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File: 1429236460044.jpg (94.81 KB, 500x667, tumblr_njdf4iF0JF1r5ygdco1_500…)

No. 83467

Peter Coffin's "wife" is almost as big of a cow as Peter is. I figured while cow is discussing Peter, us ladies could discuss Ashleigh.


She claims to have had a double jaw surgery (and her appendix removed) about 6 weeks ago and it completely changed her face.


No. 83471

I thought it was determined that Ashleigh was a doll. Can dolls even be lolcows?

No. 83473

File: 1429237050730.jpg (346 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nmx5e5YNnY1r5ygdco1_128…)

compare all her earlier pictures with her brand new face.

"double jaw surgery" my ass

Not to mention, they got this surgery crowdfunded for around $16k

No. 83474

I feel like the doll theory was just used so much because it caused Peter to sperg all over twitter about how he was being harassed and people were being sexism against his wife (remember, he's a SJW panderer)

There's a girl there somewhere, since he has made videos/livestreams with a girl (known as braceface) but she looks different from the girl on the tumblr.

No. 83476

OP can you give me background? im confused.

No. 83478

current Peter thread on cow: http://8ch.net/cow/res/96091.html

ED page (doesn't have a lot on Ash hough unfortunately)

No. 83479

Lol. Her teeth look like they're going to burst out of her mouth. She's still ugly, and their kid looks retarded. By retarded I mean ugly. Thanks Coffin and wife.

No. 83481

I hate this bitch already. I hate girls that whine about video games being "sexualized" and then go out and sexualize themselves. Why do her tits have to be everywhere and photoshopped to all hell?

I mean I know it's "choice" blah blah blah but she makes herself look like a vapid pornstar flaunting those things around and then whines about female video game characters looking like vapid pornstars. If there isn't anything sexual about big boobs then why do you have to whine about it in video games? Fucking attention whores, man. It's like they want to keep their tits exclusive or something. Idek. It's not even that hard not to hide big tits. I do it all the time. Just don't photoshop the ever living fuck out of them and don't stuff your bra, tah-dah, modesty.

No. 83482


on second thought, there is NO way these things are real. is she a plastic surgery addict or something? they crowdfunded 16k to feed her addictions? retarded

No. 83483

File: 1429237999847.jpg (44.68 KB, 500x375, wtf.jpg)

its supposed to be this person

No. 83487

What makes even less sense is that Peter is in massive debt and has been foreclosed on in the past. If they scammed a bunch of suburban housewives out of $16k why would they spend it on cosmetic surgery?

Of course, Peter is the biggest beta on the planet, so maybe Ashleigh is manipulating him. Kind of like Arin and Suzy, except Arin is actually talented.

No. 83488

If he is a beta than there is no doubt that Ashleigh is manipulating him. 100% sure of it. He probably sees this skinny girl with big boobs and thinks "boy, I hit the jackpot" and knocks her up and doesn't mind going into massive debt for her because men are pathetic and only think with their dicks.

No. 83489

File: 1429238727001.gif (1.42 MB, 450x337, 1424414232236-2.gif)

No. 83490

lmao that's not even CLOSE to looking like braceface. the nose and, for that matter, the distance between her eyes and her nose are completely different, plus her eyes magically changed colors and she gained freckles?

No. 83491

I doubt they're even married/in any kind of relationship.
My theory is Ashleigh is in a relationship with some other guy who is also her baby daddy. Ashleigh pretends to be Peter's wife in order to get money and e-fame (what little he has) from him.

No. 83492

Dat stuffing

No. 83500

File: 1429239797133.png (290.91 KB, 601x612, 1424502389284-0.png)

it like trying to daw a picture of something you dreamed and is never quite exactly the same as what you know you saw.

except theres someone is taking photos of the memory as it dissipates and gets further and further from the original image

No. 83504

It was established at one point that there definitely was a doll. There was also an actual woman though for videos etc.

But yeah, this woman is a totally different person unless she got hella surgery. I feel like this would cost more than 16k.

No. 83512

File: 1429240554531.png (270.65 KB, 624x320, 1429237362290-2.png)

The nose looks different..

No. 83514

I think it's all the same girl, but there's a lot of photoshopping and editing going on.

No. 83518

the face is also longer and the jaw is different (which of course would be explained by her with "jaw surgery") and the eye shape is different.

No. 83519

you guys should watch this and tell me if you think this is a legit marriage. they're so fucking awkward together. not to mention, these are supposedly new parents. when he cries, "hey, he's doing that thing again." and go on to ignore him.

No. 83520

No. 83522


Literally the 3rd post in the thread. >>83474

No. 83525

It really is her. The eyebrows are the same and she has the same birth mark on breast. The "freckles" are not freckles at all; they're pixels from the shitty quality. Look at the wall. It's not spotted, it's just the shitty quality.

No. 83534

Double jaw surgery can change your face dramatically, specially when the upper jaw is impacted, which is what she appears to have done to fix the overbite. Sometimes the nose tips a bit if the lower jaw is advanced and it can become wider if the upper jaw is impacted beacuse is all soft tissue. I'm not WK'ing this chick, just my 0.2.

No. 83535

I'm 99% sure it is the same person

if so, damn. Peter is so fucked in the head. He basically brought over this mentally ill, insecure girl to another country and mutilated her body until it suited his needs. Sick man.

No. 83537

just your twenty cents? kek

Anyway, I def believe there is something fishy about this chick. And Peter. They're both fish. They're actually cod. <_< >_>

I can't begin to describe what a shill peter is and I'm sure his 'wife' is even worse. (even if peter controls all her social media)

No. 83538

Here are some popular theories:

1. Ash is a doll and braceface is being payed by Pooter

2. These two are in a scam together. She and Peter collected over $16,000 in donations for her "jaw surgery". They needed the money all at once, apparently. Wtf kind of hospital doesn't accept payment plans? She never posted about any progress or hospital pics after the surgery. Pete has the "fame" and Ash would certainly get people's attention. This could also explain why her pictures are weird, they might not want people to see that there's noting wrong with her jaw.

3. Ash is a mentally ill woman who Peter is taking full advantage of. She's made numerous posts on Tumblr about mental illness. She claims to have Borderline Personality Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. There doesn't seem to be much affection between her and Peter, and there are other signs that she doesn't care for him. One issue with BPD is that they idolize other people, then flip to devaluing them pretty fast. She might have been a fan of Pete over the internet, and is now in the let down stage. If she really does have BDD, then it's possible that she wanted Pete to use the doll as a stand in because she hates the way she looks.

Or, it could be a mixture of all of these things.

No. 83540

i wouldnt call her face mutilated, she looks way fucking better now than before.

No. 83542

toilet nigga doesn't look like either of them

No. 83570


she used to look like shit, now she's pretty. 100% crowfunded cosmetic procedure but she still claims it was because she suffered chronic jaw pain from eating since she was 13.

she also is anorexic and takes advantage of calories burned from breastfeeding and she even sells her milk. she claims to pump 8 times a day or something.

No. 83574

Okay. I just read the ED article for this guy and I am almost 99% sure this is a doll.

1. Half of her pictures are fake and traced back to years before any mention of her ever existed on different imageboards

2. He definitely has 1 real doll already

3. Her first social media dates back to Kimi who is definitely a fake

My theory is that the girl in the pictures (body, etc) is a realdoll. He found this mentally ill American girl and decided to get her in on the con. Now he's trying to turn her into a doll I.e. Getting her surgery. But the body pics are 1000% definitely his real doll + photoshop (because I've seen realdoll and used to be a member of the Doll Palace). I'm pretty sure whoever his female friend is is fat IRL based on her collar bones vs the dolls collar bones and the fact that the real girl never shows below the tits

Hope this made sense

No. 83579

File: 1429246894770.png (1023.15 KB, 606x4681, 1426274699279.png)

No. 83597

File: 1429248200251.png (56.28 KB, 552x1032, 1428496222187.png)

So, peter spammed /cow/ with a dox.

No. 83598

File: 1429248260474.png (478.42 KB, 1903x7978, 1428508771234.png)

No. 83649

File: 1429252476485.jpg (1.04 MB, 950x1280, e4c4e15f-0059-415e-ab42-8304a0…)

Is this her btw?

No. 83651

Hmm… looks vaguely similar but it's hard to tell. Got any other pics?

No. 83655

Nope that ain't Streetshark.

Also thanks OP. I believe that Ashleigh is a lolcow herself for being a useless waste of space with zero education, no job, a slew of tumblr diagnosis and shitty habit of just agreeing with whatever Peter says because she's farrrr too crazy otherwise to find someone decent whose not a beta sjw.

I do think there is a high probability she was probably Kimi catfishing Peter and then came clean and he decided to bang her since their time line of meeting matched towl when she was proved fake and Streetshark seems like the type of retard to mix up korea and japan and think they're totally the same and interchangeable. Also the whole 'Japanese person from Scotland' which is totally something a weeb teen would think up.

I just find it funny Pete likes to yell how we're all just jealous and it's just hilarious. Jealous of what? A teen mum brigader with no education or job and a bunch of fake photoshopped pics? 'Kay.

No. 83656

dem shitty frayed extensions tho

No. 83657

Who is streetshark?

No. 83659

Whoa holyshit her face has changed so much wtf

Also where we're all her surgery pics their supporters were going to get mmmm?

No. 83660

Its Ashleigh. But in that stream with Pete whenever she opened her mouth she looked like a streetshark

No. 83661

ah okay, my mistake.

No. 83662

She's Scottish?

No. 83663

She super doesn't sound it but yes.

No. 83664

all this time and I'm still not ready to accept Peter got a female to like him. Much less let him impregnate her

No. 83666

Who is that girl in the pic there with the frayed ends? That really looks like Ashleigh. Not the fake post op pic he posted as her.

No. 83667


Mostly just look at his behaviour and the stuff he says and tweets and the obsessive begging of his patron and his refusal to actually get a decent job. He is the most unattractive dude on that alone.

No. 83669


I wish people would explore the Kimi angle more instead of the doll crap.

There are a lot of similarities between Kimi and Ashleigh so either:

1) It's all a scam and Peter/Ashleigh are rerunning a script that was exposed too early with Kimi.

2) Ashleigh was always Kimi but Peter didn't want the internet to know that he was grooming some teen girl so he had her put on a front. This would also make their quick marriage make more sense.

No. 83670

Isn't it weird that his fake gf was a Japanese chick who lived in Scotland with jaw issues and he's now married to a Scottish chick who just had jaw surgery?

No. 83672

Who is that anyway? where did you find that pic?

No. 83673

File: 1429254694777.png (270.77 KB, 515x320, 1429251712211.png)

for those of you on twitter, retweet that before and after photo that was just posted. Those SJWs deserve to know where their money went and peter's too busy to provide them with the promised update. he needs our support.

No. 83674

The kimi similarities to Ashleigh with the first things discussed. Also, there is sinthetics.com where there is an Alicia doll that looks a lot like the fake shopped pics. And another doll that is Japanese called kimiko. Like Kimi Kobayashi.

No. 83687

she's so. fucking. stupid.
& Peter reminds me of this guy I know irl who suffers from unwarranted self-importance syndrome.

No. 83693

she really does sound utterly stupid, but from what I've figured, she has no job, no education and literally just sells boob milk. And she's utterly stupid from moving from Scotland of all places to Colorado. That is an epicly stupid downgrade.

If her jaw surgery was so important, she'd gotten it free on the nhs which leads me to believe that this was purely cosmetic (which the nhs won't cover) and she's a selfish jerk who conned people into paying for it.

No. 83699

it could be reflection, but it seems too even, and spread fully throughout her irises, for it not to be a totally different color. this bitch has blue eyes.

No. 83701

nah mah nigga, SLC is in Utah, not Colorado.

Otherwise I would already have stalked their home with a video camera. <_< >_> kidding…

No. 83702

That's even worse isn't it? And sorry my buddy, my us geography is terrible. Eurofag here.

No. 83705

actually it's even worse, she moved to the middle of nowhere, southwest michigan, first. Then peters house was foreclosed on(still a mystery) and he ran off to salt lake city with his brother, pregnant anorexic wife following him

No. 83706

utah is IMMEASURABLY terrible. colorado is actually pretty liberal. they have recreational weed, and a really successful free contraception program (that's groundbreaking for people in the US, what with most of these stupid fucks thinking universal healthcare is part of some commie agenda)

so yeah, this bitch forgoes free healthcare for this shit

she coulve moved anywhere in the EU and had reduced or free healthcare, but this bitch decides to marry a jobless faggot from fucking mormontown, ut instead

No. 83712


Colorado sounds cool actually. IDK know much about it other than what I've seen on South Park honestly. But yeah that is worse. Scotland is one of the richest places in the UK, )but with liveable pries unlike London and where I live, free healthcare, she would have gone to uni for FREE (if she had any ambition beyond photoshopping herself thin) and probably managed to get a waaay better job and money than what she currently has. Nothing.

Lost opportunity there. Scotland is great.

No. 83714

File: 1429260273345.jpg (39.28 KB, 540x351, usofa.jpg)

not even a problem, brother. i understand, all of the little square shapes in the middle are basically the same.

Utah is a lot worse though from my own personal experience. No drugs, all mormans all the time, and no fun allowed. Even in SLC, the biggest city in the state, there's barely anything. It's almost completely barren and not in a way that makes it beautiful. (Unless you live near one of the national parks.)

Colorado has recreational and medical pot, drugs are damn easy to get out here, the mountains are beautiful and if you live in the Denver (capital city) area, there's always shit to do. I love it here tbh.

But yeah, Ashley (holy shit is every lolcow named Ashley????) traded free healthcare in the EU (as well as her entire family) to reside in some shithole with Peter "Microdick" Coffin and birth his retarded toilet niggas. Damn shame.

No. 83717

double posting to say that south park is pretty much accurate
there's always snow on the ground and casa bonita is the coolest shit in the fucking world

No. 83719

My dad has been to Colorado several times. I've heard very nice things about that state/area.

No. 83722

Oh someone catfishing me I guess haha. Thougth she looked somewhat like this lady but I guess not.

The fuck happened, she looks nothing like before.

No. 83724

and yooo dude like giving birth gotta be like, what, 80k or some ridiculous shit, right? is coffin on medicaid?

No. 83726

File: 1429260875659.gif (1018.62 KB, 500x319, 1424430521456.gif)

her eyes are different colors, her hair and eyebrows are darker, her chin looks nothing like brace face or her tumblr rendition, her lip shape is different and her laugh lines are gone. not saying that none of this is achievable with photoshop/makeup/contact lenses, but now there are three different versions of this 'girl'. i'm still calling bs on peter. her reasons for getting the surgery was exactly the same as he made up for "kimi". what a joke~

No. 83727

He claims to not have insurance, which is why he created the gofundme in the first place.

No. 83728

why would he? he doesn't have a job.

No. 83731

Yeah the family thing is really odd. iirc her mother posts like sad statuses about Ashleigh and Peter is always telling her stuff publicly on fb (which is alarm bells in itself) There's a pm function for a reason but at this point he's just doing it for show I guess?

He also told her Ashleigh was okay on her fb wall. Like, if your kid was going in for major surgery, wouldn't you just CALL their partner to make sure? I mean, my mother lives in an other country but she'd be blowing up my boyfriend's phone if I was in surgery asking for updates.

No. 83734

Apparently in some old deleted tumblr posts, Ashleigh repeatedly talked about how bad her relationship with her mom is/was so maybe her mom just doesn't give a shit?

No. 83735


80k and she had time to take sexy selfies right after giving birth too let's not forget those.

No. 83736


i cannot stand people that are broke and pop out kids my fucking god these people are SAD beyond belief

dude ill guarantee they went into the ER and just didn't pay for it

(cause u know, how you can just leave it up to taxpayers to pay your bill if you go through the ER)

fucking disgusting. this is why most public hospitals are closed. this piece of trash likes to pretend he's sooo into being left-wing and for public safety nets.

No. 83739

yeah, those were really creepy… who the fuck does that

No. 83741


Ahh didn't read that but yeah maybe. It's not so weird that people move to new countries (I did that myself) but usually you move to somewhere for a job or education, true relationships and not a really pathetic beta youtube star who you don't even act affectionately towards in real life.

I think she even said she doesn't like romance? So…yeah. Why would a non romantic person move to be with someone?

No. 83742

It might be hard to accept but I'm not too surprised. I know enough attractive women, one even of my closest friends, who happily date completly useless jerks because they themselves are insecure and too happy that they got a men to even consider what kind of an idiot their bf are.

One of my friends has been in a relationships for almost 4 years with a man who's 31 (she is 23), they are BOTH still living at his parents' house, he has no job, refuses to move out even though they could easily move out (if he had a job), he has been studying for almost 6 years and still doesn't have a degree, he is jealous of everyone coming near her, doesn't want her to have friends and is probably emotional abusive in more ways than I can describe here.
Still she thinks he's the love of her life and doesn't want to change anything.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one- we all have that one friend with the shitty bf (or gf). I totally would believe that Ashleigh is crazy enough to have married Peter, as sad as it is.

No. 83745

File: 1429261659288.gif (837.17 KB, 360x201, 1428632966360.gif)

>that story
why do people do this
if i was 31 and still living with my mom i'd probably kill myself
or just get a fucking job smh

No. 83749


Oh man, you are so right. We always have that one friend that is pretty but dates the most horrible men :/ But I do get the feeling that Ashleigh is mentally unstable and suffers from bpd or something like that since she's posted about being in the hospital for what I assume is suicide and such. It explains her really weird contradiction statements too. Like dressing herself up and showing off boob pics but then being anti sexuality in games which is a bigggg disconnect imo.

Ex-friend of mine had bpd/depression and she had a pendulum swing of opinions that never made any sense. She was utterly heartless towards people with mental disorders (and used to mock them!) but would cry that nobody understood her own and throw pity parties about it.

If that's the case I feel a TINY bit bad for Peter. But only a tiny bit. bpd is fucking awful to deal with. That love hate stuff used to drive me crazy to a point where I walked away. Couldn't imagine being in a 'romantic' relationship with someone like that

No. 83756

Are her tits real? Looking through her pictures on her tumblr, I'm actually creeped out by the difference in her body size and them.

No. 83786


She came from a shitty part of Aberdeen and a really dysfunctional family. She wanted to leave Scotland.

No. 83787


Fake, stuffed to hell and a push up bra. He has a real issue with her tits its a big focus of her life.

No. 83795

There is no record of her emigrating from Scotland to America.

Which means one or more of the following
1. She is American
2. She isn't actually Peter's wife
3. She emigrated from a different country and they are lying
4. Her name isn't real
5. She hasn't left Scotland yet

If #5 is true then she would've gotten jaw surgery in the UK if this wasn't such an obvious scam.

But I don't believe Ashleigh ever exists as his wife. I don't believe that Ashleigh has ever even slept with him judging on the stream. They don't look like a couple. I like the theory that he had been grooming her since she was a teen but they act like they don't even know each other

Has anyone tried finding braceface on Facebook if they live in Utah? It might be possible that if she's a different person, she'll have her own life.

No. 83799

shes still a fucking idiot. why waste thousands for this shit, and even so, you dont need to choose the first stupid fuck you meet

im sure there were better people she could get in touch with. there are some decent people if you're not limiting yourself to your area. she clearly wanted to move. choosing him is outrageous.

No. 83804

>he doesn't have a job

This is why I find it hard to believe that she has immigrated to the US.
Moving to the US on a marriage visa would require Peter to be earning above the state poverty line, which would be around $20k. I don't think they let you count any benefits toward your earnings. Either that or Ashleigh would have to have had enough money in savings to support herself until she's naturalised and allowed to work, which would have been 2 years. She would have probably needed well over $50k.

Not only that but you have to go through interviews and so much stuff to prove that you're in a legitimate relationship. Judging from P+A's videos, they're so awkward, like they are hiding something. Immigration workers and the people who interview you will of course be expecting people to be nervous, but they just don't seem "right", you know?

Usually with marriage or fiance visas, you go through the process for about a year before you get your visas, it's a lot of time, paperwork and money. You cannot go to the US with the intention of marrying -and- living without the visa.

The only way I can see it having happened would be
>Ash visits Peter
>just decide to get married (which is legal)
>file for a marriage visa while in the states
This is also a difficult process, because you -still- have to go through procedures to prove that she could be supported, and that they weren't trying to cheat the system.

No. 83817

Whether Ashleigh is really Scottish and married to Peter or not and if all the shit they've been saying is true there still is a lot of odd things about them.

Like they got married in Vegas but ate at Wendys, no couple pics of them in Vegas or Scotland, she just now got the jaw surgery that caused her so much pain when she was a teen, in the livestream they were suppose to talk about the surgery but instead did a Q&A then said they'd make another video actually talking about the surgery but never did.

No. 83830


Yeah, the timeline makes no sense.
She takes tons of selfies, but none of her wedding or husband and her?
Why wait until you are in the US with no insurance to get this surgery?

My mom got cosmetic jaw surgery when I was young (she denied it was cosmetic then, too) and, of course, insurance didn't pay for it.

No. 83843

File: 1429289673540.png (12.54 KB, 1017x182, 8973.png)

i think these two images he took from a stream of that camgirl lovely lilith (she looks older now).

doesn't this look like he shooped the face onto someone else's body? maybe he used a pic of the camgirl as a body double.

No. 83850

lol ewww why are her lips shaped like this? bad lipstick application? It makes her look like a caricature

No. 83851

agreed, even the shyest of people would post some sort of wedding stuff, even ome photo. It's v fishy since she posts other stuff

No. 83852

it might look to you that was as an outsider, but for all you know he's an amazing man

looks and having a job are important to a lot of people, sure, but maybe not to your friend. Maybe he has a great sense of humour and is very kind even tho he doesn't look hot

just some things to think about eh

No. 83856

But where did you find that image? That is Ashleigh and we thought all pics of her have been found already.

No. 83892

I wouldn't say she takes lots of selfies.

Her selfies are suspicious. Compare her to ANY lolcow on this board. She has a # of "types of selfies":

>1. Mirror shot posed all the same way, nearly identical in each shot, no visible facial features

>2. Gifs that are created via stop-frame animation and all of them are so white-washed that I am 90%
>3. Blurry, overly photoshopped body shots of her torso

These two are likely Peter's sinthetics doll, posed by peter.

>4. Peter and her

There are only a few of these and they are all claimed to be "years old" and Peter is photoshopped into almost all of them. There is one in particular where he is holding the baby whose face he blurred, and is kissing her. It is the most obvious evidence for the doll theory since she is not pursing her lips or kissing back, her face remains taught. In a picture where you can see the texture of Peter's skin, hers remains poreless and her expression remains blank… Hm.

>5. Close ups of material items, rings, hands, etc.

These are the most obvious dead giveaway. I am on my phone right now so I cannot link to them but there is one in particular that gave the entire thing away to me. She is holding her ring and there is a close up of a person's hand. Real hand. When you look at the background, you see the girl's torso. She has a belly. These were taken pre-pregnancy. The big gut on this woman does not look like the flat stomach and narrow hips that belong to his doll.

>6. Stolen pictures

Some of the pictures (specifically high quality boob gifs) are stolen. Why would a real girl need to steal pictures? Beats me.

>7. Face photos

These are peculiar. Like someone pointed out in this thread, it seems as though this girl has like 5 different faces.

The frigid real doll face, braceface, the girl whose pictures he is obviously stealing, etc. Mix that up with a bit of photoshopping and it all goes to hell. Even Kiki and Kota were able to shoop consistently, shame on you Peter.

>8. Fucking creepshots

There are a few pictures on Ashleigh's blog that are taken from the back. Specifically a couple in the store and taken walking down the street.

