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File: 1483150915778.jpg (124.28 KB, 1367x2048, C0oGOIwUsAAJUKr.jpg)

No. 331309

Thread #1 >>93507
Thread #2 >>131172
Thread #3 >>151227
Thread #4 >>167361
Thread #5 >>176096
Thread #6 >>310703
Thread #7 >>320406

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Glorified camwhore who pretends to be into gaming and anime to get Patreon bucks, JNig wannabe, ~thicc~ cosplayer. This is now her 8th thread since Feb 15 2016

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $6k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

Last thread she hit 10k on Patreon due to her Wicke softcore porn set she insists is nothing close to porn even though her fans believed it to be softcore porn as well.

No. 331311

File: 1483151051117.jpg (246.98 KB, 639x777, screenshot.46.jpg)

No. 331312

File: 1483151415479.png (623.9 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161229_212638.png)

No. 331314

File: 1483151887731.jpg (234.19 KB, 2048x1366, IMG_1528.JPG)

The lighting is doing nobody a favor.
It literally just exposes how caked on their make up is, specially momo who has so much on its creasing in her mouth wrinkles.

I saw a video where she made a comp of all her lip sync vids and she uses like drag queen tier foundation sticks. Im pretty sure theyre the Kryolan sticks cause it was grey…but even a drag queen knows how to set their foundation properly jesus

No. 331316


[notice the strat red string on d'va and momo's hand is a meat claw jesus]

No. 331326

Her face is SO ugly. Of all the sluts out there to be popular, why this one?

No. 331336

File: 1483155699926.png (27.79 KB, 384x384, image.png)

Just because you're fat, it doesn't make you a good Mei cosplayer. Mei isn't even fat.

No. 331377

>[insert exasperated sigh here]

No. 331378

File: 1483162955660.png (226.29 KB, 584x843, whosthiscuck.png)

No. 331382

>Waluigi is my kink
What the fuck

No. 331391

who is he tho
theres gotta be a reason shes sucking up to him

No. 331394

Ray. He used to be on Achievement Hunter before leaving either last year or early this year to do his own streams again. I think he has a long time gf though so Momo won't be able to get into his pants (he's also in Texas?) He does have a huge following so she's probably latching on for his followers.

No. 331395

The comments about milky cereal in panties last thread immediately comes to mind.

No. 331403

I used to follow Ray. I like his sense of humor. His comment in that tweet is meant to be sarcastic, he's joking. I've seen him and his girlfriend talk to Sheena too, they seem to not follow drama at all.

No. 331404

File: 1483170021792.jpg (287.94 KB, 1497x630, IncomingLuna.jpg)

How long do you think it'll be until Luna comes to shit up this thread?

No. 331405

So she's sucked up to Ray and she's sucked up to Miles. Part of me thinks she's desperately trying to get noticed by Rooster Teeth people and fans but after that disastrous Yang cosplay, no one really cares.

No. 331430

File: 1483176804235.png (123.08 KB, 1074x339, M1.png)

Does she get gamer gurl points every time she mentions Red vs. Blue?

No. 331432

This bitch needs to hop off of Mile's dick please.

No. 331434

Momo mops up after every guy in this community. KBBQ, Nathan and Miles

No. 331436

Get in line behind every other damn person who likes RvB. RT doesn't need a cosplayer for their work.

No. 331442


Her thread just maxed out so a second Luna thread should be coming soon

It'd be perfect timing

No. 331443


Do they even promote that still it was over a decade ago……

No. 331472

nooo it happened. The Luna thread is officially maxed ;__; after she posted that garbage "cowgirl" video too.

and yeah, isn't RvB like 10 years old now? RT has so many other resources they don't need Momo.

No. 331473

Just make another

No. 331477

Will admins allow Luna threads in /pt/? That psycho birch deserves a place here next to her beloved Momokun.

No. 331478

especially after her recent patreon exploits where she advertised during the sign up week in december she would be delivering "artistic nudes" and "fetish" prints yet has now changed back to standard "videos & photography" after she collected payment already

No. 331483

fuck off ray, don't make this cunt anymore thirsty than she already is

No. 331485

File: 1483196114470.png (172.37 KB, 750x952, IMG_8759.PNG)

No. 331489


Gotta love whenever she gets called out, she immediately gets super defensive and like "Lol I'm just trying to have fun and don't care. I hate drama and fighting"

Bitch, you care immensely. And the drama is always because of you

No. 331491

OT but Moochlette trying to pretend she knows anything about Poison's conception but in the end just being wrong makes me want to scream.

No. 331496

make a thread for mooch if you want to talk about her

>"lmao i don't really care lol i just like having fun lmao lol. please don't drag your drama here lol. i just want to get paid already lmao."

No. 331535

With how hypersexual she is I wouldn't doubt she finds it kinda hot that men ( be them cringey or teenagers) cum over her, maybe if she found one guy instead of cosplay fuckboys that made her feel special she wouldn't be all over the internet 24/7 being fap material and the "perf thicc gamer cosplay guurl*~" for basement dwelling neckbeard's to imagine themselves with.

No. 331536

Moomookun drinking game: go through her social media and every time she types "lol" either passively aggressively or after a dimwitted comment, take a shot

No. 331537

That's also paired with a hefty side of insecurity. I rarely see girls in the comm with a thirst for attention and validation as big as Momo's.

No. 331547

I'd rather keep my liver, thanks.

No. 331563

Nah, she's too insecure and it makes her feel good about herself to be seen as fap material. She's the type of person who could have the perfect husbando who'll pay for her to sit on her ass all day and spend his money and she would still cheat because it's the thrill of it. Look at Nigri, she's the same way with her insecurities and has cheated multiple times. These are the types of girls that will never truly settle down.

No. 331595


Just make one in /pt/. She's worthy of it. And if admins don't think so they'll just move it to /snow/

No. 331601

Other way round. Make it in snow, then it gets upgraded to put when/if worthy.

No. 331635

>$12,772 a month in Patreon donations

If Mariah hadn't proven herself to be such a goddamn idiot I would have thought she was a genius playing dumb for desperate neckbeards. Shit I'm fat, maybe I could start my own crappy sex cosplay Patreon.

No. 331650

Nah. She's not smart, she's just so desperate for attention that she's willing to degrade herself to get it.

Most of the patreon sluts are pretty meh and they get money. May as well go for it.

No. 331691

File: 1483260144589.png (397.63 KB, 535x307, closeyourmouth.png)

Hopefully Mariah figures out a new expression to use in 2017. I'm especially triggered by that bottom left one, she looked absolutely terrible in that photo.

No. 331708

Get a professional photographer, do some skimpy shoots (do a lot, actually), don't show all the goods, just tease and BAM. Money. Good luck.

No. 331713

Looks like she's slutting it up with some random girl for New Year's. How didn't we forsee this?

No. 331714

File: 1483271800240.png (579.64 KB, 594x595, mariahmirror.PNG)

This is honestly so gross.

No. 331716

She looks like pastielcutie with that expression lol

No. 331732

>nohrian scum
>admitted to never playing the games
See this is a true fake gamer

No. 331744

the top left picture reminds me of Alyssa Edwards mixed with Linda from bob's burgers

No. 331745

>Nohrian scum shirt
>implying she knows anything about Fire Emblem beyond lobster jokes and shit she skimmed on the wiki

No. 331758

HAHAHA fuck she looks like michael jackson in bottom second to the right

No. 331762

File: 1483288572407.png (342.36 KB, 1125x1803, IMG_2301.PNG)

This bothered me a lot because you list her name amongst other cosplayers that actually work hard. Mariah does little to no work at all. Her claim to fame, and her words, are 1) sex sells and 2) I'm just having fun lol and shit I almost forgot 3) this cheap spandex suit got me more attention than you ever will have.

The shit she does make us heavily flawed, especially for a person whose now getting paid 13k/month for it.

Not to mention how vile she is to people IRL, an active toxic person in this community, and a liar. She name dropped Nigri as her "friend" months ago in an interview, something Nigri has said she hates.

All I see is this as Mariah finally got her attention because of the massive Patreon bucks she's pulling, hitting 100 on Facebook, and stalking Ryan's ass.

Good job Nigri. Yeah, there isn't possibly anyone else you could have named, including your own friends Darshelle and Lyz, but you decide to name drop Mariah. This is why this community blows. A girl who hyper sexualized a couple of cosplays , made money to purchase the rest of them, and is continuing to grow just because she does nudes/lewds/softcore porn. This is what the community is all about!

No. 331763

I would actually appreciate a post, maybe at the top, of a list of her cosplays and a percent of the costume she made. This needs to be called out and made into an image that someone needs to use to reply to every fucking cosplayer and fan boy that compliments her on her "hard work."

No. 331764

Where/when did she say that? Not that I don't believe you guys, given her abysmally dismal play on Wind Waker (HER FAVORITE GAME!!1!), but even if she just played Birthright on Phoenix mode, that would at least give her some sort of FE Fates fan credibility.

No. 331767

dem lizard lips

No. 331768

When did Mariah become a Cosplay photographer and when did Gabby become such a sellout ? Seriously this board should just be called momo and friends her people get mentioned so frequently.

No. 331771

Jessica mentioned her? In this moment Moomoo must be wetting her panties.

No. 331794

Are those extensions in her hair? Jfc she looks like a hood rat.

No. 331799

>I'm awful at cosplay guys.
>I'm basic as fuck.

How can you be this transparent? How can people buy into it? Fucking vitamin P deficiency.

No. 331810

Momo thinks she's all that because Krissy Victory keeps telling her she knows Kaybear and Nigri. It provides a false sense of worth since Momo thinks she's the next best thing in cosplay.

No. 331811

nigiri is about as real as her tits

No. 331816

Hang on…Is that Beansprout?

No. 331820

pretty awful to mix momo with people who have talent.

No. 331822

Aside from Momo its still the same circle jerk as usual though. Still, I admire a few of these people for their hard work, so I hope Momo doesn't become associated with them any further.

No. 331823

Because 99% of her fans are fuckboys and I can only assume by calling herself out she appears more "real" in their eyes.

No. 331826

i hope that isn't her new hairstyle.. you think with all the cash she drops she could afford a decent hair-care routine and give it some time to heal with all the bleaching she does. her hair doesn't blend for shit and it looks like one of those stereotypical old balding guy comb-overs.

No. 331836

Hang out with Nathan McLovin fuckbois will get you in trouble in this community

No. 331841


As if I needed another reason to dislike Jnig

No. 331856

File: 1483315316016.jpg (121.46 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1543.JPG)

I wouldve fuckin' slapped Mariah if i saw her posting such a fugly pic of me. What kind of friend are you moomoo??? Also learn to use your camera before taking pics that are meant for shit like pateron (aka things that are paid for), plus theres the return of the shit lighting

No. 331858

File: 1483315705216.jpg (194.44 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1544.JPG)

Her Claires tier extensions and washed out black dye turned brown is making me miss her silver hair with the dark roots….
12,000$ a month my ass i only see her manicure getting a semi regular upkeep and even that she lets grow out pretty far before refilling and its not expensive to do.
also stop wearing tacky geek merch as if you have anything to do with the games besides looking at fanart and getting cookie points bruh,,,
Might have missed it? But i have yet to see any gameplay of Pokemon SM on her social media?? I mean ive never really seen pics of her DS while shes doing some dumbass Nigiri expression, just alot of fanart and what not?

No. 331859

Jessica chooses her side there are chances she won't ever give you the time of day but I know she's very selective

No. 331861

What ethnicity is moomoo? She's sperged about hijabs and muh cultural appropriation

No. 331865

shes arab, i dont remember what kind though lebanese i think?

No. 331869

>That ugly ass extensions
>That fried hair
>That mismatched colors
10,000 a month on Patreon.

No. 331890

thank you, fixed. New Loonie thread at >>>/snow/225956 so please take posts regarding her over there to keep Mariah's board on topic

No. 331901

Is Momo just thirsty for every Guzma cosplayer there is? She's gushing over some Japanese one on Twitter. Fucking cringe.

No. 331903

Hes pretty ugly tbh

No. 331911

jesus, if she is getting $12k, then where the fuck is it all going? she doesn't spend it on her cosplays, she clearly doesn't spend it to keep herself looking good. everything she owns looks like its been balled up on the floor for a week before putting it on.

i think she blows all her money on really big purchases and then has very little left. like the month she bought all that streaming/ gaming equipment but doesn't even seem to use it.

and this time she spent money on photog stuff, which is just seems so out of left field.

No. 331914

She probably spends alot of money on going out, eating and drinking. By looking at her lifestyle and how lazy she has become, it could be that.

No. 331915

File: 1483324611316.png (125.29 KB, 590x785, fangirling.png)

It's pretty cringe ya

No. 331917

Why does she do this

No. 331925


My guess is that she is one of those people who try to maintain a lifestyle that they clearly can't afford. Most likely she spends all that money on expensive dinners, gifts and personal items and very little on her actual craft. All to keep up the appearance of appearing to be more well off and by extension better than all her detractors. Once her neckbeards find new fap material, that well will dry and and she will have been too stupid and self-absorbed to save any of it and will likely turn to porn or prostitution since all she knows is selling her body because she never bothered to develop any kind of meaningful skill.

No. 331928

With how little she has to show for it she should be putting such a huge chunk of money into retirement savings yearly instead.

No. 331931

she never directly said it (she'd never admit to never playing a game) but she knows basically nothing about any of the characters beyond vague guesses and fan interpretations.

take her camilla for example, she knows nothing about camilla, how she would act/pose, character interactions/relationships, etc. her depiction of camilla is that camilla is a slut who constantly shows off her tits.
the only other fates character that momo has talked about is "LOBSTER DADDY" who is just "DADDY" and nothing else.

asian fetish

No. 331934

I don't know for sure whether she played Fates or not, but it's pretty telling how she's obsessed with one of the absolute worst supports in the game.

No. 331945

Oh jeez, she's going to do more groping sets of other characters. How many more months until she just goes all out porn with them?

No. 331946

File: 1483342586039.gif (494.14 KB, 500x200, ohgod.gif)

No. 331947

that google translate japanese tho

No. 331948

chel tier

No. 331949

She can join her stripper friend Krissy and chlamydia thots offering bj's on the side at Colossalcon when the well runs dry.

No. 331951

Ok Luna. Go sperg in your own thread.

No. 331981


Looks like she's fount her key audience and knows this will earn her big money with these "groping" sets. The neckbeards threw money at her when Wicke was released, I'm sure they'll do the same with these future ideas of hers. What a pathetic sellout.

No. 332011

I'm new to this cow. Two things.

1. This is borderline pixyteri tier. I would go so far as to say that PT's outfits were nicer and she was more entertaining to watch, and even at her fattest she actually had a decent body. What the fuck? How does this girl make 10k/month? She's a cringy obeast… the only thing she has going for her is the fact that she's not 25 yet.

2. I read through the last few threads. What does she spend her money on…? I hope she is saving money but somehow I doubt it.

No. 332019


It appears she spends her money on expensive dinners, gifts and vacations and very little on her actual cosplay, hence why it always looks so cheap. She is so busy being insecure and trying to show off how much better she is than everyone, that she isn't saving any of that money so shell be broke in a couple of years and looking to do porn or prostitution since she didn't learn how to do anything other than showing off her flabby body to neckbeards to fap to.

No. 332022

File: 1483376450488.jpg (498.69 KB, 2048x2048, 1B2053A2-0FE2-4932-BBA9-E6F8FA…)


No. 332024

>makes almost 13k a month
>still lives with her parents

How is she spending SO MUCH that she can't even afford to move out? I can only hope for this girl's sake that she is putting at least a quarter of what she makes a month away.

No. 332025

File: 1483376756774.png (114.52 KB, 640x930, IMG_1565.PNG)

Stuff like her constant rt'ing of Red vs Blue (its all up on her feed, like spam levels just like Guzma)
Is so annoying cause she already knows nill about Halo but even if shes watched the whole series it means nothing to her cause shes never been part of the gaming culture around Halo, just like how she latches onto characters but never played the games (fire emblem and from what ive seen Pokemon S&M too) She emerses herself half assed in the fandom portion but never has she touched the actual y'know FUCKIN GAMES /CONTENT
Reeeeeeee normie

No. 332026

File: 1483376801209.png (86.51 KB, 640x520, IMG_1566.PNG)

These three tweets were all after one another.

No. 332028

No. 332029


Good lord. She is as bad as Suzy is with the whole "Look at me! I'm such a gamer gurl!!" bullshit. Does she have any idea how transparent she looks.

No. 332033

At least Suzy plays some games even if she's shit at them. Moomoo streams about once every few months and I think that's all she games.

No. 332084

What else has she streamed besides Overwatch and Zelda?

No. 332088


LoL, Halo 5 and a few horror games. The only game she's streamed for hours is Overwatch because 'Mei is BAE XD111!1'. Her previous streams are still up on Twitch.

No. 332097

What I find ironic about her try hard totulee a gamr grl XD attitude is that the men she panders to are the type to call out women for being "fake" nerds, but turn a blind eye to her lack of knowledge of anything nerd related because boobs.

No. 332102

File: 1483389366572.png (24.07 KB, 510x283, YGOHWPD.png)


I find it difficult to take her seriously when the type of men she caters to are the ones who apparently harass her at parties & touch her without her consent as she posted just yesterday on her Facebook.

These are your fans in a nutshell Mariah, fuckbois who couldn't give a shit you're 'human'. All they want to see is your tits and ass on a monthly basis.

No. 332113

Looks like she used the Cheeto bronzer. Wow Moomoo is truly worthless, cosplay, personality, and 0 eye for photography.

No. 332115


Lol. As if her fat ass intimidates anyone. Bitch, you'd get dropped to the floor before you could even think to throw a punch.

Also, you reap what you sow. You want to display your ass and tits out there for the world to see and sexualizing every character you come across. Well guess what kinds of people that attracts, the very same neckbeards you cater to with your shit "cosplays" and your attempt to make them sexy.

I guess groping doesn't sound so "cute" now, does it Moomoo.

No. 332119

> I guess groping doesn't sound so "cute" now, does it Moomoo.


No. 332120

I mean, she caters to aspie neckbeards who clearly have no idea how to handle themselves around a chick.

Don't want to seem victim blaming, because everyone deserves to have their space respected. But at the same time its like… Why are you surprised?

No. 332121

File: 1483391243615.jpg (129.35 KB, 497x875, ss (2017-01-02 at 01.06.17).jp…)

Nah It's still cute af don't you know. I'm just having fun

No. 332122

>I guess groping doesn't sound so "cute" now, does it Moomoo.

dang, yup. congrats moomoo, thats sort of shit you promote with your ~cute groping~ sets

No. 332125


I'm surprised nobody has told her this yet on the status in hopes of her losing her shit. "Those guys were just being cute towards you that's all, no harm done, just a bit of meaningless groping."

No. 332128

She actually looks good in this photo. Round of applause to the editor.

No. 332130

I know, this actually looks half way decent for once.

No. 332131

Too bad the wig is still fucked and her tits hanging out

No. 332134


Her Wicke seems pretty decent overall, imo. She has a pic or two where she is pretty wrinkled, but if she'd pay a bit of attention to detail and fix that stuff before taking pics of it, I think they're not half bad.

No. 332143

Hahah. No.

No. 332148


It's a shame the only time she ever looks good is when she looks like she's about to suck dick in a softcore photo.

Says a lot really…

No. 332153

I think it's just that she found a competent editor finally.

No. 332168

File: 1483398718846.jpg (171.73 KB, 1308x1584, JustSeamRipAndTryAgainFFS.jpg)

Bringing this back over from the last thread.
> That skirt hem
> Those boot covers

No. 332173

Just because she makes erotic content doesn't make it okay for people to harass her in public. She's a pretty shitty person, but no one deserves to be sexually harassed.

No. 332177


How is that any different than what's being said here? He isn't even defending her. He doesn't even sound like a fan of her.

No. 332183

File: 1483400965332.png (116.13 KB, 750x848, IMG_1645.PNG)

No. 332184

Mooch just put out her new 75$ twerk tier. gg

No. 332189

I bet if she twerked her costumes would fall apart immediately.

No. 332191

Would like to say the only reason suzy has played more games is bc shes married to a manchild with a very big collection tho,,,
Mariah is still shite tho hah

No. 332192

what the fuck? why didnt she cover the soles of those shoes at least? ive never cosplayed but even i wouldnt do this. she makes 13k/month from this shit? lord have mercy

its not even hard to just buy white sole overlays for all kinds of shoes and stick them on. just holy fucking shit. its the least she could have done to make it look a little less like garbage.

but that skirt hem? jeez.

No. 332195


Given she sucks up to GG from time to time, I wonder how long it will be before she eases her way into being buddies with Suzy.

No. 332197

Im honestly not gonna say she deserves being innapropes touched and all that but she doesnt showcase much restraint herself? Like in public at cons shes pretty handsy with people n all that, whenever she finda a guzma cosplayers on twitter she has no problem telling a stranger to 'sit on me daddy, touch me daddy, smother me daddy'
You get what i mean? Everyone deserves their own space and im not apologizing for anyone who might have touched her, but she needs to show some restraint herself too cause while i get the whole 'quirky so randum super loud and energetic' persona it doesnt come off well when you dont seem to have any limitations really.

(Just think if a cos dude had the same attitude on twitter like he would probably have double Mariahs threads on here with anons telling stories about how he told them to crush him between their thighs kem)

No. 332204

Well, Egorapter already followers her on Twitter

No. 332205


No. 332207


Oh that would be fun to see.They would practically try to out passive-agressive each other. Since they both love to play the whole "Lol. I hate drama, it's why I can't be friends with other girls lol." The to of them would practically eat each other alive trying to prove who is the biggest "totally girl gurl nerd".

No. 332246

File: 1483412118830.png (295.8 KB, 649x649, image.png)


13k and her cosplays still look like shit.

No. 332270

I highly doubt she pays her parwnta rent either.

Not only that but she also e-begs for MORE cash to fund her con trips (like in the last week was asking for $400 to go to ALA 2017… like the 13k she'd cash in on this month wasn't enough to buy a weekend badge)

No. 332273

She's paying for buffets for Nathan, Krissy and SSS at cons

No. 332276

She makes 13k per month. If that is true she wouldn't be beggin for more. Unless she think that this is as far as she can go and tries to milk people as much as possible.

I wonder how much money she puts on her own patreon under a fake account.

No. 332278

File: 1483418752726.jpg (172.41 KB, 1365x2048, 15877915_10154894429129579_698…)

Let's see some of this "cute groping"

No. 332279

File: 1483418885369.jpg (253.46 KB, 1365x2048, 15823768_10154894436704579_133…)

No. 332280

File: 1483418922287.jpg (233.08 KB, 1365x2048, 15824237_10154894435409579_982…)

>when you have to fake having a big ass

No. 332281

File: 1483418942344.jpg (219.22 KB, 2048x1365, 15857764_10154894432264579_120…)

No. 332282

File: 1483419021666.jpg (254.89 KB, 1365x2048, 15878307_10154894434599579_810…)

No. 332283

WTF she looks so old!
It's like groping a grandma

No. 332284

his fingers look fat and I bet her snatch smells so bad.

