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File: 1432459545178.jpg (510.31 KB, 2048x1335, image.jpg)

No. 108204

Can we talk about Pearchan/Beccabae? She thinks glorifying obesity is not the same as glorifying underweight…also she is a camwhore yet finds it offensive when men are asking requests. If she isnt a lolcow then my mistake since she looks like one.

No. 108205

How about providing some links to her tumblrs, both personal and work-related?

>glorifying obesity

Doesn't she have a feeder-fetish or whatever it's called? And doesn't she have/had a feeder bf?

No. 108206


She still has that creepy boyfriend. Also I swear I can remember she said that she hates fetishes.

No. 108225

i just don't get some fetishes…
>video - Becca vs The Stairs
Ya know..as a fat girl, I have a few enemies. One of those being stairs. … Life isn’t always fair and sometimes I do have to try to conquer them.
>Sooo, I decided to torture myself and show you what it’s like for me to go up and down a flight or two of stairs. You get to see how I look as I happily jiggle down them and also how I look trying to climb my way back up. … If you want to see a fatty in motion..as well as me getting out of breath and talking about how much I hate exercise..this video is for you!

No. 108230

that's fairly common with fat fetish folk (from my experience with them at least), of course things like watching them eat and watching them struggle to fit into clothes and crushing this are more popular but it's not uncommon. along a similar theme are fat people doing basic exercises like star jumps

No. 108232

So she cant walk stairs yet finds herself healthy?!? Lol!

No. 108233

File: 1432477701064.jpg (325.19 KB, 1536x1247, image.jpg)

her being fat is a conspiracy theory and everyone is to blame but Beccow.

No. 108268

File: 1432486270249.jpg (62.97 KB, 600x800, Pearchan2.jpg)

When she was first discovered on 4chan, I actually really fucking loved her. She seemed really sweet and me being a fatty felt totally ~inspired~ her. But as the months/ years went on I noticed that she kept gaining weight and as soon as she turned 18 she started her cam thing. I realized that she just has a really gross feeding fetish. Did not feel as inspired anymore.

No. 108272

File: 1432486643601.jpg (19.35 KB, 677x145, ss (2015-05-24 at 12.55.17).jp…)

the fuck

No. 108283


Oh my god. That just made the worst image pop into my head. FUNNEL FEED?

Wtf. Wtf. The obesity advocates scare the shit out of me.

No. 108286


Oh my god…, I can't even…, I feel nauseous.

No. 108288

Funnel feeding? What's tha-

Oh god no
I thought only fetish pictures did that

No. 108294

File: 1432488946485.jpg (98.63 KB, 638x448, ss (2015-05-24 at 01.27.45).jp…)

>'At the end of the day I make a weight gain shake from heavy whipped cream and a whole tub of ice cream, which Yohan feeds me through a funnel.
>'The funnel forces me to drink the shake even when I'm full after a day of eating.'

Article makes no mentioning of eating those solid foods thru the funnel as the picture states by the way.
Don't these people gorge themselves on all this food because they enjoy eating? How do they get any enjoyment from being 'force fed' through a funnel?

No. 108304

He looks bored as fuck

No. 108331

Huh. I always assumed she'd look way prettier not obese, but somehow she looks worse. Probably because of the lack of contrast.

No. 108336

Her tumblr is so cringy

No. 108447

I used to follow her too, I legit thought she had serious health problems which prevented her from losing weight and thought she was making the best of her situation. Her face is really pretty and she puts an effort into dressing nicely and she always seemed so positive. But then it turned out she was purposely gaining weight to please her gross bf and expecting everyone else to accommodate her. Like she was once talking about how she was afraid of flying and of people being rude about her size, like I paid for my seat, I have the right to sit in it without being hassled Which is true, but everyone else also has the right to sit in theirs without you spilling over into their personal space, you're morbidly obese by choice ffs!! It blows my mind how she is totally willing to destroy her body, mobility and health just so some creepy ass men can fap to her flab jiggling.

No. 108516

I remember reading a blog post by a former gainer/ssbbw model and she talked about how their "careers" are so short because they a) either realize their lives are fucked and start losing the weight, or b) die. Something tells me pearchan is heading down the same path.

No. 108518

File: 1432518875161.jpg (255.75 KB, 500x750, pearcham.jpg)

I give her until age 30 before her first heart attack.

No. 108603

File: 1432527305520.jpg (194.84 KB, 1040x810, difference.jpg)

did she lose weight? pic related, the one on the right is more recent

No. 108617

Maybe its the fact she is wearing better fitted clothes….I think.

No. 108621

No, image on the left is far more recent judging by her hairstyle.

