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File: 1479148889069.jpg (58.36 KB, 768x960, 13237685_162920157444454_40295…)

No. 198225

A thread dedicated to the devoted and delusional followers of Nicole Dollanganger, Ginger Bronson, Holli Quinn, Luna Slater etc.

Pic related is Millie Doll. A Dollanganger clone, who after listening to Nicole's music, changed her whole image and aesthetic to basically be a copy of Nicole.


No. 198233

I actually thought that was Nicole, very obvious copy. I wonder how all these girls act irl?

No. 198234

90% of my followers on tumblr are like this tbh.

No. 198238

This reeks of selfposting

No. 198243

It was discussed in Nicole's thread to start one about the luna/nicole/ginger/etc-clones.

No. 198259

File: 1479152393018.png (836.69 KB, 721x554, riigormortis.png)

this rather vile person has been long time obsessed with Luna and obviously wants to look just like Holli
also very likely racist
definitely not a cow as she doesn't have much of a following herself and she does e-beg from what I've seen but she's a lil flakey but literally looks like a holli clone

No. 198280

File: 1479154478914.jpg (34.59 KB, 250x333, tumblr_oehd9ki6mo1qbi956o1_250…)

Trashy Nicole fan who was posted about in the other thread.

No. 198281

File: 1479154515458.jpg (465.56 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_oehd5r37PZ1qbi956o1_128…)

Tina Flores

She was mentioned in Nicole's thread. Dresses in the trashiest way, shows off her leg/armpit/facial hair. Recently she's switched from Nicole' aesthetic more into Ginger's…

No. 198282

File: 1479154564689.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.92 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nnsmjo6lAg1qbi956o2_400…)

No. 198286

These types of girls are the best/worst especially since Ginger isn't as milky and Luna dries up for spots

No. 198289

File: 1479155645567.png (968.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-21-29-53…)

Have some low-hanging fruit.

No. 198312

No. 198315

Look at those fucking eyebrows jfc. This nicole aesthetic is played out.

No. 198318

Why would anyone want to look like that meth head

No. 198325

I wonder what all these girls do for a living?

Have any of these people graduated from college or uni? Any of them lawyers? business women? Scientists?

Or are they all just artist's, singers, cashiers?

No. 198334

Lmao Ari hasn't got an original bone in her body.

No. 198340

File: 1479159177884.jpg (81.42 KB, 767x960, 14611140_10207685983522726_738…)


her recent posts are pictures of her hanging out with Millie Doll


No. 198341


>endlessly passionate about social justice

>i’m a cis female, so you’ll use she/her pronouns. i’m pansexual. & i usually fall in love with every stranger i find even moderately interesting, yikes.

No. 198349

that photoshop is as terrible as those brows

No. 198353

the irises of her eyes are different shapes

No. 198358

Man, I actually managed upon this girl on instagram a couple months ago. I knew nothing about Nicole Dollanganger until I read her thread but before that I thought Millie had a cool aesthetic. Now I am disappoint that she only copies the other bitch.

No. 198377

File: 1479162146460.png (337.87 KB, 598x588, ew.png)

oh great she writes poetry and it's cringey af

No. 198379

File: 1479162282488.png (430.03 KB, 678x314, patiencetattoo.png)

oof that tattoo.. did victoria do that?

No. 198381

File: 1479162505497.png (336.32 KB, 373x373, patiencemillie.png)

millie & patience
lol @ patience's make up, she didn't finish powdering her forehead??? also her face is shaped..differently

No. 198382

hey, that's luna's galpal

No. 198383

File: 1479162881531.jpg (34.19 KB, 271x480, tumblr_ofxm0ohWxI1rjnlfmo1_r1_…)


this one talks like she's harley quinn and looks like a mix of ginger and holli. likes to post videos of her grinning and miming to songs and photos of words or lyrics written on walls in her own blood

No. 198385

File: 1479163306222.jpg (94.43 KB, 633x621, tumblr_o75wfo8zsj1uy3egro2_128…)

This girl posts gore, talks about how much she loves serial killers, romanticized working at a fucking carnival, constantly posts photos of herself sucking guns/licking knives/covered in blood. Currently living in a trailer somewhere.

Cringey as fuck, and THEN she goes and says this

>I love my mutuals but this whole dolly/spooky nymphet/edgy little girls corner of tumblr is so embarrassing sometimes, I often feel really ashamed that I’m a part of it

So why are you a part of it then? Delete your blog and start again

No. 198387

File: 1479163439004.jpg (67.83 KB, 376x750, tumblr_og00biT1Ys1uy3egro1_500…)

dropped the link to her blog (which is titled "Bouquet of Guts & Gore"

No. 198392

Underrated dig hahah

No. 198405

Ew, I find Petite Meller so creepy.

No. 198408


she posted about being in a mental asylum and getting high with all her "angels" and talking about running away and she always wore these disgusting party city wigs and tried to sound like harley quinn saying "puddin" and all this other cringey shit jesus christ. 12 year old levels of cringe. this ones a real cow i can't stand her.

No. 198410

Millie is ugly af and she hides behind that bob shes not pulling off.

No. 198421


I dont see her appeal either, everyone seems to love her. argh

No. 198470

>tfw all of these girls are your mutuals.
Time to get tf off tumblr.

No. 198472

I remember this chick. She thinks she's sooo beautiful when she has the most generic face. I'm pretty sure she photoshops her face shape, skin, and nose too.

No. 198473

I mean she's pretty but conventionally pretty people tend to look very forgettable. And yeah I'm certain she shoops, in all her pictures her face looks… flat? Has that hazy meitu look about her.

No. 198480

What? That's a very nice tattoo though. Albeit, I'm kind of into the babydoll aesthetic.

No. 198481

Oh haha. My bad. I just realised it was a gun, not a ribbon bow.
But the angel is still cute.

No. 198484

File: 1479174493440.jpg (158.23 KB, 540x720, ophelia.jpg)


She makes strange high pitched Dollanganger-esque songs and dresses like a grandma. Why do so many of these girls love grandma clothes?

I've seen her posted on behind the bows before too, lol

No. 198486

I think slutforsnuff is pretty. She has posted a lot of videos so it's obvious she doesn't shoop. I've been following her for a few years she used to be more cringey. She has also said things about how she doesn't like Nicole Dollanganger.

No. 198489

"slut for snuff"

Say no more

No. 198498

man patience is bad but she's really a very nice person. I wish she wasn't such a die hard Nicole copycat

No. 198506

her blog is cringy

No. 198507

She JUST uploaded this


but she's not cringey?

No. 198508

man patience is bad but she's really a very nice person. I wish she wasn't such a die hard Nicole copycat

No. 198509

anyone brought up rottinggirlsrestingplace yet? she runs a shitty overpriced etsy shop and has a cringe worthy blog

No. 198516

what about clownhysteria

No. 198517

File: 1479176754895.jpg (32.08 KB, 673x648, sdfggfr.jpg)

No. 198519

Too many names I recognize, this thread hits way too close to home for me

No. 198521

Why is Holli included in here? She doesn't have the whole sad bby pink aesthetic like the other girls do

No. 198532

File: 1479177760266.jpg (264.48 KB, 960x960, ew.jpg)

Damn she's ugly

No. 198534

File: 1479177856767.png (Spoiler Image,328.55 KB, 641x345, gross.png)

she also posted some 2edgy4u nudes covered in fake blood

No. 198546

LMAO the devil horns just like nicole. nice.

No. 198549

yeah shes a pretty thinly veiled nicole wannabe

No. 198550

File: 1479180029614.jpg (11.86 KB, 320x337, 7b2.jpg)

>lower false eyelashes on upside down

No. 198551

the frumpy pouty frown is also a nice touch. complete with metal band shirt. at this point she looks like a cosplay.

No. 198553

wheres her areola tho

No. 198554

Luna stole it for herself

No. 198555

probably shooped out because its not kawaii enough

No. 198565

okay… what is going on with her nipple? WHY IS IT LIKE THAT? D:

No. 198566

drugs and photoshop

No. 198592

whoa never knew patience was, um, shaped like that. the 2 milly(ie)s are a joke. robyn is terrifying.

No. 198593

there is no milk from any of these girls. they're embarrassing, sure, but what exactly have they done except copy/obssess over nicole?

No. 198595

File: 1479183399842.gif (856.93 KB, 240x228, o3xrXqB.gif)

>i'm a cis female, so you'll use she/her pronouns.

No. 198596


there's no milk on that taylor idiot either and people here go apeshit for her

No. 198597

wait who is patience

No. 198598

Some of these girls aren't even Nicole fans

No. 198599

but they still fit that aesthetic

No. 198600

The thread is for Nicole's fans (calves) and others who fit the aesthetic of Nicole and the other girls mentioned in the op

No. 198601

The aesthetic was a thing wayyyy before Nicole Dollanganger, she basically steals her whole persona from the edgy sad doll part of tumblr

No. 198602

someone mention you here? :)

No. 198604

most of them are compulsive liars, manipulators, glamorize/romanticize child sexual abuse, incest, rape, school shooters and make a fucking joke out of mental illness. the aesthetic itself is inherently disgusting. all of them are trash by default. oops.

nah nicole pretty much invented it in 2012 along with bones-of-babydolls. it was around the time cult party kei was at its high. nicole was basically thrift store cult party kei which eventually translated into vintage granny attire since there was so much lace involved. the obsession with porcelain dolls is 10000000% a nicole thing. nicole's had the stupid doll collection since before she got a tumblr. it's all very transparent and hilarious to watch.

No. 198605

File: 1479184782217.gif (970.22 KB, 400x205, mommiedearest-jesuschrist.gif)

>most of them are compulsive liars, manipulators, glamorize/romanticize child sexual abuse, incest, rape, school shooters and make a fucking joke out of mental illness. the aesthetic itself is inherently disgusting. all of them are trash by default. oops.

No. 198607

Nicole did not invent it. I'm sorry but this stuff was a thing way before Nicole. Maybe she added to it, sure, but I saw tons of this shit going around long before Nicole became popular on tumblr

No. 198610

File: 1479185171749.gif (836.23 KB, 245x240, tumblr_inline_nlyfjeOMGj1sdtpv…)

i love how you think it isn't obvious you're one of the girls posted in this thread lmao. sounds like you can't accept being called a nicole copycat. to make it even more obvious you're not from here, you don't even know how to reply lmao.

also, yes, hate to break it to you, but nicole did invent it. completely unbiased btw since nicole is a rude manipulative cunt. i was around before nicole even got a tumblr. everyone was into harajuku street style and dying their hair lavender when nicole was doing her thing in 2012.

No. 198613

the selfpost in this thread is incredible. who knew all these little tumblrinas were regular lurkers. i guess they knew eventually they'd get roasted on the spot.

No. 198614

I'm not mentioned on this thread I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I knew girls who were into antiques and thrifting long before 2012 or Nicole

No. 198616

Whatever. I'm dying to know which one you are. Morgan, Ophelia, Millie? Is it you?

No. 198617

>implying these girls are just girls into antiques
i'm sure they were also into true crime, porcelain dolls, columbine, knives, metallica, guns, catholic imagery, cherubs and pedophilia.

LMAO ikr. we should start placing bets. as if the random whiteknighting and failure to know how to navigate the board isn't a dead giveaway. what loyal friends all these cows have, i'm sure.

No. 198618

File: 1479186058309.png (971.71 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_2016-11-14-20-58-40…)

Because hair loss due to eating disorder is so nymphet desuu

No. 198619

don't forget the carnivals and clowns!! bonus for fucking teeth. i'm sure everyone was just casually collecting wisdom teeth and locks of hair before nicole.

No. 198620

that's literally what comes off your brush when you clean it after like a month

No. 198622

this aesthetic was born out of the pale blog movement, some girls like godswollen were around before nicole

No. 198623

this is tragic

No. 198627

Alice snow is a lulzy Nicole follower. She takes the obsession further by taking dead animals home and photographing them.

No. 198629

File: 1479187120421.png (794.46 KB, 1131x559, jsd.png)

>that awkward moment when she wasn't even mentioned

her archive literally goes back to 2012 whereas nicole had a tumblr since 2010 lmao. nice try. and her tumblr looked like this in 2012. yeah. just like nicole. she totes did it first.

really thought you were slick with that one huh. enjoy your visit rebecca. welcome to the list.

No. 198633

File: 1479187328175.jpg (371.62 KB, 1049x1920, tumblr_o29u2lzVkl1r9jiroo1_128…)

thanks for mentioning godswollen that's a good one. much edge very self harm nymphet uwu

No. 198635

I'm not her. I used to have one of these typea of blogs with about 1000 followers before deleting it because I realized how much I hated tumblr

No. 198638

File: 1479187795128.png (41.47 KB, 1080x171, 20161115_002606.png)

Welp. How lulzy is she?

No. 198640

File: 1479188056724.png (2.68 MB, 1252x748, oh.png)

that doesn't even make sense nor does it have anything to do with the point you were originally trying to make(if you had any to make besides whiteknighting yourself). i like how you forgot to keep your capitalization consistent while pretending you >>198622 weren't also >>198614 >>198607

hi rebecca vol. 2

No. 198641

This thread is just people arguing over whether or not nicole invented this incredibly vague aesthetic

No. 198642

>hurr different capitalization patterns means whiteknighting i'm such a smart detective!

No. 198645

Have you considered maybe this is all an elaborate vendetta attempt?

No. 198648

File: 1479188474652.jpg (362.21 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_o29thd4YCo1r9jiroo1_128…)

it's pretty obvious it's a selfpost. they were arguing godswollen had the same aesthetic since before nicole despite 1) godswollen only existing after 2012 when nicole was around since 2010 and 2) godswollen was still a tryhard cybertard in 2014. it's illogical. especially when no one had even mentioned godswollen throughout the entire thread.

nah you could tell they genuinely thought they made a point. it's too contrived of a method for it to be a vendetta especially since they don't even know how to reply on the board lmao.

No. 198649

cook ok some random blogger is going to be dragged because i mentioned her name

No. 198654

File: 1479188888524.gif (843.54 KB, 245x180, 1394349055356.gif)

welcome to /snow/

No. 198655

File: 1479188891628.png (142.22 KB, 1035x1246, 20161115_004735.png)

Sterility makes cringy poetry like this and also cringy drawings

No. 198656

File: 1479188943923.gif (1019.34 KB, 500x245, be9.gif)

No. 198657

sterility has his own thread here >>112827

No. 198658

>tfw i never realized sterility was a man this whole time

No. 198659

If name-dropping is all it takes to get girls disliked, here are some who fit this category and I don't like:
malnedotte (formerly norse-mythology)

No. 198660

don't worry, anon. we've all been there.

No. 198661

>I love Nicole Dollanganger and The Smiths. I’m bisexual and I use she/her pronouns. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and OCD, so please be patient with me.

a+ introduction i wonder how these fools interact with people in real life

No. 198668

Lol I used to have one of these stupid babydoll pale nymphet look at muh antidepressants blogs this brings back tons of lulzes. Some names that come to mind are spacebuns and sittinginyourlapandtakingadrag (more Kayla style drug chick)

No. 198755

since she's been away from her blog, rotting-angel-blood sprouted up and has copied robyn's entire identity and she's not even subtle about it

No. 198763

lol i wasn't mentioned here and i wouldn't be, although 3/4-year-ago me would be torn up in here lol

No. 198794

File: 1479218207682.jpg (41.75 KB, 541x640, fucking hell.jpg)

>ur gas station dolls


No. 198805

This girl is mostly know for her old school coords, and while most of those are lovely she comes off as very tryhard. Also, like Jillian, she has tried to make her own fashion called "Borden-kei" (could the name get any edgier though)?

No. 198806

She's pretentious as shit. Her old school coords are fine but… They're old school. Nobody does it any more. Borden-Kei (wtf?) is abhorrent - it's just grandma clothes, and her bad attempts at Menhera and Gothic are embarrassing

No. 198814

So I take it this girl is just a try hard creepy chan?

No. 198815

Imagine pulling up at Shell to get some gas and you see these three retards blocking the entrance to do a photoshoot.

No. 198817

she forgot to credit her mom for the photo lmao

No. 198831

I thought it was the same person lol

No. 198842

File: 1479225214663.png (Spoiler Image,394.47 KB, 545x599, 7389273839.png)

lonesnow is the bargain basement jess woods. is illiterate and autistic. casually posts racist edgelord stuff on instagram (pic related) and shitty melanie martinez inspired twisted fairytale art capitalizing on people with birth defects and calling them "freaks". she pretends to be close friends with anyone on tumblr with a decent following including nicole.

No. 198849

lmao all this time i thought lonesnow and jess woods were the same person. Lonesnow has quite nice style imo, but she's a total butterface. It kind of annoys me how such a plain jane got so popular.

No. 198855

>dicks out for harambe

No. 198856

File: 1479227248371.png (6.32 KB, 539x123, 019388908.png)

the edge

No. 198864

File: 1479229092070.jpg (37.61 KB, 450x540, a586c19478bad51df7854461f1f75a…)

Hey, that's Jeanette from Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines and not Harley

No. 198886

File: 1479230990194.jpg (47.38 KB, 674x528, what the FUCK.jpg)

Okay WTF.
I'm all for tasteful taxidermy, and preserving specimens if that's what your into, but what the hell is this? A mummified/rotting bird? And obviously she's fucking taken it home so she can photograph it on a kawaii pastel background.

Fucked up. Alice Snow is gross.

No. 198887

>that pic
How is that even allowed on Instagram?

No. 198900


>jess woods

she's the only one who does the whole fairy nymphet doll shit that I actually like.

even though she is kinda weird

No. 198901

What about trinaechidna? I remember her from when I had a tumblr and found her through all the noise blogs I was following but a lot of her content/personal posts fall into this category.


No. 198917

tbh I don't think her posts and personal style really fall into that category. She's more straightforwardly edgy/grungy, has been into her aesthetic since Nicole even stepped on the scene, and has no grandma clothes or fake ~*dolly innocence*~ lana del rey inspired shit going on with her. Even her music is a different animal altogether.
I'm kind of biased because I personally like her and think she seems nice + down-to-earth, though.

No. 198939

Take away lonesnows pretty dolly dresses, scrape back her hair, and she could pass for the slightly cuter little sister of Kelly from Misfits.

No. 198943

Yeah I definitely like her/she seems more real than most of these people, but I was curious about her relation into all this because when I was on tumblr there was a certain point when a lot of the noise and goth blogs started posting stuff like this

No. 198948

File: 1479233702990.png (44.19 KB, 640x438, IMG_6348.PNG)

Also samefag but milliedolls skin is so bad it's stressful. I can tell she's using a fuckton of creme foundation and it just looks cakey and bumpy

No. 198955

I think people on Tumblr who are just "like that" (ie those who have a sort of "faded but feminine with tendencies toward deformity and the macabre" sort of motif) just end up being blended together at a certain point, even if their "ways" are different. They intersect somewhere down the line over common themes (like insects, dolls, and cleft lips/birth defects when it comes to Trina).
If I was more dedicated to this shit, I'd make some sort of infograph, Venn diagram or chart detailing all these different aesthetics and how they relate. It's actually quite fascinating. Tumblr is definitely something that can be studied.

No. 198982

I hate this corner of tumblr almost as much as i hate the wannabe 70s groupie corner. You know the type. Those bland lana del rey clones who profess their love to Mick Jagger or Lou Reed or David Bowie a million times a day, and write shitty prose about motels, and wear shitty 'vintage' velvet outfits from Nasty Gal, and think they're hot shit because they've figured out how to overline their lips. I feel like these bitches are on their way out, though (thank fuck).

No. 198991

eh….groupie clones are pretty harmless (although they tend to be very clique-y).

No. 199002

trina is really nice and makes actual art and i don't think she's inspired by all these american cow princesses at all
her persona is true and she's not attention seeking at all

pretty sure she lives in the netherlands?

No. 199024

u got some thin ass hair bruh

No. 199039

right I would say like after a week

No. 199054

my cat sheds more than that in a day

No. 199055

Her blog name is like someone tried to find another way of saying Flowers of Flesh & Blood, which is the name of one of Nicole's albums. Transparent as fuck.

No. 199057

This bitch isn't recovering if she's romanticising her hair loss.

No. 199059

Nice Vtm:B cosplay.

No. 199060

Probably didn't have an ED in the first place. Anything to live up to that delicate waify nymphet aesthetic

No. 199063

she doesn't have an ed. total fatty. look at her cheeks and bingo wings

No. 199070

Is no one going to mention 10centsathrill? She's got that same edgy, broken/abused/sad-little-girl-on-the-playground aesthetic like all the rest, a haircut similar to Millie's, and posts maybe 10 photosets a day of herself with blank expressions, posed against a boring bedroom wall and tries to pass it off as actual modeling.

No. 199073

Oh man, i've been waiting for this girl to be posted forever. Unfortunately, though, she has no milk. Her constant photoshoots are annoying, but at least she's pretty.

No. 199132

File: 1479255049960.png (59.1 KB, 631x410, 2016-11-15.png)

Who tipped a cow?

No. 199134

You all need to shut the hell up. All of these women are beautiful and tender souls who have been through hell and back. Bashing women who struggle just goes to show how much of a piss poor life you have.

No. 199136

triggered, edgelord?

No. 199138

they haven't been through shit, sperg. they're living luxe thanks to idiots like you eating up their bruised bbydoll bullshit with a spoon

No. 199141

lmao if these girls had ever been through anything more traumatic than becky in third grade calling their shoes ugly they wouldn't be treating child abuse/murder/poverty/mental illness as cute accessories for their blog aesthetic

No. 199143

aaaaand that's why they're cows. their aesthetic and everything it represents is inherently disgusting so they can fuck off with their victim complex. being posted on this thread is probably the most traumatic thing they've ever been through while blogging at mommy and daddy's house.

No. 199145

File: 1479257090964.jpg (69.63 KB, 548x573, lol.jpg)


>This is so upsetting, i’m so sorry you and these other precious angels have to face such things for absolutely no valid reason.

>??? Lmao im so confused cus youre so perfect like how is anyone about to come for you on ANYTHING??

even the calves have dedicated followers

No. 199146

LMAO you actually think they struggle??????????? i suggest you take a look through ginger bronson's thread so you can see how the musty girls you worship can very well be frauds >>100787 while you're crying about how she's a trailer park prostitute who was on meth and raped by her dad, she's actually living in upper class california with her BOTH her parents who are a psychologist and a lawyer, who funded her university and continue to support her unemployed nearly 30 year old saggy ass.

