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File: 1486241535567.png (1.18 MB, 875x643, cyrminadashaedwinthread.png)

No. 244778

Recently there has been a bit of milk flowing from Cyr's camp which is proving to be quite interesting:
>his roommate and frequent partner in videos (and fellow youtuber) Edwin was kicked out of their apartment with his girlfriend, Mina
>Mina is also Cyr's ex, and is (or was) very close with his current girlfriend, Dasha
>Dasha and Cyr have been dating for about a year
>Dasha and Mina are known for looking extremely similar and have caused some questions towards Cyr not only due to this but also their age (very early 20s)
>Whenever the girls are in Edwin and Cyr's videos they are dressed and act very sexually presumably for clickbait

While it hasn't been confirmed as to why they were kicked out, there are many different rumours going around. Dasha also did a periscope explaining her side but it has been taken down.

Cyr is a longtime youtuber who used to be good friends with Onion and had a messy falling out. Hasn't gotten huge but is known for edgelord 'aesthetic' videos:

Edwin is a smaller youtuber, mainly gets his views from using cute girls in his thumblnails or being in Cyr's videos:

Dasha is Cyr's current girlfriend from Russia. She's a model and is now making chokers:

Mina is Cyr's ex and Edwin's current gf. Also a model:

No. 244787

File: 1486242188898.png (111.58 KB, 573x749, 32a99d43b01cef925e98e700ed7954…)

In Edwin's video where he vlogs him and Mina leaving for Arizona, here is a comment that someone seems to summarize what happened according to Dasha.

No. 244803

File: 1486242890828.png (1.14 MB, 1033x729, wat.png)

Just from watching her shit all over Onion the past month or so, she seems like an okay person. Is there really any milk to be had from her, Cyr, and the other two you mentioned?

On a related note, what is up with this and similar pics she's taken and put on Twitter? Does she have BDD or something?

No. 244807

I will add that it's fucking annoying to see Cyr hanging out with that fat cunt, Chad. No idea why the hell they're friends considering Chat does fuck all except ride everyone else's coat tails.

No. 244818

what the hell, this is a real photo? her face looks wrong. Genetically wrong.

No. 244822

File: 1486243810672.png (48.68 KB, 598x294, 538cc6c859da2dfbb406e9cba0d5e5…)

She says that she edits her photos a ton for her own aesthetic. Somewhere in her insta she posted about it saying people need to stop complaining because she does it for fun or something.

In regards to the milk, there's definitely something there. It seems that Mina was brought to LA to be in a poly relationship with Dasha and Cyr, and her and Edwin hid their relationship from them for some reason. We're hoping more info comes out soon. Tbh it's kind of funny how the whole poly with much younger women is happening with Cyr.

No. 244823

File: 1486244019250.png (558.18 KB, 501x660, 5385454.png)

Her reasoning is a bit weird honestly, but to each their own, I guess. Shit looks pretty dumb though.

How much older is Cyr than Dasha and Mina?

No. 244826

I bet she hates the comparisons if she's seen them yet lel

No. 244829

I'm not 100% sure on their ages but from what I know; Cyr is 27, Dasha is around 21/22 and Mina either just turned 20 or 21.

No. 244855

Can anyone find a mirror of that periscope?

No. 244865

Can't find anything but saw it live. She was pissed, like actually fuming. Cyr was more calm at first but they were both pretty emotional.

No. 244870

Dasha is kind of crazy, she thinks non-vegans are racist because they "discriminate against other species" or something.

No. 244886

Oh no. Like the people who compare the food industry to the holocaust? That's no good.

No. 244897

She shoops in a Felice-tier way of shooping. But aside from that, I don't think she has a lot of milk

No. 244900

Any info on what really happened?

No. 244901

File: 1486253201563.png (345.31 KB, 677x676, Screenshot 2017-02-04 16.05.03…)

Her shoops creep me out, especially since we've seen her in vids and she's clearly pretty good-looking without shoops.

No. 244945

Her edits seem to be entirely an aesthetic thing. Because she will post non or lightly edited pictures too. I don't think it's BDD, I just think it's her exaggerating her features for fun.

No. 244962

that's fair I guess. Like I don't see the fun in it but it's not like she's trying to pass that off as how she actually looks, she's just messing around.

No. 245102

why are these two couples so damn flirty with the other couple? like some of the twitter video posts that show the sexual gestures cyr does to mina and dasha to edwin are a little weird. And no one seems to give a fuck. I dont know about you guys but i dont think id be wanting a boyfriend of mine acting that way with another girl, especially if its his ex. big fucking no no.

No. 245156

Can anyone who watched Dasha's periscope rant post what she said? Why was she so pissed off at Edwin? She's right that his videos are lame af, and no one would watch them without Cyr and the girls.

No. 245159

Because Cyr and Dash are Poly.

No. 245161

I have some milk on Cyr as i'm an old friend of his but I havent ever wanted to release private information because I feel like it's a shitty thing to do. Somehow I still respect him and it kind of pisses me off.

No. 245172

when will the poly meme end

No. 245191

either spill the milk or stfu. don't bait.

No. 245192

it's fucked up edwin and mina left with cyr's camera on the premise of cyr letting him use it sometimes therefore it's fine to take it, and says he will give it back when he returns to la, but thinks it's perfectly okay to use it until then.

No. 245205

No. 245221

Lol no. You wish haha.

Yeah this was a mistake on my behalf - i think i'd a be a cunt if I spilled it on here. Plus, I think eventually I would reap the repercussions and I don't want any drama in my own life.

This is the only thing I don't really get but maybe it was taken as a spur on the moment thing? I don't see Edwin as a nasty person although I've never spoken to him.

No. 245292


Well then what's the point of posting in the first place?

No. 245343

Because I saw this and my feelings made me want to write a post. It would not be logical though and would probably shit back on me and wouldn't be worth the risk - like I said I don't want drama in my life despite what I know. I regret posting that.

All I will say is a lot of girls got fucked over by him and he's always struggled with women and admitting he was poly.

I don't know what his relationship with Dash is like but I presume they are both poly as they invited Mina back.

Can we get past this now? Derailing the thread a bit.

No. 245346

I feel like there is a lot that happened between the four of them that the public doesn't really know about, which would explain way more about whats going on. However, I really don't think Cyr is someone to just kick a long term friend out, so I'm going to lean towards the brother wanting to move in type thing. I still want to know all the tea tho

No. 245400

they said that they werent all dating though. poly or not its fucking weird

No. 245663


Mina is Cyr's ex and Dasha's best friend. I think they were friends before Cyr came along, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

I can see them "playing around" for the cameras. It brings in views and money for both Edwin's and Cy's YouTube channels, and it gives Dasha and Mina attention on Instagram with amateur modelling.

No. 245666


I forgot to mention that because Dasha and Mina are such good friends, they are probably okay with pretending to be sexual with each other as well as Cyr.

No. 245671

No. 245846

Mina dated Cyr and didn't even know Dash. Dash was a side chick Cyr started seeing while seeing Mina. Mina was unaware of him being poly and flew back to the Uk thinking things were ok and then found out about Dash. They brought Mina back to basically apologise hurting her and probably to have a poly relationship.

Dash likes to make out they are 'best friends' but in reality is probably jealous of Mina which is why she started wearing the same clothes, same aesthetic. Something shady.

No. 245880

Oh shit, I never knew that.

Tbh though, the fight seems to be bewteen Edwin and Dash. Edwin and Dasha no longer follow each other on twitter, while the rest of them all follow each other.

Thank you.

No. 246033

Could anyone post a summary? I can't get the video to load.

No. 246164

Basically Dash saying how Vincent flew Mina out and she wanted a poly relationship so that's what they did. Apparently Mina wasnt happy even though she said she was to Dash. Dash explains how upset that she just wrote a note and left with Edwin. Edwin and Cyr have had issues in the past. Dash starts getting fucking crazy and starts going on and on about how she isn't 'mad' at Mina but is shouting at the camera. Cyr enters and explains that the reason he wanted Edwin out was because he was in a bad place mentally and his brother is the guarantor of the apartment as Cyr's credit was so bad (being broke etc). Cyr rang his brother up to explain his emotions and his brother said that he wanted everyone out of the apartment. Cyr 'respected' his brother (he later says he was worried his brother was going to cut the lease so they would all be homeless) and asked Edwin to leave. Cyr paid first two months of rent to cover Edwin and never held it against him. He wanted to give him an oppotunity to create videos. Dash explains they didnt kick him out despite that situation, he left on his own accord. They both explain that they had been away from home and came back to see they have left with just notes. Cyr tried to get in contact with Edwin out of worry but eventually found the notes. Cyr explains how he feels betrayed and says Edwin is no longer entitled to speak to him. Dash gives the most evil smirk here which is unsettling. Video basically ends with more cyr talking about how Edwin look the camera and keys so he had the locks changed, dash tearing up and more shouting at the camera. Wew. That's about it.

No. 246173

Ok I just watched edwin's video as well as the periscope vid.

IMO both of them seem to be in the wrong but maybe edwin more so. Edwin comes across as super fame hungry and tryhard. Most of the video is just him doing a daily vlog with little bits of btw us leaving in it. Also since he is so quick to hop on onision's dick, he isn't winning any points there. He was also acting really ignorant during the women's march. Plus neither him or Mina are acting how normal people would if they were getting kicked out. His situation totally reeks of a freeloader who takes advantage of people if he never worked since moving to LA.

Dasha seems young, stupid, and crazy.

No. 246203


>Edwin comes across as super fame hungry and tryhard.

>he is so quick to hop on onision's dick

Edwin really is and I'm not surprised about the whole Greg thing tbh

I've known about Edwin since he was a well known person on BlogTV and he's always been really tryhard and shady and most of the "friends" he had were only in his life so he could benefit from them.

That isn't to say that Cyr and Dasha are blameless, of course.

No. 246225

that's too bad that she's a flake. I followed her because I thought she was super cute and was pretty impressed she stood up against Gerg's bullshit

No. 246226

Cyr also mentioned after he told edwin that his brother is insisting he kick everyone out, they talked again and things seemed to be a little more back to normal and he told edwin he would talk to his brother again and see if he would be okay with edwin staying for one more try.

It sounds like cyr wasn't happy with edwin living there (he even stated some friends just don't live together well which is completely true) and edwin was aggressive about cyr prioritizing his relationship. So cyr felt unable to be direct with edwin and kind of copped out in regards to making his brother be the reason edwin had to leave. But then suddenly edwin chilled out a bit so cyr wanted to try to make it work, but edwin lied while agreeing and then left and stole his stuff.

No. 246230

you could tell she was trying her best at the end to hold in her smile. she was also trying to force some tears throughout the whole video lol

No. 246231

No matter what Cyr and Dasha's failings were here, it doesn't feel justifiable to leave without telling them and give them the impression that things were okay and make a video with Cyr's own camera talking about getting "kicked out". It was odd to me to watch the video he made with the music and how they're both smiling while talking about being kicked out and revealing information they were meant to keep private. And for what, really? Money and fame? It's shady.

No. 246277

damn is it just me or dash has an easy temper? the way she yells at the camera scares me compared with her normal voice lmfao

No. 246278


She's manipulative.

No. 246283

I don't understand why Dash is clinging so hard to "We didn't kick them out!" Because… they sort of did? Not in a malicious way, but they had to go or else their would no apartment period. It was fucking shitty that they just left with no word and then blasted it all over the internet. They clearly had plenty of time to get their stuff in order, and Cyr offered to help them in anyway. But they clearly had to leave.

No. 246321

You can tell Mina seems to be getting tired of Edwin from his recent snaps of her. She seems to be faking her smile. I'd say she ditches him within a week tops. She's barely 20 and naive, and stupid for leaving LA for Arizona with some loser.

No. 246326

Well cyr did say that he had suggested calling his brother and working out something so that mina and edwin could stay, but they left anyway

No. 246374

also shes a 9 and he's a straight 3 on good days, especially with bleached hair

in edwins vlog's comments he says they finally broke it off because they found out "they were going to get kicked out a second time", something i dont think they mentioned in the periscope. i dont know, just seems like misunderstanding/childish behavior. the whole note shit is so dumb imo

No. 246461

i dont see how dasha is being the manipulative one. edwin tried to pull some fake tears bullshit, he took off like a little bitch, he does seem like an idiot that tried to coax mina into sleeping with him or some shit.

so is mina not polyamorous or what? because having searched around, she seems to really like to take her tits out, get naked out of nowhere for attention, show off her tits (dasha does to some degree, but i think it's a lot more tasteful and appropriate, imo), idk, i just get the vibe from mina that she tries to be the cool sexual girl, like, "haha we're having dinner at a Chili's next to a family of four, but let me whip my tits out I'm so fun with a natural, TOTALLY not photoshopped curvy ass!". same vibe from dasha, but less extreme. idk.

and cyr seems like a POS

No. 246462

but mina said those were like all of dashas borrowed clothes

No. 246465

I agree anon. I think dasha can come across very strongly and be a bit dramatic, as most girls are in their young 20s, but she doesn't seem manipulative. I won't lie when I first saw her I judged and imagined she was vapid and such but then I saw her responses to the onision drama and gained respect. The vegan shit scares me but I don't think she's a bad person.

I think Mina wanted cyr to herself. And was jealous of Dash, hence why she was always so unhappy.

No. 246468

I don't get the hype around this Mina girl. U what she's haggard as fuck without photo editing and if you took away the cutesy clothes she looks like a typical chav. That Edwin is still a 3 tho

No. 246470

exactly what i think. i honestly think dasha is pretty clever and pretty funny (vids of her and cyr reading fanfiction were actually pretty good; she was the highlight tbh) and she goes after onion HARD. i do think cyr really likes her. i don't think she's lying. i don't get the impression that she isn't genuine, idk. the vegan shit is annoying, but whatever, lots of them are like that.

i agree completely. i could totally see mina as being the poly type, cyr too, but i'm getting bad vibes from edwin and mina especially, like she was trying to spite them by going with edwin. why go with him at all on a roadtrip in the US when you barely know him and you have no car, no ability to drive, no friends? it's fucking awkward. it makes no sense.

ngl with the editing she looks gorgeous but she looks nothing like that irl. like, at all. her twitter is loaded with nudes and comparative candids from like 2 years ago and she has no figure at all and an avg face. dasha overedits too but dasha has a really nice figure.

No. 246471

I love knowing the fact that the Gurkle household have probably been hitting refresh on both their own thread and this one for the past couple days.

In regards to Dasha though I think she's pretty attention seeking-y, and extremely evangelical when it comes to things like veganism etc. She still goes on about the onion stuff, and whilst at the start it was refreshing to see her standing up to him it's getting pretty repetitive/boring. She doesn't shut up about drama when it happens and milks it dry pretty much.

No. 246472

Yeah but doesn't she know him? I mean, doesn't she have reason to be annoyed with him? And with Edwin as well, seeing as how they both seem to blame Dasha for Cyr "changing", or just prioritizing a serious relationship over friendships?

No. 246475

Don't get me wrong when the whole drama between Cyr and Onion went down I was loving her posts, but that was months ago now and she's still talking about it. I'm not talking about the Edwin thing because well that's going on and understandable to be annoyed about. What I'm saying is she's killed and is still beating the dead horse. It doesn't seem the slightest bit genuine to me anymore - the onion thing atleast.

Also pretty sure Dasha is also a farmer or atleast lurks. There was a high influx of "babe," "honey" and other similar pet names when the Cyr thing happened through the Onion threads, then stopped when someone called her out on lurking. With the white knighting going on in this thread "oh mina's just ok but DASHA IS AMAZING!!!!" I'm almost certain.

No. 246482

i dont think there has been any whiteknighting. its been like the last three posts talking abut mina, which were recent, like, two or less hours ago. and onion just made a video basically entirely dedicated to disparaging dasha, so…

as far as mina goes, even PULL has complained in the past about her because she lies about her shooping. at least dasha admits it and dasha doesn't need to photoshop her body, tbh. mina lies and says that shit is her natural figure. please.

No. 246485

I can't see Mina as anything but a sad dash ripoff.
OT but scrolling through cyr's nsfw tumblr trying to find some milk

No. 246491

At first I honestly thought the Cry/Dasha/Mina relationship was a pisstake of Onion since they fell out around the same time, I guess not

No. 246567

Yeah they probably shared clothes but mina has always had brown curly hair and then dash did it and started copying similar make-up. I honestly see it the other way around. Dash use to have her own style and it seems like she ripped off mina.

No. 248603

Dasha deactivated her twitter. Probably from the backlash.

No. 248613

what backlash?

No. 248624

The reupload of her periscope rant has a lot of people blaming her as the source of the drama and insulting her looks without makeup.

No. 249030

I wish I could have seen her curioscat because people are saying how she described onisions poly relationship as disgusting then came out on periscope saying her, mina and cyr tried to be poly.

No. 249300

jesus, mina acts so fucking dense it hurts. she may not be a hothead like dash but its just as embarrassing to imagine that greasy straw haired rat filming her awkwardly twirling around like a retard for a youtube video. its not even a good joke or anything its just her being "sooooo pretty and doll-like!!!!"

also really weird that they even considered putting in the children question in when theyve only been dating for a month imo.

