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No. 101679

Because this disgusting piece of shit needs a thread.
>writes an incredibly graphic fake child abuse/rape/human trafficking story, complete with a fake Hidden Wiki/Tor article screenshot listing off a bunch of non-existent videos of fucked up torture methods/murder
>makes a fake Facebook account for one of the "characters" in this story, using a picture of an entirely different person from Tumblr
>jokes about child rape/kidnapping, then complains that people shouldn't joke about murder
>pretends to commit suicide, but people point out his Facebook activity
>has (seemingly) flown off the radar since then
Old URL was hurtc0re.tumblr.com, now it's faggotuglyhfukcingdickballs.tumblr.com (hasn't been updated in 2 months ever since he faked suicide, but nothing's been deleted either it seems)
Rape story here: http://archive.is/pvovF
Archive links to various posts he made here: http://archive.is/hurtc0re.tumblr.com
Fake Facebook account for the person he made up: https://www.facebook.com/sam.stowell.733
Go here to read some stuff pertaining to the whole debacle (ctrl + F "soren"): http://basementangel.tumblr.com/archive/2015/12

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No. 101689

i kind of want to dissect and debunk his "trauma narrative" section by section

No. 101706

No. 101716

I second this motion

No. 101726


Oh please, please do. It took me about 3 hours to finish that whole thing. TRIGGERED and such. Either way, it is completely untrue. The way it is written, how blasé it all sounds… it will be easy to disprove. And once it has been disproven… I hope people light this bitch up for it.

No. 101731

I definitely want to try and establish a timeline of when he started claiming various things. Snooping around on the basementangel tumblr there are some links to debunking of the various facebooks he made for fake friends. This kind of shit activates my autistic need to organize information like nothing else.

No. 101735

What the fuck is this shit? OMG.

No. 101766

JFC reading that story was traumatic. Need eye bleach pls.

No. 101768

How the fuck does someone even come up with that shit, it's like they wrote an erotic story disguised as a backstory

No. 101796

I liked the story, but I kept being surprised by the timeline like he litteraly raped his friend with a strap on dildo at 7?

No. 101810

File: 1457343840251.jpg (64.53 KB, 835x167, tumblr_nu2530uKmr1tns32mo2_128…)


He must actually have watched CP to make up these comments, unless the whole thing has a grain of truth to it. It just seems weirdly in depth. If it wasn't for the fake facebook profile and the contrived wiki article I would absolutely believe he is a child sexual abuse victim or similar, or at the very least a predator that feels guilty about it

I need to know more about this guy anons? Someone so hungry for attention probably has another tumblr somewhere

No. 101814

File: 1457344191259.png (18.65 KB, 449x202, eg.png)

This hypocrisy.

No. 101816

File: 1457344452181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.05 KB, 1277x1280, 511dfa15dfd7ad4f63b44ca8781217…)

Found this after looking through their "trastalk" tag. Spoilered for self-harm/gore.
This person is sick.

No. 101817


No. 101829

I doubt a real victim would be able to remember an experience this traumatic in full detail. Plus people have already pointed out that red rooms/livestreaming on Tor is impossible and only exist in fake deepweb stories.

No. 101861

this is really bizarre, obviously something is very wrong but i don't even know where to start with this person

No. 101876

My guess is it's a mentally ill person who is either an actual CSA victim or an actual pedophile (possibly both) who wants to appeal to a certain Tumblr aesthetic. Grunge babydoll Gummo ~*delicate suffering*~ "let's post pictures of children in cages and crying blond women next to crucifixes with the caption "lost angels"" type shit.
The reason I have doubts that he's a CSA victim (or at least on the magnitude of the "trauma narrative" he posted) is the way he handles it all. He makes his url "hurtcore", which is a genre of CP that involves extreme abuse/snuff. In his description, he says "my name is Bambi", which is supposed to be the name given to him by his abusers, who tortured him, forced him to commit murder, raped him, etc.
If he's experienced these horrifying things IRL, why would he decorate himself with them? He acts like he's RPing a character from a fucking 90s coming of age film. The way he writes about "Sam" and all the other people he claims to have known in a descriptive, airy-fairy way is more than a bit telling, as well.
Not gonna lie, I believed the story until I found out about the fake suicide and the FB account. This person is (or was) very, very dedicated to their fake rape story, to the point of doing this >>101816 to themselves. They're fucking disturbed.

No. 101883

lol what a scumbag

No. 101884

i too feel that some parts of the narrative are somehow derived from truth, but as a whole the story in general did seem too fantasy-like to ring true. also with this person's favorite movies being virgin suicides, etc; definitely saw that influence coming through. very 90's coming of age as you said. i don't know how to explain it but the overall account of horrors seemed too tumblr-esque poetic. like it's just hard to say definitively where the truth begins and ends.

i certainly believe that something awful happened but yes the fake suicide thing also made me think otherwise.

essentially i feel that the main post in question was a fabrication loosely based on some sort of actual happenings. it would not be so unlikely to me either that this person is both a victim and a predator. but at the same time i don't know how a person could even endure such things and have the presence of mind to post about it with such fluidity and consistency, and like you say adopt the identity associated with such abuse.

even so in some respects it really did sound to me like a based on a true story type thing. i wonder if they believe their own stories, it's just really frustrating

No. 101885

What makes you think those posts are convincing? They're really over the top. "turned into fuckmeat" "skull fucking is the best" give me a break. It sounds nothing like real pedos and everything like a teenager trying to be edgy

No. 101906

Me thinks somebody has been reading one too many guro mangas. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody actually did figure out what manga this tale derived from.

No. 101941

Yeah, actually, he's definitely into guro lmao. He reblogs it and requested for someone to draw Sora being tortured (sexually or not) "so he could relate" (sure).

No. 101952

I'm really afraid to ask… how would you tell a true pedo from a 2edgy4u teenager?

No. 101956

i don't think his posts are derived from truth at all. he's an attention seeking 2edgy4u snowflake cunt who has to create some tragic backstory to feel cool on tumblr. it's clear he's definitely watched hurtcore child porn. so he's a fucked up pedo but i don't think he's ever done anything to a child or been abused. he's disgusting.

No. 101968

>my name is soren. i am seventeen years old. i was adopted at six months old. i’ve always been close with my mom. i think that’s important to say. […] i was scared to ask my parents as i always possessed a buried fear that they would view me as strange and send me back to the orphanage.

i omitted a few sentences on how he realised he was trans at a young age. if it's so important to say that he's close to his mother, why does he not mention her again after these opening paragraphs? also why would he be afraid of ~the orphanage~ if he was less than a year old when he was adopted? that doesn't make sense. soren wouldn't HAVE any memories of anything like that because he's an infant at this point.

>when i was 5, i was walking on the tidepools with my mom when she fell and broke her leg. this was very traumatic for me at the time so i was put into therapy. we would go every week to a little office by the beach and soon my therapist started molesting me. he told me not to tell anyone so i didn’t.

the idea of him classing his mother's broken leg as traumatic when you consider what's coming next, cracks me the fuck up. also i find it hard to believe his parents would recognise his distress and stick him into therapy after seeing an accident like that, but they didn't notice the fucking mess he became when he was being trafficked? being molested by this therapist would be damaging on its own without all this fake guro porn. i think that's the most important thing i have to say on this.

>entering kindergarten, i met a boy named david and we became very close. he lived right down the street from us so i would spend most hours of the day with him. his father started molesting me when i was 6 and this lasted until i was 8 when he died from a heart attack. both of these incidents don’t really bother me much at all anymore but its interesting to see how my psyche was preconditioned to be a victim; i was vulnerable.

that semicolon. again, his parents took him to therapy for the rockpool thing, but missed out on all the symptoms he would have had from being a child rape and molestation victim? these symptoms include disassociation, inappropriate touching, sexual roleplay, regression… if you care enough to stick your adopted kid into counselling, you would care enough to notice bedwetting etc., and again: being molested by two people for a prolonged period of time at a very young age, that would be enough to fuck some people up. there are more people who have survived rape and molestation that are more fucked up than soren.

>when i was eight, i was close with a girl named jessica. she told me her father molested her. i was scared, so i told people. things were confusing for a long time. she didn’t like me anymore. it was okay though, i like to think the police fixed things

soren didn't give a shit about his own molestation but is scared by another's? i get that children are unpredictable and find it hard to keep secrets, but i wouldn't give him that much credit. lol @ "i like to think the police fixed things"

i might sage the next few posts so i don't spam the shit out of this thread. also depends on how long this turns out to be and how interested people are.

