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File: 1479173887512.jpg (159.95 KB, 750x1034, IMG_6711.JPG)

No. 198475

Back in Japan and possibly pregnant again from a Host who doesn't want to have anything to do with the child but support her for visa?

No. 198502

Oops forgot to link the old thread: >>>/snow/153504

No. 198537

File: 1479178397607.png (1.35 MB, 1164x554, lo.png)

I was pretty skeptical about throw away baby #3 being on the way, but after comparing pics, she's definitely looking very pregnant. That first one was only four months ago, she has lost what little waist definition she had, even her frankentits look pretty flat compared to her stomach in the most recent selfie. Do you guys think fucktoy is the dad?

No. 198606

The dad could be anyone I guess. But as long as it was a Japanese, fucktoy could claim it to be his own

No. 198628

Didn't all the porn dudes creampie her…?

No. 198630

Yikes… now I want to throw up

No. 198646

She did nakadashi porn. Could,be knocked up from on of the male cast members.

No. 198647

Her customers probably do the same. I'd so laugh if she'd get a whiter than white baby kek

No. 199144

Usually in nakadashi porn they use fake cum

No. 199162

Next month and she is back in australia again

No. 199238

Or Korea…

No. 199244

Some of her TAG posts revealed she frequently went raw. Thanks to all that exposure, this poor child will come out looking like Groot.

No. 199245

a bogan biker baby from Brisbane

No. 199246

Where does it say that? I'm curious.

No. 199270

Me too! Please provide screenshots for this

I wonder how long she can keep up the hooking anyway if she's really pregnant. If she doesn't make enough money to feed herself, the baby AND fucktoy through the last I don't know 5 months of pregnancy I'm p sure he's going to regret and leave her

No. 199279

I wonder if it still actually really him. In the other thread someone said she hooked up with a host and he got her pregnant and not fucktoy.

No. 199282

I do think she's still with fucktoy, otherwise she'd have gone on another witch hunt, as she did with ryoya.
Yet, I wouldn't doubt that he wasn't even able to get her pregnant due to his ed, smoking and alc abuse.

No. 199283

I poked around TAG and honestly, she doesn't seem very active on there lately. It's been a little over a week since she last signed in and there doesn't seem to be any recent reviews involving her.

She hooked up with that rando Korean dude a while back with Gaya, unpaid. She fucks around with dudes who don't pay and that aren't fucktoy, so it wouldn't be all that shocking if one of them "accidentally" knocked her up. She'll probably try to pas it off as fucktoy's though, anything to try to land that visa and keep her in weeb motherland.

No. 199286

Wonder how she makes money then.

Also, still wondering what got her on that Ferrari idea. It was a bad one as she'd have known that no one would take this from her

No. 199358

I remember talk about her going condomless specifically with hosts, not regular customers. Like that cringey "review" she wrote about that tall, pink-haired host: >>143007

No. 199359

Mhhh STD paradise

No. 199360

Wasn't that barbie who fucked hirororo??

No. 199363

Ive been lurching tag for almost a year now. And I can tell you. Sere isnt very active in there and she doesnt seem that well liked by any of the other escorts or guys for that matter. Thats through reading just through some of the threads there (not reviews) and also all the other escorts have a friendlist on their pages that list other escorts in that group in tokyo and no one lists sere haha

No. 199364

Not even gaya?

No. 199367

Gaya used to follow Sere on TAG but not anymore. I wonder what happened between them.

No. 199368

Me too, because just a few weeks ago Gaya traveled to Korea just to bring sere her shit kek maybe something happened over there?

No. 199374

It seems so be just recently when Sere came back to Japan. Because before they were still following each other. Very mysterious haha

No. 199380

Maybe gaya finally noticed that lorena is wrong in the head

No. 199393

It was about time anyways kek

No. 199396

Realised she shouldn't be taken for a mug anymore and can make her own money without getting pimped.

No. 199405

Sadly it's too late for her now. Like her reputation is ruined for life and in comparison to sere, gaya is only 21 and she'll probably never learn a proper job or even get the possibility to work at one, because she already got 3 blank years in her CV

Well, her husband is her pimp. Sere just made go even deeper into the prostitution scene. As gaya also started as a hostess first. But how to hostess without speaking Japanese? Kek

No. 199910

It's not even surprising me that Sere isn't popular with both the guys and girls on tag. Her attitude is rather nasty and nothing I personally would like to be friends with….

No. 199988

wonder which country she plans to dump this one. baby in every country, pops them out then forgets about them. I don't know if to laugh or cry bahaha

No. 200109

She better abort

No. 200269

But that'd mean no visa. Well, I dount she'd get it anyway, I think she just loves to completely ruin the lifes of other people since she has nothing else to do

No. 200317

lol 'blank years' in the CV don't mean the end of your life??? plenty of housewives stay at home for years and then get jobs - they just start with small, part-time or voluntary stuff to build experience. She can still redeem herself, if she has the sense.

Although admittedly, she will probably need to return to her home country to stand a decent chance of it.

No. 200320

December her visa ends
Can australian extend their tourist visa?

No. 200330

I think she would have to go to Korea again but I doubt they let her in another time after she came back so often in a short amount of time.

No. 200365

I think it's only possible once a year to extend it.

No. 200678

While the milk is very slowly delivered, I'm kind of excited to see what kind of shit she'll pull next to try to stay in Japan once her visa is up again. She's burned so many bridges and have exhausted most of her options at this point. Will she try to marry fucktoy again? Will she try to use her new mystery baby as an anchor baby? Will we see her start island hopping "on holiday" again?

No. 200700

Even more interesting than the Kardashians to be honest

No. 200744

The baby is from her host toyboy she took to Australia! She is running a bar called "fake star" near Shinokubo Donkey hote.

The visa is all set for her to live in again as they are married/ having a baby in the coming months

No. 200745

Hi Shiena or Lorena. Nice try

No. 200749


who is Shiena or Lorena? What is nice try? Just updating the thread as needed.

No. 200773

Unless boyt oy has a proper job she most likely won't get a visa. Especially with her shady af past.

No. 200776


Even if this is all true, that's okay. I'm curious to watch how it all plays out. Especially considering how her first marriage/second pregnancy played out.

No. 200795

Don't think she get a spouse visa

No. 200846

Does that bar still run though? Didn't it went down after Shiena left? Because boytoy was still in Australia back then

No. 200953

File: 1479497236295.png (1.06 MB, 871x632, fake.png)

Hard to say. They had pictures of it being set-up and the shitty spray painted "menu" image floating around, but the bar doesn't pop up on any online searches and doesn't seem to have a website of any kind. The only mentions of a FAKESTAR bar are two other bars that don't fit the right decor. My best guess is that it went under. Haven't seen any posts of the bar from any of them beyond the set up and menu, and fucktoy has been dead silent on all his social media since his trip to Australia with Lorena.

No. 200955

Also guess it closed soon after the opening. Man she could have used that money to get her tits fixed. Anyway, how should a hooker with no degree know how to set up a proper business plan and to handle the in and outcomes properly. A friend who has worked as kyabajou during her studies and has opened a real business afterwards once told me that in most cases the money that comes fast will also always leaves you as fast as it came

No. 200957

Especially if you consider her ridiculously unstable lifestyle, not only another failed bar, there's the knock-off brand goods, the island hopping anytime her visa expires, loading herself up on desserts/fried foods any chance she can get. Oh, and paying to keep fucktoy around, though even that is becoming somewhat of a mystery lately.

No. 200963

I doubt that even if she would marry him or get his baby that she'd ever be granted another spouse visa again. Japan can't be THAT stupid, especially after there were lawyers and the Immigration ward after her, when she refused to sign the divorcement papers

No. 201016

Her last insta was 4 days ago

No. 201086

the bar is open for business as usual. It is mainly used by hosts and hostesses as a after bar! Super cheap drinks interior is cheap as fuck.

She married the toyboy she took to Australia and gave him the bar to manage/own as it was his "dream" since he started hosting.

looks like she will be here for the long run!!!

No. 201087

It's funny how people come here and say she will stay here for long and has everything set up. Someone said that a couple of months ago and then she had to go to Korea. After that she wasn't allowed to be back in Japan. Stop with that white knight shit.
Japan is really strict when it comes to spouse visa and both fucktoy and Lorena don't pay proper taxes. And let's not forget the stuff with her ex. Immigration keeps records.

No. 201106

Sources please? Even a link to a website or recent pics of the bar would suffice.

This is the same anon that made this post >>200744 given the grammar. I don't doubt that Lorena is pregnant, possibly by boytoy, but I can't imagine her not bragging online about a marriage to fucktoy or posting pictures of the bar. Why is he so quiet on social media too as of late? Maybe they did get married and are laying low for a while waiting for the paperwork to go through? I could see her trying to use the baby as "proof" of their marriage in trying to secure a visa.

No. 201126


Why does this anon sound like lorena lol

No. 201140

Im pretty sure the place is still open. His twitter still says hes the owner of fake star etc. If I knew the address Id go and take a pic as I live nearby.

No. 201151

I think she posted the new address on tag. Might take me some time to get it.

No. 201153

My profile still says that I work at the job I had 10 years ago. In other words, stuff written on profiles doesn't mean shit.

No. 201167

No. 201169

Japan is not strict on spouse visas, try getting before making this statement fool.

How you think all the fucking niggers in Roppongi are here?

Please follow Lorena's life^^^ more white whores in Tokyo the better XD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 201170

Interesting, when I googled the address "2-41-3 kabukicho" this restaurant popped up with that address, with a review as recent as October 2016. (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1066457-d9971367-Reviews-Chizuru_Shokudo-Shinjuku_Tokyo_Tokyo_Prefecture_Kanto.html)

Hopefully >>201140 can scope the place out and confirm if it's still running or not.

No. 201172

Uh oh, looks like the "anon" from >>200744 and
>>201086 is mad that we don't believe them.

No. 201173


not mad, just telling you the fuckers some insider shit and your all crying because you jelly she got a visa lol

No. 201174

any of you want to go troll her bar tonight let me know lol

No. 201176

File: 1479538324955.jpg (115.73 KB, 789x608, 1.jpg)


The address is wrong on purpose so you call up to get the "real" address. probably operating with no licence and evading taxes?? Its actually on the corner nearby.

See yall tonight

No. 201179

Nah, I'm the anon that just asked for sources on what you were saying and said I don't care if it's true, I just want to watch the train wreck unfold.

You seem awfully salty about us not believing you about her visa situation and that he bar is still going. Yet, you ignore any request at providing evidence or sources of this info. Either you're Lorena or some other dumb hooker in her circle. Hi!

A++ anon, good work.

No. 201180


Well I can't give too much info because I don't want lorena to know who I am.

The toyboy knows about this thread and reads it religiously..XD

He was so pissed about the instagram photo of the him and lorena about being anorexic and wanting to get buff in Australia HAHAHAH(XD)

No. 201181

If you don't want her to know then just stfu and don't post stuff without any evidence.
Based on your grammar I still think you are Lorena herself.

No. 201183

Boytoy doesnt understand english though ….

No. 201184

Why does he stay with her if her calling him anorexic made him so angry? Why would he get her pregnant and marry her? Can he even read English that well, from his interactions on social media, his grasp of the English language seems very limited.

No. 201185


this whole thread has no "evidence" so go fuck yourself. fkn keyboard warrior

No. 201186

How do you know he doesn't understand English? Do you have any evidence? LOL He has been living with Lorena for years now!
He stays with her because she gives him a place to live, the boys really shallow and his dream was to open a restaurant/bar shop which lorena gave him.

No. 201187

Why won't you get your boobs fixed?

No. 201188

Yeah that really sounds like Lorena. Kek

No. 201190

Ok FINE you guys got me I'm Lorena!


I can't afford a boob job at this stage, will consider after having my visa baby.

Any other questions?. Kek

No. 201196

For years? For one year by now kek

No. 201232

why is your vagina so dark

No. 201233

Go back to 4chan you fucking idiot. Most of the female population have vaginas that aren't pink.

No. 201236

Because of all the STDs she got

No. 201252

Why are you no longer friends with gaya?

No. 201652

I've dreamed that lorena lives in a tent with her anorexic guy

No. 201661

Because she's not a 2D girl.

No. 201888

File: 1479682153722.png (205.1 KB, 750x1163, IMG_6794.PNG)

No. 201934

why are there so many weeb prostitutes in Japan though? I can't even keep track of all these names

No. 201947

eww haha cant believe people bought that shit

No. 201948

Loooool also that pics taken in a love hotel.

No. 201976

Soooo, when she says she signed a DVD for "a fan", it – as actually for a client?

Still legit, but tacky af.

No. 202010

Correct and Correct haha

No. 202018

Or maybe boytoy bought it while they had a night out kek

No. 202070

Makes me cringe when she says 'fan'

No. 202072

Especially while it's probably just the only one client she has kek and he probably just bought it because the ossan in this video have more attractive tits than her

No. 202548

File: 1479799925697.png (350.36 KB, 1060x1173, 2016-11-22 16.25.17.png)

Holy shit shiena! Ew ew ew ew ew!!! We understand that you picked a serial baby abandoning hooker amateur porn actress over others to be your best friend, but whoa! In no way is that kind of "support" not creepy and cringy af when it's your friend!

No. 202549

I think it's creepy and cringey because shiena always claims to only be after high quality shit while bathing herself in polyester dresses and tacky host accessories

No. 202552

One picture for 5000? They are not even worth 1 yen… disgusting

No. 202590

Shannon is gross and annoying

No. 202596

She could take that much if she was an actual person in the porn/AV scene, but she's an absolute nobody. She can't even do instores or other fan related events

No. 202597

She should have gone with an American or European producer, then she could've make some money and attend international events if she was good.

>sorry for samefag

No. 202604

The thing is: she is not even good at all!

No. 202606

>that boob job

No. 202958

File: 1479907619462.jpeg (93.81 KB, 640x662, image.jpeg)

I've found snorlax

No. 202976

I'm always impressed by the power of line camera and co
Suddenly no wrinkles, no frizzy hair, pale skin, wow

No. 203008

Makes her face look puffy

No. 203013

Not line camera, likely beauty cam

No. 203419

is she sucking in her cheeks here?

No. 203422

Looks like it haha

No. 203542

File: 1480009677558.png (731.17 KB, 1079x1549, Screenshot_2016-11-24-18-46-28…)

Since she hating us, she must be all three bohoo

No. 203603

Snorlax, that fits you!

No. 203640

She must be one or all fucking three as well then if she hates on other people here ha

No. 203719

At this point I wouldn't even say anymore that I hate her. She's giving me very uncomfortable feelings which all end in disgust for both her body and her personality. Yes, I think disgusting is what fits her best

No. 203724

She is amusing and actually makes me feel better about my own life because it's not nearly as fucked up as hers. Lol

No. 203733

I feel the same way actually lol

No. 203742

>read lolcow for fun between going to work
>taken and have friends
>have a really good salary job

Pretty sure most of us are like that too.
Nice try Lorena, you're more like a circus people get to watch for free. Keep up the entertainment!

No. 203958

File: 1480113414789.jpeg (30.59 KB, 640x161, image.jpeg)

But next month, lorena is in australia?!

No. 204051

File: 1480134085605.png (470.13 KB, 844x592, 3.png)

I thought this was a little odd too. Is she living with the tattoo artist girl again in Australia? Also, "all the people she lives with" makes it sound like she's living with multiple people. What is even going on in her life? I suppose she's taking a hiatus from escorting while she's heavily pregnant?

No. 204062

Well, nobody would fuck her pregnant ass anyways or even paying that huge amount of money. So I guess she has no other choice.

No. 204084

Maybe he's going there. I just still think about her having a threesome with him and his son and this is so grossing me out.

No. 204131

She's probably still hooking. And fat anyway so no one will even know she's pregnant yet lol

No. 204139

Where did this information that she had a threesome with him come from?

No. 204266

File: 1480188713555.jpg (77.15 KB, 480x480, joke.jpg)

for lorena
because she likes stuff like this. you make me smile

No. 204303

File: 1480194354565.jpeg (104.57 KB, 640x625, image.jpeg)

No. 204304

Infected eye and why the hell would someone like to have spider legs on their eyelids?? Wtf this looks gross

No. 204305

And penis nose

No. 204308

Also where is this from? It's not on her instagram

No. 204343

Not sure, but it looks like it's recent as she doesn't have her stupid old short eyebrows in these.

The lash extensions look so gross though, I wonder how many old dudes she had to sleep with to pay for them?

No. 204345

Sage for samefag, but that nose too. I don't get why she bothered to get a boobjob and flashes money around, yet hasn't had the botched boobjob fixed, or even bothered with a nosejob. If she was really making as much money as she claims she does, she wouldn't look so shit. Wasn't the first boobjob a gift from her now ex husband? Maybe the knock off brand and hideous eyelash extensions are gifts from clients as well? Shouldn't she be prepping for her anchor baby?

No. 204387

Elephant eyelashes. Dumbo with pink eye lol

No. 204420

omg those DO look like the eyelashes on an elephant lol

No. 204568

I'm really concerned about her eye here as it's clearly visible that the red comes from around the lens

No. 205871

File: 1480380171876.png (127.93 KB, 750x929, IMG_0092.PNG)

No. 205935

I see you posting this Lorena to make people forget about your pregnancy.

No. 205973

I was wondering what kind of place this is? A host club? Does she try to kill the baby with alc?

No. 205977

File: 1480395189154.png (637.15 KB, 671x534, hm.png)

Something clearly isn't adding up here. There is no way she lost all that weight in two weeks if it wasn't a pregnancy. My best guess is that she's posting old photos? Unless she had the baby already?

No. 205998

Kawano is a high brand fashion store in shinjuku idiot

No. 206000

Omg is everyone here retarded. its clear she isnt pregant shes just a fatty that yoyos between being fat and losing weight. If she had had a baby already as >>205977 says it would be premature as fuck. Use you heads people

No. 206002

Or photoshop.

No. 206003

Sorry didn't read the caption mate chill your tits (but not to the amount that sere does, because I don't want fellow farmers to have melons on their knees)

It doesn't explain the massive weight loss though. In this photo it looks like she suddenly 15kg or something in only what? A week?