No. 249308

~~~~ sometimes i wonder if dasha posts in this thread, she seems the kind that would, especially if she now can't vent on twitter

No. 249676

since mina is british, then how long does she have left in the united states before laws come into play? i'm not sure how the laws work but am assuming a non-u.s. person would have limited time here until they had to go back.

No. 249678

They both look like mental patients in that thumbnail, jesus christ

No. 250225

she is allowed six months total i believe, so like 3 left?

No. 250231

sounds like they just didn't like edwin living with them and tried to kick him out in an indirect way.

No. 250365

She 100% does, a lot of the earlier posts sound like Dasha same fagging to defend herself. I said something about her beating the dead horse and got an angry Dasha worded reply about how she knows onion? so it's not like she's beating the dead horse? cause she knows him? It's just very obvious she lurks here.

No. 250463

Your immaturity is showing.
I think this is genuine. I'd respect them more if Dasha just said "I dont like Edwin so he won't live here" rather than sugarcoating it. Idk she seems shady and bitchy as fuck to me.
Examples? I don't think she stalks but it would be interesting to see what posts you think she made.

No. 250668

Playing devil's advocate here, but what if Mina (being poly) wanted to be in-between Edwin and Vincent and have Dasha gone altogether (but didn't get her way?). The way Mina spoke in that video, seemed to sound like whenever she would not take Dasha's word for things (getting Edwin's room after he moved out) she'd go to Vincent and convince him otherwise. Seems underhanded to me.

No. 250700

I'm pretty convinced these are her

Potentially this one too.

The only reason I'm sure she lurks is cause of the onion threads, straight after the dasha thing there was loads of "babe" "honey" etc going on in his threads.

No. 250714


No, I was >>246231 and I can tell you I'm not Dasha.

No. 250730

I really want to dislike Dasha– she's beautiful, has massive lip fillers, a self-infantilizing twitter handle and the most ear splitting laugh I've ever heard. But she seems pretty okay to be honest.

How tall is cyr? he seems like a manlet

No. 250744

yeah for a manipulative narcissist

No. 251472

I think Cyr and Dasha broke up.

No. 251479

How come?

No. 251505

She deleted her twitter, what was her other stuff?

No. 251506

Does he have a history of drugs? He honestly looks like someone on meth

No. 251507

I unironically think he's a cokehead tbh. His manner of speaking and movement, plus his thinness and living in LA just kind of make me assume so.

No. 251514

Damn cyr, you know what they say about throwing stones in glass houses.

No. 251531

He hasn't posted any lovey dovey Valentine's tweet and she posted a pic on Instagram captioned "These violent delights" have violent ends. Not proof but I just have a feeling it's happening if it hasn't happened already.

No. 251542

They are with Cyr's family at their house, bit of an intense break up if that's what has happened

No. 251561



Even in my city I would guess 50% of people I know are on coke. LA must be more and Cyr has that look lol

No. 251629

File: 1487114644928.png (1015.4 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6555.PNG)

Edwin's on younow mentioning cyr shit here and there with Mina

No. 251635

I actually have no idea who any of these people are other than Edwin and I'm shocked he's even known enough to have drama

Everytime I've seen Edwin it was in the background of one of Kayla Lashae or whatevers videos. I thought he was gay. I'm so confused now
I wonder if all of this is why he stopped hanging out with Kayla so much

No. 251809

File: 1487131691021.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170214-230504.png)

I don't think this counts as being broken up.

No. 251922

File: 1487149863404.png (242.52 KB, 750x841, IMG_6568.PNG)

For real real, she's actually a controlling narcissistic bitch who sh00ps herself into a literally completely different person and tried to say that it still looks just like her and it's only "very minor editing" & spergs a bit when people call her out on the IG comments, she's def enjoying this drama, she never liked Edwin and always wanted him gone, and since she does all the speaking on cyr's behalf and keeps bantering on basically taking the reins on a situation that really is just between Edwin and cyr, during her periscope she was like giddy and was like "I'm spilling the tea! Spilling tea". So I think dasha is really the one controlling this whole kicking Edwin out, she's the one the pushed it, she's manipulating and controlling this whole thing, refusing to let Edwin speak to cyr and to only go through her, when he lived there & has known cyr wayyy longer + not her apartment/doesn't pay any rent. And dasha made fun of Edwin & Mina's goodbye letter, and instigated a lot of this whole drama on twitter, along with releasing personal info about the both of them in her long ass periscope rant, "but don't do this publicly guise!!"

In other events, Edwin and mina said that it wasn't just "asking him to leave the apartment", dasha&cyr told Edwin that he had to leave bc cyrs bro wanted everyone out/no one was supposed live there/only CYR was suppose to live there/cyrs bro co signed lease/(even though cyr AND Edwin have lived there together paying rent & utilities since the moved in together (litterly the bro was just signed on the lease for credit purposes, but he never paid rent or needed the apt for himself at all) & cyr never told Edwin any of this at all until he asked he to move out, which he should've said something when they first moved in (cyr said that from the getgo his bro wanted cyr to live there alone? But didn't say anything to Edwin),but then after cyr kicked Edwin out the first time & asked him to leave, dasha&cyr went behind Edwin's back and told mina, that when Edwin was kicked out, that she could have his room and move into Edwin's room. So wtf? I think they (mainly dasha) didn't like Edwin and wanted him out of the apartment and manipulated and lied (with making cyr go along with it/lie to Edwin) and made up this whole "my brother suddenly wants everyone to leave the apt except cyr!" Just to boot Edwin and then move Mina in to be their new girlfriend in their poly relationship, without Edwin living there to interfere. Bc if everyone, but cyr, had to move out, then why was Dasha not being kicked out or asked to leave/kicked out too? She's still living there with no plans at all to move out (even tho, unlike Ed, she's not paying rent & hasn't been there that long) & if they all had to move out, why would they ask Mina to move in the day after kicking Ed out? Bc it was all BS to get rid of him. /end long rant

No. 252133

Cyr drinks or use to drink a LOT.

I swear he looks like he's aged being with her. No wonder though.

No. 252135

No. 252158

That's what annoys me the most about the whole situation as well. The fact that Edwin had to move out because Cyr was supposed to live alone or whatever and yet Dasha is there living with him (most likely rent free) and they wanted Mina to stay there as well.

To me it just seems like Dasha hated Edwin/is extremely possessive over Cyr and wants him to have her and only her (you can tell Mina would've just been a secondary almost plaything for them, especially Dasha).

I like cyr but I think he's begin completely too influenced by the pussy

No. 252188

File: 1487189842346.png (34.4 KB, 640x235, IMG_8799.PNG)

> Edwin reference?

she milks the drama until it's gone dry and it gets the the point it's like for fucks sake shutup, you don't like them, we get it. She did it with Greg and now with Edwin. How boring and unfortunate must her life be to be constantly going on about it day after day after day after day, and we obviously don't hear the full of it, imagine living with her angry shout rant crying drinking water psychotically (poor cyr). Dasha don't you have your own friends you crazy russian карга rather than constantly ruining cyrs life beefing on everyone cyr is friends with including ones you met like once ever. It wouldn't surprise me if once she segregates him from his friends and family, that she starts abusing him. If anyone should be angry at Edwin or Greg it should be Cyr (not that i feel Edwin did much wrong) but why is Dasha always in the middle of it??? That's right, she's dramatic, instigating everything and loving it, and cyr is a massive pussywhipped cuck for blindly going along with it.

No. 252191

I think everyone gets the idea that dasha is a psycho

poor cyr

No. 252200

I had a nightmare where Cyr and Dasha moved in with me and then Dasha started yelling at me for having coloring books.

sage for nightmare blogpost but that periscope fucked with my subconscious apparently. Dasha is a bit scary. I wonder if she yells at Cyr like that. Poor guy. Even on this >>251922 post you can feel the pure anger. She was probably yelling in her head when she typed it.

No. 252219

> final words of the screencap "Be kind"… she types as she screams slamming down on the keyboard, cyr cowering in the corner. dasha gets up from the desk chair, removing her pleather belt "GET HERE BOY" she yells, approaching cyr whose white shirt is now drenched transparent in his own tears, "NO ONE CAN HEAR YOUR CRIES NOW…" folding the belt in half, tugging the belt taut between her muscular hands "I SAID GIT!". She violently spits her black chewing tobacco from the depths of her lantern jaw in to a metal bin, the ping of the metal echoing through to the empty room which was once that of edwin's. ~camera pans to edwins letter as the backdrop goes out of focus~

No. 252228

thanks anon. i laughed

No. 252234

God this tweet is so cunty. It looks like Edwin tried to go back and grab some of his furniture last week and they didn't let him in, and she even made fun of the price saying it was a $30 table and stuff in another tweet last week.

But oh right, their defense was that "everyone but cyr had to move out" but look who is bragging about the locks being changed wew

No. 252598

Okay, okay, I think I can maybe see what you guys mean by "manipulative narcissist" with this one.

No. 252609

Ah man. I kept laughing more as it went on. This is a good one.

No. 252696

She's such a bitch. I'm suprised Cyr is with her honestly??? Doesn't seem like his type at all. But what the fuck do I know? Maybe he likes cunty girls.

No. 252716


Actually its not so far fetched. He took Greg's bs for years.

No. 252833

Is there not a return policy on crazy russian mail order brides, or maybe an extended warranty at least?

Maybe Cyr is scared to leave her, she seems the sort that would attempt to chop off ya dick and mail it to her uncle Putin. Omg Cyr draw a heart on your next photo if you are not safe. Let's make Cyr the next Marina Joyce!


No. 252893

I'm laughing about the person that said they had a dream about this mess because when the whole Onision/ Billie thing was going on I had a dream he invited a bunch of girls over to his house and when you tried to leave it turned into a Saw situation. Funny how all this nonsense sticks to your subconscious. Also laughing at the fact that Dasha reopened her twitter right after someone on here made a mention of them breaking up.

No. 252962

Did this thread get infiltrated with Onionfags minions? Dasha is crazy, but Edwin and Mina are far from innocent. I'm willing to bet that Edwin was using Cyr (apartment, Mina, etc.) who just didn't have the backbone to ditch a toxic friend. If anything Dasha probably just vocalizes it on his behalf. But LOL @ suddenly leaving , taking the camera, taking his partner and expecting to come back without shit going down. Edwin is an idiot and so is Mina.

No. 252974

Yeah I for sure don't think Edwin and Mina are innocent lol.

On another note, Cyr was friends with gerg for such a long time it's always made me feel a bit questionable towards his character. Even if he was just in it to gain views/popularity… I think most people would have bailed much sooner.

No. 252975

In his HotWetSoup podcast interview he said he had some info that he would never release about how horribly Greg treated his first wife. I'm pretty sure he would still be friend's with him if Onision hadn't freaked out and dropped him.

No. 253222

No one is sticking up for Edwin or Mina. We just like to point out how batshit Dash is.

Biggest kek.

No. 253225

Mina is a grown ass adult who chose to go with Edwin, she is not an object nor Cyrs property or Dashas plaything, she wasn't kidnapped or 'taken', she used her legs and walked away.
I don't think anyone is saying Edwin is innocent, I feel like the victim in this is Cyr… not because Edwin wronged him, but because Dasha gone and dashed his peaceful life away kek. I think Dasha caused this whole thing to happen, I mean what a weird thing it all happens when Cyr has gone away. If Edwin was using Cyr I doubt he would have up and left so easily, he must have put up with a lot of shit from Dasha when Cyr wasn't around to make him leave.

No. 253243

Hi Mina/Edwin

No. 253307

Hi Dasha

Get that weak ass shit out of here and contribute or shut the fuck up

No. 253336

I seriously have a feeling Dash massively bullied Edwin and Mina. Mina's instagram acc kept getting deleted and I have a feeling it was Dash doing it. Who knows what Dash says without Cyr being involved? Honestly i could see her as a massive bully/blackmailer.

No. 253338

I thought that was extremely fishy as well. I think Mina had the bigger instagram account before the first one got deleted, and she says it was someone who had access to her password. Plus it looks like she had legit modeling photos on there too (like one of her in a Diesel ad?) which shows she's an actual model vs instamodel Dasha, lel.

No. 253430

Also the whole thing where Dasha was extremely over emotionally involved in it being deleted, to the point it wasnt believable. She's so false/sly/manipulative.

No. 253439

Debunked. I really wouldn't be suprised if that was true.

No. 253809

Dasha just posted on Snapchat that she isn't into cocaine because "drugs are bad".
Kinda suspicious when looking at >>251507

No. 253815

thought the exact same thing anon

Hi Dasha!

No. 253921

Drugs are bad but being a bitchy narcissist isn't kek.

No. 253962

So the jist is Cyr and his brother co-owned the flat. Cyr invited his friend to stay, then the two women. Cyr paid for his friends rent. The brother after a distressed phone call from Cyr says he wants everyone else to leave.

All sounds reasonable. Edwin was basically freeloading, and I'm sure the two women aren't paying rent either. Dasha then backtracks on Cyr's valid explanation and bitches for a bit.

I don't think any of them are bad people, just social media involvement has made them create a mountain out of a molehill. Yes Edwin should have gave notice and not taken the camera, and Dasha should have let Cyr alone say why his two friends left.

No. 254069

Wrong. If Dasha supposedly told Mina repeatedly she could have Edwin's room when he leaves yet Edwin had no plans on leaving, doesn't sound like "everyone had to leave" at all, sounds like they were planning on kicking out Edwin and let Mina have his room. I think the brother scenario was only half truth because Cyr felt too bad to be honest and too ashamed he's being cucked by Dasha. Nice attempt at a summary though.

No. 254076

Who cares, Edwin was freeloading and he got kicked out of a place he had no right to be in in the first place (especially if he wasn't paying for shit). This white knighting for Edwin bullshit has gotten out of hand, ffs. Mina was part of their threesome so of course they wouldn't kick her out.

No. 254077

also they flew her in from England, so why the hell were they gonna kick her out?

No. 254090

Lmao wait so it's cool for two girls (one of which didn't want to be in a relationship with them because they were shitty people) to freeload but a guy who was a friend for longer and actually worked with cyr had to leave?

I still don't get the whole "oh my brother wanted everyone out" story when it was literally just edwin. That was it. It's such a shitty excuse. Cyr either has to admit that he just didn't want to live with edwin anymore or that dasha convinced him to do it.

No. 254124

I thought Edwin was paying rent?

No. 254161


Pretty sure Cyr mentioned that he paid for Edwin's rent in Dasha's periscope feed. Wouldn't doubt it tho, he couldn't live on YT with a measly 12k followers which could barely afford him half the rent of an LA apartment.

No. 254162

He clearly had closer relationships with Dasha and Mina, since they were all in a poly relationship. Dasha described Mina as having drunken emotional issues and probably left because she couldn't have Cyr to herself. There is also no proof that Edwin wasn't a shitty friend behind the scenes.

No. 254215

No, in the periscope video (uploaded to youtube) Cyr says a few times that HE paid the 2 months of Edwin's rent. He also says that he never held it against him. Edwin pays him back by fucking off without telling them and stealing Cyr's camera. Cyr seems like he was used by Edwin tbh

No. 254217

Doesn't matter how long they worked together, Edwin still could have been a freeloading annoying friend.
If the landlord or co-owner says get the fuck out, you get the fuck out. Edwin didn't even contribute to the finances it appears.

No. 254304

From what I understood his brother just wanted the room, since he wanted to move in. Maybe at some point in anger he said everyone had to leave, but then Cyr mentioned how him and his brother were working something out so everyone could stay, and thats when Edwin and Mina left.

No. 254310

They weren't in the relationship yet though, Mina and Edwin had started dating while Dasha and Cyr were trying to get her in their relationship. It's one of the reasons she left, she said it made her uncomfortable.

No. 254326

Where are you getting this info from… are you making shit up? In Dasha's periscope she clearly said that after making amends with Mina they decided to fly her over to LA. Eventually Mina decided to get into a poly relationship with them after throwing the idea out there to Dasha. Mina was still unhappy and decided to do shady things like sleep in Edwin's bed etc. She could do whatever she wants but she could have ended it upfront instead of playing that game with them.

No. 254330

Indeed, and at the end of the day it was Cyr and his brother's apartment,they don't owe anyone anything. Especially someone like Edwin who didn't pay rent

No. 254508

I am way too lazy to go through that periscope again but where does Dasha say it was Mina's idea?? This post is literally the first time I heard that. Everyone else is either saying it was cyr's idea or Dashas. Plus how is it shady for being uncomfortable. She clearly wasn't happy if she left with edwin.

if anything its just cyr. I bet you that dasha is not paying rent either, and I also bet you if Mina had stayed she wouldn't be paying as well.

I'm not saying edwin or mina are completely innocent but its retarded to place the blame on them.

No. 254560

Pull your own weight, anon. If you really want to know, go back and watch the periscope again.

No. 254569

Just rewatched it and Dasha definitely insinuates she's the one who initiated. Also it seems like Mina hated it if she was constantly unhappy and the relationship barely lasted like a month.

No. 254593

Hmmm, this anon thinks everything is rather vague about the explanation. Not sure why you're victimizing her. Mina is a big girl who chose to be there, chose to get into the relationship, and chose to continue the relationship despite being unhappy.. she could have dropped them and flew her ass back home and continued on with her life. Nobody forced her into anything.

No. 254606

File: 1487559354681.jpg (39.51 KB, 1162x247, bootlegbandits.JPG)

Edwin just posted a new vlog and Dasha is retweeting people commenting on the fact he and Mina apparently tried to break in to their home when they returned to LA the most recent time

No. 254607

What? She is an adult and that's why they broke it off and she left with Edwin. Clearly she still wants to be in the US/be with Edwin or else she would have gone home. She obviously was never forced into anything but she didn't like it so she left.

It's funny because first she bitched at Edwin for putting the drama in the vlogs and now she's mad that he's not wew

No. 254608

I'm just confused because literally this morning Dasha and Mina tweeted at eachother being friendly about meming Dashas grandma so I thought all was well? I suppose they could still be friendly even if Edwin and Dasha are not but that just seems odd

No. 254613

tbh I have a feeling most of this drama/fallout was caused by Dasha and Edwin.

Cyr even said the reason he and Edwin would get into fights was because Edwin thought Cyr was changing too much because of Dasha. For the worse or for the better that's up to them and their friends to decide, but she was definitely the leading cause of the rift between them.

No. 254618

Ok I just checked and the tweets are gone on both ends. Dasha deleted the picture of her grandma altogether but there's still some in her Twitter likes..but at the time Mina tweeted her "she's so pure" or something like that and that's gone too so whatever make-up they had is over

No. 254650

File: 1487573205424.jpg (178.43 KB, 749x1118, C5FJmYmUYAAsYOG.jpg)

Dasha and Cyr don't seem to realize that what they did could easily be considered an illegal eviction.

No. 254664

I saw a few people saying Cyr's brother was planning on moving in, but he wasn't according to the version of the story Cyr told during Dasha's periscope. Cyr called him because he was depressed and he told the brother about the tension in the house, so being the cosigner his brother told Cyr to kick everyone out so he wouldn't be stressed about the tension anymore or he would cancel the lease so nobody could live there. He said his brother said everyone had to go but it seems only Edwin was definitely leaving, Dasha was probably safe because she's his girlfriend and Mina's visa only extends three months I think so the brother might have been to willing to overlook it. It def seems sketchy though, more like a poor excuse to kick Edwin out than anything.

No. 254685

Why? Edwin and Mina in the eyes of the law were just friends staying over, they have no legal standing.

No. 254686

Also if you were in his brother's position, knowing that your brother was financially supporting all of the people living with him wouldn't be something a caring relative would be too pleased about

No. 254723

I saw something on it 3 or so months ago when someone asked her about onision and she said "well he loves multiple people and I only love one" which I found weird cause I was pretty sure at that point she was poly with Mina, so even though she didn't love Mina since the whole thing was a month or 2 months long its still a weird thing to get on your high horse about.

No. 254761

Illegal eviction, wtf? Edwin and Mina were never legal residents of the flat. They have zero power or authority.

No. 254773

File: 1487607096424.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, suredasha.gif)

>"i was originally planning on letting this drama die"

No. 254775

Actually depending on the state (not familiar with Cali), squatter laws/tenant rights do play into effect. Basically if you spend more than a certain amount of time (some states it's as little as 24 hours) in one location you are considered a resident there and to be removed the homeowner needs to get a court warrant.

Now most of the time this is expensive and time consuming for both parties so usually unless the person has nothing to lose if they are told "leave" they leave. Also depending on how early cyr told edwin about him having to leave it was in their legal right for them to change the locks/officially kick them out, that also depends on the state at how early it has to be.

No. 254778

Sorry for the doublepost but also referencing >>254650

If Edwin has proof of ownership of the stuff he was trying to get back (receipts or bank statements of the desk, chair, etc.), he could possibly claim theft on Cyr and Dasha, as he can spin it that they are fellow tenants that are not letting him get his things (especially since cyrs name is not on the lease so he is also theoretically just a regular tenant and his brother is the only person with legal power there)

No. 254791

Considering he stole Cyr's camera though, it would be a bit hypocritical.

No. 254792

Oh definitely, they could easily claim that as well and Edwin would definitely be in deep shit because the camera is probably a couple grand. I was just commenting on the whole kicking out/changing locks thing.

No. 254808

I doubt anyone would take legal action since all of this costs money that none of them seem to have. I seriously don't understand how any of them have money in the first place to live in LA on just social media jobs.
