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No. 161229

Talk about your body issues.
Mine is i'm very skinny (also have a babyface) and i have a flat chest and it makes me feel like shit. I look like a 12 years old plus I always see guys praising big boobs and bashing flat chests. I think curvy bodies are great but I NEVER see any guys having any interest in flat chests and very skinny bodies, only in the curvy ones

No. 161230

I too have tiny boobs. I really want to get breast implants, but my fiance is vehemently against the idea.

I hate having the upper body of a child and a thicker lower body with stumpy ugly legs. I hate being a pear shape. My kingdom for a pair of boobs.

I'm secretly jealous of fat cunts, because at least they have breasts.

No. 161231

I'm tall with no boobs. I always fear that people might think I'm a man/tranny.

No. 161232

I would trade bodies/face with you! At least I could pull off "kawaii" styled clothing if I looked like you.

I'm short but curvy, wide hips and I feel my boobs are too big. My face is a mix of mature and babyface.

No. 161233

I have really deep stretchmarks on my stomach, like the ridged kind.
I'm not gonna go into it much but it's extremely damaging to my self esteem and it just sucks.

No. 161234

I have a skinny body/flat chest too, but even though I'm skinnyfat af, I like being skinny. I gained weight while abroad and most of it went to my thighs and for the first time I got all these disgusting stretch marks all over my thighs and I'm so extremely distraught over them ugh. They're just stretch marks, but still.

I'm between a rectangle/hourglass figure but because I had to wear a brace to fix my scoliosis, one side of my waist curves looking really weird. Also I've been away for very long and couldn't take my brace with me so while my spine is relatively "straight", my ribcage has shifted/turned so if you touch me, you can feel my left side jutting out while the right sinks in. It's just looks so fucking weird. I know it's petty but I hate it so much.

No. 161235

I like my skinny body since I worked for it. However, I do hate my small tits. I wish they were just A-cup size instead. I always hated being bullied by everyone for them and being called flatty throughout high school. Why did everyone focus on them instead of my other qualities?

No. 161236

My arms are kinda hairy but it's a small bother.

I hate how I don't have a super mature face. I have a cutesy dolly face. I desperately wish I could be tall and mature looking.

No. 161237

I don't think anyone can or ever will be fully content with their body you know guys. Girls especially.

No. 161238

I'm 5'8, I'm quite curvy (not the fatty type) my tits are just average sized but I wish I could get a slight lift. I wish I could one of those tall skinny girls, I like curvy women but I don't like it on me basically.

No. 161239

I'm an apple shape and I hate it. This year I gained about 30 lbs due to stress eating so I look even more apple-ish now. The only time I look half-way decent is when I'm really thin.

No. 161240

well, I'd love to be skinny and have a flat chest. we always want what we don't have :P

for me One boob is noticeably bigger than the other. I know it's common so I try not to let it get me down. Both rather saggy.. well, I don't know about sag seeing as they have literally always been this way. Could just be the shape or they way my nipples are set idk. Still it's no different to guys. The guy I'm currently seeing seems to like them but I'm really shy about him seeing me without a bra anyway :c I kind of worry about how this will impact on our relationship.

also as if all that wasn't bad enough I'm a 30ff and finding bras is fucking impossible.

oh and recently my chin has been really hairy. I heard this can be a result of stress/depression. anyone else have experience of this?

No. 161241

File: 1441962728076.gif (445.28 KB, 441x270, sad-cat-hates-the-cold-weather…)

Does face count as body?

My body is so painfully average there really isn't much to say about it, but my face is just stuck in this square, big-nosed ugliness that will never leave thanks to genetics.

Considering getting facial surgery because I look so ugly in photos.

No. 161242

Im skinnyfat, my shoulders are too large (I have a invested triangle shape), my hips are small shits, and I accumulate to much fat in my belly and waist, plus my breast is so fucking small.

No. 161243

File: 1441970674605.jpg (72.2 KB, 396x691, 1366636847157.jpg)

It would be crazy if you were my roommate girlfriend since the vague description seems to match

No. 161244

Omg I'm a 30GG and I completely feel your pain. I've never paid under 70 for a bra. I don't think that anyone truly understands how horrible it is to be thin with big boobs. Clothing shopping is always an emotional affair for me. The clothes I like never look flattering on me…I am thankful to have an hourglass shape….but having big boobs has definitely been more of a curse than a blessing.

No. 161245

I'm going through photos of me 2 years ago and my legs were slightly slimmer and my stomach more toned. I've been so lazy lately but I have school and work everyday. I have noticed though that the 30 minute walk from the train to work has been helping me a lot. My pooch is disappearing again. I used to be so into cardio before. If I just walk for an hour 4 days a week I'll be in shape again. 3 years ago I was really skinny from a lot of cardio and almost no food. I kind of liked that but my boobs were so small.

No. 161246

My mom has the same issue. Small band size, very large cup size. She can never find anything outside of speciality stores because large cup size usually means huge bands for hamplanets

No. 161247

26DD here, my bra size doesn't even really exist. I always just get a 28D and even that's somewhat impossible to find.

No. 161248

I have huge calves. Not just "oh wah my legs aren't toothpicks, I'm ugly", but huge, fucking monster calves. I've had them since I was a child. They look like a fat person's legs but are solid muscle.

I'm so desperate that I tried literally not working out for 3 years to see if they would just atrophy and go away, but they didn't. The rest of me did shrivel up and turn into flab, so now I look even more disgusting.

Lately I've been toning up again, but damn my calves are just so big. I'm fucked. I think it's genetic as my mother and grandmother have the same thing.

I don't know why they look like obesity calves when there is hardly any fat on them.

No. 161249

Im a pear too anon. Small boobs arent that bad. You can always use padding! I think its cute your fiance doesnt want you to change.

No. 161250

Im sure you look qt anon. Dont be harsh on yourself

No. 161251

File: 1442010018208.jpg (99.53 KB, 499x750, aino kishi2.jpg)

>I NEVER see any guys having any interest in flat chests and very skinny bodies
You must not browse the chans often.

No. 161252

true as a fellow flat chest one of my bfs was in love with them/small boobs
i also have a friend that likes them too (he browses 4chan though so maybe thats why)

No. 161253

I hate being female. Not saying I'm trans or agender or some tumblr bullshit but I seriously hate being female and it doesn't suit me at all. Anyone else here feel that way? Whenever I express sth along those lines irl, women look at me as if they want to crucify me.

No. 161254

I have the exact same body as you, I feel your pain ;___; right down to the cup size, exact match. Having to pay ridiculous amounts for those hideous bras.. Ugh. No idea about the chin hair thing though but just get it threaded or waxed or something

No. 161255

This. I'm just really average, I think.

I'm short, could stand to lose 5-10lbs, and have b cup boobs that I can't complain about, but I can't really praise either. My ex gave 0 shits about breasts, and actually didn't like big boobs at all, so hopefully that helps some of you girls. My current bf, however, while claiming he loves mine clearly prefers bigger ones. Ah, all the freudian slips he has about boobs.

My lower stomach has some fat on it that I need to lose, but it's something you can't see at all with clothes on unless I've gorged myself. The thing I'm really insecure about structurally is my lower body. So basically my hips, butt, and thighs. I already have short legs, so that makes me feel disproportionate as fuck. Then in comparison to my shoulders, my hips are kind of narrow with close-set legs. Luckily, my waist is fairly narrow, and I'm thin-ish so the smaller waist and thigh gap give the illusion of a bigger waist. If I'm bloated, though, I instantly become a rectangle since my thigh gap also disappears.

Oh, and yeah, my ass sucks. I've gotten complimented on it by men and women, but I think it's really small. Round? Yes. But big? Not at all. I'm like a step above a flat ass. I've been told that my ass has become almost purely muscle because of my slimness (that seems to only stick to my tummy and face) and a lot of weightlifting. And in comparison to my thighs, my butt is definitely small.

But my face. Jesus christ. My nose bridge is wide, because I think I broke it in kindergarten. My cheeks have been droopy since high school. My eyebags and nasolabial folds can be TERRIBLE on some days. My eyelid folds used to be uneven, one with a tapered fold and the other hooded, but now that they have evened out, they are kind of weird looking. I feel like most people have beautiful eyes, but mine are ugly.

And my body hair is annoying as shit.

No. 161256

I love my body except for my gut. I have a few lbs of extra fat around my midsection (esp my lower stomach) and it makes my body look weirdly disproportionate because everything else on me isn't fat-looking. I guess it's because I drink soda

No. 161257

I absolutely hate my body. I used to have the perfect body but either I gained weight or puberty came late and fucked it up. You guys may think I'm overreacting because admittedly, it's not a huge difference, I just went from an xxs to a small. But I'm into j-fashion and there are a lot of things I'd absolutely love to wear, but I can't because my chest/hips are way too massive for them. Plus, my body looks really weird because my arms/legs stayed exactly the same and I have a baby face with a "sexier" body. And on top of that, I just really hate being curvier and the entire idea of being seen as sexy in general.

No. 161258


Welcome to sexy female maturity.

You'll learn to enjoy it time. Embrace it.

No. 161259

No. 161260


Yeah, it's called "getting older" sadly. Just loose weight I guess?

No. 161261

I have a really small torso but giant shoulders (in comparison) and fat legs and arms. Even though I've recently lost weight it hasn't seemed to make a difference to my legs and arms, despite my ribs being practically visible now.

No. 161262

I have an ED, but I'm a pear. I'm really small everywhere except my upper legs. I have really slim hips, no boobs and small calves, but huge saddlebags and thighs. It's awful and I never look as thin as I want because my thighs are so big.

No. 161263

god I feel this. My upper thighs are so thick that I can lose all the weight I want and I'll never look thin because of my thighs. I have small breasts that look more like moobs than actual breasts, thin arms, flat ass, thin calves etc. But my upper thighs are huge. I wish I had at least bigger boobs to balance it out.

No. 161264

>Guise I hate my skinny body with t&a. It's too sexy. Also I have babyface.

Lol. Fuck off. You probably are fat and ugly like all of us. Proof: every pic ever posted. Prove me wrong.

No. 161265

maybe you guys just need to accept the fact that you're female

No. 161266

I often see threads of DFC but IRL I've never seen any guy having interest in small boobs. It's a bummer really.

No. 161267

The things is all guys(or most) all like boobs. Big or small. If they got big boobs to grab they think, shit man thats cool. If they got small boobs to grab they think, shit man thats still fuckin cool.

No. 161268

Nah I got you but they'll always prefer big boobs over small.

No. 161269

I have the 'perfect hourglass shaped' body. And I hate it. I don't fit into most of trousers/skirts etc as long as they don't have stretch. I wish mu thighs and ass were slim and well cute…also, I want to be smaller, I'm around 169cm but it's my dream to be around 152cm omg I'm crying I hate my basically everything about my body, except for maybe my boobs, which I anyway also want to change as soon as i have money

No. 161270

File: 1442784461489.jpeg (86.24 KB, 1024x1024, image_zps14eb9aef.jpeg)

My hips dip in like pic related. I look horrible in tight skirts and jeans. Any tips for this?

No. 161271


Weightloss will affect it to a degree, as will muscle gain.

Long term though only surgical intervention (i.e. a fat transplant) will level this out.

No. 161272

this, but also, no one really cares. it's a bit unusual i guess but it doesn't look gross or anything

No. 161273

surgery? nah
it's not unusual. The solution is to lose weight, to gain muscle and to use underwear that fits, not some sizes smaller.

No. 161274

i have skinny legs which i quite like but the top part of my thighs are quite, fat? do you guys have any exercises that could help?

No. 161275

One of my legs is smaller than the other one. I've broken it badly some time ago and needed surgery three times.
I'm okay now, but I've lost a lot of muscle mass and it bothers me lot.
I'm trying to gain it back, but I find it hard to work out one leg while ignoring the other. And the worst part is that my good leg keeps building muscle and increasing in size.
The part that bothers me the most is my buttock. That is the most noticeable difference between my legs. One is round and big with practically no cellulite and the other is smaller and flat, with cellulite.

No. 161276

i went from 240lbs to 113lbs…my body is an absolute horror. I would kill for a normal looking body. And it's even more depressing for me because if I had never been fat in the first place I would have had a 'good' body.

No. 161277

wow, that's still a great accomplishment, anon. i can imagine how frustrating it is but still, congrats on the weight loss.

No. 161278

My body kind of sucks. I'm short and squat. I store fat on my upper arms and my stomach/butt/thighs but muscle on my forearms and calves? It's weird, I've got thick forearms and calves like I weightlift or something (I don't) but it doesn't feel like there's a layer of fat on them or anything. The first place I lose weight is in my wrists and torso so I've got these bony hands and my rib cage/spine is starting to stick out since I've been trying to lose weight but everywhere else is still big. I hate how big my lower half is starting to look since I've been trying to lose weight. I also grow ridiculous body hair and my face is flat.

Sometimes I wish I was born male so I can grow a beard, hide in the mountains, and be the dwarf I know I'm meant to be.

No. 161279

I'm also starting to get afraid to lose more weight, since I know my body will only look more and more like an abomination.

No. 161280

anon i seriously feel you on this… i can't stand being female but i'm not trans or anything. i guess i just have negative connotations with being one because of family bullshit or something.
fuck i am also terrified of this!! i have lost like 70 lbs and still going and just looking at my body and feeling the loose skin makes me fucking disgusted. i think i hate looking in the mirror more now because i STILL feel like a freak. i've read places that say it'll reduce somewhat with time depending on skin elasticity but i am so terrified i will never be anywhere near acceptable looking

No. 161281


I'm going from 225lbs at my highest to a comfortable 150lbs and tbh this is my biggest fear.
Hopefully since I'm 5'7" and it's a smaller weightloss I can avoid any serious loose skin, but I'm also putting on muscle to try and reduce my risk overall.

What a shame that but for the limited mistakes we made in sadness we must now suffer as punishment for the rest of our lives.

Have you tried getting into weight training Anon? Obviously I don't know your situation but effectively the more muscle you have the more your skin and fat is held up in place and kept taut.

No. 161282


Do you mind me asking what what your height is?
And if it's any consolation I've heard that loose skin can adjust and settle over time.

No. 161283

snorted @ you thinking tumblrinas invented transsexualism
sounds like you have gender dysphoria lol no point denying it

No. 161284

I started at 210ibs about a year and a half ago.
I'm only down to 160 (gained 15 pounds) and I still want to lose weight.
I'm aiming for 110 as my ultimate goal but I'm fucking lazy and need to buck myself up to get up and do exercises more.
I just can't find any real energy. Coffee doesn't help.
I hate my boobs too, not their size but their shape. Also my body type is like pear mixed with triangle so I'm rather top heavy.
Seriously hate it as nothing really suits me.

No. 161285

Anyone with big feet here? I'm a size 8 (sometimes size 9) and am 5'4" but if see girls who are taller than me with smaller feet. I get really jealous of them and wish I had cute petite feets. I'm super self conscious of them and can't get in on some shoe trends (like the Nike Roshi) because they make my feet look too long and clownish IMO.

No. 161286

I'm 6' and don't have hips, boobs or a feminine face so I'm insecure about looking manly and try to make up for it by dieting. I've had an ED or at least been insecure about my weight for as long as I can remember. I reached peak ana 2 years ago when I was 110lbs but I couldn't even appreciate it because I still thought I was huge. I'm bulimic now and 150lbs and feel like a huge fucking cow, I wish I could get back into the starvation mentality.

To make matters worse all the women in my family are Ukrainian and model-thin with no effort. My mom is 5'10, 120lbs and my sister is 5'4, 70-80lbs. My cousins in Ukraine are literally signed to modeling agencies. I feel like everyone sees me as the westernized amerifat slob of the family.

No. 161287

I don't see how being really skinny will make you look more feminine tbh. Smaller =/= more feminine. At 6' isn't 150 quite slim? Anyways, you won't get hips and breasts by starving yourself that's for sure.

No. 161288

I have size 9 feet but idc about the length, however they're wide and I'm really flat footed. No heels ever for me, and ballerina flats just look… odd. Shit sucks.

No. 161289

Smallness is absolutely associated with femininity tho.

My self perception is fucked up so I can't objectively say if I'm thin, but I do feel extremely fat compared to my family.

No. 161290


From your description I think you sound quite beautiful Anon, but 110lbs at 6' is horrific, please don't ever let yourself get that low again.

I'm not sure what is with your preoccupation with perceived femininity in conjunction with height, you can be tall and feminine, and you also get the bonus of getting to eat more and having a more physically powerful bod.

Truth be told I'm actually rather jelly of your height, but greener grass and all that.

No. 161291

File: 1447570085052.jpg (263.42 KB, 1280x720, nmsr2c6OHk1sbdy8ho2.jpg)

Anon chan you're making me blush
But thank you. Grass is totally greener! I wish I was a short girl all the time.

