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File: 1414953897559.png (49.3 KB, 506x544, Raven name change.png)

No. 20741

So on our last episode our sacred queen of the night killed herself.


-Raven went to cwckiforums to defend herself and have her thread removed.
-Mods laugh (that means no)
-Raven is so hurt she kills herself.
-A memorial page is erected on FB, like a tombstone.
-BUT, Diana, I mean Dorian is calling out this memorial page saying it was made by trolls.
-Dorian is having a totally normal response to his mothers death.
-Dorian also doesn't sound like Raven
-Raven changed her name right before she killed herself (that only take hours right?) to protect Logan and Dorian. You can't find her obituary or death certificate if she had a name change right before she died.
-Raven wins!!

(New thread because old one is almost at 1000 posts)

No. 20746

I think Raven is a little more articulate than Dorian. I don't know anymore. If Dorian is in on it, how foolish, but I can't expect much more from a boy.

Also I thought legal name changes were a lengthy process, it's not a fucking FB profile Raven you dumb broad.

No. 20748


We really can't be surprised at Dorian for this kind of behavior. Look who raised him! And the sad thing is, it didn't have to be that way. He was born a beautiful healthy baby and then she ripped him away from any and all normal influences in his life and made sure he could never have any lasting connections to anyone but her.

No. 20749

File: 1414955209633.jpg (186.73 KB, 513x446, Dorian speaks out 1.jpg)

This definitely sounds like Raven.

No. 20750


It REALLY does. Just needs some caps- but she's smart enough not to give herself away completely like that. She's not CWC.

No. 20751

File: 1414955531752.jpg (113.47 KB, 513x416, Insulin OD.jpg)

So now we now we know the deets surrounding her death/coma/suicide attempt.

Am I the only one embarrassed for her? This is cringetastic.

No. 20753

lmao it takes months to legally change a name. Idk about New Zealand, but when I changed mine in the U.S it was

1. Make the application
2. come back in a few weeks to pay $400
3. another few weeks take your fingerprints for $60
4. another week have a judge officially sign the papers for you

No. 20754

Mine was about the same, and took about three months I think. (USA) And here it was you had to stand in front of a judge and tell them why you wanted to change your name, and what you wanted it changed to before they would sign it since they had to approve your name change. They can always say no to you lol. And the finger prints are to make sure you're not a criminal or a fuck up since they're sent to the FBI, and if you are they can absolutely refuse 100% if you have something on your record.

No. 20756

The FB memorial page is hers. She comes out of hiding (3 days? lol) and expects people to sympathize with her on why she lied about killing herself.

It all backfires


Oh Dorian, son I wish I aborted, please let me use your account, it's important!!

Dorian: This FB page was made by a troll!!

Raven is back to being deads.

lol, that's so… Raven.

No. 20757

You can request name change documents and death certificates New Zealand so if she's gonna keep up this charade I'll just pay the $26 and get proof.

No. 20758

File: 1414957007051.gif (808.76 KB, 300x236, charlie.gif)

I can't stop giggling, this is too much.

No. 20759

File: 1414957020624.png (96.54 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2014-11-03-08-31-25…)

Yeah there's no way she changed her name. NZ government page says it takes 3 weeks and she didn't even know about the lolcow boards 3 weeks ago.

No. 20760


This is just proof that she was already planning on killing herself before she came across us.

No. 20761


Name change process in NZ. It takes 3 weeks and costs $127

No. 20762

No, it's proof she's lying.

No. 20764

File: 1414957433814.jpg (75.36 KB, 333x250, thats_so_raven.jpg)

>Thats so Raven

No. 20766


I should have put a /s at the end of that sentence.
I don't doubt she's alive. If she's dead I'll chop off my right hand.

No. 20768


Awww man, this should have been the cover photo for this thread, with Ravens faced shooped in.

No. 20769

If she is indeed dead, her death has to be registered within 3 working days after the burial or cremation. The death certificate takes about 8 working days after the order was placed, but it the death has to be registered.



So, if they kept up with all of this, we can send a request for the documents soon.

No. 20770

Someone should tell this kid about full stops.

No. 20773

File: 1414958504536.png (197.34 KB, 329x250, 00o.png)

No. 20774

well, she isn't dead obv. she even said so

No. 20775

God bless you.

I didnt have time to ps it.

No. 20776

I know.

No. 20779

Wonder if raven will double suicide cause that the gothic thing to do.

No. 20780

This should be a banner.

No. 20786


lmao, thanks anon.

No. 20790


>> Hi anon, sorry for the late reply. The NZ goth community in NZ is made up of groups from the different cities. We all have friends who are from the other cities so tend to have a pretty damn good idea of what is going on in the community at any time. I am not from the same city as Raven but I do have friends who are and they have nothing nice to say about her.

>>This morning I discovered that she was indeed faking her death which has made me more angry that I can put into words. The fact that she makes light of something as big as suicide, right after we lost our friend to it, has definitely pushed her even further away from the community here (not that she was ever really welcomed as far as I know, purely because of this sort of drama and bullshit)

Responding to you over here NZanon

I knew Raven couldn't possibly be part of any community in any city in any country. She was always so bitter about not having any friends in NZ that she made it sound like everyone over there was normal and there was no such thing as an alternative lifestyle and NZ hates Murican's and our processed cheese.

There weren't even any goths in her wedding, she had to get x-tians to attend the ceremony.

No. 20791


There a LOTS of alt people here in NZ, we just don't tend to buy into bullshit drama so people like Raven are not usually welcome.

We also don't hate Americans as she claims. A lot of us don't agree with some of what the American gov is doing but we don't hate the American people for that.

No. 20808

If someone resizes it to 300x100 and adds a little lolcow logo or phrase, I'll add it.

No. 20813

File: 1414980300159.png (76.15 KB, 300x100, thats so lolcow.png)

Hope I did it right.

No. 20815

No. 20827

Seven Wallace- reported to facebook and FBI CRIME dept.iam sick of this fuckin cyber bullies bullshit.this is pretty sick.oh and all the other trolls who went out of their way to make life hell for her she sent me a file full of abuse to her.guess what u guys are next.

Is dumb as shit I can't believe people are still this dumb with the internet.

No. 20832

I hope when she comes back she makes a rant video on youtube about her halloween sucking ass cause she couldn't leave her house cause of trollz.

No. 20834

You would think that internet trolls would make her want to leave her house more… not stay online, fake her death, and drag her son into it.

No. 20836

Dorian said she already went to the police about lolcow and they didn't care. I can't see the media giving a fuck either since she's the personification of every bad American stereotype that Kiwis can't stand.

No. 20837

You're obviously an idiot who hasn't read any of our threads or you would realize how shitty of a human being Raven was and just how badly she deserves this.

No. 20840

Bruh I was copying something from the RIP Raven FB page so chill your ass out.

No. 20841


You're obviously an idiot who can't tell when someone is pretty clearly quoting someone else.

No. 20842

How are all these Raven white knights finding that RIP page? They seem weirdly mobilized and informed or directed when the only info out of anyone (Dorian) has been vague at best. They also are strangely now friends with him, which I don't think they were previously. How the hell did they get directed over there?

No. 20843

File: 1414989458915.png (12.24 KB, 502x180, Untitled.png)

So her big supporter here is going to make her own page but not as a memorial? Just for fanart? That seems like a normal way to act when someone dies.

No. 20844

Plot twist, Raven is everyone who has commented on her fb page.

No. 20845

File: 1414989968545.png (110.31 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2014-11-03-17-39-17…)

I'm imagining a classic Logan hostage style video about her death with Raven interjecting to correct the way he phrases something.

She has so many accounts I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

No. 20856

are there actually people that make fanart of her? she has fans??? lol.

No. 20863

Yes she has fans,cause she is her fans.

No. 20871

I seriously wouldn't be surprised.

No. 20879


New video of Logan. Note that he avoids saying she's dead.

No. 20885

SO Logan sent Dorian a video for Facebook? That doesn't make any sense.

My vote is that's not Dorian's facebook or Raven has gotten a hold of it again.

No. 20886

Lmao, what a tool, you look so heartbroken Logan.

No. 20892

Wow, he looks so haggard. Poor kid doesn't even look like a teen anymore.

No. 20901


The first line confirms she is alive. Logan looks tired and so done. If my partner died I would be inconsolable and wouldn't give two shits about proving it to strangers on teh interwebs. Gg on making yourself and your family look like tools raven. Now nobody is gonna wanna be friends with them either.

No. 20909

I can't go into details cause Raven obviously lurks here but I have just confirmed she is indeed alive.

No. 20910

surprise surprise

person like her would never kill herself

No. 20912

Raven you are so unbelievably fucked up. I know you're reading this you disgusting cow.

No. 20914

Jeez, just like that Catfish doco

No. 20916

I feel like this stunt is really going to ruin their relationship. He's got to see how truly insane and fucked up she is by now that she's faking her own suicide because people on the internet criticized things she has actually said and done. He really can't believe that people are h8ing on her just because she's g0ff and people are just assuming things about her because of it. But then again, he's probably not reading all of this for himself, she's most definitely telling him her bs side of the story.
This is random, but because it was confirmed that he's a weeb, part of me thinks that he automatically finds her beautiful because she's ~asian~. I really don't see any appeal to her at all whatsoever, and I normally can find something good/attractive about everyone. Idk, maybe without all that unflattering makeup and clothes, she's decent looking at the least.

No. 20918

This is just beyond pathetic now. If she really didn't want to be bothered, she could have just deleted her online profiles and ended the drama.
Instead, she coerces her son and husband to make ridiculous vagueries and then challenges people to do with that information "what they will."
No one gives a shit if you delete off the internet, Raven. That's not the same as suicide. It is actually not serious at all and probably a good idea. Let's see how long you can keep it up and how good your OD story is when you crawl back.

No. 20920

I feel like once a flake fakes their own death, they reach the highest level of snowflakery.

No. 20921

that's lolsy

No. 20922

Lol, all I'm looking out for now is posts that are obviously hers, I wonder for how long she'll be able to refrain from posting here. It'll be like the saxy debacle all over again.

No. 20923

File: 1415026360367.png (19.83 KB, 305x331, Untitled.png)

I wonder who asked? :3

How stupid are these people? I can't believe they are real.

No. 20924

Nah, he already puts up with way worse shit, even wore cosplay to their weeding.

No. 20925

File: 1415026579621.png (59.61 KB, 489x743, Untitled.png)

>>i remember you called me a dwarf

No. 20927

>You place a lot of faith in the word of a woman that made you take photos of her naked.
Omg I hope that's not true. I assumed she just used tripod-san like PT

No. 20928

>you wanted her gone so in the end either way she's gone, you won't be seeing or hearing from her or me anymore

Proof that she's alive.

This is like when MTV reported PDiddy "died", shock news, but it was his persona that died and he then went by Sean Combs, something like that.

No. 20929

File: 1415027957016.jpg (229.46 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 20931

So Logan has access to Dorian's facebook.

No. 20935

Why would logan be speaking through him?

No. 20936


Hey Raven, what's up?

No. 20937

ah wait, the 'R' got rubbed out

No. 20938

> extreme black & white terminologies
Oh look, another sign that it is raven not dorian talking. The black and white way of viewing things is very much apart of boderline.

I wonder how long she is going to keep this up, she hasnt left the internet at all if she is spending her days pretending to be her son.

Likely true, she has never had a tripod. She would need someone to take pictures of her outside at least.

No. 20941


1. She is perfectly capable of defending herself.
2. How do you justify her pretending to be dead for attention?
3. I don't think anyone here is bothering Logan or Dorian. They are consistently posting intentionally vague information to drag out this drama for no reason.

No. 20942

Hello from beyond the grave, Raven!

No. 20944

>sock puppet accounts
We're all anon here.
If you wanted to "kill" your internet persona, and start over, that's great. But you didn't need to be so dramatic about it, confuse your friends and drag your husband and son's FB account into this. If you really want to get rid of all the drama, walk away.

No. 20946

Isnt it ironic that a women who had admitted to having like 4 accounts on fb, trying to say that others have sockpuppet accounts? Probably more if you take dorians to be hers now.

No. 20947


Raven chose to blast her personal business all over the internet, attack others, and generally present herself horribly. If she couldn't handle any criticism for her behavior, then it is good that she chose to shut down her internet accounts, but no one here was tormenting her and she had everything in her control.

No. 20948

File: 1415030249695.gif (5.04 MB, 500x333, fddf.gif)

Lol holy shit it's raven, she's back from the dead guys

No. 20949

What devil from england? What are you blathering on about raven? The dude with all the piercings that went on jeremy kyle?

You sure have shit taste in men.

No. 20950

>even if she is alive

Of course she's alive. She's too much of an attention whore to actually kill herself, killing herself would strip her of all the attention she could reap whilst alive. Narcissists have the lowest suicide rates, there's no danger.

No. 20951

lmao this gold

No. 20952

Can admin-san confirm this IP is from NZ?

Even if it isn't, Raven made that RIP page regardless of what she's said. She saw that it was making people angry and then decided to pretend it was a troll.


No. 20953


Didn't someone post some hate on her RIP page and then it was deleted? I think there was a cap. Why would a troll delete that?
Correct me if I'm mistaken.

No. 20955



No. 20958

Raven did that for attention obv.

No. 20959

I still find it really hard to believe Raven has fans.

No. 20960

No one would go the extra mile to make a fake RIP page, because no one is better sabotaging Raven than herself. So none of that is needed.

No. 20961

Could be one of her 'followers' (which I doubt), it would be interesting to check though.

No. 20962

Yeah, she's dead funny

No. 20964

Because none of it adds up. There's been a whole lot of contradictions going around the past few days in attempt to cover up the retarded fake death that raven tried to pull off.

Can't say I'm not annoyed we're giving her the attention she wants. She's another flake I wouldn't mind being on the blacklist around here.

No. 20965

lololol got scared of IP tracking and deleted their posts, little do they know admin has track of all the deleted posts.

No. 20967

File: 1415031423386.png (32.08 KB, 1600x376, lelelel.png)

The deleted posts, in all their regretful glory.

No. 20968

Oh man I reeeeeally hope that the IP is confirmed for NZ.

No. 20973

Thanks, anon! Hate that I missed everything by just a few minutes.

No. 20975

Thanks for screencapping long anon.

No. 20978

And Raven just proved she controls Dorians profile, i quote:
"Leave my family alone and that includes Dorian" Dorian wouldnt speak about himself in third person. So conclusion, Raven posten that.

No. 20979

File: 1415035750607.png (16.38 KB, 531x220, ss (2014-11-03 at 12.25.10).pn…)

That's so Raven! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 20980

Oh nvm it has Logan in front of it. Still though why would Logan be on Dorians account.

No. 20987

Cause its raven doing her one woman play

No. 21001

I guess the assumption we are supposed to make is that Logan himself went on to post the video, since he no longer has a fb since his were taken down by Raven, or that Logan is talking to Dorian on like skype or something to post it and Dorian is copy pasting the stuff.

However the wording is still weird because Logan would not have that 'family' relationship with Dorian, the whole point is that they were all friends, not that he is now the step dad. So now it is Raven pretending to be Logan on Dorians account because she wants to gather attention about how she is being 'bullied'.

No. 21002

This is such a fiasco, whether she's really dead or not.

I knew someone who was popular on myspace and wanted to remove herself from everywhere, so she followed this thing called "internet suicide" and quietly removed her name, information, e-mails and social media from everywhere, then stayed out of the computer for 3 years, only ever using it for general purposes like googling questions or watching videos. After that, she no longer appears on google and literally everyone forgot about everything and it's long gone now.

But Raven chose to try to put a stop to the negative attention in the most dramatic and uproaring way possible. Fake her own death and then have her son (or herself?) reply to everyone and join in arguments about it, giving out shit that should be private like that she changed her name before death (why give that away moron??). She's an attention seeker through and through and to the end.

No. 21003

It makes me wonder if she was ever serious about suicide. This isnt the first time she has been overly dramatic about something and jump to killing herself. She is willing to slash up her arm and then take pictures to show people about how 'bad' she is. She has made videos all about her self harm over whenever her boytoy leaves and she cant handle being alone for a month. Even with Logan she has done this when the police stepped in from what I think was his parents saying that it was too much for them.

Yet she has never actually done anything. Dorian's account at one point said that she Od'd on Insulin, something she has threatened do to in the past month or so. She has never really had a suicide attempt, she has never been to a hospital over it, she has never almost died from her own actions.

No. 21004

That's because she is still stuck in puberty, mentally.
She acts like a spoiled teenage brat (along with suicide threats) for attention and pity.

No. 21005

Yes, may admin check in on this for us?

No. 21029

> whether she's really dead or not.

There is virtually no chance that she's dead, unless by sheer coincidence she died choking on a twinkie.

No. 21032

This. I am an NZ Alt living in the north island, while there are a few lolcow goths out there (over dramatic or just bogan/ white trash scum) for the most part the community is actually pretty chill and usually pretty nice to be around.

No. 21036

Have you ever ran into the Raven mistress of darkness?

No. 21041

Did the RIP page get alerted or was I blocked?

No. 21042


No. 21049


Lord. These people have to realize she's not dead or why would they specifically say it wasn't to talk about her life, just post fanart?

And why can't ANY of them spell?

No. 21052

raven deleted it. She'll claim it was taken down lel

No. 21054

No. 21056

Noooo teh trollz baleeted it cuz dye werr h8t0rzzzz

But 4srs I hope they're not still pretending a troll made it because I'm pretty sure a real troll would keep it up for their own personal lulz-fest

No. 21059

Lol how narcissistic can you get raven seriously


No. 21060

They probably will 'cause they're too thick to understand how lucky they are that they don't have actual trolls.

No. 21063


Who would have this many caps from the same video?

No. 21064

File: 1415066348070.png (48.44 KB, 586x282, blaa.png)

So I was looking at who was liking all these posts on this VERY RECENT raven memorial page, and it's always the same people, some liking things that have been posted only hours before.

Well ok, you might argue, some people are on fb all the time, maybe all these people are just really sad for raven.

Then how come they only became friends with dorian recently? This one for example (karina jones) became friends with dorian, then followed the person who made the fan page, then liked all the posts on the fanpage and the fanpage itself.

It strikes me as a little strange.

No. 21065


Definitely so weird. If they aren't all fake accounts (they seem to have been around for a while and have photos), there is definitely someone mobilizing them. Multiple posters on the RIP Raven Sparks page said "someone told me to…".

I also can't get over Dorian having two FB profiles, which seems pretty out of character. He has posted to defend Raven before on the one that he's using to talk about her now, and which is suddenly full of her online friends. Do they honestly think anyone believes this nonsense and what is the deal with these self-righteous friends that are endorsing this ridiculous charade?

No. 21066

Raven you're a grown ass woman and you can't even delete your internet profiles like a normal person. You have to get your son and teenaged husband to play some did-she/didn't-she suicide game because god forbid you cut off your only source of precious attention.

No. 21067

Why did 7 make two pages? was she just being retarded?


No. 21070

I noticed that the website linked on the new memorial page is a webs.com site. Ravens old websites were on webs.com.

No. 21072

File: 1415067053834.png (53.87 KB, 586x466, kekekek.png)

Hmmm she sure doesn't sound dead from these comments…

No. 21073

the evidence keeps piling up

No. 21074


It's like she's not even trying anymore. Apparently her fans/followers don't care that she pretended to kill herself for attention and will continue to blame the nonexistent trolls for her actions.

No. 21078

File: 1415068681799.png (123.4 KB, 338x255, karina jones.png)

What she looks like. The other fans are similar-ish.

No. 21079


I can see the crazy radiating out of her…her yellow gap tooth teeth are just screaming it.

No. 21080

No. 21085

So Raven attracts other badly made-up mall goffs in their 30's-40's. Who knew?

No. 21086

File: 1415071731278.png (10.26 KB, 399x281, ss (2014-11-03 at 10.24.25).pn…)

>sites like lolcow ect ,if you steal these photos they are copywritten

Cracks me up.

No. 21087

File: 1415072222898.jpg (85.91 KB, 960x720, 1486718_1495722177359665_33011…)

I'm shaking in my boots.

No. 21090


Not that it's an issue since she isn't dead, but isn't a rotting corpse picture just a littttle bit intensive to use on dead persons memorial page?

No. 21092

They must not really follow her on youtube or care to read her stuff a lot. It is easy to see how crazy she is just by casually following her posts, but if you just look at the pictures she posts then you can ignore the drama and 'support' her when needed.

No. 21099

For a normal person hell yeah,but for the queen of darkness guess not.

No. 21100

I think it has already been deleted.

No. 21103

It has just checked it a few minutes ago.

No. 21116

Is this Raven's mom or something?

No. 21119

Not thai enough.

No. 21164

File: 1415118918277.png (22.58 KB, 497x280, Untitled.png)

Well that makes tons of sense!

No. 21179

So I'm gonna bet that Dorian didn't even know about his "side page".

No. 21202

Well that's convenient.

No. 21211

I bet so too. The poor kid.

No. 21260

As per the rules, I won't reveal information about any posters unless the posters themselves request it, sorry.

No. 21277

Has she popped out of her fag coffin yet?

No. 21360

Can you at least respond to yes or no?
Is it near Raven's IP or not? You won't be posting any info, just clarifying if it is her/her area or not.

No. 21363


The answer seemed pretty clear to me.

It doesn't matter anyway. If it is from NZ it could be her just as easily as one of her "fans", Dorian, Logan, or Ryan, so it's not like it tells us anything.

No. 21716

No. 21723



No. 21726


It's almost like she understands the consequences of her actions. Almost.

No. 21728


I like how she says that she never said anything about being dead and how other people made it up. In fact, she says the only way we should believe she is dead is if we see her obituary in the hands of Logan or Dorian. Yet she/Dorian posted that there was an obituary.

Well, she lasted a week. Well done.

No. 21736

File: 1415329217244.jpg (390.86 KB, 781x884, Jesus Raven returns from the d…)

>makes fake RIP page about herself.
>comes clean 2 days later.
>Pretends to be son to say she's really dead.
>resurrects 4 days later. "I never said any of that"

No. 21744


If she is being truthful about not going online and having a life finally, then good for her. It really is a step that a lot of lolcows are not able to do.

However I cant help but feel she has a fake profile still to keep up on things, since it seems a bit to easy for her to quit fb considering how she was on it all day long playing games. It just wont be ones with her name on it.

No. 21757

She'll be back later for sure. Her life revolves around the internet and there isn't anything irl for her.

No. 21772

I like how she seems to blame us/cwcki like we said she was dead when her son and husband where the ones who said she ODed on her insulin.

Also Raven thinking we ~dedicate our lives~ to her is laughable.

No. 21775

fucking ugly hag

No. 21776

No. 21778

Fucking 14 what the fuck

No. 21779

>I like how she seems to blame us/cwcki like we said she was dead

Oh yes, she's unable to shoulder proper responsibility for her actions and the effects her actions had on her shitty gothic fb friends, who for the record grieved for her. Nothing surprising considering how narcissistic raven is.

Her childbride and long suffering son (also known as her alternative accounts) did nothing to rectify those assumptions.

If anything they started and further kindled that rumour, if I remember correctly logan/dorian (I get them mixed up because they both look like teen boys to me) said that she ODd on insulin, and when directly asked by others if she died or not, pussyfooted around and kinda implied she did.

We have the proof.

It's lovely that as soon as she resurrects (I thought she'd give it a month at least, but I guess I was overestimating her poor impulse control) she starts lying and being a cunt. Hell, even when she was 'dead' she was doing shenanigans by leading everyone on fb to believe that she's dead.

No. 21780

yeah, the only person I dedicated my life to is queen PT, it's like raven can't read the board name.

No. 21781

>. please walk in slowely

Capital letters missing, horrible spelling mistake. Either raven genuinely didn't write this and some fail le redditor did (unlikely) or raven did this, with spelling mistakes to make this legit, so she can claim a horrid troll did it.

Does she never get sick of drama?

No. 21787

Right? Of course you never said you were dead Raven, dead people generally don't announce their death. Just makes it even more obvious it was her sockpuppeting on Dorian and Logan's accounts.

It's so sad that a 40 year old woman goes on her child's/childbride's social media accounts to heavily imply she committed suicide rather than just getting off the fucking internet. She has no job or friends and her only hobbies are attention whoring online and playing facebook games, so of course she'll be back

No. 21798

Dorian was the one who said she Od on insulin.

I doubt it is legit, it looks too much like someone was intentionally trying to be a troll.

No. 21799

Of course it's not legit

No. 21831

File: 1415379702356.jpg (291.08 KB, 701x965, Raven from Snow Crash.jpg)

>poor impulse control
must be the name

No. 21832

email entered by poster is clarajemstone2012@outlook.com

u guys come on

No. 21854

It's beyond hilarious that she thinks we would devote our lives to her. She's so pathetic and predictable that she's boring.