Back when I would watch Edwin's vlogs when he would live in Arizona and crash at Cyr's house and they'd make videos during that time (this was before he was with Dasha or Mina) he was trying to get a job in LA and posted a vlog where he rejected a job offer because he would be "working to live instead of living to work" and that he deserves more since he has a bachelor's in psychology which is kind of immature and unreasonable especially since he's in his late twenties and wants so badly to live in LA. Edwin seems disillusioned and lazy when it comes to working and making money and probably did start to be resentful when living with Cyr and saw that he had more "success" and "ambition". Edwin is probably most hurt because now he has to actually work to get back to LA. There's many vlogs where he leeches off his friends then drives back to Arizona until next time.

But they're still all dumb children. Be adults and handle it privately instead of posting for views/having their indiscriminate 15 year old fans kiss their ass. It's no coincidence they only interact with people under 23.

sage bc it turned into a rant

No. 254811

I definitely agree. Edwin seems to have this idealization of just living off of YT money, and it probably isn't aided by the fact that he and cyr socialize(d) with much more successful youtubers who did in fact make enough to live off of it. The thing is he is in no way charismatic or interesting enough to become a successful daily vlogger, and his skits are mediocre at best.

Cyr has an advantage because he hits an aesthetic, edgy quality that might not make him extremely popullar but nabbed him a core, loyal audience and probably makes enough to get an ok living off of it. Now I'm not sure how much he actually makes because as far as I remember he has had no sponsors which are the key to making big bucks but I might be wrong (I've never actively followed his videos). So he probably makes enough to get by but in no way enough to support him, his gf, a friend, and his friends gf/his ex.

No. 254875


Exactly, and the fact that he had keys doesn't help. If he was getting mail there they're fucked, honestly. And it doesn't cost much to take to court, since you don't need lawyers for this type of litigation.

No. 254912

If edwin wasn't on the lease, that is not correct. Only if he was on the lease or was subleasing with a contract could it be considered an early eviction. If anything edwin was breaking the law since he literally tried to break in and enter.

No. 254917

Also in >>254912 I am speaking about California specifically as well as most western states.

No. 254926


You don't have to have a lease to be considered a tenant.


No. 255861

You do still have to pay rent to be a tenant though.

No. 255862

I find Cyr and Dasha's relationship weird on so many levels. So many of his fans send him nudes on his tumblr and supposedly she doesnt mind?

No. 255881

No, you don't. If you're confused go ask /r/legaladvice about California tenancy.

No. 255991

What's his tumblr url?

No. 256027

I'm not going to hypothesize on anyone's character, but I did notice a few things that did not add up to me in the periscope. (Please correct me if I'm remembering incorrectly)

1. Did they not say that Edwin paid the security deposit? Anyone who has rented a place knows that typically a security deposit IS equivalent to 2 months rent. If that's the case, sounds like they're even, or Edwin is ahead as they can get the deposit back at the end.

2. If Edwin did pay the security deposit, he's been a part of this loft from the get go and is more financially entitled than Dasha.

3. It does not make sense that Cyr said they would all lose the apartment because his brother did not agree to cosign for all of them. You can't just take back cosigning for someone. You can't just break a lease. Well, you could, but that would destroy his brother's credit and cost hefty fees.

Maybe I'm entirely off, but none of this seems logical for anyone who has ever rented a place in their name.

No. 256033

Reposting to clarify my post.

Around 39 min in to the periscope Cyr says Edwin was kind enough to pay the security deposit

Around 57 min Cyr says Edwin remarked he wasn't sure if he wanted to be on the lease anymore because Cyr was (financially?) irresponsible. Perhaps he used the wrong language here, but if it was not a slip Edwin was equally entitled and clearly Cyr's brother was not only cosigning under the impression he would live there alone.

No. 256050


No. 256935

File: 1487931754276.png (303.55 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5505.PNG)

Mina needs better friends. Friends that don't snitch on her.

No. 256936

File: 1487931891354.png (Spoiler Image, 144.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5509.PNG)

It's not a secret that Mina is very interested in the whole YouTube community. She had some of her fans tag Idubbzz on her pictures before..
i am very certain that she isn't as innocent as she seems to be

No. 256937

who leaked these?

No. 256938

I heard Dasha got so upset on her Periscope because she found out that Mina was using both of them

No. 256941

One of Mina's ex friends she used to come to to rant about Cyr and Dasha. Her friend apparently had enough of her

No. 256942

>>256941 it's always super dubious when we only see one side of a convo

No. 256945

File: 1487932511376.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.66 KB, 640x1136, 1487911218635.jpeg)

No. 256948

File: 1487932679690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 321.98 KB, 1280x1631, 1487810637631.jpeg)


No. 256952

File: 1487932841956.jpg (19.2 KB, 298x319, ugh.jpg)

No. 256953

How Can Mina Bell Be Innocent When Innocence Is An Illusion

No. 256954

I'm sorry to disappoint u all but mina is not a sweet angel.

No. 256957

File: 1487933436057.jpg (299.79 KB, 1024x1600, IMG_6184.JPG)

I know this has little to do with it but I think it's pretty hilarious. Someone wrote a story about them. (Mina+Edwin)


No. 256958

File: 1487933575398.jpg (51.4 KB, 583x339, IMG_2254.JPG)

Friendly reminder that Mina has ALWAYS been a jealous psycho since Dasha and Vincent first got together. It's not surprising to assume she's not innocent

No. 256959

File: 1487933847301.jpg (33.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG-20170217-WA0010.jpg)

No. 257071

How Can We Take You Seriously When You Are Dasha's Minion And Clogging Up This Thread

No one claimed she was. This is for objective discussion in pursuit of milk but it gets fucked up when Dasha's army of indiscriminate high school twitter friends come here and post garbage

No. 257129

Seeing as he pretty much fucked Dash while still being with Mina and him playing other girls i think she has the right to be mad but ok

No. 257207

This morning when this samefag rolled into the thread, she/he/it posted several other posts now deleted, including a pic of Edwin with a very Dasha-esque poem, I thought it was Dasha drunk for a while. But I think anon is right in that it's one of her sycophants.

There's no reason to shit up the thread, it's so cringe and makes me a bit sympathetic to Mina if she's dealing with this kind of crazy coming at her.

sage because basically a rant.

No. 257212

File: 1487976470058.png (126.18 KB, 562x681, IMG_6255.PNG)

Anyways, I found the whole conversation. It's real and gives a pretty good insight on the kinda person Mina is.

No. 257214

What I don't understand is why people keep bringing up Mina and Dashas appearances into this thread. Picture editing and similarities between them too has nothing to do with their living situation?

No. 257216

that adds nothing to your original post. Please do not start samefagging again. We can all see you are one person - condense your thoughts into one post or GTFO

No. 257224

It actually does. You guys asked me for proof. Here you go. And I am NOT the same person that dragged Mina and Edwin in this chat.

No. 257229

it's the exact thing you posted before with the black bar removed, showing a different message. it does not show the other side of the conversation.

Nobody asked you for proof.

You are the same person who has been shitposting under Charlie and Xenia.
Once you figured out how obvious you were being you changed to posting as an Anon.
Please grow up.

sage for OT

No. 257230

ugh. sorry for failsage

No. 257231


I am not Charlie if you show me how to proof it I will. You can't just assume it's me just because we use similar words etc.
it doesn't even matter what the other person said. I am not here to defend anybody. I was just giving you guys a little insight on Minas intentions since everybody here thinks she is the sweetest

No. 257232

>two namefags sperging about Mina start posting at the exact same time
>says it isn't the same person or even just two people vendettaing together

wew. Also, where are you getting these supposed caps from? Clearly you are either Dasha/a fan of hers trying to start shit, or a 'friend' of Mina's trying to start shit since those are personal PMs you are 'leaking'

No. 257236

Lmao. Don't forget they both happened to also be emailfags leading back to this account: https://twitter.com/intimigreating

the fanfic by "Charlie" was posted under the name "xenia", then deleted and posted again under anon. I was here this morning, samefag, don't even try me. You are obvious as hell.

No. 257237


Dude get off my ass okay? I have a right to post here just like everyone else. Maybe Mina needs better friends that don't leak her shitty intentions

No. 257238

does anyone have caps of the beef that happened 'months ago' between mina and dasha on twitter that dasha mentioned on the periscope?

No. 257239

Isn't it convenient we don't know who the "friend" is, Charlie?

No. 257241


For the 10th time I am NOT Charlie. IF THERE IS A WAY TO PROOF IT I WILL. I like how you are going after me when there have been worse comments on this thread about Mina and dasha.

No. 257242

You're literally the one leaking things. This is on you.

No. 257246

File: 1487978849289.png (16.13 KB, 600x126, 1ba6f8cd08c179d3d17251d9f9c6ad…)

wew. So Dasha has definitely seen the thread/is following it.

No. 257251

i know Dasha and as far as I know she doesn't give a shit about things like this. Fans would tell her and she'd be like "cool, doesn't interest me"

No. 257255

she gave enough of a shit about the online drama to spend an hour shrieking at people on periscope.

I could believe cyr not being invested in shit like this, though. the look on his face when he said he didn't want to discuss the poly business with mina only to have dasha say that she already had was priceless.

No. 257294

I know haha I am so glad Mina got busted for being a snake

No. 257315


she sounds dumb

No. 257316

Cyr said he doesn't wanna talk about the poly relationshio because he doesn't want Edwin/Mina to get more attention they don't deserve. Especially Mina, after betraying them quite often

No. 257317


can't blame her, Mina is cuter than her. dash kinda looks like an alien (even when she's not shooped)

No. 257319


preeeetty sure he doesn't want to talk about it to avoid comparisons to gerg's farce of a poly relationship.

No. 257323

Lol you guys do realize that Mina shoops her self as fucking well????

No. 257324


Agreed. Someone who constantly retweets her teenage fans making idolising comments on her selfies is definitely self invested enough to care about drama surrounding her.

It's either Dasha's "friends" are getting enraged over this because they're young and stupid and will come here to sperg over their snowflake mom fox princess being insulted or Dasha is sending them. Either way, this confirms Dasha lurks so thanks Charlie for fucking it up!

No. 257326

You all have a fucking forum where you talk shit about people you don't even know. You don't know shit about Mina Cyr or Dasha. they could be awesome people. Fact is you will never know unless you personallt talk to them. You are being petty over them photoshopping themselves. You are the sad case not them

No. 257327

Hi Dasha minion, welcome to lolcow! Enjoy your stay and be safe!

No. 257328

Y'all are petty ass people that have nothing better to do than writing and exchanging theories in a forum. You don't know them lol. It's so fucking pathetic how you talk down on a relationship you aren't even in. Cyr is very smart I am sure there is a reason he is dating Dasha. He is 27 years old I am very sure he is capable of knowing who he wants to date. And that's clearly not mina because she has proven more than once that all she cares about is Youtube personalities

No. 257330

Omg you are so cute. Is this your first time online?

No. 257332

So does >>257212 make Mina into a Youtube whore now? I mean she doesn't even have a channel of her own, and barely has a following on IG. Why does she waste her time wanting to f*ck youtube celebrities? Idgi.

No. 257334

The screencap is likely not real.

No. 257337


agreed. also 'xenia' above used an email at >>256936 with 'fawnie' in it. there's a PULL thread on this drama with a user called fawnie getting called out for seeming to have a fixation on dragging mina.

smells like a vendetta.

No. 257338

What is this thread about?

No. 257339


they all seemed like great friends, its weird to think they were probably fighting constantly in the apartment

No. 257341

I just think this behavior is super petty.
Everyone keeps talking shit about people they don't really know

No. 257342

At they end of the day we all don't really know what happened. All we can do is assume.

No. 257343


yeah, that social media dries out. it was a matter of time before everything fell apart between each other

No. 257344

Yeah I thought Mina and Dasha are friends??

No. 257345


leave, then.

No. 257346

Poly relationships never work out. See Onision

No. 257349

Can you all please stop insulting each other??

No. 257351

Welcome to lolcow, dipshit.

Did somebody link this thread? Newfags pls lurk more.

No. 257353


that looks fake as fuck

No. 257354


It's not fake. The person that leaked it has the whole conversation with Mina.
Of course you'd say it's fake. Everyone here is either up Minas or dashas ass

No. 257355

Lol you act like this thread is a fucking mystery only to be found if you enter thedark web. all you gotta do is google Cyr Edwin, Mina Dasha and boom first page all the way up. It's really not hard to find at all

No. 257356

Don't talk shit about them if you are scared that they might see it

No. 257357

we don't care lol

No. 257358


lurk more, every single thread on this website has a fair share of appearance bashing

No. 257359

>>257354 There is no "whole conversation."

No. 257360


Where is the whole conversation? Where are the caps from? They were posted with 0 context and no source. They're fake as fuck.

No. 257361

It seems like you do care, since some of you say that this charlie person ruined it by apparently telling Dasha about this thread

No. 257362

Mina is just as manipulative as Dasha.
Some of you are seriously blind

No. 257363


Wtf? It's a SCREENSHOT. It's not fake. Why are you so fucking confident about them being fake? You live in your own bubble. If i showed you something like that about Dasha you'd already be attacking her

No. 257364

If you weren't new (aka Dasha minion) you would know people at the heart of the subject on lolcow typically don't want the commenters to know that they lurk their own thread

No. 257365

>>257363 can't speak for everyone but if you posted that same piece of nothing and claimed it was from Dasha I'd laugh at how fake it was all the same.

No. 257366


>Especially Mina, after betraying them quite often

but didn't he start fucking Dasha while he was still dating Mina.

No. 257368



everyone involved with this (edwin, cyr, dasha, mina) is fucking stupid

No. 257369

Lmao holy shit Dasha and Charlie and whoever the fuck is in your group chat, lurk more and stop being so obvious. This isn't an active thread. 10+ posts in minutes makes it extremely obvious it's samefagging.

No. 257370

There has been many instances of fabrication of screenshots on lolcow before. If you can't support your claims further than "it isnt fake!!!!!!!!" we cannot acknowledge these posts to their full extent. Show us more proof it's real or go back to twitter where you pine for Dasha's attention

No. 257372


i say that its fake as fuck because no human talks like that. the way "mina" is talking in those screencaps makes no fucking sense and no one would DM that to another person.


seems like your Mina is an attention whore trying to become a youtuber (even tho she doesn't even have a youtube channel) fanfiction isn't getting good reviews

No. 257374

Exactly. We don't take blatant sides here and if Dasha's minions weren't so far up their own ass trying to defend their special snowflake they would recognize that we think Mina, Edwin, Cyr, and Dasha are all absolutely ridiculous children who handled this terribly in their own way. They are all equally retarded but the fact Dasha's followers are sperging here inclines us to be even more focused on her at this given moment. Thread discussions shift as they go. But again, they wouldn't know this as they just came here for the first time to sperg out, indicative by their newfag behaviour and inability to figure out how reply to posts.

No. 257376

well said, Anon.

No. 257377

File: 1487991475690.png (458.46 KB, 588x578, hidash.png)

so, this Charlie person keeps samefagging all over this thread. trying to make us realize that Mina is apperantly a monster and what not. she's clearly a dash minion, but she just got RT by dash herself.

tinfoil hat time: what if dash is reading all of this? and she knows we know about Charlie being dumb as fuck, but she gave her a RT anyways cuz she likes seeing people try to drag Mina.


No. 257378

Well typically this amount of retardation in such a short time frame is from dumb stans following a link. Congratulations, you're retarded all on your own.

She probably is. Dasha and Mina are probably both self absorbed enough to have this shit pinned in their browsers.

Dasha your friend's an idiot, why associate yourself with this person

No. 257381

No. 257382

I doubt they're actually friends,
dash probably sees that charlie is getting torn apart here and just did that to fuel the "YOU KNOW HER" shit…..
either that or her friend really is an idiot…kek

No. 257383

equally possible lol

No. 257384

File: 1487992100076.png (131.74 KB, 582x557, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 03.0…)

No. 257385

File: 1487992147150.jpg (34.69 KB, 1149x224, tru.JPG)

Charlie/intimiGREATing on Twitter is absolutely Dasha's friend/ego stroker. Dasha is "friends" with a girl named Petra Zec on twitter and she is friends with Charlie as well, which leads me to believe this sperging was a triple effort. Dasha has retweeted many of Charlie and Petra's posts in the past and the best part is both these girls are teenagers and they are both obsessed with Cyr and by extension Dasha. Way too obvious, guys. Be better minions by at least not putting your names and posting stupid fanfic targeting Mina and Edwin with your twitter handle which is easily traceable back to Dasha.

No. 257386

man, Dasha really doesn't want any drama, huh? Cyr must be so happy she's keeping things private and being mature about the whole shitshow.

No. 257387

Lmao so that basically confirms Dasha posted the 'leaks'.

Bitch get over it. If you want to pretend you're on the high horse then stop fucking posting about them.

>bweh bweh don't mention us or our drama

>keeps bringing them up and adding fuel to the fire by giving the details herself
Wew Cyr sure he got himself a great gf there

No. 257388

She's a fucking wreck. I need to go make some tea.

No. 257390

If the original screenshot of the conversation with Mina is actually fake and Dasha is using fake "evidence" to manipulate her fans into being against Mina then is she really any better than the Onision she so vehemently hates?

Sage bc tinfoil

No. 257391

File: 1487992494417.jpg (39.6 KB, 1165x252, milkyxbell.JPG)

No. 257392

Wew so I guess she just confirmed Dasha was behind the deleted insta accounts.

No. 257396

>>257387 LOL Goddamn. Poor, poor Cyr.

No. 257397

ooh. I'm starting to like Mina more after today.

No. 257402

File: 1487992973177.png (13.59 KB, 525x110, isitrealisitfakeyoudecide.png)

Hats on cowboys

No. 257403

hes dating female onision omg…

No. 257404

learn how to reply to someone by clicking the number next to their post.

No. 257406

I don't get why all of you think the evidence is fake.

No. 257409

>>257406 You know it's fake, or you wouldn't keep posting "Why do you think it's fake????" "It's not fake!!!" Your desperation is showing, which in turn gives us EVEN MORE reason to believe it's fake.

We are not stupid, honey.

No. 257410

As explained above, lolcow has been burned before with fake screenshots. Stop crying because we don't automatically eat up every word you say, we aren't Dasha's teenage followers.

No. 257411

Nigga lurk more before you post shit like this.

No. 257420

File: 1487993941416.png (134.23 KB, 533x583, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 03.3…)

Dasha's not letting up.

No. 257427

she's losing it, holy shit. Totally left that whole "keeping private things private" thing in the dust.

No. 257430

File: 1487994346604.png (142.66 KB, 524x468, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 03.4…)

oh boy. will sage follow up screenshots

No. 257431

File: 1487994362021.png (136.47 KB, 472x627, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 03.4…)

No. 257432

File: 1487994411933.png (165.73 KB, 433x623, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 03.4…)

No. 257435

File: 1487994501549.png (117.66 KB, 421x619, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 03.4…)

No. 257436

File: 1487994563600.png (130.91 KB, 419x620, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 03.4…)

No. 257440

File: 1487994858540.png (16.62 KB, 525x110, s.png)

Who is this girl anyway?

Both sides are so fucked up, this high school drama shit is sad.

No. 257445


HOLY SHIT ITS HAPPENING!! the mad man did it!!

damn, lolcow had the screenshots before everyone else

No. 257447


this is insane. dash and mina looked like best friends. now dash pulls shit like this, man.

No. 257448

File: 1487995131713.png (110.83 KB, 992x644, Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 7.42…)

this cap is probs from petra, given the shame shade of purple used for twitter. time and date added as a time stamp before she changes her layout color

No. 257449


so both bitches were lurking? that's crazy

No. 257451

y do i feel like this is… charlie/xiena/whoever posted the screencap here lmfao

No. 257453

good detective work anon tbh

No. 257456


what Mina did WAS petty. But Cyr cheated on her so i can't blame her tbh

No. 257460

yeah i know, it seems she's digging out things from before they were friends. although Mina was shitty to this girl and over-paranoid last year, I'm not sure how that influences the present drama. This seems like a really, really bad road for Dasha to go down. It won't end well and I'm still feeling really embarassed for Cyr.

No. 257461


No. 257464


she'd have good company in contacting his exes. I remember back when this was uploaded, and the tags originally called cyr out for being a terrible liar/cheater. comments on the vid still reference it being about him.

sage bc this is from 2012 lol fuck

No. 257466


okay so the girl was suicidal… but she didn't mention in the texts. Why was Mina supposed to jump to assumptions? sure, its rude that she didn't ask but she didn't have to. after all, she was only talking to her for a very specific issue.

she doesn't sound unreasonable either, she's paranoid because she just got cheated on. wouldn't you be mad as fuck if you saw that one of your friends was hanging out with the girl who stole your bf? regardless if they had sex or not (i doubt they told her the truth) what they did to Mina was shitty and she was allowed to feel betrayed and hate both Cyr and Dash.

No. 257475

File: 1487995948997.png (53.7 KB, 558x307, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 04.1…)

Cyr just weighed in.

No. 257476

Yeah, seriously. All of these girls are fucking embarrassing. I HAVE to side with Mina right now because she's not the one throwing a bitchfit on twitter over things that happened months and months ago. She's just minding her own business.

>being purposely vague to get people to ask you what's wrong

>hold it against them when they can't read your mind and don't give you the attention you wanted

Class act this one

No. 257481

File: 1487996063109.jpg (2.34 MB, 3299x2284, milk-iStock_000008916365_Large…)


oh my god. i'm so glad this thread went from samefagging to actual milk

No. 257482


