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File: 1427132310640.jpg (120.4 KB, 478x720, image.jpg)

No. 67197

Amor Hilton
a.k.a. Nicole Friend, Amor Hilton is a self proclaimed model/dj/producer/actress/scene queen/celebrity… you name it, she's probably pretended to be it.
Amor Hilton's are the epitome of an attention whore. To classify as one, a person usually must take slutty "modeling" pictures, cake on a pound and a half of make up daily, have no self respect, do a obscene amount of drugs, and do basically what ever it takes to get known… because any publicity is good publicity, right? She went out with Trace Cyrus hoping for fame, filmed various pornos and then pretended that she was tricked into it, got a pimp daddy to get her a boob job because she had gross pizza looking tits, It seems she's now a lesbian too. Do you guys remember her?

No. 67204

http://amorchangeyourfuckingbra.tumblr.com/ good times. Haven't heard about her in years. The latest mention of her was from that Catfish episode where someone catfished using a picture of hers. Kek.
Wish I could know what is she up to these days… girl was a trainwreck.

No. 67212

She hasn't had a boob job and she isn't a lesbian. But yeah, I remember her. This is old news, she's been open about working in the adult industry for a number of years now. Molly Morrison, anyone?

No. 67216

No. 67217

Yeah but has she done anything else other than that infamous "screen test" thing?

No. 67218

Has anyone seen her veneers? They used to bitch about her nasty natural teeth at efagz and imo they just look worse now.

No. 67220

>>67204 wow did she actually make it to catfish, I haven't seen that episode.

No. 67221

It's the "Artis and Jess" episode from season 2, the one with the insane slow-clapping guy. He totally used Amor's pictures, I remember clearly 'cause when I saw that pig snout of hers I totally shat bricks.

No. 67224

Is this not a dude in drag?

No. 67226

she's got a cute face and build, but it's sad how she's gone so long having fried poofball hair that the sensation of having healthy, not over-teased hair is probably a distant memory. i still would watch a lesbian porno w her in it, though.

No. 67227

Yeah, except they never mentioned her name, she was just "some girl from porn" lol.

No. 67228

Yeah that's true, but it was definitely her lol! I wonder what pornos of her her picture linked to, other than the infamous audition I mean.

No. 67229

Wasn't she a guy before or was that some other former scene queen?

No. 67230

Ahahah no anon, I'm pretty sure she's a biological woman… I wonder who is this transgender scene queen though, if there really is one.

No. 67231

File: 1427136886687.jpg (66.37 KB, 480x720, bitchbelongsonrupaul.jpg)

No way…

No. 67232

you have low ass standards. ugh

No. 67234


Izzy Hilton. I can see the mistake, both have Hilton in their scene names and have blonde hair. Izzy goes by Luna Lovebad now.

No. 67248

Maybe kinda OT but why was "hilton" such a popular thing to put in your ~scene name~? That's always bugged me.

No. 67249

I've never heard of her, I looked her up now and she looks infinitely cuter and more feminine than Amor, wtf

No. 67259

Lol Amor Hilton and that fucking bra.

No. 67266


Jesus christ I have always been pro sex work but watching that made me feel filthy.

This may sound dumb but I didn't know that for porn auditions you had to have sex with the interviewer? The way he was handling her too…. just ew.

No. 67275

I'm pretty sure it's all staged, there is no "interview".

No. 67279

Please. when you chose the porn life, you basically chose to be treated like an object and have no dignity. so you should feel dirty watching this. I do too, but that's also because i actually respect myself enough not to sell my body for sex.

No. 67283

Because Paris Hilton was popular. I think it was half ironic and half channeling the "rich trash" vibe.

No. 67288

File: 1427143127451.jpg (112.71 KB, 600x600, image.jpg)

>>67226 yeah cute face, with half a pound of make up on.

No. 67290

oh boy here we go

No. 67291

Maybe I just dont like the cali girl porn star look, but this girl isn't attractive to me with or without make up.

No. 67292

Back to PULL you go

No. 67295

Actually she doesn't do drugs, she's an alcoholic because she suffers with mild depression. Or she just thinks it's heavy metal to destroy your health for fame.

No. 67301

File: 1427144989070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.76 KB, 500x281, image.jpg)

God, actually feel sad to see a potentially pretty girl waste away like this.

No. 67303


Hm okay I made the post you are responding too and I think we have totally different ideas of what's dignified.

You can be a sex worker and still be dignified, it's all about how you handle yourself.

I never understood people like you who say shit like "selling your body is disgusting", like what do you think you're doing in any job? Everybody in employment are selling their bodies.

No. 67304

File: 1427145263999.jpg (79 KB, 415x568, image.jpg)

Sleep tight ppls. Don't watch porn pray to da lard for your sins. lel ~ if you say her name 5 times in front of a mirror with the light off you'll see this~

No. 67309

You have no self respect if you are selling your body. period.

