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File: 1433627787982.jpg (192.01 KB, 650x438, copyright_coverdoll_com.jpg)

No. 117795

I want to start a thread where I post information about guys that live with plastic dolls. I find them hilariously autistic.

Basically it is a bunch of lonely perverts who have congregated together since 2001 and talk about owning dolls. There are over 18,000 members on this forum and they call themselves "Doll Lovers". It isn't just about sex, a lot of them have started "families" and relationships with these dolls. They often talk about preferring dolls because real women don't want them. They're mostly MRAs and meninists. A lot of them want a replacement for human interaction

They get really offended by people who insinuate that they are fucking weird.

Here are some quotes:

>My two girls go to bed with me at night and I wake up to them in the morning, when I come home they're both there, sitting and smiling, waiting for me patiently. There's no drama or pain, only nurturing and acceptance.

>One doll-owner who called himself Mandy said he doesn't even think of his two girls as sex dolls, but more as "adult daughters" instead – a substitute family

No. 117801

File: 1433627862277.jpg (96.27 KB, 865x1257, the-surprisingly-sensitive-wor…)


Here is a picture of Mandy and his two daughters.

No. 117803

I wonder if Michael Jackson collected mannequins for the same weird reasons.

No. 117805

File: 1433628122908.png (35.1 KB, 642x188, Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 6.00…)

Some guys make separate accounts and roleplay as their dolls. They make twitter accounts for their dolls, like Davecat does (who should be a lolcow in his own right)

No. 117806

File: 1433628152900.jpg (79.73 KB, 634x821, article-2439522-18692748000005…)

Here are some pictures of Davecat and his wife.

No. 117808

File: 1433628177394.jpg (165.93 KB, 1600x1066, from Claire Dossin 006.jpg)

No. 117809

File: 1433628253417.jpg (153.2 KB, 470x300, iJeMF.jpg)

He now has two more dolls, a mistress and a friend. His twitter can be found here:


No. 117811

File: 1433628376744.png (98.71 KB, 849x269, Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 6.05…)

Dude on TheDollForum talking about how white women are all bitches and that black women are probably better.

(They're all pretty much like this, it's like antithesis of Stormfront)

No. 117812

The way that these men dress their dolls, I think it's clear to see that they've simply been taken in by the plastic world of pornography and Photoshop, and upon entering into maturity discovered that the average woman does in fact possess human proportions, skin pores and bodily hair, and in their infantilistic rage instead opted for a synthetic mate.

The reason no woman will never satisfy them is because they're not living in the real world and genuinely expect females not to secrete bodily fluids or require bathing or expect them to be hairless and DTF 24 hours of the day 7 days a week.

At the end of the day though it's good that they've chosen a doll as it at least means they won't pass on their defective genes.

I feel sorry for their parents, that after billions of years genetic legacy and continued evolution, their line ends with their poor, degenerate, manchildren offspring.

No. 117815

Are these guys even lolcow tier? To be honest, as autistic as many of them seem to be, to me they just come off as sad. Most of them are socially inept and don't bother anyone. If they want to pretend to have a life with a doll, fine, whatever, a bit creepy but there#s nothing that lolcow worthy about this. As said it just seems a bit sad or pathetic.

No. 117816

He was in a documentary about real dolls that was on the BBC a few years ago

No. 117820

No. 117822


This made me laugh but yeah, pretty much. After raising your child and it ends up just dressing/shagging dolls as an adult. You'd want to cry, I know I would.

If they question as to why no woman would ever want them, this is why.

No. 117825

>don't bother anyone

Please leave the thread, PULL. PT doesn't bother anyone either, and she is our queen. Not every lolcow has to be an annoying piece of shit like Berry is.

This documentary is called Guys and Dolls
He was also more recently on My Strange Addiction.

The weirdest RealDoll documentary I've watched is "All Dolled Up"
There is also a more recent documentary:

No. 117834

There are lots of them in Japan too, they were shown in a documentary about the japanese "Candy Girl" sex dolls (should be somewhere on YouTube). The company who makes them even made a dating sim with their dolls and holds a "wife" photo contest regulary because so many people use them as replacement for actual human beings, they even offer loli ones but without the hole features.

