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No. 23452

No. 23453

No. 23454

One of the dogs died but she hadn't stated why

No. 23455

probably died from one of her juice crams

No. 23456

What she and a lot of vegans have in common is that they sound manic all the time. It's like they're trying to prove that going vegan will make you severely mentally ill.

No. 23457

I'm a vegan and I can't stand this bitch. She's crazy and makes all of us look bad. She's just an anorexic who thinks she's a health guru because she eats 50 bananas a day.

No. 23458

Other than her face which is obv plastic, I see no 40 lb difference except a more flattering pose and bathing suit and slightly more muscle definition. Left just looks bloated to me.

Honestly I could take a better B&A in a week. Binge on salty food and diet pop for a few days, take a picture (drink a lot right before). Go back to normal diet, fast for a day, take a picture. No need to eat 50 bananas stupid fuck

No. 23459

It'd be cool for more deets, OP

No. 23460

I don't trust your exaggeratory judgement anon lol her face isn't plastic.
Also, look at her before face pic. She's larger there in the face than in the before body pic, which is to assume she was bigger. Not everything is a conspiracy. You sound like a lousy tabloid

No. 23461

I bet she and harley ate it in a psychotic rage caused by meth and malnutrition.

No. 23462

I stg everyone vegan hates her, she's literally insane

No. 23463

She probably forced it on a vegan diet, I'm vegan but at the dog daycare I work at a raw meat diet is recommended to clients I don't see how feeding dogs vegan would give them a good quality of life

No. 23464

Its crazy how she combined binge eating and over exercising and make it seem like she is "healthy" because of a vegan diet. I wonder what her blood tests look like.

No. 23465

How has she not suffered from potassium overdose yet?
I feel like she must get sick regularly but would never in her life publicize it.

No. 23466

Just seeing her makes me itch. She looks like me when I was eating a very unbalanced diet of mostly carbs. Bloaty red face, fragile irritated skin, dry yet greasy hair, and overall just busted looking. Aside from losing a lot of body fat, she looks as sickly now as she did in her before photos. I find it sad that she analyzes everyone else's diets and obsesses over who's getting fat or has eating disorders. Her videos are annoying as fuck.

Also, a bit off topic, but Durianrider looks like my grandpa right before he died from Huntington's disease and was suffering from malnutrition.

All I see looking at them both is rapid deterioration of mind and body.

No. 23467

She's a reason why so many people wouldn't go vegan: her condescending preaching pisses me off to no end. And don't get me started on the manipulative use of images and sounds as an attempt to condition her viewers into veganism.

It's clear she her "knowledge" can't persuade people on it's own otherwise she wouldn't have to resort to this. Also smh that she calls herself an "educator" on her site: she preaches her beliefs, she's not educating! Crying out loud, she makes videos saying why various non-vegan celebrities are terrible human beings for not being vegans - clearly an awesome "educator".

No. 23468


honestly i dont comprehend how someone can be such a fucking narcissistic twat. she's literally said all non-vegans deserve to die, she butts in on other people (jennamarbles, trisha paytas, the list goes on) 's personal lives, etc etc..

i feel like she's seriously got some kind of mental illness because there's no way one person can have such an over-inflated ego and such intense delusions without being fucked up in the head. not to mention her fans are just contributing to her narcissism by praising her as some sort of fucked-up deity.

its not fucking healthy for every single person out there to be vegan. not everyone can be a super-skinny raw vegan fruitarian or whatever bullshit freelee believes is "healthy" for a human. people with things like allergies or special dietary needs or whatever else might not be able to be vegan, for example.

christ, like she's fucking stated before that she no longer gets her period, in what fucking universe is that a good thing? she's clearly (fruit)bat-shit crazy. smfh.

tldr anon hates freelee to an extreme extent and was actually considering starting a thread for banana bitch themselves.

No. 23469

don't forget that she made a video stating that a 12 year old girl who died of cancer would have survived if she just ate bananas. what a cunt.

No. 23470

never seen that one but tbh i wouldnt really put it past her to do smth like that. goddamn.

No. 23471

Anyone with at least one fucking eyeball tell that she isn't 110 lbm. She's definitely in the zone of 135 lbm.

No. 23472

I fucking hate these idiots who try and sell or promote stupid diet plans like this when they are blatantly following a far more comprehensive diet and exercise regime behind the scenes. Then again, i'd say if people are willing to stoop to a quick fix instead of researching what they should actually do and is proven to work, then they deserve to get mugged off.

No. 23473

What's her height? I could believe 110 if she's around 5 feet.

No. 23474

File: 1441572079694.png (109.69 KB, 511x157, AbEtching.PNG)

Anyone think she's had abdominal etching? She got those awful breast implants, so…

No. 23475

You're delusional.

No. 23476

She tries to talk shit on Cassey Ho and Blogilates, fuck her.

No. 23477

Whoa whoa whoa, really? Okay, I mad. Cassey Ho is amazing and sweet and the best. This bitch can get crushed by a bus.

No. 23478

I hate her bf 'durianrider' tbh.
He's such a creepy fuck. He looks and sounds like a meth addict.

No. 23479

shane and trisha's videos about her are pretty funny

No. 23480


Exactly. The two of them together make veganism look like a terrible idea.

No. 23481

I can't deal with the whole "dogs are omnivores but it's wrong to feed them animals that have been slaughtered" thing. So I guess from an ethical viewpoint it'd be ok if she let her dogs roam around and just kill shit to eat? Of course not, because she's full of shit and just enjoys pushing her ideology onto something that doesn't know any better and has no choice but to accept the food it's given. She's a cunt.

No. 23482


Yes, she has at least two videos specifically talking shit on Cassey and calling her anorexic/unprofessional. ): What a cunt.

No. 23483

This chick is a joke. She really only gets views because she talks shit on more popular youtubers and celebrities (Kim kardashian, Selena Gomez etc)

No. 23484

The two of them give me such self righteous sociopathic vibes, it makes me wanna vom. If they weren't crazy ass fitness quacks they'd probably be running a religious cult.

No. 23485

yes of course a raw vegan fruit only diet is gonna work to make you lose weight fast because you're going to be doing nothing but shitting

my vegan roommate likes this girl for some reason and she tried following her diet and going completely raw and she had to stop cause it "didn't agree with her stomach" lol of course it's not going to fucking agree with your stomach

No. 23486


i never understood the fruit thing because that shit's just all sugar. that sounds like an actual nightmare and wouldn't it fuck your blood sugar? I'm so confused.

noticed other snowflakes adopting that ban diet though, namely monami frost and she has a daughter. p sure she is anorexic though.

