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File: 1448205717475.jpg (179.24 KB, 720x1280, CUZXgMwUkAAGPn4 (1).jpg)

No. 206707

Previous thread: >>190640

Tumblr: http://littlelotte-xo.tumblr.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlelotte_xo
Instagram: https://instagram.com/littlelotte_xo/
MFC: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/LittleLotte
CHATURBATE: https://chaturbate.com/lotte__/

Last thread hit reply limit

Today she posted pictures of her new grey hair.

No. 206708

File: 1448205760652.png (285.62 KB, 1198x1196, Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.1…)

She is also getting a dog, it seems. Someone please save that poor animal.

No. 206715

Why isn't she content with ruining her own life? Why does she have to ruin the lives of several innocent animals as well?

No. 206725


Poor dog.

How long do you think she's going to stick to this plan for?
I give it 2 weeks.

No. 206831

Holy shit… Is this the result of her hair fuckup?

No. 206840

File: 1448232924284.jpg (103.67 KB, 640x628, image.jpg)

The pink looked better

No. 206853

File: 1448235441618.png (34.21 KB, 588x195, whore.png)


No. 206854

There's still loads of pink left at the bottom of her hair.
I thought she was a cosmetologist, how do you fuck up your hair this badly? I could better than this at home with a roll of tin foil and some box dye, fuck.

No. 206856

her hair was already fried way before she decided to change the color. what a complete mess…

No. 206865

BK as in Burger King? lmaooo. Why is she so desperate? Why can't she get a real job?

No. 206874

Are we able to post about her to ASPCA or somewhere? I dunno. she is a legit piece of shit that should not have pets. Dogs are such a huge responsibility too.

No. 206875

Did she even use a color stripper?

No. 206881

Lol the filename is priceless

No. 206887


Do we know the general area she lives in? I would totally writing every adoption place warning them against her.

No. 206890

She was going on about how a color stripper WOULDNT WORK or something on her tumblr, I think.

I believe she's in Grand Rapids, MI.

No. 206894

is it legal to have as many animals as she has? is this considered animal hoarding? or does it not matter as long as they are in good condition?

No. 206895

It's either Grand Rapids or Muskegon, MI

I'm just confused as fuck because I thought she'd picked up some poor dog that was hit by a car and she was begging for money from people to try and treat it - what happened to that pup?

No. 206896


The docs couldnt do anything more without charms paying a ton more money she didnt have. I think it was in the 5 digit range or something..? So they put the dog down.

No. 206897

The only way to dye your hair any other color from black is to color strip it though. How did she actually pass cosmetology school??

No. 206898

She is going to get a puppy. Might as well write to every breeder and backyard breeder. Girl has no morals

No. 206899


This was her reasoning for not using a color stripper. I have no idea how sound it is.

No. 206900

Yes, and the money that was left over from those costs was to be donated to charity.

Unfortunately for those kind-hearted folks that charity is the Charms' Tattoo Fund. :^)

No. 206901

…does black even come in semi-permanent??? I call bullshit. If she means demi-permanent, color stripper works on that. She's such an idiot.

No. 206910

A little under a month ago she actually asked if colour stripper would remove pigmentation from virgin hair.

Where the fuck did she get her license?

No. 206916

Did she even really finish school? I'm starting to think she dropped out like halfway in…like how does she not know that??? Is she for real?

Sometimes I think Charms is one big troll until I remember her tattoos and real and permanent.

No. 206919

I really like her hair right now but it's not edgy feminist enough so she will probably fuck it up.

No. 206920

There's no way the bill could have been in the 5 digit range. High 4 figures maybe, but I doubt it would have breached 5 figures unless the dog went on a ventilator.

Jesus- couldn't she just apply for CareCredit? I assume her credit score is shit though

No. 206921

She's right about color removers only working on permanent colors/colors that sit under the cuticle. How color removers work basically is they shrink the color molecules and blast open the cuticle so the molecules can slip out. It does the opposite of peroxide basically. That's why you have to wash it out at the very least three times to make sure you get every molecule out and use something to balance out your PH. If you don't get all the molecules out and put developer/peroxide on your hair, any molecules left will swell back up and your hair will return to the color you tried to remove in the first place. that's why it doesn't work with semi perm/vegetable base dyes and some Demi dyes, because they're essentially stains that sit on top of the cuticle. You remove them like a stain, by washing them or bleaching them out.

However I don't know why the fuck she said a vitamin c treatment would take longer than lightening??? It does no damage and takes half the time. All you do is crush up vitamin c tablets into a fine powder, mix it with some sort of clarifying shampoo (head and shoulders works great), work it into dry or towel dried hair and let it sit for 40 min or so. You might have to do multiple treatments but it's way better than chancing damage from lifting.

No. 206923

She's just fucking retarded and needs to have everything ASAP, regardless of consequences. If she can just bleach in one go and have a 50% chance of having all of her hair fall out instead of doing several 40 min shampooings without any chance of damage, she'll do the former. Her obsession with instant gratification is almost sickening tbh.

No. 206925

Also forgot to add I like how she found some ratty extensions that match the shitty quality of her hair right now. Good ol charms.

No. 206928


Based on her go fundme - she stated it would be in the 5 figures. And she made about 750$? Wonder how much of that was left over..


No. 206951

samefag- i work as an icu vet tech. and even with all of that, i doubt it would reach $10k+. maybe $10k max. regardless- it sounds like unfortunately euthanasia was the best option. those are shitty injuries to have together, and it wouldn't be fair to the dog to do that. what a fucking cow.

No. 206953

cow- for probably keeping the money. not putting the dog down- that seemed to be for the best. :(

No. 206959

One of my favorite artists just got a pup, and it's been taxing and demanding on her to try and raise her pup up as properly as she can- I can't imagine how shitty of an owner Charlotte would be. It's actually terrifying and worrying. Pets aren't toys you get for funsies and then just throw them off to the side once you've had your two seconds of fun with them. I'm so furious with Charlotte. There's no way that dog will live a good life for more than 2 minutes with her.

No. 206977

It does, but it will most likely fade to a shitty green, I've had friends try that.
I'm pretty sure it works on semi permanent tbh, I've used it on pink and blue and it was almost gone after… (note; those colors usually dont go away with bleach)
ugh, I hate her.

No. 206978

You guys… She's getting lip injections.

No. 206979

Oh god, isn't she in debt?

No. 206990

doesn't she have her mom paying all her bills? what is her financial situation even?

No. 206996


Jesus this is just too much.

Of all her featured her lips are honestly one of the best as they've always been plump and shapely.
What a ding-dong she is going to end up looking like The Bride of Wildenstein.

No. 207000

how do you know?

i hope she does. her lips are great now and one of her best features, and keeping in line with good ol charms fashion, she just HAS to ruin them!

No. 207002

I think she's actually trying to look like a drag queen, just look at her tumblr…she is obsessed with them, that explains her horrible arched brows and ugly makeup. She looks like a transexual now

No. 207014

she's gonna end up real unhappy with herself
more than she is already (despite hiding behind a mask of feigned self confidece) "isnt my new belly cute guys? yey~"

No. 207031

It's in the comments on her latest insta pic, she's saying "not right away" but we know what that means in charms talk.

No. 207058

She can lose the belly, but it will be a lot harder to lose all those gross tattoos.

No. 207079

What do you think it would take for her to get down to a healthy weight?

No. 207087

She'd have to revamp her life, or at least her diet. It would help if she exercised too.
I'm not saying she will, because it's a lot of work. But it's possible. Anyone can lose weight. But to get all the tattoos removed would be thousands of dollars and probably leave scarring with how much she has.

No. 207093

A gastric band is right up her alley. Much easier than diet or exercise and we know she likes shortcuts.

Maybe after the hair revamp, new puppy and lip injections.

No. 207095

Will the butt lift be after that, or will she get elf ears? Hell, maybe she'll do that make up tattoo I heard about several years ago.

No. 207096

Oh my god… don't give her any ideas LMAO….

No. 207097

Manic panic's black (Raven) is semi and yes, it either shades to green or a weird blue depending on what you're dying it over.

No. 207098

Why do people even WANT Puppies? they're such hard work, harder than raising some small infants. I'd rather adopt a dog from a shelter anyway that is a little older. ugh, people wanna glorify having a puppy, but it's not even worth it

No. 207099

Well, for normal people I think the appeal is in having a "Clean slate" as it were. It basically means you get to make sure the dog is trained how you want, instead of potentially having to teach an older dog or teach it to unlearn something, which is really the hard one.

No. 207100

File: 1448320201491.gif (471.17 KB, 215x211, dis-gunna-be-good.gif)

Her lips are fine. Why does she keep fucking herself up? I can't look away at this point.

No. 207101

It's visual fodder for her Insta. Nothing more.

As for everyone else, possibly the fact that they're cute and the "clean slate" appeal that anon mentioned above. But, like you said, they're hard work - more work than people realise.

No. 207102

A gastric band is such a fucking loser's way out. You can lose a decent amount of weight in a month with just proper diet and exercise. Even just dropping the soda would be a huge benefit.

No. 207111

I got a puppy because I wanted something to take up 99% of my time because I was a NEET.

Now that I have stuff to do my puppy is grown up, I would adopt a dog from a shelter.

No. 207124

Well you do have to modify your diet while you have the band in order to lose weight/keep it off/not damage the band and your stomach. It's definitely an easIER way out, but there is some necessary upkeep with the band to ensure proper weight loss. Not sure if she could commit–not that she weighs enough anyway. She's definitely fat but I don't think her BMI is high enough to qualify.

No. 207139

Lol fuck you.

I got the lap band after suffering years of childhood, teen, and young adult obesity. Including suffering the defeats of losing weight in a few months consistently yet inevitably slowly gaining it back over bi-yearly cycles. It helped control my binge eating and constant hunger pangs as well. What the fuck does someone like you even know about it?
Do you think there's a "lap band store" that lazy fatties can waltz right into and walk out thin? I had to FIGHT my way for that damn band, and I'm not even talking about the insurance hoops and probationary period I had to endure in order to qualify. Ever had to go two weeks without solid food to prep for a surgery by only consuming water or a protein shake? Have you ever woken up during a surgery with a breathing tube lodged in your throat making you unable to respirate while being fully conscious that you can't breathe? Ever sat around post-surgery writhing in pain because the gas they pumped into you for the laproscopic procedure can't fucking escape your body? Ever been through ALL of that while being judged by clueless cucks online (you) and at the gym because they only see an non-human fattie and not a person who's trying? Hummm.

But I'd do it all again. Haven't EVER been over 200 pounds again since I've gotten that band, never been healthier. So what does this shit matter to you? What does it matter how a person got healthier so long as they did what they had to? Or are you going to continue to sit there and bullshit about how if you saw me, or anyone else with a band walking down the street, that you have some magic "band detector" that would immediately out us as ex-fattie losers? Oh wait, you wouldn't because you couldn't!

I get that asshats like you need an easy target like Charms to punch at to make your miserable worldviews seem more rosey, but you look stupid putting down a last-resort surgery that is far more complicated and lifesaving than you choose to understand.

No. 207144

It's a shame you can't get a quick fix surgery for taking shit on the internet way too personally and seriously as well, because you're in dire need of it.

No one wants to read about your inability to control what you put in your mouth, we're here to talk about charms' lack of self control. Unless you want to start a proper thread about yourself, shut up. No one cares about you.

No. 207146

People post their unrelated personal opinions and stories in cow threads all the damn time. Yet despite that, whenever someone decides to set someone straight, a mysterious poster appears and says, "YOU CAN'T DO DAT DOE!"
Don't worry, that post was fully intended to be a one-time statement. It won't escalate to anything further beyond this point if you choose not to reply.
>at least you didn't meme post

No. 207147

>Ever had to go two weeks without solid food to prep for a surgery by only consuming water or a protein shake?

Actually, yes. It's called real life. Fatties and their food, lmao

No. 207148

So what does someone's opinion about lap bands have to do with Charms? You could at least make it less obvious how mad you are and quote the poster who originally made an off-topic statement in the first place…

No. 207150


Why you so mad anon?

Anyways let's get this thread back on Charms.

For Charms to get to the point of having better self esteem would take a lot of work. She would have to be willing to work at it.

No. 207152

>Why you so mad anon?
Didn't you read the post? It explains why mad.

I don't even know why the lap band got brought up for Charms anyway. She's bragged about how she eats shit like cupcakes for breakfast. Even if she had the lapband, it wouldn't work unless she changes her diet. It's not magic.

No. 207155

File: 1448333468580.jpg (24.94 KB, 462x375, notimpressed.jpg)

Dude, shut up. No one cares.

No. 207157


If the anon didn't come off so butthurt maybe people wouldn't sarcastically ask "Why you so mad"

They could have explain calmly about their experience instead of sperging all over the place.

No. 207158

Maybe if people didn't make ignorant blanket statements clearly meant to incite an argument, there wouldn't be people getting mad and "sperging." Either way, take your own advice and drop being off topic now.

No. 207162

File: 1448334499477.png (240.59 KB, 597x475, bigtlots.png)

Lrn 2 sage, faggot. see >>207155

Back to Charms.

No. 207163

Sure showed me how much you don't curr anon. Mwah <3

No. 207164

Please commit suicide, fatty 2x4.

No. 207165

Is this that same girl from the /b/ thread?

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.


No. 207167

Christ alive, fatties think they have it sooo hard. No wonder you're kind can't lose weight without practically forcing you to not overeat. Bitch, I have GERD and ibs, which means I've lived on liquid diets for months on end in order to soothe my system.

"Guyz, once I couldn't eat solid food for 2 weeks to prove I could not stuff my face with Mc Dicks to the doctors, guise!" This is why fatties are pathetic. They want asspats for learning to eat sensible amounts like a regular human being?

Anyway, back to charms

No. 207168

Yes charms, you are a fat animal hoarder and a terrible human being. Does anyone have her address to report her animal hoarding?

No. 207170

There's what, 8 cats in that pic? I don't see the hairless one, so that's at least 9+ cats in one house…imagine how it must smell. No wonder she's slowly going crazy. It's pet funk.

No. 207180

She has 11, I believe.

No. 207185

her main cat no where in the picture. only 2 be forever forgotten.

No. 207201

>muh GERD
>muh IBS
>muh fattie h8


No. 207217

I don't get it. She actually know about a good cat behaviourist (she's mentioned him on her blog before) She should understand that this many cats cannot live happily together. She even posted about getting one of her older cats a covered basket, which he proceeded to spend all of his time in. She took this to mean he was happy with it, when it really means he's stressed because he doesn't feel like he has an established territory.

No. 207221


>it helped control my binge eating and constant hunger pangs as well

It isn't anybody else's fault that you're a lazy fault who can't exert even a modicum of discipline and restraint over their biomechnanical functions so don't take it out on us.

>ever had to go two weeks without solid food to prep for a surgery by only consuming water or a protein shake?

LOL PEOPLE DO THIS ALL THE FUCKING TIME, it's called a fucking fast lardo and it doesn't make you special for completing one.

Fatty thinks she's special because she laid off she chips and soda for only 2 weeks. Goddamn.

No. 207222


Fuuuuuucccccckkkk, that's lap-band fatty? Links please!

No. 207223


Lap band bitch detected fuck off.

No. 207224


It's weird to think that somebody can become so gluttonous that they legitimately believe that going 2 weeks without solids is some kind of torture regimen….

No. 207226

I prepped for gastroscopy over a couple of days and was clean as a whistle. How do you need to go two weeks anyway…

No. 207230


charms plz

No. 207238

Didn't prosperfatty get a lap band kek

No. 207252

No but I have her mom's name. I guess we could easily find it out if we tried hard enough.

But then again what will happen? Those cats will just go to a shelter and might be put down? But I guess if we contacted the authorities they might prevent her from getting any more animals.


No. 207276

File: 1448386888700.jpg (53.98 KB, 600x799, l.jpg)


Pretty much everybody has her mother's name; Elizabeth K. Bransdorfer.


No. 207300

File: 1448391913558.png (50.48 KB, 1336x512, Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.04…)

lets do it then. isnt it her mum on the lease/owning the house? it cant be that hard

also rip charms hair, pic related

No. 207324

i have 3 cats and my place smells like shit. i cant imagine this

No. 207325

>binge eating
>lazy thing that is easily controllable

I understand that the poster made you angry, but binge eating is a legitimate ED and many people need intensive therapy for it.

No. 207334

i agree. its really hard to tell the difference between a gross slob and someone with BED
and BED can often arise from anorexia/bulimia recovery, which is a nightmare

No. 207337

Yep, many fatties have it too.

No. 207341


i'm naturally dark haired and have platinum for years, and Olaplex is like pure magic.



No. 207342

as someone who isn't too familiar with haircare, could anyone explain to me how Charm's hair is damaged?

No. 207343

are you asking how hers got damaged or how people can tell its damaged?

Most of the hair you see charms actually wear is purely extensions. She has VERY short/weak hair. Her hair does not grow very well in the front anymore due to excessive use of extensions and bleach in the past.

She is a very impatient/indecisive person…so she changes her hair color
very frequently and as fast as possible.

No. 207350

>are you asking how hers got damaged or how people can tell its damaged?

I am asking both. I am someone who just washes their hair and gets it cut sometimes, so I'm not familiar with either. I know that dyeing can damage hair, but I'm not sure how much Charms has dyed it or if she's done anything else.

Can you tell just by looking that her hair is extensions? And did she dye her extensions or her actual hair?

Also, can you look at her pictures and tell if her hair is damaged? For example, in the pic in the OP, her hair looks normal to me.

No. 207357

Charms likes to play pretend at how she's so happy and so content and so confident but everybody knows that one of the bigger symptoms of an internal/emotional crisis' is a proclivity towards modifying/changing ones hair and body i.e. when people experience a mental breakdown they often cut their hair off or go and do something wacky with it because the change temporarily fulfils a need for control.

You feel like your life is spinning out of control or at a complete standstill and you have no power to alter that fate, so instead you grasp for things you do possess the power to change - or in Charm's case, she fucks up her hair and she fucks up her body.
It's a temporary fix, like heroin. She'll feel satisfied for a little while but then eventually those negative feelings will begin creeping back in as they always do and pretty soon there's not going to be any more skin left to tattoo or hair left to dye.

What I don't understand is how her mother is allowing her to spiral like this. She must be horribly irresponsible.

How old is Charms anyway? Last I checked she was a little under a year younger than me so she's got to be 23 now right?

No. 207360


In OP most of the hair on display isn't hers - they're extensions.

Look closely up by her chin at the tufts of hair that have an almost greenish hue to them; that's her real hair and they look dry as fuck.

That being said she's taken this photo with a soft filter so it's kind of difficult to assess it properly since the filter fades out detail, but with what she's done to it, especially as she hit jelly damage, it's going to be FUCKED.

No. 207363

File: 1448403633896.jpg (282.54 KB, 1366x1024, CUZZO3MU8AE-ulP.jpg)

No. 207366

goddamn those tits are depressing.

No. 207367

Damn. This is why you don't go cheap on plastic surgery.

No. 207371


ph my god can she please stop posing with her arms like that with implants that's the worst pose you can do and contorts them. However the right boob looks insanely saggy/flat for an implant?? I know her natural saggy boob is on top of the implant, but if placed right implants can fill that shit out wtf.

Also why is she doing duck lips it does nothing for her besides add weird lines to her face ok.

No. 207379


Tragic. Can't believe this girl used to talk mad shit about being attractive.

No. 207381

File: 1448406907169.gif (948.56 KB, 301x300, FUUUUUUUUUCK.gif)

>septum piercing and big tits

No. 207579

I usually dont mind her tits too much. The left side usually looks like there is tight skin in her underboob. But now her right boob in the picture just looks weird and saggy and bigger than the other. Which I didnt notice before. I really wonder how her boobs look when she isnt lying down like that. but right now they look like two complete different boobs/sizes. That looks like a boob job gone wrong… and which looks worse as time goes by.

No. 207596

everyone has asymmetrical boobs.

No. 207597

Sure, natural boobs are, but if you're going to drop money on some tits they could at least be symmetrical.

No. 207599

It's ridiculously difficult to get boobs to be symmetrical even after surgery, yeah. But hers are just TOO asymmetrical. Like even normal boobs don't look as bad as hers. Her tits are one step above megvnmvrie-tier. Christ.

No. 207633

Holy fuck what ishappening

No. 207635

Ugh, someone save those poor cats.

No. 207637

Wow. Charms is fucking idiot.

No. 207654

File: 1448425009114.jpg (373.69 KB, 300x185, ekjaso.jpg)

you know that the more that you bring your offbrand 32-inch-waist-chan up in irrelevant threads, the more bothered you sound.
stop trying to make fetch happen, gretchen.

No. 207781

stop with these generalizations, please.

No. 207863


Not her but that's not even a generalisation it's a fact, like how your fingers on each hand aren't an identical length when compared.
With tits there's always one that's a teensy little bit bigger it smaller and most of the time it's unnoticeable.

No. 207864

No. 207909

But it's true…

No. 207977

lol no, it's not rare but not everyone has it
it's one of those things that ugly people say to feel better about themselves, like "everyone has stretch marks"

No. 207989

The thing is…. if I paid to have new tits, you bet I would make sure they're symmetric. If she were au naturale- it would just be unfortunate, but the fact that she bought them, and was like, "Yes, this is fine" is just stupid, IMO.

No. 207994

But everyone DOES have stretch marks unless you're a freak with no hips and if that's the case well then…. enjoy childbirth with your man body.

No. 207995

I feel sorry for you.

No. 207997

What are you even doing here? Go back to your fat acceptance tumblr.

No. 208009

Don't give a fuck about your body acceptance or hate, stick to fucking charms god dammit.

No. 208018


Yes literally everybody has it.
This is scientific fact and your sandbags are just as minimally asymmetrical as every other cunts on here deal with it Titty Wonka.

No. 208021

You ok? You sound like you're taking this very personally.

No. 208032

Have you guys not gone through puberty yet? It's common to get stretch marks as your body changes in adolescence. Obviously not every person on the planet does but it's common. It has nothing to do with tumblr or body acceptance.

No. 208036

File: 1448568472313.jpg (155.31 KB, 1200x1200, 1419243688237.jpg)

don't you guys have threads on /b/ to argue this shit on?? does someone need to lead you by your fucking idiot baby hands back to your containment threads? shut the fuck up and get back on topic.

No. 208038

Do you use both sides equally overall? Brush your teeth with a certain hand? Have a preferred side to carry your purse on? Pecs are underneath the breasts and unless you compulsively switch arms for everyday tasks, one pec is gonna be a little bigger, leading to one tit having a little more volume than the other.

