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File: 1426565368665.jpg (90.39 KB, 612x460, Kirsten Amanda Brown.jpg)

No. 64052

19 years old stripper from Adelaide (Australia).
- A BIG SCAMMER (scammed most of her customers and stole money from two online shops made by herself - Lolita's secret and Black Cat Boutique)
- vegan (who was choking in pizza with chesse two weeks ago)
- cat-lover (who sold her cat for 50$ last week)
- MFC model and occasionally full-service sex worker

Her active accounts:

Old thread:
Finished with Scamanda getting new Michael Kors watch.

No. 64072

File: 1426566883745.jpg (194.85 KB, 1024x610, vegan pushing.jpg)

I think we will be seeing more of this vegan stuff >YOU CAN DO IT

And I love how vegan diet is actually more expensive than average diet that includes meet.
But she doesn't have to worry about the money…

No. 64075

File: 1426567069490.jpg (16.73 KB, 366x196, scamanda's babies.jpg)

Also, she should change description on her tumblr "Mother of three kittens."

Because she sold one of her babies, now it's two of them.

No. 64125

File: 1426576012657.png (54.35 KB, 1332x656, Untitled.png)

She gave up look after one of her other cats ahwile ago too. It was a siamese/ragdoll looking one named Chai.

No. 64144

File: 1426585347735.jpg (101.59 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I think she's not doing camming because she is affraid people will take embarrasing screenshots of her performance again

No. 64193

Where can said screenshots be found? In the old thread?

No. 64205

File: 1426599449314.jpg (288.25 KB, 1077x960, image.jpg)

She also came to lolcow's thread, PULL's chat and ranted on her instagram about how terrible people we are for posting screenshots of her whoring

No. 64207

File: 1426600108308.jpg (202.01 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No money for refund guise.. But do you know who is the best tattoo artist because I want new tattoo??

No. 64212

Who does this? Who seriously does this?

No. 64296

This girl's got the meatiest paws for someone her size.

No. 64355

She calls them 'baby claws'. And she thinks her hands are cute, tiny, same as her body. lol

No. 64359

File: 1426622391679.jpg (223.55 KB, 1024x610, money issues....jpg)

"Something is bugging me lately and I have no idea what it is. Usually it's money issues and maybe that's what it is, but I feel like it's deeper than that this time. I feel like I'm missing something. I really want a day job and I really want no free time to think and I don't know if that's because I'm trying to escape from something bigger or if I'm starting to feel a little alone buuuut something isn't right. I also feel crap about my appearance like I need to crack down on the gym and change my hair idk. Just being a sook."

"Exactly why I said I want a new hairdo haha."

No. 64369

I remember when she was a weeby sack of shit ripping off that vampurevoodoo girl. And when she said "most east Asian countries are so barbaric Japan is the most civilized!". I don't know how this dumb cunt was someone anyone felt like they could throw money at for her "shop".

No. 64370

Where is she dressed like this??

No. 64379

Her work?

No. 64400

Ugh, someone go down to Adelaide and shave off all her hair in her sleep. There's a new hairdo for you, Scamanda.

No. 64408

A truck stop rest area?

No. 64715

File: 1426666071877.jpg (104.85 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Casual cool

No. 64716

I always think she looks so pretty, then I spot her fat trotter hands.

No. 64731

note she is 19, she looks like used hooker

No. 64745

19! Here I was thinking she was 22 who looked 29-33. She'd never get id. Haha
But those hands.

No. 64757


Would be hilarious if some skilled anon made an IG and have lolcow recommend anon to Scamanda. Anon demands some sort of deposit or just payment of some sort first… either don't deliver the art or just send her some shoddy stickfigure art.

No. 64763

Kirsten is spying on this thread though

But you can call her mom, there is her mobile number on the old thread. Kirsten said she is spending her free time with momma kek

No. 65175

I can't get over how she says she's 'petite'. I think her definition of petite is 'I have the curves of a stick'. Her hands look less thick without her ratchet white claws though.

No. 65176

short = petite
duhhhhh anon 💁

No. 65241

Any updates on the a current affair submission?

No. 65252

Funny. I'm 164cm and 53kg as well and I don't look half as thick as this chubster.

She's not obese but ain't no way in hell can she ever be considered skinny. Delusional scammy bitch.

No. 65272

Scamanda insists she is around 50 kg, but I can bet she is around 60 kg. And she has at least 2 kg in her hands alone.

No. 65406

File: 1426791357867.png (824.76 KB, 908x594, ham hands.png)

Her fingers bear a serious resemblance to cocktail sausages

No. 65407

oh dear they are disgusting

No. 65408

File: 1426791596294.jpg (15.52 KB, 282x166, kek.JPG)

You should see what kind of pics come up when you reverse image search her hand.

Pic related.

No. 65410

This parched bitch is looking to get sponsored by a clothing brand called lostboysinc and has been tagging almost all her posts with their tag. Stay thirsty scamanda, no brand with an ounce of self respect would want to work with unrepentant scammer.

No. 65480

Holy shit.
I see it

No. 65487

Her hands creep me tf out, seriously, they look swollen, like she just slammed them in a car door repeatedly.

No. 65489

This. They look like they're retaining all this water. Ugh

No. 65741

I loled hard.
But that close up of her hand/face nice wonky photoshop on her chin

No. 65772

164cm isn't short imo but I only call people petite height wise if they're under 5'4"

No. 65773

Oh my fuck. They seriously look so fucked. Like, to the point where it looks photoshopped. It's actually unreal.

No. 65837

File: 1426856632329.jpg (143.8 KB, 1023x610, refund.jpg)

"Please can you contact me regarding my refund?"
I can see Scamanda rolling eyes on this with thoughts "Ugh again some bitch, shut up brb"

No. 65842

Poor Alisha. Poor everybody who got scammed by this absolute cuntmonster. It's nice to see there're still people nagging her about it but it makes me a little sad, because I honestly feel like they're never going to get their money back.

No. 65857

I think they're not trying enough. I want to know why none of them called the police or bothered her friends/family/coworkers (pimps and prostitutes) and squeeze them to squeeze her to give back money.

No. 65972

I'm so glad I never actually brought from her when she ran the comp and her friend won in like hmm this sounds scrammy… And like two weeks later she shut the shop so I mean her friends winning should have been a give away. But it's sad people had faith in her.

No. 66385

File: 1426969917335.jpg (138.93 KB, 1023x609, kek.jpg)

kek x 50 ($)

No. 66719

I've followed her for years on both tumblr/Instagram and not once has she mentioned a dog.
But she ain't no mum to three cats

No. 66743

File: 1427008855447.jpg (186.74 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Again about the dog. She said this dog was the first pet she owned.
She is not taking care about that dog at least five years, like you said even never mentioned it and now whining how HER dog will be put down.

That's the same way she sees the money btw. She didn't earn it, she shouldn't get it, it's illegal to keep since she stole it but HER MONEY!

No. 66868

File: 1427055424759.jpg (69.73 KB, 852x480, zoolander-katinka.jpg)

So I finally figured out why she looks so familiar to me.
She looks like that chick from zoolander lmao

No. 66916


Pulling an OrangeCitrus, I see.

No. 66925

Hate these whores. Like these sociopaths could ever care for an animal. Maybe if they can use them for selfie material.

No. 66955

Lol yes exactly like OC!!! Good catch

No. 70109

File: 1427501321943.jpg (163.56 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

So the dead dog was hers or her mom's? Nice replacement.

Also, did anyone else noticed how this bitch is trying to be invisible now? Less active in hope we will forget about her.

Fucking never, Kirsten.

No. 70337

there's seriously no one i hate more than people who see animals as no more valuable than a pair of shoes.

No. 70963

File: 1427646903435.jpg (103.73 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I can't believe she doesn't see that she looks like overused sperm dumper

No. 70981

I hate people who replace their pets so quickly. i know everyone has a different grieving period, but if you've had a dog for more than 10 years, it's not going to take a few weeks to replace him or her. fuck these assholes. i really wish they were stop selling pets so easily like handbags. they're living beings.

No. 70983

She's so busted looking. At what? only 19? 20? whoa. i'm 8 years older and don't look like that.

No. 70987

I've heard that it's actually good to get a puppy/kitten before your older pet passes away so that you aren't debilitated by sadness when it happens. It isnt disrespectful to your older pet. Some people grieve forever and it prevents them from working and functioning in life

No. 70988

I have friends that are thirty, and they don't look nearly as old as her. I think it's just her lifestyle… all that smoking and such

No. 70995

she really does look used

No. 71084

She's 19. A teenager.
A teenagers with two scamming stores behind her, fucking for the money, except if guys are coveres with tattoos, then and only then it's for free.
A teenager who constantly sells her pets and is getting new ones (horses, cats).
All the time drunk stripper and cam whore.
Monster fatty claws owner.
And still a teenager. Fuck

No. 71099

depends on the pet, having a new animal suddenly in their territory when they're old and set in their ways can be extremely stressful. its particularly so with cats. unless you know from experience that your pet likes other animals, i consider it cruel to rock their world. a new, strong young animal will obviously displace them as the dominant one in the house.

if you love your pet you'd suffer the grief for their sake and just get a new pet once the old one is gone.

No. 71121

I can't believe that she's only 19 tho. she looks 26 youngest and that's not a compliment.

No. 71291

File: 1427688374475.jpg (182.3 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

At it again

No. 71299


No. 71301

Please give the link
That bitch

No. 71333

yes, of course. i know it's OT, but one of my mom's friends rescued two dogs of about the same age at the same time. the first dog passed away from cancer after 13+ years, and the second dog passed a few months after that. the lady just spends her days now posting old pics of her deceased pets on instagram. a similar scenario happened with my mother in law (she had a cat and a dog). she locked herself in the bathroom for at least a week when her dog passed away which happened like a year or two after the cat passed away.

either way, kirsten should NOT have pets.

No. 71397

File: 1427702919476.jpg (142.98 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Bitch deleted my comment within a minute. Wtf so much time on her hands…

No. 71411

Might just be best to contact those inquiring directly. If you can link them to proof, they might even question her.

No. 71414

Exactly what I was going to say. Inbox then directly and tell them. Link them to proof. Make them all turn against her

No. 71416

Please give link to her fb!!!

No. 71417

I can't believe it.
I can't fucking believe it.
She has the absolute gall to start taking money from people again, after scamming fucking thousands from TWO separate shops. She's at it for a third fucking time. I'm honestly so fucking mad. Fucking impudent bitch.

No. 71418


Here is her Facebook. Rip into her.

No. 71419

Are you friends with her on Facebook or did she just change her posts so that only friends can comment? Because I can see the post but can't comment on it. I'm seriously fuming hahah.

No. 71422

At first I thought she was selling her leftovers she had from her last shop (or just the stuff she didn't actually ship out to the paying customers) but she's saying she can order things in for people. So she's definitely trying to start a shop of some sort again. Keeping it to her Facebook now because she knows if she put that shit on Instagram so many people would tear her a new asshole.

No. 71424

Even if she actually has leftovers, it's unlikely she'd ship them out.

No. 72742

Any update on her new selling business???

No. 73057

She's on myfreecams again. Lookin tired as fuck tho.

No. 73066

Get screenshots

No. 73113

>>71417 Why doesn't she just ship items out so she can constantly make money off the shops instead of permanently damaging her businesses' reputations lol

No. 73118

Lol camming and trying to sell shit, bitch is broke

No. 73804

File: 1427935533924.jpg (93.85 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Pushing her flabby chest muscles to look like titties

No. 73806

File: 1427935571438.jpg (140.69 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 73808

File: 1427935609078.jpg (153.55 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Pulling OC once again

No. 73897

This really is OC crap

No. 75276

File: 1428135800639.jpg (181.89 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

How he can hold anything with those hands?

No. 75291

Those chola nails make her gross sausage hands look worse.

No. 75302

File: 1428140608936.jpg (6.37 KB, 319x246, felicefawn.jpg)


Real original idea for your tattoo, Scamanda

No. 75308

File: 1428141344135.jpg (125.98 KB, 750x1289, image.jpg)

Another Honey Birdette bra
I think the price for that bra is $89 or $99
Still can't pay victims back

No. 75316

aren't the red balls the ones for kids lol

No. 75348

funny thing is, felice fawn stole it from someone else on tumblr too lol

No. 75382


No matter how much she buys from them, they still won't hire her lol

No. 75408

wow she is so pretty! i think im going to keep my pale skin…

No. 75412


Don't forget to keep your sausage fingers too

No. 75420

I have scary long thin fingers, maybe she can donate some of her finger fat to me? But no srsly she is so pretty too bad she is a slut.

No. 75428


she's really not, she just knows how to pu5 on makeup well. I mean, she's not horribly disfigured or anything but you can tell she's pretty haggard without it. her body is nice though but she's a stripper so that's mostly a given

No. 75437

You can do it by bathing in bleach. go for it. Remember to soak for three hours.

No. 75438

Most girls are average to ugly without makeup, especially pale girl with no eyelashes or eyebrows. Maybe you are right…hmmm…Ill still keep my pale skin though.

No. 75440

fuck no! i dont need bleach, Im already white enough. I just dont want a tan because tanning is bad for your skin.

No. 75462

Yes, most people are average without make up. That's kind of the point of make up.

No. 75463

I was being sardonic because you're annoying and OT. Get the fuck out with your pale skin bullshit.

No. 75487

Very edgy of you.

No. 75492

Her hands could actually mean something kinda serious. That or shes on some medication. Swollen hands aren't something you just ignore.

No. 75500

OR they could just mean she has fat fingers

mind blowing that it doesn't have to be a dramatic underlying health concern, huh anon?

No. 75513

They legit look like cocktail shrimp

No. 75541

Nah. It's just chubby fingers. The tops of her arms are noticeable chubby too. She has an unfortunate fat distribution on her body is all.

No. 75554

>dem sausages
>dat ring cutting off circulation

I have a hard time believing her fingers even fit in the holes. How can she not see her fingers look like they weight 5lbs apiece?

No. 75674

File: 1428194240950.jpg (122.22 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

This caption
And that hand

No. 75675

looks at least 30 years old

No. 75677

If you see her pictures from few years ago, her whole body was even more swollen. She is born with those ugly, ugly hands. It' not a disease, it's just so damn ugly.
And what bothers me is, she thinks her hands are cute. But they are gross.

For her not wearing glowes should be illegal.

No. 76203

Her hand looks like a fucking octopus

No. 76220

I see it!

No. 76251

shit her pinky is like thicker than my thumb

No. 76410

I work with this woman and she'd be same height/weight as Kirsten and she has the same fingers/hands when I have to talk to her it's all I can look at she said it's some form being a midget or some bull shit like that.

No. 76415

What is her height/weight?

No. 76428

Ugh I can't handle her prettiness! But those hands are disgusting…I want her face!!!!

No. 76446

You want her used hooker face and pig nose?
You're better than that, anon.

No. 76447

maybe they're not.

No. 76458

Well, I'd love to be born with a face like hers. Just her face. With the way she looks in her current photos of course.
I am just one person.

No. 76463

they is used in singular if you don't know the gender of a person. or for fakebois, obviously.

No. 76694

How anyone can desire to look like a raped mouse?

No. 76701

Are you actually retarded?

Thank you.

No. 76918

She's (workmate) like 5 foot and weighs like 55 which doesn't sound that much but I'm 5'4 and that much and I feel hefty not pitite so she's not petite

No. 76925

File: 1428394448768.jpg (158.1 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I think I found out why she calls herself 'petite..'

>spoiler alert: she works with fat strippers

No. 76937

>I think I found out why she calls herself 'petite..'

hahaha true

This unshaped loose masses around her make her feel superior to them.

Although I remember Kirsten 4 years ago was also saying how she is petite and she was probably even bigger chunk of square meat and lazy fat than she is now.

No. 76948

File: 1428396780388.gif (8.46 KB, 226x200, yarr-not a looker among em.gif)

Not a looker among 'em.

No. 76955

the girl on the right is wearing soccer mom pieces from the kmart collection lmao

No. 76976

I'm from Adelaide and I've met her and she was nothing but a bitch,but you're sitting there and paying her out about her impefections and now you're all calling two girls you know nothing about fat? They are no where near fat! You all need a reality check. How can you sit there and say how horrible she is, yet your doing shit just as bad or even worse? Wow.

No. 77034

>no where near
>no where
Confirmed for stripper

No. 77071

LOL! Are you Kirsten or one of the rest two whores from the pic?

No. 77081

I'm none of them aha. I used to hang in town years ago, that's where I met Kirsten. I've been following this post from the beginning because I thought you were doing a good thing, showing her scams so no one else would end up in the same predicament. Then you started the insults with people who aren't even involved. It's not even that you're insulting them, it's more that you're calling them fat when they're all thin/normal sized girls.
That first reply makes no sense, are you honestly calling me a stripper because I accidentally added a space in nowhere?

No. 77646

LOL now she's a suicide girl hopeful

No. 77658

I back this.

No. 77675

Um no you fucking faggot.

All three of them look like washed up 35 year old hags. Kirsten has the best lookin body among them IMO the girl on the left is plain chunky and the girl on the right looks like a mom with a figure like an upside down triangle.

Where do you think you are? They are all whores, especially Scamanda, who fucking cares that I called them fat. You're just a little butthurt :^)

No. 77689

File: 1428475717558.jpg (174.03 KB, 634x939, image.jpg)

LOL. Please tell me you're joking. One on far left is a land whale the other 2 are chunky. Thin is pic related. Dumb bitch.

No. 77690

File: 1428475877977.jpg (126.52 KB, 750x600, image.jpg)



No. 77695

the girl on the left has a nice body tho

No. 77699

You are fucking retarded and your body is probably really shitty looking in comparison you fucking freak.

No. 77701

Lol samefag. You mean, the girl on the left has a good body for a whale.

And we are not all the same person, not fakies like you

No. 77702

They're all really out of shape. Why would anyone be envious?

No. 77704

Oh and Scamanda's body is related to her scams.
>lazy body
>lazy about healty
>being delusional, thinking she is petite
>lying: saying she is petite
= because of that, it's obvious, when she says she is not a scammer on purpose (lol), that is:
1. a lie
2. a scammer's lie
3. made from pure lazyness
4. and she is not going to fix it because she is delusional
5. And because she has delusional white knights like this, who will not talk when the talk is about the scamms, but will come here when we talk about how lazy she is and that her body is wasted looking even for a stripper. Which are all facts.

No. 77733

"fakies"? want a fucking pacifier? You sound like a paranoid baby. You gonna call me a samefag (even though this is my first comment on this) because I'm not rimming your ass? K fatty

No. 77748

lol implying being a suicide girl is special, any girl willing to her her junk out is accepted as one. Doesn't mean her photos will get anywhere.

