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File: 1446201215763.jpg (55.36 KB, 616x668, 1444196528020.jpg)

No. 197968

Old thread reached max posting limit.


No. 197969

New cringy vlog at disney.

No. 197970

Her friend seems rude. Esp when she was almost putting her hand on a complete stranger's bag while screaming "Chip!" or whatever from the chip and dale rescue rangers. Also, they're both so loud, it's embarrassing.

No. 198002

well that was pretty autistic
rocking back and forth on the escalator

No. 198018

someone who knows japanese pls educate me

why is tokyo written in hiragana instead of kanji

No. 198024

Easier for non-native speakers to read, I guess?

No. 198025

tbh, you can do whatever you want with moonspeak. its not common, per se, but in manga especially or online, people randomly put hiragana in katakana, kanji in hiragana, etc etc

No. 198035

I didn't even notice that, but like the other anon said, so it's easier for people to read? I keep hearing the language system in Japan gets more simplified every year and high school kids are really terrible at reading and writing their own language.

No. 198036

Her outfit just creeped me out too much and reminded me of how a little girl dresses up. I wish she'd grow up. She's already in her early 20s. Japan is just a creepy ass country in general tbh.

No. 198037

the way they kept screaming was horrifying. with how close they were behind people in lines, it seemed like they were practically screaming in peoples ears at times too

No. 198045

its a fashion style, oh wise elder anon

No. 198048

That's what bothered me the most. I get anxious and irritated when people talk on their cellphones loudly behind me on the bus or in lines. They were seriously screaming and walking very close to people. Super rude.

No. 198620

Her vine is worse than her videos, she's incredibly rude! She's disruptive on trains and annoys strangers.

No. 198628

File: 1446372375578.jpg (84.66 KB, 425x450, nofun.jpg)


I feel like I'm overreacting, but jesus they seem so obnoxious and rude. Why do they need to scream every other fucking sentence?

I can understand you'd be excited going to Disney but fuuuuck, other people are trying to enjoy it too, they shouldn't have to put up with screeching weebs

No. 198637

Yukapee wants ATTENTION, she wants people to praise her or using Japanese.

No. 198658

>that woman's face
Natalie is so fucking rude. Although I wouldn't, if I were filming random people on the train and I saw someone staring at me like that, I'd stop. She's a brat.

No. 198659

>If you fall asleep on me, I WILL record you… far warning..

No. 198661

Japanese probably think "lol wacky foreigner" and move on with their lives.

No. 198664

>There's a vine of her filming strangers sleeping on the train while one woman is glaring at her

>shouting on an escalator about how she spilled her coffee

>saying 'I really, really, really, really, really like you' to two strangers on the train

>looking pissy as some guy next to her nods off with the caption 'If you fall asleep on me, I WILL record you… far warning..'

>Singing to some Japanese girl on the train who is ignoring her and then proceeds to film another girl next to her who looks annoyed

>Shouts 'doryaaaa~' in a packed train while filming peoples reactions with the caption 'ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE !!!!!! ok i need to chill lol'

>singing to some stranger on the train with the caption in Japanese that she made a new friend

>Runs up to a Japanese officer asking if she's cute, he raises his hand a bit in front of the camera then she shouts 'woohoo' with the caption 'he said yes after I SWEAR LMAO'

So Yukapee acts like a cringey, annoying brat in Japan.

No. 198676


You forgot the one where some guy approaches her and she starts barking like a dog

No. 198677

Yea anywhere you go, people dont wannna be randomly filmed like that

No. 198678

Yukapee,Confirmed for drugs

No. 198679

No. 198688

The cringe is real. That fake high pitch in her voice was annoying.

No. 198756

Damn Yuka is cringy as fuck now…
She needs to realize she isn't kawaii. And her loli days are gone. She needs to do something with her life. She will end as a third rate singer in akihabara streets wearing cat ears at age 45

No. 198766

File: 1446410063969.png (51.13 KB, 301x413, brokendreamsaidoru.PNG)

>She will end as a third rate singer in akihabara streets wearing cat ears at age 45
you inspired me to do something horrible

No. 198770

>filming random girls on the train
(poor girls are embarassed)
>screaming in public
>barking at a guy
>following a girl she doesn't on the street calling her "onee chan" several times
>asking a random guy working if she is cute
>singing to a random woman several time

what the hell is this girl doing, is she still taking drugs? Also oh my gosh she looks so old and sunken in some of these the kawaii spark in her eyes from the loli days is gone.

No. 198772

Welp she posted a new video

She is so skinny but that's all she got really…Even with makeup caked on her dark circles/eyebags are still there.
Some of these aren't even costumes what the hell, there are regular ""outfits""/streetstyle stuff
I like her hair at the kindergarten thing and when she wears the pinkly ever after dot dress,otherwise…

No. 198773

I'm jelly of her body ngl

No. 198780

yeh totally jelly of a skeletor body with no ass or boobs

No. 198783

A wild ana appears!

No. 198786

i thought her body was so skinny and nice but then noticed she totally has no butt and no boobs and god do i HATE "lulz big booty big bewbs" bitches and that whole "booty" mentality. But wow…it's really not pretty. Like skinny is pretty but when there are…y'know…something? There it's litterally ruler shaped skelettor

No. 198787

she seriously looks ill
shes probably on drugs and thats why shes stick skinny shes skinnier than she was in her loli phase

No. 198791

No I feels ya. It's why I don't get the whole thigh gap thing anyway, since you often need to have legs so slim to get it and that they look bowed as a result, like Yuka's. That's not attractive.

Worst part is, if she did squats it'd lift and curve her butt out a bit. She's starting to get well past 'naturally slim' to 'cocaine model' which was a thing in the 90s and that might be one of the few things from the 90s that doesn't need a comeback.

No. 198793

I actually think she looks pretty cute from far away, when she's standing back against the wall, but up close her face looks ratchet

No. 198794

Wait, holy shit her knees are so gross, like she obviously shouldn't be that skinny for her natural body size, you know, they're sticking out weird. Eugh…

No. 198797

File: 1446415239820.png (1.4 MB, 1288x717, yukapee.png)

I thought this outfit and the last one were pretty cute on her… I like how she's styling her hair lately.

No. 198805

She looks like a cute OC

No. 198806

> She's starting to get well past 'naturally slim' to 'cocaine model'
You take the words out of my mouth/keyboard
It's just…not pretty

HOLY SHIT the skirt is the one she wore during her performance there
How sad to see what she became… i give it a few years more and if she doesn't get better it'll end up in some Baby Jane shit. What is she doing for a living in Japan anyway? Does she have a sugar daddy?

Holy shit i can see her actually ending up this way it's depressing. Also taking drugs.

No. 198808

skinny is pretty when you have curves, like ashe maree or sabrina nellie for example

when you're just straight rectangle down, you look like a 9 year old boy and it aint cute lol

No. 198811

needs some pee down her leg, more ruler shaped, eyebags,.. and it's perfect.

No. 198842

Guys, this is what skinny usually looks like when you leave the "bouncy teen" and "soft, young 20's" phase.
You no longer have that residual baby fat gently padding you out and it just starts to agree you really terribly.
This is usually why it's a good idea to gain some muscle + fat when you start ageing otherwise you legit start looking like a sullen, drawn crack ho.
Shit ain't cute.

No. 198844

You're dumb.

No. 198849


Go to bed Ana-chan

No. 198853

Her limbs are so rectangular and noodly. Like from straight on, her thighs don't widen from past the knee.
She looks like she's been doing some hard drugs or has been chained up in someones basement for a week, or both.
Is she okay?

No. 198854

She works in a clothing store of some sort according to this Vine https://vine.co/v/eT5AYJPvAMQ

The pitch change in her voice from English to Japanese… My god, she doesn't seem to realize she's not in an anime. It's painful to hear.

No. 198863

Yeah, at Fig & Viper I believe.

No. 198865

I may be wrong, but isn't it normal for younger girls to call another girl onee-chan? Kind of like "miss"?

I mean, it's cringy because she's kinda acting like a loli, but it's not as bad as the others.

No. 198868

Pitches tend to change speaking different languages, I can't vouch for her, but when I speak French, my voice is much deeper.

No. 198870

Adding to that, a lot of Japanese women lower their pitch when speaking English, as well…

No. 198902

what is this game called again i totally forgot

No. 198914


No. 198941

I'm sure she's just imitating her Japanese colleagues though. I've had Japanese girls who give out flyers or work in customer service speak in that kind of fake high-pitched voice to everyone.

No. 198945

Let's bet on Yukapon's future. At least she got a job right now eh.

No. 198979

I'm sorry for being 150 years late on this, but can someone tell me what's with yuka and pee? I read something about a video (no, I don't wanna see it. Yes I know she was underage in it)

No. 198985

Holyshit, is she 13 years old?w hat a child.

She definitely wants attention for being a 'kawaii japanese speaking foreigner.'

No. 198990

Yeah, gaining muscle would benefit her greatly, but japan looks down on muscle. they're freaks

No. 198996

It does definitely grate, but to be fair, a LOT of girls in 109 do that fake cutesy voice as >>198941 said. Whenever I go, they essentially try and loudly out cute each other's greetings to get customers. Or something. I don't know, I personally hate it. It hurts my ears and it sounds just as forced coming out of the Japanese girls…

There was a video of her going around (waist-up so you don't see anything. It's not at all really depraved, just… weird.) where she sits down on a toilet, pees and looks really embarrassed but giddy about it. That's it. I think it was like a 10 to 15 second clip. If rumors are to be believed, Margo is the one who released them against her.

No. 199207

Sounds like bs, not to mention she's still in her very early 20s.

I think it's mostly due to her drug use and party lifestyle.

No. 199439

This is just how skinny girls are in japan right now. Especially those who want to model

No. 199457

Not even close, I don't remember Japan being full of pro-ana-chans.

No. 199461


Kota is goddessu beloved anglo barbie so it can't be fulla pro-ana-chans kek

No. 199462

File: 1446581082421.jpg (173.64 KB, 600x900, 10176209_10201562412131369_129…)


definitely not lmao

No. 199464

File: 1446582231475.jpg (Spoiler Image,111.26 KB, 853x462, guilty of romance 2.jpg)

the average japanese woman is sorta pear shaped from what i've seen (which is rly cute imho).

No. 199479

because one photo represents ALL japanese young women

ok so its true, not every japanese girl is stick thin. go to japan, find many very average girls. but honestly, the 109 crowd, the kind yuka wants to be, they are tiny.

No. 199497

Definitely cute. I love pear shaped women.

No. 199498

Having a little bit of chub is considered youthful in Japan. Don't use anime girls as a reference weeb.

No. 199500

tiny=/=underweight like Yuka

No. 199502


Anon you're making out ALL japanese women are these tiny delicate little ripe peaches.

Majority aren't kawaii, they're average and that's about it.

But there is fatties there, you can't say those don't exist.

No. 199504


Aye, apparently every female in Japan is an uguu little mofo

No. 199508

She is criticized for being too "big" by Japanese women, actually. An anon provided a link and translations for us on a previous thread. It was a highly rated comment on a women's website.

No. 199515

I kind of think that's partly racism, partly bullying.

No. 199518


Even so anon, she's not going anywhere any time soon. I'd rather kota than yukapee tbh

No. 199839


I just asked a Japanese person on a forum and she said it was illegal and rude to film people in Japan without their permission and you definitely shouldn't upload videos of strangers on the internet. Oh, Natalie.

