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File: 1443225362707.png (147.17 KB, 234x452, pd.png)

No. 185580

Old thread >>182101

(All of PD's posts in >>182101 have been marked in pink. That thread is locked and this thread has been manually set to "auto-sage" mode to starve her of attention.)

>This thread, and all other threads related to "Princess Doll" (PD), were created by PD herself. A significant number of the posts in this thread were also made by her.

>PD is not banned, but is now disallowed from posting anonymously on any board. Any future posts from her must clearly state that they are from her, with a tripcode or otherwise.

No. 185600

patiently waiting for her posts in the last thread to be marked

No. 185605

File: 1443232268263.jpg (96.9 KB, 640x641, sosad.jpg)

Oh, lucky you

No. 185606

>i know that feel

No. 185631

I know! I feel like I'm waiting for exam results. Of course I expect an F as usual.

No. 185694

so the thing I didn't get about the last thread …

People kept saying, "I understand having fantasy of being a princess from a far off land, I mean I have stuff like that in my head, but being public about it?"

Are people for real? Like people run around with this fanciful mindset of being princesses and idols and far all around the world? I Larp and play D&D and I don't even have fantasies like that.

No. 185695


i think some of these anons don't have irl friends, so they make up magical worlds to keep them happy.

No. 185696

I did have something like that…when I was 10

No. 185700


No fucking clue, actually. I thought it'd be best to just ignore it to save derailing the thread with a ton of stupid infighting, but now that Kenzie is confirmed boring loser, do any anons who have fantasies like PDs want to explain?


Yeah, I think I was like that when I was a kid, but for 16+ anons to be thinking that shit up is pretty weird

No. 185702

haha, yeah, i raised my eyebrows at that as well. i use my creative efforts to write or draw, not live in a fantasy world.

No. 185711

PD if you're still here, your hair looks brassy and you need to do something with your brows.

No. 185719


maybe for people who can't/don't write or draw or have any other creative outlet to do that stuff

No. 185728


I'm a lolita so I have your run of the mill lifestyle lolita fantasies pretty regularly, but I've never made up my own fucking country.

No. 185730


I can understand wishing you had a cute house and/or tons of money, that seems pretty normal I think, but there's a difference between that and pretending you're the princess of a fake country.

No. 185734

Kenzie your eyeliner is the same colour as your brows and it is really shocking and harsh with your hair, tone it the fuck down.

No. 185736

OT explaination(skip if you dont care):

I have the these kinds of daydreams and I've had them since I was young. Usually they take place in this world though and I imagine having inhuman abilities(super strength, magic, etc), but I do imagine other dimensions or worlds and visiting them. I don't have a ton of friends now and the few I have I only see a few times a month. But back in high school when I saw my friends everyday, had a boyfriend, and afterschool activities, I still had these daydreams. My home life wasnt crazy or anything. Although I did have periods where I was alone most of the day for weeks and didn't leave the house(dad at work, no where to walk, no people my age around). I usually only daydream when Im riding in a car or walking though,not when I'm busy, so it's not maladaptive daydreaming.
I guess I imagine myself as a different person because I would like to be physically stronger and more self-confident, so I imagine myself as that. I do draw though, although not as much as I should. Im still learning about different art techniques, so once I get those down I'll probably start taking stuff Ive daydreamed about and turn it into art.

No. 185764


Who knows, maybe I'm mentally ill.

I was talking to my husband the other day and he says he has the ability to basically turn his brain off and not think. I can't do that. I live with a constant, intrusive stream of thoughts that distract me from everyday life. I want to control where my mind goes. Fantasizing about a specific thing is a good way of doing that.

I used to be an artist and wanted to write children's books. Lately, I'm just not interested in drawing or writing anymore, so I've been playing lots of games. Reading fiction is another distraction that I enjoy. I'm either fantasizing, or immersing myself in someone else's fantasy. It never ends.

Sometimes I do imagine myself as a different person or try to emulate traits that I imagine I would like to have. I just don't take it to levels that would tip other people off and I am aware of social boundaries, so I get away with it. People like PD either don't understand or don't care that what they're doing makes other people uncomfortable.

No. 185765


Dude if you're using your fantasies as a means of escapism because your life is miserable and depressing then you should probably seek help. If it's a hobby of yours then it's not a problem.

Anyway back to PD.

No. 185768


Don't worry about me. I'm okay.

If fantasizing wasn't a problem to other people, we wouldn't be having this discussion in the first place. I was just answering a question.

No. 185774

I want the update about which posts were her's. I am dying to know.

No. 185777

Another daydream anon chiming in. I've been diagnosed with maladaptive daydreaming along with rapid cycling bipolar disorder and PTSD, to set the stage here.
The earliest instances of fantasies I can remember is elementary school. I didn't have many friends, and the friends I did have used me as the one to pick on – mostly concern-trolling like, "Oh anon, your skin just looks so bad :( You should take better care of it." "You should workout more instead of going on the computer, you're so weak :(" Looking back now I know those things were untrue, I was your average 8 year old girl but because I faced the same thing at home, I figured it must be true. I started to have fantasies in both my sleeping and waking life, oftentimes about transforming into a magical girl who was beautiful and powerful, and fighting off some demon invader in front of the whole school. Then everybody would think I was awesome!
The daydreaming often happened whenever and wherever, so I pretty much became even more socially reclusive and just sat around quietly while everyone else talked. At its worst I would even be annoyed by the presence of others trying to talk to me because they were infringing on my fantasy thoughts. This carried on until even now, but I'm a lot better at handling it; my only weak point is when I get extremely emotional, then I tune out pretty quick.
But to go so far as PD and insist these daydreams are reality… I got close, I think, but only because the fantasies were so numerous it was hard to start telling them apart. Either she has something else that's making her believe this, or she knows it's not true.

No. 185780

Same, I'm losing my mind waiting.

No. 185784


You guys, c'mon. Sage that shit.

No. 185817

admin said in 2 days … 3 days ago :c

No. 186005

Ughhh I just want to forget about this girl already but I need answers

No. 186011

Maybe Kenzie has abducted admin so we never know the extent of her samefaggin.

No. 186013


She does claim she's ~yandere~

No. 186016

There you go then. I am a concerned anon.

No. 186024

1. I'm innocent
2. I have dear Ame already. I don't want your admin.

No. 186026

Why don't you piss Admin-sama off and reveal which posts are yours before they do?

No. 186030

That would be rude.

No. 186031

so just business as usual for you then right

No. 186032

File: 1443391617707.gif (986.88 KB, 500x255, 1438904561827.gif)

No. 186034

I don't understand?

No. 186042

No you don't, do you. Poor tragic child :(

No. 186044

Uhh…right, then.

No. 186045

Is 'Luna' a name Kenzie gives herself or is it someone else? Genuine question

No. 186047

My name IS Luna, not a name I gave myself.

No. 186050

Here it goes

No. 186054

If you don't want to deal with it then call me my REAL name. That's all.

No. 186063

Shes back!? AHAHAHHAHHA!

She got so lonely waiting on her twitter and insta for attention and when she lost followers on both she just came crawling back here!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! this is fuckin great.. She's so desperate for attention she can't leave.

No. 186065

File: 1443395695694.png (27.25 KB, 566x93, Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.12…)

She doesn't do anything on her social medias for days, we don't fuckin do anything but really pester admin here and then THIS!? HAHAHA! Don't be mad that no one comments on your shit and you've been losing followers.

We left you alone this entire time. The fact that you KEEP coming back to lolcow shows how desperate you are for attention. Don't like it? Don't be here! No one talks to you outside of this give maybe 2 people who are over you.

No. 186069

1. I've lost no followers, only gained in fact. Sorry to disappoint
2. I don't crave attention. I'm only trying to clear my name and stop you lolcowchans from slandering me. So when I spot incorrect info, I correct it as politely as possible.