No. 77812

Wow. All of you grow the fuck up, stop posting anon shit. You ALL have something 'wrong' with you that you see or others see/have seen and have been picked on in life.. Stop being nasty little girls. Stop believing what is posted in the magazine's is 'thin & normal'… Guess what ladies, cellulite, sagging and imperfections are all normal, but hey.. you're all perfect arent you aha!?

Put aside what she has done…
None of you are any better.
Post some pictures of yourselves, so we can pick you apart and call you fat? I bet NONE of you are as skinny as the picture posted as 'thin'..

No. 77817

Thank you to the one anon seeing reason!

No. 77818

Yeah we've all established that most of the girls on here are bitter with a dash of fat and/or ugly. Or middle aged and bored. And probably fat and/or ugly. Only with children and responsibilities so it's creepier.

But then there are a few who are secure in themselves, probably hot, great taste, and they my friend come here to shitpost in a less projecting way and have learned to ignore most of the trolls under the bridge. You're not enlightening anyone.

No. 77820

What are u on about?we are all thin, look like loli dolls and have perfect noses.

No. 77821

and non-saggy boobs! super perky.

No. 77833

Lmao like your nickname anon makes you so not anonymous!
Just look like this. Almost all other girls on lolcow (except quirky and extreme obese people like that) are skinnier than Kirsten. And literally. That whale on the left is just that, a whale. She even doesn't have normal cellulite on the ass. Her cellulite is connecting her ass and knees. There is even no line of an ass. How we, who comment, look, is totally out of the point.
The point is that this shitty stripper and her shitty friends (they are garbage too because thwy support her scamms) are posting pictures of their shitty ugly bodies. And this place is perfect to laugh at those lolcows.

No. 77861

Have u seen all the girls on lowcow?i could tell u im 89 pounds but that doesnt mean i am

No. 77867

I'm 168cm and 70 kilos honest to god and I think most of us here are are probably chubbos like me.

No. 77870

yeah I think most of the girls trying really hard to prove shit are usually the fat/unfortunate/average at best ones and then the skinny/decent/top tier sexy meat don't give a shit.

there's always exceptions and it's no rule but girls who are secure in themselves and know they're hot shit are…exponentially less likely to get an obnoxious complex and constantly try to prove to rando anons that they're better than everyone. what do you need to prove when you look good? why care that some bitch is fatter than you if that's just another hoe that makes you look better?

No. 77873

*samefag but I forgot to add that I'm sure there are also girls who are average or below but completely comfortable with themselves and they have no problem being honest about it. I see girls who are very good-natured like "damn my tits look like this cows that sux" etc

No. 77881

i think im the same size as kristen but i don't really care because i don't have my fucking stomach destroyed by a god awful tattoo

No. 77904

File: 1428517573675.jpg (30.42 KB, 500x383, 11078053_623954704718_20619876…)

Wow guys, jesus christ. If you get all up in arms and butthurt over literally one comment on a picture of some strippers with admittedly shitty bodies, that shows more about your insecurity than mine.

A nice body does not necessarily make a good person, and a shitty body doesn't make a shitty person. But Scamanda is a shitty person; "anon", idk if you are aware but she stole possibly thousands of dollars from other girls and pretends it never happened. So yeah, I don't cre if I make fun of her shitty body on a shitty anonymous image board while eating my morning cheerios.

My final point is thus; I'm on an anonymous imageboard because it is anonymous– it's not important what you look like or who you are, but rather the words you say. I have pictures of myself on instagram, but since I'm not a lying scamming cheating whore, no one finds it necessary to take those images and make fun of them.

Do you understand now? The internet does not equal the real world. I'm not fucking stupid and I won't walk up to someone in the middle of the street and tell them they are fat/ugly. But if people who have consistently shown shitty behavior get made fun of on a really small imageboard, like really, who the fuck cares?

No. 77917


No. 77926


no one cares about you defending scamanda

No. 77943

Exactly. Thank you.

No. 77956


no 1 curr

No. 77960

the girl with the polka dots, on the left has a nice body

i don't know what cellulite you're talking about? are you talking about the bitch with the v shaped body? her body is terrible

girl with polka dots really has a cute body. she's not super fit, but she has, what looks like, good sized tities, a fairly slim waist, with a good waist to hip ratio, and nice legs… wtf are you even talking about?

No. 77963

Who released "real women" brigade? Certainly must have been before an insulin check. Anyways, I agree with my fellow bitch anons. Those three fat strippers are fat. #real bodies? Yes, as they don't exist in the 4th dimension, but they might if they get so big their weight collapses into themselves.

Scamanda doesn't have a grotesque body like the other two, but it's thicker. Get over it, "anon."

No. 78076

>slim waist
>nice body ration
While in fact
>ass connected with knees, in one line, no shape AT ALL

You know that polka whale irl, don't you?
I knew it.

No. 78087

Btw if anybody wants to see more of a polka whale, click here

Her instagram is private but you can follow for laughs
Also, she posts her ugly face on tumblr, you can enjoy that one too

Not feeling sorry for introducing any stripper here, especially if those are Scamanda's closest "friends"

No. 78140

File: 1428533966428.jpg (346.92 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_ndhrstKmDB1qix1f9o3_128…)

in what way is her ass connected to her knees? are you serious? she's half turned, so you can't see her ass, or its outline. you're straight up retarded. yes, they're all stupid bitches associated w amanda, but polka dots got a better body BY FAR than scamanda.

i agree with you guys about some girls being chubby/fat, but she's not fat. get the fuck over yourselves. dakota is skinnyfat, but still skinny. this chick is not incredibly lean, but her SHAPE is not bad, and she's not even close to being a whale, holy shit. she has pretty good sized tits and her tummy is nice.

No. 78141

Private. Damn.

Nice body.

No. 78143

File: 1428534663889.jpg (130.81 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

She's wearing one of the one pieces kirsten scammed

No. 78144

this is a whale to you?

No. 78145

File: 1428534743395.jpg (186.01 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 78147

face is busted, but body still looks good. why do you hate her so much

No. 78153

I want her big lips,fuck
I hate my small lips

No. 78156

calm down, fat is a body type. For fucks sake, you prefer us to use endearing terms like plus-size or chubby? Fuck off

No. 78161

>"stop posting anon shit"
>posts anon shit
Thin is normal and pretty, idgaf if magazines says it is or not. Also, she is not average, the one on the left is fat. Shes not thin nor average, for fucks sake accept it. shes chubby. if fat or chubby is pretty then why are you upset we call her body type? :^) fatty detected.
Also, your logic is fucked up.
acne is normal, but it doesnt make it pretty.
Cellulites and sagging is gross, thats why people buy stuff to make them disappear.
Sweat is also natural, and its still fucking gross

No. 78163

No. 78196

Thought her user name was "alive in nachos"

No. 78200

Now I can't unsee it.

No. 78239

You are an absolute moron ahaha

No. 78243

waaah low self esteem waah im beautifull!!!

No. 78328


No. 78381

She's the one who "won" the comp when she first opened the store which how I knew the whole thing was a scram you don't pick friends to win

No. 78437

her lips aren't big she just pouts and uses lip liner pffft

No. 78501

"My pout is natural" - Kirsten Amanda

No. 80765

File: 1428875079072.jpg (245.56 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I hope she won't get a job and that for her the only way to survive will always be selling her cheap body.

No. 81547

Should find out where she's doing the shift and troll her hard

No. 81658

I think it's still The Palace in Adelaide. Her stripper name is Lolita

No. 81696

Think they're talking about her trial at Honey Birdette lol

No. 81697

Whoever you are, you are a horrible, nasty person who has nothing better to do but post this crap online. Go get a job, a hobby or something, you have way to much time on your hands haha.

No. 82024

Someone should contact HB management and warn them about her, link them to the pages exposing her scams. She better not get that fucking job.

No. 82034

Again bitch, gtfo

I think they know already about Scamanda's things. It's definitely worth warning them again. Does anybody have their contact? People of Australia, report Scamanda

No. 82115


Seriously, are you like 5? Grow the fuck up and get over it. You're doing worse than what Kirsten has..

No. 82167

I don't usually say things like this, but gtfo Scamanda

No. 82236

You're ridiculous. I'm not 'Scamanda'..

No. 82242

(02) 8217 5888
9am - 5pm AEST (Monday - Friday)
Level 5, 54 Foveaux Street
ABN: 89 117 200 647

No. 82288

ah, the are you 5 insult

the intellectual heavyweight of hurting feelings

No. 82289

Please somebody who can write English well, send links of this and previous thread (>>36355) to Honey Birdette.
I would do it but my English suck and I don't want to turn this serious topic into joke only because of language.

No. 82319

I want to send something but I know Kirsten personally and I don't want my identity to be compromised as Adelaide is a small place. Everyone hates her anyways, but still, I'd rather remain anonymous. If you will email it, I can write something up?

No. 82320

File: 1429102955705.jpg (16.29 KB, 327x307, hug-1.jpg)

Dawww your english is pretty good

No. 82321

I love how mutual hatred brings people together

No. 82324


Revealing a scammer's dirty past to future employers is definitely more scummy than scamming tons of people out of thousands of dollars.

Next episode: lolcow literally worse than Hitler?

No. 82506

Yes please. Write it and I will post it. Can you write it here so everybody can see? I will copy-paste and send it to Honey Birdette. This us how you will stay 100% anonymous. I'm from other continent so I don't care about Adelaide people, I just care that Kursten Amanda gets recognized as a scammer she is ;)

No. 82686



Honestly, just please don't..
You're an idiot

No. 82715

You're fucking dumb. Since when is reporting a con artist childish? Grow some fucking brains, slut.

No. 82786

Youre qt anon

No. 82791

Ahahahaha! Yes, I'm a slut. I'm not fucking talking about you reporting her. I'm talking about you talking shit about two random girls, that haven't done a thing wrong. They haven't scammed you, or anyone else.. yet this post contains images of them, their online names ect. You're fucking stupid.

No. 82800

Just let it go.

No. 82847


woosh. I think sarcasm went right over your head

No. 82849


You guys feel free to add stuff or let me know if it sounds shit:

To Whom it May Concern,

It has recently come to my attention that Kirsten Amanda Brown has been offered a trial shift in one of the Honey Birdette stores in Adelaide. Of course, it is up to you who you hire but I feel it necessary to inform you that she is a criminal. Over the past three or so years, Kirsten has opened online stores which she used to scam hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars (it has been estimated to surpass $5,000). She did this through making sales, taking customer payments, and never sending their items. Essentially, she stole this money. She is a fraud and a thief. She is well known throughout Adelaide and Melbourne for having done this, but unfortunately she has not faced legal consequences as not enough of her victims were willing to report the crime. This is still being worked on, however, and it is possible that she will be taken to court in the near future. I am a long term customer of Honey Birdette, and I understand that this may be new information, but I could not forgive management if they knowingly hired a criminal. I strongly urge you to keep her criminal history in mind when considering her for employment. I, and many others, would be incredibly disappointed and likely boycott if she was hired in one of your stores.

If you require evidence of her crimes, a simple google search of ‘Kirsten Amanda scams’ will bring up an entire page of results from her angry victims.

Please maintain the integrity and customer service focused nature of your business and do not hire Kirsten.

No. 82870

I've just found this post and saw one of the things brought up about Kirsten in the prior post is her 'fat shaming' 5 years ago. Lol. All of a sudden you're doing it. To girls who aren't overweight.

No. 83394

Following needs to be fix
> it's past three years
> do not estimate how much money she stolw, simply leave it on 'thousands of dollars'
the following is the most important:
> the reason why scammed customers didn't report her is, most of them are not from Adelaide. I know about one person from Adelaide who wanted to, she wrote report etc., but it's "minor" crime (for police it's few bucks comparing to murders, thiefs who hack bank accounts etc.) so police didn't want to take care of it, so it was recommended to that girl to hire a lawyer, but she didn't do it because paying a lawyer costs much more than $100. So she gave up in that way. Basically that's the reason why the only thing victims can do is keep on contacting Kirsten (which they are doing) and keep thw word about her scams alive (which is important becase as you see, in last month she was already thinking to start selling those things again, the things that people paid for but she never sent).
I wouldn't be surprised if she steals things from Honey Birdette.

No. 83401

Again you. Just accept those bitches are fat trucks. And most important, they are not innocent. They are not random. THEY SUPPORT KIRSTEN AMANDA'S SCAMS. They deserve much worse then being called fat, which is even not bad, and which they are, they are chubbsters big time. Considering they are showing of their body all the time, they are obviously supporting fat positivity. So 'fat' is not an insult for them. They are fatties and they know it and they love it. More fat = more love.
The thing that is not good about them is that they are basic bitches who SUPPORT scammers. Remember that, you fat shamer

No. 83409

Agree with the content changes but can the original person rewrite that and add it in because its not worded very well plus different writing style will look dodge

No. 83631

File: 1429250254039.jpg (72.01 KB, 512x512, 1421724080538.jpg)

>just found this post

you've been here since I posted that instagram picture.. look cunt, I made an offhand comment and you are literally spinning it way out of control. just calm down. shhh. no one cares about your butthurt.

No. 86697

Just go with this, no one else is going to write anything up

No. 86843

File: 1429691905860.jpg (149.25 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

So somebody has money

No. 86844

File: 1429691948620.jpg (120.04 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

And will spend it to "treat herself"

No. 86845

File: 1429691983992.jpg (164.97 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

"So coming up soon I'll be looking for a housemate or two to move into a house with me. Will most likely be close to town and it will be a nice, modern place. Rent will vary depending on the place we get and if one or two people move in. My range is from $100-$180 p/w each (between two people, will obviously drop again if reduced by splitting into three) I would prefer a girl, but I suppose if you're a guy and meet the requirements I don't mind. A couple would be okay too. Must be neat and tidy! I'm not saying you have to love cleaning but please NO slobs. Must like cats, as my two will be residing with me. If you have a cat of your own please let me know. No dogs unless we find a place that is pet friendly. It will NOT be a party house, so I want a fairly quiet person to respect the fact that the house is my chill space and my chance to get away from people. I don't mind a friend or two over I just don't want any parties. I do work nights, so you need to understand my most active hours will be after dark. I don't make much noise but I'll be awake and moving about nonetheless. You must be responsible! I don't want to live with a child, so if you can't pay your rent on time, don't bother enquiring. So basically I want a chill, fun and relaxed person who is happy to keep to themselves most nights but join each other on the couch for Netflix and dinner occasionally. Share this around to people you may know who might be interested or message me if you're interested. ??"

No. 86850

i feel so sorry for whatever poor schmuck decides to rent with her

No. 86867

This post should be both shared and commented. She never even one paid for the rent, when she shared a room with somebody. Also, she is extremely messy and dirty.

No. 86879

Why is she always moving to a new apartment /house? Seriously isn't this like the 3rd time this year?

No. 86888

She's always like that because she's scamming people for fun: she always comes in some fine place and pretend to be very responsible but when time comes to pay a rent, she escapes and say she has no money. Every fucking time.

No. 87374

File: 1429783167729.jpg (177.17 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 87384

The girl (Pure hearts?) who commented has the bondage set that kirsten was selling from around the same time and says it was "given to her by a friend" so there you go ladies, your money paid for her to gift her friends what she was selling. So as if they weren't in on/know what she did and don't care.

No. 87396


That purehearts chick, I think her name is Victoria. She's just as scummy and gross as Kirsten, probably an even bigger whore.

No. 87960

File: 1429894683361.jpg (101.52 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Just dropping face of this cunt

No. 87979

Her HANDS. Her FOREARM. They're getting even bigger.

No. 87980

25? Wow, she looks mid 30s.

No. 87990

I don't understand, this girl is a slim, normal weight, but her hands are so fucking fat, they're like hams.

No. 87999

It's very odd.

No. 88001

It's like cankles, but hankles.

No. 88112

She's deleted the post about honey birdette must of not gone well

No. 88134

File: 1429918271487.jpg (170.76 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 88135

File: 1429918353336.jpg (226.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 88144

File: 1429919343808.jpg (157.73 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Literally just came here to post about this. OMG

No. 88145

does anyone have the rest of the comments?

No. 88146

lol hey it's me! you're right, i was blocked. couldn't keep my mouth shut. smh because fuck this money grubbing whore cunt.

No. 88147


>She's a scammer


No. 88148

she can block me but the truth will get out anyway~!
lol now i'm being harassed by this cunt haha. YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS OMG
>jealous of being a stripper who abandons her pets and spends money on plane tickets instead of said pets

yup you got me, i'm so jelly

No. 88150



>this is beyond the joke now. This 'ur a scammer' bullshit has turned into bullying rather than people trying to 'do the right thing' like they claim to be doing. I'll abuse the whole fucking lot of them if it means them getting the fuck on with their lives so you can do the same.

Thank you for this, anon. This shit is hilarious.

>this is starting to turn into bullying

>so I'll abuse everyone, that'll help

No. 88153

scamanda mentioned me in a comment before she blocked me, i hope that's hilarious too. (too chicken to let me point out the truth i see lol)

>telling people the truth so they might not waste their money on a surgery for a dog that prolly doesn't exist


halp i'm triggered

No. 88154

I know it's her mum's dog she's e-begging/'raising money' for, but surely if it means that much to her she can spend a little less on shitty Lime Crime lipstick, alcohol and bad tattoos for a while and chip in for his surgery instead?

I know some people really couldn't afford surgery for their pet, but it's fucking ridiculous of her to ask strangers on the internet for money while posting pictures of all the shit she buys on instagram.

No. 88155


1) vets do payment plans she doesn't need money upfront
2) she should prove that she needs that money with a vet bill
3) she should pay for it with all her stripper money she gets
4) sell the animal like she sold her cat and her horses

No. 88157

One of my pets needed 4 tests and a surgery and it cost a couple of thousand, but I worked hard to pay the bill, and went on a payment plan, it only took a couple of months to pay it all off, I don't see why she can't do the same and she has to leech of strangers

No. 88166

>vet bill

The only legit donations for pets that I've seen have a vet bill for the total amount on it. And even then, I'm kind of wary. Because you know that vets offer payment plans and people have no problem selling their dignity.

Also, doesn't Scamanda constantly talk about how she makes soooo much money being a low class stripper? this girl is a fucking mess. who the fuck sells animals and then posts pictures of all her dirty stripper money and then has the balls to ask for thousands of dollars after she scammed tons of people out of their hard earned money?

No. 88190

This shit really fucks me off. My grandparents are pensioners and at times have had to fork out 4k or so for their beloved cats. They don't beg for help, they just fucking find a way to pay it.

