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File: 1441866175405.jpg (83.28 KB, 1280x800, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 177823

Nicole Arbour + Matt Santoro Drama anybody?

- Uploaded shitty "comedy" video making fun of ham planets and got everybody on youtube losing their shit.

- Got her channel deleted

- CNN covered the news

- Got Channel back

- Gets exposed for abusing his (beta af) bf and possibly faking her sob story about losing her mobility due some car accident.

Shit is happening rn. Tweets are flying back and forth:


No. 177826

Oh gawd. Matt is her boyfriend? Most cringy YT star ever.

They're relationship is bullshit, both are unfunny af, Nicole is just as gross as the hamplanets.

No. 177827


They broke up 3 weeks ago

No. 177830


She's crap, but nothing is as bad as hamplanets.

No. 177838

this bitch here, lol

No. 177841

Why is she trying to act like Jenna Marbles tho? Lmao

No. 177847

I used to be subbed to Matt Santoro, he's a really chill guy. His old videos were hilarious.

Nicole Arbour is a piece of shit though. Someguy827 is convinced that she shut her own channel down, and just said shit to provoke other people.

No. 177858

I don't know who any of these youtube people are, but I saw the video

It's not even that bad. She's rude and tactless, yea, but some of the things she says aren't wrong.

But whatever I'm sure she's loving all the views/attention/whatever. I never heard of her before two days ago so, mission accomplished?

No. 177859

Yeah c'mon she made a video about "instagram models" before and got flack for that, she's just in this for the views I'm pretty sure.

And to be honest I do agree with her, hamplanets are gross. And no not 'overweight' people, actual hamplanets. The world should hate them.

No. 177897

yeah skelotons are gross too, but we don't say things like that..'couse ya know some people might kill themselves and so on

No. 177901


IKR Jenna Marbles sucks

No. 177903

why did she even felt that she need to make such video? do she really think that fat people don't hear insults everyday? does she really think that if she makes fun of a person, they will change? like let's make fun of alcoholics, they will stop drinking for sure 100%

No. 177920

Fatty detected.

No. 177927

nah, alcoholic detected

No. 177929

They aren't as gross though. The only gross kind is aly levels anyways.

No. 177930

Want to add that even then its more sad than anything

No. 177955

File: 1441906738640.jpg (23.51 KB, 400x399, 428.jpg)



No. 177965

ok I hate Mrrepzion (he could be a cow…)
But this is rather interesting

No. 177982

What does this have to do with the topic? I don't feel like watching the whole thing.

No. 178006

Rep looks so fucking mentally handicap in that thumbnail.

Nicole is a dumbass, She was dating Matt but they've broken up I believe. It's obvious she just made the video for views, she was dating matthew santoro. He rips all his video ideas off of top 10 articles on the internet in an attempt to get views.

Nicole is just a new age reply girl. Though she might turn out to be one interesting cow in the farm if she keeps this up. I did agree with some of her points though, she just went about it in a dickish way.

No. 178015


TL;DR : Nicole was abusive to Matt, she physically assaulted him and threatened suicide and was manipulative to Matt.

I've attached rob dykes interview about her. I love Rob.

No. 178022

People are skeletons because they're naturally skinny.
Hambeasts chose to be fucking unhealthy and have no self-control.
If you're offended then maybe you should go lose weight?
Fat will never be healthy, whereas skinny is (most of the time) lol

No. 178023

She made good points.
but tumblr fatties went apeshit because someone dont agree with all of this pro-fat shit

No. 178103

Yeah the video was definitely not that mean. It is mean only if you give a shit about what this random chick has to say. What i didn't like about the video is that she thinks she's a comedian just because she makes videos that every other 12 yo youtuber can do. She's SO BAD at being funny it's cringey.

The video seems better as a rant video than comedy.

Also the fact that she's being accused of abuse and the way she's reacting is freaking hilarious. I know she was a psycho.

No. 178129

Her channel wasn't deleted. It was proven that she disabled it herself, then brought it back and put all videos on private.

No. 178132

Don't forget her video complaining about instagram models showing her tits when her own instagram is nothing but sexy tit pics.

and she was a nude extra in a movie.

"don't show your tits, youre setting feminism back! its only okay when I show my tits!"

No. 178166

It's funny how the fatties all took it as a personal attack. Probably because they know she's right and can't stand the fact that they made themselves this way.

No. 178189

B-but muh metabolism!!11!

No. 178201

Personally I liked the video and it made me Lmao. It wasn't shitty either, it was direct.

The problem in America, and some other places is that they sugar coat shit constantly!
Then we start sugarcoating the sugarcoated and so on.
Until we got mothers giving their young kids/toddlers Coke and wonder why they're fat or unhealthy, people believing someone's morality to around 40 or younger is normal, and Titpee–Whoops I mean TITP.
Until people stopped taking this shit seriously.