No. 199856

WHAT THE FUCK. Why is she barking at him? Does she know him?

No. 199859

I thought you were kidding but almost every single vine is her recording people sleeping and bothering strangers in public. This is beyond embarrassing. Does she think she's cute or something? Feel so bad for those people on the train.

No. 199870

in the disney video, she was talking and meowing then say "why do i keep meowing??"
is she just trying too hard to be lol so random

No. 199871

makes me wonder if she is seriously on drugs all the time or just hiding something dark and covering it up with this bubbly attitude

No. 199873

I'm jelly, she is adorable. such a beautiful body she look young too.

No. 199894

Yeah but adorable looks aren't gonna save her when people research her a bit more
Some of the shitty stuff she did as Yukapon will not be hidden by a cute face and different name.
(Though I seriously don't blame her for using her actual name now. She can't exactly go back to Yukapon)

No. 199942

File: 1446663256248.jpg (2.28 MB, 2592x3872, dsc_0171.jpg)

Everything looks so baggy and ill fitted. It's like the clothes are wearing her.

No. 199967

File: 1446666257710.jpg (105.66 KB, 589x199, untitled.jpg)

No. 199973

Pardon my ignorance, but what does nanpa mean?

No. 199983

No. 199984

File: 1446668720198.jpg (84.24 KB, 513x699, k.jpg)

Idk, she just looks naturally skinny to me.

No. 199987

Aw. Cute.

Not with all dem bags under her eyes and her sagging jowls though…

No. 199993

Damn, they sound like a bunch of losers. I'd be aggressive to them as well.

No. 200005

I actually find the vine hilarious(unfortunaltely it's her only funny vine). At least in this particular video she isn't bothering random strangers, but scaring a guy off that was harassing her. She should do more vines like that.

No. 200016

wait what? Why doesn't so go by Yukapon anymore, what'd she do? I stopped paying attention for a long time and am slowly catching up on Yukapee business.

No. 200020

because yukapon was this creepy loli persona…… she probably realized she cant pull that off much longer (or doesnt want to) if she wants to actually do something with her life/career

No. 200053

have you read yukapon truth? it's obviously one-sided but you'll get the idea.

No. 200059

she might have tourette's or something

but she's probably just naturally annoying

No. 200060

Going back to rewatch that vine. i love the look on that loser's face. Good for her.

No. 200151

So, Japanese PUA?

No. 200154

Agreed, not a fan but I really don't think she's sp0opy like people make her out to be.

No. 200336

File: 1446732984714.png (236.23 KB, 460x404, nanpa.png)

"i have made a serious mistake"

ok but in all hoenstly, not all nanpa is guys randomly yelling and handing out fliers to clubs. and not all nanpa is guys cat-calling or something like that. tbh its what american guys wish they could achieve, instead of their gross "hey sexy~ damn babyyy~" they do

No. 200340

Nanpa can be anything from "So I saw you sitting across the park, can I get your number?" to "Hey babii,wan sum fuc 2nite??" Not sure what the guy was saying to her before hand, but the bit she recorded was saying something like "They've got an all you can drink place blahblahblah" A guy approaching you for drinks or whatever is not exactly harassment.

Barking is so attention seeking though. A simple "Yeah, thanks but no thanks" like a normal grown ass woman would have done the job.

No. 200355

yup shes embarassing

No. 200551

I cant find this, links?

No. 200925

its posted in this thread

No. 200938


>"They've got an all you can drink place blahblahblah"

tbh until you actually to Japan and experience this firsthand, just urgh, it does get EXTREMELY annoying fast.

No. 200953

I've experienced all sorts of nanpa-ing guys. Yeah, it's annoying but its not harassment and doesn't excuse barking like a fucking dog.

No. 200965

So it's basically just trying to pick up random girls? Yeah, barking like a dog is fucking stupid.

No. 200981


To be fair, you can hear she saying "no, thanks", and he insisted, so I guess he was trying for a while. It is still stupid, but I think it's at least a tad bit justified.

No. 201072

i disagree. i dont think japan is creepy and i dont get what's creepy about wearing cute outfits?
it's a fashion

No. 201073

true, but very skinny or hourglass figure is in.
Chubby is NOT considered attractive in japan like it is in america.
and you need to remember most japanese women dont have big tits or big butts so skinny bodies are very loved there (although hourglass are seen as exotic)
they like very skinny like yuka.

No. 201074

because people will harass her and send her a shit ton of hatemail because of a stupid "pee" video and because of akira.
simple as that

No. 201077

you do know women also say "hey sexy" shit?

No. 201089

Hurr durr #NOTALLMEN gtfo

No. 201125


Anon, who cares? Most japs don't even have that great bodies anyway? Most women are limp and the men are scrawny.

No. 201127


Take this feminist ass licking shit back to dumblr please. Draining enough having to see that crap on here.

No. 201171

File: 1446869543724.png (512.02 KB, 630x481, 1381248708323.png)


Daily reminder that yukapee is dumb feminist nazi that has rape fantasies and stalks her rapists. This was from the last two threads.

Have we forgotten about that?

No. 201212


That's not her tho.

No. 201308

No. 201642

Think I saw her at Moshimoshi today

No. 202010

File: 1447104171003.png (348 KB, 437x425, oh no.png)


So she has a new video out on a new Japanese trend, "Wide-leg pants", and a friend and I screenshotted this from it.

No. 202117

she was really cute in this video. i don't understand how she's so cute sometimes and a complete mess the rest of the time

No. 202125


Totally agree. Sometimes I wanna punch her and other times I wanna hug her. Ugh.

No. 202128


To be honest, your version of what you think harassment is can be different for other women depending on their past experiences. I wouldn't want any strange man approaching me in the street unless he wanted directions or needed to know the time.

No. 202163

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a 30 year old camwhore here? Or air least a soccer mom?

Then again, whenever I do find her cute, the thread finds her unappealing or ugly, when I actually find her ugly, the thread finds her cute. Lol

No. 202172

You and I both. I think her short hair looks terrible.

No. 202289

File: 1447146932126.jpg (196.51 KB, 1297x594, ewwww.jpg)

Damn, she's so unoriginal…

>Tsuji Nozomi

>Himeko Sakuragawa
>Shiina Hikari/Pikarin

And now…

No. 202297


She became so unattractive. Her head is bigger than her body.

No. 202324


Because you have to be roided up to have a great body.

Some of us actually prefer "scrawny". And a large number of Japanese dudes are ripped and chiseled.

No. 202339

I like scrawny men. Sorry people have different preferences.

No. 202341

Yeah when your head is much bigger (bobble head) than your body, you know you lost way too much weight.

No. 203503

File: 1447390106096.png (384.16 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_2015-11-12-23-45-16…)

So yuka is a model in Japan now? Oh God what if she tries to get on that kotakoti level.

No. 203504

File: 1447390126913.png (1.23 MB, 1078x1368, Screenshot_2015-11-12-23-45-24…)

No. 203505

File: 1447390138851.png (132.21 KB, 1080x644, Screenshot_2015-11-12-23-45-29…)

No. 203506

its weird to think that she models for the same brand as misako aoki

No. 203507

Looks like she'll soon move onto lar me

No. 203510

wtf is with that wig holy shit
it looks like she dragged it across her carpet for a good 15 minutes before smashing it on her head

No. 203568

LMAO. mte, I hope they at least brushed it or that'll be one tacky photo shoot. I wonder why yukapee isn't uploading the professional photos they're either shit or shes not allowed

No. 203609

dem #chubbycheeks

No. 203614

She looks a bit ill

No. 203626

That makeup does her no favors.

No. 203633


Long hair suits her so much better, though.

No. 205070

File: 1447798217773.png (345.67 KB, 421x531, Screenshot 2015-11-18 at 7.09.…)

No. 205088

Her head/face looks like it was pasted on.

No. 205095

onee-chan is a term used for an older sister, just like onii-chan is for an older brother.
otouto is little brother and imouto is younger sister.
you get the point
its pretty cringy to go up to someone and start yelling "onee-chan".

No. 205105

Um actually in Japan it doesn't have that goofy ass anime meaning and it's just a polite term for a girl around your age that you don't know. Just like older people are grandma and grandpa. If you add the San or chan that means it's someone ELSES sister or grandma or whatever. Just like Indian people call older people auntie and uncle Japanese do the same.

No. 205106

You wouldn't say "Anata" because it's rude and textbooky as hell

No. 205120

I'm kind of offended.

No. 205125

Ugh, her face is so rooooound

No. 205145

it's not cringe-worthy.
people use onee-chan or onee-san in public. lol

No. 205148

she looks cute.
i love this makeup.
pale skin + pink cheeks + rosy lips = hnnng

No. 205178

We are still talking about Yuka, an adult woman going animu loli mode screaming it to strangers.

No. 205182

> in japan it doesnt have that goofy anime meaning
> anime is from japan

No. 205185

"Onee-chan/-san" is p much the equivalent of "miss" irl instead of "big sis" like in animu.

No. 205196

Hate to break it to you all but it definitely still means big sister as well. It holds both meanings.

No. 205210

I meant if you were going up to a random stranger in Japan. It's not that weird/out of place because it means "miss" in that context and not "big sis" like in animu context.

No. 205213

It kind of is? I've never really heard many people using "onee-chan" to get someone's attention unless they were inviting some chick to their amateur porn shoot or sketchy bar. If she wanted to get this girl's attention she should've said "sumimasen" or something like that.
But let's not forget that she was screaming it at some random person with a camera in her hand like an idiot. It's creepy regardless of word meaning, but she most likely was trying to pretend she was her "long lost sister" or some shit

No. 205217

I've heard it used but most of the time, it's by younger kids (like grade school young) or when it's in the presence of younger kids by their parents/handlers, but I get what you mean.
And yeah, there are definitely better ways to get the other girl's attention. Yuka was just being a weirdo.

No. 205241

Yeh, it's definitely to sound like a toddler

No. 205254

How did she even become famous in Japan

No. 205290

By crying oniichan and other. Rken japanese on niconico douga and dancing in loli clothing
Its cringey and i feel dirty watching it

No. 205291

*broken japanese
Damn mobile

No. 205299

She's not even famous she just put on a disgusting loli pedobait act to please pedos, talked in japanese, made super suggestive bullshit and voilà, she was a net aidoru. But she was a slut and opened her legs to guys and stuff so she lost everything and now tic toc the clock is turning, and she's aging, and she's desperately trying to stay relevant since she can't be a kawaii imouto aidoru. She will probably age badly by trying hard to stay young and loli forever. And probably end up as a third rate "idol" on the streets of akihabara if she's lucky at most. She tried to become a harajewkew model and had a "milky pop" brand for some time but it failed again and now she's working at a clothing store and trying hard to stay relevant by being weird and obnoxious and trying to stay a kawaii loli.
Please wake up Yuka you are aging. it's ridiculous and not healthy to want to be a loli anyway. Get help.
Also on another notes thank god she did something for her caterpillar eyebrows.

No. 205300

Also seriously the whole "forever thirteen desu" act is cringy as hell, only greasy neckbeards/otakus and weeby fangirls found it cute. Even though she looked cute and young back then and i actually found her super adorable, now i just look back at her videos on youtube and think that she was ultra cingry and feel uncomfortable watching it

No. 205301

The time where she was working with Penus and then with Pinku Project was my fave. Also 2011-2012 was a good time overall with lolcows now they're all dying. Meh.

