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File: 1447033983234.jpg (37.66 KB, 368x550, tN4qWhR.jpg)

No. 201794

Is she a lolcow?

Before anyone accuses me of being a gamergator or whatever, I just want to criticize her style choices. Why would someone think this is an ok modeling pic? Seriously this bra is fug.

No. 201796

this belongs in snow

No. 201800

Didn't we have a gamergate thread that was mainly focused around her earlier?

No. 201803


It does not, Zoellick Quinn is very much a fullfledged cow.


Yes. The thread should stay.

No. 201809

She is super fat now.only a Zoe stan would choose this pic

No. 201824

Her modeling in general is very cringe worthy.

No. 201826

I haven't heard of this mongrel since the GAMMMMMMMURGAAATE scandal. What's new with this bitch?

No. 201828

I just googled her to see what she's been doing since the whole gamergate thing, and apparently there's going to be a movie about her. I have no idea if this information is accurate, but if it is I think Hollywood needs to heighten their standards a little.

No. 201830

No. 201831

File: 1447043309576.png (Spoiler Image, 617.39 KB, 1068x550, 1417954542864.png)

I'm sorry to hurt all your eyes. She's just hideous and super chubby.

No. 201834

Apparently the producers want ScarJo to play her, lmao

No. 201837

With a face like that being chubby us the least of her problems.

No. 201838

Is* fuckit

No. 201841

What a slob.

No. 201853

Wow. That eye shadow is out of control. And it looks like she tried to match and shit.

No. 201864


I doubt it. This kind of shit would be shoved onto netflix at BEST. No way they'd get scarjo to play her either (or at least fuck I hope not) The average american doesn't know or care about gamergate nor would they care about a movie about some random chick that hasnt done anything that interesting.

No. 201891


"As reported by Deadline, several actresses are gunning for the role with Scarlett Johansson rumoured to be "keenest"."

the American public may not care about gamergate or Zoe Quinn in particular, but I could def see them eating up a sad story of triumph and hardship of a Girl Who Didn't Do Any Thing Wrong but a bunch of Sweaty Mean Nerds ganged up on her unfairly and watch her Overcome It.

No. 201894

Wow what an unfortunate body shape. Is this another tranny?

No. 201905

No. 201927

Ugh. She's like the Kate of the gaming community. Gets into all this about how games hate women and etc. and sparks a "movement" about it, but in the end it looks like it's just all for efame. That she wants there to be a film about her life just tells that straightup honestly.

I don't get the whole thing with cows and "muh depression" as well. Like yeah she made depression quest and everyone was all over her dick for it, but honestly as a depression sufferer myself I don't want to play a game about depression. That sounds like the opposite of fun or even productively helping the issue, and just another reminder of that little black shadow that holds you hostage. It's just more to make her look pitiful so people feel bad for her.

No. 201929

I guess what I'm trying to say is the Depression Quest game looked like malingering.
So yeah she's a cow because malingering.

No. 201931

The reason why that shit even gets made is because it's "A SERIOUS GAME ABOUT SERIOUS SUBJECTS" or whichever buzzword loaded phrase is popular in the pseudo-intellectual poser end of the indie game scene.

No. 201933

this can't be real

No. 201935

>there are women in the industry that have actually faced sexism and hardships but worked hard and made great contributions to the game industry but bitches like Zoe and Anita will always overshadow them and be lauded as heroines because they were ~cyberbullied~ on Twitter
I hate this world.

No. 201936

She sure knows how to suck the right cocks. She doesn't give a shit about fellow female developers, she doesn't give a shit about the feminist movement, she's just there for her own selfish agenda to promote herself, just like Sarkeesian. She doesn't have actual talent, other people do the work for her and she just slaps her greasy name all over it. She destroyed a game jam meant to give women a chance to be a game developer just because it was rivaling her own shady jam that had the donations wired to her own personal paypal account and didn't even have a set date. She did this by doxxing the organizer and claiming that the jam is "transphobic" because they only allowed confirmed women to enter. Fortunately the jam got backed up by 4chan of all communities and lo and behold, they actually managed to start a women-only game studio.

Zoe didn't program the Depression Quest. She co-wrote it. Zoe doxxed herself and tried to pin it on Wizardchan where someone had insulted her, and it later turned out it was Zoe selfposting. It has been confirmed by multiple sources that in the indie game industry, criticizing Zoe is a suicide since she has powerful connections. Zoe sexually harassed a man at a friend's wedding. Zoe claimed that anons had hacked into her personal things or some shit like that and spread her nude photos while SHE HERSELF put them up on multiple sites where anyone with an account can buy the sets. You can even see the fucking watermark here >>201831 . She's a horrible person and the way she gets away with it and receives treatment fit for a saint is aggravating beyond belief.

All in all, I'm a woman at tech (computer science), I've always been. Thanks to people like Zoe male colleagues are now always on their tippy toes around myself and are afraid of offending me somehow like I'm a little girl who can't take care of herself or will break into tears if someone makes a dick joke. Being excluded like that is just as damaging as being harassed or laughed at. People like her are so fucking damaging to the whole field of technology and a perfect example of a fucking cult leader.

No. 201937

I just don't get how anyone can defend her. Yeah it's her right to sleep around, but she specifically slept around to get favorable reviews for her shitty indie game. But she somehow managed to make it about slut shaming and cyber bullying instead. It's infuriating.

No. 201943

I hate this bitch for all the reasons posted, and I want to disect her life like we do with all the other cows, but the last thing I want is lolcow to attract gamegaters, they're just as abnoxious as her and I know they'd fuck this place up.

No. 201949


No. 201965

It's not just Zoe. It's shit like Donglegate, shit like Shirtstorm and this shit: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=6907

They yell that the tech industry is hostile to women while trying to get women in Tech at the same time. All they've done is institute an environment of paranoia and ruined many careers, both future and present.

No. 201986

A movie?? Why? Ugh fucking hell.

No. 201990

I had no idea this bitch managed to fuck so much shit up. This is infuriating.

No. 202001

I wonder why no one tried this stuff:
>Call yourself feminist
>Call to media how you are opressed in tech
>Get attention
>All the cameras are watching you
>You say it's all zoe quinn's fault
>It's too late to go back, shots fired

No. 202009

I think she intended Depression Quest to be educational, but honestly I don't see how anyone would learn anything from it. It doesn't go into the causes and symptoms of depression or even what you could do to treat it. It's just an attention grab more than anything else.

No. 202024

I remember reading a post made by one of her photographers who took her nude photos about how Zoe is a shifty person in general before all of this shit happened. Also there's a petition right now where people want her and Anita arrested for violating a law while talking to the UN.

No. 202043

what law did they supposedly violate?

No. 202110

Its Suppose to be the Logan Act. This petition got so many signings that its going to whitehouse.gov to bring the issue in.


No. 202131

i gosh, i hope this comes to fruition, i hate it when these cunts think they are invincible just because they hide behind the guise of being a "feminist" (when they really just use it to shoot down critism, because apparently if you dislike them, you dislike feminism)
like, I'm a feminist. But i have actually have been called a "manist" just because i found the whole zoe quinn movie idea silly.
these bitches could not give two shits about equal rights.
sorry, i get mad when people take advantage of a good cause like equality and change it into "I am more equal than you are"

No. 202173

bless this thread. I feel like I can't say anything negative publicly about these idiots without being labeled as having "internalized misogyny" or some bullshit

No. 202187

Why does no one care that she sucked a bunch of dicks to get reviews? I don't mean care in a way neck beard gamergates cared. "SHE RUINED THE INDUSTRY." I mean…she's a prostitute without any real talent in the field.

I just don't get how anyone could read the entire story, see she adds nothing to the industry, publishes cheap, ugly nudes and rants on tumblr, and take her side. We rarely give street walkers any press why give her?

No. 202188

Man, I heard Anita speak at my college 4 years ago and it felt like she was a different person. She chatted for the last 30 minutes with the small audience about how much she loves Xena and even talked about how pointing out the mysogyny in everything only makes people not want to talk to you. It's super weird. I want to support the Anita I saw live, not the Anita on YouTube.

No. 202195

Gamergay stuff aside, Zoe is clearly a nutjob. She seems like a lolcow to me.

No. 202196

(Sry for this wall ahead of time)
I honestly can't fathom y normal people support corrupt people like this, or how these people can get away with so much & do well in their respective industries (noting they almost always seem to have ZERO talent for what they do). I honestly think the world would be a lot better off w/o people like these, or at least could use a lot less of them. Also, in some of these industries I just wish all the sheeple fans could grow their own brains and stop supporting these kinds of people who genuinely could care less about them, but want their attention and money for their usually crappy worthless overly- gimmicky products that they probably didn't put any effort into themselves, but will b sure to make it seem like it for as much fame/attention & money as possible (all while being extremely FAKE ofc, thts key since they live a lie). It often does become cultish with brainwashed fans who fall hook-line-and-sinker for their phony personas, obviously brainwashed since their idealizations/reasons for liking these kinds of people r never reality-based &/or are spoon-fed to them unwittingly through manipulation, only wanting their followers to worship and support them w/o giving a care about them or the stuff they preach about (which usually ends up skewed and twisted into something delusional and/or becomes a misrepresentation). Its all ENTIRELY a waste of time for them, since a normal person would regret wasting precious time worshipping a worthless sack of flesh after they finally see the truth. Unfortunately, some people don't see the truth and end up thinking in the negative/skewed way these people want them to. And all u did was worship and support them for who knows how long…geez, WAKE UP peepl.

No. 202198

learn2make threads OP. GIVE INFO ABOUT PERSON, why is this so hard?

No. 202204

File: 1447132979748.jpg (92.27 KB, 1024x768, zerocoke.jpg)

I never understood how she gets away with insulting the people who she creates games for. Who else does she think is going to play her stuff like Depression Quest? Actual depressed people either won't or should go get help from a real source.

No. 202205

Maybe she had good intentions back then. A lot changes in 4 years. Maybe she realized she can exaggerate and falsify bullshit to get the fame and attention she has now? I'm sure she really is a feminist deep down, but who knows what she's thinking now. Right now she's definitely as problematic for women in games and women in general as people like Zoe Q and Brianna wu.

No. 202206

She's so homely. These disgusting beta males really will sleep with anyone.

No. 202208

All these newfags making threads without lurking first is pissing me off too.

No. 202301

These are all the desperate betas who Zoe Quinn slept with to get further in the industry. Of course, they're all SJWs.

Also, Zoe Quinn is good friends with Phil Fish (guy next to Brandon). I always wondered if she slept with him too, but they publicly shoot it down every time it's brought up and get incredibly angry.

No. 202302

File: 1447150718189.png (3.25 MB, 1693x1199, five-guys05.png)

Dropped pic.

No. 202303

Joshua Boggs is the only one who looks remotely like a human man who bathes. Well, at least she was fucking within her own league.

No. 202304

File: 1447151523680.jpg (77.62 KB, 500x333, Kylepulvermuffin.jpg)

Kind of. I think that was from an older twitter profile pic of his. He looks a little chub in real life. Looks like this was prior to his wacky hair colorings and hair straightening.

No. 202305

File: 1447151738364.jpg (24.57 KB, 220x300, jboggs.jpg)

Oh, nevermind, thought you said Kyle. Joshua Boggs was sadly her boss she fucked who had a wife. She did this while cheating on her own boyfriend at the time too. Neither of them are that great looking.

No. 202306

yikes, guess he just got a semi flattering shot once for that compilation image. He's really unfortunate looking.

No. 202308

Nebbish white nerds are my type but none of these guys look remotely attractive.

And can someone tell me what is up with Kyle's hair? What the fuck did he do to it? It looks so gross

He looks like James Franco's retarded cousin.

No. 202312

I thought that Kyle dude was boyinaband on youtube and got scared, but it isn't him.

No. 202313

Ugh, wow. Yeah. He's just as ugly and disgusting as all the other guys she blew.

No. 202454

is that a swastika tattoo on her wrist?

No. 202500

No. 202501

I dont think so, but I thought so too at first glance. Might be some initials.

No. 202520

File: 1447196554772.png (131.69 KB, 492x576, Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.52…)

I guess the Facebook post isn't getting deleted anytime soon but since this is an imageboard, we might as well have images.

First of all, how did Quinn get hired as a model? Was she actually pay for this? And I can't believe someone would give up their weekend to shoot a butterface like her.

No. 202521

File: 1447196851426.png (129.28 KB, 485x581, Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.52…)

I can't believe a professional(?) photographer found the time to shoot and edit her.

Have these particular photos leaked yet?

No. 202522

File: 1447196936491.png (127.85 KB, 510x506, Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.52…)

Ohhh so apparently the pictures never got published. I wonder if they look better than the fug pictures that got released so far.

