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File: 1480902858664.jpg (13.1 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

No. 208604

YouTube skeletor who recently fought with Onision. She claims to be naturally this size and has a weird relationship with her brother.

No. 208605

File: 1480902894218.jpg (58.82 KB, 800x600, 918.jpg)

This is her brother, Chip Cooney.

No. 208606

Learn how to make a thread, anon. Where are the links?

No. 208611

see you on manure
It was already decided that being anorexic doesn't automatically mean you have milk

No. 208612

Even your description is wrong because Eugenia didn't even fight Greg, she barely even said a word after his videos. Seriously, what is bad about her besides that she is anorexic and that she was one of Greaselord's most recent victims? she's not lolcow or even snowflake material.

No. 208613

Ive seen tons of videos about her online. Shes a huge trigger for a lot of people. She dont have too much milk, but i feel like a gallon is going to spillover any time more. That or she'll be dead. Whatever happens first.

No. 208617

Which one is her brother?

No. 208618

We don't know that she's anorexic…

No. 208619

On the right

No. 208620

nah, she seems to be gaining weight now. lots of people said that in her latest video's comment section (the pikachu makeup one). I agree, her face seems to be getting better. Mind you, she's not gaining weight super fast, obviously, but you can see a slight difference.

No. 208621

Didn't her mom claim/admit she refuses to eat? I dunno how true it is, since I just vaguely remember reading it in the comment field of one of her videos.

No. 208622

BOOORRRRIINNGG. Just because all cows have EDs doesn't mean everyone with and ED is a cow. I think she's sweet. I remember her Justin Bieber screamo video that people got rekt about (obvs trolling).

Also, I love how there was a push to get her banned, but no IG ban petition for tess munster? hmmmmmm

No. 208623

Wow another skinny girl how interesting. Until she does something other than restrict calories she's gonna be boring.

No. 208625

since this is going straight to manure, i dont feel bad for derailing:

is anyone here familiar with Erica Camacho (spelling?)? Underage FB skank, resurfaced on snap recently, still a skank, sort of Jessi Slaughter-esque. is she thread-worthy?

No. 208626

>claims to be naturally this size
I watch her videos often and I can't help but wonder if you seriously skewed this claim from an entirely different sentence.

The sad part is that I bet there are worse anorexics out there that don't get a lick of help, just because they arent famous. This whole shit is pointless and Eugenia is fucking hilarious for not mentioning the word "anorexia" at all, because it pisses everyone off even more.

Same with the Marina Joyce gimmick. Nobody gave a shit about kidnappings in general until they realized they could look like good people by publicly worrying and using hashtags to show how oh-so caring they are.

No. 208627

File: 1480904651394.jpg (16.2 KB, 231x235, tuxpi.com.1480904483.jpg)

>since this is going straight to manure, i dont feel bad for derailing

me too. I believe Eugenia is anorexic, but find her really sweet and adorable, even though i dislike the tryhard emo look. thank you, greasedick, for introducing me to her channel.

No. 208628

i've seen that around. Does anyone have any evidence?

No. 208631

right??? Like ED's are soooo far down on my give-a-shit-list unless they're milking it for attention or lying about it. If neither of those are happening, not my business tbh.

And the little I've watched of her, she seems like peach tbh. An emo peach.

No. 208638

It's just interesting how someeone who is clearly anorexic will refuse to talk about it, but people who aren't won't shut up about it.

It's like the old rule of thumb (I worked in a psych hospital), if the person wants to be there, they don't need to be there. If the person doesn't want to be there, they likely need to be admitted.

No. 208639

I like Eugenia and watch her on YouNow sometimes. She has said a lot of things about it especially during all the current drama including "I'm okay," "It's not a condition or anything," "I'm just naturally like this."

No. 208640

its Ericka Camacho and i dont know if theres been any shit on her recently but i would LOVE to see a thread about her

No. 208643

Yup. She says those things, but she's never flat out denied an eating disorder.

No. 208645

She and her brother are at opposite ends of the weight spectrum, geez.

No. 208934

File: 1480952903350.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.88 KB, 649x485, oops.JPG)

The recent Marina Joyce drama reminds me of the Cooney drama too.

I find Eugenia outdated and irritating. Her youtubes would be deadly dull if she wasn't so car crash.