No. 332285


Yeah. Keep telling yourself you aren't doing porn Moomoo. I'm sure you just love getting felt up like that by total strangers, right? Because it's "cute" as you like to say. And you wonder why neckbeards don't respect your personal space.

No. 332286

File: 1483419124365.jpg (306.88 KB, 1365x2048, 15877724_10154894436074579_105…)

No. 332288

File: 1483419198498.jpg (368.03 KB, 1365x2048, 15857373_10154894435289579_133…)

No. 332289

File: 1483419261617.jpg (283.06 KB, 1365x2048, 15824685_10154894433944579_367…)

No. 332290

SSS has been making 12k for several months before Momo introduced her groping set and has always made more on Patreon. Also why are you bringing up Krissy and Nathan? Retard much?

No. 332291

how delusional is this twat to think this ISN'T PORN?

No. 332292

YIKES. For fuck's sake Mariah just admit that you made pornographic content.

Why the fuck would she include this photo? She looks like she's about to hurl.

No. 332293

File: 1483419636073.png (418.62 KB, 650x750, image.png)

I'm triggered please stop

No. 332294

This seals it. She's a fucking degenerate.

No. 332295

i was really hoping her fantards would be pissed, but i think i thought too highly of them and their need to fap

No. 332296

She probably uses the logic that since she never gets full blown nude, then it can't possibly be porn.

No. 332297

Also is that straight up her asshole? Like, her actual asshole? Or am I bugging? Cause that shit looks fucking grimey. Pardon my samefag.

No. 332298

File: 1483419832466.jpg (396.95 KB, 1365x2048, 15824262_10154894436624579_130…)

there is no stopping

No. 332299

She makes this much money a month and can't even get a fill or get her broken acrylics fixed. Wow.

No. 332300




No. 332301

is that black bit under her bra her shapewear?


No. 332304

K she's 20 and stupid. But that broken acrylic straight up convinced me that she's spending all of the money she earns from patreon funding her patreon, which is how she went from 6k to 14k so quickly. I guess it's all a game to her. Lol.

No. 332306

Wait a minute how is it going up so much so fast??? When I looked just a couple hours ago it was at 13k

No. 332308

you know if she made 13k and had some bomb ass megastar quality photosets i couldn't even be mad, but these pics are so $20 and a slice of pizza. My photography knowledge starts and stops on how to press a button on a DLSR but the photog couldn't up the saturation so that she didn't look like a grey zombie? Edit her breasts so the veins weren't so visible? it's so…not worth the money. I can't wait til a hotter girl with a better editor snatches steals away her customers.

No. 332309

File: 1483420407634.png (117.96 KB, 750x833, IMG_1647.PNG)

How is it up another $400 in a couple hours??

No. 332310

There are hotter girls doing this yet momo still makes more

No. 332311

I just noticed this shit and im fucking YELINNGGGGGG

No. 332312

saging because those fucking nails!!! grown out, broken, griege trash! And when will she find a bra that fits? when?

No. 332313

is it really that fucking hard to wear a matching bra and panties set

No. 332315

Looks like she's wearing a bombshell/pushup bra under the lavender one.

No. 332316

Oh wow… I don't personally consider lingerie/boudoir stuff porn so I never thought what she's previously done was porn but this is really pushing it and is definitely soft core

No. 332317

Like who? Tbh all these patreon cosplayers are ugly as hell.

No. 332318

Please learn anatomy.

No. 332319

thirsty neckbeards want the new softcore she's releasing

No. 332320

god she's so trashy

jnig would never

No. 332321

Jesus fuck. I'm not even a professional photographer, but these pics are so BAD.

No. 332322

No good cosplayers do cosplay budoir which is why momo manages to get so many thirst bucks

No. 332323

Oh my god I had no idea that groping set was going to be this scarring. It also bothers me that she's not wearing a cute thong?? Just a really gross basic G string. It makes your ass look even worse than it is Moomoo.

No. 332325

I mean… how is this not soft core porn?

No. 332327

I could almost agree that the first shots she released a week or two ago weren't porn but this new stuff IS porn. How can she even sit there on her hammy ass and deny it at this point?

No. 332330


Because the dumb bitch thinks that its only porn if you're nude and having sex. So it doesn't count according to her retard logic.

No. 332332

Why does she make more money than hotter girls like Kayyybear, SwimsuitSucubus, Nadya Sonika and Janette in Cosplay?

No. 332334


Like a couple strip teasey photos are whatever they're not too "porn-y" but she's bent over and the guys hand is imitating rubbing her clit/fingering her and one where she's imitating riding him?? That's 110% soft core porn not just a "cute groping set" anymore

No. 332336

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's actually her asshole

No. 332340

Seriously, you guys. Learn simple anatomy…

No. 332341

Even if you agree if this is porn or not, I can tell you what it isn't

this isn't cosplay
this is smut

No. 332344

What do you mean, anon, your asshole isn't located on your lower back?

No. 332345


Remember, it's not porn, it's just a very cute groping set! uwu

No. 332347

It's not her asshole it's the space between her vag and her thigh it's just hard to tell cause her thighs are a lot bigger than her butt I had to double check too

No. 332349

File: 1483425178666.jpg (7.88 MB, 3456x5184, povwicke (18).jpg)

Yeah, that's definitely her shapewear poking out from underneath her bra and skirt. She thought she was was being slick hiding it under a high waisted skirt.

No. 332350

I'm quite grossed out. I'm okay with people doing things like this but when you try to balance that 'it's just for fun/it's cute!/I watch pORN ALL THE TIME I DONT KNOW WHAT PEOPLE ARE TAKING ABOUT!' It's delusional. Either she doesn't understand or she very clearly understands her audience and using her persona to gain more neckbeards who will pay her to basically do nothing. I pick the latter.

No. 332354

Agree. All the boudoir shit she has pulled out in the past doesn't even compare to this. Sex sells but even jnig doesn't have her bf fingering her clit through her panties for more fuckboi bucks. Its surpassed "trashy" at this point. Moomoo's making herself appealing to the lowest common denominator on purpose.

No. 332356

> jnig doesn't have her bf fingering her clit through her panties for more fuckboi bucks

The thing is, Jnig doesn't have to do that to get money. She can do basic lingerie shots and get tons of money thrown her way regardless.

Didn't Momo say that she doesn't even enjoy doing these "boudoir" shoots but does them because she "has" too? (this was said here when "This spandex suit has gotten me more attention that you ever will" happened"
With that in mind, I almost…pity her. It'd be one thing if she actually enjoyed doing sexy shoots (despite how unflattering they may be) but the fact that she said she doesn't even like doing them makes these photos extra sad. Is making yourself uncomfortable really worth the money, Momo?

No. 332363

She's dumb as fuck and won't be able to save her money like a smart scammer would.

She's going to waste it all and when she's older she's going to be clueless.

She doesn't have many years left in this

No. 332366

Yeah at first she said she doesn't enjoy them but they're meant to fund her "bigger cosplays" which she never did and now she's saying "lol idc i'm having fun lmao". She enjoys them for damn sure because she's a needy, fat bitch who loves attention.

I'm pretty sure most of her patreon backers are dippers or just her transfering money to her own patreon because there's no way the gross fat girl porn brings her that much fans. But your point stands, she isn't able to handle the money. She still begs for donations during streams to afford some convention so it's not like she's a smart money user.

No. 332368

This looks so awkward.

No. 332371

I'd never thought I'd say this but JNig is classy compared to momo. Despite being a cringeworthy orange slut she's at least only doing lingerie shoots and not this trashy ass sleazy amateur softcore porn in a dingy hotel room with shitty lighting and photo editing.

No. 332372

For 13K a month buy colour-matched shapewear ffs.

No. 332374

I remember her commenting that very vividly! However I can't help but think it might have been her way of saying, "I'm not a sellout like all those fake cosplay/gamer gurl whores! I'm such a real nerd you guyz! Down B smash lol!!1!"

The only reason she gets a lick of attention is by throwing her tits and ass out, and no matter how much she puts up the "body positivity front" I think deep down she's ashamed of it. It feeds into her insecurity and makes her cry out for even more validation than before. And what gets her attention? T and A. Thus creating this sad endless cycle. Why else would the "its just cute! totally not sexual!" delusion be so high?

No. 332375

File: 1483430428794.png (114.63 KB, 1065x631, SSS.png)

I wish she was talking about Momo.

No. 332376

Its not porn its grooooping!
Its not killing its pooooking!
Cant. She is so stupid.

No. 332383

the part I find most annoying is that badly fitting bra. we know your boobs aren't shaped like that, quit buying huge bras to bunch up your tits on top of them.

No. 332386


Personally think SSS deserves to be top dog in the Patreon modelling game, but I don't like her personality just as much as the other girls. She's more tolerable, but she's friends with Momo and therefore gives her a pass to bs like the whole "it's not softcore porn!" thing and thicc = fat. I also hate it when lewd female cosplayers are like: "it shouldn't be about competition! We should all be friends!" even if they secretly hate each other's guts. Lewd Patreon models just tend to be generally annoying for some reason.

No. 332387


I think that applies to most girls who do lewd Patreon modelling. They're seeing more money than they've ever seen in their life, but I wonder if they've thought about what they would do once they hit the wall or if they get into an accident that ruins their looks.

No. 332388


How the hell did she surpass SwimSuitSuccubus? Are there that many chubby chasing otakus?

No. 332391

she looks like a fucking muppet

No. 332396

A lot of female populated careers have this issue, guys. Models, actresses, tv presenters, secretaries, youtubers (primarily beauty gurus) basically any job where you show your face.

Of course its more prominent in sex work, but females are judged and valued on how they look, its reality.
Any female who can't come up with one job that doesn't depend on looks is doomed to fail in life. Momo will probably end up making and selling bad cosplays or running a youtube channel or some boring shit.

No. 332397


Have some shame, Momo, you nasty slut. The first couple of pictures weren't that bad, but the rest are absolutely disgusting.

This is porn. May as well just go the rest of the way.

No. 332404


This is just disgusting…absolutely disgusting. This set looks more like a one where they just photographed each moment of their banging session.

No. 332405

No. 332409

>*Patreon is not for pornography, but some of the world’s most beautiful and historically significant art often depicts nudity and sexual expression. Because of that, we allow nudity and suggestive imagery, as long as it is marked as Adult Content. If your work contains nudity or any material that could potentially be offensive to users, make absolutely sure to mark the page as Adult Content in the creator description when creating your page. Think of the policy as allowing “R Rated” movies… but not porn. In keeping with our strong commitment to safety, we have zero tolerance for content that sexualizes children in any way.

Now, the question is: will Patreon see this as porn? Because I honestly doubt it

No. 332410

I don't know. She's basically simulating having sex, but still has some clothing on.

It's really pushing it.

No. 332417

She's too narcissistic to see how people only treat her the way she treats others. She always comes up with an excuse why it's okay for her to act/do certain things, but not for others. "I'm only touching these people because I'm just being friendly!" "Omg I don't like it when random people touch me. :(" She's a train wreck and the more she makes now, the more glorious it'll be when she inevitably starts declining.

No. 332420

right? in fact, her facial expressions are the cringiest part of this set for me. she looks so awkward and unattractive.

No. 332421

Where tf can I see these pics????

No. 332425

File: 1483452393828.jpg (256.63 KB, 1628x1748, IMG_20170103_060453.jpg)

Has she always had this tattoo?

No. 332427

SS calls her work sex work though and doesn't get defensive when people call her stuff softcore porn so I don't get what you're talking about.

No. 332428

She was posting about how people call her thicc even though she's skinny. It's in the tweet thread. There's no subtweeting to momo there.

No. 332429

It's all red around the tattoo so it must be new

No. 332430

Is this symbol from an anime or game?

No. 332431

On her IG it says it has to do with dragon ball z

No. 332432

Does patreon still have it where you can set to donate for content, receive the content, then cancel before the payments go through at the end (beginning? middle?) of the month?

No. 332434

i think so, an anon was bragging in the other thread that thats why they do for moomoo, and a lot of people on patreon do it.

No. 332436

Your reasoning doesnt really make sense at all. Swimsuit calls her stuff sex work and doesnt try to cover it up. I don't get what you're trying to say by "thicc = fat" but you just said you find it annoying when other girls say they should get along with others?

No. 332437



It's the "The Saiyan Royal Family symbol worn by those of Saiyan royal blood."

It never appears in the show after a while. She must went through the wiki and saw it.

No. 332440

…Why is her face purple?

The Supermaryface ass spread, classy.

Because she thinks she's sooo above sex workers, and is too stupid to realize that she's one.

A guy posted in the last thread saying that a lot of her patrons are there to scam her, since you can pledge and then take it back before the end of the month, so you can have the pics and you can upload them wherever you want? (I don't know how Patreon works, but the guy said something like that).
I wonder how money is she actually making, if we put the scammers and her own pledges aside.

Isn't Guzmo underage?

No. 332441

File: 1483457905654.jpg (52.54 KB, 500x364, saiyan_logo_tattoo_dbz.jpg)

14k a month and cheaped out on a tattoo stiil? the linework is so bad and wonkey.
look how much cleaner this tattoo looks compared to hers. i dunno why the artist outlined the symbol with black it just makes all the mistakes more visable

No. 332442

That tattoo looks really ugly anon

No. 332444

File: 1483458548444.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 084.png)

the size and placement are really tacky but at least its not wonky and crooked like moomoos

No. 332445

is no one going to comment on the fat rolls forming on her back above where her bra straps would be? It looks like her bra straps have pushed fat up and made a permanent muffin top kek

No. 332446

Guzma and Professor Kukui are the same age, so no. Trolls were editing the wiki to say he was 13 not long ago because of petty shipping bullshit.

No. 332450

so i'm assuming she took that wiki image to the tattoo place since its identical, and the other examples I've seen have slight variations

No. 332455

File: 1483463840248.png (330.56 KB, 1125x1515, IMG_2365.PNG)

> guy writes hoping she's blowing some dude, if not he'll die
> Mariah response "when's the funeral"

Why are you so triggered Mariah? I thought you were "doing this for fun lol" so when you're posting POV shots and make comments like you're sucking a dick the dragon balls, comments like these make sense and belong under your pictures. If you constantly makes jokes about sexual shit, tell people to "step on you," and push out HYPER sexualized cosplays, you're warranting sexually explicit comments/suggestions. You can't draw a line, you can't be upset, it's all part of the same fucking territory.

No. 332456

File: 1483464098914.jpg (741.21 KB, 1728x2592, povwicke-11.jpg)

this one wasn't posted, right? lolol

No. 332457

File: 1483464195680.jpg (710.71 KB, 1728x2592, povwicke-12.jpg)

or this one… ugh

No. 332458

It's only ever shown on old eps where King and (kid) Vegeta appear. It appeared once more in DB Super recently when Beerus used the king as a stepping stool in a flashback. I only ever see the logo appear deep in the DBZ fandom, otherwise I don't think it's well known. I think she probably pulled it from wiki to show some 'cred' since it's easy to find.

sage because late af but a DB nerd screaming at this

No. 332459

>wig still has a lot of flyaways
>that smudged as fuck sharpie tattoo on Guzma

I know our expectations are low, but c'mon.

No. 332460

Omg these pics are so unflattering I am embarrassed for her, holy crap

No. 332461

Fucking gross. I did not expect to see her go that far. What a trashy girl.

No. 332481

She looks like a lizard here.

And here she looks like a mom pretending to be sexy but having trouble doing that.

No. 332489

She has the saggy tits of a 40 yr old soccer mom. I can't imagine how disgusting they will look when she hits 30.

No. 332505


Yep, that's about right. A desperate mom trying to be sexy and just looking awful doing it.

No. 332508

> purple bra
> bombshell push up underneath
> black waist trainer
> white garters

Mariah fucking stop

No. 332509


How can you tell she's wearing 2 bras?

No. 332510

File: 1483474600372.jpg (542.37 KB, 2048x2048, DD970B95-464C-4C6D-9B6D-ACD566…)


No. 332511


That's a whole lot of shit just to hide the fact that you are fat Moomoo. Just give up already.

No. 332512

The nails… I want to barf

No. 332513

Theres a white band under the pink bow thats clearly not part of the purple bra,
Weve already established in past threads that she wears double bras and anon further up pointed out it was most likely a bombshell push up bra aka very standard tittie streamer bra.
(Sorry for slight OT)

No. 332514

I can understand guys fapping to her body, why not, it's not absolutely repulsive with enough push-up and trainer waist cincer but her face …

She looks like a grandma getting molested, who the fuck look at that face and doesn't insta lose their boner ? Idk if it's the thin lips, that weird space between her nose and her mouth or the general shape of her head and nose but it's just wrong

No. 332518

I honestly think momo just has poor taste and bad style. the washed out lips she always does and over caked on foundation that creases in her smile lines, those awful beige nails and her inibility to style her hair to look nicer so she gets cheap poorly placed extensions. I don't think she's ugly she just needs to put actual work into her looks to be attractive.

No. 332521

I've watched every DBZ episode and I didn't immediately recognize that symbol.. and I'd even venture to say I am mildly autistic about the series. I think the only time I've seen it was in the Bardock movie and in various flashbacks to Vegeta's life as a child. Otherwise, it seems pretty meaningless.

sage for fandom

No. 332523

Seriously, why would she in her right mind put these out???? Let see what other train wrecks she'll put on for us in this new year :^)

No. 332525


One of the nails is busted…she makes all this money yet can't even get a new set of nails for the photoshoot. She has these same nails in several other previous boudoir shots as well. Fucking trashy.

No. 332526

File: 1483477592032.png (1.28 MB, 1835x601, 32413543545.png)

yaya han is gonna cosplay camilla from fire emblem its gonna make moomoos look even more shitty

No. 332529

that poor purple bra looks like it's gonna rip apart

No. 332530

I can almost hear Momo either being really passive aggressive about how MUCH better Yaya's is or she'll do her stupid fucking SENPAI NOTICED ME because CLEARLY Momo IS Camilla and only is cosplaying it because of Momo.

I'm not a huge fan of Yaya but God damn at least those lines and seams look crisp and clean compared to Momo's.

No. 332532

Ngl I got REALLY excited over Yaya's Camilla wip. I haven't been excited over something yaya's done in years. You automatically know it's going to be good. Kind of excited to see the chest armor because she's going to slam it out of the park and look classy doing it too.

sage. Not a big yaya fan but after seeing Momo's version, can't wait to see quality.

No. 332538

I honestly respect Yaya enough to always know anything she makes is going to look as authentic as possible, even if the character doesn't 100% match her body type. At least Yaya is always straight up about how she doesn't really play these games anymore cuz she doesn't have time, but she falls in love with these character designs and does everything to learn about them if she wants to do a cosplay of them.

No. 332550

My real nails are tragic but at least I always slap on a new pair of press on nails for every con or photoshoot. Momo could at least do this since clearly that monthly trip to the salon to get her nails filled is too taxing. Think about it moomoo, it literally takes two minutes to do.

No. 332552

File: 1483481657659.jpg (19.54 KB, 620x263, moomoo.jpg)


No. 332580


>inb4 Momo making another crying out post about how people shouldn't be posting her content with out permission!!!!

No. 332582

File: 1483486390981.jpg (102.22 KB, 732x207, screenshot.52.jpg)

Seems legit

No. 332583

>money and attention are nothing
Lmao who does this bitch think she's fooling

No. 332584

Hi Momo! Thanks for dropping by again!

No. 332585

>cinammon roll
Besides that, I think Yaya will look great as Camilla since it fits the older, big boobed image she has, and the craftsmanship looks excellent so far too.

No. 332590


"lol I'm just trying to have fun. I hate drama. Why can't we all just be friends"

Botch, you ain't fooling anyone. At least make it less obvious that you drop by here to heck on yourself.

No. 332596

She's a cheap sellout who relies on money and attention to live happy and clearly it's the only thing she cares about in cosplay, who she trying to fool.

No. 332600

Apparently what makes her happy is for everyone to see her fat ass and shit cosplay. C'mon Momo, if you're really trying to present this "I'm only here to have fun cosplaying" image at least actually try on your costumes. And maybe, y'know, not take people's money and rip them off.

It's funny how she's trying to say she doesn't care about money and attention now that people are giving it to her.

No. 332602

So at this point I think, i'm going to become a rich cosplayer…i'm fat, ugly, short and talentless - should be enough

No. 332603

"Do just what makes you happy" says the girl who more or less said she HAD to do boudoir shoots because they sold and she didn't really like them. Lol, okay.

No. 332604

are you retarded?

No. 332606

I'm triggered that she makes so much on Patreon and still does these photo sets in shitty hotel rooms.

No. 332607

Pretty sure Momo is reading this thread and tweeted that thus the "hi momo" comment, not calling the anon who posted the screenshot Momo

No. 332617

jesus fucking christ. her tits are absolutely disgusting, her face is wrecked. what the hell is there for neckbeards to fap to? i'd rather fap to the fucking clock in the background

No. 332630

Why does she insist on having her mouth open for all these pictures? It looks so bad.

No. 332631

We all know she lurks here constantly. So much for "not caring about drama!"

No. 332643

Question. Why is the skin being pushed by the guy's thumb all bunched up like gross shed lizard skin?

No. 332650


loose skin i guess

No. 332651

Kek I have that. It's loose skin from weightloss. I'm not even gonna hate on momo for that. Not everyone is gonna have unmovable boulder tits like nigri.

No. 332653

I hate myself for saying this but all of the comments in here saying "how do guys buy this shit? how low are their standards?" Well. I'm pretty sure this is exactly the kind of stuff my boyfriend used to get off to. Willingly. I don't know how or why… but it just appeals to some.

No. 332654

File: 1483495569483.jpg (67.84 KB, 499x456, ss (2017-01-03 at 06.02.15).jp…)

Let it begin

No. 332656

Disgusting floor. At least clean up before taking a picture.

No. 332657

Did she finally use that damn money to commission someone else to make her a cosplay???

No. 332658

Holy shit, after a year of anons saying "your costumes are shit, just commission somebody", she finally did it.

No. 332660

She looks shit but those lashes are fantastic. Can anyone tell what they are?

No. 332661

she got lash extensions awhile back, could be that.

No. 332662

Awaiting the finished product and photoshoot, only to have Momo suck up to Yaya with compliments and how she thinks Camilla is the best as well. You know the sad bitch will do just that, she already has to point out using her fabric line multiple times.

No. 332664

lash extensions dont look like that (as someone who had them) - those are def strip lashes

No. 332668

File: 1483498788588.png (1.52 MB, 906x587, 1474077570389.png)

looks pretty similar to me, just with eyeliner >>332288

No. 332671

Ahh, give her some slack. At least she has the excuse of being productive. How many times has Momo posted selfies in her trashed bedroom or bathroom when we know shes been doing jack shit all day?