The one in the store, I am 99% sure he took a picture of a random woman and that was that. He is standing so far away and she is examining some store items. It left me with a dry taste in my mouth. So creepy. Probably the same for the street photo, but who knows.

>9. The first picture of Ashleigh that was uncovered, dating to his photobucket circa 2011?

Probably the real Ashleigh. Looks absolutely nothing like Braceface. Looks absolutely nothing like the RealDoll. Looks absolutely nothing like the camwhores he is clearly stealing pictures from. Looks nothing like the recent "post jaw surgery" picture that came out (most likely photoshopped to all shit).

Really, someone like Ashleigh with BDD and BPD would not be fucking around when it comes to selfies and social media. Look at any lolcow and you'll see half of them have BPD and take selfies out of the ass and spread them all online. All we have from this girl are puzzle pieces. Literal puzzle pieces of her body. Highly crappy pictures that have resolution that belongs in 2007 and have been extremely filtered and washed out. Makes no sense. Too suspicious.

Pair that with the fact that Peter Coffin has some sort of sick obsession with running long-term sockpuppet accounts roleplaying as teenage girls (something RealDoll owners do, there are entire communities of them), and I say that something in the water stinks pretty heavily.

You know, all Peter would have had to do was provide jaw surgery photos, you know, when she was bruised up, like they promised. He didn't. Because there was no surgery. And there likely is no wife.

No. 83912

Looks simliar. Brows are the same, teeth pushing out mouth, the lip color has been used on horsemaw before.

No. 83915

File: 1429297780735.png (37.42 KB, 1026x280, loonies momma.png)

There's an Ashleigh Burt who is related/connected to a bunch of the same names that is on the fb pages, and have evidence of being real people elsewhere.

No. 83934

File: 1429299249828.jpg (175.27 KB, 1393x995, moles.jpg)

Hey I just noticed this. Moles magically appeared on her chest.

No. 83939

>sense humour
Peter has proven over and over how seriously unfunny he is.
Yea, right. Only to himself and his realdoll.

Nice fucking try.

No. 83945

Nah, same body, different face on the left though. The moles were always there, the left image is mirrored (identical moles in the old pics).

No. 83949

Not that anon, but can't see the moles on the picture on the right.

No. 83954

I cant either, because of the filters. I can see them here though:
And in most of the other old pics of "ashleigh"

No. 83955

File: 1429300734490.jpg (78.13 KB, 800x400, Nihileigh.jpg)


Since when? All the pictures I can find, there are no moles?

No. 83958

Utah is actually pretty nice in my experience. I help vendor at the Utah Art Festival and it was filled with wealthy Mormon people who bought my stuff in droves. It was so nice, the people were all clean and classy and it was such a nice break from all the ghetto shits I grew up with.

No. 83959

File: 1429301926522.jpg (20.47 KB, 480x295, da_fuck.jpg)

>what is photoshop
>what are filters
>what's make-up

You must be new here. (The mole is visible in the pic on the far left fyi)

No. 83960

yes, wealthy mormons = regressive laws/policies

No. 83961

it's not. you're retarded.

No. 83963

Who the fuck has a kid without insurance? What if something happened to the baby? Fucking wow.
You can get insurance if you don't have a job. My parents are self employed and they don't pay much more for their insurance than other people. He could easily get insurance, my guess is that he just doesn't want to pay.

No. 83964


lol thanks.

No. 83970

Ehh whatever, I don't do drugs and I'm tired of all the thug shit anyways. Everyone wants to be a ratchet ghetto fag these days, I'm just so fucking sick of it. It's like people can't have fun at parties by just playing games and socializing, everyone needs to get wasted and make an ass out of themselves.

No. 83972

Morman detected

No. 83973

File: 1429302580411.jpg (59.87 KB, 580x577, ridiculous.jpg)

>you're retarded
What, is that all you can do, peter?

No. 83975

Atheist, k thx normalfag.

No. 83977

We've been over that a hundred times on cow now. It's the shitty quality.
The mole is visible on the left pic, the picture is simply mirrored and it's on the other boob.

No. 83978


Oh I see, you're a straight edge faggot who looks down on other people because of their life choices :^) lrn 2 joke plz kthx

No. 83980

No, I just fucking hate yolo 420 normalfag trash. Enjoy sticking filthy needles into your veins and getting fucked by random guys, hope that AIDS is doing you well.

No. 83982

>straight edge faggot who looks down on other people because of their life choices
… you do realize you're on lolcow right

No. 83986

What the fuck is this argument? Trying to derail the thread?

No. 83990


No. 83991


like seriously? you're entitled to do or not do whatever you want but I'm so sick of the attitude that you are better than anyone else because of it. You're not a better person just because you abstain or just because you don't. Get off your fucking high horse, you entitled piece of shit.

Anyway, has coffin reacted to that tweet going around yet? I have a bunch of pictures of doll Ash saved on my laptop (including those creepy pregnancy pics), I'll share them when I get home. (As long as that doesn't cause massive butthurt, cough cough.)

No. 83994


Here's an imgur album of all the pics of Ashleigh

No. 84001

Holy shit, peter, this is /pt/, not /cow/. Your behaviour sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 84002

I see Peter invaded this thread.

No. 84003

Peter, get off work early today, buddy?

No. 84018


No. 84019

They don't actually have a kid. I'm pretty sure if that was their kid both of them would be on trial for child abuse and TN would be in foster care.

According to Peter's "story" (which is other bullshit because this is his paywhore who is married to another man, and peter doesn't actually have a wife or a child) she is anorexic and sells her breast milk to maintain anorexia, and that is why their kid came out retarded looking (at 5 months she had like a bloaty stomach or something). This, paired with the fact that they don't have insurance, they don't have healthcare, they live in a debt-ridden shithole leads me to believe this is all a lie, because no child could be born in these conditions.

This and the fact that his paywhore from the live stream literally acted like she doesn't know who the kid is.

No. 84029

thanks for this, I'm new to this drama so it's nice to have some images

No. 84033

File: 1429308384587.jpg (358.87 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_niuvgn6ia51r5ygdco3_128…)

http://nihileigh.tumblr.com/tagged/me also has some pics that aren't in that album. Including a bunch of creepy weird pregnancy pictures and hospital selfies.
Seriously, who the fuck takes a picture like this after giving birth to a premature baby??

No. 84034

I guess he's pissed that a board of mostly women didn't fall for his 'Feminist Guy' routine.

No. 84036


No. 84037

She's just such a goofy and randum nerdy gamer gurl~

No. 84040

I refuse to believe this is the same girl

No. 84043

the eye COLOUR is different

No. 84049

I love girls trying to fit into that 'sexy gamur nerd gurl' thing with star wars shit.. like, has anyone in the whole world not heard of star wars? could there be a lower common denominator media wise? oh yes, game of thrones..

No. 84061

I dress with Star Trek cosplay and I've gotten shit about me just trying to be a nerd.
Pretty girls can enjoy things too.

No. 84063

except her personality is literally "look at my tits in this nerdy tshirt aren't I so quirky"

No. 84066

From the youtubes I've witnessed she doesn't even have a personality.

No. 84068

File: 1429312481856.gif (649.65 KB, 500x667, stillhorseface.gif)

Not the exact same angle obviously but I tried. Her eyes and eyebrows are the same shape. But her nose is a lot wider and more triangle shaped now.

No. 84070

What sucks though is there are legit fans of Starwars. I know a woman who's really into LARPING and even has a tattoo and she's a really sweet person. People like her get thrown under the bus because of the fake geek girls. I'm a big gamer myself (not into star wars though) and it sucks woman have to live with this stigma with the pathetic few women who want to please the easy beta boys with their fake geek cred.

No. 84071

I'm so sick of the "oh, you're too pretty to like this" or the "you're not pretty enough"
Meanwhile geek guys can look however and no one will ever question them. I've met plenty of fake geek guys who wear a captain america shirt and have only seen the avenger's movie, but never read a single CA comic in their life.

No. 84072

File: 1429312938314.png (135.22 KB, 1170x646, ghfm,.png)

No. 84075

File: 1429313092403.gif (1.32 MB, 960x584, nosejob.gif)

someone on /cow made similar gifs. They think (i agree) that it shows a nose job and some kind of chin reshaping. The eyes/brows look the same to me

No. 84076

File: 1429313127319.gif (1.79 MB, 960x584, surgery.gif)

one more

No. 84079

I think it's a nose job, the horseteeth surgery and maybe a chin implant.
Someone said it looks like she got her jaw shaved but her jaw didnt really get smaller, only the chin got pointier.

No. 84080

But she appeared in a livestream like a month ago. wouldn't she still be all swollen and fucked up?

No. 84083

eyebrows are the easiest thing to change…

No. 84084


the world is infested with normalfags that think they are special or nerdy for liking mainstream scifi/fantasy, put your panties away anons I'm not saying girls don't like things just that attention whoring based on the fact that you like 'nerdy things' and are 'so unique' is really annoying. obviously there are men that aren't so committed but hey they aren't posting pictures of their tits everywhere while claiming oppression. although I see we aren't sure if this is actually a real woman so idk

No. 84085

Someone who did not give birth a premature baby.

That's because Peter is her personality and the youtube videos are just some random girl who barely knows Peter who is paid to look like the camwhore's pictures he steals

No. 84086

File: 1429314580516.png (1.4 MB, 1200x746, demtittayz.png)


No. 84088

quick google search suggests most swelling from a nose job is gone after 2 weeks, and most people won't notice anything at that point - though some swelling remains possibly for months. The chin implant/whatever looks like it could be even less recover time.

In any event I imagine the 'double jaw surgery' is a relatively much more intensive surgery, which she seems to have recovered from remarkably well

No. 84090

more like kek at the obvious wig which she claims is real hair (to the point where she washed it and put it on and claimed she got out of the shower)

i wonder if peter has to pay extra to get them to wear that wig

No. 84102

>relatively much more intensive surgery
I believe they said it involved breaking the upper maxilla and resetting it further back into her face? and pushing her mandible back as well to correct the overbite.

Googling Orthognathic surgery results in
>If the surgery involved the upper jaw, then the surgery could have an effect on the shape of the patient's nose
>Normal recovery time can range from a few weeks for minor surgery, to up to a year for more complicated surgery.

Also, I just realized, have there been any profile shots of this chick? It would be a lot easier to tell if you could see her from the side or close to it

No. 84114


There is one on her tumblr, quite a few pages back (like page 15 or something, I don't know, too lazy to check) where she is kissing Peter on the cheek and they hold the baby.

It is really suspicious though because her profile looks perfect and the rest of her looks like the doll. But it might be her.

No. 84118

File: 1429318124374.png (21.8 KB, 576x293, 1429212717200-1.png)

So, she regularly posts just boob pics, dresses to accentuate her boobs, positions herself in pics to show off 'sexy' bits of herself, has an avatar of a porn character, but a sexualised fictional characters?! My god, stop the presses! And it's not like Star Wars has ever had a history of strong female characters? Noooope. /eyeroll

For such a big SW fan you think she'd know that there have been plenty of really cool female chars and nobody ever had to bring attention to the fact they weren't sexualised. Ever. You know why? Because they were cool characters regardless of gender.

This has to be peter. This has to be. Or she is just the biggest hypocrite of all fucking time.

No. 84120

File: 1429318285863.jpg (50.18 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ninlbewQzM1r5ygdco1_500…)

Nic wig assley

No. 84127

can 'boobs' be a personality?

No. 84149

Why are you so fucking mad that I'm not praising your drug use? All I've done to offend you so deeply was say that I'm tired of ghetto fags and don't do drugs, which pissed you right the fuck off.
>>I'm so sick of the attitude that you are better than anyone else because of it
None-junkie elitism lmao
Gtfo you stupid skank, hope your stupid ass gets arrested.

No. 84154

File: 1429329911955.jpeg (61.15 KB, 322x252, 1421980160294.jpeg)

…did you really just bump the thread to say this?
>kill yourself

No. 84156

File: 1429330029378.png (524.49 KB, 583x706, 1421818739629.png)

pregnancy pics.

No. 84160

Love how this ugly heart is hiding armpit

No. 84161

left is real person with less boobage and wearing the doll's wig. my question is, where does he get all the clothes for the doll?

No. 84162

it looks so fucking stupid with how she has no ass

No. 84164

It's been a while since I followed this drama on /cow/ after people started to come up with shit about their relationship, because honestly people were getting ridiculous with their theories about how he probably murdered the real Ash and is now using a doll and shit.

What I managed to gather after the 14th thread is that she is a really insecure girl with a low perception of herself, and because of this she settled for Peter. And speaking from experience, when you have very low self-esteem, you settle for whatever because they make you at least wanted.

This could also be why she is all about her tits, which are non-existent without a push-up bra. She's just trying to get validation from people because of low self-esteem.

Either way they're both a laughing stock, and the people who donated for her cosmetic surgery are even more laughable.

Peter has successfully groomed this woman into being a Kimi v.2 considering how many things Ashleigh and her have in common, jaw surgery being one of them.

No. 84193

Waist and legs were shooped too.

No. 84210

This looks exactly like Lovely Lilith. Same body type.

No. 84217

>tries to continue derailment hours later
>bumps thread

You for real, Petey?

No. 84225

is the doll on the right?? its a doll? ITS BIG

No. 84234

How trashy and mentally ill must this girl be to think these pictures are appropriate? Who the fuck thinks to themselves "Hm, I sure would like to show off my baby bump. Better get naked / show off my underwear / stuff my bra until my 'tits' are bigger than my waist!" And am I crazy, or is she sucking in her stomach in the 18 and 17 weeks pictures?

This girl is fucking wacko.

No. 84236

she defo is sucking in. bitch is twisted.

No. 84237

Everything about this Coffin "family" seems so twisted and fucked up. I want to teleport where he lives, invisible, and see what's actually going on.

No. 84254

Haha her neck in the 18 weeks pic is thicker than her waist

No. 84255

File: 1429349582335.jpg (23.1 KB, 400x225, 14605.jpg)

Isn't that Emma Stone

No. 84262

Uh no, clearly different person.

No. 84272

LOL didn't notice that!

Also I have no clue what's supposed to be in the 19 weeks pic. All her pics are grainy AF.

No. 84276

File: 1429361290993.jpg (18.76 KB, 262x350, 2567865.jpg)

First time I've heard of this chick, but tbh it just seems like she's a chick with little to no self worth, and settled for Peter. She shoops her her body to oblivion to look like Valeria-esque (pic related) probably because she has body dismorphia and because Peter is scum and probably tells her thats what he's into.

They def scammed people out of 16k so she could fix her fucking face though.

No. 84277

can someone TL;DR what the fuck is happening in this thread?

I know who peter coffin is. I know the realdoll shit surrounding his wife.

What is happening in this thread tho?

So she says she got surgery, and now she looks different. whats the assumption on lolcow? she didnt get surgery? is this a diff girl? or are we back to the real doll shit again

No. 84284

Too many assumptions lol
Jaw surgery was maybe not necessary and only cosmetic, her nose and chin changed too so maybe more than only a jaw surgery. Could explain why she didnt got the surgery for free by the NHS years ago.
Also they aren't posting evidence or post op pictures except for one single fucking xray pic that could be anyone, though Peter said they would post pics and video updates of her 'horribly swollen face'.
Someone from cow called the hospital were Ashleigh stayed, however she used the name Ashleigh Burt and not Coffin, maybe another proof that they aren't really married.
And yeah some still think there is a doll involved.
Also they were just begging for 16k because they are so poor, and shortly after the surgery Peter is talking about moving again.
So no one really knows where the money really went.

No. 84285

looooolll thank you and also wtf

No. 84289

I actually think that the human barbie girl is rly beautiful

who agrees

No. 84290

the thing that is bothering me is that her make-up suddenly look ten times shittier in her after surgery pic..that and I still can't get over her slutty no panties pic that she took immediately after giving birth

No. 84291

oh and another thing that drives me crazy is they got over $10,000 from random people for cosmetic jaw surgery but won't pay to treat her body dysmorphic disorder and anorexia

No. 84294

She's not ugly but she just doesn't look human. Just plastic.
I'd be scared to blow my nose if I was her

No. 84296

The body dysmorphic is self diagnosis tumblrina shit and she's def not anorexic. She just shoops herself thin, she's quite normal sized.

No. 84297

She isn't diagnosed with anything. Doesn't everyone famous on tumblr have some kind of disorder only for pity and attention.
She obviously loves the attention she gets for her pushed up tits and ridiculously small shooped frame

No. 84298

>slutty no panties pic that she took immediately after giving birth


No. 84299

No. 84300


I actually agree with you anon but that's a pic before Lera went super crazy with the shoop and started really pretending to be dollish in her pics with vacant eyes. She's definitely got a horrid personality by all accounts but I do like her old aesthetic from a arty kind of perspective. She kind of looks like s living stylised character from a drawing and not quite human. Which kinda makes sense given the fact she's shooped beyond recognition.

Lera seems a bit sad tho. She lives off babyfood and liquid diets and exercises like crazy to stay so thin and despite travelling a lot and being all spiritual I doubt she has any real fulfillment. I find it kind of hilarious she keeps de aging herself tho. She's 30 this year and we all know it lol but uhhh yeah. Tldr, agree. Like the look even tho I know it's fake.

No. 84301

Is no one else creeped out by this?
If she were real, and she was that big at 20 weeks, how the fuck is her kid big and ugly rn? Most premature babies are small and faible. Toilet nigga looks big and huge, even for Peter. Something isn't right.

No. 84302

No no, that was RIGHT AFTER an emergency c-section.
Because c-sections are no big deal, not painful at all or anything.
While most have to puke or have terrible pains when standing, she just takes a sexy pic.

No. 84312


Actually in the live stream they claim the picture is taken at a Braxton Hicks class.I call bull shit on this

No. 84314

>Braxton Hicks class
Braxton Hicks classes are essentially false contractions. You don't get classes for those.

Unless they meant antenatal classes. Which is also unlikely, as they don't usually hold those in hospitals, and women keep their normal clothes on.

No. 84316


I am just repeating what they said. Yeah i am sure it's bullshit.

No. 84319

Yeah, I was just kinda elaborating.

I also fucked up.
Braxton Hicks are essentially false contractions.*
I added the word classes by accident, oops.

No. 84336

hi, i am from the uk

she could have gotten the jaw & nose cosmetic surgery if she was diagnosed with BDD (or even if she just proved she had mental circumstances around it) for free. probably from a better surgeon. my SO had his nose done for free even though he did not have a deviated septum or anything of the sort

tl:dr; she isn't from the uk

the theory i like is from /cow/, who found this "Ashleigh" girl on facebook living from NZ. she was reluctant to admit she knew peter coffin and finally gave in and answered them saying that she didn't know him. i think he is paying her to pretend to be his wife. it wouldn't be too much of a leap to make.

oh yeah, and he definitely just scammed some people out of $16k for his fake wife's fake surgery

No. 84337

1. TN is not peter's, he is braceface's son (assuming braceface lives near peter)

2. the girl in the pictures that peter predominantly uses is a ultra-photoshopped version of NZ girl, who likely does not have children

or even if it is the same girl, the mother (presumably braceface) is actually healthy and "sells" her pictures/time to peter, which he proceeds to shoop to all hell and back, consider he has no concept of body proportions whatsoever.

No. 84340

She says she is from Scotland, just like Kimi Kobayashi.
Also had/needed jaw surgery, like Kimi.
And even shares the same birthday as Kimi.

Idk but it all kind of fits together but also doesn't really fit together.

Does that NZ girl have anything do with this except that she looks kinda like Ashleigh?

No. 84343

she looks moderately similar in some photos, and has the name ashleigh burt. No other proof besides that, and I'm really not sure how the logistics of it work - is she flying back and forth from nz to go on webcams with pete?

No. 84350


That's like a 23 hour flight and not cheap in the slightest. I did nz from the uk and it was over 1200 quid for my ticket. Petey doesn't have 2000 grand to drop on tickets every time he needs her to stream

No. 84360

Would Peter really be that dumb to use the pics AND the same name of a random girl he found online or maybe even knows?
Could also be just a big coincidence, Burt is a common name and Ashleighs face doesn't look too special either. And so far we've found several girls that look a lot like her.
You never know with Petey but I think he has learned after what Xiaxue did to him.

No. 84372

File: 1429384197206.png (83.71 KB, 609x723, Screenshot from 2015-04-06 09-…)

No. 84376

>That's like a 23 hour flight and not cheap in the slightest.

Think about it. That's why he needed $16k.

No. 84378

Braceface is not the same girl, I don't think. I think a local girl streams, and Ashleigh Burt sends Peter pictures of herself for money, that he then shoops like making her boobs 5x bigger, making her skinny, and meshing some of braceface's facial features with hers. it makes sense.

No. 84379

File: 1429384866375.jpg (55.61 KB, 488x960, cat in snow.jpg)

it all make sense

No. 84380

>Would Peter really be that dumb to use the pics AND the same name of a random girl he found online or maybe even knows?


>You never know with Petey but I think he has learned after what Xiaxue did to him

also hi peter

No. 84382

Also, the similar style of "humor". Always quick to make oh-so witty jokes and refer to their tits. Daddy issues (pretty sure Ashleigh doesn't fool with her dad, whereas Kimi claimed her's lived in Japan and was an asshole). They both had/have the same damn far-out obsession with Star Wars.

With Kimi, she was just a female version of Peter before he turned to the all mighty SJW train, racist jokes and all the like. Now we have Ashleigh, who is also just a female version of Peter, a social justice retard in which they share the same exact views on everyfuckingthing. Neither never really had/has a thought of their own without them aligning straight up with Peter's views.

Not to mention the ImageShack account (https://imageshack.us/user/petermcoffin) of Peter's that had all of Kimi's Tumblr stuff from the Sachious and DarthDarling accounts for a layout (last one uploaded September 29, 2011), including photos and resized ones for avatars.

Then there was that one picture of Ashleigh with a finger over her lips that is the earliest known photo of her (uploaded November 2, 2011) that isn't photoshopped to hell and back. That's roughly a month in between each one.

Ashleigh's username was once "DarthAshleigh" before changing over to "nihileigh", which is what she used on an atheist message board that her and Peter supposedly met on….a board that she only made maybe two posts on.

Now, any site we come across that Peter has an account on, Ashleigh does, as well. Not just your common social media sites, but all kinds of odd unheard of sites (like ello, https://ello.co/petercoffin & https://ello.co/nihileigh) in which they follow one another (need an account to view, but take my word for it). Ashleigh's accounts are never used on any of the sites, with Peter updating it a few times to only forget about them. It's like Peter just wants to leave a paper trail this time, unlike last time, to make her seem real and that they are married or some shit and into one another's online lives.

I agree, though, a lot of it does fit together, but then again it doesn't. It's all so fucking weird and too much to be coincidental. I don't personally think Ashleigh is/was Kimi, but more towards the fact that it's just a figment of Peter's imagination and he's paying someone else to be his wife.

He's rehashing and using old lies from the Kimi-saga because it's what he can remember the most.

Who this girl is that is "Ashleigh" just stumps me, though. Who the fuck is she, where is she originally from, and why the hell can't we find anything on her BEFORE 2011 when the Kimi shit went down and she all of a sudden popped up in Peter's life within a month of deleting everything of Kimi?

No. 84383

>Who the fuck is she?

Is this really confusing? It is another Peter sockpuppet account.

No. 84384

Yes, I get that…I'm talking about the girl in the photos and stream. Who is she really? I get that her online persona is his little sock-puppet.

No. 84385

Probably some girl that lives near him - not too near him but near enough that they can stream once in a while.

