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File: 1454343162962.jpg (476.93 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2941_zpsvhcn3cxn.jpg)

No. 228540

Old thread hit the limit.

No. 228542

File: 1454343226924.jpg (72.46 KB, 808x406, pixy.JPG)

10 yrs difference

No. 228647

File: 1454361599071.jpeg (81.67 KB, 500x698, image.jpeg)

No. 228648

File: 1454361616203.jpeg (83.15 KB, 463x650, image.jpeg)

No. 228651

Where are her latest videos and pics at atm? Someone make a shrine

No. 228652

this is the most beautiful picture of her 100%

No. 228658


I don't keep up with the pt drama but compared to the other pics this one is actually cute??? She looks happy to me. Makes me go :D

No. 228660

It's a few years old at this point. Pixy almost always looks better with lighter hair. Case in point >>228648 where she was likely in HS at the time. She looks around her age here and not incredibly old, which basically happened at age 18 where she looked 30.

No. 228661


Has PT ever set up a patreon or something similar? I want to get her to nippon

No. 228662

File: 1454363735864.jpg (47.39 KB, 400x565, 7ca19d00c525d6cb343511c7d2de7a…)

No. 228663

Nope. I think she tried to get people to donate to her, but got a lot of backlash as a result, since at the time we all knew that she'd never get to Japan and just spend the money on dumb shit. If she were to set up one now she'd likely get a fair few patrons for her dance videos, farmers or not. You can post things exclusively on patreon depending on sub level.

Can someone influence her to do it?

No. 228667

File: 1454364650239.jpg (622.52 KB, 1280x1085, ptdoestokyo.jpg)


Yeah. Could she make enough if she made a crowd fund for a plane ticket over there?

No. 228681


I so want to see Pixy in Japan. Like if she did a vlog or something (i guess she would, since she liking filming herself so much)
10/10 would watch over any other jvlogger

No. 228683

If someone else made a crowd fund and then bought the ticket for her it would stop her buying crap. Does she have a big enough following to make enough?

No. 228697

Goddamn, this is sad. It looks like a 20 year difference.

No. 228699

She kind of did. Since she has almost no online presence now I'm going to guess that people wouldn't care that much.

She could still make money off of people who don't know about her history which I know is few and far between, provided she actually uses a new username. I know she still wants to be found because she wouldn't have stopped using it entirely by this point.

No. 228742


A few years ago a guy actually offered to buy her a ticket to Japan and she turned it down. Apparently she kept going on about how it was probably fake and a troll.

No. 228753

Did she lose weight? Something about her makes her look more radiant in the thread pic. And jealous that she probably used her employee discount to buy that bra, I can't afford crap at VS.

No. 228758

She's likely lost a good 15+ lbs by know (because I swear the first 10 is pretty not noticeable.)

Also wait for a sale at VS. I never buy anything from them with a sale or a coupon.

No. 228782

File: 1454384619284.jpg (481.37 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2811-001_zpsjaavwd61.jpg)

Because this is so hot

No. 228784

File: 1454384693785.jpg (507.39 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2813-002_zpswszmyfi9.jpg)

Do you think she is sucking it in?

No. 228785

File: 1454384839993.jpg (280.86 KB, 768x1024, IMG_7006_zpsjrewhsq8.jpg)

Because she loves being a shota now

No. 228789

File: 1454385157191.jpg (98.32 KB, 1024x770, Alluring_by_pixyteriyaki.jpg)

Yes. She's back to her pink bikini size.

I'm wondering now if she got surgery. Not that you can't get really dramatic results from basic change of diet and exercise, the results she's getting (including the sagging skin in some places) tends to be from getting gastric bypass done. And doing that puts you on a very special diet too.

No. 228792

oh no her sun spots :(

No. 228793

Is it possible for her to correct her skin,er no?

No. 228795

She'd make a better Sebastian tbh

No. 228796


there's no way she has the money for that, she would go to glorious nippon.

No. 228799

She can get facials and stuff to help, but she can't really reverse a lot of damage. best she could do is slow the progress and minimize the appearance of the age spots and wrinkles. Had she started this path a few years ago and included skincare with it she'd look a lot better.

Obamacare? I don't know how healthcare works in TX because… it's TX and that state would be dumb enough to not expand healthcare so that the queen could become more kawaii.

No. 228833

Jesus. The one on the left is the one which looks Photoshopped.

No. 228835

File: 1454391899282.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2260x1936, image.jpeg)

I still want to send Pixy a care package of kawaii skincare skincare items. Would anyone else be up for donating some money, helping me pick out the best stuff that would work for her, and possibly figuring out a way to persuade her to let us send it to her?

I just really want her to wear some sunscreen, Jesus.

No. 228836

Damn anon. There is so much of that I would love to try myself.

No. 228844

Like she'd ever use it. If she wanted something like skincare items, she'd already have her greasy little hands on it. She's just lazy anon.

No. 228845

you can send her stuff, but it doesn't mean she will dedicate herself to actually using them. She is prone to severe bouts of depression, which explains her utter lack of upkeep and personal hygiene.

You can lead a cow to water, but you cannot make them bathe.

No. 228897

could it just be the haircolor? it's so hard to look at pt objectively

No. 228899

good lord, that setup is so tacky! and a real lion? srsly? it's like the fucking 1800s!

No. 228900

Well I look good and I've got nothing but ugly thoughts. Kill all hambeasts.

No. 228902

Do you seriously believe that using tons of skincare stuff is going to make a difference now? Don't buy into the marketing. Once you've fucked up your skin, you're done. Now it's either makeup skills or some kind of surgery/invasive treatment, not sure what the options are.

No. 228903

Suncreen can do a lot, as can moisturizing your face.

But it seems like I'm the only one who's on board with this idea,so I'll just trash it now.

No. 228904

it's only a matter of time

No. 228907

hi spoony :^)

No. 228910

You're ugly and have no friends

No. 228911

She could try taking care of her skin to prevent further damage. PT could get fillers and laser treatments to reduce sun spots and wrinkling.

No. 228920



No. 228925


Couldn't potential donaters include people that know her history? Everyone wants to see her in nippon I'm not sure how many of us there are.

There were about 30 people at a time in the tiny chats last year right?

No. 228926


Yeah sending her skin stuff is just patronising

No. 228929

That;s part of it, and also the fact that the old pic has bad lighting making her face washed out and hides any flaws her skin had. She also had a bit of make up on too.

No. 228937

Her skin isn't that saggy, and if you're heavy and lose a lot of weight quickly with no actual exercise to tone, you will have loose skin.

I'm impressed she's actually sticking to her guns and losing the weight.

Work bitch.

No. 228939

she could also get a real adult job.

she could also get down to a size 2.

theres just no saving someone with no motivation

No. 228947

Easier said then done. It might be very hard for her to get a real job (possibly) since its been many many years since she did anything professional. I think she did some substitute teaching a very long time ago.

No. 228971

Yeah the teacher thing was a few years ago, she hated it and did it mostly because she thought it'd give her a leg up in JET (it didn't). The main reasons she hated it was because she wanted to dress horribly, like wearing flip flops, and couldn't.

I also remember her writing something about finding some of her male students attractive which would send up red flags everywhere.

Pixy just really doesn't know how to stay relatively anonymous on the internet.

No. 229038

I don't see it as patronizing. Seems to me like anon genuinely wanted to help PT?

No. 229051

Even if it comes from a good and expensive place in anons heart, to PT it's still going to feel like that scene in the Carrie remake where they throw tampons at Carrie whilst screaming "plug it up plug it up" because she's freaking out about starting get period.
She's just going to think "these guys are laughing at my skin" not "oh hey free stuff to fix this problem".

No. 229099

File: 1454456312066.jpg (357.72 KB, 683x1024, carrie.jpg)

hahaha I went away trying to think of the best analogy to explain why it wasn't a good thing and that's the best, fucking carrie.

Someone tell PT to cosplay carrie.

No. 229245

File: 1454482844317.jpg (626.25 KB, 768x1024, x4VCpeT.jpg)

The Queen and Prince Tripod-Sama

No. 229247

this is so bad.

No. 229249

Why does her face remind me of the principal from Matilda?

No. 229250

File: 1454486723183.jpg (681.85 KB, 768x1024, 16-02-03-03-02-27-639_deco.jpg)

I tried to help.

No. 229251

what is going on with her hair line? this is new to me.

No. 229252

she got it pulled back with hair clips making it look worse than it actually is

No. 229261

Texasfag here. Our healthcare is shit. Our ex-governor Perry cut women's health care. Obamacare is shit. I work part time and don't make enough to qualify for the tax credit and won't get medicaid due to not popping out crotchspawn. Lowest insurance plan for me is $290/mo HMO and the deductible is set stupid high. Like c'mon. Insurance is something I kinda NEED, but I get a hardship exemption. Seriously have no idea why it was called the Affordable Health care Act.

It makes me curious as to what PT's situation is as well. Did she get a doctor to encourage her to lose weight? Is she getting some kind of insurance through VS? We never see any updates about her day to day life like her twitter meltdowns of yore.

I know you're making a joke about it and all and it's cool. I seriously wish our government had your train of thought! Haha.

Gastric bypass is difficult to get many insurance to pay for unless she were diabetic or morbidly obese. I just think she's fortunate to be doughy enough to not get stretch marks and all that kind of crap. I'm pretty mad jelly of that.

I don't have caps, but I know they exist (maybe on her ED article?). She set up a gofundme or whatever during her DA days and got called out for it and had a whiny tantrum over how she can never experience her dream. Sometime later, she got offered a free ride to guroriusu nippon and she turned them down because she would want to experience it with a lover.

No. 229413

I was wondering since I know tx can be dumb about that shit. NJ fag here and we had our medicaid expanded because of Obamacare (fuck if I know how that happened given Christie is an asshole) so I got free coverage for awhile which was great. I now have a full time job and benefits through them, but still have my Obamacare as a secondary. I just mostly wondered if pixy got it through some random loophole or her parents or something.

A hambeast I'm friends with on fb got gastric bypass recently and has lost 15 lbs already. Part of why I wondered about pixy as well, given how rapid her weight loss is. I've lost a similar amount, but MUCH more gradually because I don't want saggy skin.

No. 229417

I'm very sure it's calorie counting. As she was starting to disappear she was eating apples that look like rabbits. If she had a gastric bypass (if her ego even allows it), she would have been complaining about how much it sucked not to eat solids and stuff.

No. 229421

Oh no, that grey hair. :(

PT getting old makes me feel old.

No. 229424

The rabbit apples are a Japanese thing and she was still eating like shit then too. Unless she really buckled down on the sweets and soda it's hard to imagine she knows what she's doing. You can eat solids with the surgery it just you eat in MUCH smaller amounts and most foods that people indulge in get cut out or else your body reels from it horribly.

No. 229491

No. 229496

File: 1454524144050.png (31.82 KB, 633x758, 1432231841847.png)

She looks so dead inside. I just imagine her all alone, every day, except for her tripod, taking these god awful pictures in public.

Does she even have any IRL friends anymore?

No. 229538

She hasn't had IRL friends for years, and probably not internet friends either. It's her personality - she can lose as much weight as she wants, but she'll still be an awful person to be around.

No. 229546

File: 1454528221245.jpg (7.33 KB, 327x154, 452v6.jpg)

I have had a few dreams (at least four) where I befriend the queen but then she gets paranoid and mad at me for being on /pt/. She then acts really bitchy and cuts off all contact. Even my subconscious it knows her ways.

No. 229745

File: 1454545920165.jpg (139.21 KB, 450x600, 371222_zpsyrdnf9ze.jpg)

So young, so fresh

No. 229754

I've grown so fond of her. Part of me wants to grab her hand and whisk her away to Japan but at this point it would probably just absolutely destroy her. Like that Paris syndrome Japanese people go through.

Granted, Japan is actually super nice and can still be as much of a weeb paradise as you'd like, but at her age it can't possibly compare to whatever fantasy she's crafted.

No. 229764

File: 1454548312225.png (712.18 KB, 996x500, onion.png)

Anyone else see the resemblance or just me?

No. 229776

File: 1454549237848.png (7.36 KB, 382x373, image.png)


No. 229798

File: 1454552625876.jpg (31.06 KB, 500x500, shane-dawson-chesthair.jpg)

I was also thinking Shane Dawson's greasy ass. It's uncanny, like triplets.

No. 229888

I think it's because they seem to have the same general eye shape and possibly similar bone structures? Onion less so, but Shane and Pixy have some prominent chins.

No. 229946

Psychosis face

No. 230043

Can someone please convince her to get a youtube chanel where she reviews kawai shit? I would watch that. Its not patronizing to send her skincare products so she can "review" them is it?

No. 230077

>Its not patronizing to send her skincare products so she can "review" them is it?

That would probably trigger her since her mom used to have to nag her to fucking shower.

No. 230107

And she flipped out crying and refused to shower when her mom told her to which only made things worse. So probably no to sending her skincare items. I still hope that just browsing around the net for kawaii desu things she will discover Japanese beauty products.

No. 230586

File: 1454653578172.jpg (495.05 KB, 683x1024, DSCN3069_zpsjnjawrsx.jpg)

No. 230587

File: 1454653594527.jpg (594.96 KB, 768x1024, DSCN3167_zpsqqlykp17.jpg)

No. 230589

File: 1454653627538.jpg (347.59 KB, 684x1024, DSCN3081-001_zpsvrmpagb6.jpg)

No. 230590

File: 1454653650155.jpg (473.42 KB, 682x1024, DSCN2683_zpsuganf8ri.jpg)

No. 230591

File: 1454653669795.jpg (495.28 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2678-001_zps5crv7yvn.jpg)

No. 230592

File: 1454653692911.jpg (434.63 KB, 683x1024, DSCN2695_zps8zl0iucz.jpg)

No. 230601

File: 1454655917048.jpg (154.33 KB, 681x1024, pt is poopin peeps.jpg)

I recognize that floor. That's A-kon.
Damn, she looks great, actually. When she smiles, it makes a fuckhuge difference.

No. 230704

PT losing weight makes me want to lose weight. IF SHE CAN DO IT, SO CAN I

No. 230720

i was worried that with PT getting a job and losing weight and all she was progressively becoming more normal. NOPE
what to do when you're 30 and have nothing? time to go lolita!

No. 230789

she's shitting out the goodies.

No. 230796

That must've hurt coming out

No. 230820

What is with the collars?

No. 230822

nah, her ass is probably really loose.

No. 230850

spotted the murrican. sorry your country has no clue how to take care of your skin.

No. 230852

you sound like the average white koreaboo on r/asianbeauty

No. 230855

koreans just took european techniques so don't kid yourself. sorry you're an old hag.

No. 230862

Both of you sound stupid.

What would help her would be, sunscreen, moisturizer, resurfacing treatments or chemical peels, dermarolling, But she would have to be consistent with everything for it to take effect, not use it for a month and then give up.
Even then her skin wouldn't look good, she has quite a lot of fine lined wrinkles, like on her forehead. It's the type you get when you wrinkle your forehead, and your skin is dry so it just gets drier and deeper.

The only thing that's been her saving grace from her looking more worse than she is, is the fact that she doesn't wear makeup. With her skin type and nonskincare regimen, if she were to wear makeup that would have just gotten caked into her fine lines and pores. What's pretty good about her skin too is she doesn't get acne, or at least I've never seen her with any.
All in all, her skin's not TOO bad but it won't look amazing and spectacular no matter what she really does. Skin ages like everything else does.

Kind of hate the idiots in the r/asianbeauty forum, mostly older white women who never took care of their skin from their teen years to their thirties, and now that they're introduced to moisturizer and some product for the first time their skin isn't as shitty as it was.

No. 230868

kek. that's what I'm saying.

basically they are just skincare koreaboos who cry cultural appropriation (seriously) when an american company releases a bb cream…..never mind the fact that bb cream was a German thing to start with

No. 230898

I agree that PT can take better care of her skin to make it worse, but she will need some extra help if she wanted the sun damage to look as minimal as possible.

No. 230910


>Kind of hate the idiots in the r/asianbeauty forum, mostly older white women who never took care of their skin from their teen years to their thirties, and now that they're introduced to moisturizer and some product for the first time their skin isn't as shitty as it was.

pretty much this

Yep, they act like Korean/Japanese beauty is sooooo superior, yet buy all their drugstore quality makeup from places like shitty etude house.

No. 230933

I would unironically watch this how can we make it happen

No. 230935

You guys get angry about every thing calm down lol

No. 230941

heh, and when anyone suggests that they invest in better but more expensive products, they start screaming about American/western capitalism.

Unless it's Sulwhasoo or Blossom Jeju or some other pricey Korean brand, then they swoon and complain that they will never be able to afford it because of evil American capitalism that doesn't automatically pay people to be gender studies majors.

Oh yeah, and somehow it's the patriarchy's fault that they spend half their paychecks on cosmetics.

They are an unholy combination of SJW and koreaboo.

No. 230942

Looks like she reactivated her FB

No. 230954

Honest question, are Korean products really that bad compared to those of Western ones?

I get that there are also good western products out there, but the products from Korea are much cheaper compared to my country and seem to do a decent job.

No. 230957

Overall, Korean cosmetics are better quality/cheaper. Obviously, that doesn't mean that everything Korean is good or better. Tonymoly, Etude House, Lioele, Holika Holika, and some other cheap-but-popular brands are rather low quality and kinda suck. But glorious Hanguk etc etc

No. 230959

I see! I guess this is getting a bit off-topic, but do you have any links or recommendations to where to read up to more reliable literature? (blogs etc which aren't too koreaboo-ish that praises every Korean beauty product in existence)

Also, what are some good, high-quality brands?

No. 230961

besides the BB creams, a majority of the road shops are drugstore quality. You aren't going to get Mac/NARS quality shadows, blushes, mascaras, etc from most korean brands.

It's not that they are bad, it's just that people are calling them holy grails just based on the fact that it's cute and cheap. If you want cheap makeup, just buy ELF, as it's cheaper than Etude house or Toly Moly and has equal to better quality.

No. 230962

Everything on/r/AB is mainly skin-care though. How does that compare?

No. 230971

hmm…the Korean/Asian beauty bloggers I'm familiar with do give decent product reviews and skincare tips, but for the most part they are koreaphiles and sjw-lite. And it shows in their writing/social media. If you don't mind that, I could point you to a couple.

Depends on what you want for your skin. So it's hard to say. I like COSRX for acne/skin texture issues (not the priciest, not the cheapest, no frills). If you let me know what you're looking for, I might be able to point you in the right direction.

No. 230972

imho the road shop skincare stuff still sucks.

No. 230975

File: 1454702925636.png (479.5 KB, 501x653, ptfacebook.png)

Is she back?

No. 230977

As long as it's not SJW-heavy, it's fine by me (I'm a feminist but as a foreigner, American PC culture is really obnoxious)

My skin is pretty good - not much acne or anything. Normal skin type. I don't wear heavy make-up daily so it stays clean. The only thing I want to improve for now is my rosacea/redness (red around the nostrils and red veins) that's around the nose which seems to be getting a little redder and darker each year.

…And ofc keep dem wrinkles at bay. I already have laugh lines (they appear after a day of smiling) so I'm a little worried that they'll become even deeper in the future. :(

No. 231000

File: 1454704334929.jpg (74.17 KB, 960x960, 20151211_053522.jpg)

No. 231002

it doesn't really. american shit especially actually has stuff that makes your skin worse to keep it cheap and keep you buying more.

No. 231006

There are so many definitions and schools of feminism, anyway, so I'll go ahead and link you a few blogs and you can make your own judgments. (Not ALL of these are PC.)

skinandtonics.com : she is top flight and one of the first major skincare blogs Reviews a lot of non-Asian cosmetics, too. Her language gets juvenile sometimes, but it's not like skincare is srs bzns.

holysnails.com : also top flight. Classy as hell (there was some recent feminist/SJW/rip-off drama surrounding her co-op, and she kept it cool). Lots of info if you want to try DIY skincare, too.

fiftyshadesofsnail.com : good insights with some humor.

snowwhiteandtheasianpear.com : also has some good insights. She has dehydrated, finicky skin - unlike many cosmetic bloggers who have relatively resilient skin - so her reviews are more useful as a baseline, if that makes sense.

colorcrush.com : German blogger, has acneic skin, so her insights are particularly useful, as well.

thewanderlustproject.com : ex-pat (American?) currently living in Vietnam. Solid reviews.

adoredee.com : British blogger. Don't know much about her, but her reviews seem solid.

fanserviced-b.com : Solid skincare tips/reviews. Enough of a sjw-lite that I quit reading, but YMMV.

