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File: 1428364816302.jpg (72.24 KB, 604x604, 1428356482478.jpg)

No. 76718

Ashley Thread #6 Grim Reaper Edition!

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
public & anon-enabled
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
**Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Current Events:
Ashley was reported to Adult Protective Service again. She plans to show her ~independence & strength & courage~ by getting a job and writing a book.

Also, theforestcat, ashley's beloved white knight, is revealed as a pro-ana wannabe, and supports Ashley in hopes her ~anorexia~ will rub off on her. Good luck theforestcat!

Old thread #5: >>66250
thread #4: >>40939
thread #3: >>34685
thread #2: >>32362
thread #1: >>21279

No. 76720

that halo is setting some pretty morbid imagery

No. 76721

TheForestCat/MethSpider is also 15 years old. I don't mean to WK, but I feel weird talking about her like this. What has she done exactly aside from be annoying?

No. 76722

dat edge.

No. 76724

She is literally death.

No. 76726

That picture honestly needs a trigger warning.

No. 76728

File: 1428366594428.png (230.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-04-06-18-23-04…)

No. 76729


Someone in the other thread linked to her youtube channel. I find it a really interesting look back at her past. In her youtube profile picture, you can really see the anorexia really starting to set in.

No. 76730

The video with her and her friend rolling down the hill and playing with the hair dryer is really sad. I wonder if she's still in contact with that friend. Probably not.

No. 76734


You can already tell she is pretty disturbed in the videos… it's sad that it got so out of control.

No. 76772

File: 1428372836427.jpg (14.72 KB, 320x299, 1238361530589_f.jpg)

No. 76773

Disturbed how? She seems like a generic teen in those vids, aside from the rotten teefs. I wish we knew what happened to her during those years that she disappeared.

No. 76776

File: 1428373549865.jpg (112.86 KB, 501x501, 1387234350610.jpg)

Wow, Ash is just looking worst and worst…

No. 76781

She's really cute in this one.

No. 76786


No. 76791


She just seems very gloomy to me. I was checking out the videos and it is eerie to look back now that we know what she has become.

No. 76794


Additionally, someone comments on the anorexia and she says "i'll probably die from it :D"

No. 76829

File: 1428378404077.png (42.9 KB, 178x180, 1421464161901.png)

I'm sorry but Jesus Christ, how annoying. This fucking over dramatic 15 year old. I'm sorry but you do not have an eating disorder, she sounds like she has a normal eating pattern (and possibly over eats) but can't even manage to go 24 hours without eating?

She doesn't have BED, or COD, and she most certainly does not have anorexia. She seems like a normal girl who is concerned about her weight and is trying to make her 'struggle' a wayyyy bigger deal than it even needs to be in the first place.

I think she goes here so listen here you little fuck: you do not want an eating disorder. Grow the fuck up. Buy a bicycle and use it, take a kick boxing class, focus on school, and stop trying to convince yourself to get an eating disorder. You obviously don't have the self-discipline for one in the first place.

Sorry everyone but people like this really piss me off. I hate people who try to have mental disorders.

No. 76832


No. 76835

this bitch is gross i don't know how you guys can look at her

No. 76838

She'll probably get scared off when Ashley and Erika die.

No. 76844

File: 1428379987798.jpg (563.91 KB, 720x1178, lolotion.jpg)

I recently showed both Ash and Quirky to my mom. She doesn't understand how skeleton chan is still alive and thought she was 40, not 26 or whatever. My mom also said that neither of them will live to see forty.

Farmers, is it fucked up that I check lolcow just to see when either of them will be posting pictures on a hospital gown after a super kawaii heart attack?

No. 76846

theforestcat, we know you like to stalk here. You do not have a problem. You are trying to create a problem where none exists. stop it.

You're what, 16 years old, max? Yeah, it's called being a teenager and pigging out, which, all teens practically do. Exercise. Do something productive. Ffs get your lazy ass off tumblr and do something. anything.

No. 76850

*neither of them will live to see thirty

sorry smh

No. 76853

Having an ED is trendy, even when you don't. It's irritating.

No. 76854

MethSpider's last Tumblr entry says she was "diagnosed with something" today, but she's not saying what it is. I doubt she's been diagnosed with anything.

No. 76859

Diagnosed as… An overly dramatic 15 yr old I'd wager.

No. 76862

Prolly thinks she has a personality disorder like borderline or thinks shes bipolar now. Ps theforestcat reputable psychs dont diagnos kids (18 and younger) with this shit and if they do its after year(s) of contact with them.

Side note, why are those two mental illnesses so popular for tumblrtards to claim?

No. 76870

I'd wager that Tumblr users have a higher incidence of those disorders than the general population, at least amongst the 20+ users. Ham-chan is clearly borderline, and her behavior is hardly unique on a site full of people begging for others to buy them food and pretending to be trans. The younger ones are just mimicking the "cool" grown-ups in most cases.

No. 76878

File: 1428386164464.jpg (42.79 KB, 720x382, IMG_20150407_074038.jpg)

No. 76886

I wonder how much these pervy men encouraged her to continue with her ED.

No. 76887

She got her wish, too. I hope it's as glamorous as she expected it would be.

No. 76977

File: 1428406449152.jpg (41.75 KB, 964x121, metho.JPG)

I hate how mental illness has become something that makes a person cool. To me it's the same as being stigmatised for having an illness but at the other extreme.

Pic: She wonders why she still feels hungry after eating a donut and a muffin. Here's a clue: empty calories. A bit of self control and bothering to research healthy, tasty snacks would stop you feeling hungry ten minutes later. That's why the #struggle is ~very real~.

Word of advice: stay away from proana blogs and proana people. Maybe you feel the longing to fit into a group, but find some other tribe. Make some friends at a gym for example.

(Love the wording though)

No. 76982

That just sounds like what I do when I'm PMSing.

No. 76987

There's that little girl January that was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was six, but I think the parents have something to do with it because the dad admitted to beating and starving his kid.

OTOH, it is extremely rare for a kid to get a schizophrenia diagnosis.

No. 77029

because they're the few disorders they know, and most of what they know about them is from TV, movies etc. which makes them edgy

No. 77096


Is that excerpt from theforestcat?

No. 77101


Here's a thought. If this girl wants to lose weight, how about she follow healthy people who work out and eat real food? Why do they all follow each other, posting non-stop images of sugary sweets?

Seeing image after image of the crazy delicious desserts that Tumblr comes up with all day is going to make one crave sweets.

Follow fitness instructors. Get a job at a healthy food joint. Quit the carb bullshit and get real exercise. The desire should be for physical strength, not the mental willpower to starve oneself into a weak and useless state.

No. 77113

> OTOH, it is extremely rare for a kid to get a schizophrenia diagnosis.
OT but what ? no… if the kid insists on hearing voices or having night terrors or hallucinating… that seems like pretty good criteria for diagnosis.

No. 77114

or we could stop giving weight loss advice on a thread about a girl dying from anorexia

No. 77116

Yes, it is rare. <1% of children get diagnosed with schizophrenia.

No. 77117

And I want to add that you can experience hallucinations and hear voices if you bipolar disorder and are experiencing mania.

No. 77118

Holy shit she lived long enough to have multiple threads

No. 77128


I'm ravenous a few days before a period. Fucking hormones.

It's not weight loss advice so much as advising her to not go messing around with proana people if she wants to lose a few pounds. Not that I think she even needs it looking at her pics.

Plus schizoid personality disorder. Or if the CIA implant a chip in your brain.

No. 77129

Well it sure as hell isn't Ashley, this kid has a job.
Her rabbit will outlive her, I promise.

No. 77138

You're mixing up schizoid and schizotypal. Schizoid personality disorder does NOT cause hallucinations.

No. 77142

Psychotic depression has similar symptoms. Although I'm not sure if that's a more prevalent diagnosis than schizophrenia.

No. 77154

Yeah. I should've known better. My partner's got it. He was diagnosed with schoizophrenia and after many years they changed the diagnosis to schizotypal. He has hallucinations and voices.

Sounds like I know a load of mentally ill people (kind of do), but my best friend at college has psychotic depression episodes. She didn't hallucinate, but had paranoid thoughts and once tried to set the house we shared on fire with everyone inside while we slept. She was then diagnosed as schizophrenic after another episode, but I'm pretty sure they don't really have a clue which pigeonhole to fit her in to.

No. 77162

Or the kid's exaggerating due to not understanding what those symptoms actually mean, or they're instead a result of abuse and the child's way of dealing with the trauma.

I 100% believe that all these cases of 'childhood schizophrenia' are simply incompetent psychiatrists with a desire for fame and to get their stories into public focus.

No. 77165

I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14. I would hallucinate wildly at night to the point of having meltdowns and I heard "voices" telling me to kill myself, I'm worthless, etc. It wasnt until very recently I was diagnosed with psychotic depression (I didn't even know it was a thing) and started risperdal along with wellbutrin and the psychotic episodes have all but ceased. So it can definitely make you do "schizo" type things.

No. 77167

I was diagnosed as ADD and bi-polar in my teens. Sorry, *MISdiagnosed. Turns out, it was actually just my shitty behavior from all the drugs and alcohol I was doing.

No. 77169

Same thing happened to a friend of mine. He was diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and put on a cocktail of medication. In reality, he wasn't delusional at all when he was sobre, he just did a lot of drugs and had a big sadistic streak he was terrible at hiding.

I'm so utterly tired of hearing these stories, it's come to the point where I just ignore every piece of outside information because I can't bear to refute it any more, and I can't contribute anything to any discussion.

No. 77171

They also put me on effexor for it, and let me tell you fuckers that shit is miserable to get off of. So anyways, where I'm going with this is I'm wondering how much of ashley's shitty behavior is due to her eating disorder. You're all playing armchair psychiatrist but I'm willing to bet 90% of her shittiness (RIGHT NOW) is due to that. Now, the other 10% is some mental illness that even allowed her to do this to herself in the first place. Although it is pretty common for borderlines to have eating disorders, I'm willing to bet her behavior is amplified 200% by the active ED behaviors

No. 77173

But then what about lying and exaggerating about how awful her mom is?

No. 77174

You're not even giving her advice, she came here what, once in December?

No. 77175

The lying and exaggerating is the 10% borderline showing.

No. 77178

She lurks, Phd psychology-chan.

No. 77180

Maybe, but I feel like she'd be making a big stink and whining to Ashley about this. Maybe it'll be a few days.

No. 77181

She's made her Ig private, so…

No. 77201

Having any mental problem is trendy these days, partly thanks to Tumblr etc. EDs are just one of the most popular because people think the only 'side effect' is being skinny which is desirable.
These kids have no fucking clue.

No. 77202

The success of myproana is a testament to this.

No. 77204

I avoided browsing other areas of that forum aside from the thread on ash due to my own issues, but it seemed like they were hoping she would recover? is it actually pro-ana or is she just a specific case they support recovery for? I didn't witness anyone wanting to look like her or anything.

No. 77222


That vk.com place is really bad for people drooling over anorexics
reminds you that Ashley isn't special, there're tons of anorexics in a bad way apart from her.

I can't really comment because it has no interest for me. Saying that, I just went to the "bulimia" section and saw a thread "what time frame do you give yourself to binge and then start to purge". Hints n tips, no?

No. 77223

File: 1428427303169.jpg (39.8 KB, 584x421, vk.JPG)

Found this on vk.

No. 77225

Maybe Ash should write a book about her life, if she's honest about what her day-to-day is like. I can't imagine wanting that.

No. 77226

It's thinly veiled advice on being anorexic, but if you come right out and say you want advice, they all flip.

No. 77228

File: 1428427626291.png (111 KB, 608x426, thisisnot.png)

No. 77229

That would be an incredible thing to do. All the details about the disgusting things her body must go through. That's what people need to hear. Idk if one like that's been written but it sure as hell should be. I can honestly say that a lot of books that're brutal in their description of drug use put me off from ever even starting on that path.

No. 77230

Thanks for the trigger warning. Surprisingly, I'm okay with seeing thin people and that image above. And I think what makes ashley look so disturbing is that her muscles have completely atrophied, even if she's the same weight as some of those girls.

Ah yeah the food fear mongering would be risky.

No. 77231

The pics on that vk site make me want to cry. How can someone look at them and want to be like that? All I see is awful sickness and tragedy.

No. 77232

Marc Pfennig
Hi Emma, normally I say "too skinny isn't possible to be beautiful" but I think she is a bit too skinny to have a healthy life ! Her face don't look very pretty.


No. 77234

Haha, yeah. I admit I loled at that.

No. 77236

File: 1428428006788.png (360.21 KB, 413x595, marcpfennig.png)


No. 77239

Marc Pfennig is one sick fucker.

I notice Ash on some of the pages of people who comment at that group. "Crystal Bones" has got one of her.

No. 77241

File: 1428428432428.png (13.38 KB, 407x150, gross.png)

Now I'm just grossing myself out.

No. 77242

Euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, what the fuck. I hope those aren't their real names

No. 77244


I think that vk page is all fetishists and fetishists pretending to be anorectics. Ash should get in touch with them, she could make some big money.

I checked out myproana one time, and in the bulimia section, in addition to a thread for pictures of food people are about to binge on, there's a thread for pictures of the purged food (GOOD GOD, WHY?). I didn't dare check out those threads, but it gave me pretty much all I needed to know about MPA.

No. 77245

Visible heartbeat? Is that even possible?

No. 77246

>purged food

Holy shit. Speechless.

Really don't understand why it isn't closed down, although I know they'd only go elsewhere.

No. 77247

What in the fuck? THat's so disturbing.

No. 77249

File: 1428428863674.jpg (60.07 KB, 617x600, k.JPG)

I can't believe these people exist

No. 77252

File: 1428429035872.jpg (14.13 KB, 396x64, fight!.JPG)

Ash's got some competition. Watch out girl!

No. 77255

Makes me wonder if people like her and ash consider sawing off limbs to "lose" weight. There isn't anything else to lose.

No. 77256

Give her Ashley's contact information

No. 77258

At least Emma Cee would be sent chocolate and high calorie food so she doesn't get too thin.

No. 77261

I had a friend who had an eating disorder and was also an amputee (she had one leg/hip). I knew her after she'd supposedly recovered, and from what she said, the missing leg weight actually bothered her because she couldn't accurately compare her weight to other people of her height.

No. 77262

What's with the competitive streak that comes with anorexia? I can't find that blog where Ashley wrote how she was going to be the skinniest on some forum. Is it competitive with all anorexics?

No. 77271

I don't know the answer, as I'm not a typical case. But my sister suffered as a teenager and she wanted to be thinner than the rest of her friends, so I guess it is pretty common

No. 77273

I'm sure not all anorexics are competitive, but the ones that are push each other further into the disease and are more extreme and therefore more likely to be talked about.

No. 77275

No. 77277

The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

Are they the Australian twins? I think they died in a fire.

No. 77278


No, two different ones. Mildly dutch I think? Polish?

No. 77288

Polish. On the original Intervention episode, the parents said they were both from Poland and emigrated.

No. 77291

No. 77292

No. 77295

Twins are fucking weird though. Every set of twins I've met have some weird mental disorder that they amplify in each other.

No. 77296

The set of twins I knew who weren't like that were one male and one female. Being a twin, particularly identical, has got to fuck with your mind.

No. 77297

Now that you say that, the only pair of identical twin girls I've ever know actually had eating disorders as well. I went to middleschool with them and they were just super sporty athletic basketball players, kinda popular. Athletic builds. Then, all of a sudden when we all went to highschool, they both had dropped A LOT of weight. One was skinnier than the other though. Their ideal buaty was playboy bunny girls, like super skinny but big huge boobs, which they both had naturally. I guess they just wanted to starve thier athletic bodies away? Idk

I remember sitting at lunch with the skinnier twin one day and she told me her diet was to eat "every other day" like it was no big deal, and all she did for lunch was drink a diet cola.

The other twin told me how they both wanted liposuction for chistrmas. After christmas, she told me they decided not to do it (their parents OK'd it thoguh WTF?) because the doctor said they'd would only lose like 4lbs.

twins man, wtf. I hope I don't have any.

No. 77298

No. 77299


Is it just me or do they not like very anorexic?

No. 77303

…so are they only restricting what they eat? I'm thinner than those two. Hm, maybe the disorder's just the crazy way they act together about eating. If they're eating very little I would've expected them to be a lot thinner. They just look slim.

No. 77304

I just read a page where it says before Intervention they were "withering away". That's a bit overdramatic.

No. 77309

Wanna add - wasn't bragging about being thinner.

No. 77310

File: 1428436902302.png (463.11 KB, 643x435, creepilytakingpics.png)

that pfennig guy is creepy af. his obsession is of a sexual nature, while most anorexics aren't skinny to be sexy. aren't a lot of them trying to diminish sexual looks about their body (like a curvy figure) by being skinny? like shmegeh.

No. 77316

He's a cock. A disgusting creep. Illness must turn him on.

No. 77318

ugh, twins are always creepy in some way.

No. 77319

wut? lol, i can't believe someone mentioned the cheeky girls. so thanks now i can understand why i thought they were a little odd in some way

No. 77320

Hahaha. Ah dear. It was more than their weight that makes them odd.

No. 77324

>There are a few anorexic twins:
Those two compete.
i feel bad for them. Hope they are able to recover. I love that one racist comment down below. ofc no one calls it out.

No. 77333

>dat racist comment
I thought it was funny
People post racist shit about black people all the time and no one calls it out, anon
The internet is just racist

No. 77343

We should start a thread on this sick fuck lol

No. 77344

everyone looks fufkin normal compared to ashley lol

No. 77345

fucking HELL all of her pictures make me feel nauseous, i can't stand looking at her

No. 77346

>Maria is 5’5” and weighs 87lbs

This baffled me because I'm the same height and weight and look nowhere near that thin

No. 77347

body fat, muscle mass, etc. you may have more muscle than they do. you should gain bruh that aint healthy

No. 77348


Everyone holds weight on their body differently.

No. 77349

I looked him up on facebook but didn't find anyone who could be him. I'd google some more, but idk if that's even his real name.

No. 77351

Yeah I couldn't find anything on him either. I'll do some investigating, even if it isn't his real name he may have other accounts he posts creepy shit on

No. 77352

its the perfectionism
maybe if you're finally good enough at something, mommy and daddy will notice you

No. 77353

He's on twitter, but ONE tweet

No. 77354

We should just have a general VK ana-fetish thread.

No. 77355

>Maria is 5’5” and weighs 87lbs and her sister, Katy is the same height, but weighs 70lbs.
But they look a similar weight, certainly not a 17 pound difference, in the photos? Odd.

No. 77356

No. 77357

Ok, found more things about him, but I won't spam it.

No. 77360

Are you googling all his usernames as well?

No. 77362

Just his name for now.

No. 77364

He's been creeping about ED for years. His youtube channel:

No. 77372


The accounts are practically the same except that the one who works at Starbucks posts more coffee cup pictures.

No. 77373

I'm sure we'll hear some ~exciting news~ from her now you've mentioned it here.

Thanks for the instagram links.

No. 77374

Ugh. Went to Katy's first photo and she thinks her face is obese.

No. 77385

terrifying that they are both actual medical doctors and I think on one of Maria's posts she said she gained 1.2kg overnight which is obviously impossible. She can't even rationalise something she knows is medically incorrect

No. 77386

She's definitely got an Ashley face going on there. Not obese at all.

No. 77388

p.s.henriksen comments on every ana bitch on instagram too.

No. 77391

They eat just like Gummibear Queen or whatever.

No. 77403

i dont see a bite taken out of anything on that

No. 77406

File: 1428443759483.png (915.58 KB, 1086x851, Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 22.5…)

>trying to recover

No. 77407

Shit. We need to do something about these people.

I know. One's into whipped cream and her food is low calorie Shapers. It's depressing. The first one screams suicide waiting to happen.

No. 77409

Sweet n Low sweetener. Corn has fuck all calories in it. Obviously using coffee to fill up.

No. 77411

I try to switch up my diet constantly in recovery. Spot the fakes easily when they eat the same shitevery single day

No. 77413

Even the hot chocolate is low calorie. 30 calories.

No. 77416

8 months ago
Morning sb!!! Perfect as usual just feel so damn alone got told yest I should make a will and Havnt got long to live feel gutted and depressed what hope do I have ??? I am only 37 surely I have a chance of recovery everyone has the potential to ??? I feel like I have been put on scrap heap so upset 😫how can I prove drs wrong? Has anyone else had ed for this long (27 years)?

Well, that's me on a downer.

No. 77457

bitch thinks she's a tokyo ghoul or some shit with all them coffees

No. 77501

gaining 1.2kg overnight isnt impossible. of course it's water weight but when you see that number on the scale, the holy
"shit factor" still exists in an anorexic's mind

No. 77506


Fack. It's a huge community of these creeps.

No. 77507

Who's Nina Hansen and why does she <3 the fetishist? I've been looking for these creeps all night!

No. 77509

I joined vk just to see her profile

No. 77511

…and she posts pictures of Ashley AND Erika

No. 77515

Down the rabbit hole we go. This shit is giving me the willies.

No. 77516

I think Nina might BE p.s.henriksen

No. 77517

File: 1428454625066.jpg (21.26 KB, 482x96, Capture.JPG)

Seriously weird shit.