No. 199148

the calf followers are even better than the calves tbh. they'll buy anything. i once had a blog in line w/ this aesthetic and it was fucking EASY to get a lot of followers with it. those ugly cunts will flock to you like jesus christ himself if your blog has anything to do with faded childhood, dolls, crucifixes, pink and/or bdsm

No. 199149

i feel like the new surge melanie martinez stans are just as bad as these girls too. whenever im looking for clothes on depop i see people listing pacifiers and bibs that they actually wear out in public and shit. beyond cringe

No. 199151

i wasn't going to post in this thread because it's petty, reaching, and belongs in /manure/ imo but 'nobody does old school lolita anymore'? u best be trolling. do you even know how much rare/popular old school pieces go for secondhand? sure, less than new brand releases, but old school is very much not dead and it will probably never die as long as lolita is alive, no matter how unpopular the fashion is as a whole. there is an entire part of tumblr devoted to old school street snaps, modern old school coords, and keeping the substyle alive. /cgl/ regularly has old school threads and sure they're slow but that does not reflect on the fashion being alive or dead. sorry you have shit taste anon but old school is still very much a thing and will continue to be a thing for a very long time.
yes, i'm mad. if this was bait it was good bait for someone who loves old school. 10/10

No. 199152

Okay Ophelia

No. 199156

>implying ophelia would out herself in a thread where she's been posted or even knows what lolcow is unless a fan tipped her off
ok tinfoil hat-chan

No. 199157

this reminds me of a girl that's on that same side of tumblr w the abused aesthetic and everything that got shit a couple weeks ago for posting pictures of herself with a pacifier in her mouth even though she constantly harps on about her hatred of dd/lg. she tried to say it was fine to use pacifiers as props because she wasn't sexualizing it because she's asexual.

No. 199174

File: 1479260237757.jpg (26.23 KB, 528x301, nice.jpg)

>i’ve been making a kind of song using excerpts of lots of songs / lines of song relating to abuse

Because that isn't romanticizing abuse at all.

No. 199180

they're all so disgusting

No. 199191


nicole's album is named after the second guinea pig movie, there's also the american remake "bouquet of guts and gore", which is where the girl got her blog name from. i remember her posting a shit ton about those edgy pretend snuff films, of course she had to pick the worst one of them all lol

No. 199335

watching chicks with this aesthetic being messy is a guilty pleasure. it's so satisfying for no particular reason.

No. 199340

some people are actually into the things that this aesthetic is made up of. I don't think all of these girls are necessarily trying to fit into this Tumblr, they just have similar interests. I don't think there is anything wrong with being into bdsm, thrifting, horror or true crime for that matter. This whole thread is pointless. There's no milk here.

No. 199421

The problem is not that they are into these things, it's that they all try SO hard and their existences are so fucking contrived it's disgusting and fake as fuck.

Is it a coincidence that 90% of them have been 'abused'? Is it a coincidence that they all collect teeth and hair? Is it a coincidence that they all romanticize "bad boys" aka serial killers, school shooters, pedophiles?

Don't try to act like they're all into these things because they genuinely enjoy them. They're doing it for their sick little aesthetic, it's like a competition - who is the most nymphet? who is the most broken and fragile? who is the dreamiest? Who is the dolliest of them all?

Absolutely pathetic. And you sticking up for them just screams that you're into the same bullshit as all of these girls too. Even people with similar interests still like different things, but all of these birches like exactly the same shit: knives, horror, dolls, motels, 70's movies, death, pastel, overly feminine things, cigarettes, motels, the highway, catholicism, thrift stores, true crime, trashy novels. I could go on, but it's a running theme in the interests of all of them.

Nasty, fake bitches.

No. 199426

So you know everything about these girls because you've seen their blogs? I'm sure they have outside interests. It's not a crime to like a certain blogging aesthetic and it doesn't make them fake. What if they actually have experienced traumas? You sound overly bitter. You don't know a thing about these girls, all you know is that they enjoy reblogging similar things.

No. 199431

File: 1479305892604.jpg (301.57 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_odmon8iOar1txl3vlo1_128…)

This girl is like a combination of these ~*damaged babydoll*~ chicks and Yumi King.
Her about:
>please take care of this CRYBABY
>bruises easily. if found in tears, please violently beat into quiet submission; there’s nothing a little coaxing won’t solve.

No. 199434

It's not just about seeing their blogs. Outside of Tumblr they're still the same. I've met two of them in person and they speak with the fakest high pitched drawling voices. The way they all interact with each other is cringe worthy. "Baby angel, sweet dolly, dreamy girl" etc. it's fucking stupid. They all type in exactly the same way, they all take the same kinds of photos in the same kinds of clothes. I understand that they all DO share a common interest, but so what? Liking the same things does not suddenly make you become an exact copy of everyone else who likes the same.

I'm not saying some of them haven't experienced trauma, but literally all of them act like they have, traumatic eating disordered earth angels who need to be protected. Fuck off.

You are the one who doesn't know a thing. Why are you so defensive? Did you get mentioned? Your friend get mentioned?

No. 199436

The latter lol. Nobody who spends so much time on painting their face & cultivating their aesthetic would have a meaningful profession, or contribute to society in any way. That's true for pretty much all the cows on this site.

No. 199454

This whole fad, to me, is really gross.

Liking vintage dolls, teeth, lace is fine. Those are interests that don't impact anyone.

Liking older men, violence, and promoting eating disorders is not.

Almost everyone into this aesthetic promotes a kind of fairytale Lolita (the novel) relationship with older men. They realize that they're followers are young, naive, sexually curious and they promote this type of shit.

Older men date younger girls for a reason and isn't because these girls are brilliant and can debate philosophy. They want you for sex and control.

Speak to anyone that's dated someone a few years older than them in High School. Speak to anyone that's dealt with sexual abuse and you'll see the real side of these things.

The fact that Tumblr promotes this sex positive, daddy + lilgirl shit is horrible. Sex positivity makes it a lot easier for young kids/girls/boys to be coerced into harmful sexual situations. It hardly benefits the younger person in the relationship. Let's be real here.

Ugh, I feel really gross now.

No. 199473

Lol, I swear, every time someone on here finds out that they're on here, they say the same exact shit:

>they want to ruin peoples lives

>they're bullies who tear people apart for no reason
>they're psychotically obsessed with talking about their victims and have nothing better to do
>there are better ways of using your time
>they pick on people just for being different
>I hope they grow up/move on with their lives

First of all, when you put yourself out there on the Internet, you are inviting yourself to being criticized, made fun of, talked about, etc. you don't get to be special, if you don't like it, don't put yourself out there, everyone is fair game. And it's not like it's hard to make fun of you people, that we're 'obsessed', as if it takes hours of dedication to do this. We just go on whatever SM site you use and put yourself on, save it, post it here, and comment about it. It's really not hard or time consuming.

If you can't handle the heat, stay out the kitchen.

No. 199475

File: 1479314171949.jpg (22.88 KB, 400x300, 1452304796168.jpg)

>please violently beat into quiet submission

No. 199487

I find this thread a little unfair, tbh. Who are you to police what these girls enjoy? Who are you to say that they are not allowed to like antiques or creepy dolls or granny clothes? How do you know they haven't experienced abuse or eating disorders? Why do you give a shit if they find inspiration in Nicole Dollanganger? You don't know their realities or what goes on in their world. Tumblr is in many cases a coping mechanism for a lot of us, and i'm sure it's no different for the girls posted in this thread. Just because you find their interests to be distasteful or cringe, doesn't give you the right to completely tear them down. When they start scamming their followers or purposely posting triggering material, maybe then you'd have a legit reason to make this thread. Untill then, all i'm detecting is a lot of jealousy.

No. 199489


triggered much?

No. 199495

File: 1479316262539.jpg (106.27 KB, 960x491, 1401240563302.jpg)

Policing what they enjoy? Not allowed to like antiques or creepy dolls? What the fuck are you talking about?

>hurr durr if they were scammers then it'd be okay

People are just giving their opinions on these girls, not every lolcow thread is like exposing some awful person, sometimes we just point and laugh.

>doesn't give you the right to completely tear them down

Is having a thread on lolcow the equivalent of busting down their door and confiscating their dolls and granny clothes? No. They're doing what they want, we aren't stopping them, we're just talking about how stupid we think they are. If they didn't want it to ever be something that would happen, they shouldn't post themselves in the first place. And they wouldn't even know about it is their 'fans' didn't tell them in the first place. Talking about them is not harassing them, sorry these special, fragile, damaged little snowflakes can't handle criticism.

>tumblr is a coping mechanism for us

Boo hoo, no one fucking cares

No. 199496

File: 1479316397547.jpg (8.51 KB, 248x233, hgdGQtrjBhe5u.jpg)

>i have disgusting interests but u cant make fun of me for it!
>ur jus jealous xDDD
>i'm sure it's not different for the girls posted in this thread
So which person that got posted are you? Welcome to the rest of the internet where no one else gives a fuck about your hugbox. You sound pathetic as fuck and delusional. How are you going to get a job and make it in the real world?

No. 199497

File: 1479316419132.gif (526.54 KB, 240x240, mCiNBgx.gif)

No. 199499

>sometimes we just point and laugh
I find that really sad and cruel, but whatever makes you happy, i guess.

No. 199500

Make better content and maybe we wouldn't. Sorry your aesthetic is hot garbage, but whatever makes you happy, I guess.

No. 199507

God, there is literally nothing more infuriating than getting accused of being one of the people posted. I just happen to follow a few of these girls and i don't get what your beef is? Sorry you don't like their aesthetic! But is there any actual milk? You're just going after easy targets and it's really quite pathetic to see.

No. 199509

it's also sad and cruel to fetishize mass murder and sexual abuse because you think it makes you look edgy and cool. delete your tumblr

No. 199510

File: 1479317193082.jpg (23.9 KB, 400x400, photogallery_lactose_intoleran…)

>But is there any actual milk?

Sometimes the milk is brought to us.

No. 199513

File: 1479317314118.gif (64.02 KB, 226x176, 1479234398001.gif)

lmfao who cares

No. 199520

File: 1479317465631.png (151.39 KB, 450x300, 1462633424366.png)

>or purposely posting triggering material
>You're just going after easy targets and it's really quite pathetic to see.

So laughing at people who can't even see it is horrible and triggering but romanticizing rape and pedophilia along with being in a community that often posts actual CP is just peachy?

No. 199522

>God, there is literally nothing more infuriating than getting accused of being one of the people posted.

I'm sure it is, which one are you though?

>it's really quite pathetic to see

So is romanticizing abuse, murderers, cutting, and sugardaddy relationships. And then when you get called on it you call people jealous. No one is jealous of these pathetic little piglets hopping on whatever tumblr thing is in now.

No. 199524

itt fat, salty bitches with hard, old looking faces mad as hell because their sad babydoll attempts failed and their selfies got a grand total of 7 notes

No. 199526

File: 1479317864374.jpg (28.94 KB, 627x626, 1463445981750.jpg)

In retrospect it should've been obvious. 9/10 tumblrina impression for the first bit though.

No. 199530


>with hard, old looking faces


Yeah, they're all just the image of youth and vitality.

No. 199533

lel. Nobody is saying they're "not allowed" to act a fool. We're just saying they look foolish.

No. 199534

>purposely posting triggering material,
They do this all the time though lol

No. 199542

As someone who quite using Tumblr years ago (>>199454 is my post) I disagree with what you're saying on how Tumblr is a positive outlet.

If you've ever had an eating disorder or suffered sexual abuse you would know how toxic Tumblr can be. Even the ed recovery portion is full of competition, relapse, subtle thinspo (fitspo) reblogs and more.

Sexual abuse survivors constantly have to deal with people fetishizing power imbalances like the older men + young girl trend. Or the sexualization of little girls, or girls who look a lot younger (pro tip: the models you reblog are often in the age of 13-16).

To say that people can't be critcized because Tumblr is an outlet is fucking ridiculous. People get called out all the time for misogyny, and racist comments, but we can't call out people who are literally fetishizing sexual abuse and glamourizing drug abuse and mental illness? Come the fuck on.

No. 199546

We aren't stopping anyone from doing what they like. We're just laughing about it. If they all dropped the aesthetic we'd lose the milk. So keep it up angel babydoll~

No. 199555

And yet i'm willing to bet they still look a million times more youthful than you, sweet lil angel baby. Don't fret, though. So you weren't able to crack the abused nymphet market? WHO CARES?! Get in where you fit in, dewdrop petal. I suggest pouring your ample rolls into a corset or two, learning how to master a pincurl set, painting your lips with a couple of coats of red lippie, perhaps getting a sleeve tattoo, and calling yourself a body posi pinup girl! That market is usually pretty easy to tap for fatties. Good luck snowy owl feather!

No. 199557

So, which one of the calves are you/you stanning lol

No. 199559

You realise there are multiple people in this thread, right?

99% of the fuggos posted are tubby as fuck, only are and the Asian chick are relatively thin.

No. 199560


Meant Ari, autocorrect is a bitch.

No. 199561

File: 1479321946831.jpg (53.06 KB, 500x375, tumblr_odw11qe3hN1txl3vlo1_500…)

Aine C. is actually ana-chan goals, I have to admit

No. 199562

Yeah, its kinda weird. They all seem to subtly glorify eating disorders and frailty and whatnot, but they are all mostly chubby at best.

No. 199563

Kawaii diaper!

No. 199568

File: 1479322366874.jpg (286.87 KB, 849x1273, e33bae66-e7b3-4e63-9a9d-03483f…)

Too bad about that face though.

No. 199570

The diaper/pigtails/stuffed animal combo is a tad disconcerting.

No. 199571

A little bit of baby fat is cute and more relatable, though. Anorexia really isn't cool on tumblr anymore.

No. 199574

No excuse to be a fat bitch.

No. 199577

I mean, whatever. These chicks are obviously not trying to be the stereotypical 'hot girl'. They know their audience is mostly insecure middle schoolers and gross old men. They have no reason to be fit or in-shape. As long as they don't reach landwhale status, it's all good.

No. 199578

The original point was that they were romanticising eating disorders (hairloss/I'm so dainty and fragile uwu) when they are in fact chubsters.

No. 199580

Here's the deal. They want you to think that they have recovered from some deadly baby nymphet eating disorder, hence they are so ~brave and strong~, which means they can be as chubby/fat as they want to be without anybody calling them out on said fatness, because they are sooooo strong for beating their ED in the first place.

No. 199582

But they are also fragile little babies so please don't say anything unkind because their soft little hearts will break and they will sucumb to evil ana again uwu

No. 199598

This thread reads like schoolyard bullying. Well done.

No. 199627

See >>199557
Who are you?

No. 199629

do you know where you are?

No. 199714

i swear all the fat fuggos defending these dipshits are followers of Aspergers Snow

No. 199717

Man, no fair. I don't even have a Tumblr but still like a lot of this shit. I wasn't gonna let them through my teeth out. It's not my fault I'm a gorefiend. Sage for no one gives a fuck

No. 199728

i'm fb friends with every one of these girls and i get so tired of them lol

No. 199733

Hi Millie

No. 199746

If those are acne scars I feel bad for her because they're near impossible get rid of. Even celebrities with tons of money can't get rid of them
I mean I'm sure there's some who have been through some trauma but there's even more who are just hopping on the bandwagon for attention
Anyways which one are you?

No. 199752

Is a girl automatically cringy if she has this pink but faded aesthetic? Or is it only when they start being edgy (self harm, pedo shit, mental illness, obsessed with nicole etc)/attention whores (bad poetry, ~frail~ selfies, etc)?

No. 199756

The aesthetic itself isn't the problem, it's the glorification of so many disgusting things and the fact that they're all literal copies of each other.

No. 199765

I can't tell if Millie Dollgraves knows how embarrassing and annoying she is and how she doesn't have one original thing about her, or she does know and just doesn't care. How can she live knowing she's a shitty copy version of somebody else

No. 199766

Tell me, which one of my desperate little wannabe followers are you? Let me check out your blog and see your crappy content and your bland, noteless selfies. Come on. That's right, you're too chickenshit to do that. So i will keep my identity hidden just like you drama cunts will.

No. 199769

So you are assuming people here are wannabe followers of yours with no notes when you are a wannabe follower with no notes?

No. 199770

she's probably one of the calves, trying to act like she isn't. ophelia? morgan? come on, don't be shy :)

No. 199772

Severe mental illness probably

No. 199775

Coughupvomit is pretty cringy, her title alone is bad

No. 199778

Ok a reoccurring statement in this thread is that these women glamorise paedophilia/child rape but no one has posted any proof of it? it's pretty nasty to accuse like 20 girls of all promoting paedophilia.

No. 199779

That's a very good point! Let's see some proof! Anyone??? Yeah, that's what i thought.

No. 199780

Go through their archives and find literal cp along with sexualized photos of children, young teens having sex, loli manga, that god awful Lolita book/movie

No. 199781

Lolita is not god awful, and most of us are smart enough to realize how gross Humberts obsession is. It just happens to be a beautifully written book and a beautifully shot film.

No. 199784

are you suggesting we post cp? cuz like…… no.

No. 199787

>most of us
so you ARE posted in this thread then

No. 199788

if you actually understood what lolita was about you wouldn't be into this cheesy fragile angel babydoll uwu shit
i doubt you've even read the book, you probably just reblog quotes of it lol

No. 199790

didn't mean to link the first post

No. 199792

Oh shut the fuck up. How condescending do you have to be to suggest i a.don't understand what lolita is about and b.have never actually read it. Lolita happens to be one of my favourite books. It's not exactly some super secret underground shit so get off your high horse. Bitch.

No. 199793

I never post in this thread but had to pop up to say that Lolita is a fantastic book and Nabokov was a literary genius (sadly most folks only know him because of Lolita).
Too bad asnine edgelords have to ruin things and glamorize even Humbert's sick mind. But what should I expect in a world were morons glamorize everything from suicide to school shooters? Don't blame the book – Nabokov made it pretty clear Humbert was not a normal person and he is the only narrator which proves he's not reliable.

sage for slightly ot and rant, sort of.

No. 199794

Of course im not telling you to post child porn holy shit. everyone in this thread says theyre glamorizing paedophilia with literally no proof of that. there are ways to "glamorize" it without posting pictures of children being raped? and if theyre posting child porn, why arent you reporting them to the FBI instead of talking shit? yikes

No. 199796


whose archive?? im too lazy to comb through a ton of women's archives to find something i don't even want to see. i'm fairly positive most of these women don't "glamorise child rape" or there'd be a way bigger backlash on tumblr….

No. 199798

Nobody glamorizes child rape. That is just something these raging cunts have to tell themselves in order to justify their hate.

No. 199799

sounds like I hit a nerve. time to turn the computer off and start reading, anon

No. 199800


What about Kayla posting photos from child porn photosets? What about Nicole posting underage kids fucking each other next to piles of vomit? What about half of these bitches dressing like toddlers and talking about how much they love old men? What about calling themselves "nymphets"?

No. 199801

You don't sound like someone who reads real books. Sorry, no offense.

No. 199802

Ok cool!

No. 199803

kayla and nicole aren't even in this thread, it's about people in a similar aesthetic. i haven't seen anyone dressed like a toddler? being a young adult woman liking older men is obviously creepy but it's not pedophilia, which i was referring to.

No. 199807

i know right like most of the thread will be about how ugly they are which is whatever. but accusing a ton of different women of glamorising paedophilia is uncalled for, because you don't know their history. they might be csa survivors and use it as a coping mechanism because then they have a "choice". obviously it's disturbing and inappropriate but such harsh accusations are honestly completely unfounded for most of these women.

No. 199809

This thread wouldn't exist without Kayla and Nicole.
Half of these girls dress like fucking toddlers, go look at photos of them in pinafore dresses and mary janes with their hair in twintails tied up with ribbons. Some of them even wear bibs and pacifiers.

No. 199810

Being a csa survivor doesn't mean you get to glorify/glamourise child porn on the internet

No. 199812


if they had child porn on their blogs, their blogs would get deleted with the FBI being notified.. or they would get harassed off tumblr. im not seeing any proof that theyre committing a felony? :S

No. 199813

Okay, who the fuck is tipping the calves?

No. 199814

Once again, who on earth is glorifying child porn? Reblogging Lolita gifs doesn't count, i'm afraid.

No. 199819

This thread has turned into shit due to the insane amount of samefagging claiming those girls glorify pedophilia. they don't, it's just their trashy bbgurl easthetic. fuck off.

No. 199820

lolol i swear they have no proof like…. and if you have proof, take it to the proper authorities instead of shit talking "people who glorify child porn" for having ugly eyebrows. like grow up.

No. 199821

I reckon your bizarre claims of child porn and glamorizing child rape just aren't standing up. No milk here. Move on.

No. 199823

i'm laughing @ alice snow/lonesnow thinking she's above all this when she literally emily crocker'd jessica woods, her felice. to the point where jessica said she was uncomfortable with it and it was impacting on her life irl.

No. 199824

That makes Jessica seem pathetic more than anything. How old is she? 12?

No. 199825

Is that you Jessica? You keep bringing this up even if no one responds and takes the bait to agree. You seem to be obsessed with people apparently copying you when no one gives a crap about your ugly boring photos

No. 199828

take your tin hat off and pipe the fuck down

No. 199831

Jess is delusional if she thinks Alice copies her whatsoever. Also isn't alice like 16 when Jess is almost 30

No. 199832

the little blonde girl smoking a cigarette is a cp victim and her pictures are on most of your blogs… therefore normalising it.

No. 199833

Jess is a fucking snob. She cannibalized this aesthetic too and she wants to act like she invented it?

No. 199835

hi jess woods :)

No. 199836

yeah, i was disgusted when i found that out but it's not common knowledge and i'm sure most of them wouldn't've reblogged that had they know.

No. 199838

yes they would have. they're all damaged sad baby girls just like she is

No. 199855

File: 1479338302051.jpg (145.57 KB, 500x333, large.jpg)

jess woods who had a mental breakdown over a child "copying" her isnt original whatsoever. she copied the "sad baby doll" thing for years.

