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File: 1460507688400.jpeg (70.13 KB, 600x450, 1-7dFTcINi9oBVG3rPV7XEbA.jpeg)

No. 259061

Please note: This isn't a GG/GamerGate thread. So try to stay on topic!

Don't know if any of you have followed this hilarious drama, and I haven't been able to follow it all but there's a massive expose thread on kiwi.farms (will link below) with tons of dirty drama. It's all over the internet too, and shit's on fire. Definitely one of the biggest cows I've ever seen.

>Pro-pedophilia weeb "gamer gurl" worked as PR for Nintendo

>Warned and demoted by Nintendo many times for rape opinions and slutty tweets
>Gets harassed by GamerGate for being pro-pedophilia (see post below)
>Gets fired by Nintendo & The internet goes insane due to already hating GG
>Nintendo tries to claim she wasn't fired due to harassment
>Alison said it was because she was moonlightning (working another job despite her contract with Nintendo)
>Turns out Alison Rapp was actually a sex escort under the name "Maria Mint" (recent discovery), proof will be posted below
>Finally almost everyone realize why she was fired (GG must have told Nintendo)
>Anon digs up (not doxxed, it was RIGHT there, under her alias Maria Mint) nudes and other stuff form her escort website
>White knights still refuse to believe it is true, despite the evidence 150% supporting the fact that she's basically a whore
(For instance, piercing & tattoo match, even the lense ID on her camera matched up 100%)

If anyone can help me post the most relevant stuff etc from the kiwi thread (stuff that would help the summary of why she's a cow, etc) I would appreciate it! There is so much drama it's overwhelming, I can't write it all fast, or in one post.

Profile links:

Kiwi thread:
This is from her University thesis on the subject of child porn laws across the world.

No. 259062

I don't know enough about her - does she do the escorting for a thrill? Seems like she already had a good job. And her partner escorts too right?

No. 259064

I saw a screenshot that she did it to pay for schooling, gonna look around and try to dig it up again.

No. 259065

Her husband Jake is also an escort, yes. His escort pics are in the kiwi thread. Also, apparently they got married after only 4 months of dating and he took her last name. Used to tweet about being uncomfortable in a poly relationship. He's THAT cucked.

He does have a gf outside of Alison, though.

No. 259068

File: 1460507997181.jpg (84.23 KB, 600x620, anonymous.jpg)

Here it is

No. 259074

File: 1460508420071.png (751.91 KB, 782x1992, ap.png)

No. 259076

I'm bored already. She's under her real name on all the incriminating images (which aren't even that bad). Seems she already milked herself.

Another dumb whore on the internet, what's new?

No. 259078

'…freedom of thought and expression is of a higher priority than protecting against sketchy correlations between child pornography and child abuse."


No. 259081

it's her pedo advocacy though… makes her a touch more interesting to some.

No. 259083

She's probably a pedophile herself. Sounds like rhetoric from self-serving pedos disguising themselves as academics and grossly abusing legal language under the guise of sexual freedom. Hope this woman dies.

No. 259088

That's why GG got up her ass and where it all started

No. 259090

She's crying victim all over twitter, wah wah my family is in danger and getting doxed

No. 259091

File: 1460513754205.jpeg (161.18 KB, 750x1008, image.jpeg)

No. 259093

>inb4 the effect is bc their relative is a prostitute and pedo apologist

No. 259096

i agree. samefagging, posted the quote above - but really what a disgusting topic to write a fucking thesis on. that's like months of work at LEAST of a person's life and she voluntarily chooses to spend that time essentially defending pedos. she's the worst kind of person

on a technical note, the portion of her thesis which was posted read like babby's first rhetoric 101. either she got a sloppy education or she couldn't focus on her coursework due to constant whoring

No. 259107

It's just a mindboggling stance to take. It sounds like a huge exaggeration/blurry truth the internet would promote about someone they hate.

I assume its because she's so extreme in her "progressive" libtard values that she has to look at pedos as the "victim" of sexual repression? Is that what's going on here?

No. 259109

in light of her pro pedo stance this video gets a little gross to watch

No. 259113

uh which part? I watched the beginning and end, didn't watch the part where she's explaining the games bc it's just game explaining

No. 259116

the psycho gleam in her eyes when she's intently staring at the kid while he speaks.

even if she wasn't a pedo apologist and just really loved kids, it's her behavior is a little much.

No. 259121

She's just vomiting pre-rehearsed PR babble. I don't think she's attracted to kids herself, personally. I think her stance comes from this >>259107 + her own bizarre sexual fetish for being the kid part of the pedo relationship. I think she wishes she was a loli.

No. 259132

She doesn't have to be attracted to kids herself. But her views basically say that if that little boy were to be kidnapped and raped + filmed she is 100% behind the legality of that video being passed around and sold to pedos for profits.

No. 259145

File: 1460521574921.jpg (292.44 KB, 1250x1128, 1460388809961.jpg)

I was debating whether or not to make this thread, as it's all over KiwiFarms, 8chan, and /pol/

This woman is a mess, yet another borderline for lolcow's rogues gallery, and her husband is clueless that he's in an abusive relationship

No. 259147

File: 1460521849255.png (660.29 KB, 1888x861, 1460388835766.png)

seems like she forced her husband into prostitution too

No. 259151

File: 1460522263397.png (42.99 KB, 632x320, 1459381377542.png)

No. 259160

fuck that's sad

No. 259170

File: 1460525955114.jpeg (111.67 KB, 1023x710, ali1.jpeg)

Thank you OP for making a thread on her. I've been compiling trash on her because I hate her pedophilic smug ass. I'll dump some of what I have.