No. 101970

Go on. You wouldn't be spamming, it's related to the thread.

No. 101974

File: 1457377732121.jpg (25.77 KB, 590x438, thefaceofconcern.jpg)

i'm interested. personally i just don't have the stomach to debunk it myself so i appreciate your efforts

No. 101975

I would love if you would continue with it. I don't think I could handle reading the story even if it is fake.

No. 101976

yes, keep debunking! i agree that the story is bullshit and tbh i feel like there's a p good chance he was not abused at all–of course there isn't a "right" way for a survivor to behave etc etc but it seems more likely that someone who'd been abused would know better than to make up this tl;dr horror script. he'd get that abuse is fucking traumatic even if it's one incident or one person

i also think "the orphanage" is bullshit–this isn't a fucking dickens novel ffs

No. 101979

I couldn't get through the whole post but skimmed most of it. I don't believe it based solely on the thing where he says he was living at home throughout this time. It doesn't add up time wise (unless his parents just dgaf if their 9 year old kid was gone for days at a time regularly?) and uhhh literally ANY parent would notice if their kid was not only showing the psych signs of abuse but also, you know, had been horrifically beaten/stabbed/assaulted. If he EVER saw a doctor the doctor would definitely notice the physical signs of physical and sexual abuse. If this was happening for years a teacher or something would possibly notice.

He also claimed the ~bad guys~ or w/e would pick him up from school regularly so he'd miss class. Why didn't his parents get notified about their kid's many unexcused absences and also oh, by the way, there are people picking your kid up who aren't on any list, and then that same kid is bleeding profusely and bruised everywhere every time this happens??

jennifer lawrence ok gif

No. 101992

>when i was nine, i moved to seattle and i was diagnosed with depression. i was struggling in public school so my parents had me transferred to a small montessori school. there were only about 9 kids in my grade level (3rd grade to 6th grade).

how would soren have been diagnosed with depression at NINE and not have the secret molestation picked up on? i really doubt that it's that simple for children to be diagnosed with any kind of mental illness, but you can't help but wonder why people aren't poking into this, interrogating the parents/teachers/family members to try and get to the root of why such a young kid is DEPRESSED. like, warning bells anyone?? duty of care??

>there was a girl named sam who no one really liked, they called her r*tarded and crazy because she spun around in circles on the playground and her hair was dirty and she was very skinny because she never ate. she talked to herself and to people that no one else could see. she always came to school with bruises.



an underfed, bruised, evidently neglected child would be investigated by a teacher of some kind. it would not be allowed to happen. and yeah, i get that some teachers are fucking ignorant as all hell but if the abuse is that fucking obvious, it would get reported by someone and social services would be involved. the whole sexual abuse thing would have been discovered, and the entire "paedo porn torture ring" would either be uncovered or would vanish and reappear elsewhere. the likelihood of any child looking that bad and not getting noticed by anyone at all with the power to investigate is basically nil. a child as disturbed as that would be investigated!!!

i omitted some bullshit about sam asking soren if he knew who courtney love is because it's just cringe. soren goes on about a sleepover? in one of the classrooms at this montessori school and seeing sam biting her fingers until there's dripping blood and then she tried to drown herself in a sink. like come the fuck on. IRL the story wouldn't go further than this, which makes everything else even more ludicrous.

he meets a boy called danny and they become ~best fwends~:

>we smoked cigarettes together, played in the forest, and made flower crowns. danny and i huffed paint thinner in his dad’s apartment


>a few weeks before my tenth birthday, sam finally invited me over to her house for the night. […] when i got there, her mom opened the door and i ran upstairs. i passed by her sister’s room which was pink and pretty and filled with nice things. so when i opened sam’s door, i was not prepared for what greeted me. the room was completely bare except for a dirty mattress on the ground and what looked like a dog cage at the foot of it. i presumed it was for their dog, demyx, but i was wrong. sam was all smiles when i saw her. “don’t you like my room? it’s so pretty!” i was confused by this and without meaning to i blurted out “no??” she looked so hurt by this and i felt immediately guilty.

sam's mother and her twin sister are aware of the abuse. the setup doesn't make sense. why would a family openly show the neglect that sam faces in comparison to the rest of the house? i googled demyx and it's a character thing from kingdom hearts. sam and sora and danny like kingdom hearts. why would sam be allowed to keep and name a dog if she was so abused and tortured? also the idea of a child thinking they have the prettiest room in comparison to their sibling's plush fancy room is ridiculous. also, a note on sam's sister: why wasn't she also abused? it would be more "convenient" to abuse both twins and keep it on the downlow than to include their kiddy friends. the logic behind that is bizzare, if a paedo ring where secrecy is of the utmost importance included outsiders, the "security" of the whole thing would be comprimised. if a child victim squealed on them they would be discovered. adult men who groom and abuse children to the extent where they are trafficked and evade child porn laws have too much to lose. (i went through a phase where i read a lot of trauma autobiographies ok)

No. 101994

They wouldn't be so gratuitous with their descriptions. And the posters wouldn't all have the same writing style.

No. 102002

File: 1457383805618.png (263.78 KB, 1126x836, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.32…)

Thanks debunking anon, you're doing good work. Can you focus on the bigger things like the TOR involvement rather than the tiny, obviously fake things? I'd like to establish a timeline of when this person is claiming this all took place.

The two childhood friends he mentions in the story are Danny and Sam.

Rough summary of "Danny's" story, as told in the "trauma narrative":

>danny and i huffed paint thinner in his dad’s apartment and he told me that he was born with a birth defect, that people labelled him as “transgender” but that’s not what he was, he was a boy, he was not “transitioning” to or from anything because he had always been a boy and that was that.

>danny warns the protagonist "not to go to sam's house"

>even though danny is also a young girl, never gets trafficked

>danny moved away, and his mother outed as him as transgender to his school. he was beaten up and gangraped on his way home. he hung himself in his bedroom. i was the last person he talked to.

Someone created a "R.I.P Danny" Facebook page sometime in 2011.


>Liked by 25 people
>Only publicly-visible member has mcr frontman in her profile picture, writes "danny will always be remembered, and is now proudly marching in the black parade<3 #SingItForDanny"

It links to a personal blog page someone created on the old pseudo-social network on the mcr website. This just displays a permission error now, so it'd be nice if someone could try to find an archive of this page.


From the basementangel tumblr:


This makes me think a lot of this story was designed to appeal to/fool MCR fans, which is a much easier group of people to pull something over on than even most tumblr members.

The picture used on the facebook page is of this person:


who now looks different because he appears to have been on testosterone for some time. But if you view his selfie tag in chronological order:


It's obviously the same guy.

No. 102013

to be honest i am a total pleb when it comes to tor so i would have no idea how to debunk that. i'm not great at intense sleuthing either, so anyone reading this thread who wants to jump in re: tor and the hidden wiki, and the claims that sam was part of the 2014 superbowl trafficking, feel free.

No. 102017

just a small note since it ticks me off–montessori schools are almost always private schools (and it's obvious that it is a private school in this case since the main character couldn't go to public school). so you're telling me Sam's father, a violent abuser, rapist, and murder, forces his daughter to sleep in a cage.. yet insists that she goes to a private school focused on individualized education. uh, okay. the real soren must have gone to a montessori school and wanted the snowflake street cred so he threw it in there.

No. 102023


yeah, a tiny montessori school where the community was so tight-knit that they had sleepovers in the school classrooms(??), yet teachers (a) didn't notice and/or didn't care that "sam" was dirty, bruised, and troubled (while her "twin" was well-groomed and not injured); (b) didn't bother following up at all on sam "trying to drown herself" in the sink, whether by checking the family out more or by instituting a NO MORE SLEEPOVERS AT SCHOOL policy; and (c) despite multiple kids having been to sam's house and talking about it, never caught any of this in their tiny tiny classroom. let alone (d) once random dudes started picking soren up and soren started showing up bloody and bruised, they just ignored that too?

sounds exactly like a tiny exclusive expensive school that focuses on students' individual needs…

No. 102028

In general, the story has way too many gratuitous or irrelevant details, but is missing a larger sense of time and place and seems not to take a lot of real-world things into consideration.