I'll continue my response in another comment lol.

No. 231008

which doesn't make the Korean road shop stuff "not shit"

No. 231009

File: 1454704690615.png (416.58 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

She's back on FB!

No. 231012

She looks so disproportionate to me in this picture!

No. 231013

she probably lost a lot of weight in her chest.

No. 231015

File: 1454705565824.png (849.54 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

She's losing weight and it seems like she's in a better emotional/mental place as well! Long live the Queen!

No. 231016

Thanks! I've heard of most of the top ones but not of the ones on the bottom. I'll be checking these out~

No. 231019

File: 1454705933956.jpg (16.21 KB, 471x127, weight.JPG)

her weight

No. 231020


Sadly, I don't know much about rosacea or anti-aging skincare. (Anyone else is welcome to chime in, lol) It sounds like you need something that is very gentle and free of fragrance and other potential irritants. As I mentioned before, COSRX is no frills and the exfoliation from their AHA/BHA products would help with anti-aging, but I would take note of ingredients that may irritate or redden your skin.

Retinols are used to improve wrinkles, but I'm not aware of any Korean brands that contain them. And they may be too strong for your skin, if it is sensitive.

Sorry I can't help more :( But if you have time to go through the blogs, you might be able to find something.

No. 231025

np anon =)

now I'm curious about who here goes to r/asianbeauty lol

No. 231026

stop derailing sweeties.

No. 231028

sorry, now back to PT pooping out candy

No. 231029

File: 1454706780429.jpeg (69.86 KB, 480x720, image.jpeg)

The Queen is back! Yaaaaaas, slayyyyy!!

No. 231033

holy shit

No. 231047

I wonder if her family finally smartened up and took her for some much needed counseling.

No. 231048

She's making pretty good progress. My fingers are crossed so hard right now, I hope she keeps it up.

No. 231051

I already have on COSRX AHA/BHA product on the way (why does shipping take so much time </3) so hopefully I'll have good results with them! (and hopefullyyyy it won't redden my skin more ;_;)

And I'll def check out all of the blogs! Again, thanks! :D

Hehe, sorry! <3 I'll be quiet now~

No. 231073

skin&tonics also has a book out that's really good for people trying to learn about k-beauty

No. 231074

this year has been so good to us

No. 231075

All hail the queen!

No. 231076

File: 1454711013379.png (658.26 KB, 1440x2255, Screenshot_2016-02-05-14-17-38…)

First thing I saw when I got out of class. It's like Christmas.

Also goddamn she has lost weight

No. 231080


It's nice to see her in normal clothes! She really lost a lot of weight, damn, I never thought the day would come. I'm honestly so happy for her, though.

No. 231081


>Steel toe/weighted shoes. Um. I fell at the end. owwww. ._.

No. 231095

Our adorable ungraceful queen

No. 231126

File: 1454718430411.jpg (46.81 KB, 415x599, 1434790048488.jpg)

Why am I having a hard time believing this? I wanna cheer her on like the rest of us, but it just seems inaccurate to me for some reason.

No. 231142

I'm 150lbs and shorter than her and I don't even look that big…..

No. 231144

she's super short. like 5'1.
also that's an older photo

No. 231147


Wow this picture makes her look very gaunt and almost sickly, I'm surprised she used it as a profile photo, maybe smiling or having bangs would help too though. She needs to do SOME kind of weight lifting to not make herself look sickly when/if she loses more weight. But, that would require more effort.

No. 231153

This was like watching one of those workout DVD's

No. 231159

why do i feel like she shooped this. it just looks weird, and she has no tits

No. 231162

shes binding. she dislikes her boobs.

No. 231167

For some reason I thought she was something like 5'6". Still, I look lighter than her in >>231029. I think she's lying about her weight again.

No. 231182

You're in denial.
No…no, I know. You "carry your weight well." Nah. You look at least as big as her. Lose some weight.

No. 231186

That's gross. Lose weight, landwhale.

No. 231187

Not the person you are talking to but stop being an arse. This isn't fit.

No. 231189

Fattychan detected.

No. 231191

I hear some bones rattling in this thread.

No. 231194

I hope she'll do a tinychat soon, those are fun.

No. 231218

That's all I'm waiting for too. Nothing compares to those or her videos.

No. 231228

150 pounds and shorter than 5'3" is huge. what the fuck

No. 231230

>>231228 I was referring to the one who called the anon a landwhale.

No. 231271

Yeah, I don't think that's right either. She was at, what, about 180lbs+ before the weight loss? I don't think >>225176 (the left picture) is 40 lbs heavier than her now.

No. 231286

hmm not sure if i buy that. she is short, but still.

No. 231294

has pt mentioned what she's doing to lose weight or is it just her dancing practice? i'm pretty impressed if it just the dancing. wonder if she was able to change her eating habits as well because she was pretty clueless when it came to eating well.

No. 231300

60 minutes dancing everyday, and eating now more than 1500cals according to the queen herself

No. 231304

*no more

No. 231306

nice. thanks for the info~ i wonder if the weight loss has helped with her other issues like her stomach problems. haven't heard her lately praying to kami-sama to take away the pain.

No. 231362

File: 1454758089845.png (137.98 KB, 278x493, Screenshot 2016-02-06 at 8.27.…)

No. 231391

!!!!!!She lost so much weight ! !!!!! Wow!!!!!!

No. 231440

Yeah, sorry. Was posting one of my favorite photos to show what she did look like a few years ago when we speculated she was pushing 180.

No. 231475

I'm gonna get some of these for myself.

No. 231498


Goddamn, I want her calves though. Feels so weird to say that.

No. 231610

oh man anon all that kawaii stuff gimme gimme

No. 231680

Good for her! I hope she keeps going and tones up.

No. 231707

I also would like a list of the products listed. I love all the packaging.

No. 231898

Oh Lord, Where do I begin with her kitsuke!
Juban Collar need to be visible.
Juban and kimono need to be pulled back to show the nape of her neck.
The collars need to be closed more on her neck.
Wrong type of Obi for the kimono(If I am right, it's a hanhaba obi which is for Yukata)
Obijime(string around the obi) needs to be tied better.
The Ohashori(the fold on the front) needs to be smoothened out and flattened a bit.
I know no one cares and I know she won't see this but it triggered my autism too much not to say anything.

No. 232738

Whaaaa she's back on FB but it looks like she deleted me?? I kissed her ass all the time but not only that, actually had a genuine conversation with her once? But why. ;( Glorious day, but mixed emotions…

No. 232758

Guys… I think she's going through a preteen not phase. She's selling all of her cute Lolita stuff, wanting as small boobs, wearing boys clothes, getting rid of her Pink stuff, just to name a few. She calls herself Ciel boo…

No. 232760

Preteen boy phase*

No. 232768

She goes in and out of this phase, and it's not her first time. Mostly just has to do with the anime or game she's into at the time.

No. 232769

Yeah, I think the last time was when she did Japan from Hetalia? She doesn't crossplay very often, but she does it from time to time.

No. 232790

She looks like Kurt Cobain in drag.

No. 232796

I didn't notice until seeing this comment and going back but you're right, she actually has gotten some nice calf tone. Probably from dancing a lot with all that jumping and moves that are basically like heel lifts. Now if she can just wear a bb cream or something for her sun spots

No. 232915

As much as she's still awkward and stuff, she's doing that better than I could, I'd give up after a few minutes!
If she keeps it up so the weight keeps falling off, and works on things like her poses and extension, she could really build up a fanbase in the jdancing scene. It's a shame she would take offense but I think it would be cute if she wore the little masks that some of the kawaii japanese dancer girls wear.

No. 233039

File: 1454906908768.jpg (55.82 KB, 400x691, tumblr_lqlni2DaYr1qh5pnuo1_r1_…)

Kurt Cobain in drag looks 10x better. Even he knew the importance of makeup and always picked out pretty dresses.

No. 233061

Never seen this photo before. He actually does look good in drag.

No. 233128

He looked good in everything.

No. 234142

Still one of my favorite images of him.

No. 234210

No. 234225

If PT is indeed 5'3" and 138, her bmi puts her right underneath the overweight range. So she still has some work to do but she's def. lost weight and I'm surprised she's sticking to it.

No. 234238

From other a anons whom have seen her and met up with her she's short, around 5'1 or 5'2.

No. 234361

I don't think anyone really knows her height, perhaps even her. She's said several different things, from 5'0" to 5'3/4".

No. 234384

well it's PT we're talking about. for her, to reach "average" in any endeavor is a glorious achievement.

No. 234387

How do you not know your own height? pediatiricans take height from birth until you've stopped growing, which is at around 20-21 years of age.

No. 235029

this is pretty cute. not everyone has health insurance, but in pt's case, it's because she lies and wants to be even shorter than she actually is.

No. 235053

>in pt's case, it's because she lies and wants to be even shorter than she actually is.
let me guess, it's because being a midget is so haafu nihonese desu.

No. 235062

Isnt it mandatory to have health insurance in the US though? If you don't, you incur a penalty.

No. 235067

I can't ever remember having my height taken by a doctor. All I remember is doing it in math class or by my parents for something. I'm not in the US though.

And PT lies about her height to sound more Asian, I don't know why you're surprised

No. 235068

Most people still don't have health insurance. If you're unfortunate enough to have a job and not have popped out three kids, you get stuck with shitty insurance that demands high monthly payments and deductibles while limiting where you can get care. The cheapest plans cover nearly nothing.

As for the penalty? Most people just lie when filing their taxes. There's a box that asks if you've been insured for this year, so if you say yes it carries on with no questions asked.

No. 235070

I'm not surprised she lies. But I don't believe there are people out there who have gone their whole lives never knowing their height.

You can find free or low cost clinics almost everywhere these days.

No. 235075

Yeah but if you need specialized care or dental you're screwed. Then you better be lucky enough to live within a reasonable range of a free clinic just for basics.

No. 235076

Well I have insurance that covers limited dental, I pay out of pocket and poor as fuck because I get disability, I just try to save up for it. Also, dental schools give you a break. Some dentists will also give you a break if you're paying in cash out of pocket.

No. 235079

Like, I need braces and I have a chipped tooth that needs to be fixed. Orthodontists have payment plans so that's not an issue, and the chipped tooth won't be extremely expensive.

What gets expensive is root canals and stuff like that. I think I paid 300 total for four fillings and x-rays, and I live in NY where this stuff is more expensive.

No. 235398

Don't forget that PT doesn't carry her weight well since she's apple shaped.
Anyways, good for her the weight loss! Keep going, Pixy <3

No. 235443


>pediatiricans take height from birth until you've stopped growing

Some people don't go to the doctor, regardless of whether or not they have insurance. I didn't have a single doctor's appointment from the time I was around 7 or 8 until I was 18, even though there were times that I absolutely should have.

It sounds like your parents gave a shit about your health, trust science, and weren't the type to tell you to stop being such a pussy and tough out any health issues you might have had. Good for you. Not all of us were so lucky.

>which is at around 20-21 years of age.

Women almost always stop growing by the age of 16. If you were still growing in your early 20s, you're a hell of an outlier.

No. 235452

Doctors are not always super accurate with their measuring though. My pediatrician did take my height until I stopped growing but when another doctor measured me, I was actually 3cm shorter than what my pediatrician had measured.
I think it's completely possible PT has been measured several times by different people, so she's gotten different results. I also think she's most likely lying about her height to suit her whims of wanting to be shorter/taller.

No. 235463

LOL no, my parents didn't take the best care of me. Yeah they took me to the dr when I was sick but they never got me braces even though my mouth is overcrowded and now I need them as an adult.

Also I HAD to go to the doctor, I was born with a congenital kidney defect and had surgery when I was 12 years old. I mean, if you ignore grade III and IV urinary reflex, you'll eventually damage your kidneys from constant infections.

No. 235464

Yeah, that's true. I agree that PT is lying about her height because being 5'1" to her, is kawaii.

At least she's losing weight, regardless of her height.

No. 235470

I can't ever prove it, but I'm the anon who shared her windchime story. She didn't block me for that, she blocked me for ??? who fucking knows.
She STILL uses her MSN account and it's linked to her skype. as of about a year ago.

No. 235660

it might be when you're a cute 14 year old high school girl, but not so much when you look like a rhino walking on two feet.

No. 235778

File: 1455229587979.jpg (93.74 KB, 769x579, tooold.jpg)

She thinks looking 24 is too old

No. 235780

File: 1455229626298.jpg (49.89 KB, 779x292, sad.jpg)

This is kinda sad

No. 235821

That is like the worst kind of pic you could even use for that app. I'm guessing all her face shots were judged way, way older so she went with the youngest one pfff

I wonder what this is in reference to? What happened, PT?!

No. 235841

her face is so long and masculine
holy shit she needs to get PS as soon as possible. she's too fucking ugly

No. 235853

What was she expecting? 12? Come on, pt

No. 235858

Well she does look better now at least. Remember that in PT's mind she was supa kawaii even at her heaviest. She had convinced herself that she was like a cute Japanese schoolgirl.

She seems more self aware now with the weight loss. I hope she doesn't relapse.

No. 235879

Don't think she will ever stop wanting be a cute loli, I can picture her being 50 and still trying to look like a loli.

No. 236006

14 since she's cosplaying Sora from KH maybe.

No. 236008

Whoops. Yugioh not Sora.

No. 236018


Probably because she already around 50.

No. 236019

Dammit, typo. I meant probably because she already looks around 50.

No. 236022

PT, those apps aren't an accurate age gauge… Be happy it was generous.

No. 236024

bitch looks like she'S 60

No. 236551

It's honestly so sad that she feels that way. There's really nothing sexy about kids unless you're a pedophile.

No. 236557

File: 1455345950756.jpg (24.77 KB, 778x223, =(.jpg)

No. 236591

what does she have cancer or something

No. 236592

what does she have cancer or something

No. 236595

Knowing PT she means it in a "I still have a few years before I have to be responsible for myself and my life choices right? :("

No. 236596

I think she thinks her life is almost over because she is "old". At least that is what I got from the comments.

No. 236599

File: 1455353637536.png (25.73 KB, 556x258, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 08.5…)

According to the blog post in >>234210 she's been calling herself old since she was 20.

No. 236615

Not to derail too much, and this might be bait or it might be one of these newfags who doesn't into anime/pt very much, but I wish people would stop using this comparison between "wanting to look like a loli" and "wanting to look like a kid/being a pedophile."

There are distinct differences between idealizing and wanting to look like a child, and idealizing and wanting to look like a fictional concept of what a child or teenager is. Looking at and lusting after a child–a real child who you know or could know from down the street–is pedophilia. There is nothing else to it. Lusting after a child or teenager AS A CONCEPT is in large part why the ideal of a "nymphet" exists, and the "loli" ideal is really just a variation of that.

When you are so dominated by anime tropes, as MANY people are in this community/anime community in general, "loli" (or shota) does not simply mean "little girl," so much as it means "pure, cute, small, innocent, naive" etc. There are parallels of this trope in western media as well. Some characters who are not "lolis" as far as age goes, are described as lolis because they fit this energy and concept. A lot of the time, "loli" is really no different than "tsundere," "yandere," "ojou-sama," or other anime character tropes.

Of course the vision of PT in kindergarten attire and Yukapon/Abipop with randoseru conflicts this idea of it not being about wanting to look like a kid. The best I can explain it is that it is more about wanting to have the energy/feeling of childhood and youthfulness, and bringing it about via visual queues like these, influenced by anime. Kind of like how women who are NOT influenced by anime will still wear things like cartoon t-shirts or pleated plaid skirts or knee socks or mary janes or cutesy barrettes or other staples of their own childhood (the "nymphet") which we generally just ignore or perceive as a fashion choice. To me it's akin to when someone wants to be perceived as having the energy/freespirit of a hippie, so they put on fringed outfits and flower crowns and 60s band tees. They probably don't want to actually be perceived as a REAL hippie–dirty, slacker, homeless, constantly tripping, etc. But they want to channel all the appealing parts of it into what they project to the world.

Like furries, or cosplayers, or lolitas…it IS completely sexual for some, but for most, it's just putting on a costume because you feel safer with it on, because that is how you feel comfortable as yourself, and that is how you want people to perceive you. It's 100% escapism. Most fashion is if you are at all conscious of what you put on your body. Even I, who mainly wears black and simple clothing, do so in part because I want to be perceived as someone who is easy going/laid back or maybe even to offer some totally lame idea of a mysterious woman.

Wanting to be young for PT in particular probably does not come from a place of wanting to be a child (though it seems to have eventually branched off into an ageplay concept as she got older, which furthers my point), but rather wanting to be anime. Her aspiration from the beginning of her "fame" and probably her life has always been to be real life anime (from being "haffu," cosplay, numerous ventures into j-fashion), and a lot of anime, or at least the anime she seems to like, is either aimed at kids/teenagers OR adults who are into the same escapist concepts as she is (Monogatari, for example). These series feature main characters in late childhood or teen years, with the oldest main female characters being something like a perverted "onee-san" character in her mid 20s, often played for laughs as being old or STILL being SINGLE at 23??!?!, and THAT trope is just too real to emulate for her. PT (and others) wanted to be more like the main characters, portrayed as decent, proper Japanese women who get the guy and maybe have a BIT of a perverted streak, but also 15/16/17 with plenty of time to find a man and a bright future ahead of them.

As an aside, as far as I know, PT has always said she wanted to be 18 or seen as 18, but has described herself as "LIKE a loli." That's the age where you're still considered young (young enough to still be in high school, maybe) but old enough to act "impure." I cannot remember where I have read this specifically, but I know she has said it. If she has an onii-chan or sensei kink she's not…totally unlike a lot of other people who are as heavily invested in anime as an escapist concept. Her views on age are not new and not at all different from a lot of women who are just as invested. I have seen >>236599 repeated by so many other wannabe aidoru/anime at that age.

I'm not saying it's not weird, or it's totally 100% not sexual (it obviously became that way for her) but I think ALL of this ageplay stuff is more complex than "lolpedophilia!"

Feel free to tell me to take it to /b/ because I will. I clearly think this is an interesting concept.

No. 236619

heck of an OT there anon but this is actually a good analysis. i'm glad someone here understands the difference between pedophilia and sexual-stuff and wanting to just be a young, happy kid again i guess

No. 236640

This is post is pure perfection; I agree 110%. Something I'd write myself, to be honest. Great job, Anon!

No. 236647

File: 1455369906375.png (661.36 KB, 1010x1156, Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 13.0…)

what kind of grooming bullshit is this? grooming a baby pokemon so they can be a dom when u fuck

No. 236651

Gross but maybe she just found it funny, which if you are as naive as PT is a possibility

No. 236655

nah i think the joke in this pic is that the trainer was just friendly and the pokemon fell in love with him. it's probably not as gross as you think? it's not like the dude looks very happy in the last pic

No. 236656

So this is what happens when people tan…you look 10 years older than you are. Pixy teri looks legit 42 years old. I'm not hating on her but her skin as much as youd like to slap fake korean shitty products that dont work is unfixable. She needs to go to a dermatologist and laser the shit out of her moles caused by tanning and apply retinoid a on the highest percentage every fucking day on her entire body and face (the white gel kind that looks like sperm btw not the harsh ones that dries your skin out). I say lasering her moles because her features already are unattractive by my standards and those moles just make her chin and nose more visible. She always looked older than she is because she has a very manly face, although I must say I liked her picture with the lion, honestly. At that age blonde looks odd so I advice her (if brown is her natural color) to put sunkissed bayalage high lights in her hair. Also that clothing style ffs why are you dressing like this NO ONE even the japs should dress like this , recommending her to slap a zillion shit of shitty products will just clog her pores. She probably doesnt have oily skin but one mild moisturizer is enough (if you have severe dry skin maybe a heavier one would be good), the fucking moisturizer doesnt need to be from fucking Singapore or something. In the winter if she suffers from extreme dry skij virgin coconut oil or shea butter or even a shitty buttery cheap moisturizer works. She does not have saggy skin because she lost weight, she never was that fucking fat.

If she does all of that a nose job would do her wonders and lipinjections crafted from her own fat. Her body shape sucks, so either waisstrain or have a tummy tuck and inject the fat in your ass or something. If she starts a kickstarter for this transformation I'd donate 200 dollars I swear.