No. 67310

>Everybody in employment are selling their bodies.

Dumbest shit I've ever read.

No. 67316

File: 1427145822807.jpg (36.11 KB, 600x399, l.jpg)

It's her horrific eyebrows and pig nose that ruin it for me. And everything about her look, ofc.

No. 67319


And how does that work exactly?
You never had a boyfriend and allowed him to cum on your face or spank your ass before ramming his cock down your pungent , quivering butthole?
Difference is they get paid for pleasure and you don't so maybe you're getting the raw end. Pun intended.

What it comes down to for your is "B-but muh holy matrimony, muh social contacts".

You're a gross moral fag. This board had no place for religion pls leave.

No. 67320


What do care nurses do.

No. 67323

The only reason people look down on sex work is because of religion and because it's difficult to regulate and tax so people allow themselves to be brainwashed by governments into believing it's dirty and sinful.

No. 67324

>I never understood people like you who say shit like "selling your body is disgusting", like what do you think you're doing in any job? Everybody in employment are selling their bodies.
i don't exactly recall having to finger myself in front of customers at my job? it's a private thing. just like taking a shit. if i let people watch me shit & wank to that… would it still be a-ok in the sex-work world?

No. 67325

>everybody in employment are selling their bodies
Huh, I never thought of it that way.

No. 67327

Lol. Get a clue.

No. 67328


How is you defecating equal to reproduction.

You're like the perfect example of somebody who's been heavily brainwashed. You are so prudent and repressed you legitimately believe sex is on par with squeezing a hot fudge sundae out of your butthole kek

No. 67329

I like when people attack sex work you can almost garauntee they watch our have watched porn.

Basically they have no problem chastising sex workers for their job whilst simultaneously consuming their labour. Hypocrisy at its finest.

No. 67330

>>67310 actually i think most sell intelligence, not the body, unless you are a model but then you are also selling clothes, if you are lazy, you sell your body in porn cuz your make money fast without having to study 5 years in university.

No. 67331


And what about care workers and basic labourer? What about bouncers?

No. 67333

>cuz your make money fast without having to study 5 years in university

Ah so now the truth comes out. Your jealous because you had to slog your guts out at an institution that resulted in nothing whilst sex workers are off making bank.

Gurl you're salty as fuck.

No. 67334

>>67331 you are still selling a skill, without taking your clothes off. What special training do you need for porn? None, everyone can do if the wanted to.

No. 67336


Obviously not. You saw how bad Amor was.

I'm sorry you're a boring fuck.

No. 67337

>sex workers making bank

Ya'll are poor are fuck and destined to stay that way if you think sex workers make bank lol.

No. 67338


Er, what skills do bouncers sell exactly? Er, er, the skill of their body?

No. 67339


I'm not in the business but I have friends that are and they are fucking loaded. It makes me jelly and tempted to get into it myself but I have some pretty specific kinks that would make and level of subservience difficult for me.

One of my closer friends does the whole cam girl schtick, she had a car bought for her fml.

No. 67340


Just had a car bought for her*

No. 67341

Scat porn brings the most, at least I know from a friend but there are even some men that pay thousands only for you shitting on them.

No. 67346


Okay now THAT is degrading
Normal porn, fine but jesus not scat ew.

No. 67347

>>67334 Not everyone can do it well, dumbass.

No. 67350


Yh I would be shit at porn tbh.

No. 67353


Not as shit as Amor. XD

No. 67354


Yeah christ not that bad.
It's not that hard to figure out what men want when it comes to sex, but she was just laying there like a fish occasionally gasping for air.

No. 67357

File: 1427149287875.jpg (29.95 KB, 341x256, image.jpg)

No. 67359

My comment came from the predicted and delivered conversation your initial post triggered. I dont give a fuck about your opinion on sex work tbh.

No. 67360

No. 67364

I'm so glad someone posted this. I tried posting her in the scene queen thread a couple of days ago and it kept saying invalid file :(

No. 67370


I don't give a shit that you don't care about my opinion, I'm gonna give it anyway. You don't have a choice.

No. 67373


Century… Goodness she's not very bright is she?

No. 67393

File: 1427153313544.jpg (Spoiler Image, 546.8 KB, 1080x1080, 1427152971828.jpg)

>She hasn't had a boob job

Okay then.

No. 67400

Right. I don't understand what you're trying to prove. They're the same in both pics.

No. 67407

File: 1427154422572.jpg (236.35 KB, 962x1080, 1427153846254_1.jpg)

Does anyone know if Ron Jeremy is really her uncle? She used to tweet a lot about her "uncle Jeremy".

No. 67421

I'm pretty sure natural breasts don't stay upright when someone's laying down.

>inb4 long off-topic discussion about breast anatomy, there's already a thread for that on /b/.