No. 23487

you have to be anorexic or have some type of anorexic tendencies to think that's an okay diet and that it's okay for your body to react that way, like anon saying freelee said her period stopped, also the laxative effect you're gonna get.

No. 23488

Yeah, I don't get it either. And as much as I don't care for Jenna Marbles, her video basically attacking her for her body was really fucked up.

No. 23489

Shane dawson?

No. 23490

Dude me and my friends tried a couple months ago to prove to her that people who eat meat are VERY healthy. We showed her we all have toned and tight bodies and we gave her a list of all the people in the Olympics who had a balanced diet. She just kept deleting them until she just replied with something along the lines of "Well you and those people are not truely healthy and would die young"

No. 23491

No. 23493

>tubby soccer mom gets plastic surgery and titty implants
>suddenly think she's queen shit because of petty things like her diet

Truly a loser.

No. 23499

Your small intestine can only absorb a certain amount of fructose at once. When I read this I started binge eating 1000 calories worth of melons at night to help me lose weight. Best weight loss tip ever but probably terrible for you. I don't get diahierra but you can feel your digestive system crying plus lots of gas.

All these raw vegans pretending this shit is healthy makes me kek because I know its just re-packaged anorexia.

No. 23503

Cassey Ho ain"t special and she promote crash diet… Why do you seem to like her so much?

No. 23505

I hate most of the hclf community. Full of pseudo science and it's stupid how freelee makes the same dumbass celeb vids. like woah WHY DID THEY GET FAT? spoilers because they arent vegan, and if they are thin they are clearly doing drugs. Also the whole GO VEGAN TO CURE CANCER, or blaming people with cancer because they arent vegan.

No. 23524

It's fucking ridiculous. Yeah, veganism can be really healthy, but you have to put in an actual effort rather than just eating bananas. I once called her out for making a video about how Jenna Marbles gained like 5 lbs after stopping her vegan diet, and she told me I wasn't an actual vegan because I didn't agree with her. Okay, Freelee.

No. 23537

She is completely delusional and so far up her own ass thinking she and her boyfriend are the absolute fittest, most knowledgeable (health-wise) people in the world and the only true vegans, it's honestly fucked up.
Sometimes I feel like it's all an over-exaggerated act now because she knows it rakes in the views and attention, even if it's negative.
I could believe she started off truly having some of these views and being obnoxious from the start but then amplified it even more once she noticed the views she was getting.
And even with that there're still people who believe her garbage and buy her books and shit.
She wins both ways.

No. 23622

YES!!! It's hilarious


No. 23623

>she knows it rakes in the views and attention, even if it's negative

This. She disgusts me because she's constantly calling out personalities and celebrities for promoting "eating disorders", yet she's arguably doing the exact same herself.

No. 23624


Is it me or has shane dawson gotten more miserable over the years? idk he doesn't look as… as happy anymore?

No. 23626

Idk how her and other people can eat so many bananas and not feel like complete shit…. I ate 3 for breakfast due to laziness earlier and my blood sugar totally just crashed.

No. 23629

He seems better now that he's finally come out. This video was prior to that.

No. 23669

Seriously. She's like a religious nut shaming other people, except using food. Fuck off, cunt- i'm going to continue to eat ice cream and eggs and enjoy it.

No. 23670

Shane looks better without that weird boy band haircut. And lol, Freelee is such a butthurt cunt. She's mentally ill. Why don't people see it?

No. 23671

He's come out? Wow, finally. it was really obvious that he was gay for years. It's pretty sad he hid it for so long.

>googles video about it

Oh… he's bisexual? Well, that isn't really any kind of revelation, is it?

No. 23845

For him to admit it to himself and the internet, it probably is. He seems a little better adjusted these days.

No. 24070

I'm only a shotty vegetarian, but I have a lot of vegan friends. Only one of them is an annoying self-righteous idiot who criticizes vegetarians/pescotarians/meat eaters for not living her uberly bulimic lifestyle. Basically most vegans like this are just trying to hide their ED, otherwise they don't make a big deal about it.

No. 24482


No. 24483

No. 24484

She looking old

No. 24485

Freelee was anorexic, bulimic and a drug addict. Her current addiction just happens to be veganism. Her brain is unhealthy.

No. 24486

That double chin

No. 24487

You don't need to post three times prick

No. 24489

An attention-seeking lolcow agreeing with the shit another attention-seeking lolcow said? What a shock!

No. 24758

I'm a pescetarian myself and I have yet to meet a Vegan who didn't have an ED. They have to take a crazy amount of pills just to sustain themselves.

No. 24759

Why the hell did you repost the same video three times??

No. 24812

so like… i'm convinced freelee had to go to court with her boyfriend because they were harassing the mother of a child who died of cancer, because she didn't feed her kid 100% raw vegan cancer curing foods? or was that another weird vegan youtuber

No. 24819

"Pills" you mean…supplements?
People who eat meat take supplements too.

No. 24823

lol except they don't NEED them because of their diet
vegans require b12 supplementation at the very least
in my experience veganism is a cover for an ED about 30% of the time
raw veganism and all of the weird restrictive variants – 90%

No. 24835

I'm vegan and I don't take supplements. I had blood test recently and everything was fine. I'm not a raw vegan or a junk food vegan. Only raw vegan and junk food vegans need to pop pills and drink protein powders. They still always end up look malnourished.

No. 24841

your b12 stores take a long time to deplete, but you WILL eventually become deficient if you don't supplement.

No. 24843

enjoy all that puss fatty chan

No. 24883


Yea I'm been vegan for 7 years as of April. You're thinking of junk food and raw vegans. Sane vegans who actually look after themselves can manage. Junk food vegans like Kiki and raw like freelee are mentally and physically ill

No. 24888

She is so jealous of Cassie lol. Cassie is vibrant and beautiful with tons of fans and that makes freelee the haggard old bitch's blood boil.

No. 33434

Where does she promote a crash diet? Receipts?…

No. 35042

Freelee and her crazy af boyfriend have both talked about how they used to be addicts and shit. A lot of addicts try to replace their addiction with another one when they get clean.