No. 77518

I was about to join but then it asked for phone number… nahhhh. Post screenies of creeps. We need a thread for this saga

No. 77521

File: 1428455244055.jpg (35.42 KB, 616x424, ew.JPG)

I joined by clicking that log in with facebook. It didn't ask for any info.

Finding loads of creeps though such as see pic.

No. 77522

No. 77526

File: 1428455488300.jpg (46.74 KB, 621x434, ash.JPG)

They're like paedos who all "friend" each other. More Ashley.

No. 77527

File: 1428455543151.jpg (80.53 KB, 604x604, Mk9gjpJ_h6s.jpg)

No. 77529

She looks … healthier in these

No. 77536

File: 1428456019425.jpg (54.09 KB, 633x513, Capture.JPG)

they're quite old though, but the legs are the same.

No. 77537

are you retarded

No. 77538


What website even is this? :S

No. 77540

Healthier than now. are YOU retarded?

No. 77541

it's like facebook for Russians

No. 77542


it's a russian website from what i know

did you all know that incidences of anorexia in Russia started to increase significantly in 1992-93 after Russian media laws were relaxed and American media started flooding in? surprise! freedom is here~~!

No. 77543

Russia is fucked though. They allow CP so I'm not surprised they allow this pro ana crap.

No. 77545

File: 1428456547547.jpg (62.78 KB, 604x453, -UzNbT7_bIc.jpg)

One of the creeps who hang around the anorexia groups is married to her in the pic

No. 77546

in the good old pre-western infiltration days our women were meaty and we weren't baby fuckers. thanks for freeing us america. not.

No. 77547

wtf is this creature and why is the torso on backwards

No. 77548

Jesus fucking christ, this is some Resident Evil type shit.

No. 77549

holy shit offtopic but last year right before my period I got insanely hungry, like so painfully need to consume and then that night / next day bam 103F fever for no reason. only happens sometimes but I thought I had worms or something

No. 77550

File: 1428456808594.jpg (38.48 KB, 736x389, mama.jpg)

They should have gotten Ash to play Mama

No. 77551

File: 1428456926996.jpg (75.31 KB, 604x453, HsGi1cjc5lM.jpg)

That was me. Yeah, it's awful. For three days it's mega hunger.

Pic is same woman.

No. 77552

I don't know whether to be more horrified by that pose or by her wallpaper.

No. 77553

the clothes though.

It's weird how they know the names of the girls, like they must be anorexic e celebrities.

No. 77555

File: 1428457242461.jpg (27.23 KB, 631x228, Capture.JPG)

No. 77560

>lava swede

No. 77561

File: 1428458060263.jpg (27.61 KB, 625x283, Capture.JPG)

Lava … has no posts. Just this…

Friends with all the other fetishits

No. 77565

File: 1428458411605.jpg (43.02 KB, 629x476, Capture.JPG)

No. 77577

LOL Miguel Valera followed me on a couple of social media sites. I can't remember if I blocked him or just let him be, since I don't post full body pics, expose any skin, or talk about anorexia. Looking at this stuff, i'm thinking I should make sure I've blocked him.
(deffo creepy when someone who posts no content of his own follows only diseased women)

No. 77583

Actual Meth Spider.

No. 77584

Why were all the fetishists born in 1972?

No. 77588

I wonder if they lurk this thread, or the reddit one or any of the other ones, or if they just find pox like this one with Google image search? I'm sure they're all on MPA.

No. 77589


No. 77617

File: 1428464049970.png (3.99 KB, 329x149, demetor.png)

No. 77642


Probably about someone who did nothing to her.

>so angsty

No. 77650

Probably about us.

No. 77654

100% about us.

No. 77662

Purging is disgusting. Literally disgusting.
I've been super sick for the past 3 days. I haven't been able to eat or drink anything, I just throw up and throw up and throw up. It been like this for about the last year. Any time I feel stressed, I throw up repeatedly for the entire day and I'm just completely sick and worn out. I still have to manage to go to school and work and I've even been brought to the emergency room after throwing up so much I passed out on the floor of my job.

I wish I could just have one normal day. One. I wish I could eat a big meal and not throw it up right after. I'm so hungry. I just want to eat. I can't imagine putting yourself through something like this willingly.
I have seen a doctor and she said there was nothing she could do to help and it was just stress. My teeth are already rotting.. Why the fck would anyone /want/ to throw up? Why would anyone want to waste their money on food? I'd give anything to be normal again.

Eating disorders are sick and anyone who supports them are fucking sick too.

No. 77668

Eating disorders are sick because they're a literal mental disorder and the people who have them usually cannot stop themselves from doing it.

You're fucking retarded and no one cares for your personal blog.

No. 77673

File: 1428471430058.jpg (402.34 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

Lol because there's sooooooo much original and interesting content going on right now

o right never talk about urself i forgot

Here let's post more pictures of Ashley! Make her famous! Defend eating disorders!

No. 77676

No body would want to make themselves purge you fucking dumbass they are sick it's a mental illness how hard is that to get?!

No. 77678

Sounds like you're a hypochondriac making yourself sick since even m.ds don't know what's wrong with you but oh wait you're so much better then someone with mental illness puking becuz you think you have a physical illness making you puke.

No. 77679

Where can I subscribe to your personal blog?

No. 77680

nah they usually can sry

quit pretending like everyone is equally as damaged

there ARE people that do this kind of shit for attention/in response to feeling fat or whatever, willingly surround themselves with likeminded fuckwits, and it gets taken too far

there are, however, sincerely damaged people that can't stop

i refuse to believe that with the drastic spike in teenage girls willing to not fucking eat or throw up perfectly good food, that they're all equally "ill"

there are people that do things dramatic things without being sincerely sick, cut the shit

No. 77681

Lol guiz
Being this mad
Okay u all are right I'm so terrible
Poor girls who stick their fingers down their throat at every meal!!!!! They don't deserve it!!!! Bawwwwww poor babies buying 70$ worth of food and throwing it up in one sitting and then taking pictures afterword!

Y'all bitches sound salty. Maybe I'm a hypochondriac but isn't that a mental illness as well?

I'm just fucking bitter so I shitposted on an anonymous image board. wow guys u rly showed me thanks bravo please keep showing me the errors of my ways. maybe one day I can be a helpless anorexic too!!!!!

No. 77683

Honestly, I think she's talking about her mom.
It's not the first time she refers to her as a monster.

No. 77684

Maybe. Honestly I thought it seemed like she was talking about her ED. But she does love to complain about her mother..

No. 77688

I actually kind of believe her about the abuse. Can't child abuse cause borderline?

No. 77700

No, probably about us.

No. 77721

>They allow CP

Educate yourself, please.

No. 77722

File: 1428489984897.jpg (125.09 KB, 1139x531, Untitled.jpg)

>lurk this thread

No. 77723

>In Russia…simple possession of child pornography is not prohibited

No. 77725

>MP Olga Alimova (Communist Party) of the State Duma Committee for Women, Family and Children, supported the initiative, noting that currently law enforcers often have to close cases of suspected child porn dealers as the suspects insisted that they kept all their stock “for personal consumption.”

No. 77726

No. 77727

Wrong. If there is CP on your computer and they find it, you'll go to jail. End of story.

No. 77728


No. 77783

Nah, if she was talking about us there would be plenty of #bullying #cyberbully #bully tags.

No. 77790

u need to go to a different doctor, blog anon

No. 77796

Your PMS routine is getting really old.

No. 77798

File: 1428507248409.jpg (39.35 KB, 636x490, stalker.JPG)

One of the creeps is after Erika

No. 77803

It feels like the same 2edge jackass is going around saying "you're fucking retarded! retard!!!!samefag!! you're literally retarded literally!" on everything. I can't help but imagine it as a lonely fat girl in black lipstick. Like that girl in the /b/ thread on jelly h8ers.

No. 77806

Like they haven't got anything to contribute they have to be a bitch about someone's post. I like this thread because EDs are interesting. Tragic, but interesting. I wonder how people can purge willingly too. It's just fascination. It's good to have a place to discuss it until new Ashley info hits /pt/

No. 77807

And I remember the anon who throws up a lot. Definitely need to get referred to a specialist for an endoscopy or sthing. You must get really dehydrated.

No. 77810

File: 1428508306350.jpg (39.4 KB, 628x495, ash.JPG)

No. 77813

One of her fans is a manorexic. Maybe we should hook them up together.

No. 77822

Me thinks a lot of the people truly suffering aren't doing so willingly, they may feel they have no control and feel helpless to stop it, but want out

No. 77826

I can understand that but that first purge. I mentioned my friend who died who recovered from anorexia - she started with her ED when her and a friend started pigging out together then throwing up together. The second time they did it she said she thought it looked disgusting and from then on she went to restricting and didn't purge again.

On that Caraline's Story docu she describes how purging is a shock to her system every time and it feels so bad. It must trigger some addictive thing in the brain, like self harming does.

No. 77838

>her and a friend started pigging out together then throwing up together

something tells me this is what ash wanted with erika.

No. 77846

Well Caraline said that it was lonely bingeing on her own every night, so…

ED buddies. Is that for encouragement or to pass tips or both? I couldn't be arsed to be bff with people with the same illness as I have. You know, all consuming. I'm sure it'd help more if they took up a hobby to focus their mind on something else. Idk, people who make themselves their illness piss me off.

No. 77848

Endorphins, maybe.

No. 77851


>The bulimic cycle releases endorphins, brain chemicals that infuse a person with a sense of numbness or euphoria.


No. 77869

I know this is off topic but I want to know if anyone else sees this too?

I notice a trend with "wannarexics" and young girls with bulimia: they all read those Go Ask Alice and Letting Go Ana books. I'm really curious why? I've never read them personally so I have no idea what those books are about, but I get a weird feeling that they read them on purpose? To, like, know what it's like or to be "triggered" into getting an eating disorder? 😟

No. 77876

You forgot their HOLY BIBLE


No. 77898

Nahhh, Wasted would be the holy bible.

No. 77908

for tips too?

No. 77930

If Metho isn't scared off by the grownups dying, maybe she should be scared off by the creepers.

No. 77932

File: 1428520353436.jpg (238.02 KB, 750x900, eating_disorder.jpg)

someone from one of the old threads had asked about ash's twitter cover art

the artist is called yukaman, here's the link to his works:


No. 77933

Eww. Anything to do with anorexia, they find it.

No. 77937

It's weird how these creepers talk. It's almost as if they expect these anorexics to be emotionally stable and normal women, or even confident and outgoing.

No. 77948


Are you asking for tips? Go to MPA. Sheesh.

No. 77949

File: 1428521363572.jpg (42.1 KB, 510x604, veins.jpg)

Why are some of these women so veiny?

No. 77950

That's because your veins pop through as your body fat drops.

No. 77951

>>77948 Oops, maybe I misunderstood your comment.

No. 77952


I think Ash could make a fortune if she got in touch with some of these porno dudes.

No. 77953


Ash, here's their contact information. All you need to do is find a photographer, which could be pretty expensive/difficult. Maybe one of your online friends has a nice camera and lives nearby.

No. 77955

Ash - you can also try http://www.myfreecams.com/

No. 77959

I added this guy on Skype, should I ask him anything?

No. 77961

Ask him what his anorexic dream girl's personality would be like.

No. 77965

They all seem to like some anorexic character in Skins too. I've never seen it, but she's posted all over thinspo sites and wannarexics quote her on tumblr.

No. 77970

That Boneskine person on deviantart takes pics of extreme anas.

No. 77972

Make a wishlist! Ask him to buy you ~things~

No. 77973

Cassie from UK Skins. I don't get why, but whatever.

No. 77976

It's weird to me how proud of their bodies they are. I know the illness isn't something to be ashamed of, but TOO MANY PHOTOS.

Pre-internet, the only anorexic body I saw was my friend's and she wore baggy clothes.

The veins make me really nauseous and also when people have that ~thigh gap~ when it's like bandy thighs. I know they can't help their anatomy, but it doesn't look good.

No. 77980

He hasn't posted since 2011 so maybe he got sick of it.

No. 77981

File: 1428523404272.jpg (42.51 KB, 904x160, weirdo_alert.JPG)

No. 77986

I loved Cassie when I watched it, she got better in it as well, they should all focus on that. She did give "tips" in the show about how to hide being ana, which looking back maybe wasn't a great move by E4… I'll admit, I have a pic and quote of her on my wall.

No. 77993

Maybe they're like the men who are feeders. They get off to the fact their girlfriends are so obese they're dependent on them. Could be a similar thing, although that probably doesn't apply to the guy with manorexia.

No. 77995

File: 1428524334446.png (38.87 KB, 654x144, Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 21.1…)

I don't think they do, really.

Some are more open and some don't admit it but they all want 'fragile' women. Even beyond that, there's still two types: those who claim they want to look after them and the more predatory types that want to control and take advantage of the girls.

Pic related from the porn that was posted: the far creepier, destructive type.

No. 77999

Don't do that. Stop.

No. 78001

Stop. Literally. I can't even. That's ableist.

No. 78008


I hate to play the devil's advocate here, but I have to agree that the term manorexia is a bit degrading. It sounds like it is invalidating the plight of men because only 'females' feel an excess of pressure to be in shape and only 'females' want to lose weight.

Anorexia in men is almost no different than anorexia in women. And they both have the same consequences.

No. 78009

That's basically how I feel. It's another way for men to go "Well, this is a woman's disorder. i dont want to be associated with women…" so they wanna add the man part to make it sound like a thing ONLY MENZ GETS.

It's just as damn infuriating as manbun and guyliner.

No. 78010

The worst part is, anorexia is just as bad in most Asian countries in men, especially Japan, where being fat can actually get your fired from your job if they are strict enough.

Anorexia can happen to both genders. It's not strictly with women. Men just feel 'embarrassed' to admit they care about their looks, because god for fucking bid they are want to groom themselves to look decent or else they're not real men.

No. 78017

god this website LOVES anorexic boney auschwitz victims. ashe maree, pumpkinspice girl, etc. etc. it's crazy town. i swear these anorexic-chasers have a lot of money to burn

No. 78025

Why the fuck is she allowed to have 40 pets and tattoos and piercings? No wonder she's fucked up.

No. 78028

these girls on cam are fucking hilarious

No. 78039

File: 1428527636477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.96 KB, 962x342, Capture.JPG)

idk. this one isn't doing too well.

No. 78044

She also looks sad as hell.

No. 78045

File: 1428527829145.jpg (14.03 KB, 341x89, Capture.JPG)

her favourite food is pizza

No. 78051

This is just painful to watch.

No. 78055

they all play such awful music

No. 78075

Just looked her up
She's still sitting there exactly same pose as in that screenshot
is this how these girls make money?
just by sitting half nude infront of a cam?

No. 78085

File: 1428530575513.jpg (63.62 KB, 972x366, Capture.JPG)

She flashed her "abs" when Timmy tipped her. She didn't even communicate with people in the room. I left to play Candy Crush.

No. 78086

urgh why did I look her up? scary

No. 78088

I went back. Same. Does she even know what's happening?

No. 78090

she keeps hiding a weird nipple with her hair

No. 78093

Why do i have her open in a tab?
The music is tacky but kinda fun to listen to.

And i noticed the nip thing too.

No. 78095

File: 1428530929455.jpg (10.75 KB, 171x118, weirdnipple.JPG)

>nip thing

I wonder what she's doing.

No. 78102

I've watched Ashee Marie in the past (out of curiosity about the whole LittleLotte association) and she actually put effort into her camming and looked like she enjoyed it, this girl looks drugged out of her brain

No. 78103

File: 1428531329903.jpg (109.98 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Poor Ash. She doesn't post much to Facebook these days.

No. 78104

She is listening to Dizzee Rascal, this is weird.

No. 78114

DAT ASS holy shit

No. 78123


The girls I know who purge, do it to abuse themselves after they've have a binge.

No. 78149

I'm chronic bulimic, and I usually binge until I'm so full I can't breathe. And once I start purging, it feels so good to get rid of that crap I can't stop. If you think about it, binging and purging is much like masturbation/sex. ok I think it's enough about my sad life.

No. 78152

Why has this thread become such a personal blog?

No. 78155

probably because Ash is doing fuck all at the moment, she'll have a breakdown soon enough and we'll have milk for days

No. 78157

And eating normally, then taking a nice hearty poop doesn't satisfy you one bit?

No. 78170

File: 1428537755281.jpg (14.44 KB, 542x99, pity.JPG)

She needs to stop milking the anxiety/poor me thing and do something productive. Even she could do something productive.

No. 78171

I think it's more complicated than that.

No. 78180

Um fuck no pooping is boring as hell compared to purging…

No. 78185

File: 1428539840661.jpg (62.56 KB, 389x600, file (1).jpg)

No. 78186

File: 1428539883329.jpg (59.21 KB, 600x445, file.jpg)

who runs the ask.fm as Ashley?

No. 78188

File: 1428539954472.jpg (71.73 KB, 443x600, file (2).jpg)

haven't seen these before

No. 78189

this is her as a child (the account says)

No. 78190

File: 1428540123128.jpg (163.59 KB, 596x600, file (3).jpg)

No. 78195

File: 1428540359505.jpg (73.85 KB, 567x600, file (5).jpg)

No. 78198

where are these from?

No. 78201

File: 1428540826779.jpg (97.14 KB, 600x591, file (11).jpg)

No. 78203

Even if it was in English, this doesn't match Ashley's typing style… Does anyone here want to take credit?

No. 78205

I don't know Spanish, chrome's translating so not me.

No. 78206

I remember when I first saw her tumblr, I google searched her for pre-ed pics, and found her actual ask.fm or a similar site where she answered questions and that seemed real to me.

No. 78208

File: 1428541650654.jpg (55.16 KB, 600x433, file (15).jpg)

Some of this is like her, but some is way off. She says her mum committed suicide. no idea what's going on with that account.

No. 78209

>has muerto?
>Noooo hahaha

>You're dead?

No. 78212

It says about how she went into a coma and she's doing pen pal stuff with some of them. WTF?

No. 78216

File: 1428542088612.jpg (29.19 KB, 696x129, OHHHH.JPG)

No. 78223

This is like a parody of those retarded #thigh gap #stockings "thinspo" pictures. Reverse thinspo.
It's like some sort of bleak joke, holy shit.
Would be interesting if girls suffering severely from EDs made it a point to take photos like this and spam the tag to stop people from glamorizing their illnesses.
I mean, disgusting people like >>77536 would probably still masturbate to them, but sane people and impressionable teens would get the point.

No. 78227

File: 1428543234213.jpg (96.63 KB, 600x389, file (17).jpg)

she takes a lot of her legs

No. 78256

Man. After looking at all those its crazy to see how much more she's deteriorated in a year.

No. 78274


What is this?

No. 78283

If I'd read this on someone else's tumblr, I'd think that the dementor was their depression itself.

No. 78285

Ashley when she was a kid

No. 78288

This photo looks almost healthy next to current Ashley.

No. 78290

Wow. But now that I scrutinize the picture, does it look like her parotid salivary glands are swollen (bulimia cheeks)? I never notice bulimia cheeks on people the way other people seem to be able to do. She looks older than 10, which is when she says her ED started.

No. 78295

God damn! This account actually really disturbing me.

No. 78296

>muh blog

enjoy dying!

No. 78298

so many excuses
goddamn ash, people far worse off than you can still do shit, be thankful you still have functioning arms and fingers

No. 78299

My thoughts exactly. Usually when she's blaming someone else (like us) she tags it as such, but this time she just tagged it "depression." I wouldn't be surprised if that's what she was talking about with that post.

No. 78301

File: 1428552663332.jpg (46.35 KB, 314x300, attickus.jpg)

Is this really her arm?

No. 78304

File: 1428553019521.jpg (55.64 KB, 604x604, ashhair.jpg)

I think this photo pretty much confirms that it's a wig.

No. 78305

That's not Ashley. It's been stated in old threads that the ask.fm is a spanish impersonator that pretends to be ashley for attention. Some of the pictures she's posted are random pics off the internet.

No. 78306


im really skeptical about this being ashley?
i think its a photo of the person who runs the ask.fm

No. 78309

File: 1428553540653.png (503.26 KB, 635x611, henryhashislimits.png)

No. 78310


No. 78312

Probably too fat for him. Bless his soul.

No. 78315

File: 1428554136188.png (540.96 KB, 709x438, engla.png)

Ashley could recover. She is not too far gone at all. This is Engla Lernäs. She's 35 and in recovery from anorexia.

No. 78318

I thought she'd died! Nice.

No. 78319

Nope! She's alive and doing quite well.

No. 78326

Yes. She mentioned splurging on the Atticus wristband in the instagram caption.

No. 78330

Was there a documentary about her? She looks familiar.

No. 78337

I think there may have been. I know there were a few articles in Aftonbladet (Swedish tabloid) about her.

No. 78384

Last night you guys have me a new addiction with this camwhore site.
So far i found 2 girls that i know online, 1 that i know personally and a few girls i recognized from random places on the web like Tumblr,DeviantArt etc.