No. 67428


No. 67439


No. 67455

File: 1427163480332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.49 KB, 523x365, horf.JPG)

>those ingrown hairs

that looks unpleasent

No. 67563

File: 1427190483084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.52 KB, 469x700, image.jpg)

Strawberry boobies as I'd like to call them.

No. 67565

File: 1427190563151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.69 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Dude, her boobs look better now.. Her face just got worse tho.

No. 67566

Gross tits with huge nipples.

Also for all of you who say that girls who don't want to get into the sex industry are just jelly prudes: I don't want to be a porn star because I was raped as a child and the idea of being basically raped by hundreds of strangers being my job completely terrifies me so fuck off. I'm going to go to uni for 5 years and get a career that I can still work in when I'm 50 sorry not sorry skank ;)

No. 67567

>>67455 why doesn't she put makeup down there, other porn stars do. Gross.

No. 67569

File: 1427191123664.jpg (27.05 KB, 320x384, 31487_131477363534931_11428084…)

She used to be really pretty. Drugs, man.

No. 67570

File: 1427191201675.jpg (28.78 KB, 320x403, 31487_131477713534896_11428084…)

Before she became a botox whore.

No. 67571

File: 1427191247313.jpg (16.46 KB, 272x340, 188943_209997849016215_1142808…)

No. 67573

File: 1427191542407.jpg (40.52 KB, 500x751, fb219ec00e_23296141_o2.jpg)

lol, top right pic reminds me of Dakota in her scene phase.

No. 67576

>>67571 so she was always after trace Cyrus, then.

No. 67581

>>67570 alcohol is bad guys. She was cute.

No. 67586

File: 1427196210974.jpg (27.53 KB, 240x320, 1267211371895_f.jpg)

The horror couple.

No. 67588

File: 1427197597005.gif (481.32 KB, 213x308, sploosh.gif)


Dat description. Sploosh.

Also agree. Nothing wrong with paying for strange as long as both parties realise what's going on. Fun is fun and life is way too short to be a prude.

No. 67590

whatever you have to tell yourself, sis. take it to /b/.

No. 67647


When it's porn it's consensual, but I'm so sorry that happened to you. No one deserves that. I'm the same, I'd rather get something I can still do when I'm a lot older. Still, I personally don't think her tits are gross, but that's just my opinion.

No. 67660


I prefer her old breasts. Those new ones look like somebody slipped some melons under her skin.

No. 67661


I'm not sorry.

If she his around calling innocent women skanks she's probably not very nice and deserved to get raped.

No. 67662


Baaaaaaw no1curr.

No. 67668

Well yeah, she's probably not very nice, but I wouldn't say anyone deserves to get raped. Not the best of ideas for them to go around posting about personal shit like that to justify that other women are skanks, I agree. Ladies and/or men, you are not skanks for working in the adult industry. Different people have different life preferences. It's not hurting anyone so get over it.

No. 67669

ay, now I know eyebrows are sisters, not twins, but holy fuck, hers look like complete strangers.

No. 67670

Woah, hold the fuck up, what kind of sick attitude is that? You need to educate yourself my friend. You might also need some counseling. Jesus christ.

No. 67672

I second that. Pretty unsettling knowing we live amongst people who say shit like, "She's probably not very nice and deserved to get raped," right? "Deserved" and "rape" do not go in the same sentence. Ever. Unless we're saying, "The uneducated fucktard with numerous issues said she deserved to get raped,".

No. 67679

Does anyone have a pic of her new chompers?

No. 67681

I'm pretty sure there's a difference between having a person you like spank the hell out of your ass because you both love it, and having disgusting old men buy you to do whatever they want to you, because they are so ugly and disgunsting that the only way they can get someone to sleep with them is by buying women, and because you are such a talentless bitch that the only way you can get money is by selling yourself. Just saying.

>hurr durr slut shaming, hurr durr don't shame my slut talentless pathetic ass.

No, fuck you.

Also, any girl can just take advantage of sex without having to sell herself. Like having your boyfriend pay dinner, the movies, presents, and all that stuff.

her eyebrows slipped to the side.

[spoiler] dumb bitches threads make me feel so much secondhand embarrassment they make me glad i'm an architect [/spoiler]

No. 67682

You don't have to put people down to boost yourself up… mentioning that you're an architect and all.

That kind of attitude is a loser's mentality.

No. 67683

>dark grey eyeshadow smeared on her lids
>caked on mascara
>brows drawn on

No. 67684

Men are easily fooled. She is certainly not trying to get praises from women.

No. 67685

What the fuck is wrong with you? Porn isn't just for "disgusting old men" and what has having your boyfriend "pay dinner, the movies, presents" have to do with sex? In porn a good-looking or at the very least an average-looking couple of people (or more) are paid to do various sexual things. Why on earth is this such a big deal to you and what's the point of being angry?