No. 208047


No I just take physical/biological education extremely seriously as the state of it today is just pathetic.

The fact that so many people on here don't seem to know about basic breast asymmetry is troubling and sad.

No. 208074

The sad thing is that her before tits had more symmetry and looked nicer to her current set. It could also be because the newer tits are settling in or she is just positioning herself in a way that makes them look more off from each other than they actually are?

I think it might be worth it to go back to her surgeon and see if there is anyway to fix em (if possible).

No. 208076

So having hips (which are part of BONE STRUCTURE, not fatty tissue) is fat?

No. 208080

File: 1448579205604.jpg (38.2 KB, 600x500, pearchan.jpg)

no, but having hips doesn't cause stretch marks on normal/thin people. like have you ever looked at another human being? lmao

i can only imagine >>207994 as pic related when she brags about her sexxy womanly hips and how everyone has stretch marks like her

No. 208081

Preach it anon. Most body types have protruding hip bones. Lots of girls, like myself, grow the majority of their height during a shorter period of time. Bones expand fast + unprepared skin = stretch marks. There is a difference between marks though, like how if you get them from growing taller, they will be horizontal, grow fast weight or width, diagonal.

Haven't seen any on charms yet though, so she must have exceptionally stretchy skin.

No. 208087

File: 1448580175616.gif (443.48 KB, 400x296, 1443639786770.gif)


>no, but having hips doesn't cause stretch marks on normal/thin people

Man, the level of misinformation in this thread is astounding.

Stretchmarks are mostly entirely genetic in terms of severity, but rate of development also factors into it.
You may or may not note that prior to puberty the body of a prepubescent female is reminiscent of that of a prepubescent male, in that the physique is lithe and curveless.
When puberty occurs in females, typically fat cells are directed to accumulate rapidly around areas such as the butt, thighs, hips and breast, filling it out the flesh and functioning as an insulator and visual signal that the body is prepared for impregnation.
Due to this rapid accumulation of fat the skin stretches in order to accommodate it's new bulk, but because the bodies metabolic/cellular turnover rate is not able to keep up with this biological directive it can not replace the skin cells fast enough, resulting in harmless, painless tearing of the dermis and hypodermis, and BOOM, you've got stretchmarks baby.

Everybody, EVERYBODY has stretchmarks to some degree in one place or another, it just may be that on many they are so minor they are virtually indistinguishable, but you are certainly not exception unless you're trying to argue with me that you're a genetic anomaly of the human species.

Man, where the fuck were you in Physiology?

No. 208088

Fuck, thank. you. for making sense.

No. 208094


it's cute that you can regurgitate a few things you heard about in high school biology class, but your physiology discussion isn't relevant to what we're talking about, which is the PREVALENCE of stretch marks.

so can you show me a peer reviewed study stating that the almost all adult women have stretch marks? according to this review of the literature http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24125059 - i can upload it for you if you're a high schooler and don't have institutional access - the prevalence in adult nonpregnant women is 35%. not even a majority, much less "everyone".

No. 208096


>what we're talking about, which is the PREVALENCE of stretch marks.

or, y'know, we could all talk about Charlotte

No. 208107

File: 1448585133470.jpg (74.1 KB, 841x698, 1443630677524.jpg)


I just read the link you gave me - which by the way wasn't even an article, but a summary of an article, and you knew this and didn't think I'd bother - and I read the the first page of the article, the rest of which is inaccessible, and it states nothing about a figure of 35% (which btw is extremely conveniently rounded off, exactly 35%?), so I'm going to politely request you inform me which asshole you pulled that statistic out of, and then I'm going to politely request that you refer to the following link in reference:


>Prevalence and anatomical regions affected vary depending upon sex and age ( Table 2 ). In adolescents, approximately 40% of male and 70% of female subjects are affected.

Also prevalence is an existing state and does not factor into account predisposition of which is know that given the right conditions i.e. rapid weight-gain/pregnancy EVERYBODY is susceptible to stretchmarks.

In short; eat a dick faggot.

No. 208110

there's no reason to be so mad :) i told you i'd upload the article for you if you are a high schooler or NEET who doesn't have access to it through their school.

https://www.scribd.com/doc/291281237/q?secret_password=PdYYArvLYC669TsoOSt3 you want to look at the table on page 3.

yes, the prevalence in adolescents is a bit higher. the marks fade over time. i assumed we were talking about adults here, since the minimum age to post on this website is 18 and all. even if you decide you're only talking about 13-14 year olds, would you still consider 3/4 (maximum) to be "all" of the population?

stop trying to twist statistics to fit the feel-good bullshit you read on tumblr and buzzfeed. "everyone" does not have stretchmarks.

No. 208113


>ur mad!

>ur a highschooler!

>ur a NEET!
>I'm so not mad I'm going make this post twice!!

Kek, rekt.

So, just WHERE exactly did you get that 35% percentage from?

No. 208114


>makes post twice in flurry of rage

>knows she got caught and tries to delete it to hide this fact


No. 208115

made a typo the first time. i pointed out exactly where i got that figure from from - please try reading my posts before you slam out an incoherent response

No. 208117

i'd delete this post and repost it without the second "from", but you'd accuse me of being mad and then what would i do :'(

No. 208118

Why are you idiots so pissed off about breast asymmetry and stretch marks!?
How dare we state that you can never have a perfect body?

Get the fuck back to Charms, this shit is boring.

No. 208119


>idk what happened to my face over the years but damn thank u

Is she just in denial or does she have absolutely no sense of what looks good?

No. 208121


I'm 22 and don't have stretch marks, so it's possible. My puberty was very slow though. I think Charms is the same way, she doesn't have many on her body because she gained her weight slowly.

No. 208125

Ehh, in pictures of that awful bat tattoo/"omg look at my cute belly" you can see how bad her stretchmarks are. Her camera quality is (deliberately?) bad so it's hard to tell, but they're there. >>204173 you can see them, and I'm sure she has more. (And if she continues at this rate they're going to go through that tattoo and make that godawful tattoo look even worse.)

I have no idea but it's kind of weirding me out. How can she not see how awful she looks compared to before, how terrible these new tattoos look beside her old ones? I can't understand it. Is it brain fog from meds/mental illness? Straight denial? Are we in the twilight zone?

No. 208165

I don't know fam this whole fucking site is so shitty now. You literally can't say anything about a cows physical appearance because there's so many insecure cunts that derail the thread immediately to preach body acceptance.

Even if it's about universal nasty shit like wonky boobs and stretch marks. Probably not even half of women have this to a noticeable degree to the "everybody has them" fucking autists.

No. 208168

And yet here you are replying to a 4 hour old post about it and trying to keep the argument going

No. 208324

saying shit like 'everybody has them' makes them feel better about their own imperfections.
it's only a matter of time imo before lotte hops onto the same body acceptance bandwagon. she's always been thirsty to be a tumblr queen, it's just that previously her persona was based off've being a cute bad-ass bitch and now she's only got the has-been bitch part down pat.
countdown until 'muh curves'.

No. 208329

But it's true though, almost everyone DOES have them, including supermodels.

No. 208332


Can we please fucking stop with this

No. 208337

That's simply not true. I have no idea why so many people on here think this. Do you just automatically believe everything you read on Tumblr or facebook?

No. 208341


About eighty percent of the population does have them. Either from pregnancy, puberty, weight gain or even from body building. So yeah, it's a super common thing.

No. 208343



TALK. ABOUT. CHARMS. Or start a new thread elsewhere.

No. 208344

Yes everyone has some, but if you're fat you get those PREGNANT women get, and if ya aint pregnant that's fucked up, cus pregnancies make you gain a lot y'know :))))) No one's ever even seen mine that's how minimal they are, and that's cus i try to stay healthy and watch my weight. Its not hard. (Pretty sure most girls are capable of doing this)
oh my god
Holy fuck yes jesus.
Honestly though, she was adorable back in the day before she put on all that weight, I'm so sad she cant' see that she looks like a hot mess now. She should have opted for a nose job rather than a boob job, and then she should work out and eat healthy, but I guess her boyfriend keeps telling her she's beautiful the way she is now to keep her paying for his shit.

No. 208345


Seriously, can one of you please just make a thread on /b/ about this or something? I know Charms hasn't been posting a lot lately but that doesn't mean it's ok to shit the thread up with your stretch mark debate.

No. 208356

No. 208733

Charms has no concept of time. Whenever she posts a picture and says it's from .. oh say a year ago, it's two years old. The bottom picture was when she was at least 18.
Those meds must really be messing with her.

No. 208736

She's so casually fucked up in the head it's disconcerting. Like she's not outrageously crazy and ranting on tumblr, but she just calmly says or does insane things and it's so disquieting to me.

No. 208857

not contributing to the debate, but sick vegeta gif, fam.

Charms is so unfortunately delusional. She used to look so young, her flat chest was really cute, too.

Now she looks haggard as fuck, and her tits are like cones superglued to a marshmallow.

No. 209640

File: 1448939682226.png (20.38 KB, 556x435, no1 needs to know that.png)

Why would she even bring that up lol

No. 209651

>implying all women want children
>implying having children won't ruin your body anyway
Gtfo jellyfat

No. 209682


No. 209685

why would someone think that's appropriate to post ever

No. 209693


>she thinks drinking a normal amount of water is an achievement

God she needs a carer.

No. 209699

She needs cancer

No. 209716

File: 1448960325182.jpg (114.9 KB, 620x930, P38364.jpg)

The thing that really gets me, that perplexes me the most is that her mother is this really successful, well paid, highly-educated lawyer who, according to Charms had to work like 2-3 jobs in her youth to put herself through university and so has a really good work ethic and is driven and ambitious.

Despite all this she is consent to allow her fat, lazy, thieving, mentally ill 23 year old sex-worker daughter to laze around, sucking up her money to waste on junk food, tattoos and piercings whilst simultaneously supporting Scraps who is effectively a live-in abuser.

Why is she just ignoring Charms and letting her fuck herself up? Can't she see her mentally and physically degrading before her eyes?

No. 209717


Oh and WHERE THE FUCK is her dad in all this? I know he's around because she mentions him infrequently.

No. 209718

Just because she's successful in her public life doesn't mean she's stable in her private one. Charms has been attention whoring and dealing with ED since she was around 13 right? If her mother didn't pick up on her daughter's need then, she's not likely to see it now…

No. 209720

If her mother really is that successful, then chances are she didn't really have time for Charms.

No. 209724

Maybe she just gave up on Charms? Giving Charms money propably makes her mother feel like she didn't 'abandon' her completely.
Working so much could also mean that her mother wasn't around much when Charms was younger.

Also we don't know what Charms tells her mother and how she behaves around her.

No. 209726

>Also we don't know what Charms tells her mother and how she behaves around her.
I don't think her mother would miss the tattoos

No. 209749

It's possible her mom didn't have the most loving upbringing and in return doesn't know how to properly care for charms. Lots of people who are like that think money = love/care. So it's not her intention to 'neglect' her kid, her understanding of being a good parent is just different from ours.

No. 209761

Jewish parents anon. You wont find a more liberal and progressive group of adults, who always listen to what their children "Need" (read: want)

No. 209783

>cones superglued to a marshmallow
Fucking kek

No. 209790

File: 1448991065807.jpg (69.37 KB, 602x595, studio_giblets.jpg)

Why does Charms keep going to this artist? this is not Charms in the photo, but going through her 'artist' IG is making me horrified. I have a few tattoos and always find different artists based on their reviews and personal work online. This person should not even be allowed to tattoo. This is so awful– those lines… and this idiot is going to have her garbage work on her body forever.

No. 209802

Is… is that supposed to be spirited away?

No. 209803

File: 1448992397141.jpeg (15.84 KB, 390x201, image.jpeg)

I think it's supposed to be a whole ghibli sleeve.

No idea if this is supposed to be the radish spirit or the dog from howls….

No. 209810


Well she lets her mother read her Tumblr and she did camming whilst living in her mother's house so I doubt she doesn't know.

No. 209811

File: 1448994948836.jpg (357.32 KB, 1148x595, 1448991065807.jpg)



No. 209818

Oh my fucking god

The delivery service girl

Sweet jesus

This artist must do these for dirt fucking cheap. That's why charms gets so many.

How in the fuck can anyone think this is good work…

No. 209851

It's the dog, Heen.

Looking at that sleeve makes me want to cry.
Not going to rip on Chihiro and Kiki's face, but rather, her body proportions.
(Also, is that the river spirit next to Kiki?) Man, this is a mess.

No. 209863


You'd think if you were going to get something permanently etched onto your body, you'd at least save up and go to a reputable artist, never mind if it was a full fucking sleeve you wanted. Why is this person allowed to tattoo people? Fuck

No. 209865

If she's smart she'll let it heal and then laser this shit fest off of her skin.
This person should not be tattooing people.

No. 209951

File: 1449026610272.png (253.62 KB, 306x337, wa.PNG)

No. 209952

What's going on with then extensions just take them out man

No. 209953

The perspective on Kiki is fucking atrocious! It's like bad fanart you sketch when you're bored. And sweet jesus, the girl from Spirited away is a discombobulated stick creature.

No. 209954

Ah! Thank you anon

No. 209955

The front of her hair looks so thin. holyfuck

No. 209956

File: 1449027525294.jpg (27.62 KB, 483x369, get-rogaine.jpg)

so bad

No. 209959

She just joked about selling her family into slavery to make money and I quote "What's a family good for anyway?"

Now she's complaining about tipping. Typical bitch.

No. 209960

File: 1449027958982.png (Spoiler Image, 355.78 KB, 491x406, kjm.PNG)

beginning of stream she sniffed under her armpit and said she stinks badly even though she showered but that its okay since its ''just on cam anyway''

she sounds very separated from reality

No. 209961

Her hair is so uneven in color. Her extensions are different shade complete and stand out. Her hair is thinner now and she had thin hair from the beginning. There are sections of her hair that have broken off because of the damage.

Yet now she wants to dye it black again.

No. 209962

File: 1449028038113.png (Spoiler Image, 395.35 KB, 1020x461, j.PNG)

is it me or has she lost weight?

No. 209963

She said she is making 2-3 videos tonight and they are all fuck machine videos. Did someone buy her it in the end?

No. 209964

>she sounds very separated from reality

She must be on a ferocious cocktail of meds.

Once she starts moaning about tips, you know she won't be on long.

No. 209965

She's a total fucking idiot. She bleached the shit out of her hair instead of color stripping it and never used olaplex or conditioned it properly and now it's breaking off. I've never had that happen and my hair is silver/white. I cannot believe this bitch ever went to school.

No. 209966

I love that Charms is crying and begging for tips, meanwhile Ashe is on at the same time and just got tipped 10,000 tokens.

No. 209967

first time I caught her on cam, did not rly expect her to sound like that.

but yeah… she's boring af

No. 209969

>did someone buy her it in the end?

yeah… all those people who donated for that dog

No. 209971

she actually has a cute voice

No. 209974

Hah, more than likely.

No. 209975

Welp. she's jumping offline cuz no one is tipping.

No. 209996

She's just too damn impatient to actually take care of herself. She wants things when she wants things.. regardless of the consequences.

No. 210000

Lmao @ krtprime
I wonder if his fetish is trainwrecks

No. 210003

Her mum is busy working. Do you know how many hours lawyers work? Especially successful ones who make lots of money? They typically work over 70 hours per week.

No. 210044

Probably. He's the only one who donated all night.

No. 210053


Success laywer.
Failed mother.

No. 210057

At some point charms became too old for her mother to truly control. Charms is an adult and needs to provide/figure her life for herself. Unfortunately her mom is rich.. and will probably leech of her for the foreseeable future.

But you cant say it was due to bad parenting. You always see families with more than a couple kids.. where some do well for themselves but another will go on a different path.

No. 210058

Yeah, her siblings are all very normal and successful. Charms is the black sheep of the family.

No. 210059


She only has one brother and he's obese and autistic.

No. 210066

Charms was a lost cause. Sometimes you can do right by your kids and still they fuck up their lives.

No. 210074

What? I heard she has a brother who was in music school and a sister who finished a stem degree. i guess that person lied.

if soo then i guess her mother sucks at parenting

No. 210076

She could try to control her with money at least? She 100% funds charms. She could try to control her insane spending on shitty tattoos, fuck machines, pets, hair dye, etc. I don't think charms is particularly manipulative like anachans such as Aly. I think she is just unbelievably spoiled, as indicated by her insatiable need for instant gratification. So her mom just needs to grow a pair and make charms grow up, even a tiny bit, or commit her bpd ass to a group home. Surely she can see her daughter is getting far worse, not better.

Her mom was selling the apartment, wasn't she? The whole Chloe/Charms break up was over the cats not being cleaned up after/hidden for the place being shown to sell. Whatever happened with that? Where was Charms and her fuckboy going to move if it sold?

No. 210095


Her brother is in music school and plays the flute or piccolo or some shit but he is also obese and autistic so it kind of negates it some.

No. 210097

I'm gonna have to disagree with you on Charms' manipulative abilities. Didn't she lock Scraps in a basement for fear of him taking off after she paid for his dental work? It's money as control.

As bad off as she is (really really bad off, her poor hair), I don't think she's group home material just yet.

No. 210114

That's not really manipulative, that's like…straight up abuse. Lmao. She does have bpd so it's not surprising that she'd go to desperate lengths to keep him from leaving, but I think Scraps does more of the manipulating at this point. He's got a free roof over his head, food, sex (???? Maybe? Do they even fuck anymore?) and all he has to do is keep this borderline nut job on the hook to live pretty easy. In return he brings McDonald's to her lair and cleans all 20 of the litterboxes….he did this with his ex, too. There's no doubt that he prefers this cuck lifestyle to being an actual person with a career and a semblance of a life.

No. 210173

Is it:
Successful lawyer.
Failed mother.


Success lawyer.
Fail mother.

I prefer the second.

No. 210199

who is scraps? is he the same guy as Mike?

No. 210208

Scraps = Mike.

No. 210209

ngl i'm morbidly curious

No. 210215

She is online on MFC right now.. it looks like she went back to black hair.

No. 210217

So all that damage to her hair for nothing? One of my pet peeves that, people who bleach the life out of their hair just to dye it back dark less than a week later

No. 210222

Damn, she pops up on the first page.

No. 210232


For anyone who's interested: http://www.myfreecams.com/#Lotte__

No. 210239

File: 1449120238402.png (419.2 KB, 1160x483, absolutely.png)


No. 210240

wow, she already logged off

No. 210243

Did she dye her hair dark blue? Then clip in black extensions? Or it could be blue black idk

No. 210244

either way it looks like shit

wtf charms, someone have her committed already

No. 210250

Already missed her. Does she ever stay on for more than 2 hours? Ever?

No. 210254

She could have easily gotten a human hair black wig and be done with it. god, this bitch. I can't wait until all her hair falls out.

No. 210256


Maybe she would if someone gave her a shit ton of tokens as soon as she got on despite the fact she can't even be bothered taking care of her appearance anymore

No. 210267

What is the tattoo on her calf meant to be?
I can see it in op pic but it just looks like a vaguely dick-shaped blob.

No. 210269

It's a two headed rabbit

No. 210271

Wow I can't see it at all. Looks like literally nothing.

No. 210289

Eh, I think this hair color suits her more though at least.

No. 210302

File: 1449138527715.png (353.84 KB, 618x674, cookie monster.png)

I wonder if she ate all those cookies herself…

also lol @ gym

Just because you get a membership and a trainer doesn't mean you actually have the willpower to continuously make yourself go.

No. 210303

File: 1449139398857.png (73.35 KB, 545x431, chihikillmeplzro.png)

Just incase we need to be reminded how bad this is…this is traced over the original. My 11year old selfs first anime picture wasn't even this bad

No. 210314

The rabbit is one of her nicer tattoos, it's just hard to see because her leg is fat. Also it's unfinished I believe. But yeah, she got it long before she decided that shitty cheap tattoos en masses were highly preferable to getting anything quality or well thought out.

No. 210328


All of her original tattoos were stunning, back when she actually possessed cognitive function.

No. 210413

File: 1449167978210.jpg (121.24 KB, 1024x768, CVRf5p4UYAABs3i.jpg)

God the placement of these is SO. FUCKING. BAD. and she went way too big. Fuck I'd demand a revision.

No. 210415

Maybe it was to prep for her inevitable weight gain kek

No. 210416

File: 1449168805023.jpg (352.83 KB, 656x1870, adfsd.jpg)

Charms being salty over stabbing Dakota in the back only to have Dakota really take off and become a successful model.

No. 210508

File: 1449187915671.jpg (100.85 KB, 623x459, wef.jpg)

I don't believe her.

No. 210526

This is gold omg

No. 210537

She ruined her tits- the last good quality she had.

No. 210538

Disgusting sugar cookies too. The worst.

No. 210539

Holyshit. That really is beyond atrocious. That person is stuck with that terrible tattoo forever.

No. 210540

Agreed. The rabbit was incredibly well done. Whoever her old artist was is amazing and now she's just getting garbage by this bitch who can't do basic lines.

No. 210577

its about ashe..not dakota

No. 210580

Definitely about Ashe. She's still salty that Ashe is a successful camgirl while Charms still has to beg for tips and users to talk in her chat room.

No. 210627


She's talking about multiple people and the one in the middle who she mentions seeing online a lot I'm betting is Dakota but the last paragraph is probably about Ashe.

No. 210642

Why would it be Dakota? Unless charms is into Japanese fashion she wouldn't see her much at all online. While she did do Lolita briefly she doesn't seem to be paying attention to the scene much. It's more likely that she is talking about cam girls that she sees often on Tumblr and Mfc. There were a few girls she had a fight with.

No. 210643


Sounds like she's talking about Ashe, Lomeli and Dakota.

No. 210645


You're very deluded if you don't believe Charms likely stalks Dakota's activity as much as the rest of lolcow does.

Anyway, she told me personally a while back when we used to talk that she really missed Dakota and would like to reconnect with her.
She even sent her a message on Twitter or some shit trying to rekindle the relationship but Dakota straight up ignored her.

No. 210646


Also she still follows Dakota on Twitter.

No. 210716

Charms was never that salty about Dakota. She is salty about Ashe and probably that tranny looking girl Lomeli.

No. 210717

oh and zoella, her old roommate!

No. 210718


K, but she like, personally told me that she regretted what happened with Dakota and is desperate to be friends again.

No. 210723

K, so like, you have caps of this exchange, right?