I think they've replaced theirs with this raw vegan shit. Because, I remember seeing another raw vegan on Youtube and she was healthy and pretty chill. But, Freelee is legit crazy af and it seems her friends are too.

I remember a video she posted where she talked about one of her friends dying because she was so scared none of the water she was drinking was pure enough. I was trying to find it again, but I cannot remember which one it is.

These are not healthy, mentally with it people.

No. 35136

what were they addicted to?
i only remember them having eating disorders, being bulimic.

No. 35256

I filter my water, but damn. I love drinking water. what kind of insane person doesnt drink it?

No. 35303

She looks the exact same in before and after imo, just longer hair and different pose

No. 35341


I'm not super sure. I'm not sure if they've ever even said. They've mentioned being addicts before and I know they have one about smoking pot (which Freelee is so dumb she may mean that).

I wish I could find some of those videos where they talk about more serious shit, but I think she might be deleting some. Because I could swear she had more of these talk videos where she awkwardly moves around where Duran films her and sometimes comments.

No. 35342


We just buy bottled water (we need to get a Brita or some shit). I could not imagine that level of paranoia over my "healthy lifestyle" where I am too scared to drink water at all.

No. 76103

I can't remember how credible the source is, but its all over gurugossiper that Freelee had a tummy tuck. If its true its hilarious that her diet hasn't actually contributed to the important facet of her life that is her stomach.

No. 76111

I'm not sure if that's possible because she posts so many videos and photos of her with a shirt off and there is no tummy tuck scar. Also if she follows the diet she says she does, it would definitely work to lose weight, it's just bad for you.

No. 76112

A lot of people rag on vegans for needing to supplement B12, but a large percentage of the population would benefit from taking them.


You can get fortified foods (like
nutritional yeast, which is used to make vegan cheese) so you don't have to take it in a pill form, and you don't have to take "crazy amounts" either - just B12, and only a few times a week if you choose to take pill supplements. Being vegan isn't for everyone, but it isn't inherently unhealthy.

No. 76113

I'm a mostly raw vegan, I eat cooked food when I feel like it but try my best to eat raw. It's not a "cover" for an ED, it's more like a cure for me. I had an ED and I was obsessed with what I was eating and how many calories were in it because it felt good to have control (and my life was otherwise out of control). I switched to obsessing over balanced eating and getting right minerals and vitamins etc. and creating new raw foods instead, and I get the same fulfillment without marching down the road to an early death. I'm healthier than I was before my ED and probably healthier than most people who don't think about what they are eating.

No. 76114

dREW went as Freelala at Trisha's halloween party. Genius.

No. 76127

No. 76261

Freelee is basically a wannabe lolcow. She thinks it's actually a good thing. That's why she's acting like a cunt and attacking people on the internet and harassing people on the street. She has to have some form of personality disorder, since she's such an attention-whore and egocentric. She thinks she's perfect and anyone who isn't like her is shit.

No. 76267

Every video where Shane, Trisha and Drew mention her, she just HAS to reply and say things "like haha this is sooo funny". It's really pathetic and embarrassing…

No. 76268

She's really stalking him or something. He posts a picture of vegan food, for a food challenge, she immediately makes a video about Shane supposedly going vegan.

No. 76271

Trisha is a skanky whore too though. And she's a fat ass who keeps complaining about not losing weight when she makes zero effort to change her diet.

No. 76289

Trisha imo also deserves a thread, not sure where though.

No. 76304

She has a thread on /snow/ already. Check the catalog.

No. 76313

No. 76469

Thanks anon

No. 76725

A lot of vegans are so nutty and condescending to anyone who isn't vegan. But the worst are vegans who feed that diet to cats and dogs. They are supposed to eat meat.

Freelee really comes off as crazy. I think she's one of the worst I've ever seen.

No. 76733

dogs can be vegan and healthy, IIRC the world's oldest dog ate a vegan diet. Dogs are omnivores and can eat damn near anything that meets caloric/nutritonal needs.

Cats need to eat meat for taurine, some vegans insist on finding synthetic taurine vegan cat foods and some cats do okay but most cats suffer kidney issues as a result. Most vegans I've met who own cats feed them real meat because doing otherwise and risking their health and wellbeing would be considered cruel.

No. 76734

If you want to put your dog on a vegan diet, you should still check with your vet first and during.
Tbh vegan dog food is better than low quality regular dog food, but fresh and raw etc. is of course the best for them.
Some people do dumpster diving at supermarkets to get their dog their meat (they often throw away meat that isn't spoiled yet at all), they don't fund the exploitation, but the dog still gets their nutrition.

No. 77610

No. 77618

If you feed a dog a vegan diet you deserve to be fucking drawn and quartered.

No. 77619

What's with the blind rage? i mean I can get why you'd be mad at some harpy who feeds their dog only vegan meals but as long as the vet says it's ok, what's the big kerfuffle?

No. 77623

"I was dying from this diet so I continued it"

I hate freelee, but what a fucking idiot.

No. 77626

you read it wrong. she means she continued posting her story, not continued the diet.

No. 77717

lol feeding an omnivorous animal plant foods deserves punishment?


it's perfectly healthy for dogs to be vegetarian/vegan. why the anger?

No. 77719

sure, all new dietary changes regardless of them being vegetarian/vegan/switching to a completely different meat based food etc. should be discussed with a veterinarian. I was just pointing out that it's very possible to feed a dog a healthy vegan diet they can thrive on with no negative health effects, while the same simply isn't true for cats.

No. 116859


I just found out that consuming bananas is bas for the enviroment lol http://business-ethics.com/2010/06/19/2440-banana-industrys-impact-on-rainforests/

Way to go freelee! You are distroying the planet just like the rest of us monsters

No. 116892

am i the only one who doesn't hate her guts?
she's not as bad as this cunt

freelee comes off strong and yeah she's a bitch bla bla bla but it's still entertaining to me, and idk i think she has a great body.. to me this isn't any worse than radical feminists or radical christians.. every group has a couple of nuts

No. 116899

is she mad short or something? because 110 isnt that much for someone thats as 'fit' as her

No. 116938

I can't hate on Freelee either, it's obviously Harley/Durian Rider who is the troll/bully/insecure one and Leanne is tagging along for the ride.