You're an architect who acts like a child. Okay.

PS Porn is a choice you dumb bitch, a lot of these women (and men) actually enjoy their jobs (YEAH, I KNOW, RIGHT?). Probably unlike you since you realise Amor will make more money in a week than you will in six months.

No. 67686

32 inch chan returns

No. 67687

She's just insecure and angry. XD

No. 67691

Wasn't involved in this conversation until this particular post, but the porn industry is supremely fucked up.
Literally all the sexual and/or general pleasure involved is completely faked. Anyone who works behind the scenes knows this.
People are literally given drugs just so they can get through the work, and quite a few female porn stars are told shit like "You're going to do this sort of scene. I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you. It'll just be one or two guys. Sign this", and then they end up getting gang-banged on camera while high and told if they protest they're being "unprofessional".
I could go on, but there's no way porn is forgivable as an industry, as far as human rights and decency goes. You can watch it or support it however you like, but arguing that it's a good business and no one is getting hurt is fucking laughable and you should feel bad for implying so.

No. 67697

No one implied it wasn't fake. I actually work in the industry so was speaking from experience. I know women who do love their job. I was also just responding to the fact that the anon was essentially calling anyone in the industry a "dumb bitch", then making out she was smarter because she's an architect. There was no need for it. But yeah, it can be fucked up depending on where you do it, but it's not always like how you said about what female porn stars are told. You can walk away if you don't want to do it, but you won't get paid. People end up doing things they don't want to because of money and if they're being forced into it then it's illegal. I should not feel bad for expressing my opinion from experience, unless you're in the industry too and are speaking from your experience? Then I'll give a fuck.

No. 67711

No. 67715


Haha oh wow that is exactly who she sounds like!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that remember that chick. God she was nuts.

No. 67720


You're dumb and totally backwards if you really believe the only consumers of the sex industry as "old, disgusting men".

You're a consumer too, every time you watch porn.

No. 67727

Like 90% of the world watches porn anyways.

No. 67739

Wow. I seriously don't get the appeal. I'm fucking 26 and i never saw the appeal. Not speaking badly of the people in the industry, i'm just so confused by why people want to watch others fuck. I guess i'm the 10% missing out.

No. 67741

Most imagine that what happens in the video gets done to them.

No. 67743


It's supposed to be visually stimulating.

No. 67749

I never was big on porn, and after I got married I havent watched it for 7 years. Recently got divorced and thought to give it a try. I don't know. Either the quality has decayed since and is now really bad or I just find it really stupid and childish.
I don't care if others are watching it so.. everybody theirs… but the girls working the industry do seem a little dim and excessively attention seeking. Not to generalize though I'm sure there are some cool ones out there ;P

No. 67773


tbh I've never really watched porn, I've only ever read hentai or erotic lit.

Porn was always too real for me, too filthy and messy. I would be happier with porn that was "cleaner" and more "natural" i.e. horribly fake breasts, makeup smeared with cum and juices all over the place, but then again it's that way mostly because it's directed at a male audience.

My boyfriend is really into that stuff, asking me to put on lipstick for blowjobs, ejaculating on a full face of makeup, saying he really wants to put down some plastic sheeting, get us both oiled up and messy and just go to town.

They're really into messing things up and getting shit dirty aren't they? I've personally never understood the appeal.

No. 67774

Stop throwing out shit statistics.

No. 67788


No. 67789

They were just saying a lot of people watch porn, they weren't claiming it was an actual 'statistic', c'mon.

No. 67808

Nobody cares you got raped, stfu anon

No. 67810

You sound so high of yourself, its sad you bash women in the sex industry because theyre not so pure like you. Youre pathetic. These women arent skanks

No. 67815

for fucks sake, gtfo

No. 67826

going to university =/= having a good, or hell, even decent job nowadays.

No. 67902

omg that guy
he was amazing

No. 67905


>if you are lazy, you sell your body in porn cuz your make money fast without having to study 5 years in university

And I worked a pole during weekends to pay for my 4 years of college.

Where is your limited worldview logic now.
Must be nice having mommy and daddy to prop you up and pay for everything.

No. 67929

I remember that episode. It proved just how fake that show is after he beat his chest and you can hear a mic. How could he have possibly fucking had a mic prior to the meeting?

No. 67931

LMFAO. Those are some wall eyed implants. They look just as bad as Cesil Rapture's.

No. 68038

No. 68040

Please slut

No. 68041

Just because someone doesnt want to sell their body for money doesn't mean they have a limited world view. I have how every stripper is working their way to college. Okay, sure.

No. 68044

You too can be a trashy slut whore

No. 68048


lol. I guess everyone that doesn't show off their pussy to get an education MUST be supported by parents. It's not like they could go out and work for a retailer or food chain or anything.