No. 210735

> so like, I totally like, know charmz no lie


No. 210737

File: 1449258772185.png (213.82 KB, 650x1042, dgrsgw.png)


You want caps of a 3, maybe 4, year old Skype conversation taken place on a computer that's been formatted like 3 times now? kek get real.
Picture related should be more than enough I think.

Yes we used to talk but I'm not going to say we were "friends" because I never really got that intimate with her and it was me that cut her off after I began to become more progressively disgusted with the person she was turning into.
I doubt she even realised or cared though, I always kept her at arms length when she originally approached me so she eventually lost interest.

Enjoy the humble pie tho.

No. 210740

>I'll be making mad $$$
>diet starts now
>cannot feel comfortable at this weight

Tttop fucking kek

No. 210741

>didn't even know her that long
>moved out of state pretty fast
>not hard to guess which three

I'm quite sure she moved pretty soon after meeting Dakota. Lomeli and Ashe don't fit the bill because she knew both of them for a long time. Koots and Charms were ridiculously similar, it's no wonder the friendship didn't work out. Funny how worlds apart they are now.

No. 210757

I'd love to see those caps actually. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

No. 210764

r u spoony

No. 210765


I was going to but honestly after the shitty responses i.e. >>210735
>>210723 I honestly don't think this place deserves it.

I don't know if anybody has noticed but lolcow has become an increasingly hostile board where you can't even try to detail past experiences without somebody jumping down your throat. I find myself coming here less and less because of them so I'm not giving them the satisfaction of deets sorry.

No. 210766

lol no was she even friends with charms?

No. 210768

you're way too sensitive. or you're just making up an excuse because you don't want to post caps.

No. 210771

not this anon but i can reiterate the same thing. she still stalks her and told me she tried to contact her but she has a hard tiime because of kooters craycray momma

No. 210778

I don't really give a shit about the caps since I don't doubt it's true, but it's not far-fetched to believe someone here talks to charms and even less so to believe charms still wants to be friends with kooter. I'm a bit confused about the disbelief too.

>K, but she like, personally told me
Might have deserved some hate.

No. 210780

File: 1449268310636.gif (3.46 MB, 480x270, 1HWQIPa.gif)


Tbh I'm just fed up of the attitude of some people on here.
Back when lolcow first started up over a year ago now we all originally functioned as a community, but it feels like recently we've been invaded by some new generation of cunts that contribute in no way other than shitposting and attacking other users. I'd bet my left tit it's these newfags that were responsible for the Kiki/Taco debacle too.

I don't like depriving legitimate users of stuff but these people need to learn that if they bite the hand that feeds them pretty soon people are going to stop throwing scraps their way.
So for this they get nothing.


Yeah I mean it's hardly so farfetched that it's unbelievable.
I know there are people on here who have been in Charm's house and hung out with her in person and shit.

No. 210792

this is a community about being bitchy. surprise, some people are going to be bitchy to you. you don't have to get your panties in a twist. btw i've been at the place since the beginning when staminarose closed down

No. 210795

Seriously. I've even met her for a day but I don't have anything juicy to contribute. She's not a damn celebrity.

No. 210799


You obviously haven't been here since the beginning since the original board was Maximumfaggotry…

How embarrassing…

No. 210800

anon, get over your power trip. you are nobody important. you are the one shit posting right now.
enjoy your tantrum, doors open to leave.

No. 210801

Bitchy to the COWS Anon, not each other.
You sound like one of those idiotic newfags.

No. 210802



Hmmmm, pretty much.
Maybe don't be such an ass and stop continuing to bring the quality of the board down and I'd share it, but nope, you care way too much about your fragile ego.

No. 210806

Does every other thread have this much derailing as the charms thread? holy shit

No. 210807

That anon said:
>since the beginning when staminarose closed down
implying they were here since the beginning of THIS board not the others. Guess you aren't very good at reading comprehension….how embarrassing….

You're being such a salty oldfag though. Calm the hell down. If you don't wanna drop caps then don't but don't get on your soap box and derail the thread so you can talk about muh quality of posts declining wahhh.

Sage for OFF TOPIC.

No. 210808


Okay, so don't share the milk, and while you'r at it kindly get the fuck ouy

No. 210818

File: 1449277923414.png (473.49 KB, 443x590, Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.11…)

is it just me or does her hair look super fried?

No. 210821

>K, but she like, personally told me that she regretted what happened with Dakota and is desperate to be friends again.
This was the thing that got you the responses you got. It's one thing to share personal experiences, but it honestly sounded like you were just posting to boast about Charms telling you stuff.

No. 210822

Her hair looks so damaged, holy shit. Also, I'm not sure if it's just the lighting but it looks like her extensions don't even match her hair to me. They look way lighter. Why would she do this shit to herself?

No. 210824

Isn't Dakota the one that stopped talking to Charms though? Because she wouldn't tell which Taobao shop she got her fake VW horns at and insisted they were real, when Charms didn't believe her she stopped talking to her after that (is how I remember it from /cgl/).

No. 210829

Oh fuck, that is painful to look at! Her hair is so frizzy and damaged by chemical burn. She needs olaplex to save it– or just shear it all off at this point.

No. 210832

Yeah, you were rude ass in the beginning and claiming stuff without receipts. People aren't going to suck your dick for milk when you're acting like a jerk.

I think her face looks better than it has been looking, but holy shit her hair. Even the extensions are damaged into oblivion. Wake up, Charms.

No. 210876

tbh I really agree with this post.
I knew lolcow was gonna attract these kind of psychotic cunts but I really miss the days when they at least could restrain themselves for the sake of milk. idk if it's the perceived 'drought' from their favorite lolcows but some of the posts made towards other anons have been getting really rage-y and unnecessary. watching us turn on one another is kind of…pitiful? we used to feel like a community.
People just need to chill out and take a step away from the computer. It's fine to question the validity of a personal experience or ask for proof, but control your tone. it's not necessary to come across as aggressively as possible just because you're excited about something.
it feels weird to think about it, but even in the days of /cgl/, shit like this never would have flown.

No. 210879

File: 1449289913629.png (882.51 KB, 1084x639, lots.png)

They're on Twitch right now


No. 210885

File: 1449292312545.jpg (86.52 KB, 1277x716, kd scraps.jpg)

Scraps has never looked more Tumblr trans.

No. 210887

That's a dude?
Oh my god

No. 210899

I hate how half the camera is their face. You don't need that much room, guys. People wanna see the videos

No. 210900

Are we sure Scraps isn't gay?? My gaydar is giving me all kinds of signals.

No. 210902

They're playing two different screens but the same game? It's confusing to me tbh. Why not just have one person play and switch off?

No. 210904

It's telling that the only thing nearly as large as their faces in this entire tab is the huge honking DONATE button at the bottom.

Giving Twitch all the effort and enthusiasm she gives MFC.

No. 210906

File: 1449295219759.jpg (86.35 KB, 1278x717, exciting.jpg)

Scraps had a really long winded explanation for his sexuality back on Chaturbate. It was basically I'm Bi, Kinda but in snowflake speak.

He droned a story about Charms encouraging him to hook up with a guy. He found one on Facebook with mutual interests (cosplay etc) and then she presented him with a list of reasons why he shouldn't go through with it.

Haven't been able to get a cap of Charms picking her nose yet but I'm optimistic.

No. 210908

I can't put myself through the torture of watching the stream. But maybe they're playing multiplayer? If not, I'm really confused as to why. Serious Question: Is she even decent at games on stream? Also, really shows what's more important to them while streaming. Attention whoring and donations. (People who make their facecams huge really bother me)

(And the game does have multiplayer for sure, I'm just not sure in what ways yet seeing as my CE copy hasn't arrived in the mail yet for me to play and I didn't read too much/watch too many trailers because spoilers. I don't see why they'd use this 2-view setup without playing multiplayer though, and from the screenshot it doesn't look like they are…)

No. 210913

File: 1449296303631.jpg (89.33 KB, 1278x715, butts.jpg)

I swear she's been stuck in a cut scene for the last 7 years. At least she has a rare excuse for falling asleep on cam.

And then they check out some video game butts.

No. 210915

File: 1449296790269.jpg (88.27 KB, 1276x715, cut scene hell.jpg)

lol she's getting pissed with the constant cut scenes now.

Scraps is a compulsive menu surfer. It's maybe not the best habit for your Twitch stream but whatever.

No. 210917

This game looks really boring from what I've watching.. At least for streaming.

No. 210920

Yeah, it's dull to watch. Their confusing setup isn't helping.

They have a grand total of 7 viewers. DynamicJello and their exploding air mattress from chat and farmers probably.

No. 210923

How does someone with such a running start only have 7 viewers?

No. 210924

I noticed they have less than 10 views (all of which are probably farmers)
That's pathetic, Charms. Ashe just made thousands on cam tonight and this fat is sitting here yawning into a bad looking screen with a game no one is watching.

No. 210932

My first thought upon seeing that image was, "who is that middle-aged woman at the top right?" What the fuck, Mike "Scraps" Jenner

No. 210935


This 100%.
Feels like we've been taken over by some angry sect with rage issues.

No. 210936


Yup and if you look I said that after the Anon started doubting my experiences and disregarding what I was saying twice in a row in order to come up with her own theory.

>"I think this about Charms"

>"nah it's this"
>"you're wrong because I believe you are"
>"uh no she personally told me

This place has become truly, truly awful.

No. 210937

i blame the hangry anachans

No. 210938


I agree that people were being salty for no good reason, and I believe what you said about Charms, but it's unbelievably retarded of you to whine about what this place has "become" when "deliver or GTFO" has always been the philosophy this site has held towards people who claim something without backing it up.

No. 210940


Probably. I just want to be spiteful and laugh in the faces of those who tried to say I was lying too, who have conveniently vanished…

Goddamn I wish this place would go back to the way it was.
Is this proof that women can't run wanting without it turning into a catty shitshow? I've noticed a dramatic drop in posts very recently, the board has become so slow, and the rate of posts lashing out at and attacking others has exploded.

At this point I don't think post ID's would be such a bad idea.

No. 210978

Honestly people didn't seem that salty until she started being like "Noooo you don't DESERVE this knowledge!!" Because as you said, demanding proof when you make claims (especially braggy ones like the anon did) had always been the norm.

What made you think it was Spoony? Just wondering. Seemed random.

No. 210979

Stop complaining about the quality of the site while simultaneously contributing nothing and in fact withholding shit and then whining about it because you think you're better. Complain in meta or something.

No. 210982


>being spiteful and bitchy on purpose

>suprised when people get bitchy back.

Honesty, if you pulled this on any chan board, people would get mad.

I can believe what you're saying, though. But at this point i don't even want your screenies.

No. 210984

uh i don't normally look at twitch players stream cus I really don't care. But I'd think if you're gonna stream, maybe not look so bored? y'know. Like, find a game that makes you either scream or laugh or you can make conversation about as you play it without just complaining about the game?

Also 7 viewers is pathetically low, I think the only way she can really up her viewers rn is by doing giveaways and be entertaining tbh. But this is charms, so it's not ever going to happen.

If you don't post caps I won't believe you, but I also don't really care tbh. If ya wanna say she said this and that to you back it up, it's pretty much what most people are told to do.

No. 210989


Except I wasn't being bitchy at all until people started on me, you obviously haven't been paying attention to this thread.

This was my original response >>210718 in response to >>210716 who was responding to me again here >>210627

Stop trying to make excuses for people's bad behaviour.

No. 210991


How is "K, but she like, personally told me that she regretted what happened with Dakota and is desperate to be friends again." bragging? The only reason I said that was because I'd made a statement and somebody tried to tell me that I was wrong despite Charms LITERALLY having told me that she regretted what went down between her and Dakota.

It's not bragging at all. It's a fact.

No. 210995

Scraps looks like a straight up female witch. I would not want to touch that thing with a 10 foot pole. Did he get uglier or something?

No. 210996

Seriously, stop derailing this thread. No one gives a shit anymore. You seemed like a bitch and you're making yourself look worse and worse. If you didn't want to prove it, why mention it to begin with? Was the attention really worth it?

No. 210997


Mike, what happened to you? You could have met a nice bear to keep you warm at night. Cut your loses before charms goes insane and kills you in your sleep.

No. 211001



Jerk yourself off over "withholding" screencaps if that's what makes you feel important, but although posting caps to begin with would have been what anyone who wasn't a ginormous attention whore would've done, I don't think any of us really give a fuck about them anymore. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 211003


Shut the fuck up and leave plz, you're annoying

No. 211005

Imagine Charms pulling a Sheena lol

No. 211007

Mike's not even a good person, so no one loses.

No. 211041

they already said they didn't have the specific caps since they'd reformatted their computer dude
it's not like giving another anon the benefit of the doubt is that hard, while this kind of infighting is a) cringe-inducing and b) completely irrelevant.
people just need to chill the fuck out and quit all the infighting.

this is why we can't have nice things.
let's just get back to charms goddammit

No. 211046


Oh noo I'm making my anonymous reputation on an anonymous site look bad! What a disaster!

No. 211055

Nah, they said they didn't have the caps, >>210737 then said they would drop them but we plebs don't deserve it >>210765 >>210780 so your defense is invalid, and you're probably just that anon trying to backpedal.

Not sure why you felt it was so important to derail the thread to talk about yourself and your opinions on the board. Just leave if you hate it so much.

No. 211056


Then there was no need to bring it up in the first place. Especially seeing as it's no new information. It was an obvious attempt at stirring up shit. You're talking about how "cringe inducing" this discussion is yet you're still contributing to it.

No. 211057


Never once said I would drop any more caps. I said I was considering it but decided against it because I dislike the direction lolcow has taken and the new types of people inhabiting it.

Anyway I can't get caps from a Skype conversation that took place 3-4 years ago on a laptop that's been formatted 3 times since.

Of course you would know this if you'd actually read the thread.
Also you're talking to a completely different person.

No. 211059

And saying you considered it while also saying you couldn't because of the formatted computer makes no sense. You only said you considered it to stir up shit so you could go on to talk about the lowly newfags ruining your perfect forum when it was completely unwarranted. That's the thing. You wanted attention. If you hate lolcow, leave. Easy as that. Just fucking go away. I'd take 5 annoying newfags over an attention hungry uppity oldfag.

No. 211062

are you listening to yourself?
someone brought up a pertinent piece of information based on personal experience and your response was 'well, if you don't have caps, you shouldn't have said anything in the first place'
if it was relevant to the conversation at the time, i.e. trying to guess the friend that charms was referring to in her post, then why is your reaction to actively discourage new contributions/discussion ITT just because someone's ~bragging~ got on your nerves? it's not like talking to charms is anything to brag about, so honestly I have no fucking clue how you justify the kind of overreaction that occurred.

>inb4 s-s-samefag

nope. just another 'uppity' oldfag nostalgic for times when farming for lulz wasn't all about bickering with one another. I love lolcow, which is exactly why I don't want to just stand by and watch it deteriorate. saging for no contribution to the actual thread subject.
tbh we should probably take this kind of conversation to /meta/ or something at this point 'cause we are getting waaay off in the weeds here.

No. 211066

anon said that she couldn't drop those specific caps, but implied that she had more caps which weren't directly related to the question of which friend charms regretted driving away. does that explain things a little more clearly to you?
the idea of trying to 'stir up shit' so as to receive ~*attention*~ on an anonymous image board is kind of nonsense, imo. normally people crave attention that can be associated with an actual identity, which is why actual attention whores like Charms end up tripfagging.
also dammit I wanted to see more caps. it's been a while since we've had information from private interactions dropped since charms mostly just cams these days.

No. 211083


Uh no… I never specified that I had caps specifically from the Skype conversations we've had over the years.

It's 2015 in case you haven't noticed Anon, there exist other various methods of communication in this world…. Tumblr, for example… also email…

You are an annoying newfag Anon; one who lacks reading comprehension.

No. 211085


Kind of amazed that there's another person in this thread that actually gets it, but thanks Anon.

No. 211091

File: 1449346086401.png (1009.88 KB, 1032x756, Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 3.07…)

The reason why you retards won't take this to /meta/ is because you derive some sort of sick pleasure from shitting up the Charms thread with your personal bickering, isn't it?

Pic unrelated, haute cuisine courtesy of Big Lottes.

No. 211100


God normally I don't laugh at that #whitepeoplecuisine shit but this is a perfect example of it goddamn.

No. 211107

> a shitty excuse for a white person ate this
= / =
> white people cuisine

No. 211108

what the hell is that yellow-brown mash? I've spent the past five minutes staring at this picture trying to figure it out. sauerkraut?

No. 211110

No. 211111


Das' golden rice my friend.

No. 211112

brown rice

No. 211114

etc etc

Please stop derailing the thread. Don't take it to /meta/. Just stop talking about it.

No. 211128

Ham, corn and brown rice. And she probably thinks this is healthy eating.

Well, it IS a better meal choice than BK or a stack of giant cookies. I don't wanna discourage Charms if she's taking baby steps.

No. 211129

File: 1449350276727.gif (313 KB, 300x182, image.gif)

Im a racist chan and I thought the same thing and laughed pretty hard. Something about her arranging this shit nicely just makes it ten times funnier. She even put the frozen corn in a ramekin.

No. 211132

Is that literally just a big piece of ham??

No. 211133

Looks like ready-prepared rice. Like that uncle bens shit, frozen corn, deli meat ham?

The amount of sodium on that plate must be enough for an entire family for a month.

No. 211134

File: 1449351091323.png (54.2 KB, 606x310, Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 4.30…)

KRTprime is so pathetic jesus christ

No. 211136

Wow. Isn't this the only loser who donated tokens in her chat last time?

No. 211138


At least she has corn… right? G-good job, lotte.

No. 211143

No. 211148

Prison food

No. 211152

All that's missing are the grape jelly and ketchup packets for the cellblock sweet and sour sauce.

No. 211169

her food seems normal to me. i'm probably white trash.

No. 211170

It's not normal to have a plate full of yellow & red.
If that corn was like some spinach salad or something, if the ham wasn't just a slab of what looks like lunch meat, yeah, maybe I can see someone uploading that meal and being like 'muh spectacular dinner' but you can really tell that Lotte has absolutely no idea what she's doing in the kitchen when you see meals like this. it's probably all microwaved.

No. 211171

I mean, it's the fact that she took a pic of it and posted it on the internet. I would eat that if I was broke or drunk but I sure as fuck wouldn't tell anyone about it

No. 211173

looks to me like its the pre-cooked ham that you just reheat on a pan. canned corn & instant rice. whats the issue? maybe not a normal meal for you, but for a lot of people this can be considered normal.

No. 211176

you take a picture of a meal & share it online because you want to remember eating it; either you worked hard on it or it was a special occasion. not this shit.
The reason why I mention the colors is because even if everything was delicious & you were uploading it as food porn, a plate made up of yellow and red just looks…ugly…
It reminds me of those disgusting dinner photos that Martha Stewart got shit for.

No. 211177


The issue is that nutrition in the states is very, very poorly understood by most. Even if you're not in an urban 'food desert', you're likely to be in a suburban or exurban food desert - like charms - where fatties drive everywhere and graze on the finest cuisine Sam's Club or Walmart can provide.

What's this mean? No color on the plate. No leafy greens. Frozen sugar (corn), pre-prepped starch with extra sodium (uncle ben's rice mix), pre-sliced 'ham' (processed pork product pressed into a loaf, not actual ham, which is a hock of pig butt.)

To Charms, and to many in the US, she's having a "home cooked", "healthy" meal. To anyone with nutritional knowledge, or who lives in a place where people aren't so divorced from real food, she's eating the equivalent of fast food that she heated up at home - which is exactly what that shit on her plate is.

No. 211179

Absolutely correct, but (and i promise this is the last time I will say this) this food on this plate is better than what she usually puts down her throat (cupcakes, cookies and Burger King). If she continues to eat the kind of meal represented here she isn't going to improve her body much. BUT if this is just the first step to "reprogramming" her diet and she bothers to learn to eat right (less processed food, sugar and sodium, more fresh produce) then it's an acceptable one.

But this is Charms, after all, so I'm not holding my breath.

No. 211180

The reason this is "normal" is the exact reason it's normal to be fat. It unhealthy but it doesn't even look like it tastes good which is the funniest part. Rice? With ham? Should be potato.

No. 211181

Yeah, to the people saying it's not that bad or that you would eat it… how much do you weigh? That plate is probably about ~1500 calories and it's not even tasty food

No. 211187


Her portions are way too big. She can leave the pork as it is and use the protein in a workout, but the sweetcorn and rice needs to be halved at the very least.

I don't know why she just doesn't do what everybody else does and just eat what you want, when you want but just not eat a lot of it. It's like today I had porridge but then decided later I wanted a Subway footlong, but then whilst in town I saw a chocolate gateau slice in a patisserie window, so I ended up having that too and capping it at that for the rest of the day. It's a bad intake nutritionally but it's only a one off and I remain under my calorific intake and keeps you sane.

Charms, just like, c'mon, it's not that hard gurl. You can have your cake and eat it too jeez.

No. 211190

Exactly this. How anyone can look at this and think this a normal is extremely ignorant about nutrition.

No. 211192

>Her portions are way too big

I'm not fat and I think her portions are fine. It looks like the same amount of food I would get during my school lunches, which I usually ate the entire amount. Charms is clealry doing something wrong with her diet but I don't think one picture can tell the whole story

No. 211193


I don't want to attack or insult you but maybe you're actually comprehending how big they actually are.
Compare the portion size not only to the cutlery but also the remote controls nearby.

I don't know what the hell they fed you in school but these are far too big, especially for somebody who does minimal activity such as Charms.

No. 211195

Er, what exactly do you mean by "not fat"? Anyone with a normal diet would consider that a massive portion

No. 211196


I'm presently fat and even I know that's not a normal portion. Not sure how anybody could consider it so; maybe they're not taking into account the depth.

No. 211197

I think her portions look fine but it's just shit food. Then again I'm a distance runner so maybe my perception of a normal portion is off… But I can't imagine really having enough energy to thrive on significantly less than that.

No. 211199


It is a big portion for somebody with average activity levels but of course if you're a runner you're going to require more.

Thing is as far as we know Charms doesn't even have "average" activity levels. She sits on her ass all day watching Netflix and fucking around with makeup whilst getting scraps to fetch everything for her, and when she really needs to go anywhere she just drives.

Average amount of steps a person should be taking daily is 6000 which I know is just about 2 miles since that's the distance I walk to and from university everyday, and that's just the bare minimum when applying to a basic TDEE which is between 1800-2000 calories per day for a woman - dependant on height.