No. 117848

File: 1433633771099.jpg (39.46 KB, 612x612, gck61B8.jpg)

>Real doll thread, no Peter Coffin.

No. 117849

I remember this weeaboo faggot from the TLC show. Kek

No. 117866


Not gonna lie,but i would go to that con just to people watch those guys.

No. 117927

This so so true lol. If their parents knew how fucked up their sons turned out, they'd probably want to die or wish they never raised such a fucked up failure.

And I also agree that these men cannot dress their dolls to save a life. They're all donning overdone porn looks or they Look like Walmart threw up all over them.

No. 117929

idk man, Davecat actually seems pretty normal otherwise. Not really a lolcow.

No. 117930


Yes. I watched a little of the documentary and he really seems lonely, not crazy oder anything.

No. 117938

File: 1433661402963.jpg (83.42 KB, 599x960, BhKyQnrIQAAZsIe.jpg medium.jpg)

No. 117939

there was also an episode of my strange addiction (i think? something on tlc) about them.

No. 117946

File: 1433662666625.jpg (48.55 KB, 600x450, 2e33mv8.jpg)

Then there are the Doller/ anime kigurumi fetishists that dress up as anime girls. Fully padded bodysuits, fan service poses, usually men underneath. It's very fetishy no matter what dollers might say. More women are getting into it.



No. 117948

File: 1433662996887.jpg (208.23 KB, 1291x968, otakuterrortrain.jpg)

No. 117951

Davecat's a little weird if you've read his websites or social media. He has like 4 twitter accounts for his dolls. IIRC he doesn't want a human ("organic") female because, as he says, they're "unpredictable".


No. 117954

File: 1433665355693.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.15 KB, 433x650, edit2.jpg)

And then there are the pedo doll fuckers. I don't think there's laws against this yet, so Japan (of course) delivers. A quick search of 'japanese sex dolls' will quickly show you the small-fetish flat chest variety…

Pic is a censored example. Mod, I understand if pic must be deleted even if it's just a doll.

Also you can see pedo-Gackt here have sex with a doll. She looks sad.


trigger warning: abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

No. 117960


Oh shit I stumbled across a site selling these child-dolls 2 years ago and was absolutely horrified.

How these are not banned yet I cannot comprehend.
I do not believe for one moment that these dolls might not one day encourage some sick fuck to go out and try to sample the real deal.
You should never encourage or cater to people with these disorders.

No. 117964

I know anon…I'm horrified. In trying to find some OC I found some sites. The Queen help us all.


There's a link in the site that's far worse (plastic-virgins). It says:

The girls appear on the website are all artificial dolls and not real human, therefore the images do no interfere with the current law in force. None of the images are of actual living human beings.

I think this is true, the advances in doll realism have been too obscure/fast for the law to catch up.

No. 117965

Them bodysuits are kind of neat actually
But y their masks so un-kawaii?

No. 117970

I think because they are self-made. Not sure if there's a company catering to this fetish yet. And it's bound to be so expensive that people will make their own.

This could definitely be the new living doll thing…with shoop, wigs and full face makeup masks, they may as well wear a mask.

This girl (??) is ahead of the game


>miew. miew. miew.

No. 117971

No. 117972


Anon I don't think that's a female.


No. 117973



No. 117974

its so fucking creepy and sick i cant believe its real

No. 117976

It's funny because she looks like a real human.

No. 117977

That's so realistic. Some of these masks could definitely fool people, especially in still shots on instagram


I want to see a trap scammer make a ton of money posing in his suit/mask. Maybe one already has.

No. 117978

Well he does have a nicer body than probably like 2 thirds of the US

No. 117979

File: 1433670338708.jpg (182.18 KB, 1360x703, middleschool.jpg)

Here's another guy who considers dolls as his daughters. His daughters who get raped daily.


The pedo dolls are more popular than I thought if they're openly displayed like this and people are willing to RENT them

his blog if youre curious


No. 117980

so, can I like… waifu him?

No. 117982

same here. damn.

No. 117983

why the fuck did i click that link

No. 117984

i clicked it too.
brb destroying my computer.

No. 117986

So it's just $33? Wow. Good deal. I want to have one but not for anything dirty. Just to play dress up with.