The fat family story got me laughing really hard, and I can't imagine how hard it must have been on that plane. Especially since planes are so small anyway.
I would've cursed if these people got put in front of me in line, cursed, and tell them how their fucking lifestyle is affecting everyone else whether they know it or not.
I would've probably asked to be removed from that 'disabled passenger', stares or not.
I bought my seat myself, not the seat + noon combo, thank you.
If only she had a board like that on kid at the sports game used to block out the fat.
Or complained to management. Or tell the stewardess that I did kind in the most fucked up way possible. Any will work.

And yes, anorexia get the same crap. If not even worse now. Both from fit people and fatties who doesn't know who to control their insecure feelings and point to someone else saying "LOOK AT THEM!! IM NOT BAD LIKE THEM!!1!" Both are bad, but don't deny that both sides are shit positions to be in, and EVERYONE should be working for a healthy image. Not blaming genetics.
I'll stop judging you when you stop trying to get validated by everyone by pushing yourself in public to be sexy or aggresive. I'll stop hushes when you fat people drop your sexual, relationship, attraction double standards. (not every fat, but if the shoe fits)

Nicole personally?
Never heard of her before this, but she's funny. Wouldn't say she's a comedian though. But who doesn't call themselves a comedian nowadays if they make funny videos online?
It was a bit far and funny to make news reports about this though. Lmfao
Making the girl get more views and money that's she probably rolling around in.
Don't give a fuck about her though. One video was enough.

No. 178217

let's be real the video was dumb, and stupid and not funny at all.
if she's going to just tell fatties like it is, she shouldn't hide with the whole "I love you and want you to be healthy" bullshit, that's how I knew she was a piece of shit just looking for views

Fat people deserve to die, they need to so that they can continue to die off and stop overpopulating the earth.

No. 178241

Anorexic bitches are more evil and vicious than ham planets hands down.

No. 178258

Anorexics are insacure and try to in their eyes improve themselves to what society told them to be.

Fat people are just cows who bitch about every girl thinner than them behind their back.

Met loads of nice genuinely sick anorexics. Met loads of bitchy fat wastes of space. Jelly fatty detected.

No. 178261

I like her because she mad a bunch of fatasses have spaz attacks on tumblr and youtube XD fuckin fatasses

No. 178263

xD lol bro!

No. 178274

>Anorexics are ill
>Most hamplanets aren't
Your point?

No. 178298

it doesn't matter how much of a hypocritical unfunny bitch (and possible abuser) you are, as long as you make fun of fat people, lolcow will like you!

come on guys, shes not that funny, shes a hypocrite, try hard jenna marbles copycat.

No. 178310

I hate fat people, I always laugh at fat people, but this girl is not funny AT ALL. There is nothing funny in her video! I was looking at it thinking "yeah it's true, fat people are annoying and stupid and ugly'"
But where is she funny? Nowhere? She ain't, she is dumb.

No. 178322

No. 178324


Are you surprised? This video was published days ago. She has continued to defend what she said to this day.

No. 178340

And one more thing I forgot to add is that I kinda don't agree with her plus size rant because plus sizes don't always equal fat.

I'm 5'6" and a half creeping up to 5"7", and I have some broad ass shoulders.
Im thin-skinny fat-average, and it's odd for regular Large to fit me. I'll usually have to go into the XL section just to find something.
I don't see no cute clothes up in there. And if they are, they look like they were made for a pumpkin.
Works out for sweaters tho!!

This is coming for a girl who lives in a community where most of the people are short and/or fat anyway, so all you see are small And big in width clothing.
At least vanity sizing helped some of my self esteem….
And even though I'm 'skinny', people always choose to tease me when I have shop in plus size section, and then get mad when I say that I want to lose more weight….
Saving for blog rant I guess

No. 178461

Jesus, she makes Kiki and Kota's old "skits" look like comedic genius in comparison. Nothing in her delivery or jokes is original nor funny. Just tired rehashed bits from the 2007/2008 golden era of ~edgy~ 14 year year old "comedians" on youtube.

No. 178481

No one cares. Post this on your blog.

No. 178577

seriously though fuck this cunt. I honestly hope Nicole Arbour gets all her "success" taken away from her. I can't fucking believe she would abuse a person like Matt. a person who is so obviously genuine and kind, a happy guy, someone who is very well known for his infectious happiness and open arms. how the fuck could you? just how fucking sick do you have to be?

No. 178626


The only way she could get anything taken from her is if the abuse story gets coverage but seems nobody gives a fuck.