Judging from her lifestyle I'd be surprised if she's even getting 1000 steps in a day.
Assuming she's eating 2500-3000 calories a day, maybe more, it's no fucking wonder she's gotten and continues to grow more gelatinous by the day.

No. 211238

It's not the most aesthetically pleasing meal, but I'd eat that.
Personally, I don't think that's a big portion.

>inb4 ur a deathfat lulz

No. 211239

File: 1449382667278.jpg (245.49 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nyx1a1pzAe1shp2t7o1_128…)

Weird she actually looks decent here.

The blonde girl's name is Lilith (for reals).

No. 211240


Ah, it's the eyebrows! What a difference!

No. 211243

To be honest, I find her food choice to be a step up from Mcdonalds or whatever other takeout food she tends to eat.

Its little steps at a time… but as long as she keeps up with the mindset of trying to be healthy. She will eventually get there moreso.

No. 211262


jfc shut up already spoony

No. 211263

>I would eat that if I was broke or drunk but I sure as fuck wouldn't tell anyone about it

This, son. We all do embarrassing shit. There's a difference between doing/eating gross things in private, and posting them on the internet for all to see.

No. 211278

i'm on her twitch rn…fuck it's boring.

No. 211306


lol wut
I reiterate again, I am not spoonie and I don't think she was even ever friends with Charms, or at least she never mentioned it to me.

Also quit derailing we are past this.

No. 211307

File: 1449414133715.jpeg (294.21 KB, 1171x1561, image.jpeg)

Do they really need two of everything for twitch streaming? What a waste of Charm's mom's money.

No. 211309

For all this money they couldve bought a decent game

No. 211329

Why not a game with actual high viewership on twitch if they're trying to get money or fame for this shit? What a waste.

No. 211336

i don't know why you guys are complaining about the calories in this meal. it's not that much. she could easily eat this three times a day and lose weight. corn and rice are not that high in calories, and neither are hamsteaks, and at least the ham has protein. corn is kind of a shit vegetable though. she really needs to read about nutrition. the problem is that she's guzzling coke and cookies like a madman.

No. 211343

>i don't know why you guys are complaining about the calories in this meal. it's not that much

uh, no. it definitely is. how much do you weigh?

No. 211344

not this anon but um no it isn't? I would feel super full after eating all that but i have a small appetite…on normal days i would probably eat that rice and the ham and that's it.

No. 211345

I agree. There's been an influx of over critical ana-chans thanks to all the snow threads involving EDs.

Not that someone is ana for not eating those amounts, but those aren't the giant heaping calorie intake helpings they're being made out to be.

And before one of you anafaggots replies asking my weight/etc, I'm underweight and do not live in Amurrica. Not that it has anything to do with this, anyway. If you want to eyeball calories from pictures and screech about which of you are secret fatties, there are plenty off sites off lolcow to do so on. Stop shitting up this one.

No. 211346

Also nope i'm not an amerifat. I live in sweden and i have a normal weight by european standards.
I swear just like >>211345 said there has been an influx of anafaggots screeching about calories,weight,everyone disagreeing with them being fat,..
You are delusional idiots or secret fatties. Or both. Also fuck, if i got a nickel for every time a thread got derailed by weight bullshit i would be drowning in first hand AP

No. 211347

Not calling you fat or anything, but I just don't see how that's a normal portion? There's probably about 1300 calories there, which is almost the entire daily intake for an average sized, sedentary woman. Sure, it would be ok to eat if it was a one off thing or you hadn't eaten much else that day, or if you exercise a lot…. but we all know Lotte does none of those things.

No. 211348

Well for me this is quite "big", i would probably only eat 2/3 or less. I am dealing with an ED myself but i try to keep on the tracks and not fall back into anorexia so maybe it has a role in my judgement in finding that "quite big".
Eh at least it's an improvement from the junk food and coke bullshit i guess.

No. 211355


m8 there's something wrong with you if you think this is an appropriate meal to consume 2 times daily on minimal activity…

No. 211358

>1300 calories
Uh not even close.

No. 211361

Shut the fuck up about portions, we're here to laugh at Charms being a trainwreck not talk about how disordered our relationships with food are. I was ok with lolcow being a colony of depressed/anxious girls but this obsession with food is driving me nuts.

No. 211366

We're laughing at Charms' fatness and shitty diet, sorry if that triggers you.

No. 211371

I… don't think you know what calories look like.
A [potential] estimate for what's there: 1 cup Uncle Ben's ready rice (butter flavor)-190 cal, 1 cup of corn-130 cal, ham steak-90 cal. There's probably butter on shit, so let's be generous and add 200 cal for 2 tbsp

That's about half of your estimate (610)


No. 211373

That's clearly a lot more than 1 cup of rice and corn and that's not a normal sized ham steak. Do you need glasses anon?

No. 211377

File: 1449432749543.gif (534.76 KB, 256x200, no.gif)

No. 211380


Uh Anon that's waaaay more than a single cup of rice and a single cup of corn wtf.

No. 211381

File: 1449433019236.jpg (53 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nyxfdpnAWY1shp2t7o1_400…)

>tfw i posted the picture of her dinner
>tfw i now regret it because you faggots will literally derail anything

No. 211382

I'd say a cup and a half. I weigh 126 and this would be a normal portion for me for dinner. My height is 5'11, so yeah. I'm at a pretty low weight.

No. 211383

File: 1449433502267.gif (489.08 KB, 400x256, fuckoff.gif)

Reported. Stop talking about your weight and eating habits. This is not My Fitness Pal. This is lolcow. It's for cows, not you.

No. 211384

These people cant be reasoned with. It happened in other threads. They just want someone to listen to them about their weights. its really weird tbh.

I think Charms looks really bad in recent pictures. She makes baby faces and you can tell its very forced. Just a normal facial expression from her would be telling. Anyway, she's not camming anymore till she loses weight? That will take months.

No. 211387

nobody cares about your stats, even for context, go blog about it elsewhere

No. 211388

Oh my god, that fucking hairline

>tfw i appreciate your efforts anyway anon

No. 211392

Oh god, she needs some hair to cover all that forehead tbh.
They need 2 of everything because she's a spoiled brat, they used to just switch between who played, even though charms hardly ever wanted to play.

No. 211394

that is, in no way, 1300 calories. no way. impossible.

No. 211395

and all dem figures and shit

waste of money for two unemployed peeps

No. 211398

File: 1449437075563.jpg (198.11 KB, 1600x1143, Jones Ham Steak Nutrition Fact…)

it actually is a normal sized hamsteak. you just don't know much about hamsteak. for example, this big-ass hamsteak, the whole thing, would be 250 calories. the whole thing. worst case scenario, the ham is 250. rice is low in calories, and so is corn. there's about a cup and a half of rice, and a cup and a half of corn. that does not = 1300. and we don't even know if charms ate everything.

No. 211400



No. 211402

how is it OT if it literally relates directly to her

No. 211403

It's not, fat people are just insecure about their eating habits

No. 211404

the problem is half the board is pro-ana and have a diet of air and ice.
the other half is probably asian and under 5'4.
I agree it's getting off-topic, but I would certainly blame that on every anon acting APPALLED by her dinner.

No. 211406

> half the board is pro-ana and have a diet of air and ice.

give me a break, you don't have to be a spoopy skeleton to think that a big plate of fatty lunchmeat and starch is gross

No. 211407

hamsteak is low in fat.

No. 211413

Also, learn how to fucking sage at least instead of bumping the thread with ham bullshit. No1currs, stop derailing the fucking thread

No. 211424

ITT– food autism

This looks like a child's playroom…

No. 211437


Okay but one last thing - rice are pure carbohydrates they are not low calorie.
Just 100 grams of rice is already 130 calories and it looks like Charms has about 300-350 grams there alone.

No. 211442

still not 1500 calories.
what exactly is your argument again?

No. 211458


No. 1. Curr.

No. 211461


I… wasn't making one. I'm not the Anon that said it was 1500 calories.

I guess if I was making any argument it would be that rice isn't low calorie. There's a reason why it's considered a staple food alongside potatoes and bread. Shit energises you yo'.

No. 211465

So she cammed 4 days ago and played a video game on Twitch two days ago. Does she ever keep a schedule or gets online whenever she feels like it?

No. 211468

They're on twitch right now. 4 viewers, me being one. Nothing is really happening though.

No. 211469

File: 1449447913086.jpg (110.93 KB, 960x960, tumblr_nyyl8wzp2X1shp2t7o1_128…)

Man this photo is awful.
I can't put my finger on what I dislike about it but she just looks weird. Really masculine and kind of scary.

No. 211470

This is why no one likes Nintenyearolds.

No. 211471


She kind of gives me Ashleigh Coffin vibes here

No. 211472

I think she looks way better than usual just because her eyes are alert and she doesn't look like she's doped up on bpd meds for once.

No. 211475


probably photoshopped to hell and back. She doesn't like like that now on Twitch.

No. 211481

just because something is a carb doesn't mean its high in calories. one slice of white bread is usually about 50 calories. that's not very much considering it's "all carb". and don't forget that when measuring rice, you're measuring uncooked rice. a cup of rice is a lot more than you'd expect, because its measured out while uncooked and dehydrated

No. 211484

No. 211489

lol no, maybe if you're eating ultra thin slices. the average slice of bread is more like 80-100 calories which is a lot considering that it's a relatively small physical amount of food

No. 211498

Can we all just agree that eating a trough of rice and ham isn't something to brag about and move on?

No. 211499

Charm's eyebrows look better. Also the blonde beside her is pretty average and plain, so of course Charms looks better by default.

No. 211501


Yes please!

No. 211502


I need to find me some of these ugly blondes to make me look pretty too

No. 211507

her face looks like it's melting off.

No. 211519

okay so i am really drunk right now

and like yeah, I;;ve eaten shit this sitty

even shittier actually

but im freaking out trying to comprehend ahy anyone thought this was worth posting online??? like when i ea this bad i pretend it didndt happen, not document it.

fuck man

No. 211522


Awww, anon, you ok?

No. 211523


drunk is the only way i can browse lolcow, otherwise im too depressed remembering these people actually exist

No. 211528

File: 1449459116177.png (416.1 KB, 931x579, jesuschrist.png)

No. 211536

I actually thought she looked pretty decent with her other recent hair color… I think she should have kept it for a bit longer instead of going back to black.

No. 211537

She's actually losing it. We are watching her sanity dissolve throughout lolcow.

No. 211539

It seems like that thing where people know they've fucked up in some way and try to make as big a joke of it as possible. It beats others to the punch in their minds.

Flaunting her critically-ill hairline or the entire recent hair saga come to think of it, the ham plank dinner photography…

No. 211547

Jesus, that forehead looks absolutely terrible! Just shave off the thinning bits at the front, it'll look better.

No. 211548

It's really sad when you remember how she used to look.

No. 211549

This makes me miss those big blunt bangs she used to have. She used to be fuckable but now I wouldn't let that bitch PAY ME to fuck her.

No. 211551

no one cares

No. 211552

File: 1449466398676.png (706.85 KB, 599x600, burger.png)

No. 211579

God. She used to be so enviable, her body and fashionhairmakeup were goals. Now she's just.. She looks like she needs serious help, no joke. Like she needs a therapist and/or a psych ward stay.

No. 211581

her eyebrows look better now.
i feel like she would look ok with a buzzed head.

No. 211592

>That dull, lifeless look in her eyes
That is the look of a woman who takes anti-psychotics for a mental illness she doesn't have. Same look as Ashliegh Coffin. Anti-psychotics are basically a brain tranquilizer, let that sink in. Remember all the vigor and enthusiasm she had for life? Remember how active she was? She had hobbies, she had friends, interests, her romantic life was exiting and intimate instead of just "take my money, here". God, pathetic.

No. 211602

It's just sad. Her eyes look sad and lifeless for about 1,5 years now.
I feel kind of bad for her but then I remember she brought all of this upon herself. Once or if she gets out of that situation she'll regret that she wasted so much time of her life.

No. 211604


This is possibly the worst disintegration of a human being I've ever witnessed, but despite how depressing it is I just can't look away.

No. 211618

God. She's clearly going through a hard time to say the least, but she's not THAT bad. You make it seem like she's at a point of no return. If this is the WORST you've seen I envy you.

No. 211631

I agree honestly. She certainly could keep going downhill from here and ruin her life relatively quickly, but she could also still fix her life and move past this. People in worse holes than her do it all the time.

No. 211634

meds do that to you.
they not only stop the depression, they dull all your feelings pretty much.

No. 211635

you're depressed thinking of these people or depressed at how much time you spend here speculating on strangers lives?

No. 211636

its fine to have a huge forehead but what is going on with her hairline
its looks like a balding man or a baby

No. 211639


You talk as if those tattoos are removable and the scars from her piercings or stretchmarks healable.

It's starting to look like she's even developing permanent hair loss from extension/dye abuse too, and after this weight gain her skin will never be as firm and taut again.

Even if she does manage to turn it all around that shits never going away.

No. 211671

wtf???? she looks fucking scary. like a bride of chucky doll

No. 211675

I think your confused. I have eyes like her. When you have large lids like that you tend to look tired or high. When you mix that with her choice of dark make up smudged everywhere you get that heroin look.

pls try not to diagnose people…

No. 211690

Well we already know for a fact she is mentally ill (bpd at the very least) and medicated, so it's not really diagnosing. I wouldn't say her situation is 100% her fault but she needs to get motivated to do…something. Anything. She is so unhealthy, inside and out.

No. 211756

It's hard when you're sedated. I don't know if she is on antipsychotics but they make you feel really lazy and groggy.

No. 211785

File: 1449533431302.jpg (1.13 MB, 1500x7319, charmslol.jpg)

No. 211795


oh my god

No. 211799

My sides

No. 211800



No. 211832

File: 1449542496761.png (249.22 KB, 358x358, topkek.png)

You are the most golden anon in this thread. Holy shit.

No. 211834

lmfao i love this!

No. 211840

showed this to the bf out of context and once he saw the pills and mcdonalds he cracked up.

10/10. will read again. will lol. will rate 10/10 again.

No. 211858

File: 1449547064670.gif (839.26 KB, 250x320, kek.gif)

The perfect Charms summary.

No. 211868

Her entire life story in one photo for all the new lurkers. It's perfection.

No. 211880

The light at the end of the Skype cap tunnel. Well done.

No. 211913

File: 1449558043184.jpg (37.2 KB, 319x238, 4276880.jpg)

OT, but nice gif ;)

No. 211920

File: 1449559276339.jpg (454.73 KB, 495x224, FUCKYEA.jpg)

thank you anon ;)

No. 211929

Awwwww, thank you guys :3

No. 211933

File: 1449561747182.png (1.33 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (700).png)

"Twitch-a-thon!! Trying to fix my sleep schedule so I'll be on twitch ALL NIGHT and ALL DAY. with maybe a few breaks here and there. Come hang out! ??? Twitch.TV/littlelotte_xo"

No. 211940

File: 1449564219176.jpg (79.96 KB, 1278x718, despair.jpg)

Neither of them look thrilled to be alive at the moment. No conversation at all, tired eyes and one viewer.

No. 211942

They both look completely dead inside.

I have the stream open, but I'm watching the X-Files and futilely trying to write an essay; I'll try to look out for anything interesting.

No. 211944

Good luck with your essay. You know nothing interesting is happening in this stream.

No. 211946

Haha holy shit this is awful. Good thing I'm drunk

No. 211947

File: 1449565323907.png (1.27 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (704).png)

thank you, anon. bless.

No. 211949

File: 1449565634912.jpg (94.54 KB, 1276x719, rip scraps.jpg)

A tiny bit of difference, it's now Scraps dying in almost every fight. Charms isn't doing so bad but he's 22 levels ahead of her.

The Wii U Scraps is playing belongs to Charms' brother. This is as close as we're getting to a plot twist.

No. 211950

My god.
The sound quality is crap, the game keeps skipping around, they aren't doing/saying anything interesting, no context for what's happening in the game, and just to top it all off I can't fucking tell which screen belongs to who?? is it vertical or horizontal?? I'm assuming it's horizontal but fuck, I shouldn't have to guess. Learn to make a layout.

I also don't understand why she makes 0 effort to dress up for Twitch compared to mfc. They both look like constipated cave dwellers.

No. 211952

Ikr they aren't making it interesting yet they want people to talk

No. 211953

Yeah, it's horizontal. No, it makes no fucking sense and their layout is terrible.

Scraps is practically begging for conversation in chat.

No. 211957

lol i asked in chat and they had such a ball explaining it. they're so desperate for people to help them be more interesting.

No. 211958

hahaha you made their morning. At least one of them is more lifelike now.

Charms' game feed is glitching out pretty badly. I think she just said she plans to do this for 10 hours, but Scraps has an errand to run in 5 hours or whatever.

No. 211962

shit, we made him get too close to the mic now his voice is just buzzing in my ears

No. 211964

why the fuck did we say anything about the screen sizes, this is such a mess now

No. 211965

omg they made the facecams smaller but now it just looks even worse because of that background peeking through

No. 211966

you'd think this would be something they'd put thought into BEFORE setting up a stream with dual HD recording cards and cams and etc etc

No. 211968

jesus fucking christ they're having a hard time understanding the simplest of things

No. 211970


we're so subtle

No. 211972

ayra is subtly rutheless

No. 211975

"My screen is so dark, i need a new video card, give me money" - Charms '15

she doesn't like the new layout because she wants the separate cams again. I guess she wants all the attention on her messy bun and five head.

No. 211977

she does and that's sad cause her brother is more interesting on her own stream

No. 211978

She's used to the limelight.

God, I kinda want Scraps to talk less now.

No. 211979

File: 1449568326467.jpg (62.22 KB, 1278x717, unflattering.jpg)

Several of you have manipulated Charms into a hilariously unflattering angle. lol

No. 211980

my god all she does is whine and all they do is bicker

No. 211981

"your job hardly pays for anything"
"maybe we should thank your parents"

"Your job hasn't made much money recently"

omg they're hardcore legit arguing

No. 211982

Holy shit, they're really going at it.

She says she bought him a sewing machine with her "job money."

No. 211985

"When I buy stuff for us you should know it's not just for you!"

If a fuck machine had ears they would be burning.

No. 211987


No. 211988

To expand, Scraps just called Charms out on the pound charity donation. It didn't show up on a statement or something.

No. 211989

oh my lord

is he trying to imply she scammed the donation money? for fun?
like charm is sketchy but scraps seems like a fucking asshole for bringing up this dirty laundry on her twitch stream.

No. 211990

He's definitely a passive aggressive dronebot. His voice is approaching nails on chalkboard for me.

No. 211991

he just talked about his moist dick and thats fucking disgusting

No. 211992

his moist dick, which is moist because he was BORN with it, unlike charm's sweaty ass crack which may be "like an ocean". Christ he's annoying.

No. 211996

did she just say she wont wear the armour suit because it's got a little bit of pink on it? so kewl and edgyyy!! it looks a lot better than the one she's wearing. that's so petty

No. 211999

This stream is putting me to sleep.

No. 212000

of all the places to NOT flaunt her giant fake tits, she chooses twitch? big tits and dressing up is how 8/10 female streamers get popular nowadays. Where the fuck does she think 10 hours of streaming this garbage will go?

No. 212001

He keeps jiggling her boob with his elbow and looking to chat for validation. It's just layers of gross.

No. 212003

same, they are boring af to watch. i'd really like to see them fail at battletoads

No. 212004


Oh my fucking god, I haven't heard the "OMG I HAET PINK SO MUCH U GUIZE LOL!!" thing since emo kids trying to look cool in 2007. How old is Charlotte again?

No. 212006

It's mostly them but this game isn't stream friendly unless they put a little effort into it.

This is a no effort zone so blah.

No. 212007

yeah i only hear middle schoolers say stupid shit like so i was just like "oh come on" you know?

she needs to get over herself and drop the attitude.

No. 212008

pretty much. there's so many characters and so much shit going on and really long boring japanese rpg-style dialogue and all they do is say vague things like 'oh i can choose' or 'i think it's that way', and then get into some argument about bullshit.
They need to be adding context and letting the audience know what's going on in the story and in what they're actually doing gameplay wise.

It's like she thought MFC style streaming would work on Twitch. Minus putting effort into her appearance… which is the one thing that would have worked.

No. 212009

i cant even hear the game audio. they have the volume so low and their mic is giving a lot of feedback that's overpowering the game audio

No. 212012

Fucking Scraps.

No. 212013

He sounds like a duck when he talks.

No. 212016

File: 1449573226689.png (38.81 KB, 358x350, DaffyScraps.png)

lol everything comes out of him as a flat lecturing quack noise.

No. 212018


god he cannot read for shit. he keeps misreading everything

No. 212020

was that her mom that just came in??

Charms actually has a cute voice

No. 212021

Sounded like her mom. Maybe they did sell the house/apartment/??? and have a different situation now.

More questions than answers.

No. 212029

File: 1449576367792.jpg (89.61 KB, 1275x714, winding down.jpg)

I seriously give them two more hours at most. They're struggling to stay interested. Charms is just struggling with probes.

No. 212033

Fuck did they actually have a legit argument whilst streaming? What the fuck did I miss? Was it good??

No. 212034

K' I officially despise Mike.
At first I thought that maybe it was a case of Charms abusing Mike but I legit think it's the other way round.

Ever since he came back onto the scene her life has become a complete mess. He has ruined Charms completely.

No. 212035

They argued about money mostly. I don't even remember what led to their blow up.
The big point of interest was an animal shelter donation Charms might not have made after the begging for emergency puppy surgery money. Scraps said that he took a look at some kind of statement and saw no evidence of the donation.

Things kind of fizzled out from there and they relaxed into a very dull JRPG stream.

At one point an older woman's voice was heard from another room. Mama Charms? We can only guess.

Scraps really is pretty toxic though. Just snide and snippy, and he absolutely cannot take a joke or gentle ribbing from Charms. She wanted to goof on him failing a fight that she had succeeded in but was hesitant. Finally she typed it out in chat (just an inoffensive "he sucks haha" thing) and he still got all salty.

No. 212036

I know Charms isn't perfect and shes actually a bitch but do you guys think that Scraps is somewhat controlling and the weight gain is because of stress eating from him? Like that weight gain you get from bad relationships?

No. 212038

ot as all hell but anon where were you in 2007? where i lived, all the emo fucks WORSHIPPED bam margera and his pink heartagram skateboards so the color pink was kind of an emo skater tryhard thing here

No. 212044

File: 1449582909124.gif (993.4 KB, 500x267, spoopy.gif)

X-Files is much more interesting than the stream anyway. Damn, Scraps is looking worse every time I look at him. He's becoming a skelington.