No. 186070

i've seen absolutely no gain in followers, perhaps maybe 1 person following you and another unfollowing, equalling it out

No. 186072

I don't wish to sound ah what's the word…um…braggy ? No. Narcissistic; I don't mean to sound narcissistic so please don't take this on that way. But I have in fact gained followers on instagram, with nothing to do with lolcow. Just to correct the previous statements: >>186063 and >>186070

No. 186077

Gurl, you should really stop posting here if you ever want to be taken seriously. That goes for both anonymously hating on yourself and also trying to defend yourself.

No. 186080

Im sorry im such an attention whore guys. I just really want you lolcowchans to like me <3

No. 186085

For the record, this is not me. I do not swear.
I don't anonymously hate myself. But I will try to take your suggestion; however it does bother me to see my name being dragged through dirt

No. 186092

I'm so bored and friendless in my imaginary world;

No. 186093

Omg stop pretending to be me seriously

No. 186096

Use a tripcode. Post said tripcode twitter.

No. 186104

what's a tripcode?

No. 186107

No. 186108

No. 186110

So, Mackenzie, why are you insisting to be called Luna? We know it's not your real name. Do you not think Kenzie is princessy enough?

Show us some actual proof so we can have a laugh or go away. You're being really pitiful right now.

No. 186113

Thank you
My name is Luna. That's really all there is to it.

No. 186114

Nah she's been going down on followers for both at a rate of maybe one a day. especially since the other thread is dead. I mean come on Luna, you can lie about so many things but not something that is plainly observable on your sites.

Slandering you? Bitch where else besides here do we mention you? Please, point it out aside from the 2 people that commented on your shit awhile ago. I mean for gods sake you posted a picture of a box cutter? Just a fucking box cutter with no description just fucking BEGGING that someone would ask you about it. You are the worst case of attention seeking I've ever seen. If you don't crave attention so much why don't you leave the site? I mean after all were all lying about it right? Were just a bunch of no good anons trying to ruin your idoru career right? So then get over it. Gonna play into your fantasy for a bit: If you truly are an idol then understand that people will always talk shit. if you can't handle us pointing out when you lie imagine when your ~famous~

No. 186115

wtf is your deal, pyscho lolcowchan

No. 186116


You're right. I'm an attention seeking loser who needs to get a life.

No. 186118

>Asking simple questions you refuse to answer
yep, I must be a psycho. Sides, thought you didn't cuss. Did you think wtf stood for what the frig?

No. 186119

yes, you're such an attention cow, Luna.

No. 186121

Oh Kenzie. Kenzie Ankrom.

No. 186124


Is her boyfriend even real? This looks like a fucking bot twitter, but it's apparently his.

No. 186125

well he's obviously real, he's been in pictures.

But woah… what's up with his twitter?

No. 186127

jesus christ, that can't be his twitter.
the hell is up with the spam of letters and numbers?
there's only one normal tweet made by him on that account, which is "Hi!"

kinda creeping me tf out

No. 186128

sorry to double post

after looking at the spam/bot-looking posts, they were all posted at the exact same time.
11:41 feb 19 2014

it's gotta be some kind of bot thing, plus his twitter seems to be inactive.

No. 186131

File: 1443403643675.png (473.55 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (305).png)

tfw she says she's princess doll but she's no pixyteri
step down satan

No. 186134

whatever stupid lolcowchan >.< stupid baka hater so jealous and obsessed with me

No. 186138

All of PD's posts in >>182101 are now marked in pink.

No. 186139

Counting before the exposure, her posts constituted about 50.5% of all posts in the thread.

No. 186140

except none of those are mine hahah luv ya admin baka san(USER HAS BEEN RELOCATED TO INVITEAN PASTURE)

No. 186141

I thought princesses aren't supposed to be rude like that. Damn, was I wrong?

No. 186142


jesus fucking christ who has the time for all of this… girl needs some help

No. 186145

No. 186147

I always wondered why the thread was so active with replies considering she's a nobody. She sat around all day talking shit about herself to make herself seem interesting kek

No. 186149

Can admin contact her parents or something? This is really not normal and concerning how much she was posting about herself here. I think she needs help/supervision/something that she's not getting right now and since she's underage, her parents should know about this.

No. 186150

Oh my god she's a crazy little skag somebody put this poor thing out of its misery.

No. 186152

No, I'm not going to contact anyone.

Also, I don't think she "needs help". I think she knows exactly what she was doing.

No. 186153

Hooooooollly shit, like the entire last thread is pink..

No. 186155

File: 1443405764466.jpg (2.85 KB, 256x144, téléchargement.jpg)

jfc this whole thread is so bizarre what the fuck is this girl even trying to do

No. 186157

File: 1443406035854.jpg (7.65 KB, 250x244, ME.jpg)

mfw i remembered that we found her mom's facebook

No. 186160

What the fuck is happening here and what the fuck is this girl doing and why?

No. 186162

File: 1443406532358.gif (9.78 MB, 320x240, 1417315795854.gif)

Christ. I don't think she's mentally ill or anything, I think she's just a really big attention whore, but it's pretty disturbing that she would go that far.

>tfw you got into a keyboard war with kenzie

No. 186163

No. 186164

You know what I really don't get about PD, and about people who make ~2 my haterz~ videos in general?

Script that shit.

Honestly, write down what you want to say and follow it and rehearse it. Christ.

No. 186165

Ot but what is this .gif from?

No. 186166

No. 186170

As frustrating as this is, I can't help think that she wants this. Like ok, she's the "Princess of Ibuprofen" or whatever. Maybe this is her way of being scandalous. Hear me out.

Maybe she's talking shit so she can fulfill what she wants to happen in her story. Like talking shit, and then "getting dethroned" and causing a bunch of mock havoc. Thus receiving a lot of praise for being so calm about it and eventually she'll become queen of cancer. Perhaps that's how she wants things to go, and this is all just a part of her story.

Or maybe I just need to stop staying up late.

No. 186172

i cant believe she came back, lol

No. 186180

Wait, she posted >>182414?
The fuck…

No. 186181

Jeeeeezus effing Christ

No. 186183

I cant believe how much she self posted… Like some were very obvious but what the fuck. Like what kind of crazy do you have to be to make crafts or some shit, and then turn around and trash yourself on anonymous forums? I really wonder if she thinks highly of herself or if she has serious self conscious issues.

No. 186185

Love me some Quantum Leap. I would ride Scott Bakula's dick into the sunset

No. 186186

I wonder if she's been posting in any other threads aside from her own

No. 186191

Daaaaang, thanks for unveiling which were her posts. I feel like I can sleep tonight rofl. I'm >>185006 and I felt like perhaps I was selecting maybe too many. But it seems I was closer to too few, wow!

No. 186193

Yes, she did. I did not mark that by mistake.

She has like 6 posts outside of her own threads. A few of the posts are irrelevant, so I won't link those, but here are some funny ones in Ashley's thread:

>So why are you friends with an other lolcow, "princess doll", on facebook?
>How does it feel being part of the lolherd?

No. 186194

I honestly can't believe her samefagging. Its pretty incredible. She must obviously have some very, very deep-seeded problems to have done this.

Not to say she isn't a self-absorbed, infantile attention whore. She is. But I am a little disturbed by her obsession with herself.

By the way Princess Kenzie, I follow your instagram for my daily dose of cringe. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

No. 186206

Dude. Kenzie. You're really obsessed with yourself, and it's creepy. I mean, I think -I'm- pretty great, but you've taken it to a whole new level. Seek psychiatric help. Seriously. This shit ain't normal.

No. 186207

File: 1443418222272.png (152.25 KB, 429x315, 1443137844078.png)

This is honestly unbelievable. I truly can't believe this is happening.

Kenzie, you should really take a breather from the internet for a while.

No. 186211

I swear she's in the middle of a manic episode.

No. 186224

File: 1443421447265.jpg (20.38 KB, 267x274, 1335297536388341.jpg)

This is gold.

I was thinking what kind of person would do things like this. I came to two conclusions.