No. 88210

They don't have a rancid vagina that they put on display while whining about how they respect themselves

No. 88245

I like see still claims she owns 3 cats, bitch plz.
She doesn't care about animals, most likely isn't a vegan either. Notice it changed to veg not vegan cause those two extra letters take so much to write.
Don't fund this anyone to do with her us as bad as her

No. 88258

Without long nails her fingers look like those little hot dogs

No. 88261

same, I spent 2k trying to find out why my cat was sick only to have her die within a week. But hey I'm not hitting up my friends for money, just my boss for more hours

No. 88293

sorry anon

No. 88353

Maybe instead of >>86844
she should putthe money in saving the dog hmm

No. 88437

Thank you, she was elderly so we assume she had a stroke, just glad she died at home and wasn't put down
People don't realize how much cost goes into a cat/dog/min pig they're expensive but not as expensive as a toddler

No. 88792


excuse me have i read this right; rent is only 100-180 dollars? what? where does she live where it is that obscenely low?

No. 88827

shitty suburbs/farther out from the city, probably

No. 88849

She said between two people, so that amount each. $250-$300 a week will get you an average place about 15 mins from the city usually. Depends on the area. $300 is about normal though.

No. 88873

What's OC?

No. 88876



No. 88877


jesus christ

No. 92125

File: 1430520439886.jpg (233.04 KB, 750x1288, image.jpg)

Back on MFC

No. 92162


Dude. Having tits and an ass is not 'chubby'. Seriously, she's a fucking stripper. If there's no tits and ass, there's no fucking point. What's the point of watching an ultra skinny chick strip? There's no tits, just jutting rib bones and hips. You might as well be looking at an adolescent boy with its dick chopped off. If that's your thing, good for you. Go for it. I'll be over here, squeezing delicious titties.

No. 92174

If there will be something fun, take a screenshot

She doesn't have tits at all, completely flat. She has ok push up bra and ok ass. And she has chubby legs and hands. I would say fat, but if you're from Anglo-Saxon country, then just chubby.
The thing that everybody laugh over is Kirsten calling herself slim, thin, and petite. Rofl

No. 92196

Shut the fuck up, you retard ahaha

No. 92199


Not the person you're replying to but this girl quite clearly has breasts and is still reasonably slim.

I always see her thread on here and whilst have never really participated I can tell she's not chubby.

No. 92204

File: 1430530847350.jpg (112.67 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Again you, "anon" hahahahahahahaha
Scammer's white knight hahahahahahaha

No. 92205

File: 1430530917632.jpg (128.67 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

>this girl quite clearly has breasts

No. 92209

File: 1430531291019.jpg (130.82 KB, 640x960, 1430530917632.jpg)


Wow what are these strange growths attached to her chest I do so forever ponder.

No. 92221

She's flabby and pasty. She's by no means petite or slim and she has fucking sausage hands.

No. 92404

Shitty jelly thread. Kirsten btw is super hot and I'd do her.

No. 92406

still saying jelly? seriously?

No. 92413


No. 92415

why would anyone be jealous of a poor, scamming whore? idgi.

No. 93110

She may have a pretty face but that screen shot from my free cam is actually the less sexual thing ever. Like come on you find that sexy? No. Her boobs aren't nice but if she dressed for her size not the size she wants to be she'd look good. But seriously she's 19 who has always been slim yet she's got I've had a few kids and breastfeed for five years.

No. 93179

saw kirsten out friday night at a club, she got a little more fat. hhahahahaha

No. 93259

File: 1430723077684.jpg (174.32 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Now I realised why she sold her cat 1-2 months ago. To get a new, prettier one! (On the right)

No. 93316

File: 1430741951152.jpg (160.59 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Which page is she talking about

No. 93351

Pretty sure that's her old cat 'Chai' who she gave to her mother because he was too "active"

No. 93353

Need to see this. Who's got the goods?

No. 93411

I need to see those nudes too, please please let them leak to us please

No. 93559

Is this girl serious.
She strips half naked every day.
Get's naked in front of her cam. Her titties were just posted 3 days ago.
And you can even book her.
But when someone posts a nude of her it's just
"omg unbelievable my trust is broken what scum piece of shit does that!!!!111"

No. 93647

where are the nudes? did joel leak them?

No. 93882



No, celebrities have nudes leaked. Ordinary people get them posted.

No. 93954

Hahaha Joel definitely didn't hold on to any of her nudes, nothing special to see there anyway.

No. 94080

Probably one of her customers

No. 94315

She's probably talking about this feed.

No. 96331

anon-ib.ch is the site that has leaked nudes from around the world.

No. 96690

File: 1431162288813.jpg (77.61 KB, 546x806, image.jpg)

No. 96693

AnonIB and it's variants are pretty dodgy though (.ch is like the third version?).

The Fappening actually started there (not .ch) and only moved to 4chan after their server couldn't take the load.

They have/had a hidden blackmail board.

They have a "stolen" board which is a euphemism for "hacked"

No. 96695

Still, I don't get girls who send nudes or let their bf film them. It's tacky and you just KNOW it's gonna be shared around if you break up.
>b-but I TRUST him!
Trust him all you want but trust yourself first.

No. 96702

Eh, there are plenty of dudes that are trustworthy enough that they won't share those pictures/videos. Not everyone turns into a spiteful douchecanoe after a breakup, even if the breakup was terrible.

That said, what the fuck is up with women who send guys they've just started dating / hooking up with nudes? A friend of mine went on ONE date with a girl he barely knew and she started blowing up his phone with nudes which she told him to keep private (he never showed them to anyone, but we had a conversation where he was like "What the fuck is this chick thinking?")

No. 96707

True, but it's not worth risking it. You never know when you're gonna run into a wanker until you do. And some people are darling but slight them somehow and they're after your blood.

No. 96735


No. 96742

File: 1431181239044.jpg (23.22 KB, 617x147, slutz.JPG)

No. 96827

Eh, that's all?
She's crying about this pic?
Anyone can see her naked on mfc so where's the problem?

No. 97660

Ha that's the best her body has looked in any photo. Plus she's a suicide girl now, and barely any of those photos look nice.

No. 98091

File: 1431299705269.jpg (146.22 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

In the other news…

No. 98092

File: 1431299780692.jpg (157.59 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

…Scamanda says she will pay to somebody to take nude pics of her + she will pay a lunch. Lol this whore

No. 98565

Hahaha, hoes gotta hoe

No. 98615

Fucking kek. She's around my age, from my country but dis bitch is so haggard and her body so jacked up she's got to pay men to see her nude?!?! I get paid $100 an hour for that shit lol.

No. 98655

you sound like an attention whore

No. 98689

Not really, I don't advertise it or even advocate my work, it's just an easy way to make money. Why she is paying somebody to take those shots is literally beyond me.

No. 98876

File: 1431351135699.gif (480.25 KB, 300x239, tumblr_lpaehcFx5O1qewft3.gif)

because, you know, professional photographers can totally pay their bills and feed themselves with only the image of your ~~nekkid body~~ in their brains.

No. 98983

she's paying a photographer to take photos of her for her suicide girls profile you dumbass lol

No. 98995

Love that Bowie gif

No. 99066

Her tits are kinda ugly

No. 100037

> has money for professional photographs
> has money to pay an extra lunch
> doesn't have money to give it back to people to who she owns for years, even if it's only $20

No. 100126

>I love how vegan diet is actually more expensive than average diet

ye know poor people can't afford meat right? they eat rice and beans…
also 'average diet' doesn't mean shit in fattyland america

No. 102231

She's on cam right now and looking like shit omg she's gained weight too I'm dying its so funny

No. 102235

lmaoo what are you talking about she looks hot

No. 102239

what's her mfc name?

No. 102240


No. 102244

Thank you!

No. 102247

Wow her voice is so annoying. wth haha

No. 102249

File: 1431671165906.jpg (18.58 KB, 321x250, k.JPG)

She's leaving because nobody's tipping LOLOLOL

No. 102252

File: 1431671245649.jpg (19.62 KB, 332x263, e.JPG)

her face is fat without ~angles~

No. 102254

So much bronzer/contouring

No. 102255

No amount of contouring could hide those developing jowls.

No. 102264

File: 1431671727630.png (418.34 KB, 878x790, 2015-05-15 16.04.23.png)


No. 102266

I didn't know you could develope jowls…..

No. 102311


No. 102334


What do you think you were just born with them

No. 102335

She may be a sloot, but I'd give her the vitamin D, especially this one >>87374

No. 102338

File: 1431692367264.png (468.57 KB, 878x782, 2015-05-15 21.48.14.png)


No. 102340

hahahaahahahahah lmao

No. 102341

File: 1431692738198.jpg (178.91 KB, 1026x614, lack of respect 1.jpg)

Again she's called out on her scams. I hope this person who wrote the comment about scams actually WILL call the cops.

No. 102342

>Being salty over money she lost three years ago
Those empty threats are so convincing, I'm sure she'll be worrying in her boots all the way to the bank.

No. 102347

Ugh disgusting

No. 103082

Kirsten Amanda deleted comments regarding her scams..

No. 103099

its been beyond any reasonable time limit. i can't see cops actually bothering. honestly, how stupid do you have to be to allow something to go beyond a month before you open a paypal claim? jesus.

No. 103133

If they know where she lives, I would just send a strong guy over there to scare her.

No. 103141

I think she still works at the Palace, and anyway it shouldn't be too difficult to find her. Just look at dark corners.

No. 103412

yeah so she can call the police, right? moron.

No. 103746

Police is not protecting illegal prostitutes though.

No. 103782

um police will protect you regardless of your occupation. especially house threats. do you think they're just going to hang up on her because of her job???

No. 104110

File: 1431955946578.jpg (154.06 KB, 1026x613, kirsten.jpg)

So nice that she has money for new sexy lingerie

No. 104129

Pretty lingerie, fugly tattoos.

No. 104135


No. 104137

legit lobster claws

No. 104603

File: 1432028668239.jpg (166.7 KB, 1021x603, swollenfromhandjobs.jpg)

First of all, that hand holy fuck it almost makes me sick. It looks so fucking swollen and her trashy fake nails make it even worse.
Second, she even lies about her eyebrows? Next to nothing on them my ass, they look pretty damn filled in to me. Also I doubt that she doesn't know the brand that makes her eyebrow pencil, that seems like bullshit.

No. 104705

Aw, I find her chubby hands cute. And my brows look like hers with pencil alone. I have a few, and I actually don't know the brand of one of them because I just bought it in some Asian market. So yeah, she's kind of a liar but I don't think she would necessarily be lying about that too.

No. 104706

gtfo no one cares that you also have hampaws. They are ugly as shit.

No. 104709

anon did not say they had hands like hers…

No. 104744

File: 1432053390668.jpg (170.99 KB, 1025x612, snake look.jpg)

I think this is Kirsten or if not her than it is somebody who knows her and wants to crawl up her ass.

Also, let's carry this Kirsten's comment in our hearts: "I am 99% sure I was supposed to be born with blue/grey eyes."

No. 106475

File: 1432247269669.jpg (156.05 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Lol @ posting old pic of her when she was less chibby than now (her belly tattoo was completely unfinished)

No. 106476

File: 1432247317457.jpg (164.83 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She's working with this guy… Is that her pimp?

No. 106480

File: 1432247665293.jpg (73.25 KB, 380x316, image0134.jpg)

No. 106482

File: 1432247774570.jpg (6.33 KB, 263x191, images.jpg)

No. 106496

Oh, Lord. Everything about this is super cringeworthy. Even the shitters in the comments.

No. 106795

Oh my god. I dunno if it's been mentioned because I've skimmed through the thread only a few times. Why are her hands actually so fucking big. Is it some kind of problem with her joints or something? Like is it a medical thing or are her hands actually just huge

No. 106835

File: 1432296524669.jpg (128.19 KB, 500x333, 003.jpg)

No. 106836

File: 1432296597501.jpg (66.57 KB, 960x643, octodog-7.jpg)

I keep thinking of food when I see her hands

No. 106861

Some people have hands like that due to genetics I think. I am not sure but the first thought is edema. She could not have a healthy lifestyle, which causes those hands. She could have poor nutrition, not have enough cardio exercise or doesn't use her hands to work a lot

No. 107006

I never knew you could have fat hands even if you arent super fat in general. Thats so odd..

Why does she insist on showing them constantly. How can you actually be happy with corndogs for fingers

No. 107047

File: 1432330243727.jpg (27.32 KB, 600x600, 0e9.jpg)

she looks like pepe

No. 107388

I guess this ring supposed to go on ring finger, but it doesn't fit

No. 107744

File: 1432398671432.png (666.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-05-24-02-29-05…)

Who the fuck are these people?

No. 107757

Since there is always a different guy, I guess they are just customers.
Kirsten is full time sex worker so I guess the other girl is that too.

No. 107766

That dude looks just disgusting.
And those fat hairy arms wrapped around her naked body.
What a dream job she has huh

No. 108177

File: 1432451327809.png (903.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-05-24-17-06-33…)

Welp. Money from the creepy guy?

No. 108179

File: 1432452031732.jpg (41.42 KB, 720x405, FB_IMG_1432451972865.jpg)


Did some digging. That guy is the boss from another stripper joint. Turns out she's doing out calls too.

No. 108229

She deleted that post again hahaha.
I guess some of her victims commented.
With that money she could easily pay them back.

No. 108355

I like how she sucks in the sides of her face to show "high cheekbones"
Any dumb negro can do that.

No. 110714

the blonde one is working under dante entertainment http://danteentertainment.com.au/portfolio/ella/ . kirsten's facebook says she works there but i don't see a profile anywhere or a join date on facebook. she's even part of their cover photo on facebook with her fucked up moth tattoo. she wrote a review on their page on the 31/3 so there's an estimate.

No. 112323

File: 1432779596379.jpg (772.37 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

She's at it again.

No. 112328

File: 1432780005667.jpg (953.56 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

No. 112331

>"it got lost or whatever"
>or whatever

fuck this rotten cunt
seeing this shit happen to her brings me joy

No. 112338

God she's a fucking waste of oxygen.

No. 112465

Sorry for this Sarah Jane Gray, but you will not see your item, or get your money back from Kirsten.
I hope you are not the lazy ass and that you will report her to police now when it's not too late.

Also, is prostitution legal in Australia? Even it is, I'm sure Kirsten is not legal hooker.
You can report her for that one too.

But find a good exuse of how could you be so uncareful to get scammed by this bottom waste.

No. 112475

oh fuck where's Tatey at? she'd fucking love to see this.

No. 112497

Prosititution is illegal in Australia

No. 112498

Nah nigga, Ausfag here and you're dead wrong. Prostitution is legal and regulated in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. In all the other states and territories (including South Australia), prostitution is legal but unregulated, and brothels are illegal.

No. 112633

Kirsten Scamanda is from Adelaide

About Tatey, she said she was pregnant, maybe she got baby so unfortunately she can't deal with this hooker.
I wish Tate could get her money back.
And I hope Scamanda finish in jail soon, scammed people and people from Adelaide, pls do something, that whore is laughing and enjoying every dollar that is not heara and that she spend on herself

No. 112702

File: 1432843541659.jpg (124.4 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

sick of her own behaviour?

No. 112703

Then stop it, you scamming whore

No. 112861

I hated this bitch back when she was sufinkusu and a weird chubby weeb lmao. Seeing her as actual white trash today is satisfying because I'm a horrible person I guess

No. 113056


Got baby… Honestly ahaha

No. 114019

she's such a slut I'm surprised there haven't been leaked videos of her yet

No. 114021

*hasn't, sorry

No. 114149

Yeah but you also have to consider that she is one really ugly whore with 0 dignity, and even we all want to laught at that gross cow, we still don't want to bleed our eyes out by looking at her ugly caked faced and bloated handa touching her body, just because we might see her saggy breasts and overused pussy.
I want to laugh at her naked body so much, but still not enough that I have to suffer by looking at all the sad parts before.

No. 114448

lmaoo i'd like to see your photos and body though. post pics

No. 114451

face and body* rather

No. 114523

Lol, I'm not a hooker, so no. Even if you give me 30 tokens, no. But Kirsten would :D for free too :D

No. 114591

File: 1433076659945.png (2.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-05-31-22-48-35…)

Richy rich wanna buy a horse again. Probably so she can sell it when she gets tired of it.

No. 114635

Lol the third horse she will buy and abandon

No. 114649

show your face then

No. 114654

Lol I'm not an attention seaking whore like your beloved Kirsten. I wouldn't give sarisfation of looking into my face to somebody who white knights for scammers, even if you would pay me a lot. But you are free to scroll on this thread and go off on saggy tits as much as you want. Saggy small breasts like that are really rare, you can't get that offer from me anyway

No. 114656

Maybe even sell it to few people and keep it. I can imagine that

But 100% this horse won't stay as her property. She doesn't know how to take care of an animal

No. 114660

you sound like an ugly fatty boo

No. 114669

Is that a conpliment? Since you like Kirsten, you must like fatties, especially with fat hands. Now especially I can't sumbit a pic to you anonymous, you would be dissapointed because I'm not ugly nor fat, and especially not ugly fat and whore, your fave combo. Now you can stop trying to get more info from me, I will not sell my face or body to you, but don't worry, scammanda can do all that for you for few bucks only. So write her how her swollen hands are lovely and how her lady of a night makeup is really lady like, buy her alcohol and enjoy STD's of Adelaide.

No. 114671

did i ever once say i like kirsten though? you're typing up all this bullshit in response to my maximum five word sentences. ugly fatty /confirmed.

No. 114672

Lmao. Ugly fat bitches are always easy to rile up. Go, anon.

No. 114674

Lmao. You made that other anon so mad.

No. 114675

Auto-sagging too much xD

No. 114694

Other anon is right, you sound like a repressed fattie.

No. 114697

File: 1433093134637.png (68.69 KB, 250x250, 250px-119Seaking.png)


>attention seaking

No. 114725

Lol you're so defensive.

No. 114799

She's a delusional human being and all, but damn dat face. She's so pretty. I'm actually a bit envious :c

No. 114804

Why she doesn't put a price on "her" horse? She will be selling that beautiful poor animal in no time

No. 115837

File: 1433274582943.jpg (160.73 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She paid for this photoshot…

No. 115847

She looks good here, not too chubs. But fucking hell why is there someone/something standing right at the front of the shot?

No. 115851


I think it's supposed to be a stylistic device to "make it more interesting".

No. 115909

Looks more like a creepy punter taking a sneaky shot of a hooker in a club.

No. 115925

She didn't pay, I follow his girlfriend he is taking the photos for free at the moment to learn. I mean he might actually charge for the hard copies but the shoot is free.