No. 332681

File: 1483500703364.jpg (143.08 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1658.JPG)

Just wanna redirect people to lurk further up thread cause her lash extensions have all fallen out cuz what do you expect from our girl Lay-Z MooMoo
You see it in her 'no make up' selfies
(where we mentioned her dumb ass filter use)

(If it helps I do think they look similar to Diamond Lashes Glamorous series or something in the Decorative Eyelash play sexy series??? sage for OT and lash sperging)

No. 332707

Dear Momo,
Put some of your $14,000 into good skin care products. It looks like shit for your age.

No. 332709

I still can't believe she didn't even get her nails filled.

No. 332713

Seriously, spend the $200 for a rental at a nice city hotel instead of the local Super 8.

No. 332738

Those nails … just how DO you fuck up that bad?

>says Momo, while uploading another attention whoring porn set to her patrons and booking a new vacation at Hawaii with her 14k worth of patreon bucks
>Oh right, I'm totally not doing this for the money and the attention!

No. 332740


You don't get it because you misunderstood what I wrote. "…she (SSS) is friends with Momo and therefore gives her (Momo) a pass to bs like the whole "it's not softcore porn!" thing and thicc = fat." Meaning, SSS will go along with Momo's delusion about not doing softcore porn (check her tweets defending Momo when she was complaining about it) and she will lie to Momo and call her "thicc", when Momo is clearly overweight and possibly clinically obese given by how much abdominal fat she has. Not saying she should call her friend fat, but don't inflate her ego and act like everything's ok when Momo slowly eating herself to death.

SSS pushes that same feel good bs about how girls shouldn't compete with each other when competition is what got man to the moon. Delusional people like that annoy me and it doesn't help that she keeps people like Momo as close company. Other than being more attractive than most of her friends and less threatened by other women, SSS is not that different or special. I don't think she deserves brownie points for not being completely dishonest. Sure, she isn't lolcow worthy, but she's still phony and kind of dumb. That's why I don't find her likable especially when she humble brags.(derailing)

No. 332743

Ok thanks for that longwinded story full of reaching.

No. 332744

Yeah what the fuck was that "money doesnt matter" shit she was saying. Funny how she says that after getting tons of cash for attention grabbing content.

No. 332745


Np, that's why you're here.

No. 332746

She wouldnt have said any of that if she wasnt getting a bunch of cash and attention.

No. 332747


If 2 standard paragraphs counts as a long winded story, then you must have the attention span of a gnat.

No. 332748

She actually has commissioned people in the past. Like for her RWBY cosplay

No. 332749

pretty sure her yang was an exact taobao bought as Sheena's

No. 332750

She said the jacket was commissioned just like her Mei coat.

No. 332751

Huh weird. It had the same gold trim around the arms like Sheena's and also the same pleated parts and crappy necklace.

No. 332752

She probably lied about commissioning it then. The Mei jacket was from someone who mass produced them and she called that a commission too.

No. 332755

This post she made about not caring about the money and came is cracking me up. Of course she does, otherwise she wouldn't be stripping off her clothes for more.

No. 332757

She called it a commission because it was one of those Taobao cosplays that can be made to your measurements. It's technically a commission (a costume made specifically for her), she just got it from a Taobao shop instead of another cosplayer.

No. 332758

I'm physically uncomfortable by proxy looking at these photos. The purple bra underwire isn't even under her breasts - it's a good inch away from even touching her. She's got a second bra under it that has hoisted that mess up under her chin. Her waist cincher looks weird, like it's been forced down because it's too tight around her lower ribs. She's got all that shit on and it had to be stiflingly hot. I wonder if her mouth is always open because she's always borderline panting due to being so constricted.

And that dude's thumb is gross. Outright dirt under his nail.

She has to be fiddling with her Patreon because she's not quite gross enough to draw in the ugly person porn crowd but there are far better fat chicks to support. No way she's earning anywhere near that much doing such shitty work with a body that increasingly reminds me of how you can't force toothpaste back into the tube.

No. 332760

Anyone else think his hands are kinda unattractive?

No. 332762

The white band isn't part of a bombshell bra, they have an x-shaped strap in the front. It's probably part of her shapewear or a shitty method of holding her bolero/top on because the costume is so badly constructed.

No. 332763

File: 1483516823134.jpg (294.33 KB, 1178x434, MomoZonbi.jpg)

So, this cosplayer, Zonbi, made a video giving shout outs to some of her favorite cosplays of 2016. She said Momo's Mei was one of her favorites and praised how well "she" made it and said she "must have worked so hard on it, everything from the jacket to the gloves looks so great!" And as we all know, Momo didn't make shit except for the ugly back piece and the boots. Yet, here she is claiming she'll be remaking the gloves, without correcting Zonbi and admitting that she didn't actually make the costume. The fact that she's taking complete credit for work that she did not fucking do is ridiculous.

No. 332764

Vid related

No. 332765

Now that momo is making 14k on patreon I feel like people are kissing ass. "Best cosplay of 2016" seriously???

No. 332785


Someone comment on the video and call her out on this bs

No. 332787

File: 1483522970782.png (243.83 KB, 1125x1650, IMG_5005.PNG)

You people think she makes that she loads credit card pledges after the first of the month here is a pic of here patreon jan1st then it increases 2k in a day? Fucking playmate of the year Sara jean Underwood doesn't increase at that rate. Momo is definitely making fake pledges to herself or she's using friends to boost

No. 332788

2000 views lol

No. 332792

I lurked around after the post to see which push up cuz i realised my dumbass was indeed wrong and while it is still a second bra its not the Bombshell one, from what i found online the straight band resembles the sexy tee push up or something of that nature cause it is in fact a second bra due to the purple bras underwire not even touching her fat ass skin half the time in the photos

No. 332796

>competition is what got man to the moon
We're talking about women who upload pictures of themselves in skimpy clothing in cheap hotel rooms for beta-nerds to fap over.

And SSS is not a nutritionist or a physician. It's not her job to tell Momo to stop eating. Getting into fights with other prominent cosplayers/whatever-they-call-themselves would also wreck her brand.

You sound like the delusional one, tbqhfam.

No. 332797

Why do you give her so much of your time she's nothing but a whale and fucking Arab who is probably in this country to blow herself up at a crowded con one day

No. 332798

SSSuckass is around 32 but lies and is short and stumpy irl

No. 332799

SSS is old as fuck tell her to supply proof of age she lies about

No. 332800

Guys with no self worth get off to fat chicks. No one with money success and decent looks and body would look at this shitshow

No. 332801

Luna, go back to your own thread and stop shitting up this one

No. 332803

Yaya is an old Asian whore who married a guy that is her bitch and helps make her cosplays

No. 332804

don't you have tricks to fuck where's the birth certificate dumb smelly curry cunt

No. 332805

Why is this site ip in Phoenix Arizona

No. 332815

File: 1483533448382.jpg (72.95 KB, 502x520, ss (2017-01-04 at 04.36.36).jp…)

Can't wait to see MooMoo fit into this.

No. 332817

did you really get tired of sperging your own thread and realizing you STILL aren't relevant that you have to rage here loonie

No. 332824

You've made me realize what that squirmy, uncomfortable feeling is when I look at Moomoo trying to be sexy. I can imagine her huffing and puffing as she smooshes her flab around while all her ill-fitting clothing is pulling at her stretched out skin. This Wicke costume really highlights it too, it must have been so awkward.

No. 332841

Remember when cosplayers who actually made their shit got recognition instead of these lazy fat cows who get their shitty cosplays from aliexpress? Fucking christ you'd think someone making a list of "best cosplays of 2016" would do SOME investigative work instead of just sperging over flavor of the month characters.

I guess momo was included because of body positivity uwu gotta support the fatties!

No. 332844

This picture always reminds me of how ugly she is.

No. 332849

There have been far better Meis. Ones that created their whole cosplay and even created Snowball (meis robotic floating partner). No love because they're not at x amount of followers. This youtuber did no research of ofc wants that popularity from Momo,

Who btw is suddenly trying to look like an angel because someone is watching/following her now

No. 332851

Why does Luna keep saying this exact same insult? There's candids and videos of Swimsuit at cons and she has long ass legs and huge hips. Keep crying that someone older than you looks much younger. Sage for OT. I love seeing Luna Lanie all triggered over the same 3 people.

No. 332852

OT, but is SSSuccubus really 32? Cause hot damn that's some fitspo right there.

No. 332854

She says 25 on her IG so I highly doubt it. Luna is just a retard and thinks simply claiming someone is old is somehow an insult. As for the short and stumpy irl comment her IG also has several candids in the tagged photo section and her body looks just like her photos too.
Luna sperges the hardest over her and Kayyybear because they aren't full of silicone and photoshopped to look good. Also sage

No. 332860

File: 1483549231179.png (275.78 KB, 1125x1931, IMG_2399.PNG)

I like how people compliment her Mei as if she made it, or they think she made it. We get to see this spammed all over her social media as if it's something special. Don't you think they Mei coat would be too if she created it? Simple logic. So fucking simple.

No. 332867

>12k/month in the Patreon
>Looks like cardboard with glue

No. 332873

Correction, 14k a month

No. 332879

>Sewed the craft foam diamonds to the fabric
I guess she's really proud of her clever decision but newsflaws moomoo: craft foam rips apart when you sew it to a flexing part (i.e. a shoe) because the thread acts like a knife or a saw as it moves, digging into the foam until it gives out.

No. 332885

I think >>332297 meant to click on this one instead >>332279 as that thumb is definitely disappearing inside of her.

No. 332887

Just use hot glue or e6000 and cement that shit on. Unless it IS cardboard, it's going to fall off because you've weakened it with sewing. Plus we don't actually see the pinholes that would have been made or sewing (unless it was a very very good slip stitch? In that case I don't think she's have the right needle to make that shit work). Just say you glued it. Nothing wrong with gluing pieces to fabric if it's needed like the diamonds.

No. 332890

I don't understand where this beef between Luna and Momo started. Did they have some sorta personal spat or are they both so petty they hate anyone more popular/richer/etc. than they are?

No. 332894

nah the og beef was always with luna and kaybear over stupid bs in hs and luna is jealous that someone from her hs years is also getting well known as a cosplayer cuz kay has actual talent. momo only got involved to white knight for kay

No. 332917

Why not just add so foam to the bottom of the diamond so it's flat, glue some velcro, then sew velcro to the jacket, and attach it that way? Then you aren't damaging anything, and it's secure. She can't even do simple shit like this, how could anyone think she made that Mei cosplay herself?

No. 332920

Come on, Anon. Do you really think Momo's creative enough to come up with that? This is the same bitch that couldn't be bothered to look up a wig cutting tutorial.

No. 332921

In the grand scheme of things these cosplayers should probably credit who they buy the costumes from however if the manufacture gives no shits then it won't happen.

No. 332934

Just found out how other patreon users use their patreon money to put back into patreon as fake pledgers in order to look more popular. They're fucking stupid for doing it because they're losing money by patreon taking a cut, but they're definitely trying to game the system this way. Mariah is still attempting to look more popular than she really is. She's also proclaiming things like being a guest of a Vegas con and saying SHE'LL have other cosplayers there as if she's running the show. Mariah is even trying to act like her and nigri are tight and planning cosplays together by tweeting her. What I'm getting at is mariah is fake as fuck. I thought she was blowing up in the cosplay scene a few months ago but I've come to realize it's all show boating.

No. 332940


Holy shit. She sounds super pathetic.

No. 332942

Pretty sure that's exactly what she does

No. 332945

Can you go into more detail? I just want to know exactly how she's doing it. Also, anyway to find out exactly how much she's putting in herself?

No. 332949

I'll give Zonbi the benefit of the doubt because she generally hasn't shown any flake tendencies herself. She has informative videos, makes a lot of her own stuff, has a career outside of cosplay she is happy with, and does some cool charity stuff visiting kids in hospitals but doesn't milk it for all it's worth and in general hasn't tried to monetize the shit out of cosplay even though she has more useful content out there then a lot of people making a living on patreon.

I say this not to suck her dick, but just to say that maybe this is a good opportunity to bring to light Momo's sleazy behavior. Zonbi may not lurk gossip sites so she doesn't have it all spilled out to her, and if we just dump this thread on her she'll probably click away out of habit, but if someone compiles proof offsite and gives it to her framed as "Momo ripped off my friend's work and hurt other cosplayers too, could you please help spread the word about commissioners she's hurting" she'll probably be more receptive than "Hurr durr she's a cow, look at this thread where we call her fat over and over."

No. 332953

It makes sense since she has nothing to show for making so much a month other than some vacations, dinners and cheap motel rooms. That still wouldn't drain 10-14k a month unless she truly is squirreling it away.

No. 332960

Even before she blew up to $14k, it always seemed strange that she was making $8k-$10k a month and seemed to have NOTHING to show for it. Her cosplays didn't get better, she still lives at home, probably doesn't have to pay any actual bills. Besides a few large splurges here and there, she doesn't live like someone who was making thousands of dollars would.

No. 332962

Continuing my line of thought, I also don't doubt that she did see an influx in actual patreons when she released her soft-core set (yes momo, its PORN) but who knows how legit it is now.

No. 332966

File: 1483578819432.jpg (9.36 KB, 236x197, 42c050f0b78f14b205d8b676b08d79…)


It looks like she's just wearing the Dream Angels push-up bra, pic related. This bra is a VERY old style however.

Source: Am the same VS anon from a past thread (>>>/snow/178670)

No. 332973

If she is faking thousands of dollars how much do you guys think she's gonna have to pay in taxes? Wouldn't it be a lot more than she actually has?

No. 332974

I wouldn't be surprised if that idea never crossed her mind. Momo comes across to me as being spoiled af and it's likely her parents take care of her taxes for her.

No. 332975

She has to report the patreon money to the IRS at this point since patreon has (or should have) her social security. You must report all earnings after a certain amount (I think it's either $400 or $800 as a freelancer. I think this would be considered freelancer work) earned within the year. If she's been scamming this entire time, putting money into patreon, then she's GOING TO HAVE TO pay a shit ton of money to the IRS as patreon will be reporting her earnings to the government. She has to file it and if the numbers don't match up, she'll be audited. If assuming she actually makes 2k (just throwing numbers) on her '14k patreon', the amount she'll have to pay to the IRS is going to be insane.

sage because I'm not a fucking accountant but only know basic tax shit. Sorry if I got something wrong.

No. 332993

Dear lord thank u anon it was driving me nUTS!
Stil dont understand how she makes it float of her body tho haha

No. 333011

It's just way too small for her so it shifts to the bottom of her boobs.
>>332966 You said it's an old style, so I'm assuming Momo has had that bra for a long time, probably back when she was thinner and had smaller boobs. Couldn't even spare $30 out of the 14k she's supposedly making to buy a new one that fits her. Which would explain why she isn't wearing a matching lingerie set either (seriously, purple bra, black panties, white garters…put some fucking effort in jfc)
If it were me, I would have gone out of my way to find a cute gold lingerie set to match the actual cosplay and make the entire thing cohesive. But Momo doesn't even care enough to get a fresh manicure, let alone get some matching underwear.

No. 333013

File: 1483587844068.png (180 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5125.PNG)

seriously, this is what moomoo had to say? She really is as stupid as they come

No. 333014


What's really funny is that the dumb bitch thinks she is being so clever. Like "lol, I totally owned you there. Cry moar and go home to your mommy". Typical, she doesn't have a valid comeback, so she tries to laugh it off and pretend she doesn't care.

No. 333016

File: 1483588546412.png (150.5 KB, 750x1086, IMG_0064.PNG)

There's this going on in her newest photo too

No. 333017


Here comes the inevitable chimp out.

"lol I hate drama. I'm just trying to have fun! Stop sloot shaming u guyz!"

No. 333022

File: 1483589359385.png (128.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5126.PNG)

HAHA moomoo couldn't take the heat

No. 333023


Lol. Did she really go private? Bitch can't handle herself at all.

No. 333032

Momo, Krissy, Kaybear all do that. There's going to be hell to pay once they get audited. IRS ain't no joke.

No. 333033

File: 1483590951045.png (267.9 KB, 482x506, Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.3…)

No. 333034

File: 1483591001132.png (257.17 KB, 496x510, Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.3…)

No. 333035

File: 1483591061941.png (78.25 KB, 616x326, Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.3…)

No. 333036

Trying different things in cosplay would be like trying new design techniques, using new materials, doing something more complex than you normally would do. What momo did was porn all for the sake of followers and money.


No. 333038


I fucking called it! Yes Mooomoo, Please cry moar about how you're "such a good person" and how "you hate drama and just want everyone to be friends". Fuck outta here with that shit. Maybe don't make it so obvious that you read the comments because you are so far up your ass that you need to pay attention to every word said about you

And yeah. Keep deluding yourself into thinking you aren't anything more than soft-core porn fap material.

No. 333039

she's gonna start blocking people like luna

No. 333041

that's not getting choked? he's holding her chin? what

No. 333042


Or like Chel. I mean, they're both fat cows who pretty much do porn on the internet.

No. 333043

I was just about to comment that too! I'm so confused does she really think this looks like choking? No one is stupid enough to think that.. He's clearly like holding her chin and his fingers and against her cheek??

No. 333045

She probably meant that she can't breathe with all that tight shit on her body.

Victoria Secret Anon, thanks for clearing up the baffling two bra issue but could you explain how her tits are hoisted up like that when the actual bra underwire doesn't come close to touching her skin? Her bra is so ill-fitting that the bottom of her skirt had ridden up under it! How on Earth is it pushing her up like that?

No. 333050

Randomly beinging up krissy and kayyybear…this reaks of Loonie

No. 333052


She might have bought a cup size too big and then shortened the straps like crazy.

No. 333054

File: 1483593656269.png (548.57 KB, 580x580, bombshell.png)

Not VS anon, but VS push up bras tend to have a lot of padding on the bottom of the cup depending on the model. So the padding pushes all the boob up and away from the underwire. Pic related shows a Bombshell bra's padding, so the underwire can sit on the end of your ribs instead of directly under your boobs.

No. 333059


Isn't this the same bitch that claims that she "Would lay your ass out" if you touched her without her permission?

Like, I love how she tries at act all tough and shit, but the second she gets called out, she immediately cowers behind her neckbeards and cries like "Wah! Quit picking on me! I'm just trying to have fun lol. I hate drama!" Turning tail and running the moment someone checks you. That's you Moomoo.

No. 333095

are we witnessing the end of a monster here

No. 333139

No, we're just witnessing a coward that can't take the truth

No. 333147

Either Luna or Nathan

No. 333177

She blocked you, anon. She didn't delete her posts.

No. 333182

No, I know she blocked me. That's why I said she couldn't take the heat and just pulled a coward move

No. 333192

Can you say approximately how much she would have to pay? I feel like this is going to be a good lesson for many "Patreon-scammers" and why they should avoid stuff like that.

No. 333216

She does that to EVERYONE. Heck she blocked me on Twitter for suggesting her to not make matters worse by continuing cover up her lies and she should just admit them and move on. Wow, ffs I was like ok, Bye Felicia!

No. 333230

Freelancers are suggested to take 25% to 30% out of what they get paid to pay for taxes. So basing the 14k for one month (January doesn't count, just December), she has to set aside around $3,500 for taxes. She supposedly had a $4k monthly income for what, 3 months? That's $1k she should have set aside. So pretending she had an income of 4K for 8 months (where everyone actually paid and I'm also ignoring how her patreon grew to 14k to make it simple), that's $32,000 in 8 months with her needing to pay the gov about 8k so she only earns 24k.

If she earns 14k for 12 months (going into 2017) that's about a 168k income with 42k needing to be paid to the government (taxes also change when you hit the 100k mark I think so that's probably wrong?). Take it with a grain of salt because she could be earning less if people don't okay charges to their CCs so she could actually be earning 6k out of the 14k this month. We won't ever know unless we actually see the tax forms. But 25%-30% is the freelance tax percentage number that needs to be set aside.

sage still because I didn't become an accountant overnight so info might be wrong. Basing this off personal tax experiences.

No. 333234

Adding to double check myself. Patreon sends W9 forms (freelancer) to anyone who makes over $600 within the year and a 1099 form if you make over 20k. A 1099 is basically what contractors get and it's still suggested to set aside 25-30% if your job doesn't take out the taxes for you.

No. 333236


So basically, she may put herself in dept big time.

Also wow, from the 14k you have to give around 3.5k. Taxes in America are really big, didn't know that.

No. 333254

File: 1483644232614.png (455.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1775.PNG)

Ah yes tbt @ that craftsmanship on the glove

No. 333257

File: 1483644374344.jpg (515.89 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1777.JPG)

Professionalism yet look at those disgusting paint lines…
inb4 someone mentions the tape but there aint tape on the vertical strips and they look like shite

No. 333271

This bitch makes me sick. Looking at her Twitter, she just recently gave money to a nigri stream to get in good graces with her. Now after this she's asking to be on their future fund raising streams with her because she wants to give to charity! Lol no you fucking don't mariah. If you really wanted to you'd charity stream yourself. She just wants to get closer to that nigri pot of gold. So disgusting to use charity streams for your own personal gain.

No. 333283


She'll do anything to be involved in Nigri's little crew, it's nothing more than a blatant brag and ego boost. I can't believe she's suggested getting involved in another stream as she wants to donate to Muslim/Syrian relief.

She's a grade A cunt. Like fuck does she give a shit about her "fellow" Muslims? Or Syrians for that matter. Milking it once again.

No. 333316

Wow. Sad as fuck.

No. 333319


Man. That is incredibly scummy. Now all of a sudden she gives a shit about Muslims and Syria? All just to kiss ass to Nigri? She is the biggest piece of shit in the world. She just seems to only care about being Muslim when she is fishing for sympathy or virtue signaling about how "oppressed" she is for being a Muslim in America when she knows deep down she doesn't give a damn about an of that.

I haven felt this sick to my stomach since seeing Suzy brag about how much money she spent on toys for tots and posing for the receipt. What is it with this girls and trying to use charity as a means for looking for brownie points? All it does is make them look even shittier than before.

No. 333328

File: 1483652632141.jpg (14.97 KB, 404x539, bce16991c274f003a0bc36464b2b6a…)


To be fair, Semi Annual Clearance is going on right now and the store she went to might have kept that bra in a box/bag of other marked down bras to be put into a sale bin in order to avoid inventory issues.

When I say old, I mean the collection of that specific Dream Angels lace is probably about 4 or 5 collections ago (which is basically 2015). Pic related is a bra of the same collection that came out at around the same time with matching panties as the one she is wearing for her Wicke cosplay.


From what I've seen (and this goes for all of the pictures of hers that I've seen with a VS bra on), the reason why the underwire seems to be 'floating' off of her is because the band size is too big for her but the cups are too small – her boobs are spilling out A LOT.

sage because I obviously care too much about underwear.