For example, why include these incredibly graphic details about the violence, when it really just feels disrespectful to these alleged "dead friends"? Using vocabulary and references that would be meaningless to a child the age Soren allegedly was?

Why include (and why remember, when he'd never been to her house before) the name of the dog? This stupid detail is just the kind of thing someone would include when trying to be convincing at lying, and wouldn't include (or remember) in recounting a really traumatic story that happened years earlier.

But no mention of how Sam's sister and mom reacted to anything, or Soren's parents for that matter? No mention of what happened in the summer vacation? No mention of how Soren was gone for so long without making excuses to parents? No mention of how he explained the injuries or absences?

Tons of mention of therapy as related to random shit (mom's broken leg, "depression," super early knowledge of being trans) but never when related to extreme and prolonged violent abuse?

What time of year is any of this? What year? What else is going on? Where are any of these places?

tl;dr Not enough information rooting the story in reality, too much stupid storybook detail, like Sam's MPDG personality and other fairytale shit thrown in for no reason other than ~*aesthetic.

Also, sorry, but no nine year old thinks the smelly dirty weird kid who talks to themselves is ~*dreamy. That shit only happens to teenagers…in John Green novels. In elementary school that kid would be mercilessly teased or at best ignored completely.

No. 102040

I totally agree. I seriously don't get how someone could put so much effort into the torture porn aspects without any plausible excuses for how no adults in this story picked up even a little bit about what was going on. i feel like whoever wrote this must have been 13 ffs.
also are we gonna talk about how soren describes eating his pal's toe in this story. like how would you even eat a toe.

No. 102047

File: 1457388316088.png (42.38 KB, 671x577, welcometotheblackparadeguys.pn…)

No. 102049

the hidden wiki screencap describes how sam had her clit cut off and sam was forced to eat it……

No. 102104

Holy shit. I remember reading this story like years ago. The person in the FB picture called out the author and was like "What the fuck is wrong with people?".
I see Soren (the "author") hasn't changed or learned from any of his mistakes.
I've never seen someone so desperate for an exploitable tragedy to win them sympathy. It's fucking pitiful, lowly and disgusting.

No. 102107

So, what is this kid doing now?
Anyone know any new urls, what they're up to

No. 102216

File: 1457408864786.jpg (39.01 KB, 480x480, U0.jpg)


This is his most recent tumblr, which includes a fake note by his brother talking about how little Soren passed from this earth on December 8, 2015, due to a drug overdose.

Obviously you can read on the basementangel page linked at the beginning of the thread how all of his friends noticed he was still online on Facebook plenty afterwards, and also changed little things on his tumblr layout that his family would definitely not have had any reason to edit (like adding and taking off IP trackers.)

I mean, duh.

Other past URLs that I know of: shyfawn, sicklefawn, hurtc0re

No. 102217

File: 1457408969781.jpg (72.54 KB, 429x456, 310902_103460996427878_1302822…)

Another photo from his old facebook: "Soren Daniel Hayes."

>this fucking picture

No. 102218

he looks like adalia rose

No. 102219

His facebook lists him as attending Nathan Hale High School, which is a public school in Seattle.


Since he posted the "trauma narrative" on hurtc0re in September 2015, and lists himself as a junior in high school in that post, he must be Class of 2017.

No. 102224

File: 1457410194894.png (1.71 MB, 1396x916, dsdsds.png)

No. 102225

File: 1457410217194.png (1.88 MB, 1536x1004, sgsh.png)

mentions gaining 40 pounds

No. 102229

wew lads i cant watch more than 5 seconds of this but someone else can


No. 102235

Thanks anon, sorry I did read the thread, so I wasn't trying to make you spit out already pasted information.
I should have been more clear, but I meant like, even though he's not posting on that url I'm sure he'd post somewhere else. They obviously love the attention, or whatever they feel like they're getting out of posting their outlandish stories. I feel like it's hard to believe he's been so quiet after everythings been found out, but I could be wrong.

No. 102239

Is being a fakeboi just a last resort for really hideous girls?

No. 102330


It's embarrassing he said all the pedos said how pretty he is.. kids troubled as hell tho, i feel pretty bad for this delusion he made up

No. 102346

In this video, he talks about "Sam" being known on Tumblr as "childgore" but then she "died".
He says he's trans and has been on testosterone for three years, starting from when he was 13 (no doctor would give it to him, but his mom is a PA/Physician's Assistant so she started giving it to him) and had top surgery prior to the year he made the video.

No. 102354

So is this thing biologically a female or a male?

No. 102355

Fakeboi, so female.

No. 102362

As a male, this shit is fucked up. How can someone be this desperate for attention and tumblr fame?(MALE HERE XD)

No. 102388

>As a male
Yes, because most people are under the impression that only women could possibly find this behavior disgusting.

No. 102390

dick or gtfo

No. 102403

Can someone post that Hiddenwiki screenshot in higher quality maybe? My eyes are horrible and I can't read it for the life of me

No. 102410

>as a male

Please kill yourself

No. 102411

"For my 11th birthday, daddy told my parents"
"daddy", seriously?!?

No. 102419

this and the entire narrative reads like the writer is enchanted with the fictional world he's creating. looking through the most recent tumblr it's the same–doesn't read like a genuine abuse narrative, reads like some sheltered emo tween's romanticized idea it. tellingly, his "sam" tag includes cassie ainsworth, queen of the ~beautifully broken~

No. 102424

A thing that threw me off in the story is when he says sam had "modeling photoshoots". Does he mean gore photoshoots? Otherwise, how could she model with huge scars/burns all over her body? It seems he can't decide between making her being a flawless skinny model or a sickly, injured waif. Unless I read that wrong.

No. 102475

I cringed watching his performance talking about sam's "death". he literally said "she's.. no longer of this earth". who the fuck says that

No. 102503

I only got to the abortion kept in tp part before I couldn't be assed for any longer, but fucking this

Especially the 'tor article' fucking kek

If anyone read and believed this story I… I don't even know what to say… how could you be so naive..

No. 104500

File: 1457779230502.jpg (98.57 KB, 700x933, IMG_2262.JPG)

he claims sam has a "666" and "forsaken" tattoo, which he copied from ginger bronson

No. 104501

File: 1457779275254.jpg (348.7 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_ncqfjuxcWO1qh6hioo1_128…)

"i'm dreaming of being a cloud" also copied from ginger bronson

No. 104502

File: 1457779321020.jpg (120.74 KB, 640x856, IMG_7469.JPG)

"evil, wicked, mean, and nasty" shirt also copied from ginger bronson

No. 104503

i found out about soren last year i think when ginger posted about him stealing pictures of her claiming they were sam. i read his "trauma narrative" earlier than when it says it was archived and some of the details are different that the version in the archive link. in the version i read, there was no mention of sam having a twin. soren also said that the first time he went to sam's house they played kingdom hearts, not that they painted and i think other shit i remember being there isn't there. the wiki page wasn't there when i saw that post. i read comments by people on basementangel's tumblr that he was constantly going back and adding things.

basically sam's entire image is based on what ginger used to act like when she was going by kayla day and extremely affected by complex ptsd, acting all "dreamy" like soren describes sam. she is very obviously entirely made up, and yet she is the most major aspect of the story thus even if there is any element of truth in it at all, the majority of it is still lies and grabbing at attention and romantizing trauma through the use of a tragically beautiful broken character whose persona has been stolen from someone who has experienced real trauma. the story itself is just ridiulous. it sounds like he tried to think of all the most fucked up things he could imagine and shoved it all together. soren's fake suicide just shows that he couldn't keep up with the lies anymore.

basically, the story itself doesn't make me sick, it's the fact that someone could make it up and lie about it! it is such an insult to real victims of horrifying things like this. i feel bad for all the people on tumblr be manipulated, all the people that confided in him because they thought he could relate to their trauma when he was just using a made up story to get attention because being mentally ill and traumatized is seen as interesting and cool on tumblr.