1. She has multiple personalities. Not probable.

2. She's hungry for attention and being incredibly insecure at the same time. That leads to the point she rushes to say the mean things herself to avoid any other to say them. Like people who have gained weight would say "Yeah I know I'm fat" to prevent anybody else point that out so they don't feel as bad.

When she is her own worst enemy she doesn't have to really bother about negative feedback when she is the one giving it. When she is her own worst enemy she has the 'control' over hate boards when she's the only one posting.

This kind of behavior must be exhausting. Imagine how you'd firstly dress up, make up, update your social media. Then you'd go it through wondering "What would mean people say about this?" and post it all to lolcow. It's not only a frigging daily job but actually not improving her insecurity at all. She's actually feeding it herself.

No. 186235

File: 1443426538789.jpg (17.12 KB, 418x299, prayers 4 u kenzie.jpg)

I ticked way too many reports. Non-Kenzie anons must've been really bored to have posted in that thread, or in these cases:
>I think she's cute but I can't find myself to hate her.

>She seems like a nice person. Cringy and weeby as fuck, but still nice, and surprisingly level-headed for someone who pretends she's the eternally 12 years old princess of a made-up country.

I hope she achieves her kawaii weaboo aidoru goals

A bit blind and retarded.

The Ash thread posts >>186193 are amusing, but the entire show is incredibly sad.



No. 186264

Damn, and I thought I was crazy… this is just… sad. Kenzie, please find some help. You are a deeply disturbed little girl.
You're never gonna have an idol career with this kind of dirt.

No. 186276

I don't think she's mentally ill. She's just a bored, lonely teenage girl. She's not pretty or interesting enough to get attention for doing normal stuff, so the next best thing is to act like a sperg and try to create drama. She obviously doesn't believe all that shit about her fake country, she just wants people to ask her about it so she can get some of that delicious attention.

No. 186280

I love seeing posts like this. I know some cows tend to throw themselves at us and beg for it, but I like when we understand this is kind of creepy masochistic and bizarre. Even as a troll, it's a clear sign of some mental illness here. I can't imagine writing so much negative shit about yourself just to get attention. There's something deeper going on here.

My theory is she wants to be like Kota and be sent into internet cow infamy from our salt. She needs to learn negative attention is seriously not better than no attention. We may talk about a lot of cows, some of them pretty, but this board isn't what I'd call a good place and being here =/= famous.

No. 186282

File: 1443444716450.jpg (210.34 KB, 736x1100, image.jpg)

Kenzie chan,
You're not cute whatsoever but you have a close resemblance to Winona Rider and you could be really stunning if you copied her look.

Also, for the sake of your future, drop your attention seeking game here. You might think you're safe, but having all of this negative stuff about you will harm your future self worth.

Imagine being in love and your significant other digs up your embarrassing past, you think they wouldn't look past flagrantly neurotic behaviour and come to negative conclusions?
Don't do this to yourself, please get your face off the Internet and move on before you bite off more than you can chew.

Quite literally, you can do so much for yourself than this.

No. 186291

Worst thing that could happen to her is that nobody really gives a flying fuck about het anymore.

Because obviously she thinks that any publicity is good publicity. Just forget her. Done and done.

No. 186292

The most revealing thing about this. the main reason i KNOW it was her … She is not completely freaked out by the posts.

Yeah she is complaining on twitter about how we're mean, trying to get sympathy and all. But let's say those posts weren't her. If I was her reading through all those pink posts realizing they were all the same person I would be scared. This person mentioned several times that they go to school with her and have seen her at conventions and is constantly posting about her, like 24/7. However she didn't accuse us of being stalkers until the big reveal that the thread was her. And instead of being freaked out reading through the thread before the reveal (like she claimed) she just "lurked for advice" without ever once saying, wow this is creepy I should tell some one. Nope she waited till the big reveal and once the posts were announced she's just taking this time to say we're mean … not worry about a stalker who has seen her in person, knows everything about her, and obsessively posts about her. If the thread wasn't her she's be freaking about that … but she's not.

Go caught red handed by your lack of worry. So keep begging for attention by playing the victim … it's the only time you get views and comments. Or maybe you should posts more pictures of box cutters with no description for comments?

No. 186293

also as a farmer … I can safely say now this the posts have been marked I'm prolly gonna lurk her twitter for a week then be done with her. She's …. really boring and plain aside from all this self post drama.

No. 186296

I think you are right. She has already started the persecution, the FB was probably deleted by herself in order to frame the Farm for 'stalking' and 'harassing'. Next step will be staging fake 'Farm Raids'.

Bitch doesn't even know that's not what we do here. Our rule has always been Observe and Report Back.

What was interesting to read in the other thread was that the negatives were mostly coming from herself. Most of the other people were discussing and analysing the content. She kept herding Farmers back to hating on her, which most people didn't do. People were saying positive things.

Kudos to the anons who called it early.

No. 186324

She tried to be PT and failed (of course,there is only one true queen).Case closed.

No. 186352

I guess I kind of understand her. Take everything I say with a grain of salt though- after an anon mentioned that PD may be Aspie in the last thread I looked it up for myself and I'm 99% sure I'm Aspie. My boyfriend agrees completely. Oh well.

At the end of the day, its's fun. I have low self esteem, so it's nice to imagine that I'm something bigger and better than myself. It's nice to pretend that I'm actually important and that I should dress up, look pretty, and act properly. I guess I kind of use it to cope with depression too- it gives me a goal that's fun to achieve. However, I lose interest/ drive quickly, so these phases (I say phases because I have several different interests that I'll completely dive into, with different appearances and thought processes) only last maybe two or three weeks before I switch. It's kind of like my hobbies are in rotation instead of all part of me at once. I'll end it there so I don't get too OT. I guess ask me any questions you want.

No. 186376

> I guess ask me any questions you want.

Who the hell are you? Why have we just read your mental health life story?

No. 186406


So brutal kek

No. 186480

File: 1443464135170.jpg (13.9 KB, 285x279, 12002137_1168492059844482_2853…)

This is amazing. I didn't even know someone would be so desperate for attention she decides to make herself into a lolcow. Like, who the fuck would want to be a lolcow?

No. 186488

No, I fantasize about being a Terran rebel in the Star Trek: Mirror Universe.

No. 186541

Hahaha confession time: I reported her Facebook for the fake name. Her URL was "kenzieankrom" and the name was Luna Lee Swastiika or whatever so I reported it.

No. 186542

If she were some regular cow, I wouldn't have bothered, but I figured she was hungry for dramu so I gave her some.

No. 186576

>>are we trying to open up the possibility that she was sexually abused in some way, anon?
>>oh god the weeb vibes are strong with this one
>>Idk she seems like the loli bait type
>>I want to spam her contact box with really personal questions and I feel like she would answer them. Any suggestions?
>>good point, but if she truly wanted attention would she not post something about the existence of this thread?
(posted before she posted about it on twitter/insta)

She has fucking problems! These were just some of the ones that stuck out. She tried so hard to bait us into stalking her accounts , asking her personal questions and nit-pick at everything she does when she was the worst for it. She's got some severe self-hate issues for doing this. It's not even a victim complex (trying to make herself into a victim for sympathy) because she's clearly fully aware of what she's doing to the point she could stop if she wanted. And it's no wonder she didn't comment on the thread beforehand, she wrote nearly every insult in the thread. A lot of the other anons were a lot tamer in their commentary towards her than she was.

No. 186582

Lol she was blowing up twitter saying "Nobody likes anon hate, its cowardly" after her posts were marked in the original thread. And her anon hate to herself was what, exactly?

No. 186701

She is fucking obsessed with herself in the most unhealthy and creepy way possible. Honestly, her parents need to have her evaluated.

No. 186710


I feel almost like she was being harsh to get anons to defend her. >>182365 stood out to me a lot.

>also lol'd like fuck at her calling aaron/hobopony a beta orbiter and posting her bf's full name

No. 186749


I feel bad for aaron/hobopony, but he's escaped a world of crazy there since he used to go out with her.
Seemed like they were childhood friends or something from old pics.
I take back my initial evaluation, I think he must have been the one to ditch her, in hindsight…that or he called her out and she blew up at him.

