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File: 1484092942213.jpg (67.41 KB, 398x537, 1477841256001.jpg)

No. 231026

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I've been seeing this guy pop up a lot on /r9k/; maybe someone here has some information etc.

His name is Oscar and he is from Stockholm, Sweden. He sometimes goes by the name Eric and has also been saying that he is from Germany.
He is 25 years old, a NEET and spends his time on lifting and being obsessed with mentally ill girls. He also enjoys anime a lot.

He baits them with his 'mysterious' behaviour, manipulates them before they eventually send him nudes. Some say he also meets up for sex before then turning on them, insulting them and then fucking off.

Here's an archived thread with a lot of pictures of him and some (anecdotal) statements where he posts aswell (with confirmation picture): https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/32420752/

And a few logs he had with PoisonIvyLul: http://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/32309506/

Sadly no social media links because he seems to be pretty careful about that stuff.

No. 231030

This guy was or is a farmer.

No. 231033

This reads like some kind of shitty self post where the OP doesn't know how not to stroke their own ego well writing about themselves.

Tf is with his micro mouth….

Robots get out

No. 231034

yeah, i've heard that he has been trying to hit on girls here aswell, but was pretty unsuccessful.

No. 231040

He looks like Dylann Roof and this reeks of self post.

No. 231041

I thought that this was Dylan Roof at first glance.

No. 231046

He was an active member of the old lolcow chat for a while.

No. 231056

Not a self post actually. I talked to him last year for a while and only recently found out that he preys on online girls and exploits them.
I just find it weird because apparently he has done it to so many, yet there's hardly any information on him really.

What does he like/how did he come across?
What did he usually say?

No. 231058

Autistic, desperate, delusional.

No. 231062

That hair is really bad. It's like a combover but a comb forward. Please go to a hairdresser and sort it out.

No. 231063

lmao, is that a Wallace and Gromit shirt

No. 231086

File: 1484098313953.jpg (42.65 KB, 388x844, 1477841103876.jpg)

Either that or names of girls

No. 231092

Holy shit. Those pants!! I offer my service as personal shopper. I can't bear to see such dire choice of t shirts, undercrackers and hair.

No. 231093

i dont think its a self post because this guy tries to stay under the radar. but yeah he is fucking mental, but hard to observe because he tries hard not to get caught

he still posts on r9k every day, he will post his skype in almost every thread where he can attempt to contact a female. if he look through the archive under "skype" half of the posts link back to his usernames. he switches between a variety of them, usually random digits like s9484.894 for example. i reckon he probably has dozens of different ones.

honestly hes a creepy fuck and if i had more time i'd use this thread to compile all of his skype/discord shitposts just to spook him

No. 231097

Holy hell this dude is an uggo. How does he get anyone to fall for him? Like, I mean… I can understand stupid teens falling for Onion boy but this has me confused

oh anon if you find the time, please do. people like this guy are scumbags who deserve to be unhappy

No. 231102

File: 1484099283843.jpg (33.75 KB, 290x293, 1477842752945.jpg)

Yes, exactly. I enjoyed talking to him a lot bck then, I have to admit, but he got very clingy and very pushy for sexual stuff, so I just stopped talking to him.

A few days ago a girl posted on /r9k/ that she had a crush on a robot and it turned out to be him and the thread kind of exploded and a lot of people posted information etc.
I was surprised to see that he is STILL doing this. I would feel bad for him if he weren't knowingly/willingly doing this.

I agree with >>231097 though, you really should post more information.

Pic related, he uses this a lot aswell (same bathroom.)

No. 231107

He needs to stop skipping leg day.

No. 231110

No. 231115

File: 1484100159130.jpg (16.22 KB, 216x211, 1477842617585.jpg)

Yeah. He was involved in the PoisonIvyLul stuff and she leaked the two pictures posted above; if you reverse search them it's not only the Daily Mail that posted them. I would feel like killing myself to be honest.

This is the last picture I have of him, but they're all at least 3-4 months old.