Someone without an online presence, maybe a sex worker, who knows.

The kid is definitely not hers, or if it is, it doesn't belong to Peter.

Someone who likely will never be found because she doesn't want to, Peter is paying her way too much to shut the fuck about it.

No. 84387

Yesss was waiting for this comment.
You got me I'm peter cause I don't agree with one single point.

Is there proof that she is still in NZ? Because the only thing that would make sense to me is that she is simply not from Scotland but from NZ.

No. 84390

ashleigh is neither from scotland nor from NZ, she is from the united states of america and is the pseudonym Peter Coffin uses to validate his pathetic life

No. 84392

File: 1429387309616.jpg (39.93 KB, 640x480, Tc5mKCR.jpg)

I think the old ones are Lovely Lilith behind ten filters. Thats how he got the shitloads of gifs (from camgirl streams).
The more recent pics, like in the OP and horsemaw are a whole different person.
And i highly doubt that this new face is horsemaw's. There is no way.

No. 84393

I think he must shoop the eyes onto some one else's face, etc. etc. etc.

I have no idea who would go to such great lengths to ""prove"" they have a wife.

No. 84398

>Someone from cow called the hospital were Ashleigh stayed, however she used the name Ashleigh Burt and not Coffin, maybe another proof that they aren't really married.
Except you don't have to use your real name when you go to the hospital. What was odd is that, even though she should have been in there for weeks for jaw surgery, she was only there overnight. Most prevalent theory is that She complained enough to get to stay overnight so they had an alibi and "proof" she was in the hospital

No. 84399

>Except you don't have to use your real name when you go to the hospital.

So couldn't he have basically gotten ANYONE to go, including himself? He could have walked in there and claimed to be Ashleigh Burt (it's a gender neutral name) to throw us all off.

No. 84405

It's crazy. What even confirms, that there is no wife is him obsessing over and invading these threads, in an effort to convince people otherwise.
Plus, after watching the livestream of him and horsemaw, it became clear as daylight, that they're not a couple.

No. 84406


No. 84407

He's afraid that it'll be the Kimipocalypse 2.0.

Peter, a word of advice: turn back and divorce your imaginary childbride now, before this all ends poorly for you.

No. 84419

She was only there overnight? For a double jaw surgery?
Now are you fucking kidding me that's the biggest bullshit I've ever heard.
You're on an iv drip and nothing but a bleeding and drooling mess.
First day is completely blurry, you feel like you're dying or want to die. And she gets sent home on the next day lol sure honey.

No. 84444

Wouldn't she need her jaw wiring for a few months to keep the jaw set?

I followed the realdoll thing on 8chan, but gave up with the gofuckme. Looking at this now, I'm convinced it was a scam and that new photo isn't the doll/Ashleigh.

No. 84447

File: 1429393626488.jpg (1.75 KB, 72x96, images.jpg)

This came up as "visually similar images" kek.

No. 84448

File: 1429393711910.jpg (365.06 KB, 1000x1333, hair-font-b-mannequin-b-font-h…)

No. 84486

Pathetic. Utterly pathetic. I'm sorry. If my boyfriend spent as much time as Peter does on twitter and tumblr, we'd be over. Also his sperg cringe worthy posts jeesh

No. 84489

she does share the same first and last name, in addition to looking way more like the doll than the current girl

No. 84493

If that new pic IS her, maybe her new found confidence at not being so equine will lead to her looking for someone new who isn't a total asshole.

No. 84496

there's also the point that her belly grew extremely low. I think there were other pictures of later on in the pregnancy, around 20-30 weeks where she looked around 12 weeks. I tried posting a picture on 8ch of a real woman pregnant for the same length and Ashleigh looked NOTHING like it.

Plus, I know genes play around a lot, but everyone in Peter's family, and apparently Ashleigh's have brown eyes. It would be like 1/200 chance for Toilet nigga to have blue eyes.

No. 84498

to be fair though, a lot of babies start off with blue/green eyes. Not sure how long they stay that way though, and they've been keeping that kid under wraps.
Oddly enough, for new parents they really don't post anything about their kid.

No. 84501

This has been all over /cow/ but this music video someone made has a ton of ashleigh's old tumblr photos. She never deviates from her "pose" for photos. Didn't used to anyway.

No. 84502

By doll they mean sex doll.

No. 84504

File: 1429400652393.png (178.16 KB, 1024x587, Eye-Color-Chart.png)

Here's a chart, also echo that babies are often born with light eyes that can turn brown later on.

No. 84508

>two blue eyed parents having 1% chance of having a blue eyed baby and 99% green

No. 84510

File: 1429401217502.jpg (59.68 KB, 513x220, baby.jpg)

Yeah this gets mentioned every time it's pointed out.

But I can tell you with 1,000,000% certainty that when people say "babies are born with blue eyes", they are NOT talking about blue eyes like you would see on a regular blue-eyed person. They're talking about this color, which is actually a dark steel gray color. They go away at about 6 months. If you see a baby with eyes that look something other than this, that's their permanent eye color. Toilet Nigga has very clear permanent blue eyes (if this picture is even TN and not some other baby they cropped out)


Don't rely on those charts. Genetics isn't something so black and white.

No. 84512

what the fuck is that blue eyes one?

>tfw both parents have blue eyes

>I have blue eyes
>always thought green were most attractive

No. 84519

File: 1429403199332.jpg (420.27 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nilwp3EWvi1r5ygdco1_128…)

>for new parents they really don't post anything about their kid

Except when it gets in the way of taking selfies.

No. 84521

So many inconsistencies.

Someone needs to compile the Kimi fake gf stuff, I'm starting to feel like she IS the original Kimi the more I think of it. The difference is that she was younger (a teen?) and Peter sockpuppeted her fake persona.

No. 84522

My dad has blue eyes and my mom has brown eyes and I have distinctly green eyes so, not sure how accurate that is.

No. 84524

So why is no one calling them out over NONE of the promised updates from their e-begging gofundme?
One pic of swollen, jaw-wired shut Ashleigh post the surgery other people ponied up for.

I mean fuck, that's basic morality shit. You do what you promised, especially when people gave you half a year's salary. Why is the evil peado GGs 8chan dox trolls have to be the one s wondering where the damn update photos are?

Also I missed while (actually) being in hospital- how did Peter play off the fact he got caught using a sock puppet to defend himself, yet again? The one who was a Japanese actress he photoshopped. This would have been a couple weeks ago.

No. 84526

Maybe he was covering up, in his aspie sorta way, that there was an underage (non-sexual at that point) relationship between himself and Ashleigh at that point. Maybe she was the fake Kimi.

No. 84528

File: 1429404431323.png (234.31 KB, 925x273, somethingbad.PNG)

There are a few things connecting kimi/ashleigh. The remarkable 'jaw surgery' they both needed, the fact that kimi was a japanese girl from scotland, a series of intermediate blogs that peter made connecting kimi's old blog to darthashleigh/nihileigh. Some other scattered things too I think, like this old suspicious tumblr post on nihileigh.

I'm still not sure how much of this exists in reality or is all in petes head though

No. 84529

Can't we just ask XX to put her detective hat on and figure this out for us again.

No. 84532

It could be that Ashleigh is real and was the person behind Kimi or it could be that Peter initially wanted to construct Ashleigh as the perpetrator behind Kimi. At the time, he was desperately trying to worm himself out of the situation and as insane as it sounds to make a fake person that was pretending to be a different fake person, I've seen weirder things happen.

There is a lot of continuity between the two, especially the jaw thing (how rare is that condition anyway?), but it's really unclear what the nature of that is. The prevailing theory on /cow/ seems to be that regardless of whether or not Ashleigh is real, Peter is the one managing her social media accounts. But if that's true then it makes no sense for him to link this new (possibly more tangible) persona to one that was already outed as a fraud. Unless, as I said, he was trying to make this new persona seem like the one behind the fraud. But I think if he was going to do that, he would have maybe been more overt about it. Maybe he got cold feet and aborted that plan halfway through.

No. 84534


No. 84538

File: 1429408398114.png (1.05 MB, 1060x838, 1429407557032[1].png)

New pics.
"time to shoehorn my geeky hobbies into every picture~ I'm so cute and geeky~"

No. 84539

It's from the same exact photo set as the last picture

Do they think we are dumb

No. 84542

I understand the logic in the argument that Kimi was just Ashleigh cat fishing…. But I don't believe it. At all. Kimi sounded exactly like Peter and Ashleigh does as well. Neither of them post about going out with girlfriends or anything other than Peter. They both have a terrible sense of humor that reads exactly like Peter.

I know that there is a real woman behind Ashleigh somewhere, but I don't believe Ash catfished Peter with Kimi. Peter is just using that as a way to cover up his mistakes.

No. 84548

if thats really braceface's new face, i think she made herself uglier. the girl in the videos had a cute face, the new girl is boring.

No. 84549

File: 1429410363745.png (3.84 MB, 1000x1334, 1429409959717[1].png)

She didn't even change her shirt between pics

No. 84550

that baby is ugly as hell

No. 84551

what is the story behind her selling her breast milk?? like…..?

No. 84552

That boob though.

No. 84553

Isn't it? It makes Grathie (ForeverKailyn's vagina spawn) look cute.

No. 84562

File: 1429411582155.png (736.34 KB, 642x853, 2015-04-18_21-04-08.png)

No. 84563

couldn't he get reported to gofundme for not delivering on ANY of the goal promises? Couldn't he get banned from using them again at the very least?

No. 84564

During one of the first /cow/ threads Peter had, someone discovered she was selling her breast milk to mothers who couldn't breastfeed for medical reasons or whatever. They linked to a site with the info [I don't have it].

It's just to get cash because they're poor. She figured that since she's breastfeeding she could get some money out of it, which is kinda gross to be quite honest. I don't know how she'd send the milk since it spoils after 24 hours at room temperature, unless she hands it out personally or something.

No. 84568

File: 1429411913371.jpg (54.77 KB, 566x332, 0.JPG)

At least nobody else has donated in the past 26 days even though he's still begging.

No. 84569

She said something about her and Coffin delivering it in the car.

No. 84574


That's because it's obviously photoshopped. Bottom set is original

No. 84578

No. 84579

File: 1429412494459.jpg (34.75 KB, 360x480, stripes5-large.jpg)

You think?

No. 84581

Kimi sounded exactly like Peter, and all the pics were of Koreans (LOL) but even Ashleigh's shit sounds a LOOOT like Peter still. Her obsession with boobs boobs and boobs, is just like Peter's Kimi!posts. The only things differentiating her from Kimi now is that she posts SJW stuff from tumblr, which coincidentally fits Peter's current agenda.

No. 84582

She stuffs and uses a pushup that them up too high, it's almost cartoonlike.

No. 84584

File: 1429412630962.gif (307.56 KB, 500x667, nihilie.gif)

move my face?… noty

No. 84585

oh my god, he's so pathetic. Trying so hard to get the pity donations.
If she lasted 22 yrs with her chomper overbite, I'm sure she could wait until they were more financially stable. (read: forever)

I agree with the notion it was purely cosmetic surgery.

No. 84586

File: 1429412939045.webm (2.31 MB, 640x360, drop_it_baby.webm)

Its happening all over again! AAAA!

No. 84587



No. 84588

I think she looks pretty in her "Gifyo" phase. This new face doesn't give her personality.

No. 84589

File: 1429413438875.jpg (40.47 KB, 480x480, ggdf4-large[1].jpg)

someone who hates babies?

No. 84590

File: 1429413980849.jpg (62.78 KB, 612x612, mahogany_doll_hair.jpg)

dont you love it when your hair looks like this?

No. 84592

You'd think since he was "catfished" he'd be more reluctant in dating someone online but he just jumped into a relationship with Ashleigh in like a year after the Kimi thing.

No. 84593

Not even half a year - the kimi scandal was march 2011, he uploaded the first ashleigh pic november 2nd that year, and was professing his love for her on his blog later that month.

No. 84599


Breast milk ad says she isn't taking any meds, but Peter referenced her prescriptions in his money-begging post. A discrepancy - how shocking!

No. 84600

What is wrong with that baby's head? he looks like megamind

No. 84601

When I first saw that ad (when it was pasted on /cow/ no male customers and now she said she's willing to sell to men.

People were saying it looked like it had FAS.

No. 84603

File: 1429415803685.jpg (55.74 KB, 480x480, fugly.jpg)

No. 84604

is the babby deformed because she was anorexic during her pregnancy?

No. 84606

Most likely. Poor kid.

No. 84609

This chart is bull on the blue part tho.
Whole family has blue eyes. No one has green.
That is one weird looking baby though.
But I guess time is the only thing that can tell if it's Coffin's or not. Unless he decides to post childhood pics of himself for comparison.

This whole thing is very weird all around though.

No. 84613

idk much about FAS, but I thought the head circumference was suppose to be abnormally small in them. Also the absence of the dip above the lip, which this baby appears to have.

I googled "baby large head circumference" and found this.. http://www.healthline.com/health/macrocephaly#Causes2

it's something called Macrocephaly

>Macrocephaly refers to an overly large head in infants. Not all cases of macrocephaly are cause for alarm. However, it is often a sign of other complications within the head or brain.

>macrocephaly is an inherited condition in which a family is predisposed to having a larger head circumference.

No. 84626

File: 1429417919797.jpg (128.34 KB, 750x563, image.jpg)

He (and Ashleigh) just play it off to be that Ashleigh was the one cat fishing Peter with Kimi's pictures, and that as soon as he was exposed, she came out and they professed their love for one and other.

If this were in any way true at all, it would mean Ashleigh is a HUGE FUCKING RACIST and made really shitty jokes about Asians (didn't even understand the difference between Korean and Japanese either) just to impress Peter-Fucking-Coffin. How ridiculously pathetic is that?

If Ashleigh even is real, she is seriously messed up, and I don't like to say that about people. But it's probably her goddamn fault her baby was born retarded. (If of course that is her baby??? The plot thickens.)

No. 84629

bruh, I think Xiaxue covered this part. If somebody wanted to be a Catfish, and catfish somebody for like, what was it, over a year? They could have their choice to do it to ANYBODY. Why choose Coffin? An ugly, broke, unfunny nobody, who at the time was getting 200 views per youtube video.

before her breast implants/photoshop she used to be ugly/plain (evidenced by their baby), and she had low self-esteem, and maybe just catfished Peter to feel vicariously beautiful through Kimi, not because she was interested in a relationship. But after dragging the prank for so long and not knowing how to end it, she developed feelings for him. But then when Xiaxue outed them, she went into hiding out of extreme guilt. Then 8 months later on November 2011, she sent a private message to Peter admitting everything and asked if he still loved her. Peter, not foreseeing any other female say this to him in his lifetime, accepted it, and fell in love with her as he did Kimi. He didn't out her as the catfish and endured the ridicule because he didn't want to humiliate her. She came to the U.S, got married, bore toilet nigga, and are now fighting to defend the situation without giving out the truth of the holes in the story.

No. 84639

Doesn't change the fact it makes her a racist fuck.

Also iirc Ashleigh has stated she doesn't like romance or intimacy.

No. 84666

The timing sounds about right because if Ashley was Kimi this would make so much more sense.


And then she married him even though she doesn't totally like him to get away from her shit town?

No. 84684

BUT if it is true, peter still said shit like "oh she's sitting right next to me" & that he'd met her irl.

No. 84688

Also both he and Kimi implied they had fucked

No. 84690

kimi was like 100% peter. talks just like peter etc. peter might just run braceface pages which is why she sounds exactly like him IMO

No. 84695

File: 1429428464292.jpg (9.23 KB, 200x200, again.jpg)


Omg, is peteypoot seriously trying to change the consensus again?
It is confirmed that he was Kimi Kobayashi. The catfish thing as just another try to make 'ashleigh' appear real. At this point he doesnt even care, how fucked up this character he created comes across, as long as it makes her existence that much more believable.

I refuse to believe, that people on here are so stupid to fall for his bs.

No. 84696

Ashleigh was Kimi. And Kimi was Peter. So what do you think that makes Ashleigh?

No. 84697

File: 1429428726167.jpg (626.13 KB, 1000x1334, 1429425603229[1].jpg)

reposting this from cow:
"Animator fag here.

Ok, I have a simple tool that emphasis's the edges of images. When an image has been altered it will leave tell tale signs due to how poor anti alias technology and standard image formats work.

Well, our boy fucked up, and I'll show you a few reasons why, but first- This is the collage a helpful anon posted. Coffin has edited this image a lot. The first image is close to its original format, the rest have had noise added to it to hide his shopping traces. Notice something /cow/boys? That's right, in the first image, the face has been shopped or pasted onto that body. He made the mistake of not adding in a small amount of noise to that fist image so it picked up on everything. You won't find this girl because its a composite."


No. 84699

holy shit…

No. 84700


That chart is utter garbage. Even going by the dumbed down middle school version (brown is dominant over green, both are dominant over blue) that chart is wrong.

The reality is that there are a fuck ton of genes that determine eye color. It's even possible for two blue or green eyed parents to have a brown eyed child, contrary to common belief.


tldr Disregard the chart.

No. 84701

File: 1429429842434.jpg (185.59 KB, 898x895, 1421815155220.jpg)

everyone is peter!!

No. 84707

Way more likely than this "Ashleigh", who is a construct made of at least 2 women (and possibly a doll) actually existing.
3 women if you count the newly shooped on face.

Was a matter of time till someone confirmed that.

No. 84720

I tried to do something like this with that online forensic photo analysis thing, but I don't understand it and I was too lazy to read all the how-this-works tutorial (and too duh to understand). It's obvious the face is shopped onto a body.

No. 84721

Idk what makes me more angry. The fact she always posts doubles and pretends they're different or the fact that her star wars nerdiness is fucking fake as hell and try hard.

also people like her just kind of proves that the ones who are into social justice are utter simpleton morons who can't form their own opinions so they just cling to someone else's definition of things and regurgitate socjus buzzwords at every turn

No. 84738

Yeah holy shit

the posting doubles and pretending they are different when really they are identical is seriously my biggest pet peeve that peter does. idk who told him it looked good.

No. 84755

so, who here still thinks it's a doll?

I do. It just makes more sense.

No. 84756

these don't even look real

she's a twig with melons on her chest

No. 84758

File: 1429450134510.jpg (280.29 KB, 612x562, 1421910122437-0.jpg)

it's a new sexdoll head that looks like emma stone

that's why ashley covered her mouth in all those pics before

because it was ripped or damaged, or maybe just looked too unrealistic

No. 84759

File: 1429450209308.jpg (92.68 KB, 500x500, the-first-pic-must-be-nihileig…)

no sane woman would take pics like that

she's either completely insane or a doll, because she's acting like a guy who never had a gf would imagine a woman acts

No. 84762

I agree with her about certain things, the media likes to make her out into this crazy monster for clickbait, but she brings up som good points tbh

No. 84763

File: 1429450401484.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.3 KB, 1000x380, body_b_comparison.jpg)

to be fair, it does cost a lot to replace realdoll parts and get them 'modified' or fixed, so he wasn't completely lying about her needing 'surgery'

No. 84765

lmaooo it totally looks like someone photoshopped a breastplate onto a real girl's body

No. 84766

File: 1429450596815.jpg (2.68 MB, 2448x3264, 1421884956964.jpg)

>She says she is from Scotland, just like Kimi Kobayashi.
>Also had/needed jaw surgery, like Kimi.
>And even shares the same birthday as Kimi.

Thank you. It just doesn't add up. Also the fact that he took this creepshot of obviously a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT woman with a different body and claimed it was ashley working out

No. 84767

that armfat holy

No. 84768

File: 1429450645160.gif (751.59 KB, 500x375, 1421801667607.gif)

ummm why would she tweet that?

why not just call him?

No. 84769

Not to mention that girl has super short hair

No. 84770

and don't forget the facebook dates. How so many of those family members of ashley's had exactly the same date of joining facebook

No. 84771

Ahahaha that is so creepy

No. 84772


I'm pretty sure it's the same person. But god, at least with these pictures, I think she looked so much better with a horse maw.

No. 84773

File: 1429450965089.jpg (72.07 KB, 500x306, i-has-a-real-doll-790049.jpg)

yeah, it's just too many coincidences, you know?

No. 84774

ummm I'm scared, someone explain what's happening

No. 84775

thing is, she DOESN'T sell the milk

she just has an account, and tonnes of people asking for milk, whom she ignores

anyone can set up an account like this to play into their weird roleplay/fetish

No. 84776

why is she holding her baby like this

No. 84777

this picture is all fucked up

look at the place where her fingers should be wrapped around the baby's leg?

what in the actual fuck

No. 84778

File: 1429451253283.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.86 KB, 660x440, RealDoll.jpg)

her body looks like a cartoon goddam

did she ever admit to having implants? or is she just super blessed?

No. 84779

File: 1429451335173.jpg (58.63 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ml9pb1u5RA1r5ygdco1_500…)

that's some really long and healthy looking plastic hair for someone who dyed it all mahogany.

I wonder how she deals with roots? Good thing her hair doesn't grow.

No. 84781

File: 1429451510927.jpg (87.5 KB, 612x612, ygiDTwu.jpg)

meh, a lot of babies look pretty ugly, doesn't mean they have a condition
but then why catfish guys if you look like this? it just doesn't add up

No. 84782

This is actually pretty scary. Thanks man.

No. 84784

File: 1429451692002.jpg (57.78 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mmaft3Lp2Q1r5ygdco1_500…)

yeah, it doesn't even look like her in that pic

every now and then there's a pic like that where she looks suspiciously different

No. 84787

File: 1429451834821.jpg (403.66 KB, 960x960, QJ3xP0m.jpg)

Yep. He took a creepshot of a skinny girl with short (not mahogany) hair and claimed it was ashleigh.

If that isn't putrid levels of fishy, I do't know what is

No. 84789


I'm preeetty sure she at least used to pride herself on being au naturale in the chest.

No. 84790

Yeah for sure that's not her at all. That is some random woman at the gym. I mean, who would take this pic? It looks like it's taken from around the corner too

No. 84791

File: 1429452385532.gif (1.4 MB, 400x300, tumblr_n4l88bFj6l1r5ygdco1_400…)

well that's a bit unlikely

she should be in a world's records list with breasts like this

I mean, they're mostly fat, so she must have some freakish genes eh

the sillicone genes

No. 84792

those fingers don't look real in the first photo, her right hand. this definitely confirms it for me

No. 84793

Yeah, it looks like a total creepshot, not 'oh I took a pic of my waifu while she was working out, she looks so hawt kek'

in my opinion posting that pic was one of his biggest slip ups

there's just NO WAY that woman is ashley

No. 84794

Of all the Darths to cling to why Darth Nihilus? He's not even that cool. His ship mission was totally stupid and he's basically just a force spirit that barely even talked. He has zero personality other than being a huge wound in the force.

Darth Sion was ten times more interesting. Or hell, Malak from the first one. She clearly likes the inferior KOTOR, too. 2 was a rushed game with a bunch of loose ends that never got tied up .

No. 84795

File: 1429452533615.png (713.37 KB, 636x462, vlyRw4y.png)

I get what you mean

I mean just look at this pic

No. 84796



Why do all lolcow autistics have sonic stuff?

No. 84797

File: 1429452605863.png (2.85 MB, 2034x1228, rrr.png)

>He has zero personality
I guess that's why a realdoll would identify with him lol

No. 84798

File: 1429452684785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.11 KB, 600x411, OOS3eMx.jpg)

I want to know too

No. 84799


oh god that's disturbing for some reason. More so than pocket pussies. It's like a gaping fish maw

No. 84803

File: 1429453026350.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.54 KB, 600x442, enhanced-buzz-16099-1304087014…)

I find fleshlights creepier in a way

at least with the doll they're having a semblance of a relationship? iono

No. 84804


Oh god that green one. It's like having sex with She-Hulk

No. 84806

File: 1429453586181.jpg (92.45 KB, 421x600, Ryleigh Piano b.JPG)

is it me or does this doll look a lot like ashley?