No. 161292

I fluctuate from a size 9 to 11 often. Depend on the shoes or store. On average, I think I'm a 10 at 5 foot 6. I have no problem with my size other than they are wider than most female family members & friends, so it makes me a bit self conscious when around them. The males in my family however have big feet, and I'm right behind my dad when it comes to shoe sizing.

Body issues in general? I have really asymmetrical breast. In my case, one is bigger and perkier, while the other is smaller and looks like a deflated balloon hanging off to the side of my chest. The only things that could make them look somewhat equal are push up bras and getting my period in which the smaller one grows and actually seems to match the bigger one.

I also have a fat mons veneris. I just find it really grows and it makes me feel fat whenever it jiggles around. I don't think I could change it even if I loose a lot of weight because according to my mom, it's been this way ever since I was born.

Oh and my teeth. They are white as snow and clean, but they are really small (looks like baby teeth), uneven, and crooked. You see, I would have opted for braces but I heard braces changes your jaw + lip shape and idk how it'll affect me. I've just started to accept my face and work with my features, but I figure the acceptance would've been useless if it changes my face and I have to learn to accept it all over again.

No. 161293

>but I heard braces changes your jaw + lip shape

No. 161294

Dif anon, having braces in your mouth tends to push your lips forward. In terms of what the braces themselves do, it can change your jaw, but it shouldn't unless your orthodontist wants to straighten it.

What might be a better option is either invisilign braces, which are more like a series of retainers pushing your teeth, or getting veneers.

No. 161295

My body is pretty nice but I have a treasure trail.

No. 161296

File: 1447709238317.jpg (90.37 KB, 570x749, kate.jpg)

I'm like 5'4-5'5, 110 pounds. My weight fucking fluctuates between 50kg - 53kgs.

My body issues, probs just my extreme hairiness. I'm fucking hairy… also my torso area fucking weird. like a box?? My body looks a bit like Kate Upton. A bit thinner, and not as big boobs.

I love my legs, and my skin colour- a nice olive colour.

No. 161297

I have a unibrow

I tweeze religiously ofcc but i'm super worried if I'm stranded without a pair of tweezers for a few days

Shit's super gross.

No. 161298

File: 1447781064138.jpg (20.79 KB, 500x374, tumblr_inline_n3bwoflCmA1rqcg9…)

ah, yes, the hip dip. i used to fret over this a lot. it's a genetic thing regarding the fat distribution around your hips. as mentioned by others, there is not much to be done besides a fat transplant. weight loss and gaining muscle may help, but i think it's one of those things to accept and move on about.

No. 161299

File: 1447781300199.png (304.23 KB, 651x824, hipdip.PNG)

also, i believe all women have a hip dip – just to different varying extents

No. 161300

File: 1447781322342.jpg (26.14 KB, 500x279, 8e255ebccc04d3d565df71bc852864…)

No. 161301

IMO, small boobs are usually more aesthetic looking. also, they are a lot more practical. i have a lot of friends with large chests who have a lot of problems because of it.

No. 161302

consider laser hair removal. its expensive but most people say its very worth it.

No. 161303

Worth mentioning you have to get a lot of somewhat pricey treatments for it to be "permanent," and even then it's only permanent for a few years and you have to do it again.

Personally I got laser hair removal on my chin and it didn't take. It grew back only a few months after my final treatment. This has happened to a few people, as I've read online.

No. 161304

What's wrong with adult 18+ flat chests? It's cute. I wish I had your problems.

No. 161305

high waisted correcting underwear can help. Or if you don't like correctng underwear, high waisted tights work great in my case.

No. 161306

well most guys find me unattractive because of it and i can't really look sexy and it sucks.
i want a hourglass figure

No. 161307

Flat chests are great. No sagging. You can wear cute shirts, etc

There's someone out there for everyone. Don't give up, anon. If someone only likes you for your chest, you're doing it wrong

No. 161308

File: 1447904945333.jpg (23.14 KB, 523x239, yolo.JPG)

Ok so I wanted to share this here in case it would help anyone.

I know this looks retarded and gay af but hear me out

I bought this thing on a whim since I have prime and its only 6 bucks. I like gimicky things like and was curious. and holy shit ladies

My ass looks amazing in clothes now. Best of all, there is no padding so it jiggles/bounces and is super comfortable. in jeans my ass would disappear and now it's round and more bubbly and it's nothing un natural or weird looking. 10/10 would recommend to any girl since these are cheap af and look great

No. 161309


Oooh I might get one then, god knows I need help in preventing my jeans from swallowing my ass whole and turning it into a giant, blue brick.

No. 161310

I hate my height. I'm 5'2-5'3ish and I would kill for an extra two or three inches. The reason behind my insecurity is stupid as well, it's because I wish I looked more intimidating and badass. I feel like I'm just tiny and weak-looking.

No. 161311

Not always. For a good part of history (Western, at least) bigger was better. I'd reccommend the book "Seeing Through Clothes" by Anne Hollander, it has parts that go in depth on the subject. :) But yeah personally I think being feminine has nothing to do with being small or big and more to do with someone's personality.

No. 161312

will this work for a flat ass?

No. 161313

I'm tempted but wearing shapewear only makes me more anxious about getting naked.

No. 161314

I used to wear bra inserts and would just remove them (without anyone noticing) and if they noticed a 'difference' in my breasts I would say oh I wear a padded bra or some shit. This doesn't make your ass look huge but bubbly/round so I don't think it would be embarrassing to play it off as 'oh my pants are tight!" or some shit

mines kinda flat and it makes it look way more bubbly

No. 161315

>My skin
I have cystic ovaries that I'm on a specific BC for. I used to have cysts all over my face, and now I usually only have 2 or 3 big pimples with some small ones here and there. It sucks.

Also I've had so many people say that I look underage (I'm 20). I've gone out to run errands before in no makeup and had older people ask me if I'm skipping school (no they weren't kidding). I feel like all the guys I'm attracted to prefer mature looking women, and I just look so childish.

>Chronic resting bitch face

No. 161316

I have lipedema. I'll never have nice legs unless I get liposuction. I start thinking maybe I'll be okay with it but then I'll try on a skirt and see how lumpy and sausage-y my legs are and it makes me sick. I can't wear shorts in public and I live in the south so I boil in the summer.

No. 161317

Actually, it isn't. A feminine body is big boobs, tiny waist and big butt.
Petite bodies arent feminine but girly.
Skinny isn't feminine, it's "girly" or can be "boyish".
Curvy is (hourglass figure and not fat)

No. 161318

that's not gender dysphoria lol

No. 161319

It's because it's not RL.
In the internet, theres tons of guys into DFC but irl it's rare and a lot of them are lolicons.
Most guys irl prefer big boobs. Half like or tolerate small boobs.
Some guys like flat chests but it's rare IRL (sadly) but ive seen guys saying as long as you have a big butt your breast side doesnt matter

No. 161320

No. 161321

File: 1447992569405.jpg (5 KB, 125x125, 1438229945382s.jpg)

I'm 5'2 and I'm 120lbs
I wish i had a hourglass figure.
the problem is my ADHD pills cut out my appetite which is fine but i dont take them on the weekend and i end up eating a SHIT ton of stuff/binge eating and it's terrible. i guess ill drink more green tea.
I have small boobs so I use push up bras and use corsets to make it seem like i have a hourglass figure. i know it's weird or "false advertising" but whatever
all i want is to have a flat stomach. i hope my diet will work

No. 161322

How is 'girly' not the same thing as 'feminine'?

No. 161323

Girly can mean young. Feminine is just female-like. You can be feminine and look mature but not girly.

No. 161324

…Girly obviously means feminine as well though. Ergo a petite body is still feminine.

No. 161325

Yes but Feminine is not just girly. You can be feminine and not be girly.

No. 161326

No. Girly is for girls. Feminine is for women.
Petite bodies are girly or boyish. They cannot be feminine because feminine bodies have big breasts and big buttocks lol petite bodies are more child like i guess.

No. 161327

holy shit annoying fatty

women with large breast/ass are feminine looking in a more 'sensual' way but women which petite bodies also look feminine in a more 'gentler' sense.

No. 161328

Feminine, like the other anon said, is female-like anon.
That's why some men are sometimes characterized as feminine (due to their features, long hair, etc.), but you don't see them sporting a huge rack and a big butt.

No. 161329

Someone is mad that they are chubby.

No. 161330

nice samefagging.
i'm not chubby nor fat.
Big breasts and big butts are feminine.
Small breasts aren't seen as feminine but as girlish or boyish.
That's just the way it is, hence why sometimes petite bodies are seen as androgynous aka boyish because they lack curves.
and i'm not talking about curves like fat rolls lol i guess you two are mad because you have a rectangle shape?

No. 161331

Not a samefag but the second person. Actually, I am curvy myself. I just don't refuse to say being petite is feminine because it is. When I see smallness I think of femininity. The only time I have seen women say that only big butts and boobs are feminine is when it was chunky girls who brag about having a fat ass and tits while they have a gut.

No. 161332

Big breasts and big butts were always seen as feminine.
Small breasts were never seen as such.
Hence why hourglass figure is seen as feminine. that's why big breasts are always popular and "worshipped"
petite bodies aren't feminine lol that's defying science

No. 161333

also, it's why pinup models and sex symbols had a hourglass figure. they all had big breasts.
I'm not bashing petite bodies, but smaller buttocks or breasts are girly and flat chests are boyish. that's how most people perceive it.
but in lolcow people here worship japanese beauty standards (being very skinny) so i can understand some of you want to deny ir or just dislike it but big breasts were always seen as feminine lol it's a fact.
move on man

No. 161334

Calm down fatass.

No. 161335

lmfao you're retarded

No. 161336

This. Big boobs, butts and wide hips are the result of estrogen, more estrogen=more fertile, being fertile is linked to femininity.

Estrogen is a female hormone that is responsible whether you get curvy body or formless body. In women whose estrogen levels are low, fat packs to the wrong places, such as the stomach. In women with elevated androgen levels (male hormones) are completely flat or formless, like boys. Hormonal imbalance can also cause obesity or being underweight, as well as excess estrogen can cause obesity.

Vogue did a survey in 2012.

"The result is clear: 81% of the men interviewed preferred curvy women to skinny women. Fuller-figured women are thought to have the right mix of fun and sexiness: they’re seen as more feminine (65%) and more seductive (52%) than thin women.”

This is from Psychology Today.

"Evidence from all over the world suggests that men strongly prefer women who have a lot of body fat (roughly 30 percent of their body weight) and whose body fat is distributed in a particular way, with very little in the waist but much more in the hips, buttocks and thighs, producing a small waist-hip ratio.”

Japan is just a very sexist country that has a problem with infantlizing women. They don't want women to look like women, they want women to look like kids.

No. 161337

Honestly you just sound like a fat neckbeard trying to get a rise out of women clearly out of your league.

No. 161338

My teeth definitely bother me. I have a huge overbite/overjet (0.5 cm) and when I was a teenager my parents couldn't afford braces for me. Now that I'm 24 and unemployed I can't afford them either. Yet, I hope.

No. 161339

go do chest workouts for your saggy boobs honey:)

No. 161340

File: 1448736569249.jpg (50.07 KB, 640x640, 1447604654922.jpg)

I have a pear shape body and dance regularly (does that count as working out? lol)

My chest is completely flat so I just wear kids training bras. Some are actually cute tbh. (My nipples are like.. puffy and I hate them)

But my thighs are pudgy and I just don't know what to do about it.

My boyfriend said my body was adorable so I guess its okay.

No. 161341

I'm pretty similar, small boobs, skinny arms and legs etc. but I have actually grown to embrace it. I don't like that I look terrible in bikinis and fancy bras, but my boobs are kinda cute and perky. I'm kind of pear shaped too which again I quite like. I think I can appreciate that all bodies are good in different ways.

The only thing I don't like is that I have violin hips. Any weight I put on sits awkwardly around my middle, and there's lots of clothes I can't pull off because of my chunky hips.

No. 161342

Same. I hate my big legs.

No. 161343

I think I have inverted nipples… mainly because I have never 'nipped' (I guess that's the phrase?) when it's hella cold and have never even had erect nipples in general? Like, is that normal? It's probably not but it's been bothering me a little bit lately… but I guess it's kind of a blessing to never have inappropriate nipping… but also kind of troubling because it's really weird?

No. 161344

As other anons have said, I'm also just painfully average. If I try hard and wear makeup/dress up I can look attractive to a passable degree, but most days I just look sort of dumpy and there.

What also doesn't help is my hair. Firstly I'm very hairy, I have lots of arm hair, a happy trail, whenever I shave my legs within two or three hours I already have stubble. I've always thought about laser hair removal but I keep second guessing it.

Even worse is the hair on my head though. It's a fucking mess and no one can figure it out. It's very thick and frizzy and always looks unkempt. I've tried multiple treatments and styles but nothing takes. It drives me insane because I'll try so hard to look nice but then my hair will make me look like a 50 year old spinster, and hair is just such a simple but vital part of an outfit. Girls with good hair can pull off a t-shirt and jeans while still looking thoughtlessly classy but I look like a crazy cat lady with my fucking hair everywhere.

No. 161345

File: 1448910959430.png (251.3 KB, 642x965, 764302280248.png)

Have you at least tried waxing anon? I don't wax too frequently, but I have found less hair grows in the areas that I have waxed, like my legs and arms.

Also, what do you use on your hair? My first advice to everyone is to switch to a non sulfate shampoo. It's too harsh to use on a regular basis (I do keep at least one bottle in my shower that is sulfate based mostly because there are those times when I've used too much hairspray and it needs a good cleanse) and your hair should feel less dry as a result.

After that, don't wash your hair every day. Unless you sweat a lot or something, very few people really need to wash their hair everyday, and most who say they need to because of oil often don't realize their hair is super oily because they wash it so often. Your body adjusts. I wash it maybe 3 times a week at most, and that's only in the summer when I'm prone to sweat more.

I also have thick hair so a regular conditioner does not work. I only use deep conditioning treatments now since it's winter and I only need to wash my hair 1-2 times a week. I have a preference to the Shea Moisture line and this conditioner I've recently used up. I need to invest in another tub.

No. 161346

I think thick thighs are hot. Then agaim, i never found skinny thighs attractive

No. 161347

Nice samefagging. I guess i upseted some ana-chans

No. 161348

Its creepy that people on lolcow want to look like children. Japan is very sexist

No. 161349

File: 1448954371765.jpg (130.72 KB, 620x930, scrajo.jpg)

My nose looks extremely similar to Scarlett's before she had rhinoplasty.

Close ups like this are terrible. I cannot do selfies.

No. 161350

it's cute tho

No. 161351

I have really puffy cheeks no matter how thin I am. Not even babyface, they just look like bulimia cheeks. It makes me sad because all I want is a slim jaw with defined cheekbones. Tempted to go to Korea to get a jaw shave.

No. 161352

My nose tip is pretty similar to her's, maybe not as flat looking. Having a nose like that is frustrating because it can look bigger then it actually is in photos.

No. 161353

nice try fatty

No. 161354

I feel your pain. At least her smile is cute so that rescues it somewhat. I don't even have that. Damn genetics.

No. 161355

Omg yes. It is impossible to take a good picture unless it is far away and show that I actually have definition around the tip of my nose.

No. 161356

I have a very undefined nose bridge. Even contouring doesn't help much. I'll just plastic surgery at the tip and be happy from there.

No. 161357

File: 1449196489201.jpg (32.37 KB, 500x447, Demeter_Ceres_Greek_Goddess_St…)

I'm pretty happy with all my external features barring my nose.
It's not even a bad or ugly nose as it's slender from the front and has the characteristic Roman bump from profile, but goddamn I just want that bump gone.
I don't even want a ski-slope noise it anything since the rest of my features are pretty strong and it would appear mismatched, I just want the bump gone and to have it leave behind a perfectly straight, stronk honk.

I feel like if I were born to Ancient Greece/Rome I would probably be considered a great beauty, but I'd prefer to be a modern beauty to be frank.

I'm getting a septoplasty sometime next year on the NHS for a deviated septum causing breathing difficulties. I might try to subtly impress upon my surgeon to consider maybe NOT reconstructing the bump as accurately as it previous was.

No. 161358

>stronk honk
U have a way with words, anon.
In all seriousness, I'm a disgusting pear shape and any weight goes straight to my butt and upper thighs. When i was in high school, i used to bike everyday, so my legs were okay but now they're sad and i need to work out more. Also i have a weirdly bony chest.