No. 206005

Oh look, it's Lorena/Lorena's friend that likes to pop their head in here from time to time. Hi again!

That's too much weight to "yoyo" from just two weeks ago. A month or two, sure, but two weeks? There's no way. There has to be photoshop or something going on, even if she isn't pregnant.

No. 206006

I just googled the shop and concerning the prices (materials and actual quality aside) I wouldn't call it
>high brand
It's not THAT expensive tbh. If the quality is alright (like higher than the usual Japanese crap) the prices are very relatable. Not too high not too low. Just very average.

But maybe you're a poor hooker yourself and can't afford stuff like this, so that's why you call it high brand kek

No. 206008

It doesn't look shooped to be honest. Maybe she's binding her belly away as this is a very common thing to do among asians. Since her hips look the same, just the belly has gone away

No. 206013

The anon in question is def either Lorena or someone close to Lorena. She posts in here from time to time throwing around similar insults, butchering the English language, and lowkey defending Lorena while pretending to be a regular anon.

No. 206015

Sorry for OT but I wouldn't write it out in my post. Grammar vise this is pretty much Lorena who came here to educate us about muhhh high end Japanese burando

No. 206017

Could be Shiena as well with that brand talk.

No. 206018

Shiena wouldn't really write 'idiot' in the end of a sentence, but rather try to justice why this shit is supposed to be high end in her distorted world

No. 206022

Lol ok im not a friend of whale lorena. I was the fucking same person that offered to go take pics of her bar. Im just being realistic she might be using photoshop as other anons said. or even body shaping jeans. just cause i dont follow the shes pregnant rumor like a lot of the rest of you doesnt make me stank pussy seres friend or whiteknighter i just need more eidence than pics of her being a fatass

No. 206030

File: 1480403259045.jpg (534.91 KB, 1242x2148, IMG_2523.JPG)

Lol um I thought 'high brand' was like Prada or Chanel. Most of this kawano stuff is the same price as junk in 109.

No. 206034

I already made that point, but true not very different from 109.crap >>206006

No. 206037

Yeah…not liking the way this 'high brand' phrase gets thrown around so loosely by Lorena & co. Oh well, some are easily pleased lol

No. 206038

That stuff looks like you can but at H&M or forever21. Lol

No. 206040

You can and probably the quality is even better there kek

No. 206052

And yet you didn't bring us pics. You write an awful lot like Lorena would, but sure, I'll give you benefit of the doubt, but you definitely seem to be in her circle, if not on the very outer edges. Your posts often seem like someone who is just pretending to dislike the cow.

No. 206055

Bro i dont even know her and wouldnt want to. I dont understand why anyone would want to be friends with a baby ditching、husband doxxing druggo prostitute. Also i didnt take pics cause the bar isnt even listed as being on the building sign anyway. But it was definately there as on TAG gaya talked about a bar called guinea pig below seres and that bar was on the buildong sign

No. 206073

File: 1480417250827.jpeg (71.6 KB, 630x589, image.jpeg)

looking like a gremlin

No. 206079

december is soon. bye bye lorena

No. 206082

I can't wait for Korea or Australia pics!

No. 206094

Wonder if she'll take boytoy with her again

No. 206103

i heard this time she was going to try taiwan

No. 206114

Please no

No. 206132

Why not pulling a barbie and going to the Philippines I wonder? It seems to be close, popular and lucrative

No. 206137

But anon, that's not Japan. No nippon dick she can suck and no hosts.

No. 206185

I mean for her initial every three months I need a 'holiday' trip

No. 206369

Bad English, ranty posts, knowledge of shitty brands, close to Lorena. All points to Gaya.

No. 206385

They aren't friends anymore

No. 206399

What happened?

No. 206413

Yeah i really want to know what happened there too. Someone said they dont follow each other on instagram

No. 206414

I don't know exactly what happened but yeah they don't follow each other on instagram anymore and Gaya stopped following Sere on Tokyo adult guide as well.

No. 206452

Gaya is losing friends pretty fast these days.

No. 206472

I don't think Gaya is the issue here. I guess Sere fucked the friendship up like she does with so many others here in Tokyo.

No. 206503

I kinda worry a bit about her. Like she started out as a kyabajou but when her husband decided to be a host again she ended up as a hooker? And I don't think that was all Lorenas doing but rather the one of Gayas husband. Yet I also want to know what happened in Korea.

No. 206515

Sere maybe just being the selfish cunt she is ruined the friendship

No. 206598

Gaya was never anything but a hooker, even before she met her husband. She's too dumb and her Japanese too shitty.

No. 206600

Before she met her husband, she was still a high school student tho

No. 206603

So she started hooking in high school?

No. 206607

Nope, she didn't.

No. 206608

What then? I know she fucked some randoms for money on her first trip who approached her, before meeting her husband.

No. 206611

How do you know this?

Also does anyone know how she met her husband?

No. 206614

Common knowledge.

Her husband approached her in the street as he wanted to pimp her.

No. 206616

Gaya really is stupid enough to give that guy her money. Seriously. She would be better alone and keeping that. What does he do anyways?

No. 206617

But Gaya wants to stay in Japan and she has no education or whatsoever, means the only way to stay is a spouse. She must be lying to her parents, don't think they know what she is doing. She told me he even met her parents in the Netherlands before they got married and she had pics up on Facebook. Their marriage always looked weird to me. You can tell on the pics that there is no love or whatsoever between the 2. Never expected her to be a hooker tho. Is she still active on Facebook? I am blocked so I dunno.

No. 206619

Gayas husband Flirts with other Girls. and refers to Gayas father as "friend". also he broke up with her

No. 206620

If I were her, I would wait until I'm able to get Japanese citizenship and then ditch that asshole. There is no other reason to stay together other than for the spouse visa. It's kinda sad tho….
She is still using facebook afaik

No. 206621

She broke up with her husband?

No. 206622


Gaining Japanese Citizenship is hard! Must be nearly impossible for Gaya. Unless you are mixing it up with permanent residency.

No. 206623

He has a few other girlfriends he milks for cash. Gaya knows them.

No. 206624

don't know. he said he is not together with her anymore. also he is a gaijin hunter and likes to fuck other gaijins

No. 206625

She needs someone to look after her. She can't speak Japanese and has never lived on her own. What a sad life.

No. 206627

Gaya still has pictures of them all over her facebook. Looks like no one told her.

No. 206628

Alright guys, Gaya needs her own thread! :P

No. 206629

Make it then

No. 206630


Proof? I know he has Facebook but there isn't much public info.

No. 206631

search his Profile on gyaruru and write with him

No. 206632

Oops yes I meant PR!

No. 206633

Since when are they not together anymore? Proof or it didn't happen…

No. 206640

Is her name really Gaya? Sorry for the weird question. She is dutch right? I am not familiar with anything dutch but Gaya sounds hella weird for a given name.

No. 206652

last year

No. 206655

Didn't they have like two or three cats? So they broke up but are still living together?

Also, don't you also have to hand in papers for PR that you've paid all your taxes and lived together with your spouse?

No. 206658

Gaya said somewhere. I cant remember that they were/are in a open relationship. She also goes on about how great open relationships are etc. on TAG

No. 206670

I guess she has to justify it to herself somehow.

No. 206672

No. 206675

i guess lorena isn't friends with Gaya anymore because Gaya is more popular. lorena didn't log in for ages on TAG

No. 206678

Touchy subject for Gaya. If you check her other reviews her rates are all over the place.

No. 206692

Gaya also offers 3P with Nadine

No. 206694

They aren't on each other's sites. Are you sure?

No. 206695

Nadine who? Also give deets

No. 206696

Gaya will never be able to get any whitecollar job or graduate out of prostituting. Any company would be able to find her porn and all her pphotos ect that are on websites soliciting for sex. Hell theyd even find this and numerous other threads. Shes doomed to suck old smelly cock forever.

No. 206697

Anna Summer on TAG

No. 206700

Lol, someone points out her review is fake and she seems to think they will still meet her. How delusional.

No. 206711

also who pays 7 man for her?? if they would go to deai cafe they can have her for 1 man lol

No. 206714


I can't believe that I am going to defend her. Sigh. Here goes:

There is history between her and one of the other hookers on that site called J Blair. They passionately hate eachother and let it be known on every possible occasion. Although both gaya and blair are delusional, J Blairs delusion goes way past Gaya's and is combined with an entirely unjustifiable arrogance and a MAJOR attitude problem. Atleast with Gaya we can occasionally feel sorry for her on the basis that she an idiot, gullible and clearly has mental/emotional problems.

The guy in that thread who made the allegation about it being fake is J blair's lickspittle client (damian). He is a regular client of hers who whiteknights her in all her threads and seems to believe it's his job to defend his hookers honor (interestingly both of them have now flounced out of that forum for some reason).

As painful as it is to admit it, in this instance I'm on Gaya's side. I feel so dirty.

No. 206715

that is why nadine are good friends with blair. she is arrogant like her

No. 206717


Good thinking. Did we ever truly establish that Nadine and Anna Summer are definitely the same person or is it still just a theory?

No. 206722

just compare photos, also at the same time nadine had short hair, Anna had short hair too.

No. 206723

Blair's personal information was posted in the thread by Gaya's friend. That's why the thread got locked. She deleted her account the next day.

No. 206727


Which thread was this may I ask, I vaguely remember a vendetta thread by Lorena, is that the one?

No. 206728

No. 206729

I don't really know who that girl is, so I can't compare photos.

No. 206731


Thanks, sorry i thgought you meant a lolcow thread. Can you give anymore details? What kind of personal info, who was the friend? Thanks

No. 206737

How long does Lorena have left on her tourist visa? She must be about 3 months pregnant by now. Imagine if the due date falls on one of her "Korea trips".

No. 206739

If she's on another tourist visa she'd have to leave for a 'holiday trip' somewhen in December. She has to be extremely careful about not overstaying in that visa, otherwise I doubt that they'd let her in again

No. 206741

So Christmas in Korea, January-March in Japan, Korea for a week in April, April-June in Japan.

Bun has six months left to bake. Will either be at the end of April-June visa (making her overstay, lol) or delivered on a plane to Korea (if they even let her fly).

No. 206742

wonder what will happen if she has to overstay her visa because she is too pregnant to fly

No. 206744

I kinda think she'll go on a longer trip to Australia again as she recently wrote with that tattoo girl again

No. 206747

What I don't understand about Gaya, is that she left the Netherlands for a place like Japan. While no country is perfect, there seems to be so much more opportunity in the Netherlands. The country ranks pretty high on education, wages, and general happiness of their people. Why leave to move to a country where you can barely communicate, just to sell your body just to get by? I just don't get it with these girls. I get why people who comes from 3rd world countries, have addiction, or come from extreme poverty fall into a life of prostitution as a means of desperation. Or even girls becoming high class escorts, but realistically, she could be doing he same in her home country and probably doing a whole hell of a lot better.

No. 206748

Gaya had a japanese boyfriend before. next time she went to Japan she had already a new one..her pimp

No. 206752

Her old boyfriend was some ugly 40 year old she met in a (paid) dating club. She tried to marry him for a visa but his parents refused to meet her.

No. 206753

The thing with her and most of the other girls who lead this lifestyle is that they feel extremely insecure in their home countries. They're not special, not beautiful, just weird wallflowers or weeaboos without many friends who want to feel special. They hear about Japanese liking foreign people no matter what (what is more or less true) and as soon as they visit Japan and some host or other creeper is proposing to them they'll take the opportunity.

No. 206758

omg she was desperate

No. 206823

That's so sad, especially the 'no friends' part. It made me think about people that disappear and no-one notices it…
I've heard that Japanese people can be pretty xenophobic. Could you tell me more about them liking foreigners? That's interesting (I swear I don't plan to become another Lorena). It's just so contradictory.

No. 206843

I had known Gaya already for years and I know she had struggles with herself allother in the past, when I met her 2 years ago in real life in Japan she was so closed like barely no talk and looking lost, and since 2 years I had been trying to talk with her but she blocked me everywhere, I have a bad feeling after seeing her on lolcow and had gotten the feeling the stuff she does now in Japan isn't the thing she wants seems people play with her which is sad I know she had some weird obsessions tho

No. 206849

Japanese people like foreigners for their looks and because they're so "exotic". However, Japan being a very heterogenic country, it's very hard to be accepted as just you and not some token foreigner.
Like everyone, Japanese people like things they don't automatically have: Light skin, high nose, etc. So especially white people get tons of compliments - doesn't mean anyone wants to genuinely be your friend though. It can be pretty lonely.

No. 206851

Weird obsessions?

No. 206855

You really think it's because of popularity?

No. 206858


Yeah but I've asked japanese friends about white folk and they say they like them but most of my mates aren't obsessed with white people

a part of me is starting to think the white person obsession deems down to white weeb girls when they look 3/10 at the most half the time and its getting tiring.

No. 206868

Lorena only cares about her ads on TAG. Gaya is only popular because she is cheap.

No. 206871

Most Japanese people aren't obsessed with white people. If they were, they'd be called gaijin hunters.
I merely stated that Japanese people think we're exotic/tend to like our light skin. They're however pretty bad about distinguishing white people (just like white people usually suck at telling Japanese people apart) and have very different standards when it comes to who they deem attractive.

No. 206873


She used to date allot of old guys back here in the Netherlands and her favorite style was gyaru but also she loved the hooked style which is for a girl at that age ( around 14 ) pretty weird.
She used to tell me allot of those things.

No. 206874


She used to date allot of old guys back here in the Netherlands and her favorite style was gyaru but also she loved the hooked style which is for a girl at that age ( around 14 ) pretty weird.
She used to tell me allot of those things.

No. 206880

Hooked style?

No. 206882



No. 206883

It really seems like hooking in Japan is her dream life

No. 206916

Lol youre talking exclusively about white people so dont say gaijin. Ive met a lot of japanese people that prefer japanese or other east asians and think white people are unattractive. Not all japanese think youre good looking. Also these compliments you talk about. You have heard f te cultural phenomenon of oseji right? japanese loooove to compliment but they arent genuine compliments.

No. 206934

No. 206943

Are we not talking about Lorena anymore?

No. 207008

If you look at her pics it's far more than 3 months. I would say around 5 or 6 months preggo

No. 207009

Every women is different with how her body developes during pregnancy. As lorena is more on the flabby side anyway 3-5months is possible.

I remember some photos she posted when she was pregnant with the second child, she got the ball tummy around the 7th month, but before she has been like pancake dough

No. 207034

You mean those people don't really think I'm beautiful? :( Oh noes. You just crushed my dream of being thought of as pretty by random Japanese people. :( :(

But that practically means she looks the same until she's really far along, right? So we have no idea how far alon she really is. Or even if she's pregnant and not just fat.

No. 207038

Since it's her third baby, her baby belly will show earlier

No. 207040

Why is that so?

No. 207043

That's just the way it is with pregnancy. Because stomach muscles aren't as tight anymore from carrying two children previously. Anyway she might not be even pregnant lol!

No. 207057

Probably just fat lol

No. 207623

File: 1480712260943.jpeg (25.92 KB, 640x153, image.jpeg)

What? She wanna open a hostess club lol?

No. 207645

I think she wants to work as a hostess again and not open a club.

No. 207726

Why can't she just go play at her boytoy's bar? She probably has no money, and no hooking clients, so she has to start a job. This is her way of making us think she's not broke, just bored. Sorry, Lorena! No dice! Thanks for playing, though!

No. 207728

Yeah that's just her shit Japanese. The insta pic before that shows a load of money in a kyabajo's bag on TV I think?
Honey if you can't get that much money even from hooking then you ain't gonna get it working in a kyaba club!

No. 207860

It's true, it's way harder to make a huge amount of money as a hostess. You need to be good AND you need to work in a good club. She has no visa so the good clubs where the money is won't take her.

No. 207870

If one is taking her at all. She has a bad reputation already in kabukicho and no one wants to deal with her.

No. 207875

Even if she had a visa, a 'good' club that pays like 6000yen an hour wouldn't take her. She's old used washed up desperate junk with distasteful tramp stamps everywhere. No chance Lorena!

No. 207889

Dont forget he hardly speaks Japanese so no good club would want her.

No. 208383

What is her goal? To work in a shitty Kabukicho hostess club for the rest of her life? She doesn't seem to care about any of her children, boyfriends or her husband. She didn't even seem to care about Gaya, the only person that seemed to actually like her.

No. 208519

She'd probably have more luck in a shitty sex kyaba

No. 208523

She doesn't have a visa to work in any club in kabukicho anyways. Unless she wants to go to a really filthy one.

No. 208541

Honestly, I think she's almost still going out of spite to her "haters" and to prove everyone that she's living the dream life in Japan that she's always wanted. It's why she tries to pass knock offs for brand, posing in a car that isn't actually her's, fancy looking deserts, etc. It's all some weird facade to try to prove that she's actually really successful and happy. That's also why "haters" bother her so damn much, because it's all a facade.

No. 208542

Totally agree. She needs to take a step back and think about what makes her happy rather than trying to prove herself to a bunch of people on the internet she's never even met. Very sad.

No. 208543

Oh right. Sage for samefag, but I thought I should add it's also why she's dishonest about her visa situation, pretending to be on holiday, or pretending to be "taking classes" in Australia when she temporarily got stuck there for a while. She's all about the illusion. Same with that Delandra Barbie chick, constantly flashing the same stack of cash, re-posting old Japan pics pretending their recent, claiming to own houses in the Philippines and Japan. These Japan obsessed cows are all delusional and just won't drop the facade that they are living the dream.

No. 208554

Yeah - they're kidding no one but themselves. Quite sure she's actually very miserable and lonely.

No. 208559

I remember when she bragged on Twitter last year that she got a 3 year spouse visa renewal when in reality she didn't and had to leave to Korea shortly after kek

No. 208564

File: 1480898047811.png (137.79 KB, 750x923, IMG_0194.PNG)

No. 208724

I can't wait for this Lorena to come back someday soon. Rage mode lorena has always been the best

No. 208844

It was hilarious

No. 208853


that raging persona came out even more when she was crossdressing.

No. 208858

Member when she made threads on lolcow?