One of them behaves like Rola on cam.. it's very unsettling

No. 78387

I must admit I did spend a few hours clicking through girls last night, really odd experience

No. 78408

UAGH! i was staring at this photo and thought it was a pair of feet with the socks hanging off the toes. those arnt heels, theyre knees D:

No. 78489

um i think spamming a thinspo tag with pics like that in terms of severity would only make those girls lower their goal weights. i dont think EDs work that way lol

No. 78537

She's just faking to be Ash.

No. 78541

Sooo…Ashley's on vk now ;)

No. 78549

File: 1428597915339.jpg (39.43 KB, 610x476, redbracelet.JPG)

another skinny lover creep. a "fashion designer" and "seamstress".

No. 78557


No. 78564

File: 1428600083008.jpg (22.32 KB, 483x228, yup.JPG)

>independence goals

No. 78575

what the actual fuck.. theres no way she even has a therapist. legally, there is no way.

No. 78587


Yeah, no she's lying through her rotting snaggleteeth. If she were actually seeing a therapist not only would she bE MIA because they put her in a hospital, but she would have waaay more specific shit to whine about for sympathy, like the shrink telling her she has to treat herself better and stop blaming everything on everyone else and to apologize for hurting people. She would milk the fuck out of that, but she probably has no idea how therapy works.

No. 78588

also who the fuck schedules exactly what youll talk about in a therapy appointment unless you have an oddly specific case? her case certainly wouldnt be concerning independence thats all i know

No. 78592

File: 1428602294139.jpg (182.46 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Here's the pic if you don't follow her on insta

No. 78600

how does she not shiver 24/7? shes got that fuzzy hair covering her limbs, which tells me she is cold

No. 78603

>stickers on a clear case
Ok then.

She may well do. At least she lives somewhere fairly warm.

No. 78607

Isn't this the newest iPhone?

No. 78609

Yes. Newer than mine and I'm not even poor.

No. 78610

The dash of her car looks way newer than mine too. Shit, I should start an amazon wishlist and post pictures on instagram of my shitty car and old phone to emphasize how "poor" I am. It'd be more believable than Ashley's

No. 78612

that doesnt look like lanugo

No. 78614

she said once she doesn't grow lanugo I think

No. 78616

No. 78618

shes so immature
sure ashley i am sure you're going to be living it up on 420

No. 78620

Thanks for posting.

I used to like stickers until I knew of Ashley.

How clever she is to make a clear plastic phone case. Must've taken ages crafting the mold, etc.

Think that's just hairy arms.

No. 78624

File: 1428605043645.jpg (39.43 KB, 994x350, worldsthinnestwoman-994x350.jp…)

that's a normal amount of facial hair, lanugo is like this.

No. 78625

File: 1428605115054.jpg (83.41 KB, 436x600, file (13).jpg)

I'd love to know where the money comes from.

>inb4 myfreecam ew pls no

No. 78626

Ahhh okay. The texture just seemed different from the normal girly peach fuzz/ pathetic arm hair I've seen.

No. 78658

I don't get why she would point out the date. It's like sheltered teenagers making a big deal about 420 omg when they've never seen weed. I'd guess Ashley also giggles at the number 69, even though she's not sexually active. She really is just a kid in an old woman's body.

No. 78659

Probably her SSDI. You know, her monthly tugboat. Because I really doubt he's ever helped her mom.

No. 78661

File: 1428608036993.jpg (99.04 KB, 640x712, image.jpg)

Sorry, idk why the original file wasn't cropped?

No. 78662

Btw everyone on ash's friends list. She's coming to get you. >:^)

I really shows how cows will read just about anything they can about themselves. Why would you put yourself through that much negativeity? Sometimes, you just need to move on.

No. 78664

It's funny how her comeback is "you guise are like so obsessed you must have sad lives" when she's the most miserable person I've seen and she obsessively reads about herself here. Lol Ashley, project much?

No. 78669

File: 1428608724483.jpg (124.98 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Watch out guiz. Someone is stalking her.

Isn't she in Florida or something? I've like never even heard of someone "stalking" her irl.

No. 78670

is she talking about the cyber police again?

No. 78671

She forgot the T and R at the bottom there.

No. 78684

How come panties always look like diapers on anorexic girls? I'm not gonna go figure it out but do they loose… Vagina fat… So the vagina concaves or

Fuck sorry, I realize how dumb this is, but still. Damn.

No. 78698

There are no panties in their size, and they have no ass either, that's why it looks weird.
(And I think you are referring to the labia majora not the vagina)

No. 78700

File: 1428611388804.jpg (57.91 KB, 438x775, imag1506_thumb.jpg)

Bulimia cheeks???

No. 78710


OK, she can totally watch Netflix on that phone, even with shitty Internet. (and Hulu)

Instead of spending tons of money buying DVDs for shows that stream for $7.00/month.

No. 78715

Yes but ash doesn't want to, so fuck her.

No. 78728

not wanting to get better is part of her illness

No. 78733

still very much her decision though

No. 78744

File: 1428614567399.jpg (55.68 KB, 604x377, NKg-laY0Xes.jpg)


Engla didn't want to get better. This is the first time I found her. The photo with the caption. Even in hospital she wanted to lose weight, but she's doing well with recovery now.

No. 78745

Maybe the stalker's the person she said was spying on her and that's why she didn't want Erika to leave her.

This "friend" of Ashley's has textbook case bulimia cheeks.

No. 78747

So our favorite white knight just posted the definition of borderline personality disorder in her tumblr. Called it.

No. 78749

So that was her ~diagnosis~
She'll be happy she's part of a very special clan now!

No. 78750

File: 1428615015620.png (367.5 KB, 459x395, cheeky.png)

No. 78751

Holy shit she wishes she was Asian so hard.

No. 78752

File: 1428615172087.jpg (22.26 KB, 344x323, ashley2.JPG)

Almost same cheek shape as Ashley as Hamtaro Chan

No. 78753

I'm this anon ^.
Which part of the cheek actually swells? I've never been around bulimics so I can't really identify it.

No. 78758

File: 1428615867885.jpg (85.89 KB, 1280x960, 20130925_222127.jpg)

Have a look at these pics. The girl before and after a binge. It really is pretty much "chipmunk cheeks"

No. 78759

Hahaha. She's not going to do jack shit. She loves the attention and brings this on herself. The internet police or real police would laugh in her face. They have actual crimes to deal with. What a deluded bitch. Get over yourself you whackjob.

No. 78760

If she got "someone involved" she knows it'd draw attention to her self neglect. That's what any figure of authority would be concerned about.

No. 78763

exactly. ain't happenin.

No. 78765

Holy shit.

No. 78768

For someone so paranoid with all these stalkers, she isn't very internet savvy with giving out information about herself. Didn't she used to have her home address publicly displayed?

After her nudez, you'd think she'd learned that what goes online is there forever. Fuck, if someone wanted to attack her or w/e she thinks in her head is going to happen they'd only have to hang out at her local Target.

Oh, and how to explain #cyberbullying
"They're bullying me on the interwebz!!!1"
"Details, please"
"They're forcing me to get treatment and want the APS involved!!!!1"
"Umm. Right then…"

No. 78769

these girls are cute ;w;
but isnt ashley too skeletal to have noticeably chubby cheeks

No. 78771

She did in the early days of her purging

No. 78772

File: 1428616795309.jpg (51.93 KB, 206x275, 1419560572048.jpg)

Forgot pic

No. 78773

I will never get over how genuinely cute she was.

No. 78777

Crazy how she changed in only 7 years.

I think she was cute as well. It's sad to see that photoshop an anon her made of what she'd look like now if she wasn't ill. She looked okay.

No. 78779

Agreed. She was a very pretty girl. This is nothing but a wakeup call. Love yourself. I mean seriously you think she thinks all of it was worth it? Doubtful.

No. 78782

Right? I look exactly the same now as I did 7 years ago, the only difference is that I now have the beginning of crowsfeet instead of a bit of acne.

No. 78785

It's so weird… Her wig makes it look like her hair never grew past this point.

Guys, I think we should send her a new wig. I can't imagine how ratty and smelly that one is. Why doesn't she get one? ;A;

No. 78786

I think she doesn't want to admit it's a wig, otherwise she'd put a bunch on her wishlist.

In b4 she puts a bunch of cosplay wigs on there, I mean even vaguely natural-looking ones.

No. 78788

If it's her real hair, the brittleness would make it snap off so it looks like it never grows. That happened with me when I used to overbleach my hair platinum blonde. So brittle it broke off.

Pretty sure it's a wig though. She should dig out that red one she wore. That was in the same style as the one she wears now. Maybe they're the same style from the same shop.

No. 78789


This would look decent on her I think, or something else black.

No. 78791

Don't know about it being long though. Her face is too … thin.

No. 78793

I bet she's secretly suspecting everyone on her friends list. It's not funny, yet it is.
I wonder what "independence plans" for paranoid AF people are like.

Hehe. Stickers. She made it. It's not even decoupage, but hey, it makes her happy, so. When I read about her "making" a phone case (before I saw the photo), i thought it would be one of those polymer clay-type kits with a mold and tacky embellishments; I have to suffer through a lot of kids'TV, so I've seen a few ads for those. I think Ash would like them, she should put one on her wishlist.
Thanks for the IG update!

No. 78794

With a face as skinny as hers that wig would swallow her whole. She needs something short and cropped.

No. 78797

File: 1428618308976.png (686.47 KB, 1080x735, Plzbuyanewwigash.png)

I've been patiently waiting since she mentioned wigs on twitter. ^_^

No. 78803

File: 1428618796819.png (374.64 KB, 574x460, tumblr_ngkbb5pWam1u5rjzso2_400…)

It could be even the same wig, lol…

No. 78805

I thought she might've made one out of felt or something, like a slip case.

It's difficult to imagine her with different hair. Long would make her look like Death, but I can't see that she'd suit a pixie cut like Erika's either. She really needs a new wig and if she wasn't who she was I'd send her a few quid.

No. 78806

File: 1428618855401.jpg (93.49 KB, 639x639, image.jpg)

..could this be considered bulimia cheeks? Only picture I have, but somebody told me they are and I just want to know.

No. 78807

I've suspected that since the beginning!

No. 78810

Same. It could pass for her natural hair but it's the same color same shape and would just appear longer now since she's a skeleton.

No. 78811

Pretty hard to tell at that angle. I think probably not, but can't say for sure without a profile view.

No. 78812

omg who cares you're way OT. just ask her.

No. 78813

idk. i think it might be a heart shaped face because of the chin. can't tell from that one pic.

No. 78821

No, your bulimia isn't obvious, get help.

No. 78823

I don't actually have bulimia, people thought I do and I got really insecure about it because that's not the message I want to send.
Thank you, guys.

No. 78824

My god that Ashley banner is terrifying. Fuck you anon for giving me nightmare fuel.

No. 78825

Haha. Agreed it really is. She's terrifying in general.

No. 78827

Holy. Shit. Her Tumblr post (is that even a self ask too?)

>Everyone believes insert obvious name here is an angelic saint- when in reality.. Well, I won’t make myself out to be more of an ass than you probably already think I am, but I basically wanted my followers to follow her as well. And you know what? Yeah. I’m going to take ALL responsibility and say that if it wasn’t for my stupidly ‘popular’ accounts at the time, she wouldn’t be getting 90% of the attention she’s getting

How delusional and bitter. She seriously has no empathy. She's taking credit for Erika getting help? After she got jealous that people were giving Erika attention. Ashley is a total scumbag.

No. 78828

Holy shit she went there. What a disgraceful piece of shit.

No. 78831

Speechless. Literally jaw dropped.

No. 78832

FUCK THIS BITCH. I thought my hatred for her couldn't get any worse but there she goes, proving me wrong.

No. 78833

Erika i assume?

No. 78836

OMG right? Like I hated her ignorant ass before, unreal.

No. 78837

How hard would it have been for her to just say she was happy for her recovery. What a pathetic jealous spiteful bitch.

No. 78838

Why was she wearing a wig back then? Would her hair have fallen out ALREADY? She looked healthier…

No. 78839

I think she wore it for cosplay and whatnot. Idk I used to fuck around with wigs and shit when I was younger.>>78838

No. 78840

Notice how she says ATTENTION and not support/help?

What kind of CUNT would deny someone a second shot at life? Even ex-friends who I've personally had big fall outs with, I'd NEVER, EVER deny them that.


No. 78842

Erika's getting help because she asked for help and ostensibly wants to get better.

Now, for real, I'm not sure if she's going to use that money she's collected as she said she would, and I don't know if she will be successful, but that's the difference between trying and not trying.

A wishlist full of bullshit and putting stickers on an iPhone case isn't fucking trying.

No. 78845


Yeah I just caught that. Fucking makes me sick. She would have gotten help eventually because SHE WANTS HELP.

No. 78847

> I’ll forever just be that monster in the background.

Playing the victim again. A few weeks ago, Erika said she missed Ashley. Jesus Christ, this fucking disgusting piece of shit. I have no words.

No. 78848

Well Erika should be going to inpatient next week. Because she WANTED help and ASKED for it. Who the fuck cares if some of us followed her because of bones.

No. 78849

Ashley has made her whole life about being a victim.
>muh disorder
>can't do anything bout it!!
>send me shit for TRYING anyway

I still want to know exactly what made her like this. I know a lot of it will be pre-disposed disorders etc, but I still wonder what the story is with her early life/dad/etc.

No. 78850

I'm still laughing at the anon on SUT calling her a Twatwaffle. I love it.

No. 78851

That amused me greatly when I read it.

No. 78852

>I still want to know exactly what made her like this

Twatwaffle Personality Disorder

No. 78853

Yeah can anyone who has spoken to her verify what the story is behind her dad? Dead or just a deadbeat?

No. 78854

Waiting to see which of her ~followers~ "like" that post.

No. 78855

Ikr, I'm sure many will be hesitant it doesn't take a genius to know that response was completely fucked up.

No. 78857

File: 1428623965740.jpg (107.69 KB, 999x607, 1408827408333.jpg)

All she said is he left them when she was very young.

He probably sensed you were a pathetic fuck and I would've done the same.

No. 78858

So is that a yes? Her cheeks look abnormally swollen

No. 78860

too far man. chill. thats shitty

No. 78864

Fuck it. She's shitty. She's had a million chances to show some compassion and humanity. Fuck her.

No. 78867

thats low man. maybe she got that way because his neglect. sheesh

No. 78868

did she hurt you personally?

No. 78869

the only way she got the way she is now is from herself. there's kids all over the world who have zero parents. they're not sitting at home on the internet all day begging for shit on amazon. gtfo

No. 78870

Because he wouldn't give her more attention? Poor Ashley.

No. 78871

what the fuck at you shitlords. cut it out.

No. 78872

uh, fuck no.

No. 78875

None yet, surprising but it has only been like 30mins

No. 78878

>>78850 Thank you. It's one of my more often used obscenities.

Chucklefuck is another one.

No. 78882

hahahaha ooooh I like that one too! Hilarious.

No. 78885

You can grace my inbox any time ;)

No. 78887

Ashley, since we all know you're reading and refreshing as fast as your bony finger can hit F5:

Save what little energy you have and never compare yourself to Erika again. She is nothing like you, and you are so beneath her there's no way to look for you but up.

Of course Erika has faults. So does everyone else.

And, most importantly, the part you love to plug your ears and scream LALALALA over: SO. DO. YOU.

At least Erika holds herself fucking accountable most of the time while you? You rot in your mother's one bedroom apartment, wearing the same foul-smelling, ratty cosplay wig for the past 4 years, crying into your iPhone 6 that nobody loves you while adding gift cards for binge food to your Amazon wishlist.

What have you ever worked for, Ashley? For whom have you ever had to sacrifice? The only finger you've ever lifted was to jam down your throat, or to click "add to wishlist," or to point at your mother while screaming YOU DID THIS TO ME when sweetie, your destruction was all you and you know it.

So while Erika and so many of your other former victims shed themselves of you, recover and thrive, you'll continue to rot in your pile of cheap plastic toys and Dollar Tree makeup palettes, smelling of puke and wishing you actually had a therapist that didn't just exist in your imagination.

No. 78889

Oh hi, SUT :) And I'm sure I will. I was unfortunately friends with this Hagatha for a few years too many and have more than a few thoughts. Granted I have like, a life and shit to tend to above all, but I'll drop you a line as I am able to.

No. 78894

File: 1428626721017.jpg (18.64 KB, 252x159, reply.JPG)

No. 78896

oooooohhh nice one. so true. preach!

No. 78898

File: 1428626918124.jpg (366.36 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

I'm glad her followers are starting to see the light.

No. 78900

agreed. it's about time they say something.

No. 78901

…that and not sending her any more gifts.

No. 78902

Ugh, FUCK Ashley for seriously trying to fault Erika for asking for money for LIFE SAVING VITAL MEDICAL CARE when she does the same thing….for her weeaboo toys and DVDs and binge food.

Like I'm sitting here mouth agape just in awe that she is so fucking delusional to think that logic train of hers is gonna do anything but crash into the brick wall of her nearest Target and burst into flames.

No. 78903

This post is probably more effective than anything SUT has posted. How long until she takes it down?

No. 78904

I suck with words, sorry anon.

No. 78907

Wasn't knocking SUT! Just saying that this post is Ashley showing her true self. Her followers can't blame other people for making her look bad here.

No. 78914

>>78903 She's fucked. It's definitely screenshot.

No. 78924

Look Ash, maybe if you show even an ounce of care to another human being people with stop vilifying you.

No. 78925

disregard that whole post, I'm inebriated and I suck dicks. So many typos and errors…

(you guys get what i mean.)

No. 78952

I think we all knew it was only a matter of time before she started lashing out at Erika again, especially when she got all those donations for treatment (they share followers, so that's Ash's potential wishlist money).
Frankly, I see some troublesome things on Erika's account, but I can also see that she really wants to improve her life, and I doubt she'll misuse that money.

Ashley is salty as fuck. Doesn't she know that salt causes water retention?

But seriously. Ash. Work on yourself. Even if you can't bring yourself to curb your ED behaviors, work on your other behaviors. Work on your attitude. Work on being a genuinely good person. Don't fake it.

No. 78953

Poor Erika has given Ashley nothing but kindness, and this is what she gets in return.

No. 78954

I really wish Ashley would tell us exactly what makes Erika so terrible according to her. That would be material for toppest keks.

No. 78955

It's the same reason she vilifies all her ex-friends. They got sick of her abuse. Ash is all about that "I hate you wait don't leave me well FUCK YOU I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY" shit.

No. 78968

I can't find this post on her tumblr. Did she delete this?

No. 78970

Holy shit she did

No. 78971

Ashley can't express happiness for Erika or anyone else succeeding because she is incapable of feeling it. She just demonstrated that so much better than SUT or anyone here could. Nobody said Erika is a saint, but the fact that Ashley sees it that way, her "she's the perfect beautiful one and I'm a monsterand a victim" attitude is just delusional as fuck. She even posted on Erika's IG a while back "you will always have beauty and for that I am envious." Ashley's a shitty friend, she can't feel joy for others, only envy and a desire to drag them down because seeing people better off than her makes her feel wronged. Ugh.

No. 78972

I'm not even going to pretend to be shocked.

Fucking seriously Ash, tally out how much money in shitty toys and giftcards you've gotten (which is why she adds them one at a time, so you can't see she's already gotten a few dozen Whole Foods cards).

It's in the thousands.

No. 78973

I still see the post.

No. 78974

No. 78975

And of course the little queef posts pictures of pizza and tags it with #binge. JUST IN CASE ANY OF HER BUDDIES STILL THINK SHE'S "CHALLENGING HERSELF" WITH THOSE GIFT CARDS.

No. 78976

I still see it. And theforestcat commented that Ashley "helped save Erika's life." Lollllll. Oh honey no.

No. 78978

I'm an idiot and didn't scroll down, looks like I should go to bed.

No. 78980

File: 1428633828541.png (26.98 KB, 457x356, twats.png)

No. 78981

SERIOUSLY. The amount of useless gifts Ashley has received is more than the life-saving treatment donations Erika has received. How many thousands of dollars in Whole Foods and restaurant gift cards have you gotten just to flush it down the toilet? We know it's a lot no matter how you try to hide it by adding gift cards one at a time and spacing them out.

I cannot believe Ashley is so fucking psychotic that she feels like Erika stole attention from her or somehow owes her. Nobody owes you anything, Ashley. Fucking Christ.

No. 78982

She's obviously pissed Erika's gotten over a grand in money for A LEGITIMATE NEED because that's hundreds of dollars she could've eaten at her bathroom TV tray and barfed up, gawwwwwsh!

Ashley seriously thinks everything is a damn competition except she's the only one swinging her bony fists and crying. The rest of us are growing up and moving on.

No. 78987

>growing up
>on lolcow

No. 78993

Welp, compared to Ashley anything is progress, lbr

No. 78998

File: 1428636319911.png (35.32 KB, 546x558, wat.png)

ayy lmao

No. 79002

#just stop scamming lol
#just stop wishing death on people who choose recovery over plastic toys and gift cards lol
#just stop being a fucking leech lol

No. 79003

Haha. Yeah we know. Me me me me. What an ego this bitch has. Unreal.

No. 79008

I'm almost irrationally pissed that she's convincing her minions she sees a "therapist."

Right, because any mental healthcare professional would see someone in her condition outpatient, once a month at most (or whenever Ashley needs a new story to deflect from being called out for her shitty behavior).