No. 202523

File: 1447196981623.png (47.8 KB, 500x211, Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.52…)

kek so apparently one of my mutual friends with her on facebook is a huge gamergater. smallllll world.

No. 202524

So apparently the fat racist bisexual guy I hooked up with also liked this pic

What a horrible backdrop for a porn shot. Why?

No. 202547

If you look up her stage name then Im sure you would find old images of her. Funny how the SJW would accuse the GG people of posting them as revenge porn while those pics were uploaded WAY before this shit happened.

No. 202578

File: 1447204126563.jpg (15.64 KB, 300x390, 300x300.jpg)

so who would be turned on by this?

No. 202582

Somebody with rock bottom standards.

No. 202583

File: 1447204665785.jpg (146.29 KB, 1508x1041, 10714582_10152274587060882_504…)

the email in question linked to on the fb post, where zoe implies that she killed a rapist, she's either a murderer or a psychotic liar, neat-o

No. 202586

Gym motivation right there. She's like a troll

No. 202588

A lot of men. I've noticed the more men I interact with in life, the less standards they actually have.

No. 202591


any hole's a goal

No. 202595

So glad I'm a lesbian.

No. 202596

It doesn't explain the huge amounts of hideously obese landwhales that have gfs. Isn't the rate of obesity really high in the lesbian population?

No. 202608

It seems so. I think maybe the numbers are like that because there's a really big gym/workout community within gay males and not so much with lesbians

No. 202616

I don't want to get too off topic here, but not even counting the numbers difference, I don't see how being lesbian is better if you have high standards. I am pretty sure the rate of obesity is higher in the lesbian population than for straight males.

The lesbian community is filled with people like this:


I think there is definitely more tolerance for obesity in the lesbian population. There are also tons of lesbians who reject "male beauty standards" and beauty standards in general.

Ok, I'm done. I don't have any first hand experience about this so I'm going to shut up now. But I'm curious how one would go about finding an attractive thin partner in the lesbian community? It sounds very difficult.

No. 202626

Also hired a pedophile who used to work on 420chan and modded /pedo/ as her IT guy or something (kirtaner)

supports pedo Nyberg

abused her ex bf and every other bf she had emotionally

She's a terrible person. Literally one of the worst people in the industry

No. 202636

File: 1447210966007.jpg (205.68 KB, 1200x900, xoxo32.jpg)

Who does a presentation dressed like this? What 28 year old dresses like this?

Her sense of fashion seems stuck in the early 00s (when she was a teenager).

I wonder if it's any indication of her mental development as well.

No. 202641

idk but dat hair… holy shit.

she gets so much donations for doing fuck all and she looks like that. how the fuck

i'd understand if she was your token hot girl, or at least presentable like sarkeesian. but this is a troll-like woman and she's presenting at the UN and raking in thousands a month from donations for doing nothing? she gets called a developer for shitty writing (that came from wikipedia practically) on a game she didnt even code?

her abuse tactics must be on point, tbh. i kind of want to meet her. she must do some crazy voodoo brainwashing magic.

No. 202642


No. 202643

boggs is the only one that doesn't look retarded, but even then.
i have seen him in interviews and he sounds annoying as fuck to be around
i almost feel bad for zoe for feeling the need to fuck these guys
i almost do

No. 202644


No. 202645

she also tried to falsly accuse her ex at the time of rape if when he spilled the beans
and if you know how the justice system works, that would really intrude the time that could be put into investigating REAL rapes

No. 202647

is it just me or does she look a bit different in like every picture of her?

No. 202655

>I wonder if it's any indication of her mental development as well.

anecdotal but yeah, every girl I know who still wears the same shit from high school 10+ years later acts the same way they did in high school. And they look fucking atrocious like this.

No. 202807

did she get implants? or did her boobs get larger because she got fat?

No. 202987

File: 1447280249473.jpg (487.75 KB, 537x504, KlBbR4P.jpg)

Girls who wear pins are usually fug

No. 203001

File: 1447284837595.jpg (29.22 KB, 368x550, 6yZV4tV.jpg)

No. 203011

Oh my god.. what did she do to that hair?

It looks like it will fall off at any second.

No. 203044

>girls who wear pins are usually fug
that is the dumbest shit I've heard in a long time. Usually women who are lying, sluts are ugly though. Zoe just happens to be hideous and a liar who does more harm than good for anyone

No. 203045


Why dye your hair if you're going to destroy it?? Go to a salon if you can't handle home dying/bleaching. This is beyond awful. Like baby's first dye job bad.

No. 203070

File: 1447300070368.jpg (85.07 KB, 680x709, 1400179953619.jpg)

No. 203073

Are we talking about the same kind of pins? lmao

No. 203086

File: 1447303791094.png (424.74 KB, 778x605, locke-dolls.png)

Everything about this profile is a clusterfuck.

No. 203100

Thank god there is a place NOT kissing Zoe Quinn's ass for being "so brave" as a Real Woman(tm) in tech this bitch has put us back ages. She should be treated exactly as a guy who sleeps for favors, extorts and threatens is treated :/ but if I verbalize my distaste for her I am automatically "UR PART OF GAMUR G8"

No. 203102

File: 1447307154644.jpg (891.14 KB, 1200x1707, zoe.jpg)

Well, she wore this to address congress. She's either color blind or too stupid to get a decent pant suit.

No. 203104

>turn offs
>attention whores

No. 203105

File: 1447307214010.jpg (9.78 KB, 250x250, 1438758269232.jpg)

>turn-offs: attention whores

No. 203106

Agreed. I wish she and Anita would just fade back into obscurity

No. 203139

They won't. Anita gets paid for this shit and Zoe will do anything to stay relevant.

No. 203152

So she claims to have murdered someone, but there's no evidence whatsoever that her story is true. LOLwut

At least her original story was plausible. It's not mandatory for cops to get involved if a guy shows up at a hospital with a stab wound in his face. He could claim he fell on a knife or something. NBD.

But to say she killed him and somehow there's no evidence whatsoever to back up her claim? So, what, the cops never solved the case? Or did they convict someone else? What the fuck, Zoe?

And how would she even know he died? Did she make sure he was dead before fleeing the scene?

She's a psycho and a liar. Just look at how she morphed, "Zoe told me she stabbed a guy who was trying to rape her. It was weird that she told me that," into, "Zoe should have allowed herself to be raped and murdered. Also she definitely killed the guy, rather than just stabbing him."

This woman is scum and it is infuriating that the vast majority of feminists are taking her word as gospel.

No. 203164

Nothing wrong with the dress, but it would have been decent with black tights and a sweater or blazer.. something. jfc

No. 203165

Anita would have if people didnt give her fucking attention. I ignored her ass just fine, but a lot of MEN actually brought her up into conversation constantly, especially on any youtube video with a videogame involving a female protag or something "Oooh Anita may say something about this"

The guys actually fed into her bullshit and kept her alive.

No. 203186

All those kumacraft necklaces jfc.

At least I think they're kumacraft or they're Starlight Deco's cheap knock offs.

No. 203246

I wish there was some type of word or phrase to describe people in their early thirties like this, not like generation Y because it covers too much ground. It's like some kind of skeezy quarter-life crisis disaster I keep seeing in people that were born in the eighties.

No. 203255

seriously I see so many girls and guys going through this trashy phase where they're just re-living their highschool days.

No. 203301

She's bankrolled more by the combination of having a fanatical fanbase, Jonathan McIntosh and getting paid to do seminars about her brand of bullshit in various large vidya companies.

No. 203333

I'm usually not a shallow person… but fuck. I hate her based on looks alone.

No. 203364

No. 203437

Except it looks like a cheap modcloth dress and she's addressing congress! She could have gotten a nicely constructed A-line dress with those donations at some department store.

Those tights and green shoes … if anything the pattern on her tights make me realize there's no difference between her ankles and calves.

No. 203571


Annnnnnnnnnnd it's bad taste. The dress. For anyone, ever. Her choice of bra and jewelry to go underline her inability to 1. dress for the occasion 2. put together a matching outfit 3. to look professional.

It's around the 'guuuuurl u need some patriarchy'-level of distaste. Insulting, even. Thinking that she was there to represent something quite different than a travelling circus.

Besides of that she could for once in her life have used a real hairdresser's services.

No. 203615

File: 1447444637983.gif (46.74 KB, 320x240, 11405923861.gif)

This dumb bitch doesn't read Nietzsche. She couldn't even spell his name correctly. Reading this was like reading a tween's myspace profile.

No. 203618

ugh I know exactly what you mean

we need a word for this

No. 203619

Yep. She dresses like a 14 year old girl who just discovered modcloth and ebay basically

No. 203620

Her bf also said he liked her because she carried a copy of Wittgenstein's Tractatus around. Bitch please. I hate when people pretend to be oh so philosophical.

No. 203621

I've always thought of it as "30 something sjw style".

No. 203628

If cow is good for anything, it'll be thinking of a nice name to categorize these female fedoras.

Your essential tryhard, edgy intellectual. Notice how her first listed author is Chuck Palahniuk? Anyone who claims to be a big fan of his is some edgy teen that only reads books to talk about how they've read his book instead of enjoying the story. Sorry for those who really like Palahniuk's work, but it's becoming far and in between to find a fan that isn't insufferable.

No. 203632

Also, DQ is fucking bullshit, I "played" it when it was free and shit is tedious, and I'm not saying it because is a wall of text, hell Don Quijote is also a wall of text but at least is amusing and what you're reading is actually telling you a story and is relevant, unlike this excuse of a "visual novel".
The character is a whiny bitch (because yeah, it's a woman and has a gf, she has a decent job, her parents support her, she has her own home and stuff but oooh noes, doesn't want to go to work!!), the game doesn't explain to you her backstory, so you never really know why she's the way she is and you never get to connect to her or sympathize with her situation because… there isn't one, all her problems seem baseless and shallow… and generally, she demonstrates to be just an antisocial lazy asshole the more you "play", and zero fucks are given.
Also, you never get a happy ending, everything ends in an ambiguous note.
Like if you were aiming to making the experience as realistic as possible, you're doing it wrong because you can overcome depression, you can get checked and take therapy and slowly fight to get out of the hole, but in this shitstain of a "game" no matter what decisions you make to make things better, you have to archive the bad ending first (bitch kills herself over… nothing because this game doesn't explain shit to you) to get to choose the other options, and still, no satisfactory ending, just ambiguous wall of useless generic motivational messages.
This "game" (it isn't a game, games are supposed to be entertaining) makes real depression sound like a bullshit excuse to be a lazy ass that doesn't want to grow up and improve.

No. 203635

wtf, that sailor moon necklace…

No. 203639

File: 1447453659600.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.47 KB, 368x550, swiggityswoggity.jpg)

Aah, yeah, who couldn't get turned on with that look.

No. 203640

File: 1447453702952.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.29 KB, 401x600, butterface.jpg)

another one because i can't stop laughing at those faces she makes

No. 203644

I know some people can deal with butter, but I can't. An average body with such a shit fave is a total turn off

No. 203646

What made her think these pictures were a good idea? I mean I've taken some bad pictures but to be the subject of these and call yourself a model is laughable at best.

No. 203652

That's a below average body. Far below average. If you showed me >>203639 before I knew who Zoe Quinn was I'd assume it was a tranny.

No. 203697

If you told me this girl was planning to shoot up her school/workplace, I'd believe you.

No. 203704

Also - not sure if it was on rose when gamergate broke, but I remember a few individuals talking about how inaccurate DQ was. It was pretty insightful and lead me to believe that Quinn never had severe or diagnosed depression. I couldn't comment much other than experiencing depression like all people do at difficult period in their lives. Severe Depression (not sure what it's called in the DSM-V) is something people like to claim so they can garner sympathy but you never see these attention-whores bragging on how difficult their depression is because they have trouble bathing themselves and even though their own smell makes them sick, they can't find the motivation to care. I feel sorry for people who have real depression and can't tell anyone about it because someone will think they're attention whoring.

No. 203706

I recall that as well.
Like I remember the character not facing actual consequences of losing their job or their SO. Things like that.

Then she used Robin Williams' death too.

No. 203708

The fuck was I writing?

I couldn't comment because I've never had depression other than experiencing the type of depression everyone is prone to get during difficult times*

No. 203710


sage but LOL I know exactly what you mean.

No. 203714

As someone who dug Palahniuk a lot in middle - high school, no offense taken. He's the embodiment of shock value and pseudo-intellectual dribble.
2007 or not, I'm surprised someone who's such a keyboard warrior for EQUALITY would list Palahniuk as one of their faves though. I mean, the dude has a short story where a group of women probe and sexually assault a trans woman.

No. 203716

OT, I thought the woman in the short story described was supposed to be an actual woman? the women in the support group attack her in the same way that fatties attack VS models like: 'you can't possibly be a REAL woman! your boobs are too perky! your makeup is too over the top! you have immaculately varnished nails! etc.' because they feel threatened by the idea of a woman who actually lives up to the 'impossible' standards?