No. 208866

Some people think she made the gaya thread

No. 208868

I wouldn't be surprised if she did. Same with the Kitty thread.

No. 208875

And the failed Melissa thread

No. 208887

And nadine

No. 208892

File: 1480944477383.jpeg (14.26 KB, 640x137, image.jpeg)

No. 208945


Why no J Blair thread? I thought she hated her more than anyother hooker?

No. 208949

Why do people care so much about them? They don't have any milk. And this thread is about Lorena. Stay OT.

No. 208970


Sigh………… I wasn't requesting a thread. We were discussing the fact that it has been alleged that Lorena created threads here for the girls that she doesn't like. I simply pointed out the fact that the one she hates the most doesn't have a thread, the implication being that it may not be her.

It was about Lorena's vendettas and hence very much on topic.

No. 208973

Wait im on tag and i never noticed she hates jblair the most?? Where did you hear that?

No. 209165

To me it looks like Lorena hates everybody who's not agreeing with her delusional opinion.

No. 209194

Her latest instagram photos… Pregnant and drinking…

No. 209274

File: 1480994229858.jpg (384.28 KB, 2389x1199, lorena.jpg)

caption: 久々シャンパン貰った?嬉しい
shitty translate: I got champagne for a long time ? I'm happy

No. 209277

File: 1480994457208.png (669.96 KB, 599x598, 00l.png)

She's back to being noticeably heavier again. Seems like the one in Kawano in the black outfit was either old or altered.

No. 209303

The background… is she packing again for her trip to Australia/Korea/Taiwan?

No. 209308

Anon your translation is terrible
Its says got champagne for the first time in ages. Im Happy

No. 209311

Also the background looks emptier than usual

No. 209316

Getting ready to leave kek

No. 209329

I wish she'd leave forever

If she really IS pregnant, drinking that bottle of alc signed her a contract with a handicapped child

No. 209330

My guess is that she is probably just trying to convince people she isn't pregnant. Who knows though, maybe she really did just get fat really fast. I mean, look at momokun, anything is possible.

No. 209332

Wouldn't be a surprise to me considering the crap she eats all the time.

No. 209335

>back in the days when ryoya confirmed she can't cook and would rely on conbini food whenever he wasn't there

No. 209393

Saw that same bottle of Moet in a import shop in downtown Tokyo yesterday for just under 4000 yen. How much did you have to pay to have a dumb as a box of bricks host boy almost young enough to be one of your abandoned kids pour it for you, hm??? Living the dream, are we Lorena? lol

No. 209394

I never understand why they say that moet is so expensive and fancy. The most 'expensive' bottles I ever saw of it were still under 100$

No. 209398

File: 1481007154743.png (224.25 KB, 1076x967, 2016-12-06 15.45.25.png)

Boytoy: "I thought I could go home at the end of last month, but it looks like for now I can't go back to Japan (?)"
Other user: "Uh… Shikoku IS Japan…"

Um. Where is boytoy? Sounds like he might not be in Tokyo right now??? And can't go back anytime soon? Is he at his parents' house? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING WITH THE BAR? lol

No. 209401

I think the bar has been closed after shiena left. As other anon said, it's not there anymore

No. 209413


That person who said it wasn't there before was just saying it has no online footprint because all that ever came up from a quick name search was some sort of Okama bar in another area. No one has confirmed physically if it is still operating or not. Only way to do that is if somebody goes in person to check it out. So we don't really know what's happened to it.

So, does this mean they broke up? lol

No. 209415

I went to look the other day and the bar name fake star? wasnt listed there but it was definitely there at some point as a bar called guinea pig that gaya talked about on tag as being in the same building as seres bar was there.

No. 209423

I literally labeled it 'shitty'. It's from google, I was waiting for someone to do it right.

No. 209437


Who is Nadine?

No. 209442

Some nobody Lorena tried to out. Same with Melissa.

No. 209444

Sayonara lorena

No. 209449

Wonder when her tourist visa is about to expire.

No. 209466

No. 209918

She changed her insta description again

No. 209928

"Life is too short for bad food, cheap clothes or shitty people" loooool

No. 209929

She should get rid of her own life then, shouldn't she?

No. 209937

File: 1481111368588.png (94.3 KB, 750x571, IMG_0232.PNG)

No. 209938

Yet, no one here was able to proof that it's a real one.

Also it says a 10pound voucher, that girl needs some basic lessons at reading comprehension.

No. 209940

I checked that website and I'm sure they are still too 'cheap' for her taste.

No. 209944

>too cheap
Prancing around in knock offs

No. 209953

who the hell talks like this?
white trash woman.

No. 210360

If she wanted to prove it was real she could easily post a picture of the authenticity certificate that comes with it ;) I guess we won't see that though!!

No. 210695

The watch was discussed a lot last thread and as ( >>193445 ) showed, it's easily a knock off. Chanel doesn't even sell that model of watch on their website anymore, but knock offs are readily available everywhere.

No. 210698

Going to samefag to also point out that 15k (as she quoted the price of the watch in >>209937 ) is entirely too much for this model currently. It's an older watch and typically it seems to currently go for half of what she is claiming. Lorena is so full of shit. This definitely leads me to believe even more that the watch is just a knock off.

No. 210779

Tbh I wouldn't even wonder if she really payed that much at some shady Korean market where you can get all this knock off shit (that's why Japanese love Korea)

No. 210929

Nah, Lorena doesn't have 15k just laying around to use on an ugly watch. It took her months upon months to finally replace her ratty old extensions that were beginning to dread. She can pretend she's wealthy, flashing her rent money, all she wants, but anyone with more than a few brain cells can tell she's full of shit.

No. 211007


You nailed it

No. 211367

File: 1481334592698.png (131.37 KB, 750x809, IMG_0286.PNG)

Caption: Dying of a cold

No. 211459

Black masks are fucking weird

No. 211464

>flashing her rent money

No. 211469

The only people who wear the black masks are pretentious tryhards haha

No. 211928

Isn't it about time for her to leave?

No. 211931

She went back to japan on september around 20-25

No. 211935

Just a few more days and then bye bye Lorena.

No. 212223

Just in time for Christmas!!

No. 212252

All I want for Christmas…. kek

No. 212549

There hasn't been an update to her in instagram for the past three days. Is she already on her way to wherever visa hop country she plans on going to?

No. 212552

She seems to be sick… not sure if she is up to post anything.

No. 212573

She likes to recycle old photos or would post photos of that poor dog

No. 212584

It's plausible. It did look like she was packing in a recent instagram pic as seen here >>209277

No. 212592

I'm sure she will be like: hey guys, I've been so busy sucking cock that I couldn't post anything.
While she was away for a few days making it seem like she never left.

No. 212611

Well that might be possible too. But she likes to shove her trips to overseas into everyones face like
>look I so rich desu I get fucked in da korea and in da Australia and dis time I am in bietnam kyaa

No. 212663

Yep. If she leaves at any point she'll play it up as going on holiday or something again. Last time her few weeks in Korea was a "holiday" and her extended time in Australia was her "pursuing her dream of being a certified beautician" or some shit. She was hooking in Korea to get by and she was working in a brothel in Australia instead of actually taking any kind of classes though. I look forward to her new excuses soon enough.

No. 212665

I wonder how long she'll have to stay out of Japan in order to get let back in this time

No. 212666

You can only spend 180 days a year in Japan with a Tourist Visa which isn't even a Visa. More like a Temporary Visitor Allowance. So let's say she arrived in Japan on September 20 2016, means she is allowed to stay 180 days in Japan until September 20 2017.

No. 212667

Until today I still wonder if this chick even finished high school. Like from her blog and deviantart her youth has already been fucked up and her parents did some bad job there. I somewhat feel sorry for her as it's already going down now while she's not even 30, she can't even manage a bar (or brothel) what most ex hookers would do. What's going to be in 5years I wonder?

Last time it has been a month, right? Maybe a month again, or maybe they won't let her in

No. 212670

The visa goes for 90days, if you want to stay longer aka the full 180days you have to go to your ambassy and get it renewed.

Also,she has been jumping every three months the whole year so far

No. 212768

I think as an Australian she can't renew the tourist allowance at immigration but has to leave the country in order to come back as a tourist again. I wonder how many times she plans to do that. Like forever?

No. 212773

Anon was trying to say that you can only stay a maximum of 180 days total in Japan if all you can get are tourist visas. You can stay up to 90 days each time you enter, but for the year you can't go over 180 days.

So you couldn't stay 90 days, go home 1 day and come back again repeatedly for a full year, you can only be in Japan 180/365 days a year

No. 212850

Is it per calendar year I wonder, because if so she can come back in the new year no problem.

No. 212941

I've never heard this before and I've known people who re-entered Japan a lot. As long as you can make up an excuse they usually don't care.
(I don't have any first-hand experience though)

No. 212946

Just wanted to add that me knowing these people was quite some time ago, so it might've changed.

No. 213004

Last time she tried to re-enter from Korea first, but everything seems like they didn't let her. That's why she went to Australia

No. 213005

Japan can't be stupid to let her in again. You can clearly see what she is trying to do.

No. 213008

Probably because it was pretty obvious coming back in from just a couple weeks in Korea that she was just island hopping. Re-entering from her home country looks a lot less suspicious.

I'm just curious as to how she'll keep this up and for how long. I mean, I just don't get her, what is her end game? She's nearly 30, her resume is a bad porn, working in a brothel, and advertising herself on Tokyo backpage. She's aging fast, getting fat, has frankentitties. She's got nothing going for her despite the image she tries to keep up. Oh right, there's also the whole divorced mother of two children from two different baby daddies, both of which she's not even allowed to see. This cow is such a mess.

No. 213009

I feel like the milk never stops flowing with her unless she deletes her online presence and goes completely 'down under'

No. 213010

She would have to delete everything, or god forbid, actually clean up her act and try to be a decent person. It's not even her sex work that makes her so awful, it's her priorities. She has two children now that don't know their own mother. Her priority over them is sucking dick for quick cash and spending that cash on hosts, knock off brand, and eating junk. She's so obsessed with proving to her "haters" that she's going to reach her dream life in Japan, that she is inevitably destroying herself. It's kind of incredible really.

No. 213013

Will she ever be granted another spouse visa though? Like, does someone know of a case similar to hers or sth?

I mean she tried getting a legit 'working visa' with opening a business twice, too bad that both weren't legal at least not the second one. And when she was in Korea/Australia she pulled a margo saying the visa is just on its way to her and now she's already offline for nearly 5days?

No. 213015

Thing is that they do look into how much money one makes and how stable their income/life is. I'm not sure they'd deny someone who they haven't kicked out yet entry though. She'll just probably never get a visa with a duration of over a year.

No. 213016

The thing is, hoe money doesn't count as an income… nor does the bar money count. She doesn't pay tax and I doubt boytoy does. No visa for her then.

No. 213020

I don't remember having to prove that we are paying our taxes for the first visa. But true, she'll need a guarantor and botytoy doesn't make enough money/doesn't have a proper job.

No. 213032

Japanese male spouse is required to have a proper job and a certain amount of income per year. Also has to be up to date with taxes and basically be able to prove that they can support a life together in Japan.

10+ photos documenting the couples relationship are requird along with visa application as well as a written history of said relationship.

Foreigner needs to provide valid passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate from own embassy or consulate.

I am married to a Japanese person and the process wasn't too stressful, but then again my spouse and I have real jobs, pay our taxes, etc.

No. 213034

Isn't a divorced woman still a super red flag in Japan anyway? I recently read an article about divorced women being a shame for the whole family and that they most likely will never be given the chance to marry again.

No. 213035

Does this also apply to foreigners?

No. 213038

To get a non-spousal visa in Japan you have to provide tax info in the form of certificates obtained from your place of work and your ward office. This means tax from working, ward tax and health insurance payments if you are part of Japanese health insurance. The certificates state how much tax you have paid and what is outstanding up to date. This is so immigration can see if you make regular payments on time and if you are legit in the country doing regular work or if you're fucking around evading taxes.

No. 213641


2 photos. not 10plus. income tax receipts of Japanese national and foreign spouse if they worked.

If not making enough, need a sponsor. It can be the Japanese national's parents.

Foreigner needs
valid passport, gaijin card, a legal document stating you are not married in your home country, tax receipt.

Together, they need a marriage certificate from the ward you got married in

No. 213642

It's been 4 days now since she posted something on instagram

No. 213655

So even as a foreigner you need to show tax receipts. That's interesting. But I guess those have to be from your own country?

No. 213703

presumably being a prostitute and fairly disgusting porn actress are also strikes against one's character.

No. 213845

Used to be 2, now they ask to provide more.

Divorced women aren't looked down upon. I know people that have been married 2+ times here. It would look bad if she just filed for divorced, waited the required six months and remarried.

No. 213874

Only if you were on a working visa. If weren't working then you don't need it.

Really? Since when? My friend who I helped the process with only needed two and she got married just recently. Like less than 6months ago.

No. 213920

I have the feeling that it's very… depending on the country you're from. I got my first spouse visa over 5 years ago in my home country and they seriously asked me why I had brought photos. I'm from one of the rich EU countries.

No. 213927

I also think that it highly depends on this. I'm also from one of the richer and popular EU countries and they just want to throw visas at you, especially if you got some proper education

No. 213930

I guess that it might also depend on how long the couple has been together, to avoid those visa-only marriages.

No. 213953

I don't even have proper education tbh. The only thing I have going for me is my visa and being trilingual…

Might be, though I know of cases where couples married directly after the foreign partner's working holiday visa was up and there weren't any problems.

Sere might have problems because it's her second marriage, but I think the by far bigger problem will be that they both don't have jobs and I doubt they could talk anyone into guaranteeing for her. Even if I was her friend, I'd never do it because of all the crazy shit she pulls.

No. 213965

Also, don't forget about her being chased after by lawyers for refusing to sign the divorcement papers

No. 214166

I wonder where she is now

No. 214269

She's divorced now though, right? Immigration won't care too much that she didn't want to sign the divorce papers (because they simply won't know), but yeah, no polygamy in Japan.

Korea? Abroad for sure. Maybe she'll just pretend to not have had access to the internet for a few days so there is no evidence of her visa hopping online this time around.

No. 214287

If she is actually allowed to come back kek

No. 214290

File: 1481756352918.jpeg (127.59 KB, 640x1095, image.jpeg)

No. 214295

That's old isn't it?

No. 214317

>108 pounds

I dont care how old this is, I refuse to believe Sere was EVER 108 pounds.

No. 214321

No. 214341

Why are you posting irrelevant threads?

No. 214364

108 pounds is fairly fat for a 5'1" person tho. Like definitely chubby. I'm 5'6" and was 105-108lbs in high school and was BARELY skinny, still had kinda flabby thighs/sides

No. 214366

Nice blog anachan, no one cares about your jiggly thighs

No. 214369

are you fucking crazy? ever heard of a thing called ass and boobs?
I'm 4'11 and 135 and my waist and arms are skinny af and I have a skinny neck and skinny legs flat stomach etc, I just have wide hips a big butt muscley thighs and biggish boobs

No. 214370

you're not skinny if you're 4'11" and 135lbs dear lord. Either you're fat or a bodybuilder.

No. 214429

Seems she has influenza. I wonder if she goes to see a doctor at all for any prescription or diagnosis, because she'd have to pay full price without health insurance

No. 214437

Immigration does not keep tags on everything you do, nor do they really give a shit. All they want is the required documents and will check if everything is legit.

Some of you are just talking out your asses.

No. 214442

How do you know she has influenza?

No. 214445

Says on her instagram. The pic was too boring to screenshot and post though lol

No. 214461

Thanks! I haven't checked her instagram. Now I also wonder how she pays for medical treatments… I don't think she has insurance. At least not the NHI.

No. 214467

I guess full price wouldn't be too much just for an influenza check

No. 214519

File: 1481790230845.png (267.9 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-12-15-17-22-02…)

Loool かっこいい過ぎ?
Fucking hell how terrible can your janese get

No. 214520


No. 214522

That song fits her exceptionally well… bye bye Lorena

No. 214536

I just listened to that song and its fucking terrible hahaha

No. 214570

File: 1481798640487.jpeg (139.02 KB, 640x791, image.jpeg)

No. 214571

This is the boring pic I was referring to lol

No. 214572

Makes me believe that she can't be pregnant if she is drinking alcohol.

No. 214573

Doesn't look like japan

No. 214575

Could be pretty much anywhere.

I don't think she's pregnant anyways, just fat.

No. 214578

Having influenca but drinkin'alcohol

No. 214583

File: 1481801223572.jpg (112.34 KB, 810x540, IMG_2717.JPG)

This seems to be from a restaurant in London called Bob Bob Ricard. I doubt she's in England so she's just pulled that photo from the internet to show she misses drinking alcohol lol

No. 216631

File: 1482086081380.png (471.07 KB, 596x446, hoes.png)

fatty is still in japan

No. 216642

This is a new low for her, but so predictable and pathetic. I know she used to follow some "luxury" instagrams, so I'm sure she took it from one of them. It's either because she's pregnant or she's dirt poor and wishes she was drinking champagne.

No. 217856

I wonder if this Cody Sanderson knows that his products are being pimped out by a child abandoning liar prostitute?

No. 220361

is lorena still in Japan or is she Recycling photos?

No. 220859

File: 1482560112594.png (155.91 KB, 750x912, IMG_0510.PNG)

No. 220906

Those stump brows thou

No. 221401

sorry off topic but shiena is sooo annoying. She uses FB like Twitter and posts all this shit that only high schoolers would brag about…And she's like 28? She seems to be living in the past forever

No. 221424

This isnt the gaijin in japan thread tard. has nothing to di with lorena

No. 222601

nothing new from lorena. guess she is back to australia

No. 222969

Shes posting pics of japanese tv

No. 222989

Maybe old photos

No. 224109

File: 1483081844166.png (116.48 KB, 748x706, IMG_0710.PNG)

Is she still in Japan?

No. 224111

Possibly. Is that boytoy? He looks really different with that weird white hair. His face looks fuller too if it is him, looks like Lorena may have gotten him to gain some weight after all?