No. 104508

typed out the wiki screenshot for you and for anyone else having trouble reading, but HUGE trigger warning for anyone sensitive to child abuse, child porn, rape, gore etc, it is quite graphic:

Cherry and Bambi

Two of the most famous girls from the WGV circle. Cherry (6 months old - 17 years old) and Bambi (9 - 12 years old). Cherry first appeared in 1997 under the name "S" with her videos named after Winnie the Pooh characters. Her first penetration video is called kanga.avi. Many people think she is mentally retarded because of the way she laughs and talks to herself. Her main theme has always been incest with her father. She was being sold and advertised on PedoEmpire shortly after she turned 1. Medium length brown hair until the age of 12 where it is blonde in all future videos. The first video where she is blonde, she rns around the basement screaming "I'm Courtney Love! I'm Courtney Love! I'm Courtney Love!" until she is tackled and bound. There are a few references to her being a wolf ("Wolf Baby", 2009). She is easily recognizable by her 666 tattoo on the inside of her arm and the word "Forsaken" across her stomach.

Bambi began appearing in late 2007, quickly becoming a favorite with her timid nature. She is also trademarked as always screaming the names "Sora" and "Sam" but it is unknown who these people are. It is unknown if the girls' friendship is staged or authentic. Small for her age. She is not seen in any videos after the age of 12. Many guess that she was killed.

They are involved in many pics and videos, mostly hurtcore, gangrape, and torture. They're involved in many snuff films as well. Cherry's apparent maternal attitude towards Bambi is exploited in most videos. They both participate in the murder and torture of other girls and even each other. Their most famous videos together include:

"Cherry's toe" - Cherry's pinky toe is cut off with a pair of garden shears, her fingernails ripped off, and fingers broken. The toe is inserted into her vagina and then fed to Bambi.

"Starry" - A snuff film with 4 WGV girls. All are gangraped and hung from the ceiling. Bambi is spun in circles until she pukes and is then beaten for it. As punishment, she has is strapped into the fucktoy contraption and electrocuted. Eventually, all the girls are dead except Cherry and Bambi. Star's corpse is cut from neck to vagina, gutted and Bambi is forced to climb inside and she is pissed and cummed on. Both Cherry and Bambi have hot candle wax dripped onto them and their vaginas and then are raped agn with foreign objects. Bambi's eyes are held open with prongs after she gives a blowjob and they are cummed in.

"Make the anorexic bitch eat" - Cherry is known for being very skinny and in this vieo, it is revealed she is anorexic. She and Bambi are forced to eat a rotting dead girl's cunt.

"FUCKMEAT GIRLS" - A group of girls are slaughtered and limbs are cut off. One girl is scalped and her scalp is placed on top of Bambi's head, the man telling her "You need some new hair, yours is fucking disgusting." Bambi is shot up with heroin and fucked with the barrel of a gun before being knocked out with it, and Cherry is chained to the wall with her arms and legs spread. She starts screaming "I'm the real Jesus Christ! I say it's Easter now! I want to see a bunny! I'm Jesus!" and laughing

"Untitled" - A video in an abandoned looking house with Rico's group. Originally, Bambi was the one who was supposed to be stabbed but Cherry jumps in front of her. It is debated whether this is staged or not. Rico twists the knife until Cherry collapses and Bambi becomes hysterical. He tells her to tell Cherry that it's going to be okay but she refuses to until he hits her. Bambi is gangraped while Cherry bleeds out and then they fuck her and cum in the wound.

"Little piggies" - All the men are wearing black masks. Cherry and Bambi are wearing pig masks. They refer to them as pigs and have them make oinking sounds. They are hung by their ankles to the ceiling and heads are dunked in water.

"Fetus" - part of a collection of pubsecent girls having abortions, giving birth, or having their babies cut from their stomachs. Cherry is given a coat hanger abortion while Bambi is held down and fucked next to her. They are both tossed into the bath tub afterwards.

"Daddy's Girl" - Both girls are wearing shock collars, tied up with blindfolds, and have lighters held up to the bottoms of their feet. At the very end, Cherry's clit is cut off and she is forced to eat it.

Cherry's father is the pimp of both girls but Cherry tells almost every man she is filmed with that she loves them and that she "hopes they have a very good day" or that she "wishes she could give them a flower" despite being punished for saying these kinds of things. She is obviously very protective of Bambi but again, it's unknown if that is a real emotion. Her father is rumored to be in hiding.

No. 104511

File: 1457783098655.png (41.54 KB, 689x485, dark link the assasin 1.png)

I don't know if anyone posted about this yet but Soren had a mychemicalromance.net blog called Dark Link The Assasin. He talks about Sam's twin, changing his name, and a bunch of other stuff.

I also found his mom and sister's Facebooks and neither of them have any mention of Soren. I remember him saying on his Tumblr once that he hates his adopted parents and his actual mom was a teenager in a third world country when she had him and she had Malaria. It's probably archived under hurtc0re.

I was weirdly obsessed with Soren for a while and checked their blog almost daily, I still remember a lot of the posts that showed the loopholes in his story.

No. 104512

No. 104514

Would a six month old child even survive being penetrated? I know that there are sick people who fuck babies but I always assumed they pretty much die afterwards because of internal bleeding

No. 104516


I really doubt it. Again, I don't know if this has been talked about but Soren said that him and Sam were prostituted out to old men and forced to eat spiders which is very…Anyways, I don't see how a kid could survive any of that shit, especially with no medical attention afterwards.

No. 104521

This. Cherry goes through like a shitload of physical trauma, especially for a child, why would she not have died from it?
>get stabbed(then have the knife twisted, are allowed to bleed out without medical attention and have infection risk heightened)
>coat hanger abortion at like 12

No. 104548

I also searched in hiddenwiki and I found that kanga.avi exists, but there's no Bambi or Cherry, just an unknown little girl. There are graphic descriptions of rape and stuff like that, but isn't like that.
So, I was thinking, maybe Bambi exists, but it's another CP actress. Hurtc0re just took her name and story. However, this has to be fake, I don't think Bambi or Cherry or any child could survive to those things.
Also, I think this kid maybe is a child sexual abuse victim, or at least an abuse victim… Or he was exposed since a young age to things like this. This may be a fetish, but fetishes doesn't appear just because.

No. 104641

I feel ill now. Who the fuck would come up with this shit and say it's real?

No. 104679

that story is the fakest shit i have ever read, omg. there are so many logical holes in the story. this is the case of stupid tumblrtard trying to edge-up their John Green tier writing by splashing in gore and CSA.

i'm with you, anon. when i get the chance, i'm gonna debunk this shit line by line. there's mentions of deaths and arrests which shouldn't be hard to google and call them out on.

this dumb cunt should take a child psychology course – or maybe not, seems like they might have some fucked sexual tendencies – if they want to write something half-believable about the way children act after experiencing the kind of sexual, physical and emotional torture she described. all this was is some edgelord writing a story in which they romanticize CSA and gender dysphoria and just about every other fucking mental disorder. good fucking job. this person is despicable.

No. 104687


That's even worse than him making it up. That means Soren somehow found the original video, was probably fascinated by it, took the abuse of a real girl and spun it into a complex, sick story to make him seem all ~tragic and mysterious~.

No. 104692

File: 1457828183747.png (507.36 KB, 433x695, hurtcore hospital 1.png)

Sorry for double-posting but I just found this post again. It says Soren's full name and shows that he got his sex changed to male, legally. And yikes @ those scars.

Actually, I'm going to do a sage'd photo dump of screenshots of his blog.

No. 104693

File: 1457828283725.png (461.57 KB, 389x699, soren young con.png)


Supposedly him and Sam at a anime con when he was younger, also the profile picture of his old facebook. It's captioned "look how little i was when i was 12…omg…"

No. 104694

File: 1457828330423.png (312.22 KB, 432x475, ed soren.png)


Talking about anorexia, you can see what appear to be top surgery scars.

No. 104695

File: 1457828382862.png (190.13 KB, 429x374, soren hospital 2.png)


Another hospital post. One of many apparent ER trips.

No. 104696

File: 1457828524261.png (256.65 KB, 387x693, liar soren.png)


Soren posted this screenshot from charleyproject.org of a missing girl, implying that she was a part of the child porn/prositution ring.

He did this with another girl before too. I highly doubt that he ever knew this girl and just used her to further his fake story.

No. 104698

File: 1457828670392.png (21.25 KB, 436x268, soren therapy.png)

No. 104699

File: 1457828722793.png (20.77 KB, 440x245, ed talk pt 2.png)

No. 104700

File: 1457828813904.jpg (110.89 KB, 500x374, tumblr_mssl9iYvo61soyztto1_500…)


And finally, this picture. This wasn't archived and I saved it a long long long time ago when "Sam" still had a Tumblr (child-gore) and "she" uploaded this picture of her and "Danny". Wouldn't be surprised if these were two random kids.