Here's proof your stupid tattoos can get you into trouble. Her Maria Mint photo and her typical ugly ass Twitter selfies.

No. 259171

not to mention the septum piercing

No. 259174

File: 1460526318610.jpg (63.53 KB, 1024x743, mariamint.jpg)

Here's her Maria Mint profile. Also, she is just perpetually linking her Amazon wishlist no matter where she goes. It's here on her escort profile and it was literally in her profile for her professional Twitter along with "works for Nintendo".

No. 259189

File: 1460530465129.jpg (664.3 KB, 1683x853, mariamint2.jpg)

No. 259196

Nah I don't think he was forced. They're apparently in a poly relationship. But maybe he WAS forced. She did it to pay for her school so maybe he made him so it for her.

I read in the kiwi thread that they both have nad escort ratings. Haha

No. 259197

bad escor ratings*

No. 259206


>"the age of consent in Japan is 13!"

The age of consent in Japan is NOT 13, that is the minimum guideline set for the national age of consent and not a SINGLE prefecture enforces the national minimum, they all set their own which varies from 15 to 17.

No. 259232

File: 1460534746732.jpg (389.64 KB, 1586x2753, NYZ0Aj2.jpg)

this is probably the most damning evidence of all

Maria Mint and Alison Rapp happen to use the same camera with the exact same serial number

No. 259233

File: 1460534766580.png (7.7 KB, 401x203, 1460391040300.png)

No. 259235

File: 1460534997985.jpg (228.16 KB, 826x960, Ali-Rapp-1.jpg)

also, because this is lolcow
dem crow's feet

No. 259238

File: 1460535070283.jpg (251.53 KB, 1024x1816, Alison_Rapp.jpg)

look at how uneven her complexion is

No. 259241

File: 1460535103440.jpg (82.47 KB, 480x552, Alisonrappwhore10.jpg)

that's not blush

No. 259242

File: 1460535144842.jpg (79.31 KB, 717x960, 1460277577719.jpg)

No. 259244

File: 1460535198613.jpg (474 KB, 2048x1530, 10783516425_ecf88b92ac_k.jpg)

No. 259246

File: 1460535338128.jpg (89.12 KB, 640x640, 1460349372482.jpg)

No. 259251



what in the actual fuck is going on underneath her eyes? I've never seen bags that swollen before. It looks like a saggy russet potato skin smooshed together.

i am legitimately frightened by this.

No. 259252

I wondered the same thing. Any idea how old she is? lmao at russet potato btw.

No. 259267

the fucking jack rapp thread on kiwi is giving me life this shit is bizarre holy shit there hasn't been a story with this much milk in so long

I mean I remember her getting fired and shit but the escort business and her cuckolded whored out poly husband crap is too much

No. 259268

*jake rapp

whatever it's 5am here

No. 259317

I remember when this was all going down that I was talking to some of my friends about this on Twitter and how I felt it was really inappropriate that someone who advocates pedophilia is working for Nintendo and it presents a bad image for them (no hashtags or anything, just casual conversation)
I got bombarded by like 3 or 4 random people complaining about GG (I still don't even really know what it is and my complaints didn't even mention GG) and they kept telling me her tweets were taken out of context, she was being bullied and harassed, etc.
They told me the pictures were photoshopped and when I linked them to live versions of the actual physical tweets they just complained they were out of context.
So I was like ok, if it's out of context, can you show me it IN context then? To which they told me "there's a picture proving it on Twitter, I saw it a few days ago" and I asked them to please link it to me because to be honest I wasn't gonna waste my time rummaging for some obscure picture, and they told me they would but coincidentally not one of them could find it and they stopped tweeting me when I just asked for some evidence as to what they were telling me.

And now even more shit comes out about this girl. Why the fuck were people defending this girl? How can you defend someone basically saying we have to think about pedo fee fees as they are more important than kids rights?
I noticed that a large percentage of her white knights are male and from neogaf.
I know some really SJW people and even they are disgusted by her words, that is really saying a lot.

No. 259319

there seems to be some confusion these days about actively abusing children being pedophilia vs some other related similar activity not being. pedophile advocacy sickens me (not least from personal experience). it all fucking is, whether actively practising or no. every time someone gets sucked into the issue of definitions they are falling for these scumbags' games. chick's in the pedophile camp clearly. maybe she hasn't even abused a child yet. but she likes the idea of it.

No. 259336

>Finally almost everyone realize why she was fired (GG must have told Nintendo)

I'm not even sure about this chronology. She was reported to Nintendo by Jamie Walton of the Wayne Foundation two weeks before, and was fired at least a week before the "Maria Mint" thing exploded. Nintendo could just have fired her for selling risque lingerie pics on her Nintendo affiliated Twitter account. (which really shows how dumb and clueless she is).

No. 259340

Why would you post on a public twitter that you were moonlighting under a fake name? Damn, that's dumb.

No. 259361

Does anyone else think it's probable that Nintendo knew about the moonlighting for a while (Alison herself said everyone there did it but no one else got fired) and just decided to cut their losses before people eventually found out because it would make them look bad?
I think they probably knew about the Maria Mint thing but since she was stupid and decided to throw herself into the public eye with the pedo shit they realised she was just trouble.

No. 259386

It's a big company and she was a small fish, chances are they didn't know until it was brought to their attention.