No. 199863

File: 1479339325248.jpg (24.24 KB, 500x375, 4347eec16eeacbcd3b2a6117bcbec3…)

jess woods

No. 199867


So this is what she's accusing people of copying? Groundbreaking, revolutionary, i've never seen this original idea before in my life, etc

No. 199868

Does this cunt think taking a picture of her bloody underwear is original? LOLcow

No. 199870

>white girls

No. 199877

Is she really as tiny as she looks in photos, do you think? I was astounded by the size of her waist the first time i saw her. I'd love to know her and lonesnows measurements.

No. 199878


Well she has openly said that she had anorexia so probably.

No. 199887

File: 1479341330964.jpg (55.4 KB, 560x434, 1534942_look6.jpg)

No she photoshops herself to be skinnier so anorexics will admire her. She gives food advice all the time on how to lose "worthless fat".

No. 199893

imagine wearing that dress with those thighs

No. 199895

File: 1479342025098.jpg (39.27 KB, 500x353, tumblr_mr58mrPtri1qmiv1wo1_500…)

Jess Woods is more disgusting than all of these girls combined for posting this alone.

No. 199908

I've had a problem with the kind of imagery she 'creates' for a while, but i've never really been able to explain why i find it so disturbing. Like, i know she's a grown woman, but she looks very young and some of her pictures just make me feel dirty lol. She also seems like a bit of a bitch, too, so i'm glad to see her posted here.

No. 199914

YES. She admits to shopping in the little girls department at thrift stores and she takes sexualized pictures of her looking like a child while someone in here said she's almost 30. Some of her photos make me uncomfortable too, theyre disturbing. she's always struck me as vicious and fake.

No. 199919

She publicly bullied a minor with Aspergers, she absolutely is vicious.

No. 199922

I get super weirded out when these bloggers post photos of children. One (sorry I wish I could remember who) posted a still from a video of a little girl pulling out her tooth using the doorknob trick and called it cute and it really rubbed me the wrong way

No. 199923

NOW we're finally getting to the actual milk.

No. 199924

her bullying and public shaming was completely uncalled for. their work isn't even alike. alice does unique illustrations and jess is some kind of pro-ana lifestyle blog. so original!

No. 199926

WHAT THE FUCK? she looks like a child here

No. 199927

File: 1479343390474.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.63 KB, 500x424, img_tumblr.jpg)

more of Jess's "art"

No. 199929

File: 1479343705909.png (335.38 KB, 401x562, tumblr_ofoxg1QX7d1t0hevoo1_500…)

Lonesnow really isn't that tiny. A thing i've noticed she does is wear clothing slightly too big, which makes her look smaller. But look at the size of her arms and you see the truth. Nice waist to hip ratio, though.

No. 199935

Cool story, ana-chan.

No. 199936

hi again Jess

No. 199938

File: 1479344079103.jpg (22.98 KB, 500x372, 7d532b1cc21c6bb55c881e43f017de…)

Jess Celebre as a 21 year old fashionista. Photo taken in 2007.

No. 199939

'tiny' or not, i find her body absolutely ideal.

No. 199941

Damn! No way. Is that really her?! Bitch glo-d the fuck up.

No. 199943

Why does she try so hard to hide her identity when there are photos of her like this going around..?

No. 199945

You can tell she's a real cow just looking at her face. One of those people you instictively get bad vibes from imo.

No. 199946

probably why she hides her face in every picture now. she looks like a bitch.

No. 199951

fat and saggy af

No. 199952

There's a lot of old pictures if you google Jessica Celebre or her old blog she started with called the tragic sense

No. 199954

File: 1479345037027.jpg (122.23 KB, 736x576, 9cf46b979db2eaf631fc1a44ee675f…)

I spent so long thinking she was some beautiful, tiny, doll-like girl.

When really she looks like this. Wow

No. 199956

File: 1479345116302.jpg (65.13 KB, 540x359, tumblr_o0pqk6g9F31ucc2d5o1_540…)

here's a more recent one
such a tiny fragile nymphet dolly

No. 199959

Ok, but how recent? Because she sure is skinny af in the newest pics on her blog.
Is she jewish?

No. 199963

I don't think anyone needs to tip them off. They're probably farmers themselves for all their "uwu sweet babydoll earth angel who would never hurt a soul because mine is too fragile" bullshit lmao.

No. 199965

Holy fuck, I've had that particular photo saved for a while as an example of a well-dressed chubby girl. Had no idea it was her.

No. 199967

Dem thunderous thighs.

Welp that sucks she had such a nice pear body shape here >>199929.

No. 199969

This thread has inspired me to go do some cardio. All these doughy american bodies are triggering me. Thanks guys!

No. 199970

not the same girl, luv

No. 199972

I made a blog like this at some point to get inspo for and/or vent my edgy writing, and gathered a good amount of followers even though I'm barely even active. Some of my posts exploded for some reason while the others stayed in obscurity, too. It's weirdly easy to gather a following with this aesthetic.
Kinda weird to think that if I was some milquetoast white girl with a faux ED, I could end up in this thread.(blog more)

No. 199973

It's the same girl in
Which is even more shocking tbh

No. 199974

anyone else feel like jess sends herself anons?

No. 199975

Yes, and i bet some of them are gleefully contributing to this jess woods hate. All these bitches are secretly ruthless.

No. 199976

honestly, it's horrific that she's promoting a 600-800 calorie a day diet to a ton of young vulnerable girls with eating disorders. a huge portion of her fandom is from the pro-ana community and she promotes a starvation diet to them.

No. 199977

File: 1479346637953.jpg (42.95 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n94pv8TN5u1r7hyvno2_500…)

>Once again, who on earth is glorifying child porn?
This is Robyn aka body-of-bugs aka rottinggirlsrestingplace

No. 199979

Fucking gross, dude.

No. 199981

Wait did someone tip one of them off? And which one?

No. 199983

File: 1479347543581.jpg (41.55 KB, 380x555, princess porn star.jpg)

that description

someone tipped off Alice Snow, it's earlier in the thread

No. 199984

You one of those people who thinks an 18 yo dating a 15 yo is pedophilia?

No. 199985

File: 1479347817510.png (49.25 KB, 1070x418, 20161116_205557.png)

How she went from such a happy, carefree blogger to this pathetic attention seeking is beyond me

No. 199986

That is pedophilia

No. 199987

fucking yes, there is no way she gets that amount of anons praising her for being a ~gorgeous pure tiny nymphette forest fairy immediately after remaking tumblr. it reeks of desperation.

No. 199989

All these girls and their friends follow Alice so they probably all saw this thread

No. 199991

they do not post the ages but there are usually at least people under legal age having sex or nude on their page. some of them might not be like fucking 5 yrs old but ITS STILL CP also those pics of them dressed up all infantile and touching themselves??? that's just a legal loophole honestly it is PORN WITH THE SUBJECT OF CHILDREN so fucking gross like i'm not completely biased that dd;lg thing can work but you both must also know in your mind you are consenting adults it's NOT cute for either of them if they they they're living out lolita.

also, we don't post underage people on here. it's one of the rules (gosh why does no one read the damn rules?).
But underage kids take nudes ALL THE TIME since the beginning of the internet they have been posting them on blogs and image boards for attention but it is still CP

sage for rant but

>naked under 18 = cp

>nudes/porn/pics with the guise of sexualized children
is just legal cp

and they all love it and post it and post pictures of impoverished children who are dirty and sad and without their moms.

god it's like ya'll have never watched law n order dam

No. 199992

I hope you're all very pleased with yourselves :D

No. 199993

File: 1479348659410.jpg (55.81 KB, 709x524, rdyfhjdefr.jpg)

Jess knows about this now too

No. 199996

It's funny that they've all inadvertently outed themselves as "disgusting", "hateful, angry" people by virtue of just ~*coincidentally*~ discovering this thread the very day it's posted. Low tact.

No. 200000

ew i take back what i said about dd;lg

i mean i call a few people daddy but they pay me thousands of dollars

No. 200003

sh'es hot

No. 200005

That's different for everyone. But imo any sort of overly concocted "aesthetic" looks tryhard and stupid, and usually indicates that you're trying to make up for being a boring person.

No. 200006

Spot on, anon. The lack of an interesting personality makes you want to build a character for yourself.

No. 200007

Dude I agree that's why I follow her tbh also her blog is less cringey

No. 200009

File: 1479349956962.jpg (48.21 KB, 402x630, LMAO.jpg)

Also want to know why the person telling Jess about this thread is calling them artists when some of them make shit like this

No. 200018

File: 1479351256707.png (401.03 KB, 499x493, 2016-11-16-003.png)

can we talk about this girl ugly "art" lmao.

No. 200022

how come everyone jess follows on instagram is an anorexic rich white girl

No. 200026

How come you care?

No. 200028

jess you should really stop posting in here. it's unbecoming! go take a vegan rose petal bath

No. 200039


Well, they're sure as hell not dating the 15 year old because he/she's the next Einstein.

No. 200040


What the fuck is this?

Gothic baby jesus giggling at a snowflake on fire?

No. 200044


>a grubby horrid boy pulled my leg off will you be my magikal valentine princess and kiss me all better

Isn't Robyn like 25?

No. 200046

File: 1479354857699.jpg (85.4 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1479220755914.jpg)

does sterility fit in thos category? the creepy guy who makes childish drawings with inappropriate things written on them, and who asks girls to send photos of themselves drooling etc… i found his facebook & this is him with his girlfriend (very surprising that he's not gay), british teeth and all

No. 200047

every time

No. 200059

sterility's got his own thread here >>112827

No. 200073

File: 1479361957845.png (125.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0866.PNG)

Lmao of course you're okay with copycats. You've single white femaled Nicole to the point where i wouldn't be surprised if you ended up killing her and wearing her skin. But how sad is that other girl? She's a copy of another crappy copy.

No. 200074

File: 1479362181926.jpg (29.25 KB, 400x300, tumblr_nqfv925A771uq03q4o1_400…)

Another one for the pile.

No. 200088

I think this girl buys likes. I looked at her instagram and one of her selfie photos has more likes than she has followers


No. 200089

I dont doubt that she does, but that's not uncommon if it's just one or two posts. I average 50-80 likes on my posts but I have one single post that has over 800 likes because it somehow blew up..

No. 200091

She definitely does. Most of the commenters don't even follow her and she said she got over 1000 followers overnight, most of which look fake. She also sends herself fake anons.

No. 200098

Ophelia outed herself in a thread on cgl because "a friend told her about it." she selfposts all the time. she's not some clueless angel who doesn't know what the mean side of the internet is. adding to that, her coords are shit and her more experimental ones are borderline not lolita

sorry you got posted, Ophelia

No. 200118

rotten_girls_resting_place on instagram so awful. Robyn is so grossy. I'm also sure she bought half of her followers

No. 200119

Btw I'm friends with Robyn on facebook. She once posted about lolcow and how she was reading threads about kiki cannibal on here. She's definitely read all of this

No. 200301

naw i was the one reading the kiki threads LMAO

No. 200364

I'm so creeped out and disgusted by this photo, because she looks like a 13-14 y/o girl that is trying hard to look cute for her 20 (really 50) y/o online "boyfriend".
She reminds me of this one chubby blonde girl that my ex-friend dropped me for when we were all 13.

I bet that the tumblrina would be proud of herself for grossing me out

No. 200372

Is this the new pro ana selfpost thread?

No. 200374

Most of the girls in this thread are chubsters, reach harder

No. 200377

This thread is the same shit as the previously banned pro ana thread though. Uninteresting tumblrina's posting about themselves and shit talking each other and that's it. I actually hope there is some real milk on some of these girls but it's been pretty boring this far.

No. 200378

You're on /snow/ they're not going to be the milkiest, sometimes it's just fun to bitch

No. 200386

>apocalyptic sunshine
another chick that's into cutesy shit but is ~sekritly edgy~ because she talked to freakscircus once and now she loves metal!
man they're all into the same shit in this community.

No. 200396

i agree that these claims should be supported with proof (no i'm not advocating posting cp put away your pitchforks) before being spread but jsyk cp blogs are very much a thing on tumblr, sometimes bots but usually not, and they don't get taken down until a popular post is made about it and yahoo is forced to do something about it or be known for allowing cp
see also: literal neo nazi blogs being huge on tumblr and never getting deleted. obviously not the same as cp but yahoo doesn't really care about moderating the site that much and these blogs are proof

No. 200400

i'm a lurker here and i've seen most of them get an anon tipping them off about this particular thread, but i wouldn't be surprised if one of them sent the anon to themself to act shocked without outing themself as a lurker
suuuuuuuuuure they do, bbgurl. sugar babies don't even make that much for sex unless they've been in the game a while, try a more believable lie next time

No. 200407

I'm certain that Ophelia, Myki, Morgan and Robyn lurk

No. 200410

Wouldn't that be funny?
>be Tumblr clone
>want to find other Tumblr clones
>make thread where you pretend to make fun of yourselves
>meanwhile, you're really all just self-promoting
>send yourselves asks about a "horrible forum" talking bad about you to get asspats/sympathy from all 8 of your followers
Surprised someone else hasn't done it.

No. 200417

She's incredibly pretty, if only she didn't do that creepy ageplay stuff.

No. 200426

I take issue with the fact that whenever a girl with traditionally 'cute' facial features and a pastel blog wears girly clothing, she is described as being into ageplay. Not everyone looks good in instagram thot-wear, or whatever it is you expect these girls to wear. Having a sweeter and more innocent style isn't something to shame, imo. inb4 hurr durr hello ophelia/jess

No. 200434

i've had family members actually get offended because i'd rather wear a cute little dress and cardigan, instead of dressing in a way that would get hetero dicks hard. people with small minds and no imaginations lose their damn minds when you go against the limited image of what a 20 something year old woman should look like. its pretty stupid.

No. 200454

lol if you think there aren't hetero men who get off on your "purity" and "innocence"

No. 200455

robyn is not lurking here. unsure about the others, aside from the ones who were tipped off.

No. 200456

File: 1479405092530.png (136.52 KB, 1140x1297, IMG_1186.PNG)

this, this shit is so creepy

No. 200457

should probably give up calling yourself "baby" when you have nasolabial folds, eye bags and brow ridges like that

No. 200463

Lmao bitch where

No. 200464

How on earth does shit like this get 1000+ notes?! I just don't get it. I'm not saying she's ugly, because she's clearly very cute, but whyyyy?

No. 200465


This is what bugs me too there is some folk on dumblr who I question have shit tons of notes

No. 200467

Because she's white anon. As much as tumblr jacks off to POC, relatively plain cute white girls still get significant amount of notes.
Not trying to racebait but trying to point out tumblr's hypocrisy

No. 200468

By appealing to the absolutely huge ageplay dd/lg market. Also she's a pretty white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

No. 200470

This is so true. It used to piss me off, but now i'm just like whatever. Whiteys gonna white.

No. 200473

lmao wow soooo this thread is basically bitter darkies jelly because they dont fit into this section of tumblr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 200478

Hello Jess (i always knew you were racist)

No. 200479

Lmao, racist nymphet babydolls. If you're not white or east Asian then you're a darkie who isn't allowed in the clique

No. 200482

Men actually like when girls are cute and "innocent" too. Theres also men that like fatties. You can't escape.

No. 200483

Does this really surprise anyone, though? It absolutely is a white girls club. Antiques, pretty lacy grandma dresses, serial killers, extreme frailty etc aren't exactly things that scream black chicks.

No. 200484

Pale skinned Asians also tend to make the cut.

No. 200486

she definitely is. she has never once addressed racism or white supremacy on her blog and got her following entirely from being a skinny rich white girl.

No. 200487

her selfies get way more notes than her photography lol

No. 200490

pale blogs are inherently racist

No. 200491

Makes sense. A lot of them tend to reblog michelle moe, creepyyeha, sadghosts, marmaladedoll and those obscure blogs that post pictures of random japanese girls, despite their blogs/looks not fitting the aesthetic

No. 200493

hey jess since you're reading this thread, how does it make you feel that it's totally obvious you send yourself anons? you really thought all of us were interested in your rexic diet and face cream?

No. 200496

Didn't ~someone~ ask her if she gets recognized in public or something? As though she's famous?

No. 200499

maybe you over sensitive crybabies should kindly stick to 'black tumblr' then. nobody has to cater to you. i personally fucking hate it when my black mutuals post selfies and expect me to reblog them when they just DONT FIT with the pale aesthetic. im sorry but thats just the truth.

No. 200500

How old is she? She actually looks like a child. I feel dirty

No. 200502

ok jess

No. 200504

Lmao. Who even knows what she looks like, since she insists on covering her no doubt plain and forgettable mug. She's all hair and american apparel skater skirts.

No. 200505

>expect me to reblog them
Kek what? Do they message you asking why you don't reblog them, or do you just get irrationally upset whenever you see black selfies?
You should just unfollow your black mutuals and be open about your racism. Just be true to yourself, you'll lose a few followers but you'll amass a wide selection of white supremacist /pol/ fanboys for being Caucasian, feminine and not fat. :^)

No. 200507

YES LOL. she said multiple people came up to her in public and compared her to ariana grande. i find that hard to believe since she doesn't show her face in photographs. she's trying to convince people she's some kind of celebrity, hahhahahaha. she's a joke.

No. 200508

Why is everyone convinced Jess is posting here? It doesn't seem very likely.

No. 200509

hi jess

No. 200516

because this is lolcow

No. 200518

>compared her to ariana grande
Literally what? Ariana Grande is tanned, has brown/blonde hair and isn't some washed out, reverse Humbert creep with a tripod.

No. 200520

File: 1479410709247.jpg (48.79 KB, 500x400, tumblr_lwm27d4w9d1r5o169o1_500…)

"people compare me to ariana grande all the time tehehe"

No. 200521

Her bangs piss me off.

No. 200525

yeah jess really does fancy herself some internet celebrity. she's currently trying to cross over into the beauty youtuber market. she follows the jenners and hadids, that's what she sees herself as

No. 200526

File: 1479411183518.jpg (56.38 KB, 750x562, heathers3.jpg)

Ariana is that you?

No. 200529

Those eyebrows are really something.
>totes ariana grande guys

No. 200532

she's always struck me as a narcissist for some reason. she's so full of herself. she used to be friends with Nicole Dollanganger but i think they had a falling out. jess was supposed to shoot a video for nicole's album but jess probably flaked lol

No. 200536

that's not a good thing at all unless you like looking constipated like jaden smith.

No. 200544

Most of these girls if not all of them are creepy as fuck.
Luckily quite a few of them will grow out of this phase and will likely look back on it in horror and shame and try to deny it ever happened.

What i find surprising however if the amount of people in this thread defending Nicole and claiming she invented this whole pedo glorifying aesthetic especially since i know plenty of people on lolcow are like me in their 20's and have been seeing these daddy issue girls pop up in random places on the internet for forever.

I'm sure most of the girls posted in this thread are actually copying Nicole as she is atm most well known for this shit (Or at least i assume she is i can't say i am deep into the daddy issues abused child nymphet aesthetic)
But Nicole is as unoriginal as the rest of them.

For as long as there have been men who get off on the idea of a sickly dependent girl clinging to him no matter what there have been girls who play into this fetish for attention.
The funniest thing is when the girls say they totally aren't doing it for male attention but everyone can see that male attention is exactly what it is about.

No. 200550

why does someone have to talk about racism on their blog just because they're white? im not going to address white supremacy on my blog because im not a fucking white supremacists and all white people arent racist but it looks like you are.

No. 200551

jess go back to your 5am yoga classes in a fairy cabin

No. 200553

Please take your inferiority complex somewhere else. Are black girl blogs racist? Is black out racist? Fuck off.

No. 200554

Everyone isnt fucking jess just stop jfc

No. 200556


Anon where did you get this image?

No. 200558

jess you seem stressed, why not rent a luxury suite at a fancy hotel?

No. 200561

I alway thought jess was extremely skinny? Does she ps or is she ana now?

No. 200562

She wishes she looked like Ari

No. 200564

her hair looks like a wig

No. 200565

Google Jessica Celebre.
I always wondered if she wore a wig

No. 200566

i fucking know right

No. 200569

jess is back?

No. 200593

How is it an inferiority complex when I just told anon to be honest with herself?

No. 200639

But she looks like a horse nosed typical white girl.

No. 200646

This thread is tedious and repetetive as fuck and didn't even need to be made in the first place.

No. 200649

lmao literally the whole thread is "omg she's so ugly wah wah"
ok cool but what did they do other than adopt a clone mentality and a stupid aesthetic

No. 200661

Okay, I know this is hypocritical/two faced of me to say because my aesthetic (I like the color pink, the look of dolls, churches, cemeteries, old movies, vintage "granny" clothes, etc..) is pretty much the same as a lot of the girls mentioned on this thread and I like Nicole Dollanganger's music (However, I will admit that some of it is cringey as hell. I mean, just listen "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)"…gives me chills and NOT in a good way). But to be frank, I agree that a considerable amount of bloggers on the pink morbid side of Tumblr are disgusting and seem so fake.
I've unfollowed/blocked so many people because the ~*~Sad Gorey Bby Doll Angel Girl Nymphettes~*~ LOVE to glorify/obsess over BDSM, DDLG, the Columbine shooters, pedophilia, eating disorders, drug addictions, etc. yet try to make themselves seem like pure angelic beings that can do no wrong. It's vile and I am ashamed to share a lot of similarites with these types of girls.
I'm considering deactivating my Tumblr to be honest. I don't want to become just another clone. Plus my blog attracts an extremely tacky, fucked up audience.

No. 200663

i like this aesthetic and the vague culture surrounding it, sans the fucked up shit.
i'm sure there are actual good bloggers out there, but i get the feeling that this interest-clique is like the furry artists back in the early early 00's. They all copied each other, they all fronted like they liked or admired each other, but there was a ton of shit talking, vague-posting and all out public battles. However, unlike the furries who were protecting their stolen individuality, these soft bloggers can't do anything. lest they break that curtain of delicate calm of innocence.

No. 200671

I like the aesthetic too, and don't particularly see anything wrong with things creepy/cute, or even dolly/horror in theme. It's mostly the ridiculous extreme these girls go to, I imagine for the shock value and prove just how "not like the other girls" they are that makes it so cringe worthy. Don't feel bad for the aesthetic, just don't act like a gross, try-hard cunt, and you'll be fine.

No. 200677

That's half the thread, then the other half is "omg how could you speak ill of my precious pale pink sadbbg wah wah, you're all darkies"

No. 200679

even the ana-chan thread was better than this

No. 200681

he hit me is a 60s song made famous by the crystals. its a famously fucked up song but it isn't nicoles she's not that creative

No. 200686

Yeah the title isn't hers, but I'm fairly certain the lyrics are.

