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File: 1489726115042.jpg (28.78 KB, 480x360, Shoe0nHead.jpg)

No. 271163

shoe0nhead/june lapine

25 year old compulsive meme-spouter, wannabe boxxy turned "redpilled" unfunny anti-feminist, alt-right scrotum sucker playing the ultimate "i'm not like other girls!!!" card






No. 271168


how is she a lolcow other than u dont like her politics?

at least bring up the candid thing if ur gonna do this thread

No. 271172

I think she's cute and I agree with some of her opinions. Although I don't really watch her anymore I don't see how she's any different from the other anti sjw guys.
I kind of find it funny, how most people all lump the anti sjw guys as "annoying" but if it's a girl she gets singled out.

No. 271177

The biggest recent debacle shoe has been involved with is Candid. She and her boyfriend shilled for Candid, an app which is being used to train a deep net to classify short messages and score them based on how well they get interacted with by other users. This is in turn going to be used in MyLikes' advertising business, and will also likely be sold to other companies who want a similar capability.

It was made very clear to shoe and AS that this app was moderated both by people and by a bot that will automatically censor things, and it was also explained in the deal (it's since been leaked by another YouTuber) how the app promotes the idea of users reporting each other among other things. They were encouraged to describe the app in their own words, with no regard for accuracy, which could open them and MyLikes up to false advertising lawsuits.

She and AS then shill it as if it's "4chan the app" where free speech and anonymity are the killer features. Funnily enough, you have to confirm your identity with a phone number to even use the thing.

Another YouTuber called Harmful Opinions then does even a trivial amount of research, you know, typing "Candid app" into Google I presume, and discovers what the tech industry was saying about this app. He also found other people shilling it saying the exact opposite of what shoe was saying. He then called both of them (and everyone else in the "skeptic" community who was shilling it) out on the bad precedent and bad faith it represented. His mother was then harassed by MyLikes and MyLikes then asked people who were running ads for Candid to attack his credibility and his videos. In response to this, shoe remained pro-Candid and continued doing ads long after it was revealed what kind of a shady as fuck company MyLikes is and that the app is actually nothing like she described it.

Further, she then bans phrases like "MyLikes", "Harmful Opinions", "Candid", "shill" and others in a video of AS's (and presumably many more), and even though she claimed she removed the filter, it was tested over a day later and confirmed to still be present.

She pretends to be a skeptic, "red-pilled," and capable of basic intelligent thought and reasoning, but then shills the fuck out of Candid for a little cash, and then defends that and calls in all the white knights in her community to help, including big daddy Sargon of Akkad and her boyfriend Armoured Skeptic.

This reveals what kind of pathetic weak willed person shoe really is. She's no strong independent person who is skilled and knowledgeable, capable of decent research and with some understanding and adherence to a basic code of ethics and a functioning moral compass. She's yet another girl pretending on the internet for the money and attention. The precious snowflake. She saw an opportunity in the Gamergate movement to rail against the SJW for fame and she jumped right on that meaty cock.

Aside from that, I'm sure I could dig up more – there's some in ED. She used to be into lolcow and chan culture, or so she's claimed, but she's a pretty lulzy cow herself so I doubt it. She's just an unfunny unoriginal meme repeater, and every video she does is basically directly copying arguments already made by bigger YouTubers. She's also unbelievably arrogant for someone who has never accomplished anything in life at all. She routinely treats anyone who disagrees or criticizes her who she doesn't deem "worthy" as complete garbage and is incredibly hostile to random people who haven't even done anything to warrant it.

And yeah, the Boxxy thing shouldn't be overlooked. She intentionally does her makeup to look that way because it draws in subscribers and thus money.

I'd say there is some milk potential here. She's also pandering to other YouTubers lately and buddying up with Anisa, another snowflake cow here.

No. 271196

what are you even talking about? there's an entire thread for jontron because of his misguided take on politics/sociopolitical issues.

No. 271200

this is wild

No. 271207

What a self hating retard. There is no hope at age 25 either

No. 271210

she still memes badly and publicly, and makes every reference to 4chan/8chan she can, to this day

No. 271222

Her views are fairly liberal compared to a lot of anti-feminists online. If you think she's alt right you're probably an extreme leftist.
Her and her boyfriend's ddlg shit is annoying as fuck though.

No. 271223

post her nudes

No. 271225

I wouldn't say she's alt right herself, but she does spend all of her time fanning the asses of the alt-right. She's supposedly left leaning, but disparages everyone on the left, kind of like Sargon of Akkad.

No. 271236

This is pretty fucking funny.

No. 271237

She actually has a pretty nice body, she should've just gone into porn/camming if she wanted all this attention.

No. 271238

Speaking of which: she got fakes, right?

No. 271251

i think she's pretty eh looking not exactly cute so i dont get the hype

No. 271253

Apparently she claims to be bi to piss sjws off

No. 271254

File: 1489738927259.png (84.09 KB, 540x191, 9b01d29d-d4d8-4635-8372-95cf4f…)

No. 271256

File: 1489738948318.png (252.93 KB, 540x580, bd9c1360-1497-46da-86d1-13c14d…)

Make your own conclusions.

No. 271259

Oh man, if she did, that'd be pretty fucking ironic. I thought she wasn't like other girls?

No. 271263

I see this response a lot from attention seekers.

No. 271266

File: 1489742462709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.78 KB, 301x228, junes nudes.jpg)


You mean these nudes?

No. 271270

Well of course she's completely straight, bitch practically can't survive without male attention.

No. 271271

Agree. I feel this is agenda posting but hey, that's just me.

No. 271272

i'm like 98% sure she did

No. 271299

She claims to be anti-sjw but half her tweets look like they come from a feminist page. A lot of the time unironically tweeting OMG HOW COULD YOU THINK OTHERWISE because she is always right. Every so often she will claim to be liberal or randomly attack similar figures to herself so she can claim to be fair, despite pandering as hard as possible to a certain type of person.

The other half are just her making weird references to being a sub. She also thinks her boyfriends surname being Fluhrer is hot, I guess because Hitler was dominant. Idfk.

Apparently she sucked him off during a stream once which is on youtube. I don't really want to see some fat losers O face though so I never looked it up.

No. 271300

I think so as well, but I do think we could potentially get some milk from her. I remember in a stream, Hunter Avallone mentioned that he was going to do a content cop type thing on her and that he dug up a ton of shit on her, but she begged him not to do it the second she caught wind of it.

No. 271301

Oh and she's bald

No. 271304


What? How?

No. 271306

Not the anon you're responding to, but she has Trichotillomania.

No. 271309

File: 1489753616774.jpeg (78.4 KB, 570x599, image.jpeg)

They're so dumpy.

No. 271355

in like 3 threads people asked for a thread about her

No. 271363

Damn, the thread is only 10 hours old and we already got the whiteknights? I bet the anon who kept defending her in Anisa's thread is already here.

Anyway, yes she's a dumbass but I feel like there's hope for her. She will grow out of it eventually, as for many "anti-sjw" all she needs is some time away from the internet.

No. 271365

She deserves a thread purely based on her busted 00s eyeliner, if nothing else.

No. 271380

now this is a blast from the past lol damn

No. 271406

Holy fuck her writing is so awful

No. 271410

Shit, I feel bad for her. That's a pretty sucky condition to have.

No. 271416

So we just have a thread about her because her politics aren't tumblr tier? Bring the milk or fuck off.

No. 271419

File: 1489770220037.jpg (73.76 KB, 538x566, Shoeonheadpedosidekink.jpg)


No. 271424

File: 1489770667217.gif (869.12 KB, 400x225, hXGtYfh.gif)


What is this fuckshit

No. 271425

So according to you whoever is not alt right trash is automatically a tumblrina? It's only black or white, right?
Fuck off with your whiteknighting, /pol/, it's getting boring

No. 271431


honestly, in her other nudes she looks bomb. i would give anything to stay that small but have boobs with it too. i'm kind of sad to see her talk to anisa though because i didn't think shoe was on anisa's level of trashyness but who knows, maybe actual milk will come up

No. 271436


>Hunter Avallone mentioned that he was going to do a content cop type thing on her

That kid is cringey as fuck but that would have been amazing. God damn it.

No. 271442

It's views like this that raise a flag.

No. 271463

that's not backed up by a medical standpoint at all? pedophilia isn't a kink?
Dumbass thinks "anime" (loli) helps.

Fucking end me.

No. 271474

>i would give anything to stay that small but have boobs with it too

Well I mean if you'd give anything all you have to give is 10-15k for a boob job like she did

But idk what the appeal of looking like a disproportionate blow up doll would be

No. 271480


>I think I'm bisexual

>I'm bisexual

wow she's actually a fucking moron, crazy.

No. 271512

I like her.

Why can't conservative, traditional women have their own opinions? I'm only, "being myself," if I'm a liberal or something?

I have similar values as her, and they're all personally founded, not pandering BS. I don't see why people who claim to be "for women's autonomy" go on and insinuate,

"oh honey you're just misguided, you're just pandering, be a liberal democrat - that's your TRUE belief, as a woman, right?"

No. 271524

she definitely thrives on male redditeur and /pol/ attention, a lot of them wholeheartedly and genuinely believe this. she wants to be that token cool anti-sjw chick. i'm just being hopelessly optimistic and hoping that she doesn't actually believe the bullshit she's spewing. not like it's any better that she's perpetuating it.

No. 271531

Nobody cares about how much you hate yourself June

No. 271538

She is the cis blaire white, let's hope that this thread doesn't get derailed for /pol/ and radfems spergs

No. 271545

>being a "conservative, traditional" woman
>being on the internet, studying and pursuing a career instead of staying home cooking for your husband

No. 271559

She (and others in the 'skeptic' community like Chris Ray Gun) have a nasty habit of unintentionally bragging about their status or 'forgetting how big they are.'
For example, June didn't think she would fit in at VidCon when she clearly has a massive youtube following and would clean up nicely at such a huge event.
there's seemingly no humility for some of these people just because day after day there's more people willingly signing up to take a deep inhale of the content they shit out.

sage for no milk but general feelings about how obnoxious youtubers become when they get some of that e-fame

PS: she's going to VidCon

No. 271560

she looks like kreayshawn in op pic

No. 271585

So Skeptic is a pedo right?

No. 271601

>ignoring the fact we have plenty of threads about genderspecials/transtrenders and even a general fakeboi thread
I agree more milk should be brought on but don't be a whiny little bitch because suddenly an anti-sjw is getting made fun of instead of a girl with brightly dyed blue hair using fairy pronouns

No. 271609

I dont really have a problem with what blaire white says, most the things june says are more pandering.

Blaires fanbase is cringey as fuck though.

No. 271638

Bahahaha, the /pol/tards are out in full force on this thread

"conservative, traditional women"
>boob job
>raccoon 00s eyeliner
>posting nudes online

muh traditions

No. 271639

I agree, but there should be actual milk, not just "lol she hates herself cause she's not a feminist"

No. 271641

/pol/ abandoned her when they found out she was a coalburner.

No. 271646

There's just about as much milk on June as there is on Anisa. Little to none for now, but who knows what can be discussed? No harm in having a thread.

No. 271730

you think pedos can be cured with anime? lmao retard

No. 271737

Aw yes I hate this chick. She pews the ddlg shit and it disgusts me to no end.

No. 271739

where is the video of her sucking dick tho

No. 271744

most of /pol/ is filled with angry frustrated cucks who can't get pussy but they are the "nice guys" who want a "traditional" woman lol /pol/ itself is a fucking lolcow we should have a mock /pol/ thread since it's filled with a bunch of lolcows


>this cock hungry slut shoeonwhore
>evalion who turned out to be a major slut (so much for "tradition")
>people who hate their own race (ie. people who were born in the us but their parents are from countries of color and deny their herritage)

really /pol/ is so full of shit and retarded, hah they are as bad as dumblr and the fakeboi trannies, it's just the other side of the coin. The Alt right remind me of major from animal farm (read the book its pretty good).

No. 271750

lol why is this pro /pol/ I mean she doesn't even look white, is she one of those hate your own race and pretend to be white kind of people?

No. 271754

File: 1489804473530.gif (185.15 KB, 500x375, IMG_2583.GIF)

>Apparently she sucked him off during a stream once which is on youtube

This shit alone makes her a cow. Is that what it's like to have no self respect at all?

No. 271756

evalion literally has a video of her white /pol/cuck bf filming her fucking a black guy and him cumming inside her.

i agree /pol/ should have its own thread but they'd probably brigade it, because they get so easily triggered

we say this literally every thread… jontron (iranian), communismkills (jew), this bitch (spic?)

its hilarious. you know when trans shit was starting out people were fearmongering about "trans-race" people? these are them lmao, bunch of weird muds who rally behind "WHITE POWER!!!!!!"

No. 271758

She's Canadian? But is half Irish (might be the whole white "Irish" thing though where her like, great great grandfather was actually Irish) half something.

No. 271761

Canada is not an ethnic group, anon. I am "Canadian" but ethnically I am slavic (not historically considered white, only recently.)

I hate to be "that" person, but traditionally Irish people have light eyes, light skin, and light hair.

No. 271763

I meant her nationality is Canadian (as far as I know). But she did some vague tweet today about celebrating her heritage so I assumed she's some form of Irish. I'm not saying she's pure Irish or anything, anon.

No. 271771

Her boyfriend is Canadian. As far as I know she is just American with Italian ancestry, her boyfriend is German-Irish I believe?

No. 271775

Was she known for anything prior to her youtube channel/dating Skeptic?

also where is this video of her sucking him off on youtube? i mean what the fuck are they thinking?

No. 271791

Why are you on the internet, shouldn't you be busy sucking off your husband and getting ready to have your 15th child?

No. 271803

Not really, there's such thing as 'black Irish', they're not actually black btw.

No. 271809

ummm excuse me anon i am a TRADEESHUNAL WOMYN even though i spend all my time playing video games and pandering to otaku pedophiles online

No. 271847

She was attention whoring all the time to an anonymous imageboard (Unichan) that was obsessed with Boxxy. She literally wanted to prove to those creeps that she is a "better Boxxy", especially after the original one (Cathy) went "SJW" (Cathy didn't actually go SJW, she just didn't want to pander to internet creeps).

Then she decided to launch her YouTube career for the 100th time, but this time it worked because she pandered to anti-SJW and /pol/. Suddenly she claims she never wanted to wear Boxxy's skin and that she is totally original.

No. 271849

She's an Amy Schumer in an alt-right Boxxy costume gimmick pretending she doesn't like her right to vote for cock and currency.

Fuck her. Plus she's an idiot >>271177.

No. 271913

She's like a Boxxy worshipper…

One of her old channels: https://www.youtube.com/user/BoopyJuneVlogs/videos

She's like a doormat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL1pTUhkRRs.

This channel is like Anisa tier. This is her before the anti-SJW and Armoured Skeptic stuff.

No. 271915

apparently that's not her channel, just a repository of her super old cringe af videos

No. 272044

I actually legit thought OP pic was boxxy for a moment and it's what made me look at this thread. Wouldn't put it past her to be doing that on purpose as others said.

>Implying people with "tumblr tier politics" never get threads made about them
What site have you been reading, 'cause it sure ain't this one.

No. 272051

File: 1489843222180.png (Spoiler Image, 2.35 MB, 1783x1747, junes other nudes.png)

I've got some more nudes

No. 272055

Her body is fucking nice. I'm really jelly right now.

No. 272060

I dunno, she looks a bit too skinny, not ana just very skinny.

No. 272078


She's so out of synch.

No. 272088

eh, she's way too skinny in the thighs and the fake boobs are too obvious, but otherwise, it's nice.

No. 272089

okay, but those are obviously implants and bad ones at that…

No. 272090

They both pander desperately.

No. 272093

she sucks but not a bad pair at all

No. 272136

The problem is she's a fake, plain and simple. Just lauren southern and all the other chics that pander to the alt right etc.

While I do get the whole "traditional" shit, since I'm that way too. She's just using that platform to get attention and give herself an ego boost.

About it. She doesn't seem to at least formulate any opinion of her own that doesn't come from stormfags or /pol/.

No. 272148

how old is she now? that picture is from 2007 or 2008 and i doubt she had fake tits 10 years ago unless she is in her 30s which i doubt.

No. 272149


She's 25. That pictures from around 2010 or 2011 iirc.

No. 272151

that flip camera phone is from 2003, there is no way a girl with implants would be using anything less then a blackberry in 2010

No. 272153

How can you even question that those aren't fake?

No. 272156

it's from 2009

No. 272157

This is how she looked in 2006-2008

No. 272159

jesus christ you dont actually


No. 272165

>literally threads about venus and taylor where the milk has been dry for like half a decade and they have to make like 50 thousand "assumptions" in order to get even the tiniest morsel of dairy out of them

this is fine according to /pol/

>some boxxy wannabe slut who panders to neckbeards online and says cringy shit 24/7, very easily triggered (check her twitter she's constantly bitching), and can probably be milked heavily

this is not fine according to /pol/

No. 272173

she desperately needed bangs

No. 272178

whoops, meant to respond to >>272151
the cellphone is from 2009, so the pics could easily from 2009-2012, 2013, even, maybe

No. 272187

girls who manage to get implants post 2007 would all have iphones or MAYBE a blackberry prior to 2010

No. 272188

lol this fucking bait

No. 272246

lmao what shes saying does not count as actually being bisexual. biologically they say most girls are slightly "bisexual". the female body is more sensual and attractive to everyone. sometimes i get girl crushes and i often lust over other women's bodies but when i wouldnt date one, it just wouldnt work.

No. 272250

Idiot, they're implants. You can tell she has no breast tissue.

No. 272264

>Apparently she sucked him off during a stream once which is on youtube
>literally just making stuff up

anyways, this thread should touch on the satiritician drama or whatever his name is. basically, shoe dresses up in a SJW character sometimes to bait ppl into think the person is real and sometimes ppl who arent familiar with her real self fall for it and she goes 'haha i fooled u' and its like… ok? great prank bro.

its funny cuz the satireician guy is a low tier anti sjw tuber so it caused infighting (terrible channel/content/concept tho so dont even bother watching).

No. 272278

Her tits look like implants???>>272264
Can someone post the livestream shit? Sounds milky but theres no sauce

No. 272294

Lol this is bullshit. That's not her!

No. 272614

File: 1489882817153.png (6.09 KB, 646x190, 2017-03-18_211008.png)

White people are a hated minority

No. 272638

jfc this bitch

No. 272640

Is that BoxxyBabe?

No. 272672

>White's own countries

I didn't know races could own their own country these days.
Does she know about America's natives or that some Europeans came to the America's to escape oppression, or that Asians and blacks helped build what America is today?

She's confusing history with her vapid fucking opinions.

No. 272686

How did Lauren Southern get so famous so fast?

No. 272749

File: 1489891722065.jpg (103.43 KB, 960x813, 1485375944108.jpg)

Lauren was a cosplayer in Vancouver.

No. 272751

File: 1489891817865.jpg (648.31 KB, 776x1014, 1477272015055.jpg)

somebody from that scene had to have known her

No. 272817

I think Lauren Southern just tried her hand in the cosplay scene, never got into it
Her sister (Sailor Saturn) had a few really popular cosplays though.

No. 272839

yeah i mean, it's just a coincidence that Japanese people live in Japan, Chinese in China etc. Let 200 million Somalians move to Japan - it would be totally stupid of "Japanese" people to oppose being a minority in "their country".

No. 272881

>While I do get the whole "traditional" shit, since I'm that way too

Goddamn, why? Do you just hate yourself?

No. 273259


>Apparently she sucked him off during a stream once which is on youtube


No. 273331


"Japanese" is not a race, not is "chinese". They are asians, and they also live in america. American people can be black/asian/latinos. White weaboos also live in japan, but aren't japanese because there they have a different meaning for the word, it means ethnic japanese.

No. 273549

Anon is probably a dude. Dudes are fucking retards when it comes to spotting fake tits.

No. 273612

I don't have a link. I was just lurking her twitter some months ago when she was discussing this but fuck looking through hours of shit and even then you probably wouldn't be able to tell. I think she said it would be easy to find since he doesn't have that many streams uploading and I think she said it was in 2015? You'd be better off looking through her twitter replies and seeing if you can find this convo.

No. 273624

nationality =/= race you retard

No. 273663

>>273624 >>273331
you guys are using one of the divisions of the races which just has "Asian" but, like on the 2010 USA census form for example it lists Japanese and Chinese etc. as separate races explicitly. Call it yamato or whatever but Japanese is a race. I would say the Japanese people, who happen to be overwhelmingly one race, own Japan. The American people own the USA, those people are many races but in the past it was essentially all white. So previously the country was a white country / white owned, and now it's arguably not, and seeing as that's a loss of one country for whites, well that's the gripe.

No. 273723

The census wants you to specify nationality/ethnicity within the Asian race. Besides the Yamato people were settlers from what is now mainland China. So is Japan actually controlled by the Chinese if the dominant ethnic group are Yamato?

Stop posting, you're embarrassing.

No. 273732


What are the native americans amirite? they are a minority in their own country

No. 273749



According to OMB, “Asian” refers to a person having origins in any
of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian
subcontinent, including, for example, Cambodia, China, India, Japan,
Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and
The Asian population includes people who indicated their race(s)
as “Asian” or reported entries such as “Asian Indian,” “Chinese,”
“Filipino,” “Korean,” “Japanese,” and “Vietnamese” or provided other
detailed Asian responses.

No. 273796

looooool you are reaching so hard with this. poor whitey has to see brown people at the supermarket.

but in all seriousness. i have white skin. i rather work and live next to a hard working person with darker skin who is from syria, than have to deal with the lazy borderline psychotic ""white americans"" that i do on a daily basis.

tribalism is retarded. the world runs on productivity and profit, not on family. it's not 8000 BC where your family is everything. we live in a CIVILIZED society. this is a CIVILIZATION. you clearly don't understand what that means, so look into it. the way a civilization remains strong is through economic and social PROGRESS.

in the past, that progress was done by white americans and brits.

now, it's changed and east and middle asian countries have started pumping out intelligent, hard working people. most americans have stagnated and are fine working down in the coal mine like their uncle jim bob, even if it means slowly ruining their country's place in the world.

so what do the intelligent americans do? the ones who run the top universities on the planet, the ones that have discovered so many things in math, science, etc? the ones who are the forefront of law? the ones who have rapidly built the world of technology? they would rather invite and collaborate with random middle and east asians, people from india, people from iraq, who are smart and hardworking, than settle for an average american who will half ass the job and request double the pay.

this whole "countries belong to skin colour and race" is bullshit. america is the #1 country in the world because of its economy - which "corporations" are largely responsible for. whether or not you like it, they are the ones that largely fund your infrastructure, contribute to the military financially, etc. if you don't like it, and living in an all white country is more important to you than living in a first world country, maybe try moving to khazakstan or something.

No. 273804

She bores me. I don't think she's funny or interesting at all, and it's actually kind of cringe when she tries being funny.

At least Blaire White is kinda funny even though it's the same shit with her: unoriginal "response" videos where the only outcome is explaining that SJWs are retarded. We know.

No. 273807


Thanks, Kenny

No. 273810

she is very cringe. she relies on old 4chan memes in trying to be funny. it's sad.

No. 273814

Stop with the race discussion. It is irrelevant.

No. 273847

all she does is post memes and try to call people out, then deletes her tweets when they embarrass her, and calls her bf daddy and other ddlg shit in public, yuck. she recycles memes that haven't been funny for years now.

imagine having your entire life's success be due to the fact that you sucked off the right youtubers. how can she complain about "traditional women being marginalized" when she's the stereotype of your avg liberal ho. the level of self hate.

No. 274073

File: 1490069782518.jpg (76.43 KB, 577x1024, 1472270519965.jpg)

seems like she still does it

No. 274076

>t. coalburner

No. 274330

File: 1490122910628.png (297.1 KB, 608x602, shoechart.png)

posting stuff

No. 274332

File: 1490122999569.jpg (8.49 KB, 135x240, 1457386257168.jpg)

No. 274333

File: 1490123156513.png (123.26 KB, 603x264, 774d03869b45d4c5a765f0c6b82bef…)

No. 274334

File: 1490123286963.png (365.16 KB, 595x480, d9afd88a7a521b28c15d05c98e8c9d…)

No. 274336

File: 1490123381748.png (446.62 KB, 635x666, fd256ca84136d5c67fac067aae944d…)

No. 274340

whoever drew this should punch themselves in the face

No. 274345


fucking disgusting

No. 274346

i dont understand this one…

No. 274349

File: 1490123872201.png (200.79 KB, 597x624, shoe1.png)

No. 274350

File: 1490123945100.png (403.57 KB, 1055x797, 3e81c7029de00f68e3ad9ce1577e31…)

No. 274351

File: 1490124006817.png (42.01 KB, 602x264, 1e3a2097350cdd85e8e15c289ab0b0…)

No. 274353

File: 1490124070027.png (213.37 KB, 603x515, 392e991e4fe57c9b73588c281391d2…)

No. 274355

File: 1490124117053.png (57.43 KB, 598x272, a47c756944559d98bc1ebb8a909a25…)

No. 274356

File: 1490124328358.png (76.46 KB, 584x361, Capture.PNG)

No. 274365

File: 1490125191342.jpg (103.72 KB, 573x600, 3990302.jpg)

No. 274367

File: 1490125391235.png (485.08 KB, 604x604, shoe0.png)

No. 274372

Welp, she is more cringy than I thought

No. 274375

Just extremely insecure girl who gives nasty looks at every good looking woman in the streets because she thinks they're gonna ~steal her man~. Nothing much

No. 274379

This is legit the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

No. 274385

No. 274388

File: 1490127519752.png (56.29 KB, 611x309, shoe6.png)

No. 274416

File: 1490129444498.png (25.49 KB, 620x255, shoe.png)

i think when she talks about being traditional, she means she likes wearing makeup and dresses and being girly and letting skeptic be the person who makes the most money and lets him take care of her. that isn't really most people's definition of traditional though.

also lol at the terf thing. she doesn't really seem to know anything and giving her measly 2 cents on topics she's barely heard of, including the pedophilia thing.