No. 259391

This! I hate when people try to argue for pedophilia to be seen in a good light like "other mental illnesses" (these are the same people who trash people with BPD and the like usually for being female-dominated).

It's all just a game to get pedophile acceptance. People act like this is something new. The pedophiles end goal is to legitimately fuck our kids. That's it. In the 70s child porn in Europe was literally allowed, and it seems that's where these sick fucks want to go back to.

You give them an inch, they'll take an entire mile. Mark my fucking words - just like the trans bullshit did. (Oh hey, did you know that the transsexuality/pedophilia combo are the most common cohabiting paraphilias?)

Do these pedo defenders think that pedophiles actually care about them or something? Pedophiles lack empathy and are sociopathic, that's the nature of their paraphilia, to corrupt youth and innocence. They'll be the first to throw people like Alison Rapp (implying she's not a pedophile) to the dogs once they get their way.

Anyone who publicly writes in defence of pedophiles like she did shouldn't be able to get a job under any professional organization, and certainly not one where you have to deal with kids. Sick fucks.

No. 259405

>Pedophiles lack empathy and are sociopathic
As much as the thought of anyone harming a child makes me sick to my stomach it is probably best to remind you that a paedophile who has gone through with it isn't the same as someone who has these urges but keeps them under control. If anything, the latter may have a reasonable amount of empathy if the reason they are not acting on those urges is because they recognise that it would be causing a child damage.

Paedophilia should never be okay for any reason and should never be boasted about as a fun diagnosis label on tumblr, but please don't criminalise those people who do actually put themselves forward for preventional therapy in the face of such a stigma.

No. 259412

This. I'm not exactly a fan of pedophiles, either, but it is a mental illness, and criminalizing it and making up shit about "lacking empathy" doesn't help a single child, neither does it solve the problem.

No. 259426

As for the ones who are abstaining, it's the least they can fucking do. They get no thanks for me. It is not a legitimate sexual preference to torment those who can't fight back.

In the meantime they talk about in among themselves, like Rapp has, and end up promoting actions anyway. And the children who are used for porn have to bear the brunt of thousands of fucked up adults desires.

No. 259427

^thanks from me

No. 259438

So how does someone like her land the gig for PR for Nintendo anyway? She's not very intelligent at all.

She's one MENTAL fucking bitch for writing that thesis without even DEFINING what kind of child porn she was discussing in the first fucking paragraph.

No. 259442

File: 1460569081572.png (157.93 KB, 630x725, EvjQpKK.png)

She's not ugly and a gaymer gurl. Also I'm not super sure if she even was PR for Nintendo or just the product marketer for Treehouse or both.

I agree with >>259267 the husband is just so much more tragic. How do you go from writing this about Alison and his relationship to being a literal cuckold

No. 259443

File: 1460569093569.png (194.17 KB, 630x758, bMVGSAB.png)

No. 259447

Oh and I forgot: she seems to have done very well in college (to where she gives the commencement speech at her graduation, participated in multiple conferences) so she's probably one of those people who look very good on paper but have a few screws loose

No. 259468

>dat body and face
>dem prices

Bitch can't be serious. Never had an escort myself but for that kind of money you can get top-tier whores, some established porn performers charge less.

No. 259496

>She did it to pay for her school

Strippers and whores should be shot for using this excuse. I have 5k of student loan debt I'll be paying off in the next year or so. There was a lot more before that. That's how you pay for college these days. It sucks but there's never the NEED to sell your body to have an education.

What they really mean when they say this is that they did it to pay for their luxurious lifestyles while they were going to school (and their peers were making do with Ramen).

No. 259500

Well you can't doubt that when you are making hundreds of dollars a night rather than every 2 weeks then the debt is being paid off faster so they don't have to sacrifice as much time working when they could be studying. Why are you so bitter than some people can make better money faster than you?

No. 259501

*that not than

No. 259504

I tend to not care as much as to what they do with their money, but I do agree that there's nary an excuse to resort to prostitution to pay back a loan.
I took out an unsubsidized loan but my repayment readjustment made my monthly payments only like…$17? And I actually paid it off until next October so. I really don't understand.

No. 259506

The true problem with it is the risk of it coming back to haunt you later when you /presumably/ get the career you wanted with the degree you were working to pay off in the first place, which is exactly what happened to Mrs. Rapp

though honestly she seems so messed up who even knows if that's actually why she did it and it's not just her claim now that she's been caught

No. 259570

Someone on kiwi found her old Inuyasha and Harry Potter fanfiction.


No. 259587

People are STILL defending her. Fellow dumb "gamer girls", and neckbearded white knights who would like to stick it in her nasty cooch

No. 259595

It's important to note that the people who are defending her are the corrupt, incestuous indie devs and journalists that lead lifestyles similar to this. If I were Kiwi or /pol/, I'd go digging into some of them to see if she had slept with any of them too. It wouldn't surprise me if any of them rented her out, since once bought a suggestive babydoll nightie she posted on her Twitter. (Lots of betas and coworkers complimenting her on it too)

No. 259598


28. She could pass for 40 easy.

No. 259622

>PIDF has finally arrived

All pedophiles lack empathy. I'm not making shit up. Go to any major "pedophile" group on the internet and do the research, when they're in private and think no one else is looking. Maybe they can write salon articles about how NOBLE they are that they would never touch a child and how they resist, that people like you lap up, but in private they have podcasts (like the ones on /phile/ 8ch) where they talk about grooming 11 year old girls and watching CP.