Either way, poor guy.

No. 186755

These threads should be mandatory reading for anyone thinking of dating this "physco".

No. 186760

So about 8 of the comments mentioned in her lolcow video were from farmers, the rest were hers. A 16 minute video where she "debunks" most things she "anonymously" wrote about herself on an anon forum. The fuck!?!

No. 186802

Wow, its super weird how she set herself up for such negative attention, posting the threads in the first place and insulting herself. If she wanted people to be cruel about her, does that mean she's enjoying all this right now?

Shit, that's a really good point. Removes the 0.001% doubt that I had it could be some freaky stalker from her area.

No. 186814


Maybe she's genuinely some sort of masochist and enjoys humiliation. Somehow it wouldn't surprise me.

Ever since the reveal put things into perspective she seems downright weird.

No. 186826

File: 1443491051328.png (5.7 KB, 512x107, ss (2015-09-28 at 08.40.37).pn…)

hey Kenzie can you answer a question for me
Why does your Amazon wishlist say Kenzie if you're ~~obviously~~ Luna


No. 186843

she was banned so she can't answer you, sorry anon

No. 186858

File: 1443499338373.jpg (185.99 KB, 2048x1152, 10258092_10205277270525045_154…)

I don't think Kenzie does the princess thing in real life, I think she was just trying to get attention for her persona "Luna Lee Swiizka" so she could sell things on Etsy or get people to buy from her wishlist. I don't think she expected Luna Lee Swiizka to ever be associated with Kenzie Lee Ankrom/Randall.

No. 186865

File: 1443500828233.jpg (100.09 KB, 720x960, kenzie5.jpg)

She's lurking so hard. It doesn't say "Kenzie" on her wishlist anymore.

No. 186888


This. Another thing that is worth pointing out that the pink posts stopped immediately when Admin posted to the thread. This is weird because the poster had been so active and so mean prior Admin post.

If there would've been someone so active stalker and mean person, do you think he/she would've stopped when someone thinks they're Kenzie? Hell no. The poster would take full advance of it, pretending to be her and bumping the thread to the heights. It would've been like a god's gift to him/her.

But no. It stopped immediately. As if someone got scared. This speaks volumes.

No. 186892

File: 1443509869805.jpg (43.64 KB, 309x668, kenziewhy.jpg)


I don't think so, she seems like a weirdo in her highschool… I don't think she's as crazy IRL, but there's definitely something "off" about her. In this youtube video her AP class did (really cringy stuff): Everyone's dressed pretty normal yet she's still dressed like anime princess. While everyone is supposed to be acting natural, she's just by herself kinda zoned out, not even pretending to look at her phone.

No. 186893


For me it seems she knows how ridiculous her princess stuff is. She has like online personality so apart from herself she can safely say mean things about that said personality - it's not her irl.

What I think has happened:

>She wants attention

>She's too insecure to get attention for herself as a person.
>She creates some kind of imaginary personality/comedy character of herself.
>People will like or hate the character, not her so she is "safe".
>She notices nobody cares
>She lurks here, maybe is a fan of some lolcows and sees the potential.
>She starts making 'the character' a lolcow to get attention, support and pity follows
>Fast forward to this.

No. 186947

The only person really posting any hate was the ones marked in pink…

No. 186955

lmao she looks so awkward
poor dear

No. 186958

File: 1443538367878.jpg (91.27 KB, 960x960, hugbox.jpg)

She strikes me as "that one kid" who likes anime way too much and is always trying to hang out with the "popular girls" and falling flat on her face. I bet people pity-talk to her sometimes and she thinks they're friends.

No. 186985

She was blocked from the thread chill

No. 186987

You literally just described me. Feels bad.

No. 186988

no, they mean the original thread. she wasn't banned during the initial reveal a week ago.

No. 186999

File: 1443551342464.png (371.23 KB, 262x686, ac29d85932114285ce4a3c779459ea…)

i had to zoom out to 25% to take this picture.
there are more than what is shown.

she's literally obsessed with herself.

No. 187011

Someone has to be. Nobody else gives af.

3edgy with the scissors tho. Made me afraid.

No. 187026

>>#livingdoll #neon #scary #glow #party #rave #raver #cosplay #cosplayer #scene #emo #punk #goth #pink #hotpink #yandere #scissors #pop #popstar #idol #aidoru #music #indie #vocaloid #sugoi #Kawaii #dangerous #Pyscho

That tag abuse… Sorry, but if I were looking through the #goth or #punk tags and saw her spamming it up with her unrelated selfies in a cheap wig (seriously, at least wash it in detergent and get rid of that plastic shine first! Urgh!), I would block her ass so fast. Seriously 31 selfies in the last day with THAT many tags - who would want to follow someone that self-obsessed (that's what it looks like!)? It's so obvious that she's starved for attention now that her lolcow posts are all marked and she can't fuel the threads by pretending to be someone else on here anymore.

No. 187031

her nose shoops….she really wants a tiny animu nose doesn't she. you could atleast try to be less obvious kenzie

No. 187034

File: 1443559940315.png (25.69 KB, 556x191, loser.png)

She's so buttmad. What a fucking loser.

No. 187037

How does taking 30+ selfies (these are just the ones she posted, god knows how many she took in total!) on a shitty phone camera = photoshoot??? A real photoshoot is fun. Taking a ridiculous amount of selfies by yourself in your room to post online for that INSTAnt validation is just sad.

No. 187038

Dat tag abuse is the reason why she's "gaining" followers (even though I have more followers than she does and I'm a nobody who doesn't tag anything.) It's honestly the same thing every other ugly girl does on instagram just so they can get enough likes to feel better about themselves.

Btw Kenzie, that wig is super gross. You said it's from Walmart? Get help.

she lurks sooooooooo hard. maybe even more than kiki.

No. 187039

kenzie can you fix your bangs and get a better wig please

No. 187040

which vid is this?

No. 187044

The tag abuse? This is so pathetic.

No. 187047

I was sick homeschooled before high school, but I never remember phones not being banned from use in class.. even the weird edgekids wouldn't do that.

Is this a new thing? Is she breaking rules? Is it allowed in high schools?

>Those old bodyline socks tho.

No. 187052

The teachers arent as strict anymore, I went to a private school for 2 years of hs and public for the other 2 years. At the private school the teachers gave 0 fucks what you did with your phone, in public they cared a little if there was an important lesson but other than that they didnt really care. Might be different other places.

No. 187053

I'm in college and our professors will kick you out if you have a phone, what the hell?! I use my phone to take pictures of notes and important text :c

No. 187056

That varies from professor to professor. Mine didn't give a fuck.

No. 187058

You are supposed to ask if you can take pictures anon. Usually it is a yes if you are polite enough to ask.

No. 187065

I never thought someone could be worse than ita. Wow.

No. 187123

>all these insults

Aren't we giving her exactly what she wanted?

No. 187337

Oh dear, those cheerleader outfits. Trying to be like our Pixy? Please stop.

No. 187356

People are only insulting her now knowing that she will be completely irrelevant in about a week.

No. 187361


She's trying so hard to still be relevant. She tagged one of her latest instagram posts with #recovery

No. 187372

Every time I scroll down and see OP pic I feel like scratching myself.
She looks so damn dirty.

No. 187399

Recovery from what? Asspurgers? U can't recover.

No. 187400

Kenzie was right about one thing tho… She's as big of a clown as she said she was when she selfposted. I think part of her knows just how retarded she looks to everyone else. U could change, Kendra.

No. 187401


That's exactly what I thought when I saw those in her wishlist and saw that she was an "aspiring idol"

No. 187403

File: 1443642330845.jpg (18.75 KB, 200x289, image.jpg)

I remember being a bit of a self absorbed teen back in the day, I think a lot of teen girls are.
But this is a bit much, she goes so far to try and slander herself for popularity, then posts hundreds of photos of herself on every kind of media she can.