No. 68059

Strippers claim they're working their way through college because people are more likely to shove more money in their G-string if they think that money will go to such a noble cause.

That said, plenty of strippers actually are working their way through college. It pays far better than waiting tables or flipping burgers.

No. 68087

Ok like, fuck all these judgmental closet whores that suck the cocks of boys that will never love them like they do……

………so where are the pics of her veneers? I can't find the damn things anywhere!!!

No. 68114

File: 1427271765059.jpg (78.08 KB, 640x640, teeth.jpg)

You can also kind of see them in this video.

No. 68146

I feel like u just have to be really low in life ti do porn

No. 68150


No you dumb bitch because working a table isn't going to make me nearly enough money in tips in order to support myself.

How do you people even get into college when you can't even into simple math? Lemme guess, you did women's studies?
Am I supposed to be ashamed of myself because I made a calculated desicion to work an intense job on weekends as opposed to killing my soul begging for tips every night for 7 weeks? All in all I made the smart desicion.

You remind me of this fat chick at college named Amanda who found out what I was doing and tried to sneer at me too, when it turns out, fucking kek, she had only tried to apply for the same job at the club last year but was rejected because she's too fat. I expect you're not all dissimilar, too ugly or unfit to do these types of jobs so you get bitter and snide at the people who do.

No. 68151

No. 68152


For 7 days a week*

No. 68169

Butthurt anon is butthurt.

Pretty sure no one is too fat or ugly to degrade themselves. But it's a good thing you don't "beg" for tips for a living. That's far more shameful than having old geezers and horny drunk guys shove money in your g-string while you're sliding your pussy up and down a pole on weekends. How empowering. You've sure changed my mind. lol

Btw, I'm not fat or ugly or a stripper and go to college full time on a scholarship. Try harder stripper anon. Try harder.

No. 68171

idk man every girl I have met with a bitter attitude towards strippers are either ugly as hell or painfully average with an unwarranted superiority complex (or both)

I'm not even a stripper but man. Must suck to be so bothered.

No. 68186


it's always those ugly fat autistic girls, like star and ladyalt that are like this

they don't wear makeup, dress like shit, can't tell a moisturiser apart from a conditioner, and see this as a good thing

No. 68218

All that semen sucking must have rotted your brain,whore.

No. 68322

>>68218 no need to attack others, read rules. This is about amor, and I know alot of people dont agree with the industry, is just sad to see a once potencially pretty and nice girl, go to waste? Does she have parents? She seems to make it alone in life, getting payed for sex is too tempting for anyone whos really desprete.

No. 68330

gorl just shut up

No. 68331


>Btw, I'm not fat or ugly or a stripper and go to college full time on a scholarship

Confirmed for fat and ugly.

No. 68333

Who the fuck is this moron cunt with the major beef for sex work?

Nobody fucking cares you twat, you are making yourself sound extremely jelly. Only people who actually cared would try to protest this fucking much.

No. 68336

A lot of people have beef with sex work.
With girls I think a lot of it is just general bitterness and a superiority complex to boot. They get mad when girls get positive attention for shaking their ass while they work at McDonalds and go to community college lol.

No. 68452

Haha. Wow. Are there really that many sluts on this board? Orange is that you? Or maybe it's Megan.

Oh well. Your pussy, not mine. Enjoy your gonorrhea. lol

No. 68471

You just went full retard.

No. 68522

Wowo okay you guys are some dumb niggers. I was sexually abused and it gave me PTSD around anything to do with sex so that is my personal reason for not being a stripper or a prostitute or what have you. People are always like "just be a stripper! You'll make so much money!" But the thought of having to be naked in front of hundreds of sweaty men and getting fucked by them too actually makes me want to throw up.

It's totally okay if your opinion is different. I just personally have no clue how a girl could choose to degrade herself like that. inb4 "it's not degrading anon you're just a fat ugly nerdy prude who deserves to be raped"

I have painful flashbacks even with consensual sex so yeah I don't want to be a porn star and I think it takes a special sort of slut to be one anyway. Once again my opinion and no one has to agree.

No. 68536


Is not fair of you to label all sex work as degrading just because you had a bad sexual experience.
You'd think after what you went through your be smarter about it.

I was molested for 2 years as a child by a family friend but I don't think sex work is degrading or humiliating. I am sorry for what had to you and I feel I probably know better than most the harmful residual effects abuse can leave but you really need to grow up, get since therapy and teach yourself that not all sex stuff is bad.

No. 68571

So now everyone's a 'dumb nigger'? You absolute piece of shit. No words.

You're acting as if you're entitled to call the women who work these jobs as sluts, skanks, etc. just because you've had a negative sexual experience. The real question is why you're obsessively posting here attacking other users when in your opinion you're above everyone, with your scholarship and all?