No. 161359

>weirdly bony chest
i have this too, it sucks
i'm not even that thin but my sternum sticks out like crazy. i don't wear low cut tops because of it

No. 161360

>5'4 150lbs
>32D, 26.5, 39

Pretty happy with bod apart from my arms and I have huge under arm fat. I hope it was because I had too small bras for a few years and new bras will help but it looks ugly as fuck in person. It cuts right into the size of my boon. about 1.5" wide at the top and that long. It's so gross and just ruins my boobs so I can never wear thin strap tops or anything that doesn't cover the gross bit.
Going to be a bridesmaid in feb and I feel like I'm going to have to try and get my hands on the dress and alter the sleeve hole on my dress so that it's tighter on the front so isn't big enough to let the fat peek out.
I wish there was PS or anything that could help.

No. 161361

I'm a total butterface.

No. 161362

like 90% of this is broscience lmao

pls kys

No. 161363

5'4" 105 lbs

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with my body. I hate my nose though, it's similar to what >>161357 described.

No. 161364


OMG anon, we might me twins

5'3 100 lbs

32-24-35 and I have a nose like that anon as well. I'm getting a nose job soon though

No. 161365

Aww farmer twins. Which doctor are you going to see? I was thinking about Dr. Grigoryants in LA but he is expensive.

No. 161366

I have really wide hips and a small forehead. I don't dislike the wide hips that much though, but they bother me a lot. Men used to stare at me when I was younger (13-14) because of them (and my giant ass)

No. 161367

That means your body is sexy and attractive. I dont get how it could bother you. Do you want men to find you ugly?

No. 161368

Lol those are facts.
Big breasts were always a symbole of feminity. Big hips are a symbole of fertility.
Dont deny facts just because youre a flatty

No. 161369

>implying saying hourglass bodies are feminine means im fat
keel being delusional and denying science.
Whats up with flat twigs and hambeasts thinking their bodies are attractive if you have a 12 years old body or a whale body, youre ugly.
Both are ugly as fuck

No. 161370

Lolcow got infested with ana teens. Just ignore them

No. 161371

This might come as as shock to you, but some people are uncomfortable being viewed in a sexual context, especially when they are 13 years old.

No. 161372

I'm starting to feel hopeless about my stretchmarks. I got some around my mid section because of weight gain and now because I've started to loose weight, I'm getting them on my boobs because of sagging. I wish there was a way to fix it, my sagging boobs especially, that doesn't involve cosmetic surgery. I know I can do exercises to strengthen the muscle under the breast tissue, but I'm sure that won't lift my boobs where they should be. I hear mixed result when it comes to oils and creams to fix stretchmarks so… yeah.

Oh and I hate my nose. But I've mostly accepted that.

No. 161373

It bothers me that my body isn't sexy or cute or even typical. It's just, awkward, it's as if I'm forever stuck at the start of puberty.
5'4 101 lbs, 31-22-33, cup B and a babyface :/

No. 161374

hi anon,

I have stretchmarks in the following places:
sides of boobs
hips and butt
top of my thighs
behind my knees

Literally the only places I don't have stretchmarks where you'd typically get them are on my actual stomach and on top of my boobs. When I was a preteen/teen my dad got really sick, I became a depressed hermit neet weeb nerd and I ballooned up to 185 at 5'2" in just a couple of years. I took control of myself in my later teens and made it down to 110-120 and started to wear make-up and better clothing, however I was still very ashamed of my stretchmarks, although they had faded considerably at that point. Also my boobies totally deflated which was depressing too. I refused to wear anything sleeveless and wouldn't dare wear a skirt without stockings. I constantly wore jackets to cover my breasts because I was very insecure about them. In retrospect, I had wasted a ton of my youth being depressed and ashamed about honestly uncontrollable details of my body even though I should have been proud of my weight loss. In my early twenties, I finally found the courage to– oh my god!!– wear a sleeveless dress, and I felt so great when an attractive guy had hit on me the same day. It sounds so silly, but from that day forward I felt so confident and proud I completely stopped wearing jackets, freely wore shorts and skirts and invested in better-fitting bras to support what was left of the girls. I got over my fear of the gym and started working out a lot as well. An awesome guy was attracted to me and my quirks and my confidence and all of my little flaws I used to be so scared about and three years later I'm engaged and over the moon! lol.

basically tl;dr idk, your post made me feel like I was reading something a younger me would have wrote. If I had any advice for younger me, it would be to try to let go feeling depressed of things that you don't necessarily have control over eg some stretchmarks and boobs, and start investing your time and emotions in other parts of yourself that you DO have control over. You will feel much better for it. the end

No. 161375

Oh anon, I'm probably the same age as you, maybe older as I'm in my late 20s. I ballooned up to over 200 and that's when my stretch marks went from "okay not the worst" to "oh god have they migrated?" I guess I'm lucky in that I don't have them on my arms and thighs but I'd like to wear a bikini when I lose enough weight, and the only solace I have for that is that my stretch marks are light, not dark. Well, my mom mentions getting lipo a lot, and laser hair removal. I can probably get her to help with the stretch marks…

No. 161376

the only non-surgical thing I know of that might help stretch marks is derma rolling. I've used it for acne scars and got some results.
not mind blowing, back to perfect skin results, but a noticeable difference in pics.

No. 161377

File: 1451962263301.jpg (57.52 KB, 527x738, V1602-BZE_V2393-BZE.042.jpg)


I'm in my mid-twenties, so I'm not far off from you. I mostly got over my fear of bikinis– I wear something similar to this. The skirt bottom helps a ton in feeling cute and less self-conscious. Feel lucky they're not on your arms and legs! Your mid-section is mostly usually covered so it's nothing most people would be aware is there.

No. 161378

Yeah I've been on the look out for a high waisted one but havent found one I liked yet. I don't have many opportunities to wear one anyway, but still.

I think I was just a bit traumatized when I saw a girl at a con with her mid section out and her stretch marks were just dark and horrible. She wasn't even fat-fat, just kinda… flubbery.

I've heard of derma rolling, but it scares me a bit, mostly because if not done right you seriously fuck up your skin.

No. 181303

I wish I looked like a woman, instead of a walking and talking fridge. I have barely any boobs, very broad shoulders and a big ribcage. I almost feel like a man. Trans people who aren't even done transitioning look more feminine than I do ffs.

No. 181306

Lol, I'm the same boat anon
+ short torso and a babyface so it looks weird but I might be able to pass as androgynous with short hair

Something that really helped me in this case is fitness and building muscle to look more feminin instead of bones and chub. Not to mention the huge confidence boost you get

No. 181310

I'm really hairy and I hate it, because the hairs are really thick and dark, especially in my legs, and it takes away my confidence to wear dresses and skirts. I can't avoid ingrown hair so they're also really bumpy and I hate it.

No. 181312

my arms and legs are full of scars from compulsive picking and cat ownership. i also have heavy body hair and removing the big ass mustache is so fucking boring.

No. 181314

File: 1487197231508.jpg (20.26 KB, 273x283, colores.JPG)

I hate my ribs, even though I got to be skinny once it didn't show up because of them
My body is very rectangular and it sucks
I guess it's nice sometimes though, I seem to have nice lungs which are really good for tracking and jogging, activities that are enjoyable

No. 181347

I have the shortest ducking legs and a long torso!! I'm 158cm tall with an inseem of 65cm!! Fuck even Asian girls have longer legs than me!

No. 181351

The two all time hottest chicks I've ever known have total boy chests.
Guys only respond to pictures of big titties because they're a lot more visible. When it actually comes to hands on they don't give a fuck.
On the other end of the spectrum the only thing that's kind of crap about sex with fat chicks is their lack of fitness. Makes it slide considerably along the fun←>chore scale.

No. 181353

Probably my biggest body insecurity are my huge arms. I'm 5'0 & 96lbs, yet all my fat goes to my arms. My dad says I might as well been born a boy because I got his genes. It makes me even more jealous that my sisters got my mom's side (fat ass/small arms/long legs) but I got…. a short boy's body. So I understand why some farmers here wish they were born a dude.

No. 181356

I'm a classic ruler/banana shape and I'm a little chubby (not overweight but still not as slim as I'd like) and I look awful because rulers just cannot wear weight well (my weight I can change at least, and I'm working on it). I'm a 32DDD and my boobs aren't huge but sometimes I wish I was flat-chested. I like looking kind of masculine sometimes and I like having a structured silhouette, so boobs just ruin it. I'd also die for a hip-to-waist that's just a little better.

Aside from weight and boobs and hips, pretty much all my gripes with my appearance are centered around my face. My face is super asymmetrical, my jawline is uneven, my nose is huge and lopsided, and my lips are kind of small. Basically the worst parts of my parents' generes all collected in one face.

No. 181361

I hate my thighs. I have awful chubby soft thighs and the only time in my life I didn't have some sort of accumulation of fat on my legs was in the midst of a year long psychotic break. I didn't eat, ever, I was incredibly underweight but my legs looked perfect (the rest of me very skeletal and freaky). It makes me so sad that to like my legs I have to be underweight. My thighs are like cottage cheese soft and stretch marked and sometimes I swear I have knee and ankle fat, the rest of me is perfect and f slim. Why does everything I eat get stored in my legs.

No. 181364

OP's post was a year ago but I'm basically in the same boat with you. I'm 5'4 and 90ish pounds, so I'm severely underweight. I am queen of skeletons and I'm flat chested as well. Not just 'small breasts' but actually flat. I also have really chubby cheeks and I get made fun of them often, and they don't look good on my stick figure body. I have some serious insecurities that I think are justified, but I've learned to like the positives of myself. For example I am happy with my hair and skin. I think it's good to (try to) focus on the positives

No. 181376

I wish I could just tear my face off, it's so fucking saggy and asymmetrical that there's no single thing I could do to fix it. I'm in my mid twenties and age is hitting me like a truck and I'm still battling acne, but the structure is a mess. Terrible lopsided nose that's growing bulbous, overbite, snaggletooth, yellow teeth, stupid ears, jowls, asymmetrical small eyes, acne scars, huge dark circles that dent inwards etc. If I'm this ugly now in my "prime" then how bad will I look at 40?
I've learnt that just spending less time alone or looking in mirrors helps me forget though, and that ugly people still get by if they smile enough and stay clean, but seeing cute girls online makes me so sad. I was so depressed when I was younger because I had enough free time to really obsess over it, but the real kicker is that I used to have such youthful skin but I still hated myself at the time because of the overall structure.

I struggle with dysmorphia with my body, I always feel fat and I have recently gained weight, but normally I can reassure myself with measurements that I am still objectively slim even if I'm built like a rectangular little boy with a saggy ass. Unfortunately my family has a history of genetic problems like arthritis, digestive issues and the propensity to just become obese in middle age.
tl;dr I fucking hate myself

No. 181508

I hate being a female, but i can't quite tell if it's for the same reasons you're thinking of

I just feel like I'm not pretty enough to be feminine, but dressing androgynously makes me look like an old man with pear shaped body. I think that's what earns me dirty looks or possibly contributed to how oddly peers treat me, but maybe I'm just overacting..

It feels so unfortunate. I have such a masculine face with ogre-like features, small boobs, and i balloon out beyond my waistline. I'm like both ham planet and thin if you split me across the waist. I feel like I don't even look human sometimes and knowing that women are expected to look nice and seeing girls ranging from average to goddess all the time makes me feel kind of upset.

If I were a guy I probably wouldn't feel so disgusting since at least people could still see me as human for something like my personality or skills, but no one would honestly go out of their way to get to know a girl if they couldn't catch their eye in a positive way.

No. 181510

>short torso
>wide ribcage
>no waist


No. 181511


>Not saying I'm trans or agender or some tumblr bullshit

you're kinda saying that though anon…maybe time to look up those type of things instead of just putting them in the "tumblr shit" umbrella and hating yourself…

No. 181512

I lost a lot of weight during puberty, I went from 85 to 50 kg in about 2 years and it left me with a lot of loose skin but its gradually getting better (ive been around the same weight now for about 4 years now) but lately my body shape has been changing and my tights and butt got bigger (im 21 now) and its bothering me since i cant fit in any of my old pants >: i used to have a tight gap and no ass, but i guess puberty took its time with me. still got no boobs tho LOL

No. 181515

skinnyfat chiming in.
i have chub on my stomach and my face is pretty round but my arms/legs/arms are skinny. i'm 5'4 and 120 pounds and i've been running everyday since last week for about 2-4 hours and i cut down on snacks/portions of food but ugh i just want to see results already.

No. 181516


what results are you looking for?

No. 181517

What's your diet like?

No. 181521

I am familiar with your pain anon.

Take it from me. Invest in your face. Overall it is worth it and makes you feel so much better about each day.

What I recommend:

Get some good dental work done first, that makes a huge difference in terms of not only pretty teeth but also a better face shape foundation. It might cost a lot, maybe even close to 10k (average seems to be about 5-6k), but IT IS SO WORTH IT and you can always pay it off slowly.

Save up/start researching for a rhinoplasty next, and in the meantime or after book some skin treatments to treat scars or pores if you really feel they are that bad. If you improve your diet and wear sunscreen, that can help a lot though with scars.

You could even entertain the idea of a small chin implant to reduce the look of jowls or get some lipo in the cheeks. I have also heard about buccal fat pad removal but haven't seen any convincing pictures yet from western surgeons.

One last thing you could consider is a minor facial fat transfer to add some youth back to your face if you are feeling like you have an old face at a young age. It costs a couple thousand but is permanent, there is zero risk of being allergic, and you don't have to get it topped up like filler.

It may seem like a lot, but at least just fixing your teeth and nose can make you feel so so much better about yourself. I don't usually recommend plastic surgery to people but as a fellow old-face at a young age (and boy did it get bad as my 30s drew near), it changed my life and I feel about 50% better about myself, which is what I expected since I am pretty self-loathing. (The rest is just improving my shit personality if it is even possible at this point. Physically I feel much better.)

It is important that no matter how you hate how you look, at least take care of yourself. Eat well, get enough sleep, do some exercise, keep your brain active with learning something/hobbies, drink enough water. Then once you feel more beautiful, you will have a great body and wonderful health to enjoy it with.

No. 181522

I disagree about the dental work. That shit is something you should consider as a last resort. I had braces as a child and while I am fortunate for that it has left me with TMJ. Definitely start small and WORK your way up. Small victories to the top. Don't listen to this dumbshit

No. 181523

Also im not saying braces caused TMJ cuz i definitely could have developed it sans braces. Just in my case it definitely did not help the situation. I know you have a family history of arthritis and sometimes TMJ is linked to that js

No. 181524

That's precious coming from the stupidest self-centered comment you could possibly reply with.

Anon said they were an adult and also had many significant problems with their teeth (overbite, snaggletooth, yellow teeth- I forgot to mention look into whitening too). Adult dental work is very different than that for a child and all of those things would be able to be fixed with the right work as an ADULT. Plus modern orthodontist work has improved a ton in recent times. So move along since you have no idea what you are talking about and enjoy your tmj.

No. 181525

Yeah and my second comment highlighted the fact that they have a history of family arthristis which is sometimes connected to TMJ. I don't think everyone needs to have perfect teeth, coming from someone with perfect teeth. It is a huge investment and often can fuck your teeth up

Thanks bitch I will. Enjoy telling people to get chin implants and rhinoplasty lmao. Like enjoy being an egghead

No. 181550

i'm basically pear-chan.

i have a body similar to moomoo but with smaller tits. hate it and working on it but have probs with bingeing.

my face is okay though, like my one redeeming quality and thin for my body size.

still i just hate everything from my thick legs to my flabby belly to my bingo wings but it's facial/neck/chin bloating that's the most distressing thing.

No. 181552

I have a hairy neck, big nose, wild and thick hair with a sensitive scalp and sticky-outy ears. I'm also a hobbit.

Now I don't look horrendous or anything but I also happen to have a gorgeous, tall and funny cousin who's an actress. We're super close and I look like a leprechaun with AIDS next to her.

No. 181553

Oh and my other cousin, her brother and another actor, is a 40-something gay manlet. Ironically I resemble him more than I do my mother.

Fuck me.

No. 181569

i look like a holocaust victim and cannot put on weight, people think i have an eating disorder by i usually eat 2k+ calories a day

No. 181570

Get your thyroid checked.

No. 181585

Cycling ednos loser chiming in, skinny my whole life but gained 30 kgs from anti depressant indused bingefest. Now, not only am i a fatass but i also have a ton of stretch marks on my inner thigs and tiny ones on my new E cup titties that decided to show up (was a b/c forever) -because i piled on all of these kgs in fucking 7 months. Kill me. My doc sees it as a serious issue and is changing my meds, here's to hoping.

No. 181589

It's been a week you numb nut, calm down

No. 181590

your cousin is tom cruise?