No. 104704

The HiddenWiki page it's creepypasta material, like normalpornfornormalpeople, I'm not buying it.
Also, I was lurking his trashtalk tag and what the fuck? Did he really took screenshots of random missing little girls implying they were trafficked with him?

No. 104705


Yeah, he did. I wish I archived the other post but it was a screenshot of a missing girl named Lindsey Baum (who was 10 when she went missing in 2009) and all but said that she was kidnapped and trafficked with him.

And I can't screenshot this entire post but here's him talking more about it: https://archive.is/wuBe0

No. 104711

This post makes me think Soren made up this shit just to seem special and be pitied. How old were they when starting this whole thing?

No. 104714

Those kids don't even look like Ginger or Ashton. Also, "Danny" looks pretty cis for a trans child.

No. 104715

It's like he's a pedophile but he's using fic writing to express it

No. 104741

i've followed on tumblr soren for years & seems like he's been creating this complex "trauma story" since before high school & exploited it to make friends w/ people he thought were interesting. which means he's dedicated his entire life to this persona. that's fucked up

No. 104744

frm25c.tumblr.com (soren's friend, gee) supposedly knew sam in person. soren said they went to the same high school, and gee had been trafficked too. so they bonded over their csa experiences. then soren introduced gee to sam. gee posted an audio, on his now-deactivated blog @inkbats, of himself talking about what an incredible person she was.

i know gee is a real person & a legitimate abuse victim, because for a while we had two mutual friends.

i'm honestly confused, like from a distance soren's story as a trafficking victim is believable but then there's the fake hidden wiki article & the ginger bronson photos this is the weirdest situation who is soren

No. 104747

in his story, soren said that he was molested by both his therapist AND his friend david's dad from ages 5-8. but when sam's dad raped him, he said "i didn't know what was happening, i had such a small idea of sex was" ???? choose one or the other oh my god

also another tiny logical hole with the character of sam. she was smoking cigarettes and anorexic since she was a toddler, but soren said she was 6'0 tall ? both of those stunt your growth so much if this was actually true she'd be tiny

No. 104755

l'm kind of waiting for him to come out of pretending to be dead and go "ITS JUST A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT BRO" because I can't believe someone would be retarded enough to think that anyone would believe that story for a second.

You're living in a SMALL TOWN that has a HUGE PEDOPHILE RING whos meeting place is a HUGE WAREHOUSE full of dead or near dead little girls, and no one ever notices? Bullshit, that'd be taken down in the first week of operating. At some parts of his whole fanfic you can basically hear him jacking off to it, christ.

No. 104762

Guys I feel sick to my stomach. Please tell me this is all fake.

I did some snooping around too, I googled kanga.avi and saw some results had the word babyshi in them, so I googled that term and came across this sick document hosted on scribd (I can only preview the first 3 pages without membership, full link here http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/173065643/Http)

It seems to be people discussing a CP video and one of the comments says it's from a series called SAM

Idk what to think, is it just a coincidence the child was called Sam?

No. 104764


Also if the scribd doc is real and the kid is called sam, wouldn't that mean soren watches CP and decided to pretend this child was the same Sam from his lies

No. 104766

I googled hurtcore because I didn't know what it was and found articles on an Ausi pedophile that was caught in 2014 named Matthew Graham who ran a pedophile ring that he called….PedoEmpire.

No. 104767

Well, not pedophile ring per se, but dabbled IN pedophilia videos and advised the murders, tortures, and raping of young girls. Hosting these videos and sites too.

No. 104773

Just downloaded the scribd app, this document has 37 pages.
If there is anything interesting I will let you guys know

No. 104774

Ppl keep saying it's a girl from (or named idk) bibigon, a shit ton of spanish spam and that's sadly pretty much it

No. 104775

I just came across this thread and…
I was hospitalized in 2014 and Soren was too. The fact that I'm now on an lolcow thread about them is almost surreal. Small world.

No. 104776

Also, I spoke to them only once but learning how vile they are is pretty sickening.

No. 104785

how could somebody that young apparently write some shit like that? what the FUCK is their damage, i'm sicked just reading all this

and with >>104762, i'm really really hoping this isn't true

No. 104793

This is the exact same writing style with the excessive commas.

No. 104811


"Bibigon was a Russian television channel dedicated to children. The channel started to broadcast on September 1, 2007. The channel was only available in Russia."

I guess it's not this "sam" then

No. 104822

Don't worry, it is just text and nothing happens if you just look at the hidden wiki in a normal browser, but there's Babyshi and Kanga.avi information. Also, in google you can search the torrents for Kanga.avi, but I'm not sure if they are real or virus and I'm not going to try it. I've heard that you can easily find CP in the surface web just searching key words. But well, I'm sure Soren took part of his trauma from this page.

No. 104823

Sorry for kinda OT, I can tell you from experience that it's insanly easy to find cp on the surface web if you click enough links and advertisments on these "jailbait barely 18" sites

No. 104825


so, according to this wiki, hurtcore cp videos of a child aged 1-3 named after winnie the pooh characters do exist, but she was not known as "S" but as babyshi. which makes it seem likely that soren actually researched real cp and made it into a story… that is so vile.

No. 104827

At this point I'm 99.99999% sure Soren just accessed all the information being mentioned and wrote his own fanfic around it, which is…somehow worse than it actually happening. But to carve "fuckmeat" into your arm over a delusion you've convinced yourself of, or perpetuate for attention is terrifying.

No. 104879

part of my wishes this sicko actually did kill himself even though he obviously didn't. i hope he's getting some kind of therapy. he shouldn't be allowed near children…

No. 104891

Holy shit, imagine if the families of those girls found this.

No. 104906


The "trauma blog" is definitely ALL FAKE. If for no other reason, consider this: It would take an incredible amount of money, time, effort and control to run a child rape/murder operation on this level. Anyone having anything to do with it would have to be super discrete. That being the case, the traffickers would rule with an iron fist and would never permit a child like "Bambi" – with so much first-hand operational knowledge – to just go free. Even more laughable the traffickers would permit Soren to write about the experience without hunting him down and silencing him permanently.

Somebody get this kid some psychotherapy fast!

No. 104950

Of course it's all fake, but I think he TRULY believes this happened. It probably started out as a cheap ploy for attention, but he got so into it that he really thinks this happened.

That blog mentioned in the OP (basementangel) provides some insight on that, apparently he has made a new blog and created a new story that's even worse than this one. So I don't know if he just simply built on this story, or he scrapped it to make a new one. Would be cool if someone could hunt down the new blog, I'd do it myself but I don't know enough about him to do so.

No. 104951

He's like Amanda Baggs, but with pretending to be a csa survivor instead of pretending to have super severe autism. Finding it really hard to imagine how he could make up an edgy story that's actually worse than this, it would be interesting to come across his new blog.

No. 104963

File: 1457899720475.png (96.26 KB, 463x618, honeydrip.png)

Yeah, I don't know Soren's new Tumblr either (if there is one). I remember there was a blog called "demonfawn" or something that people thought was him but it apparently wasn't.

Also, Zero (bratpills/honeybottledrip) was Soren's best friend/emo lover and knew/participated in Soren's lies. She constantly talks about how much she loves and misses Sam and Soren.

I think she deleted the asks but when the suicide post when up on Soren's blog, she refused to answer any questions directly and replied to everything with that Tumblr cry-type "b b but u didnt kno him my fawn bby angel ily".

I think she deleted the post but she posted about how after he died, his family sent her some of his hair (???).

Also, this is kinda unrelated but Zero is actually a girl and has a boyfriend but calls herself gay.

And then there's Gee/Gerard (inkbats) who was Soren's other emo lover but I didn't read his blog so I don't know much but if you go on his blog now, it just says "he's dead stop asking" sooo.

No. 104969

>his family sent her some of his hair
The song "Hair Lockets" by Nicole Dollanganger is pretty popular on Tumblr. Probably ripped from that lmao.

No. 104970


I'd try looking around at who likes these people's posts. You might find him that way, people say he's going under a different name than Soren now, so it might be damn near impossible unless he's retarded enough to post selfies and other identifying information.

Cows should just be legally required to stay put after doing these things \:

No. 104971

Honestly, this whole story sounds like all of the edgiest Nicole Dollanganger songs mixed together into a blob of horror and lies.