No. 236657

I forgot about her eyebrows, they look wonky as shit. Stop tweezing them. Seriously.

No. 236687

Damn anon you know your stuff. I have to agree. And she could get stomach fat injected into her butt (Brazilian butt lift) but I think jaw and then nose surgery are the most important things by far and could totally transform her face.

No. 236710

She needs to lay off watching almost exclusively anime and jrpgs and other stuff marketed to school kids.
Western media has its own problems but at least you can be a main character over 13.

No. 236825

Better than being married to Reshiram.

No. 236831

She's said before that she doesn't want surgery. And suggesting it is a surefire way to get yourself blocked. However I do agree that some work could make her look a lot better.

Tanning is awful. I don't know why people think that you look good with a heavy tan. Where I live you seldom see women with tans that aren't the natural kind from being outside a lot in summer. But maybe in Texas it's very common to toast yourself to perfection. But it just ruins your skin and that's why so many sun worshippers look like haggard bags of wrinkled leather before they are even 40.

Since she said her mom forced her to tan at a young age the damage is sadly done. I don't know why she doesn't use moisturizers, sunscreen and maybe even a tat. If she wants to be kawaii she could use a parasol. Maybe one with a UV coating.

No. 236832

*hat not tat

No. 236838

File: 1455392936593.jpg (22.4 KB, 550x550, Kurumi chan.jpg)

PT is almost the perfect size for Kurumi from Hachi Koi. She might actually be smaller than Kuru now and will be if she keeps losing weight

No. 236845

It's hard to compare because they're different body shapes. PT is pretty much an apple, while Kurumi is more rectangle/hourglass. I'd say PT has significantly smaller legs, but her upper body is only slightly smaller.

No. 236865

I think picking a character that works with her facial features would be better. I mean, anime faces are unnatural sure but I'm sure there are some with a long-ish face or prominent chin. I'm not really into anime/manga but there's got to be someone she could actually pull off, right?

No. 236869

File: 1455398888933.png (733.14 KB, 1600x900, image.png)

Thicker lips would balance her face out, she def needs kylie jenner's lip trick in order to cosplay anyone.

No. 237055

loli means little girl, not pure, cute small and innocent.
there can be evil lolis too but loli means little girl.
cute, pure, innocent and small is usually moe

No. 238036

File: 1455642146955.png (12.44 KB, 1325x109, ptcomplaint.png)

>buying lolita
>from PT
>result is obvious

No. 238053

Where was this?

No. 238084

File: 1455653165297.jpg (157.86 KB, 792x1068, super_pochaco_by_paxiti-d8sqne…)

she could make a decent pochaco

No. 238118

pt barely has titties tho. atleast for her size.

No. 238122

The problem is more that PT's tits are like fried eggs nailed to a wall. They're flat and flappy, not big and full

No. 238124

A good, well fitted pushup bra could fix that.

No. 238128

Fuck bras, she should exercise. Then she will get delicious princess titties.

No. 238130

Lift* i mean

No. 238198

Under clothes, yeah. Naked or braless, not so much.

No. 238347

The 100% positive feedback score looked pretty trustworthy to me so I gave it a shot.
She ramlbed about needing money and I almost considered letting it slide until I saw her post about trying to buy circle lenses.
>tfw trying to figure out how to get a refund without her deleting me from fb


No. 238360

Change your name slightly on fb. She won't notice and then can't find you unless you contact her there.

I'm surprised you were going to let it slide. Some of those dresses she posted on her eBay were expensive.

No. 238443

Yeah, but for that particular cosplay she only has to look good with clothes on. Knowing PT we'd still get her in various states of squatting/undress but yeah.

No. 238464

File: 1455730312063.png (17.78 KB, 509x205, 964986319465.png)

So did she lose her job at Victoria Secret?

No. 238465

Her job was seasonal, not permanent.

No. 238474

The one I bought was $95 and machine washable so if it wasn't for the claw marks I would just have left a neg. Oh well, I just sent her a message and I sure hope she is mature enough to handle this situation.

No. 238475

get a refund from paypal if she doesnt answer you.

No. 238487

I know it's shitty, but you can do listings and communicate through the phone app.

No. 238508

File: 1455740385835.png (476.8 KB, 456x596, wonder.png)

is this PT

No. 238511

I don't think so, this girls shoulders seem too small to be PTs.

No. 238515

Pt would never dress up as Wonder Woman.

No. 238570

File: 1455747721136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.41 KB, 267x598, 267px-Pixyteri_nude_5.jpg)

Looks too nice to be PT, as sad as that sounds. This person at least grasps the concept of makeup and wigs.

She's been Batman, though!

No. 238574


I get where >>238122 was coming from now, poor lass.

No. 238588

Thank you for spoilering that, gross I need eye bleach now

No. 238595

It looks like her but PT hates makeup so probably not.

No. 238599

Dare I say, this isn't too bad. It's entirely unfortunate that PT looks worse WITH clothes on.

No. 238626

I don't think Pt would use "coke" as a prop either

No. 238639

What the fuck are you smoking? If she was a stripper I would actually pay big money for her to keep her damn clothes on.

No. 238655

I wish I wasn't so curious about the context of this.

No. 238658

I believe it's from a set that she sent to a fuckbuddy (Kris?). Honestly, she's had so many nudes leak that I really can't remember who leaked what. That one's about 6 years old though.

No. 238659

File: 1455773167717.png (263.73 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

"The bank won't let me cosplay" 1/2

No. 238660

This is what I was talking about. She can lose all the weight she wants, but she'll still be an awful person on the inside.

No. 238661

File: 1455773205901.png (345.25 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

"The bank won't let me cosplay" 2/2

No. 238664

Man, when is she going to stop acting like a 5 year old? Dressing like a child is one thing but throwing a tantrum and claiming that the people at the bank 'hate her' and are personally declining her purchase, is another.
She's so ridiculously naïve.

No. 238668

The way she talks is so strange…like an 8 year old writing diary entries about how mean everybody is to them.

No. 238673

>my other contacts hurt a little bit

Jesus PT please don't fuck over your eyes

No. 238677

I would love to see more. She is my Queen.

No. 238691

I guess PT is not aware that she has to call her bank to get the transaction approved because HoneyColor also lost their PayPal like PinkyParadise did.

No. 238707

PT has a long way to go… It's nice that she's eating healthier, exercising and losing weight but she needs to get that personality in check. Then of course, get over her hating the idea of getting a job above retail.

No. 238935

File: 1455836557781.jpeg (155.7 KB, 1242x662, image.jpeg)

She must be accurate!

No. 238958

She needs bangs, her hair is so limp and lifeless. She looked okay fat, she just needed to cover up more imho.

No. 238967

Agreed. It'd help if she took better care of her hair and styled it in a flattering way (like using a volumizing tonic at her roots and blow dry it upward with a round brush.

No. 238986

File: 1455849321252.jpg (12.73 KB, 513x111, pppp.jpg)

I wonder what happened?

No. 238989

The Queen is whining about something scaring her so bad her chest hurts. It's hard to believe she's 30

No. 238992

Maybe eBay-Anon's inquiry about the damaged dress scares her since she probably spent the money the moment she got it.

No. 238994

Her mom probably yelled at her

No. 238995

I hope that's it. That would be funny.

No. 238999


No. 239004

EBay anon. Would you mind telling us what all you said to the Queen?

No. 239006

Pt said she's being harassed by an eBay buyer. Pfft

No. 239007

File: 1455853230827.jpg (131.23 KB, 1242x1225, IMG_1727.JPG)

A couple of minutes before she posted >>238986 she responded to my rejection of a $25 refund. There haven't really been much dialogue besides me stating the damages and her politely accusing me of doing it. Right now some numbers are being thrown around.


No. 239009

My phone is lame and won't let me get photos. She wrote this.

Sarah Guilbeaux
I'm being harassed by an eBay buyer
And I'm scared
I have to give her $70 for a dress that has "flaws" even tho I stated no returns
I'm really really scared
22 minutes ago · Sent from Messenger

No. 239010

File a dispute with PayPal ASAP.

No. 239011

I want to feel sorry for her but she is being pretty cunty to accuse eBay-Anon of doing that shit to get a free dress. I second >>239010 in filing a dispute.

All PT had to do in this situation is apologize, ask eBay-Anon to return the dress (and work out the return shipping) and process a refund.

No. 239014

PP will only let me do this through eBay, sadly.

I told her I'll take a $70 refund or she can get the dress back. Haven't heard back from her yet.

No. 239015

Can you post pics of the damage?
Ebay will refund you anyway.

No. 239018

Wait to hear back, then if she doesn't answer or her answer is unsatisfactory, go and open the dispute through eBay.

Let's be honest here. Her $25 offer was because that's all she is willing to part with. Most likely that's because she's spent everything down to that point.

Plus, even if you were willing to take that $25, she'd villainize you over facebook since clearly you're one of the big meanie poopheads who are preventing her from her cosplay idol dreams.

No. 239020

Good job doing something about the condition of the dress and not just letting it slide eBayanon. I've seen a few anons post over the years that her stuff wasn't in the condition advertised but they never left feedback (or said it was good)

No. 239021

It's hard to believe she's 30 when she writes like a child.

No. 239022

File: 1455856433067.jpg (751.49 KB, 640x3727, 1455745533888.jpg)

It's really bothersome having to leave the dress in such a gross condition in case PT or eBay wants more/better pictures

No. 239024

That's bad.
I understand things like Lolita dresses probably have special care instructions for laundering, but surely one would want to send out a clean garment.

I'm sorry you have to deal with this eBay-Anon. Even if it's PT, that shit is unacceptable.

No. 239025

If that's not a coffee stain I dread to think what it might be. It looks like she might have crumpled it up and left it on the floor during one of her depressive phases, where it became a pet bed.

No. 239026

Oh my goodness. That is horrendous, sorry anon.

No. 239027

Does it smell?

No. 239051

>tfw this was my dream dress years ago
same colorway too. poor thing.

No. 239062

I see so many people exaggerating the amount of damage their lolita clothes come with, but this is seriously unacceptable. I might have missed it ITT, but what condition did her eBay listing say it was in?

No. 239063

lmfao the cutesy supahkawaii pink glowing circles just really got me

couldn't a plain black have been used? white? even a dramatic red would've been better…

No. 239069

eBay Anon, don't let her get away with this. I know it's our queen so we really should expect these things, but a couple years back I bought a school uniform off of her, stated in 'like new' condition. I only paid $25 in total, but when I got the outfit, the skirt had broken clasps (clearly from her trying to jam herself into it). She wrote me a shitty little note that she sent with the package. Didn't even tell me beforehand. Only reason I didn't demand a refund was because it was just $25, plus we were trying to keep the queen from disappearing at that time.

Tldr; go for it eBay anon. She needs to learn her lesson and stop lying about one shit she sells.

No. 239071

This. She's an adult, no matter how much she tries to avoid it. She knows the consequences.

Speaking of which, I can't believe this woman is 31 this year.

No. 239078

>I can't believe this woman is 31 this year.

Neither can she.

No. 239081

I can't wait for the delicious tantrum. July can't come soon enough.

No. 239103

But Anon, the picture was getting sent to the queen to show her the damages. It MUST be kawaii! What makes you think something as plain as black or red would be acceptable.

No. 239123

File: 1455895511408.jpg (99.43 KB, 250x333, 2OP - Sugar Pansy.jpg)

Surprisingly no. It has this nice curtain/old lady/airy-smell. I fear that it has remained unwashed for so long that any body odour left, is just waiting to be reactivated by heat.

"Like-new condition" was mentioned like 3 times.

That been said. Does anyone have a picture of her wearing it? Since it was only worn once for a photoshoot in her backyard.

No. 239131

I remember she posted a pic of herself wearing it in her room on Twitter back in the day and it looked like an old lady nightgown on her. I think that picture has since been lost in the great stamrose panicdelete, though.

No. 239153

File: 1455903531308.jpg (108.56 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_nb1s2rfUBY1qe99x…)

random find while I tried to find pics of PT wearing dress ebay anon bought.
I laughed so hard in my office

No. 239159

File: 1455904792560.jpg (72.85 KB, 1023x1430, BIwAZ4YCcAAEGMg.jpg)

No. 239160

File: 1455904864327.jpg (93.19 KB, 1024x1437, BIwDlOVCMAASRgq.jpg)

No. 239161

File: 1455904987901.jpg (488.25 KB, 681x1024, DSCN3328-002_zpsstmdn2en.jpg)

So, I think she looks cute here but you can tell the dress is a few sizes too big.

No. 239162


whoo thanks anon. I got distracted in PTs photobucket

No. 239164

File: 1455905099978.jpg (190.69 KB, 681x1024, Dscn2316-001_zpsmcaivejl.jpg)

Her legs look great~
If only she could stop standing like a fucking idiot

No. 239166

You're welcome.
Unfortunately I have yet to come across the one in her room.

No. 239168

Why would you expect anything from Pixy to be sanitary anyways, ebay anon?

No. 239170

File: 1455905985053.jpg (487.45 KB, 682x1024, DSCN3037-001_zpsb4pyhcer.jpg)

She has a cute haircut, I think this is when she first got it cut cause it hasn't looked this great in any of her FB pics.

No. 239172

Shiny and clean. Rare for the queen. I really really wish, like all us farmers, she'd use skin care. All the damage and lack of proper care.,,

No. 239173

This is a great cut for her, it helps make her face look rounder and it also is both somewhat cute yet somewhat mature

No. 239194

File: 1455913152131.gif (602.45 KB, 200x189, 1445227185804.gif)

what the fuck, she actually looks fairly good

No. 239198

File: 1455913847668.jpg (456.42 KB, 681x1024, DSCN3020-002_zpsrqsqgkyk.jpg)

No. 239202

She looks like she's about to suck two imaginary dicks.

No. 239203

and I mean this in the best way

No. 239217

god, she REALLY needs to learn 2 makeup.

her manface really just ruins her whole thing.

No. 239235

I'm glad she's sticking to loosing weight but why does her crotch always look sweaty?

No. 239237

I really dislike her current tomboy phase. I want my Queen to be a Queen, not a King.

No. 239241

File: 1455922583931.jpg (174.59 KB, 676x1020, res_1455922495633.jpg)

Even really subtle makeup would make her look more kawaii. Since she's into the natural look, why doesn't she do natural makeup?

No. 239245

Holy fucking shit, PT is looking great nowadays.

No. 239249

that bikini and hairstyle are doing her no favours. a shame since her body is really starting to look a lot better. still damn impressed by the weight loss

No. 239250

Her face looks like it was photoshopped on here. Is it weird lighting/editing?

No. 239267

No amount of makeup will ever undo that gigantic manchin

No. 239274

she's a prince

No. 239276

>all that flabby arm skin from losing weight
Doubtful that she's going to lift weights or anything to fix it, that's not kawaii

No. 239297

Probably.. one of her best 'I'm poopin' shots?

No. 239309

jfc she looks like she's double fisting invisible dicks.

No. 239456

Did she photoshop a thigh gap? It looks really weird.

No. 239502

I've been noticing bits of PS all throughout her recent photos tbh.

No. 239508

This is REALLY bad shoop.
I can understand her wanting to have less round shoulders, but for fuck's sake she literally liquified her right should to a point, and kept her left shoulder flabby and round. Makes no damn sense.

No. 239561

imo I'm thinking she might just have her legs spread a bit but it looks weird due to loose skin around her tights? like where it droops and touches, on me that's right about where my thighs droop touch, which is what leads me to believe that it's just loose skin and not ps

No. 239562

I must add though, looking at >>239161 I wouldn't be surprised if it actually was just a shitty ps job

No. 239576

File: 1456037294208.jpg (112.09 KB, 681x1024, 1455904987901.jpg)

Photoshop edit of the queen. Her lips were difficult and background is shit. I think she looks cuter though

No. 239578

can some nice anon shoop this into that tom and jerry macro?

No. 239582


I'm sorry, but what?

No. 239584

Did you shop eyelashes onto this or did Pixy?

No. 239593

That's actually perfect because in the book Carrie describes herself as being a little thick around the middle.

No. 239651

File: 1456075942398.jpg (37.8 KB, 565x600, Cover-tom2[1].jpg)

sorry i was drunk i mean like pic related

No. 239709

File: 1456101231023.jpeg (66.73 KB, 457x640, image.jpeg)

If she would just wear more natural looking lenses and some makeup, she would look so much better.

No. 239728

No offense but she's definitely heavier than 138. 138 at 5'1" doesn't look too bad, still a little on the fluffy side but usually it's still proportional and doesn't hang off so much at all. Even weight distribution wise, she still has a lot distributed in her stomach as well as legs so it isn't a matter of her being pear or triangle shaped.

Also, I know a girl who is 5'1" and weighs about 145 and her body is an incredible hourglass and very toned so maybe I've just met one of the rarities? Idk

No. 239732

well the muscle mass changes how people look a lot, more than you would think. since you said your friend is 'very toned' I assume they work out a lot - I have a friend that is about 5'!0" and 180lbs - she has a little fat but she does a lot of sports (and has for a long time) and is not at all overweight looking.

No. 239751

saggy butt or diaper?

No. 239760

That looks super nice, anon! She's not ugly at all, imo, she just is focused on the wrong issues and doesn't highlight her good features.

No. 239761

anon you have some serious skills damn, teach me your ways so i can look as good as our goddess

No. 239790

Yeah, I agree, there's no way she's 138. She was at least 180 before her weight loss, there's no way the difference between then and now is 40lbs.

No. 239793

File: 1456126268597.jpg (91.24 KB, 681x1024, 1455913847668.jpg)

I tried…

No. 239800

File: 1456129155356.jpg (57.73 KB, 400x600, 501-140_Jeanette_L1.jpg)


This is 5ft1 142lbs. I don't see why you guys are doubting her, because she has been losing weight for nearly a year. She's been losing weight since May/June at least. 9 months, 40 lbs so around 4lbs a month. It's totally normal.

No. 239805

That's just one girl. Looking through mybodygallery, lots of the girls look smaller than (unshooped) PT at the same height and weight. The fact that we don't know PT's exact height doesn't help either. It's possible she is at 138, but just as possible she's lying. We know how she's lied in the past, and it's natural for people to doubt her.

No. 239809

Note how this girl has small legs and a large stomach. Her weight is focused only in her abdomen. Hence she looks so big. Womp womp

No. 239810

Why oh god why does she look so much like Adam sandler

No. 239863

Please let's not get fatlogickey around here. Different people distribute weight differently, we have no reason to disbelieve what she says - it's totally reasonable that she's the weight she says and that she lost it through eating less crap.

Yes, even though you're fatter than her but still think you're kawaii. Yes, even though you tried dieting once and it was like, super hard [insert starvation mode bullshit here] so you reckon she must have gotten surgery because how else would a human eat less?

Y'all need to watch some Secret Eaters and quit spreading misinformation.

No. 239882

Or maybe PT weighs herself on carpet…who knows. There are so many variables. I don't necessarily think she's lying, and no matter what, she's still lost quite a chunk of weight.

No. 239888

You guys act like 140 is totally unbelievable. For her height it is still potentially 40 lbs overweight, which seems TOTALLY realistic to me…right now she is not small but she's not huge at all.

At 5'1" a healthy range is between 99 lbs-130 lbs. I have met people who look fine at 150 lbs 5'1ish and I have met people who look huge at 125 lbs at the same height. It is totally possible that PT is really meant to be around 100-110, not the higher end of "healthy BMI," especially because she has no muscle mass to speak of.

No. 239994

The problem is you don't lose the fat where you need to the most. PT would look haggard as fuck by the time she lost her stomach fat. I've seen it happen a dozen times. People keep going until they're finally happy with their problem area and the rest of them looks like shit.

What she needs to do is stop when her face looks the best…well the best it can, and then invest in lipo sculpting and corrective surgeries.

No. 239998

Thank you anon.
What you're saying is correct.

No. 240000

So true.

I'm at 24.4 or so BMI and I look like crap because I have a small frame even though I'm sightly above average height. My arms are thin and my stomach is flat, but I am an hourglass so I store my fat in my chest and my thighs.

It really depends on the individual. Some people look fine at higher weights, some don't.

No. 240007

fuck i know these feels
5'2 and went 99 -> 105 and look like a balloon…

No. 240011

This whole thing is a mess and if sounds like you're talking to yourself because nobody has claimed those things. People just think she's fudging numbers.

No. 240768

Any updates from Ebay-anon?