No. 200693

File: 1479443033898.jpg (101.77 KB, 320x240, eminem11.jpg)

No. 200694

Yeah none of her music is original really. She stole the "You're So Cool" hook from a movie called True Romance. A lot of her songs are just derived from movies she likes, she's a film school dropout

No. 200699

werent jess woods and nicole really close in real life? what happened?

No. 200703

nicole drops everyone she pretends to care about on tumblr. irl she only hangs out with neckbeards because it suits her aesthetic lmao.

No. 200704

Nicole pretends to be best friends with anyone on tumblr with a decent following to mooch off their popularity. Then when she feels like she's above them, she drops them.

No. 200708

Yeah she also tells multiple guys she's in love with them at once for the attention

No. 200709

Does anyone think she'll ever get bigger or actually famous not just pseudo tumblr popular?

No. 200712

Who are you talking about? Nicole? Hell no.

No. 200713

i feel like if she was going to be legit famous, it would have happened by now.

No. 200718

She has her own thread FYI


No. 200721

File: 1479448156765.jpg (215.5 KB, 1296x972, DSC030641.jpg)

Girl is tiny, even with heels on. Is she a midget?

No. 200724

She claims she's 5'0".
Honestly she looks cute in this picture, I have no idea why she looks so ugly in her own pictures, what a photographer.

No. 200731

And a quote from Natural Born Killers. Isn't that like a movie referenced by the columbine shooters?

No. 200740

Yeah Nicole was obsessed with columbine. She had a columbine blog.

No. 200759

What the fuck are you on about? My fucking mom collected teeth and hairlocks ever since I was a baby, it's a pretty common thing to do, not something a random girl on the internet came up with.

No. 200761

Thank you! Nicole is not some original strange girl who started the hair locket and teeth trend. I've known people all my life who collect those sorts of things.

No. 200782

I don't think that the pint anon is trying to make and by pointing out it's a common habit, you show how far you missed it. These girls don't collect it because they like it, they collect them because they think it's snowflake creepy baby doll with a box of teeth and hair under her bed like the serial killer bad boys she pretends to idolise. Most others collect them as keepsakes, I doubt that's the goal of the nymphet babbies

No. 200798

What if some of these girls really do keep them for sentimental reasons? This whole thread is weak

No. 200817

Hide it then

No. 200818

No. 200825

am i the only person who thinks she looks great? i dont think this is chubby at all. big thighs are really hot.

No. 200829

Big thighs are nasty af

No. 200833

Okay ana-chan

No. 200895

Okay fattychan

No. 200896

holy fuck her limbs are gigantic

No. 200901

How tf do you get a job at a library? Why is everyone else there so old?

No. 200903

She does look cute here. I think this is when she started dropping some weight. Also, she isn't wearing that nasty, harsh, drag queen villainess make-up she coveted in the past, and her hair doesn't look like a wig. See girlies, less is more!

No. 200908

>Why is everyone else there so old?
when you become a librarian, you pretty much have a job for life.
How tf do you get a job at a library?
by having a a degree in library science and/or being a lucky bitch. it's pretty much the comfiest job of all time, but positions are super hard to come by.

No. 200918

I know nicole has a shaved head and wears a wig

No. 200919

I worry she's on the path to legit fame. Grimes sort of adopted her and toured with her, before that all she had was tumblr fame

No. 200924

I run a blog that unfortunately attracts these kinds of girls and I have to keep checking here to see if my name was posted

No. 200947

Yeah, honestly I used to be pretty jealous of a girl I knew that was like this until I realized how fucked up the majority of her Tumblr following was and that it was really just a big circle jerk of mental illness related bullshit. Polite sage for not really contributing, sorry, this thread just hit close to home.

No. 200948

Same! I'm honestly over here sweating.

No. 200951

Why worry about seeing yourself posted. You should learn how to laugh at yourself once in awhile. It's silly to me that people are so worried about getting roasted. Just accept it and move on. If you truly love the way you dress etc, then don't worry about. Just laugh with the farmers.

No. 200952

I'm inclined to agree that none of these tumblr girls invented this aesthetic. I mean look at all the common threads between them and what you typically find is a whole host of movies and manga.

It's all posturing. They all read Nabokov's Lolita, they all emulate feminine bad girls Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks and Mallory Knox from NBK, they all secretly harbor this notion that if they had met Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris maybe they could've changed their minds, they all fixate on the same handful of Junji Ito manga scans. They mostly want to seem tough and unapproachable to the wrong people, but feminine and pretty to the right ones (read: cute /mu/ boyz~).

The natural outcome is going to be the same type of person because we're all an amalgamation of the media we expose ourselves to. Nicole is just cashing in on something that always existed.

These people remind me of Juggalettes in a weird way?

Sage for blogging

No. 200954

This whole "aesthetic" is basically Courtney love/90s grunge/riot girl shit recycled into this watered down granny shit. I mean Hole made and sold little girl barrettes in their merch. Those girls wore baby doll dresses and knee stockings with doc martens and pale face makeup with smeared red lipstick.

None of these girls where even alive when this look was "invented"

No. 200966

File: 1479501640710.png (306.12 KB, 500x417, tumblr_oefwudNBTk1tcaeiqo1_500…)

The lovechild of sterility and Jess.
Makes the same type of art with similar subject matter to the former, and her photos are basically indistinguishable from those of the latter.

No. 200971

File: 1479502855909.jpg (73.46 KB, 540x467, tumblr_og7d1hmXUt1u206y4o1_540…)

is there a single photographer on this side of tumblr that doesn't rip off jess? i'd be pissed if i was her too.

pic is by babyaddams. she also steals from sterility and jess with some kooter thrown in.

No. 200973

Someone should make a game where you have to identify which "photographer" took which photos.
Spoiler: No one would win. They're all copies of copies.

No. 200977

No one copies you Jess. You're not original.

No. 200978

File: 1479504160933.jpg (31.24 KB, 500x396, __.jpg)

Aspergers Snow or Jessicunt Woods?

No. 200980

Jess is hardly original. Her old photos were okay but taking a picture of a road or a motel is not something she invented. I think she likes to think she did. Her new photos are so boring and bland I think she just takes photographs because it's expected of her.

No. 200991

this is so true also courtney was the original to claim kat bejelland(from babes in toyland) was copying her lmao

also i forget where we post about holli but this person seems to know an awful lot posted this on her instagram with literally no prompt?? i smell vendetta but who knows

No. 200992

File: 1479505358030.png (328.68 KB, 1241x1662, IMG_1206.PNG)

Millie is especially creepy with how hard she tries to mimic Nicole. I wonder what Nicole thought about someone trying so hard to look like her, even down to getting the same bridge piercing kek

No. 200993

File: 1479505420892.png (38.39 KB, 386x540, holligoestoprison.png)

fuck forgot to post the image i'm the worst

No. 201003

I thought Holli was actually in prison tho?

No. 201004

I thought holli was in jail tho

No. 201005

LOL I should have read the last post smdh

No. 201010

she got out. posted a selfie on ig, deleted it, now she has up this pic of a Scream mask and people are talking about how much they missed her etc.
Someone is pretty sure she's wanted for a felony in multiple states (said they found it via the LA sheriffs office? i don't know too much about it but also I believer her tumblr is active again but she's not posting personal stuff/talking about where she's been etc. I imagine she's been in jail and finally got out and has a court date (if she has a felony, those usually mean like a year in prison) so she might be keeping a low profile since the cops are after her and she's probably scared shitless from jail and I bet she looks even worse than normal.

No. 201015

No eyeliner and black hairdye in jail lol

No. 201020

exactly i bet she looks awful I'm sure there was some withdrawing involved etc. Jail is NOT comfy. and idk where she was in jail but if it was LA she probably got fucked with a lot. Not so proud of that street cred now, huh?

No. 201077

File: 1479519570222.jpg (84.19 KB, 1097x648, jesussss.jpg)

She looks the same in EVERY photo, does she make any other facial expression.

And lol at the gun… so edgy

No. 201089

>"shoot me plz"
>"Lillian Dollanganger"
they're all so embarrassing.

No. 201099

trying to coppy nicole's grumpy expression. much like she's copied her makeup.

does she live alone or with her parents? if she's never explicitly said then she lives with her parents lol. who's guns are those even. does she just buy bb guns as a selfie prop? #goalz

No. 201101

No. 201105

oh my god i've been waiting for someone to mention her! i'm mutuals with her. she thinks she's hot shit because she's asexual and tries to come across as worldly in her pretentious, rich-girl rambles. also has a soft spot for shemegeh – who had her own thread here: /snow/res/49394.html – even after learning she'd physically abused her ex-girlfriend. she also recently jumped on the nicole-is-problematic bandwagon after dollbruise had made posts about it as a way to seem different from the rest of that side of tumblr's crowd.

No. 201147

i think she looks good, shapewise.

No. 201155

i don't like her as a person but it's nasty how many people are attacking her weight in this thread. she's ridiculously thin now and i hope she can get back the weight she was before. she looks much more healthy!!! plus she won't be paraded on ~thinspo forums and trigger people with anorexia.

No. 201157

I agree. There's no need for it. It's one thing to call someone fat who is ACTUALLY FAT, but come on now. She had a nice shapely figure.

No. 201373

You have the same body dont you

No. 201383

Either that, or they're fatter.

No. 201386

Lol fat tears

No. 201387

The problem is that when you're that short, it's easy to look like a chubbo, even if you technically aren't. As qt as short girls are, i thank god for making me tall. It's much more forgiving.

No. 201448

Looks like a hunting rifle to me

No. 201457

in that case she 1000% lives with her parents. no way that bitch is out hunting deer lmao. picking out daddy's hunting rifles so she can take selfies god they're so cringey. does she even go to school? have a job?

No. 201458

>millie dollgraves
>nicole dollenganger


No. 201461

File: 1479598891859.png (34.42 KB, 802x239, edgy.PNG)

No. 201462

No. 201463

>tfw you've been running in these girls circles long enough to remember that blog
fuck me
also never connected that that was jess

No. 201464

File: 1479599238525.png (32.3 KB, 800x197, edgy2.PNG)

it continues

No. 201467

Whats nicoles real last name?

No. 201469

No. 201506

File: 1479604742892.jpg (45.7 KB, 531x363, oh my god.jpg)

Is she actually fucking serious?

Waahh I'm not gonna be snowflake enough any more! Even though my entire life is dedicated to copying someone else :'(

No. 201533

how on earth does she think she's individual or unique at all for getting a bridge piercing

No. 201536

Her bridge piercing is a copy of Nicole. Nicole used to draw 2 dots in a bridge piercing style using makeup before her shows. That's probably what inspired Millie. Also huge irony because the last thing i'd associate with her is originality

No. 201538

File: 1479609103591.jpeg (302.64 KB, 2000x1123, untitled-article-1448383988.jp…)

No. 201542

she's such a fucking joke lmao

No. 201552

seriously sage for blog but i have severe anxiety and paranoia and the last thing i'm worried about people disliking me because of something like a piercing if anything shes saying it to be like MAKE SURE U KNOW IT WAS MEEE FIRST THEY'RE COPYING ME WORSHIP ME SHIT HEADS how nasty

No. 201559

it's obvious all she wants is attention

No. 201562

the gun thing is so weird to me
like that other granny looking girl with the cherub tattoo with the guns..

like do they ever go shooting or anything? I don't understand. why do these girls have access to arsenals.

No. 201571

it's not a real rifle lmao. they do the same poses with handguns too. you can buy tons of "real looking" fakes online. they're doing it for the edge factor and possible because nicole referenced poaching multiple times on natural born losers.

No. 201574

i feel like it's a way of looking innocent but badass at the same time. except it just comes across as fucking pathetic and cringey with these retards

No. 201575

this all kind of reminds me of vampirefreaks in 2005

No. 201577

this seems likely since they never use weapons common in gangs or affiliated with actual crime in general. always hunting rifles and kitchen knives. i'm guessing the hunting rifle also has to do with deers since they're all default obsessed with fawns and deers.


i get it for a photoshoot but when they're just taking #casual bathroom selfies with a rifle or a kitchen knife it's at 12 year old levels of cringe lmao. they give me the same feeling when i look at throwback pics of naruto weebs on myspace.

No. 201632

File: 1479635052925.jpg (59.21 KB, 540x543, tumblr_oezwdljdKQ1udg24so1_540…)

>Im Bad

>i Really liKe to tAlk

>and cUddLe

>iM bAd

>tAlk to mE

>ask Me abOut ….

>fUlfiLL YouR curioSitY

>dont talk to me if u dont want a burden for the rest of Your life im onerous

>(if You hate mE tell me to GO AWAY)


>Im a cHild

No. 201634

File: 1479635636275.jpg (190.16 KB, 1280x934, 7e755bb8-a606-4e33-a325-2dd5a7…)

Was about to post her, thanks
Not sure why these blogs are so obsessed with drawing shit in crayon

No. 201711

File: 1479653514000.gif (1.51 MB, 250x250, AXPG8rR.gif)

milliedoll is a joke. her pictures are so uncomposed and derivative. her style sucks and she's trying so hard to pout, but pouting on her looks like an angry retard.

That being said I'm sure she is a very nice person.

Also JFC that tattoo??!! bleh

No. 201719

Way too try-hard. What are these little girls SO tortured by, even? This is just ridiculous now. Way to ruin a cute sticker, too. I understand what it feels like to want to be fashionably edgy.. i was 12 once, as well.

No. 201726

why does she type like a homestuck
I feel like i'm back on deviantart

No. 201734

File: 1479657244890.gif (242.35 KB, 475x300, laughingtwins.gif)

>why does she type like a homestuck

holy shit she does

No. 201738

Honestly, i find this aesthetic oddly comforting, so i get why so many girls flock to it. It reminds me of lonely weekends spent at my grandmas creepy house in the middle of nowhere. Does anyone else feel some kind of, idk, weird memory recall when going through these kind of blogs?

No. 201750

no. maybe you were a lonely, dolly ghost in the past who wandered around highways and dark forests under the midnight moon! :33

No. 201756

You sound mad booty blasted.

No. 201758

not all of us are white tbh. or born in the suburbs. or in america. it's a very contrived aesthetic.

No. 201759

i can see this.
my grandma was sort of the same– lived in the rural deep south out in bumfuck-egypt and she had a single room in her house that she filled with knick-knacks and doilies and little statuettes of angels and shit. it was a bedroom, but she didn't sleep there, it was basically like…a really poor woman's show-room of 'nice things'. it was the only room in her house that had carpet. it reminds me a lot of how these mentally unhinged tumblrinas collect cheap lingerie and ugly porcelain dolls and things in pastel colors.
as a little girl, i used to really like to spend time in there when we visited her, but now that i look back on it…probably the result of some weird psychological shit. grandma had a hard life.

No. 201762

then it's not for you and you shouldn't care about it lmao
like, i don't bitch about not liking Tyler Perry movies, because they obviously weren't made for people like me

No. 201763

>it's a very contrived aesthetic.
I know you hate to hear this, but this is reality for some people, believe it or not. I'm not white, american or from the suburbs either, but there are certain aspects that definately remind me of my past and of home.

No. 201764

Obviously the aesthetic is very real and so are the feelings and nostalgia it brings. That isn't the problem. The problem is these embarrassing girls who milk the entire aesthetic, even though most of them live in cities miles away from this none-existent ~lonely spooky southern rural township~ that they're all so obsessed with. they show off their thrifted clothes and dolls and pose with guns and dead animals and try to act like that's how their life is, when really their life is average and middle class and nothing like the image they're trying to portray. it's like spray painting a shit pink and calling it icing. it's not icing. it's a shit trying to be something it isn't.

there's nothing wrong with appreciating this aesthetic at all, it's quite beautiful. these girls are ruining it.

No. 201765

I agree with all of this. I wish i knew of any girls who did this shit right, and didn't milk it quite as much.

No. 201805

I 100% would have been posted here 2-3 years ago and it makes me feel so ashamed lol
I was so embarrassing & pathetic

No. 201827

I was going to basically say what >>201763 said. I'm the exact opposite of all those things and this aesthetic still appeals to me and makes me "feel" nostalgic (even though I relentlessly make fun of how fake and samey all these bloggers are). No need for this much butthurt.

No. 201831

wow, that projecting lmfao

No. 201874

Bahaha oh my god I'd never seen Jess's face before!! That's not how I expected her to look at all, her features are pretty harsh which doesn't match her ~tiny forest fairy princess~ aesthetic. Probably why she doesn't show her face and why she doesn't want her name to be shown because it leads to all those old photos.
Anyway, have you guys seen her thread on PULL? She made a profile and posted in the thread requesting that they take it down hahahaha. All the while keeping up the 'uwu I'm so respectful and sweet' bullshit. Whatever Jess you were just freaking out because they posted your face and your real name which leads to more pictures of your face.

No. 201881

you asked if anyone else felt that way and all i said was that not all of us were white lmao. i'm not even black i was born in palestine.

how many of y'all are actually the ones who run these blogs to be this defensive over your lame aesthetic.

No. 201882

Fuck off with the racebait

No. 201901

Wait where is the pic of Jess's face?

No. 201904

it's not racebaiting it's just a fact that that this aesthetic of ballet, dolls, new england wooden houses, 60s diner signs, hunting rifles, deers, forests, carnivals etc is founded on 100% oldschool american suburbian culture. specifically white, as if the obsession with paleness, milk and bald pink pussies wasn't indicative enough lmao. no need to take it as an insult. it's just not an aesthetic that's easy for anyone to get into which some people don't get. not everyone can walk into their local thrift store and find victorian dolls.

No. 201906

File: 1479685121169.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7474.PNG)


No. 201908

just scroll up, there are several of her. u might miss them bc she doesn't even look like her, she's the brunette ~fashionista who was mistaken for ariana grande or someshit lol

No. 201909

Why are you so butthurt. People like differrnt things. You're just generalizing people by race. I swear these sjws are the racists. Youre showing your inferiority complex.

No. 201910

this looks like a kitschy hitler youth cp photo shoot

No. 201911

File: 1479685725654.png (751.71 KB, 962x613, millie.png)

ya'll, she's..actually..milk.

No. 201912

File: 1479686174675.png (332.44 KB, 425x484, mildred.png)

…did she steal her name from a tombstone??

No. 201915

that would imply i think this aesthetic is superior lmao. i'm good, child. relax. i'm not stopping you from reblogging wisdom teeth and carnival clowns.

No. 201916

free palestine!

No. 201920

I meant inferiority complex having to do with race but okay.

No. 201927

i live in oakland and find this type of shit in thrift stores what the fuck are you even talking about? this type of old lady shit is everywhere and pretty much accessible to anyone who would take the time to get into it. its kind of embarrassing that i can pinpoint every post in this thread made by you. go back to tumblr

No. 201935

congratulations on forgetting that countries exist outside of america lmao. a thrift store in palestine or barbados is gonna be a lot different from one in the united states. that was my point, mostly. deer don't exist in the caribbean. you're not gonna find coney island post cards in a turkish thrift store. my point is and always was that this is an aesthetic that, culturally, can't have a wide range of appeal for being so tied on the nostalgic factor of one specific country/race. a lot of these girls love bragging about stories about their grandmothers and childhoods so i assume you'd basically have to lie about your heritage if it doesn't suit the scene.

and i wasn't even saying it as a diss lmao. just a 20 word answer to a question about if anyone else felt nostalgic when going to their blogs. interesting you got buttblasted though. but i guess since most of these girls(you) feel so speshul they get butthurt at the idea that not everyone thinks they're cool.

>implying telling me to go back to tumblr somehow makes it less obvious you're a calf obsessively monitoring what people say about you in this thread

No. 201968

Anymore pics of jess?

No. 201970

Just stop with this sjw bullshit please. You don't have to grow up in a certain place to like this aesthetic. I dont care about it alot of these chicka follow me though for some reason despite my blog being dark as opposed to pastel….

No. 201980

File: 1479698436005.gif (999.49 KB, 245x179, 1458739150044.gif)

No. 201996

their aesthetic is literally americana lol

No. 201999

Google Jessica Celebre or the tragic sense

No. 202012

I realize this post is old, but I just wanted to comment and say how much I agree with you. I stopped using tumblr three years ago because it's honestly a toxic, disgusting environment where everyone competes to be the sickest or the most damaged. Who can be the thinnest, who can eat the least, who can cut the deepest– it's fucking sickening and my life would have been a lot less self destructive if I had never discovered that website at such an impressionable age.

Tumblr is a haven for pathetic people.

No. 202013

americana is coca cola, drive in diners, pickup trucks and elvis presley. it's classic iconic memorabilia that spans out through movies and music. the nymphet babydoll aesthetic ties into american suburbia mixed with childhood nostalgia aka the insistence that all of that is 100% your life. that seems to be the biggest emotion they strive to evoke, a tragic nostalgia that almost always ties into childhood sexual trauma. not very relatable lol. how are you gonna be surprised not everyone relates to that when it's purposefully meant to appeal to a specific and minor demographic for extra special edgy points lmao.

someone in the thread asked if other people also felt nostalgic looking through their blogs and i merely stated no because not everyone had that upbringing. is that really such a triggering statement.

No. 202015

File: 1479702982134.jpg (20.41 KB, 640x462, 1467577902178.jpg)

Im from a south america shit hole and this aesthetic its pretty common in old people houses: cheap porcelain decor, frilly and flower patterned pillows, statuettes of cherubs and Mother Mary, paintings of 1910s kids and so on. I guess its common in westernized countries. No need to be that butthurt. Sage for blog and bad grammar.

No. 202020

>implying all there is to this aesthetic is frilly granny furniture and catholicism

anyway good for you, bruh. i was getting into the specifics of deer, hunting, soft serve ice cream, pine trees, foggy cold weather etc which is also a trademark of the aesthetic.

No. 202023

OMFG will you just give it a rest?! At this point you sound so pathetically butthurt that one has to wonder if you're actually jealous you can't relate to this gay ass aesthetic. lol

No. 202025

So none of those things exist anywhere except America? Hunting, soft serve ice cream and grey skies are for white people only? Lmao take a fucking chill pill. This thread is not for you, the aesthetic annoys you and you can't relate. We get it. Now fuck off.