No. 108630

It bothers me that she gets dressed up so nicely and takes photos of herself outside in parks and nature as if she's capable of enjoying walks and moving around without being out of breath. She's being dangerously irresponsible by sharing photos that give off the impression that she's perfectly healthy and suffering no ill effects from her weight.

No. 108632

I really don't see how this is any different from anorexics pretending they're not sick and taking photos of themselves smiling with food.

No. 108638


It's the same thing.

I get the whole "love yourself and your body" movement - I really do. Being obese and having a wrong relationship with food is just as bad as anorexia. It's important to not hate yourself to change that, I think. Otherwise it's just like a cycle - you hate yourself and do something destructive. You can break that as soon as you get that you deserve to be healthy and that you don't have to be perfect.

But the fat movement trying to tell everyone that they still can be healthy is bullshit. Sure, not every thin person is healthy and you don't have to have a perfect size. But don't tell people that they can be morbidly obese and still live a long, disease-free live.

No. 108645

There's a huge difference between being overweight and morbidly obese. You can be overweight and healthy. You cannot be morbidly obese and healthy.

No. 108682

I think she is lying about fitting in the seats though. Was she 7 months ago smaller?

No. 108683

File: 1432549567530.jpg (438.38 KB, 2048x1390, image.jpg)

Pic related btw

No. 108767


IDK what it is, but I think if you can't fit in a seat on a plane, you need to rethink your life and what you want from it, honestly.

Because that means you are TOO BIG. Too freaking big.

No. 108795

i fucking hate camsluts, they are literally all lazy fatasses that spend all day whining on tumblr. fuck

No. 113007

File: 1432865837320.jpeg (440 KB, 1600x2560, fatty.jpeg)

I feel sorry for Becca's bones.

No. 113013


That's retarded. The body has a limited ability to digest fat. That's why we have gallbladders. She'd gain more weight with some fat and then a bunch of pure sugar.

Nice way to get colon cancer though.

No. 119573

No. 119580

wow she looks really bad

No. 119583

seen pearchan before but new to her tumblr
welp i've lost my appetite for lunch

No. 119586

her fiance is kinda of cute, but the whole feeder thing is just gross.

No. 119587

She doesn't even seem to be enjoying the taste of the food and that angers me.

And she is obese by choice that angers me more

No. 119594

File: 1433963339718.jpg (882.45 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_npjzjwSqc51t1cfk5o10_12…)

Jesus I remember her back when she used to be Pearchan.

She looks so much worse since she cut off her hair, and I see that all hat fat is finally going to her face, the thing she used to be "known" for.

This figure doesn't even look human any more, deliberate binge eaters are amongst some of the most selfish in the world. I can't wait for her to have a heart attack.

No. 119597

No. 119598

I wonder if her boyfriend has to wipe her ass for her.

Somebody should ask and find out.

No. 119599

She looks like Humpty Dumpty

No. 119602

File: 1433964005216.jpg (64.7 KB, 800x600, Pearchan6.jpg)

She almost looks slim by comparison in this picture.


No. 119603

She looks like a stereotypical tumblrina activist now. At least before she had a nice face/hair and could pass as a BBW model or something.

No. 119611

Her boobs are incredibly tiny compared to her weight, it's really weird

No. 119618

Well, she's right… I haven't seen many legs like that before.

No. 119623

Her fat distribution is really unfortunate. The only thing she had going for her was a slim face.

No. 119629

I cannot fathom how these women look in the mirror and think, 'yep, this is fine, I'm perfect.'
In the parlance of tumblr, I just can't.

No. 119630


>I was considering paleo for some medical stuff

aka the fat is catching up to me

No. 119632

>there are just certain foods I reaaaaally don’t wanna give up
Speaks for itself.

No. 119633

Thats why its called pear shaped

No. 119779

File: 1433993827206.jpg (51.47 KB, 521x328, ss (2015-06-10 at 11.35.40).jp…)

Speaking of legs, I find pic related kind of cute leg-wise and that's only because they remind me of Bravely Default.

No. 119789

Honestly she will not live past her 30s.

No. 119790

File: 1433995538662.png (42.69 KB, 672x251, beccabaescared.png)

I think she's starting to realize that she needs to lose weight.

No. 119793

File: 1433995889530.png (242.02 KB, 256x564, tiredofbeingfat.png)

No. 119795

File: 1433996346155.jpg (112.46 KB, 600x238, toppestofkeks.jpg)

not her fault she's fat

No. 119813


You just could have googled that shit. It would have taken you a second.