No. 240872

I got a full refund(including the shipping cost) and was told I could keep the dress

No. 240890

Pixy, amazingly, has really large eyes and pupils. She really doesn't need circle lenses.

No. 240934

oh man, this is probably why we haven't seen her online in days. She is probably pissed and sulking.

No. 241060

File: 1456330222303.png (247.26 KB, 2024x676, Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 16.0…)

No. 241062

File: 1456330450447.jpg (104.03 KB, 534x355, pig-1.jpg)

No. 241068

She's wearing circle lenses in her original photos, her eyes are blue.

No. 241203

All that damage and she's lucky that ebay anon was even polite here, of all places. This is far from 'drama', you sent damaged goods and you paid the price, stupid girl.

&my post is not automated

No. 241211

This just in:
>Hi! Ebay wouldn't let me refund only a partial because whenever I went to do it, It said I had already submitted a partial refund offer and it was declined, so I couldn't make any more partial offers. It forced me to refund the entire thing. I know you wanted to keep the dress, but it's telling me you need to ship the dress back to me since I refunded you in full. What should we do? Sorry I'm not an expert on E-bay or anything :( Sorry.

Aha.. I want to be understanding if the full refund was a mistake buut I have a feeling it's me she is reffering to as a "nitpicky drama whore" >>241060
She didn't pay for a return shipping label. Her loss.

No. 241216

Fuck off, 32-inch waist chan. No one fucking cares. Lolcow is not your blog.

Every time I think that Pixy has taken a step forward in her life, she ends up falling backward down the stairs behind her.

No. 241217

It seems like you already know but don't get sucked into anything else concerning PT. She's going to try to play the "but the big formal words confused me! halp!" card regarding your transaction. Keep your eBay documentation and wash your hands of this.

Even her auto correct is conspiring against her right now.

No. 241220

Isn't this normal for ebay? Say you'll send it back but she has to cover postage. Either way, you lose nothing and she gets a negative review.

No. 241230

Prior to sending the full refund, that no one forced her to do, she had the option to pay for a return label which she declined and I sure as hell ain't gonna fork out $41 for intl shipping.

No. 241279

File: 1456362194432.jpg (111.23 KB, 720x960, 1923912_10153670171186144_7214…)

No. 241287

File: 1456363386558.jpeg (136.29 KB, 640x854, image.jpeg)

Sorry, forgot to edit out names.

The world turns against Pixy again.

No. 241288

File: 1456363507545.jpeg (167.79 KB, 640x855, image.jpeg)

No. 241289

File: 1456363609133.jpeg (130.65 KB, 640x855, image.jpeg)

Backpedal harder, N. kek

No. 241292

Good lord her face and skin are so awful. Her legs and hair look nicer, at least?

No. 241318

File: 1456371223181.jpeg (96.47 KB, 630x853, image.jpeg)

No. 241319

damn she's such a bitch

No. 241326

That's our Queen. I love her.

Man, gotta love PT. She's insane and takes any negative event to extremes. Now she's super tomboy despite being a long time fan of Lolita because bitches at VS made her feel bad.

No. 241336


No. 241345

Well… Knowing this, I think those of us who have Pixy added on Facebook should block her from seeing our very girlie posts. You know how she is, any small thing can set her off.

No. 241348

someone please gift this bitch some aquaphor.

No. 241354

The only way to stay friends with PT on facebook is to backpedal and jump through loops and say what she wants to hear, otherwise she'll block you.

No. 241355

She is SOOOOOOOOOOO fucking insecure for someone her age.
I'd expect this crisis from someone who just turned 18 and got in over their head. Not from a 30-some year old who knew exactly what she was signing up for.
And I can't help but think all this weight loss is fueled by her insecurities, which means it's not gonna last because it's clear she's a hair away from emotional instability at any given recollection. Tapdancing christ she needs a solid life counsellor.

No. 241361

I wonder why she is convinced she should be a tough girl/tomboy now. Like, she is 30 years old. You would think she would stop going through phases by now.

No. 241363

She HAS held some jobs for at least a few weeks so surely she is capable of acting normally. I know they're minimum wage shit jobs but even then, someone with her attitude wouldn't last more than a few hours. Or actually get hired in the first place.
That made me kind of sad. Seems like she's giving up, what else will come after?

No. 241365


No. 241366

That body of hers screams Messican


No. 241372

How is she a bitch though? She is right about this tbh. I dont like circle lenses so with her real eyes she doesnt look that ugly

No. 241377

File: 1456388701580.jpg (211.39 KB, 720x960, 1456362194432_副本.jpg)

No. 241381




No. 241386



No. 241387

I think anon did a pretty good job, considering what the original looked like.

No. 241390

File: 1456394377445.jpg (343.38 KB, 720x960, pt.jpg)

No. 241392


No. 241402

she looks like Venus

No. 241419

No. 241422

File: 1456409890370.jpeg (156.65 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

The site went down just as I was posting it.

No. 241424

File: 1456410007001.jpg (71.75 KB, 400x533, 1456394377445_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 241425


No. 241441

File: 1456414586131.jpeg (167.22 KB, 720x1059, image.jpeg)

I wanted to make her eyes blue but i dont know how.

No. 241458

File: 1456418491543.jpeg (518.47 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

No. 241463

Omg anon thank you! I wanted to use this eyecolor but I never used meitu before so i didnt know how

Sarah looks the best with blue eyes

No. 241472

I'm pretty sure they used Pitu

No. 241474

I used BeautyCam and YouCam.

BeautyCam is best for reshaping the face/body, getting rid of shadows and spots and smoothening skin. YouCam is good for make up and eye colour.

I wish she bothered having a skincare routine. It's not even a feminine thing - it's just simple self care. She could look like a solid 7/10 with proper fashion, skin care and make up. All that wasted potential is upsetting…

No. 241477

File: 1456422302413.jpg (62.8 KB, 1242x299, image.jpg)

Please take a deep breath my precious queen

No. 241501

Fuck yeah anon, my body is exactly like PT's and this app is my shit.
>slim and lengthen body
>push in jowls and double chin
>enlarge eyes
>nice selection of filters

No. 241518

Holy crap, Anon. She looks amazing!

No. 241535

File: 1456429902752.jpg (257.31 KB, 720x960, 1456362194432 3.jpg)

Just kind of evened out her skin experimentally. with some extras.

Eh. .

No. 241560

Haha, thanks. Actually I just remembered that Miyu used to do her make up like this. Wish Sarah was smart enough to carry it on.

No. 241581

File: 1456435066850.jpg (95.44 KB, 500x667, kawaiigoods.jpg)

No. 241587

File: 1456435945478.jpg (105.26 KB, 684x606, tumblr_nsdzstTCem1ubm73lo1_128…)

I'm just waiting for the 3rd sequel in the PT trilogy that will be unleashed 10 years from now:
>Pixy: The Midlife Crisis That Will Hit Her Harder Than Any Gen-X 40-something

No. 241590

It looks like you gave her a snaggle-tooth.

No. 241885

More like harelip.

No. 241890

File: 1456479497666.jpg (543.19 KB, 541x960, skinny pt.jpg)

this girl reminds me of PT

No. 241914

File: 1456485936795.jpg (95.69 KB, 720x960, pixylookinkawaii.jpg)

She really just needs to stop scowling. Too bad the expression is etched into her face after all this time. My poor pixy.

No. 241930

I-it was my first time using this app. And I never edit my selfies tbh so I am not really experienced.

No. 242022

So then you plan to essentially keep a dress and all the money because…she inconvenienced you by not mentioning a pull and a couple stains? $40 to send it back still costs more than the refund plus the residual dress value?
No, you know that's wrong. Instead of shitposting about it resolve the issue, leave a negative, and be done with it.
And don't even pretend like you weren't looking to stir shit with her because you've already blasted this all over whatever mediums there are to talk about PT.

No. 242024

That works remarkably well considering how unappealing her face is. Maybe it's just the pic, though.

No. 242048

Why are you so assblasted over this? I'd be inclined to keep it too after getting vagueposted on social media and lied to over the state of a dream dress. It's PT's own fault for trying to scam and being too stupid to know how to deal with this issue.

No. 242053

File: 1456512715251.jpg (84.52 KB, 800x574, 38489392.jpg)

>complains about being vagueposted on fb after you namedropped PT here and on 4chan
>claims PT scammed you when she refunded you in full and you intent to keep the dress and give her nothing partial back

You sound like a festering cockshop for a human. I have no sympathy for you.

No. 242058

Why shouldn't they? Body odor stains is pretty damn rank and should have been mentioned from the beginning.

No. 242059

I agree anon. Thanks for having a good heart ;___;

You a cunt for disrespecting the queen here. Just remember that you are wearing pixyteri's dirty dress when she was still fat and unhygienic. WHICH MEANS YOU ARE FAT AND UGLY TOO.

Cannot believe no one backed the queen up here.

No. 242061

File: 1456514312519.png (605.9 KB, 593x600, ptcollection.png)

…have you filthy bitches ever heard of oxyclean and a washer?
It's a fucking AP print, it's machine-safe.

Even with the pull I could probably knock out the stains and resell for a decent amount of money, near what I'd paid.
I'd have half of my money from the partial refund, plus whatever money I'd be looking to sell PT's dress for after the cleaning. Obviously the amount of money I'd give back to PT wouldn't be much because of the inconvenience and work I'd put into it, but I'd still come out with more money and PT would still get her negative feedback from me.

I don't know HOW the buyer could have escalated such an easily resolvable issue, but here we are.

No. 242073


I'm sure you're trolling but i'll bite.

The buyer escalated it because at first PT didn't even want to give her a refund at all. As a seller you are obligated to give an accurate description of the item you are selling, and if the item doesn't fit that description the buyer has a right to take it to the seller. Its not just the stains, the dress was physically damaged as well from claw marks. I don't blame ebay-anon not wanting to shell out $41 to send the dress back, that's the seller's responsibility.

No. 242076

>The buyer escalated it because at first PT didn't even want to give her a refund at all.

That's because PT seriously believed that her dress was "like new." She thought the buyer was trying to scam her by putting stains on the dress and creating thread pull.
Like, how is it hard believing that PT is that tone-deaf to detail when she's sold damaged shit in the past under reasoning that she's "barely worn" them? PT takes ageplay pictures and has the social awareness of a mentally stunted 13 year old.
You can believe she intended to "scam" the buyer, but I'm more inclined to believe by the vast amounts of evidence that PT is flat out ignorant and doesn't pay attention to what she sells.

However, if this situation would have played out normally, PT should have told the buyer to keep the dress and issue a partial refund for damages and cleaning costs. For reasons, again, that didn't happen.

Even so, the buyer now has all the money. Why doesn't the buyer settle the issue by refunding some money after the costs of cleaning the dress and taking the damage into consideration? What justifies keeping both the entire refund and the dress? Nothing.

No. 242077


Wow you are real salty about all this. Enough to samefag to hell and back. Being so stupid as to not understand like 'what new means' (which seems stupid even for PT's standards) is no excuse. Her intent to scam was obvious as soon as she tried to pretend the buyer faked the damage. Whatever happened next is her own fault.

No. 242080

I can understand if they didn't know anything about PT but for real, if you really think you were going to get a pristine dress from her. PT has no self awareness and can be very delusional about the condition of things. Usually when someone tries to scam they are completely aware something has flaws and they try and sell it anyway. PT actually believes that that dress was in great condition.

No. 242084

Do you not know what that word means?
It's painfully clear all three posts >>242053, >>242061, >>242076 are me since they're responses to each post responding to me. And >>242059 isn't me but is probably a troll.

Seriously you bitch, if you wanted a free dress from PT then just say so. Because that's precisely what you're doing by not even offering the sorry sow at least $20 of her money back.

No. 242086

No one said anything about PT scamming the buyer. I agree with you 100% that PT is an idiot and probably legit thought the dress was like new. Doesn't mean PT is somehow exempt from the consequences of issuing a refund. The buyer just wanted a partial refund, but PT is an idiot and did a full refund back. And she told the buyer she needed to pay for the posting to return the dress… which is a big nope as far as seller etiquette goes. Its 100% PT's fault. The buyer wasn't even going to ask for a refund at first until people here told her she deserved it.

No. 242088

File: 1456519517843.gif (4.03 MB, 270x163, LvZe3WJ.gif)

I think its time to step away from the computer, kid.

No. 242090

File: 1456519775056.jpg (56.65 KB, 600x600, POOPIN.jpg)

>No one said anything about PT scamming the buyer.
The buyer is on cgl.
>The buyer just wanted a partial refund
Huh? The buyer said on cgl that PT wanted to issue the partial but could only do a full refund option. What if that's true?
How does that justify the buyer getting a free dress?
>posting Spears
Are you gonna shave your head and whack me with an umbrella?

No. 242092

I agree. I can't really sympathise with eBay anon, it's not like you didn't know who PT was and what she's like. No, PT shouldn't have lied about the condition, but PT is infamous - you take everything she says with a grain of salt.

No. 242100

Well, PT shouldn't have lied.

I'd like to know why eBay anon wanted something PT wore. Isn't she kind of known for ripping stuff to make her fit in burando?

No. 242114


She got posted to /r/CringeAnarchy. Someone in the comment section called her pretty.

No. 242115

>Isn't she kind of known for ripping stuff to make her fit in burando?

Yes. Pixy will wear things to the point of almost bursting seams and has been known to hack up the straps of certain dresses to make them fit. I remember when /cgl and even rose-chan raged hard when she did shit to some dresses/colorways. I'm not a lolita, but it does seem like there is a code with burando and what alterations are exceptable.

No. 242118

I believe the rage has to do with the fact that AP dresses and other brands are quite costly. Also if you want to re-sell them you won't get the same amount for stuff that's been altered or in PT's case, ripped or cut.

No. 242124

Ah, sweet summer PT. It seems like a different world.

No. 242166

I get around that problem by not buying shit from PT, or really anyone with a reputation for being shitty to their brand.
Same like I don't buy from people who own cats and dogs because I have a fur allergy. Not setting myself up for disappointment.

No. 242172

>farmers trying to protect PT by saying she is too retarded to understand what "like new" even means

Ya'll are fucking ridiculous.

No. 242173

If I recall correctly some brands do have straps attached in a way that allows for adjustment and styling and such. I believe in one such rage case, PT did the stupidest possible thing to a brand dress to make it fit by taking off straps that weren't meant to be.

No. 242175

I can see a partial refund in order, but I still don't see how that means buyer gets the money plus the dress for nothing.

No. 242184

I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say she probably did a quick grab and look, but the dress certainly was not in like new condition. Therefore the item was not as described and she is held accountable of that through eBay.

I however do not agree with eBay-Anon keeping the dress after the full refund. Best thing would be to refund PT some money for keeping the dress with damages, or you bite the bullet and mail the dress back.

Tbh eBay-Anon, keeping both the dress and the full refund makes you a cunt.

No. 242191

Here's an interesting story. No connection to /pt/ of course, but dunno, just thought you might enjoy.

Recently a user named Cordelia_Chase stormed into the Fit Vegan Ginger thread on kiwifarms. She called everyone assholes and more, and in less than a day earned herself a week's ban from the thread. Festivities have continued at https://kiwifar.ms/members/cordelia_chase.9306/

Cordelia_Chase may or may not be a reddit user as well, where she may or may not have mentioned us yesterday. Let's just say she has a signature style.

No. 242192

Who the fuck is that and how is she relevant to pt?

No. 242193

See the board rules and guidelines: https://lolcow.farm/rules

Clearly stated, you don't insult the queen here.

No. 242194

Don't you get the hint?

(ps. I saged)

No. 242195

>festering cockshop
>you filthy bitches
>you bitch

No. 242200

Not following.

No. 242203

Are we cum dripping fuck sponges yet?

No. 242204

Isn't that a line from that Yoko cosplayer? I really don't follow what you're trying to say here. Do you think the person you linked is posting here, it just seems like a far reach and why would she be commenting on pt?

No. 242210

I'm not insulting the queen. You are all insulting her intelligence by implying she's too fucking stupid to realize a dress is stained.

Pixy knew the dress wasn't in good condition. I still think the buyer should clean the dress and then send PT the rest of the money left over as a refund, but please stop implying that Pixy doesn't understand what "like new" means. She knows, she just thought she could get away with the damage anyway.

No. 242225

She's immature and unaware in a lot of respects, and based on her history she isn't observant or careful with her clothes.

She did the poopin pose for the longest time and thought it was the least bit 'sexy.' She used to not shower for days but insist she was 'clean.' She's big but didn't think 'plus size' applied to her because of her boobs.
Her definitions are just not that of a normal person's. I just wouldn't want to deal with the mental realms of our queen.

No. 242230

I really don't think PT intentionally tried to scam the anon just from looking at her freak out she had on facebook about it.

No. 242234

File: 1456539254172.jpeg (102.15 KB, 729x1024, image.jpeg)

I see your point. But I think the queen is just delusional, not mentally incapable.

>tfw the poopin pose is the sexiest thing you've ever seen

No. 242236

Lack of self awareness =\= stupidity

No. 242561

File: 1456595659819.gif (1.5 MB, 500x271, pt_cringe.gif)

Muh Kokoro goes dokidoki

No. 242617

does anyone have the photos? i saw them posted on /cgl/ and the dress was absolutely trashed

No. 242621

They're right here. >>239022

No. 243006

Whats your problem? We're on /pt/…

No. 243030

Not the poster of the gif but that shit is hilarious ,lighten the fuck up or are you on your period.

No. 243036

You have no pride if you are willing to let people insult your queen

No. 243055

Considering she sold the dress for $90 and this print went for over $200 retail, I don't know what you were expecting.

No. 243065

It's only printed cotton - surely it won't damage when washed?

No. 243129

I love pixyteri but you have autism

No. 243133

As someone who sews, that looks like low grade cotton due to the fact that it's very thin. For $200, I'd expect a lined dress.

Cotton shrinks but that's about it. Oxiclean should help get the stains out.

No. 243141

Angelic Pretty dresses are almost always lined. I had Sugar Pansy once upon a time, it had lining and a small built in petticoat and was rather well made. The print was still crisp and bright on mine. But the dress that anon received already looked faded. Washing it too many times might make the print fade even more. And, as you said, cotton can also shrink.

Anon who bought the dress, have you tried getting the damage out yet?

No. 243143

Ah ok. The one PT bought didn't look lined to me, so maybe some are and some aren

No. 243145

>Also, lèse-majesté is strictly forbidden. Don't insult the queen. The board is called /pt/ for a reason.

No. 243165

The one she was selling is the special set with no border print, which are usually considerably cheaper. I'm not so sure if those are usually lined or not.

No. 243180

I have no sympathy for people buying stuff from PT. That's asking for problems. I'd never seriously purchase anything from her.

No. 243207

>>243143 drink bleach

No. 243208

>>243143 drink bleach

No. 243234

I have a theory about her "I'M POOPIN'" poses.

She seems to be obsessed with the "panty shot" sometimes found in Jap shit. So since there aren't many poses in which she can show her panties from the bottom like that, she constantly has to do the I'M POOPIN' pose, along with the ~judgemental~ WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY PANTY, ONII-CHAN? look.

I really think that's what she's going for in these poses, but it just makes her look like she is pushing out a big turd and she's a little constipated.

It also works better for women with a more youthful look. She legit looks like she's in her 40s.

No. 243251

She should totally try this dance

No. 243355

Insulting is not the same as a hilarious gif. Take it up with the admin if you're upset.
You're right. But I think it should still be lined, every dress I've owned from them has been. But, regardless, anon can probably get the stains out without too much trouble if she's smart about it.

No. 243372

ebay anon, since you get to keep the dress why not give her half the refund back. Think of the karma.

No. 243457

Thank you, anon. I love this!

No. 243499

What the fuck is this shit? I love it! I love jazz!

No. 243541

Wtf I thought Cara Delevingne got fat from the thumbnail

No. 244034

File: 1456963999509.png (483.99 KB, 610x800, i love your butthurt.png)

Wow holy shit. I'm the one that posted that gif

I was making a horrible pun. You can still love the Queen and cringe at her antics, Anon. It's okay. Coming out and telling the world how ugly and fat she is is flat out crossing the line.

No. 244068

wow, awesome theory. not like it's fucking common sense or anything that that is what she's been going for.

No. 245552

File: 1457351970171.jpg (158.36 KB, 1078x1048, Screenshot_2016-03-07-11-58-03…)

No. 245583

File: 1457354191902.jpeg (548.52 KB, 701x859, image.jpeg)

New job???