No. 203744

I read Fight Club last year and it was pretty good. I think anyone who takes it super seriously would be really obnoxious though.

I also find it really hard to believe that she's read Nietzche or Camus

No. 203748

I'm so sorry that you wasted your time playing Depression Quest, and I wish you could get that time back, but thanks for taking one for the team. It just looks from your description like something that panders to dumblrinas but would make a person who actually suffers from depression just feel more shite about themselves.
I'm getting really sick of my GDPM studying friends who want to grow up and be gamedevs defending hers and Sarkesian's asses honestly.

No. 203758

Depression Quest is really hilarious if you pay attention. It's more like "Zoe's Depression Quest". Everything she does in the game is basically putting you in her shoes and what a doormat she is when she's depressed. It's literally a browser page that links to other browser pages. It's not a game in any sense of the word.

No. 203827

I enjoyed a lot of his books, Rant being my favourite since the world-building was fantastic, but everything after that was utter shit, except Pygmy. Snuff was terrible, Tell-All was Pretention: The Book and god only knows what made him write Doomed and Damned.

Thanks to this thread i've downloaded all his new books and am going to read them, though after the aformentioned streak of shit books i am not really chuffed.

It was clearly a tranny.

No. 203832

I really do enjoy his stories and like to see the evolution of his writing. He seems a bit less nihilistic than he was in the beginning; I love his idea about Hell and the afterlife in Damned and Doomed. I believe that a lot of what he writes about is his way of coping with repressed memories; borderline conspiracy shit. I know most fans are super edgy dinguses who've only ever read Haunted and Fight Club, but there's so much more to it than edge for the sake of edge. His non-fiction is even better than his fiction.

No. 203840

It did actually made me feel like a piece of trash at the beginning, I even dare to say its inaccuracy triggered me.
I wanted to punch the protagonist so hard in the face because it made me so mad; Lazy ass hoe no wonder you can't get better, bitch doesn't even try, all she does is browsing tumblr and watch Netflix and being a moody asshat to the people that care for her, damn it. Being a gross slacker is not a synonym of having crippling depression.

No. 203850

Yeah, the idea of making a game (or what loosely passes as a game) centered around how hard you struggle with mental illness yet squander away all opportunity you're given as an excuse to browse the internet and whisper "woe is me…" makes it really goddamn hard to feel any sympathy.

You can't expect people to coddle you and say "Hey it's ok that you're mentally ill" if you make no effort to improve, and you're an asshole to them on top of it.

No. 204034

File: 1447560140926.gif (1.17 MB, 215x198, fun isnt hard.gif)

oh my fucking god DEPRESSION QUEST
it's obviously written by a first-world girl who gets anything she wants and has never actually had depression who tried to write what they think depression is
depression is what from many friends have told me, essentially the emotional equivalent to paint drying (void and feeling no motivation)
she wrote it as if depression is just being a whiny crybaby bitch about everything and not being thankful for anything
it really pisses me off that she portrays depression as just being a pissy little cry baby instead of just feeling emotionally empty like it actually is
she doesn't know how the fuck mental illness works

No. 204035

I sort of skimmed through DQ and the one thing that annoyed me above all is the whole "crossed out choices to show how debilitating depression really is". I don't know, I guess it could be a neat idea, but it was just implemented in an annoying way. Maybe because the protag never really felt like they had depression but was a lazy, whiny crybaby.

No. 204041

"depression is what from many friends have told me-"
No stahp. Your definition isn't very accurate either tbh.

Huh. I played through it just once when it was "released" and got the ending where I spoke to my family and decided to get help.

No. 204042

as someone with depression clinically diagnosed, i can tell you that depression quest is pretty accurate. my life feels almost as dismal and sad as a shitty text-based game created by an overgrown womanchild who doesn't know how to code.

No. 204065

oh my fucking god lol

No. 204066


For me, and I don't know if anybody else will agree, but for me the absolute crux of legitimate depression was not actually lying around and crying and feeling sorrowful and shit.
For me it was absence. Absence of all emotion. Everything. There is nothing.
As a being you pretty much shut down and it's almost like your metaphysical self slips into a void where when people speak its almost like they're talking to you underwater and you lose sense of time and reality and find yourself in places and having no memory of your feet even carrying you there.

In art and stuff people always depict depression as being black and dark but for me it was white.
Cold, vast, empty whiteness, the same kind of white you see when you close your eyes and try to focus into a distance that doesn't exist.

Obviously it's different for each person.

No. 204073

No. 204161

File: 1447606906027.jpg (10.02 KB, 263x200, you.jpg)

No. 204164

exactly, everyone i met at my group therepy that has it said the same thing, it isn't crying about how nobody likes you and being an ungrateful bitch
its just feeling like doing nothing and sleeping in your bed/not wanting to do anything and general lack of motivation

No. 204165

File: 1447607048174.png (307.86 KB, 546x700, 1435523772624.png)

No. 204176

Pretty much this. My depression has just been numbness. I can't remember what I did a few days ago, I'm constantly slipping into a state of near unconsciousness because I'm just not there. Sometimes I start spontaneously crying and feel anxious, but mostly it's just like you described. Being in a void and kind of just waiting for something to pick you up from there because even simple tasks like doing the dishes or taking out the trash are too much.

No. 204180

I am also in agreement. Plus people wondering why you can just surf the internet or watch netflix not realizing that what you might be doing is not thinking about how worthless you are. Or at least in my case since I get to fight off great suicidal thoughts when it gets really bad. The only things that has ever helped was therapy and meds. The meds because I couldn't afford the therapy anymore and it is literally cheaper for me. And I don't think I can deal with going through therapy again with someone new.

No. 204211

Boo-hoey, with that kind of mentality you'll never get better, seriously cheer up, force yourself to cheer up and make something useful with your life.
Instead of watching tv why don't you do your fucking homework instead? It will distract you too and you'll be doing something productive with your time.
Thing is, if you're miserable is because you WANT to feel miserable, the mind is strong enough to make you feel things you're not supposed to be feeling. Mentalize yourself "I can confront this shit, I can get better" and force yourself to do stuff, be responsible.
Depression is not like a cold, you can't just take some pills and wait for it to leave, activity and self-improvement is the best medicine to get over it.
And if that sounds too complicated for you… good riddance.

No. 204214

>cheer up

Depression is over guys :')

No. 204215

It is not that easy with clinical depression. This whole "just force yourself to be happy" attitude is a common misconception but it's doesn't work that way. Clinical depression is not just some mental mumbo jumbo you can think yourself out if. It's more of a physical thing. You can't be happy because brain is preventing it due to the chemicals being out of whack. That's why people often have to put on medicaton in order to function.

Now back on topic. Have we talked about the fucking movie about zoe that was fought over.


I feel fucking sick.

No. 204220

Scarlett Johansson? Really? It should obviously be Lena Dunham.

No. 204224

>But m-muh struggle!!11!!
Aaaand there you have it, depression is harder than cancer.
Everyone go home.

No. 204231

Apples and oranges. Why are you so mad about severely depressed people?

No. 204232

Literally no one said it was like cancer. Everyone is just saying you can't always force yourself to be happy. Sometimes medication needs to intervene. Stop reaching.

True. Scarlet Johansson is too attractive. Dunham would better represent her pig body and victim complex.

No. 204235

File: 1447615009098.png (65.9 KB, 1024x478, download.png)


ITT: Somebody who has never experienced depression.

No. 204245

you've clearly never been depressed lmfao

No. 204251

Depression must be treated with help of other people, otherwise it will be its perpetual cucle of lacking motivation and bad feelings cauzed by it.

No. 204286

I'm dysthymic, I wouldn't be telling you that shit if I didn't know how it feels to be a doormat all your life and that you can easily overcome it with determination.
Sorry for having faith in your sorry asses, you bunch whiny bitches.

No. 204292


dysthymic is still only a mild case of chronic depression. you put people down without disclosing your own experience; yet can't fathom that some people have a worse off diagnosis?

I agree with you on the productivity thing as a distraction, but what happens when you're done and you shockingly still can't value your existence? I get where you're coming from, but you can't just assume people's diagnosis's.

To take this off OT, it's like Zoe Quinn assuming people's depression is even remotely like hers. I didn't follow through Depression Quest because that doesn't exactly feel like a fun game, but did she offer ways to seek treatment and different possibilities for it?

No. 204313

Yes. I played the 'game' and there were things you could do to get a 'better' 'ending' such as, talking to your friends, seeing a doctor, etc. I 'played' it back in my depression days and it was meh, like I'm supposed to believe some randomly okay dude just becomes randomly depressed. Mine was a sloooow long gradual descent into madness, so it didn't hit close to home to me at all.

No. 204346

Well, the game had the suicide hotline at the end, if that's what you call support.
And the day of its release (surprise, it was when Robin Williams fucking died) She said that the game was gonna be free for a limited time, but it was optional to buy a special DLC (yes you could make shit even more boring by buying dlc's) and the money you spend was going to a charity about "the research and threatment of depression"… How was it named that charity? Oh, that doesn't matter, if you say you're going to donate the money then it must be truth, who needs the deets??

No. 204355

I played the… um, "game" back when it was browser based, and you had to complete the game first to get better options.
Basically the game forces you to play it twice if you want to get a "happy" ending, talk about replay value.

No. 204416

You sound like my dad.
People like you and my dad who just breathe down your neck about dealing with this issue, about how you're wasting your potential because in your mind there are so many crossed out options, really do make everything worse honestly.
Not all of us are malingering as an excuse to lie around and watch netflix all day like Zoe Quinn is. Most people on this thread are actually trying. Fuck off.

No. 204454

Your dad and >>204211 are 100% right tho. I know everyone nowadays loves to be coddled, but in reality, the only one who can make yourself better is you.
Tough love.

No. 204468

Can we make a depression thread in /b/ and have you fucks discuss it there? I've lived with depressed individuals and the nature of the disorder is to be counter-productive. If it was a matter of bucking up and walking it off, then it wouldn't be a disorder. The degrees of laziness and chemical imbalances with negative mind sets are pretty arbitrary. Talk about it in a thread dedicated to it. Let's agree to the Quinn bullshit.

Whore is a fucking succubus that uses weaknesses as weapons and is extremely manipulative. Remember, these types get to be CEOs and politicians, so it's not wonder that she's addressing congress, the UN and getting a sleazy movie deal. That's part of the scam. Let's keep this thread to her and we can all agree, despite the argument of what depression constitutes, that Quinn does NOT understand it on a personal level of a clinical professional level, yet she designed a game to use a disorder for gain and profit.

No. 204469

uh no.
It's not about wanting to be coddled. It's about wanting to just feel normal. To not feel soul crushing nothing as you haul your ass to work every day, to not fucking deal with the random bouts of weepiness at inappropriate times when you're trying to do all the "making yourself better" bullshit that you're talking about. To actually be present when you go out to lunch with your friends, not behind a fog.
Most people with depression are NOT. LIVING. LIKE. ZOE. QUINN. As >>204416 already fucking stated. Lots are actually trying to do the whole "making onesself better" that you claim is the miracle cure to this disease, but no, it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes a little bit of help from medicine, which can correct chemical imbalances that contribute to depression, is what someone needs and can use. Sometimes even that doesn't help, and you still go to sleep every night wishing you wouldn't wake up in the morning, because heaven forbid you should ever call in sick for a mental health day. Then you would just feel inferior for not being able to do what the rest of the world does, and the depression would snowball even further. And saying like you and like >>204211 do, like you can just wish it away and everyone with depression is just lazy and selfhating is even more unhelpful.

No. 204471

>The property was bid on by several studios and TV outlets, and several actresses are circling, with interest from Scarlett Johansson said to be keenest.

There is no god.

No. 204637

I've avoided DQ for a while after it was initially out because I've suffered from depression, though you wouldn't get me to easily talk about it anywhere else than in an anonymous board.

It's pretty embarrassing, really, the level of abjection I reached. I wasn't even taking showers and everything I did or didn't do just seemed to make things worse, which I guess is part of the point. I only got out of it after having left my family and meeting my partner, who insisted a lot that I went to a therapist, which I did. I still don't manage to see some of the things about my family the way my partner or the therapist do, but I can function in society, which is what I want. I just want not to depend on other people financially and to be helpful if I can.

I found DQ again because so many people were talking about it after the dev tried to push it after Robin Williams died, but it made me really angry.
Essentially, I know that everyone thinks their problems are the worst: realistically, me having problems with my family isn't as bad as most of the stuff that happens in the world. I can understand that and still feel sympathy for someone who self-dramatises, because they don't realise quite how their problems come from their head. That game though took the cake; it essentially describes a state of ennui and sells it as depression. It's not well written by any stretch of the imagination, it's just something to show around and tell the world how good you are and then for others to feel peer pressured into "liking" because otherwise they're gamergaters or horrible people.