She'd get about half a second into the lobby before her ass would be on a hold and she knows it.

Fuck, I'm still baffled a dentist pulled a tooth out of that harpy, but welp. Definitely local anaesthetic on that "OMG MOUF SURGERGY."

No. 79009

I'm not even sure she had a tooth pulled.

No. 79011

Yeah now that you mention it….all that barfing? Hella dry sockets. The most she likely had was cleaning the 9-10 teeth she still has and maybe some IRM on the ones not fully rotted out.

No. 79059

Better purge those sour grapes, Ash, they might make you fat!

No. 79065

OT but this girl has such a nice bone structure. Too bad her looks and body are ruined by anorexia

No. 79066


I have similar cheeks, but I never thrown up food (except when I got sick). Could be just bone structure and a way body puts on weight on face

No. 79071

Even theforestcat tried to tell her she is wrong, in her own asskissing way.

No. 79092

i dont know why, but i hate this bitches face

No. 79118

Theforestcat kisses both Ashley's and Erika's asses so it's funny when Ashley explicitly shit talks Erika and theforestcat has to fumble around for a pro-Erika response that won't piss Ash off.

No. 79145

It's her facial expression. So punchable.

No. 79162

I have similar cheeks too :(

but I was bulimic for 5 years… it's been a while since i've thrown up and i dont think the bloat in my face has gone away.

No. 79167

write it down in your diary sweetheart

No. 79174

anger management classes, perhaps? yikes edgelord

No. 79198

because she looks like a disney star and looks surprised even though she knew she's taking a photo of herself, so obviously she thinks she looks hot at this angle/making this face. bleh

No. 79199

That post was informative because it gave reasons as to why her face may look that way and how long the facial bloat may last. I hope you weren't saying that because you thought it was similar to PULL members going like "OMG ME TOO!"

No. 79201

File: 1428687033501.jpg (27.65 KB, 295x375, givethewigtoashley.JPG)

Disney? She's Princess Bubblegum dontchyaknow.

No. 79203

File: 1428687139999.jpg (36.68 KB, 517x487, punchpunch.JPG)

This one is more annoying. Idk why.

No. 79204

PULL? i dont care about OT talk, some of the bitches here are catty just to be catty. the "killurself" type fags

No. 79205

LOL gotta be the indie bangs

No. 79206

Possibly that smirk.

No. 79208

File: 1428687422805.jpg (7.5 KB, 222x251, glands.jpg)

So this is where the swelling occurs- (salivary glands). I've seen a few girls with swelling in that area IRL

No. 79209

same as mumps

No. 79210

Anyways bulimia bloat can last some odd months after you stop purging. The shitty thing is that even if you haven't purged in lets say idk 6+ months, there's a chance that if you got sick with the flu and barfed a couple of times your face could blow up like a balloon. I can't attest for everyone but I know personally lymph nodes can still swell up and become tender pretty easily after recovering from bulimia even with only puking at most 5 or 6 times in 9 months. 5 or 6 as opposed to 100s. It's pretty repulsive.

No. 79212

just bear in mind that it's not necessarily bulimia even if someone looks swollen there, though there is a chance. bulimia isn't as uncommon as people assume, however there are people who just deposit fat in their face in those areas.

No. 79213

why dont people who vomit from being sick get that swollen face? what if somoene gets sick a lot from a gallbladder issue or stomach infection w/e? and they throw up maybe 4x a week until they get it fixed, why dont they get the swelling too??

No. 79215

When you purge, you often purge multiple times a day, every single day. Your chances of becoming a binge-purger increase and b/ping is dangerous and a hellish downward spiral in itself. Your food begins to immediately rise into your throat right after you eat, you can develop ulcers and herneas, many important levels in your body fuck up, and you constantly feel starvation regardless of eating so much. It's like a bottomless pit. The stretching, emptying, gorging, repeat wreaks havoc on your body.

Throwing up 4x a week is not what a bulimic does. Maybe anorexia with a purging subtype.

Bulimics can throw up anywhere between 3-20+ times a day, every single day.

No. 79217

Jesus christ………….

No. 79218

Basically I'm ex-7-years-bulimia chan that tries not to relate it back to myself obnoxiously and I unfortunately know way too much about it. It's pretty gross.

You can puke so much that you don't even have to make yourself purge via objects or fingers–you can literally just puke on command like you're in the exorcist. So the whole "bruised and scratched knucles=bulimic" thing doesn't necessarily mean anything.

I really don't think most bulimics realize just what sort of addiction they are getting themselves into. Trust me, they know it's gross too. But like any other addiction, it's very difficult to stop.

No. 79219

One of my freinds who finally came clean when I confronted them mentioned that. They looked like they were dying but not in comparison to ash… still blows my fucking mind. They had that "purging subtype" you mentioned here and the not having to gag thing and said there's not even any noise. It's scary how well they hide things.

THey mentioned "rinsing out" their stomach, which I assumed meant drinking tons of water and throwing it back up over and over until it came out clear… but I hope I'm wrong on that because that's really shocking.

Is there any other signs I can look for to see if they're ok now?

And speaking of all of this, can we speculate how often ash purges/binges still? I can't imagine it's much. Do you think Ash has the occasional binge or is that the whole basis of her ED?

No. 79221

>drinking tons of water and throwing it back up over and over until it came out clear

That's called flushing and it's dangerous. One of the "tips" on the not pro ana site myproana said you should drink smart water because it's safer.

Idk. I don't like vomit talk, so I'll take a cig break outside for a while.

No. 79222

Sorry about that. Enjoy your cig! PS: E-cigs are fun

No. 79223

(I prefer the taste of ecigs, but sometimes I miss a Marlboro).

No. 79228

How did you get out of it?

No. 79235

not him/her but this may help.. helped me a lot http://www.youreatopia.com

No. 79237

Yep. I was a anorexic with binge/purge subtype and I never once used any objects.

Of course, I also developed a hiatal hernia and ulcers as a result. Never got swollen cheeks though.

I've been recovered for two years and I don't have binge/purge behavior. Can't say the same about the anorexic side of things but I'm still at a healthy weight, so there's that.

No. 79238

Vitamin water has electrolytes, which is what you lose when you throw up. So maybe that's why it's suggested.

No. 79245

when people say 'purge multiple times a day' does it mean multiple episodes, like once at morning, noon, night?

because i dont think throwing up ONE time is enough to get all the food out. so say i do one binge all at once and want to get rid of it - its not all coming out in one heave. takes awhile. so is that considered purging multiple times?

No. 79248

No. I think they mean eat something - barf it up. Or binge at normal meal times multiple times a day (instead of eating normally) and purge every time.

No. 79249

gross question, sorry, thanks for answering

No. 79250

File: 1428693266745.jpg (55.3 KB, 425x319, for-your-health-11931-13022141…)

if you arent keeping it down … i dont think it matters wtf you use. lets just all agree this shit is horrible for your health and you shouldnt do it

No. 79268

File: 1428698360725.jpg (106.33 KB, 600x575, jhh.jpg)

Speaking of shit that's horrible for your health (pic related).

Any news on Ashley's next giveaway?

No. 79270

I should enter it because I love treats. She'd never let a non-ED person win though. No news from tumblr at least (that's the only place I follow her)

No. 79271

Maybe she isn't doing any more because she read here that it's against the terms and conditions. I swear she used the giveaway to harvest more vulnerable ED people. It was LIKE AND SHARE TO ENTER!!!!1 so she'd get more people know about her. Ick.

No. 79272

I thought the page had this retarded translation feature that sets the language according to your location or something.

That's not Ashley on the account that that Spanish is too fluent and that she's talking about a desire to get better. So lol.

No. 79273

When you lose weight so does your puakenikeni.

No. 79274

100 percent not her. She says her friend is translating into Spanish for her. She doesn't have any friends, so…

No. 79276

File: 1428700405793.jpg (71.65 KB, 604x604, HkST-lmWLn4.jpg)

I wonder what happened to her wigs.

No. 79277

So MegaCon is going on now, which Ashley wanted to go to. I'm guessing since she's not bombarding everyone with ^.^ ~super kawaii~ photos that she didn't get to go.

I just, if she can't even make it to a convention for one weekend because of how sick she is, how does she think she can manage to get and keep a regular job and be independent? Seriously? Although instead of evaluating her life and deciding to change, she'll just cry about how disadvantaged she is and how her mean mom wouldn't take her.

No. 79278

LOL SUREEE. She would've plastered her wish list and would've already gotten people to give shit to her. I didn't go any further into her ask but she reacts positively to people telling her to get better which is the complete opposite of what ash would normally do.

No. 79279

Some of these comments are funny

Lora Palmer
Hmm, beautiful, like a mummy in a sarcophagus or decomposed skeleton in the grave. Against the general ugliness noteworthy disgusting shabby gray-green skin, rare volosenki and a face like a pug or dying ferret (with moronic expression). Most anoreksichek though usually pretty face. And there is not a person, and zombiehead, you can shoot a zombie horror without makeup. Well, plus incredibly miserable baby clothes from second-hand."

No. 79287

File: 1428702545643.jpg (77.8 KB, 453x604, BqGrhIe5IPw.jpg)

I don't even know what that's supposed to mean, but… holy shit…

No. 79290

File: 1428702828776.jpg (77.75 KB, 623x496, Capture (2).JPG)

Toddler's leggings.

No. 79292

HAHAHAHA holy shit, even the people on the 'ana is beautiful!' page think she's an ugly cunt. That's priceless.

No. 79296

I'm one of those people who apparently cant tell the diff between bulimia cheeks and chubby cheeks. (It seems like people with firsthand experience can spot it better?) But quick question: is it usually only the parotids that are affected?
I get stones in my submandibulars, and it makes them visibly swollen. I always get paranoid that everyone will think I'm bulimic, even though it gives me more of a double chin than chipmunk cheeks.
YW for the blog post!

No. 79297

>dying ferret (with moronic expression)


No. 79298

>who killed lora palmer

No. 79299

>stones in my submandibulars

Should not have google image searched.

Meh, fuck what people think.

Agh. That didn't click before you pointed it out, ha.

No. 79301

I don't think most people would even know what bulimia cheeks are. We do because we read all this ED crap online. Don't worry about it.

No. 79302

How could she go? her mom would have to drive her and push her around in a wheelchair. Waste of the mom's time, tbh.

No. 79305

It was one of her delusions.

No. 79332

File: 1428710506504.jpg (80.77 KB, 612x612, 1350021715810.jpg)

Last post on SUT sounds interesting. I hope it's not just an image of hamchan's tits.

No. 79334

It's not, though I'm not sure it's anything at all, still waiting on their reply.

No. 79337

File: 1428710859706.jpg (54.8 KB, 612x612, 1350021796245.jpg)

I hate when people do that. Still…curious.

No. 79338

where are you guys getting these

No. 79339

File: 1428711064339.jpg (81.77 KB, 612x612, 1350021748874.jpg)

We're stalkers. In Orlando. We take photos of her taking selfies in her apartment and in her car.

No. 79359

seeing all these ana fetishists makes me remember some asian chick named bonypink who apparently used to be a doctor and had some creepy porn dude take pictures of her or something.
i almost start to feel sorry for ashley but then i see pics of her binge food and enabler friends

No. 79377

Those pics are horrible. I think there was some weird thing on where she was targeted by that photographer. There's something here where she writes about her disorder:
Good page.

No. 79378

Here she says she was forced into it

No. 79389

ugh. don't recommend that minnie maud trash to other people. you wanna go from a restrictive eating disorder to binge eating and call it recovery? have fun. but don't suggest it to others.

No. 79397

That person claiming to be Bony Pink was lying; the photos with "Bony Pink" on them are of several different women. Bony Pink is the name the photographer went by, iirc.

No. 79408

File: 1428720167654.jpg (104.36 KB, 604x604, 37bnnuCER0Y.jpg)

I heard that was the photographer's name. I also find it difficult to believe that post was by a person called Bony Pink.

Anyone speak Russian?

No. 79417

They all come from here:
No idea what 'vaflya kotova' means, though. As far as I know Kotova is just a surname.

No. 79419

File: 1428720675058.jpg (76.05 KB, 612x612, 32116447XHn.jpg)

I think this might be her. Weird the shit you find.

No. 79420

Also, fuck this bitch with a new iPhone 6. My old iPhone I had for years got run over by a truck and I had to save up for a month to get the 5s on sale for $50. If she stopped buying binge food I bet this cunt would be rich as fuck.

No. 79421

File: 1428720730121.jpg (17.95 KB, 471x155, 01.JPG)

…and when google gets it so wrong

No. 79422

No results reverse searching that. Sauce, plox?

Heart keks

No. 79424


There's a picture of her in that person's set. The one of her showing her back.

No. 79466

Ash knows something about Erika that she's keeping private.

No. 79471

Yeah, that's what Ashley wants us all to believe. We know that's not true, though. If Ashley actually knew anything incriminating about her, she would have said it ages ago. Instead, she pretends to toss out "hints" as to her ~true nature~, but it's all transparent bullshit to – in vain – make herself look better.

No. 79477

No. 79481

No, Ashley has paranoid delusions about people close to her so she thinks she knows something incriminating about Erika when in reality it's Ashley's mind twisting reality. And I'm giving Ashley the benefit of the doubt and assuming it's her BPD related delusion, and not malicious rumor mongering, which is also likely.

Like now in Ashley's mind, her mother is abusive, when in reality her mother is fed up, helpless and being held hostage by her self destructive addict daughter. If she throws her out she's giving Ashley an immediate death sentence, but if she lets her stay home for free she's enabling her. That's a fucking difficult situation to be in and I'm sure after living with an addict who refuses to get help, I'd get in arguments with her too. Yet Ashley's said that if she could videotape her mother she'd have "evidence." I didn't realize confronting you about binging and purging is considered "verbal abuse."

Just like how getting DCF involved (even when they've agreed there needs to be an investigation) is considered "cyberbullying." She really has created her own little world in her head.

No. 79484

Ashley has an iPhone 6. She could video tape her mother.

No. 79496

She posted on her old Tumblr something about it being illegal to secretly record someone in Florida. Convenient excuse. And I'm pretty sure if the recording was to prove she was the victim of a crime, they wouldn't just throw her in jail. Except her mother's not abusing her as confirmed by APS.

No. 79547

Someone repost this. PLEASE. JFC ERIKA ISN'T A FUCKING ANGEL. Yeah, Ash isn't a saint either, (fucking duh lol) but she's telling the truth when she says she knows shit. No one will give her the benefit of the doubt, and that's her own fault. Which is a shame, considering what she knows. She could do a post about it.. And no one will believe her, and Erika most likely knows this. Sad.

No. 79552

I have absolutely no words, Ashley.

Everyone ITT needs to read this post. Nothing has demonstrated more how out of touch you are with reality than this post right here. This is sickeningly delusional.

No. 79553

lol Ashley. Are you upset because someone sued your favorite chain store?
Is this Erika's big nasty secret?

No. 79555

Erika does have a history of being absolutely shit with money.

No. 79563

How does Erika suing Target make her a bad person? Seriously, even if she sued Target for literally no reason – just because she felt like it on a whim – how does that make her a bad person? I honestly want to see you try to explain this. I imagine what happened is Erika slipped and fell on an unmarked wet floor, or was discriminated against in some way, so she probably went after a small pain and suffering personal injury settlement. Or maybe even just dropped the case. Who fucking cares, though? I seriously don't see how it's relevant, or in any way detracts from her character.

Also, you keep alluding to EVERYTHING YOU KNOW, BUT NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU. Well, just fucking spill it, Ashley, stop making excuses, because not a single one of us believes you know a damned thing. You know why we don't believe you? Because your evidence for Erika being a bad person has been ludicrous shit, like dropping you off at your house when no one else was home, and suing Target. Oh boy, that clearly makes her evil! If you actually have anything to say, then say it. You're just making a fool out of yourself.

So what? How does that make them a bad person?
Like, for real now. Am I a bad person because I don't always shower every day? Am I a bad person because I didn't adopt another rescue kitten when I could try to make space for one? Am I a bad person for not donating money to homeless people? Am I a bad person because I shouted at my mother a few times when I was a teenager? And am I a bad person for suing the person who totaled my car after they ran a red light?

These are things that are part of one's character. They aren't even character flaws. You are conflating natural pieces of our humanity that comprise our actions with 'BEING A BAD PERSON' and 'NOT BEING A FUCKING ANGEL.' I can't possibly describe how ridiculous this is. It's part of Borderline Personality Disorder to make extremely rigid dichotomies you have to fit everyone in your life into, the best thing to ever exist and pure evil, right?

No. 79565

>Borderline Personality Disorder
You don't know for sure whether or not Ashley has this.

No. 79567

You're right, I don't. But I am examining a trait that Ashley demonstrates – sorting people into either 'perfect' or 'horrible.' This is a trait that is found within BPD. Whether or not she does have BPD, she does have this trait.

No. 79568

Quit trying to provoke her into shit-talking Erika. I know that's what you want, to see drama, but all you're trying to do is cause personal problems in her life.

No. 79569

Meh, she very well could, but I get the impression that she's just hangry and lonely.

No. 79570


So what?

"Premises liability is the legal principle that property owners have some level of accountability for accidents and injuries on their property, or premises. Premises liability impacts businesses that own business property and that are legally responsible for the safety of invited guests to that property."

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/info_8181850_definition-premises-liability-insurance.html"

No. 79573


Americans love to sue people, get over it.

No. 79574

You just don't get it. The point I am trying to make is A could scream until she's blue in the face about information, and 99.9% of it would be dismissed. Hopefully the truth will surface on it's own.

No. 79576

I didn't think she was 100% AMERICAN though lol?

No. 79584

We'll wait and see. The truth always comes out.

No. 79589

oh man, you are really batshit insane, ashley.

No. 79593

And why do you think that is? We have good reason to doubt anything Ashley says, she is very sick and has shown time and time again that she's completely delusional. That's what happens when you don't feed yourself. You taught us how to receive you and everything you say, Ashley. Improve yourself and things can change.

No. 79595

If you want people to listen to you, first you have to show that you're mature enough to be taken seriously. Check yourself into the hospital. It'll be worth it.

No. 79599

the story is worth it: how you judge someone based on their past, and their mistakes from years ago. How people never seem to see if maybe the person is trying to change?? They always hold their past against them.

No. 79602

>Erika is ebil!!1!! I no her sekrit!!1
Oh my gooooood you fucking gargoyle you've been saying that shit for months, if it's such a bomb that'd make people do a 180 on her then just fucking say it.

No. 79606

It wouldn't be fair to ruin everything like that.

No. 79610

File: 1428738412403.png (28.79 KB, 500x275, idiot.png)

No. 79615

Erika only got medical from targget by choice because she shattered her tailbone which is permanent and very painful. Especially in an anorexic. If I recall they had forgotten to finish the cleaning job and left the soapy water all over the bathroom. She wrote about it on tumblr. I think Ashley's big thing is that Erika took her shopping and they probably bought junk food, like she tried to do with Gia. I know Erika bought her a Nintendo DS some shit thing and super otter her through what she thought were tough times for Ashley. She got stood up a lot and it always made her sad because she would have to drive all the way out there. Some of the gifts she gave ashley were incredible. It's a shame she's taking things so far because of attention.

No. 79624

>shattered her tailbone
Damn, that must of been hell. I fell on mine rollerblading years ago and bruised it. It was the worst pain I felt in my life. I cant imagine at all shattering it, especially someone like her who has probably zero bone density.

No. 79629

I followed Erika before Ashley made her internet famous, and I don't think she is much better than Ashley tbh. The way she writes about herself is painfully narcissistic, she already "wanted" to recover one year ago but still lost a ton since then, and I don't trust anyone who posts photos on the internet of their self-harm/anorexia. Ashley at least was honest about not wanting to get better, until she saw how much more sympathy Erika gets.

No. 79638

She looks kind of beautiful here. Again, reminds me how pretty she could've been. What a shame.

No. 79640

Vaflya means waffle. Just a nickname.

No. 79650

It works for some people, not all. Don't shit talk just because it didn't work for you

No. 79657

Doing that is extremely, extremely dangerous. Girls can black out from "rinsing."

And yeah, it doesn't make a sound.

It's really hard to intervene on bulimia. It can be really hard to notice the signs as well. Hoarding food/taking it to eat in their room/lots of empty containers/buying a lot of food but never seeing them eat are pretty simple possible signs. Going to the bathroom a lot is an obvious one but never let that make you assume everyone who goes to the bathroom after they eat is bulimic–lots of people just like to wash their hands and whatever lol. It's basically a hit or miss. I wouldn't say to scope out for "bulimia bloat" either because there are people who just have those fat deposits naturally or due to medication. Sometimes you'd never know unless it was painfully stereotypically obvious.

Bulimia holds a lot of shame and embarrassment and I'd just do my best as a supportive friend to never, ever comment on their food intake ever. Ever. Never tease a bulimic about how much they eat. You don't understand how those seemingly insignificant little comments can control a bulimics life…it's crazy.

I'm not sure how to speculate on Ash's b/p. Maybe I will think of a post later. I don't go through her content much but if I see any relevant caps or anything I could add comment.