Kenzie is going to be one self righteous and pompous little twat when she gets older

No. 187407

I don't think she really knows.

When she said something along the lines of: "this girl is actually cunning and clever" in reference to herself - I think that's what she really thinks.

I do think she has very low self esteem and that's what has triggered the delusion of being clever or cunning. She really thinks she's being a troll. Like 'lol I just planned this guiz you played into it exactly how I expected look how smart I am!'

It is all certainly an attempt for attention/to remedy her very low self esteem… but she doesn't realize how retarded that is.

I don't think she has any significant disorders. Though this is coming from someone with a cluster B, so maybe my analysis isn't as objective as I believe.

If I had to chalk this up to anything, it's that mommy and daddy probably didn't or don't properly acknowledge her.

No. 187444

File: 1443653728104.jpg (134.84 KB, 720x960, kenzie6.jpg)

She seems to get along with her mom. Maybe she's just a spoiled fucking brat at home and bullied at school.

No. 187446

File: 1443653890704.png (804.98 KB, 951x595, hahaha.png)

Hahaha she looks like she weighs about 135-140lbs. What's her target weight? 150?

No. 187447

I want corn now. I'm hungry as fuck

No. 187449

File: 1443655649594.jpg (41.98 KB, 680x441, 1583057110.jpg)

She failed at being a wannabe aidoru lolcow, so now she's trying to be a fake recovery lolcow?!

Go the fuck outside, PD. Get off the internet.

No. 187462

why are y'all giving this girl what she craves

No. 187464

The same could be said about anyone written about on this blog man.

No. 187465

no a lot of the cows hate bad attention. lotte, pixyteri, kota. they try their best to cover it up. this girl wanted a front page /pt/ thread n she got it

No. 187468

File: 1443658610795.jpg (50.25 KB, 586x586, kenzie3.jpg)

I don't think she expected it to end up like this, though.

No. 187470

>this blog

No. 187473


Fuck, that's the one photo I've seen of her where her hair actually looks pretty healthy and shiny

No. 187489

this chick is a poster child for daddy issues

No. 187506

her blog freaks me out tbh

No. 187509

I'm pretty convinced Kenzie is ban evading and posting here.

No. 187511

File: 1443670563591.jpg (73.04 KB, 960x960, kenzie1.jpg)

No. 187512

Wonder if admin can mark any of the posts in this thread too

No. 187533

It's likely, she already showed in the last thread that she either can use a basic proxy, or, even less likely, has a friend or two whose computer she can bum off of for a bit. I'd like to know if she's still at it, but since she's become irrelevant now I don't blame admin for not caring enough to look into it. I know I wouldn't.

No. 187559

She was a fucking retard last thread and asked stuff like "how did admin know it was her" on the same IP used to make the thread. If she's using a friend's computer or mcdonalds wifi or w/e the IP will still be from the same area, and I doubt she's even smart enough to try a proxy but that can be detected as well.

No. 187574

In the end Kenzie got what she wanted she started a thread to become a lolcow and now she is one

No. 187576

they both look like trannies

No. 187582

Totally agree with you. We were some part of her elaborate fantasy she constructed. She created a feedback loop for herself to generate attention. She wanted to feel 'smarter' than the average Farmer by setting herself up as the puppetmaster.

The Queen Mother of Invitea??

No. 187583

I agree that yeah, we're giving her what she wants by continuing to post about her on here. But I'm going to assume that this is the last pd thread.

Cause really, it was a fun little trip to do a big reveal but she shitposted herself here because she wasn't lolcow enough in the first place to talk about. Same still applies. She's just a plain weaboo highschooler. Even now she is trying so hard to make lolcow bait and …. eh … I could care less I guess. Now that we know she's purposefully doing all this "weird stuff" for attention it's just not authentic and not real note worthy.

Kenzie, if you want us to keep talking about you, you're going to have to do some batshit crazy stuff now.

No. 187597

She and her mom should do a debunking video together. Her mom could set us straight

No. 187633

When this thread autosages it's over. Let's have a laugh before then.

No. 187634

I wonder if her mum has any idea what she does online. If that were my daughter I'd take away her data plan and/or WiFi so Internet access would be restricted. Set up a wired connection in the kitchen so she has to sit at the kitchen table to use it.

No. 187638

Christ, theforestcat/joltography just tried to reach out to her on her newest insta pic

She actually makes theforestcat look sane by comparison, too

I feel kind of bad for her, I think she's just some retarded megalomaniac teen who took this too far, but I don't understand how someone at 17 years old still wouldn't realise how much this is going to fuck up their career in the future

~Mentally 12~ indeed.

No. 187640

She's friends with Emma too. All of Ashley's friends are confirmed for lurking.

Kenzie's going to keep stirring the pot, I bet. She'll regret this in a few years.

No. 187660

No. 187664

No. 187696

No. 187698

File: 1443746723614.jpg (173.41 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

So good

No. 187707

Cows let's all remember if a third PD thread pops up it's probably her. Don't get baited and let it sage or let the admin notice it's all self posting again.

No. 187710

Are u Kendra? We're the farmers, they're the cows.

No. 187985

I gotta bump this, sry. I updated the ED page a bit but I'm bored now if anyone else wants to continue.

No. 188000

Why? You're just giving her the attention she wants by making that. Just let the thread die. She's old news.

No. 188015

Did Kenzie doe this? I didn't know anything about her family nor do I care. It sounds like info she'd like to see up there.

Kenzie, GTFO. Someone revert the page to it's original form.

No. 188040


Ya, I have a feeling that Kenzie made the ED article. I don't see her being worthy enough for ED.

No. 188191

Kenzie would bang her own brother?

No. 188208

Wtf? The edit is weird and this thread is alive again?
No, Kenzie go die witch this page

No. 188302

I fixed it #sorrynotsorry
Screw you lolcowchans

No. 188303

(I deleted all your lies btw. ❤ )

No. 188304

File: 1443964483762.png (69.75 KB, 658x517, wp_ss_20151004_0001.png)

Now leave me alone before I sue ❤

No. 188305

You've been warned ❤❤

No. 188309


KEK. What are you gonna do to all of us mean lolcow-chan's? Are the Invitean police gonna lock us all in prison for upsetting their princess?

No. 188310

I'm going to give the IP address of the creator of this site to the police and report them for slander, then sue for reputation damages and psychological damage. ❤

No. 188311

File: 1443965776187.jpg (18.8 KB, 475x360, 1378590118566.jpg)

>implying this is going to work

No. 188312

Oh, it will. You can't hide behind anonymous forever. ❤

No. 188313

It will be interesting to see how she will gather enough evidence for a case if she wants to sue for slander.

(Especially as many of the slandering comments on here are from PD herself)

To sue for slander you have to gather enough evidence that proves they are guilty of it. It is necessary to prove their slanderous statements are all lies. Seeing as you were the one who did most of the Slandering PD, I highly doubt you will have enough evidence to take this to court.
You will need to prove the other person did harm to you by damaging your reputation. Seeing as the only reputation that has acually been damaged is a fake online persona… I don't think any judge will consider this slander.

Documentation of the way in which your life has been negatively affected is also required. Acquiring written statements from witnesses who were present when the slanderous activity took place is also necessary.

You will need to hire a lawyer that specializes in defamation lawsuits.
(That's gonna cost money)

You will be more likely to win your case if you sue for the right reasons. Suing simply to get money from and revenge on the other person is not a smart idea.

So, sure, go ahead PD, try and gather enough evidence. I'm sure it will be…. interesting to see how this plays out.