No. 84807

I don't know if I remember correctly, but wasn't it confirmed that this picture isn't her?
It was taken from some pornstars facebook.
Peter posted it and wrote something like "Yup. That's my wife".
When someone on /cow found the original one he deleted it.
Also, no boob mole on that picture.

No. 84808

I think it's just you. Ashleigh is a Sinthestics doll. I need to figure out a way of contacting them (they are small time) and figuring out how to get them to fess up to making a doll for Peter.

Unless he bought it used, then we are fucked

No. 84809

oh my gooooooooooooooood
this isn't even a picture of a person
this is the doll

No. 84810

Probably. the boob gif was confirmed not her (posted 2 yrs before hand on an image board)

No. 84811

The photoset of "her" in the incredibles costume looks pretty suspicious. The poses look inhuman. The body looks fake.


No. 84812


Nah m8, those are definitely real.
It's not like huge sandbags on a skinny girl doesn't happen, although it does happen.

No. 84813

There is no way that is Ashleigh. Did some searching and it's been posted since 2010. She would have been underaged then if she's 22.

No. 84814

Confirmed idk or theory for this is that she uploaded that gif of her boobs on tinypic or somewhere, and the url was the same as another picture before that got deleted.
The old url was still in the signature of that one user and that's why it linked to a hamster forum lol

No. 84816

File: 1429455227153.jpg (61.44 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mm57b6oNaL1r5ygdco1_500…)

oh maaan

this, that gym pic and that gif which was posted YEARS before he was with ashley officially

so much fishy stuff

like, why would you act like other women are your wife? isn't that weird?

No. 84817

Don't you guys see the multiple bras she is wearing? It's a simple trick. If I wear 5 bras at once I can also squeeze my tiny boobs to a D cup. Drag queens do the same thing and they are completely flat.

No. 84818

File: 1429455305430.jpg (196.77 KB, 900x900, ThQgVPC.jpg)

nah man, it's 'ashleigh' kek

I think there's both a real person and a doll involved

the real person is a camwhore he pays for gifs, maybe an escort stripper or prostitute, toilet nigga is also real

the doll is the one he poses up for pics like this

No. 84819

Why are you so sure they're real?

No. 84820

File: 1429455382008.jpg (137.82 KB, 612x612, zoominforjoint.jpg)

Coffin claimed it's ashley tho.

No. 84822

Because I totes believe Petey uh huh. There are 26 pages of results for that same pic from 2010 onwards.

No. 84823

The neckline and collar bones on the right picture just scream it's a doll

No. 84825

Picture is from Diana Prince

No. 84827

Guess petey was telling porkeys

or his wife is sending him nudes of other women whilst claiming it's her

No. 84828

File: 1429457039631.png (566.72 KB, 683x971, 1423179013214.png)

I'm dumb and forgot the pic

And this link here

No. 84830

I'm pretty positive that the photo in question is just a sinthetics doll
look at it
definitely not human. the pose isn't even human, it's stiff and fake. the arms don't look human.

No. 84832

This definitely isn't a human woman.
It's posed like a fucking barbie, everything about it screams realdoll.
The way the pants drape over the doll is the dead give away.
Had she been a real fucking woman, there would still be creasing and clinging from the pants regardless of how big they were on her. This is clearly a posed doll. If it were a woman you could tell she had been MOVING in the pants, they wouldn't be draped over her like that.

No. 84835


Thanks. I knew it wasn't he. Petey just loves to lie like we wouldn't' find out lol

No. 84837

File: 1429457974477.jpg (602.06 KB, 800x1200, IMG_6706.jpg)

No. 84850

Because it's Peter. Don't worry, I'm sure he'll realize no one is falling for his bullshit here at /pt/ since we know how tits work

No. 84859


Along with everything else, a picture like this really kinda seals it for me. This picture looks like he's desperately trying to prove she's a real person by having her in the picture. It honestly would be more believable that she was a real person if she just posted a picture of the box of tea (or any other picture where she's showing off some thing she just found) and not forced her whole body into the picture. I know girls who do this whole thing where they put themselves into the picture but there's still usually emphasis on the thing they're showing off. It's just an awkward photo.

That and there are a few other pictures where's she's trying strike some pose but her iphone kind of ruins the pose. If she's really got a husband at home who supports her nerdy costuming and shit why doesn't she just ask him to take the pictures?

And then on top of that, the BDD just doesn't really add up. I have BDD and I know a few other people with it (mainly from support groups) and I mean, I guess it's different for everyone, but there are honestly hardly any pictures of me in existence. I don't usually allow photos to be taken of me and honestly even hate 99% of my selfies. My instagram is mainly pictures of other things. Even copious amounts of plastic surgery wouldn't help, I'd just find something else.

I have to stand behind the theory that he just kind of claims random girls who look similar enough are his wife, but he's not married, and the surgery money was for upgrades on his realdoll and to get him out of debt/moving fees. The kid belongs to someone else. He checked himself into the hospital. Her jaw surgery was not life-threatening and her face was not so busted that she couldn't wait a while to get it fixed.

No. 84885

I just had a thought; is it possible that Peter doesn't have a real doll but instead stole or bought pictures of someone elses? There might be an invite only community where he found photos of a doll that was a look-a-like to a girl was interested in. He may have stolen them or paid someone for certain shots. That would explain why he's shooped into pictures rather than posed with the doll.

No. 84904

peter is a top fucking freak who has used some girl as a catfish for his fake girlfriend before. he definitely has a fuckdoll.

No. 84909

File: 1429463459038.png (183.4 KB, 400x326, 6a00d8341c558f53ef01a73dcafc7c…)

I mean, it's possible that she's one of those lucky skinny girls with huge tits, but those are so rare

and I don't mean skinny girls with medium or big tits, those are at most uncommon, I'm talking HUGE here, which is the DD cup ashley claims

No. 84916

You know, every time I start to think that the doll theory and every other insane bit of speculation we come up with is just too outlandish to be real, I remember that he actually has a recorded history of doing this exact same shit before.

No. 84917

Doesn't work because he was in a livestream with her. It's definitely someone he knows in real life.

No. 84921

File: 1429464021758.png (427.48 KB, 862x512, POP.png)

oh he poses with the doll too

also in one of his vids, he does a shot of his basement or whatever and lo and behold for one second…on the floor of his basement…

No. 84924

File: 1429464094923.jpg (79.4 KB, 768x597, 551709_3739051049570_123537526…)

Why not both? A realdoll, pics he shoops heavily and a prostitute/escort/stripper he pays to have awkward 'livestreams' with her where he never mentions her as his wife and talks in vague terms

No. 84931

That's actually a picture from Katy Perrys music video.
He tried to shoop the guitar away in her hands, looking at this makes me question if he actually knows how to use photoshop.
Everyone is talking about his master photoshop skills but this looks like he doesn't even know how what a layer is.

No. 84932

that? that's a still from his basement video

it's in his basement

No. 84934

No. 84935

File: 1429465074608.jpg (3.36 MB, 3600x1615, Ryleigh 3-14-2015 (1).JPG)


No. 84939

File: 1429465540950.jpg (80.01 KB, 600x400, Ryleigh studying.JPG)

oh shii

it's the face

does anyone else see it too?

they mix and match the body parts for the dolls, so I think the boobs are different, but the face and hair are v similar apart from the eyebrows

No. 84942

File: 1429465755172.jpg (80.33 KB, 599x393, Ryleigh Pink 2.JPG)

No. 84944

ia ia cthulhu fhtagn!

No. 84945

File: 1429465941696.jpg (35.64 KB, 640x480, 14223456787765-0.jpg)

who could punch a face like that?

No. 84948

This doesn't even look remotely like her.

No. 84950

coffin? kek, pretty sure dolls don't bruise, he just put makeup on it

No. 84954


he's really dismissive about women getting beat up. "they probably all deserve it"

No. 84955

File: 1429466295977.png (301.59 KB, 600x300, 5IIhVqZ.png)

No. 84956


No. 84958

so he's a real SJW.

they're always hypocritical like this. boohooo check your privilege, gender neutral bathrooms plz SHUT UP YOU SLUT YOU DESERVED TO GET RAPED CRACKER boohoo he wore a t shirt with naked women on it

No. 84963

i think he chose the alicia mold because its the closest looking to whoever braceface is. braceface may be some camwhore friend of his that he begs to do gifs or videos for him, while all the awkward photoshoots and shit that the real girl isn't around for or willing to do are the alicia doll.

No. 84965

File: 1429467164609.jpg (92.75 KB, 544x960, 10387303_10205023279122763_233…)

braceface IRL?

No. 84970

Looks nothing like her.

No. 84974

This doesn't make any sense. If something that urgent happens, WHY NOT CALL HIM?

No. 84977

File: 1429467514262.png (394.11 KB, 1408x2168, BASEDDOLLFAG.png)

A guy who actually owned realdolls and was active in their community speaks out

No. 84980

obviously not. do you have facial blindness or something? because if you're the same anon who thinks that ryleigh doll looks anything like the photos peter posts then you need to get your eyes checked or go to a doctor.

No. 84985

File: 1429467857449.png (218.18 KB, 600x700, words-can-hurt-more-than-anyth…)

I do actually have facial blindness :(

No. 84986

those are some shit genetics

No. 84987

that is peter's brother's wife

No. 84988

she does look super similar to braceface and doll wife tho, I mean really

No. 84990

Because she has dark hair..?

No. 84998

lol no, just because she has long dark hair and glasses doesn't mean she looks anything like braceface. completely different eyebrows, wider nose, chubby cheeks with dimples, and hair that doesn't look like a wig….

damn anon quit reaching

No. 85003

File: 1429468765828.jpg (121.14 KB, 612x612, 073 - xWgUHLA.jpg)

I thought this was a pic that an anon took in reference to this photo, and the photo/video of horsemaw walking the (now MIA;presumably dead) dog.

No. 85004

File: 1429468839033.jpg (257.85 KB, 1454x840, ummm.jpg)

No. 85007

File: 1429468901295.jpg (52.32 KB, 405x480, full.jpg)

no, coffin took that gym pic, or at least posted it while claiming it's his wife

No. 85014

File: 1429469204700.png (105.62 KB, 360x200, before-after-bra-fitting-3.png)

No. 85015

Some of y'all really have crazy theories.
A 7k doll, a prostitute he pays, divine photoshop skills (it's peter after all), a girl from NZ that comes over whenever he needs her…
Guys but with what money?

He obviously has access to someone in real life, we saw Ashleigh in 2 videos.
So why would he buy a doll for 7k or more that looks exactly like her if there is a real woman he could use?
That fucker is so poor, that he had to get rid of his pets and has to spam his patreon everyday on twitter, so where would he get 7k from?

No. 85019

File: 1429469444254.jpg (363.49 KB, 840x840, 1Uamqce.jpg)

lol top kek, man detected

> implying ashleigh is a 32DD

the bigger the number the larger the chest, the smaller the tits will appear, fatties tend to have huge chests because they're fat so D cups look tiny on them, check out pearchan to see an extreme case of this

You posted a chubby fatty girl. DD on a girl like ashley would look huge

so she's probably 28 DD or less

No. 85020

This is clearly one of the pics of the real woman (the camgirl i guess). He started using the doll pics, where her face isnt visible, some time later.

No. 85022

He mentioned recently in his blog on his decision to remove ads from his YouTube that he was at one point making thousands every month from it. Unless he is really REALLY irresponsible with money, he should still have some savings, or bought the doll way back then when money was less of an issue that it appears to be for him now.

No. 85026

And you believe he made such a noble decision? Really?

No. 85027

I'm a 28F/DDD and my boobs are nothing like those. They look tiny, people often think I'm nothing more than a C.

No. 85029

Lol, you have no idea how bra sizes work. Click on the link I posted.

No. 85030

File: 1429469682873.png (27.03 KB, 560x334, bra-size-table.png)

28D looks huge compared to 38D

ashley ain't fat

No. 85031

Lol Peter lies at every chance he gets to make himself look better. That dude wasn't making jackshit on ads. On his tumblr it even comes up with a plea for you to turn off adblock

No. 85032

Thousands lol.
Thats what youtubers in the top 100 make, where he also never was.

No. 85035

File: 1429469874482.jpg (158.85 KB, 1024x640, 5285_THUMB_IPAD.jpg)

ummm…Ok? I don't know what to tell you, but D is big

maybe your tits are saggy? maybe you're wearing bras that are too big for you? either way, I'm very sorry

No. 85038

Ds are not big. A D cup means that the breast is 4 inches bigger than the underbust. That's it. Mine have a 6 inch difference.
Ashleigh looks like there's about a foot difference with her ridiculous tits.

No. 85039

File: 1429470020651.jpg (41.75 KB, 1003x396, TWNzA.jpg)

God damn girl, just educate yourself already: http://bustyresources.wikia.com

No. 85040

No. 85044

>D's are not big

not everyone's an american you know. Where I live shops don't even stock beyond D cup normally

No. 85047

what am I looking at here

No. 85048

In the natural photos, she looks like a 28/30FF/G. In the boobs-up-to-the-chin ones, she definitely looks like a 26-28HH/

No. 85049

And US/CA sizes are the exact same as UK sizes, up to the D cup.

No. 85050

File: 1429470209353.png (609.64 KB, 979x659, dollfucker.png)

No. 85052

File: 1429470322887.jpg (27.83 KB, 640x640, 12bacf277aa9c3ec02dde3cf47940b…)

Pic related.

No. 85053


Ooops, I meant related to >>85048

No. 85055

I am not an American, I'm from the UK. And no, they don't, most people just try on bras and whatever vaguely fits, they buy, or they get improperly measured. I don't know why, but fitters get told to add ~4inches to a back size, and add the inches to that. So for years I was wearing a 32C, which is a "common size." This isn't how you fit a bra, and because of this, women are wearing shit bras that don't fit, 'cause they think "I can't possibly be a D, that's HUGE." It makes a big difference tho, forreal.

No. 85056

I'm a D, and it's huge for my frame. Anyone who claims D isn't huge is being nonsensical. On average most girls are around a C cup.

I'm not talking about fatties here, once you get fat D is no longer rare

No. 85057

>Anyone who claims D isn't huge is being nonsensical.
Quite the opposite. The average cup size would be E/F/FF Look at http://www.brabandproject.com and http://bratabase.com and tell me otherwise.

No. 85058

What's your band size?

No. 85060

those….definitely aren't d tits. retard confirmed.

No. 85061

File: 1429470926298.png (740.77 KB, 484x668, wasaaa.png)

what's that blurry thing on her jaw

No. 85065

photoshop. you're late.

No. 85067

File: 1429471177843.jpg (140.94 KB, 640x842, average-breast-cup-640x842.jpg)

look at >>85035 and I'm not talking about countries where most women are overweight or obese like the UK, US or germany. Those have lots of D cups and higher because they're full of fatties


Aye, I think this thread is full of men who want to believe most women have huge jugs or fatty chans

No. 85069

File: 1429471202893.jpeg (41.5 KB, 645x645, ChZvQECB.jpeg)

Oh, alright. Do you remember which photo it was then that an anon took, to give an example of what Petey was doing?

No. 85071

so did she shoop her jaw smaller or what

'cos it looks like the smudge tool when you make it big and move it

No. 85072

OR it's full of women who have seen d-cup tits before. you don't have to be a fatty to know that d-cup boobs are large. most of the women that AREN'T overweight that I know are a to c range.

No. 85074

http://www.brabandproject.com/gallery/search?band=28&cup=D&age=&brand=&sister_sizes=0&search=Search These are 28Ds. I'd hardly say that's big at all. I think you need to get remeasured gurl.

No. 85075

Gad daym you're dense and have literally no idea how boobs work at all.
Wearing an ill-fitting bra doesn't make you a smaller cup size.

No. 85076

scroll up and there's a post that shows he literally pasted the face on to the body

No. 85077

try telling that to this thread

apparently D cups are itty bitty titties

No. 85078

why do they all look like men lol

No. 85081



Alright, I'm now convinced it's actually you guys are who are really the men who know nothing about boobs and bras.

No. 85085

whatever fatty chan, keep believing that your 40H floppy walrus tits are attractive

No. 85086

File: 1429471553369.jpg (572.45 KB, 3264x1840, 14jQDEU.jpg)

No. 85087

What is this? Even my B cup boobs look bigger?

No. 85089

yeah 34 is fat, so what do you expect?

No. 85092

The idiocy regarding something as simple as bra size on here has me convinced that most of lolcow users are just as retarded as the lolcows

No. 85093

ok enjoy your squished tits and your flabby underarms from where your tissue migrated xoxox

No. 85095

File: 1429471773823.png (821.2 KB, 1022x558, RisaCheryGarden.png)

Try it, you'll like it: http://brasizecalculator.tk

No. 85096

mmmm oh yeah i'm gona cum to those giant triple D bozos

No. 85099

Well size isn't everything, having perky breasts is cute too.

No. 85105

Bigger is never better imo. I don't understand the male obsession with huge tits because it's literally just sacks of fat. Perky tits are cute. No tits are cute too hell I'll still give them all the love.

No. 85108

I'm going to pretend that it was Peter Coffin himself trying to derail this thread by saying D tits aren't large so that whatever faith I have in you posters can be restored….

No. 85123

File: 1429472443449.jpg (41.86 KB, 640x480, 053 - 1N8lt5Y.jpg)

Not my fault you don't know how boobs work. :)

No. 85125

technically a D cup can look small, but ONLY if you're fat/and or have a wide chest, so it spreads out sorta

imagine orangutan titties basically

No. 85127

>No tits are cute too hell I'll still give them all the love.
That's the nicest thing I've ever read here

No. 85129

File: 1429472631164.jpg (61.13 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mnj46hLqIF1r5ygdco1_500…)

back on topic

is it just me or does the way ashley posts not sound realistic? She's always talking about her tits, milk, being sexy and interests that are EXACTLY the same as coffins (star wars, SJW shit)

No. 85130

same <3

flat chests have feelings too

No. 85131

File: 1429472669082.jpg (54.74 KB, 640x640, 915666_546950245417386_8663453…)

Pretty much, it reminds me of when I discovered there were grown women who thought they pee out their vaginas. Sad shit. If you idiots can't even figure out bras how the fuck do you think you can figure out something more challenging, like who the hell this Ashleigh realy is.

No. 85132

File: 1429472707038.jpg (74.16 KB, 612x612, 012 - Zfte97a.jpg)

All a D cup means is that there's a four inch difference between the ribcage and the bust. Someone who is a 40D has a lot more breast tissue than someone who is a 26D, but the proportions are still the same = basically flat.

Then you get into breast shape, which can make breasts look bigger/smaller even if they are smaller/bigger. Shallow will look smaller vs projected, which will look bigger, etc.

No. 85134

is that a man in drag

No. 85136

It's Ashleigh, or, well "Ashleigh".

No. 85137

File: 1429472913048.jpg (79.87 KB, 640x480, LsDg8aT.jpg)

no it's assley

No. 85139

Star Wars and Evangelion. The two most basic of nerdy interests.

Her boobs are big can we please stop discussing this.

No. 85140

File: 1429472994276.jpg (455.47 KB, 900x900, EYVetsg.jpg)

her boobs are big and probably fake

No. 85141

it was a joke lol but thanks

No. 85145

That's the pic where everyone started to believe that Peter simply dresses as a girl and shoops himself.

No. 85146

File: 1429473224971.webm (5 MB, 1280x720, PuppyLovesHair.webm)

Are we still on the "Ashleigh killed Howl"?

No. 85147

File: 1429473307618.jpg (50.05 KB, 500x500, tumblr_msf5fo8kDz1r5ygdco1_500…)

that's disturbing but I see what u mean

No. 85149

File: 1429473330279.png (733.72 KB, 639x481, 105 - gSh2UfI.png)

oops :p well some photos are certainly questionable, I know this one have anons saying "peter in a wig"

No. 85153

OMG this is so creepy

look how she keeps stone still and then THE HAND OF DOOM strokes him once stiffly

No. 85158

"Halp me"

No. 85159

It's one of the things that seriously had me believe there was a doll involved somehow. I just plain don't know anymore, I'm only along for the ride, but I completely question this.

No. 85163

File: 1429473702395.webm (904.82 KB, 1280x720, easy_mode_boobs.webm)

More mystery arms from outta fucking nowhere, courtesy of Pete's video Easy Mode

No. 85167

wow she suddenly got buff look at that arm

No. 85168

her boobs seem 'hard' and not the ultra squishy bags of fat they should be

also who the hell posts vids like this?

are they exhibitionists?

No. 85169

Ashleigh/the doll's tits:

She said she was a fat girl and used to get strangers shout MOO at her in the street.

Idk if she went anorexic or just lost weight, but if so then I can't see how the skin on her mammaries aren't crepey or have stretch marks or something. Or even how she lost weight but kept those big tits.

No. 85175

File: 1429473987440.jpg (115.05 KB, 427x640, Temptation.jpg)


also not being real probably helps

No. 85177

File: 1429474041746.png (428.07 KB, 823x668, bull.png)

lol she posts this

No. 85178

File: 1429474057694.png (151.64 KB, 848x220, ugh.png)

and then

No. 85181

The way her hands are placed on her tits in the first 2 seconds, you'd think she'd be mashing them together in a slightly different way (ie her fingers would be moving at least)
But it just cuts to her hands on her sides, completely motionless except to move her tits inward, and even then you don't see her arms themselves moving.
Very legit, Peter.

No. 85184

File: 1429474393665.png (118.2 KB, 496x444, umhhhh.png)


No. 85185

Welcome to the Peter Coffin Gaslight-a-Palooza.

No. 85187

This sounds 100% like Peter. Exactly his humor.

No. 85191

Never seen this before. Lol now i am 100% sure that a doll is involved.
I have no words. Peter is a fucking embarrassment to humanity.

No. 85192

File: 1429474650345.png (267.23 KB, 869x737, bichnaa.png)

well I don't really listen to his stuff because I can't bear it, but she does talk in a strange manner

she's obsessed with her tits for one

and never posts ANYTHING stereotypically female. I'm not saying she has to be a total bimbo or that all women are into the same stuff, I just think it's weird she NEVER reblogs anything to do with fashion, makeup, perfumes, cute things, beauty tutorials etc.

the women that are 0% into this stuff tend to look like star unltranova, hell, even star is into 'fashion'

I just think it's weird that she's this 'hot' girl with 0 interest in fashion, makeup or anything

No. 85197

she doesn't have makeup stuff, fashion stuff, pictures of her friends or even something stupid like a cake she baked, her new nails, her new haircut, making a derpy face on snapchat, a cute turtle she saw, a beautiful skyline…all pictures you'd see on a legit account

it's like raven's husbando. He was obviously closely monitored. No pictured of hanging out with friend, no hobbies nada

No. 85208

This is exactly what I said on /cow/

swami on /r9k/ was a man who pretended to be a woman and I had conversations with him and he knew things about women that men don't. It was so convincing, his entire act. Little nuances like that there is no way he'd know without a woman telling him about them. Stuff about periods etc

Literally fucking swami is more of a woman than "Ashleigh" (Peter).

