned to 'enjoying' the abuse or thinking it was normal. I've read case studies of kids who were forced into bestiality as part of a cult ritual and were conditioned into becoming sexually attracted to animals.
The blood fetish, bestiality and apparently having sex with her dad? This girl has 100% been abused.

No. 486089

anything new on Ophelia/Misha?

No. 486091

You can just look at her twitter to see what she's up to https://twitter.com/MishaMayfair

Her Asuka cosplay looks like a suburban mum in hr 40s, I have no idea how she thought it looked good, especially as she's cosplayed Asuka in the past and actually looked great.

No. 486092

File: 1517320954292.jpg (87.41 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20180129_225024.jpg)

Forgot to add image well done me

No. 490664

What the actual fuck? Is that actually her? She looks like she gained 30lbs and about 20 years. Why is her face so bloated?

No. 490679


This. It seems like some serious mindfuckery went on. No one should be denied happiness and safety when they're a child.

No. 490892

I know her vaguely irl (and was also molested as a child), the way she speaks about it she was BRAGGING about it to people referring to it as kinky and an 'accomplishment' on her kink list, same with the dog and tampon stuff. iirc she was 16 when she slept with her dad, which is the age of consent in the UK

No. 491327

I find this hilarious because I've known her too and she's never bragged about it at all this is desperate shit posting on what is frankly a really sad topic not really lol worthy.

No. 491328

I love how they think that it would change anything anyways, even IF that were true (it's not) then it's still more concerning than anything else.

No. 491394

File: 1520115985685.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.7 KB, 901x1200, DXXJ8TMXkAESjHz.jpg)

Looks like she's trying to be a little these days

No. 491395

File: 1520116007876.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.8 KB, 901x1200, DXUB7TuX0AgeVkC.jpg)


No. 491400

Hard to be a little when you're a fat fuck

No. 491456

I genuinely hope she's getting help with stuff. Can't imagine finding this crap entertaining.

No. 491457

File: 1520170706520.png (Spoiler Image, 508.93 KB, 919x483, 152017069964271305.png)

No. 492834

No. 492837

File: 1520602586760.png (Spoiler Image, 534.52 KB, 1080x1478, 20180309_133631.png)

Was wondering how long until she progressed from piss to scat

No. 494797

Very interesting history. To me, it was just a pornstar that I thought was moderately more attractive than others, saggy body or not. Seems that isn't an acceptable opinion here. I feel kinda sorry for her. Looking for love in all the wrong places. I wonder how she would've been if she had a normal life..

No. 495950

You'll find this site is full of bitter women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 497463

wasn't mystery.jpg ophelia-chan on MFC??

No. 498047

Shouldn't really post since I'm male but I too was abused and molested way worse than this whore was. Bragging about it just gives you a strange form of control/power and venting. It's easier to brag than be silent and cry about it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 498148

I laughed, I admit it

No. 588503

Does this bitch have a discord. I swear she made a personal server before I learned of her and too many dots connect.

I know their are some people who follow her hardcore. Does anyone know?

No. 706686


So some middle aged gammon has made a 30+ minute long video complaining about being "fat shamed" by Mish lmao.(embed youtube)

No. 730055

File: 1573862474437.jpeg (227.52 KB, 2048x1536, EIEmG_PXkAE9IqL.jpeg)


No. 736544

damn this thread fell off :/(necro)

No. 754354

Saging because it isn't new milk.
I can confirm the dad bragging. While I never cared that much for /r9k/ and kinda hated /cgl/, I was obsessed with Cracky-chan and would frequent all her related boards, and was present for the entire crackyhouse run, since it started until it ended, and I used to chat with Lia regularly until she started associating with lolitas and started bringing her friend Vivishiba, who I hated for no good reason, into the site and trying to dominate conversation. Anyway, she indeed bragged a few times about "seducing" (her word) her dad in tinychat conversations, and in front of several users, but never saw her brag about the dog thing. I asked her through pm about it since I used to have my own issues and didn't think there was anything wrong with the idea of having sex with your dad (mom died, he never dated again, I was messed up and thought it could have been nice of me to take care of him like some sort of replacement), and she gloated about it as if it meant she was so fucking hot not even her dad could resist. I never understood how her mom could forgive her, maybe she felt guilty.

That doesn't mean she wasn't abused or groomed efore that though, but she never said so despite I asked several times. I think maybe she was just hypersexual and that her issues are more due to brain chemistry rather than childhood trauma. Very uneducated guess though.

No. 755124

annie aren't all your posts supposed to be nametagged since that whole thing with you sending yourself rape threats on here

(there really is nobody else this could be)

No. 755178

>(there really is nobody else this could be)
I'm not, but what makes you think that?