I don't think it's a great idea to give such a lame image of depression helps anyone, it just gives yet another way to insensitive people to tell those who suffer that they're just whiners.

No. 207190

Random aside, I met him briefly while working at a festival, and it's crazy how much he looked like that pic, like his hair was frozen in in that exact position constantly obscuring his eye, and he didn't nod/move quickly/do anything to disturb that. Also he had on a pair of blue hot topic pants that matched his hair and a pony shirt.

No. 210352

File: 1449152930216.png (1.32 MB, 911x1282, locked.png)

Stuff I dug last year but never posted because it was irrelevant for the gg, and would probably have attracted trolls.

But i guess it's okay for lolcow material.

No. 210357

File: 1449153245952.png (807.36 KB, 887x1689, locke2.PNG)

No. 210393

so pretencious

No. 210395

>blue pants and pony shirt
I'm glad you survived that encounter.

No. 210408

More than that. It's a cringefest of edgelord.

>I'm up to 4 broken noses that I've handed out in '07.

Yes, bitch, the real world lets you assault people with no penalty.

She's one of the most disgusting things I've ever come across. I feel like I need a shower.

No. 210422

>dat "EMO" paragraph where she mocks some artist for writing a sad song
Looks like she used to be one of those "depression doesn't real!!!!" people. Not surprising.

No. 210424

File: 1449170974729.png (175.95 KB, 893x443, locke3.PNG)

No. 210425

File: 1449170997891.png (309.25 KB, 538x1174, locke4.PNG)

No. 210426

File: 1449171103003.png (201.64 KB, 543x752, locke6.PNG)

No. 210427

File: 1449171190782.png (214.25 KB, 549x859, locke7.PNG)

she seemed to think everyone else is shit

No. 210428

File: 1449171267049.png (197.68 KB, 537x803, locke9.PNG)

dad sounds great

No. 210429

File: 1449171338482.png (165.1 KB, 542x603, locke10.PNG)

about her life goals

No. 210430

File: 1449171390803.png (251.45 KB, 535x1016, locke11.PNG)

she got mad skillz

No. 210431

File: 1449171536007.png (71.07 KB, 543x281, locke13.PNG)

after being evicted for $5,000 missing rent

No. 217333

File: 1451069679565.png (593.66 KB, 1216x1030, cyclingtweets.png)

Apparently, ZQ had an incident with her motorcycle.

No. 217337

>My name is Zoe Quinn and I get bullied on the internet, I recently totaled my motorcycle and broke some ribs please donate to my Patreon so I can afford to pay back these ridiculous hospital fees/new bike/emotional stress

No. 217364

I was just about to post this. I can just see the Patreon account set up for e-begging.

>lol my injuries are light and nothing is broken

No. 217383

>turn-ons: ASIANS

#notyourasiansidekick kek this should come back and bite her in the ass

No. 217386


Seriously though, that picture needs to start making rounds, surely some tumblrinas would have a fit over that bit. I'd love to get some fresh milk from this bitch.

No. 217387

I'd love if it started causing an uproar now, even that "art fag" thing lol but if it was circulated around, I think she'd just deny it or weasel out of it anyway

No. 217402

probably. Or just turn herself into a victim of harassment once again.

No. 217406

File: 1451094368126.png (358.91 KB, 492x600, 492px-Brianna_Wu_2014-10-30.pn…)

Is it bad that I wish it would've done more to her? I don't want her dead or anything, but these careless, rich little trust fund babies get motorcycles like they're childrens toys. Brianna Wu has one too and look at how nonchalant they talk the consequences of wrecking these. They'll definitely ruin or take their life in a motorcycle accident if they're not cautious.

No. 217415

id be more worried about her taking someone elses life hey

No. 217459

It's so pathetic you'd almost think it was a comedy sketch. But sadly it's real life.

No. 217720

If you want to create a martyr for the media for the next decade then go ahead, I won't stop you.

No. 222450

File: 1452963292416.png (109.66 KB, 453x567, 1449810084219.png)


>depression quest is pretty accurate

No. 222528

File: 1452987832514.jpg (11.75 KB, 299x300, tumblr_inline_n4m1k1XjYG1qkztg…)

depression quest was so trite…..like….EVERYONE has written about being depressed. WHO CARES! it was nothing special or interesting or new….i hated it
people have done better shit with twine too
overall idsappointing

No. 222544

I remember when I saw a Depression Quest post floating around in late 2012 or so. When I saw it back then it didn't really make a huge splash with people. The first posts were the usual going on about how it was the most perfect relatable game ever and made BY A WOMAN and all that other horseshit, while everyone I followed who tried it just thought that it was condescending. I played text adventures on Neopets made by actual children that were more engaging than Depression Quest.

No. 222547

Yeah, Depression Quest was crap. I "played" it out of curiosity after the first wave of the gamergate mess. It was just a whole lot of nothing.

No. 222551


Probably its shittiness made you feel more depressed than you were before anon

No. 222923

How can you miss the joke this badly?

No. 225122

She's a great advertisement to not get tattoos, piercings, dye your hair or get fat.

No. 225124

slightly OT, but: does anyone have an update on her BS (or the whole gamergate debacle as a whole)? Been avoiding this shit like the plague for months.

No. 225173

Not trying to go sll SJW, but why do people give Zoe shit for sleeping with guys for reviews and don't give the guys shit for giving her the reviews because she slept with them? They're equally at fault, and IMO those guys are just as gross as she is.

No. 225177


They do give them shit. That is literally the divide between GG and anti-GG.

Anti-GG = Zoe is a strong independent woman and the reviews thing is made up anyway.

GG = the gaming press is corrupt and gives positive coverage to their friends.

A lot of GG gets off on winding up Zoe and friends but the movement is based on Zoe breaking the camel's back after years of bullshit press.

I can't be bothered to follow all the GG drama but it does hit home for me. RPS made up a bunch of shit about a friend's mod and although it wasn't bad shit it does show that if they can't be bothered to read the README and email the author then how bad are they with everything else?

No. 225184

Hon, you have been deceived by the press. They intentionally ran stories about "misogyny" in order to get both the heat off themselves and to ensure useful idiots have a venue to be white knights.

No. 225200

Wow, I never knew all this stuff about her as I've never had any interest in what Wu, Sarkeesian or Quinn has to say as they're just so fucking boring.

But so far, she's admitted (in her own words) to assaulting several people and gets raped on a regular basis (?!) but does nothing about it.

She's fucking insane.

No. 254753

lol i know this girl she's a disgusting rotund faggot

No. 254802

die in a fire, tub of lard

No. 255190

>I never understood how she gets away with insulting the people who she creates games for.

What can I say, men are spineless retards when it comes to getting their condoms wet.

No. 255192

Trust me, modeling is not always about looks. Sometimes you can just get people who are willing to do it for free or at a cheap enough price if need be.

No. 255193

She actually looks good here.

She looks gross here tho: >>201831

No. 255214

Only in the Indie game scene, the rest of them don't tolerate this kind of shit.

No. 255236

Surprised this thread is getting bumped, but I am on-board for more lolz at her expense if there are any to be had.

I think that what makes her such a good candidate for the poster child of shit 3rd wave feminism and fetishistic victim-hood, is that she looks the way the mainstream views the female gaming demographic. No one really believes the gamergurl facade, they know that a pretty lady with a smokin' bod is significantly less likely to care about gaming and other nerdy hobbies. A bunch of old Congress/UN dudes are going to easily accept frumpy, lumpy, Zoe as the figurehead for a movement that they believe is going to speak to a certain portion of society that it will in some way benefit them to cater to at the moment.

And the Depression Quest bullshit is pathetic but you have to view Zoe as a generic brand version of this side of society: people like the femanons here, who have less popular interests like games and Japanese culture, scifi and fantasy, maybe tech, and other "nerdy" stuff. People who are socially awkward or in-adept. Zoe is the one on display because restaurant advertisements never use pictures of the actual food they make. She is something that everyone else can look at and identify as edgy or different without actually caring about it being true.
At the end of the day she's the one who has to live with herself and look at herself in the mirror and really let that image sink in. And she must know that she can't improve herself or else ruin the only selling point she has. She has resigned herself to being second-rate as an actual profession. And someday I think a lot of those people who really do suffer from depression will find a way to be successful in the fields they love and Zoe will become a washout because a lot of people like "us" will turn out to be brilliant and interesting and have the motivation and ambition to take care of ourselves and become impressive. Maybe even make some big changes in art and tech culture. Zoe will never have that. She will be that one-trick one-hit has-been and probably never get the chance to do anything more than that.

This….almost makes me angry.

No. 261414

It looks like she torpedoed the SocialAutopsy kickstarter.


No. 261536

It's like watching two beasts fight and hoping they kill each other.

No. 261619

I know it's a bit of a watch, but if you want to see the true face of a crybully, this interview is amazing. This is the woman who's kickstarter was destroyed by Zoe. She details how Zoe self-importantly introduced herself like she was famous, demanded she take down the Kickstarter, then cryed on the phone when this woman said her Kickstarter obviously couldn't just be suddenly halted.

No. 261689

jesus this is horrible.
Zoe is such a cunt, I hope she literally gets attacked by bees.

ngl, I think the idea of the Social Autopsy 'company' is also kind of ludicrously optimistic, but Zoe blew it out of the water and into the spotlight when in all likelihood ignoring it would have been far more advantageous. It just lends credence to the idea that Zoe's been the one largely responsible for harrassing herself throughout the entire Gamer Gate fiasco.

No. 261741

No matter how much proofs you bring to the public, SJW's, Feminists and clique will never stop defending her, because utterus.

No. 261754

This is getting joocee.

No. 262083

Oh man, my last boyfriend went out with this girl. I never knew what she looked like though, jesus christ what a train wreck

No. 262092

Got any stories to share?

No. 262094

Five guys apparently

No. 262132

I don't see a problem with this photo to be honest.

No. 262139

I don't understand why feminists are supposed to rally around her. She obviously has a personality disorder and loves getting into it with dudebros, then playing the victim.

It's not feminism's role to enable this kind of utter mental retardation across all genders. No one made her stoop down to the level of Mountain Dew slurping, Cheetos dust covered neckbeards.

No. 262173

She's really confusing to me. Everything about her just screams "i'm not like the other girls teehee all my friends are guys bc girls just cause drama!!" and then turns around and cries feminist whenever it's convenient.

No. 262343

They actually believe every word she and the media people around her say. To admit that she could be wrong is straight up heresy.

No. 262346


And it looks like she used her private twitter account to pass the E-mail address around so her opposition received harassment that way.

No. 262356

Apparently she stood him up several times before they finally met at a Japanese place. I guess she was rude as fuck and made him pay for the meal. Which I thought was kinda funny 'cause isn't she like a hyper feminist or something?

Not super interesting but she sounds like a cunt.

No. 262374

it only looks all the more suspicious now that she baleeted the primeape account.
it really baffles me how any self-respecting journalist can possibly spin this to try to make Zoe look clean. Articles like http://nymag.com/following/2016/04/how-social-autopsy-fell-for-gamergate-trutherism.html insist that there's 'no proof' that Zoe spread the e-mail around, are they going to redact that article now that the proof/screencaps are circulating? probably not. even though 90% of the comments are questioning their portrayal of events, if not outright linking refutations and evidence.

No. 263123


And it just keeps on going.

No. 263124

I'm convinced she has Crazy Bitch Syndrome (BPD), your boyfriend dodged a bullet there. People like Emma Watson try to make feminism a thing again, and these tumblr cunts have to fuck it up again.

No. 263151

Unfortunately, when feminism is used by attention whores, you get the poor me, I'm oppressed, while taking selfies in their absolutely normal middle-class lives. Real feminism is about starting conversations about underlying social ills that perpetuate unfair disadvantages. In the end, it should guide legislative policy and raise awareness. At its best, Feminism strives to raise up women who are suffering from human rights violations in impoverished countries and end domestic violence while helping victims (including women, men and children). At its worst…you get Zoe Quinn.

I hate her with a passion, but gamergate always gave Zoe another reason to find herself in situation where she claim oppression and make a quick buck.

No. 263309

Did you know she put a NTAG216 chip into her hand?






http://prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com/post/84868280791/nfc-chip-hand-modification-zoe-quinn-aka-tumblr - Zoe's Tumblr post these are all based from.

Keep in mind all these articles are pre Gamergate Zoe Quinn articles, so the language in some of these are interesting. She's definitely more happy and kind of snowflakey with how she talks. She was "friends" with a ton of journalists to get all these written about her.

No. 263312

Bonus: She makes a lot of vids like the Youtube video here early on. However, in case you ever think her body mods are cool, check out her most recent Tumblr post, which is this Vine:


I have no idea why you'd put a magnet into your hand if you were a game dev who's work and life revolves around electronics.