No. 274419

File: 1490129695793.png (402.76 KB, 595x425, ebd69fa0c8490e2cc4e86b0eea9989…)

No. 274421

File: 1490129795515.png (379.12 KB, 591x485, shoe02.png)

No. 274424

File: 1490129953373.png (227.9 KB, 603x384, shoe5.png)

No. 274428

She sounds like Anisa when she talks (see: nag obnoxiously on him on social media) about idubbbz. Birds of a feather I guess

No. 274435


why do people do this? why doesn't she just tell him to his face.

No. 274439

Doesnt she usually complain about snowflakes, people saying they are triggered and people who make demands to have their whims catered to? The most demanding group of people atm are trans who say you shouldnt call girls girls because it triggers them? Guess I shouldnt be surprised shes an opportunistic hypocrite.

No. 274451

File: 1490132903669.jpg (38.81 KB, 320x320, 34ec8a27ac63337a63d72bcd58ddbb…)

No. 274455

File: 1490133102721.jpg (397.18 KB, 1334x2000, 463f6b0a4e10d5ae75113b17acf8af…)

No. 274456

File: 1490133272460.jpg (19.34 KB, 600x450, e7aa90fa5d5d10344061244d75325d…)

No. 274458

File: 1490133339553.jpg (96.71 KB, 428x480, 3f66d171d197a401b0643c4082ba9e…)

No. 274459

She's more obnoxious than i thought. Why not do this shit privately? nobody cares about your relationship as much as you do.

No. 274461

File: 1490133469290.gif (1.28 MB, 256x356, 591c4eb24f4876200efe8bc65fd42e…)

No. 274475

I wonder if this is how an incel would react if a literal anime magical girl appeared in his bedroom and said she was his wife

No. 274478

>all that dawkins
And I bet she feels smart because she reads that crap

No. 274481

she's a freeloader. all women who want to be a trophy wife are just that. nothing "traditional" about it.

and yeah she is super ignorant.

No. 274484

what is this supposed to show?

No. 274486

radfems don't hate sex workers or trans people. this is the exact (fallacious) line that obnoxious sjws use to smear 2nd wave feminists. she's so fucking stupid and hypocritical.

No. 274489

she's an obnoxious attentionwhore, but she could do way better. she takes good pics but she's average in video, and he's honestly fucking ugly.

No. 274490


tradeeeshuunal womynnnnn~~~!~!~~!!!

No. 274491

i agree, he's so ugly and she's way out of her league. she must be really insecure and selfhating…

No. 274492

she claims she doesn't want to get married, and has slept with black dudes. seems like the marriage thing is an excuse. i guarantee if AS proposed, she'd accept. she just can't lock one down. sad.

No. 274494

His gut drives me crazy. Man need to really lose weight.

No. 274497

He's fat and flabby. I don't get her attention to him

No. 274501

careful, you'll trigger the fattychans.

how old is she?

No. 274504

Tbh, I'm attracted to him big time. He's exactly my type. Tall, a bit overweight but not too much, dark features, etc.

No. 274508

anon, practice some self love, please. he has white trash face. he wears hoop earrings, for fuck's sake.


No. 274513

File: 1490137074734.jpg (114.02 KB, 1252x1252, 34ELfgR9.jpg)

she's 25 and doesn't have any kids? "traditional"?

No. 274514

File: 1490137129000.png (45.8 KB, 631x431, sticks.png)

No. 274516

File: 1490137304875.png (860.77 KB, 656x843, aber.png)

He looked like a male model in his younger days. But apparently he has an ex-wife

No. 274521


He's fucking hot.

No. 274585

wow, that 50 lbs really aged him. his features look totally different. still, no thanks, before or after.

was, at best. he legit looks like the guys who'd hit on you when you were 14, despite being and looking 14

No. 274586

that's a different picture that wasn't posted, so i'm still not sure what that was supposed to prove

No. 274595

He needs to lift (lose the gut.) Also, that beard isn't doing it for me.

No. 274598


i've heard that he had an ex wife too. i feel like that might be kinda weird for shoe considering she has little to no dating experience.

i feel bad for her because she basically put her whole life on the internet. she seems embarrassed of everything she's posted before.

No. 274601

also, it's funny how she automatically assumes that gender critical feminists hate sex workers and trans people when the most we do is criticize the porn industry and the trans movement.

it's just weird considering she always complains about sjws jumping to conclusions when someone disagrees or criticizes their opinions.

No. 274630

he looks like a cheap fat old guido or something wtf? girls need to get higher standards.

No. 274636

welcome to 2017 where you not only have to deal with sjws but also have to deal with crazy alt righters :-)

No. 274637

sage for o/t but is there enough milk on Lauren Southern that a thread can be made about her?

No. 274657

I'm sorry I have a different opinion than you. I just so happen to prefer wanting a home with children and a husband, I want to be taken care and pampered and only worry about raising my children and making my SO happy. Or you know, just not having tons of partners.

Feminism embraces both spectrums, I don't why you think that just because I'm not someone who's "Omg never gonna settle down and just gonna work on my degree and be by myself"

That's fine too if it makes that person happy.

If anything, your attitude is the reason why so many women hate "feminism" because plenty of girls just want the "traditional" life but then fucks like you, try to make it seem that if they aren't some modern example of a different side of feminism, that they hate themselves or it is frowned upon.

Fuck off with that shit. If I want to raise my babies in peace and take care of my husband. I sure as hell can to without hating myself, just like any career woman who doesn't care about having a family can certainly do so and more power to her without hating herself either and being happy.

God. I'm salty right now. Seriously, just fucking re-think for a moment. Not everyone share's the same mindset and if they don't it's probably not because of what YOU think.

No. 274662

She was probably shilled on /pol/ quite a lot and since most of pol is pretty fucking retarded

>Hurr durr we hate sluts and attention whores we want pure waifus

>But if one of them spouts our views even though she dresses and acts exactly like what we were bitching about it's totally okay!

I have a lovely bf who's loyal and honest but sometimes I can't help but just dislike the entire male gender at times for being so controlled by their dicks.

No. 274665

wtf anon he looks like bam margera. are you ok?


No. 274673

File: 1490144625785.gif (960.15 KB, 160x160, tumblr_n9wyuztMcX1rbgu1so5_r1_…)

i don't get why she feels the need to post about her bdsm sex life on twitter so often. what traditional woman would scream about her sex life to the whole entire world?

why isn't she bullying her bf into lifting some weights?

No. 274676

If she talks about sex, she'll get more attention. She just uses the term to get the /pol/ neurons firing.


Then why did you give it attention lmfao.

No. 274683

For what it's worth I don't buy into the "traditional life" but I agree with you. Not everyone is the same and will be satisfied by the same lifestyle, doesn't mean anyone hates themselves. Not everyone is cut out to be a housewife/mother, not everyone is cut out to be in the workforce longterm.

No. 274684

because anon needs to learn how to sage her shit if she's going to type up a wall of text about her OT butthurt??

No. 274691


>why isn't she bullying her bf into lifting some weights?

Because that's unbecoming of a submissive waifu.

No. 274696

File: 1490146563158.png (503.27 KB, 600x515, shoejob.png)

Looking through her old stuff, it's like her goal was always to become internet famous.

Never had much of a job, except Makeup girl.

Arts College Dropout.

Been making YT vids since 2009
In 2011, she copied Boxxy when it got huge
In 2013, she started vlogging when it got big.
In 2014, she joined the "Skeptic" Anti-SJW trend right at the start of GG, despite not having played videogames at all for 10 years or something.

YouTube famous or marrying someone YouTube famous seemed to be her life goal.

No. 274700

What the fuck kind of person gets implants before 18-19 though? She'd've had to have JUST got them because I don't think it's legal if youre under 18.

Nah I had a flip phone in 2010. Granted it was much newer than 2003, but it was pretty standard back then.

No. 274703

I don't think she has implants, its just that shes short and petite and has good genetics, so they look like huge melons in photos, but in proportion shes like a 28D

No. 274705

ok so you're lazy and want a man to slave away for you while you sit on your ass and homemake, good for you, you can stop blogging now.

>i don't get why she feels the need to post about her bdsm sex life on twitter so often.

it gets her more followers and she's a desperate hypocrite.

No. 274706

File: 1490147629544.jpg (117.07 KB, 724x1102, 1413426208786.jpg)

No. 274709

what a sad life. at least she managed to find skeptic, without him she'd be a no body.

No. 274710

File: 1490147699330.jpg (92.19 KB, 612x612, 1413513206871.jpg)

No. 274713

real big tits don't look rock solid like hers. have you ever watched porn? they are soft. hers look rigid and she has a "refund gap"

No. 274723

File: 1490148425000.jpg (126.61 KB, 1200x630, bra_band_size_compare_30GG_28H…)

Porn stars typically aren't 5"1 with a chest measurement of 28 inches.

No. 274735

File: 1490149064494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.08 KB, 800x450, mum123jp-02.jpg)

they cast girls with shoes build to ageplay porn

No. 274737

Holyshit, he does look like Bam. Bam is a fatass now too.

No. 274746

jfc , this makes me so uncomfortable

No. 274751

are you dumb? many of them are. 5'3" is the average height for a woman, 5'1" isn't super short or anything lmao

No. 274755

>isn't super short or anything lmao

>5'3" is the average

>5'1" is below 5'3"
>5'1" is below average

Are you fucking retarded

No. 274761

you do notice i said 5'1 and 28 inches chest measurement

that sort of build is pretty rare outside of asia

No. 274764

File: 1490150867247.png (180.09 KB, 734x1289, 1484580395196.png)

so when did this whole ageplay thing start to get popular? I've seen grown women doing this shit lately.

No. 274766

I'm a 28DD. my boobs will never look like that because they're made of actual beast tissue and fat. Big, real breasts don't look rock hard just because they're big. They're obviously fake…

No. 274768

if so then she got implants at 18 while living at home with her parents and dropping out of college.

Investment in the future?

No. 274771

Yeah I'm a 28DDD and my tits do not look anything close to that. Her tits look bolted on.

No. 274772

…This is especially goddamn gross coming from someone who's an actual mother.

No. 274773

Probably, especially if it has always been her goal to be a tradishunnnnaaal housewife. Plus she was attention whoring on every corner of Chan culture and YouTube, specifically for male attitude, so would it be any surprise to get her tits done?

No. 274775

The stretched high nipples are a big giveaway, on top of the fact that her entire tit is just the implant. She must have had no boob before the augmentation.

No. 274780

so if we're on the topic of her nudes, are there any other ones besides the 2 that were posted

asking for a friend

No. 274781

File: 1490151892300.jpg (71.34 KB, 720x960, 1446577461163.jpg)

No. 274782

You're surprised? Lots of camgirls get them done at 18-19. Clara on twitch/youtube is like 19 and has a pair.

No. 274786

it's not super short? yes, it's below average but if you go outside and leave your basement you'll see lots of women are 5'1" and don't walk around with huge plastic boltons.

it's like acting like a guy who is 5'10" is super tall just because he is two inches above the average lmaoooo, yeah they're taller than average but if they're in a crowd they won't stand out at all.

No. 274792

Very fake
I knew girls who got them at 16 in high school esp private school

No. 274793

2 measly inches below average = super short
That doesn't even count as short. Just slightly below average. Not that anon but you're the one who's retarded.

No. 274794

this is an old vid, looks like the implants thing might be right

No. 274798

>girl who hates feminism acts like superwhore on the internet
>it's because of feminism that she can act so overtly sexual w/o lifelong social consequences or negative outcomes

Yeah, okay slut.

No. 274799

Yep she was flat

No. 274801

fourth wave feminism*
pretty sure she's made it clear in the past that she anything pre-fourth is fine because it actually stood for something

No. 274804

That's not what her past videos said but it's interesting to know she's backtracking now.

Besides that, she's pretty fucking dumb to assume those rights are going to always be guaranteed and never infringed upon.
Ex. Reproductive rights and abortion were won fairly during second wave but in the US they're still contested and state bills are constantly introduced to enforce restrictions on those rights.

No. 274805

You must be a dude. Contemporary feminism is third wave, not 4th. And no, she hates radfems which are 2nd wave and disagrees with even basic principles of feminism

No. 274808

The alt-right loves infantilized, stupid women who make themselves sex objects.

No. 274813

File: 1490154078022.jpg (620.89 KB, 3400x2000, 9165417314477092070.jpg)

>my political enemies do this shit
I take it you've never heard of Alison Rapp?

No. 274814

i think the type of feminism june disagrees with is the "black lives matter fat acceptance #76genders" kind.

i think she doesn't like terfs because that one lesbian youtuber, idk her name, kept calling blaire white a man and saying that "he will never be a real woman" and when blaire white said "yeah i know lol" she kept harassing blaire anyway. shoe probably got a bad impression from radfems from that. stupid that she didn't investigate radfem values further tho.

No. 274816


She's "traditional" because it's more convenient to have her Youtube sugardad bring in the monies and drive her places while she spends her day planning the next ironic weeb post on Twitter.
She doesn't need to care about feminism or her own rights because Skeptic treats her like little princess. It's literally her fetish to be a balloon bag bimbo submitting to the will of her superior >>274330.
So as long as she got hers, fuck anyone else.
That's why feminism bothers her. Because it reminds her not every other woman is such a useless cumrag.

No. 274819

Can't say this type of thing is what I search on google for, no.

No. 274829

File: 1490155660602.jpg (406.24 KB, 730x1095, badness_cosplay__17___eccc_201…)

well it explains why you think "only these people i don't like do this thing" it reeks of ignorance.

No. 274830

you mean magdalen? she wasn't harassing blaire. radfems aren't even "terfs". i find it pretty fucking funny that magdalen is a rational leftie physics graduate that isn't an "sjw", yet she receives hate from blaire white and shoe's "rational" followers. she's everything they wish they could be: she does her research, is a STEM grad in what they consider to be the hardest science, and is actually funny. yet june thinks she's more intelligent than magdalen because she's an "i'm one of the boys but with big tits!!!!" contrarian with no degree and no life experience outside of attentionwhoring on the chans and dropping aged memes every few seconds for attention from men that are little but the human embodiment of the dunning-kruger effect. lol.

No. 274831

skidmark, she didn't say that. there are plenty of cows on all sides.

No. 274832

I didn't say "only the alt-right loves this shit" I just said that they do love it. Why are you so offended?

No. 274833

Why do "I'm one of the boys" girls always seems to turn out to be the most bitchy nice to your face but a bitch behind your back types?

No. 274834

lol weasel words

No. 274835

Compensating for their deep insecurities while masking their fear of other women.

No, you wanted to argue.

No. 274836

it seems like many of these anti-feminist women are incompetent/unintelligent and like to believe that all women are as incompetent as they are, and should resign themselves to the same sad existence as they have. they can't be reminded of the fact that there are women who are more capable with more to offer. i think they see them as a serious threat. they can't stand up against the "competition". they can't stand seeing women who are bright, accomplished AND pretty, when they may only be pretty.

No. 274839

Not that anon, but she does seem to mean traditional, in the traditional sense. As in, she means to be taking care of the home/children and husband. As someone who had to take that role while my children were very young, it's not some walk in the park. She mentions raising and taking care of her husband/children.

That's not really being lazy, it just irked it because you seemed to have not really read it all before making some shit comment towards housewives.

No. 274842

>I want to be taken care and pampered and only worry about raising my children and making my SO happy

You are in for such a rude awakening when you realize that being a housewife is nothing like those reruns of 'I Love Lucy'. There is nothing quaint and idyllic about cleaning up shit after your sick kids while your husband goes off to work, cooking and cleaning all day, and having no time and money to "pamper" yourself because your cash will go to things like groceries, bills, your kids, and emergencies like medical issues, car troubles, house issues.

There is nothing wrong with getting married and wanting to stay home, since childcare is expensive, but there is no life where all your worries are just playing with cute babies and giving your hubby a back massage.

No. 274843

>home/children and husband

But she doesn't have any of this. The only householdy thing she does is decorate her room, and only what is seen as background on her youtube videos.
She has no children.
And Skeptic seems to take of her more than it is the other way around, plus she's not married.

I have no problem with traditional housewives. However she isn't a selfless, sacrificing mother trying to balance her hobbies with any kind of work.
She's a selfish Youtuber who spends her whole day playing dressup and shitposting on the internet. She fucking sucks.

No. 274845

Because I want to go to a place on the internet and not have somebody sperg about everything being because of (those alt-rights) (those sjws).

Give it a fucking rest.

No. 274846

most of the time they aren't even pretty, just very average. since they pander to an easily impressed crowd looks beyond not being fat don't really matter.

No. 274847

I didn't sperg at all, you're the one sperging.

No. 274849

>since they pander to an easily impressed crowd looks beyond not being fat
but thats like guys in general

No. 274850

>to an easily impressed crowd looks beyond not being fat

This probably isn't even the case anymore either. I've seen so many horrendously ugly, overweight women say they're "anti-feminist" and get so many asspats from men for it.
Like MRAs are so desperate to hold up these women and say "SEE!" that wanting to fuck them is only a bonus at this point.

No. 274851

Oh, plus the MRAs and PUAs already know that if they keep up the stereotype that feminists=fat uglies and anti-feminists=sexy, it'll just encourage more women searching for male approval to say they're anti-fem just cause.

No. 274852

how does he take care of her? i guarantee you he doesn't want to and likely sees her as a mooch. why haven't they moved in together?

No. 274853

File: 1490156692490.jpg (68.8 KB, 1024x709, 02811743dff85567f9f5281db5516c…)

No. 274854

No. 274855

those pictures above of someone's ass in underwear don't look like this ass. this looks like a trap's bony bottom.

No. 274856

I'm just saying if they did live as husband/wife she has no income outside Youtube revenue and no car.

Haha she's so deplorable.

No. 274859

Holy shit Skeptic makes this picture even cringier than it already was, he is so unappealing. He's not even really a bad-looking dude he's just…looks like somebody's uncle, or brother.

No. 274860

oh no she's defo fucked and they aren't even engaged/married. they don't even live together. i just don't see him as the kind of guy that actively wants to take care of her. the camp she peddles to rejects women and considers them all moochers. if skep was a proponent of traditional values like her, he'd have proposed by now.

No. 274863

karen straughanananan looks like lena dunham's aged cousin with one too many chromosomes, yet they praise her. i'm sure she just appreciates receiving any male attention what with sounding like and looking like an inbred toenail

No. 274865

true, but when you have a face like hers/no personality, you have to post nudes or say stupid shit to get any actual attention. if she was actually pretty, she probably could've gotten a following when she was copying boxxy.

No. 274866

Too bad she doesn't have enough shame to realise the reason why she didn't get famous despite spamming unichan was that Catie was actually pretty. Pitiful.

No. 274871

Yeah, I should have saged. My b.
>Implying you can't be overall happy in a situation like that where everything isn't 100% perfect.

Holy fuck. Of course it's not a rerun of the I love lucy show but it to act as if it's just some shit after another and that just because I have traditional views that I have no idea what's in store for me is fucking retarded. You can still be pampered and still manage a household. I had the example of my mother and father, especially on a limited budget so it's very much possible. Fucking negative nancys everywhere.

She hit the jackpot with just parroting whatever /pol/ was saying. Plus the fact that 4chan in general, or at least /b/ loved boxxy for a while and she was a purebred copycat.

No. 274873

If anything is the tumblr definition of bat shit crazy feminism its radfems and terfs

I dont really disagree with her there

No. 274875

looooooooooooooooooool, thanks for this shining example of not knowing what the fuck you're talking about. A+

No. 274877

this, holy shit. get a fucking clue.

No. 274879

Radical feminists don't want gender equality and shit on transgender folk, explain yourself if I'm wrong because all the radfems I've talked to believe a gender advantage is a solution

No. 274885

transgender ideology is inherently conservative gender essentialist nonsense that attempts to legitimize harmful gender roles. radfems not appeasing trans people by pretending they're actually the opposite sex is not "shitting on transfolk". no one is obligated to entertain their glorified cosplay, especially when m2f are trying to invade locker rooms, female abuse shelters and female homeless shelters and remove all mention of female biology because it "triggers" or "excludes" them. radfems are respectful of trans people but do not believe in gender ideology. have you seen the way "terfs" are attacked by libfems and transactivists?

how do radfems not want gender equality? did you eat paint chips as a child? like, what? what do you mean by "gender advantage"?

No. 274887

whoops, meant to say "what do you mean by "gender advantage is a solution"?"

No. 274888

> calls transgenderism cosplay despite medically proved
> believes sex and gender are the same
You actually proved my point about the transphobia. Also note that rad fems seem to only have a problem with male to female transfolks, not female to male.

I wonder why.
And don't get me started on "political lesbians" SERFS and TERFS

No. 274891

why dont you go make your own thread if you want to solve first world problems

No. 274892

i'm not a radfem. ftm aren't trying to cultivate female spaces as men, idiot. they're biologically female. they DO have a problem with them when they promote harmful ideas, however. many of them have plenty of bones to pick with people like yorrick. the general radfem consensus is that female to males typically seem to transition for different reasons – attempting to escape oppression/feeling oppressed, while plenty of m2fs have the hallmarks of autogynephilia.

it is glorified cosplay. they'll never be the opposite sex. it's not "medically proven", you tard, and even were it "medically proven", it's still nothing more than performing as the opposite sex.

No. 274893

File: 1490160947674.jpg (63.26 KB, 640x640, 1422547003769.jpg)

No. 274895

you have no idea what you're talking about. radfems ARE "terfs". do you mean SWERFS? radfems don't exclude sex workers, holy shit, you are so misled. they promote the nordic model and are labelled sex-worker-exclusionary because of it. it's strawman propaganda and it's untrue.

No. 274897

File: 1490161321135.jpg (62.28 KB, 900x900, for fucks sake.jpg)


fuck me at least sage your shit (like the first anon did) if you're going to be a dumb arse who tries to pick fights because you can't into reading comprehension, jesus christ

No. 274901

lmao real men don't take afab trannies seriously. no one does, probably not even themselves. also,
>believes sex and gender isn't the same
lmaoo you have to be 18+ to post here

No. 274905

doesn't it seem like someone in this thread has a little bit too much passion for defending shoe0nhead?

No. 274906

i thought it was tranny passion, now go make some tranny thread please.

No. 274912

Last response to this; trangenderism has been medically proven by psychology and anthropology has explained why and how sex and gender aren't the same.
>inb4 tumblr meme
I'm not saying there are 20 genders, in fact I actually only think in terms of male or female but gender roles are definetely defined by society. Take the Fa'fafine for example.

I mean you're surpassing June's own level of ignorance.

No. 274919

i haven't said sex and gender are the same. not once. and LOL @ thinking psychology can "prove" anything. psychology can't prove shit. you don't seem to understand what it means to have something proven. gender IS a social construct (you seem to agree with this), that's why radfems oppose transgenderism as a concept – it seeks to legitimize gender roles and promote the antiquated idea that they have seriously meaningful basis in biology. the idea that gender is a social construct is incompatible with the belief that transgenderism means someone has a mismatched brain/body.

No. 274926

Speaking of trannies, she looks like a tranny here.

No. 274934

5'5" is average height

No. 275017

File: 1490187098310.jpg (94.23 KB, 761x1024, COewaTDWcAAHPCh.jpg)

No. 275027

No. 275048

it literally hurts me to see her like this. she could go to any church in a rich neighbourhood, stick her tits out, shut up about memes, and find a nice, traditional widower who'd be eager to propse and take care of her. since she doesn't care about how ugly her man is, it'd be a perfect plan for her.

No. 275052

Wow that's such a creepy comment

No. 275054

this post reminds me of that weirdo on tumblr who Photoshops random girls into traditional Christian wives.

No. 275058

??? what are you on about? and i'm pretty sure she's not 'ACTUALLY' into the whole traditional thing tbh, it all just seems like a pandering act for her fanbase because she knows poltards eat the shit up.

No. 275071

Woah June, so edgy. You took a picture with you about to get spanked by your bf and tagged it "Happy international womAn's day". So bold, so original. I've never heard of a woman that likes spanking. You sure will trigger all dem sjws.

No. 275075

File: 1490199269680.png (15.53 KB, 563x111, yeah no you stupid bitch.PNG)

This is her recent comment on Blaire's new video. I can't believe all of her and Blaire's fanboys are falling for her bullshit and calling it hot.

As a lesbian I hate women like this because we put up with them so often. I'm sure other lesbians ITT can relate.