>almost always misdiagnosed as simple weight gain

>unlike normal fat, lipedematous fat generally cannot be lost through diet and exercise

It's not like she tried actively not to gain more weight/ loose it, but that's shitty.

No. 119822

Yeah….as a fellow fattie the longer hair flatters the face and body more than does short hair.
Pixie cuts are exclusively for thin people with sharp faces and defined cheekbones. I've noticed her recent posts receive little notes now that one of her most beautiful features has been obliterated.

Tumblr ruined what little she was hanging on to. I understand she has a feed fetish but she looks very bad, even for a fattie, in this picture. She has cellulite on her ankles….she doesn't HAVE ankles anymore.

This is kind of how I look currently only about 20 pounds lighter in the gut and more boob.
>tfw 190 but used to be 250
I'd never go back. It would be embarrassing to admit things like stairs and seating assignments present a challenge for me in day-to-day life. It wasn't too late for her in this picture, but now…

Lipedema sucks, but weight gain exacerbates it. I don't see how her "paysite" for her fetish will "pay off" if she has this disease and her health is at risk. If I were a fattie with suspected lipedema, I would be consulting a bariatric surgeon asap. That's nothing to fuck with.

No. 119825

It's kinda sad if you think about it, someone who deliberately eats to gain weight esp for people who are on waiting lists for organs. It takes years to ruin your body like that with food why not plan to donate after you die from being ~so HEALTHY~ so someone can live if you don't want to…

No. 119827

Nobody is entitled to another person's organs. The reason why obese patients are often turned down to receive/donate organs is because they would likely die if they underwent prolonged anesthesia for the surgery.

That sucks for the obese who wanted to donate an organ, but there are many actually healthy individuals who purposefully choose not to donate who should be equally shamed if you're implying there's some sort of communal entitlement to organs.

No. 119925

File: 1434035562925.jpg (23.15 KB, 188x461, lipedema disproportionate body…)

Lipedema is a real thing. Lots of women claim they can pretend they can't lose weight, but that's bullshit - women with lipedema CAN lose weight, but the weight loss is almost entirely confined to their upper body.

I bet Pearchan is trying to find an explanation as to why she has tiny tits despite being a hamplanet everywhere else.

No. 119931

oh i forgot about lipedema. i was wondering how pear chan's legs got so horrifically sausage esque

No. 119953

The only other explanation is 'secretary spread' which comes from sitting around all day and only moving your arms.

No. 120000

she was pear shaped even at a young age when im sure she was more active than she is now. i'm pretty sure its lipedema that she has. you can't deny that her fat distribution is unnatural. its beyond a typical "pear shape" body.

No. 120001

also want to add that most people with a real pear shaped body, you can see it in their bone structure, they have wider lips. pear-chan doesn't actually have wide hips, its just weird droopy fat around her lower half.

No. 120003

Even if she has lipedema, it's still… her fault that she's fat like… her whole identity is based around being fat. Did she have a health scare that lead to her discovering that she couldn't lose weight or what? Like this whole thing is actually her fault.

No. 120011

she did mention something about going gluten free briefly because of "health reasons" that "weren't a big deal" but i suspect some scary shit must be happening to her for her to get so serious about finding out if she has lipedema and doing something about it

No. 120115


I can see her having this, but it only explains her weird ass fat distribution, not how horrifically overweight she is. She's been actively gaining and gaining for fetish $$$$$$. It seems like just now she is changing her tune, probably because her "not serious" medical condition is probably pretty serious, she's just not ready to hop off the HAES train publically because her followers will probably lose their minds. It sucks if she has lipedema because it's really going to be an obstacle in her getting healthy again even if she puts a lot of effort into it, but she didn't become 300lbs from that alone.

Luckily if she does decide to go really hard in the weight loss thing, losing the fat in her upper body would really reduce the risk of heart disease.

No. 120118

This. She probably does have it, but so do 11% of women and the majority of them are not super morbidly obese. She got this fat on her own and now she's suffering the consequences.

No. 120122

File: 1434060655240.jpg (30.52 KB, 592x383, lipedemaStages.jpg)

No. 120129

She should never have cut her hair and that outfit is fucking awful. A shame because she used to have beautiful hair and dressed well for her size.

No. 120130

Her fat distribution is beyond pear shaped, it's just bizarre. It seems to lump up in certain areas.

Or at least it used to, she's fat everywhere now.

No. 120153

Who would even want an obese person's obese organs anyway

No. 120200

Eh…I have abnormally fat legs too but I tone them so they dont look bad and in fact I look curvy with them (actually curvy). Fatty isnt suffering from fat legs, she is suffering from an actual disease and wants to lose weight again. I hope she loses her followers.