No. 21861

File: 1415393497878.png (46.51 KB, 195x159, tumblr_inline_nccy89gSES1s6ywy…)

Preach it, Sister!

No. 21863

File: 1415393643988.jpg (66.45 KB, 600x600, paerty.jpg)

my feels exactly
all hail queen PT


No. 21871


She will never be the queen,but she has brought more to the table while we wait for the Queens return.

No. 21878

Please. How dare she spout this blasphemy and question our devotion of Queen Pixy.

This baka mongoloid will never be as our desu Nipponese goddess.

No. 21880

as desu as

No. 21883

Raven can't even touch PT's level, it's like comparing a shitty fake Louis Vuitton handbag to a real one.
Good if you're in a rough neighborhood, but actually parading it around as if it were legit is the very definition of proletarian.

No. 21891

Raven has one thing pt doesn't have: legit Asian heritage

No. 21954

But she isn't kawaii Japanese so it doesn't even count.

And PT is still far more entertaining than (comparatively) boring Raven. Plus there's something oddly likeable about PT, I can't quite say the same for Raven.

Though I suppose this means Chris-chan is our king because nobody can match him either.

No. 21967

>Though I suppose this means Chris-chan is our king […]

Well of course. Everyone knows that.

No. 21970

>Chris-chan and PT will never marry and give birth to our messiah

No. 21974

I agree there is something likeable about PT. Somethi g in me want her to lose that weight, become cute and go to Japan. Raven however nah, i don't hate her, but i don't think she deserties her dreads to come true

No. 21975

Fuck autocorrect, that needed to be: deserves her dreams to become true

No. 24406

A few of Raven's ex friends have joined the folks at cwcki forums. They brought gifts of undeleted links and a hilarious redbubble account. They also attracted a butthurt sperg who seems to think Raven is still online (she's not) and is raging at her. It's a good day.

No. 24410

Sweet baby Jesus links!!!!!!!11!!

No. 24418

Screen caps, or links

No. 24421


links, but there are a few we haven't seen.

No. 24422

No. 24470

I wonder if she ever made any sells.

No. 24472

No, Im North Island as opposed to South (where Christchurch is) but having checked her facebook when she first cropped up on lolcow it turned out we had a few people in common on our friends list and lo and behold they were complete crazies.

No. 24475

Fuck I'd stopped checking up on it cuz it died down. I'm so excited!

No. 24497

No. 24521

A few pictures remind me of those awful pillows/canvases/phone cases that shitty "gift stores" sell, with random goth girls and dragons screenprinted badly onto them. Maybe there's hope for her yet.

No. 24986

I'm shocked she hasn't set back up her Facebook and other sites.

No. 24998

I guarantee she's got several accounts under false names.

No. 25747

No one said anything about Raven for a few days, so Dorian posted his very own video to remind us they exist:


No. 25758

Raven obviously forced him to make that video. Like you said, nobody said anything about her for a few days. If she just left and kept quiet, we would forget about her and go onto the next lolcow, but she needs to keep it going.

No. 25759

The funny part is that I DID forget about them.

No. 25761

Aww Dorins a cutie once he got rid of that emo hair.
Shame his mom has her dick so far up him though and can't live a normal life.

No. 25763


Dorian is adorable. It's beyond sad. Raven took this beautiful, healthy boy and totally fucked him up.

No. 25765

Man raven is one thirsty bitch.

No. 25779

lol because telling people they are immature when they stopped talking about you then forcing your son to make a video telling people to go fuck themselves is totally smart

No. 27190

Someone mentioned in another thread that they wanted to start an ED article on Raven. I started writing one, but had other shit to do. Feel free to use what I have written and finish it up


[[Last Thursday|Perhaps a decade ago]], the internet was filled with crusty, pale-faced, mentally ill mallgoths the size of planets. They declared media icons like [[Anne Rice]], [[Trent Reznor]], [[Hot Topic]] and [[Jhonen Vasquez]] as their gods which they paid tribute to on sites like [[Vampire Freaks]]. However, as the decade came and went, the numbers of mallgoths decreased due to either goths becoming [[an hero]], becoming [[Norps]] and growing out of their edgy stage, or becoming [[Hipster|something]] [[Social Justice Warrior|much]] [[Weeaboo|worse]]. However, a few goths have stuck around and still fester on the internet like genital warts or [[oldfags|“the old ones”]] in their shitty vampire novels. Meet [[My Immortal|Raven]].

== The Woman in Black ==

{{quote|I have had an incredibly hard life- worse than pretty much anyone I have ever met, aside from my mom.|[[BAWW]]}}

Raven Sparks, birth name [[Powerword|Diana Dawn Cradok]], is a 40 year old woman in [[New Zealand]] who still dresses like a mallgoth and attention whores on the internet for all to see. If one wanted to know the back story of Raven to understand how she became the fat, slovenly pedophilic [[attention whore]] that she is today, they must read through some of her sob stories. Since there is too many of them, here are some of the highlights:

- She claims to have been abused by her dad and stepmom in [[Germany]].

- Had her son at the age of 18 with some [[Mexican]] she was dating at the time. The same son Raven would later badmouth to the entire internet.

- Claims to have been [[raped]] by numerous people.

- Claims to have been [[domestic violence|abused]] by her numerous boyfriends and husbands

- Claims to have had numerous [[abortion|miscarriages]]

All of this was readily provided by Raven, herself, in an attempt to receive asspats from her fellow online goths and air out her dirty laundry for all to see. There was also something obvious that Raven forgot to mention. Being half-[[Thai]], Raven’s skin was darker than it is now. Some have rightfully believed that Raven’s skin is from [[Michael Jackson|bleaching her skin]] and avoiding the sun for several years. The result of this is Raven looking like a typical [[white]] mallgoth.

== Logan ==

{{quote|Our story is quite complicated and full of drama. In order for us to be together, we have had to go to Hell and back again. Our relationship is unconventional, and is frowned upon and disapproved of hugely.}}

Logan is husband number five and who Raven started a relationship with when he was just [[13 year old boy|16 years old]]. When faced with scrutiny over the fact that she was dating one of her son’s friends and a boy who is half her age, she downplays it in typical pedophile fashion. She claims that Logan was the one who pursued her, their love was pure, the world doesn’t understand their love and that [[ORLY|Logan is mature for his age.]] As if pedophiles have not used those same words justify their desire to get their hands on some underage [[ass]] while being interrogated by [[Chris Hansen]].

Raven also seems to be a bit of a jealous [[fatty]]. Her favorite topic to whine and bitch about is how other women are such vicious whores who dress slutty while she is such a [[lie|“prude”]] in comparison. Having four previous husbands, being an ex-prostitute, posting [[nudes]], wearing slutty hot topic shit, and receiving money and gifts is Raven’s definition of [[virgin|purity]].

One explanation for Raven’s jealous behavior is that she sees other women as competition for Logan’s attention and knows that she is [[ugly|an aging mallgoth with a big nose]].

No. 27192

This is actually 100x better than most of the ED articles nowadays. Nice one, anon!!

No. 27198


Thanks anon.

No. 27221

I have some of her videos saved, we need to save (mirror?) Quirky's from youtube, but I don't know how.

No. 27726

Raven just started activating then deactivating her many Facebook profiles. Someone on cwcki saw her vv.raven.vv one go live, then dead, and I just saw a profile without a custom url go up and down.

It's only a matter of time…

No. 27734

God fucking bless.

For the love of god lets just lay low though.

No. 27738

Are any up now?

Can't check cause I'm at school.

No. 45579

New video is up.

No. 45581

I see she has a new youtube channel and is a paid channel now. I think she's uploading old videos because i remember the unboxing of that doll was on her old channel.

No. 45582

Apparently this is an old channel she reactivated, some videos are from years ago, my bad.

No. 45595

Yeah that was an old one.

Does anyone know if shes still posting on facebook?

No. 45612



No. 45613

Never mind, found it

No. 45628

Not publicly. Her most recent post is about the video and she says she wont add anyone, so likely it is all limited to friends.

No. 45708

Yep, you're right. As I said over on "my" lolcow page:

"Hey again :-D
I see you've all missed me, that's nice. I'm just dropping by to tell you I chose paid subscriptions to keep YOU guys out, though if you're stupid enough to pay for it then by all means, go right ahead :-D
In either case, thanks to you lot, I've straightened out a lot of little kinks in my life, but I'm not playing your victim anymore. So I guess I have you to thank for that and for my new mindset. Everything is and will be locked down, so you won't be able to see anything (Facebook or Youtube) that I don't want you to see. I'm also no longer posting about being bullied, nor am I giving out details on my personal life. What's left is for you to do as you have been, and sit here trying to spy on me, gossiping, lying, and speculating on my life and the kind of person I am. Yeah, I fucked up in the past with my son but that's all I did "wrong", and is also something I have corrected and won't be doing again. Meanwhile you all sit here or over on the forums just ripping people to shreds. Yeah- you guys are awesome.
Though it's very flattering to see my name pop up so often, wow. You make me feel so loved.
This is the last time I'll be visiting you. I just thought since you were too stupid to figure out why I had my videos on lockdown I had better spell it out for you. I know you guys will have material for days because of this post; consider it my gift to you for helping me see what I was doing "so wrong" and straightening out my life.
Well, on with my day. Take care and enjoy :-D "

No. 45711

Bullshit you aren't Raven mistress of the darkness.

No. 45712

File: 1422846759013.gif (1.43 MB, 320x240, thumbsupcomputerkid.gif)

No. 45737

>it doesn't count because she doesn't act like a stereotype.

fucking faggot.

No. 45760


No. 45763

> but I'm not playing your victim anymore.
>Yeah, I fucked up in the past with my son but that's all I did "wrong"
>consider it my gift to you for helping me see what I was doing "so wrong"

That's all I've read. I was hoping all this time she was actually straightening out her own life since it did feel like she was gone for good, but she's still a lolcow playing the victim.

No. 45779

She stopped by kiwi farms/ cwcki forums too and left a steaming pile of autism in her wake.

No. 45793

I saw that, she said Logan was with her the entire time laughing with her at everyone. I bet he was shaking his head the entire time and was opposed to all of this in the first place. When she was faking her death he obviously wanted no part in it at all whatsoever and I think he feels this way about all of this.

No. 46673

It sounds like she is at least being more positive? Good for her on that.

If anyone cares the paid shit didnt last, there is a bunch of videos up from the past. She confirmed that she went on here and checked up on herself, so >>45708 is her.

No. 46848

just a head's up i archived her videos at the request of Introman.


Not sure if this is all of them but I think it is.

No. 47011

Present from a kiwi forums mod:

Here are the two videos about raven that she deleted immediately.



No. 47026

She looks worse than i remember.

No. 47039

File: 1423253491049.gif (546.01 KB, 500x281, 1343718196467.gif)

OMG fuck RAVEN get TO THE POINT!!!!!!
No need for this 15 min video.
Like gurl you can keep it under 5 you ain't hot shit.

But happy to see she hasn't changed.

No. 49540

This video is really disturbing, not even because of her showing off the fetal matter from her miscarriage.

No. 49554

Dude her husband looks pretty young. I understand not marrying someone for looks… but seriously she looks like his haggard mom. Are gothic men really into ugly gothic chicks like this? Or is he staying with her for a home to chill at? Cuz I barely see him smiling in that video.

Also… Raven what happened to staying off the internet?

No. 49555

Well, to be fair, she is old enough to be his mom, he was 16 when they started dating and she's pushing 40. If I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure Logan is younger than her son, Dorian.

And most of the goth/alternative chicks I've seen are ugly and fat. I've only seen pretty and thin ones online tbh. But I don't think it really excuses it because Logan isn't a bad looking guy, he could easily get a cute girl to like him. I think he stays because she manipulates him into doing it. The first time she left the internet, she faked her death in hopes we'd feel remorse for criticizing her. I'm sure when he tries to leave, she threatens suicide or something like that. She doesn't have a job and the poor kid's working himself to death to support both of them. It's ridiculous that they were trying to bring kids into this situation.

No. 49560

Ew so she manipulated a teenager to take care of her haggard ass? And her own son is older than her husband? If this is a sham I hope he finds a way to get out of that situation. Cuz seriously she looks like she is about to hit menapose at any moment. And if she does kill herself… honestly… who cares? I heard she is disliked within her own community, and goths are pretty accepting too.

Also what if she only waited for him to turn 16 just so she can prey on him at the youngest legal age she could? What if she just saw one of her sons best friends and was like "mmmn a got goth kid. Imma have him work to death. He's young and dumb, so easy to manipulate."

The fact that he barely smiles and isn't even smiling at their own wedding just sends off a sad vibe. He looks like he's at a funeral, keeping his head down, not making any eye contact with her until he has to.

No. 49566

Yeah but most of the ones you see online never really go out.

No. 49567

Basically, she claims she can't work because employers judge her for being alternative and agoraphobia, I believe. I remember people were trying to help her out on the kiwi farms and she had an excuse as to why she couldn't do every little thing they suggested.

What's worse is her husband used to be her son's little play date. In the clip when they first met, Logan's on the phone saying he's at Dorian's house. If he was there for Raven, he'd say otherwise. Also, some people have speculated that Dorian had a crush on Logan.

I definitely agree. On top of working himself to death to take care of them both, he also has to put up with her shit. She creates all this drama for herself and puts him and her son right in the middle of all of it. Logan looked his worse when she was forcing him to film videos defending her and helping her fake her death.

No. 49569

he's honestly, pretty fucking hot

how did he even stay hard?

No. 49577


By never actually looking at her. He avoids eye contact. I figure he fucks with the lights off and would never do it in the middle of the day

No. 49598

>I think he stays because she manipulates him into doing it.
I also want to add, she is very manipulative towards him and it's been proven. I should've said she most definitely does instead of, "I think…" He's not allowed to have friends, he's not allowed to talk to other girls, she monitors/operates his facebook, and he's not even allowed to go anywhere without her. I remember hearing there was a huge argument between them because he went out with friends to see a concert and didn't take her with him. His facebook says that he's not allowed to add women, or sluts, as (s)he says. His facebook is only stuff about Raven, that's it. They say, he chose not to add or talk to "sluts" because he's so "dedicated" to Raven he chooses to ignore them. If he was actually in love with her, a woman could be naked, in his bed, making all kinds of advances at him, and he'd still refuse to do anything with them. Also just because a girl adds you or talks to you doesn't automatically mean she wants your dick. It sounds like something Raven told him because most of the guys in his age group don't even come to that conclusion, unless they're super cocky. Considering the fact that he could easily get a cute girl but is instead with fat/ugly Raven, I don't think he's cocky or even confident at all.

No. 49608


that's sad and I think you're right. I highly doubt she started flirting with him when he hit 16. I think she was making advances at him and grooming him a few years before hand; which must have been awkward for her son. She probably started grooming him before girls started hitting on him. She started getting worried that girls found him hot and had him marry her right when he hit 16. She couldn't even wait until he was 18 since he would realize that there are actually nice, pretty and sane girls. He never had a chance. I wish there was some proof to show Raven was flirting with him before he hit 16 since she would be labeled a pedo.

No. 49610

Sucks that anyone who shows interest in him is considered a "slut"
He probably missed so many chances to have a normal relationship. I don't think he knows how to be happy

No. 49614

Well in the video there was a clip of her touching his junk and trying to take his pants off while Dorian films. This was after them dating a little while. She claims they never touched each other or had sex until later in the relationship when people criticize the age gap, but that was a lie. The most proof we have is her creepily filming him when they first met, she claimed she had no interest in him then and he was trying to get with her because she's such a ~milf.~ And don't even get me started on how she justifies the relationship. She sounds like every other adult who preys on teens since she goes on about how he's so mature for his age and when through puberty so early. People like this are the reason why it should be mandatory that couples go through counseling before getting married. He dropped out of school, he's working himself to death, has all this stress in his life, and no social life because of her. He should be doing all kinds of great/fun things at this age and all he's doing is taking care of her lazy ass. On top of that, early on in the marriage, she was trying her best to bring children into this to chain him down even more.

No. 49617

Nooooooooooooo you're all wrong he loves her and she never laid a hand on him.
You guys are being conformist and can't get with the times.

I feel bad for him in a way I still wanna know whos gonna leave the relationship first.

No. 49618

You know I hate to be this guy but… uh… does anyone else think that her miscarriage was kind of a gift from freaking god for him? It was like he was saying "You dodged a bullet, now RUN!"
Seriously, he needs to get out of there, get a GED and get away from the crazy bitch who was praying on him since he was a young boy.

No. 49622

I can't see either leaving tbh. She's clawing on him for dear life, he feels obligated to be with her, and she's isolated him to the point where he can't see what he's missing out on. Unless a cute, sweet goth/weeb girl (he's also a total weeb) starts working with him. And even then, he probably won't go for it because Raven will threaten suicide or something.

Oh my god, yes! There are people who just should never be allowed to have kids and she's one of them, she's a fucking awful mother to her son. I feel like a horrible person because when foreverkailyn was pregnant, I was hoping for a miscarriage/stillbirth the entire time. If Gracie died, I'd feel happy for her, it's a much better for her than living with Kailyn/MW as a mother. And that sums up my feelings on all these lolcows/idiots/assholes with kids/trying to have kids in general. Sorry I got a little ot.

No. 49627

She looks like she is rotting from the inside out. Something is telling me she can't have kids anyway, and that is why she has that creepy ass baby doll. I feel bad for her son, and for his best friend who was strung in. There is a reason people choose to isolate themselves away from her. And her excuse of being a goth and not being able to work is total bull shit. One, her boy friend is working and he is a goth. I know plenty of goths who are more extreme than her find a job. It's just obvious she isn't applying or even trying. That and she CHOOSES to look dirty and disgusting with the makeup she has on. She smears it to look like a rotting body. That and she looks like a fucking fat shit who lays around not doing anything. She just lays there and screeches for shit.

No. 49639

I think she can't have them either, she said she was trying for years, if she could, she'd have more by now. I'm still hoping for the child and Logan's sake it's completely impossible for her to have kids. Some people who are infertile somehow do end up being able to have a kid.

I think it's also bull shit that she conveniently has "agoraphobia" like every other person who doesn't want to work.

She says she does the bad makeup and stuff because she wants to look white. She said she was happy when people in the first thread thought she was just a fat, white trash goth. I think the panda look is to make her eyes look droopy shaped because people commonly think Asians have almond shaped "slanted" eyes.

No. 49640

shes not asian is she? i thought she was mexican

No. 49641

Shes Asian i just don't remember what though.

No. 49642

She's Thai and German, if I remember clearly.

No. 49644

wow, very rarely do i see azn white trash

its almost impressive

No. 49646

Anyone can be white trash.

No. 49647

>azn white trash


No. 49652

no, dude, you proudly be that guy

she's disgusting

honestly, she's the type of cuckoo that seems like, 4 seconds away from scooping a shitball from her toilet bowl, swaddling it, and smearing it all over her eyelids

thank the lord this bitch miscarried

she probably wasnt mac-truck sized when she had dorian, and fat women usually have difficulty conceiving

No. 49656

Nah, she used to be an average weight and actually kind of pretty.

No. 63418

File: 1426493366036.png (41.47 KB, 528x544, Sooo Raven..png)

How does this old cow not learn? I really can't believe she's 40. Jesus.

No. 63420

Did he kill himself?
If he did, and that's how she responds…wtf.

No. 63428

Wait, I thought they had made up again?

No. 63431

Her FB is public

No. 63434

Holy shit, someone report her to local authorities for child abuse.

No. 63469

Sounds more like attempted, and he failed? Honestly, I don't blame him ffs.

IF he did die, she would mention so, and try to garner attention saying that she's grieving and that she should have been there more, or some shit like that.

(Not saying she wouldn't grieve because she would've lost her only kid I presume, but she said numerous times that she didn't really act that Dor was her child and such.)

No. 67186

No what probably happened is that he got tired of her manipulating him and treating him like some random friend rather than her own son. When I finally stood up too my own abusive mother she basically manipulated into a situation of me being the crazy one and how she was going to call the police because I "threatened to kill myself" even though I didn't. And I lived in a completely different state. The problem with mentally ill parents is that they actually believe that the world is some fantasy land where they're the main character and the victim and everyone else around are villains. Honestly she's one of the most rage-inducing cows that's been discussed on here and it's even more frustrating how fucking blind and childish she is.

What her son needs to do is move away. Get as far away from her as possible. Maybe go to the other side of new Zealand or back to America. He needs to cut her off and do what a lot of us did and stop contact. Her abuse will only continue if he allows her to manipulate herself back into his life again.

No. 67201

He was living with his gf and when they broke up he was crashing at friends until his mother forgave him enough to go back. She in return called him lazy because he wasnt in school anymore, but Logan dropped out too.

No. 67363

Right and she also doesn't have a fucking job. She takes "calling the kettle black" to a whole new extreme.

No. 67388

File: 1427152333418.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-03-23-16-03-46…)

Looks like raven got something new to neglect. She originally got four not sure if she still has All of the them because she disgusts me too much to watch her videos.

No. 71155

logan sure looked pissed in their anniversary dinner video. it was probably because he had to pay for all of it while his fat hag of a wife recorded everything to show off how much her child groom spoils her.

No. 113088

File: 1432873481462.jpg (63.93 KB, 444x477, bRBFo.jpg)

Raven does a super terrible shitty thing and we don't discuss? We're losing it, farmers.

No. 113479

Here we have a 40 year old mall goth bickering about a homeless 16 year old.

No. 113483

Also she name drops lolcow

No. 113900

File: 1432972833481.jpg (241.3 KB, 960x606, 1432972788472.jpg)

No. 113912

I couldn't get through that. according to comments she is I guess trying to get a surrogate to have her baby or something. also she still acts 15.

No. 113919

She says she might already have one. Let's start the countdown to the video she will make badmouthing this woman.

No. 113930

Anyone know anything about the surrogate mom? I'm afraid it's some desperate young girl simply bc I doubt raven would have the money for a proper surrogate and I doubt a reputable company would approve the surrogacy. But I could see her paying some 18 yr old poor girl like 5k and rigging the whole thing up.

I'm sure there will be a whole thing in a while about it.

No. 113933

yeah, it must be someone she knows personally and is willing to do it. surrogates cost heaps of thousands. btw is it her egg or the surrogate's?

No. 113944

She had 4. 3 of them died because she fucked up. They got loose and got crushed.

She just said it was a personal friend, so she isnt paying for it.

For those not paying attention, Ally was a 16 year old goth girl that they took in, started the process to permanently adopt and then kicked her out when she wasnt perfect. Despite knowing how fucked up her life was, Raven never thought that there would be behavioural issues to work through. So now Raven calls her a cunt and mocks her for being a child that she honestly is. Ally went on kiwi farms after this, and promises a video of her side soon.

No. 113972

Poor kid, I hope someone cares enough to help her,although in my country if you're 16 and still fucked up then people wash their hands of you and you're left to become destitute and dead or make a life for yourself. So hopefully NZ isn't like that.

No. 113992

It looks like she is crashing with her boyfriend atm, probably couch surfing. There is the lovely irony of Raven calling the older boyfriend a pedo in this situation. One of Raven's justifcation with Logan was that it was normal to date 16 year olds in NZ…

New video about the surrogate. It seems unlikely that we will get alot of info because she at least knows that people hate her guts. So it will be hidden until it happens, if it does.

No. 114038

In which: our glorious hero, Aly, saves an unborn child from certain Hell.

No. 114039

File: 1433006643053.jpg (406.78 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_2015-05-30-10-22-34…)

Capped from kiwi farms. She still just doesn't get it.

No. 114044

>"u have no control over my life!!!!"
>obsesses over the shit people say about her
>keeps making posts addressing her h8rs

ok raven lol

No. 114045

I just like how she implies that both threads hadn't died. Bitch you enjoy this drama, admit it.

No. 114610

Her video to "lolcow and the haters" is fucking 40 minutes long? Seriously? I've skipped through it, and it seems like she's just repeating the same things over and over again.

Anyone got deets on the 16 year old who she was supposedly going to "adopt"? Raven mentions her being in one of her videos but I haven't seen anything.

No. 114657

It has been a while since I checked on Raven. But did she swear she would stay off the internet after she faked her death? She is too old to be acting like a teenage mall goth. Does she pretend to cut herself to seem more edgy as well?

No. 114693

We didnt even care about raven anymore until this post. She is so thirsty for attention

No. 114696

>pedophile boyfriend


>calling a kid a little bitch

This fat cow. I forgot why I hated her after the Queen returned in all her glory.

No. 114698

I thought this poser nutcase finally learnt her lesson and left the Internet. No one was talking about her until she just HAD to go and make a video ranting about lolcow and "haters" she's so fucking thirsty for attention. Bitch needs fucking help.