No. 212047

I'M SO PISSED I MISSED THIS. She doesn't record any of her twitch streams, does she?

No. 212048

Mike is disgusting. And he isn't even attractive. idgi

No. 212053

Nope. I'm guessing neither of them know archiving is possible.

Evidence being the elaborate game of snakes and ladders they fumbled through when noble farmers suggested they fix their fucked up stream layout.

No. 212060


I was thinking more along the lines of the "I'm not like other girls teehee i'm such a ~tomboy~ guiz, fuck u preps" kind of emos.

But yeah, middle schoolers maybe would've been a better description

No. 212065


I'm starting to think the same thing now.
It doesn't even seem like Mike likes her tbh. I'm 100% that he sticks around for the free rent.

No. 212069

File: 1449589704081.jpg (307.39 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nz0s6m6mLs1shp2t7o1_128…)

11 hours on and she's taking a food break and coming back on again soon.

No. 212071

She's going to be on again? I have to work in a few hours. Hope I can catch this train wreck.

No. 212075

It's an if. You know Charms and schedules.

>be back on chaturbate tomorrow guys

>returns to chaturbate in two weeks

No. 212080


In Charms' defence, her "food breaks" probably do take two weeks

No. 212101

Love you, anon

No. 212104

This is brilliant.

No. 212185

Scraps is just so unbearable to watch. There's a way to shit talk someone without dragging up personal shit or being straight up insulting. He was bashing her non stop and anytime she said anything he would shoot it down with condescending humor.

And yeah, echoing what another anon said, he's so on the attack at all times, and so ready to pull of personal shit, that Charms honestly seems like she's walking on eggshells around him.
He lives with her, under her (or her mom's) roof, most likely still living off of her savings, and he had the scumminess to go off about how her job wasn't making much money lately. It's a direct insult on her character because it's not as though she has a commission job and business has slowed down, it's because she's let herself go and stop putting effort into working. He's literally breaking her down and insulting her over and over as edgy man baby jeering jokes.

The only way I could see them being a successful stream couple would be if Scraps calmed the fuck down and stopped using Charms as his ego trip doormat, if Charms was actually funny and peppy and not just whiny and annoyed, and if maybe they got a playful RT Michael/Gavin thing going. But fuck no they're not gonna do that.

Charms if you read this, go back to MFC and dump constipated duck face man baby skeletor.

No. 212189

I feel a little bad for charms on this one. But then again we don't know the whole story

No. 212216

Why does she stream while looking like that? god it just hit me. sure she gained like 50lbs but at least put yourself together rather than look like a white trash slob
gdi charms you used to be enviably cute

No. 212227

I'm guessing scraps is early 20's and aging super badly.
>those fine wrinkles on that twink face
Starting to look like a pedo tbh

Get with a young guy with less anglo genetics because they age super fast and horribly. Seriously he looks like shit and there's no reason to settle with this. Americans are mostly Germanic.

No. 212237

I think he is around 25, as I know that Charms was saying that Chloe at 19 was too young for him when they had that going on.

No. 212256

Mike is Hispanic

No. 212266

Why does her mother allow this leech to flop around in her house stuffing his face and playing video games all day??

No. 212293

Charms is a cunt but even she doesn't deserve Scraps' abuse.

No. 212294

Really? How do you know? He's hideous no matter what his race/ethnicity. And he's a scumbag on top of that.

No. 212296

I remember Lotte saying something about the amount of bigotry where they live, and that people still treat Mike like shit because of his Hispanic surname even though he's white-passing.

No. 212303

Damn, that kind of racism is lame as shit.

No. 212304

I think that they mutually abuse eachother. We can't forget that she locked him in her basement. Couples need space and from what I gather they they spend all their time together.

No. 212305


scraps look like a middle aged thin woman in this thumbnail

No. 212310


I agree but I think Charms in this situation is far more easily manipulated by lil Scraps here. She clearly has issues with self control and instant gratification and often those issues come hand in hand with not being able to stand up for yourself, easily pushed around and emotionally bullied. I feel like he takes heavy heavy advantage of her mental state which is clearly a disaster, and bam there you go a doormat for him that is already letting herself go and all her shreds of self esteem are slowly melting away making her an even easier target and subject for him to basically push around whenever he feels snarky or bitchy or whatever. It has probably taken a toll on her.

No. 212311


Also goddamn runon sentence sorry lol

No. 212317


You're confused Anon Mike is part Native American, but it's like, an miniscule amount.

I also remember Charms mentioning the thing about his surname, how because her last name is Bransdorfer when she enters a hospital she gets treat like a Queen but whenever Mike did he was treat like a second class citizen.

Btw Mike's last name is Flores, but I've never heard a name like that so I hardly discriminate based on it.

No. 212318


Oooh I Googled it, it's Spanish origin lol

I do specifically remember her saying that Mike is part Native or some shit, did she also say he was part Hispanic?

No. 212329

File: 1449648314791.jpg (81.34 KB, 750x644, image.jpg)

Found the post. Doesn't say much about how white Mike actually is or isn't but we've been discussing it so here it is for posterity.

No. 212332

Spanish doesn't always mean 'Hispanic'
Considering Spanish is one of the top three most spoken languages throughout the world, theres a fair chance that Mike is just white. Why else would charms say 'because of his name' rather than 'because of his race'

No. 212361

Fuck Charms, she deserves anything Mike puts her through for being such a vapid cunt for so long. I'm GLAD Aoi beat the shit out of her. I'm GLAD Mike manipulates her. You can only be a shitty person for so long before people stop caring about what you go through. I used to be like you and felt sorry for her, but then I realized she brought it all on herself. Karma is fucking ruthless.

No. 212367

Also her name is very typically jewish, ofc she's going to be treated nicely by people who assume she has tons of money and good insurance.

No. 212398

There are tons of white passing hispanics though. So he could actually be puerto rican or whatever. No big deal. It's still unjustified racism.

No. 212399

If he has a Spanish last name anon, he's more than likely hispanic.

No. 212405

lots of Hispanic people look white. but I'm curious what exactly being "treated like shit" entails tho. idk does he go to the ER a lot or what?

i'm sure Charlotte would fit in very well in a "diverse community".

No. 212421

Jesus Christ. Charms has historically awful behavior but she is diagnosed borderline. Borderline people have little to no control over their emotions or the havoc they wreak over people's lives without intensive cognitive therapy. She needs a good therapist and less pills shoved down her throat. She has been repeatedly failed by the people who are supposed to be taking care of her, like her parents, Mike, Aoi, etc. is she a bitch and a cunt? Yes. Can a lot of that behavior be chalked up to her disorder? There's a good chance it can. Either way, does she deserve to be abused emotionally and physically by her loved ones? Absolutely not.

I bet dialectal therapy would do Charms a world of good. I think she has more going on than borderline, but it would help her.

No. 212422


I remember the post and she said that when Mike went to ER for his dental pain the staff treated him like he was just the to mooch/steal high-strength drugs like codeine phosphate or some shit, which I can actually believe.

No. 212426

Anon, you mean latino. Hispanic just means from any country with Spanish as a primary language, it has nothing to do with race - it's nationality. Most Hispanic people are white, because they come from Spain. Mike is American, so he's Latino not Hispanic.

No. 212432

I work at a hospital, can confirm that no ER is going to give out anything stronger than ibuprofen for dental pain. Any dental pain that comes in gets treated with the loweat acuity, because hospitals don't do shit about teeth. That's a dentist's occupation.

No. 212433

Ah, yes, thanks for correcting me. I tend to get that wrongly often. I wonder what his last name is now?

No. 212436

File: 1449682797401.png (939.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-09-17-37-41…)


That's weird.
I've had recurring dental infections over the years from just having shit teeth that are weak and break over nothing, and the GP's here in the UK always sent me packing with a 5 day Amoxicillin antibiotic course, benzocaine orajel for topical application and 30mg codeine phosphate which blasts the fuck out of the pain.


It's still Flores.

You can find him on Facebook with it, but what's kind of sad is that whilst there is hundreds of pictures of himself there's only photo of Charms and it was back when she was thin/cute. I think he's embarrassed of her.


No. 212438

brush your fucking teeth and stop chugging soda you gross freak

No. 212439

Ah, sorry, I should specify that I mean hospitals in the US. The usual thing they'll do for dental pain is scripts for 800mg pills of ibuprofen and 500mg pills of amoxicillin, and give you a referral to see a dentist. You're like the lowest thing in the emergency room totem pole, simply because there's literally nothing the ER can do for you.
tl;dr It doesn't have anything to do with Mikes last name being Hispanic.

No. 212457

>you'll never make scraps your pure bf before he mangled his dick

No. 212463

Why would you want to? Scraps isn't Charm's damaged goods, he was already wrecked.

When he's not having an autist level spazz he's preeching weird SJW shit.

Literally no redeeming factors. I'd rather date Charms, at least she had the ability to be cute before.

I doubt that weird looking man skeleton ever had anything going for him. Looks like a middle aged dyke, it's weird.

No. 212470

he looks like my mom
she's 55 and slavic for referenec

No. 212496

bpd doesn't excuse her actions but nice try

No. 212499

exactly, i know people who are anywhere from bpd to schizo and they are decent, loving, nice people. charms is just a cunt, with or without the bpd.

also they are back on twitch

No. 212500

scraps looks like venus's mom

No. 212504

There are loads more photos of him and Charms together, but they're probably just not set to public.

No. 212507


Yes there are, and they all come from Charms, not Mike.

No. 212508

I agree she doesn't deserve that kind of abuse. But while BPD explains a lot of her behaviour, but it doesn't excuse it. If she doesn't go to therapy and take meds to keep her BPD under control and causes crazy shit because of it, that's on her - she's old enough and able enough to know what she should be doing to take care of her own mental health so that it doesn't hurt others. She's not completely incapable of making those mental health care decisions for herself. So when she fails to make those decisions and others get hurt because of it, she needs to take responsibility.

No. 212509

File: 1449697590249.jpg (32.07 KB, 540x352, tumblr_inline_nt0vwfxruj1spsoj…)

Mike looks greasy as all hell.

No. 212510


She does take meds though. It's probably a pretty big reason why she's so fucked up now.

I do kind of hope she ditches Mike, ends up getting a decent therapist and gets meds that will actually help her become more stable rather than just turning her into a zombie, but I don't think it looks very likely.

You'd think the fact she's stopped taking even basic care of herself, started gaining weight, etc, would sort of be a wakeup call, but she's just going further and further into denial.

No. 212592

I thought there were a few from their trip to that dinosaur animatronic park over the summer? I could be completely wrong - I honestly don't ever distinguish between tagged/posted photos lmao

No. 212621


I've been fb friends with Mike for a few years now and he barely posts any pics of him and Charms. Even when they went to that park it was all photos of him.

No. 212634

Yeah, Flores is a pretty common spanish name.
Source: I'm latina.

No. 212641

She probably needs to get the fuck OFF meds, tbh. They're not for everyone, and frankly I dislike depression medication them as a whole. I only know a couple people where their meds actually helped them, the rest … their meds just fucked them up.

No. 212694


You're probably right. I was just worried someone would jump down my throat for suggesting meds fucked her up.

Although with BPD I'm not sure how well she could function with therapy alone, but I'm no psychiatrist.

It's sad she has all this money and she and scraps just spend it on Nintendo shit and bad tattoos rather than getting a good therapist.

No. 212720

If only she'd see taking care of her mental health and wellbeing as an investment into her livelihood. Because if she had a good therapist and meds that didn't mess her up, she'd be able to focus on her life for realsies and make the changes she badly needs to.

No. 212721

I wish Charms would come live with me. I've had a mad crush on her for years now and I'd take care of her.

No. 212723


Why, she's a horrible person and would only cause you drama/steal your shit.

No. 212724

I have nothing of value to steal and my life is boring as hell so she wouldn't do much to me.

No. 212726

I am actually in dialectical therapy right now with someone who studied under the psychologist who pioneered it (Marsha Linehan) and learned that bpd is not a disorder you're supposed to throw medication at, which is another reason doctors don't like to treat it. It requires extensive behavioral therapy which is expensive to get certified in and is a lot of work for both therapist and patient. I have to go to therapy twice a week for the next year and have a several hundred page workbook as well.

Meds for bpd are only a bandaid fix to sedate them basically when they really need their whole life skills and coping mechanisms reworked. I won't knock meds for depression, because I've seen them work for people close to me, but there is no pill for bpd. If Charms was willing to put in the legwork and get into therapy she might really make a difference in her own life.

Sage for personal shit but you guys might find it interesting.

No. 212727


Personal shit is fine when it's actually relevant like this is.

No. 212729

Shit dude, you get help from someone who studied under Marsha Linehan? I have her skills training manual for BPD and that alone has helped immensely through the years. I agree that dialectical therapy would really help Charms… but that takes effort on her part so she probably won't do it.

No. 212732

She's a fat cow though.

No. 212733

This is actually really interesting.

No. 212740

File: 1449757438888.png (22.05 KB, 649x220, money.png)

Oh charms…

No. 212743

This was really insightful, anon. Thanks for this!

No. 212750

I'd say she has tested this theory well beyond reason.

No. 212756

can you tell me what caused you to get diagnosed with BPD?

No. 212770

Can y'all just start a BPD thread in /b/ or something jfc

>>212726 was related but 99% of other BPD things aren't.

No. 212774

Jesus fucking christ, I hate when posts like >>212770 pop-up.

Like when there is no fucking drama going on and things are a bit slow it is totally fine to deviate a little bit and begin discussing topics that are slightly more personal but still have a relationship with the main body of discussion.

Some people on here sperg out so hard if you are now 100% on topic at all times and it's really annoying. It's not like Charms is doing much right now jeez, and nobody ever uses the threads created to re-direct conversation away from /pt/ so there's no point. Just deal with it.

No. 212776

File: 1449767271064.jpg (309.96 KB, 1308x869, weqrr.jpg)

Scraps and Charms are live on Twitch again.


Who wants to try and bait them into having another lover's spat from the chatroom?

No. 212777

File: 1449767596547.jpg (238.26 KB, 1296x823, 5ce07056126b974624d9bbba8e4f4e…)

Scraps is staring into my soul…

No. 212782

yeah life's so hard w/ threads having specific topics.
after all, there's definitely nowhere online besides lolcow for you to talk about your mental disorders all you want.

No. 212789

Personally, I don't think it's such a bad idea. So many cows use BPD to excuse their actions so having a thread outlining the criteria, treatment options, and evidence of people faking could be really useful. I have a few books on the subject so if anyone felt a need to start a thread about it, I would be happy to help and maybe a few other anons could.

No. 212790


Bitch don't try and drag me into this just because I chewed you out for being the billionth person to make one of those "Urgh GROANZONE, take it to another thread guizzzze" posts.

I don't have BPD or anything of the sort but I'm secure in my ego so I don't freak out when people begin a discussion in an otherwise dead-thread on a subject relating to Charms.

You guys can discuss away; I for one do not mind at all.

No. 212791

He looks like a 40 year old woman.

No. 212792

Well I won't derail any further with my life story or anything since people are divisive about it but if someone wants to make a thread I'd be happy to share my experiences with the disorder and dialectical therapy. Like >>212789 said it seems to be the go-to disorder for lolcows and snowflakes, real or fake, so it could be insightful for people and to better understand our beloved cows.

Charms' hair…I wish she'd take some of that tattoo/squandered donation money and see a real stylist. Love yourself, girl.

No. 212823

Newfag, how hard is it to take it to another thread. I had to skip over most of this dumb disorder, arm-chair shit to get to drama.

Charms drama ISN'T dead and pretty sure we're having a nice convo on how scraps is a 40 year old lesbian, Charms domestic abuse situation and … charms fucking up her life in general. Stop derailing, faggots.

No. 212829

thats his
> oh god what have i done

No. 212831

It's kind of impressive how well he fits the "Gay Aunt" look.

No. 212836



Oh sweety if only you knew.
I'm a bigger oldfag than easily 98% of the other cunts here sware on me mam

>it's actually kind of sad I can't leave help me

No. 212839

Seriously. He's very Tegan and Sara on laundry day in those caps.

No. 212840

*oh no sweaty-chan, I'm actually the biggest oldfag of them all~ teehee~*

Dude, please stop. I'll start a BPD thread in /b/ myself if I clears out all this off topic bullshit.

No. 212841

It's been 4 hours since the last bpd post. You are the only person still derailing.

No. 212842


Why do you believe that attempting to replicate my post in a childish manner and adding obnoxious onomatopoeias is going to injure me.
You have no argument so you attempt to debase my words over my stance right? Congratulations, you're an idiot incapable of independent thought.

Go make that thread btw, just look forward to nobody using it and having another dead thread clogging up the catalogue.

No. 212843

>dude, please stop. I'll start a BPD thread in /b/ myself

ffs just because people occasionally goes a tiny bit off-topic does not warrant a new thread being created VERY FUCKING TIME
This is ridiculous because in this case the BPD discussion was actually pretty relevant to the inner workings of Charms mind and provides some insight as to why she's behaving in the way she is.

No. 212844

I don't care, thread made, go there rats.

I think it's funny how you expect to injure me with your own carefully constructed, projective insults just because I don't like off topic bullshit :^) but hey, keep going, it's not as if these threads have a post-limit or anything.

No. 212846

>4 hours
>"oldfag"-chan posted 45 minutes ago.


No. 212848


>once again replicated my post in an attempt to double it back on me because she struggles to form her own arguments

Nobody is going to use the thread; fuck off and stop crying whenever people start talking about shit you don't like.


Yeah I did, because you bumped the thread again here >>212823 when everybody was already done with this shit in an attempt to protect your fragile ego. Now stfu and let it die already.

No. 212849



No. 212850

Sounds good, hope you kill yourself friend, it would improve the board a lot. See ya.

No. 212851

nice samefag.

No. 212852

Sorry but, that other post wasn't me. The post about making a new thread was the first one I made.

Baaaaaack to Charms, now. Is she still streaming on twitch?

No. 212853

You were the one that brought up the UGH NEWFAG DERAILING hours after the bpd discussion ended. They just replied to you.

No. 212856

File: 1449786719948.png (581.82 KB, 931x595, moar.png)

Except I wasn't. Not everyone who doesn't agree with you is the same person.

Anyway, Charms is offline now. Wonder when she'll get back. When was the last time she showered?

No. 212859


kek so everybody else is a samefag for not agreeing with but not you? Lieeeeeees you just got caught out.

No. 212860

The point being is that the borderline posts were over and done when whoever brought it up again to complain that resulted in more derailing. It was pointless. That's all I'm trying to say.

Also, for someone who used to (and occasionally still tried to) take her clothes off for a living, Charms is sure covered up on Twitch, where having her tits half out would be the most beneficial. All she needs to do is wear a low cut top and have a bigger cam space than Mike.

No. 212862

It doesn't really seem like they're doing the Twitch streaming for money though. It's more like a hobby for them I think.

No. 212865

Jesus… I would never post a photo of me looking this haggard. Put on some makeup or just take a picture of the thing you're trying to show off. Almost makes me feel bad for her…

No. 212868

It seems like Charms did set it up as another money maker initially. The huge DONATE button and text telling viewers all donations go to gaming equipment. Not Burger King gift cards, not bad tattoos and definitely not fuck machines. Gaming equipment.

To be fair they haven't really begged for anything when I've watched. Too busy not talking at all, or staring at endless ingame menus.

No. 212869

I could've sworn they had a big donate button up but I don't see it in any of the pics. Well, as long as she's enjoying herself. I get the impression she's super lonely and trying to reach out to people this way, but I bet she'd have better luck without fucking Mike there to beat her down.

No. 212870


It's below the stream window. You have to scroll down a bit.

No. 212874

..What? I don't even know what you're saying, man.
Fair enough.
She looks really terrible.. I still don't understand why she's done this to herself.

No. 212886

Why isn't she cleaning herself up a bit? I don't get it. Does she think that looking like a greasy neckbeard will lead to neckbeard donations?

Look cute, Charms and get your lesbian off the channel. I swear scraps is practicing lesbian witch craft with the way she stares into the camera empty and deranged.

No. 212894


She isn't cleaning herself up because she doesn't care because her meds are fucking her up the ass emotionally.

She believes she needs them to keep herself stable but heavy medications like what she's on doesn't do shit to actually address any of her problems, all they do is switch off your feelings and biomechaniclly force you into a mental-autopilot so that can continue to function to a degree.

People keep saying she looks dead behind the eyes and it's because she is. The lights are on but nobody's home.

She's been on these meds for fucking ages though and they're not intended to be a longterm solution, just wondering temporary until you can arrange stuff like therapy, counselling or familial care and such. Why the fuck it's she still on them? She is going to fry her brain permanently at this rate.

No. 212905

I wonder if she'll ever get better, as in become self-aware and all that one day. If that ever happens and she doesn't get help, I legitimately think she'd kill herself.

I wonder what'd happen if she broke up with Mike, would she revert back to before? I mean she'd be forced to get her own food and shit so…

No. 212910

She needs a kick in the ass of some sort to make her realize that what she's doing isn't working. BPD is not a disorder that can be medicated, so she is certainly over medicated in the extreme at this point, and it's slowly but surely ruining her. Unfortunately, everyone in her life enables her. Her mother gives her money to continue her bullshit, Mike won't leave her because he's there for the free ride, so there's nothing to inspire her to improve. If her shrink took her off the meds, she might wake up, but if she's currently compliant and telling them she's fine, why would they?

No. 212912

BPD thread for everyone.

No. 212934

The pic sort of reminds me of me without makeup when I take selfies and then fucking delete them. And I don't make a living off selling myself. Charms is too lazy to put on makeup for 5 minutes or photoshop her bags and nasolabial folds out damn. It must be dem meds.

No. 212935

If she gets off meds she has to deal with how much she fucked up her life. She gained 60+lbs, terrible boob job when she had qt perfect tits before, and got tattoos.

No. 213008

That'd be a good thing though. It'd be hard to cope with at first but with therapy and appropriate nurturing she could get a handle on it and get her life back. Some things she's ruined forever (like her tits and skin) but she can lose weight, work towards a career of some kind (whether it's camming, doing makeup, whatever), maybe fix her hair, I don't know how much of a lost cause that is. But at this point she's going nowhere but down.

No. 213009

They were far from perfect. Retard

No. 213013

Even then you can change the body mods. She could get smaller implants or take them out. Tattoos are harder but you can use makeup to hide them, get more tattoos to cover up the old ones as they fade, etc. There is always an option even if they arent the best like laser removal.

