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File: 1486281967517.jpg (64.22 KB, 499x501, einshine.jpg)

No. 347578

Einshine is a 19 year old YouTuber and aspiring mangaka from Japan with over a million subscribers. His first account can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMl_CxVaKout8eY6wlWPc2A

Within the last month, he made a new YouTube channel, ShinePHD, found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO_lR77eLAlXZYdf1_tOCLA

Originally, he was known for making Minecraft videos, but moved toward vlogging. Three of his ex girlfriends are coming forward to give their accounts of what occurred when they dated him. I changed their names to protect their anonymity.

Ashley was 14 when she first met him. You can read her story here: http://pastebin.com/2iQJE39X

Lindsay was an adult when she dated him, but she discovered he was secretly flirting with underage fans of his as young as age 10: http://pastebin.com/X896DSbP

Wendy was also an adult. Einshine manipulated her into sleeping with him, and said some weird stuff while they were dating: http://pastebin.com/GyYU02jW

No. 347579

File: 1486281998627.png (34.64 KB, 275x91, 1.png)

Ashley's Story: http://pastebin.com/2iQJE39X


>"You can say whatever you like about me but do not out who I am. If you do this will become a legal issue and I do not want that to happen. There is proof of our messages that lead from your IP, there is photos of us together, videos on the hotel security cameras and proof from the gynecologist of your DNA from the Infection along with my therapist’s records of what happened. So since you have a dual citizenship, it can be bad for both of us. Let’s keep this clean, Thank you."

Ashley was 14 when she first started talking to Einshine. She visited Japan to stay with him for a week when she was 15. Ashley revealed he took her to Sugamo Apa Hotel (http://www.apahotel.com.e.ju.hp.transer.com/language/shutoken/41_sugamo-ekimae.html). This can be confirmed in this video / picture of the hotel room.

Compare to a picture of the hotel room taken from google images:

You can her Ashley laughing in this video. You can also see he has a few stacks of American 20 dollar bills, which is Ashley's money. He wouldn't be carrying all those bills for himself in Japan.

Einshine proceeded to have sex with her. This is a statutory rape crime (19 > 15) in his prefecture. He's also a US citizen, so their law may apply too. Before sex, he said, “you look just like a baby.” He tried to make her do bondage, call him master, and wear dog collars. Einshine wouldn’t tell anyone they were dating and wouldn’t take pictures with Ashley. Ashley's mother called him to ask where she was, he wouldn’t tell her. He also mocked Ashley about her PTSD and had her go off her medication because “it’s a scam.” Moreover, Ashley developed a UTI, Einshine wouldn’t do anything about it until she started bleeding.

Quotes from her story:

>"The problem, however, was that he was only interested in girls that looked very young, around the ages of 13 to 16. He had brought up that he was interested in dating girls like this due to the fact he liked the loli type anime character. He also mentioned he wanted girlfriends with smaller breasts, a small butt, and to be incredibly short as well."

>"He also told me to hide my age from Joey (TheAnimeMan, who still lived with him at the time) and he hid me upstairs and told me to be quiet when his mom came over once."

>"he started to get incredibly mad at me for seemingly trivial things. Once such thing was simply shaking up a bottle of orange juice at a 7/11. Once we got home, he started yelling at me that I was being wasteful by shaking the juice and acted like I was just a bothersome child he had to take care of."

>"One time, when Kat dropped coins in a store while we were in line, he yelled at her once we left the store. Unlike me crying though, Kat just put her head down called herself stupid and agree with everything he said."

>"That night, I told him that I was in pain and that I thought i had a urinary tract infection. He didn’t pay much attention to it though and wasn't too worried so I tried to ignore it, still sleeping with him"

>"I felt like he was now paying more attention to Kat, since he was slapping her ass and pulling up her skirt all the time. Sleeping with him didn’t improve the situation, though. One time after sleeping together, he got up and walked out of the room, still completely naked, to talk to Kat."

>"I take an anti-anxiety medication. Shine knew this, and tried to discourage me from using it […] he claimed that medications didn’t work and that it was a scam. […] because I was off it for so long, I started to be affected by it and easily became more emotional than I usually would in certain situations. This was another factor that exacerbated the situation for me."

>"he got right up in my face and screamed at me on top of his lungs making me break down into a panic attack while he told me that panic attacks and PTSD didn’t exist. Kat agreed with everything he said even shouted at me to “shut the fuck up.” After everything calmed down a bit, I went to sleep in Kat’s room and as I cried, he stood in the doorway and mockingly said,“ I’m glad I was your first love."

No. 347580

Lindsay's Story: http://pastebin.com/X896DSbP

Lindsay was one of Shine’s first girlfriends. Shine traveled to visit Lindsay for a week.

At a point, Shine left his laptop open and Lindsay found 10-13 year old fans on his skype account messaging him.

"I had never been so shocked, I basically woke up one morning, he was asleep beside me, his laptop was open in the living room, and I know I shouldn't of been lurking through his private skype messages. He was asking young girls, "What kind of things have you done with guys before? ;)" “Have you ever touched a boy before?” “Have you ever kissed a boy before?” He had no excuse.

Quotes from her story:

>Shine mentioned that he wanted to meet up with two 13 year old fan girls from where I lived, they were messaging his twitter,. he resisted in showing the messages, and said that I could not come with him. […] I told him to be careful and he lashed out at me, telling me that he can do what he wants.

>he would always make sure his screen was facing away from my own

>During that time, he was working with a particular Youtuber, [Name]. […] a few months later, I get a message from [Name].

>"You were right. Einshine is a pedo."
>"When I was with him in Japan. He was saying that he'd do things to kids, now I don't know what to say to him."

>"Oh, I saw what Kat looked like yesterday" I simply listened. His words: "Her face is really fucked up, her nose the most."

No. 347581

File: 1486282116740.png (549.68 KB, 674x1517, 2.png)

Wendy's Story: http://pastebin.com/GyYU02jW

Another girl Einshine was with, Wendy, also gave an account. Wendy met Einshine in a meetup, where she was briefly in a video with him. To Wendy, he called his previous girlfriend Ashley, crazy. Einshine showed interest in Wendy on and off, and after telling her she could come to him for anything, In order to manipulate Wendy into dating him, he told her no girls want to date him, that they solely friendzone him. He called all of his past girlfriends crazy, abusive, or mean.

At one point, Wendy told Einshine she thought her drink was spiked (see attached pic). Einshine said that that does not happen in Japan, and later made a tweet making fun of it. https://twitter.com/ShinePhD/status/811351070546870272


>He also made it seem like it had been a very long time since he had a relationship, and acted like he hadn’t had sex in a very long time (However, I later found out that he had just had sex less than a month ago with another girl)

>The next night, he texted me a lot before I came, telling me he missed me and got upset when I didn’t respond to them the way he wanted me to.

>Once we were done, he told me that Kat thought it wasn’t a good idea for him to be dating now and called it a “one night stand.”

>At one point in October, I was by myself at a restaurant and had a bad reaction to an alcoholic drink I got. When I told Shine, since he was my only friend in Japan at the time, he reacted with disinterest a few hours later and said “Drinks don’t get spiked in Japan. Are you sure you’re not just drunk?”

No. 347582

General summary:
● Playing Victim to Get Girls
- Says no girls want to date him, they just “friendzone him” (Source: Wendy texts)
- Says all past girlfriends were crazy, abusive, or mean to him (Source: Wendy texts,
real life account- Ashley, Wendy)
- Through lying, he has manipulated girls to sleep with him and trust him

● Sexism/Treatment of Women
- Makes fun of past girlfriends and current girls he is talking to
- Talks about girls like he owns them, wants them to obey him (Source: Ashley's
texts, tweets)
- Treats Kat badly
- Claims he “changed” Kat from a “selfish bitch” to a “good person”
- Calls her retarded, slow, other insults
- Threw food at her when he became angry at Ashley, also yelled at her for
dropping coins in a store

● Racism
- Uses “N*” frequently in real life to refer to random black objects and calls Kat
“n* Kat” (real life account)
- Referred to a black girl as a “n*” when Ashley told him that this girl knew that
they were friends (real life account)
- Looks down on other Asian people, like Koreans and Chinese

● Pedophilia/Ephebophilia
- To a 15 year old- talked about sex toys with Ashley, talked about having
intercourse, took her to a sex shop, told her about the porn he watched
and his fetishes, had sex with her, made her engage in his fetishes by
calling him “Master” and bought her a dog collar to wear in public so that it
would be like he “owned” her.
- Possibly had a relationship with another younger girl before Ashley (Source:
Ashley's account)
- Warning viewers to hide underage relationships if they’re engaging in one as he
laughs and looks at Kat behind the camera
- After a 16 year old told him her age on Omegle, he said she was “doable” and "flexible"
- Told a ten year old his favorite drink is "raspberry tea with a bit of cum"

● Abusive Behavior
- Held Ashley “hostage” at his house for a week without telling her mom where she
was and wouldn’t answer the phone when she called
- Refused to take Ashley to the hospital for her UTI, only took her when she started
to bleed from it and her life was possibly endangered
- Acted like this whole experience was “troublesome”
- Later complained to Wendy about it and complained about how annoying
she was
- Threw food at Ashley and broke his keyboard when she told him she regretted
sleeping with him, after he threatened to break up with her
- Agitated Ashley's PTSD and made her have a panic attack, knowing that she
would have one if he yelled at her (Ashley's father was abusive and Shine knew
- Forced Ashley to stop taking her depression medication because it “doesn’t work”
- Forced Ashley to not post pictures of herself online and quit her modeling job so
that other people wouldn’t see her
- Was very nonchalant about Wendy possibly having her drink spiked, a while later
made a strange joke about drink spiking on twitter
- Kat acts like she has stockholm syndrome
- Says things like “Shine is always right” “I love Shine” “Just agree with
Shine” “I would die for Shine”
- Does whatever he tells her to, without complaining
- When Kat complains or messes up, Shine gets very angry at her
- Shine humiliates Kat in public by pulling up her skirt and would slap her
ass in front of Ashley, also let Kat sit on his lap in front of Ashley

● Other problems:
- Still shit-talks Lindsay to friends, despite the relationship being over for two years,
and makes false claims about her
- Said that she chased him with a knife, hit him, starved him, abused him
- Also made negative comments about Joey, Sharla, and other girls to
- “ I’m Racist. ” video: Says that it’s okay to have these opinions and that it’s
good that you’re thinking about yourself, but then goes on to say it’s
stupid for twelve minutes straight.
- Basically thinks Japan is above every other country in the world, always stresses
that he’s half Japanese.
- Watches hentai everyday ( to the point where it’s probably the reason why he has
erectile dysfunction )
- Has claimed he wants to be a sociopath because he won’t have to feel anything

No. 347583

File: 1486282158005.jpg (137.68 KB, 750x1334, 3.jpg)

No. 347584

File: 1486282165102.jpg (13.88 KB, 155x275, 4.jpg)

No. 347585

File: 1486282171713.jpg (13.83 KB, 155x275, 5.jpg)

No. 347586

File: 1486282177884.jpg (152.69 KB, 750x1334, 6.jpg)

No. 347587

File: 1486282183521.jpg (142.25 KB, 750x1334, 7.jpg)

No. 347588

File: 1486282190664.jpg (146.13 KB, 750x1334, 8.jpg)

No. 347589

File: 1486282206913.jpg (149.76 KB, 750x1334, 9.jpg)

No. 347590

File: 1486282213305.jpg (143.06 KB, 750x1334, 10.jpg)

No. 347591

File: 1486282220420.jpg (133.89 KB, 750x1334, 11.jpg)

No. 347592

File: 1486282226908.jpg (193.9 KB, 750x1334, 12.jpg)

No. 347593

File: 1486282233925.jpg (149.65 KB, 750x1334, 13.jpg)

No. 347594

File: 1486282242082.jpg (148.47 KB, 750x1334, 14.jpg)

No. 347595

File: 1486282254127.jpg (161.76 KB, 750x1334, 15.jpg)

No. 347596

File: 1486282263408.jpg (142.78 KB, 750x1334, 16.jpg)

No. 347597

File: 1486282308065.png (45.7 KB, 607x312, 17.png)

No. 347598

File: 1486282318518.jpg (141.97 KB, 750x1334, 18.jpg)

No. 347599

oh man seeing such a well put together post is already making my mouth water.

No. 347600

holy shit, so he's a pedo huh

No. 347601

btw, he's turning 20 in a few days

No. 347602


No. 347603

Damn admin can this post get a gold star? Anon did work.

Another day, another YouTube pedo. I feel so icky since there were a couple videos of his I enjoyed. Is that why the girl in some of his videos talks in a really high-pitched kiddy voice?

No. 347604

Holy shit, I don't even watch many of hid vids and had a feeling he was trouble. This is more than anticipated!

No. 347605

I'm the first story on here so if you have any questions about what went down feel free to ask.

No. 347606

File: 1486284230024.png (10.33 KB, 443x109, virgin.png)

How many virgins must we sacrifice?

No. 347607


>When things started to get really bad was around the time i told him my friend knew i was “friends” with Shine and he started saying that things might not work out if things keep going this way. He told me to cut this girl out and said he didn’t want a “ Fucking n*“ to expose him. She is black if you couldn't tell.


>He also told me to hide my age from Joey (TheAnimeMan, who still lived with him at the time) and he hid me upstairs and told me to be quiet when his mom came over once.He would say a lot of bad things about Joey as well, saying that his girlfriend (Who I wasn’t really supposed to know he was dating) was obese and that the photo of Aki and Joey in the living room really bothered him. He also said that he didn’t like Joey’s friends in the anime community and Joey would never make it on youtube. In Shine’s own words, “His views will drop as fast as they came.”


>So after I got to Tokyo, he met up with me at the station and brought me to the hotel he had picked out for me so that I was near his house. He took me to the hotel room and we spent the night together (not going to get into detail about that you can probably imagine what happened) After that he had told me, “When we go to see Kat tomorrow, don’t get mad about me having Kat sit in my lap or be close with me. Also, don’t make Kat jealous and don’t try to take time away from Kat with me because I’m like her only family and I don’t want her to feel lonely. Don’t tell her I said that.”

>The next day we went to his apartment and hung out for a bit. Basically, all that would happen was that he would play Overwatch while I watched, and Kat would draw for him, He would complain about things, get really angry at Kat for little things like spilling water, would get food from Family Mart, and then he would sleep with me. Yet he stayed up till about 8:00 AM, and sleep in until 3:00 PM. He would also get really mad if he got woken up around 3:00 in the afternoon. During this time, he also tried to make me eat at certain times and controlled my diet so that I wouldn’t gain weight.


>He also did things like say he wanted me to act like a dog in bed and act like he was my owner and that he would buy me a choker that looks like a dog collar as an inside thing between us so that it was like he owned me in public.

>He also made sure that I did not tell anyone I knew him personally and tried to get me to not post as many photos of my face online or model at all (a job i had at the time.) He even eventually made me quit my job modeling for a online clothing shop in June, right around when we first started dating.

this plus the pedo stuff reminds me of onision. gross

No. 347608

File: 1486285135926.png (238.34 KB, 641x523, onision.png)

No. 347609

how surprising

No. 347610

Wow this milk is delicious. I always got the impression that he was an asshole from his videos so I never watched more than a few of them. Its pretty crazy to see the impression was true and that hes a pedo too. Wow. Good job anon for putting together all this info!

No. 347611

I'm dying to know what happened between him and Sharla.

No. 347612

File: 1486285643478.jpg (158.23 KB, 675x1119, hayley1.jpg)

this seems really similar to ashley's story–it looks like she stayed over for the week

No. 347613

Kat's behavior only confirms me she likes him. It reminds me of Killing Stalking but without the murders and shit. I bet Shine and Kat fuck sometimes but he doesn't want something serious with her, then brings girls to the flat. I also didn't expect her to be this rude and fucking stupid.
How old is she?

No. 347614

File: 1486285798523.jpg (151.7 KB, 674x1103, hayley2.jpg)

No. 347615

Kat told me she's 20.

No. 347616

I am also able to answer questions if people have them.

No. 347617

File: 1486286411375.gif (2.03 MB, 640x480, got-milk_jccxqx.gif)

God bless you, OP

No. 347618

>you have to respect your elders, that why senpai and kohai were born.

Sure Shine. Isn't he a year younger than her? I hope someday he'll find someone with a dominant personality that won't support his shit. Someone to make him feel submissive, inferior. Take your own medicine Shine u piece of shit

No. 347619

Jesus fUCK

This is milky, but highly depressing, too.

I hope he burns alongside his favorite youtuber Onion-senpai!
Maybe they can be kinky together!
Let'em both be chained to a wall until they rot

No. 347620

he turns 20 on february 9, not sure how much younger he is.

No. 347621


I think Kat's B-day October 25th

No. 347622

Ah sorry made a mistake Kat is now 21

No. 347623

What kind of visa does Kat have? Do you know what she's doing? Studying? Working?

No. 347624

what the… are these all real? this guy is much more of a douchebag than i originally though he was!!! im in shock

No. 347625

Ashley how did you, Wendy, and Lindsay find each other?

No. 347626

Apparently she has an Australian working Holiday Visa. Shine also told me that you cannot get a Visa for youtube. The only thing she does is draw for Shine and doesn't leave the house that much.

No. 347627

>Hope no one reads this and I go to jail lol
>Ok we should not talk about this here lol
>Kat said its bad and dangerous
>If they want to get me they can use this against me

Oh really.

No. 347628

dude what the fuck

No. 347629

Lindsay made a post about Einshine on PULL and we all got in touch that way

No. 347630

Shit girls, sorry you had to went through this clusterfuck that is Shine.

No. 347631

I remember reading that post on PULL before it got deleted shortly after. That story alone was enough to shock me, but then I found this thread and my mind is completely blown. How is this guy not in jail yet?

Also, does anyone know anything about Kat's parents/family? Do they not know that Kat is living with a pedo? How could they just let their daughter live in Japan with some random guy like Shine??

No. 347632

What bothers me the most is that Joey MUST HAVE noticed some of the disturbing things that happened between Shine and Kat, why didn't he say or do anything? I get that we don't know everything nor we ever will about what truly went down between him, Joey and Sharla, but holy shit. You're bound to notice disturbing behaviours when you're living together.

No. 347633


Do you know why the thread was deleted was it the OP, or mods?

No. 347634

Kat doesn't talk to her parents that much, I don't think they really know what's going on. Even though we were with Shine for some time, Kat barely revealed anything about herself.

No. 347635

Lyndsay requested that it be taken down after she talked to Ashley and I

No. 347636

File: 1486289145751.png (309.23 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-02-05-11-04-39…)

I read Ashley's story and if you're the same girl as the one in the screenshot with Shine and a woman, why did you say this? Wasn't it a nightmare? Or you were trying to get unblocked and talk to him again?

No. 347637

No that's not me. That happened a year before I met shine.

No. 347638

maybe thats why they had a fallout. i always thought the reason for it was aki. but maybe there's actually another reason behind it..

No. 347639

Maybe? It would still sit wrongly with me, leaving someone to abuse others. I get that he couldn't really report him based on hearsay and without proof, much less without Kat coming forward, but damn, that's just sad.

No. 347640

How and when did she meet him?
He made her into a prisoner, what the fuck.

No. 347641

Fuck, this is too disturbing to watch now.

No. 347642

Ashley and I think that maybe Joey wasn't fully aware of everything that was going on since usually Shine tries to hide girls from him.
Kat is also willing to do anything for Shine, so I don't think there's any way Joey could have helped her.

No. 347643

File: 1486291138329.jpg (170.23 KB, 810x1007, IMG_20170205_113758.jpg)

No. 347644


is he autistic?… that's some onion level sperging right there. how does this guy have a fanbase?

No. 347645

well he's catering to the fanbase he has a romantic interest in…

No. 347646

I guess his shit is funny to the 12 yr olds…That's how he reels them in.

No. 347647

i think that's someone else

No. 347648

b/c he's kawaii af ;33 and so honest&cleaver too, uwu hes like something straight out of my korean puppet shows <33

No. 347649

is he half jew?

No. 347650

He is fucking retarded.

No. 347651

God, i have also dated him for a while.
Feel so sorry for the other girls

No. 347652

All things considered this should go in /pt/ and not just /snow/.

No. 347653

If you would like, you can also tell your story here. We were hoping that by making this post, we could find other girls who had a similar experience with him. You don't have to reveal your identity and if possible please share proof.

No. 347654

File: 1486299788847.jpg (244.23 KB, 803x1152, IMG_20170205_140030.jpg)

How long has Kat been living with Einshine? Is he making her overstay her visa?

No. 347655

the working holiday visa seems to be for six months at a time, extendable. how long do you think she's been there?

No. 347656

Damn if I knew he was this weird I would have talked to him when I saw him in Tokyo

No. 347657

More than a year for sure

No. 347658

she might just be getting it extended.

No. 347659

Not that anon but probably for (over) a year? Just checked, the earliest mention of Kat on twitter is from 16th October 2014 (!). https://twitter.com/Einshines/status/390584211519713280

No. 347660

You can't extend a working holiday visa after you spent a year in Japan with it. Maybe she is on a tourist allowance

No. 347661

the chance of being allowed to tack on a tourist visa right on to the WH visa is small. perhaps she left the country and re-entered, doing it that way. at any rate, a tourist visa is 3 months.

No. 347662

As far as I know Australian people can extend their working holiday visa for another six months.

No. 347663

Kat was painting under the Kayurita pen-name from 2013-2014 (almost non-active in 2015), after (I assume) getting in contact with Shine she left all of her social media (that includes her tumblr, two twitters, dA, youtube, Myanimelist, wordpress blog) deleting most of her work there. Was it Shine's influence? Who knows.

No. 347664

According to her ask.fm her birthday is on 27th of Oct. http://ask.fm/kayurita

No. 347665

Australian people have first 6 months and can then renew it to another 6 months. My friend did the same.

No. 347666

Anyone else get the impression that Shine and Kat are in a long term relationship and she is a cuckqueen&sub? Would fit with his interest in bdsm and why she has such a say in his other relationships (e.g. Reading his sexual texts with other gurls)

No. 347667

Here it says she was born on 26th October 1995 (older than Shine?). http://nyanstrike.wikia.com/wiki/Nyansai

No. 347668


No. 347669

>Q&A with Kat
>Q: What phone do you use?
A: "Honestly I'm not sure , I don't even have a sim card so technically I don't even use a phone. I have a some kind of brand that plays music and little apps. As far as calling and texting I can't do that."

Shit girl.

No. 347670

Also some more stuff about Kat:
-She doesn't own a phone, so she uses Shine's phone if she ever calls her family
-Shine trusts Kat's intuition about girls and other people above anything else
-Seems to be almost 100% dependent on Shine for all of her food, shelter, Japanese language, living expenses, and clothing

No. 347671

Japanese, too? Hasn't she been learning japanese for a few years already?

No. 347672

Also not sure if this was brought up in the first few posts, but Kat also wears a collar in her official design.

No. 347673

This really rubs me the wrong way…

No. 347674

The one time I was with them, they were buying a kitchen appliance and Shine had to explain everything the sales rep was saying in English to her because he was depending on her to pick it out. Usually he does all the talking in restaurants and orders for her too.

No. 347675

Is it his father who is Japanese? There's some confusion as to his legal name

No. 347676

No, I think his mother was Japanese and father German.

No. 347677

I thought he had British citizenship. So his father is ethnically German but British nationality?

No. 347678

Wow. Always thought that he was just an edgy kid who tries to hard to be the next Idubbbz/Filthy Frank. Nice thread, OP.

What a disgusting piece of shit…poor girls, srsly (no compassion for Kat tho. Bitch seems to be dumb and insecure as fuck)

The fact that such a lanky and ugly guy is into bdsm/wants to be the dom in sexual intercourses is hilarious imo.
I'm seriously wondering if he is autistic or something.

No. 347679

He is probably a part of r/hapas

No. 347680

I feel like Kat is a crazy weeb living in some anime delusion where she and shine are anime characters.

No. 347681

File: 1486306085669.png (114.66 KB, 348x352, fetus shine.png)

He used to be a child model (I think the page has since been deleted) and his name listed there was "Charlie Hikaru Takenouchi"
Hikaru=Shine bc that's what it means in English and I think Takenouchi is his dad's name since his parents divorced when he was younger.

No. 347682

Shine's mom is half Japanese, half German but her family lives in Alaska.
His dad is 100% Japanese

No. 347683

Is he even a haafu at this point, smh.

No. 347684

appalling. people like this deserve to be publicly shamed.

No. 347685

Was he a child model for a japanese company? I've heard that there is a lot of dark stuff happening in the japanese entertainment industry, I'm probably reaching but maybe he was abused as a child which may have caused his weird behavior and his pedophiliac tendencies

No. 347686

Holy shit. I knew something was off about him. I think maybe this was why joey and Sharla cut him out either way his personality is shit.
Kat needs some mental help. How old is she?