(All info taken from here http://thelawdictionary.org/article/how-to-sue-someone-for-slander/
just so you know I'm not making it up)

No. 188314

sue? You put yourself on here. lol

No. 188315

I should have no problem making my case ❤

No. 188316

Btw. Stalking a minor is creepy, and probably illegal. You might wanna stop. ❤

No. 188317

Putting a heart at the end of your posts doesn't make you any more right. ❤

No. 188318

Protect Yourself Against Cyberstalking

Review what online information exists about you and keep it to a minimum
Regularly change your e-mail and passwords for key online accounts and keep them safe
Review all your privacy and security settings
Avoid public forums
Ensure that your computer and mobile devices have updated antispyware software installed and turned on
Ensure your wireless hub/router has security turned on.
Unless you are using a secure web page, do not send or receive private information when using public WiFi
Limit the personal and financial information you share on or offline
Educate friends, family and work colleagues into the risks

…. Pretty sure you did half of that stuff to yourself by posting here. You started the thread on yourself. Most of the nasty comments are from you. The admin has more than enough evidence to fight against you if you somehow do manage to take this to court.

Give up now PD. Nobody stalks you. Nobody cares enough about you to bother

No. 188319

I didn't do anything to myself ❤
And if you don't care, then leave me alone and stop stalking me, it's that simple. You stupid lolcowchan brats could've been fine, but you had to go create a slanderous fake wiki page with tons of false info and derogatory comments. Disgusting!!! Stupid!!! Just leave me alone and we won't have issues. ❤

No. 188320

Didn't do anything to yourself?

You Posted Yourself Here! Everything that has occured from that is now your fault! You would have remained unknown if you hadn't posted the topic about yourself!

Leave you alone and we won't have issues? Threatening me now along with Admin-sama? Did I ruffle your jimmies?

No. 188323

I! Didn't! Post! Myself! Here!

No. 188324

We will learn when you prove you didn't post yourself here. Admin-sama has given pretty solid evidence against you, so we're more than likely going to believe you did make the post about yourself.

If you can prove to us you didn't do it, then we "stalkers" will learn

No. 188326

lmao, you do realise that by chimping out you're only prolonging the drama? Just stop posting and making things a million times worse for yourself, all you're doing is bumping your own thread and drawing even more attention to what a moron you are ♥

No. 188327

She has to be trolling….there is no way she is that borderline retarded.

No. 188329

If I don't post I can't defend myself from your lies.

No. 188330

Please enlighten us. What lies have been spread?
Make a list.

No. 188331

1.i didn't post myself
2. I didn't insult myself
3. I don't have autism
4. My birthday isn't February 24th or even in the year 1997
5. My ex is not a beta orbiter
6. My current boyfriend is not ANYTHING you idiots said
(idk if I skipped anything. I'm tired. Idk.)

No. 188333

Can you prove you didnt post yourself here? Admin-sama has some pretty believable evidence

No. 188336

Idk how to prove it

No. 188337

>>keeps posting when you can simply just stop posting, get a new alias and let the thread die
(don't worry about loosing followers, you didn't have any anyway)
>claims to not have autism or is not plain stupid
Ok princess….

No. 188338


Well, unless you can prove it, you can't say you didn't post yourself on here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 188339

Well to be fair that does make it more likely we will believe Admin-Sama.

This is undoubtedly not what you wish to hear, but I think the best thing for you to do is to leave it alone.

PD is obviously a persona. Perhaps she needs to take a break from the internet. Allow the rumours to fade away. You're not really helping yourself by constantly posting and keeping this thread alive.

Maybe it is time to ignore this website and move on

No. 188345

She saw people stopped giving a shit about her as the thread started dying and so started posting about suing the site owner(good luck with that!) to fuel it. Damn she really is addicted to the negative attention.

No. 188348


>i don't have autism

How do you know?
>My ex is not a beta orbiter
They're your words, Kenzie. Oh wait, you totally didn't post any of those pink marked posts, huh
>My current boyfriend is not ANYTHING you idiots said
lol k
I'm sure as soon as you two break up, you'll be posting all about what a 'beta orbiter' he is

Yeah, you can tell by her social media that she's trying to jump on all the lolcow bandwagons like fanfiction and recovery instagram tags in a desperate ploy to stay relevant

Kenzie, once this last thread hits bump limit, the only people who will remember or give a shit about it anymore will be your future employers. Congrats <3

No. 188349

Forreal, does she not realize how many cows have threatened that with no ground lol

PD nobody is afraid of your empty threats, I feel severe secondhand embarrassment for you coming on here and insisting you know better. This is the same old song and dance for us, you twat. Just stop posting.

No. 188351

>reputation damage
you need to have a reputation to begin with. Also it won't help your case that they will be able to trace your IP in the original post of these forums. So warning you here, only go to the police if you are %100 sure you didn't post the op. Which judging by your "screencap wasabi theme" stunt I don't think you'll risk it.

Okay yeah, I'm making bets, PD is NEVER going to go to the police. Also kenzie, What slander are they going to care about? That we know you are making up a country? That you are lying about your name? I mean we aren't really doing anything bad on here. It's not like we're telling you to kill yourself or saying you are a terrorist. The police will ask for your real name and real place of birth. And if you are willing to lie to them about that why would they care about this report? You'll tell them we started the thread then they will get the ip of your phone and all computers in the house and know the truth eventually. You are never going to get the police involved.

I like how you are just now acting creeped out that someone called you out on insta for being too relaxed. AHAHA! you are not clever.

We were leaving you alone. Someone helpfully tried to tell you to stop being an idiot online. Thats it. We haven;t contacted you aside from what … 1 person?

remember how I suggested you make a video of you using your computer to post on lolcow? Remember how you never did that in your video but rather went on some rant about how everyone is dumb? Yeah … we still have no proof you didn't post. And the more you try and half ass debunk it the more we realize you did. Get some good evidence.

And this is what it all comes down to. You were not posting here for awhile and we stopped caring. Your thread was dying. No one cared because you are a legitimately boring person. If you wouldn't have posted we would have all forgoten about you and the original thread. We all agreed you are not worthy of an ED page, we don't care about it. But you do. Thats why you can't stop posting even though it will benefit you.

Good bye kenzie. No one cares.

No. 188354

Don't forget that you stupid lolcowchans made this enflame again. You idiots made the encyclopedia page, the most reason I came back!! I don't like you jerks spreading things about nne like that!

No. 188356

You type like an 8 year old.

No. 188357

File: 1443974460932.jpg (11.62 KB, 324x324, princess_kenzie_mug-r24a3d4e1a…)

No. 188358

One person posted it. Almost everyone on here thought you did it because no one on here cares about you enough to make an ED page. One person on here was bored and did it and no one really agrees with it

People on here that don't agree with the page:

Just drop it kenzie seriously. You want to be an idol right? How are you going to deal with tabloids? How are you going to deal with anyone saying bad things about you? Cause thats what happens. You doing this is just weird and embarrassing. your twitter is full of you talking to yourself about lolcow, just give it up.

No. 188360

The thread was borderline dying. This is why she's "chimping out" and "threatening to sue". It was seriously on it's way out and I noticed it got behind a page or so after I requested someone edit it back to it normal. (Deleting it would be ideal if that's possible and I've never attempted it on ED, however. Pretty sure she made it herself)

She just wants us to have more to talk about with her so she doesn't fade into obscurity. All lolcow threads get bumped when something big occurs and she knows what she's trying to milk. This is sad this is as big as it gets.

No. 188362

Haha! She blocked me on her insta after I told her she wasn't being stalked.

It's hard to play the victim when no one cares.

No. 188366

File: 1443975135408.jpg (123.65 KB, 916x576, theedge.jpg)

No. 188367

She said the thing!

No. 188369

File: 1443975470436.jpg (722.29 KB, 1200x902, 1440480714051.jpg)

>Im going to sue you
>I didn't post myself here
>My ex is not a beta orbiter
nigga pls

No. 188372

Reminder: Kenzie posted most of the images specifically and provided pictures of herself and accounts. I don't get what's so ~lulzy~ about the picture, Kenzie. Just admit you'll be obscure and you're not even interesting as a character.

No. 188380

OK but at least one of the people (jotography) hates lolcow / is a minor cow and is autistic herself, so Kenzie stfu.