He doesn't know anything about women, it is so irritating. The few things she's said about her hair/makeup don't sound like comments that women would make. She doesn't use social media like women would. She doesn't make friends on social media other than Peter. she is peter

No. 85210

swami is a man? wot

No. 85211


Is this a new picture? I havent seen this before. WHere is the post it is from?

No. 85212

or maybe she's just an aspie?
there are women like this, basically female neckbeards

No. 85213

You would have thought he would have learnt to at least TRY to sound like an actual woman this time round, instead of yet another crass caricature. This is Kimi all over again.

No. 85215

it's something peter uploaded on one of his media accounts, then deleted

No. 85216

File: 1429476031387.jpg (174.84 KB, 568x568, 286565-112-1119653187-purevolu…)

you should ask /cow/ they'll know

I don't know what the exact origin is

No. 85217

File: 1429476060670.jpg (70.6 KB, 468x496, race1.jpg)

ching chong ding dong

No. 85227

I am a female aspie and I like to think that I talk about female stuff and have general interactions on social media. Gtfo Peter.

No. 85229

at least peter isn't desperate to make another sock puppet account at this point. I do wonder what he and ashleigh are talking about on skype right now though. I presume that means one of them is at patrick's house and the other is at the primary residence. something is in the works…

No. 85231

How does one Skype with an imaginary real doll?

No. 85232

File: 1429477250146.png (449.03 KB, 593x353, 11111.png)

if this guy can marry one, coffin can skype his

No. 85234

You really… Really don't know how bra sizes work.

No. 85235

If I didn't know any better, I'd mistake him for a passably attractive young man with autism from that picture.

No. 85236

That picture is like 10 years old.

No. 85238

Anyone know where I can find that hoodie though?

No. 85239

File: 1429478102130.png (29.31 KB, 848x407, 8fd8df.png)

ok what about this

this is from 2011 (around novemeber, same time assley joined dumblr)

this makes it all seem legit

like they had an online relationship and then met

No. 85243

But where was this relationship? All of her accounts come into being only about a month before that post. Before that, it's like she doesn't exist.

No. 85244

File: 1429478419545.jpg (25.27 KB, 400x300, 6a00d8341c558f53ef01a73dcafc8f…)

she was also a virgin before she met him, according to her dumblr

No. 85247

All realdolls are virgins before they're shipped lol

No. 85250

I just remembered something

Don't people from Scotland have plugs and outlets and light switches that look different than Americans do?! I'm pretty sure they do. My SO used to say so all the time. I remember him looking at random peoples pictures and deciding where they lived based on that

Does anyone want to go through her pictures and identify her location based on the background of her room? Specifically the ones that are "old" and supposed to be in Scotland? I would ask my SO to do it but I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy for following this.

No. 85251

Also Peter seriously leave this thread it's not for you

No. 85252

reddit gold

No. 85254

Not something a person with BDD would write.

No. 85255

Oh yeah, she says she was a virgin BUT talks about sex and kinky stuff like she's some sort of expert. Uhmmm but this was before she supposedly saw Peter in person so how?

Oh that's right, in Petey's narrative a girl has to be a pure special virgin until she meets him, but is also a kinky high sexual person despite this. Spoiler alert, your fantasies are retarded Peter.

No. 85258

File: 1429478852286.jpg (55.92 KB, 540x405, tumblr_lxpmfpKItn1r5ygdco2_r3_…)

that's a good point

she has v few pics before they met unfortunately, and most of those are like pic related

No. 85260

I'm in the UK, if you can link me to a few pics, I'll take a look. Also I think the BIGGEST give away is that Ashleigh uses 'zeds' instead of 's' when she types. If she was educated in the UK? There's no way she'd use zeds.

Like in 'analyse' and 'analyze'. The one with the z is the US spelling, but the s one is UK. Also the lack of 'ou' in her stufff as well. Peter clearly isn't smart enough to know that UK english is different.

No. 85261

Here's the original. Worth adding that, when this video was originally uploaded, it had this picture >>85052 as the thumbnail. It was later changed to a PS2(?) controller for an unknown reason.

No. 85264

I'm on my phone right now so I can't but on the ED in the discussion there is a massive folder with pics I think, also in this thread there is an imgur photo with pics, but they are all of diff girls. The ones when she's from Scotland look like this >>85244

Idk about you but that room doesn't like Scottish to me - I live in America and most of our houses are built that way but when I went to the UK it was a culture shock because you all have some really different looking houses. I find it hard to believe (based on where my SO lived) that that room is in Aberdeen, but I could be wrong. What do you think?

No. 85265


No. 85267

Was that supposed to be funny? How can he go on about SEXUAL VIDYA FEMALES R BADD!!11 then post a video that literally doesn't show his wife's face just her tits. How is this irony? How is this anything? How can one man be so untalented?

No. 85268

File: 1429479263474.png (357.94 KB, 870x460, big league chew.png)

No. 85270

File: 1429479319249.jpg (45.65 KB, 540x405, tumblr_lv4rw2g4ve1r5ygdco1_540…)

she said 'hi mom' with this pic


No. 85271

Actually, you do have a point. Most of our houses are quite old in comparison to the US and they do sort of have a different sort of feel to them. Unless, of course, she lives in a newer style estate house.

If I could see the light switch I could tell for sure. US light switches are slim buttons while UK ones are quite thick. We also have switches on all our outlets to turn them off and on.

No. 85274

Ok call me crazy, but peter looks super cute in those pics

Those little bad boy eyes and that stubble 8/10

No. 85275

they first met on an atheist forum and her account there was only ever active for an hour and a half

No. 85276

No. 85277

light switch >>85244

No. 85279

Ughhh so low quality I can't tell even when zoomed in

No. 85282

File: 1429479670747.gif (488.35 KB, 374x281, tumblr_lw7y7lrdVl1r270l9.gif)

ok I have a theory

ass leigh is a camwhore/random girl he fell in love with

she didn't reciprocate, or maybe broke up with him, so he bought a realdoll to dull the pain

No. 85291

File: 1429480016347.png (2.88 MB, 2468x2472, chronologicallyconfused.png)

oh wow, so I was going through her dumblr, and there's a pic where she posts her newly dyed hair, but then when you go back there's one older photo with exactly the same hair colour

soooOOOOO what's up with that?

No. 85292

That face vs this face >>84538 vs >>84033

There's no way. There's no way that's the same face. I can't believe that.

No. 85295

Are these from Scotland?

No. 85297

File: 1429480150405.jpg (102.44 KB, 634x413, article-2439522-18699159000005…)

no, I think they're from wherever coffin is

No. 85300

apparently she said she had an active sex life before she even met peter.

No. 85305

File: 1429480631944.png (35.18 KB, 245x250, 1.png)

No. 85307

File: 1429480677002.png (1.11 MB, 1000x614, provv.png)

sooo she either had an active sex life literally a month before she met peter (this was posted v early on her tumblr) or she's lying

either way ew

No. 85308

I think Sonic is from the Michigan house but I don't really remember.

No. 85309

File: 1429480848748.png (3.79 MB, 2000x1625, american-girl-doll-kaya-hair-r…)

so thats a wig

No. 85310

Nah, this was posted by an anon on cow a long time ago trying to explain creepshots or something. It's not supposed to be a pic of Ashleigh.

No. 85311

ya and what I think is weird is
1-her hair doesn't seem to grow
2-she has no roots showing (ok, maybe she just does her roots all the time?)
3-she never experiments, never has wild hair or accessories

also the fact that she NEVER EVER paints her nails gets to me

No. 85313

File: 1429481144390.jpg (47.14 KB, 640x480, tumblr_lxxc7ygoHY1r5ygdco1_128…)

aaah k my bad

No. 85318

File: 1429481636985.png (166.65 KB, 890x521, sddssd.png)

does anyone live near him?

I mean all it takes to prove she exists or not is to have someone go there right

No. 85321

I wish someone would already

No. 85324

Recently someone on Twitter said they saw him in Walmart and Pete flipped the fuck out and went on about harassment and his family's safety or someshit. It was pretty great.

No. 85326

Recently, as in maybe a month ago, I mean.

No. 85328

File: 1429482032292.jpg (78.45 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mdewudaZFF1r270l9.jpg)

more like he needs to be worried about his family's existence rather than safety

No. 85330

I find it interesting that ashley and peter they tag their pics in exactly the same ways

they both use the hashtags

me and personal

No. 85331


That looks screams psycho bitch to me idk if it's just me.

No. 85332

is she crying in this pic or something? Her eyes are all red and puffy.

No. 85333


Hey can you take a screenshot of that tweet, or link it?

No. 85334

File: 1429482498774.png (725.96 KB, 639x481, tumblr_mc1s1dTawt1r5ygdco1_128…)

screams doll to me

No. 85335

I'm trying to find it now. I know it was posted to /cow/ so I'm looking through 8archive

No. 85337

File: 1429482681460.jpg (124.6 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mh3aoy69O41r22ad2o1_128…)

yep! she was crying about sherlock

No. 85338


https://twitter.com/lol_whyumad_tho tweeted it, deleted the tweet. Trying to find Petey's response now.

No. 85342

File: 1429482790141.jpg (83.07 KB, 612x612, faaq.jpg)

Can we have a rollcall of who thinks Peter is kinda cute?

I think he's cute. Not super hot or anything, but he's a cute guy. If he has a big cock or something, I can understand why assley (if she were real) would be with him

No. 85343

File: 1429482803465.png (293.72 KB, 629x645, 6eb0117a61[1].png)

No. 85344

Hi Peter. No one thinks you're cute.

No. 85345

lol so people aren't allowed to randomly recognize him when he's out in a public place now apparently

No. 85346

File: 1429482944916.png (16.73 KB, 689x202, 47fc042a2f[1].png)

I also screenshotted this a while back which I thought was hilarious

No. 85347

As much as I hate to admit it, there are a few pictures where I think you are cute, Peter.

No. 85348

File: 1429482998801.jpg (33.62 KB, 612x612, 16997_10151088362786583_852081…)

He looks fat and out of shape naked, and he's a drooling SJW retard, but I like his face. He looks like that guy from the walking dead

No. 85349

File: 1429483144787.jpg (56.46 KB, 612x612, ppp.jpg)

thank you, just because someone is detestable doesn't mean they have to have a horrible face to go with it

it's like those people in the peenus thread or berry frothing at the mouth when anyone says they're cute

Peter looks ok, handsome even in my opinion

No. 85353

That is a doll. Either Peter REALLY wasn't/isn't even trying or you're making a joke and I'm too autistic to get it

No. 85355

File: 1429483838425.jpg (607.02 KB, 800x1200, IMG_4360small.jpg)

no it's a doll, sorry m8 wasn't trying to confuse people, just posted a doll to show people how realistic these buggers can be

No. 85357

peter stop talking about yourself.

No. 85359


No. His personality is unattractive as all gets out. Have you seen him chimping out on twitter? Fuck no. I'm pretty easy going on looks in dudes, but if you're a douchebage whatever attractiveness you had goes out the window.

No. 85365

File: 1429484517336.jpg (59.21 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mh1ipxXZ5J1r22ad2o1_128…)

yes his personality is bad but he's not bad looking

I'd hit it, no shame

No. 85367

no. He just reeks of fucking douchebag.

No. 85370

You absolutely disgust me.

Also guys, iirc Peter talked about moving recently. He probably did the gofundme to get a new doll and pay for Ashleigh to stay around.

Or maybe he just got his hotwife plastic surgery? What is their baby doing in this situation? I remember PIanon said he got back results that Peter was just a cuck and living in Ashleigh and her husband's home.

Every theory just becomes as unlikely as the next. I don't know if we will ever find out what is really going on.

No. 85372


nothing cute about that marshmellow body.

No. 85374

PIAnon never updated or verified any of his/her claims and should be disregarded. Chances are it was just some Anon who wanted to tell everyone what they wanted to hear.

No. 85375

the face is ok

and if he has a huge dick I can understand why she's with him

No. 85379

a fat cock can't make up for the world's worst personality

No. 85380

I love how Peter supports the police when he's in danger but says things like "FUCK COPS" on twitter just to appeal to the SJW.

Also Pete gtfo this thread, you are not attractive, you have a terrible personality, and you don't look like anyone from the walking dead. (Except for a walker, that is.)

No. 85381

His theory still made the most sense anyway.

Word around twitter is that Peter Coffin is a fat cuck who tests his cock with a Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator.

No. 85382

I feel like all these "peter is hot"/"i'd hit it"/"big cock" posts are all just peter..

No. 85383



No. 85384

probs him trying to distract people from the fact that his "wife" is being exposed as a realdoll kek

No. 85385

They are. Peter wants to post on here and pretend it's a bunch of cute girls complimenting him (see the Kimi Saga)

No. 85387

HELL NO peter is disgusting. dat nose.

No. 85388

File: 1429485449146.jpg (143.64 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mevt7jCNYT1r22ad2o1_128…)

does he have a legit job in RL apart from making shitty vids?

No. 85389

omGg guise look how fucking ~hot~ he is

No. 85390

i feel sick

No. 85391

he claims to work 2 full time jobs, but spends literally 100% of his time sperging out on twitter

No. 85392

I swear he had a chain of tweets, but maybe I'm mixing up one of the many other times he went off the deep end.

No. 85394

I remember hearing he was a car salesman?

No. 85397

Hey man, Amazon Turk and Swagbucks allows for a lot of free time.

No. 85398

No medical, tho.

No. 85400

That was his old job. He use to work at a car dealership.

No. 85401

objectively average. a little overweight. peter just start speaking what you actually think. you cant have your every sentence and action be sarcastic and still live a functional life. the space you are trying to occupy was taken by seth macfarlane, tom green, and nickelodeon's All That.

No. 85404

File: 1429486203694.jpg (35.9 KB, 600x450, full (1).jpg)

I'd hit it. H8rs gonna hate.
didn't he tweet during 'work' when his waifu was having jaw surgery? can't be all that busy then. what does he do exactly?

No. 85405

he spends his time online, lurking on cow (and now pt) and twitter

No. 85406

finding inane things to complain about on the internet is a full time job, you know.

No. 85407

File: 1429486668044.jpg (65.31 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mfc3tcU6i61r22ad2o1_128…)

this is the berry thread all over again

anyone who disagrees is berry

No. 85408

Wow Peter sure shitted up this thread.

No. 85409

Wow. You have really bad taste in men.

No. 85410

I know. It's making me not wanna post here anymore.

No. 85411

To be fair, I do have facial blindness. Like, legit facial blindness.

No. 85412

No. 85415

thats fucking disgusting

No. 85418

… what guy?

No. 85426

Peter, you're fucking hideous. You're a cow–inside and out.

No. 85429

Has anyone tried contacting Peter's family about whether Ashleigh actually exists?

No. 85432

File: 1429491667768.png (108.99 KB, 1019x219, victim.png)

the peter loop

No. 85443

Don't let Peter kill the thread. Obviously no one here wants to fuck him and anyone posting about his dick size obviously isn't us.

And why would any of us keep spamming stupid photos of his nose on posts? Peter, you should have leaned more by now, jfc.

No. 85445


Dude is fucking insane.

No. 85447

/cow contacted his brother, his brothers wife and Ashleighs mum.
But nothing really came out of it. His brother and his wife said they really are married, and they regularly see Ashleigh and the kid. They are probably in on it.
And Ashleighs mums facebook looked really suspicious. Every single post was about Peter or her daughter.

No. 85449

so do i and most of my tumblr friends.
we are all peter.

No. 85450

gtfo peter, you're ugly and look like a disgusting shut in. i'm like a 1/10 and i would rather have my vagina rot off than go anywhere near you

stop fishing

No. 85451

File: 1429494189568.webm (6.05 MB, 300x300, goviralsta1.webm)

No. 85452

how much does a PI cost in SLC? I will pay for one if I someone recommends me one, I give no fucks anymore I need this to peak

No. 85453

except peter has actually been documented to sit endlessly refreshing /cow/, day after day, looking for more ways to "prove himself and his HotWife(TM)"

you really think he wouldn't try derailing threads on /pt/?

No. 85455

all those facebooks were opened on the same exact day?

what kind of family does that?

you tell me…

No. 85456

Yeah I wouldn't trust anyone family that is connected to Ashleigh tbh. I don't know what sort of shitty enabling family would be in on a guy using a sex doll to pretend he's married tho.

Does that include Peter's family or just Ashleighs?

No. 85468

>I don't know what sort of shitty enabling family would be in on a guy using a sex doll to pretend he's married tho.

One that would be humiliated if word of that got out and was confirmed true for the whole internet.

No. 85496

No. 85501

File: 1429500330253.webm (2.68 MB, 406x720, 1429500077079.webm)

webm for no views

No. 85502


UKfag here! No scottish accent, at all. Scottish thinking sound is not american uuuhh, but actually a thick strong Eeerrmm. Also, free cosmetic surgery gg.

No. 85504

an i the only person that thinks she looked WAY better before? she looks so average now. so boring. her face is really long, and now that the chin is thinned out, it looks really strange and horsey

No. 85506


I liked her before, she looked fun and sweet and quirky. Now she looks kinda basic, average like before but now also not cute. Just average.

No. 85507

her jaw must really be fucked up, she can't even open her mouth. i bet peter has a real doll because there is no way she's capable of giving bjs.

No. 85509

she also has a more masculine look about her. i don't know why? like a feminine man. probably because her face looks THAT much longer now.

No. 85516

>5 weeks post op from double jaw surgery
>no pain, swelling, bite plate, splint, etc.
>been eating apparently since week 2 or so
>Almost back to normal!
Peter you're a faggot. GG on conning 16k for cosmetic surgery though.

No. 85517

im telling you, it's all BC her makeup is suddenly ten times shittier

No. 85518

am I the only one who thinks she doesnt look different at all????????????

its just the fucking angle, she's holding it at 45 degrees.

No. 85520

also she does NOT look 22. look at her crows feet holy shit

No. 85521

File: 1429502094837.jpg (80.04 KB, 800x400, ManyfacesofAshleigh.jpg)

Comparison of all her pictures

No. 85522

nah there's a difference. her chin is super thin now. she had a very oval jaw/chin area before. it's more pointy now for sure, but it looks fucking weird.

No. 85524

>tfw all you need to do to make half a years salary is become an sjw and spout retarded shit while begging for money

No. 85527

File: 1429503119831.jpg (76.29 KB, 700x500, videovspic.jpg)

No. 85529

That's what kills me. There are tons of gullible rich people willing to give you money, you just have to be willing to lie to their faces for it. I envy Peter's lack of morality.

No. 85530

She still has a super big overbite, which is what I thought the point of the surgery was going to correct? Or am I just misunderstanding that. Also, is it okay to be wearing braces while having jaw surgery? Idk, I'm totally ignorant.

No. 85533

>half a year's salary

If double that surg is a full year salary, that still sounds lower than poverty.

No. 85536

yeah thats why i said she doesnt look different to me, theyre just using a lighting trick where they're shining it up, so that area in her chin that wasn't prominent with different lighting looks like her chin is protruding

she doesn't look different to me at all

No. 85537

Half a year of Peter's salary*

No. 85539

generally, with overbites/protrusion as bad as she had it, there isn't going to be complete correction – just reduction and improvement

No. 85541

Someone has to be financially supporting them, they afford vidya and other nerd memorabilia and clothes. Plus moving a new place?

No. 85543

But looking at the first two photos here: >>85521 her overbite looks almost the same. The only difference I see is in he chin, tbh. Just looks like she shaved it down a bit on the sides to make it more V like

No. 85545

File: 1429504494389.gif (1.38 MB, 450x337, 4bb36c093c22de55d4a8b68a65ca8c…)

No. 85572


She's from Aberdeen too but sounds nothing like it. Y'know I'd give her the benefit of the doubt but it's so obvious she's not British. My boyfriend is welsh and from midwales but doesn't sound anything like his family due to actively trying to loose his accent but he does at least sound English like proper queen's english accent.

she sounds nooothing like a Scot or a Brit with a more diminished accent. You don't just loose an accent in two years. Hell I've lived in England for eight and I still sound german when speaking english

No. 85577

Isn't it weird that there is no entry about her and immigration and the fact that she could be given free surgery that she needed since the age of 13? She doesn't sound Scottish and she spelled everything like an American until people pointed it out.

No. 85580


Yeah! I noticed that too. She constantly uses zeds instead of s. Also like you said, no proof of immigration.

Also she posted some political US stuff but she's not a citizen and therefore cannot vote. I guess peter didn't know that? She can't be eligible to vote until she takes her citizenship which to my knowledge, she wouldn't have. It takes 5 years of living in the us to become a naturalised citizen.

No. 85586

No. 85591

File: 1429521406464.png (493.96 KB, 466x717, latest.png)

reminds me of warren

No. 85594

What's up with that tiny T-Rex hand on the right picture

No. 85595

What's up with that tiny T-Rex hand on the right picture

No. 85596

Aberdeenfag here, just for all of you who keep saying "she doesn't sound British/Scottish". She sounds exactly like an Aberdonian who has either a) been living in the US and has picked up the local twang or b) is pretending to have picked it up in order to hide our God awful accent/where she's from.

It's very common for people who don't want to be associated with the shit that goes down in the Tillydrone or Northfield areas, for example, who have had the misfortune of growing up there in a one or two-bedroomed box flat given to them by the council with their mum, dad and brothers/sisters, to pretend they're from somewhere else because literally no one here does shit. She might have just been trying to erase that. This city's got a huge divide between the rich people who live in £500,000 to £1,000,000 town houses and people who have the shitty end of the stick and are in some council flat surrounded by single mums, drug addicts and are just generally lowlifes who don't wanna get themselves out of that (despite receiving benefits from the council). So here you're really either already born into a rich family where the father is in the oil industry or something similar (engineer or whatever) meaning you'll never have to experience that council flat shit or you're already from there and you're desperately trying to get out while everyone else is sitting doing nothing. The divide is strong with "Aberdeen/Aberdoom is a shithole! I can't afford anything/to live here!" and "I'm a successful business person/someone in a steady career and have been for years," because if you don't go to uni and instead work, say in retail, like don't even think you can afford one of those box flats without the help of the council.

To someone who has been here their entire life, no, there is nothing here for young people other than free uni, so everyone just does that and then leaves.

TL;DR She could just be trying to erase the fact she's from here by Americanising her accent. Seen people do it before.

No. 85597

My mum's from Aberdeen, and I'm pretty sure it's quite common to hide the accent or fake another one somewhat because there's pretty much no pride for that part of scotland. Can you blame them either? everyone thinks Aberdeen is a shithole. You hear the same thing with people from Glasgow, Wales, Birmingham or Liverpool because they're told pretty often that their accent is ugly.

No. 85598

Sameaberdeenfag, but just to note she sounds like she's from one of the poorer council flat areas and trying to cover it up because even I've lived here for over 20 years and managed to cover that nasty shit up. Also young people try to get out of here because it's one of the most expensive cities in the UK to live in (oil industry and all that - companies who lease properties try to rip the businessmen off just because they can afford it, then younger people who are on a lower salary suffer).

Too long? Was just saying she sounds like a little turd who used that ugly guy to get into the US.

No. 85600


Yes, you're 100% right! I'm guilty of doing it but I just use the excuse of "my mum isn't from here" and "I speak my second language every day" (which I do, but it honestly doesn't influence my accent because that shit stays with you for life and I've never lived anywhere else). I do get second-hand embarrassment for people who quite obviously have Scottish parents, have lived here forever and all of a sudden develop an American accent and say "it's because I watch a lot of American TV". Had a girl in my college class do that and it was uncomfortable talking to her because it was so forced.

It is definitely a shithole. The only nice parts I've seen are when you head into Aberdeenshire - areas such as Aboyne/Banchory but the city is just a nasty little thing with barely anything in it. No nightlife either and no one can admit it.