>>being purposely vague to get people to ask you what's wrong

>hold it against them when they can't read your mind and don't give you the attention you wanted
>post that shit publicly an entire year later
>play victim

No. 257485

File: 1487996268959.png (64.26 KB, 544x313, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 04.1…)

well that's new

No. 257486


Video from Mina

I don't want to like this girl but she's stealing my heart a little bit

No. 257490

whatever happened to "edwin and mina weren't unwanted. i can't believe they left"?

now it seems like dash and cyr fucking hated their guts. uh. so whats the truth.gif

No. 257492

same. she's rising above the bullshit like an adult and Dasha still can't stop rolling around in it.

No. 257497


but then she did leave. and y'all acted shocked. damn she's fake as fuck

No. 257498


right? like what the fuck is mina gaining from all of this? cyr sounded like a fucking weirdo.

No. 257499

sage for ot
but, did he date the girl in the vid? cause he clearly has a type… she looks like a more…human version of dash and mina

No. 257502

She looks like a crack head

No. 257504

its so funny that dash and mina have been hating each other for so long and now they're just letting it all free. a damn year later, lol

No. 257506

File: 1487996813766.png (11.05 KB, 528x90, mina.png)

No. 257508


she looks fine

No. 257510

so the poly thing with dash, cyr and dasha died pretty quickly. i imagine that it had everything to do with the fact that both girls are insane.

No. 257514

File: 1487997134866.jpg (37.03 KB, 1138x226, wingardiumpettyosa.JPG)

Just realized she bleached her hair and it wasn't strong enough so it turned ginger…which explains Dasha's tweet. Mature

No. 257518


sage for conjecture but i wonder if mina attempted the poly thing as some sort of 'steal the bastard back' type plan? then realised that she was in over her head, backed out and then it all went to shit.

No. 257526

File: 1487997981124.png (54.88 KB, 334x568, ins.png)

I agree just wanted to show anon why she looks that way

I think the song was written about "candiceemoe", some Asian girl I guess Cyr dated back around when he was living in cali with onion and stef.


So if you look back on Mina's instagram she has several photos with captions like "reuploading this because it was deleted again" and shit like that, either insta or someone who had her log in was deleting random photos for seemingly no reason. Apparently this was her second account because her first insta was deleted randomly.

Then she posted this caption on one of them. Dasha seems a bit crazy so it wouldn't surprise me if she was going in to Mina's phone and deleting shit. It could possibly just be an insane fan, too. I suppose Mina could have done it herself, but deleting your account with all of your followers for attention seems pretty counter productive.

I'm "new" to this drama and only know of the above from skimming her instagram a couple weeks ago so I don't know all of the details. That being said Dasha seems like the one who looked up to/copied Mina, so, jealousy seems like a pretty damn good motive for deleting someone's instagram (and all of their followers and posts). Just some petty, fucked up shit. Actually it's VERY fucked up because Mina is a model and instagram is a part of her career right now.

No. 257534

This is a Single White Female situation. Cyr better look out for a high heel in the eye.

No. 257537

Samefagging but it just occurred to me that Mina probably felt really uncomfortable living with them if Dasha was deleting her instagram and posts. She probably didn't want to share a living space with someone she can't trust.

Another thought. Mina and Edwin seem to be uncomfortable with confrontation. I'm not excusing their actions because it's actually pretty childish, but think about it. You're uncomfortable with or afraid of confrontation and living with a very hotheaded and confrontational person who has no problem with raising their voice and causing a scene. I would want to avoid it, too.

They're not evil robbers like Dasha is making them out to be, they're people that don't want to be screamed at "FUCKING LEAVE NOW! NO WHY ARE YOU LEAVING! YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE! GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR APARTMENT!", Cyr probably still sitting in the corner soaked in his own tears and piss.

None of them know how to act like adults.

No. 257550


i agree. this is also dumb but i think its suspicious that she started dating cyr's best friend right after that. like, her plan failed so she jumped to the next thing to make him miserable.

No. 257552


i agree. i think dash is behind all of it and that she's more like onion than we thought.

No. 257559

Mina acts like she's a crackhead, and talks like she is very uneducated. I don't think she is really any better than Dasha right now, Edwin probably gave her advice to keep her mouth shut. Someone who was truly over it wouldn't respond to the bait at all.

No. 257560


she calls Mina petty but posts shit like this? how does she even know too like is Dasha refreshing Mina's social media all day or…?

No. 257561

It's weird, because I used to really like Dasha, especially after she went in on Onision and then I was kind of on the fence until today. Now I feel like she might actually be quite an awful person. Wondering how bad the fights actually got in that apartment…

sage for saying nothing new

No. 257562

I can't imagine there being many opportunities for modeling in Arizona, I meant that in comparison to LA. If she's not even going to school and "bettering herself" then she'll be an aging instaho model doing what then?

No. 257564


oh, fuck off with your vendetta. she says that she's on a 3 month visa at around 55 seconds into this vid, so she clearly isn't planning to work in the US or pick up modelling work.

No. 257565

Mina is strange on many levels, who goes to a party with a bunch of average dudes hanging around without a bra with your nipples popping out of your shirt? I get the #freethenipple thing but you're basically making yourself bait for these guys to oggle at you. IDK even walking to the grocery store with Edwin with a t-shirt and you can clearly see through her shirt is odd and makes her seem disillusioned.

No. 257567

The proves she's wasting her time flying here and back just for exposure she'll never gain because she dropped the one connection (Cyr) who could have helped jolt her "following".

No. 257568

A lot of people do.

No. 257570

Normal people don't.

No. 257571

it's not uncommon at all, especially for girls a bit on the small chested side, and especially in hot climates where bras are uncomfortable.

No. 257572

Kek go outside

No. 257576


which quite disproves the theories about her sociopathic social climbing, don't you think?

sage because discussing your transparent stanning for dasha is not fucking milk

No. 257587

I don't see the problem. Wearing a semi revealing shirt is not a big deal. I don't see how wearing something that looks good and makes you feel good constitutes as "bait". That's such a weird way of thinking. Dasha, Mina, your neighbor, your mom. Who cares if they wear a thin shirt and go without a bra. It's not like she's naked. You're the one that seems disillusioned mate.

She was taking photos for instagram in that outfit that day, anyway. Sage for dumb topic

No. 257622


>she'll be an aging instaho model doing what then

i get what you're saying but she's only 21 (i think). she'll do fine

No. 257623


how does that make her a bad person tho

No. 257710

I love how this is now deleted.
This girl seems like the type who always wants to be 'within the circle' so she was friends with mina while she got with cyr, dumped mina when dasha came in the picture.

No. 257715


social climbers accusing others of being social climbers as a form of social climbing.

don't you love the internet?!?

No. 257721

oh shiiiiit dasha probably bitched him about about all the fan nudes

No. 257729

I think dash knew because i saw a post of him replying to a comment saying "only for my lady and I" so she was in on it.

No. 257784

Cyr's fanbase is composed of mostly teenage fans so I wouldn't be surprised if at least half of those nudes are underage.
Encouraging underage fans to send lewd pics of themselves…sounds like a certain onion we know of

No. 257792

File: 1488038316504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 823.81 KB, 3988x3701, 277163352.jpg)

Not Dasha/Dasha stan at all, but this is unshooped Mina vs unshooped Dasha. You can say she's a crazy bitch and all, but imho she's the one who definitely won in the features department.

All this drama is high school tier, but I somehow want more. A good ol' Twitter catfight, maybe?

No. 257869

wow, she looks terrible

No. 257899

File: 1488050396938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 112.72 KB, 1200x1193, cyrdash.jpg)

I was looking up Dash in pictures and found this kek i've never seen it before.
It looks like she's getting molested.

No. 257928

File: 1488054516398.jpg (270.53 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_9217.JPG)

there's petty but then there is this…

> btw nice use of photoshop there, it's like you could almost have the skills to fake entire screen shots of mina chasing after idububububz benis… out of all the youtubers why ian hmmmm. also noticed a few super kewl funny posts related to tana mojo you made… did you enjoy the latest content cop @babydashtrash? it's quite popular right now, convenient… isn't it.

No. 257943


yikes, that's true. cyr wanted his harem and he would let young girl send him provocative pictures to his webstie… the fact that him and onion were friends for so long now makes sense

No. 257944

Those lips are so fucked up

No. 257948

Dasha is definitely condoning this shit too given the photoshops posted earlier here by her little army.

Dasha is allegedly doing her master's in rhetoric so like…doesn't she have a thesis to write instead of playing victim and throwing hissy fits on twitter? Mina may have done a lot of bad shit but the fact Dasha perpetuates this event and is turning it into a whole witch hunt against Mina is making her lose the credibility she had to begin with. She honestly sounds like a massive brat whose rich parents sent her to LA to "study" while she takes advantage of their money.

No. 257950

tinfoil: don't y'all feel like cyr would be friends with onion again if it weren't for Dash? like cyr and onion have been close for so many years, i don't doubt that they could patch things up if they tried.

the only reason that cyr kept pushing it with his onision tweets was because onion made a comment about Dash. Dash looked pressed as fuck, she probably kept nagging cyr about it. so now every two weeks or so dash has to make a "I HATE ONISION" post and cyr joins. all because onision said something about dash's appearance.

just like how cyr was cool with mina but as soon as dash starts hating on her, he has to jump to the "oh yeah actually she was terrible". she seems to have a tight control on the guy.

No. 257953


samefaggint but also,

about the whole onion vs cyr drama. in the video where onion was making fun of cyr, he made one petty comment about Dash and that was it. The rest of the video he said that Cyr was a lazy loser and that he wouldn't pay him back on lots of things. he said that he pretty much just took advantage of him and leeched his popularity. like, all of that was true. all of it. but cyr only harped on the comment about Dash and that was it. how convenient.

cyr sounds like he's going to be broke in like four years

No. 257962

Yeah. I think Cyr truly believes he's found his special snowflake soulmate because she ~isn't like the other girls~ in LA. They still haven't been dating for more than one year so Cyr is still in the honeymoon phase where she can do no wrong.

I do think Cyr is a genuinely nice fellow but one of his fatal flaws is he seems very spineless and deeply desires to be liked which is why he tolerated Onision's manipulation for a long time. The only reason he has ended his friendship with Greg is because he now has someone that is just as manipulative as Greg, if not more, because he is romantically involved with her as well.

No. 257963

Well it's not the first time she's done a witch hunt against someone, she did it to onion which ngl I was like kek when it happened until I saw how onion didn't give her the time of day and she kept going on and on and on and on for like months (i don't feel that's an exaggeration is it?), onions a fggt but she was legit cyberbullying him haha and it's like chill and let it go you psychotic devochka. Now she's doing it to Mina, she clearly likes being alpha and probs won't let this go any time soon… until she finds someone else to bully. But I feel with her already underlying jealousy of Mina (considering the constant attack on minas appearance over her personality and intelligence or the situation at hand) i doubt she will let it go easily.

Yeah I think they'd have made up by now tbf but Dasha got Cyr cucked af. It's hilarious how Onion was the OG cucklord with his strange poly relationship and Cyr and Dasha was laughing @ him… look who's the cuck now after a failed poly relationship… clue: it you Cyr

No. 258074


agreed. even though i think both mina and dasha are vindictive bitches, i def think that dasha takes the cake for not being able to let shit go.

mina could upload a video talking about the fucking weather and dasha would tweet "it's 65 out!!?!? you're a whole 65 shades of bitch!!" or some lameass angry shit like that

No. 258084

This is some shit I'd expect from a 14 year old. Cut it out. You're embarrassing yourself. It's fucking stupid.

No. 258092

We have seriously reached the point of Onision levels of petty obsession. Goddammit why does everyone who calls out Onision turn out to be insane themselves?

RIP Cyr's career if she keeps this shit up.

No. 258096


That's not even Dasha's account, I guess reading is a valuable skill

No. 258103

I think everyone knows that and is replying re: Dasha's obvious condoning of babydashtrash and her other retarded fans. See >>257928 which clearly mentions who posted the pictures.

Reading is indeed a valuable skill.

No. 258110

File: 1488072193231.png (26 KB, 564x184, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 01.2…)


looks like she's been lurking – no replies/likes on twitter so clearly not aimed at someone on there.

who wants to guess which of the posts failing to incite feeling against mina are her?

No. 258176

Caught lol

This whole thing is a mess but yeah dasha is incredibly petty and you can tell cyr wants nothing to do with it but being the cuck he is he'll do anything for the pussy.

No. 258183

We know. Comprehension skills on point.

No. 258257


we know dumb ass, but Dasha was giving RT to her posts. Same with Charlie, Dasha was giving his dumb posts Rt's so she gets dragged along him.

No. 258394

File: 1488090180095.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.29 KB, 400x400, sl6OXDG4.jpg)

more of dashas minions posts

No. 258395

File: 1488090227079.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.03 KB, 400x400, REaH02J-.jpg)

No. 258400

File: 1488090916552.png (307.08 KB, 591x624, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 5.34…)

No. 258425

File: 1488093375686.png (48.95 KB, 640x601, IMG_9222.PNG)

It's actually embarrassingly petty how in to all this dasha is. Even though she thinks she is v. clever and manipulative she's far too impulsive and reckless and not very smart with who she publicly associates herself with, which works against her when she tries to play victim and cover her tracks. Whatever support she did originally have from god knows would be completely lost when she begins these juvenile hate tirades. Ontop of that yeah dasha can continue with the ~~internet~~ disliking her, but don't you think this is damaging Cyrs public image too, I mean, it appears he's vertually condoning his ex being harassed and bullied on the internet to excessive levels
>> notice who he's started following (babydashtrash, charlie), both linked with lurking lolcow to bash Mina and posting photoshopped over 9000 images of her on twitter. Classy association there Cyr.

No. 258431

How are dasha and cyr not getting called out for this? It's fucked up

No. 258433

Cyr did delete his tweet calling Mina "crazy", which shows he knows how fucked up this bizarre obsessive hate campaign against Mina actually looks. I guess that's something.

Dasha is absolute trash. I regret ever thinking differently.

No. 258436

agreed, she is crazy and claims she wants no drama yet continuously retweets and likes all these memes that her little army make

No. 258441

File: 1488096757802.png (757.42 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170225-183846.png)

Confirmed to lurk, and we don't give a fuck if you're dasha or not, her support for you just shows how trashy she is.

Like literally this shit is so immature coming from the people acting like their privacy had been breached and I'm sorry i ever believed anything dasha said.
Anyone else see the similarities between the harassment of mina and onision and his previous exes??

No. 258443


there's nothing i love more than the people who exclaim "i don't care!" while being completely unable to tear themselves away. posting about something shows how few fucks someone gives about it for sure.

No. 258446

this person is obsessed with dasha she's so far up her asshole its not even funny

No. 258449

File: 1488097309212.png (60.01 KB, 593x270, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 7.20…)

she's still going..

No. 258452

>>258441 definitely see similarities between onsion abuse of his exes, she follows all the twitter accounts of the people who drag Mina

No. 258459

I guess it's that thing people often do, becoming enraged at the pieces of themselves they see in other people.
For the love of God though, I hate the fact that now everything she said about Onision is less biting because of this hypocrisy. (I also hate that I'm kind of wondering if Dasha IS actually manipulating Cyr, I don't want Onion to be right, ugh.)

No. 258466

very true. I don't want onision to be right either, but what he said about her being manipulative is becoming more and more obvious

No. 258469

The irony in this statement. Where is your personality Dasha? I'm talking about the one outside bitching, drama and onision hating. I love it when girls be like "i'm moving on with my life - no drama" but they can't resist it. It really shows their true colours. I hope Cyr realises soon how petty and attention seeking she is.

No. 258475

what the fuck is this lmfao is there any more of this?

No. 258477

Dasha is one of THOSE feminists that believes not wearing a bra is empowering while putting down other women she feels threatened by.

That's not to say we know the entire scope of what happened but dasha is acting like a highschooler for fucks sake.
I wonder if cyr and dasha will break up and we'll see the meltdown and the return of grease.

No. 258481

can someone explain what is happening in this picture

No. 258484

Yeah she seems the type. She does seem quite threatened by mina which is hilarious to me.
Probably artsy nsfw picture but it actually looks like she's a molestation victim. Tragic.

No. 258486

File: 1488101108245.jpg (256.08 KB, 748x736, shadybitch.jpg)

I just found this while looking at her twitter a while back.

I wonder if she did this out of pure shade/spite.

No. 258488

not to say that i am on mina or edwins side because they are all stupid, but i've only seen dasha and her minions posting the memes about edwin and mina. like they take time out of their day to do that. so sad

No. 258490

100% for the shade. did you find anything else?

No. 258491

I'm on the same page, Anon. I REALLY liked Dasha before the shitposting here started and her true colors came out.

No. 258492


i can't with that deluded bitch

No. 258493


if only photoshop and botched plastic surgery could cover up your crazy manipulative personality

No. 258495


"it ss irony xD" kids

No. 258503

"a molestation victim" dead

No. 258538

File: 1488109539225.png (47.62 KB, 640x316, IMG_9223.PNG)

> terrifying
> shaking in boots
> such threaten
> oh the scares

come play with us then kek… I think everyone dasha talks to now on twitter is 12 by looking on her twitter. Following in onions footsteps too much Dasha. Either you become what you hate or you have been onision in a wig this whole time- poly relationship, publicly obsessively dragging exs, manipulative behaviour and now talking to 12 year olds, didn't cyr also have fans submit nudes on his tumblr? kind of like onion boy. At this point I wonder, if gerg had a vaginal hole, would cyr have put his dick inside?

No. 258544

Was just wondering where the minion army at?

No. 258547

File: 1488111392696.png (176.56 KB, 750x1047, IMG_9359.PNG)

When u have to send 12 yr olds to do your dirty work

No. 258553

File: 1488112427297.png (582.72 KB, 593x518, d2d03e25cb309432ec2a4a2ded15ce…)

Nice friends Dash.

tbh they're reminding me of those catty tumblr groups that like, constantly start drama and shit but they can DO NO WRONG and the second they're called out on it it's "oh im sad i have depression uwu"

It's extremely obvious who is in their group chat and looking at their twitters shows like half posting emo tweets about how ~sad they are~. Hey, why not focus on yourselves instead of an idiotic hate campaign for a girl who successfully cucked your internet friend?

No. 258561

>>258553 are these kids her only friends lol

No. 258563

Probably. People like her never have friends for more than a year or two before they start some major drama and have a massive falling out. And it's always younger and younger people because only teens can actually invest themselves in this sort of drama.

No. 258566

File: 1488114880269.png (103.29 KB, 750x1069, IMG_9360.PNG)

This is one of her ex friends that she had a falling out with. (Her name is Lyndsay lovell) when she had curious cat she said they stopped being friends cause she would always hit on cyr, but I'm pretty sure they had a threesome and cyr took this photo.

No. 258567

I genuinely can't tell if dasha is poly because she's afraid that cyr will leave her for another one of his fans or if she's incredibly jealous of girls and can only be the girl in his life.

Spoiler alert: if you constantly have new friends and can't hold a friendship for very long. Is it really them that's the problem or is it you?

No. 258570

I was thinking the exact same thing, like two girls that have been involved in their poly she's had fallling out with, that can't be a conicidence. It's definitely her possessiveness and pretending to be into it so cyr doesn't fuck her over like he's done with his other exes. What a mess

No. 258582

It's like she's started a cult made by her hatred for Mina. She's just feeding them information to these random ass kids so they can go after her

No. 258619

That's a shame because I follow Lyndsay and she seems very lovely on instagram. She's posted about how she works a ton on top of going to University so it's too bad she couldn't stick around to at least keep Dasha grounded and focused on school - that is if Dasha even goes to school anymore as it appears that harassing other girls and acting like she's twelve has replaced her academic life.

The fact her relationship started on the premise she was sort of "the other woman" probably gets into her head constantly. The way she posts about her relationship on social media shows that she needs something to prove to the rest of the world or to show the side chicks she's the "main girl" that he will always love the most. She used to post a lot about her ex-bf who she was very in love with and apparently was a toxic relationship so she seems to want control in her life through Cyr (maybe to even prove something?) and by sending her flying monkeys around to harass a girl she was "in competition" with. I just don't think they're a good match long-term, on both ends.

No. 258622

Why does she always have the same hair colour as her best friends?

No. 258626

> "I'm you but stronger"

No. 258636

Single White Female vibes.

Maybe there should be a sequel, "Poly" White Female

No. 258674

Did Mina have work done? I know she shoops too but she doesn't look this bad in Edwin's videos.

No. 258678


why are all o dasha's fans literally unfunny. like i wouldn't care about any of this if it was amusing, but these bitches are too vapid for humour. holy shit.

No. 258681


right? literally lainey's behaviour 101. if you a grown ass person and start to hang out with 15 year olds complaining about high school, you failed at life.

No. 258682


cyr seems greasy as fuck now. god damnit.

No. 258683