No. 104974

I've been lurking lightly for awhile that way because I'm weirdly into this cow right now. Nothing's come up yet but just remember cows always show their spots sooner or later.

No. 104975

gee/gerard @inkbats must have known soren was lying & obviously participated in the story, because he claims to have known sam personally.

No. 104978

It's so weird to me how many people seemed to be participating in this whole thing.

No. 104982

I wonder if he knows Soren's new blog then? Tbh I'm getting really into this too right now, this is easily the most morbidly fascinating edgelord I've ever seen.

No. 104984

Perhaps they went along with it because Soren became super annoying/violent/hysterical if they didn't. Although if that was a thing they could have been more helpful by actually getting him some psychiatric help.

No. 104987

If anyone can get Soren's IP, they'd be able to find his new blog. I know it's possible, but I'm not sure how.

No. 104989

There's StatCounter, but that's out since it would require Soren himself to personally visit a Tumblr with it enabled. I'll continue pondering…

No. 104992

No. 104995

That poor school. I feel sorry for the person who had to try and clean that up.

No. 104998

So Soren claimed this is Sam?
It's a photo of the actress Larissa Wilson.

No. 104999

So Soren claimed this is Sam?
It's a photo of the actress Larissa Wilson.

No. 105000

File: 1457903063649.jpg (210.25 KB, 1785x1141, Screenshot_2016-03-13-21-02-06…)

According to this anon his old reblogs will give us a clue as to what his new blog is.

No. 105001

Unless I misread it or something…

No. 105003

Unless I misread it or something…

No. 105004

no…he's not claiming it's sam. he just tagged her name in that picture because she plays cassie on skins & he says cassie reminds him of sam or some shit

No. 105006

Yea, I think I misread it.

No. 105007

This is useful.
Idea: For anyone who has his FB account, try messaging him and getting him to follow a link to a blog with StatCounter (preferably a new one so that his is one of the only IPs listed under new visitors).
To simplify the process of getting his new URL, ask him to like/reblog something from that blog. It'll work best if it's something that fits the theme of his old blog.
A bit of social engineering and/or friendly behavior will be useful in this regard.

No. 105009

My bad

No. 105011

I'd recommend stealing some 2edgy4u tumblr art, putting it on the blog and then asking Soren to like/reblog it, claiming it as your own. He only has to visit once so it doesn't need to hold up to extreme scrutiny, I might make a blog when I get home and can put my tablet on charge (forgot to bring the charger with me :/) I have no idea how to into StatCounter, but if stupid Tumblrinas can manage it then it shouldn't be too hard.

No. 105014

Contradictory story about sam:

contradictory post about mother:

also it's worth noting that he has a fucking tag for everyone in his story:


even including "shiloh":

Someone should carry on looking through his blog, I think I stopped around July/August

No. 105015

Skimmed through the page source for his theme. Found this:
>var ip = userip;
>var bannedips=[
>var handleips=bannedips.join("|")
>handleips=new RegExp(handleips, "i")

>if (ip.search(handleips)!=-1){

>window.onpaint = preload
Basically, anyone with those IPs gets redirected to video related instead of his blog. They probably know shit about him.

No. 105016

That's…really childish actually.

No. 105018

Also, he has StatCounter up on his blog again. Don't know when he added it, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't there a week ago.
Maybe he's found this thread? There's always a snitch.

No. 105019

Found a blog belonging to one of Soren's friends.
>Anonymous sent: your "best friend" "died" in december but you said your late fall/early winter was good??? lmao

>was that in December? i forgot

Pretty cryptic.

No. 105029

"i'm scared" is also a song by ginger bronson. just sayin'

No. 105030

frm24c.tumblr.com is gee's (inkbats) new blog. if he doesn't remember soren's "suicide" happened in december, then i think we can go ahead and assume he's not particularly heartbroken. he most likely knows soren is still alive.

No. 105031

I need a needlessly edgy ~broken lolita nymphet child uwu~ url for this statcounter blog. Any ideas? (I made a new email to verify it)

No. 105032

It might help us find Soren if I can get him to like/reblog from it.

No. 105033

here's some keywords for ya:
baby, pale, soft, milk, cum, lace, petal, peachy, doe, kitten, fawn, angel, fairy, blood, tears, cloud, candy, rotten, ghost

No. 105034

The tumblr is peachyangeltears.tumblr.com

I'm gonna get started on customizing it a little before I add statcounter so that it looks convincing.

No. 105036

I wouldn't post the blog name here, too easy to come see it you know

No. 105038

why post the name before you even try it out? what if he knows about this thread?

No. 105039

probably best to delete the name of the tumblr just in case he knows about this thread

No. 105043

Already done. Making a new one.

No. 105047

File: 1457910179758.jpeg (58.36 KB, 637x623, image.jpeg)

I've found a blog in the reblogs of his old blog, given this could be another ~daddy abused me gore drugs type blogs but for some reason I'm seeing a lot of Soren in the types of thrings being reblogged.

pic related, a low note post with a screenshot that happens to have the same quote as Soren's last blog title

No. 105048

Samefag but also has a few reblogs of ginger Bronson's baby pictures/other pics ginger has taken

No. 105051


Someone in jersey, someone in phili, and someone in detroit?

No. 105054

I wouldn't necessarily say that receiving someone's hair is stolen from Nicole. It's quite common to send and receive hair lockets from friends, at least it has been among the blogs I've been following for years. Nicole may have popularized it more so though along with keeping baby teeth. But it's nothing new, it was very common in Victorian times.

No. 105056

Could also be IPs from people he stole pictures from a lot? Dunno where "Ginger" lives though.

No. 105057

here's a link to "sam's" old blog if anyone's interested. (you need a tumblr account to access it though)

No. 105058

a blood soaked pillow for the icon, edgy

i'm anxious to see the other anons find more shit or the new blog. i'm so interested in this fucked up little snowflake's massive tale of lies.

No. 105059

Ginger currently lives in LA I think.
I don't think she'd bother checking up on Soren though. She just minds her own business, does her own thing.

No. 105060

apparently soren's been stalking ashton for years

No. 105061

I've been looking and kind of want more opinions but I'm very wary on posting it (even though it probably isn't Soren I think this could be a good lead, they sure have reblogged a lot of the same posts, tags for gee (g), a tag for Sam (u), a tag for another friend which I'm p sure he mentioned called frank (f)) also tags for (j) (m) and (w) if any of you guys can figure those out. MAYBE IM JUST over analyzing

No. 105073

I have the blog up and running, complete with some posts and everything. Where do we go from here?

No. 105079

Not being able to find this guy is starting to frustrate me. Hopefully we'll dig up something soon.

No. 105084

Depending on what's reblogged using J, it could be "Jessica". She apparently told him that her father was molesting/raping her and he told. This was his "closest friend" when he was eight.

There's another J but that was one of his "abusers"

No. 105086

That just leaves (m) and (w) then.

No. 105089

Another clue could be that there was a possible blog in question that could've been his that someone mentioned to >>105000
The follow-up question about it was that that person had stopped posting after she posted that question. See if there's an obvious gap after the "suicide" but before January

No. 105090

File: 1457917028757.png (379.02 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

After going through the likes, I'm not sure anymore. My main reason in thinking it's not him was the fact that it did read a little "girly" to me. the posts start December of last year and those posts are things I've seen on Soren's blog. either way, based on everything I think there's probably a link here somewhere, this seems pretty on par with our little cows interests.

Have at it fellow detectives

No. 105092

actually skewd is spewd's new tumblr (I think their spewd blog was deleted) so I highly doubt that skewd could be Soren

No. 105093

: besides the tags and the posts I noticed the tag for trauma, pictures of kids cut/bleeding/bruised, reblogged things other people had tagged Soren, honey/bees tagged for (u) similar to what honeybottledrip would post, ginger Bronson, a lot of children's like doodles and writings u know what I mean, repeating the theme of being "just a child", heroin, way more. I took some screenshots but nothing major.

I think (d) could have been daddy as that was tagged on several of the dirty kid bedrooms, bruised, child abuse type posts

No. 105094

Also they don't have a batshit insane ~trauma~ story, so there's that too.

It is seriously irritating me that some anon was easily able to find his new blog and yet we're finding it super hard to find anything. If only they were off anon when they sent that ask so we could ask them…

No. 105095

For all we know it could have been a bait anon. Before digging around skewd I went through several other blogs that had reblogged a lot from him with no dice.