No. 205823

This sounds pretty salty lol.
Yuka might be aging awfully but shes modelling for baby the stars shine bright and thats a very popular brand. She's skinny and white and has a relatively cute face (albeit those disgusting eyebags). Magazine editors can photoshop the ugly away and voila, they have a perfectly usable gaijin model. I know you want to see her fail but it doesn't seem like it will happen anytime soon. You'd best accept it anon

No. 205845

Nah i'm not salty anon, just pointing out the truth.
Yeah she's aging terribly at least in some pics. She was skinny in a cute way and had some softness but now it's bordering on the drug addict skinny type. not kawaii.
>you want to see her fail
It's already done whether i want to or not look at all the loli scandal disaster that happened. I must accord her that she fell back on her feet (working at Fig&Viper and modeling for lolita burando) though. But for how long? I wonder if she still do raves and drugs? But anyway we shall see anon dear.

No. 205864

How is she able to afford a apartment and vacations and her clothing a and stuff. Does she work 16 hour days or something?? Or does retail pay good in Japan?

No. 205878

Her mom pays quite a bunch.

No. 205885

Are you one of those girls who defend akira?
Yuka was blackmailed by filthy old men. they uploaded some video of her and she lost everything.
Yukapon wasnt that bad. you just sound jealous or mad. She was very popular when she was a net idol and her japanese fans loved her a lot. And people liked her videos lol
>disgusting loli pedobait
She was into lolicon but idols usually try to look younger and innocent because youth and innocence is valued in japan. why so mad?

No. 205886

Tons of popular seiyuus and idols use the forever ___ shit so lol
Yukari Tamura is a VERY popular seiyuu and she pretends she's 17 even though she's 39

No. 205887

How do you know?

No. 205910

Retail doesnt pay well im sure and gaijin students are only allowed to work <30 hours a week or something

No. 205936

Yes, it's 25 hours a week, and a minimum pay in tokyo is 930 yen.
Lets say she works for around 1000 yen per hour, that's still only around 125,000 yen per month. But since apartments in Tokyo cost minimum around 60,000 yen, it doesn't leave her with a lot of spending money unless she has a scholarship, which I doubt.

No. 205965

No. 206001

File: 1448013094400.jpg (50.18 KB, 250x333, 1405203541512.jpg)

boohoo poor ユカぽん!
She's just a drug addicted mentally disturbed ana whore who loves japanese CP stuff and false raping accuses!
It's everyone else's fault if she tried to milk her loli-look for money!!! Damn sugardaddies!!!

She was suffering so much while taking sexy selfies in loli outfits for tumblr…

Stop being so cruel with her, she's just trying to move on with her life while pandering to pedos like she always did!

No. 206030

I don't get how she seems to speak decent enough Japanese yet only hangs out with foreigners. The only Japanese people she seems (or at least used to) to hang out with are aquaintances of whatever Japanese dude she's banging. Not to say foreigners aren't worth being friends with but if I was studying and working in a foreign country I'd make some damn efforts to meet the locals. It's not like her issue is being shy and having no confidence. She has a damn job and barks at dudes nanpaing her. So what the fuck?

No. 206031

Considering how she acts in public, maybe the Japanese just don't want to hang out with her.

No. 206033

Japanese find her act quite embarrassing and cringey. Japanese tend to want to have decency in public, and only show themselves among true friends. Most people there call Americans and europeans rude for being obnoxious and attempting to gain attention just for being foreign.

No. 206039

I was like this before moving to Japan. Japanese young people are super hard to get close to, and all the japanese people that you'll attract are those who will only want to be your friend because -gaijin-. I've been here 5 years and although my japanese is basically fluent now, I have zero japanese friends. I gave up trying to meet anyone who doesn't just want me to be his/her gaijin token friend, it gets old after a while.

No. 206040

she has been learning Japanese for at least 5 years and i think she is still studying it at school (right, she is on a student visa?)
i actually think she is decent at japanese, better than dakota maybe. she is just a bit annoying

No. 206222

File: 1448068354521.png (156.87 KB, 454x408, 1445977381658.png)

not even this anon but…what should we be jealous of anon?
>she WAS very popular
>WAS net idol and loved a lot
yeah, was. now she is well…nothing? i mean she DOES model for BTSSB but yeah that's it. she is sad, anorexic,obviously mentally disturbed,.. and in fact she was pandering to pedos not just being youthful and cute and it was pretty embarassing to watch sometimes. still less worse than venus. but both of them don't seem to have a bright future anyway.
while akira is a gross pedo she is no innocent angel and is…gross herself to be honest. the whole loli nyan thing and peeing in a cup and all is just plain embarassing and disgusting. i used to like her quite a lot but not at all anymore

No. 206224

Bruh is she still taking drugs? She really has sunken.
>that selfie in that outfit
Her body is perfect but still, please no. I feel second hand embarassment looking at it.

No. 206229

Anon you're replying to here. Hm, if you don't already you should try meeting up with people on hellotalk. Basically all my chill open minded friends are from there. The average Japanese person does as you say and treats you as a token gaijin and it's shit.

Sage for OT, but it seems crappy living there without meeting anyone cool. I will admit I've met my fair share of bumbling idiots before crossing paths with someone worthwhile though.

No. 206247

What's the gross pig ratio on hellotalk?

No. 206560

What drugs is yuka allegedly even on? Aren't they difficult to get in japan?

No. 206911

They're not necessarily harder to get if you know the right people, they're just harder to find/less available and if you get caught the penalties are much more strict than in the west. As long as Yuka has been in Japan, the scenes she hangs around and her willingness to ban dudes for personal gain probably keeps her in good supply of whatever drugs she wants without having to spend a fortune on them.

No. 207094

File: 1448318115006.jpg (84.92 KB, 600x882, CUL-eYGVEAAXfLx.jpg)

ah i found keeki hime.
natalia mentioned her 'accidentally' in a video.
she goes by saroche on twitter. she is cosplaying a lot in austria and probably trying to get back to japan

No. 207103

Her eyes are freaking me out

No. 207128

Yeahhhhh what's up with those eyes? PS or eyelid tape?

No. 210472

HOLY FUCK! She is so obnoxious and acts like a typical foreigner… and she is ugly and basic as fuck but is still a model?

No. 210542

File: 1449199804936.jpeg (106.41 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

She posed for BTSSB again.

No. 210555

>she is cosplaying a lot in austria and probably trying to get back to japan
Just because somebody cosplays it doesn't mean they want to go to Japan, she can do that whenever she wants as she got an actual job different than Yuka.

It's not like if Japan was some secret place you can only access with an invitation.

No. 210556

That photo wasn't even done by her and they always look like that, she got hooded lids.

No. 210562

Holy shit, her face is fat

No. 210563

Probably just swollen glands from purging tbh

No. 210566

damn btssb has fallen, that wig is so ratty! and that doofy grin oh god. She could be pretty if she tried

No. 210570


This doesn't even look like a professional shoot. BTSSB really has dropped in quality.

No. 210599

This happens when the designer got whitefever, you could empty a trashcan over Yuka and she would still fawn over her.

No. 210622

File: 1449222975254.png (288.96 KB, 370x505, Screenshot 2015-12-04 at 6.55.…)

she looks so bad

No. 210623

Maybe it's just the angle, but her legs look really short here.

No. 210625

It's a long coat.

No. 210626

Obviously. Her knees are pretty low/close to the ground though.

No. 220383

File: 1452098969194.jpg (89.99 KB, 640x960, 1929954_823913824386558_687904…)

I think the main reason for her looking bad is her cheeks having sunken down to her jaw, it makes her head look like if it was wider at the bottom than the top.

No. 220384

File: 1452099117372.jpg (40.48 KB, 375x500, 12495039_823915104386430_45652…)

And yes, this is her too but the lowress quality makes her face look less bad.

No. 220388

her face looks like its floating

No. 220433

She really needs to work on her looks otherwise she looks like an old mom sometimes.

No. 220435

I think she looks extremely cute. can't really say that I find her "old-looking"
I would be happy to look like her

No. 220441

Same tbh

No. 220451

No. 220467


She looks like a mom that makes videos while her kids are at school to entertaing her bored self.

I was watching some nico namas with keeki and Yuka at her prime just yesterday. Ah, miss those days.

No. 220479

her cheeks get fatter while her body gets slimmer wtf

No. 220481

Anon, think about what you just said.

Hint: Large amounts of vomit are involved

No. 220497

File: 1452131212980.jpg (174.37 KB, 730x1095, yuka_pon_by_chibi_chanz-d5hsx5…)

Part of the issue is that she's not doing quite enough to correct the wide angle of the webcam, and it's making her face look wider and nose look pointier. This could also be aided by lighting. Dakota was always immaculate about that shit

Pic related is my favorite yuka era

No. 220502

This is my favorite Yuka era as well. She was legit cute in this style of fashion.

No. 220623

even in this video >>220467
she looks sooo different than now
though its a little too cutesy, idk she seemed to dress herself better than. and style her hair for her face.
she looks even more ridiculous now than she ever did doing the onee-chan~~~ gig

No. 220624

*dress herself better then

No. 220924


her voice is nice though

No. 220940

File: 1452308255431.jpeg (464.38 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

Old yukapee from the golden Years
found on a friends fb

No. 221010


"photos I've never shown anyone" ok Yuka

No. 221013

File: 1452367313849.png (246.52 KB, 635x312, nyanchan.png)

she was cute back then

No. 221016

What's wrong with her?She looks off in her videos,like she is not in touch with reality.

No. 221020

God that old guy is so fucking gross. Who is he again?

No. 221022

File: 1452371186553.gif (3.67 MB, 480x270, G6vgR3.gif)


i think she looks fine. the video themes and her japanese are just dumb tho

No. 221023

File: 1452371283522.png (474.68 KB, 472x592, dudebro.png)

btw her little brother could practically be her twin.

No. 221027

She's so skinny it makes her head look huge

No. 221048

>her twin
>what are genetics

No. 221056

She really needs to put on some weight. Her chest looks "hollow" in this photo. I'm not saying she needs to eat a ton of fatty food but she would look a lot healthier with some muscle.

No. 221057

Does anyone know her weight, or would anyone be able to do an educated guess based on her size and height?

No. 221065

the weight loss makes her look so old oh god
She looked so much better in her loli phase body-wise and face-wise it was cute,youthful,…she was "skinny" but on the soft side
The loli shtick and retarded loli clothing was just no but it was so much better

No. 221112

Granny chest

No. 221131

im talking about their faces, sciencefag

No. 221151

> what are fraternal twins

No. 221197

Has she ever admitted to an eating disorder? I'm really naturally twiggy and I don't have those weird concave things around the collarbone and know she should have more chest than that.
>those mom pants

No. 221198

i dont think she has but shes always been dieting. its fucked up

No. 221199

That's her sternum that's visible, à la Aly. She definitely seems unhealthily skinny and definitely not naturally thin.

No. 221223

File: 1452454600416.jpg (6.47 KB, 300x200, th.jpg)

Oh, she is becoming popular again? Just watch those nudes and videos drop this year as she grows. Going to be funny.