No. 224124

That is boytoy when she first got back to japan she posted a video of the dog running towards a guy that we all speculated was boytoy with same hair colour.

Hes looked bloated and aged as fuck

No. 224129

He does look pretty awful here. It's kind of jarring. He used to be one of the better looking Japanese dudes that a cow has snagged…

No. 224134

Could that be a picture from back than and she is basically recycling old pictures?

No. 225536

I don't think so look at the nails.

No. 226862

updated her site and with a video

No. 226870

Her website is so damn bad…. nothing loads properly

No. 226882

I'm sure she didn't intend on making the viewers laugh their sides out of existence but damn she did.

No. 226950

Jesus the stretchmarks on her hips and the grease on her face ewwwwww

No. 226977

File: 1483487264320.png (Spoiler Image, 3.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-03-19-43-58…)


This is so cringe

No. 226995

108 lbs (49kg)
Yeah, OK.

No. 227039

like I said, big thighs/butt and hips and slightly large boobs.my waist ranges between 23 - 26, the most my waist has ever gotten is 27, I'm quite pear shaped, and my arms right now are 11. 5 inches around, although I admit to corseting to bring my waist down, I still never hit 30 and I also have some muscles in my thighs

No. 227044

also I didn't say I was skinny, I'm saying that depending on how your weight is distributed, its not fat.

these women are my height and weight and if you think they're all "Fat or bodybuilders" you're crazy, some of them I would even consider skinny. given that some are fat it's because of like I said how their fat is distributed

No. 227046

what the fuck stop blogposting fattychan, nobody cares how many cm your arms are

No. 227065

wow you showed me

No. 227081

File: 1483499208428.png (247.68 KB, 597x391, 1472644053742.png)

Stop the blogposting or at least sage your derailing, newfag.

Stunning tattoos? The way she describes herself is almost as laughable as her bullshit measurements and made-up age.

No. 227091

That's a tattoo? How unfortunate

No. 227096

This looks as if she'd passed out and someone drew on her with sharpie.

No. 227138

"sage your derailing" ah yes how dare I not learn every trick of online forums, my mistake

No. 227168

>very jessica rabbit.

No. 227169

Seriously please fuck off already nobody cares about you or your weight. This thread is about sere so keep it about her. That the rules of this website

No. 227247

Not as unfortunate as that pancake in red mesh under it

No. 227266

What happened to her maddingly models? Oh I meant prostitution ring…

No. 227349

Vika left when she got outed on here. Kisu and the other German guy left when they failed to manage comfort bar. I don't know about the Japanese girls and her splitting up with gaya though

No. 228151

She is so quiet lately.

No. 228342

Because she doesn't want us to know she's been in Aussieland since Christmas. That pic she shared with her silver nails was probably taken very soon after she got the nails done before Christmas, and shared after she left to make it look like she's still in Japan.

No. 228355

Just checked the time stamps and this seems plausible. The manicure she got done a month back doesn't look nearly a month old in her most recent selfie. Hard to say due to the low quality of the picture, but definitely seems plausible. We all know how she tends to fall silent during her visa problems too. Too soon to advertise another "holiday" maybe?

The last time she was active on TAG was five weeks ago. Maybe she's visa hopping or maybe there's still some potential behind the preggo theories? She hasn't had a review in forever. I wonder what she's doing to get by?

No. 228377

i watched a clip. it wasn't sexy it was very awkward to watch her try to moan like a jav actor.

No. 228484

File: 1483701311876.jpg (232.75 KB, 750x1060, IMG_0850.JPG)

Her tattoo artist friend is coming to Japan again.

No. 228686

I will never understand why she doesn't get this girl to fix her tattoos. She's not the best, but her work is better than at least half of what Lorena has scrawled all over her body…

Same reason she doesn't get those monster tits fixed though I suppose, not enough $$$.

No. 228951


Don't be lyin, Lorena. You mean you're going back to Japan WITH your friend so it looks less suspicious at Narita when you try to get back in. lol

No. 228959

Haha, can't differentiate between 要約 and 予約

No. 228974

Does she even realise that without proper licensing, her friend can be arrested and kicked out the country?

No. 229004

File: 1483765093133.png (106.12 KB, 720x1128, 20170107_045355.png)

ot but her line pic and name are hilariously tryhard
この世界は壊れた = this world is broken


No. 229021

Clever but not clever enough lmao

No. 229037

So I wonder, is she out of the country or is she actually overstaying for the first time, because she's too scared that she won't get back in like last time when she got blocked when trying to re enter from korea?

No. 229045

It would be so hilarious if she is finally overstaying! There is no way she could do any legal actions within the country. Or she is out of Japan and trying to cover it by not being active or being 'too busy'

No. 229052

File: 1483768602851.png (133.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0646.PNG)

Lol why the heck do you know her Line ID?! (Not gonna add or interact with her but still)

No. 229062

It was in her first thread here, so I got curious. Obviously not going to add her.

No. 229235

I wish she'd become a YouTuber tbh

No. 229249

Don't give her ideas…

No. 230409

But dont you remember when she was a youtuber… a fat white trash bogan in australia with her first baby and all those dogs. Its still up on the internet too

No. 230418

Provide links

No. 230655

newfag its readily available in her first thread and if you google celeste von messinger

No. 230750

wassup people, insider boy back.

posted awhile back but you guys think I was lorena /sere whatever the fuck you call her.

She is finally overstaying with her toy boy n the baby.

She is broke af and aint making any money from the new fake star bar that is getting stood over by the yakz for 50,00yen per month hahahaha

dont fucking around bitch ;)

No. 230768

Im guessing she isnt making money escorting either ha. What happened between her and gaya?

No. 230784

So the baby is already here?

No. 230796

It's a magic baby then

No. 230814

Yeah, if you're such an insider tell us more about her and gaya.

Tell us more about her pregnancy.

And tell us were that bar is, because when you go on the link in her instagram description box it says that the location isn't available.

No. 230824

escorting has stopped since the end of summer around August/September. She never got any clients anyway.

visa baby has arrived but because you can't remarry after divorce on a spouse visa she is trying to stay low. She is only prolonging deportation.


what about her and gaya? they are fkn trash.. there is nothing really to mention? what do you want to do know more about her pregnancy exactly? It's a fkn visa baby /end of story jesus christ, if you come to Japan stories like lorena/sere aren't a one off there are hundreds of white bitches doing the same shit as her.

What about the bar? It's a fucking bar in Shinjuku, a shitty hole in the wall place with a dead beat bartender that lacks any social skills. It is empty most of the time and is only a matter of time until it closes.

There are alot of places in Japan where the address doesn't come up, it is the way she typed it up or google is just fux0red you must not live in Japan if you don't know this basic shit.

No. 230825

Sorry let me elaborate on the remarry part, there is a cooling off period which isn't technically written by law but to prevent fake marriages etc it is generally 6 months to 1 year which most visa hunters should know about but if your dumb like lorean she may have dumped her paper work at the office she has put her on the radar of immigration.

No. 230871

Oh I wanted to know about her break up with Gaya as they always acted like the perfect couple until her last visa hop.

Also, I wonder where she has been hiding her baby belly? Kek like the last two pregnancies she got a huge ball for the last two months which was unhideable.

You somewhat sound like HWC from 4chan to be honest, but your stories need a bit more substance to become as perfect as hers. Right now they're still too obviously fake.

No. 230964

How is it a visa baby tho? Visa babies are pretty much useless in Japan, you're better off getting married (I'm aware there's a period after you get divorced where the woman cannot get remarried, but it's only an 100 day period now, not that long.

If she's not married to the father they would have had to submit all these documents prior to the baby's birth or it would be stateless, and not even a Japanese citizen itself.

And then even then you still have to get yourself a visa, you don't automatically get a visa for giving birth to a hafu.

And if the dude wanted to, he could fight for custody of the child, and she'd likely lose since she has no visa, and she'd have to leave the country unless she could get a work visa. There's no joint custody in Japan. (although I doubt he'd do that unless he really wanted to fuck with her.)

No. 231143

Weren't you the one that was originally saying she wasn't pregnant though? I recognize your way of typing as the anon we were accusing of being Lorena previously. Interesting that you are now on board with that rumor. Also, interesting that you say you are a boy. Not many foreign men seem hang around that group, but your english is weird and your slang is outdated, but still doesn't read like a Japanese person. I'm assuming your foreign and have lived in Japan for some time causing the outdated speech patterns? Also, you must be a newfag drawn in by this thread specifically as you don't seem to know the forums rules…

I'm pretty iffy about believing this anon too. Stories seem to flip flop, seems a bit try-hard, but who knows. I'd be curious to see if anything this anon says has some truth to it or if they could actually provide something more than the whole "he said, she said" kind of stuff they've been providing on and off for a while now.

No. 231242

lorena got so much free time now. she is on lolcow 24 hours

No. 231243

it's lorena who wants some attention

No. 231251

I smell bullshit, there's no baby lol

No. 231252

I'm pretty skeptical too. I think it's plausible Lorena was pregnant or still is, but there's no way she was six months along in her bikini pics. >>198537

We'll have to wait around and she what she posts soon enough. Her inactivity definitely is a sign of something, whether she's heavily pregnant, over-staying, or visa-hopping.

No. 231258

Did shiena also broke up with lorena? In the last two days she made two very suspecious posts on Facebook pointing towards lorenas behaviour. One was about cats and dogs and that 'her friend likes dogs because she likes to control' the other one is about her having enough of all the bullshit and stealing.

No. 231262

Could you post caps? It's difficult to say if those posts are directed at Lorena or not, Shiena has pretty wide friend group. They went out together three weeks ago, so if they aren't friends, it was very recent/sudden.

I do think it's interesting how Lorena's friend group is extremely small. She doesn't seem to really have any friends outside of Shiena and boytoy lately. Unless you count that tattoo artist she hangs around anytime she has to go back to Australia? Her and Gaya are clearly not hanging around each other anymore, she doesn't seem to have many people left…

Shiena, however, is constantly posting group pics, selfies with new/old friends, outings and events, etc. She may keep some questionable company, but at least she doesn't seem to burn bridges as often or as quickly as Lorena seems to.

No. 231264

File: 1484128444753.png (251.53 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_2017-01-11-08-14-12…)

Dropping screenshots though I didn't manage to get one of the cat x dog monologue.

She also just addressed Gaya in one of her posts, a thing that she hasn't done in ages, I didn't even know those two were still in contact. But I think that this is another sign pointing out that these posts are about sere.

No. 231265

File: 1484128477638.png (257.98 KB, 925x1080, Screenshot_2017-01-11-08-14-08…)

This one is from the comment section.

No. 231268

Thanks anon! It's possible she's talking about Lorena, especially considering Lorena did have financial ties with Shiena in the recent past. I'm curious to see how this plays out. Time will tell I suppose.

No. 231281

That's karma lorena
I know you are on lolcow everyday :*

No. 231306

so is she in japan now?

No. 231310

Where was the "baby" born? She could only have it free-of-charge in Australia.

No. 231336

Toyboy isn't updating his twitter

No. 231374

File: 1484152744943.jpg (116.29 KB, 817x531, DSC_5685.JPG)


yes I am that anon.


Lil bro got big..

No. 231376

File: 1484153145227.jpg (123.97 KB, 858x570, DSC_5669.JPG)

What sere will look like in 10 years time.

No. 231394

They look so normal? Wtf went wrong while they tried to raise up that spawn of hell they called lorena?

No. 231491

Lorena writes every hour in the gaijin gyaru thread lmao

No. 231502

Are we sure that this is Sere that she's talking about? I mean what she is saying could just as easily fit her relationship with fake halfu Ashley.

No. 231517

Ashley is not even in Japan anymore. I doubt it's about her.

No. 231522

Wow I watched her old YouTube channel and it's a mess… Chubby Lorena cussing around with her baby in the back

No. 231755

Shiena says something about two years, but her relationship with ashley was way longer and intense

No. 231759

I guess she keeps making the same mistakes then. Didn't Ashley also lie constantly and steal from Shiena?

No. 231768

Like you meriko

No. 231770

Who the fuck is Meriko?

No. 231774

Lorena are you frustraded ?

No. 231781

fuckinh hell can people learn english before they post wtf is
frustraded ahahahaha

No. 231782

Learn writing yourself first

No. 231783

lorena is mental again

No. 231786

Meriko - Melissa?

No. 231789

lorena, how is it with no friends left?

No. 231790

File: 1484203606257.jpg (108.74 KB, 625x417, enhanced-buzz-15181-1363278367…)

her future

No. 231812

*frustraded*are we anon

Shes not far off ha

No. 231821

I'm pretty sure that status is about Ashley. Shiena has been friends with sere longer than 2 years. Shiena is still mad about what Ashley did. Sere may do a lot of things but I don't think she steals. The status says talking behind her back, making her look like the bad guy and no on is going to believe her now. Sere doesn't have anyone to talk to behind Shiena's back and if Shiena said anything bad about Sere I doubt anyone one would doubt her but Ashley has some hardcore minions.

No. 231822

Sere steals and rips off money from her friends.

No. 231824

Could be about anyone but I really dont think its ashley as they had been friends since like 2009

No. 231825

The whole Katie situation isn't the same thing as directly stealing from someone. Whereas Ashley is a straight up thief stealing things from cash to valuables. Sheina didn't publicly say it but she said that Ashley constantly stole money and jewlery and she has talked about a roommate who constantly took her stuff without permission and uses it until she catches her being why she doesn't want any roommates anymore.

No. 231878

I highly doubt that this is about Ashley as they haven't been in contact for a good year, even longer now. Ashley is not even living in Japan anymore.

Sere has abandoned children, taken drugs, made up witch hunts, is a prostitute and a constant liar, so what makes you think that she wouldn't be thief?

No. 231883

what did ashley do to shiena?

No. 231888

Where do you know that Ashley doesn't live in Japan anymore?

No. 231909

She's back to the US now since September. People in the gaijin in japan thread said that she broke up with her husband.

No. 231921

You just have to look at her instagram. She is in the US with her son for quite some time without her husband.

No. 232233

Holy good lord…fuck. I'm from TAG and no idea that this thread existed. Luckily, I wasn't stupid enough to give this thing money… but here I though TkyoSam (youtuber) was a slobbering fatass weeaboo mess, fuck man, this is his twin sister. I also know Shiena 'cause of the old bar (Comfort) but even she was showing the chubbs…

No. 232236

Welcome fellow TAG member haha.

No. 232251

Lol welcome: How did you stumble across the thread?

No. 232260


Thanks, another TAG member linked me in. The PULL thread was just brought up again, that I had seen, but not this trail of misery.

No. 232288

Not to mention that Sere had her hands in Shiena's pockets via leaving her in command of the old bar. Maybe Sere used this as leverage against Shiena to try to get money out of her for it failing? I'm sure Sere isn't below using her friends for money, she's clearly not doing much in the way of her usual line of work given her inactivity on TAG as well as other sites. I'm sure she's financially hurting right now.

Interesting to see a bunch of TAG members in this thread. Do you guys actually use the services or are you just around for the amusement?

I imagine her like this, but with worse boobs due to her wonky boobjob, and still rocking the half-dreaded filthy looking extensions…

No. 232301

I use the Japanese services, none of the foreign girls on TAG or elsewhere. Can't find many girls on the street that will special stuff like RP and not be dog ugly. Fuck, my coworker shares shops with me but I can't always get in… gaijin shit.

No. 232312

File: 1484281983900.png (476.18 KB, 621x415, lorena.png)

No. 232316

omg its perfect

No. 232330

I LOVE this!!!

No. 232339

Wait so her pull thread has been brought up on TAG before? This must lose her so many clients ahaha

No. 232343

privately at least, never seen it in a public section. She's been a ghost, so no one is booking her anyway.

No. 232370

she was talking about Ashley. She posted this after she got reamed on some girls status for comparing her to Ashley

No. 232425

Ahh seems her haydays are truly over. Best thing she can do now is shut up, shut her legs, pack up and live a quiet life back in her home country alone with her memories.

No. 232432

Im so curious, the guys on TAG who review Sere are actually saying she has great boobs. How bad are the japanese titties in the industry if seres are "great".

Also did anyone on tag buy her porn?

No. 232451

File: 1484319566671.png (119.65 KB, 633x750, IMG_4858.PNG)

No. 232455

Penis aside, what the actual heck is that nail?

No. 232466

Hahahaha omg you are right
Why would you ever show that in a picture?? Also shiena your present choices are tacky af….

No. 232488

Her friend choices are shitty
Her present choices are crap kek

No. 232519

She's had it on at least one-two months too long and they're all outgrown. She probably has no money to get them redone!

No. 232552

I feel like if your fake nails start to look like that, you're better off with your natural nails. Peel that shit off Lorena

No. 232563

Yeah. Looks like she's already trimmed them down but errrr… better to just take them off tbh.

No. 232600

I guess she also has not the money to take them off.

No. 232670

Pretty late to be a xmas present. Maybe cuz it had to be shipped to Australia???

No. 232748

Gaya is following Lorena again.

No. 232783

wonder if they somehow patched things up

No. 232895

All the whores Jennifer included are in on it with the operators of TAG that is why you never see any bad reviews of the independent escorts on the site.

All the reviews of her were fake and were only to ramp up business.

Look at how much shit is written about Gaya ( Alice in the wonderland ) not one negative thing has been written about her on the site.

No. 232912

Are you also stalking that hilarious thread?https://tokyoadultguide.com/threads/sorry-but-not-impressed-by-indies.13784/

Everyone is raging.. especially alice after he said she was plain and looked like she was abusing drugs lool

No. 232913

LOL brilliant. Is the Gaya thread still active? Wonder if any of them are Sere

No. 232914

lol I love this . If they can't take bad reviews than maybe they need to find a new profession, or grow some tougher skin.

No. 232915

I think Anon is the one who made that hilarious thread. Kek

No. 232917

Kinda sounds like lady 2 is Lorena, and 4 is her tattoo artist friend…

No. 232918

"I've been published in a famous japanese magazine and hear that i'm beautiful every day, i wouldn't call myself plain." lol Gaya trying to fluff her hurt ego

No. 232922

Loooool! Gaya you are far away from being beautiful!

