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File: 1445314222619.png (242.73 KB, 400x581, ewww.png)

No. 194506

Previous thread: >>88648


Recent developments:
>Still scamming customers through bepop (the same place Felice scammed people for a minute)
>Fellow lolcow Marfmellow has been obsessing about Tess and making multiple call out videos that are like an hour long
>Her "husband" is getting really fat (still not married yet)
>Posted a really vomit-inducing bondage pic on instagram to promote #NoBraDay for breast cancer and lost a lot of fans, kek

NEW LOLCOW RULE- no body stats, calorie, and weight talk. This is about Tess. so fuck off.

No. 194508

File: 1445314388264.png (Spoiler Image, 382.04 KB, 540x668, vomit.png)

Bondage teale coco breast cancer picture in question… that she posted ON INSTAGRAM.

No. 194510

File: 1445314583231.png (271.02 KB, 322x434, stayclassy.png)

No. 194521

She has knee rolls. Just… how?

No. 194542

Ew. fatties should never wear a harness. Not ever.

No. 194545

hahah literally beached whale

No. 194546

Not unless you're using them to plow your fields.

No. 194655


No. 194665

No. 194678

This pose is so obnoxious. We can see you actual waist, Tess, it just looks like you're showing us your favorite lump of fat.

No. 194681

No. 194686

File: 1445365531132.jpeg (212.67 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpeg)

Before and after Photshop.
She totally just uses filters guize and she's totes proud of her body with all of her cellulite and rolls.

No. 194692

File: 1445366157844.jpg (67.29 KB, 725x408, smugdoka.jpg)

I think her arms are just too heavy to lift any higher.

No. 194703

Excluding what anon already pointed out.
>flattened down thigh
>longer arm
>trying to push up her boob
>flattened stomach
>smaller, slightly longer neck
Wow she's very proud of her fat body 100%!

No. 194833

Did she delete that harness pic from her insta?

No. 194834

She has a "model" face. It's too bad it's hidden under all that flab. Her face is not so fat, but her body….

No. 194853

Yep. there was so much backlash on it

No. 194856


No. 195472


Her real face(sans makeup+Photoshop) is painfully average, anon, but you know, she's effin the shit out of those beauty standards!

No. 195482

>painfully average
Your delusion level is PT tier.

No. 195495

I wouldn't say painfully average, but not gorgeous ~model like

No. 195534

Disagree, I know its a cardinal sin to think shes georgeous on here because she's fat, but she does have a stunning face and its said that is her main selling point.

No. 195551

Main? Or only? No one would give her any attention if she didn't have a pretty face.

No. 195852

File: 1445623206915.jpg (9.67 KB, 236x236, 5433aa3b2916ebc44745d88f6cda17…)

Average =/= ugly but yeah, she's average without the tons of makeup and contouring imo

No. 195856

Christ almighty she's massive in motion. Her face is certainly fat as fuck and it looks like she's got t Rex arms she's so big they can't even sit in her lap. You cannot tell me anyone would be happy like that.

No. 195864

She's so vapid

No. 195875

I'mma just leave this here.


She can't even get up without the help of like, 5 or 6 people.

No. 195904

This lady is low-key calling her an obese cow but trying so hard to be nice about it. Kek.

No. 196025

Not to mention she's wearing all black, which is suppose to give a slimming illusion.

No. 196031

I watched this whole special, and she was honestly the worst personality of anyone. Outside of a keyboard she's super boring to listen to or watch interact.

No. 196053

Her head is so tiny

No. 196314

No, the rest of her body is just so big that it makes her head look tiny by comparison. Especially since her face remained relatively "slim" (compared to other hambests her size).

No. 196417

Most models look "average" underneath all the makeup. Not ugly, but a nice blank canvas is how it usually goes.

No. 196629


No. 197670

Tess once got mad at people for saying she had a pretty face, because she went all PT on them and was like, "Oh yeah? What about my body, huh? You never say anything nice about that BAAAW MUH OPPRESSION"


No. 197725

Who would honestly find her body attractive, besides some fetishists? She's so fucking fat she cannot even stand up on her own anymore (wish I had the gif, can't find it in the other thread right now). Not even the women who praise her find Tess' body attractive, they just use her as self-validation and silencing their conscious when they sove down another pint of ice cream. Because m-uh curves are like a model's!!

No. 198867


If you chopped off her head she'd look like a nasty blob. Want me to say something nice about her body?

It really reflects her personality.

No. 198874

File: 1446430966821.gif (8.25 MB, 720x404, gxG25PM.gif)

No. 198875

Those are some fat bitches.

No. 198889

They look like a solar system

No. 199097

Is this from the show with the cheese girl?

No. 199122

What show are you talking about?

No. 199126

File: 1446502859133.png (892.58 KB, 1080x1528, Screenshot_2015-11-02-14-19-15…)

Ngl this is pretty disgusting. Wtf is bustle anyway?

No. 199127

File: 1446502942142.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1050, Screenshot_2015-11-02-14-21-19…)

Closer look at her costume

No. 199131

File: 1446503284913.jpg (46.26 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

Why is her make up such shit? Pixiwoo literally did the look last year.

No. 199134

File: 1446503606497.png (331.61 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_2015-11-02-14-30-15…)


a lot of fat positive bloggers are turning on tess. So far, fatgirlflow, marfmellow, afatfox are all against her.

No. 199137

Also, looking through the Tess Holliday tag on Tumblr I notice some people are crediting lolcow (which is great because lolcow staff and the admin deserve the traffic) But I wonder how they got here? Googling Tess Holliday yields her social media and various news articles for days. Nonetheless it would be great if her lolcow page got indexed further on Google results so her followers can see how much of a shitty person she is

No. 199141

Plus Size Wars. It was shown on Channel 4 in the UK, not sure if it was aired in other countries.

No. 199148

THIS BITCH NEEDS TO EAT A SANDWICH…Just one, instead of 10.

No. 199150

Yes, it is. It's from the show Plus Size Wars.

No. 199151

Fatlogic subreddit and/or GOMI, most likely.

No. 199171

Where can I watch this?

No. 200375

File: 1446742231063.jpg (238.53 KB, 634x951, 2E19888E00000578-3304075-image…)

She is at it again, photoshop at full throttle. But she can't hide the beetus in her face.

No. 200377

File: 1446742329024.jpg (89.5 KB, 634x423, 2E19888100000578-3304075-image…)

No. 200389

Damn. She gained a lot more weight than when she first started.

No. 200390

She looks really gross. That huge stomach pooch or "VBO" makes me sick. Also that article had a super lulzy quote like "People who think my body is gross still wanna have sex with me"

No. 200393

>Also that article had a super lulzy quote like "People who think my body is gross still wanna have sex with me"

Except thats true, and it goes for many fetishes.

No. 200395

I think her body is gross. I do not want to have sex with her.

No. 200421

jesus fucking CHRIST her arms, those are not the arms of a human being

No. 200423

Her tattoo on her arm looks like it's about to throw up.

No. 200490

They both look trashy as fuck!! Fuck off, you whales, Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies. I'm so tired of hearing that being morbidly obese is the same as promoting positivity for women. It's not.

No. 200491

Best gym motivator.

No. 200493

The arm tattoo is just sagging with her fat. Why even bother tattooing a whale?

No. 200494

Holyshit, she looks like she's pushing 350– maybe even 400.

No. 200680

the only thing I like about her is her tattoo work. The Miss Piggy tattoo is nicely done (and ironically fitting).

No. 200702

If Tess ever gets a clue and loses the weight her tattoos are going to be absolutely trashed. But at the rate she's going she'll probably die first

No. 200963

File: 1446837138569.jpg (77.41 KB, 500x500, tumblr_miwf474TjV1qj6wguo1_500…)

All her portrait tattoos are done by Nikko Hurtado, an amazing artist who's renowned in the tattooing world.
I wonder what they'll look like if she ever loses a bunch of weight though…

No. 201331

File: 1446924025341.png (661.39 KB, 960x640, image.png)

Checked Baginya.org for updates on Lukyanova and found out that Tess appeared on a Russian talk show

No. 201334

I love watching the reaction of the audience. They all have that "holy shit this whale is talking" expression.

No. 201351

Holy shit, it's really startling seeing her in motion. Her head is just so disproportionate to the rest of her. She really lucked out with fat distribution.

No. 201355

File: 1446929101770.png (182.38 KB, 400x305, hogjowls.png)

>>I wonder what they'll look like if she ever loses a bunch of weight though…

No. 201356

Russian here.
Title says: The real woman must weight 150kilos.
It's on a government channel.
Shit tier talk show for dumb housewifes.
Russians are freaked by her presence.

No. 201362

File: 1446930909453.jpeg (87.99 KB, 960x523, image.jpeg)

Is it just me, or Russian plus size model Katya Zharkova barely holds back kek'ing listening to Tess?

No. 201367

>Russians are freaked by her presence

(Another Russian here)
Not really, they kinda loved her ~inner beauty~ and ~eff-ur-standards-courage~ in the end. The artist (the bearded guy with long hair) offered her to draw her portrait for free and/or (?) a tattoo design, as she's got a place for one more on her left arm.

Also, I loved how literally everyone went "bitch please" when Tess said she is like this by nature and was just born this way (it's ~genetics~).

Honestly, I expected her to freak out when the artist said something like "this dress doesn't flatter her, it makes her appear bigger" and go fully "eff ur beauty standards bitches bye", but surprisingly she was nice and friendly all this time, even when an ana girl said she looks horrible.

Looks like she acts this bitchy "eff-ur-standards" way only on the Internet.

No. 201368

Also, it was sad to hear when someone in the audience said "In the United States being obese is considered normal".

No. 201375

russian here. kek. thanks for the vid guys

No. 201409

File: 1446936866919.png (1.88 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-07-14-51-40…)


No. 201411

File: 1446936888050.png (62.76 KB, 356x259, Screenshot_2015-11-07-14-52-00…)

No. 201416

holy fuck is she fucking missing toes?

No. 201418

Yup. Can't believe I haven't noticed till now. It's got to be the beetus

No. 201419

So in the OP pic I'm thinking they shopped an extra toe in

No. 201422

I think she has a really wide toe gap from being 300lbs, they're spread out to support her weight. Look how flat her feet are in OP pic too. You probably can't see her little toe because of the shoes.

No. 201428

I would attempt to research this but I'm scared. I'm so scared. obese people feet are the grossest feet.

No. 201435

File: 1446939379186.jpeg (98.52 KB, 639x797, image.jpeg)

I literally googled "beetus losing toes" and got Tess. Kek.

No. 201454

She actually said that she loves her though and supports her.

No. 201456

Her feet have literally become cleft like a pig's

No. 201464

the prophecy of her arm tattoo has been fulfilled.

No. 201472

Are there any pics of Tess before she got massive?

No. 201558


I'm fucking mad that bomb ass Miss Piggy tattoo is wasted on a scumwad like her. I guess one advantage of being a fucking PLANET is more space for tattoos.

Not that it matters since she'll be dead in ten years anyway.

No. 201581

File: 1446975361802.jpg (105.46 KB, 634x451, image.jpg)

No. 201587

Holy shit. She would be such a QT if she wasn't a fucking whale. Seriously wasted potential.

No. 201589

File: 1446982498848.jpeg (50.66 KB, 306x387, image.jpeg)

Holy cow, she was such an ugly baby. I would think she had tens of surgeries but pictures where she's around 10-12 show Tess we know, so it's just her face changed through years of growing up. I want to see her growing up in motion cause it's surprising how this ugly little gremlin turned into a cute (yet fat) teenager.

No. 201607

File: 1446990534293.jpg (97.82 KB, 634x483, 28FCE9FA00000578-3096556-Speci…)

what a shame

No. 201627

Seems like she started blowing up at puberty and just never looked back. The stress from her parents' divorce probably didn't help. That's a shame.

No. 201630

Seems like most ugly babies turn out alright and the cute ones turn out unfortunate.

No. 201632

>stress from divorce

Not stressed by the fact HER MOTHER WAS SHOT IN THE FACE AND PARALYSED. That shit would fuck anyone up

No. 201633

Your features change a lot during puberty, cute kids often turn out completely hideous, and the other way around.

No. 201637

Yes, it has to do with Tess' mom being shot and paralyzed. The thing is, Tess has said some terrible things about her mom. Like how sometimes her mom get on her netves because she needs constant care and whatnot.

No. 201722

>it was super body positive
even they couldnt bring themselves to call it cool or interesting

No. 201732

lol i think they are running out of things to say about her because she is not that remarkable or interesting. she didnt even finish high school ffs.

No. 201740


The wide toe gap is actually just genetic for some people. I am slim and I have the creepy toe gap too. I've had it forever and it runs in my family. I only wear sandals with the toe piece so it doesn't look so obvious.

No. 201763

that sucks

No. 201765

Shit, I've just realised that I have a wide toe gap too.

Maybe toe gap will become the new thigh gap? Here's hoping.

No. 201850

Maybe someday

No. 202222

>breast cancer awareness
"Tee-hee look at these sexy tits that you no longer have~<3"

No. 202224

I'm sure the toe thing is fine and not as noticeable on you since you aren't 300 pounds like Tess dumptruck. You're cool, anon.