I just can't imagine how she could be alive if she were purging so much. Or that thin, even. Anorexia with a purging subtype can make you that thin but just bulimia and excess amount of binging in itself… I can't believe it's possible, unless you go crazy large amounts of time without eating and then go on binge/purge sprees but even then….idk.
The puking makes you feel like your brain is shrinking though and it does damage pretty fast so I don't know how she could have gone so long like this. I'm confused about the whole situation. All I know is that she HAS to be lying about having a therapist.

And I feel like you have to be a fucked up psycho of a mother to let your daughter continue to live her life with you like this. This is disgusting.

No. 79661


No. 79667

File: 1428754802103.jpg (61.16 KB, 800x536, DSC_0003.jpg)

I'll add one thing to watch for in bulimia : little red dot around the eyes. They appear because vomiting is violent and little blood vessels rupture where the skin is the thinest.
It can be hidden under make up, but it's easy to spot if you're watching for it.
They are called petechia.

No. 79670

Ashley's too vindictive to keep any dirt on Erika to herself.

Suing a company for an accident is what people do. That's what I'd do. It's what the little old lady who broke her hip tripping on a step of the shop I worked at did. That didn't make the old lady a demon. Compensation culture etc.

No. 79682

Thank you for this post and the signs to look for. I made sure to be as un-judgemental as possible to my friend so that she would feel comfortable telling me when she's struggling. And thank you for warning me about the comments on food intake. I figured that was a no-go, even "I'm happy to see you eating more" could trigger a person I'm sure. I tend to just consider that a restricted area of conversation. It's hard to know what to say sometimes, I feel like I'm walking on egg shells, but the best I can do is keep my door open.

Yes I agree about ash's mom. And for the sake of my idea of humanity not being evil I'm choosing to believe she is lying about having a therapist. There are crooked people out there, though… perhaps her therapist sees her off the record and they have some sick relationship and he buys her goodies (think of those intervention episodes where young girls have old men "taking care" of them).

I don't know.. but she has been "lying" about that therapist for a long time now, not just since she's been watched by APS (and us).

Her mother though… that's a whole other story

No. 79687

This is going to be a very non-lolcow statement but I'm definitely throwing this out there:if any of y'all have someone struggling with an eating disorder in your life, the best thing you can do is never comment on food at all. I know it can feel obnoxious to walk on eggshells but honestly, you will make them so grateful. Be that one person that doesn't talk about their body or food. Be positive and uplifting but do it in ways that don't involve their appearance.

No. 79690

What's up with SUT and someone suggesting that Erika is sketchy with fundraisers? Is it just Ashley trying to sabotage Erika, or does anyone have a real reason to belief Erika isn't being truthful about going inpatient? I mean all we have to go on is her writing about it but really there's no concrete proof of what the money is used for.

No. 79691


I Googled Erika's name before I donated a bit of $ to her, and I saw the premises liability thing. I figured it was a slip and fall or something of that nature. Not a compelling case for her being a horrible person.

The first or second Ash thread had discussion about some of the more disturbing things on Erika's tumblr, as well as posts she'd made on myproana in the past. We know she's not an angel. But unlike Ash, Erika seems to be changing her ways and legitimately trying to get well. She even seems to be posting more pictures of herself with more clothes on, so not as many of her selfies look thinspo-ish.

No. 79708

It's definitely Ashley. Erika isn't the first person she's idolized and then vilified the second things don't go her way, nor is she the last.

Hell, she did it with me the second I suggested that this wasn't a way to exist much less live. (I'd go into specifics of the crap she tried to pull with me but I really really don't want her screaming into my inboxes anymore.)

What little cognitive function Ashley has left is mired in black or white thinking. It's basically a thirteen year old's messy breakup with her boyfriend of a week.

No. 79723

In my (SUT) defence, I am not suggesting that this fundraiser is a hoax, just that she did have one before that wasn't successful. I believe she is using the money to get treatment. It wasn't Ash that inboxed me though, didn't match her writing.

No. 79746

Anorexia is very difficult to recover from, you moron. Someone can want to recover, heavily relapse, and then want to recover again. That does not mean that she was not honest. It just means that Erika's going through the normal cycles of trying to recover.

No. 79755

this so much
minniemaud is such bullshit holy shit
,,scientifically proven'' my ass

No. 79756

Dude, do it. Turn anon asks off so shes forced to reveal herself.

No. 79764

When it's me speaking, I'll say it's me. OH WOW ASH IS HERE. Whatever. Anyways. The thing about this site is anyone can claim anything. But I'm going to say that I have never spoken to whoever the Hell you are. Desperate much to associate yourself with me? Erika was it. Emotions for others died after her kbye

No. 79765


W/e ashley go update your wishlist with new plastic shit and vomit fodder.

No. 79766

Karma is beautiful. Bless.

No. 79768

You must be/have been a really horrible person then, if your current state is karmic consequence. Change comes from within, Ashley. Let go of your ego.

No. 79771

I am so disgusted that Ash is apparently pissed off that people want to help Erika get better, since she (by all indications) really WANTS to get better, instead of enabling her to become sicker like Ash wanted to do. I really hope the best for Erika, whether or not she's been a perfect angel all her life. I would reconsider if there were any indications that she did not intend on going through with treatment, but so far, it seems legit.

If Ash actually decided she wanted to recover and supported it with her actions (e.g., going to intake appointments with inpatient facilities, not getting fake outpatient "counseling"), I'm SURE she could receive help - financial or otherwise - getting treatment if she needed it. Even though she's done some really vile things, if they KNEW it would go toward treatment (maybe if the money could be sent to the facility instead of to Ash, who I'd never trust not to spend it on binge food and trash), and if it seemed that she was actually giving recovery a shot, people would donate to help her, too. But I'm 99.9% sure she's past the point where she can make the rational decision to seek help on her own, unlike Erika, who seems to desperately want recovery. Ash needs outside intervention, and at this rate, I doubt it'll come before she dies.

Even if she's hell-bent on making some sort of disgusting ~kawaii uguu~ public spectacle of the end of her life and no one intervenes, she shouldn't be allowed to continue encouraging others to become sicker. It's infuriating to watch.

You know, I really hope Ash is forced into treatment. I hope she's sedated and tube-fed or whatever it takes to get her to a point where she can think about her life and actions clearly. I wish she could see what a toxic monster she's been and actually feel bad about it instead of laughing it off.

No. 79780

You all are so obsessed with power and 'waving the finger'. You all are the ones that seriously need help. How does it impact you what she does? If she dies, wins the lotto, makes a video..? It doesnt. Get your own lives together and stop obsessing over a girl over the Internet. It's disturbing and everyone here needs to be 'perfect' before they can judge. Oh, aha, you aren't. Go get therapy or something.

No. 79784

>and everyone here needs to be 'perfect' before they can judge. Oh, aha, you aren't.
because that's a prerequisite for judging anyone? it's not.
anyone who exposes themselves online should know that.
this is a means of entertainment for us. some do give well-intentioned advice, but i think that barely anyone here gives a fuck about what happens to the cows.

your jimmies sure are rustled though…

No. 79785

Are you an undiscovered lolcow, Anon-chan?

No. 79787

You sound like one of the anons that visited SUT. How does it impact YOU what we do? Oh, it doesn't.

No. 79795

Okay theforestcat.

No. 79796

Which one of you fuckers phoned Erika in the middle of the night last night?

No. 79818

lol wut

No. 79820

Her latest post on Instagram is about how someone from this site phoned her.

No. 79822

It was obviously one of Ashley's batshit insane followers. I'm so sick of this bitches shit. Honestly she just needs to be put into a mental ward until she dies.

No. 79823

Whomever just accused me on SUT needs to get their facts right.

No. 79824

Did she mention what the phone call was about? I doubt it really was somebody from here. I agree with >>79822.

I mean, even Ashley would sort of benefit from this. You know she'll twist this so she's the victim.

No. 79825

As far as I know, no one on this board has even bothered to dox her, so I doubt anyone here has her phone number… Not to mention nobody has anything to say to her either.

No. 79827


What's SUT?

No. 79828

lol sure

No. 79829

File: 1428779391236.gif (1.12 MB, 330x248, POPCORNISLOWCAL.gif)

I came home to this

No. 79830

Sealed-Up-Tight, Ash's old tumblr, I took it over when she gave up the URL

No. 79833


Ahhh! Okay, I thought it was some other ana\mia board. Cheers for clearing that up.

No. 79834

Wow you're a fucking idiot, obviously no one would die from this disease if it was easy to recover. I bet you're a fat fuck who's never missed a meal in their life.

No. 79835

It sounded like Ashley was the one who called her. She's posted on Twitter about how Erika's Tumblr made her want to claw her face off or something to that effect. There's definitely aggression, and didn't she also send Erika nasty anon asks when are still had her Tumblr? Some anon was saying Erika looked bigger than her BMI and shit like that, and Erika found the IP address those asks were from. Pretty sure there's a good chance it was Ashley, or one of Ashley's hard-core fans who called her in the middle of the night.

No. 79836

lol sure

No. 79837

Maybe Ashley made theforestcat call her. Or that neckbeard dude.

What a fucking bitch

No. 79838

Hmm, I wonder who has Erika's number, has been posting bitter, petty shit about her, and has been goading us into going after her, and has a reason to want to get this board shut down? I think it's Ash calling Erika or coercing one of her minions into do so.

No. 79840

Erika, if someone calls again, trace the call and call the cops.

No. 79842

Ash is gonna end up a Vegtable with no control of her body at all she would be lucky to die n not end up like terry shivo

No. 79843

Nah, theforestcat is kissing her ass in the comments on that IG post. I guess it wasn't Ashley because it sounds like Erika didn't recognize the caller, but seeing as how this call came right after Ashley made a shit talking post about Erika on Tumblr, it was probably one of Ash's fans trying to suck up to her. "Look, you said nobody believes your bullshit about Erika, but I do! See how loyal I am to you?!"

No. 79845

Erika made a comment on her post that even though she knows Ashley definitely did shitty hurtful things to her, she misses her. She said she's drawn to Ashley because Ashley reminds her of her mom. Well hello, Erika's mom was abusive and has BPD and had an addiction. No wonder she sees similarities. Erika grew up with an abusive BPD mother, so she feels like that's normal/acceptable to be around. :-(

No. 79846

Ashley stays up that late, makes sense

No. 79849

Was this a cellphone? How the hell would anyone here know that (unless they know her?) That's truly shitty whoever called her. No one here's ever displayed any venom towards Erika.

No. 79850

Nobody here has any interest in causing trouble for Erika, if we did; she would've had her own lolcow thread made about her ages ago.

No one here cares about Erika in that sense, the only people who keep bringing her up is Ashley and her brief history of jealousy with her.

If people want to donate to Erika's recovery, that's fine but Ash's negative obsession with her is trying to stop that from happening.

No. 79852

Thought: if her husband's a dick and against her treatment, it could've been someone he knows.

No. 79853

You know, I wasn't planning on donating to Erika's fundraiser because poor, but seeing the trouble Ash is causing her changed my mind. Thanks, Ash!

No. 79856


True, but it's awfully coincidental that this phone call has happened just a day or so after Bones McGee made a shitty post about her on tumblr.

No. 79859

i wouldn't put it past ash to give out erika's phone number to her braindead follower army. i've never seen erika's personal info posted here, or anywhere for that matter. ash obviously would know her phone number since they were friends.

ash is such a piece of shit, seriously. though who answers the phone when they don't know who it is? i never do, i just let the answering machine get it.

No. 79860

You're right and I imagine she was given Erika's number. I really can't believe anyone here would do that though. Even the ones who aren't bothered about her never day anything shitty about her. The only problem they have is with a few pictures of self harm on her account.

I don't answer unrecognisable numbers either, but if she sleeping and woken suddenly it could've just been a reflex action.

No. 79861

If only Ash had a nth of the maturity Erika has when she comments on Ash. For what it's worth, I really believe Erika's going to beat her eating disorder as much as anybody can beat it. Fuck Ashley for trying to put negativity into her thoughts.

No. 79862

Whoever called her wasn't from this board, there's been too much of a long time lapse for someone here to have done it when they could've done it at any point since Erika's relation to Ashley.

This just happened last night, just a day after Ashley's spiteful tumblr post about her.

So yeah it's someone Ashley knows from Tumblr or Ashley herself has some involvement in it all.

No. 79867

Jesus, Ashley. just leave Erika be, you continue to talk shit about her for what gain? Whatever you know or don't know about her has nothing to do with us, it's between you and her and if you have a problem with her, sort it out between yourselves.

It's doing you no favours being a childish, jealous bitch to her.

She's deffo NOT getting more attention than you if that's what you're all salty about, you get plenty of attention here! You have at least 5 of your very own threads on this board… Erika doesn't have a single one.

No. 79874

Wow, I didn't think Ashley could stoop any lower, but alas she has. What a nasty little parasite.

I love how she makes a conscious decision to come to this board, and then cries "bullying!!!11"
I am willing to bet that the majority of posters here don't seek her out and send her nasty messages. You don't have to come here, Ashley. As long as you keep behaving like a scammer you WILL be talked about, so just know that and accept it, or stop behaving so horribly.

I used to follow Ashley, but the way she talks about Erika is really repulsive. I don't want to see her word-vomit in my feed anymore. Get healthy and grow up, Ashley.

You have to know you're in the wrong when your main support comes in the form of 15 year old pro-ana kids. (and you're, what, 25, 26?) do you really not see how pathetic that is?

No. 79877

File: 1428785495287.jpg (45.73 KB, 471x252, blahblahblah.JPG)

Posts about forgiving people for their past mistakes yet doesn't forgive others from (her idea of) someone's past mistakes.

No. 79878

Wow, I've just read that a BMI of 6,1 is possible…

No. 79880

No. 79883

are you Hungarian?

No. 79884

haha yes

No. 79885

Ashley is famous world-wide

No. 79887

Lol. My dad's Hungarian. Don't speak it at me though, the language was way too hard to ever get to grips with.

For all the wrong reasons.

No. 79891

These case studies are pretty wow. I don't understand the medical stuff though. I wish I did.

No. 79892

File: 1428786388476.jpg (89.4 KB, 668x361, 01.JPG)

No. 79896

I know Ashley has never disclosed whether she has ana or mia, but I do recall her saying she has several mental disorders as well as BED.

No. 79900

Ashley said something not long ago about being diagnosed with EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) which would make sense since she obviously started out restricting hugely and b/ping and now tends to b/p

No. 79906

I've always been under the impression she must alternate. Maybe she starves and then binges. She must be getting enough calories inside her to function. I don't understand how that's possible.

No. 79911

Someone linked to this in an earlier post, but it's a fantastic read about how EDs deteriorate the mind as much as the body.


No. 79913

If you have such a low body weight as Ashley's, you are diagnosed (primarily) with anorexia, no matter how you achieved that weight.

No. 79920

I have no interest in calling her. We have each other blocked from all social media and I don't communicate with her. I Came here to defend myself. Later.

No. 79923

I agree too, I just see most all lolcows on this board as an interesting look into people who don't function well in society.

It's just an educative look into psychology for me, there's just no desire for me to care for these people outside of this board, or even contact them.

I can't speak for others interests though.

No. 79924

That was me. I like that site a lot. It shows all the horrors of EDs so I expect the pro ana community avoid it.

You know we discussed the two twins who're doctors and both have EDs? Looking at their instagrams you can tell how it's affected their brains. It's like they've regressed into some younger mindset. It's hard to think that at one point they were mentally stable enough to get their doctor qualifications.>>79911

No. 79925

As much as I dislike the way Ashley operates, I wouldn't even contact her maliciously or otherwise. That's just creepy level.

No. 79928

Given her past internet activities for attention and her current ones, and how she openly gives out her physical address, I'm honestly shocked she has yet to have some 45 year old creepy pervert show up at her apartment with presents.

Then again, as long as it's food, I doubt Skeletor would mind.

No. 79929

File: 1428787970434.jpg (15.11 KB, 480x720, 20140727164247.jpg)

Who was Misa Yamamoto? I saw her on some of those ana fetish pages. She died in January.

No. 79930

I don't even dislike Ashley, I'm here because I'm interested in her as a "case".

No. 79931

oh shit, I hope that's not the same Misa Yamamoto who's the pianist…


No. 79932

it says she's a model and writer, so i doubt it. her blog's not translating properly.

No. 79934

File: 1428788235062.jpg (32.87 KB, 312x334, 01.JPG)


Idk if she was thin because of the liver disease or an ED.

No. 79935

Oh bullshit, you've more than proven you have a lot of interest in her regardless of your "defence".

No. 79936


Whew thank god cos that's the only Misa I've heard of.

As for the anoretic…
https://twitter.com/yamamoto_misa Her twitter is pretty wtf.

No. 79937

Oh Ashley. When you try to "defend" yourself you have a tendency to make yourself look worse.

No. 79938

>bawwww lolcow called

Uhhhhh except the fact that erika has never been doxxed by us or had her personal number posted on the site ever?

Has she ever even posted her phone number online?

No. 79939


"I don't care about her at all anymore!" stalks every social media account they have, makes shitty Vaguebook posts about them, etc

Serving that 2015 Single White Female realness, I'd say all Ash needs now is the shitty haircut but well…

No. 79941

Your powdered milk has gone bad, lolcow.

No. 79944

See above. Clownshoe.

No. 79949

Its a great site, thanks for sharing.

I've always found it difficult to find unbiased accounts of EDs as there's so many glamourized talk about it from pro-anas, but this site was exactly what I needed to see for the real horror behind it all.

No. 79952

"Do you ever feel like no one shares the same interests as you do?"

What, you mean finding another former underage pussy-peddling narcissistic scam artist bonespo queen rotting in her mom's living room is easier said than done? Gasp!

No. 79961


Lmao! I was thinking nearly the exact same thing when I saw that post on her tumblr! XD

No. 79966

me three

thank fuck there aren't people with her interests

No. 79967

fuck shit ive never seen this before.
shes actually a model? talk about niche. and before she died, she was perfectly fine milking her illness / skeletal body and making a horror blog? creepy af

No. 79968

i can't find anything on her other than her personal accounts so i don't think she was a model?

No. 79969

She's Japanese, so weird shit goes, right? I only knew of her when i saw the creeps on vk posting their ~dreamskinnybodies~ for people who get turned on by disabling illness.

No. 79972

If she means "interests" of pastel colored tacky shite, pokymans, animu, weeaboo merch and fluffy animals… That accounts for 80% of tumblrinas.

But does she actually mean her other interests such as binging and purging and having another person to share her ED with? Cos I'm pretty sure they're quite plentiful on tumblr too.

No. 79978

That's a point. Her "interests" are popular on tumblr. Maybe she's trying to come across as lonely for pity.

She's annoying that she ONLY posts comments about food pics on Ig. That friend of hers who's doing really well with recovery posted some ice cream and she commented. No posts about how well she's doing or how nice she looks. Just…FOOD.

No. 79979

Yeah but then you gotta narrow those down to weeaboo anaz with enough disposable income to buy her presents and binge food and give up their entire lives for her so… 5ever alone.

No. 79980

Also her claims of feeling nothing for anyone after Erika (lol except you're still obsessed as fuck, Ash) preeeeeeeeeeeetty much confirm her black and white "I love you NOW I HATE YOU" mentality and how she only views people, even "friends," as "how much stuff can I get out of you?"

No. 80008

I've never ever seen Erika say a single bad word about Ash, and that's what get me the most. I've even seen Erika defend her like crazy when any other people have doubts about Ash.

That says a lot about someone, horrible natured people don't go out of their way to say nice things about others and buy them presents just cos they want to or feel obligated to do.

Ashley's claims about Erika are just phoney at this point, it just reeks of jealousy because we don't feel sympathy towards her.

No. 80009

From one of the articles on medusa (stomach rupture death)

Like a typical binger, her stomach was dying before it ripped. What I mean is that every time we binge our stomachs expand, if they expand far enough, the vessels supplying them blood are crushed - cutting off the blood supply to that area, killing the tissue. That area is weakened and the next binge of that caliber becomes more dangerous. Purging just adds fuel to the fire by increasing stomach pressure above and beyond the natural level.

No. 80014

File: 1428793295767.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.83 KB, 500x740, tumblr_n6pwi4s3k71tptjqco1_500…)

Speaking of…I was just looking at a really gross page on tumblr and saw this pic. The girl has the same markings the other ED girl had on her stomach. Tumblr are so random with images they delete. This page is really bad with skinny images but deleted on around 6 so far.

No. 80022

Does ashley use any instant messaging services?

No. 80023

What do you think th ebruising is from? Ugh I hope not dying insides

No. 80026

idk. she never screenshots any conversations.

last pic like this we thought it was damage from hot water bottles. it's got to be something connected to stomach damage?!?

No. 80028

If she does, it would be limited to people she feels she could trust. Why?

No. 80029

Wtf. There's a video on this tumblr of erika having a seizure.

No. 80036

Which one?

No. 80037

It's often from hot water bottles/heating pads. You can develop permanent discoloration.

No. 80038

I just looked at Erika's post. She never pointed the finger at lolcow for the phone call. The forestcat did. Theforestcat creeps me out by seeking out friendships with damaged women. Esp since she's pro-Ana.

No. 80041


it was forestcat stirring shit. she's definitely special needs.