I think if you sleep in a certain position no matter how skinny you are you'll have a bit of a double chin. Though I wouldn't put it past Dasha that she edited it to make it look worse because I don't think it's possible for someone without a double chin at all to have one looking like mama june while asleep, plus her actual chin looks longer. Dasha apparently deleted Minas IG and I imagine she's been scheming against Mina this whole time with subtle things like uploading unflattering photos of her on to IG, wouldn't surprise me if she sh00ped it worse

No. 258696

Cyr confirmed he had a threesome on his 'private' tumblr so yeah i'd imagine it was with lyndsay.
He always was grease.

No. 258844

all I heard in my head while I read this was that little outro… "on-i-si-on"

I guess Cyr needs someone to manipulate him, and he damn sure has a type.

No. 258867

Same, they think they're so funny and it's embarrsssing. They've been pretty silent on this thread too

No. 258868

Is that the same tumblr his fans sent nudes on? Cause I can't find it did he delete it?

No. 258869

No. 258873

No. 258874

I think so bitch

No. 258878

she deleted her twitter for like a day to supposedly focus on her studies, then came right back and started her harassment of mina and edwin again. although now she seems to be focusing on bullying mina more. maybe that will change when another of edwins vlogs come out?

No. 258893

yep he deleted it a day or two ago

No. 258905

damn, did he delete it cause dash was lurking on this forum and saw what we've been saying

No. 258909

try harder dash and cry but on the interwebz the past can never be erased kek

No. 258915

File: 1488154871768.png (86.23 KB, 750x934, IMG_9361.PNG)

Back at it again

No. 258932

they can take the piss out of minas appearance all they want, but she's a lot prettier than dasha that would give handjobs for a fix. their mina memes are so lame that i actually get second hand embarrassment looking at them, and trust me, i've seen some embarrassing shit on lolcow. maybe the 12 year old dashtrash is in hope of a threesome if she kisses enough ass… calm down dashtrash, i don't think they've fully onisioned yet kek

No. 258940

I hope Mina is laughing at all this cringe. It's so middle school tier. Again, excellent taste in women, Vincent. Superb.

No. 258942

File: 1488157989995.png (315.74 KB, 514x513, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.1…)

It's hilarious to me because dash has almost the exact same makeup style as mina, she overdraws her lips like mina does, she wont even admit to having her lips injected. babydash trash has a 13,000 following but can only get 5 likes on photos of herself kek

No. 258960


>when the "receipts" that Dasha got you were shit so you need to find new shit to bully Mina on.

No. 258965


reeks of teenage jealousy. Mina is clearly prettier than her.

also, its so fucking pathetic that they're stanning this hard for Dasha. Like if Dasha was a popstar, a writer, a painter, literally anything else, it would make some sense to me. But all Dasha does is post photoshoped pictures on insta and spam vegan tweets. why are they so passionate about her? How sad can your life be if your teenage hero is a "instagram personality".

No. 258980

File: 1488161751832.png (286.96 KB, 499x559, Dasha.png)


No. 258993

File: 1488163142966.gif (346.15 KB, 500x500, PicsArt_01-01-09.18.09.thumb.g…)

someone made a nice gif of dashas extreme shooping.
I was wondering why mina and dasha looked alike for awhile and now I know why they look like themselves in vlogs instead of photos.
I will say that minas shops are much more subtle but dasha definetely could have have edited minas photos if the insta allegations are correct.

No. 258994

File: 1488163211056.png (316.05 KB, 1155x567, fawnie2.PNG)

it also seems this fawnie user has had a hate boner for mina for months now

No. 258996

Probably Charlie or babydashtrash

No. 258997

File: 1488163509130.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.91 KB, 322x500, dasha_kid.jpg)

fawnie most likely posted the photos of dasha and mina unedited I found them on that forum as well

No. 259000

She's so much better looking without the shop. I suppose the ridiculous shoops better match how unhinged she actually is though.

No. 259001

Dasha is also shopping herself to look so much like Mina.

No. 259004

eh sorry for the reposting but for those who don't want to go fish for shit

No. 259005

I don't understand her obsession with editing her photos so much that she doesn't even look human anymore. But she makes funny of mina for wearing lots of makeup? Hypocrite

No. 259006

this babydash bitch looks like a 30 year old soccer mom w/ too much plastic surgery without the photoshop

and with the photoshop she looks like an aged dakotakoti wannabe.

i'm team mina because at least in the youtube vids she looks like a qt

No. 259007


note the screenshots from Xenia at >>256936 come from a yahoo email account called fawniemelanie, before they figured out they don't have to use an email in their follow up posts.

there are valid things to say about the level of thinness that mina shoops into her pics but a blind hateboner totally ruins any argument to be had

No. 259008

If you're team Mina what do you make of the screen shot dasha posted of Minas convo on twitter?

No. 259009

Could this fawnie person be dasha herself? I mean if the allegations of her deleting minas insta are true I'm sure she'd go as far as to create a fake account and spread shit about Mina

No. 259010

Not the anon you're replying to but it's SUCH an obvious fake, which is why no one cared on twitter or elsewhere.

No. 259011

I was thinking the same thing.

No. 259012

File: 1488165013464.png (44.9 KB, 750x434, IMG_9362.PNG)

Wow dashas army are even going as far as to following minas Instagram and commenting the snake on her pictures (there's Charlie) The level of petty tho

No. 259013

File: 1488165059265.png (27.31 KB, 522x95, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 03.0…)

>>259008 >>259010

yep, mina said they were fake and the video dasha said would materialise verifying them never did.

sidenote to say that dasha sounds exactly like laney in the middle of one of her woe-is-me tirades about billie atm

No. 259015

I guess you're right, Mina going off with Edwin who is a shitty youtuber is proof enough for me to believe that it's fake. Why would she not stay behind with cyr and the crazy vegan if that was her true intent

No. 259017

File: 1488165484159.png (96.31 KB, 553x727, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 03.1…)

the level of this pettiness is fucking ridiculous.

wonder how long billie's going to stay friends with them now they're publicly dragging an ex online in a pretty familiar manner…

No. 259021

File: 1488165695008.png (76.85 KB, 740x636, IMG_9363.PNG)

Did this forum give cyr morning anxiety? Good

No. 259022

I'm so embarrassed

No. 259025


>fake story

>fake face
>fake personality


No. 259026


it looks so fucking bad when she does it. she's a model, how is that appealing to any person in the industry? they're going to see that facetuned garbage and won't be impressed. what a waster

No. 259027

The most amusing thing about Dasha's reaction to all of this is that Mina didn't force her hand in anything. Whether she gave Dasha and Cyr a noose intentionally or not, they took it and hung themselves with it.

No. 259028


calm down charlie, no one took those screenshots seriously.

No. 259030


>fucking charlie again

holy shit is this person all day on lolcow, pull, twitter and insta just making shitty mina jokes? how sad.

No. 259031

I'm positive Dasha's posted here before so I'm pretty sceptical. I do think most of the stanning/anti mina stuff on here is Dasha though.

If she hasn't then yeh, fawnie is her.

No. 259032


dasha is way too old for this shit

No. 259033


yeah, she tried to make Mina look bad but ended up just showing her true colors.

No. 259034

i don't think dasha is that stupid but i think one of her friends/minions is. I think cyr and dasha lurk at the very least because they deleted tumblr

No. 259035


to add to your theory

>everyone in the cyr circle is quiet for days.

>suddenly the thread gets spammed with all that fawnie bullshit and mina hateboner circlejerk
>the person doing it gets banned, and no one takes them seriously.
>a day or two later, dasha starts raging on twitter and reposting the same shit that was posted itt.
>she starts trying to make everyone hate mina

i think its quite suspicious. like she wanted cyr's fan to think dirt of mina and started posting vague shit in the thread but it didn't work. so instead she just started doing everything herself on twitter.

No. 259037


No. 259038


yeah, it wouldn't surprise me that they've been lurking lolcow since the onision meltdown. they seemed to be tweeting exactly what we wanted to hear…

No. 259040

Agreed. I used to kind of like Dasha, but after all this, it's extremely off-putting. She's clearly insane. Now I find myself feeling bad for Mina and wishing her the best.

No. 259041

It's kind of weird parallels with the Onision/Lainey/Billy saga. They're trying to demonize Mina, like they did with Billy. I never liked Billy, and found her cringe-worthy, but in the end all you can do is wish them the best because they clearly escaped a toxic situation.

No. 259046

i wonder if dasha even makes enough money off her modelling (if you can even call it that) to even afford half of the rent while shes with cyr

No. 259047

Yeah, so much hypocrisy from dasha's and cyr's side. especially after she posted that fake screenshot of mina's conversation. onision 2.0

No. 259052

>>259046 I'm gonna go out on a limb and say hell no. She might have Mommy & Daddy's money or student loans though, who knows.

No. 259054

i dont really care? its just petty drama. the only person fueling it at this point is dasha because shes jealous of mina imo… even tho she ended up with cyr… dasha seems like one of those ppl that becomes obsessed with a girl and tries to wear her skin

No. 259058

God that tumblr was so fucking corny lmao. I guess she saw people on here saying he was probably geting underaged nudes on there and they panicked.

No. 259059

It's starting to veer from the beyond pathetic territory into the unbelievable range. It's almost as if Dasha planned this whole kicking out thing all along to finally have reason to shit on Mina like she wanted to for months. I cannot believe someone so vehemently opposed to Onision is literally doing the exact same shit he's been doing for years - twisting the truth, using fans to attack, manipulation, etc. She's becoming a parody of herself and I hope she is lurking and reading all our comparisons of her and Cyr to Onision.

Is there any way to like…defend Mina? I don't think any of her actions are excusable and I really like that she isn't firing back but the more posts I see from Dasha's retarded minions the more I want to at least message the poor girl to keep her head up.

No. 259060

File: 1488168281385.png (93.27 KB, 500x450, minatweets.png)


definitely ironic parallels with the onision shit. mina's done the right thing by staying out for the most part. I honestly think if it had just been Dasha and her minions peddling the hate that Mina wouldn't have said anything at all. Cyr calling her crazy and saying she had an agenda was hurtful enough to bait her into impulsively responding. She was very clearly in a bad place mentally after their split, judging by the kind of stuff she was tweeting.

Grabbed some for context. She was very much Not Ok and I have no idea what Cyr thought he was doing flying her out to him and the girl he left her for and thinking that would work out well.

No. 259063

I'm sad that I only found out he had one after deleting it

No. 259065

Right? Why not try with a poly girl whose heart you didn't break? Like did he honestly think this would end well when he fucked over Mina. so retarded I don't understand

No. 259070

You didn't miss much. Buncha rough porn gifs and him constantly saying how he likes to choke Dasha and how shes a good/bad girl etc. Boring as hell and not nearly as scandalous as him and Dash let on

No. 259071

Agree. the blog was pretty much a carbon copy of every other nsfw tumblr.

No. 259075


there are a couple grabs in the wayback machine, if you desperately want to see the kind of stuff he was posting. interestingly a 2015 grab says 'No fans.' in the description at the top, which I don't remember seeing when it was up last week.

No. 259076

Yeah. If you google bitekisslickandclaw.tumblr.com theres a cached version you can take a peek at and it basically summarizes the whole thing. One of his last posts was him asking his followers to have sex and tell him how it was kek Cyr wants to know about his teen fans and their sexual encounters? Cmon buddy accept that your fans aren't your peers they're alt girls who think they're more intellectual than the other grade 10s at their school

No. 259077

that url. the cringe. reminds me of onision tweets and polls he does when he asks his fans about their kinks

No. 259078

Does anyone actually buy cyr's story as to why he kicked edwin out? cause it really seems more like dasha manipulated the whole situation and gave Cyr no choice but to kick him out because she didn't like him. Then he tried to pin in out his brother to not seem like an asshole

No. 259080

oh he definitely changed the no fans policy

No. 259083

File: 1488170031237.png (173.05 KB, 599x697, Yikes.png)

No. 259084

Dasha is such trash. She's literally being a female Onision right now. Cyr seems to play dom, but must have some kind of sick masochistic attraction to psychotic people like Onision/Dasha…

No. 259090


And the funniest thing is that none of us would have wised up to how trash she is if she'd handled this entire situation right. No periscope, no twitter tirades, no using an army of desperate stans to publicly bully a girl. In response to Edwin's vlog and Onision's subsequent video on it she genuinely could have just made some statement along the lines of "Cyr & I are aware that some details of our personal lives have been made public, but we'd prefer to deal with this privately so won't be addressing it in a public space."

We'd have nodded and gone right back to laughing at her Onision memes. She's a fool.

No. 259091

holy shit. cyr, save yourself. what the fuck.

No. 259093

File: 1488170834123.jpg (51.96 KB, 570x351, Oink.JPG)

Mina's insta has some more keks cuz Dasha's minions are also harassing her there. Apparently Edwin asked people on snapchat to comment pigs on her pics to combat the snakes which was kind of cute

No. 259094

File: 1488171071598.jpg (42.55 KB, 561x262, itsbabypetra.JPG)

Sorry for double post but it's also good to see that people are defending her against Dasha's minions too. Petra is arguably the worst one who seems to be Dasha's friend for the longest time - apparently she is obsessed with Cyr and is from Europe and wants to move to LA. Pretty sure she's still a teen so maybe they're gonna pull an Onion and fly out a teen girl for their threesomes again

No. 259096


noteworthy also that anon at >>257448 figured out that the screenshots dasha posted most likely originate from petra.

No. 259097

I was just looking at that petra girls twitter, saw her bio about wanting to live in LA. She's definitely sucking up dasha's asshole so she can be apart of their threesome

No. 259102


charlie(i know its not your actual name)/fawnie, i know you're reading this…please kill urself

No. 259103


dasha fans are so fucking dumb. literally what did mina even do?

No. 259108

Whenever anyone asks they never respond, they just enjoy doing dashas dirty work bashing her on every social media platform they can

No. 259110

I would love to dedicate as much time to harassing and photoshopping pictures of these people as much as they do to Mina and see how they like it

No. 259111

When they do respond it's hilarious vague accusations backed up with a whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of projection on Dasha's part.

I'm really happy Mina and Edwin got out of there.

No. 259125

tl;dr just a tumblr of cyr talking about how feminist dasha is such a good girl lol

No. 259134

File: 1488176163644.png (123.04 KB, 750x1043, IMG_9364.PNG)

Charlie's been lurking here again for sure

No. 259135

LMAO. Obsessed.

No. 259137

Does anyone care if Mina faked her friendship to begin with? Like how does that justify bashing her publicly. It's embarrassing stop. these people are tew much and they will do anything for there two seconds of fame

No. 259140

Charlie… you showed no context [THE OTHER SIDE of your conversation], did not disprove the use of inspect element which is the ENTIRE POINT of doing a video, and I won't even mention the other targets of proof you missed.

Please reply on twitter, we love we get under your skin.

and >>259137 no, no one cares. What they've done in the past few days is reprehensible and evil. At this point its so insignificant which is why we've only mentioned it a handful of times since the real shitstorm began.

No. 259142


like… even if its true, fawnie, we don't care. it ain't juicy… she wasn't being racist, or calling dasha a cunt or flirting with underage people or anything of the sort. let go sis, theres no dirt on the girl.

No. 259145

where is cyr in all of this? hiding under his bed because he's afraid dasha is going to yell about mina again?

No. 259146

wow this charlie person will do anything to please dasha. does he not have any friends in real life? pathetic

No. 259147


ok, first of all that potato quality vid is very carefully not showing any more than Mina's side of the conversation. I'm willing to bet that she was receiving encouragement at the other end, if it's real at all.

and second… so what? you're a pack of bullies mercilessly tearing into every aspect of mina that you can for days on end, pursuing her across multiple forms of social media – and for what? internet points with a girl dating a youtuber that you like? you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.

No. 259148

and all it really proves if true is that she was angry at one point in time… whoop dee doo.

without context and knowing the situation in depth it's just boring and makes one question the leaker's morals.

No. 259150

Charlie is digging themselves into a bigger hole (so is dasha for RTing this) do they really expect anyone to be on their side after leaking a shitty quality video that proves nothing? and even if it did, no one finds their action commendable enough to care?

No. 259151

File: 1488177705121.png (43.12 KB, 600x184, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 5.41…)

i'm actually dead

No. 259152

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH MY GOD I was legit about to go to sleep, bless you Anon for posting this gift before I did. what an absolute IDIOT!

No. 259154

Well you'll have plenty of stuff to wake up to i'm sure. He's so salty that he got banned

No. 259155


No one cares if you were trying to hide it or not
Charlie, it just proves what a colossal retard YOU are. Go back up Dasha's asshole and stay there

No. 259157


charlie there, coming up for air in the middle of a session furiously rimming dasha in order to angrily tweet before resuming mouth to asshole contact.

No. 259160

when charlie thinks he's not getting upset about getting banned from this forum yet it still posting about LMAO

No. 259161

File: 1488178823162.png (48.55 KB, 527x195, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 06.5…)


oops, made charlie mad :/

No. 259166

he's really stupid and is not addressing the point that no one cares if the screenshots are real or fake, when he's spending SO much time dragging mina. no one will take anything you say seriously now, buddy.

No. 259168

>>259161 it's so cute he thinks the video would have proved anything even in HQ. charlie. you. gave. no. context.

he's really upset about not being able to convince anonymous people on an internet message board that Mina is actually Hitler. poor charlie. hope he stays mad, i'm liking the milk.

No. 259170

Im fucking crying oh my god what a dumbass.
Good luck charlie, you'll never be anything more than dasha's personal bitch and no matter how much you all hate mina or make petty memes neither cyr or dasha can unlick mina's tits or asshole.
And even if the screencaps are true why come out now you idiot? Dasha confirmed thats from a year ago. Why not tell ur best friend dasha while she was playing cuckqueen for cyr?

Yeah fuck off lol

No. 259171

File: 1488179533536.png (90.85 KB, 592x464, REtard.png)

we don/t care for what reason to follow you. they are condoning this shit but liking and RTing your stuff. After Dasha spoke out against onision it comes across VERY hypercritical

No. 259172


no underage posting allowed charlie :(

No. 259173


my fave part is that she's so young that she doesn't even know how to pass the ip ban. but she's so "Bad ass" for those super confidential leaked convos. right

No. 259174


No. 259175

File: 1488179792997.png (422.89 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170226-231454.png)

The irony in dashas liked comments

This is making cyr look bad.

No. 259178

Oh god of course that babydashtrash bitch has to put her two cents in, she's also SO far up dasha's asshole to see clearly.

No. 259179

>>259175 "maybe don't say it anonymously" - "babydashtrash"-2017

I cannot stop laughing.

No. 259180


when will Fawnie understand, we don't care about the screenshots because there was nothing interesting in them. they sounded weird and there was nothing there that made mina look like a monster.

No. 259181


saging bc this is going to be blogposty.

listen, charlie. let me spell this out for you.

the veracity of the screenshots doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Mina's birthday was when she was in LA I think, and Dasha said in the periscope that Mina is currently 20. So lets look at this in the hypothetical situation in which the screenshots are verified 100% real.

Mina, a 19 year old girl, got her heart broken. She left LA happy and in love, and once home discovered that her partner had - if not sexually, then certainly emotionally - cheated on her, and left her for another girl.

Whilst still hurting - what were we, like a month or two post-break up? - she acts in an immature manner. Hell, she's 19 and this might be the first time she's really experienced heartbreak. She lashes out pettily, and cooks up some elaborate scheme to get her revenge. She brags to her online friends about it, because she wants to feel a little less like the victim for a change.

Progress half a year. Yes, she reached out to Dasha for petty reasons originally, but they're actually getting on. Tensions with Cyr have smoothed over. Honestly, she probably still cares for him at this point. Him inviting her to LA is a weird situation but it means seeing him again - for closure, maybe - so she takes the opportunity.

She arrives in LA, and it's fucking weird. Dasha talked about her drinking frequently, and being miserable when doing so. Whatever Mina's intentions, they clearly quickly went to shit once she was there. Thinking that maybe kinda having Cyr and sharing him with Dasha might cure the heartbreak, she gives that a go. But hey, not many people can do poly and when the person you're sharing him with is the reason your monogamous relationship ended that's way too fucking complex to really deal with emotionally.

Ultimately, she decides to get the fuck out of dodge. She thought she could do it, but she couldn't. She leaves in a dramatic manner with a guy that seems to understand how much she's struggling emotionally. Edwin handled leaving poorly, but Mina's not at fault for that.

The point of all this? It was a shit show on all sides. Everyone behaved immaturely. Dragging up old screenshots and bullying a girl on twitter and instagram is going to do nothing to solve that. Grow up. Leave it behind. Let these people part ways with good or bad blood, but leave it in the past all the same.

….. the milk has been entertaining tho ngl so on a less compassionate level thanks for the material.

No. 259182

guys i cant believe we pissed the minions off to the point that they need to talk about it on twitter

No. 259183


said by the ugly girls hiding under Dasha pictures and Charlie Day memes. i bet u girls are super popular in your public high schools

No. 259185

hey charlie, its me again. since you're still refreshing this thread, please read my advice


No. 259186

File: 1488180288576.png (52.6 KB, 614x225, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 6.23…)

Babydashtrash claims are hilarious because she is also obsessively posting about it AND posting memes of mina. so stop thinking you're better

No. 259187

"We're not obsessed with the drama lulz u guise r the anonymous meanies"
> dedicates time to bullying girl online to please rich white girl who doesnt give a fuck about said stan
"I love dasha because she stands up for what she believes in!"