Finally, no one here CARES that you had these experiences after you name-called. Besides, this board is for discussing PUBLIC FIGURES, not you, so leave and get a therapist. Don't bring your personal issues on here and cry like a child. No one cares about you or what you have to say.

No. 68572

Also obvious troll is obvious. Correct me if I'm wrong but planning to go to uni for 5 years to become an architect doesn't mean you are one. Unless this is a different troll, then fair enough.

No. 68576

Reminds me of people in the course I finished who gave themselves the title of said professional, without actually passing post-course professional exams and gaining experience. Seen it with college students way too much. Sounds like anon is one of those real-life trolls who pretends they know so much to make up for their lack of knowledge in their own field, so comes to bash other women in the adult industry to make herself feel better. Standard self-esteem issue. Probably needs therapy, but is too lazy to get up and get it, with all that money she's got.

But yeah, girls in the industry - you're stronger than this stupid woman. Ignore. She doesn't realise how difficult these jobs are because she's in her own little bubble.

No. 68662

>no one cares
>no one cares
>no one cares
>no one cares

No. 68693

People need to get back to Maury show, this is not a thread about sexual workers, just Amors life in general, and yes I know she happens to be a pornstar, but that's not all she's done in her life. Let's remember the John hock incidents? Is he still in jail? She even made a YT video ages ago about it, but has never mention him again, even after they were engaged.

No. 68695

File: 1427334420100.jpg (106.41 KB, 448x674, image.jpg)

>>68693 john cock lel ~ kira kira always had that special talent to attract rapists to her life.

No. 68701

>>68322 I quote from a spin article: "The Israel-born Hilton was used to being on her own. Growing up in the Valley, she never knew her father, and she bounced between living with her mom and her grandparents. Sometimes, she'd chum around with the other self-described "scene kids" – young punks who trolled Sunset Boulevard in tattoos, tight black pants, and piercings. Or she'd stay home, log on to her computer, flip on her webcam – and try to become a star."

No. 68706

As a little girl, she had dreamed of becoming an actress like her favorite, Hilary Duff, but the reality of auditions and compromises got her down. "It's so, like, boring waiting around all the time,"

Her mother was a part-time pinup model and Hilton craved the same kind of iconic fame. (Amor was will always be an attention whore)

She scored a small role on Hannah Montana as a mean girl, but hated how pedestrian she appeared. "I had to sacrifice the way I wanted to look to do the job," she recalls.

>>So who ever said she never had a chance, she had many. But she wasn't willing to sacrifice things and put effort on it. Because amor was a pretty girl.

No. 68710

Thanks but you should of just put the link, you noob. And she did work for a while she had her Brutal Dolls Model agency, so don't say amor never tried.

No. 68713

File: 1427335856722.jpg (43.78 KB, 500x333, thinking.jpg)

No. 68728

If you think working on pole makes that anon a slut then fuck, youre retarded.
Its okay to be a stripper
Its okay for women to watch porn
Jesus christ is this the 1950s? Just because you got raped doesnt mean you can call those girls sluts (thats not what it means). You have a disgusting superiority complex like the lolcows in these threads.
Go act "im so superior i go to a college! HA SLUT!!!!!i got raped so i must be right!!" outside of lolcow

No. 68730

Samefagging much?

No. 68732

nobody cares anon, go whine about your therapist you got raped so all women in the sex industries must be evil and sluts

No. 68733

File: 1427337309102.jpg (91.05 KB, 480x480, image.jpg)

>>68713 I second that. She's gonna be 26! Where the hell has time gone? Still though that she was 20.

No. 68742

File: 1427337711889.jpg (102.11 KB, 423x564, image.jpg)

>>68732 lel this is what she looks like probably bashing amor and Calm your tits….it's only a little joke ok

No. 68748

Scene + weeaboo?

No. 68766

>>68748 notice the amor voodo doll….. It's stupid humor. Gad! You people need to watch South Park

No. 68767

Thanks honey bunny

No. 68781

>no one cares

Nah anon, while I don't think Anon deserves to be raped because she hates sluts or something, I also don't think you need to judge the sex industry because of your past trauma.

Both sides sound dumb as fuck.
>I was raped and that was horrible. My PTSD means women are WHORES for working in a certain industry.

Listen, lady, you're not everyone and if you expect people to emphasize with you at least admit that you shouldn't judge women because they get through college through stripping or whatever else you mad about. I'd rather not strip and I'd hate the idea of sleeping with some gross guy for money, but guess what?! I'm not fucking everybody. They can do whatever they fuck they want and I can go on my merry fucking way.

And other anon - we get it! No one cares. Except you, because you respond to every post with 'NO ONE CARES" a million fucking times. It's obvious you care, anon. You care a lot.

Fuck. This kind of back and forth has been happening in every single thread these days. One personal story and "no one cares" anon comes in to say and no one cares. That, wishing rape on other anons and general cuntiness to any comment that isn't cunty. I don't even get this place anymore.