No. 245634

Oh God the last time I followed PT dramu was about 2 years ago but she seems 20 years older somehow.

You could've told me this is a middle aged mother of three and I'd believe it.

No. 245638

Years of bad skincare and diet have not been kind to our queen. I still feel like she might be able to salvage herself if she would only get on a really good skincare regimen and did make-up. At least she's been successful in losing weight by changing her diet and exercising through dancing.

No. 245644

I think PT is at the point where she'd need laser treatment or some serious skin toning cream to help with the sun damage/dark spots. But she'll also need to use sunscreen and moisturizer daily on top of that.

No. 245650

tbf PT has looked like a middle aged mother of three since before she was old enough to legally drink.

No. 245670

I guess she lost that youthfull shine of delusional weebiness along the way

No. 245677

The face of a 40 something year old soccer mom

No. 245694

She said she got a retail job at some sports place.

No. 245695

File: 1457380218179.jpg (89.38 KB, 720x960, 12705623_10153691322096144_300…)

Camel Toe.
Does anyone think she is gaining weight… or are her shorts just horrible?

No. 245696

File: 1457380252573.jpg (91.15 KB, 720x960, 12803221_10153691322101144_609…)

her boots

No. 245697

Looking at her desk she has junk food on it. I'm thinking she's done with eating healthy.

No. 245701

I think both.

Her body shape is so unfortunate Her head looks too big for her torso, which in turn looks too big for her legs. She just has a mannish body. She does have quite nice legs though, I will give her that.

No. 245771

File: 1457388585396.png (876.65 KB, 736x689, Screen shot 2016-03-07 at 5.02…)

All these years later and I just noticed the "I Like math" part.

Sooo asian, you guys.

No. 245774

What does 'a night at Maximus' mean?
is that like a club or something?

No. 245821

She nearly drowned as a baby. I wonder if that has anything to do with why she is like she is. Other than being super spoiled. Like what if her brain was deprived of oxygen for a bit.

No. 245843

Just because she said it doesn't make it truet If she nearly drowned then she wouldn't have to wonder why her mom is afraid of PT going in the ocean.

No. 245848

Sarah is pretty fucking clueless to a lot of stuff. She doesn't connect the dots like normal people do.

No. 245931

Thank you God

No. 245936

File: 1457396334552.jpg (675.66 KB, 1200x900, osakas-la-potcha-potcha-is-a-h…)

Can we not just do a sitewide crowdfund to get pt to Japan? Or has someone tried that already? I'm so bored of the same tragic mirror selfies. For her AND our sakes, she needs to get out there, even for just a vacation. If she was less mental she'd probably be able to get a job in one of those hostess cafes that are geared towards guys who like chubbies.

No. 245940

She's been offered a few opportunities to go to Japan, but she always turns it down or finds excuses not to go.

I think deep down she knows she's not going to fit in and it's not going to be what she thinks it'll be, so she'd rather dream about it instead of just facing reality.

No. 245951

She has a degree. She could actually get a proper job as an ALT or something. But JET rejected her, and ever since then she gave up on that idea :/ These days, she thinks she's too old to go to Japan

No. 245966

PT will never go to Japan. PT’s Japan is a place that doesn’t exist, it’s just an idea she’s created in her head. She doesn’t want to actually go because she knows the real Japan doesn’t fit her fantasy.

No. 245983

Are there any chubby gaijin hostess clubs out there? Someone must be working on it.

No. 246002

File: 1457404231569.jpg (109.23 KB, 640x542, main.jpg)

There is the Shangrila maid cafe.

No. 246015

Knowing this kind of pisses me off for Pixy in some ways. Had she bothered to take of herself and get her butt to Japan she could have ridden this growing trend of Japanese Chubby Chasers, especially since I'm sure some want a gaijin or two in the mix.

No. 246017


Pixy should get botox to stop doing it.

No. 246041

ngl, these chubby girls are pretty cute. The chubby PT can have a lowkey success there if she decided to go to Japan someday.

No. 246254

Her legs are so thin now in comparison to what they were a year ago

No. 246499

She still wouldn't be successful. These chubby girls at least have nice faces, while Pixy looks like a foot.

No. 246516

File: 1457477929053.png (1.05 MB, 1196x400, 5w3452344.png)


No. 246541

omg why

No. 246556

Love the vintage Pixy stuff.

M-my Queen!

I still can't believe how tragic her face is. She would have probably looked a lot better if she used moisturizer and sunscreen.

I wish Pixy would do vlogs.

No. 246558

JFC her skin D:

No. 246578


omg why does she look 45

No. 246604



Is she holding a ball python in her hand?
It looks like a snake pattern. If she is that's so cool, I didn't know that about her!


>tfw PT is now thinner than me

I'm so proud of her though, her legs look amazing and she looks really good.

No. 246692

It's her brother's snake.

No. 246791

tfw PT's body is starting to look better than yours. I wanna know what dances she's doing so I can get on that shit.

No. 246796

my idea is do this, but get an asian guy on board telling her she'll be loved there. Its a proven fact she'll do dumb shit for a guy's attention

No. 246895

>Its a proven fact she'll do dumb shit for a guy's attention

This is the entire story of PT

No. 246933

But there's also the fact that, you know, she doesn't actually want to go to Japan. Her life is one big delusion, including her fantasy about Japan.

No. 247012

Aside from moisturizer and sunblock, does she even bother to put on a lip balm? Good god. What's the honey bottle about? Is she into Sora/Winnie the Pooh?

No. 247016

Not to get armchair psychologist on us, but imho the weebiness wouldn't have manifested itself in such a horrifying way if she weren't so insecure about herself/men. Maybe it started with Matt. If it weren't animu, it'd be something else.

The weebiness is the expression, the insecurity is the root cause. Idk if I'm making sense, hopefully you get what I'm saying.

No. 247107

everyone ITT saying pixy's body/legs look better than yours - holy shit just eat like 500 calories less a day you idiots

No. 247116

Not one of those anons you're referring to, but you do realise they're not saying it in an 'omg I'm so jealous' sort of way, they're saying it in an 'wow, PT looks great' sort of way, right?

No. 247307

Well this thread is about PT, not us. Second of all, at least when I said it, it's because I'm legitimately proud of her weight loss and can relate from one fatty to another about the satisfaction of seeing the progress finally showing in pictures. It's not a mystery how she lost weight, which is more likely due to her dancing routines than diet. We're just giving her the compliments she's earned (finally).

No. 247494

File: 1457648847001.jpg (337.77 KB, 2006x1368, pt_lum_comparison.jpg)

Wow. This is legit the worst cosplay I've ever seen of our queen. It makes me so sad, because she keeps getting worse, rather than better. I didn't even think her infamous Yuna costumes were that bad… but everything in this Sora cosplay is just a trainwreck.

Naw, she's never going to give that up.

>Gimme chocolate til I get tubby.
No, PT.
>slut at Maximus
Ah, so she's ranting about Kris liking the redhead? We have a "gentlemen's club" here locally with the same name.

No. 247524

File: 1457654051799.jpg (652.54 KB, 768x1024, DSCN4293_zpsae6kl5y0.jpg)

No. 247525

File: 1457654071133.jpg (262.72 KB, 683x1024, IMG_9908_zpshc0yjwmf.jpg)

No. 247526

File: 1457654106258.jpg (232.5 KB, 683x1024, IMG_9923_zpsxanvlywb.jpg)

No. 247534


somebody should photoshop her head onto a picture of one of those fugly gyaru-0 boys

No. 247536

Is that some lowkey Gon from hxh cosplay

No. 247544

She looks so much better as a boy than as a girl, it's kinda sad.

No. 247657

Um I guess she looks okay here… thought it was that really hot butch girl from the L Word for second. Shane?
The others though… :(

No. 247679

File: 1457688496434.png (335.19 KB, 1006x1124, Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 09.2…)

No. 247681

And this is why it doesn't matter how much weight she loses. She'll still be an insufferable cunt.

No. 247715

She complains about everything, jeez. She acts more like a spoiled teenager than an adult. I guess it's just a way for her to get asspats and attention.

No. 247717

Damn, there is no winning with this broad. Just reading her posts wears me the fuck out. I couldn't imagine meeting her irl.

No. 247720

Same. Or being an IRL friend.

No. 247723

>dresses like a boy character
>wah wah people called me butch


I just want to see her succeed with weight loss and gain some confidence. Damn PT.

No. 247737

Does she still live with her parents?

No. 247744

Judging from >>245695 and >>245696 yes. That looks like the room we've always seen her in.

No. 247745

Fuck. That's sad. It makes me wonder if there is a really serious reason as to why.

No. 247749

Why? She could be regaining the weight simply because she's given up. That said, she seems like an emotional eater so who knows.

No. 247750

I don't think she's gaining weight again. those shorts are just unflattering.

No. 247751

Because she likely thought all through her 20s that she'd just get married and move out as a result of that. She'd likely never thought to just do it.

No. 247752

No, she reported on Facebook that she's down to 133. Maybe she just bought the shorts a bit small figuring she would keep losing.

No. 247753


And the 133 figure was posted just yesterday (or the day before.)

No. 247755

File: 1457711319908.gif (927.63 KB, 424x252, IT_ugly.gif)

>tfw pixy weighs less then you
>and you're only about an inch taller then her apparent height

No. 247760

That's possible. Let's see if she keeps it up and if so, how long. Losing weight is easy, maintaining is much harder especially since it's easier to go back to overeating.

No. 247813

I'm guessing it's the name of the strip club that a woman James liked worked at

No. 247820

Dear anon, I'm in the same boat.

No. 247830

I think the only consulation is that I'm not man faced or have extremely aged looking skin. I still have 2 years before I'm 30 and man I'm waiting for my own quarter life crisis to settle in.

No. 247866

Stop looking for consolation and lowse weight. Even a few pounds, nobody expects you to become a hangry skeleton, just add some shape to those curves.

No. 247867

So she's 133. It's not like she's fit or anything. I think she looked way better fat.

No. 247875

she has the body of an elderly woman now. Chunky torso with skinny bird legs

No. 247880

It's her busted face. If she got that fixed she'd look better.

No. 247943

File: 1457762548052.jpg (64.02 KB, 680x1024, 1419156994705.jpg)

Her best picture to date

No. 247947

I think it's her body shape. It's an odd shape, I don't think it'd look good at any weight, really. When she was heavier, her biggest problem was that she refused to dress in the right size.

No. 247950

I think she looks WAY better at this weight. Her body shape still isn't the best, but such an improvement. Now she just needs to take better care of her skin.

No. 247970

Let's be honest here. Hypothetically if she did muster up the courage to find a job in Japan teaching at an eikaiwa or as an ALT, she'd probably get fired because she'd refuse to teach anything about American culture because she "doesn't identify with America" or something along those lines.

In Eikaiwa or ALT, you are a conversation piece. You repeat stuff back, and very rarely do you get to teach a lesson unless you gain acceptance from your coworkers (as an ALT). In Eikaiwa, they give you materials for the students (if kids) and you're expected to do Easter shit, Christmas shit, other American holiday shit, and talk to it and be excited about it.

I don't think she could do it. I think she'd complain. I think she'd go on and on about how they're making her do stuff she doesn't want to do, and they'd can her.

No. 247982

She will show up to her first day of teaching in Bodyline seifuku that's at least three sizes smaller and might try to flash someone like an innocent kawaii schoolgirl. Remember her Job in home depot and her animu apron? Imagine how nuts she will go once she will step in a real Japanese high school.
This is enough.

No. 247992

Yeah, she would never last. She couldn't even do substitute teaching because she refused to dress appropriately (because why do they want me to hide who i am!!!).

No. 247999

I honestly doubt whether she could hold down ANY job beyond something like retail or fast food. She's just far too immature for anything more complex.

No. 248014

If I remember correctly she wondered what was wrong with wearing flip flops. Everything is wrong if a hs teacher is wearing flip flops.

Pixy has always been rather brick shaped at any size with a lot more weight on her top half then her bottom. I know she was complaining about it before, but if she were to go butch she'd fair rather well.

Otheriwse she'd need to dress to her body shape which does rule out pretty much a lot of kawaii clothing. She could still do the full skirts tho.

No. 248113

I agree kek

No. 248211

i think you're on to something, anon

No. 248215

File: 1457825394660.png (401.48 KB, 514x586, Screen shot 2016-03-12 at 6.33…)

holy shit, she's so thin

No. 248218

Lmao, no. Thinner, yes.

No. 248222

indeed. She has got to the point where I would no longer call her fat though.

although a lot of peoples idea of fat on here is definitely different to mine.

No. 248225

Does anyone else get the feeling she's starving herself or something?

Seems like she's just lost a ton of weight really quickly. When did she start seriously dieting?

No. 248227

yeah people on imageboards always act like youre obese 400 pounds fat if youre not literally a skeleton.

shes not THIN but I agree you cant call her fat anymore

No. 248229

Several months ago with diet and exercise. I don't think she's crash dieting since she even posts photos of her meals on Facebook.

No. 248232

This could be better if she knew how to style wigs.

No. 248240

Man, the Queen looks so much better now. It could also be because she has PJs that fit her but I'm still so proud she's making progress. It almost makes me want to cry a little

No. 248243

Lol remember when she was fat she said she was thin enough now she is like ok now I'm thin.

No. 248249

See the tape measure?
This isn't good :(

No. 248253

Why? Body measurements are a good way to track progress instead of relying on weight alone. Plus she's always ordering clothes online and occasionally altering things, so keeping up with her measurements makes sense.

No. 248255

Go pixy go!!

No. 248256

I suppose you have a point-
it's just that tape measures + eating disorders always go hand-in-hand in my personal experience.
I just hope she isn't using it for 'unhealthy behavior' is all.

No. 248264

how is she losing weight so fast???

No. 248265


No. 248267

File: 1457840924399.jpg (57.64 KB, 640x480, 1360006503371.jpg)

>mfw I'm looking for weight loss tips from PT

No. 248272

How tall is she again? I think she's on the Adderall

No. 248278

She could be on something for binge eating, since I think she was a binge eater before

But honestly she's been working on losing weight for a year now since we last spoke. Not surprised she's finally dropped it

No. 248281

Remember she's been known to squish photos to make herself look thinner. She's definitely done it with those mirror selfies before.

No. 248283

File: 1457846914851.png (652.22 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Broccoli man wants to eat her ass

No. 248284

That's good though, means PT's still got it. Maybe she can find herself a nice man eventually

No. 248286

I think that is her best, sensible option. She could just find some screwy beta to provide for her. Hopefully he'll be into her trying to be a kawaii maid and serving him up crappy food and she'll get to screw around, dance and cosplay. Win win, including for us.

No. 248290

Do we have any pictures of PT from the Miyu era? I'd love to see how her makeup looked back then.

No. 248294

OT but fuck, I'd love to get an Adderall hookup again. Got so much shit done, never had to sleep, never hungry. It's a dream drug for me.

However, I really think that Pixy is just eating better/less and moving her body more. I'm very proud of her. Her personality is rotten as ever, but she looks healthier.

Now for a better skin routine!

No. 248296

File: 1457851296315.jpeg (74.32 KB, 206x275, image.jpeg)

No. 248297

File: 1457851312982.jpeg (101.33 KB, 500x670, image.jpeg)

No. 248298

I assume she's still doing the dancing. She probably cut out all the kawaii snacks and fast food too.

It's just too bad that her unfortunate body shape works against her.

I hope she doesn't relapse and pile it all back on.

No. 248299

File: 1457851584340.jpeg (16.95 KB, 165x115, image.jpeg)

Got a larger version?

No. 248300

I wouldn't be surprised if she did, to be honest. I feel like she's only losing weight for attention, and when she doesn't get any, she'll throw a fit and stop sticking to her dancing and diet.

No. 248302

Or when she isn't praised enough for her crossplays, or praised too much meaning she looks manly.
Something will set her off.

Of course it could just happen the more common way, where once she hits her goal weight she goes back to eating badly. I'm sure it won't be like a huge binge of donuts and fast food, but she might go back to her bad eating habits gradually. For her sake I hope not.

Though if it does happen, I wonder who she'll blame or if she go the HAES/FAM route.

No. 248303

Yeah a quick glance at the shirt design and everything in the background shows how the pics were stretched vertically.

No. 248337

Man her skin bothers me so bad; I can't even look at this pictures up close without cringing at those spots and wrinkles.

No. 248518

I'm not sure that she could even if she wanted to. She can't hold down a job for longer than a few months and when she does she spends all her money on her shitty cosplays.

No. 248523

File: 1457909155355.jpg (28.67 KB, 720x405, 720x405-oitnb_gal_011_h.jpg)

I had the weirdest feeling watching OITNB. "Pennsatucky looks familiar". Yeah, she does.

No. 248544

File: 1457911876464.png (492.46 KB, 1950x906, pt?.png)

No. 248582

No. 248626

File: 1457923086849.jpeg (128.8 KB, 640x855, image.jpeg)

hope this hasn't already been posted

No. 248627

File: 1457923121217.jpeg (142.25 KB, 640x855, image.jpeg)

No. 248630

>pixi complaining about other people being spoiled
I'm gonna pop a blood vessel.

No. 248632

>wanting to go to disneyland beyond age 15

I mean, why? The theme's gonna be less relevant to you as you grow out of Disney movies, you're probably going to enjoy rides etc. less, going to be more bothered by all the kids running about, and really you might just as well go to pretty much any other amusement park for a much cheaper price

No. 248635

Just wondering, what kind of program/app do you have that lets you draw the flowers/stars? Sage for off topic

No. 248636

Eh, to play devils advocate, I would love to go to Disneyland/world one day. I'm 21 and I've never been.

But I'm just gonna save up money and eventually do it when I have the means to instead of crying about how ~spoiled rich kids~ get to go when I don't. Pixy doesn't understand that things are more rewarding when you actually work to achieve them.

No. 248639

File: 1457924744906.jpeg (125 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

It's an app called Decopic! It's free on the Apple Store. It has lots of cute stickers as well.

No. 248656

LOL that free on your birthday thing was for one year… about 10 years ago. What an idiot telling her that. She'll probably show up and go "It's my birthday! Where's my free ticket?" and get super butthurt when they tell her that's not a thing.

No. 248662

She's not complaining about them being spoiled, she's complaining about them living a better and more fulfilling life than her at a much younger age. Thats the basic mid-life crisis for ya.

No. 248758

File: 1457958305104.jpg (13.21 KB, 144x186, you-hoo.JPG)

You must be joking, right?
I know plenty of adults that go to Disney all the time. They enjoy as much as their children, maybe even more.

And who grows out of Disney movies? Like how do you even live? Disney and Pixar is my life.

No. 248773

lol womanchild

No. 248778

sage for OT. Disneyland is a lot of fun. I went recently, and there were lots of adults dates.

No. 248800

File: 1457972823308.jpg (368.51 KB, 600x800, pt_stylish.jpg)

She's just a little over 5'. Probably close to 5'2"

Not the anon from earlier, but this is the one I have.

Never been. Also haven't grown out of Disney movies.

No. 248820

Says the person calling me names in a PT board.

No. 248889

File: 1457983872795.jpeg (71.29 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

Really? Just because of a traffic ticket?

No. 248891

Wow I wonder what her life "behind the scenes" looks like. Maybe a fresh 18 yr old driver would be scared, but someone her age would probably just get annoyed…not scared

No. 248905

Disneyland I totally agree, Disney World has Epcot which has more adult oriented "Drinking around the World" food/wine centric activities. No idea what adult would want to go to the Magic Kingdom park without a kid in tow though as everything there is remarkably boring except Space Mountain.

No. 248920

I am 26 and a mother and hate being pulled over myself but she takes it to the extreme. I have known about pt since 2010 and always wondered if she will ever grow up. Does she still live with her mom and dad while having a part time job? If so then what the hell is stopping her from actually being an adult. I admit after I had my daughter in 2012 I moved back home for two years so I could get back on my feet but she can't get her shit together? Does she possibly have Aspergers or something? I used to work in mental facilities and I can tell you right now that she is very mentally unstable.

No. 248922

She's super me vs. The world every time anything unfortunate happens to her. She takes it really personally and often complains about how this or that is unfair, and she recently posted saying she hates "spoiled kids", spoiled kids being kids who get to go on family vacations for spring break, as though them having a normal family dynamic is a personal insult to her life. If someone else gets something and she doesn't, she takes it as a personal insult from the universe.
She constantly makes demands for life to get better for her and says beautiful things will happen, but she does shit all to facilitate good things, save losing weight recently.