This guy has made some excellent videos critiquing them. Also check out "The vegan mojo"

No. 116990

wow, this bitch gives self-righteous cunts a bad name. the way she talks makes me want to slap the shit out of her, she's like the poster child for sanctimonious suburban social justice ~*warriors*~

No. 117100

>>116892 Umm… saying someone's ok because she's not worse than radfems or fundie christians is kinda like saying some food is not that bad because it doesn't taste any worse than shit.

No. 117106

Quintessential Adelaide crazies.

No. 117198

I don't understand why vegans don't just keep rabbits or tortoises as pets. There's plenty of herbivorous animals. Leave the cats and dogs to the carnists if you want to push your morality on animals who don't even know what's going on.

No. 117234


Umm… ok?

No. 117300

As a vegan myself I don't think you can have a pet and still claim to be ethically vegan. Owning a fellow animal is not vegan, be they a plant eating rabbit or not.

No. 117982

File: 1460475305505.png (16.84 KB, 498x320, 60fXlK1qlje6h.png)

No. 129931

File: 1463084790422.png (166.62 KB, 1019x678, ughgetout.png)

I wasn't hating her too much until I found all these drama videos about other youtubers.

Also she thinks onision is awesome… so there's that…

No. 129939

oh what a fucking hipocrite she is, hes a fucking VEGETARIAN isnt that considered "ew he drinks cow puss uuuhhh, evil!" in her world? Why is Onion a fucking exeption?

No. 129941


No. 129942

Wow sorry but the narrator seems very far up his own ass, you can tell he thinks he's really smart and special, also lol "I make videos so my daughter can see them if/when i die, so she can see what kind of man her father was, thats why i always disable my comments" Oh yeah, your daughter is gonna be so proud of her narcissistic father that makes videos about psycho vegans on youtube, such knowledge!

No. 137161

Durian Rider back to calling anyone who disagres with his lunacy a pedophile.

Harley is just scared that he will lose popularity and have to go back to sleeping on the beach, stealing and waiting for his next crack hit. What an arsehole.

No. 137162

ie as well as A bas le ciel, he on his instagram called a woman teacher with kids a peado because she reported him for using a photograph of her pregnant to represent bloating in one of his vids.

He's the one though that lures all these vulnerable tenage girls to the sex capital of the world….

No. 137171

I hate the guy, he contributed to a girls death because he told people not to donate to her because she was "faking" cancer, hes a fucking piece of shit, he also claimed that he "healed" diseases you literally cannot heal with a vegun diet duuh

No. 137187

He also claims that everyone sufers from disordered eating that they need to be "healed" from. This so called process takes years, involves weight gain and has to be done by following his crons disease diet. It's such bullshit.

He's stated plenty of times that before youtube he was a petty criminal, homeless and unemployed and battling with a series of addictions and mental problems. He needs youtube as without that he would just be another ego maniac without an income.

I've been vegan most of my life, so longer than both Harley and Leanne and I feel sorry for all the 12 year old girls who think veganism is just about riding bikes, living it up in developing countries and eating fruit.

No. 137191

There's literally a cult of women gaining weight "because of their metabolic damage from undereating on 1600 calories a day" and not because they're eating 4000 calories of pasta and rice.

The a-bas-le-ciel accusations are so twisted, no matter what he says, he can't win.

No. 137207

I just googled that. Now I'm mad. She better be haunting his ass so hard. Fuck this guy.

No. 137209

He and Freelee are literally insane, They just know how to get the morons to empty their wallets and sell the dream about eating as much as you want while losing weight to teenagers,its so fucked up.

No. 137212

You should watch Dom Bower's response to it all too.

No. 137213

Yes, his usual response to anyone who criticises him is to try and get all of their personal details, to publically call them a pervert or pedophile, and also to threaten violence or murder on them. He's just pathetic, and isn't vegan no matter how many bananas he sucks on.

No. 137217

He also peddles the idea that diet can cure mental health problems, becayuse apprently he "cured" himself of drug addiction, crohns schizophrenia and anorexia by binge eating sugar. And ofcourse anyone who is ill even if from breast cancer like that poor woman , is a "drainbow","shit khunt" etc etc etc

No. 137223


This bitch is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse, I can't stand her

No. 137225

Yeah she's more annoying, but Freelee and Durianrider are doing more harm than her.

No. 137229

I don't know how anyone can watch these with the sudden screaming all over the place. And I watch all the vegan drama videos for laughs but not her.

No. 137282

I don't understand why he claims to have all these diagnoses when he does not seem recovered from any of it. His videos remember me of another schizo youtuber ref batch, she uploads 10s of videos daily, ranting in broken english, is underweight. Basically, durianrider.
Why are his fans okay with following a schizophrenic?

No. 137372

I literally hope she gets cancer.

No. 137381

she's more likely to get radiation poisoning

No. 137386


Anyone with any sense would know not to take his and Freelee's dietary advice. It's basically suicide. They both strike me as those Evangelical con artists that sell "holy water" and swindle people out of their money but instead, they're doing it for the YouTube money and Internet infamy.

No. 137388

Thing is they themselves don't even follow their advice 100%. They started off as fully LF raw, failed at that so invented this ridiculous RT4 which they don't even follow as they regularly show themselves eating junk and cooked food.

Also Harley has stated that he has crohns, you can't cure it therefore his diet of high calorie smoothies and soft fruits suits him but most people don't need a soft high calorie diet.

Look at Julia Boer who worships Harley and follows his advice, she has ended up obese and is full of hate. You get so many people reportin issues of muscle pain, dental problems, hair and menstruation loss, weight gain etc following his diet. Veganism doesn't cause any of these problems, just Harley's warped version of a plant based diet.

No. 137399

Her bf is the most BOGAN PIECE OF SHIT.

Seriously. He looks like he should be hanging around Maccas carparks at night drinking goon.

No. 137410

He and his fanbase really do their best trying to hijack veganism. Trying to morph it into you can only be vegan if you eat HCLF and are addicted to cycling or something like that, oh and you have to piss off everyone around you and think meat eaters deserve to die, other wise you're not a real vegan, but just someone doing it for the attention.
His followers are probably the reason why the vegan jokes and vegan hate has started, because the fanbase of Harley really is like that. Have to announce they're vegan all the time and what they exactly eat, but are very unhealthy and sickly, and hate literally everyone around them.

No. 137412

File: 1465123175387.jpeg (18.77 KB, 330x186, image.jpeg)

Can somebodyexplain to me how people can take this guy seriously?