The entire pedophile community is filled with notorious liars and horrible people and for some reason normal people are hell bent on playing devils advocate, wonder why

No. 259634

She may also have been in Poly relationship with one of those scumbags, she may have also whored her husband for free to them.

What GG taught me, is that those people are always connected, ALWAYS.

Someone should take jakke away from her, i think she will force him to transition to get patreon buck.

No. 259643

Because of how so many women for the last 50 years made their children addicted to praise by modern super progressive parenting.

"Good boy, you listening to moma"
"Good boy, you don't behave like other noisy boys"
"Good boy, you sit in your chair all day and don't bother your moma"

Grown up, those adult kids still want someone to keep telling them how much of a "good boy" they are, so they join feminism bandwagon and blindly whiteknight sluts, who cry of injustice.

No. 259667

>moonlightning (that means working another job, you guys)
>sex escort

was this thread written by a twelve year old

No. 259714

?? I'm OP, and what's the problem?

No. 259718


other than her pedo-mongering, she has a HIGHLY-PUNCHABLE FACE. normally i only laugh at cows, but she ticks me right off the bat.

No. 259726

well i'm not gonna thank them either but i can at least respect the ones who don't go through with any kind of child abuse and can control their urges cause it must suck when you're attracted to something so horrible. like it's another obstacle to being a normal person they have to overcome, so sucks for them i guess

that said i wish child protection services were better and i wish orphanages for children were safer (there's a lot of stories where kids are abused there and it's fuckin shitty)

No. 259750

It's not an attraction to children though anon. they are trying to convince the world that it is just like being gay - it isn't the same.

The sexual satisfaction for a pedo is derived from deceiving, manipulating or downright hurting those who can't assert themselves or escape the interaction. That's why the texts around CP images play on the fact that the child is being tricked or forced. That what gets them off. (Personal blog - I had 13 years with my abuser to work out how he ticked).

I don't mean that as a blast at you - you can respect anyone you want. But I'm not thankful to them and I won't respect them, ever. They can take their sleazy "advocacy" and fuck right off. It's collective grooming as far as I'm concerned.

No. 259751

>I had 13 years with my abuser to work out how he ticked).

i dunno, it sounds like you're kinda projecting your experiences with your abuser on all pedos to work your own problems out. i mean yeah any pedo that acts on it is a shitty person but what's all this "deceiving, manipulating or downright hurting" stuff? these assholes like kids cause they're kids, if they liked tricking people for the sake of tricking people, they'd just trick older women

also yeah the pro-pedo advocacy is retarded and evil obviously, but there are pedos who don't engage in that kind of thing at all either and i think it's just good if someone knows they have this evil in themselves and don't act on it. btw why are you looking at cp texts and pictures?

No. 259753


Her eyes scare the shit out of me. I know older women with heavily damaged skin whose eyes look more youthful than hers. I'm just assuming bad genes because I don't know what else can make that happen.

If she did all this shit, then quit once she got a real job I don't think Nintendo would have cared. She continued to work which was a Nintendo no-no despite the occupation, and honestly I think the pro pedophilia stances on her twitter and her writings were more damning, since none of the leaked escort stuff was particularly graphic.

No. 259754

Obligatory disclaimer: I do not condone ANY kind of rape or molestation. Also, children cannot consent.

Not that anon, but if we are defining "pedo" as "adult who is attracted to children," not all pedos are the same. That's like saying that all straight guys (aka men who like women) are sick rapists who get off on women suffering. Certainly some of them are and seek out partners that they can harm, but obviously it's not ALL straight men.

Similarly, some pedos have comorbid rape fetishes and psychopathy along with being attracted to children. Other pedos are attracted to children but have no desire to actually harm them and are aware that it's unacceptable…life sucks ass for them because they can't seek help without getting ostracized.

I knew one guy who confided in me (idk why the hell he did but anyway) that when he was 13, he liked other 13 year old boys. Normal right? Then when he got older, he just never grew out of liking 13 year old boys. (He had no desire to harm or rape or kill anyone btw.) That gave me a new perspective, that the attraction is a sort of "orientation". It's not okay, but ffs no one chooses to be attracted to kids.

No. 259756

Blah blah yeah we know. Go back to reddit. We've heard these "unconventional opinions" a million times.

Point here is that Rapp is and has been arguing CP should be legal and uncensored. That's what makes this thing so fucked up, regardless of if she's even a pedo at all.

No. 259757

Amen. Let's get back on topic. The pedo-sympathizers should go away.

No. 259758

Should have saged. This entire exchange really had nothing to do with NintenHo, just a tangent on pedophilia in general.

No. 259760

Saying that pedos should get psychological help due to their condition isn't excusing or justifying harm done to children.

Sage, back to Alison, etc…

No. 259762

No. 259763


She looks like a 10 year old put into those online photo filters that make you older lol. Her face structure looks super childish but her skin is horrible

No. 259764

So, where does Alison go from here? She's already been BTFO and fired. Now what?

No. 259767

Gay shit exist in other species. Are there any animals that try to fuck really young not yet fertile members of their species?

Continue to write shit fan-fic and pimp out her husband while living with her parents? The media can't spin the innocent victim narrative with her. She was whoring herself and advocating for pedophiles.

No. 259770

tbh I'm kinda salty tho. This dumb vile bitch managed to find a decent-looking man that's so devoted to her he literally prostitutes himself with men for her. How in the fuck? She's nothing special in the looks department, and definitely nothing good in her personality.