No. 117988

that's the price of the DVD of pedo-Gackt making sweet platic love to his child doll. Those dolls are really expensive. You'll pay a couple thousand at least.


No. 117990


holy fucking shit.. my eyes!!!!!! this is child porn! shouldnt this be illegal?

No. 117991

wait…is this a dude?

No. 117993

idk why i clicked it. goddamn guys stop linking weird shit, i'm too curious for my own good.

anyway in this case, i'm fairly certain that's just a very small legal-aged woman. she doesn't look like a kid at all aside from her size imo.

No. 117994

this thread made me feel better about myself.

Maybe Im not so pathetic after all .!

No. 117995

Oh oops. Sorry I am sleepy didn't pay attention. Darn I was about to say… but you know $33 can't get you a decent doll of that size anyway. Wtf Gackt lol

No. 117996

I am really sure it's not. Kanojo toys has been around for a while and it wouldn't sell it if it was. child porn is illegal in Japan too but I guess that wouldn't stop sales…

There are petite porn models to suit the underage aesthetic even in the western pornos so I think she is a petite adult woman

No. 118003

File: 1433677023906.png (77.71 KB, 1265x521, jesuschrist.png)

plethora of lolcows here. Every single one rants about real women scum, while being too socially inept and sociopathic to realize the problem has been THEMSELVES.

No. 118006

So, a woman wants to be seen as more than just a cum bucket and shes crazy for that?

No. 118009

File: 1433679780643.gif (637.36 KB, 1321x7984, gifofthread.gif)

Yup. Just crazy, "bitching," emotional. Here's the thread that post is on. It's an echo chamber full of stereotypes and rationalizations as to why they're forever alone.

No. 118014

they basically don't want a girl to think, complain or get sad. they just want her to be silent with legs and mouth open.
It doesnt sound as if the girl was bitching but expressing sadness over that fact that she feels like men just use her.

No. 118016

My aunt actually works at the same place with him. Everyone would gossip at their job about how weird DaveCat is and they said he mainly kept to himself… Sounds depressing.

No. 118029

yeah DaveCat's creepy but he's harmless

No. 118032

>I'm a 52-year-old doll lover and I have smoking hot 25-year-olds asking if I know any guys who will fuck her!!!!

I'll take things that never happened for 600, Alex.

No. 118043

He seems to be pretty bad at writing real life fan fiction…

No. 118075

Oh boy oh boy I have been waiting for a thread like this!

No. 118076

Wait…in porn it's not illegal to allude that someone is underage because they add the statement "all performers are 18+" I assume…so is it illegal to make a child sex doll/make porn with one?

No. 118077

No. 118084

a doll isnt a person though

No. 118085

I understand, but aren't cartoon pornos with kids illegal….

No. 118087

File: 1433699588390.png (63.65 KB, 810x274, Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 1.52…)

Lulzy thread where a guy asks if he could "rent" one of the dolls for $500/hour.

Poster responds "sure, I'd go for $400/hour but only if I could watch you [have sex with the doll] to make sure you don't damage it"

lmao wtf

No. 118089

File: 1433699628531.png (99.33 KB, 1058x437, Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 1.53…)

Someone else chimes in, asking if renting a doll is prostitution or not

No. 118090

The anime ones remind me of Momochi Minami

No. 118091

File: 1433699875660.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 450x600, Doll Room From Outside.png)

Picture of a guys "doll room"

Looks like a fucking serial killer's dungeon

No. 118093

this makes my head hurt

No. 118094

File: 1433700073977.png (77.02 KB, 1035x297, Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.00…)

Doll fucker talking about how his wife doesn't fully appreciate his dolls

No. 118095

File: 1433700420572.png (Spoiler Image, 492.47 KB, 1132x622, Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.06…)

This guy has spent over $10,000 on dolls

No. 118096

These sick weirdos are starting to think that those dolls are humans…

No. 118097

I'd so totally divorce that idiot

No. 118098

>my being with another woman

No. 118099

File: 1433700738819.jpg (296.93 KB, 1600x1067, 01.JPG)

Enma Ai?