No. 347687

I'm pretty sure it was a Japanese company. According to Ashley, he was on a cereal box once and I think he did some other stuff but that's all we really know about what he did as a model

No. 347688

Goddamn I'm sick of these narcissistic Peter Pan complex pedos. Put him and Onion and the rest in a camp.

No. 347689

File: 1486307720836.jpg (14.83 KB, 280x142, Capture.JPG4.JPG)

Anon, is this Kat? The girl with the mask. I'm guessing she started to use a mask since Shine said her nose is fucked up. Funny thing that he did a video in which he said if you cover something from you face you're screaming that you're insecure. Then he covered his nose and introduced his channel while looking at Kat sometimes.
>maybe he was abused as a child which may have caused his weird behavior and his pedophiliac tendencies
My thoughts exactly but usually if you want to feel in charge and you humiliate women in public is because you've seen your dad doing it to your mom. The kid blames his mother for not fighting back and needs a second mother for when they are adult. Although he also wants to feel the same power the dominant parent had. When you are abused by someone in your childhood i.e. you're a guy and your aunt abused you sexually, you won't end up like this. You'll end up hating women and preferring a male partner. One of my friends went though that and he claims to be gay, while his psychiatrist says he could be bi but hates the idea of intercourse with women. Sorry for OT
21 this year

No. 347690

File: 1486307914199.png (284.2 KB, 620x397, Screenshot 2017-01-15 16.12.08…)

Yeah that is Kat. This is also another picture of Kat where you can kind of see her face

No. 347691

I wonder what she really looks like.
>Then he covered his nose and introduced his channel while looking at Kat sometimes.
This is true psychological abuse, wtf. She seems to be so insecure about herself; hiding half of her face and probably faking her voice (btw, is her voice really that annoying and high-pitched irl?) she really needs to seek medical help. No wonder Shine likes her so much, such an insecure girl is an easy pray for a cunt like him.

No. 347692

>speculation about his dad abusing his mom or him being abused as a child model

Reaching. Some people do go through abuse and become abusive shits, some people are just abusive shits despite a normal supportive upbringing, there's no proof of abuse here (at least on his parents or agency's part). It certainly doesn't exclude the possibility, but based on Lindsay's story of him being a lot more nice and well rounded when they first met, then going crazy with pubescent pussy power, I think we can all agree he watched too much fucked up loli hentai when he was isolated from female attention and still didn't know how to interact with girls then let the attention form young fans go to his head when he started getting it.


I'm dying here

No. 347693

File: 1486308791668.gif (497.99 KB, 500x236, 5s4kkZ1.gif)

Jvlogger community right now.

No. 347694

The voice she does in her videos is always faked, around 11:15 she accidentally speaks in her real voice

No. 347695

>I think we can all agree he watched too much fucked up loli hentai when he was isolated from female attention and still didn't know how to interact with girls then let the attention form young fans go to his head when he started getting it.
If that's really the case he def has autism, topkek

No. 347696

That's probably the truth, thinking he was abused is probably just us in denial about him being a complete retard.

No. 347697

Maybe they all friendzoned you because you're autisctic trash? So you have to go for the girls that are your fans? Because women that don't watch your videos aren't interested in you?

No. 347698

"it's really impotent" kek
Seriously though, why does he have a speech impediment if he grew up in Alaska? Also does he speak fluent Japanese?

No. 347699

Wow, he's disgusting. And so is Kat, I don't have any sympathy for her really. I don't see why he's so popular anyways, he's kind of uggo and not funny at all.


>narcissistic Peter Pan complex pedos

That's the perfect way to describe it. I do feel like we're going to see many more yters (especially with young audiences) be exposed as pedos in the future.

No. 347700

tbh when Shine calls Kat stupid he's saying the truth. She's fucking stupid to continue by his side.
Is he her splenda or ???

No. 347701

pretty sure kat is the model here too

No. 347702

It's her and Shine's shop.

No. 347703

yes she is

No. 347704

File: 1486309993832.png (701.63 KB, 799x594, 2017-02-06 00_51_13-Our house …)

Outline of Kat's face from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTb1f4CbM5o

Any anons good at judging faces? She seems to be smiling here.

No. 347705

smiling or pouting

No. 347706

File: 1486310234765.jpg (36.11 KB, 751x272, Autism at its greatest.jpg)

Yep. Kat is dumb as fuck on top of being completly blind.
>The voice she does in her videos is always faked, around 11:15 she accidentally speaks in her real voice
kek this fucking comment section

No. 347707

I also just wanted to clarify that there were some mistakes in the post talking about me-
I never dated Shine, his only goal was to manipulate me into sleeping with him and then just cut me off after

No. 347708

I'm not usually one to pry about someone's face, but at this point I'm curious if she's even as ugly as Shine says or if it's apart of his degradation/humiliation fetish and breaking her down so she'll be an art slave and punching bag for him forever.

No. 347709

I guess she looks pretty average? I'm just thinking whether her being so skinny has anything to do with Shine starving her and being in control of her diet like with the other girl.

No. 347710

I know Joey doesn't want drama with Shine but if I were him oh boy I'd talk, I'd talk a lot about his shitty existence and warn people about him.

No. 347711

I went to the same meetup as Wendy and I remember Shine bought Kat a burger but she only ate it when they went home.

No. 347712

a) she's insecure and doesn't want people to see her face
b) she's scared of being recognized
c) she's scared her picture will be on the Internet
d) she doesnt really want to be related to Shine
e) She feels like shit due to Shine's comments about her face, is insecure and doesn't want her picture on the Internet because she thinks we are going to talk bad about her face too

No. 347713

True, true, she even wore two facemasks masks during the meetup lol

No. 347714

File: 1486315900726.png (13.77 KB, 441x97, gross.PNG)

im sorry if its disrespectful but can anyone confirm?

No. 347715

No. 347716

This is like Japanese version of Onision

No. 347717

Why did he stop with his first YouTube channel? He is doing the same shit on his second one

No. 347718

> She feels like shit due to Shine's comments about her face
I think it's mostly this. She worships Shine and would probably love to be attached to him romantically if he let her, but he can get more preteen pussy if he plays the 'friend zoned lonely nice guy' card.

No. 347719

You mean they're NOT romantically attached? All that and he won't go all the way? Kat gurl no love yourself more

No. 347720

>You mean they're NOT romantically attached?
Not publicly. He's gotta play up that single nerd pretty boy persona so he can manipulate his 13 year old fan girls.

>Kat gurl no love yourself more

It's clearly established that she doesn't. Even if he publicly admitted she was his gf, it doesn't make up for all the cucking and verbal abuse (he probably backhands her too when no one is around). There is no possible outcome where kat both has self respect and stays in contact with shine at this point.

No. 347721

She should just go back to her family but that probably sounds like rocket science if she has a stokholm syndrome.

No. 347722

Holy fuck what a nasty little nonce. What's supposed to be fucked up about Kat's face?

Is this what happened with Sharla and, Joey then?

No. 347723


Maybe… Just maybe, her family situation is equally as bad (or maybe even worse) than what she has with Shine. Maybe the way she sees it, at least Shine allows her to live in Weebland.

Sage because projecting andspeculation.

No. 347724

Might be, from what I calculated she had to leave home just after she turned 18. She supposedly has several siblings, wonder what's up with them.

No. 347725

Went to PULL for a moment to check if they had something new about this and what's up with them saying they feel sorry for Kat? She's the one that decides to go back to Japan everytime she has to renew her working holiday visa. All his exes dumped his disgusting ass. If she's living a hell she could go back to Australia, at least she can get a job and in case >>347723 this is true she could live far from her parents.

No. 347726

File: 1486327634500.png (649.86 KB, 877x552, Captura.PNG)

is that Ashley?

No. 347727

Imagine how messed up you yourself would have to be to not follow your own advice here.

That is why people might feel sorry for Kat.

No. 347728

Was just about to ask this!

No. 347729

Just had a big youtuber talk to the youtuber Lindsay "talked" to when Lindsay claimed this big youtuber told her that Einshine is indeed a pedophile, this youtuber said that he doesn't recognize any of the girls mentioned in this post (Not even Lindsay, so Lindsay is lying).

If you're wondering how I found out which youtuber Lindsay was talking about, I did because Lindsay has posted the exact same text a few months back but in the previous post she did mentioned the youtuber's name.

No. 347730


but where are your receipts

No. 347731



No. 347732

I hope the anon who was defending Shine's ass in the Jvlogger thread reads this.

No. 347733

File: 1486332680116.png (34.6 KB, 861x819, Captura.PNG)

Here are censored screenshots to protect the identity of this youtuber and my ass

No. 347734


No. 347735

File: 1486332715317.png (38.4 KB, 861x819, Captura 2.PNG)

Another one

No. 347736

Anon those are fake names to preserve the identity of the actual girls tho.

Anyway, I've been thinking the other day how long it's going to be until this asshole gets a thread.
Finally some milk I am truly enjoying, can't wait to see this fucker go down like Onision.

No. 347737

send him the links to the stories

No. 347738

That doesn't prove it didn't happen, this youtuber could be lying as well.

No. 347739

No. 347740

The first story is really confusing
First she says she is going to move to tokyo for school,
then she is in tokyo but shine picked a hotel for her,
then she had to pick her stuff up from the hotel and lived with shine for a week or so
and then he brings her back to the hotel and her mom is there?
Did she just go to japan for 1-2 weeks with her mom and she didn't give a fuck what her child is doing in a foreign county?

No. 347741

I also thought that

No. 347742

No. 347743

I guess only TheAnimeMan can verify her story because he saw her

No. 347744

but I doubt he'll want to be involved. Although he should, because if everything is true and not a made up story he should warn people about him

No. 347745

This proves nothing imo. This could be fake, how do we know this person is being honest?

You are assuming Lindsay lied only bc this person is saying "I don't know her" …And as anon pointed out, those are fake names to protect their real identity.

Sancho san, Shine has tons of fan girls and people willing to lie and defend his ass. Don't trust people easily.

No. 347746

Don Quijote's Sancho?

No. 347747

Haha Idk, but this person is Latino, "capturA.jpg" so yeah maybe.

No. 347748

If this is all true then I get the sense that Joey knew but didn't want to confront it. I mean why else would someone be brining young looking fangirls home to stay the night? Maybe shine hid their actual age but he'd also hear him in the next room freak out at Kat and his fangirls over stupid shit and generally catch snippets of his abusiveness, but plenty of people who see bits of abusive relationships use excuses like "it's not my business" so then can take the easy route and ignore it and not let it affect their personal life (in this case his views).

It probably made Joey even saltier that Shine had to shit on Joey's gf, Joey looked the other way when he was taking advantage of his fanbase, why can Shine shut up when Joey gets gf?

No. 347749

Latino or Spanish hahaha I just found funny the Sancho part

No. 347750

>Did she just go to japan for 1-2 weeks with her mom and she didn't give a fuck what her child is doing in a foreign county?
The post said she was half-Japanese doing modeling and planning on going to school in Tokyo. I'm going to assume her mom is Japanese.

Does this guy even do anything besides online videos or is he just using dad's money to do fuckall and have his own apartment? He acts like a manchild.

No. 347751

He said he has a job

No. 347752

I've actually bought stuff from her at an Australian con a few years ago and her face and nose looked completely normal. I don't know what the fuck Shine was on about.

No. 347753

Yeah kek

Anon take into consideration that these girls are not writers, it can be difficult for some people. You need to write everything in chronological order, decide what details are important to include etc.. It's up to her if she wants to include or not personal info (about her mom etc)

No. 347754

Just making sure all adds up
These girls are making some heavy accusations

Also wtf is wrong whit kat
I found some of her old art trying to verify the second story and I would never just abbandon that shit because it's actually pretty good

No. 347755

Yeah that's my leg in the back.

No. 347756

>I found some of her old art
could you post it?

No. 347757


The first time I went to visit to look at schools. I was only there for a month at the time but now i have the school sorted. I've been living in tokyo.

No. 347758

why didn't you go to the police with all the evidence? He deserves it.

No. 347759

No. 347760

it's better than what she does for Shine lol what happened gurl

No. 347761

like, she could be the mangaka not Shine

No. 347762

File: 1486337570012.png (30.55 KB, 630x249, loli.png)

No. 347763


My parents got a divorce recently so I really don't feel like going to court again. But I do have everything on record if it comes down to it.

No. 347764

Kat used to write wow not only things like 'sushi' 'meh' 'ariplane' https://twitter.com/Kayurita

No. 347765

File: 1486337698507.jpg (11.94 KB, 223x225, 15355641_639361332903126_35145…)


Absolutely disgusting. Lolicons are the BIGGEST red flag, why does no one see this shit

No. 347766

File: 1486337887430.jpg (163.75 KB, 750x1334, censor5.jpg)

No. 347767

File: 1486337956277.png (68.97 KB, 629x501, chase.png)

This is revolting.

No. 347768

So I just went through the second story and I think everything checks out
I'm not autistic enought to make sure it's 100% correct

Thank god there are only 3

No. 347769

>Shine: what's up with the pretty girls having traumatizing pasts
>Me: what's up with youtubers being abusive, machist and racist for fun and maybe irl too?

No. 347770

File: 1486338858937.jpg (42.96 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Is this the meet up mentioned in one of the stories?

No. 347771

The one I was at was in June 2016

No. 347772

bbbbbbbbbbboyyyy Shine is a pedo, it's confirmed. I'm talking to a girl he flirted with. There's proof they met. I'll post screenshots with her name and pic erased. She was also 15 when they met.

No. 347773

do you guys want me to ask her something in particular?

No. 347774

Ok I'm done with all 3 pastebins and it seems that they are all more or less correct
I had to go through a ton of shine's tweets and videos and really want to kill myself now

So if someone made all this up they have to have some super rare and super strong autism just to make sure everything matches with real events and stuff that is more or less deleted

No. 347775

I'd so love to know what he said about Sharla behind her back. Cause if he simply bad mouthed Joey for Aki being chubby, ya know he said stuff about Sharla. I can't wait to see what his youtube friends will do. The same friends who he clearly used. Will they defend him? Or banish him from their group? Hmm

No. 347776

No. 347777

gurl you dont have to write in Name. Just in the blank box.

No. 347778

Just how they met and knowing if he said anything creepy. Did she ever go to his house / meet kat?

No. 347779

File: 1486343065404.png (135.02 KB, 498x277, kids.png)

Looks like we have our answer lol

No. 347780

they met online, a friend gave her Shine's Skype. She met Kat on skype. Shine told her to stop talking to her friends / called her stupid for missing them.
I asked her if he talked to her about his exes, when she replies I'll ask about if he said creepy things

No. 347781

He called her a basic bitch, Said all her fans are stupid and that she's overweight.

No. 347782

He's not entirely wrong :^)

No. 347785

Not surprised.
Did you ever told your mom what happened?

No. 347786

Sorry, thank you for letting me know!!

lol his fucking holier than thou attitude though; as if he's entitled to even start on other people..narcissistic predator

No. 347787

File: 1486345355414.jpg (47.94 KB, 353x366, Shine_digging_his_own_grave.jp…)

No. 347788

Does Kat maybe have cleft lip or something that might affect her nose/mouth? Maybe that's why he said that? Regardless what a nasty thing to say about anyone. >:|

No. 347791

I doubt anything is wrong with her face because if it were he would have never spoken to her in the first place. He wants to keep her self esteem low so she can keep doing his House work and drawing for him.

No. 347793

File: 1486345921928.png (50.46 KB, 833x503, Untitled.png)

Unsurprisingly, his fanbase is as delusional as Kat herself.

No. 347795

I would agree with that only if it hadn't been so specific. Other girls he commented on their weight or appearance in general. Her nose is such a specific comment. idk. just struck out at me.

No. 347799

Is the tweet really related to that conversation? the conversation shows 10/24 as a date but the tweet shows 12/20 (Almost 2 months apart)

No. 347801

It's your choice, and I would guess you're also concerned about Shine publicly shaming you (which is a totally understandable thing to be scared of) but I think you should consider how taking this to court can help stop this in the future. Unfortunately there will probably always be young impressionable kids for him to prey on, that's why there are laws to protect them. Sharing your story may open some people's eyes, but not the girls who may fall victim to him in the future.

Regardless, it was a shitty situation and I'm sorry you went though that.

No. 347822

Nah she doesn't, in fact she is pretty cute. You can see what she looks like if you look up Enshine and Kat on google images. She has silver longish hair.

No. 347824

File: 1486349686694.jpg (54.96 KB, 540x405, IMG_0032.JPG)

Her nose is kind of big but not that big einshine people just gets off on insulting her.

No. 347825

File: 1486349728863.jpg (47.27 KB, 400x300, IMG_0033.JPG)

Not that as actually

No. 347828

Where are these pics from??

She's not that bad looking imo

No. 347830

those photos arent kat^ lmao if you look on PULL you'll see they found out who that girl actually is i can't remember atm

No. 347831

This is not Kat. People seem to think that I'm not sure where they got it from. Kat looks very different
from this girl.

No. 347833

girl just be real and keep it 100. Is kat ugly?

No. 347835

Describe what Kat looks like

No. 347836

File: 1486350750498.jpg (388.57 KB, 800x600, 5_by_goldhedgehog-d7vib04.jpg)

sorry they aren't much fam, but heres some pics of kat (red wig)

No. 347837

File: 1486350764869.jpg (64.69 KB, 960x543, 11_by_goldhedgehog-d7vivc6.jpg)

No. 347838

File: 1486350841032.jpg (69.17 KB, 960x543, 12_by_goldhedgehog-d7vivc2.jpg)

No. 347839


She's not ugly. She would be average but she has something on her face that she covers up with makeup. I'm not going to say what it is because I don't think it's really fair to her to put it out there. She has an overbite that makes her look a bit like a bunny and a slim face. She also is pale to the point it looks a bit unhealthy.

No. 347840

Why do you think he keeps her around?

No. 347842


He uses her for art and I suspect sex in my opinion.
Also, she boosts his ego and makes him feel like what he is doing is right.

No. 347844

Sex. And no doubt he gets a high controlling women. And here Kat is. Willing to serve. To the point, berating a teenager for having a panic attack

No. 347845


i want to see her face tbh, now im intrigued.

and there i was thinking shine was cringey and unfunny, but not a youtuber who would ever become noteworthy or be so manipulative. it's weird to me since he's only a year older than me. i know guys my age and up until any age really can be huge fuckboys, but this is just weird

No. 347846

Do you think he is embarrassed to show her as a gf because she's not conventionally attractive?do you think he loves her?

No. 347848

Different person. But doubt he does. Cause you don't treat someone you love like that

No. 347855

hi lmao im this girl and i'm not the same kat as einshine's ppl seem to think i am cos i use kat as a nickname and i draw but i live in spain i already proved i live in spain to pull mods

this whole situation is disgusting so i would like 2 not be associated with it

No. 347857

File: 1486353297302.png (676.9 KB, 889x458, 4xiMKB4.png)

What a glorious thread.

No. 347862

Hi, Yeah I've seen you before haha. Don't worry I'll be sure to correct anyone who thinks you are kat on here. Sorry about that.

No. 347864

Thank u!! & I'm sorry about what happened to you thats just terrible hopefully he gets punished

maybe people should make a video on this & post it on reddit like they did with Onision

No. 347869


Thank you so much for your concern! I do hope more people find out to prevent it from happening again.

No. 347873

Thanks for exposing this creep Wendy, Ashley and Lindsay. I hope you guys are doing better

No. 347875

Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry for all the things you guys went through.

No. 347877

I KNEW something was off with this guy! This is such a great thread

No. 347880

Ironic how at 6:12 he says the viewer looks like shes 12 years old and hes not into that, also around 7 mins hes say give me pussy and suck my dick or something, what a creepy sick fuck.

No. 347882


I can never watch another video of his. I wasn't too fond of them in the first place. Now, they just disgust me.

No. 347887

I'm glad that he got exposed
he really is an ass
I never liked him. He always seemed so full of himself because he's asian
funny how he has so many parallels to onion- he even has his own doormat kat who helps him abusing young girls.

No. 347889

i remember watching a video of joey, shine, and kat going to a sushi place where the guys ate a lottt of sushi and kat only ate one small bowl of plain rice or something. i thought this was strange considering they all decided to go out to eat. if that was because he tries to control her weight so she doesnt gain any, then thats pretty fucked up. hes always going on about how he doesnt like girls who arent thin and small

No. 347890

and joey was like "is that all youre gonna eat?" anyone know which video im talking about?

No. 347892

Yeah, I figured she was just ana chan, but fuck.

No. 347893

He needs to stay gone from yt. & honestly, if does have the nerve to post another 15 minute video of him hissing and spitting into the camera lens, I hope the jvlogger or w/e community fucking shuns tf outta him. I mean, preferably until he's sitting in the back of a patrol car but w/e

No. 347896

He might actually be worse than onion. At least onion takes his slaves to the hospital when they're sick and he doesn't go after girls under the age of 16.

No. 347906

I saw someone ask about Shine and Kat's job on here and PULL so I decided to clarify:
They say that their main job is being mangakas, but since their series is still not serialized in the magazine, they are not being paid for it and are still in the process of trying to get into the magazine. So, their only paid job is YouTube and streaming right now.

No. 347907

No he doesn't. He tries to convince them that they aren't sick at all and he rates girls much younger. Maybe Shine is taking tips from Onion.

No. 347908

youd think for people who want to become well known mangakas that they would try their best to keep a good image in order to keep their rep in tact and for their work to be successful with good press but shines done a real shitty job. for someone who was been bullied so much in the past, he sure seems to want to be known as this repulsive, abusive asshole. thats just gonna make more people view him so negatively.

No. 347910

Should also mention the whole pedo thing. That is a big red flag

No. 347916

This might be a reach but i think Kat is lurking. Her twitter statuses recently were "lmao" "so many creative people".

No. 347918

Wow, he is just fucked up.
Thank you Ashley, Lindsay, and Wendy for having the courage to expose him for the psychopath he is. I hope that something will be done about this so that he won't get his disgusting hands on any more victims.

No. 347919

It's not a reach that someone would inform her of her codependent being outed as a pedophile.

No. 347920


Onion is a 31 year old man preying on 16/17 year olds, Shine is an almost 20 year old preying on 14 year olds, so it's similar levels of grossness relative to their ages. However not even onion would be gross enough to chat up 10 year olds. Shine is worse because he's not just an ephebephile he's a straight up pedophile.

No. 347921

true but if it is the case that she read this thread, and still thinks everything is fine and he is this amazing being and people are overexaggerating or lying, then thats fucking scary and concerning. i would be like run girl run

No. 347922

She really should.

What really confuses me is what kind of visa she is on. If she went to school (student visa) she would be able to speak Japanese, and if she was to leave Japan for some sweet visa hopping, Shine would have to loosen his grip on her for a few days in a row and she might notice that her face isn't fucked up at all.

Tbh I'm not very surprised that he's into these young girls (my own experiences on the internet as a 14-year-old taught me that many many men are into that), but shouting at someone for having a panic attack? Dude, calm the fuck down.

No. 347923

Kat's a lost cause. She's shady and complicit with this, she's long past being just a victim.

No. 347924

Somebody should tweet this thread to Keemstar, I know he's a lolcow himself but his audience is the same as Shine's i.e. 12 year olds and he did a video on Onion a month ago that got almost 500k views.

No. 347926


In this video he's asked if Japanese people judge you for being a different race. He gives an unfunny answer (as usual) and his friend answers "I would be happy to meet them." Shine just gives him this disappointed, almost emotionless look and says "really". Idk like to me, this just really shows that he's racist to the core. If he were joking he wouldn't have reacted like that.

No. 347930

Maybe he's just mad because he's such a freaking uggo?
Kat, girl, if he can shame you about your nose, you can shame him about his chin. That shit ain't cute.

No. 347932

she is shines obedient dog slave. she does all of his thumbnail art, inflates his ego, helps him film videos, along with doing all the art for their manga. he just stamps his name on everything.

No. 347934

File: 1486370979096.jpg (35.85 KB, 380x380, e68.jpg)

>mfw theres another disgusting pedo youtuber and hes even fucking worse than the first one

No. 347935

>He would also tell me that Kat used to be a “selfish bitch” and things like that and that he
“Made her a good person” and that he would change me to be like Kat as well and be better

Dude, he broke Kat.
Some people were talking about Kat having few days away from him while doing visa work, but he would probably be with her to make sure she doesn't escape.

No. 347936

I don't think Shine has to worry about Kat escaping. She's so in love with him that she overlooks him fucking teenagers in their apartment.

No. 347937

god thats fucked up

No. 347940

And also when he screamed at a 15 year old, who was having a panic attack, Kat joined him.

She's been turned into a slave, similar to laineybot. They delude themselves they are their partner's number one while he is fucking teenagers in the other room.