Well, she's a sex worker and apparently a gamer guurl xD so she can probably find a way to get a support from the SJW community. She can write articles for buzzfeed or other publications of this kind. Obviously camming. Maybe leeching off her husband.

Actually I think the innocent victim narrative is possible. I know the situations are different but Sara Nyberg (or w/e that person's name is) managed to turn pedo accusations around. All it takes for Rapp is to come up with a coherent "justification" and stick to it. She can say she was pressured into doing it to avoid harrasment, just spin a story like Zoe Quinn with wizardchan. She can lie she was abused as a child and this messed her up. Hell, she can blame it on her husband.

She worked in PR, she can probably come up with something.

No. 259771

fuck. that is mental. I thought she must have been pushing mid/late 30's at least.

No. 259775

Seriously, what kind of shit-tier institution did she go to? I can't believe her thesis got approved.

No. 259777

IDK what propelled Zoe from an abuser/rapist in her own words and light being shed on what a slut she was. Rapp has been selling herself and her husband for 250 an hour and is documented as antagonizing people before we found out that she was an escort. Zoe may have nudes out there, but Rapp linked her amazon wishlist to her professional PR NoA account and her hooker account. I don't give a shit about people being hookers but don't re-up your amazon wish list on both accounts.

No. 259802


Jake Rapp just put this amazingly sad essay up. I think he's genuinely taken a sip of the Kool-Aid and thinks he's being progressive. He doesn't acknowledge any of why people are calling him pathetic and instead thinks "Wow, people are angry at me because they hate sex workers and are against LGBT related things! Let me lick their feet some more to show how much I love those cool progressive things."

No. 259806

He's basically like "Wow, and I'm a white guy!" just shows how out of touch he is with his world perception. He genuinely thinks his wife gets hate because she's a woman and does some sex work. Nevermind the fact she mocked gamers and taunted them for months when she works for Nintendo, was generally unprofessional and e-begging, is pro-pedophilia, and is basically abusive to the very husband that's defending her. It's such special kind of pathetic.

No. 259807

I really don't care about the escort thing. I mean, people fall on hard times, it's money, ect.
But being in PR and not knowing that advocating for child-porn under your own name while working for one of the most family friendly brand ever is a big no-no is hilarious as hell.

No. 259813

In terms of morality, the pedo thing is far worse. That's the BAD part. The hilarious part is the escort thing.

No. 259838

>>This dumb vile bitch managed to find a decent-looking man that's so devoted to her he literally prostitutes himself with men for her. How in the fuck?

>>Well, she's a sex worker and apparently a gamer guurl xD

When dumbasses answer their own questions.

No. 259840

>>He genuinely thinks his wife gets hate because she's a woman and does some sex work.

"While it’s argued that Alison was originally attacked for some of her outspokenness on problematic topics whilst holding a PR roll, I am now being dissected and attacked by some of my more extreme opposition seemingly just because I exist."

Did you actually read the post? He said he knows why his wife is being attacked, stop spreading misinformation to suit your own hateboner for the guy.

No. 259843

Same, I don't even care that they're both bisexual and poly… being in poly relationship doesn't make anyone a "cuck" unless they have a humiliation kink.

I just think picking on them for something as mundane as being sex workers is dumb. I also feel dragging her husband who technically hasn't done anything wrong is fucking infantile (no pun intended).

Thinking about it now, this has all been in the past-tense, she's lost her job - so, what now?

No. 259854

What date did she get fired from nintendo?

No. 259888

Saying "it's argued that…" and calling her "outspoken" is HARDLY acknowledging why his wife is being called out. He's belittling the fact that she basically took a hot steamy dump all over child sex abuse victims by saying that the videos and pictures of their abuse should still be accessible. She's a sick fuck and he's sugarcoating everything and acting like the people saying it all started because of her advocating for child porn aren't telling the full truth. His use of the words "it's argued" gives off the air that he doesn't believe that's why she was originally "attacked".

No. 259891

also that guideline is 14.

No. 259892

so, while i will vaguely agree about the 17 year old thing, everything else is fucked up.
>inb4 but teens can't make desicions!!!
not true, they are prone to irrational decisions more often, which doesn't stop till mid 20s by the way.

also why do people use 'sex positive' and 'sex negative' use pro and anti. it makes it seem like a fucking std.

No. 259893

It sounds more like he's being careful with what he says on the matter, if she is indeed domineering of him - then she sure as hell will be looking over his shoulder constantly for signs of betrayal.

Especially if the assumptions that she's abusing him is true.

No. 259978

File: 1460656312655.jpg (66.17 KB, 640x994, 1460433939245.jpg)

His wife got shit-canned and he quit his job? How fucking irresponsible. My only opinion before about this guy was that I thought he had a nice ass but now I think he's an utter tool.

I have to wonder how brainwashed someone has to be to think Alison was harassed for being a women, instead of for being a pedo apologist and an asshole.

No. 260019

what other kind of escort is there? also: moonlighting, not moonlightning. it is a common english word.

I'm only explaining because you asked, I'm not trying to be a semantics nazi. It just sounded silly to me.

No. 260025

You sound like a nazi, or you don't realize not all of us are native at English. Because of this drama it was my first time hearing the term. Please stop sperging over dumb shit.

No. 260027

….. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escort

Never heard of "police escort"?
Come on, at least don't derp while sperging.

No. 260074

She looks really short.