No. 202026

>one has to wonder if you're actually jealous you can't relate to this gay ass aesthetic
0/10 read rip

>So none of those things exist anywhere except America?
no, i just said it doesn't exist everywhere lmao. learn to read. i thought y'all liked reading and poetry? hunting deer and soft serve ice cream isn't a big thing tied into childhood nostalgia for middle easterns or even people in asia, actually. the weather…. also changes in different countries. is it really such a triggering statement.

>This thread is not for you

actually it's for making fun of cows like you. i guess you don't know what /snow/ is since you come from tumblr.

you're the one butthurt enough to keep replying to me lol. i'm not forcing you to. ask and i'll keep answering. tends to happen.

No. 202027

Chill, I just like old people. This stuff reminds me of my older relatives homes. Old people are just cute and maybe a little gross.

No. 202028

do you mean south america the continent or southern us? (just curious,sage)

No. 202029

kind of funny you're calling everyone "butt blasted" and "triggered" when you're the one furiously responding to anyone who slightly disagrees with you and accusing them of being posted in this thread. sorry that you tried to get into this aesthetic but you were too ugly and they kicked you out of their club or whatever happened that made you so hurt but feel free to take it to your journal instead and stop annoying the shit out of everyone here

No. 202030

it's a dicsussion board lmao. i'm just talking about how the aesthetic is tied in with a certain culture. you're the one genuinely upset i keep talking about it while responding to you. i don't know what you're trying to get out of coming for me personally like it's gonna affect me as if i'm not a weeb who only started lurking your blogs when the thread was created.

newsflash: we made this thread to make fun of you. i'm not even right now lmao. all this drama cos i said this >>201758 kek

No. 202031


Don't worry Nicole will notice you one day.

No. 202033

Yo she never even said anything bad about the aesthetic ur all into. She never insulted it, she just said it's from a certain region and it doesn't transcend worldwide whichis true. How are u this triggered that ur Americana aesthetic doesn't make people from different countries nostalgic. It's not a big deal.

No. 202035

im not even half the people you're responding to and i think the aesthetic is frumpy and fake deep too. your posts are just cringeworthy

No. 202040

Randomly throwing a diss at the aesthetic you've been religiously defending doesn't help make you seem unbiased, sweetie. You'll get the hang of samefagging one day!

No. 202042

the samefagging is ridiculous lets get back to making fun of them for their disgusting fetishizing pedophilic broken nymphet act.

it's like a pokemon morph. someone should make a diagram of the interlapping calves and what aesthetic comes out.

No. 202047

whenever i go through these girls instagrams i cant help but imagine they smell like stale old ladies. i wonder how much time they spend editing selfies and trying to work the word "lovely" into every sentence they type

No. 202048

deadass i don't know anyone who says lovely irl in the states like the uk?? yes but in the us nobody says lovely as often as they do. like i truly wonder what their parents are like and what their family thinks of how fucking retarded their kids came out

No. 202050

Here we go, policing a fucking word. Your grasping at straws now, and you know it.

No. 202052

i'm not the same anon you were having a pissing contest with nobody gives a shit about your blog you're gonna run into a lot of people in this thread who think you and your friends are fucking stupid

No. 202053


get out oh my God

No. 202054

Oh fuck off! I'm not posted in this thread and i don't particularly care for this aesthetic, i'm just saying it's toooooo much going after people for using the word 'lovely'. It's a cute, succinct, descriptive word.

No. 202055

this thread is so embarrassing lol i give up

No. 202056

99.99% sure it came from cassie or whatever from skins who said it aaaall the time. since she was blonde and dolly and ANOREXIC of course.

No. 202057

i'm screaming at this point you should just link to your blog

No. 202058

Yes because Cassie from Skins invented the word lovely and nobody before her ever said it.

No. 202059

>I'm not posted in this thread
probably because you aren't relevant enough

No. 202060


No. 202061

so you admit you run one of these musty little blogs that fetishize mental illness, pedophilia and rape? jesus you're pathetic being here whiteknighting like a minion.

No. 202062

File: 1479708104944.png (171.87 KB, 361x691, 145873390044.png)

No. 202063

the point is it doesn't come naturally. it's forced and cringey because all they do is copy each other.

No. 202065

post your url maybe the controversy of being exposed for being a jealous crusty goblin who worships these retards while simultaneously jerking off to making fun of them will earn you a place among their heiarchy

No. 202068

File: 1479708687071.gif (1.88 MB, 500x383, 2mo8nk2.gif)

We hunt deers in Argentina, have coniferous forests, foggy and cold weather, and Im sure in Europa and Asia too. These elements alone don't make the aesthetic, and while its americana influenced, mostly elements are more europeans.

the continent

I have a soft spot for old folks, they always have a story to tell or knowledge to share.

No. 202082

File: 1479713135435.png (371.27 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7476.PNG)

Millie confirms that her mom is retarded… Or she's lying again

No. 202093

so she lives with her parents. does she work? uni?

No. 202097

pretty sure she's NEET

No. 202160

She has the same goddamn expression in every selfie. I'd make a collage but I'm on mobile and about to go to class

No. 202169

Ooh, nice new esthetic category!

No. 202182

yikes. i actually feel bad for her. all she has is her aesthetic and she didn't even come up with it herself. no wonder she's so defensive of other people ""copying"" her. she has nothing else.

stay in school, kids.

No. 202222

thank you i'm glad someone caught that.

No. 202243

File: 1479748387135.jpg (55.24 KB, 736x570, 3e0b149a73b9f25bd6d36e55a89e1e…)

heres another one for the pile.
name: Maja
tumblr: http://childoflamb.tumblr.com/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mjolktander/
whats funny is i always used to laugh at her for ripping off Jess Woods so much, but after seeing what Jess actually looks like I bet she would kill to look like Maja (basically like a 8 yr old lol). she is what i imagined Jess would look like but no.

No. 202254

I had always assumed Jess would look more like this too.

No. 202264

Can we come up with some new aesthetics? Need something fresh.
>Avril Lavigne circa "The Best Damn Thing" era, girly and pink but with an "edgy" twist
>Infantilized Nazi clothing/Hitler Youth uniform blended with jfash
>Forest punk (ripped white dresses with spiked chokers and wooden studs/piercings, rotting plants and feathers strewn through hair/used as accessories, maybe a decrepit drndyl
>African goth (traditional piercings, makeup and facial scarification, with all colorful prints instead made black, etc)
>Old-timey colonial/safari explorer (think Jane from Tarzan and Nigel Thornberry)
>Bar wench core

No. 202269

omg what if i'm accidentally bar wench core!!!

seriously tho this hitler youth, aryan army shit is what these chicks are reppin

No. 202284

Tbh i fucking love the idea of all of those except the first two

No. 202286

if someone's got a pretty face they're gonna show it off. only ugly hags try to be artsy about covering their faces.

No. 202289

Tribal goth / afro punk is a thing. Forest punk sounds like those alt girls who do "fairy" photoshoots all the time.

I'm surprised cult party kei or the like hasn't gained more momentum what with it's name and aesthetic.

No. 202298

cult party kei was big in 2012 so it's not cool anymore

No. 202354

you see it's not that it didn't gain popularity, it's that most girls over here massively misunderstand it and think its just plain pink dress + peignoir and flower crown
also it's died in japan as well as dolly kei

No. 202361

The only cute girl itt.

No. 202369

Why does she have john wayne gacy clown lips? what the fuck is going on

No. 202419

Such a shame, seems like she found out she was posted on here and privated her account.

No. 202435

I think dollytrash is cute

No. 202441

Good for you?

No. 202461


No. 202462

hi morgan

No. 202465

I think out of all the snowflakes in this thread, Morgan would be the one selfposting and calling herself 'hot'. She's just ~that~ narcissistic, and utterly convinced of her own hotness. I also wish she would stop bleaching her skin. I bet she looks fucking ghoulish irl.

No. 202466

Insinuating that saying anything positive about any of these girls means that I must be that girl?

No. 202468

>I bet she looks fucking ghoulish irl.
Looking ghoulish is kind of her thing, so i'm sure she'll take that as a compliment of sorts.

No. 202474

How old is Millie?

No. 202481

File: 1479779893514.jpg (70.16 KB, 640x805, IMG_6637.JPG)

rotting-angel-blood, not sure if she's been posted yet but

No. 202483

I think 19

No. 202488

Oh god…this is horrible. At least we can't see the tryhards face.

No. 202502

I think a lot of them lurk on here. Alice Snow, godswollen, Jess, thetorturegardens just answered an anon tipping her off

No. 202507

the anons "tipping" them off are clearly just them sending themselves asks because they want to address the thread without letting people know they've been lurking lmao.

No. 202522

i hate morgan so much tbh, she has always been a huge tryhard narcissist with 0 redeeming qualities. she's only kind of relevant bc she posts photos of herself mouthfucking guns and is a ~hot girl who posts gore ooo edgy~

No. 202525

is this an aesthetic that can be done flawlessly and with ease, or are all people mostly tryhards because of how forced the look/lifestyle is?

No. 202527

let me put it this way: they're all unemployed, not going to school, and single. curating this aesthetic is all they dedicate their lives to.

No. 202529

No. 202531

File: 1479793040612.jpg (182.59 KB, 640x822, tumblr_oh0x7aJFaP1uajvwdo1_128…)

good fucking god she could've at least used a teeth whitening app beforehand

No. 202532

Her eyes look like they're trying to slide off her head or something. She looks retarded.

No. 202534

I'm calling self post only because this bitch loves to send herself mean and nasty anons to make herself seem more relevant. Get a life, Myki. Go suck Morgans asshole or something.

No. 202536

lol no i'm definitely not her i just saw someone on my dash reblog her selfie and was highkey disgusted & i remembered that i saw her here. i just figured it was sort of relevant lol?

No. 202555

here's another one I just found…http://mourningdoll.tumblr.com/

No. 202595

why take photos if you end up brightening them up until you can't recognize them anymore?

No. 202603

File: 1479822894712.jpg (190.89 KB, 960x960, uggo.jpg)

i thought this was http://rottinggirlsrestingplace.tumblr.com/ for a moment. they really do all copy each other

No. 202605

No. 202614


ok which one is morgan (yes i searched the thread) ugh there's so many and they all look alike I can't keep up!!

No. 202619

this one>>198387

No. 202629

File: 1479831275210.jpg (77.29 KB, 696x697, twat.jpg)

Yes, there is a name for blogs like that… "Shit" "Contrived Babydoll Americana Aesthetic" "Tryhard Cunts" "Nicole Dollanganger Wannabe Blog"

No. 202631

File: 1479831333619.jpg (94.7 KB, 715x705, twatss.jpg)

part 2

Look at the amount of blogs full of the same shit

No. 202634

This is…embarrassing.

No. 202643

Let's deliberately craft a label for our already contrived personas!

No. 202647

hitler youth baby doll core

No. 202663

File: 1479843690334.png (38.45 KB, 276x330, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 7.38…)


No. 202665

File: 1479843738722.png (40.93 KB, 260x397, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 7.39…)

No. 202666

File: 1479843815913.png (45 KB, 275x393, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 7.38…)

Flood detected

No. 202667

File: 1479843907741.png (11.5 KB, 222x73, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 7.39…)

Post discarded

No. 202668

are they all claiming CSA?

No. 202669


No. 202670

File: 1479843952272.png (21.7 KB, 287x187, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 7.39…)

Flood detected; Post discarded

No. 202672

>tfw one of those blogs is mine
Mixed feels

No. 202673

that's embarrassing

No. 202679

I don't care, I like the aesthetic lol

No. 202680

Sorry but how does gore and deformities or guns help anyone cope with mental issues or weight issues. All i see is a promotion of violence and an army of people licking each others wounds.

No. 202683

You can scroll through any of their blogs and they all look the same.
Nothing is there to differentiate them, they are just slightly altered versions of each other.
Their urls don't help either, how do they not forget who's who with all these basic name copies.
Its like they all found the same name generator.

No. 202686

they really are identical

also they're so psuedointellectual. like they read one book one time maybe and it was Lolita and that's so longggg and foreign like come on grlz you just stare at your phone all day in your parents houses and don't go to school or make efforts towards anything besides their ~aesthetics~

or if they do go to school it's for art or criminology and they drop out after a week.

No. 202687

Crimonology or mortuary science if they are more on the 'creepy, trailer park horror queen' spectrum of traumatized babydoll-hood.

No. 202688

lol aw i actually went to mortuary school and have been in the business for 7 years it's hard honest work
fucking posers

No. 202689

I have a name idea for them:
Nicole Dollanganger's Doppelgangers

No. 202690

but come to think of it there were always weird kids at the beginning of each year who dropped out after they had to embalm a body ahhahaha

i actually fainted my first time and i'm ~goth~ or whatever but i like to think i'm holding up the stereotype pretty well(as in like, i'm an actual person who works hard) hah

sage for double blog post

No. 202700


one of them is in med school and one of the best schools….shocked

No. 202703

impressive considering most these girls are NEET
which one is it i wanna sit its blog

No. 202705

No. 202715

questionable, can't find any evidence of med school or intelligence for that matter.

No. 202716


yeah who knows, there was a post about it

No. 202793

the fact they claim mental illness and all this shit about trauma makes my fucking blood boil. they can't just have a stupid aesthetic, they have to turn the actual traumas of human beings as accesories. as if ginger bronson didn't gleefully lie about a drug addiction, growing up in poverty, child sexual abuse, rape and being abducted. all for the aesthetic, all for the attention. i'm willing to bet they're ALL like that.

these girls are fascinated with psychology. they're fascinated with gore. they're fascinated with pedophilia if they don't just flat out have a fetish. all they crave is attention for being boring upper middle class awkward white girls nobody paid attention to while growing up. they're talentless wastes of space who have nothing to do but glorify suffering because they don't have the slightest idea of what that actually is. it's fun to pretend to be sad and broken. you get endless pity points and ass kissing for being oh-so frail. all they do is smear on the legitimacy of mental illness, child abuse, actual trauma victims. we're fucking jokes because of them.

i can't wait for it to be a ghost town on their tumblrs on thanksgiving because they're busy wearing old navy dresses while they meet their relatives and eating turkey with peas. while granny's asking them when they're ever going to uni they'll go on tumblr and whine about how they wished they had a family to share thanksgiving if only anyone loved them!! cue the 3 notes of replies of aspiring calves kissing their ass calling them angels who will one day find peace in their lives of pain and suffering uwu
>bursts into ptsd bpd depression anxiety self harm eating disorder tears

No. 202797

Every single person on this thread sounds so bitter, it's entertaining but mostly sad. Everyone on here is just as awful as the people they're dissing if not worse

No. 202798

most of them have tumblr blogs kinda like the ones they're hating on and are still super tryhard when it comes to their aesthetic

No. 202799

My thoughts exactly. It all seems so petty I bet this thread is made up of a select few who are angry they don't get the same attention

No. 202802

what's pathetic is how at this point in the thread you think you're convincing anyone that you aren't just butthurt people posted about you in this thread and dragged you while you obsessively samefag.

i'm totes jealous of an unemployed loaf-faced loser scribbling crayola on construction paper and posting upskirts while obsessively keeping tabs on the other girls you're so desperate to out-frail. you run a blog on a website. you've truly gotten so used to getting your ass kissed by your 12 year old followers that you can't believe you're a joke to the worldwide audience this board attracts.

sucks 2 be u. feel free to let out your rage and angst at being permanently humiliated by reblogging a dead rat on a doily.

No. 202803

>feel free to let out your rage and angst at being permanently humiliated by reblogging a dead rat on a doily.


No. 202804

LMAO I'm not mentioned on here but ok

No. 202805

i don't think it's "millie". i was the second poster, just saying, so… not samefag. i don't have a blog nor do i care about styles/aesthetic. i definitely understand hating girls who pretend to be victims for aesthetic's sake (ginger, orange, whoever else) but tbh it seems like girls on lolcow rag on other girls when they still have cow or "calf"-like traits/styles/annoying aesthetics themselves.

No. 202806

fyi that's never saved anyone from being accused of samefagging
which you are btw

No. 202807

i'm really not

No. 202809

the jealous ones just chime in to make fun of them and call them ugly or unoriginal. like the replies to jess's face were obviously from calves themselves making themselves feel better about their envy. but the vast majority are criticizing the aesthetic and all the girls as a whole so i don't see how that at all comes across as jealousy. the constant accusations of jealousy are just more eloquent versions of the 2003 "don't hate me cos you aint me ;)" memes so i'm truly laughing at how they all try to act unbiased before leaving for getting exposed. at this point they're all monitoring the thread praying to all their angel figurines that they don't get posted here.

No. 202810

your defensiveness only makes it worse snowflake-chan

No. 202815

File: 1479876204830.gif (771.65 KB, 500x374, tumblr_n21zo9kJTQ1qloq4zo1_500…)

>i'm totes jealous of an unemployed loaf-faced loser scribbling crayola on construction paper and posting upskirts while obsessively keeping tabs on the other girls you're so desperate to out-frail. you run a blog on a website.

No. 202817

these are just the new tryhard emo kids. hell i bet they all listened to bring me the horizon in high school.

No. 202818

they are very unoriginal though. that's fine to criticize, i understand criticizing that, but (and maybe my finger isn't on the pulse of lolcow anymore) but iirc the tumblr thread is loaded with blogs like this and many of the girls in the contact thread give me this kind of vibe, to be honest. i don't think the majority of posters in this thread are people that have come here from tumblr as a result OF this thread, i think lolcow posters covet this aesthetic to some degree, which is far worse, imo, than edgy 19 yos from tumblr (previously unaware of lolcow, staminarose etc) coming here and bitching, is what i'm saying.

No. 202819

i honestly want to break their fucking teeth in lmao being abused as a child just makes you have trust issues and be disgusted by intimacy it doesn't make you pose with hunting rifles or collect antiques and cut your bangs straight across. kidcore blogs that post play-doh and nickelodeon commercials are where actual child abuse survivors go to find safe spaces from their traumatized childhoods and they want NOTHING to do with the ddlg scene or fucking gore???

No. 202821

no i know they're unoriginal but there's certain ones who say it in such a personal way that makes it obvious they've followed them personally and are more or less venting what they've always felt. usually when they call them on a first name basis.

oh no yeah a lot of these girls are casual lolcow users lmao. i have no doubt about that. they like to pretend they were tipped off but in real life they probably stumbled here years ago thanks to the kotakoti, ginger bronson or nicole thread. they were probably horrified the tables turned and now it was their turn to get exposed. a lot of them have basic understanding of how to navigate the board but when it comes to pretending they aren't samefagging they're terrible because they're obviously stressing out and keyboard smashing defensive nonsense.

No. 202822

>they were probably horrified the tables turned and now it was their turn to get exposed
bahaha this. they probably thought they were safe because they weren't big cows like ginger who did something horrible to deserve their own thread. but now we have a thread exposing even the most irrelevant nicole worshippers and they're butthurting everywhere. music to my ears!

No. 202825

Ikr? They have no actual clue on what being abused as a child does to a person. It's so unrealistic and romanticized.

No. 202830

Everyone knows that when you're sexually abused as a child this is what happens to you :''((( Basic psychology ppl!!!!
God just look at people like sterility. Supposedly chimed in perfectly to this broken sexually abused child shit wow much relatable to all these girls because so tru trauma!! And it turns out sterility is just a guy who's a pedophile.

No. 202831

File: 1479878182003.png (697.89 KB, 800x805, so pale desu.PNG)

when you need to wash your selfies out a ridiculous amount to make them fit your blog's ~ghostly~ aesthetic
anyone else here remember pale blogs? the trend's died out but this current movement is almost like a continuation of it

No. 202833


of course

No. 202835

If anyone wants to read any of the other comments on the post, here's the link, scroll through the notes, a lot of them are gold

No. 202837

i genuinely got upset reading that. these people are just shitting all over real traumas and using them as accessories. the fact they had like a town hall meeting to give it a name like it's a PRIORITY speaks fucking VOLUMES about what they're all about. i'm disgusted that the mental and emotional disturbances of real human beings are used by cunts like this, acting like it's mutually exclusive to reblog their aesthetic and be mentally ill. it's so fucking tryhard and stupid and unnecessary, and just makes them feel important and righteous and intellectual for what they do as if they're different from any other person posting pictures on a fucking website. they act like it's so fucking important. IT IS A WEBSITE.

>all cultural movements have had their symbolic hallmarks: the renaissance with its fusion of hellenistic and biblical symbols, the aestheticist movement, with its sunflowers, blue china pottery, peacock feathers, and japanese screens. dadaism, with its obsession with clocks, shocking, absord juxtapositions, and other trappings of the new, modern era.


No. 202838

File: 1479879263008.jpg (11.78 KB, 350x271, tumblr_inline_o0l988XQ771qlw5k…)

>the idea of aestheticizing things that are broken, ugly, or abnormal is also not new, and has a long history. the idea of wabi-sabi in asian art seeks to find beauty in things that are broken, asymmetrical, or deformed. likewise, in western art, the baroque movement (named after barocco -imperfect- pearls) rebelled against renaissance rationalism and perfect symmetry with raw, asymmetrical compositions filled with passion and emotion. sound familiar? the only difference is that most of the major players in art movements like the baroque were men. with men, the products of their emotion, irrationality, and imperfection are treated as ART. with women and girls, our aesthetic languages are written off as cringey, overly biographical, overly subjective emotional garbage. men are given much more license to be ugly, strange, and mentally ill. they become, to the general viewer, complex, morally ambiguous, compelling people, while women who struggle with the same or similar issues are seen as the ugly ex, the crazy ex, the girl who was raped, or the girl no-one listens to because she’s not pretty. and now, that girl has a blog.

No. 202839

did they really compare what they're doing to the baroque movement lmao. no wonder they all come here to cry jealousy. they're all narcissistic delusional twats.

No. 202840

can't believe she's comparing making actual art to reblogging someone else's photos
like how pretentious are you

No. 202841

If this is an "art" movement, that means there will definitely be a counter movement that rejects it in a few years

No. 202842

>kidcore blogs that post play-doh and nickelodeon commercials are where actual child abuse survivors go to find safe spaces from their traumatized childhoods
Lmao now we all know what type of blogger you are. Go watch some more glitter stim gifs and reblog the Crayola logo.

No. 202844

our society is based on contradicting prior movements it's not just in art. from contouring to minimalist strobing. from 60's giant hairspray beehives to 70s middle part flat hair. from colorful shoulder pads in the 80s to the grungy minimalist 90s. idk how they'll contradict this shitshow but they'll probably just delete out of embarrassment. most blogs that used to be around nicole's scene in 2012 have outgrown tumblr altogether.