No. 333355

Arin from GG said he really likes Wicke, so moomoo might try to suck his dick more often now

No. 333357


Arin has a thing for chubby girls in general. It would explain why he has let Suzy get so fat. Also, considering how insecure Suzy is, there is no way that she would let Moomoo get away with any kind of flirting towards Arin. Gotta protect her meal ticket. Not to mention the swarms of autistic Grumps fans that will be there to defend her.

No. 333359

I would love to see Momo and Suzy internet fight each other, it'd be hilarious.

No. 333364


Because Moomoo doesn't know how to kiss people ass without attempting to act "sexy" (Which she constantly fails miserably at), she would of course try to tweet lewds of her Wicke cosplay. Naturally, Suzy would chimp out at her and call her a trashy hoe and tell her to leave Arin alone. Then come in the austimo Grumps fans attempting to white knight her thinking they are defending her honor of some shit. Moomoo backs and tries to play it off like: "lol I was just trying to have fun. I hate drama lol. Why can't we just all be friends? Girls need to stick together and not fight so much lol".

Man, that'd be a sight to see.

No. 333374

File: 1483657499127.jpg (313.6 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170105_180410.jpg)

So attractive

No. 333375

She's apparently using tape with them so how the hell do you fuck them up that bad?? I have never managed to produce such shit lines with the tape method I don't even know

No. 333378

Maybe didn't let it dry all the way before taking the tape off?

No. 333380

It looks like she's using standard Scotch tape instead of blue painter's tape, so it's probably bleeding underneath
Can't she do 2 seconds of research to figure out what the best thing to use would be? Same reason she thought using Plasti-dip on Worbla was a good idea, she has no idea how different materials work.

No. 333381

Colette's nose is so tragic.

No. 333383

Just noticed the scotch tape and the little plastic cup of water and it's probably because of the bleeding scotch tape (it doesn't attach itself to fabric at all) and that she's blending way too much water with the fabric paint that makes it runny and more prone to bleeding. I would be ashamed as fuck to put up WIP photos like that tbh

yikes, someone tell this bitch to fill and sand seams because this is just fucking awful

No. 333438

I made a similar mistake using masking tape but scotch tape? WTF?

And why use water?? Only fabric paints I can think of that require you to mix with water is screen print ink. But she is using Tulip brand paint which is good to go straight from the bottle. She could be trying to avoid getting a gloopy surface but the just means Momo isn't applying the necessary thin even coats. Professional my ass.

No. 333439


Her whole face is so tragic.

No. 333454

She could've just sewed yellow bias. It would've been ten times easier and cleaner. Leave it to moomoo to cheaper her way through life.

No. 333476

she got her nails refilled… kek

did our comments get to you, moomoo?

No. 333478

File: 1483670892925.jpg (70.1 KB, 564x920, Momochunli.jpg)

If she was using bias, she'd make it look just as tragic as she did here, kek

No. 333480

>be in 20s
>be fat
>still shop at hot topic

No. 333501

File: 1483675453214.jpg (9.71 KB, 333x200, michellegaydos.jpg)

her nose in this pic is giving me these vibes

No. 333513

i am astounded at how she's making 13k a month and surpassing tons of other prettier, cuter, more in-shape girls.

bigger women can be hot of course but momo's body is just kinda dumpy and average. jeez, makes me wonder if guys really do prefer bigger girls if she's making this much.

No. 333515

>that horrible sewing job
>the shittily-painted, sloppy wrist bands

$13,000 a month and still looking like a bargain cosplayer?

No. 333520

File: 1483679985115.jpg (302.62 KB, 1858x990, PGm9Rct.jpg)

Has anyone been on SSS website lately? Shade to momo or what lmao. Either way I'm kek'ing

No. 333528


I feel likes it's more shade to Loonie since Loonie is always shit talking her in her thread

No. 333529

I don't see anything that could even remotley constitute as "shade" to litterally anyone. Stop posting screenshots of succ's twitter and saying it's shade to momo. It's unnecessary

No. 333530

What are you talking about? Do you mean the non-nude comments? "No nudes just lewds" has been her slogan since 2015.

No. 333531

Some people in this thread keep trying to push drama where it isn't between momo and susu as if there's a shortage of actual drama.

No. 333535


Wow, you guys need to chill… I was just lurking on instagram and came accross SSS website out of boredom and saw that. Didn't know it was a slogan from that long ago, I just readily assumed it was about Momo because she's always going on about Lewds or whatever. Sorry for the ignorance but mind the hostility. It was just an observation

No. 333541

None of that 13k was given so she could make cosplays. They want more softcore sets, cosplay or not.

No. 333544

The sewing job on this still hurts to look at.

No. 333563

how does this girl make less on her patreon? she's way cuter and sexier in every way

No. 333570

Don't quote me on this, but I have several friends with very successful patreons and I believe that patreon will actually deduct taxes for you. Can't confirm because I don't have one myself.

No. 333643

My theory is that Momo probably simply markets herself better than sss (to the lowest common denominator). You have to remember this is about the male brain as well as selling sex. Another anon noted sss seems to put intelligence behind what she does, and overall does seem to come across as just that. Momo is the opposite, and i feel like in this arena, that is what gives her an edge: intelligence is simply not needed. Momo seems better focused and suited to selling pure sex/coming across as hypersexualized. She also seems like she tries to be more relatable than sss, so there's that too, as well as focusing mainly on "whatever's popular". Last thing, Momo seems more ambitious and like she aims for more money and fame than sss, so you could say she tries harder there (or at least seems to focus on that obsessively), while sss seems more chill about her career.

No. 333647

her face is pretty meh…I guess it really is all about the body+T&A for guys

No. 333669

Can say this from personal experience. Bitch doesnt know what painter's tape is.

No. 333672

but she is pretty cute compared to moomoo (who wouldn't be quite so bad if she lost a bit of weight)

No. 333674

She looks like Franklin the turtle lmao

No. 333679


Nope Patreon does not take out taxes. As someone stated before as a freelancer id be best to set aside 20-30% of what you recieve, so youll have money when you go to pay back taxes.

If momo hasent been saving money for taxes she is fucked

No. 333688


That should be fun to see. Watching Moomoo scramble around trying to pay her taxes in a panic but realizes she can't because she was too busy trying to show off and prove how much better she is than everyone. I'm sure that "lol, I'm just trying to have fun" excuse will fly by fine when you're in jail Moomoo.

No. 333692

Nah. Mariah has lizard lips and that awful expression in every photo but her face structure is objectively better than sss, who has a long face and weird beak-ish nose. Odd proportions all around

No. 333693

Mariah has more content out. She posts pictures more often on her social media and spent more time drawing attention to herself. She also has a more expensive reward system on patreon. Momo has 100k follows on her FB and IG and 50k on twitter and her highest patreon tier is $200.
Susu has 40k on FB and Ig, almost 40k on twitter and her highest patreon tier is $20.
Momo has 600 patrons while susu has 1000. Mariah makes 14k while susu makes 12k. Only a 2k difference.
Knowing this we can assume if susu's fanbase where the same size as momo's she'd be making a fuckload more. Sage for autism.

No. 333695

What's the deal with David/Koreanbbq anyways? First they're practically fwb, then there's the "oh no your best isn't good enough" unfollowing, and now they're all buddy-buddy again?

No. 333698

File: 1483723468443.png (24.6 KB, 248x489, Capture.PNG)

No. 333700

I don't know what are you on right now but I want some too

No. 333701

File: 1483723532606.png (52 KB, 538x397, Capture1.PNG)

No. 333706

Mariah reminds me wayyyy too much of this girl I was friends in highschool with who played the whole "You can tell I'm not like other girls because they always say 'I hate drama' but I actually like it" and although Mariah says she doesn't like drama, acts the same exact way. And also kind of looks the same. It's super creepy. I just don't get how someone can have such a fitspo-centric family and let themselves go so fast.

No. 333708

>selfie lewds

Does this confirm she will be using patreon for nude shoots and possible upcoming pornography ('Cute groping sets' my ass. She's on a slippery slope to releasing porno sets at this point since 'everyone likes them')

No. 333770

Yes. Sooner than later her lewd selfies will get old and she will have to push it further and make them even more explicit to keep her neck beards until BOOM! Porn.

That is if, heaven forbid, she actually delivers on a patron goal.

No. 333867

I agree, I don't find SSS that cute (she's not ugly just kinda plain?) but it's not like her face is her main focus either.

No. 333885

SSS is still better than momo. She has a cutesy young and healthy look and a killer body. The only thing I think that could improve her look is a more flattering hairstyle (and perhaps different makeup, idk)
but Momo needs some serious skin/hair help and MAJOR diet and exercise (not to mention all that loose skin she'll end up with if she ever loses the weight)

SSS has cute, neatly done photosets for reasonable prices.
Momo makes cheap cosplay sets and has someone grab her ass, then denies that it is pornographic.

Plenty of people in Momo's line of work have better quality content. People just like Momo because shes "thicc" and "so nerdy xD" thus more obtainable.

No. 333888

We all hate moomoo and know she's gross as hell anon. the point was that susu has a meh face that's made up for by her body

No. 333895

i agree susu's face is 'plain' but that actually makes me like her more, since she seems to wear minimal makeup. her body is amazing and her photos seem more cutesy, playful and even 'classier' than momo in comparison who's just built like a tank and sort of heaves herself around photoshoots being felt up from unflattering angles.

No. 333896

Moo has a beak too. They both have weird-ass faces

No. 333897

Yeah, I think sss is way cuter in the face than momo, easily. She may not have the perfect face, but it's proportioned well and rather cute. Mariah's face is just unfortunate, eye bags on her eyebags, huge beak of a nose, multiple chins and her lips are just gross. It doesn't help that Mariah clearly doesn't understand what makeup works for her face either whereas sss clearly does.

I feel like comparing their bodies is almost a joke, because there's no argument to even be made there. Sss has a killer body and Momo's is just a big, sad, bloated blob squeezed into layers of shapewear at this point.

No. 333899

I think Momo needs to hire someone to do her hair and makeup and lose weight then she'd be much better off. Her makeup honestly makes her look less attractive because it's so cakey and unflattering. Her extensions were terrible and her short hair could look nice if she just styled it better. She should take some of that 14k and invest it in her image.
The mismatched underwear for her Wicke set was inexcusable. She was making like 7k before and could have definitely bought a matching lingerie set.
Momo also needs to learn how to pose better. Her photos would be much less porno looking if she just learned how to pose in sexy and flattering ways.

No. 333902

Comparing Momo to SS doesnt really make sense since they are just so different. Susu is 4 years older with a completely different body type and I'm pretty sure she's a different race than Momo too. She also looks much taller. They dont even cater to the same demographics.
You need to compare momo with women like envyus and ivydoomkitty.

No. 333906

i just looked at some of her sets and while zoomed i noticed a lot of stomach hair and ass hair. i know girls get hairy too but you would think she would at least clean up for a photoshoot

No. 333907

smh couldn't even go get waxed for her shoot. what does she even spend her time on? it's obvious it doesn't go towards her cosplays.

No. 333909

Shaving it off would have taken like 5 minutes wtf

No. 333912

She doesn't bother shaving because she just leaves it up to her photographer to photoshop it out, which is why we have the edited messes that are her D.Va and Chun Li sets.

No. 333913

you scroll this site too much. SSS has a nice face.
next time you leave the house, look around you and you'll realize how ridiculous your standards are.

No. 333919

>heaves herself around photoshoots being felt up from unflattering angles

Perfect description. Her shoots are like something out of an even more downmarket version of "Readers' Wives."

No. 333924

or Chel

No. 333929

Yeah, I'm reading these replies of people actin.g like SSS isn't hot. She has a cute AF pixie look.

No. 333932

>how ridiculous your standards are

hi susu! this is lolcow where normal looking people get nitpicked to the bone bc they do stupid shit on the internet

No. 333946

Threads not on SSS anon. I don't think shes done anything that stupid either, so calling her uggs in momos thread makes no sense. Shes a real beauty compared to the landwhale.

No. 333961

Comparing Momo to someone significantly thinner than her will always make her look bad. If you look at the other fat girls doing lewds Momo is actually a lot less ugly which explains why she's doing so well. Guys that pay for Momos stuff are probably not into girls like SSS anyway because she's not fat.
If you look at other fat cosplay girls Like Chelhelbunny who has a flat ass, terrible tits and makes free porn it males sense why fatty fans would gravitate to Momo. Envyus is another fat fetish cosplayer but she's actually really fucking ugly without her photoshop and her hairstyle sucks. Ivydoomkitty always wears corsets and gets photohsopped to hell and back. Ivy is a fatty in denial so she never ever shows her stomachache which is very appealing to chubby chasers. I don't mean to sound like a whiteknight but compared to cosplayers with Momo's body type she really is at the top in terms of looks.

No. 333962


As much as it pains me to say, I agree. As bloated as Moomoo has become, she is nowhere near as bad as Chel. At least Moomoo as some semblance of tits and an ass. Chel basically looks like a fat guy.

No. 333964

Yeah Chel is unfortunate.
There's also little berry cosplay and momos friend nanabear. Momo has better proportions than them too. Little berry is just a fucking circle of fat and nana isn't as disproportionate but her face is more butch which can be a turn off for guys.
I'm trying to find a fat cosplayer that really outshines momo in terms of looks but I can't. Momo has really cornerd the chubby chaser cosplay market.

No. 333967


She's one of the better looking fat people I've seen. Her figure isn't horrible and no triple chin yet

No. 333970

She really should lose weight though. She was at her best looking when she first got popular for her samus cosplay.

No. 333972

Also I think Momo does more sexual content than everyone mentioned besides Chel obviously.

No. 333974

File: 1483810764024.jpg (318.92 KB, 1536x2048, C1juKD7UAAA-cU4.jpg)

Those wig cuttings and sewing machine and whatnot on the floor…
Does Momo ever finish a cosplay before a con?

No. 333977

I'm not familiar with the character but is that skirt supposed to be a normal box pleated skirt? If so, yiiiiikes

No. 333981

She needs to take better care of her wigs

No. 333984

someone please post a reference, this shit is so fucking bad.





People who give this bitch money have 0 self respect

No. 333985

At this point I'd prefer to see her Taobaoing. It would look so much cleaner…

No. 333990

File: 1483811893369.png (510.95 KB, 720x1280, clip_now_20170107_125819.png)

No. 333991

File: 1483812036010.jpg (127.68 KB, 844x947, IMG_1803.JPG)

Your wish is my command anon

No. 333992

- Hairpin on wrong side
- Lala has straight bangs, not that copout sideswept mess
- Thigh highs not knee highs
- Skirt is supposed to be checked pattern
- That tragic red ribbon on the blazer
- Blazer is supposed to button right up to the neck ribbon.
Fucks sake Momo, just give up and Taobao already.

No. 333993

File: 1483812246199.jpg (640.22 KB, 2048x2048, 02FAF59C-AC87-488C-8CF5-796720…)

Side by side shot, too lazy to mention specifically how everything is shit and wrong so go nuts

No. 333994

The jacket was comissioned but by how I'll filling it is Momo may not have given the proper measurements while taking her shape wear into consideration. Or its an error by whoever she commissioned. I can't really say. However, she has no excuse for the rest of the cosplay.

No. 333996

She's doing another groping set in this cosplay. No one will care that the cosplay is inaccurate and cheap looking.

No. 333997


This annoys me. She makes $14k a month to pump out what an average cosplayer can put together on a small budget. Frizzy wig, painted skirt, lack of pleats, a poorly fitted jacket-and yet she makes a "career" out of this.

But to cover the fact these costumes are so poorly constructed, she does boudoir and now lewd photoshoots so everyone can forget how much of a mess it is-unreal.

No. 333998

Hairpin on wrong side could be because the image is flipped since it's a mirror pic.

No. 333999

File: 1483812437384.jpg (144.88 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1805.JPG)

Figure 'ya gurl momo' would wear repeat undies that probably (?) dont fit the image of the character…

>might be wrong, not familiar with the series but going on a limb considering whos cosplaying lmfao

No. 334000

Her supporters dont care about cosplay. They're a bunch of normie types that only recognize flavor of the month characters or really popular ones like cammy, samus and mei.

No. 334001

tbf momo's picture is a mirror selfie, so everything is reversed.

the jacket does seem to be the best part (the white dress shirt is clearly store bought) but it still isn't that great. although considering the person she commissioned it from was just posting WIP of it a few days ago, wouldn't be surprised if she was super rushed to do it. wouldn't want my name attached to this AT ALL.

No. 334002

is that hairpin Styrofoam

No. 334003

goddammit mariah, prolapsed butthole lips are not cute

No. 334004

File: 1483812595846.jpg (161.59 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1804.JPG)

Yo i might be retarded who knows, but why the fuck does the hair pin look like a sawed off piece of styrofoam, its even curved like someone sat on it

No. 334005


No. 334006


It is, you can tell by the texture around the edges. Probably hot glued to a hair pin or something.

No. 334008

File: 1483812738368.jpg (365.94 KB, 2048x2048, F575ADB1-A9B5-4243-941A-89C0E1…)

Sorry for clogging thread,
Just wanted to highlight this fucking 'hair pin'

No. 334009

She really doesn't give any actual fucks about doing this shit even remotely correct, christ.

No. 334010

Thats the summer uniform, what she's cosplaying is the winter uniform.
>>333999 isnt a mirror selfie, and its still on the wrong side. It also should be sitting on her bangs, not on the side of her head.

No. 334011

File: 1483813198993.jpg (130.39 KB, 868x605, 481967__haruna-rito-mikan-and-…)

The blazer uniform reference. Momo half assed it again like she does with all of her costumes. That sewing machine on the floor means she probably finished it on the night before the con or the morning of it.

No. 334012

Sorry anon i posted that picture cause thats the one Momo herself posted on twitter about the cosplay.
Forgive me father for I have sinned

No. 334013

She probably planned to do the summer uniform, then realised she couldn't fit her shapewear under it, hence the hastily commisioned jacket.

No. 334014


jfc that wig is garbage

No. 334015

I feel like the jacket not fitting could be either Momo didn't tug the jacket down for the photo or her chest might be too big and is causing the lapels to distort it a bit.
Here it looks sort of fine but it's still really open. I'm not too eager to blame the commissioner since it actually looks like it was tailored alright and the hems/bias look quite sharp.

Guh that WIIIIG though. Long wigs are so hard to maintain if you aren't careful. She was in her room, she could have at least given it a gentle brushing before taking the pic

No. 334016

Did she honestly paint those lines on that damn skirt? There are fabrics out there that resemble the characters skirts. Jesus christ this is tacky.

No. 334017

even tape would have been better than the fate this skirt suffered.

No. 334018


With the money she makes, she could have got custom printed fabric to work with.

No. 334019

>thigh highs not knee highs

When you have giant thighs like moo you can't wear thigh high socks, they just roll down (if you can even find any that would fit). Only way anything thigh high stays up is with garters like in her Wicke cosplay.

No. 334020

She probably sat on it

No. 334022

File: 1483816533264.jpg (599.56 KB, 2048x2048, 800ED61A-7F8B-4717-ADC2-1F8323…)

Thought id post some caps from a video she posted on twitter…lighting is not kind to you moomoo

>dem eyebags

>haggard aesthetic
>s a v e m e

No. 334031

Kek his shitty sharpie tattoo gets me every time. Christ, they need a competent shooper.

Hmm. Maybe her bullshit "donation goals" when she streams may be to help cover that shit up too. But christ, she'll probably still be paying more in taxes than she receives. This will be so milkworthy if this is the case.

No. 334037

That. Motherfucking. Goddamn. Skirt. I've seen plenty of bad pleated skirts but that is the fucking worst attempt I've seen. No pleats and the stripes are messy and look nothing like the reference image. 14k on patreon. Fuck you momo, I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart. At least fucking try to justify that money somehow you dumb bitch, I'm so sick of people like you exploiting this hobby that some of us actually take seriously.

No. 334038

"Groping" sets. You mean fucking POV porn. You're disgusting, momo.

No. 334047

She seriously couldn't even be arsed to at LEAST run a fucking brush through that ratty ass wig?(Not like she even could've if she bothered, thing looks tangled to shit.) She's so goddamn lazy.

No. 334048

late but would moomoo really have bad loose skin if she lost weight in a healthy way? she's pretty young still

No. 334051

It looks like she unloads a full can of hairspray on all her wigs. Granted a LIGHT spray on long wigs can help with preventing tangles but whatever Momo's doing is overkill.

No. 334056

She could honestly afford liposuction and that surgery that tightens up loose skin.

No. 334057

File: 1483823567631.png (411.73 KB, 540x529, moo 1.PNG)

fuckin nasty ass

No. 334058

File: 1483823579316.png (467.98 KB, 530x520, moo 2.PNG)

No. 334060

if she did it slowly, made sure to do light weight lifting, and took care of her skin she probably wouldn't have any issues considering how young she actually is. most of the time it's people who try to lose as fast as possible and just do dieting and cardio that have major loose skin problems.

No. 334061

Totally not bordering soft core porn territory, guys.

No. 334063

She is fat and doesn't need any more whipped cream.

No. 334064

Id she topless in this? Oh man, oh man

No. 334071

"I'm a successful cosplay girl and I make tons of money doing what I love for dressing up!" Ya but at what cost though? Only famous for being a bipolar drama queen to whom drags along guys she wants to bang or has banged because she's an insecure psycho. She'll just get surrounded by yes man and pervs until it escalates to her making pay to view POV blowjob cosplay vids which is the only way the money will keep coming.

No. 334075

File: 1483827225780.png (202.31 KB, 750x1054, IMG_1786.PNG)

The neckbeards are gaining sentience

No. 334078


We can hope more catch on to her bullshit.

No. 334081

File: 1483829472290.png (946.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5154.PNG)

Lol how low can a chick go for money??? I bet her parents are so proud of her

No. 334084

Cam girls wreck their assholes with dog dildos for far less than what momo makes. A bit of softcore shit for 15k a month isnt anything to look down on.
The real issue is her shit quality costumes and how she denies and gets defensive about her content being smut.

No. 334086


You can see the skin where her thigh meets her crotch on the right. Is she not wearing panties?

No. 334088

only a matter of time. her quality level can only be excused for so long, and its NOT getting better

No. 334090

you can kind of see them, but I think they're far too small and are riding up her cooch

No. 334091

Its her unfortunate use of 1$ thongs that cover about an illuminati triangle of skin and nothing less

No. 334094

Wtf I can see her real hair, pin down your wigs you professional slob

No. 334095

File: 1483830337813.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1815.PNG)

Never forget

No. 334096


"It's not porn u guyz! Stop sloot shaming! I'm just trying to have fun lol. I don't really even care lol"

Yeah sure. Keep telling yourself that Moomoo. What next? "Cute" blowjob sets?