No. 202225

I gotta admit, she has good work on her. It's a shame since a fat person getting nice tattoos is just worthless in the end. I'd rather use my tattoos as a way to keep thin/in shape so they dont stretch out. Look at Charms after all.

No. 202226

Being obese is practically the norm here though. It won't be too long when they're over half the population.

No. 202228

She's been fat all her life?
And damn, I feel really bad for her mother.

No. 202240

I only noticed when you pointed it out. Isn't it common for people with Downs Syndrome? Maybe some of the same genes come into play somehow. Being really fat can cause toe spread too.

No. 205253

Yeah, I'm very sorry to what happened to Tess's mother, but that doesn't excuse Tess on changing her own eating behaviors. She said she started emotional eating due to that trauma? Heck, the contestants on 'Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss' edition have extremely similar backstories, yet they decided not to let emotional eating get to them and do something to turn that around. They not only lost weight but also combated depression, got a lot of support for what they were doing, etc. I mean, they pretty much reaped all the benefits of exercise as much as they could.

Yet Tess would rather just 'accept' herself the way she is by being a lying, hypocritical, lazy ham planet. Someone who say to eff our beauty standards yet shoops herself a lot, gets mad that people say she has a pretty face but doesn't say much to her body, lies about her own weight and dress size…she still has a lot of insecurities buried inside, and her apparent schtick of being like a HAES advocate clearly isn't working for her.

She should probably join 'HEAVY' instead of just being the face for that show, or join the weight loss edition for Extreme Makeover. It would do much to better her reputation as well.

No. 205262

File: 1447835238455.jpg (113.89 KB, 640x640, 11357665_130573590608264_32702…)

Yeah, Nick really got fat. He shouldn't hang around such a horrible influence.

No. 205268

Savage. Do you think that when he wants to work out or something she screams at him and stops him from doing so? He seemed somewhat fit before?

No. 205270

They look like chavvy redneck, trailer trash, hillbilly bogans all rolled up in one. And with Tess's attitude and background, they are the epitome of White trash.

No. 205332

He only whines about his body issues and how it gives him anxiety but he never does anything to change it

No. 205347

Just reading an article on this bitch and how she's promoting obesity and in the article the author noted that if you need three people to help you get up off the floor, you are not in any way healthy and need help, and linked this GIF (too large to post).


How can she claim to still be as healthy and fit as the average person?

More importantly how does she wipe her ass?

No. 205352

Holyshit. He really ballooned up. But that's what happens when you date a whale.

No. 205354

They really are pure white trash now.

No. 205355

Yes everyone knows this link by now. It was the 2nd post in the first thread

No. 205356


I haven't read the first thread my bad.

No. 205510

that's not nick

No. 205713

Yeah if you look on his IG there's a full body post from just five days ago where he's obviously not that big

No. 206013

her bro is cuter

No. 206961

Tess claimed to be 280lbs

Does anyone know her real weight? I know someone who is around that weight, Tess doesn't even come close to 280 pounds.

No. 206975

is she 4'10? aint no weigh shes 280

No. 206985

iono it could be right if she's slightly on the short side, or just absolutely has no muscle mass. I know someone who weighs around 100kg (200 pounds?) and they look smaller than tess but not a whole lot, so it's plausible

No. 206986

Tess is 5'5'.

No. 207215

I am 5'5" and 260. There's no way she's my size or a size 22 as she claims. I have a friend who is 6'0" and 400 and if you make her my height then you'd have Tess. So I'm willing to bet everything that Tess is 400 or close to it if not past it.

No. 207216

She could be very small framed and shorter than she claims. A lot of a celebrities are.
Even women like Kim Kardashian are tiny in real life, even though she looks fat, she is is very short and ridiculously small framed despite her curves/fat. Also true for a lot of male celebrities as well.

No. 207241

Anon…Are you ok? Do you need a weightloss buddy?

No. 207594

Yeah I was thinking probably 350lbs or more.

I'm still curious about how much her fucking arms probably weigh though, they're like giant meat sacks every time she lifts up her arms.

No. 207940

im so fucking sick of fat people thinking that they are better than me just because they are fucking fat and have to deal with whole "hardships n bein fat oh my life is so hard f you smaller girls u dont know real struggle". no, youre just fucking lazy you arent special at all.

No. 208225

Many people don't buy her claims of being size 22. I don't either. I think she's bigger than she claims.

She probably picked a size that is just big enough to be "so brave and body positive" but not so big that it makes people think she outweighs Moby Dick.

Her arms and legs are gigantic. It must really hurt to use them too much for anything. She probably sits around a lot when she's not doing photoshoots.

This weight is going to hit her hard when she gets older. Some poor team or orderlies gonna have to roll Tess over so she doesn't get bedsores. Isn't she afraid she'll lose her feet to the beetus?

No. 208229

>im so fucking sick of fat people thinking that they are better than me

…you should probably stop taking other peoples' weights so personally. I can assure you that most don't give a fuck about you.

No. 208242

You sound fat.

No. 208244

you sound bothered.

No. 208249

Aw, being a fattie got you down?

No. 208252

Just pointing out how you care too much about what fatties think of you. That's all.

No. 208254

Not really. This is a thread about a fat person, you're stupid and offended and it's hilarious. Go back to tumblr.

No. 208256

>it's a thread about a fat person
>as you make a rant about how "fat people think they're better than you"
You're so petty kek

No. 208257

I'm affecting you so hard LOL

No. 208258

Are you trying to imply you're trolling? You're trying too hard and it's cringe-inducing, actually. You need to go asap.

No. 208260

No. 208261

File: 1448637790507.png (34.02 KB, 1000x999, stop.png)

No. 208262

Says the angry sad fattie on lolcow.

No. 208264


No. 208266

Did you see the gif of Tess on Plus Size Wars? She needed 6 people to help her up.


No. 208267

No. 208269

Oh, didn't realize it was already posted.

Tess is totally lying about how big she is because she did a Buzzfeed video where she tries on clothes and complains some of them are too small even though they're supposedly the same size she wears.

No. 208272

Yeah. She's easily over 300 pounds, that's just minimum. I'd guess her weight at 350 tbh.

No. 208274

File: 1448638731751.jpg (29.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It's remarks like that and that kind of lying she does which makes her whole "body positive" thing a total crock of shit.

No. 208282

Tess can say whatever she wants, but no doctor will agree that being morbidly obese is good for you, like it is not good to be extremely skinny.

She'll fade away in time and eventually die of obesity related causes.

No. 208384

Did they just give up entirely and decide to shop out her arm tats all together?

No. 208429

Her face looks stupid there.

No. 208432

File: 1448671826329.png (610.36 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_nrekg414zv1qa0wj4o1_128…)

Whale galore

No. 208434

File: 1448671849614.jpg (264.39 KB, 768x1097, tumblr_nph9vrXwTW1u7na33o3_128…)

Imagine how Tess would look if she lost weight.

No. 208446

Still punchable, yeah.

No. 208961

File: 1448801219189.gif (543.55 KB, 480x360, 1353435779234.gif)

>all that loose skin

No. 209017

"Mind if I take my clothes off?" Fuck yeah Tess, put your clothes back on you whale

No. 209051

File: 1448812185597.jpg (196.04 KB, 1024x768, tess.jpg)


I tried anon. Not with my tablet ATM.

No. 209152

The biggest scandal on dis bitch is her moneymaking scams. For instance: her "Eff Your Beauty Standards" merch she's been selling online for at least 2 years. The majority of the t-shirt buyers never received their merch, even after years of emailing and pleading with Tess on social media for answers. Tess' answer to them? Delete, deflect to her "assistant" of the week before she fired them and blamed them for everything wrong, then delete some more. Also, Tess maintained that the reason her tshirts were $35 PLUS $15 SHIPPING was because she was making donations to a domestic violence shelter. But not only did the shirts not get sent - and no one receive refunds - but she "didn't make any profit" off of the shirts, so she never made a donation like she promised.

All this has been documented in 2 private facebook groups (Messy Tessy will report any public group as bullying / hate - can't be seen as the scammer she is in public!) Tess has NEVER addressed this publicly, and to this day the only way anyone either receives their backlogged merch or gets a refund is if they manage to find one of the private facebook groups.

Eff Your Customer Service

Eff Your Censorship

No. 209174

her face looks fat

No. 209257

this isn't editing, this is magic

No. 209269

wow, she's human now!

No. 209271

File: 1448850187417.jpg (264.54 KB, 1350x900, Untitled-1.jpg)

I couldn't be bothered finishing this/doing it properly so here.

No. 209387

No. 209395

I fucking love Naomi.

No. 209402

I disagree with the writer's conclusions.

I agree that we shouldn't just assume things about people or, at least, we shouldn't be attached to those assumptions: a fat person has got to that weight for several reasons - they might have been depressed, have some health problems that make it much easier to gain weight, etc. But for all we know when looking at them, they might have lost a few kilos in the last few months and trying to get better health. Losing weight isn't as easy for everyone and our daily lives can make it harder. Same for skinny people: some people just don't gain weight that easily, or maybe they're stressed out or they now have two kids and run around all day due to work and family. Who knows, they don't necessarily throw up what they eat. We agree there as well. I get really angry at people bullying either person for the way they look because they might get in the way of someone struggling to get themselves better or make assumptions about someone's lifestyle just because of their looks.

But with people like TH we know where she is: she doesn't want to lose weight and she wants society to accept her and admire her body in the state it is. That's not something I can agree with and it's not something that anyone's entitled to. Ultimately, if there's a demand for her photos, fuck it. Sell them. I don't agree with governments banning a certain body type and I wouldn't ask for her photos to be pulled, either. But people have every right to call her out and the movements that want fat acceptance. It's not healthy. She's not just overweight, she's morbidly obese. Her legs are starting to curve the wrong way around, her knees freak me out when I look at them. She's easily the kind of body type I've come across 3 times in my life, if that. We're seeing the pendulum swing and we went from only obsessing over scarily skinny bodies to scarily fat bodies.

No. 209574


The writer is just waffling, trying not to offend anyone. The fact is that if the industry has taken it upon themselves to self regulate and provide only healthy models (i.e., not ones with BMI below healthy) then it stands to reason that the other end of the spectrum of ill health indicators should also be regulated.

No models under BMI 18 in straight sizes; no models over BMI 30 in plus sizes (30 is the official cutoff for obesity.) This means that the standard height 5' 10" model should weigh around 130-35 for normal sizing, and a plus sized model of the same height should weigh up to 210. Anything more of less than these weights being used to promote fashion offers up poor standards of health.

No. 209576

there should be no models over BMI 25, the cutoff for overweight, and this should be regulated much more heavily than underweight models. after all, the western world has an overweight/obesity problem, not an anorexia/malnutrition problem. it's extremely common for people to criticize models/celebs for being too thin (sometimes rightfully so) but try saying that adele, kate upton, etc. are unhealthy and should lose a few pounds… people will get mad as fuck and try to deny it even though it's true.

No. 209586


To be fair, Kate Upton is just flabby/middle-of-the-road weight. She has an unfortunate shape (idk reverse triangle? Square?) with large tits.

In general being obese or underweight is terrible for the body. It's just that being overweight - but not yet obese - doesn't come with nearly as many risks. It's not true for everyone, but being slightly heavier than slightly thinner is better for the body.

No. 209647

File: 1448940299701.jpg (109.25 KB, 1256x1600, kateuptown.jpg)

Nah Kate isn't flabby at all? She's probably on the lower side of the weight scale, she's more skinny-fat. She IS a model, she has even done runway shows, and those shows do have standards. She does have a different shape unlike other models. She isn't very curvy. I know all of this because of my teenage boy years of admiring her. I still find her pretty hot, I find body types like hers really sexy. Wtf why am I saying all this. I guess I still secretly love her.

No. 209657

no one cares that you like to jack off to fat girls, male pls go

No. 209691


Back to purging BoneLord.

No. 209694

tbh she has a rectangular body, kind of like PT does.
This body type is pretty troublesome because if you don't look like a thin waif then good luck not getting called a fat mom for not having a good hip to waist ratio.
People who actually call her fat are blind idiots, but it's just because she doesn't have that "curvy" body that's so popular nowadays.

No. 209795

These fucking Ana cunts ruining lolcow, how old are you? 15?

Sorry for the bump

No. 210241


God she is so fckn nasty

No. 212900

"Tess Holliday/Munster is a shitty person, and here's why."



No. 212926

Source of this ? Was it on reddit ? Her instagram is on lock down atm

No. 212967

yeah same her facebook is up in arms rn

No. 212978

Her instagram is on private???

No. 213018

File: 1449850675100.png (611.6 KB, 945x485, Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 16.1…)

No. 213019

File: 1449850689110.png (60.01 KB, 338x448, Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 16.1…)

No. 213058

This is just bizarre. I can understand if she wants to call herself an idiot for selling shirts at $10 and then "whoops"ing after realizing there's no profits. But $40 and pulling the whoops card? And then trying to guilt people because now she supposedly is donating from her 6 figure salary from the goodness of her heart? Blaming her customers for apparently not contacting about the status of their order? That takes some major amounts of not giving a fuck about your fans.