No. 221226

File: 1452455361636.jpg (383.73 KB, 1536x2048, jun.JPG)

No. 221229

I think she should stop trying to fame whore and just fade out. Her past is gonna haunt her.

No. 221231

File: 1452457507956.png (606.21 KB, 452x722, tumblr_mbfjnpDoZR1qhar5jo1_500…)

No. 221232

She looks so old. That granny chest,low jawls and that haircut doesn't help. Seriously she needs to gain weight or else she'll age terribly, she's not even "cute" skinny side anymore, she's on the "crack addict" skinny side

He looks like a titan. She was so cute back then…>>221013

No. 221240

that's such a shitty way to think. So a legitimate young girl did something stupid and you think she should never achieve anything in life because of it? She's legitimately talented and I know that I for sure will support her even if someone brings up that shit again.

No. 221246

You know you can achieve shit in life other than e-fame right. Also she wasn't a child and she should still be held accountable for what she did. Don't do this "SHE WAS A CHILDDD" bs.

No. 221247


What that anon said could come true sooner than you think. I want to be around when her nudes drop and see the look on your face. "OMG GUISE SHE WAS STUPID. DONT BLAME HER"

She is legitimately a ana cunt whore. Bitch needs to put on some weight.

No. 221250

> legitimately talented
do you know her irl or… ?

No. 221251


pretty sure this is tumblr

No. 221252

No. 221253


She's also a horrible human being in general. You also sound like her cunt friend lux or one of her close friends. Please kindly GTFO.

No. 221270

This isn't Junnyan, this is Akira.

No. 221282

How is she a terrible human being?
Besides the "oh she played with old guys before"

No. 221284

never met her and I've been following her during her Yukapee days. I love her singing and I doubt she knows editing well enough to be faking it.

I love how anyone who doesnt just wanna see a dumb mistake punished forever needs to gtfo. Also how is she a horrible human? I've been around for years and I've never heard about anything that would make her a 'horrible human' so maybe you should gtfo vendetta-chan.

No. 221286


You should stop.

No. 221287

221284here Not the same person as 221282 wish I had the 4chan (you) thing to prove it but alas. Also that's not explaining how she's horrible.

No. 221309

Looks like a bot blog to me.

No. 222183

whats wrong with himeko and shiina tho
theyre both awesome

No. 222189

You mean by putting efforts in her videos.
She looked cute, had a decent japanese, her sketches were funny and her songs were good.
she fit the entire aidoru package back then imo
she was an akihabara idol. tons of other aki idol do the oniichan thing. it's not uncommon and i think her loli clothing was cute as fuck

No. 222190

Except akira touched yuka sexually when she was a minor and she was raped by her uncle so fuck off. you're salty as fuck

No. 222193

You do realize most idols of any type (especially akihabara idols) pander to pedophiles and pretending to be younger is not that uncommon?

No. 222212

Obviously. And they're all fucking weird for doing it, and should be ashamed.

No. 222251

I have never heard about the rape? When did she say that?

No. 222281

File: 1452878079825.jpg (212.23 KB, 500x500, 15111331521.jpg)

such model desuu

No. 222283

File: 1452878150912.jpg (384.52 KB, 600x600, 15111330985r.jpg)

No. 222284

File: 1452878174207.jpg (84.49 KB, 500x500, CYxba54WkAAldMy.jpg)

No. 222286

she looks like shes letting out a huge fart

No. 222287

She should really, really be careful about how she styles herself. She just looks so old here in this clothing and her face/hair is not helping her. I wish she'd go back to her loli schtick. She keeps looking like an old mom.

No. 222289

tbh I actually think she looks really good here. she looks way better with a mature style, i think her time for the loli stuff passed and now looks really odd on her. these pictures remind of an older idols, like Takahasi Minami or Oshima Yuko.

No. 222292

She more than likely didn't style herself for this. Isn't this shoot what she won at that model competition?

No. 222321

She looks like a man

No. 222331

this is not a good look for her at all. It ages her so badly.

No. 222338

There's something wrong with you guys. You all bitch about her and how she acted like a loli and it was disgusting, but you guys are still bashing her and saying she looks old and gross when she literally looks and dresses her age. She looks like a girl in her 20s. Go back to fapping over 15 year old japanese girls, nasty fucks.

No. 222363

agreed. i think she looks cuter when she dresses cuter/younger. she doesnt have to go full loli or fairy kei, but… she's in her early 20s

No. 222421

Akira is hot.

(looks at his unedited pic) ohfuck why isn't anyone ripping on this guy for editing himself to oblivion? why do ppl target only females who edit themselves to that point lol

No. 222440

Because that edited pic was a purikura, it's really common for Japanese people to use those photobooth style photos. If I remember correctly he wasn't the type to put out photos of himself in the first place.

No. 222455

He wouldn't dare, because he doesn't look like a 23 year old

No. 222477

um anon i hate to break it to you but
in the few pictures of him that we have, he looks like a serial killer hovering over her

No. 222480

I think this one looks best out of the three.
The other two I don't fancy the color coord or the fact that they're shirts with huge collars and cuffs. Her hair looks cute kinda wish she had a little more lash.

No. 222615

Which is why I said
>(looks at his unedited pic) ohfuck why isn't anyone ripping on this guy for editing himself to oblivion? why do ppl target only females who edit themselves to that point lol

No. 222753

Purikura booths do that to your picture automatically.

No. 223899

She wants to be a Venus wannabe makeup guru clone now?

No. 223919


tbf Anon it's not like blonde hair belongs to Venus, and Venus isn't even naturally blonde.
I honestly think it suits her.

No. 223920

man she looks dreadful

>those brows

wha the fuck

No. 223922

Fuck, I didn't know she was so fluent. If I look away, she sounds just like an average Japanese make-up guru.

No. 223937

I don't think she looks terrible in this, blonde actually looks pretty cute on her.

No. 223939

I was talking about the stupid acting at the start and the horrible high pitched voice, not the hair.

No. 223963


It kinda suits her. But I don't understand what she's trying to achieve? It's like she's trying to stay relevant and hope to get some sushi fame too.

No. 223993

Yuka's ig was recommended to me, and I didn't know that was her until I recognized this picture. I didn't know that was her without all of that loli crap on.

No. 223997

The person in yellow has a discount Micheal Cera face.

No. 224044

File: 1453329207930.png (179.45 KB, 359x346, yukapee.png)


No. 224047

File: 1453329568944.jpg (322.97 KB, 800x1184, tumblr_mhnwvclbJc1s56v5bo1_128…)

No. 224048

File: 1453329581388.jpg (61.28 KB, 500x373, tumblr_ll9tfwLwJW1qb7u7wo1_500…)

No. 224049

File: 1453329593938.jpg (68.19 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ltj1ngsBJ21r569d7o1_500…)

No. 224051

File: 1453329792502.jpg (92.55 KB, 480x640, yuka1.jpg)

No. 224052

File: 1453329852108.jpg (94.9 KB, 372x720, tumblr_lwf8dlzFjp1r79xwzo1_500…)

No. 224124

No. 224164

Finally!!!! They look A LOT better.

No. 224290

Her makeup skills aren't good but they're a little better than Venus'.

For god's sake girl, get some makeup brushes! Even some e.l.f brushes would look more professional than applying eyeshadow your fingers.

No. 224398

I actually like the lighter blonde hair on her. Brightens her face up since she was beginning to look so fucking gaunt with all her weight loss.

No. 224434

i agree… the blonde makes her look younger i guess

No. 224442

wait who even is she?
how is she relevant?
like what is she

No. 224443

pls risa is thin but not this skinny

No. 224475

She should bleach them and make them less arched, she looks like a dragqueen with that white hair and dark ass brows, not a good lookon darker caucasians like her

No. 224509

I'm biased and love Yukapon blonde the best.

No. 224523

So fucking new

No. 224665

why are u taking bait, fool

No. 224712

File: 1453415801111.jpg (106.85 KB, 720x919, IMG_20160121_220726.jpg)

I saw pic related on instagram and thought of Yukas imouto years. I'm so glad I didn't know how to buy a randoseru from abroad as a teen
So pretty much azunyan in the K-On! doujin "requiem 5 a dream"? If you haven't read those three comics, they're horrible and miserable and tw non-con scenes, but they did make me think about Yuka and the like.

I'm really glad Yuka is sticking to fashion rather that sexually pandering, I just hope her body is ok at that tiny size. She looks so fragile.

No. 224898

omg i thought it was her for a second
yea basically a yuka clone

No. 224920

What do girls like this hope to achieve? It honestly really worries me because I have an ex-friend into stuff like this now.

Cam whores are one thing, but girls who pander with this loli overtones are going to get the creepiest guys on the planet.

No. 224930

I don't get it as well. Some of my friends are getting into the same thing and I see the same online with lots of girls. I don't see the appeal of trying to look and act like 10 year old girl. Maybe they have issues with getting older and want to be seen as cute forever, I don't know.

No. 224943

That and if you just can't compete with the 'mature and sexy' sort of girls at that age, it's easy to develop an affinity for the 'loli' kinds of characters and look up to them as an alternative beauty ideal.
I definitely saw myself as a kawaii tsusndere imouto-chan, but I was just a spotty flat chested weeb.

No. 224947

The strange thing is a lot of the girls I do see that are into this look mature. Maybe they don't have big boobs or are curvy but they have a mature face. I could understand that if a girl had the whole package, loli like body and extreme babyface but most lack the babyface.

No. 225546

File: 1453753769266.jpg (114.54 KB, 480x640, CWeNtNbWwAArv6B.jpg)

No. 226703

File: 1453869854951.jpeg (35.61 KB, 521x347, image.jpeg)

No. 226707

Wow, her age is really starting to show. That plus those tacky hoop earrings and overdrawn brows make her look like a middle aged Hispanic mom trying to stay hip.

No. 226715

Seems like a strange breed of PUA and dandyism. I guess only Japan is open enough for straight guys to be OK with dressing up.
I'd bang one of those in a heartbeat, I have a huge ladyboner for dandies but they're always gay.

Sage for unrelated post

No. 226739

what is it with her and her brows and why does she insist on filling them in like a sad clown

No. 226740

File: 1453877793997.jpg (126.58 KB, 256x539, c7fc16dfd4034d58949c599c3aa5d6…)

Nobody knows.

No. 226756

Her smile in this pic reminds me of a girl we had come into the ER with a dislocated jaw

No. 226787

Shes just really not cute

No. 226808

you made me kek out loud at work

No. 226814

she used to be so cute.

No. 226876

its sad when these sparse over-plucked brows are the best she's ever had

recently, they are either caterpillars or 'sad clown'

No. 226960

Why is she so cringey in person? All her mewwws noises are driving me insane. Also, does anyone know which con this is?

No. 226962

It even says the con's name in the title.

No. 226963

Blonde haired Yuka is the best. I also love the bob cut. She NEEDS to fix her brows though and definitely lighten then or use a lighter colored brow pencil.

No. 226965

>con name in title
My bad then. Been a long work week.

No. 226979

Or continue to cover her brows with her bangs, it is pointless to paint them when nobody sees them in the first place.

No. 227055

What does she say at the beginning of this video? "Ohazasu"?

No. 227198

It's a shortened version of Ohayou Gozaimasu.
It's colloquial, Japanese youth usually uses it.