No. 263734

she doesn't do any work at all from what i can tell and DQ was coded by other people with her bad writing so i doubt it's that much of a risk

probably just fucks her every time she goes on a plane

No. 263792

File: 1461649385789.jpg (74.55 KB, 600x353, eWMlUcy.jpg)

ew. do you know how mental illness works? theres a bunch of different combinations of symptoms to be classified as borderline. my friend suffers with this and shes the sweetest person i know, just sad and easily scared.
so ignorant. im sick of this 'this person is an asshole? they must be borderline' meme. also i feel like a lot of people confuse BPD with severe bipolar.

The features of BPD include emotional instability; intense, unstable interpersonal relationships; a need for intimacy; and a fear of rejection. As a result, people with BPD often evoke intense emotions in those around them. Pejorative terms to describe people with BPD, such as "difficult", "treatment resistant", "manipulative", "demanding", and "attention seeking", are often used and may become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the negative treatment of these individuals triggers further self-destructive behavior


be happy your brain isnt fucked up instead of spreading the stigma of mental illness.

zoe isnt borderline she's just a self centered bitch

No. 263801

People with bipolar disorder are a lot easier to handle than people with BPD, just saying.

No. 263809

It wasn't just coded by others, it was made in Twine. Anyone with more than one brain cell and a keyboard can make a game in Twine. That's literally their main selling point.

No. 263826

not true, as a person who knows both, I've been hurt by the person with bipolar disorder more, I've literally been physically choked out by a guy who decided he didn't need his fucking meds

No. 263831

BP + BPD are often misdiagnosed/confused/comorbid
and honestly it just completely depends on the person, each case is different and people have mental illness to varying severities. there are subtypes of both illnesses.

you're entitled to your opinion. if you're speaking anecdotally, thats cool. mine are the opposite. im legitimately scared for and of two of the bipolar people i know.

its the psychotic aspect that makes me personally believe bipolar people are potentially harder to deal with but i know both can be extremely emotionally exhausting and unhealthy.

borderline ppl can grow out of it with therapy like DBT and they tend to mellow out after a couple years anyway.
bipolar ppl are bipolar for life

this article is really insightful i recommend it http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-truth-about-borderline/
difficult people have the borderline label slapped on them in psych fields and it irritates me to see armchair psychologists on reddit and other sites doing the same.

you have probably met high functioning borderlines but never knew. aspects of western culture like social media is literally breeding borderline traits into teens (feelings of emptiness, need for validation, fear of being alone/abandoned).

No. 264007

good for you but in my case it was the other way around

No. 264020

yeah but you said your anecdotal evidence like it's a fact

No. 264071

can't just let it go, can you?
You did the exact same thing as I did, just with more words.

No. 264704

lmao >>263826 wasnt me but k

No. 283943

File: 1466773203131.jpg (98.31 KB, 630x873, 5fungi.jpg)

Quinn is still out there, getting offended at everything

No. 283958

Hahah whoever localized that game deserves a medal.

No. 283974

Holy fuck. A+ Nintendo!

No. 283976

How the hell did this get past screening at Nintendo?

No. 283978

It's a joke about mushrooms : fungi and the watergate. Nothing to do with her, Nintendo don't give a fuck about sjw dramu.

No. 283979

"My suffering" ok Zoe you made thousands on patreon from neckbeards for being a shady whore and blaming it on being a woman in gaming, but we'll call it suffering.

Anything to stay relevant, seriously. When will people like her just fade into obscurity already?

No. 283983


Never. Literally her entire life is bawwwwing about how it's misogyny's fault that she can't make a decent game to save her life

No. 283984

You really think Nintendo gives a shit about SJW? Whats wrong with you?

No. 283987

The Five Guys reference, though. I mean, it's pretty wild coincidence.

No. 284026


Fun guy… fungi.. they're pronounced the same. 5 just happens to be a number chosen, most likely the same number in the JP version (and the japanese give 0 shits about gamergate drama).

Watergate is one of the most famous american government scandal, which is where gamergate along with a million other scandals get their fucking nicknames.

People are seriously reaching with this. Quinn made a fucking ass of her self showcasing how much of a self centered drama lama she is. I can't believe all the retards on twitter who are so uneducated, they fail to see this as a play on words. Jfc.

No. 284034


Also forgot to add.

5 people were arrested for being the burgalars of the watergate scandal.


No. 284129

holyshit, how vain can a whore be? She slept with five guys to get a good review for her shit game. This joke is about mushrooms, not you, you stupid cunt.

No. 284132

>because i'm a woman in gaming

And this is modern day feminism everyone, self entitled and victimizing yourself because your terrible game never got good reviews because it sucked.

No. 284155

Yeah, and like 2 out of 100 women do that. Yelp effect.

No. 284174

narcissistic personality disorder.
one day you'll get your internet privileges revoked if you're too batshit insane to cope with it

No. 284184

File: 1466861625735.png (515.09 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-06-25-09-32-43…)

Of course here comes the backpedaling once she was called out for being a drama queen…

No. 284185

File: 1466861663191.png (510.03 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-06-25-09-32-13…)

And a Twitter hiatus of shame…

No. 284186

File: 1466861733874.png (541.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-06-25-09-31-58…)

… But not before sucking up to someone with actual talent, Sheena style!

No. 284194

don't trip and fall on your vagina

No. 284215

Considering some of the comments Notch has made I'm surprised she isn't against him like the other SJW's.

No. 284216

Glad I was just being my usual self-obsessed self and no one actually really cares about me. Please feel sorry for me when people tell me how much of an idiot I am while I disappear for a while hoping people forget.

No. 284226


She's not against him because he's a giant name in the industry that she has desperately been trying to weasel herself into for years and years. Read the original fb chat logs between her and her ex, she admits to doing this kinda thing for a long time.

Keep in mind, this is also right after Notch just made a joke about her being a whore and told her she is milking the whole gamergate thing. She's sucking his taint hardcore.

No. 284230

Prob because she wants to fuck him too.

No. 284236

Can you post a screenshot of what he said?

No. 284265

File: 1466910806278.png (105.33 KB, 483x655, Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 8.11…)

Some lazy cropping/mashing them together. I think he said some other "controversial" things too. There's lots all over the net about it (making a mountain out of a molehill imo)

No. 284268

Adding on, he called some other chicks cunts. I wanna say a few days after he said some other stuff too.

No. 284271


I don't think Nintendo cares, but I also think they want to keep their hands clean of them and not make potentially controversial jokes about people who are famous for sucking dick. And even if it wasn't meant that way, it still seems like a coincidence that someone would catch.

No. 284373

Funny, I've never seen Jane Jensen get any shit for being a woman in gaming.

No. 284415

Im still amazed that someone actually thinks that this reference is in regard of gamersgate and not watergate..

Enough internet for the day.

No. 284417

File: 1466977781062.png (53.99 KB, 631x499, don'tdoit.png)

This is not going to end well.

No. 284424

it's going to end in her trying to fuck notch so she's relevant

No. 284536

If I was doing localization for a company that cared about keeping a kid friendly image I'd be weary of putting a 5 Guys fungi pun joke and watergate joke together just like I would be weary of putting a Matrix red pill joke next to a gender joke. Stop trying to twist it like I'm saying Nintendo is attacking Zoe, I'm not.

No. 284549

the localization staff most likely didn't realize it could be taken as a gamergate reference. the only people who know about gamergate are people who spend all their free time on reddit or 4chan

No. 284632

there seem to be loads of sjws and other politically-motivated types working in localization co's.

No. 284736

it depends on who you work for. I used to work for one of the AAA companies, and we barely had any time to shower after work, gamergate wouldn't have come under our radar all that easily.

No. 295717

Is ZQ's book a distant memory now?

A listing for it was on Simon & Schuster's website until at least June '16:


But now, a few days it was listed to release, it's gone:

I'm not surprised that she blew smoke about writing a book for attention, but it went as far as getting on the S&S website and being reported that ScarJo would play her in a movie about a book that wasn't even written yet.

No. 295728

I'm not surprised by this in the slightest. She is remarkably work-averse and unlike some twine game / crying about the internet hating her, writing a book on a deadline takes some real effort.

No. 295731

Wasn't one of the people in Crash Override discovered to be a sexual harasser recently?

No. 295732

I hadn't heard this, deets?

No. 295736

No. 296475

it literally explains it in the URL. lesbians are less attracted by the things straight men are. they're attracted more to a woman's personality, aura, whatever.

No. 296477

Until you move to the UK, and then you notice all these thin or average weight men dating absolute land whales a lot of the time.

No. 296538

it was written by a transwomen so the entire thing is bunk anyway

No. 296774

British women are almost all obese horrors. They're taking the only available options to them.

No. 296775

You clearly don't live here lmao. You're thinking of America.

No. 296777

You clearly don't live here lmao. You're thinking of Mexico.

No. 296778

Isn't that also a stereotype? I feel bad for lesbians who take care of themselves/love women who take care of themselves.

No. 296780

You clearly don't live here lmao. You're thinking of Papua New Guinea.

No. 296896

didn't think it was possible for me to lose faith in VICE

No. 296919

Patrick Klepcuck is working for them now, what do you expect?

No. 296950

>VICE around 2010ish
Let's send a hipster journo to fucked up third world countries to see if there are any stories here
>VICE after 2015
Let's just churn out whiny clickbait LIKE EVERYONE ELSE EVER

No. 296980

aside a couple of documentaries, they've been garbage since day 1

No. 296984


Yeah, it's a business. Sending people places cost money. Clickbait crap doesn't. And as long as they get traffic from it, they'll keep doing it.

No. 296985

>finding the worst most ridiculous bullshit you can do at any point, that becomes the game
that's an excellent way to sum your life up, zoe.

>and then I want the game to react to it by getting worse and more ridiculous

wow, your high quality contributions to the gaming industry will definitely make them take women seriously now.

>i'm a fucking trainwreck

at least she's honest with herself.

No. 296986

To be fair I would prefer reading a dumb article about feminism to watching some trust fund baby gawk at poor people for an hour

No. 297018

Apparently there's been some kind of chat logs leaked that Zoe is in, as well as Peter Coffin. Anti-GG stuff but it's pretty hilarious. Will post if it's on topic for this thread.

No. 297033

I'd like to read it. Post it, anon. It's a Quinn thread.

No. 297041

There is a ton of caps here :

Same guy also did a stream, which he also put up on his Youtube channel. I think that it has most of the chat in it, so you can see more or less the whole thing.

No. 297117

Haha, holy shit. All the WoW references are topcringe.

No. 297195

You could get that dumb article from pretty much any website that exists. Vice was the only company that actually went out there to see what's going down in areas without any big stories.

No. 297707

And broteam had another stream to continue thru these logs.

No. 301016

File: 1474280046658.png (65.04 KB, 609x525, vHbO6YC.png)

No. 301017

File: 1474280082242.png (85.65 KB, 613x592, 865FeT1.png)

And part 2.

No. 301019

is this where Brianna Wu's milk enthusiam for motorbikes came from?

No. 301023

A lot of people buy motorcycles to compensate for their poor self-esteem, especially if the said bike in question is a Harley-Davidson.

No. 301041

Today: storries thaat never happen.

Not a single man who respects himself wouldv even get close to such an ugly skank.

Only people who would ttouch that are her beta orbiters who won't have a chance with a woman.

No. 301045


So, people like Eron Gjoni..

No. 301100

Gjöni's not experienced enough to recognize a crazy person, so he learned the hard way what dealing with an abusive narcissist is like.

No. 301103


He still doesn't have a girlfriend.. SO kind of meets the requirements set in >>301041

No. 301104

>this entire thread

Tell me more about how GamerGate doesn't harass people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 301107

>your post

No. 301108

Hi Quinn

No. 301109


Lmao you don't have to be a GG neck beard to recognize what a piece of trash Zoe is

No. 301112

Considering the amount of defenders and how many thirsty fools vigorously defend ZQ, I'd say there are a lot of self-loathing virgins who'll gladly defend m'lady for the slightest chance of getting their dick wet once in their sad and lonely lives.

No. 301134


Whatever you need to tell yourself to help you sleep at night.

No. 301814

Damn, you must be one kind hearted angel to be on this wonderful kind, and supportive website!

No. 301867


you're the one creeping and bumping this thread replying to week-old posts you fucking autist, get a life

No. 301998

Thanks for the bump, baby!

No. 335685

so many bad words, cow, hideous, blahblahblah…

You guys wouldnt know what 'Hot' is if it hit you in the face. That woman's sexy, beautiful, hot, curvy… and above all, REAL.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 335695

File: 1484141422195.png (339.49 KB, 334x444, 1437547112956.png)

She's none of the above, mate

No. 335707

So which part of the five guys burger and fries are you?
Large bacon burger with small fries?