No. 120222

File: 1434085566195.png (476.36 KB, 673x571, actualllylold.png)

No. 121974

File: 1434400951046.jpg (1018.7 KB, 1280x1920, afatfxx.jpg)

She's losing wegiht alreay

No. 122089

I really can't tell.

No. 122100


She looks exactly the same to me.

No. 122119

She seriously looks adorable here. How depressing.

No. 122132

Her weight must really be taking a toll on her health…shes starting to look kinda aged.

No. 122162

she looks so tumblr, ew

No. 122163


lol get ur eyes checked plz

No. 122197

Her face used to be adorable. Now not so much.

No. 125244

File: 1434913613694.jpg (180.46 KB, 1481x962, delusion.jpg)

what the bloody hell? they all are living in a delusion..

No. 125245

she is using angles. You cant see the results that quick of a woman that heavy. I think it will take years before she is going to become healthy again, with healthy I mean chubby.

No. 133984

No. 134008

you absolutely can see weightloss results that fast. genderally speaking the heavier a person is, the easier it is to lose weight, because the pounds will melt off faster.

No. 134100

too much time on tumblr?

No. 134104

Agreed with this. =/ My friend was obese and lost about 30 pounds in the span of two months or so and it's super obvious. The fatter you are the easier it is to lose weight initially. Of course it'll be as hard as everyone else once you reach a normal weight though.

No. 134118

Force-starving your children is not a healthy way to lose weight, so no, I think the nutritionist was right.

No. 134121

As someone with a lot of fat family, can confirm. And once the weight stops coming off so fast it's easy for people to get discouraged and shoot back up again unfortunately :(

No. 134125

Or when they put in the work to lose it but then think they magically eat whatever they want without putting it back on. It's so sad to see those types blaming the diet.

No. 134169

File: 1436327068504.jpg (148.66 KB, 864x1152, titsquestionmark.jpg)

No. 134199

It kind of honestly amazes me that some people actually have the time to invest this much in..caring about someone that is an absolute stranger. Like guys..why aren't you just living your own lives?

Since you all seem to be so invested in my life and it's details though - I'll make some things more clear.

a) I am not a feedee, nor is Foxy a feeder. There are people who obviously are (which..there is absolutely no problem with it if it's consensual), but if you'd actually followed me as closely as you make it sound like - you'd know I would have made it abundantly clear on numerous occasions that I'm not an active gainer. So no, I don't have that fetish. I'm just fat, always have been, and took it to my advantage. Everything I do on Bigcuties is stuff that I'm comfortable with and that's that. I cater to a certain fetish and that's pretty much all it is.

b) nah, nobody wipes my ass but me, thanks for the concern though.

c) I never said that you can't lose weight if you have lipedema. You can't lose the lipedema fat, which is primarily what my legs/arms are made of. I also have lymph edema which is secondary to the lipedema, which is why my calves/ankles have obviously gotten a lot bigger more recently. It is, however, easier to gain weight if you have lipedema and harder to keep it off in general. Outside of what I do for Bigcuties - I do not gorge myself constantly, I do not eat fast food constantly, I am not a walking/eating machine 24/7. I never have been. hell, even what I do on BC's is highly exaggerated because it IS catering to a fetish. In actuality I really can't eat that much at one time. I actually don't get out of breath from walking around. Do several flights of stairs get me out of breath? They sure as fuck do. I'm not even attempting to say that I'm physically fit, I know I'm not. I don't lose my breath from moving though and I'm not metabolically unhealthy. I am making lifestyle changes because I don't want the lipo lymph edema to get even more out of hand and end up immobile, but my health at it's current state is not whatever you're all making it out to be. Throughout my entire life I have been prone to gaining weight despite not changing my habits - be it exercise or eating. I recently got put onto a medication for my anxiety and despite changing absolutely nothing, I gained close to 30-40 pounds in a shorter amount of time then I ever have before. It was alarming in a sense because I never gain weight that fast, but I still feel perfectly fine phsyically and I feel the best that I have mentally in years..so I'd say it was worth it.

d) the myth that fat people only live into their 30's is such utter horseshit and any of you who are trying to use that are making your arguments so invalid. I know MANY middle aged fat people personally and I also know fat people who are seniors (and no, they didn't just get fat when they were old). We don't just drop dead at a certain age.

e) whoever was saying that the nutritionist for that person was shitty can seriously go fuck themselves. that person is literally living with bulimia in an abusive household where their father/sister locks the kitchen and they are constantly so hungry that they dry heave. anyone who knows ANYTHING about health/losing weight knows that is so far from being anything resembling healthy or what a proper nutritionist would recommend.

f) nope, I haven't lost any weight at present that I'm aware of. Bodies can look different depending on the outfit, the angle, the pose, etc that's not my primary goal at all whatsoever, but if it does happen from the treatment course I'm on..then so be it. I'm pretty positive that it'll happen just from the fluid loss alone from treating the lymph edema, but eh.

g) if you honestly think that everyone needs to adhere to what you want them to look like then you really need to take a look at yourself and question why you are somehow the center of the universe? because you are not..and it's nobody's job to be attractive to you.