No. 181615

I wish, but we're not yanks and he's nowhere near the same ballpark. It's a tiny country so I doubt either of them is well known outside of this shitehole

No. 181620

Ugh well I'm only fucking 5' tall and athletic but I have to workout hard to keep from gaining ANY weight bc 3lbs looks like 15 on my short body. I also have super big calves like someone said idk why maybe cuz I'm pigeon toed … Also have Pcos so random awesome gnarly cystic acne like for 3 weeks at a time… My hair is like an ethic giant kinky curly frizzy coarse afro I have to spend hours taming… I literally get so much facial hair even hours after plucking etc… I had trichtotellomania as a teen in the late 90s/00s and lupus so my brows which were once bushy are thinning at alarming rates ugh no more

No. 181648

You're all sorts of fucked up honey. But seriously:
>5' tall
>workout hard
again, good. you won't regret it when you're old an still healthy whereas all the couch potatoes die from heart attacks.
>cystic acne
get accutane
>My hair is like an ethic giant kinky curly frizzy coarse
straight hair is boring
>I literally get so much facial hair even hours after plucking
shave it instead. that thing about shaving stimulating hair growth is a myth
>I had trichtotellomania as a teen in the late 90s/00s and lupus
wow, sorry for you

No. 181652

>I literally get so much facial hair even hours after plucking
>>shave it instead. that thing about shaving stimulating hair growth is a myth

Or try waxing. It'll take longer to grow back, and when it does, it should be thinner. Going to a salon can be expensive, but at-home waxing kits are pretty cheap.

No. 181686

i'm fat and gross but all i want is to be slender and androgynous. like even to the point that part of me is considering future top surgery.
however i'm both naturally curvy and heavyset on top of the fatness i've inflicted on myself so lol guess i'll just be unhappy forever

No. 181687

That doesn't mean you can't lose weight and still look way better. A bit of self care goes a long way.

No. 181692

Also 5' and it's one of the things I actually like about myself.

I wish my size D boobs were perkier. I've seen way worse but I feel so ugly about mine sometimes, especially when I don't wear a bra or when I bend over and they just kind of hang. I get so jealous when I see pictures of girls who have the same size boobs but are still super perky.

I just tried the Sally Hansen all over wax kit from walmart and it was so easy and didn't hurt very much. Did my legs and some pubic area in the same sitting and theres still a lot left over. First time I've ever gotten anything waxed other than my eyebrows.

No. 181728

I used to be such a pretty child then suddenly puberty came when i was 14/15 (late bloomer), and my face turned into a unrecognizable mess. I started wearing ugly glasses, my face started sagging, jaw got larger, eyes smaller, and i got jowls and all kinds of premature-aging shit. My nose also got bigger. The only positive thing puberty did to me was give me a more defined jawline and big cheekbones (that don't even show due to my fat fucking cheeks). Being ugly doesn't feel too horrible on its own, but considering how cute i used to be it really hurts.

No. 181729

Ugh same, I look so sweet in old pics of me from when I was ~11 but I just grew into my features so wrong. I look better than I did in high school but it's still frustrating lol, especially looking at how my nose suited my face when I was younger compared to how ugly my nose looks now.

No. 181771

File: 1487749267789.jpg (50.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Have you tried getting more flattering frames, learning how to apply makeup and losing weight?

I'm the opposite of you, I used to be a hideous little monkey (unusually hairy for a child, perpetually sunburnt and therefore vaguely middle eastern-looking even though I'm a very light skinned western european, with a visibly broken nose, always dressed in tattered, baggy boys' hand-me-downs… I've even posted a picture here once), people always ignored me as a kid because I wasn't as cute as most of my friends, I was bullied throughout most of primary school etc. I ended up growing into a relatively pleasant-looking person and I'd say 60% of it was learning which colours and cuts suit my face and body and learning to take better care of myself. I'm also getting a nose job in a few months.

For most people not blessed with a godlike bone structure it can take as little as a flattering haircut to get them from dumpy to attractive. As long as you work with your features and not against them I'm sure you can turn your life around easily. Not saying you'll be Gisele Bundchen-tier or anything, but you'll definitely improve.

Of course, it's impossible to do it overnight and you'll waste a lot of money trying to find the right products, tailor your routine to fit your lifestyle, discover your personal style, find, buy and afford the right clothing, alter some clothing to fit you better… But it can be done.

No. 181785

Where do I start?

I comfort ate when I was a teen due to bullying and I've never managed to lose it. Makeup looks horrible on my skin, I also have eczema and almost translucent coloured skin. My hair and nails are so weak, I'm so jealous of people with thick, glossy hair and long nails that they can paint. I have a stupid young-looking face which some people would kill for but it means I can never be considered "sexy" to anyone other than ddlg assholes. All clothing looks shit on me, I've never found a "style" that suits me. I'm always conscious of the fact that I'm the fattest person in the room or if I'm the only person who doesn't have some expensive balayage hair or if I'm the most casually dressed.

I constantly deprive myself of things I want "no, you can't buy new clothes, you're too fat", "you can't get a haircut because you don't deserve it", "you can't buy that new foundation because it'll look gross on your skin anyway", "you can't cosplay because you'll end up on some cringe thread online". It's really taking a toll on my mental health but idk what to do about it.

I don't think I'll ever feel beautiful.

No. 181787

uh I've got weight issues that I've been trying to get under control for several years (given a lot of prednisone for severe asthma when I was a kid and it fucked me up) but I feel like it's happening too slowly. aside from that my boobs are pretty small and saggy, like in between an A/B cup, but my ass is muscly/fat so I look really disproportionate from the side. I'm short, 5'2, but I don't mind the height. just wish I looked a little more proportioned. muscle mass is thickest in my lower body, so killer calves, thick thighs, etc but it just makes me look even weirder I think lol.

also, like a few other anons, my feet are huge. I'm a size 10-10.5. my entire family has flat feet, so I guess that's where I get it from. idk. I want to look androgynous ultimately, but that's just not attainable for me. I just look like the opposite of skipping leg day.

any farmers here been on prednisone? it'd be nice to have someone else to talk to about it, it sucks looking at photos from childhood because you can tell exactly when I started taking it, I just fucking ballooned suddenly.

No. 181821

Fuck anon, that sounds like me.

Have you tried to lose weight recently? I've been dieting and I've lost 22lbs. I'm still fat and I want to lose at least more 20lbs. I do want to lose more and I probably need to lose more but hey… that would make me feel a lot better.

I feel gross and disgusting. I can't stand looking in the mirror for more than 10 sec. Pictures make me want to cry. I think I'm completely disgusting.

No. 181838

File: 1487849379846.jpg (21.7 KB, 480x360, BR__KODCYAAG2gY.jpg)

I look like someone hit "random" when creating their Oblivion character.

No. 181854

I'm slightly above average height, well endowed, and have kind of broad shoulders. Which is fine when I'm thin. But because of some incredibly stressful situations for the last five years I've gained a ton of weight. Now I feel like a fat linebacker with cow tits. Worst part of all is that I have an apple shape so my legs have remained somewhat passable but I look fucking unbalanced.

No. 181855

Yeah my entire adult life has been dieting haha it's never ending.

Yeah I feel the exact same. I used to be so vain when I was younger, I have thousands of selfies of myself from ages 12 to 15, then after I gained the weight and got bad skin I started using filters and using "flattering angles" and lots of heavy contouring makeup. Then within the last year I haven't taken a single photo of myself and I always avoid cameras. I can't bear to look at myself. A friend of mine takes silly candid photos of others as a joke but I wish they'd stop because it pains me so much to see myself without 100 filters.

No. 181858

File: 1487861922111.jpg (38.24 KB, 534x526, 52a98c2dc06be1d6cffefdd0b6c5a4…)

I'm tall, fit, and i have an hourglass shape which is fantastic in theory, but i also happen to have incredibly short dwarf-tier legs so i always look fatter and shorter that what i actually am.

Breasts grew incredibly fast at a very young age without me noticing and they sagged quite a bit because i was too young to understand i needed bras, and i hate them now. I scar very badly so i don't consider a breast lift too much of an option, because replacing a issue with another issue seems stupid.

Slight violin hips, they do bother me when i wear tight stuff, but since it's very slight it can be concealed quite easily, but still.

Thanks to my mediterranian genes i am hairy as fuck everywhere and i have a "happy trail", a slight mustache and slighlt unibrow that i need to keep in constant check. They did gave me fantastic eyebrows and hair but the cons suck ass.

I have a lot of acne scarring thanks to me picking a lot at my skin. It's especially bad on my legs and face.

No. 181859

i have broad shoulders and i fucking hate it. thankfully i'm not tall or big so i don't look like a man but i still have that my shoulders are the widest part of my body. i would give everything to be a pear shape, the complete opposite. my shoulders look huge in certain tanktops

No. 181882

I have violin hips which I don't like too much but ever since I've started wearing almost only skirts and dresses I haven't cared at all. I never see them except when I'm getting dressed in front of the mirror, I don't have any full body mirror in my bathroom and other times I'm naked I'm either sleeping or having sex so not paying attention to how I look.

No. 181906


Easy. "Girly" is pre puberty. "Feminine" is post puberty.

No. 181932

i hate my tummy/waist and face. they are so chubby unless i am 90 lbs. i'm 115 lb and 5'2" right now, i gained 15 lbs because of depression and life going to shit and stress eating. i'm trying to lose it all as fast as i can. i'm currently doing 800 cal/day for 3 months and hope i can get back down 100 and then work from there. i just hate how saggy and flabby my body has become. cosplay has become my biggest motivator because i want to look good for a con.

No. 181935


Anything under 1000 kcal is not a good diet plan, especially for such a long period as 3 month.

No. 182014

You should lift, do cardio, eat more but stay on a slight deficit, there is no shortcut to losing, you have to do it right

No. 182039

anyone else /micrognathia/ here? mine isn't that severe but it throws off so many of my facial features. my side profile looks flat, my cheeks look chubby to the point where i look like i have jowls despite being an average weight, and thanks to my shitty orthodontist who tried to correct it when i was a teen with braces and bands, my nose and chin are now slightly crooked. shit sucks.

No. 182648

I have a roastie… even though I'm a virgin. I hate my life.

No. 182652

it's genetic, not made.

No. 182657

I can't drop below 150. I try and try and try and it just doesn't happen.

No. 182658

Not possible. Every single human body is capable of weight loss. You're not adjusting your bmr and intake accordingly if you're not losing beyond 150. All weight loss is maths. Eat less=weigh less.

No. 182675

lol.. don't let the unsavory name get to your head. Plenty of guys fetishize that shit.

At least, no one's gonna put the brakes on the bonertrain because you got a weird vag.

No. 182681

My hair is thinning at the temples and sides of my forehead. There used to be two triangular patches with a 'widow's peak' but now the hair there is getting softer and sparser. I used to think my whole fam just had a fucked up hairline but nah, it's me.
I don't even know who to turn to because 9 times out of 10 when I complain about it the answer is either "you look fine to me" or "maybe you just have a big forehead". I've owned a mirror long enough to say with absolute confidence that I do not have a large forehead. It doesn't seem to be female pattern baldness either, and I'm sure it's not traction alopecia since I don't tie my hair back ever.
It'd be easier if I were blonde, instead I have black hair. Bah.

No. 182689

It's could be breakage if you sleep on your sides. Try a silk pillowcase or headwrap. It stopped the problem for me.

No. 182690

As a teen I slept with a guy who was distinctly disappointed by my non-protruding labia minora. Swear to god anon, they aren't a big deal to any man over the age of 22. Dumbass boys who screech 'eeeewwww roastiessssss' are the kinds who have only ever seen vaginas on screen or are total fuckwads too obsessed with looks to be a functional interesting person. (See incels for more of these guys)

No. 182693

Same here, but mine is stress related. I don't think it's really that noticeable to anyone but me, but it makes me feel like shit nonetheless. My stylist said there's nothing I can do since it's not a balding condition, so I just deal with it by leaving my hair down and parting it to the side.

No. 182700

Anon the roastie thing is a neckbeard meme and a totally normal thing unless it's hitting your knees or something, love yourself and learn about irl bodies. Look at those user-submitted galleries if communal nudity isn't a normal thing in your culture.
This, I didn't even know it was a thing until I had already slept with a couple of guys and there were never any comments. I've since asked two boyfriends if there was anything wrong with mine and and neither of them thought it was anything different. Normal guys are just really excited to see any vagina.

No. 182771

I have weird boobs that go from kind of flat to big and they just look odd. I grow hair on my stomach, back and some on my butt? I have really ugly dark wrinkles by my nose to my mouth (I think they are called "laugh lines") and they make my ugly downturned nose look 10x worse. I also wish I had a thicker butt I'd do anything for it but I don't want to go through surgery.

No. 182774

Hairy belly back and butt is actually pretty normal. There's definitely nothing gross or freaky about it. Pretty much all boobs are a little bit lopsided. Regular women's boobs are a lot less like a model or pornstars boobs and a lot more like yours.
It can be really distressing and affect your self esteem, and there are options to alter your breasts and/or hair distribution but it's important to know that what you've described is totally normal and not some weird thing you're alone with.

No. 182809

>pretty hairy compared to most girls i know. i have
fine hairs all over my body plus my hair dark so it's noticeable (ex: back, butt, chest, the ones on ur toes and knuckles)

>people have called me cupcake tits and picked on me for my nipples looking weird because they're puffy and pink. i don't know anyone else who has them.

>srsly no ass ;;

>acne and scarring

>wide nose

No. 182818


Puffy nipples are cute! Mine are like that when they're not cold or stimulated and they make my boobs look weird and squishy. But when there's something going on it looks like they change shape entirely! Don't worry about pink puffy nips, Anon.

No. 182820


puffy nipples ARE super cute!! I wish mine were puffy honestly, instead I got inverted ones :/

No. 182824

I have thick, dark belly hair too so I know how you feel.

No. 182829

you're the only people i know (besides my bf but he just grew to love them. he thought they were weird too before) who think so.. ): thank you nonetheless! i've seen pretty cute inverted ones though. they look shy and delicate.

No. 182847

I am considered attractive by a lot of people. I get complimented a lot.I work hard on my skincare and everyone in my family ages slowly. None of this matters though, because I truely loathe myself. I hate how fixated on my appearance I am. Someone tagged me in a group photo last night where I looked fat and I stayed up all night crying then stayed up and spent the morning power walking. Almost every few minutes I worry about how I look. I was pretty ugly during puberty and bullied a lot, plus home life was awful so maybe it's a self esteem thing. I feel so fucking shallow focusing on it all the time because I always think everyone is staring at me. It is a total nightmare. I need to see a professional because confiding in anyone else just ends up with ''there are worse things to worry about'' and ''don't be stupid you are super attractive'' I KNOW THERE ARE WORST THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT, FUCK YOU, I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT I DONT WANNA FEEL THIS WAY CONSTANTLY AND IT DOESNT FUCKING MATTER IF YOU THINK I AM ATTRACTIVE, THE POINT IS THAT I DONT FEEL THAT WAY ABOUT MYSELF!!!! I also have a theory that my best friend in high school who is a gay guy used to say hurtful things about my appearance (and this was AFTER the ugly awkward preteen phase) he would joke that I was fat even though I was very slim. Constant jokey put downs ect.
I hate it. My whole complex and added shyness, just ruins so many opportunities for me. I constantly spend hours at work thinking about fucking men for quick money just for plastic surgery and fillers. Like I said, even though I am called attractive a fair lot, I cannot see it at all and the whole thing is ruining my life

No. 182848

Sorry I meant to add that I have a theory that my friend's behaviour effected my self esteem but it didn't type for some reason

No. 182850

Wow, are you me? I had the exact same experience, down to the fag hag in high school thing. Except I've never been fat but he teased me for being 'crazy' (I used to take anxiety meds) and having a big nose 'like Lady Gaga'.

No. 182893


I have puffy nipples too. Its not that bad.

No. 182896

I'm sorry about your self esteem issues anon. I think what might work is classical conditioning. Tell yourself at every opportunity that you love yourself until you believe it.

Also fuck gay guys in high school. That exact same thing happened to me back then, too. He knew I had issues but still couldn't stop. I think in his case it was compensating a lot, because he had a pretty shitty home life and always enjoyed to bring others down. At every given moment he made fun of everyone, gossip and talking bad behind others backs. And on top of that making fun that I was fat, while I hit a 19 in BMI. Which is pretty close to being underweight. But my boobs were small and my stomach not flat lol.
Fuck those shallow idiots that fuck up your perception of yourself.
Keep in mind that no one really cares when they see you walking around, because they too are mostly thinking about themselves and how others see them.

No. 182910

I'm currently 5'9 and 123 lbs, but I used to have a really bad ed and weighed 85ish lbs. Sometimes I miss the attention… if I could just lose 5 lbs from where I am but I don't want to slip that far back again…

No. 182920

it's not common in asia.. i guess that's why it freaks them out.