I was stuck in a similar "why did the world do this to me" mentality and was recently shaken out of it and once you are, you begin to realise that life becomes fun when you actually go out and make it fun, you can't just wallow and wait for it to serve you.

No. 248927

Sage for double post but, I think it's because she probably has an anxiety/mood disorder that has gone completely untreated and anything negative that happens to her is a huge fucking deal and the universe screwing her over personally. She can't just get a ticket and move on, she gets a ticket and wonders why no other cars got tickets too, and thinks everyone else lives a life of no tickets. In reality, everyone gets tickets but everyone handles it differently, and more functional adults will simply accept their mistake, pay the fine and get on with their day, but for PT it eats her up and makes her feel helpless.

Sage for double post/saying the same thing twice basically

No. 248953

File: 1457992118764.png (201.83 KB, 990x720, Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 21.4…)

emerald tho

No. 248958

Lmao what a savage, PT's not gonna like that

No. 248968

File: 1457993740166.jpg (7.34 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

dems blockin words

No. 248976

>>ran a red light
>>got caught
>>waaaaah it's not fair!!!

Never change, Pt.

No. 249018

It's probably like $50. Pay it and don't run stop signs. It's dangerous. Damn Pixy is dumb sometimes.

No. 249024

File: 1458001345888.jpeg (37.62 KB, 400x604, image.jpeg)

The makeup is too heavy for my taste but if she would just stop plucking her eyebrows and stop edit her eyes she would be a 6/10 lady (if she lifts she will instantly become an 8/10 because all women with natty bodies are 8/10s to me)

No. 249028

samefag here I also forgot to mention that there isn't something really wrong with her chin I think, its more so her lips that is giving the illusion of a manchin.

No. 249068

She looks really nice here, I actually feel like the bold makeup makes the rest of her face look smaller by comparison.

Looking at this I almost forget she's an insufferable weaboo woman-child with an inflated sense of entitlement.

No. 249291

She looks like a fat old maid somewhere from Germany

No. 249316

I know Sarah is just being herself but this amount of cry baby narcissistic attitude just makes her so naturally unlikable.
I still want her to go to Japan and I would hope she would vlog the entire thing. I just have a feeling that would be hilarious.

No. 249320

Eh……narcisstic is a strong word, she is not a bad person nor is she full of herself. She is just a bit depressed and very immature because of her dumb choices/internet exposure.

No. 249398

Fräulein Sarah.

No. 249611

Sue from 'The Middle' reminds of PT

No. 249619

Pixy was way better looking when she was heavier, she was cute and wore her fat well. Sad that she had to become an anorexic twig like the rest of the girls. :(

No. 249631

i just rolled my eyes so hard that i saw my brain.

No. 249643

I thought losing all that weight would make PT happier but she's still miserable as ever.

No. 249652

She will never be happy.


I kind of wished she would be after the weight loss. But nope. She is one of those people so miserable that any little thing is the end of the world.

No. 249666

Pfftttt. Where were you last year when everyone was calling her disgusting and morbidly obese?

I think she's one of those people who like to believe the whole world is against her. She will never be happy unless everyone is fawning over her just for being the way she is no matter what weight, what she wears or how old she is.

The fact is that she has an ugly personality, an ugly face, and absolutely no talent. That's why we're chasing after her, and hoping that she succeeds with life so then we feel validated. She will never be "happy" because she has no sense of drive, and has no motivation to work towards anything, thus never succeeding at anything.

No. 249668

Because this is how she gets attention. If she were a normal human being, she'd be like everyone else and no one would pay her mind.

No. 249682

I was here the whole time but everyone thought I was a troll. Because, you know, how dare a guy find a natural woman attractive and not want to fuck self-righteous anorexic bitches who think they're better than everyone else!

No. 249684

stuffing your face with rolos and chocolate doesn't create ~natural beauty~

No. 249689

I'd rather be anorexic than fuck a guy like you.

No. 249690

Bawwww noo like all the other girls!!!
Pixy has lost a noticeable amount of weight but she is far from a twig more like a trunk if we are comparing her to parts of a tree. Out with you robot.

No. 249694

Awww, who hurt you?

No. 249695

obviously skinny bitches.

No. 249697


Agree. In pictures where she's facing the camera dead on it just looks like her lips are too thin and a bit too high on her face.

No. 249716

Oh yeah, I see it. She comes across as very sympathetic and likeable though.

No. 249719

It's not that she ate too much, she's just naturally big. Now that you fuckers bullied her into losing weight she looks awkward and out of proportion.

Lol you sound like my bitch ex-girlfriend.

No. 249735

Get out of here fat breeding cow

No. 249748

File: 1458195560707.jpg (468.4 KB, 960x1440, superstar.jpg)

she's pic related come to life

No. 249765

>It's not that she ate too much, she's just naturally big.
Just get back to tumblr already.
She looks a lot better now that's she's lost the excess weight.

No. 249767

Sue's cute and dorky. PT's just…pathetic and whiny. Apart from being 'not that attractive but can be pretty cute when she tries', they're not really similar at all.

No. 249801

I think the next goal for us PT fans is not to continue asspatting her and getting her to lose weight - I mean, mission success - the next step is to stop her from being afraid to actually get what she wants.

She could easily get a boyfriend, go to Japan, teach English, etc., she is just batshit crazy and doesn't want to.

No. 249807

She definitely ate too much, but from what I can tell, she does have a wide frame.

No. 249824

Why is that our problem to fix? Do you really believe that she lost weight for her fans? That's so stupid. Lolcows aren't personal projects, they're just there for us to observe. If you really believe a group of bitchy women can make her change you're mad. Her personality is fucked and she'll never be self aware or able to make positive, beneficial changes without dumping the internet persona and getting therapy. Which she probably won't ever do.

No. 249830

Hahah, right? Besides, PT is a huge weeb and she knows being fat ain't kawaii and Japanland.

No. 249896

None of that's going to happen. She's an insufferable cunt and no guy's going to want to date her for more than two seconds, and she doesn't WANT to go to Japan. She wants to go to her fantasy Japan. That's what she wants - her fantasy. She's not realistic in the least. Also what >>249824 said - it's not our place to 'improve' her.

No. 249933

We watch the lolcow. We observe the lolcow. We don't engage with the lolcow, lest we become the lolcow.

Responding to her as a 'fan' is all well and good. People have tried to steer her in the past and the milk dried up.

No. 249990

PT's personality is not even that bad and why did all the edgelords shit this thread up? Gtfo losers

No. 249992

I never said it was our problem to fix. I just think it should be the next goal for her.

Of course we can't make her change, but it helps to steer her in the right direction.

I don't know, what triggered her to suddenly decide to lose weight, after so many failures? I think her fans encouraging her has helped.

Wat? Have you even read half of the shit she posts on facebook?

No. 249995

I did, she has obviously issues but it does not offend you (nor should it offend anyone) so why is her personality bad? If you dont like her why are you even here?

No. 250021

I want to buy the cutsew she has up for sale on ebay because I'm a creep and I always want to buy lolcows shit what is wrong with me

mfw girlytoot is also selling one of my dream dresses

No. 250057

at least the seams on girlhoot's dress will be intact and it will probably be washed/cleaned.

No. 250113

File: 1458291959439.png (297.73 KB, 1012x1096, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 09.0…)

where does she find people to put her down? everyone kisses her ass

No. 250114

File: 1458292060963.png (40.48 KB, 616x246, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 09.0…)

No. 250115

Inb4 Pixy joins the involuntary celibates forum

No. 250118

>If you dont like her why are you even here?
Serious question, are you new here? Bitching about people is the literal point of this board. This isn't a fanclub, and you're the anomaly here.

No. 250144

>I'm biased as a nonbinary person

my eyes just rolled so far back into my head i saw my brain cringing

that's not bad honestly, she can masturbate her troubles away and keep on living as she does now.

No. 250156

Imagine Debbie passing away. I can see it now…
>ugh mom is such a bitch, dying when I need her to wash my clothes
>seriously mom??
>that was so mean
>I should've died instead of you so I would have had all this attention
>everyone hate me, I am so scared
> :( :(

No. 250184

A tad bit edgy. I do hope Sarah will appreciate her mother though before she dies. Or perhaps she has learned to appreciate her mother now she is older and wiser (?)

No. 250199

I don't think she'll go that edgy but I have feeling we'll get complaints about her having to do more housekeeping stuff that her mom likely did.
>Why do I have to sweep and mop the floor? Life is so unfair. ;_;
>It's so unfair! I shouldn't have to do my laundry and the household laundry too. :(
>I have to clean the bathroom. I'm scared I'll break the jets again. Why is everyone against me. :'( :<
>I have to clean and have a job? sobs When will I be able to cosplay and do photos?! Why is everyone so mean? :(

No. 250757

I'd call her normal, she's not really even chubby anymore. Not thin, but not enough fat to be chubby.

No. 250758

>implying that girlytoot isn't just as or more dirty than the queen

No. 250760

Don't forget
>I just want to be myself :'(

No. 251660

File: 1458660432328.jpeg (135.15 KB, 1242x656, image.jpeg)

No. 251661


No. 251663

>dumb chest
Is she having more of those I-wish-I-was-a-loli feels or is this maybe connected to her recent crossplays?

No. 251664

The actual 32" waist chan is gonna be so pissed when she hears about this

No. 251684

10 bucks this post came from someone offhandedly complimenting her "you'll look so good in a bikini this year Sarah!" Like one pieces are perfectly fine, plenty of people wear them, especially the "retro" styles.

She's hated her big boobs for awhile but that didn't stop her from wearing tiny illfitting bikinis when she went on that Florida vacation a few years ago. So I'm thinking it has to do with these cross plays.

No. 251687

Dat humblebrag.

No. 251692

tbh I thought she wanted to go naked, hence the bikini hate

No. 251706

I wonder if she's still around. I can't believe people still remember her

No. 251707

It probably does have to do with the crossplays. She's a ~tomboy~ now and if she has to wear a bikini she's not being her true tomboy self!!!

No. 251734

Which will last until somebody compliments her on being accurate and she takes it as looking manly. I wonder if she'll go into a super feminine phase after that happens.

No. 251778

I wonder how tightly she is pulling the measuring tape around herself, lol.

No. 251790

I love seeing Pixy looking healthy and cute; but her humble bragging is just too transparent.

No. 251810

PT is that you? This person ordered a "like new item" that was not like new, then got a refund, the seller that misrepresented it had the option of paying international shipping to have it returned, they declined.
If this dress were being sold at a loss say PT valued it at $400 and somehow only got $75 she would have paid for shipping. The dress should have cost $10 so her paying $40 would mean she loses $30 by paying $40

No. 251813

Why are you bringing this up now? No one cares, this was almost a month ago.

No. 252443

Looks like period blood to me

No. 252495

>almost 28 inch waist
>pt is creeping up closer and closer to your measurements


No. 252536

>how much is 28 inches anyways?
WELP, we had a good one

No. 252538

classic pt

No. 252539

why so autistic

No. 252703

File: 1458943881365.jpg (629.7 KB, 768x1024, DSCN4374_zpsih3jlsff.jpg)

No. 252704

File: 1458943903655.jpg (309.96 KB, 731x1024, DSCN4322-003_zpswfmzhgcc.jpg)

No. 252705

File: 1458943928223.jpg (569.08 KB, 731x1024, DSCN4353_zps13ikppob.jpg)

No. 252708

>lose all that weight you bitched about never being able to lose for the past 5 years
>wear baggy clothes that doesn't show it off

i will never understand her

No. 252714

>myspace angle

pixy plz

No. 252724

>loses a lot of weight
>wears polo shirt that can fit Mr. T

God dammit I think she's trolling us now.

No. 252734

>be PT
>be a fat cow for years but insist you are tiny, ultra feminine Japanese girl and block anyone who dares say otherwise while cramming yourself into 3x too small clothes and flashing tits
>lose fuckton of weight and actually get into straight sizes
>decide to crossplay and be a weird ladyboy instead, bitch at anyone who tells you to wear a bikini???? wear baggy clothes

fucking why

No. 252745

She's cosplaying Ness.

No. 252753

Tranny PT time?

No. 252761

File: 1458971389564.png (98.42 KB, 380x380, Ness_SSB4.png)

nigga, do you even Earthbound?

No. 252763

Oh God no. Imagine all these fakeboi Tumblrinas who get pissed off at anyone who calls them the wrong pronoun cramped into one unstable 30-year old woman.

No. 252776

It's the year of the transcow. Onion's well on his way.

No. 252799

She legit looks crazy here. Her teeth and jowls are so nasty

No. 252877

>Ignore pt threads for a while because they move too fast and I can't keep up
>Look over this thread briefly
>PT is a boy now because she hated working at Victoria's Secret

Well, there goes my afternoon.

No. 252880

God, she drawing closer and closer to truly becoming a female Chris-chan. I wanna see how these tomboy phase rides out.

No. 252911

135lb and a 28 inch waist is impossible

No. 252983

Anon plz

No. 252991

I don't know man. 28 inches is pretty wide for a waist.

No. 253017

LOL no it's definitely not. I had a 28 inch waist at around that weight. It depends on you height, build, size of your rib cage etc.
It depends on the person. The smallest my waist can go is about 26 inches because I have a wide rib cage. There are other things that contribute to the size of a waist besides fat.

No. 253077

File: 1459111458786.png (741.65 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This girl on Instagram kind of looks like PT, no?

No. 253079

Nobody cares

No. 253099

This is the tumblrina version of Pixy isn't it?

No. 253103

Stop it. You will never be the brilliance of our queen Pixyteri. Just go kill yourself now.

No. 253106

Fuck, I was going to go masturbate once I finished this thread, and now I can't.

I'm not even saying that for dramatic effect, and I've browsed efukt before masturbating and had no issues. That picture is just so jarring.

No. 253121

You must be blind if you think that chick looks anything like PT.

No. 253181

Are you me anon

No. 253261

It'll play out like most of her phases.
>PT will crossplay and get compliments and ass pats
>One day PT posts pics of a crossplay
>Gets a harmless comment at the absolute wrong time like, "You make a good ____! :)"
>Blow up and whining about hows she's not a boy, just wants to crossplay her favorite characters, and is not manly at all how dare you insult her she is a real woman.
>Initiate either sexy big boobs phase or kawaii loli phase.

No. 253330

File: 1459200768907.jpeg (446.15 KB, 1242x1985, image.jpeg)

No. 253331

It's possible, but I don't know how likely it is that PT has achieved it. I don't want this to sound like I'm talking about myself, but I'm only going to mention it for comparison. I'm short like her too, and pearshaped. When I was about 135, I had a much bigger waist than 28 inches. PT is apple/rectangular shaped, so she's going to have a bigger waist that I would have at that weight. I wouldn't be surprised if she's fudging the numbers or measuring incorrectly.

No. 253336

What is she talking about? She can take in the seams on the side, a zipper doesn't matter.

No. 253338

She is talking about the length, so the zipper would need to be replaced.

No. 253341

Cant she take off the zipper, hem and trim it, and then if she doesn't want to put a new zipper, some hidden hook and eye clasps on the inside of the jacket? She wants to be a cosplayer but she's so fucking lazy omg.

No. 253347

Yes. And she can even re-attach the zipper, it's really not hard. If the zipper is serged then unpicking it sucks but it's still do-able.

No. 253420

Is she like…stuck in the 90s/early 2000? I didn't see her showing interest or even acknowledging any modern anime at all. Does she pretend it doesn't exist and she's still 20?

No. 253421

She seems to be into some modern series…she's cosplayed from Assassination Classroom recently. But generally, I think she just clings to older series so she can pretend she's still living in the days of her youth.

No. 253426

I don't know if I can fault her for it. It's pretty normal to want to cosplay as your favourite characters from your favourite series, and for many people, the first anime/manga they saw/read holds a special place. I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with her wanting to be younger, I don't doubt that she genuinely likes the series and characters.

No. 253449

as in too big or too small?
My waist size is the same as hers but I'm not a midget (177cm / 5'10)

No. 253452

32 inch waist chan pls go

No. 253459

Agreeing with >>253426
It probably feels good for her that she finally sees herself as 'skinny enough' to cosplay the characters from her youth.
She should really learn to bandwagon like a normal cosplayer at some point, though.

No. 253468

>She should really learn to bandwagon like a normal cosplayer at some point, though.
I can't see her ever doing that. She's always been insistent on doing cosplays that she wants to do, for herself. It's silly of her to expect fame and recognition for it, but that's PT for you.

No. 253476

Then you're just fat.

No. 253587

File: 1459268115809.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 609x855, 3204512v.png)

Here's a pic of PT gripping her long, hard pole.

No. 253615

Who is she even showing these cosplays to, though? It's not like she's going to cons. She's posting them on photobucket and Facebook and that's it, right? She hardly has an audience, so it doesn't really matter if she's cosplaying as anyone from this decade/century.

No. 253628

Teri plz. You are cosplaying a 12 year old.

No. 253646

People still use photobucket?

No. 253689

Like that's ever stopped her before.

No. 253690

For a second I thought this was Kakyoin and I was like…PT…In my Jojos?

No. 253750

File: 1459300165568.png (4.94 MB, 3480x3733, Pixyteri.png)


No. 253752


Absolutely beautiful, Anon.

No. 253755

File: 1459300591438.png (5.69 MB, 3480x3733, h.png)


Thanks. It's not done yet, but here's a none Wave off Kanagawa cloth version.

No. 253759

PT has sexualised toddlers before. A 12 year old is nothing to her

No. 253781



No. 253784

>Why can't I just have a costume fit me right for once
She… she knows…

No. 253785

those fucking abs, im dying

No. 253786

Why do I get the feeling that Sarah was diagnosed as pre-diabetic or some shit and it finally scared her enough to start losing weight.

Regardless I'm impressed, but I can't understand how she's dropped it all so suddenly when previously she had virtually no self control.

Never thought I'd see the day that Pixyteriyaki became thinner than Charlotte Charms.

No. 253792

Possibly. I remember during her twitter days she used to complain about health issues that a lot of people was chocking to diabetes. It wouldn't surprise me with how she ate either.

I just hope she keeps it up. A lot of people lose weight then go back to their old eating habits. It's pretty defeating to person to lose it then gain it back, and often they gain more.

No. 253794

She is into Loveless…but that series is still comparably old.

I tried getting her into Attack on Titan since Mikasa is a haafu. But pt doesn't like that genre.

No. 253801

marry me anon

No. 253807

If she had been diagnosed with something, you know she would have milked sympathy from her Facebook friends.

No. 253812

Bitch plz, she lost weight. You better draw her skinny next time.

No. 253858



No. 253873

It's glorious anon. Can you try to make it into a banner?

No. 253877

Can't we do something more objective that just an endless petty discussion about her fucking weight and skin condition? It wouldn't take too long to raise the pennies to buy a plane ticket for her to Nippon and then the there would be rivers of milk.

>inb4 the whole of lolcow is an endless petty discussion

brilliant, someone add kota and venus and cherubs

No. 253878


No. 253879

as cherubs*

No. 253881

She's been given multiple opportunities to go to Japan. She just doesn't want to go because she probably knows it won't be the glorious Nippon adventure she wishes it'd be

No. 253882

File: 1459347785316.jpeg (308.11 KB, 426x640, image.jpeg)

When I get bored I end up shooping the queen

No. 253886

When were the opportunities? aside from just getting a job and working to pay for a ticket, we know PT hasn't managed this

I want to see her face it

No. 253887

IF pt was given her own reality show do you think the milk would sour? like would things be ruined if your favorite lolcow actually achieved pseudo-celebrity status?

I just want to see some real entertainment like PT and KOTA doing dumb shoots together

No. 253896

There was an irl friend who asked if pt would like to go. There were also people who said they would donate for her trip. I think it was referenced on this thread or the old one

No. 253964

File: 1459364527038.jpg (578.77 KB, 1740x1867, tumblr_o4kqicVSeR1sy5o1qo1_540…)

K' I'm bored, and done, and I think I screwed up on the colouring but it never was my strong point.

No. 253982

>can we stop this repetitive discussion
>let's have this other repetitive discussion that's been had so many times people have lost count

No. 253984

>how about we just bitch and criticize and wallow in total apathy

No. 253985

Why are you here? Talking shit about anything and everything about a person is the point of this thread. You don't get to decide what we talk about, if we want to talk about her weight and skin, we will

No. 253986

i've gotta be fair, her facial proportions are screwed, but apart from that I love it. Good job, Anon. Also, love the details.

