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File: 1486572308235.jpg (28.43 KB, 400x400, Potential Lolcow.jpg)

No. 247337

Canadian Youtuber and former law student turned lawyer/beauty guru/jeweler/narc/severe shopaholic/fraud.

For more info: http://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?cache=1&f=341&t=12270 Threads 4 and 5 start to get REALLY good.




Please keep in mind that she is NOT a lawyer nor is she practicing law. If word gets out, she WILL be disbarred (lol).

No. 247473

Wait what… I am subscribed to her on youtube and loved her! I'm studying to be a lawyer myself…

are you saying she isn't… a lawyer? wtf? can you give me a tldr summary

No. 247515

You forgot to add a summary with details to make us care. Nobody wants to page through all that shit you linked unless they have a reason to be interested.

No. 247521

OP here and future lawfag!

I too was disappointed when finding out about her lies, she seemed really likable.

Okay, here's tl;dr:

Users on GG where suspicious of Elle's absurd spending habits (seriously, what lawyer has the time to shop at Gucci and Nordstrom every fuckin' day?) and how articulation/mannerisms she's presenting to the camera so they've decided to do further investigating. Turns out she and her family are very wealthy and spoilers: she's not even a fucking lawyer but rather a fraud investigator which doesn't really require much other than a Bachelor's nor a law degree(see LinkedIn). Oh and the job itself doesn't really pay much for her expensive lifestyle.

Forgot to add that she deletes comments calling her ass out while still calling herself a lawyer on da tubez.

No. 247525


I was in a rush, I'll remember next time. Thou I did include a summary below your poste as of now.

No. 247886

Heh, she reminds me of Onion-era Shiloh Hoganson but in a more professional, non-spastic sense. Kinda knew they had something in common besides being Canadian. coughpathologicallyingcough

No. 319898

Technically, she is a lawyer.

Law students and professionals frequently pursue the LL.M. (Master of Laws) to gain expertise in a specialized field of law, for example in the area of tax law or international law. Many law firms prefer job candidates with an LL.M. degree because it indicates that a lawyer has acquired advanced, specialized legal training, and is qualified to work in a multinational legal environment.

An LL.M. degree by itself generally does not qualify graduates to practice law. In most cases, LL.M. students must first obtain a professional degree in law, e.g. the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) in the United Kingdom or the Juris Doctor (J.D.) in the United States, and pass a bar exam or the equivalent exam in other countries, such as the Zweites Staatsexamen in Germany. While the general curriculum of the LL.B. and J.D. is designed to give students the basic skills and knowledge to become lawyers, law students wishing to specialize in a particular area can continue their studies with an LL.M. program. Some universities also consider students for their LL.M. program who hold degrees in other related areas, or have expertise in a specific area of law.(?)

No. 319923

what the flying fuck?

Do you still like Booboo Stewart?

No. 372199

Recently, she went on a camping trip with her bf Joe and his friends as she's trying to "fit in" into his outdoor lifestyle. It becomes a major fail (on her part) as we mostly see her playing with her expensive Lumiere products and doing her makeup while Joe and friends are hanging outside doing shit (which we don't get to see much). When Elle is outside, she's either eating or popping out champagne bottles.

She also deletes her comments before they see the light of day and also likes to read what her haters are saying about her on guru gossip. This has been going for a few months or maybe even years now w/o anyone really noticing.

I'm sorry in advance for necroing this thread but I feel like she has cow potential on our site.

Oh and she sperged when she got called out about her hygiene (she admits to washing her hair once a week (or month, idr) and taking said dirty ass hair to the beauty salon for something that did not include washing) issues and also suffers from hoarding.

No. 372201


Yes that maybe true but she's not a "practicing" lawyer and likes telling her audience that she's some big-shot lawyer when she's just a fraud investigator and possible trust-fund baby. There's nothing wrong with getting your law degree and passing the bar (which she did) while working in another profession but don't fucking tell your fans you're doing something you're not! She's not practicing law professionally and what she's doing is almost the equivalent of stolen valor.

This bitch is lucky she hasn't been disbarred (under Canadian law) yet as her "lawyerly lying" is a serious penalty.

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