No. 347941

It's really messed up seeing that her character design has a dog collar after reading all of this

No. 347942

File: 1486372979605.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1910.PNG)

No. 347943

File: 1486373105260.png (669.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3315 censor.png)

No. 347945

A hafu that lives in Tokyo (laugh)
A Half Japanese that lives in Japan lol

Favorite food- Kusamochi
I can speak both Japanese and English

Instagram- Einshines

No. 347947

Why have a tinder when he's only interested in fucking little kids?

No. 347948

I think he's the kind of guy who just wants to fuck anything

No. 347950

'cus girls lie about their age there.

No. 347955

File: 1486377782083.jpg (143.96 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-05-20-53-20…)

The girl I've been talking to. She was also 15 when she met Shine.

No. 347956

File: 1486377815382.jpg (180.26 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-01-19-32…)

No. 347957

File: 1486377871220.jpg (176.72 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-01-19-38…)

No. 347959

File: 1486377918006.jpg (136.61 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-01-19-48…)

No. 347960

File: 1486377973815.jpg (145.51 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-01-19-53…)

No. 347961

File: 1486378029685.jpg (159.56 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-01-32-30…)

No. 347962

File: 1486378090499.jpg (150.78 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-11-32-17…)

No. 347963

File: 1486378145033.jpg (169.03 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-11-32-23…)

Last one atm

No. 347964

Last Nassau saya he owned the server.
Note: what I said about not trusting everything that's on the internet. I said it because I didn't want to soind harsh to her. She follows the shinephd account and didn't want her to tell Shine about my messages. When I saw she wants to expose him my worries flew

No. 347965

Last message says *

No. 347968

So that's a fourth girl? How many of them we don't know of, smh.

No. 347973

Could you ask her how she got to know him? And why he wanted to send her candies etc before her going to Japan? Did they stay in touch?

And damn, her mom is mom of the year.

No. 347976

File: 1486382313596.jpg (171.7 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-12-52-18…)

Sorry I forgot to post this one

No. 347977

File: 1486382355532.jpg (154.97 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-12-52-48…)

This is new

No. 347980

I think this girl was involved with Shine a bit earlier than Ashley and I, so that is probably why she doesn't know much about Sharla

No. 347981

This is giving me Cruel Intentions vibes :S

No. 347986

What's the next part of this screenshot? It looks like she's saying "he did call me stupid for…"

No. 347993

>Tbh I'm not very surprised that he's into these young girls (my own experiences on the internet as a 14-year-old taught me that many many men are into that), but shouting at someone for having a panic attack? Dude, calm the fuck down.

Even if you have some attraction you ought to know to not touch them or talk sex with them, they're both disgusting and awful things to do.

No. 347994

He called her stupid for missing her friends and told her to cut them off. To stop talking to them.
Sorry I have too many screenshots and get lost, as soon as I comeback home I'll screenshot that too

No. 347995

>He called her stupid for missing her friends and told her to cut them off. To stop talking to them.
This is a textbook behaviour of emotional abuser.

No. 347999

yup. isolating the future victim.

No. 348002

Can I point out, for the most recent screenshots.

She said she was 15 at the time and he's still being called a pedo for that, when she said he was 17 at the time. That's not pedophilia.

No. 348003

File: 1486395206154.png (787.64 KB, 1500x1334, marriage.png)

contradicting himself

No. 348004

Anything to get that P.

No. 348009

File: 1486396907439.png (694.66 KB, 750x1334, my love my everything.png)

Also just in case anyone was wondering where the main thread pic came from

No. 348011

I knew there was something really off about him… damn I knew he was really sexist but a pedo too??? I hope one of the girls he does this to ends up killing him or there parents find out and take him to court!!

No. 348014

>He would say a lot of bad things about Joey as well, saying that his girlfriend (Who I wasn’t really supposed to know he was dating) was obese and that the photo of Aki and Joey in the living room really bothered him. He also said that he didn’t like Joey’s friends in the anime community and Joey would never make it on youtube. In Shine’s own words, “His views will drop as fast as they came.”
It makes me unnecessarily smug that Joey/TheAnimeMan has 1,044,421 subscribers and Akidearest has 829,411 while this piece of shit is lagging behind with 120,555. I'm not even into these cringy weeb YouTubers, but after reading this I had to check, and I'm glad he's not as great/famous as he very obviously thinks himself to be. Joey is also better-looking, tbh, yet somehow apparently not as shallow and shitty.
Einshine's the Onision of Japan, literally.

No. 348018

Sorry but he's fucking ugly

No. 348019

shines videos internet relationship, fan girl and crazy girls and I instantly knew something was really really wrong with him.. fucking called it!! Not the pedo part but knew he was like onionson or w/e that douches name is

No. 348020

It's so fucking hilarious that Kats are is so much better than his!!

No. 348027

I've never heard of this 4 inch dick having cocksucker in my life

No. 348028

Has anyone got some images of Einshine's art? I read somewhere that he's still trying to "improve" his art.

That aside, Kat's art is pretty average. Just generic animu art with a dash of typical sameface syndrome.

No. 348029

He's so weird looking.

No. 348031

honestly, back when he had black hair, i thought he was really cute and funny and i enjoyed his videos. its sad to see that hes actually been a dick from the get go all along.

No. 348035

he just wants to live the weeb dream so that he can get more young schoolgirls' virginity
he's disgusting
more people need to know what psycho he actually is -especially his weeb teenage fanbase
I hope they are not as manipulated and stubborn as onions fanbase is

No. 348040

I only know him because he was in a few Sharla vids. I don't know how anyone can like him, even before the pedo stuff. He sounds/acts retarded. I guess that appeals to children.

No. 348047

We all know that even if these girls know he's a piece of crap they will still be bouncing on his dick. We have seen this situation time and time again with onision. They know he's garbage but time and time again they date him then act shocked about how much of a dick he is after he's fucks them over.

No. 348049

File: 1486408593584.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, pullscreenshoteinshine(12).png)

Apparently that's his art.

No. 348050

No, it's kat's. he just puts his name on it

No. 348052

jeez…what a piece of shit. I mean, obviously a bigger pos for being a pedo but this is also fucked up too…

No. 348053

As an artist that's just fucking… ugh.

No. 348054

that is kats. theres a video of joey and shine doing a drawing game and even though it was a silly game, it appears that shine isnt good at drawing. he just has kat doing all of the art for everything and puts his name on it cause hes "famous"

No. 348055

His new channel is the one with 120k subs. I think his old one had like 1 mil subs, which astounds me to no end, his videos are fucking cringy.

No. 348057

Most of subscribers were leftovers from when he did minecraft videos.

No. 348059

>shine isnt good at drawing
so much for wanting to be a ~~mangaka~~. now I really want to know what his drawings are like.

No. 348061

i think he just does the stories for the manga

No. 348063

>get the good artist to be dependent on you
>get a job despite being an untalented fuck

No. 348068

Is that 'Ashley' maybe? The girl pictured looks Asian or maybe mixed. Remember the screenshot pictures of him in a hotel room with a bunch of Polaroid pictures spread on the dresser, 'Ashley' confirmed that her leg was in the background & this photo was taken on a Polaroid cam?? This is just speculation, but maybe she's an ex. & if it is Ashley, maybe the picture shouldn't be up since she's trying to be discreet w/ identity..

No. 348069

I know Kat and him recently got a little dog, and I'm actually really worried about it's safety. I hope he won't extend his abuse to it as well. I could easily see him kicking it or something if it didn't listen, as Shih Tzus are really stubborn breeds.

No. 348070

eyeroll He probably doesn't give two shits about a dog, not to mention he can't exactly emotionally abuse it.

No. 348073

Him "not giving two shits about a dog" is an even greater sign that he and his devoted slave shouldn't be taking care of one tbh. And you can absolutely emotionally abuse a dog, just in different ways from how you would abuse 14 year old girls.

No. 348074

Kat is probably taking care of the dog, wouldn't be surprised if it was her idea.

No. 348076

Bitch can't even care for herself lol

No. 348080

I was just thinking about how terrible it would be if he owned a dog holy shit.
If he gets that pissed over Kat dropping change in a store imagine how pissed he'd get over a dog shitting or pissing somewhere it's not supposed to. Or even making a tiny mess with a toy.
This fucker needs to stay far away from animals

No. 348083

This cuckquean is as retarded as Shine…maybe even more. Girl has no fucking self respect.

No. 348084

Kat yelled at a teenager having a panic attack because it annoyed Shine. That dog is not in good hands.

No. 348086


I was reading this thread at work, loving the tea but I couldn't watch any of the videos. I finally went to this fuck face's YT and watched a video, and holy shit HIS VOICE. I shouldn't kaugh but the fact he sounds like an actual retard just surprises me that girls are craving his dick so much, and that Kat is so desperate for his attention she'll be an even worse doormat than Lainey.


No. 348090

picturing him yelling at kat with that tard voice makes me laugh in a fucked up way

No. 348093

Right? His accent is terrible. Couple that with the fact that he's an aesthetic failure (despite the fact that he dumps on others for their looks) on top of being abusive, racist and a pedophile and you've really got a catch there. Good job, Kat.
I guess his only salvation is in being half-Japanese and therefore appealing to weebs. Wonder if he posts on /r9k/.

No. 348094

the fucking amount of saliva that he probably spews when yelling is just.. wtf how does he have such a hold on ppl?? He looks like a pipe cleaner w/ glasses

No. 348095

i would've never expected the shine here in this vid to be the way he is nowadays holy shit. like he was awkward as hell but at least it was somewhat bearable.

No. 348096

I was watching some of the videos and he even admits in one he has a drooling problem. Could you imagine fucking this guy and just drool dripping down his huge ass chin back into your mouth?


I'm glad the girls in this thread wised up from this creep.

No. 348097

That's Joey that he hates on so hardcore? No fucking wonder, the guy is a total babe. Its obvious Shine is bitter as fuck.

No. 348099

kind of ironic how i found shine through joeys channel yet shine thinks hes better and that joey will flop

No. 348100

>feels entitled to a submissive loli waifu
>hentai addict
>complains about being friendzoned
>thinks medication for mental illness is a scam
>Trump supporter who doesn't tolerate different political beliefs
>uses racial slurs to be edgy

Shine could fill an /r9k/ bingo card.

No. 348104

Just watched a video of him & just looking at how he can even laugh and have a good time is just gross. LIKE. bitch. u shouldn't even be breathing. He needs to start following his own advice, starting with the "keel youself"

No. 348108

Please delete this.

No. 348109

you may want to contact pull mods to take the pics off of his thread there too. ive seen it pop up quite a few times

No. 348112

I'm really sorry but I can't delete it since it's posted for more than 30 minutes :( can a mod complete this request?

No. 348116

I'll try to talk to someone about it. It's hard to see so it's not a huge deal.

No. 348117

Man all of this is so creepy! Can't say I'm surprised though, Shine always gave me that pedo vibes.

No. 348121

Dudeee can we respect their privacy

No. 348131

Yeah, the only person well deserving of exploitation is the pedophile with a youtube channel; not the victim. She goes by a pseudonym for a reason, let's keep it that way.

No. 348132

shes also a minor and doesn't want to be identified. that can be dangerous

No. 348133

Let's not go there

No. 348135

File: 1486417133959.png (222.38 KB, 1117x664, Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 9.37…)

Einshine whiteknighting fresh off of PULL.
>There's no way you can have decent grammar and paragraph structure when you're 16-17!

No. 348138

I have proof if you would like but it's intimate so I'd rather not.

No. 348142

Fuck. Yeah, I saw that garbage. Someone recently just posted on PULL that reposted the screenshots of the trashcan's text convo. That is proof enough that he IS pedophilic trash. Maybe not enough to prove he's abusive, but obviously that he's grooming underage girls for sex. WELL AWARE of their age btw

No. 348145

Please post it, if it's not too intimate. If anything, it'll stop people from disregarding everything as fake and giving him the benefit of the doubt.

No. 348146


Just finished reading the thread and replied to some speculative posts with screenshots. I knew PULL was full of brainded underagies but I didn't think it was this bad. Shit's infuriating lmao.

No. 348149

File: 1486418032667.png (150.84 KB, 702x937, IMG_0096.PNG)

Get a load of this guy

No. 348150

Also, @ that PULL post.. yes rape/abuse victims have a very distinct way of speaking and typing. They'd absolutely never describe it THAT way, but THIS way instead. Like, where do u get off?? lol jfc

No. 348156

Anyone gonna point out that that guy has ONLY posted in the einshine thread? Always whiteknighting him?

No. 348157


Everytime I go on PULL I leave with a bad taste in my mouth. You could posts proof of a cow commiting murder and they'd still cry "Let's not jump to conclusions now! It's a video of x commiting homicide but we should take it with grain of salt until we hear their side!!!"

No. 348159

Could you give a hint of what proof you have if you arent comfortable posting it?

No. 348160

That guy trying to defend him is trying to any excuse out of his ass.

Not a fan but decides to write lengthy amount of nitpicky details.

No. 348163


If she's not comfortable, she's not comfortable. Let it go.

No. 348164

People who want to police what abuse victims act or sound like are he worst. Newsflash: Not everyone handles a situation in the same way.
This guy is obviously friends with Shine (which is why he knows the address), of course he wouldn't want to believe any of this.

No. 348168

>I don't really care about Shine's content that much
>I know where Shine, Joey and Kat used to live
Johnrocks are u a stalker? lol

No. 348170

"I don't really care about his content" OH. oh. u care a lot. Maybe a bit too much if you know exactly where he lives & want to start putting that address in google maps to try and disprove of a hotel being nearby.

No. 348172

I was just saying because any proof that validates their claims will be helpful for them. But if its too much and she doesnt want to show what it is, she could at least say what it is, even vaguely.

No. 348173

Its completely up to you, but just know that even if you got a signed confession from Shine himself, people would still be up his ass and defend him. Its the culture we live in.

No. 348174

File: 1486419147940.jpg (180.83 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-23-08-53…)

No. 348175

It is obvious it is either shine, kat, or someone they still associate with in japan.

No. 348176

File: 1486419193152.jpg (166.29 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-06-23-09-10…)

No. 348177

wait I just realized that she deleted one of her messages. She said she had pictures of the trip with Shine and she could sent them to me if I wanted. You can see my reply, but her message is gone

No. 348178


That stupid line also fits with the content of the pastebin. This is from a different too.

I don't watch his videos but he must really like the word stupid and/or calling others stupid.

No. 348179

I don't know why she deleted it, any proof is important and she ghosted. She said it in a way like giving permission to post it

No. 348181

I don't really blame her. I mean, even if her face is pixelated, his fans are out of their minds. And what would stop him from doxxing her to his fanbase if he decided to respond to this. Sure, he doesn't have 1M active supporters anymore, but his sub count is a sufficient amount to cause distress if she was outted by him

No. 348182


Weren't these screenies already posted? Swear I saw these when the thread was just picking up

No. 348184

At least Ashley has something to protect herself: a threat to sue his ass. What's she got to save herself? nothing, friend. And that's quite honestly sad

No. 348185

someone asked for the 'he called me stupid' part and the last one is because she said she had proof but I realized she deleted her message

No. 348188

I told her there's no problem if she changed her mind and said thanks for telling me what she knew.
I don't want to bother her too much

No. 348189

File: 1486419944232.png (135.54 KB, 750x991, IMG_1899.PNG)

this is the first post from that johnrocks guy on pull that they later edited with "DELETED". they sure seem to know a lot about kat

No. 348190

And I thought Onion was bad. This is so disgusting. Abusers deserve to be beaten to death.

I don't know too much about Kat, but it wouldn't surprise me if she's been emotionally abused for so long she is a shell of the person she once was– she cant see there isn't anything wrong with the position she's in, because Shine has programmed her to believe she deserves to be abused. This whole situation is depressing.

No. 348192

No. 348193

If I were Kat I'd also cover my face lol who wants to be realted to that trash

No. 348194

Someone should tell Johnrocks that his waifu has already been broken in by Shine.

No. 348206

Maybe this is autistic of me to say, but could one of the reasons Kat hides her face is so people who are interested in her manga don't know she isn't asian? What is the honest likelihood that a white chick would ever become a succesful mangaka in Japan? It sounds like such a weeb pipe dream, even if she's talented. Also would be another angle for Shine to control her: "I have to be the asian face so we can actually get our (read: her) mangas published"

No. 348208

you can get your manga published in japan as long as it's in Japanese and it's good, it doesn't matter if you are japanese or not. A spanish mangaka publishes in Japan and she lives in Spain, but she knows japanese and writes them in the language

No. 348209

>I have to be the asian face so we can actually get our (read: her) mangas published
Might be but then why not hid your whole face? Her eyes are always visible and it's easy as hell to tell she's white. Not to mention she never hid the fact she's an Aussie.
On a side note I think there are a couple of successful white/gaijin mangakas, just a trivia.

No. 348212

I'm Australian so I know that you can stay in Japan for up to 18 months on a working holiday visa

No. 348213

what if they're secretly married and that's why Kat can stay in Japan for this long

No. 348214

Don't be silly anon, the girl might think she's important to him or something.

No. 348215

Then it's probably plausible she country hopped after 18 months and came back again.

No. 348217

>"that's not what a rape/abuse victim would describe or recall"

Yes because you know exactly how a rape/abuse victim writes because apparently they write exactly the same all across the board. What a faggot.

No. 348221

>do you realize how easy it is to fake any amount of screenshots like this? You simply need two phones, name one of them Shine in contacts and make up whatever nonsense you want. Screenshots are least convincing evidence that any one can forge.

Stalker speaking from experience, kek.

No. 348222

There are a few westerners that have worked in the Japanese industry, the ones I know of are Paul Pope, Felipe Smith, Jamie Lano, and there's also an English manga translator that works as a professor at a Japanese art university. There are also a couple westerners in the anime industry.

It's common for mangaka to obscure their faces or request fans not to photograph them but I think this girl just has no sense of self worth. She just comes off to me as a really desperate weeaboo clinging to an abusive boyfriend for the sake of achieving a (einshine's) dream to be a successful artist in Japan.

No. 348224

Oh and my other though was probably trying to hide her face in case she is there on an expired visa.

No. 348225

Wow holy white knighting, you just know that's einshine's friend when they go so far to defend him that much

No. 348226

Well that'd be golden

No. 348227

Well tbf none of the evidence provided in OP is solid. The fact that they knew which hotel Shine went to for the video was just one of the weak points. If she had pictures of them together in the hotel then that would be more believable.

Also I find it hard to believe these 12 year olds infatuated with Shine don't have a single selfie together with him.

No. 348228

File: 1486422925497.gif (6.64 MB, 416x318, giphy.gif)

No. 348229

Speaking of that, what if? Don't you need to show your visa to the landlord when you're renting an apartment/house?

No. 348230

It's not only because you can only use a working holiday visa once, they don't give them out a second time

No. 348231

maybe it's Shine the one who rents it and doesn't show Kat to the landlord

No. 348232

Shine hides girls in his apartment. What makes kat different on this case.

No. 348233

So technically she could've done 18 months holiday working visa, hopped to another country and then enter on another visa, let's say a tourist one?

No. 348234

That's possible, but then the tourist visa only has up to 90 days so she would then have to either obtain a working or spouse visa

No. 348235

That brings us to only two conclusions, she either has a spouse visa or is in Japan illegaly.

No. 348236

I'm pretty sure they all have pictures with Shine (one was posted before and then thankfully deleted), but there's a reason why they don't want to use their real names.
Plus, people who don't believe them would probably need a picture of them during intercourse with both faces visible or some such shit.

No. 348237

She could also be going to school, but considering that one of the girls said that Kat barely speaks Japanese, I doubt it.

No. 348239

I would really like to see the hospital document with identifying info blurred out so we have undeniable proof that you where there unless you forged it which would be a crime

No. 348240

Of course no real names should be used, that would destroy their lives.

But a censored picture of them with shine would be the proof that would shut any white knights up

No. 348241

You do notice how you're already giving yourself an out in case the document does materialise?

No. 348242

Not really, since one wouldn't be able to tie the blurred photo to the accounts. Wouldn't prove a thing.

No. 348243

What I don't get is why >>348176 said she met Shine "about a yeat ago" (she was 15) and she saw Shine drinking and she said he was 17 (he should be 18?). And then she said she was with him for 3 years (2012-2015). If she's 16, she met him with 12 years? She also said they didn't date but then she says they were together 3 years?
She still follows Shine, if everything went bad and they stopped talking 2 years ago, why does she keep following einshine account and shinephd? From the pixeled picture of the first screenshot I can guess it's this picture >>347612 (the colors match) so she indeed has proof she met him. But why still following him? Why following his new account created this 2017? If he's so manipulative, abusive and shit, why do you keep following him? What she said sounded like OP's post, so it doesn't say anything new. And she also mentions that she's friends with the supposed ex girlfriend >>347962 that chased him with a knife but this person hasn't confirmed anything.

No. 348244

It might just be a bad choice of words. She was with him (in contact with him?) from 2012-2015, and in 2015 they met in person for the first time. Before they met she helped with the server and some other things, but after they met she was creeped out and stopped doing that.
As for her still following Shine: Maybe she just wants to know what he's up to?
The way she writes is a bit weird, and I probably would've blocked his ass, but as we know not everyone reacts to a situation in the same way.

No. 348245

aaah ok thank you, English is not my first language and maybe I didn't understood well.
>As for her still following Shine: Maybe she just wants to know what he's up to?
The way she writes is a bit weird, and I probably would've blocked his ass, but as we know not everyone reacts to a situation in the same way.
yup but I once had a toxic friendship and I blocked her and never go to see how she's doing. I just want to forget that person and I don't want her to pop in my timeline. So I have her blocked. What happened is not as bad as Shine's shit so I can't understand why she still has an eye on him

No. 348246

The part about "being with him" meaning "being in contact with him" is just something that would make it make sense. I don't believe these girls are lying tbh, so maybe I'm being too lenient.

No. 348249

File: 1486426304531.jpg (17.69 KB, 236x288, 455107052203ca170fed9e9b72e812…)

errrrr why
I guess he has koreaboos as fans too

No. 348252

Wendy, is the OP one of you? or someone else leaked the information? I mean this is just wow…

No. 348257

Also, why now?

No. 348260

There isn't an expiration date for his crimes so..?

No. 348262

? It's just a question.
I believe them.

No. 348266

Okay, I haven't finished reading this entire thread yet, but my boyfriend is a second-year law student (top of his class at a top 20 school, if that makes anyone feel like he's more credible) and I just asked him about this.

If Creep McPedoDick here is from the states and so are his victims, the courts here can address this issue. There is a statute of limitations for cases of rape that varies by state, but it hasn't been that long yet, so I doubt it really applies here. If this pedo is not an American citizen, it is difficult to say what legal action can be taken. Of course, my bf would like me to mention that he obviously is limited to knowledge about the U.S. legal system.

TL;DR: There is technically an expiration date for sexual assault/statutory rape charges, but they vary by state. Not sure about laws in Japan.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like me to ask him. If needed, I can have him ask a relevant law professor.

No. 348284

I agree with this one. They were both minors at the time.

No. 348289

I'm also asking who is the OP and why OP decided to throw the bomb here now? I'm just curious.

I noticed that the girls use their names here when they answer questions but OP is anonymous.

No. 348290

Yeah, the 19 - 14 (sex at 15) is a lot worse. 17 and 15 isn't so bad.

But there are also allegations he was asking sexual questions to girls as young as 10 - 13.

No. 348297

13 years old
However, the age of consent in Japan is 13 years old under the Japanese national criminal law code. but note that all municipalities and prefectures have their own particular laws such as Tokyo's "Youth Protection Law" which prohibit adults from having sex with youths who are under 17 years old.Oct 11, 2006

No. 348309

If both parties are US-citizens but the rape happens in Japan, can he still be prosecuted in the US?

No. 348316

> Before sex, he said, “you look just like a baby.”

what the actual fuck…

No. 348327

Now imagine him saying it in his high-pitched autist lisp

No. 348331

Fuck lol. If i ever had someone say that to me before we were gonna do it, i would run for the hills as fast as possible

No. 348345

A little bit of Internet fame and he uses it to try to get into the pants of underage girl. Smh

No. 348371

File: 1486437290444.png (Spoiler Image, 45.59 KB, 850x416, well shit.png)

Just saw this post on PULL by a person he did minecraft collabs with and was their friend and well shit. More evidence to prove his controling and egotistic behaviour. What an entitled ungrateful shitlord.

No. 348513

Sorry for the late reply, anon. My bf responded via text. He wrote the following:

"Yes, but only in the state where the rapist is from… or like is a resident of/owns property in.
However, this is in civil court, for civil damages– like if you're suing for money.
Like the Government can definitely prosecute the rapist, but as to the procedure and whether it has to go through Japan, idk."