No. 80047

I don't know about her, but my stomach is bruised because I push it hard when vomiting.

No. 80048

Eh.. Theforestcat can climb a wall of floppy dicks.

Erika can come here if she wanted to and see the whole thread, sometimes I wish she would so she could see and cut out two poisonous people from her life… No matter how they both try to intrude into it and pretend to "support" her.

You can guarantee that whatever Erika does, theforestcat returns to Ashley to update her about her life and co-ops in bitching about her.

No. 80051

I'd feel uncomfortable being a friend of enemies. At least she could be more discreet about it if she isn't "taking sides".

No. 80052

that comment about Erika reminding her of her mum. creeeeeepy.

No. 80054

I would def cut out that forestcat chick. One of the things people work on in treatment is social skills. Erika needs to ditch social media and these sick people she's associated with. Recovering will be impossible otherwise.

No. 80055

File: 1428795420513.jpg (65.29 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 80056

How the fuck does this bitch have an iPhone 6?

No. 80057

Didn't she say it was an upgrade? I only do pay as you go, no contract, so no idea how you go about trading in old phones.

No. 80060


rretty sure thats a dudes tumblr

No. 80062

Upgrades still cost money. Usually you pay the difference between a new phone and your existing one.

For the anons who live in the US, look into getting Republic Wireless as a carrier. You can't bring your own phone but it's worth it. I pay $10 a month for unlimited calls and texts, and unlimited data over wi-fi.

No. 80063

0 of of 10, would not even smile at.

No. 80065

I'm betting her mother has the contract in her name. I doubt Ash would get credit to open one.

No. 80072

Isn't it obvious? Ashley is telling her to befriend her. theforestcat is Ashley's trojan horse. she's still got a super weird preteen obsession of Erika and what better way to stalk her than through her actually preteen friend? It's even eerier if you consider Ashley is almsot 10 years older than theforestcat…

No. 80073

That's cos emotionally immature and young people are easier to manipulate, ala Onision.

No. 80074

The age thing IS creepy. Age gaps in friendships at that age are odd. Someone mid twenties wanting to befriend someone not even out of school. Age doesn't matter when in friendships as you grow older, but nurturing one with a 16 year old or w/e when you're mid 20s is…not right.

No. 80075

True. Case in point - Erika is older so spotted the BS early on.

No. 80076

the strongerthanana girl is young too

No. 80077

Nah, age gaps can be helpful and influential in a mentor way like teachers, family members, people who have a positive impact on a younger person's life…

Ashley and theforestcat though? Its in no way helpful, supportive and beneficial so, NOPE.

No. 80081

I agree. I looked up to people older in my mid teens, but I looked up to them because in some way I found them inspiring or exciting people who I could learn things from. What the hell's inspiring about Ash. It's only really whacked out thinspo brigade who want to be skeletor if it's her disorders they're admiring.

No. 80084

That's what I can't understand either… Is it some kind of "goddess" projection that she has on these kids?

A lot of people have been in a lot of pain through their lives, even to the brink of death in their own ways and they ask for fuckall in return except to be safe and teach in others.

Ashley WANTS though, alawys wanting and not understanding what needing really is.

No. 80085

Ashley could teach forestcat how to make herself throw up like a pro and how to be at a toothless human wreckage at age 18. An experienced Ana mentor.

No. 80086

I was thinking how I admired certain rock stars or actors because they were amazing musicians, interesting, or just looked great. I never went the total idol worship way, but it's like they hold her up as one.

It does make me wonder what she writes in her letters/emails. If she's always talking about sugary food, she knows these girls are probably thinking about wanting to throw the stuff up even if they haven't tried it. It's horrible. She's a nightmare.

No. 80087

Ha! I kno rite?

I just hope she snaps out of it at some point, after all we're just jealous fat haters.

No. 80097

Celebrities shouldn't mean nothing after 25, you'll be thankful.

All I know is that she had penpals? but no letter was ever shown, or goodies on even an envelope or package, just what ashley herself sent out.

No. 80099

*anything to you after 25

No. 80102

Minnie maud is for wannarexics. Girls who tried to make themselves anorexic and when it doesn't work, they say they're "in recovery", because they still want to be special and don't want to admit (mostly to themselves) that they aren't anorexic. one of its biggest supporters, that idiot on everythingeatingdisorders, pretends to have recovered from anorexia with MM but uhhh she was never anorexic. her lowest BMI was 19. you people trivialize eating disorders and you disgust me.

and someone who's ACTUALLY anorexic following minnie maud? yea, thats dangerous. if you've been eating less than 1000 calories a day for a while and/or your bmi is 15 or less, MM is likely to kill you via refeeding syndrome.

its backed by nothing and its creator has no credentials. and if Ash tried MM, she'd be dead by the end of the week.

No. 80106

I'm still a fan of the people I admired back then and I'm cough past 25. I chose wisely.

I liked some of the fuck ups in the music world, but they weren't role models. Same as with thinspo queens, I don't understand why someone would strive to emulate people who were wasted. Ashley's wasted, but in a different way. theforestcat though - something strange about her in a bad way.

fuck sake, someone needs to start a forum where we can discuss these people!!! the only tip i used from proana sites when i was dieting in the good way was to drink a lot of water, but that's a tip you find on any health site. i really hate proana sites so much. fuck freedom of speech, they shouldn't exist.

No. 80108

btw, nice to see some of Erika's followers on ig being all real about Ashley. i suspect most of them know it was her who was involved in the phone call.

No. 80110


No. 80114

File: 1428799355756.jpg (33.66 KB, 385x274, 01.JPG)

Couldn't link to the exact image. Wasn't sure if I should blank the names out, but meh.

No. 80119

Mono, thats sweet, I have heroes and heroines too, some were messed up some were slightly messed up. I still love them too but I felt they gave me good lessons in life.

No. 80127

Ewwwwwwwww… That's so sappy. XD

No. 80129

File: 1428800091792.jpg (83.01 KB, 718x612, 02.JPG)

Ash isn't very good at predictions.

No. 80131

She's dying every minute, so majestic.

No. 80132

File: 1428800268371.jpg (48.39 KB, 435x472, 04.JPG)

…and no one was killed.

No. 80134

Was this summer/fall 2014? (And hey, in her defense, we were all surprised she survived the winter.)

No. 80138

File: 1428800502307.jpg (43.04 KB, 478x615, imfatomfg.JPG)

Do you really believe she thinks she's fat?

No. 80140

File: 1428800573360.jpg (62.56 KB, 460x621, 06.JPG)

Love the braces!

No. 80143

OK, this was obviously not a prediction/promise about her death, she just said she would be very cold in the winter.
She always tagged her selfies with #fat #bones #skinny #obese #anorexic #eatingdisorder

No. 80144

Someone archived some of her old posts.

No. 80145

thats so fucking morbid, even if she is using the word 'die' ironically

No. 80147

Holy fuck, no shit she'd die from refeeding. And you think BMI > 15 = wannarexic? lol. Just like minniemaud doesn't work for everyone, your generalizations don't apply to everyone.

No. 80148

Pretty sure we all know it wasn't actually a prediction.

No. 80152


She probably doesn't believe she is fat, but I doubt she realizes how thin she has become. For instance, you see a normal sized person in the mirror, but you think that normal sized person is fat, so you want to lose more weight.

No. 80155

File: 1428801513036.jpg (28.59 KB, 588x472, 07.JPG)

This one…I'm sure she was way past that when she posted.

No. 80162


No. 80167

Yeah, I bet theforestcat phoned Erika and is now pretending she didn't.

No. 80168

Some of the ED girls WEAR A BRA and have, say B cups. HOW? When I lost weight my tits totally went. Wearing a bra would be lol. They're so picky on which parts of their bodies they want to stay "fat", like some still want tittehs.

Looking at all this for a while makes me feel hungry. Must be a primitive throwback self preservation thingy. I'm going to get some porride ha.

Didn't want to come out and say it, but…I'd bet it was her. Especially if Erika didn't recognise her voice.

No. 80169

Another troubling aspect of minniemaud is that you're not supposed to exercise. Ever. For the rest of your life. It's fair enough to advise no exercise or only very light exercise for those who aren't healthy or weight restored yet, and of course exercise obsession and overexercise are common and something to keep in check, but no exercise, ever again? Much like food, exercise is important for overall health.

No. 80170


No. 80173

She probs called Erika so that when Erika mentioned it on social media she could come to her aid and comfort her.

No. 80174

File: 1428802299334.png (11.63 KB, 393x91, 5754334.png)

>I've given a few people my number
>A few

Her number has never been posted online. Nobody has doxxed her. Only a few -select- people can contact her, I wonder who it could be~~

No. 80179

It was either Ash or her lackey. No question.

No. 80181

Maybe she's one of those people who are a bit naive as to the shit people are capable of.
Underneath it all, she must know it was the working of Ash.

No. 80182

Anonymous asked: You ask for food because you said that you don't have money and you have an iphone 6. You're such a liar

NOPE :-) as stated earlier, and also on my previous blog, my new iphone 6 was rebated and reduced in price because I had an old iPhone 4. I did a trade-in, sadly you are unaware of bargain shopping ^_^

lol. "bargain shopping." sure ash.

No. 80183

the post said the person who called said she was "too fat for recovery" and "not worth recovery". Id love to know which sick fuck did that.

No. 80185

Pretty sure Ash sent Erika anon messages about her weight on tumblr. Ostensibly she only has a cellphone since she talked about iMessage. Most cellphone numbers are unlisted. It was someone she gave her number to. And the simplest explanation is usually the most likely one.

No. 80187

I'd be willing to bet my left leg it was Ashley herself or because shes a coward a "friend" of her that she either asked to do it or implied they should do it. Ash is such shit.

No. 80188

bargain shopping or not, if she's begging for food because she's so poor, she couldn't afford to shop bargains or not. especially for phones.

No. 80190

Bitch I have an iPhone 4S and it still works. Good as new. Choosers can't be beggars.

No. 80191

this. I'm poor and yeah buying food is my #1 priority. I literally can't remember the last time I bought something 100% frivolous. Shit, I literally don't even have a cellphone now. It's been like 2 years since I've had one because they're fucking expensive & their plans.

But I guess I'm just a bad ~bargain shopper~

No. 80192

It was very convenient how theforestcat immediately suggested to Erika that it was a farmer calling her.

No. 80194

Let's kill this bitch.(how about no)

No. 80196

Sounds like stuff a certain spoopy skeleton would say.

No. 80197

Let's not joke about shit like that.

No. 80198

The latest iphone is EXPENSIVE. I doubt she had that much discounted. Still a couple of hundred dollars?

I only buy a new one when the old one's so knackered it doesn't work. It's a fucking phone. Totally status symbol for Ashley.

Porridge was nice. mmmm…satisfying in my tummy.

>too fat for recover

yet her doctors refer her for immediate inpatient treatment.

No. 80201

File: 1428803314230.png (51.92 KB, 686x511, whining.png)

No. 80202

I mean beggars can't be choosers fuck my life.
Yeah. I don't know why people are so obsessed with showing their status through cellphones.

No. 80203

Come on, now. She's completely dumb and a total tool, but she's 15 and that's really not okay to say. Don't stoop that low.

No. 80204

At least we have morals. :P

No. 80206

Actually, it really does. Because a normalfag not into eating disorders, etc, doesn't just throw the word recovering around like that. Honestly, if I were to troll an anorexic or something I'd just call them fat. I wouldn't think to even mention recovery?

It's definitely someone who is jealous of her recovery, and who suits that bill? Hmmm. trash does. I mean she openly and publicly blasts her when she can.

No. 80208


Did I miss something?

No. 80210

so she admits to being 16 and diagnosed with a personality disorder? leeeeel

No. 80211

Woah. Chill out. She's just a confused kid.

No. 80212

Not her drama and yet she keeps getting involved by her own accord. Little fool.

No. 80213

its theforestcat not wanting to see that ashley is actually (shocker) a bitch.

No. 80215

Wtf? it's not FOREVER. Where are you reading this shit

No. 80216

File: 1428803632222.jpg (65.98 KB, 616x454, eightyearindunkindonuts.JPG)

Lurking much?
Btw, impressed with your resume.

No. 80218

The point is to get you eating NORMALLY again. To eat whatever you want, whenever you want. When you're hungry. And to not use exercise to negate gains. Some people are triggered by exercise.

No. 80222

>NOPE :-) as stated earlier, and also on my previous blog, my new iphone 6 was rebated and reduced in price because I had an old iPhone 4. I did a trade-in, sadly you are unaware of bargain shopping ^_^

Calling out this bullshit. I traded in an iPhone 5 in perfect condition and got $80 detracted from the phone's price. Even with further discounts, the phone still cost $200. There's also an activation fee of $20 or $50 or something like that.

No. 80223

Yeah they don't give you shit anymore

No. 80225

Erika just said she called AT&T and it was a local call, girl's voice. Shocker!

No. 80226

case closed

No. 80227

I hope Erika gets the police involved.

No. 80228

>@gojiberryfairy I already called AT&T and it was a local(FL) call, the only reason I answered is because my adoptive father had a triple bypass out of nowhere not too long ago, I don't get many, ok…my mom, my husband and my grandma call me…so I picked up at full adrenaline. It was some girl whispering "I can't wait to see you stuffed with fat" and then some giggling and a hang up, stupid. I'd rather be fat, lazy and creative than ever intentionally go out of my way to persuade a MOTHER !OUT! of recovering. I was never overweight but thought I was..so who knows if I'd even notice with how busy I hope to be working. 😍.

Hooooooooly shiiiiiit. Ashley is literally evil.

No. 80229

she's too kind to, but she should. maybe it'd help getting Ashley committed

No. 80230

Anyone here live in Florida? No, me neither. Stop spreading lies Caleigh.

No. 80231

You know, Spoopy just got a new phone. She could have asked to have her number changed.

No. 80232

File: 1428804504472.jpg (222.98 KB, 900x675, 1419320517677.jpg)

What… the…. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

No. 80233

There's only a certain amount of mental illness you can use as a defense, but Ashley has more going on. This is beyond mental disorders, this is a vile personality totally unconnected to her problems. No excuse.

No. 80236

File: 1428804781771.png (61.89 KB, 512x380, HOLYSHIT.png)


No. 80237

Yep. Mental illnesses don't give you a free pass to assholeville. Sry ash. Looks like you got busted.

Unless theforestcat is from fl? Even if its was theforestcat, it was under ashley's prompting.

No. 80238

She's in Canada.

No. 80239

No. 80240

can you imagine those two in a room together? holy shit. the amount of ash dragging whoever that girl is to her binges… the amount of ass kissing and hand holding. it sickens me to think about.

No. 80243

File: 1428805246164.jpg (589.78 KB, 1024x770, CaseClosed_1024a.jpg)

well then. case closed.

No. 80244

This is low, even for Ashley.

No. 80245

Probably an unpopular opinion, but even if theforestcat was in FL she doesn't strike me as the type to make nasty calls to someone. She just seems like a mentally ill kid seeking some kind of maternal attention. She's pretty clueless, but she'd probably be too scared to do something like that, anyway. I don't think she's malicious, just young and dumb. Who knows, though.

No. 80246

Yeah, that kid could never do something so disgustingly vile. Only a monster can do this to another human being.

No. 80247

WOW ASH, that is a new level of fucked up. I don't even care how mentally ill you are. You are a malicious and spiteful creature and I hope you get put away ASAP (oh, and BTW, dying slowly and painfully in a hospital is not very kawaii) so you don't do any more harm to those around you.

No. 80253

No, i don't think a bmi under 15 is for wannarexics. WTF gave you that idea?? i was pretty clear. Having a BMI of 15 or less puts one at risk of refeeding syndrome. Are you special needs as well?

No. 80262

File: 1428806890820.jpg (13.9 KB, 483x418, smug-obama.jpg)

> florida number

oh ash you dumb cunt

No. 80265

She doesn't need a therapist, she needs an exorcist.

No. 80266

I feel kind of bad but I lol'd so hard.

No. 80267

guess what? eating "whatever you want, whenever you want" isn't healthy either, its just the other end of the spectrum. The minnie maud guidelines are not "normal". MM is NOT advisable for individuals with clinical eating disorders, especially not severe eating disorders. Fortunately most of the girls who follow MM don't seem to be in that category.

Why don't you go have a pint party or something? you know, because eating 1200 calories worth of sugar is totally normal and healthy.

No. 80269

File: 1428807451090.jpg (6.79 KB, 256x197, images.jpg)

It has to be done.

No. 80270

I think somebody who is also anorexic made that call to Erika becuase who else would say something like that? Covered in fat? You mean a normal weight. More then just bones? That's not fat. Also why does ash care more about being thin then being pretty? She is so ugly at her weight. She looks like a dying aids grandma corpse. She used to be so cute. Why does she want to be so skinny that she is hideous?

No. 80271

File: 1428807598475.jpg (44.86 KB, 431x300, Exorcist-regan-mcneil (1).jpg)

At least she'd get tube fed.

No. 80280

It sounds just like something Ash would say honestly. I think she lives for the attention she gets from being so ~extremely sick~, or else she wouldn't go out in public in the shit she wears, take so many pics blatantly flaunting her emaciation, post about her binges and rub her ED in everyone's face, etc. If she can't be prettier than other people, then she'll be thinner than they are. It's all she has going for her.

No. 80287

File: 1428809238355.jpg (168 KB, 640x480, ash_help_me_shes_getting_close…)


No. 80289

No. 80301

Next threads pic hands down

No. 80306

Holyshit, I love you, anon.

No. 80310



No. 80340


Where is this from? How does a teenager have 8 years of retail experience?

No. 80343

I knew someone who was diagnosed BPD at 15. Spot fucking on, even 10 years later.

It doesn't seem that crazy to me.

No. 80384

If it was at 4 in the morning and Ashley briefly shrieked into the phone before hanging up, it's possible Erika wouldn't recognize her voice. Or maybe Erika was thrown off by an unfamiliar phone number, but Ashley could have used her mom's phone or changed her number after her iPhone upgrade.

Then again maybe Erika knew full well it was Ashley but didn't want to believe it or didn't want to call her out in public (because Ashley is a vindictive bitch) so she's being tactful about it.

No. 80385

I… Have no words. She needs to be put in an insane asylum. She's kicking and thrashing in madness. What ashley has done is borderline criminal. I remember her wishing to kill her mother's cat, so lord knows what she's capable of. She needs to put away before she does any more harm to people.

No. 80388

I'm gonna sound ash-paranoid, but is it possible, and I'm just saying possible that Erika is lying about this knowing that it might boost people funding her recovery?
Just stating my curiosity, TBH. Not condemning her at all, but we still don't know exactly that she can be trusted. despite that, I still hope for her full recovery, and even for Ashley's, should she ever choose it. Lord knows she could get the funding in no time.
THAT being said, from Erika's comments about calling AT&T and it being a call from inside the house(I.E the state), and it being whispers, considering ash's voice is so harsh, and her stating that she hasn't given her phone number to many people, plus ash getting a new phone and possibly phone number… I mean it all adds up and makes a lot of sense that it was very well Ash herself, if not one of her minions. Still though, that it came from FL is kind of telling.that it was probably Ashley… if the call was in fact real. Again, not a WK and not a hater, just trying to be objective here.

No. 80389

Could you imagine how creepy as fuck that might have been? An unknown number waking you up at 4 am, only to pick it up and hear a creepy, hoarse voice at the other line whispering triggering words and then laughing at you? Fucking nightmare fuel.

No. 80390

Yeah, absolutely. I think it's safe to assume that no one here really knows Erika, so it's certainly a possibility. It's also a possibility that it was another, totally unrelated pro-ana girl Erika used to know. We personally can't do much but speculate.

No. 80393

Go back to your recliner chair and think long and hard about your life choices, trashley.

No. 80394

I'm that anon, and I am not Ashley. I'm just trying to be objective. Wherein did I condemn Erika? I'm just saying we don't know if this is true. What makes you think Ash would ever take any accountability for the call, even hypothetically? Especially in the way that I summated the possibility that it very well could have been a real call, let alone one made by ashley herself? Uh, never. Ash never holds herself accountable for anything, even on anon on here the most she'll say is 'lol ash is a monster'. I guess I should check my typing pattern, in hindsight i DID use CAPS to emphasize my point.

No. 80395

I was >>80390.

I like to think I articulate myself better than Ashley, thanks. And for the record, I was just humoring the idea. I personally can't say with 100% certainty it was Ashley, and neither can you. But on that note, I do believe it was Ashley, and I've been here gossiping with you on and off all evening about the high likeliness of it being her.


(just kidding.)

No. 80417

File: 1428823843283.jpg (28.95 KB, 495x255, god.jpg)

Is anyone else surprised that Ashley believes in god? I just found that to be so out of character for some reason.

No. 80418

I don't think she really does, it's more like "I didn't do it, god knows it :^)"

No. 80419

Yeah, that's a convenient alibi. We can't call up "god" and ask. We're all going to be smitten, by the way. Get ready!

No. 80427

I think it's more a sign that she completely has the touch with reality and her brain is irreversibly damaged. She might actually think it wasn't her. I don't think Ashley is responsible for her actions anymore. She isn't only mentally ill, she is crazy.