No. 137413

wtf is his hair

No. 137415

File: 1465124752531.jpg (133.77 KB, 2048x1152, dPnsDMo.jpg)

No. 137419

Guess he just does these things for the views and drama.

Fullcircle vegan summed it up, how can he reach a wider non vegan audience when he comes off as unhinged and aggressive. Swearing ans making up words all the time.

Anyway though, it's not his appearence that sums him up but his opinions and actions.

No. 137422

File: 1465126067028.jpg (20.53 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Looks like an actual heroin addicted hobo holy fuck

No. 137429

Well he kind of was or maybe even still is.

No. 137431

I love Freelee but I fucking hate her boyfriend. I find a lot of the criticisms of Freelee are actually things her boyfriend has done/said but for some reason are attributed to her.

She seems to genuinely be concerned with people with eating disorders and young girls. I think the thread should be directed at Duriancunt.

No. 137433

They show themselves eating junk because Freelee had claims against her thay she was orthorexic.

No. 137436

Leanne has admitted before that she was/is bulimic and orthorexic though.

I admit that Harley seems to be the one creating all the drama. Without Leanne Harley wouldn't have a huge audience of teenage girls and young women. But what I don't get is how can a fellow woman stay with a man that regards himself as being your "pimp" and openely promotes getting a vascetomy because it means you won't get fat through pregnancy (seriously) and so that he can have as much unprotected sex as he likes with you.

Honestly I was disgusted by that video, I think it was one to do with vascetomies, but honestly Harley talks about fucking his GF whenever he gets the chance. He talked about her as if she was nothing more than a hole to shove his penis in. How fellow women admire him astounds me, he supported Joe Best who is only in Thailand to eat KFC and fuck women apparently when he was accused of abusing the trust of women half his age.

No. 137442

I find it interesting that Leanne approves of him, asking Tana for videos of her being banged with a toothbrush.

No. 137444

did you see when freelee had her little monkeys post bananas on blogilates page? Like don't harass someoneone else just since her views don't line up with yours

No. 137454

Bloglates tried to get her videos taken down and she's fake and annoying as fuck. Also half her videos are shit like "build a bigger butt" with 10 minute body weight exercise kek.

Yep. Harley is creepy as fuck and looks like a homeless drug addict. He implied Tana was fat and at the same time sexualizing her.

No. 137463

>Bloglates tried to her videos taken down

So? Doesn't Freelee tries the same things? and also half of Freelee's videos are shaming people who don't have the diet or body she has. Then, truly how different are they.
Get that banana out of your ass.

No. 137467

I'm not even vegan. You acted like bloglates did literally nothing. And seriously how are (or anyone) a fan of bloglates. Her workouts feel like nothing and she has a fridge body and flat ass so they don't even work for her.

No. 137555

I'm not really fan of blogilates. I don't like her workouts (well, pilates). but how you describe her is pretty much how freelee is, perhaps on opposite scales to certain things. And you act like what freelee does and acts is okay. Why are you a fan of her, when she's a bitch to any who doesn't follow what exactly she does.

No. 137558

Wow people here actually like Freelee? What is wrong with you.. She is just as bad as her boyfriend, she is with him afterall, she lets him put videos up of her dancing around in a bikini(on his channel) she has extreamly low self esteem and the only reason she is with Harley and on the internet is to get compliments, i dont know if you noticed but she cant take critisism for shit, not even constructive. If she really cares she would listen because she is soo fucking good at giving it out.

No. 137604

I made a DR thread


No. 137619

Her videos and YouTube drama are my guilty pleasure. I guess she is dangerous to idiot young girls.

I'm weird because none of the cows or snowflakes actually make me angry. I like them for providing me entertainment. Bloglates doesn't do that.

No. 137665

sure blogilates doesn't give you a bigger butt in 10 minutes but she isn't promoting eating only bananas and having 500 calories only after you've worked out. I rather see her videos than this girl. I'm not into either person but I hate freelee and her pushing her 'vegan' morals on everyone who is on the internets.
Blogilates tried to take down her videos promoting unhealthy ideas as they can be damaging to the hundreds of pre-teens/teens who visit youtube. Who cares if she has a square body shape, some people are unfortunately shaped not everyone looks like a perfect hourglass with healthy eating and exercise. You'll probably learn that once you reach your high school health class.

No. 137669

She and durianrider are literally the poster children for stereotypical bat shit Australians.

No. 137676

Didnt freelee get a boobjob? >>137665
I agree cassey is harmless and promotes strength over thinness, but her body is a bit unfortunate for her line of work. Freele on the other hand is just a bully and still clearly has an eating disorder but hides behind the whole vegan deal. Almost all of freelees followers are young girls with eating disorders or they have "recovered" from it

No. 137701

LMAO remember that one video with Freelee and Durian where there was a giant dildo in the background?
Like i am all for beung sexually open but idk it doesn't really make them look serious or makes me want to follow their preaches.

No. 137758

No. 137761

Yes, she said she had implants to correct a "chest wall deformity" and Harley has had his teeth done.
Given that cosmetic surgery isn't vegan and they are always shaming people for having poor body image they are hypocrites.

They argue that getting medical treatment for chronic physical ills and mental health problems makes you a "weak shit cunt" but getting veneers or plastic surgery is ok!

No. 137802

I asked her about veganism and allergies once, and she literally told me that going on their lifestyle and reading their book would cure me. She also thinks it's impossible to be allergic to fructose or fruit in general.

No. 137807

File: 1465235661140.jpg (106.8 KB, 522x500, ew.jpg)

Tried to sign up to their site and holy shit - they want social media links, profile pictures, full names and a fucking bio… then they have to actually accept you. Basically a cult.

No. 137889

They shame anyone who can't afford to pay to look perfect and buy organic vegan food. Vegan is a first world luxury

No. 138080

organic overpriced fresh produce yes, vegan no. Millions of poor people around the world subsist on beans, rice, corn, potatoes, etc. polite sage since there's already a vegan containment thread on /b/ for nutrition talk.

No. 138249

The poorest people in the world exist on plant based diets, meat and dairy is far more expensive than beans and broccoli.

I've been a healthy vegan for 14 years, am in no way rich too. The only time I have ever had issues is when I tried out a high fruit/raw diet for a few months and cut out salt etc it left me with dental problems and muscle spasms/weakness. So when you see people like Durianrider and that waterfasting Dr McGregor? They look far older than their years because there diet is poor, a balanced vegan diet wont make you ill or cost the world from my own experience .