No. 182922

2 years ago I started getting on BC because I had horrifying acne - it is in my genes and runs my family. Now the acne is gone and I am very happy about that, but I gained like 6 Kilos of weight over those 1 1/2 years and my boobs are enormous - Every type of clothing looks like a joke on me. Bevor BC I was 1,60 m, my weight was about 50 kilos an my cup size was a C/D 75. Now I am weighting about 56 kilos an my boobs are a F 75. My parents are constantly telling me how fat I got and are making fun of my boobs an thighs. I am considering to get rid of BC, but I also don't want the acne to come back and ruin my entire face again. I feel so insecure, how can I lose 6 kilos successfully and reduce my breast size?

No. 182936

Hahaha I might be you. I wasn't fat ever, but he was into high fashion and Asian so anything over size 6 was fat. I'm size 8 (sometimes 10 because I am tall)

No. 182948

Also same fag but he teased me for being crazy too and taking mess. Come to think of it, a lot of my friends and family joked about me being unstable.

No. 182949

Also same fag again (please don't ban me) but thanks I will try the conditioning and see if I can stick with it

No. 182956

i've had severe body dysmorphia for the entire adolescent/ adult half of my life and i don't even trust myself to talk about what i look like because there are parts of my body i love and parts that i hate but some days every part of my body morphs into something i hate and i can't win with myself. wish i could appreciate myself more because i know that objectively i DO have good natural traits: a small waist proportionally no matter how much weight i gain or lose, a decently sized butt that i never lose either, essentially an hourglass figure, ringletty curls, a face that is unique in a good way. i'm down to my lowest weight since high school so i SHOULD feel way better about my appearance and sometimes I do which is a huge relief from the days where all i can focus on are my upper arms being way too big for my body no matter how much fucking weight i lose, birthing hips that make some clothes that should fit me everywhere else impossible, and shitty posture that makes my back look bigger. also a case of babyface, which my ED history makes worse by causing my face to puff and ruins my decent cheekbone/ face structure with marshmallow ass bulimia cheeks and a soft jaw. i have a witch nose from the side so i'm terrified of profile view candids that don't even look like me, and i hate that i can't pull off what skinny-everywhere girls can clothing wise because if i wear something that doesn't cinch at the waist and shows my arms or thighs, i instantly gain like 20 fucking pounds in photos.

also HATE that i'm so short, because all i do is look in the mirror and posture myself upwards and lament at the fact that if i had actually grown taller past fucking middle school all my features would be stretched upwards and much more flattering. everyone loves an hourglass figure but a squashed hourglass is shit tier

also i'm sure this is the BDD talking but i've never been larger than a size medium, and i'm like xs/small now in most brands, yet every time i see myself in a shopping mall mirror or next to my slim friends i look so fucking goddamn medium

and more than anything else that i hate about myself physically i wish there were something i could do about my arms, but realistically they'll be this way forever, my mom is extremely in shape for her age and even hers are big for her body so it's kind of a 'muh genetics' fucky situation. i know spot training doesn't rly exist but i do a lot of small weights and tricep dips, but even then it's kinda futile imo because my arms are big in the sense of stubborn fat being stored there AND naturally being muscular there, so even now that i've lost weight it's just loose flab and muscle. seriously if anyone else has the lunchlady arms curse any tips would be immensely appreciated

anyway i'm glad this thread exists i need somewhere to vent and word vomit cause i've had a shitty week

No. 182960

No matter how much weight I lose, I have violin hips, so I know it's my body and not just a muffin top.
I hate them because I love wearing tight clothing, but I just never look as good as other women who have beautiful round hips.

No. 182982

I hate how thick my calves are. I've only ever found two pair of knee high boots that fit. I've lost some weight since I was in high school but my calves are still fat as fuck. It makes me sad I can't wear cute boots and seeing even some obese people who are mostly top heavy be able to wear knee high boots makes me really sad. I'm hoping if I lose more weight that will change but I'm really thinking I just have naturally big calves. :(

No. 182984

I can understand your pain anon. I have always been made fun of for my big calves but now I learned to accept them. Even big calves can be kawaii~~uguu

No. 182985

I'm a chronic long-pants wearer for this reason. :( Summertime is uggh.

No. 183020

I don't own a swim suit and haven't gone swimming in years (despite enjoying it) because of my body hair / stretch marks / mild bacne scars from skin picking, and also annoying razor burn whenever I shave my crotch area. I'm pale so all of these things are super obvious, also I've dealt with these since I was 11. Not sure why I ever got such major thigh stretch marks because I've always been thin and never had a sudden growth spurt.

Idc about my bf seeing me nude, but running around half naked in public would make me feel super self conscious because of what I mentioned previously, and because I'm creeped out by middle aged men.

No. 183032

Despite the modern media telling you all middle-aged men are evil predators, I'd say the majority of them don't really give a shit, and probably won't unless you're super curvy with gargantuan T&A and even that is mostly shock value. I swim a lot and where I live swimming is considered an old people hobby, so the pool is a regular haunt for middle-aged and elderly dudes (and ladies).

Here's a list of what they usually pay attention to:
1) The game last night
2) General complaining
3) 'My son is a doctor!' 'Oh yeah? Well my son is a lawyer!'
4) Remembering the good old days
5) Aquarobics
6) Their spouses
7) Bitching about kids at the pool
8) Bitching about young women (see: kids) at the pool
9) Scratching their nuts underwater
10) Lunch
Not once have I caught a single one ogling anybody or talking about it, especially not me, and no matter how hot you are they consider everyone under 35 an annoying teenager so they're more likely to tell you to get away from their jacuzzi spot than creep on you.

No. 183033

What >>183032 said. People aren't that bad. Once you spend some time around them you'll notice that the majority doesn't care.

Last summer I went with the bf to a huge lage for a swim and there was a table with maybe 8 old dudes playing cards and drnking behind us. None of them payed attention to a single girl, even after they were done with their game. If anything it's youger guys/the ones your age that are the creeps. But they're also mot as common.

No. 183042

Don't worry anon, 99.9% of people aren't going to notice. The most people will give you is a quick glance and then you're forgotten again. You've had X amount of years to study your own body's flaws, everyone else has less than a second. Most guys are fine and are more concerned about their kids etc like above anons said, but if it's something that really bothers you, I would recommend seeing if your pool has women's only swim times.

No. 183047

I appreciate the input, anons!

No. 183083

I live in a foresty area with bugs. I get bit on my legs and I'm left with so much hyperpigmentation after it heals. And a guy pointed them out recently and I feel gross D:

No. 183085

he's an immature asshole anon, don't worry. no one would care about that.

No. 183093

If a guy you don't know pointed something about you out, he probably wanted an excuse to talk to you and was too nervous to find a different topic.
Source: I'm a guy who pointed out shit like that before, because I was too nervous to find another topic.

(And if he did know you, he probably ran out of topics, so he looked at you and was happy to find something).

The main thing to remember is, everyone has a live and their own problems. Nobody got the time to give a fuck how you look on a beach. And even if one or two assholes are sprinkled in there who do think in their head "yeah, I am looking better than this person!", why would you care? Does it affect you? They will be dead in a few years, and so will you, so just go out and enjoy the damn beach you cunts and faggots.

No. 183094

Buy a long tanktop and fold it in the dents.

No. 183095

If it was 2 years ago, the acne might not even come back, maybe in smaller doses. If it comes back, I believe it'll be easier to take care of them with creams and such. You never know until you try!

No. 183096

File: 1488790222769.png (776.69 KB, 1380x857, make this look better - Copy.p…)

This thread is making me sad. I feel like an intruder here as a male.
You know what the difference between threads like this for males and females is?
In the male ones, they complain that they are virgins and alone, and will never find a partner (of course while not wanting to change themselves, or even leave their house to find someone).
In the female threads, women are also complaining about how shitty and ugly they feel, but there are so many posts including "bf think it's fine, still feel like shit", or other mentions of external positivity. You'd NEVER see that in a male thread, they are always about isolation. But for you it seems like your minds are telling you to be unhappy no matter what, even if you do have a caring partner.

I always thought you women had it easier in the way of love, but I guess life is shit no matter who you are.

No. 183100

breaking news: robbit learns that women have feelings independent of men

No. 183101

>>Women have thoughts and needs and desires outside fucking the biggest bestest looking cock within the immediate vicinity? Oh no! Think about how this hurts me! The self-obsessed wallflower who identifies as his virginity and nothing else. This shock almost made me reassess my view that women are sex vessels with the emotional complexity of a shoe

No. 183103

Congrats on your new realization anon.
Yes, we have other problems and worries besides men.

No. 183107

No, stop, you have to pat him on the head and let him know he's a good boy. Without an outpouring of positive reinforcement he'll just revert to his previous state.

No. 183118

File: 1488810952933.jpg (13.22 KB, 324x324, good_old_boy_star_sticker-rc5f…)

im on it
You are such a good boy. A strong man. No man has ever ascended as far as you have. You are the most special guy ever. You. You are special. Do not ever change because you are in the center of the universe and it all revolves around you. Everything that has ever happened has been leading up to this moment, a moment you were destined for.I am very proud of you.

No. 183137

>besides men

To be fair, that anon did mention "or other mentions of external positivity", so he probably didn't mean that a woman's self value comes directly from men's opinion.

No. 183139

Kek, I guess that was worded poorely on my part.

What surprised was not "women need moar than da dick??", but that some of you literally write that they are seen positively by their outside world or partners and still feel completely opposite.

No. 183141

I'm sure it's the same for a lot of men Anon. Maybe those who feel like that simply don't talk about those feelings on threads like you mentioned, because if they did the other men there would just tell them to fuck off because at least they get pussy or whatever.

No. 183142

Dude, give up. A woman will never feel the same as we do because their conditions are different. My loneliness is not having had a girlfriend in two years. My sister's loneliness is that she got disappointed with her last two boyfriends and is single now, even though she gets hits on on a daily basis.

It's not a matter of "who has it worse", people have different lives and this results in wanting different things. Right now I'd say me and my sister are on the same level of happiness. Sage for blogposting and derailing the thread.

No. 183144


What you don't get is the "positivity" we get in a drop in the bucket compared to the pure amount of being shit upon we get. A boyfriend or a thirsty fuck who's probably lying making one or two "you're fine" comments isn't enough to erase a lifetime of being told everything about you is shit- your body is shit, your personality is shit, and even if it wasn't shit your body's still shit so you should just die.


There are as many women virgins in the world as their are males, the only way you and men like you are special is the amount of whinging you do and the entitlement you have surrounding it.

No. 183152

It's almost as if women aren't empty headed giggling-and-eyelash-batting machines whose concerns and complexities aren't erased by someone saying 'you're pretty'!?

C-could this mean that women are somehow sentient beings who validate themselves through things other than looks? But how? Surely they aren't concerned with anything other than how fuckable they are to other people? R-right?

No. 183189

There will be men exactly the same though. Any kind of person can hate themselves regardless of how other people feel about them, even a successful male underwear model. I'd like to add that especially in the case of women, the "positive reinforcement" we get is often extra meaningless if it comes from someone that might just be trying to sleep with us. Although I'm sure that applies to male underwear models too.
Well done on taking some of the crit at least, if more people could develop empathy then the world would be a better place

No. 183194

I've had awful acne since I was 11, thought it'd stop by the time I was an adult but… it really hasn't.
I've tried almost everything in the book that I can think of/that has been suggested to me.. and it just neverrrrr goes away. My face is just permapizza.
I wanna burn it off.

No. 183196

More of a vent, because nothing can be done. Last night I needed to pick up some clothes before I met my boyfriend in the city. I told myself not to go to the fitting rooms, I knew the stuff was my size, but I had time to kill so I stupidly did it anyway.
I spent 20 minutes in that changing room because I let myself look at my face, I was late to meet my boyfriend and then even though I was trying to focus on the conversation I wouldn't let go of his arm and cried on the street for like 5 minutes. He is supportive and did everything to cheer me up, but I hate being that sad clingy girlfriend. It's only getting worse because the dreaded droop is starting to affect things that weren't even a problem on my face before, I never cared about my overbite until my cheek sagged, and now it looks like I have no chin. The only solution I can actually do is to not look in the mirror, I only have myself to blame.

No. 183199

I saw an aesthetician that specialized in acne and following her treatment was the only thing that worked for me. 3 months later, I'm 90% acne free
Spending the money was worth it when you've literally tried everything else.

No. 183240

Have you ever been tested for PCOS? Acne is a common symptom and won't go away easily because it's hormonal.

No. 183377

I hate my body because I see myself as a man, but the rest of the world sees a skinny-fat babyface with thunderthighs (I'm almost thirty but people still ask me what grade I'm in). Even being an A-cup makes me feel like I'm toting double D melons and I want to kill myself when I look in the mirror. I am tired of binding. I just want to put a shirt on and go out without worrying about whether they can see my cleavage or not.

I'm fine with not having a cock though, as unusual as that sounds. I think having a pussy feels (and looks) better.

> Sorry for being a freakish tranny with unrelatable problems.

No. 183450

i have the ugliest face. i have a lazy eye and a fat face. people made fun of me my entire childhood so i never made any friends. also i started gaining a lot of weight when i was a kid because i was so sad and lonely, started losing hair too from the stress.

now i've lost that weight (i'm not skinny but i'm not obese like i once was) and it feels useless. my apperance is so unappealing it makes people uncomfortable. i now realize that losing that weight didn't mean anythign. i'm so disgusting that no one approaches me and when i approach people i suck at it cause i have no social skills. i feel like a lost cause. i'm lonely as hell and its never going to change.

No. 183461

>i'm lonely as hell and its never going to change
Anon I don't now how to help you truly, because I think even you know a lot of your problems also come from the inside, but I know it's a fact that being well presented and slim makes even "ugly" people tolerable to be around or look at.
I'll use the example of a man at my work that was pretty large and has something wrong with his face like a serious stroke or impact damage from the way half of it just seems to hang, one eye is always closed and his nose looks crushed. When I first met him he was fat and did that fat breathing thing, his hair was a shaggy mess and even though he was a hard worker I just generally didn't know where to look when he was around. I moved workplace but having recently come back to that site, he has lost a lot of weight to become an average healthy weight and has started keeping his hair tidy. At first he was still wearing his old baggy clothes and it looked weird but now he is dressing smarter too. I don't know if it's his weightloss but he is much more confident and says hello and chats to everyone.
I notice that everyone in work says hello to him now too, people stand and chat with him and offer to help him out with work. His face is exactly the same but it doesn't bother me anymore because he is just friendly and confident that it doesn't leave any awkward silences. I'm not going to lie and say I suddenly find him hot, but I would definitely hang out with him, and people here seem to like him. It's unfair that someone with a facial disfigurement needs to work 10x harder for the treatment that pretty people naturally get, but he's put in the work and done it anyway.
tl;dr stay well presented and put work into being friendly

No. 183462

>Abloobloobloo y can't I have been born a kawaii uke

No. 183486

Does anyone have any advice with coming to terms with having an "adult" / different body?

I was always a little underweight until recently. I'm 22 now and my BMI is 21.6, which I know is still slim but I've gained a lot of weight from medical issues, medication, age and (I admit) eating less healthily. I'm working on my diet and exercising more but I doubt I'll get back to how I used to be. The problem is not that I want to be that thin again, I just feel uncomfortable having this new, larger body. I was always "the skinny girl" so it feels like I've lost a big part of my identity. I know I have to accept these changes but I'm not sure how.

No. 183487

>tfw you lose a ton of weight only to discover that you have no waist and still have a double chin
There's no winning.

No. 183488

Fuck off. I never had a "kawaii uke" phase and I'm a top. I've been trans long before tumblr existed, and I'm waiting to be approved for hormones.

No. 183489

You need to be locked up, not pumped full of hormones

No. 183494

File: 1489192073649.png (471.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170310-201549.png)

I hate my body. I'm not going to explain every little thing I hate because I understand that disliking a few things about your looks is perfectly normal, but I absolutely hate my belly (it looks worse IRL than in the picture). I mean, I hate my Kiki forehead, slightly saggy big tits, my short height and tons of other details but I REALLY hate my belly because I used to be massive and now that I'm in the middle of my weight loss journey, my belly looks horrendous. It wiggles, is absolutely soft and I have tons of stretch marks all over it and others parts of my body. Pic not because I wanna self post because I really hope someone out there says they've seen someone with a belly like this that looks a lot better now. I've been hitting the gym, and eating properly, so I have hope. I hope my hope can come true though. I don't even need a perfect female six pack. I just want a normal belly. My mom said she'd pay for skin removal surgery if I ever needed one but I hope it's not necessary. It's like I just had a baby…Gross.

No. 183497

Belly flab is normal for someone who was large and losing weight. How flabby depends on how big you were to begin with, how much weight you've lost, and genetics. You might be able to shrink it down with proper diet and exercise or you might end up with some loose skin. It's normal for the situation. Loose skin isn't going to go away on it's own. The longer it's been stretched the harder it is to tighten. Skin removal might have to be the next step if you're still unhappy after you reach your goal weight.