No. 80428

*has lost

No. 80441

That sure is a possibility. Why not make use of all the dramu. From what we know about Erika though, she does seem to be very genuine.

No. 80445

I guess I missed something earlier in the thread, what is SUT?

No. 80446

sealed-up-tight. Someone took over ash's old tumblr url, and now is filled with shit that exposes her insanity to the tumblr people that follow her.

No. 80459

No it is not at the other end of the spectrum. You are lumping all sufferers of restrictive eating disorders into one category. You say that those who follow MM and have success are "wannarexics" and all restrictive types will end up with binge eating disorders on that guideline. That is not the case. By whatever you want whenever you want I'm talking about pre-Ed eating. Want a cookie? Have a cookie. Not a whole pint of ice cream. THAT is binging, not the occasional cookie MOST PEOPLE crave now and then. Normal, unrestricted eating is not eating a whole pint in one go.aybe once every 6 months. We all have those days. Mm is not "eat 3,000 for the rest of your life and never exercise". It is a fail safe for the early recovery days (when used in conjunction with therapy and medical care) to help get you back to a more normal picture of a human, who eats until he's satisfied, has a cookie if he wants one without beating himself up for it and over-exercising or vomiting it back up, and can go out to eat with family or friends. The minimum is to restore internal organ health because believe it or not, they need it. It is not a gateway to binging. That is what doing it in conjunction with therapy and medical help will help to prevent. Stop lumping every eating disorder into one category. It didn't work for you or someone you knew? I'm sorry. But it works for some, and not just "wannarexics" with BMI >15

No. 80473

And by "satisfied" I don't mean until you're so stuffed you can't eat another bite. I mean responding to normal hunger cues and leptin responses

No. 80481

No. 80484

I never heard of minnie maud, but this was kind of the way I recovered. I started with a BMI of 12, and only consumed Nutridrink in the beginning, but then I got bored with it and started to binge sweets. When I reached normal weight, my excessive crave for sugar stopped. I don't say it's the best way, but I ate so many sweets in that 6 months I'm forever fed up with them. Now I guess there will be someone who will call me wannarexic or fatty because I really, really wanted to recover and once I made up my mind it was easy. Making up my mind to recover was the difficult and long process.

No. 80485


Erika said "It was some girl whispering" which was probably Ashley not wanting to wake her mum.

She's being too calm and dismissive about this. If I was number one suspect in doing something so disgusting I'd do more than say, yeah God's my judge stfu. Hey, Ash, doesn't sound like E knows you didn't call her!

Any normal person would probably get in touch with the person it'd happened to to ease their mind it wasn't you…if it wasn't you. OR at least you'd write on your tumblr about how sorry you were that it'd happened. There again, Ashley is far from normal.

Btw, remember #she is healing

No. 80486

That's extremely creepy. You just take a picture with a total stranger and next, she's obsessing all over you. What the fuck.

No. 80487

File: 1428842855595.jpg (52.24 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mt3ed7mpqS1rsdowgo1_500…)

Anon, Ashley's giving you that look. Better be quiet or you'll be getting malicious phone calls at 4am.

No. 80502

Not everyone believes in "god" Ashley, your spiritual witness can't speak for your claimed innocence.

No. 80504

That's like something out of a Fear Street novel damn son

No. 80506

Don't believe in that karma shit either.

No. 80509

I just find it hilarious that whenever Erika gets support on here, Ashley flies into a psychotic, jealous rage and attacks Erika in as many possible ways she can think of:

1. Tells eveyone that Erika is a bad person and that only she knows these bad secrets about her.
2. Throws a tantrum because Erika is getting affection and support and whines about how it was her that made Erika "e-famous".
3. Claims to have no interest in Erika yet calls her out constantly on her tumblr.
4. Makes hateful phonecalls to Erika a day after she makes a shitty post about her cos none of us took the lame bait about Erika being a bad person.
5. Tries to blame the call on us even though we don't have her number and she does.
6. Erika calls her provider and finds out the call came from the same State.
7. Ashley suddenly turns religious.

No. 80511

File: 1428850824120.jpeg (13.87 KB, 349x264, polls_Judgement_day_4623_32650…)

She doesn't see it as support, she sees it as attention.

I think there must be a lot of messaging between ash and her minion to set things up such as trying to put the blame on this site's anons.

No. 80514

It was just weird to begin with that someone came on here screaming that one of us lot called Erika.

It was like "lolwut" and then it was investigated, no one here has ever asked for Erika's doxx and usually when an anon here has done something, we're the first to know as they can't wait to talk about it on here, for example when a couple of anons reported ashley to the protection services.

No. 80523


go back to tumblr

No. 80524

I'm not into this stuff, but I noticed something about how you can't eat only 1000 calories a day. I've been doing that for a few years because of loss of appetite and I'm perfectly healthy. Might help that I don't move much though, ha.

No. 80526

Oh My God. Your reading comprehension skills are so bad. Are you a teenager? I never ever said anything about BMI and MM. My comment about BMI was solely to due with risk of refeeding syndrome. i stated that already and you just can't grasp it.
You are truly stupid and beyond OT. Just stop.

No. 80531

Just stop posting boring shit about treating anorexics.

No. 80536

It's blatantly obvious that Ashley called and did a pitiful job trying to cover it up. I just wonder if Erika knows that it was her and she just doesn't want to say it in public. It was also Ashley who sent Erika those horrible asks on Tumblr, wasn't it? I don't know if Erika ever confirmed but she vaguely said she knew the person's IP address and it was someone close to her.

No. 80538

What even happened between them? What was the fallout over exactly?

No. 80539

File: 1428854323448.jpg (23.71 KB, 390x260, Single White Female 2 The Psyc…)

I'd say it was blatantly obvious she knows it was Ashley the way she excuses her for being mental. When she found out if was a Florida number she said she feels bad that the person feels "trapped". If a random had rang, you'd think they were fucking psycho and say so.

All I heard is Erika wanted recovery and Ashley didn't. She said something about Erika feeling she was holding her back. She just can't do friendships can she.

No. 80556

Oh yeah, I missed that part. You're right, she talks about the "mysterious" caller the same way she talks about Ashley, saying she's trapped and that she hopes the person will seek peace.

I get that she's trying to be understanding but I feel like with Erika's past abuse, she's more likely to make excuses and try to justify unacceptable behavior. On the surface it seems kind and forgiving but at some point it's unhealthy to try to keep people who repeatedly mistreat you in your life.

A healthy person would respond to Ashley's behavior like "fuck no, get out of here" instead of still making excuses for Ashley and wishing she could love her enough to change her, which what Erika has said she wishes she could do. Erika commented that she had that same approach to her BPD mother. It's like abuse victim Stockholm syndrome. It seems like she's trying to change that though at least.

No. 80558

Don't sweat it. Minnie-Chan must consider any opposing opinions on MM to be an attack, so to defend it, she must type a wall of text and maybe put words in peoples' mouths in the process.

No. 80560

Ashley was envious of Erika and the envy grew to the point of fighting and the eventual fallout and the current creepy Single White Female stuff she's doing now. Ashley is very jealous by nature which makes for a bad friend. Instead of being worried about people when they're struggling she gets happy and when people do better than her she can't be happy for them. She gave Erika shit for posting on Tumblr because she got jealous that Erika was getting attention and people were commenting how pretty she is.

Ashley is even jealous of her mom's cat, for fuck's sake, because it gets attention from her mom. She wanted to kill the cat. Seriously?

No. 80585

Ashley's personality is very competitive, even back to that blog where she said she was going to out-skinny all the people on an ED forum.

Unfortunately, that's the only thing she's done that she feels she "won" at. She'll never have the beauty Erika has, she'll never have what it takes to make steps to recovery like her friends have. She's stuck in a situation where she's going to be jealous of anyone for the rest of her life because, as she wrote somewhere, losing weight is the only thing she's good at.

No. 80589

File: 1428858342463.jpg (362.06 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Erika's ig photo from 16wks ago on…Ashley is clearly jealous. She obviously wants to bring Erika down to her level, and Erika seems all lip-quivering, teary eyed "I'm s-s-sorry Ashley" towards her. Either Erika is just really fucked up and gets close to people who abuse/take advantage of her, or maybe Ashley DOES know something incriminating. Either way, Ashley is a bitch and Erika comes off as pathetic for not standing up for herself.

No. 80590

File: 1428858399218.jpg (414.76 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Rest of pic.

No. 80591

Ohhh, I remember that. No idea why she chose to take her comment public on ig instead of a personal text message, but .. attention!

Erika strikes me as one of those women who kind of attract shitty people. I don't think she's ever had physical abuse from her husbands, but I can see the traits those women have where they feel they're to blame for something the other person said is wrong.

I hope that once she's healthier she'll be a lot more picky about the men/women/friends she chooses to have in her life.

Erika wins hands down on the wig.

No. 80596

Holy shit she's from my city. I'm going to find the Dunkin' Donuts and take a picture with her.

No. 80597

Well yeah, that's really common for abuse victims. Being abused was all she knew growing up so that was her idea of normal. She posted on MyProAna that she has the tendency to stay in toxic relationships. She has traits of BPD herself (and a family history) but unlike Ashley's chaotic destructiveness to herself and others, Erika only turns her hatred inward. Some BPD people seek out dangerous/abusive situations as a form of reckless self harm.

No. 80598

And if her parents own a store or something and she worked behind the till or stocked out or something, she probably counts that as experience.

No. 80611

Did anyone ever stop to think maybe it was just simply a wrong number, trying to reach someone else, accidentally dialing her? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

No. 80612

Have you not been reading this thread? Erika said she was personally harrassed about her ED from the caller, that's not a "wrong number" call.

No. 80613

It crossed my mind that it was someone else aside from Ash. I mean, Erika seems like she has a lot of toxic friendships and her father in law's family is creep ass. but it definitely was not a wrong number.

No. 80614

Oh sure, Ashley's bony finger slipped and hit Erika's contact details on her iPhone and decided to make a pron in ED recovery feel bad for getting treatment.

Pull the other one, its got bells on.

No. 80615

a random person dialing random people telling them "cant wait to see you get fat"

cmon ashley, is your brain lacking even more nutrients lately?

No. 80616


No. 80617

Not sticking up for her btw, just saying that it crossed my mind once or twice.

No. 80623

Sorry, folks- I realize now that I missed that post about the caller actually saying something to her! I was under the impression someone called and just hung up. To me, that's no big deal because people accidentally misdial all the time. But yeah, now that I found that comment about someone actually saying something about her recovery……

No. 80625

The timing is way too coincidentally, Erika said only a few people have her number and the way she talked about the caller, seemed like she knew it was ash as well as the caller ID being from Florida.

If it was Erika's family, they would've intervened as soon as she said she was going for therapy.

No. 80629

And this wasn't my comment (I'm the one who just commented twice about the random phone call).
I know this is all anonymous, but why are anons pretending to be other anons?

No. 80634

hey I know this is OT just a tad but

what if forestcat gave A her instagram password, so she can stalk easier

No. 80635

To increase the anonymity!

No. 80636

probably ash doing damage control

No. 80637

Gave her whose password? Erika's?

No. 80640

I don't get you, Erika's IG account is public anyway.

No. 80644



what if theforestcat gave A theforestcat's password?

No. 80646

File: 1428864797405.png (5.13 KB, 408x56, creepy.png)

this is a bit OT but it freaks me out how all these girls have horrific nicknames online. it's like a cult of death or something.

No. 80649

What would be the point if Erikas IG is public? Ashley can see all her posts anyway.

No. 80651

I don't get why she would.

No. 80652

For comments

I don't know. It was just a thought, maybe Like how A doesn't like this website, she would try to blame it for the phone call

No. 80655

Nah, the forest at loathes this site as much as Ashley, that's why she was quick to blame it on us rather than her own thinspo goddess.

No. 80657

I don't think anon meant blame Ashley for the phone call

No. 80662

File: 1428866147624.jpg (4.59 KB, 240x178, iamgodiamjudge.jpg)

Nothing will convince me it wasn't Ashley who called and she's laughing her skull of thinking she's gotten away with it with some shitty post on tumblr about spirits and shit.

No. 80664

File: 1428866352203.jpg (38.81 KB, 505x275, lol.JPG)

So wise…so ~knowing~

No. 80665

Same, I knew it as soon as someone came into the thread and said it was someome from this board.

Tecnically, it WAS someone pn this board, it was Ashley.

No. 80666

Her account is just "theforestcat" though. That's someone else.

No. 80667

This thread makes me feel dirty inside. BLeh

No. 80669

No. It's her because she's posted about what she feeds her hedgehogs.

No. 80670

Oh. My bad.

No. 80671

File: 1428866838661.jpg (55.45 KB, 863x309, depress.JPG)

…and was also nominated for tumblr suicide watch, so I'd think it was her.

No. 80672

>tumblr suicide watch
fuckin lol

No. 80673

That's like the worst idea ever.

No. 80674

I know! Are you supposed to befriend them like the Samaritans?

No. 80675

theforestcat is 15. She's going to do and say dumb things. I don't know seems wrong to talk about her.

No. 80676

And also just the 10 different ways it could go horribly wrong and turn into bullying vulnerable people.

No. 80677


Or perverts pretending to be depressed kids so they get others to write. Eurghhhh.

No. 80678

I agreed at first, but her myproana account made me want to rage.

No. 80689

If she wasn't stirring shit here nobody would even bother about her.

No. 80690

I don't understand what is taking APS so long. She's critically ill.

No. 80697

They don't care.

No. 80699

I haven't seen her stirring anything. She just told Erika that it was bullies, not lolcow.

No. 80708

She said it was probably one of the "highscool mean girls" people "bullying ashley " aka us. Shes trying to stir up shit.

No. 80716

Are you new or just dense?

No. 80730

Half of them probably just joking anyway. A lot of kids think it's funny to be edgy desu~

Even if they weren't, imagine being so lame that you had an epiphany on Neopets of all fucking places. Doesn't she have any real world interactions?

No. 80732

Yeah, what kind of pathetic 13yo plays Neopets? God, get a boyfriend already.

No. 80812

I wouldn't be surprised if Ashley herself makes a post like "Omg everyone! Someone just called me and made fun of me! So it was clearly not me who called Erika!"

I'm just waiting for it.

No. 80816

File: 1428885852692.jpg (111.88 KB, 500x575, tumblr_ndkjyccYIC1rsdowgo1_500…)

Erika's quiet on ig today. She usually posts by now.

meanwhile…Ashley's busy reporting pictures of anyone who's the slightest bit overweight, because even if they're SLIGHTLY overweight they're promoting self harm. Anyone even half a pound overweight - you're as bad as Ashley!!!!11

No. 80817

all these shitty stickers and cutesy crap she puts on photos and posts makes the fact she looks like a corpse and her repulsive personality even more ick.

No. 80818

…aaaaaaaaaaand why does she always say that people need therapy if they're disturbed by her? It's people who aren't disturbed by her deathly appearance that need therapy.

No. 80825

Sometimes I wish I could sit my fat ass on her skull just to shush her.

No. 80826

File: 1428886559478.jpg (20.28 KB, 475x211, fuckwit.JPG)

oh dear

No. 80844

Wow, I ant wait for her to use that suggestion.

We don't have Ashley's number either, I'm glad that poster bought it up now really so we know what to expect if she tries that shit.

No. 80845

Erika's going inpatient tomorrow so she's probably spending time with her kids.

No. 80850

Oh, that pretty much wraps it up then… How nice of Ashley to have given Erika a farewell sendoff of support and love over the phone à day before her treatment.

You nasty, donkey-faced lowlife.

No. 80865

WHy would you even ask that? Seek help, anon. Later

No. 80883

Later, Ashley. Later. Later. Later.

No. 80891

Later? But you'll be dead by then 💀

No. 81103

> being slightly overweight is just as bad

I don't have words for this. Is she really that delusional? She is on the verge of dying, cant walk. But she thinks Tubby girls are justa 's bad…

No. 81111

File: 1428926293158.jpg (598.33 KB, 300x225, Should-I-See-A-Therapist.jpg)

Maybe you have the name of a good therapist? Oh, wait…

No. 81112

Oh good. I didn't know it was happening so soon.

No. 81113

…Erika's taking moves towards recovery. And meanwhile Ashley's bingeing on macaroni cheese and complaining about abusive messages on tumblr (with bad spelling).

No. 81123

File: 1428931027800.png (28.81 KB, 300x225, Should-I-See-A-Therapist.png)

Fixed. Person in photo was fat

No. 81124

File: 1428931466384.jpg (261.72 KB, 385x585, sokawaii.jpg)

No. 81125

90 F at that weight is like 60 F for normal weight lol what is she bitching about

No. 81127

ugh what a dumb cunt

No. 81128

Lots of crying over the heat. Damn, I bet it's hard as hell living with a moaning cow like her.

No. 81130

She probably has temper tantrums every day.

I don't know why Ash's mom puts up with her.

No. 81133

Her tattoos still look fresh, even though they're not. They still stick out like fresh ink. Like they never healed

No. 81135

Woah. I was thinking that as soon as I saw it. I wondered if it was something to do with her skin. Usually they're not as bright after a few months.

No. 81138

More selfies at Target today then.

No. 81141


what kind of tattoo artist would even do them????! I'd be too afraid she might drop dead in the chair.

No. 81142


There is literally nothing for the ink to settle into. They're nothing to be proud of - no reputable artist would tattoo her. There's a reason they're just black scratches.

No. 81145


Yet another example of how fucked her thinking is: Instead of getting healthy enough to go to a real artist to get a good tattoo, she bargain shopped until she found a scratcher with no morals.

No. 81152

calling the bullshit since back when neo opened you couldn't type death or god it would just turn up as **

No. 81158

I think Ash is exaggerating a lot. The high is 86 F in Orlando with thunderstorms.

No. 81170

I don't even remember people being dicks on neopets. I can't imagine someone would look up the user account and send someone stupid messages if it said they were in Afghanistan. Everyone was too busy waiting for the stores to be refilled.

No. 81172

Look at this bitch. Two days before she was making malicious phone calls to her ex friend and she's behaving like she's off the hoo. And she calls others "bullies".

No. 81173

off the HOOK* (but probably also off her hoo).

No. 81175

File: 1428940980195.jpg (26.42 KB, 477x228, o.JPG)

No. 81178

A+ on your grading

No. 81179


She probably has a lot of trouble healing in general because of her weight and just not getting enough nutrition. If she gets a cut, it probably sticks around forever too. I'm thin, but nowhere near liek she is, but if I get a cut shaving or whatever, it takes fucking AGES to heal.

No. 81181

Maybe a lack of zinc. They usually suggest taking some zinc supplement to speed up healing when you get a tattoo or piercing here, but there again I can't imagine the scabby scratch artist she went to even knew to use fresh needles.

I liked doing that. I should've been a teacher so I could write passive aggressive comments on my student's papers.

No. 81182

OH! and she talks about stretching her ears. SHE WANTS FLESH TUNNELS eurghhhhhhh.

No. 81187

My cousin had those when he was younger. His ears looked so gross without anything in it.

No. 81188

I saw on tv that one of the procedures that more people are asking for is to have it reversed. Cutting the…flappy bit…off and stitching it. They've got to be a bit stinky.

No. 81190

And while I'm at it, WTF is up with those eyebrows?! I get that she may not grow hair properly, but at least draw them on decently.

Granted, her appearance is a horrorshow, but like, if that's what you're going for, at least rock the makeup respectably.

I seriously wish this girl would cut the bullshit already and head to recovery.

No. 81193

Complaining about feeling ugly yet draws on eyebrows like Coco the Clown

No. 81195


A guy at my uni's radio station had them big enough to put yr hand through. It was just unfuckingpleasant to look at. I don't understand the appeal of guages to fuaxhippie/hipstery white kids honestly.

TBH I kind of wish she would just die already and be at peace. I know that's a really morbid thing to say, but she's so beyond recovery at this point, and dying is like the one way she's going to be free from it all. Plus, she seems into the really morbid aspects of everything, so uh… yeah…

No. 81196

She'd look even weirder with those too perfectly drawn Instagram "power" brows, though. At least her shaky line eyebrows match the rest of her, thinner than she realizes and sloppy.

No. 81197

They're fine if you keep them clean, most people take the tunnels out and wash the skin every time they shower. I had mine to 10mm, kinda miss them.

No. 81198

It'd be tragic if she died in Target.

Did they shrink back to normal?

No. 81201

File: 1428943112386.jpg (6.48 KB, 181x279, images.jpg)

This though. HOW DOES HE EAT???

No. 81202

Yeah almost, I think I could get a 3mm in, but they look normal now.

No. 81204

if u search thru her Facebook far enough down u will see a photo where u can tell a finger nail had fallen off
mighta been a photo of her phone case but i cant remember. all i remember was the nail

No. 81206

File: 1428943283275.jpg (18.76 KB, 450x329, b3e249544b75a63f53b8415768e54e…)

Small ones are okay though. It's the big plates that I don't like. If you don't want to wear the jewellery one day, you have to have the flappy bit.

This pic. Dude has to be mentally ill. It's not art.

She said she pulled it off.

No. 81211

With replacing the plugs to closed ones, duh.