No. 138250

And if you ever post anything that questions their doctrine or you post anything that shows your body isn't coping they just delete it.

No. 138538

Makes sense. It wouldn't surprise me if a few years down the line Leanne admits that Harley was/is mentally unwell and the relationship was degrading and coercive

No. 138544

Thanks for the info. I guess I'm too used to seeing the "fresh pressed juice" "organic salad" "faux $16/lb cheese" vegans

No. 138581

This. I'm tired of people acting like being a vegan or vegetarian is expensive. You can even freeze a lot of your fruit and veggies to make them last longer.

No. 139134


No. 139233

Harley in a video repeating that he does not expect his viewers to respect him, but he repeats that he just wants their trust. Trust me, don't trust your doctors (or dicks as he calls them), trust only me.

Guy is suffering from some personality disorder for sure, he wants to run a cult and even admits it.

No. 139238

What would you do in my shoes video he says the word trust (as in trust him) 17 times!

No. 139560

A woman released a video on what Harley got up to when he was on a break from Leanne. What a creep, everything he says about people being perverts and wanting to be part of his community just have sex with young women in pure projection.
How parents can allow their daughters to go off to Thailand to meet him is shocking.

No. 139568


this pretty much confirms that freelee is just another brainwashed victim

No. 139594

If you go on the vegancheetah's youknow there has been a good discussion about all of yhis and more, Dom Bower, Eisel, Jason, Veg Ann, Fullcirclevegan etc all got involved.

No. 140026


I am a student with no other income than some pocket money from my parents with which i have to pay rent and gas with. Its not like i am poor but i definitely can't go shopping or buy fancy shit with this. It is enough to have food and have a beer with friends from time to time.
I am trying to change my diet because i figured good quality meat js very expensive and i just thought hey its good for your body amiright. I didn't do it to lose weight. Idgaf about this tbh.

So i tried cutting out dairy and animal products. Holy fuck. At first i only bought fruit and veggies. The ammount of fruit and veggies i had to buy in a month to be full and satisfied was inSANE. Fresh fruit is fucking expensive. Yes you can freeze and i do freeze my fruit for smoothies and it works very well but after 3 weeks i couldn't do it anymore. I felt like i tried every single vegan recipe on pinterest. I felt so sick of eating the same shit every day. I literally started to hate carrots, tomatos and peas. Oh lord the fucking peas and lentils…

So i thought okay lets take a step back and eat at least vegan dairy products like almond milk and vegan mayonnaise and stuff like that.
This crap is expensive as fuck. A litre of almond milk is 2,60€. Vegan mayo is 4€ for like 100g. I drink coffee everyday and i like to have (almond) milk with it so normally i need a lot of almond milk as well as for my musli or breakfast in general/smoothies. This is insane. In order to have best quality produce i had to buy fruit and veggies that are in season so i had to eat the same lame ass shit for weeks.
Also i had to plan everything. What to buy when to buy it when to eat it. The fucking naners are going bad guess i have to eat 5 of them today (goodness gracious after three i wanted to cry) literally 24/7 i had to think about food.

So i gave up. i hardly eat meat. When i cook for myself i don't eat it at all. But i do have dairy and eggs and pastry and glorious cheese. But all very little and limited. It feels good to eat what i like without having to cut out the good stuff. I actually still have days where i eat mostly vegan just because i like some dishes a lot and figured hey from time to time its good. But i could never ever fully commit to it. It is just the most lame ass diet ever.

No. 140090

Why did you avoid grains? Or soymilk? Almond milk is way more expensive than soy.

How about rice, pasta, beans, potatoes, bread, you know, things that actually fill? Also you could've used those bananas to make pancakes, banana bread, or nice cream.

Also, smoothies are less filling than if you were to eat the fruit whole.

No. 140096

Soy milk is not good for you, first of all. Second, oat milk is way better because they add all kinds of filler crap to soy, almond and rice milk.
Third, I don't know where you live but in some parts of Europe beans just aren't very common and are usually only sold in small readymade portions as zombie apocalypse food and dry ones are only available in overpriced health food stores. Fruit is also very expensive the more north you go and you can't even get most things fresh until June, July and August after berry season is already over in other parts of Europe. There is a total of 1 actual farmers market in the city and it's overpriced to fuck. Fish is supposed to be plentiful since it's a country with sea access but it's the most expensive thing you can get because there aren't any rivers and saltwater fish is heavily taxed and regulated. Being vegan is a luxury here.

Bottom line, not everyone has the possibility or the budget to be vegan because not everybody lives where you do so please stop pushing your shitty food cult and fuck off. Not that anon btw.

No. 140103

you guys do know that there's a vegan thread on b, right?

No. 140108

File: 1466007465278.jpeg (5.79 KB, 154x120, image.jpeg)

>some parts of Europe beans just aren't very common and are usually only sold in small readymade portions as zombie apocalypse food and dry ones are only available in overpriced health food stores.
Europe sounds like such a shithole sometimes. It blows my mind.

No. 140115

I live in Northern Europe, and I just get my fruits and veggies from the Lidl, and you can buy 900 grams of beans in cans and jars, and 1 kg bags of dried beans in regular grocery stores.

Soy is actually quite healthy and good for you, as long as you don't go above 5 servings a day. Also, I've never seen that 'filler crap' written in the ingredients, and I'm pretty sure they would have to include it in there.

Also you're being off-topic, like me, but at least have the decency to sage.

No. 140140

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.
You don't need huge quantities of fruit and fake dairy to be vegan. You say you weren't satisfied, well no wonder when you weren't eating things like potatoes, pasta, bread, lentils etc and please I too live in Northen Europe and have been vegan most of my life. You don't need to live off of expensive imported fruit, just eat traditional peasant fayre, lots of hearts pulse, root and veg soups and stews with bread and seasonal salads.

Also veganism isn't a diet it's an ethical lifestyle that encompasses your outlook and behaviour, maybe get more into that before dismissing it because you lived off of vegetables and fruit and were hungry

No. 140141

Yes there are loads of different plant milks available if that's what you like. Also if you are in Britain you can get local hemp milk which is good for you

No. 140142

I live in mid Europe and you absolutely can get dried beans.

No. 140143

*hearty woops!

No. 140144

I know right, oats, dried lentils, barley, rice, cous cous, beans and tinned beans and peas are available in any supermaket.