No. 115961

Omg hahaha, because you do know how she said that she will pay for it, not only for the job, but she will also pay a lunch.
Is she scamming the photographer right now? I hope your friend won't be fooled, whatever the agreement between them is.

No. 115968

I think she lost weight. She doesn't look chubby as she usually does. Probably because of this thread. All the comments about her chubby appearance made her a bit better now. Kirsten, you should keep it up

No. 115985

Photoshop/angles. The high contrast makes her arms, thighs and even those lobster claws look less chubby.

No. 115989

19 years olds are adults,not teenager. Adults are 18+
What are you talking sbout?

No. 115992

If people being comfortable or proud of their pale skin bothers you then you have issues lol

No. 115993

The one on the right is skinny is gross.
The one on the left is chubby not a land whale, what the fuck? gtfo ana chan

No. 116002

Her tits are flat and her butt is so small wtf
I used to think her body was hot but wtf is this

No. 116111

That only depends on where you live and who chooses what age is adult. I thought the brain doesn't even become fully developed until age 23 or some shit. Why are some people so hung up on age anyway when time is an illusion. I just go by how old someone looks to me. Wear sunscreen people.

No. 116113

Srsly don't see what wrong with her body here. Yes she's stubby and a little chubs but having small boobs and not a Kim k lard butt doesn't make you not "hot". I wish my boobs were flat, looks more aesthecally pleasing to me.

No. 116204

Her tits are flat and saggy, but she will get boob job so it will be ok. She just has to figure out how to spend such money without getting people really pissed because someone might find her and do something really bad to her.

No. 116262

I am laughing so much at how many things you have wrong about this girl. I know her quite well. The dog isn't hers, it's her mums and she did help pay for his surgery. She only sold one horse, and selling horses isn't an uncommon thing. Some people fall short on time and money, so wouldn't the best thing be to give it to a new home rather than have an animal that you can't fully support? She loves animals so much, anyone who is close to her knows this. They are her world. Also, the stuff with that Sarah girl has been sorted, she's sent her item. If you also must know, she never did prostitution. She created an escort account but deleted it and never went through with it. Cut this girl some slack, she's actually a really kind-hearted girl and you wouldn't know that because you're all a load of sorry sods sitting on the internet insulting her appearance and making very poor assumptions. I actually brought this to her attention the other day and she laughed at the fact you guys actually thought she wasted her time checking people who are doing nothing but calling her fat and being lowlife losers and that this thread is really still going. About 98 percent of this is personally attacking her and her "scam" is very seldom spoke of. Really, get a grip. This is just silly.

No. 116264

Tbh you sound like her and if you are it is better to just say so
If you know her so well and she is so 'kind-hearted' then why does she reply so rude to people who want their money back? And the fact she already had a horse and sold it should maaaybe make her more cautious of getting one again.

No. 116268

I'm fairly sure you lot think everyone who's on her side is her. I've seen that accusation plenty of times already. Face it, maybe you're just wrong…? Being kind-hearted goes a lot deeper than this whole "scam" situation. She's an excellent friend, she's very caring and considerate, she's accepting and loving of everyone and well, it kind of seems like you're the ones who don't have a nice bone in your body. I just think this thread isn't doing what it's meant to be doing anymore, and has turned into a personal attack on not only her but people who aren't even involved. I don't support her "scams", but I know her and I know she's not a bad person. Good people can make bad decisions. I do not think sitting here and insulting her when she doesn't even see it (you're all just bitching amongst yourselves like little pre-teens) is going to solve anything but you make you guys look as previously stated by others, as bad if not worse than her. As I said she's quite a wonderful person and while she was an idiot with her stores, she's really a good egg and is a better person inside than you guys are. As I said, she may have fucked up, but she'd never judge someone like you are now…

No. 116269

Hi scamanda

No. 116271

>Someone backs her in a positive manner

Really…? Like… Really? You're a load of wallies.

No. 116272

You do realise that Sarah is just one woman of MANY that Kirsten has scammed, right? One right doesn't make up for a lot of wrongs. Tbh I do think her weight is harped on about too much here but this is an anonymous forum, what do you expect? If she didn't scam the shit out of so many people then she wouldn't be on lolcow. She's here for a reason.
Perception is key here. She likely has some good traits but shit isn't black and white. Just because she can be decent doesn't mean she's decent all 'round. She's nice to you so ofc you want to defend her despite her shitty illegal actions but us strangers who she's never met/treated well don't give a shit about her. Add her scamming and voila, you get people hating you until you do the right thing and pay your victims back instead of taking pictures of yourself with wads of not-hard-earned cash. I'd even take a step back and wonder why you yourself are chatting with a scammer who shows no remorse. We'd all happily fuck off and leave this thread if she paid everyone back like she intended to (but then deleted every trace if her admittance).

No. 116280


>She only sold one horse, and selling horses isn't an uncommon thing.

It is if you're a responsible pet owner with the time and money to look after them and you're not selling them for a living.

>Some people fall short on time and money, so wouldn't the best thing be to give it to a new home rather than have an animal that you can't fully support?

Or you could, y'know, actually consider the costs when you're thinking of getting a pet. I understand sometimes people can lose large amounts of money when they could have never anticipated it, but judging by all the shit she posts on instagram about how she's totally making bank, I'm going to say it's quite obvious that isn't the case.

I get she's a stripper but if she has the money to spend on trashy fake nails, shitty makeup, alcohol, cigarettes, watches and starbucks, she has enough money to look after a pet with. If she doesn't have enough money for a pretty expensive pet like a horse, hey, maybe she shouldn't get a fucking horse.

>She loves animals so much, anyone who is close to her knows this.

Until the novelty wears off and they aren't so cute anymore, then they go on Craigslist for $50

>If you also must know, she never did prostitution. She created an escort account but deleted it and never went through with it.

Hahahaha that's exactly what she claims. I'm not buying it but either way it isn't exactly much better than stripping or camming.

>About 98 percent of this is personally attacking her and her "scam" is very seldom spoke of.

Welcome to Lolcow! Enjoy your stay.

No. 116290

>"She's an excellent friend, she's very caring and considerate, she's accepting and loving of everyone […]"
who even writes like that about someone
I can't explain myself does anybody get what I want to say? language barrier orz

No. 116293

lmao but people have been hating on her friends who have nothing to even do with this in the first place. "omgz that girl on the left looks like a whale, omgz that girl on the right looks like a pig"

No. 116294

You realise when she sold her horse she had just moved back to the city because her boyfriend and her had split up thus she had to go back to her parents and was unemployed? People's circumstances change. As for the novelty wearing off, she still posts and talks about that horse to this day. The novelty never wore off. She's had her white cat for I think 5 years, her siamese for about 3 and Lillith is going to be long term too. I've seen how she treats and loves her animals. Lucifer was unfortunate circumstance, boyfriend moved out thus she had to find what accomodation she could asap and she was unable to have so many cats in a tiny apartment. Seeing as he was only a few months he would be able to bond and adapt with a new family. Also the $50 from my understanding was to make sure he didn't just go to anyone. And in fact, she still messages the new owners to see how he's going. She's never just thrown an animal away or gotten sick of them. Animals are her favorite thing in the world. You do not not know her. Pulling accusations out of your ass because you simply don't like her will get you absolutely nowhere. As I'm aware she is quite comfy with money at the moment hence her wording she's at a good time in her life again to support a horse. As for the escorting believe what you want but again, another assumption with no evidence just because you don't like her. Do you even know what you're talking about or do you just like being a nasty lil' troll on the internet? You would actually be shocked how little she has sex, I have more sex than her and I don't even sleep around. I'm just throwing my two cents in because you're all tearing her name to the ground when she's actually a very decent person. Everyone does shit things sometimes we are all human. I just don't see the point in a hate forum that has so little to do with the original point.

No. 116295

Do you really not think that about any of your friends? I have nothing but great things to say about my close friends! I think the world of them :)

No. 116302

Did I not just say and admit that her weight is harped on about too much and that we're on an anonymous board? Her friends aren't even my fucking point. Kirsten is a fucking scammer who doesn't give half a shit about the people she ripped off. You say we're human and do shitty things but normal human errors doesn't include "I'm going to scam people hundreds of dollars and be a shit about it when I'm found out".

No. 116305

File: 1433346388642.jpg (99.21 KB, 720x576, image.jpg)

It is very irresponsible to make your pet's home depend on your relationship with a boyfriend that you had for few months only.

Anyway, if she has enough money to take care of a horse, she should first take care of people who she stole money from.

Also, the picture is related to this
>she's actually a very decent person

No. 116306

And of course nazis are worse than scammers, but you should understand how it's related to your talk.

No. 116307

i say? i'm not the other anon. i haven't said shit lol. and yeah, you mentioned that HER weight is harped on. not her friends who are completely unrelated to kirsten's scams lmao. some fag even went so far as to go on one of kirsten's friends tumblr and post a picture of her body to tear her apart. shows what type of shitcunts you're dealing with tbh

No. 116308

sure rip on kirsten who gives a fuck, idc, but who gives a shit about her friends bodies? why is that even relevant to her scams? lmao some of you are so dumb. waste all your time ripping on somebody's hands instead of actually taking action

No. 116309

IA. No progress throughout the past 7 months. Just a bunch of preteens talking about swollen hands.

No. 116312

Ah fuck, sorry lol. Idc about her friends since they're irrelevant to her scams but this is lolcow, I don't hold it to a high standard. I mostly lurk here.

None of us here can take action since none are victims. Tatey seemed to be the only victim gathering information from other victims but she's pregnant/has a kid now. Sad to think that her money went to Kirsten and stayed there when Kirsten could have just refunded her and everyone else.

No. 116313


Yes, exactly. This. Also 10/10 for the pic


You can try dodging the shit I'm saying all you want, but the point I'm trying to make is that it's really fucking irresponsible to get rid of so many pets and then consider getting more like 5 months later. That's not normal and it's not the behaviour of someone who 'loves animals'. I actually believe she means well, but it's the pet that suffers when someone means well, gets a pet, and then realises they can't look after it. It's much harder to find a home for a pet when they're a little older.

Not even trying to be PETA here, but you keep going on about how much she 'loves' animals (I'm guessing because that's the only 'good' trait about her, lmao)

You can like animals and still be an irresponsible fuck when it comes to actually looking after them, but it's actually pretty cruel to get a pet just because you like animals when you're not actually capable of looking after them.

Oh, and I understand where she's coming from charging $50 so the cat doesn't go to anyone, but like someone in a previous thread said, why wouldn't she just do a home check?

No. 116323


Oh wait, there's more

>Do you even know what you're talking about or do you just like being a nasty lil' troll on the internet?

A little from column A, a little from column B.
Literally nobody here is trying to be 'moral' or whatever, we're just here to laugh about this total train wreck with the added bonus of you sperging out at us because "u dont no her lyf!! shes a good person! she kept a cat for about a third of its lifespan omg so responsible!!"

The fact I'm not buying the fact she didn't go through with the whole prostitution thing isn't really an 'assumption' either IMO. It'd be an assumption if people were saying she's probably a hooker for absolutely no reason, but we only have her word to go by that she didn't actually bang dudes for cash, and she's already been proven to not be the most trustworthy person. But seriously why would anybody care either way? What's the point in even throwing that out there?

But yeah, keep posting. It's always great when a 'friend' (totally not Scamanda, guys) starts white knighting on a thread.

No. 116472

>"she kept a cat for about a third of its lifespan omg so responsible!!"
Hehehehe I love it ;D

I want to comment one thing about other strippers (who look really cheap/used) that were brought here.
Not only they are losers irl, but also they are a good friends of such a scammer like Scamanda and still supporting her wholeheartly. They are at least level to be called "lolcows". And more than that. But since they are just supporting scams, not scamming as well, they don't deserve special thread. That's why their existance is brought under Scamanda's thread.

No. 116536

LOLLLL fuck this white knight bitch. Its either her, her sister, or one of her 19 year old retard friends (not that she has many). I used to be friends with Kirsten. I know her, I know her ex's, I know EVERYONE she knows. She is widely known through Adelaide as being a scummy, cheap, selfish, lying, cheating, fuckhead piece of shit. Just fuck off, her actions speak for themselves and you sucking her asshole won't change anyone's opinion.

No. 116853

Having a flat chest is childlike. Sorry but small boobs and small butts arent considered hot. Its ugly. big butts and big boobs are hot. Just because you probably have a body like her doesnt mean its hot

No. 116884

Landwhale confirmed. Probably one of those who call it ~curves~ right.

No. 116909



No. 116910

Since when does your preference = everybody else's preference, fatty-chan?

I know plenty of people who find small asses/small tits, big asses/small tits, small tits/big asses hot. I'm not speaking for everybody or trying to generalize here, but I can tell you that you are full of shit. Go eat some Doritos and tell yourself you're what all men desire, fupa and all.

No. 116926

lmao that shit isn't even true and you know it, shitcunt

No. 117048

File: 1433469075383.jpg (147.79 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

… those dark circles under eyes and arms should be photoshoped …

No. 117049

Holy shit you got btfo, hambeast. lmao

No. 117050

Confirmed chubster.

That skirt's a size too small. All her podge is more noticeable over the waistband.

No. 117052

I agree.
And look the elbow ;)))

No. 117053

Thank fuck her hands are hidden though. Her face is "fuller" without that contouring shit.

Still if she thinks she's hot then that's all that matters however deluded.

Graffiti background is uber naff. It ain't 1983.

No. 117054

That elbow wtf?

No. 117156

Random field observation: K Scamanda came in to my work a while back and I had to look for the moth tattoo under her gross see through crop top before I was sure it was actually her, because she looks nothing like she does on Instagram (surprise surprise).
She does look younger than nineteen, but at the same time she's super busted so she looks like a weird bloated badly aged sixteen-year-old.

Doesn't have a lot to do with anything else in this thread, but there ya go.

No. 117168

Random question - Is there some app to delete photos so you never go over a certain amount or is she (and Amy Lee - sorry she has nothing to do with this just hate that ho) really that sad to delete photos to look like she's got lots of followers and never updates? Like you can only delete a few at a time who has time for that (again Amy lee had over a 1000 and now sits at like 500-600 mark.

No. 117185

Eh i know her IRL too and she doesnt look that different…

No. 117194

holy shit. I never knew she was so fucking fat. I thought she was a bit chubby but now her hands actually maybe sense. Like wow. Just looking at her arms alone you can tell she is a ham.

No. 117208

The fuck? Looking at the replies, everyone made her out to be a hambeast but she just looks like a relatively normal-sized girl who squeezes herself into clothes that are too small because she wants to fit a "skinny" aesthetic. Pathetic, but not exactly hammy.
Try squeezing yourself into kid's clothing (assuming you don't look like a kid) and you'll look pretty chubby too.

No. 117235

"so fucking" fat? lmao wtf? shes slightly chubby and lacks tone but far from fat. shes still a bitch though

No. 117237

I'm friends with Joel and used to know her. Used to be around her frequently. She doesn't look very different from her IG pictures to be honest. Where do you work?

No. 117276

Aight, I'll eat that it could have been because I'd never seen her in person before that I struggled to recognise her from photos. Still not dumb enough to reveal where I work, nice try tho.

No. 117278

Yes. She is fat. Fat does not mean you have to be a 900 pound whale. Look at her arms, particularly upper arms. They look like sausages. her body is thick width wise on maybe a small frame so she doesnt look huge but she is clearly on the overweight side of the bmi spectrum. which is why I said her hands make sense now, as she looked SO much thinner in other pictures. she is much fatter than i imagined her to be, which is why i used to be so shocked by her hands. But in fact, she is so fat that it shows up in limbs that are meant to be decent sized compared to other body places that retain more fat.

No. 117279

most 'normal' or 'average' women are overweight. so yes she is normal sized but fat either way, also squeezing herself into smalle r clothes and keep in mind she is most likely sucking in very hard in this pic so we can't really see her full weight. look at her arms, elbows, chest, waist and face you can see how overweight she actually is

No. 117306

Considering the rest of her body isn't as "fat" as you're proclaiming if her mfc is any indication, I'm thinking you're just some ana m8. She isn't "petite" like she pretends, but she certainly isn't "so fucking fat" like you want to say either
>most normal-sized women are overweight
Only if you live in America

No. 117326

No i'm a normal sized weight, and i'm 'petite' frame wise. Petite doesn't mean you are thin, or some dainty flower, it just means you have nore midgety proportions compared to other people

also yes most people in america are fat as fuck but in many pretty developed countries most if not tons of people are fat too.

No. 117444

No. 117491

You're all morons. She is so far from fat. I don't like her, or what she has done.. but she is not fat at all.

No. 117508

when did average become fat? I'm so disappointed with this country.

I don't think Amanda is fat, but she's definitely out of shape and should weigh less for her height. She's 5 feet, isn't she?

No. 117509

She's got ham arms and needs to work out.

No. 117577

She's the only person whose eyes look warmer with lighter color of contact lenses than her natural dark eyes. She has eyes like a snake. Matching her personality perfectly.

No. 117596

File: 1433588712603.png (906.13 KB, 879x782, 2015-06-06 20.32.10.png)

Her underwear is one size too small. She looks bad. Maybe she gained weight and nothing fits her anymore lolll

No. 117598

She's somewhere around the high end of skinnyfat or the low end of chubby. Not 'fat' by any normal standards.

No. 117610

I wonder how long this high calory drink lasted next to Scamanda

No. 117612

Wowwwww her face looks fat without her contour. No wonder she lays it on so fucking thick

No. 117657

Girl wearing reading glasses and thick knit socks sitting on a pool table is sexy how? I'd want that table disinfected before I had a game on it.

No. 117658

Is the red ball implying she shot it out of her vagina, like the ping pong ball trick?

No. 117659

No "natural pout" either.

No. 117662

This seems like something Dov Charney of American Apparel infamy would find sexy.

No. 117731

File: 1433620378081.jpg (84.98 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

"What makes you happiest?"

No. 117750


No. 117819

Cat that I sold

No. 118168

I don't know how tall she is but to me she has that shapeless midget body where she's not technically fat she just has zero shape at all

No. 118899

File: 1433847207612.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-06-09-20-51-32…)

No. 118918

Man that first pic is so unflattering. No wonder she's wearing that skirt so high up on her waist. It's hiding the fat rolls she has sitting down.

No. 118929

Dem flappy titties

No. 118938

>19 is in the teens (Numberically)
Youre fucking retarded.

No. 119009

She's also an escort now.

No. 119011

No. 119014

She's about 5'3 from what I read but that could be wrong

No. 119017


So how long until she claims she "deleted the ad and totally didn't go through with it u guise!!!1" again?

No. 119053



No. 119056


"I'm Adelaide's sweetheart."

top fucking kek.