No. 334099

Shes already had Wicke photos where shes borderline fingered and like an inch away from 'Guzmas' cock with her mouth so i cant wait to see these considering it looks like shes full on simulating sex (well placed zipper flap between her legs over her cooch and all… keep avoiding the word porn bitch but its what it is)

No. 334106

At least it looks like she's wearing lipstick this time.

No. 334107


No. 334108

She looks like a sweaty haggard mess in this photo.

No. 334109

Isn't the character she's cosplaying like 16

No. 334111

this was my first thought after seeing the photo lmao

No. 334113

Momo's making 14k on patreon apparently but why the fuck don't we ever see any of that money on the screen? Her costumes are still half assed and cheap yet she's definitely finishing them the night before the convention in her hotel room despite her being unemployed and having a ton of free time to work on her cosplays. The porn shoots (because that's what they fucking are) are always done in a very cheap looking hotel room, not elaborate locations. She still lives with her parents and doesn't really lead a life of luxury in any way. Cosplayers who make less than her still produce intricate costumes but momo farts out a school uniform or an outfit made 80% of modded bought clothes. I think it's a big indicator that her patrons are scamming her or momo is donating to herself to look more popular. Even fucking JNig seems to actually use at least some percentage of her patreon money for cosplays and paying professional photographers for shoots.

No. 334114

maybe she's spending it all on food/eating out

No. 334115


Yeah. She is definitely being either scammed or she is spending so much of the money before she even thinks about doing a cosplay. Hence her constantly rushing them to finish them last minute in her hotel room and the lack of decent supplies and tools. She just wants to show off and do whatever the fuck she wants, then she shows her tits and ass for more money and the neckbeards are too busy fapping to even care.

No. 334120

JNIG's photographer is Ryan, he's pretty much her slave. I doubt she pays anything for him.

No. 334125

His edits suck. Makes her look like a wax figure with all that arbrushing

No. 334126

Can you really be spending 14k a month eating out?

It's not like she's spending this money on makeup, or nail appointments (clearly) or skincare items, and maybe it's just me but her clothing seems too drab and ugly for her to be constantly buying clothes. Her room is a mess so she's obviously not spending money on decorating.

I just really can't imagine she is spending 14,000$ a month. She looks like she spends about $300 on cosplay and related expenses. What the hell is she spending the rest of the money? Boggles my fucking mind.

No. 334129

In Vegas, hell yes you can depending on where you go. My friend lives in Vegas and all Vegas residents get a city discount (if they apply for it I think). The Rio buffet which is normally $80 per person is only $40 per person (or for two people. Idk I remember paying $25 somewhere) once he discount is used. If she were to eat out every day that's about $300+ per week (not including trips to Starbucks), so near 1,200 per month?

But then you have those manis she has to do, hair cuts/dyes, she just dropped $1k on a new camera body, but what else is she doing is the question. Maybe spending money on her friends?

No. 334137

especially if she drinks or is paying for other people's drinks. maybe she's taking farmers' advice and saving some though.

No. 334143

Sorry for being retarded, but what does POV mean?

No. 334144


point of view.

No. 334147


No. 334149

Spending on friends could be right. As well as throwing money at charity streams (like Nigri's recent one) and elsewhere we don't know of. I'm convinced she splashes out on Vamplette alot ever since she donated a couple hundred to "fix her car". Wouldn't be surprised she does this for that Koreanbarbq guy too.

No. 334153

It's possible that Momo is just really fucking cheap and is hoarding her money and tries to spend as little as possible on her costumes.

No. 334154

What she's posting is pornographic and she's to embarrassed to admit it. What trash.

No. 334158

It fucking triggers me so hard when dumb cosplay bitches can't cut straight/blunt bangs and just push them to the side. Reminds me of that fatty Seviria cosplay.

No. 334161

Lol she's desperate for money and slowly will transition into making fetish porn

No. 334163

you might be on to something there, anon. maybe she knows her time in the spotlight is limited so shes being a cheap fuck to hoard more money.
i figured she bought that camera so she has a back up plan after the cosplay/porn fizzles out.

No. 334168

i think we're giving her too much credit to be so self aware.

No. 334170

Oh you mean the broke ones

No. 334172

Why do people on this board fag over Nigri when she's one of the fakest bag of silicon and looks like a dried up tampon. The fact that she's promotes these trashy lewd cosplayers shows that she's only pleasant to cosplayers who are zero threat to her or will make her cosplays

No. 334179

how is it fagging over Nigri to say even that idiot makes it look like she's putting effort and money into her cosplays and Momo can't do that much supposedly making 14k

No. 334199

File: 1483857391398.png (142.25 KB, 750x1185, IMG_0104.PNG)

She's saying the commissioner that made her jacket also made her skirt when she posted pics of herself painting the messy lines on it?

No. 334200

What the hell? Did she paint the fabric then hand it off to her commissioner to sew it? Because I wouldn't pay anyone to make a pleated skirt with no goddamn pleats in it. And why the hell would she mess up the paint of the fabric then give it to someone else to finish?

No. 334201

It's almost like she's throw her commissioner under the bus for the shitty paint job that momo, herserlf, did.

No. 334202


So confirmed filth then? Throwing the commissioner under the bus because Moomoo did a shitty job? Yeah, that is just some low class shit there.

No. 334203

I just went through her commissioners IG and FB and she knows how to sew. She also knows how to paint correctly on fabric. I'm gonna say Momo threw her under the damn bus. It's a nice 'thanks for your time' moment.

No. 334207

One of her insta photos says something about her making bunny ears, cuffs and body suites for an "overwatch bunny" group cosplay ….Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't a whole group of better cosplayers done that already?

No. 334210

File: 1483864418177.jpg (345.62 KB, 1080x799, bunnies.jpg)

There was. This group is probably the best done so far, but there have been countless other Overwatch bunny groups besides them. It's an extremely tired cosplay already. It's basically the new Slave/Disney Princess cosplay

No. 334211

Samefag, but if Momo is making a "bunny suit", I'm assuming she's going to make it the same way she made her Lilith cosplay; a leotard with no boning and a corset underneath.

No. 334212

didn't all these girls get theirs commissioned by that castle corset place? I'm getting tired of seeing the three on the left everywhere tbh. but I'm surprised Moomoo isn't commissioning hers, she's got the fucking money supposedly!

No. 334213

Krissy introduced Jnigs to Momo

No. 334215

How did Krissy end up friends with Nigri in the first place? And introduced IRL or? Cause I'm pretty sure Jessica knew who Momo was but wasn't interested in following her (the infamous follow and immediate unfollow from a few threads back, kek)

No. 334224

When ur eye bags are as big as ur eyelids

No. 334226

Castle Corsetry requires personal fittings for her custom bunny suits so Moomoo probably is too lazy to fly to Cali to do so or else doesn't have as much money to travel as she claims.

No. 334230

I am still new to cosplay and even I know she could've used like Polymer clay or honestly for that even layered, thin EVA foam would've been so much better. And way sturdier. I mean I have taken some shortcuts on my cosplays but fuck I don't make no$14k a month

No. 334232

it's probably a cheap ass wig she bought on eBay from China. I've taken that route before to save money and it is NOT WORTH the fucking hassle.

No. 334233

He's the photographer but it's actually Dashelle's editing that makes her look like that.

No. 334234

Hey now…JNigs also promoted Enayla Cosplay who is INSANELY talented and some of her seamstress work puts even Yaya to shame. So yes, although this community tends to circle jerk each other, she does occasionally promote talented people. And believe it or not, Kaybear makes her own stuff too, and although she's still learning as she only has 1.5 years into cosplaying she creates some quality stuff too.

No. 334236

what a dumb fucking twat. we all fucking know you made that shit fucking skirt, momo.

No. 334237

File: 1483888994519.png (246.67 KB, 926x1243, IMG_5030.PNG)

Of course she would the girl is probably making cosplays for here lol. She's not attractive either even all that money she has from her parents won't make her famous

No. 334238

Luna says it's because Jess friends people that go after her as a reward lol. Good for her if that's true and Krissy is good friends with a famous photographer or use to be that gets cosplayers into that's magazines

No. 334241

I'm pretty sure Nigri posts here a lot. Idk why else anyone would be a fan. You can just tell by the typing style. Like >>334234

Haha she has darshelle the scammer editing her shit? Sad!

No. 334247

File: 1483893784438.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1802.PNG)

No. 334248

So, it's full on naked now? Classy.

No. 334249

Eww. How is that flattering? Looks like she fell off the bed

No. 334250

Is this the Nature channel?

No. 334251

Mother of god, this picture is so unflattering.

No. 334252

actually I (gamingkoala) who keeps getting shit on by Loonie's white knights over on her thread posted this. I think enayla is pretty so fucking sue me at least she actually has talent? and yeah…darshelle edits nigri's shit and i'm pretty sure she only gets promo and namedropping rights for it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334254

At this point I follow moomoo to see people like that rfprado dude comment on every thing she posts and call her "mesmerising"
Sauce/screenshots pls

No. 334255

Well she's finally pandering to her fanbase who wanted more booty. Didn't expect it for another couple of weeks.

No. 334256

Right, that would have been my second guess. You're probably the only nigri fan on this board, congrats? You're also fat and gross.

Dude it's waay back in the 2nd thread.

No. 334257

? i don't get how anything i say on any of these threads are fangirling. but thanks. glad you think so highly of me. if you want to further discuss her why not go to her actual thread then.

No. 334258

says a lot about me when the only insult you can come up with is "you're fat and gross" when you've literally never seen or met me. but ok :)

No. 334259

I'm neither of the people you commented to, but fuck off

No. 334264

The tail censoring is a cute idea. At least Momo is getting more creative with her content even if it is porny.

No. 334265

can we fuck off with nigri/ krissy bullshit and just pay attention to the fact momo is doing full blown nude sets now?

No. 334282

I'm legitimately pissed this is what Patreon has become. I was so excited at the prospect of Patreon when it first was announced cuz I was like "OK, cool, this gives an outlet for creative people I admire to share how they do their craft and how they make stuff blahblahblah" yet here we fucking are and it's become a damn pornography site. These people have 0 respect for their craft and are just money hungry. Is it because you can't get pornography mass printed unless you have personal connections to someone that owns a dope printing studio?

No. 334287

File: 1483900256973.jpg (431.15 KB, 791x602, d15ca870b65a240dba56c517f194da…)

She's working on the space costume??? Hahaha I can't wait to see what that hat looks like. Pic related.

No. 334289

A huge majority of top earners on patreon aren't porn creators so you seem to be fixated on just one aspect of patreon that upsets you.
Sakimichan, Amanda Palmer, Pentatonix, Home Free, Knitty (kniting magazine), The Ruben Report and plenty other safe for work artists are making more than Momo and other people doing smutty stuff.
Sage for slightly OT

No. 334290

I meant specifically for cosplay crafting is why. Sorry for not specifying.

No. 334292

i can't get over how bad this looks omg how much do you hate yourself that you'd not only jack off to it but also PAY to??

No. 334296

People dont pay cosplayers just for their work and talent. Most people consider it another persons hobby and therefore don't see much benefit of paying just to help them make costumes. It feels like pauing someone just so they can have fun.

No. 334298

Doesn't she hire professionals every now and then? tbh I don't know if she does that anymore because that would require her to pay them some cut from the print sales. I'm pretty sure she pays Ryan something though because he's devoting his life to creating her costumes and photographing her, I doubt he'd do that shit for free since JNig is mostly a trophy wife for him.

Even that $300 seems exaggerated seeing how shitty and simple her costumes look.

Yeah honestly I hate seeing actually creative, talented and hard-working people get barely a $100 on patreon and then these sluts scoring thousands of dollars for amateur porn while ruining the hobby for everyone. It's infuriating.

No. 334302

I think Patreon should have a disclosed "Where do you do with the money" bill or something like that. Since moomoo gets like 14k/month the costumes shouldn't be this shitty.

No. 334304

No. 334309

File: 1483904016859.jpg (38.11 KB, 635x441, 1482613606846.jpg)

No. 334311

i mean he basically got a dope house shiny stream set up and any tools he maybe couldn't have afforded on his own she essentially gave him an entire realm to loose his creativity on so it is a pretty fair trade lol

No. 334314

This is why I don't think cosplay belongs on Patreon in the first place. It is, in reality, a selfish hobby. Unless you are putting out tutorials and help for people to build their cosplay, there is absolutely no reason for people to give you money for it, and even then, it's pretty easy to find that info for free online.
So someone came up with the idea of doing "boudoir shoots" to attract some cash… no idea who started it, but A LOT of people jumped on that train, because it allowed them to make money. The issue is, they're not getting paid for their art, they're getting paid for their body. They're essentially camgirls.

No. 334324

File: 1483906800425.jpg (11.28 KB, 261x192, FeelsBadMan.jpg)

Cosplay would work better on a patreon platform if it was some super talented seamstress or a 3d render artist selling patterns and tutorials for said patterns. the kind of stuff that takes years of experience to learn to draft correctly, whether it's a fabric pattern or a 3d-printed weapon build. You're right though anon, as it's being done now cosplay isn't a workable patreon without the whoring, which is a shame. because it lets cunts like momo pretend she's something else than a fetish model and it means that others are less likely to make cosplay patreons like the ones I mentioned, because they'll be ignored without T&A.

No. 334329

With that argument, any hobby is selfish. People creating art or photography are "only" painting a picture or taking a photo. I like looking at cosplays personally and enjoy seeing people documenting how they put them together and I like to give them appreciation for their hard work. Note: HARD WORK. Not the shit momo does. Patreon is basically made to support people who couldn't fund their thing with traditional means such as selling the product etc. Not all artists want to take commissions because they can be really complicated or grating to do but people still want to see more of their work because they like it. So it fits cosplay well, I only wish the money went to those who deserved it and not cheap sluts like momo.

No. 334335

Doesn't she also do a ton of NSFW art? Or at least rule34 locked behind Patreon's paywall? I was under the impression that the top Patreon artists do hentai work.

No. 334338

Keep in mind that Momo has been known to splurge on Yaya's outrageously priced cosplay fabric and undoubtedly fucks up a lot (she claims she had to make Cammy's body suit twice) which would cause her to need twice as much materials than the next person. So $300 isn't impossible.

No. 334348

Sakimichan was making tons of money before she started doing nsfw.

No. 334352

Is she going to Anime Los Angeles? Is anyone here going to Anime Los Angeles? Is there going to be Moomoo drama at Anime Los Angeles?

No. 334362

I just like to comment on how no one is going to take pictures of her soft porn shit so she went out and bought her own camera.

Good on you cosplay photographers. Glad some of people in this community have enough dignity and integrity.

No. 334369

"Lala whipped cream set coming soon to patreon!

And before I get any of those (over sexualizing comments ) please I implore that you watch the anime "To Loveru" just watch it haha

Tail and hair piece made by me :3"


No. 334372


Lol. Ok Moomoo. Keep telling yourself your not doing porn

No. 334373

Is she just gonna start cosplaying ecchi characters as justification for in-character softcore shoots?

No. 334375

>I implore you to watch

Girl, you can't even play Pokémon sun/moon to understand Wickes actual character so shut up

No. 334376


I guess she has to somehow justify doing these soft core sets. Anything to avoid being called a cheap whore.

"It's ok guyz. The character is supposed to be sexualized. I'm not a sloot! Stop shaming me! I'm just trying to have fun lol. I hate drama! Why can't we all just be friends? I don't even really care lol"

No. 334379

File: 1483915583879.gif (404.37 KB, 500x410, 1477786097325.gif)

well its about time

No. 334382

She used to post photos done by Pixelette (a photographer Yaya, Riddle and Monika have also used) but that was before Ryan became a "photographer". Not sure she has done a shoot with anyone other than Ryan that wasn't at a con since.

sage for off topic. Nigri doesn't seem to have a thread on lolcow anymore does she?

No. 334383

I think it's dead somewhere in /pt/. I haven't seen it for a few months now. Might wanna make a new one if you wanna continue talking about nigri

No. 334385

She's been talked about in /snow in the general cosplay girl thread >>207219

No. 334387

There should be a thread for her again simply because people cant stop bringing her in threads like Lunas or Momo's(or anyone related to cosplay) without it going off topic immedietly ie; spectulating about Nigirs photogs.

(Obvious sage)

No. 334424

she had one on snow but i think it got full and no one made a new one

No. 334427

File: 1483923671869.jpg (160.69 KB, 942x600, ss (2017-01-08 at 05.00.23).jp…)

The only real talent alright. Stil bad at that too

No. 334429


The only "talent" she has is making retarded faces into the camera. You're not "cute" or "quirky" Moomoo. You just look stupid.

No. 334431

she looks like a snapchat filter gone wrong

No. 334452

She's doing that thing Nigiri and other aging girls do.
She only pulls silly over the top expressions so she has an excuse to be ugly
"lol my face is only that way cuz I'm contorting it. I'm not that haggard gaiz, I'm just so random"

No. 334475

File: 1483931694602.png (698.46 KB, 1440x2451, 20170108_211357.png)

Patreon update.

No. 334480

she's almost at 15k jfc

No. 334487

File: 1483935043109.gif (320.94 KB, 426x320, tumblr_inline_o73dvxppfn1sxfwt…)


No. 334489

I wonder if she is paying taxes on this…

No. 334497

Part of me wants to cry. I've been working two jobs while occasionally doing weekend charity streams for local shelters support myself and my family with my mother hospitalized after a stroke.

I love cosplaying but save rigorously to just make one good costume and here's Momo who's making nearly 15k while boasting she does GREAT things for this community.

That's such bullshit. She's selfish, she's just so selfish and now she's rolling in money while doing porn, pumping out terrible quality cosplays and pretending she's a Princess of Cosplay only to then badmouth and be cruel to other cosplayers. And she can't even cut a damn wig properly or paint lines on a skirt.

I'm so jealous of her. I'm so jealous she's getting money thrown at her when there are other cosplayers and artists who are far more deserving with so much skill.

If Momo falls, I hope she falls hard.

Sage for blog post, sorry for the rant.

No. 334506

at this point, I'm just curious how long she's gonna keep on going with this patreon increase shenanigans. She's either faking the amount as some anons have said, or maybe neckbeards are giving her money for whatever reason, but it still won't change the fact that she's still disliked in Vegas and around no matter how much POV shoots she does

No. 334511

She won't be able to keep this up to have an actual 6 digit "salary." Keep your chin up, kiddo… Karma will get bullshits like her.

No. 334512

She's been featured quite often on 9gag lately. Is that maybe where the new influx of neckbeards come from?

No. 334517

>tfw you work a job 40 hours a week and fund your own goddamn cosplay from your own pocket while still making a lot more complex and elaborate costumes than momo
Too bad I have enough self-respect not to turn to cosplay porn.

She should just stop with the "teehee cute groping set uwu" shit and call it what it is - it's porn. Softcore porn, but still porn. The wicke set goes above and beyond with that though, it's basically her sucking off a man and a guy fingering her.

No. 334519

Ya, but while people would put a painting or photo on their wall because they enjoy how it looks, most people would not put up a picture of a cosplayer. The only time I've seen it has been sex driven. I think it would be awesome if people wanted to support hard working, talented cosplayers so that they could cosplay more, but it's not really viable.

No. 334522

Plus with a 6 fig salary, taxes can get shittier.

I had a theory this morning. People have pledged 15k but they MUST approve the charge. Let's say only 50 people on average (out of the 600+) approve the charge for that month. Thats $2500 at the $50 tier. Patron takes 5% commission fee and she's left with $2,375 for that one month. Anyone with a shit spending habit can easily burn through that (especially in Vegas) but maybe that might explain why she keeps asking for donations on stream to go to cons? Idk if it holds up though since my patreon is shit so I'm not able to see if would actually be a reasonable theory.

No. 334528

File: 1483946818589.png (132.61 KB, 750x940, IMG_3950.PNG)

Patreon update guys… $15,265

No. 334529

Ok this is very suspicious

No. 334530

If she is the one bumping up the amount she's making on Patreon then she's a fucking idiot. You do have to pay taxes depending on how much you make. If she is self donating then she's going to end up paying just about as much as she self donates.

No. 334533

I've heard from a pretty reliable source that both she and Vamplette have sugar daddies that pay for all their costumes.

No. 334534

then she has a shit sugar daddy

No. 334535

proof or gtfo

No. 334539

I wouldn't call Luna a reliable source.

No. 334552

That's a little too quick at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to bump it to get actual backers drawn into thinking that she's the new trendy hot investment.

I remember a while back in the threads that someone mentioned that sometimes Patreons balloon with backers but cop out either at the start or end of the month after they've gotten the exclusives. I don't know if that could be another possibility as to why it fluctuates so much.

She really better watch what she says and does at ALA.

No. 334554


No. 334558

trust me she is not making cosplays for ANYONE
please don't talk about stuff you don't know it doesn't help anyone
off topic af can we not

No. 334560

she gained 9 patrons and 309 dollars. wat.

No. 334564

One of her higher tiers is $50 right? Would make sense if a few of them signed up for that or her $35 tier (I think those are her tiers, too lazy to actually check to make sure)

No. 334569

Cosplay is not a selfish hobby. For me, cosplay is an expression of being a fan and it's no different than fanfics or fanarts. But since Yaya Han started to try to monetize it and Jessice Nigri succeeded at that, there has been this huge influx of failed wannabe erotic "models", who have now crowded everything. They give this hobby a bad vibe.

Now, this girl right here, is exactly what I hate about people who invaded my hobby for attention. Her badly made cosplays are shit and she's doing borderline soft corn porn. It's embarassing. But sex sells. I just wish they won't call it "cosplay".

No. 334575


No. 334576

I believe the $50 tier has the entire HD porn images reward in it. It currently has 224 backers which equals to $11.2k alone in that tier.

The only reason Moomoo makes so much is because of her insane inflated prices. $50 for basically just HD photosets (you know damn well she doesn't do any of the other shit in that reward) while other people have it at around $20~ to access their photos.

And people throw money at her because they're pathetic.

No. 334594

The funny thing about her groping photos is that she posts nearly all of the photos, or at least the best of the lot, on her social media for free. And since her sets are hilariously small (they are what? 12 at most?) these neck beards are really paying 50 bucks for two or three unrealeased photos when they are probably expecting up to two dozen more. I wonder how many quit after a month.

No. 334596

I think it also has to do with all the "rewards" momo says she'll do for that tier too, but you know she doesn't do jackshit. So not only is the price inflated but so are the rewards

Behind the scenes, giveaways, discord chats, monthly poloroids, holiday/bday cards, meetups, and gaming with people. She has never mentioned doing any of this with any of her patreons. I'm sure to someone new to her, it seems appealing, like she wants to be involved with her fans. But she isn't at all.

No. 334600

You're right. If she was sending off extra goodies to patrons or gaming with them she would be posting about it or retweeting photos of her fans receiving their rewards for extra attention. Oops, I mean, to show that she's such a good person.