No. 118104

File: 1433701202825.gif (Spoiler Image, 491.33 KB, 470x353, 142447108.gif)

>sharing really expensive fancy fleshlights
>asking if renting out your really expensive fancy fleshlight is prostitution

Also for extra weirdness, libidolls are creepy as fuck. It's like a BJD mixed with a fleshlight.

No. 118105



No. 118111

This thread makes me all sorts of horrified and uncomfortable. Jesus christ.

No. 118116


Pretty much.
And it's also how so many kids die on account of it, organ damage and all…

No. 118123

his waifu looks like a tumblr sjw

No. 118125

File: 1433706785449.jpg (52.5 KB, 380x380, 1432683784953.jpg)

>tfw I will never be this cute

No. 118127

Why does he type like a teenager?
Oh wait, I guess the answer is obvious.

No. 118128

Holy fuck, I don't think I've ever heard a creepier voice.

No. 118129


Everybody knows Beeblefox is a troll.

For a while he also trolled OrangeCitrus hardcore, shit was cash.

No. 118130

Another from Beeblefox featuring OrangeCitrus.


No. 118134

some of yall are worrying me…

No. 118234

Thank god they won't be able to procreate. Reading their posts really shows how fucked up they are.

No. 118238

Who? Everyone was disapproving of their behaviour…?

No. 118258

This is the creepiest voice I've ever heard. It's like listening to one of those evil psychotic cartoon villains.

No. 118276

voice 10/10 creepy
Wiping knife off with kid undies creepy as fuck.

No. 118280

He gives off the vibe of a serial killer.

No. 118284

These dolls make me think of this demented shit

No. 118293

I dont even.

No. 118295

File: 1433731365968.jpg (107.77 KB, 800x534, image.jpg)

Oh my fucking god

No. 118319

Same. I'm honestly too scared to open any of the spoiler pictures.

No. 118350

File: 1433740341011.jpg (36.52 KB, 500x375, 1381206299864.jpg)

I clicked on one out of curiosity…

Do not recommend

No. 118358

Cartoon porn with kids is a gray area. As for the dolls it's kind of the same – they may look like kids but technically they don't have an age. So.

No. 118366

they aren't that bad.

No. 118377

oh my fucking god …the fact that this creep walks on this earth makes me so uncomfortable. JFC!!!!

No. 118378

File: 1433746107772.jpg (30.73 KB, 550x400, toby-the-office-nbc.jpg)

He sounds like Toby from The Office

No. 118379

That shit is creepy af

No. 118381


>what is trolling

Back to PULL.

No. 118407

No. 118408

This ventriloquist modified a doll to look like an ex of his.

No. 118409

File: 1433765606126.jpg (33.23 KB, 540x450, kimonomommy.jpg)

This is the most expensive sex doll I've found so far

>$ 17,626

You can milk her tits. There's a video in the link


No. 118416

I jumped when I realized the old man was also a doll.

No. 118426

I don't know, he seemed like a nice enough guy. Weird and dorky without a doubt, but he basically admitted in some interview I saw with him that he just had a doll fetish and didn't seem delusional or hateful at all.

The other guys who do this shit are way worse. The best ones are the MRA morons who think dolls will replace real women and create some utopia or whatever or act out their weird incest fantasies like in the OP.

No. 118432

I don't get the hate. Seems like a harmless hobby to me. They're not bothering anyone so idgaf

No. 118462


>fluid is squirting out of a giant hole directly in the center of the nipple

2015 and the male gender STILL doesn't understand how the nipple secretes milk are you fucking kidding me.

No. 118495

Tbf these guys don't care about anatomical correctness that's why they need dolls lmao

No. 118599

If you read enough of of Davecat's blog you can tell he's not the worst of the worst. He actually has female friends and hobbies outside of this doll shit. He's definitely not as bad as that hick dude in the BBC documentary who clearly hated women and lived in the middle of nowhere with his dolls and gun collection (iirc)

tbh I don't mind this doll shit, at least these guys are taking their pent up hatred for women and weird fetishes out on the dolls and not actual women/little girls

No. 347564

This is all sp fucked lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 383373

It's not about understanding how they work, it would simply be much harder and more expensive to make it realistic and it's too much of an overkill for something that's basically an expensive gimmick, no point in going beyond putting a hose in a tit basically

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