No. 275086

oOoOo she labels herself as not straight AND quotes Futurama? She'll need a canoe for all the neckbeard jizz

No. 275097

she's unbearable. her fanboys bleat on about how she doesn't seek attention like other women lel

No. 275104

I don't even like shoe or her "one of da boizz" shtick but this post just comes off as salty towards towards bisexuals in general.

No. 275114

shit, my bad. I had third-wave on the tongue but I wasn't sure if it was that or fourth-wave. Felt like whichever is the most recent would be the "bad" one.

Either way, a shiet.

No. 275116

there is no 4th wave

no it doesnt

No. 275122

It's meant to be salty towards straight women who claim they're bisexual when they're obviously not.

No. 275125

I mean fair enough but do we know shoe is one or are we just assuming because some people think all bi girls who date men are straight girls looking for attention?

No. 275131

no one is insinuating that. it's that june has been compulsively attentionwhoring all over the internet for 10 years, this is a criticism specific to her and women exactly like her – not any bi girls, or girls that may seem straight

No. 275134

If you read the post the op was replying to, shoe said she thinks girls are attractive would never date or be romantically involved with a woman. She did say she might experiment with one sexually but again, it's normal for straight women her age to have curiosity about kissing or messing around with another woman. It's not the same as being bisexual.

No. 275136

and shoe said multiple times that she's basically bisexual. she has been appropriating bisexuality for a while with the clause that "oh i can never actually date a girl tee hee but they're hot and i think i'm qualified to talk shit about LGB people because of it, pls think of me fingering a woman!!"

No. 275146

well ironically she loves the third wave and hates the second wave, like most alt-righters who rally against "sjws" but are really just sjws themselves, just with different identity politics.

the hypocrisy is confusing

shoe is the type of girl to make an okcupid or tinnder profile listed as "bi woman seeking woman" only to find some girl to have a threesome with her and her ugly bf

No. 275148

it's rather fascinating how all these 'alt-right/skeptic/anti-SJW' types are becoming the very thing they hate: annoying, whiny, preachy special snowflakes who can't stand legitimate criticism and only pal around to let mindless weirdos inhale the gas passing from their asses.

they're just two sides to a coin. some self-awareness can help.

sage for no one gives a shit.

No. 275154

+ most sjws are sex-positive that defend degrading kinks anyways

No. 275175

She actually said she wouldn't have sex with a girl ever because she only has sex with her romantic partners, aka not girls.

So yeah, another dumbass who calls herself bi because she thinks girls are pretty.

No. 275226

"Ugh I totally didn't want to post it but if you insist."

Attention whore calling out other attention whores. Guys are going to drool over you for your YT channel, don't debase yourself more than you have to by posting your gross sexual shit.

No. 275230

File: 1490216349095.png (485.58 KB, 526x700, 1457414748910.png)

So alt-righters that despise women and go on endlessly about how they're money-sucking garbage that is only useful to fuck, are vain, are selfish, are shallow, are intentionally stupid, and their only goal is to have a man take care of them until their monetary resources are drained because women are just stupid, two-faced, nasty succubi adore this woman and act like she's so special and unique when she brags about having her man take care of her and repays him by serving him sexually while pretty much camwhoring.

No wonder alt-righters say women have no loyalty, their princess is perfectly willing to throw her own gender under the bus for attention. That's their dream girl.

No. 275235

It's funny, I watched a video with the two of them where AS talked about his ex-wife telling him that she mostly married him for the financial security, and that hurt him so much he was going to go MGTOW. So June's 'not like the other girls' shtick worked for him.

I was always on the fence about her from her YT, but goddamn she is so cringey and disgusting about their relationship on social media. Have a little grace and self-respect June.

No. 275240

He looks like a fucking magician trying to wave his magic hand and make a shrill bitch disappear

No. 275245

I honestly don't know who's cringier in this pic. The fat fuck trying to look dominant and sexy or his woman wet more at the thought of dudes on the Internet getting boners for her than for him. Or both for their predictable and edgy joke. Goddamn this is pathetic.

No. 275252

I honestly wonder if this relationship will last? Obviously I don't know about the inner workings of it, but she seems very immature about it and like she just loves the idea of dating this youtube dude and posting about them on social media.

No. 275256

Well she has ADHD and Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) which is why she always wears wigs.

I think he will go out with her as long as it doesn't impact him too much. He doesn't appear to be interested in moving in together or getting engaged. How long have they been together now?

No. 275266

File: 1490218519944.gif (969.89 KB, 313x226, 1413325386506.gif)

Yeah you summed up their relationship perfectly, June seems to have no idea what love is and practically treats their relationship like a toy she's bragging about 'Look what I have! Isn't it awesome?'

In the same video AS talked about his feeling for June, saying he loves her and loves being with her because she's the funniest person he's ever met, which surprised me because older men just seem to treat their younger girlfriends like pretty accessories. June on the other hand, only talks about love in a really shallow manner, or just lust, I remember a YT comment where she said something like 'Of course I ride his dick, I love him!'

It's not going anywhere, best case scenario she'll realize there's nothing substantial there and grow up. But then any guy she's with after that has to live in that really embarrassing shadow of all these posts on the Internet of her slutting it up for her previous bf, pics of him spanking her, talking about their great, kinky sex, and how she worshiped his cock. One day reality of this behavior is really going to slap her in the face.

Oh, and they're never getting married, I don't remember what video it was but they talked about the whole 'I don't need a piece of paper to prove my love and the government doesn't need to be involved in my relationship' BS. Because that's the only reason sheeple get married. So much for traditional.

People need to call a spade a spade. Whatever Internet politics/meme culture is there, a ho is a ho, plain and fucking simple, and June is a ho.

No. 275269

he looks like guy fieri…

No. 275296

she was a bit of an attention whoring guido (guidette?) back then, but she seems calmer now. she doesn't really post videos and mainly shitposts on twitter. some of the things she does is cringey like the whole ddlg muh traditionalism thing but i don't think she's a bad person. her whole "yeah skeptic is great because big cock xD" shtick seems to come from a place where she's embarrassed and shy to actually talk about her genuine feelings towards him (isn't this her like second relationship?) but she did a bit on her girly channel.

No. 275297

agreed. I definitely used to enjoy her content but on a surface level. Once those layers start to peel back the real cringe begins.
Her followers like the idea of a shoe/skeptic romance because it's cute on the outside. There is no filler to them. In a debate they had with a left-leaning YouTuber, June barely spoke and AS talked over her, essentially "mansplaining" what she was trying to convey. It was kind of funny and I think june chalked it all up to "muh anxiety."
They have a fun relationship but it's not built for longevity. They just enjoy fucking one another but once the baby gene kicks in for June, she'll find Skeptic may not want that level of commitment.

sage for opinion-based bleating/projection

No. 275301

>the LGBT thing
I've been straight all my damn life but even I can see how out of touch she is with other bisexuals and clearly doesn't give a shit about actually dating or fucking another woman. Thinking the same gender can be hot or pretty doesn't mean she's gay!

iirc someone said it earlier but she reminds me of those creepy women who message other women on the internet trying to rope them into a threesome with their gross neckbeard bfs in order to make themselves seem more sexually desirable.

No. 275309

File: 1490222035913.gif (663.47 KB, 480x324, 1455076749503.gif)

There comes a point where most girls grow up and stop looking at attractive women as competition because they've become mature and more secure with themselves. They grow to appreciate a woman's beauty and sensuality.

And then some go down the creepy path where they want to use other girls as sex objects because they're insecure and want to seem more sexually superior and desirable to men. Making out with other girls in front of guys when they're drunk, petting and feeling them up for guys, talking about inviting them into threesomes, it's all to excite men and just shows how insecure they are.

I think June is pretty but she's clearly insecure. She thrives on male attention any way she can get it, from slutty pics, lewd posts about her sex life, and playing the bi card, which is the oldest trick in the book.

No. 275359

Nah, they have always been like this. But now that making fun of sjws has gotten boring and it's all just rehashing the same shit now (blah blah haes blah otherkin blah yeah ok triggered whatever) antisjws are getting their spotlight.

It's just funny that they thought they were immune from ridicule.

No. 275409

No. 275417

it's highly contested. most people, including most prominent feminists, still consider present day mainstream feminism to be 3rd wave

No. 275418

wow, she's an idiot. there's a difference between a real life woman and a character with no desires, no feelings, etc, being sexualised by their creators, purely for male benefit

No. 275515

that's a cute horse

No. 275532

File: 1490237636850.jpg (53.63 KB, 957x540, corbin.jpg)

i thought this was fourth wave

No. 275535

Yeah, this is definitely 4th wave. (Fucking retards who think islam is pro-women)

No. 275536

Actually Islam is pro-woman, but it's not feminist.

No. 275544

How in the hell is Islam pro-woman?

No. 275545

Spotted the retarded 4th wave feminist.

No. 275546

it's 3rd, guess it could be considered 4th. 4th is basically 3rd online. it's still 3rd wave ideology, just online.

No. 275586

That actually makes a lot of sense.

Yes, the ideology that has women covered up from head to toe because it's their fault they get raped is so pro-woman. Mind you, you need 3 male witnesses to a rape for it to even be 'proven' real. fuck islam. Sage for OT

No. 275638

Weird thing is, Islam is anti-men in a way, since it implies Men have literally no self control and will rape Women at the sight of bare skin. Which is kind of funny since Extreme Feminism talks about how "All Men are potential Rapists" seems like they have a bit in common

No. 275643

Your islam bullshit is derailing the thread… Could at least sage your posts?

No. 275649

File: 1490248012548.gif (1.44 MB, 228x200, c5057139042d49a933c5ea80fea598…)

No. 275650

It's a newspaper comic strip called Nemi. I think it's Norwegian originally but it's published here in England, it's a good chuckle occasionally.

No. 275674

Holy shit. Well…I'm glad she found some eyebrows at some point in her life. And bangs.

No. 275681

She looks like snoozy

No. 275684

she relies so much on the handjob motion, it's pathetic

No. 275698

To be fair, you don't have to have romantic feelings for both genders and want to be in a relationship with them to be bisexual, that would be biromantic although many people use bisexual to mean that as well. Are bi men who date women and only wanna fuck guys with no strings attached actually straight? Only June knows if girls actually turn her on or if she just thinks they're pretty.

No. 275745

File: 1490274806837.png (720.84 KB, 896x1160, f25ff2445ebedd29b4db50717a14a4…)

if there are any whiteknights in here, they are from the "skeptic community"

No. 276218

Apparently the news is, Shoe moderates her and Skeptics youtube comments section. Defending him, and deleting "burn the coal pay the toll" troll posts.

No. 276238

File: 1490325106895.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

The biggest issue I really have with Shoe/June is that she doesn't believe catcalling and street harassment is a serious thing. It pisses me off she wants to write it off as 'boys will be boys' and some other bullshit. That shit can traumatize you. Girls and women shouldnt have to go through it because men can't control themselves.

No. 276258

she looks like younger, less fat kailyn wilcher

No. 276262

okay i'm just. gonna clarify I guess from what I got out of her video on it? She never said it wasn't a real thing, but getting compliments from strangers =/= street harassment. Getting told "good morning," or getting called "darling" by people isn't harassment. Getting grabbed at is. Getting verbally abused is. Just saying, dude, but maybe you should actually watch the vid lol.

No. 276266

>And yeah, the Boxxy thing shouldn't be overlooked. She intentionally does her makeup to look that way because it draws in subscribers and thus money.

Man I'm not going to comment on any thing else but this shit is retarded. Can we stop? Her makeup is completely fucking normal. Is every semi-tan brunette with wing eyeliner "trying to look like boxxy" now?

No. 276268

did you see the LITERAL boxxy imitation and the fact that she spammed unichan with her boxxy impersonations to gain attention?

No. 276269

>Is every semi-tan brunette with wing eyeliner "trying to look like boxxy" now?

It's not really a stretch when it comes to June, man, more of a direct observation.

No. 276270

Who are those gorgeous women?

No. 276271

was the dude black? he looked arab

No. 276275

lol stop spreading bullshit for the sake of spreading bullshit.

She never "spammed" Unichan with Boxxy impressions. Back in 2011 her shoe0nhead channel was active ( but still relatively small) and she had made a video impersonating boxxy in a "funny" way. Like a parody. Note: I'm NOT talking about this video. >>276269 but I'm unable to locate the one I speak of. You can see a brief clip of it in her old YT intro.

Unichan had found said video and invited her to come check out the website. She stopped by but I guess she found the place to be kind of creepy at first. (Which it waS) She made a video outright making fun of Unichan, I don't think it was meant to be taken entirely seriously but she made a few valid points. Eventually she became friends with some of the Uni people and started to become a part of the "social" side of the community. She never said she was an enormous Boxxy fan, just that she thought she was cute. At some point she made this video >>276269 probably because a lot of Uni people were asking her to.

She continued to make vlogs on her channel but she wasn't Boxxy-esque at all, actually her personality was hugely different. If you want to see someone who was ACTUALLY trying to act like Boxxy go look at OrangeCitruses old vids.

FYI, apart from that ONE video, If you actually pay attention the makeup that she did back then and the makeup she does now isn't even Boxxy makeup. It's just thick eyeliner….?

No. 276276

It's also worth noting that back then, It would be somewhat untrue to say that Unichan was actually about Catie/Boxxy. Except for a handful of genuinely obsessed people, there was a large amount of people on the site that were just there to hang out with others and talk shit. That's more of where June fell into.

No. 276278

she frequented unichan for attention. she had always been attention hungry. quit crying. yes, somersby did a boxxy like schtick, but june's entire persona is geared toward chantards, it has been for quite a while. and ffs, at least somersby isn't an edgy 25 year old.

No. 276283


You're telling me to quit crying and yet you're the one who's genuinely infuriated over the fact that someone wanted attention on the internet (GASP) and found chan humor funny. ( like thousands of other people ) I genuinely don't understand why you're so upset by any of that, and even reaching so far as to say that she still (in 2017) does her makeup to look like boxxy. That's just funny.

No. 276284

Why are you so emotionally invested in this? Are you Shoe, or some sort of devoted whiteknight from Unichan?

No. 276285

loool, sure. what definition of infuriated are you using? go review for your 5th grade vocab test, little boy. no one but you is angry. you're the one pissing your pants while trying to pointlessly defend some obnoxiously contrarian attentionwhore that panders to the worst audience imaginable that will never pay attention to you :(((((((((((((((

No. 276286

Why are you assuming I'm emotionally invested? I'm just stating facts. If you're going to talk shit, don't use cheap tactics like "she's trying to look like Boxxeh!!"

No. 276288

Because of the obviously distressed, angry way you're typing. It's pretty obvious. I'm not even the person you jumped at, either, your analpain is just that palpable.
>no answer to the question

No. 276292

No, I'm not June lol. Yes, I used to visit Unichan. I'm not a June whiteknight ( not that there is any point in me answering that because you will assume I am either way ) nor am I angry or emotionally invested. But I do know things about Unichan days, so it's funny to me when people try to pull the Boxxy/Attention cards. Like I said, I just think it's cheap.

No. 276314

File: 1490339306835.png (175.83 KB, 463x349, af77ba8b6a96bdbbc6fe350b409cd8…)

Pretty sure she jumped on the Boxxy bandwagon. She's been on YT for almost a decade, and gained a following on unichan from it. She even got her own wiki page on the boxxy wiki


No. 276317

damn it's like you read nothing I said and… ALMOST as if you weren't there, huh

No. 276334

File: 1490345213189.jpg (106.42 KB, 977x468, boxxy.jpg)

>If they don't copy Boxxy exactly, they aren't trying to be like Boxxy at all.
why are you splitting hairs here?

No. 276335

Jesus christ, you're the one splitting hairs.
Thick eyeliner does not equal copying.

Have you noticed how June is absolutely NOTHING like Boxxy?

No. 276337

I've seen plenty of comments where people originally thought June was older Boxxy after dropping the character. You make it sound like June had literally no idea and didn't take advantage of that fact at all.

No. 276344

lmao but you picked the one pic where june doesn't even look like june

in the other pics/gifs of the thread there is a much more striking resemblance

No. 276345

dude, we all know june exploited the fact that sackless losers would latch onto her if she acted like an eccentric, foul mouthed, meme spouting idiot. please just go back to frothing over june's comically oversized gnashers, in private.

No. 276346

Jesus christ. I guess most girls just have shit genetics. It'd be sad as fuck to feel the need for fake tits as a teenager. Literally every guy pretty much ever prefers natural tits, anyhow.

I'm surprised shoe doesn't realize that. But she's not even living with her man, she's just a failed attention whoring bimbo.

No. 276347

idk anon, i think men secretly prefer fakes, especially since they're exceptionally shit at recognizing fakes. hell, look at how many women(?) in this thread couldn't even tell those were fakes despite the person (be it june or whoever) having approx 0 breast tissue/breast fat.

that's the sad thing though. she's settling hard for this guy, embarrassing her dumbass self all over social media, and he doesn't even seem to want her the way she wants him, kek.

No. 276355

uh what the fuck are you sperging on about. i was agreeing with your point, but you chose a bad photo to make that comparison. learn to read before posting your autistic rants.

i don't know if she really is delusional or just in the process of trying to delude herself into thinking he isn't a uggo fatty so she can continue to live off him. you couldn't pay me to think of a him as a sexual being tbh.

No. 276358

how much could she even be living off of him tho

she lives with her parents

shes probably sticking with him for the occasional $200 shite floral dress and vinyl choker hauls and secretly hoping he'll pop the question soon or ask her to move… there's no reason for him to not have her move in w him already given that shes neet and living w parents

No. 276369

She's pathetic, but she seems to have a seriously shit personality. It doesn't surprise me she's with such an chubby uggo who isn't even that into her, tbh. I doubt she could do a whole lot better in terms of an actual relationship unless she was gonna date an old dude

No. 276378

I'll bet 50 bucks that the whiteknight is june herself. She is way too much of attentionwhore not to have found it by now.

No. 276395

File: 1490362560538.png (190.59 KB, 597x672, june0.png)

Yeah she kinda gave it away with the "hello I'm just a random members of uniichan boards whos come to correct the record"

No. 276399

stopped reading there.

No. 276406

fuck that tweet made me cringe. Why is she like this?

No. 276414

File: 1490365385950.jpg (81.25 KB, 747x935, C6lPdn1V0AAXDOa.jpg)

You don't have to be fat to have boobs you know.

No. 276415

I think she has like no self-esteem, her boob job and hair pulling, and living at home most of the time… she probably thinks canada man is the best thing thats ever happened to her.

No. 276418

They didn't say you have to be fat to have boobs, dipshit.

No. 276430

maybe shes right?

No. 276464

She looks so much like ForeverKailyn

No. 276535


>hair pulling

you mean wig snatching? how could you even pull this off in bed, wouldn't the wig just slip right off? i know there's way to secure it because i've had my share of wigs and a stranger could very well pass by and tug it off lmao.
do you think her wig slipping off in the middle of sex is a turn off?

No. 276541

She's so hideous and looks like she belongs in a trailer park.

No. 276543

I'm pretty sure anon was talking about her trichotillomania.

No. 277046

hearing that she lives alone makes me feel depressed for her. she's like 26, and she spends all of her time making youtube videos, lecturing people about stuff that annoys her.
why even listen to her when her mom does her laundry for her?

No. 277067


I'm fucking dumb, thanks anon.
I feel like this girl really resonates with the anisa type of girls, but I can't see her being that successful on YouTube for the long run, does she have any job/schooling ?

No. 277068

i think she studied makeup artistry bullshit? yet she shits on women for male interest and she's the "intelligent, sensible" feeeeemale these rationals admire

No. 277079

I also don't see her being successful on youtube in the long run. People are already getting sick of the same old "sjw" response videos because they all say the same exact shit and there isn't much else to say. Also, she never posts. It seems like she is banking on being Skeptic's "human foot stool" forever so she doesn't have to do any actual work.

No. 277101

wouldn't be a terrible bet if they were actually, you know, engaged, or he wasn't worried about being used for financial gain

she's really chosen a paltry mealticket. i don't get the impression that h'ell stick around

No. 277130

shit thats so depressing, its true though. why listen to these dysfunctional people?

No. 277154

She has adhd and chooses to stay unmedicated, she could never upload frequently enough.

No. 277291


i'm with you. i see a long-term dating thing with a nuclear breakup sometime in the future. i don't know how long they've actually been dating but she does act like the typical stage 5 clinger who constantly talks about "muh skebtic." he seems more nonchalant like 'oh don't i have a cute playthingm' like at this point you'd think they would be talking about beginning to settle down. after all, he's 7 years older than her and has already been married. June is still young but soon that baby bell will start to chime. he just doesn't seem as into it as her but then again who am i to judge anyone's relationship. sage for pettiness/projection

No. 277390

>she has trichotillomania
>she has unmedicated ADHD

how do people know this. sauce?

No. 277395



No. 277426

Why is she so cringey??

No. 277434


are you kidding? its literally impossible to escape conservatives or "FUCK SJW!!" types on youtube. fucking jontron of all people, son of immigrants, turned out to be a /pol/.

think about the opposite of what you described. how many succesful openly feminist or leftist women do you know on youtube? anita and laci green are the only ones and people HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE them for every tiny thing we do. why can't we hate sh0e? who is a 100% confirmed attention whore?

No. 277438


anon, you're 100% not a woman

No. 277439


>Picking that picture of shoe

lol, bitch wishes she actually looked like that without the good angle.

No. 277460

Just because she hates feminism doesn't mean she's conservative.

Taking a picture of yourself bended over on your "daddy's" knee for the internet isn't conservative or traditional behavior. Nor are nudes. Or being vulgar. Or titty implants.
If anything that's tumblr fetish behavior.
Same thing with all the other edgy shit she does.

No. 277488

>are you kidding? its literally impossible to escape conservatives or "FUCK SJW!!" types on youtube

I'd say the same about SJW's though. I see them in comments on news articles, blogs, youtube videos, even here on this site.

The problem is, extremist feminism/social justice is pushing people in the other direction. Just like in 1936 when communists threatened to kill people for not supporting them, and so people backlashed and voted in Hitler.

No. 277492

Well shes a Liberal Arts College Dropout. She used to work at some makeup place. But it looks like she quit that to be a full time YouTube personality.

She's been living at home the whole time, so she's basically NEET. The only likely reason she would move out is because Skeptic wants to get a house and move them in together.

But I don't see him doing that.

No. 277500

This. She's definitely not a conservative just because she's not into third wave feminism.

No. 277502

Wow. I would hate to live at home at 26. It just feels like at that point must adults would want their own space.

No. 277514

>extremist feminism/social justice is pushing people in the other direction

Stupid people who can't think independently and have to be part of some contrarian type of group in order to have a sense of belonging, just like Hitler's people. Let's stop perpetuating the notion that this is the correct response to have in retaliation to views that people can't agree with. It's never been a good enough excuse.

No. 277522

i don't think it is a justification. i agree with you, and the other anon, but it's that some people will just ALWAYS be stupid, and beyond re-educating them fully (an impossible task), it makes more sense to properly gauge audiences to see when people are "ready" for certain schools of thought, and move gradually. obviously, plenty of americans are very conservative/center-right, and it's easy to see that they wouldn't have been perceptive to the "SJW" platform.

No. 277548


>extremist feminism/social justice is pushing people in the other direction

Oh please, the people against this stuff right now are people were where against this stuff from the beginning. There is no way extremist feminism/sjw pandering somehow turned people onto the platform enough to turn other people off of it.

Anyway, bashing sjws is old news, why can't antisjws just accept they're the new punching bag? It makes sense considering all of the [shitty but numerous] communities they have made fun of over the last few years. The only difference is you pissed off people who would actually take the time to petition politicians. The day I see a gooblygater call their representative about trannies ruining their video game narratives is the day I'll eat my socks.

No. 277556

semi-off topic but unichan deserves its own thread, sh0e was far from the only attention whore there

No. 277659

poor babby has to see anonymous comments they disagree with on the internet boohoo :(((((((( praying4u

No. 277662


She's cringy as fuck but this outfit is kinda cute (from what I can see)

No. 277666

>communists threatening to kill people is the same as liberals commenting on news articles, blogs, youtube videos and anonymous gossip sites
And they say liberals are the oversensitive babies.

No. 277743

File: 1490550531604.png (333.93 KB, 630x454, omg.png)

people do make this comparison a lot (apparently) but this photo just looks like a little girl chilling with her rockstar-swilling dad. their dynamic just gets increasingly odder as time goes on.

No. 277759

I just don't get it. Does she feel no shame or embarrassment at all?

It's one thing to have a fetish, but it's another to make it your entire identity, broadcast it all over the internet, and be a 26 year old calling your boyfriend "skebtic" and sleeping with a body pillow of him.

No. 277760

saddest part being that he looks like a downs tim heidecker with a gut that probably dwarfs his dink

No. 277788

Every time I see a picture of him, he's gotten fatter. I wonder if June will still want to be with him when hes obese.

No. 277793

definitely tubbier but his arms still stay noodle-y. it's not attractive. lift some weights, Skebtic.

No. 277820

>little girl
She wishes, lmao. In this cap she looks like one of those grown ass women who try to dress "kawaii" and fail miserably

No. 277878

People just want to hear what they want to hear.