Charms however was never motivated to have a real job so getting off meds wouldnt change that.

No. 213030

Honestly I don't know, I feel like if Charms suddenly woke up with a clear head and a sound mind she'd seriously consider suicide. I know that narcissists don't typically hurt themselves but she's lost everything she was narcissistic about in the first place.

No. 213045


Not her but lol, y u so mad.

No. 213047

It's definitely a negative thing to say, but honestly I only see Charms life going 3 ways:

>Get some actual therapy, fix/laser the tattoos, cut the toxic people (Scraps) out of her life, etc.

I think this one is the least likely. I don't know anyone who just woke up one day and thought "Man I'm living a toxic life I'm turning things around!" and actually stuck to it. Plus, with her track record and mental issues I don't see this happening.

>Keep falling into a bigger pit of failure

This one is mostly likely IMO. She'll become and even bigger animal/general hoarder, continue to gain weight and get shitty cheap tattoos with 0 thought, and still have people in her life that make her mental health worse. She'll degrade into the type of woman you see at Walmart with huge, stained sweatpants and a Looney Tunes shirt, most likely living in her own filth and relying on either 'feeder' fetishists or the government.

>She'll realize how low she's fallen and attempt suicide/become some sort of addict

I don't really see the suicide part happening since I don't think she'd hurt herself like >>213030 said. But sometimes people see that as the only way out of their shitty situations when they don't think they can fix them (although, yet again, I doubt Charms would do this). Then there's the addict possibility. She might turn to some sort of addiction to escape the hole her life has become. I've only been here for 2 threads so I'm not sure if she has been addicted to any substances, but she clearly has an addictive personality.

Anyways, that's my over-analysis.

No. 213048

I'm just sick of the circle jerk here. Omg charms was soon beautiful and perfect. Like honestly she was a 6/7 at best. She could have stood to do some exercise back then. Her boobs and body were skinny fat. Just stop the circle jerk pls

No. 213049


Okay but Anon it's totally subjective.
You don't get to call somebody retarded just because you disagree with how they subjectively perceive her breasts.

For the record I think she had pretty nice ta-ta's too.

No. 213052

Dude I can call whoever I want whatever I want. This isnt PULL. If someone is circle jerking I'm gonna say they're retarded. You're retarded.

No. 213055


And you're a fat slut.
Good day madam.

No. 213056


Agreed, but people are also perfectly entitled to call you out if you sound salty.

She was definitely really cute, but I think the reason people see younger Charms as a perfect beautiful 10/10 goddess is because she's such a trainwreck now it's hard to believe she's the same person.
Kind of like how any time Pixyteri dresses her age everyone is amazed by how much better she looks even though she's still below average.

No. 213057

File: 1449862522414.png (Spoiler Image, 618.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-15-22-33-15…)

She had a pretty nice body by any standards guys, it's not just because she's gross now.

No. 213067

File: 1449864508658.png (Spoiler Image, 402.58 KB, 831x499, dfadfa.png)

I think some of you have forgotten how cute Charms was in her prime.

Here's a casual reminder.


No. 213068


we're supposed to spoil nsfw stuff tho fam.

No. 213071


Hm, yeah, well I can't do it now :l

No. 213075

File: 1449865921967.png (Spoiler Image, 888.58 KB, 2494x586, fafa.png)

Like seriously guys, idc what some of you say, I would have legit smashed.

No. 213076

Yeah, im aware dumbass. I'm not saying she was ugly. Charms was cute. She was a 6/7 because she refused to exercise. In her pics she looked nice but in her videos there was so much skinny fat flab. Like the one with ashe compare her lower stomach to ashe's. Embarassing. I know there is like 1 other person on this board who agrees with me and isn't OMGcharmsperfect10/10 like the rest of you.

No. 213077


>blah blah

>listen to my opinion
>I'm a fat slut
>MY OPINION is law
>because I say so :^)

This is all I'm seeing.

No. 213078

Again, she needed to at least do minimal crunches and cardio. You're just proving my point. Look at her flabby lower stomach even when she's stretched herself out like that. I'm no Ana chan but come on.

No. 213079

Lol mature

No. 213080


I don't give a fuck. It's why it's called a "PERSONAL" opinion. Because it's personal to you.

And yes you do sound like an ana-chan.

No. 213081


>anybody that doesn't agree with me is a retard

>is a dumbass

K. You're just digging yourself a hole here and making yourself look even more foolish.

No. 213082

Lol okay?

No. 213083

Eh not what I meant. More so anyone who contributes to this circle jerk is retarded but I'll give you a pass

No. 213087

>>ITT: somebody that can't handle the notion that people can have different opinions to them

No. 213140

charms always had a dumpy body but a pretty face (and that boob gap contributed). now everything is just a huge mess, no coming back from this. even if she got smaller implants, she has tons of boob stretch marks now.

No. 213298

File: 1449930356649.jpg (190.32 KB, 799x598, butler.jpg)

could be judith butler's lost sister.

No. 213300

she was cute, she could lose weight even here though, her tits are very small compared to the rest of her. But I still loved the way she looked here.


No. 213303


I personally really like her body here.
I'm overwhelmingly more into women than I am men and I think having a soft little tummy as a girl is so sexy and cute and kissable.

No. 213310

fatty enabler

No. 213314


It's normal for women to have a small belly on them.

I want the ana-chans to leave.

No. 213315

i wish admin would block spoony.

No. 213321

>her tits are very small
Anon what the fuck, are you a guy? I think you need to step away from porn and anime. If anything she had bigger than average breasts. I kinda agree about the weight though.

No. 213322

>>213075 isn't a "small" belly, she's standing up and stretching her torso out to look thinner and her gut still looks huge and flabby

No. 213324


Why do you believe that your personal opinion is somehow applicable to me.
You don't get to decide what others find attractive.

No. 213328

look, no one cares that flabby girls make you wet.

No. 213329

her boobs were pretty small. average at best considering her weight. clearly charms thought so too, which is why she "upgraded".

No. 213332

A-cups and smaller are small. B-cups could be slightly smaller than average if they're on a tall and wide women or a fat one. Being used to 40GGG isn't going to change that.

Also remember even big cup bras have a few inches of padding. Unless you're seeing someone naked you don't know what their breasts look like.

No. 213333


And nobody cares that hungry-skellys get your moist love cavern all fired up. So I guess we're even :^)

No. 213337

You're not just saying you find it attractive, you're saying it's normal and healthy, which is not true

No. 213338

Wow, you're painfully unfunny.

No. 213339


…. it is normal. For women fat typically accumulates around the hips, thighs and stomach for us.
How many Human Phys. classes did you skip in high school exactly and why is it that you just can't STAND the idea of somebody finding >>213075 attractive? Do you think I give a fuck about what you find attractive? The answer is no.

You have a problem m8. Let it go and stop being a controlling asshole.

No. 213345

Were they separated at birth or something?

No. 213346

File: 1449950396159.jpg (51.11 KB, 1000x742, COL_News_Butler2_2318-eb76ae89…)

can we go back to discussing scraps resemblance to middle-aged lesbian feminists instead of what breast sizes you deem small?

No. 213347

ups sorry reposted because of a spelling mistake. >>213346

No. 213350

yes, this. the resemblance is UNCANNY. are we sure lotte didn't kill judith butler and use her as mike's skin?

No. 213351

Someone please make a detailed story about this.

No. 213380

This is incredibly disturbing… Giving Scraps a few years he'll look identical.

No. 213491

She has such a cute smile. It makes her look 10 times prettier.

No. 213498

Anyone know what kind of meds she's on? Names or types?

No. 213512

perfect compared to the uneven udders she got now

No. 213545

large tits aren't udders, you faggot

No. 213548


They clearly meant they look like udders because they're poorly done and because Charms has gotten so fat.

Your bait is shit

No. 213551

No I'm a girl pls. I'm just saying they're small compared to her weight. Not that it's a bad thing. Jesus.

No. 213554


Ignore that faggot, there are some hyper-aggressive people who've invaded this site recently and are intent on starting trouble with other users across multiple threads.

No. 213654

Lately everything under double ds has been called small. It's getting annoying and I was wondering if it had to do with the male anons that have invaded.

No. 213656

Oops>>213654 That's for you

Did it really sound that aggressive? It just sounds normal to me.

No. 214548

File: 1450180040179.png (784.3 KB, 1483x877, dasdasd.png)

y da fuk u lyin'
y u always lyin'
uhhhmmmmm oh my god
stop fuckin' lyin'

No. 214550

File: 1450180309211.jpg (37.96 KB, 450x375, 116731.jpg)


>"i’m happy now, i love myself now, i’m confident with myself now, i look forward to tomorrow now, i look forward to the future now"

No. 214580

>I want
>I want
>I want
>I need
>I want

This is the saddest thing

No. 214583


Fucking hell, Charms. The only difference between now and what you just described is that nowadays you barely even make money.

No. 214599

File: 1450201598425.png (194.36 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 214600

File: 1450201649743.png (177.93 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 214612

My favorite Charms era. RIP. So sad.

No. 214615

She was SO cute here. That smile, that hair, her makeup and fangs. Not to mention not an overwhelming amount of ugly tattoos. Charms, you would cry if you saw these photos now.

No. 214617


>i got the food, and burger king.

Yes, Charms, we're all very surprised.

No. 214632

No. 214674

Rip charms prome

No. 214675


You know, as much as she talks about how much happier she is now and how miserable she was back then, although there's no denying she was kind of a bitch, I've never seen any recent pictures of her genuinely smiling like this.

Although that's probably a good thing, considering she rarely brushes her teeth anymore.

No. 214701

No. 214967

File: 1450302022089.png (647.65 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Either her or Scraps is in the ER, not sure what for but posted on her Instagram

No. 214971

Boyfriend put vid on insta saying it was cus he has an ear thing nothing super interesting

No. 214975

i somehow think he is a super big baby about pain…
this isnt the first time charms rushes him to the ER and foots the bill for it. do they realize how expensive it it? sorry but if i didnt have health insurance i wouldnt rush to the ER unless im gushing blood or something. but thats just america

No. 214977

It depends on the state sometimes. I've never had to pay for an er visit, even when I didn't have health insurance.

No. 214978

Wtf is with all these lolcows going in and out of the ER/hospital all the time?? Is it an American thing to go to the hospital every single time anything feels funny? I've been to the hospital twice in my life and I'm 22 like Jesus.

No. 214982

She is delusional. Why the fuck would people bother tipping her when she's offline?? She doesn't offer shit in return. Most cam girls either foster mutually beneficial relationships with their regulars or offer extras for offline tips and gifts. Charms just sits around and barks at Scraps on cam and spends all her money on ugly tattoos and bad food. If she was regularly buying new sex toys or lingerie or equipment that'd be one thing but nah.
It's not an income when you're not doing shit to earn it, Charms. Streaming on Twitch in your pajamas is not a job.

No. 214986


It's more like a spoiled rich girl thing. Kaka used to go to the ER for period cramps and shit.

No. 214987

A lot of American doctors will tell you to visit an ER during their off-hours, holiday breaks or when they just can't be bothered. This happens pretty often, sadly.

No. 214988

I don't understand why they're going to the ER and not like an urgent care center? They're loads cheaper.

No. 214989


ikr nigga just needs to take some ibuprofen or some shit.

I'm in the UK and can effectively flounce into an GP's surgery or A&E at any time without charge but I wouldn't even go when I had a raging infection in an impacted wisdom tooth over the weekend and was filling up condoms with near-boiling water to serve as temp water bottles until Monday so I could go get antibiotics specifically because, despite me being in unholy levels of pain, it wasn't an emergency and I think it's selfish to go clog up A&E over the weekend when you're not in immediate danger.

God I despise people that just waltz in over any little thing.

No. 215004

Less dramatic over social media? I don't get it either, and urgent care centers tend to be way faster than the ER too.

No. 215008

If you don't have insurance/have state funded insurance, if you don't have a doctors appointment, you pretty much have to go to the ER. My friends who have state health insurance can't go to the Urgent Care because they won't take the insurance, and the ER has to take it. It's an incredibly fucked up system.

No. 215009


Every time I read posts like this the American national anthem begins playing in my head and I thank my lucky stars that we have socialised medicine in my own country…… for now…

No. 215028

This is a bit strange and I guess it must vary by state because state run does pay for urgent care as they are trying to keep the ER clear of people with ear aches or "tummy problems" (a la PT) and save space and time for real emergencies.

Plus urgent care is way more cheap even if they have no insurance at all. A visit to an urgent care doctor is $100, the ER is much more.

No. 215156

thats what 111 is for lol

No. 215160


111 is fucking useless most of the time tbh, the people accepting the calls aren't properly trained in medicine and are just randoms they pull in and stick in front of a computer with software that narrows down potential illnesses and ailments based on your symptoms. People have died because of the inadequacy of this system.

No. 215161

This, unless it's midnight and you're like, dying, bleeding profusely or have bones sticking out of your skin, there's no reason to go the ER. Urgent care is cheaper and faster for shit like an ear ache or whatever bullshit Scraps is whining about. If Charms is sitting there admiring her fat legs on IG it can't be serious. What a waste of time and resources on everyone's part.

No. 215797

One of her goals for next year is to be healthy… while also drinking a lot more.

AND A DOG, why?!?!?!?!?

No. 215833

i called 111 once and all they did was call an ambulance

No. 216013

File: 1450631544988.png (13.07 KB, 604x107, nasty.png)

why would you

No. 216015


Is this a joke? Dear god, someone please tell me this is a joke

No. 216019

wat the…

No. 216024

File: 1450635041560.gif (981.03 KB, 500x333, why.gif)

What was she thinking??

No. 216027


charms should get a strap-on for Scraps while she's at it

No. 216055


Tbh I don't think it'd be that weird if she asked them if they wanted to go to a sex shop and pick something out for Christmas, but even then that's the sort of thing you'd do with someone you've known for years.

But just straight up buying them vibrators? And barely knowing them?? That's just so bizarre. I know Charms isn't all there but you'd think even a socially inept person would know that's inappropriate.

No. 216056

Everyone's different, but I would be mortified if my friend, mom, friends mom, or distant relative took me into a sex shop to pick out an Xmas gift.
Buying sex toys seems like something you should do with a lover or by yourself. I don't want to be there with my good friend while she's buying a dildo.
Too fucking weird.

No. 216118

ok, u go ahead and by your father in law and his son a pocket pussy.
totes not weird

No. 216185


Carrie Fisher made headlines recently (like, this past week) when she mentioned in an interview that her mother bought her and her grandma vibrators years ago. Is Charms trying to stay relevant?



No. 216404

File: 1450746001369.png (92.71 KB, 480x458, lol.png)

Looks like Charms' shitty tattoo artist is crowdfunding to make a colouring book for whatever reason

No. 216407

If you didn't tell me who made that, I'd assume it was like, a 10 year old girl.
Both for the situation and the art quality.


No. 216408


>Vol. 1

Fucking hell, does she really expect that people will want to colour in more than one book of her shitty tattoos?

No. 216412

File: 1450748202483.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, Several questions.gif)

She's lost her goddamn mind.

No. 216458


No. 216462

File: 1450756680640.jpg (189.16 KB, 1500x1000, 144620PCN_Scream57-1446828227.…)

makes me wonder what may be wrong with Billie tbh

No. 216487

considering how mentally fucked her mother was for most of the 80's and 90's, Billie turned out pretty well (as far as I can tell). Props to Carrie for doing a good job as a parent.

No. 216622

Showing that borderline can actually be managed. There's hope for cows.

No. 216698

File: 1450830803890.png (389.34 KB, 536x471, churms.png)

Oh god, her hairline

No. 216699

She needs a fringe

No. 216830


Did she dye her hair black already?

No. 216835

File: 1450876503222.png (318.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-23-13-12-37…)

So even Charms knows Mike's just riding her for free lodgings now.

No. 216858

She could probably do OKAY on Twitch if she worked her angles, and took proper care of her appearance and lost the cockblock. But right now she just looks like black play doh melting into her couch

No. 216875

Is that the only hoodie she owns?

No. 216876

Yeah, she actually dyed it back to black maybe a week or so after she bleached the life out of her hair instead of using color stripper. She's insane.

No. 216877

This is actually really sad. Realization hurts. I wonder if she'll be able to kick Mike out and get her life back together?

No. 216884


If she has BPD probably not.
Isn't one of the symptoms that you're super possessive, clingy and dependant?

More needs to fuck off out of her life and ruining her.

No. 216891

Yeah, I don't think she will willingly leave him or chuck him out - not just because of the BPD, but because that would mean SHE would have to clean the whole house, and clean out the Zoo daily.

She would lose her housekeeper, if she can't cope with small daily tasks such as showering, preparing healthy meals instead of take aways, and generally taking care of herself; there's no way she can take care of everything else.

She has absolutely no responsibilities whilst Mike is around and she wants to keep it that way.

No. 216893

The only way I can see her dumping him is if she took out a classified ad on Craigslist or some shit; asking for a housekeeper/errand-runner in exchange for free-lodgings.

No. 216897

Yeah but BPD people are also often easily attached.

If Charms had a new person to obsess over that filled his void, she would be able to let go of him.

Granted she might try to keep him + new person. Unless new person could both fill the void and demand to be rid of mike (slowly).

Charms is basically set up to be a manipulative partner's wet dream.

I'm actually surprised we haven't seen Charms in significantly more dysfunctional relationships.

No. 216898

>I'm actually surprised we haven't seen Charms in significantly more dysfunctional relationships.

That would take more motivation than Charms is capable of atm.
During one of her Chaturbate streams she tried tipping another random alt camgirl with tokens farmers were raining on Scraps. The camgirl was later followed on Twitter but nothing came of it.

It seems like she makes the most minimum of efforts from time to time, but that's all.

No. 216908

Yeah. But you'd think the more 'predatory' types would take chase to her, you know?

I guess outside of our farm she's not especially well known, though. Not enough effort in her online presence to attract much attention.

No. 216937

> a manipulative partner's wet dream
no, because BPD people are extremely manipulative themselves. i think they are more manipulative than they are clingy/dependent

No. 216938

>'predatory' types would take chase
no they would wise up to her cuntish ways
no one predates on manipulative scumbags

No. 216973

In my personal experience, people with BPD tend to be manipulatively clingy. They'll do anything to get someone to stick around. So I'd say the manipulation and the dependency go hand in hand.

No. 216974

mike is honestly the worst thing that ever happened to her.

No. 216979

what makes you say that? i'm just curious, i don't know too much about him

No. 216998

this whole thread is proof of it

No. 217003

That post isn't about Mike

No. 217020


I had an experience with a BPD girl being OBSESSED with my partner. She did everything to get her to like him, even faked her interests, he casually mentioned he likes the punk look on girls and the next day she turned up all punk despite always dressing very much like Dita Von Teese, she'd do anything he suggested or said even if it included drinking liters of wine or hurting herself, he said he like scarification so she ran with the "punk" thing and got a swaztika engraved into her back. BPD people ate literally nuts.

No. 217023


>I'm actually surprised we haven't seen Charms in significantly more dysfunctional relationships

What, were you not around when she was dating the Hispanic fakeboi woman who was 5 years older than her, pretended to be a man, pretended to be Asian, would fuck her with a strap-on she pretended was her dick and beat the shit out of Charms when she caught sight of her jay-jay?

No. 217024


Who's it about then.
I don't think she's interested in Aoi anymore for sure.

No. 217143

>would fuck her with a strap-on she pretended was her dick

I assume charms never gave blowjob/handjob before

No. 217149

Is there a detailed description somewhere of her time with Aoi? I've only heard bits and pieces of it.

No. 217157

Your partner was an asshole about it tbh

No. 217177

I mean it is a mental disorder. Bpd can be managed with heavy cognitive therapy since a lot of the deranged behavior stems from trauma and neglect issues from childhood.treatments cross over heavily with ptsd cognitive treatments. But a lot of BPD go in denial or undiagnosed since the accusation of suh a large flaw leaves them succeptable to suicide after open diagnosis.

No. 217190

Her old tumblr had posts about the relationship but it was deleted and not much was capped if any. Shame because she posted bruises when it got bad and posred personal stuff on that tumblr. Its hard to give info besides what was on gaia. If gaia still exists there is posts charms made to a 'confessions' thread there which has some stuff but most of her posts were shit posting.

A lot of that relationship was lies on the internet. There is no way that Aoi was faking being a guy to charlotte who was living with her at some points. Maybe at the start when it was an internet thing but when they were together irl you cant hide stuff like that. They got off with fucking with people on gaia with the fake boy thing, and aoi would be 'genderqueer' now if you asked.

No. 217193

Kek. I've been here for the whole ride, including the gaia ordeals.

I don't think that was especially abusive compared to what a person like charms could attract.

Someone who is looking for weak targets isn't going to be caught in the manipulative tricks of a bpd, since they themselves likely lack empathy.

No. 217195

No. 217264

How so? We kept her around because she was really nice and very fun and could strike up good conversation with anyone.. That was all a part of her BPD too I guess.

But he'd joke after seeing a guy out drunk and belligerent on the road and he joked that "it would be interesting to know what it's like to be that ridiculously drunk, like not even being able to stand". Next day she drunk a cask of wine alone as she thought it would impress him. It was just an offhand joke.

Or she would sing along to songs in the car and he complimented her saying "wow, you actually have a pretty good voice" and then on she'd sing to him without music randomly. Like entire songs, with lyrics about passionate love where you want to die for the other person. Just staring at him while singing. Not even doing a silly dance or anything, just still and staring.

No. 217271

Holy crap, small world. I knew her when she used DLS, the confession forum on gaia. I never would've guessed this was her.

No. 217284

Shit sorry. I thought you meant he would say things just to see what she would do.

No. 217285


she actually posted bite marks that Aoi left scarred on her because it amused him.

she was also gang raped when she was blackout drunk and 13/14- does no one remember that post? it was on tumblr i'll try to find it.

her relationships are actually really fucked up, guessing bc her parents worked constantly and showed love through expensive gifts. probably why she crafted the bitch personality, so it could mask everything else.

now that she's been properly diagnosed and high as hell on meds, she legit has no life skills. really genuinely hoping she dumps mike and gets into group therapy so she can be around other people her age.

No. 217287

I'm late to the party. I skimmed through her previous threads and searched for an ED page (didn't find one) and I'm still not sure about the drama surrounding her. A former lolita who got fat and ugly implants and now does camming? I think?

No. 217300

No. 217306


I've been here since the beginning so I remember all of it too.