No. 232924

Every damn foreigner is "beautiful" in Japanese eyes because they hate themselves. It's nothing to brag about lol.

No. 232928


please use this form in future to dob in these flyjins

No. 232931

It says page not found you idiot

No. 232933


you have to copy paste it manually, lolcow breaks the link.

No. 232935

Now it works. But we all now how much of a damn immigration gives with these reports. It never worked with Sere.

No. 232956

The guy already leaked the names ..
Number 4 is lorena

No. 234724

true, lol

No. 235316

Lorena's name wasn't leaked that I could see. Just Gaya and some others I don't know. But it really sounded like those partylyk1999 and horse users were Lorena's fake accounts coming to rescue Gaya by swearing she's the hottest chick ever.

No. 235334

Im both a longterm TAG and lolcow user…her name wasnt leaked but、if you know all the hookers on TAG which is a small group. The only two maim girls that are Australians are Mischa Maxwell who was named as number 2 and Lorena. He said two and four are from the same country. Now this guy that posted tjis thread use to troll under another account on TAG and if I rightly remember I saw him comment under that account asking for a date with lorena on her since deleted classified ad.

No. 235363

Now the thread is closed on TAG, shows you how tightly controlled that place is.

Can't wait till the Japanese police crack down on these hookers and deport their asses.

No. 235369

Tightly controlled? That thread would have just become more toxic and not really of any value.

And protip, J-police could care less. If they did care, places like AM, Nasty Dolls and the like would be long gone, but they're not.

No. 235377


Still a topic to be discussed imho.

The indies on the site, AM, ND etc are easy targets for the police. J-police are only going for the big fish with Chinese/Korean prostitutes for now but wait till the Olympics come around.

No. 235385

More toxic?Only because Gaya and the other minions couldn't take any criticism. Probably was one of the few honest reviews on there tbh. Personally I thought the situation was funny.

No. 235387

You'll see Yoshiwara and Kabukicho cleaned up more before you see foreign agencies and independents targeted. Under Japanese law, it's not just a simple as going after someone for what's on the internet. Most definitely, they are going after Korean, Chinese streetwalkers and illegal esute shops. That happens weekly…

No. 235450

You must have real hatred against prostitution or just jealousy

No. 235842

Yea, thinkin she's outside Japan now. She only has posted old pics and no new pics showing her face, and no pics of Japan. She's waiting till March to try coming back with tattoo chick.

No. 235875

What is this "talking like a guy" thing??

No. 235886

I thought he said #4 wasn't a foreigner

No. 235887

Sorry that was 5 sage

No. 235944

Swearing and stuff its an uneducated Australian thing

No. 235998

Yeah check her old YouTube videos, she's swearing with her baby next to her… Crazy woman

No. 236026

Babies don't understand swear words, or any words for that matter.

I wonder if she will actually keep this current baby number 3.

No. 236034

There is no baby number 3.

No. 236038

lolololololol yes there is.

No. 236047

fucken oath

No. 236072

Haven't seen any proof

No. 236503

I'm just surprised that the guy said that Lorena had a "nice body" then if she is #4. Maybe he never got past dinner with her, like his experience with gaya? We've all seen the those horrors she calls her breasts.

No. 236548

He said he fucked them all but gaya lol

No. 236572


I wondered about that too lol
She looks horrible

No. 236603

File: 1484751680436.jpg (551.92 KB, 1242x1933, IMG_3191.JPG)

What 'work' is she doing that could possibly prevent her from having blonde hair?!

No. 236645

Eww she said shes returning to the world of kyaba

No. 236653

The type of girl that will fuck her customers for tips.

No. 236657

So her bar bombed, her escort services bombed, no word ever again on the second bar she used boytoy for cover as owning. It's interesting how long she just keeps dragging herself along.

No. 236673

Funny how she tries to keep her 3rd visa baby a secret

No. 236679

I've still seen no proof there's a 3rd baby though??

No. 236682

Lmao her insta is just repeating itself going round in circles now

No. 236696

Stop calling it a visa baby, you obviously have no idea how Japanese laws work, and stop even referencing a 3rd baby when there's literally no proof. come back with proof or stfu

No. 236732

The last time she went quiet like this she was either kicked out the country, or in the hospital having birth complications. So it could be either again

No. 236843

I think she is keeping herself low because she is not in Japan anymore and just waits until she can go back.

No. 236851

She havent been posting on tag for months. Not bragging about her money either.
What else could have happened?

No. 236862

Back in australia and recycling old photos

No. 236952

Cant sell herself when she is about to drop from being so pregnant

No. 237053

File: 1484811165733.png (111.88 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-01-19-16-30-57…)

Lol i found these comments under that pic>>236603

No. 237055

did you on make money fromdoing porn?

Sere: you know my actress job?

Jeniffer maddeningly right?

Sere: who are you?

What do you mean?

No. 237056

Sage for correcting
did you not make money doing porn

No. 237057

File: 1484811570053.png (110.3 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-01-19-16-31-06…)

I just coincidently found ypur porn on the internet

Sere: this is our first time meeting right?who are you?


I just found you on the internet

No. 237058

File: 1484811727052.jpg (21.59 KB, 455x206, IMG_20170119_164031.jpg)

Is that right!
The internet is amazing isnt it. Thanks for watching my porn

In all these comments just prove how terrible her japanese is kek

No. 237073

she is pregnant so can't dye it

No. 237075

Lol she drinks and smokes while pregnant, you think she'd care about hair dye?? Nah she has no money

No. 237081

Who are these idiots who constantly say that she is/was pregnant, without any proof. You are annoying af

No. 237089

hostessing is strict nowadays. Most higher quality clubs don't accept blondes anymore. The trend is anorexic normal girl look

No. 237091

Some of her friends can't keep their mouth shut.

No. 237100

Lol at feeling butt hurt cos her porn didn't sell so she looks desperate to even randoms for going back to hostesing

No. 237102


Umm…85% of ageha models are still blonde

No. 237133

Pretty much proving she doesnt make shit doing porn so has to resort to something else haha

No. 237219

Have you been really paying attention? No, they're not. Most of them don't even wear color that isn't brown.

No. 237221


No. 237227


Have you been paying attention? I recently bought the latest ageha and follow lots of kyabajo on insta. Not all, but almost all of them have blonde to light brown hair ( light brown is usually considered kinpatsu in Japan too ). Emily has bleached her hair Barbie blonde now!
While anorexic girls next door with black hair are popular too, night clubs are the last employers that will dictate your hair color.
You are right about the color-con thing tho, crazy colors aren't much of a trend any more

No. 237240

unless you are already famous, high paying clubs in ginza roppongi and kabukicho will not accept blondes and will dictate your weight. Before, kabukicho and Shibuya were cool with it but now even those areas are strict.

Roppongi and ginza have been like this forever.

I'm not talking about black but brown. Light brown is usually the lightest they accept for newcomers. Having light blonde hair will narrow your options a lot. Places that still accept blondes will be places outside those areas. Ikebukuro is one of the few major areas that still allows it.

No. 237247


That's right. I also think that that's one of the reasons Shiena changed her haircolour. She was always complaining about how much she hates earth colours and mentioned it as a reason why she doesn't have brown hair or wear brown clothes.
And now, since she works as a kyabajo, she has brown hair. I don't think she changed it because of her own will.

Last time she also wrote that she wants to loose 7kg, because her salary would double because of that…

No. 237320

But nobody would hire lorena
No visa

No. 237323

Not to forget, her Japanese is shit kek

No. 237514

You honestly think a high class kyaba or lounge would hire fat, ugly foreigners with shitty Japanese?

Also for the record isn't Shiena on a student visa which strictly prohibts her to work in mizushoubai and Lorena on a tourist visa which forbids her to work anywhere. The only places these two could work are dodgy or somewhat "normal" shops since high class clubs will request copies of your gaijin card and juuminhyo prior to even lettinf you work.

No. 237523

Shannon is married

No. 237562


Lol and she's been hiding her husband for all these years?
Wonder if it's another 45yo visa jijii

No. 237613

Are you like 16?

No. 237719

No shiena got married recently when sere got kicked out of japan. Sere promised her a visa, and when she couldn't get back into japan shiena panicked and got married.

No. 237724

Go who i want to see the reciepts

No. 237725

Sage for correction…to who

No. 237758

Suzuki ossan

No. 237782

How do you know it's an ossan? Also where did you get suzuki from?

No. 237787

Ah young on. Yet to learn the ancient art of trolling.

No. 237793

Because her fb got shut down again for using a fake name, and could only reactivate after showing id with her real name. Either she chose the name 佐々木 Sasaki (not 鈴木 Suzuki) randomly and somehow has official id showing it, or she got married. Easy to figure out.

No. 237846

File: 1484997795277.jpg (155.57 KB, 1074x1591, _20170121_202230.JPG)

"High class"
Shiena's club is dirty cheap for kyaba!

No. 237854

Cheap but I guess it depends on what bottles they can get the customers to order

No. 237884

You can photoshop an ID, I did when my FB got reported

That's why she still live in crappy one room apartment with pretty much no expensive goods

No. 237935

Lorena and Shannon are like what?
They should slowly start taking a look at reality
After 30 they won't be able to sell their tits anymore and there is too much fresh meat like gaya and sandra

No. 238029

No. 238258

It's not a host club where dumb girls will drop cash on bottles of champagne. Most customers at hostess clubs are super stingy with their money and most of them are old men that just want to drink shochu. A bottle of kicchon is about 1man at a hostess club and the most sold bottle.

Also pretty much all kyabakura have noruma or a required amount of dohan, sales, etc. Per month or else your salary drops pretty drastically.

No. 238260

It's not that cheap for 2bu. Also most customers for morning kyabakura are bar, scouts, catch, kyabakura owner or male staff, hosts, and other nightshift people with the occasional crazy drink until the afternoon salaryman.

No. 239098

this thread is over.

Lorean is MIA, not updating her instagram and the bartender at the fake stars shop in Shinjuku said she went back to Australia

No. 239108

Wait what?

No. 239125



No. 239165

Wonder if she has a new instagram

No. 239166

You probably just need to look at that tattoo chicks instagram followers

No. 239173

What does Mia mean?

No. 239177

Missing in action?

No. 239180

lol ur stupid and new to the internet. nice

No. 239442

Nooo sere u can't do this to us. I loved reading about your crazy

No. 239447

Was the bartender boytoy? We figured she's been in Australia and trying to hide it since december. She definitely wants to try getting back in. Probably march with her friend.still no idea if she has a plan to stay, tho.

No. 239661


no its the same bartender from the her first bar. I don't know his name but he is around 27/28.

Can't make drinks for shit tbh


No. 239664


So you're telling me couples are in a healthy relationship, still trying to conceive, and a hooker is successfully pregnant with a mini Uncle Fester because she's a dimwit?

No. 239667

To be fair the lowest animals breed the most

No. 239674

Hahaha mini uncle fester

No. 240283

Sere don't leave uuuus

No. 240827

File: 1485546839593.jpg (552.98 KB, 1242x1552, IMG_3411.JPG)

No. 240949

File: 1485563395797.jpg (144.27 KB, 750x1027, IMG_1207.JPG)

Suddenly getting more active

No. 240950

File: 1485563427904.jpg (150.63 KB, 750x1166, IMG_1208.JPG)

Boobs still look bad tho…

No. 240973

Recycling photos?

No. 241000

Lol just the selfies that didn't make it before

No. 241026

Lol old host pictures

No. 241203

What do all of these girls even talk to the hosts about?
Most of them can't speak Japanese properly and hosts usually know only a few words in English.
I can only imagine what"great" conversations they have there…

No. 241221

She is pathetic

No. 242104

so trash, uploading old photos from when she was in Japan.

What do they speak about when they go to host clubs? HAHAHHA!!! Usually they get the FGL ( Fucking Gaijin Lover ) of the club to baby sit them while they stinge out on drinks and champagne.

You think these girls are ballers? They are BARELY getting by for fucks sakes, everyone who lives in Tokyo knows that Shinjuku is the trash of Tokyo and MINATO-KU IS WHERE THE BALLERS AT


No. 242105

You know who this is bitch.. WALL STREET BOYZZ

No. 242144

All the girls that frequent host clubs have on thing in common. Theh are all craving attention and are willing to pay for it if needed. Therefore the need to buy designer items and attempt to show them off via social media as well as post pictures of themselves partying while looking like they are having a good time when in fact most of them have no real friends or real relationships and are as lonely and broke as fuck.

No. 242286

Idk today I'm jealous of these girls at least they have exciting lives I'm just a fugly depressed bitch with a job I hate bye

No. 242429

What's up with all the newfags lately? Lorena is always providing cringe, but lately some of these anons seem just as cringe-worthy. How embarrassing.

No. 242517

Then go to a host club and get even more depressed with all your depts and prostitution anon

No. 242827

No. 242856

Oh my god, thank you Anon!
If it doesn't load for anyone, try Server 2 because that worked for me

No. 242861

watching it on mute. oh she's masturbating with a phone. that's fun. classy.

No. 242864

File: 1485913173232.png (Spoiler Image, 404.71 KB, 914x475, what.png)

No. 242866

File: 1485913445110.png (Spoiler Image, 348.26 KB, 918x581, what_1.png)

No. 242873

No. 242874

File: 1485913863302.png (Spoiler Image, 191.04 KB, 586x316, what_2.png)

woops 4got to spoiler. apoligies for the random pimply ass!!

No. 242875

File: 1485914075533.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1287.PNG)

Her breasts look like they are glued on. Holy shit

No. 242876

lmao its super flat and sad looking too on top of that

No. 242878

she shoulda saved her tits and the spent the money getting spayed.

No. 242881

File: 1485914462706.png (171.05 KB, 471x295, acting.png)


No. 242900

This is SO awkward. All of her fake orgasms are pissing me off too, she's so irritating. This is gross…

No. 242911

File: 1485917134970.png (Spoiler Image, 217.51 KB, 577x452, what_3.png)

did her ass get worse in between scenes?? is she a scab picker?

No. 242914

I've never seen such a pimply ass like Sere's and Gaya's. Why don't they take care of themselves if they sell their body… I will never understand that.

No. 242917

File: 1485917430850.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.76 KB, 640x352, image.jpeg)

I came in with an open mind and I don't even know what to say at this point but I'm leaving.

No. 242919

i guess they never have any trouble getting johns so why bother? they have no pride in their "work" or they'd do the bare minimum and keep their bodies a 10. they can't keep that shit to a smooth 4.5.

No. 242920

Does she….have to shave her ass or something? I don't understand why anyone would be getting pimples there? I've never had that problem in my life so maybe I'm just ignorant but…

No. 242922

Me neither and I don't even exfoliate my butt at all. They must have some sort of disease or skin condition…

No. 242926


poor hygiene would be my guess. if you don't wash you face you get pimples, same principal applies to your ass or any sweaty/oily body parts.

No. 242944

It's literally just sweat that clogged the pores and if you dont rub your butt good enough it stays and leaves marks. People who tend to have acne will get stuff like this easily while being extremely hygienic, I doubt that Lorena washes herself thouroughly though

No. 242958

Holy hell, she looks awful. Honestly, I get that acne can be difficult to prevent/get rid of completely, but she could have at least made some kind of an effort to fix that situation back there or cover it up.

Unlike >>242286 I think lolcow is great for self confidence. I mean, seriously. Want to feel beautiful? Look at some cows. Want to feel successful? Look at some cows. Lorena is a perfect example, she's nearly 30, is a haggard mess with botched implants, horrible scribbled tattoos covering half of her flabby body and two throw-away kids she's not even allowed to see, selling her body (rather unsuccessfully apparently) to try to stay in weeaboo dreamland. Amazing.

No. 242986

Her voice is super annoying hahahahaha

No. 243074

am I the only one thinking they made her keep the skirt wrapped around her waist to hide the belly? lol

No. 243091

Now that you mention it. Lmao this is gold!

No. 243092

Holy fuck ass acne!

No. 243148

I have to do a lot of fast-forwarding on the video because it's boring. I expected more from sere, I mean she was bragging about it and mentioned the DP scene. Christ, everything about it is quite sad; her bolt-on tits, her paunch, her lack of expression on the entire video, and those bigger ass acne scars seem more like boil scars lel.

not gonna lie though, Sere looked pretty on the video. the makeup suits her. then again they could have like covered her ass acne with a good concealer, something that could have managed sweat and jizz pretty well.

No. 243226

Her moans are ridiculous though. Who moans non-stop?? What the fuck. It doesn't even sound sexy.

No. 243232

"Her nane is Jennifer Maddingly"

No. 243432

Someone should put it on efukt

No. 243815

What an unflattering body accompanied by horrible acting.

Box boobs

No. 244257

File: 1486167860167.png (883.2 KB, 1131x603, lololol.png)


No. 244268

Is she… licking the table?

No. 244295

Is that before or after mounting the corner of the table?

No. 244311

This porn sounds awful, confusing, and hilarious. I'll have to give it a watch when I haven't recently eaten. I can't begin to imagine how much of a horror show it must be…

No. 244318

If you wax it you can get pimples

No. 244400

File: 1486184902130.png (244.04 KB, 584x469, Untitled.png)

I'm sorry cause my moon is still very basic, so correct me if I am wrong but… Does this says she's trans?? If so, top kek to infinity

From what I can understand: Huge dicks stimulating both holes until climax trans hell Jennifer

No. 244403

I pity the fool who has to wax their furry ass.

No. 244404

I wax too and never have i gotten any pimples.

No. 244415

Jesus. I know porn acting is usually bad… But this is unusually horrible.

No. 244421

It's "trance".

No. 244425

File: 1486188192700.png (Spoiler Image, 363.23 KB, 822x564, z50.png)

I wonder how much she paid for her tits to look this bad. wow.

No. 244428

Oh, thanks anon! That makes much more sense actually hehe I knew trans is usually called "new half", but you never know.

sage for OT

No. 244434

God, they look like beat up speed bags.

No. 244439

I don't think it's from waxing. More likely, she has dry itchy skin(from either mites in her filthy old apartment or not taking care of her skin in general) and she can't stop scratching. Sere constantly scratching her ass like a hobo is a great visual.