No. 183513

I've lost 50 lbs. and three pants sizes since I started working fast-paced retail. But I have a flabby stomach and it sucks. I have flab on my hips but nothing like I did before so I'll burn that too over time, but I'm so fucking sick of my stomach. Every time I try on a nice pair of pants it all fits, until I try to close it around that fucking flab and it depresses the hell out of me. I'm one size away to going down even further, but can't close my pants. I get so angry. I dream about lipo and having it all tucked in, and I'm not taking that option of the table. It's complete flab and never going away. Ugh depressing.

No. 183525

File: 1489257702564.jpg (70.76 KB, 540x480, okko.jpg)

I used to have an eating disorder, was very thin (to the point where I stopped getting my period, tho not to the point where ppl noticed i was a skelly) and now I've gained a ton of weight. I still feel bad about my body because even though I've recovered, I'm worried I'm going into chubby territory due to my sedentary lifestyle.

Pic related.



No. 183526

You look fine, and why wouldn't you exercise if you're worried about your lifestyle? If you have time to post on lolcow than you have time to go for a jog and do bodyweight exercises

No. 183529

I try to go for daily walks. I have arrhythmia, so I have to take it easy on my heart.
I might try exercising at home if you have any advice on that? I live in the middle of nowhere so there's no cheap gym nearby.

No. 183530

Exercise is still very important, you just have to progress slower than you would regularly.
As for advice, how do you eat? Do you get out of breath from walking? How serious is your condition?

No. 183531

I have a bad diet tbh. A lot of sweets. It's difficult to maintain self-control when I still have a pretty unhealthy view of food/eating.
And I get out of breath from running up stairs, but just walking is okay.
My condition isn't serious, my Mom has it too, and she's healthy in her mid-40s. I have a few bad episodes a year and a weaker heart than most, but it's not going to be what kills me.

No. 183533

Well numbnut, stop eating lots of sweets. Just throw them out, it's hard for a second but after a while you don't even want them any more.
Going up stairs isn't a super good indicator of fitness, I run a sub-13 minute two mile and I get winded if I'm cruising up stairs.
IF you're not comfortable with running now, then you need to do exercises that will get your heart rate up. This could be anything really. Dancing is great for your cardio, or just squat jumps, burpies, simple stuff like that.

No. 183534

I've tried so many times to cut the sweets habit, I just never stop craving them. Even when I was ana I would have ice cream binges when the hunger got to be too much. It's my achilles heel.
I think I just need healthier sweets if that's even possible.

And yeah, I just find it hard to motivate myself to exercise at home (it makes me feel kinda silly) so walks are my best bet at the moment. I guess I could see if the town nearby is offering any courses that'd help me (yoga and swimming are popular here afaik. i'm too shy to dance)

No. 183535

Well what kind of stuff are you eating? Fruit, dark chocolate, smoothies are much better for you than if you're eating twinkies and nonsense.
Exercising shouldn't make you feel silly, I don't know where you're from but when 60% of the US population is overweight than I think it's much sillier to be doing nothing. If you can't motivate yourself to exercise in your own room are you going to be motivated to leave every day with the intent of exercising somewhere else?
Also, like 1% of people can dance well, just play music so loud that you can't hear anything else and move with it.

No. 183536

I HATE my curly hair. It's poofy, disgusting and super frizzy, it's just gross. my thighs are fat and generally I'm super frumpy and I feel disgusting all the time.
I'd die to have a cute, small frame and normal wavy hair. :(

No. 183537

I eat a lot of very bad stuff, unfortunately. Summers are easier to eat healthy because then there's a lot of cheap fruit, but in sub-zero winters I just want to eat fatty cake.
I live in Czech Republic, but my parents are from overseas, so I don't have the magic Slav genes that the women around me have (Czech Republic is known for supermodels and pornstars for a reason lol) which is why I feel ugly and silly when I try to give a shit.
It's all excuses anyways. ig I'm overwhelmed by my life so I cope by eating and hiding indoors. Gotta get that sorted…
Thanks for your advice so far tho anon! Lolcow seemed to be a good place to get tough love.

No. 183544

So many excuses and so little awareness of it.

If you really wanted it, you wouldn't make weak-ass excuses like 'but it's harrrrd'
Yeah it's hard that's why succeeding is an achievement. Whiners need not apply.

No. 183546

Moisturise your hair according to your hair type and you won't experience that kind of frizz anymore. I know it's hard to accept yourself, but it's worth it.

No. 183591

i would give anything to be considered skinny. i have the exact body type that people describe on other threads as "unfortunate" and "tragic". like unfortunately proportioned, flat assed, not toned, around 170 pounds and 5'4, small boobs on top of that, weirdly wide rib cage, no waist, bad posture, double chin, boyish face, recently had to cut all my hair off due to damage and only now grown out to my shoulders. i fucking HATE being overweight, but can't afford a PT and am really uneducated about exercise and healthy eating. I suck at budgeting too which makes figuring out what to eat worse. even to work out at home i dont know what exercises to do, how many reps or how long. instead i am just depressed and eat more because i don't appreciate my body so healthy eating feels like it makes no difference, so i might as well enjoy some junk.

sorry for the massive blog. im really sad.

No. 183592

You really don't have to know jackshit about healthy eating to lose weight. It's as simple as eating less of the crap you do eat. Eat junk - just eat less.

You really just need to find exercise videos on YouTube. It's not hard to JUST lose weight. If you're trying to alter a body part, it just takes a bit more googling.

No. 183593

You think you can't lose weight without a personal trainer and special diet foods? How dumb are you?

Eat less, walk, do push-ups, you don't need a goddamn trainer to go for a walk you waste. It's so easy but you're making excuses to put it off because you're not willing to be uncomfortable.

No. 183594

I am a lazy fucker but I lost 50lbs by portion control alone. It's not that hard. Unfortunately I have plateaued so I'm getting my lazy ass to the gym three days a week now.

No. 183597

Just eat less chubby.

No. 183604

File: 1489366183497.gif (443.74 KB, 444x332, unnamed (4).gif)

Anon (and others who are in a similar situation), just like other farmers have explained, you can lose weight by yourself at home.

First, focus on your diet.

Eat more lean protein, veggies, nuts (small amounts because they're highly caloric), reduce your dairy intake and avoid non complex carbs (white bread, pasta, etc. Focus on a nice piece of fruit sometimes, etc). Try different spices and natural teas. Avoid sugar and soda. You know, the common sense diet.

It's pretty easy to lose weight in the beginning. You can also start tracking your calories in the first weeks, at least to get the swing of things.

After you lose a bit of weight, try doing some light to moderate exercise. I said to focus on your diet first because sometimes people try to do everything at once when they start, fail and lose motivation completely. Anyway, look for videos on YouTube. Team body project and my fitness blender have tons of videos you can do at home, for example.

You do NOT need to do exercise to lose weight, especially in the beginning, BUT if possible, exercise. It will make you feel better, give you a boost, burn extra calories, reduce your chances of getting super flabby, etc etc etc.

Read the Diet thread we have here, and the fitness thread if it interests you. Both have helped me a lot.

I do understand how you feel and I thought I'd never lose weight. I felt miserable. Now I'm in the middle of my weight loss journey (I've lost around 26lbs and want to lose more 20lbs) and I can fucking guarantee you anyone can do it as long as they have a tiny bit of motivation. We see cows complaining about this and that to avoid losing weight. Don't be like them. I promise you that if you follow my suggestion, you'll lose weight, and if you don't, maybe you have PCOS or some other problem, but keep in mind tons of people use that as excuse even without a diagnosis. So diet and eat better for a couple months and track your results before even thinking that you're a victim of a health problem that will stop you from losing weight.
I understand depression and i understand hating your body. Things won't magically improve once you lose the weight but it's gonna be SO WORTH IT. I still don't love myself and I need to work on that but just waking up knowing I am weighing less and looking/feeling a bit better makes me feel less miserable.

Consistency is also an important key – if you fuck up and binge, don't let it ruin everything. Tomorrow will be a new day, that's what I always tell myself when I fail or feel less motivated.

Sorry for the long post, I just want to help. Your post could've been written by me just 3 months ago so I understand.

No. 183628

>Eat more lean protein, veggies, nuts (small amounts because they're highly caloric), reduce your dairy intake and avoid non complex carbs (white bread, pasta, etc. Focus on a nice piece of fruit sometimes, etc). Try different spices and natural teas. Avoid sugar and soda. You know, the common sense diet.
This isn't helpful if you don't know how to cook any of this stuff with it coming out tasting like shit. Wonder why people never include actually useful things such as recipes along with this kind of "advice"?

No. 183629

this comment ended up really bugging me and getting to me. i ended up scheduling an appointment with a dietician.

i now have a full meal plan and exercise plan that i need to keep to. wish me luck! i'm starting small (40min jogging per day) and cutting out the sweets over the course of the next 2 weeks, but i should be able to do this.

thanks for getting under my skin, anon.

No. 183630

Because most normal people over the age of 13 can cook a meal?

It's not anons fault you don't know how to cook. Teach yourself some basic skills and principles like the Maillard reaction, and act like an adult. Nobody on a message board can show you how to sear your protein or balance the acid-to-sweet ratio in your food. Why not take the tiniest bit of initiative and be an independent functional adult?

No. 183631

Yeah yeah let's see you stick to it first. Most butterfienda give up because they don't lose 20 pounds in a week.

No. 183632

I don't cook and still manage lol But I do agree to a degree.

The Internet if full of recipes like that, especially bodybuilding websites, you just have to do a bit of digging.

No. 183634


Good luck getting less fat with that attitude.

No. 183635

I seriously don't understand how anybody can be over 10 and not be able to at least make basic cake, pan frying meats, sautéing, or making a stir-fry. How can someone get this far in life without being able to do basic cooking?

No. 183638

Well, if my kind advice won't help you and your attitude is like that, then I'm sorry but you're right. You'll be fat and ugly forever, anon.

Also, cooking the stuff I mentioned is absolutely easy. Do you know how to make a salad? It's one of the simplest things you could possibly do in the kitchen lol, fatass

No. 183641

I'm not rly doing it to lose weight tho. More to get in shape. I'm not overweight, just weak and soft.

I went jogging today and couldn't keep a steady pace for more than 3 minutes at a time so it was like 50/50 jogwalk sorta thing. We all gotta start somewhere tho.

No. 183644

Look it's great you're starting but don't celebrate too soon. If you're still sticking to it in a month it's time to indulge in the sense of achievement and reward. But first you gotta do the thing, not just initiate it.

No. 183651

Because you have access to the fucking Internet and google. Look it up yourself

No. 183765

that second response actually wasn't me, I don't appreciate what they said.
I really appreciate your response. I'm not totally useless at cooking, and your response motivated me a lot, so don't think I'm the cunt who sassed you hahaha

No. 183777

Yet her stupid basic dietary advice was never ever on the internet before, eh? Why do you not just tell her to "look that stuff up" too?

It almost feels like you just tell people to "look that stuff up" because you don't have anything to post.

>parrots same shit found on a thousand other places on the internet
>original advice donut steel
my fucking sides

>over 10 and not be able to at least make basic cake, pan frying meats, sautéing, or making a stir-fry
>implying I don't
>implying any of this is automatically effortlessly healthy
That desperate for an argument, eh? Not always being able to turn healthy "superfoods" into something palatable means I don't know how to make food at all, huh?

>Because most normal people over the age of 13 can cook a meal?
See above

Wew nice comeback dumb cunt. Tell me how my observation isn't valid – people will be so eager to give you the dietary theories but when it comes actual day-to-day action plans, they're always strangely absent.

>bodybuilding recipes
>for weight loss

Not to mention most of the "low calorie" recipes that don't look like complete shit are just regular recipes except with ridiculously small portion sizes so they look good on paper.

No. 183779

>Do you know how to make a salad?
No. I bought a packet of pre-washed mixed greens and a bottle of french dressing and some feta and some cherry tomatoes once and they tasted bitter and watery and gross together. I'm not white so salads have never been part of my diet.

No. 183780

Superfoods are a meme, and none of what I mentioned is difficult to do. Vegetables are palatable steamed, roasted, boiled, raw, sautéed, stewed, and stir fried. The problem is your child's palate and your shitty attitude.

Nobody can make veggies taste good if you still think greens taste yucky. You don't need to be a Michelin star chef to grill some chicken breast and steam some broccoli and carrots. How can you possibly require a step-by-step guide to eating an apple and banana for lunch? crack the shits as long as you like, but it won't make you less fat.

No. 183781

File: 1489527832584.jpg (32.92 KB, 484x304, IMG_0758.JPG)

Salads aren't a white thing. How many excuses do you have packed away?

No. 183784

As far as I know they aren't in chinese cuisine.

No. 183785

Is this bait? Please tell me this is bait
>wah wah healthy food doesn't taste as good as burgers and that is why i'm fat

No. 183786

I don't have a shitty attitude towards losing weight and healthy diets. Just all of your stupid advice that only talk about the theoretic.

>grill some chicken breast and steam some broccoli and carrots

I said palatable, retard.

No. 183787

Wow what a great argument!

I don't eat mcdonalds, I don't drink soda. I don't do most 90% of what's recommended against in your typical diet advice. Try again.

No. 183788

>make a subpar salad once
>baw I'll never be able to do it and I'm too lazy to learn
Holy shit. And since not being white makes you unable to enjoy salad, can' you find something from your country that's healthy to eat and that you like? If stuff tasting great is so important then you'll need to study some cooking, but nothing stops you from leaning towards spices and herbs common in the cuisine you like.

No. 183789

How the fuck do you learn how to make a salad beyond "put some dressing on vegetables and toss them"? Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

No. 183790

Then why are you fat
What do you eat if you don't eat shitty food and don't eat healthy food

Are you the mythical muh genes fattie that lives off sunlight and still weighs 500 lbs?

No. 183791

You're the one who sounds ridiculous.
You don't have to use vegetables as base, you could use grains or pasta. Also if tomatoes and salad tasted bitter and watery, either you're not used to them and don't like them (in which case don't put them in salad) or they were too old or just not good, try to get in-season fresh produce and learn how to select the best.
Also if it was bitter then your seasoning was not good (unless you're talking about the vegetables, in which case see above). Learn what kind of seasoning you like. Pre-made sauce might also be the issue, either try other brands or make your own, there's lots of recipes out there.

And stop acting like you're above looking for recipes for salad. Looking up some salad ideas will either give you something to follow or at least some ideas for what you might like.
"Learn" is a big word but just try to find some recipes that seem appetizing and follow them and then we'll talk.

No. 183793

And of course you refuse to believe me when I say my diet doesn't in fact consist of burgers and fries.

I also wonder how for so many people simply cutting the junk food out is enough to make them lose weight. It must be nice having it so easy.

>Also if tomatoes and salad tasted bitter and watery

>You don't have to use vegetables as base

That takes the whole point of salads away. Yeah you could have chicken and bacon and pasta and mayo and whatnot in your "salad" but then it'd be better to use those ingredients for something else. Like, are green salads destined to taste bad? I just don't see what I could've further changed after using what's probably the most foolproof method. And you refuse to elaborate on that part as well.

No. 183794

Do tell us what you eat then, I asked a question. If a grilled chicken breast doesn't sound palatable to you I want to know what does

No. 183795

It's still morning so for today I haven't had much aside from a couple of dates and glasses of water.

Yesterday I had celery stir fried with marinaded tofu, green beans, sliced unseasoned beef and white rice. Before sleep I had an orange. I can't remember the rest of the week but it's very similar and my diet is currently very bland and unvaried. Since at the moment I usually just go to my grandma's place for food since she has a lot of veges growing in her garden and right now I'm living in close proximity to her. The only major thing I can think of contributing to my weight would be the oil used when cooking.

>grilled chicken breast doesn't sound palatable to you

It's not palatable if you just take a chicken breast and put it into the oven grill and do nothing else to it.

No. 183797

Exactly. That food is palatable, you fat fuck. You being used to guzzling excess salt, sugar, fat, and junk doesn't make good food taste shitty. You just have a child's palate, like I said earlier.

You'll never get anywhere in life with your petulant, bitchy attitude. It doesn't matter how mad you get, I'm still right and you're still a fatty who eats like a bratty kid.

No. 183798

Read what I wrote dumb bitch. Call yourself lucky that you can lose weight by simply not eating like a pig.

No. 183799

But that is a fucking healthy diet
Go see a doctor

Also, salt and pepper is all you need for chicken anyway

No. 183800

You're such an embarrassment to yourself rn just stop. Go get a bucket of deep fried chicken and a 1200 calorie shake to soothe your rage my lardy friend.

You're sitting there getting mad at strangers because you don't know how to eat or cook and you never outgrew the tastes of a little kid. Think about how ridiculous that is for a second, and quit your screeching.