No. 114706

The girl, Aly, has made her way to the kiwi farms and has made some posts. You could try talking to her there?

No. 114707


I get no1curr and I'm probably just oversensitive but am I the only one here who would actually be pretty upset if my friend basically said "well I don't give a shit whether my friends are around or not, all I care about is my childbride and neglected son"?

No. 114713

Her "friends" all hate her. She's pretty much burned bridges with everyone she's met. Kind of sad she didn't visit us when she returned like she visited kiwi. Bb Raven, I thought you loved us. ;-;

No. 114912

Goddamn this video is creepy AF. The kid looks perfectly blank, like a docile hostage while this utterly bizarre looking middle aged woman rants at the computer screen and occasionally paws at him. Truly the stuff of nightmares!!

No. 114985

File: 1433133344010.gif (445.64 KB, 450x253, 25697554_omg_reaction_gif.gif)

This is all so glorious.

No. 114991

Are there caps from when this Ally person was still with them?

No. 115001

>300 a week

Is that norm for renting in NZ?

No. 115014

in newzealand dollars it is

No. 115087

What makes it more pathetic is that this isnt the first long ass video to the 'haters' she has made. She continues to talk about lolcow in every other video, saying how she doesnt 'care' yet some how they are all about an hour long.

No. 115189

File: 1433178245172.gif (496.9 KB, 500x260, 1343620221568.gif)

Oh man I sat through that whole vide doing other things as well while it played in the background, but jfc I ended up tuning most of it out cause it was the same shit over and over.

Does anyone have the "cunts" fb page that she kicked out or the link to where she talks about Raven on cwc.

No. 115198

I really feel terrible for ally. To have a grown ass woman threaten to destroy everything you own and slander you all over the internet is just horrible.

Raven, I KNOW you're reading this so I just want you to know that you are a terrible terrible human being. You are everything that is bad in this world. You're a lying, hypocritical, immature, self-obsessed leech who feeds off the suffering of others. I have absolutely no sympathy for you and I really do hope that every child you ever conceive miscarries so no other children have to suffer at your hands.

No. 115210

I really think the universe tried giving her a chance with her first kid to see how fit of a mother she can be. But the neglect, mental abuse, her being into ephebophilia and grooming her sons best friend, her wishing her son was never born, using him for pit reasons on the internet. Her punishment is that her womb is pretty much rotting away and can never support life again…. sooo I hope her groomed pet stops sticking his dick in there.

No. 115346

Okay. Confession time:

I'm about Pixy's age. Old Hag here (I'll never see the Sakura's either). I couldn't stop laughing when she said Ally would call Logan and Dorian "faggots" and "emo faggot." Imagine a little 17 year old thing bullying these "semi-adults." She even stole Logan's super special chair and he had to tell Raven/Mom on her to give it back.

No. 115349


No. 117570

And thus another Raven saga comes to an end. The Aly saga brought much rage and lulz.

No. 179688

File: 1442243892916.png (426.47 KB, 822x490, ohsoraven.png)

Anon on another thread brought up the queen of the night, let's see how she's been doing!

Her FB: https://www.facebook.com/Vv.Raven.vV

Raven recently had weight loss surgery. Head on over to her ablums to check out her recovery journey.

No. 179702

What a lazy cunt. Now she'll be effortlessly slim.

No. 179703

won't her tattoos shrink tho?

No. 179705

Let's not forget her childbride Logan


reviving this frankenstein thread so milk harvest will be ready just in time for halloween.

No. 179706

File: 1442246891229.png (57.98 KB, 508x578, 32ttggj984.png)

Apparently bitches are still thirsty for Logan.

No. 179707

File: 1442246892012.png (348.22 KB, 1348x510, raven.png)

lol so some dude stole their shit iono

No. 179708

ah those thirsty bitches are at it again


No. 179709

File: 1442247076995.png (791.03 KB, 653x645, CALM DOWN DEAR.png)

No. 179712

Holy shit over 100 photos of their text sperging.

No. 179713

File: 1442247496650.png (256.48 KB, 767x659, OMGLOL.png)

Remember the whole christ church debacle, where she spent months asking for freebies and when one person GENTLY suggested she might want to recompense someone for her wedding cake or whatever, she got into an argument?

well, apparently the police is going to swipe all those well meaning christian ladies up

No. 179719

So do they hand out weight loss surgery like candy these days or something? I thought that was reserved for people who were like 300+lbs. That Prosperina cow got it too, and she was only like 210.

No. 179727

it's a canada thing I guess

No. 179912

Basically if you can afford it and your body won't miss 30+ kilograms, you can have it. I think the 300lbs mark is just where doctors start actually recommending it to you.

No. 179916

yeah you have to have a morbidly obese BMI to get it free in the UK/canada, but if you are fat you can get it done for money if you ask your doctor for permission first.

No. 179938

these guys would be perfect guests for dr phil lol

No. 183247

omg i've just read the entire thread with the older one and i just can't imagine this is a real women in her's 40's

poor Logan and Dorian, i hope they can finally run of that old mallgoth one day

she's just disgusting

No. 184080

I honestly don't get what Logan sees in her. Can someone explain?

No. 184091

File: 1442863445756.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.5 KB, 720x960, 1414629368784.jpg)

He could have mommy issues.
Also, maybe brainwashing.

No. 291258

Since there hasn't been any milk in a long time, issues in goffik paradise are forming in the duo. She claims the romance is dead cause he's always working (working 6-7 days a week), doesn't compliment her, she claims he doesn't care for his appearance anymore and in his words he's "growing and changing", they don't sleep together and never see each other and so he's neglecting her.

No. 291261

The day we have been waiting for… I miss drinking this shudder cow's milk. Just goes to show that she was nothing but a lusty child predator.

No. 291262

It's in her newest video where she spills the beans at the 9:00 mark.

No. 291266

Dude, link?!
Oh how I've missed the milk straight from the raven cows teeters.
This is the moment I've waited for, her child bride passing age of maturity and suddenly her losing attention on him.
I smell that a new young goffik boy has been spotted prime for grooming, or will be soon.
She's also active om deviant art again, starbl00d or something over there and has lost some weight.
She still a jiggly cow no doubt though just a slightly thinner one.

No. 291271

Link and here's a transcript of it because you know she likes to delete stuff.

"Do you think you'll be married in 5 years?
..I hope so. I've been married almost 5 years now and…if he listens to me and takes me seriously then there's no reason that we shouldn't be married in another 5 years but right now we're going through some shit…uhm..he says that it's just me and I say it's not just me but I just feel like the romance is kind of dead in our relationship like he's throwing himself into work. He's like "Well we don't go anywhere, we don't do anything, what's the point of not working if there's work." So he's working 6, 7 days a week and…you know like 5 in the morning to 6 at night and my sleep is off and we can't sleep in the same room because he snoring, and kicking, and thrashing and he'll hold me and then he'll jerk and he'll scratch across my face, scratch across my stomach and he'll be kicking and I'm such a light sleeper so he's in another room. So we're not sleeping together, we're not seeing each other, we're not going out together…..he doesn't ever compliment me on the way I look or if I've lost weight it's just..he doesn't care about the way he looks. He's like "I'm growing up. I'm working. I'm changing." and he doesn't put any care into his appearance. He's not really shaving. He's not…just..it's all work. He's throwing himself so much into work. He's got no time for anything else and he's completely neglecting me and I just feel really mournful for the relationship that we had. And he's like "I still love you the same" and thinks I'm being ridiculous about it, but I'm not cause there's no reason for passion and romance to die in a relationship."

No. 291324

She's lost some weight, wow

No. 291325

File: 1469208648646.jpg (722.74 KB, 976x1282, femaletrouble.jpg)

Holy shit, she could legit play half of all the John Waters characters single handedly. I didn't know people looked like this unironically, what a mess.

No. 291327

That weight loss surgery worked pretty well. Terrible shame you can't do shit for her mental state though.

No. 291348

Of course the marriage isn't doing well. The lazy cunt groomed a teenager. Not any teen, one of her kids best friends. He feels obligated to work to support Raven, her son and a home and this cunt wants to baby lock the poor bastard. Is Raven working or is she at home all day?

No. 291389

Actually am really surprised he turned out quite well and normal even though he had that whole experience of being picked up by her and being molded into what she wanted in a little boy.
He seems to have stopped dressing goth too in recent photos on her Facebook of them together he looks like a completely normal guy no long hair anymore etc. No doubt this doesn't make her happy and is what raven is talking about when in the video she says " he stopped caring about his appearance" lol.
Raven, people fall in love for the persons personality and how they feel when together, NOT for their youth or their goffik awesome fashion and style you loon.
No wonder she goes for kids they're dumb enough to actually care about fitting into some style label and work at it and make it their whole lifes value and worship the ground she walks on as this goddess of goth because they don't know any better about what lifes really about. Basically it's cause mentally they are slightly dumber than she is so she can actually control them no wonder she can't stay with men her age or older for long, they'll catch on to her shit right away whereas a little boy may catch on years later when damage is done and brainwashing is complete.

Then this happens like how logans grown up and lost interest in this lame shit and just wants to have a happy normal life , working to support his family and life because he's able to and there's no kids he's gotta come home and spend time with and certainly no need to spend any more time than necessary with her when he could go to work and get paid. He's a stand up guy to do this but she's an idiot who wanted him to continue worshipping her and do what she says with no questions asked.
Finally the boy is realizing what he's gotten himself into and what he actually may want in life are not meeting up.
If he liked and loved her as a fatass and now that she's thinner doesn't want to spend time with her or sleep in same bed together then obviously shit not going too well.
The attraction was lost a long time ago and no weight loss surgery was going to change that because the whole reason the attraction was lost was because child bride is smartening up, something raven is not capable of doing herself or stopping.

No. 291395

In the "why I moved to New Zealand" video she liked a guy Because he "looked goth" and even mentioned that Logan looked like that when they first met. No shit, he was a KID.

No. 291429

Agreed 100%. Logan sounds like he's wising up and realizing that he's wasting his youth supporting a lazy stay at home do nothing and that he wants more out of life than to be her slave. Raven sounds like she only fell in love with his looks since she went on and on about that in her video. The way she talks about it is as if she has no concept of what a normal healthy relationship is like which is no surprise. Every other man she was with ran the hell away when they couldn't take her cray cray anymore so she found a child that she could brainwash (obvious by the way she says he hates other women that aren't her, that shit isn't normal). It's not healthy to have your partner act as your personal servant and he may be seeing that now.

Raven is a lazy trainwreck while Logan is working 2 jobs almost every day of the week and yet, she complains about how they're going to lose their house. I hope the guy finally does fully snap out of it since he seems to be growing up out of his teenage phase. Less goth clothes and more normal stuff and a hair cut look like signs, aside from the you know… Telling her he's growing up and changing. Having to work so hard is aging him too. That's a lot of stress. Logan is what, 21? and hasn't been able to experience or enjoy life yet.

No. 291431


he's 20.

No. 291435

Methinks the lad is wising up and busting ass to stash money away to GTFO

No. 291474

I'm sure once he talks to his parents they would jump at the chance to help him. He's a kid who hasn't really done much to deserve Raven's classic YT shit talking.

Dorian I feel bad for. He doesn't have anyone to go to and seems to be picking up his mother's habits.

No. 291475

He's 20 and they've been married 5 years? How did he get married at 15? I'm new to Raven so pls be gentle

No. 291479

I think 16. Read the other thread. Though her drama started on staminarose days I don't know what survived the move. He was her sons friend, arguably her son is bisexual and was interested in him before Raven started flirting with him. The kids parents didn't want them together. I think she convinced him to move in with her iirc. They married soon as he turned 16 which is legal in NZ

No. 291485

Jesus Christ. He's too young to be doing all this shit. At that age he should be enjoying his youth and being in college/university, not being a slave to his best friend's crazy ass mom who only had a physical attraction to him. Logan was just a kid when they met so it's no fucking wonder he's becoming self-aware and growing up. You don't know wtf you're doing at that age. Thank god they never had children together. The whole thing with him and Raven read like a teenager's first "love."

No. 291488

it's so messed up that she's well into her 40's and still completely stuck in her teenybopper goffik mentality, even her childgroom is far more mature than her. I don't know how she has the audacity to complain about him working so much when he does it so she can sit on her ass at home all day.

He must have a really hardcore fetish for old ladies or something, because I have no idea why any remotely sane person would put up with being a slave for an ungrateful sea hag with the mind of a spoilt 14 year old.

No. 291568

I think her video about her reborn baby is what makes me sick.
She has a son that she shames, and claims that she's never held and cooed over her own baby. Raven is a abuser and has a child fetish.
I hope you lurk here Raven.
I'm glad you haven't been able to make another child, you're a shit mother and you're disturbed. No one feels sorry for you, we feel sorry for the children you have brainwashed and enslaved.

No. 291844

The funny/sad thing too is I'm her video "why I moved to new zealand" she mentioned some girl she knew or lived with who she called such a bitch and asshole for having a kid and then telling people not to say she has a kid and her own kid not to call her mom.
Then raven goes om to say how she felt so bad for the poor kid as he wanted a mom so bad he started calling raven mom…
Okay raven, sure.
You're this wonderful mother and everyone else is not. Ooookay there.
When you're the one who has evidence out there of you shaming your own son and wishing he hadn't been born.

No. 291911

File: 1469431074477.png (158.54 KB, 1256x631, bitch.png)

Just going to leave this here. She also went and put up pictures of the guy with the comments.

No. 291914

She's in her god damn 40s and she's acting like a 13 year old on the Internet?! All she had to do was not say anything if she thinks a movie she never seen is bad. Going on to insult someone's dick size. That's so… Raven.

No. 291921

Wow… this lady really hates being Asian, huh? Like, I'm sure people already mentioned it, but no amount of 'goffik makeup' is gonna fix them eye folds.

No. 291931

So, does anyone think she'll finally do something about that mass on her face called a nose now that she's lost some weight?

No. 291981

I find it very odd when she says in the video that her best friend is her ex husband and the next question about who you can talk to about your secrets and everything etc and she says no one but like never mentions Logan?

No. 291982

Nah. She's got a GoFundMe wanting money for lasik.

No. 291989

Yeah even more proof of how unhealthy the relationship is.

No. 291997

She's got that weird, Thai tranny hooker thing going now that she's gotten thin. Still trashy, ofc.

No. 292971

so I know this says reupload (not that I really even trust that), but this video is from two months ago.

So is she back to telling people she's having miscarriages every time she gets pregnant or what?

No. 293090

It is reuploaded and old. She's notorious for deleting stuff and then reuploading it on later dates. Why she wants to reupload about a miscarriage, I don't know, maybe to garner more feel sorry for me comments.

No. 293091

File: 1469878831180.png (424.26 KB, 491x596, fullopoo.png)

She's such a prude yet almost all the rest of her clothes barely cover anything.

No. 293102

She had a slut phase. A lot of her clothes are from that although she only was able to wear them now as she isn't as fat. It was bad enough that one of her husbands got her to cover up while they were together which she now calls abuse lol.

No. 293104

Some recent drama is that she made up then kicked out her son again. She references us in getting her to release she was a bad mom but later gets angry at him. Not sure what video details this adventure but she is salty that he is willing to leave.

There was an episode about animals. She adopted a dog and a cat. Freaked the fuck out that they weren't immediately trained and got into a spat with the previous owners. As usual its threatening with police action and refusing to be civil with people.

No. 293108

There is also her spat with Emily Boo, a YouTuber who was on an episode of snog,marry, avoid with the dude you may know as Cj from Ravens ramblings. Emily is his ex, she posted a video about how that relationship ended and Raven felt she had to clarify her side as Cj was talking to both of them. This hashing out of their sides let to Emily not wanting to talk to Raven much, which she took badly.

No. 293110

There is also this self diagnosing of autism as well. Apparently having 2 crazy disorders isn't good enough for her and she wants to label herself with a third.

Each of these topics have mult videos for them so I'm not posting everything about it. But don't worry she is still the same. There is also videos of her trying things on if you want to see her weight loss and how slutty her outfits were, her hoarding collection of books and stuff she refuses to sell while she says she is barely affording rent and other childish things. She dyed her hair red and blue but hated that it wasn't "unique" since new Harley is like that.

No. 293132

I thought she never bought new clothes. Yeah nice try for pity points, Raven.

No. 293146

File: 1469906338012.png (445.08 KB, 495x646, ra.png)

Logan's grandparents took them to the mall for "early birthday gifts" and then she just got a new dress that Logan had bought her and wrapped for Christmas that she guilt tripped him into giving her something because she's been on a "you don't love me because you're always gone and working, you're neglecting me" tirade.

She claims they are so poor and always about to be homeless and shit but they're always buying stuff, like every other time she posts something it's about something new she has that's always some kind of gift, like birthday, anniversary, etc. Or some guy has bought her something.

No. 293149

Raven is convinced she is "sewwww unique OMG!", but she is just-fucking-exactly-like so many other women I have met. Poor little darlings are so fragile, with THIS ailment or THAT disorder, that they can't work but the gods forbid they do without new clothes/perfume/cosmetics/toys/furniture even for a little while.

No. 293157

What does this dumb cow expect when she's a jobless fat ugly 30 year-old trying to make an 18 year old love her? God dman it some people are desperate and so out of touch with reality…

No. 293172

I don't get it either. How are they always "almost homeless" and barely affording rent when she always has new shit in her photos and videos? Maybe if she weren't such a lazy ass and actually did something with her life, she'd be happier. Logan must have a serious fetish for fat old sea hags…

No. 293176

She's damn near 40 anon.

No. 293241

That's what bothers me the most. I live with my SO and he is the only one who works for now but I never ever ask for anything even if he can afford it. Our bills are always paid, there's always food, and that's enough. He'll get mad with me because I won't let him help clean or cook but I feel awful if I do and then I see her and she's getting all this stuff, doesn't work solely for not wanting to, and I'm pretty sure never cleans and then wants to whine about how they are so poor and he's never at home because he's working. And it's just like, how selfish and entitled can you be?

No. 293286

Same here anon, I take care of the house while I'm not working because I'm not a lazy piece of shit like Raven.
I was reading through her post about the two early christmas presents and how she's worried about replacing those two presents on the actual day.
She reminds me of Dudley Dursley.

No. 293306

Instead of actually thanking him and telling him she loves him or anything it's "so what else am I going to get since I already opened these?".

No. 293308

Raven is so ungrateful and has nothing going for her which makes me question so many things. This nasty ass hebephile sure as hell takes her child groom for granted, which is a wonder since she refuses to be realistic about a job.

No. 293405

she's worried about replacing those two presents on the actual day.

I am speechless. This woman is utterly vile.

No. 293412

I don't even know why she opened them early then. Like she could have easily said "I want to wait so I still have presents on Xmas." Like it's not that hard of a conversation to have.

But this is Raven and everything has to be dramatized in her life.

No. 293420

She claims she said no but he kept pushing the issue of opening them on her. My thing is, he shouldn't have felt the need to give them to her anyways. After all, she is the one who is having the issue with him always working and changing. At least he's more of an adult than she is. Cries about never having money then bitches when they are getting money solely because he's not around to be at her every whim. And for fucks sake it's like every other week they get something because it's a birthday or anniversary or some stupid reason as to why they have something new. But god forbid they actually go out and shop and say "hey we bought this" or not say anything at all instead of "we're so poor but we have money to go spend because it's our anniversary or this person just bought it for us because we're going to be homeless next week if Logan doesn't find another job because he keeps getting screwed over and I can't work".

No. 293433

I'm seeing a trend with the goffiks, because their every mundane detail of their life has to be brodcasted they have to explain why they are constantly getting new shit.
Like people are supposed to care whether a 40 year old loser is getting anything for Christmas.
Most people are going to eye roll at your claims of poverty if your biggest concern isn't keeping a roof over your head, but your concern surrounds your hideous over priced goth garbage.

No. 293525

I don't know about you guys, but who buys Christmas gifts this early in the year? I don't, because firstly I know that I would probably give the item early because I wouldn't be able to help myself. Secondly, I would put it away somewhere to prevent giving it early and then forget about it.

No. 293526

It's actually quite helpful and cuts out the stress of not having to worry about money or going out shopping during the holidays or waiting for packages during that time hoping they don't get delayed/lost/stolen.

No. 293703

my fucking problem with her bitching vids is it should only take max two minutes to get all the dumb shit she has to say, not no fucking 12+ vid.

No. 293767

They do it because they're poor and are trying to relieve themselves during the actual Holidays. It would make sense if they weren't doing it every other week. At this point they're just masking their frivolous spending habits.

No. 293768

How else is she going to get asspats and pity points.

No. 293804

File: 1470225117744.png (951 KB, 1278x463, brows1.png)

Can't have money to pay bills but look at this new $16 lip tar I got that I don't know how to apply properly.

No. 293805

File: 1470225237647.png (1.08 MB, 1285x522, brows.png)

Also, this response picture on how her brows are "on point".

No. 293810

What's that on her lid? Looks like a nasty rash on which she decided to slap some old eyeshadow (probably with a nasty brush or unwashed hands).

No. 293814

I think it's more so just red glitter. In the other picture you can see it on the lower lid on the opposite eye splotched around.

No. 293858

Not sure about the rest as it's plausible
But I doubt that lump of flesh her (our) left side of her eye is just glitter.

No. 293867

I am triggered by those brows. Damn, why?

No. 293878

It's that really crappy makeup glitter. She's used it before in her old old makeup tutorials. As far as the lump, I honestly don't know. Could be a scar or something.

No. 293918

It might just be me but the background in her pics are so unbelievably messy it drives me nuts. If you don't have a job at least clean around the house

No. 294107

In some of her videos you can see that she is standing on piles of clothes, really shows how well she takes care of her things.

No. 294153

Her makeup makes her look diseased. I bet her skin is so fucking shitty under all of that foundation.

No. 294172

That's Logan's job. Raven can't due to some made-up condition used for asspats and excuses for having a hoarders house.

No. 294210

She can't be serious. Her makeup always has been and remains hideous and sloppy.

No. 294667

oh look, Raven is talking about us again, and surprise surprise, she's full of misinformation.

also she's yet again trying to pretend that she never supposedly 'killed herself'.

what a cow.

No. 294691

Wait, I don't get it… Is she alive or not?

No. 294702

She is. She never even attempted suicide.

No. 294734


New video of hers, over an hour long.

She thinks we're mean old bullies, because we're still talking about her, even though she's changed.

She says she fixed her make-up.
Her attitude.
Stopped harping on Dorian, and did some harping on Dorian in the video itself.
Lost weight.

Then she talked about how Logan is just a workaholic who works to fund his Pokémon addiction.

Her tattoos are totally not a hindrance to her getting a job. We're supposedly all NEET's, so we're hypocrites for criticizing her for not having a job.

Basically she's totally over us, which is why she made an over hour long video telling us what big bullies we are.

No. 294756

Lol, Asian granny is mad.

No. 294757

Lolololol she doesn't even know who Chris is. Hey Raven, Chris is a guy who pretends he's a woman, Christine, because he's an autist and thinks he'll finally get a gf if he's a lesbian
This video is so stupid

No. 294758

No. 294766

Fair enough that the article she read was shit, and inaccurate, but holy fuck do your research instead of just believing anything printed.

I'm honestly just waiting for the drama now, this is exactly what she used to do back in the day before pretending to kill herself or sperging out.

No. 294768

File: 1470589240664.png (14.16 KB, 464x212, Tyler on cyberbullying_38c34a_…)

"I'm they're whole world" get over yourself, raven. I mostly come here for Margo and onion. I just check your thread when there's no milk from them.

No. 294773

MFW Raven can't even remember the word "lurking".

And OF COURSE she doesn't lurk – she just happened to recently see the site (guided here, no doubt, by some protective "friend") – and was prompted to produce an almost 72 minute rebuttal. Even though she isn't bothered by our opinions. Oh, and she's TOTALLY changed, guize, so we should leave it off!!!

Raven cannot distinguish between superficial differences and deep, transformative change. She is utterly clueless – and that is what makes her a Lolcow.

No. 294785

It's hilarious that she thinks everyone on here gives that much of a shit about her. If it weren't for the one anon reviving this thread, no one would've noticed her.

>she's TOTALLY changed, guize
The thing I find funniest about her insisting how she's changed and tries to be a better person is that in the same breath, she suggests that if she found out who one of us were, she'd murder us, and she wishes us slow and painful deaths. Lovely.

No. 294793

cows. cows never change.

No. 294794

Technically it was Josh that revived it. He was going around bumping old threads in some pathetic attempt to make people mad.

Tbh I was glad it got bumped, I had totally forgotten about the Raven saga and I missed the drama.

No. 294856

I'm glad it got bumped too. I have been watching her videos and I find her fascinating. She is right though - we do sit here and talk a whole lot of shit about shit.