I get told I sound Canadian by Glaswegians and I'm just sitting there like, "Thank fuck, that was my aim, kinda" after covering that mess up. People from Liverpool sound a bit worse in my opinion though…

No. 85602

Lived with a Scouse. Can confirm that accent is kind of terrible.

Welsh boyfriend here again, and yeah, he did the same as you. He's from the shitty part of Wales where ambition goes to die and he moved as soon as he was able. If you've ever seen The Valleys reality tv show? His cousins are basically that.

No. 85607


How long has she been there? Sorry, didn't read the whole thread because I drifted in from the Kaka one after seeing Doom City mentioned.

I hate to say it but Scottish people, at least the ones I've known/know, make fun of Americans who live in the middle of nowhere and have no education because we're so uneducated about their way of life ourselves. It's from the limited crap we see on TV like that Honey Boo Boo show. What if she actually wants to live like an uneducated redneck? XD But England isn't cool enough. She needs 'Murica. I went to uni and dropped out, most boring piece of turd I've ever attended but that's just my opinion. I'm in a much better position now than I would have been if I completed the course so yeah not everyone needs it. I did go to college though so I'm not really on her level and it's kinda ridiculous to just do nothing.


Haha! Yes, I have seen it. I think I would do the same, though Welsh is a lot nicer, I quite like it. I've resorted to telling people who are close to me (my boyfriend) that I just hate the accent, don't think it suits me and it makes me feel uncomfortable, so forcefully changed it and you'd be surprised how many people just say "fair enough". But it's when you're from here and are suddenly "American" it just makes you go, "You're clearly putting that on, you jackass".

No. 85610

Also it's tiring changing your accent now that I think about it. You still get that occasional, "Fuck, I sound too Scottish today, better tone it down," especially when drunk. It just comes out and there's no stopping it. Maybe we'll catch her fucking it up one day.

No. 85612


She's been there two years. And that was my post, phone freaked out and pressed delete when I was trying to uncheck it. Samsungs ugh

I hear you. I'm an artist if I could go back and redo things, the first thing would be not to go to Uni. I would have done an Atelier for two years and spent one year studying and building my portfolio. I could have done without all the bollocks 'what is art' stuff

It just astounds me that someone would run away to the US in a very childish attempt to escape bad things. This doesn't bode well for that kid or this relationship. :T

No. 85618


Maybe she will. She just sounds so odd to me. Even in that livestream they did she sounded just…weird.

Also nice to talk to more UKanons here. I'm not British but I do live here and kinda love it. Even with all the accents and the continual german jokes

Also sorry, polite sage for shitposting. Back to Asheligh.

No. 85619


Art? I'm from that background too! Ab Col's HND and then I switched to business school and am doing my degree via distance because I hated uni so much. Art is so difficult to get going with, hope you do well and I get what you mean about the "what is art" stuff. Shit got pretty old after the first term.

I actually can relate to her because it's that "grass is always greener" thing. The "anywhere but here" story. Might be that. It is childish though.

No. 85631


No. 85634

She sounds like she's scottish, just americanized


No. 85640

2 years is a REALLY quick time to lose an accent in.

No. 85644


She came to America in 2011. She has been here for four years.

No. 85646

File: 1429533571296.gif (986.73 KB, 450x364, jormitt.gif)

who? if you mean the SLIGHT resemblance to mullet guy, you are so wrong. josh mcdermitt is a hottie compared to fucking peter. and he is actually funny.

No. 85652

WHAT IF horsemaw took the jaw surgery as payment for pretending to be coffin's wife?
would make sense, no?

the 2 pics on the right are the camgirl (at least her body). weird how ashleigh never has boobs like that in any videos.

No. 85653

No wait i misspoke. It wad March 2012 so three years.

No. 85727

Yeah it's really weird that she puts her boobs out on display at every moment but on livestream? Nope. Not at all.

No. 85730

Makes sense but then they could have done this way earlier and not after 3 years.

I don't know what to think anymore.
I'm honestly starting to believe that she is just really, really mentally ill and married to him.
She doesn't come across as really bright.
Let him touch her once a year maybe and then got a baby.
Still doesn't explain all those fishy things. The kimi coincidences, the accent and spelling, the sockpuppets, the weird attempts on social media to come across as a normal couple, why she didn't get the surgery earlier for free…

No. 85741

File: 1429551280886.png (804.5 KB, 800x600, 1234tvb.png)


I'm finally realized who he reminds me of. A mix of sjw Dave Dandelion and Judah Nagler from The Velvet Teen.

No. 85769

>why she didn't get the surgery earlier for free…
What if she was simply too young and still growing. Dont you have to be a certain age to have that kind of sugery?
I mean, she does look/talk like a teenager in the livestream. Her age would even moreso be a reason why she'd participate in coffins charade, because she just doesnt know any better.

No. 85770

Age restrictions are generally below 18. She claims she's 22 now, and has been living in the US since 2012, meaning she was 19 when she moved. It would have been entirely possible for her to get the surgery on the NHS while she was still living in Scotland.

No. 85774

>Age restrictions are generally below 18.

Well, i was implying she was underage.
Plus, i dont think anyone ever believed that girl is from scotland. Its just the character petey created and she played the role, just like the cam girl before her.

No. 85779

She didn't get the surgery earlier and for free because what she wanted was cosmetic, not anything to do with her health. I don't believe she's from Scotland at all (too many inconsistencies) but if Asheligh is a real person, then she is simply just trying to get her horse face fixed.

No. 85806

Coffin could've met her on a site such as seekingarrangement. I've seen guys similar to him in the past go on SA looking for a live-in arrangement in exchange for various things.

If she had low enough self-esteem and wanted to get out of her shitty town enough, I could see her jumping at that if he offered her free surgery or something of the sort.

But what doesn't add up to me is her complying to the fucking freaky sexdoll shit–she can't be running any of those accounts. It's too Peter.

No. 85813

I like this theory. Pete takes over care for retarded girl with mental health issues, gives him toilet nigga, in return she can fix her face.

No. 85814

This could just be my mind trying to fit things together on its own and completely unrelated, but I think I've seen a man that my brain familiarizes as similar looking to Peter on SA in 2012, when I first set up an account to pwn nbz 4 cash. Again, could be totally coincidental but the man said he blurred his face out for "discretion" because he was "popular" or something. But he messaged around looking for young dolly girls for a live-in arrangement. I think I recall him wearing a black and gray striped shirt in his pro pic, anyone recollect that? Obviously there's a large chance that it's any nobody in the US but he had a similar hair cut and build. Plus it just fits the timeline.

I would search through my past messages to see if I could find it but they auto delete after six months and I'm sure he would've long since baleeted all trace of the account ages ago.

Sorry if I'm just stirring the pot but this is lolcow and this doesn't seem like such a crazy theory to me lmao.

No. 85815

Ashleigh isn't 22. The birth certificate isn't right if she is, and her tumblr has has "22" for years. Plus she looks old as hell with her crows feet (I'm just comparing with 22 year olds I know who don't have mad lines under their eyes and around the edges like she does in that video)

If she's more like 25 it's kind of sick that Peter is misleading people to convince them that he nabbed a hot wife almost ten years younger. It's just weird. He doesn't seem like a nice guy at all, lying about her age and all that

No. 85816

I have posted on other threads about this. I had jaw surgery, yes it was cosmetic, and it was considered cosmetic too. I actually have more jaw problems now after I had the work done. I will tell you guys my about how it was for me and you take it as you want. I personally can't believe she was posting about eating soft cookies not even after a month of having "jaw surgery" double at that.

Anyways, the start of my journey was getting braces put on. Because they want to move your teeth where your jaw will be after the surgery or at least get them halfway there. That was a year worth of moving my teeth around before I had the surgery. My surgery was just to move my bottom jaw forward and fix a sideways bite I had. They only took out my wires from my braces and used the prongs I had put in there to wire my mouth shut for a whole MONTH, and some on days. I could not open my mouth, I could muffle to speak, but it would hurt and get tired really easily. My face was swollen for about two weeks before it slowly went down. I had bruising mostly on one side of my face and down my neck a bit. They wire your mouth shut for a month so the bone can start growing back in its new place and not go back to where it was before. So after the month was up, and the wires were removed, I could barely eat noodles for about a week after the wires were removed. Then my braces wires were put back in and I had to wear them for half a year afterwards to make sure my jaw didnt go back to how it was.

Having this surgery is no joke. First week I was on pain killers every three to four hours, then every six hours.

No. 85817

i don't think Peter was a goon or anything, mostly a suckass at best. He has a distinct face.

I did mention Peter to my ex, who was a goon for almost a decade now, and my ex did the weird thing of completely ignoring everything I said about Peter and changing the subject, but I'm probably reading too much into it

No. 85819

SA meant seekingarrangements, not something awful

No. 85823

But that doesn't make any sense because Peter is broke as fuck and he quit his job last decade to pursue a career as a comedian

It's more likely that he found Ashleigh on RetardDating.com than he did on a site for sugar daddies

No. 85829

Salty ass broke as fuck guys go on SA to manipulate desperate girls all of the time.

No. 85831

*samefag but a lot of guys make offers such as free housing and "allowances" and he could have easily offered her free housing, an easy way into the US, and made promises for surgery money

No. 85838


Wow. I almost feel bad for Ashleigh… what a retard would fall for this? Like she couldn't take one look at his 100 youtube views and realize he's broke as fuck?

No. 85839

It's not all that uncommon for girls to do that to get out of their living situations. If you have low enough self-esteem and self-worth, it could feel like your only ticket out. Especially if she has too much dysmorphia and anxiety for a job. She'd view marriage with some random stranger as the easiest way out if he persuades her with things such as free housing, cosmetic surgery, etc. I don't think people realize how common it actually is lol.

No. 85840

According to her old deleted tumblr posts she apparently had a shitty home life and had a terrible relationship with her mom.

No. 85849

I think /cow/ found his profile on some kind of dating website with mail order brides, could have been seekingarrangement. Anyone got the pics?

No. 85852

No. 85866

Yeah again, I can't imagine wanting to live with anyone less than Peter, a guy who catfished himself with a racist Asian stereotype and harassed women online for years. hes bottom of the barrel quality.

No. 85869


Reading this made me vomit. How are SJWs such hypocrites? They spend all day sperging out on Twitter about stupid fucking video games and what the characters are wearing, meanwhile they populate dating websites looking for "muh uber submissive asian housewief"

Kill yourself Peter

No. 85897

Owch. Sucky anon. And yeah the only kinda surgery near my jaw I had was on my severely impacted bottom wisdom teeth that were so bad and difficult to take out that I had horrid bruising all down my jawline and super bad puffiness. That was just my teeth! I was sore and puffy for weeks after and I'd say I'm pretty resilient health wise.

Jaw surgery sounds even more intense if they break and then shift everything back…a month and then tada! All fine? Nah

No. 85899

As if she would know who peter is necessarily

No. 85938

File: 1429568412137.jpg (24.96 KB, 645x145, seriouslywhat.jpg)

No. 85942

ah yes, sending yourself anon compliments. a classic tactic.

No. 86064


Her attempts at modesty are lulzworthy. Yeah, okay. If you really thought you were ugly as sin, you wouldn't take selfies of yourself 24/7 and post them online.

When I was at my lowest point in my ED when I thought I was the ugliest person alive, I wouldn't have DARED take photos of myself let alone let anyone else take them. I still feel uncomfortable in photos and I was rehab'd almost five years ago. There is NO way Ashleigh thinks she's ugly. She's fishing in the worst sort of way.

No. 86067


Additional, she's not smart enough to come up with a response like that. Have you seen how she talks in that livestream? She's clearly simple.

No. 86070

You're talking about the situation like it's her that runs the blog and not Peter. It's Peter dude.

No. 86081

I agree, this sounds so Peter.

No. 86082


No. 86267

That poor baby :( "Why does he keep making that sound?" Only time will tell what will happen to a narcissist x retard kid.

No. 86273


IDK but they have a weird ass relationship with each other and that baby. Just look at them on cam is like looking at totally awkward strangers that don't feel comfortable even after three years of 'marriage'.


Yeah, true. I know it is. Just frustrates me anon. If you're going to pretend to be a fake person, why make them the most vapid idiotic representation of a woman you can?

No. 86284

>why make them the most vapid idiotic representation of a woman you can?

It's how Peter sees women. Also the reason he can't find a girlfriend.

No. 86551

File: 1429652660784.jpg (18.69 KB, 680x119, 773435.jpg)

How does she normally consume macaroni? Does she snort it? Let's not forget those cookies she had days after surgery.

No. 86715

I guess if you cooked it long enough it would become mushy. You would still have to chew it slightly though.

No. 86720

why macaroni..? why not soup? or smoothies?
peter is getting stupider by the second.

No. 86727

by the way here's that tweet, dated 3-26-15

No. 86728

File: 1429670686013.png (117.19 KB, 1282x690, 1429668285619-1.png)

I sperged and posted too quickly. Derp.

No. 86729

File: 1429670716349.png (244.37 KB, 1282x1176, 1429668285619-0.png)

No. 86730

The thing is you have to chew pasta, you dumb fuck Peter.

No. 86731

File: 1429670763935.png (58.81 KB, 596x641, 1429660072441.png)


No. 86732

and more importantly, cookies are not soft foods.

No. 86734

Playing Devil's Advocate here:
-Peter and Ashleigh are legit poorfags. Macaroni is probably shitty small Kraft Dinner type shit. You can just swallow those. Though, I don't know if she can fit spoonfuls of that stuff in her broken face.
-Cookies can be soft, and are generally good to just suck on until they disintegrate. Probably puts in tiny pieces in her wired shut maw.

No. 86736

Does anyone else find it a bit weird how when they do reply to each other, they do it so quickly? Like, are they just sitting at home on their separate PCs just replying to each other on Twitter in silence?

idk, other couples I see who do interact with each other on social media have some gaps in time when they respond to each other–like they're just out doing something and check their phone or something, see the message/post/whatever and quickly respond, or don't live with each other, so communicate that way.

No. 86738

I usually just swallow macaroni… always have. Not trying to whiteknight or anything, but it is possible to eat it without chewing. Especially if it's the little elbow kind or the small shells.

No. 86741

bye peter, go home.

No. 86743

because it's all peter logging in and out of two different twitters lol

No. 86752

Cheaper than cans of soup?

nah sun

No. 86767

not even logging in and out. He's got one account logged in on one device and the other account logged in on another.

No. 86779

Tweetdeck. Boom, both accounts logged in at the same time, just switch with the press of a button.

No. 86796

idk anon, it seems odd to go through all that trouble when she can just have soup, ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, etc. i mean if she atleast said she mashed the cookies or used a blender it'd be more believable.

No. 86821


It makes no sense for a married couple with child to be tweeting at each other at home. At night.

No. 86855

Also if you lived in the same house why would you even NEED to tweet at one another?!?!? You fucking live in the same house! Jesus these people are either inept and socially retarded or just living in separate rooms.

No. 86857

File: 1429698093240.jpg (31.93 KB, 540x496, 2015-04-22_12-17-56_1.jpg)

When i go on lolcow.com/pt i get directed to this image instead of the usual index. Wtf? (Only on my phone though)

No. 86858


*Lolcow.farm/pt obviously, not .com

No. 86863

shes watching u

No. 86870

Wow that's creepy as hell
The address bar says /pt/, but it sometimes gets cut off so it's just worth asking, did you open that image in a new tab at some point and it now automatically fills in the image's address for you? Sorry for the dumb question but I've done that before


No. 86946

File: 1429719468739.gif (810.49 KB, 245x180, 239573083297.gif)

nope, it still happens when i type the address in manually.
am i the only one this is happening to?

No. 86951


I'm so sorry, anon.

She's coming for you.


No. 87087

I want this thread to continue to pump out thick hot juicy loads of content but I have nothing to add. We can't let this die until shit hits the fan and he's forced to expose everything.

No. 87092

I feel the same way but unfortunately there's not much we can do other than wait for his next eventual sperg out. I hear Internet Aristocrat/Mr Metokur/Jim is going to make an Internet Insanity video about Coffin in the coming weeks. That should garner some hilarious results on Peter's end.

Interestingly, a /cow/boy posted this pic showing the times and dates of a handful of tweets by our favorite happy couple.

No. 87093

File: 1429737623537.png (14.66 KB, 263x641, 1429733439989[1].png)

woops, dropped image

No. 87095

File: 1429737647771.png (13.43 KB, 132x621, 1429735046571[1].png)

Peter never sleeps

No. 87097

This…definitely doesn't look like the activity of someone who works two full time jobs supposedly. Not that I ever believed that in the first place.

No. 87098

Holy shit. Doesn't he have a job? And a kid? My coworkers complain all the time about having zero time due to their kids. Wtf. How is he wasting all this time on twitter being a fucknut?

I'm sorry but I couldn't and wouldn't deal with a boyfriend who couldn't get off their phone or twitter. Fuck that.

No. 87105

>Doesn't he have a job? And a kid?

No. 87118

you dropped the mic oh my god

No. 87214

Ashleigh is actually extremely average going by these images. I just realized it's the vision of her being Peter's wife that makes her appear like an unbelievable Goddess.

Still way out Peter's league though.

No. 87216

You can open two browsers and log in with two different accounts on each.

No. 87219

It's kinda funny how when Ashleigh is active, Petey boy isn't, and in most intervals, there's a difference of 2-3 min before one of them goes silent and the other one starts tweeting.

No. 87221

Have either of them spoken about the kid ever again? besides occasionally dropping the words "sweet baby/mother/family" in irrelevance?

No. 87222

only in passing, like in >>86731

No. 87291

File: 1429763081796.jpg (378.55 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nn8dhbViqp1r5ygdco1_128…)

My new Queen

No. 87294

Why do all her pics look like taken by a toaster but all Petey's pics clear?

No. 87296

Best way to hide the basic

No. 87298

complete blasphemy

No. 87299

File: 1429767228707.png (60.23 KB, 686x155, d7a793702e[1].png)

Looks like Peter is in the thread, he just posted this on Ashleigh's tumblr

No. 87310


>gets face fixed

>takes nothing but my space same face pics

Nobody cares about your dumb fucking face Ashleigh. Literally no one is jealous of you and your fat ugly girl mentality you've harboured for years you retard

No. 87325

holy fuck, peter's having a meltdown. if interested, go to twitter and search peter coffin. a lot of milk was spilt in the past few hours.

No. 87326


>sjs call him out

>they are gamergate!1111

Lol how in the fuck

No. 87328

What the fuck is he/she hiding with that heart? Scar??

No. 87329

It's retarded beyond belief. Keep reading. If any anons have any throwaway twitter accounts, feel free to add your 2 cents. It seems like a damage control night for ol' petey.

No. 87330

multiple bras for layering/stuffing

No. 87332

her tits look like saggy boobs that are being pushed up by a bra. I remember Felice's saggy boobs looked just like this in a bra. They look loose and flappy.

Compared to this.. no fucking way.

No. 87333

File: 1429776467570.jpg (38.16 KB, 206x275, titty.jpg)

No. 87334


He really is a sperg isn't he? Go back to therapy Peter. And turn off the internet. You are literally doing more harm than good.

No. 87337

where did you get this omg

No. 87338

File: 1429778449613.jpg (273.02 KB, 858x503, lolthisguy.jpg)

>calls people reactionary
>proceeds to sperg out for four hours about people calling him out and bad sjs

And we're the reactionaries? Kay. You are buttmad Peter. Super buttmad. Also why are sjws so militant? Like this is war? Nigga this is literally twitter and the internet. Go outside. Go outside and be humans jesus.

No. 87340

File: 1429778636083.png (315.62 KB, 1186x1168, 1racism.png)

Dumping stuff from /cow/, btw they were linked here again and are wondering how women discuss cows.

>racist fucks

No. 87341

File: 1429778665267.jpg (107.93 KB, 398x720, 2racism.jpg)

kimi kobayashi was totes not racist tho

No. 87342

File: 1429778707804.png (381.54 KB, 1284x1510, everyoneisgamergate.png)

No. 87343

File: 1429778845908.png (1.36 MB, 1156x910, xiaxue1.png)

btw I just don't think they know how to spell Xiàxuě.

Comparison between Peter's 'happy family' and Xiaxue's.

No. 87345

File: 1429778892639.png (146.38 KB, 1178x488, xiaxue2.png)

this just in: Peter is def still butthurt that Xiaxue found him out.

No. 87347

File: 1429779226317.png (65.37 KB, 639x493, lieslol.png)

Guys, just so you know, it's almost 3 in the morning MST right now. I'm up doing homework and Peter Coffin has been livetweeting for the past 12+ hours. I think he's tweeted at least 100 times today, if not 200. He has almost 71,000 tweets. Two jobs and a baby my fucking ass.

Btw Peter, since you obviously lurk: We are not lying about you. We are laughing at you and your sad, disturbing little life.

No. 87348

Can someone please shred some light on what happened.
I went to his twitter as well as cow and I can't find anything, except for rants and rants and rants that don't make sense and him mentioning Izzy several times. Who the fuck is that?

No. 87349

Lol also what does RT mean? I see it a lot but I don't twitter


Xiaxue looks so cute. And looking at her you can totally tell she loves her family. Watching her birthing vid totally kinda gave me more confidence about the whole having kids stuff because I've always been unsure about it. Peter really is a jealous crybaby.

No. 87350


No. 87351

No clue. I was busy working, lol.
I think Peter is just sperging out like he usually does, and latching on to people who are delusional enough to believe him.

I feel terribly for that baby. Poor thing must be starved to death.
RT = retweet/retweeted

And yeah, the difference between his 'family' and Xiaxue is astounding. I love how Xiaxue's pictures are all outside with good lighting and peter looks like he lives in some creepy grotto doll dungeon underground.

No. 87352

RT= retweet, reposting someone elses tweet. He modified it so the RT comes up in the tweet.

No. 87354

File: 1429779636502.png (47.02 KB, 594x568, pete1.png)

More caps guys. Idk if we are hitting bump limit soon, if we are tell me and I'll start a new thread.

Also I'm sorry for any reposts too, please forgive me it's late lol.

No. 87355

Sjs bein' Sjs. Basically, they called out an 'ally' Izzy as transphobic, Petey took it upon himself (white man's burden ayy) to defend them, got called out by Sjs for shitty behaviour and talking over them. He then proceeded to tweet a bunch about toxic sjs and them being as bad as gamergate (or being gg outright)

In short, Peter is a spastic baby who can't handle any crit even from his supposed buttbuddy sjws. And Sjws eat their own at any opportunity because they thrive on drama and being more oppressed.

No. 87356

File: 1429779723215.png (775.45 KB, 1186x1534, pete2.png)

For your viewing pleasure: https://twitter.com/petercoffin

No. 87357

File: 1429779904775.gif (4.15 MB, 480x360, thanksbby.gif)


Thank you. I am a twitter dummy. Also how do convos flow? Up or down? It's always kinda confused me lol

No. 87358

File: 1429779969509.png (1.12 MB, 1335x645, gamurgurrlll.png)

Look, I'm totally super excited for the new SW movie, but I looked through Ashleigh's tumblr and… there's nothing but Star Wars on it. Except for a few anime pics and selfies. She's a caricature of a 'nerdy' woman. She doesn't even go outside. Does this bitch even know about the new Battlefront game coming out?!?
Idk why but Ashleigh makes me rage harder than Peter sometimes. Maybe it's because she got her plastic surgery crowdfunded for her.
because 'ashleigh' is peter ofc

No. 87359

File: 1429780043961.jpg (167.4 KB, 692x465, lololol.jpg)

From the bottom to the top, dearie.