The only reason I'm taking the time to be relatively thorough in this and respond is because not all of you seem like complete and total assholes. Another person's health truly isn't your business, but I'm pretty damn open about this kind of stuff so it's whatever.

No. 134201

do you ever lose food accidentally under your rolls and only realize it a week later when you smell something rotting under your folds?

No. 134204

Begga don't worr, we mmake fun of anorexia gurls too:


No. 134206

Haha omg is this real life

No. 134232

I love how when one of the lolcows shows up here, they imply we do nothing but sit in front of the computer. Personally, these are my soaps. I read them before bed, after working all day. But, yanno, whatever. Anyway, I doubt anyone here is actually obsessed with you or anyone else posted here. It's a hobby, like some people play mobile game apps. Sure, some people (like Nicole Oum, for example) have affected some of us a bit more personally, and yes there is vitriol where they are concerned, but for most? Boredom killer.

I like you, Becca, but you do know that putting yourself out there online does have this kind of side effect and taking it personally or coming here posting does no good, only fuels the fire. More milk for the farmers.

No. 134261

Her thread isn't even that active…

No. 134264

I like you too Becca, but you damn well know all that stuff you spewed out about being healthy is horse shit. It is possible for people who are overweight to be healthy, but, and I mean this solely on a medical term level not a fat-hating level, you are morbidly obese which is NOT healthy.

No. 134269

Nah, I'm not implying that this is all you do. I just can't imagine this being what someone chooses for a hobby. Like actually immersing yourself in gossip this much - which I guess isn't THAT surprising, but it still just seems like a really odd way to pass the time. I guess I just view other people as PEOPLE regardless of whether or not I know them and I can't imagine participating in this kind of thing on a regular basis.

Normally I don't participate in these kinds of things, but like I said..there were people on here who didn't just seem like 100 trolls. So instead of this being merely speculation, I thought I would give some actual insight. I feel weird saying this, but some of you actually seem like you could be..decent? So I was mainly addressing those people instead of the ones who are just like 'lol folds and fupas!'.

I did not exaggerate or lie with anything that I responded with. You know that I firmly believe that anyone and everyone deserve basic human decency, regardless of their health status. I'm not saying that because it garners more respect, I'm saying it because it's the truth. I am, right now, metabolically healthy. You don't have to tell me what my size is, I am obviously very aware of that - as is everyone else. However - I am the only person (aside from my doctor) who is going to my 1-2 physicals per year and I am the person who gets those results. I am the person who lives in this body and knows what it can and cannot do and what it feels like. Am I saying that I'm not at an increased risk for certain diseases or that I will ALWAYS be metabolically healthy? No. What I am saying is that the assumptions revolving around fat people are often exaggerated or false and it's not right to assume what somebody else is going through or what they're capable of. This whole discussion is incredibly dehumanizing and it's just..not okay. Thankfully I'm at a place where it doesn't really effect me in any kind of way, but it's just really wrong to take away people's voices and act like you know them better than they know themselves.

No. 134286

Becca, you seem like a nice and intelligent person. That makes it more important for you to get healthy again because you're not right now, I'm sorry.
I always tought I couldn't lose weight either until I realised how much I was actually eating, what I was eating and that my proportions were always too big.
Just try weighing and counting calories for a month or so, you don't even have to cut that much and do it slowly. You'll feel much happier, trust me on that.

No. 134305

OMG, I fucking love when these twats show up for their own threads … Hilariously entertaining! I'm getting out the popcorn.

(Air popped, no butter, mind.)

No. 134316

I can see how weird it must be to see your own life dissected on a random website but honestly your thread isn't huge or anything and there are fewer trolls than in other threads (like the previous buttergolem thread). You're "lucky" to have a beautiful face and hairs to keep the trolls from being ruthless. Imo it's useless to come here yourself, never ends well but whatever.

I know you don't have to care about my opinion but it's super weird to me that you're taking a lot of care about your face, hairs and clothes but not your body. If you were to reach a normal weight in the future and not face health problems I'd be happy for you.