No. 81213


If she dies, in her mind, she wins. She thinks it's 'strong' to just give up and lay there until death takes her, and it sets a horrible example to all her followers.

And with regard to morbidity, she's a baby. She doesn't know shit about shit. Slapping a skull emoji on it, and referencing ghosts is a child's idea of being morbid.

She could display such true strength of character and tenacity by acknowledging that her mind is not capable of ruling her, and handing over the care of herself to professionals. Dying is easy. Living is the challenge, but that's what it takes to enjoy all the things she's supposedly into.

No. 81217

Well what a lot of fucking around.>>81211

No. 81223

Love her non answer answers to asks lmao

No. 81224

File: 1428946375255.png (48.67 KB, 674x626, Capture.PNG)


No. 81228

LOLOLOL, I bet that's an ask Ash sent herself.

No. 81229

Lol exactly what I thought

No. 81230


Yeah, forget those asshats on youknowwhat — all those people who wish you would just check yourself into recovery already.

No. 81231


You literally, literally cannot heal mentally unless you feed your brain. It needs nourishment as much as the body does.

No. 81232

I dunno some of these bitches here are vicious. Talking about killing people and blaming ashley for her dad leaving her rofl

No. 81233


There's jerks everywhere on the Internet being jerks to everyone. This isn't unique. By far those voices are drowned out by the ones who just wish she would cut the bullshit. Maybe they don't sound kind to her because they're not fawning all over her with platitudes and telling her exactly what she wants to hear, but being able to deal with that is the kind of thing a real therapist could help with.

No. 81234

Word. And I think there's just a line that you shouldn't cross with, well, anyone really. Death threats/personal attacks like I mentioned (who knows? might be why she's so fucked up). But yeah I agree. I might poke fun and stuff but I genuinely wish she would just submit herself to a clinic, or someone else would since she isn't capable of rational thought.

No. 81235

That's…what a personality disorder is…

No. 81244

Defo sounds like her.

No. 81248

check out her previous self posts. she capitalizes woords like that "anon" for emphasis just like that

No. 81249

But she has yet to address her personality disorder or seek help or try to change the behaviors associated with it that hurt herself and others.

There have been cases of people with BPD who murder people. There was a woman with BPD in Canada who murdered her baby and the baby's father. I knew someone who was falsely accused of assault by his BPD ex, who later confessed that she made it up because SHE felt hurt and abandoned so she felt it was right to hurt him.

These are seriously mentally ill people for sure, but that illness does NOT excuse the behavior.

No. 81269

File: 1428950365439.png (65.21 KB, 585x493, everyone knew.png)

Everyone knew. It's television, and not very highbrow television at that. Every goddamned person watching knew because it was written so the audience would see the tragedy coming.

Congratulations, you caught the incredibly obvious inference!

No. 81271

File: 1428950767860.jpg (75.28 KB, 640x480, 1428428204721-2.jpg)

I didn't know Erika had pics like these. Anyone know why?

No. 81275

new people everywhere. she did some camming for /b/ now the pics are on porn sites.

No. 81276

half chan /b/*

No. 81277

Funny, I sent her a message like this (about me not wanting her to die) a couple of weeks ago and she ignored it. I didn't insult her or anything, it was very simple and to the point. Guess I didn't include enough ass-kissing. Or it wasn't written by her, and she must be in total control.

No. 81278


No. 81279

Not new to lolcow at all. Just never saw the picture until now. Thanks for explaining it.

No. 81283

DEFINITELY a self ask. Could she BE any more OBVIOUS. The TYPING STYLE is Ashley and wanting to GIVE THIS SITE A BAD NAME is Ashley. At least she thinks she's IN-CRED-I-BLE.

Sorry you had a shitty day at Target :(

No. 81284

She told me her very obviously gay friend and she drank tequila for the first time and her friend was a channer who cheered her up with trolling icp fans on stickcam or w/e. She was hardcore coerced into lulz and tequella does that. I'm a local friend of Erika's and I found this thread on n her IG account. Fee free trade ask me anything we were friends for 5yrs. I feel like I'm invading but I know this was something she either laughs about or cries.

No. 81287

I don't think those pics are anything to be ashamed of. She looks gorgeous.

No. 81288

what are the chances Ash is actually not on the brink of death…is it possible that she takes vitamin supplements and actually gets some of the vital nutrients needed to keep her organs functioning?

No. 81289

I've suspected she must get shots. It's the only way she can still be alive. She must also keep down quite a few calories.

No. 81290

it makes sense to me, if you consider her lifestyle. The average person could not sustain a low weight with the kind of physical exertion required to go to work, etc. She literally doesn't have to move an inch if she doesn't want to and has everything taken care of for her.

No. 81291

I thought about what if that's why she isn't hospitalized? Because her vital signs are OK?

No. 81292

and her brain isn't used much either

No. 81297

Below a certain BMI she should be hospitalized no matter what her stats are. Health complications can come on fast.

No. 81298

Once she posted that you burn 300 calories during sleep. idk if that's bs, but i'm sure she must be taking something.

The friend I have who is like Ashley body-wise (but considerably older) is left alone by all psychiatric support now because she never used to turn up for appointments. Ash could go on for another two decades if she's like the woman I know (although she actually walks).

No. 81300

It's not like she's thriving. She might be dying more slowly than we'd expect, but the 12 calories she actually absorbs from the high-sugar stuff she ingests isn't going to sustain her forever.

No. 81301

Macaroni cheese is high in fat though and she binges on that.

No. 81302


According to Google, half a calorie per pound, per hour.

No. 81303

Thought it would've been more than that. Doesn't take much energy to beat a heart then.
She reads some fucked up calorie info books.

No. 81305

The only thing Ashley has going for her it's she's still young. The body becomes less resilient with aging so she can't keep this up for much longer. She could potentially live to her 30s or longer if her vitals are stable. But still she may be alive but she's not living.

No. 81306

or she has already died once and came back from the grave so she can't die again. could explain everything.

No. 81307

Eh, it's not like she actually has a life though. She has to use a wheelchair, has her mom drive her places, sleeps in a recliner, has no real friends, and she doesn't really do anything except go to Target.

No. 81310

Sometimes I wonder if she really binges that much (I don't doubt she does sometimes), or it's also a lie to make her look more interesting.

No. 81313

I think she lies. Food's the only thing she has to talk about, so she probably makes things up.

No. 81314

I doubt she does anymore. It's probably her obsession with food living vicariously through her imagination of her 'glory days'

No. 81320

She definitely does. Maybe not as much as before but she's received thousands of dollars worth of food or gift cards for food. No idea exactly how often she does it but it's at least on the one or two days a week when she goes food shopping.

No. 81326

File: 1428957570297.png (128.79 KB, 544x328, Capture.PNG)

Can't wait until she does this on accident

No. 81335


For a 125 lb woman, that's 500 calories a night. For a 185 lb guy, it's 740.

If you extrapolate that resting rate to a whole 24 hours, it's 1500 - 2220 calories, which isn't that low considering how much more work we're doing throughout the day. That's why it's so hard to burn off meaningful calories doing cardio - it doesn't take that much more calories to do work. The better bet is to build muscle which will burn more calories 24/7 even if you're sleeping.

Sorry, as if anyone gives a shit…

No. 81337


With her starvation-deprived brain, it won't be long.

No. 81345

I love when that creepy gif of Ashley is the fucking banner on here

No. 81352

this was obviously a joke you complete fucking autist

No. 81364

Is that a knee bump? Hahaha.

No. 81366

File: 1428960933646.jpg (40.5 KB, 400x400, image.jpg)

How does she have such nice nails tho

No. 81368

Could be tips or something.

No. 81369

definitely looks like gel, no sheen to them

No. 81374

File: 1428963241333.jpg (12.6 KB, 424x335, miss_the_point.jpg)

No. 81375

lol yeah no one cared where you were from and if you were cool enough to have friends send you messages you probably had a page full of HTML that covered all your info anyway

No. 81376

Cuz she doesn't cut them. If I don't bite my nails (bad habit, i know) they grow just like that. They're nothing special imo.

No. 81377

Uhhh, no, they are definitely fake nails.
Unless you have an eating disorder and are as malnourished as Ashley, you aren't a fair comparison.

No. 81378

those nails look natural

No. 81382

Because idk?? Thats just how they grow lol. The one thing on me that's pretty~ say they're fake, idgaf. It's so damn amusing when something is actually decent about me, you all flip your shits. OMG DEY FAKE. Nope, sry

No. 81383

Fuck off, Ash,.. No one cares

No. 81384


Nail health is somewhat genetic. My nails grow long and strong as hell. Yeah I'm really healthy, but even when I was younger and did dumb crash diets or ate crap in college my nails were always perfect. It is really interesting that Ashley's nails haven't become brittle and broken though (for the record, I think those look like her natural nails)

No. 81385

If you look at some of the close ups of her nails, they have bad ridges, so I do think they're real. Besides, they're uneven and if you get a mani they make sure they're the same length.

No. 81386


if my fingernails were my most redeeming quality I would kill my self. just sayin.

No. 81387

I thought that too. Yeah we know there are noodz. Big deal. She looks great in them. I'm glad nobody took the "local friend" of Erika up on her offer of info about her. There's nothing we want to know about her and it seems suspect and an opportunity to trash her for something.

No. 81390

Her left hand nails are short. I suppose she's able to grow her right ones longer because she's left handed.

No. 81392

People are "flipping their shits" because generally people with severe malnutrition have absolutely terrible nails, it's unusual. Is that reaction really so surprising to you? It's not rocket science Ash.

No. 81393

I'm not Ash. I've actually been around since the MaxFag and StamRose days, sheesh.

No. 81394

Admin can even check my IP for all I care.

No. 81399

Lmao same.
I eat my nails to shit.

No. 81402

yeah but were you at the point where you had to move around in a wheel chair because you were so malnourished? no you weren't

No. 81406

Maybe she's just fucking lazy.

No. 81408

are you retarded or just a troll? she doesn't have muscle mass to stand on. im surprised she can even walk. im surprised her bones haven't collapsed from the friction bw her joints

No. 81409

Nails mean fuck all to anyone, the shorter they are; you're better at climbing and not being a mardy tart that you've broken a precious nail.

No. 81411

Valeria Levitin was very jaunty.

No. 81413

File: 1428966556938.jpg (22.12 KB, 376x400, karagianni_nana.jpg)

So is Nana Karagianni.

No. 81417

still fatter than our ashley

also pls stop posting pics of this crypt keeper

No. 81419

No one cares about your sizing up about who is skinniest, do it in general if you wanna do that shit.

No. 81421

TBH they look real albeit prob shitty. my nails grow like this lenght and look like this but they are thin as hell ans SUPER brittle. hers prob grow lenght wise but would break off easily.

No. 81422

File: 1428967496773.jpg (52.49 KB, 502x604, 9J50z-yEJrM.jpg)

i find it laughable that these bitches still bother with tanning and putting on makeup lol

No. 81423


Fucks sake. Keep up. I'm not sizing up - the other anon was saying who's fatter than Ashley. My point is these women are thin as fuck. One died because she was thin as fuck. She died as "the skinniest woman alive". She walked A LOT.

No. 81424

File: 1428967768148.jpg (119.33 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nfx42fixAr1rsdowgo1_500…)

She's active enough to do this shit. I know she portrays herself as poor little Ashley, but she's more mobile than she'd have us believe.

No. 81426

A skeleton is a skeleton, You don't think its wrong judging bones aga8nst bones?

Someone sage this thread for shits sake.

No. 81434


Supposedly she wheelchairs it everywhere and hops out for a photo. She should share a video of her walking around.

I mean, plenty of people are semi-famous on YouTube, she could have a vlog series of her supa thrifty Target finds.

No. 81442

this is actually terrifying! Is this at a tanning salon? because is she allowed to go into one? it's just…oh my gosh, literal skelington.

No. 81450

File: 1428969449392.jpg (38.95 KB, 500x300, 72b244264de3a554ae2e941c3e474f…)


She's on ig somewhere. If the ED doesn't kill her, I'm sure all the UV rays will.

No. 81468

Foerestcat bawwleeted her Tumblr and blocked me on Instagram.

No. 81469

Smart move on her part. She's learning!

No. 81518

i remember when they first invented chocolate…sweet, sweet chocolate.


No. 81534

I was trying to get some answers out of her about Ashley though.

No. 81540


Hahahahaha oh my fucking god anon


Holy shit, how can you be confident enough to even open your mouth to speak with teeth that fucked up from vomiting, let alone pose with your mouth open to be ~kawaii~???

No. 81546

How sad.

No. 81548

why'd you rip off your nail tho, ashley?

everyone thought you'd have crack den nails but we're all pleasantly surprised!

No. 81555

>nice nails

Uhhh, you see those yellow nailbeds? Yeah, that's a sign of liver damage. Those nails are long, but far from healthy.

No. 81557

Still nicer than mine.

No. 81566


What else is there to know? She's a shut-in. She exists on/for social media. Anything you could want to know she's already shared. This is creepy, yo.

No. 81571


No. 81576

She's kind of cute here.

No. 81602

Out of curiosity, does her mom have legal guardianship of Ash? Or is it just that Ash is completely dependent on her mom because she's wheelchair-bound and has no money?

Also, has she ever mentioned any other family members?

No. 81603

I think she's just dependent, otherwise her mom would've had her committed years ago.

No. 81611

iirc in her old tumblr she's mentioned having a grandmother who she talks to via email. No signs of other family members other than that.

No. 81613

Her father's name is Richard Issacs.

No. 81615

*Richard Isaacs

No. 81618

No. 81622

I find it so fucked up that she actually reads these threads. I guess she doesn't have a job and doesn't go to school thought so kts not like she has anything to do all day but go on the internet.

Also guys I remember seeing a picture of her and her nail was growing like halfway up the bed and it fucking freaked me out, she tore off her nail or something and I just cringe at the thought. So I really don't think her nails are great and they just look icky to me for some reason.

No. 81623

You'd read it too if it was about you.

No. 81624

If y'all motherfuckers are serious about saving her, you'll find a way to contact him. Good luck.

No. 81625

Why him? Surely he already knows the state she's in? If he wanted to/could help her, wouldn't he already be doing so?

No. 81626

Because her mother sure isn't helping.

No. 81628

File: 1428989872333.gif (719.91 KB, 294x221, 389320_v1.gif)

Ohai Ash. No, I'd actually probably be too busy with my full time job and classes and life and, you know, personal responsibilities to read every little thing that anyone has ever said about me on the internet. I also don't obsessively take pictures of my withering body at Target so there probably wouldn't be a reason for people to endlessly goad me on imageboards.

No. 81629

File: 1428989904227.gif (1.2 MB, 294x221, 389328_v1.gif)

gif related: Ash in motion

No. 81630

You'd still find time, don't lie. Liars go to hell.

No. 81634

New favorite Ashley quote.

Different anon, but personally I'd probably look. That is, until I realized it was having a detrimental effect on my mental health and causing me unnecessary stress, then I'd start ignoring it.

No. 81635

File: 1428990711072.jpg (298.16 KB, 1279x1170, tumblr_nmjx2p7YLh1twni2po1_128…)

>at work
As if she's know…

No. 81638

I'm sure Lucifer has a spot saved just for you Ash-chan~!

>until I realized it was having a detrimental effect on my mental health and causing me unnecessary stress, then I'd start ignoring it.

^^^ What I was trying to get at. I mean, come on, why the hell would you keep reading it? There was a girl I knew who kept posting negative shit about me on her stupid blog and I used to check it every day but then I realized hey, doing this is just making me feel worse about my life and I stopped and I feel a lot better now.

Ash, distance yourself from th enegativity in your life. And for God's sake, please check yourself into a psych ward. You need it. You need to get healthy because everyone gets to a point in their life where they need to stop being children and step up to the plate. Stop playing the self pity game.

She has literally never had a fucking job. Ever. She has no sense of what it's like to work.

No. 81639

Climbing? What the fuck?

No. 81640

Like parkour or spelunking or whatever, idk.

No. 81641

Peter Pratt… Peter…Pratt… Peter… Pan?

No. 81644

Yeah, yet she reposted that on her Tumblr. Idk made me laugh.

No. 81645

File: 1428993643109.jpg (124.35 KB, 827x591, 1421603719332.jpg)

imagines ash doing parkour

No. 81646

She's seen work on TV.

No. 81674

How do you know that?
Found a Peter Pratt matching that info on FB and it seems he's remarried with possibly 1 or 2 kids with his new wife.
But I'd like to see evidence that it's him.

No. 81684

That's fucked up. If that is her father, he "left" when she was a child. For all we know, he could have been abusive. Leave it alone.

Ash, I think you've done some awful things but I'm convinced you're basically an addict. Get help.

No. 81693


If her dad really lives in the house up there, I don't think he's capable of saving anyone. And I'm not quite clear if he's meant to live in the house or the shed behind the house.

Screams pedo to me.

No. 81733

That'd be well out of order bringing her dad into it, if it's him. There's fuck all he could do anyway and it'dd be enough to freak a stable person out. Yup, don't go there.

No. 81740

File: 1429033076511.png (71.87 KB, 693x385, Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 18.3…)

Well, if it is him then we can guess where some of Ash's mental issues might have been inherited from.
Still gonna need some proof though.

No. 81742

File: 1429033557781.jpg (15.14 KB, 494x97, Capture.JPG)

No. 81744

What the fuck is this person talking about?

No. 81746

He's loved in NY since 1991.

No. 81748


No. 81750

uh, did you literally just search for the first peter pratt in angola?

No. 81753

No. 81757

File: 1429035194188.jpg (28.06 KB, 739x398, pratt.JPG)

No. 81759

File: 1429035256537.jpg (27.33 KB, 627x416, crabz.JPG)

maybe his partner

No. 81762

File: 1429035413325.jpg (43.42 KB, 911x415, ....JPG)

or…it's complicated

No. 81763

i don't htink thats her dad. i see nothing that says it is. i found her but no indication of marriage to him and there arent even any pics of him. i think anon is a faggot

No. 81764

yeeeeeeeeeah where the fuck is this Peter Pratt shit even coming from?

No. 81765

Probably a faggot.

No. 81767

I promise you, that's her dad.

Peter Pratt married Rebecca Isaacs, gave birth to Ashley Isaacs.

No. 81769

If you're going to toss up some dude's random name you're going to need receipts, brah

No. 81770

File: 1429035706679.png (193.01 KB, 680x447, ss (2015-04-14 at 07.17.36).pn…)


Not that anon, but I found a marriage certificate, for a Rebecca S. Isaacs and Peter C.T. Pratt, from Washington. Ashley's mother has liked the page for the Washington Redskins on facebook. It's a small connection.

No. 81771

Same name, but Ashleys mother is in her 40's. The date of birth (1958) would put her at almost 60 now. And she's definitely not.

No. 81772

That marriage license is from WASHINGTON STATE. Redskins are DC. #youtried

Ashley's mom, Rebecca Sue Isaacs, is 49.

No. 81774

She's lying about her age. She's 59.

No. 81775

File: 1429035953682.png (19.11 KB, 1242x118, Criminal Records Search for re…)

Found this on criminalrecords.com.

I don't know what your Peter Pratt boner is about but um, stop.

No. 81776

Ahh, I'm a UKfag, I thought the two were connected.

I wasn't sure of her mother's dob.

No. 81778

we dont' even know her fucking last name is isaacs for certain, do we?

No. 81779


This is Norma Isaacs, who shows prior addresses in Vero Beach FL and Vienna VA, matching the criminalrecords.com. Maybe Grandma considering age is 65+?

No. 81780

If that's Ashley's dad, she's lucky she only has BPD and an eating disorder lmao

No. 81781

Yes we do. Her and her mothers Facebooks are both under Isaacs.

No. 81782

Either Isaacs or Finch

No. 81783

Finch was from To Kill a Mockingbird. She likes that book. Lots of her old usernames contained something "Atticus" or "Finch" related.

No. 81784

Her mom posted a photo of a screenshot of facebook at 5 AM once. Yeah, ashley stays up that late every single night. I highly doubt that facebook is run by her actual mom.

No. 81785

It's not unreasonable that her mom stays up that late either. I have a late sleep-wake cycle and so does my mom. Both of us naturally wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and hang out.

No. 81786

It came from >>81618 but no receipts provided. Just thought I'd have a quick look in to it.

No. 81787

She's 49 and THAT into Five Finger Death Punch, I'd set the bar pretty low.

No. 81788

I stay up all night and go to sleep at 7am. #personal blog

No. 81789

Her mom's a waitress so she most likely works evenings so she's on a different sleep schedule. Ashley also is up at odd hours because of her mental illness and it's not like she has a reason to go to bed and get up early since she doesn't work or do anything.

No. 81790

Her mom works at a Chili's and those usually have bars (albeit shitty ones) inside so her being on shift until 2-3am some nights wouldn't be out of the question, and who the fuck wants to go to bed the second they're home?

No. 81791

She might also get up for a fag (if she smokes).

No. 81792

You're taking all of this information FROM the facebook. How do you know ANY of that is true?

No. 81793

oh shiiiiiiit

No. 81794

what did i miss? shiiiiit what?

No. 81795

She thought if she changed her username on Tumblr she'd be invisible.

No. 81796

She's friends with a bunch of waitresses. I doubt Ashley runs the account.