No. 231119

i heard that he is trying to "fill a void" that he has now due to an ex girlfriend leaving him/betraying him before all this. some say that that is why he is like he is.

does anyone have any information about that?

i only know that he was in an "online relationship" with a tripfag on r9k called mystery.jpg, but once he found out that she had cheated on him he leaked all the sexual content he had of her (nudes and even masturbation videos.)

No. 231121

Hopefully all the details will find their way here. This is a vile piece of shit by the sound of things.

No. 231122

Lol some swedish guy hit me up from soc the other day. Top kek if it's him. I deffo won't fuck him now because he sounds like an std petri dish.

No. 231125

he's more scary than lulzy, what a manipulative waste of space.

No. 231130

Yeah, I would be very careful. He has been telling some girls that he is a virgin lmfao, but telling others that he's not. It's quite obvious that he has had his fair share with girls though.

The worst thing is that he hasn't properly been caught yet. I've been trying to find more information, but this is all I am able to get since he uses different names, locations, personas, Skype accounts and is a manipulator in general. He lies A LOT and I'm actually fucking gobsmacked that he's still doing this even though his face is already plastered over news sites all over the world.

No. 231135

i am not this person, but i know that luuweil@outlook.com is one of his accounts that he uses.
here are some threads where he posted his contact information in. his writing style is very recognizable if you know it.

just ctrl + f for "luuweil":
http://randomarchive.com/board/b/thread/715166069 - fetish thread
https://yuki.la/soc/24617493 - contacting someone in a looking for gf/bf thread
https://yuki.la/soc/24648458 - another contact thread where he contacted a girl
https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/32156929/ - aaaand another contact thread for a bf

No. 236098

File: 1484670831183.jpg (165.69 KB, 1866x888, 7861 hrs Dota 2 LMAO.jpg)

Here, I made you all a huge pastebin. Enjoy.

They have and if you want more you can message me to talk about it. He is vile.

No. 236118

thank you for the information, anon. Much appreciated.

No. 236120

What? What name did he go by? I was in the old lolcow chat.

No. 236139

for some reason I feel like he shoops his torso. There's something so unnatural about it.

No. 236173

damn this is so interesting to read

No. 236180

The tiles don't line up, too lazy to post pictures of it but they don't.

No. 236187

Damn, this site must be like a catalogue of date able borderlines for him. Why doesn't he make an instagram account and hit on the munchie/ana circle? Most of them are stupid and desperate for attention.

No. 236288


OT but that fetish thread - what the fuck? How can you post on a thread populated by people fapping to self-harmers and sharing images of 11 YO models? Fucked.

No. 236507

Um so how many of you are from the dead /hikki chat that was here before admin had a mental breakdown and fucked off because that's where he fucking camped almost all day every day and he posted this and other pictures there……

No. 236716

File: 1484769676112.jpg (37.36 KB, 268x373, 9364237542356.jpg)

do you have any information or even pictures of him still? i was not around then, but he just keeps on pumping and dumping these females.

No. 236720

His body reminds me of a horse.

No. 236793

File: 1484775587066.jpg (93.84 KB, 405x654, 420387529835632.jpg)

Apparently he only owns this pair of briefs

No. 236815

here's a video he sends to many females, it seems to be at least a couple of months old though

No. 236829

File: 1484779056859.jpg (25.79 KB, 480x384, CIDTNIjWoAEzS3U.jpg)

This is what I thought of.

Anyway he'd be alright looking if he got rid of that fucking fried toupee looking hairstyle

No. 236868

Anon are you still around? I don't have skype and I tried sending you an email but it couldn't get through.

No. 236873

Yeah. The email didn't work since that's just a Skype account email. I made a throwaway, try emailing me at q72ds0kdz@airmail.cc. I really hate email conversations, so if you have more than just a few questions, maybe you have some other IM or something.