No. 228085

I actually thought this was pretty cute. Her outfits (well, day 1 and 2. Day 2 espeically), hair, and makeup were definitely the most flattering and cute she's had in awhile - her Japanese was really natural-sounding, and yeah some of it was a bit cringey-weeby, but not as bad as I expected given some of her past videos…

No. 228099

Wait, let me get something straight. She's in Japan AND doing drugs? I thought Japan was mostly drug-free?

No. 228122

lol imagine seeing a white girl on a train in america speaking japanese at a camera

No. 232661

File: 1454861340654.jpeg (117.62 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

So qt

No. 232664

Kek of the naivetie
There are drugs in the club scene
But really strict penalty if you get caught especially for foreigners

No. 232703

who's that?

No. 233176

Her huge head, giant nose and teen body figure ruin it for me, shes not cute at all.

No. 233178

Boy* not body

No. 233328


moderu <

Oh Japan

No. 233352

what agency is she signed with?

No. 233475

I don't think she is using any, prolly using old connections from when she was with Akira.

No. 233498

she's only done one gig that's not BTSSB, and that's because she won some modeling contest last year

No. 234100

File: 1455024449845.jpg (42.34 KB, 640x960, 12417954_825355070909100_42586…)

No. 234102

File: 1455024510889.jpg (45.49 KB, 640x960, 12507586_825354974242443_78175…)

No. 234103

File: 1455024524298.jpg (48.34 KB, 640x960, 12508807_825355040909103_34223…)

No. 234105

File: 1455024542849.jpg (83 KB, 1000x667, 12525502_825355080909099_37390…)

No. 234109

wow, there must have been a lot of testosterone going on here while Yuka was a developing fetus. I'm not even being funny but she has some very masculine features about her body.

No. 234296

She's flat,but I don't think her body looks masculine at all.

No. 234297

What fashion show is this from?

No. 234299

Yeah, I don't know what anon is talking about… Must be the same anon who thinks you need to have a giant pair of tits and ass to be 'feminine.' She looks girly to me.

No. 234308

This is a fashion show? I thought I was thrown back to the 90's for a moment. That lack of fashion. Sorry Japan.

No. 234344

its not a fashion show. it was a talent/model competition thing

No. 234436

Agreed, very broad shoulders, lanky limbs(not referring to her thinness) very big many nose, hairy eyebrows, broad manly face, its creepy… just giver her another haircut and remove the make up, put her in mens clothing and voila

No. 234470

>broad shoulders
literally where

No. 234507

Oh god…this is transforming into pull

No. 234560

Man, shut the fuck up.

No. 234574

jrcatch gtfo

She looks pretty good here imo. This is like, standard fashion model body.

No. 234588

Is she back in japan yet?

No. 234627

This is not a good look for her. There's a roughness to her body that is not appealing.

No. 234635

lol no, its my opinion, you can stfu

No. 234637

Don't worry, anon. I see it too. I think it's the lack of body fat that makes her look masculine. She had more "softer" features when she wasn't full ana-chan.

No. 234647

Jesus Christ, she doesn't look manly at all. She's just a plank and too skinny.

No. 234750

she was signed with marvel yell as an idol.

No. 234761

Damn. You can really tell in these photos she didn't lose weight the healthy way by the awkwardness of her whole body.

No. 237971

File: 1455623037365.jpg (57.48 KB, 640x960, omgitsherbrother.jpg)


Real life Boku no Pico.

No. 238010

Her sternum is freaking me out. It's almost Aly-esque.

No. 238024

shhh, don't give them any ideas

No. 238043

She needs to quit smiling so damn hard with those thin ass lips of hers

No. 238051

sup with that fucked up shin?

No. 238066

Damn, she looks old. She also has a really unfortunate facial structure.

No. 238151

I'm curious, are there any places you can see some vids of Yuka's nyappychocochan days? I only saw the ones akira posted on his youtube and was looking for a good nostalgic lol or two.

No. 238180


There are a couple of videos on SageU's channel of Yukapee

No. 238184

What's her name? She's pretty cute.
I think most girls who are into loli aidoru shit have been abused as a child and are very damaged (cope with ED or other illnesses, are suicidal, etc) so i think they see it as a form of escapism.
at least that's how i see it so i truly feel bad for them

No. 238185

Her dad beat the shit out of her.

No. 238301

because she isn't good at kanji?

No. 238344

File: 1455717260110.jpg (222.26 KB, 1356x759, youku.jpg)

On Youku you can find some videos of the loli days, including the (censored) pee video and her "secret" live as Emily Haze "Daddy's little girl". Just type Yukapon or ユカぽん or try out this channel.

No. 238466

File: 1455730866165.jpg (103.96 KB, 960x640, 12376159_1706952329549156_3151…)

SageU got fat another weeb who was a bad impersonation of Yuka

No. 238467

File: 1455730945560.jpg (78.08 KB, 540x960, 12191886_1691953154382407_1139…)

That sage girl is a snow shes some girl who tried really hard to be like yukapon and it failed miserably and she turned into some alien weeaboo skank

No. 238470

is this for real

No. 238472

what the fuck did i just stumble into

No. 238482

I hate when bitches dance to shitty touhou music. (it looks like a little boy)

No. 238513

those videos are a level of cringy i never thought i would witness

No. 238524

This girl used to be friends with Yuka her name is Sageykinz


No. 238739

so this girl is what yuka shits out. this is a crime against all humanity.

No. 239119

this chick is a bigger snowflake

scrolled thru her page says shes a model and dancer stripper probably ahahahahahahahhaa weeb trash everywhere

No. 239189

She actually is a stripper. I have mutual friends with her. Never actually met her though.

No. 239219

Seriously what strip club has that low of standards?

No. 239379

You expect high standards for a strip club?

No. 239656

Why does she dress like she's 8 when she's in her 20s?

She looks a little bit like boxxy.

No. 239697

Because of her ageplay fetish, maybe?

No. 239707

how do you manage to watch 11 minutes of this bunch of shit. omg.

No. 239720

Ana chan pls leave.
Her body isnt fat at all but she looks gross and trashy

No. 239731

She really looks fine overall, even if I think she needs to style herself much, much better. The most unattractive thing about her is really the sad weight loss here. It's really clear she has an eating disorder and isn't a healthy looking lean at all.

No. 239738

jfc i almost thought this was mira

No. 239889

File: 1456157404617.png (420.22 KB, 362x443, Capture.PNG)

Shes fat and this is also photoshopped


No. 239890

File: 1456157460884.png (179.56 KB, 692x309, Capture2.PNG)

all her wannabes have that same shit
like wtf is wrong with these weebs

THIS IS NOT CUTE but I think this girl is challenged so we probably shouldnt be making fun of her

No. 239901

looks like a dad in a wig w a fetish or two

No. 239925

I dont even know why I get started with looking at these snowfucks. This chick is a train wreck version of yukapon but in 2016 but uglier and even more ridiculous because at least yuka was cute

No. 240263

File: 1456237527560.png (Spoiler Image,670.51 KB, 697x481, Capture.PNG)

I literally just puked up some milk from previous posts after seeing this. Can anyone give me more info on this SAGEU chick? I scrolled through her instagram and can not stop.

No. 240264

this guy look like an old native american.

No. 240474

i kekd out loud at work

No. 240616

spoiler next time please

who the fuck would post this on instagram
dude looks like hes checking himself out and that girls split ends
im so done with attention whores

No. 242328

File: 1456553769265.png (408.78 KB, 500x506, Screenshot 2016-02-27 at 3.14.…)

No. 242353

looks like abi

No. 242359

Wow, her face got fat.

No. 242361

I think platinum blonde doesn't look good on her…

No. 242377

Good, it looks better when it's more pump.

No. 242444

Yeah, it really doesn't suit her. It just looks like someone dropped a party city wig on her head.

No. 242445

yikes. purge pudge, much?

No. 242492

I always think extensions look so cute but then again they probably look shit on mist girls in real life.

No. 242555

File: 1456595152666.jpeg (190.63 KB, 734x1108, image.jpeg)

No. 242557

She's in Texas? Aw, she looks so cute.

No. 242562

If you go to Japan on a student visa you need to prove that you have the cash to support yourself for at least a year. Usually $20000 upfront at least. Her parents are rich enough to pay for her to go to a language school on a student visa when she was 18.

She is just a spoiled brat with rich parents. No one should pay attention to her, seriously.

No. 242565

You can tell she finally started eating like a normal person. She looks a lot better at this weight, and was getting pretty spoopy back in Japan. She goes back to Tokyo in march, so only time will tell if she decides to crash diet again.

Anybody know what exactly she's going to do in Japan? She doesn't have a degree and I highly doubt she can enroll in a Japanese uni.Is she just going to keep applying to language school until she becomes a ~super top model~?

No. 242579


You can only get a student visa for going to a language school for two years maximum. She's already done her two years at a language school.

So if she's going back in March she's making mommy and daddy pay for her to go to college or university or she's found a company willing to sponsor her for an entertainment visa.

That, or she found an old guy to marry.

No. 242627

> finally started eating like a normal person
tbh i think she looks basically the same. she claims omg gained so much weight from the holidays, and shes dieting as much as usual so…
but yea her face is always huge

No. 242632

meh i dont think you need 20,000 in the bank. i think you need to prove you have sufficient funds to cover the tuition and living arrangements.
language school is wayyy cheaper than university, and even if she were in uni, its WAY cheaper than in america. i'm sure they could prove the income if they've sent her there so many times before

No. 242634

sage cause it's off topic, but that picture is so gross
it looks like a dad about to give his downs syndrome kid a bath

No. 242761

File: 1456624460161.jpg (40.01 KB, 400x533, mrF2BTB.jpg)

No. 242762

File: 1456624511778.jpg (20.15 KB, 240x320, Unvx1mC.jpg)

No. 242838

no university in japan would accept her, since she was basically home schooled and i'm pretty sure she didn't sit any college entrance exams.

No. 243190

File: 1456716781645.gif (494 KB, 480x270, yP6LO6.gif)

No. 243680

File: 1456870318948.gif (209.65 KB, 302x102, loll.gif)

No. 243749

This isn't a current or recent image though. Does it even count? She isn't much of a cow anymore.

No. 244094

File: 1456979254268.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Nice freudian slip

No. 244150

I laughed, but ngl, she's looking hella cute in that.

No. 244307

>Photoshop yesterday was awesome!

No. 244520

File: 1457117763871.png (75.66 KB, 160x256, Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.55…)

what is happening

No. 244524

Yeah, appearently she just has this weird indentation in her leg or whatever. I think there are some other pictures somewhere that show it a little clearer.

No. 244536

File: 1457119704254.jpg (89.27 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mrhk9qUihm1qhar5jo1_500…)

her stepdad used to beat her or smth and cause permanent damage to her leg iirc

No. 244543

Am I the only one who just doesn't find this girl at all cute?

No. 244550

Really?? That's horrible. No one deserves that.

Sure you're not the only one, but no need to derail the thread with your pointless "Am I the only one??" bullshit.

No. 244569

File: 1457123798195.jpg (54.86 KB, 445x960, 11813309_469088759935295_16520…)

After doing digging into this Sageykinz girl I think shes the new lolcow. Yuka isnt doing shit anymore and is basically just a normal weeb so all people can do is post old fucking shit about her and all her new shit is cute af to tbh

on the other end of this is what yukapon shit out of her ass during her fame days and this sage bitch is literally like a yuka shit baby in 2016

No. 244603

Make a thread about her then. This is about yuka.