No. 348666

I'm trying to imagine all of the stuff said here shouted in his stupid 3 year old sounding lisp and I'm cringing all over kek

No. 348685

European almost-graduated law anon here. You've gotta check Japanese, US and wherever the victims are from's laws, he can probably be prosecuted in more than one country. He can surely be prosecuted in the US as an US citizen, but some countries allow for crimes comitted in the country to be prosecuted there (idk if Japan does this,). Some countries also allow for the victims of certain crimes (like sexual assault) to be sue in their own country.
So, in short, by criminal law he can probably be prosecuted in more than one place.

No. 348686

Whoa, weird to see a thread on this guy. Some time ago, he randomly messaged me on Skype asking me to design a Danganronpa version of him that was basically just copying a character's hair and some jacket from someone else's OC. After that, he just disappeared despite previously wanting more art (yes, he did pay me). Not milky, I know, but it's just funny to see his thread here.

No. 348687

I finally spend a couple days away from lolcow and get this. Woah, OP. Good job. I kinda new the story before it got posted here but not as detailed like this. Always got creepy vibes from him and once again, my creepydar was accurate. First I thought it was because he's an adult who grew up obsessed with anime and manga, so he just had to be into loli and that type of shit (don't lie to yourself if you disagreed – they always fucking are. This generation is fucked up) but unfortunately, there was more to it. I hope these girls are treated better by her future bfs from now on, and wish them the best.

No. 348688

Oh and I apologise for my typos and grammar. I know my drunk English is terrible atm but wanted to thank you anyway

No. 348740

I wonder what their Manga is going to be about
when I look at kats art it's probably going to be some loli shit
does anyone know if they ever uploaded anything with an own plot
I'd like to know if shines even capable of thinking of something original

No. 348742

Law-bf anon here. I showed him your post and he says, "Hello! Glad to see another person suffering like me." kek

After doing a bit of research and emailing a professor who has lots of experience with these situations, I believe it's safe to say that he can be prosecuted in the U.S. It would be easier to do so since all parties are U.S. citizens, and despite the fact that everything happened abroad, saved text conversations and any other evidence to offer validity to these girls' claims make this case much more manageable than it could be.

No. 348764

File: 1486492234625.png (61.91 KB, 897x736, twitter.png)

Found these on twitter…

No. 348765

File: 1486492269576.jpg (44.43 KB, 640x480, greatday.jpg)

August 12, 2012 links to this picture

No. 348766

So is it really a 'cousin' or one of the girls?

No. 348767

File: 1486492319211.jpg (56.04 KB, 720x960, bestdayever.jpg)

August 15, 2012 links to this picture…

No. 348769

File: 1486492391852.jpg (152.5 KB, 675x1116, cousin.jpg)

Taken around the same time

No. 348770

"Cousin" my ass.

No. 348771

Here, he mentions having a cousin named Monica

No. 348772

File: 1486492809069.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

No. 348773

oh god and he says that his sister Monica is like a sister to him

No. 348774

File: 1486493095633.gif (1.17 MB, 500x344, 5edbb41726b37c765a3228ba71cbb2…)

No. 348777

Lmao, seriously. I immediately thought of Donald Duck's voice

No. 348778

Sorry meant to write he sees his cousin as his sister

No. 348779

Well that's still golden since he "treats Kat like his sister", too.

No. 348780

File: 1486494165954.jpg (56.42 KB, 405x720, cousins.jpg)

Wonder where he got the idea to say they're cousins.

No. 348781

Not defending his pedophilia, but he does have a relative named Monica

No. 348782

And she does live in Alaska with the rest of Shine's relatives, I'm disappointed. https://www.linkedin.com/in/monica-schwingendorf-585653118

No. 348783

File: 1486494716662.png (928.95 KB, 1061x519, 2017-02-08 04_09_02-Mònica Sch…)

Profile pic confirms that this is the same Monica. Not gonna post the picture (too stalker-ish) but one of her other photos shows her body….Pretty similar to what Shine has described that he likes…

No. 348784

No. 348785

Guy kissing her in the back pic is not shine btw.

No. 348786

No. 348788


No. 348789

File: 1486494876431.jpg (10.28 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpg)

No. 348791

No. 348792

Go fuck yourself Charlie, you can't exactly brag about dating a ten year old.

No. 348793

No. 348802


let's also take note Shine is wearing the same shirt on three different days

No. 348803

no kidding kek

No. 348809

shine used to have a draw my life during his late minecraft days where he talked about his life in alaska. he said he had a mutual friend through his best friend named "kiara" that he had a crush on, later dated, and she broke up with him cause she didnt like him anymore. he said that that was his first love. i dont remember what else he said about her. he deleted it last year and people were wondering what happened to it in video comments. this guy is always complaining about never having a girlfriend but theres proof hes been with quite a few girls, even recently.

No. 348814

did.. did he really kiss his own cousin?? they have the same last names so oh god.

No. 348831

ngl I want to see cumstar cover Einshine

No. 348832

there's something about kat that makes me kind of sad. i don't know why. shine said he is the only "family" kat has, right? so unless he's lying out of his ass, things back home might not be so good. could be a reason as to why she hasn't left him/takes his side when he throws tantrums.

that, or she's lainey levels of enabler.

No. 348833

I'll take the second option, she's probably as deep in it as Shine is, girl telling him he shouldn't flirt with 15 year old in case someone uses it against him? Screaming at someone who has a panic attack? She's probably a cuckqueen at this point.

No. 348835

Can the Ashley and Wendy posters contact the Admins for verification? I didn't want to ask before because technically Ashley would be violating global rules, but Admin just posted in the Onision thread saying that underage posters were allowed under certain conditions.

I'm not sure what kinds of pics/info they had, but I'm sure if you guys talk with admin sama you might be able to figure out a way to prove that you met shine without revealing your identity or having to post something in the thread where shine could see.

No. 348839

I agree, sounds reasonable.

No. 348855

cousin maybe in the Native American sense…

No. 348865

She has the same last name as him and is from Alaska, where he used to live and has family, so probably not.

No. 348875

hey anon how and where did you find these holy shit

No. 348887

I haven't heard of this kid until this thread but his friend is mich. it's than him. I don't like his high lisp voice. I'm sure he could get speech training.

No. 348926

Much cuter ^

No. 349215

These are from his twitter / instagram

No. 349243

File: 1486534270026.png (66.48 KB, 750x471, IMG_1930.PNG)

yeah cause anyone would just loveee to live with a incestuous pedo with anger issues who treats everyone around him like trash and uses girls for sex and getting work done for him :)

No. 349248

what a lucky girl ^o^

No. 349249

Oh my, she can type in complete sentences.
Let's be real here, she's an adult, it's her life. No need to rescue her.

No. 349277

Does anyone remember Shine's drawmylife video? He removed it, but it was about how he didn't like being in Japan and preferred Alaska, and that his birth dad cheated on his mom, he now has a stepdad who is a foreigner (Who you can find by looking up Shine's mom's name as they own a company together). I remember in the video he said when he was younger in a market he said "LOOK A FOREIGNER" and that's how Shine's mom met his new dad.

Though I'm just basing this info from memory, I wasn't sure if Shine was still in contact with his birth dad when I read the pastebin of Ashley meeting Shine's dad.

No. 349283

Yeah some of that video was mentioned here

No. 349350

Didn't he just say above that he has a fetish for dog anime girls and his women wearing dog collars? This is worrying considering "loli" isn't just a fantasy to him either.

No. 349380

It's so hard to imagine him yelling and throwing things with his cringey pubescent voice. In any other life, he'd just be the dorky effeminate otaku, but somehow this r9k dude got YouTube famous…

No. 349388

I think if Shine tried to yell at me like that I would just laugh. I couldn't even take it seriously.

No. 349395

Imagine his face, an immature fuck trying to pull off the scary face, kek.

No. 349405

I'd laugh, make fun of him and even record his shitty attemp to look scary.

No. 349411

I wonder what her former friends think about her right now. Hope that some of them read this thread

No. 349412

a scar?

No. 349416

What? He kissed his own cousin?!

No. 349434

File: 1486579598753.jpg (50.16 KB, 480x640, 10168964_1483142051904373_1189…)

No. 349435


No. 349442

What's happening in this pic?

No. 349454

he did say that his favorite color was pink afterall

No. 349456

Someone on pull thinks he is deleting evidence. They tried looking at his old personal fb again to find that it is gone.

No. 349458

probs a mole

No. 349459

Huge-ass mole if she's hiding half her face.

No. 349461

Can someone just say what she has on her face… I know an anon up thread said she bought something from her and there was nothing wrong, but that interaction was years ago and you can't possibly remember every detail of a persons face.

No. 349479

File: 1486586145617.jpg (46.85 KB, 639x339, 113_20170208_134549.jpg)

Also, I used be natural brunette with Shine. A clue to my identity is that it's now dyed. Hopefully you can put the puzzle pieces together.

No. 349481

Do you want us to guess who you are or something…?

No. 349482

haven't heard of this guy before, but holy moly, this bastard deserves all the hate, that's coming to him.

agreed. his following is big enough for the story to get some major exposure on yt.
i could imagine sxephil covering it.

No. 349485

It's been gone since long long time ago tho

No. 349492

File: 1486587560824.jpg (208.75 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-08-19-27-52…)

4th girl messaged me again

No. 349493

File: 1486587597215.jpg (200.17 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-08-19-27-57…)

No. 349495

File: 1486587663854.jpg (202.99 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-08-19-28-04…)

No. 349497

I find it hard to buy now.

No. 349498

File: 1486587769749.jpg (196.13 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-08-19-28-08…)

No. 349501

i was looking back at his instagram and noticed that kat used to not have a collar on her character and instead had a blue bow. it seems it wasnt until around early 2015 when she started drawing herself with a collar. just thought id point it out

No. 349502

File: 1486587830960.jpg (187.85 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-08-19-28-15…)

No. 349506

Isnt it a little strange that the girl was bad mouthing shine with things that matched the other stories and then all of a sudden she is like "i actually lied hes really a good guy" wtf

No. 349508

wouldn't be surprised if Kat got ahold of her, kek

No. 349509

those screenshots scream fake
why sould she change her mind now??
nice try tho

No. 349510

She's practically begging to believe her.

No. 349511

i have a feeling one of them contacted her or something

No. 349512

I agree, maybe kat told shine that his old gf or whatever is bad mouthing him, contacted her out of no-where, apologize and swooned her heart, got second thoughts then play the "oh no I was wrong he's a good guy" role

No. 349514

With the tone of her messages I'd say they scared her.

No. 349520

i'm gonna have to agree with you anon i don't think she is scared only because of the way she tries to justify all of the things he did in the past. She admits that talking about touchy topics like his former exs were wrong, but she believes thathe is being misunderstood. I don't know i just don't really get the vibe that she was scared into talking about this issue by them. (unless shine has some chats/pics of her that she doesn't want to be released). I don't know i guess with time we can tell.

No. 349524

also her willingness to state that her friends were unhealthy people, or the advice they gave her to stop contact with him is something she regrets everyday all seem like something a scared person might not say (then again im not a psychologist so i don't know).

No. 349526

she regrets being forced to end contact with him everyday? i saw on her ig it looks like she has a bf rn. something is very fishy.

No. 349537

I wanna ask the person who has been talking to this girl and posting screenshots, what is your opinion of shine and this whole situation? I wanna know your stance

No. 349538

Something suspect is happening here with these anonymous walls of text, but I don't care enough to dig or know what the truth is.

Why does she get so detailed tho?

No. 349539

That's what you do when you're lying.

No. 349544

I think it's really sketchy how this girl seems to suddenly be going back on everything she said before.
Also, someone on PULL pointed out that she originally gave the wrong age for Shine and said he was 17 instead of him actually being 18 in August 2015.

No. 349551


jesus fuck. in what amount of time did she write all that? i don't see a censored time, dividing the blocks of text. seems unnatural.

seems like complete bs to me.

i think these are the alternatives:

1) the whole exchange with that 4th girl is made up

2) the newest texts are shooped (if they are, we should know soon enough, when the original anon, who started to post the exchange, speaks up about it)

3) something changed her mind reeeeal quick (a bribe, a threat?)

No. 349556

Hm, why would she be the only one to receive a bribe or threat by shine or kat if they should know who the other girls are too? Did any of you three girls get contacted by shine or kat since this started?

No. 349559

Isn't it obvious? They already came forward, the fourth one could still take things back.

No. 349560

He might have less shit on them. In Asheley's story it says that she has things that enable her to sue him if he tries anything weird.
But yeah, what a weird 180. Pretty sure someone talked to her, whether that was Kat, Shine or someone else.

No. 349563

What i find strange is that she was saying how badly she wants him to be exposed, how awful he really is, and things that he did that matched up with the other stories, and she offers to show picture proof, but back tracks and deletes that message. Then she goes and flips around saying she lied and hes not a pedo or a bad guy. Somethings not right with her story.. she did come forward but then back tracked so fast.

No. 349564

I wonder what they have on her, I can't see what anything other could it be, they can't touch her physically and Shine can't exactly call her out publicly.

No. 349566

This either was
a) made up by that anon to make it seem like he met a girl that knew of einshine and make her speak badly of him just to post later on that he's actually a good person to try to make us believe in her and not in the 3 victims in this thread? (so possibly messages fabricated by kat or shine themselves)
b) random girl who just wanted attention and read the thread and tried to get involved for whatever reason but actually doesn't have much to do with them
c) her first screenshots were true and now shes backtracking bc she got blackmailed

No. 349567

I think the situation is pretty fucked up. I also think that if you have a problem with someone as serious as this one you have to act like an adult and take it to court instead of posting it online. Ok, he's popular and he deserves to be exposed, but this is not the way.They have to have solid proof about Shine to win the lawsuit [ >There is proof of our messages that lead from your IP, there is photos of us together, videos on the hotel security cameras and proof from the gynecologist of your DNA from the Infection along with my therapist’s records of what happened. ] (if they ever fill it). Also, I don't know how USA laws are but in my country if you expose someone on a forum and don't take your case to court (speaking of rape, abuse, robbery… things that break the law) your testimony loses credibility. If the person who has been acused fills a lawsuit for defamation you will have it against you (+incite hatred against that person online). [and I think that maybe the girl from the screenshots was threatened with that] They call into question the fact that you ran to a forum instead of going to court. And if the judge hears the "My parents got a divorce recently so I really don't feel like going to court again." when you were raped and mentally abused they won't take you seriously. Going to lolcow to post about this and threatening with a lawsuit was a mistake imo she should have gone to court. He'd also end up exposed this way.
But asides from that, I think Shine is trash and I'd like him to go to jail. Kat is not innocent either, she can ~kill herself~ like his beloved Shine says to his followes. And I'm sorry these 3 girls went through this

>2) the newest texts are shooped (if they are, we should know soon enough, when the original anon, who started to post the exchange, speaks up about it)

They're not shooped. Why would I waste my time shooping a shit-ton of texts? Do you want a video of my phone as proof?

No. 349581

I'm don't know too much about US law, but what should they go to court with? Except for Ashley they had consensual sex and were in a shitty relationship. Not like you could take every guy who treated you badly to court lol

No. 349582

I also don't English. Sorry.

No. 349583

Yeah I mean Ashley, that's why I added her quote

No. 349586

she was 15 and he was over 18. its statutory rape

No. 349588

Who do you mean? As far as I remember Wendy and Lindsay where adults. The fourth girl (the one who's backtracking rn) never slept with him. I excluded Ashley because of how young she was and the whole UTI thing.

No. 349590

>Except for Ashley they had consensual sex
Besides Ashley, the other girls had consensual sex. That's what anon means

No. 349591

File: 1486593748979.jpg (142.11 KB, 456x810, Screenshot_2017-02-08-23-33-32…)

Girl is still underage so I'm not going to reveal her user name. Although you guys posted her already. As you can see she's typing to reply to what I said. Enough proof that I'm not talking to myself lol I'll post screen shots of what she says but it doesn't add anything to the thread tbh but anyways I'll post it

No. 349592

I think its safe to say shine cannot ignore nor deny these claims cause its serious and more people will either find out or come forward with their stories and proof. Unless he has hard evidence they are all lying, which seems improbable. Some people are thinking about contacting people on youtube like keemstar to expose him further. He practically has no choice but to own up and tell the truth from his own mouth. Im very curious what his next move will be.

No. 349594

Probably hiding under the covers and telling Kat to deal with this, what a fag.

No. 349601

Oh okay i see. The other girls dont have a reason to take him to court, and they didnt say they would, but ashley does have a reason and she said if it comes to the point where she needs to, she has evidence and medical records that help her in this. The other girls stories just help ashleys story and add more information about shine that adds more "credibility", for lack of a better word, to her side of the story.

No. 349606

Yes, there was a misunderstanding from my side. I thought anon meant that they could all take Shine to court, which they obviously can't.
I'm pretty sure the only reason Ashley added that she has evidence is to protect herself in case Shine tries outing her etc. Lots of girls don't want to go to court over things like this, especially when we all know how little tends to come of it, and that going to court can be traumatic in itself ("second rape", a word that was added to a Japanese dictionary this year btw).

No. 349795

My guess is that it's a port-wine stain.

No. 349831

Guys, since you posted her picture without blur on this thread and PULLfags took the picture from here and posted it on PULL, I'm sure Kat saw her username and went to threaten her. What happened to the 'let's keep their identities hidden' and also this girl is underage. Delete the picture with Shine and her mom's friend in Japan.

No. 349832

didnt mean to quote that post sorry

No. 349839

im pretty sure that since kat and shine knew her already (shine in person and online, kat on skype) they wouldve already known her usernames to contact her. yeah the pics with her username shouldve been blurred at least

No. 349872

4th girl's complete 180 is so fucking fishy.

No. 350066


No. 350339

Isn'this the same Spanish dick that came up with the "some shine youtuber friend never heard of a fake name, thefore she is an attention whore"?

No. 350347

What are you on about

No. 350351


Spanish what???

No. 350360

File: 1486667210829.jpg (113.79 KB, 448x260, Y8V8mxf.jpg)

No. 350386

The guy who posted the forth girl backpedalling, it said "escribiendo" in his wpp. Similar to No.347733

No. 350388

No. 350394

uhm it's me, anon. I don't have a dick and the youtuber anon is another person.
You're welcome.

No. 350469

File: 1486686437653.jpg (117.24 KB, 800x450, fuck me eyes.jpg)

Sage for tinfoil hat but did it cross anyone's mind that this might be Sharla?
Yeah sorry it most probably doesn't make sense since I don't follow Sharla but it's kinda fishy since >>349479 mentions that detail as if this person is someone we are supposed to know so idk she's the only one who came up to my mind
It would explain Shine's Sharla shit talk, I guess?

No. 350471

Nah, i think its someone who lives in the UK. I assume that from her story and reading posts on shines ig around the time he went to visit her he posted "going to the UK" and a video of a tv show where he captioned "very british" or something like that.

No. 350472

In her story i think she also mentioned something about London?

No. 350483

File: 1486689639664.png (139.55 KB, 746x1112, IMG_1987.PNG)

Matches up with her story's timeline. But are we supposed to know who she is? Im confused

No. 350484

File: 1486689663143.png (171.49 KB, 750x1125, IMG_1988.PNG)

No. 350485

File: 1486689715965.png (135.55 KB, 750x1111, IMG_1989.PNG)

No. 350487

File: 1486689776671.png (99.05 KB, 750x1115, IMG_1990.PNG)

No. 350499

Oops forgot about that, sorry!

Then my best guess goes out the window.
Anyone has any other idea? Any other Brit youtuber that does videos on Japan?

I don't get tho why she's making us guess who she is, doesn't that defy the whole purpose of the fake name in the first place?

No. 350500

If she wants us to guess she should just post a damn selfie jfc
Is it Becky or what

No. 350506

the hairstyle doesnt match

No. 350607

This dude is cringy as fuck. I cant imagine anyone liking him.

No. 350694

>They're not shooped. Why would I waste my time shooping a shit-ton of texts? Do you want a video of my phone as proof?

You tell us. People have done it here before (Miranda, for one).

Video couldn't hurt

No. 350696

I'm not like Miranda, and I don't like wasting my time editing shit.
She's still a minor, she's 16. So if I record a video her username will be public.
I told her thanks for telling me about Shine when she deleted her message saying she would send me pictures. She sent a heart and a day after ending our convo she sent me all those messages.
I'm not someone editing shit to make Shine look good. He's not good, he's trash. I just posted it because I had the feeling Kat told her to send me all of that, and I was sure you guys would thinks the same because ot's strange that after telling me all of those things about Shine, why would she say he's a gentleman?

No. 350697

Also, you have the proof that I sent a message to her and she was typing. I'm not rich enough to own 2 mobile phones and open 2 Instagram accounts.

No. 350703

if it makes you sleep better at night, here it is.
I covered her username with my finger.


No. 350730


Yout putting it in video form makes me realize how fucking long it is. Holy shit. She mustve put a solid hour or so into those texts.

No. 350810

So is he just gonna pretend like none of this even exists, or what?

No. 350852

Asshole is probably hoping this all blows over. I really hope someone big calls him out

No. 350853

Is there a possibility that this just never gets addressed or? What do y'all think, be real

No. 350862

i dont think this will get any more attention unless one of the youtubers in japan that used to associate with his speak up about it, kat or shine post something relating to this (twitter or youtube), more hard evidence against shine comes forward, or a big drama reporting youtuber calls him out. shine and kat have been pretty quiet.

No. 350893

File: 1486781756020.png (104.91 KB, 1071x1838, 2017-02-11 13.49.20.png)

He only follows 2 people on his instagram kat and some guy not sure who he is a brother? He doesn't seem to follow that many people on any of his social media accounts (past or present) I wonder if he has secret personal accounts

No. 350894

Oh she's DEFINITELY back pedaling. I'm sure Shine's been watching this thread like a hawk, and as soon as he saw these screenshots he sought her out and either threatened her or somehow convinced her that everything he did to her WASN'T pedophilic or weird. I definitely think her first story is the truth

No. 350901

that guy is one of his close friends in japan whos shown up on his videos a lot throughout his channel

No. 350928

Looks like Kat had a stream. Are they just going to ignore this?

No. 350930

File: 1486791244611.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2978, 20170211_003152.jpg)

Just wanted to point out that Kat actually tells people that everything is drawn by herself but why the fuck would he put his name under there in the first place?
I guess it's another way of showing that he 'owns' her

No. 350931

Someone on pull made a point that if these allegations werent true, he wouldnt have been silent like he is now and wouldve been making vague and indirect references to this. Hes been too quiet about this. If it wasnt true youd think he would try everything to clear his name. He has a lot of evidence against him. Kat really is an enabler and, like in the stories told, she advises him to keep quiet so he wont get himself in trouble. We all know that this boy loves to rant and rage.

No. 350940

Oh yeah definitely with how much he loves making rants about how stupid people are you'd think he would've already ranted about this and made fun of the "liars" but I reckon he won't because what if others see him do that and come forwards with their own stories? He doesn't want to risk it

No. 350995

File: 1486812453821.png (300.47 KB, 673x585, keem.PNG)

If we tweet at all the drama youtubers like DramaAlert, Scarce etc. there's a good chance someone will pick it up. Even if they haven't heard of him before, if they see he has 1mil subscribers plus how cringey his videos are (I've even seen him featured in cringe compilations) they might be interested. I also think we should make an encyclopedia dramatica article so that when people google him it's one of the top hits (just like when you google Onision, Kanadajin3 etc)

No. 351001

I sent Keem an e-mail to the e-mail address he gave for business inquires like three days ago, lmao.

No. 351029

From what I've heard, it seems multiple people here and on PULL have reached out to Keem and Scarce and its just been ignored.

Kat and Shine seem to think that if they don't say anything, it will just pass over and be forgotten about and I worry that this is going to happen. I think it shows even more that all this is true because Shine refuses to acknowledge it, and won't acknowledge it because he knows he can go to jail if this comes out.

No. 351030

Sent Scarce a DM on youtube, let's wait and see. I want this bastard exposed.

No. 351048

maybe he's going to talk about this in a cringey video on youtube, who knows. But yeah when someone's guilty it's always said you have to remain quiet because the situation could go worse if you open your mouth. (but if you're innocent, they tell you the same so you won't look guilty, although I'm sure they do it because they are guilty )

No. 351052

I think it's worse to stay silent… you might think that the allegations are 'beneath' you if you don't say shit, but when someone is accused of things this serious, rape/ sexual assault/ pedophilia, they should actually address this as false with all the proof they have

maybe Shine thinks that none of his fangirls read this site. I guess that's a bonus for going for an audience that young

No. 351172

It might also go back to the fact that the girls who have disclosed information or have more but are afraid to come out and say anything are very young, so they might not feel intimidated because there's a chance that law enforcement might end up nitpicking a young girl's testimony to the bone, and because their underage, might put more of the spotlight on their parents.