Regarding the gang-rape thing, I remember she stated that she was never entirely sure what happened. Supposedly she went to a party, got blackout drunk and woke up the next day sore, so she was never really sure if it was just one guy or multiples or what.

No. 217332

File: 1451067083347.jpg (123.05 KB, 1080x1080, 12338456_570167266475699_93561…)

This isn't cute :(

No. 217334

Holy shit that sad hair

No. 217339

>hanging regular earrings through your gauges

I don't know why but this shit always looks dumb to me

No. 217340

her hair is beyond fried. And why is her camera quality so bad??

No. 217367

wow now I feel pang of nostalgia for my mcr days
thanks i think i'm up to speed now

No. 217375


Which one of you put charms on fph

No. 217377

underrated post

is charms jewish? someone mentioned something about jewish parents in the thread, but i see a christmas tree in this photo and she's mentioned celebrating christmas.

charms kinda looks like a bloated, doped up Ariana Grande here. maybe it's the fried half-up hair giving me that vibe.

No. 217399

Jewish is an ethnic group as well as a religion, when Charms says she's Jewish this is likely what she means as opposed to being of the Jewish faith. and Christmas is hardly a religious holiday these days, It's a cultural thing. All of my Jewish family celebrate Christmas.

No. 217401

happy to give you some feels anon.

No. 217418


>oh shit, she's breathing the beetus into a new victim in that last pic!


No. 217456

Best comment.

No. 218006

File: 1451319306747.jpg (65.26 KB, 622x520, ewqeqweq.jpg)

No. 218009

Agreed. Like, my mom is Ashkenazi because her family is and even though she is not religious at all, my sisters and I are still considered Jewish and were allowed to attend Jewish camps. We all celebrate Christmas, though.

No. 218013


>what are good products for preventing chub rub?


For fuck's sake, Charms. Wouldn't you feel so much better if you ate better?

Although I'm not sure how much she can feel on those meds

No. 218034

>chub rub
Best product is fucking losing weight, you cow.

No. 218047

damn thats fucking sad.

No. 218463

File: 1451450190813.jpg (160.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1442.jpg)

>tfw no slavefu with matching balding patterns
But seriously, scraps is terrible looking and this is coming from a fan of skinny super white guys.

No. 218471

my fucking sides

No. 218474

I know what will prevent chub rub for the summer: get your ass off the couch and lose some weight. Hot damn.

No. 218566

why would you comb your hair back like that if your skull is already too long and your hairline is decreasing. also, if you dye your hair black you have to paint your fucking eyebrows, even if you’re a guy. he looks even worse than charms.

No. 218567

I'm a fan of super lanky white dudes too, but Scraps is ugly as fuck. They both are going bald or something. wtf

No. 218603

Even though she looks terrible, that guy is probably one of the ugliest men I have ever seen in my life

No. 218615

Is Scraps going bald?

No. 218620

He's giving me J.P from the movie grandma's boy vibes here

No. 219089

>why would you comb your hair back like that if your skull is already too long and your hairline is decreasing
i thought this was about charms until
>paint your fucking eyebrows, even if you’re a guy
its true for her tbh

No. 219269

Dunno why you laugh out loud there but I did. Seriously tho the worst thing she did for herself was get back with him

No. 219563

Whelp, she baleeted her Tumblr.

No. 219565

nah you just have to be logged into tumblr to see it

No. 219566

I can still see it, but it like pops up on the side of my dash. It won't actually open as main page. Weird.

No. 219569


I was logged in, tried 3 different accounts.

No. 219570

File: 1451861917336.png (384.52 KB, 582x706, dfghjkl.png)

pops up like this on the side of my dash

No. 219572

Same issue I'm having. It's not happening to any other blogs I'm following, though.

No. 219577

as i said here >>219572 she's changed her settings so you need to be logged into tumblr to see her tumblr, no idea what is going on with >>219569

No. 219579


Uh, yeah, multiple people are.

Why not post a screenshot from her Tumblr if you have access to it then?

No. 219580

No. 219597


Uh, yeah, everybody can see the side-dash blog viewer, I'm talking about her actual Tumblr page.

It appears as if it has been deleted and the view is likely an existing entry yet to be deleted from the server.

No. 219613

File: 1451872226711.png (566.63 KB, 480x640, tumblr_m1qted8fvD1qmmk8do1_128…)

It looks her hairline has been pushed back further.

No. 219616

File: 1451873393928.png (212.15 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Just went to her tumblr and the only thing she did lately was answer this person a couple times and say she should delete her tumblr because all she does is reblog photos until I got tired of scrolling past her SJW crap.

No. 219617

God, he's so damn ugly.

No. 219626

this looks like dirty kiki

No. 219642

That's some Jessica Nigri shit.

No. 219671

Maybe it's the setting where she no longer has a blog to be access and only appears to people already following her?

No. 219894

its possible she blocked your ip.

once i sent someone some shit on anon, then tried to go to their blog and it kept redirecting me to my dashboard. i tried my home computer and it worked (differerent IP)

No. 219905


Nah, I was on the other side of my country this morning and it's inaccessible in both locations and in my phone, and apparently I'm not the only one.

No. 221178

File: 1452446629395.png (662.72 KB, 524x701, hXaAZyg[1].png)

This was posted around a month ago on Twitter, she looks pretty cute, other than the hairline.

No. 221339


So she does know how to NOT look like complete shit

No. 221389

nah this is still pretty creepy.
whats with the eye brows?

and maybe its just me but i think circle lenses look really dumb outside of lolita/gyaru

No. 221410

I hate how she has the capacity to be cute but just can't be arsed to do so.

No. 221465

File: 1452549696738.png (46.58 KB, 579x195, Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.01…)

uhhhh ok Charms

No. 221469

What the hell is she talking about?

No. 221470

Shes talking about David Bowie.
In the 70s he slept with 13 year old female groupies.

No. 221471

I think she's trying to throw shade at David bowie over misconceptions tumblr is spreading.

This is the last of my hope for this retard shriveled up

No. 221472

She should've died instead.

No. 221473

I'm unreasonably mad at this.

No. 221476

She reminds me of Beetlejuice-era Winona Ryder here.

No. 221498

So tumblr is spreading misconceptions, I thought so. Few tumblrinas on my Facebook mentioned it too. Like this is the first time Im hearing about David Bowie being a pedophile and rapist.

No. 221503

He's not, the girl was a 15 year old groupie who -enjoyed- having sex with pop stars, Bowie was in his early 20s at the time.

If they actually read what she had to say, she said she enjoyed the experience and doesn't regret a thing, it was consensual.

Teenage girls like to have sex, they're not these ethereal pure and delicate flowers that weirdos make them out to be.

Charms was prolly sucking cock around the same age, she has no room to speak on the matter.

No. 221506

Legally yeah the incident was statutory rape (possibly not where you live, but in most places) but it is not pedophilia, which it is being sensationalized as. Pedophiles are attracted to actual children, not teens who have developed bodies. Anyway I do think it is fucked up if true but right after a man's death is not the time to suddenly make a scandal out of an incident that happened a few decades ago–especially given that the woman in question who revealed having underage sex with him is middle-aged now and still expresses no regrets about it, & so I doubt she would want this personal matter with him tarnishing his name either.

No. 221511

What 15 year old girl didn't fantasize about having sex with some hot celebrity?

No. 221516

Replace hot celebrity with hot DND character then.. me me me me!

No. 221521


I will fucking strangle her….

No. 221524

File: 1452582365093.jpg (11.78 KB, 500x299, 1451864097019.jpg)

…and gold star sparkle award for 'look how special you are' goes to…

Drum roll please…


Really, thanks for sharing.
Standing applause.

No. 221532


No Charms settled for an abusive fakeboi on GAIA an online anime forum who beat her when she was about 15 and he/she was older.

The fact that it was consensual on both sides means only legally it would be "wrong", and since when did high schoolers have such boners for upholding the law?

No. 221536

Worth noting the age of consent in the UK is sixteen, and most judges will take into account the age of the older person. If it's not significantly older, as Bowie wasn't, then they don't really care.

Going after Bowie after his death is first and foremost fucking spiteful and cowardly, and secondly in the face of the massive paedophilia ring rife at that time (Which for American anons who might not know, went as far as people in parliament, who were protected by the queen. This shit is a conspiracy theorists wet dream.) Which is only actually coming to light and bringing people to justice now, seems pointless.

When a celebrity SJW's don't like they immediately throw all of their toys out of the pram and try and ruin it for everyone else by digging up a bunch of irrelevant "Dirt". It's like they're actually jealous that they're not getting that attention.

No. 221537


It's just really annoying that mindless SJWs like Charms are shitting on him AFTER he's dead where he can't defend himself.

And to prove they're doing it just to get a rise out of people, Bowie wasn't the only person to sleep with the groupie, his ex-wife Angie did as well and she's still alive - if they were sincerely bothered about this shit, they should start turning their pitchforks to her.

But nope, she's alive and can defend herself, noones interested in her having a threesome with the groupie, just Bowie.

No. 221539

I can't believe I ever liked Charms.
Ragging on Bowie immediately after his death is the last straw.

Easy to attack an international superstar when he's lying motionless in a morgue somewhere being prepared for burial, but none of these SJW cunts are interested in highlighting the real plight of rape victims that occurs all over the world in third world countries, no, only the cases like this that occurred decades ago and in which both parties were 100% consensual because this is the one that will get them the most attention.

No. 221541

File: 1452596134035.gif (431.56 KB, 420x323, lel.gif)

lmfao I highly doubt Charms and the rest of these SJWs are 'attacking' Bowie because he's dead and 'can't defend himself'. More like he's temporarily mega popular RN due to the sensational news of his death and the majority of people (me included) are only just now hearing about his past shenanigans.

Michael Jackson was alive and well during his similar legal issues, and it's not like people were holding their tongues with him, soooo..

Chill. Charms is shit for like over 9000 other reasons, but freaking TF out over this Bowie thing is just sad. You're starting to sound like uptight SJWs yourself, ffs.

No. 221542

What all of the SJW's ignore is that the girl willingly and excitedly slept with him, and to this day says it was the best decision of her life and she has never once regretted it. SJW's just need to make everyone a victim, even if they don't want to be.

No. 221543


David Bowie is an immortal, beautiful Space-Prince and you'll shut your whore mouth you treasonous wretch.

No. 221545

but that makes no sense. it's a perfectly good reason to hate on her for her misinformed tumblr opinion. it's garbage.

No. 221547


Are you seriously comparing Bowie to Jackson? That's like comparing him to Jimmy Saville or Bill Cosby.

Did you not remember the "Jesus Juice"?

No. 221550


OT but I never believe MJ was a paedo. I think he was a very mentally ill individual scarred from a lifetime of childhood abuse that left him with Peter Pan syndrome and a desire to recreate his childhood by immersing himself around kids, but I don't believe he was sexually attracted to nor desired to fuck children.

I've read all there is to read on the MJ case and there is a whole lot of information that was never made directly public at the time of it going on, such as the fact that it wasn't MJ that actually paid off the family that made the accusation, it was his insurance carrier that did so and they did it without his knowledge nor consent, and he was furious when he found out.

Even today one of the kids that made the accusations originally has come forward and admitted that his dad set the whole thing up to try and blackmail MJ for compensation money.
In Jordan Chandler's testimony when asked to described MJ's penis he alleged that Michael Jackson was circumcised.
Upon examination it was found that Michael Jackson was not circumcised. He also alleges that he had a mole on his groin. There was no mole.

The whole thing stinks and there is so much more to it. You all really need to read up on it, including reading the transcripts of secret recorded phone calls made by the dad where he basically admits to framing MJ.

>Evan Chandler had already approached Jackson several times asking for money.

>chandler was recorded saying, "If I go through with this, I win big time. There’s no way that I lose. I’ve checked that out inside out…I will get everything I want, and they will be totally — they will be destroyed forever. They will be destroyed. June is gonna lose Jordy. She will have no right to ever see him again."

>this phone call took place on July 8; Evan would claim Jordan had confessed the abuse to him on July 16

No. 221552


Also, here's a Youtube link to the taped recording.

Remember, the father of Jordan Chandler said all this 8 days prior to the date that he alleges his son came forward with abuse accusations.

No. 221554

Also, to add to the people accusing Bowie is on par with Michael Jackson in of abuse allegations, you guys seem to forget that MJ was actually found not guilty and acquitted on all charges, 10 felony and all 4 misdemeanor charges. All of them. Not guilty.

Yes I feel extremely strongly about this case. The man is today dead and STILL there exists in people's mind the notion that he was actually convicted in a court of child abuse all on account of blatantly false allegations, and now we have this Bowie bullshit.

No. 221556


Yet noone bats an eyelash at Stef-on-knee.

No. 221563

Bullshit political correctness is letting people like Stef-on-knee to get away with this shit. The Rotherham scandal only happened because people like Charms constantly spout shit about us needing to "~protect~ these poor ~vulnerable people~" It's to such an extent that even the fucking police are afraid of being called out so do nothing about it. They'd rather go after Bowie than comment on something like Rotherham, because it means actually acknowledging that their poor precious hijab babies can do wrong.

No. 221565


Nah, political correctness is a good thing in itself, if you're racist, sexist or harmful to those around you, it's helpful and feels right.

People just take advantage of it at times, RE: Charms, to make themselves feel "morally above" everyone else, even when they don't even go out of their way to find sources and just go by what every other dickhead has made up.

No. 221566


Charms is so self centered, I'm sure she jumped on the sjw wagon just to try to mask that. She really is just attempting to elevate herself, as she always has.

It's a shame, I liked her better when she was more upfront about being a cunt. She's in like, passive aggressive cunt stealth right now. Kek.

No. 221567

No it isn't. Rotherham happened because of political correctness, the refugee attacks in Germany happened because of political correctness. I could go on and on all day providing examples.

Having a prevailing culture that makes people think the consequences of being called racist, sexist etc. worse than the consequences of standing up to people from those groups is awful. People shouldn't be afraid to do the right think just because the people they have to say no to are from a minority group or whatever.

No. 221568


I made a thread in /b just recent if you wanna chat.

I don't think this is the right thread to do so. you should come along.

No. 221569



A little political correctness (i.e. not being blatantly racist or sexist) doesn't hurt anyone. It becomes a problem when people take it too far.
A lot of people nowadays are too scared to speak their mind in certain instances in case it offends a specific group (or people who feel like getting offended on behalf of a specific group)


Shit, you're right. Charms is a SJW, lets leave it at that.

No. 221571

My bad, I'll stop derailing and take it to the /b/ thread.

No. 221630

The police raided MJ's mansion though and found it littered with child porn of boys and girls though.

So your little conspiracy theory is misled. The documents are out there. Maybe he never diddled anyone but he certainly was a pedophile… who just happened to be in the wrong time and place around a bunch of kids? Yeah right lmao

No. 221632

Not that anon but I've never heard of this and it seems a little wild

Got any sauce nearby?

No. 221633


Uh yeah, source on that please because he has never received a conviction on possession of child photographic imagery.

You're full of shit. You have a taped recording of the father here blatantly stating that he was intending to frame MJ for $$$ and you're so braindead and thirsty you choose to believe hearsay and rumour over reality.

No. 221634


Cause' she's full of shit lmao

>the documents are out there!

Okay werrrrrr.

No. 221636

No. 221642


Ouch what a backfire.
Just read through the entire thing and it does not state anywhere that he was in possession of "child pornography" but a lot of artistic photography books containing artistic nudes of young boys and literally all the actual graphic pornography was of adult men and women of "barely legal boys" meaning 19 and upwards. I just did a Google search and you can find all of these books for legal sale online.
Even the websites listed were all legal stuff which is actually pretty telling as they would have absolutely have done a full sweep and the internet is usually a paedos first port of call for their material.

Never denied he had a preoccupation with kids though, he obviously did. Doesn't mean he acted on it.

I guess a taped confession means nothing to you though did it seeing as you've conveniently skirted around making a statement on reference to it…

No. 221643


18 abs upwards derp*

Also if any of the material listed there was actually illegal they would have fucked him on a possession of CP charge but they didn't, because they couldn't.

I reiterate, weeeeeer.

No. 221651


>an accused pedo is harbouring nude pictures of boychildren and young male teens in sexually compromised positions amidst borderline ageplayesque porn mags because… ART!!

take it to /b/, you fucking lunatic

No. 221654


Are you legitimately fucking autistic??? Do you think that there aren't people who have seen the naked underage human form and are not attracted to them - do you believe that isn't possible?

No. 221656

i have, but i certainly don't keep 30+ books filled with underaged naked kids alongside my "barely legal boys" collection of real pornography

that, and i haven't been accused of being a pedo before. like most people. you're crazy.

No. 221662

File: 1452645760633.jpg (797.28 KB, 1280x1620, tumblr_m0jkcdSXmT1rqlumeo1_128…)


You're talking to a totally different person there but I like how, once again, you're trying to dodge the issue of the taped confession.

>but i certainly don't keep 30+ books filled with underaged naked kids

Evidently neither did he. He had some photographic artbooks containing legal imagery of young boys, a lot of porn of men between the ages of 19-21 judging by the "barely legal" tag and a lot of normal pornography featuring men and women, and ZERO dodgy website connections on his PC. N
Nobody is doubting that he had a preoccupation with young boys, but that doesn't make you a rapist and you can't convict somebody in suspicion.

I have 3 hard books of Eric Stanton's Femdom fetish illustration artbooks and a BDSM photography book at home and if my place was raided by police looking for evidence to pin me for a crime undoubtedly it would be logged as "violent masochistic,subversive illustrated materials" "illustrates a potential risk of harm towards the general public, particularly the male gender" or some bullshit like that kek

Now, you can either provide a response that actually confronts the issue of the taped confession of Evan's plot to frame MJ or have all of your posts disregarded from here on.

No. 221675

OT but I just bought my first Eric Stanton book and I fucking love it.

No. 221731


They're brilliant aren't they?

No. 221850

File: 1452722283052.jpg (34.48 KB, 589x463, NOOOOOOO.jpg)

this is too fucking much, who wants to buy used panties?? even if she washes them they've still been rubbing against her crusty vag

No. 221851

You know, I was never sure on what to think with that whole "Charms is off her face on meds" thing, but holy shit do I believe it now.


She's slurring her words SO. BADLY.

>we… Uh… let our cats out on the porschst innawinnamonths..

No. 221863

can't stop giggling at her pronunciation of porch

"por-chttt" seriously, isn't she from Cali or somewhere? They don't fucking say it like that

No. 221890

porscht made my night

No. 221897

Selling panties is pretty common among camgirls.

No. 221900

A lot of people sell used panties, perverts buy them up like hotcakes.

No. 221901


I think she literally has no idea she is pronouncing the word wrong/is misunderstanding the word?

I thought she was from the midwest, just lived in california for a little.

No. 221902


but she's talking about selling them to other girls, to wear? not selling her used ones to pervs

No. 221903

I re-read that and yeah, she could mean that, which is weird, but I also thought it could be that she was addressing other cam girls about selling the panties. It was worded a bit strangely, maybe?

The only way she could reasonably sell them would be to men with fetishes though, so I hope she was at least aware of that.

No. 221979

File: 1452754899088.gif (9.69 MB, 640x360, stop.gif)

Did she seriously call Bowie a rapist and pedo? Charms. No. Just, no.

No. 221980

This and this. People who act like 15/16 year olds don't fuck is insane. Yeah, no one is going to push to encourage it, but if the person years and years later says it was consensual, why are they going apeshit? Go after actual rapists and the victims who need justice instead maybe??

fuck, charms is officially a soggy cunt to me.

No. 221981

also, sage for slight OT. I apologize, but my jimmies were rustled and I was away from the net for the week so I didn't see this until now.

No. 221986

They are, now I'm on the hunt for more femdom books haha

No. 221995

Also a LOT of musicians of the 80's were sleeping with minors. My mother use to get VIP tickets a lot back then and said they're actually really creepy with teenagers. They knew they weren't going to get caught because unfortunately fangirls are dumb and will bang their idols despite the laws.

No. 222538

idk if this is like news worthy but anyone can add her on snapchat now.
I'm not sure if she blocks people who screenshot her stuff though, but she's at a con.

No. 222555


What's her Snapchat?

No. 222570

I'm at ohayocon and saw her. She's reallllly short and fat Irl, but her makeup didn't look bad, ngl. I first noticed it was her because I saw her hairline haha. It was kinda surreal…like the Internet and real life should never collide.

No. 222574

Do you think you could try and get a picture of her?

No. 222586


Oh how yes please sneak a photo!
Also, more details please.

Was scraps with her? Was she in cosplay? I thought she was supposed to be 5'4", did she look shorter than that? When you say fat hire fat are we talking, like you estimate weight.

No. 222587

Pics if possible!! omg haha

No. 222589

File: 1453004792717.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-17-04-25-12…)

Her eyebrows are two different sizes I don't understand :(

btw her snapchat is littlelottedoll and it's open invite.

No. 222591

I can try to sneak a pic if she's there tomorrow. We were going opposite ways in a hallway so I couldn't turn around. I'm also 5"4 and it felt like I could almost look over her?? She wasn't in cosplay, I think a flannel with her. It looked like a guy was walking with her, but it was really crowded. Probably was scraps but I was still processing what happened to even think. Also those circle lenses are fucking HORRIFYING irl. Wish I could help more!!

No. 222592

File: 1453005530418.jpg (193.31 KB, 778x1280, 149fa81b-7d98-4475-bfaa-7e3316…)

No. 222593

File: 1453005547977.jpg (207.82 KB, 778x1280, e069602a-ae45-4b94-83ae-8b2f70…)

No. 222594

File: 1453005568456.jpg (196.69 KB, 778x1280, c005a259-ab0c-49aa-9d39-746d69…)

No. 222595


No this is amazing, thank you Anon.

Also, how fat :^)

No. 222596

*she was wearing a flannel. I'm sure you guys know what I meant but I derped haha

No. 222598

Definitely round. Not hamplanet obese, tbh, but I think I was taken aback by how short she seemed mostly?? Maybe she seems somuch fatter in pics because she is proportional to her height. I'm 1000% sure it was her, and my shoes did have a bit of a heel, but idk. She doesn't seem short online though which is what threw me off. Maybe I'm crazy though haha. Me and my hotel mates are in for the night, otherwise I'd hit up the dance right now to see if she went lol.