No. 105097


maybe this gives a hint?

No. 105098

Perhaps. I'm definitely seeing some recurring posts.

No. 105100

I might be stating the obvious but cntsleep isn't Soren; the tag linked is a tag meant for Soren and by the 2 or 3 posts written about him by this tumblr user, this is probably somebody who was a friend of Soren. Just sucks that so many people had to get mixed up in his drama when it was going on.

No. 105104

I wish I could remember who I looked through. I did do cntsleep but I've generally assumed anyone who has a tag for him (or an about page with obvious pictures of themselves) isn't him.

No. 105105

Yeah. Hopefully something will turn up…

No. 105106

http://injuredfawnprince.tumblr.com/ ? Maybe. He says he isn't and I can't find much attention whoring. I'm not used to tumblr, so that's maybe it… anyways… the name is similar AND even tho he said he doesn't know Soren, he reblogged from Sorens blog several times.

No. 105107

Yeah, I've actually followed injuredfawnprince for a while now and they don't seem to be Soren. The writing style is very different, they don't post pictures showing their face but the pictures of them show that they have a much lighter skin tone than Soren.

No. 105108

"The name is similar" yeah, for some reason anything to do with fawns has seemed to be a trend for urls the past while, I've noticed. Same thing with "bambi" and "cherry" and "honey". So, fair warning, just because a URL might seem like something he would have chosen, doesn't mean it is him.

Also, looking through his (and some of his friends) blog(s), I've noticed that the source for some posts is not one of Soren's more well known URLs but rather "circus-trauma". However, when you hover over it or click it etc, circus-trauma has been de-activated. I think this could still be a lead, though or maybe an idea into whatever new trauma story he's spinning up? Maybe I'm overreaching a bit here.

No. 105110

Maybe a little, although Soren beinv amde to join a crazy rape circus is definitely more batshit than his previous story.

No. 105115

I wasn't sure if this was really relevant since there are no original posts on this blog, just reblogs and little to nothing written in the tags. Anyway, this is the "trauma blog" "Sam" and Soren co-authored together WARNING: it is very nsfw and fairly fucked up so if that stuff freaks you out or whatever then you may not want to go through this blog http://prepubescent.co.vu/

No. 105116

File: 1457922372822.jpeg (104.4 KB, 640x984, image.jpeg)

The dead can't update their Amazon wishlist

No. 105117

i'm glad, i missed spewd lol

No. 105122

No. 105124

I can't believe he was stupid enough to not realise that most of the Tumblr peeps who'd be willing to buy him stuff won't actually do that because they either think he's dead or don't care.

No. 105128

File: 1457923304520.jpeg (100.37 KB, 640x1024, image.jpeg)

I can't believe we didn't think of checking the wishlist sooner.

No. 105129

File: 1457923403944.jpeg (111.45 KB, 640x1041, image.jpeg)

It's a 4 page wishlist, plenty of sora action figures on down but nothing too out of the ordinary

No. 105130

the girl i met the first night was named kayla. she was seven years old. she had blonde, blonde hair and she wore mary janes with stickers all over them. she loved rainbows and pink roses. she became sam and i’s best friend.

(I don't know how to greentext, sorry.)
That little girl is adorable, it's so annoying how he doesn't even consider that someone could believe these and when they see the real person, question them about it which could be extremely damaging. Fucking up little girls and boys lives before they even have a chance to live is absolutely disgusting!

No. 105131

simple reverse google search showed it's an actress named "Amiah Miller"

the list of obvious lies just keeps growing

No. 105139

File: 1457924925157.jpeg (99.92 KB, 640x888, image.jpeg)

Still lurking old stuff, here's another of the sora/riku pictures and the closest we'll ever probably get to "same" face

No. 105141

File: 1457925278659.jpeg (98.7 KB, 640x941, image.jpeg)

Another of "Kayla"

No. 105143

Haha he could at least be consistent with who he uses as pictures of Kayla.

Also, I think somebody above already mentioned, his original trauma story had a lot of differences to the current one. Originally, Kayla was accidentally shot in the head. In the new one she's halfway cut by some saw-type thing, cannibalized while still alive THEN shot in the head on PURPOSE only because she asks for it. Wish this guy could at least make up his mind!

No. 105146

Guys, I'm confident that this is Soren.
If it is, Sam is most likely now "Dolly" and is no longer dead. Hmm.
>Dolly keeps saying she wants to kill me, says she’ll “rip my fucking throat out” and I miss my best friend, the 3rd grader who spun in circles and everyone called a witch. where are ya angel girl where did u go
>oh yeah & then my sister took me over to see her friends’ new baby & the kid is six months old, the same age as dolly when the first videos of her started coming out & i couldnst stop staring at her & touching her face & i was so angry & fascinated at the same time & i wanted to smash her skull in everything hurt
>i couldnt even watch her dad change her diaper i froze up and i felt like i was gonna puke i just kept thinking oh shit hes gonna fuck her hes gonna fuck her hes gonna fuck her right
now & no one is gonna do anything about it cuz its normal oh my fucking god
>its so weird when i hear dolly’s caseworker and nurses refer to her as a “woman” & that the goal is to have her live in a “womens group home” in a few years when shes better & more stable & im like no shes not a “woman” shes still the little 9 year old girl i met in third grade. shes still the weird witch girl spinning in circles on the playground. shes still the freak girl obsessed with courtney love. shes still the kid with worms in her hair. its still unreal to think that we’re both 18 now
>#she'll be 19 next month its so weird #p #the kid with her face down in a plate of pancakes #the kid who tried to drown herself in the bathroom sink
>theres this group of little kids in the parking lot howling & pretending to be wolves & it makes me miss dolly

No. 105150

I see what you mean. We may have actually found him.

No. 105152

No one send him any angry messages or whatever, please. That'll just make him flee and we'll be right back where we started.
Just observe for now.

No. 105153

He has a "bunny" tag (Kayla), a "star" tag (Anna), a "baby" tag (Shiloh), etc. Sam's new name is probably Dolly because it's Dolores' nickname in Lolita and he always tagged pictures of her as Sam

No. 105154

without a doubt him. Since the blog starts right after he "died". I'm going to archive all pages of the blog for now.

No. 105155

This. We need to give this snowflake some space.

No. 105156

No. 105158


A selfie. It is him, shout out to the anon who found this, you're a fucking god.

No. 105165

How interesting her name was Kayla, considering Ginger Bronson's old alias back when she was a blonde anorexic was Kayla Day.

No. 105166

reading his new blog is making me suicidal, how does a parent not notice their kid being a crazy psychotic piece of shit and take them off of the internet holy FUCK

is there a way we can show his parents his blogs, cos mannn

No. 105168

File: 1457928445295.jpeg (52.43 KB, 640x632, image.jpeg)


No. 105169

They probably won't do anything if he's been doing this for literal years.

No. 105170

i thought this too! almost sam's entire persona is based on kayla day, even little things like calling her a wolf and her drinking honey. but calling her kayla would have been too obvious so he used the name for another character in his story.

No. 105173

i hope he just ends up killing himself like he talks about constantly

at first i was horrified by this, but now i'm just apathetic to some random kid making up such a terrible story for attention

No. 105174

File: 1457928847842.jpeg (33.77 KB, 640x508, image.jpeg)

No. 105176

Kinda disappointed that there's no new trauma story. I was curious to read that. It seems the only obvious difference now is that Sam is now Dolly, and she is alive but totally insane.

No. 105177

File: 1457930162938.jpeg (90.33 KB, 640x1096, image.jpeg)

I shouldn't even be questioning this because all stories make no sense but his sexuality has always been straight hasn't it?
So he's "with" Sam but also "vulture"? I'm trying to go through his posts to see who "Vulture" is meant to be but nothing yet

No. 105179

File: 1457930448974.jpeg (51.65 KB, 640x570, image.jpeg)

You what?!

No. 105180

Bat boy really makes me think it's just a new nickname for g

No. 105185

File: 1457931441026.jpeg (55.57 KB, 640x647, image.jpeg)

New name might be "Stanley" but he's admitted at least one person is fake. He's all over the place though.

No. 105187

I feel like sky is the nickname for sora. the way he kinda used the character to cope

No. 105190

I'm pretty sure Sora translates to sky so that makes sense.