No. 294866

Not Josh, just someone sick of her shit. You guys are welcome.

No. 294894

File: 1470663606643.jpg (46.84 KB, 515x424, raven.jpg)

No. 294897

This bitch fucking hates women, to a scary degree.

No. 294913

did anyone even bother watching this, if so can you give a breakdown? even though she's lulzy I don't think I can sit through 71 minutes of her spewing bullshit.

No. 294918

I already did: >>294734

No. 294919

I have no idea how I missed that, thanks anon. I watched the first few minutes of it and I was honestly laughing. I can't believe she thinks that she is like, the center of attention for this site.

No. 294922

File: 1470684273636.jpg (30.99 KB, 317x340, pt.jpg)

No one can take the place of our queen!

No. 294927

No. 294941

File: 1470689725847.gif (485.8 KB, 499x239, buffy-drinks-milk.gif)

>i'm so different from other people
>everyone talks about me
>the entire site lolcows is about me i'm in every thread
>theyre obsessed with me
>'they've basically made a celebrity out of me'
>i've changed so much
>i changed my eyebrows
>i'm not a lolcow anymore i swear
>everyone is obsessed with me

No. 294943

>we can't sleep at the same time because he snores
>he thrashes at me in le night
>he's really attached to be WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT
>because he loves me
>and you can kiss my ass
>because you're jealous
>and it's up to us to be together
>not you
>so you fuck off!

No. 294945

>because of me my son has a skill
>my son doesn't have the skills to succeed in life
>i have given him a skill
>he doesn't have any skills but he needs the skills to have a leg to stand on
>if he didn't have me he would rot in a gutter
>i'm not goth

No. 294946

>i'm wearing a batman shirt
>i don't like batman
>i do whatever
>i'm goth

No. 294950

Since Pixy is the queen, Maggot can be the court jester.

No. 294974

I really think it's because she's jealous as fuck of other women, which is why she hates them so much. She especially hates pregnant women and those with small children since she can't have anymore.

No. 294985

I wouldn't even believe her claims of 'miscarrage' or whatever. She just wants asspats and sympathy from any source she can find.

No. 294987

File: 1470704655136.png (404.91 KB, 511x822, 4524266.png)

>We all have carried our years well

Nah, you look exactly what your age should be but even more ridiculous with all that shit in your face and bad tattoos.

No. 294988

She looks x1000 better without that makeup and lenses.

No. 294990

I think her skin is pretty fucking good for 40, she has droopy features that make her look tired though.

No. 294991

And she'd look better without a shitton of piercings in her face. Some would still look good but the weird ones near her temple and under eye? No.

No one was calling her wrinkled either.

No. 294992

Yeah those piercings, her bridge and cheek piercings also pull weirdly at her face making it look lumpy.

No. 294998

Tbh she would be fine with just the medusa's. I feel like even the septum is unflattering on her because her nose is wider. And at her age it just seems pretentious. I'm probably one of Ravens biggest "haters" but I am glad she's at least TRYING to do better makeup.

I just wish she would go for a more "adult goth" look. Like black blouses and bants as opposed to hot topic graphic tees and piercings.

No. 295003

She should look at Black Friday for inspo, she is gorgeous and looks brilliant makeup/clothing wise.

No. 295010


I'm used to seeing asians all the time, she definitely looks 40.

No. 295037

File: 1470724003192.png (484.61 KB, 488x590, hu.png)

We're so poor and never have food and always late on bills but I'm going to use this $45 from youtube to get another shitty tattoo.

No. 295041

That and the unicorn are probably the only nice looking tattoos she has.

No. 295051

File: 1470730277156.jpg (17.03 KB, 266x398, basset hound.jpg)

Her face really reminds me of that of a Basset Hound.

No. 295059

Nahh she has legit had miscarriages. She showed the remains off in a clear bag in one of her old videos. One had a 'baby' in, the other was a 'baby' and a part of her damaged tube.

No. 295071

File: 1470745985624.gif (490.9 KB, 300x192, plzno.gif)

Wat. Why did she think that would be good YT content?

No. 295073

She's a milky whore who loves all of this attention. Otherwise she would ignore it

No. 295082

I don't know mate but it happened. It's back in her uploads I think.

No. 295144

Because sympathy.

No. 295263

File: 1470851740266.png (Spoiler Image,495.73 KB, 488x572, f.png)

"I hate girls who show their tits, cover up no one wants to see that shit, I'm such a prude when it comes to nudity."

No. 295266

Those are horrible, floppy pancake breasts. I barely can believe Logan willingly beds her.

No. 295267

File: 1470853182890.jpg (41.79 KB, 528x960, 13895191_860533194050812_41828…)

She may have lost weight, but her body is still horrible. Looks kind of like a granny, with how low her boobs hang and the huge fupa.

No. 295290

Not trying to defend Raven – as a person I find her entirely repulsive – but I DO believe that Logan really loves and is devoted to her.

There's no accounting for taste.

No. 295296

I don't know if I totally believe that. He is still very young and I am sure that in a few years his tastes might change and he will probably want someone closer to his age, and someone who doesn't have constant drama.

Also, whenever I have seen a video she's uploaded that he is in, he just seems awkward. I don't think that I have ever seen a video they're both in where he seems like he is having a genuinely good time, or like he is just being himself.

Then again, I honestly can't imagine having to put up with someone like Raven. It seems like she has put her entire existence into her youtube channel and online persona, and that she has more and more drama every time you look. I mean, we haven't even said shit about her in how long and she had to upload not one but TWO videos, full of misinformation, about how we are supposedly obsessed with her? She wants the attention, clearly. If she had learned anything the first time around, she would have just ignored us.

No. 295300

I can't fathom how they can live amid all that mess.

No. 295342

wtf is that supposed to be, a birderfly?

No. 295344

Fairy bird?
It's a mystery.

No. 295401

Being with an older woman was probably exciting for him, when that excitement and his tastes change, he'll probably stay with her out of habit, doesn't matter how much drama there is. She also has emotionally black mailed him, by asking him whether he wants to break up all the time, so he's probably terrified to actually ever do it.

No. 295492

I can't really say something bad Raven using the money for a tattoo. When you are dirt poor and all your money goes on just exisiting and you get a windfall then you probably are going to splurge on something frivolous. And who is to say she spent all the money on the tattoo. To Raven's way of thinking it would make sense that the evil Lolcow stalkers should buy her a tattoo.

No. 295602

If she actually used that money to pay off her bills or whatever, instead of buying random useless crap all the time, and getting new tattoos, maybe she could finally stop complaining about being dirt poor?

No. 295677

She loves the attension doesnt matter if its negative or not

No. 295678

File: 1471080986017.jpg (55.47 KB, 960x540, 13962503_862491240521674_43940…)

"i dont look my age"
no raven of course you dont lmao

No. 295684

holy shit, they are fucking hideous.

No. 295690

Goddamn, woman… stop spreading your EXTREMELY unfortunate genetics around, that shit is gross.

No. 295697

Luckily she can't anymore, since her womb is toxic.

No. 295821


No. 295836

Bless everyone who necroed this thread after so long. The milk is delicious.

No. 296136

She also showed pictures of the now deceased Julie Terryberry her in lingerie and said she hated people who dressed slutty for pictures which is hilarious because that's so hypocritical for her to say. She hates those dang dirty trolls for supposedly pushing a teenage girl to suicide and then delicately throws that in. Never change you woman-hating cradle-robber.

No. 296190

>Dorian wouldn't get on welfare so I kicked him out and MY feelings were so hurt, and I told him not to come back, so he lived in a homeless shelter and told me he loved it there but then mysteriously got kicked out and I let him come back EVEN THOUGH MY FEELINGS WERE SO HURT, I'M A GOOD MOM OKAY.
>People tell me not to give the bullies attention, but everyone handles things differently, I'M DIFFERENT, and if I don't give them attention then I'm not fighting back, AND OF COURSE THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME NEEDING CONSTANT ATTENTION.
>I make all my videos MONTHS in advance guys. Don't complain about me putting out a haul video because I swear it's a 5 month old video, I'M NOT WASTING MONEY OK JUST BACK OFF.
>Oh btw people are asking me if I have a P.O. box because I am so popular and everyone wants to send me gifts so if you message me I'll give you my address, EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE ALL THESE BULLIES OUT THERE HATING ON ME, it's totally just because you're all asking me, and now let me tell you all the things I would like.

whining and excuses, not like everyone isn't totally used to that by now when it comes to Raven. so stupid that she's trying to make it seem like people ASKED about a P.O. box and that it isn't just her trying to push people to send her stuff.

No. 296192

samefagging to add, I know someone mentioned her GoFundMe recently. https://www.gofundme.com/24wc778

>she is legally blind and her eyes are failing.

>i want to give her the gift of good eyesight as she has never known life without glasses or contacts.

wearing glasses and contacts doesn't make a person legally blind. how retarded are her friends, really. so glad that no one has donated to this cow.

No. 296224

someone donated a fucking 50. I don't even.
She's not even holding it herself some dude from TX is doing it.

No. 296233

It was probably one of her dumbass friends. I meant it more along the lines of nobody really cares outside of maybe a few spastics, and no one of consequence (normal people even) have donated to her. Probably should have been more clear.

No. 296253

File: 1471495193588.jpg (3.22 MB, 2462x3142, a_bit_of_before_and_after_by_s…)

No. 296255

She hates other women because she's insecure as fuck. Have you ever read her messages with her ex someone pulled from facebook? She was on a nudey modelling site and she linked it to him and said "but dont look at any of the other girls ok? i'll die" Of course she hates all girls who dress slutty… Because they look better than her.

No. 296256

I only found these threads because she mentioned them in her videos lately. I felt bad for her. She made it sound like you guys just call her fat and ugly… But holy shit. I was not expecting to find out that she's actually bat shit crazy. I read every single comment. What a disgusting piece of shit.

No. 296257

Actually, the entire log of her convos with her ex are cringey as fuck and worth a read if you're bored. The dude didn't even seem interested in her at all. She has 0 self awareness. No wonder she had to marry a 16 year old.

No. 296271

Which is the before and the after?

No. 296276

you hit the nail on the head. she hates other girls because shes so insecure. love the constant justificantion of her relationship too. its clear to Helen Keller theyre stuggling

No. 296286

You were watching her videos but needed Lolcow Farm to tell you she's crazy? Ok…

And what goes on here is super tame compared to Kiwi Farm.

Ps: learn to quote to we know who you are responding to

No. 296287

she has a new profile, adds 1400 people she doesnt know in one day and then complains theyre perverts. not to mention the latest topless pic to show off yet another shitty necklace. why does that woman get her saggy tits out every 10 minutes?

No. 296288

File: 1471530929036.jpg (56.73 KB, 528x960, 14079495_234070310322387_87321…)


No. 296300

She reminds me of Marge (Venus's mom). Not because they'd look alike but they have the same crazy in their eyes. Which is why both of them look fucking scary.

No. 296348

There is no excuse for all that mess.

No. 296358

Oh, but special snowflake Raven can't clean house because her tailbone is damaged and it keeps her from working and other duties that us average Joes deign to perform. We're such haters for expecting baby girl to do ANYTHING about her dire situation because we don't know her how much she hurts, OMG.

Also, I've been wondering: WHY, if she so badly needs the laser surgery or whatever for her eyes, did she have the gastric/lap band procedure? Seems to me if her sight was so important, she should have done that then begged on the Internet for funds for the weight loss surgery.

I'm just sayin'.

No. 296377

Tbh she probably doesn't need either and gets her feelings of self worth by telling herself she's so brave for struggling with x medical issue

No. 296403

I don't know whether I'm more amazed that anyone could feel okay amassing that kind of a mess, or that they would feel fine publicly sharing a photo of it.

No. 296405

Photos like this trigger my need to clean. Brb, going to rearrange the house

God damnit, Raven! Clean your nasty home!!!

No. 296412

Someone's a passive aggressive little bitch, huh? I wasn't responding to anyone.

No. 296719

I just watched some of her video dedicated to lolcow and kiwifarms and LOL. She's lying her ass off. We haven't been posting that much about her because she's not that important plus she's had a whole year to change and didn't do anything. You can't fix crazy.

>"They post about me all the time in threads that have nothing to do with me!"

Uh… No, we don't. Always trying to make the situation worse than it is. Oh, and she seems to think that Josh owns this site and wants all her dumb followers to know. LMAO

No. 296733

She can't tell the difference between Lolcow and Kiwifarms it seems. If she was going to make a 71 minute long video then the least she could have done was do her research properly.

She barely got any traffic since these threads died out, and we've only noticed her again because someone necroed the thread and we saw she was up to her old shit again. If she had actually changed then no one would have cared. She is incapable of surviving without some kind of drama. When it isn't us "bullying her", it's her fighting with her supposed friends. When it's not that, it's something to do with Dorian. When it's not that, it's a miscarriage. The woman doesn't know how to shut up.

No. 296827

She's trying so hard to keep up with this generation and what's popular. On FB she asked what the show Stranger Things was about and if it was good, then asked if there was nudity and when someone said no, why? she replies with "I hate it. I won't watch anything that has nudity in it. Personal preference. It just makes me highly uncomfortable" yet continuously posts up pretty much nudes herself that makes people vomit.

And then said she hates Winona when she found out she has a role in it.

No. 296828

She could have easily asked about it, and then just pretended she had watched it. Like she could have just posted a bunch of pictures from the show or whatever and been like 'omg love this show guys!'. If she really wants to be relevant that badly, she should probably learn to fake it to keep people interested, because fat aging mallgoths aren't trendy anymore.

Also it's stupid that she'll ask about things, but then turn around and find reasons to hate it. Like, of all the things, "oh no I hate Winona, fuck that show". Makes no sense to me. I'd love to see her husband get into it tbh, I bet she'd make a whole video complaining about it if he did.

No. 296831

honestly, this woman won't get a job, yet spends all of her husbands money on the dumbest shit.

>shit knock off hello kitty mitten thing

>shit knock off beauty blender
>4 different kinds of nailpolish, when she clearly can't do her nails properly
>eyebrow razors when she can't even do her brows properly anyway
>two sets of makeup brushes
>stuffed animals, 2 of which she claimed were free after spending 50 bucks
>some retarded robotic jellyfish bullshit - inserts a video of it where she's saying how cute it is - then says she hates it
>8 Monster High dolls - r u kidding me? dolls are all between 30 - 50 dollars, wants yet another that costs 70 dollars
>17 funko pop vinyls

has it ever been confirmed that she's a hoarder, because it seems like she is. if I was her husband I would be pissed that she was spending the money I work for on that kind of bullshit. she needs to get off her ass and find a damn job.

No. 296833

>17 funko pop figures

Jesus fucking Christ they're like $12 each, too… That's $240 on cheap plastic things while she bitches about her teenage husband working too hard…

No. 296836

She could save herself the headache of explaining the significance behind her getting new shit all of the time by NOT making videos about her new shit.
She feels guilty, and yet feels compelled to show off her crap.
she based her improvements on what people gave her shit for on an imageboard, that's pretty damn sad. This is not a very good foundation for her progress, as long as she posts shit like this she is giving us a reason to talk about her.

No. 296840

And then will whine in a few days "we have nothing to eat and can't pay bills and Logan lost his job again and we're going to be homeless."

It's like there's no saving money, just spend it all on shit all at one time.

No. 296845

Seriously, the Monster High dolls are even worse, she was showing off the prices on most of them - $29.99. She claims that they were on sale for $22.00, but that's still ridiculous. At least two of those dolls were $40.00 + as well. I mean, the Funko figures are bad too, but they're not as bad in comparison.

Of course there's no saving. I'm sure that even if Dorian did try to save, she'd still find a way to guilt him into letting her spend it. The two of them are so childish though that I doubt that they're making the effort to save at all.

No. 296852

>"first, the dumb stuff"
>it is all dumb stuff

Also if i'm listening correctly, her husband could only hold down his job for a month? and they just immediately started buying crap like this?

No. 296870

According to her, he is always losing his job for whatever reason. And then claims the videos are all old and when they "had money" when he was working so they just go and spend it on dumb shit as a way to justify the spending. But you would think after always being so poor and never having anything or buying anything for their selves or wanting to leave the country she moved to that she hates so much, she would save some of it to get out of those types of situations. But no. It's like she purposely lives paycheck to paycheck to constantly be in a state of shit. Sooner or later Logan is going to get sick of it and burn out on working.

No. 296920

Raven is continuing to think Josh runs lolcow. She also thinks he's jealous of her for having a younger husband.

No. 296955

File: 1472131323179.png (19.09 KB, 474x227, haha.png)

HAHAHAHA yet it's totally fine to show of your fetuses remains and post "attention whore" shit all the time. God the hypocrisy is strong in this one!

No. 296956

Are we sure she didn't drive him to quit somehow? I mean yeah she likes having money to buy useless shit, but I think she likes control more. Making him quit jobs and further isolating him seems like something she would do tbh.

No. 296960

Funny that she calls him a "loser pedophile"…

No. 296972

How can she STILL think that Josh runs Lolcow? I mean, I knew she was stupid but still.

No. 296983

I think I found it again. Oh lawd.

No. 296991

I don't frequent kiwifarms.lmao raven, I hope you're lurking.

No. 296992

File: 1472143654404.jpg (74.71 KB, 960x540, 14054118_238117666584318_12399…)

"i constantly get told i don't look 40"

No. 296998

ugh whats in that bottle? it looks like piss..

No. 297002

They probably just mean she dresses like she's 14. She looks haggard as hell.

No. 297042

considering how they never seem to clean, and how lazy they all seem, I wouldn't be surprised if it was piss tbh.

No. 297045

She looks every damn minute of forty here.

No. 297059

Ice Cream Soda Budget brand

Are there any dox? I live near her and would be able to tell you what sort of life she lives by the location of her house.

No. 297069

One of her older videos has an email she shared with her real name and address, but I am unsure if she has moved or not.

No. 297805

Ugh. Looks like she's into Ghost B.C. now.

No. 297849

He's seriously just a child almost.
I know technically he is an adult,but I'm sure Raven didn't help teach him how to grow into being an adult.

No. 297982

In her new video she is very apologetic, really seems like she is trying to address our criticisms before we even make them.

Then also a rant on how she was the first with blue hair and now everyone and their grandma is copying it, so she had to dye it purple.

She's still saying she's making videos as a crusade against us.
Still saying she's not a cow anymore, but strong and happy, and that she'll fight back.
She thinks we're making intricate battle plans, and are very masterly trying to manipulate her.

She keeps blabbing on on how we're not original.

Then she says we and kiwifarms are blackmailing her, but that actually she could blackmail us. (How?) And that she's super innocent.

>Everyone has nipples and everyone has tits, I'd flash you if it was allowed on Youtube.

But she's so innocent, and the only person out there that's not a whore.

Keeps going on on how she's totally not fat, but she still has quite a double chin.

She's daring us to troll her apparently.

Then also, she can't find a house big enough for her hoarder antics basically.

No. 297994

LOL she said she thinks that we're so quiet right now because we're organizing a plan to attack her on her birthday. As if this site is dedicated to her and only her.

No. 297996

She still sticks with "They're bullies and all they do is call me fat, old, gothic, they say my babies should die" People don't get 70 page kiwifarm pages for being fat and old. She won't ever address the lies and fucked up things she's done and said. She just wants to be a victim.

No. 298554

No. 298555

After watching that I have to say they're perfect for each other.

No. 298612

File: 1472782751499.png (44.93 KB, 504x377, image.png)

>Then she says we and kiwifarms are blackmailing her, but that actually she could blackmail us. (How?) And that she's super innocent.

The black mailing us thing. She joined an autistic justice league against kiwi farms for a hot 3 seconds before Keagle deleted it. Someone pointed out that kiwi farms hunts pedos and shit bags and basically asked what category they got into. They also halfassed tried to dox Bull's mom. Raven had a classy response about how she'd kick out her kid if he ran such a forum

No. 298613

>>298612 *Null's mom
Sorry autocorrect

No. 298661

Didn't she kick her kid out for way less than that anyway?

No. 298773

Yes. She's just throwing the "mom" card around for sympathy just like how our resident crazy river queen, Margaret does. It's just a word to them, not a role.

No. 299081

File: 1473057364623.jpeg (516.18 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Lol which one is it?

No. 299084

those are really kind photographs of logan

No. 299090

She made a new video with her piercings and how she pierces. She "changed the bars" on her lip piercings so they look straight. I'm a piercer and I know for a fact that just changing her bars to flat-backed posts will NOT make them look straight considering how crooked they were before. In an earlier video, her lip piercings were legitimately on top of her lip, touching her top lip. In the update video they are so far inside her lips that she had to pull her bottom lip all the way down to show them. Unless she's like three times as swollen as regular people (which wouldn't surprise me considering how she described the way she "pierces") or she's re-done them, there's no way they sit like that compared to how they used to sit.

She tries to be such a hipster too. "I had blue hair before other people!" "but now everyone else has blue hair too so it's lame".

And she's right, she doesn't look 40. She looks 30 with all her makeup, harsh lighting, and her glasses. With regular lighting, no makeup, and no glasses, she looks at least 45, maybe even 50.

Seeing her look like a mall-goth at that age is so sad. She has a wonderful opportunity to dress more mature while still looking alternative/goth, thereby showing other alternative people that you can be alternative while more mature, but instead she chooses to look like a shitty mall goth which ages her more.

I didn't think she was too bad at first. I saw one of her videos and thought eh, but didn't hate her. Then I saw one of her shorter Lolcow videos and thought "wow, this girl really is obsessed with this forum". I went on the forum to check it out and jee whizz, no wonder she's obsessed with lolcow. She feeds off drama and wants to pretend she's a victim, yet at the same time I think she's scared that people are exposing her here.

No. 299100

File: 1473070165133.gif (1.62 MB, 778x422, tumblr_nwi09ppBaR1uja7aoo1_128…)

Hahaha. "I had blue first." Also her hair is FAR from healthy and thick.

No. 299210

Melanie Martinez looks hot with half blue half black hair. Raven looks like her hair is ages rat tails. Not a good look

No. 299237

what are you talking about raven is a luscious hunny bun

No. 299329

luscious hunny bun that's been eaten by the human centipede and shit back out. thats raven

No. 299487

File: 1473230771311.jpeg (46.38 KB, 640x341, image.jpeg)

She finally listened to someone about her hair being damaged and now looks like one of those people who shaved the side of their head and is trying to grow it back out. Kek.

No. 299506

has anybody else noticed how shes trying to look like her exs wife? same blue hair, same glasses, piercings and same butterly neck tattoo

No. 299508

Aside from being lazy is there actually a reason why she can't clean her house? It's disgusting

No. 299601

she has a ~disability~ that makes her much too fragile to do grunt work like cleaning. But, you know, dying her hair and being online and fighting with trolls and getting fast food is OK.

No. 299621

holy shit, what video is this from?

No. 299651

Off her FB. She posted it up yesterday with a big status whining because her hair is fucked now but hasn't she been bragging about how healthy and damage free her hair has been, ha.

No. 299739

Doesn't her ex still foot the bill for all that shit too? If so, that's creepy lol.

No she's just lazy. That's it.

I don't get how she's able to be an American and live in NZ (and possibly be on the dole since she doesn't work), like are NZ's immigration/benefits laws really that lax? Seriously my only experience with immigration is UK and yeah they're ridiculously strict (when you're a skilled worker, lol) but how are people able to go anywhere and just leech like that? Like I'm assuming she gets some sort of tugboat because her childbride can't seem to hold down a job for whatever reason and they can still afford to live somewhere and buy shitty cheap makeup.

Also we shit on cows like Raven, Kailyn, Chrischan for not having jobs, but honestly can you imagine working with someone like that? Maybe tugboats really are the best option for some people.

No. 299787

As someone who just moved from the US to a different country, it's quite easy to obtain a visa for most places. As long as you have a sponsor or enough money and don't have a criminal background, you're pretty much in.

As far as disability, since she's never worked since she got there, it's possible she started abusing the free healthcare system and started to build a case on which to get disability whenever she got a citizenship.

No. 299900

OK so it's just UK and some other western countries that are really dicks about it. Thanks.

>it's possible she started abusing the free healthcare system and started to build a case on which to get disability whenever she got a citizenship.

You mean by like doctorshopping or something? She looks like someone who would doctorshop to get the results that she wants, but I didn't think that was as easy in nationalized healthcare schemes as it is in privatized ones.

No. 300047

More of "I'm sick, this hurts and this hurts" until the doctor got tired of her and just gave her a disability pass so she'd shut up about it and leave. The only legit thing is she's diabetic. But she could have been doctorshopping too.

No. 300126

God. Her makeup is horrendous. 40 years on this earth doing goth makeup and you can't learn to apply it properly?