If you're a pathetic alt-righter who most likely has major self-esteem issues (the reason the alt-right appeals to you, there's a lot of immature 'its not my fault, its society!' whining) you'd probably flock to hear a pretty girl blab your rhetoric and give you a feeling of justification. And then ignore the fact that the person saying it has their own issues and are screwed up because then that would show that you're probably messed up too. They just want some kind of figure patting them on the back and telling them they're okay. Living at home, never maturing, avoiding treatment of psychological issues, dependence, they just want some Youtuber to tell them that it's all fine instead of growing up.

Sorry for armchair psychology but that's how I've always seen it and a major reason for her popularity.

No. 277898

File: 1490564758656.jpg (108.76 KB, 720x960, 49924_o.jpg)

Makes me think it's going to turn into one of those "Is he your Dad?" deals

No. 277909

File: 1490565175327.png (455.12 KB, 527x383, images (1).png)

its almost like you guys only read buzzfeed or something, here's a tip, personal attacks make you look petty and as if you have no argument at all. I don't even support this so called alt-right, but I'm more sympathetic to them than their counterpart.

No. 277946

this. she's just as busted as he is, especially in the face.

his beer gut is overwhelming tho, and he seriously looks just like bam margera.

No. 277949

I'd say she'll regret this but who am I kidding, she'll never actually grow up, and the next chump she's with will probably think this is hot.

The fact that AS isn't at all embarrassed of this and in general how she portrays their relationship is so gross, they probably get off on their fans lusting after her and being way too interested in their sex lives, where the 'mature' man would know that their intimate life should be kept private.

No. 278208

p. sure he's already medically obese, judging by that image

No. 278263

That button is about to pop. He's gross and needs to lose weight.

No. 278273

File: 1490591929665.png (41.39 KB, 929x195, 2XAFHDv.png)

how self aware do you think she is about this? I just saw this in the top comments of a video I was watching, but I don't know if she's allowed to talk to the video creator since him and skebtic call each other out

No. 278278

>self proclaimed alpha males who spend their lives proving they're alpha
>no amount of muscles or cowboy hats can hide it
wtf is she talking about? what type of person is this directed at??

No. 278290

>self proclaimed alpha males
this gave me a hearty kek

No. 278304

she associated exclusively with them on youtube. all of the youtube ""rationals"" she hangs out with are exactly this way but she blows smoke up their asses constantly, so…

No. 278327

Sounds like she is talking about the Skeptic/Atheist/Rational "community" who else sits around telling everyone else how stupid everyone is? Without even trying to make it entertaining or funny?

No. 278897

File: 1490666925521.png (225.91 KB, 583x433, sh0e.png)

No. 278906

Lmao honestly though, all of these "skeptics"/the anti-SJW community have huge ass egos at this point. Like Blaire White has merch coming out and so does Shoe. Who the fuck cares? They make glorified reaction videos on the internet. I don't remember the last time I heard Shoe say something intelligent or thought provoking.

It's not like she creates original content or really discusses ~the issues~ in any serious manner.

No. 278951

now that's what I call pathetic

No. 279115

Oh my god she's the least cute of them by far. Cheerleader affect won't even work for her. Could she not get enough attention from weebs so became an ~edgy not like other girls~ alt righter?

Also does shoe0nhead wear a wig? And does anyone else find it gross that she wears that fucking daddy kink collar in her videos and talks about her fetishes all the time

No. 279117

this has legitimately been answered like 3 times in this one thread. Yes. she has trichotillomania.

No. 279533

for context, this was a comment on this video.
contrapoints' whole thing is making fun of gender norms and common argument points from both feminists and the skeptic community, but since he has the same background as a lot of skeptics they usually don't give him that much shit and often engage with him. mostly I'm just wondering if she trawls this thread thinking of new ways to calibrate her "not like other gurlz" brand.
polite sage bc most of this was off-topic.

No. 279568

File: 1490744358095.png (132.05 KB, 359x265, 1471463797665.png)

"embarrassing over compensation for their insecurities and egos thinner than rice paper."

Are you kidding me? That's you June, in a fucking nutshell! You're a socially retarded neet and find it comforting to put on this 'I'm such a magical unique perfect unicorn, not like the other girls teehee I'll gargle your jizz while reciting chan memes because I'm sooo funny' act but it's still so see through. No amount of cat eyeliner or DDLG chokers can hide it.

Goddamn this girl is so clueless.

No. 279588

File: 1490745899151.jpg (297.83 KB, 2048x1536, C6z9MI2V0AAS5_f.jpg)

>Lauren Southern
>not cute enough for weeaboos

bitch please. disagree with her politics all you want, but you can't say she's ugly.

No. 279591

she isn't cute enough for weeaboos. they care more about asian/neonatal features. to them, she looks like tired old hag.

i think she's cute enough for a random white girl. weeb standards are off the charts.

No. 279617

Yeah she's pretty IMO but she's not "weeb cute". She looks too "western".

No. 279853

uh no, we can. she looks like a less retarded felicia day. she's not cute. sorry.

No. 280784


Even Blaire White is prettier.

No. 280787

Ok, that's a stretch. Obviously you haven't seen the pics of him on Shane Dawson's podcast. Lauren's look is very dull/boring, but Blaire is just an ugly twink in a wig and some shitty 2002 make-up.

No. 280928

File: 1490903357234.jpg (37.25 KB, 405x720, Cn5VkmZUMAANr9b.jpg)

No. 280935

File: 1490903871059.png (1.53 MB, 1400x1138, IMG_0030.PNG)

Top kel

No. 281124

File: 1490917254234.png (278.37 KB, 697x371, ok.png)

No. 281436


She looks kind of cute here.

No. 281474

File: 1490946407116.jpg (89.19 KB, 1080x1003, 1485247826727.jpg)

getting this thread back on topic

she's at least cuter than Shoe. Italians are not white.

No. 281478

Lots of Italians ARE white. I see you've never been to Italy

No. 281480

it was a joke.

No. 281491

You watch this shit unironically? Hes just as cringy as the "Alphas"

No. 282046

Ok I've read the whole thread and have seen it said many times that she has trich. The only source given was her ask.fm page, and I did a search of that page and nothing came up for hair, wig, adhd, attention, or trich.

I have some wigs and also know people with trich and used to struggle with it while growing up, but in some of these pictures I can't honestly tell if it is a wig. The only pic where I can tell is the one of her dressed as a cop, where the wig also looks black.

Ftr, I hate her and find her annoying. I'd just like to see some proof regarding this.

No. 282093

You can see how hard (faced )Blaire looks here
Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn.

No. 282098


No. 282100

too lazy to read the rest of the thread so dunno if it was already mentioned but in her twitter bio she listed him as her master or something but now it just says she's his "foot stool"

No. 282102

That's pretty bad. I thought Blaire passed but I guess it was all lighting after all.
"The color fades along the intervals I follow."

No. 282106

File: 1491020129970.png (98.48 KB, 152x289, Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 11.1…)

he gained that healthy relationship weight

No. 282135

Wow she's so different, traditional and cool: a total waifu! it's very rare to see females which are not Fucking Sjw these days :´((


No. 282137

Thank you!

She actually writes decently on that (I stopped reading after the topic drifted so the rest of it could be shit for all I know), which is honestly a surprise. But it's cool she opened up about it, even though I'd personally say that isn't that public.

I wonder if her eyebrows/lashes are real? Her thick eyeliner could be an attempt to conceal a lack of lashes.

Also, $20,000 for a wig? Wtffff dear god. I'm surprised that I guess the wig was on in that older video where she swings her hair around. Maybe.

I wonder if her bf isn't going to commit to her because he can't see her as wife material partially because of that.

No. 282149

File: 1491027364754.jpg (6.99 KB, 274x184, 2017-04-01-02-09-53-768469609.…)

Yeah she has trich. She talks about it few times on her ask.fm

This is a pic of her without her wig (but she's wearing a hat so who really knows lol)

No. 284775

No. 285834

File: 1491519555291.png (191.3 KB, 1424x1302, Screenshot_2017-04-06-15-58-55…)

Annoys me how she tries to not act like a hateful bitch

No. 285994

She actually sounds like a sad person.

No. 285998

>hella noms
june please

No. 286768


All of these options are just so… Jesus fucking Christ. What the fuck is her problem?

No. 286791


I have no problems with this list.

It's just…

What are "hella noms"?

No. 286792

Nobody told me they were already working on the script for Life is Strange 2

No. 286793


She's so tiny.

No. 286809

>I have no problems with this list.
>This list from a supposed adult is asking people whether she should "party with stuffed animals or put stickers on everything"

Um ok.

But to answer your question prettya sure hella noms means to order lots of pizza/side dishes from the pizza place.


No. 286811

catcalling … traumatizes you? Are you fucking serious? Wow … is all of lolcow this trigger happy?

No. 286813

It really depends on how you define catcalling. I've heard people refer to everything from a simple "You look beautiful" to following a woman home and threatening her as "catcalling".

No. 286817

i deeply appreciate this post

No. 286822

What are you, racist?
Sage for shit post

No. 286825

I literally reeled in horror

No. 286839

File: 1491641044336.jpg (660.25 KB, 2448x3264, hamstereatingabanana.jpg)

No. 286916

Gotta pander to dd/lg.

Lmao, implying he doesn't have a micropenis.

No. 289978

File: 1492025051412.png (376.83 KB, 600x567, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.2…)

But why?

No. 289982

What in the fucking world

No. 289983


why they gotta be so gross 24/7

No. 289985


They remind me of the couple in high school who thought their relationship was so fucking cool and nobody else had ever had one.

No. 290000

Jesus fucking christ.
Also it's a pretty healthy thing to put every single aspect of your shitty and sad relationship online.

No. 290007

Makes you wonder if its just for show doesnt it?

No. 290045


>that dumb slut facial expression

>that choker


No. 290081


>these two idiots think they are superior and smarter than most….and they be posting shit like this…

No. 290086

Last year when had no idea who she was i came across her twitter. She had posted a picture of herself posing all seductive like with a sandwich for her bf and it was tagged "happy international womens day" apologies for not posting the pic i cant find it now.
Like ok i get that some people dont believe in it but to me it just came across as extra.

Theres a difference between not believing in something and going out of your way to be obnoxious. I also believe this is the reason she fills her twitter with bunnies and 4chan memes because if shes ever called on it its like "well clearly my twitter is not to be taken seriously.

I have a theory and apologies if this is apparent to a lot of you but its like shes trying to be "ultimate waifu material" because i believe a lot of her subscribers are lonely anti-sjw types who sub to her because she makes them feel better about their views and gives them the hope that they too will find their stepford wife. Her twitter is full of memes, anti-feminist and anti-sjw, cutesy girly stuff and most of all trying to convince people her bf is flynn from tangled. There was a rumour that her bf pays her to do all this and that its his idea but personally i dont believe that although i get why people would say that-most people who are lovey-dovey with their bfs dont post as much about them as she does.

Also i think its funny that shes now complaining about being white knighted by anti-feminists because of some of the things they say they are doing, and she keeps posting about how people shouldnt get shit for having an opinion, its almost like she is trying to distance herself from what shes inspired some people to do.

From what i've seen shes the biggest attention whore going but because shes not a sjw people dont see it and she gets away with it.

No. 290101


this is spot on. i don't know if you're aware of this, but she actually started on youtube making knock off Boxxy videos. if that's not a try-hard girl trying to appeal to neckbeards, who is? literal attention whore.

she must have a really low self esteem. cuz i don't understand why she seeks validation from literal filth.

No. 290113

Because what Chad would want her ~goofy~, alt ass.

No. 290132

File: 1492037989499.png (437.96 KB, 1024x470, screencapture-twitter-shoe0nhe…)

Thanks. And no i didnt know that, and kek yeah she really sounds super thirsty now. TBF I cant deal with edgy people and for someone who complains about sjws she sure sounds like a fucking snowflake.

Also I dont get why people think shes hot, i have seen a few recent vids of her and she looks different in pictures.

Out of interest i wonder what would happen if her bf left her-would she fall apart like her twitter gives the impression she would do, or would she be just as chirpy because it was all an act. I really cannot tell with her be interesting to see.

No. 290175

I don't know why Skeptic would pay her to act like this on social media because it just makes him look bad and immature as hell. Although I guess he isn't much better or less obnoxious judging by shit like this. >>289978

No. 290265

They remind me of a couple who thinks no one else does their own type of bondage and role playing, but the difference is, most couples do it in PRIVATE (their bedroom) and not post every disgusting detail of their life on twitter. She's probably super boring and has to have this 'omg i'm a submissive pet!! I'm not like them other gurls' personality.

No. 290268

Massively underrated comment.

No. 290270

Anyone is tiny next to that fat gut Greg is sporting.

Massive difference between someone random calling you cute, to a guy following you and shouting hey bitch, suck my dick, etc. come on now.

No. 290276

The weirdest thing about it is that their fanbase eats this shit up. Makes no sense to me. I'm not necessarily a prude or anything but nothing about knowing the inner workings of two youtubers' sexual fetishes appeals to me. And I'd be embarrassed as fuck if my significant other broadcasted across the internet that I was their submissive/pet.

No. 290290

>it just makes him look bad and immature as hell.

More than the other shit he does?
Have you checked out his social media?!

No. 290293

Its not wierd when you consider who makes up their fanbase, hence why the "is it an act" rumour.

No. 290331

Here's hoping their breakup will be very messy and as public and their relationship

No. 290335

Not really, I mostly know him from his relationship with Shoe. I check his twitter from time to time when hers doesn't provide enough pathetic for me.

But he goes by the name "armored skeptic" so I can only imagine.

No. 290395

This behavior always pisses me off from straight girls or girls who very clearly "lean straight". If you're bisexual, just say so. If she's really bi, though, that doesn't change because you love someone.

No. 290477

Exactly what I was getting at. They must think because nobody else talks about dom/sub play publicly that they are so unique. They don't realise there is a reason people leave it in the bedroom.

No. 290500


i think they just do it because they want to show how "the feminazis are wrong!". like "look guys i love being a sub!! feminism was a mistake. duh!". showing how gender roles are awesome and shit cuz they get her off. she's edgy like that.

No. 290501

File: 1492095399410.png (349.58 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-04-13-09-22-09…)

No. 290531

>"Yeah, I suck dick"
gasps Wow, I've never heard of a girl who sucks dick! So progressive, so unique.

No. 290599

File: 1492111386314.jpg (18.34 KB, 590x232, C89ZxxBXsAAui4a.jpg)

Guys didn't you know? We are a couple and we have sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 290613

No. 290614


Shit. Accidently pressed "enter". Anyways what the fuck is that even supposed to mean?

No. 290619


No. 290624


Fuck off, /pol/

No. 290664

File: 1492119833648.gif (288.42 KB, 800x600, cute 173.gif)

I'm about as radically anti-feminist as you can get and I love watching political videos on youtube, but holy fuck I could NEVER watch this bitch. Her coasted to fame by sucking off AS and having severe "woman on the internet" syndrome. Her videos were always shitty quality and horrible audio but because shes purdy gurrl she got a billion pathetic beta males holding her up like a goddess. Maybe if she made a good quality video for once and stopped being a disgusting whore on twitter people might take her a little more seriously.

Also AS became shit after he revealed his face

No. 294943

He didn't simply "reveal" his face. He was hacked and it was released and then some crazy ex-gf dumped more info on him.

No. 294956

after which he gave up on videos and started using his ugly mug everywhere. The candid shit was bad enough but ultimately thats why i unsubbed.

No. 295151

7 YEARS. 7. FUCKING. YEARS. Maybe even longer, but I've known about her for that long.
How does she NOT get tired of serial attention seeking, I dont understand..whats the point? What could she possibly be getting out of this?
In 2010/2011 she was trying to appeal to the same crowds.
Younger girls were getting famous on 4chan and surpassing her, and she was already pushing 20. Now shes 25…and hasn't given up.
I dont care to check out her social media links now. This thread..just lets me know that she still exists, doing the same thing she did many years ago.
All the negative attention is still attention.
She lives for this.
7 years later.
At 25.
I don't want to know what that feels like.

No. 295158

It really is her goal.
It must burn her up that it took a decade to get this far.

No. 295710

oh no

No. 295715

pls no now I'm gonna associate 28 Days Later with Shoe. thanks a lot june you talentless hack.

No. 296082

I do a lot of the same topics as her on youtube. I actually like her.

No. 296406

ooh~ are you a cow too? post your youtube, anon! sh0e's milk is out of date

No. 296413

Just because that Anon does videos on similar topics doesn't mean that he or she isn't an automatic lolcow. Unless you're just trolling.

No. 296421

I think some of her vids have good points and I can agree on some of them, but the way she presents herself on social media is just so cringy. She comes off as ~so edgy~, attention seeking and "I love sucking my bf's cock" I find it hard to like her.

No. 296482

although i share her opinion a lot of the time, it appears that she doesn't understand anything about it. all she knows is that it's a popular opinion among her audience, and she just presents what other people have already said about it.

has anyone seen vid related? i only skimmed it (it's not really something that interests me) but shoe is apparently fans of both of their videos? i thought shoe's views aligned more with blaire, i found it strange that she seems to support what appears to be a rabid sjw. i guess that kind of supports my prediction that shoe has no real opinion. she doesn't seem particularly smart either. also, related to the video, the comments seem to talk about how shit she is as a moderator.

at 1:18:16 things are getting super heated, blaire's interrupting the other dude and shoe attempts to say something and gives up LOL

No. 296663

I watched this when it was live, and I agree that Shoe was a shitty moderator. I think the reason it seems like she has no real opinion is because she just wants everyone to like her, and I think the fact that she can't speak up and do her job here shows that too. I get the feeling that she would back down from her real opinion if she were challenged.

And I agree it doesn't seem like she is very smart. Every time she tries to talk about politics or something other than "feminism is dumbbbbbb skebtic's dick omg" she comes across as not knowing very much about anything.

No. 296667

I think shoe is try hard and shitty as fuck … but I hate sjw logic ten times more.

I had no idea lolcow was so full of sjw femnists. Makes me kinda sad really.

No. 296678

So if you disagree with alt-right trash, that are the direct counterpart of sjw, you're automatically a sjw? Nice logic over there, /pol/. You can go back at your board if this doesn't please you, you won't be missed.

No. 296778

File: 1492891473475.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, EjJopdb.jpg)

No. 296807

I'm an egalitarian. Both left and right have their faults, but shoe isn't some alt-right waifu. The people in this thread saying she's "turning against other women to look hotter" sound like anally pained space princes. I thought this thread was going to talk about her as a shitty person, not complain that she's "spreadin dat h8 peach". The things she says on her youtube channel are accurate and true. The way she goes about it is cringey/unfunny and she should stick to dick sucking.
Just because someone isn't a feminist doesn't mean they are turning against other women.

No. 296825

>those nudes of her
Wew laddy lad

No. 296835


are you 16? you need to be 18+ to post here sorry. those angry feminist compilation videos aren't real political positions.


>I'm an egalitarian


anyways whats the point of coming into the thread to whiteknight her if you hate her too? we can only repeat that she's a money hungry attention whore so many times, of course we are going to discuss the other dumb things she does. this is lolcow people get criticied for absolutely everything. isn't that what your so loved "freeze peach!!!" is all about? maybe try reddit. sounds more your speed!

No. 301470

I for one love Shoe. I'm gonna be that rebel here and be like "stop attacking my girl guys".

>inb4 "hi shoe"

>inb4 whiteknight

Idk there is just something about her I
dig. Idk if its the crappy web cam and editing or the memelordness but I think she's pretty okay.

No. 301472

Sage your shit.

No. 301478

definitely not shoe. shoe spends so much time on image boards there's no fucking way she can't sage.

No. 301493

>implying she's not a fucking idiot
do you know literally anything about her, m8?

No. 301621

Did she get a nosejob too? My aunt had a shitty one and it's exaggeratedly upturned like that.

No. 301635

7 years. having had some guys help her set up videos and position toys et al in her old days specifically for guys in fandoms to find her to drive up the fanbase, right before she steamrolled them and left them for the trash heap of course. She also still shits on other girls (esp. competition) for fun without naming names but we all know who its about regardless

No. 301638

Looks more like exaggerated photoshop

No. 301654

She definitely got a nose job. I recall her having a massive toucan nose, and I never understood why people thought she was cute cause of it.

No. 302724

And now she is defending "The Red Pill" movie.

No. 302731

For someone who "knows how it really is" and shows the "truth" she fails to address at all that the men's right movement is nothing but a counter movement that formed against radical feminists that can not stand on its on at all.

No. 303328

So, never heard of this person before, but this video popped in my recommended. I thought, shit, I haven't seen a Boxxy video in years (I think she still does YT or came back or whatever?). So I watch about thirty seconds and feel like something is wrong, so I check to make sure. Nah, not enough subs pretty sure. It was just strange.

On top of that she doesn't even really sell the movie very well. Out of curiosity, I gave it a watch and it's an okay doc, not amazing, and not too radical in either direction. However, it just felt like a fake shill to get her point of view across. It felt so lifeless and just not very educated. :/

No. 303342

I dare you to click this link and come back with faith in humanity.


No. 303373

to be fair the title of the movie is really irrelevant to the actual content of the movie

Also this thread is 99% angry feminists and it's hilarious.

No. 303374

File: 1493808350932.jpg (25.35 KB, 600x450, 9762301_orig.jpg)

The fuck? She has always had a small and really upturned nose, why are you so damn insane.

No. 303375

This doesnt surprise me, i remember she made a joke some time ago on her twitter about how her bf couldnt resist raping her when she was underage because her tits are so big. I think she deleted it because even her followers said the joke was out of order.


No. 303382

Hi shoe!

No. 303416

File: 1493815687664.png (416.47 KB, 1022x1024, MwMCEor.png)

>angry feminists

No. 304713

File: 1493936091629.png (602.67 KB, 500x411, 1480211299899.png)

>to be fair the title of the movie is really irrelevant to the actual content of the movie

>Also this thread is 99% angry feminists and it's hilarious.

No. 305042

Top kek Anon, what the fuck did you think you were going to find here? lolcow is populated by current or ex-/cgl/ posters fresh from logging out of their tumblr blogs so they can anonymously talk shit about other women or salty bulldykes mad that pretty girls don't want to fuck them. Most of the posters here are almost certainly lolcow-worthy themselves if you knew who they were, the fact that fucking Mystery.jpg has been so active in this thread insulting this random youtube attention whore for shit she is guilty of herself is all the proof I need.
Love, /pol/ <3

No. 310128

File: 1494525274969.jpg (168.27 KB, 1087x500, avatars-000027516784-d576q9-t5…)

She's retarded. A disgrace to bisexual women everywhere.

No. 310141

tbh seen people link to here and say the same thing

No. 310179

Both her and skeptic are really obsessed with pointing out their age gap and how they're into their submissive and dominant roles. It's annoying because they act like it's something unique and special to them when it's a really common relationship dynamic.

What i don't get is why and how she can be attracted to a tub of lard like skeptic, I feel weirdly sad for her despite knowing she's a pile of shit. It feels like she more into their sexual roles then actually into him in general.

No. 310235

tbh I don't understand the appeal in dominating a tiny, submissive woman anyway.

making a domme into your submissive slut = hot

treating your little meek gf as a housepet = sad

No. 310448

It's all about preferences. I prefer dominate guys but, not in the way that she does. Older to some degree and bigger but, not from the guy being just tall and fat, I don't see that as dominate at all but, I get why she sees it as that. The other thing that's missing is Skeptic's personality isn't dominate at all, he just acts like her father/uncle, which is more they don't see each other as equals on a social level but, what makes it cringey is that both of them are on the same level.

I think it's pathetic when it revolves around your entire relationship, it's pretty clear he just treats her like the child she wants to be and they both get off on it.

No. 310458

Its funny I was reading youtube comments left about her on one of laci green's videos and even her fans say shes mentally retarded and they only like her because shes a bit of a clown.
She also seems like one of those girls who says shes bi because it will get her attention.

I find that super creepy, but then apparently shes sympathetic to pedophiles according to some of the stuff posted here, i guess they are pandering to their audience.

No. 311181

>they are pandering to their audience
And that audience is primarily young men who wish to date her or at least want a girl like her because apparently having political opinion and being female makes your extremely special to this new generation of lonely retards. To be fair, Skeptic makes a good self insert for them because he's as narrow minded ad stereotypical. It's all just one big circle jerk.

No. 312834


Shoe just posted this cringey survey.

No. 312947

>date her or at least want a girl like her because apparently having political opinion and being female makes your extremely

Correction: having a political opinion they agree with makes you special, because women wanting to be treated like human beings is just some sjw nonsense right? Also i come across quite a few subs who have her mentality in the BDSM community, im not surprised she says the things she does, its clear what she wants is asspats.

You are totally right about everything else tho.

No. 312949

Ugh that first sentence just makes me think pedo. The thirst is unreal.

No. 312953

cmon post more nudes guys

No. 313179


I don't think there are any more.

No. 313244

File: 1494857054042.png (81.36 KB, 211x292, 8885AFF3-5359-44E3-87ED-58734F…)

Bitch where?

No. 313245

File: 1494857179109.png (88.33 KB, 206x234, DF6AB201-1F5B-4210-8439-8F83C5…)

No. 313252

That's Boxxy

No. 313354

Those are both Catie/Boxxy.