>no one cares

^no one seems to care at all anymore. :(

No. 68787

Amor should do porn thst suits her, clown porn

No. 68791

Can you guys argue over the morality of the sex industry in /b/? This has been dragging on for too long.

No. 68792

Exactly nobody fucking cares

No. 68793

>>68781 Yes we care, but this isn't a counselling site, there are other places for that. It's good to give ones opinion but it's gotten off topic because THIS THREAD IS ABOUT AMOR XD like others said she's done more than just porn ffs

No. 68807

No I agree with you, Anon. It's not that it goes off-topic. All topics get off topic for a few posts, it's this "I HAVE TO BE RIGHT EVEN THOUGH I'M POSTING AS ANON" mentality that drags on for-fucking-ever.

>No one cares
is every other post in every other thread.

I get that we're catty bitches, but usually about the cow in question and not to each other. Ignore the newfags, let a fucking argument go or move it to /b/ and find a balance between being too sensitive and being a cunt. StaminaRose wasn't this bad and our Admin is about 10000000x cooler than that shithead.

I should catch up with the thread, but how are these scene queens still…semi-relevant. Is it tumblr keeping them alive since their ugly style seems to appeal to pre-teens despite it being a decade out of date?

No. 69744

I'm going to hell for saying this but I really want to pop the one on the left

No. 69745

I don't even have a pussy you weirdo

No. 69829

The SJW tendencies of this board have been abundantly clear in this thread.

No. 69831

>Is it tumblr keeping them alive since their ugly style seems to appeal to pre-teens despite it being a decade out of date?
No, you hardly will find anything scene related anywhere on Tumblr, the ones that didn't change at all are those who are naked on webcam site anyways so they don't need to dress different.

No. 70079

>>68807 shes only relevant to the people that.knew her from the myspace days and stickcam rooms, the new kids have new lolcows.

No. 70080

yeah. scene is pretty much dead except for the few middle school kids who are rebelling against their parents. lol

No. 70303

I see some SJW but I also just see some basic humanity and common sense, so…

No. 70844

is her entire family in the porn industry? most of the pics of her family members on instagram are trashy.

No. 70867


Holy fuck this is so sad. She looks like shit now.

No. 70868

>She looks like shit now
When did she ever not look like shit?

No. 70871

Brainwashed? Atheists are more brainwashed than anyone. You are aware Non marital sex spreads Disease, sorrow, and abortion right? Note; Marriage rates are Low. If you want to start a religious debate take it somewhere else. I'm tired of atheists shoving their bigotry down everyone's throat.

No. 70872

shoves religious ideology down everyone's throat

No. 70873

I don think most people she calls famy are actually blood related. Ex., she calls Ron Jeremy her uncle.

No. 70875

That's cause they can't come up with a new and original trendy, shit aesthetic.

No. 70876

Yeah you hypocrite. All you idiots do is Shove your idiocrasy down everyone's throat. You want to start dummy?

No. 70878


No. 70879

Maybe you should engage in some premarital sex before your wound up ass goes columbine.

No. 70880

lol there you idiots go attempting to try to figure out who's talking. WHAT IS THE POINT? Don't make a dumb comment and then dodge it

No. 70881

Guess who did columbine shootings.. A BUNCH OF BIGOTED BRAINWASHED ATHEISTS

No. 70882

P.s. You are really doing god's work by coming on to a shitlord gossip forum and reading/contributing to the conversation. Bless you.

No. 70884

You people are the most HATEFUL people out there. (hence this website) And then complain that other religions are hateful???? SERIOUSLY? You're he ones sitting around wasting time HATING, WHE YOU CAN GO FIGURE OUT HOW TO SAVE HUMANITY.

No. 70885

Same you fucking moron. How you don't see the irony is beyond me. Your dumbass thinks you know who is speaking….suddenly nobody is supposed to guess what your damage is? Fag 😂

No. 70886

Contributed % percent of gossip stupid. You don't even know who I am.

No. 70887

Same faggot

No. 70888

Can go where ever I please to call out Stupidity Thank you

No. 70889

Whats he damage moron? I loose anon points? shut up

No. 70890

Hmmm I wonder what the fuck you're doing typing this as we speak? Oh yeah, gods work an like charity and shit. Spread the gospel like you do your legs hoe

No. 70891

Yeah get off your high horse, you don't piss gold.

No. 70892

I meant your mental problem. Fuck you are a barrel of joy. Why are you so mad tonight? Daddy didn't want to touch you?

No. 70893

Again, you don't know who I am, keep trying, it'll drive you insane.

No. 70894

Because you people are ridiculous with your hatred. That's all you do IS HATE.

No. 70895

meant 0%

No. 70896

Alright your autism is fucking boring. Go pass some propaganda pamphlets by the abortion clinics child of gawd.