No. 260078

Not exactly. Sex worker and gamer gurl xD are good terms for other SJW women to support you. For most men, being a sex worker is a turn off, and gaming alone is not enough to justify the shit she pulls.

Notice that men are attracted to different things than SJW culture supports.

No. 260083

File: 1460671485952.png (868.97 KB, 1011x676, renfest.png)

Honestly, I think he's kind of cute somehow, and normally I hate betas and any man that seems to have potential to be a kiss-ass feminist. There's just a good countenance in his eyes and almost pathetic sincerity, even if he's kind of a pushover. Alison always looks super fucking creepy and I feel like there's something predatory about her. I would seriously not be surprised if we have yet to find all the skeletons in her closet.

I don't know why, but I think for some reason he's so appealing because it genuinely seems like none of this lifestyle is him, no matter how hard he tries. It seems like it's Alison forcing her regressive ideas on him.

He seems to have really wanted to be a good husband and looked forward to marriage. It even sounds like he was (formerly?) Christian even because he spoke of pastors. I wonder what Alison's background was and why he married her so quickly as well. Do we know if she was religious or not or how they met? From what people have uncovered, he had a high school sweetheart that broke up with him, but then he got with Alison.

No. 260114

File: 1460674702241.png (317.11 KB, 506x440, disgusting.png)


No. 260143

she always has this giant fucking creeper smile.
there is like never a moment that she isn't harassing her swollen cheeks with that evil pedo grin

No. 260145

Hey, I understand if English is your second language, but no. No one would assume that OP meant police escort if they omitted "sex". In modern english, if you are saying that a woman works as an escort, you don't need to clarify that she's a "sex escort" and not a "[police/safety/aircraft] escort". It's like calling someone a "sex prostitute". Not really going to discuss this further in the interest of avoiding derailment

No. 260146

>Alison always looks super fucking creepy and I feel like there's something predatory about her

She IS a Predator, Jack is naive boy, who got into liberal college, got brainwashed badly and then she toke him as a pet. She has controll over him, made him do tattoos, made him pierce his coock, whored him out, surrounds him with wicked feminists, to make sure he does not say a single word of disagreement.

Even if jake would try to get out of this relation ship, he will most likely end like Eron after he broke up with Chelsea Volkenburg. Guy needs to be taken away from her, he's trapped, and cannot get out on his own.

No. 260149

does she want to be the ~loli~ in the cp she defends?

No. 260154

File: 1460681802892.jpg (726.18 KB, 1280x1920, thunderthighsness.jpg)

No, she wants to be the shota.

No. 260169

I really like that nighty thing and I want it.

No. 260174

File: 1460685586575.jpg (83.13 KB, 561x499, 6a00d834555dcb69e201bb085321c5…)


She kinda reminds me of Betsey Johnson there

No. 260204

File: 1460694279596.jpg (39.66 KB, 331x499, 514lXZ9od0L._SX329_BO1,204,203…)

>I feel like there's something predatory about her

she's borderline. she had this book on her Amazon wishlist with the rest of her "for hubby" gifts

No. 260206

File: 1460694473932.jpg (476.1 KB, 1908x875, 1456871712291.jpg)

it's cute, but it's not the sort of thing a "twitter fan" buys you

this dude is absolutely a client

No. 260208

File: 1460694713319.png (31.76 KB, 579x192, 1459379289081.png)

No. 260211

How can someone be bi and queer?

No. 260228

i think you forgot that in tumblrworld, nouns and adjectives don't have meaning anymore

No. 260229

You're right, I only lurk on tumblr for cute animal gifs, but I get confused some. A queer is a gay guy but there are gender queers who might be not their official sex depending on how they feel? Those people are weird. Sometimes I go to lunch and I'm like I want a sandwich and a I buy one. These people seem to be like oh I'm going to lunch and I feel like a boy, I'm going to stuff tube socks in my pants and put on a fake mustache.

No. 260244

I'm not fluent in Tumblr but I'm pretty sure bi is a sexual orientation while queer means she's a genderspecial.

So basically she is a girl who bangs chicks and dudes and identifies as a not-girl because she likes video games and dressing up as little boys, and Tumblr's rigid gender stereotypes have taught her that only men are allowed to do these things.

No. 260334

as well as you technically cant be bi and poly at the same time (or at least you cant claim to be both)
Bi means you only do cisgendered (some argue that it can include full trans) but it doesnt include anyone 'nonbinary' at all
Poly means gender (for the most part) doesnt matter to you)
Queer is a bit of a weirder word to define since it literally means 'weird'. I've seen it used for anyone who isn't 'solely hetero' but I've also seen it used for 'purely homo' so god knows what she means by that.
Once again she's only doing shit for brownie points and to save her burning chance at a career

No. 260337

poly is just polyamorous so it would mean she has more than 1 lover at a time. I don't think gender/sex/whatever plays in there at all.

No. 260338

oh shit sorry that's what I get for typing off of little sleep. My brain saw the p and immediately thought 'pan' you're right

No. 260397

I still don't understand how that is a contradiction though. Bisexuality is a sexual preference. It describes what you are attracted to. Queer is about gender and what you identify as. It's about your own identity, not your sexual preference.

Basically what she's saying is that she has many partners at the same time (poly), is attracted to both men and women (bi) but considers herself to be neither (queer).

Whatever. It's still retarded Tumblr newspeak though.

No. 260399

Queer is a slur used for lgbt people, not just for trans people.