No. 138834

What a pathetic life. Being a fetish model and eating yourself to an early grave. Lol becca is such a disgrace to feminism lol. All she does is go on Tumblr and whine about some discrimination like how there's not enough representation of POC fat mermaids in the media. Her and her fiance seem like the biggest set of children ever, decorating their apartment with nerdy figurines and tacky toys. There are women who go to school to get STEM degrees, go into public health, work for human rights groups to help trafficking and modern slavery. But Becca? She stuffs 6 donuts in her mouth and takes fetish pictures glorifying obesity and being a sack of lazy jelly glutton shit. You're not a feminist Becca . You're a blob. You will never lose weight if you stay on Tumblr.

No. 138839

bitch your hobby is stuffing your gob 24/7 and amassing health problems. you're not one to judge someone's hobbies lmao

No. 140560

So afatfox's legs hurt and she thinks it's because of a disease and not because of her fatness.

I hate fat people so much.

No. 140565

stage 1 actually is a nice body but in stage 2 you can see the rest of her body is getting fatter too.
Becca, lose weight.

No. 140570

>I am metabolically healthy

shut up fatty and stop eating

No. 140579

No. 140661

No. 140662

also, forgot to mention that she breathes so hard jesus i bet she snores so hard. and she says that she is healthy…

No. 140985

So being underweight is healthy too? No one is glorifying skinny bones so I guess it shouldn't matter that pro-ana's are starving themselves just like you are stuffing yourself.

No. 140991

File: 1437415257321.jpg (154.58 KB, 476x1299, image.jpg)

So losing weight is a unhealthy thing to do now.

No. 141004


No. 141016

File: 1437417558349.jpg (45.55 KB, 500x423, image.jpg)

Becca?! Tess?!

No. 141364

I want to know more about the "several doctors every month" this anon apparently has to see.

No. 141849

File: 1437517981035.jpg (108.04 KB, 1277x617, uh.jpg)

Because when you get raped and the police isn't gonna do shit about it Pearchan is your last resort rite? I doubt this is a self ask but I am 99% sure about it that this is probably some fatso spreading out some fatso propaganda in the disguise of a rape victim so people will think that no one cares about fat people when they get raped. Fatties disgust me.

No. 148057

File: 1438377992287.png (1.92 MB, 1820x2158, 1407709046054.png)

lmao I almost feel bad for saying so, (because Becca generally seems like a decent, sensible person) but that reminded me of pic related.

I'm not sure how expensive the heath care system in the states is and I don't want to make too many assumptions because it's obviously not my life or body, but maybe she should consider getting an opinion from another doctor?

No. 148247

Becca isn't nice tbh and can't take critic.

No. 148288

I think the 'metabolic health' thing might be from blood tests. If the results fall in established "normal" realms all doctors will say the same.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 148968

No. 164137

File: 1440001242592.jpg (17.66 KB, 225x400, image.jpg)

Decided to post some beccabae/afatfox/becca/pearchan pictures when she was skinny. Really average and not that pretty or ugly. Plain jane, which is perfectly okay.

No. 164138

File: 1440001263326.jpg (20 KB, 225x400, image.jpg)

No. 164139

File: 1440001337493.jpg (17.55 KB, 225x400, image.jpg)

Chubby, back then she could have grown out of it

No. 164143

File: 1440001429369.jpg (142.9 KB, 736x1308, image.jpg)

No. 164144

File: 1440001455663.jpg (142.57 KB, 736x1308, image.jpg)

And well…you know the rest of the story.

No. 308604

This is one of the most concerning things I've seen on the internet. You guys really hate her don't you

No. 308606

Since you necroes a thread that died out a year ago, I'm assuming you're her.

No. 308610

I mean, it does seem like she lost some weight when she got older judging by some of her early photos. And then… gained it back and more to fit into a fetish.

No. 308710

we really don't, considering the thread's been dead for a year

No. 308756

File: 1477467206346.gif (11.06 MB, 480x270, 19or1g.gif)

So I checked up on pearchan and lmfaooo this gif gives me life

No. 308765

i just threw up a little when i realised some people have a fetish for this

No. 308767

She looks like a chunky little Christina Ricci, here.

No. 308768

that struggle at the end

No. 308773

All she needs is a shirt scam and a bad attitude and she could be the next Tess with a body like that. So sad how far she's fallen into the fetish pit.

No. 308803

Anorexics pretending they're not sick are not hailed as progressive and they're not praised for being so brave and body positive.

Basically, the difference is that people like Becca get asspats.