> said feminist dasha puts down fellow womynn when convenient
> activism includes militant veganism while shopping at american apparel
> spreads body positivity while shopping herself and lying about modifications on top of making fun of another womans appearence

No. 259188

i was sent multiple screenshots that y'all were posting my account on this weird ass website. ive posted once. stop reaching this entire thread is pathetic.

No. 259190

so weird, y'all were LOVING this site when you were spamming shitty things about mina. now that y'all banned this place is garbage? uh.

No. 259191

Top kek

No. 259192

>>259190 I've never even been on here??? i did know it was a thing until i was sent screenshots of you freaks

No. 259194


No. 259195

what even is an lolcow what is this website are you all like 12

No. 259197

you're the one reaching you can't stop posting about mina wow your comebacks are so good

No. 259198

and you can't stop posting about a couple fans guess you're just as pathetic as me

No. 259199

Yes, we're all 12 and you're arguing with 12 year olds, does that make you feel superior? or weaker? because in one sense you'd be the idiot for responding to 12 year olds comments about you

No. 259200

No. 259201

File: 1488180717344.png (487.37 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170226-233028.png)

22 minutes ago
>ive posted once
So what is the truth?

No. 259202

its funny I'm bored y'all are entertaining

No. 259203

multiple tweets in one setting is posting once

No. 259204

nice android get that with your trailer and welfare?

No. 259206

now yall are quiet. lol. you're just as pathetic as you claim us to be. goodnight.

No. 259207

has your pride gone too far to admit that you may be as idiotic as everyone else in this world? or even worse? or do you just not understand that you're sucking dasha's dick so much to live a fantasy life where you're finally accepted by someone whom you've put up on a pedestal

No. 259208

yeah dasha is waiting for your report

No. 259209

Get a life then

No. 259210

you think you're such top shit go back to licking dasha's asshole you're much better at that than you shitty ass comebacks lmao bye bitch

No. 259211

I'm personally being quiet because I suspect you are too young to post here. Go back to twitter little girl.

No. 259212


admin-sama pls take out the (babydash)trash

No. 259213

I second this!

No. 259216

this is obviously getting to you since you had to make your way into this forum to post. it isn't nice when people keep making fun of you is it? now you get a taste of your own medicine. hope you learn something from this, kid

No. 259217


No. 259218

if anyone is interested in the type of crazy dasha used to hang out with I found her ex's instagram with her old circle of friends.

No. 259219


yeah right LOL

No. 259220


keep trying babe we almost believe u!

No. 259222

I'm interested but not sure if I should indulge…

No. 259223


please! she's clearly 15, check her twitter

No. 259224

the ex she posted about on curious cat?

No. 259225

No. 259226

no we're the 12 year olds according to her kek

No. 259227


right? we're the ones photoshoping cringy shit, making terrible memes and writing shitty fanfiction to get dasha's approval. oh wait … :(

No. 259228

when u can't think of anything else to say so u attack someone for the type of phone they have. speaks volumes about u honestly

No. 259231

To be fair, it's not really leaking personal information it's more like leaking Minas bad intentions. I am not trying to kiss anyones ass but all Dasha really did was expose Mina for having bad intentions

No. 259232

Seriously. She just showed why she was upset.

No. 259234

no one cares though. How does that justify her liking and RTing all the memes and shit about mina? after she went after onision for dragging his ex publicly it doesnt make sense

No. 259235

>>259233 was just gonna say. looks like
someone figured out how to post anonymously.

No. 259238

You are all aware of the fact that you don't actually know Dasha or her old friends? They could be good people. And yes I am defending her because everyone here seems to defend a girl that took a shit on Dasha and Cyr and you guys think that is okay. None of you people actually know Dasha. You don't even care to ask her personally

No. 259239

she still leaked personal messages which is personal information… which would still make it leaking personal information idiot

No. 259240

Look what happens when Dasha's privacy is threatened… interesting posts all of the sudden!

No. 259241

I went to sleep and now I have so much to catch up on this episode of Trasha and pals argh

No. 259242


you're 15,your parents buy you stupid shit you don't need. WE KNOW TRASH, WE KNOW.

No. 259243

but it's okay to bully someone continuously over social media? okay.

No. 259244

Holy shit. No, it's pretty indicative that she and her friends are trash by the way they are acting and bullying Mina on twitter.

No. 259245

It actually isn't personal information though. It gives nothing personal away. Just that MIna planned on fake apologizing to Dasha to get to other Youtuber? I am questioning you alls judgement to be honest. Would you not be upset if someone did this to you??

No. 259246

they're all making their way onto this forum now

No. 259248


No. 259249


we know that she only speaks to ugly teenagers and has the temper of a child. that's enough cow material

No. 259251

You all do know that Mina used to bully Dasha just as much? I don't get why you guys are hating on Dasha so much. She is clearly upset for being used

No. 259252

Yeah I might be upset but I wouldn't start publicly trashing the girl to my mass of teenage twitter followers lol

No. 259253

lol who cares. Trasha is the one having a public bitch fit rn

No. 259254

not only that, but aren't they NICE when their queen is in danger? Wow what a 180. Isn't school is session? It's gonna be late soon kids.

Publicly posted info by Dasha's friends is not private.. sooo?

No. 259255

i hate mina but i'll keep defending her just because it makes Trash, Charlie and Dash so fucking angry.

No. 259256

love how you're not addressing the fact that you all bullied mina all over twitter

No. 259257

Are you actually that thick in the head? How is her talking about Personal drama not personal information ya dumbass?

No. 259258

thanks for comment i'm crying

No. 259259


if she speaks out about it, or posts screenshots that actually show said abusive behaviour, we would care. she doesn't, so we won't defend her. that simple.

No. 259261

File: 1488182223976.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170226-234503.png)

Funny though, before dasha deleted her curious cat she talked about how abusive her ex was and how her old friends were drug addicts so.
I'll take her word over yours.

No. 259262

i wouldn't go to the extent that her and her fans have gone to, that's why must people are giving her shit for it. so stop trying to justify it

No. 259263

post the link Anon.

No. 259264

what the fuck

No. 259265

Now you take Dashas word?
But as soon as Dasha posts a screenshot of exposing a fake friend you flee

No. 259266

thank u to whoever is standing up for dasha, and also, thank you for the nickname guys. i made my name trash for a reason. glad someones FINALLY using it.

No. 259268

Post caps then. If you have something to say you better damn well prove it.

No. 259269

Some people can defend Dasha without being one of her minions.

No. 259272


holy shit that's as trashy as it gets.

No. 259273

bitch where? prove it

No. 259275

I love you all of you say that Dasha is bullying Mina while all of you are bullying her because she edits her pictures and stands up against fake people

No. 259276

Because dasha was casually answering questions on curious cat and there was no sign of bias. She even admitted to cutting contact with certain individuals because she still has feelings for her ex (which is understandable). She refers to him as her first love lol

Yeah its a shame you can't scrub the internet.

No. 259277


we already told you
-screenshots were old
-no context
-mina didn't say anything terrible

please go back to white girl twitter city where you belong.

No. 259278

How is that picture trashy? You people are fucking leeches. Dasha could post a pic of a white wall and you would find something. Just because someone is licking her exes eyeball doesn't mean they are bad people. You don't know them

No. 259279

because she's a fucking hypocrite. you act like she's so innocent

No. 259280


trash, stop making your twitter friends post in this thread. just go back to twitter and circlejerk to your photoshopped shit.

No. 259281

She faked an apology to get to youtubers she was using them after they flew her out to LA. Are you fucking blind? They are old but this apology is the reason Mina came to LA in the first place. SHAKE MY FUCKING HEAD

No. 259282


No. 259283


learn to use the board or leave please.

No. 259285

They are bad people in the sense of the narcissistic attitude they have, and that fact you don't see that is troublesome

No. 259286

what part of THERE WAS NO CONTEXT do you not get, honey?

No. 259288


i wish i was as young as you to think any of that shit is important.

No. 259289


No. 259290

File: 1488182727706.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 1440x2417, 20170227_000308.png)

Dasha didn't post that you moron.

No. 259291

isn't it kinda late for these bby twitter warriors to be up uselessly shitting up a thread like this? isn't it a school night? go to sleep

No. 259293

notice how dash stops posting petty shit on twitter. and suddenly there are anons on the board who love dash? how strange

No. 259294

dis tew much

No. 259295


she can't read, can't use the board, and won't stop till we start licking Dasha's ass. don't bother.

No. 259296

nah she's been posting barely anything about it. not like she's been liking or RTing any of the shit aimed at mina or anything :-)

No. 259299


i wonder what mina is doing! probably posting nasty shit too, right? since she's so fake ;)

No. 259300

File: 1488183118609.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170227-001045.png)

Look who I found on instagram

No. 259301

SO fake that she's been keeping shit private and not sending an army and making memes

No. 259302

y'all are sick and vile and no fucking better. stop talking shit about a girl who's relationship was threatened by a psychotic ex. obviously non of you have been in love or actually cared about anything or anyone since you're spending your time posting shit about a girl you don't know on a situation you don't know behind an anonymous name. you don't know what happened, you know what both sides have publicly shared and theres more to it. you've all seen what Mina has done, OLD OR NOT. If someone betrays you and you find out months later, they still berated you. We're in the wrong for posting edits and memes but at least we have reasoning behind it rather than trying to find any desperate excuse to make a comment on the internet mean something. Stop talking about the time. If its so late, why are you sitting here spending your night on this shit? How about instead of calling us young you GROW UP. You're all a bunch of sociopathic hypocrites. Get a fucking life.

No. 259303

thats not me nice try though :) i don't have an insta

No. 259304


sad, sad, sad

No. 259305

maybe no one would be talking about it if all of you stopped giving it life. stop talking about then it will die down

No. 259306


oh yeah, dasha is a huge celebrity. there must be millions of girls with the same username as you who are just as crazy as you. #we believe you Trash!

No. 259307

you have no idea how stupid you sound, run along now.

No. 259308

why do you always have to make yourself sound so stupid? you spend your time chasing after someone you ain't even fucking met and you're editing memes of someone you've never met either, so shut the fuck up and go to bed little girl

No. 259309


No. 259311


No. 259313

I don't care what it is the fact you're using it is just sad

No. 259314


go to bed, Trash. we are not a personal army that's going to attack mina for no reason. that's u.

No. 259315

if you think it's so sad stop paying attention to it lmao? dumb bitch

No. 259316

go to bed, cunt.

No. 259317


yeah! cuz its a place for Dash discussion! if you don't like what we say about her, leave!

No. 259318

but don't you get no one cares what you think? you're just being used for laughs hahaha

No. 259320

File: 1488183662379.gif (489.07 KB, 420x315, 0hQyd5L.gif)

We're watching them evolve into spergchan in real time.

No. 259321

every time you post you just sound more and more butthurt kek

No. 259322

oh and you're not sick and vile? look at the extent you went to. you're just too much of a dumb retard to admit that what you did was wrong and you took it too far and now it's backfiring, deal with it.

No. 259323

it doesn't matter if you care or not. I'm not here for anything besides showing support for a person i love and who has helped me through a lot. you don't know her you don't know what she's done for us. even if she had 10 followers and was just friend we would still say something.

No. 259324

is that really her? looks so different: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGRZEJQgMaQ/

No. 259325

its not backfiring i don't give a flying fuck ill continue to post them??????

No. 259326

File: 1488183746311.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2439, 20170227_000234.png)

No. 259327


dasha probably has a tab on this thread and another on the onision thread at all times KEK

No. 259328

you don't know her either. if you think you do, you are even more deluded than previously thought.

No. 259329

LMAO you say it's not backfiring but continue to post on this thread cause you mad people are talking about you, you're so fucking stupid bye

No. 259330

was your goal to look this fucking retarded??

No. 259331

how would you know that? i do know her. you're assuming and assuming is what makes your validation shit.

No. 259332

yes :D

No. 259333


so dasha thought she could pull the "no makeup look". now we all know, dasha can't pull the "no makeup look".

No. 259334

talk about me all you want please idc I'm just contributing

No. 259335

see this is why I keep saying she has to be like 15. too much stupid to be an adult.

No. 259336

im 6 try again bitch

No. 259337

what does dasha's asshole taste like?

No. 259338

who was your favorite sperg guys? maia or charlie? i'd go for Charlie. i don't know, she was just funny to me.

No. 259339

you must be so attention starved in real life lol

No. 259340

LOL. You're a tween and an obsessed fan. You are not her friend. How do I know? Well, for starters, I have eyes.

No. 259341

better to 15 and caring about this than being an adult and dedicating your time to it… :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 259342


she spends all day on twitter posting memes about instagram celebrities, she can't possibly have any friends lol

No. 259343

Charlie is by far the superior sperg. maia is too cringe

No. 259344

thank u smols love you too

No. 259345

you're dedicating your time to it to

No. 259346


i like the fanfic too. she put so much effort on her autism. i liked it.

No. 259347

yes and like you said I'm not an adult so

No. 259348

Definitely Maia because she's a gift that keeps on giving, though I might change my mind. For now though, this is lulz for days.

No. 259349

agreed, he's way better

No. 259350

you guys :')

No. 259351

Maia learn how to reply to posts, nobody knows who you're talking to. Goddamn.

No. 259352

you also have the best comebacks uwu

No. 259353

stop misgendering charlie

No. 259354

oh fuckity fuck, does it identify as a space prince

No. 259355

File: 1488184141814.png (3.13 MB, 1440x2449, 20170227_002657.png)

Posting because he doesn't allow public follows. Nothing besides the obvious.

No. 259356


No. 259359

so dash is really into white trash guys who look dead inside?

No. 259360

her parents don't give her enough attention :(

No. 259361


they all probably the same tbh

No. 259362

you're right I'm very sad and lonely very neglected

No. 259363


maia once she gets banned

No. 259364

It's cool though you have Dasha

No. 259365

aw why ban me we're just having fun:(

No. 259366

and let me guess you want cyr to be your daddy? you're probably only licking dashas asshole to get close to him

No. 259367

File: 1488184346355.png (72.14 KB, 450x550, 8_10.png)

And confirmed underaged dumbass.
Literally go to the onision thread if you want to pull the misgendering card, lainey owns it.

No. 259368

all i need :)

No. 259369

defs her type

No. 259370


we don't care that much, maia. move along. its a teenage girl hiding under Charlie Day pictures, don't want to learn a thing about her

No. 259372

im not actually 15 and it was one mention cause its annoying

No. 259373

we don't even like each other lol but its not right to misgender HIM

No. 259374

she gives me cancer

No. 259375


i'd say that Dash is too pretty for her but that would be a lie

No. 259376

mmmm gotta say no. thats Dashas boyfriend and I'm not into that. also too young, thanks though

No. 259377

let me guess you're 16 right ahahahahha

No. 259378

File: 1488184502553.png (426.7 KB, 784x420, qayDLnZ.png)

>tfw mods asleep so no one takes out the Trash

No. 259379

No. 259380

Cyr has to wait until she's of legal age

No. 259381

i just want to play along :(

No. 259382

oh no are you both vying to be dashas top minion?

No. 259383

Dasha was cool with being the other woman so I thought you would, since she's your idol and all

No. 259384

I'm sure he'll follow in gergs footsteps and fuck her in a state where its legal as soon as shes 17

No. 259385

no lol personal issues not concerning dasha at all

No. 259387

how does one get recruited to be one of her minions? i think all i need to do is post a meme of mina on twitter right? then we're friends

No. 259390

File: 1488184656521.png (Spoiler Image, 137.71 KB, 520x312, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 08.3…)


genuinely hope you're over 18 or you retweeting porn like this is fucking disturbing.

No. 259391

actually i was friends with her before any of this happened sooooooo

No. 259392



No. 259393

then stop asking?

No. 259394


what tumblr would to ya

No. 259395

i am don't worry your little head

No. 259396

but you became friends with her best you post images of her on your twitter and talk about how beautiful she is? that's why youre her friend

No. 259397


we never did, trash. no one ever did.

No. 259398

holy shit dasha really is onision. friends with kids.

No. 259399

I think you also need to be an insecure teenager, or someone stuck at the mental age of 15 :)

No. 259400

why is she still here

No. 259401

You also need to whiteknight until dawn and then turn in your daily report on how you trolled the shit out of Mina and anonymous losers

No. 259402

won't someone please tell Trash that its past her bed time?

No. 259404

dasha is 21? she's only a few years older than me. onion is 31 talking to 13 year olds. not a comparison

No. 259405

its 2:40???

No. 259406

then mama trash lets you suckle some bitter bitch milk from her photoshopped titty

No. 259407

notice me senpai

No. 259409

since you and dasha are so close can you tell me if she's had her lips done?

No. 259411

yeah she wanted the prolapsed anus look like??? are you jealous??

No. 259412

Why do you all even care if someone has gotten plastic surgery or not?????? It has nothing to do with their character

No. 259413

Probably not because being friends to her means a follow back and the occasional retweet/fav hahaaaaaaaa

No. 259414

yoooo don't pretend to be me thats just weird

No. 259415

is this charlie? or petra?

No. 259416

botched lip jop?

No. 259417


No. 259418

Nobody said it did, just ironic she denies it.
Her character is nasty for counting on 15 year olds to bully her ex, onison the female.

No. 259419

> accidentally calls kween trashas lips a prolapsed anus

top kek

No. 259420

>>259419 that wasn't even me lol

No. 259421

Dashas anus taste like fruitloops

No. 259422

anyone can make their name maia dipshit

No. 259423

probably :)

No. 259424

No. 259425

WHY isn't this going the way I wanted?????

No. 259426

I hope Dasha notices me now that I'm on lolcow

No. 259427

We are friends irl, she's my mummy, she lets me suck her big fat titties and i get to be drowned by her shit when it leaks

No. 259428

was it apart of the contract?

No. 259429

now its trash because y'all are gonna pretend to be me and ruin the whole hating me thing :(

No. 259430

wheeeeerreeeee areeeeee adminnnnnnn

No. 259431

how can i be a joke and pathetic if y'all pretend to be me :(

No. 259432

this was not really about you before but you needed your two seconds of fame

No. 259433


No. 259434

thats why you posted so much about me ;)

No. 259435

yes the entire forum is dedicated to hating you cause you're so important!!!

No. 259436

Don't you guys have real life friends that you make tribute twitter accounts for? I thought that was normal..

No. 259437

you don't need to fit in. you're already nestled snuggly in dashas spacious anus. now be gone!

No. 259438

I literally can't tell who the real trash is because troll chan got the sperg down to the core kek

No. 259439

me too :(

No. 259440

same. she's really enjoying this attention. maybe dasha's anus isn't satisfying her?

No. 259441

lol same. i have not laughed this hard in a while

No. 259443

I mean she did hijack her thread so..

No. 259444


No. 259445

File: 1488185933935.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2415, 20170227_005702.png)

Look who liked minas photo

No. 259446

i wonder if edwins new vlog will mention anything related to dash then we can watch her lose her shit again

No. 259448


sage isn't the poster's name, it's what you put in the email field to post without bumping the thread. the sooner you're banned the better god this thread is a fucking mess


he'd be smarter to leave it alone now, even if it's a sad end to the milk

No. 259449

what glorious martyrdom, sacrificing oneself to protect the precious kween RIP TRASH 2005-2017

No. 259451

How much do you think Dasha is regretting befriending literal teens now that they're off making her look worse by whiteknighting her in an anonymous message board?

No. 259452

maia seriously just gtfo. your dumbass shouldn't post on image boards if you don't understand it. Now we all know your email and can find your social media and shit you probably wanna keep private. go back and whiteknight mama trash on twitter again

No. 259453

edwin needs the attention tho so i think he might mention it

No. 259454

i can imagine theyre all fighting for her attention so it must be exhausting

No. 259464

File: 1488187650596.png (588.89 KB, 1350x617, bbtrash.png)

kek someones triggered

No. 259468

oh no!!! :(

No. 259469

> "I don't care lol"
> protects account from those big mean ol' farmers kek

No. 259470

how does someone join twitter in december 2016 and already have over 9000 tweets? guarantee they are all about dasha

>what does the scouter say about his power level?

No. 259472

Well, yeah but that's because her and Dasha are actual friends, obviously!!!

No. 259474

She must really not have much friends if she has to resort to being friends with a 15 year old who obsessively tweets about her? Yikes

No. 259479

I also don't get how she has almost 14k followers and yet no one actually cares about her posts. She'd get like one or two likes and they were all from her group chat with Dasha and Stans.

No. 259481

because she has a picture of a mildly "cute" girl on the internet, that's why

No. 259482

mildly cute? bitch where

No. 259483

fuck forgot to take off my name from when i was impersonating

No. 259485

as her profile picture.. most people just follow from the pic lol

No. 259486

You scared me

No. 259490

either bought followers because is that sad or people thought it was trashas second account considering the level of obsession is unreal. I go with the second…

No. 259491

Dasha looks like Michael Jackson post op

No. 259494

Without makeup I would say post-mortem as well

No. 259495

No. 259499

i wonder if cyr reads this

No. 259501

it's probably a part of him and dasha's nightly routine

No. 259502

If he doesn't he probably gets live updates because he's in their weird teen gossip chat

No. 259504

I can't believe he won't tell dasha to stop with the bullying and such. does he not realize what she's doing could ruin him and his career? it just proves he's horrible too.

No. 259505

Apparently dash has been messaging anyone who opening shows support of Edwin on twitter. She really wants to take him down

No. 259506

She contacted me lol i told her off. she's psychotic

No. 259508

Gotta isolate Cyr from his friends. Classic abusive move.