Unless there's some massive thing with her family starving her and keeping her in a box under the bed I agree there's not much going on with her. I'd keep her in /snow for developments, but apart from her disorder and how shit it makes her look in clothes and all the glaringly obvious behaviours, again, there's only the wardrobe malfunction that's made me laugh.

No. 208954

File: 1480955753229.jpeg (67.2 KB, 640x737, image.jpeg.bbe35e00b1c22d5f158…)

Imo I think she's gorgeous and has a lot of potential; it's just a shame she has an ED.
Even in a couple of her videos where she takes her makeup off she still looks really cute.

No. 208956

Yikes. Poor girl.

No. 208978

Well no wonder she's a stick

No. 208980

Yeah, she looks attractive there. It's her make up and hair that spoil her.

No. 208985

I'm 50/50 on this being intentional. Idk

No. 209044


>An emo peach

No. 209058

Yea I don't watch her YouNows but those are still really vague responses from her. I respect her choosing to not talk about it to the entire world and it irks me that her fans are so insistent on forcing her to talk about it.

Their major argument is "Well if she puts herself out there shes asking for it!!" She's about in her 20s, she has to go outside, and she has to put herself outdoors to function as a human. Nobody who crosses her path irl is entitled to knowledge about her body, idk why the internet feels like they're entitled to a video on anorexia. Going up to a stranger irl and asking if theyre anorexic or saying "I'm here 4 u" is really offending, for lack of a better word.

There really hasn't been anything lolcow-worthy since the vagslip.

No. 209059

Eugenia weighs 84 lbs at 5'7. I thought her weight would be lower than that. Anyone else?

No. 209067

I tend not to like ana chicks (mostly their attitudes and co-dependency) but Eugenia does seem genuinely nice. Either way it's bullshit to chase down people from youtube because they're not healthy. There is no rule on youtube saying people need to be healthy to post there.

If people are gonna shit on anorexics then they should also shit on the obese, mentally ill, drug users, alcoholics, stunt devils, steroid users, etc. because god knows they're all doing risky shit with their health and are committing the sin of filming themselves.

And the worst part about this is that I keep seeing that fucking "WONT SOMEONE PLS THINK OF DA CHILDRENZ!!1!!" argument popping up. Like if a ten year old girl sees this youtuber then tomorrow she will become anorexic, no exceptions. It's just another form of lazy parenting and people looking for an excuse to censor things they don't like. Meanwhile 10 year old little Suzie is allowed to watched sexually charged teen movies and play violent video games.

No. 209076

Does she have a wig?

No. 209080

When it's obese women, it's all fun and games making fun of it, lolcow is the right site for this kind of thing after all.

But anorexia is alright, if they are killing themselves it's none of anyone's business.

No. 209082

this. LOL. "it's no ones business" but for some reason FatPeopleHate is fair game…

these anorexic sluts need to get the fuck off youtube and stop posting pictures of themselves all over the internet if they don't want negative attention… but of course they won't do that because they are narcissistic sluts,

No. 209084

you sound fat

No. 209087

and you sound butthurt that your precious little snowflake isn't getting the same treatment that everyone else posted on this site gets.

she flashes her vagina for views and goes on weird rants on twitter, as far as im concerned she's got enough crazy in her compared to some other people posted here

No. 209111

literally don't give a fuck if eugenia is posted here. you're just obviously an angry fatty is all i'm saying.

No. 209116

She's thread-worthy imo, I don't have a snapchat so I have no idea what she's up to

No. 209117

i dont give a shit about her tbf

if she ends up in hospital then its her problem she's been warned and she doesnt look healthy

No. 209128

I'm more bothered about the fact that she still dresses like an Eno kid from 2005 and squeals about jack skellington and shit as if it's new or interesting. Her entire schtick is being thin and rehashing the things everyone else loved a decade ago. Where the fuck is her personality? What has she done other than lose weight and act like a 13 year old?

No. 209151

what am i supposed to be looking at? pierced pussy?

No. 209159

Yeah, but I really believe that was an accident and not a purposeful flash.

No. 209174

dunno anon, the way she stares at the camera afterwards made me think otherwise
also how can someone not notice their bare butthole brushing against the couch

No. 209178

I'd make sure I used anti bacterial wipes on her chairs if I ever visited her.

No. 209181

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