No. 213091

Doing God's work. Thanks. I feel like she's going to be dropped from MILK at this rate

No. 213106

File: 1449869357830.jpg (97.36 KB, 1223x778, fatty fatty 2x4 cant fit throu…)

No. 213114

File: 1449872651887.png (58.85 KB, 317x433, Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 22.2…)


Her comments section is just a straight split between people defending her and people getting pissed

No. 213159

I find her body to be very average and embarassing.
>stomach isnt fully flat
>flat butt
I'm sorry but big tits + flat ass is just ugly. At least have a small butt to even it out? such a shame her body is a waste because i think her face is hot

No. 213160

I agree with naomi.
Too skinny and too fat are both very unhealthy and damn ugly.
I can't believe people are too fucking lazy to lose or gain weight because "its genetics!!! STOP SHAMING ME"
jfc wanna know what fat privilege is? being able to eat a shit ton of food while most people in this earth are starving

No. 213233

File: 1449900436126.jpg (64.32 KB, 468x579, tess.JPG)


There was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more top comments yesterday but she deleted all of them

No. 214676

No. 215036

Tess Responds to Scamming Accusations


Another article about the Tess Scam. She basically makes up a bunch of excuses and does not take responsibility. Plus, her feelings are hurt by people asking where their shirts are.

>"My mother and I are both victims of [domestic violence]," she said. "The idea that I would willfully defraud the people who have supported me along the way, and a charity that touches on my own family's struggles, is so upsetting."

Don't you feel bad for her now? Better stop demanding that she follow through on what she said she would do.

>"The system we were using just didn't work," she said, attributing missing merchandise to "one big batch that was lost by the post office" and "usual business discrepancies."

No, Tess. You just didn't send stuff out because you didn't care.

>The size-22 model says she was unable to make the charity donation she promised after paying "thousands and thousands of dollars" to a shipping and distribution center to ensure issues with merchandise would be resolved, which "ate up what little [was] left of the profits."

>"The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is aware of what happened, and thankfully were very understanding," she said, adding that she has given a "substantial contribution" to the organization, and will also be volunteering at the Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center.

This sounds like another excuse. I kind of feel like she should tell us how much she gave as well because transparency seems to be an issue with her. She probably gave them like $20. Where's all your modeling money, Tess?

No. 215037


>“There were quite a few people in the group who never purchased anything, and who had issues with me prior, that were using the group as a space to bully me and stir the pot even more.” The situation highlights some deeper problems, the model points out. “Why as women do we constantly pit ourselves against one another?” she asks. “What could we achieve if we stopped being so quick to judge and started giving other women the benefit of the doubt, and support them through their struggles?”

Ugh. Of course she blames other people. Hdu not support me even though I scammed a bunch of people! This is an attack on women and feminism!

No. 215070

Why not show the proof of this "substantial contribution" ? Is she pretending she made a donation in cash ?
This is sickening.

No. 215093

She is honestly such a cunt

No. 215103

You make a commitment like that and you find a way to keep it piggie.

Probably because no such proof exists.

No. 215335


>'I'm not [unhealthy]', said Tess, adding: '[That] is like saying because someone is a darker skin tone or because someone is being gay that they're like, glorifying that lifestyle. That's who you are.'

dis bitch

No. 215336

But she literally IS glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle with her shitty slogan and "fat babe" bullshit.
And I'm not sure why having dark skin is lumped in with having a "lifestyle", either, but go off, Tess.

No. 215367

So she's comparing eating shitty junk food, which is her choice to something somebody cannot choose like a darker skin tone or being gay? Then adding it's "who you are"?

I guess all that fat around her brain squeezed it too hard. She sounds like a stupid cunt.

No. 215414


The reddit thread on this. Someone said the t shirts were poor quality and when they finally did arrive the design was peeling off. I'd lIke proof of that if anyone knows anything. That's hilarious

No. 215418

File: 1450470408301.png (869.44 KB, 801x775, Screenshot_2015-12-18-12-22-48…)

She looks terrible lately like the fat is catching up to her..

No. 215419

File: 1450470444776.png (214.11 KB, 422x550, Screenshot_2015-12-18-12-24-51…)

No. 215431

This looks like one of those pics where they photoshop a normal person to look fat. She's so fucking huge that it doesn't look real

No. 215434

Yeah there's Def fat suit vibes. Reminds me of the yt video of that girl who wore a fat suit on tinder dates

No. 215438

She tends to look like she has on a fat suit because she just has chubby head and neck instead of the massive obese no-neck head that she should have, though she is starting to form it–like in >>215419
I think her relatively normal head/neck was the only reason she was able to become a popular model. Not even fat people would want to look at her otherwise

No. 215448

That open mouth thing aint gonna work when you have 8 chins Tess

No. 215473

What do you guys think is gonna happen with her agency? Think she'll get dropped? Also, I guess her and nick are legit married now and did a quicky Vegas thing.

No. 215649

File: 1450514076997.jpg (196.27 KB, 1208x556, tumblr_nzl2s2tgdD1uizwvfo1_128…)

Dramatic much?

No. 215652

why dont people know how to screencap in 2015

No. 215696

Maybe she'll stop being such a bitch now, settle down, and ease out of the spotlight if she got married.
Men least of all hate being tied down to drama 27/9.
Might also explain her move to do >>215649 that.

No. 215742


Boohooo like losing real money wouldn't hurt anyone.

No. 216101

File: 1450661263160.gif (3.69 MB, 300x225, 1443632985995.gif)

Unrelated, but why do whales call themselves 'babes'? It could just be me though

No. 216120

Because nobody else will.

No. 216186

File: 1450678280770.jpg (40.55 KB, 333x500, 51yf8GKUx8L._SX940_.jpg)

Babe the pig

No. 216330


did you guys see this video of tess teaching buzzfeed workers how to take selfies? she's much creepier in motion, her hair doesn't even move

No. 216331

Yep! I especially liked reading most of the comments for once as well.

No. 216334

I don't know why she chooses to style her hair like that for all the Buzzfeed videos she's in. It looks tacky and greasy in live action.

Also wouldn't this video contradict effyourbeautystandards or the fuck flattering movement she's part of?

No. 216370

No. 216450

File: 1450754781841.gif (291.47 KB, 500x373, 1450695974706.gif)


No. 216466

Those ham legs. And here I was looking for local shops for a nice ham when this bitch is smuggling them around.

No. 216469

>You can't choose the food you eat
>Or being black
>Or gay
One of these things is not like the other.

No. 216470

I thought that was Big Lottes in the center and almost lost it.

No. 216479

>Although she often shares Instagram snaps of her working out in the gym, Tess insists she's not trying to change her physique.

She knows if she dares to lose even one pound her fatty followers will turn on her like rabid dogs. Even if a doctor told her to lose weight or die I doubt she'd do it. At this point her body is ruined anyway. Even if she lost a lot of weight she'd need a body lift to look even remotely normal. They'd have to cut her deflated chunks away piece by piece.

I'm convinced that women like her don't actually love their bodies. They simply know they screwed themselves out of any chance of ever looking normal and now they have no choice but to hop on the fatty pride train until their clogged arteries explode.

No. 218388

File: 1451435923750.png (756 KB, 1024x614, 1.png)

Every time she opens her mouth, I just wanna shove a dildo into it.

No. 218390

File: 1451436008677.jpg (51.01 KB, 634x463, 2F784EC300000578-3364774-image…)

No. 218392

File: 1451436078800.gif (54.05 KB, 878x470, asdf.gif)

No. 218393

File: 1451436191831.jpg (198.33 KB, 498x720, Tess-Munster1.jpg)


Looks like Tess tends to use the 'Myspace angles' every now and then to make herself look thin, kek

No. 218394

God I just feel like her breath would stink like unwiped ass

No. 218397

File: 1451437042198.jpg (52.1 KB, 634x463, 2F784EBA00000578-3364774-image…)

The article where these pics came from, if anyone is interested: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3364774/I-know-m-fat-Size-22-model-Tess-Holliday-reveals-refuses-diet-don-t-work-blasts-Victoria-s-Secret-s-unrealistic-beauty-standards.html

Her logic here is just as equally infuriating as any of the other BS she's said or done.

No. 218437

>Victoria secrets unrealistic beauty standards
B-but their models actually maintain their figure by eating right and working out. How stupid can this bitch be?

No. 218438

File: 1451445006425.jpg (162.13 KB, 735x572, d355baee59c5a1ddbd1.jpg)

Dropped pic. They're all taller than average women, but none of them are starving to death. They actually have muscle.

No. 218442

File: 1451446130673.gif (2.56 MB, 336x335, fat.gif)

all beauty standards are unrealistic for this hog tho

No. 218443

This is my favorite gif.

No. 218450

File: 1451448592109.jpg (16.95 KB, 240x232, IMG_1226.JPG)

>decent looking bf
smh tbh fam

No. 218473

I'm trying to spot the muscles. Even a bikini competitor has more muscles.

No. 218477

File: 1451453608964.jpg (679.93 KB, 1920x2120, gq-victorias-secret-2014-23[1]…)

>Even a bikini competitor has more muscles.
No shit, bikini competitors are bodybuilders. VS models are fashion models.

No. 218479

Really? You can't see the arm and thigh muscles on the right one? The thigh muscles on the girl next to her?

No. 218481

This doesn't look like an impossible standard either. Many girls could achieve this with regular work and dedication.

No. 218515

It never ceases to amaze me, how many people simply don't know what they're looking at when it comes to recognizing muscle development/definition.

No. 218523

I feel like it'd be easier to look like a VS model than like Tess. I don't think I could keep up eating that much.

No. 218553

>cannot spot obvious stomach and thigh muscles
Bitch, go home or to a gym please.

No. 218554

Agreed. Sadly many of these bitches are lazy, lazy and don't want to eat right or work out 3-4 days a week, which you can do from home. It's definitely an attainable body, but fatties would rather make all the excuses in the world than work out or cut out junk.

No. 218571


They both suck. 5'0 used to be 160 lbs, went down to 90 lbs (looked like a VS model midget). They both suck to maintain.

No. 218583


One would involve shovelling food down your pie hole every 5 mins even if you're not hungry. The other would involve not eating anything for hours even if you're starving. I think it's definitely easier to have no self control like Tess and be a land whale

No. 218589

It's not difficult to eat a calorie deficit and not be a fatass, but that would take self control, which apparently you dont have.

No. 218639

at 5'0" and 90 lbs, she has a BMR of about 1200 calories. i'm not saying that's an impossible weight to maintain, but it certainly doesn't give her a lot of leeway regarding caloric intake.

the whole shoveling food in your mouth all day thing is a bit silly. two tablespoons of peanut butter have 200 calories. that's already 10% of her calorie needs. one meal at a fast food restaurant could easily set her over her entire day's worth of calories, if not by 200 or 300%. i'm not saying it's an impossible weight to maintain, but it certainly takes a more planning and effort.

No. 218643

BMR and TDEE are two different things. BMR is if you did absolutely nothing all day and were in a coma. I'm sure that poster burns more calories than that.

No. 218808

She ate them.

No. 218934


I wish. I have PCOS and my BMR is actually about 1,000 when it was tested. I guessed about 1,200 so I was a bit off but not by much. And you do need to plan everything out - where you're going to get __% of protein, good fats, ect.

And never, ever forget there is no amount of exercise that can outrun a crappy diet. I work half the time on a computer, the other half on my feet and work out 3x a week. It doesn't burn nearly as much as you'd think.

The worst is having to get up super early to workout and eat a good breakfast which is about half of my daily calories, and then have to be working until 6:30. My cut-off time for food is 7, so no dinner. Going 15+ hrs without eating does suck no matter how much self control you have. I never said you couldn't do it, but I am saying it sucks just as much as being fat.

When I was really fat, all I could think/feel was about my belly and rolls, how much I ate and whether or not I was really hungry. That honestly didn't change when I got thin like I thought it would.

No. 218942

no one cares

No. 219000

Its easy enough to obtain the weight or body fat percentage, sure, but looking like that is an entirely different story. As a 4 foot 10, broad shouldered, awkwardly inverted triangle shape, theres no amount of dieting, exercising, or plastic surgery that would ever allow me to have the body of a VS model. A nice body isnt all about weight. You can disagree that fatness isnt a part of genetics, but genetics does play a role in a lot of other things that affect how conventionally attractive your body is. Ive been thin, Ive been fit, Ive been chubby, but Ill never look like a model.

No. 219003

Not eating for a few hours isn't that hard. It's what you do between breakfast and lunch for example.

No. 219009

At that rate even a sedentary tdee is about 1400 - 1500 calories, which is the low end of totally normal. That's about 3 500 calorie meals a day of 3 300 calorie meals and some drinks/snacks. You could easily maintain that on diet alone. It sounds like your perceptions and habits are super fucked up.

No. 219018

Well let's say your BMR is indeed that low. All you need to do is create a calorie deficit. You can do that by exercising. I walk 5-7 miles a day and burn 500-700 calories doing so according to my Fitbit.

So if you created a 500 cal deficit through exercise and ate 1000 calories, you'd still lose a pound a week.

My suggestion since you have PCOS is to reduce carbs if you have not already, and up fat and protein.

No. 220217

Just reading this fat big's filth spewing out of her mouth really angers me. I saw the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show when it aired in December, and they showed segments of the VS models' daily workout routines. They are really disciplined and what they do is definitely realistic and achievable. The only thing that can stop anyone from doing this is lack of willpower.