No. 334615

I would love to find one of her patrons and ask them if they feel like they're getting the most out of the tier they're paying for. I'd also like to ask if they aren't happy, what should she do to rectify it. I'm not too willing to dive into her patreon to look though. It feels gross when I glance at it.

No. 334617

i see a lot of the coshoes always posting about the personalized stuff, like the poloroids and stuff, because people are really into that so it helps advertise that they do it. i don't think momo has ever showed any sort of personalized poloroid or print.

also, if you look at $100 tier which is her "commission" tier it says straight up that she can only do one commission a month and its first come first serve and goes down the list of who pledged. so if you want that commission you have to pledge multiple months just to get it (maybe) and it offers no other reward besides what you get from previous tiers. And 14 people pledged this! So there is a 14th person who has to pledge for over a year to get their request. Thats $1200~ spent over a year on some twat who isn't even good at her craft

No. 334620

I think she's done two maybe three of her commissions (cammy being one) so she'll get to 14…..eventually

No. 334623

They just want more soft core and budoir stuff. Every fat fetishists who likes cosplay is gravitating to her because as mentioned before, she's the least ugly fat cosplayer.

No. 334708

File: 1483995224746.jpg (98.7 KB, 736x1102, e3ca6651f024ba746c17ff152048fd…)

Eh, she did a Bunny Bulma a while back. Probably going to piggyback it somehow.

I still kek at those ears.

No. 334926


Can't wait until tax season. It's going to be good to see if this is the case. I mean, whatever she's putting back in there is going to be taxed again.

Sure famalam. We'll believe more once we see some more credible deets.

Watch. She'll probably start showing off the more personalized stuff. "S/O to Jimmy! ~<3 Here's your birthday card! :*"

No. 335168

Someone on /cgl/ actually posted the entire Dropbox link for the Wicke shoot. There's 30 photos but a lot of them look like duplicates with only slight differences. Still not worth $50 at all.

No. 335180

I honestly don't understand how anyone would be so desperate to pay $50 for this

No. 335192

Guy here, even if she was hot and not a cow. I'd never pay 50 bucks for a couple of fucking pictures. Even if I knew the girl(which I see Mariah wobble through cons sometimes.)
The guys actually paying for this shit much be complete fucking losers.

No. 335208

Ridiculous. $50? These pictures look like they were taken on an IPhone 7. Not to mention she posted most of these already on social media, the "exclusives" have the tinniest difference. What a waste of fucking money.

No. 335212


Seriously, how broke is she that she can't even afford a decent photo shoot location or setup. I swear, all her sets are in trashy hotel rooms with shitty camera angles. 15k a month and she can't even attempt to look professional. You'd have to be a complete retard to shell out 50 bucks for shit like this.

No. 335218

File: 1484004700349.png (144.63 KB, 750x1105, IMG_4106.PNG)


No. 335219

Those seems are a good sneeze away from exploding…

No. 335227

i know we keep circle jerking over her 15k and her quality with every picture but ugghhhhh in the video (in the dropbox, but you can probably see it in her "preview" videos too) when she's laying on the couch you can see a dime sized hole in her black tights. Maybe some light runs too but I definitely noticed the hole. Get it together

No. 335228

>The guys actually paying for this shit much be complete fucking losers.
well that goes without saying.

No. 335229

her fucking calves, omg…

No. 335238

I think the photo where she has a thumb up her ass was the most disturbing.

Totes not porn gueyz

No. 335265

You'd be better off funding Nigri instead. Her Patreon rewards are actually worth it when compared to Momo's. These neckbeards are getting ripped off big time and they're too blinded to see otherwise.

No. 335270

They can't find better fat cosplay fetish fuel. If a cuter chubby girl came a long doing cosplay lewds Momo would be finished.

No. 335271

There's even better chubby girls like MsMarieDoll and Bunny Ayumi.

No. 335272

Her patreon is at 15.6k. I feel like something's wrong? I read last night that patreon Had a bot issue at one point. Where bots would pledge then reject the pledge when it came time for it. I'm wondering if that's what's happening?

No. 335279

Doesn't help SJWs love this too. Fat empowerment and all that bullshit. She tries to hide it in every photo taken, but claims to be confident with herself and preaches about body positivity. She's obese now and no longer 'thicc' thanks to her lazy new lifestyle. Hopefully someone more talented and genuine than Momo does comes along because she's a disgusting waste of space.

No. 335289

File: 1484017758279.png (297.5 KB, 1119x1548, IMG_2814.PNG)


No. 335291

File: 1484017810036.png (230.68 KB, 1116x1534, IMG_2815.PNG)


No. 335295

File: 1484017939201.png (271.54 KB, 1124x1528, IMG_2816.PNG)

A mans hand is on my ass, with his thumb pressing into my vagina.

Not softporn. It's cosplay.

No. 335296

I swear they took these pre-coitus as foreplay

No. 335299

Didn't she say she 'sewed the ends of the card board into the fabric'?

No. 335300

>that hammy arm encased in flab
of course

No. 335307

I really want to give you a hug anon. I'm with you and I totally understand how you feel. I promise that one day everything will fail on her.

No. 335309

that's all i can think, 100% sure they fucked after this. I think that's why some of the shots are extra gross to me (thumb butthole etc) because I know there's no way she wasn't ~*ready to go (grossssss) in all of these.

No. 335310


Yeah. it definitely feels like I walked in on some disgusting couples foreplay. And I'm almost certain they fucked after this. Probably couldn't help herself after all the groping. And now I'm going to go vomit after getting that image in my head.

No. 335312

I swear, I've been asking myself if they did the chaka chaka after this. Sheeeeeeeesh…..

No. 335313

i just realized you can see her labia loool

No. 335315

You have shitty eye sight. That is just the panty pattern.

No. 335319

To the right of the panty you dumbass

No. 335326

It really is not the labia. Please stop letting your retardedness and desperation show.

No. 335327

It is an extension of her fat but flat ass/inner thigh.

No. 335328

hmmmm, pretty sure that's just her thigh fat

No. 335331


…………… have you never seen a vagina before

you can clearly see where her thigh ends because there's a VERY small triangle of white separating her thigh from the lips/labia and it's not an extension of her ass because all of her ass is right there

No. 335332

They aren't fat enough to cater to the same demographic. They have extra meat on their bones and cater to fans of thick women. They arent BBW like Momo.

No. 335333

hmmm, now that I'm looking again I'm not sure.

No. 335334

File: 1484026347301.png (320.28 KB, 1124x1528, 1484017939201.png)

I believe the anon is talking about the fat skin hanging out. It looks like the one side of the outer part of her labia(the majora) to me. It happens with thongs when you're bending over obviously, but it's also possible for momo to just have a lot of fat in her crotch

No. 335340

LOL no that's not her labia. That's her inner thigh fat– Remember, she's obese. Turn up brightness a wee bit and you can tell.

No. 335346

sure looks like it's covered in pubes to me.

No. 335347

File: 1484031610965.jpg (483.17 KB, 1085x811, 9.jpg)

I hate you guys. It's her labia, okay?

No. 335348

thank you for your sacrifice

No. 335350

You're welcome, now I'm gonna go bleach my eyeballs.

No. 335351

Ew those aren't really long pubes in the bottom right, are they? Why did David even agree to doing this for Momo, ickkkk

No. 335352


God fucking damn it. Why'd you have to zoom in on it? Now I have to take an ice pick to the brain to be able to forget about this.

This isn't "sexy" or "cute" Moomoo. It's trashy.

No. 335354

File: 1484033034754.png (313.83 KB, 373x393, 1479921984295.png)

Hmmmm,I've gotta admit i like the "sturdy" girls. Would Momokun put out and if so, how much? (Olive Garden has worked wonders for me in the past with big and "healthy" type)

No. 335355

File: 1484033131578.jpg (25.76 KB, 970x646, 93192047.jpg)

No. 335359

I saw her wicke set on a user upload based porn site earlier this week. Momo can call it 'cute groping' all she wants but obviously even her fans think its porn.

No. 335360

File: 1484034743758.jpg (10.75 KB, 320x221, 1019253-bueno2.jpg)

Olive Garden it is! Nothing like free breadsticks to get the squish mitten moisture flowin! What do you guys think her clunge smells like? (just wanna be mentally prepared for any surprises)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 335363

what do you think lol. she barely tries at her cosplay so I'm sure her hygiene is sub par

No. 335381

thats not a labia you tard. its flab, what do you expect? shes a cow.

No. 335383

have you never seen a fat girls area before? it's flab alright, fupa flab.

No. 335385

File: 1484042574787.gif (1.98 MB, 230x274, 9f5ljdfwU1sghtcko1_250.gif)

>squish mitten

No. 335403


It's her labia majora and fat girls tend to have fat pussies. The fupa wouldn't be next to her ass you dingnuts.

No. 335404

jesus christ, is there literally anything else we can talk about

No. 335410

File: 1484058247293.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5176.PNG)

Why tf has no one mentioned this forbidden picture? It absolutely scares the shit out of me when i saw that face.

No. 335411

her hand looks like a talon

No. 335413

She looks like that cousin we all have that loves horses no matter how many times they kick her in the head.

No. 335417

this actually annoys me because the costume is close to being actually good compared to her others. It suits her body type and I think the colours look good on her.
She's just so damn lazy and trashy that she's not only ruined the character for me but any little respect i had for her is 100% gone.
She is close you being fingered in one of these pictures and still refused to call it softcore. She needs to wake the fuck up and look in a mirror at what she's doing. Even with a little effort she could actually be tolerable to look at and be a semi decent person.

No. 335419

I swear it's her circle lenses, I fucking hate them. I feel like her face would way less dumb in all of her shoots if she'd go for a different style or size

No. 335420

Lol no, it's just her face. Its just plain butt ugly. Just look at that nose and smile :(

No. 335424

welp time to make some money

No. 335425

You're right anon. Honestly I can't look at these anymore without thinking about how gross and horny she was

No. 335429

Is she still denying this is pornography???? Because this is straight porn dudes. What a trashy thing to do. With a kids video game character no less!

No. 335430


But you don't understand anon. "It's not porn u guyz! It's just "cute groping"! Quit sloot shaming me! I'm just trying to have fun lol. I really don't care lol. I hate drama! Why can't we all just be friends?"

No. 335431

I'm not impressed with Patreon for allowing such shit. Originally it was all about supporting those in whatever craft they were in to make their business grow, now there's this trash there, but you know, it's fine, it's a great talent and Momo is such-like every other coswhore, a devoted 'artist'.

No. 335434

Patreon: it's like kickstarter for soft core

No. 335439

No. 335448

Tons of talented artists on patreon who make way more money than momo with her fat fetish stuff. Erotica is still a form of art and not all art is good. Also I am by no means calling Momos pics good art so dont lynch me. Tbh I prefer what momo does iver the guy who makes like 20k on patreon animating bestiality porn.

No. 335476

underrated comment, this is hilariously accurate

No. 335479

……hmmmmmm $20,000…

No. 335492

File: 1484091088351.jpg (19.72 KB, 640x357, bb_fucksupcon.jpg)

>15k but you can't afford that plaid fabric
>15 k but you can't afford a gym membership and wear shaper
>15 k but you don't know how to take POV sets
>15k but you rely on shitty materials and cut arounds instead of using TOOLS and GOOD MATERIALS that have been on the market FOREVER

No. 335495

>15k but can't get a professional photographer or go out to locations (like she said she would, hotels don't count) for photos

No. 335496

File: 1484092834863.jpg (636.58 KB, 547x849, 1484058247293_mr1484092675689_…)


I will forever be mad about the act that people shell out so much money for pictures that aren't even pleasing to look at.
Even a quick, shitty meitu edit would be better than this.

I tried, still not pretty but at least she looks a little less dead in the face.

No. 335500


She's not flown anywhere for photoshoots yet from the look of things. Having photos taken in LA on the beach as Bikini Samus is the furthest she's gotten. Also, she keeps changing her Patreon goal description. It went from flying out to nice photoshoot locations to creating merchandise for her fans to piss poor photo sets taken in generic hotel rooms with an offer of a 12 month calendar.

She's so full of shit.

No. 335501

File: 1484094403210.jpg (44.2 KB, 390x310, IMG_0917.JPG)

Jfc my sides

No. 335529

File: 1484101345095.jpg (307.31 KB, 2048x2048, CE8BDE0B-1A40-4DCA-9090-0FF549…)

peach emoji water emoji water emoji

> insert tweets about how proud she is of her butt from working out

No. 335531

Seeing this on the front page, I thought it was gonna be some 40 year old posted in /ot/. Jesus Christ, moomoo

No. 335533

File: 1484101781386.png (688.55 KB, 1136x640, IMG_1841.PNG)

people paid to see a slow mo vid of some cunt in a bad cosplay jiggle for 56seconds doing dumb shit like shake her tittie and lie on a black faux leather lcasting couch that probably if you shone a black light on it is white as snow from cum guzzling.

Wickes theme and the lab she works in all are things where you can find hotels and sets that match it. Sleek futuristic white set ups are NOT HARD TO FIND.
Yet here she is in an actual amateur porn set twice (the brick wall casting couch and that 5dollar motel POV shoot)

No. 335535

File: 1484101919271.png (356.28 KB, 1136x640, IMG_1844.PNG)

Btw for anyone who wanted to see the stocking hole a former anon mentioned…

No. 335536


There she goes again with those retarded fucking faces. So obvious she doesn't know how to pose or be sexy, so she makes dumb faces to make up for it to come across as "cute" or "quirky". You're neither Moomoo. You just look like a fat idiot in a shitty costume.

No. 335537

A fat idiot scoring nearly 16k a month off this shit.

No. 335541

ya, but… then what?
She has her real name attached to all this. Do you think that any company who googles her name and sees all of this is really going to hire her? Like it or not, there's still a stigma attached to these things. So when the neckbeards finally catch on that she's not actually doing any of the stuff she promises and move on, she'll have nothing.
So laugh all you want Momo, because once it's over, it's over.

No. 335542

She's never going to get over those porn pics. With her name attached, a dude's finger almost up her ass, showing she's so slutty she'll make a whole set with a guy groping her and shoving fingers in her mouth, if she regrets it they'll never go away. And you can't do something classy and dignified now, you can only get nastier and nastier.

No. 335545

Momo's Monthly food cost considering she lives in vegas
Breakfast and lunch 10-25 dollars
dinner 25-40 (All you can eat)
General snack foods- another 20
1950 to 3000
It's only this expensive since she only eats out. Even then I'm being generous. She's obese so it could be more

A photographer who is only a hobbyist will charge 100 dollars or less, but they wont edit her pictures. A professional will charge by the hour hundreds of dollars… even then you still wont get your photos. You might get one or two. Paying for the full set of photos edited and digitally re done will cost thousands.

About half is going to food and her photoshoots. A couple thousand more is her paying into her own paetron.

No. 335547

Momo said her friend Tasha edited her wicke pictures. She probably paid her less than a couple hundred bucks if at all.

No. 335552

if she eats out all the time then dinner is probably a lot more than $25-40 like i spend that much on drinks alone usually. then again i guess she's not buying groceries if she lives at home so breakfast and snacks probably aren't costing her a lot

No. 335554

Any company who googles her name is gonna see us then go 'what the fuck is this chick'

No. 335556


The food balance might balance out then since she lives at home. But I never considered the drinking, and she is a party girl, so costs might be higher.

Fuck, I also forgot that she is now commissioning people to make most of her cosplays now since she knows she sucks.

It still doesn't excuse her to be using the same underwear and not having any nice things. Is she really shitty with money and just blowing all her cash every month? Or is most of her earnings really her paying into that paetron?

No. 335560


Moomoo definitely is the type to look to get completely trashed and drop 100s of dollars on alcohol to show off. Wouldn't surprise me at all if all her money was going towards that and expensive dinners.

No. 335577

File: 1484106089016.png (215.94 KB, 625x544, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 7.40…)

No. 335578


With a reputation like that, she'd be lucky to get a job on a porn site.

No. 335580

Not to mention the kind of pictures that come up when you google her name. She better start saving up some of that patreon money to pay for her future, because she'll never get a real career of any kind with the reputation she has built for herself.

No. 335581

File: 1484106733329.png (2.95 MB, 1887x924, 1.png)

dropped pic

No. 335583

File: 1484106815939.jpg (263.45 KB, 1024x1425, mariah_mallad_as_samus_aran__z…)

I did find this beauty though…

No. 335586


Yep. She better save her money. Because she ain't getting a job anywhere else except the porn industry with pics like those.And even then she might be too ugly for it by then.

Imagine her though "lol It's not porn u guyz! It's just "cute blowjobs and anal". Stop sloot shaming me! I'm just trying to have fun lol! I hate drama lol!"

No. 335600

She would never pass a background check lol

No. 335625

She didn't commit crimes….

No. 335626

most employers don't want to hire someone whose provocative pictures and messy history are all available online

No. 335632

has she ever expressed any sort of desire to do anything career wise, even before she decided to milk the cosplay community?

No. 335633

she could probably get some shitty job. like at a gas station.

No. 335635

Realistically, that's Mariah's future once her "cosplay model" ship has sailed. She hasn't furthered her education, her only work experience is as a starbucks barista, and she has all this shit plastered all over the internet for anyone to see. It's really no big deal now, given she's fairly young still, but if she's still at this in a couple more years, and hasn't saved up, her future is going to be looking pretty bleak.

No. 335636


No, in fact she did have a job. I think it was a coffee shop or something, someone correct me. She instantly quit the moment she could and started gaining weight ever since.

No hint of school or nothin as far as I know

No. 335640

She was a starbucks barista temporarily. I don't think she's had a job previous to that though.

No. 335643

Is she really only 20? Holy fuck, she has the most unfortunate face. She looks /way/ older, and she has the skin of a chain smoker. ew ew.

No. 335652

It's the same with all of her shoots. She doesn't give a shit which setting works best for which character, it's always the cheap motel one because that's the only place that's cheap enough and allows privacy for her to get down to her bra. She has the money to book pretty much any place she wants for a shoot but nope, the motel 6 room has to do.

That fucking leather couch+brick wall looks like it's straight from a clichéd trashy amateur porno set some director quickly threw together because they wanted to shoot porn and be done with it. Honestly does that 15+k go straight down her throat because that's what it looks like, the money never shows in her costumes, photoshoots or lifestyle in general but she keeps getting fatter and fatter.

At least people drawing gross porn actually do something and develop their talent, momo's just vomiting out shitty closet cosplays and slapping on a ratty wig. I wouldn't have such a problem with moo if she wasn't a shitty person AND if she put any effort into her a.) cosplays b.) photoshoots.

A delicious thought though. She's only what, 21? She has plenty of time to regret all of this in the future. This is what artist names are for kids, you don't just slap your real name over porn.

No. 335655

As someone that has been around her, I can confirm that she's kind of a bitch. She's very condescending when you speak to her and comes off as "I'm better than you."

I've tried to look past it but every time I think she's getting better she does something even worse. There are so many talented cosplayers out there that deserve that attention, it really bums me out tbh.

No. 335661

Will say that after her Wicke POV shoot took off she was privately bragging about how she single handedly revolutionized the cosplay world and that she was so happy that she could make such a huge impact in the community.

No. 335662

If this is true then… wat? People have been making smutty photo shoots of their cosplays for decades. There is nothing revolutionary about soft core porn.

I could imagine her 100% thinking thus

No. 335678

Revolutionized how? Straight out added to the common old misinterpretation that cosplay equals fetish porn? Gee thanks momo, you sure did a favor to the whole community!

No. 335688


In about a year after the neckbeards have demanded everything from her and they've seen every crevice and orifice of her body they will toss her aside like trash. Don't worry about it.

You can only do so much erotic material until people are asking for more, and once you've gone nude theres nothing else to see anymore. It gets boring. Smut only lasts for so long and eventually her hype will die down and she will just be another naked girl on the internet.

No. 335689

It's funny how she always speaks so higly of herself and how she is such a biiiig influence on the Cosplay scene while only people in the US know her
I doubt she will ever get invited to a Con in a different country
For that your costumes have to be really good

No. 335690

(Not that she was ever invited to a Con anyways lol)

No. 335692

Not to ruin your thunder anon, but she was invited as a guest for HalCon in Canada.

No. 335701


I mean it's not like she is being asked to guest at any big name cons like San Diego/New York ComicCon, Anime Expo, Youmacon or MAGfest. She basically only gets "invited" to small cons or ones that aren't aware of her radioactive reputation. And even then, she's not getting top billing. She just gets told to stand in the corner with the other no-name cosplayers yet she deludes herself into thinking that she is the biggest name there and is so god damn important. Like the con specifically asked for her and they should be lucky that she decided to grace them with her presence.

No. 335709

Are we sure she was invited? She also said she was a guest at another con, but that turned out to be 100% untrue

No. 335713

Along side with what you said, she's not really known on the east coast. I only know of her due to you guys. So keep deluding yourself MooMoo that you're somehow more special than everyone else. You'll never reach Jessica Nigri or Yaya Han notoriety.

No. 335714

I asked many people on the east coast and no one knows who she is. Even the fat T&A cosplayers if they know who she is. I made it even easy and show them her samus cosplay and she is still a no name cosplayer over here.

No. 335729

File: 1484155932512.jpg (134.84 KB, 681x1024, belly.jpg)

I'm sure this has been said plenty before, but she seems like everything PT wanted to be.

No. 335741

Too bad for her The queen has elegance and grace. Something Momo does not have

No. 335749

>working out
This is the most hilarious thing I've seen all thread. Who is she kidding?

No. 335758

She actually used to be quite fit, if you'd believe it. She only ballooned up in the last few years. There's a comparison image somewhere in a previous thread if I'm not mistaken. It's actually kinda worrying to see how quickly she's been gaining weight.

No. 335763

File: 1484158765433.jpg (12.14 KB, 300x460, 33511-shrek-sherk.jpg)

>Get in my swampy cooch

No. 335793

>Implying the Queen ever wanted to be a skanky classless Patreon hoe
I beg you pardon?

No. 335838

What gets me is that there are really fucking nice hotels in Vegas that would look classy and nice but they're all like $200-300 a night and moomoo can only afford motel 6 for shoots.

No. 335841

at 15k a month she can afford to shill out some cash for a better location.
and why does this bitch eat out all the time if she still lives with her parents

No. 335843

she could easily afford it and use the day to get out two to three shoots if she was smart. she'd just rather spend her $$ on vacations and fast food.

No. 335844

>why does she eat out all the time
>15k a month

What else would a cow do with that kind of money aside from exchanging it for endless twinkies and chicken wings?

No. 335846


She probably treats her friends, family and any guy in her life to the same luxuries plus she still lives at home, she's saving alot on not paying bills as it's obvious her parents pamper her anyway.

No. 335852

File: 1484175123528.png (563.93 KB, 481x602, 433q4tq3.png)

Just…I can't believe the difference in talent between Moomoo and Vamplette. You would think she would take some pointers from her friend. Vamplette's got a patreon too but only gets About $1000 a month.