No. 771951

Isn't she a traveller too?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773616

lmao i posted in this thread 5 years ago and just had a weird memory of it existing

i can't remember how to tripcode because chans r gay but lmao

No. 793803

File: 1599309825556.jpeg (831.15 KB, 1242x1217, EBC105BC-52D4-44A0-802D-C7821C…)

sorry to necro but
>pissing in people’s drinks amidst a pandemic

No. 798033

File: 1601414302930.png (Spoiler Image, 320.49 KB, 616x317, cgl idol.PNG)

Well I'm glad you did so I could post this, because fucking hell. How much has she ballooned to now? This is like American landwhale proportions, she has quite literally tripled in size from her /cgl/ days.

No. 798034

File: 1601414410934.png (Spoiler Image, 221.99 KB, 410x426, not really, no.PNG)

The caption on this one made me kek irl though. Like how un-self-aware do you have to be.

No. 798054

She looks like honey boohoo. This thread was a trip start to finish

No. 798249

God, she looks disgusting.

No. 799740

File: 1602524092336.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 397.61 KB, 1536x2048, EkHLl_9XgAA1l90.jpeg)

what can i say? not the best pic, but not the worst. filter does not save the chunky, piggy outlook of her. she's gotten heavy for real.

No. 800225

I thought she'd lost a load of weight recently? She made a post on twitter about it(newfag)

No. 800226

Those Goldsmith's girls, ay..

No. 800265

Holy shit shes huge now

No. 800346

i think her soft tum is cute :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800910

Hiya Loz!

Her newest facebook is here, she goes by Asuka Langley now.


this is also an active fb

Anyone know if she actually graduated?

No. 800912

Can we please revive this thread? The milk still flows on fb

No. 800925

be the change you want to be anon.

No. 801044

File: 1603208486132.jpeg (425.14 KB, 1240x1997, B8BC33DD-934F-44ED-92BA-010770…)

she protested her uni blocking porn from their websites?! holy fuck i hope this idiot was thrown out. how does British academia have the patience for this fat arrogant moron

No. 801045

File: 1603208646047.jpeg (639.33 KB, 1242x2069, 85E75FF2-537B-47DD-B54B-4A3206…)

she claims to have been flown out to LA to star in porn…? Why would an LA porn producer be interested in an uggo obese chav. These are Vicky-tier lies

No. 801047

Why does she photoshop her face but not those devastating udders

No. 801048


c’mon Loz, we both know you didn’t host shit in Paris.

No. 801049

Why does she write this in third person? She really wants people to believe she's important.

No. 801134

She looks like she ate Dolly Parton and just became a really fat version of her.

No. 801303

Was this when she did Pascals Sub Sluts?

No. 801304

Is there any more degenerate university in the entire UK than Goldsmiths? I know a girl who went there, had gone to a catholic high had quite a sheltered upbringing.

By the time she finished her undergrad she'd dyed her hair, shaved it, gained a shit tonne of weight and started calling herself queer and going by They/Them pronouns. What a mess.

No. 801688

She has a list of fake achievements.

>I was scouted by an LA hotshot porn producer to star in films

Her nudes are nauseating. There is no fucking way some Californian agency wanted to sponsor some obese Bri'ish chav a work visa.

There are perhaps 2 photos of her in LA from when she went there, likely as a tourist.

No. 801774

Her website is just LARPing lol Shen hasn't done a single thing she mentioned. How can you live like that?

No. 801820

Literally just 100% lies. I guess she really hasn't changed a bit since the /cgl/ era. Had no idea she was still this milky outside of being fat and degenerate.

No. 801884

When is she going to grow out of this shit

No. 801950

>when is a narcissist going to grow out of seeking attention
Come on now.

I pity her though, I knew her online since she was like 13 in a Cracky-chan board, and she's the outcome of sexually abusive parents. I don't know what can heal people like her, but I don't envy having to live at the mercy of personality disorders.

No. 801984

I went to the site and the things have links?

No. 802536

they’re very misleading though. an unflattering, cockeyed picture of her appears in a Greek playboy publication, her name is briefly mentioned in Cosmo, and she has an opinion piece published in a BBC blog that virtually anyone can submit stuff to.

there is still nothing indicating that she was invited to LA by a top producer or that she hosted an event in Paris. virtually all her ‘achievements’ are online dribs and drabs. of journalism which literally anyone can do from home if they pester the publisher enough.

No. 802537

how were her parents sexually abusive? what else can you tell us about her? can you leak any chat logs with her?

No. 802541

She’s not pushing it as being anything more I don’t get it.

No. 802542

how do you mean?