No. 202845

Bloggers could start outright rejecting it and changing their blog styles. Or abandoning the "dirty/edgy" aspect of it and moving to something hyper feminine and childish instead

No. 202846

i can't believe you think you actually exposed me rip. your couch psychologist skills are 0/10 makes sense that you have 0 concept of what going through abuse and childhood trauma actually does to the psyche of a human being.

No. 202848

that's what jess does now. her new aesthetic is being a domestic goddess who takes pole dancing classes with 6 inch stripper heels.

No. 202850

It's begun

No. 202851

>REAL CSA victims like play-doh and Nickelodeon commercials!
Yeah, okay. Very psychologically sound.

No. 202856

the great majority of real child sexual abuse victims who wish to regress and find comfort in a childhood that was robbed from them find comfort in pictures of actual relics related to their childhood ie kindergarten classrooms, glitter, crayons, stuffed animals, vhs tapes, nickelodeon shows etc. things from the 90s and early 2000s which is when they were children. not antique dolls, pacifiers, lace curtains and maggots with the screen filter put over them on photoshop. the people who run kidcore blogs often aren't even child sexual abuse survivors themselves. because child sexual abuse doesn't shape you into some solid contrived single aesthetic, especially not a dolly hunting-rifle-bearing one that drives you to cut your fringe straight across and listen to nicole dollanganger and metal music. just like schizophrenics don't wear pigtails with smudged eyeliner and sing victorian lullabies.

how uninspired and unintelligent you are. i don't know how you can argue that actual psychological trauma has anything to do with your blog aesthetic when this >>202835 dumb cunt literally just compared it to a carefully constructed art movement like baroque and dadaism.

No. 202858

Is this person saying that being considered not pretty is in the same category and perspective as being raped?

No. 202859

it does make that if you're looking to relive childhood innocence you're gonna be drawn to shit normal kids played with around the age you were when you were abused.

No. 202860

>the people who run kidcore blogs often aren't even child sexual abuse survivors themselves.
This is literally all you had to admit to not look retarded. Instead, you tried to look like you weren't spouting bullshit by regurgitating information everyone is already aware of. Embarrassing.
And I never argued that the ~*babydoll aesthetic*~ or whatever it is has anything to do with actual trauma at all. All I did was mock you for associating kidcore people (who are literally the exact same as any other Tumblr aesthetic) with "actual CSA". You sound like an actual blogger from this "group" who's trying to overcompensate, KEK.

No. 202863

File: 1479881624464.png (112.08 KB, 1074x924, 20161123_011038-1.png)

$20 says she sent this to herself

No. 202865

>All I did was mock you for associating kidcore people (who are literally the exact same as any other Tumblr aesthetic) with "actual CSA".

except it does 100% attract the interest of child sexual abuse survivors. you don't have to be into psychology to just visit their blogs and read through the dozens of asks they get from child sexual abuse survivors gushing about how much they love their blog. i said "kidcore blogs that post play-doh and nickelodeon commercials are where actual child abuse survivors go to find safe spaces from their traumatized childhoods" never that they ran them. mayhaps if your reading comprehension was a little bit better you wouldn't have made a fool out of yourself by taking it out on moi that you can't read.

No. 202867

It displays a lack of understanding to only believe in the most stereotypical of coping mechanisms. For example, I know of a girl who's CSA survivor, and says she actually enjoys CP because it "comforts her", and know a male CSA victim who feels sickened by it (like most reasonable humans) and also finds "kidcore" blogs creepy as fuck. It doesn't make either of them fake.
Claiming that "actual child abuse survivors" would only veer to a specific "type" of childhood-related aesthetic over another is moronic, especially when all this shit looks creepy and retarded to a lot of people. All the "DD/lg blogs do not interact" banners in the world won't make it look any less off.

No. 202868

>you don't have to be into psychology to just visit their blogs and read through the dozens of asks they get from child sexual abuse survivors gushing about how much they love their blog.
As if there aren't hundreds of people on these Nicole Dollanganger/Ginger Bronson type blogs who say the exact same things. If your "source" is asks on Tumblr, then you're pretty sad and fucking retarded.

No. 202871

i never said i only believed that there was only one way to cope with trauma. i just said that the majority of people who wish to regress do so by looking at pictures actually associated with their childhood that aren't followed by albino rabbits and autopsies. congratulations to your friend for enjoying the sexual abuse of other children and essentially being a pedophile. it's as stupid to believe in only one acceptable coping method as it is to believe that any kind of harmless coping method is inherently creepy and retarded as if the nature of child sexual abuse isn't that it fucks you up and you find comfort in things people who weren't abused find stupid.

it isn't. i was just saying it as an example for people who can't grasp the concept of child sexual abuse survivors finding comfort in blogs dedicated to posting 90s/2000's nostalgia pictures.

No. 202876

>just said that the majority of people who wish to regress do so by looking at pictures actually associated with their childhood that aren't followed by albino rabbits and autopsies.
There are different methods of regression. You literally said "actual child abuse victims" too, not just "the majority" kek.
>it's as stupid to believe in only one acceptable coping method as it is to believe that any kind of harmless coping method is inherently creepy and retarded as if the nature of child sexual abuse isn't that it fucks you up and you find comfort in things people who weren't abused find stupid.
Just because there's a valid reason behind something doesn't make it any less creepy and retarded (which is why I mentioned the girl who likes CP after being abused herself). Who knows? Maybe a small minority of the calf bloggers were actually victims of abuse and saw lots of fucked up things, and since it's all they knew, it comforts them in a disgusting way. It obviously wouldn't make things any less edgy/stupid/exploitative, but it's a "thing".

No. 202877

yeah, the majority of actual child sexual abuse victims who have a genuine need to regress, not tumblrinas who want to be edgy and make up some tragic excuse as to why they reblog the shit they do. the trouble truly seems to be your illiteracy.

>Maybe a small minority of the calf bloggers were actually victims of abuse and saw lots of fucked up things, and since it's all they knew, it comforts them in a disgusting way.

nvm i now know exactly where you're coming from lmao

No. 202878

Way to blow your cover there at the last bit mate

No. 202879

Your line of logic is literally "It's only an actual coping mechanism if I can understand it/it doesn't annoy me". All of this shit looks dumb. Edgy Nicole Dollanganger wannabes are way too into childhood to not at least have some foot in it.
>nvm i now know exactly where you're coming from lmao
Lol, tell yourself whatever you want, I guess.

No. 202880

>Edgy Nicole Dollanganger wannabes are way too into childhood to not at least have some foot in it.

OH BOY you really almost caught me for a second I thought you WERENT' just another calf selfposting

Better luck next time eh?

No. 202881

every time. they can't help themselves.

No. 202884

Jumping on the "You must be one of them" train won't make your "only REAL CSA victims remember this!" any less dumb, anon.
And do you even know what "selfposting" means? I seriously feel like you're one person from that tumblrsphere who's been obsessively following this thread after one of them sent themselves an ask. Pity tbh.

No. 202885

KEK you replied to the wrong person

No. 202886

But I didn't?

No. 202887

i didn't say you were selfposting i just said i now know where you are coming from. didn't specify where. you kind of drew that conclusion on your own lol. how embarrassing. at this point you're just to stupid to comprehend anything i'm saying.

No. 202888

Joke's on you, if >>202880 wasn't you, then you responded on their behalf and basically told me exactly what you were getting at. You're trying so hard and just making yourself look like even more of a tool.
Are you the same Palestinian person from the middle of the thread, by any chance?

No. 202892

you replied to the wrong person and i clarified it wasn't me and that i never specified where i thought you were coming from. you are quite pressed on this matter. lol you seem to be the one obsessed with the paranoid selfposting claim. you couldn't even tell me apart from the other anon. your radar is tragically off. i'm just watching you have a meltdown at this point over play-doh blogs.

No. 202909

File: 1479894643714.png (66.09 KB, 541x747, rambles.png)

No. 202911

Why crop out their url?

No. 202913

Wasn't intentional. It was the same user (syrup-milk) who attempted to create a name for the collective.

No. 202914

lol i remember before jess woods deleted everything she answered an anon (probably sent to herself) with a long answer crying over how everyones blog looked the same now and "she can't even tell them apart" (specifically remember her saying that bit because it stood out to me as being surprisingly bitchy for her little angel act). i think that's the only reason jess is trying to be ~different~ is because she can't cope with the fact that she really doesn't stand out at all now, but it's not really working for her. i mean she just posted photos of a swimming pool and a darker version of a city photo she already posted a couple days ago lmao.. yawn.

No. 202915

I never replied to the wrong person, anyone with two eyes can see that. Backpedal harder, I guess. Sorry you couldn't defend Nickelodeon glitter stim blogs lol

No. 202916

i hate the tumblr bruise/blood obsession. "oh, we're just so damaged that we love bruises. normies don't like getting hurt but we're broken and beautiful", like… no, i've NEVER spoken to any other abuse victim that loved bruises/thought they were cute/aesthetic. i've been dragged down flights of stairs by my hair, choked on a weekly basis as a child, and given split lips and black eyes by my dad as a child, had to deal with CPS and the turmoil and bullying and embarrassment that came along with coming to school crying every day, failing grades despite my best efforts, which partially condemned my adult life – NONE of it was aesthetic or cinematic or cute, and these pieces of shit with enviously normal lives who think liking dark shit makes them "mentally ill" (honestly, as if being diagnosed wasn't just a simple survey, anyways. i don't give a shit if they are diagnosed, mental healthcare is mostly a joke) think they're special for romanticizing something they've never experienced and had to suffer through, stuff that literally ruins lives. these girls are so spoiled that it's sickening.

it's like slum tourism but for abuse.

No. 202917

You're embarrassing yourself Anon, go back to your discussion with the gals about what you're going to name your sad little aesthetic and try look like you're not lurking here desperately hoping your blog is listed.

No. 202919

my god this is getting fucking boring and ruining the thread plz stop

No. 202924

Lmao the reach

No. 202926

free palestine

No. 202931

let it go, tumblrina. you sound like an autist.

No. 202933

Buttblast-chan I look forward to your next contribution of delicious milk to the thread! We'll be more specific about blogs and see if we can bait you in properly for a good-old reveal ;)

No. 202935

Are you one of those people projecting or something? You sound fresh out of Tumblr.
Post your kidcore blog

No. 202936

cut her some slack she's going through a hard time because tomorrow at thanksgiving she's going to have to explain to all her relatives why she's still such a failure

No. 202937

File: 1479903411376.png (533.08 KB, 1008x948, mild concern.png)

I vaguely posted about this already but
>tfw you started one of these blogs as a joke from when people were posting parodies of Ginger Bronson's poetry in the Ginger thread
>tfw you started making actual OC
>tfw the meme worked too well
>tfw you gathered a good amount of followers
>tfw you've been looped into this shit for the long haul
How do I exploit this for laughs? I guess I could try getting closer to the more popular ones and leaking anything milky they tell me, but that might prove dangerous since they know about the thread. Any ideas?

No. 202938

do it for a while and then do a huge expose. they're too much of bbgurl frail angelz to actually make a post exposing you and if they do you'll just be going down as someone who exposed a vile fetishistic group of people who won't even be relevant in 2 years when they outgrow tumblr. this thread, however, is permanent.

No. 202939

They're on their own plane of sickness romanticizing this dumb bullshit.
>I'm a sick little girl
>Recovery is blogging gore and aesthetics
>Muh edge
>Muh thrift store props

These people are not going to survive in the real world with this obsession. It's like Shmegeh trying to make her illness look trendy as to gain acceptance and praise, except these people are praying every night to be that sick and abused.

No. 202941

they're already ugly with no job, future or friends so their lives are already fucked. only an absolute failure would pick an aesthetic like this. it's all so contrived wearing rosaries and victorian nightgowns i can't take it seriously when we all know they wears hanes panties and shop at kroger

No. 202942

File: 1479904259119.jpg (30.24 KB, 305x152, JESSWOODS.jpg)

How are you surprised that someone with this face is bitchy. Seems like everyone who strives to appear as an innocent ethereal goddess online is just trying to convince themselves they're not a bitch, as we have all witnessed in Keekers recent escapades.

No. 202944

it's all so textbook kaka i wonder if it's some psychological basis to it? kaka complex? even the paranoia and defensiveness like kaka making up ostrengatard to deflect and thinking people are secretly jealous of them. this thread just shows how they're just female foreveralone fedora pissbabies.

No. 202945

Who hurt you?

No. 202951

I'm really curious as to who this triggered calf is. Anyone actually follow these girls to know who's currently posting on Tumblr?

No. 202960

I'm not a triggered calf. That particular anon has just been salty all thread for some reason. They derailed it with racebaiting earlier on.

No. 202962

man, she is ugly. like, why do these girls with such HARD, sharp (sometimes jewy) faces go for this look? this is definitely not the look for you. despite all their posturing and careful piecing together, you can't offset the face

No. 202964

she looks so mean

No. 202972

lmao kaka would suit this aesthetic to the ground oh my god i can see it now "im just a poor little sad baby doll angel victim where are my rosary beads i am so kind and sweet waaaah JK SUCK ON MY PUSSAY BOILZ"

No. 202977

>blond hair, blue eyes
>both skinny and not unattractive (a rarity in this group)
>(possible) rape victim (Danny Cespedes saga)
>actually has abusive parents
Omg it'd be perfect. She'd be able to entertain her more fucked up/goreposting tendencies and act like she has the moral high ground at the exact same time. This would suit her perfectly.
Kiki, if you're reading, get on this shit.

No. 202978

Put a Patreon link and milk them shekels

No. 202979

Samefagging but holy fuck, imagine the drama she'd get into with slutforsnuff >>198387 aka the only other conventionally attractive chick involved in this scene.
It'd be glorious.

No. 202981

>I'm not a triggered calf.

nailed it. totally not a calf now.

No. 202984

Why aren't you rallying for Palestine's freedom?

No. 202985

File: 1479915302507.jpg (282.86 KB, 1280x854, 6fcec3f5-8ab9-42c2-8b98-5a579b…)

Got another

No. 202986

Ease up Playdoh-san I know you're triggered but nobody cares about your kidcore vendetta.

No. 202987

File: 1479915586405.jpg (28.18 KB, 454x453, jf8oc0vls7rrv0s8.jpg)

she was basically already into it with her angel wing lace lingerie kitten swan shit which was basically her trying to copy dollymilk(yeha's sister i think). except instead of giving herself a dark twist she just decided acting like a "relatable" retard was better for… some reason.

i guess the movement attracts the same breed of cow.

No. 202989

What vendetta? I'm saying you should stop worrying about white people on their blogs and free Palestine.

No. 202990

Eh, that shit was a bit too light-hearted to really fit into the aesthetic. It was more like a super-sanitized version of it with attempts to fit in with pastel goth and the retro anime scene (if you've seen how she styled her videos back then/the graphics therein).
If she'd learned how to use Tumblr, maybe she could've gotten a proper fandom who would give her free shit (much like Luna) for being a struggling babydoll uwu.
Girl really half-assed everything she ever got into.

No. 202991

File: 1479916306571.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, 1473271827456.png)

I'm not even the same anon you fucking sperg. Feel free to hold that ten hour trigger.

No. 202992

ok palestine-chan

No. 202993

>Girl really half-assed everything she ever got into.
she is an ostrenga after all

No. 202994

File: 1479916503706.png (1002.14 KB, 655x745, fedora-anonymous.png)

No. 202995

File: 1479916850618.jpg (61.21 KB, 500x333, 1474072208989.jpg)

Quality post

No. 202997

The anon who's really mad about kidcore blogs further upthread
I don't like kidcore blogs either, but I find them annoying at best and slightly cancerous at worst

No. 203000

File: 1479918293037.png (417.1 KB, 450x316, k13281301.png)

No. 203002


No. 203004

File: 1479919067317.jpg (384.9 KB, 512x512, 18711e64-02e7-4c05-9859-4ed423…)

Nicole copycat or Millie copycat? You decide

No. 203005

File: 1479919204126.jpg (8.41 KB, 208x193, tumblr_inline_nqv7dewx0B1rvolz…)

No. 203006

File: 1479919324468.png (453.04 KB, 449x344, stock-photo-hacker-99226658.pn…)

the holy trinity of selfposting whiteknights

No. 203007

This is why there's still political unrest

No. 203009

Jesus Christ, what the fuck. How can that be someone's face? I feel sad.
On closer inspection, that particular photo is nowhere to be found on her blog except as her display picture. Selfpost?

No. 203010


No. 203015

Nope. I'm on mobile tumblr and therefore was able to save her avatar as am image, if you click it and then hold it when it goes fullscreen, you can save it (as far as I know you can't do it on desktop)

No. 203017

File: 1479920897928.jpg (10.49 KB, 236x314, every calf's default expressio…)

obviously a millie copycat with her clown-lips pout. i'm just wondering when she'll get her bridge pierced and how badly it'll accentuate her horrible nose.

No. 203018

didn't you know? these are uGly, uncool, unwanted and bROKen girls. screw your beauty standards!! #baroque #pale

No. 203023

Despite her trying to act all night and mighty and above it and calling this place cruel, I'd be willing to bet my life that syrup-milk is lurking here

No. 203024

i'm mutuals with her and i'm almost 99% positive she obsessively lurks.

No. 203028

The real question is, who tipped them off?

No. 203031

they've probably always been farmers who liked trashing nicole or ginger but are now losing it because the tables turned

No. 203032

of course they're lurking. they're throwing a hissy fit on their blog about this thread with a bunch of long ass tldrs that no one cares about.

i love how a few people in this thread managed to make us look like sjws though. just more feed to attract the wrong crowd.

No. 203033

A couple of people in the thread are pretty SJW, not gonna lie. Doesn't make them any better, though.

No. 203037


At this point crying sjw is just a way to invalidate actual criticism about their pedo catering tryhard ways. Sjw's like to cry about muh privilege and cultural appropriation and nitpick over the pale movement or whatever.
But for the most part these girls are just pretending to have eating disorders and masking their pedophilia as a coping mechanism while also posting mutilated corpses. Anyone with a brain is gonna drag them.

No. 203038

It's the same thing I wonder about most western girls wearing lolitas, if you're either a fatty fatty 2x4 or a girl with a harsh angled/man face you can't pull of that style without looking ridicolous and/or try-hard.

No. 203041

i don't mind the sjws because they get the calves extra super butthurt and i just like watching them all lose it

No. 203042

reread our posts.

No. 203049

Both are cancer.

No. 203051

I can think of a few girls who manage to be both calves and sjws; they usually hide their borderline pedophilia and unhealthy sexual desires behind "I WAS ABUSED AS A CHILD LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!" (many of them i suspect, are straight up lying)

No. 203052

why arent we talking about acidburnbaby? have u seen her pics and text posts, fuck

No. 203054

i've brought her up a couple of times but no one seems interested in her holier-than-thou attitude

No. 203057

File: 1479924774863.png (266.3 KB, 540x417, tumblr_ogjjc9WwWv1u15o7bo2_540…)

idk how to feel about her face…lmao

No. 203058

she has a nice body tho IMO

No. 203059

No. 203060

eh, she's a little lulzy but i just don't care about her that much, there are bigger sources of milk

No. 203062

i mean she just recently said she doesn't want to be seen as attractive, so… i guess it doesn't matter if anyone finds her horse-faced or not. she'd take it as a compliment.

No. 203063

of all of these, who is the absolute ugliest?

No. 203064

File: 1479925003582.png (272.16 KB, 1075x1441, 20161123_131601.png)

yeah nvm i just changed my mind about her. definitely a special snowflake

No. 203065

the ones that post drugs in a way that romanticizes them even though they don't use them are worse than people who actually do them posting them in ways that romanticize them my god

No. 203066


No. 203069

File: 1479925073828.png (257.67 KB, 1242x1421, IMG_7506.PNG)

Who the fuck would want a copy!?

No. 203070

she hates on people who posts nudes but posts them herself? wtf

No. 203071

File: 1479925116822.jpg (5.5 KB, 168x168, download.jpg)

>doesn't want to be seen as attractive
>still has long hair, wears revealing clothes, wears makeup, and otherwise conforms to femininity

No. 203072

hello my sweet summer child

No. 203074

No. 203076


i'm just a singular person if you're trying to narrow it down. just like, who tf glamourizes drugs they don't even do? not just like pills but straight up h rigs n shit.

No. 203077

i'm more irritated with her saying she hates when thinspo blogs reblog her content and that she doesn't want to be viewed as a thinspo blog, while constantly whining about starving herself and her bmi, etc. hypocrisy at its finest. really, it's like she wants to be the next Shmegeh.

No. 203090

lmfao you just elevated my soul to a higher plane of existence. the funny thing is, this aesthetic actually suits her.

No. 203093

this thread is a goddamn mess

No. 203119

Of course it is. This is lolcow

No. 203132

These people need to take a history lesson. Or at least learn what fueled art movements in the first place.

I can't believe they're comparing their lives to the lives of artist's in the renaissance or any other period of history.

Hmm being killed for opposing religion and having to hide your real opinions and thoughts in paintings is so relatable to collecting dolls.

Women and other minority groups being burned at the stake or hung is exactly like hoarding vintage antiques and wearing lace dresses.

No. 203135

even goth kids in the 90s faced more prosecution than these retards

No. 203136


So you don't take responsibility for posting sexually-implied pictures of children or people pretending to be in a child + adult relationship, or women/young girls being taken advantage of because it's your fetish?

So sick of this "nothing can be shameful or criticized because I have a mental illness" trend.

Hate to break it to you doll, having a mental illness is still considered to be shameful to the rest of the world. I hope none of you nymphet-broken-dolls have you full name and face attached to your blogs where you talk openly about your mental illness, disassociation, drug usage etc.

That's just the truth. Employers WILL look up your name and see if you're mentally stable and a professional. If you want a job that pays well at least.

Want to be a teacher? a psychologist? therapist? criminologist? Better scrub your blogs and online identity. Even if you run a recovery focused blog your future employer WILL judge you for having an eating disorder, schizophrenia etc.

Before I get attacked for this I've recovered from an anxiety disorder and currently recovering from an eating disorder. I don't have any social media accounts or a blog to vent about my frustrations because I want to be in a respectful career in the future.