No. 220262

I eat about the same amount as my BMR, I don't add any calories to that. The only way I dropped the extra 60+ lbs in the end was to eat about 800 calories a day and work out everyday.
Breakfast at 5 and lunch at 2 - 'a few hours' sounds like 3, not 7.

I've changed my diet, but I haven't done the running. I eat no bread based foods at all and I get enough carbs from my veggies. I'm not sure how large you are or how fast you're running so I can't know how many calories you burn in each km. Generally it's about 20-30 so I think you're burning more like 150-200 cals.

Most of the models in VS have gotten the BS about lying about their diets but they can't do anything about it. They all chain smoke and shit, what do we think they'll say? Oh yeah, I starve myself most of the day and eat very little and work out way too much! That's how I look like this! You'd get kicked to the curb.

No. 220282

You sound like you know nothing about proper diet and nutrition. damn

No. 220290

No. 220291

File: 1452053062039.jpg (64.62 KB, 450x337, 4265711638_88a87b85a9_b.jpg)

No. 220294


Wtf is going on with all these 32" waist chans lately?

No. 220295

Very little and what I do know is tailored for me by a nutritionist. It just…really runs counter logic.

No. 220297

>a PR video is real life.

FFS, you have no idea what they do individually to maintain their shape. Are you the same anon who keeps banging on about how "healthy" these VS bitches are?

No. 220298

BTW, I'm not saying they are all unhealthy - but each is maintaining their own way, and you can bet some of them are restricting and getting body sculpting work done.

No. 221957

File: 1452749342918.png (183.95 KB, 470x485, tesshallidur.PNG)

No. 221964

are you fucking kidding me, did this bitch literally crawll out the latest star wars film

No. 221967

jabba the slut

No. 222010

Even star wars got standards

No. 228010

File: 1454187533577.jpeg (171.96 KB, 637x795, image.jpeg)

She says her belly is already rounder and bigger from pregnancy. Would she really be showing at two months?

No. 228083


Nah. Usually women that size hardly show at all, even at 7 or 8 months. She may not even feel her baby kick because of all the extra padding.

No. 228084

File: 1454199676765.gif (579.31 KB, 500x234, anigif_enhanced-buzz-31164-141…)

>>Taken by Nick on an iPhone

We get it he's not like a regular photographer, he's a cool one

No. 228090


She may not even feel her baby kick because it suffocated under her lard.

No. 228115

Girl who are that fat may not even notice they are pregnant

No. 228127

>massive appreciation

No. 228161

Tess is pregnant? When was this found out?

No. 228191

File: 1454241886163.jpg (50.45 KB, 1024x768, pregnancy-week-7-tailbone_4x3.…)

>"Nearly two months"
>"New body"

kek, the baby is barely the size of a blueberry at this point. that's all her lard. My SIL is really skinny, and didn't even show at that point.

No. 228233

sounds like she's actually 4 months.

pic was taken when she was 2 months pregnant, and she looks at it again a couple months after taking the photo. she's saying her stomach is bigger and rounder since she took the photo.

not saying she'd be showing a baby bump by 4 months (probably just intestinal gas) but you people should learn how to read better.

No. 228238

I'm actually more surprised she had periods at that size

No. 228269

I hate that people like her have children. They are most likely going to be selfish pieces of shit and overfeed their child until it becomes obese with various medical problems. It is practically child abuse, but the HAES retards will cheer her on.

No. 228274

Fuck this fat repulsive gelatinous fucking cunt. I hope she fucking dies. It's not fucking fair that this disgusting greasy shit stain of a human being gets to shoot kids out of that cavernous cunt of hers undoubtedly passing her piss poor hamplanet morals onto them while some of us who look after our bodies and want nothing more than to be a mother have just never had the opportunity to marry and start a family. I have never in my life wanted so badly for someone to fucking die.

No. 228297

and then their children grow up to become drains on society and health care. I wish we'd fat shame all this assholes to death. They should not be allowed to reproduce.

No. 228299

I understand your feelings anon. There are so many wonderful people out there who deserve children, like couples are take care of themselves, healthwise, single ladies who really want a child but don't want a man and same-sex couples who are DENIED adoption rights because 'ew, so gross. you can't raise them right like a heterosexual couple.'
then we have this white trash.

No. 228325

File: 1454280292449.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1920, 1440108244943.png)

I replied to this instagram of hers, pointing out her hypocrisy with all the make-up hair teasing, and corset wearing she's done. Then someone responded,

>wow. She's wearing corserts for a pin-up tour. She's the one that started the moment (sic; I think she meant "movement"). Get off your high horse before I knock you down.

Debating whether or not it's good to reply; too angry for words right now.

No. 228336

Any excuse to post a selfie. These rants lose their fucking meaning when they have some overly filtered picture with constipated facial expression.

An idiotic vapid comment like that makes you too angry for words? Go outside and do something.

No. 228387

Shouldn't it be effyourbeautystandard instead, singular? Since the only "beauty standard" she's "effing" is being fat. (And maybe the tattoos?) But besides being fat, she pretty heavily enforces every other beauty standard ever.

Also >Get off your high horse before I knock you down.
At least you can get up on a horse, unlike Bessy over here, amirite?

No. 228825

File: 1454390966572.jpg (150.18 KB, 840x610, image.jpg)

No. 228827

No. 228894


No. 229207

File: 1454473383392.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2468, Screenshot_2016-02-02-20-18-19…)

So I can't help but comment on this post she made to about her friend Denise Bidot whose arguably a more successful plus size model than she is. This post just sounds so bitchy. First of all she picks a very unflattering photo. Second she describes her as a cheerleader/friend and nothing more. Even though she is an accomplished +model. Then she just rants about herself. I get she was telling a story but damn way to reduce another +size model to such an insignificant role.

No. 229923

File: 1454559937478.jpg (116.78 KB, 634x951, 30D8D36B00000578-3430615-image…)

Oh my.

>A little beauty pampering: The model stepped out fresh-faced with her hair in a ponytail before getting her hair and make-up done.


No. 229936

God. Most women look like that after raising a couple of babies to adulthood, or at least teenage years.

No. 229987

No woman should look like that. there's no excuse to be that fat.

No. 229988

>Most women

No. 230013


are they fucking kidding with that shit?

they'll never be able to tell if she's "showing" through all the fucking fat rolls

No. 230052


>Maternity wear

Girl, that's a muumuu.

No. 230414

No. 230415

she's too fat for a baby bump kek

thin privilege is there being a difference between your normal and pregnant body

No. 230561


She'd look less fat in a full burkha instead of a moomoo.

No. 231818

I'm surprised she didn't have the 'I didn't know I was pregnant til I went to take a shit and a baby popped out' like so many fatties do…

No. 231833

I bet she took a pregnancy test every week just in case. Does she even get her period?

No. 231844

I usually don't care about people that are overweight and happy but damn girl, what the fuck have you done?! That shit is not attractive or nice! Why use all those filters, angles and photoshop only to have this ugly ass, showing how big your fat ass really is pictures to be taken?! I hope all her so called fans see this and it really hits home how much of a disgusting liar she is!
I can smell all the under roll fat sweat from here.

No. 232121

She's not overweight though. she's morbidly obese and a drain on society, as well as poisoning people with the HAES garbage. Being overweight is not healthy to begin with, but she's way past overweight.

No. 232225

I feel so bad for her poor little ankles. RIP

No. 232436

Cheeky bitch; and this girl clearly has a much prettier face than Tess does - although I don't think she's that good-looking anyway, it's just that she doesn't look like a bed-ridden pig despite having the body of one.

No. 232437

I meant I don't think Tess is good-looking; if this Denise girl lost weight I think she'd probably be seriously hot, whereas Tess would just be meh.

No. 232536

Imo Denise Bidot's body is still okay and looks gorgeous though. Maybe a little bit overweight for some, but her junk/fat are all in the right places, and she's not morbidly obese like Tess. But I agree, she's also prettier than Tess.

No. 232591


I wonder if she tripped and fell, if she would starve to death before getting up on her own…

No. 232632

take it down a notch kiddo

No. 232944

Wait what baby bump ? Like I don't see it ..

No. 232945

it doesn't exist, the only thing in her gut is donuts and fat

No. 236820

File: 1455391537315.jpeg (70.89 KB, 750x932, image.jpeg)

I accidently bumped the old thread but so I will repost it here
;___; that in pic related shirt scares me

But I'm still glad she is trying to work out I guess.

No. 236849

Posed shots with dumbells doesn't mean shit when you eat twice your bodyweight in pastries daily. There was a screencap in the old thread that showed she has a large box of cupcakes drop shipped to her house.

No. 236850

that anon does have a point tho

No. 236854

No. At her size deffo no. On normal people 2 months doesn't really show yet. 9 months probably won't show up on a behemoth like tess

No. 236855

Yeah, calls to mind the recent study showing that fat and active is worse than skinny and inactive. It would be great if this was the start of her losing weight but I doubt it will result in anything significant given how much pride she takes in her ever-growing size.

No. 236867

I can't remember if it was here or somewhere else, but didn't one of her trainers come out and say she actually does not work.

No. 237030


In the photo she's two months but right now she's four or five months. I think somewhere she said she was due in late June but I don't remember where I read it.

No. 237744

File: 1455566184010.jpg (101.49 KB, 484x251, Before-and-After-Neck-Liposuct…)

Honestly I was kind of hoping she'd never develop that bloody double chin as I felt her only saving grace was her beautiful face. But unfortunately, she's got it now and it's even a bit saggy.

Nothing will get rid of that double chin now. Not even weight loss. It's the hardest thing to get rid of next to tummy and arm bulge. Need lipo to see that thing gone.

No. 237786

Her poor baby is probably gonna be so unhealthy.
Once she pops it out its doomed to obesity from day one. Its a pity that letting your kid get obese isn't considered neglect/abuse of a child the way is can be in my country.

No. 237788

File: 1455572733246.jpg (105.97 KB, 634x637, 30A17CAF00000578-3419229-image…)

I've always been surprised that her son appears to be a healthy weight. I wonder if she knows deep down that her weight is unhealthy and doesn't want her kids to turn out like her.

No. 237817

I'm not fat and never have been but I somehow genetically inherited the double fat chin… will my chin really look THAT sharp and nice if all I get is lipo??
Sage for blog post.

No. 237818

Doesn't her kid have health problems? Like when he was younger or some shit, idk

No. 237820

She looks like she had a chin implant as well as lipo. Double chins can happen at any weight if you have a weak chin, unfortunately.

No. 237835

If you live in the US there is a new treatment called Kybella - injections that permanently dissolve that pouch of fat under there. $$$ though.

Saged for fellow under-chin-fat sufferer.

No. 239696

New interview with her.

They did her dirty making her sit on that backless stool. She just looks like a black blob.

No. 239711

watching her move is the weirdest thing ever

No. 239712

Her hair is disgusting. Hisvintagetouch is a joke of a hairdresser

No. 239729

It looks so stiff like it's molded plastic or something.

No. 239764

I always get so weirded out by her head and face because it's really small proportionally to her body. It makes me wonder what her face would actually look like if she weren't so fat.

No. 239828

seeing how she's doing seated hammer curls one side at a time and probably kipping she's without a doubt not doing much work if she indeed is

No. 239971

File: 1456174674373.png (1.1 MB, 966x1274, Screenshot_2016-02-22-12-53-50…)


No. 239975

you cant even tell shes pregnant at all, is she sure she isnt just gassy?
wow when you are so fat you cant tell youre 6 months in…. you probably cant even tell when shes 9 months in

No. 239978

i'd be so sad if i was so fat no one could tell i was pregnant

No. 239985

When I was a kid and didn't know what period were yet I always wondered how fat people knew they were pregnant.
This picture is a fitting example as to why young!me was so confused.

No. 240016

I fucking told you there would be no "baby bump" to discern

No. 240017

She looks exactly the same, how is she still "slayin". That's for people that look pregnant vs not, I still see the same ham planet as usual.

No. 240038

Slayin' what? My appetite? Imagine saying that about yourself even if you do actually look good, let alone when you're this disgusting.

No. 240058

her knee, wtf?

No. 240123

File: 1456199625010.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x386, fuck.jpg)

>Slayin' what? My appetite?

No. 240126

Wow I guess thin privilege is being visibly pregnant. Her poor kid is doomed to be abused with food. Shame social services can't remove children from obesity-glorifiers. Tess will be dead of a coronary before her kid graduates college anyway.

No. 240127

What the fuck even her hair looks deep-fried.

No. 240152

File: 1456204715116.png (933.65 KB, 644x1109, spoopy v fatty.png)

some Aussie fitness instructor caused a shitstorm by comparing Fatty McThunderthighs to an anorexic model who died

No. 240169

Piggies dont want the "all sizes are healthy! HAES!!" to break

No. 240179


I guess the poor kid is experiencing fat opression.

No. 240181

samefagging now with some serious questiom… how the fuck the baby is going to born? she´s too fat for a C-section or proper vaginal aperture could be achieved due the weight of internal fat… or idk, something like that.

No. 240192

A c-section would be so hard with all that fat. It would take a relatively long time to reach the uterus if you're slicing through a foot of lard.

If she has a natural delivery I hope she doesn't do it on her back. She would probably be better off kneeling or squatting if she's able to even do either of those things.