You're gonna die fat and alone at age 32 of diabetes if you act like this irl. It's pathetic.

No. 183801

File: 1489530926175.png (56.54 KB, 625x626, rsdf.png)

Oh should've figured out sooner.

No. 183802

What is salt and pepper?
What are herbs and spices?
Who is lemons and limes?

Flavouring food without making it gross junk isn't hard.

No. 183803

>But that is a fucking healthy diet
I know.

>Go see a doctor

About what though?

>lemon in chicken
What the fuck. I don't think I can eat white people food.

No. 183804

Well that's what you said here >>183779, if you mix stuff it doesn't magically get a different taste, the taste comes from something. Or are you too fucking dense to understand how anything at all works?

>That takes the whole point of salads away.

The salad doesn't have to be entirely vegetables, your base can be grains. The quantity will be lesser because it will be more filling than lettuce or baby spinach or whatever greens you could use.

>you could have chicken and bacon and pasta and mayo

Or grains, vegetables you like, and a nice dressing. You know, just like I suggested.

>then it'd be better to use those ingredients for something else

So basically, because carrots can be used for carrot cake, you should never eat them another way? Just because an ingredient can be enjoyed in different ways does not mean you should only go for the most savoury options even if they're not the healthiest ones.

>Like, are green salads destined to taste bad?

It's a matter of taste, maybe you just don't like them. I don't know how many varieties you've tried, maybe you've tasted enough of good quality to know you don't like them, I'm not going to convince you they're great when you could be such a picky eater you won't like them anyways. I like all greens.

>I just don't see what I could've further changed

But I told you that. Use better ingredients. Don't use greens if you don't like them. Make your own dressing. Find recipes that seem more appetizing for you.
Don't just wallow in self-pity as soon as your shitty babby's first salad wasn't as what you're used to.

No. 183805

The white bait is boring af. Everyone knows about lemon chicken. Try harder.

No. 183806

I don't know Anon, she seems extremely uneducated and ignorant. Wouldn't surprise me.

No. 183809

Nah it's a troll. I fell for it hard but the last two comments are too obvious

No. 183810

So… in other words you're saying I shouldn't put cherry tomatoes in greens? I was confused because that sentence of yours made no grammatical sense and I can't always magically guess where you made a typo and what you actually meant to type.

>The salad doesn't have to be entirely vegetables

I did say I also put feta in previously.

>a nice dressing

For example?

>So basically, because carrots can be used for carrot cake

Why should I make them into salads in those things taste better and aren't less healthy when made into something else? If I don't like carrot cake then, yeah, I would not make carrot cakes out of carrots.

>I don't know how many varieties you've tried

I tried about 3 to 4 different packets (spring mix, Mesclun, metro mix, perhaps something else I can't remember) from the supermarket then gave up.

>It's a matter of taste, maybe you just don't like them.

What about the bitterness though? That can't be subjective. I do genuinely wonder if I did something to the greens that made them all taste bitter.

How is this bait? Lemon juice on food was never a thing I encountered until moving out of my country. I didn't even know what the fuck lime was. It's like me calling you uneducated for not knowing what lychees or dragon fruits are. Go away you insufferable fucks

No. 183811

>in those things

No. 183812

You are ignorant and uneducated. Why do you think people owe you this info? Grow up and google it independently. It's hard to do your very first independent thing I know but I'm sure you can work it out with enough time.

Just because something isn't a part of your culture doesn't mean it's a white thing. Whites have loads of independent cultures so it's fucking ignorant to say. You're ignorant of seemingly any culture other than your own.

You're either a troll or too dumb to live without assistance so which is it? Does your mother still make your food?

No. 183813

>I didn't even know what the fuck lime was.
>defending being this uneducated

Literally everyone knows what lychees and dragon fruit are and I'm from a fucking island. You must be a troll.

No. 183814

Who the fuck doesn't know what lychees or dragonfruit are?

No. 183817


White people aren't the only ones who put lemon and lime in their food you moron.


Why not both? She seems like a ignorant troll who lives on nothing but hot pockets and kfc

No. 183818

You probably live in Australia or New Zealand based on timezones, in which case fuck off we're full you fat cunt.

No. 183819

I know you're a troll and sound like a man but I'll list my favourite salad items just in case anyone reading the thread actually needs it: iceburg lettuce (nice and crunchy), cucumber, celery, shredded carrot, red onion, rocket, black olives, pineapple, pickled onions, beetroot, green pepper, avocado, kidney beans, pickles/gherkins, broccoli…just make a combination of any ingredients you want. Add in leftovers from the night before (potatoes, pasta, rice). Even apples and grapes are weirdly nice in salads.

As for dressing, I just put in a dash of soy sauce, lemon juice or oil. Don't use creamy or vinegar-based dressings, all they do is cover up the naturally beautiful taste of the veggies and teach your tastebuds to crave the wrong things. As is probably obvious, I love crunchy, vinegary salads but you might like softer foods (like tomatoes).

Find your favourite veggie and work from there. Google "Salad recipe with ____" to find ideas. Add cheese, olives, oil and sundried tomatoes to make a Mediterranean salad. Add soy sauce, bean sprouts and cabbage to make an Asian salad. Make a salad completely out of beans (kidney beans, butter beans, black beans, chickpeas…). Salads are anything but "boring" or for "white" people.

No. 183820

A lot of people? I used to know a Malaysian accounting teacher who bought lychees into her class because none of her students knew what they are. Tell me, at what age did you find out about them?

>Why do you think people owe you this info? Grow up and google it independently.
Shit argument. Why bother giving info or advice at all then? Why does the diet and /fit/ threads even exist? All of the information there could be googled. I tried googling. I I still don't know what makes my salads taste bad. Obviously you don't either. I don't care to get diet information from you guys, I'm simply questioning whether you retards actually know what you're talking about, or just mindlessly parroting shit you heard from /fit/ and never bothered to research or test the information. Right now I'm really leaning towards the latter because how defensive you all are.

>ignorant troll lives on nothing but hot pockets and kfc
I literally just described my entire day's worth of meal to you.

Holy fuck you're desperate.

You natives and pakeha are way fatter than us.

All I'm getting right now from you retards are name calling, and ad homs even after my refutation. It's pretty obvious you ran out of arguments.

No. 183822

>I know you're a troll and sound like a man
Fuck off. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a troll or a man.

>iceburg lettuce (nice and crunchy), cucumber, celery, shredded carrot, red onion, rocket, black olives, pineapple, pickled onions, beetroot, green pepper, avocado, kidney beans, pickles/gherkins, broccoli…just make a combination of any ingredients you want. Add in leftovers from the night before (potatoes, pasta, rice). Even apples and grapes are weirdly nice in salads.

So no dark/mesclun greens at all. So how do people even eat those?

No. 183824

lmao who the fuck would randomly google "shit that white people do"?

No. 183825

File: 1489538028982.jpg (23.98 KB, 348x423, IMG_1290.JPG)

You've been told over and over again that the reason you can't eat like a grown up is because you have a kids palate.
Dark greens taste good as they are, you literally just fucking eat lettuces and leafy greens as is and they are tasty. Tomatoes taste good as they are, chicken only needs a little salt and oil, steamed vegetables with a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and lemon juice is tasty, raw capsicums, cucumbers, purple onion, radishes, fruit, what the fuck else do you want you fat retard?

You're the densest mother fucker, is your obesity effecting your reading comprehension? If you don't like real food that isn't fried, or somehow otherwise drenched in fat, salt, or sugar it's because you've got shitty baby tastes.

Suck it up you crying pig. It's your problem, and nobody owes you info. Everyone else can work out what to eat when presented with a literal list of foods to choose from why can't you?

No. 183826

What are you on about there mate?
Are you so stupid that you think every white person is American? Are you so ignorant about the world that you don't know about Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Lithuania, etc?

No. 183827

Holy fuck pakeha? So you're a Maori? Or you think Australians are all aboriginal?
Hahahaha Maoris are one of the fattest races ever. Like 300 kilogram fuckers are normal to you lot. Ahahaha de you'll burn off the calories fucking sheep.

No. 183828

I think it's a fat chink who eats chinese takeout every day and calls that sodium filled oiled up shit healthy.

No. 183829

I didn't say that because you "disagreed" with me (what are we disagreeing on exactly?), I said it because you don't know how to cook and mentioned putting bacon and mayo in a salad, both pretty big indicators that you're a man.

>So how do people even eat those?

This is coming from someone who said "greens" are destined to taste bad and who couldn't eat some pre-packaged leaves and tomatoes drowned in fatty store-bought dressing, shrugged their shoulders and vowed to never eat a salad again. I suggested a variety of beautiful fruits and veg that have different textures and make lovely salads which I eat regularly.

You're getting some solid advice from anons here but they're resorting to name-calling because you're insulting them by calling them "naturally skinny" or making generalizations about their race. What do you expect??

No. 183831

>You've been told over and over again that the reason you can't eat like a grown up is because you have a kids palate.
No shit and I'm getting sick of it because you don't even bother to read anything I wrote else you'd have stopped saying this stupid shit long ago. Just fuck off.

Holy… did nobody here even read >>183795???

>Grow up and google it independently.
Do you have amnesia?

Holy shit you dumb AND illiterate lmao

You too. I don't put bacon and mayo in salads, fuckwit. Learn to read.

Looks like NONE of you could even come up with a proper argument without misquoting or misinterpreting everything I said. Fucking wow.

No. 183832

>You're getting some solid advice from anons here but they're resorting to name-calling because you're insulting them by calling them "naturally skinny" or making generalizations about their race. What do you expect??

Also I called none of you skinny. I implied you are fat fucks or former fat fucks who managed to see weight loss just by not drinking soda and eating burgers. And now you're projecting your lifestyles or past lifestyles onto me.

No. 183833

Oh, please enlighten us on how your evil genetics and underlying conditions are making you obese.

No. 183834

I think you replied to the wrong post but I'll humor you:

If diet and exercise are the exclusive contributors to weight gain/loss why does birth control affect people's weight?

No. 183836

File: 1489539380795.gif (516.66 KB, 240x240, IMG_0521.GIF)

>>I don't think bitterness in vegetables is subjective so I invented a narrative to keep bitching about being a hopeless fatty

Can I subscribe to your newsletter?

No. 183837

File: 1489539566962.gif (1.28 MB, 330x312, shock.gif)

>I don't think bitterness in vegetables is subjective
lmao are you fucking serious right now? Do different humans have different taste buds? What are you gonna tell me next, every person has a different perception of the color red?

Holy fuck I'm starting to think someone's projecting when they tried to call me a troll.

No. 183839

Philosophers have debated about differences in perception for years.

Yes, taste buds are different and some people enjoy different flavours to others. Did you really think every single person out there hates spinach and loves candy just because you like to gorge on sugar?

Thin people are thin because they eat well, and enjoy fat better quality food than fats who chow down on junk. If you're overweight you eat too much and you'll never lose it until you learn to eat grown up things too.

If I was half as stupid as this I'd kms I swear to god. Fat and retarded is too sad of a life to imagine.

No. 183841

>Philosophers have debated about differences in perception for years.
Oh wait you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

>fatty store-bought dressing
this was the dressing I bought: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/eta-light-free-french-dressing-414683931?v2=false

You guys keep throwing baseless assumptions at me and keeps getting proven wrong time after time. I love it.

No. 183842

what the fuck is going on in this thread

No. 183843

Some fucktards dished out inane useless advice to feel good about themselves and got upset when called out for it.

No. 183844

Alright fucktard, look up the cilantro tastes like soap thing. Explain that.

No. 183845

Fatty got upset, started sperging out because they only like to eat shit. Started race baiting to feel better. Is still fat.

No. 183847

Ok so what actually happened is fat girl complains about not being able to lose weight, people tell her to eat healthy, fat girl thinks healthy food is nasty, people insult fat girls palate, fat girl calls healthy food white people food, and it goes further downhill from there.

But honestly I don't get why fat girl doesn't just eat less of the shit she likes instead of doing dumb shit like "I only ate a date today uwu" and then binging later (she must if she is still fat)

No. 183848

Oh but anon didn't you know fatty-chan only eats a few dates in the morning then for the rest of the day she only has one (1) mystical fruit you stupid pasty salad eating white people have NO idea exists and she's only fat because of the universe conspiring against her, her countless medications, PCOS and a thyroid condition.

No. 183850

Please don't spout blatant lies like that. Someone simply asked for what recipes have they used in weight loss, and the posters who were previously too happy to give people friendly teachings on dietary theories suddenly had nothing to show for and immediately went on the defense.


No. 183851

>she only has one (1) mystical fruit you stupid pasty salad eating white people have NO idea exists
The fuck are you talking about? Are you having a stroke?

No. 183852

>because they only like to eat shit
[citation needed]

No. 183853

Eat less shit and more veg isn't a theory you fat fucking ape

No. 183854

Not even trying anymore. Lame.

No. 183856

I mean you said that you're fat so that's the proof. Thin people are thin because they don't eat too much. Fat people are fat only because they eat too much. No fat person stays fat eating proper portions of good food, they get like that because they shove high sugar nutritionally empty, calorie dense shit down their gullets.

No. 183858

Litetally what? Trying? We're not "trying", you are just putting your head in the sand trying to escape the mean bullies telling you to eat more veggies. Stop it.

No. 183860

You can't help anything this bad. The thread will die soon and this hori will go back to baiting reddit.

No. 183861

Unlike you I haven't pigged out on burgers and fries and soda. You can stop projecting now. Like I said, you must be fat as fuck if simply cutting out soda and junk food makes you lose weight. Eventually you'll probably have to do more than that.

How much more veggies am I supposed to eat? YOU'RE the one who's putting your head in the sand and pretending everything that doesn't go according to your narrative are lies.

No. 183862

What help? I'm not seeing any.

No. 183863

My torso resembles that of a body builder. I just want to have cute narrow shoulders and a thin waist. Being short and built like a brick do not go hand in hand.

No. 183864

I weigh 100 lbs. diff anon but like

I eat junk. I just don't eat a lot of it. Eat less. EAT LESS. I don't get it. Stop arguing with everyone.

No. 183865

I haven't eaten a burger in a year but carry on there butternubs.
That's cause you're stupider than the sheep you bang hori. You don't eat more veggies you eat veggies instead of fattening shit like white bread, pasta, and added sugar.

No. 183866

I feel u on the shoulders thing :( I'm petite but my shoulders and neck are straight up manly.

No. 183867

And I don't eat junk at all. The last time I even drank soda it was a coke zero and I can't even remember exactly how long ago that happened. Probably a couple of months ago.

>I haven't eaten a burger in a year
lol I don't know why you felt the need to mention that?

>That's cause you're stupider than the sheep you bang hori. You don't eat more veggies you eat veggies instead of fattening shit like white bread, pasta, and added sugar.

First of all idk who the fuck hori is. Unlike most of you I don't really come here for /pt/ and /snow/. Second of all I don't see any help from a bunch of retards telling me to not eat shit I didn't even eat in the first place and rationalizing that I must be lying about my diet in order to make sense of their narratives is hardly what I'd call "help".

No. 183868

Nevermind I just looked up Hori. Didn't know racist-chan was a new zealander and also severely illiterate.

No. 183869

I just have no willpower. I'm so lucky I don't get fat easily, but I do get skinnyfat and it's really not a good look on my apple-shaped body.
When I lose 10 pounds, just 10 pounds, I look great. Honestly I think I look amazing.
But I always gain those fucking measly 10 pounds back because I'm a huge slob and look repulsive. I've been losing and gaining those pounds for half my life at this point. Fuck me

No. 183870

You were given good advice and you threw an hours long tantrum calling intelligent and helpful responders fat retards who project because ur so perf.

Either fuck off and learn some cooking and nutrition like a big girl all by your self, kys, or carry on crying about not liking the mean nasty broccoli to other grown babies in a HAES forum.

No. 183871

>intelligent and helpful responders
lol you must be hallucinating.

You guys literally just pretended I didn't give an overview to my everyday diet. I pointed that out just now. And right now you're STILL pretending to not see that part of my post. This is getting pathetic.

No. 183872

The diet you spoke about wouldn't need any changes other than your disgusting palate. That was pointed out hours ago as well. Jfc get your carer to help you read this stuff you mong

No. 183873

if you don't eat like shit what do YOU think is the thing that's making you gain weight? are you on medication, do you think you might have a disease? I'm actually curious.

No. 183874

There's not a disease or medication in existence that can make someone fat without them taking in excess food.
Anon either lies about their diet or eats enough healthy food to sustain multiple grown men every single day. Like, the same mass of food that a horse gets through.

No. 183875

>The diet you spoke about wouldn't need any changes other than your disgusting palate.
Jesus you're pretty bad at english.