No. 119062

that's her old ad lol it's from january. she deleted it from all main sites like Scarlet Blue but there's still archives of it around. idk if she is or isn't an escort but she deleted that ad as soon as we found out about it and posted it in the original thread.

No. 119063

as you can see, at the end of the provided link it says "archived copy".

No. 119071

Why did she bother to adopt an alias and crop her face out? Everyone knows it is her because of those terrible tattoos.

No. 119136

Probably rules are like that. Pimps don't want somebody just chase down their girls, just because they saw a hooker on the website.

No. 119337

Those photos are new it's gotta be a new add. But wow she's probably got the ugliest cunt between her legs.

No. 119338

They're not new fucktard look at the date. It was written in january and it's an archive. the original ad was posted on an escort site called scarlet blue, which she deleted when somebody exposed her in the original thread. and she posted those photos on her IG last year.

No. 119342

lmfao all links posted on this site are archived now. the link itself isn't the archived one, it's current. it just has a copy.

No. 120555

File: 1434144210198.jpg (117.8 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She admitted!
Lol not the fact that she's scamming, just that her hands are not "baby hands" but "monster hands". Finally Scamanda

No. 120571

No. 120936


So?.. Fuck off.

No. 121027

yeah. so who gives a fuck if she admits that her fat as shit hands are hammy? enough to even say it in a celebratory fashion lmao

No. 121036

Lol a two letter word can evoke such a strong response. Some cunts are touchy as fuck here.

No. 121049

I give a fuck, it's funny

No. 121098

Except its true. Im sorry that you think flat chests and flqt butts are hot and womanly lmao

No. 121100

>thinking i am a landwhale for not liking childlike bodies

No. 121103


No. 121105

Big boobs and big butts are feminine. Its a fact dumbass. Flat butts or boobs are boyish. Dumbass

No. 121107

People on lolcow are too sensitive. People go apeshit if we talk shit about curveless bodies or insult noses or hands wtf

No. 121108

we should report her instagram

No. 121110

Ana chan confirmed

No. 121121

easily amused

No. 121127

Obviously not the same landwhale.

No. 121137

Hey skinnies and fatties, Scamanda is all that! Her chest is flat, but her hands, legs abd stomac are fat, and even professional photographer can not always hide that fact.
The funny thing about her admitting to have fat monster hands is, she (Kirsten Amanda) and her white knight/s on lolcow are insistin how Scamanda is not reading comments on lolcow. Which is not true! She is reading it, and it is affecting her.

Keep up the good work, keep this thread bumping.

No. 121149

Her hands are my fault. I had long realized my obsession with combining human DNA with American snack food and finally perfected the process. Some called me sick and some said I was mad. I decided to venture into my LoveCraftian desires and set my dream into motion. Years ago I was to combine Twinkie DNA with Human DNA. This "woman" was product of my love and toil. Unfortunately, it seems her Twinkie genes are strictly expressed through her fingers. A perfect merger of Finger and Twinkie. Flesh covered, creme filled, yellow snack cakes with MOTION AND PURPOSE. It's deliciousness descends into madness from which I forbid myself to return to. I've destroyed my research and turned away from my beloved project. It's sad the fruits of my labor are seen as "monster" hands when I only wanted to produce a perfection of confectionery goods and human flesh. I feel forsaken, but perhaps I was only playing God. I know my errors and repent.

No. 121150


8/10 chuckled heartily

No. 121153

File: 1434239499760.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, my-sides.gif)

No. 121178

File: 1434245192168.jpg (94.78 KB, 595x394, 1405982978657.jpg)

No. 123976

File: 1434698096279.jpg (93.42 KB, 750x1176, image.jpg)

She has enough money to waste if she's spilling her wine everywhere in this video

No. 123987

I'm pretty sure that's Hennessy not wine she's flailing about with, it's only $60 for a 700ml/23oz bottle.

No. 124033

It's Hennesy. But she shouldn't have any money to spend like this, since she is owning money to so many people.
Instead of spreying alcohol and sperm all over her, she should work a real job.

No. 124559

Yo, I don't disagree in the slightest, but if she did get a real job tell me y'all wouldn't contact them about her like everyone was going to contact Factorie/The Palace/Honey Birdette.
That aside, the first two results for her name are these threads, and I'm in Adelaide so I'm seeing pretty close to what a prospective employer would be seeing in Google.

It's a real catch 22 with the cows sometimes, we want them to fuck off and get a real job but we also stop them from doing it.

No. 124621

Wine can be as cheap as like $7 a bottle. Many are around $8-9 a bottle. Those are the same ones they sell at restaurants for at least $30, haha

No. 124642

If she apply as a cleaning lady or some other job that is decent but where she gets paid on hands for the visible work she did (I'm sure if she would deal with any kind shop, she would scam them), I wouldn't complain.
But I would still expect from her to give money back to people from who she stole money and time.

No. 126665

Lol she has gone quiet thinking we'll leave her alone

No. 126683

>tfw when I semi-know her personally

she said that she doesn't care about this thread btw lol

No. 126711

Sure, doesn't give a single fuck about this tread but still lurks here kek

No. 126723

she is actually too busy with being a hoe.

No. 126725

Of course she doesn't care, she got away with stealing a bunch of people's money

No. 126950

Lol why do you know about it then, and why are you attempting to forward a message for her? She cares hahahhaa

No. 127116

confirmed source close to scamanda told me she has genital herpes. probably why she's gone quiet lmao

No. 127122

At least her body is great

No. 127131

Whos the source?

No. 127133

not especially.

No. 127151

File: 1435236174059.jpg (219.5 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Seriously? Thinking about new horse again? Smh

No. 127932

because i asked her

No. 128009


Trying not to get all PETA here, but holy shit she talks about it like she's coveting a watch or piece of jewellery or something rather than thinking about caring for a living thing

No. 129534

She doesn't give a damn about animals, when she gets bored with the horse she will sell him, just like she did with her other former pets.

No. 131680

File: 1435958135014.jpg (195.99 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Seriously… This whore still ranting about getting a horse, and asking followers what they think about this item (horse)

No. 131681

>8 months
Lmfao she's gonna get rid of that horse before he's even old enough to ride. Why doesn't this dipshit just lease? Then when she's over it in a month she can give it back.

No. 131684

Any person with an ounce of common sense would be side eyeing this bitch. A regular pet is a big investment let alone a horse, and she's talking about it like she's waiting for the sweater she likes to be released in her favorite color.

No. 131722


She's probably not even aware of the fact that you CAN lease a horse. Most people I've met who don't know horses have no idea that this is a thing. I get the sense that she knows next to nothing about them, let alone how to handle an 8 month old. I hope they don't sell to her because she could seriously fuck up this horse's chances at a future.

No. 132541

File: 1436085457015.jpg (120.44 KB, 640x875, image.jpg)

No. 132562

>an excellent project
Way to refer to a pet

She deleted that shameful post now.

No. 133576

I saw Adelaide and thought this was about those photo leaks

No. 133588

What did you see?

No. 134280

File: 1436337896143.jpg (119.22 KB, 750x864, image.jpg)

It looks like she is losing weight

No. 134294

Probably from all those drugs. Her arms/hands are still hella chunky

No. 134624

hella chunky? lmao you sound salty as fuck

No. 134637

Her hands, yeah. Her arms? No.

No. 134641

idk bout her arms but she's always had extremely fat hands

No. 134643

You should calm down.

No. 134667

Here her legs don't look chunky as usual (probably these pants squeezed her legs, plus the pants are black), but her arms are still fat, although this is probably her best picture ever, so everything looks better than usual, even her hands.

No. 134670

>I can buy a horse
>IM POOR!!!!
i fucking hate her

No. 134671

Her hands are a bit big but who cares? I hate her but she has a nice body. i cant understand people's obsession with her fucking hands.

No. 134684

she is bending forward in this pic. Obvious in the one on the left its a great strategy to make you look skinnier and have slim legs

No. 134685

She should move in with Big Lotts

No. 134686

She shouldn't try to look slimmer. Her thighs and body are fine. i dont get it

No. 135565

She looks really hot in that picture tbh, her waist and hips look nice but you can definitely tell the tricks she's doing to look slimmer (extending her abdomen out, feet wide apart and feet turned in). Too bad she's still a filthy scammer :/

No. 136739

File: 1436737246390.jpg (53.99 KB, 640x359, scammer Kirsten Amanda.jpg)

Posting picture of a scammer's face to introduce her to new people who will come.
Do you all remember how she was saying in the beginning of this year how she will return all money within a week?

No. 136741


Did the Australia-anons ever get her on that scammer show?

No. 136930

I don't think so :( I'm sure it would be mentioned here if it happened. I guess they have too many offers for the show. But it would be really hilaious, I think that Aussie anon didn't send Kirsten's pictures. That was mistake, if they saw her face and body, they would chase her down the streets, I'm sure

No. 136950

Now I can't help but think everyone using hahahahahahah or ahahahahah or aha etc being her. And some other mannerisms too that I can't point out but can read in 'her' voice.

It's not a secret she lurks here though but this happens with other medias aswell.

No. 137665

All lolcows lurk here.

No. 138554

File: 1437079904353.jpg (177.64 KB, 1366x670, lol4.jpg)

Lord, why nobody was taking screenshots of this whore's tumblr? I totally forgot about it.

News 1. She's planning to visit US.

No. 138555

File: 1437079975545.jpg (198.55 KB, 1366x668, lol3.jpg)

2. She lost only one kg, which means, the pic that we saw where she doesn't look like a ham is just a good angle.

No. 138556

File: 1437080032614.jpg (170.63 KB, 1366x667, lol2.jpg)

3. She's taking a break from MFC because she doesn't want people to take screenshots of her naked body lol

No. 138558

File: 1437080095088.jpg (220.57 KB, 1366x672, lol1.jpg)


Also, she doesn't have to cam because she doesn't need that money.

>you know why

No. 146384

File: 1438145697212.jpg (156.14 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

The whore has changed her phone number. Still not answering anything regarding money she stole. Spending that money to stuff herself with tacos.

No. 147304

Damn can any of them even get up on a pole? Or do they just dance on the stage…?
I feel like none of them would make much money since they probably can't perform.

No. 147356

Wow! Love her haircut and face! She is so pretty!

No. 147383

No. 147392

>I've deleted all my lingerie pics

>I'm changing as a person

>I want my privacy

>I don't want strangers seeing my boobs anymore


Oh no
Isn't that unfortunate

No. 151843

File: 1438760760984.jpg (308.19 KB, 750x1282, image.jpg)

She got the honey birdette job

No. 151991


maybe she can pay all those people back! And maybe her fingers will stop looking like deformed sausages.

No. 152367

Tbh honey birdette is a dodgy as fuck company, I'm not surprised they hired her

No. 152632

File: 1438851669045.jpg (124.62 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

The bottom picture…
SHE'S 19

No. 152633

File: 1438851755555.jpg (225.13 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Kirsten Amanda Scammer Brown talking about respect makes me sick. Disgusting shameless scamming bitch.

No. 152635

Ouch. She looks twice her age.

No. 152768

She needs to stop contouring. It can age you dramatically if you don't do it right, or have certain features… looking like a porn star past her peak is a good example…

No. 156165

File: 1439258481280.jpg (116.83 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 156214

File: 1439262730648.jpg (232.44 KB, 750x1263, image.jpg)

No. 157170

if you were that rich you wouldn't post pics like that cause money isn't a big deal. Pet peeve

No. 157186

Whores and strippers love to post about their earnings because that's their validation for their pathetic and disgusting work choice. Amanda isn't any different

No. 157198


Exactly. Gotta love how strippers always go on and on about how much they love their job and how much money they make. Like, if you were genuinely comfortable with your job and couldn't give a shit about what people think, you wouldn't feel the need to talk about how ~rich~ you are at every opportunity.

OT but surely you could only really strip until like, maybe 40 if you took good enough care of yourself? But all the strippers I've seen seem to blow their cash on frivolous things instead of saving it or investing in something. It's gonna hit them hard if they have nothing to fall back on and end up having to work minimum wage for the rest of their lives after being so used to spending their money on whatever shit they want.

No. 157206

I'd rather get an education and have a career I can do for a long time or take with me to any country. Most people who have regular jobs just do them and dont brag about how much they make online constantly.

No. 158273

yeah um its kind of the new thing to post about your money
aka insta
aka rkobh
aka rkoi
so ???

No. 158276

are you for real??

No. 158284

Scamanda said she wants to work something with animals, once she stop being a hooker. Kek

No. 158292

So donkey shows are in her future?

No. 158329


Lmao that's great
How much do you want to bet she put absolutely no research into what jobs she can do and what qualifications she needs?

Seeing as I'm pretty sure you still read this thread, Scamanda, the whole animal care profession is pretty competitive, even the lower level jobs, and you can bet most of the people applying for jobs have relevant experience and/or don't have their tits plastered all over the internet. Good luck with that.

No. 165151

Are you guys reaaaally still saying she was a hooker? She was never a hooker. I'm one of her close friends and I spend a lot of time with her, not only that but she's seeing someone and they spend most nights together. The rest of her time is spent at home, spending time with her mother or at one of her two jobs. People who are close to her know where she spends her time and it's not in bed with strangers. She's far too snobby with guys to sleep with just anyone. Get a life, guys.. You're obsessed with her and it's creepy.

No. 165178

and what a great friend you are bumping her thread after a week with no discussion about her!

No. 165193

lol I don't care if she's a hooker or not.
she's a scammer and that's the worst thing and main reason why this thread is here.
love how you don't deny that, though. all you can deny is that she was never a prostitute, kek.

No. 165397

wow this did more harm than good. are you dumb? i forgot about her until now.

No. 165412

lol if she wasn't a hooker why did she have a hooker profile for 'girlfriend' experience? because she's a hooker. I would have never said she was until I saw the proof

No. 168298

Two jobs? She can pay everyone back easily then.
I assume she's still stripping lol

No. 168564

File: 1440443739277.jpg (161.85 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

>Two faced people or people who are generally liars or are dishonest are people I can’t tolerate.

So.. She hates herself?

No. 168566

Q: "Do you ever regret becoming "internet famous" like with all that lol cow shit? I mean sure you made a mistake but you were a teenager like anyone on that site can act like they never made a mistake. And just how harshly people who don't know you judge you? I mean the people who know you seek to adore you so you must be pretty awesome. I guess they're just jealous you're doing you better then they're doing themselves"

A: "Yeah I do wish I hadn’t gotten semi well known. By all means I don’t consider myself ‘internet famous’ but I have a few too many followers for my liking now. The lolcow stuff is ridiculous and very nasty and I’m glad you agree. I consider myself to be a pretty good person and yeah the people who know me usually say that I’m a pretty good person too. Thank you, you’re sweet :) x"


Who the fuck is writing comments like that?
And scamming doesn't make you a good person and being a scammer means you're not a good person.

No. 168579


obvious self-ask is obvious.

No. 168590


>I mean sure you made a mistake but you were a teenager like anyone on that site can act like they never made a mistake.

Not to sound all moral, but scamming multiple people out of their money, at 19 years old, and refusing to refund them or deliver their items even after being contacted by them multiple times =/= a cringey phase or hanging out with the wrong crowd

No. 173111

wtf i weigh 300lbs and her fingers are fatter than mine

No. 175360

File: 1441493634270.jpg (85.09 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Scammer got her lips done.

No. 175361

File: 1441493830554.jpg (221.18 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Why people stopped writing to her publicaly? At least that shame should follow her forever on her online profiles.

No. 178124

File: 1441924831533.jpg (129.34 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Is it normal that vegetarians reblog this kind of stuff as estetically pleasing?
Recently she even stated she became vegan, after being "vegetarian" for years.

No. 178194


Guess those people she scammed seriously aren't getting their money back

No. 178196

Nope, from personal experience and knowing a lot of these types of people, every vegetarian and vegan I know is disgusted by seeing meat because it makes them think about the animals dying, and they also wouldn't want to encourage other people to look at the photo and think it was yummy and want to eat more meat. Can't speak for every vegetarian or vegan but that is the general consensus. So to me her behavior seems pretty off to say the least.
Also gotta wonder what she is doing with all that animal tested makeup etc.

No. 178276

She posted a pic of nachos the other day and when someone asked what vegan cheese she used, she ignored them so obviously it was just normal cheese. She also has silk eyelash extensions, and wears MAC. She doesn't give a fuck about the animals, clearly. Her vegan phase lasted about a week. I bet she chows down on bacon every night.

No. 178284

Same person. I also noticed yesterday she posted a big thing on IG talking about mental health and how she was there for everyone and that if anyone needed to talk shed listen. Then she deleted it a few hours later bc no likes HAHAHAA likes= sustenance

No. 178295

Anyone else think of this whenever they see a picture of this sausage beast?


No. 178299


No. 178380

I will see this forever

No. 179935

File: 1442291985623.jpg (98.13 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Lol why is she reblogging this? Is that a warning, or is she thinking she has more empathy than other people?
Since she's so twisted, I believe it's the second

No. 180465

File: 1442447346889.png (1.29 MB, 1072x1481, 2015-09-17 09.17.24.png)

"I'm taking down all my lingerie photos - I'm not that girl anymore!!!!!!!!!"

No. 180480


Are those just really bad extensions or what's going on with her hair there

No. 180482

cheap extensions

No. 180483


Cool, cheers

I wonder if she's ever gotten an infection from wearing fake nails all the time. Those stiletto ones don't exactly do those hands any favours, either.

No. 180489

She tells everyone it's her natural hair

No. 180491

File: 1442451119122.png (101.82 KB, 300x348, 1.png)

can she even take this ring off???

No. 180492

whatever, extensions are painfully obvious especially when the hair is another color. She tried fluffed them to make them blend.

No. 180524

yes with soapy water

No. 180572

And pliers

No. 180578


It was hilarious that one time when she PSAd her instagram that she'd want to go back to that ratty silvery mess she had in her teens, tried to bleach it with home kits and then instantly dyed black box colour over it and went on bragging how it's her natural hair colour u guise!1

I could believe it's her natural colour (I'm a noob when it comes to extensions) but well that hair isn't doing, considering she pulls out the bleach every other month.


Is that a price tag? D:

No. 180579


Also wtf brainfart, natural hair* and not colour.

No. 180605

Yes it's a tag. She works at honey birdette so she hasn't bought any of that she's just trying it on and being a cheap bitch

No. 183937

So she tries lingerie on for Instagram photos and then it goes back on the rack for people to buy, that sounds kind of… gross. I think I'll start going to a different HB store.

No. 183938

sabrina nellie copies her tbh

No. 183945

>Sabrina is way hotter, thinner, has 10x the amount of followers and manages to run a business without being a scammer
>"copies her tbh"

Okay Kirsten, okay.