I gotta go to bed now guys. The Peter Coffin thread is on the first page of /cow/. Can't wait to wake up to more lolz.

No. 87361

Thank you gracious anon. Sleep well. I shall man things from the UK side and keep my eyes peeled for new developments

No. 87362

Naw, ofc not. That's because she's pretend and Peter is a terrible writer. Look at this skits on youtube.

Also new Battlefront colour me excited as fuck. makes for the sting of 1313 being cancelled so much better. All I need is a another Jedi Knight game and I shall burn incense and give tribute to great Lucasgod.

No. 87363

>tomorrow Ashleigh will tweet about the new battlefront game

No. 87364

Oh god I will lol if she does. Peter you are try hard.

No. 87367

okay i'm like sure now that he photoshops horsemaw's face onto the Alicia doll body because that head looks disproportional and horsemaw herself does not have giant boobs like these

No. 87368

No. 87371

The Tumblr always displays current age. She's currently 22, so even when you view old posts it'll say '22'.

No. 87373

He uses Tweetdeck. Over on /cow/ we had somebody look at what devices Peter and Ashleigh are using to post certain tweets and we found that Peter uses Tweetdeck.

To give you an idea of the sockpuppeting potential, Tweetdeck allows you to be logged in to nine different accounts simultaneously.

No. 87376

File: 1429783563128.jpg (341 KB, 1168x959, tumblr_mzkskmGs1s1r5ygdco1_128…)

NOTHING about those clevage creases are natural NOTHING. Learn how 2 boob Peter you virgin.

Also, Photoshop on the right arm much? Gotta make them fake wife tittays huge right.

No. 87377

Lol omg that arm looks like a wet, bendy noodle

No. 87378

Btw I think her hair is just a really expensive wig. I wasn't sure at first, but now it's pretty clear. Her headaches are probably from wearing a wig 24/7 lol

No. 87385

Reminder that peter runs all of her social media accounts. He is just trying to pin the kimi saga on his mentally retarded and emotionally damaged 'wife'.

No. 87387

You think? It looks like it has roots and doesn't settle like a wig. Maybe half wig?

IDK my hair is as long as hers and pretty healthy (due to lots of care) so it's not unreasonable. I just think her tits are faked and her face shooped

No. 87389

Her hair looks kinda shitty on the right, like she has many split ends. Also, roots showing.

No. 87406


lol what a total Photoshop fail

No. 87415

Wonder if he's including Xiaxue in that.

When it's not photoshop she's stuffing like crazy. Yeah breasts can be that large on that type of frame, but it's pretty obvious her's are fake.

No. 87428

This picture is literally LOOK AT MY BOOBS LOOK AT THEM and oh VAGUE nerd references teehee! I love SW!

I mean, if she wanted to show off a new shirt she would have just photo'd it on her bed. But the fact she squeezed her fake stuffed boobs into it and then took an off to the side photo to really show off her tits is so telling.

RFuck you Ashleigh. You are the epitome of trying too hard and fake.

No. 87600

>Seriously, who the fuck takes a picture like this after giving birth to a premature baby??
Millenials, that's who.

No. 87601

When you have your Photo Face down to a T, you can just do it whenever. It's no big deal, it's normal.

No. 87602

Her body is so fucking awkward or maybe i'm not used to skinny chicks?

No. 87604

Anyone know Ashleigh's maiden name?

No. 87619

No. 87623

this is so supsicious

basically whenever pete is online ashley isnt and vice versa

basically proof theyre the same person unless they share a pc or something

No. 87659

possibly extentions? wearing those 24/7 can cause headaches too

No. 87715

ok but i'm sure they have cellphones right? so you can remove that pc crap

No. 87762

He's so full of shit. It would be one thing if he genuinely believed this stuff but he's just spewing this for whatever pathetic amount of appeal he can grasp for.

No. 87793

File: 1429845761851.png (687.05 KB, 861x797, pete.png)

this fake chillness he tweeted sounds just like this comment he made in reply to someone on youtube, then turned around and exploded as Kimi.

No. 87826

File: 1429853109716.png (230.78 KB, 688x322, 16inchboobchan.png)

A cup here. Busty girls, is this even true? Probably just more misconceptions from Petey.

No. 87829

Even with stretchy shirts, if her tits are as big as she says she will STILL need bigger sizes to accommodate for them. Which usually (depends on the brand and style obvs) that the size of the stomach would be baggier, not necessarily always form fitting on her torso like her pictures show.

Conclusion: Bitch just shoops her tits most of the time, therefore looks like her shirts fit perfectly around her torso.

No. 87832

File: 1429854254942.png (81.08 KB, 597x601, petah.png)

Peter constantly posting on twitter the entire day as well.

this might sound ridiculous but i can't stop thinking of the american grudge and the way the japanese chick say "petah" lol /ot

No. 87833

File: 1429854447181.png (996.82 KB, 1339x643, harrisonfordisdisappoint.png)

that's what i thought tbh. can't ignore that noodle arm up there.

still waiting for ashleigh to mention Battlefront3

No. 87834

File: 1429854547145.png (773.42 KB, 1329x591, petah2.png)

yes you are, peter.

No. 87837

File: 1429854900999.png (265.86 KB, 1180x828, Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.2…)

visiting from 8ch. Hi. Twitter people, help spread this.

Hear me out.
Since Peter is kinda on the outs with transfolk and is identifying as a supporter of feminism, I think we should give him a helping hand. It will be cathartic for him and it's a time to heal.
He posted this video and I think we should share it.
He righteously prefaces the video with, "Domestic violence is wrong. This video brings it up and makes you mad. Maybe even mad enough to do something about it." kek
So when you drop down the menu below the peter's self-righteousness, you would expect to see some websites and info regarding domestic abuse and where abused people could get help, right? Perhaps even a place to donate to victims of domestic abuse.
Nope. None of that. Follow FB, twitter, buy his shit from iTunes, merch like really cool coffin head shirts, iPhone apps and even droid apps. If we didn't know better, you would think he was trying to profit off of this, no?
It's one of his most viewed vids. That's one of the reasons he keeps it up. Let's let everyone know that it was not Peter's intention to profit off of this.

Pic from 2008. Now he claims he can't believe that people call his character into question regarding the video.

No. 87839


Xiaxue has a loving family life, their baby is cute, and she and her husband keep a cosy home without begging for handouts or being sketchy as fuck.

Everything Peter says to her was so fucking mysoginistic and not SJW at all, it's hilarious.

No. 87840

>padded boobs and photoshopped face and surgery

All the things Peter was against when it came to Xiaxue!

No. 87841

She's not skinny if you've seen the pics that aren't edited. She's average murican sized but shoops certain parts rail thin.

No. 87842

>Conclusion: Bitch just shoops her tits most of the time, therefore looks like her shirts fit perfectly around her torso.

Her 'geek' dresses too, they don't come in those shapes (huge top, tiny bottom) because she shoops both top and bottom.

No. 87854

It's been mentioned already, but a stretchy shirt is not going to fit her waist perfectly, she's actually going to have some space to spare below her chest [something I often complain about because I feel like it makes me look massive when it's just my chest making this empty space], not to mention that if it's a graphic shirt, the design will get distorted on her chest area.

Besides photoshopping, she's probably clipping the shirts from behind so it looks like a perfect fit.

No. 87882

I reckon he sees it as his best hope of appearing to be a normal human being to the rest of the world.

First, he makes a clown of himself kicking himself in the balls on TV.
Then, he makes a fucking super sperglord autism 9000 pondscum loser clown of himself by being exposed as having been so desperately undesirable that he constructed an elaborate fake relationship over social media.

So then, he's the most worthless and undesirable person on the planet. A complete untouchable. Would you date that guy? Would you want to be friends with him? Would you even want to associate with him in the slightest?

A girl comes along and not only shows an interest in him, but an interest enough that she wants to have a kid with him. For him, it's a complete miracle, and gives him some place in society other than being the lowest of the low. He's no longer a social outcast, but a guy with someone who cares for him, and a family. He's now just a regular guy. He's desperate to hold onto this, as it's his only way to rejoin the normal world. She wants money? She's got it. Whatever it takes, whatever he has to sacrifice, he'll give it up, because he doesn't want to be the outcast loser any more, and in his eyes, having a loving wife and kid means he isn't one.

If he just wanted to rail a girl with big boobs, a hooker would be cheaper and easier.
It's so much more than that, and so much worse.

No. 87918

File: 1429881617926.jpg (38.96 KB, 540x400, Star-Wars-The-Old-Republic-Sit…)

Original shirt. Look how stretched the design is to the sides.

No. 87920

Her dental work is not coming along nicely, is it? She can barely open her mouth.

No. 87921

File: 1429882691015.jpg (7.13 KB, 500x207, 1610889_462720733882107_193952…)

"dental work"

No. 87922

File: 1429883399971.jpg (86.08 KB, 600x450, equinedentistry.jpg)

Why not

No. 87923

File: 1429883860574.jpg (201.84 KB, 960x982, tumblr_niuvgn6ia51r5ygdco1_128…)

Forgive me if I'm getting too weird, but this photo is bugging me (aside from the ridiculous body shape). You can see the imprint from the shorts she's wearing, and they go to just under the curve of her belly. How could she wear shorts right there? Wouldn't they constantly be slipping down? Gaaah.

No. 87924

one would assume they're maternity shorts which I think have gummy and elastic, but I'm not sure .it is pretty weird.

No. 87927

compare the outline of her stomach to the outline of her back or fingers

it's blurry in comparison huh

No. 87929

oh damn you're right. It almost looks like there's a texture filter over just the outline. How bizarre.

No. 87968

There's a big gap in measurements between my waist and bust. And no matter how thin I have been, I have almost always had to wear a large even if I was otherwise a small. Sometimes I could wear a medium. A small would compress my boobs unless the fabric is paper thin, in which case the shirt would be see through from stretching too far. I usually end up tying it in the back to fit around the waist like it looks like on Ashleigh, then throw a hoodie or cardigan over it to hide the knot or tuck my shirts in. So, long story short, no, that's not accurate.

If she's not shooping she's at least making some alterations. The only thing that bothers me about that is that she's blatantly acting like she's an exception to this common problem when she has to know what the asker is talking about and this isn't something fixed with stretchy clothes lol. That's like big boob problem #2 when it comes to clothes (behind button down shirts).

No. 88013

I completely agree with you anon!

No. 88065

>she and her husband keep a cosy home without begging for handouts

kek Do you even follow Xiaxue? Her entire existance is sponsored. She even got her mom to beg on her behalf a few times.

No. 88099

lol right? XX's plastic surgery was paid for her too, she just didn't do it via crowdsourcing

No. 88105

if you're sitting down a lot I think it isn't uncommon to pull your pants up there because it gets pretty uncomfortable to put it below a belly bulge. also wearing something that cuts into under your tum can help accentuate muffin tops

No. 88107

For real, my bust-waist ratio could not even be called "big," maybe on the larger side of average at most, and even I have this issue regardless of stretchiness. "Ashleigh" aka Peter is full of shit lol

No. 88171

Xiaxue should have her own thread. The only real difference between her and Peter is she's honest about being a narcissistic bitch.

No. 88173

I'm really surprised she doesn't have a thread, tbh. She's a fucking cunt and one of the worst internet celebrities out there.

No. 88218

If I remember right she already had one.
Surprisingly most people liked her cause she is a honest bitch

No. 88234

I can see that; she's a piece of shit but she's an honest one. Too bad her blog went to hell and is nothing but attacks, sponsored posts, and that creepy kid.

No. 88272

I agree, she didn't beg the internet for her surgery like Ashleigh/Peter did.

No. 88276

I also love how the askers seem to be herself fishing for compliments to herself.

No. 88287

The thread was just filled with a bunch of retards complain about her plastic surgery. You can find it in the catalog. Really, though, what has she done?

No. 88289


It's not worth having a Xiaxue thread. She's an open cunt, and that's all there is to her. No secret dirt, no exploitable past, and no open holes to insult her with because she's already acknowledged all of them. Nothing new or interesting would come out of it.

No. 88290

No. 88292

He's so unfunny I'm dying.

No. 88309

File: 1429937869177.jpg (183.76 KB, 1000x635, underbiteblog.jpg)

This is what double jaw surgery looks like irl.

No. 88383

File: 1429957287800.jpg (4.1 KB, 157x193, TNGCaption126b_zps3c618bf2.jpg…)

We need a psychology anon to make an analysis on him.
Like in the onision thread.

No. 88387

>emo women

Emo is a middle school phase, I highly doubt that Peter has met any full grown women that are emo. While emo/scene/all those phases are indeed cringeworthy, at the end of the day they're just dumb phases that people grow out of when they graduate middle school.

No. 88511

He has shown that he pretty much always dates girls significantly younger than him. That's all he can get. There are 18 year old emos. But I wouldn't put it past him to date a younger teenager, like 16 or 17.

Good luck getting Ashleigh to post anything remotely close to this without shoop.

No. 88514

My going theory is that Peter, a 30+ year old man, met Ashleigh, a 17 year old retarded girl, and proceeded to manipulate a literal retard into flying cross-country to marry him.

Because she is a retard, isn't she? Painfully clear by that stupid stream.

No. 88517

Lol. And to think, he was trying to compliment himself here by pretending to be girls.

No. 88532

File: 1429997706729.jpg (401.81 KB, 960x1280, 1429997002223-0[1].jpg)

totally normal boob shape

No. 88538

theyve gotta be so saggy

No. 88587

and the right one is lumpy

No. 88600

Is this the doll again? It really doesn't look like horse maw.

No. 88604

Jesus christ why does she always post the same angle twice

Dear god this has to be a troll. This has to be. Nobody is this inept. Take different angles of your face you gorram mongloid jeesh!

No. 88605

File: 1430008320312.png (1.04 MB, 1231x594, 1429996350528-3[1].png)

She literally just posted the same photo on her tumblr, but flipped

No. 88627

"here's my face"


No. 88678

Her boobs are like 3 sizes smaller in these selfies she posting compared to her tumblr icon

No. 88681

They're fucking clown breasts is what they are. Ridiculous mammaries.

No. 88772

And she got a clown face to go with it.

The reason she reposts one pic is because after 9000 hours in photoshop then throwing noise filters to hide the liquify, she needs to get a 2 for 1 deal.

No. 88814

Her Twitter is private now

No. 88817

Really? Lolololo I wonder what Pete is doing with it. Gonna claim harassment pushed Ashleigh off twitter so he sperg on his main 24/7 I bet

No. 88821

Dat timing, right after people posted the list of how the two accounts are not on at the same time.

No. 88842

File: 1430050272220.png (767.66 KB, 701x478, overbite.png)

Doesn't really look like an overbite worth extensive surgery, compared to this random woman.

No. 88844

File: 1430050719181.png (734.59 KB, 627x559, cocks.png)

Going back through Ashleigh's 'me' tag on tumblr is kind of depressing. Goes from a girl who had some kind of personality to just the same headshot mirrored against each other, with mostly the same face/expression/lighting/pose.

Also this post makes me wonder, what changed? She doesn't even try to keep up with the 'so totes nerdy' persona anymore besides with reblogs but that's not hard for anyone to do.

No. 88871

i just love how peter makes her type. she clearly doesn't have this personality in the videos he's posted.

No. 88921

I'm trying to understand this picture.

Like most of Ashleigh's, it's taken with a toaster and has 1000 filters to hide whatever, but this looks like Peter took it?

No. 88924

Okay NOW the shooping is really obvious if looking at how the print is distorted on her. Lol the H.

No. 88928

or webcam

No. 88942


I think that is when she was still in Scotland but not sure.

No. 89224

File: 1430096357309.jpg (62.06 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mkhvmeA1n61r5ygdco1_500…)

No. 89233

File: 1430097303480.jpg (23 KB, 407x500, $_12.JPG)

Now I'm not sure what's going on with this one (too much shoop? stretchy fabric?) but Wreck It Ralph's face is definitely distorted here: http://nihileigh.tumblr.com/post/45627413814/you-cant-have-too-many-wreck-it-ralph-shirts

No. 89234

File: 1430097512016.jpg (25.7 KB, 609x576, sonic-japanese_3.jpg)

No. 89245

Her pictures are taken with an iPhone 4 or 5.
But even the front cam on my iPhone 4 has better quality.
And the reflection in her eyes shows that she is using a ring light.
Now whats the purpose of a ring light if the quality is already so shitty?

No. 89252

The Sonic shirt is Peter's, he wear it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFfCKcc_sqo

No. 89279

I wish someone 10000x funnier than Peter made a video like this.

No. 89280

She sill had tits, even if they're not as big as her shoops and 5 million bras make them seem to be. Also the angle the picture is taken will make his head look bigger.

No. 89348

Iphone 5 is way clearer than that.

I have a feeling the ring light is something peter bought but she can't figure out how to properly use so we get fucked up pics like this lol

No. 89462

So I finally watched the ridiculous video of Peter and Ashleigh and they did attempt to answer some questions that still are floating around on here, so I thought I'd post them:

- The sexy hospital photo was taken at 4 months when she was in the hospital for Braxton Hicks contractions. Not sure how that makes fucking any sense, but okay.

- Ashleigh didn't get braces or jaw surgery in Scotland because her parents didn't care about her and waiting lists are long.

- Ashleigh can't go back to Scotland for jaw surgery b/c she already has an orthodontist here, orthodontists are private and expensive in Scotland, and the baby needs her giant tits and Peter would have to go too for some reason and plane tickets alone would somehow cost up to $6,000, according to Peter.

I think they probably shouldn't have even pretended to answer those questions.

No. 89472

>6k for plane tickets to Scotland

Lol no. As someone who flies twice yearly between LA and the UK it's no where near that much.

>long waiting times for the nhs

Lies. If she's as in much pain as she says, then she'd get priority. My wisdom teeth surgery was free and rushed because of how bad my impacted decay was (due to not being able to brush in between the teeth in the back)

>my parents dont care wah

Her parents don't have to get involved. She could have made an app with an nhs ortho at any time.

All these lies. They really are a piece of work. Also that super gross hospital pic was posted eight after she gave birth and along with a bunch of machine pics. Way to back peddle

No. 89552

You are NOT suppose to have such bad braxton hicks, to the point that you need to go to the hospital at 4 months. This is a warning for miscarriage. I can't imagine a pregnant woman in that situation having the mood for sexy hospital selfies.

And I just googled a round trip from Utah to Scotland's capital for 2 adults and 1 infant, and it costs around $2,400.

No. 89635


$2400 for both is for economy though. I bet for some reason Peter would prefer to fly business or first class. I dunno. Are you even allowed to bring a baby into business class? Because you shouldn't be.

It cost me around $1200 to fly to Edinburgh from the US during summer (which is generally peak travel season), and about $1000 to do it over xmas. It can probably be done for less during offpeak times.

No. 89648

If it was posted after she had her baby, then why doesn't she look pregnant? It takes some time for the belly to go down after delivering.

No. 89649

File: 1430172067209.jpg (87.75 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n0cgf7Rqjq1r5ygdco1_500…)

Have you seen her so-called pregnancy pics?

No. 89655

File: 1430172293595.jpg (96.77 KB, 432x277, 18.jpg)

Ashleigh vs a normal woman at 18 weeks.

No. 89658

obviously, her uterus actually in her chest, duh guys

No. 89660

File: 1430172694760.jpg (1002.29 KB, 1280x2205, 1422306764471.jpg)

They've already been posted, read the thread.

Btw here's anon's (possibly falsified) PI report, for anyone who didn't see the thread on /cow/.

No. 89662

Whatever she did to these photos, she should stop. Her waist and hips are the size of her neck.

No. 89673

Too lazy to look for it. It's easier to just upload it again for >89648 anon's benefit.

No. 89674

Has this been debunked at all? I just learned about the coffin thing through this thread, so I'm surprised this is just now being posted

No. 89675

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that someone on /b/ admitted to trying to troll /cow/ so I've just been accepting it as false for now. PI anon never came back after he made the report. Even without it there's a lot of strange inconsistencies. I think /cow/ is on thread gadrillion by now.

No. 89687

That makes me sad.

I would like to see a rich fuck use an actual PI, otherwise I don't think we'll ever figure this shit out.

No. 89691


I've lived in both the US and the UK, and everything about "Ashleigh" seems American. She talks like an American in videos. Her room from "before" Peter looks like it's in an American house, she uses American spelling, etc.
Because she's not Scottish.
Because dolls don't have nationalities.

No. 89694

File: 1430175609882.png (209.98 KB, 1180x1114, ashleighslasttweets.png)

We never heard back from PI anon, so this remains as just another theory.

By the way, idk if anyone ever saw Ashley's final tweets before Petey pulled the plug on her tweeter.

No. 89696

Well get a fucking personality and maybe people will think you're more than just some silicon tits for Peter's pleasure.

No. 89699


I'm surprised if she's so Scottish that she didn't talk about the referendum this past September. IIRC she could've still voted even while living abroad, and that's something that would've affected "her" country tremendously had it gone through.

I smell fish. But not haddock.

No. 89703

File: 1430176231736.png (72.07 KB, 525x519, extremeleftistchanners.png)

Forgive me, I guess her twitter is public now. Also checking out her recent tumblr posts has me rolling on the floor laughing, she is really just Peter's sockpuppet agenda.

No. 89704

File: 1430176305662.png (322.04 KB, 1244x748, thankskimiko.png)

Another reminder of Coffin's first fake girlfriend.

No. 89705

File: 1430176354461.png (2.53 MB, 699x1257, tweets1.png)

Some nice infographics from /cow/.

No. 89708

File: 1430176385408.png (2.59 MB, 696x1293, tweets2.png)

No. 89709

They aren't. At most, they're a B. They look like A cups, actually.

No. 90754

maybe she was fat as hell and lose weight. that'll explain her anorexic-like pregnancy, saggy boobs and obsession with taking vanity pics, tucking her clothes at the back, shoping pics..

in her stand up pics she makes weird poses for her waist to seem smaller, when she can't use those visual tricks she used photoshop as confirmed before, scammed 16k for cosmetic surgery…

she is so troubled, poor thing, that could be the reason behind her crappy personality, she is so obssesed with her appearance that she got stuck in retard mode.

also, her boobs could've been DD's in the past, they got smaller due to starving herself, that should botter her a lot since her whole life turns around her "gigantic tits"

No. 90779

In her early tumblr posts she does talk about weight loss and has said she was fat as a kid and how she was bullied for it.

No. 93745

File: 1430791247088.png (535.95 KB, 531x598, 1430790924947-0[1].png)

more sameface pics just uploaded to tumblr.

No. 93774

How old is Ashleigh?

No. 93775

Her tits are so weird.

No. 93781

her cleavage is shooped as fuck.

No. 93782

She's supposed to be 22
Yeah. It's weird how she doesn't push them up to be perfectly spherical like she did in her old photos. They're looking super saggy and deflated now.

No. 93795

is this the same mouth photoshopped in the 3 first pics? well the entire head seems to pop up from every pic, like it was added on another body. The hand is weid as hell too. I'm calling doll with shooped frankenstein head on.

No. 93797

I want to add that there's no shadow under her chin, on the neck. It should be with such strong light on the face, if she's using pro equip like the last photos.

No. 93803

Peter is probably using his brother's high end camera equipment/lighting that he's posted about. Also they lighting is definitely coming from below (check out the huge glare under her tits) which would explain the lack of chin shadow.

No. 93806

Thanks, so I found that Peter's birthday is July 20, 1984, and Ashleigh's is July 16, 1992. Making Peter 30 and Ashleigh 22. 8 year difference

No. 93807

additionally, Ashleigh is almost certainly very highly autistic or has some sort of mental retardation.