No. 313581

My fucking god, they don't even look similar.
Catie is way cuter, June just wears brown wigs and thick eyeliner and people think she's Boxxy, I don't get it

No. 313948

Nah real boxxy is ugly now, she was just cute because she was a kid

No. 314122

File: 1494956347394.gif (1.67 MB, 284x160, jA7bOAv.gif)

sage for ot but I actually think she was cutest around 2013-14
that super short haircut does her no favors

No. 314556

>because women wanting to be treated like human beings is just some sjw nonsense right?
Not everything the alt right says is anti-women red pill bullshit anon sure its undeniably a circle jerk which discourages open forum discussion for the extreme side but there's still moderate room for discussion for the middle leaning ones.

Whys boxy wearing what appears to be a forensic science technicians garb in this?

No. 315110

File: 1495074857815.png (44.73 KB, 580x224, bun0nhead.png)

how many channels does she need?

No. 315448


She was pretending to cook meth.

No. 315459

she just hopped on the breaking bad bandwagon as the show ended and pretended to slam crystal irrelevantly.

No. 315474

I wasnt referring to the alt right I was referring to anti-feminists who tend to make strawman arguments, because, and maybe I am wrong but I always thought shoe and skeptic were liberals(and ergo their subscribers), not alt right? There are many liberals which are anti-feminist, anti-religion, anti race mixing etc.

I have noticed some twitter users who post content which is bigoted or "triggering" do this thing where they space out these posts with cute animal stuff. I guess its to make themselves look more reasonable "see im kind to animals, im not a bad person" however in shoe's case I think its more to push her cutesy image.

No. 315542

File: 1495119758550.jpeg (16.45 KB, 200x303, doubtingintensifies.jpeg)

>Not everything the alt right says is anti-women red pill bullshit

No. 315570

Kek, this.

No. 316871

File: 1495235281773.jpg (87.23 KB, 474x356, 133382891928.jpg)

I was intrigued when I saw a thread about June pop up here and have been pretty disappointed that no one has really given much of a backstory on her actual internet presence.

She's always been into "Film-making" (Which is what she went to college for before dropping out) and so dating back from the time she was really young, like 12-13, she had a strong internet presence by making videos, having all kinds of social media accounts with floods and floods of pictures..
When Boxxy was around she was one of the original Boxxyfags in the Boxxysphere, and was a big part of the website Unichan.. Where every lonely neckbeard was completely obsessed with her.

I honestly have always looked at June as the ultimate neckbeard attention whore, which makes me sad because I want to like her really badly haha. Or, I guess I just want her to be more than that because she has so much potential?? But she's always just hopped onto any bandwagon that is popular with the 4chan crowd.

She's clearly really insecure and this has always been her means of building self esteem- Having men on the internet lusting after her, so she's tried to build herself into the ultimate "I'm not like those others girls I actually LOVE sex and sucking your dick and have ZERO bad qualities like those other fucking "normies" I actually GET YOU, aren't I so desirable??"

Regardless of how the tides have turned with what that internet subculture is interested in, she will follow it.

Here's a mirror channel of some of her older videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/BoopyJuneVlogs/videos

No. 316879

She's currently having a freakout on twitter, blocking people left and right because she was accused of having been transphobic in the past and claimed she had never said anything transphobic.
When some people came up with receipts (Videos of her mocking trans people) she uses the "IT'S OLD" excuse and that the people in the videos were "pretending" to be trans so it was fine that she was making fun of them.

No. 316912

>I guess I just want her to be more than that because she has so much potential??

Potential? She doesn't do anything besides flash cleavage on cam and be a cunt.

No. 316915


Doesn't this put off like the entirety of her white male, Trump voting, pure race fanbase?

No. 317021

File: 1495252460208.jpg (88.49 KB, 750x937, 17333502_1968908286672545_6031…)

I wonder if she believes it in her heart of hearts.

No. 317023

File: 1495252632469.jpg (81.01 KB, 750x937, 16906484_398234497201289_33458…)

if she wanted attention that bad, why didn't she just twitch streamer turned MFC camgirl?

No. 317029

she would look so much better without that eyeliner style

No. 317034

she's 5'2, which is normal short IMO, he's 6'4 I believe

No. 317036

who cares what weeb men find cute? they're all ugly as shit lmao

No. 317037

m8 guys will go on and on about how they think all plastic surgery is so unattractive but fap to instathots, porn stars and celebrities who had all the years worth of little debbies and mcdonalds sucked out their stomach and face and injected in their ass, tits and hips but swear its 100% natural "because they said they didnt have surgery"

No. 317041

same fagging
same goes for weebs who fapped to east asians who edit their shit to hell in back and beat the hell out their face with surgery and claim "oh east asians just tend to look like that"

No. 317629

File: 1495322210714.jpg (160.79 KB, 321x373, stepfordwives.org_stepfordwife…)

reading through her stuff, its like her ultimate goal with Skeptic is to turn everything into the 1950's and become the perfect stepford wife.

No. 322134

File: 1495807594213.png (127.69 KB, 960x485, itt.png)

No. 324343

Looking through her twitter, it's kind of weird how transphobia seems to be the only social issue she cares about. She aligns herself with racists and doesn't care at all, but keeps getting into fights with terfs. I don't even know why she cares, though, considering her audience is filled with anime fans who argue about if traps are gay or not.

No. 327079

File: 1496345314191.png (15.03 KB, 582x96, Screenshot 2017-06-01 at 3.21.…)

pretty much, yeah. (screenshot from her newest video)
i can see why she cares about it so much, seeing that her two closest friends are trans. she could branch out a bit more, though. i think recently it's because of what was mentioned here >>316879

No. 327108

She also seems to post about men's rights a lot too.

No. 327269

which is funny because I feel like a lot of MRAs would never consider a trans man a real man.

No. 327276

She really seems like the type only cares about trans girls

No. 327374

Well yeah, she cares about anyone who has a penis.

No. 329492

People are saying she showed up in a thread and took some questions. Reading her responses, it looks like she just parrots the opinions of the people around her. She cares about trans, because shes friends with trans and doesn't want to lose friends.

(taken from KF)


Uh, opinions change??? Could you not be a bigot???
One day when you grow up you'll realize it's more important to have friends and be nice to people than having edgy opinions for internet cred.
I am NOT bald, you losers need to stop with this meme, it's very hurtful! :^(
I'm a loyal slut, what can I say? This obsession (of me) really isn't healthy.
I never got implants. Fun meme.
Youtube isn't a career, I'm trying to get him(skeptic) to find a real job. At least part-time. If that answers both your questions.
Like I said, it's not a career(youtube). The cash cow's gonna die one day. They keep screwing everyone over, no better indicator of needing to jump ship than that.
I've never said no to a choker. Ballgags aren't for cam-use. I don't care how many pics you scumbags somehow got of me or allegedly got/photoshopped of me, private is private. Srry bby.
And all it's(youtube) gotten me is trouble with friends and family and those who actually matter. The hassle isn't really worth it anymore. Pics remind me, I gotta get on Japanese. Hoping for something special next vacay.
But yeah, I'm done. Don't blast me on twitter, autism's only so kawaii. Later gators.​

No. 329498

And does she have a job or does she still plan to be a housewife (while urging her husband to get a job)?

No. 329537

>Youtube isn't a career, I'm trying to get him(skeptic) to find a real job. At least part-time. If that answers both your questions.

lmaooo dump her.

No. 329640

I don't think that was her..least it doesn't sound like the way she types or anything, unless they fact check and verify it over there like lolcow does

No. 329825

File: 1496710384311.jpg (113.65 KB, 1080x1080, 12519328_1670326853230100_1091…)

She hasn't had a job in years, shes been chasing internet fame the whole time.

Oh so sucking him off on stream wasn't a rumor after all. eww

No. 329876

>Oh so sucking him off on stream wasn't a rumor after all. eww
Her saying "good luck finding it" is not confirmation that it exists or happened

I agree with a lot of what's said in this thread:
- she's an attention whore, seeking internet fame
- a lot of what she does/says can be cringy
- her boyfriend has similar qualities
- their relationship amplifies the cringe

However, I think most of the thread is really triggered, overreacting, and insinuating that her/his/their lifestyle is inherently sad and wrong somehow.

Is it more likely that A) they're depressed and sad about some professional cringers cringing at them on a 4chan clone site, or B) they're enjoying their youth and success while they have it, knowing that their jobs are more creatively fulfilling and interesting than a majority of jobs out there?

It's also worth mentioning that for some, cringe might be part of their personality, or a necessary attribute for them to become famous. Cringe itself also subjective a lot of the time.

Also I came here for nudes, and none of them looked real or had any quality, so that was lame.

No. 329877

>Also I came here for nudes,
try reddit (and stay there)

No. 329895

What stream would this even be in? I know she's done some of her own livestreams, but is she saying it was her boyfriend's stream or hers? They both just appear in eachother's channel so often it's kind of annoying. I really don't want to have to dig through Skeptic's stuff since he's honestly more insufferable than her.

No. 329900

> creatively fulfilling

ah yes, reacting to and bitching about internet feminists and the like with little to no production value…so creative. not like at least 20 channels do the exact same thing.

No. 329927

I came here from one of her video comments, not reddit

No. 329931

File: 1496724736827.jpg (62.58 KB, 640x640, June (14).jpg)

The nudes seems legit, I found some fanboys archive, and they compare up.

Unichan confirms the censored one was posted by her on their board.

No. 329941

File: 1496725854405.jpg (976.72 KB, 1867x2800, June (187).jpg)

and she has the same circle light mirror, you can even see the same makeup case color in the corner.

No. 329987

No. 329993

Cringe is such a cringe word.

No. 330069


He's always struck me as the kind of dude that wears a suit to college to prove how above everyone else he is, and tells you "you'll vote conservative when you're older and understand how the world really works"

also he has the stubble on his cheeks why doesn't he just let it fill in a bit, at the moment he looks like the 25 year old that dates 14 year olds because of 'how mature they act for their age'

No. 330156

File: 1496765237065.jpg (98.67 KB, 937x1171, 13402220_1181479458558450_4695…)

We already knew he was a fedora-tier guy, its just he lucked out on the genetics for the most part.

No. 330174

>lucked out
Anon are we both looking at the same image?

No. 330336

He looks like shit. His vest and pants are way too small. His pockets are flaring out, the pants are so small!

No. 330354

idiots think tall = superior

No. 330594

File: 1496812902712.jpg (33.89 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_mnobb3t5VB1qz4rg…)

Hey if this is your thing, go for it.

No. 330631

he looks like Brendan Fraser (current Fraser, not 1999 O'Connell Fraser)

No. 330632

He looks gay and I'd sooner assume she's a fag hag if I didn't know who they were.

No. 330715

>sneakers with a waistcoat and tie…
>has to use carabiner on beltloop because pants don't fit after weight gain

I can see why June is so Protective, girls everywhere are lining up up for this denny's night manager/IT college dropout

No. 330730


tall does = superior. most girls are too conceited to date manlets, and few dudes are into taller chicks. but i guess you 32" waist chans take what you can get.

he's not even ugly. his outfit is awful but he's average looking.

No. 330813

lol are you from /r9k/? also, if want to complain about people calling average people ugly, why tf are you on lolcow?

No. 330846

>admits to calling average person ugly

you could just say he's a jobless loser who wears shit fedora tier clothes, but no you just had to let it slip you are salty didn't you.

I'm just waiting for Shoe's attempted murder suicide when he tries to break up.

No. 330854

File: 1496855337274.jpg (64.74 KB, 640x428, vaccumface.jpg)

>"I'm not bisexual, but I'll pretend if it gets me more views."

No. 330858

File: 1496856049677.jpg (20.89 KB, 377x228, 403.jpg)

>Wide hips that give him an awkwardly feminine body type that doesn't synergize with height
>Ugly Smile
>Big Ears
>Sunken in, FAS-like eyes
>Gross-looking chest
>Fat stomach
>Ugly, shapeless hair
>Thin, feminine neck
>WoW-style female troll arms
>Fat, ugly hands
>Ugly, improperly threaded eyebrows
>Gross earrings
>Pedo beard
>Weak Chin
>Long, yet small nose
>Disproportionately long calves
>Clubbed fingers
In what world do you live in that this hideous fucking hill-giant is anything higher than a 4?

No. 330859

Whoops, was responding to >>330730

No. 330999

Omg, he dresses awful.

No. 334256

>Black shirt to mask BO stains
>Waistcoat to cinch in the beer gut
>Pedo goatee
>Pants that give him thiccer hips than his girlfriend
>Wallet chain

There's something so undeniably pedo-vibes about Greg, and it has nothing to do with June (although her askfm where she mentions being okay with virped/lolicon was a dead giveaway).
It's like he wakes up everyday thinking to himself 'What can I wear that will make me look as obviously pedoish as possible?'

I remember June recently said that she wants to have Greg's babies. I truly fucking hope not. I wouldn't let that fedora within a hundred miles of any child.

No. 335772

>women are "conceited" for their physical preferences in a partner, but men simply "aren't into" them

No. 339357

Shoe is hated by actual hardcore right-wingers, that's the funniest thing about this.

She dated a black guy so she's as good as dead to them.

She's just in that camp of people who believe they are "the real liberals". Like Sargon of Akkad. Boring, generic people who only disagree with liberalism when it comes to feminism.

No. 341387

>2 weirdos found love
>lolcow has a problem with this

y'all bitches need to watch the film Marty.

No. 345185

File: 1499036244838.png (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 1500x844, 146348552569.png)

hella attention starved

No. 345314


What the fuck?

No. 345322

Context please. I'm fucking confused

No. 345324

It feels like I was just put on a list for viewing this image.

No. 345360

She looks much younger. What is this about? Where did she even post it?

No. 345471


she allowed getting tied up for a pic because attentionwhore. boxxy era

No. 345892

Does anyone have any info on Greg's ex-wife? I really wanna see what she looks like.

No. 345894

File: 1499142204391.jpg (32.7 KB, 453x604, gregexwife.jpg)

Samefagging, but it was actually easier to find out than I imagined. This is from 2011.

No. 345896

File: 1499142319674.png (2.82 MB, 2250x1146, gregexwife1.png)

So they were still married as of January 2014 and he was dating June by July of 2015.

No. 346702

Yikes, the difference is creepy. She looks like she could be his daughter.

No. 346756

File: 1499275645520.jpg (40.85 KB, 620x413, sethmazzaglia.jpg)

Anyone remember that episode of 48 Hours, where this creepy fedora daddy dom and his doormat girlfriend lured some chick to their house for a BDSM sex game that went terribly wrong?

I immediately thought of AS when they showed the dude kek.

No. 346757

File: 1499275726317.jpg (62.72 KB, 791x800, sethmazzagliafedora.jpg)

The lesson is: please stay away from guys who dress like this.

No. 346769

That's a cheap wig. Sad!

No. 346790

He downgraded going to Shoe imo.
He went from having a woman who looks mature and has her mental shit together, to a stupid ageplayer who strips half naked on the internet for attention and says repulsive things.
What men will do for their fetishes, sigh.

No. 346818

Can we also talk about Skeptic here? I don't think he belongs in the alt-right thread, but I wasn't sure where else to post this.

Hbomberguy posted a pretty well thought out take down of one of Armoured Skeptic's videos on Bill Nye.

No. 346846

Logicked has really good responses to AS on his channel.

No. 347013

File: 1499316356786.gif (872.77 KB, 245x245, lmao.gif)

This was SO gratifying to watch anon, thanks for linking.

I used to like Skeptic for the videos about religion a few years back, but in the back of my mind I always knew he was an arrogant, reactionary cock who would act like such a hypocrite given the opportunity. This video proves it. He actually sounded a lot like Shoe, maybe the retardation is rubbing off.

If I were Skeptic I'd be so fucking embarrassed to be owned this hard. Literally he should fucking hiatus and hope he doesn't lose his more rational fanbase.
So glad this guy poked holes in his 'arguments' like the ignorant toolshed he is.

No. 347439

I just subbed to this guy so hard

No. 347513

Hbomberguy has always been good and funny, glad to see him getting some love on here.


No. 347675

too long didnt watch, but between an arrogant asshole and a special snowflake who belives in multiple genders i wouldnt know is more retarded

No. 347689


Couldn't be any more retard than that statement.

Two genders would still be "multiple". They way you worded it, you're saying there is only one gender.

No. 347723

Sorry i'll waste more than 5 seconds next time i post so people who have to had the fact that there are 2 genders and not 1 explained dont get confused

Fucking autists

No. 347724

Have* before you have an autistic meltdown

No. 348003


Don't be salty just because you're stupid..

No. 348009


One day you'll be able to make big girl sentences.

No. 348082

Wow that makes no sense. Does your brain hurt?

No. 348148

Surprised nobody brought up the whole vidcon drama yet, with some clearly unstable chick letting herself into June, Blaire and all those people's hotel room, and later dogpiling her on livestream. Clearly the chick was in the wrong, but they handled the situation like shit.
Shit starts around 41 mins.

No. 348227

Why…the fuck would she record? I imagine there is more to this story lol.

I wonder if there is anything image-ruining on the recordings that Blaire is worried about. Not that she needs a reason to want them deleted whatsoever.

No. 348253



And here's the video June posted of her leaving the room. I have no idea what to think about this situation. Crazy Hair is obviously crazy but yeah you're right they've handled this TERRIBLY. Although in defense of June she did leave the chat once Crazy Hair really went off the deep end.

It was Blaire, her boyfriend, Chris Ray Gun and Laci Green, and June and Greg. Blaire and her boyfriend were drunk but everyone else was sober according to them, but Crazy Hair says June/Greg were on coke. I imagine if anything she wanted to record Laci Green? I mean, with her "turning to the dark side" as many people are saying, she probably wanted to get incriminating footage.

No. 348255

the livestream backfired on them because a lot f people on twitter (even fans) called shoe and blaire bullies for recording/laughing at her because she's clearly mentally ill

No. 348256

Do you guys know what was up with Crazy Hair recording dude, while he was sleeping? I know she said that she left her gopro recording accidentally and then June twitted that gopro's batteries don't last that long. Was this situation further explained?

No. 348263

They could have handled this much better and more 'politically correct', so to speak. But heaven forbid they act considerate to another obviously mentally ill human being. When a fan showed up at Social Repose's home for example, he was decent and not drama mongering the situation.

No. 348293

File: 1499489910900.png (322.66 KB, 1440x1053, Screenshot_2017-07-07-21-55-51…)

And then June went to twitter calling people idiots for saying they could have possibly handled things better. Like someone mentioned earlier, Social Repose had a fan show up at his house and just made a video not naming any names and discouraging people from doing it again. Even if they did confront her, but privately it would make more sense

No. 348317

the way they handled it just shows that most of these ~skeptic~ youtubers are so far up their own asses that they honestly think they're above others who aren't in their little group.

I don't understand why this crazy hair girl did what she did, whether it be mental illness or something else, but June, Blair, and the other guy in the stream proved themselves to be cunts imo. I don't know about the social repose situation, but that sounds like a good way to handle things and June & crew should take note.

No. 348400

Damn that girl is insane. This stream is very cringy but it's really interesting to see such a manipulative person in the wild. She is always saying that she didn't do X/Y/Z when she actually did it just slightly differently. It seems like she can't ever be in the wrong.

No. 348430

How blue-pilled can you get. Hbomberguy has a cultural marxist agenda.

No. 348441

Who is the girl? Does she have a Twitter or something?

No. 348462

File: 1499521853927.png (114.21 KB, 350x350, 1493730546202 - Copy.png)

>when you dont have an argument

No. 348484

Would you be able to tell us what's wrong with the guy without resorting to signifiers? Cultural Marxist: why? What does it mean? What did he say that doesn't hold up to scrutiny?

It's not much different than calling someone like AS a reactionary Alt-righter. All you're saying, really, is: he doesn't belong to my tribe.

No. 349131

They were really trying to milk the whole situation like 'OMG LOOK WE HAVE OBSESSIVE FANS who actually STALK us! Look how e-famous we are!' when the bitch was clearly mentally ill and it could've happened to anyone such a crazy set their sights on.

No. 349191

No. 349240

Poor chick, clearly fucked in the head but doesn't need some mean girls attacking her publicly.

No. 350471


Why does Skeptic look like Mike Martin in this photo,(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350556

Agreed. Also I feel like there is some samefagging and selfposting happening here. I sat through the entire stream (at least the duration of crazy being present) and it's bad. People need to check the end when they are just asking nicely for her to just delete the recording and she just goes DEAD SILENT. It's chilling. And it keeps happening, and then she just leaves.
I have zero sympathy for someone who won't even own their actions. She doesn't even say "no" or acknowledge it at all.

I do think they were being a little extra at times but that Bundy guy called it immediately. She is a manipulator. I just realized how manipulative it was that she was like "I'm Naomi" in the middle of the argument (she had surely introduced herself before?) and expected them to change how they were addressing her. Like bitch please if you don't want to be called crazy maybe don't use that word in your "branding"? Also how she pretended to care about Blaire being drunk (when she brought them vodka…) and hiding who she was talking about until called out on it, but completely disregarding any degree of respect for privacy for the name of the guy who got recorded in his sleep, who wasn't there to defend his name, who Blaire had outright said she was protecting the identity of.

I have never hated someone so quickly, I think. And I don't even like Shoe much (hence why I'm here) or Blaire. But this situation only increases the respect I have for them.

No. 350921

VeryNearlyViral has a pretty good take on the vidcon drama if anyone can't be bothered watching a 2 hour stream. I agree she shouldn't have invited herself to their hotel room, but screaming at her on stream and acting like mean kids is just immature. As someone mentioned before Social Repose has a fan turn up to his house, which is way worse than this and handled it maturely. For totez rational skeptics, they throw around a lot of accusations and don't let her finish.

No. 351047

First of all, sage.

Secondly, nah, not watching a dumb video that panders to that cow. She's creepy as fuck.
> For totez rational skeptics, they throw around a lot of accusations and don't let her finish.
Yeah tell that to when they ask her repeatedly "Will you delete the video" and she just goes dead silent. Then she just fucks off. Your bias is showing.

Either stop being so susceptible to psychopathic manipulation or don't selfpost. Pretty sure she'd be ripped apart if this had wider knowledge. But hey, that would still be attention. So… since this is not a thread about her, let's stop giving her it?

No. 351158

Lol I didn't self post, I just posted the video as it's another take on the drama, it's relevant to the thread. I don't agree with what she did but saying shit like "she must've pretended to be me to get into my room!" and "she hacked into our group chat!" with no proof is dumb, also inviting her on to a stream full of their fans to scream at her isn't a good way to handle it either.

No. 351344

Except none of that was said during the group chat except they didn't understand how she got her info.
Also, fans? What? All of the people there were involved in the situation (except maybe Bundy, who remained quiet and was very well-spoken and polite when he did say things).

You're completely distorting the situation. Go watch the entirety of the stream.
Girl is creepy as fuck and had to make a 50 minute video to "confess" and explain, actually claiming that they were doing coke. Good apology lmao.

June barely spoke in the stream and left like halfway through. Blaire was being tough on the girl, and a bit extra, but I would have been too if I was trying to get a straight answer out of someone and they kept repeating themselves and dodging the questions.

I'll repeat this since it's the most important part:
> eah tell that to when they ask her repeatedly "Will you delete the video" and she just goes dead silent. Then she just fucks off. Your bias is showing.

No. 351505

Anon it's clearly you who didn't watch the entire stream, timestamp 12.35 is where blair claims that crazyhair must have impersonated her and 27.43 is where she claims she hacked into their group chat. Bunty was polite I agree, again I didn't say I agreed with what she did. I said the situation was handled very poorly, and fans….as in they were watching the stream. It's not like this conversation was done in private. I'm not agreeing with what she did or thinking she's a poor victim, just they handled this situation like a bunch of children.

No. 351643

I already said
> I sat through the entire stream (at least the duration of crazy being present) and it's bad.
The timestamp given was 41 minutes in, so I only care about the exchange between them. You're really deflecting like.. well, crazy. And indeed I think you and Crazy seem to be two peas in a pod. Especially considering you're not addressing any of the important points or things I've reiterated.
I never said they were mature/professional/whatever. They're human and someone betrayed their good will and did something creepy to them and they don't understand, so I understand why they acted that way, especially after Crazy refused to answer things and/or answer honestly. I said multiple times that Blaire was extra. Though that really shouldn't surprise anyone as that's her style.
Now can we move on? Or do you want to talk about how Crazy brought them gifts or something lmao
Now like I said-
> Either stop being so susceptible to psychopathic manipulation or don't selfpost. Pretty sure she'd be ripped apart if this had wider knowledge. But hey, that would still be attention. So… since this is not a thread about her, let's stop giving her it?

Like ffs
> do something illegal to semi-"mean" youtubers
> cry when they're "mean" when they make reasonable fucking requests

Crazy is an attention whoring nutcase. Can we move on from this because it's getting really OT and I don't doubt for a second that Crazy probably has been here and tried to garner sympathy, poorly.
Make a thread about her if you care, or talk about JUNE. This thread isn't about Crazy or Blaire and your posts haven't been about June, but thanks for at least linking actual evidence.
This is a thread for milk regarding June. What you're giving is not milk but defending some irrelevant shitstain from some "mean children" that… aren't June. June was boring as fuck in that stream imo and barely said anything other than repeating/explaining points. She sounded like she was multitasking to be honest.