No. 253987

when I find myself in times of trouble
pixyteri comes to me
singing words of wisdom

No. 253990

>Talking shit about anything and everything about a person is the point of this thread.

is it?

No. 253992

anons filling the time between milking by 'talking shit' and just picking apart her physical appearance are doing it wrong

this anon is doing it right

No. 253995

God dammit I just sang that out loud

No. 253996

This is wonderful!! I would love it on a candle

No. 254006

File: 1459377919374.png (4.21 MB, 1740x1867, Pixyteri.png)

Within times of late, in darkness of twi;
Upon my fair face, doth do my tears lie.
An eternity hath past, without sound nor sight.
Our idol did vanished, away in the night!
A famine did rage across our fair plains;
'twould we witness again, our ladies great gains?
The shadows are growing, the golden age passed;
A spirit so weary, eyes close for the last.
A light then emerges, in great peaks of fitness;
Feeble eyes I do shield, too low to bear witness!
"Some manner of spirit?", but quite so contrary;
I cry unto thee; "Mine Queen - Pixyteri!".

No. 254016

I love you anon

I'm going to print this out on a candle.

No. 254019

Show us pics when you're done!!

No. 254023

beautiful. fucking wonderful!

No. 254024

This is a masterpiece.

Can it be made into a banner?

No. 254026

File: 1459381794179.png (68.7 KB, 300x100, Untitled-1.png)


It can but if you wanted to fit in any detail it'd have to be situated longways, and even then it's a bit small.

imo Admin needs to increase the banner size by at least 100px. 300 x 100px is too small for much.

No. 254027

You should post this in the banner thread.

No. 254030

Our Lady of Kawaii

No. 254035

This is so good. Post it in the banner thread in >>>/meta/

No. 254037


omg rly

I'm glad people like it.

No. 254096

No. 254119

More like this should be the background of a custom board style

No. 254168

I like this idea best.

No. 254207

Sounds like a fun diy project, I wanna try too. pls post pic when you're done!

No. 254223

I don't understand either. Does she still want to be a famous cosplayer? If she was doing it solely for personal satisfaction then she wouldn't care what other people said. But she'll never get any fame if she doesn't go to cons and make a real attempt to gain exposure.

Now that she's thinner she can fit into costumes better. But in comes the bikini butthurt because she hates her boobs. Only a few years ago she was saying that women with small breasts aren't real women. I will never understand how PT's mind works.

She could get a breast reduction. But then when she goes back to the oppai phase again she will cry about not having enough boobage. Plus I can't ever see her getting any sort of surgery that would change her body.

No. 254286

She defiantly wouldn't qualify insurance wise for a reduction. She would be more suited for a breast lift instead.

No. 254287


No. 254289

I actually got teary-eyed

No. 254291

Idk how it is for her specific insurance company, but according to my bfs mom she pretty much just started complaining about shoulder and back issues until they approved her… Twice. Second one was more of a lift.

No. 254299

Does your bfs mom have big boobs? PT doesn't and she's still losing weight, so even if she wanted a reduction a plastic surgeon would make her weight until she's done with weight loss.

No. 254317

She just wants people to pat her ass and tell her what she wants to hear to make her happy in her delusions.

No. 254336

File: 1459459425855.jpg (296.29 KB, 731x1024, gon.jpg)

Ultimate HxH cosplay!

No. 254679

you're such a bitch

No. 254725

File: 1459534031020.png (191.95 KB, 500x665, tumblr_nt4i92ZQjw1urei7do1_500…)

the cellulite.

No. 254783

File: 1459541363447.jpg (14.65 KB, 440x290, pt.JPG)


sweet fupa you autistic snowflake

childish potato nose.

No. 254821

Nice one, thundercuntesque crusty attention whore.

No. 254847

You stubby pleb

two faced degenerate. ;^)

No. 254954

Fucking bulldyke

rotund fucking summerfag

No. 254967


Fuck off back to r9k, bitch.

No. 254998

File: 1459613921123.jpg (91.36 KB, 1024x1001, can u not.jpg)

Nice meth teeth you cow. pig ass thunder thighs!

No. 255305

No. 255326

WAH! Dakota has a pryer banner,why doesn't Pixy have one? Our queen needs one too! Will some kind anon make one please

No. 255367

File: 1459740982421.png (413.37 KB, 780x572, 75e5193a44dfca86302.png)

how long until the queen goes full on transgendered like a bizarro CWC?
she seems obsessed with being a shota lately

No. 255479

File: 1459781911586.jpg (55.84 KB, 498x245, pt1.jpg)

No. 255482

File: 1459782095520.jpg (37.84 KB, 452x542, pt2.jpg)

Our Queen is sad uvu

No. 255484

File: 1459782187513.jpg (52.09 KB, 478x323, pt3.jpg)

No. 255525

Queen will be within the 120s?!?!?!!? Maybe she'll actually be thin for the first time in her life.

No. 255555


with the thin eyebrows and intense blue eyes, she kind of reminds me of Amanda Palmer here.
Imo I think she actually looks pretty dec here and she isn't making a weird forced face

No. 255578

Let's hope she doesn't get stuck on "I deserve this! Treating myself~ I can afford to eat this bc i'm so thin now~" and balloon back up.

No. 255639

File: 1459824709651.png (230.77 KB, 509x528, pt.png)

Never thought I would see the day that Pixyteri of all people is excited to get a tan.

No. 255667

Oh my God, Sarah, pls, try and get into a normal lifestyle like a normal human being now. Pls, I pray for you. You look so normal and cute there. Pls.

No. 255683

I'm actually insanely shocked and impressed with how much weight Sarah's lost. It's incredible, I'm in awe!

No. 255689

I think the fact that she doesn't have a normal lifestyle is how she was able to lose weight. She doesn't have a full time job or proper responsibilities, so she's got a lot of spare time on her hands to dance.

No. 255691

You sound fat and bitter. She just ate less and that is how she lost weight. And you can do the same no matter your working hours lol!

No. 255693

No. 255694

Maybe she's dancing instead of shit talking on anon image boards

No. 255697

Obviously she is. Doesn't change the fact that her lifestyle allows her to do whatever the fuck she wants most of the day.

No. 255705

How can she eat that many calories and still lose weight? So jealous. Maybe there is a good metabolism under there and it just needed to be weaned off of the kawaii snacks and fast food.

No. 255730

1300 calories at her weight will make her lose weight
u sound uneducated

No. 255735

I remember her tiny chat 2 years ago she ate a whole cookie cake and was washing it down with a giant cup of sweet tea. That cookie cake alone is about 4500 calories.

No. 255740

>cookie cake and sweet tea

How do you even? idc if you're a fatty, washing a ridiculously sweet cake down with a ridiculously sweet drink sounds nauseating.

No. 255779

Anyone else thinks PT may not be losing weight the healthy way? She seems to consistentl be losing a lot of weight in a short period.

No. 255806

I'm not. I just don't make progress like that. Therefore jealous of PT. I can't believe I'm saying that. I need to step up my game.

I don't know. She was dancing a lot. I hope she isn't starving herself and lying about her calorie intake. But somehow I think she's doing this the right way. If only the rest of her life would fall in order too.

No. 255834

Yeah, but I think it's weird she's lost so much weight in such little time without no mention of plateuing or stalling. And dancing can burn a lot of calories but I don't think she's doing fast paced dancing for hours.

No. 255836

I've had the same thought anon. But at this point its just speculation, so who knows.

No. 255870

It's been a few months, like 5lbs or so a month is not that big of a deal. If it was unhealthy I would expect more.

No. 255899

worm pills lol

No. 255905

It's extremely easy to lose weight if you are above a BMI of 20 really.

I'm mostly scared of what will happen when she either reaches her goal and realizes her life still sucks and she's ugly. I think she will get depressed again and regain.

No. 255936

Her weight loss doesn't mean much when she looks like she is 40 and lives at home with her parents like a spoiled child.

No. 255980

File: 1459895863263.jpg (45.99 KB, 457x719, DOKI CANDLE.JPG)

Yeah, I think she was definitely bigger than she told people. She is definitely the type to lie and say she is smaller than she actually is.

So her losing weight so easily isn't that impressive to me. It's easy to lose a lot of weight when you're very obese. If she stopped scarfing 25 rolos and stopped making cake and ordering weeaboo feed from amazon for a month, that alone would cause her to lose weight.

No. 256064

As if her skin wasn't damaged enough lol

No. 256069


Jesus…. do you think Debbie had her lobotomised during her hiatus? She's like, very nearly almost normal. What the fuck is going on.

No. 256089

Oof…she really needs to invest in some facial cleanser and oil control shampoo, it would do wonders for her.

No. 256148

What makes me think she's lying is that she's got some obvious muscle definition. I feel like if she didn't have that muscle then the weight might be correct, but with the muscle she's messing with the numbers a little since everyone knows that muscle weighs more than fat.

No. 256162

Anon, she lost much more than water weight. When you're obese for a long time you arent only obese outside but also inside. Just like anorexia its a mentality, thats hard to get rid of.

>tfw im jealous pixyteri has better friends then me

That bff who sent het the flowers and chocolat is so sweet tbh I hope she isnt gossiping behind her back on lolcow.

No. 256171

She looks a bit orange, I hope it's fake tanning. She does need to worry about that sun damage though…

No. 256174

Would have thought she was more into staying pale, that bb creams and the like would appeal to her to get that smooth ivory skin idol look. She looks cute with this glowing sort of skin tone but without a good sunscreen the continued skin damage will be just sad.

No. 256211

>>everyone knows that muscle weighs more than fat
… yeah. And a pound of bricks weighs more than a pound of feathers. Science!

No. 256215

Are you actually retarded?

No. 256217

I know what you mean, that always bugs me, even though I understand what they're getting at of course. People leave out the volume/density aspect, so it just sounds stupid.

No. 256218

Wow is she just "chubby" now?
She used to practically be a whale

No. 256219

She needs to change that hair part, it's not doing her any favors, but also good for her for trying to better herself.

No. 256253

File: 1459948997578.jpg (6.4 KB, 213x237, anhero.jpg)

welp time to kill myself, i guess. PT used to be my go-to lolcow for cringe and to unashamedly inflate my own sense of self worth, and now she's doing better than me.

No. 256267

To any anons feeling bad: if even PT can turn herself around (at least for now), there's absolutely no reason why you couldn't do the same.

No. 256271

A fat, unhealthy person changing their diet to something decent and suddenly doing a lot of physical activity can change how their body looks a lot. An overweight person that exercises isn't as flabby as one that won't do anything besides eating.

No. 256279

File: 1459954363527.jpg (4.76 KB, 200x131, images.jpg)

same. I just started a diet and began working out just because of it.

No. 256281

Advice: Don't "start" a diet, CHANGE your diet. Maybe start by restricting caloric intake, but the best way to actually lose weight and keep it off is to change your habits for life.

No. 256282

File: 1459957146936.jpg (28.5 KB, 450x325, 7443e9cc-7c9b-48b2-8e44-3ac307…)

This is very uplifting. Thank you, anon.

No. 256288

Damn anon that's wise

Also shoutout for PT for continuing to do well. I know a lot of us figured in a matter of weeks she would be done with her diet. Hopefully this sticks.

No. 256294

That's so true, Anon. PT made it seem so hard but simple life changes are so easy.

No. 256296

If you can't lose weight eating 1,300 calories a day, you might have an actual medical issue or you are eating more calories than you think you are.

No. 256314

File: 1459969449951.jpeg (92.19 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

Before she blocks me

No. 256339

never would I have thought to see the day when "muscle definition" would be associated with the Queen (I mean, other than workout lines, of course)

No. 256349

>count your blessings and things will begin to look up
So gross

No. 256352

Lol She honestly needs to. She genuinely thinks her life is awful because the universe hasn't bent over backwards in her favor. I'm fairly sure she's using her depression/other mental issues for attention and as an excuse to never do anything now.

No. 256354

Uhh I'm 5'3 and my calories deficit for weight loss is in the 1100-1200 range so…
If I hit 1400-1600 I gain weight.

It just sucks being short. I bet PT's deficit is even harder.

>It's easy to lose a lot of weight when you're very obese.
No it's not, and tbh you sound salty as hell trying to demean what she's accomplished.

She's also in her 30s and is behind in her life in other aspects.
I think the weight loss is a great start. Now she's gotta expand her other life facets, like getting a better job and moving out.

You made me cringe.

No. 256358

Just trying to find the right words to say without being hateful.

No. 256369

You've got to be new if you think PT is going to listen to that bullshit. You've got to be a retard if you think anyone who has problems wants to her "IT COULD BE SO MUCH WORSE, BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE". It doesn't matter that her problems are objectively trivial or stupid or her own fault, to her they're real and she doesn't want to hear you spout your holier than thou speech.

No. 256379

bunch of salty cunts lately. i remember reading something quite similar on tumblr, maybe you should go back there to throw a fit about your piddly ass problems.

No. 256408

PT is working out, fat and has no history of starving herself or something retarded to ruin her metabolism. Your situation is not normal and your metabolism is fucked up if that's true (probably you aren't counting calories right). I'm not going to 32" waist chan like you but I have useless anecdotes I could tell on an anon image board that support PT.

No. 256415

>ruin metabolism
Myth. But >>256354 is retarded for thinking fatties don't lose weight easier than thinner or more fit people.

No. 256418

I'd screen cap all of the dietary apps I use that show me what my calorie budget is to lose/maintain based on my height and BMI, but okay.
You don't know anything. You're a complete moron if you think calorie budgets are universal for everyone.

>harder for a skinnier person to lose weight
>thin person has to lose 10 pounds
>can accomplish that in months
>fat person has to lose more than 80
>years of effort

Also it's not as if their metabolic rates don't readjust as the person loses weight. As they become thinner, then even by your logic, it gets harder and harder. Fatties do have to put more effort in, in your words.
PT probably dances her ass off every waking hour.

No. 256425

Fat people burn more energy to keep their bodies running. An overweight person burns alot more calories running than a fit person.

No. 256426

I burn the same amount of calories walking as a thin girl does.

No. 256427

A fit person is probably more adjusted to their exercise regimen and has more muscles to carry their body. Your analogy makes no sense.

No. 256467

Well, the heavier you are the more energy it takes to move your body. If you're trying to pull 120lbs you'll burn less calories than say, 220lbs.
But here's one

No. 256525

ot but muscle mass is what burns the calories, fat people don't burn as much as you'd think compared to someone who weighs the same but has a higher muscle mass because muscles are what use the calories.

No. 256532

true that, the spasmodic movement in the muscle mass produces the heat needed to literally 'burn' calories.
Fat just kinda sits there, it exists to store excess energy for the winter, but as we no longer abide but the will of the seasons, this ability leads to the super heavy weight humans we see in modern times.

No. 256535

Fat people do have muscle mass, it's not easy carrying dozens or hundreds of extra lbs all day

No. 256619

Exactly, thank you! I realise there's reasoning behind the catchphrase, but c'mon. More often than not, these kind of catchphrases spread confusion and misinformation … They just help fatties stay fat or get fatter.

No. 256857

>urban lesbian costume

No. 256901

I just spat out my drink. Thank you anon.

No. 256965

File: 1460081593930.png (534.24 KB, 800x608, 2nbsoar.png)

Posting an old body shot for comparison sake.

No. 256993

Crazy how the extra weight makes her proportions look normal. Based on those pictures you'd think she'd look great -30 pounds. Poor PT really does have unfortunate genetics.

No. 257023

how is that fat PT has less body rolls than me. how did i lose the genetic lottery so hard ;_;

underrated post

No. 257086

>No it's not, and tbh you sound salty as hell trying to demean what she's accomplished.
except it is easier. The hardest part comes when you're getting closer to your goal weight.
People that weight more have a bigger TDEE than people that weigh less, there are a lot of calculators for this.
Try Scooby's if you don't believe me http://scoobysworkshop.com/calorie-calculator/
I don't think the anon you were quoting meant to demean her. What Pixy did is still very impressive since the first step to losing weight and changing your life is not easy.

Some gain weight in rolls, others in big packets. Someone with more rolls could still have the same bmi as someone with one big roll.

No. 257112

Absolutely nailed that trashy Texas Mom look here. How old is she in these?

No. 257202

28-29, I think.

No. 257205

Not when you're a short bitch, it's not.
Not everyone is a 5/11, 300 pounds amazon fattie with a calorie maintenance of 1800 per day in order to lose.
Mine was 1100. Strictly. Again, PT's would have been the same or less. We have to diet harder, because if we don't we have to exercise more to make up for it. For someone who's lived their live as an obese person since childhood, that's tough even if the weight allegedly comes off "easier" IF that routine is kept.

So no, it's really not.

No. 257245

As an overweight kid my doc sent me around 13 yrs old to get my BMR done - what do you know, at 5'0 it's about 1250 -1350 to maintain 130 lbs frame. Now the side effect of that is I only had to restrict to 1100 to loose weight steadily - only 250 calories but to me, each day, that added up quickly. After that came working out 'n shit.

No. 257433

can all the people that want to have endlessly dull conversations about weight on these threads just fuck off to some weight loss forum or something. or maybe exercise

No. 257449

I got you anon, heheh. There's a screenshot in the Fatty Thread with some fat bitch who includes a few popular excuses for being a whale including "muh big bones" and this "muscle weighs more than fat." The urge to punch the screen is powerful.

Yeah, please, especially shortarse who doesn't understand how weight loss works.

No. 257480

File: 1460200499554.png (78.56 KB, 1312x242, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 12.1…)

No. 257484

But she regularly wears contacts? And photoshops her pictures? Why can't she use either of these methods to 'fix' her cosplay 'problem' she's having here?

Glorious Queen, always bitching first, thinking (or not) later.

No. 257509

She wears two sets of contacts at once. Her regular clear lenses so she can see, then circle lenses on top. Yep, she's dumb.

No. 257510

Short bitches are so unfortunate

No. 257581

Y'know, it's our queen we're talking about here but WHY?!

No. 257606

wait?? you can do that???

No. 257634

no, you probably shouldn't

No. 257636

No, you're really not supposed to. It can cause scratches in the eye and other problems, PT is just dumb.

No. 257774

anyone see this new vid of PT?

this person is pleb level with their PT info

No. 258017

File: 1460314770691.jpg (74.61 KB, 720x960, 12523850_10153800997926144_456…)

Is anybody else freaked out by this picture? What's going on with her legs?

No. 258018

File: 1460314792270.jpg (81.54 KB, 720x960, 12933101_10153800997911144_908…)

No. 258021

File: 1460314878135.jpg (87.97 KB, 720x960, 12985540_10153800999231144_131…)

No. 258024


God, Sarah's proportions are weird. Her shoulders are significantly wider than her hips. Her head is huge.

Also, is it just me, or does it seem like she's sucking it in a lot? The way her ribs are jutting out in some of these photos is pretty suspect. She also seems to be trying to stretch her torso out by raising her shoulders.

No. 258025

omg I knew her head was big but HOLY FUCK

No. 258026

Lollipop Head Syndrome

No. 258027

pt looking GOOD. her body shape is going to be weird no matter what, i think, but wow. her weight loss is honestly impressive.

No. 258028

omg wait, didn't see this one before i posted. what the fuck are her proportions? pt why u so scary

No. 258029

File: 1460315526476.jpg (14.75 KB, 326x326, ff.jpg)

>used to mock Sarah for being obese
>now she's thinner than you

What in the world is going on.

No. 258031

her belly and legs look a bit blurry comparing to the rest of the pic. Looks shoopped to me. I'm not saying she didn't lose a very noticeable amount of weight though. Just noticed it looks edited.

Also, it's obvious she's sucking it in really hard.

No. 258032

Oh yeah she definitely is. She's contorting her whole body to look slimmer, that's why her legs are placed weirdly.

too much salt is bad for your heart

No. 258036

She's definitely sucking in, especially in the sideways pics. And don't forget she's been known to stretch pictures too.

No. 258037


Oh I'm not salty, I'm really happy for her, it's just a funny/bizarre situation.

No. 258038


PT is kind of proportioned like a midget.

Except, she's a normal adult height, if not on the shorter end.

Is it possible to have whatever genetic disorder midgets have while not necessarily being shorter than normal? Or maybe some variation of it?