No. 335722

Idk if this is petty or not but it truly enfuriates me that she calls herself a video game developer yet churns out 'games' that are just glorified videos you can play by pressing keyboard keys.
I grew up with amazing people on places like New Grounds that created insane point and click , sim , platformer etc games who just called themselves hobbyists? They were just being creative on their free time and never reached for big titles like VIDYA GAEM DEVELOPUR but then the people like zoe who make intricate shit posts at best just clamber after such titles as if they even know what its like to create a real vidya.
/sage for pettiness and butthurt

No. 335878

Yas tell em Willam

No. 335941

File: 1484188274966.jpg (50.54 KB, 1050x591, zoe_quinn_chuck_tingle_unicorn…)

It's not petty at all. She tries to appeal to the indie crowd but her games are boring af. She lacks any sort of real creativity. Depression Quest could've been something really provoking and deep but it was MS paint graphics point and click.

I'm curious how this Chuck Tingle game is going to turn out though.

No. 335975

File: 1484191589320.gif (410.62 KB, 250x193, mattress girl.gif)

>I had to play her game for a college class, then write a full paper analyzing it
>we spent a whole week discussing how gamergate is "a reflection of the inherent misogyny of male spaces"

Zoe Quinn is a mirror to the toxicity of contemporary first world feminism in academia.

No. 336019

Shes literally a first world cunt tho.

(And who still dresses like a tween emo from 2007…you can be weird and out of the box without having to look hideous m8)

No. 336173

I actually don't believe this.

No. 336182

File: 1484242919253.png (140.5 KB, 1920x1042, syllabus.png)


It wasn't student-chosen. It was a dedicated topic for a week in a class which is required for my major, and all other game design majors. If proof is needed, here's a screenshot of the syllabus' schedule for that week.

No. 336199


This looks laughably fake.

No. 336209

Looks better than my timetables.
>tfw esl lecturers don't spellcheck

No. 336212


I fucking wish it was.

No. 336215

LOL anon are you a gender studies major?

No. 336216

No. 336238

>PLAY: Analogue: A Hate Story
>Queerness and Sexuality
>Resident Evil 5, Racial Representation (…)

Anon what the fuck kind of horrifying amalgamation of gender studies and game development are you studying? Are you just able to throw away money like this?
Seriously though, if this isn't fake it's a fucking joke if you only get classes about retarded SJW logic and only get to play Western oh-so-progressive neoliberal ""political statement"" """visual novel""" """""gaems""""".

No. 336248

Yeah. They should play Call Of Duty instead.

No. 336305

I can appreciate a really well written vidya so I hope that you are successful in your career anon. I hate it when a narrative is half-assed, or hastily put together just so they can pump out more sequels.

Sage for not being about the Quinnbeast.

No. 336306

I believe you, Anon. About ten years ago, I got to take a Video Game History class at a semi-well known public university known for its STEM programs.

Your sylabus seems like the natural progression of topics we talked about (ex: we had a week about the effects of sexualized character design to different demos)

Shit like this exists, Anons. Believe it or not.

Sage for blog post.

No. 336309

File: 1484273492338.jpg (10.39 KB, 344x100, Zoe Quinn is a sexual assailan…)


Ha! Quite true, in my knee-jerk reaction of feeling like I had to answer questions, I forgot to keep railing on Quinn - post deleted.

Now, back on topic - remember how, by Zoe's definition of rape, she's a rapist? Good times, good times.

No. 336399

>games only journalists play

No. 336445

I wonder what your professor's NeoGAF user name is.

No. 355067

File: 1488126444176.jpg (59.48 KB, 600x1067, 73d9fa4b9f634b5ec3e0631a2258ea…)

So how much work has she had done now

No. 355225

This pic is messing me up. How can she be so fat in everything but have a tiny and flat stomach? She's shooping the fuck out of this.

No. 355228


God she's homely. Admittedly, there's not much there to work with, but her fashion and makeup and hair choices are all tragic.

No. 355239

It's just editing apps. Any time she's in videos or pictures not taken by her she's still big. She's just a delusional cluster B fatty.

No. 355248

What tattoos are on her sleeve? Looks a bit messy.

No. 355299

This is all shop, right? Or did she finally improve on her looks enough to look semi-decent?

No. 355409

that waist is shopped as fuck

No. 356401

Those 5+ guys probably didn't have many (any) other options

No. 356436


That plus Eron's sad little screed about how crushed he was that he was losing that..

No. 356470

They're guys. They'll fuck anything with a warm hole and a pulse. Some don't even require a pulse.

No. 356491

Definitely her breasts, maybe lipo work on her backside/hips to remedy her pancake ass.
If only. Before it was "Five Guys" it was "Two Greyhound Buses" btw meaning she fucked around with ~90 guys (12 or 13 were IDed at some point) a bunch of whom were married or in LTR.

No. 356521


I have no issue with women who sleep around casually and have NSA sex when they're not in a relationship but the ones who sleep around with THAT many men with no regard to consequence to themselves, their relationships or the men's circumstance are mentally fucked up.

No. 356541


As a guy, I resent that remark. A lot of us have standards. Though that is probably true of the guys in gamergate circles. They would probably thrilled that any female is paying attention.(man here)

No. 356548

I find this comment to be full of shit
that it

No. 356551


go away nobody cares what you think.
this is a girls only club, didn't you know

No. 356662


You'll never know if he leaves or stays or even if I'm him or not.

No. 356737

IIRC she also had sex with a few ladies too.

No. 356801

File: 1488655548107.gif (1.33 MB, 2326x1599, 6zeve8L.gif)

No. 357398

File: 1488795550944.jpg (55.63 KB, 713x951, 2712217-unnamed.jpg)

Yeah, one of the original "Five Guys" was Maya "Felix" Kramer, who was her PR agent back then.

No. 357627

File: 1488906747940.png (469.41 KB, 600x528, CXmR3N5UsAAnSoF.png)

It's supposed to be a cyborg arm, but it's not well designed at all. You can find more detailed pics if you search through her twitter or insta, but this is the first pic I found on google.

No. 357630

It makes her arm look really lumpy.

No. 357681

Two Greyhound Buses? wtf. can you provide a source? this is the first time i've heard of this.

No. 357703


No. 357765

1.) She was big enough to have a PR agent before gamer gate? Was she preparing for a scandal because idk why someone who made a twine game once needs PR.
2.) I thought the original five guys were teh five guys posted higher up in the thread (Brandon McMartin, Kyle Pulver, Nathan Grayson, Robin Arnott, Joshua Boggs).

No. 357807

It's in the first version of "INDIEfeasible" by Cameralady that was later taken down (backups might exist elsewhere on the web). I think it was also mentioned in the first #burgersandfries chatlogs with Eron present.

She did, it was stated on (purged) site of Silverstring Media afair. Remember that Zoey might be technically inept but is a capable social predator, milking Max Temkin for 10k for her non-existent Game Jam or using Wizchan to her game through Steam Greenlight.


No, Pulver and another dude (I think it was McMartin) were misidentified. Kramer was definitely IDed later and the other remained unknown as far as I know.

No. 357827

vidya "journalists" and indi devs are the epitome of deseperate.

No. 357887

do you think there's anywhere to find screencaps of this stuff? tbh someone just needs to create a database with evidence of all the shit things that zoe's done over the years. it would give some real credibility to the entire gamergate thing if you could just point to a single source and say 'read this'.

No. 357898

Ah, thanks for clarifying.

Seconding this, tried googling this stuff but lots of information is wrong or out of date, lots of places still name the original 5 guys but I would believe that internet detectives got the two mystery guy's identities wrong.

No. 358115

They are the sort of people who are only into feminism because they believe it gets them laid later on, which most likely explains how vigorously a lot of people whiteknight her.

No. 383440


"You've heard the stories about the dark side of the internet–hackers, #gamergate, anonymous mobs attacking an unlucky victim, and revenge porn–but they remain just that: stories. Surely these things would never happen to you.

Zoe Quinn used to feel the same way. She is a video game developer whose ex-boyfriend published a crazed blog post cobbled together from private information, half-truths, and outright fictions, along with a rallying cry to the online hordes to go after her. They answered in the form of a so-called movement known as #gamergate–they hacked her accounts; stole nude photos of her; harassed her family, friends, and colleagues; and threatened to rape and murder her. But instead of shrinking into silence as the online mobs wanted her to, she raised her voice and spoke out against this vicious online culture and for making the internet a safer place for everyone.

In the years since #gamergate, Quinn has helped thousands of people with her advocacy and online-abuse crisis resource Crash Override Network. From locking down victims' personal accounts to working with tech companies and lawmakers to inform policy, she has firsthand knowledge about every angle of online abuse, what powerful institutions are (and aren't) doing about it, and how we can protect our digital spaces and selves.

Crash Override offers an up-close look inside the controversy, threats, and social and cultural battles that started in the far corners of the internet and have since permeated our online lives. Through her story–as target and as activist–Quinn provides a human look at the ways the internet impacts our lives and culture, along with practical advice for keeping yourself and others safe online."

No. 383452

I look forward to seeing what sort of abusurdities are going to be written into this book.

No. 383532

File: 1494634245523.jpg (48.98 KB, 329x500, 510fuIEXwuL.jpg)

The About the Author is hilarious.
>Zoe Quinn is one of the most critically acclaimed, widely recognized indie developers in the gaming industry, and a leading voice in the fight against online abuse.

And this was really the best picture they had for the cover?

No. 383541

Hasn't she had a hand in harassing other women online? Hypocrisy.

No. 383591

File: 1494646192305.jpg (16.69 KB, 220x298, AnjelicaHuston.jpg)

that big ol' oblong head. She looks like fat morticia addams.

No. 383602

…that's her? Just scrolling by and had to check because I didn't recognize who that was at all… Doesn't look anything like how I remember her. What happened??

No. 383679

I'd say that photo looks like Alan Rickmsn in drag, but I don't want him to roll over in his grave at the insult.

No. 383683

File: 1494662437574.jpg (7.88 KB, 231x218, 5a68f2939afcb8bd58d6aef89f495d…)

>tfw there are so many more talented and hard-working female developers than Zoe is but they'll never get this sort of recognition because they're not manipulative, sociopathic cunts
God I fucking hate the world

No. 383688

She and her ilk will gladly harass any woman that doesn't toe the line and then have the gall to claim that SHE is the one being harassed.

No. 383696

You leave Anjelica out of this, she doesn't deserve it.
I really hate how so many attention whores are now jumping on the game developing/programming bandwagon and instead of getting good and creating something of value, they attention whore and post pictures of themselves 'coding' for internet grrl power brownie points. First Zoe Quinn, then Karlie fucking Kloss (lol), who's next?

You never hear about the normal women in tech aside from maybe the Adafruit lady who created the Raspberry Pi.

No. 383715

File: 1494682508037.jpg (37.92 KB, 219x300, XBL_Portal-Still-Alive.jpg)

They're right. I mean, why should I aspire to be like Kim Swift, Jayde Raymond or Jane Jensen, when I could aspire to be like her?

(I didn't add Roberta Williams because I'm not a fan of Sierra Games, feel free to kick me for it, I probably deserve it.)

No. 383725

I'd like to learn more about normal women in tech/games but I don't really know where to start. If there's anything true about the Author blurb on her book is that she is a widely recognized name for gaming casuals like me.

No. 384497

Damn. She looks old and photoshopped to hell. How does that even happen?

No. 384695

She went past her best before date.

No. 397031

File: 1497503640030.png (174.89 KB, 626x611, Screenshot 2017-06-12 01.33.25…)

So did you see notch (the creator of Minecraft) calling Zoe Quinn a cunt and Quinn sending her lackeys after him while notch, as usual, gave zero fucks? Glorious.

No. 397033

I don't see giving zero fucks when he got so butthurt that she kept 'changing her name'… but okay.

No. 397038


Notch has evolved into a fulltime troll. Then again, the man is a billionaire and has all the time snd money he could ever wish for.

Quinn doesnt really seem to ever understand these, Kim dotcomm, Notch and some others are all professional trolls.
Somehow she still gets baited this hard everytime.

No. 397055

it's not being baited, she knows this chuck tingle youtube poop masquerading as a video game is the last job she's ever going to have so she's fishing for white knights

No. 397100

File: 1497530611319.jpg (85.19 KB, 1160x756, crashoverridesales.jpg)

She's also trying to drum some sales on that book too. The only reason I can see for buying it is to have a laugh at all the trite she's going to put into it. Based on the sales figures, I'm not even slightly surprised that she's trying to get every last one of her orbiters to buy it.

No. 397107

at least it's longer than Lauren Southern's '''book'''

No. 397109

Well, her cunt did get fucked quite a lot. That makes his statement 100% factual.