No. 300166

Jesus. Someone needs konmari.

No. 300261

File: 1473672715378.png (Spoiler Image,691.84 KB, 854x480, hlyfck.png)

You can see how bad her skin is when it's not washed out with a light. Imagine seeing it in person.

No. 300282

Christ, thanks for spoilering that anon. She and Logan are both greasy and nasty looking. I can't even imagine those two kissing each other, makes me want to vomit.

No. 300294

Ha! Later on in the video, it gets clearer and much worse. Like you can see all the shit on her chin. She brags about her skin and all but it's complete shit. Same thing about her hair that she bragged so much about being so thick and long and healthy until her dumbass self realized that it wasn't new growth coming in but her hair actually breaking off because of all the bleaching and coloring she does to it.

No. 300340

If she wasn't such an all rounder as a trainwreck, my advice to her would be: you can't pull goth off with a big potato nose and a swollen as fuck face, probably from her terrible life choices. You need either angular or very fine features to pull that look off. Plastering her pasty jowls up in white makes her face look even fatter than it is.

Not that she'll ever take any advice, but Jesus.

No. 300514

Oh no… How does any fully-grown woman look like this? That's the skin of an angsty 15-year-old boy who lives off redbull and fast food. I've never seen an adult with skin like that in my life.
Also what is up with those dirt-caked neck lines

No. 300522

>That's the skin of an angsty 15-year-old boy who lives off redbull and fast food.
Tbh, she practically is one. When she was fat, she'd always go on about how much she misses the processed food in America and how New Zealand's food is so gross.

I think the reason her skin looks like that is because of her diet and she probably thinks she doesn't have to do anything with her skin because she's ~Asian~. Her and Logan constantly go on about how Asians have magical genetics that prevent them from aging and white people all age terribly.

No. 300646

File: 1473946776963.png (602.22 KB, 819x465, genetucs.png)

>Asians have magical genetics

Well, it's obviously not working. Maybe she's not Asian enough. She looks half ogre, at least. Pic related, it's my genetic reference.

No. 300659

im dieing. that picture is horrendously hilarious

No. 300811

she's been uploading a lot on Youtube recently, but I am honestly getting to a point where I can't be bothered to sit through 30 minutes to an hour of her just rambling on about dumb stuff.

Her videos about us are one thing, but the rest of them are just too god damn long. I'm kind of disappointed that she didn't upload her haircut video on youtube though, because I can't find it on her facebook. Maybe you have to be her friend to see it or something.

No. 300826

sage bc I'm years out of touch with Raven drama

but iirc she's not full asian? wasn't she before talking about being pure aryan or something but turning out to be half Indonesian or something?

anyway the magic asian anti aging gene is a lie, it's all skin care routines and staying out of the sun, etc. somehow white people i talk to don't get this

No. 300831

She's half Thai and half German.
I'm not sure about her saying she was white but I do remember when she first got our attention, someone made a comment saying something along the lines of, "I wouldn't have guessed that she was Asian, she looks like a fat white trash woman." Raven said that it was good because she wants to look white. But I guess she's proud of being Asian now since it seems like Logan has an Asian fetish. (I came to this conclusion since Logan mentioned being obsessed with Asian/Japanese stuff and I would bet money that Raven/Dorian are the only Asians Logan knows so that's probably why he settled for Raven)

>anyway the magic asian anti aging gene is a lie, it's all skin care routines and staying out of the sun, etc. somehow white people i talk to don't get this


No. 300839

jesus fuck anon spoiler this shit I was not ready for this.

No. 300841

File: 1474078757697.png (428.96 KB, 643x427, samedorian...same.png)

her newest video she goes out and gets hideous tattoos with her childbride and she drags her poor son along and the best part is neither of them look like they want to be there at all haha.

She got some kind of butterfly on her throat so any hopes we had of her somehow miraculously waking up and getting off her ass and employed have been dashed.

Shes just so much scarier and older looking in motion its actually quite jarring.

No. 300882

I honestly feel really bad for her son. Kid needs to get his shit together and cut her out of his life.

No. 301111

Can't afford to eat. Unboxes a brand new iphone

No. 301131

File: 1474417824916.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

>If she wasn't such an all rounder as a trainwreck, my advice to her would be: you can't pull goth off with a big potato nose

Mall goths who are too old for the edgy shit with big ugly potato noses seem to be a thing for some reason.

Jesus tap dancing CHRIST, her skin looks awful. I don't get what the fuck she has to brag about there.

This poor child will never have a normal family life… Raven always wants people to pity her, but people only feel bad for the children she fucking enslaved.

No. 301219

Why did you post that picture?

No. 301228

To show that goths with potato noses aren't that uncommon

No. 301257

So she's still got her Lasik GoFundMe up but has bought an iPhone 7 and bought her adoptive son/husbando an iPod?

No. 301280

…whut? How can they afford those when she's always complaining about how "poor" they are? Her YouTube channel isn't making that much.

No. 301297

Anybody knows the Fb of ver exfiance? Or anything
It seems like he disapeared from TVE internet

No. 301312

File: 1474653143056.jpeg (114.84 KB, 673x705, image.jpeg)

Showing your age again

No. 301314

I'm having a hard time imagining this showing up to parent-teacher conferences and school events.

No. 301321

Assuming she cares enough to go to them

No. 301337

new drama for the lolcow. finally emily has been what a psycho raven is

No. 301340

Tailed by her husband who looks like he should be a student, lmao

No. 301388

She did post about it, she showed it in the video that is "I did something…again" and talked about how she realized her hair was fucked and had to cut it like that because she destroyed half of her hair with the split look.

No. 301390

She cannot let go of CJ drama. New video is her talking about how she cant get along with Emily,and somehow it isnt her fault that Emily blocked her but 'other' people who tell Emily that Raven shit talks her. She is incapable of realizing that her actions are what led to this, because Emily herself watched the videos and felt it was an attack on her at times. Good job on Emily for cutting her off.

No. 301398

How is she not surprised people think she's copying Emily? The new butterfly tattoo gave it away but what about this sudden interest with "mermaids and unicorns" which was never mentioned before? And she probably only wants to do a collab vid with her to get more viewers onto her own channel

No. 301483

She's very jealous of Emily and is clearly copying her

No. 301580

No. 301593

For real.

is this some other youtube goth or just someone from her FB friends list.

No. 301617

She was on the British show Snog, Marry, Avoid with her then boyfriend CJ, where they take over the top people and turn them into "natural beauties". She has a small foot in the youtube goth scene because of the show. Video is of her and CJ from the show.

But pretty much Raven is jelly of her and won't shut up about her or Emily's ex CJ because after they split, Raven and CJ dated for a while online before CJ told her to fuck off. And as we know by now, Raven is never in the wrong and it's totally not her fault that she keeps harassing Emily trying to be friends with her all the same time constantly bringing up all the drama that happened between the 3 of them YEARS ago. Emily Boo is her youtube name.

No. 301619

I just checked out some videos on her channel. She's way more likable and better styled than Raven.

No. 301623

Jesus Christ those pictures. They weren't hugged enough as children

No. 301663

Isnt raven like double Emily's age?
Emily seems to have the family life raven wishes she had

No. 301670

We have Emily to thank for the hair dying stuff, Emily gave her the bleach that "finally" worked on her hair. The only proof they had a friendship of any sort but Raven couldn't shut up.

No. 301727

Emily said in a video that raven paid for the bleach and she just posted it to her. Nothing special really, it's nice but wouldnt say that makes them friends. Raven can't be friends with other girls shes too jealous and shes old enough to be her mum

No. 301735

At one point they were friends for a short time and Emily sent some gifts to Raven. But Raven can't let the past go and still won't stop talking about the whole CJ thing. So Emily has had enough of her shit which is good for her. She has her own family and shit to deal with in an entirely different part of the earth.

Raven has even claimed that Emily named her child after the one Raven was going to name but then miscarried. So no matter how hard Emily tries to get along with Raven, Raven just won't have it and pretends to like her and get pity from people who then in turn harass Emily into forgiving Raven. Which then is all a vicious cycle.

No. 301741

File: 1474982628719.png (322.81 KB, 577x435, Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 14.2…)

damn bitch is fugly

No. 301744

"i dont look my age"

No. 301745

File: 1474983078822.png (70.62 KB, 412x100, Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 14.3…)

She looks older than 40

No. 301753

lol figures raven would date cj

He's a total bum weedhead and a leech basically. No job, no future and the maturity levels of a teenage boy

No. 301757

I'd love you hear more about cj

No. 301758

He's at least age appropriate.
It seems that he likes them young too though, 23 years old when he met 14 year old Emily.

No. 301759

Alex, this is a anonymous image board.
Don't be stupid Alex.

No. 301762

It's a good job my name isn't Alex huh?

No. 301764

File: 1475003897200.png (64.52 KB, 427x278, badass.png)

No. 301766

Just a girl amused by how fucked up raven sparks is >>301764

No. 301767

Why have Midna_alexis@hotmail.co.uk as your email if your name isn't Alex? Also are you 12?

No. 301769

I figured I needed an email address oops.

No. 301770

Goff lyf

No. 301771


No. 301773

No. 301776

File: 1475020324429.jpg (168.29 KB, 1484x932, maxresdefault.jpg)

She looks quite pretty in this picture.

No. 301778

compared to her usual self, yes
compared to average looking person, no

No. 301784

Woof. What a goblin.

No. 301787

She'd look better if she stopped shaving her eyebrows off and drawing them on. And contour or fix her nose.

No. 301796

For an ogre?

No. 301807

She actually has hair there now. From what I remember, she plucked them thin, shaved them off then had them tattooed on? Then she grew them out again and now just fills them in. They look a lot better than they used to imo.

No. 301816

There's nothing that can fix her nose other than surgery, but the eyebrows look a bit better. Real ones would be best.

Cute cat though.

No. 301819

Ugh, no.

No. 301823

Yeah. Sadly saving up around 10 grand in order to VASTLY improve her appearance is probably out of the question for her. Plenty of working adults her age could easily do it, especially given a long period of time to save, but we know how she lives and essentially refuses to work… So she's likely just going to look like an ogre forever even if she improved her hair and makeup.

No. 301824

thats the thing, she could easily save that money but instead she spends it on 2 phones, one if which is a brand new 128gb iphone and constanlty moving house and buying shitty dolls and even shittier tattoos. honestly HOW does she afford all of her shit with neither of them working?

No. 301829

Same question, but how does she afford her nose? That thing takes up some serious real estate.

No. 301833

You have to be 18 years old to post here.

No. 301834

>HOW does she afford all of her shit with neither of them working?
A generous welfare system (how does she manage to get a tugboat though? is she a nz citizen?) and I think one of her ex husbands pays for shit still.

No. 301988

I don't think they get that much honestly. Before all she would bitch about was how poor they were that they didn't have enough money to buy groceries or pay rent. And then it's like once her husband gets a job, in construction type things, she blows it all on shit saying "we had extra money, we were doing good" as an excuse to spend it and then the next day goes back to complaining about being so broke and poor. He now has a new job but I highly doubt it's enough to support her spending habits plus new house/car all at once. Because she's complaining about having to pay to redirect their mail and then not having enough to get a p.o. box.

No. 301993

She probably has an addiction to buying shit, the state of their house shows the extent of the problem

No. 302028

she claims to have 4000 books too but can't get rid of anything because its all important.

No. 302029

She looks like she stinks of cat piss

No. 302044

File: 1475168027338.png (290.25 KB, 535x429, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 17.5…)

No. 302053

hunni bunny bun

No. 302071

Good googley-moogley anon, spoiler that shit!

No. 302274

Honestly just having her nose done and maybe some sort of lift would be all she really needs. The main reason she looks so hideous is the way she styles herself.

No. 302282

It's her toxic personality seeping out through her pockmarks.

No. 302439

Newest video where she spends what felt like forever doing duck face poses, I was actually almost sick. Why do I do this to myself?

No. 302637

File: 1475313763647.png (685.89 KB, 1088x598, Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 10.1…)

No. 302647

Looks young for 65. Doesn't look sane though.

No. 302658

She looks like she's in her 40s. Just an unkempt, unhealthy 40 year old woman who does not take care of herself.

And I think her getting a nose job would be a disaster. She has a freakin fat face. Even though her body is much thinner her face is as puffy as ever. If she had a thin nose it would off set the rest of her facial features. This cow would need full facial construction.

No. 302663

Imagine waking up to this every day

No. 302665

File: 1475333622101.png (199.21 KB, 391x428, in the dungeons!.png)

She may look in her forties, but it's not a human forties. I don't think we have a single other cow, not even the fatties like Mess Dumpster, who look as much as a troll as raven. Nothing can save that face, but not smearing half a ton of white gossik crap on it would at least make it stand out less.

No. 302667

File: 1475333854617.jpg (159.42 KB, 700x700, b5f4f7359836b41cfa50acaffcd67e…)

This is what she reminds me of.

No. 302734

Fucking dead ringer. Raven looks so god damn gross. I couldn't imagine waking up next to this everyday let alone having sex with her. That's some stomach churning shit.

No. 302851

No. 302981

>she's been in NOTamerica for how long and she still doesn't know how 24 hour time works? (re: bus ticket)
>willing to drop $$ on expensive teddy bears
>sperging about Monster High dolls like they're not a toy for 10 year olds
>she's been in NZ for years and still doesn't know what snacks/drinks she likes that aren't amerifat snacks. honestly she should just go back to america.
>omg she's SO BLIND guise! (well this would explain how she dresses tbh)
>i literally only watched this video because i was curious about what malls in NZ were like, but gosh, Raven is the worst NZ mall tourguide since she's still upset about the rest of the world not being just like america. no wonder the rest of the world hates us if ppl like her are going abroad representing us. honestly.

No. 303019

just looking at some old videos. she complains A LOT about how much it costs to live in NZ… ya know… for someone who voluntarily chooses to live there.
her entire channel is just
>haul videos
>complaining about NZ videos
>30 minute long woe is me drama shit
>her creeping on her son/husband

No. 303020

>in which she zeroes in on imported food from America to drive her point home that OMG NZ IS SO EXPENSIVE YO like yeah no shit if it's imported it's gonna be spendy ffs

No. 303030

File: 1475506172982.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-03-16-48-57…)

Those prices shouldn't even be that big of a deal unless you eat those chocolates by the bucketfull

No. 303040

ye that toclit is like a one piece a day thing

No. 303076

Pretty soon hubby will match his fat crimson.queen

No. 303123

this isn't too bad a picture of her tbh

No. 303164

Yeah she actually looks good compared to most of her other pics

No. 303230

If you ignore the fact she's clinging to someone half her age like a 15 year old. It makes me laugh when in videos she basically orders logan to love her. He doesn't seem to give a shit about here until she gives him this weird little look or puts her filthy fat fingers on him.

No. 303379

Yeah lol. And with that Lindor shit (which is like $5-6 in the states too so I duno what she's complaining about here) just one square will do you. It's good rich stuff tbh.
but it's Raven and what is self control lol

No. 303519

File: 1475573765733.png (689.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-04-11-34-34…)

Well keep in mind she deffo filters and shoops

No. 303522

I was going to say… if you compare the images to the originals, it's clear she has photoshopped them

No. 303541

I moved from the US to a different country and a normal box of poptarts are €4 whereas back in the US you can get a box of 16 for $4. It costs money to ship shit over. Am I willing to pay that price for something from back home? Yeah if I get a craving for it and it'll justify the price for a treat. Will I complain about the price? A little but I'm not used to seeing products I consider normal double the price. But I also know that it has to be doubled for shipping and import reasons and don't make a big fuss over it. I haven't been where I'm at for long but even so my taste buds are changing and getting custom to their flavors and foods and I prefer them over American stuff. I'm pretty sure she lives off of junk food and buys American stuff any chance she gets, which would explain why they're always broke. Nor does she try to eat any of the local cuisine or custom dishes. It also doesn't help that her friends from the US send her huge boxes of American junk food.

No. 303548

Even though she has lost a lot of weight her body is just so doughy and lumpy it still looks awful. She keeps on eating like shit and being a lazy cunt and that weight loss surgery isn't going to do her any bit of good.

No. 303549

Saaaaame lol. It's not just ship costs that make it expensive though, although those are huge (anyone who's tried to send a package outside the US will tell you); taxes and customs charges on top of it. Sorry but fancy import food even if it is just goddamn pop tarts is a luxury, and when I lived in Scotland I learned to enjoy Scottish snacks. The other huge expensive thing she's shown in videos is meat, but like, other countries don't eat fucktons of meat like America does, and America does meat cheaply (massive feedlot operations as opposed to letting animals just graze on pasture etc). And how small NZ is a lot of stuff is probably imported anyway. Raven's been in NZ forever and probably doesn't even consider Kiwi stuff an option (just watching her snack aisle tour video I want that bag of "Kiwi Party Mix" tho tbh but I'm a sucker for gummies). She's so fixated on America so she should go back, except if she moved back to the states she would have to get a job probably because America isn't as generous as other english speaking countries with tugboat. Ofc if she got a job in NZ maybe she'd be able to afford dumb treat america snacks sometimes without complaining because their minimum wage is like twice what it is in most parts of the US, but she'll never do that either. in B4 "a hand job is still a job" cos she a ho.
Raven loves to put herself in situations on her own accord and then complain when shit doesn't work out perfectly for her. That's some personality disordered shit too.

No. 303550

Yeah, shipping overseas is expensive as fuck. But from the stuff she has made Logan try, he seems to not like American food (junk food) at all. And she has shown she doesn't like any Kiwi stuff, like her talking about how she hates the cheeses there because it's not processed. She even made a video on how to cook lasagna and said she'd be able to eat off of it for a week because Logan wouldn't eat it, but shit I wouldn't either, looked absolutely awful. When she was asking for cheap dinner ideas on FB, because they were super poor, every time someone would reply she would bitch about how Logan doesn't eat that or she doesn't eat that.

No. 303556

She has said she wants to go back to America, but iirc she said no one would sponsor Logan and she wouldn't be able to bring him along until she's lived there a while. (I think she said this in her "Why I moved to New Zealand" video)

No. 303557

File: 1475596107494.png (Spoiler Image,67.48 KB, 460x327, soprude.png)

She's such a prude but let me post up this vagina mask.

No. 303564

What was the point in having that weight loss surgery if she still continues to eat all that junk? She'll just go right back to her old weight.

No. 303768

Yeah but she's been bitching about how awful NZ is since before she got with her childbride.
She chose this life.

No. 303845

What the actual fuck?

No. 304088

so she made a page called Goth Boys with half naked men. Imagine the shit if logan made a Goth Girls page with half naked women

No. 304101

She's been running that page for years. Though it just shows how much of a hypocrite she's always been, god forbid Logan look at any other girls.

No. 304120

Right? Lots of men have made comments about her body on her Facebook, imagine the shit Logan would be in if girls did the same to him?

No. 304140


She also has a page called metal guys.

No. 304278

File: 1475722136348.png (823.84 KB, 1241x911, 207-24-Teelas-Sexy-Laugh.png)

Maybe if she wore this Logan would fuck her more.

No. 304289

File: 1475723557510.jpg (69.63 KB, 599x599, Threw-up-a-little-in-my-mouth.…)

No. 304361


Bitches about people who do sponsored videos then spews out the exact thing she slags off. Such a fucking hypocrite. The "I don't like the way my face looks close up." part cracked me up big time.

No. 304498

shes the biggest hypocrit ever

No. 304544

"I'd never turn my channel into just sponsored videos… by the way check out Dresslily"

No. 304550

"I hate sponsored channels, mine will never be that way….also, I have this 50% discount for PinkyParadise and am trying to collab with them but I've never heard of them or ordered from them"

No. 305135

Her new video about someone leaving a comment on her video seems so petty, YTers get worser comments than that every day. She needs to learn to youtube; i.e, edit out the rambling, have some tangable flow, stop focusing on "haters". Goth youtubers are cringey a/f so its not exactly a hard niche if she put in a bit of effort

No. 305159

She loves the drama. Nothing is happening in her life so why not make a video about talking shit over a comment on YouTube.

No wonder she has no friends.

No. 305161

and for the love of fuck edit out those loud ass, nasty coughs of yours.
It's like yelling into the microphone, it's abrupt and fucking gross [and rude]

No. 305168

Goes insane over being asked if she is insane… the irony

No. 305195

Lol she says she isn't bothered but she made a part 2 to this. She asked for feedback on fb and obviously blocked ppl who disagreed and just took the good echo chamber feedback.

No. 305196

I'm not sure that "effort" is a word in Raven's dictionary.

No. 305204

I don't know how it's possible, but in every video she uploads she manages to look worse and worse. Her hair looks like a greasy, over-processed clump, and yet she was offended when she thought someone said she was wearing a wig? And she puts more eyeshadow underneath her eyes than on her actual eyelids.

No. 305224

"I didn't want to have to make this today but I have to" no. No you don't you attention whore

No. 305249


I wouldn't be surprised if she just puts more hairspray or other kind of hair product ontop of what's already on her head rather than wash her hair.

No. 305255

I've never heard someone, who supposedly loves gay people, hatefully call people faggots so casually. She is truly repulsive and disgusting inside and out.

No. 305265

Mentally (at least how she portrays herself on yt) she reminds me of a 16 year old edge lord.
Also, calling yourself a "prude" doesn't make you one. No matter how many times you say it.

No. 305353

She really is easily triggered. I mean, really? I've seen worse comments on other small channels and they give zero fucks. Raven just proves that trolling her would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Such an idiot.

I really wish she would. It'd make her complaining ass videos a lot more tolerable. Jump cuts aren't that bad if you can get rid of something as annoying as a loud elephant cough.

No. 305417

I know, right!? She drops "faggot" casually but then tries to excuse it with "it's ok I like gay people" UGH, that's like someone throwing out racial slurs and then saying it's ok because they have black friends

No. 306008

She did a video about how she does her hair, seems like she slops hairwax, gel, and some kind of hair glue in, then covers with hairspray. She says in the video that she sleeps with it in so you're probably right.

No. 306193

File: 1476555590910.png (Spoiler Image,2.49 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20161015-191514.png)

Looking stunning as ever.

No. 306220

Fuck that looks awful. I feel like 3/4ths of her ugliness is self-inflicted

No. 306259

Pretty much a recipe for going bald.

No. 306347

File: 1476621997034.png (270.73 KB, 485x614, cuntymccuntface.png)

Because non-cunty people just reply with the right spelling and not leave the definition of the wrong one or you know, ignore it and not start an arguement. But wait! Can't tell her that either or you're ignorant and getting blocked and deleted so she can get more friend requests accepted as she has so much! (in the comments of her post, someone told her to just ignore and replied as such).

No. 306350

Even her ex-friends look like a stormfront reject and a full-time bad Morticia cosplayer.

No. 306391

She made a video complaining about being called insane but says that some other people are overly sensitive? Pot calling the kettle black….

No. 306396

lol at 'my sediments exactly'.

No. 306415

File: 1476656630581.png (172.03 KB, 504x587, Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 23.2…)

Ahhh hello real raven. Welcome back your fucking psychopath

No. 306416

File: 1476656664580.png (44.01 KB, 513x169, Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 23.2…)

No. 306418

I don't get people who revel in being a piece of shit and champion their anger like holding a grudge makes you this bold powerful person.

No. 306422

>I'm living a happy life

No, no you aren't if you take delight in being a piece of shit. She's fucking crazy, immature and stupid as hell.

No. 306427

I'm not exactly a "turn the other cheek" sort of person either, but I don't actively stalk the people that I hate for years just for the brief satisfaction of a sad Facebook post. And reveling in another persons eating disorder or suicidal thoughts is just pathetic. I bet she's grinding her teeth because she can't just flag or report lolcow until it disappears

No. 306429


I genuinely feel sick after reading these. How can someone be so fucking inhuman? Eating disorders are nothing to fucking joke about. Raven of all people should know that. She sure as shit doesn't like it when people talk about when she had an eating disorder that made her look like a bloated rotting whale carcass. Fucking karma raven, just wait till it catches up to you. What downright disturbed me was the part about filming pushing someone into traffic and showing their loved ones. That's despicable and cruel.

No. 306466

Aw don't let it shake you too badly, Anon. At the end of the day all of that cruelty and venom is nothing but Raven laying the edgelord persona on extra thick to justify being a horrifically bitter, insecure cunt.

No. 306528

She is such a hypocrite. She hounds Kiwifarms and criticizes them/us for the exact same thing she is ranting on about here. She is a 40 year old woman who has learnt nothing but how to be an indulgent cry baby.

I mean seriously - was all this raving started from 1 comment left on her video or what?

No. 306549

She says she "enjoys it." Which is actually true of all humans. People with low emotional intelligence usually hold grudges and enjoy being angry. It's an easy emotion and often a default one when you have little to no understanding of events. It's called frustration. So when Raven feels "crossed" it's often from not really understanding - the situation, social etiquette, empathy and how little the actions of another effect your life.