If he's been also lying all this time and telling other girls tall tales about his former exes, it's hard for them to develop a cohesive storyline unless actual people start coming forward with real evidence, and it seems like the only ones that have them would like to remain anonymous or have been persuaded to keep quiet.

No. 351207

As for legality it's called "expat law" US citizens are held to US laws even when abroad. This also applies to statutory rape.

No. 351232

If those text conversations are true how the hell does a guy this cringey get laid?

WTF that shit actually works? I'm really shocked mainly because that seems to be an attitude of a lot of those MRA types. Well maybe not MRA, ugh I don't know what the term is. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Somehow complaining about being friendzoned and having crazy exs sounds as panty moistening as bragging about being a cuck.

No. 351242

There's a reason he goes for middle schoolers and not girls his own age (excluding Kat). Only someone really young and inexperienced or with zero self-esteem would put up with his shit for that long.

No. 351260

It's like watching the love child of Onision and Pewdiepie. An abusive, creepy pedo.

I physically flinched at 1:11.
What the absolute fuck.

No. 351273

I think you mean TRP, always whining how women are evil and manipulative and if they show any sign being a normal human being they throw a tantrum and tell everyone that those women are psychos lol.

No. 351274

Most MRAs are okay to be honest, TRP you just run away.

No. 351358

>the guy that made the fucked up h-doujin with the underaged girl becoming a prostitute
What? Did that actually happen? Is it somewhere in the archives?

No. 351360

i realize that maybe i got the names mixed up and its someone else, im gonna delete my post until i find proof.

No. 351361


nevermind i'm autistic, that was shindoL

however i was watching youtube the other day and accidentally came across a video of einshine/shinephd defending child prostitution… i was disturbed but i thought he was just being edgy. turns out he's actually just a user.

youtube video where shinePHD defends japanese child prostitution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eKgShAXdeg

I watched a press conference on the issue on youtube, and in the related section was this. I didn't know who he was at the time but I was disturbed, he's mocking a documentary on child prostitution in Japan and then later goes on to try to defend it.

No. 351378

When in the video does he defend child prostitution? I can't watch this whole thing right now.

No. 351381

I DMed drama alert and they asked if I have any proof. What should I send back? In hindsight they're probably not the best option. I'm sure they're super careful now with how badly they fucked up before.

I don't know if Ashley or Lindsay are still lurking, but if you are, maybe you should reach out directly and DM their reports twitter. Keem would respect your privacy. The more exposure this gets, the more consequences he will have to face for his actions. And so far I haven't seen anything about this outside of lolcow.

It feels wrong to just let this go unnoticed. Guy's a sick motherfucker and he'll continue using his notoriety to groom and use young girls. Saging for the borderline blog post.

No. 351382

i was trying to find it but he's so autistic i couldn't make it past a 30 seconds

does he have a speech impediment or something, his japanese sounds whacked as well

No. 351385

Well, at least someone responded, Scarce totally ignored my DM. GIRLS if you're lurking here please consider contacting Keem, he won't ask you to reveal yourself.

No. 351393


it sounds like a lisp, but i'm not sure. He's spazzing out too much for me to tell.

I'm surprised his english is so bad, despite growing up in Alaska. But then again, his dad is japanese and his mom is half japanese half german and since it seems like his german side of the family lives in Alaska, he probably never spoke english and possibly japanese at home.

No. 351398

You can tell them that there are people who are personally involved, that may provide a better insight to the situation but you'd like to ask them if it's okay to give the proof just to be sure if they are comfortable with having the information shared.
I have a feeling that if you take long with a reply, they'll only see you as making this a joke and most likely might not prove further or believe it next time someone brings it up

as for Shine, i hope more people get to know this. I hope memestar picks this up

Sage for not contributing much

No. 351399

Someone send info about this guy to Onision, act all outraged that "people aren't reporting on the REAL pedophiles" and then watch for keks.

No. 351401


E-mail is OnisionsManager@gmail.com

Could also try Repzion and Andy Warski and Blair White, who went in hard on Onion, although since Shine is a trump supporter they might not give a fuck like the hypocrites they are

No. 351402

i didn't follow the keemstar drama but didn't he get called out for making one too many false pedo allegations? it's possible these guys are just really weary about this whole situation.

tbh he should have a decent grasp of the language if he grew up in Alaska and presumably went to school in english, and such. the only way he could be as ESL as he sounds like is if he never left his home and they only spoke german/japanese and never consumed american tv, movies, etc. it's more likely that he's hamming it up for the camera because he's soooo hafu~~

No. 351403

That's the thing because of the huge problem, they need receipts and what not. Hell, even if they receive the evidence, they're still going to be weary. Especially when Shine isn't really known in that part of YouTube

No. 351417

Well I DMed them back to try and at least pique their interest.

Again, Ashley, if you're still around I think you should reach out to drama alert. Keem has a bad reputation, but I've never known him to "out" anybody or expose anyone's identity. Obviously it's completely your decision and your anonymity might be more complicated than it seems, I have no idea. Just a suggestion, because after all Shine's fanbase doesn't originate from lolcow.

No. 351442

No. 351460

so are the only reasons why ashley doesnt wanna take him to court because she doesnt want to go through the whole court process again and that it could threaten his dual citizenship? i think what will really stop him from having more young victims is him having to be registered as a sex offender and him facing the consequences. ashley has hard evidence that maybe a lot of these young girls dont. she has messages that lead to his ip, theres hotel security camera footage, she has pictures with him, she even has medical records with his dna. someone said before that a lot of people will find it hard to believe anons making a thread trying to expose him online or drama channels trying to expose him. the more this goes on, the better it sounds to solve this with the police/in court. lets say if he does get exposed by a big channel and the word spreads, what is the most that will really do to shine? make him quit youtube and social media? it doesnt exactly stop him from targetting young girls, especially ones that dont know him from youtube. what would the police be able to do at that point, if this story gets more attention?

No. 351462

like, why save his reputation and dual citizenship when hes taking the innocence from underaged girls? unless im misunderstanding her reasons for not taking him to court, i dont really get it..

No. 351464

File: 1486943657004.png (169.63 KB, 744x919, IMG_2013.PNG)

I found the 4th girls ask.fm and she answered this 6 days ago. Something is not adding up.

No. 351476

The cringe from this guy…

No. 351478

Uhh what?! Since when was sharing an umbrella a 'forced' thing? Does this girl just want attention or what? The shit she's saying is just stupid at this point.

No. 351479

youre underestimating what a good lawyer will do… there are guys that are caught red-handed on tape fucking young girls who barely get a fine, especially in japan. i doubt she wants to try only to fail.

plus maybe he has some blackmail on her? or something? didn't she say she was trying to model? maybe she is trying to get into that idol crap and doesnt want a black stain on her career… this kind of stuff RUINED yukapon - the japanese hate it when gaijin come over and accuse "their men" of being pedos/abusers.

another thing is… maybe her parents dont know, and she doesnt want them to. her mom thinks they were just friends. the only way she would be able to take him to court is if she had a good lawyer that her parents paid for - maybe she just doesn't want her parents to know? if they are strict/conservative and dont want her to have sex she might feel alienated by her family. its stupid but you never no someones personal conditions. same thing with kat. the reason why Shine targets these girls is because they have vulnerable home situations…

i was in a similar situation at one point and i didnt report it and i stand by my decision. i didnt have the money, time or energy to do it. the country the guy lived in was far more lax then my own - to the point where i once did tell the police he was preying on underaged girls, and they said it was "creepy" and that they'd look into it - and nothing happened. and having a country like the US extradite the guy is VERY, VERY hard. japan will do anything to stop extradition… even in canada, there is a current case of a guy who was abusing underaged girls online & collecting their nudes, and they have hard evidence and yet still can't extradite him to the US to try him!

you're especially underestimating police forces in japan themselves. the legal process would have to start there. JK pedo culture is very common in japan and police look the other way when japanese girls are getting raped by old men… do you think the japanese police is going to care what some gaijin says? even if she has "proof" they will still say its not definitive enough.

so you're over simplifying a lot. its a lot of stress for a victim to go through, and there is very little guarantee that anything will happen - like a 0.05% chance.

source: law student

No. 351484

>varentimesh day


No. 351490

uhm if it's pouring and the only person next to me is him, I'd also share the fucking umbrella. Nobody forced her.
This girl just wants her 5 minutes of fame.

No. 351497

they both have US citizenship right? so if they go to court, they would have to settle this in US courts right? if we are suppose to expect that them going to court will just end in failure, what good will come from exposing him on threads and drama channels? young girls that see it would be warned and he would get a bad reputation and maybe quit youtube and step out of the public eye but that unfortunately may not stop him from continuing to target more young girls. what he did was illegal and disgusting and hes been chatting up underage girls since early in his youtube career.

No. 351499

forgot to mention that sure it was excusable when he was a minor but hes 20 now and he was still doing it when he was 18-19. it was stated earlier that where he lives, in tokyo, it is illegal if the person is 18 or over, unlike other areas of japan where the age of consent is 13

No. 351509

Anon, Shine will not get any underage pussy anymore as soon as he stops doing YouTube. He's unattractive, has a stupid lisp, … If he wasn't somewhat famous he wouldn't have a pool of underage girls to pick from.

No. 351515

That's actually a really good idea. We all know onision loves projecting on other people and playing moral crusader to distract from his own misdeeds, and if the drama channels are reluctant to call out Einshine without enough proof, they could instead report on onision calling him out, which would avoid directly accusing him of being a pedophile.

No. 351517

first of all, i said he would still target younger girls, i didnt say that younger girls would be throwing themselves at him if he stopped doing youtube. second, lets be real, just because you think hes unattractive doesnt mean he is seen that way by everyone. some people do think hes unattractive, but some think hes attractive. i do agree with the last statement you made though. however, he has these controlling desires, and kinks (dog/master play, collars, bdsm, bondage) that he wants to do on either girls who look like preteens or girls who actually are minors. famous or not, he has acted on it and is gonna act on it and its pretty sick.

No. 351527

it doesnt matter about their citizenship. he is living in japan, his main residence is there. he can just not get on a plane, and unless japanese police arrest him (they won't, like i said, without 200% proof) then no luck

unless this girl is willing to hire a lawyer that charges $500/hour on retainer to try and get this guy to the US it's not going to happen.

statutory rape crimes are GROSSLY neglected and underpunished. even if you got him into the court room, theres a possibility that he wouldn't even receive probation depending on the judge. a 19 year old fucking a 14 year old isn't the worst case scenario, there are 50 year olds who have walked away after fucking dozens of 13 year old prostitutes with only a year in jail.

the only way to actually get him to stop is to probably get him off of youtube and cut off his supply. if he has no fame or money its gonna be a lot harder for him to get girls. if he has to resort to JK street walkers (underaged prostitutes) he might get killed by yazuka or caught in a sting, at the very least.

No. 351531

ah, i see. thats unfortunate, but i guess thats the way its gotta be then

No. 351627

Just a side note here, but I went onto Joey's (TheAnimeMan)'s yt page last night, and I remember when Shine used his old account it was under "featured channels" on Joey's page. Well a quick look through the channels now and neither Shines old channel nor his new one were on there. So perhaps there was some sort of conflict between the two of them? An earlier post stated by one of the girls was that they (Joey & Shine), were texting back in forth only in Japanese. My guess is Joey packed his shit up and got out of there ASAP.

No. 351630

>(Joey & Shine), were texting back in forth only in Japanese
They used to talk in japanese to each other, when they were recording they used it the minimum.

No. 351726


See.. That wasn't so hard..
Good job.

No. 351734

the thing is anon didn't want her username to be public. Luckyly the texts were sent at the same time and her username was on top.

No. 351786

Lol that was so extra of you. Before being so bent over about the proof maybe have some consideration about respecting the girl's anonymity; because that's not hard either.

Although the validity of their statements at this point is questionable.

No. 351855

Has anyone tried contacting Vexxed? He does a lot of videos "exposing" gaming youtubers so it might be worth a shot.

No. 351862

Not after the Venus video, kek.

No. 351870

he's got his own thread here anon, and we have been (rightly) merciless. he'd rather attack a girl than support one so I doubt he will take the side you want in this.

No. 351914

appreciate ya.

No. 351915

Einshine now has his own encyclopedia dramatica article.

I'd like to add these pics to the article but it wouldn't let me upload because of the MIME type not matching, could any EDers help me out please?

No. 352069

Anonymity was respected. No one held a gun to the vid maker's head. They made that vid of their own free will.

No. 352083

and if anon ignores the request and doesnt make the video, you guys would say they edited the screenshots. Happy? You have the video, anon prevented the 'I bet it's shooped' again

No. 352115

Yeah, after tears were shed, the video was finally posted. Rest in peace. It's there. I hope the encyclopedia dramatica of his along with this forum become top hits when googling his name.

No. 352284

I wonder what Kanadajin3 thinks about this (words I never thought I would say…). Sharla and Rachel exposed her sockpuppet drama but are staying silent about being friends and collaborating with an actual pedophile. They still follow him on social media too. If she called out Einshine it might force the other jvloggers to say something about it.

No. 352292

As great as that would be for Jun & Rachel to out them, considering how big their following is I really doubt it. Feel like since Rachel is so immersed in the Japanese, "don't get involved" societal norm she's gonna stay quite. Jun will probably advise against her speaking out anyways. The only reason she would speak up is if it were a personal attack against her. ie: mira situation

No. 352305

In response to a recent post on PULL:
Because we know that Shine and Kat check this thread, we have to be very careful with what we post here. However, we want you to know that we have not been sitting idle, and have been working very hard on this behind the scenes. We have attempted to contact the drama channels before and after we created this post, but we never received a response, despite also revealing ourselves to them.

Also, Ashley got a pap smear along with the UTI test so we do have evidence of her having had sex with Shine.

No. 352333

Rachel only cares about her own reputation. Unless she has people calling her a pedo supporter in her comments like she had Mira calling her a liar, she won't react.

No. 352425

File: 1487195040520.jpg (133.04 KB, 456x659, Screenshot_2017-02-15-22-35-31…)

Who was the retard that commented this? I guess the same cunt that created the Margo's massage center account to comment on her posts and ruin everything? What are you, 13? Don't post anything on his social media, and don't @ him anywhere or you'll fucking ruin everything.

No. 352448

(I'm the author of the PULL post you're referring to, if that wasn't obvious enough, lol.)

That's good to hear. I wish you guys luck. ;)

However, a pap smear is done to detect HPV and cervical cancer ? All I know is that having sex within the last 24 hours before the pap smear could affect the results. (Because of the abrasion during intercourse, mostly) It has nothing to do with forensic DNA testing, which is a very different thing. Not saying she doesn't have evidence, but a pap smear doesn't prove that you had sex in the first place, let alone with XYZ person…

Sorry if this is insensitive or rude, it's just that the sequence of events is not very clear for me and it makes the whole story confusing. Sexual assault/rape/pedophilia is a very serious allegation that needs to be backed up very thoroughly, with precise details and timeline and if you can't, then people will ignore you or doubt you. If one of you slips up like you did with the pap smear right now, this can be used against you and ruin your credibility, even if rape did occur. I suggest working on your stories to make them 100% foolproof, because if this gets out in its current state, people will eventually have the same thoughts I had in my post on PULL… That's also a possibility as to why those drama outlets didn't give you a response : They sense the weak points in your testimonies and they don't want to bother with the responsibilities associated with defamation or spreading a false rumor, if that makes sense. Again, sorry if I offended any of you, but now is a good time to solidify any potential weak arguments and holes to avoid backlash later on. Just trying to look out for you, lol.

No. 352489

haha I'm not gonna lie that's me,
sorry if I offended anyone but he did end up deleting that photo.
But I'm sorry if I ruined anything because him and/or Kat read these threads so they already know what's going on

No. 352500

He deleted it because it was offensive. Making fun of handicaped kids and using the n word…

No. 352510

Or Instagram could've removed it from violating their terms

No. 352512

Yeah, I'm sure people reported it

No. 352573

I meant that if Mira called him out to try and ruin Sharla and Rachel's reputation again it might force them to speak out, sorry my post was confusing.

No. 352953

File: 1487392127733.png (120.25 KB, 750x754, IMG_2051.PNG)

anyone else think his tweet about girls is a jab at this thread? also he posted a screenshot of his video with the n word once, instagram removed it, then he uploaded it again with the word cropped, and instagram removed it again. that along with the "mines bigger" photo (seriously dude all of the "i have a big dick i swear" stuff is getting old) just show his humor is that of an immature middle schooler. hes trying way too hard to be "funny".

No. 352958

Im not trying to whiteknight Rachel or anything, but I'm pretty sure she and Jun are not willing to get involved in drama that doesnt affect them in the first place. It's unnecessary, clashes with the rest of their channel, doesn't seem like their style.

No. 353018

I love how naive and retarded his fanbase is (can't believe he even has one tbh) and it pains me to think that even if Keem or a bigger youtuber calls him out for the shit that he's done, his fans are going to be stubborn af and defend 'shine senpai' even when theres a shit ton of proof.

No. 353038

Guys, I don't know if this was a stupid thing for me to do, but i've dm'ed a few of shine's followers the link to this page and the PULL one and a few of them are agreeing and have unsubbed from his channel and are going to message others that they know with this link.
It might be a good way to spread the whole situation

No. 353048

No that's a good idea, for all we know one of those random followers could have been his next victim. If it saves even one girl from him it'll be worth it.

No. 353061

No anon, godspeed. We need to take action. The thread was inactive for some time and I wondered what the fuck we were doing, in this case I'm not here solely for the good milk, I want to tear this bastard apart to prevent he hurts anyone else. I don't know exactly why it was so easy with Onision, but looks like exposing Shine is being a hard task.
If anyone can do the same as the anon, just dm his fans and tell them that if they think the accusations are reasonable, to be so kind as to pass it on. I'm suggesting a soft approach because some fangirls are brain dead and you can't make them change their minds, it's better not to lose your time.

Still think as someone said above, despite Onision being shit, letting him know this story in hope he makes a video even it has half assed good intention and he does it for the sweet, sweet ad revenue would nonetheless raise awareness and alert the community.

No. 353069

It seems like Shine and Kat are just staying quiet and waiting for this thread to eventually die out. It's obvious from him not addressing this at all and the slow uploads/social media posts that he's trying to lay low. If he weren't guilty, he'd be attempting to clear his name or joking about this.
I think it's also important to note that in that "What Ruined My Life" video, Shine actually gave advice on hiding underage relationships, and was laughing nervously while looking past the camera at Kat.

We just have to do all we can so that at least some of his fans can be made aware that he's dangerous.

No. 353070

Okay, i'm glad you guys think it's reasonable idea. But if you are going dm a few of his followers then just a warning (some are incredibly aggressive and defensive) and I wouldn't waste your time with the completely stubborn ones.

Also I completely agree with you anon, we actually have to start taking some action into this situation instead of just gossiping about it. I do know some have tried contacting Keem and Scarce, but surely there is another person who is big enough to get the news a little more heard. It is absolutely disgusting what shine has done and it would be even more disgusting if he gets away with it :|

No. 353074

How about we make a truth instgram
Like some people did with berry?

No. 353075

I would be careful with what you say anon. All we know is that Kat or Shine may or may not be checking this thread, we shouldn't give them ideas that will help them justify themselves.

No. 353083

This is the problem, there's no "safe space". when Kat and Shine themselves aren't lurking there must be someone trusted by them taking screenshots and delivering to them. Sucks. The girls who came forward should make a slamming evidence super pack and then let us do our loud mouthed thing and spread the word once it's ready. I just feel like we're strangely "on hold", don't know if they have backed out, are being harassed/bribed, only time will tell.

No. 353086

File: 1487449153075.png (20.35 KB, 750x182, IMG_7319.PNG)

i know the 'tism is really strong in her tweets and most of the time they don't mean shit but it really makes you paranoically wonder sometimes if she's hinting to us that her guilty ass has nothing better to do than lurk around here, like the "so many creative people" tweet

you know, lolcow is overall purple/lilac

No. 353100

Idk what the fuck has happened, its like everyone has just abandoned this situation for a bit. A week ago we were so hooked onto the case, but now more and more people seem to be inactive. It even seems that the victims: Ashley, Lindsay and Wendy have just disappeared (shine or kat may have found out and threatened them to not say anything else).
If we just leave this whole situation and (like anon said) don't start putting action into whats happening, then we are basically giving shine and kat what they want
(im gunna guess they want us to just forget about it and hopefully the thread will die out) NO, we can't let this happen,
We cannot let shine carry on with his shit, it's fucking disgusting!
I know its gonna be hard to try and 'expose' him (since most of his fangirls are brain dead) but do you really want this piece of shit to carry on with what he's doing?
He's a pedophile, technically a rapist, racist and a fucking woman abuser, in what kind of world is this okay?!
We have got to try our best to get this message across before he finds a new victim.
Like someone said, we can create a truth instagram account or try our best to contact drama/news channels, we can try and find more victims of shine if there are any more.
There is so much we could do to warn people about this guy, so let get to it!

No. 353103

Yeah I don't like where this is going.
They have good tactics - threat/bribe/whatever they did to those girls, and wait the whole situation out.
I suggest making exposing instapages and commenting on his pics. It seems to work with celebrities and instafamous ppl.
Because discussing him like this in shadows does completely nothing.

No. 353194

With the commenting on his pictures thing, are we planning on bombarding the comment section of every social media platform he owns or? Because as much joy that would give me, and as convenient it would be to get his fanbase to pay attention, didn't someone already get scolded on here for commenting on his ig picture that was taken down?

TL;DR is leaving confrontational comments a plan or a no no?

No. 353196

Uh the whole hypocrisy behind this guy's "I hate weabooos" concept, when he fucking lives with one?? Kat's cringey voice compilations lol

No. 353198

don't put your email in the field, leave all fields blank. I can see your name and city and everything.

tick the box next to your post then just hit the delete button when it appears. you have 30 mins to do so or your info will be here permanently.

try learning how things are done here before you get banned.

No. 353199

what about gimmeaflakeman gimmeabreakman ? He likes the drama in the jvlog community.

No. 353226

Honestly, whatever your ideas are to get this story heard, i would just do it.
Let's actually start doing the things that we say instead of just lurking in the shadows.
So yes
Lets bombard the comments on his social media (i know someone got told off for doing so, but we need to stop pretending like this is some secret plan and anyway, from what we know shine and kat already check this thread so we can at least get it out there.
Also to the anon who said we should contact gimmeaflakeman yes, i thInl thats a great idea. He'll probably be easier to contact instead of all the others.

If we all start putting our ideas in action then we actually could exceed in 'exposing' shine.
And when you get a response or some sort of proof just post it on here.

No. 353233

Hmm victor is a good choice. He mentioned eynshine before in a video talking about people in japan who were getting popular in abroad.

No. 353241

I believe the person who commented was told off for it because it just sounded childish, like sassily throwing shade, when actually we have to be informational and specific. I'm all about exposing his deviant ass. Let's spam his shit.

No. 353247

>>I think it's also important to note that in that "What Ruined My Life" video, Shine actually gave advice on hiding underage relationships, and was laughing nervously while looking past the camera at Kat.

Could you please link the video with a time-stamp of where he says that?

No. 353251

What about making a youtube video ourselves like they did with YanDev, on Shine? Then we could send that to the bigger channels, if the video itself has enough proof, and they'd expose Shine or at least promote the video?

No. 353254

Re: spamming Shine's social media, I think the negative side of doing this is that the 3 girls are working behind the scenes to get this case attention, so it would make sense to lay low at the moment to allow them to do their work.

No. 353262

No. 353268

oh, if someone works on it, then fine, we stay low. It's just that this thread looks like it's slowly dying and no wonder people are getting impatient. We just have to try SOMETHING before people lose interest.

No. 353270

YES! But keep in mind that if we do that, we gotta have a communication channel already open with whoever we are going to send it to for promotion(Keemtrash or anyone who support us) before uploading. It HAS to be featured somewhere before Shine sends his minions to flag the shit out of the video. Also, posting on alternative video uploading sites so until we repost it, it's available somewhere else.

No. 353271

Question, are people on PULL in syntony with what's being planned/what is happening here? It's best to unify this shit for the sake of the 'operation' otherwise it's going to be either a gigantic mess or a half assed effort.

No. 353272

Yeah, someone today uptaded PULL with stuff that was said here, so I guess if we decide on something, PULL's gonna know. Seems they don't have any plan so I hope they adapt to ours.

No. 353276

I've carried on sending dm's to shine's followers and it is so satisfying when they actually take it seriously.

No. 353282

I'm curious to know your success rate so far, like how many took it seriously vs how many defended him or ignored it. I've seen a lot of people saying Einshine's fans are stupid and won't care about the accusations but I think we need to have a little more faith in them if we truly want to protect them. After all, the girls who started this post were just normal fans and clearly don't think what he did was okay.