I wanna know if she's got gestational beetus or not

No. 240197

there's no way she doesn't.

kid is going to be fucking huge.

No. 240198

"Tess Holliday announces the birth of a 16lb baby boy. Scientists are appalled"

No. 240210

Giving birth on your back is supposedly one of the worst positions, it's just easier for the doctors.
Poor baby.

No. 240211

No. 240214

Its way harder to push and you're more likely to tear your perineum. Doctors prefer it cause they can access everything easier but its dreadful for the mother.

Its much better to deliver on all fours or squatting with your forearms propped on the wall.

No. 240215


According to a recently published article from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, during pregnancy, obese women have a higher risk for miscarriage, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and hypertension.

As a result, many also are more likely to need a cesarean delivery. When you have gestational diabetes, you are more likely to have a larger baby. "There is definitely an epidemic of babies getting bigger, and bigger babies mean more c-sections. It carries down," says Jacques Moritz, MD, director of gynecology at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, in New York City. Hypertension and preeclampsia also increase the chance of cesarean section. If the mother's blood pressure rises during delivery, she could suffer a stroke, and the baby could be deprived of his blood supply. To prevent these consequences, the doctor has no choice but to perform a cesarean, says Dr. Moritz.

Cesarean surgery also can be more complicated for an obese woman. Extra fat under the skin makes it more difficult to find the right placement for spinal anesthesia and harder to find a vein for an intravenous line, says Naomi Torgerson, MD, assistant chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Kaiser Permanente, in Richmond, California. It also is harder to transfer a heavy patient if she needs to be moved, a real problem in an emergency.


No. 240217

HAES: its more important to feel pretty than ensure your child's health. You're a shitlord for saying children should be healthy!!

No. 240219

To be fair pregnancy is probably not the ideal time to go on a diet.
If you are getting pregnant while you are obese ON PURPOSE though, that's disgusting. It's like trying to get pregnant while drinking or abusing drugs.
If it's an accident and you drank during the early stages it's understandable, and I guess the same goes for fat fucks. If you want a baby though, get your own shit together first it's the very least you can do. If you can't do that you shouldn't have a kid because it's all about sacrifice.

No. 240220

thank you

No. 240223

>To be fair pregnancy is probably not the ideal time to go on a diet.

Fixing your shitty eating habits and dieting are two separate things. She shouldn't diet, but she should eat healthily. She's obviously not; there's no way she could maintain her manatee-like physique if she wasn't eating garbage 24/7.

No. 240225

Nobody said pregnant or trying women should diet anon. What the hell?

Eating like a human being not a sugar disposal system isn't going on a diet, its choosing something better for your unborn child.

No. 240229

I was addressing birthing issues related to weight, not nutrition. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

No. 240230

Even so, there's a difference between going on a diet and not devouring literally any edible thing that enters your orbit.

Someone like Tess is eating like 4000-8000 net calories a day to maintain such an abnormal amount of mass, and reducing her caloric intake to human numbers even when pregnant is going to be beneficial for the baby.

Its nothing like a chubby woman dieting for a few months. This is a drastic lifestyle change in order to keep herself and her baby alive. She's such a dangerous influence I kind of hope she does have a stroke and dies. Getting rid of her and HAES will save people's lives.

No. 240232

I agree with this anon.
Who the hell knows though, maybe changing her diet so drastically could be very stressful because she's so used to eating like garbage all the time. Kind of like how some doctors recommend smokers taper off instead of quitting cold turkey when they're pregnant.
I just hope she's getting her vitamins and not just bingeing on chips and cake. I don't wish death on her, just a really good dose of reality.

No. 240233


I don't really want her to die, just her attitude and this whole HAEs thing. If she would wise up and stop cashing in on making people feel good about being diseased it would be amazing, but I don't think she'll stop until she's bed bound or dead.

No. 240256

File: 1456229423743.jpg (60.24 KB, 800x600, tumblr_miffzhIYMy1rift4xo1_128…)

and all her minions are going to cry "SEE IT IS GENETICS!!" I can already see it.

No. 240278


or surely they'll make the poor child the "poster baby" of the haes movement

>look guise, health at every size AND age!

No. 240405

Fatsos who don't eat right for the sake of their kids life annoy the ever living shit out of me. That baby has no choice but to basically grow off of all that junk. It's not like a fetus can just pop out of the womb and be like "And I'll have a salad for my developing organs please!"

No. 240518

File: 1456260999194.jpg (185.91 KB, 500x750, tess-13.jpg)

>trying to do an epidural through Tess's mounds of back fat

no anesthesiologist would risk the potential malpractice suit

No. 240520

File: 1456261278091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.62 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_ng4m9vvRMP1qj6wguo1_128…)

the most horrifying thing about all of this is that someone had sex with this

No. 240521

My sister is fat. Maybe half the size of Tess. Her epidural was botched because of the amount of fat the needle had to go through. We both had c-sections. I'm normal weight and had no issues with the epidural or recovery. She was in much more pain than me.

No. 240522

Omfg her arm is like an ass……wtf. This is Trashley's opposite, hahahaha. Imagine a reality TV show with them. That's be fucking ducky!

No. 240563

It's not really horrifying. There are people with a major fat fetish who find this sort of body attractive.

Whatever floats their boats I guess.

No. 240748

File: 1456269927318.gif (Spoiler Image, 1021.46 KB, 245x226, Urine_burn.gif)

>It's not really horrifying


this is what foreplay with Tess probably looks like

No. 240758

>Supersize vs Superskinny: Tess And Ashley Special

Goddamn, that would be the most amazing piece of television ever. I'd pay to watch hours of that shit.

No. 240810

They'd both need extra tubes. Two tubes full of what Tess eats in a week, two full of purged candy and sushi for Ash.

What I wouldn't give to see that shitshow go down.

No. 240848

File: 1456276201899.gif (1.18 MB, 351x324, scully5.gif)

Of course they're getting shit on for telling the truth. Of course.

I feel so bad for her future baby. The chances of them getting overweight/obese are already high enough and I'm sure they're going to be thoroughly indoctrinated in HAES bullshit. What chance do they have?

No. 240870

Yeeeeees, that would be amazing. Imagine spoopy skellington screeching at the doctor or at the cameras.

No. 240871

Jesus i can't even make out what part of the body is what from all that fat

No. 240887

Omfg that's her netherregions! They are being cleaned. How fucking disgusting must it be to have to clean something like that of it had really bad diarrhea… Oh god

No. 240935

yeah so many questions here
how the fuck they did even find her vagoo among the fat rolls

No. 240938

have you ever seen the show "I didn't know i was pregnant?"

It's 100% hamplanets who just thought they ate some bad taco bell for nine months.

No. 240939

True. Hopefully she continues her education and gets a job.

No. 240948

You noob. Never heard of the broom stick? https://voat.co/v/fatpeoplehate/comments/529028 Now, you know

No. 240958

those are some sad tiddies

No. 240972

she looks like a blob monster
lawdy dem arms are scary

No. 241065

Jesus. Wept.


And then vomited.

No. 241191

File: 1456349839105.png (154.97 KB, 310x309, vjFDkbW.png)

No. 241218

File: 1456354571349.jpeg (70.58 KB, 768x735, image.jpeg)

No. 241900

I wish I had never clicked that link.
I feel sick.

No. 241937

fake as fuck.

No. 244095

This thread is such horseshit. Let her live her life the way she wants to, and work on your internalized misogyny.

No. 244098

Oh shit a Tess Holliday whiteknight. Howd you find this board?

No. 244100

agree, scamming other people's money is the right way to live, just let her do whatever she wants, stop putting her down, men! /s

No. 244107

>internalized misogyny
Back to Tumblr, fatty.

No. 244118

We'll discuss our "internalized misogyny" (because not eating yourself into gall stones means we hate our own bodies, amirite?) after she loses the baby.

No. 244119

internalized misogyny is letting women do this to themselves

No. 244132

yes and cheering them on while they do it

No. 244134

Doggy style. Follow the buttcrack down until you find the pussy.

I legit threw up in my mouth a little while typing that.

No. 244252

I love how just because I'm calling you out on your sexism, that makes me fat. Perfect logic right there. I'm sure everyone here is a size 2 with a pretty face too, right?

No. 244267

K. You didnt answer my question. How did you find this board?

No. 244270

Hey, I hate all fatties equally. Just because she is a woman doesn't mean anyone is obligated to kiss her ass. She is a scammer, forces photographers to Photoshop her despite being "body positive" or "fat positive"or whatever retarded bs, glorifies a disease with detrimental health consequences (obesity), and is now putting her child's health at risk since children with obese parents are likely to be obese. But because she is a "precious goddess womyn," that abstains her from guilt whatsoever.

Going off your defensiveness, you are most likely fat. And you idolize/choose to whiteknight this asshole in your free time, so it all adds up.

No. 244295

I'm not fucking fat okay your just a cunt. Stop dictating how women should look, it's fucking sexist.

No. 244298

No one dictate how she should look, everyone is pointing out how ugly nasty and repulsive she is.

No. 244302

I hate fat fucks that are men too. Does that count as not "sexist," or does equality now mean special treatment for women fatasses?

>I'm not fucking fat okay

Sure you aren't.

No. 244312

Maybe it's just a poo belly

No. 244317

File: 1457050181619.png (26.15 KB, 1024x1024, h5RCizA.png)

No. 244359

File: 1457061303823.jpg (21.4 KB, 275x208, image.jpg)

No. 244392

Stop dictating what people can say and think, thats oppressive tone policing.

No. 244396


this entire site is full of fat, judgmental land whales, what do you expect. These anons are jealous of anything slightly more attractive than themselves. They'd lash out a photo of a tree if it was thinner than them.

No. 246039

Basically this >>244392 . I don't support her 'body positive' campaign either, since it's just encouraging fat people to embrace their unhealthy body. Body positive should be about embracing their own type of body and working to live a healthy life, in my opinion.

No. 267656

>mis/fit/ bumps a 2 month dead thread to let us know he won't give his v-card to a 400 pound cow

No. 267687

Why the fuck is glorifying binge eating disorders and obesity ok but not anorexia/bulimia and severely underweight people?? Its the same shit they are both equally bad
>>244252 also there are more sizes in the world than just size 2 or size 55 you dumb shit! whats wrong with being a normal HEALTHY size there is something between those sizes you know

No. 267692

>Why the fuck is glorifying binge eating disorders and obesity ok
Nobody really does this though.
If you think having a morbidly obese model seriously promotes a disorder, then by your logic anorexia and bulimia have already been glorified considering runway models and celebrities do just that.

There's some people who think seriously underweight models look good, most consider them disordered.
There's some people who think people like Tess look good, but most consider her unattractive.

The rest is in your head.

No. 267696

In my head? what you cant be healthy you have to be either obese or underweight.. and yes this is promoting just that and i think the runways promoting anorexia and bulimia are wrong and want the world to stray away from that but not to basically the same. Its all unhealthy and sick

No. 267698

Actually the whole fat acceptance movement glorifies obesity which Tess is very much apart of.

>only skinny people are considered disordered, fat people are just unattractive

I disagree. Binge eating disorder, overeating, food addictions and an unhealthy relationship with food all contribute to obesity and this is what disordered eating is.

No. 267943

File: 1462654173371.webm (3.87 MB, 640x360, 1462652368756.webm)

I'ts beautiful.

No. 267953

>just unattractive
I didn't say "just." So don't imply I don't think morbid obesity isn't unhealthy as well. I'm simply making the point that in mainstream society obesity is not only unhealthy but also unattractive.
Just because there's a small tumblr following that gave Tess a lot of fuel doesn't mean that obesity is suddenly glorified.

No. 267959

Stop capitalizing sage newfag, it doesn't work if you do that

No. 267962


No. 267966

File: 1462659367591.gif (2.99 MB, 355x201, 1359133878418.gif)

I need the original source. There has to be more content like this from original OP

No. 267970

He sounds like Bojack Horseman

No. 267971


>diabeetus rex

No. 267973

He sounds like Bojack Horseman

No. 268012

Is this a YouTube channel?

No. 268032

Other people got the point, except your autistic ass.

No. 268065

Alright who is this guy because he's funny as shit and I need to subscribe to his channel ASAP

No. 268069

It's by UnknownArchive: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvBNim-cjhvKIafCV_8rdzQ
The original video got flagged and taken down by wailords, unfortunately.

No. 268188

I have no problem with fat people loving and accepting themselves, I don't pay their medical bills and I won't pretend I care about their health so yeah, whatevs. I do however have a problem with this fucking whale who happens to be a disgusting scammer and a liar.

Does anyone have that before and after photoshop image shared by her photographer? If I remember correctly he said she made him photoshop her so much she didn't even look like herself.

No. 268189


>I don't pay their medical bills

Do you pay taxes.

No. 268199

I'm guessing you are from the US because you guys are the only people who make a big fuss over health care.

No. 268200


Nope, I'm from the UK, and whilst I am extremely supportive of our National Health Service, I don't much appreciate the people's taxes being used to support bariatric ambulances, beetus meds and quadruple heart bypasses on account of folks inability to put down the goddamn fork.