I've legit never seen anyone who looked like PT that didn't have some kind of genetic disorder.

No. 258040

Jesus christ….

My queen is so small! I never would have expected Pixy to get rid of her cankles but here she is with human legs!!!

No. 258041

Holy PT! idc if she's sucking it in, she looks great. Her head looks huge though, like bizarrely huge, it's freaking me out.

No. 258052

>tfw the Queen is smaller than lottes

what a time to be alive.

I'm so happy for her, hope she keeps up with the dancing and balanced eating.

No. 258053

Do we know how Pixy is losing weight? What's her routine…this is a girl who used to think eating at Chick-fil-a was healthy.

No. 258055

she probably suffers from benign familial macrocephaly. It just means she has a larger than normal head, and it is a genetic thing.

No. 258062

How i see it:
>poor genetics: big ass head and broader shoulders
>coupled with hunching up her shoulders which NEVER looks good with a big head (big headed bitch here)
>we all know PT is an apple shape, so ofc she loses fat in her hips and legs first
>weird posing/sucking in/extreme tiptoes
>the mirror might be placed so it stretches out the body

No. 258066

plus if all she's doing is dancing, she might not being working out her arms as much.

it's just poor genetics in the end. lots of mass on her upper body, and not much on her lower half.

No. 258067

She's also stretched those mirror photos in the past, and quite often those full length mirrors make you look skinnier than you are

No. 258068

Anybody else think PT was diagnosed diabetic/pre-diabetic and it scared the shit out of her so she started losing weight?

No. 258070

I never thought in a million years I'd sit here and say nonironically that pt is my thinspo

No. 258071

I think if she was she would have made it seem like she was dying or said something like my tummy extra hurts or something for ass pats. No way she would have been able to keep that to her self she would have said something like WOE IS ME WHY ARE DOCTORS SO MEAN TO ME AND LYING or some bs like that.

No. 258073

File: 1460327707013.jpg (136.35 KB, 500x766, xiaxue01.jpg)

Xiaxue (Singaporean blogger) is like that too and she's only about 5'0 tall. I wonder if it's usual for very short people to have disproportionately big heads…

No. 258076

It's just that mirror selfie man, mirror selfies always enlarge your head if you're leaning your head forward and body backwards to make your body look smaller, which it looks like she's doing.

them high waisted shorts though she's becoming more body aware damn, knows how to avoid showing her weight loss skin hanging

No. 258079

I don't think her head is that big, I think it's the mirror and maybe stretching the pic with an app.

No. 258082


Oh jeez, her proportions are just really unfortunate… it's really sad to say, but I don't think she'll look good even if she lost more weight.

No. 258093

It might just be having an average sized head on a smaller than average body. Except PT has a larger than average head.

No. 258096

no someone called her overweight on twitter

No. 258099

File: 1460331831184.jpg (139.54 KB, 461x533, pt_facebook.jpg)

No. 258115

God damn PT, tmi

No. 258118

I will put money on her considering transition to male.

Talking about her voice getting "deeper"? Hating her boobs (which has gone on for years, but she'll use it as evidence that she's been a boy ~all along~ etc)

No. 258137


Anon people have been calling her a little more than just overweight for over a decade now, and up until now she's never done anything about it.

Nah, something happened, something big.

No. 258139


Well you guys say that but I've been following PT since like, 2007, all the way back in the olden days of /cgl/, and it was very well noted that she more weight she put on the more she began blogging about health problems, and she used to have a BUTTLOAD.

No. 258143

File: 1460335734327.jpg (82.57 KB, 720x960, 12963418_10153800999211144_843…)

No. 258144

File: 1460335745994.jpg (87.07 KB, 720x960, 12963506_10153800999221144_678…)

No. 258145

File: 1460335750101.jpg (81.72 KB, 720x960, 12963874_10153800999236144_565…)

No. 258146

File: 1460335754955.jpg (113.37 KB, 720x960, 12974354_10153800999281144_192…)

No. 258147

File: 1460335759045.jpg (100.76 KB, 720x960, 12986976_10153800999291144_108…)

No. 258148

I see she has Pink Sugar perfume by Aquolina. No wonder everyone is trying to fuck her, that shit is a man magnet lol

No. 258150


Seriously? Isn't it a little too sickly?

No. 258152


She looks like a man here, honestly. I wish she would stop sucking in.

No. 258164

Not that anon, but men tend to be attracted to sweet scents that reminds them of food. The Hello Kitty perfume released by Sephora a few years ago is the better bet.

No. 258165


Bet bet she'll develop an eating disorder… Maybe within quotes, maybe for real, but I see it in the horizon

No. 258171

Anytime I wear it it drives my fiance nuts, same with my past boyfriends. I've also had creepy male customers at work tell me "huh huh u smell perdy" so idk it's only when I wear that specific one? It's weird because it seems like something guys would totally hate

No. 258174

Why does she keep complaining about her boobs, they look like a C at most. I know this is a sports bra but her boobs aren't that big, definitely not big enough to need a reduction.

No. 258175

She wants to be a kawaii shota now, so she doesn't want boobs anymore.

No. 258189

she actually has very deflated looking saggy boobs. What she would benefit from is a lift.

No. 258191

lololll why does she have a random box of mike n Ikes candy chilling amidst her perfume bottles?

No. 258213

She won't look good, but she will look less bad.

No. 258230

She did such a great job on the weight loss, I'm so happy for her!

>so she doesn't want boobs anymore.
She's always complained about her boobs
big boobs aren't Japanese enough

Looks like she's starting to have more respect for her body, that's great!

No. 258233


No. 258267


No. 258272

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but are those some skin care products I see buried somewhere in that mess? Like face cream? Or maybe they're just body butters…

No. 258319

Wish she would stop sucking in so much, especially in this pic. Her progress has been really fantastic though.

I'm a little concerned about that too. I would hate for her to go from one extreme to the other. I think she's done a great job so far but these things can easily become an eating disorder in the guise of being healthier.

No. 258422


This person really either needs to start doing her research into her subject matter or stop making videos completely.

>her mother forced her to tan and ingest tanning pills

Unsubstantiated and never proven.
>Sarah changed her name to various Japanese names before settling on the name Pixyteri
Doesn't even know that the alias is Pixyteriyaki and that the Japanese names like Sarah Yukiko came after.
>eventually she stopped bathing in the belief that it would make her more Japanese
I have no idea how she even came to that conclusion.
>Piyxteri is said to have had only one relationship, a man named James
jfc this is what happens when newfags invade.

No. 258424


>after James wouldn't return her feelings, she developed an infatuation with Bleach author, Tite Kubo

No. 258427

>I think she's done a great job so far but these things can easily become an eating disorder in the guise of being healthier.

Not to sound like a pessimistic ass, but nobody will give a shit so long as she isn't fat. Average and skinny people can be unhealthy as fuck, but that's okay so long as they don't have a double chin. (Fat men are still widely accepted though)

No. 258431

Holy fuck, the queen has a lot of shit. I hope she gets her own place soon or something. Its just kind of sad to be in her 30's and still living with Okaasan.

No. 258436

>eventually she stopped bathing in the belief that it would make her more Japanese
>I have no idea how she even came to that conclusion.

It's twisted around, but I believe it was PTNR who told us that Sarah stopped taking showers in favor of just taking baths because the japanese take baths. And even then she didn't take baths unless it had been like 2 weeks or something because she didn't want to wash her hair?

No. 258447


I don't think that can be right because in Japan most people with the utilities actually shower first and then bath and I think Sarah would have known this.

No. 258451

I wonder if she's a hoarder since she's always buying things.

No. 258457

Ptnr said that she didnt like showering/washing her hair often because she didnt want her hair to get lighter.

No. 258491

No it was pretty explicitly stated that Sarah just sat around in the bath water and didn't even really use soap because of >>258457

No. 258506

I'm pretty weeaboo and I love onsen. Its just hard to think that someone who wears kimoto as a hobby wouldn't know how Japanese people bathe.

No. 258513

File: 1460415877574.png (376.83 KB, 572x566, 14603357459941.png)

Bottom of the pic

No. 258515

File: 1460415892575.jpg (11.3 KB, 560x301, 1460335745994.jpg)

Versus the top of the pic

No. 258553

File: 1460419173969.jpeg (45 KB, 450x495, image.jpeg)

>mfw PT could develop into an eating disorder lolcow if she goes too far

No. 258554

Nah, she likes junkfood way too much for something like that to happen.
I don't want our queen to become spoopy ): She's doing so well.

No. 258562

File: 1460421321573.jpeg (19.1 KB, 320x216, 1352945265381.jpeg)

>Loses weight and get s more feminine frame
>cosplays little boys

>also mfw I need to lose some fucking weight, jesus christ PT's legs look amazing.

No. 258568

I'm so proud of my little haffu hime <3

No. 258674

your tumble is showing…

naaah just kidding, you're right
unless she becomes very very skinny ofcourse

No. 258678

I think she really didn't know, there's a video of her where she's crying and her mom is yelling stuff like "even a dog or a cat takes a shower"
that was many years ago though and she probably wised up since then. Think about young weeaboos, they usually don't know much about Japanese culture.

No. 258685

Lol this thread is great. This is just like the time when Chris Chan lost his virginity, and all the virgins and other aspies over at /cow/ got into conniptions.

No. 258696

I have a theory that she's working out a lot to be more masculine, thoughts? You're all blaming ED, but that's too feminine a thing to do. I think she's working out to get muscular/boyish.

No. 258801

I'm pretty sure 25 old enough stop her from qualifing the use of "she's young and naive" excuse.

No. 258819

I don't know… she posted her dancing workout and it was pretty girly.

No. 258825

PT's 30 now and still as whiny as ever.

No. 258944

31 in a few months~

No. 258948

She probably read the outdated encyclopedia dramatica page as her "source". Also that woman should stop making videos as her accent is fucked up and her entire channel is dedicated to other people's lives how fucking desperate can you be? Jesus if you desperately want youtube money at least make them tolerable
LOL dat neck though

No. 258998

I can't wait to read her facebook post(s) about how she hates her birthday.

No. 259008

I Love You, Sarah

No. 259535

dat shrug

No. 259607

Everyone is so quick to throw around eating disorder and pills.
Perhaps she really is just eating better. Instead of eating a giant cookie cake to deal with her depression she is dancing it out.
She literally stopped shoving over 4500 calories into her pie hole! She is bound to drop several sizes just due to that alone.
Why does everything have to be a huge kdrama with you all?

No. 259655

Why are you here if you don't want drama? So confused.

No. 259761

Why are you here if you don't want complete happiness for our queen?

No. 259773

Whatever happens to PT benefits us all. We all see ourselves in her, when she's happy it means "It means there's a chance for me", when she's unhappy "at least i'm not PT"

No. 259779

Tbh Sarah is doing better than the average farmer.

No. 259804

Speak for yourself

No. 259935

Weight loss wise? Yeah, fair enough.
But she's got nearly 10 years on me and I've done a lot more with my life and don't live with my mom.
I hope she goes up from here, but she's got a lot of maturing to do for her age.

No. 259946

Big picture wise, absolutely. She lives with mom, isn't responsible with money, doesn't have a job, and so on.

No. 259948

no1curr about your life

No. 259953

Just responding to a claim anon. Chilly billy out :^)

No. 260079

Not to nitpick, but…
She lives with her parents.
She does have a job it's just shitty and her degree is going to waste.

No. 260124

Well, what else could she do with a BA in English, anyway?

No. 260137

Continue pursuing teaching as a sub instead of dressing/acting inappropriately? Actually stay at that 911 call center instead of being a lazy piece of shit to the point where she was fired (as she bragged about in her bday livestream a few years ago - she didn't get fired because she "panicked" about the intensity of the calls, it was a lie her mom made up)? Actually keep trying to apply to JET or any number of other teaching abroad programs instead of giving up after the first try?

There are a number of options she has. She just likes being a retard better.

No. 260147

It was sarcasm, anon.

No. 260234

File: 1460701680850.png (44.46 KB, 630x232, Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 07.2…)

No. 260236

That's terrifying, I've never heard of that before. She should go to a doctor asap

No. 260290

i hope this is just Queenspeak for period-related breast discomfort because otherwise holy shit, time to go to the doctor for real

No. 260298

Does she still owe a ton of medical bills? Don't Americans put off going to the doctor because of money?

No. 260301

She may just be feeling her mammary tissue for the first time after having lot weight. That would explain the 'deflation' as well.
My boobs feel lumpy if pressed because there's very little adipose.

No. 260309

Yeah, I think she has deanse breasts so she's finally able to feel the tissue.

Let's not forget PT is a hypochondriac.

No. 260327

Is she right or left handed? Because if she's left handed, her boobs might just be getting smaller because of the weight loss except it will be less noticable in the left boob because muscles.

No. 260344

What does being left handed or right handed have to do with it? I'm lefthanded but hourglass and wish I could lose most of my boobs through weight loss.

No. 260352

OT but getting to the American health care thing: Yes. Anyway, I know I do. I have a reputable insurance through my company, but the fucking doctors in my state outsource all of their labs to this private company called "LabCorps" and they charge literally whatever the fuck they want. They also send bills without applying your insurance card first ('PAY NOW WHEN YOU GET THIS') hoping it will trick folks into paying the stated amount, whereas if they read the fine print you can send the bill back with insurance info to have it applied.
It seems illegal as all shit, but they get away with it.
For the record, they sent me an unapplied bill for a pap smear for $300. And another bill for an STD blood test, get this, $1100. Too bad my state put the knocks on Planned Parenthood so bad or I would have gone there…

No. 260362

when you're left handed you will use your left hand more and you will have a bit more muscles in your left arm and left boob. That's why most people won't have even boobs but it's usually not very noticable.

No. 260365

sorry, did some searching and this might not be true.
Either way breast asymetry is very common and in my case it was more noticable with losing weight.

No. 260505

File: 1460771341982.png (422.87 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 260506


Nobody's telling you to do anything, Pixy, goddamn chill out it's not like Roxanne or Michael are putting a gun to your head and demanding you slap on a bikini, fuck sakes

No. 260513

> PT youre beautiful
> it doesnt matter!!!! i wont do it
Did pt just admit she is beautiful?

No. 260514

Same ole' Queen. She's gotten wiser, but her flailing for asspats remains the same. I'm thinking she got some real shit while working at Victoria Secret. I had a cousin who worked there and they're so picky with the way you are, they tell you you need to smell a certain way and even present a certain "aura" to the customers. Smelling good is hard enough for Pixy, much less smelling a certain type of good.

I'm thinking Pixy's mom or a real life friend suggested she wear a bikini and she's convinced she's a tom boy. As an anon said previously, how unfortunate that she start wearing manish clothes when she's at a weight that's the most forgiving to her previous style.

No. 260516

I'd think the bikini thing is just that she probably has a lot of gross sagging skin from her weight loss

but now that >>260514 mentions it, do you guys think her stint at VS triggered her about how hard it is to be a woman so she wants to be a tomboy now?

No. 260523

Why on Earth is she constantly afraid?

No. 260525

Asspats, mostly.

No. 260531

I'm starting to think that she also might have mild hypochondria.

No. 260534

That gets me thinking, how often does she go out? Is her confidence only online? I remember some fiascoes about her going out to bars and becoming humiliated about it.

No. 260580

Why is she always so 'scared'? I'm just gonna say that about everything from now on. Went to the grocery store, I'm scared :( Forgot to put my clothes in the dryer, I'm scared :( my cat shit on the floor, I'm also scared :(

No. 260582

She could have anxiety. I have OCD and it usually comes with anxiety, sometimes you get a feeling of dread or something bad will happen if you don't act on compulsions or aren't satisfied with them.

She should honestly see a therapist.

No. 260621

No that has nothing to do with it. The heart is on the left which is why the left breast is the bigger breast for most people.

No. 260797

File: 1460854302636.jpeg (81.21 KB, 640x579, image.jpeg)

Our queen has become increasing paranoid and cryptic in her FB posts recently, I wonder what's going on? Honestly kinda worried for her

No. 260799

Ugh, whenever I see this bullshit in my feed I want to reach through the screen and shake her. Fuck, it's so annoying. Oh no~ work changed my schedule! Se scary! :( :( :(

…sorry, it just pisses me off

No. 260800

I wouldn't be surprised if she has some form of anxiety, and any kind of change to routine no matter how minor really fucks with her.

No. 260801

Holy crap this is awful. Hope she hasn't been doing pills or something to help weight loss, I know that's a far stretch especially for PT but it's so strange to see someone, even as dramatic as she can be, saying such incredibly paranoid and seemingly nonsensical things (being eaten, wtf?)

No. 260802

Oh, no doubt that she has anxiety. But her posts have been getting pretty alarming lately, she really needs to go get help. It sounds like she's on suicide watch with her most recent post, jesus

No. 260811


Anon she's been like this for years, literally since 2008.

No. 260812

>all these newfags reacting like PT posting her daily slew of "I'm scared :(", "I want to die", "kami-sama, tasukete!" is anything out of the usual

No. 260817

I don't follow her on any social media, but it's been awhile since I last saw a post from her like that. Am I wrong? I only get my info from caps that gulls post.

No. 260818

She's been posting this shit since her dA days. Episodes like this were not uncommon on twitter

No. 260821

shit like this pisses me off because she works a MAXIMUM of 20 hours per week.

No. 260824

Well I know that much, but aside from this recent scurred post has she made any similar posts within the past few months?

No. 260834

She says she's "scared" constantly.


No. 260835

When she's active on social media, it's pretty common. She's been away from the internet for a while, remember?

No. 261390

File: 1461015828133.jpg (10.22 KB, 245x58, hurt.JPG)

Guys… I'm kinda worried about her.

No. 261404

The last time this happened, her friend K called the cops and Sarah went to the ER and got released or whatever, she's saying this for attention.

No. 261408

I heard people can get moody when they're on low calorie diets.

No. 261410


God you can always tell who the new ones are can't you….

No. 261438

Been following her since 2011. Yes she probably is doing it for attention, but one can also tell her mental heath is incredibly poor.

No. 261473

PT self harm consists of scratching her arm until it turns red. She doesn't even break the skin.

Chillax and let it all play out.

No. 261481

File: 1461026077791.jpeg (58.1 KB, 355x236, image.jpeg)

Why wont my queen have plastic surgery?

No. 261488

File: 1461027410627.png (341.36 KB, 589x641, Screenshot_2016-04-17-16-35-33…)


>she's only been following PT since 2011

No. 261504

Not everyone has been graced with PT since her beginnings, anon. I envy your kind.

No. 261523

Sorry for your shit 'murrica state, wherever it is.

Have a friend in Texas, who works these tiny part time jobs instead of getting on disability and she doesn't qualify for insurance. She'd be able to apply for government assistance (I get medicaid because I also work three part-time jobs), but her shit governor opted out of Obama care. These fucking pricks accept farming subsidies but not healthcare aid from the feds? Pick and choose your god damn "socialism."

Ah, Queen, it's ANXIOUS, not scary. Guess being scared is more kawaii tho.

No. 261524

circa 2007, anon. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

No. 261598

I'm usually anti-plastic surgery, but PT would benefit so greatly from a good Korean surgeon. They can work wonders.

No. 261607

I think I first noticed her around 2008/2009, when she posted the photo of her crying in Melty Chocolate.

Feels weird, man.

No. 261648

Texas is a really crappy state. The govenor is always threatening to cut public programs that would mostly affect children.

No. 261682

Texan here. You basically described my situation.

Perry (our last one) cut funding to women's health programs.

Does anyone know if PT is getting insurance benefits through her job? I doubt she can pay insurance premiums if she doesn't. Maybe that could be part of the reason she's shaped up.

No. 261761

>Does anyone know if PT is getting insurance benefits through her job?
I'm not American so I could be absolutely wrong, but she wouldn't get insurance because she only works part time, right?

No. 261777

Yes, she can't get insurance through her work since she only works part time but she can get cheaper insurance with Obama care if she shows how many hours she works but still her insurance would probably cost 100-200 dollars

No. 261897

Surprisingly she isn't bothered by her massive chin.

No. 261919

this. it's laughable to call it self harm.

No. 261954

That's fucking amazing. What a great surgeon.

No. 262096

File: 1461187363618.png (1.14 MB, 1285x511, mcd7d9f95.png)

The queen looks pretty happy lately. I wonder who she goes fishing with.

No. 262099

She looks so cute and normal here

No. 262106

Wow she's so little now, its crazy. I know she can get