No. 353290

Pulltard reporting in, I think we're in solidarity. There have been constant updates on the lolcow thread there and people are for bringing him down.

No. 353291

Well I have sent the link to this page and the PULL one to around 25-30 of his fans. A lot have been incredibly defensive and aren't afraid to curse you out (I just don't bother with those ones, they have been warned). I've been blocked by 3 or 4 of them and some have just ignored my message. Also, a lot of them don't take it seriously and say stuff like 'what a lode of bs' and 'this is so retarted etc.'
But the ones that really get on my nerves are either the followers that curse at me (for what, warning them?) but then say they aren't bothered to check the link either (?!!)
And also the disgusting people who say stuff like 'lol he may of raped them, so what?' Like Wtf.
But on the other side there are about 7-9 people who have actually bothered to read the thread and are know agreeing that he must be stopped. Some may seem a tad defensive at first, but soon after it is quite easy to change their way of looking at the situation.
I have told those followers what we are planning on doing such as 'Instagram account, comment invasion, contacting drama youtubers etc.' And have also asked them that if they know anyone else who is a fan of shine than to pls send them this exact link, which I think is a great way to warn more people.

No. 353340

That's great what your doing. Like you said, I would just not bother with the super defensive ones, we have warned them anyway :\
If more people could do what this anon is doing then it will be easier and quicker to warn his fans

No. 353344

Here's the video. He says it around 4:22

No. 353349

This video suits well to Einshine's situation.

No. 353373

It's a lost cause. Teenage girls will Stan any guy with a little fame and be their send toy then cry Abuse after they have been warned many times. We have seen this before with onision, dat YouTube fame is too hard to resist for them.

No. 353374

Sex toy*

No. 353469

Why would someone Stan him opposed to all the kpop and jpop idols that look better than him? There are some that even speak English.

No. 353482

File: 1487581635605.png (178.62 KB, 750x1221, IMG_7375.PNG)

HELL TO THE MOTHERFUCKING YEAH. Shit will be thrown at the fan.
I'm so relieved, I was very motivated but I had this bad feeling the girls had dropped it, but Lindsay posted on PULL and wants to gsd.

No. 353508

File: 1487590631200.jpg (56.46 KB, 800x678, 810584084_preview_dab.jpg)

it was easy to find out who you were even without knowing anything about that 'community' other than sometimes watching IHCQ. Even though your reach isn't as big as someone like TDM, with the amount of influence and connections you have you could have taken him down on your own. Not to mention, that vein of content attracts the pedos.

At the same time, I can see why doing it this way would have a bigger impact and more credibility.

I really hope this doesn't get swept under the rug and I hope you and the other girls get some justice.

No. 353517

i still have no clue who she is tho lol

No. 353518

idols are real celebrities while youtubers are more like "the most popular kid in school" which gives an insecure kid the myth of attainability with the right amount of "notice me, senpai".

Youtubers tend to use their fame to fuck fans while real celebrities use their fame to fuck other successful/attractive celebrities, not some 14 year old from Kansas.

No. 353521

IHCQ = iHasCupquake and TDM = TheDiamondMinecart
I'd never heard of these Youtubers but apparently they're popular lets players. Einshine got popular through Minecraft videos so it would make sense if the girl is a part of that community. I have no clue who she is either though.

No. 353527

It's so frustrating, I want this gross ped exposed, but I don't want any of these girls to have it tied to them forever.
Good luck, censored face chan

No. 353533

Hey i think if we do make a video and Post it on Youtube we should also at least try to promote it through other Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook the places where Shine is most active I know Shine is active on Twitter at least. So people there can at least know whats going on as well(don't namefag)

No. 353555

Indeed, Sherlock.

anons with good amounts of followers on twitter, you'll come in handy.

No. 353579

I'm a bit curious and I do apologize if it's a stupid question
But if we bring this to the attention of people on Twitter
Would linking this thread be a good start..?

No. 353580

Same! Careful, girls. Don't ruin your lives because of this douche.

No. 353616

Please god no
We dont need an influx of teenage fans on here…

Make a tumblr to compile all the info and link that.

No. 353617

I think an anon has already started sending dm's to shine's followers and they said that it's actually working

No. 353618

What did YanDev do? I never heard about this.

No. 353620

He's a shitty developer basically, and now recently an alleged pedophile

No. 353759

Created a Tumblr on the situation.

No. 353765

Nice work

No. 353769

very thorough anon

No. 353786

Good job, that must have taken you some time
Personally not a fan of the link to lolcow being on it though

I guess >>353291 can start linking this to his followers, hopefully it will get some reblogs or something

No. 353820

I'll be sure to (btw I'm a girl lol)

No. 353838

This is great, anon.
But didn't one of the exes say that his real japanese last name was Takenouchi and not Tachibana?

No. 353932

who's the new girl?

No. 353933

>December 2016

- Shine is with a new girl (girl he was talking to in September), possibly new girlfriend (?)

No. 354066

File: 1487778744389.png (164.2 KB, 489x311, Screenshot 2017-02-23 00.48.32…)

You can actually see a hickey on his neck in the million subscribers video at around 3:04

No. 354069

File: 1487780192966.png (749.72 KB, 889x689, Screenshot 2017-02-23 01.07.33…)

No. 354087

whoa which video is that?

No. 354091

It's all in his Million Subscriber video, there are also a bunch of other scenes in the video where you can see hickeys on his neck if you look closely.
There are timestamps for the scenes on tumblr:

No. 354232

….now I remember that video where he wad building a chocolate tower of some sort and his fly was open 0_e

No. 354240

So, some how I came across this and I'm really glad that I spent my whole afternoon reading this. I never really liked this guy but this is very interesting….I'd help somehow if I could.(namefagging)

No. 354253

its quite obvious shine and kat have been laying low since this thread appeared. theyve rarely updated their social media accounts, especially shine, and only uploaded one(?) video. youtube is supposedly their biggest source of income, besides streams which only kat has done a few times, so im curious how long theyre gonna lay low for. hes probably scared for his future and throwing tantrums constantly. at this rate, hes fucked. if it is true and hes talking to or dating a new girl, i hope she has read this and runs.

No. 354260

>Incoming wall
According to the Wendy girl, there wasn't a huge age gap between Shine and Ashley + they dated less than a year apparently. Besides blah blah being a terrible bf, blah blah being a jilted lover, blah blah I was so young~, where is the evidence? I'm suspicious of Shine being a pedophile, or hebephile (?), but even if he is, that doesn't mean he's doing anything wrong or that we have proof of him doing anything wrong. I hope this doesn't turn into the new Soren thread. So far (assuming my timelime isn't screwed up), Lindsay seems to have a chance (or had a chance) at getting good evidence against him with those Skype messages. But for all we know, these girls could be bitter ex-lover/s. I'm just saying, painting him as a pedophile/child rapist over a he said/she said situation (you anons don't even know these people), seems like a crappy thing to do. But also pointless, as he doesn't need Youtube to find underage girls, that's not how the internet works.
>Inb4 we have to try
Good for you.
It's just personally I would rather him go to jail than get slandered in some messy online drama and lose his ~youtube career, however entertaining that might be. And also, if he is the real deal, i'm not sure how this is 'a job for lolcow', but seeing as the thread isn't banned, ok. I'm only posting this because something seems "off". This is serious and should have came with concrete evidence, not just stories.

Sage for unpopular opinion

No. 354267

>It's just personally I would rather him go to jail than get slandered in some messy online drama and lose his ~youtube career, however entertaining that might be. And also, if he is the real deal, i'm not sure how this is 'a job for lolcow', but seeing as the thread isn't banned, ok. I'm only posting this because something seems "off". This is serious and should have came with concrete evidence, not just stories.

I get what you're saying but unfortunately it's extremely difficult to put a rapist in jail, let alone a statutory rapist, even if there's a mountain of evidence. However the court of public opinion has a lower burden of proof. That's why everyone here is so eager to take Einshine down, because a ruined reputation might be the only punishment he gets. It's also important to get the word out to protect other underage fans. And it's not just stories, there are also LINE messages (yes I know those can be faked but they sound a lot like his way of speaking), as well as tweets about his love of "loli", and evidence from his own videos of supporting underage relationships/saying inappropriate things to underage fans. At the very least we have proof that he's a creep and a shitty person.

No. 354269

Holy! I just stumble upon this website through PULL, lurking there just to browse randomly. I knew him through Sharla videos, and I've had some supicious remarks about him after watching some of his videos. Since he said how he aspire to be a mangaka, but he had no art account whatsoever (his IG is also mostly a selfie, back then I am guessing that he drew his own thumbnail video, but I am wonders why it is similar to Kat art, is it because they were siblings? Now that I realized it is indeed Kat's art not his), and about Kat that he said supposed to be his sister, idk why I can't believe him. I am guessing they were dating back then but trying to hide them, lol. I never suscribed to him, he seems like to say "kill yourself" or "get out" a lot morever his English accent is a bit distrubing (for me). Now… everything just blown me away, I have also checked some Youtubers that previously collab with him and he isn't listed in their featured channels either.
I remember how Joey stated that he was approached first by Shine, before Joey move in to with Shine he probably never get in contact directly but via messages/online chat/video. Now that he already experienced how to live in with him, I guess he start to make assumptions and choose to live by himself? Idk.
Everything just fit into a puzzle, I hope he would be exposed or rather I hope he would change and start to realize that what he has been doing is not very humanly.

No. 354271

He started out fun/silly then he began posting multiple videos about how much he hated "triggered" people… which is funny since it seemed to trigger him so.
His videos got worse from there with the latest cookie slurs..

No. 354353

What if idubbbz did a content cop on him?

No. 354374

thanks for blogposting. how come everyone from pull is 12 and can't type english. fuck off and stop clogging up the site, newfag.

No. 354376

The grammar sounds like someone whose first language isn't English, rather than a lazy/dumb native speaker (like Shine kek). Go easy on them in that regard. Sage for irrelevance.

No. 354384

naaaah won't happen. Shine's too irrelevant for idubbbz.

No. 354388

Oh..though I wonder "if" it were to happen if his channel would actually lose a huge sum of subscribers.

Also, I'm really curious about something…I can never really watch any of his videos but if he doesn't like weebs then how does he view Kat? I know there's not much on her background but do you think she would be considered as one for like the whole voice thing she does? (Sorry if I don't make any sense ^^;;)

No. 354394

>It's just personally I would rather him go to jail than get slandered in some messy online drama and lose his ~youtube career, however entertaining that might be.

I don't know, I don't think it's for entertainment. It's well established at this point that he is using his fanbase to meet up with preteen/teen girls. If he his youtube career goes down the shitter, so will his opportunities for raping and emotionally abusing young girls. Look at what happened with lionmaker, and to a lesser extent onision. Parents of these kids were going online saying "Beware of this disgusting person, I'm not letting my child watch this and neither should you".

Contacting his fans one by one is not going to be very effective in the long run. A good 2/3 of the fan girls I've talked to tell me to fuck off and that it's all lies. The thing about young girls/fan girls is that they're… well, they're sheep. Until the popular opinion changes they'll be stubborn.

Having this situation publicized will do several things to damage Shine's reputation and his ability to take advantage of these girls.
>most youtubers/streamers in his community will stop supporting him
>subscribers, viewership, and engagement will drop as the smarter fans find out
>the girls he targets are young and impressionable so once they see everyone else leaving, they will leave too
>eventually the controversy will reach the parents

I love drama as much as the next farmer, but we'd be hitting two birds with one stone if we could get the ball rolling. I'm only speaking for myself but this is about awareness way more than it's about entertainment.

I agree that there needs to be more concrete evidence but right now what we have is good enough to start getting the word out. If Ashley, Wendy, and Lindsay's stories reach more people, more victims might come forward with more evidence as well. This is just my opinion, but I also think it's quite telling that Shine hasn't addressed this at all. If someone was throwing false pedo accusations at me I'd start clearing it up as soon as I hear about it because that's some VERY serious shit.

Sage for long as fuck.

No. 354407

It could be that he only considers people he doesn't like to be weeaboos. Or it could be another reason he doesn't respect Kat, his girlfriends, Sharla etc. Which would be hypocritical because Shine is basically a weeaboo who had the fortune to be born half-Japanese.

No. 354408

Completely agree, we do need more concrete evidence than just screenshots and selfies. Although over on PULL Lindsay (I think) posted on there not too long ago saying how she and the 2 other girls had everything under control and that Shine will get "exposed" soon, so it looks like they have a definite plan.
Also, I would/have decided to drop the whole 'dm shine's followers and warn them' for a bit as it goes to show that a large amount of shines fans are possibly the most stubborn and defensive little shits out there. (But I am thankful for the ones that actually gave me a chance in explaining the whole situation).

No. 354433

Heh…. It's not like he's representing other things from his culture besides Anime, Manga….and Loli's. I wonder if he ever tried to approach any young Japanese girls… because with the 3 from before he lost a slight interest in them when they mentioned they did not live in Japan. Why not just find someone who lives there? Is it because of other Jvloggers living around him or something?


No. 354435

File: 1487896859761.png (35.27 KB, 733x264, IMG_1046.PNG)

coming from the person that can't draw but labels himself as a Mangaka…

No. 354436

he just likes making money off of kat. shes basically slaving away for him while he fucks 15 year olds in the other room or jacking it to loli hentai. tbh he isnt even good with the stories hes made in the past…

No. 354442

I don't get it. He has animations all over his youtube channels. In some of them he does narrate, but in a lot of them he had no involvement and just has his character drawn in it by someone else, yet gets all the credit and revenue by putting his name on it. He calls himself a mangaka, but has Kat doing all of the drawing and he just writes average at most stories for them. He had all these talented people work for him so they can get recognized for their works since his name is well known. But does this guy have any real talents? Without those people helping him, what left does he have? He is really taking advantage of his fanbase liking his appearance and that hes part japanese living in japan.

No. 354484

What was that manga they had on tapastic? Why did they delete it?

No. 354490

File: 1487906152407.jpg (105.03 KB, 750x750, 12816790_1511511739155988_2866…)

Shine and Kat should probably reconsider becoming mangaka.

No. 354505

Kat is good with her art. Shine is the one who needs to reconsider. His writing is pretty mediocre. He used to want to be a voice actor in japan but didnt persue it.

No. 354507

What? It's stated very clearly he was 19 and Ashley was 15

No. 354508

That's kind of funny given how stupid his voice sounds.

No. 354700

>round sledgehammer randomly transforming into a crate
>those godawful screen tones
>no backgrounds
>that font choice
I think she needs a couple more years of being locked in this guy's apartment to work on just about everything

No. 354788

Recognise is correct spelling lol

No. 354798

#1 sign of an all-style-no-substance artist: all face-forward all the time. no profiles, no shots from behind, no tough angles.

No. 354821

So what should we do in the meantime? Seriously this guy needs to be exposed for this shit. If we can't get bigger youtubers to recognize maybe someone could link this stuff to a smaller time drama Youtuber. I frequent the Onision thread and Joysparkle BS comes to mind. She's thirsty for pretty much any drama- and she does have a small following. It would be something shareable at least

No. 354828


But would it help? I'm pretty sure his fanbase would quickly jump in to defend him…

No. 354842

Lindsay said that her and the girls are working on something with others at the moment. It is probably best to let them do their thing and just wait until they drop the bomb. Hopefully it will be soon because his thread on pull and here are not very active anymore.

No. 354857

I remember when I was about 8 years old, my poppy (an insanely talented artist, dude was a Cooper Union grad, he knew what he was talking about) gave me a talk about only drawing my characters from a front view perspective. It's boring and shows how limited you are as an artist. It was a huge epiphany for me as a kid when it came to drawing and, when you go to art school, they really hammer you about using a variety of perspectives. If Kat still doesn't get this, that does not bode well for her as a Mangaka.

No. 354879

Kat should go to art school, she has potential but it's all being wasted on Shine's stupid thumbnails. Of course she wont want to do that because he Stockholm Syndrome'd her, but regardless she's going to have to do something when her working holiday visa runs out. Although I suspect she'll just marry Shine for a spouse visa since she most likely doesn't have a degree which you need to get a work visa in Japan.

No. 354928

and not to sound rude, but getting Joy involved is a terrible idea. She's pretty nuts herself, and has her own thread. I would not trust her and it would cause everything to lose credibility if got involved…

No. 354930

I wonder how they're doing with exposing him…wish them luck ☆

No. 354943

In a stream she did where she played overwatch (i think there was a link to it somewhere on pull), she explained that she didnt really have any hobbies or talents and one day just started to draw and it became something she liked to do often. In that same stream she said something along the lines of Shine being her only friend and hes all she has. Its really weird to me how way back when shine was obsessed with danganronpa and minecraft, him, kat, and joey were seen as best friends. She would draw characters of all three of them in thumbnails and she even drew them with danganronpa styled yt icons, but i guess whenever her and shine dated, she sold her soul to him and eventually dropped joey when shine did. As far as i know, it seemed like joey and kat were pretty chill with each other. There was a stream that i think joey had where someone asked how he met kat and before he got to the meat of it, he got cut off. It sounded to me like he knew her before shine did. They are both from austrailia afterall.

No. 354987

so i saw someone comment on one of his recent ig posts a few days ago trying to expose him and their page was called einshineisapedotruthblog but their comment got deleted hahaha yeah hes totally aware hes in deep shit. i went to look for it to see if anyone replied to it or said anything but its gone

No. 354998

Wow, that's interesting o.o

No. 355008

Some actual logic in here,

not saying any of this isn't true but I have not seen any actual evidence to him being a pedo, and that photo with "Lindsey" she said was from 2013 so wouldn't that have made him like 16 or something? The guy seems very immature so I'm not sure why we should care he was a dickhead to someone when he was 16, seems like these are bitter ex fans that decided to get revenge when he cut them off or something (if they're seperate people at all). These are serious accusations that shouldn't be spread willy nilly, even if you despise him it could ruin his life and what would happen if it came out that it was all a lie, that's not fair to actual victims too.

No one should do anything until something solid is found that leaves no doubt, because we are just going off the stories of people who were either of age or where he was underage as well, at least to my understanding, maybe I missed something.

And to be frank, I think anyone even at a young age who is stupid enough to get involved with some random weeb off yt and flies across the world to meet them is just as weird and can't complain if shit goes wrong, the red flag was at the beginning. 15 isn't young enough to be that dumb.

No. 355010

No. 355053

As much as I don't like him, this is true and he's innocent until proven guilt. I can't really judge him based on some screenshots and 3 stories with no solid proof. And that's why I can't wait for what the 'three girls' are working on.
>And to be frank, I think anyone even at a young age who is stupid enough to get involved with some random weeb off yt and flies across the world to meet them is just as weird and can't complain if shit goes wrong, the red flag was at the beginning. 15 isn't young enough to be that dumb.
Ashley knew he was 4 years older than her and yet she came to Japan and slept with him. It's not like he told her he was 15 too. Didn't she go with her mother? why didn't she stay with her and just meet Shine to go to the cinema or have lunch? Unless she lied about his age to her mother. I would not let my 15 year old girl stay a few days at her 'boyfriend's house' even if there's a girl (Kat). Unless she lied about his age and said it was a friend and that his parents are home. Staying with him was her choice, she knew his age and I want to believe that she was aware about what boys with 19 years seek. Sorry but it's dumb. And at 15 you are aware of the danger and what could happen if you meet up with people you don't know.

Hope that what they're working on is solid proof.

No. 355064

His silence (and deleting any/all offending comments) is his confirmation tbh. Considering how much he hates "stupid people", he'd be happy to call bullshit on such a story and drag anyone who circulated it for being idiots who believe online rumors.
Since he knows this shit is catching up to him, he can't do anything about it.

No. 355078

Come on, she was still basically a child. It's extremely easy for older men to take advantage of younger girls because they are in a vulnerable place. You can say "15 is too old to fall for this shit," but 15 year old girls are not mature. Their brains aren't even fully developed. A 15 year old doesn't have the mental capacity to understand that 19 year olds seeking 15 year olds have only one thing in mind. Kids just want to feel wanted, accepted, and special and it's easy for an older guy to make them feel that way. Let's not victim blame.

He is clearly a masterful manipulator, let's not downplay this. You can literally hear this girl laughing in his hotel room. We have a text that lines up with a twitter post. We have three different accounts that all confirm the same things. Everything lines up so well reading through the evidence makes my stomach turn. His keeping quiet on this is extremely telling.

No. 355146

It's a bit messed up creeping on 10 year olds…now they are even easier to manipulate. Seems to like Loli's a bit too much….

No. 355148

Oops, not "a bit" More like really messed up ;;

No. 355151

I don't know about you but I was mature enough to know that would be something pretty retarded to do, 15 isn't a child, you know what's going on at 15, even at 12 and it seems for most of this he was like 1-4 years older at most which seems pretty normal.
I'm not victim blaming but people have to take responsibility for their dumb decisions lol, he didn't abduct them or force them to sleep with him to my knowledge. The abuse yes though but I'm talking about the initial encounter, what possessed them to go all the way to Japan to have a relationship with someone you don't know, already that doesn't sound mentally stable to me but whatever. I mean really what possessed the parents to let them lol

I don't see time stamps on some of those screenshots that mention those details, who's to say someone didn't go through his videos and social media looking for details to add to their story that didn't give enough evidence but created plausibility.

Idk all I'm saying is that we should wait and see what these girls are going to release.

No. 355153

Sure, it wasnt the best decision a 15 year old would make, but turn the situation around. Shine was 19 and is 20 now. Hes been chatting up underaged girls at the ages of 18 and over. In the screenshots shown, he was AWARE he would get in trouble and could go to jail for the things he was saying and doing. But he STILL DID IT. Dont put all the blame on the girl. Shes underage, it doesnt matter if she consented because its illegal. Also dont you think if it all wasnt true that he wouldnt be silent like he is now and would try to clear his name?

No. 355158

Even though he tries to be like Filthy Frank he also tries being like H3H3 but doesn't really work out for him. We can clearly see FF and H3H3 are just joking…

No. 355196

i wonder if shine and kat are gonna upload anything before the girls next move. i think they are waiting it out to see what they end up doing to expose him or if it all dies down. i bet they are running out of $$$ so sooner or later they will have to.

No. 355226

File: 1488159078430.jpeg (70.8 KB, 750x630, image.jpeg)

Looks like he won't be uploading anything

No. 355232

Sounds like the pressure's getting to him

No. 355234

But he was 19 when he fucked the 15 year old, and first met her when she was 14. It wasn't 16 and 15.

No. 355237

hes already got a backup plan holy shit he knows his yt career is done for hahaha

No. 355238

Does he really have a backup plan though? "Officially Youtube is now not my job anymore" might just mean "shit I can't make videos anymore and I don't know how to make money now".

No. 355240

also, it seems like hes been spending his time in silence planning what to do when things go to shit. hes already found a way to make money without youtube. plus being away from youtube might make any videos exposing him not as effective since he isnt going to be doing yt much anymore. i think hes trying to prevent things from blowing up as much as they would. the girls need to act fast.

No. 355242

they were living off of only stream donations and youtube income. they havent been streaming much and have only uploaded once since this started. one of them if not both need a job to stay in that apartment. so its very possible he went to get another job.

No. 355244

What was the point of starting a new channel and social media accounts if he was gonna just drop it a few months later? Of course hes quitting now because he knows hes getting exposed and things will just go down hill from here.

No. 355246

not sure if it was a coincidence or if its cause hes lurking, but he tweeted that an hour after i said i wonder if theyre gonna upload anything and he answered my question. hi shine.

No. 355250

Well, people were messaging his fans, so some of the more delusional ones that wouldn't listen probably told him about it.

I think that's he's been lurking for awhile now.

No. 355254

Still waiting for the anon talking about how there's "no evidence" and victim blaming a 14/15 year old to explain the way he's fleeing.

No. 355255

Oh fuck all the way off with this victim blaming bullshit.

No. 355257

Lmao, a sudden tweet saying he'll be leaving the internet… this pretty much proves that all these allegations have some truth to them, at the very least. Hopefully Lindsay and the others will act soon.

No. 355258

Yeah, he and Kat are planning to take advantage of the fact that people have low attention spans by deciding to lay low.
They need to strike while the iron is hot.

No. 355259

This is pretty late, but I finally found out who you are - quite easily actually. I won't reveal it openly though, since it seems like you don't want your identity out there just yet (from your PULL username). I just wanted to say that you seem to have a great audience that will listen to you, and I'm sure that will only mean good things when you girls finally expose this guy! Good luck on everything!

No. 355261

I just found out too. It took me like 5 minutes. Anyways, good luck girls on exposing him!