No. 308828

this is how i feel.. she has such a cute face and she was pretty and curvy.

feeding fetishes are soooo fucked. ew @ unhealthy kinks

No. 308831

very true! ive been too fat for a while and I recently lost 20 pounds and it came right off my waist it's super obvious.

sage for blog post/brag

No. 308860

She has a much cuter face than Tess too, imo. I think her indulging the BBW fetish world is what pissesnd off the most about her.

No. 308893

File: 1477513717034.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.34 MB, 480x269, cancer.gif)

Do you guys think she could ever turn her life around and get healthy? I've seen some do it. But I think pearchan will never get healthy

No. 308894

File: 1477513933642.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.33 MB, 480x270, HAESbitches.gif)

Samefagging here, like what is her endgame ?

No. 308896

No, because she has said in this very thread that she is healthy. She doesn't consider herself unhealthy so she doesn't need to lose the weight.

No. 308898

Maybe she just hasn't experienced any of the repercussions from being a hambeast yet. But the running gif is very telling, maybe when she becomes even more immobile she will think differently. But even then she would probably blame it on the lipedema. Whatever, I will enjoy the shitshow then

No. 308900

She seems like she'd be intelligent enough to know a wakeup call when sees one, if she has a serious health scare I have a feeling she'd drop the HAES bullshit and sort herself out.

But is it going to happen of her own volition? Probably not.

No. 308902

Ehhh…some addicts never wake up truthfully. I wish we'd start taking addictions to food as seriously as we treat smoking and drinking and narcotics addictions. I've seen lung cancer victims still choose to smoke knowing they'd get worse, and alcoholics drink themselves straight into liver and kidney failure.

No. 308974

File: 1477562715513.jpeg (41.08 KB, 482x424, image.jpeg)

No. 309039

She literally looks like someone's obese 45 year old mother now..

I used to envy her beautiful, long red hair and her pale skin. I really thought that even though she was fat, she was cute. But now, there is nothing left to be jealous of. She looks completely awful. And she won't do anything to help herself nor her failing body.

Fatties gonna fat.

No. 309069

I too can do a few jumping jacks and jog a few feet. She's terribly unhealthy and needs to lose weight. It's not cute at all.

No. 309094

This looks uncomfortable. Even smallish boobs can be awkward when exercising, I wonder how weird it must feel if everything is bouncing.

No. 309102

I don't think there is any way to come back from this. I mean, she doesn't want a real job, does she? She's perfectly happy turning her body into fleshy mounds for fetishists to spank the monkey to. That's the only purpose she will ever have in life.

The other fatty in that gif already has the characteristic dark spots from the beetus. Soon they'll both be rotting, their limbs will fall off, and the amount of fetishist who want to jerk the monkey to that will grow smaller and smaller. Is she American? She'll be one of those medicaid recipients who rot in a hospital bed for a few months, while she's still conscious she'll oink about the nurses not feeding her enough, and then she'll get septic and die.

No. 672885

File: 1561496523546.gif (15.9 MB, 480x270, 20190205210528-4c03caa7.gif)

So are we gonna talk about how much worse she's become orrrrrr

No. 672938

Gotta be honest, would have expected worse. I mean, her body is beyond ruined and she looks horrible. But she's still mobile.

No. 672948

She looks pretty much the same as she did a couple of years ago, is this really recent?

No. 672954

File: 1561511558954.gif (19.95 MB, 480x270, 20190526223459-8f6955d8.gif)

Nah she's definitely fatter, more out of shape too.

No. 673314

This just popped up and I remember Becca. The person I care most about in the world is quite big and I literally worry about their physical and mental health every day, as it was mentioned that their size affects them. To again be reminded that people voluntarily do this and that this feedism shit exists makes me wanna puke. She doesn't even have the fetish and she's catering to all the sick people who do. I'm fed up of people claiming that you can be obese and healthy. NO, it does not work like that. Also, there's such a huge difference between being attracted to people who just happen to be larger because you like them for them, and being attracted to them purely because they're large. If her boyfriend is in the latter category, then that's fucked up. What is this fuckery even? This shit is disguised as body positivity when really it's a nasty paraphilia that needs treatment rather than participation. Becca is psychologically ill and can't admit it.

No. 673369

She's obviously addicted to food. No one gets this obese on accident.

No. 673370

She's also doing fetish porn, so it's probably a feeding fetish thing for her IRL too.

No. 673372

File: 1561669214524.jpg (13.41 KB, 509x275, eyes.jpg)

These set of gifs are incredibly difficult to watch.

I wish they were spoiler-ed. I feel like…I can FEEL, her struggle& pain just looking at them! OUCH!