No. 183973

File: 1442842113750.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-09-21-22-21-00…)

If you're implying that you're making that much bank and telling everyone a trip overseas is on the cards; just pay everyone back already, you dumb bitch.

No. 184154

File: 1442873977194.jpg (184.81 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Just posting this so people could see which fancy trip the bitch is planning

No. 184157

File: 1442874136046.jpg (165.89 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

>"got to me so quickly"

That horrible scamming bitch. I wish there is a "report a scammer" button on Instagram.

No. 184324

It looks like she isn't wearing underwear underneath while she is trying it on as well.

No. 185823


Speaking of not wearing underwear… tags still on everything, including panties

No. 185825

File: 1443329114319.png (1.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-09-26-18-18-15…)

Oops, forgot my screencap

No. 185826

If she's really not wearing underwear while trying those on, I'm pretty sure she can get fired.
That is extremely, extremely unhygienic. I don't even have to tell y'all.
I would puke and panic if I found out some filthy stripper wore the underwear I bought, before I bought it.
Nasty bitch.

No. 185837

It looks like she's wearing something leopard print

No. 185846

Nah, that's the tattoo she has across her hips.

I'm tempted to write a letter of concern to head office, purely because I'm grossed out. I'm definitely not buying from that store again at the very least.

No. 185847

Chill the fuck out. She is probably wearing something underneath, and even if she wasn't, I'm pretty sure all lingerie stores have some kind of sticker around the crotch area?
Even if they somehow did not, you wear underwear when you try them on. And you (hopefully) wash them before wearing them.

No. 185989

Still, so fucking gross to see her trying out lingerie that is still on sale. And when you know what kind of hooker she is and what kind of disease stays from her cunt on their underwear, even i it's only on the sticker… So fucking gross, I feel like trowing up too

No. 186020

Most stores allow you to try on the bras but definitely not panties.

No. 186268

Honey birdette don't have the sticker on panties

No. 186281

Even if they did you're STILL supposed to keep your underwear on when you try on panties or swimsuits. The sticker is only meant to provide a barrier between the outside of your underwear (which should be clean anyway) and the fabric, they're not designed to protect the garment against direct contact with coochie juices.

And let's assume the same pair of panties you're trying on without your panties underneath has already been tried on by five different girls who also weren't wearing theirs. That's five layers of nasty crotch that's now touching yours, and muh hygiene sticker isn't gonna help you.

Yes, you wash underwear after you buy it in case other girls have done gross shit to it but that doesn't make the gross shit okay.

No. 187631

File: 1443732135030.jpg (63.94 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Bitch escaped

No. 187632

File: 1443732191920.jpg (78.28 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I found only backup. I don't think she deleted it, probably just changed URL

No. 187648

that anon was right it does look like leopard print under the undies if not its the design

No. 187705

She changed it to cognacbabydoll lol cla$$$$$y

No. 187706

No, it's not the tattoo. I looked online and those parts are cut outs on the fupa. So unless she tattooed her fupa beige with leopard spots, there's a barrier and you need to be more rational.

No. 187740

Hahaha nice thankyou

Drunky whore Kirsten

No. 187948

File: 1443829139067.jpg (162.07 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She's rubbing her asshole in one more piece for selling :/

No. 187949

File: 1443829171059.jpg (169.49 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

>"I'm a nice girl."

No. 187960

kek this faggot is SO thirsty

No. 187969

File: 1443838179119.jpg (15.77 KB, 300x300, 1442213026195.jpg)

Lmao did that guy really just put his own gf on blast while chatting up some whore on insta?

No. 187984

Jesus Christ. I feel sorry for his girlfriend.

No. 188013

Not his girlfriend, that girl has like 16k followers or something and has no idea who he is hahahahah. These kind of people make up the bulk of Kirsten's followers, they're all fucking random no one in Adelaide actually likes her lol

No. 188151

File: 1443912400290.jpg (127.74 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Just for the info: she has money. Contact her for your refund. Please.

No. 188243

Shit, you right. I didn't even notice that, I thought you meant the larger gap between the panties and the garter belt. My bad lol

No. 188268

did she really make a blank account just so nobody else could use the name 'coconutbabydoll'?

No. 188296

No. 188298

I can understand women wanting to try on swimsuits and so long as they're wearing knickers and there's one of those sticky plastic snatch guards, fine (not that I'd buy anything someone had tried on). I don't get why you'd need to try on the knickers part of a set like this though. The bra, yes, but if you know your size, the bottom part's going to fit. Definitely shouldn't try on a thong because the string's going to go up someone's ass crack.

I like the leopard print carpet.

No. 188788


i'm from adelaide too and i couldn't agree with you more.

No. 189424

File: 1444190141309.png (927.66 KB, 1080x960, 2015-10-07 14.24.23.png)

No. 189425

File: 1444190177928.png (276.98 KB, 1060x961, 2015-10-07 14.23.55.png)


No. 189434


No. 189466

Omg they deleted it

No. 189467

They deleted her comment??

No. 189476

Yeah just her comment

No. 189507


Fucking hell, that's so scummy of them

I can understand taking it with a pinch of salt considering it's an instagram comment but you'd think they'd at least reply and try to sort things out rather than just delete it considering this kind of thing puts the reputation of their business at stake.

No. 189517

File: 1444222832936.png (778.24 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-10-07-23-56-05…)

Didn't she cheat on Dylan tho?

No. 189518

I heard that. Also heard she's been a homewrecker a bunch of times, fucking dudes with girlfriends. She even posted on IG once about it

No. 189576

must be a shitty business then
especially if they also let her asshole rub against everything they sell

No. 190309

I am so glad to see Tate back :) <3

No. 190405

I am also from adelaide and 100% correct, this girl has no dignity. She's a laughing stock.

No. 190406

HB is owned by BBRC which is dodgy as hell when it comes to their hiring and the way they treat their employees. Some of the shit I've heard about the girls working at HB has made my skin crawl, they're all awful, Scamanda belongs there.

No. 190431

Is she asking people to donate for her to purchase art? Cause that would be shit.

I've been commissioned to paint deceased pets before. It's only weird when they want a 36" x 24" or larger, to put right above their fireplace…

wahhh! she can't legally drink in the states? how different is australia? She looks way older. Like if we went out I'd get carded before she would.

Pretending she bought the panties at least.

eww could you imagine those sharp white nails and chubby hands trying to get her into a pair of these? Probably slice right through it and ruin them.

No. 191021

Tell more about HB, Idk anything about them

No. 191170

File: 1444555461123.jpeg (313.83 KB, 1125x1500, image.jpeg)

Lol she bought a car but won't pay anyone back

No. 191171

Love how she censored out the price.
Because it was cheap and she doesn't want to seem tacky and poor or because it was expensive and she knows it contradicts her excuses for not paying back the people she scammed?
I'm betting on the former; she seems to have no shame about posting all sorts of other luxury shit she buys with her customers' money.

No. 191314

Or maybe it was written "on sale" :D :D
But whatever, posting shit like that while scamming people… I would LOVE to heresome more excuses from her for not returning money since she was first exposedon lolcow… It was in January and she said she will return money in a week.

No. 191322

Someone find her car and fucking trash it. Smash all the windows and key the sides and slash the tyres. Then she'll be out a few grand, and there will be SOME justice

No. 191332


>going to jail for some washed up 19 year old.

No. 191394

I just love how she censored the price sticker but not the registration plate, even though at least half of it is clearly visible… how many cars of this exact make and model, with this plate number, does she think there are in Adelaide? If anyone was actually dumb enough to trash her car that would make it so easy.

Priorities, girl.

No. 191426

File: 1444649804183.jpeg (302.56 KB, 1125x1568, image.jpeg)

Wow it actually freaks me out how delusional she is

No. 191439

She literally does not care to even pretend she is planning on refunding people. She made a post a while ago saying "I was young and did stupid things but it's all in the past now because I can still get away with peoples money!!"

No. 191449

>all i want is to make people happy
>take their money

No. 191575

>…and for effort and feelings to be reciprocated.

I think she wants to get robbed

No. 192704

File: 1444873932052.jpeg (393.26 KB, 1115x1641, image.jpeg)

She took honey birdette out of her bio. Quit? Fired?

No. 192764

maybe fired from all the comments left on their instagram about her being a fraud and thief?

No. 192766

Maybe her managers just had her take it out of her bio because of all the bad publicity she's brought on, like what happened with Asha and wherever she worked. Maybe she grew enough common sense to realise that people are actually threatening her job by calling her out to her employers. Who knows.

No. 192792

I heard name Asha few times but have no idea who's that and what happened. Can you elaborate please?

No. 192793

File: 1444914908572.jpg (122.54 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Looks like she's still working for HB

No. 192794

File: 1444914985776.jpg (137.36 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Doesn't look like she gives a fuck about products being made from cow though, even she still represents herself as vegan/vegetarian/animal lover on fire etc.

No. 192800

Asha is a batshit crazy black girl who posts a constant stream of nonsensical ramblings and vag pics. I'm not sure which board her threads are on now, but it's all here if you care to look for it.
The specific incident I was talking about with her job was the time she got in trouble because her name tag from work (including the company logo) was visible in some of her public, disgusting, very graphic nudes. Her manager gave her the choice of making her Twitter private and never mentioning her workplace online, or getting fired.

No. 192815

Those lips make her look like a freak.

No. 192820

Agreed. At least she's honest about getting them done though. But they look so so bad, it's like she chewed on her bottom lip while on E.

Also going a little off topic but I just can't fucking understand why girls with sausage fingers insist on wearing those god awful acrylic nails that bulge and make their hands look even more gross and chubby? I'm on the short side (5 ft) and even though my fingers are nowhere near as fat as Scamanda's they can get kinda swollen if the temperature changes rapidly or I've been drinking and everytime they do, long nails make them look extra big. Just. Goddamn. Please get rid of the talons or make sure your grubby hands are in the most flattering position before taking a selfie.

No. 193097


Her point is to be as obvious hooker as possible. Lip fillers look artificial and like a cheap fuckdoll? Get them!
Hair, nails too.

No. 193099

A lot of your typical backstabbing bs like stealing each others sales and being bitches. They're really inappropriate with customers as well when it comes to sexual comments, saying things like they use the miniature vibrators on the shop floor (like they stick them in their underwear and get off while they're working). They try and make themselves seem inclusive but if you're not built like a size 10 sex bomb you can basically just forget feeling comfortable in the store. It seems like they have a pretty high staff turnover as well so that speaks for itself.
she's never going to pay that money back and anyone who thinks she is is kidding themselves.

No. 193770

File: 1445173135918.png (897.81 KB, 1440x2560, 2015-10-18 23.56.08.png)

Top kek. Which one of you was this?

No. 193802

I just saw this and was about to post hahahaha

No. 193824

Can confirm, the shopkeepers try to put on a 'teehee be a slut do whatever you want' persona but it's just awkward and inappropriate. I went in once to have a quick look around, and the sales assistant spent half an hour trying to talk me in to buying a mini vibrator by telling me she'd let me go stick it in my faff in their dressing rooms so I could "have orgasms while I'm doing the rest of my shopping".

No. 193831

Hahahahah amazing, I love u anon, wherever you are.
What the fuck, that's so gross and dodgy.
I don't even know how I'd react to a shopkeeper saying that to me. Were you like "nah, I'm good"? Haha.
Honestly, I thought the whole thing with Scamanda trying on the underwear (possibly without wearing any underneath) was bad and she could get in trouble but now hearing this, I don't think the store/company would even give any fucks.

No. 193836

Nah I just kind of entertained her sales pitch for a while out of courtesy, and then made something up about it being my birthday next week and I'd get my bf to come back and buy me one. This girl either could not read body language at all or just didn't care because I was obviously uncomfortable.
The entire exchange was just weird and kind of predatory, and it really came across that that was the company's entire culture so I just never went back in there

Aaaand now Kirsten works/worked at that exact same store so yaknow maybe I made the right choice

No. 194088

This is such a great comment hahahaha

I thought HB just doesn't care about Kirsten Scamanda because they maybe don't know about her scams, but reading this they are shitty, probably half of their buyers get HIV

No. 194135

The fuck is CREAM

No. 194138

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me"
It's a Wu-Tang Clan song that white girls like to quote when they think they're successful and self-made

No. 194229

File: 1445249666709.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-10-19-21-11-23…)

Might be seeing her on TV soon? Yay.

No. 194254

LOL she will be an extra that walks in the background of a scene or something

No. 194436


This post is already deleted

No. 194445

Yeah she changed the caption to something like "Yes I wear men's underwear as booty shorts" then deleted it. Maybe one rude comment sent her into such a rage that she deleted the entire post, like with the online shopping one kek

No. 194448

It's probably due to the fact that move shows have you sign a NDA, so she probably was not supposed to say anything about her appearance.

No. 195748

File: 1445603913489.png (645.55 KB, 509x507, keks.png)

i dont get her. she wont cam anymore because she doesnt want anyone taking screenshots of her (thats exactly the reason she gave on her tumblr) but she'll show her ass for free on instagram. kek logic

No. 195766

Also she said she's done with showing her body, but looks like hooker once = hooker forever

No. 195802

File: 1445615128305.jpg (77.67 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_mil5x9xdwK1rlo1q2o1_128…)

I feel like her saying she's done with showing her body is equivalent to dramawhores who say 'I hate drama'

Like shit, it's not like she has any other ways to get cash. Dis stubby dwarf lookin' hoe couldn't even keep track of/remember to ship out orders for her online shops. I don't think she went into it expecting to scam everyone, I think she's just legit that lazy/stupid.

Totes wanna shoop her face onto the midget fighting cartman in this.


No. 195803

File: 1445615197790.jpg (65.42 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_niuq31MI8F1rlo1q2o1_128…)

No. 195822

I don't get her hands???
Like? I am an obesefag
my fingers look like twigs compared to hers


No. 195829

I honestly don't either… it must be some kind of genetic disposition

No. 195851

File: 1445623105360.jpg (186.46 KB, 800x545, ischial-callosities-on-baboons…)


For some reason that pic reminds me of this

No. 196346

she's been getting naked on the internet for the last six years, she'll never stop.

No. 196361

Lol she deleted this post

No. 196942

File: 1445854543132.jpg (131.21 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 197073

File: 1445899545317.jpg (145.81 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 197089

same basic concept

No. 197820

File: 1446152930129.jpg (117.57 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Idgaf about the point of the message, but about the fact that this scamming hooker is going to get her boobs done, and she even call it "her savings".
Bitch you fucking stole that money.
What an unbeliveable std cunt.

No. 197860

I dont get the tiny boob hate. Tiny boobs are awesome.

But whatever, she's a trashy ho. She'll probably end up with Jnig sized balloons. Or even ones as bad as Charms.

No. 197896

I'm guessing she'll do more a Charms thing and they'll end up looking awful. Tbh, though I'd rather the money she has go to paying back her customers, I'm rather enjoy watching her destroy herself. She comes off as one of those people who get a bit of PS to fix a few things then goes full out trying to emulate some celebs.

No. 197900

Shes stupid. People arent born with triple z breasts and fish lips. I agree with that person shell end up fucking herself over.

No. 198156

File: 1446243490738.jpg (165.15 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Maybe she's pregnant

No. 198446

File: 1446325170636.jpg (124.12 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She looks fucked up now, glad to see that tbh

No. 198447

She's pretty. She just posts way too much money talk

No. 198466

wow those new lips are horrible. i thought she was pretty before the injections. those brows look shit too.

No. 198491

This. She looks like a monkey now.

No. 198515

Lmao this bitch is ruining her appearance. She wasn't bad looking before, but now…

No. 198520

Da fuq happened to her face?! I ignored her thread for a few days and come back to some deformed version of her?

No. 198529

wow maybe its just a bad shot but she looks shit here lmao. i wonder why she quit being a camgirl though, i mean she shows her assets to thousands of people on isntagram and snapchat for free. why not get paid for it

No. 198531

the girl that did her lips did amy's too right? kirsten's turned out all fucked up. if i were her i wouldn't pump them up with shit again but she probably will. should stick to drawing over them

No. 198534

Who knows. She tries to be like that camgirl Sabrina Nellie but fails miserably.

No. 198555

Who knows. She tries to be like that camgirl Sabrina Nellie but fails miserably. >>198534
isnt that the girl that shat herself on cam and pushed it back in

No. 198563


No. 198577

Yeah there's videos of it on porn sites.

No. 198613

She was cute here ^.

Da fuq happened to her? Those lip injections on that new pic are fucked. Maybe it's a bad pic.

No. 198648

The pic is deleted. Kirsten is religeously following her lolcow thread.

No. 198666

not surprising, she's been thirsty for drama since she was 12 on myspace.

No. 198669

Different anon but i'm cackling so hard.

No. 199352

Sorry for sounding stupid but can somebody explain what does it mean to a non-native English speaker? I want to laugh too

No. 199353

I think anon means that particular camgirl (Sabrina Nellie) pooped herself and tried to push the shit back up her asshole while doing a cam show.
I felt gross writing that.

No. 199364

Thank you for writing that :)

No. 199388

File: 1446562273543.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-04-01-44-49…)

Pretty sure she won't be able to become a ps teacher because, you know, (failed) prostitution and stripping.

No. 199559

Just saw that post any my only thought was: "Adelaide, is it possible that you are so lame town that a primary school teacher can become someone whose pussy and tits are all over the internet (and in many HDDs)!?"

No. 199744

Tbh, I doubt she'd be able to get a job with any reputable company. Not adding in the obvious whoring, it's no loss if she doesn't succeed at getting better employment to trolls and the people she scammed. Until she truly becomes boring there will likely always be somebody who will let prospective employers know about her. Not all of those will be scummy like Honey Birdette either.

No. 200036

The fact that she dares to say she wants to be a teacher makes me so mad. Teaching is actually a respectable profession - imagine enrolling your kid to find that disgusting slut teaching the class????

No. 200116

Don't worry Anon. It's likely one of those things she'll talk about but never actually do, like not posting anymore underwear/nude pics on the internet.

No. 200134

lmao omg I had no idea about this. just watched it

No. 201047

File: 1446847996379.jpg (148.56 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Scammer's lyf

No. 201462

Can confirm Kirsten isn't working at honey birdette anymore. Pretty sure she was fired, can't imagine she left of her own accord.

No. 201775

File: 1447032324842.jpg (130.44 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Scamanda's LA customers: Wait her on the airport when the time comes :))

No. 201813

She would not last in LA. You have to keep up with Joneses and trust me the market here is saturated with instawhores struggling for johns to pay them for their services.

No. 201855

File: 1447048534222.png (1.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-09-16-51-56…)

Who wants to join her coochie club?