No. 244802

File: 1457189399608.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.04 KB, 1080x720, FB_IMG_1457031322242.jpg)

Nothing says edgy yet kawaii like you vagina fat hanging out

No. 244803

I used to have such a crush on her when I was like 14 and would talk to her on skype (or maybe it was MSN?) about bullshit, so crazy how she ended up

No. 244806

Oh god why

No. 244839

I mean…. Do you hate fat pussy? sage for OT

No. 244840

i think i'll always find her very cute, fat pussy or not.

No. 244857

OMFG barfs
What is she even doing?

No. 244860

okay, i'll be the first one to say it.
that's hot.

No. 244861

Wasn't there a huge thing that was going around that she was claiming Akira gave her an std? All im imagining her vagina dripping with puss and crustiness. I cant get over that image!

No. 244984

Chubby pussy is cute af, I'm kind of jealous.

No. 244988

so what? she's still cute as fuck. i don't get the hate for this. it's not like it's abnormal or anything, anon.

No. 245009


jesus christ stop trying to derail the thread, make a new post or fuck off.

Half the people here are calling her cute so obviously there's no fucking point in posting her in lolcow. You don't even have any milk you're just posting pictures and saying how ugly she is.

No. 245042

I forgot about that. Crusty fat pussy on lock.

No. 245045

Could be because she is posing with her tights down and minge for all to see and not the fact she has a chunk minge haha

No. 245070

I'm sure a lot of people couldn't care less.

No. 245539

File: 1457349400945.jpg (89.05 KB, 720x1080, FB_IMG_1457349127396.jpg)

Lets get this thread rolling again. I recently saw her at a convention in some lawlzy loli attire that wasn't as cute as the pictures she posted seemed. She lost her cute. Got grossly skinny.

>this pic looks like shes on the toilet wondering when shes going to drink the pee.

No. 245625

we didnt say she is ugly in these pics… shes lulzy in other ways. calm you tits

No. 245673


Stop derailing.

No. 245676

That's hot. You salty bitches must be fun at parties

No. 245714

Sorry we don't have extreme daddy issues, drink our pee, catch stds, have an ed, and take pictures with our muff flopping out. Gosh, we are just no fun!

White knights belong on pull.

No. 245716

LOL I used to do the same! I asked her for advice about how to dance on YT and stuff

No. 245720

She has got really skinny recently. Seems to be leaning away from the kawaii stuff which is probably for the best with what happened before..

I'm probably one of the few people that still likes her. I've never seen anyone say she is malicious before? (correct me if I'm wrong) She just did really stupid shit and tbh she paid the price for it.

No. 245736

I had a friend in the rave scene a few years back where she is from and ive heard some pretty funny stories about this cow.

No. 245907

It's probably just one fat ass anon who is jelly. I'd ignore them.

No. 245926

No. 245942

File: 1457396704797.png (205.22 KB, 415x416, Screenshot 2016-03-08 at 9.24.…)

Yeah, she seems like a pretty nice person to me. It's just lolzy how she keeps trying to create her own stage name (Natalia Nacchan), make it big on Youtube, doing random modeling gigs, etc. And it just never sticks for her. The girl just wants to be the next Kooter lol

No. 245953

After looking through her stuff it seems like this girl never stays friends with anyone too long. Posts a bunch of things with one person for a while, then off to the next. I bet she seems cute and friendly at first but actually is insufferable and crazy.

No. 245986

File: 1457401899988.jpg (1.14 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160307_194348.jpg)

Totally went full creeper because I used to really like her and compaired her weightloss right when she got to Japan and weightloss now. She lost weight before Japan but i thought it was just her getting older and losing baby fat but now im actually concerned there might be a real problem. I think her chubby face hides her thinness but with the right picture you can tell she is not ok. Thats not a body of a healthy person.

No. 246000

She looks so cute on the left. yeah, the weight loss is definitely rapid and unhealthy. Then again, Japan is a country filled with people who have EDs. it's kind of sad…

No. 246003

she looks like a middle aged woman in the second photo and it legit angers me. why would you sabotage yourself like that.

No. 246011

She has been proven to talk mad shit about her friends so it's no surprise.

No. 246032

yeah she's not as lulzy as she was. maybe she has changed, good for her, i guess.

No. 246075

Oh no i must have had my head in the sand because i missed that. Any proof? Im going to try to dig some up myself. Not really surprised at the rate she goes through bffs lol

No. 246076

File: 1457411965233.jpg (1.27 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160307_223644.jpg)

Taking a note from above anon and making my own collage. But a few months ago she was posting all kinds of cringey bone pictures and it was creeping me out. Too spoopy for me.

No. 246077


No. 246083

I was trying to find the caps, but Akira's site is down. There were caps of her saying that she wanted certain friends to suffer or some shit. And she was laughing at their idol performances.

No. 246124


No. 246142


She's with avex. One of the biggest media companies in Japan. Go onto the avex audition page and you'll see her picture.

No. 246260

I looked and i don't see her under any category

No. 246262

I looked under every category and didn't see her. The only avex affiliated link i ever saw her under was the starsearch one months ago. Maybe I totally missed her, proof?

No. 246272

Shit she is way too skinny. I'm actually worried for her now. I thought people were just saying that she got too skinny to pick her apart but look at her legs…

If she didn't have such full cheeks she would be on the pro-ana thread.

No. 246292

I highly doubt she is still signed under them if she was, because she doesn't get ANY work in media or modeling or singing.

No. 246293

Thats what im saying! Her face totally hides how skinny she got but if you actually look at her pictures you can tell she isnt doing alright.

No. 246294

I'm surprised she doesn't have loose skin.

No. 246295

Shes still relatively young. She wasn't ever huge so her skin wasnt stretched so i bet it was springy enough to conform to her bones.
She looks like she lost 20+ lbs which is scary when she was already around 100lbs

No. 246302

Her and Ashley should be bffs

No. 246369

nope, she has a manly face

No. 246377

Im a huge fan of super skinny but not super unhealthy gross looking. So sad.

No. 246468

Oh i actually remember that now! I think people forgot about that because the milk of her pedo boyfriend putting her on blast for even crazier things was so distracting from the fact she is an awful human being.

No. 246528


Oh fuck off

No. 246529


Wouldn't surprise me if she's got an eating disorder, girls I know who have gone Japan (small girls) all came back saying they felt too fat and ugly.

Jesus… what does Japan do to you?

No. 246538

Japan has a really terrible and skewed view on what being thin is. They like bones not muscle.

No. 246546


s0 kawaii

No. 246852

I heard she was doing a bunch of drugs and that's how she lost the weight. Coke and other party drugs.

No. 246884

File: 1457541207185.jpg (8.09 KB, 259x195, imgres.jpg)

right. or skinny fat. a nice soft woman.
i mean thats not so bad for tiny japanese women, but on pasty pale big boned foreigners….

No. 246908

Ok i know Japan has quiiite a skewed view when it comes to skinny/beauty like most societies in general but
your friends sound like they need more self confidence there. I am average weight and height for an european girl (France) and while i saw lots of skinnier girls with cute faces i didnt felt terrible. I would lie to say i never compared myself and felt bad but it was nothing too bad. Maybe because i was complimented a lot (mainly young girls and nice old people. I dont really take shopkeepers compliments seriously they just want your money it seems) and empty or not, these compliments made me kinda happy. I might not be as skinny and small and that's kinda sad thinking about it but i also have my own beauty i guess? Plus,they are build differently bone structure-wise. I went to Morocco a year ago and i was much skinnier than most of the girls i saw. So really anyone shouldnt feel sad or bad ovee it.

>inb4 "blogpost"

Sorry about it.

No. 246992

true and honestly its not true that all japanese girls are so tiny cute and skinny gyaru types…. its just not true. and if you hear gaijin girls whine about that, then they have serious confidence issues because there are plenty of chubby, dark/tan, and plain japanese girls.

No. 246997

File: 1457561014216.jpg (124.78 KB, 721x482, DSC_0049.jpg)


Pfft. I don't even know why people rave about them so much, I follow the cute models who's job is to be cute and attractive. But the everyday Japanese, they're just basic normal everyday people.

No. 247000

File: 1457561062306.jpg (53.89 KB, 595x313, DSC_0049.jpg)

No. 247001

File: 1457561129992.jpeg (20.01 KB, 400x288, an-american-model-and-actress-…)

got your mixed

No. 247002

File: 1457561235480.jpg (229.53 KB, 1000x1503, DSC_0049.jpg)

plastics (looks like manaki in a wig)

No. 247003

File: 1457561282868.jpg (120.78 KB, 531x640, DSC_0049.jpg)


No. 247019

Some of those girls are pretty cute, especially compared to the filthy gaijin hambeast in the back row.

No. 247022

to be fair, she IS a middle aged teacher in a group photo of young adult women

No. 247042

Yeah its really on the individual themselves on whether or not they feel self conscious and lack the self confidence to not cause themselves bodily harm.
Its crazy how people try to blame Japanese society when there are sooo many different body types.

No. 247473

That's actually not true. If she has the JLPT to a certain level and passes the EJU she can go to university in Japan at some point. She could easily be planning that atm.

Language schools are even geared to have courses for people who don't have high school diplomas (usually a 2 year uni prep course) esp those from certain asian countries where their high school diplomas aren't equivalent to Japanese high school diplomas.

I doubt that natalia is gonna be out of Japan too long tbh.. Esp seeing as she is trying to become famous again.

No. 247835

doesnt EJU test other stuff like science and math?

also on her newest IG she whines about cyberbullies

No. 247845

She said she is going back this month

They test all subject iirc. It's a really difficult exam, and I highly doubt Yuka is the type to sit down and study something that isn't moonspeak/something that gets her famous.

No. 247868

Mike must be constanty unclogging their toilet of giant Charms dumps if four brownies is an average breakfast for this girl.

No. 247884

she originally said march, but now she said april. flip flopping all over girl

No. 247911

Am I crazy or in her newest video did she say she will be going to beauty school?

She sounds like the typical spoiled twenty-something. First she wanted to be a DJ. Now either a hair or makeup stylist. She should really just focus on modeling, she is actually good at that.

No. 247914

…I take it this was a misfire

No. 247915

She sounds really good here

No. 247917

If she wants to go to a beauty school, I hope she's going to attend an American one because in Japan you'll learn how to deal with only one hair type and very limited face and eye shapes. She'd be so fucked at a Japanese school unless she somehow gets sponsored for a work visa over there which is kinda doubtful. Anyway, I don't think she'll do too well. She's horrible at makeup (anyone remember her applying everything with her fingers like it was face paint?) and the porosity of her hair looks fucked. It probably takes 3x the time to dry her hair with it being that fried.

No. 247935

wtf? Wanting to actually learn how to do a real job instead of relying on "modeling" makes her sound spoiled?

No. 247948

>beauty school
>real job

Oh you.

No. 247958

Ermm you sound salty and arrogant. Are you saying that working in beauty isn't a real job? It can be hard to establish yourself in it but if you work hard it can definitely be a real job.

She's probably doing beauty for the easy visa tbh. I'm guessing it will be equal to a two year associates course so she can get a work visa after. Plus the language and entrance requirements are a lot lower. It won't be intensive either so she can do her modelling and music stuff as a priority.

Sounds like a smart idea to me..