No. 236878

Hahahaha holy shit I remember him. He basically jsut reposted the pictures posted in this thread and would sperg out every so often while trying to hit on girls. Overall just such an obvious robot that he was either quickly banned or baited for a while while everyone laughed at him. There were a few emojis made of his face if anyone saved those.

No. 236888

Okay, I sent you a message. Hope you got it.

No. 236934

stuff from there is so rare cus that weird shotacon chick kept pw locking the chat

There was a picture of him afking and then someone in the chat says they like chocolate or something and he took a picture holding chocolate infront of the chat on his screen and posted it not even typing a word this whole time

No. 236951

standard ugly hapa. why are hapas so crazy?

No. 236993

Lmao this guy is such a loser. He hit on me for a little while then I ghosted him and he kept posting ''fuck off Anonette'' among other things whenever he suspected someone on an r9k thread was me, pretty sad.

No. 237025


its the only pair he owns that doesnt have anime characters on them.

No. 237037

I remember him from the chat. His name was 1080p

No. 237049

doesn't even look like him lol

No. 237318

File: 1484870585286.jpg (7.31 KB, 106x105, 1484775200853.jpg)

Wasn't this him?

No. 237410

yeah that's him he said he wanted me to tie him up and torture him and shit. Kinda hot but hes a fuckin nerd. He's obsessed with yunglean and sadboys in general btw.

No. 238050

File: 1485046752497.png (1.03 MB, 721x681, 1484103420211.png)

do you guys have any more information about him ? he seems to lie a lot about himself and his life and says w/e the other person would like to hear (or what he thinks they would like to hear)
i can confirm the sadboys liking and i have read a lot about him fantasizing about being humiliated, tortured and so on too
why did he leave ? what kind of "mental breakdown" did he have ?

how did you two get in contact ? thread on r9k ? if so what was it about ? he seems to lurk in fetish threads, looking for gf threads or attention seeking fembot threads

he has been sending this video to a few females

if anyone has some information or maybe even has spoken to him then post it here or contact the person >>236098 which also contains most information on this 'man'

it is sad that someone nearly being 27 y/o wastes their life like this

No. 238054

File: 1485047181567.png (411.22 KB, 522x553, tumblr_ntlpy0jnaC1ud7sn6o1_540…)

oh shit oh shit oh shit i dated him

No. 238055

File: 1485047318227.png (467.61 KB, 409x583, 22.png)

do you want to talk ? i have information and i am curious what you know

No. 238073

this guy is ugly as fuck.

he looks like a pinched molding peach with a greasy wig.

No. 238077

File: 1485052240308.png (434.19 KB, 700x635, 55.png)

he seems to be very bad at taking pictures
i agree though, the hair is a strange crossbreed of justin bieber, anime protagonist and mom tried cutting my hair

No. 238081

lmaoooo this is my new fav thread

No. 238088

wow he actually looks cute in these id almost understand people falling for his shit if he looked like this all the time and not like an autist

No. 238090

File: 1485054772948.jpg (35.47 KB, 477x666, 1484772911482.jpg)

cute and all until he comes and tries to impress you with his pissy knife

No. 238092

like i said, autist
as are all of the girls that talked him

No. 238095

oscar likes girls with bpd, not with autism.

No. 238097

File: 1485056214057.jpg (24.03 KB, 258x260, 1484772519992.jpg)

to be fair oscar will go after any human with female anatomy (and male if he feels like it)
he seems to have a scheme of prey that he goes after: insecure, scared, lonely, clingy and even mentally ill but probably wouldnt exclude other girls if he had the chance
pretty much will take whatever he can get

No. 238276

kek i know this gym its always fitness in farsta

No. 238409

Wow, he is so ugly. no wonder he does this shit…

He added me on skype before too, and we didn't talk much. i deleted him a week later because i do that when i dont talk to people, and then he kept adding me on different accounts to harass me

i didn't know he was this fugly though, whats wrong with his face…?

No. 238410

If you had this unfortunate of a face… you would be a crazy psychopath too!