No. 306551

To elaborate - all humans get some sort of immediate satisfaction in being angry. It's indulgence, however most adults understand that immediate need to feel anger has consequences of anxiety, depression and overall reduction in mental health.

No. 306978

newest vid 'i have no hate towards emily BUT' get over yourself woman. shes obsessed with this chic. emily has literally never said anything publically about her, why does she continue to talk about her?

No. 306985


No. 306987

Oh for heaven's sake.
Just let it go.
How is she still this fucking obsessed with CJ and EmilyBoo years later.
Like. She's even got her own childbride now, and has for years. She's with someone else. Gosh her childbride must feel like shit that she's still making goddamn videos about an ex she never even met.
She's like the Maureen of the goth world ffs. Rambles too much about shit no one cares about, sits around doing nothing in a filthy house and avoids work like the plague, and since she's got no life outside of internet, she's got all this time to obsess over things she should've just STFU about years ago.

"Life's too short to be holding grudges."
-Raven, being full of shit

No. 306998

To be fair, she also is bffs with her last ex husband and talks to him about everything but won't to Logan. She's said it in videos from a couple months ago. So I imagine he's used to it or since he does work, he's never around to hear about it.

No. 307004

I gather she just wants to be relevant.
She wants a more successful youtuber to talk about her.
She won't stop until Emily talks about her.
She hates lolcow for nitpicking?
She's the queen of talking shit.

No. 307086

So let me get this straight… in that video she says "life's too short to hold grudges" but in that Facebook post she said she holds lifelong grudges. pmsl what is this dumb bitch on?

fyi Raven - it doesn't make someone less of a pedo if their younger partner "wanted to be with them in the first place". I guess she also must think statutory rape isn't a real thing?

No. 307192

Yup lol. Or something along the lines of it's only ok when she does it, i duno. She's probably high off her own farts rn tbh. She seems like the sort of smug own-farts-sniffer.

Wow really? Eugh.

No. 307271

She does realize that the whole point of an "update" video is to share NEW information, doesn't she? She's literally just repeating herself, talking shit about a topic people don't care about anymore.

No. 307273

No. 307284

this is unreal. she's obsessed

No. 307308

"I'm never talking about Emily ever again!" Proceeds to make a whole video within 24 hours of last one to keep talking about her.

She's said how many times now that she doesn't have problems with her yet won't drop it? But says there's people who want updates on her, emily and cj…..sure Jan.

No. 307311

If that really was the case and people wanted updates, why does she not do the adult thing (but this is Raven we're talking about…) and either tell them privately, or better yet, tell them to stop asking because it's a subject that should be put to rest. You'd think after what he did to her, even if he apologized, that she'd want to forget about it? She's so desperate for attention it's unreal. How is it possible for a 40 year old to act like this?

No. 307761

No. 307800


Summary for as long as I can stand to watch at 1.5 speed because she's boring af.
>Is doing her makeup so she can go to the gym, because wearing makeup at the gym makes sense, and did you know she's going to the gym guys? cos she's totally going to the gym.
>Hasn't been following the abortion debate or the election; feels the need to offer an opinion anyway.
>Doesn't know anyone who's had an abortion.
>Raven is against abortion.
>But didn't she say she wished she had aborted Dorian after she had a miscarriage from him leaving dirty dishes in the sink?
>Has probably gotten all her information from pro-life sources
>doesn't understand that coercive sex is still rape. i wonder how often she coerces her childbride to have sex.
>"If you can't afford a baby, don't have sex!" from the woman who can't afford shit and is on every government benefit.
>talking about being pregnant with Dorian… "I had never worked a day in my life!". Nothing's changed, has it?
>I cannot watch this anymore.

No. 307812

Was watching benefits britain the other day, and the amount of people like this is astounding. Has nothing going for them, nothing whatsoever, often toothless, full of nasty ass tats, fat, lives in the foulest of hoards, and complains all the live long day, then yammering about stupid shit they want to buy. If there was an epidemic that could take out trash like Raven and people like her, bring it on.

No. 307816

Did she ingest paint chips as a child or something? I'm trying to figure out how she got this incredibly stupid.

Can't take tattoo and tackle face lecturing others about life choices seriously.
Tbh I bet she's hoping to guilt some young pregnant teens into making the same stupid decision that she did. She must be bitter to be so old, ugly, and a loser so why not drag another person down to her level while she's at it? You can totally tell she thinks she's some kind of martyr for going through with a pregnancy that obviously did her no good. She's got a case of sour grapes and envies the young women who don't get themselves roped into the void she threw herself in for no damn reason.

What a legacy.

No. 307825

File: 1477106172294.jpg (2.14 MB, 3000x4000, poor dorian.jpg)

There is really no excuse for being as dumb as she is. And it must have rubbed off on Dorian, or he'd disappeared a long ass time ago. He could have deleted facebook, joined a gym, and lawyered up to get rid of her. he could have joined the army.

Instead he prefers to whitenight an ugly middle aged fatass trainwreck who has always loved him a lot less than one of these things.

No. 307851

Yup. I also think another reason why she is against abortion is because she can't have any more children herself, so she is envious of those who can but have to abort them

"If you can't afford a baby, don't have sex" - someone tell Raven it's not as simple as that. What if the condom tore? What if the couple took all the necessary precautions but it still happened anyway? and what if they were raped!? But as you said she doesn't think coercive sex is rape… She really is repulsive inside and out.

No. 307853

This exactly, her stance on this issue gives her "power" over the women who get to easily/accidentally do what she wanted for years.

No. 307859

Seeing this reminds me, does she still own that creepy real life doll?

No. 307862

>"If you can't afford a baby, don't have sex"
Raven's tried for babies with Logan a few times, all while complaining about being too poor to afford food, so uh… yeah…

No. 307863

File: 1477145866142.png (247.63 KB, 529x338, ratty nails sparks.png)

Yes, some of those dolls actually look cute, if they're well made and don't have a skin color that makes them look like a baby corpse. But she's got a ginger one that looks terrible. But at least it has better nails than raven.

No. 307865

File: 1477146267950.png (18.18 KB, 504x214, rabortion.png)

She doesn't deserve another pregnancy, ever. She's among the worst mothers alive.

No. 307872

We're all just so mean! Total bullies!

No. 307876

who says that.

No. 307880

Exactly… Didn't she also say she wished she had aborted Dorian? Such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 307966

This is like every conservative opinion on abortion ever.
>every life is sacred and worth bring born
>…unless I don't like them, then fuck those assholes

No. 307968


No. 308016

She sounds like the stereotypical ignorant pro-birth conservative American. "Once the child is born, it can get fucked."

No. 308022

The less kids brought into this cesspit of a world the better.

No. 308024

She's so cunty and argumentative about fucking everything. Who gives a shit about her fucking camera angles? Holy crap, you needed to go on a 30 second spiel because of 1 troll? damn.

No. 308087

I wouldn't be surprised if she's already had an abortion in the past, it would explain why her womb is scarred

No. 308142

Childbirth is more likely to causing scarring than simple chemical abortions, especially if the person's had c-section. If she was dumb enough with her first pregnancy to get kicked out of her house, become homeless, and had no employment then I'm not sure what kind of situation would have made her seek abortion short of death. She's too damn stupid.

No. 308143

I really don't understand when punks and goths agree with right wing stances, like pro-life. She's probably used to seeing liberals, leftists, and anarchists so she thinks being pro-life is really edgy and unique. "Not like other girls".

No. 308160

Well, she is a borderline child molester, and pedophiles tend to be against abortion because less unwanted kids = less vulnerable kids to molest.

No. 308164

If she were "scraped" rather than having the medical abortion (taking two sets of pills to terminate pregnancy) then she probably does have damage.
She reminds me of onision so much.
She is everything she hates about the world.

Try to not be such a shit person Raven, we see right through you.

No. 308266

> against abortion

>"This doll is closer to my heart than the mass of cells I spit out of my vagina. Should've aborted that useless asshole"

Yeah, you should have. Because you don't love him or want him and he has to deal with the fact his 40 year old goffic mom talks shit about him on the internet. He wakes up every day knowing the awful things you said. What a horrible life you've given him. You had a child just to ruin his life. Disgusting.

No. 308279


No. 308280

… that looks like an NZ mobile number. Is that what I think it is?

No. 308281

Your welcome….

No. 308290


Oh how I've been craving this milk.

No. 308293


No. 308294

Keep us updated if any of you call

No. 308363

File: 1477331061012.png (6.44 KB, 497x100, emilyboo.png)

Lol recent comment on Emily Boo's new video, I could see her making an entire video on it "I am NOT obsessed, it's because people ask me for updates on Emily, me and CJ" sure jan.

No. 308393

That's hilarious! Patiently awaiting the video now

No. 308424

No. 308431

It was on facebook how did you not see it?

No. 308446


One thing I can thank Raven for is introducing me into Emily Boo, she's so nice and her videos are decent. Raven is clearly jealous than this much younger girl is prettier than her, has a better relationship than her and is a better mother.

No. 308460

I find it humorous that she keeps saying that people are requesting these videos. Sure raven, I'm sure people are just dying to know these things. Show the proof love

No. 308479

People olny watch her when she is talking about cj or what ever drama she has going on she loves to hate people she will never be happy because it it too boring for her what ever friends she gets she fucks it up everytime

No. 308586

Another video that is supposedly "requested". Bullshit

No. 308616

The BPD is strong in this one.

No. 308653

Emily represents everything Raven wishes she was and had. No wonder she's obsessed and copies her.

No. 308664


She even bought Emily's old clothes and stuff that were far too small hahaha. I bet she sniffs that sweater at night after stabbing her Emily voodoo doll.

No. 308684

>"Dorian's" birth story
Psh, more like her sob story about how she feels like she was robbed of her motherhood experience because she acted like an arrogant teen. Poor Dorian.
Nothing was prepared for that child. No baby stuff, not even a welcoming family at the hospital when he was born, and then he had to be dragged all over hell without a stable home or parental relationship. Just wow. How "pro life" of Raven to bestow upon her son a deplorable lifestyle just for her own ego. This is why teens suck as being "moms." The lot of them only care what others think and rarely do things to help out their own children if it means they can't play mommy anymore.

I can't believe she didn't give that kid over to her mother and father, so they could at least make sure he saw a doctor!
And then she claims nobody ever helped her, but it's the things she doesn't mention that prove someone was helping her. Like how she doesn't mention a hospital bill, or who paid for the baby's food, etc. She makes her mom out to be a monster but clearly she tried her best to deal with her mooching daughter and her terrible life choice. She has such an ugly attitude and can't take responsibility for what happened.

No. 308689

Poor Dorian.

No. 308696

Christ why does her body look like this? This is the body of a woman who has had several, several children, or a pair of twins not very long ago. How did she not recover from such a young pregnancy

No. 308712

Love how Raven thinks if she is skinny she will be beautiful!. She didnt even pay for the surgery to stop her from eating like a fucking pig.

No. 308725

She's pig hideous. At best she'll only ever be a butterface granted she does get thin.

No. 308738

She had weight loss surgery, if that's what you mean.

No. 308742

After her weight loss surgery (paid for by the government apparently), she didn't do any sort of exercise aside from walking. I don't get it. If you're going to get weight loss surgery, why wouldn't you do some at home workouts? She buys so much useless shit, she could at least buy some fitness equipment to tone up. Her body looks so flabby.

No. 308757

She had surgery to make her not eat as much she can only eat like one or two mouth fulls . She went to the doctors and said she needed it so they paid for it.

No. 308758

She made a YouTube account talking about it but it is now dead haha

No. 308780

She looks kind of "skinny fat" there. Her legs are slim but her belly isn't. That would be helped if she just exercised and cut down on the food but she's clearly too fucking lazy. That's usually the case with people who have weight loss surgery as opposed to actually putting the effort in with diet/exercise, they see the surgery as a quick fix and don't bother changing their lifestyle

Yeh and she still eats crap by the looks of it. She keeps complaining about NZ not having all the disgusting junk food America has, but she should be grateful for that otherwise she'd be back at her old weight very quickly.

No. 308804

newest video, didn;t watch as its 33 fucking minutes long. but do her and her manchild husband have matching hair?? im actually dieing with laugher

No. 308805

Skinnyfat? Slim legs? No. She certainly still has a BMI above 25. She has really big calves.

No. 308822

Looks like it bahaha, and matching t-shirts pmsl. Can't be bothered watching it either and that title says it all, she's just making Logan say whatever shit she wants him to say

I didn't realize it was a video, just watched a bit and she definitely isn't slim but from that shot alone her calves don't look big to me, the rest of her certainly does though

No. 308836


If you skip to 13:33 you'll hear raven tell you to send her your unwanted babies.

No. 308840

Christ I would never curse a child to be under that woman's care. No way she wouldn't be able to raise a child without traumatizing it.

No. 308841


Dorian is a prime example of why she shouldn't be allowed be near children.

No. 308845

I gagged when she said she had his sperm on her hand

No. 308861

Quite disturbing.. she gives off the vibe that she would steal a womans baby by cutting it out of her womb

No. 308870

Am I mixing them up with someone else or is this correct? Didn't Raven make Logan make a video on facebook telling girls to stop adding him, while she shouted in the background calling them sluts? hahaha

No. 308872

In here book haul video she talked about how much she liked her true crime book about that very thing.
She more or less said she could see why someone would want to do that.

No. 308907

Jesus christ…

No. 308917

-Logan is dumber than Raven.
- thinks a fetus can fear things
- feels that only people who are fucktards are getting pregnant accidently
- getting multiple abortions is genocide
- yet he is "open minded"
- my body my choice mindset is antifeminist, because you don't think of the dude

Raven thinks you should apply to get an abortion (little does she know we did that for a bit and it was not worth). She also dismisses how

Listening to two uneducated people for half an hour is rough. The rest of the video is that she doesn't want to talk about what she said about Dorian and other rambling.

No. 308922

I can't be arsed to watch watch the video – Raven's endless yammering drives me insane – but how long have she and Logan been married? Dude used to be hot – now he looks fat and haggard.

I think she's feeding on his life force.

No. 308925

Raven just lovss to play dress ups with logan…. hope he gets away before she sucks all the life out of him.

No. 308927

Lol talking about denying the baby's father the right to be a father.
What about Raven's babydaddy from Dorian? Was he ever in the picture?
Some men want to sow their wild oats all over the place, but they don't ever want to be dads, and then women get stuck with all the responsibility of looking after a child, as well as, ya know, having to grow a thing inside them for 9 months and have it crawl out of their vagina. But who even cares about all that? Not Logan.

>-Logan is dumber than Raven.
Well he's still with Raven and got with her in the first place, so yes. Although how of it is Raven's brainwashing over the years a la Onision/Lamey, and how much is just him being dumb (also a la Onision/Lamey imo) is a mystery.

No. 308929


new rule: don't be pregnant around Raven.

No. 308940

Probably so she can collect more welfare and not out of a sincere interest to nurture a guide a child through life. She couldn't even satisfy doing that with her own biological child which is his fault, I'm sure.

Too bad there's no application to be a parent. She would have been rejected long ago, Dorian would have went to a stable environment, and Raven would not be able to play struggling single mom victim card.

No. 308954

>-my body my choice mind is antifeminist, because you don't think of the dude

Arghhh this woman infuriates me. It's easy for "the dude" - he can just fuck and leave (like Dorian's father did!) He doesn't have to take responsibility for his actions, his body isn't burdened for 9 months and then for life by a baby he might not have wanted in the first place.

>Raven thinks you should apply to get an abortion

Women who want an abortion still have to go through a lengthy process all the while being ridiculed and made to feel bad for their choice

>Some men want to sow their wild oats all over the place, but they don't ever want to be dads, and then women get stuck with all the responsibility of looking after a child, as well as, ya know, having to grow a thing inside them for 9 months and have it crawl out of their vagina. But who even cares about all that? Not Logan.


No. 308963

At a certain point in brain development, it can fear things. But most sane people consider it a baby at that point.

No. 308969

Pardon me if I missed anything from that last clusterfuck of a video, but did at any point did they raise the issue of whether they have beef with those who have an abortion despite taking all of the necessary precautions no to get pregnant? I don't recall them bringing that up.

No. 308971

"All those mean bullies on lolcow are making fun of me and what I think about abortion! you should be in a video with me agreeing with everything I say so I don't look insane! We could have matching hair and t-shirts too won't that be cute???" How I imagine she got Logan to appear in that dumb video.

No. 308972

Thank you Anon. I always figured her inability to have another child has made her feel very negative towards those that can. It's sad really. I know sometimes it's awful not getting to have what you want, but she's got one son and treats him like crap so what would be the point in having another? Unless it's simply just to show off the baby until it's old enough to start giving her trouble.

No. 308973

Sorry I was trying to edit my post and accidentally deleted that chunk of text responding to your question:

"I don't think they did, but someone left a comment saying that they had done just that (fell pregnant despite using protection and terminated the pregnancy) and Raven replied saying that was ok. Yet in the other video she said "don't have sex if you can't afford a baby" and other similar shit. She contradicts herself as fucking always. Long story short she's just pissy that she can't get pregnant and others can"

No. 308979

Why does she (or any anti-abortionist for that matter) care if a woman has an abortion anyway? It's not changing anything in their life. She should be more concerned about all the orphaned children without parents/a home, or children being abused. She could go down the adoption route if she really wants another child, but I think she wants a baby specifically, not a grown child. She's like one of those cunts that get a kitten then once it's an adult cat they get another kitten to replace it.

No. 308990

In the video Logan says if you fuck up using protection then you're retarded and it's your fault so you need to deal with it and not abort. Like the only time they're not against abortion is if the health of the mother/baby is deadly, if the woman had been raped and got pregnant, or if the child is born with hereditary health complications but not to abort down syndrome kids.

No. 309013

It's a shame they weren't aborted then because they are both quite clearly retarded.

No. 309014


But then we would never have all of this milk!

No. 309029

Well of course Logan doesn't have a problem with forcing a pregnancy even after protection fails.

Being that he's a guy, the only form of protection he has any control over that doesn't fall on a woman is providing a condom. So yeah, if a guy fucks that up somehow granted the condom wasn't defective already then yes the guy probably wasn't too bright. That said, condoms pale in comparison to the complications of the pill or the expense to obtain better hormonal bc for women. Logan doesn't know shit about all that.

Beyond that of course the pregnancy itself is hardly any skin of a guy's bones. His body doesn't have to go through any changes, he doesn't have to go through the pain and threat of childbirth, and he gets the added bonus of spreading his genes if the baby is successfully delivered. Blame also hardly falls on the baby daddy these days if the baby isn't cared for either.

Logan is a typical clueless dude.

No. 309033

Raven clearly doesn't know how expensive it is to carry an unwanted child to full term. No surprise there at all.

It should be illegal for two adults to be so god damn stupid and misinformed. I'm not surprised that he's so ignorant about protection and a woman's body. The overwhelming majority of pro-birth men don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

No. 309042

I don't get people who feel that if someone fucks up on contraception and is therefore a retard, they deserve to get "punished" by having to bring a mini version of themselves into the world. Do they actually want there to be more stupid people? You'd think that if someone hates dumbasses that much they'd be 100% in favor of them aborting.

If it were someone like Onion I'd believe there was an ulterior motive (teenagers & pregnancy being fetishes of his, and teenage mothers being more likely to raise daughters who also get pregnant young so the cycle of fap fodder keeps going) but with someone like Logan idk. With Raven I suppose she just wants everyone else to be as miserable as she is.

No. 309050

>With Raven I suppose she just wants everyone to be as miserable as she is.

Logan always looks miserable, haggard and tired. In fact the only video I've seen where he has smiled and looked even remotely happy was in the "family birthday dinner out" one, no doubt because he was surrounded by his family and not being dragged down by her

No. 309063

So i been walknig around her looking .. at all your pathetic shit…O..O are you the 4chan rejects!

Coz it's evident none of you would last five fucking minutes there you pettit children!

No. 309071

Is it just me who has noticed than when raven is pretending to be someone else the grammar and punctuation goes out the window?

No. 309072

File: 1477606360363.png (60 KB, 275x275, 1437811292004.png)

My, my Raven back again?

No. 309091

I don't know whether you were going for French and spelling it wrong, trying to say petty or bringing lunar craters into it.

No. 309093

Fix that autocorrect, you daft cunt.

No. 309097

I've only ever had temporary bans from the chins, and the last one is over a year ago, but that aside.

Speaking of rejects, Raven is a name that doesn't suit someone who looks like the hybrid offspring of a troll and an orc. Sparks doesn't suit someone who never put any effort into anything that wasn't whining about how everything is unfair, who's never done a day of work.

You are still a fat lardette, flabby all around in spite of weight loss surgery. Your face already looks big enough without the white clown grease paint.

You want a baby, but you had a baby, Dorian, and you ruined him because you're a directionless, worthless piece of shit. You were never a mother to him, he only existed to validate whatever you wanted, because everything always has to be about you. You should have protected him, and all you ever do is level abuse at him.

You were able to seduce a sixteen year old because his IQ is barely above retard level, and now you intent to leech off him for the rest of his life, living in your As-Seen-On-Hoarders hovel.

You never do anything that has any meaning, you never say anything that has any meaning, but people marveling at the fact that a freak like you exists are the rejects?

No. 309143

Wow, that was… disappointing. Vicky Shingles' chimp-out was far more entertaining.

Two thumbs down.

No. 309164

Not just you who noticed. Try harder next time Raven.

No. 309185

>Coz it's evident none of you would last five fucking minutes there you pettit children!

>le 4chan is hardcore meme


Shiggy diggy

No. 309249

"I hate sponsored videos" yet this is now her second video advertising this brand.

No. 309265

>shiggy dibby

Damn that took me back a few years

No. 309463

Her fingers are so short and stumpy, they bother me.

No. 309492

Wow logan is getting fat feel sorry for him

No. 309495

She's probably fattening him up to keep all the "sluts" away

No. 309497

>So this one time, Lurch and Morticia had a baby.

No. 309499

And his face is no longer attractive. RIP Logan's looks.

No. 309503

Raven, no amount of mermaid blankets is going to turn you into Emily.

No. 309570

Again with another sponsor video that she claims to hate so much. Lol

No. 309634

She's a mess

No. 309661

Lol @ her latest video, she's complaining about "tailbone soreness". That's probably because she does nothing except sit on her lazy ass all day

No. 309690

That and I bet two pay checks worth that raven doesn't cook. Well rather doesn't cook good food that isn't just microwaveable or filled with unneeded fatty shit like ramen

saged cause I'm stoned and it may have been said already

No. 309710

What is Raven's situation?
I don't think I remember how she got her house.
How did they get their house? Does she and Dorian live of her husband's paycheck? I know her husband installs insulation or something like that. I remember her always complaining about not having a car but in this video, she has a car?

No. 309713

I always assumed it was part of some social assistance in NZ. I have no clue what their social programs are like though so if a NZ anon could give some insight that would be helpful.

No. 309721

Raven cooks and unsurprisingly, it's food that's not good for you in the first place. I'm grossed out by the way she doesn't use any tools or gloves. Gagging irl

Really, if you're not going to use meat at least put some leafy greens in there.

No. 309723

Oh my god that was one of the most unappetizing things I've ever seen. The amount of cheese and seasonings is ridiculous. But regardless of all that shit she added it probably tastes like shit. Just a bunch of slop.

No. 309735

Not to defend Raven but who the Fuck cooks their own food with gloves? That's some OCD shit right there.

Regardless that lasagne looks like an 8000 calorie clogged artery mess.

No. 309750

Almost lost it when she said that it was only going to be for her because Logan doesn't like cheese and Dorian is out of the house. Granted, she said she'd eat it over the course of a week but I can't imagine it would taste any better as leftovers.

No. 309751

this made my mouth water because I fucking love cheese, lol.

No. 309752

Probably whores herself out to her ex husband

In the description she says she's an "excellent cook" yet she uses store bought sauce..

No. 309759

People that don't like touching raw meat

No. 309766

>I don't think I remember how she got her house.
Probably the equivalent of Section 8 here in the US; heavily discounted rent a la gubment. The better question is what do any of them do to afford a living at all?

All that shit came from a box or a can. She can't cook for shit and lasagna is a famous entree for lazy shits who want to prove they know how to mix something in a bowl and toss it in the oven. Looks like shit for lasagna to boot.

No. 309812

>I don't think I remember how she got her house.
>Probably the equivalent of Section 8 here in the US; heavily discounted rent a la gubment. The better question is what do any of them do to afford a living at all?

Social housing is quite common in like every westernised country but America, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were housed by some sort of scheme like that.

No. 310004

how much calories is this shit?

>dorian is no longer there

did he move out on his own?