No. 355274

I think I heard Nyansai's real voice in Sharla's video of her birthday…err…if I heard right…I would say she kind of sounds like Vanille from FFXiii

No. 355276

In there it sounds as if her accent comes out a bit…

No. 355294

His whole "quitting YouTube" tweet is pretty suspicious. He hasn't announced it on any other of his social media and it's like he's making himself irrelevant and getting out before this blows up more. It just feels a bit off that he's barely tweeted and suddenly he's like I QUIT BYE even if it's just because of a new job.

No. 355295

Lol afk from the internet. That's rich. Btw shine afk means away from keyboard.

Even if you lay low people are still going to talk about your shit. It'll be even better if there was a japanese translation for the shit he's done so if someone in Japan wonders about him they can have an article to read ready.

No. 355306

Ohoho shine is so fucked and he knows it. By "off the internet for a while", he means not post anything so he doesnt add attention to the situation but will still lurk and watch everything crash and burn. Silence is just gonna hurt him more tbh. He needs to just come clean or address it somehow. Hes running from it like a coward which makes it appear like these stories are even more true.

No. 355323

Seriously a good idea

No. 355325

Think Kat told him it was best to try and lay low? He follows her "feeling" after all.

No. 355339

and Kat was also the one who told him talking to one of the girls could get him in trouble…
I almost feel like if it werent for Kat he probably would've gotten caught in this shit a long time ago..she seems to be the more cautious one..
Disgusting how she can be an enabler in all of this..

No. 355340

I'm pretty confused about their relationship. How is she okay with him going out with other girls, let alone helping his dumb ass avoid getting caught and exposed? Is she some sort of cuckquean (likely possibility, considering the collar on her anime persona thing suddenly appearing - might just be a Doraemon reference, but still)?
It's not like he even has a good personality or looks lol. Surely, she can find a better nippon husbando who won't take credit for her artwork and undermine her + call her a shitty person "until he fixed her".

No. 355349

It's funny because I think she see's herself as a cat while Einshine likes "dog" girl's. A cat isn't one to do whatever someone says….

No. 355350

But I guess it's because of her name…hmm

No. 355360

some possibliities: shes in love with him and would do anything so she could be with him in the end, she can get her art out there by working under his name since he has a large following, he is japanese and knows the language so she is dependent on him to do things in japan, she could use him in order to stay in japan, and/or she has no one else and no where else to go so he allows her to stay with him as long as she keeps working for him and he can do what he wants with her whenever. in the end, they both benefit greatly off of one another, so thats probably the top reason for their relationship. shine probably would stop caring for her if she ever stopped doing work for him. i assume kat had a big crush on him in the beginning because it was said that she always drew pictures of him and he saw that as an opportunity.

No. 355364

Yeah I see it as an extremely dependent unhealthy relationship. She seems to have extremely bad image/self worth issues and lets him walk all over her while he controls her but has enough knowledge to take her advice on serious issues so he doesn't self destruct.

No. 355365

I'd also a assume theres a lot of manipulation in there as well with some, breaking her down only to build her back up again… so like anon said, she grew very dependant on him….he also strings her along insanely so i think she believes itll all be worth it in the end? who knows tbh, shes obv also mentally unstable

No. 355393

Late to the party…to the person who says 15 is too old to fall for anything to them. That's only you. If you think only your experiences apply to the outside world, wow are you in for a treat.

Why do you think some underage girls up to 17 get tricked into prostitution or get trafficked? Manipulation, someone telling them what they want to hear to get something out of them. I'm not equating this to prostitution but there are worse scenarios to get manupliated into with similar techniques.

No. 355396

Think I know as well…

No. 355400

This guy fucked up by announcing he'll be going "afk" (please shine, we all know you'll be lurking) - suspicions are rising fast. Although, it's crucial for the girls to act fast before everyone forgets who he is.

No. 355403

exactly, and home life can have a huge part of it… if a young girl comes from a bad home, she'll pretty much take any reason to move away from them especially if someone has promised to "save" them

No. 355505

this video is very ironic to me now

No. 355550


This guys channel confuses me. Is he supposed to be a comedian? Or is he just acting retarded on purpose?

No. 355563


He sounds like a goddamned retarded.

No. 355564

He's trying so hard to be Filthy Frank and it's not working because he's just kind of an asshole and unfunny as fuck. Disgusting accent, too.

No. 355585

Lol Shine isn't even a character he's literally himself

No. 355587

Yeah the main difference between Einshine and his YouTube idols like Filthy Frank and idubbbz is that he's not acting at all and legitimately seems to actually think the sexist/racist stuff he says. He tries to pass it off as just being "edgy," but uses it to express his actual opinions :/

No. 355642

Update from pull. Lindsay said due to his recent tweet about leaving youtube, her and the girls are hopefully going to upload a video this week. She said he is trying to throw off everyone into thinking "whats the point of exposing him if hes not going to do youtube", but its not going to stop them from preventing him from preying on underage girls. They are not monetizing the video and will post it to pull when it is uploaded and she hopes we can spread it like wildfire.

No. 355658

I'm looking forward to the vid. ٩( ᐛ )و

No. 355659

Though I feel like this "break" he's taking kind of helps. Seems like it will also hurt his fans or subscribers because he will kind of be inactive….if you get what I'm saying.

No. 355660

His emotions are just out there. He can't even take jokes xD yet complains if someone else can't.

No. 355846

He says he likes Filthy Frank, sometimes I feel like he's trying to do something like that.

No. 355848

>hes already got a backup plan holy shit he knows his yt career is done for

tbh he knows his youtube channel wasn't going anywhere after he abandoned his main channel.

No. 355952

we don't use emojis here

No. 355958

His comedy seems more like Leafy's which sucks. Try hard :P(:P XD )

No. 356005

If shine gets arrested, wouldnt kat get arrested for being an accomplice? She was aware of him getting with underaged girls and hasnt stopped him. If anything, shes encouraging and enabling it. Theres message proof where he says that kat tells him to be careful and when the girl is okay with her, shine follows her feeling and continues with the underage girl. Also, theres the fact that they are living together and she is always with him.

No. 356010

He would be tried with American law. Kat is Australian.

No. 356023


Honestly I'm really interested to know that too, is it possible she can get some sort of punishment since she was aware of what was going on?

Also it alwayed rubbed me the wrong way when male youtubers would go "sigh no girl likes me" consistently. It's like a sure fire way to get female fans to reach out for relationships.

Sage for no contribution

No. 356040

Well then, does anyone here have knowledge about austrailian law and if there is a possibility?

No. 356043


I don't follow this thread or am fully across the situation, but if the offence occurred in the US and US officials wanted to prosecute she would be sought for extradition to face charges. Australia would have to grant the extradition or negotiate to charge her locally (and convince the U.S. she would face as harsh a punishment as she would if extradited).

An Australian was extradited to the U.S. last month or so for grooming underage American girls over the Internet with intention to meet up for sex, so it has happened before.

No. 356050

Let's be real, it's extremely unlikely he's going to be extradited or charged with anything. The proof basically only proves he's completely scummy.

No. 356060

i know a girl who was 15 when she naively was in a relationship with a 21 year old man who would do sexual acts to her, but not full on intercourse. later on with in the next year, she reported him and he had to be listed as a sex offender. whether or not shine has the possibility to get arrested, he still has a possibility to be listed as a sex offender in the US since he is still a US citizen. that would at least prevent him from targeting young girls.

No. 356061

She's a Plainey. It's beyond enabling at this point.

No. 356081

New video on ShinePHD

No. 356105

hm kat didnt draw a thumbnail for him?

No. 356106

its disgusting how often he has to throw in the whole "molesting girls" joke in his videos.

No. 356108

Shine I feel like debating so let's start. This video is a shit storm and since I know you stalk these forms; let me tell you why you're so retarded it's painful.

One, you start off this video as if you have any sense when it comes to comedy. Also either my brain works too fast or you're lisp and speech impediments of a toddler's level have made it impossible for you to speak at a normal speed. That just bothered me so I had to point that one out. Next, you just made a reference to such an overused joke ( Buzzfeed being run by a mass of uneducated feminists) That it makes me want to take a spoon and shove it into my eye socket until it pops out.

Now question here. Everyone on your dying channel knows you want to be included in the youtube community with your "edgy" humour but at what point did you think it would be a good idea to take jabs at well-established comedians with a net worth of over $35 million. At least these people write jokes that don't make them look like a man stuck in the mindset of a 14-year-old who thinks it humorous to repeat cunt as many times as they can ( We get it, It's your name. don't wear it out. ) Also, nice voiceover where it was completely unnecessary. That could have actually been funny, you're getting slightly closer I'll give you that. You know editing 3 dots over a clip from a copyrighted show.

Now coming from you, we know your " Friends " who had opinions on a woman not making you laugh have probably the same taste in comedy as you. That doesn't really surprise me knowing that the only people I've been seeing you with are A full grown man doing Minecraft lets plays, an emotionless woman who thinks she's a cartoon character, And someone who doesn't even speak English.

Also, we know you hate all the female race besides their genitalia, but these women don't need constant jump cuts through their stand up because they couldn't get the punchline right the first five times.
You say these people are unrelatable right? Well if only " a certain type of woman" gets this humour explain why Chelsea lately has sold over $3 Mil in book sales. Not that you can read or even look something up on google. By the way, thanks for that great explanation on inside jokes as if we didn't understand that already. Also, these jokes are unrelatable in your words are basically the same types of jokes you make, Just well put together and with actual comedic timing.

ps: retarded children ring a bell for you shine. sounds like your talking about someone very close to you. Also calling Sarah Silverman a basic bitch for making a joke that was supposed to come off that way? Is it that hard for you to understand her acting like that was on purpose. DID YOU EVEN WATCH THE VIDEO?

Okay, I can't wrap this one up well because you're getting all over the place, but yes women bring up they are female. Just like you constantly bring up your penis every 5 seconds.

In conclusion thanks for this video that had no need to exist. I can't believe I have actually compared you to quality comedians and yeah, Have a good day.

No. 356115

Start at 51:35
Kat does streams pretty often, maybe for income or something
See if you guys can get any info out of the way she describes Shine

No. 356118

Sometimes people see what they want to see. Honestly, I still have a bit of trouble understanding that whole thing, how people can get so enamored with a person on the internet. Maybe that's how happy people think? I'm a cynic and miserable down to the bone, so I've never really known these things. To be fair though, at age 15, I do recall lots of boys AND girls being absolute and utter carefree idiots. You got a whole bunch of them thinking that they know what love is, and that they're in a legitimate relationship. Of course those were the normies, happy and carefree, with a dusting of naivete.

No. 356120

she basically describes him that the way he acts on youtube is the exaggerated version of himself and that irl hes the most kind, nice, and caring person she has ever met. she goes on to saying hes really amazing and genuine and thats why hes her best friend

No. 356134

I've seen a lot of idiots in HS too. They think they're the best and even the school staffs fear them and won't do anything about them. We live in a society with people like the DR.Phil girl.

No. 356167

Agreed. To all of that. 100%

No. 356168

yep agreed

No. 356194

File: 1488441780418.png (433.83 KB, 947x736, collage part 1.png)

"women only make jokes about their vaginas/sex/relationships!!!"
Does he even realize how much of an idiot he looks like saying that?

No. 356195

Why don't you all take a look at how the site works. Everyone is here posting as Anonymous and we do so by not fucking around with the email and name fields. No-one has invited you to use a name here, so you should not be using one. Take a look around, read the rules, then join in.

No. 356198

File: 1488441987770.png (1.77 MB, 1022x1212, collage part 2.png)

It seems like the only kind of joke he knows how to make is about his penis, sex, or relationships

No. 356201

How did he even stop being friends with Joey/theanimeman? they were such good friends, they even lived together for a while

sage for no contribution

No. 356203

Why do people find this guy attractive, ultimate geese boy tbh

No. 356205

Weebs have irrationally low standards for azn men.

No. 356206

a.) He found out what Shine was doing with girls, didn't like it, and wanted to distance himself before it got worse
b.) He didn't find out what Shine was doing, but knew there was something up and didn't want to get involved if drama happened
c.) Shine was treating him like shit and was talking shit about his friends/girlfriend, so he wanted to get away from that

Or it was just a combination of all this stuff and he got out. Unlike Shine, Joey probably has at least some decency/morals and didn't want to have problems if Shine was up to no good. If that "Ashley" girl only lasted a week in that house, who knows what Joey's seen living there for 3-4 months…

No. 356209

File: 1488449351335.png (149.08 KB, 470x405, Screenshot 2017-03-02 19.06.38…)

his fans really are delusional

No. 356216

Never really understood that. I'm sure that guy wouldn't want to be compared with him.

No. 356217

The guy on the left looks more like a white man

No. 356343

Shine legit looks like a worm

No. 356417

He can be I've to those of like mixed? Idk, or girls that like scrawny looking guys. Eye of the beholder thing.

No. 356433

English motherfucker, do you speak it?

No. 356435

we're all here together working towards the same goal: expose shine and hate him in the process. everything else is nuisance. if that grammar made me want to kill myself? yes, but the thing to do is scroll past it and add something fucking relevant for the discussion.

No. 356442

>whines about nothing relevant being added
>adds nothing relevant

No. 356456

added my own pennies to the discussion several times pal, now I'm white knighting some anon who can't speak english right which is autistic, but making a point that picking up on said anon for their grammar is even more autistic. the main issue wasn't that nothing relevant was added, this is lolcow after all. probably just overreacted because I'm not a native english speaker myself.

No. 356461

Have you never heard of punctuation?

No. 356462

affected much?

No. 356504

The people with bad English and name fagging are probably ex shine fans who came here from being linked and old fag farmers are scareing them off kek

No. 356529

Can't compare shine with a Kpop idol lol. Unlike him those people actually work hard and have some passion about what they do. No laze. It's also kind of sad that Kat is wasting her artistry on him…

No. 356533

no I've just been here for a while and took the time.

No. 356588

I made the comment that you guys are discussing about. My phone autocorrected everything and there's no edit button. Don't know why youre making a big deal out of it.

No. 356753

I agree that kat is wasting her skills on shine.. her art used to be creative and colorful. Right now and judging by that manga page she kind of needs more practice to be honest.

No. 356866

File: 1488669485993.jpg (353.83 KB, 1400x980, IMG_7732.JPG)

What happened with the expose video?
He deserves it, anyway… did some poking at kat and made some collages….enjoy anons.

No. 356868

File: 1488669966033.jpg (196.99 KB, 1024x683, IMG_7745.JPG)

Does no one (even their friends) think it's weird that she wears a mask and sunglasses all the time? Like how does she eat around others….?

No. 356879

Is he putting his head up her skirt in those pics? Where did you find them?

She doesn't eat. There was a video where Shine, Kat and Joey went to a sushi train and the only thing Kat ordered was a small bowl of rice, and Joey asked her if that was all she was going to eat, and at the end you can see two stacks of plates for Shine and Joey but nothing for Kat. We know how much Shine loves lolis and hates fat girls like Joey's gf Aki, so it wouldn't surprise me if he's giving Kat an eating disorder.

No. 356915

this might just be me, but does it look like kat might have a crooked nose to anyone else? like the pics of her with the red wig look as if her nose goes more to one side. could this be why shes always covering it? shine said she "has a fucked up nose" or whatever according to one of the girls.

No. 356920

File: 1488680955913.png (405.9 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7806.PNG)

He puts his head up her skirt to "check out" the goods he's dealing with after saying "pop your cherry" "Bloody Mary", sex hand gestures, he does it twice. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7eKgShAXdeg

At 3:11

No. 356922

Can you hit me with a link for that sushi vid anon?

No. 356930

File: 1488681894943.png (87.94 KB, 750x346, IMG_7686.PNG)

An anon at the beginning of the thread said they met kat at a con in the artist alley in Brisbane, Australia which is confirmed in kats vid on her old YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lic0-UMiPHk

She even shows on the con map where her table is, the anon said she looked average, normal, nothing really wrong and kinda cute. Ashley said there's something on her face she "covers up with makeup" (possibly a mole, birth mark, nothing major) and that she has like an overbite(?) that makes her mouth look like a bunny. But I really think it's not even extreme as kadajin's bunny mouth, I honestly just think it's all shine's influence and self esteem insults to her, I think he makes/influences her to wear the mask and sunglasses/hat, bc before (back in Australia) she definitely didn't wear that mask at all. I also think she knew joey from cons in Australia before shine. I'm sure she's normal and even slightly cute, it's just shines slave demands, he even use to lie to his followers that she was his sister (even when he dated her). And she does all the cooking/cleaning, all the art and work, probs doesn't get paid (shine is just a pimp who buys her clothes for her(true) pays her rent, buys her food, etc, she relies on him for everything, even though she does everything), and definitely gets fucked by him (all while he fucks other girls infront of her face). Theirs def some weird controlling, Stockholm syndrome, slave shit (dog collar), "owning" shit going on.

No. 356940

Also Idk if you guys seen sharla's birthday video for kat (which kat is not shown what so ever, even with mask)….. it looks like the shitiest birthday ever….. at least poor kat got to eat some food. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GYnU9rLwH0U

Saged for #Freekat

No. 356970

I don't think the girl in the yellow jacket and maid costume is her, the hair is too long and I'm pretty sure Kat filmed the videos that that girl appears in. Shine might have made her cover her face so that people would confuse her with Kat, and not get suspicious that he's with another girl.

No. 356977

I'm not 100% sure about the girl in the yellow raincoat, but his fans/comments definitely implied it was kat. The girl in the maid costume in the "schoolgirls for sale" vid is DEF kat. His fans asked and he confirmed. And in "Kats face reveal" vid, his fans discuss kat being the maid in "schoolgirls" and how he confirmed it. Which would explain his blatant sexual inappropriate behavior twords kat (the maid) and covering up her voice w/ subtitles (i don't think her Japanese is very good). Also confirmed black wig in "schoolgirl" vid for Kats maid role. Ashley said she wore a maid outfit when she was with shine in Japan and that later on she saw videos/pictures of him having other girls wear that same outfit.

No. 357007

I couldn't find the video where she only has a bowl of rice, I think it must have been a different video. But I did find the sushi train video.

4:30 Joey says "Bacon!… Isn't there another one? Didn't we get three?" and Einshine says "Kat doesn't like bacon". Then Joey asks about the steak sushi saying they should have got three, and Einshine says "that's weird, I think it's cuz we missed it". But at 3:44 when the steak sushi comes you can see that there were only two gold plates for their table (the other one for was for yellow table instead).

8:20 when they finish Joey says they had thirteen plates each and Kat only had three (which would be like six small pieces which is not nearly enough sushi for a meal holy shit) and Shine is just casually like "yeah we ate ten more than her". They also said they were waiting for an hour and a half to get a table which means she probably didn't eat beforehand either.

No. 357041

Here it is. She did get something else besides the rice though.

No. 357109

i really do think shine controls what she eats and how much. why didnt kat say herself that she didnt like bacon and why did shine have to speak for her? who honestly waits an hour and a half to eat 3 tiny plates of sushi… theres also that one video where shine is forcing her to eat cabbage for a video when she clearly keeps saying she doesnt like it and its "spicy" and continues to eat it because he says so.

No. 357124

Why'd she let him get under her skirt…ew

No. 357293

Still waiting on that expose video from Lindsay. Last update on PULL said that it would be posted by the end of the week. Where I'm at there's still 5 more hours before midnight; so fuckin ready!

No. 357325


Actually Vexxed doesn't go against females he actually helped me make an expose video my ex-boyfriend who manipulated me and kinda reminds me of Einshine in ways…. I have him added on Skype, if any of the girls want to get into contact with him I don't mind helping. Most people idolize Youtubers as these perfect beings when in reality most of the time they abuse it, look at Shay Carl, and now Einshine etc…. Yes these girls are using fake names Vexxed has used a fake name for my persona in the video as well no one wants their identity exposed after shit like this it's upsetting enough as is.

No. 357331


This post is so stupid. That kind of stupid when an idiot tries to pass as a different person and even namefag to make it appear more "natural" or some shit, but is still obvious. Gtfo vexxtard.

Sage for shitposting.

No. 357357

File: 1488780196687.gif (Spoiler Image, 4 MB, 480x360, make em bounce.gif)

>did they say my name boys I'm comin hold on 12 views boys this is my big break

No. 357375

>> 357331

And by that same logic should I call you Einshine :)

No. 357440

fucking kek anon

also what the fuck u saying vexxing does go against females? the only way i heard of that loser was when he made the video going against venus angelic and taking favour of her psychotic abusive mother ? lol

No. 357441

samefag, aparently im still asleep. vexxed doesn't*

No. 357489

Jfc. This thread is getting cold. I hope the girls can proceed on the exposing soon. Bc the momentum built here & on PULL is now at an almost complete standstill. Don't let this die until his career does

No. 357493

i feel like the girls should have dropped everything at once like a big bomb. stretching this video out so long after this thread was started may not be nearly as effective as it could have been.

No. 357523

Agreed. Like someone said earlier, people typically have very short attention spans. The stretch of time dulls the impact of severity on Einshine's reputation versus if the video or w/e was realeased sooner when this thread was a priority like it was a month ago. I know the girls said they're working hard & as quick as they can, but honestly, as each week passes this discussion is losing readers because there's very little to discuss at this point and relevancy is dipping.

No. 357542

Indeed this is going stale

No. 357543

to be honest I feel like the video is never going to come

No. 357548

If the video comes at all, I think most reactions here would be "finally" after this plateau. But forget whenever it comes out, the only thing left to rely on now to cause substantial damage to Shine's reputation would be the quality of the expose video. Let's just hope that there's notable evidence that we're missing here that can be addressed, or whatever the girls come up with may just be a complete reiteration of what's posted already (i.e. raunchy text message screenshots, pictures of Ashley's reflection circled on a trophy, Einshine/Kat's sub-tweets that correlate to an event timeline). If the video flops, there's no guarantee that Einshine doesn't just make a comeback on YT and resumes the entire cycle of grooming underage fans.

No. 357613

i s2g lindsay if you're trying to animate this shit i will call bullshit on the whole thing

No. 357618

No. 357683

the wait has gone on too long. is there any real reason that would cause the video to be this delayed? at this rate, i dont think the video is gonna happen either. this milk is running dry.

No. 357700

I feel the same way. I had a hard time believing that there would be a video when they first announced it. It just seemed too good to be true. I hope our suspicions are proven wrong though.

No. 357713

Maybe the girls are still trying to organize everything? Hope it's good…and is released soon.

No. 357769

lindsay just uploaded an animated video that was over 100 frames and took her a whole day to make. the shine video is obviously not the first priority. to any of you girls, when can we expect to see it if its ever gonna come? and please tell us that it will have more evidence and not just the things discussed here. if not, then whats the point

No. 357802

What do you mean? Is she a youtuber or something?

No. 357829

Even until now I still have no idea who lindsey is

No. 357841

File: 1488973400165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.22 KB, 299x450, 4 WH 5515_large.jpg)

It's been a month since this thread was created and it's dying really fast. If the video doesn't come in a week I give up and will stop talking about this and giving attention to this thread. As previous anons said, this is taking too long. And if the video is an animation of Shine abusing girls and shit I will also call bullshit on the whole thing. What a waste of milk.

No. 357849

i just found who she is and im kinda shook that she's a furry lmao

No. 357854

I'm so curious! Is there a dm feature here anywhere? lol

No. 357870

Well… when someone said she does animation, I searched animation vids uploaded today and found some interesting vids of My Little Pony… Not sure if it's the same girl.

No. 357875

No, that isn't her.
I'll just say that the information given in Lindsay's pastebin is enough to find out who she is.

No. 357964

Lindsay posted on PULL

>>So sorry for the late update. I'm still getting the voice lines and making sure all the evidence is being held.

This is video is coming, and it's coming soon.

>>So for those who don't know.

I'm still collecting evidence and waiting for it to be delivered.
I'm also making sure everything in the video is straight forward.
Etc etc.
I'm even paying someone to edit it since I'm not particularly a good editor.
And having a small handful of people voice everything that needs to be said and to make girls aware.
I apologize for the delay, and I know this is needed out ASAP so no others are put in danger by Einshine. I hope you all can understand and I will try my best to get this out as soon as I can.

No. 358038

Second Update from Lindsay:

>I know it looks like I've been doing other things and haven't been putting this at top priority and people are getting mad.

>I 100% get that, but you must understand the other 2 girls have different times zones, and I can't do things without their approval, and making sure their evidence is accurate and such.
>All the reading is recorded as well as an additional voice, I ain't going to post a half arsed video that can be barely understandable.
>I will be having someone read points, and I know this is needed out ASAP, I am trying my best. I am doing a lot of the work here- and yes, I do have to maintain entertainment from my Youtube channel as well from time to time.
>Hence why that animation came out because no one else was online to work with me in pushing this forward.

>I will promise you this is coming. And people will be protected, the truth will come forward, please hold on. I keep planning to have this out within a few days(and I know I said that last time but I am really trying my best here)

No. 358039

Theanimeman (Joey) did a video about Pedophilia today, throwing shade at einshine maybe?