No. 238451

File: 1485118423391.png (350 KB, 288x712, 44.png)

he tries to make up with his body i guess hahahah

No. 238455

lol, I saw this on the Poison Ivy thread and thought what is this guy doing here with the fat ungroomed autists?

His decent appearance must trick girls. Or makes them tolerate his creepy desperate autistic ass.

No. 238466

File: 1485119871027.png (82.3 KB, 230x147, 33.png)

compared to how most guys from 4chan / r9k look he does look decent
he also likes anime and other stuff that a lot of girls tend to like
some girls just fall for it all very hard and others find it disgusting

No. 238532

His body really is the only thing he's got going for him. He's average if not a little goofy in the face, and he's clearly crazy.

No. 238544

Even if you give the face a passing grade he has those cold dead eyes.

No. 238560

I don't like them but don't most girls like that in guys? The whole into serial killers thing

No. 238668

File: 1485145108871.png (345.53 KB, 786x438, IMG_8629.PNG)

No. 238768

Hoshit. I remember this pic from hikki chat. HAH I knew it. He just comes across as a desperate neet guy who tries to find any sort of woman to talk to. Glad I wasn't far off.

No. 238778

Yeah he told me he's a virgin.

No. 238801

File: 1485183250176.png (56.78 KB, 1141x422, oscar.png)

Most of the pictures (and the video) he uses seem to be pretty old

He tells that most girls, probably to make them feel special and to somewhat reinforce his 'autistic, lonely, awkward' persona he puts on

Picture added is an extract from the logs with PoisonIvyLul from when he talked to her last year. Gives a little insight into the mind of Oscar.

No. 238841


Oh yeah. As a dude that takes advantage of being a blue-eyed confused bumbling nerd I always wondered if someone like this existed.

Just industrially taking advantage of your sperglord detachment to pull this ugly strategy where you just run through girls and are able to rapidly drop the ones that won't fall for it long enough because of the inherent creepiness of it all - like a Nigeria letter where you put the bar low so only really stupid people respond - and then always avoiding blame partially because "surely, he couldn't have done that, he's utterly inept" and partially because of social vagabondage - if you're a true NEET then it doesn't matter anyway, nothing stops you from leading an entirely predatory social life.

It kind of reminds me of Appelbaum from the Tor project. But he got caught because he stuck around a given social circle i guess. If this guy has no ties he's immune to social censure and as long as he avoids technically breaking any laws he'll face no consequences whatsoever.
<tinyboard ban message></tinyboard>

No. 238909


looks like a curl bro who always skips legday

No. 238910


No. 238913

File: 1485203465097.png (31.29 KB, 1064x752, 1484267843915.png)

There's even more

No. 238929

Hahahaha this dude! What a huge faggot. Don't forget his pseudointellectual typing style full of proper grammar/capitalization/punctuation he uses to sound superior.

He once took a creepy photo of a couple at the beach or something so he could talk about how upset/jealous he was that he'd never have a relationship like those "normies."

I'll also never forget the time he made some stupid pointed monologue about how he cries at sunsets and when asked why, his response was just
>Don't you cry when you see something beautiful?

No. 238933

File: 1485209958875.png (3.91 KB, 509x146, 1484267596529.png)

He also has some things he says quite often like "Wowie; Huh; Weirdo; Ha; Calm down". He hardly ever uses emoticons. It's not hard to recognize him if he doesn't try to change his style.

He feels very bitter towards "normies".

No. 238945

He is retarded and ugly.

Did this alice girl take him back?

No. 238947

File: 1485211472561.png (529.64 KB, 1502x1240, Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 5.43…)

Found some chatlogs he's in on /r9k/

No. 238948

File: 1485211499790.png (82.24 KB, 1335x994, 1485116421395.png)

He is really cringe & so is his obsession with bladee

No. 238949

File: 1485211527293.jpg (93.4 KB, 762x416, 1485117912134.jpg)

A look into his sick mindset

No. 238950

No, she posted a bit about him in this thread if anyone wants to read about it https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/34092704/#34099818

"More. He also thinks he looks like Eren from Attack on Titan." kek

No. 238951

File: 1485211549390.png (53.03 KB, 1335x890, 1485117960793.png)

Him admitting he's autistic basically

No. 238952

File: 1485211737974.png (83.91 KB, 256x256, 57822c19e1ad1.png)

>Because I like to interpret it as you being glad simply because it means that you can be my girlfriend, of course.