No. 222602


lol what the fuck

No. 222618

those sword earrings are cool as heck

No. 222682

File: 1453039925175.png (23.54 KB, 369x85, Capture.PNG)

in the recent pics she looks felice-esque with the hugh dark lenses. so spoopy

No. 222907

We have mutual friends so I saw her briefly. She was nasty looking and constantly complaining in a really whiny voice.

No. 222922

Holy shit I was at Ohayocon and I passed by a girl and thought she strangely looked like Charms and it COULD HAVE BEEN HER

No. 223036

I hungout with her the entire weekend at con basically and the first thing i noticed upon her coming to me was how flawless she looked in the face. Her foundation, liquid lipstick, all of it. I knew nothing about the whole internet drama and her past upon meeting her or following her. I just found this thread yesterday. Theres nothing wrong with her face irl, shes not incredibly short, and she's not fat. I did this and that with her and seen her entire body up close and personal, even felt her bare tits lol. It's all on point and I dont get the drama behind her. She seemed completely normal and albeit a tad on edge, she was not overly expressive or overly emotional. When she did get upset, it was entirely justified and were all things I could agree with personally as another female. I could also personally give her the benefit of the doubt. Given she's entirely open and openly admitted to just about every bad things shes done, why she regrets it, and what she's done to change it. Just so 'I would not be surprised if i found out later on.' She's really not bad at all, and definitely not as bad as shes made to be out on here? I dont get it.

No. 223045

Newfag influx.

No. 223046

so…you hung out with her for, what, two and a half days? and you think you know her well enough to defend her?
please try reading the thread from the beginning. if this is honestly your first time on the site (although it seems conveniently coincidental that you should just stumble across lolcow immediately after meeting one of the people we have a thread dedicated to) then you have some serious catching up to do.
in the meantime, what was she getting 'upset' about that you thought was justifiable?
and why the fuck were you in a situation to be feeling up her bare tits? Is her boyfriend a cuck or was he even privy to the situation?

No. 223047


I'm not saying I know her at all, I'm just expressing my opinions and what was shown to me. I will say I'm no newbie to forums like these, but all I did was google her name and this was on the first page of google search.
I did read the last thread, and im 3/4's into this one. It seems all the real 'drama' with her happened years ago? I dont understand how its still relevant? She hasnt done anything outrageous since her last roommate is what i'm getting from this. Its seems crazy to me that its been dragged out for soooooo long.
From what I got from their relationship, its that its completely monogamous. And that their both okay with each other doing other things with other people. Mike doesnt really play apart in it he just watches? And the situation just came about. Its a con, you have FUN at cons. And I've never felt fake breasts before. So she was like shit yeah, come find out. And they're honestly not bad looking in person, definitely not like her photos and not like you guys described. They're not like sabrina nellie cam girl perfect, but thats only because everyones body shape is different. And her camera angles are what distorts her face etc. I even told her in person she's a lot prettier irl. Sorry i'm not a total asshole like most people on forums. I'm just honest and not judgemental.

No. 223049

What did you think of scraps aka mike?

No. 223050

At first he was extremely quiet. Really small irl, but kinda tall? He let off a slight arrogance at first. Which i personally like in a person. I like confidence that emits off people. He was slightly taken aback. Like I could tell he was really attracted to me? But so was Charlotte so that didnt really matter. His hairline also isnt crazy, i just think its the camera angle. He was really well dressed and well put together. He seemed really gentle and generally just really nice as I got to know him. I later realized though he was essentially a huge nerd. Like, would get embarrassed incredibly easily, actually pretty insecure, afraid to talk sometimes, even to Charlotte because he'd get flustered. He was actually the exact opposite of what i got from my first impression when i had initially met him. He was just extremely hesitant. I'd be lying if I said I wasnt basically all over her. He's just constantly in a state of 'this is fine' and is completely nonchalant thru every situation? He smiles a lot.

No. 223052

File: 1453146076676.png (294.13 KB, 715x479, 1443437026366.png)

>Sorry i'm not a total asshole like most people on forums.

No. 223053

File: 1453146170372.jpg (16.45 KB, 200x303, 1427578586594.jpg)

>Like I could tell he was really attracted to me?

No. 223054

Well I mean thats kind of what I got from "She's literally hot as fuck." "I just cant stop starring at her" And "perfect for Charlotte" etc throughout the days I was with them. I dont see anything wrong with it, and I dont see anything wrong with being blunt and honest. When i find someone attractive, i'll tell them.

No. 223055

Though i'll be to leave this thread now. I just didnt understand why all of this was still relevant when literally nothing has happened in years. Since all im getting in reply is literal trash and memes, i'd rather not. 99% of the people that hangout on here are such trash in general, and so incredibly rude. Not my kind of vibe. They're just sweet people irl. Totally normal. And people change, people learn. Even the ones you've lost faith in. That's all I have to say.

No. 223057

Sorry "N" I don't buy your story at all. I doubt you hung out with Charms.
You're either some dumb lovesick fan (which is surprising she'd have one), or charms herself drugged up and feeling the need to defend herself in a shit way.

No. 223059

Says a person who comes to a drama infested website to bump a thread. "Defending" someone on this site brings more disaster to them than anything. You're clearly lacking some mental capacity so it's probably understandable that you think Charms and Scraps are normal.

>literally nothing

>literal trash

No. 223080

Why would somebody say "She's literally hot as fuck", "I just can't stop staring at her", and "Perfect for Charlotte" in front of the one concerned? Creepy

No. 223087

Idk, I've been to lots of cons and some people there have no social graces at all. If N isn't lying, it just makes me feel like it's only adding to the fact that Mike is totally socially inept.

Also 99% sure 'N' is Nycole. LOL


They hung out togetherand have been online friends for a while. Nycole is pretty, but also doesn't look the same IRL. I don't know how she can say Charms isn't fat though?? I'll give her benefit of the doubt but even Charms is embracing her new BBW standards and you can see bikini pics of her in here that tell otherwise…

No. 223088

File: 1453156367187.png (671.44 KB, 932x597, Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.26…)

sounds about right.
although tbh in this screenshot charms does look marginally better than this chick, no matter how attractive her body is.

No. 223091

File: 1453156624780.jpg (507.85 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o14nuoN8Un1rkwud8o3_128…)

Yeah, Nycole has a nice body, but her face is….not. I try to be above pointing out physical features as a negative, but she's just cute to me.

No. 223092

File: 1453156681840.jpeg (23.46 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

OT i know, but damn charms' nose is so good. I really would like a nose like hers.

No. 223093

That fucking furry in the background i s2g

No. 223095

File: 1453156868692.png (81.78 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 223096


Oh, I follow Nycole on Instagram and Twitter.
She's alright guys, I wish you hadn't chased her away.

No. 223099


I mean, she doesn't have the worst face ever. 8/10 would fight for that body thp

No. 223101

9/10 body. The face isn't the worst, but it's a bit too close to Lady Gaga appeal. Can't put my finger on it.

Anyways, dumb whore should probably stop coming on here to call herself hot then leave when she finds out anons on a shit talking site keep talking shit. Moron.

No. 223102

wow some basic bitch in a harley quinn costume likes charms. somehow i'm not surprised.

No. 223104

We're only speculating who it was after they left, we didn't "chase her away" by doing anything other than what was already posted.

No. 223125

I'm probably mostly alone here but charms was way more qt back in the day but threw it all away. Charms has a way better face and I liked her qt skinnyfat body.

No. 223127


Insulting is just unnecessary when she hasn't done anything wrong.

There's already like 4 people in this thread rating her and comparing her face to celebrities. This place is PULL 2.0.

No. 223135

Oooof course she's a Harley Quinn cosplayer. of course.

No. 223143

Ohhhhhhhh fuck yes she's hot as fuck. Her face is pretty nice, too. I bet she has a boring as fuck personality, though. These dyed hair matte lipstick Instagram types always do.

No. 223167

Jesus Christ, looking through her instagram and 99% of her pictures are her overly shooped face. Of course only self-absorbed cunts would enjoy the company of a fellow self-absorbed cunt like Charms.

No one chased her away, fucktard.

No. 223169

fucking kek a huge narcissist attention whore got her fee-fees hurt on the internet oh no!!!
time for some more sockpuppets to post about her "9/10" bod.

No. 223174

If you told me 3 years ago that Pixy was gonna be thinner than Charms then I wouldn't have believed you. Christ this girl is vile.

No. 223175

File: 1453183563761.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 106.91 KB, 750x847, image.jpeg)

Nipple slip, probably on purpose

No. 223176

This girl wanted us to talk about her and everybody played into her attention grab. Just like that other butterface that sometimes gets posted on charms' thread she might get 1 full day of attention and then we go back to charms.

No. 223177

File: 1453185722612.jpg (100.83 KB, 930x594, wtfwig.JPG)

this bitch is fucking retarded. For starters, she is dying a wig outside over a cement sidewalk. That is going to leave a mess on the sidewalk and you will have to scrub the cement with rubbing alcohol to try and get the stain out. I hope her parents beat her for that.

Also, you CANNOT dye a wig black via the sharpie method. Black sharpies are not really black, rather, they are comprised of multiple colors at a higher density. You will end up with a purple/blue mixture. Also, dying a wig red via the sharpie method is not a good idea. Red, and any color comprised of red (brown, purple, etc.) is not permanent and will rub off very easily.

/flips table

I am so done with this woman.

No. 223180

She's an idiot Harley's color in the 52 haven't been black and red since her debut.
She changed her colors to blue and red when she joined the suicide squad. So if she's trying to impress people she could at least try to keep up with the times.

No. 223181

File: 1453187427141.jpeg (193.2 KB, 832x1280, image.jpeg)

Forgot picture.

No. 223230

Give it a little before they have a falling out. Fresh milk boys

No. 223232

Yeah I don't understand how anyone can readily go into a relationship with someone like Charlotte after supposedly reading this thread. What kind of magical thinking to you have to have to think you're immune from the same fate?

No. 223308

Who cares. It's only a nipple. It's not like her ass is hanging out or vagina is fully exposed. Never understood the uproar on female nipples.

No. 223310

Harley Quinn in the recent years of comics and games sucks so bad anyway. She is just getting worse and worse and is strictly just existing for male pandering now.

No. 223380

Not a Harley fan tbh. The only reason people like her is because of the Joker, as a stand alone character she doesn't do well. That's the reason they added her to the Suicide Squad in the first place. It's no wonder basic bitches cosplay her (or Catwomen and or Poison Ivy). Can't bother to go outside the Gotham box.

No. 223383

I'll let you talk shit about HQ because she really is shit outside being the Joker's punching bag, however Catwoman is actually a good character. I remember growing up with Batman: The animated series and loving her. She actually is pretty cool, even outside of Batman unlike Harley. I swear they just added Harley to Suicide squad for male pandering eye candy.

No. 223385


She has such an irritating expression paired with that babyface… I can't put my finger on why it annoys me so much.

No. 223407

File: 1453244000126.jpg (63.13 KB, 913x588, uggos.jpg)

Scraps is the ugliest man I've ever seen. Charms isn't looking too good herself.

No. 223408

File: 1453244033248.jpg (44.98 KB, 708x597, oldhag.jpg)

He has a legit witch face.

No. 223411

her eyeshadow is so uneven. was she drunk when she was putting on her makeup? it looks like she got punched in the face.

No. 223423

Not hating on Catwoman I meant that basic girls cosplay her. Catwoman is a character that can stand on her on, as can Poison Ivy. I just wish people would step outside the box. Hell I'd love to see a Batgirl (any of them) or Zatanna cosplayer. No disrespect intended.

No. 223443

Actually Harl's colors are still red and black in her current solo series. They use blue to high light sometimes but her coloring in HQ52 is black and red as well as the Little Black Book mini series.
Not to defend her but she made a good decision in choosing red/black, I really hate the blue/black in SS. There's so many more outfits in her solo series too, SS's outfit is meh

No. 223446

File: 1453248834494.jpeg (17.79 KB, 431x341, image.jpeg)

He looks like Conan

No. 223448

Oh yeah, totally agree then. A lot of basic bitches who just want attention (Ie: Jnig and Tatas han) cosplay her and Ivy. It sucks.

No. 223449

He has no fat in his face and it's freaking me out.

No. 223506

and his swizzle stick neck.

No. 223524

Uh, who's email is this?

No. 223534



>Poison Ivy

Shut your whore mouth.
Harley is shit though, but I still love her if not just for the fact that she's like 100x stronger than the Joker on account of Ivy's antidote and could technically kill him at any time.

No. 223538

File: 1453254738301.jpg (698.19 KB, 1200x1600, img_2277.jpg)

I wish Catwoman's design from The Long Halloween would make a reprisal. It was my favourite.

No. 223541

I stand corrected then. I was centering that that she mentioned 52 on her twitter and the last think that I read (not just glanced at) dealing with HQ was SS. I'm not a Harley fan, so I tend to not pay attention to things dealing with her and wasn't aware of the change.
Ew. Yaya and Jnig seriously did a cosplay of them. Was it at least somewhat decent? I mean they have the funds so I hope it was at least quality.
See >>223423
Nothing against Selena and Pamela. Both are A-ok in my book.

No. 223547

Yaya's costume looked good but of course, nothing can save her gross face. JNig just looked like a slut as usual. I hate it when attention whores and cosplay prostitutes cosplay as Catwoman.

And JNig cosplayed as Harely and it looks as you'd expect… It looked like she had an ass on her chest.

No. 223559

Jnig is a hot mess that never learned that less is more with certain characters Catwoman being one of them. She's naturally sensual character without being slutty. But I guys she can't pander the neckbeards with using her best assets.

No. 223600

>Catwoman from The Long Halloween
That is one of my favorite Batman stories. Damn, thanks for bringing up those memories. I gotta reread it now.

No. 223601

Yaya looked like a bloated whore in bad latex and Jnig looked as usual with her over the top racoon makeup and wrinkled mouth. They were both awful.

Selena is definitely a character who is sexy and sultry without being a slut and I loved her for it. She's clever and intelligent, but of course since so many of these cosplay attention bitches barely read the comics or watched the animated series/movies, they wouldn't know that.

No. 223603

File: 1453263193670.gif (415.06 KB, 400x278, tumblr_mslr1esRq11sr8062o1_400…)

Harley was one of my favorite characters growing up. I'm not a female fedora who looks aghast as she's cosplayed by every whore with a few books and an ebay account. HQ is a floozy. It's part of her charm. Not like you love Harley for her strong sense of feminism.

This gif and HQ's voice actress will always make up for the shitty SS movie coming up or cringe worthy redesigns.

No. 223607

You guys I really want to make a comic thread in /b/ now. I just don't want people coming in and shitting it up. I mean comics literally have a character for everyone whatever race/sexuality/lifestyle but I know where we are an someone will come in just to stir the pot. You don't meet to many people(girls especially) genuinely into comics now and days.

No. 223615


Do it do it do it.

No. 223617

It's a chan. It'll get shitted up, however, it'll keep us from shitting up this thread. It's been too off-topic, but I ain't even mad. Anyways, do it, anon. Perhaps, us ladies will play nice in it?

HOW DARE YOU!!! Leave my wife, Conan outta this.

No. 223626

Ok ok it'll probably have to wait a bit later when I can get to my laptop.

No. 224019

Harley was so cute in the animated series. Gotta break out my dvds.

No. 224042

File: 1453329030510.jpg (34.63 KB, 600x450, 1435779183253.jpg)

Maybe this is creepy but in my beauty folder I have a few folders specifically for girls I find really cute and I keep some of their pictures to take beauty/makeup/fashion inspiration from, and I have a folder for Charms that I made back before she went…. uh…. like this.

It's so sad looking through it.

No. 224189

I wanna see your folder!

No. 224299

File: 1453349571090.jpg (361.39 KB, 960x1280, 1407977079063.jpg)


Oooookay I'll dump what I have.

No. 224300

File: 1453349580487.png (1.06 MB, 679x1024, 1408705906179.png)

No. 224301

File: 1453349594540.jpg (72.89 KB, 576x1024, 1413289106066.jpg)

No. 224302

File: 1453349602713.jpg (34.58 KB, 600x600, 1427932827076.jpg)

No. 224303

File: 1453349609252.jpg (110.91 KB, 768x1024, 1427991356974.jpg)

No. 224304

File: 1453349620067.jpg (84.33 KB, 480x640, 1432773598953.jpg)

No. 224305

File: 1453349629510.jpg (121.7 KB, 1000x562, 1434241136373.jpg)

No. 224306

File: 1453349642396.jpg (274.31 KB, 1024x768, 1434497166759.jpg)

No. 224307

File: 1453349649771.jpg (332.21 KB, 960x1280, 1435756544397.jpg)

No. 224308

File: 1453349655647.jpg (360 KB, 960x1280, 1435761816334.jpg)

No. 224309

File: 1453349662057.jpg (86.04 KB, 452x603, 1435777535228.jpg)

No. 224310

File: 1453349670308.png (1.27 MB, 679x1024, 1435777644660.png)

No. 224312

File: 1453349678130.jpg (352 KB, 960x1280, 1435778382828.jpg)

No. 224313

File: 1453349685860.jpg (158.07 KB, 480x640, 1435779104203.jpg)

No. 224314

File: 1453349695782.jpg (79.07 KB, 768x1024, 1435779246379.jpg)

No. 224315

File: 1453349702308.jpg (104.11 KB, 768x1024, 1435779355540.jpg)

No. 224316

File: 1453349713716.jpg (84.42 KB, 768x1024, 1435784535492.jpg)

No. 224317

File: 1453349722710.jpg (243.62 KB, 960x1280, 1435784694523.jpg)

No. 224318

File: 1453349729857.jpg (251.14 KB, 960x1280, 1435784832637.jpg)

No. 224320

File: 1453349736942.jpg (257.29 KB, 960x1280, 1435784898169.jpg)

No. 224321

File: 1453349744865.jpg (308.8 KB, 960x1280, 1435785126860.jpg)

No. 224322

File: 1453349759427.jpg (293.74 KB, 960x1280, 1435785373499.jpg)

No. 224323

File: 1453349766545.jpg (90.39 KB, 768x1024, BguWWddCYAASaLP.jpg)

No. 224324

File: 1453349772945.jpg (61.65 KB, 1024x768, BL0OFPDCIAA5ltc.jpg)

No. 224325

File: 1453349780268.jpg (124.82 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ny17g4Va9m1shp2t7o2_128…)

No. 224326

File: 1453349790185.jpg (459.3 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ny17g4Va9m1shp2t7o4_128…)

No. 224327

File: 1453349799678.png (1.3 MB, 640x1136, tumblr_ny17g4Va9m1shp2t7o5_128…)

No. 224328

File: 1453349827030.jpg (450.26 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ny17g4Va9m1shp2t7o6_128…)


Yes, I know it's creepy.
I like cute girls and she was a cute girl… once upon a time…

No. 224334

File: 1453350864261.jpeg (145.08 KB, 1242x758, image.jpeg)

No. 224337

It's not creepy! Shame what she did to herself. Even just fixing her eyebrows would do so much.

No. 224338

She should have stuck with these eyebrows

No. 224339

What in gods name..
Shes changed so much..

No. 224340


I used to have such a crush on her back in these days. Oh my gosh, she was so cute, it's amazing how she managed to mess her self up so badly.
her body looks sooo good here compared to where it is now. So sad.

No. 224341

why am i not surprised at all that she'd be hanging around charms?

No. 224342

Was she actually known before her Kota stories/photo in /cgl?

No. 224344

Yeah, she posted on /cgl/ under a trip frequently before that.

No. 224346

Aww she looks a little chubs here but not bad. Smaller breasts really do fit her better.

No. 224358


Oh god yeah, are you kidding? She was known all over Gaia and in pretty much all of the Western loli comms for her drama and choker-stealing tendencies.

No. 224359


Why is it that everytime Charms gets a new "girlfriend" the first thing she does is get them to sign up to MyFreeCams?
The girl's a total predator.

No. 224360

I once got into an argument with her in a BDSM thread on /cgl/ where she told me I couldn't be a reallll sub if I didn't like blood letting. wat.

No. 224364

I wonder how long it'll be before she starts stealing from this one.

No. 224372

RIP. She used to have a great body. She ruined it.

No. 224374

File: 1453357551974.jpg (79.93 KB, 800x655, KhaleeiiLi_2173773_7553695.jpg)

Jesus christ I feel like somebody should warn this poor girl.

Just FYI Nycole because I know you're watching this, virtually every single girl Charlotte has gotten "close to" who also gets involved in her cam activities ends up not being so close with her, and according to Charlotte, it's NEVER her fault! Wow!

Exhibit A: Lomeli
Friendship status: terminated.

No. 224375

File: 1453357572283.jpg (650.92 KB, 1408x1977, 1kvf84na5tcs.jpg)

Exhibit B: Mintyflowers
Friendship status: terminated.

No. 224376

File: 1453357590656.png (757.84 KB, 1190x686, 1447623824365.png)

Exhibit C: AsheMaree
Friendship status: terminated.

No. 224377

She looks so good with this hair. She really has a lovely face, but she ruined her body by gaining so much weight and those ugly tattoos

No. 224378

File: 1453357690197.png (875.63 KB, 1607x1080, 1408031731103.png)

Exhibit D: Zoella
Friendship status: terminated.

No. 224379

File: 1453357714583.jpg (31.65 KB, 313x240, 1432510307887.jpg)

Exhibit E: Chloe
Friendship status: terminated.

No. 224381

File: 1453357765974.png (379.21 KB, 476x379, 1445578091047.png)

Exhibit F: Mikes dick
Anatomical status terminated.

No. 224383

Holy shit, how did she get this huge?>>224381
What's wrong with her cleavage?

No. 224384


No. 224385


Mike's penis :(

No. 224386

Wow. I love that tree tattoo. She used to have so many gorgeous tattoos before she went mad.

No. 224387

I'm so confused

What's wrong with it? It's so.. Disgusting.

No. 224388


Charlotte bought a penis pump.
Charlotte decided to use the penis pump.
Charlotte didn't know how to use a penis pump.

No. 224389

I thought this was photoshop. holyshit. Penis pump or not, that is gross (what's the point of a penis pump anyway??)

No. 224390


Through suction it artificially draws large amounts of blood into the dick which is supposed to make it temporarily bigger, but she overpumped, a lot.

Honestly surprised Mike didn't have to go to A&E after this, these things can seriously injure you.

No. 224391

Wow!! Yeah, that sounds really dangerous honestly.

No. 224411


how is chloe doing by the way - did she keep camping or get it together after hurricane charms passed?

No. 224412

Is this referencing the girl she just met at Ohayocon? Little weird that they're in a "relationship" less than a week later. Charms needs to learn to vet prospective partners.