I am actually supportive of gastric bypasses in incidences in which a person has demonstrated a complete failure in controlling their inability to gorge themselves, because in the long run that's actually going to save us more money from not having to treat them for their inevitable heart attack and the other complications related to weight-related illnesses, but sad fact is a lot of these fat fucks are so entitled they really don't mind bleeding our NHS dry of millions if it means they can have that extra doughnut or ten washed down with their 3Ltrs of Coca Cola.

No. 268201


Oh and I'm going to add, I've supposed to having surgery on my nose due to congenitally collapsed nostrils that means that when I inhale my nose closes and I can't breath, result being I'm a mouth breather. Summer is approaching, I'm shitting myself because I'm going to spend another season choking on hot air, I'm down to my last consultation and I've now had my appointment pushed back twice, fucking 2 months extra wait time, and when I called up to complain?
Well turns out the last one got pushed back because my specialist had to take on some cunting bariatric patient with breathing difficulties.

I hope their CPAP fails in the night, I really do.(no one cares)

No. 268213

>Like a trainwreck, except messier and weighs more.
Absolutely savage.

No. 268226

The NHS boards across the UK are free at the point of service, but they are not free. National insurance contributions fund it, and their is only so much to go around. People are always talking about their concerns over millions spent on ivf, gastric bands meanwhile people with rare genetic conditions lose out because their meds aren't cost efficient.

No. 268228


That is exactly my situation >>268201 and I'm so mad about it.

No. 268238

>blaming another patient who needs care because your incompetent health system can't properly prioritize and provide for patients
Sad. Not the person's fault though no matter how much their situation pisses you off. Hope you get the procedure you need.

No. 268239


>not the person's fault though no matter how much their situation pisses you off

I appreciate your sympathy Anon but I really need to ask, in your opinion how is gluttoning your body to obesity to the degree that your breathing becomes impaired not the fault of the individual?

No. 268245

How they got there is between them and their doctor to discuss. However it's not like they should be denied treatment. Otherwise we might as well give the old 'fuck you' to people who cause accidents who need care, drug addicts, smokers, and essentially anyone who made less than okay decisions for their bodies.

No. 268246

Not that anon, but if so many people didn't become overweight/obese due to poor life choices there would be more tax money to help people with medical problems that are enitirely not their fault. So they should be mad at fat people.

I do wish smokers and obese people would have to pay extra or get private insurance or something.

No. 268248


I'm not saying we should say fuck you to them and just leave them to die, but it's just kind of attitude in which you absolve the individual of all bodily responsibility that has led to this ridiculous culture of "I'm just big boned, it's not my fault". We really need to amp up the shame on this area big time.


>I do wish smokers and obese people would have to pay extra or get private insurance or something

This. They cost more so they should pay more. If shaming them isn't a good enough incentive maybe hitting them in their wallet will convince them.

No. 268249


>how they got there is between them and their doctor to discuss.

If it's everybody else's tax money that's supporting their shitty lifestyle how is that NOT my business?

No. 268254

Here in America smokers do pay higher insurance premiums. Also if you're covered with company health insurance, of your overweight your deductible and premiums may be higher.

Again this sounds like a broken system for the UK. Fat people didn't cause that for you.

No. 268255

*if you're
Technically you're paying taxes for everyone, not just fatties. I don't think it gives you the right to police other people, no.

No. 268258


>how they got there is between them and their doctor to discuss

>fat people didn't cause that for you
>I don't think it gives you the right to police other people, no

You are definitely fat.
And yes it fucking does give me the right to police them given that fat people consume more food, more water, more textiles, more fuel, more resources and more money than literally everybody around them. I'll police the hell out of that.

No. 268259

>they consume food and water
Which they buy and pay taxes on like everyone else.
>textiles, i assume you mean clothes
Now I don't know about UK, but everyone in America pays a sales tax plus plus size clothes are more expensive.
>more fuel
I'll need a source.

You seem a little upset.
Hey, I pay taxes that goes towards a multi trillion dollar military industrial complex, do you think I get to police and shame that sector? Lol nope.

No. 268263


>more fuel

>I'll need a source.

The cars that they drive require more fuel to propel their weight to their destination.
The planes they ride require more fuel to lift their mass into the air.
The ambulance that picks them up to drive them to the hospital when they inevitably suffer a heart attack from all that lard clogging their arteries requires more fuel to carry them.

I notice you didn't deny that you were fat though. Says it all doesn't it, you shameless gluttonous pig.

No. 268265


Oh and it doesn't fucking matter whether you're paying for it or not, because of you're frankly vomit-inducing lack of discipline and need to fill your pork hole at all hours of the day we have pretty much double the trees being cut down to make your toilet paper so you can wipe your fat, slimy ass with, double the amount of textiles required to fashion your tent, I mean mumu's.

You take up quite literally double of everything it would require to support a "normal" human being, and I don't give a shit whether or not you've paid for it, you're a greedy, sweaty ham that thinks she's entitled to more resources then everybody else on a planet that is already disgustingly overpopulated - and think you have the right to this, why exactly? What, you think eating yourself to an early grave and being a burden on the rest of our species is some kind of human right?

Hell yes I'm fucking mad. Gimme your address, I'll send you an industrial strength rope to hang yourself with, maybe then I can get my goddamn surgery without you clogging up the waiting lists like the way your McDonalds clogs your arteries.

No. 268270

I'd ask you for a source but you're full of shit. There is no study that cites fat people using more fuel than anyone else.
Airplanes already have weight limitations, and you are ignorant if you think fuel cost mostly from passengers when actually the biggest factor for fuel is plane cargo, i.e. people's extra luggages and shipments.
Also I know plenty of fat people who sit in a single airplane seat just fine.
Where's your line?
Do you hate old people?
People on welfare?
Anyone who you don't morally agree with deserves death? You're a real winner.

No. 268271


>there is no study that cites fat people using more fuel than anyone else.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, a fat person.

No. 268272

Where's your study, smartass?

No. 268273


Are you actually trolling me right now.
There's no fucking way somebody could be this stupid regardless of how fat they are right? No way, you're kidding.

No. 268274

All I'm asking you is for you to provide a source for your point, wtf is wrong with you?
>people who I don't like need to die
Just…wow. You sound like scum. Are you trolling me?

No. 268275


When a car is carrying a light load, the engine doesn't need to work very hard to propel that weight in a direction because there is less gravity affecting the overall mass of the vehicle.
When a car is carrying a heavier load, gravity begins to affect it more, pushing it towards the earth and making it harder to move. The vehicle needs to consume a considerable amount of fuel more than average in order to propel the vehicle forward.

This applies to all vehicles from cars to buses, planes to bicycles and even people. When a person is heavier, gravity affects them more, therefore when moving they catabolise more fat from their body than the average person just trying to move around.
I actually can't believe I just had to sit and explain this to a grown adult.


You are a true fat aren't you :D :D :D

And no Shamu, I don't hate fat people, I hate fat people that exist in a miasma of entitlement and delusion in order to support their gluttonous, greedy habits. Not fuck off, your beetus meds are calling.

No. 268276


Oh and you wanted a source? Here you go:

\delta Q = \mathrm{d}U + \delta W, or equivalently, \mathrm{d}U = \delta Q - \delta W.

It's the first law of thermodynamics. Eat it. Or alternatively don't because we'd all be in a fucktonne of trouble then.

No. 268277

>more pax weight = more fuel
So you also have a vendetta against families. People with shitty cats or who can't afford frequent inspections for fuel efficiency. People who are required by their jobs to carry things.
And of course recreational vehicles like campers.

Jesus you are full of hate.

No. 268278

>shitty cats
Lel, meant shitty cars but I'm sure you hate cat people too.

No. 268281


No, I just made my statement regarding my where my hatred is typically directed, at fat people that exist in a miasma of entitlement and delusion in order to support their gluttonous, greedy habits.

Why do you feel your entitled to consume the diet of a total of 3 people and have the rest of our society prop you up for your inability to control yourself?
Other people that are unable to control themselves, murderers, rapists, paedophiles, society casts shame upon those people, but not you right? Everybody should feel sorry for you because you just want the food too bad and you can't help yourself :(

And how fucking dare you compare your rancid ass to that of an old person.
Old people become vulnerable and weak through continued existence and deserve protection on account of what it is they've contributed to our society. You become vulnerable and weak through your sheer greed, you only take and never give back, and need to thrown on a pyre so that we may reclaim our stolen fuel.

No. 268282

If you instead of using all that time defending your fatness, used it to exercise, you might not have been having that discussion with that person right now.

No. 268283


I just can't believe I had to sit and explain thermodynamics to them. Simply unbelievable.

No. 268284

>but families!!11!
are you so fat you're as heavy as a group of 3-4 people?

No. 268285


Do you really need to ask at this point.

No. 268287

>Why do you feel your entitled to consume the diet of a total of 3 people
While I don't personally have a diet that could feed three people in a sitting, what people chose to eat is none of your business.
If they bought the food with their money that they worked for, assuming they're not on welfare, they're entitled to do what they want.
If they pay for their own health insurance premiums, it's not coming out of your "taxes" unless they happen to have a government assistance like American medicaid/medicare. Again, none of your business.

>no old fat people exist
Well, at least half of them deserve to die amirite?

You're a gigantic ignoramus who can't even state an argument without name-calling and tantruming. No wonder you come to lolcow to act disgusting because obviously nobody with sense would give this little rant of yours the time of day.

No. 268288


>If they bought the food with their money that they worked for, assuming they're not on welfare, they're entitled to do what they want.

You are so fucking disgusting and delusional you're really beyond help.

>you're a gigantic ignoramus

Kek, I'm not the fat fuck who requested somebody cite the first law of thermodynamics to them.

No. 268289

>comparing someone fat to rapists, murderers, pedophiles
>we can't say how old people tax assistance programs because of feefees though
Yep, this is a troll.

No. 268290

>"hurr I'm gonna continue to vaguepost about how wrong I think you are and give no reason why and then get mad if you ask me to explain myself :("

Fine, then I won't. You do you.

No. 268292


Bitch me saying that a heavier mass requires more fuel to move is about as blatant as it gets. There is NOTHING subtle in that statement. Maybe if you didn't have all that lard clogging your brain you wouldn't have such a difficult time understanding it.
Did you even pass highschool physics?

No. 268293

>Bitch me saying that a heavier mass requires more fuel to move is about as blatant as it gets.
Which might be okay if you could also concede, therefore, that people with large families and people who take recreational road trips and vacations are somehow inherently unethical because of their fuel consumption. No, instead you think that's a cop out.

Countries with the highest fuel consumption and in some cases air pollution (re: China, Japan, India) have some of the lowest BMIs. Your argument doesn't make sense. Clearly fuel consumption is based on industry per capita and population, it has very little to do with the actual weight of the individual.

You sound like someone who took a highschool physics course so now you think you can make sweeping correlations.

No. 268295

File: 1462743886582.gif (960.66 KB, 245x250, fire_community.gif)

>Hey, Tess thread has been updated!

No. 268297

holy hell shut the fuck up and be fat elsewhere

No. 268298

U madddddddddddd. XD

No. 268302


China has a population of 1.357 billion.
America has a population of 318.9 million.

India has a population of 1.252 billion
America has a population of 318.9 million.

And why did you even include Japan, which has a population of 127.3 million, and only consumes 3.6% of energy as of 2014, compared with the United States, which only has 5 million less people but consumes 19.2% of all energy?

Would you really like me to spell out correlation for you there? Ho hum I wonder what it could be…


You're not even talking to the same person you fat fuck.

No. 268303


A family of normal sized people will consume a normal amount of fuel to power a recreational road trip.
A family of abnormally sized people will consume an abnormal amount of fuel to power a recreational road trip.

No. 268305

File: 1462745274533.png (82.96 KB, 436x696, Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.01…)

>wehh why'd you mention Japan?
Because they're the third country with the largest consumption of crude your tardlet. Again, consumption is driven by industry per capita and population. Japan is a smaller country compared to Russia, Canada, Mexico (and in fact Mexico has a large obesity rate comparable to the US), and South Korea. Yet they're up there on the list. Why is that, hmmm? Undercover fatties? But you won't look up per capita consumption or what the hell that even means because it's easier for you to google population numbers and correlate just that.

I know you wanna hissy fit and pretend that all energy consumption is driven by fucking CAR DIESEL, but 40% of this energy is consumed in the form of petrol for power plants. Aka industrial and business power moreover than civilian use.

No. 268306



No. 268307

>not knowing that America is 40% run on a petrol industry because big companies have lobbied against nuclear power, train transport, and have promoted fossil fuel burning methods

Stay ignorant, the capslock really compliments it.

No. 268309


I'm not even going to bother debating with you on this any more. You don't get it because you're fat, and because you're fat you're bias, and in turn highly defensive and unwilling to listen to reason or logic or… the laws of thermodynamics apparently…

At this point I really don't even need to insult you any more because you know what Anon, you're already hurting yourself.
You can come in here and cry all you want about how we're being mean and how you literally stealing everybody else's resources is your god given right yadda, yadda, but you'll have to see how well that rhetoric works out for you when one day your doctor is telling you your bloodwork has come back positive for Type 2 Diabetes and you're crying about how unlucky you are.
Or when you're walking up the stairs one day huffing and puffing your way a long, and you begin to feel this slow, awful tingle around your chest, which progresses into a sharp pain stabbing up through your left arm, but by then it's already too late because you're experiencing a heart attack and there's nobody around to save you.
Or when you wake up one day with your leg stinking and turning black, because your femoral artery became so clogged with the fat you just HAD to eat, the blood flow stopped in the night and the tissue around your calf died.