No. 201907


New scamming job

No. 201913

No one on earth would take that job. What's the point of being nude if you aren't a stripper but a waitress? There is none and you are exploiting yourself in a way that's not top dollar?

Sorry if that was absolute giberish

No. 202657

File: 1447216031403.jpg (130.15 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 202675

File: 1447222939428.jpg (16.98 KB, 261x247, JESUS CHRIST.jpg)

Wait, is this bitch seriously 19/20? This isn't a joke, right? I'm about to hit 24, and she looks like six years older than me! A very hard six years, I might add. There's gotta be drugs involved here. Holy fuck

No. 202700

She's 19, and I'm forever schoked with it too.
With one year she ages two.

No. 202752

Wow. I actually did think she was 26/27 for the longest time.

No. 202753

Whores and sjws are always sucking on Nikki minaj's invisible dick for spme reason.

No. 202769

I imagine that we're never going to hear about this again as it never takes off, but I truly wish we would

She's literally retarded in every aspect. No sense whatsoever.

I bet she posts all this shit on ig and buys all this crap to try to mask how lost she is. She's going no where, has no future, burning all her bridges and has nothing to show for it. No sense of identity, nothing. She probably wants to move so badly to try to reinvent herself - and I really hope she does, so every delusion she has built up to cope comes crashing down when she realizes that didn't work.

What an ugly girl, physically and mentally. Been one of my favorite wrecks to follow, sad she doesn't produce more consistent milk (aka she can't even adequately attention whore, she's literally shit at everything).

Makes me happy knowing she undoubtedly has nights where reality hits her and she baws about herself.

If she and big lottes moved in together to be whores I'd be so happy. It'd be like my fav cows doing some kind of DBZ fusion dance.

No. 202778

>Charms and Scamanda living together
>camming together
Haha, man that would be great.

No. 202782


No. 202793

File: 1447258534003.jpeg (12.69 KB, 400x300, latest.jpeg)

Fucking kek'd. Someone please paste their heads onto this picture with that as the caption, if possible. I am without a computer.

No. 203664

File: 1447456228452.jpg (186.5 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No answer about HB even when the question comes from her friend

No. 203666

File: 1447456283150.jpg (128.47 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She looks so wrecked here that at the first glance I thought she's in hospital

No. 203668

Omg anon, I will do this as soon as I get home

No. 203682

19 years old huh..

No. 203701

she lookin like someone "i'm doing okay for someone in my late-thirties" mama tbh

No. 203709

It's weird, it's like there's this fine line with plastic surgery where it either makes you look younger and better… or an overly injected old hag. As can be seen here.

Those lips are so unnatural, you can tell she's just had the sides of her upper lips filled… lips naturally taper at either side, they aren't supposed to BALLOON.

No. 203769

she's cute but she was better looking when she didn't have those injections.

No. 205953

She changed her tumblr url to

No. 206262

lookin a little like kris jenner in the top one.

No. 209676

No. 210045

File: 1449068930952.jpg (145.28 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

New lashes and up like Donald Trump

No. 210046

Why does she look Asian?

No. 210050

tbh im so jealous of her face shape

No. 210051

She has a very nice face shape, cheekbones and nose, but remember anon, she has meaty paws and a stumpy body and nothing can fix that.

No. 210062

Her fingers don't really look sausagey here >>210045 to me. I think she's lost weight.

No. 210102

Maybe not as sausagey as usual but definitely fatter than an average persons fingers.

No. 210103

Eyeliner+really small eyes. All females in her family have tiny eyes.

No. 210137


I mean all she has to do is lose more weight.

No. 210165

What a bitch. Pretty though.

No. 210166

she's tiny in her recent IG pics though

No. 210167

Who cares

No. 210277

She's born to sell her body. She should work more on it.

No. 210605

File: 1449217612612.jpg (158.13 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Ask her questions

No. 210616

she's pretty.

No. 210620


i'm two years older than this bitch and she looks at least 15 years older than me.

sup kristen

No. 210633

Kirsten, what's up with your new scamming job?

No. 210637

Hey Kristen, I'm glad you think so, but you are terribly wrong my dear.

No. 210640

Honestly I'd like to see some of the basic bitches who post this kind of thing on threads. She is pretty. She's a shitty person but she's pretty. Sorry you're so insecure you can't even admit that anonymously.

No. 210648

Basic bitch? I'm ALMOST tempted to post a photo of myself but then I remembered I don't need validation from little freaks like you who lurk lolcow for a day and pretend they have it all figured out. Get the fuck out of here. She looks like a frog that's ill.

No. 210652

take it outside ladies, no one wants to read this shameful shit.

No. 210653

She's hideous. I don't think you have to look better than someone to know they're ugly, though I'm well aware I look better than her.

That's not even saying much, it doesn't take a lot to look better than her.

So sorry you're ugly. :^)

No. 210660




If you were that comfortable with yourself, you'd drop this retarded, petty argument. Both of you please stop. I'm cringing so hard rn

No. 210668

The person here >>210653 wasn't me. I wouldn't be that brash.

I was initially talking to scamandah and that person didn't like how truthful I was being on lolcow of all places.

All in all, she's ugly. Fuck off.

No. 210675


Please take off the tinfoil hat and go outside.

No. 210680

But I like my tinfoil hat, anon

No. 210681

How embarrassing.

No. 210682

Yeah, I'm not the initial Anon. Just have the same opinion of ugly cows.

That's like saying we are all being petty and should do something else than lolcow. This isn't a highschool psychology class, self esteem reaches farther than 'hurrdurr you said you weren't ugly so you must hate yourself!', Scamanda

No. 210691

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.

No. 210692

Can you guys just not tell when something is bait or….?

No. 210703

kiii so many comments over someone saying "she's pretty" you fags are too much. she's not ugly she's very cute but she's a dumbass anyway so who cares

No. 210704

do it cunt i wanna fap

No. 210727

>very cute
Jesus you must be from Adelaide

Just the fact she did her lips (with stolen money), huge fat cheekbones, tinie tiny eyes, weave, artificial eyelashes (again with stolen money), and tone of makeup, like the worst hooker,
it's gross.

I would always think she is on ugly side of average, but with knowing all this (and the fact that she just moved - w/ stolen money and is planning on doing fake tits, again w/ stolen money) is making her SO ugly that I would never ever call her cute, esp not "very" cute. You do sound like Kirstenor her friend for that, you know

No. 210772


lmao again you're getting so riled up over two words. i don't give a fuck if i sound like this bitch or her stupid ass friends, the fact remains that i would splooge on her cute face with the knowledge that she's a shitty person

No. 210849

I'm not any of people to who you refered before.
But obviously you are the only one who comes on this thread to comment how Kirsten is "pretty" or "very cute". You're trolling

No. 210852

why would i give a fuck if im the only one? lmao some of you are flaming faggots. this bitch isnt a great person but shes attractive to me. who cares.

No. 210853

if this was cropped I'd think she was smoking a huge stogie. Dem fingers… :S

No. 210855

>flaming faggots

Hey r9gay, you realize this board is mainly populated by women, right?

No. 210873


Do it.

No. 210883

A lot of people use the word faggot here and it has nothing to do with /r9k/, newfag. Everyone knows we're women. No one cares and you don't have to say it.

No. 210901

So, please tell me. Just how retarded are you? Read the post I was replying to. Here, I'll quote it for you since you're too stupid to scroll back up anyway:
>lmao some of you are flaming faggots.

Basically, the comment chain shows some dude wanking to splooge on Kristen's face, and then calling us 'flaming faggots' for not wanting to as well. Which basically implies the poster believes this is a male dominated chan.

The milk drought has blinded you with unnecessary rage. Please kindly change your tampon and eat some ice cream.

No. 210907

You really think I'm raging just because you pointed out that this is a female dominated chan? Calling you a newfag and saying that no one cares isn't raging. Looks like you're the one that needs to calm down, love.

>Please kindly change your tampon and eat some ice cream

Nice projecting again. Should take your own advice.

Reread my post. Get over it or suck it up.

No. 210911

God I am actually menstruating but some of y'all bitches need midol.

No. 210914

File: 1449296445261.jpg (71.77 KB, 500x500, raugh.jpg)


I love how that's a thing now

No. 210916

It's okay. Me and her will kiss and make up later.

No. 210926

File: 1449298887266.jpg (80.75 KB, 1000x750, 1448264423245.jpg)

No. 210933

File: 1449302171410.png (4.55 KB, 330x184, 676.png)

alright, then we can kiss in hell. see you there ;^)

No. 210948

lmao i never called you a flaming faggot because you didnt want to fuck kirsten. you're all flaming faggots because you care too much about what the majority thinks in this thread. "But obviously you are the only one who comes on this thread to comment how Kirsten is "pretty" or "very cute"." that's what i call a flaming faggot. fuck do i care if no one else calls this bitch cute or pretty?

No. 210949

Eh. I think she's pretty too but her history is just overbearing.

No. 210950

I back this

No. 210951


No. 210952

do it then.

No. 210953

It has nothing to do with you not needing approval from strangers. You're already trying to prove how good looking you are through text. You just won't do it because you're an ugly cunt with no spine.

No. 210954

yeah it's hot

No. 210955

Pretty faced wasted on a shitty personality. Typical.

No. 210956

apparently you do need validation because you keep trying to dick ride the idea that kirsten looks like a frog and that you're hotter than satan's asshole. i dont think kirsten is very good looking but pics with proof that it's you or fuck off, cunt.

No. 210957

Give into that temptation.

No. 210960

theres more than one person that thinks she's ugly, fuck face

No. 210961

no shit retard. i said i was one of those who dont think she is good looking.

No. 210962

Hot but a bitch.

No. 210964

This bitch is disgusting, her look is distasteful. She's lacking.

No. 210966

Honestly, why has this turned into such a big argument? Some people think she's pretty and some people think she's ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc, etc. We all think she's a shitty person so it shouldn't matter anyway. It takes a real insecure, salty fucker to get this angry when someone else thinks she looks nice/thinks she looks like shit

No. 210968


No. 211053

File: 1449339293559.png (84.21 KB, 345x250, 238 - cartoon edit fairly oddp…)

Way to bump an inactive thread, m8.

No. 211162

You insulted another person. Now is the second time you talk to me, I told you when was the first time.
Also, you're obv still the only person who thinks this whore-looking bitch is cute.
And it's ridiculous how you try to justify that.

No. 211189

once again i dont give a fuck if i am the only person who thinks this bitch is good looking. i dont know how many times i have to tell you, dumb cunt

No. 211221

>Some people think she's pretty and some people think she's ugly.
This. Now if you guys aren't going to stop with the "no, she ugly"/"no, she cute" shit, at least sage your posts.

No. 211224

File: 1449378109241.png (20.73 KB, 281x460, kirsten, on her new business.p…)

>Literally nobody can get ripped off here
>nothing can really go wrong here
Pretty sure people weren't expecting to get ripped off and that "nothing can really go wrong" when they bought shit from your stores either.

No. 211226

Attractive. Too bad she's a scammer.

No. 211256


My favorite is how she even doesn't deny scamming. I want to see all of the idiots who want to work under her, can't wait to laugh at them

No. 211257

File: 1449389861659.jpg (158.11 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

The comments… Look the small brain of her follower

No. 211259

10/10 lulzy.
Her followers have the same intelligence as her, if not less!

No. 211260

Uh, an ABN is just a base-level requirement for anyone who is self-employed, right up to corporations. There is no consumer protection afforded by it - it just means your earnings are slightly more trackable for the tax dept.

No. 211299

Is it even possible for her to speak without exaggerating? It was 36° (/96°) out today. Still hot, but not 41° (/105°).

No. 211324

File: 1449420293755.jpg (127.58 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I forgot to share one more lulzy thing.
From time to time she's following some new people, but the number of how many people she follows in total didn't change for a looong time.
666. Such a badass.

No. 211337

I hate that this bitch is good looking

No. 211353

No. 211531

No. 211565

No. 211566

Gorgeous. Cunty, but gorgeous.

No. 211574


can you please sage next time thanks

No. 211874

File: 1449549826656.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-08-15-39-04…)

You reckon this shop is going to be scammy too?

No. 211882

LOL her "friend". Obviously her. Must have run out of scammer money and knows she can't put it under her name

No. 211886

she looks like a grandma

No. 211898

File: 1449555173091.jpg (130.94 KB, 750x1290, image.jpg)

Did it slip your mind that you already used the name Lola on that shady escort website, Kirsten?

No. 211900

That phone case is from Skinny Dip London, if it's not credited to them then it's definitely a scummy reselling shop.

No. 211921

File: 1449559490683.jpeg (477.54 KB, 1125x1711, image.jpeg)

Found the same product and even the photo she used on Ali express lol Kirsten third times the charm, maybe she'll actually get locked up this time!

No. 211951

Here's a useful link for when she does slip up: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam

No. 211971

Almost unbeliveable. She's ready to scam again

No. 211994

File: 1449569734533.jpg (205.35 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1449569538877.jpg)

Haha fucking rekt

No. 212011


I checked that scamming instagrsm and saw under every item written "comming soon".
Yes, as soon as she orders them and then start selling for higher price.
And then never ship them.

It's going to happen again

No. 212014

File: 1449573017212.png (33.63 KB, 1032x216, lulz.png)

You think she would change up the logo a bit more but nah

No. 212015

File: 1449573091732.png (65.53 KB, 882x265, 2.png)


No. 212017

File: 1449573671771.png (842.5 KB, 1004x925, that.png)

From SugarHouse..

No. 212019

File: 1449573774073.png (352.74 KB, 1556x911, this.png)

Nek minute google image search and this popped up…Kirsten, are you even trying anymore?

No. 212022

File: 1449574408766.png (474.77 KB, 1487x925, dfgh.png)


Pretty sure no one will have to search very far and hard to find these products and know she will charge an arm, leg and ovary for them with no intention of getting them for anyone.

No. 212054

Hahahahaha this is awesome
Nice "friend"
But seriously, what the hell

No. 212262

If she starts scamming again I will place an order, let myself get ripped off, then drive into Adelaide to make a Police report - and while I'm there, show them evidence of all the money she's stolen.

And the best thing is she'll never know which order is mine because being able to drive to Adelaide just means I live somewhere in mainland Australia.
Your move, Kirsty.

No. 212263

Oh hell I fucked up trying to sage. My bad.

No. 212267

I wanted to do this but I'm in QLD. Will it be just as effective if I report her here if she's in Adelaide? I don't mind loosing $30 to see her charged.

No. 212274

You can call SA Police, there was contact info somewhere (the last thread I think) for Hindley Police Station which is right near the club she works at. They miiiiigght tell you to try ACORN instead but they'll have a record that someone called to report it which will help everyone else's case too.

No. 212330

Please do this. If I'm in Australia, I would do that too.

No. 212339

I'm absolutely going to do it, like the other Australian anon I'm happy to lose $30 over this. It'll end one of two ways: she'll be too scared to scam anyone and I'll get some webstore shit which is my style anyway, or she'll be dumb enough to pull it again and finally get her ass grilled by SA's finest.

No. 212346

My friends, https://www.scamwatch.gov.au is for you.

I can't believe she wouldn't be known to the cops on Hindley Street and them to her. It's a small city. They won't pursue an internet vendetta when a free dance is in the offing.

No. 212942

File: 1449808876039.jpg (143.48 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Horse with Down
or Kirsten Scamanda?

No. 212992

Gorgeous and cunty.

No. 213003

File: 1449845733973.jpg (9.34 KB, 121x73, ew.JPG)

No. 213043

completely baffled how she has fat fingers.

No. 213110


No. 213243

You know, people who really think somebody is cunty, they will never call that person gorgeous. You could describe her as pretty, cute, very pretty, and other quitte neutral terms that just express you like her physically, but saying she's gorgeous shows you're a troll.

In the other news, she deleted a post from her Instagram where she's promoting her new scamming shop

No. 213251

Reminds me of Ember's self posting in her own thread.

>She's beautiful, too bad she's a bitch.

Where is your god now?

No. 213269

Couldn't give a fuck. She's a gorgeous cunt. Seethe.

No. 213270

This bitch never backed up her statement. Scammer

No. 213272

nahh. she is gorgeous. she just happens to be cunty. shut the fuck up with the "philosophical" semantics and let people have their opinions. who the fuck cares if an anon finds her attractive lmao so long as they find her to be despicable all the same

anyways, she only garnered 45 followers after promoting her new store twice so obviously people are wary of this cunty gorgeous scammer

No. 213273

Fuck up with the fights about "omg yes she is gorgeous yes" vs. "omg no she is not gorgeous stop saying that you're a troll". Both sides sound like retards. Say your piece and stfu about it

No. 213275

File: 1449915944361.jpg (92.87 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Aha, I get it. Now when store is available for orders, she deleted it from her Instagram to not make a connection.

Here is store:

No. 213278

In the website is not written where they supposed to ship from, but we all know it's Adelaide or wherever Scamanda ("her friend") lives now

No. 213286

Why does this chick look just like Sabrina Nellie with Emcrockpot bangs lol THIS post is too funny

No. 213291

There's a video of Sabrina shitting herself live on cam and casually pushing it back up her asshole. Trash

No. 213295

WTF? No wonder she doesn't have custody of her kids!

No. 213308

Can you find it Please!

No. 213327


No. 213361



Does anyone know what the deal is with her kids? Like on her IG she used to post pictures of her kids all day long but then when she would come on cam at night they were nowhere to be seen. People used to joke that she locks her kids in their rooms.

No. 214023

File: 1450085481526.jpg (123.58 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Sorry for two screenshots, my phone doesn't have a capacity to put all the text in one image

No. 214025

File: 1450085560920.jpg (144.6 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Anonymous: if that 'store' was really your friends, you would tag them or state their name. this is clearly just another scam of yours to get people's money. you really are just a horrible person. i'll be taking this to the authorities along with all the info on your last two 'stores' that were just scams.

Scamanda: Say what now? It’s not mine haha I can’t be bothered with another store I don’t have the time or motivation for that again haha. I make enough money in my job I don’t need anything on the side. It’s not mine. Not everyone wants their face to be associated with a name. But yeah. I gave her a couple shout outs and that’s it. Not mine haha. I’ve already been in touch with the authorities a while ago. Nothing has changed, you can’t really complain on the basis that you think it’s mine haha.

No. 214179

File: 1450105597840.jpg (92.71 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 214180

File: 1450105652754.jpg (85.65 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Scamanda as inspiration
I love this troll

No. 214690

File: 1450225753674.jpg (93.49 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Lmao shop's account is private now

No. 216516

File: 1450768953672.png (742.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-22-18-17-35…)

Nb: photo was just of a horse. I felt text was more important.