No. 247963

You're cute. Come back here when you are a few years older than 19.

No. 247964

>Ermm you sound salty and arrogant. Are you saying that working in beauty isn't a real job? It can be hard to establish yourself in it but if you work hard it can definitely be a real job.

Where did I ever imply that it isn't a real job? All I'm saying is that it's not going to be as easy as she thinks and she'd get a better education elsewhere.

No. 247981

You have to go to school or get a degree in Cosmetology, You also have to get your license and maintain it. You actually have to be good at your job to make money rather then relying on someone else and it pays well if you're good enough.

Unlike modeling, which I assume you think is a real job.

No. 247983

>beauty school
>real job

>Oh you.

No. 247984

oop sorry Becky, I forgot that doing white women's hair isn't hard

No. 248002

We are two different people, dumbass.

And in response to your >>247981 post, are you even aware of how basic being a cosmetologist is? First of all, it's not a degree, it's a license. And unless you work at chain, it's really hard to make money unless you are amazing at what you do. Being a hair stylist or nail artist is one of the worst paying jobs there is unless you are one of the godly few.

And I never said modeling requires institutionalized education. I said she is successful at it and therefore should keep on it while she is young. I think it's pretty apparent her modelling career would be a lot more successful than becoming a cosmetologist.

No. 248012

As long as she's doing something productive it shouldn't really matter.
She has some modeling under her belt. As a cosmetologist/beautician she could maybe work with connects she's made in Japan. Who knows?
And yeah, her make-up application method is shit, but that doesn't mean she can't all of a sudden learn how to do it properly. And her hair is damaged, but that's a start in experience if anything.
Hard work and commitment is what can make something a "real job."

No. 248018

are you guys so dumb as to not think that maybe she is doing cosmotology as a back up in case the modelling goes shit and for a visa to get to Japan. I'm nearly 100% sure that her aim in life isn't to become a make up artist. Esp considering that she's been trying to become famous for how many years now.

No. 248046

No anon you see
they dont want her to improve. They want to complain about her makeup forever even though it's pretty common for models to take cosmetology classes.

They want to complain about her 'never doing anything with her life' and 'omg her eyebrows r terribul

Welcome to lolcow where no one is allowed to succeed other than Pixy (because she never will)

No. 248047

They should be glad that Natalie is becoming better after the whole loli peeing story.

No. 248074

Exactly. Natalia has made a pretty okay come back. She isn't even a lolcow anymore. She's pretty calm, never complains, speaks Japanese and has an okay decent personality. She's isn't trying to be some weeb akiba aidoru anymore.

You guys just want her to be yukapon peepon lolikonbanpeepee urinatiopon ponpeepon yukapee w/e the fuck other stupid names you have for her.

No. 248085


Even if her and dakota have become besties in the modelling world and "better people". They'll forever be seen as asses in the west due to their past.

why is it every one of these e-fame japan weebs have drama tho?

No. 248089

Because they're mentally ill dude, how dense are you? These aren't sound, happy people.

How many normal white girls do you know want to move to Japan, marry an Asian guy and make this shit a priority in their lives to the point of ignoring everything else? White women of this kind are a tiny but extremely loud and obnoxious minority.

No. 248091


Christ I was only saying, don't get your knickers in a twist anon.

Idk…. weebs? :^)

No. 248111

I knew her when she was in Japan. I found this thread after she went back. And it explains a lot about her history.

TBH, she complains about every damn thing. She's had bad things happen to her here. She's just smart enough to keep that shit offline now, and only uploads things that contribute to her ~perfect life in Japan~. Which she doesn't have.

She's just a spoiled 20-year-old. She can be annoying. But after reading this thread and old threads, if what I gleaned from them is true, she was sexually manipulated by old guys and severely beaten by her dad as a child/teen. If she wants to keep living the dream in Japan, she should go for it. Seems to be the only thing she has going for her.

No. 248124

File: 1457807607604.gif (319.42 KB, 400x225, giphy (1).gif)

>TBH, she complains about every damn thing. She's had bad things happen to her here. She's just smart enough to keep that shit offline now, and only uploads things that contribute to her ~perfect life in Japan~. Which she doesn't have.

You can't just leave us hanging anon, we need details

No. 248133

File: 1457809817063.jpg (315.89 KB, 472x960, 1457809796760.jpg)

This girl LITERALLY is old Yuka. Pee play time

No. 248143

holy shit where did she post that? Also shouldn't we make a new thread for her before other people get buttmad

No. 248144

holy shit where did she post that? Also shouldn't we make a new thread for her before other people get buttmad

No. 248208

Well that is in character considering Hana from Prison school has an obsession with pee.

No. 248266


Thats not yuka

No. 248268

Right, no one said that was Yuka. It's Yuka's shitbaby Sage

No. 248269

File: 1457841172529.jpg (67.28 KB, 640x960, 10388178_566207606817977_58888…)


No. 248285

I love when Yuka comes in here and tries to derail the thread and make it about someone else. Butthurt much?

No. 248292

File: 1457851010969.jpg (310.64 KB, 960x960, 1457850938613.jpg)

This cow needs a thread. Apparently she's also a white girl rapper with a mix tape

No. 248293

File: 1457851049431.jpeg (389.57 KB, 1012x1506, image.jpeg)

"When your squad on point af"

No. 248295

File: 1457851263991.jpg (106.04 KB, 685x960, bubb.jpg)

Who tf gets a tattoo like this. This is just bad art and so autistic

No. 248309

I'm butthurt. Go make a new thread. This sage girl has literally nothing to do with yuka. It's not even like there's any evidence of communication between them.

I'm suspicious that yuka is trying to derail the thread too. Like if someone really wanted to milk sage then they would make a new thread.

No. 248310

File: 1457855863576.gif (503.69 KB, 500x198, 15847366.gif)

>on point

No. 248333

For real. Yeah this girl is a bit cringy but Yukapee is trying so hard to derail this thread its stupid. She most really hate her.

Nonone knows who this other girl is and is so not on topic.

Fuck off

No. 248334


No. 248349

Doesn't Yuka have issues with her family? I heard she never had a dad growing up, it would seem to fit given her behavior.

Some of the Asian guys she has fucked are truly repulsive looking fuckers.

No. 248360

No. 248361

No. 248362

No. 248374

does anyone know how she started japanese? like literally learned from anime and started doing niconama ?

No. 248422

>>Shes a spoiled twat and her mom gave into every request to try to make up for being a party girl herself and getting knocked up by an abusive man she kept around for too long . That includes being a tiny weeb who wanted private Japanese classes

No. 248423

Please go away.

No. 248425

Does sage have enough of a fan base or milk to make a thread? If she does then I'll make to shut yukapee up.

No. 248431

No she really doesn't. She only had a couple hundred instagram followers and a dried up Facebook page.
This is obviously someone Yuka hates andand is trying to take the attention off herself.

No. 248432

Yuka you aren't fooling anyone haha

No. 248436

Seems like yukapiss discovered her thread guys.

Hi Yukapiss! You can stop being a pathetic fat faced piss drinker any time now.

No. 248445

File: 1457896177904.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2253, Screenshot_2016-03-13-14-05-26…)

Cyberbullying is only fun when its me doing it guys cries herpes tears

No. 248475

If I was Yuka's dad I would beat the ever-loving shit out of her. Piece of shit weeb.

No. 248479

Don't cut yourself on that edge.

No. 248486

To be fair it could have probably saved her and everyone else a lot of trouble if he had done just that.

No. 248525

How could you not want to punch that stupid looking face?

No. 248617

So rude, but so true ha

No. 248619

tbh I'm also interested to know

No. 248649

you really think having an abusive parent would somehow "save anyone the trouble" if anything the worse lolcows are here are the one that are abused.
I don't have any desire to, because I don't have a personal vendetta

No. 248658

You sound like a real piece of shit. Having an abusive parent is not even remotely funny.

No. 248699

>dad I'm going to nippon because I met a 40 year old chinaman there who will help me become a big star
>thwack no you aren't retard. You're staying right here.

Problem solved.

No. 248703

Most lolcows had no father figure to begin with. That's why they travel thousands of miles to find one.

No. 248732

The thread became so sick so quickly.

No. 248737

Why? It's a fact that if lolcows actually had decent parenting and present father figures who disciplined them, they probably wouldn't have threads here.

No. 248748

Go to PULL if you're too delicate anon

No. 248751

File: 1457956907184.png (2.85 MB, 1440x1929, Screenshot_2016-03-14-06-39-25…)

Jesus christ! Have you seen the manly beast Yuka is bffs with now days? I guess shes another Yuka wana be. Idk why girls aspire to be like her when shes such trash.
I wish lolcows would stop pretending they have amazing lives so dumb bitches would stop blindly following them.

No. 248765

Yukas been hanging out with this girl for a while now. Apparently she is quite old. 35 or something. Not kidding. Even old ladies are worshipping this girl. I don't get it.

Why do you think cows have so many followers when they are obviously not good people? I've never understood. Thoughts?

No. 248766

At least Yuka is looking cute here. It looks like shes putting back on some weight and not looking spoopy anymore.

No. 248806

I literally don't understand this outfit. It's captioned on her IG that they went to Melanie martinez concert. I don't know who she is. Is she…into some weird age play fetish?

No. 248810

>Is she…into some weird age play fetish?
Absolutely. She's known for liking ageplay, wearing it on stage, and nearly all her songs are about being a ~cute sad nymphet lolita~

No. 248826

its obvious this Sage girl is trying hard to keep herself from getting a lolcow now that people want it but honestly i think these outfits are cute and melanie martinez album was called crybaby

No. 248827

Getting an ugly friend is the quickest way to look better on photos.

No. 248828

File: 1457979504320.jpg (67.09 KB, 236x313, 1457979420401.jpg)

Melanie Martinez is super age play but it's like a joke. All her songs have kid titles like tag you're it

No. 248833

File: 1457980121935.jpg (324.92 KB, 1198x1564, babygirl.jpg)

This whole ~*~daddy's little girl~*~* ageplay thing is so wrong. I feel like the girls into it are getting younger and younger. tumblr is full of them.

No. 248836

It is actually a popular subculture | fetish and seriously if nobody is hurting anyone else people can do whatever they want as adults. Marketing to young girls is wrong tbh but Yukas an adult now and not even a lolcow

I only come here to see if theres real milk but there never is just jealous die hard haters who post pictures where she looks mostly cute imo

No. 248837

>>248836 >>248836
"if nobody is hurting anyone else people can do whatever they want as adults." Tired of this dumb comment. If you can see in this photo. >>248833
The girl has a sever mental illness. She's hurting herself and in danger of men who take this ROLE play to serious. It is dangerous and stupid.

No. 248838

File: 1457980703539.jpg (84.8 KB, 717x960, 12728991_526748160836021_34139…)

i kind of agree only because people just post her pictures but nobody has had anything to say about her for years and its just rumors probably started by girls that are honestly just mad that they cant live in japan and do all the things she does. people should just let it go already but im just as bad because i come here waiting for some real drama to happen

sage for off topic but that girl people were posting earlier is named sage which is kind of awesome but i did look up her profile and this modeling company named NerdGirlsInc and I think they like cater to autistic or mentally challenged people so maybe lighten up. There is even a guy in the "company"

No. 248840

How is she hurting anyone? Seriously grow up. Adults can post what they want even if it's stupid We do have things called porn so try starting a debate about how anyone exploring a fetish is "hurting themselves" kek

No. 248843

RE READ my comment, she is hurting herself, and can hurt HERSELF more pandering to perverted men. She is causing HERSELF harm. Learn to read.