And I'll be here with the rest of humanity, wearing small, fashionable clothes, attending the gym and building functional strength and stamina, being attractive and having other attractive humans desiring to procreate with us.

And you'll be in a coffin. Cause of death; obesity-related complications.

No. 268311

>and in turn highly defensive
Uh, that's coming from you. The person who's been ad hominem, trolling, saying shut up, capslocking, telling people to kill themselves, and getting huffy when I simply ask to have to provide sources for your arguments.
You have no room to preach about this. It's laughable.

As it stands, there are -zero- studies indicating that someone fat uses more fuel for their cars. An average car is designed to carry at least five average-weight people. Do you assume every fattie is minimally 300-500 pounds each? A single fat person isn't going to be affecting the fuel mileage like that. Even at that, for every 100 pounds removed it will only help fuel economy by 1-2%(http://www.autoblog.com/2009/10/29/greenlings-how-does-weight-affect-a-vehicles-efficiency/). I'd love to see you prove how that extra 1-2% of fuel economy accounts for even the fraction of american crude oil consumption.
People carry junk in their cars, people have large families, and people go on vacations. And that's that.

>how you are literally stealing everyone's resources

>god given?
Haha WHAT? If people work at a job (y'know, contributing to the economy), they receive currency in exchange. They then take the currency they earn and buy goods with it.
They are entitled to buy these goods if they have the currency to purchase them.
I don't think that's likely. But again, you're also the disgusting type to wish harm befall a person because you don't agree with their morals. You're not even mean, you're just a monster with a keyboard. Plenty of average and underweight people suffer those conditions, it's sad that you think they "deserved" their ills somehow.

No. 268314

File: 1462746839815.jpg (167.65 KB, 706x483, 1350778340337.jpg)


>as it stands, there are -zero- studies indicating that someone fat uses more fuel for their cars

Guys, I'm going to fucking lose it.

No. 268315

Then stop arguing. You won't provide the studies, your uneducated ass isn't about to change my opinion, and you're only upsetting yourself. Turn off your monitor and go outside. Since that's healthier for you anyway.

No. 268316

Can you retards take this to /b/? This is a tess holliday thread

No. 268317


So fat people and their vehicles defy the laws of thermodynamics. Gotcha.

No. 268318

No more than people who carry extra shit in their cars, have a lot of kids, have poor fuel economy cars, and who expend fuel on frivolous trips. You are correct. End of discussion.

No. 268319


No, we're not arguing about people carrying more shit in their cars or having uneconomic cars.

You're saying that in the exact same car with the exact same prior weight, a fat person driving it will consume the same amount of fuel as a normally-sized person driving it. Yes or no.

No. 268321

>No, we're not arguing about people carrying more shit in their cars or having uneconomic cars.

It's more than a fair comparison to make because you're arguing
>more weight= more fuel used
>therefore no fat allowed
If you can't stand excess weight in one instance, then you don't get to pick and choose who gets to do what. According to you, all excess weight is bad and forbidden because it all contributes, if ever so slightly, to poorer fuel economy.

>a fat person driving it will consume the same amount of fuel as a normally-sized person driving it

Yes. Are you honestly so delusional that you think a difference between a 6'0 190 pound man and a 6' 280 pound man is going to influence his car's fuel efficiency? Fucking read what you're saying. Ask your local mechanics and get back to me on that one if you think this is true. It'll be real entertaining. Tell them you're trying to convince someone on the internet that fat people shouldn't drive cars because of fuel consumption.

No. 268322

If the person is actually heavier (rather than just "fatter", e.g. a small person being fat vs. a tall person being lean may result in the same weight), then the answer must obviously be "no", as more energy is expended to accelerate the bigger mass with the bigger inertia.

OTOH, the more salient question is "does it matter"? E.g. will it result in adding more than, say, an additional litre of fuel consumption per year? Because if not, it's pretty much irrelevant anyway.

No. 268323


>Are you honestly so delusional that you think a difference between a 6'0 190 pound man and a 6' 280 pound man is going to influence his car's fuel efficiency

Farmers…. please…. please…. make it make. Make it stop.
I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride. I can't take it any more…

No. 268326

>OTOH, the more salient question is "does it matter"? E.g. will it result in adding more than, say, an additional litre of fuel consumption per year? Because if not, it's pretty much irrelevant anyway.

True. Tbh I have no idea what level of "fat" anon is even railing against because I have no idea if they're talking about someone moderately fat but still considered obese by BMI, or Tess Holiday fat which is 400 pounds.

Fucking. stop. replying.

No. 268327


Lose. Some. Fucking. Weight. You. Ham. Mountain.

No. 268328

Pop. a. Vicodin. and. relax. Skeletor. :^)

No. 268329


I'm a normal sized human being that doesn't need to clothe myself in a tent and can fit into aeroplane seats. Is this supposed to be an insult or.

No. 268330

I can fit into airplane seats and can shop at normal clothing stores just fine. No need to get so personal just because I'm not agreeing with you.
I'm telling you that you need to calm down.

No. 268331


Release me from your gravitational pull and I'll be right on my way.

No. 268332

Stress is a silent killer anon.
Here's a video for you to lower your blood pressure a bit, no doubt it's higher than Tess's right now.

No. 268333

Any mount of being overweight (as defined by the BMI table) is unhealthy and hence bad, but seriously, there are way way WAY better arguments to convince people to get fit than better fuel economy.

I used to be fat myself, so let me just throw the obvious, low-effort ones out here right now:

- you'll look better in the eyes of most people
- you will have an easier time fitting into clothes, perhaps even be able to use some old favourites again
- you will be able to walk longer, faster, be less out-of-breath
- you will actually start enjoying walking & other kinds of exercises
- you will be more energetic
- you have a lower chance to catch a whole host of medical issues
- any joint/back pains you might have will most likely go away
- you will become more flexible/athletic/agile
- you can eat stuff without having a bad conscience about it
- people will be friendlier towards you in daily interactions (yes, it's true; people are superficial like that) and your fat-ness malus goes away (yes, being fat will automatically give many people the impression you lack self-control, whether true or not)
- you'll live longer

If that doesn't convince anybody, I doubt fuel economy will.

No. 268334

also, last but not least, getting in shape is actually easy and fun, despite what some online webcomics and other media might tell you about having to starve yourself and be self-loathing.

No. 268335

At least you're level-headed about it and actually have good points that show how it benefits the individual.
Other anon is just being a fool.

No. 268336


Deep vein thrombosis is also a silent killer Anon, and I'm willing to bet hard cash your weight will kill you before my stress will kek

Here, an exchange x

No. 268337

Already got my exercise in for the day, thanks for the concern <3

No. 268339


What, you took a run down to Dunkin' Doughnuts? This late in the day? Anon for shame.

No. 268340

Haha oh gosh you're embarrassingly petty. We get it, you hate fatties.

Btw I'm 5'2 and 114. Suck it.(NO ONE CARES)

No. 268342


114kgs is nothing to be proud of Anon holy shit….

No. 268343


No. 268344

Kek you retarded britbong.

No. 268345


No. 268346

In the UK, lbs are used more often than kgs when it comes to your weight.

No. 268347

So this entire time I've been arguing with a 114kgs 5'2 dwarf. Suddenly I feel a whole lot less stressed :^)


Look at all this mad lel. At least I know now you're not only fat, you're a fucking midget too.

No. 268348


They don't kg in the UK.

No. 268349


No. 268350

Oh god, I pissed her off so much she's now spamming the thread top fucking lel

No. 268351

Oh, whoops.
K giraffe-kun.
Btw it's 114 pounds.

No. 268353

I'm glad to see you acknowledge that your arguments were mostly irrelevant spam. They're stupid when they're repeated, huh?

No. 268354

File: 1462750566794.gif (1.46 MB, 320x180, giphy.gif)

No. 268355

He's still more likable than you. And also married.

No. 268356


You can't accuse other Anon of being petty when you're going around calling them Skeletor and Giraffe-kun. It undermines your entire argument, like you had one in the first place.

No. 268358


Now only a fat fuck like you would see attaining marriage as some kind of colossal achievement.

No. 268361

>boohoo you can't say anything back
Too bad. If it's not obvious I don't give a shit where this goes anymore.
>because comparing fat people to rapists, murderers, thieves, and pedophiles is/was ever a valid argument
You gonna show me your milage counter in your car to ward me off now?
More than what you've achieved I'm sure. Who'd want to date you?

No. 268362


Apparently where concerning you you don't care much about where anything goes now do you :^)

No. 268363

File: 1462751158929.gif (1014.01 KB, 360x203, 1450219130214.gif)


>more than what you've achieved I'm sure.

>who'd want to date you?

No. 268364

…you what?

>tfw ronron is dead

No. 268658

This is my favorite thread on this website.

No. 269165


Top zozzle.

Can't help but think the dress she's wearing in that gif would look much better on a skinny chick

No. 269170

114 at 5'2 is kind of chubby though not fat but you def got some chub. So i wouldnt parade those numbers if i were you(NO ONE CARES)

No. 269171

ana chan get out

No. 269175

Haha hardly, but at that height you got chub unless you are really muscular i guess

No. 269176

no, take it to the ana thread

No. 269178

Are you American? Everyone I know would consider that chubby. It's not an anorexic thing lol its just being honest

No. 269180

you sound like a skinnyfat PULLtard. stop projecting(NO ONE CARES)

No. 269181

Must be.. I'm swedish and over here that would be on the chubbier side unless you got them muscles

No. 269182

OK 5'2 114lbs-chan :^)(NO ONE CARES)

No. 269183

literally kys

No. 269184

Sorry for offending you anon.

No. 269185

I'm not even her, you're just being a faglette.

No. 269186

Ikr? Anyone that height who weighs more than 40kg might as well be hamwhalebeasts.

No. 270772

File: 1463526242904.png (Spoiler Image, 967.97 KB, 1440x2073, Screenshot_2016-05-17-16-01-51…)

She is so disgusting ugh

No. 270781

>I've literally had some the shittiest things happened to me and I survived them

What, like not having dessert after dinner one time? Having to run a mile in gym class? Give me a break, fatty.

No. 270783

All those back folds are making me feel ill.

No. 270787

File: 1463530499724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 826.46 KB, 1437x2133, untitled.jpg)

No. 270788

Ahhaha this is friggin cute

No. 270791

File: 1463532227508.jpg (Spoiler Image, 600.06 KB, 1440x2073, Untitled-1.jpg)

>I am not an animal! I am a human being!

No. 270792

She's covered in ass cracks!

No. 271140

The difference is that with the weight, space and fuel a fatass takes up, an airliner could have taken a family of three or more.

And since you don't seem to get it, an engine has to work less to move a 150 pound mass as opposed to a 400 pound mass, therefore using more fuel.

No. 271141

You don't understand. An increase of one pound would cause the car to be less efficient. While the difference may not be significant, it's still there. Now keep in mind that the extra fuel burned will add up for the more miles traveled, eventually burning a significant amount more than a healthily sized person would.

No. 271145

That's what she posted, here's what the photographer published.

No. 271168

God bless the poor soul tasked with photoshopping this beast.

No. 271217

File: 1463706088829.png (Spoiler Image, 756.28 KB, 930x597, im sure her body is going to b…)

Gotta love that photoshop. I'm upset that she's pregnant. I spent years controlling my weight just to find out I can't have kids and this ham planet is on baby number 2.

No. 271297

Lol, fucking bitch doesn't even have to worry about gains during pregnancy. She's content with being an obsese slob, and she gets paid for being one. Must be nice. The fatter the better, who cares!

No. 271474

kate isnt really fat she just has a wide waist, she would look better if she tightlaced

No. 271477

File: 1463783674743.png (1.84 MB, 1213x847, sdadad.png)


She does.

No. 271481

LBR, Tess isn't a model because she's fat. She's able to get job because she has a small face considering her giant size.

No. 271566

File: 1463836959730.png (111.44 KB, 330x353, Screen shot 2016-05-21 at 10.5…)

she looks like zoidberg with no shell

No. 271736

Oh dear god, I can't unsee it

No. 271740

But Zoidberg is funny and people actually like him..

No. 271837

There was an English documentary that she was in about the "plus size" modelling industry, and basic it wasn't oh so progressive and accepting at all. The bookers etc only thought models with "pretty faces" ie slim faces were ideal. So if you are a size 20 woman who looks like a size 20 woman, no waist, no cheekbones, no neck you had/have no chance of being a professional model.

Here is the link
4od Plus Sized Wars

No. 271854


I was about to order a 10" stuffed crust veggie delight pizza and sit down to watch this.
I decided to open the link first.
I changed my mind. I'm working out tonight.

No. 271856

Do you guys think Tess had lipo done on her neck and jawline before she got famous?
I'm noticing as she's prego and some time before that happened her double chin was getting more and more prominent.

I find it hard to believe that up until a few months ago this broad has never had a double chin. Now suddenly she's getting one? As if she's gaining a massive amount of weight again and new fat cells are forming that she can't just lipo out now because then it would be obvious…

Don't eat the whole thing? A pizza isn't going to turn you into a 400 pound ham overnight.