No. 358069

Was this story related to any of the girls here? Or was he just making stuff up

No. 358073

Yeah, it's about Lindsay.

No. 358074

However changed the story to pretend it wasn't about her, but it was. I think I've figured out how to use lolcow.
I can't show proof but let's just say he SamG to tell me it wasn't about Lindsay, when it clearly was.
FYI, he changes the ages and location, but the rest of the story is true.
But exaggerated the story.

No. 358076


TheAnimeMan uploaded recently a video about pedophilia, I wonder if he is talking about shine on 5:50 around

No. 358081

Wonder who else is going to make a pedophilia video next.

No. 358113

When I watched that video, I thought he obviously misrepresented fucking everything in the story just to make the girl look worse than she actually was.
If it really is about Lindsay, then wow. His bullshittery knows no bounds.

No. 358133

File: 1489098176148.jpg (387.71 KB, 640x960, IMG_1426.JPG)

Is he trying to defend Japan or the "otaku" subculture?

Sometimes when a manga has an age gap relationship the mangaka states why they went for that kind of thing. In those cases it's usually student x teacher from what I've observed.

But then again…some straight up make doujin of anime that is specifically about underaged characters. (Ex. Non non Biyori)

Not cool…

No. 358715

i think its safe to say this milk is spoiled. even if the video is still in the making, a lot of people have lost interest in these threads. how unfortunate. it was really suspenseful at the beginning.

No. 358791

I'm not sure about that.
That video will be on youtube thus shines fans and youtubers will get to know about it more easily.
It might get better once again thought for that tbe farmers here have to share it too

No. 358797

they should have planned to release everything within the same time frame to add to the first shock. now that shine and kat are aware of this, theyve been keeping a low profile. shine doesnt have nearly the amount of followers he had on his einshine accounts and he isnt part of the jvlog or anime scene anymore. people who tried warning his fans and spreading the word to them mostly got responses like "so what? who cares. its not true". im also not so sure if anyone like sharla or joey will make videos responding to it. unless they bring new surprising evidence or other girls stories to the table or get big channels involved, i dont really see this getting much exposure than this. all we can really do is wait for the video to be release to find out for sure.

No. 358811

They kinda overhyped the video at the beginning imo. It's no wonder people think this is getting stale. They should've just laid low until the video is ready to be uploaded.

No. 358839

Yeah and I'm still waiting for some actual evidence lol been waiting awhile too, sorry you can't logically look at a situation properly. Too many people from PULL on here. I'm allowed to criticise the stupidity of others, pretty sure this isn't a site for hugs and friendship.

It's been stale for awhile, all in all, Einshine is a creep and so are those girls.

No. 358844

Yeah even if chloe uploads the video, at this point, unless there is some new info or evidence that they've been holding back then the milk is dry.

No. 358902

If the video still comes I'm sure whoever hasn't seen this thread will be interested.

No. 359030

Update on PULL :
Lindsay said that they reassembled all the evidence, the voices for the video are done and editing is almost finished.

I seriously hope this is good…

No. 359043


can't wait

No. 359057

I'm a little nervous since the hype has died down a bit, but I really hope it gains exposure and everything goes well.

No. 359064


Jesus I agree, I want to believe them, but they better hurry the fuck up!! Hopefully everything goes well.

No. 359349

Lindsay said on pull that samgladiator told scarce that her and the girls are lying so he wouldnt help. If the stories of these girls are true and sam is trying to protect shine knowing about what hes done, then hes just as fucked up as kat and shine in this situation.

No. 359387

How is it about Lindsay? It doesn't even sound similar whatsoever

No. 359421

We need to give this shit to keemstar. I really hate to say it but without scarce he is basically our only hope. Hopefully after one of them reports on it, the rest will follow. So many people are gonna doubt it though, so many are gonna say that they are just lying. Ugh jfc just hurry it up!

No. 359440

We are waiting for the video to drop like if it was a bomb dropping at his house destroying his filthy pedo hafu ass
but honestly, I feel like it won't blow up as we wish for it to? The girls said they have some youtubers to back them up but let's face it, they are probably small and irrelevant
Without help from someone HUGE, no one will care. Shine is not very widely known to consider his dirt juicy or whatever, so either someone really big shares it or it doesn't matter
>tl;dr don't get your hopes up guys

No. 359444

Can't wait to see the video. Really excited.

Though I don't understand why Sam is trying to defend Einshine. Has he done anything for him? Isn't he endangering his channel by defending a pedo? I'm also curious to know if Sam is on the weeb side…
So many questions.

No. 359450

File: 1489446982028.png (152.88 KB, 750x1049, IMG_1447.PNG)

Those tags….
Wouldn't be surprised if that was Kat's underwear.

No. 359484

he is most likely defending him cause he gets subs from him. shine let him be in his videos even on his million sub einshine channel so hes probably gaining followers from him. just riding off of his fame. funny cause shine isnt nearly as popular as he used to be when he played games and made japan vlogs.

No. 359512

I think he wears kat's bra and panties in a lot of videos.

No. 359607

Couldn't Lindsay, like, do the video before exposing him on lolcow and publish it one week later or so ? And if another girl shows up, do an update video later on ?

Idk, it would have saved so much time and the thread wouldn't have been so stale…

No. 359729

How tragic is a situation when Keemstar is your only hope?
>So uh I heard this YouTube guy Shine Shingledorfer is a pedo or something CRAZY RIGHT

No. 359792

Lets wait for a few more weeks guyzzz

No. 359951

Keemstar doesn't really care much about stories anymore, mostly just reads out whatever his "news team" delivers to him.
This video better be good, since it's taking forever to make, edit and upload apparently

No. 359958

"just a few more days guys" its been weeks. its still not posted. i agree with pull and that the video shouldve been dropped rachel vs mira style with simply the story, the facts, and evidence. there was absolutely no need to hire people to edit it together or do a bunch of voice overs and whatnot. a lot of people are calling bs on it. if the video ever does come out, it better not be disappointing or else it wouldve been a giant waste of everyones time.

No. 359959

The longer this is going on the more it just sounds like a bunch of bitter ex's with a vendetta against shine. I remember when Lindsay posted her story on pull trying to expose him because she wanted closure and wasn't over what he did. She then deleted it once someone contacted her relating to her story (i'm guessing one of the girls).

No. 359960

Just give it to Jim/MisterMetokur. He can make a whole series on Minecraft pedos at this point.

No. 359962

Giving us some details then coming in here saying like oh video will be out soon! when the thread is dead, just seems a bit sketchy. As anon above me said, the longer this is going on the more it just sounds like a bunch of bitter ex's.
Girls, better have that video coming real soon.

No. 359965

it still cracks me up how shine claims he hates weebs much but he likes them enough to stick his dick in them

No. 359986

I really want to believe these girls but it's getting harder and harder by the minute. They've definitely lost a ton of the impact it could have had if it was just a 1-2 punch kind of thing. If it's all true, and I'd like to believe them, I feel like they've missed their chance. At this point, the best they could do is release the video ASAP, whether it's finished or not.

No. 359993

Considering how long it's taking them despite saying they have everything and when it'd be out etc I'm starting to error more firmly on the side of they probably made all this shit up and can't figure out a way to piece it together, and they're hoping their huge vendetta post will fade off.

Their claims were kind of over the top, and fit together kind of oddly. The chat logs are all easy to fake, no actual photo proof or evidence. Hope the dude wasn't hit too hard by this if that's the case, which is getting harder and harder to dispute.

No. 360023

Shine is a weeb himself, he's an ugly autistic super nerd who imports underage lolipoon. He's like the Japanese standard for being a gross weeb.

No. 360047

The girls said they don't want other channels to expose him for them tho… I really don't know what they're thinking since they could've finished the video much earlier, you know ?

No. 360118

The peeps at pull are getting savage.

No. 360127

if the video is not posted within the next 24 hours im calling bs. the video has been delayed long enough. any longer and people are not going to believe you girls anymore. she said everything is about done and will be uploaded asap. where tf is it???

No. 360129

Agreed. And the fact that they are doing all this extra unnecessary bullshit like the voice acting and the editing is just going to make it seem even more manipulated and fake. They ruined it for themselves, it sucks.

No. 360130

If you think about it though, if this was all a huge lie why make themselves seem worse by promising a video and not delivering quickly? If it were a lie they'd just never make a video I think.

They're clearly not resourceful and have no clue what they're doing and don't realize how bad it's making them look, but let's at least see what's in the video.

No. 360136

Part of me doesn't think they're lying, otherwise why would Shine go a bit quiet? If it was fake, wouldn't he jump to defend himself? These are serious accusations after all. Maybe the accusations aren't to the extent these girls made it out to be, but there's probably a little bit of truth to their words. I don't want to completely knock these girls arguments just because they've failed to deliver, everyone seems to just have turned a complete 180 just because of it. Previous anons have said that he went quiet and that in itself was telling that he may be guilty.

No. 360158

That would have been the smart way to go about it, yes.

No. 360271

People on PULL found Lindsay's Twitter account. It is not difficult to find her YouTube account as well. I've subscribed and I hope she'll upload something asap… otherwise we should blame her for spreading lies and trolling us.

No. 360285

Yeah she made it quite easy for people to find her, which makes me kind of suspicious, like she wanted to be found. Didn't she say somewhere(can't remember if here/PULL/twitter) that the video would be uploaded on a different channel though?

No. 360286

Lindsay's latest post (12min ago)

"I apologize for not being around, the video is going up Saturday, that's the latest. 100%.
Yep my identity is pretty much out there. Not too fussed if you reveal me. Just know I can't reveal myself to people who follow me because I don't want people to get involved who aren't necessary in this.
Yes I wanted revenge on Shine for what he did, but once I found out what he did to Ashley, I just lost my shit and wanted to expose him. Hearing her talk about her side of the story sent fucking chills up my spine. This is something that will haunt her for a very long time.
The girls and I had been spending a ton of time trying to get some Youtubers to communicate with us. Keem doesn't seem to want to be involved with a story like this. Sam got to Scarce and told him not to even speak to me. We even talked to Vexxed briefly. We thought many would jump on this. Some even made the excuse that they wouldn't cover the drama unless it was on Youtube already, which makes no sense to me. After everyone else got cold feet (which often happens with sex scandals for some reason) I decided I'd make a video, however I was unsure with what I was 100% doing with it, which is why I've gotten some friends to help me. There isn't an entire team of people working on this, I'm scrambling to put this together as quickly as I can.
Hope this clears up a bit.
Sorry if you feel the milk is dry but that won't stop me from doing everything I can to put this sick fucker to an end."

No. 360383

I actually get that feeling too, idk, she gives us "clues to her identity" and doesn't hide them or cover her tracks to be more vague. If she wanted to be 100% anon, she'd never do that, think about it.

Also, where the hell are Wendy and Ashley ? Any news ?

No. 360397

i found it odd that wendy and ashley stopped posting so early on in the thread. i do know the identities of lindsay and ashley for sure, i think i know who wendy is too but not enough evidence. i do know some people on here and pull know who ashley is because her real name was mentioned in both before those comments got removed. for the sake of the girls privacy, it is best to keep their identities anonymous. but if it ends up that they made it up and sus things pop up, it might end up being necessary to expose them. lets hope this wont be the case.

No. 360398

For me it doesn't really feel like she's trying to gain some followers or subscribers…

But I'll be waiting for that video

No. 360549

I've scrolled through "Lindsay's" Twitter account just now and noticed something about her internet persona. https://twitter.com/SirCutieYuki/status/837425431888429061 ("Representation: Love, obsession, heartbreak, rage"). Sounds like an angry ex girlfriend in some kind of yandere mode.

No. 360551

Same anon here, just wanted to add something. Lindsay met Shine at the age of 15. She turned 21 a few days ago. This means they met around 2011. They were around 2 years together = 2013, maybe end of 2013. She created her internet person (how do you call something like that? alter ego?) in JANUARY 2014. It's the result of all her negative feelings… and if you check her latest tweets, she started to look like this alter ego (ping hair etc)…. that's scary.

No. 360558

isn't it obvious? telling shine what he should do against lindsay isn't a good idea…

No. 360564

Post from Lindsay
"The video is ready, but I need the girls to confirm they are comfortable with it. It should be out today instead*"

get hype guys!!

No. 360566

File: 1489766759060.gif (698.8 KB, 800x800, giphy.gif)


No. 360568

And if they aren't comfortable with it then I guess there's no point even mentioning

No. 360569

Imao imagine Lindsay backs out with "sorry guys!! The girls aren't comfortable after all so no video ;( "

No. 360573


I'd be soooo mad lmao :(

No. 360574

Wouldn't that be a clever way to back out if it turns out this was a hoax from the beginning lol.

Let's hope this video has substantial evidence and is worth the half a year wait. Though I doubt the video is going to be efficient enough to clear the suspicion & questioning from PULL. Oh well, let's see~

No. 360576

The vid will be out on her channel…right?

No. 360578

her tweet implied an alternate channel

No. 360583

Lindsay just posted that the vid will be out in 20 mins. I hope everyone is ready!

No. 360584

File: 1489776165587.png (105.38 KB, 750x813, IMG_2608.PNG)

shes been wanting to take him down for a longg time. (going to be posting more screenshots)

No. 360585

File: 1489776192869.png (131.35 KB, 750x1096, IMG_2609.PNG)

that is what shines old character used to look like

No. 360586

File: 1489776211592.png (138.67 KB, 750x969, IMG_2610.PNG)

No. 360587


No. 360588

File: 1489776259822.png (149.46 KB, 750x988, IMG_2611.PNG)

No. 360589

File: 1489776319419.png (132.58 KB, 750x826, IMG_2612.PNG)

No. 360590

File: 1489776365990.png (165.8 KB, 750x978, IMG_2613.PNG)

No. 360591

File: 1489776412195.png (141.92 KB, 750x836, IMG_2614.PNG)

No. 360592

This better be good..

No. 360593

No. 360595

FINALLY! Let's hope it's good

No. 360596

She said on pull that if you kept up with this, they didnt really add anything new… and that she just wants to get this out on youtube to spread the word… ??

No. 360598


No. 360600

Who made this? It isn't very good.

No. 360601

Oh shit, is Joey the one narrating? I didn't think he'd want to be involved in all of this.

No. 360602

No thats not joey

No. 360604

This took almost a month to make?
It would have been more powerful with a testimonial type video, like the Rachel vs Mira vids. This just feels like some conspiracy/hoax thing.

No. 360606

this video keeps repeating the same things over and over

No. 360610

Obvious reminder that we all waited a month for this shit.

No. 360611

There was a ton of great information that was missing. You guys had so much time to make this and its very lacking. Of course people who see that can just come to lolcow or pull to read more about it, but you couldve added details such as how joey was living with them and ashley had to lie about her age and shine kept girls a secret from him and how shine talked shit about joey and aki. The part where lindsay speaks made me roll my eyes cause it sounded like acting out a script to make it sound dramatic. None of the other girls spoke in this giving their story, 90% was just some man narrating. No new info was brought into account.

No. 360615

Thats it guys. The milk is dry. This is so disappointing.

No. 360618

is it just me or does this seem like a rushed project that took a night to make?

No. 360620

Well that added nothing.
And holy FUCK is that narrator bad! He talks so fast to try and stay in the tone he's trying to maintain but ends up fumbling words and taking weird pauses.

But if this is all we have… I would make the title a bit more of a clickbait. Instead of just "exposing einshine" why not something like "einshine EXPOSED as abuser of underage girls"?

No. 360622

This bitch put more effort in her videos than this.
Im starting to realize why this bitch was so adamant in making the video herself. Probably thought it was her ticket to fame.

No. 360623


Took a month to make, no new info, story got mixed up, bad editing. Yall really fucked it up.
Guess Shine will have a long and happy career as a mangaka after all.

No. 360625

because of how bad that vid was, you should add the lolcow and pull thread links to the description and maybe add a text in the video saying for the full story to check those links

No. 360628

Do yourselves a favor and delete the video. Make a better one or not at all. This will just end up becoming worse for you guys if this gets out to his fanbase. The video was not nearly as convincing as the threads.

No. 360629

This is no masterpiece, but I think it accomplishes what it was trying to do. Lindsay mentioned on PULL that none of the other drama youtubers would cover this unless the drama was already ON youtube.
The point of this video wasn't quite to give any new groundbreaking information, but to make the content digestible and SPREADABLE, which is most important. I'm hoping others will pick this story up and give it a bigger audience.

No. 360637

But damn, considering how bad that video was, now I kinda wish I can make a video myself. However I am hoping one of you is reading this, good job for coming out with your experiences. Although you executed the video in a terrible manner just keep any other information that is well organized in the description, you've got a lot of resources

No. 360645

Shouldn't she of stated her intention with the video to begin then. I see your point though.

No. 360652

Yeah, but I think she just bit off more than she could chew. The video isn't the worst thing ever, I think people just had really high expectations. Having a video at all is a step in the right direction imo.

No. 360656


Bitch she strung us along for weeks saying shit like "i'm collecting evidence" like she was gonna blast it open.

Instead we got some australian cunt scrolling through the lolcow thread and fucking things up.

No. 360658

It's the right step to make a video. Except this shit could of be done in less than a month. Hell, with the way it is made, I don't know how anyone would take it seriously.

The way this is whole mess laid out could make more people incline not to help her out. The video makes the situation look like a joke.

No. 360662

the tumblr page exposing him did 1000 times better of a job than that video holy shit

No. 360668

She's a lolcow too, that's why it's so shitty. Note, this again is not to discredit the other girls or to save Einshine face. Lindsay is an obsessed vendetta chan.


No. 360670

Fuck I'm stupid, here's her thread.


No. 360671

How is this video even going to get exposure? :S

No. 360672

if you cant even convince the people that want him exposed with that video, what makes you think it will convince his fanbase? fail

No. 360674

holy shit. time to get popcorn ready

No. 360696

Hmm.. unless other people want to make a response video with better content than that we might idk ???? The video felt half assed im sorry.

No. 360706


Lindsay being an autistic stalker has tainted the validity of the other 2 girls. Why did she have to do the whole "heehee you probably know who I am" shtick.

No. 360720

So…that was repetitive. Why nothing new? There has to be more to it.

No. 360721

Kind of makes it seem like she heard about these other two girls and wanted to jump on the bandwagon for the attention. Pretty disappointing.

No. 360728

since people on pull are questioning whether or not the other two girl exist, i do know who ashley is and she does have things that coordinate with the story. same thing with the girl i speculate wendy to be. however, since it would be easy to find their accounts if i posted proof, i will refrain from doing so for their own privacy. its not needed. but lindsays very much a vendetta chan so thats an exception.

No. 360730

plus ashley is still a minor so even more of a reason to not give out her accounts. she said she doesnt want any negative attention in her life so she wants to stay anon and ill respect that.

No. 360731


Fucking Lindsay. Her sensationalist "voice over" in the video too came off so fake. Ugh.

"Even though I knew it could have gotten me into trouble, I decided to snoop through his skype."

Bitch really. How could it have gotten you into trouble? You were both 17 y/o kids and living in your mums house. Why exaggerate.

No. 360732

File: 1489791762608.png (127.85 KB, 750x1036, IMG_4267.PNG)

Seems like Yuki plans to release the video to her followers after all? The other two girls weren't obvious as Yuki was in their pastebin. It's best to keep their identities a secret for now.

No. 360733

People arent telling others to dislike it. Its not bots either. It was a shitty rushed video that was lacking in convincing evidence that disappointed all of the people who wanted him exposed.

No. 360735


What's most disgraceful is her attitude. Seems she finally showed us her true colors.
Who is so entitled that everyone should automatically believe what they say and totally dismiss everybody else because they're always wrong… She's such a psycho.

No. 360736

I just wish one of the two would say something. The fact that they were here at the beginning then completely dropped off after Lindsay was the only one giving the "updates" was odd and that's why people are even starting to question their existence.

No. 360737


>creates a shitty video

>cries when it gets disliked

anyone else notice that its conveniently just over 10mins long lol

No. 360738

She shared it on her twitter. Oh my god you are so stupid. Do you think this is going to help?

No. 360740

Nobody is asking anybody to dislike the video. It was bad. Even if there was new milk it would be a shitty, painful video to sit through. And since the video is so bad, the information isn't going to reach many people.

I feel so bad for Ashley and Wendy.

No. 360741

i dont post the evidence because, like previously mentioned, a tweet from yuki with her name covered was able to be found regardless of knowing her username. i will post evidence of the other girls if it is absolutely necessary, but it isnt for now.

No. 360744

I bet she tweeted the video because of the negative reaction from here and PULL. Showing her followers is probably last resort to helping that info spread.

No. 360746

I totally get that and respect if they want to remain anonymous. I just wish one of them would say something.

No. 360748

yeah me too. but i wont be surprised if they dont say anything. after all the stuff with lindsay and the video, i bet they wouldnt want to have anything to do with it. lindsay is digging her own grave.

No. 360750

i keep saying either lindsay or yuki. lets all just refer to her as yuki cause she already gave away her identity

No. 360752

By the way, I've noticed something. She shared this video on Twitter, but she said she would share "a video" instead of "MY video". She didn't mention in a single tweet that Lindsay and her are the same person. Maybe that's the reason for her awkward voiceover => she doesn't want her fans to acknowledge her voice.

No. 360754

A lot of this looks like it's based of exaggeration. I still don't buy most of the things that happened with Ashley too. Also, we are missing something important. Where is the proof of Ashley's age? Yuki and "Wendy" were both older than Shine. But the goal is to make him out to be a pedophile. I feel like Ashley is exaggerating her age to make Shine look worse, and Yuki is doing everything to make him seem like the worst person in the world so wouldn't be surprise if it's a lie.

No. 360756

Ashley is underaged. She has a tweet directed toward shine after they broke up saying how he cant handle a woman so he goes after someone underaged instead. she also has a tweet referring to when he said she looks like a baby. they fall into the timeline. theres a lot of proof in her favor. she looks like a young teen as well. she even has a retweet of her friend who was watching her ex bf get exposed. i wish i could post screen caps but it will give her identity away, so you guys can take what i say with a grain of salt for now.

No. 360757

Also, there used to be a polaroid picture of her with shine that was posted on pull a long time ago when people were speculating if it was kat. someone posted her ig name. I went to go look for it again but it has been removed. It once was posted on here as well but they removed it when she asked.

No. 360762

This is seriously one hell of a mess. It's very understandable that the other two wish to remain anonymous and there is nothing wrong with that but maybe give something that can identify that you two are actually real and what not. Perhaps a handwritten note or something to the Anon that you both seem to trust a lot??

Cause Lindsey could've just done the video in her voice rather than this dude that no one really knows. Even though she is a vendetta chan, it would've probably sound a lot convincing if someone who is directly affected by this,spoke-

No. 360763

Meant to say

*and Lindsey

No. 360764

I dont know either of the girls personally but it was easy finding out who they were. i remembered seeing the polaroid of "ashley" and shine and how someone posted her ig name. "lindsay" after her first expose post of shine replied to it saying she contacted "ashley" and they will work together to expose him soon. that led to what it is now. all of which got deleted on pull so i dont have proof of that unfortunately. maybe some of you can vouch for me if you recall seeing these.

No. 360766

File: 1489795738828.png (23.35 KB, 750x282, IMG_2594.PNG)

this proves little to nothing lmao but its what i can show that wont give away who she is. her screenshot from twitter is the same gudetama line theme as the screenshots she gave in her story at the beginning of the thread.

No. 360769

Just a thought, what if Yuki told Ashley that she should say some stuff that didn't happen to make the story more dramatic ? (Since that's what she does)

After a while, they came to their senses, saw she that she's crazy and ran as far as possible.

No. 360770

File: 1489796014375.png (75.98 KB, 750x377, IMG_2640.PNG)

yess. someone from pull remembers so this may help back me up.

No. 360776

For some reason I can believe this, considering how crazy she really does seem.

What about Wendy…?

No. 360783

the only things that make me speculate who wendy is are the fact shes been to japan around the times shes met shine and the fact shes in japan now. she hasnt made contact with either of the girls until after this all went down with the threads. theres also something that proves she has lurked around pull with "ashley". she has been fairly quiet so thats why there isnt too much from her.

No. 360792

look at the videos comments guys. and look at that awful amount of dislikes lol

No. 360797

File: 1489799805159.png (34.21 KB, 907x296, EinshineExposed.png)

Don't know if it's completely important but it seems she also didn't ask Hayley for permission

No. 360800

and Yuki said she wouldn't upload unless the people in it are comfortable. Incredible.

No. 360802

she is now pretending like she had no idea and that she wasnt lindsay to her followers when she has a recent video on her experiences with youtube and talks about her story with shine somewhere in it. she is so inconsistent.

No. 360803

File: 1489800850607.png (120.13 KB, 750x934, IMG_4276.PNG)

Expect your questions to be answered in another month!