What kind of shape is that?! The nipple can't even rest properly on those deformed bags.

No. 244457

Didn't she start binding her chest and hosting as a fakeboi when her implants were new and healing? That can't have helped, not that the work looks great to begin with.

No. 244461

That's a great theory because massage and being delucate with that area in the first year is imperative to healing and the final placement of the implants. I've known girls who neglected massage and ended up with implants resting too high and tight. I can only imagine how binding could mangle the healing tissue and implants!

No. 244463


No. 244792

Those fuckkng dents, holy shit. They're way worse now than they have been before. They look painful, like having two heavy sand bags just pulling down. No thnx

No. 246453

File: 1486462428885.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170207-020643.png)


No. 246455

File: 1486462828461.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 2560x1203, 20170207_021509.png)

What if this appeared in the bathtub in the shining instead of the dead old lady

No. 246517

And to think that one guy who dragged all those escorts of TAG said Lorena was the only one with a nice body. Makes you wonder how wrecked they all actually are if this is what is considered "good".

No. 246519

Well have you seen sone od those girls? Overweight parading as curvy gaya and her troll face…should i go on?

No. 246527

He didn't meet all of them. Only Mischa, Gaya, Lorena and Hana. He even said that in one of his posts

No. 246536

Christ she needs to cut her losses and get those implants removed. That one on our right looks like it's collapsing on itself.

No. 247289

File: 1486564875878.jpeg (152.46 KB, 1080x1064, image.jpeg)

No. 247304

Huh? Did Gaya gain a massive amount of weight or something? In that magazine thing she was in (where she looked like she was terrified ) she looked pretty small, certainly much smaller than Lorena.The troll-face thing though, too true.

No. 247306

No i was talking about other escorts on TAG

No. 247341

Her toyboy is using twitter again

No. 247343

I hear it's also just genetics. I wash my ass every day with antibacterial soap, exfoliate often and wear loose pants but still get a few.
Sage for slightly blogging

No. 247360

What is he writing?

No. 247804

Disgusting stuff.

No. 247810

File: 1486618881287.jpg (50.28 KB, 639x630, C3-5dhdUoAEZASt.jpg)

My Japanese is shit, but it sounds like he's interested in this Asuka girl he keeps retweeting stuff from and talking about?

Are he and Lorena no more?

No. 247816

Sage for OT but why do asians photoshop so much and so obviously?

No. 247817

Sorry fucked up the sage :/

No. 247859

Asuka kirara is a famous porn star. She had a fuck ton of plastic surgery (no suprise lol) the original tweet that he reposted was someone saying if this girl asking your boyfriend who.loves you I wont tell anyone so lets have sex 90% would do it. The other 10% would distress over it blah blah blah…

No. 247876


Because for some reason people who don't actually know many asian people irl think that all asian (women.. At least) are goddesses with perfect bodies and the face of a porcelain doll, so they probably feel pressured to keep up the illusion since if they showed what they actually looked like those people would think they were hideously deformed compared to "normal Asian women" (photoshopped asian women) plus they can get away with it due to all the neckbeard naivety so why not I guess?

No. 247918

>implying foreigners are the reason why Japanese women use photoshop

No. 248061

Weird. So he's pretty much just saying cheating is okay, because 90% would do it. I guess that's the kind of loyalty you'd get though when both you and your boytoy are prostitutes.

He has been retweeting that pornstar a lot though. I wonder if all that attention he's paying to a clearly better looking girl gets under her skin at all?

No. 248214

The funny thing is he then wrote a tweet saying you can say something so obvious that men are like that but when you get to being as goodlooking as me its the girl thats wanting the sex. That being how much will you pay me asuka kirara.

Hahaha hes just as narcissistic and full of himself as lorena. Perfect match

No. 248392

ewww. really a perfect match

No. 248986

are gaya and lorena friends again?

No. 249436

lorenas boytoy doesn't follower her anymore on twitter

No. 249441

They follow each other in instagram again. So I assume, yes

No. 249771

She doesnt even use that twitter anymore, so? You sound like youre reaching

No. 250932

File: 1487077130025.png (122.45 KB, 640x807, IMG_5323.PNG)

No. 251945

boring sere

No. 251999

this isn't going to dispel the pregnancy rumours

No. 252003

Looks like she isn't using her ratty extensions anymore. If that's a recent picture and not recycled

No. 252033

No money for nails lol

No. 255449

Lorena is bored or on drugs and sperging again in the gaijin thread

No. 255843

It would be great if someone could ban her from this site

No. 255844

Agreed, her sperging is as annoying as Kiki's only less prolific.

No. 255847

I reported her posts and wrote on meta but i guess nothing is going to happen

No. 255878

She got at least put out to pasture it seems.

No. 255880


No. 255957

File: 1487773245974.jpg (12.4 KB, 500x422, lorena.jpg)

lorena spagnolo messinger today

No. 256423

File: 1487830741152.png (Spoiler Image, 115.1 KB, 750x929, IMG_1610.PNG)

Caption says: need a new bathroom


No. 256436

All that shop tho, we all know what her stomach really looks like thanks to her porn.

No. 256464

lorena spagnolo messinger.. you are fat, stop photoshopping

No. 256537

No. 256540

Again…. I'm going to have nightmares!!

No. 256562

No. 256568

Btw what happend to lorenas poor doggy?

No. 257243

File: 1487978615397.jpg (58.12 KB, 750x750, 16906779_1750479831947243_4983…)

doesn't look like a japanese bathroom to me tbh

No. 257245

nevermind I just found a picture of her with the same bathroom background

No. 257301

Probably recycling her old pictures again

No. 257632

The Aussie Tattoo artist she shacked up with back when she was temp kicked out of Japan post a video, during her visit in Japan, of the dog. So it appears to be in Japan, as for Lorena, who knows? Her friend has shared a lot of video/photos from her trip, but none of them have Lorena in them. She's been awfully dodgy for months now when it comes to her updates, seems like she's trying to lay low or hide something. Maybe the pregnancy myth isn't just a myth, but who really knows? For now, the milk has dried up.

No. 257654

It's not a japanese bath. She is 99% in australia

No. 257706

I can't believe she abandoned her dog and sended her friend from Australia to take care of it while she's not in Japan…
If you look closer in that video, the apartment where the tattoo artist stayed is similar to Sere's

No. 257896

guess lorena is staying at her apartment again

No. 258422

File: 1488093010080.png (279.69 KB, 397x395, pchan.png)

Boytoy has been pretty active on Twitter again lately, he's updated his profile photo and has been retweeting a lot. My Japanese is shit, but feel free to share anything you find interesting…

No. 258423

File: 1488093264135.png (1.37 MB, 725x851, j12.png)

Sage for samefagging, but the only thing of interest I could find was this photo with the caption: "I found a heart shaped strawberry".

It appears he's been wearing Lorena's watch? Seems a little weird. No mention or pics of them together or of her wearing that watch lately.

No. 258476

Hmm the relevance of strawberry and watch together… lol. I wouldn't be surprised if they bought one each considering they're fake and cheap.

No. 258478

The band looks so incredible cheap plastic shit. I would be embarrassed to show that off.

No. 258494

Can you link his twitter? I'm sure it's somewhere in the Lorena threads but heck I'm lazy.

No. 258497

It's @out0805

No. 258517


all strawberries are heart shaped what a dumb fuck

No. 258742

both are dumb

No. 258766

Still living in her apartment. This guy sure isn't as stupid as one might think. At least not if he didn't got her pregnant. After all he got an apartment, some accessories he might keep or resell for a decent price and probably all his expenses paid by her for at least a year, right?

No. 258934

From what little we can tell, it does seem like Lorena is temporarily out of Japan. Most likely living at the Tattoo Artist's place is Australia while she's in Japan. Maybe she's doubling the trip to get some of Lorena's things, like when Gaya used the visit to Korea to bring Lorena some of her stuff? And to check in on her apartment/boytoy/dog. Looks like Boytoy is holding down the fort in her apartment, with some of her things too.

One can assume she's back to working the brothel, can anyone confirm? Did we ever catch a name for which brothel it was? It's pretty obvious that Lorena is trying to keep a low-profile right now and is reusing a lot of old pictures. It's pretty telling that she hasn't had her nails or hair done lately either.

No. 258946

File: 1488158311069.png (Spoiler Image, 442.85 KB, 745x387, wtf.png)


wtf is this? a rash? butt acne? an std?

No. 258948

File: 1488158456414.png (Spoiler Image, 382.4 KB, 747x387, asf.png)

No. 258956

Spoiler that shit, my stomach nearly turned sideways

No. 259036

what the fuck
I know an ass shouldn't look like that, but is that normal for nipples?? wtf

No. 259051

Actually, yes. Some people do have nipples that pucker inward while they are soft. I will admit though, her's do look pretty weird, but that's probably another side-effect from the botched boobjob.

No. 259478

severly inverted nipples are can also be a sign of breast cancer…

No. 259487

She is in Japan in a hospital having pregnancy complications. Hence no new photos and why boytoy is being active as she isn't around to pay for him.

No. 259497

Proof anon

No. 259566

Lol how is she going to pay for that? Especially without insurance, hospital stays in Japan are top dollar

No. 259580

Proof that shit or it never happened. If she really was pregnant she'd have plastered her instagram with it just to
>proof people wrong
And that she indeed can stay in Japan forever

No. 259583

Lorena spagnolo messinger is in australia. Staying at her friends place

No. 259629

Funny… all the time when we suspected her to be in Australia, someone comes here and says that she is either pregnant or having other issues but still being in Japan. It's not like she is not very active for like a few weeks. But she is since over 3 months when her tourist allowance expired.

No. 259797

Must be lorena

No. 259900

Pretty sure it's the same anon who always claims to have some kind of insider info, but can never follow through or give sources.

I don't think it's Lorena herself by the grammar we've seen, but it's very plausible it's someone in her circle.

No. 260329

you could be right

No. 261143


That is me, how can I help you?

What sources / follow through etc do you need?

No. 261148

You never provide anything so we dont need you

No. 261166

Pics/chat screenshots

No. 261168

What's with all that shit on her ass? Is she using or something? or just an std?

No. 261192

Plz tell me what STD gives u butt acne????

No. 261196

pimples anon

No. 261215

That's what I'm asking.
Isn't she thirty though?

No. 261221

Pimples are not an STD.

No. 261222

that's my point

No. 261565

File: 1488402515265.png (77.16 KB, 610x585, IMG_0024.PNG)

Still recycling old photos lorena.
She went to a lounge where girls get drinks and money for free. Perfect for poor acne ass lorena

No. 261581

File: 1488403351453.png (82.29 KB, 640x702, IMG_0025.PNG)

No. 261756

That comment lmao. Skinny, of course! You can't even see her whole body.

No. 261769

butt acne isn't a result of an std. It is a result of hormonal imbalance due to poor diet. Or Dry skin from not enough hydration plus friction from too tight or non cotton underwear. Or some people are just more prone to acne in that area or have a body that produces excess keratin around the pores causing blockage thus leading to irritation.

Unflattering, yes. But not a disease or lack of washing. It's just normal acne.

No. 261777

Actually butt acne is most commonly caused by dirt/sweat build up and not washing it properly. It's caused by folliculitis which is just dead skin cells and bacteria in the pores and it's prevented by good hygiene (not sitting around in dirty or sweaty clothing). You can literally google this.

No. 261780

Just like some people have naturally more oily hair than others, some people are more prone to acne than others. So no, not always prevented by good hygiene.

No. 261788

File: 1488424944083.png (1.01 MB, 1078x582, noseshoop.png)

I mean, it's pretty obvious this is shopped, along with the other nude side photo she posted a week ro so ago. It's a decent shoop, but you can see the background all pinches inward the farther down the photograph you go and things aren't lining up from one side of her body to the other. Nose is a clear give away too.

No. 261794

Butt acne isn't real acne. Again, you can google that. Sorry you have butt acne but distorting facts won't make it go away.

No. 261798

No. 262010

Lorena that nasty acne ass bitch lol

No. 262059

Does every hooker have these horrendous ass acne bumps?

No. 262621

naah only lorena

No. 263534

File: 1488683828475.png (346.46 KB, 392x392, pchan.png)

Lorena is still keeping a low profile. It's been a month or more since her last professional manicure and she's no longer wearing her old ratty extensions. What could all this mean?

Pretty milkless still, but boytoy is still fairly active on twitter lately. He's posted pictures of her dog, so it's confirmed he's still caring for it. Yet no pictures of them together, solid evidence of her still being in Japan. Possible overstay? Hidden pregnancy? Keeping it quiet that she's temporarily in Australia again? Who knows, but boytoy updated his twitter pro pic yet again, so here you go. Looks like Lorena's attempt to get him to "beat anorexia" failed.

No. 263624

Isn't that the old bar?

No. 264229

File: 1488811078265.png (183.39 KB, 750x1108, IMG_1730.PNG)

Pretending to be in Japan?

No. 264236

aww lorena, who do you wanna fool? nobody is believing you

No. 264555

I'm gonna need ta see her standing next to that road sign with a newspaper from today to believe her. lol

No. 264975

File: 1488926124022.jpg (90.77 KB, 750x457, IMG_1749.JPG)

No. 265351

why did she change her id again

No. 265354

the real question is why did she use that photo, she looks so old

No. 265360

isn't that an old photo?

No. 265367

It is. It's at least a year old or even more.

No. 266039

seems like she is back in japan with her tattoo friend

No. 266055

File: 1489065021394.png (183 KB, 750x1173, IMG_0904.PNG)

Bending over almost 90 degree angle desperately trying to hide that pregnant (or just fatty) belly
Either way she's more pathetic wth every post
We all know she is a lowlife unhygienic child abandoner it's funny seeing her pretending she has not done wrong
Can't wait to see what she does with potential throwaway life number 3

No. 266067

This looks so bad. Like you can 100% tell that she's about 10-15kg too much on her hips

No. 266073

She looks fat but definitely not preggo imo

No. 266080

That warped wall

No. 266106

Can someone bring this photo back to how it originally looked like

No. 266121

File: 1489075403743.gif (209.89 KB, 554x695, fag.gif)

what u think? I didn't want to go over the top but..

No. 266739

one of her best shoops

No. 266817

Um… the bricks in the background… terrible editing.

No. 266833

I can't understand japanese immigration. Why do they let the fat monster in..again?

No. 266994

They could also be just in Australia? I didn't see any 'proof' that she is back in Japan lol

No. 267033

I'm not sure but the photo posted above looks indeed recent as if she just came back to Japan. Like no manicure and no extensions

No. 267299

File: 1489200035699.png (197.3 KB, 750x1287, IMG_1765.PNG)

If you look at the background here, it's her apartment in Japan.

No. 267390

Her apartment always looks so cluttered and trashy. You would think she'd at least try to make it look nice so she could keep the illusion of her ~luxury~ lifestyle.

No. 267433

Lorenas new victim

No. 267462

She probably lives in a small 1k apartment because she can't afford anything larger.

No. 267480

more like 1R

No. 267512

I don't think she can get anything else because of her visa status. If she wants a bigger and nicer place she needs a visa

No. 267519

I doubt that by now this apartment is still running on her name or rather on boytoy's.

No. 267829

You can't rent an apartment in japan at all unless you have a valid visa.
And i'm sure it's not a monthly apartment for foreigners.
So it's either on boytoys name or she got someone else to rent it for her

No. 267970

actually you can rent trashy airbnb apartments for months or years, I know a guy (originally from America) that's been renting the same airbnb apt for more than 1 year

No. 268038

She signed her contact when she still had a valid visa. Real estate agents and building managers don't request visa status updates. If you are still living there and paying your rent, they just assume you're valid.

No. 268045

How come she is so active on Instagram all of a sudden?

No. 268062

because lorena has to show us that she is back in japan

No. 268070

File: 1489319719770.jpg (43.83 KB, 640x640, 4RsI6pe.jpg)


No. 268071

File: 1489319827428.jpg (77.62 KB, 640x640, 5c5A3Fn.jpg)

No. 268126

I wonder if she's really back or just recycling old shit

No. 268163


I think these pics are new because her extensions have never been that nice in the past

No. 268180

It's just weird because I'm sure she haven't done her eyebrows this way in ages

No. 268309

Either these are from when she was still carrying around the baby weight or she got even more fat, because damn. She's leaning over here and it's still pretty obvious how big she is.

No. 269077

So lorena came back together to japan with that poor tattoo girl this month

No. 269078

File: 1489444274938.png (149.14 KB, 640x1083, IMG_0142.PNG)

Oops february

No. 269332

So she is in japan for 1 month already

No. 269351

I don't believe that at all.

No. 269370

you have to look at her new victims insta

No. 269372

That's not her new victim. She stayed at the tattoo chicks house before. There is also only one picture of them together and that's just from recently.

No. 269398

They took it at lorenas room. Also tattoo girl uploaded a video with lorenas dog.
Victim? Because lorena uses her

No. 270168

File: 1489599055508.jpg (117.95 KB, 640x655, IMG_0148.jpg)

No. 270196

is lorena buying followers?

No. 271294

well, she is super active on insta again. that means she is back in japan

No. 271336

How many of you actually know about her situation? Y'all go on and on about her alleged visa problems but she's still romping around in Nipponland.

No. 271339

She is never longer than 3 months at a time in Japan because she doesn't have a fucking visa.

No. 271340

true that

No. 271958

File: 1489823544125.png (97.66 KB, 640x696, IMG_0165.PNG)

No. 272009

Nah not classy enough (or rich enough) for HW Lorena sorry. Stick with your fake tacky shit, suits you more.

No. 272905

Looking forward to may. When she has to go back to australia

No. 273617

File: 1490016723467.jpg (1.45 MB, 2880x3840, IMG_4918.JPG)

Someone's a bit obsessed with Emiri Aizawa lately. Can't say it suits her at all.

No. 273619


No. 273620

Also did she forget to zip her flies up on her jeans?

No. 273625

Lol. This sweater is way too small for her.

No. 273631

….where's the rest of the sweater?