No. 310053

No one says she needs gloves but she should have washed her hands when switching from meat to anything else. She could have mixed the cheese with a spoon or with a machine, she didnt need to hand mix any of that. It is fine to use your hands for baking but for meals you typically dont need to at all.

This is such a basic meal, tomato sauce is crazy easy to make but she didnt, the cheese is gross since the portions are crazy. The fact that she is going to make 2 dishes of that for a week is pretty disgusting, that is a lot of fat there to have for dinner ever day.

I dont get why she is so hung up on America, I cant imagine that there is not a selection of cheese out there. I assume New Zealand has farms right?

No. 310056

Not from NZ but I imagine most of her complaints about the food is that it's not overly processed shit like what she's used to in the US. It's just a matter of time before she balloons back up again.

No. 310059

Tbh I could barely make it through the first minute of the video, I find her so whiny and insufferable, so I didn't realise she was even handling the raw meat and then touching other ingredients with her hands. Yeah thats gross af

No. 310120

We have Housing New Zealand, which provides rental properties where the rent charged is based on your earnings.

Also, if they receive government assistance through Work and Income, they may also be eligible for an accomodation supplement.

Nice and affordable rental properties are hard to come by depending on what area you are looking in, most cheap rentals have been damaged by the big earthquake we had and are still waiting for repairs.

No. 310121

Probably should have added this to my last reply, but people here get paid to sit on their asses and do nothing via the Jobseekers benefit, or if you have children under 18, the Sole Parent benefit.

No. 310149

This is an older video. They moved recently and Dorian came back.

No. 310151

How to be goth when you're poor. 11 minutes into the 18 min video and shes still not given ANY info or advice on how to be goth. Shes just talked about herself. Contradicting herself i should add 'i got into goth in 2000' but ravens son is 22 and she always says she was a goth when pregnant and thats why she had no friends. Keep your lies together raven

No. 310153

Want to learn how to be goth? Do Not follow this fucked up mentally unstable c*'s step by step.


No. 310154

In multiple videos she's talked about how when dorian was a kid that they lived with two goth girls that "hated" raven, stole her shit and made her pay for everything. She said both her and her son were starving. If she only started dressing goth in the 2000's how the hell are there pictures where she's in her mall goth get up with dorian as a baby? Also she didn't look like she was staving. This cow needs to remember the lies she tells. If contradicting yourself was an Olympic sport raven would win gold, silver and bronze.

No. 310159

>how 2b a goffic welfare queen

No. 310167

Her taste buds must be destroyed from all the nasty America food she used to eat

Couldn't watch that shit beyond 4 minutes, she talks so much nonsense as usual. Does she even mention goth bands? because from all that I managed to watch she's just blabbering on about fashion

No. 310310


She only mentions that they're aren't any good goth music.

No. 310370

The worst part about this video is her acting like she's some goth pioneer.
>oh I was a goth in THE 70s! we didn't have internet and there were no dark stores at malls
What the fuck. It's like every preteen who thinks they're the only ones who have ever dressed in black and had dark thoughts. That was happening well before the 70s…

No. 310395

Why do you use gloves to cook?

No. 310448

Is that her excuse for not listening to it? and she thinks she's goth? now I see why she says she hates posers, because she is one

No. 310456

The out of date shitty mall goth look is what tipped me off, tbh. Raven is the type of poser goth who thinks that just the fashion alone is what makes you gothic. I'll bet you $20 she goes on about how much she hates "teh preps."

No. 310587

She's friends on fb with a couple of my deathrocker friends who are DJs and in bands. But they're "pretty goth boys", so fucking of course she added them.

Wanting to be goth, but not liking/not knowing the music seems like something only high schoolers do. How hasn't she grown out of this phase at 40-something?

No. 310597

Not like anybody ever challenges her shit. Any person who says something online she can sooner block or ignore than risk having to explain herself or look a fool. Seems like most people these days take it as granted that if you're dressed in a certain way, then you must know something about the subculture too.

No. 310612

That too, although I also think she dresses mall goth in some desperate attempt to feel and appear younger

yeah… imagine the outcry if Logan added pretty goth girls!

No. 311505

cross contamination
Uncooked meats can cause you to get sick.

No. 311513

Raven hates any pretty girl. Any girl I face who dresses provocatively yet it's totally fine for her to do it?? Cover your eyes

No. 311514

File: 1478297516475.png (93.95 KB, 616x970, IMG_7113.PNG)

No. 311515

spoiler please………..

No. 311530


I bet Logan love seeing his wife being a slut and hating all females that do less sexual things than she does.
She is such a fucking hypocrite

No. 311544

I love it when trashy fat bitches wear cheap corsets like this. Way to emphasize the absolute lack of waist you have.

No. 311655

She's so respectful of her husband she takes tons of trashy photos like that for the world to see. Worst of all she gets compliments and vulgar comments from men but she just says thank you! I wonder how she would feel if Logan did the same? One rule for her I guess. IIRC on her deviantart she got a message from some guy about her body and she responded "thanks, I wish my husband would say stuff like that" She's vile.

No. 311661

funny thing is corsets are meant to be slimming… i've never seen someone actually look fatter with one on lmao

No. 311663

She looks like a Snapewife. One of those people who perpetually whine that Slytherin was done wrong.

No. 311797

File: 1478391066745.gif (3.18 MB, 332x309, halloween.gif)

No. 311802

go back to reddit

No. 311894

>woman stealing candy.gif
Unrelated but these videos always come off as extra butthurt, since people who don't want their candy taken en masse to begin with don't leave it out for either kids or adults to take. Sad to see how common sense evades people.

No. 311899

I would agree with you up until these last couple years with video doorbells. now this gif is like my favorite thing. and they're ALWAYS hambeasts.

No. 311942

You know it's the sort of thing she would do. And I got the gif on halfchan.

No. 311980

File: 1478443175000.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.04 KB, 960x720, 14910581_926285684142229_89869…)

Her latest set of 'photoshoot' crap. Got her saggy ass tittys out again. Imagine if logan posed for provocative photos and had young girls commenting.

No. 311981

She whined about women who nurse their babies in public because it's "forcing people to look at their fucking tits", yet we're probably the only people who got the curtesy of a spoiler before we had to see her saggy chest.

No. 311984

kek. A photo shoot is taking photos of herself in her back yard, at 3 in the morning.
She's so glamorous.

No. 312004

She doesn't care about lolcow yet she makes a 15 minute long video about the site. Sidenote- LEARN TO EDIT RAVEN


No. 312056

that's like the dictionary definition of pancake tits right there.
Oh yeah she'd guilt trip Logan into becoming an hero if he tried to do the same thing tbh. Probably. She does like her guilt trips.

does she really? eugh. Is she just butthurt because she can't have a baby and breastfeed it? I think that's probably what's really going on there.


GPOY. Raven in a nutshell. high five

No. 312059

Sorry I've been having trouble posting on here today. I think the breastfeeding thing is a combination of butthurt and jealousy that they don't have pancake tits like her

No. 312060


by >>312055 i meant >>312057

oh gosh yes. she's just an ugly jealous woman with more free time than common sense.

No. 312160

I think she doesn't bother to edit is because of a combination of laziness and being able to put multiple ads in depending on the length.

She is so hung up on lolcow despite claiming she doesn't care. Crazy bitch is constantly lurking here. With all the horrible things she has said and done to people, especially with how much she loves to torment people and be a psychotic asshole to people she holds grudges against, well… I think her losing her eyesight, being sterile, her tailbone pain and other health problems are divine punishment. She's so horrible it's no wonder bad stuff keeps happening to her.


No. 312230

This is karma. Whats wrong with her tits, that shit aint normal

No. 312233

File: 1478510867538.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.35 KB, 613x960, 14947449_925556570881807_91345…)

Spoiler-you might wanna wash yr eyes after.
"i hate girls who constantly show there tits. this is why im against breastfeeding in public"

No. 312234

her husband pays no attention to her so she has to get it off creepy men on facebook. so pathetic

No. 312240

Without the tutu you can really see how shapeless and unfortunate she is.
She's got this chunky upper arms/body, with gradually tapered off hips and no ass. And that's with the bad corset on. She'd likely have no shape whatsoever without it. And I can't speculate what's going on with those toenails but jfc I really hope she's just sloppy and paints over her skin and that's not their actual shape…

What a pathetic woman. Posing with her tits out and she's with a guy and a child…

No. 312242

The toenails are hilarious. What the actual shit happened there…

No. 312250

Yep! You'd think those provocative photos should be for her husbands eyes only? I don't understand how she can take photos like that, plaster them all online, and then turn around and say she hates when other women do it? Worst of all if Logan did the same she'd flip her shit. What a fucking vile hypocrite she is.

Probably a result of dipping her toes into the swamp, considering she has fucking Shrek feet

No. 312253

Up close and personal. I go to the same gym as her she goes with a biggish guy with short hair, im guessing her ex. my god she stinks. really. like b.o. and this is before the workout, havent seen her afterwards but i hate to think how bad it must be. take a shower bitch

No. 312264

Eww. If she's as poor as she claims then I'd imagine she's whoring herself out to her ex-husband so he'll pay for her gym membership. She's probably sweaty from their earlier fuck session. Poor Logan must be so happy!

No. 312269

What is she like at the gym? I imagine that she would be whiny and annoying, hogging the equipment whilst doing the bare minimum and complaining at the top of her voice to get all the attention in the room.

No. 312272

Raven is hypocritical about almost every aspect of her life. It's as though she thinks she's the one exception to every rule or moral code she's created. Talk about narcissism and a lack of normal self-awareness.

Plus, she brags about being an expert manipulator and tricking lolcow in to not posting mean comments on her Facebook page on her birthday… bitch, none of us even know your birthday. We don't care about you like that.

No. 312296

"i hate girls who constantly show there tits. this is why im against breastfeeding in public"

Breastfeeding mums aren't really showing off their tits tho? They're just feeding their babbys. This is favourable to a babby screaming its stupid little head off because it's hungry tbh.

sage b/c i just don't get antibreastfeeders being all like "OMG THEY SHOVING THEY BOOBS IN EVERYONE'S FACES" when they're not and raven totally is with her awful pancake tits photos that non one asked for

No. 312303

She has "clubbed" toenails.
That can be caused from a variety of things, from graves syndrome or bronchitis (or any lung issue, which would explain her nasty cough in most of her videos).
I could go on, but those seem most likely.

No. 312382

File: 1478548315829.png (63.21 KB, 892x379, Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 19.5…)

No. 312407

She's a bit notorious in Christchurch. Locally she's known as being a paedo and a horrible person. She has no friends yet every one else is the problem

No. 312431

what the heck is that? looks like a pathetic attempt at braveheart make up

No. 312528

Here we go again with the NZ bashing. The bitch can't handle the fact her lack of friends and unemployment is because of her and her bitchy, lazy, childish hypocritical personality

No. 312553

Logan thinks every girl who wears short skirts are sluts? Take a look at your wife, she's the biggest whore i've ever seen

No. 312559

I doubt he actually thinks that, his wife is just brainwashing him

No. 312575


I wonder what Hallowe'en is really like in New Zealand. I feel like Raven is mostly bullshitting just because she doesn't go out much.

No. 312583

Having moved to a country where there is no Halloween, it's not looked down upon or anything, they just don't celebrate it or know anything about it. Over the years it has slowly been trying to come into the culture, like costumes and decorations in stores, but isn't quite catching on. And there are a lot of clubs who hold a Halloween costume dance. And that's about it. But there is a holiday a few weeks after Halloween here where you could say it's sort of Halloween. It has the basics of children going door to door for candy.

You can't expect every nation to celebrate the same holidays or to celebrate the same way. From what I've seen, she just wants to complain about every little thing and compare NZ to the US in every single way (which is what most people would do their first week or so moving to a new place, without doing their research, but she doesn't let it go and is always negative). But what she doesn't understand, the US isn't what it was when she left.

No. 312601

This is so annoying. Of course your guest is going to say how much they love the food you let them taste from your home country. That's normal and it's called being polite. Though I'm sure if the roles were reversed you'd say how the American version of what you were offered a taste of is sooo much better because you're obviously socially inept.

No. 312686

Have fun with this one

No. 312711

Why-why-why does she take so goddamn long to say anything? She just drones on and on. I've never been able to make it through any of her videos.

No. 312722



Bitch no one made you do anything.

>snippets of my old videos where i used to be really bitchy

>i used to be really bitchy
>used to

lol bitch no one implied that you hate NZ so much you think the daesh should bomb it ppl just think you whinge a lot about how much NZ isn't like 'murrica.

>no job

yeah well then ppl are mad because yr just leeching off state money whilst not having paid into the system

>i'm meeting more and more nice people

ya well you NEVER talk about them. you just talk about the bad. or about the shit you bought. or about how horrible it is to live where you're at. you NEVER talk about positive stuff. every goddamn video that isn't a "haul" video is you crying about how horrid things are.

just stop. just step away from the computer and i dunno go play with yr monster high dolls or something.

No. 312724

File: 1478651978589.png (282.5 KB, 719x624, Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 6.38…)

RE: the brides group too

oh but remember when you made your wedding page and at the very fucking start of the page you just complained all WOE IS ME about how the brides group hurted your feels?
Pic related. Even on a page that's supposed to have celebrated your special day, you've got to be poor victim instead of remembering the good stuff.
You're just a negative person. Sorry.

p.s. no one wants to watch your entire fucking video because you fucking can't be fucking concise about anything.

No. 312765

She can't keep going on like a raging cow and keep lashing out like an abrasive bitch. As it stands she owes society, not the other way around. It's the goal of the welfare queen to manipulate her way as much as possible and make the community around her feel guilty for not being supportive. But instead, she's driving them away. I've never seen someone who depends on welfare act so fucking dumb.

She breaks rules like rehoming an aggressive dog without paying a deposit or even asking her landlords, and then calls it "discrimination" when they put their foot down–retarded enough to not know that would be a STANDARD reaction to ANYBODY and ANYWHERE doing such thing. In my apartment complex, owning an aggressive breed and not paying/telling management could get people EVICTED. t. Murrican

Then there's that bride's page drama which kills me because nobody is OWED wedding favors! She's acting like those other women stole what she was never entitled to in the first place. If she's being honest in that somehow them criticizing her drove away the offerers, then it's more than likely due to the fact that the people who were offering her free shit saw her THREATENING the "jealous" bitches and realized she was crazy.

What has she done to assimilate into New Zealand culture besides bang on about fucking Halloween and abuse their welfare programs? No shit people don't like Americlaps who move to other countries who 1. Don't respect or know anything about the culture. 2. Demand people of that country adopt American culture. 3. Take advantage of their social welfare programs without getting a job or do anything to boost their communities.

No. 312801

Wow. I am astounded that she would complain that someone threw beer at them after Logan went around calling people names. If you are going to yell 'slut!' as you walk past someone you are probably going to have a drink thrown at you. Instead of turning up and having a good time it sounds like they rocked in, expected to be entertained and then bitched out how crap things were. She is so entitled.

And she shows zero understanding of NZ culture. Aus and NZ don't hate each other - it's like a sibling rivalry thing. That she can't detect that when people speak about Aus that is a bit embarrassing for her.

It fucking annoys me that she lauds herself as the definitive authority on Halloween, ANZ relations, NZ culture and US peanut butter.

No one South of the equator wants to eat anything labelled Jif. Jif to us is a cleaning product, but typically Our Goffic Queen wouldn't know that.

No. 312802


I'm in Aus and people sometimes say they didn't want to do Halloween because it's American. (It's originally Irish and afaik they still celebrate it but whatevs). What they mean is that it's a custom that isn't part of the traditions they grew up with, not that American is bad. We grew up watching TMNT and that's American, and so it means something to ppl.

Anyway, those of us who like Halloween did it anyway and it's becoming more popular. If she stops being hostile and shoving it on to people then with time it might catch on there.

Worse case scenario it doesn't but she can still celebrate. It's not like any of them are young enough to go trick or treating. US expats I know still celebrate thanksgiving even though Aussies don't and they don't seem to mind it being their special tradition.

tldr how to make sure you are miserable and hate everyone by raven sparks, part 293.

No. 312812

> many kiwis look edgy/alternative and have lots of piercings so you think they'd be very open minded but they're just not

Says the anti-abortion anti-breastfeeding in public slut shaming goth chick with lots of metal in her face.

No. 312831

Halloween is pretty shit here.

It's not something largely celebrated and it IS seen as largely an "American" thing, but I would never go as far as saying only "some people" know about it.

Our stores don't seem to stock many Halloween costumes or decorations at all and the ones that do, are really REALLY poor quality.

Trick or treating isn't a big thing, but many places (including my small hick town and the city I work in) have Halloween events usually run by the churches to try and discourage trick or treaters and the general tradition. Pretty much everyone I know goes to Halloween house parties.

Of course Christchurch isn't going to have many bars that have Halloween nights, their nightclub scene died with the earthquakes. There's still a couple of good bars but for an entire city, it's pretty slim picking. Bitch just doesn't have any friends to go out with over the age of 18.

No. 312854

anyone else catch the part where she defended her ex husband for keeping her locked up?

No. 312860

Yeah Ausfag here, I keep a bag of fun size Cadbury chocolate around at Halloween just in case. We get a couple of kids and families that go around each year in our street, but that's about it. When I was a kid there was newsboradcasts in my city saying to not let kids go out because people poison the lollies and put razor blades in apples. I think the safety aspect of Halloween is what prevents it, not that we 'hate America'.

Like, isolated for 4 years or something didn't she say? Wtf was that? I don't think people have problem with her because she's American, they have a problem with her because she is an arsehole. I find it hard to believe that Raven would remain locked inside a house just on the say so of another person.the only person who dictates what Raven can do is raven herself.

No. 312869

Why does she start the latest bullshit video by asking why people have made her make this video? No one has made her, no ones forced her, shes the one making them for added attention

No. 312871

Because she's an overgrown child who doesn't know how to ignore comments and move on. creating drama is probably the only interesting thing in her life since she does absolutely nothing, I got a good laugh when she said she's out more than she's at home!

No. 312887

Thanks for clearing this up. I searched on google and got a mixed bag of results, but had to rush off to work before I could really absorb anything.
Same with the "Do New Zealanders hate Americans?" question. Got the same mixed bag. Seems like the Americans that made an effort to adapt to living in NZ had a more positive experience. As an American who's lived abroad (in Scotland), I've felt the same, that people like you better in their country if you adapt to their culture and not force them to adapt to yours. Because it's like being a guest in a house, and if you're a shitty houseguest then your mom failed in raising you tbh.

GPOY all years.

Wow that happened. Poor Raven. Her husbint was just being honest to people and they threw beer at him. :/ /sarcasm I just can't with this bitch and her "WOE IS ME" attitude. You know that's the sign of a narcissist, is when it's always everyone else's fault even if you were being a shithead in the first place.

I kept a bag of funsize sweets in my apartment for my second halloween in Scotland (my first I lived in dorms in uni and ofc there were parties for that night), knowing that there were schoolage kids living in the flat below me, so if they did turn out to be trick-or-treaters we'd be prepared for them, but if not, more sweets for us. It's a win/win situation like that.
In the US my neighborhood has gotten a bit more dangerous over the past few years, so we've gotten less kids, and I hope the ones we did get kept safe out there, but I've never thought "oh i bought this huge bag of sweets and now no one's taken it how terrible that is". like, you've still got a bag of sweets, you can either enjoy it yourself or share it with friends (had Raven got friends tho?) so idg what the big deal is. And if it's SO MUCH MONEY to buy a huge bag of sweets, and you've observed that trick-or-treat isn't a huge deal in your area, and you're always complaining about money and asking for handouts and shit anyway, then just don't buy the huge bag of sweets, shut your porch light off, and enjoy a quiet night in with scary movies. nbd. problem is Raven can't make a positive situation out of anything. Logan could be promoted to CEO tomorrow and they could move to a McMansion and she could make a ton of friends and she'd still find shit to gripe about. That's just how she is.

It's another narcissist/abuser thing. "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO" etc.

No. 312997

if some woman with the mentality of a child moved into my neighborhood with a husband young enough to be her son and spent her days whining about how we're nothing like her country, I sure as hell wouldn't like her either

No. 313246

>Do NZ hate Amreicans?
People don't outright hate Americans down this way. We just hate arseholes and drama llamas. Raven blames it on being American so it shifts the blame on everyone else.

>Still got a bag of sweets

Definitely a win/win! What made me laugh the most about Raven bleating on about the Halloween gummis is that those she had are from the cheap arsed crap store. Here in Aus it's called the Reject Shop and it's full of cheap parallel imports and low quality products. A bag of about 20 gummis is about $2. The decorations she was complaining about probably come from the same place.

No. 313362

Calling people a slut like that, he's lucky he hasn't been glassed yet.

No. 313437

>"Do New Zealanders hate Americans?"

Yeah, nah. In fact, I swear the closest we get to hating any country is Australia and even then, it's more playful than anything else.

As >>313246 said, we hate assholes and drama llamas. While we are pretty easy going over here, we don't seem to accommodate to those sorts and if you're going to come here and act like a shit, we aren't going to bend over backwards, suck ya toes and wrap you in cotton wool to make you feel more "at home".

No. 313440

If some one came up to me for wearing a short skirt and called me a slut, they'd get punched. He's just as vile as her

No. 313447


Seriously, why doesn't he just move to Saudi Arabia if skirts bother him so bad?

No. 313456


Awh poor raven. The country she voluntarily moved to doesn't have the exact same over processed food as her homeland. I'm not even from new zealand and she infuriates me at how disrespectful she is being to a country that has taken her in, housed her, clothed her, fed her and paid for her to have weightloss surgery when in reality she was too lazy to lose weight the cheaper, healthier way. If she doesn't like it she should move the fuck back to the states and live out the rest of her days being a sad lonely little drama whore eating all the american cheese and fatty foods she can get her hands on. Happiness is a choice. There are positives even in the worst of time. It takes a person to look for those positives and not focus on the negatives but if raven did that she wouldn't have people feeling sorry for her. I used to feel sorry for raven, not because she was "bullied" but because she was so deeply fucked up and couldn't see it but I now believe she knows every move she's making. You think you're smart raven? All you're doing is playing the fool for our entertainment and throwing your life away focusing on insignificant little things and making you and your family look even more fucked up than they already are. Logan isn't a child anymore but thanks to your immaturity and encouragement of his slut shamming among other things he hasn't matured a day since you got your grubby fat fingers on him. You've not only ruined your own life, you're destroying your poor sons life and your husbands.

No. 313470

Well said.

Is she seriously complaining about pizza?? PIZZA?? Holy fuck doesn't she ever got bored of moaning about every single little thing?

"This isn't the norm to a normal American pizza" THAT'S A GOOD THING YOU DUMB BITCH. America isn't exactly known for its healthy food and slim population now is it? She'd be right back at her old weight if not even bigger if NZ had the same food

No. 313472

Isn't she on food assistance to boot? And complaining about shitty chain pizza?

Also I don't know why she considers Domino's high class, but when I double checked how much it would be for a carryout regular large pizza with pepperoni at the Domino's here it came to $14 incl. tax. And she's bitching over paying $15 for stuffed crust and extra topping? She got a deal by Domino's standards.

Not that she should be eating greaseball pizza anyway, what with her bariatric surgery. If she's this bored she needs a j-o-b.

No. 313474

She's one of those who thinks just because she has surgery and has lost weight, she can eat anything she wants and still maintain what she has. She'll also never get a job. No one will hire her with the way she presents herself let alone her attitude. She'll stay on disability for life.

No. 313477

Did she seriously make a video about pizza? and even measure it? my god shes bat shit! She's looking more haggerd with every video too. Remember though guys, a normal hamburger is 3 seperate meals for her but a whole large pizza with extra extra toppings isn't big enough. She's got more bullshit that a cow patch!

No. 313479

File: 1478779465586.png (16.66 KB, 828x171, food.png)

Looking at the comments I found this. She moved to a new country and refused to eat anything from there. What a fucking cunt. No wonder why people hate her so much for being American. She's so disrespectful.

No. 313481

Her bitching out NZ cheese makes me laugh. In Aus, NZ cheese was considered fancy and (until recently) a higher quality to what is produced locally. For her to prefer that weird coloured US cheese over some NZ cheese shows me she has a shitty palate. But then she does unironic videos of her Kmart hauls so I don't know why I am surprised that her lack of taste also extends to her tastebuds.

No. 313485

I said something about this before but, that's the problem with people who have weight loss surgery instead of actually putting the effort in with diet and exercise. they see the operation as a quick fix and don't bother changing their lifestyle and eating habits to keep the weight off, so a lot of people who have similar surgeries go right back to their original weight. At least it will be a good laugh seeing her balloon back up in size and then whining about her weight gain saying she was eating healthily the whole time lmao!