No. 802543

It’s a regular edgy artist bio I don’t think she’s trying to make it out to be anything else. There’s 1000s of art school grads like this.

No. 802547

muh playboy model
>i was specially chosen to be in a porn film and was given a work visa because i’m speshul uwu

No. 802549

She doesn’t say that on the website tho so I don’t see the drama here. Where does she say anyone flew her somewhere so likely just went on her own most whores get around it’s not remarkable.

No. 802571

i’m sorry but is this this laura? mods pls

No. 802574


I know the thread is long but scroll up. She was sexually groomed by her dad as a teenager allegedly

No. 802576

This comment is hilarious. It's true the biggest loser in all this is the Pascal guy

No. 802580

Abuse isn’t funny or drama I hate to see it being spoken about like it’s funny sensing a big samefag here.

No. 802582

i've read the whole thing. she lies more than she breathes so how do we even know it's true?

No. 802584

This. I can’t see what her bio had that’s supposed to be a lie? Who cares if some girl got abused or not.

No. 802809

has anyone else here ever been victimised or harassed by Laura?

No. 802811

for a feminist campaigner who has thrived in leftist spaces, she possesses a very disturbing and severe absence of female solidarity and i really feel like it’s time she should be outed as the searingly jealous misogynist she actually is

No. 802863

she was also in broadway and won an oscar, anon! kek

No. 803069


The only "feminism" she gives a damn about is self serving, usually things that revolve around emboldening her own sexual degeneracy. It's no surprise she's thrived in modern leftist spaces when these spaces are overrun with sexual deviants and middle class hyper liberals. She has no solidarity with women as a class.

No. 803120


She isn’t a feminist. She tries to ruin the lives of strange women if she doesn’t like.

No. 803343

What's with all the anime garbage littering her twitter TL, isn't she almost 28?

No. 803382

But anons… that's the majority of feminists? Have you actually gone to feminist rallies? The last time I went to one I couldn't believe how self-absorbed and "utilitarian" people were, it was eye-opening. All these female empowerment goals are a facade. We're supposed to have each others' backs but the reality is that when it comes to feminism it's "every women for herself unless I need you to do something for me and if you don't I'm going to find a way to shame you about".

Anyway, yeah Ophelia is just a narcissist like may of the other cows discussed in this site: They will attach to whatever will make them more popular and make people give them validation.

No. 803408

Liking anime and hentai isn’t bad as an adult. You’re posting on an image board after all.

No. 803644

Posting about it incessantly and having no other hobbies or friends is a problem at nearly 30 years old.

Most of the women on this image board scroll through while they're having a shit at work. By contrast, Laura is participating in her 10th year of online public humiliation while having any friend/work prospects ruined by her lolcow thread.

No. 803660

She seems to be doing fine to me.

No. 803735

She's seeking council housing in Essex. That is literally the lowest you can go in the UK.

No. 803744

hope she doesn't get one and has to go to Norf

don't need any more scum like this in or near London

No. 804183

She has a degree doesn't she? Why on earth did she get into porn in the first place when she could have used her degree?

No. 804198

i sincerely doubt that she actually graduated from Goldsmiths.

No. 804199

think her ‘degree’ is just something she exaggerates to add to her list of fake achievements lol

does she really strike you as the type go study for 3 years and actually commit to something?

No. 804415

She looks like she's trying to cosplay as NikkieTutorials lmao

No. 804992

What am I meant to be looking at here?


No. 805406

File: 1605763730358.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, 10DD3681-E608-4033-B6C4-6770DC…)

kek that armpit hair

there’s this guy she’s been simping for who she’s trying to gain the attention of by losing weight

No. 805464

I genuinely can't tell which is supposed to be the improvement. The second set are completely different positions anyway and can't be compared.

No. 805748

Who's the lucky man?

No. 805826

I'm not going to invade his privacy, but the guy she's after isn't interested in her and in fact she's given up since, lol.

No. 816508

File: 1610931600702.jpeg (813.68 KB, 1242x1807, 3EF0E0CF-FDA8-4DBF-80F9-E9E5B8…)

nothing to be pessimistic about. not only are you too fat to conceive, but if you ever did, social services would snatch the poor bugger in an instant.

No. 817234

You should have saged since it's not milk, but I agree she would make a terrible, terrible mother. If there is a god, may god have mercy on that poor bastard if she ever ends up procreating.

No. 818338

Anyone else noticed all the "trad" stuff on her twitter? Is she due a persona reinvention?

No. 822163

She's wearing milkmaid shit now because it's the only thing she's fat enough to pull off

No. 822165

every third post on her twitter is some variation of 'im horny'. it's so nauseating to read from someone that large and grotesque

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