No. 70897

Hilarious, insulting me proves how stupid you people are. Go cry in a corner, you'll forever be here gossiping about people you DON'T know contributing crap to society. get a clue, Not everyone is autistic because they aren't hateful, moronic, and bigoted like you. Because of your shallow insults you prove me right.(stop)

No. 70898

Ok faggot, go save humanity because you think YOU piss gold or w/e dumbass statesman you made. I love how you want to call out others for being hateful but use hateful speech yourself. You're the biggest hypocrite.

No. 70907

shut up and take it to /b/

No. 70916

>>70907 You guys are going off topic again. CALM THE HELL DOWN.

No. 70919


Hehe, i don't give a shit about this thread but anyone who enjoys trailer park boys will join me in joyful snickers over this glorious rickyism

No. 71137

what were we talking about before this ot flame war started?

No. 71149

Woah @ all the moral fags earlier in this thread. Lol, face it. If you're a sex worker you're the most basic whore on the planet and you basically eliminate your chances of ever finding a decent partner. Practically the lowest scum on the planet, short only pedophiles and rapists.

No. 71151

You sound more like a moral fag than anyone else in this thread.

No. 71156

As though there is something wrong with having morals. Good job, you're admitting to being morally bankrupt. This is why you won't get hired for future positions after your vagina has dried up.

Tbh I've toyed around with the idea of making a site like thedirty outing sex workers so those whores don't end up actually getting real jobs/husbands. The rest of us have to work hard to get where we are, it is only fair that morally bankrupt people face the consequences.

No. 71169

I am not even a sex worker but you are just plain retarded.
Jelly that there are so many "sex workers" that actually wouldn't need to work anymore in their lifes because they wears so much, huh?

No. 71170


No. 71176

well, I mean, if people want to live at the poverty line because they're too lazy to work, then w/e… just as long as they aren't the same ones begging for benefits later

(because who are you kidding, the amount wealthy sex workers is one in a million compared to the ones who taint themselves for the rest of their lives)

No. 71232

Admin-sempai - …

This really sounds like two major faggots who can't get over themselves.

>bawwwww I'm moral because I don't judge sex workers

>bawwwwwww I'm moar moral because I work so hard for my degree in legos!

^I hate to call out newfags, but what kind of anon tries to prove their morality to another anon? Wha? You're anon! You can scamper off and play doom or something and no one will ever know you engage in a shit argument with another autistic like yourself.

No. 71249

Like this person has some severe mental problems. The irony and hypocrisy of it all.

No. 71263

so everyone who doesn't want to bust their legs open for $$$ has mental problems? lmao get real and get some self worth.

No. 71277


I"m saying you both need to get over it.

This thread is shit now. Time to close up shop.

No. 71305

She had a neopets account that I don't think she uses. I believe the username is just amorhilton. I'll try to find it when I have some free time or something.

No. 71315


Here it is. http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=amorhilton

Story is, she was a friend collection on my myspace account. She was sharing her neopets account one day and lo and behold I friend her on neopers.

No. 71356

man whatever to me the whole sex work industry debate crap is a feminazi discussion
newfag choice feminists are gonna tell me this shit is empowering
but im basically all for the crazy radfem view where the sex industry (which is by large made up of str8 women i dont give a fuck about the gays) basically OBJECTIFIES !!!111 :'(((( womyn and reduces us to nothing but sex tools tbh!
if you make money from it blahblah good for u you dumbass skanks, who probably have gotten underlying ptsd, for taking advantage of the fact that guys view women as drone like sex slaves FUCKKKKK

No. 71372

What? What year did neopets become popular? That's a kid thing right?

No. 71485

shut up gorl take it to b

No. 71774

basically my opinion too, anon. fuck them in this thread they basically offer us to the dogs. fuck that shit

No. 71968

Other women have no power to "offer you to the dogs", their choices for their lives.

Stop thinking other women have to behave according to your standards because you have the same genitalia. You'll go mad.

No. 72042

nah, even the dumbest SJW whores on tumblr admit that they are perpetuating the kyriarchy (i.e. stripperina)

if they of all people can admit it, then maybe you should stop thinking everyone's choices exist in a vacuum anon :)

(please stop derailing)

No. 72070


I guess spending a lot of time on that site can really mess with your perception of reality.

No. 75783


Shit, I don't remember. I think I discovered her account in like 2007ish. It used to be a website aimed towards college students then I guess they noticed kids joining and made it kid friendly.

No. 802957

File: 1604270830653.jpeg (1 MB, 1536x2048, 3C70AA9A-6128-412A-BB5D-F5F594…)

Just got this off some guys Facebook profile who seems to be dating Amor at the moment(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 802967

her feet look a bit fucked but she looks a lot prettier nowadays

No. 803676

>put out to pasture


No. 803677

Using the name field probably.

No. 803678

Necro you dummy

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