No. 399037

I genuinely hope this crashes and burns and she's left with no fucking money. She's a professional victim.

No. 402470

If there is one thing she's shown to be good at, it's finding the next thirsty nerd who sees a maiden in distress and rob them blind without hesitation.

No. 404143

File: 1498831108692.png (562.11 KB, 1125x1077, cuckfight.png)

It looks like she got into a fight with the head of Gearbox over the Vidcon drama.

No. 404151

>"You act as if her writing about killing you gives you license to say that she's evil on a Twitter thread."

Well, fuck me.

No. 405635

Not trying to defend anita or zoe here but:

This is the closest thing I can find to the story he is talking about. She did post it but didn't write or request it, and it's obviously a fucking joke? He seems to be playing the victim as much as the rest of them. Unless his kid is really fucking young I think they should also comprehend that it's a joke, and if their kid is actually really young they shouldn't be on the internet unsupervised. He as an adult should see that this is a joke from a joke account. Surely he gets worse, more serious stuff from fans of his games on a daily basis. I guess she outta take it down if he really dislikes it, out of courtesy, but it's obviously not as serious as he paints it to be. Why doesn't he also go after the person who actually wrote it or the person who actually requested it? All she did was reblog it.


No. 431050

A rough draft of her book got leaked by someone so get ready to see what it's going to be about: https://archive.fo/YFft5

No. 431456

No. 431457

>Open this.
I was warned… and yet…

No. 445540



Oh, thank fuck the Buzzfeed article about Milo gave her the opportunity to pimp her book a bit more, it was lagging in sales.

And also thank fuck it made Milo trend on Twitter. We couldn't possibly forget both of them. We should have taken GG more seriously, what were we thinking finally letting these two fucks fade into obscurity.

No. 455712

File: 1508853941296.jpg (72.22 KB, 1016x1200, DM1ALLbU8AA1Xnw.jpg)

Apparently she lied about her mother being dead.


No. 456187

Not surprised. She lies about her family constantly since she was a young teenager, always painting herself as the victim. She use to lie about shit in her life ALL THE TIME. Back when she first started her model mayhem profile and was roomates with the girl who worked at the arcade, the time where all those "leaked nudes" were taken. She used to tell anyone who would listen, even people she had just met, that everyone raped her all the time or sexually assaulted or harassed her left and right. Boss tried to rape me, coworker raped me, stranger raped me, another coworker sexually assaulted me, my friend raped me, my boyfriend raped me, she even claimed to have work-related PTSD from being raped & sexually harassed at every single job that she could no longer work anymore ever again. And it was literally all lies, and if you ever confronted her she'd get desperate, delete shit, lie, convince others to cover, spread rumors, come after people's careers personally, str8 desperation.

Sage for blogpost but I saw her book "crash override" in a local liberal-ass bookstore, I bought it. $27 usd. The entire thing is her lying and being a victim and droning on about bullying almost killing her. When wholetime she used to call women whores and sluts and talk shit on helldump. She really has sold her soul to sjw's just to cover up her mistakes and ran with it wholeheartedly. Embarrassing. I was so happy when she got fat.

No. 456421

Why would you give her money? I puked in my mouth a little when I saw copies here.

No. 457510

File: 1509267541528.gif (728 KB, 275x169, 1508639892187.gif)

this is just fucking sad. giving that bitch money so you could confirm that yes, the book is exactly what one would expect it to be … what the actual fuck is wrong with you?
(took me less than 30 seconds to find and d/l the ebook version for free)

No. 460309

File: 1509770743423.jpg (183 KB, 891x711, lego.jpg)

No. 460314

File: 1509772203482.png (567.22 KB, 1220x857, felixeesian.PNG)

No. 460336

Two biggest cunts in the world.

No. 460363

File: 1509777574783.jpg (44.21 KB, 629x526, anita.jpg)

No. 460419

>picked up by the producer of that shitty Ghostbusters reboot

No. 460424

How the fuck is no media outlet picking up on this?

No. 460435


The media won't pick up on it because it is detrimental to the feminist regime most companies by now are profiting off of/somehow involved with Quinn.
Think of it all like communist propaganda; Just re-write history and you are the victor
(no pun intended)

No. 460897

I know TBH I felt bad that the money I was using to purchase it would go to fund that slore, but I justified it in my head as I could get lulz then maybe film it burning up. Just like the nazis in WW2, this rhetoric should not be spread and destroyed immediately.

That announcement is pretty old now. And FYI they never made the movie. I heard it was a rumor made up by femfreq that they spread to other big media sites in order to validate their side, but that it wasn't true at all, and everyone that reported that story said the exact same thing. I think someone tweeted Scarlett asking her if it was true but I don't remember what she said.

No. 460913

BUYING new copies of books to "stop their spread"… I cannot believe someone so stupid exists in this world

No. 460955

you should buy a few more copies of her book, anon. you've earned it.

No. 461009

The nu-males that orbit her are everywhere in the western media, so of course they'd cover her ass especially since gamergate became the ultimate evil in their minds.

No. 461496

File: 1510065263112.jpg (2.3 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5635.JPG)

Weirdly, her book was in the section with the campus rape books and gay pride books…..

No. 461497

File: 1510065344000.jpg (1.59 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5636.JPG)

The inside cover

No. 461555

someone give us a rundown of the worst, most embarrassing quotes

No. 464748

nigga why, it's 40% off on amazon pretty much from release & then you can at least leave a verified purchase review. You fucking hate money.

No. 468275

Just skimmed through a pdf i found with a quick google search. There's some rough shit in there.

No. 468277

I'll grant her this: she's created some genuine unintentional comedy with how utterly delusional and fictionalized this book is. It's an especially impressive feat considering how lame and flat all of the 'jokes' in it are.

No. 468358

This is the fucking worst. Because of money-grubbing cows crying wolf like this people will never take the harassment women experience seriously. Her mother outright admitting that most of the book is lying yet it's still marketed as this gripping true story?

No. 468578

Cunts like this are the primary reason women are treated with immediate suspicion whenever they try to seek justice for their rape or abuse. How much longer can this pathetic aging attention whore trapped in high school milk her career as a victim? I can't help but wonder what shit she's going to pull next. Probably going to cozy up to the richest, most influential guy she can get her stubby sausage fingers on and then turn around and claim he violently beat and raped her. As much as she disgusts me, I have a perverse fascination with watching this unfold and seeing how far she'll go just like every other dramafag here.

No. 468625

This dumb bitch was NPR this past summer promoting her "book." I forgot a lot of the cringe worthy content and many of the observations I made, but I do remember Zoe saying she's been in comedy for years and it helping her cope with the situation. Not only comedy, but I think she stated she did stand up comedy.

No. 468727

>Cunts like this are the primary reason women are treated with immediate suspicion whenever they try to seek justice for their rape or abuse.

No it isnt. False allegations make up a fraction of reports. The main reason is that society doesnt give a shit about rape or abuse of women. And people who use that as an excuse are fucking cunts themselves.

No. 468832

No anon, that's definitely why. People are suspicious automatically of anything. Theft, rape, assault. When even ONE false claim comes out it makes people disregard ANYTHING. Quit with the rape culture tinfoiling.

No. 468885

uhh no. just bc false allegations make up a fraction of reports doesn't mean they don't have a large impact. western society gives a shit about rape like are you serious…? you only hear about the stories where the rapist gets off with little/no time, because those event make stories. f off with this bs

No. 468919

This dumb bitch is exactly the kind of woman people who disbelieve rape claims will point to as an example of how all women lie about this shit. All she does is damage everything around her.

No. 468929

Seriously. Even if >>468727 is right, people like her do not make it easier.

No. 468932

Sage your infighting.

No. 469122

Has she even done anything in the 4-5 years since DQ came out apart from ruin a couple game jams (and take loads of donations for herself for her own game jam, which never happened and has no start date), run an elaborate conjob with CON (lol) where she basically took loads of donations for herself while using tons of uncompensated labour from other people and never really helped anyone unless they were famous, and took loads of donations for an FMV kickstarter game that's so cheap-looking she could have easily funded it with those thousands and thousands of dollars in cash she's raking in on Patreon doing absolutely fuck all? As far as I can tell she's just using the money to get multiple plastic surgeries, buy loads of clothes and a motorcycle and just sit on her ass online shopping and being a Quirky Nerd Girl™ on Twitter.

How long is this going to last for her? It seems like almost anyone else with a personal history this littered with abuse, hypocrisy, stealing, lying, cheating, bullying, and just generally being an absolute fucking trash fire of a human being would have been nailed to the wall by now. Her Patreon donations have been declining pretty steadily over the past few years, at least.

No. 469181

Not really, she's just slowly faded over time, which I think is better anyway since she seems to live by the "any attention is good attention" mantra.

No. 469227

Seems like it. Still, she's still getting loads of media attention. How are people ignoring her incredibly transparent but horrible past?

No. 469289

She basically reinvented herself as the ultimate victim of internet harassment after being a skanky scammer who got run out of the Toronto indie scene.
At this point anybody digging into the bullshit she has pulled over the years will end up being crucified by a mob because "How dare you St. Zoe was nearly murdered by Gamergate channer manchildren" so the only thing is to wait until she alieniates all her current "allies" (the CON con was quite a hit to her rep in SJW circles) and hope she doesn't find new bozos to parasitize.

No. 469384

Pretty sad, but the crowd that rallied against Zoe were mostly obsessed neckbeard "gamOrz" with a bit of incel in them. Of course they pushed it to the point of constant harassment and while she deserved it, the way they went about it solidified the idea that women in gaming are harassed. And to a certain point they are, but Zoe took advantage of it and ran. Just an example of someone taking advantage of a current issue and distorting it in their favor. It's not that she's female it's that she's a poisonous individual and uses people's perceptions of victimization to her own benefit.

Anyways, any examples of her plastic surgery?

No. 469392

She's for sure had a tit job, all her old softcore porn modelling pics show her with barely A-cup mosquito bites and she somehow magically went to DDs overnight. (Bonus points for her multiple times describing herself as always having been 'hourglassy' growing up in her book. Bitch had a total hogbody before her surgeries.) Possibly lipo, being as she seems to have magically shrunk her midsection in pics despite still having fat arms and legs. Definitely lasik, she's posted about it before. She's taken time off for unspecified surgeries in the past, we can assume they were cosmetic in nature since if it was anything vaguely life-threatening she would be posting about it everywhere to milk that sweet attention/pity she so desperately craves.

No. 469396

Any examples/stories of her time in Toronto? I'd love to hear some.

No. 469477

File: 1511902291379.png (169.97 KB, 604x742, ZDlYSzD.png)

Broteam has tweeted/streamed about that, apparently he has contacts there. KotakuInAction should have links/archives of that stuff.

I call bullshit on Zoey recieving any significant amount of harassment, bitch had at least three sets of fake dox ready to go to mislead people. And that's besider her history of faking harassment (Wizchan incident, early 8chan).
I'm mean ffs, the journalists who interacted with her either came from the same circles or were literally friend of the people she banged, no wonder she managed to get her long-planned trip to Europe written up as "having to flee the country because of death threats".

No. 469504

Wait, so she was dealing coke too? I'm not surprised in the slightest, though this is the first I've heard of it. Any more evidence to back this up? Would make sense as to why everyone jumped to defend her.

No. 469562

Quit strawmanning my point, I didnt mention rape culture.
Didnt say false allegations didnt have a big inpact, I said false allegations make up a fraction of reported rapes. So learn to read before telling people to fuck off with that bullshit.

No. 469570

How does me pointing out false rape allegations are a minority of all rape reports an example about how all women lie? I'm saying the opposite of that. I guess the "dumb bitch" remark is clearly projection.


No. 469574

I made the first comment. I'm aware that false rape claims are a very small minority of cases. I was pointing out the fact that society in general tends to paint women who claim rape or abuse as liars, and scum like Zoe are exactly the kind of women they'll point to as 'proof' that all women are liars. She's not just ruining


No. 469576

hit post by accident halfway through typing. as I was saying, she's not just ruining the lives of the people she comes into contact with, she's also giving misogynist assholes more ammo to disbelieve women.

Quit it with the infighting, someone give me some more drama about this STD-riddled dumpster fire of a human being.

No. 469586

Goddamn, Zoe would have been a great cow to follow if she didn't have an army of basement-dwellers poisoning the waters. Like, they're still trying to 'expose' her years later? It's a real shame too; she's pretty much the embodiment of an irc chatgirl trainwreck, but now you can't speak ill of her because a bunch of sexually frustrated dickheads actually harassed her.

No. 469614

There was definitely legit harassment by neckbeards thrown her way that got pretty crazy, but what's even crazier is how much of it she set up herself. She's hardly a genius, but she's smart enough to manipulate the people around her. Being as she is such a trainwreck, though, you gotta wonder how much longer that's going to last. She's still burning bridges left and right, it seems.