The people commenting on your instagram are actually. trying. to. help. Listen to them don't block them, you severe dumbass.

No. 188384

Kenzoo, the people on this thread are doing everything in their power to get you worked up and you're falling for it.

No. 188395


What? Nah, I just thought it was funny she bitches so much about 'lolcowchans' on her instagram yet blocks anyone who replies to her about it and thinks they actually give a shit.

Calm your paranoia there, anon. Kenzie isn't allowed to post here anymore without identifying herself in the name field.

No. 188397

Can we get her off the main board and b& her to /snow/ or something?

No. 188398

Just check the timestamps of all that's been going on. Kenzie is NOT that interesting to get all these replies within the course of three hours suddenly.

>>188000 to >>188015 there is at least a day between, which is more normal for /pt/.
Now >>188354 who is Kenzie being "Luna" and >>188356 immediately insulting herself a literal minute later.

No. 188404

Lmao really guys? Rly?

No. 188418

Nah, it wasn't her, she's just fun to mess with.

No. 188424

>wanted to namefag as Luna and post "I am a huge faggot please rape my face" ITT
>realize that would only allow her to pretend the other "Luna" in this thread was one ebic trole all along and that she never posted here

No. 188426

>inb4 she reads this and gets the bright idea to shitpost under her own name and pretend it was never her

No. 188443

maybe if we just ignore luna she'll … go away! :0

Seriously thought guys, it's a done deal. what is there to even say about her? Old news. Better cows out there.

No. 188468


Triggered, Kenzie? Really? Go to Tumblr with that shit.

No. 188478

She was using a tripcode the other day. She should use it all the time if she posts here.

No. 188491


No. 188493

Good I hope you try to turn this into a lawsuit (lolsuit? kek) so your parents have to see all the shit you're accused of posting, your blog, and then actually send you to therapy. I hope one of the multiple printouts of the entire thread and blog that will inevitably made for your lawsuit makes its way into a good professional's hands.

No. 188494

forgot to sage

No. 188498

I never understood why lolcows take the time to come here.
it will never do any good.
just ignore us and try to be better people.
OP is only creating a shitstorm

No. 188499

I feel like if I was the target of this site I would do what luna claimed to do; lurk threads and try to use the critiques to get better. Even if the whole place blew up with lies about me I would still carry on and ignore it for the most part. It's really all you can do. Most of this site is just differing opinions anyway. As long as you are happy and not bringing other people down who cares what the people here have to say about you?

But alas, I'm not a lolcow. I don't have the mind of a lolcow. To a lolcow this is just another opportunity to get attention and play the victim.

No. 188519

Shut up and stop bumping the thread if you fucking don't want your retarded looking bitch ass retard face on the front page so fucking bad. You really are a dipshit opportunist little spoiled kid. You threaten to sue for things that you can't even sue for in an attempt to what? Defend your character that you ruined yourself by samefagging insults to make it look like you have more, "haters" than you actually have? You don't have any idea what you're talking about, and you haven't had a hard day in your life. You're fucking mentally ill and if this were any other chan you'd be eaten alive. Get on some fucking medication retard, stop making problems for yourself, stop playing the victim, stop being an opportunistic little shit, stop being thirsty for empathy and sympathy, stop looking for any and all attention you can get and THEN this will be a start for you.

You're nothing special. You are just like every fucking one else in this world and there is no reason why anyone would give a shit about you more than anybody else. Your ideas are shit, your personality is shit, and you're mentally ill to the point of WANTING to have people talking shit on you. Get off the internet and go to a therapist, I'm sure your family has the means to get you to one. I'm sure you have friends, and live in a first world country. Shut the fuck up and eat your gruel like the rest of us you retarded bitch.

No. 188569

lol I'm not Kenzie

No. 188653

This thread has now been set to perma-sage mode. Threads about this topic will also no longer be permitted.

I'd ban PD again as I think she's filled her attention quota for the day, but I don't really care since the thread won't be bumped anymore.

No. 188750

Thank you admin ❤ I knew you didn't want my career to fail!

No. 188774

Don't worry shithead, you don't have a career.

No. 188779

Resorting to swear words, tsk tsk, you poor low IQ anon

No. 188796

At least they're real words, Kenzie.

No. 188797


career? kenzie pls. you're destined to a life on welfare with 8 children to 8 different men once you get over this idol bullshit. until then you'll finish school and get a minimum wage job to fund your shitty bodyline outfits and ali express trash. have a good life, princess ♪ ♫

No. 188800

You're wrong

No. 188805

File: 1444066838085.jpg (45.76 KB, 500x558, 0371b602b9478cd96197f235f6003a…)

>>you poor low IQ anon
That projecting

But seriously, if you're equating anon's choice of swear words as being an indicator of a low IQ (there's no correlation btw! Look it up!), that actually speaks more of your IQ (making generalisations like that) than theirs.

No. 188820

File: 1444073323848.jpg (41.5 KB, 500x500, yDAEtY-V.jpg)

Give it a year and a half and you'll be working at McDonalds. Two years and you'll be knocked up.

No. 188822

PS: I showed my boyfriend your Instagram and said, "She says she's 12." He said, "12 my ass, bitch is like 28."

No. 188875

Yeah right

No. 188877

People who pretend to be much younger than their actual age are laughable, but it's even more sad when it's someone who already looks much older than even their actual natural age.

No. 188880

I don't look older than my age!

No. 188881

You look 20+. It's not a bad thing. Idolising prepubescents is worrying. You should stop.

No. 188884

No no no I don't look old stop it x.x

No. 188888

You can't be 12 for a sixth time. You couldn't even for a second time. You had your chance to be 12, it was when you were actually 12.
Accept that you look the age you are, perhaps a little older due to your more mature features, and move on.
Those who accept themselves and work with it will always look more fortunate than those who can be seen desperately pretending. Women who cling to their youth that hard are cringey.

No. 188893

I don't look old.

No. 188896

You look old

No. 188898

A girl with your features cannot look as young as you wish to. Simply stating otherwise wont make it happen. Embrace looking mature, and ideally an attitude to go with it.

No. 188899

Noo I look young

No. 188900

You look about 20. If you think that is old then that is your problem. If you think 12 year olds look better than adults, you probably have some issues. Again, your problem.

No. 188903

Also I'm not replying any further. You obviously lack the ability to form any sort of actual reply beyond a basic 'nuh-uh!' response.

You really are so boring and pathetic, Kenzie.

No. 188904

I hate you all

No. 188905


Stop bumping the thread with 4 word replies. At least sage posts if you really want this shit to go away, which I know you don't.

No. 188906

admin already permanent staged the thread, so it doesn't matter really

No. 188952

Either Kenzie has some kind of mental disability where she CLINGS on being 12, or she's trying to be our Queen PT.

No. 188953

Same anon, just wanted to put my 2 cents on how old she is. She looks like she's around my age (which is 20) so i'm going to say late teens very early 20s.

No. 189043

Lol no

No. 189079

No, go ahead, keep replying with utter nonsense. The more you reply, the more you fill up the thread and the sooner it will be full and die. Then you will have no relevance here or anywhere for that matter.

Ya know, I'm going to be honest, I had my doubts that the main thread was you. But with each passing moment of the reveal you are getting worse and worse and proving that you did it through your own dumb actions. You can't leave this site alone because you can't live without the attention you get from it. You blocked me because I told you it was bad to constantly talk about lolcow outside of here. You blocked me, then deleted your latest tweet about lolcow. Because yeah, it looks creepy as hell to just talk to yourself about lolcow on twitter when we don't give that big a shit about you.

These replies your doing, why? Like seriously why? You know no one is going to read it and say, "oh hey! she said no you didn't and nuh-uh and I'm totally twelve and have an idol career …. must be right!" You're doing it to keep the attention alive as long as possible. Prove us wrong, and go away.