No. 259511

She's really taking it to a new level of petty. Then sends her little minions onto this forum in an attempt to try to get people to stop talking about her lol

No. 259512

if she keeps it up he won't have any friends left

No. 259514

When she messaged you was she trying to win you over to your side? Who even does that

No. 259515

File: 1488190664587.png (128.01 KB, 493x405, 2f60dd25d7e957f5b5926defa928c4…)

I screenshotted this like two days ago and forgot to post it to the thread. She's definitely not well in the head in this hate campaign.

No. 259517

he's probably cowering in the corner covered in tears and his own piss as dasha psychotically screams at him. imagine if he told her to stop and she thought he was taking minas side… he'd probably be at the bottom of a lake with concrete blocks attached to his feet

No. 259519

File: 1488190759699.png (230 KB, 496x800, a8c4c227e1316082b786ae2aed50a2…)

And more

No. 259520

yup she said she wanted to tell me her side

No. 259521

I think this is why people are terrified to speak about against her. She'll never stop harassing you till she convinces you she's right and you're wrong. So fucked up, what a messy bitch

No. 259522

Or she's got him so manipulated that he doesn't think she can do any wrong.

No. 259523

oh my god. just when you think she can't get any more psycho… fucking hell. good luck, cyr.

No. 259525

Has anyone here messaged Mina or has Mina messaged them trying to get them on her side? Or is dasha the only psycho here?

No. 259527


I mean no shit I've been following this charade since its advent and I literally am astounded at how it's unfolded, I mean it's literally turning into Salem.

Dasha's band of desperately pubescent fame and approval-hungry tweens might be better off grouping together to craft a chair to see if Mina fucking floats. Would at least be more purposeful than the barrage of hilarios paint memes.

I used to think a lot differently of Cyr, but now I can't help but get the feeling that Cyr he's watching this all rapt, jerking off at how twisted and disturbed his good girl is. Fuckd

No. 259531

Nah she's being an actual adult and staying in her lane with one or two tweets about it. Lord knows maybe she's freaking out in private but not spreading it to the world.

No. 259532

>>259514 After i told her off she blocked me

No. 259533

Nope dasha is the only psycho

No. 259534

same. I used to really like Cyr, now - not so much. It will be hard to enjoy any of his content after all this.

No. 259535

She must really regret flying out to LA now. Poor thing.

No. 259536

I only found out about cyr very recently has he had this messy shit with his exes before? Or is this a new thing

No. 259538

Lots of exes, none batshit like Dasha though

No. 259540

I noticed awhile back that cyr follows the church of satan on twitter. i don't know if he follows it to be funny or if its something he believes, but i thought it was interesting!

No. 259541

I think he had a record of fucking girls over, but he's very secretive, however, dasha is a loose fucking canon and is not only spilling the beans on his private life but is escalating it 10fold. it's clear from the periscope they did he wanted none of his business aired but OOOPS dasha already did it kek

No. 259544

Yeah I think his pattern was getting tired of his gf, cheating on her and then them breaking up and him getting with the girl he cheated with.

Douche mentality but its pretty typical douchebro, nothing too weird.

No. 259545

She's not even his ex yet but she's already spilling the beans. Do you think cyr will address it? I mean it's blowing up now that people are noticing that she's psychotic

No. 259546

Idgi he's so average. I guess his appealing to the 15 yr olds?

No. 259547

Nah she's his "pure queen" who he buys flowers regularly and who is pure and innocent and can do no wrong.

She plans on being a twitch streamer which will be hilarious because she clearly has no filter or patience. I'm so ready for livestreamed breakdowns and blowouts on cam.

No. 259548

He fits that edgelord aesthetic that tumblr grills are super in to right now. A mix of DD/LG, asshole, and school shooter with /fa/ facial features. Makes all the 14 year olds want him lel.

No. 259549

After all this drama i really don't see them being together much longer, but i could be wrong! he's just as screwed up as her

No. 259550

Idk anything about how youtubers earn money (if it's through their views on videos or subscribers) but cyr really have a large enough following to live off the money he earns from YouTube?

No. 259551

Well if he's thing is getting tired of girls and cheating it shouldn't last too long

No. 259555

she posts often about him giving her roses etc, could this possibly be insecurity about the relationship that she constantly has to prove he loves her online? relationships aren't always how they appear online, for all we know the roses could be after a long night of arguing kek.

It's clear now that the poly thing is only so cyr won't get bored of her, cheat and leave her like everyone else. that's why she always falls out with the "other woman", she gets jealous because she wants him all to herself but knows that if she was to keep him all to herself he would want something new and exciting and leave. She realises that 75% of cyr is better than attempting 100% and being left with 0.

No. 259556

I really feel that if dasha hadn't been into the poly idea, he would have left her long ago. he probably thinks he scored big time to meet someone who doesn't care if he puts his dick in another girl as long as she gets to join in and that's why he's still with her.

No. 259557

Couple goals

No. 259560

This would make sense especially if cyr likes to keep things private, I assume he would also like to keep that aspect of his relationship private as well

No. 259563

File: 1488192949903.png (174.66 KB, 742x905, IMG_9365.PNG)

No. 259565

saw this when he posted it and he's completely blinded and being manipulated whether he believes it or not. anyone with eyes and a fully functioning brain can see she's manipulating him.

No. 259567

Tbh I thought she wrote this and had him post it. It's written so strangely and who the fuck tags their significant other in a text post?

No. 259568

those were more innocent times. right after onion put out that video. i was still on their side back then. oh well.

No. 259569

why the twitter handle mention? very romance. very real. very sincyr kek

No. 259570

is it just me or does this seem kind of directed at Edwin?

No. 259571

cyr needs to realize that sometime's you can see things from the outside that someone from the inside can't see themselves.

No. 259575

sometimes i feel cyr is like one of those women involved in domestic abuse who protest "but he loves me" when told maybe they should leave

No. 259576

He really likes the fact that she likes video games. Tru luv

No. 259578

If that sparked his random cringey ass poem I wonder if this forum is enough to get a response from him

No. 259579

> tell her that she's loved not hated

Nah, we all pretty much hate you.

No. 259581

File: 1488194044587.png (143.14 KB, 750x921, IMG_9366.PNG)

This genuinely terrifies me

No. 259585

jesus i really didn't think this whole drama would bring so much milk but here we are. it's actually really scary and concerning how much self-awareness dasha lacks and i don't know if anyone has armchair diagnosed her as either narcissistic or psychotic or both yet but if you have i think you are actually spot on for once

No. 259594

She thought it wouldn't gain attention which is hilarious. Exposed

No. 259610

File: 1488201421315.jpg (29.17 KB, 276x182, IMG_0983.JPG)

No. 259613


since people want to say that mina/dash are fame hungry assholes, it would make sense. i wouldn't mind though, fair game.

No. 259615


looks like someones feelings got hurt :(

No. 259616


twitter is filled with fuckheads

No. 259617


her goal was making us think that mina is a manipulative bitch, right? why is dasha the only one looking crazy? weird.

No. 259618


bitch is obssesed, 100% lurking right now

No. 259619


yeah, when you check the comments on his videos its always 15-year old tumblr girl shit tier

No. 259620


what kinda charlie shitpost, he talks like a damn fan.

No. 259622


yeah, i used to like her because she was cute and smart imo. now she just seems like a crazy person with lip fillers. the magic has completely worn off because of this.

No. 259705

File: 1488217186065.jpg (46.28 KB, 354x393, IMG_20170227_183915.jpg)

Dasha looks like Putin with lip injections

No. 259719


she looks like chloe grace moretz or w/e right there

No. 259724

its funny how she always photoshops her eyes so big for ~aesthetic~ yet it totally screams insecurity…. in the periscope her eyes actually look freakishly small with no makeup….

No. 259750

That's an insult to Putin kek.

No. 259755

irl tiny eyes of a shrew

No. 259802


i love this post

No. 259826

She tried but made herself look psychotic and thirsty for revenge

No. 259835

Man I was really rooting for Dasha after the Greg thing and the periscope really made her and Cyr out to be the "victims." But she is bat shit insane with how petty she is.

However Edwin is still a little bitch tbh. He still took Cyr's equipment and then actually tried to get back into the place to get more of his own stuff without being an issue that he just skedaddled away. I can understand Mina, because she does seem like the non confrontational type and she and Dasha clearly weren't getting along and she just didn't want to deal. But Edwin and Cyr were friends for so long, he did him dirty.

No. 259839

Agreed, he's a leech. I honestly couldn't believe he had to take the camera. Just bc cyr said he would he could borrow does not mean when you get kicked out you should take it with you. he never should have taken it in the first place. Csnt blame them for wanting to go there when dasha isn't there though bc she seems crazy af

No. 259840

I feel like while cyr was gone dasha did something to edwin and mina (the instsgram delete?). Thats probably why the left. Edwin is broke as fuck and does seem very much like a leech, i think hes genuine but he isnt youtube material lol

No. 259844

Yeah the problem is that he thinks he's youtuber material and won't get an actual job lol. I do kind of feel bad for the guy but he made himself look really bad when he made that tweet about dasha being an illegal

No. 259847

File: 1488233488972.png (115.32 KB, 750x991, IMG_9368.PNG)

Dasha should take some of her own advice maybe

No. 259848

It was low tbh but it goes to show she has no right to be living with cyr either if allegedly everyone had to leave?? I think he said it because dasha stans were calling mina illegal until she said she was on a 3 month visa when dasha isnt even here legally.

From her old insta photos you can instantly tell shes one of those girls shipped into LA to become "models". If you look through insta you can see lindsay and dasha modeled for noodie and lingerie companies. She's probably living off of cyr with small time modeling gigs. (Aka free advertisement kek)

No. 259852

Oh ffs she sent her army of retards to post the illegal shit to Mina? So that's how that started. They really just never stop. TBH I was not even buying cyrs reasoning for kicking Edwin out because of that. And no way does dasha earn enough to pay half with the kind of gigs she gets

No. 259861


right? you can't pay the rent? you fucking my ex girlfriend? and now you steal my camera?? edwin seems like trash

No. 259890

File: 1488238608693.png (91.56 KB, 750x649, IMG_9370.PNG)

Mina just Rt this. waiting for dasha to have a bitch fit and send her army of minions against her

No. 259899

Where is Dasha even from? I see half saying she's from Russia,and the other saying Austria. There's no background information on her.

No. 259901

She is from Austria but her ethnic background is likely Russian.

No. 259912

I don't think he's genuine at all tbh. I think he was 100% using Cyr the entire time and Mina latched on to him because she has no one else.

No. 259921

anyone know where I can read up on some previous Cyr drama? Like about his other exes

No. 259936

yeah does anyone else have this stuff?

No. 259958

Dasha is a fucking psycho. The whole deleting Mina's account, having people make hateful tweets and memes with her, contacting fans to harass them for supporting Mina and Edwin… It's shit that a crazy person would do. No normal, healthy adult would behave like this. She's got her online hugbox to tell her "you're in the right, you're beautiful and amazing and Mina is a snake, don't listen to the haters" so she'll never grow as a person or apologize.

>tfw Onision is right

She reminds me of this girl I knew who wanted to steal her ex's identity and fuck with his tax records just to make his life miserable. She also signed him up for scams and junkmail and posted on craigslist as him. Just cause he, for some reason that's unbeknownst to me, packed up his shit and moved back in with his parents in the middle of the night without saying goodbye. I wonder why??

No. 260013


her heritage is half botched lips and half human

No. 260014


maybe some of cyr's fans can spill the beans? i don't care for his videos tbh

No. 260019


yeah, normal people don't get this invested like that. and the screenshots? they weren't that bad, she should have cut Mina off her life and move along. But noooo, she just had to try to ruin Mina's reputation like it was the end of the world.

her lack of awareness is going to ruin her. her twitter echo chamber won't last for much longer if she keeps going like that.

No. 260040

But her fans that are apart of the minion group try to claim that this has nothing to do with her and that they are choosing to do this and that dasha didn't tell them to but we've all seen their little group chat on twitter like they wouldn't be doing this in the first place if dasha didn't feed them information

No. 260044

I thought about this and I'm pretty sure onion hates Dasha because they're so similar. Changing constantly in order to stay relevant, never keeping the same friend circle, no real friends, weirdly possessive over their partner, obsessive as FUCK over exes. I guess he seen another psycho narc and did not like it one bit.

No. 260094

her mom is russian
not going to lie but dasha is naturally pretty even before her lip fillers (but not the creepy editing)
I think onision is jealous because he has lainey kek

No. 260097

Dasha's been super quiet today on twitter

No. 260099

I would love to think maybe she's been reflecting on her behaviour and feels a bit embarrassed but let's be real it's probably just because Cyr is annoyed at her

No. 260101

Maybe Dasha is going full psycho on babydashtrash for that embarrassing shitshow last night

No. 260110

That is creepy as fuck. Most people don't literally worship their friends and make twitter pages honoring them wtf.

No. 260112

that was me pretending to be her, kek. glad the trash got taken away.

No. 260118

I am glad, but I also miss her in a weird way. I miss her sperg, especially since her twitter is now private. Be gone Trash, be free! 2005-2017

No. 260129

No. 260130

Are there more photos of her pre-lips?

And did Edwin already get his stuff back from the appartement?

No. 260131

That would be nice. She's probably just taking out on cyr since she can't use twitter for it anymore lol

No. 260134

I think she's friends with her bc she loves how much she posts about her

No. 260137

if that's true, i don't even feel sorry for him one bit. i was a big supporter of his for a very long time, but anyone who dumps friends for psychotic bitches and fucks over girls is a snake and deserves everything that's coming to him.

No. 260138

File: 1488273903255.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2470, 20170228_012244.png)

No. 260140

File: 1488273985624.png (612.77 KB, 1440x2469, 20170228_012417.png)

No. 260142

File: 1488274108266.png (326.27 KB, 1440x2441, 20170228_012315.png)

No. 260143

File: 1488274221733.png (428.72 KB, 1440x2463, 20170228_012943.png)


No. 260147

She surely improved her English language skills since then…

No. 260150


lmao,exquisite finds, Anon.

No. 260152

Wait. Did she just say she slept with Abel from the weekend? Bullshit

No. 260153

Also is her real name jules? Cause she said her snap is jules as well?

No. 260155


oh my gosh… but..like if that's true, you guys, it seems like she's the type to use guys for their fame oh my god alert the media how horrible!

No. 260156

No. 260157

Wow she looks so different in her older photos on here. Good find, anon!

No. 260159

File: 1488276159887.jpg (27.49 KB, 678x678, 10277727_862253180457289_15982…)


No. 260160

thank you, but I just found it on screencap-Anon's lovely work up there….

since she felt it so important to attempt to ruin 2 other people who didn't do much of anything to her, i must say i am glad that Julia Stadler's full name is out there.

No. 260161

File: 1488276275777.jpg (36.09 KB, 754x754, 10373952_1006707986011807_8421…)

She looks way better blonde imo.

No. 260162

The minions always seem to make an appearance on this forum whenever we start mentioning dasha so because of this I'm sure they'll show up soon kek

No. 260163

It´s funny how Dasha and her minions made fun of Mina´s eyebrows, yet her sister has had some of the worst eyebrow styles. (You can find the pics on facebook.)

No. 260169

File: 1488278314315.jpg (54.83 KB, 354x393, IMG_9348.JPG)

> 100% real photo of dasha. no makeup. no photoshop.

No. 260170

Dashas makeup style is exactly like minas (minus The eyebrows) like the eyelashes and eyeliner so when they insult her it's pretty funny cause they're also insulting their kween

No. 260171

smol af

No. 260174

Lips are identical to dasha's

No. 260176

>interested in women


No. 260178

So since Lyndsey and Mina didn't work out who's the next girl that will eventually get booted cause dasha can't handle cyr paying attention to anyone else's

No. 260186

I think this was maybe google translated from german into english? If not, yikes

No. 260187

File: 1488282782564.png (90.08 KB, 640x550, IMG_9349.PNG)

Hmmm Dasha I'm not convinced at all, sounds to me more like "I'm being cyber bullied on lolcow, I must show everyone I'm fine but I am super bothered by it because my whole plan backfired"

nice try Putin, A+ for effort

No. 260188

pretending not to be bothered by it but still lurking

No. 260191

By friends does she mean the fans who kiss her ass and dedicate their twitter pages to posting pictures of her?

No. 260192

> all these supportive friends surrounding me

What friends? 2 friends? Charlie and Trash? Gee wizz! You sure are surrounded! I'm shook!

No. 260196

Cyr and a handful of teens, maximum.
Poor Julia.

No. 260198

File: 1488284098743.png (105.24 KB, 601x441, Twitter.png)

this tweet makes me wonder if petra will be flying to LA?

No. 260199

ooh, their first Billie!

No. 260200


I totally thought that too, think Dasha's keen to show Mina's replaceable in a sad attempt to get under her skin



No. 260201

That's embarrassing but she's proven how petty she is so she probably convinced cyr to buy her a ticket and of course he can't refuse

No. 260202

I have a riddle:
What's narcissistic, psychotic, obsessed with exs, only eats vegetables, likes to fly girls out for their "polyamorous" relationships, gets fucked in the ass by Cyr and is surrounded by 12 year olds?

Oh shit I forgot if this was supposed to be about Dasha or Onision… never mind.

No. 260204

This is gold

No. 260205

Any idea how old she is? Cause trash seems pretty young

No. 260206


I had a scroll through her twitter pics and she seems to be either 15 or 35.

No. 260207

so young yet so haggard

No. 260208

she seems to be trying to look/act like dasha but has busted teeth

No. 260212

>>260206 I can't even find one clear picture of her face, it's so hard to tell.

No. 260215

No. 260219

I even asked myself if Dasha tried to do damage control behind the scenes to protect her image. The minions (when called out here) where suddenly posting: "This is not DASHA, this is what WE did ourself, because we love and protect Dasha"…(all the online bullying stuff)

To me it felt like Dasha had a little heart-to-heart with her teen-army and told them to clear her name.

No. 260220

Thanks for that. Am I just blind or does she seem to take photos in Shitty light and convenient angles? Very suspicious lol

No. 260224

Maybe to get cyr approval so he can pay for her ticket to LA

No. 260226

probably, but like you can clear your name that easily on lolcow ahahhahaha!
especially with how obvious it is she was conducting everything, yes they did it themselves but she was patting them on the head while chanting "good boy good boy" when they did it. tragic notice me senpai syndrome

No. 260228

How old is Dasha actually? Like 23, 24?

No. 260229

Does anyone know who came first in their current style, Dasha or Mina? Because for 2 people who hate eachother they sure still dress the same

No. 260230

I heard trash is around 18 or 19 she looks older though lmao

No. 260231

Idk why she thinks them making those lame ass tweets is some how covering her ass? Idc if she didn't make them or not, I've seen her like and rt the shit they do. And she's feeding them the info through their group chat so. Nice try dasha

No. 260232

No, that can´t be as she´s writing her thesis (and I belive it´s her masters´thesis) at the moment. I don´t know wether she went to uni in the U.S. (I guess not) or in Austria/Germany – that would make her 22, 23 at least (for masters´).

No. 260233

I think the only way cyr would leave putin is if it damages his youtube "career". I think he cares about that way more than anyone.

No. 260234

File: 1488287116138.png (118.14 KB, 640x763, IMG_9353.PNG)

Welcome back to twatter. This made me cringe so much. Kill me.

No. 260236

All that girl needs to do to get a follow back is dedicate the page to photos of dash and talk about what a pure an innocent angel she is dasha can yell at cyr to follow her

No. 260237

I had a feeling Dasha made him follow them both kek what a cuck

No. 260239

Anything to keep his dick wet

No. 260247

Page can't be found

No. 260248

I clicked on it just after anon posted it and it worked. Guess she must be lurking and saw anon post it and she removed her fb

No. 260258

those eyebrows… jew nose… papercut lips.. fat face.. she looks as annoying as her twitter

No. 260261

Dasha is 21 for anyone curious

No. 260262

For the current tumblr girl aesthetic thing, I think Dasha copied Mina. If you look at photos of around August/just before then, Dasha was the classic insta-model aesthetic of lots of nudes, heels, alt-streetwear, etc. And then as soon as she announced she was dating cyr and going more with internet personalities she changed it to the slightly j-fashion, lots of wigs, DD/LG aesthetic shit.

No. 260265

She suited the way she used to dress IMO

No. 260269

this isn't even proper milk anymore, it's just straight up cyberbullying and i'm fucking bored. the same people too. can we discuss something other than her lip fillers or how ugly her fans are? this is all feeling rather one sided and it's just boring and repetitive.

No. 260271

That isn't a jew nose, anon. Agree with everything else though.

No. 260272

>Eynesbury college
Go and study some more

No. 260276

If youre bored go to another thread or bring some milk yourself you fuckin fggt

No. 260283


hows a taste of your own medicine dasha???

No. 260284

Someone's triggered

No. 260286

Yeah and you have nothing better to do than change your profile picture to make fun of minas makeup? You are attacking her physical appearance but that's okay cause it's just Mina right?

No. 260295

kek did >>260280 delete their own comment… deffo not dasha or minion pretending to be a farmer who is bored of the topic wink wink

No. 260297

we're taking it too far!! Let's go back to bashing Mina or Edwin and they'll be happy. Maybe repost the photoshopped Mina lips on the vagina way up?

No. 260304

Dasha's lil feefees are hurt because people are finally outing her and photoshopping Vladimir Putin with lip injections on to her photos. Calls us all 12 yet is actually hanging with actual 12 year olds who photoshop worse unfunny pictures of Mina to over 10k followers on twitter and has her minions attack her personal accounts and anyone who supports her (that's ok tho cuz Mina is a snake) We are the mean petty cyberbullies, shame on us! Someone call the cyber police! Dasha is triggered

No. 260307

This is what I don't understand. She turned 21 in august 2016 and is already on her masters? I don't know how university works in the US but a bachelor's where I am is 4 years and then you do your masters in the same year you turn 23, assuming you graduate high school when you are 18 AND that you don't take longer to complete your degree since many people take 5 years instead.