So, like I said I'm doing everything right according to you and it's not working. Instead of some introspection and reviewing your "advice" you choose to subscribe to the notion that I'm lying about my own diet, on an anonymous forum no less, instead.

just lmao.

See above. Maybe you should take a break from the /fit/ koolaid and do some actual research before dishing out weigh loss advice.

>There's not a disease or medication in existence that can make someone fat without them taking in excess food.
Not that I take any but I'm pretty sure birth control pills has quite an immense effect on some people's weight. You're full of shit.

No. 183876

I'm not giving anyone advice, I'm very curious as to what you think your problem is. You've established you don't eat like shit and implied you might be on medication or whatever, then please anon enlighten us.

No. 183877

I thought I made this clear enough? The problem lies in your "advice", not me.

No. 183879

Yep she proved it.
She's the fattest crab in the bucket, here to seek vengeance of thin people who give correct and accurate info regarding weight loss.

Calorie deficits don't fail, YOU failed. You eat more than you admit to and want to get mad at people who are better than you to feel better and reinforce your delusions about how calories work.
Birth control doesn't have calories so how could it possibly make you fat? Go get your jimmies soothed by dying pigs like ragen chastain and tess Holliday. Sure you'll stay just as disgusting, fat, sad, and worthless like all the other fatties but you'll have lots of company that constantly agrees with you.

No. 183880

>give correct and accurate info
Keep telling yourself that. You're not gonna stop treating a few shitposters on /fit/'s words as gospel, are you?

No. 183882

Never used /fit/ I prefer having passed year 8 maths and knowing about thermodynamics and nutrition.

Since you reckon you're not a Maori despite using a Maori word like pakeha where the fuck are you from? Some other tiny island full of fat islanders with bad schools no doubt

No. 183883

Oh yeah thermodynamics lmao. Are you also a fan of the black science man?

No. 183887

File: 1489554576321.jpg (58.67 KB, 583x960, image-0-02-01-2f5a2b7db2c233e7…)

>fatass is still getting her autism everywhere like it will make her lose weight

Topest of keks

No. 183893


Thermodynamics have almost nothing to do with the human body, and non-college level nutrition classes don't go into the intricacies of the biological and chemical components of biosynthesis and catabolism.

You can always spot a /fit/ poster because they try to take concepts that are extreme generalizations and used to get ideas across as 100% scientific truth when they're not.

No. 183904

Please fucking enlighten me over here then, Dr. Do you even know what Anabolic and Catabolic processes are? You do realise a nutrition class has nothing relevant, it's not about the pharmokinetic qualities of the microlevel compounds. Stop reaching so hard.

Do you suffer from a metabolic disorder or a lipid disorder, you should get those tested alongside your brain.

No. 183908

Lmao fatties getting so mad. You can't beat calories with hurt feels. Cry harder, pretend calories are a mystery, keep being a disgusting worthless fat person.

No. 183950

I love this board, so many worthless fat pigs to laugh at. Nothing better than enjoying how someone lies to themselves and gets and stays miserable because of it. So tasty.

No. 183956

I'm with you here, I really do want to know does fatty realise she has beaten the laws of physics.
It's not that thermodynamics don't apply to the human body, instead she is so fat that she has created a singularity, and classical laws of physics are suspended within singularities. This is an amazing achievement in the field of energy, since we have this far assumed a lossless conversion is rather impossible, let alone creation of new energy aka a lossless conversion with a net gain.

When she gets back to me with her diet, I can reproduce it and go claim my Nobel on "Beating the dissipative system with human thermodynamics through optimal processing of quantum biology and quantum coherence at zero energy cost"

I'm waiting for you, Fatty-chan. Come at me over here.

No. 183966

same rabble-rousing fag.

>in b4 fat insult

good one.

take it to the fatty general.

No. 183978

holy shit can you all please shut the fuck up? can't believe this derail has gone in literal circles for over two days

this thread is about body issues, not arguing about diets on a heavily autistic level

No. 184305

Im 5'2 and stocky. I'm large bottom and top with a slimmer midsection.

When I lose weight I become more curvy but also get smaller tits and ass. For some reason I get less attention from men. What gives?

No. 184309

A lot of men are idiots that just like big tits and ass, and can't tell when those t&a just come from being fat.

No. 184311

I'm a petite pear and I hate my violin hips. I'm very small in the chest and torso, and then I've got these wonky hips and thick thighs. I have a big butt but it's not from squats so it's just…mehhh.

No. 184413

i just now realized that i kind of have violin hips/ a hip dip or whatever you call it, it's really small/ subtle compared to google images of severe ones so maybe that's normal?? like i get that most women likely have a really small hip dip because the thigh bones stick out further than hip bones but i can't stop fixating on it now. why am i like this

No. 184415

If it doesn't bother you, then it doesn't bother you. I actually really like violin hips and didn't even know there was a term for it or even that other people are self conscious about it until I saw it mentioned on this site.

No. 184448

I don't know if I should post this here or in the diet thread, but whatever.

I have a flabby, bloated gut. I've always had a bloated gut, even when I was very small. Sometimes it looks kinda flabby but manageable, other times it looks like I'm in my second trimester. I'm jealous of people with flat stomachs who get it only by dieting, I've dieted but all it does is make me lose weight. I used to be underweight and rail thin as a kid and I still had a beer gut. When I lose weight, I lose weight from all other areas except my stomach.

I've done exercises before to no avail, and every single time I try something new someone is there to tell me it's wrong and useless and I should be doing that other thing instead.

Help, I just want a flat stomach.
I'm 5'3, around ~100lbs and do bodyweight exercises 4 times a week (can't afford a gym). I also go swimming every now and then.

I don't drink carbonated drinks and the only sugar I have is one mug of Ovaltine per day, a small piece of dark chocolate after a meal or the odd chocolate bar once in a blue moon. The only time my stomach is remotely flat is after a bout of explosive diarrhoea. Sorry for the TMI.

No. 184451

Dw fam, mines big enough to fit my fist in the dip. Squats help a bit.

No. 184452

try drinking more water and lowering your carb intake. try to eat between 50~100g a day.
you'll lose water weight and the bloat and some fat.
then doing some core exercises will strengthen your center and help keep that area looking tighter. keeping a good posture can also help.

too bad spot reduction isn't real. it would be so much easier to do shit.

No. 184464

I was obese from 5th grade until 12th grade. I'm kinda fit now but Im still really insecure about my body

No. 184590

I want to have one of those super lean curvy athletic bodies that was popular in the 80s. Not the cartoonish looking type but the rail thin but sexy type.

No. 184593

Are your bowel movements regular? Also, having a food intolerance can cause bloating. Try going to a doctor and see if they can help.

You can also try reducing carbs like that one anon said. Some people are carb sensitive.

No. 184594

I can't wait to lose 50 pounds. I believe I'm around 15-18 pounds overweight at the moment but I really like how I look the more thin I get. My features become cat-like and very petite and my shoe size goes down to a 4 and a half.

No. 184596

Not at all, sometimes I have daily bowel movements for a short period of time and after that I can go days without doing a poo. After maybe two or three weeks I'll have cramps and diarrhoea and my magic belly will suddenly deflate. I've tried taking laxatives, even had a colonoscopy (never again, god) and everything turned out OK but the laxatives sometimes work sometimes don't.

I've noticed drinking tea helps, but I can't drink it too much due to caffeine jitters.

No. 184602

If you are only 18lbs over your normal weight then you shouldn't lose 50lbs, wtf. You should look healthily thin, not dead.

No. 184610

you sound sad. like losing weight might not be the answer. 50 lbs is extreme. you may need to rethink some things anon

No. 184645


Guys I'm 150-155 pounds. I have a large frame and my bf is 25% but my highest weight should be 143. I still want to lose bodyfat and 50 pounds.

No. 184646

Why not drink uncaffinated herbal tea?

No. 184647

youre now saying that you have a large frame, when before you were petite?

like, go ahead and get healthy. im all for it. but 25% bf isnt bad. and i dont support people developing spoopy habits.

No. 184649

I meant my facial features. My features are already small but they get very small when I'm 20 pounds lighter. Wonder how it'll look when I'm 50 pounds lighter

No. 184651

I get people hitting on me a lot, but I'm kind of insecure about my waist and my skin. Acne runs in the family well into adulthood, and I keep on top of it, but even when I'm not getting much in the way of acne if at all, I'm critical of my skin.

I've also got a big Italian nose, but lucky enough it's symmetrical and straight, but all of my features on my face are "large" so I usually like them, but sometimes I look in the mirror and feel like a weirdo.

I'm about a 31-25.5-35.5 and 5'6" and I used to be insecure about my boobs too, now idc too much. I'm more ehh about my waist, but it's not possible to get it any smaller at my weight/height because I'm really lightweight and basically there little to no padding on my stomach.

I'm just trying to accept my waist and skin once and for all. I'm not treating my body like shit, people think I'm cute/hot, especially my bf, I've never had a problem with being "objectively attractive" unless the tits or nose count. It's just me.

No. 184667

I've always been uglier than my best friend, and this never used to bother me until recently. She's always been told she's pretty and always has boys fawning over her because of her pretty hair, she's skinny, pale with really cute freckles, etc. In my entire life, I've only had one guy hit on me and I later was told it was because he was desperate to fuck someone.

I think I literally look like a mtf transgender person. I have a manly face with a curved nose. Because of this, I think that one side of my face looks okay sometimes, and the other is fuck ugly.

I also hate the cellulite on my legs. I hate it so goddamn much. I work out and have a skincare regimen, but it's gotten to the point where I feel depressed and end up crying when I see myself in a mirror.

I just want to be passably attractive or at least decent looking, but I'm basically a female Quasimodo.

No. 184690

I went to the doctor for the flu not too long ago and when they weighed me, I'm technically 5-10 pounds below the average for my height.

I still feel fat and ugly : D

No. 184694

I was involved in a car accident that left me unable to walk for almost two years. I am walking now with the help of medication to ease the pain but I feel super gross and fluffy. Not being able to stay fit and losing muscle mass/gaining some weight from this has made me depressed. My question is, how do I get my body back after something like this? People tell me it will take time and I get that. I guess I am just feeling down about it and gross.

No. 184714

File: 1490480725821.png (59.76 KB, 223x315, 1486065578407.png)

took a picture of myself and now my day is ruined. it's been a while since i did that and i didn't realize how haggardly i look now. my skin looks dull and dry. my hair is friend. my face is asymmetrical as fuck - especially my nose. and my eyes literally look dead and i'm worried i may have exotropia now. i blame it all on being a neet. i feel like a shell of what i once was and you can tell just by looking at me how miserable i am.

No. 184715

ignore the image btw. doesn't really convey what i was going for.

No. 184718

I've lost 30 kgs over the last three years.
I am now at my goal weight, but I have a lot of excess skin on my belly.
I also have stretch marks under my bellybutton. I put on heaps of fake tan last night and it just brought them out more.
Now my skin looks brownish and my stretch marks stand out, silvery-white, like a light.
I am afraid to sleep with my boyfriend now.

No. 184725

I get how you feel. Idk if this is good advice but most people that whip out a phone and randomly take a pic look fucked. Whatever comes of it looks fucked and dead-eyed / confused, perhaps like you mean, too. Taking selfies is a challenge and art form now and other people usually only share the best of the best and the most polished! Also, it sounds like your self-image is down in the dumps and then many ppl perceive themselves as hideous subjectively when they're much nicer and more decent-looking than they know.

Not to hijack your post but in the last one and a half year of having an ig, I finally learnt how to take nice, flattering selfies. If I whip out my phone during every day life and just hold it into my face, then I look like a zombie though (even tho I don't in real-life) and have similar bad feelings about myself. And I know for a fact most people around me are also shocked at their selfies lol

No. 184727

You have every right to feel frustrated and down and these feelings are valid because the recovery must be really tough and dragging. Sounds like the people around you want to be positive about it but you still have to deal with negative feelings.
Reclaiming your body will take time yes and it's just hard when you have to pause feeling at home and at peace with your body and putting your energy into working your body because all that is somehow mostly delayed into some far away point in the future. My tooscents and I'm wishing you a good recovery and that the time goes by swiftly filled with great things!

No. 184728

I'm sorry anon. I've been losing weight and ultimately want to lose around 30kg (I've lost 11-2kg so far this year) so i feel ya, I really do

No. 184730

I'm insecure of my brown eyes, brown hair, hafu eyes and tanish skin. Growing up on imageboards really fucked me up I guess.

No. 184740

normal people don't care

No. 184742

>brown eyes
>brown hair

I wouldn't say I'm "insecure" about these things but god damn if I don't wish I could have been born with more interesting and unique features.
>tfw my mom had green eyes but my biological sperm donor fucked my chances with his poo peepers

No. 184748

People tell me that I'm pretty/beautiful/cute all the time, but I can't see past their words.

My eyes are small but proportioned to my face. I'm also East Asian so lol basically they're kind of small. I also hate my philtrum – I'm so jealous of girls with a really prominent philtrum because mine's kind of long and flat, even though my upper lip is relatively full and I don't have FAS. Most of all, I hate how asymmetric my face is even though all my friends say that they don't see it. I feel like a monster whenever I see candid photos of me! It's so scary and tear-inducing how different I look IRL and in photos.

I do count my blessings in that I have a lean, well-proportioned body that makes me look taller than I am (I'm average height) and I have a pretty good "metabolism".

My appearance is basically a democracy – I listen to what the people say, which is good!

No. 184759

I never really had guys irl say I was beautiful. Hell no one really said I was beautiful. I've had girls and guys stop and stare at me and try to talk to me but that's it

No. 184762

The only person that calls me beautiful is my mum and her friends :(
My father once mistook me for a middle aged woman with a mustache and thought I was 19 when I'd just turned 22

No. 184764

Lol sorry, but the last two sentences are sooo contradictory. Are you saying your dad doesn't know your birthday or that he mistaked your age when looking at your face?

No. 184770

Yeah it confused me first couple reads too, seems she tacked on another separate occasion where he didn't know her age.

No. 184776

He saw a picture of an older lady and thought it was me. And he also forgot my age on another occasion, meaning that he doesn't give two shits about his only child.

No. 184780

that's just how it goes though, not the rarest slip up either. I don't remember any of my three siblings birthdays and only one of my parents birthdays and it's because it's on a minor holiday. I'd like to think I would make myself do better if it was my own kid though. It could always be worse, some people don't have dads.. though that probably won't make you feel any better.

No. 184781

and as I don't remember birthdays I mean I also don't know how old they are. I know roughly how much older two of my siblings are than me, but I'm only right until someone hits a birthday and knocks it off balance

No. 184802

thank you, anon. reading that was really reassuring.

No. 184870

I hate my body shape so much.
I have slightly wider shoulders that hips, my hip-waist ration is basically nonexistant and my torso is super short. My ribs almost touch my hip bones. Not to mention my very narrow hips with hip dips.
I can work out all I want I'll still look like crap.
Right now I'm trying to grow my legs and it doesn't seem to be really helping. Sigh, at least I'm taking care of my health.

No. 184919

This, I don't know anyone who thinks pictures are true to life. I mean obviously there's a lot of resemblance since it's the same person and all, but I look so different from different angles and in different lighting that it just can't compare to real life. I'm NC10-15 and always (ALWAYS) end up looking sallow and brown in my passport pictures due to shitty white balance and hack photographers. It's so bad that my boyfriend started calling me 'daughter of Israel' when he saw the first set of photos.

It also depends on the lens you use, I know photographers who keep using shitty wide-angle lenses for portraits and people always come out with square Lego heads and tiny little facial features squished in the middle of the face.

Wall-mounted mirrors and good lighting are the only ways to know what you look like. Obviously the image is flipped, but it's as close as it gets.

No. 184933

Sorry that your dad is clueless / oblivious and that you're not content with interactions right now

No. 184936

I agree.

Amazing end phrase right there. Sounds like you're being realistic but maybe your head is too self-critical still and that's why you feel this way? But it happens that one dislikes perceived flaws so idk.

Personally, I like smaller eyes. I often find them more proportionate and elegant. Some of the faces I find most beautiful have relatively small eyes.

No. 184937

Someone mentioned different-sized boobs. I have that, too, but for some reason it doesn't bother me anymore, in fact I think it's cute

No. 184941

Yeah, I'm not really sure. It doesn't really help that my view of myself changes every so often, especially with my appearance. Today I think I look pretty freaking cute, but last week I thought I looked like a monster. With asymmetry, I probably have a normal amount like everyone else, but because I scrutinize my face so much (especially when I'm blazed as fuck), I feel like my mind tricks me into seeing things that don't exist to an extreme level. As long as guys and girls think I'm pretty, that's good enough for me.

Haha thanks, anon! Makes me feel better about my smaller eyes.

No. 184948

Yeah, insecurities and a bad body image are a bitch!!

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