No. 673374

She recently posted some photos that made her look a little lighter, and everyone started asking if she had lost weight which made her legit FURIOUS and went around calling people out for saying she lost weight. It seems like she gets made when people say she looks skinny.

No. 673375

File: 1561669637425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 851.58 KB, 1280x1920, 8b9aa577-7e4d-43d3-a229-f31eb2…)

(emoji use)

No. 673376

Anon, she's morbidly obese. Skinny is not the word you're looking for.

No. 673377

I think you missed my point.

No. 673386

she used to have such a beautiful face

is her emo boyfriend (or now.. husband?) the one with a feeder fetish or does he just love the hell out of her personality? i always got major gay vibes from him back in the day….. hmmmm. anyone have any info?

No. 673388

I remember that she was the one who proposed to him, so it doesn't sound like he was too keen to get married.

What are her social media accounts these days? The tumblr is dead

No. 673390

I remember that she was the one who proposed to him, so it doesn't sound like he was too keen to get married.

What are her social media accounts these days? The tumblr is dead

No. 673414

pearchan was entry tier fat girl angle shot. when those reveals came out some anons still said they were shopped, that she wasn't fat. wake up call.

she's prettier than ryann, but my god she's gigantic now. i don't know how tall she is but her upper arms are easily the same as ryann's and her pannicula is probably about the same if she stuffs it into shapewear.
she's going to die from this haes shit though and it's depressing as fuck.

No. 673594


>What are her social media accounts these days?

her personal Instagram:

No. 674391

There's an ig link that someone above me posted, her twitter accounts are:
https://twitter.com/bbwbeccabae and https://twitter.com/afatfatfox

No. 674392

File: 1561898729150.png (88.03 KB, 600x720, tweetledee.png)

>emo boyfriend (or now.. husband?)
I remember that they got engaged forever ago, then finally got married (<1 year ago?). However this popped up on her husband's tweets recently.

No. 674394

File: 1561899302963.jpg (100.01 KB, 1080x2094, 62387518_754180581667336_36162…)

Hmmm? Intradasting post from her ig story.

No. 674395

File: 1561899366729.png (57.35 KB, 732x324, asdgfdagdsfg.png)


No. 674396

File: 1561899451055.png (488.71 KB, 807x594, iaouhsdfuhifgdfg.png)


No. 674399

Uh wtf? Husband and boyfriend? He clearly doesn't seem ok with it???

No. 674406

File: 1561901336460.png (50.29 KB, 596x344, tweedledum.png)

Yeah, his recent string of tweets clearly imply that he's not doing too well. This was posted last night about an hour before she "came out".

No. 674491

File: 1561922422534.jpg (267.46 KB, 1448x2172, IMG_20190630_121935.jpg)

Notice the discoloration on her legs. Disgusting.

No. 674494

This is puke-worthy. Just why?

No. 674502


she is the living definition of wanting to have her cake and eat it too. selfish and entitled brat.

i remember when she tried to turn herself into a boy when that became popular, then decided she was androgynous. even though she was already flaunting her fat, she was late to the haes movement and only made it her mission when it got popular. only jumped on the radical feminist bandwagon when that became really popular (even though all she's ever done for other women was reblog the fat ones with a lot of followers and call them babe)

"why couldn't my husband support me in navigating my newfound poly feelings!!!! this separation is his fault, he should've allowed me to bring an internet fan into our marital bed!"

No. 674574

File: 1561939794527.png (805.76 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20190701-010627.png)

Her boyfriend is a fetishist - he uses hashtags like #ssbbwlove and #fatadmirer. Plus this is his long term partner. Note the extreme weight loss.

No. 674985

File: 1562000271408.jpg (75.42 KB, 1080x2094, 65001724_2076553685979820_7386…)

Obvs she's getting some well-deserved hate judging by her cringeworthy, self-validating photo blogs. Ew.
Her new 'love' looks and behaves like your typical fuckboy. They deserve each other.

No. 677285

File: 1562445027596.png (88.97 KB, 708x342, 112840.png)

she removed husband from her bio haha

No. 687439

File: 1565006575626.png (228.58 KB, 1446x570, Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 8.01…)

boyfriend has now been added to bio

No. 687527

File: 1565032455038.jpg (188.32 KB, 1070x1237, SmartSelect_20190805-211409_In…)

New boytoy broke up with his gf for becca.

No. 687536

She went from
>non-monogamous pansexual uwu
Becca not even homewrecking shes just doing other women a favour and waking them tf up apparently. Glad this chick got away from a feeder and said man is now gonna loose part of his life to a histrionic narc which i bet they deserve one another.

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