No. 203146

luckily for these tards, most of them deemed their birth names to not be dolly enough. Do you think Ophelia is really called Ophelia? And we've seen that Millie stole her name from a fucking tombstone. Irl they probably have basic names like Karen and Becky

No. 203149

hmmm do you think this is why jessica celebre decided to be jess 'woods'? so her work wouldnt find her photos of bloody period underwear and graveyards haha?

No. 203152

It's highly likely lol. The only one I can think of with her real full name out there i Patience Kingsley

No. 203153

LMAO good point

No. 203155

Jessica changes names whenever she changes personalities. Jessica Celebre was the indie Zooey Deschanel wannabe, Jessica Woods was the nymphet sad babydoll like the girls in this thread. Shes Jessica Rosa now, and this is her yoga ED lifestyle city girl phase

No. 203165

She was also woods-baby, dollgraves and ghostbabygirl before 'jess woods' which was like the depths of the disturbing sad baby doll stage. It's kind of weird how she keeps deleting. Like if she can't go a year or two without getting embarrassed of her history and deleting it all you'd think she'd know better by now..

No. 203173

Someone posted a wayback machine link to her old blog and the full personality change is really weird. I'm sure if you looked up those old urls in an internet archive website it would be a huge change to what she is now.

No. 203187

you're all putting WAY too much thought into the semantics of this "aesthetic" holy fucking shit stop arguing over something so meaningless

No. 203189

You say that, yet the people who blog this aesthetic are literally holding little meetings to define it and slap a name on it? Get fucked. Which calf are you?

No. 203196

give us your url

No. 203206

ya i'm jess u caught me

No. 203209

Just because someone points out how this is becoming a waste of time (not the entire thread has been a waste, keep in mind) it doesn't mean your simple brain should assume they are apart of this tumblr trend. It's just a lot of people in this thread aren't being funny, they're just running their cunty mouths about things that should be laughed at instead of obsessed over lol. But hey, I'm on fucking lolcow so what else can you expect?

No. 203216

damn i was thinking more an irrelevant calf who hasn't been posted

you said it not me Kek

No. 203220

Okay? And? Did you expect mods would delete the thread because you don't like it? We've been calling out selfposters since the beginning of the thread and the content has been pretty much the same. Have you seen the Taylor R thread? Ash's thread? The Jvlogger thread? Not likely since you come from the tumble. Snow is where unimportant tards go who barely have milk but are cringey enough to mock. There's no rules this isn't a productive place. Don't like it? Leave.

No. 203226

it's probably syrup-milk

No. 203229

ya it's me tumblr user syrup-milk

No. 203241

my fav is when people come here just for one thread and never look at any other threads for like context about what this place is like how do these people go about life in the world, being so unobservant? none of them show any intelligence i really wanna see one that actually reads books or the one that apparently goes to medical school (more so than mortuary school, criminology etc because you have to have your undergrad, pass the mcat AND get into med school)
If any of them showed even a ounce of individuality or god forbid intelligence I'd be thoroughly shocked at this point.

ugh idk if off topic cuz i think this person is a flake but maybe its a personal thing IDK but they also said they were "enrolled in mortuary school" for like a year and never took a class..

she hasn't used her tumblr in a while shes on ig but she's really good at covering up horrible things with her really sweet cassie-from-skins anorexic smile. She's gotta be rich with calves though cuz she has a large following and they give her money without her even having asked hahaha

No. 203242

sage double post and OT because she's definitely not a dollanganger doppleganger but i would say that just because she is older than her but of my age and i could see her being exactly like that if we were younger.

No. 203244

why do you practically stalk some of these girls if you hate them so much? most of you are just desperate nicole fans irl

No. 203246

It doesn't take much time or effort to "stalk" these girls.

The post all their information on Tumblr or Instagram.

Most of the people here just pop in for a few mins a day or once a week. It doesn't take that much time out of my day tbh.

No. 203249

I recently found this board and every single thread is just shit talking specific cosplayers to death, is that the point of this chan? Why are you all so obsessed with shit talking random people online?

No. 203250

File: 1479952889386.png (Spoiler Image,178.35 KB, 706x1159, IMG_4506.PNG)

No. 203251

I only came in here to bitch about how I recognized the thread pic as an icon that keeps coming up on my tumblr because I follow my favourite bands tag. Turns out Millie has done a cover of one of their songs. Most likely butchered it, I haven't bothered to click it but after reading this I know I definitely won't.

No. 203252

Give it up, anon. I got accused of being part of that tumblr scene ITT for even dumber reasons lol.
Some of the people in this thread seem autistic/paranoid. I hate the "ur just jealous" argument, but the pure salt behind some of the posts (obviously not the ones that are just laughing at edgy/ugly chicks or being blunt) really smacks of that. Some sort of bitterness. They seem like members of that group themselves. Either that, or they had some experience with Nicole Dollanganger fans that isn't just a matter of them simply being sad/ugly tryhards, and veers into vendetta territory.

No. 203253

This girl is a major butterface

No. 203254

This one doesn't even fit the aesthetic. She's total cyberghetto/generic pastel "aesthetic" pink circa 2013-2015.
Someone go make a thread for basic/annoying Tumblr/IG girls in general instead of shitting this one up even more with popular girls they don't like who happen to be vaguely feminine. Christ.

No. 203255

point taken. idk i follow some of them on tumblr and a few of them seem like genuinely shitty or mean people like jess or acidburnbaby but a few dont seem exploitative at all. this just seems really sad and jealous to me idk

No. 203256

i get that nicole posted some seriously fucked up shit in the past and that shouldn't get swept under the rug just because she has a following now. but everyone seems really salty towards people like patience or millie because they got popular online, but i dont see how theyre truly problematic people you know? they seem fine to me, can't people just do their thing?

No. 203257

This one is entirely unrelated to the "type" of people being discussed in the thread. Not even close to a calf. This is literally turning into a thread of tumblrinas bitching about other, more popular tumblrinas, but what else can I expect? Pathetic.

No. 203260

File: 1479953729335.png (849.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4139.PNG)

No. 203261

File: 1479953783554.png (66.55 KB, 467x251, Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 8.14…)

like idk she just doesn't strike me as a shitty person (millie) shes just popular and people are desperate. YIKES about patience though, i didn't see that. changed my mind!

No. 203262

i kno u r but wut am i

No. 203263

File: 1479954112272.png (84.98 KB, 266x149, 1394339055353.png)

No. 203264

lmao $10 says she's already posted in the thread. i think the calves selfposting here need to take a good stroll through the spergchan thread and realize mods track their ip and their way of typing is easily detectable to any farmer.

No. 203265

File: 1479954345581.png (181.46 KB, 750x1199, IMG_4115.PNG)

Why do all these girls like to rub up on gravestones?

No. 203266

lol that's wild, little bit cool little bit creepy

No. 203267

Posting reaction images won't make you look less like a burnt bitch.

No. 203271


No. 203272

to all the calves who think they're being slick by selfposting to whiteknight themselves and derail the thread, please have a look at the sperg-chan thread >>154930 the ones where the girl in question was defending herself like you all are have been marked with a banner.

yes, we can do this to you too. we know exactly what you're doing and you're not clever. it happens all the time.

No. 203273

File: 1479954716504.gif (991.21 KB, 300x229, UEkosbR.gif)

this thread

No. 203274

>being this much of an obsessive autist
You really have issues, don't you? Not even me.

No. 203275

File: 1479954910443.gif (957.78 KB, 398x222, ohkay.gif)

No. 203278

File: 1479955032140.gif (841.48 KB, 245x190, 1394949055356.gif)

No. 203279

ur not funny

No. 203281

No. 203282

Waiting on Admin/Farmhands to label self-posts.

This is going to be good.

No. 203283

lmao ikr these flakes don't realize that mods closely monitor every thread and if there are being too many disruptive users selfposting and whiteknighting shitting up the thread they look into it.

No. 203284

Oh, and "looking into it" basically means https://lolcow.farm/kiki

Careful, cows!

No. 203287

Pretty sure Jess posted here >>199766 and then scampered off when she saw people posting her with her face full of busted-looking drawn on eyebrows and less of a ~thinspo goals~ body, then one of them came here to try and accuse everyone of "stalking" them here >>203249, then there's the cringy anon who keeps posting gifs and one sperg who types in all lowercase and thinks everyone who disagrees with them is most totally deffs a calf. The last two might be the same person.
Regardless, mods and admin don't seem to do this shit on request anymore, though I think they did it for that one cancerous pro-ana IG thread (RIP). If this was a /pt/ thread with a main snowflake as the focus, and not a collective catch-all thread for tumblr wannabes, then maybe it'd happen. Identifying which calves are posting what would also probably be impossible, since more than one of them appears to be getting whiteknighted.

No. 203291

did anyone see that parody blog of jess-woods?

No. 203292

>>203287 100% jess, who else would call someone a "drama cunt" lmao
>>203291 link?

No. 203293

it was only up for a couple days before it got deleted. she posted an essay about how it was slandering her.

No. 203296

i'm pretty sure i saw that and thought it was real and was like "why she got two tumblrs"

No. 203298

disregard my previous post about millie as well, I didn't need to look into her blog's archives very far before I found a dead animal she stuffed into a jar.
Also, has anyone mentioned http://kaitlyndaze.com/ yet? too lazy to read the whole thread and find out

No. 203301

File: 1479957346186.gif (398.29 KB, 246x135, anon.gif)

No. 203308

Careful before your posts get labeled.

No. 203322

Anyone else notice how Jess buys stuff from the thrift store for $3 and resells it in her shop for like $30? Ethical.

No. 203327

she thinks it's worth shit because she's an internet celebrity in her mind. please boycott her store everyone, it will make the world a better place

No. 203334

lol you guys are retarded for thinking mods are going to waste their time tracking ips and marking posts of literal no ones.

No. 203338

lmao mte. most of the people who post on this retarded forum are weeb cosplay anime fans. not the most aware of how stuff actually works

No. 203342

yeah all clothes from the childrens department lol

No. 203354

the calf vent thread.

No. 203357

File: 1479966666545.png (140.71 KB, 750x943, IMG_4510.PNG)

No. 203362

this blatant attention grab

No. 203369

I'd like to know who the anon who's been trash talking, but just admitted to having her dolly blog tagged in here is. I think she just deleted that comment. The one who sounds bitter and has a comment style that is ~~~easy to pick out~~~ and just claimed she hates Nicole but seems she deleted that comment pretty quickly

No. 203370

File: 1479968333150.jpg (79.7 KB, 720x960, IMG_4512.JPG)

this one is Jewish and is obsessed with nuns


No. 203375

WHAT is with your obsession with jews. go back to your kkk rally, trump trash

No. 203382

>leans into mic

Why would such a large number of CSA survivors all express themselves in the exact same way? Yeah, I'm sure a lot these chicks are mentally ill, but so is everyone else born in this generation. It's an aesthetic; Not a coping mechanism.

No. 203383

It's stupid and disrespectful but as long as it fits into the aesthetic, who cares right?

No. 203396

..its so easy to point yall out though it would take them literally 5 minutes.

No. 203397

LMAO this one could be comically paired with luna whose "jewish" and thinks she knows what a rosary is…

No. 203399

mortician anon here and i find that shit totally vile if you've ever cared for someone who has died ever ewww wtf they're mostly abandoned cemeteries but imagine visiting your grandmothers grave and seeing this shit omg

No. 203400

sage for double post but honestly if i was on a service and saw that i would have them arrested immediately by one of the leading cops, that's a federal crime.

No. 203447

Sitting on/around gravestones isn't illegal. Vandalism is, though.
Please don't waste the police's time based on your own feelings.

No. 203470

File: 1479994735869.png (81.59 KB, 640x1036, IMG_6658.PNG)

Can we talk about how Millie and Patience have the same exact tattoos

No. 203475

Sorry but those tattoos are hideous and ruin the whole ~soft baby doll~ aesthetic

No. 203476

File: 1479995725142.jpg (652.05 KB, 1024x768, 8bb56b7d-0e8d-4429-bcf3-18201a…)

My new favorite source of cringe

No. 203477

reminds me of ginger's thigh piece. doesn't she have one herself lmao.

No. 203491

Mr Fem-Robot

No. 203498

At least the ones Patience has are detailed. Millie probably took inspo from Nicole's shitty stick n pokes and her other awful thick black lined tats…

No. 203504

Deleted because thought my comment was unnecessary. I don't have a dolly blog and felt incredibly shitty about being mentioned when I don't even fit the "aesthetic", actually despise it myself. I wanted to know if anyone else felt the same way, but remembered that I'm on lolcow and there isn't much to expect from people who post here since half of them are just having fun trash talking the "damaged deranged sad dolly" aesthetic and others flood the thread with comments like "they're not hurting anyone why are you so mean ;(".

No. 203505

THIS! A bunch of her stuff is also just Chinese/Japanese stuff from AliExpress/ebay/amazon which you can buy dirt cheap. Just search stuff like 'lolita dress'.

No. 203512

File: 1480003730231.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6831[1].JPG)

does anyone know if some of them are from sweden? lussekatter.tumblr.com seemes to be, anyway a few years ago a book came out that popularized this "look" along with selfharm, drugs.

she wrote about getting hospitalized over and over , selfharming and doing drugs along with her friends who she called her angels, it sounded so familiar when i read it so wonder if she got it from her.

under the spoiler is a pic of the book im talking about. She got quite the following by girls and women who tried to imitate her.

No. 203516

File: 1480004009097.jpg (61.93 KB, 360x360, IMG_4519.JPG)

No. 203520

those eyebrows are a trainwreck

No. 203521


webcamera photo and paint editing

No. 203539

do you know the origin of the site youre on

No. 203540

lol she's from the usa

No. 203545

cool story white trash

No. 203634

If you're mentioned here you must fit the aesthetic. You should tell us which one you are, I'm sure you're just terrified your angel doll friends might find out you're lurking and shit talking them.

No. 203636

Millie deleted her facebook lol, nothing comes up when you search for her and all of the tagged posts she was in don't link to a profile any more.

No. 203637

Anyone know who copied who?

No. 203638

>cool story
cringe. youre one assblasted nigger

No. 203641

Are you sure she didn't just block you or make it private?

No. 203642

I do, obviously. My blog is mostly abandoned buildings and antiques (actual hobbies of mine, can you imagine?), so I guess those kinds of posts attract the cringy followers. Nothing else in common with them, I don't follow most of them back and don't interact with any of them (did I mention I fucking hate the aesthetic and the shit behind it or should I repeat myself just in case?). I don't have "angel doll friends" since none of them know me personally or even once tried to talk to me, I don't have any desire to attempt to communicate for reasons everyone already mentioned. I've been lurking for ages, mainly on the Kiki threads and such, it's not a secret and nothing to be "outed" on. No milk here, sadly. You can move on with your life.

No. 203647

She just mentioned nothing will be more than $50! What a bargain. She's so reasonable and generous.

No. 203648

No anon, she just blocked you

No. 203654

No. 203660

File: 1480034799432.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7530.PNG)


No. 203682

Millie copied pretty much everything from Patience, probably her Nicole fixation as well. They live in the same town from what I understand.

No. 203687

holy shit how embarrassing. how are they still friends then? is patience really that thirsty for attention?

No. 203689

of course i'm sure she loves having a side kick to take pics of her rubbing her pussy on grave stones of dead children
she's like a prop, like the rest of everything in their lives.

No. 203703

Tbh Abby (ominousabby or whatever) seems really cool. It seems like before she started hanging around Millie she was just a hot goth chick. It's a shame she's falling into the dolly shit and doing these cringe photo shoots with Millie. I'm pretty sure she, Patience and Millie all live in the same area

No. 203722

Millie deleted and remade her Facebook you dipshits

No. 203727

File: 1480051927942.jpg (85.91 KB, 580x898, 38947923499.jpg)

No. 203755

Oh ffs. Well I just found one of the pink dresses Jess put up on her Tumblr that are going to go in her shop today. Found it on eBay for $27. So seeing as hers is worn and second hand, I don't see how she could justify selling it for what? $20? Time will tell I guess.. Here's the link:


No. 203847

File: 1480094312798.jpg (279.31 KB, 960x1280, rottenangel.jpg)

this has to be the ugliest one, i feel bad, she looks fucked up

No. 203851

that haircut and those glasses don't look very dolly to me…

No. 203852

What? She looks completely normal in the face. Smells like vendetta.

No. 203853

sorry about ur face :'(

No. 203854

File: 1480096001116.png (539.42 KB, 605x602, Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 5.44…)

Yes, I'm totally her. You got me.
Did some digging on her IG, she really isn't ugly. Unflattering haircut and fat, but she could easily surpass Jess and the rest of the girls ITT (except maybe slutforsnuff) in the looks department if she lost weight and wore wigs.

No. 203857


lol bitch where

No. 203859

File: 1480096986518.png (389.95 KB, 602x452, Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 6.02…)

She's not ugly, deal with it.
Looks like Laci Green tbh

No. 203860

>She's not ugly
>looks like Laci Green
Pick one

No. 203861

Underbite and needs chin implant. Looks like a mouth breather.

Confirmed uggo.

No. 203862


Sage for correction.

No. 203863

>pointy elbows, 0/10

No. 203864

I think she's kinda cute, in the dorkiest way possible. Like, 90s teen movie geek who shows up to the prom in a low cut dress and without her glasses and all the jocks are like, 'daaaamn.'

No. 203865

That's impossible. You must be her.

No. 203867

File: 1480097676968.jpeg (42.38 KB, 665x430, g65EIe9.jpeg)

Laci Green is pretty far from ugly, honestly. Off-topic tho

No. 203868

I woulda gotten away with it if it weren't for you pesky kids.

No. 203869

jesus christ go find someone who is actually ugly, its really not hard. people can smell the salt for miles

No. 203883

make a thread about her if you want to talk about Laci, she doesn't belong ITT.

No. 203886

I would bet money that this post was made by Jess. The typing style is even the same.

No. 203888

File: 1480100195226.jpg (202.91 KB, 720x960, 00871682-67aa-48b8-94ca-25a990…)

No. 203895

Holy shit I was positive she posted that too

No. 203896

I could see Jess getting outed like Kiki did. They both have Nice Love personas but they're psychotic bitches underneath. I have no doubt she's said some nasty things in this thread.

No. 203897

It's funny how she puts on such a sweet and positive act when she would call a 16 year old with asperger's "illiterate and autistic." She's openly called for her followers to attack Alice and send her mean messages too when Alice didn't even copy her at all. I would not be surprised at all if she was trying to stir up Alice hate in here. It seems too convenient she was so okay with this thread existing when she had a hissy fit about her parody blog and campaigned to get it removed.

No. 203911

lmfao k so her store is back open now and she's selling this dress for $40 when you can literally buy it right now on ebay for $27.. ok…

No. 203941

I would kms if I looked like that

No. 203948

she definitely read this thread about how greedy she was because she made a post saying she's donating "a portion of the profits to charity". i bet she'll pocket them.

No. 203951

does she just say "charity" and not like a specific cause?

lol ok

No. 203952

File: 1480112690068.png (559.78 KB, 1000x563, tba.png)

pic related

No. 203954

LOL. she is absolutely lucille bluth. a total narcissist.

No. 203964

i just knew she was a jew.

No. 203969


jess woods should have her own thread tbh there's lots to discuss

No. 203971

definitely. so much of this thread is about jess lol.

No. 203987

can someone make a jess thread please

No. 203988

It's now been put up to $45! What is she doing sweet Jesus

No. 203989

Lol i sense a lot of calves in here trying to deflect attention away from themselves and onto Jess.

No. 203991

Hi Jess

No. 203994

Howdy jess!

No. 203995

Make a Jess thread

No. 204000

i checked Jess's blog like two days ago and she made a text post about opening up her shop at like 5pm on the 24th or something, but she also literally said nothing would be over $30???? is she that fucking greedy that she can't reasonably price shit she paid like $3 for?

No. 204002

Someone please make a Jess thread

No. 204003

I'm in the process

No. 204009


Sweet. I can't stand her sanctimonious ass. I didn't know about her past personas before this thread and am looking forward to learning more.

No. 204012

yes this cow interests me but idk too much about her, i will do my reading.

No. 204014


It's just so incredibly and obviously bullshit. No one her age's life is all aesthetically dusty old homes, libraries, attempts at herbal skincare, and vegan yoga tea parties in the woods. That shit isn't believable until you are 65, retired, and live in Woodstock or some other rich old hippie lady community.

No. 204017

She's trying to be some kind of suburban housewife who gardens and cooks. She refers to herself as princess and tiny fairy. It's such a weird act. She needs to grow up. Her parents bought her a greenhouse and she was posting on her blog about how affordable it is. Uhhhh, no it's not. Lmao.

No. 204022

Jess thread, sorry it took so long, i got distracted several times lol

No. 204039


No. 204055

dollpelgangers you mean

No. 204096

You mean doppelgängers?

No. 204116

They were joking

No. 204118

I get these cunts are lulzy but by making all these new threads about them you're just going to drive all their white knights onto lolcow to shit it up. It's the same thing with the wannarexics before admin banned them.

I'm blaming you fags when /snow/ becomes more cancerous than it already is

No. 204146

I agree, I really don't think this thread was a good idea in the first place just because of this simple reason.

No. 204149

lolcow into some exclusive club you retards, if people are overly irritating then they get banned, don't expect people not to make threads in case ~annoying white knights~ find it…

No. 204154

Well they still haven't banned the "underrated post"-fag or any of the dipshits ending their statements with question marks. This site has turned to shit.

No. 204170

Can someone explain to me why these girls are so obsessed with Christianity?

No. 204171

I feel like they're trying to cultivate this image of goodness and purity that has been spoiled by Some Mysterious Trauma. Also I guess because rosaries and old churches are aesthetic or something.

No. 204192

i've seen at least 3 separate people (including myself) make the underrated post joke but none of them recently. why are you so mad about that still? if you don't like this thread, hide it and quit derailing. if you don't like the way this site is going, maybe fuck off?

No. 204321

does anyone know if millie had a blog before dedicating her life to copying every single detail about nicole? want to see what she was like since she claims she accidentally stumbled upon nicole because they had soooo many similar interests. also find it incredibly funny that her parents are -what are the chances!- doll collectors, just like nicole's. god damn, she's pathetic.

No. 204324


no way in hell are her parents actual doll collectors.