No. 351670


You're making a ton of assumptions on me simply linking a video saying "here's another take on the drama" I never defended crazyhair or said she was in the right, I just said they handled this situation really badly. You need to calm the fuck down tbh, you've derailed this thread because someone didn't 100% say "they're perf angels she deserves to die for being a twat!" Calm your fucking tits honestly lmao.

I've barely talked about crazyhair, I've talked about how they handled the situation, how bad is your reading comprehension? You're REALLY salty when all I did was offer a different perspective as I thought the video was funny/gives a different take. That's literally it, yet you've sperged out and derailed the thread when you could've just not watched instead of making a big announcement that you weren't going to watch lmao.

No. 351672

This is kinda old but I've not seen it discussed on this thread, what do people think of her change of heart with non binary people etc? If you cbf watching basically in this video she talks about how she's gonna stop calling people transtrenders and shit.

My opinion is that she never really gave a shit about transtrenders, she was just saying it for asspats. and decided to try the Laci Green approach but judging by her comments, her fans aren't agreeing.

No. 351709

kek, has Shoe ever shown any integrity in her opinions?

No. 351777

Hi Shoe!!

No. 351782

True lmao, a lot of these people who make edgy videos come across as super fake to me. Pandering to neckbeards if you're a semi-attractive girl is an easy money maker these days.

No. 351926

Maybe it's because I'm not a youtuber, but I just don't understand why they confronted crazy hair on a stream. It just seems so weird to make it so public, especially if she actually did all the things they accused her of like hacking and impersonation… Even for someone non-mental, if you make an interrogation that public, of course they're going to try to twist it to make themselves look better

No. 352183

Agreed, it could've all been handled privately. A video naming no names telling fans to not do that shit would've be fine like social repose did, but this all just came across as unprofessional and childish.

No. 352239

File: 1500012426619.png (31.52 KB, 608x305, crazy.png)

Actually Crazy herself wanted to come on stream and defend herself.
I'm not taking any sides on this, in my opinion everyone of them is in the wrong, but it wasn't really their intention to have her on that stream. I think they wouldn't even say her name, if she didn't outed herself.

No. 352288

Hi newfag, go read the rules because "hi cow" posts are against them lmaooo

Also I fucking hate Shoe. So you're an idiot. But she's hardly relevant to the crazy situation and she mostly plays a doormat to Blaire as usual.

Idk how trying to remind people this is a thread about Shoe and to post/discuss milk on her is derailing. Blaire has her own thread already, even.

No. 352293

I feel like this girls is a dumb autist that doesnt understand social cues and just wanted to be friends with the "cool" kids, then they bullied her to go away and filming it. After finding out that she Also filmed what they were saying they freaked out and tried to potray her as some crazy psychopathic stalker that hackes their computer and impersonated Blaire to get in which just sounds fucking surreal lol, just so their fans dont see them for the divas they are, and apparentl their fans defend this shit anyway so why bother

No. 352295

File: 1500023090306.jpg (11.29 KB, 480x360, myfacewhen.jpg)

gasp how very dare you make out shoe is fickle! shes not one of those sjw's anon! she is obviously just a traditional woman against degeneracy uwu!

(kek joke, as noted up thread and ironically by some of her subscribers in other comment videos shoe was never really about actually having fact based opinions or anything, its always been a ploy for views because her attempt at being boxxy 2.0 didnt take off. There is also this rumour that armoured originally paid shoe to be his gf and say certain things to get more people viewing his videos but again before anyone bites my head off im stating this is a rumour, i personally dont think its true but there ya go. You know theres something wrong when even your own subscribers say you're too dumb to argue any points and the reason they sub to you is because you make them feel smarter-these comments can be found in laci green's 2 genders comment section, people are asking laci to talk to her "about girly stuff")

Also I think its funny how many of her white knights are in this thread compared to other threads on here, i wonder how they found this site. Inb4 said knights reply with butthurt, if you check shoes twitter even she thinks you're dumb for white knighting her.

saged for no real new info.

No. 352618


Which has nothing at all to do with his ability to be entertaining and funny.

No. 352824

> There is also this rumour that armoured originally paid shoe to be his gf and say certain things to get more people viewing his videos but again before anyone bites my head off im stating this is a rumour, i personally dont think its true but there ya go.
This sounds too milky to be true, but I really hope it is. Degenerates.

No. 353938

File: 1500279409365.jpg (207.22 KB, 810x1128, IMG_20170717_101135.jpg)

No. 359552

> Also I think its funny how many of her white knights are in this thread compared to other threads on here, i wonder how they found this site

In her "punch me in the face" video she did mention "SJW lolcows" or whatever so maybe her crowd is familiar with this site or whatever

LOL June stop trying to appease Greg this is very obvious what the artist was trying to convey get over yourself.

No. 364383

There are pictures of Shoe when she was 14 (2005-2006ish) and she has winged eyeliner. The internet compared her to Boxxy, she didn't try to be Boxxy. That imitation vid was made after people were calling her Boxxy. And tbh winged liner is not rare at fucking all. Almost all the camwhores and Twitch girls I follow wear that style.

Anyway, sage for irrelevancy. Just think the "she's trying to be Boxxy" thing is super fucking stupid. She acts nothing like her.

No. 366369

Anyone remember how many internet boyfriends she had? Far back as 2009, most of 'em were beta males who did hipster YouTube clips or they were coders who took neetbux. Then there was one guy she met who literally warped her into this negative monster she tries to live up to now. (>>271177)

All I remember is, one day she was trying to pander to the Unichan crowd for that sweet sweet Boxxy attention, and making special little Q&A videos for them calling them her friends. Even making a Facebook page to add them on, like a true attention whore. Then she finds this mysterious, vicious, mean guy. Eventually she started tagging him in her posts and he would show up and make fun of/ shit talk /shame all her "friends," and she would be laughing at them and making fun of her own whiteknights with this dude. It was like next level attention slutty or e-Cucking. She wanted him to publicly humiliate her own little submissive male fans.

She was constantly posting worshipping stuff about him like "meet me on video chat 2night" to make her other "friends" jealous, and people would either praise him or nobody would comment on it because she would tag the guy and he would mock them and she'd gang up on them. It was like the fastest way to get her to hate you or turn on you. She seemed a little too dependent on him, and of course since her taste is the Asshole type, it self-destructed in her lap. From what I remember they would do audio live streams together without cams and lure her youtube viewers in to hurt their feelings, I even remember them calling people "cuck" and this was in like 2010 so she's had a raging hard-on for 4chan forever. I think the guy ironically even also wore the same type of head gear that AS wears, or at least some similar gimmick.

Looks like any mention of him has been wiped from her pages, much like all the other guys who were in her life. Like typical Long Island stripper scum, she sucks off of them and moves on to the next one. But if you watch her older cringey vlogs and videos, you can find references to it and see exactly where she flipped and turned into what would later be adapted politically with all the alt-right pandering and currently her centrist fake liberal pandering.

I found her through Unichan and I am convinced this guy changed her from the ground up, sometimes in her newer videos when she gets a little too worked up, she sounds exactly how this guy did when they would be attacking her youtube whiteknights. He at least gave her confidence to be a shameless asshole. It seems she is a negative soul, and she craves obtuse negativity and cruelty to somehow feed into her wanting to know her friends or her man can make her feel secure, either with words or attacks. AS isn't nearly as savage, persistant or quick as this guy was, she definitely has a type though and it's the Asshole who she'll copy for a few years until he treats her like dirt and when they breakup she collects herself and keeps a piece of them as her own persona. I don't necessarily hate her, I just think it's sad that she's mentally disturbed and acting like this and we all saw it coming, and slowly saw her disappointing, pathetic fetishes materialize in real time.

No. 366391

File: 1501835106876.jpg (37.12 KB, 453x339, 18a6b37f84e13d075f26b166326de4…)

No. 366555

Tbh she just sounds like a typical slutty liberal chick who only respects men who dominate the fuck out of her and treat her like an idiot, or like complete shit, only good for getting a dude's dick wet. I don't think she even pretends to respect her followers and subs. Her and Greg make fun of them all the time, and she constantly starts twitter arguments with her followers.

Maybe she had a dominant abusive ex before this guy, and it turned her into an alpha widow. This is quite a common pattern.

No. 366849

After observing her behavior over the years peripherally, I don't think she craves being legitimately abused because why would she leave the other guys? She craves seeing her guy as someone on either a intellectual, comedic, or fame pedestal who shames people publicly. She wants someone showy who knows how they want to manage themselves and try to control the conversation or argument.

AS is not gonna last. None of them do, she's one of those types that leeches power off of a guy and tries to recreate it herself. She has only had 1 other asshole boyfriend that I know of since she became somewhat popular on youtube, and I know he had a local TV show or something. All the other ones were beta males she would order around. She's a gold digger who doesn't care about money because she's probably a trust fund baby set for life.

No. 366866

She claimed before that people in her school asked her why she did her makeup like boxxy and that's how she found out about her and Unichan. It was from that moment, trusting her on what she's stated at least, that Shoe became a leech

No. 366953

Is there some sort of clinical definition for this sort of behaviour? Like when someone who's obsessed with having attention can fall under the histrionic personality definition?

It's something I'm interested in because ever since the advent of reality TV and social media it's so much easier to see people always under the spotlight and to analyse how they behave. So many of the cows on this site seem to behave like this: find a suitable, more well known personality to leech onto (usually male) and stay with them only so long as they're useful. Then leech them either because they have their fall from grace or because someone "better" comes around. It's almost like a parody of what is usually understood to be the relationship between a provider male and a "traditional" woman.

No. 367036

People with BPD (borderline) also seek attention but June doesn't strike me as being borderline.

No. 367143

It's funny, June never struck me as being rich or even middle class, she always looks so unkempt and unwashed to me. I always pictured her coming from one of those scuzzy Italian NY neighborhoods. However, she got implants so early on (probably in her late teens) so her family must have the money to spare. Not to mention she was a NEET after dropping out of college (after like, a month or something) which means her parents would have been paying for everything.

I don't think she craves being ~abused~ per se, I think she does that thing a lot of mouthy obnoxious women do, which is that they're basically testing people and waiting for an 'alpha' to come along and shut them up, and suddenly become very demure and submissive. And when that dude starts showing any signs of weakness, that's when they leave. She never stops screaming about Greg being her daddy dom and how she's all about that ~sub lyfe~ so that certainly factors in.

Her exes may have been betas, but we don't know the circumstances. She was a NEET so who is to say she wasn't using these guys for beta bux until a true Splenda Daddy asshole like Skeptic came along and she fell head over heels for him.

I don't think she has bpd, not by a long shot. Histrionic personality disorder perhaps.

No. 367146

When she's not dressing like a maid, sucking Greg's dick and making him 'bread sandwiches', this girl spends all of her time on the internet. Ofc she lurks lolcow.

No. 367150

she strikes me as incredibly lazy, which is probably why the anti feminism and the ddlg life appeal to her so much

No. 367158

It's pretty funny how MRAs and alt right snowflakes bitch about 'welfare queens' taking all their hard earned cash, but don't seem to mind paying through the nose for their dumb gf's couch potato lifestyle, or giving them patreon bux. They don't even realize they're being taken for a ride. No wonder so many women are jumping on the traditionalist youtuber bandwagon.

No. 367381

She never got implants, she wears pushups and her cup size was always decent. She comes from a suburban white area, she lived with her parents during/after college and may still live with them to this day. She barely had interaction with black people until the black boyfriend she's embarrassed of now. Her stints of being "unkempt and unwashed" were out of depression and loneliness, also she was awful at doing make up early on and over-does it now.

She takes multiple showers daily, which could be tied into her hair disorder. Her family isn't rich but they have plenty. She's had low self esteem, which results in her taking on a more shut-in routine and clinging to someone she can text all day and build up a big fake personality with. Her relationship of the moment defines her personality of the moment, and it defines what her "fans" or "friends" joke about to her.

She loves being a character. She loves people joking about any little trait in her life she can come up with and "promote." Her confidence comes from the fake appearances she keeps up with her man. If she has even a small group of fans enabling them and drawing awful cutesy cartoons of them, or making a show of how sexyyyyy they are together, she feels a false security and like she belongs somewhere.

I've seen this happen 1 other time with her. She doesn't talk about any of her ex's but you can tell the 1 other asshole she fed off of was her inspiration. She mostly went after neets, the guy she's with now is a neet who does an impression of an upwardly mobile person. He's trying to keep the hobby of being "famous" afloat. He can't even get a real job. He just 'plays' the part of a dom, he looks the part enough from her perspective, being tiny and with low standards, you're gonna end up with something like that guy.

They both get to be fake together and convince strangers it's real. They love the idea of being a reality show where they don't need to be themselves, because they probably can't stand who they really are. They bury it and feed off of each other's willingness to deny reality and brag, brag, brag, even if it isn't reality.


Nope, she's never taken money from an internet boyfriend. With things like that, she does at least have some integrity or maybe self-respect. She's had a decent paying job for a long time, and she's commented many times about not knowing what stupid shit to buy with all the extra money she's got. It's a shame, because she is pretty charming and if she DOES have knowledge about something, she can be very on point.

She goes from movement to movement, trying to fit in and be a commentator. She wasn't a video gamer whatsoever and even admitted during that gamergate thing that she bought a Nintendo DS or something and had no idea how to play. She just wanted to be heard about something, anything. Attention is paramount.

No. 367398

Are you Shoe? How do you know all of this?

No. 367399

I think it has to be either her or a v creepy orbiter. idk who else would a. know that much or b. give her all those unwarranted compliments.

No. 367400

I was an original on unichan and saw her spring up, her accounts were much more open and public before she smartened up and had a dox scare. I thought she was cool at first, until she started displaying this evil vitriol for people who questioned her relationship or why the guy she was with was so overbearing. She was very open with her fans originally which is how I know so much. Until she became like a sidekick of the guy who was mentioned in here before, then she really started displaying a more careful approach, she locked down her real name (which nobody seems to know) and suddenly her videos were all about talking shit about people or things, which she admittedly got pretty good at through all that. She found her niche, and now she gets what she wants

No. 370200

File: 1502399844407.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, Girls.jpg)

Lol i came here googling "shoeonhead" nudes cuz i wanted to beat my meat and reading all this shit, yall niggas creepy and sad lmao wtf talking about people on the internet haha wtf just chill dudes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 372929

This entire video, but especially the last 5 mins when her boyfriend is opening the presents is the cringiest shit. Does June really put on an act to seem younger/like a little girl? it's creepy af

No. 372937

What a fat lardass Greg has become. June, I know you love being treated like a servant, but it's time to stop making your daddy dom so many bread sandwiches. Lay off the carbs, Greg.

No. 372938

His bitch tits disturb me.

No. 372946

Yeah, he's really packed on the pounds since a few videos ago. I remember her sjw rant and he wasnt even that big.

No. 372954

I guess June likes them thicc. Imagine the weight of his big gut on top of you during sex. Hot.


No. 372978

Holy shit, I don't understand their creepy fanbase at all. Why would anyone watch 17 minutes of them fucking golfing and then post a comment like "and then they fucked kekekekekek XD"
Like at least find an attractive couple to obsess over

No. 373773

Why is Greg fat, like nothing against fat people, but generally people esp at his age try to lose weight and not gain weight

No. 373894


That little girl voice she does is the most cringey, embarrassing, shit I've ever witnessed.

No. 374183

>>372929 Imagine taking care of yourself only to still get an ugly fatty. You think with how high and mighty she is she get a good-looking guy.

No. 374319

File: 1503006360838.jpg (32.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

idk, her maintenance routine seems just as average as any other ~I'm not like other girls~ syndromed slut, she has had a boob job but that's the only obvious surgery, I'm also skeptical if she's ever had a fat transfer/bbl, corsets off camera, and facial work

No. 374324

when was this? her body shape looked so different

No. 374369

lbr no worthwhile man would put up with this womanchild

No. 374384


yeah that says tons about her.

like she isn't playing a character, she really seems obnoxious 24/7. good looking guys aren't going to go for this obvious crazy pussy. you can tell when people are off pretty quickly irl, i bet guys must run away from this bitch.

No. 374423

when you dont have control over the angles and you weight a little more

No. 374436

well it's not just that, even when she was thin she had no hips or ass but in newer photos she looks like she has hips and ass

No. 374570

It's really awkward hearing her go from ~cute wittle babby~ to an actual adult in a matter of seconds.

Also, is it just me or does Greg sound really out of breath from just walking at around 6:30?

No. 375617

if shoe keeps giving greg those bread sandwiches…. next stop, my 600 lb life!!!!

No. 376377

File: 1503296789137.jpg (60.3 KB, 915x439, boxxy (1).jpg)

>Anyway, sage for irrelevancy. Just think the "she's trying to be Boxxy" thing is super fucking stupid. She acts nothing like her.

No. 376381

lol i really did assume they were the same person long before i knew about lolcow

No. 376386

No. 376392

File: 1503299016570.jpg (196.7 KB, 1053x809, shoe.jpg)

She still lurks and starts up thread about herself when shes bored

No. 376442

am I the only one who thinks she isn't that attractive? her face just looks boring to me and her body is nice, but it's fake

No. 376567

No, she is average looking. But since she LARPs as /r9k/'s dream waifu she gets attention

No. 376748

Bruh, don't worry I don't find her hot either because she never shows her stomach off, and that is true hotness.

Also mainly lack of curves and the contralto, with the Noo Yawker accent makes her sound like she's a Mafia princess (fallen mafia princess)

No. 376772

lol what
I agree with the no curves part though, her curves are the work of silicon sadly, or padding or whatever the fuck made her look curvy in some pics

No. 376781

I've always found her hideous tbh. I guess I don't really like her skintone/hair/eye color combo, plus her weird FAS Whoville philtrum, that's just me.

Why people are thirsting over her, when there are far hotter girls in the 'fake trad waifu' movement, I have no idea.

No. 376810

kek, at least she acknowledges that she looks like a Who though

No. 376919

Her new video was just…not funny. I know June is capable of producing funny, low brow content but most of her shit falls flat for me personally these days.

Also, the longer and longer these people make these videos, it becomes clear that they would be literally nothing without feminism. If every single problem they claim is caused by feminism was solved tomorrow, their well of content would be completely dry and they would actually have to develop interesting personalities and content.

No. 377258

>she never got implants
mate what? her nudes been exposed, she has already been proven to have implants

No. 377527

lmao in the comments people are saying he needs to lose weight and his fans are using the usual fatty justifications "are you his doctor??" "he just has a different metabolism" "he could still be healthy!!"

for people who are so anti-sjw they sure act the same way, guess they need a safe space from oppressive scales too

No. 377544

She's a liberal, a 'coalburner' according to the right, and her bf is an edgy atheist shitlord.

Their fanbase are mostly 'tumblr anti-sjws', which is code for socially stunted basement dwellers with gay fanart blogs, weird kinks, and anime icons.

Basically both the left and the alt right wants nothing to do with these people.

No. 377864


You mean the blurry ass phone screens? They prove nothing

And I still ain't convinced the "standing on a box in front of a door" is her

No. 377936

Yeah well Shoe has said time and again that she only makes content on Feminism because she doesn't agree with it. Her Shoeonhead channel is mostly always going to be about Feminism whereas as her alternate account ShoeOffHead would be where she posts anything else.

And in her recent livestream when asked what she'd do if her youTube boat sank, what would she do to which she responded with just going back to her skin care profession. So I think she's going to be okay.

No. 378053

Why does she leak her own nudes? If so, thanks a ton for the wank material June. Plz leak more. #sextape2017(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 378059

I meant as content creators they would be nothing without feminism and related problems. I didn't say that June would never amount to anything to life. I'm sure she will be fine in the outside world, but without it her feminism shit I can see her YouTube career drying up because she has no other knowledge or solid opinions to share on politics or other societal issues that she seems to want to align herself with. She only goes for low hanging fruit. And like I said, that's funny sometimes.

No. 378082

Oh I agree. Without Feminism she most likely wouldn't have anything to fall back on outside of maybe just being another vlogger or possibly makeup guru. And while she does tend to go for the low-hanging fruit, I don't mind that as I like to laugh and she has this sense of aura that can make things funny, at least for the spark of the moment.

If I want to watch someone more serious, I'd watch someone like Sargon, Magdalen Burns, or Undoomed. Shoe for me is just more of an entry-level "anti-feminist" content creator. Someone more casual you can watch (assuming you don't mind her sense of humor). Had Shoe started out with a more serious tone and gradually became what her content is now, I would probably have a problem but since she started out with a basic, somewhat comedic approach, I have nothing to complain about really.

No. 378602

Armored skeptic has B cups.

No. 379224

whoops, leaked my fetish.

But yeah, even with her implants she's still flatter than her own character.

i honestly wish Shoe goes on live debates with the feminists who are legit, not those "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" ones

No. 379227


Sorry, did you just use "serious" and "Carl of Swindon" in the same sentence?

No. 380983

File: 1503858577216.jpg (85.58 KB, 1280x720, shoe.jpg)

>makeup guru

You're priceless, anon.

It took this girl 10 years to learn how to apply eyeliner properly to her Annoying Orange eyes.

No. 380984

Why is her philtrum so loooooooong.

No. 382830

God bless the person who leaks June's nudes. It's hot if it's June doing it herself.

No. 382858

Literally the 3rd time you've bumped the thread with this. No one cares, pervert.

No. 382865

It's just damage control.

No. 386771

People on Twitter are digging up dirt on her right now to have Sh0e and her boyfriend deplatformed from some event at the end of the month. I have no idea why any self-respecting person would pay money to hear them speak in the first place. Neither of them have anything interesting to say and Sh0e seems like she would be a terrible public speaker. And they are both painfully ignorant. Makes me feel bad for the attendees.

No. 386782

I've never been a fan of June but this is actually kind of surprising to me. She usually tries to present herself as this very innocent, all-accepting figure that just wants everyone to be kind to each other and all of this speaks to the opposite. At the very least these screenshots show her to be an asshole.

The funny part is that if she were in some kind of livestream situation and somebody brought this up, I doubt she would be able to defend these screenshots. She would play submissive and stutter through it, making excuses for herself.

No. 386812

>She usually tries to present herself as this very innocent, all-accepting figure that just wants everyone to be kind to each other
sorry, i havent been following this thread because i find this basic bitch boring as fuck, but i thought she literally panders to the alt right redpill neckbeards and has been doing this for years. what do you mean she tries to portray herself as innocent? she tries too hard to act like an edgelord, last time i checked her videos.

No. 386820

>she literally panders to the alt right redpill neckbeards
She does but she also has this fake cutesy personality. The baby talk, the bunny obsession, the creepy adoration of her boyfriend and the way she dresses to look like she's 10 years younger than she actually is.

She also likes to pretend she's some kind of "rational centrist" but she has said some really vile stuff. It's pretty clear she's embarrassed about some of it because she has deleted so many of her videos/tweets and lied about it later. Some people don't seem to realise how horrible she is.

No. 386846

You are right…partially. It's like she has two sides ot her personality. When I wrote that original post I had two videos in mind. One is this Milo Stewart one, and another is one she did right after Trump was elected basically telling all of her LGBTQ/racial minority followers that everything is going to be ok and she is here for them…or some shit like that.

And if you watch her in livestreams with other people, it's like she has no backbone and just tries to make everyone happy and get along.

Plus all the stuff that >>386820 mentioned.

No. 386891

>She does but she also has this fake cutesy personality. The baby talk, the bunny obsession
This. I remember going to her twitter and seeing "edgy" tweets sandwiched with those "cutesy" ones. TBH its a tactic quite a few twitter idiots use to try and make themselves look not too harsh but nice, i've noticed it used on quite a few d-list brit "celebs"
Some time ago she made a joke about how her boyfriend could not help raping her when she was underage because she had "huge tits". For extra edge points she addressed this tweet to feminists, when she got backlash she pretended they had just set upon her for no reason
I wish I had saved the tweet at the time, its clear that people dont just seek her out as she likes to put on but that shes baiting so she can play victim later. Inb4 her white knights start barking again. If I do find this stuff will post so sage for now but your post summarises her perfectly.

No. 387056

File: 1505486752272.png (875.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170915-103546.png)

Just decided to look into this girl as I've seen her referenced in the Anisa thread. After checking her IG, I'm horrified to see she's even more try hard, edgelord, alt-right pandering, and overall cringey than Anisa. It's like she's the ultimate NLOG parody. The pathetic need to be offensive for attention (see pic related), the regurgitation of dumb memes and alt-right buzzwords, the over the top worshiping her lame boyfriend, the playing the victim after being called out for her shit. Not to mention, I don't think it gets more basic bitch than a god awful Harley/Joker cosplay.

No. 387150

Seeing stuff like that triggers me to no end!!! She has zero respect for herself and is showcasing that proudly in front of thousands young impressible girls!

No. 387155

File: 1505494631412.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170915-185509.png)

This as well…

No. 387163


No. 387166

Sorry for being a foreigner…

No. 387167

Self-loathing "I'm not like the other girls!!" women are the worst.

No. 387179

That excuse of a sandwich is almost as bland and pathetic as her nasty ass boyfriend

No. 387193

Yeah, I really don't get it. I guess because I've always got on quite well with other girls and the friendships I have with my female friends are some of the strongest I have…but I can't imagine thinking so little of yourself/other women. And I'm sure that she really does think these things, she doesn't just say them for attention. I hesitate to say that she "sells out" other women, because of
course she has no obligation to her entire gender or anything like that, but the way she says all of the demeaning shit about women that her male audience wants to hear is something that will never make sense to me.