No. 238953

are you the one who talked to him or why are you posting these? where did you get them from?

No. 238958

They were on a 4chan.org/r9k thread for Oscar, some girl posted them claiming she was catfishing him. She is the blue bubbles and he is the grey ones.

I'm posting them because I think they're interesting

No. 238961

File: 1485212982617.png (47.16 KB, 853x940, Untitled1.png)

I'm not sure who is posting those (if it's anyone directly involved with this) but they took them from the thread I made on /r9k/ the other day. I'm the one who made the pastebin here >>236098 and have spoken with Oscar as well as a few other girls who have. I'll adopt a temporary trip just so it's clear what I post since I'm so involved with this rubbish, I've only made a couple of posts in this thread.


I first openly posted much of anything about him in a thread in October. I called out him posting and posted a paragraph describing him (which interestingly someone has gone and been posting around since then, who Oscar thinks is me but isn't).


That caused talk of him to increase a lot, and then the past week or so there's been all this other stuff which has given him even more attention that he's not happy about. I have more info such as dox of his address, mother and brother's phone numbers, etc, that I haven't posted.

Here's part of a really pathetic conversation I had with him as proof.
I'm who he's talking about here, and he was trying to get her to stop talking to me, because stuff I was saying about him was true and she stopped falling for his manipulation.

No. 238962

File: 1485213042521.png (54.37 KB, 818x820, Untitled2.png)

>Oscar enjoys being a total loser

No. 238976

You honestly should've kept trying to catfish him and get some real info out of him…

No. 238977

>you have over 8 000 hours in Dota lmao

Just when I thought this prick couldn't get any worse

No. 238981

File: 1485216147939.png (1.57 MB, 1903x3304, https___soundcloud.com_tt1080p…)

Not sure where in that thread it said we were catfishing him, we haven't been. I did something like that once, but that was it. He's absolutely paranoid of me and so it's really hard to do stuff like that, he thinks some people who legitimately aren't me, are me, and looks for me all over. Probably has a collection of info from stalking (of posts and stuff that may or may not be me).

I've spoken to him several times and gotten a lot of real info. I don't think he's likely to wittingly have a conversation with me again. It's interesting seeing how he interacts with different people. Though I don't think there's too much more for me to learn but you never know. It would be fun to talk to someone else who had dealt with him and see what their conversations were like.

I sent him screenshots on one of his Skype accounts I had added from Google street view of where he lives and threatening to call his mother if he doesn't behave, but he never replied.
He told me that was just from "leaving it on all night" over and over and not legit hours, I told him I sure hope so. I heard from someone else that he's bragged about 6000+ hours in it though lmao, so I think probably 1/3 of his time since 2013 actually has been Dota. Then the rest anime, masturbation (which is no doubt most of his sexual experience), and going after girls on /r9k/ and lolcow.

No. 251550

he has leaked nudes before
he lies a lot and won't shy away from doing anything to get what he wants

No. 251555

What's this guy's ethnicity/citizenship?

No. 251579

Dirty Swede

No. 252251

he was born in sweden (gotland apparently) and currently lives there as well (stockholm)

No. 252399

File: 1487207815863.png (1.08 MB, 992x1435, oscar.png)

I talked to him a long time ago
Some time last year he also sent me this video, so it is not recent
I screencapped three frames to help others identify him
Rotated for better visability

No. 252400

File: 1487207830413.png (1.15 MB, 1078x1434, oscarr.png)

Another one

No. 252401

File: 1487207842424.png (1.18 MB, 1078x1436, oscarrr.png)