No. 204424

File: 1480214455819.png (319 KB, 498x569, Screenshot 2016-11-26 at 8.31.…)

No. 204428

jesus christ i own the exact same choker (it's from forever 21 lol) except it's cuter without the rhinestones and the fUCKING RAT BODY PARTS

No. 204431

disgusting tryhard cunt. i can understand taxidermy where the skin is respectfully stuffed to create something beautiful. but to mutilate the poor animal's corpse and use it as a choker is just vile.

No. 204432

This look like some bullshit Emilie Autumn would make NOW to sell to her dwindeling fan base just to keep them around

No. 204436

+1 to accuracy

No. 204446

isnt emilie autumn vegan or some shit? i know shes a tryhard crazy but she's not heartless

No. 204447

This is the thing they just don't get. 'It's just the aesthetic!!! Waaaahhhh!' shut the fuck up, if you've lived through anything even remotely like what they're using for a fashion statement/attention whoring you would understand why people find it so off putting and distasteful.

No. 204448

Eww. Wtf. Send link to the crazies at peta, pls

No. 204455

>filled with passion and emotion
wew, they really are delusional.

No. 204465

File: 1480220019463.png (259.33 KB, 502x508, um.png)

also girl… i'm not so sure about that

No. 204481

File: 1480221805593.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-26-23-42-21…)

This can't be a healthy coping mechanism, she should get some serious help

No. 204484

that's…really sad honestly

No. 204487

Seems like edgy tryhard shit, and that's a boy…?

No. 204489

i was gonna say transtrender but… i think thats an actual biological male. huh.

No. 204491

can we please talk about acidburnbaby again? she's currently throwing about 7 different bitter, childish temper tantrums and is constantly posting pro ana shit whilst claiming to be some kind of ~transcended starchild~

No. 204554

"I used to like the blood aesthetic / bruises and all that but now i hate anything with a sexual undertone that may have a “bdsm ” essence to it and is suggestive to any of those kind of things so its not my thing anymore and im very very over it. That stuff only has 1 connotation now (thanks tumblr! Ha fuck u) and i dont want to be part of the carnal side of life because its not who i am. I just wanna be a pure and genuinely artistic person who has something deeper to express at all times and never has to resort to any superficial/primitive elements to be deemed “valuable” or “beautiful”, because i want to transcend that completely . i dont want to be like everyone else who does that to get attention. I can be above and more real"

could you get any more pretentious? lmaoooooo

No. 204630

shes all "i want to be ugly, i don't want to be sexualized"
but all that means to her is thin??? made me think of Ash, I doubt she wants to be that sort of ugly. she should get on testosterone or something that would actually affect her looks and make her look less like a child/girl whom is highly sexualized like why be on camera in your underwear then???

its all full of airy fake bullshit

No. 204650

Wasn't it mentioned in this exact thread that she had the same blog back in 2012, but it was completely different, or was this some other cow? Jump to her blog archives from like 2012 or 2011 in order to find out (if it's possible, of course).

No. 204652

i'm so tired of this stupid crayon scribble childhood trauma "art" trend jesus christ does anyone on this side of tumblr have an original bone in their body?

No. 204653

sorry to samefag but why is autoplay still a thing (on desktop view)? my heart just jumped 20 feet out of my chest my god lol

No. 204655

>the way we decorate pain
>as if that is the only way to be noticed.

>We place pretty bandaids on our bloodied wrists,

>and Lisa Frank stickers on our suicide notes.
>We take pictures of our crying eyes,
>add a dreamy filter,
>and call ourselves sad angels.

>Is there a moment that goes by in any of our lives

>where our pain can just exist without its costume?
>Where it is dirty and raw and gross?
>Will anyone notice or even care
>when we are visibly broken,
>but it is no longer beautiful?

>There is some sort of stigma

>against a real and raw suffering.
>People only seem to pay attention to us
>when we dress up our feelings
>in frilly dresses,
>angel wings,
>and lace underwear,
>with a quote about death down below
>in the photo description.

>When will we feel safe enough

>to let ourselves simply

>— Ayla Mae, Decoration

Hmm. Really makes you think.

No. 204656

No. 204668

She looks like a passable tranny in the right picture.

No. 204688

It's tumblr, I'm assuming it's actually a girl

No. 204740

File: 1480269367599.jpg (55.69 KB, 690x674, bruh.jpg)


No. 204741

looks fake.

No. 204768

File: 1480272624792.jpg (59.22 KB, 600x471, 15253460_362005114150060_12509…)

T-This is… a legit dead rat??

No. 204796

Hope the tacky bitches who wear this shit get the plague

No. 204830

my least favorite part is the tail omg the fucking tail

No. 206532

Looks like this thread got to slutforsnuff who is officially 'leaving the aesthetic'. She's sick of romantisizing sickness and doesn't want any future employers to find her filthy shithole of a blog.

No. 206533

i predict a few others will follow suit, since they all seem to copy the shit out of each other. its like follow the leader with these girls.

No. 206958

This doesn't have to do with tumblr, but has anyone seen Nicole's instagram fangirl calves? They just repost pictures of her and Matt all day and suck up to her. People on the nicole thread on here were complaining that Nicole would regularly contact and communicate with select 12/13 year old fans while ditching her friends she had before she was famous. Kind of creepy that a 12 year old is listening to some of her dirtier lyrics or looking at her archives full of porn and she just doesn't care.

No. 207029

File: 1480582932062.png (107.57 KB, 640x893, IMG_6698.PNG)

No. 207033


Her IG fan girls are so cringe. So embarrassing. I can't believe Nicole gets the attention she does. I can't wait for her "fame" to fade away and all she'll be left with is some ugly neck beards and 12 year old obsessive fans

No. 207042

I don't really understand what clownhysteria is doing here? She doesn't seem to fit the aesthetic talked about on this thread

No. 207065

They're so pathetic.
Seeing the Nicole description written by some suckup in >>71407 makes me want to die from secondhand embarrassment every time I see it.
The level of gushing is unbelievable.

No. 207067

I don't understand what they think is so great? 20 something year old college dropout had a tough year living her privileged life at her parents, she stopped eating for a little while, and sang some pathetic songs in her bedroom targeted specifically at columbiners and depressed 13 year olds? Made some shitty little schoolgirl doodle zines (and blatantly copied Risa Mehmet'a art/style)? There's absolutely nothing special about her

No. 207071

Her art isn't even shit on Risa Mehmet's shoes. Compared to Risa's art, Nicole's looks like the scribbles of a deranged pre-schooler.

No. 207081

>cute punk boys
How is her crew of "punk boys" cute at all? Her fans really are all 13.

No. 207084

Yeah but she's openly admitted Risa Mehmet is her biggest artistic inspiration, she obviously aims to mimic her style

No. 207158

lol this bitch should have her own thread. goes on and on about being triggered by blogs that are even remotely sexual but doesn't tag any of her pro ana content. has about 12 bitch fits every day. her blog is hilarious

No. 207214

jfc that's what i'm saying. she's batshit crazy

No. 207305

File: 1480636021639.jpg (136.27 KB, 750x1280, IMG_2566.JPG)

No. 207308

File: 1480636112537.jpg (183.39 KB, 750x1052, IMG_2565.JPG)

how do I get around "flood detected"? I tried opening a new tab and refreshing the page

No. 207323

Who could follow this girl… she is absolutely fucking annoying? I love how she's allowed to nitpick at porn blogs and bitch about how problematic they are, but the second someone calls her out on her shit, it's no big deal. Also it's funny how she puts on this anti sex front and doesn't want to be sexualized when she usually wears lingerie in her selfies/gifs lmao. This girl is a hypocritical mess.

No. 207498

File: 1480677376975.jpg (240.16 KB, 480x640, 883a8c6b7b5fd54a25d5b7e7b3992e…)

Can't believe that she got a piece drawn by Risa just for her

No. 207562

File: 1480696123993.jpg (Spoiler Image,286.14 KB, 1034x1280, tumblr_odrwaja3rs1u15o7bo1_128…)

Good god I was able to browse her blog for less than it took me to write this post. When I first saw her manly lady gaga horseface, fried hair and awful makeup I thought she could not get more puncheable but
> compares herself to trump because they're "misunderstood by the public" when the later is literally the president of the USA and shes a bratty womanchild with a blog who doesn’t know shit about politics, who lives with her parents and gets like 20 notes on each of the selfies she calls "art". also she defends trump and putin… while living in Canada
> does shitty MsPaint job adding quotes to photos in fucking Courier New like "i want to lose weight i want to become air" "i wanted to become smaller until i disappeared until i weighted nothing" (literally first page of her tag /my+writing if you want to check it. you don't even have to go deep into it lmao)
> calls aforementioned thinspo "my poems" like lmao bitch it doesn’t rhyme or have any metric structure whatsoever. I know there is such thing as "modern poetry" but generic proana and black/white depression blog-like babblings do not have artistic value
> "but I don’t promote anorexia!!!" yet this absolutely doesn’t correlate with the fact she wants to kill everyone
My two cents the only reason she doesn’t want others to have anorexia is so that she can be the thinnest ana queen lmao I'm surprised she isn't thinner, though, given how obsessed she seems to be. I'm not saying she's fat. I'm just saying she's obviously not Ashley tier, not shmegeh tier…not even alyrealrecovery tier, if anyone remembers her
> loves eric harris and dylan klebold
> is asexual because that makes her a transcendental angel above humanity
I don’t find her rants on sexual people nearly as bad as this. As an asexual myself this is one of the most secondhand embarrassing things I've heard anyone say. You're asexual if you don’t feel sexual attraction towards anyone, wtf is this shit about wanting to make some sort of spiritual ulterior statement of how you are "above primitive desires" through it? This is as bad as straight people claiming to be bi for oppreshun points.
> hates nicole dollanganger and I find this funny given what this thread is
Image related. Its her fucking nipple

No. 207586

she is a huge cow omfg.

she says she deletes 80% of her messages but I don't buy that for a second. being asexual doesn't mean going on multiple long ass rants in one day claiming to literally be better than other people because she doesn't have "carnal desires to fulfill" and her posts about how much she hates weed bother me so much lmao. she says it's "the worst thing ever" and hates how she feels when she does it but I saw her answer an ask on like Tuesday saying she does it sometimes? is someone holding you down and forcing you to smoke pot like I don't get it lmfao

probably doesn't like weed bc it gives her the munchies and then she would have to eat something besides soup and tea

she is approaching trashley level delusion and her attitude is just as bad.

how is "I want to lose weight" a poem lmao ?¿?

also like what do you do all day? she doesn't eat, doesn't seem to have friends, doesn't do anything that could remotely be considered sexual. does she work? there has got to be more milk on her but I can't handle being on her blog lol

No. 207600

File: 1480707504969.png (7.09 KB, 590x155, acidburnbitch.png)

it would be fun to make a thread about ABB and you kno she'd throw a fit look she already did

#checkmyIP lolz

No. 207604

She posts revealing pics of herself like that and wonders why she ends up on daddy dom blogs… ok. I just feel like she's another tumblrite who wants so badly to be different and nonconforming. I have phases where I'm absolutely repulsed by sex and I get extremely depressed over my sexuality (or lack of it), but you won't catch me acting superior over people because I don't feel like sticking a dick in me atm. What is up with these girls and Columbine, anyway? Most of these girls are in their 20's and haven't been in highschool for years. Why are they still going through a rebellious teen phase, it's pathetic lol.

No. 207632

Cute boobs tho

No. 207633

No. 207647


Lol, because men in their 20's usually date girls for their intellectual brilliance and philosophical perspective (and definitely not sex)? Older men are far less likely to be driven by blind horniness seeing as their sex drives peaked long ago.

If you think sex positivity enables child sexual abuse you either don't know what sex positivity is, or you throw all sexual relations you don't approve of under the umbrella of 'abuse', which is an insult to real abuse victims.

And to anyone who thinks 'daddy/little girl' dynamics are somehow pedophilic, do you also think attraction to goths is necrophilic, or furry sexplay a symptom of bestiality? Seriously, use some goddamn common sense.

No. 207649

goths aren't dead and furries should be slaughtered. is your boyfriend 40? is that why you're salty?

No. 207650

Survivor of pedophilia here. DD/lg glorifies and normalizes pedophilia. The comparison between goths and necrophilia is a false comparison because goths as a whole do not claim to be dead or even representative of being dead. Some do but it's not a universal claim or representation. Pale makeup doesn't automatically make someone representative of a corpse. There's really no other way to interpret appropriating children's clothes and accessories though, especially when used in sex. Those items are consistently used to represent children and innocence in youth. There is no comparison since one has a much wider range of interpretations, whereas the other has a very limited scope and is routinely used in porn to represent youth.

I refuse to touch the furfag topic, someone else can respond to that bullshit.

No. 207652

>Older men are far less likely to be driven by blind horniness seeing as their sex drives peaked long ago.

i'm screaming i can't believe i had to read this with my own two eyes

No. 207653

so yourself a favor and read >>205513 as well as the whole thread.

No. 207654

File: 1480717430170.jpg (24.55 KB, 534x401, itt.jpg)


No. 207656

File: 1480717576982.jpg (19.87 KB, 530x298, 103666044-RTX2AQXH.530x298.jpg)

Older men are obviously more mature and not sex crazed at all, anon. How on earth could you be so silly?

No. 207659


I did, can you elaborate on what that comment is supposed to prove? Of course there are pedophiles who will hide behind 'daddydom' just as many NAMBLA members hide behind the LGBT movement. It doesn't make the average daddy/little girl fetishist a pedophile, any more than the average gay man is a pederast.

No. 207661


I'm curious, tell me about the men you know who were more mature in their teens and 20s and experienced an increase in sex drive from then into their 30s and 40s. We might just discover a replacement for viagra :)

No. 207664


Of course goths base their aesthetic on an obsession with death. I know they're not "representative of being dead", but neither are those into daddydom representative of pedophilia. Victims of child sexual abuse obviously do not play up their innocence in order to seduce nor express horniness, just like actual rape victims do not get sexually excited and provocate sexual interaction like BDSM fetishists do. The use of childlike objects and imagery are symbolic and not used in an attempt to suspend disbelief. I can understand why this would be an extremely hard subject for you to come to come to terms with and I don't expect you to understand it, but as long as people engage in consensual and safe sex, accusing them of "normalizing" abuse is plain wrong. Not merely because it's a false accusation, but because it gives abusers the chance to use fetishes like this as scapegoats, the way Ted Bundy also accused hardcore porn of turning him into a sex monster.

No. 207666

>The use of childlike objects and imagery are symbolic

What are they meant to be symbolic of, then?

No. 207670


A power dynamic (as fetishists are usually into BDSM) as well as youth, innocence, and playfulness. Qualities generally considered attractive in women, just taken to a further extreme and caricatured a bit. The 'innocence' of girls in daddydom is obviously ironically intended, given that they're fetishists, most of whom express their fetishes quite aggressively.

No. 207675

If they're not representative of corpses, I fail to see how you could draw such a false comparison. Which was kind of my point. False comparisons that make no sense try to reduce the opponent's arguments to ridiculousness, which is an effort that failed.

>just like actual rape victims do not get sexually excited and provocate sexual interaction like BDSM fetishists do

Actually, some do. Hypersexuality after sexual assault or rape is a fairly common phenomenon. Doesn't mean it's a healthy response.

>The use of childlike objects and imagery are symbolic and not used in an attempt to suspend disbelief.

I hear this argument a lot. What are they supposed to symbolize exactly? And how are those symbols different from how they're being used by actual minors? How do adults into this kink differentiate between when it's portrayed by adults and when it's portrayed by minors?

>I can understand why this would be an extremely hard subject for you to come to come to terms with and I don't expect you to understand it

You immediately assume that I do not understand something because I disagree with it. I understand it fine. I used to use these things to "reclaim" what happened to me. I criticize it because I've seen the damage it can cause first-hand.

>but as long as people engage in consensual and safe sex, accusing them of "normalizing" abuse is plain wrong.

Problem is that this community routinely involves minors in their kink. Read the other thread. It's not safe, sane and consensual when it's involving minors that do not consent, and when it preys on CSA survivors who have not healed from their abuse.

>Not merely because it's a false accusation, but because it gives abusers the chance to use fetishes like this as scapegoats, the way Ted Bundy also accused hardcore porn of turning him into a sex monster.

Abusers are going to use things as scapegoats regardless. They're pretty good at that. Doesn't mean we need to hand them the tools to do so, and dismiss it when it's pointed out that they're going to do that anyway. People use this kink to prey on people that are either minors or barely legal, who haven't finished developing and who have not had enough life experience to know what they're getting into. When adults flaunt that mentality as if it's perfectly okay and even attractive, younger individuals (including minors) that don't know any better will emulate it or aspire to it. That's really fucking dangerous.

So it's meant to represent "youth" and "innocence" but somehow this "youth" is not meant to represent actual children. Yeah okay. That makes total sense.

No. 207676

So dressing up like a child symbolizes the characteristics of children. How unexpected.

No. 207678

I see sarcasm is completely lost on you. How sad.

No. 207681

no offense but this is OT and the discourse is boring. someone take one for the team and look through ABBs terrible blog for more milk. I posted screencaps already but I cringed so hard I pulled a muscle when I was on her blog so it's someone else's turn.

isn't there someone here who has followed her for a while who knows about something good?

No. 207684

lol nice attempt at damage control faggot

No. 207685

Also can I just say it's really sad that you're sitting here arguing that it's not a problem, while talking about /power dynamics/ in BDSM and how people use such relationships to emulate said power dynamics. Power and control. Which was kind of the point of the anon you were responding to… that the older men in these situations are getting off on power. and. control. And you people just give it the green light with "SAFE AND CONSENSUAL LULZ!!" How do you not see how fucked up that is? Or the double standard of men in their teens and 20s not being mature, but women in that age range are totally capable of having this kind of relationship with no problem right?

No. 207688

different person dumbass. there are more than two people in this thread.

No. 207689

you're really not good at this

No. 207690


Goths based their aesthetic on death and its characteristics (pale skin, hollowed eyes) but they don't actually want to look dead. Dd/lg fetishists base their sexual kink and aeshetic on childlike characteristics but they don't actually want to look like real children or have sex with real children.

I was not referring to hypersexuality but responses to rape. While it is possible for rape victims to get physically aroused, they do not express sexual desire toward their rapist during rape or provoke the encounter in any way, something that BDSM fetishists often do in the context of rapeplay. Dd/lg fetishism works in the same way.

I'm claiming that you don't understand it not because you disagree with it but because you're drawing plainly false conclusions. Your notion that daddydom is supposed to "represent" either real children or real child sex abuse being the most obvious one.

Again, just because some pedophiles hide behind Dd/lg fetishism does NOT mean that most members do. Virtually all pederasts are either gay or bi, and any attempts they make to hide behind the LGBT movement does not make them representative of the movement.

If you honestly think that those who engage in safe and consensual sex AND clearly state this are still "handing tools" to abusers, I don't know what to say. If you can't see the apologism in that logic, I can't point it out to you.

Since when does youth equal children? Believe it or not, people stay relatively young for longer than 13.

No. 207691

File: 1480722094537.jpg (107.36 KB, 750x976, IMG_2576.JPG)

No. 207693

File: 1480722264322.jpg (113.48 KB, 750x1118, IMG_2569.JPG)

No. 207694


You do understand the diference between getting aroused by having or submitting power and abusing/manipulating a power dynamic to exert control over someone, right? Plenty of women are aroused by fantasies of being overpowered, btw. If that's "fucked up", so is anything beyond the missionary position.

I didn't say men in their teens/20s are generally immature, I was responding to someone who claimed that older men generally just want sex.

No. 207696

hooooly shit both of you shut the fuck up

No. 207697


Nah don't think so.

No. 207702


You can get sarcasm and still point out the stupidity of said sarcasm.

No. 207703

File: 1480722936220.jpg (Spoiler Image,147.17 KB, 800x533, tumblr_n6jyum5NFU1qlrxh6o1_128…)

> Dd/lg fetishists base their sexual kink and aeshetic on childlike characteristics but they don't actually want to look like real children

a quick look at any ddlg porn will prove you wrong, for example pic related is odette delacroix whose entire career is based on looking underage while technically being legal. this argument might work for a big titted porn star wearing a "slutty schoolgirl" costume or w/e but a large amount of ddlg content is nothing more than simulated child porn

No. 207706


Not only does Odette not resemble a child, she doesn't even look any younger than her 27 years. If she looked like a REAL child, she wouldn't have gained any popularity in the first place.

No. 207711

hahaha, whatever makes you feel better about masturbating to girls in diapers and gymboree shirts i guess

No. 207712

how does she say she doesn't run a thinspo blog? all of her personal posts and even a lot of her reblogs are about how she is losing/gaining weight, what she eats, pictures of thin girls, pictures of herself in poses that make her look thinner, complaining about her body, why does anyone follow her??

also curious that she has such a problem with blogs that are even remotely sexual following/reblogging from her but has no problem with pro-ana/ED blogs following her.

No. 207714


Try actually googling her. If you still think that's what children look like, you watch too many child beauty pageants.

No. 207715

She doesn't look like a child. How fucking old do the kids were you're from look, jfc?
Also, adult babies are not the same as dd/lgfags.
Your sentiment isn't entirely wrong, though.

>If she looked like a REAL child, she wouldn't have gained any popularity in the first place.
Look up Monroe lol
She's extremely famous and looks like an actual child.

No. 207716

File: 1480724004466.jpeg (75.18 KB, 960x960, tumblr_nsmf5cW4Ez1qmidito1_128…)

She's clearly a grown woman tbh

No. 207719

Monroe looks her age, maybe you're just bitter because you look old

No. 207721


Monroe would look like a child if it weren't for her body.

No. 207730

File: 1480725032619.jpeg (Spoiler Image,320.02 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_oclyreULjO1uh6u4ao1_128…)

So this is what a typical woman in her late 20s looks like to you? Really?
Considering the fucked up description in this pic I found just by looking up "Monroe", somehow I doubt I'm alone in thinking she looks young. And she's older than me, so somehow I doubt that I'm "bitter because I look old" lol.(stop derailing)

No. 207734

Stop taking the fucking bait, they're obviously here to derail the thread. Probably one of the calves posted and doesn't want people talking shit about them, so they're baiting you about irrelevant shit.

No. 207736

Uh, yes? She very clearly has an adult body. She looks a little younger than 23, if I didn't know how old she was I might guess 19. But she looks nothing like an actual child.