It's sad, it could have been such a great drama fest.

She seems to be trying hard to keep milking the drama her first video caused just to take attention from the new and more important shit.

No. 178650

i liked her instagram models/do nothing bitches video

i hate do nothing bitches almost more than hamplanets. at least hamplanets do something - eat.

No. 178672

File: 1442018669198.png (77.53 KB, 975x506, zeenewsyoutube.png)

She did remove it herself. The channel is back up now.

No. 178721

File: 1442022984624.jpg (43.87 KB, 602x205, drrld.jpg)

Stop oppressing her you guise!!

No. 178828

Nah there are plenty of pretty female comedians (esp online). They don't get shit because they're not attention seeking assholes like her using "hot topics" to bait and piss people off and calling it comedy.

Also she can't really play the feminist/oppression card when so many of her videos have been going against what online feminism stands for (i.e. letting other women make their own choices instead of "shaming" them in the name of "comedy"). Awesome picking 'n' choosing there!

No. 178897

People used to call me a skeleton all the time when I had an ED pls, it's not a big deal, it's way more accepted.

(I even get that at a healthy weight so? I don't see your argument)
inb4 you start offering me your fat 'cus you have enough #triggered
Yeah I'd be interested to hear more about him, but he doesn't seem too interesting.

No. 178955

Fatty alert

No. 178961

Replied to the wrong post there my apologies anon!!

No. 179554

Well that's ironic.

She's just painfully unfunny. Anyone who was "offended" by her video is retarded, but that doesn't make her funny.

Though I guess I can see how this kind of humor could appeal to people like this…

No. 179573

>people like this

People that have a polar opposite opinion on the video? People that have a different sense of humor?
Ffs, the last person even said they didn't like the video but just said it was true.

No. 183488

Moar drama.

- Youtuber Boogie2988 makes a video response

- Takes the stupid and ultra beta decision of asking her for permission in a very apologetic way.

- Nicole shits all over him in a radio interview.

I don't car much for this Boogie guy but it seems Nicole is lying. It pisses me off how hard she's playing the victim card.

- In the attached video she mentions how "not cool" are all the youtubers that made a video response to her. She's such a pussy

No. 183491


Boogie's response to this video http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1snfrec

The beta is strong in this one

No. 183498

It sucks because he made a pretty good video talking about how he felt betrayed by her and considered her a friend until he saw her video and said that no friend would talk to someone like that and was disappointed in her.

Fast forward and he's saying it's somehow immature of him? He had one of the tamest responses I'd seen and he felt bad for it? Why the fuck would you apologize for making a calm video like he did?

No. 183537

God he need to learn how to tell people to fuck off. He his such a beta but that has to do with his whole life and way of living :/

No. 183538

>That's fine. I don't hang easy. I'm fat, afterall.


No. 183546

I think that might have something to do with being abused growing up and being morbidly obese. I can't imagine many people who lived under those circumstances being an alpha male.

regardless, nichole seems like a manipulative cuntbag that is best left alone.

No. 185441

It has been over five days and she still has not put up the "proof". She is so full of BS.

No. 185443

>People ITT saying Nicole is funny and her video wasn't shitty
How fucking desperate are you people just to get a jab in on fat chicks? Stop being such tasteless shits.

No. 185444

well they aint going out
nicole had a really bad meltdown after matthew talked to a buisness partner in front of her and many other people (a casual convorsation) and she tried to kill herself, matt called the cops and she went to the madhouse in a stretcher apparently
if true, bitch is completely cray

No. 185445

and the only reason she was freaking out was because she was a girl and he shouldnt be around any female except her apparently

No. 185466


tf?! proof?

No. 185477

She's such an annoying unfunny cunt.

And I agree with fat people being awful human beings but she didn't even make that video because she thinks that, just look at her instagram model video, she just makes edgy videos so she can piss off more tumblrites and get more views. I wouldn't mind if she was funny but she just comes off as another annoying "le quirky" youtuber who is 30 and still trying to act youthful.

Also if she really did lie about a car accident and punch her boyfriend she's a complete psycho, honestly I wouldn't be surprised. She has crazy eyes.

No. 185502

I agree! She seems to try so hard to piss off as many people as possible. Like while one of her newest videos is called "Why Abortion is Wrong!" that is actually pro-choice/anti-Conservatives, she still makes sure to piss off the tumblrites by making a whole load of unnecessary dark, abortion jokes. So even when she shares their views, she can still manage to get talked about because tumblrites hate serious topics like abortion rights/abortion being joked about.

She's a walking-talking clickbait article.

No. 185515

Not to mention that still hurts pro-choice bc there are dumbfuck bigots out there that will agree with any anti-abortion rhetoric despite the tone and intention.

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