No. 260430

Things like "demisexuality", "aromantic" ect are definatly popular with the tumblr crowd.

Terms such as Polyamory, Bisexuality and Queer have been around for decades though.

No. 260444

File: 1460751854674.png (13.8 KB, 428x134, Aliwhore.png)

No. 260445

I think she has a nice butt.

No. 260455

Before tumblr learned about "polyamory" word, such thing was called open relationship\marriage.
Barely decent butt does not compensate her ugly face of crazy.

No. 260460

Uhh no, Polyamory and Open Relationships are not the same thing.

An open relationship is basically swinging with no intention to be in a relationship with anyone else but your partner or spouse.

Polyamory is the welcome addition of another partner in your life.

No. 260474

I feel really bad for her husband, he seems like a cute not very smart guy who is too nice for his own good. It's so sad that he got so unlucky.
Also top part of Alison's face in OP pic is fucking scary.

No. 260481

File: 1460767096498.png (179.4 KB, 615x526, Screen-Shot-2016-04-12-at-1133…)

give me a break, it's Nintendo, what did you think was going to happen?

No. 260487

This is being petty at it's finest, especially when you are taking a PR position at a really big-name video game corporation.

She's just pandering to the SJW tumberinas with the whole, " BIG MEANY CORPORATIONS OPPRESSING SEX WORKERS!111!!11!" bullshit that has no justification.

How much would her salary be at the position at Nintendo? Because I find it just pure bullshit that she would have resorted to sex work to pay off her "loans" and "financial struggles".

No. 260492

Both never work out long-term.

No. 260493

I fucking hate women who want to try and act like the sex industry is sex positive and women friendly. It's the most anti-women thing out there.

No. 260515

She's trying to distract from the pro CP/pedo crap she put out and steer the conversation about her getting fired in a way that paints herself as a victim of slut shamers and anti sex work crowd. I think she's trying to rile up SJW's into fighting on her behalf basically.

No. 260533

If you wanna be a sex worker, go for it. But everyone knows that most companies are not going to be happy about it and may/will let you go if they find out about it. Even if it's under a fake name or whatever. Sex work of any kind is a risk for future work prospects. Doing it WHILE working, especially at such a big, well known company as Nintendo is just asking for trouble.

No. 260584

Are you polyamorous or in an open-relationship? No? Then shut the fuck up and get back on topic.

No. 260640

Whenever you hear that it's always from a camwhore or someone like Allison who maybe fucks a guy once a month for extra spending money. Never from the women who have to have sex for a living.

No. 260653

OT but how did the pedopterodactyl end up with such a qt guy?

No. 260730

No, you're a retard and mixing up "poly" which is a relationship/romantic status meaning polygamous/amorous with "pan", a sexual orientation which means pansexual. You can have a sexual orientation and a relationship status at the same time. Don't talk about things you don't understand.

No. 260734

I'm seriously disgusted because she more than likely IS an autopedophile, which is why she defends pedophilic men specifically. It's her fucking fetish, that's why she doesn't care about actual victims.

No. 260741

me too. disgusting tbh

No. 260748

i wnder if her bf is a pedo… his other gf likes ageplay and posted it all over her tumblr. that would explain a lot

No. 260749

also she psoted lolicon on her twitter just now

No. 260751

she's trying way too hard to stay relevant

inb4 she kept talking about the pedo shit for this exact reason

No. 260758

What's the girlfriend's twitter?

No. 260863

No. 260872

Thanks anon, but I wanted his girlfriend's twitter, not his wife's.

No. 261072

lol I guess she finally blocked me

No. 261807

File: 1461107050880.png (1.04 MB, 929x823, whooooore.png)

No. 261808

File: 1461107071362.png (62.18 KB, 639x522, slut.png)

No. 261809

File: 1461107080624.png (66.22 KB, 638x576, patriarchy.png)

No. 261818

meanwhile men and nonsluts have historically had to resort to innovation, hard work, and actually contributing something to society in order to extract capital from other people.

but, ya know, don't encourage women to have higher aspirations than being a human fleshlight (because that might require condemning sex work to some extent in comparison)

No. 261829

Appealing to boners isn't a good long term career plan for the majority of women in the sex industry. Alison must be aware of this since she got an education and a real job.

No. 261863

did she fuck up shooping her undereye bags

No. 261928

lol yes

that's fucking priceless, I can't believe I missed that

No. 261929

File: 1461144505234.jpg (56.51 KB, 769x1024, screen-shot-2016-03-30-at-9-51…)

No. 261930

File: 1461144571743.jpg (28.95 KB, 320x320, lWutv6l7aPuIRwJChZanAMYmtA9vgJ…)

not sure if that one is touched up, but her eye bags don't quite look like scrotums hanging from her eyelashes

No. 261938

>needs iPad for "art therapy"

lmao yeah right

No. 261939

Holyshit she looks old. We're the same age and she looks easily 10 years older than me. Jesus.

Also that dumpy as fuck body. How the fuck did she think she could charge so much for overnights and as a high profile escort? For real? She's clearly delusional about how attractive she is because there is no way anyone would pay for her ugly mug and dwarf body.

No. 261973

I never heard of tablets being used in art therapy, sounds counterproductive tbh. Usually in art therapy they like to use painting mostly and stuff like that, so you can learn to work with the mistakes you make, instead of being able to completely erase them.

No. 261984

File: 1461162144670.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x387, art.jpg)


B-but art supplies are phallic-shaped triggering instruments of patriarchal oppression!!1!