No. 248845

I'm talking about ageplay or fetishes in general and just because some rando girl posts a picture with a teddy bear doesn't mean she's hurting herself.

No. 248847

Lol ok yuka.

No. 248848

are you kidding? I just said she has cuts on her body. Its a sever problem. Its not a random girl with a teddy bear. SHes in her underwear, with cuts. and its available for all to see.

No. 248849

It's a severe

No. 248850

That's really creepy. if people wanna that shit in the privacy of their bedroom, go on with it. But why are we now a society that is okay with praising disturbing fetishes?

No. 248851

Age play is ok.
Age play is hilarious when someone who used to bash other girls for it is now into it.

No. 248852

Ageplay is disturbing and screams of someone with mental issues.

No. 248853

Ugly minion army kek

No. 248856

It really does. Her tendency to date exclusively older men is 101 for daddy issues.

No. 248857

If your theory was true, half of the girls on tumblr have mental issues.

No. 248859

File: 1457981842609.png (186.09 KB, 393x329, image.png)


It looks like everyone who follows yuka ends up with this age play fetish. I looked at this sage girls tumblr and she has tons of posts related to it too. Also posting giveaways for dildos like her tumblr is so gross I can't stop

No. 248861

….Except they do. It's tumblr.

No. 248863

anyone who has been coming here for years knows that if you say anything about yuka not being yukapee anymore or that she isnt a lolcow you are automatically yuka posting

all people do here is post photos of her and when the thread dies the same girls post all her old photos that are from years ago

if there isnt any new milk then whats the point…..either post some new milk or find some….there has got to be some real milk on her but no one knows so obviously this is pointless now shes just getting what she wants which is more attention proving people are obsessed with her so she can still get sympathy from her friends and look like a victim

No. 248864

LOL they do! read their lists of self diagnosis.

No. 248866

This doesn't surprise me because this Sage girl is literally yuka from the past but apparently an alien and gangster like wtf

No. 248868

Jfc stop trying to make this bitch a thing. No one cares.

This is a yuka thread. Fuck off

No. 248870


No. 248873

anon in Dakota thread ( >>248508) said Yuka isn't in Japan anymore. Didn't she just do another lolita shoot? I also thought she has a contract there. How did I miss this?

No. 248875

Yukas choice of recent friends is so questionable. There is a ton of milk on the ugly girl from the concert already out there on /b/ ans then the yukaza that shw parties with in japan is a whole other thing. Look at her instagram comments. The same crusty Japanese dudes are commenting on every picture. New boyfriend?

No. 248885

Nvm, I missed a section in this thread. I saw she came back to go to cons. I'm curious to know how long she will stay in USA.

No. 248886

Well at first she said march i think but was pushes back till june. Haha

No. 248888

I wonder if she is going to le beauty school in the US because of that. Kinda funny considering the license for the US won't work in Japan.

No. 248895

Japan haa totally different products and procedures. I would never get anything done by her. Have you seen her eyebrows.

No. 248896

last week she posted on her twitter that she would be leaving in two weeks. She's stopping by in Korea first for a trip and then going back to Japan. She's already asking, "Omg I hope all this weight I gained in America will come off once I get back to Japan!!"

No. 248904

Omfg are you serious?

No. 248912

I heard she might be going to korea for a plastic surgery tour. She wants a nose job and her face slimmed.

No. 248919

Honestly the sage off topic weeb is more interesting than yuka and the dried milk

sage more off topic plz

No. 248923

File: 1457988259912.jpg (56.53 KB, 873x600, ageplay-trash.jpg)

She tagged this shit with lolita. I'm not a lolita, but isn't lolita not ageplay stuff?

No. 248924

Go away yuka. Piss off for real. Stop trying to make this no name other girl a thing.

No. 248925

There is lolita fashion then lolita as in the creepy fetish. Not one in the same.

No. 248928

and in japan aesthetician licenses are more difficult to obtain, not to mention the measly pay.

No. 248930

I think she should. Her nose is so busted

No. 248932

Its not like she has any real skill except being the ultimate weeb so i bet she thinks shes choosing something easy, the little fool.

No. 248933

Oh god, why? her round face is actually really cute. If she slims her face, she's going to look like a true skelington.

No. 248935

well lots of young gaijin in japan are doing this. instead of pursuing worthwhile educations or careers, they go into jobs that rely on their looks, which will only take them to their late twenties TOPS.

No. 248936

Its obviously what she wants. Shes going to be the next Ashley. Just wait.

No. 248937

well we will know soon enough.
after the korea trip, if we dont see any selfies for a few weeks, we'll know whats up

No. 248938

Im sure she has some stored up. If she were smart she would.

But i support it. I think it might elevate her in japans fashion ranks.

No. 248946

She's an okay singer.

No. 248950

>started by girls that are honestly just mad that they cant live in japan and do all the things she does.

This is like 90% of lolcow these days.

It's why the site is so shit. It's not people making fun of weebs anymore, just being passive aggressive and bitchy because they can't be the top weeb in Japan prostituing herself out to handsome j-dudes like that guy with wacky hair Yuka dated.

No. 248960

File: 1457992795923.png (451.92 KB, 855x566, Screenshot 2016-03-15 at 6.58.…)

>started by girls that are honestly just mad that they cant live in japan and do all the things she does.

Does she even really do anything though? She managed to win one modeling competition because she was the token white girl, and only won a small photoshoot. And she sometimes does BTSSB, but it's not like she gets booked a lot or anything.

She just like to pretend she is famous, which is why she has that stupid "Natalia Natchan" stage name that she promotes herself as, as if people really cared.

No. 248961

>started by girls that are honestly just mad that they cant live in japan and do all the things she does.

Im insanely jealous of her fucking nasty ass old men, contracting stds, doing a bunch of drugs, having a weeb public image, having an ed, hanging out with grossly tan club/gangster dudes, and making poor lofe choices.

No. 248962

I guaranteed she stayed up all night doing drugs with that old man friend of hers.

No. 248964

Kek same. I cant help but want to be her guys!

No. 248966

File: 1457993512098.png (43.1 KB, 135x216, Screenshot 2016-03-15 at 7.10.…)

No. 248980

Im not on molly i swear!

No. 248987

So much vendetta on this thread. So what if she is dating older men in Japan. Older men are hot. She is over 18. Also this drug BS just seems like speculation

No. 248997

There were pictures on some thread on 4chan about her actually using drugs. It isn't speculation. There was proof. Wish I would have saved but back then i didnt know how to screen shoot.

No. 248998

I thought so too but then saw photos of her with obvious track marks on her arms which make me believe at least some of it. On mobile so too lazy to find pic sry

No. 249002

File: 1457998850295.jpg (28.62 KB, 456x305, GabrielByrne_TMN.jpg)

>Older men are hot.

Nice troll. People mean pic related when they say older men are hot, not literal Japanese manchildren who dress like they're 15 year olds and have blue hair.

No. 249030

not a troll tho. Lots of women like older men. Older men a sexy and not all look like grandpas. Get better milk.

No. 249032

The sorts of older men yuka has fucked are uniformly disgusting to the point only asiaphiles could find them passable.

No. 249130


The speculations on this thread are so…high school drama. Lack of milk totally causes people to reach and nitpick at really lame stuff.

I'd really like to see the proof for the track marks on her arm. I really can't imagine this girl on a sedative like heroin. If she's going to raves she's definitely popping molly though.

No. 249170

No they mean men like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio or David Gandy

No. 249174

There were tons of pictures like a year or so ago on 4chan and pretty ugly little liars. Just because you didn't see them doesn't mean they aren't out there. If you want proof, hunt them down. And there are even pictures from last week of Yuka at raves she posted herself all over her social media.

Its not speculation when it had been proven time and again.

No. 249180

> goes to raves
> doesnt do molly
totes believable

No. 249794

There are guys on 4chan who jack off to snuff porn, enjoy watch girls get fucked and killed and someone as fucking basic as Ageplay is disturbing to you…okay

No. 249797

not the same anon but there's not a scale of disturbing. what you describe is disturbing, even horrifying. we can always find something worse but it doesn't make it any less horrifying.

ageplay is something I personally find disturbing as well but my perspective is coloured by my life experiences. I personally think ageplay is a toxic game to get into.

No. 249813

I remember in an old thread that these scars were another sign she was doing something. These marks are some kind of drug use.

No. 249814

File: 1458218669294.png (761.73 KB, 1255x772, 1403900525611.png)

Can admin remove this image it was an accident I mis clicked. This was the image.
Stupid it was right next to this.(are you kidding me)

No. 249822

honestly the right looks like cigarette burns or some shit.
hers look like mosquito bites

No. 249835

It's only toxic if you're somehow unaware of the fact that it's fake. People like Melanie Martinez use this as a gimmick, a way to package their past abuse or issues in a cute little package, that's it. The shit Yuka does and all these other tumblr nymphets isn't real ageplay it's the new "emo", girls with daddy issues that are sexually repressed and want attention for being cute and edgy.

No. 249846


I really like Melanie but yes, it's a gimmick - some of her album was based on IRL, probably like her mom's alcoholism and dad's neglect ect. I'd like to think her writing all these kiddy songs with adult themes is her way of addressing what happened to her as a kid, on the same playing field. But fuck. The ageplay level going on with this girl is creepy, I'm surprised no one has flagged anything.

No. 249899

Those marks look a lot like they could be just about anything to me. What are you trying to prove? That she had red marks on her arm at some point.

If it was really something to be ashamed of I can promise you she would not have had her arms out on cam.

No. 249901

oh god this is so stupid. pls stop

No. 249911

File: 1458248078384.jpg (22.78 KB, 375x500, wpid-20130125_152843.jpg)


Trackmarks aren't bright red/pink like that. They're usually purple/black and the ones that are red are only red in the center (pic related)

That looks like a rash or something, I don't it's anything.

No. 249949

Fyi you seem like youve never done drugs.
Intravenous is the last resort, reserved only for the hardcore heroin fiends. I can assure you yuka wasnt injecting.

No. 250126

Drugs would explain why she got scary skinny if it isnt ed. Ive seen a lot of hefers from high school lose enormous amounts of weight once they start raving and getting into drugs.

No. 250140

Jesus, can someone get PULL out of here. You guys are reaching so hard.

This whole thread is shit, it should be in /snow/

No. 250369

Molly doesn't make you hungry.
Also, its not too hard losing lots of weight in a short amount of time for some people. She either did it through dieting/restriction or that plus exercise. If she's popping mdma she wouldn't have much of an appetite while rolling or most likely even after it wears off until waaayy later.

No. 250370

But I really don't think it is from some heavy-or light-heroin use

No. 250371

Honestly drugs probably suck in Japan.

No. 250539

they look like mosquito bites lol christ this is reaching

No. 250589

I feel like the whole OMG yukapee days are over. Even when she does go back to Japan she's not really doing much nowadays.

No. 250596

yeah she's not really cringy like beckii now and doesn't have vaguely interesting fame/horrifying shooping habits like koot. she just has bulimia. dat ain't milk.

No. 250891

Drugs and eating disorders. So very edgy.

No. 251291

Moved to >>>/snow/107991.

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