No. 140164


You literally nailed my living conditions. This is exactly why i struggled with this life style.

No. 140167

Can we talk about Freelee and Durian again already and stop talking about your crappy ass diets. Idgaf if you're vegan or not tbh i want lolcow milk.

No. 140192

I'm the OP and I live in Northern Europe. Like I said, not everyone lives where you do and Europe isn't the same wherever you go.

No. 140212

Agreed. Gtfo to the Vegan Containment Thread if you wanna sperg about soy milk or whatever.

No. 140227

Been watching too many duriandrama videos and dreamt that Harley in response to be exposed as a cult leader and predator rounded up all his rt4 festival members for their B12 Injection only it was like the Jonestown massacre.


No. 141876

I noticed that as well. She actually just made a video calling out CutiePieMarzia (who is a vegetarian). I guess it's a-ok for Onion to only be a vegetarian though, as long as he acts like he's a holier-than-thou vegan and perpetuates Freelee's agenda.

Another (kind of) weird thing I noticed about this Marzia video was that when I went to watch the original out of curiosity, she mentions right in the beginning that she's a vegetarian. However, Freelee completely cuts that part out and acts as though she has on clue as to whether Marzia is vegetarian or not.

No. 141880

Kek at her referring to eggs as "hens periods"

No. 141885

Other Northern Europeans have replied to you, but you've ignored those. Also, learn to sage.

No. 146453

While this guy is definitely speculating about their relationship, DR admits he's not natty in this video with steroids/some sort of addiction.

No. 146511

going a bit off topic here
Durians new boy toy freaks out over pizza sauce at 16:00

No. 146662

honestly he either has mental issues (anger problems?) that he needs to work out or he's just a troll who found a clever way to get eyeballs on his channel and pulling a durianrider/freelee with the clickbait video titles. Either way I think ignoring him is for the best, he doesn't have any "real" drama just manufactured.

As far as the Durianrider/Hannah Chloe thing in this video ~:34 second mark there's a screen cap of Freelee talking with Hannah about what happened between the two of them, this paired with the vid Hannah did with a hickey on her neck the day after meeting with DR confirms to me she's just trying to farm views for being a victim or something.

No. 148630

So she's gay now

No. 149051

Is there a thread for crazy fitness girls (like charlotte winslow/fitness-fits-me) who sell plans? Her youtube videos are so cringey.

No. 149743

It would not be a surprise if Harley has been going to Thailand for years to make use of the sex industry there. Now he has how own little cult, he doesn't even have to pay to exploit women. He's such a creep and the best thing would for him to be sectioned.
If you compare his body language, the staring eyes, the commands it is the exactly the same as many famous cult leaders. He always goes on about how having the snip means he can have as much unprotected sex as he wants, then there was the drama with him defending Joe Best for sexually assaulting a young woman and manipulating her. The RT4 men are all such weirdos.

No. 157440

Can't believe I'm bumping the thread
I couldn't stop laughing at how even her own people don't want her to stay on YouTube
Jfc I don't get why she's preaching when she's the one after everyone. Especially with a video she made on approving eating meat when she herself,wanted genocide to happen on those who eat meat

No. 157895

This documentary came out last week and freelee and her cunt of a bf are mentioned in it throughout
and they bring in a dietician to look at the claims these vegans make about their diets. They also speak out the diet where one person pretended her diet cured her cancer but she never had it in the first place.

No. 157897

If you want to see the freelee/dietician bit it comes after the 17minute mark

No. 157913

I wish all of Freelee's idiotic nutrient deficient followers would watch this. Whenever they scream at someone parroting her harmful advice, "Watch Freelee the banana girl's videos! You'll love them!" they're promoting a fucking eating disorder. If you're say… 25 and feel like you're 85, maybe that should be a sign that your diet is shit and that you need help.

No. 157915

this would be a lot better if it didn't represent all vegan diets as gluten free fad cleanse diets and wasn't about some fat bitch making excuses for being a fat bitch

No. 157971


why is an unmotivated fat bitch telling me it's too hard to eat healthy and gets disgusted at every meal everyone makes for her?

if i was someone there to make her a dish and have her tried it out i'd get pissed if she had barely a bite and immediately went "nah" and put the whole thing down

No. 158028

fat people are repulsed by anything resembling a fruit or vegetable, it's almost hilarious to watch if you ignore how pathetic it is.

No. 158898

No. 158926

That guy is worse than Freelee. He's like the keemstar of the vegan community. Biggest drama bitch there is

No. 158935

Yea, I'm not a really fan but you don't care about the hypocrisy do you?

No. 164204

Freelee begged PewDiePie to roast her after he made a response video to vegan youtuber Sorsha. I'm really starting to like Felix. First he pissed off Onion, now the vegan community.

(sorry for bumping this thread)

No. 175061

DAMN the fucking drama! Shit has hit the fan between Freelee and DurianRider and they are at war after breaking up.
Issues that have come to light in the last week (no shocker really):
Freelee uses Botox and had a boob job
Harley (DR) was sleeping around and making very degrading remarks about women
There are a shitload of videos about everything.

No. 175063

This sounds interesting, post some stuff.

No. 175064

post or gtfo

No. 175071

I love how he just turned her into a meme on his channel. "HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR CORE MESSAGE??"

I really hope he doesn't address Freelee, though. She doesn't need more exposure.

No. 175085

>Harley (DR) was sleeping around and making very degrading remarks about women

I don't understand how that surprises her. I've never met him (and don't want to), but you can almost smell through the screen that he's not just a steaming pile of shit, but a batshit, raving narcissist. He care so little about anyone else, he doesn't even really care about himself. He's aged twenty-five years over the past five.

No. 175090

Freelee answered a couple of asks on her Tumblr on the 15th - 16th but they have since been deleted, probably due to threats from Harley (releasing their personal sex tape etc). I don't have screenshots, but I'm sure they're out there. She elaborated on a couple of things including the fact that she has used juvederm, not botox, and Harley calls it "botox" for shock factor, which is obviously believable.
The fact that anybody could be so lacking in emotional intelligence and basic intuition to think anything this man has said on the internet in the past four years was said with good intentions or a thread of sanity is AMAZING.
She's obviously a very controlling person in all aspects of her life, an egomaniac and somewhat of an airhead, but it is clear that she is not completely out of touch with reality. Harley, however…

No. 175091

Part #1 of thevegancheetah interview with DurianRider

No. 175092

Part #2

No. 175093

After the interview with thevegandickcheese, DurianRider uploaded this.