No. 273635

Emiria literally makes clothes for anorexic people like herself, why would a whale like sere ever think she would fit into them?
Just because you can get it over your botchered boobs doesn't mean that it fits. This is just gross

No. 273638

Why is she anorexic? She looks fine to me. She's a model in Japan.

No. 273649

I'm not sure how she's now, but a few months ago her face already looked haggard and looking at her bikini photos got me back into anatomy class.
Don't get me wrong, I love to look at thin bodies, but I don't like to look at literal bones. But maybe she got better? Haven't looked up her social media within a while as I think her stuff is way too overpriced anyway.

No. 273651

File: 1490022150834.jpg (1.06 MB, 1242x1535, IMG_4920.JPG)

Nah, this is a recent photo. Still a bag of bones.

No. 273655

And a biiiiit of photoshop, as I don't believe her feet are really that long.

Back to the theme though, Lorena probably thinks this shit is high end burando

No. 273674

So many of these stupid gaijin hooker think emiria wiz and rady are super high brands. It's just cheap produced china shit lol

No. 273675

I'd be impressed if only a single one of them shows up in a REAL chanel costume, because that's some real brand.

No. 273678

Big feet

No. 273682

her toenails look long to me but idk

No. 273685

yeah. She stretched her legs but also stretched the feet lol. Common shoop mistake.

No. 273689

As if Lorena and and the other could actually afford it. Well I guess they could if they wouldn't spend so much money on other unknown stuff nobody gives a shit about.

No. 273699

It would be a well spend 6000$

No. 274159

File: 1490092790640.png (1.34 MB, 1510x625, dumb.png)

lawl shannon is still friends with lorena.

No. 274168

Calling that guy a sexy boy. Yikes I want to throw up.

No. 274190

lorena is kissing his ass to get free stuff lol

No. 274226

Wonder if shiena and her are having threesomes with him to suck off those free tacky accessories

No. 274389

Shiena doesn't do sex work. She's always been strictly mizushobai

No. 274409

She's also on a 'legit work visa'
By now I highly doubt that she's as innocent as she tries to make herself look like. And this comes from someone who looked up to her for a good while, because I thought after her studies she'd get a legit job and do amazing fashion stuff. But no, just whoring around in kabukichou

No. 274441

guess she married, that's why she can work at kyaba

No. 274446

Highly doubt that. Someone in the gaijin in japan thread posted the rates of her club and it's a pretty cheap one, if she was married she could work in a better club

No. 274570

Who wants to hire a chubby chinese girl?! Only cheap clubs

No. 274864

Do you anything?? Haha sex work is is part of mizushobai

No. 274876

Not all mizushobai people do Makura (sleep with clients) it depends on your style. She obviously doesn't care what we think so if she was doing that kind of work we would have evidence beyond speculation by now like every other sex worker around Lorena.

No. 274881

I don't think anon meant that. Mizushobai is still night work and part of sex work. So are strippers and cam girls.

No. 274898

You know that stylist have to intern for 2years before they can be stylists right? Aka work for free and you don't get a visa for it. Sadly gaijin have to take whatever visa is offered. I wish she continued the gal cafe producer thing though but if you used to look up to her you probaly know she had a mental breakdown and is battling deep depression after Ai died and she seems to be still recovering from it even now. Shit happens but at least she only paused her working career rather than spinning out of control. I think she's using hostessing to regain momentum.

No. 274920

Different anon, but yeah I could see that. Shiena is one of the few that seems to have actual talents outside sexwork/hostessing. I never could understand why she chooses to surround herself with trash people like Lorena, but it definitely makes me kind of second guess who she is as a person. I kind of hope she will do better for herself, she seems decent and capable.

No. 274923

Still friends with lorena. Says enough

No. 274931

I always how she is able to be good friends with Lorena and dania even though they hate each other. While also having other friends who hate one or both of those two.

No. 274948

I know she had a breakdown and is obviously struggling with depression, but if she had her shit together she would've gone back to Canada to recover and receive the professional help she needs and after that she could just go back to Japan. But I think she choose the alibi visa route, because she can't be sure of getting into Japan again with her low class vantan degree.
If she would've been intelligent and seriously planned to stay in Japan and work in a serious job from the very beginning she would've gone to a real uni and get a serious degree.

No. 274949

She's also friends with katie and I'm pretty sure katie hates lorena since the birthday party incident

No. 274956

Go back to Canada and do what though? Be a burden on her family? I think she know what she needs to do to recover and is pushing herself to do it step by step instead of running home to mommy and daddy. I think uprooting her life is likely to make it worse.

No. 274959

>go to Canada to seek professional help
I didn't imply going back to mommy and daddy though I think her mom has a great impact on her.

In Japan she most likely won't get the mental health care which you need if you want to recover from a real depression.

Yes, she's 'working' if we count getting drunk while talking to men as work, but I can tell you that just work and alcohol won't make you get rid of a real depression. Those things most likely will make it even worse

No. 275020

Depressed over a 2-bit host who treated her like shit
She might have talent but she's lazy as fuck

No. 275049

File: 1490192161663.png (83.59 KB, 640x437, IMG_0200.PNG)

Shannon made the plan for a visa baby together with lorena

No. 275059

Doesn't matter if it's not working. Lorena always thought immigration wouldn't terminate her spouse visa. Yet they did because she fucked up

No. 275065

Shiena is such a "drama heroine", always trying to sound deep and depressed. She should get over that weird abuse suicide host

No. 275343

File: 1490223450820.png (182.61 KB, 750x891, IMG_1922.PNG)

No. 275345

File: 1490223498002.png (170.92 KB, 750x737, IMG_1923.PNG)

No. 275619

Lorena is looking good
Is she still a prostitute? Shes not making it very public these days

No. 275627

LOL erm don't be fooled by purikura. That shit makes anyone look 'good'

No. 275653

This doesn't look good. This looks frightening because of how melted they are.

No. 275662

How else would you think she makes money, huh? As a care taker? A manager?

No. 275665

I think that Shiena is the biggest hoe of the squat, she's only hiding it on social media

No. 275690

um no you obviously didnt understand me. Do you even know what mizushobai covers? I wasnt talking about makura. hostessing, hosts, camgirls, strippers, sex workers(deli heru, soapland etc) are ALL MIZUSHOBAI.

No. 275691

If she was wearing a decent wig, slightly different makeup and a few other clothes in an advert and maybe blurred her face, no one would ever know it's her. Being asian has a big advance in that point.
So I guess you're right.

No. 275692

No mizushobai is hotessing and lounge. Fuzoku is soap, health, escort, protitute.

No. 275693

The only one blanket name for all is yoru shigoto ( night work) but when someone says mizushobai, soaps, deliheath, escort and prostitute is not in mind. They call that fuzoku

No. 275699

All this speculation and not one ounce of proof in the last 7 years shiena has been in Japan while every single girl who is talked about gets found out almost instantly.

Visa baby is so far fetched considering she openingly doesnt like babies and pregnancies creep her out.

Not defending her as much I'm kind of sick of lack of receipts.

No. 275716

I'm pretty sure that her parents are funding a good part of her living, since she hasn't worked through all her studies.
Kyabakura is now giving her the money that she needs and probably also has before she started to study. That'd be the easiest and closest explanation to me.

No. 275719

Working as a regular bartender is also consisered mizushobai.

Like mentioned before by someone else, anything in reference to sex is fuzoku.

Get your fucking facts straight people.

No. 275731

So is Shiena married now or is she hostessing illegally?
I'm sorry but I will never not think of her as the stupid bitch who when listing ways to stay in Japan had
Adoption (as an adult with a ridiculous justification)
and then actual Work dead last.
Wouldn't be remotely surprised if she's also doing fuzoku.

No. 275829

She worked mizushobai through her language school years with Ash and at Vantan (student visa). Had the girls bar lie about her job and get her a visa as "event coordinator" (still mizushobai).

No. 276572

Anyone know Lorena's new instagram?

No. 276582

now she is changing her ID all the time. funny

No. 276603


No. 276652

What's the point in changing it all the time

No. 276669

To hide from us

No. 276672

Yeah and it never works so what's the point

No. 277031

lorena is stupid

No. 277623

Slow clap

No. 277638

No, but seriously.

As someone who tried the lifestyle that she's doing, and graduated from it but still living in Japan, the grass is greener on the other side. I'm living a more stable life, in a nicer apartment, wearing nicer clothes, got a pet, designer bags and accessories… and I've never had to sell my body. Not once. I feel so sorry for her, that she's worked her way into an inescapable hole, having to buy her way into a derelict bar and prostetuting herself to get little Chrome Hearts trinkets and a tourist visa.

No. 277663

You should be more discreet,I know who you are instantly lol. But really why feel sorry for her? Shes done this to herself. Doxing people,threatening revenge porn of her husband,lying,ditching two kids..shes a shit person in general

No. 277670

Totally agree. Whoever feels sorry for her is just stupid. She chose that lifestyle herself. It's not like she has no other choices to make a living. She just needs to go back to Australia and get her miserable life together. Yet she desperately tries to stay in nipponland for whatever reason.

No. 277673

Revenge porn of her ex? Really? This is the first time that I heard of this. Tell me more

No. 278227

She's delusional and won't admit "defeat". She's on the cusp of turning 30 and still trying to live out some kind of weeb teen's dream in Japan chasing scuzzy hostboys and buying knock offs. It really makes no sense to me. I don't get why she didn't just move back to Australia with boytoy and start over there, where she could actually stand a chance of living a decent life. Funny though, as she couldn't get work outside hooking in Australia either. Maybe she's just too lazy to work a 9-5? She's clearly too lazy to get or stay in shape…

No. 278342

Lasy yr or it mightve been late 2015…its in previous thread but she had a massive meltdown on insta and started threatening to post nudes she had of her ex husband if he didnt do what she wanted and just went crazy in general…she didnt end up posting it but the meltdown of juicy and dramatically lolzy

No. 278343

*was juicy

No. 279152

I don't understand what Shiena is even doing in Tokyo anymore.

She was last seen with Cody Sanderson and trying to get free jewelry (unsuccessfully by trying to fuck him…Sere tagged him in these topless pics that he didn't even like on instagram). Besides Sere, Shiena only seems to have Katie as a friend. Are they even friends or does Shiena just want the fame? I mean she mostly just uses Sere to buy things for her because she's broke. Now that Ashley is single and back in the States, Shiena is basically alone in Tokyo. Ash wasn't the best friend but she is the most stable friend Shiena had.

She should probably have a real job (not a low paying job working illegally at Lugano) now that she's 28. Is she seriously going to try to have a baby? I mean…Ash did it but I think Shiena is way too vain to do anything that could make her fat or ruin her looks. Maybe she'll get another sugardaddy. She had some salaryman paying her tuition went she went to Vantan.

I guess she has Dania too…even though Dania can't stop herself from talking about Shiena behind her back. What ever happened with Dania and that girl she got in the FB fight with? She posted all that shit about someone making fake profiles. It was probably just her making drama anyways since she wasn't in Tokyo.

And like…when is she going to drop the Shiena bullshit? Her name is Shannon Wong. She's Chinese. She needs to stop trying so hard. And maybe it's time to update her outdated gyaru makeup. Those contour lines are way too harsh. Has anyone seen her without makeup? Post pics if you have them!

Someone is going to call immigration on Shiena for working illegally at Lugano. It'll probably be one of her 3 "friends." Her name there is Milky. lol

No. 279163

>is too vain to do anything that makes her fat

Got have you seen her latest posts? Her legs might look ok, but she needs to squeeze in everything she wears. It looks uncomfortable and sometimes worse than what sere wears. Also she's crying abt not getting her kawaii baroque clothing, gurl? Go to a designer and just ask them to sew shit for you. Or wait aren't you a designer yourself?

No. 279164

She had to say no Photoshop on that leg picture because she definitely edited it. She edits all of her pics because she is way fatter in person. And despite all the constant talk about her having huge boobs, she doesn't. She squeezes what blobs she has into clothes that are too small in order to make them look bigger. If you ever see her from the side, her chest is 100% flat.

No. 279165

Sage for samefag, but I looked up lugano and they don't even have her listed on their page which either means she quit (doubt) or more plausible she's working illegally

No. 279167

She is def working illegally at Lugano. She might have lied and pretended to be Japanese. She does that sometimes.

No. 279169

Shiena is too broke to get custom made clothes. The Cody Sanderson jewelry she has was bought by Serena. That Vivienne Westwood bag was bought used (you can tell by the condition). Her chrome hearts necklace is so many years old and probably a gift. Her clothes are all from rakuten. lol

No. 279170

>bought by lorena
I hope you can hear me laughing.

Second hand brand isn't bad. There was some other anon who observed shienas accessories choice quiet well and actually new that some of the brand stuff she owns is indeed expensive (even on the second hand market).

No. 279172

Bought? Shiena and Sere are all over Cody Sanderson for free stuff. Don't even want to think about sex with him. He's so gross.

Yeah. Someone pointed to her accessories. But she only has a couple chrome hearts things and I'm not sure what else she has that's expensive. Most of her Jesus Diamante stuff is really fucking old.

No. 279175

I was talking about serious brands not jd or chrome hearts.

Anon pointed out she owns some necklaces (also for a longer time now) which are well over 5000$

No. 279176

I looked through her instagram and couldn't find the necklaces that person was talking about. Shiena is always broke. She's been broke since she moved to Japan. Her apartment is 1 room and before that she lived in shithole housing.

No. 279186

Go away newfag

No. 279216

Shiena's boobs are pretty big actually I've met her in person a few times. Granted she is fatter now than she used to be, but she has always been large chested.

No. 279217

Soz for samefag but I don't think she has any $5000 necklaces.. The most expensive accessories she has are from Justin Davis and even then pretty sure they were gifts from her old sugar daddy. People outside Japan don't know Justin Davis anyway so it's hardly high-end "brand"

No. 279221

Theres also a Loree Rodkin gold and silver necklace she's wearing recently. Not quite $5000 but over $1500

No. 279243

Shiena starting being friends with Katie when Shiena was more famous than Katie. So I doubt it was for the fame. She doesn't seem to care about internet fame all that much. Just because you don't think they count doesn't mean she doesn't have friends. And how is Ash a better friend than the rest when she literally stole from her and talked behind her back.

Some of your information is way off and the rest is try-hard negative lighting. Why are you so mad?

No. 279431

Lol hi Shiena

No. 279640

Nope. Sorry, just another anon.

No. 279786

Atleast Ashley is mentally stable at this point. She is doing wayyyy better for herself and her family than Sere.

Lots of hate for Shiena but like none of it is false. Sorry you think you need to whiteknight her. She really is a washed up, nearly 30 year old woman at this point.

No. 279843

None of these women are famous. They are all subject to their crappy life decisions and let their business get advertised all over the fucking internet. Let's face it, they all came to Japan because they couldn't cut it wherever they were from. Those hanging on in Japan are sucking down dicks because that's all they got left and once that's all used up, game over. You can read about these sluts and have comfort that your life is better than any of these whores.

Girls, we know you read this, sounds advice here: just go back to where you came from if you ever want to actually make something of your life.

No. 279860

Anon is right. We all know about Sere's life disaster. Shiena is 28/29 and pretending to be 24/25 to try to hang onto a shifty job at a cheap club. Pushing 30 and having nothing to show for it (no house, car, family, career, travel, etc) is not glamorous. Then there's Ashley who had to move back to America to be supported by her parents. Speaking of which, Dania is well over 30 & still living with her parents. She brags about how she can travel and buy whatever but like enough said. Ya'll should stop aspiring to be like these girls. They're sad, old, Japan-obsessed women with no prospects. Wtf are they going to do in a few years when their looks give out?

No. 279873

Lol at anons who think they know everything via internet stalking. Still no evidence on prostitution over 7years. So I remain neautral on that subject.

Who knows what Ashley is doing but she was a horrid friend to her when she was in Japan. Sere maybe more messed up than Ashley but at least she hasn't done anything bad to shiena directly. People only like Ashley more because they like her more but if you look at what Ashley did in relation to Shiena Ashley is clearly the worse friend.

No. 279878

Anon sounds bitter because there are plenty of girls and guys that live normal lives in Japan with normal jobs? Just because people decide to move countries doesn't mean everyone needs to suck dick to stay there?

No. 279882

Oh for fucks sake this thread is not about fat ass shiena or ashley its about sere and laughing at the mess of her life. Nobody give a shit about the other two take it to the gaijin in japan thread stank pussy tards

No. 279945

Shiena is a pos Chinese Canadian who pretends to be Japanese. Great chest but she is a dead set try hard weeaboooooooo.

All these hoes sere is associated with are stupid af.

They are feeding off the cocks of customers from that online sex forum for white gaijin losers

No. 280022

>>catsandcakesandshabushabu The new duck you ring. 3 star 3some love hotel Shibuya. @codysandersondesigns さすがsexy boy.

what's up with the "3some love hotel" bs? did they actually sleep with him or what?

No. 280033

thaz would be gross

No. 280103


I can't find that post… Has she deleted it already?
Anyway it's really gross lol

No. 280294

Yes. They did. That is how they got the jewelry.

No. 280537

No. 280557

Do you get a discount for a pregnant hooker?

No. 280623

Sere isnt gyaru

No. 280631

nobody said so?

No. 280660

Lol sorry was trying to reply to >>280537
Sere isnt gyaru so why has she been put in that thread

No. 280712


Sere has extensions, fake lashes, circle lenses and dresses like a whore
That's basically gyaru

No. 280717

Sere is gyaru, kind of, not a decent gyaru but still follows the basics, tries to look more kyabajo but does a really bad job of it. Also hangs with Gaijin Gyaru sooooooooo there's your answer why

No. 280825

Sere is screwed. She had a new baby here thinking that it would grant her some sort of visa immunity but she was simply slapped with a hefty ass bill which ran her funds down to ZERO.

Her shitty life has hit rock bottom as she lives a hermit life in the slums of shin-ookubo with her toyboy hubby.

Welcome more trolls

No. 280826

I can simply post shit up about cele but she is borderline suicidal.