Saged for being about Vamplette but she seriously should get more credit for her work.

No. 335857


She produces far better work when not under the influence of Momokunt.

No. 335870

If you look through vampette's Facebook her quality of work was so good but as soon as Momo came along you see this obvious dip. I bet if she ditched Momo she could definitly keep improving and become an even better cosplayer. Momo is cancer on so many levels.

No. 335871

I actually wish nothing but success for Vamplette if only to have Moomoo sperg out about it later. I want to see Vamplette get more popular than Mariah

No. 335877

Impossible with that face.

No. 335906

File: 1484182681591.png (101.09 KB, 1232x521, qU5n255.png)

A little Patreon goal timeline, each one packed full of lies since she started up. She has no set goal at all the more her monthly earnings increase.

No. 335909

A nose job and a jaw reduction would fix that right up. Momo is probably already jealous that Vamplette has a hot body while hers looks like a lump of playdoe. I would love to see her spurg out if Vamplette came out looking like the full package and left moomoo in the dust.

No. 335922

So this means she owes her patreons 7 different sets this month. she can barely get off her fat lazy ass to do one a month.

and that calender is never happening

No. 335924


It'll never happen, just like every other 'promised' goal she's made. Weekly streams in cosplay, flying out for photoshoots at grander locations, creating shirts and posters for fans, going to conventions in different countries-none of that got done so that calendar won't ever exist. She just wants to earn money and do very little of the actual job she's getting paid for.

No. 335935

If she got surgery she'd probs just get shit for it like everyone who gets obvious cosmetic changes. Besides I doubt She could afford such expensive procedures. Momo could afford a nose job and lypo and I doubt anyone would really notice since she could just play off as losing weight from "working out"

No. 335939

if she did the 7 sets (on top of all the other rewards when they're due) it might…oh my, it might feel like she has an actual job and is working for her money

literally too much work 4 momo. it's a lot easier to just spend half an hour in an hotel room and flop down naked in cat ears

No. 335940

Idk I think Colette looks fine as she is. She takes care of her body and puts actual effort into her cosplays (AND ACTUALLY KNOWS/LIKES THE CHARACTERS SHE COSPLAYS) and that's enough for me. Better photographer/angling can help mask any flaws she may believe she has. No need to go to an extreme such as surgery unless she truly feels she wants it.

No. 335945

File: 1484188907810.png (627.08 KB, 466x594, 43c3645y46457658i568i.png)

I think her nose is a bit too sharp and long, she looks cute af when you don't see it. But you know if she did get a nose job she'd get shit all over. Everything else I completely agree with, especially the angling. It's a shame, she's such an underrated cosplayer.

No. 335963

I'm one of those that actually like Vamps face because it's unique. The downfall is she needs to know what characters will work well with her face and what won't. Mercy is a great example of the wig really working for her. I think she just needs characters with longer hair and layers. Characters with normal, flat hair (katarina and d.va for example) don't work unless she does something to counteract it like with heavier make up.

No. 335981

I think she looks prettier the less she piles on the make up. Like her Christmas photos of chii where super cute. And girl needs to chill on the twerking.

No. 335994

File: 1484193938665.png (73.5 KB, 749x585, IMG_1894.PNG)

Holy shit

No. 335996

Do you know what happened??

No. 335997


Fine? Oh my god. Her face is hideous. Can't deny her cosplay skills are way better than Mariah's, but she is Mira's tier of ugliness.

I bet you're one of those who say Mira isn't that bad, anon.

No. 336000

Moochlette could get a nosejob and look normal - Mira would have to do a total overhaul to look decent.

No. 336002

File: 1484194257501.png (182.31 KB, 518x537, moomoo.PNG)

Time to go through Momo's recent tweets

No. 336003

File: 1484194299000.png (612.55 KB, 598x623, moomoo1.PNG)

So this is where the 15k is going

No. 336004

File: 1484194313965.png (146.97 KB, 750x911, IMG_1896.PNG)

I guess it's in response to this

No. 336005

File: 1484194328028.jpg (93.66 KB, 516x921, IMG_1895.JPG)

No. 336006

>please don't tell her I told you
>posts it publicly on twitter

No. 336007

File: 1484194440883.jpg (125.7 KB, 1344x756, shC1DPE.jpg)


Cause there's nothing wrong with this jaw, anon.

No. 336008

I didnt know pokemon from another dimension could suffer from cellulite and cottage cheese syndrome.
Dang what an eye opener. #Equality

No. 336010

is this the Luna that keeps shitting around here?

No. 336011

>Complains that people are older acting like highschoolers
>acts like a drama hoe in highschool
It's just stupid for this to be 3 girls who all show their asses thinking they're good people but they're just all hoes

No. 336012

Yes lol

No. 336015

File: 1484195129422.png (921.26 KB, 1437x1896, Screenshot_2017-01-11-23-22-10…)

No. 336016

File: 1484195185518.png (142.68 KB, 519x540, Capture.PNG)

No. 336017

Moomoo randomly went off on Chel for some reason. What happen to helping each other up MooMoo?

No. 336020

Momo posted proof that it was chel on her twitter. Wording is the exact same in the screencap she posted of her message to chel.

No. 336021

I think i might be team momo on this one. Momo tried to tell chell to stay away from lanie, which tbh, is sound advice. Chell ran to Lanie ratting her out and acting like a victim, and then Momo popped off on Chell for ratting her out to Lanie.

I can't really blame Momo because lanie seems far more insane and unstable than momo. It seems like she was honestly trying to do Chell a solid.

No. 336022

maybe you walk on eggshells because your asshole is on the internet

No. 336023

Holy shit, milk. 3 cows colliding at once.
For anyone who isn't in Chel's thread, the part about SSS turning people against her is total bullshit. She blocked Susu after Susu was posted on Shadbase and was praised over her. Momo is kind of dumb for going out of her way to "warn" Chel in the first place, Chel is pathetic in general, but Luna truly is fucking psychotic and I'm sure she'll be here in Momo's thread sometime tonight. It's like her nightly ritual to shit up this thread or her own by calling people "thots" "ratchet" "jealous cunts" and accusing posters of being Momo, Susu, or Kay. This should be interesting.

No. 336025

Where is the chell thread? I have no idea who she is lol

No. 336026

Hi Susu no one cares about you and your escorting.

No. 336027

Loonie time.

No. 336028

Speak of the lunatic and she shall appear

No. 336029

Raqib told me you have a tight little pussy. How much do you charge?

No. 336031

It's in /snow/, just look for the D.va cosplay on her back, spread eagle kek

Lunatic arrived right on fucking time

No. 336032

I will pay for susu, loonie, and mariah to eat each others tight pussies like a train(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336033

This is one of the rare times that Momo is in green in this bit of drama. Also hi crazy.

No. 336034

I doubt she has that much time with all the plastic surgeries and old men to suck.

No. 336035

File: 1484197682757.jpg (273.97 KB, 1278x766, 789921.jpg)

No. 336037


I love this moment so much that I want to have sex with it and create other little moments. Holy shit! Three cows colliding into each other for one massive train wreck. And my birthday isn't for another nine months lol

No. 336038

Mariah use to be nice in middle school but high school turned her into a bitter bitch. It shows she has to eat all her feelings and loathing.

No. 336039

Is this all even real right now what the hell is happening

No. 336040


I can't even take a side, all three of them are crazy, fame thirsty hoes.

No. 336041

I am literally on the floor rolling. Why does Jess even get involved?

No. 336042


Lol at Chel and her fans trying to act like she is completely innocent. She was literally kissing Momo's ass a few months ago, and now is pissed because she ignored her because you can smell the trashiness on her lol.

No. 336043

for those looking for more info on the 2 other cows involved

Luna's thread >>>/snow/225956

Chel's thread

No. 336044

File: 1484199291546.jpg (360.53 KB, 1152x2048, craycray.jpg)

Whole pic has additional deets

No. 336045

Oh shit. Thanks for proving more caps! That middle tweet makes me think the anons that have posted here saying that Momo is full of herself and bitchy irl aren't making shit up.

No. 336046

Bless you for screenshotting this, Momo deleted most of the drama tweets.

No. 336047

File: 1484199581730.png (350.35 KB, 1125x1392, IMG_2844.PNG)

No. 336048

Jesus she's fucking crazy

No. 336049

Luna quick question do you have any proof SSS is a escort because if you don't all it does is make you a bitter bitch psycho cunt.

No. 336050

Same. Team No One up in this bitch. I will enjoy all three of these twats fight one another though.

They do so much for the community ya'll

No. 336051


Holy shit. She is certifiably insane. Does she really believe she can actually do that? That she can just sue the internet for being mean to her lol?

No. 336053

Man 2017 is already off to a great bat shit crazy start. 10x better then 2016 already.

No. 336055

She can sue Momo or find out their info through Patreon.

No. 336057

File: 1484200339557.png (343.34 KB, 540x540, 15940608_1213011092087308_1989…)

What a perfect day for a mass twitter meltdown…

No. 336058


No you can't Loonie

Stop trying to be Legally Blonde when you're Literally Trash

No. 336059

tbh I hope Luna sues Mariah. She needs to be knocked down and stop being the "authority voice" of cosplay when she just attacks every girl who steals the spotlight from her utters.

No. 336060

The last time I saw 3 cows go at it at once was a episode of Jerry Springer. Lolol

No. 336061


she has no case lmao

No. 336064

there's literally no case. Loonie "sues" her, Moomoo wins, Moomoo feels validated and continues the way she has.

No. 336065

Mariah admitted to having all of her private patreon pictures when they fought on FB months ago. Please get out of your own thread you cow.

No. 336067

She will just lose the case and it would make MooMoo feel better about herself.
For MoMo to be knocked down a peg or 2 is to just sit back and watch because stupid people will always screw up.

No. 336068


ok???? Having someones patreon photos isn't reason to sue them. She can't even come at her with a DMCA.

No. 336070

Mariah posted them publicly on her Facebook. Kind of weird. That is defamation and a serious crime in china if you are in school still.

No. 336071

Everyone has Lunas patreon pics. They're one google search away. Look up "Luna Lanie Nude" and there they are.

No. 336072

No. 336073


But are they there anymore? No. So she has nothing
That is not defamation.

Does she have definitive proof that it alone had a negative affect on her patreon income?

> in china


No. 336074

they aren't even nude? Not like Mariah getting fingered.

No. 336077

Is it me or do they have all the same fugly face.

No. 336078

yeah, Loonie just cakes more make up on than the other two.

No. 336080

Luna needs to get murdered for being mean to Kay

No. 336081

Mariah looks like Chel, but with a beak nose. Loonie is just next level fish face. They all look gross, old, and like to make the gaping mouth face in shoots…

No. 336082

I am pretty sure PT slept around a lot


She exposed herself at many a playground


She really wanted to make money from her photosets like mooriah

No. 336083

Luna stop. We know you're all scared since Kay posted that she reported your death threats to the cops but you're retarded posts arent fooling anyone.

No. 336084

Momo fucked up bad. Barely anyone cared about Loonie's retarded "call out" with no evidence so if she ignored it Luna would have just looked even more fucking deranged than she currently does. Now fatass Chel got the attention and brownie points with Loonie just like she desperately wanted. Wonder if Chel will write Luna Lanie on her asshole like she did with Shadman.

No. 336085


No. 336086

Luna you know if you try to get police on these they can just get the IP info and trace it back to you lmao

No. 336087

OH THAT ONE lol I didn't know

No. 336089

Momo and Kay need to fuck it out Im telling you its the new beauty and the beast lol. We all know its Kay and Momo posting the death threats trying so hard to be all Columbine

No. 336091

Loonie always has to bring Kay into it no matter how uneccesary.

No. 336092

Hi Pixxxi

No. 336093

Another one of Loonies imaginary friends?

No. 336094

Flying out for better photoshoot locations, that's rich. She's now making 3 times that goal and she's still using motel 6 as her primary photoshoot studio.

No. 336095

she is a lazy slob and everyone in Vegas hates her and vamplette the carpet muncher

No. 336099

These girls are pathetic. Like watching a cosplay edition of Mean Girls or some shit.

No. 336120

What did Kay do to piss off Loonie so much?

No. 336124

Some bullshit from when they were in highschool. Supposedly Kay ripped Loonie's pants because they both liked the same boy but I think most if not all of it is just made up Loonytoon bullshit. There's more screenshots for this in Luna's last thread iirc

No. 336125

File: 1484228985163.jpg (55.94 KB, 600x489, lunarant.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 336127

yeah it's total Loonie bs. Kay told Luna she liked this boy when they were friends and apparently Luna went behind her back to make out with him or some stupid shit and Kay got pissed and didn't want to be friends with her anymore. Even if this was relevant for her shit behavior…really? You're gonna let shit that happened to you in 9TH GRADE in HIGHSCHOOL still dictate how you treat someone? Not to mention that when Kay first got into cosplay she reached out to Delanie like "hey cool you're a good cosplayer just getting into this it's really fun you wanna hang out some time?" and Luna led her on for a couple months before posting this bs >>336125 and even last December (2015) I remember seeing Luna again comment on one of Kay's photos saying "You're so cute Kay <3" this chick is batshit nuts and has no idea how to treat people

No. 336133

Is this a recent decision? It's like MooMoo saw the posts that no one knows her over here so now she has come to spread the joys of her fupa. Katsucon is pretty fucking awful and became the red headed step child of conventions over here because of last year.

No. 336135

The fire or the general crowding and bullshit that entailed?

No. 336140

I know the fire wasn't technically anyone's fault(not set on purpose but negligence from set up), but the amount of vandalism was excessive. It's going to happen with large conventions but they made themselves stand out. The Gaylord is cracking down on convention goers because of it(not to the extent of no fun zone). I hope MooMoo does something to bring down the wrath of hotel staff and she gets kicked out.

No. 336160

Wasn't the fire caused by one of the cooks in the kitchen? I can't remember correctly. I do remember someone knocking down one of the exit signs and someone pulled the fire alarm. Last year was a hot mess.

No. 336161

Well, Moomoo hasn't much room to talk here. Yes unlike Chel she gets paid to do "lewds", but she still does them. Let's not forget that she's this close to do actual porn

No. 336165


Except Chel brags about how she is doing it for free and that somehow makes her better than all the other girls. So not only is the internet subjected to her gross cottage cheese, flabby man body, but the bitch isn't isn't getting paid to do it. She's just looking for validation from desperate neck beards who haven't even seen an actual woman. Not to mention all the creepy stalking and comments she makes towards a degenerate like Shadman, who routinely ignores her of course just like anyone with actual common sense would (Which is why Chel is so pissed at her, she completely ignored her when she was trying to kiss her ass a few months ago). Not to mention that Momo is only 21, while Chel is 27, married and has a kid.

Moomoo may be a shit person at times, but Chel is even trashier and desperate than she is.

No. 336175

Seriously awuaint yourself with Chel's revolting antics. She puts down girls who get paid to do sexual content, stalks a lolicon incest artist and praised his mother child insest work when she's a mom herself, creepshots other women and posts their photos on twitter for neckbeards and blocks anyone who doesnt kiss her ass.

No. 336177


She literally told someone to unfollow her because he dared to consider Moomoo actracttive. She immediately was all like "Waah! You aren't on my side in this stupid, bullshit petty argument? Fuck you! Unfollow me!"

Bitch has some serious issues.

No. 336179

Please post a screenshot in the chel thread. The milk is plentiful today.

No. 336181

File: 1484242902093.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170112-072604.png)

Vamplette called her MooMoo…

No. 336187

File: 1484243943411.jpg (2.03 MB, 720x404, Bo6fxiQ.jpg)

No. 336188

From what I remember it was a small electrical fire in the LAN room caused by people not hooking their shit up properly.

No. 336193

She probably lurks here. I bet they all do.

No. 336197

Well seeing as Momo lurks around I bet you're right lol.

No. 336203

Yes Chel is trash, but seems a bit off to me that a sex worker is criticizing another sex worker because she does sex work.

No. 336204


The samefagging. Either Mariah or one of her lackies defending her without being too obvious.


Mariahs been making a lot of passive aggressive comments towards the thread. There's been a couple on her Twitter. "Never forget the girl who doesn't even know how to put on a wig."

No. 336205

Chel isn't a sex worker. Sex workers get paid. She's just a creep.

No. 336207

At the end of the day they're all trashy hoes who need to get off their high horse. The only thing Moo can say is that she makes 15k a month off of being fingered on the internet and Chel just does it for free. It doesn't make Moo better, just opportunistic. Lmao. They're both dumb sluts.

No. 336211

My phone auto corrects to Moomoo when I start typing Momo….Hmm vamps might have been posting shit here and slipped up

No. 336214

How much you bet Vamp is using Momo for easy cosfame and money? Just fake being a friend and get what you want. Easy to do in the cosplay community.

No. 336223

is…is that a jock strap??

No. 336228

File: 1484254942428.png (51.72 KB, 635x330, Capture.PNG)

No. 336230

Or maybe Mariah wants to use Vamp's actual crafting skills. They are both in this weird tango for two.

No. 336232

Oh boy here we go.

No. 336237

Legit don't know who Mira is.
I'm not going to shame Colette for the face she was born with. That's what makes people unique and individual. The world would be so fucking boring if everyone looked the same.

Taking care of your body, your hygiene, and health are most important…and at least Colette does that. That plus good craftsmanship is good enough for me, at least she tries. Like some else said; some characters just look better with her natural face than others.

No. 336239

I think Jess may have got involved because literally everyone knew what Loonie was doing and Mariah fell right into her trap…Susu, Kay, all of them knew she was just trying to get a reaction and Mariah went fucking ham. I think Jess stepped in just to protect the other girls because Momo was making it worse for everyone involved cuz she made Loonie seem like she was in the right there

No. 336241

Not Mariah. Just a friend of Kay. Don't really know the other girls. Kay has always been as down to earth with me as one can be on the internet, and everytime drama like this bs pops up she wants nothing to do with it. She's learned from the 3 years being harassed by Loonie it's just better to ignore the crazy bitch. She always jumps in and brings Kay up when Kay doesn't want her to

No. 336252

File: 1484259368250.png (646.42 KB, 535x631, Photo_20170110.png)

More content?? She barely makes anything while living rent free……………..

No. 336265

You mean all that stuff you said were going to do for the last year? I love that she's going to use the excuse that she lives at home and can't do stuff like stream. She could have easily moved out months ago.

I see them either getting something way too expensive and they'll be back hone in 6 months. Or they get something super cheep and nasty. New content indeed.

No. 336268

But she has her own room to stream in? If her parents can live with the fact she's doing soft core porn and being an over all cunt they should have nothing against streaming videogames. What a poor excuse.

No. 336297

If Collette IS using Mariah for fame it clearly isn't working. She doesn't have that many followers and has barely grown in the past year. I think they are real friends. Moochlette is a dumb nickname anyways.

No. 336299

she's using her for her money, you walnut.

No. 336303


I don't think so. Vamplette and Mariah were friends way before Mariah even had her Patreon and a twenty thousand follower gain. Unless she somehow knew that a fat cow like Mariah was gonna blow up the way she did there's no way she's using her. It's just convenient that her friend can suddenly help her out with financial issues.

No. 336310

It sounds like maybe they're turning it into a cute nickname for her? Turning insults to compliments or whatever. Moomoo isn't the worst name to be called, it sounds cute if you don't know the context.

No. 336311

What has Momo even bought Vamplette? Neither of them have anything to show for all the cash Momo has been (supposedly) rolling in for a good chunk of a year.

No. 336315

So who is the top?

No. 336324

lol probably not moomoo unless vamp's into asphyxiation

No. 336350

I think what bothers me most is that she refuses to drop like $200-$300 for someone else to make her good cosplay that she could wear repeatedly

Instead she wears this shitty stuff once while it's still falling apart

No. 336353

Maybe the reason why she doesn't commission everything it's because she's trying to actually learn and evolve her skills. Mariah has only been cosplaying for a year and a half I don't know why you guys expect like God tier perfection. So many conspiracy theories about how she spends her money too. One day it's she spends all her money on food she's going to be so shit on her taxes the next it's she doesn't spend any money she must be lying about her funds. Maybe wait till tax season to make all your theories or just continue sounding like a bunch of bitter brats that's cool too.

No. 336354

You make it way too obvious every time you post here Momo.

No. 336355


Nah it's Krissy. They're at a bar together or some shit according to Twitter. Mariah probably brought it up like she always does even though she swears it's not bothering her and Krissy probably tried to throw her two cents in. For someone who doesn't care about what we say she sure brings up the thread a lot.

No. 336356

Whether you're Moomoo or Krissy, I know Moomoo can see this. Please bathe, Moomoo. I can smell your salty fish cooch from here.

No. 336358

a year and a half is a pretty long time though…especially since she supposedly has so much money. It doesn't even look like she puts 5% of it back into her cosplay.

No. 336361

Tbh fellas it gets old reading this stuff. It was funny for a bit then good for venting anger but now it's just a hate circle jerk. I get you hate her and the other two but the more you push the more it makes it where your genuine complaints get drowned out. Like have any of you genuinely tried talking to her about improving her skills or maybe give tips?

No. 336362

Before you say I'm Momo, Vamp, Krissy, or whoever, it's not.

No. 336363

there's so many resources online at this point she has no excuses. she's lazy and just wants to get by doing as little as she can and still get paid. fuck off.

No. 336364

learn how to post properly and maybe we'll give a shit

No. 336365

File: 1484294590319.gif (4.86 MB, 425x240, 576870678657.gif)

> fellas

No, of course you're one of us! Go suckle Moo's udders.

No. 336367

She's wearing….Silk…To otakon…..15 thousand dollars a month. Fifteen thousand. And she's still wearing a fifty dollar AliExpress suit she's had for six months…I'm literally in disbelief right now is this bitch for real?

No. 336369

File: 1484296916187.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20170113-003325~2.p…)

Why tf is she wearing that old spiderman morphsuit, she did a shoot for that like a year or 2 ago, she truly is lazy as all fuck and can't even come up with new costume for an event

No. 336370


You do know there are no boys on the internet, right?

No. 336371

lel can she even fit that suit still?

No. 336373

Right, I asked if you actually made an effort to discuss with her your issues in any productive way. Instead it's just whinging and moaning about it but no true effort. If ya really wanted it to change you'd talk to her about it. But all this is an angry wank.

No. 336374

File: 1484298468818.gif (490.85 KB, 384x216, 68768543452.gif)

you're placing the blame on us. we don't engage the cows, we mock and document. if it bothers you so much, go talk to her yourself.

No. 336375

You know she's only busting out silk because the samus suit is dunzo. I'm really surprised she's not pulling out mei again

No. 336377

go moralfag somewhere else

No. 336378

I thought Silk was full of holes too. Unless she bought a new one… and we all know that she probably didn't.