No. 262100

File: 1461187645293.jpg (7.34 MB, 3344x5016, 6.jpg)

No. 262105

Cheese ass

No. 262179

>She's clearly delusional about how attractive she is because there is no way anyone would pay for her ugly mug and dwarf body.

probably having nerdy interests and all the thirsty as fuck omegas on her twitter inflated her ego

people in echochambers tend to overinflate their worth

No. 262238

yeah but her johns don't know or care that she's a quirky gamer girl

No. 262340

You don't know what Johns want obv. They mostly want a hole to fuck that's moderatly attractive and accomodating, they don't search for fucking models. Those are way more pricy.

No. 262857

File: 1461357624751.png (39.14 KB, 636x311, rappenvy.png)

looks like we have another emergent cosplay whore on our hands

this is going to be interesting, considering we know for a fact that she's willing to fuck for money

No. 262858

File: 1461357966240.png (47.34 KB, 637x370, nintendho.png)

No. 262908

Then stop posting "sensitive pics" of yourself, you dumb whore

No. 263996

Most states in the USA are actually 16 AoC; California is 18, surprisingly, considering how loopy and nutty people from there can be.

No. 264150

File: 1461760600219.png (107.91 KB, 620x393, age-of-consent.png)

is it that surprising? I always assumed that AoC seems to be lower in more conservative states (though, I guess not). She's probably talking about the Federal AoC, which is 18 and the number that gets thrown around more often.

It seems like she's trying to make the case that if its a teen then it's not damaging, which isn't true either.

No. 276391

So she has a patreon up now:

>basically asking 1800 a month to cosplay and speak social issues

Honestly it's a little infuriating lol. Especially because shes already at 1600.

No. 276405

Her boyfriend is feeble minded spineless king of cuckold, he let himself get castrated.
No more job, and she won't get any decent job in near future, who would hire such a psycho?
Patreon faucets have tendency to run out of water.

No. 283483

>tfw movieBob pays your bills

No. 283502

Can SJWs decide whether they like women being sex objects or not already?
You are none of those things if you're literally begging online for an iPad.

No. 283512

How? A lot of women are manipulated into doing sex work, sometimes through alcohol and drugs. It's not a glamorous life and it isn't one that should be encouraged or glorified.

I hate this whole 'sex-positive' moment. It's bullshit. Strippers are objectified no matter how much they want to cry about their willingness to do it and how much money they make.

This dumb bitch shoulds like someone who doesn't understand how sex slaves/human trafficking and the horrors of ex porn stars work.

No. 283513


Damn, she's ugly.

No. 283514

Seriously. We should be encouraging women to get actual long term careers using their brains and skills, not their bodies. It's insulting to say women should be dancers and strippers since not until very recently women were just baby machines and stay at home wives and nothing else because they HAD no opportunities.

No. 283515

meant to say *Sounds like someone

No. 291137

interesting(Low quality post)

No. 291248

I'm woried about admin's conern of quality.(derailing. have a good day)

No. 291452

Reported for being a Kiwi Farms raider / Josh / Robot and attacking the admin.

No. 291531

Tumblr is that way https://www.tumblr.com.

No. 294467

any other milk on this cow other than her not being attractive enough and having a hush hush second life as an ewhore

No. 294484

She has betas to give her patreon bucks to become programmer, shows console screenshot on twitter and brags about learning.
Some time later she posts how much she hates programming.
Her husband treats her like friend and refers to as "dude".

No. 294670

She whores out her beta husband and is a massive SJW. Other than that nah.

No. 294722

let's see. convincing her beta husband to live the poly life, to head a support group for people struggling with the poly life, to pierce his cock, to accept an anal vibrator while videoing his face even though he didn't find it a turn on, to advertise himself as a gay prostitute, to work as a gay prostitute despite professing not to have gay feelings or desires.

oh and that college essay in defence of child porn that kicked off the public interest in her in the first place.

it turns out she's just another BDP case though. she's sort of normalised into her cow life: selling saucy pics on patreon, posting emotional/manipulative journals, and treating her pets badly.

No. 294723

oh also she and her hub are not living together anymore. he seems to have gone to the poly gf.

No. 294936

Her store is pretty lulzy too. Selling 'Digital Prints' for up to $300 each.


No. 300331

File: 1473754853944.png (188.64 KB, 530x524, 1473753074174.png)

so I, uh, I sort of feel sorry for her now.

I still think what she was doing was wrong, and Nintendo was right to fire her, but holy shit

thank God, she is borderline to the max, and he was a ridiculously beta doormat.

No. 300335

She chose that life on her own will, if she wanted the money that badly to do that kind of stuff then it's her own fault. Don't feel sorry for her.

No. 300338

Her ears, bags under the eyes and nose look the same. It could be her, but I'm not 100% sure.
If it's her I don't feel sorry. She will complain about slut shaming and get sweet feminism points from her friends.
Apparently it's a tradition in Dubai, so criticizing it would be islamophobia. And if there's something reddit is afraid about it's being called an islamophobe.

Whatever happens, she'll turn t into a net win.

No. 300342

File: 1473766709526.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.95 KB, 500x342, image.jpeg)

No. 300344

spoiler this shit

No. 300363

No. 300448

no tattoos, not her, false alarm

she still sells nude prints for $300 dollars, and the Maria Mint site is back up

No. 300627

Good for him. A little more and she would force him to go through sex changing surgery for progressive points.

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