C,mon now.. three days … shitty life .. in a random country as a fkn tourist lol

The only reason why I'm not going to call you out any further is because I feel sorry for your bitch assss

No. 280827

lorena spagnolo messinger drug addicted prostitute

No. 280997

File: 1490908098620.jpg (245.29 KB, 900x1200, C7w8NeTV4AMFh70.jpg)

Shiena is so ugly in person

No. 281040

looks like any other Asian girl with that style in person tbh

No. 281069

The photo is obvious warped

No. 281144

What do you mean? It looks normal just not shooped to hell and back like most Shiena's selfies.

No. 281150

Straight from Katie's Twitter

No. 281153

File: 1490919236340.jpg (186.33 KB, 1200x900, C8FAu2RU8AAEn5A.jpg)

When you realize how much shiena edits her pics

No. 281156

Is there actually any proof that she has a third baby by now? Like… has anyone here seen it?

No. 281164

Probably chucked it in the bin

No. 281193

Because it's at the edge so it got warped like how things are at the edge of a fish lense

No. 281197

Like everything is pulling towards the center of the photo ever so slightly.

I don't know, maybe I'm used to looking at photos but the group pic doesn't look bad and how I'd imagine it but the bird photo is warped

No. 281252

No. That's pretty much what she looks like irl

No. 281350

The group pic yeah but not the bird pic

No. 281509

Cunt liar milky or not Jojo is gorgeous

No. 281510

Oops wrong thread

No. 281516

I wonder if Gaya is still friends with Sere or Shiena. They didn't post pictures together quite a while. Gaya seems friendless at the moment lol

No. 281528

Beware of the Autistic

No. 281530

File: 1490955176478.jpg (176.84 KB, 1682x2198, yr4jT84.jpg)

No. 281531

They still follow each other on Instagram. But seem to keep a low profile

No. 281539

File: 1490957244461.png (198.46 KB, 749x1104, IMG_2027.PNG)

Is she now working as a hostess in Ginza??

No. 281542

gross. maybe at a cheap gaijin club

No. 281634

Probably just picking up a customer for hotel

No. 281981

File: 1491000443428.jpg (43.88 KB, 313x470, IMG_0256.JPG)

Lorenas new photo

No. 281997

this is horrifying.

No. 282002

Better than ever lol

No. 282005

Omg how can you
Promise not to tell on me...
He said to me, "I know where you've been, I already heard you binge and you purge" - Hole, "Old Age"

No. 282249

まher legs look like cones ahahaha

No. 282484

File: 1491099481369.jpg (654.39 KB, 2078x2078, IMG_2055.JPG)

No. 282564

Shes looking haggered af

No. 282569

Why do her extensions always start looking​ dirty so fast?
I was thinking about getting some but seeing hers scares me lol

No. 282581

Can't she buy a single dress which fits her with all her money?

No. 282589

Cheap hostess club?

No. 282600

Shes squized into it

No. 282613

Mmmm oden in a plastic tub… so high class

No. 282616

just like lorena

No. 282617

I noticed that too ahahaha so dirty . I wonder what cheap ass hole in the wall club shes working at now. Same one as sandra maybe??

No. 282618

does sandra work at a gaijin club?

No. 282619

Sandra works at a club called Zero. Not sure if that's in Ginza or elsewhere. Couldn't find anything.

No. 282651

gaijin hostess clubs in ginza
G1, mi florence, euro and BA

No. 282653

Im pretty sure theres a couoke more but i cant remember the names. Like i remember seeing one that clained to be doitsu senmon (german girls only)

Also i remember sandra used to have written she worked at a ginza store called ran maru..i think it was.

No. 282686

don't believe what sandra says

No. 282723

No. 282727

What the flying fuck did I just read? And are they pro her or against? Like I don't really get it. In one sentence op is praising her and in the next their sceptical and not too impressed by her porn. And the comment, did they contact immigration?

No. 282840

This is gold. The comment is hilarious too.

No. 282884


I feel like they're making fun of her in that article xD
Really not a good publicity.
Anyway I think the immigration comment is fake unfortunately
Who of you guys did this lol

No. 282908

This is amazing, I'm entirely too amused. Thanks for the link anon!

No. 283006

How did you find that that? That's hilarious lmao

No. 283025

Loool too good. Has anyone been able to find ghe second porn she did? The one where shes wearing OL like get up?

No. 283094

Nooo it's fake :(?

No. 283159

Of course it is lol

No. 283169

File: 1491223166921.jpg (14.18 KB, 350x278, 62168642.jpg)

No. 283727

File: 1491270912435.png (161.04 KB, 750x1025, IMG_2121.PNG)

Looks like she is definitely working in a hostess club.

No. 283738

Oh man that shoop and sucking in a cheap dress that looks like sausage casing about to burst. Also that double chin.

No. 283810


looks so freakin cheap.

Trashy tatto with a cheap ass looking one piece dress.

Taking selfies in the toilet in the slums of Tokyo while hubby is babysitting her 3 month old baby.

She is waiting for her visa cooling off period to get married to toyboy

No. 283828

She tried to get married to boytoy before and it didn't work out. I doubt it will work now based on her background.

No. 283943

jfc, she looks so dirty.

No. 283953

That's why she got baby nr 3

No. 283989

I doubt it will get her a visa. How long is she doing visa running now? Come on…

No. 284057

lol I refuse to believe there's a baby number 3

No. 284059

I actually like the dress, but she should've bought it at least one size bigger, probably two

No. 284062

Trashy gaijin club which doesn't care about visa. Niiice

No. 284078


It exists…….. you should have seen her at the end of last year.

No. 284079

Give us pictures. Until then shut up.

No. 284088

Lorena is the most useless person

No. 284104

lol good luck finding a dress that is one or two sizes bigger. Japan is a strong believer of one size fits all or at the very most 2 sizes s and m. Which is xxs and xs in america.

No. 284115

Im not onboard with this mystery 3rd visa bub either…give us the evidence

No. 284123

Saw her pics around the end of last year. Definitely wasn't pregnant. Just looked bloated.

No. 284125

Saddest excuse tbh. I have bigger boobs than her and am even tallet than her and I can find things that fit just fine. No squeezing no boobs falling out. It depends on were and what you buy. And if she's really taking 50.000¥ an hour she can also just buy at western high class brands

No. 284173


do u fuckers even live in Japan? SHE WAS FULL BLOWN PREGNANT last year walking around ookubo

there are pictures going around with toyboy cradling the baby lololol

just wait n see

No. 284175

Well pics or it didn't happen then

No. 284177

If she was pregnant where is the baby belly now???

No. 284182

As I said earlier, give us pictures or seriously shut the fuck up already!! You are annoying.

No. 284198

Stop derailing the thread. I seriously wonder who you are anyway?

No. 284238

>all the weeaboo gaijin club workers in this thread

No. 284258

No. 284324


No. 284347

File: 1491342418627.png (122.44 KB, 636x997, IMG_0279.PNG)

Toyboy said he doesn't have a girlfriend
Truth or april fool?

No. 284354

File: 1491342849918.png (91.57 KB, 637x767, IMG_0280.PNG)

He's gross

No. 284357

File: 1491342996491.png (29.21 KB, 640x394, smug.png)

>Your face when you never fell for the yellow fever meme, had mixed kids who will make Elliot Rodger look sane and thought prostituting yourself to random nips in exchange for being able to stay in a foreign country forever as a fourth-tier citizen was a good idea

No. 284362

File: 1491343300408.png (545.13 KB, 470x594, unattractivewhitedude.PNG)

Nigga pls.

Completely plain looking white men are attractive to Japs. All you have to do is be thin and have a non-busted face and they'll think you're a movie star. Exactly the same standard applies to women.

Asians cucked themselves by creating beauty standards a bunch of people 5000 miles away on the other side of the Eurasian supercontinent actually fitted better than they did. No amount of mental gymnastics will change this.

No. 284364

File: 1491343474208.jpg (1.58 MB, 3241x2592, 1421861478770275.jpg)

Fucking Moot of all people had girls a few Japanese girls randomly hit on him when he went over there back in 2012 or 2013. Not even anyone good looking, just Moot.

No. 284370

Moot is a qtpie though. No clue what you're on about.

No. 284386

Can we talk about lorena again?

No. 284406

To be honest though beauty standard for japanese people is even low kek. So many busted looking japanese are considered goodlooking here and its mind blowing. No wonder haggered lorena gets by

No. 284409

It's her thread but there's kinda nothing to talk about unless you have something to add. She's a dried up old mule at the moment.

No. 284421

Moot's cute in a geeky way. He has a nice jaw and good facial structure that ultimately saves him. I'd do him

No. 284647

Wtf, real winner you got there Lorena. I suppose it is difficult to find a guy who will stick around despite looking as haggard as she does and working as a prostitute for so long…

No. 284784


Aaaand this shows how different beauty standards are again.
In Japan &Korea his jawline would be seen as a fugly mutation in need of plastic surgery

No. 284790


Toyboy tweet translation:

"You can April-fool me if you like!
Of course you can also honestly confess your love to me (insert random emojis)
I mean I have no partner at the moment, we might actually end up a couple if you confess to me!?
Actually there's someone I like among my followers… Won't you confess pretty please!?"

OMFG I'm cringing so hard at this ugly attention whore. Does he even have any followers???? He's acting like he's some famous rockstar, when he's actually just an anorexic hooker fucker without a job TOPKEK FOREVER

Also the 2nd pic where it looks like he's fucking a giant teddy bear says "today's partner (as in fuckbuddy)"
Soooooo gross I can't

No. 284819

Nah, he got attention when he was in Japan.

Koreans get jawline shaving surgery because their heads look like big rectangles. Moot's head is not a rectangle, it has clear, angular lines - which is very attractive to most white and asian women imo.

No. 284862

I love his blatent disregard for sere though hahahs like what is she just your shelter providing sugar mama. >>284354 eww im reminded of when lorena used to pimp him on backpage. Wonder how much duck that scrawny ass took..

No. 285153

good old times

No. 285179

Even if this is a shitty April foos joke, it's still pretty shitty if him. The fact that he is clearly still living at her apartment on her tab (ie. Her hooking money) makes it even better. That teddy bear is supposedly a gift from one of her clients about a year or so back and here boytoy is fucking it and looking for a new hookup… classy.

No. 285207

He has very obvious mental health issues. His twitter is insane.

No. 285232

Just like lorena

No. 285242

A lot of hosts have mental health issues. I don't know if it's because that line of work is so crazy or if it's because a lot of them fall into hosting because they can't hold down a normal job

No. 285325

She may be a hooker but she is fine

No. 285327

No. 285349

No I don't live in Japan you fucking nitwit. Surprise, surprise people who don't live in Japan also read this thread.

If there are pictures then POST THEM instead of continuously spouting nonsense. If you don't have proof besides your own crazy thoughts then don't post at all.

sage for taking this stupid, low quality bait

No. 285378

File: 1491448726133.png (435.42 KB, 478x591, kitaro.png)

Yeeeah, don't feed the trolls. There's one anon in particular that likes to claim to live in her area and have insider info all of the time, but never provides any evidence besides "believe me it's true lol". Pretty sure it's the same person who said they were sure she wasn't pregnant, then flip flopped that she was, and also said that they were in the area and that they were going to go to the Fake Star bar to prove that it still operates. Never comes through.

Possible new milk though. Since boytoy has been talking about "not having a partner" lately, Lorena has been hanging around this new guy a lot. In her most recent insta update, she's having dinner with him. He seems to be some indies designer, not very cute either, but I suppose he might actually have some $$$ whereas fucktoy is dead weight.

No. 285379

File: 1491448794155.png (975.05 KB, 946x827, keetaroo3.png)

His insta is keetaroo3

No. 285385

But dont you remember lorena only like hosuto ikemen

No. 285387

Yeah, but she's also 30, has no career/training/experience outside of sucking dick, has had a few kids, and is desperate for a visa and $$$. Fucktoy seemed pretty useless all around too, so it's plausible.

No. 285407

I think at this point she takes whatever comes her way.

No. 285453

You guys are all fucking retarded

Fake star bar still operates.
Sere was pregnant last and has a new born baby with p-chan.
She is instructing toyboy to put those tweets up to throw yall off..

Don't need to post evidence up for you weeaboo losers living overseas

No. 285455

Well I am living in Japan, just saying.

You should seriously get a ban for your nonsense shit. Just fuck off already ffs

No. 285456

File: 1491460715854.jpg (10.9 KB, 252x256, a30.jpg)

No. 285466


Hi sere

No. 285471

Right so we're losers because we're not willing to suck dick to stay Japan?

No. 285476

Rages and doesnt provide proof…whos the real retard here?

God can this cunt just be banned already

No. 285479


Hahaha imagine them on their first date

Him: what do you do for a living?
Her: I'm an English teacher ( in AVs )
Him: do you live on your own?
Her: well kinda, I just have this anorexic host gnome live with me so he can look after my apartment when I get kicked out of Japan from time to time
Him: oh…

No. 285484

Yall jelly she is living the "tokyo" dream.

No. 285485

No. 285486

I hope you're ironic with this one

No. 285488


Hi Celeste

No. 285489

〒169-0072 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Ōkubo, 1 Chome−12−3, カーサ第二新宿

No. 285491

lmao her rathole

No. 285492


Mod(s): this is all the same person, right? They keep writing "toyboy" instead of the correct term boy toy/boytoy. It's so irritating.

No. 285493

Did you make a mistake with who you were replying too? Read my comment again idiot haha

No. 285494

Seems like it…theyre obviously not a native english speaker either kek

No. 285496

didn't lorenas guy wanted to work as host again?

No. 285498


Who cares?

No. 285499

Because it would prove this person is continuously trolling.

It may be deliberate.

No. 285500

saw that ugly designer guy on tinder

No. 285501


Eikaiwa monkeys, barely getting by. Making Mcdonalds money and wasting time online hating on people.

No. 285502

Sounds like Lorena is back to her thread

No. 285504

yeah better fuck ugly guys forfree trashy accessoires

No. 285507

Wow Sere is a dick but you are worse for putting up her address what kind of sick fuck are you. Mod please remove. Do you realise the danger you could put a real person in!? Moron !

No. 285508

deserves her right

No. 285510


The address isn't complete dumbass…

No. 285511

You must be new here? Her address has been posted to multiple of her threads as well as her Pull thread. So calm your tits, no one ever showed up at her nasty rat hole irl

No. 285525


if you are near okubo donki, she thinks you are stalking her and waiting infront oh her rat hole

No. 285530

File: 1491479730241.jpg (60.46 KB, 480x625, thisassholeagain.jpg)

Go away

No. 285534

Then you are ALL just as bad as she is to think this type of psycho behavior is ok.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285535

it's called karma

No. 285580

I smell newfag. Read the sire eules dumbass posting peoples addresses etc. Isnt against the rules and doesnt get taken down.

No. 285581

*site rules
Sage for spelling

No. 285779


No. 285807

It's just creepy to post someone's address. You never know what psychos are out there and you say no one actually uses that information to go to her house but maybe you just don't hear about and isn't it too late if something actually terrible happens to her? Talk about her for laughs is one thing but…

No. 285868

Read the site rules. If you have an issue, take it up with the mods, stop crying and bumping the thread.

No. 285932

I don't get how it's legal either. Sere is batshit crazy but it's pretty fucked for a website to allow doxing which is illegal

No. 285940

Sere did that a couple of times herself. So why should people make an expection because she gets doxxed? I think it's just what she deserves.

No. 285972

Stop fucking crying about it. If you have an issue with the rules talk to mods. anyway Sere literally looks like shed smell of B.O. can anyone confirm?

No. 286008

She lives in apartment 908, anyone looking for evidence of third baby please feel free to visit.

No. 286009

Oh anon

No. 286026

Holy shit you guys are openly encouraging strangers to show up at her apt when you seriously suspect there to be an infant present?? I seriously can't stand this girl and I'm following this thread to see her get karma'd the fuck out of her fantasy world but I dont think putting her and her hypothetical baby potentially at risk of actual physical harm by crazy netizens is what she deserves. "but SHE did it first" just makes you sound exactly like her tbh.

No. 286029

>evidence of a third baby

You mean, in the trash can?

No. 286042


hahahahaha nice one

No. 286044

No. 286048

File: 1491559589274.jpg (13.81 KB, 210x240, d8ae124deae838f48ca1a46b22bea7…)

No. 286050

She did it lmao

No. 286064


dumped the baby after finding out it wasn't going to get her a visa to stay in Japan

No. 286065

Lorena would do something like that

No. 286092

member when lorena was on tv?

No. 286103


God I remember when this was on. Almost 2/3 years ago.. the whole group must of thought that they were cool to be on Japanese TV but you know that everyone watching is thinking how fucking ダサイ they were haha ..時代遅れすぎてヤバイ

No. 286149

Ahaha what a porker. Looking like the ultimate bogan

No. 286157

File: 1491579461329.png (124.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0310.PNG)

I had to google what bogan means and it fits her

No. 286159

The aussie equivalent of the white trash hillbilly

No. 286862

Next month she has to leave

No. 286867

good. Hopefully she cant come back

No. 286868

Guess she'll just stay silent for a while sitting in some rat hole in Australia and then come back

No. 286869

Working at a brothel <3

No. 286960

Omg katie is fucking ugly god save me. Mole rat face

No. 287236

Lorena's porn moan sounds like a bad English dub of a Godzilla movie.


No. 287391


sounds like a goat

No. 287394


holly shit the interview at the start is so bad.

Her grammar is dog shit and awkwardly laughs when she has nfi what to say LOL

No. 287395

still watching…. seriously her Japanese level is izakaya/anime level

No. 287410

it was so cringe i love when she said she did squsts hahaha…no you dont

No. 287528

i can'T watch it :(

No. 287537

Yeah I can't watch it either, not working anymore?

No. 287561

File: 1491746079537.jpg (45.86 KB, 480x480, 17861500_1327381867339490_8002…)

lorena doggd

No. 287565

Ewww jocelyn

No. 287566

Lorena is not in the picture. Why do you post this here?

No. 287571


You jelly?

No. 287572

Different anon but i agree it belongs in the gaijin gyaru thread or the gaijin in japan.

No. 287581

Jelly of what? Are you stupid??

No. 287603


shut up, you are not even moderators

No. 287605

Why so butthurt anon? Calm down.