No. 189090

It's okay Kenzie. I can't speak for the others, but I understand. Clinging to the idea that you're "forever 12" is basically all you have to live for. Even though you are obviously to old to be 12 and probably never got to look 12. You litterally have nothing to show for your life at this point and appear to have no realistic future goals. All you have is pretending to be a little kid. You're boyfriend already said he doesn't want to marry you. I imagine he'll leave you soon because unless you're giving him some good pussy then there is no incentive to stick around unless he thinks you're retarded and he feels bad for you.
Either way Kenzie, keep replying and posting nonsense because that way this thread will disappear, along with any attention you had and any significance you had here will also vanish.

No. 189232

Wow. You really have nothing better to do than pick on a High Schooler? Because apparently by the time you were in high school you had 3 diplomas to show for your life? Literally no High Schooler has anything substantial to show for their lives because they have been in school there whole life. And do you not understand how relationships work? Your significant other has to have an incentive to stay with you instead of, you know, liking you for your personality? You're just trying to make a girl feel bad for doing what she likes to do. It's just plain bullying and you're only doing it because you can be anonymous. You're pathetic.
Kenzie, you keep being twelve and doing what you want to do. Don't listen to these jerks.

No. 189248

you must be new here … Do you know why kenzie is even on lolcow in the first place?

No. 189275

Almost everyone psoting on lolcow is 16-23 so picking on a highschooler isn't weird.

No. 189289

This post was made from the same city and ISP as PD's and was very likely made by PD or a friend of hers.

No. 189305

I figured that since the poster got so worked up

No. 189380

Think it was a friend confirming with "kenzie".

Granted not that it was a big mystery that her real name was kenzie but eh.

No. 189471


Ya, I already knew that just by reading the 2nd sentence.

No. 189553

Not me :)

No. 189554

Thank you, anon-Chan. If you really are from my area, please try to get into touch with me! We could be friends!

No. 189555

This is wrong. My boyfriend loves nne very much and has promised to marry nne now. He doesn't care that I say I'm 12 for the 6th time, he says he loves my personality and doesn't want to base his love off shallow things like my age.

No. 189556

If the lolcowchans don't care about me, they will stop talking about me all together and stop commenting on my YouTube, twitter, and instagram. Until then, I need to defend myself from lies.

No. 189558

File: 1444240539536.jpg (29.91 KB, 500x359, 1429252947486.jpg)

Hey "Luna", I'm seriously wondering this. If you didn't want the farm to trigger you and spread lies then why did you want to become a lolcow in the first place?
And are you really serious about becoming an idol?

No. 189559

I didn't make myself a lolcow
And I do very much want to be an idol. But if that doesn't work out I do have backup plans.

No. 189560

If I were in your shoes, I would stop posting and just not come back to lolcow for a while. Maybe get more serious about your cosplaying, singing, and dancing or whatever.
Trying to convince strangers of who you are and what you're doing is a waste of time. Also, most the farm doesn't really give a shit about you defending yourself.

No. 189582

everyone gets youtube spam, it's likely not us
HA! implying anyone bothers to interact with your twitter, look at all those replies, retweets and faves you get! oh wait…also half your followers are followback spam accounts, nice going, great fanbase
one anon tried to actually help you on there and that was it…? wow, such hate, much defence needed

No. 189602

You obvi aren't aware what's going on

No. 189608

enlighten me then, with proof (you DO know what that is, right?) or I'm just gonna assume you're talking out your ass and exagerating your 'haters' as per usual

No. 189615

File: 1444257132151.jpg (355.78 KB, 800x1306, photomagic(1)(3).jpg)

Here's your proof, lolcowchan. Not to mention the hoards of dislikes on my videos that didn't exist before this lolcow crap c: There's ton of proof.

No. 189739

LUNA! Hey luna! Please listen to this person and the billion other people telling you to leave lolcow! It is not doing you any good! Seriously stay away from here! Why do you even keep coming back? Just gooooo no one fuckin cares and you aren't helping yourself at all.

No. 190030

Alright this is pointless.
Why? Because you lolcowchans have no sense of logic.
You ask for proof - I provide it- you can't argue against it so you whine about "wah wah leave lolcow already wahhh" like big babies! Obviously you know you've been beaten because you can no longer reply to my proof! It's pathetic to see that everytime i all I get when I defend myself is a answer fit for a toddler- "no, you!"

Dear future fans, employers, etc, who find this thread. I hope you now realize what I'm dealing with here. Nothing on this site is legitimate. It's just a site for those with no lives to bully others because they're lonely and bored.

I'm sick of trying to reason with those who have no reason whatsoever. You lolcowchans have no sense. You can't hold up in a battle of wits, you can't argue against logic or proof. It's ridiculous.

If you have further questions, send them through my ask box on my blog. I'm deleting all of your spam and hateful comments because they honestly are so low and don't even make sense.

Ttyl, lolcowchans.

Luna Lee Swiizka

No. 190035

>wah wah wah I am totally leaving lolcow you guys, for real!!!

Whatever, Kenzie. Surely all that just means is that we 'won', since we've been telling you to fuck off for awhile now, you boring weeb.

Or at least it would if you weren't going to lurk to hell and back and probably be posting here again within the month.

Come back when you're 30, or twelve for the 19th time, and show us how much further your 'idol career' has gotten than PT.

No. 190059

So you screen capped a few farmers … how does that prove you didn't post yourself here? You never proved you didn't post yourself here. Granted I'm relieved she won't be posting here anymore. But god damn how is she convinced she provided proof? Against what? Like "See people on lolcow don't like me!" Yeah no shit. Cause you posted yourself here like a bitch. Which you still haven't provided proof you didn't post here damn girl.

It think she was convinced she would be like PT. Tons of people talking about her behind her back but giving her tons of ass pats to her face and on her page and a few haters commenting so she could play the victim. Difference between you and PT though is … she is actually entertaining.

No. 190085

>>You can't hold up in a battle of wits, you can't argue against logic or proof.

Yeah 97% of the people that contributed in this thread has forgotten about it by now. Posting one screencap, and taking one anon (1!) message that wasn't even made in response to it as "proof" that we (lolcow as one collective hivemind - you realise that the people on here are many and so have different opinions to each other right?) can't logic nor "hold up in a battle of wits" is beyond nonsensical. Seriously, the leaps you make in your logic are ridiculous! That's why most of us have stopped responding to this thread.

But, seeing as you want a response to the screencap, I see six accounts in it from various social media sites. The sengoku youtube person, and the apeshitto twitter person don't necessarily sound like hate to me, but whatever. The other 4 are clearly trolls, from whom you took the bait. As far as hate goes, these are really tame. If you can't handle it, block and ignore. But if you couldn't handle "hate" at that weak of a level, you probably should work on your confidence/self-esteem. These wouldn't bother you if you weren't insecure - and yes, the fact that you considered these bad is a sign of insecurity. But you're young, so maybe step back a bit from the internet while you work on yourself - seriously! If you want an idol career, this kind of tame shit should not get under your skin that easily.

No. 190090

This dumb bitch is projecting like a mother fucker

No. 190395


I'll give it under a month before you post here again.

No. 191110

Just in case anyone missed it and still somehow isn't convinced she made the posts: a few weeks ago she came into the chat as herself, answering questions etc., using the exact same IP and device she used to make a significant percentage of the self-posts.
>>189232 was more likely a friend, and not her, but she probably linked the thread to them.

No. 191238

woah. removed any doubt in my mind. Kenzie you are fucked man. Why would you do that? aw well. I'm just glad she's gone and old news.

No. 194470

Not sure if any of you care, but princessdoll is selling some of her ultra kawaii shit on ebay.


No. 194980

Apparently she removed all the stuff.

Also, funny shit she calls herself Luna Lee, as there's a pretty famous gayageum player online with the same name.

No. 194981

and also, she is 5'10, she's huge and wants people to think she's 12 years old lol
(sorry I don't want to give her attention but I found this bitch pretty recently and I couldn't help to comment)

No. 196320


What if this was the Queen Mother of Invitea?

No. 196769

my fucking sides anon

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