No. 336379

File: 1484300562460.gif (9.11 KB, 196x149, image.gif)

Yeah. It's like there is nothing interesting to talk about. Reading 726363rd message of how she earns 15k is boring, how her photoshoots are trashy, how overweight she is, basicly things that are obvious. Maybe wait few months to come back and see if anything new has happened.

No. 336381

Shut up Krissy

No. 336383

Fuck off Moomoo, you know you block anyone who dares to question your ways.

No. 336384

>Like have any of you genuinely tried talking to her about improving her skills or maybe give tips?


Did she tell you she came here and asked us for feedback? And we all gave it, in a respectful manner. And instead of actually taking in the criticism, she got snobby and told us how "that cheap spandax suit got me more attention than you'll ever get"

so why try

No. 336385

I don't think this is really worth getting up her asshole about though, lots of cosplayers rewear things. It's kind of a waste to buy something and just throw it away or never wear it again. Yes I know she has the money to have bought/made something else but this seems like a reach

No. 336396

underrated comment(stop)

No. 336398

She doesn't have a job and she has made quite a bit of money over the past year while having virtually no bills. There's absolutely no excuse for her to 1. Having not improved her skills and/or 2. Conceding she doesn't have the skills to make her costumes so pays to have them commissioned(while also giving credit). When her Wicke boot covers started ripping she should have FIXED them. Continuing a photoshoot with a torn costume is pure fucking laziness.

No. 336401

The only reason why these threads keep going is because it's rinse and repeat over and over. Mariah's " my Samus suit will get more attention" melt down was like what, almost a year ago? That's what you call telling her how to improve "respectfully" on an anonymous hate thread? Your criticisms are not to try to make her improve or be a better person they are to hurt and to vent out your frustrations. Let's be real here a HUGE portion of you guys are just a bunch of bitter assholes (mainly from Vegas heres looking at people like dasia, azaila, steff, probably people from kalika's group as well posting occasionally on here) I'd love to see you guys actually go up to her this weekend and say "hey you make too much money to wear that" but you wont. Wouldn't be surprised if a huge portion of you smile or try to kiss ass and then come home to shit talk some more instantly.

No. 336403

File: 1484322386215.gif (1.79 KB, 275x171, 1478198726224.gif)

Yawn. The day a whiteknight will actually come here and write original stuff instead of the usual "y'all ugly fat assholes, you have a boring life, you're just jealous" I'll open a bottle of Champagne.

No. 336404

I think you're on the wrong website lol

No. 336408


Oh great, another one of those "You're just ugly, jealous cowards who wouldn't say shit to her in real life" people.

Seriously, do you people just look for places to defend Moomoo? Like, you had to have known that it was a dumb idea come here and whine on her behalf, right? No amount of "Quit picking on her!" is going to change anything. She'll still be the same shit cosplay, drama loving cow she's always been.

No. 336410

Right let's cut the shit. If you want to actually want to have her change you'd make a genuine effort to discuss it with her instead of being like the employee at work who complains everyday about how bad the job/bosses are and how you'll go to corporate to complain but never do. If it matters to you that badly and cosplay matters to you so much then why is that too hard to ask. And before you say we're not to blame or what have you, you're a part of this discussion you're active members. She's not innocent either mind you with her tantrums and obstinate anger but the only way things get sorted is an open discussion.

No. 336414

I'm not from Vegas. I'd wager to bet most of the anons in this thread aren't from there, either. I just see a fat slob who makes way too much money to cosplay so poorly and so I laugh at her. It's funny. She's a bad person who I would never associate myself with in real life because she seems annoying, spiteful and egotistical. And she's on a crash course to ruin her life.

We have offered her advice many times. Practice sewing and crafting your costumes, or commission them– and give credit. Find interesting locations for photo shoots. Get a great photographer who can edit, too, because goddamn you need it.
Finally, lose some weight. I know everyone is into you because they are chubby chasers but you should really consider doing some cardio and weight lifting because you don't want to have a heart attack when you are 35. We are the same height and you weigh at the very least two times as much as I do, and I'm not even considered thin.

So Mariah, you can continue to get your friends to white knight you in this thread after you abloo bloo to them, or you could step it up and actually improve your life to the point where there is nothing more to talk about. That's the only way you will be left alone.

By the way, I'm not jealous of the attention you've got from that dirty, smelly old Taobao Samus suit. Because I get attention from people who actually matter– my family and friends. I'm working hard to have a better life in the future. I'm never satisfied with myself and always push harder to be better. Can you say the same for yourself?

No. 336415

Yo eBitches want infamy and so we give them what they want. Does not matter who she is irl; regardless she's probably a depressing fatso with zero communication skills. Why would any sane person want the sort of attention MooMoo gets?!

No. 336416

So, how about all the times she's retweeted someone who slightly disagrees with her? Allowing her fans to attack the said person. That's not wrong? Guess not. Yet, goes on how everyone loves her and she's the nicest person ever.

Claims to be such a nerd. Then admits to never playing Fire Emblem before cosplaying a character from one of it's series.

Started doing soft porn. With a thumb down her throat, stroking a dick and a guy fingering her butt. But hey. That's not soft porn.

I could go on. But won't.

You aren't the first white knight. And like all the ones before you, you'll fail. Because we have seven threads of proof and you have nothing.

No. 336417


Exactly what makes you think Moomoo will engage in any kind of "open discussion"? She is so insecure re that if you insinuate that she is anything other than the perfect, "thicc" cosplay goddess that she has deluded herself into thinking, she will instantly block you and cry to her followers for sympathy. She takes any kind of criticism of her as a personal attack and thinks you're just jealous of her and a loser who wastes their time on the internet hating on someone. There is no such thing as "open discussion" with people who refuse to even sit at the table.

No. 336420

This is great because you tell us to tell this shit straight to Mariah, and when we tell you we did it doesn't count because it was over a year ago. But doesn't that make it worse that she's still doing the same shit for over S year despite people trying to have that discussion?

If you're in the Internet expect people to criticize you. If you hate it so much then don't lurk here and shove your head into your neckbeard hug box.

No. 336422

Again not Mariah. Again said she wasn't innocent. I have my issues with her especially the whole thing with Koreanbarbq where she said she loved him but posted recently posted on Instagram the whole spiritual thing. Told her it was a time bomb ages ago and she hated me for it. But that's the thing, still trying to have a discussion even after that because she's a human being and so are you lot even if you're going to read this and keep being obstinate by calling me moralfag/whiteknight. I get the indignation of seeing someone you perceive as not worthy but invalidating doesn't resolve that issue. What I want is an open discussion between all parties not perfectly but at least a start. Nobody's innocent or has claim to being the pure cosplay but the more these arguments continue the more it demonizes the community and makes aspiring cosplayers either become dissolutioned or afraid to even begin. So then tits and ass profit more and that cosplayers who would put their heart and soul into the cosplay won't out of fear of threads like this or not being sexy enough. It's not everyone can be a great cosplayer but a great cosplayer can come from anywhere

No. 336423

Nobody cares what you want. We're not here to hold her hand and tell her what she's doing wrong. She already knows. And she's getting paid 14k to do the bare minimum. What's the point of effort? She's egotistical and needs therapy.

No. 336424

>Almost a year ago
It was last march. You can argue it's just as "roughly half a year ago" than "almost a year ago". That's not a very long time for a person to make a complete 180. She's still a bratty bitch as it's been proved time and time again.
>That's what you call telling her how to improve "respectfully" on an anonymous hate thread?
People have told her to spend more time with her costumes and not finish them the night before the con in a hotel room. People have critiqued her way of using materials and suggesting improvements. People have pointed out the construction flaws that she repeats again and again. Told her to go out to more in-character shooting locations instead of a dirty motel room. That's constructive criticism based on honest observations. It's not all "lmao what a fat cow!!!" here.

So she's allowed to do all kinds of nasty shit just as she pleases with no consequences because "she's just a human guys!!!"?
>What I want is an open discussion between all parties not perfectly but at least a start.
People have exhibited out multiple good points about what's wrong with her and you just dismiss them as destructive and demonizing because they don't match your agenda.
> demonizes the community and makes aspiring cosplayers either become dissolutioned or afraid to even begin.
Quite the contrary, Mariah. This discussion shaming people who use cosplay purely for making a quick buck and fetishizing the whole hobby is beneficial to the community because it steers people to the right direction. Don't be a dumb money-mongering, attention-whoring, two-faced slut. Calling out people who do this shit act as an example to other people to not to start doing this shit. They know they're going to face the consequences in case they do. That's how communities work.

Don't even know why I replied because it's obviously Mariah or one of her friends benefiting from her (or afraid of being dragged to her dramas) trying in vain to change the discourse. Nobody is going to read your desperate ramblings and change their opinion about her. The only one who can do that is Mariah herself by concrete actions, i.e. change her fucking ways.

Now fuck off.

No. 336430

Alright, I'll bite. I'm assuming these latest postings is a poor attempt to show anyone who may be googling MooMoo's shit will see that she's the victim who's being bullied, etc. When in reality you're allowing for people to refute every single claim. She's ugly on the inside and outside and shows no interest in changing.

But honestly, the biggest thing that bothers me about her is the fake nerd shit.

No. 336431

Since this is the 5th link that pops up when you google her name, it's not surprising white knights will pop up here.

No. 336435

Right direction? Wait right there. That's the problem. I never said I was right or perfect. I said I wanted the start of an actual discussion to try to resolve.

No. 336438

Resolve what exactly? It's our opinion, there's nothing to fix. You have yours, so agree to disagree and move on.

MooMoo isn't a cosplayer, she's a soft-core porn star. Moonlighting as a 'nerd' just to get those sweet sweet nerd dollars. The only good thing about her is that she's 'different' because she's the dumb kid version of 'thick' thats it.

No. 336442

>Told her it was a time bomb ages ago and she hated me for it.

So wait, you give her advice and she gets pissy about it, but if we give her advice she'll listen and use it? What the fuck kind of logic are you using here?

No. 336456

I live on the east coast and have literally never heard of this woman before lolcow

No. 336465


Same. I'm in another country even.
You don't need to be from the same state to think she's a talentless hack

No. 336466

RIGHT? i thought the same thing. if she isn't even going to listen to advice from a friend why would she listen to anons?

also makes me curious who the whiteknight is

No. 336484


Actually MooMoo tried to have an "actual discussion" with us. And when someone came forward to talk to her about breaking someone's prop and not apologizing, her immediate reaction, instead of discussing it in a civilized manner, was "lol people lying about me all the time for drama lol"

No. 336485


Oh yeah. Wasn't that during her whole "Ask me whatever you want" bullshit? Whenever she got called out, she immediately went defensive and was like "lol I don't know why you guys like making stuff up about me for drama lol". It was like taking to a brick wall.

No. 336486

this is something moral-anon isn't understanding. its not just one instance of her coming into the thread, but multiple times when people not even from here have tried to discuss this shit with her. in that video of her whining in her car she said something along the lines of "if you have a problem, let me know!" and people DID, and she either ignored them or played the victim card. her own fucking friend admits that momo won't listen to their advice, so why even fucking bother trying to get to some sort of understanding? might as well just watch the cow and laugh

No. 336493

File: 1484352189166.jpg (91.48 KB, 720x960, 15965183_10208151301676689_187…)

They were all on this board this morning

No. 336498

Why is it so hard for these white knights to admit she's such a stain in the community when there's more than enough evidence to support it? Do y'all have jello for brains?

No. 336499


I guess I was wrong. You CAN fit that much cringe into one photo. Good lord

No. 336501

God, they're all such trashy hoes. It just makes me so angry to think that people have so little self-respect they do this to themselves.

No. 336506


Seriously, what is it about cosplay specifically that attracts all this trashiness? This is like some high school level, Mean Girls bullshit.

No. 336513

File: 1484354936596.png (175.36 KB, 480x213, Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 7.48…)

Look at this cow uttering bs in the casino

No. 336514

File: 1484355579309.png (454.5 KB, 701x406, Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 7.59…)


No. 336515

File: 1484355776999.gif (2.31 MB, 390x277, 1439678384690.gif)

We tried, but she blocks them or reacts immaturely soooo……

No. 336519

Atleast learn to sage if youre gonna shitpost

No. 336520


Such a fine group of coshoes. Ruining the hobby one step at a time with their tasteless bullshit. To think Momo and Kay get paid as much as they do per month to be so shit.

No. 336522

I'm pretty sure that this confirms that she'll be going hardcore quite soon.

No. 336526

"its just a cute ass to mouth set lol" - momo in 2017

No. 336528

Kay has talent and her cosplays always look on point especially her armor. Vendetta?

No. 336532

No. 336533

File: 1484360202579.png (211.99 KB, 522x523, Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.16…)

classy bitches lol

No. 336535


Her armor making skills are the only thing she's great at doing, her 'cosplays' only look on point when they're not half assed altered bikinis or basic bitch costumes. Her laziness is showing just as much as Momo's who's aura seems to rub off on anyone.

No. 336540

File: 1484362255722.jpg (44.32 KB, 720x449, _20170113_215006.JPG)

… seriously? How old is she?

No. 336551

She reads this boards, she knows what the complaints are. Her BFF has pretty decent skills. She talks to other Cosplayers. Why do you think it's up to strangers on an image board to help her improve?

I'm here for the milk, homie. Just here for the milk.

No. 336566

So anyone gonna slap a Brazzers logo on her "cutegroping" set?

No. 336568

File: 1484375653470.jpg (504.96 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170114_013307.jpg)


No. 336569

better, but still lumpy and saggy

No. 336570

File: 1484376338313.png (Spoiler Image, 3.35 MB, 1365x2048, 453454.png)

got u fam

No. 336582

Jesus it's not because she's a lardball it's because she's ugly .

No. 336583

This is disgusting to do to a children's character please go back to the Las Vegas brothel you came from

No. 336584

her twitter pic is so disgusting; it makes me uncomfortable every time i see it

No. 336585

Because SJWs made it okay for slutty bitches to abuse their shitty behavior by playing the "don't slutshame me" card for any little thing they do and have their whiteknights attack.

No. 336595

File: 1484401026528.png (Spoiler Image, 305.75 KB, 1408x918, Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 3.35…)



it looks like there's hair on it that's growing out. I don't think that's thigh lmao

No. 336604

Fucking spoiler Jesus christ

No. 336608

Stop posting this over abd over in this thread.

No. 336678

File: 1484442834267.jpg (564.19 KB, 1426x986, Screenshot_20170114-170731.jpg)

Look who learned how to use painters tape now.

No. 336679

it looks better but i still laugh at her just painting lines on clothes and then calling it a day

No. 336696

File: 1484451284113.jpg (544.94 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2055.JPG)

Distrgard the Symmetra, they look nice.
Could Momo really not be bothered to finish the few details left on Wicke? Also Vampletes Lucimine looks so fucking lazy. Wtf are those stripper shoes?

No. 336699

Using painter's tape and the lines are still all fucked up…. seriously momo? It never ceases to amaze me how bad at this she really is…

No. 336700

File: 1484451831587.png (103.59 KB, 500x500, lusamine.png)

Jesus, Vamp's Lusamine is even worse than Momo's Wicke.

>stripper heels

SIGH. Every time she does anything with Mariah she half asses it so bad.

No. 336701

Well she was a stripper…

No. 336702

Sage for ot but I can't believe Moomoo is the same age as Ahripop

No. 336715


wait are they really? jeez moomoo looks old

No. 336730

File: 1484460000692.jpg (158.03 KB, 480x640, PART_1484437005024_IMG_2017011…)

Her craftsmanship is so shoddy she already ripped a hole on her Wicke skirt.

No. 336734

she looks like an actual fucking pig in this picture. Am I the only one who sees that?

No. 336736

It's the unflattering angle and shadows emphasizing her nose and the pink sweater below. And of course the weight.

No. 336737

Lol she didn't even try with the shoes. Stop being fucking lazy, both of you.

No. 336738

I'm starting to think maybe Momo and her lackies are responsible for a bunch of posts in the Luna thread. They've been at the con for two days and suddenly no one is posting. I'm not defending Luna but I would love to know if it's MooMoo

No. 336741

The thread has always been that way. It would die untill Luna sperged in it and bumped it back up. She used to do it every day but has been slacking.

No. 336742

Welp good thing she already shot her lewds and wore it to a con because I'm sure she won't be able to get this on again without killing it

No. 336745

File: 1484463233272.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170114-224647.png)

I honestly wouldn't expect anything better from her…I wonder how that other gzuma(?) Cosplayer is feeling about this lol

Also I find this funny
There's 3 videos she posted that she's stepping on other people, the one in her mei cosplay, Naruto one and this where she slaps this guy. I know all on accident but she just has to act so outlandish so everyone pays attention to her it seems. Talk about annoying and rude…

No. 336747

Didn't she just went on a rant about guys touching her inappropriately?! Seriously. This woman.

No. 336748

You can't hug her but apparently she can get on her knees and pretend to suck your dick.

No. 336749

The symmetra is Midna Ash who is actually skilled cosplayer that MooMoo put her fangs in recently because Midna is friends with SSS.

No. 336750

To me Mariah has always come off as the kind of person that says "Don't touch me without my permission" as the reasonable thing to say but secretly relishes in the thought that she's so popular and desired that men can't control themselves around her.

No. 336751

Is this a family friendly con?

No. 336752

she posted with some kid on her twitter so I'm assuming it is

No. 336754

Hopefully she had some prints from her cute groping set on sale. Tells parent: "it's just cute groping!".

No. 336758

When your skirt is so tight that anyone can make out what your underwear looks like… and sitting down is tearing it at the seams.

No. 336767

you know…i consider myself a pretty sexual person, but she is straight up repugnant.

No. 336769

Just how do you mess up lines that badly with masking tape? If you're using the masking tape method they shouldn't fucking look that bad, the fabric paint has bled unevenly under the tape and the line thickness isn't consistent. It's like she's fucking up on purpose.

Let me tell you why:
>Too ugly and/or fat for actual modeling, don't want to do go hardcore with porn but still wants to feel hot and desired with no effort
>Cosplay doesn't have much sluts willingly showing off their sexuality so no competition
>"I could profit off of this because nerds are socially inept and don't like regular porn stars since they're out of their reach"
>"Hey guys, I'm a NERD just like you and I also have big tits that I want YOU to see and fap to! Cosplaying your favourite characters makes me more approachable, don't I feel just like a nice nerd girl next door? Teehee!"
>Has no idea how to be sexy in a tasteful way and has no professionals directing her work, so everything becomes trashy like this

It wasn't until JNig started making the big bucks that these sluts really started showing up. They're just using cosplay as a mean to gain easy money by following her coslut formula.

No. 336776

it's astounding how little self respect she has.

No. 336777

File: 1484475481990.jpg (1.59 MB, 2316x2328, ThoseLines.jpg)

And it's a commission

No. 336778

how can anyone think this looks okay? especially if it's for someone else?

No. 336780

Noticing the uneven brush strokes I'm guessing she's using a brush to spread the paint instead of a sponge which would explain why her paint lines are so sloppy. She's also using too much paint at once which leaves the strokes visible and allows the paint bleed under the tape.

Moomoo, get a goddamn sponge and do thin layers at a time. Yes, it takes more time, but that's fucking why you start your costumes earlier than the night before. And put a fucking newspaper under the fabric when you're painting, plus if you're using big globs of paint at once it's going to bleed through the fabric to the opposite side you stupid cow. This is fucking arts&crafts 101 material.

No. 336806

God, how trashy. Reminds me of an ugly girl I know that compensates by acting hypersexual and results cringy instead

No. 336808

The worst thing is she couldve just cut two x's out of transfer sheets that you iron on when you wanna print designs on tshirts n shit.
It wouldve taken ten minutes and looked bomb but…nah

No. 336811


A commission what looks like what was done in her hotel room the morning they did the Pokemon group because just before that she posted a picture of Vamp gluing fake nails to her toes for Lusamine.

So professional.

No. 336813


"I'll lay your ass out if you touch me without my permission. But I'm totally allowed to pretend to suck your dick in public because " lol, aren't I so hot and totally random?"

Fuck out of here with that shit Moomoo.

No. 336814

I think that hypersexuality is often times a crutch for people with little else going on for them unfortunately.

No. 336815


Why develop a personality or social skills when you can be cringey nightmare that try's to act like she wants to fuck everything that moves for neckbeards' approval.

No. 336816

File: 1484496824240.png (458.7 KB, 578x527, rememberkidsdrink7glassesofwat…)

And of course she's all over the Guzma cosplayer. The thirst is real

No. 336822


Good lord, does she have any idea how sad and desperate she comes across? Is she just completely unaware, or are her mental gymnastics Olympic level? I'm sure that guy really appreciates some sweaty fat girl all over him like that. That "inappropriate touching" Moomoo, it goes both ways. Although I guess Moomoo is thinking "lol, I bet his dick is too hard to even think about how pathetic I look right now"

No. 336831

File: 1484499508404.jpg (300.65 KB, 587x621, lkjhhgv.jpg)

Apparently that's her friend. I'm guessing she asked him to cosplay Guzma with her, hence why she said "modeling".

No. 336833

New fuckboy?

No. 336854


who wants to bet her friend just asked her to help and momo's making a big deal so she can get asspats

No. 336858

As long as she didn't make him pay for that garbage.

No. 336859

Ugh, that boob-bulge
JESUS bra fittings are free in a lot of stores ykno moomoo it couldn't hurt to at least try to buy underwear that fits

No. 336872

That poor fucking wig. I wonder if she will ever be on the cosplay page on pornhub someday.

No. 336876

Real talk that thumb is gone, at this point we not groping anymore. There is a fine line between this and the start of softcore porn and it has been crossed.

No. 336879

Ew, you can see every fat roll and bulge. This should be considered assault on our retinas.

No. 336882

I've been cosplaying for 10+ years now and I hate the fact that the hobby has been invaded by low lives and ratchet hoes like these now. It's so embarrassing.

No. 336883

Trying not to cringe at the fact Momo is helping with a panel about 'strong women in cosplay' soon as she announced on her Instagram.

Lmao Momo's strong? Getting practically fingered in cosplay for Patreon money while being an obnoxious piece of shit is strong? Oh okay.

No. 336884

File: 1484514219818.png (44.73 KB, 202x104, craftsmanship.png)

No. 336885

She's such a disgusting vacant hobag.

No. 336886

File: 1484514429107.gif (682.82 KB, 500x282, anigif_enhanced-buzz-3087-1424…)

Cosplay is seriously just a fun hobby where people dress up as videogame/animu characters and chill. No idea why a panel like that even needs to exist. No one is being 'oppressed' in cosplay. If anything, women like Moomoo and Jnigger are exploiting the hobby to rake in money instead of getting an actual job.

No. 336902

cosplay is serious buisness let me tell you

No. 336903

we need Strong WOC (women of cosplay) to help us through these troubling times. POC (people of cosplay) matter too of course but it's really these brave women leading us through the storm

No. 336908

you made me laugh thank you

No. 336915

he's not really cute. Does she just go for any Guzma cosplayer?