No. 179142

freelee is not unproblematic, but harley is literally an abuser. He built their entire career around exploiting her appearance and hiding her breast implants and then criticizes her for being preoccupied with her appearance and getting juvaderm? hypocrite.

No. 179149

As far as I know the two of them always answered that she had implants when people asked, they would just say "oh she got them a long time ago". At least I saw them openly talk about her having implants many times. Besides that though Harley was always obsessed with bragging about Freelee's body, calling her sexy and hot and showing her bikini and underwear photos at every opportunity as a way to increase his views and profits.

No. 179176

I never saw that. source?

No. 179234


I think this is what they were referring to.

No. 183669

File: 1476637991767.png (131.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0215.PNG)

Pulling a mags

No. 183815

Good. That fucker deserves it.

No. 213851

Well I came here expecting people to be talking about her breakup with harley and her sudden change of attitude in her videos. Does anyone else think it's her new boyfriend who's responsible for her videos being a bit better produced?

No. 213915

Yass, messy Adelaide bitches.

No. 214126

I wonder how much negative influence Harley had on her during their relationship, because I don't think she has been nearly as bad in her recent vlogs than she has been in the past. She's no saint by any means and I still think she's pretty shitty, but she's been far less aggressive in her latest videos.

No. 214177

I wouldn't be surprised if Harley was being emotionally abusive.

He's pretty mentally unstable and just a shitty human being.

No. 214587


Both of them are really shitty human beings, i was down at middleton riding my bike with my boyfriend. we stopped near the beach and they stopped and started giving us unsolicited life advice.

Harley told me i need to ride at a higher cadence if i wanted an arse like freelee. i was wearing a fucking dress and sun hat not competing in the fucking tour de france

freelee was upset with my boyfriend for having a protein shake, sorry i want a dude with muscles and not a skinned rat like harley

No. 214725

I'm sure they're both shitty people and I'm sorry you had the displeasure of meeting them in person.

Freelee, however, does seem to be doing better on that side now that she's dating someone new. That doesn't excuse her from who she was, but she seems to be more chill and understanding now.

Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot of issues with her and her content on Youtube. I just think she's not as bad as she used to be and that Harley really had a big part in shaping her personality at that time.

No. 214866

Freelee is a run of the mill Stacy. Skips from one guy to the next and her entire existence revolves around how she perceives her current boyfriend would like her to behave. Of course the quality of her new videos are completely thanks to the Swedish guy. She has no fucking idea how to edit beyond shitty jump cuts, badly timed voice-overs and the utilisation of hilariously out-of-place Android video effects. After making Youtube videos for over 5 years she still hadn't figured out for herself what basic lighting entails and how to film ANYTHING without it looking extremely unappealing. She is not an intelligent person beyond the very basic emotional manipulation tactics she relies on. Her body and the fact that she is of the female persuasion are what allow her to manoeuvre herself through life.

No. 214906

Skips from one guy to the next? She was with Harley for years

No. 215005

go back to r/incel

No. 215015

I'm referring to the fact that she seems to have never really been single.

No. 318069

Resurrecting this thread for an update.

Constantpedo Harley cheated on Freelee with some barely legal Freeleeclone who he's now grooming in his culthouse in Thailand. (She's also now a vegan youtuber and literally looks like a younger freelee)

Freelee's gone completely shambled because of it.

And there are people still supporting the both of them somehow.

No. 318141

guess freelee was getting too old for him

No. 318448

Jeez, he could be her dad (don't know if he is that old, he look around 48 or something)

No. 318682

he definately could be.

She is perfect for him though, an incredibly flat and boring person that just needs to have someone tell her what to think, as she does not know how to think for herself, so she happily repeats DRs "metabolic damage /unlimited calories/sprite/sugaaaaa"-bullshit like a well-trained parrot.

I also love how she changed her channel´s name from "Hunry Tori" to "Get slim with Tori" when actually she (of course) has been underweight/anorexic and claims her "lifestyle" is not at all about losing weight but everything else

Unfortunately, her content is nowhere near as entertaining as Freelee´s used to be. It´s just endless videos of her eating fruit, cycling and giving soporific lectures about self-love, self-nourishing, blah blah blah. She is just one incredibly flat and boring DR-mattress

Sage for rant.

No. 318685

lol freelee is better off, she's dating a much cuter guy even though he seems bland

this guy is craaazy. and freelee, even though she's older, is prettier than this girl

it'll be interesting what harley convinces this girl to do.

No. 318721

not a fan of freelee shes a huge bitch but ouch thats gotta hurt. durianrider is a weirdo though she can get better IMO.

No. 318727


say what you want about dr but he's entertaining. he's batshit insane but definitely not boring.

this girl though… you cannot recover from anorexia at such a low weight, especially when you're batshit insane. she's underweight and is continuing to do strenuous exercise… her body needs to heal not bike for several hours a day.

i also find it funny how in video related he bashes elle for modelling when not fully recovered and bashes her parents for going into a "fake pretentious fuckin bullshit fake pretentious pretentious pretentious" industry… when he's dating a girl young enough to be his daughter…

"it's not healthy to go into the modelling industry when you're coming from anorexia"

I fixed his shitty phrasing but that was his opinion. how long has tori been "recovered"? <1 yr?

"when you're recovering from anorexia you gain weight so fast, it only takes 2 weeks to gain 10kg"

also if anyone is out of the loop on what freelee's doing, check this out:


No. 318791

I really can't watch those horrible whisper/ASMR video's of her (the freelee video I mean). I mean, good for her that she is not yelling at the top of her longs when people eat something that is not dirt. But why ASMR, why?

No. 319050


stupid bitch thinks self-induced loss of period is "healthy", because "when she's on her period she doesn't feel healthy" lol.

No. 319071

Joke´s on Vice though because oooold news.
Freelee made that video years ago. The other nutcase mentioned in the article, Miliany Bonet, wrote about losing her period in March 2016.

No. 320104


Gotta say, I agree. Both in the face and body, Freelee is wayyyy better looking that this girl. Freelee actually looks fit. This girl just looks underweight to me. Her insta pics with those twiggy legs is really unappealing to me. I think Harley must think she's better because she's younger, but visually, Freelee is far more attractive.

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