Sounds pretty suspect to me.

No. 216538

Oh my fucking god she is now using the excuse of pregnant horse going the death road for stealing money

This woman is scammer 101

No. 216549


It is sketchy as fuck. I'm part of several groups that discuss/get involved in rescuing horses sent to auction or slaughter. If she has to do fundraising just to get the horse(s), she can't afford it's care in the first place. Especially a mare with foal. People who do this are generally frowned upon unless they know what they're doing and have an established reputation in their community. So, either her little horse rescue story is a total crock of shit money scam, or she's just a compulsive, bleeding heart type and shouldn't be getting involved in stuff like this.

No. 216553

This, 100%.

She's always compulsively wanting to buy a horse and then changing her mind a week later. This bitch does not have any actual desire to own one except in an I WANT IT NOW sense like Charms. And why she thinks having a pregnant mare is any fun…they're even more expensive to care for, and you can't ride the baby for years, nor the mother in any real sense for a long time. There's no point unless you have the time, patience and resources. Bitch ain't got none of that. This girl is either a fucking idiot or just trying to scam some more.

No. 216557

I don't see that post where she asks for money "for a horse".
Did she delete it?
If so, I bet it's because of this thread.

No. 217308

File: 1451058316672.png (929.7 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

cognacbabydollSome people are really disappointing. I can't do anything good because people will just bring up my past. Believe it or not, I'm not the devil, I don't want to do anyone wrong, I want everyone to be happy. But for some reason, people feel the need to try bring me down whenever they can. I'm really not a bad person, but word on the internet says that I'm a money thieving whore who sells her vagina for cash and throws animals away. I dunno if it's occurred to some of you but I'm a person with feelings. Accusations are not cool. It's not fun to jump on the bandwagon and believe everything you read on the Internet. I am happy with myself as a person, I pride myself on being a great friend to the few that I have and I do just want everyone to be happy. All I wanted to do was rescue a horse and now I feel like I can't do that because I'll be judged and attacked from all angles. I don't want your fucking money. And I don't want your fucking judgement. I am literally so sick of that stupid fucking thread being spread around. Yes. I made mistakes. It is also not as bad as it was made out to be. Ever hear from all the people that got their refund or their products? No, because they're happy. You only ever hear about the few who didn't or the people who tagged along in the fun because they simply hate me for no reason. I've learned the Internet is a nasty place. I've learned that a thread about a girl with the highest count of bullying I've ever experienced is fun to tag along with. But having people think I'll pickpocket someone on the side of the street because I'm that much of a thief, or that I have a big ol' saggy used vagina because I apparently sleep with everyone I meet and do it for cash, or that I simply dispose of my animals and I don't care about them at all, or any of the other countless things. I'm sick of having a horrible image and people hating me without really knowing me. I don't understand why people are so nasty. I just want to live in peace and for everyone else to do the same. The amount of energy it takes to harbour hatred like that is too much. I have a thick skin but every now and again sometimes it becomes really fucking annoying.

No. 217309

File: 1451058336738.png (393.11 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 217310

File: 1451058402669.png (364.43 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Posting people who kiss her scamming ass in comments because they are idiots

No. 217311

File: 1451058422466.png (350.95 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 217312

To Kirsten Scamanda:
It is not your past UNTIL YOU GIVE MONEY BACK.
To everyone, and there is many many people who are robbed by you.

Until then.
And yes, you are not capable of taking care of animals. Selling your pets every few months IS NOT taking care of them.

Please do the step and stop being lying scammer already.

No. 217319


Kirsten, have you ever thought about, y'know, apologising for the shit you've done in the past and trying to set things straight?

You can keep playing the victim if you want, but you have nobody to blame but yourself.

It's pathetic as fuck when people bitch and whine about the situation they're in without doing anything to fix it. Especially when they've brought it upon themselves like this.

No. 217385

I want to point out every single sentence she wrote in this posts and show how ridiculous it is.

> I'm not a bad person

> people believe everything on the Internet
> just because I scammed few people
> I honestly want everybody ti feel happy
Bitch do you even hear youself?!? What a bitch, that's unbeliveable. I hope everybody in her life will rip her off like she did to others. And then, that everybody will behave like stupid and throw excuses for scams like "I didn't want to, I just accidentally scammed, and keep scamming".
She opened new store again. And again she wanted to do scam with horses.

Bitch is just never enough

No. 217388

Also this fucking support in comments

>like it's not the end of the world and of buying something and not getting is the worst thing to happen to you then you should be thankful that's the worst thing in your life not crying about it.

Who the fuck are you to tell it's ok to scam people just because losing money is maybe not the worst thing that can happen in one's life??

So just because people have the ability to go to an online store, they should apprechiate than priviledge, but drop it when they are scammed by the same store?
Just because people can get cancer, they shouldn't care when a serial thief like Kirsten Amanda rob them?
Are you nuts????

No. 217413


No. 217431


No. 217470

Haha you dumb cunts like plz all kill yourselves cause you are all a waste of space xx(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217479

File: 1451124503593.png (53.7 KB, 919x737, ozzy.png)

No. 219176

File: 1451701444095.png (967.38 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

> I overcame my mental illness finally.


No. 219267

I have vague memories of her talking about depression when she was still "sufinkusu".

No. 219317

Then don't ask for money for YOUR charity you dumb cunt. You want to save a horse, stop taking wasting your money on lingerie and expensive booze and help that horse with your own cash instead of others.

The fuck is she whining about? If she really wanted to help that horse she would have used her own money. Typical whore begging for cash to do good, while caring people are left with zero credit and she can act like a Saint.

No. 220130

>I can't do anything good because people will just bring up my past

Excuses, excuses

>I'm not the devil, I don't want to do anyone wrong

Guys shes a good person! What does she expect with this? That her thread will be deleted just from some stupid paragraph of bullshit she wrote on instagram?

>I've learned the internet is a nasty place

Then leave the internet???

No. 220335

File: 1452076879360.png (299.65 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>I'm taking down links because people think it's a scam
I'm laughing so much to this

And the last sentence is brilliant. First give money back, Scamanda. And then stop opening shops, and asking for donations "for animals".

No. 220357

File: 1452091516742.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-07-01-40-23…)

At least this time she's suggesting she followed through with the horsey fund. Question is, will she get bored of them and sell them like she has with pets of the past? Only time will tell.

No. 220359


Maybe I'm being nitpicky here but it genuinely makes me anxious to think that this horse who probably has quite a lot of issues that need worked on is in Kirsten's care.

I'm sure she means well but people often end up doing more harm than good when they take emotionally damaged animals into their care.

No. 220360

If she can actually care for them then I hope she does well. I just worry it'll be something similar to Charms where she just likes the idea of animals but doesn't actually put any effort into it.

No. 220374

This, some 20-year-old camgirl isn't going to be able to take care of a neglected horse and foal. She'll probably dump both of them because she "was no longer able to care for them without your $$$ :("

No. 220389

Agree. Horses are damn expensive to take care of. Especially ones that have issues. How is she able to keep up with it if she "needed" money for them in the first place?
Unless she keeps updating about how they're healing then I'm just going to believe that she dumped them.

No. 220415

She will dump them soon or later.
I bet on 'soon'.

No. 220447

Holy fuck, she better take good care of them (there's no way she has the experience or training to care for an abused horse) or I'm compiling a case to send to the RSPCA.

No. 220462


Samefagging here (>>220359) but pretty much this.

Even if she has the funds to look after both horses, a horse that's been neglected and has trouble trusting people is going to need even more work than a regular horse.

Not to mention the fact that there's a good chance the horse will never really be 100% in the way non-traumatised horse would be.

A lot of people think they're doing something good by taking severely neglected animals in, but although their heart's in the right place, unless you have enough time, knowledge and patience, you can end up screwing them up even worse.

No. 220533

Horsey fag here. How can she guarantee she'll have the funds for those horses 30 years? How will she sell an "emotionally damaged" likely unbroke horse? Adopting a "damaged" horse is romantic, but romantic ideas won't save you when the mare takes a chunk out of your arm or kicks you.

And Jesus- I hope she's ready for the foal's 1-2 year old antics when it legitimately tries to kill itself every day. Even our farm's most even tempered 2 year old has come up with various bumps/bruises, and only one hasn't had to go to the hospital for something. Seriously- horses are not for the poor or those with fluctuating income.

If she wants to help animals, go volunteer at a reputable rescue, or even an equine rescue since she's got "experience".

Maybe I'm bitter because I struggle to comfortably afford 2 horse, but this is not a task to be taken lightly.

No. 220535

>Maybe I'm bitter because I struggle to comfortably afford 2 horse, but this is not a task to be taken lightly.

Nah, bitterness has nothing to do with this. It really just looks like yet another person who wants to (appear to) 'do good' without thinking things through properly. I get the urge to rescue an animal. But it doesn't stop once the rescue is completed.

No. 220551

Wow I didn't know that young horses did that.
Maybe she's fucking lying about even taking them in? Or lying that they're abused? You bring up good points. How would they not try to bite her or anything?

No. 220557

I completely agree with you. My parents and a lot of my extended family have horses and it's really difficult and takes constant effort as well as constant $$$ to support them. You can't just do a minor fundraiser one time and expect to be able to give a horse all they need for their whole life. I hope she can just find them a good home with a financially stable and responsible person.

No. 220803

Sage for ot but foals/yearlings/two year olds are the absolute biggest shits on the planet. if they're not trying to jump through a fence, eating sticks, and running around like lunatics, they're trying to kick you and bite you to establish their place in your "herd".
If she's experienced with difficult horses (which I doubt), she might be able to handle temperament, but she strikes me as the impatient type who will dump both of them the second either mare or foal hurts her.
Horses are unpredictable, and a mare will come after you if she thinks you're a threat, especially if foals are involved.
*Not saying all horses are mean/will kill you/dangerous, but foals have no boundaries-you have to teach them personal space, and an abused mare screams "Proceed with caution".

And how is she even going to afford enough feed for a lactating mare? Grass alone isn't enough. There are just all these factors that scream "horrible horrible idea".

Sorry folks- had to rant.

No. 220808

I used to work at a stable and ride, the owner kept breeding one of her horses because she had no good use. Her first kid had grown up absolutely evil, and yeah most foals are shits young.
I've had to help feed and for several foals from that mare and another. We always gave the moms a lot of grain with special supplements added, and the foal quite a bit of grain as well as a ton of hay.
Not trying to be too OT but there's a whole shit load of work that goes into caring for a mare and foal, and there's seriously no reason for her to take care of some as someone who's not a big horse owner. Tons of horses get sent to slaughter, she thinks she's actually making a different having saved these two?

No. 220824

She can't keep them so in the end, there will be no difference.

Last few days she's only posting pics and videos of animals, she wants to proove that what's said on this thread is not true

No. 220883

She better be posting photos and videos, I said before I'm just going to assume she got rid of them if she stops.
From what everyone is saying, there is no way she has the time or money or knowledge to care for them.
Horses (and any kind of pet actually) should be a huge thing in your life. I guess if you're like her, she doesn't care much for her pets. If she stops mentioning them then they're gone.

No. 222141

File: 1452816842440.png (298.06 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Why she even has the urge to show this comment? We all know she is a mess already

No. 223182

I've just finished reading both threads in their entirety and have decided that now would be a good time to have my own input. There's a few things I'll start with before I get into why I would like to see Kirsten fall into a bottomless pit.
Firstly, although I have read this thread for a while, online forums are still new to me, I have no idea how it works so I'm sure I'll be a, 'newfag', feel free to give me shit about it but hopefully I can contribute something either way.
Originally when someone warned me about Kirsten and showed me this thread, I skimmed through it and had a chuckle. I just assumed that the majority of you were begrudging children who liked to use her job as a stripper to create a platform for criticism - to some extent I think that's still true because from what I have read, besides one girl, there wasn't any former or current strippers on these threads so you wouldn't have a clue what the industry is like. It certainly isn't, 'degrading', we chose to do it and men pay to see it (idiots). Personally I wouldn't pay $70 for ten minutes with a woman for essentially a performance however lots of men do and that's why there's a market for it.
I'm mentioned quite a few times in this thread, most of you agree that I should be thrown in the same boat as Kirsten however you have to understand most of us had no idea this was going on - if I had realised I would have been encouraging this much earlier.
After a while of being her friend she started going out on my money, getting me to pay for outings like lunch, drinks before work, asked me to drive her all the time without ever offering petrol, getting her credit for her phone, paying her cleaning fee at work etc all things that she said she would pay me back for and I trusted her - why wouldn't I at that point. When I started to see that she wasn't ever going to shout me back for things I realised that she was just pre occupied entirely with herself. Everything that has been written in these threads in terms of her character is true and I've been reading along, cringing at how many people she has continuously ripped off. I'm genuinely sorry to anyone who did purchase things from her, you'll never see that money.
I cut Kirsten off not to long ago and was going to leave it at that however my personal details including my home address were given out by someone at The Palace the other week, no one knows my address other than her and even then, she didn't quite get that right but none the less the person she gave them to was dangerous and she put me in an incredibly bad situation because of this. I tried to contact her but of course she hasn't opened my message just like everyone else's. So now I'm going to try help you all out. Kirsten's number from what I know is still this 0434 728 172 (however this may have changed as she is forever changing it to escape), her family live in Flagstaff Hill and I'm working on getting her home address just like she did to me. I can confirm that she does have herpes and I know from having first hand access to her Facebook inbox at one point that she messages multiple men sexual things, including nudes, videos etc - all that doesn't bother me but I thought I'd throw it in there just for fun.
You might want to think twice about giving out my home address again Scamanda.

No. 223184


No. 223186

Holy shit let's take this bitch down.

No. 223188

Thanks for this anon. Let's fuck her up.

No. 223191

I may even have screenshots of when I had access to her Facebook inbox - at one point I tried to count how many angry but unread, 'I want my money back', messages there were, I lost count.

No. 223200

Just post them.

No. 223214

File: 1453209744815.gif (901.34 KB, 500x281, o0f0t8v9wy1r9m88fo1_500.gif)

Bless you. Post every screenshot you can think of. Every…little…thing.

No. 223309

Sooooo has anyone called the number? She probably reads this thread so I'm sure she changed it already

No. 223662

Funny that she's all like 'I've been accepted into my cert for veterinary nursing'.. She's doing it through open colleges, they don't turn anyone away because they want your money ahaha.

No. 223845

Insult was unnecessary, obviously not everyone in the thread will share the same views as you.

I'm glad you can confirm that she is what we think she is, but what about the horse ordeal? Is it confirmed she still has them?

No. 224413

Thank you for this, please share more info!
I hope Scamanda won't keep on hurting you, although I'm sure it brings her pleasure, she's like that (and should be stopped).

is it possible to download Instagram video? I would love to save this shit:

No. 224426

File: 1453379753103.webm (2.61 MB, 640x798, scamanda.webm)

Here you go, anon.

No. 225022

File: 1453548304402.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her lips look like she sucked somebody's dirty anus

No. 225050

She tried getting you assaulted…that's insane!!! All you did was stop talking to the bitch.

No. 225073

This is the ugliest fucking thing

No. 225074

ew she looks nasty, take a shower and stop sucking infected dick so much, maybe your lips wont have an allergic reaction then

No. 225075

traple draem traems


No. 225182

I'm really not surprised that Kirsten's friend has one of the most bogan voices I've ever heard.

No. 226906

Hey Kirsten can you please take a picture next to horses so we know you didn't give them away?

No. 226953


No. 226954

I want this kim k/kylie makeup trend to die. then again, only trashy fucking hos do their makeup like this. Damn.

No. 227590

I'm from the same town as Scamanda and have been in the same circles (very distantly though) as her since around 2008. She's repeatedly burned bridges both in Adelaide and Melbourne (where she runs off to when everyone in Adelaide hates her), hops between friendship groups because soon enough they wise up to how disgusting of a person she is. She didn't graduate high school, hasn't been able to hold down a job, and doesn't have a single friend of longer than 12 months. She's a complete mess, it's hilarious to watch but it's so pathetic how she'll never improve because not only can she not get any better, she doesn't want to.

No. 227606

Did't gradute highschool? Holly fuck no wonder she can only prostitute and steal to earn some cash

No. 227622

Let's not shame people who didn't finish high school, my dad didn't and he somehow become a successful banker.

Also does anyone know how the horses are doing? It's bothering me. I have horses, including an abused 21 year old gelding. So it kinda hits close to home.

No. 227735

In that case your dad is one super exceptional person, and is a wonder, respect for that!
And obviously not a prostitute like Scamanda.

She's posting pictures of horses but not her with horses, so I believe somebody else is taking those picture and is sending it to her.

No. 229440

Posting pictures of horses but she doesn't appear in any of them. I'm sure it's someone else who's taking pics of them and sending it to Scamanda. She doesn't take care of horses, she can't.

No. 237272

File: 1455462813984.png (261.59 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 237273

File: 1455462845152.png (679.19 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 237276

They're ~shaming~ people who don't finish high school yet choose to fuck people over and steal to make a living.

No. 237304

It is always the girls who are the biggest drama queens who think they are "so chill" and post shit about not being about drama on their social media.

>Bitches love drama and hoeing around

She loves both, being a scammer and a literal whore. Like bitch, get some self-awareness.

No. 237306

Bitch is stunning as hell

No. 237331


get out.

No. 237334

Why can't anyone here voice their opinion

No. 237338

Because your opinion is stupid.

No. 237339

No. 237342

This isn't your hug box and we don't give a shit about your opinion

Fucking newfags

No. 237344

feel free to voice whatever, but remember, you'll get shit for it. no acceptions

No. 237346

Lurk moar

No. 237348

I have been here for years. This place used to be good.

No. 237349

Feel free to

get out.

No. 237351

File: 1455484186348.jpeg (208.79 KB, 750x927, image.jpeg)

No. It's amusing me how most of this thread is filled with a-logging losers.

Pic related: Amanda Kirsten when she was a fetus. She has the cutest curls!

No. 237352

Whoa! So adorable!!! The fuck…this girl becomes a filler injected prostitute who continually runs the lamest scans she can possibly think of. This is sad.

No. 237852

She got into a fight with some horse professional over one picture that was taken of the mare with her ears pulled back during a feeding. She might not be with these horses but who ever is taking care if them doesn't have a lot of experience

No. 237858

oh god

se was a genuinely cute kid

No. 237864

She's so cute! It's so sad when precious little kids become dirty whores and prostitutes.

No. 237882

She's serving neglected munchkin realness.

No. 238237

She looks quite a bit like the lady in the back (her mum?).

No. 238931

File: 1455836221026.png (103.97 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She thinks she has golden heart?

No. 239545

Moved to >>>/snow/95403.

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