No. 271862

File: 1463949210055.jpg (52.45 KB, 466x466, Georgina_466x466.jpg)


>so what size are you generally?

>well I bought some clothes today and they're a size 14 (UK), but generally I'm a 16 (UK)

If these manatees are so proud of their size why are they always fucking lying abouy their sizing. This bitch is an size 20 MINIMUM.


There is no way that I wouldn't eat the entirety of a 10" stuffed crust veggie delight pizza so it's just safer not to order full stop lel

No. 271863


btw for those in the US with different sizing, she is trying to argue that she is a US 12.

No. 271948

File: 1463976283083.jpg (348.78 KB, 691x1024, 510809518.jpg)

I'm involved with the (english) online brafitting community, and there are a lot of fatties in there (lots in the german and polish as well but I digress). For the clothing aspect of the community, stretchy fabrics are popular for several reasons, so it's not surprising to me that FFFB would fit in a 14 if the stuff is stretchy.

Denise is a size 14 and about the same height as Georgina. She's bigger, mainly in the hips, thighs, and bust, but not by a super amount.

No. 271962

I know some people who wear a US 14 and they're thinner than her. There's no way she's smaller than a US 16.

No. 271970

She's due soon and has just begun to look pregnant!

No. 271988


Okay but then there's fitting clothes and there's fitting clothes. The dress the girl in your picture is wearing does not fit her, it looks two sizes too small.

Too many people, especially fatties, are under this delusion that if you can get it up past your hips that it's a 'fit'.

No. 271995

She's like a size 22. There was a video on Buzzfeed where she tried on clothing and some of it was too small, lol!!

No. 271996

File: 1464008058369.jpg (424.21 KB, 1280x1282, tumblr_m6frg6GzdU1qzdx7co1_128…)


Fugg that's a size 26 in the UK.

Are you sure she's being truthful about that though? Googling it, this woman is the same height as Tess but is a UK 24/26, and she looks a hell of a lot smaller than Tess.

No. 271998

I doubt Tess is being truthful. Chances are she's even bigger now, maybe even a size 28 or something.

No. 272000

Could be vanity sizing, though >>271998 makes a good point. I think American sizes are possibly a bit more vanity sized than UK ones, but I could be wrong there, and obviously it probably depends on stores too.

No. 272005


I had to Google vanity sizing and I don't think we get that in the UK, but our high street retailers are notoriously bad for sizing irregularities, if that's what you mean.

No. 272006

YEAH I was like 'BITCH PLZ' there is NO WAY she's a size 14-16. No way. When I was chubby I was size 14 (I'm finally down to 8-10 now woo) and there's no fucking way she fit a 14. She's a size 20-22 at least due to how big her chest is. She's kidding herself if she thinks she's smaller.

No. 272021


Congrats on the weight loss.

No. 272022


Yeah, you can even tell that the agency people were a bit "Er…. size 14? Yeah…. okay, that's fine", kek

No. 272026

Different anon - I don't think the dress is too small. But!, like all skintight garments, it needs shapewear underneath.

No. 272029

I thought it had been established for a long time now that Tess is lying about her size.

No. 272036


I'm not sure, I haven't properly looked at the Tess drama before until now. It's going to be funny when the health problems initially come pouring in however, the palpitations, the beetus, gout, respiratory difficulties, blood clots, bone fractures etc. If she's healthy now it's only because she has her youth on her side, but it won't last forever.
Her gluttony will eventually kill this woman and already I can hear the shrill squeals of confusion and denial from the HAES movement.

No. 272037

Yep. There's a reason 60-70 year old morbidly obese people [like the people on My 600 Lb life] don't exist.

No. 272423

114kgs is 250lbs, not 114lbs. So if anon is 5'2" and 250lbs, their BMI would be 45.9 - seriously obese. :)

No. 272430

Wow, you're still asspained about an argument that happened two weeks ago. Impressive anon.

No. 272459

not the same person that was me well one of them.

>>271996 i keep on forgetting that uk has different sizing than europe and think well that's not so bad, but jesus that's a size 54 i don't think you can find those sizes in the stores over here

No. 272464

Some people really are #blessed that they don't get fat in their faces. It does eventually happen though (look at beccabae). Tess is pregnant and probably gaining a fair amount of weight, thats probably being distributed to different places. If in a few months after her birth she's back to a thinner face I will say she's had lipo. Fat on the face is the hardest to lose.

No. 272466


tbh even in the UK you'd be hard-pressed to find that kind of sizing.
In most high-street retailers you'll find the occasional garment that runs up to a UK 18, but that's usually the maximum. In stores like H&M, River Island, Topshop etc., I don't think I've even seen a UK size 20+ unless it's in the 'fat section', and even then they're labelled XL, XXL, XXXL etc.
The only other option for buttergolems is to go to a plus-size chain store here named Evans which is pretty embarrassing to be seen in. Whenever I walk past the stores they're always empty.

It's funny though that although the UK is supposed to be the fattest country in Europe, it is still rare to walk past somebody in the street who is legit morbidly obese. Like on the odd occasion somebody does trundle past on a scoot-scoot it's still something I actively stare at because it's such a bizarre sight.

No. 272469

File: 1464129650857.png (212.05 KB, 418x502, Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 6.38…)

>plus-size chain store here named Evans which is pretty embarrassing to be seen in

I checked out their webshop just to be sure. Damn anon, I actually think some of their stuff is pretty nice. It's probably the price points that drive the really slobby fatties away. I can't see them shelling $120 for a nice dress like pic related.

Reminds me of Lane Byrant a bit. Same situation here in the US, nobody is ever in it.

No. 272484

File: 1464132483634.jpg (67.62 KB, 634x701, e959db9d3f03fdc36c284fa78f9b73…)


I think mostly it has this stigma because the chain was originally founded in 1930 for dowdy, chubby old grannies who'd put on a bit of weight in their later years, and as we've moved into the millennium they've never quite been able to shake that image.
They've been trying for a number of years to rebrand themselves and move into the HAES market, but it's one of those cases where the name of the stores has such a negative association the only way they'd be able to move forward is if they did a complete rebranding from the ground up and with a new name.

No. 272489

Hah! This ad cracked me up. I often shop at Lane Bryant for my mother. It really does suit older women despite their attempt at trendy clothing.

I still don't understand why shopping at these stores would be embarrassing. Being fat is embarrassing, purchasing clothes is not.

No. 272498

Actually anon Lane Bryant was started in 1904 and was mostly know for their maternity clothes. It wasn't until right around ww1 that they started making plus size stuff.
sage for my extreme autism.

No. 272502

I'm pretty sure Primark stocks up to a 26,and let's be honest, eating cheap fattening food goes hand in hand with shopping in Primark, not topshop.
Maybe you live in an ok area but most of the women I walk by in a day are a 16-18, the UK is fat as fuck

No. 272503

Yep, my thoughts also. About half the people in my city are overweight. Even in my household my mother and sister are obese.

No. 272511


That's nice Anon, but not talking about Lane Bryant, I'm talking about Evans the UK retailer. I just Googled vintage plus size advert and that's what came up.

No. 272512


I live in Newcastle, but I think it's one of the areas that do have lower levels of obesity as compared with the rest of the UK.
I was surpised when I moved here on account of how well groomed everybody generally was. Maybe it has something to do with the Geordie Shore culture but all the young women and men seem very into the gym and their hair styling.

I didn't know Primark went up to a fucking 26 though wtf. That's enough fabric to clothe 3 size 8's. Fats are so wasteful.

No. 272595

they should've given her a lot of beautiful size 14 clothes and tell her to try it on, would be so funny.

>problem glasses + problem glasses belt buckle
I feel triggered

No. 272688


Say whatever you want but that isn't how fabric works. If anything is enough fabric to make 2 size 8 pants, maybe if you are lucky. Just don't pretend to be a seamstress and make up weird shit. Fat people take up more fabric but not the way you think they do.

No. 272789


Uhm Anon chill your beans. I don't know fabric works but that doesn't mean I'm pretending to be a seamstress fucking kek

No. 273472

Tess Holliday is fat and I would not have sex with her.

No. 273475

rates late

No. 273490

Anyone think she can even find or see her own vagina? Like it must be a mess.

No. 273492


lol you have some funny ideas about fat people anatomy

No. 273505

She can probably find it with her hands and see it in the mirror if she lifts her cunt-rolls.

I cannot believe she is able to stay clean and pleasant smelling without doubling her hygiene routine. 2x showers and deodorant would be a must, just so she's not smelly all day.

No. 273514

No way can she see it without a mirror.

No. 273521

>cunt rolls
Never have I been so startled by so few words.

No. 273700


People that big must have constant yeast infections, especially in the summer. They are basically an oven between their filthy folds.

No. 273758

They do. They almost always have skin infections, chaffing, etc and often need to liberally use baby powder in their folds.

No. 273760

us 20? shit i think more like 30.i was a us 20 still wasnt near her size.how tall is she?

No. 273816

Supposedly she is 5'7" and around 218lbs after losing some weight. Looking at some pics of her in lingerie, I don't think she's huge, but a 14 with her bust alone I find so hard to believe. her website is fuller figure fuller bust or whatever.

No. 273844

oops thought yall were talking about tess

No. 275139

No. 280665

Tess just had her baby so get ready for that to be all she post about for a while.
I just hope she doesn't eat the thing.

No. 280679

They named it Bowie Juniper


No. 280990

File: 1466019404100.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2279, Screenshot_2016-06-15-12-34-47…)

So she had her baby and named him Bowie Juniper Holliday. jfc

No. 281017

you could fit the baby in her upper arm….

No. 281042

god, i feel seriously bad for that child. he's gonna be huge by the age of 3, isn't he?

No. 281046

Her other son appears to be normal, so here's to hoping for this one.

No. 281063

so did she pop it out or was a c-section

No. 281081

Her upper arm fat probably weighs more than her kid.

No. 281102

This fat fuck could never push a baby out. It's too much work. Fat slobs like her usually have c sections because it could be dangerous otherwise.

No. 281103

Kid would get drowned in labia.

No. 282097

I thought a C-section would be more dangerous because of all the junk they have to cut through?

No. 282099

The whole process of pregnancy and childbirth is essentially inevitably and ridiculously dangerous regardless for someone her size.

No. 282100

You're right. It's more fat to saw through which is harder. Not to mention that a fat cow like Tess needs a lot more anesthesia than a normal weight person.

No. 282101


a woman as fat as her could never push out a baby on her own though. and even of she managed, she'd probably crush it.

No. 282333

It's so weird because she's so fat but she can do so many awesome things. Like she was able to walk up to the HollyWood sign in 1 day… wtf

No. 282359

It's not unusual, also she complained the whole time.

No. 282362

it only takes like 2 hours to complete that walk lol

No. 282370

Guys, I think >>282333 is being sarcastic.

No. 283165

Oh god don't remind me of that story. It took her what, 8 hours to get there, or something?

No. 283214

Why Bowie? Why not david? Jesus.

No. 283269

David would not give her the special snowflake points she craves

No. 283270

>don't laugh, send help

No. 283394

inb4 she smothers it under her fat while co-sleeping

No. 422752

So , i just read like all the comments and all i have to say is that society fucked people up! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Just because society thinks that skinny girls are prettier. The skinny models dont eat food , they eat nothing so that they could look perfect like you and society want. some of the models eat something but only like Salats and i think thats ok at least they eat something. i dont say that skinny models are ugly or something like that but they try to hard and plus size models dont. they re just the way they are . they eat healthy food too . just because they look fat doesnt mean they dont eat helthy and everyone saying that tess holliday looks gross, thats not even true , she is just like everyone else, normal. and i think all the people that say she is ugly , you are not perfect yourself , first look at yourself in the mirror first and then write a comment. And now i ask all of you , are you perfect ? Do you love yourself ? Because the most important part is loving yourself. Everyone is perfect with imperfections. And you should know making other feel bad does that make you feel much better ? I know how bullying is and if you're yourself a bully you should be ashamed of yourself. Tess had a horrible childhood so she could use some love although she has enough but extra is better . so you should know , nobody is gross , society is !(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 422758

She's obese, not thick, not 'has a bit of a tummy', not chubby, not even just a bit fat. Obese.
And the main problem with this is not that people who are of a different 'standard' for society should feel awful about themselves, but promoting the idea that it's ok to stay and even promote unhealthy lifestyles with this haes bullshit.

No one really cares that Tess or people like her are fat, they have a problem with promoting ideas that don't actually involve encouragement to self-improve.

Sure don't hate yourself for being obese, but no one should placate themselves to the point where they refuse plain facts in order to feel better about either being too lazy or accepting personal responsibility.

It's the sort of thing that normalizes obesity.
You know what's awful to see? Obese children with their obese parents who don't see a problem with their kid 'being a little husky' or a completely healthy sized child being pinned as too skinny because the average person is overweight.
Your average person is retarded enough to take these spiels as fact. Anything to avoid personal responsibility.

No. 422759

File: 1502568281059.jpg (8.64 KB, 368x158, 71782030.jpg)

No. 422762

Is she really just obese though? She's definitely morbidly obese, but I'd say she's more death fat. She's past all hope. Her body is fucked, no way after even dramatic weightloss will she have a normal life span.

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