No. 252406

File: 1487208475827.png (1.83 MB, 814x1080, oscar-1.png)


this video was sent to a female from oscar not too long ago (end of january this year). the sound is missing, but it just was a slight static noise and the noise of him dropping his phone.

he had contacted the female in a /r9k/ thread which topic was about sexually dominant women.

oscar often sends >>231102 this body picture to "introduce" himself and show off. if females state their doubt or want a time stamp then he records a video of him presenting his body (only ever showing the lower part of his face) and recording the recent skype history - like he did in the video.

you can see his room more clearly due to the better lighting and see that it's the same room as in >>236815 this video (compare the curtains for example).

also: same boxershorts as in >>231086 and >>236793 lol

No. 252416

Does he have FAS?

No. 252451

What is FAS?

No. 252453

do you have google where you're from anon

No. 252491

lol I thought this was vexxed at first. We were wondering if vexxed has FAS in his thread, too. lol.

No. 252791

File: 1487268551638.jpg (42.74 KB, 409x550, dank.jpg)

his parents are alcoholics so could actually be true
i don't know if that makes it more or less funny

No. 252818

i didnt know he was this ugly. wow. his face is absolutely busted and he has an average chubby body with uneven gyno

LOL life must suck

No. 252846

File: 1487274858385.jpg (103.72 KB, 800x600, 1487271990745.jpg)

Someone just posted this compilation one /r9k/
I thought it was pretty good
(btw if you are reading this: reach out to the Skype in the pastebin)

No. 262279

File: 1488492163663.png (1.26 MB, 1000x1000, w.png)

No. 303646

wow, I knew this guy in high school. he was super skinny and awkward, and he laughed at things that only he found funny. in the classes I had with him, he would usually read or draw, obviously not paying attention, and would chuckle to himself. he made everyone uncomfortable. he always acted like he was smarter than everyone else, but would lose every actual argument he had with teachers or even other students, then would get upset and pout. he also got bullied a little because he was like the resident weirdo, but he tried wearing a trench coat to school one day (and got in trouble for it) and people mostly left him alone after that because they didn't want to risk getting columbine'd.

if I can find a yearbook, I'll try and figure out his last name for you guys. I'm pretty sure he was there all four years, so it might not be too hard. he might still be friends with people from the school on facebook.

No. 303648

also thanks anna for pointing me here.(I don't know how to edit my last post sorry lol)

No. 303668


The yearbook would be great, Anon! Thanks for taking your time.

No. 303756

jesus christ what a school shooter in the making kek

No. 303825

If the facebook-profile linked by >>262279
was his, his name is Oscar Eklöf.

No. 303979

I did some digging and I'm pretty sure I found his mom on facebook. I can post the link if anyone is up for contacting her to let her now what her son has been up to. In any case it shouldn't be that hard for you to find on your own. According to the population registry in Sweden, which is publicly available, Oscar is 27 years old (born on the 14th of march 1990) and lives in an apartment with his mother and younger brother (age 25). The address and all of their phone numbers are also available. His mom's facebook page lists one more son, I think I found him in the population registry and in that case he is 30. Neither of them has fb-accounts tied to their name.

No. 303994

>Don't post personal information of people who may be related to a certain person but aren't directly involved. For example, if you are posting the info of someone who you feel has done something wrong, do not post info about their uninvolved family and friends.

No. 304004

why are u retards bringing in family members? we dont want this to be like soren 2.0 all over again

No. 304005

It's all public information, what part of it is not allowed to be posted?

No. 304009

"Don't use lolcow as a platform for vendettas or "moral crusades". Don't contact people, or their families, or police without an extremely good reason."

Stop it.

No. 304013

Sorry, people where asking for more info on him so I tried to find it. I deleted the pic with the name, I take it the rest is allowed but if not I'll delete that too. I won't make the same mistake again.

No. 316455

File: 1495198632807.jpg (55.06 KB, 415x460, swag.jpg)

No. 316480

ok he's ugly i thought he was cute before i was wrong

No. 316483

File: 1495202057647.jpg (97.28 KB, 680x680, IMG_0782.JPG)

Wow, no wonder he keeps using old pics.