I get that shit like >>387056 is a joke, but I also think there is some truth to it.

No. 387197

I've had experiences with these girls in that past and it's the result of a really unhealthy need for male attention, usually the result of extreme daddy issues. I mean, that blatant self-post in >>376392 makes it painfully clear that she has a pathetic yearning for male approval, especially with how she references her politics. She's trying really hard to have the "edgy, sexy, just one of the guys" thing going on.

No. 387207

That makes sense. And I'm sure it won't end very well for her.

Kind of like Lauren Southern. She spouted all that bullshit about women's sexual market value and their place being in the home, and now her comment sections are frequently overrun with MGTOWs and dudes not even listening to what she is saying, just bitching that her looks are quickly declining and she needs to hurry up and have white babies because that's her job in life. She pandered to that audience, and eventually they will turn on her.

At the end of the day, June is still a woman. And the kind of people that she panders to don't think very highly of women, so I don't think she will ever be able to be 'one of the guys.' They will like her as long as she repeats what they think and never strays from it.

No. 387209

The cringe. "Tehehe this will trigger the feminazi xdd I'll show them, amirite /pol/?"
She's like a female robot. I pity her.

At least she knows it.

No. 387211

File: 1505501635133.png (436.28 KB, 590x628, poland.PNG)

You're right she doesn't have an obligation to her entire gender as a woman but don't you think she has some obligation as someone who has gained a lot of influence online? She's proud to have misled a 15-year-old girl in Poland, where the far-right government constantly tries to curb women's rights, about feminism. I can't tell if she's ignorant or just malicious. Probably both. And she's proud of it.

No. 387219

OMG, this.

These are people talking about important, complex & difficult issues about which they have NO authority/certified knowledge to comment, much less "educate" thousands of impressionable children/teens.

"With great power comes great responsibility". Having an audience, especially a young audience, equals power. And it's honestly sad that it's June, an ignorant pandering attention-whore, who's in that position

No. 387231

I feel so bad for this girl. I was her once…jumped head first into all of that anti-feminism shit, bought into all of the 'women are inferior' fuckery and just ended up hating myself in the end. It takes a while to get over that too.

Shoe fucking sucks.

No. 387257

I've had tons of shitty experiences with women and it still doesn't make sense. She's a woman, but it seems she thinks she's so utterly worthless that her only way to find love and validation is to become some chubby neckbeard's pet.

No. 387263

She seems to think she's so subversive too. Like she's edgy for submitting to this mediocre overweight divorcé who probably hasn't read a book since he graduated.

No. 387265

She's an idiot. If being degraded is her kink or something, whatever, but keep it in the bedroom like everyone else and don't let your metaphorical dick hang out all over your social media. She caters to the lowest tier men who just hate women anyway, including her. Once she gets too old to get their dicks hard they will turn on her.

No. 387274

I homestly think that's fake. First of, that girl would be rather well-spoken for a 15-yo, especially since it's not her native language. And writing things like 'i did it because of Beyonce' seems like something whose anti-sjws would expect some feminist/dumb woman to say, given that they are constantly going off on the evil leftist media…
Just seems too good to be true for them, a pure european girl, from a non-cucked country still writing old school per letter, drawing hearts etc.

No. 387282

File: 1505511162543.png (66.17 KB, 640x350, sweden.PNG)

>Constantly downplays rape as hysteria
>Claims all refugees are potential rapists

And now she's asking for proof that her boyfriend is racist because some article called him that. Maybe June can't see his racism because she's a racist too?

No. 387290

Refugees are a real problem for us in Europe, but because of people like her, as soon as you want to debate it, you get lumped together with some neckbeard pol-tards

It's not like this is affecting her personally and i highly doubt she gives a fuck about those slutty feminists getting raped anyway…

No. 387295

Too bad there isn't actually a rape epidemic in Sweden. This shit derails any productive discussion about refugees, and she knows it.

No. 387298

I get that there are problems but it's people like June and her far-right friends who are destroying any nuance in the conversation. Her bff Lauren Southern is using this narrative to further her white genocide conspiracy theories. They don't care about women at all. When they can't further their anti-refugee agenda they go back to being rape apologists.


No. 387303


>They don't care about women at all. When they can't further their anti-refugee agenda they go back to being rape apologists.

Yep, this. If it's a refugee or a black man who rapes a woman, they won't question the woman's account of the events at all. They'll defend her until the end. If it's a white man? She MUST be lying, because that's what those evil whores do!

You'll never see one of these motherfuckers say "let's wait for all the facts" or "innocent until proven guilty" if the rapist is anything other than a white dude.

No. 387305

If it's a white dude you're supposed to submit, silly.

No. 387306

Nah. Get fucked.

No. 387307

Pretty sure that was sarcasm, anon.

No. 387309

It was sarcasm.

No. 387310

Apologies. It's hard to tell for me at this point since I've seen people say shit like that (and worse) in all seriousness.

No. 387316

I know. I thought I was being really obvious. But you're right because June is doing exactly that. Brag about how submissive she is with her white boyfriend and go on and on about "rape hysteria" and then turn around and fearmonger about refugees, migrants, and any guy who isn't white.

No. 387357

Based on how half-assed her whole anti-feminist deal is, I'd wager she just likes being dominated by men because it's easier to live like a pet slut that needs taken care of. It's also fun to pretend that all the attention she gets is because she's right and desirable when really she's just a tool being used to project sexist ideals by men who are going to throw her under the bus for the next fresh meat the second she gets stale.

It's actually pretty difficult and challenging to develop oneself as an individual and be able to provide for one's own needs.
Like she talks about demonitization >>387211 here as if nobody was aware that her personal neckbeard is the breadwinner and provider.

No. 387363

Maybe. I think it's because she's really average and can't much attention from men (something she craves) unless she tries really hard.

No. 387377

Okay, I was initially against the idea that she had implants because I had seen videos of her as a younger teenager (around 16-17), and she looked the same size to me that she does now. Looked like she had D's, or maybe C's with a good push-up bra.

However, after seeing this (and assuming it really is her, which seems likely) I'm convinced she's had some work done. I don't really know much about breast augmentation, but is it possible she just had some kind of a lift/had them reshaped, rather than enlarged?

Genuinely curious because it seems to me like there's been no obvious change in size throughout the years, but I can't for the life of me understand how anyone's breasts look like this naturally. As someone else said, they literally look "bolted on" to her chest, and the placement of her nipples seems way too high.

No. 387501

I wouldn't call it an epidemic, but it is definatly a huge problem and just because you hate June and her worshippers there's no need to deny that…

No. 387506

June has nothing to do with it. Sweden has higher rape reporting rates, the legal definition of rape has been revised, and they count multiple instances by the same perpetrator as multiple cases. It's an artificial "increase", and there are no statistics about the ethnicity of rapists either.

sage for OT and don't want to derail the thread, but this is bullshit and I'm tired of people using European countries and especially Sweden as a scapegoat because they hate refugees.

No. 387517

>Zero Reverse image search hits
Because it's from her bf's instagram. I found it.

No. 387528

Well but i'm from a european country and it does affect us, that's the reason i brought it up! There are statistics that show that sex crimes commited by refugees are multiple times as high as from normal citizens

No. 387531

From what I read what >>387506 says about rape is indeed correct, based on studies by the Swedish government. Additionally, while there was a recent increase in crimes over there, it was preceded by a decrease in preceding years, which puts the incidence of crimes more or less on par with the levels seen in 2005.

I've then found another study from the Stockholm university that says that immigrants are 2.5 times ore likely to be suspected of crimes than natives, though the majority of crimes are still committed by Swedish-born people with both parents who are Swedish. The study then goes to suggest that there's a close correlation between the socio-economic situation of the people who end up committing crimes. In short: poor people who come from families with chaotic life styles are more likely to offend than those who are in decent households.

I know that in this kind of discussion people tend to get heated and accusations fly around (you're racist, you don't care about your country, etc.), I'm really just trying to look into things more as I get the distinct impression that a lot of the time blaming immigrants is an easy get-out-of-jail card for governments from their own failed past policies.

I'm not the person you're replying to, though I'm also European, and ever since I started looking into policies that some governments have enacted in the past it looks like they went for the short-termist approach to get votes and ended up getting large portions of the country I live in in economic trouble, only to then blame immigration so as to not get blamed themselves.
Just look at how Theresa May has been accused of having suppressed the distribution of several studies (was it something like 50? I remember I was shocked at the number) that proved that immigration doesn't affect wages adversely and that the greatest majority of immigrants put in more than they take in terms of resources and taxes. This while she was HO secretary.

I would like to point out also, as some people on my side of the argument tend to call anyone who disagrees a racist: I think I understand the allure of the argument against immigration, but I ultimately disagree. That doesn't mean I think everyone who makes is is a racist bigot - I think it's much more likely that people have busy lives and (rightly) believe that politicians should put forth arguments based on what they believe is best for the country, rather than what gives them more outrage points and votes.

No. 387541

I'm European too, which is why it irritates me. >>387531 sums it up pretty well. Poverty and homelessness are the primary factors in crime rather than your country of origin. You're more likely to be raped by one of your friends or someone you're on a date with than a refugee. There are definitely problems but neither myself nor anyone I know has directly been affected by refugees beyond seeing more brown people on the streets and finding out which one of your facebook friends is a racist.

No. 387563

So poverty is what causes men to rape? Hmmm…
It is not so much the country of origin as the religion and ideology taught to these men. They are straight up taught women are there for their use. Women are lesser. Rape comes from a place of entitlement and hatred and that is not taught by mere poverty.

I'm confused bc I can go up in this thread and there are people calling AS a literal pedo for the ddlg thing. I can find this in any thread. So they have a consensual (albeit weird and gross) adult kink with other adults and are literally the same as a freak who likes kids. But we don't want to call it how it is here, these immigrants are bringing a toxic ideology that has caused them to think rape is acceptable. Sometimes they rape actual children, bc child brides are a thing in their countries! Actual pedophilia there! But no one is calling that pedophilia? Because they are poor brown men?

Sorry for ot. I don't care enough about June to talk about her I guess lol.

No. 387607

I really really don't get what she's aiming for. Why would she try to pander to people who don't respect her gender ? She jokes about being a sub or treated like a dumb slut but she's relying on her bf to protect her from being a victim of actual sexism.

I bet she's going to feel pretty bad when she'll realize guys who don't care about what women say will definitely turn on her when she's no longer cute with perky tits and she might actually get treated like a "Dumb slut". Good luck out there June.

No. 387621

God, she's such an annoying tryhard. What did Sweden even have to do with this? The original tweet was talking about Canada. Alt-righters are a joke for this exact reason: they're like a record with only a limited number of tracks. "Women are sluts", "Muh rapefugees", "White babies", "Sweden", "Muh false rape allegations". They'll try to fit those topics literally everywhere, even though people were talking of something else.

Exactly. Sometimes, when I think about it, I wish they would get raped (by a white man) to see their reactions. Would they still be rape apologists? How would they react to people like them doubting their experience and yelling "Innocent until proven guilty"?
I don't even feel sorry for wishing bad things upon them, in all honesty. Imagine being a rape survivor and having to hear their bullshit, that's not just bullshit because it can be actually dangerous as a mindset.

>They are straight up taught women are there for their use. Women are lesser. Rape comes from a place of entitlement and hatred and that is not taught by mere poverty.
This is why alt-right is dangerous imho. How come they're ~pure Westerners~ and yet share the same mindset of the evil blacks and Muslims they hate so much?

No. 387635

>Exactly. Sometimes, when I think about it, I wish they would get raped (by a white man) to see their reactions.
I get where you're coming from but still… It sounds way too similar to alt-right types hoping liberal women get raped by immigrants thinking they deserve it.

I would never wish harm on June or anyone even if they are horrible people.

Also, could we stop completely derailing the thread with OT?

No. 387678

File: 1505580196858.png (59.88 KB, 640x533, sh0e.png)

This isn't strange or creepy at all…

No. 387726

How is having your firsts in your 20s strange and creepy?

No. 387742

That's just a little unusual. But having some divorced guy who's almost 10 years her senior "teach" her everything is creepy. Also, she's claiming that being sexually repressed is better than actually making the experiences most teenagers make.

No. 387762

No wonder she's so enamored with this bearmanpig creature (assuming she's telling the truth about being a kissless virgin until her twenties, it's common for her kind to lie about shit like that to seem ~pure~). Girls will often be blindly obsessed with the guys who take their virginity, especially if they're that old when it happens.

Also, I hate that "omg it's so much better when you wait" bullshit. Like… how would you know? You have nothing to compare it to. If anything, the other way around makes more sense since you have experience and can tell if it's actually good or not.

No. 387835

Plus it just flat out isn't better when you "wait." It completely blows. I'm a kissless virgin at 22 and I'm the freak among my friends. I'm left out of most conversations because I have no experiences to contribute lmao. Plus men probably find it weird and a red flag.

Also I…kind of doubt she wAs? Aren't there pictures of her much younger with some dude and that's why everyone calls her a coal burner? Unless she was 20 then. Or they just never did anything together.

No. 387855

>Plus men probably find it weird and a red flag.
Her boyfriend seems to think it's a turn-on. She claims she had her first kiss at 22 but not with her current boyfriend I think. I can believe it since she seems like a female neckbeard to me. She probably blames other women for not being able to get laid. It adds up with her weird hatred of women and her belief that "waiting" is better.

No. 387910

Don't worry, Anon. I've had a few 20+ virgin friends and most of them lost it to a decent guy eventually.

Neckbeards like her boyfriend are usually turned on by them because they get off on being the only guy to touch them (~pure girl~ fetish) and they have to put a lot less effort into sexually pleasing them.

No. 387931

>no dates, kisses, or sex until 20s

Nah, I don't believe this. All of her earlier attempts at e-fame with her itty bitty titties flopping out don't scream modest asexual purist to me. But claiming she's a kissless, sexless virgin that went wild when she got her neckbeard husbando probably tingles the digglies of all her loser followers who pump jizz her way fantasizing this actually happened.

No. 387934

do you guys think shoe is happy by choosing to be blissfully ignorant of the issues women face or do you think she's secretly sad

No. 387937

Yeah I think it's weird that she's trying to make it sound like dudes will just go "muh pure waifu let me show you how to do sex" when men I know have said they wouldn't want to have to teach a grown woman how to have sex and would be hesitant dating a virgin. Plus like other anons have said, I doubt she was a virgin into her 20s.

No. 387943

didn't her nudes get exposed with pics of her ass out the window and stuff? unless it was to her current bf or her ex was LDR, I never heard of a kissless virgin who sends nudes and gets plastic surgery

No. 387949

I think she doesn't care about other women at all. She's a complete sellout because she desperately needs attention from men. It's sad really.

At least that means her neckbeard boyfriend is being deceived and she isn't as submissive as she pretends to be.

No. 387951

>Plus men probably find it weird and a red flag.
In my experience the biggest issue is usually the things that make someone a virgin in their 20's to begin with, rather than the virginity itself. If you're a virgin because you refuse to respect your peoples boundaries or some shit like that, yeah good luck with that. If you're a virgin because you were busy with life and/or family but are otherwise an all around decent person it's not that hard to get past it.

No. 387965

oh god is the 22 year old kissless virgin thread because same
june's answer makes me feel worse, though, i'd rather end up an ugly spinster old maid forever than date some guy like her boyfriend
but why would she claim to not have been kissed when she's clearly been sending nudes out and stuff

No. 387975

I think she flat out doesn't care as long as she is making money off of her supporters and they continue to kiss her ass. It's sad but I just don't think she has any level of empathy for other women, especially those that have been raped or sexually assaulted.

For me personally it's just extreme social anxiety and general self hatred/body image issues. So I wouldn't really blame men if they would be creeped out by that.

But with June, I wonder what her deal was (if she's telling the truth)? I doubt it was because she wanted to be a ~traditional woman~ and wanted to save herself because she only seems to be considered with that as of recently. Personally I find it extremely hard to believe her, but who knows.

No. 387977

>But with June, I wonder what her deal was (if she's telling the truth)? I doubt it was because she wanted to be a ~traditional woman~
I get the vibe she's a bit neurotic and it stems mostly from that. I doubt the virginity part but it's reasonable to assume she didn't get around a lot.

Honestly it kind of strikes me as hollow how people here keep trying to attack the boyfriends body though. Don't get me wrong, the DD/LG shit is weird enough on its own especially with how they try to broadcast it but I've seen far more unfortunate looking men with much more attractive women and vice versa in legitimately happy relationships.

>Would they still be rape apologists? How would they react to people like them doubting their experience and yelling "Innocent until proven guilty"?
I don't even feel sorry for wishing bad things upon them, in all honesty
This is pretty fucking retarded too. To the best of my knowledge she's mostly made fun of people like mattress girl, but even discounting that yes you should feel bad if you're wishing someone was raped.

No. 387984

She pulls her hair out and has been doing so since she was a kid. I'm sure that affected her emotionally and thus impacted her sexual development.

No. 387987

But the guys not only ugly, he's also a cringey person in general. They also pretend to be better than everyone so ofc we're gonna point out how stupid they look.

No. 387995

From what guys have told me, the big issue with virgins is that their lack of experience can mean a) there's a higher chance of them going totally psycho if they break up since they haven't dealt with the pain of a really serious and physical relationship ending before, and b) they're more prone to being very difficult in a relationship as they haven't gone through trial and error enough to figure out what they need to work on for a healthy romance. Obviously, this is just in general and there's plenty of non-virgin people who make difficult partners, it's just that the chances of dealing with these things are increased.

I wonder why she does that, has she ever given an explanation? The only people I've ever known of doing this have extreme emotional issues.

I don't believe her that she was a virgin, but I've known girls who do much worse than send nudes and still proudly proclaim their virginity. I knew a Catholic girl who was adamant about waiting until marriage to have vaginal sex, but did anal with six different guys that I know of, yet still scoffed at other girls for "throwing it away" when they lost their virginity.

No. 387996

>he's also a cringey person in general.
And by all means, go for that. Imagine a dude who has a katana collection he pretends to have mastered, but instead you go for his weak chin. That's what all the comments about his gut remind me of.

No. 387998

Does this count as a loophole?

No. 388001

I actually can't really blame someone for feeling this way about rape apologists, I myself have wanted people to learn the hard way how dangerously misguided their terrible views on important issues are. However, I think there are less extreme things to wish upon June that will teach her a lesson. Personally, I would want her boyfriend to escalate with the gender role shit and become straight up emotionally abusive, which is typically the pattern these kinds of relationships end up going in.

No. 388003

>I actually can't really blame someone for feeling this way about rape apologists
And again, what rapist is she defending? Because to the best of my knowledge she's only mocked obvious fake examples like Mattress Girl as I mentioned. I've only ever seen the girl go after low hanging fruit for better or worse.

No. 388033

I thought she considered rape a nonissue and the product of hysteria, though? That may not technically make her a rape apologist, but it's just as bad, if not worse.

No. 388044

>I thought she considered rape a nonissue
I'm not seeing that. She's stated that everyone worthwhile already knows rape is bad, and you'd be hard pressed to convince me that's remotely similar to being a rape apologist. Which is a fair sentiment I think, not many people are going to try to argue rape is ethical. Probably.

Again, I'm all ears for an actual example people are talking about. I even went through the thread, but most talk about rape was quibbling about Islam and the alt right.

No. 388059

agreed, girls like her are all "all women are emotional liars" type people, until they've actually been in the situation themselves

No. 388060

such a conservative asexual reserved pure traditional virgin

she looks like some annoying emo girl I saw screaming at hot topic once back in 2008

No. 388061

She's a coal burner, was anyone actually working under that assumption?

No. 388063

her boyfriend and blind fanboys do

No. 388083

>not many people are going to try to argue rape is ethical. Probably.

eh, you'd be surprised. pure off topic but i remember a few years back coming across some kind of hardcore back to nature/might is right? movement, like advocating for going back to a very primitive society. insane shit. i wish i could remember what their forums were called cause they were even crazier than the incel crowd

shit he looks like onion's friend potato here

No. 388089

File: 1505636963554.png (11.49 KB, 313x188, kaczynski.png)

>eh, you'd be surprised. pure off topic
Sure, r/philosophyofrape was a thing once upon a time. But I think it's unfair to put this girl on that level. To be called a rape apologist is a quite serious claim, and to treat it as anything less diminishes the term.

>some kind of hardcore back to nature/might is right? movement, like advocating for going back to a very primitive society

Sounds like some sort of fringe anarcho primitivist group. The ironic part is they generally detest "civilization" because its centered around domestication (as in, domination of the environment), their motivations are practically the opposite. Even the unabomber had an obsession with self sufficiency rather than merely taking their resources.

No. 388220

File: 1505669125615.png (17.12 KB, 875x200, domi-nation.png)

I mean you're right that she doesn't advocate for rape like Roosh V or someone. But aren't you setting the bar a little low for not being a rape apologist? She thinks women use rape as a weapon and that false accusations are the real problem while women have "rape hysteria". Rape is only real when she can fearmonger about refugees apparently.

No. 388226

It's current year and she's still using a bad camera. Does she think using low quality equipment makes her look better? Maybe she's afraid HD video would show her flaws and make her look worse. She probably couldn't handle that so she insists on continuing to use this camera.

No. 388227

Isn't Youtube like her career? You'd think she'd invest in better equipment. Then again she still lives with her parents at 26 so maybe that whole thing doesn't pay too well.

No. 388236

she'll be shit out of luck when the youtube cash cow dries up, wonder what she'll do then. probably mooch off her fat boyfriend

No. 388252

Hi anon, not sure if you are interested, but if someone has deleted tweets you can still find them on google, this short article explains how:

sage for non milk

No. 388345

There's an archive of some of her old videos too: https://www.youtube.com/user/BoopyJuneVlogs/videos

No. 388444

her sketches are usually filmed using a canon t2i. but her regular videos she uses her webcam because it gives a 'laid back' and 'old youtube' feel.

even then, the sketches she films with her canon t2i still look crappy.

No. 388478

>She thinks women use rape as a weapon
Some women do, and that shouldn't be news for you. Women are neither fundamentally pure or evil, and are entirely capable of shitty or admirable actions. Rape is unique in that it takes what should be a consensual action and revokes consent. Therefore it is uniquely difficult to prove and makes it ideal to slander someone. In my experience it's often simply a matter of who has more power within the community as to who they believe sadly, and yes some women sadly have their real experiences discounted because of this. But I've also had a friend been on the opposite end of the experience, where a crazy ex threatened to use it as a weapon. The only grounded debate is how frequent it is, not if it happens.

No. 388551

>it's often simply a matter of who has more power within the community
It's hardly rape survivors who got all that much power. A tiny number of false accusations is being used by rape apologists as an excuse to discredit victims. MRAs like Paul Elam with whom June associates openly admit they would vote not guilty even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the charges are true on a jury for a rape trial. With friends like that June still pretends that false accusations are the bigger issue.

No. 388568

As much as I think lying about being raped is bad, the whole "women use rape as a weapon" nonsense as well as people putting people who have been "Falsely" accused of rape on a pedestal and acting as if they're more of victims than actual rape victims, it's concerning to

don't mean to blog but, I was molested by a family member when I was younger, but I had to hold it with my for years, then when I finally knew what happened to me, I, retardedly told my therapist, the therapist didn't do much but file a report to CPS which didn't come until years later, the person in question of course denied it and their spouse defended them, as well as the therapist accusing me of lying and someone else accusing me of lying, I had several witnesses of being sexually assaulted by the offended but everyone just wrote that off as "playing around" Then when I was recalling some events that had happened the offender called it "checking to see if I wet the bed" so not only did I have to deal with that but I was wrote off as a liar

now time for beyond the blog post, with this happening to me, it makes me wonder how many actual rape victims have been passed off as liars because of people like the meninists who think all women who could have possibly used rape as weapon is a liar

while false accusations should be handled correctly, screaming liar in the face of any woman who opens up about rape or making the issue seem much larger than it actually is only hurts actual rape victims

No. 388571

also I'd like to add, some people are offered money or things and sometimes threatened to say that they lied about the rape, I really doubt so many women report being raped, then later say they lied, so while it can happen, a woman saying she lied about rape isn't exactly that well of evidence

No. 388574

That's so horrible. I'm sorry this happened to you.

Plus most rapes go unreported anyway. Fear mongering about false accusations is the real hysteria.

No. 388591

I'm going to make a rape allegation thread so we don't derail the june thread, sound good?

No. 388595

No. 388616

God I didn't know June associated with Paul Elam. He is a fucking monster.

No. 388726

honestly wouldn't be surprised if it came out that paul elam was a rapist himself. a hex on cassie jaye for making that man look all well meaning and innocent in that shitshow of a 'documentary'

No. 388752

Upon googling him i came across this article https://www.avoiceformen.com/mens-rights/ill-decide-if-you-were-raped-not-you/ seriously my blood is boiling, how did nobody get rid of that asshole already

No. 388822

Paul Elam is despicable. How anyone could fall for his "men's rights" activism is beyond me.

He used to promote June's videos and feature her on his website until they had a falling-out when her boyfriend said something negative about him and MRAs.