Peter's a gross predator.

No. 93811

Has Ashleigh ever explained what she sees in him? Peter is fugly, both face and body. And literally everything him "on the inside" is too. His reputation and history is mortifying, and his humor and personality is bland at best. It's not surprising that he had to make up that Kimi charade for 18 months, I can't imagine any girl having interest in him.

Ashleigh, being young, pretty and having gamer girl nerd interests could have probably scored any guy she would choose to pursue. She'd probably have an 80% chance of getting him. Why oh why settle for Peter?

No. 93814

Assuming she's actually his wife and not just pretending of course.

We'll never know because the only tumblr asks she answers are the ones written by her saying how hot she is.

No. 93828

File: 1430800191081.jpg (159.39 KB, 290x290, am-jessroger-rabbit.jpg)

I'm trying to think of an instance where a hot woman is married to an ugly guy, but with a good reason behind it (not being money). And all I can think about is Roger Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit loves him so much because he's funny and makes her laugh.

Peter isn't funny. Definitely not enough to compensate for his ugly.

No. 93833

I have a suspicion the plastic surgery was for both their gain. Ashleigh didn't want her horsemaw anymore. & Peter probably thinks he looks 'less like a loser' by trying to improve ashleigh's face to go with her faux titties.

No. 93845

File: 1430804553092.png (123.12 KB, 1182x432, da.png)

That first sentence screams chauvinist

No. 93852

I think if my husband said something like this on Twitter I'd be legit pissed.

But then again I don't hate myself to the point I need the internet's attention

No. 94015

"I need to dye my hair because my roots are out of control, but I don’t know whether to go with a mahogany red color or a less intense reddish brown color.

also it takes like 4 or more boxes of hair dye to cover my hair, the mermaid hair lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. "

Maybe we'll be seeing a new color soon.

No. 94074

who cares?

she's vain as fuck, and what has she accomplished besides nothing? she should be taking care of her deformed child instead of admiring herself all day and making a poll about her new hair color.

No. 94087

So she can't afford to get jaw surgery but she can afford hair dye?

No. 94112

She dyes her own hair, which is dirt cheap compared to getting it done by someone pro.

No. 94114

>boobs boobs boobs

Both Peter and his sockpuppet wife accounts say the same shit since Kimi days.

No. 94119

Still, hair dye is a luxury. She shouldn't be spending her money on something she doesn't need while letting a bunch of strangers on the internet pay for her "necessary surgery"

No. 94130

i hate her too but you're really nitpicking.

No. 94132

It just really pissed me off that she spends her money on frivolous shit and then turn around and cry that she has no money/insurance for surgery.

No. 94162

The amount they spend on video games, movie making shit, "nerdy" clothes and bra cutlets far surpasses a box or two of hair dye.

No. 94203

Nitpicking, but she said four or more boxes of dye. That's actually a pretty big cost (depending on the brand she's getting) that, plus all the other things you listed could be used for their baby, or if this is "luxury expenses" could have been put aside to pay for the surgery on their own, or even just a portion of it. Instead of crowdfunding the entire amount.

No. 94208

Do you know how poor people spend? They don't save tons of money for big purchases.

They instantly spend whatever little money they get their hands on and continually stay in debt. Hair dye and videogames are small compared to a vanity surgery which they can't finance a loan for on their own, much less save for.

No. 94243

Ignoring that shitty comment about poor people, but I can imagine that's how Petey's mind works with money.

Also dis bitch is dumb as shit to use boxes of hair color when she can go to Sally's (or order online) and get actual salon products for 1/2 the price of box dye. It's not that expensive to get a 12oz bottle of 10vol developer (4 bucks) and like three or four 2oz tubes of hair color (25-30 bucks.) would probably save her money in the long run an it's also a lot better for your hair. But she could also be a dumbass who doesn't understand how hair care works at all.

shes also a doll so she doesn't need to color her hair. also Peter doesn't know how hair works so in the end I am not surprised.

When is Harrison's birthday party, btw? Do they still have him locked up in a closet while Peter lubes up his realdoll?

No. 94365

File: 1430908907078.jpg (246.94 KB, 598x1387, image.jpg)

A few new pics from /cow/:

Peter spergs out and creates his own batman narrative.

No. 94366

File: 1430909616572.jpg (59.65 KB, 657x258, image.jpg)

Anon asked Ashleigh about being able to afford hair color on tumble. Peteleigh blew up.

No. 94367

File: 1430909646937.jpg (41.87 KB, 646x181, image.jpg)

No. 94368

File: 1430909730420.jpg (175.19 KB, 669x689, image.jpg)

But wait, there's more!

No. 94369

File: 1430909774799.jpg (125.47 KB, 969x365, image.jpg)

Be careful guiz!

No. 94370

File: 1430909883654.jpg (101.26 KB, 1182x432, image.jpg)

Peter & misogyny(sp?)

No. 94371

File: 1430909956391.jpg (444.74 KB, 1950x1280, image.jpg)

Just a reminder that this fuck sold his dignity for a 16k cosmetic surgery.

No. 94372

File: 1430910041690.jpg (239.54 KB, 826x1340, image.jpg)

Finally, the latest development, an OKcupid profile with Ashleigh's pics, which was last logged into around October 2014.

Sorry for any reposts.

No. 94425

Probably a fake tbh.

What is this Marie reference that both her and Peter used? He says that name here >>94365 as well.

Holy Shit, FIVE ASKS BECAUSE SOMEONE REBLOGGED HER AND SAID SOMETHING TO HER? What a lunatic. The fact you have to defend yourself so hard about this proves something is up. Also can someone from Scotland prove that dental work was not free about 10~ years ago?

No. 94435

Not from Scotland but the NHS covers the whole of Britain regardless. Going back 10 years - yes, she was eligible for free treatment as she would have been under 18, she's only 22 now apparently.

No. 94436


What I don't understand is if she could get the surgery NHS funded, why the fuck did she move to America, knowing that she won't get it for free over there? And if she had to pay for it, her family and herself would have money saved up, seeing as she's needed it since she was 13.


Porridge-wog here, no fucking idea. I did find this, but it's from 2011:

>Will I have to pay for NHS treatment?

>It depends. Many adults over the age of 18 have to pay. In Scotland, NHS charges are set by the Scottish Government.

>If you have to pay, you can ask your dentist how much it will cost before your treatment begins.

I'm sure someone less lazy than me can find it from google. Peter wouldn't exactly have to live here to be able to google the costs of dental work in Scotland in like 2003 or so, so I'm not saying it proves jack shit.

I feel like even if she'd be given relatively reasonable payment options rather than "give us money or you're going to have to be in pain for the rest of your life".

Like really, if it was as serious as she claims, she would be given plenty of options other than having to wait 10 years and e-beg for the money.

No. 94442

Just sort of confirms the idea that the surgery was purely cosmetic and didn't have anything to do with her health.

No. 94443

What exactly IS wrong with her jaw anyway? She doesn't look like she's got overbite or underbite, looks like she's an average chick with braces.

I got free mouth surgery and braces on the NHS 20 years ago. They'll put you on a waiting list depending on the severity of your condition and if it's anything debilitating, you're one of the ones at the top of it.

If she said that by the time she was able to get off the list; she wasn't allowed free treatment? It couldn't of been that serious then.

No. 94704


She sounds so much like Peter.

Am I imagining this? B/c everything she posts is about him too.

Also, in chronic pain my ass. Nobody puts up with it that long and is able to lead a regular life - get pregger and have babies no less.

No. 94750

File: 1430968865116.jpg (418.42 KB, 1709x596, da.jpg)

ashleigh claims she's related to this celebrity

No. 94751

>hair dye is a luxury
wuh? even trailer park grandmas dye their hair anon

No. 94752

She wishes she could afford the surgery.

Yeah that anon made no sense and kept pressing it.

No. 94792

The fact of the matter is, hair dye IS a luxury. Even if everyone does it, even if the poorest of the poor does it, it's not necessary for basic survival, therefore a luxury.

She must be mad jelly that she grew up in poor ass Aberdeen and is married to Peter with an ugly baby and her cousin is some famous model.

Also, anyone who starts a conversation by saying they're related to x famous person is trash and should be avoided.

No. 94795

A luxury is something that is not a necessity. Poor people can afford less luxuries than the well-off. They can afford luxuries but it's not wise for them to buy too many of them.

No. 94798

Holy shit. I've been away from the farm for 6 months and Peter/Ashleigh bullshit is still here. I was hoping to find out all the answers by now.

While super sketch, I think that PI-anon is probably correct. Things just match up (not in the Kimi/Ashleigh - jaw surgery way) but:
>Peter having no real job
>yet still living in a house
>the doll only being photographed at certain times of days (you never see the doll at night)
>never seeing TN; if it was Peter or Ashleigh's kid you would see posts all over the damn place about it. What new mom doesn't love kid pictures- what grannie doesn't love grandchildren?
>or only seeing TN with the doll
>horsemaw-Ashleigh having so little connection with Peter in all the YT vids; if she really was just a neighbor/sharing the house with Peter, then she would have no reason to be so close to him.

There are inconsistencies though:
>horsemaw getting some type of surgery…maybe. There isn't enough pictures and things to show the proof of anything yet.
>horsemaw even wanting to participate in Peter's videos
>what the hell happened to the 20k

I could be completely off though. I honestly don't know. Peter is obviously reusing the jaw surgery story from Kimi again- only this time he's banking money from it.

No. 94830

No, anon. Grab a dictionary. You're badly misusing the word luxury. What is not a basic necessity is just an inessential. There's a big difference between something inessential, like for example, shampoo. And a luxury, like a $3,000 computer. Literally nothing you own minus your protective clothing, food, and roof is needed for "basic survival", so you might as well chitter at anyone who's ever asked for donations online, since they're obviously paying their internet bill, which is a luxury.

Seriously though, with all this nonsense you've been going on about, you sound like someone who's below the poverty line and can't round up $4 without sacrificing your lunch money.

No. 94836

I was over at /cow and someone claiming to be PI anon said he made it up just to fuck with Peter.

No. 94837

yeah someone claiming to be PIanon on /b/ also said they made it all up.

Considering that he never submitted any proof or followed up on anything, I'm inclined to believe PIanon was just a troll.

No. 94840

How did these people not find begging for money embarrassing as hell?

I'm an actual disabled person in UK. I can't walk well and my arms are weak, so I needed a power chair. unfortunatelyThe nhs is so tight for cash at the moment the waiting list is beyond 3 years unless you have ms or mnd or something. I had to pay for my own and it took me months to be able to get this thing do I could literally go outside. Someone said I should do a go fund me thing while I was saving and the idea was do shameful to me. Literally the thought of begging strangers is so humiliating and these people seem proud.

Unless your like going through cancer or your house burnt down going on one of those sites for something you could get for free is just urgh

Also I know literally everything about the nhs as someone crippled living in the UK

Dentistry is free for those under 16 regardless, free for those in full time education under 18 and free to those out of work. When you do have to pay the maximum price is I believe 300 when done through and nhs dentist. They're are the categories, the first bring £16 covering all basic dentistry like cleaning and those routine things. The second I think is £50 for things like fillings and so forth and the final being 300 max for things like crown fittings and more luxury. Dentists can not be nhs of they don't change the flat Band prices.

I have tmj, I was offered surgery off the bat by my rheumatologist to be referred to the correct people. I turned then down because a wonky jaw is the least of my issues but it is literally that simple of asking your gp to send you to a specialist and if surgery is the only thing to help you you'll be offered it and given a date within the nhs guide line waiting period.

Tldr I know nhs stuff because there's actually something wrong with me.

No. 94843

>How did these people not find begging for money embarrassing as hell?
Peter's 15 minutes of fame came from LITERALLY kicking himself in the nuts on national television in front of Steve Harvey. He has no self respect or dignity.

No. 94851


>4 photos of sameface

I swear this bitch posts this just to piss me off. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR SAMEFACE GDI

No. 94853

She's a page 3 model and she's pretty adorable actually. Her twitter is nothing but pics of her sons being cute. Ashleigh seems mad jelly of her tbh. Because she's gorgeous and has cute kids.

No. 94854



That has Peter written all over it. He spergs at the slightest thing

No. 94859

It must be sad for her having her cousin get paid for showing titties and she does it for free. The jelly is strong

No. 94860

If I had twitter I'd do it but why doesn't anyone just message her cousin about her?

No. 94876


>poor ass Aberdeen

wow triggered
I agree with what you're saying though. Peter has a vendetta against everyone who isn't a ~nerd grrrrrl XDDD~ and he probably faps to Nicola McLean but also wants to dislike her for being ~impure~


It'd be great if she outed Peter for having a fake wife a la Xiaxue

No. 95142

I actually kinda believe that OKcupid account may be real…. the description sounds exactly like a personality that matches webcam Ashleigh's interests.

No. 95143

Could also be someone trying to catfish people using Ashleigh's pics and "personality" (if you can call it that)

No. 95156

yeah, though they'd have to have been a close follower of hers. I've tried googling Ashleigh Burt and nihileigh (even looked for profiles on myspace), and I can't find anything about her that dates back from before Peter came in. I'd at least like to see pictures of her or something from when Peter was still preoccupied with Kimi.

Xiaxue outed the Kimi shit on March 2011, and Ashleigh's tumblr was made in October 2011. Still not far back enough.. I guess you could say I'm searching for an alibi lol, like "where were you and what were you doing on the night of this and that"

No. 95168

yeah it is pretty odd that she has no online presence before 2011. I'm the same age as her and even my online footprint goes back to around 2007/2008 or so as far as I can remember.

I don't have any of the screenshots or anything but cow found some weird images on one of Peter's image hosting account(I think it was imageshack or something, I don't remember) that had pictures of Kimi and some blog headers of suspected older accounts of Ashleigh/Kimi's (I think they were called darth ashleigh and sachilous or something)

No. 95262


That anon is projecting their problems onto Ashleigh and it shows a lack of education and judgement. Also, it's someone who doesn't know how cash flow works.

Get some financial help stat so you can afford your stupid hairdye lel

No. 95264

I'm of the camp that Ashleigh is jealous of her, it seems that she has what Ashleigh wants. Not horseface, good hair, big boobs, cute kid and fame.

No. 95266

Someone needs to compile the proof that Ashleigh = Kimi. Everything lines up.

No. 95333

Devil's advocate: There's a good chance that she has either locked old accounts, was a faceless anon (someone mentioned she had wrote about being overweight), or she use to go by a fake name.

That said, what I find weird is that no one knows her. No one has come forward and said "oh yeah that's so-and-so from yadda-yadda". I would expect this from some faceless anon but not someone who needs this kind of attention and validation. You won't convince me she suddenly decided to start posting her breasts everywhere after meeting Peter just months after the Kimi fiasco.

No. 95357

File: 1431052562240.png (1.16 MB, 1251x952, Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.3…)

yeah, one thing that's bothering are these boob webcam pics. They look exactly like the pictures I would see from "fake busters" circa 2004 ~ 2006. Social media camwhores would get their crappy photos stolen and they would be mass produced everywhere by catfish. Sometimes you never found who the real girl ever was or the original source.

idk, I'm not saying this is it, but there's definitely something weird. I'm 100% sure those must be implants, and this girl was taking these kinds of pictures for attention at some point. The photos also look really old, like they really do belong in 2004.

No. 95360

I agree with the photos looking hella old. Very toasterish to hide 2005ish shooping like that one. The blur being on only certain places and heavy contrast doesn't hide anything. Just highlights how much isn't real.

No. 95370

Ashleigh = Kimi = Peter.

No. 96900

I put Ashleigh in a "guess my ethnicity" forum, and everyone thought she was Hispanic.

No. 100572


Also Diana Prince

No. 101044

Current theory is Petey's brother got him a job at Voonami.com.

No. 101139


Its just an abuse of filters like putting Vaseline on the lens for aging stars. The tits are just padded there's lots of tutorials to get similar results for smaller girls.

I like the cousin theory seems spot on jealous Norma nobody desperately wants what her cousin has but as only managed to get a malnourished baby (thanks to her starving herself and being on a cocktail of ssris while pregnant) and a deadbeat husband who begs for a living.

Absolutely pathetic.

No. 104182

File: 1431974116985.png (1.02 MB, 1070x834, 1431963279118[1].png)

New glamour shots. Looks like she almost made an expression on the left!

No. 104189

Maybe it's just wind.

No. 104191

Where did her cow tits go?

No. 104212

If she was smart she'd take this opportunity to claim that since she no longer breast feeds her baby that her breast have shrank, and then quit trying to pretend she wears a G cup.

No. 104269

No way, Peter knows nothing about breast, much less about breasfeeding changing the cup size. But maybe you gave him the idea now.

No. 104318

This lighting she keeps using is not very flattering for her face..

No. 104413

She gets uglier in every picture.
Idk if its her makeup or ugly brows or if she really looked better with horseteeth

No. 104492

Well he did post that gif of giant jiggling boobs and said "pregnancy does not fuck around when it comes to boobs" or some stupid asanine shit like that

No. 104493

my 57 year old mother says shit like this and now all i can think of is this whole fiasco. Thanks Peter you've tainted my mother

No. 129603

File: 1435651876090.png (1.34 MB, 1292x912, 1435632361395-0.png)

Where's Ashleigh's Tits?

No. 129605

yeah, wow. also who the fuck wears shit like this?

No. 129611


Kek she's completely flat

No. 129618

>Kawaii lifestylers
>People who like to keep their feet warm

No. 129621

kigurumi is a step above this i'd say.

No. 129642

it's almost july. why do you need to wear this kind of pajama anywhere in america other than alaska this time of year?

No. 129802

It just seems like photoshop. otherwise, it's the same person.

No. 129804

the baby is a doll. thats so fucking creepy.

No. 129805

Peter forgot to attach them before posing her for the picture

No. 129809

We know she photoshops like crazy but the difference post-surgery is obviously plastic surgery and not for some jaw correction she was claiming.

No. 130024

>ratty looking hair again
>stupid phone that takes pics like it's 2003 with shoop to make herself thin again
>tits gone lel

The other pics where she looks really fug seem to be taken with a diva ring light but Peter doesn't know how to use it. Those donation dollars going to work.

No. 130420

File: 1435801495789.jpg (423.34 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_npb4ghSegM1r5ygdco1_128…)

Can she go a day without stuffing her bra?

No. 130421

wow she looks terrible. she's got a 40 yo mother's body. her face looks so much worse, too. that dress and shoes, holy moly.

No. 130426


Well damn anon. Either i have the lowest standards on the planet or you live with some decent 40 year old moms.

Most I'd givr her is early 30s, I've seen much worse.

No. 130495

well, i live in miami, and basically every mom in my area is a gold digger that spend their days with their personal trainers trying to stay fuckable for their fat wallet daddies, so…

still, her body isn't great. idk why shes flaunting her tits when she has no ass or hips. it looks weird. like a post op transsexual. no shape aside from some big ass titties.

No. 130499


she (or coffin) thinks this is a good look?

No. 130537

if this is recent her jaw surgery totally did not work

No. 130549

They both won't shut up about her boobs so yeah.

No. 130661

what a terrible look.

No. 130784

She's got a super fucked up self image. She doesn't see a weird tranny body with tumor tits, just a body that is always too big and tits that are always too small. And I can guarantee Peter does everything in his power to make her insecurities even worse.

No. 130796


Oh god those shoes please send help I think I am dying of laughter

No. 136794

File: 1436753983059.png (1.33 MB, 622x1526, Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.2…)


cow, please assess these three pictures and tell me what's missing.

No. 136795

Why do her boobs look like a pair flesh-colored balls on her chest? Like why are there shadows and light at the top of each boob when they're supposed to be PART of her torso?

No. 136797

Good observations. Including the obviously lumpy stuffing in the center set of pics.

What's missing here though? Hint hint, 3rd set of pics.

No. 136801

Fuck me, but I don't see it.

No. 136802

No. 136803

Fuck, I didn't even see that. Her boobs just magically shrunk in that onesie

No. 136804

Dat shit is incredible. All this SJW blabber about loving oneself from Peter and her.

No. 136807


I just wanna know why she started tightlining her bottom lid, it makes her look ancient and she looked much better beforehand..

also she's clearly photoshopping her tits as well as stuffing them, is it even physically possible for the top of your cleavage to split like that?

No. 138537

File: 1437078803017.png (209.6 KB, 687x307, happybday.png)

Hey guys! It's Ashleigh's birthday today.

On a side note, this is the first time I've heard of her having a Skype account.

No. 138607

I remember her Skype being mentioned on /cow/. One of the anons were doing something technical which I don't understand where they were trying to figure out if it was Coffin logging in to the account that was supposedly hers.

Sorry I'm a technoretard and can't explain it, but her having Skype's been mentioned on one of the millions of realdoll threads over on /cow/

Note US spelling of parlor, conspiracy theorists.

No. 138740

>murican spellings all the time

I have a feeling she's just not all that educated and spells things the way she sees on the internet (by americans).

No. 138775

she looks way more like horsemaw on the right

No. 138901

Or it's Peter puppetering the account.

No. 143317

File: 1437693687893.png (2.07 MB, 1006x1612, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 7.25…)

The illusion Peter has created is cracking. Ladies, give this a gander and let me know if you pick up on anything odd that I might have overlooked.

>Still has not learned how to make facial expressions.

No. 143324

Is she shooping her head smaller? Compared to >>104182 or >>136794 her head looks ridiculously tiny now. or is it the angle?

No. 143326

Can't tell. Any PS experts in da house?

No. 143330



I haven't been following Peter Coffin lately, is this supposed to be sarcasm or something or does Peter just have no idea how lipstick works?

No. 143333

He/She is alluding to the recent "jaw surgery". The point is to bring it back to the idea that her change in appearance was due to it.

No. 143336

Fixing horsemaw repositioned her jaw and thus her lips are going to be different.

No. 143358

It could be that she's stuffing her bra more than usual so her head looks smaller my comparison?

No. 143361


Yeah but
I know I'm not exactly focusing on the important issues here but
How do you manage to screw up lipstick?

No. 143367

It's extremely difficult to mess up lipstick. But Peter doesn't know that which is why he wrote that.

No. 143374

Her skype account is darthashleigh
Peter's is I think petermcoffin

No. 143489

Why would jaw surgery affect your lip shape?

No. 143746

Move your jaw forward. It makes your lower lip overlap your top lip. Move your jaw inward. Your upper lip overlaps your top. It doesn't technically change your "lip shape" but it changes the positioning and appearance of your lips.

No. 143769

It looks like she has an underbite in the last pic.

No. 143899

I don't see why she would need to relearn anything then. Also, has anyone ever had problems putting on lipstick other than when motor function wasn't fully developed?

No. 143910


I subscribe to the "Peter is a retard and doesn't know anything about makeup" theory

No. 151085

So I realize that Ashleigh isn't as popular a cow any more but I do like to check her tumblr every once in a while. Does anyone know why it's suddenly been "moved"? It was active as of yesterday. http://nihileigh.tumblr.com/

No. 151252

File: 1438712186195.jpg (298.05 KB, 960x1280, 1438709013146.jpg)

Her husband is still a pretty popular cow (there's always an ongoing thread on him over at fullchan) but Assleigh hasn't posted much lately.
Her blog was just renamed to http://holocrons.tumblr.com/ but I'm not sure why. She has anon asks on though, you could ask her.
Pic related, its her new profile pic. That shooped cleavage tho

No. 151260

Wtf that weird ass boob crease…

No. 151266


she looks like she's a landwhale who squuezed her tits into a tiny bra here. That cleavage looks odd as fuck