Sage for derailing but wtf lol someone help me

No. 260311

>>260307 She's probably lying about that too

No. 260314

Honestly the only shit I found on Mina is what's been posted here. which is the shitty screenshot of the conversation and then her tweets saying she befriended cyrs exes. Not that juicy

No. 260316

File: 1488297097152.jpg (468.15 KB, 1600x1430, .camtemp.jpg)

Saw this on @c0smicprince… check the group name

> 'friends'

they are not friends, they are obsessive teenyboppers. the cringe is real omfg

No. 260325

lol omg they had to make a gc dedicated to their precious goddess dasha! these people need lives and jobs

No. 260327

lies. they're lies, that's why you don't understand

No. 260328

what do you guys think about the proof of mina's messages that dasha retweeted? the video of the messages?

No. 260332

Remember he dated that asian girl? He got bored of her apparently because distance and she was too bitchy.

No. 260333

isn't this a copy pasta from earlier in the thread? we all agreed we don't care because fake or not dasha is trasha kek

minion try harder

No. 260334

She could be in a bachelors program that has a thesis. There are quite a few that require it and depending on what she is studying they could need one. Typically its humanities (History, Philosophy, etc) or applied sciences (Engineering) that have a final project and thesis.

No. 260335

If I had seen that screenshot before I saw the ugly extent dashas minions went to gang up in bashing Mina then sure I would feel some sympathy. Don't now though

No. 260336

Also it was filmed on a potato, can't see anything such as context or previous messages sent by other participant. And it was over a year ago when her raggedyass boyfriend dumped her for vladimir and she was upset, times change, she didn't do the plan, don't care. Only care about the present.

No. 260337

Exactly. What the fans fail to understand is that they weren't very smart doing this so publicly, don't know how they thought no one would notice. Then the group chats link back to dasha and her liking the posts that make fun of don't look good. If I saw Mina doing this I would call her out on her shit too, but I don't. So that's why dasha is being talked about

No. 260338

Cyr fucked Mina over! she had every right to be upset and petty so i don't blame her. i don't care if she had a little scheme or was playing dasha & cyr or whatever, they deserved it for being cheats and fucking her over.

No. 260341

Even if she is being petty I don't see her making an army of fans to send hate to dasha. it's really not the same thing as what dasha has been doing so it doesn't make sense

No. 260344

I'll bet you anything cyr started fucking dasha as soon as mina left LA when she came to visit him last year for the first time

No. 260345

Jw but does A lot of the YouTube community have this reaction when they find out make it onto this website? I'm confused because they post these things online but expect people not to talk about

No. 260346

File: 1488300045965.jpg (17.78 KB, 400x375, SA_image_092412_8m.jpg)

Dasha during her tomboy phase

No. 260348

Do you mean the violent sperg-outs? Not typically. And its rare for fans to come on here and sperg as well. The only fans I can think of that do it regularly are Tana fans but they're very dumb so that's kind of a given. Most people who have threads on here largely ignore it (or they go full cow mode like Kiki or Victoria)

No. 260349

guarantee she fucked him knowing he had Mina too because she a hoe

No. 260351

Yeah them and dasha. I mean I think even if the minions weren't reading it for her she'd still be lurking here. I mean, for example if tana was lurking her own thread she probably wouldn't be that bothered by it. I guess dasha isn't used to people talking about her this much so it's really getting to her? Idk.

No. 260352

What I also think is funny is, let's say the stupid idubbz shit was actually true, she was open about it to Dasha. the screenshots posted she is telling dasha that she is still a bit salty but she is doing this for a reason. Like how is that shady?

And also in this screenshot she also seems to be standing up for dasha to protect her

And then the ones of the loretta girl being 'in hospital' (which btw doesn't give any context, you could be in there for a cold for all mina knew) is literally mina trying to find out if dasha was talking shit about her behind her back? lmao so shady wew trying to find out what another girl is saying about you? what a cunt!!

I'm not saying mina is completely innocent, here, but all she's doing is pretty typical girl shit of being pissed at an ex. And none of this was a public sperg out, all of this was in private with supposed 'friends'. Whereas constant victim dasha is just sperging constantly and trying to pretend like its out of her control.

No. 260357

Loretta said she talked mad shit about dasha all the time or something like that? its kind of weird that she screenshot that in the first place. Almost as if she was backstabbing Mina and sucking up to dasha

No. 260359

Also I can't take anything Loretta says seriously because she said she deleted all the messages she had with Mina but then was able to pull that out of her ass I'm not buying it

No. 260360

That loretta girl has a major victim complex tbh. I checked her twitter yesterday and she was complaining about being attacked by some other user. And she obsessively retweets stuff from e-celebs trying to get their attention

No. 260361

I believe that because dasha has said she met him on instagram and dm'ed him first. she probably saw through his insta/twitter that he was with mina who was also an insta model and was like ooh i'll ruin that relationship.

No. 260362

where did she say this?

No. 260364

That's why I can't believe any of the shit they say about Mina without some solid proof. Those messages mean nothing. You can't just say someone's a snake and not back it up. I'm sorry Mina didn't create an army of minions so we could talk about her too

No. 260366

I can't tell if cyr is poly or just a sex addict who constantly needs his dick in new pussy all the time or else he's not happy for long

No. 260367

pretty sure it's the latter

No. 260368

I think this was around the time Edwin and and Mina left and all that drama was going down on twitter. She said something like she wished she didn't delete the messages she had with the snake or something like that

No. 260371

I mean he had a porn tumblr for crying out loud he's obviously obsessed with sex

No. 260372

a porn tumblr in which before dash got her insecure hands on it encouraged fan nudes/sex talk

No. 260375

It's not really insecure to not want your boyfriend to receive nudes and have dirty talk with random fangirls. I mean Dasha is a dumb cunt and def insecure but come on lmao

No. 260376

As she is studying rhetoric (she said herself), I think she isn´t studying in the US (her English is not that good and as a foreigner you would choose another subject to study then, right?).
I guess she is studying in Germany or Austria and getting her Bachelor´s here then. (Every Bachelor in Germany requires a thesis at the end.)

No. 260377

I was going to say that doesn't seem like something he'd want(not something he'd admit to his fans that he wants openly) He seems like a very private person to begin with but that explains it

No. 260379

Cyr says he loves dasha, but i think he's incapable of actually loving someone. if he actually truly loved her he wouldn't want to put his dick in another girl.

No. 260382

i see your point, but also think it's hypocritical since she was so adamant in her live stream that she was the 'least jealous person in the world' in reference to why poly with mina was completely cool with her, in fact she actively encouraged it. just another shady and disingenuous move from her imo

No. 260384

You know what. Come to think of it, Mina is a fucking saint. Had that of been me I would have smothered Dasha and Cyr in their sleep for what they did to me, mostly Dasha, especially after my instagram (my career in modelling) being deleted.

Who are the real snakes? The girl who could put her hatred for Dasha behind her and make friends despite all she had said about her. Or the girls who Mina thought she could trust, her friends, who have stabbed her in the back and decided to post private conversations out to the public and brown nose the girl who not only helped have your heart broken, but assist her in dragging you… all for what? Mina didn't stab anyone in the back, she forgave her and then ended up leaving because of god knows what was happening in that house, especially when cyr was always to not want witness anything.

I genuinely feel sorry for her, she must have been depressed seeing first hand the man who left you with the women he left you for loveydovey day in day out, no wonder she ran to Edwin.

No. 260388

* away to not witness anything.

Fucking typos kek

No. 260390

Well dasha and the army she formed definitely make her look like a saint, that's for sure.

No. 260394

He also had I think two seperate Snapchat acc on being bitekisslickandclaw I believe where people sent nudes to him. Judging by the fact his fans knew about it, I say he got a fair load of underage nudes. That's why he deleted his tumblr. He's scared people know.

No. 260395

Being a serial cheater definitely shows he has issues when it comes to loving someone. Vladimir pretends they are poly, but that is clearly far from the truth. He is a cheating douchbag and she is a control freak

No. 260398

I also find it pretty sad that it's extremely obvious the only reason people are sticking up for dasha because she's dating cyr. She's a nobody without him and no one cared about her before either. She can bitch about mina trying to get yter dick as much as anyone, but all those people only know about her because of cyr.

No. 260399

They really compliment each other well

No. 260403

I wonder if Edwin is getting a good nights sleep now that this thread is more or less shitting over Dasha now

No. 260404

The conversation with Loretta bothered me because any person that isn't self-absorbed would ask their friend why they're in the hospital. She said it was after a suicide attempt so I can understand her being vague but Mina relentlessly kept hounding her about Dasha. There wasn't even half a second of "Oh damn are you ok?" Nothing. Dasha is no prize but Mina is a cunt as well.

No. 260407

I agree, it was pretty cunty on mina's part. I have to hold out firmly deciding on that though because she didn't show the whole conversation nor do we know if she selectively deleted some messages (Like how Mira posted 'proof' of sharla being a bitch but it was clear she had deleted half of her messages so it looked like it was just sharla ranting)

No. 260409

Or she could have told her the day before "I'm going to get an STI check for this stank ass pussy tomorrow" and that's why she didn't ask about it the day after when she mentioned she was there at the hospital.

No. 260412

Anyone with a vendetta can say they tried to an hero, there's no proof, that's just added commentary now so I make no judgements

No. 260516

God i hate how she says smol all the time!!! she sounds so damn stupid lol

No. 260563

I ship it. They can be poly/trinity with Joy Sparkles.

No. 260580

He's so much like onision my god

No. 260661

It looks like Laineybot started following Mina on Twitter now, uh-oh.

No. 260672

The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

No. 260682

File: 1488320972680.gif (496.57 KB, 500x303, tumblr_m574y11hoE1r317bvo1_500…)

I'm gonna be so disappointed if she befriends the Onions

No. 260693

It might happen. Edwin doesn't seem to like Greg but he made a video standing up for him so that might give way to some sympathy.

No. 260729

The Onions would probably lure them both and ditch Edwin just to get to Mina. Hopefully they won't lure her into there threesome.

No. 260732

I wouldn't worry about it. pretty sure she doesn't think very highly of onion

No. 260735

Mina hasn't followed Lainey yet but apparently Lainey has been liking Mina's posts lately hmmm.

No. 260737


uh? she hates women because they caused sexism? jesus…

No. 260739


imagine being so lonely that your only friends are teenage girls on the internet who make memes about you. saddes life possible

No. 260741


i hate this. i hate this so much. first a girl with no personality obssesed with dasha. then her friend with no personality who shitposted behind charlie day pictures. now another uggo minion with no personality hiding behind Mars Argo pictures all day. its too much.

No. 260743


like… someone needs to teach this girl some self love jfc

No. 260745


>pretending to be one of us

>saying "cyberbullying" without irony


No. 260746


like they literally have no friends irl if this is all they do with their days

No. 260747

Dasha won't like that

No. 260751


you put some eyeliner there and its one of her old modeling pics

No. 260752


kek at the thought of her being one of the anons making fun of dasha's ugly lips

No. 260753


oh shit you're right. THIS IS GOING TO GET PETTY, I CAN'T WAIT

No. 260757

im sure she already knew before anyone on this forum did since her minions probably have her twitter bookmarked and refresh it constantly

No. 260760

Mina is following her lol

No. 260761

The cyberbully part was iconic

No. 260764

File: 1488326442218.jpg (1.16 MB, 3264x3264, IMG_0056.JPG)

Sorry for the change of subject but I seen this earlier and thought it was pretty funny. Mina has left and Dasha is still obsessed with wearing her skin.

In regards to the Lainey/Mina thing, Mina pls no. I hope they're not planning on trying to woo her.

No. 260771


Found this. This video was a little less than a year ago. Mina looks like a regular British person here. Very different from how she is in Edwin's vlogs.

No. 260774

I think she looks better than Dasha in video for sure

No. 260775

she actually looks really good here

No. 260776

>a year ago
>mina's style evolving in a year
>anon thinking this is relevant

She's so much more naturally pretty than Dasha. I wouldn't say she looks very different, just following more up-to-date trends and being more artistic with make-up.

No. 260779

and I think her current hair really suits her face. I could imagine she's a lot prettier makeup free than Vladimir

No. 260783

every time you say vladimir it kills me. but yeah i agree

No. 260789

if you skip towards the end mina says she is only going back to the UK for ten days.

No. 260805

File: 1488328839358.png (136.54 KB, 640x1136, cyr vids.png)

lainey started paying attention to the mina drama and now onion tweets this. they're loving all of this

No. 260808


dasha is obsessed

No. 260809

Good job, minions + Julia. Enjoy the consequences of your good work. lmao

No. 260811


she's super cute. i see why Trash and Charlie are obsessed with calling her names.

No. 260812

agree. that's pretty fucking terrifying.

No. 260814

Speaking of head, Dasha looks like a human bobblehead!

No. 260815


holy shit yes. the photoshop and the fillers make her head too much for her body

No. 260836

She made a tweet about her hair colour when she dyed it.

No. 260870

We start talking about onision and now dasha is retweeting tweets about onision lmfao

No. 260874

desperate as usual.

No. 260886

When Mina and Cyr dated the first time around,did he publicize their relationship? I don't remember Cyr being so open with any of his past relationships like he has been with Dasha.
I don't blame Mina for being petty at first either. Cyr and Dasha fucked her over. I remember Dasha saying in her periscope that the situation was all very confusing and blurry,but that she wasn't the reason for Cyr and Mina splitting up. Sure Putin.

No. 260888


stop lurking dasha, your feelings will get hurt :(

No. 260890


i don't know whats more pathetic. if one of her minions is reading this thread and telling her about the onision stuff, or if she's the one actually reading this thread to find out about the onision stuff.

No. 260892

i think it's hilarious lol

No. 260895

it's pretty entertaining to see them get to worked up about this thread when they seem so adamant about not caring about this thread

No. 260901

So true! it's great lol

No. 260967

cyr favorited onisions tweet about him missing making videos with cyr! hmmmm

No. 260968


>when you miss your old manipulator friend but your new manipulator friend won't let you text him back

No. 260969


No. 260970


cyr is literally a pussy. onion leaves him a nice comment and now he must be like "oh! he's not that bad. just like edwin! i'll let him treat me like shit"

No. 260971


charlie, you're reading this

please, cyr and onion fanfic when?

No. 260973

not charlie not a fan of cyr/dasha

No. 260974

so i guess he can look past the Russian prostitute comment about dasha

No. 260979

his channel isn't doing that great so he also probably wants to rake in some of onions subscribers again

No. 260983

cyr is still in seattle with dasha! wouldn't it be hilarious if he went to see onion and didn't tell her lololololol

No. 260984

This isn't the first time they've had a falling out right, so they could easily become friends again?

No. 260986


No. 261084

She's actually talking like a normal person there instead of acting stupidly coy and intoxicated.
She would have moved to the U.S when still a teen/early 20s right? Where were her parents in all of this, most wouldn't support their kid dropping out of education to run away with a youtuber.

No. 261093

i don't think she ever "moved" to the U.S, i think she visted. even now, she has to go back to the UK and re-enter on a new tourist stamp/visa/whatever.

No. 261119


oh yeah i know that you're not charlie, but i said that cause charlie is probably still lurking the thread. sorry about that lol

No. 261120


they've been friends for yeaaaars, i doubt its their first falling out. it just went public cause onion was being an asshole. i don't doubt cyr will forgive him

No. 261122


forbidden love

No. 261126


dasha is going to hit him when he gets back home :(

No. 261129

not saying he actually did was just being hypothetical

No. 261131


I would pay good money to see cyr read some of the gold on this thread out on his dear me video as opposed to the lame "roasts" he gets in the youtube comment section. I wonder how cyr pronounces vladimir putin…

No. 261133

that would be amazing! would definitely watch that lol

No. 261136

It might help him get some more views

No. 261137

I do admit that she seems really different in the video in comparison to Edwin's vlogs

No. 261158

Petition for this to happen kek

No. 261350

Oh god, Cyr is such a pathetic cuck.
He knows that Onion is a narcissist that loves to abuse people and yet he still sucks up to him after all what happened.

Kill yourself Cyr

No. 261365

I think Cyr likes to play the whole 'serial killer psycho sadist' role in all his videos, but truth is, he's a masochist and having people dominate, manipulate and abuse him gives him a massive boner. Maybe if Onision can out manipulate Vladimir and whip Cyr a few times in a leather dominatrix suit, Cyr will leave the russian spy behind. Onision at this stage is the lesser of two evils…. which brings us back to the tweet that sunk the onision x cyr ship kek

> 'voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil'


No. 261411

Because Cyr only got popular due to making videos with onision. He would be a nobody without him kek.

I question how long yt people, particularly those who have a fanbase of teens, can go on for?

Honestly it's not like his channel has good content and he clearly puts on an disney act for the kids he entertains for. Wondering when the day will come when he can't make money and actually has to get a job and no longer can pretend to be this edgy intellectual "writer".

No. 261659

His content is awful. I don't even understand how he has a channel with what he uploads. Especially his recent drug dealer video with views

No. 261829

File: 1488429068481.jpg (272.2 KB, 969x406, cmondude.jpg)

Dasha's aging him man. Go back to Onision's brand of manipulation and cut your hair Cyr

No. 261844

her lips tho. where did you find the picture of cyr and mina? I've never seen any old pictures of them together

No. 261878

10/10 dasha wearing mina's skin

No. 261896

He looks like a coke addict.

No. 261913

File: 1488438420474.png (317.55 KB, 523x606, 2017-03-02 13.58.09.png)

No. 261914

File: 1488438471764.jpg (138.96 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_9424.JPG)

compare the photo on the left with this… has dasha stopped feeding him or is he now addicted to crack? why his face lost so much mass????

No. 261916

They seem more like coke heads tbh, crack doesn't suit them.

No. 261920

It's not either it's just alcohol if you see his latest snapchat story he talks about it

No. 261921

could you summarise it? I tried watching but it was so fucking long and I didn't want to stare at his gross stubble for that amount of time

No. 261923

basically he said he is a hypocontriact and he uses alcohol so he can sleep at night. But he also said that he asked people if he is an acholic and they said no he just needs a few drinks at night..? I don't know anyone who needs alcohol to sleep.

No. 261924

Oops. Alcoholic *

No. 261932

Nope, doesn't matter if it's mid day or to sleep. Someone who uses alcohol as a coping mechanism or to sleep is still an alcoholic, if he carries on he'll get addicted to it. No wonder he can't sleep tbh, he lost his 2 best friends because of Vladimir, then has to sleep next to her every right kek

No. 261934

He also lost his poly which i can imagine is very upsetting for his dick. Dasha better find another girl before he leaves her

No. 261935

So he's going to get that skinny/gaunt look with a belly and bloat? Hot.

No. 261952

He might not be lying about the drink but look how he and nearly everyone around him looks hollow and glazed over lately. Whatever is going on is more than a few drinks before bed.

No. 261972

he never looks this happy with putin, or is it just not their aesthetic?

No. 261976

File: 1488451962201.gif (483.44 KB, 500x303, IMG_9430.GIF)

Agreed. He looks so mindless and vacant, it reminds me of when ursula the sea witch aka vladimir putin hypnotises prince eric, steals him away from mina, i mean ariel, and forces him to marry her. Get well soon vincent kek

No. 261977

He is an alcoholic straight up and he has known this for a while but I guess he can't quit which I feel bad for him. Kind of amazing he's finally admitting it publicly. I think he's going to burn himself out soon though. Anyone know if he still smokes?

No. 261980

Oh you can definitely tell he's seriously not happy at all as much as he likes to put on. kind of sad. I blame dasha but also him too

No. 261981

he tweeted hours ago that he needs a psychiatrist

No. 261983

nah he just needs rid of the psycho then all his problems will be solved

No. 261984

This is random but has anyone successfully gone back in Mina or dashas twitter to find where they had beef? Or where dasha says Mina made memes about her? I tried but it stops at august.

No. 261988

The only memes i remember mina making were of herself lol the only thing i remember her posting cyr/dasha related was a pic of a couple that looked like cyr and dasha

No. 261990

So the memes dasha was talking about was just one meme? ok dasha.

No. 261994

After finding out about cyr/dasha, mina made memes of herself with a fire background with evil fire eyes. i thought it was funny and didn't blame her, she was pissed which was understandable

No. 261995

If they were of herself thats fine, but dasha made it seem like she made as many as her army as made of Mina. Honestly I've seen girls who are bitter over exes so much worse than her. also you said Mina did this after finding about dasha, but in her periscope she said that cyr did not leave Mina for her

No. 262000

Probably to play it off as if they naturally broke up so she doesn't seem the bad guy for splitting them up

No. 262001

Cyr and dasha can say they never got together until after he broke up with mina but i don't believe it for a minute. cyr is known to fuck over girls and dasha lies too

No. 262008

True, they gotta cover their asses as much as they can

No. 262034

Doesn't Dasha call herself fox all the time now too? Creepy

No. 262058

Cyr talks alcohol:

No. 262070

File: 1488471143389.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.12 KB, 634x658, Minadash1.jpg)

Relevant screenshots upcoming:

No. 262072

File: 1488471181415.jpg (256.93 KB, 722x712, Minacyr1.jpg)

Kek this is Cyr

No. 262073

File: 1488471210032.jpg (299.46 KB, 735x711, KEKDashCyr.jpg)

At least Minas memes are actually funny

No. 262074

File: 1488471246962.jpg (387.59 KB, 768x679, Kekmina.jpg)

The post which this anon was describing kek