No. 470721

Fake news, there was an FBI investigation and it was inconclusive. In otherwords, she staged the words of the harassment. Just like when she referenced herself in her UN speech, which is why they redacted it and issued a "whoops nvm she was here"

No. 470752


Thank you mister Trump, but the FBI investigation was focused on Anita Sarkessian and Brianna Wu.

No. 470996

lol that UN speech was a fucking hilarious cringefest. normally i cant stand secondhand embarrassment, but that was some good shit. her stock went down a fair bit from that but she still brags about speaking in front of the UN whenever she gets half a chance

No. 471000

Anybody have any screenshots of some of the dumbest shit in this book? I can't be arsed to go through it right now.

No. 471433

File: 1512291435193.gif (148.75 KB, 978x534, hurrrrrr.gif)

oh no

No. 471808

>all that ugly purple prose and buzzwords

i didn't expect much but damn it's sad to look at.

No. 471821

Cringefest even with editors. "I'm better than gaming." 1: No you're not. The entire reason for gamer gate was because of how BAD your game was and the mysterious good reviews. 2: That was about the most juvenile comment I've ever seen by someone older than 11.

I thought her book would be her humble bragging, but I didn't think it would have this level of bad writing.

sage this shit and this level of garbage. The biggest and most annoying thing Gamer Gate neckbeards is that they thought this attention whore was worth the time to harass. Frankly they should have just watched the fire and laughed. The harassment and response by Quinn and associates was the most awful circle jerk. Seeing which one could blow their load quicker.

No. 471823

Correction: "I'm better than you at gaming."

No. 471842

Has anyone here even "played" Depression Quest by her? Just google it since it's free and a browser game. It's seriously the worst browser "game" I've ever played. It's like having 4 choices on a web page, then you just click to go to another web page. The conclusion is really kind of insulting and just says "go get help". Really cool game trivializing depression and making it all about herself.

No. 471884

It's been reviewed by several people who approached it open minds. It is a horrible game and pretty insulting to those who've suffered depression. I know people experience illness differently but most obvious were how off and stereotyped her definitions and behavior of a chronically depressed were. It was pretty offensive on some level and even more uneducated.

Game play/Choose your own adventure wise? It was horrible. Logistically stupid and uninspiring.

I was going to play it, but my boyfriend convinced me it really wasn't worth the time. He said trash like her didn't deserve the attention. So I trusted some of the reviews that tried to do a decent job at ignoring the drama and just judging the game from a non-traditional gaming prospective.

No. 472088

Lol if you want to make a choose your own adventure, then there's already programs like these


Or there were people making choose your own adventure games on Neopets

No. 472127

she did use a program to make her choose your own adventure. Twine is literally "drag and drop your paragraphs together".
it has a 'health bar' and some music, but then again she had three dudes as 'co-developers' to write a couple dozen lines of javascript.

No. 472767

If you guys are looking for a really well done game about depression, I seriously recommend Indygo (it's on Steam). I have depression and it really hit the nail on the head with every single ending and mood and it's voice acted & illustrated too, it's a point-and-click.

Sorry for sorta irrelevancy but playing Indygo actually made me think of this girl's garbage depression game in the first place. Maybe if it gains popularity she'll get pissy and bitchy over how it totally outshines her.

No. 472879

Just checked this out, it looks really good. Definitely a lot more complex, nuanced and realistic than DQ.(necro)

No. 544701

I don't think she's that ugly on her own tbh. Her hair and makeup and tatts and piercings and glasses make her look like an antisocial tumblr feminist from 2013. Without all that shit she'd probably look decent(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 553974

She literally circumvented the one hop thing about being fat!! She has littlw tits! How does one get that fat and totally avoiding growing tits?

No. 697355

File: 1567639078446.png (10.4 MB, 4449x3148, 1566888668311.png)

zoe quinn, back at it again with the accusations.

this time with suicide!

No. 697371

File: 1567640535097.png (166.35 KB, 343x630, 1567638908603.png)

>I may have exaggerated half of it

Fuck her tbh

No. 697399

i hate zoe because she's a narc opportunist but it has been corroborated that this guy was a huge creep and asshole.

No. 697406

File: 1567643723655.png (49.54 KB, 593x531, garbo.png)

No. 697412


This thread is about Zoe though, and here we have her own admission that she was lying about accusations.

We won't ever know now what allegations are true/false about Alec, we just know he had problems. I'm sure some, probably most, of the stuff out there is true, and it's unfortunate that he can't answer for what he did now.

But we do know Zoe lied about at least half of what she said, which is probably the shittiest thing she could do. This is one of the reasons why people don't take accusations seriously, because it's so easy to just plaster whatever you want on a site like Twitter or Tumblr and ruin people. She's once again making it harder for actual victims of abuse to voice themselves.

No. 697527

does it not matter the screen shot's fake?

No. 697534

File: 1567656372369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.9 KB, 526x792, EDkGw_RXkAIqhHV.jpg)


is this screenshot from 2014 fake too?

No. 697576

File: 1567663198724.jpg (21.54 KB, 538x433, 5d2cd0ec970e72f5b575bcc6b46713…)

did you even try to make this look real nigga

No. 697589

Remember that "Zoe Quinn" is not this woman's real name but a monicker, when she is done with robbing people and ruining everyone around her she will shed her made up persona , close her Zoe accounts and pretend nothing ever happened fleeing scot free from the public eye.

She is an expert Flim Flam gal and career manipulator.

No. 697776

oh sweet anon how right you were

No. 698076

File: 1567792488868.png (991.73 KB, 1200x923, ZQsequelBook.png)

No. 699430

Water is wet. In other news


"While it is indisputably true, as Quinn asserts in the statement, that there is no “karmic limit” on abuse or victimization, it is also true that all allegations must be given the respect they deserve and thoroughly investigated. In Quinn’s case, there are undoubtedly significant discrepancies in the statement that was made public on August 28th, and the history that was made available to The Post Millennial for review."

No. 699450

please learn to sage instead of bumping this thread consistently without any milk. we get it, she’s an evil whore or whatever. who gives a fuck, the dude she accused is dead.

No. 699695

anon i can't tell if you're concern trolling or just dense, but he obviously did it to avoid these questions. It's common for people about to be exposed to off themselves.

The screenshot above is fake. >>697534 doesn't prove anything regarding this.

Zoe is an opportunist piece of shit and I'm sure she will milk this for years, but this guy was a coward and an abuser.

No. 700013

This is fake AF lol why post it?

No. 701292

I don’t think he was an abuser. According to new screenshots from years ago of him discussing his relationship with others, it seems Zoe was really the abusive/gaslighting one. He even states he wanted to post his story publicly about what she put him through but was too afraid that Zoe would take it out on him and harass him/ruin his career. Funnily enough, he never got to release his story and she still ruined his career.

It’s already been proven (from zoe’s own tweets) that she lied about being “locked up in his apartment” and that she had to escape last minute after he refused to buy her a ticket. The game that he “took over” was a lie as well, as according to her tweets she was still working on it months and months after she left Winnipeg and broke up with him. She said “the funding had been pulled” aka she spent all the money, again, or she was having Alec pay for it all, then when they broke up, the money train stopped. But she very much had control of the game throughout and after. The only thing left is the “he put his fingers in me and walked me around the apartment” weird shit, and no one can prove or disprove it. It’s strange to see everyone say that she’s a narc opportunist liar, who posted no corroborating evidence, but then say Alec was still an abuser when he wasn’t able to speak out, public evidence to disprove the claims and back up his side, and he doesn’t have a history of abuse (he only has a history of mental issues, but no one mentioned any history of violence or abuse). The chances that Zoe, for the first time in her life, is telling the truth while simultaneously being a pathological liar opportunist with evidence contradicting her claims is slim to none. I really don’t get why people still believe her BS after all this time. She used to tell her old friends that the reason she couldn’t work a job (or attempt to apply for one) was because “every job” she ever worked at had coworkers/bosses that would sexually assault/rape/sexually harass her. Claiming that applying for a job would re-traumatize her. She would say it to strangers, friends, friends of friends, photogs, randoms online, etc so they would pay for all her shit (rent, clothes, food, going out, professional photos, gas, cons, work on her “projects” for free while she took credit, etc). While she herself would aggressively hit on other people, then cry about being hit on 24/7 bc she’s totes a beacon of ethereal beauty. This isn’t new. She also totally freaks out whenever she’s caught in a lie and blames the person who caught her, many many many times. She’s lost the privilege of being able to accuse anyone of anything without proof. She deserves to lose her pussy pass, permanently tbh.

No. 701908

No. 702842

Agreed. I think that they should have let an investigation happen first on her allegations before taking any action. In her case, she has a long history of compulsively lying and it should have been considered while making sense of her allegation. The moment I saw her damn name tied to this whole incident, I got a bad feeling that they needed to scrutinize her testimony even more.

She likely still compulsively lies because she's only been nothing but rewarded for continuously doing it. She got announced as the writer for a new DC comic, and she's dodged being on the spot for her failed Patreon project from last year.

Now she posting back on Twitter trying to reclaim her status as a victim. It's sad to see articles already popping up making it seem like Gamergate Part II is going to happen and that people are bullying her out of nowhere. She should be at least investigated for her allegations.

No. 702847

This situation has served to at least bring her less attention from the normies as far as them buying her shot. No there is not going to be a gamergate two- that’s what this lying bitch wants since it was the last time she was relevant or important. She’s probably low on victim bucks and trying to secure more through blowjobs and pretend victimhood and so long as people outside her circle know her for the snake she is she will not escape her hugbox again. As for her being at DC they are almost as irrelevant as she is and her shit tier skills will fail just like goddess modes shit.

No. 702866

>pussy pass
Oh fuck off.

No. 702868

Uh thanks for the link, I guess? This >>697371 screenshot is still completely fake. Just look at the padding in the chat bubble, whoever made this didn't even try.

No. 703137

Alec's DMs with another developer.
That someone had to anonymously share with TPM because they're terrified of Zoe's WK army


No. 703552

The ultimate hilarity is that she did what she accused Eron of in thezoepost all those years ago and her stupid lolcalfs don't seem to understand they're the same as any GGer who sent Zoe threats.

No. 703840

This is a good post until "pussy pass" on this female-only imageboard

No. 703853

Zoe's Twitter is a little bizarre. She has her original Tweets about Alec, but also retweeted Tweets about another guy, Alex, and another guy, Alexis, as well as retweeting people with the word "Alex" in their names. She basically organized an attack on all past "Alex" in her life, including multiple references to suicide in the original canceling.

Ctrl+F "Ale" and there are 50 results on her page from Aug 25th to Sept 15th, obviously not including the screencapped text posts about the various Alec/Alex/Alexis

Alec: 14 Alexis: 12 Alex: 9 (33 without space after)

No. 821846

File: 1613333975204.png (9.65 MB, 1307x13448, typical.png)

Sorry to necro this thread but there's been a lot of news that's been missed.

Her 'resources for online harassment' ended up with a ton of issues with staff not paid, specifically not helping trans people, or only helping 'famous' people to get her name elevated. Pretty pathetic to use literal victims of harassment for your own gain.


>Among these were complaints about lack of pay and an environment which made transgender staff feel taken advantage of. Though perhaps the worst allegation was that the entire network was designed only to help those who were famous enough to elevate Zoe’s name and status.

She started a kickstarter for a game she claimed she was going to make, raised about 85k, took about big lavish trip to japan, used money to back other kickstarters, and whatever else, then some how 'ran out of money' for her game, and hasn't updated anything to people who backed her in over two years.

>While literally vacationing in Japan, Zoe told the people who’d given her $85k that she didn’t have money left to finish the game. Compare and contrast that claim to the fancy hotel room pictures she was tweeting. Making it worse is that in the months prior, she’d tweeted multiple times about backing other people’s Kickstarter projects.

Recently, a movie that's gunna be made with gamergate as it's backdrop is being made called '1UP' with ellen page and some other actress I've never heard of, and of COURSE zoe quinn has to chime in and is trying to get other shitty gg people like anita sarkeesian to drum up some drama over it. I posted the entire article here as well.


>Almost immediately following its public announcement, 1UP was met with a wave of criticism and backlash from internet personalities who were involved in Gamergate to varying degrees.

>DC and Marvel Comics author Zoe Quinn, whose personal life acted as the catalyst for the event after ex-boyfriend Eron Gjoni accused her of infidelity and trading sexual favors for positive press coverage, sarcastically commented “wow what a “fun” idea. assholes.”

pic is the film announcement article.

No. 821849

>Recently, a movie that's gunna be made with gamergate as it's backdrop is being made called '1UP' with ellen page
did you mean elliot page? lmfao

No. 892247

File: 1663710129163.jpg (270.67 KB, 1878x552, game design.jpg)

No. 892270

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