No. 316506

I agree with >>316480 kek

I'm disappointed, I legit thought he looked like the autistic less hot brother of Zac Efron who they lock in the basement, feeding him a tray of chicken tendies per day which they slide underneath the door. For the last 17 years he has been occupying the family basement clicking away at his windows 95. His only friend is a set of dumbbells. 4 hours a day is spent doing rage sit ups, getting mega ripped, ready to hulk smash his way out the basement while his more handsome, favourable, social butterfly brother prepares for high school musical in the upstairs dining room
> we're breaking freeeeeeee

No. 316826


>some girl is catfishing him

>mentions neopets

Just scrolling thru this thread and lol confirmed mystery.jpg is obsessed with her ex and talking to him on an alt account to "catfish" him lmao.

No. 317994

What a small world. I was recently added on Skype by this person - I recognize the display photo and display name of Oscar. The text was , "Add me. It's important," or some crap and his username was like… "username" with some numbers. That just made me think it was spam so I ignored it, but I think dude is totally creepy. I haven't posted on a Skype thread in over a year and I never used the Skype name I have now on there either so it gives me the heebie jeebies for sure.

No. 318040

wow. where do you think he got your contact from?

No. 318104

That hair is tragic. Why not just shave it at this point, or embrace the skullet.

No. 318107

She really is special. Catfishing her ex.

No. 318243

that hairline looks odd, is that a toupee?

No. 320507

one skype account he uses a lot is named "username.250" or something like that iirc

i don't think it's a toupée; this dude is close to 30 though, he doesn't make the healthiest lifestyle choices andhe can't really afford one from what it seems like (and his genetics probably aren't favorable for him on that one)

i pressume the logo in this picture is from the place where he works at; he work at some car repair shop

No. 321511

File: 1495740497698.jpg (339.39 KB, 1131x636, car.jpg)

No. 751116

I'm sure I'll get banned for showing even the smallest amount of sympathy or kindness towards any other living being BUT I talked to Oscar years & years ago. LOONG before all this shit blew up. He actually is a kind person believe it or not based on what he says (now). I know he helped me & that's all I know. If you are ever around and lurking: thank you Oscar. You are beautiful. Love you. Please love and respect yourself you deserve to be treated kindly. <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751118

Shut up, faggot. This guy is scum.

No. 751127

>Necroposting a year old thread to sympathize with literal garbage
Asking that you sage your posts doesn't even begin to cover it

No. 751233

Does anyone have some info regarding Kanako, the girl he used to be obsessed with or was she just someone he made up?

No. 752014

I bloody forgot about this weirdo for a solid two years or more and now I've just had his damn face thrust into my sight, fml, catch me sat on my bed cringing for the next few days.

No. 767065

I used to orbit this fag a long time ago and he did show me lots of conversations of Kanako. At one point I went hunting for some old blogs of her on Tumblr. She was quite autistic and would write elaborate weeb posts but still the most interesting thing related to him. I do believe she was real.

No. 767641

bump for this

No. 767743

Obviously Oscar ew you fucking weirdo

No. 771931

I'm so sorry and I love you all, but all I'm seeing is Ls upon Ls.

No. 771954

File: 1548479555454.png (292.45 KB, 714x400, f21d13214a26532fd94aa9bd3c0170…)


No. 775082

Probably not news but this guy is still doing his rounds. He uses Discord, still adds women from /soc/ and /r9k/ and also browses Crystalcafe a lot. Also, what a surprise, is some alt-right racist dipshit. Just a heads up.

No. 775099

File: 1549322723738.jpg (47.06 KB, 424x500, 48c8a69dfa5b51462f7f671c62d397…)

>this guy is still doing his rounds
This predator isn't going to stop any time soon! Not shocked!

No. 791194

He got Sydnie Musumeci to send him underage nudes then ghosted her. She's over 18 now.

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