No. 388848

Also, holy shit I just read the comments and they're banning or warning everyone who disagrees with the article. He emphasizes so hard in the beginning how it's meant to offend, yet he can't even handle criticism on what he knew would be one of the most offensive things on the internet. He's like a caricature of the extremist "anti-PC" movement.

June became 1000x cringier for ever have associated with this guy.

No. 388851

The beginning of that article was satire. He doesn' really mean that, he was trying to prove a point that some random doctor decided males don't experience rape unless penetration occurs and how outrageous it would be if the roles were flipped.

No. 388853

… That makes no sense how he was trying to convey that point through everything he was saying.

No. 388856

replace the word "women" with "men".

No. 388858

>Contrary to modern social fantasy, rape is not about penetration. Not in the least.
If a man is penetrated against his will it's also rape. So I don't know what you or Elam are suggesting here?

Also, someone made a thread for discussion about rape:

No. 388868

The studies this Mary person made are saying that if a a man is forced to penetrate a woman under drugs or other type of non consensual force, it's not rape. Basically one person is telling a man that he wasn't a victim because they have different standards for men and women.

No. 388873

Exactly. Forced to penetrate is not the same thing as being penetrated against your will. I'm not denying a man was a victim of a crime in that case but it's not the same crime.

No. 388886

>it's not the same crime

How is forced penetraton not rape esp concerning children? Sure, there are different levels of how horrific a rape can be but that should still be defined as rape but it's not because of Mary's studies. The q-tip story in the article was horrific.

No. 388896

That's statutory rape. I'm not trying to qualify which is the most horrific I'm just pointing out that it's different scenarios.

No. 388910

Why is forced penetration not considered rape? It's non-consensual sex and some of the situations can be very traumatic. The point is because of one person's studies, men who are raped this way can't legally say they were raped and are dismissed or laughed off.

No. 388918

Someone violating the inside of your body is different than someone forcing you to penetrate them. When it comes to children it's an entirely different thing again. All of these scenarios cause emotional and bodily harm.
But what Elam is trying to do is reactionary. Instead of raising awareness about an issue that men face he deminishes something that in his opinion only women face and completely disregards that men can also be penetrated against their will. This isn't about men's rights at all.

No. 388927

>disregards that men can also be penetrated against their will

He doesn't though.

"And let us not forget that neither of these graphs include males who are raped in prison."

He just saying that Mary's studies are biased. Sure he used an opening that was meant to shock and grab people's attention but again it was satire.

No. 388929

you can't just say inflammatory shit and then cover your ass by going 'it's satire!!!!1!'. elam has also shown himself to be a violent person (hitting his grandson, his second wife being afraid to speak out because she is afraid he will retaliate)

No. 388935

I don't know Elam's personal life but sources would be nice. I just thought people posting about the article were being too reactionary. I'm not saying what he wrote wasn't "offensive" but he doesn't mean it is what I meant and I think some reactionary people would think he meant it.

No. 388936

His "satire" is diminishing a real crime in which a woman was raped and murdered. If he wants to draw attention to the fact that these studies did not include male victims maybe he should spend more words on that rather than dehumanising "satire". Elam makes light of something that happens to men and women alike just so he can tear women down. This kind of "activism" is not helpful to men. Noone with any concern for men's issues should support Elam. Dont fall for him. MRAs are anti-feminists before everything else. Here's a very good piece on him: https://www.buzzfeed.com/adamserwer/how-mens-rights-leader-paul-elam-turned-being-a-deadbeat-dad

No. 388961

I wonder if anti-feminist/pro-mra women like June and Cassie Jaye genuinely don't see how horrible the entire men's rights movement is or if they are selling out other women on purpose. I get why people who are unfamiliar with the whole thing would not see through it at first but anyone who is an active participant in the movement like June or has spent a lot of time researching it like Cassie can't possibly be that naive.

Armoured Skeptic used to think mras were just as bad as feminists until June convinced him otherwise. It's hard to tell if they are just doing it for money/attention or if they really are that stupid.

No. 389001

Saged for opinion but from what I have seen in junes case its more she doesnt care. She makes a lot of money for pandering to lonely neckbeards and she did a video against mra's which she quickly pulled because of backlash (as mentioned in this thread its on her ED page). Also the whole thing with skeptic, I get the feeling she acts like a mouth piece for some of skeptics views because for some reason people find anti-feminism more acceptable coming from a woman, even when her fans themselves say shes not very good with arguments, and also because of the rumour that he originally hired her to say this shit to get more people to his channel however its just a rumour but it would explain a lot of things.

No. 389080

File: 1505769661111.png (79.73 KB, 572x827, feminism.png)

She's "explaining" feminism on Twitter right now: man-haters, chromosome supremacists, prudes, racist against whites, irrational! That's why someone as smart as June would never be a feminist but if she had to she would be intersectional and include everyone, lol.

No. 389085

omg she really is the millennial phyllis schlafly

No. 389096

i think it's a combination of both. there is a lot of money to be made with reactionary types, it's why fox news is so popular. reactionaries tend to throw their money towards anyone who espouses there beliefs. money hungry people or sell outs (in cassie's case, though i don't think she was much of a feminist in the first place) notice this

i think there is also some comfort in being an anti feminist female. you aren't 'one of those fat, angry, hairy, man hating lesbians' that men despise, you're one of the 'good girls' and you don't think they'll hate you (however some still will).

and i am paraphrasing someone else when i say this but, i think it is painful to be aware of the struggles that women face daily, from cat calling to honor killings. by proclaiming yourself to be an 'anti feminist female', you can simply stick your fingers in your ears and go 'la la la i can't hear you!!!'

No. 389101

>TERFS/SWERFS vs literally anything else
Wow, what a hard choice. June, really stirring up controversy and asking the tough questions.

No. 389102

Majority of her followers pick death of course.

No. 389105

Calling yourself a feminist on the Internet just isn't beneficial in terms of comfort, you'll get everything from harassment to rape and death threats. Same reason why Laci Green "took the red pill" and is not sucking up to all of the people who previously told her to kill herself.

You also get away with saying dumb shit on Twitter on the daily and no one telling you off for it, as evidenced by June.

No. 389106

*now, should proofread this shit more thoroughly.

No. 389109

But Laci still calls herself a feminist. I wish people would give her a chance and have a discussion with her. Unlike June she seems genuine and well-meaning to me, just confused and maybe disillusioned.

Most of her neckbeard followers wouldn't stand a chance in these dystopian feminist wars anyway. Better stay in the basement and wait it out.

No. 389115

and even then they got pissy that she didn't toe the line 100% (laci's comment about betsy devos/ title ix)

and they say that leftists/feminists/liberals live in an echo chamber lmao

No. 389118

It's funny how to anti-social justice types being open to having a discussion means completely adopting their positions. They really think they're the rational ones and everyone else is wrong about everything. No self-awareness. They rather believe their own misrepresentations than consider the actual arguments. I get why Laci would want to re-evaluate some of her believes but I wish she wouldn't associate with horrible people like June.

No. 389128

agreed. like laci won't talk to kevin logan because what he said about june but she will give carl a hug????????? seriously, laci?????

No. 389131

Her new alt right bf dick too bomb. She had to change her whole personality.

No. 389135

and i could understand (but not condone) if it was someone hot, but it's chris fucking ray gun………

No. 389137

IKR! Lol

No. 389138

Laci seems so naive to me. June is so obviously biased, completely misrepresents feminism, and yet Laci will listen to her when she tells her how horribley Kevin Logan is. If Laci can forgive Sargon surely she can talk to Kevin especially since June has accepted his apology a long time ago.

I don't think all the change is due to him but she'll defend anything he says or does. It's like he's above any criticism.

No. 389139

That guy is secretly shady, his ex Barbara had tweets that suggested he cheated on her.

No. 389141

Ok are people still giving attention to crazy teens on tumblr who will most likely grow out of the more extreme views they hold? Who gives a fuck about tumblr? June please go outside….talk to people IN REAL LIFE who identify as feminists. Hear what they have to say.

Yes some will be the crazy tumblr type but the majority of people off the internet are not that extreme. She is sounding like the MRAs/MGTOWs who think literally all women are bad because of a couple women on social media who fit the stereotype they already hold about women.

"Tumblr SJWs" just aren't common. I went to a liberal college and Even on campuses you can avoid them because they're such an insignificant number. And of course the vocal, crazy ones will end up in the news and videos of them will be posted on YouTube for people to tear apart because they're ABNORMAL.

Sorry for the rant but whenever I see someone mention tumblr I just automatically think they're immature and have little to no life experience.

No. 389142

aren't greg and june gonna be on some panel at some convention in milwaukee? wonder how that will go

No. 389143

these people pick easy targets because they know they'll get demolished otherwise, they are kind of like bullies in that aspect

we all saw what happened when carl tried to take on kristie winters

No. 389145

>She is sounding like the MRAs/MGTOWs who think literally all women are bad because of a couple women on social media who fit the stereotype they already hold about women.
That's the audience she's pandering to. She really seems like she doesn't get out much just like her followers.

At the end of the month. I hope there will be videos of their speech online.

No. 389147

i think june sympathizes with mgtows anyway, i think she blames their problems on feminism (like she does with everything anyway)

No. 389149

i can just picture it now, greg verbally masturbating the entire time while june awkwardly tries to get a comment in

No. 389158

Any woman that sympathizes with mgtows must hate herself. Full stop.

No. 389177

>June seriously believes there's no other reason to be against porn besides being a jelly "fun hater" >despite the fact that there's tons of evidence to support the argument that an unregulated porn industry takes advantage of the actors/actresses, harbors and enriches physical/emotional/financial abuses, and purports sex slavery

This is why dumb little girls need to keep their big noses out of adult topics.

No. 389179


not who you're replying to but you're reading way too much into that. "they" could be referring to sociopaths or sjws or feminists. i cant believe on lolcow anyone would doubt SOME women would lie about rape/sexual assault for personal gain

No. 389181

They're going to embarrass themselves. June has nothing to say and I can't imagine her seaking in front of an audience but she thinks her bf is the smartest guy ever. Greg has no self-awareness whatsoever and he is way too confident. He thinks he has started a new ideology for an egailtarian meritocracy or something: http://armouredmedia.com/blog/where-are-skeptics
And Sargon's gonna be there too.

Chris is a bigger douche than people realise. I didn't know he cheated on her but it's hilarious to me that he left his anti-feminist gf for feminist Laci.

Don't start it again. Someone made a rape allegation thread: >>>/ot/204779

No. 389182

*speaking in front of an audience

No. 389188

how the fuck is "non-consensual sex = rape" reactionary? what is this obsession with "it's not the same" or "muh penetration"? should a woman who's been gangraped in a dark alley be able to tell a girl who was fingered while too drunk to consent at a college party that she wasn't raped because her gangrape experience was worse? no, so why obsess about that here? you're pretty much just saying women cant rape men, unless it's with a strapon (which never happens)

even if u want to obsess over how much worse female rape is, why exclude women forcing themselves on men from the definition of rape at all? what else could it possibly be classified as? how is that not rape apologia exonerating female perpetrators?

MRAs are faggots and this whole anti-sjw wave has really ran its course (i hope), but thank you for reminding everyone why it all started in the first place.

No. 389196

holy fucking shit that link you posted

No. 389226

they don't give a shit about being equal to women, they want to live in a patriarchal society, even worse than the late 19th century then pass it off as fact somehow, the only men who support it are insecure edgelords or desperate women who can't make their own choices so they just cling to whatever they think will make men like them most somehow, even some sexist guys I know wouldn't sprout out this nonsense

No. 389228

" men who are raped this way can't legally say they were raped and are dismissed or laughed off."

are you serious? people will up and support a mans rape case rather than a womans rape case, just look at crime watch daily, when a man is raped by a woman the comments are flooded with how disgusting the woman is and if a woman openly talks about getting raped, unless it was a child molestation case the comments will be disgusting and calling her a liar, I'm tired of this "BUT BUT MEN ARE LAUGHED OFF" BS when it NEVER happens

No. 389281

File: 1505802622699.jpg (45.83 KB, 550x512, Gt_quot_trump_is_a_huge_racist…)

Rob Kaufman fucked this girl's head up. I watched it before my eyes. She is a terrible judge of character and she blindly trusts hateful, angry people.

No. 389294

internet =/= real life
you'll find more people like that online than you will in real life

No. 389312

I don't buy this anymore. The things that are said anonymously on the internet are the things they wish they could say in real life.

No. 389323

Definition according to English law:
>According to the law, rape occurs when one person penetrates another with their penis without the consent of the person being penetrated. If a victim is forcefully penetrated with an object, this is classed as "Assault by Penetration". If the victim is forcefully made to penetrate another, the act can be prosecuted as "Causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent".
Definition according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court:
>The perpetrator invaded the body of a person by conduct resulting in penetration, however slight, of any part of the body of the victim or of the perpetrator with a sexual organ, or of the anal or genital opening of the victim with any object or any other part of the body. The invasion was committed by force, or by threat of force or coercion, such as that caused by fear of violence, duress, detention, psychological oppression or abuse of power, against such person or another person, or by taking advantage of a coercive environment, or the invasion was committed against a person incapable of giving genuine consent.

No. 389334

… That's because it's not socially acceptable to talk this way in real life, anon.


No. 389338

Just like being popular online doesn't mean anything irl.

No. 389372

Men are laughed off, but you know who laughs at them? Other men. And as always, somehow MRAs & company blame it on feminists, even though feminists are one of the few categories of people that don't laugh at raped men.

No. 389378

MRAs will always defend masculinity rather than men.

No. 389391

File: 1505831233531.png (405.91 KB, 589x602, mfw.png)

No. 389392

File: 1505831528584.png (16.97 KB, 325x322, mythcon.PNG)

One of the speakers has dropped out of the event now because he thinks they're incompetent and doesn't want to be associated with them.

No. 389417

june, drop the manic pixie dream toddler act, it's cringy as fuck

No. 389422

god that blm comment
june is such a rich sheltered white girl it is unbelievable

No. 389424

menists want to be the oppressed gender, when any female on male crime case pops up, the menists will go batshit insane and pull the "BUT BUT IF SHE WAS A MAN DOING THIS TO A GIRL______"

IE crime watch daily, if a girl gets raped and she wasn't a child, the MRAs blame her to hell and back, a girl is sold into sex trafficking, MRAs claim she deserved it because she was a thot or she did it to herself, hell a girl was even murdered before by her boyfriend and MRAs claimed "She deserved it because she was dumb and got herself killed"

but when a 24 yr old teacher has sex with a 17 yr old by consent in a state where age of consent is 16, the MRAs show up and start talking about how she was a pedophile, how she molests little boys, and she is a child molester and anyone who thinks it wasn't child molestation is a child rape apologist, and of course, the usual, "IF SHE WAS A MAN EVERYONE WOULD BE CALLING HER GROSS" despite two other men getting arrested for the same thing with 16 yr olds and they were teachers and whatnot, they desperately want to prove men are now the oppressed gender to the point where it makes them look ridiculous, I don't even understand what they're trying to accomplish other than making cringey content and making people think they're dumb

No. 389427

Fuck I wish I could find it again but I was browsing twitter the other night (this might have even been a reply to one of June's tweets?) and I even saw one say something along the lines of "men commit suicide more often because they either have a woman ruining their life, or because they can't find a woman to ruin their life."

Like….seriously? That's what you want to go with? It's all women's fault? Not unrealistic expectations of men to be stoic and perfect at all times? Not lack of mental health care? It's always women, huh? Alright.

No. 389428

mras are only interested in keeping hegemonic masculinity. they do this through (sometimes purposely) misinterpreting data and much more

No. 389432

File: 1505838003921.png (50.82 KB, 587x442, feminism kills!.png)

No. 389433

what they often ignore is that women attempt suicide at a high rate then men, they often don't succeed because women tend to use 'softer' methods (overdosing, slitting wrists) where as men go for harsher methods (using a gun, jumping off a bridge)

but mras/mgtows/incels just brush this off by claiming that women are just doing it for attention

No. 389434

nice! thanks for finding it anon.

And now that the suicide rate of teenage girls is rising, MRAs run around saying shit like "well you wanted equality? here it is!"

Sure, let's not address the fundamental problem and try to work on finding ways to combat high suicide rates of both women and men, let's turn it into a competition because we have no empathy and take any opportunity we can to be bitter about women!

No. 389435

like, this attitude is often perpetuated by other men, it is perplexing that they blame feminists for this problem

No. 389436

Such a lazy tweet from June but I'm sure her followers think she's really adressing men's issues. And they've already identified the real problem: women.

>And now that the suicide rate of teenage girls is rising, MRAs run around saying shit like "well you wanted equality? here it is!"
Because that's what it's really about: Making life worse for women. They don't really care about making it better for men.

No. 389437

seriously! and another thing that pisses me off with these people is the domestic violence shelters issue. in 'the red pill' movie they talked about how there is only one domestic violence shelter for men and the many for women. they acted like these women's shelters were resorts and you could get a spa treatment there and they served caviar

you know what? many times these women's shelters are hardly funded and women themselves had to build these shelters, it wasn't like the government was like, "oh ladies you've been so good, here is your shelter to escape your husband who is trying to kill you!!!'

No. 389478

MRAs always want to blame women for everything, men have mental health issues? Women, a man a single? Women, a guy is a sociopath and kills someone? Women, woman gets killed? Her fault, woman gets raped? She deserved it, woman kills herself? Good, its equality, womens mental health issues? Its her fault, these insecure little boys all have mommy issues i swear

No. 389487


By that logic, men aren't getting any funds at all. The other shelter that was built for men quite a while ago got shut down by feminists iirc

No. 389499

those shelters not being funded is not the fault of feminists. and i am not sure that is what happened. i think earl silverman wrote that in his note because he was frustrated

No. 389500

they want feminists to play mommy and take care of all their problems. they want feminists to pick up the slack where other men have failed them

No. 389502

if i remember this correctly, he was frustrated that the shelter was not being probably funded, had to close down because of that, and blamed feminists on it. unfortunately his story had a very sad ending with him taking his own life

No. 389509

A large community of men and women identify with the MRA movement. Instead of spending all of their time and energy yelling about women on the internet, they could use it to raise funds to build shelters for men or provide other services for men in need.

They choose not to. Because they don't actually care about men's issues until they can use them as a talking point for how evil women are.

No. 389554

Didn't realize lolcow was so full of whiny feminist fags.
If you want to turn any of the MRA's or anti-feminists over to your point of view, (which I assume you are trying to do because you are criticizing their queen bee on a public platform) maybe you could try not being such bitches about it. If you don't understand the arguments they are making, you can't argue against them. BAWWWing about how 'teh MRM's jsut hate wymmuns and have mommy ishues' isn't making a point and isn't going to change anyone's mind.

You look like idiots. Jsyk.
And fuck June or whatever so this isn't OT like all the previous complaining about men instead of the cow.

No. 389556

>If you want to turn any of the MRA's or anti-feminists over to your point of view, (which I assume you are trying to do because you are criticizing their queen bee on a public platform)

Different anon, but come on. Is that really why you think shoe has a thread here? It has something to do with an evil feminazi plot to convert mras? Or is the thread here to talk about her drama, pathetic YouTube channel, and unclefather boyfriend?

No. 389558

How are any of those posts whiny, dude? Most MRAs do hate women and frequently complain about them. People were making that observation.

It was just a discussion. Calm down. And I doubt anyone cares about turning MRAs over to their point of view, because half the time they can't be reasoned with and don't care to hear what the womz have to say. It's not like we're on an MRA forum trying to ~show them the light.~

No. 389559

yeah fucking feminists how they don't think women should be blamed for anything and everything and how they think rapists should be punished, how extreme, if you think rapists should be punished and women shouldn't be accountable for everything wrong with the world you're clearly a feminist

JFK my boyfriend is anti fem as hell and even he thinks MRAs such as june are pathetic, it's almost like she is pathetic as well as most MRAs

No. 389564

If someone wants to criticise feminism they have to understand it first. Judging by how June misrepresents feminism it's pretty clear she doesn't understand it at all and neither do her followers or MRAs in general.

No. 389566

that just validates their attempts to change the law. again, what else could it possibly be classified under if not rape? if everybody has to personally agree with the legal guidelines/legislation, why is there all this autistic screeching about planned parenthood funding & betsy davos' reforms on sexual assault guidelines? shouldn't you just blindly accept whatever the law ends up being?

No. 389567

believe me, i know what mras want and what they believe fully, i once was almost duped by them. but as i did more research i discovered that so many of their arguments just fell apart for me. i realized that men's problems didn't come from 'misandry' they came from a multitude of issues (class, race, mental health, etc)

No. 389570

but then how will she make money if she can't misinterpret something for views!?!?!?!!

No. 389575

That's what it all comes down to. They're making money off of gullible people who may have some genuine grievances but that's how right-wing politics work.

No. 389610

File: 1505865619533.jpg (100.54 KB, 579x1200, it's just a prank bro.jpg)

these fucking people.

No. 389624

How could this possible be a joke? At best Sargon is laughing along with RICHARD SPENCER.

No. 389625

I would actually have an iota of respect for these people if they just stood by what they said and didn't hide behind the 'it's just a meme!!' excuse all the time. If you're going to say things that you know are inflammatory, that's your right, but when the inevitable criticism begins, stick by your words and don't start pretending you didn't mean exactly what you said. Baked Alaska is the absolute worst example of that, but I've seen Sargon do that shit too.

No. 389634

File: 1505868262015.png (38.16 KB, 565x365, comedians.png)

They are comedians now. Never mind that they are going to this convention to give a speech on "skepticism". It's all just jokes.

No. 389636

>I wish they would get raped (by a white man)
Good feminism

No. 389641

Maybe it was satire. At least that's what June hides behind. It's not like she's any better throwing minorities and other women under the bus.

But yeah, I would never wish her any harm.

No. 389646

>maybe you could try not being such bitches about it

This is really hilarious coming from an MRA

No. 389660

I hate MRAS and feminists, but this is not an argument. What are you, 13?

No. 389683

File: 1505879340406.png (40.13 KB, 600x311, cringe.png)

whatever happened to "fuck your feelings" anyway?

No. 389703

>the world doesn't care about Skeptic's fees
I don't know why but I find this so fucking funny. I'm imagining that smug shit starting to realize that he looks like a moron, and the whole "but i'm just an entertainer" schtick isn't helping him feel better because he knows he was actually being at least mostly serious in those videos yet people are starting to laugh at him and call him out.
I'm sure demonetization doesn't help either, but oh well.

No. 389768

i don't understand what she is saying. is she saying that the world cares about women's feelings (it doesn't) and not men's? the world doesn't care about skeptic?


No. 389782

world doesn't care about fat boy skeptic's feelings awwwww :(((((((((((((((((

don't worry fat boy skeptic, your chipmunk face gf will proceed to suk ur peepee because she is so "fun and domestic"

No. 389805

>implying MRAs actually have a point and a goal other than claiming that every wrong in the world is feminists'/women's fault
It seems like it's you the one who doesn't understand shit. I literally saw articles on their website about "feminists killing a male dog on camera" and it was an old Chinese video of two women doing it. Or another article about "feminists killing birds by spitting chewing gum on the floor". MRAs are a big joke and so are you for defending them.

No. 389808

File: 1505918789223.jpg (139.57 KB, 768x576, IMG_3747.JPG)

i swear one day the world will give a shit about your feels

No. 389811

File: 1505918897156.png (238.25 KB, 217x440, IMG_3748.PNG)

let me put on a show for you, daddy

No. 389813

Lmao it looks like it's about to eat her as a snack.

No. 389876

june = coward
but who is surprised?

No. 389913

so awkward, omg

he looks pregnant

No. 389994

This is extremely nitpicky, but her hands are bone chilling. I mean, the whole look is pretty upsetting, but especially the hands for me.

No. 390004

Before opening the picture I thought "Who's this black woman next to that fat guy?" She's really tan here. What's her ethnicity? Doesn't alt-right hate people of color?

No. 390015

She's mentioned that she is Italian before. I think she's just super fake baked here.

No. 390098

italian women usually have curves without padding and surgery though

No. 390101

File: 1505945699820.png (55.06 KB, 632x301, Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 5.12…)

So Lauren Southern posted some dumbass facebook meme of a girl in yoga pants vs Miranda Kerr wearing a sundress and said something like "retweet if you prefer trad". She's since deleted it and I didn't get a screenshot, but this was June's reply to it.

I'm not saying that June is a thot, nor do I care if she is, but is openly talking about your sex life/kink with your boyfriend all over twitter really trad, though? If it was any other girl, I think most of her fanboys would scream "degenerate".

No. 390109

Publicly posting memes about eating cum is not "trad", you stupid cunt.

No. 390113

So she's either Latina or Arabic. They always say Italian when they're one of those two. My guess is on Latina

No. 390116

Most of the 'trad girls' I've seen live the complete opposite way than what they preach. A lot of people have a hypocritical streak in them so it's not terribly surprising…and it's not like they're hurting anyone. The part that bothers me is that they use the concept of 'trad' to be sanctimonious and put down other women who like…wear a miniskirt on Friday night or focus on their career instead of starting a family. That's when I get to the point where I have to role my eyes at them thinking they're different and trad when they really aren't.

No. 390117

And by role I definitely meant roll.

No. 390130

>My guess is on Latina
That's what I thought too when I first saw her. But she's white. It's just fake tan.