No. 313486

The funny thing is, a few weeks ago she had gained a few pounds, I think 4-7lbs, and literally starved herself for a few days to lose it despite being diabetic. And was proud to say she did that and shamed people who refused to answer how they lost their weight.

No. 313497

Depends what kind of bariatric practice they go to. My friend's was super strict. Most will make their patients see a physical therapist to come up with an exercise plan, a nutritionist, and they must prove sustained weight loss a few months prior to surgery using both tools. If they don't, they can straight up be denied the surgery. They also have to do two weeks of liver reduction dieting to make the surgery less risky. If their surgeons cut them open and find their livers too large to operate, they can legally sew them back up and abort the operation.

No. 313516

NEWSFLASH: PIZZA IS DIFFERENT IN DIFFERENT PLACES. Even in different cities in the US you get different pizza. Why should another goddamn country have the same pizza as yr used to in whatever backwoods part of america you're from?
Also domino's sucks everywhere.
And how is she eating all this crap after having weightloss surgery (that the government paid for lol)?

To be fair, would you really want her as a co-worker?

No. 313825

File: 1478816034495.png (46.23 KB, 640x458, IMG_7290.PNG)

I'll just leave this here

No. 314066

Looking at her face in recent videos, I think she has definitely gained a little more than a few pounds. Her face looks rounder.

No. 314100

Replace one narcissistic vain pedophile fatty with another? Why not!

No. 314131


No. 314132

Kiki has her own thread. Keep this about that fat troll who lives under a bridge with her manchild husband

No. 314199

File: 1478884498778.png (102.32 KB, 636x846, IMG_7326.PNG)

No. 314232



Is she trying to literally go back to Gothic times?

No. 314241

She's jealous of anyone younger, slimmer and prettier than her. Means she can't bare to watch any tv shows or films with any form of nudity in. Pathetic for a 40+ year old women

No. 314268

File: 1478895761957.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.05 KB, 748x1024, proxy.jpg)


She doesn't do nudity…

No. 314271

File: 1478896630990.gif (9.49 MB, 453x282, gORFSzg.gif)

No. 314292

bahaha anti nudity but always has her tits on show and poses in provocative positions? Sure Raven. She just hates anyone who looks better than her

No. 314336

File: 1478910427370.png (827.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-12-01-26-43…)

I always admired you raven for how modestly you dress

No. 314337

File: 1478910567907.png (812.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-12-01-28-48…)

You're not like those skinny sluts who dress like tramps

You're above that. A glorious mature goth queen. Which is why you have no nudes right?

No. 314340

File: 1478910939657.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-12-01-34-36…)

I like how she doesn't have a job or kids, doesn't even have a slightly gainful hobby like knitting or painting so she has all the time in the world

And yet she lives in a pigsty

Doesn't she and her husband get depressed from living in (mostly her) filth? It's psychological pollution.

No. 314342

explains why she hates everyone

No. 314385

>beautiful corsets
Those things are cheap and tacky as fuck. I hope the plastic boning snaps and stabs her in her fat stupid gut.

No. 314439

That's so tragic. She's forty plus and plays dress up in filth. She never amounted to anything and never will.

No. 314441


I've seen that red and black one on eBay from various Chinese sellers a ton of times. It's really, really cheap.

No. 314453

Kind of hard to take that anti nudity stance seriously when her profile picture shows major pancake side boob.

No. 314466

whats will all the kiki shit?

No. 314474

She looks about 50 there, not even kidding. her makeup looks ridiculous, way too much under her eyes making it look like she hasn't slept for days

No. 314487

When raven eats her homemade lasagna

No. 314489

In her new house tour video she blames living in filth on logan and dorian. She blamed their old pigsty on them and said she wasn't going to let him and Dorian let her new home get as filthy. Well raven, people pick up cleanliness and hygiene habits from their parents. It's learned behavior. Dorian had you as an example for that, and Logan was married to you before he could ever even learn to adult. So quit blameshifting.

No. 314491

BLESS you anon, spot on.

No. 314503

not defending raven but i don't think her alone could cause such a mess? it's probably a mixture of all three of them. HOWEVER since she's at home all the time doing nothing, she could easily keep the house tidy. If she can play dress up all the damn day then she can clean, there's no excuse for the state that house is in

No. 314506

File: 1478975301556.jpg (389.78 KB, 1080x1920, 2016-11-12_11.24.08.jpg)

So I was drunk last night and sent this to Raven. She blocked me and then I friended Dorian to spite her.

No. 314509

File: 1478975457011.jpg (386.53 KB, 1078x1542, 2016-11-12_11.25.14.jpg)

No. 314535

But she's totally not bothered by 'bullies' you guys!!!

No. 314543


When everyone looks 1000x better than her naked she's obviously not going to like seeing naked people. Flat out denying she doesn't have half naked photos is downright lies. Her entire profile on Facebook and instagram is full of her half naked pictures. If you want to dress like a slut do it, just don't try and slut shame others just because you look like a flabby, botched pile of shit.

No. 314552

She is so damn retarded. If she had stumbled across someone like her who had lots of half naked photos of themselves, she would call them a slut or whore. She somehow can't see her own hypocrisy. If she wants to feel sexy then why not keep the pictures to herself? It's pathetic and totally disrespectful to her husband that she needs strangers to make her feel attractive. All of her recent pictures are just corsets with her pancake boobs hanging out or hundreds of photos of the exact same provocative pose in a nurse uniform….. how do those show off her weight loss?

No. 314568

In conclusion: she's too insecure to see other women naked, but if she's posting it's ok because she's doing it for her own self-esteem.

No. 314601

Yeah that's what she said in the video. She basically just gave in to them and just accepted living in filth and stopped even trying. So it was all 3 of them

No. 314629

A normal person: I don't like sex scenes in non pornographic movies

No. 314656

Anyone know how long that gross bitch has had the same shity contacts?

No. 314821

She's the poor man's Frank Miller.

No. 314879

File: 1479054587031.png (28.29 KB, 530x82, Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 16.2…)

Unfortunately she's safe

No. 314891

There no need to wish harm on her. I hate her as much as the next person but the last thing she needs is ammo.

No. 314914

lets not forget she posted videos laughing when some girl lost her baby. shes an evil cunt

No. 314919

and she revels in other peoples misery if they have "wronged" her, except if said person has a dick, then she's quick to forgive them

No. 315001

This thread is "ammo" regardless of what we say.
She's a butt hurt piece of garbage.

No. 315010

Well at least now she can blame her filthy house on an earthquake instead of on her son and childbride that she raised to be filthy…

No. 315018

I mean, I believe you, but sauce pls?

true dat.

No. 315246

thats why that emily chick hated her. her baby died and raven made a video laughing. she said recently she has a video going up of all the evil shit she used to post, it might be in there

No. 315248


Holy fuck that's horrible.

I never got her hostility to Emily. Anyone would think Emily had an affair with Raven's husband and not the other way around.

No. 315303

she's jealous. emily has everything raven wishes she had

No. 315308

File: 1479128325754.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.18 KB, 809x618, lq0JI.jpg)


No. 315309


Thought she hated sluts?

No. 315310


"For one- I don't post "half naked photos" of myself. I'm more clothed than most women out there and I fucking HATE when people try to say that!!!!"

"I'm anti-nudity!"

"I need to… … sometimes just want to feel pretty or sexy, doesn't mean I need to see some naked whore… … I don't need to have it shoved in my fucking face…"

"I'm not gonna dress like a little slut like everyone else does!"

"I hate girls who constantly show there tits."


No. 315311

She does. But it's really she just hates all other women, especially when they're more attractive than her and get more attention.

No. 315312

*Pancake tit.
One is up there and doing just fine and the other has completely given up on life and descended to rock bottom.

No. 315319

File: 1479130180467.png (673.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-14-29-34…)

Kaka became a (shoddy) fellow farmer basically

No. 315322

File: 1479130371418.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-14-33-15…)

>more clothed than most women out there


No. 315323

File: 1479130582182.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-14-32-40…)

Agreed. That's why I feel absolutely 0 pity for this flabby cunt. She's an absolute useless mess. If she was nice noooone would care, but she's a horrorshow of narcissism, histrionics and mean spirited comments.

No. 315325

File: 1479130805156.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-14-40-01…)

Emo tit

I'd get depressed too if my owner lived in a sty like this

No. 315332



says the 40 year old middle school girl flashing her pancake tits all over instagram. and with lots of tags too for more views! wowie! funny how she uses "i'm trying to show my weight loss" as her excuse for being able to show pics like this anyone else who does it is a ho, because i don't see #weightloss tags in any of this lel.

No. 315333

File: 1479132819731.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-14-45-21…)

But anon, she's not like those slutty bimbos, her bikini is BLACK

No. 315340

File: 1479135362728.png (1.53 MB, 904x1116, raven sparks.png)

No. 315391

what is the point of this picture, if not purely for showing off? there's no reason to show the side of your ass, if she wanted to show the "butt flap" then just point to the fucking zipper for fucks sake. if she genuinely wanted to show off her weight loss she can do it CLOTHED. The flabby bitch isn't getting the attention she craves from her husband so she resorts to taking softcore pornographic pictures for strangers to say all the things she wants to hear. she'd go batshit crazy if Logan did the same thing. What a repulsive cunt she is

No. 315435

What she doesn't realize that she is the one that continues to shame people for doing what they will with their body, we give her shit because of the garbage she says and how she's a giant hypocrite.

No. 315548

Holy hell, Raven truly has no idea how grotesque she is, does she? She thinks she is a gothic beauty, but she's really just a sloppy, flabby swamp creature.

No. 315605

pancake tits* now since she's had the weight loss surgery

No. 315688

It really bothers me that she could easily use tape to make her boobs appear less flat and saggy, but she insists on eye raping everyone with her disgusting "cleavage"

No. 315707

She's Jabba the Slutt! Only dumber.

But boob tape probably costs so much money! She needs more American snacks and shitty pizza and cheap shitty clothes off of dresslily and Monster High dolls! Priorities, man!

No. 315713

A small part of me hopes she ended up homeless from that earthquake that happened in NZ.

No. 315788

Surprisingly, Christchurch fared a lot better than Kaikoura and Wellington.

Which Emily is this? Jade's partner? (Vague memory but I think I recall either one of them being on her friends list but when I last looked, me and Raven didn't have any mutual friends anymore.

No. 315829


I believe the emily in question is "emilyboo". Long story short, Raven got engaged to Emily's ex husband, Raven was a cunt to Emily, decided to a full 180° and try (pathetically hard) to become Emily's friend, gets shunned because she can't help herself causes drama and now blames everyone else for destroying their "friendship"

No. 315830

true story dat

No. 315834

File: 1479205106627.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-14-47-01…)

She had wls? Then strap in for more top keks because people with poor eating habits tend to gain it all back.

No. 315843

Gastric band if memory serves me right. She seems to be able to eat a fair bit of food considering she has one.

No. 315853

Not only that, but she keeps eating shit food. If she's not getting fast food of some sort she's making disgusting lasagna posted here >>309721, which she will eat all by herself.

No. 315859

she'll balloon back up in no time, and then whine that she doesn't understand how it happened lolz

No. 315860

File: 1479218169258.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-14-44-38…)

The band will loosen up and her tiny stomach will stretch if she keeps her bad habits. Not to mention a lot of unrepentant fatties with gastric bands and bypasses still figure out ways to get their grease/sugar/salt fix while keeping the volume low. I.e lots of sugary fatty milkshakes, liquid chocolate, mayo and all manner of spreads, paste etc.

Wls is pointless and dangerous if you don't exercise well and regularly+change your eating habits

I'm guessing our queen of the night exercises once a month.

No. 315862

apparently she goes to the gym, i doubt she's there for long though

No. 315874

She hasn't. I think she's been there for less than a month because she had started complaining how she can't do what she used to in the gym because for the past 10 years she's done absolutely nothing but sit at home.

No. 315880

Doesn't surprise me at all. I think there was an anon further up the thread that saw her at the gym and said she reeked.

No. 315996


The hypocrisy is real in this video. Good luck making it to end.

No. 316004

So in short
- She insists she's not bossy but asked Logan to tell people she isn't
- Her relationship with Logan is more like mother & son than husband &wife
- To her, "home" (America) is all about the food
- She found it offensive that Logan didn't like any of her nasty American food "i didn't want to hear him shit talking my home" yet she is CONSTANTLY whining about how shit everything in NZ is
- She talks shit about how Logan always drops faggot and gay as insults but she always does the same
- She just openly admitted to looking at an underage, 15 year old Logan and finding him hot
- "You can't go through life being offended by every little thing" yet she makes video after video responding to any comment that even slightly annoys her. and even said at the beginning of this clusterfuck of a video that being called bossy offends her pmsl

No. 316008

Thank you for the concise recap. I made it 1.5 minutes into the video before I could stand it no longer.

No wonder Logan has the personality of a doorknob; he's been subjected to her psychobabble so long he probably barely hears her anymore. He's just permanently zoned out.

No. 316031

Okay raven, logan doesn't want to participate in your videos because he "doesn't like being on camera"…he's really just embarassed to be seen with you. He grew out of his embarassing mall goth phase like any other normal people and now he's stuck married to a cringy, old nagging goth who acts like his mother. I'd be ashamed too.

No. 316109

For the love of God anon, please spoiler that shit!!

No. 316145

File: 1479286212780.png (473.94 KB, 483x606, hippocrit.png)

Yes, for "comparison". If you really want a comparison of your weight loss, you'd do it like a normal person instead of being half naked and in provocative poses. This is no different than what you call out girls being "sluts" for not matter how much you want to say it's for weight loss. You know it's bullshit as does everyone else.

No. 316146

File: 1479286728191.png (Spoiler Image,436.89 KB, 461x617, dnwdnoq.png)

"I hate nudity! Girls who show off their tits and bodies are sluts! It's nasty! I'm SUCH a prude!"

No. 316201

File: 1479301789796.png (158.45 KB, 345x350, 345px-Roadhog-Portrait.png)

This looks like a bad Roadhog genderbend…

No. 316203

she really could cosplay a phenomenal ogre

No. 316205

She could just take CLOTHED photos to show off her weight loss. she's desperate for the attention her husband won't give her.

No. 316210

First i was going to say, she has no respect for logan at all. But then I realized he probably could not give any fucks less. I'm sure he's so mentally checked out that nothing would bother him at this point. They have seperate bedrooms.

No. 316215

these pictures are hilarious. she really thinks she's unique and edgy doesn't she?

No. 316242

she has quite a masculine body shape, straight up and down with no waist and no tits. it's quite hard to tell which are old photos and which are new

No. 316273

?? Really, separate bedrooms?

No. 316296

File: 1479328277579.png (294.24 KB, 314x566, hoo-oor.png)

More Raven hypocrisy.

No. 316299


she blurred her fucking armpits lmao

No. 316300

Her tits are literally melting off her body wtf

No. 316304

Eugh, hypocrisy aside, how is this something that she wants to show off? She makes that dress look like an S&M sausage casing with how it digs into her fat. Her tits look like droopy, deflated balloons. Her gut is bigger than her goddamn hips, and her arm fat extends even past that! That is not a normal human shape.

No. 316305


Not defending her but that is very natural human shape for a woman who has given birth and lost weight. I have that kind of shape. I will not discuss if that's something to show off (as obviously there are some unspoken rules of internet for that) but that's pretty natural shape for breasts that have lost fat tissue due breast feeding and/or weight loss.

No. 316321

I was more talking about how her gut extends past her hips and ass on all sides.
I agree that floppy tits are normal and natural-looking, not that they're something to be showing off proudly lol.
I more meant that her fat is making her look like a different species. Like a hog in a dress, specifically.

No. 316322

Looks like some sort of a caterpillar

No. 316341

In the birthday vid where they go out to dinner with Logan's family there is his mum, her girlfriend and her ex husband (whom I got the impression may not be his dad). So maybe living with Raven is normal and stable compared to home and that's why nothing bothers him.

Yeah, she did a video tour of the house where she showed each room. There was a bedroom set up for her, one for Logan and one for Dorian.

Ugh this annoys me so much:
>stop being offended by the Hitler pic
> I don't think it looks like a Hitler pic even though Logan says it is
>he was young and stupid and you should stop being so offended
> ps you guys offend me all the time and you should stop it

No. 316525

well she can't really use giving birth and breast feeding as an excuse for that body anymore can she? at least she could have tried to exercise during and after her wls to tone up. in any case i think the main prblem here is the fact she takes slutty photos like that all the time but shames other women for doing the exact same thing.

No. 316586

File: 1479410469332.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-15-15-03-29…)

Pure raven kween

No. 316588

I don't have a nice body but I know that and I don't force other to look at my flabby rolls like raven does. If she is really trying to show weightloss, holding your arms high above your head and stretching yourself up isn't not going to show weightloss as you're distorting your body. I guarantee if you were to stand her normally and take a picture she'd be unrecognisable. She is so vain is pathetic.

No. 316590

what I think is some kind of black netting under her dress looks like overgrown pubic hair, and what's sexy about a teddy bear? wait she does like little boys doesn't she…

yea i was thinking the same thing, stretching makes anyone look slimmer. it's honestly quite hard to tell the difference between her before and after pictures anyway

No. 316593

Why is she doing this to that poor teddy bear? Is that supposed to be sexy?

No. 316620

got flashbacks of pt's teddy photos…

No. 316638

She must be reading the forum anyone else notice her mention of 'pancake tits' on her shitty fan page? The 'fans'are all random foreign men

No. 316727

It doesn't take reading here to recognize the similarities between her breasts and pancakes tho maybe she's just self aware

No. 316738

well i mean she talks about this place all the time

No. 316762

She gets Lolcow Farm and Kiwi Farms mixed up constantly and just refers to both as "Lolcow" without realising what a lolcow actually is. Most of the screenshots in her rants are from Kiwi Farms

No. 316804

she's flaunting the fact her cat is pregnant "we've been trying to get her pregnant for ages",and says she only wants to keep 2 kittens. so is she just going to toss the rest out onto the street? typical raven, bored of her adult cat and now wants kittens instead

what fan page is this?

No. 316809

File: 1479468933894.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-15-15-01-01…)

She should put some nuttella on her pancakes for her distinguished fans

No. 316810

File: 1479469532804.png (483.99 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7568.PNG)

No. 316811

LOOL that fucking pose. i can't decide whether she looks like a beached whale or like she's trying to exercise but can't hold her flabby self up

No. 316812

File: 1479471517695.png (1.03 MB, 1439x1482, 20161118_121209.png)

No. 316815

File: 1479472443317.jpg (74.35 KB, 910x1048, IMG_7569.JPG)

That back fat photoshop fail though

No. 316816

is she trying to live out her fantasy of having babies through her poor cat? or is she just bored now that it's an adult and wants kittens?

No. 316821

She needs an encyclopedia dramatica.

No. 316823

File: 1479475730329.jpg (81.74 KB, 482x493, pancake.jpg)

The post where she talks about her pancake tits.

No. 316824

Probably both. Either way this is gross. The last thing that filthhouse needs is kittens, and the last thing kittens need is to live there.

So against nudity, y'all!

"I swear I'm not like those other sluts!"

No. 316858

even before the weight loss she had saggy tits, just slightly fuller ones. she can't or doesn't want surgery to fix those pancakes but was ok milking the country she hates so much to have bariatric surgery? ok then…… face it raven, very few men like saggy tits so for once show your husband some respect and put them and your fucking body away

No. 316962

What is it with poor people having animals?
Ever notice they always have 2+ cats, dogs, and other assorted mammals and birds they can't realistically care for by themselves without being on the dole?

No. 317107

She said that she only wanted to keep a couple of the kittens, it doesn't even seem like she has made arrangements if there is a big litter. Man, those kittens don't know what they're in for, if they so much as playfully bite or scratch her she'll probably toss them out for not being "house trained"

No. 317118

She shooped his arm bigger


No. 317121

File: 1479552332947.png (1005.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-14-47-27…)

She shoops her husbando on the regular actually

No. 317124

that is too good….jesus

No. 317140

I just feel bad for animals living in her kind of environment in general. I notice the difference between lazy pigs in the poor and upper middle class is that at least richer people can hire the help to clean for them if they won't.
From the looks of it, she keeps her place like a hoarder-tier level pigsty >>315325. Those kittens will probably suffer all kinds of respiratory problems and be sick often. She'll blame them but won't blame the fact that there's allergens and a buildup of cat hair and dust and debris from her lack of cleanliness.

He looks like an ugly girl.

No. 317149

lol that hat. if he's gorgeous she wouldn't have to photoshop his every picture

No. 317157

Loll it looks like he has had a mono brow shopped out

No. 317202

Brightened his eyes and smoothed his skin for sure

No. 317210

i don't know about you guys but I'd be soooo flattered if my partner photoshopped pictures of me

No. 317276

File: 1479596250241.gif (876.63 KB, 400x251, image.gif)

No. 317435


"you are a product of your environment" Then for once take some damn responsibility for Dorian

No. 317509


In short

Raven has stopped going to the gym because she's on her period
Goes to her ex husbands(Ryan) gym "Canterbury Sports Performance Center"
He's the strongest person in new Zealand scoff
Raven gushes over Ryan and his guns
Complains about putting on weight rather than dropping it although she's only doing lifting.

No. 317516

I would not be surprised in the least if she's fucking her ex husband. it might not be that strange to be friends with an ex, but the way she talks about him is really weird, as though she still has feelings for him. makes you wonder if she'd like it if Logan was still friends with an ex and went out with her on a regular basis? and for fucks sake raven no one wants to see your nasty ass feet.

No. 317581

>quick update
>12 minute long video

No. 317585

I absolutely love how Raven loves her brain damaged cat more than her own son.

No. 317687

ugh I hate the baby talk. I know some people talk to their pets like that but it's just annoying coming from a 40 yr old woman with a whiny voice. also notice the way she told dorian to put her cat down, and she wonders why people think she's bossy

No. 318218

File: 1479887255822.jpg (69.73 KB, 960x540, 15203260_286654175064000_88653…)

just what every cat needs when its about to give birth. doesn't it look comfy? jeeeez raven

No. 318226

File: 1479888204452.jpeg (106.95 KB, 636x504, image.jpeg)

Back to bitching about how "expensive" everything is by putting up a pic of Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, yet the other stuff around it is all fairly priced. Of course imported shit is expensive but you know what? You don't have to buy it! But considering you're an ignorant cunt who wouldn't even try the food from where you moved to for years, go ahead. Eat all the American imported food you want. Surgery won't stop you from blowing back up to a whale. And bills and shit is called life. Like does she think she can live off $500 a month in America for 3 people?

No. 318239


PSA: Cat food is not $120 a bag.

Also, there's no way sucking her ex husband's dick and making Logan work full time could pay for all of this AND all her pop vinyls, she must still be on the dole.

No. 318243

I found a site that shows prices of shit in NZ and there are some that do get up to $175 but it's like the super expensive specific breed shit. But there are 4kg bags of cat food for $22. I'm willing to bet she buys the cheap brand but uses the expensive brands as a way to complain how expensive stuff is over there.

No. 318259

>our rent

bitch you're not paying a cent.

No. 318275

File: 1479909327704.png (614.71 KB, 850x474, kjendakjs.png)

That teenage body he had is going away…

No. 318277

Damn bitch, do some couponing or get a job. Does NZ not have generic brands or something?

>$200 for cellphones

>$100 for phone and internet
If you have cellphones, why do you need another phone bill to begin with?

>$120 a bag for cat food

Your cats don't need gourmet food, get them the damn cheap stuff.

No. 318280

I duno, that rent seems pretty average to me for an entire goddamn house (I'm from Chicago tho, where rent is high anyway, so my view of this is skewed). Car and insurance seem pretty standard by American standards too, esp. if your credit isn't fantastic ($40 a week in debt repayment yo!) and, if NZ insurers have the same policy of having younger/less experienced drivers pay more, 1 (maybe 2 if Dorian drives) of the drivers is under 25. Insurance also tends to be a lot less expensive if you just pay for 6 months at a time too, but I don't know if that's an option over there. Phone/internet seems pretty similar to American too, and power if your stoves, boiler, and heating also run off electric. Raven needs to, like, get a job or something I duno. Because it's always the fancy imported food she wants, and the monster high dolls, and lead filled makeup from drugstore websites. Like. She's spent too much on frivolous shit and also chooses not to work, so she's in no place to complain about how "expensive" things are.

No. 318282

phone companies bundle that shit so you think you're getting a better deal if you buy both at the same time, even if you don't need a landline anymore, but usually those introductory rates go away after a few months or a year and you're paying full for everything.

it's a dadbod, but that's not the worst thing in the world. or wouldn't be if raven wasn't a paedo anyway.
GOSH look at all those toys and other shit tho… complaining about money but being able to afford toys. wtf.