No. 105191

File: 1457932395131.jpeg (270.38 KB, 1200x1800, image.jpeg)

Some of the things he says are very ..I don't know, odd/off.
He also apparently hates "trauma" blogs. (His quotations not mine)

No. 105192

I was scrolling through the archive of the blog here >>105115 and saw one of my personal images reblogged on there (not fun to see something I posted next to a bunch of torture porn, but whatever)

I decided to check my followers, and for whatever reason Soren's old blog and necrochotic are following me on tumblr. Either this is just a weird coincidence, or it's Soren, and he continues to follow the same blogs. If that's of any help

I feel kind of nauseous about this. I only vaguely knew of someone stealing Ginger's pictures and making up some fucked up story before reading all this.

No. 105193

File: 1457932525902.jpg (21.36 KB, 307x279, what up soren.jpg)

Oh, here's a screenshot showing both blogs follow me for the sake of integrity or whatever

No. 105194

do you mind sharing what the image was? you don't have to post a link, maybe just the pic itself
but i could understand why that request would make you uncomfortable
this whole thing is disgusting

No. 105195

He followed me on his old blog too, I remember checking when the whole thing about him stealing Ginger's pictures was going down and I read his "trauma narrative" during that time, when he was sicklefawn. Just checked and necrochotic follows me too, so I'd say it's definitely him. He refollowed the blogs he was following before.

No. 105198

the image traces back really easily to my blog, so i don't want to post it and risk becoming an lolcow. (the horror)
but, it's a picture of something i wrote in blood on my wall when i had a mental breakdown about 3 years ago.

glad i'm not the only one.
what the fuck is this guy

No. 105199

that does… sound very cringy honestly, anon
but i hope you're doing better

you guys make me so curious

but sage for OT kind of

No. 105202

didn't he mention in his trauma story that Sam gets a nail through her hand?

gif on page 14 of nail getting hammered into someone's hand.


No. 105204

File: 1457934822866.jpeg (115.67 KB, 640x1098, image.jpeg)

No. 105205


Yup! I saw that too. From what I've seen, everything is from someone else's past, a movie or real child porn.

Also, before he said he has a good relationship with his mother and he loves her a lot but in this blog he says how they don't even talk, how she says she's sick of his "shit", etc, etc. What happened to that perfect, happy, loving relationship? Not enough sympathy points?

No. 105206

tbh I see a lot of stuff being reblogged that fits, but the text posts, some of them are a little off or contradictory.

I mean, probably same dude, and there's the selfie and everything, just a couple of things seemed a bit off to me.

No. 105207

They're off and contradictory because this is a fucked up fakeboi with too much free time and imagination.

No. 105208

true. just hoping that it's not someone who just stole one of this kids pictures or something.

No. 105209

that was way too easy to find. shouldn't have specified what kind of post it was dude.

also the posts on that prepubescent blog are fucked up. there's no doubt in my mind that he's a pedophile. you don't post rape pictures and pictures of child models next to each other. filthy

No. 105214

i am in recovery, thanks!
thanks, detective
you didn't have to post it though

No. 105215

Some advice on lolcow: we don't have some moral etiquette just because we browse the same board. Farmers aren't a collective, and regardless of the hivemind side effects some fall victim to, we aren't a personal army.

No. 105218

lol yes, i'm used to image board culture
i was aware if someone really cared enough they could have tracked down the image. i just figured it wasn't relevant to the topic of this thread.

saging for ot

No. 105255

Some of the posts in Soren's "p" tag (meaning personal posts) indicate that Doll probably has a tumblr. Maybe the god that found Soren could find this one too?

No. 105259

File: 1457950768216.jpg (316.68 KB, 808x717, image.jpg)

everyone should read this page, from the guy whose pictures soren was using as "danny"


i also found soren's old deviantart


which includes a lot of links to this "friend"


No. 105261

Facebook of the friend "Julia Jem Balila" is easy to find with a little googling. They still live in the same area of WA and also seem to be a junior in high school, like Soren. They also use "they" pronouns on their facebook. Bet they still know him. Someone could try and message.

No. 105263

honestly i am 99.9% convinced dolly is not real & any mention of her having a tumblr is probably just a lie. soren made a fake tumblr for sam and the link is in this thread somewhere, but this is the first time we've seen the name dolly so i'm not so sure he would have faked one yet.

No. 105275

Still, with how desperate Soren seems to be for attention and creating this Sam/Dolly persona and trying to make her seem real/convincing, it would be a bit out-of-character (no pun intended) for him to NOT have made a tumblr for her to "solidify" her existence or whatever

No. 105289

Red rooms are real but don't exist on Tor. A dozen or so guys in Britain got arrested and charged for basically operating a redroom where they molested various kids while streaming over the Internet with other pedos they knew, but that's obviously not something that's publicly available on Tor, you have to be a high ranking pedo to get in on that.

No. 105291

File: 1457960934218.png (44.9 KB, 519x376, dolly.png)

Wow, I wonder who this could possibly be about…Smh.

No. 105292

This is so cringy. Like a old indie movie, or a recent indie movie who seems old.

No. 105293

I'm looking around a bit. Since Soren has a habit of going back to his old blogs and liking/reblogging shit, I'd try skimming the notes of Sam's "old blog", found by >>105057 (diejfjwkwkdivuejeksakdjjver.tumblr.com) first. If you check, you'll find he's been liking shit from that blog with the "new" one (necrochotic) too.
Because it's one of those annoying "dashboard blogs" where you can't look through the archive or tags and instead have to scroll through each post, it's a bit more time-consuming/difficult.

No. 105294

why is he so obsessed with being a victim and having a ~story~? what's wrong with being a normal person. you don't have to have had an awful life to be seen as interesting. making fun of rape, abuse, pedophilia etc. in this way is disgusting and he's exploiting people who go through this shit for real. why do people believe him? why does he want to be believed? why didn't he kill himself. he's a waste of space and air.

No. 105295

I'm like 99% sure that he's faking being a fake boi too, and that he's a real man who is claiming to be F2M so that he can give himself a weird backstory about how he was raped as a girl.

No. 105296

Probably out topic, but I've seen a lot of fakebois saying they are child sexual abuse victims. Why?

No. 105300

File: 1457963007403.png (53.75 KB, 521x663, dolly 2.png)


Yeah, I thought that too but you can see top surgery scars here >>104694 and his voice still sounds too high/cracky to be real. You can change the gender on your ID with a parent's permission if you're a minor in California.

Also, I found these posts when searching 'dolly' on his new blog.

No. 105303

Being a CSA survivor is sadly something that plays into the tumblr oppression olympics. So people lie and say they're CSA survivors to be "the most oppressed"

No. 105304

As someone who actually is a CSA survivor, it really is upsetting to see so many people on tumblr fabricate these huge lies for attention, even if there is sometimes some truth in it. A CSA story is scary/tragic enough without having to add made-up stuff to it.

No. 105310

what a dumbass

No. 105313

Holy shit no more internet for me today. My eyes are on fire, what the fuck did I just read!!

No. 105320

File: 1457967841191.png (51.34 KB, 563x162, yikes.png)

i made a side blog to catalogue evidence that soren faked everything & he found it & made a shady indirect post about me. this is wild

No. 105321

Lol… I love how he thinks it's something to just brush off. 1. He never apologized for any of it. 2. He keeps doing this shit, so why would calling out stop?

No. 105322

File: 1457969193300.jpg (46.17 KB, 500x417, image.jpg)

wow. you are doing god's work

No. 105330

File: 1457970359602.png (13.79 KB, 500x119, Screenshot (8207).png)

So… he advocates buying child porn?

I'm with ya. Actually going through it is terrifying, it's so convenient for people like Soren to only go through it in a fictional world he created.

No. 105331

File: 1457970580386.png (11.54 KB, 422x137, window of life.png)


I can't believe he said this like he's a poor lil victim being stalked smh.

I searched Sam's name + the high school and college that's on her facebook and found this. It's a art piece that someone who has Sam's exact full name and went to the same supposed high school did.

Now, I'm just confused. Did Soren steal the identity of a girl with the same name who went to that school? Is Sam a real person, in that sense?

Soren couldn't have put this on that website, it's an official school website…

No. 105335

lmfao he used a lyric from one of ginger bronson's songs

No. 105336

obviously he's trying to make his bullshit look believable by using the identities of irl people. horrible

No. 105337

Sage for OT, sorry.

Can someone explain the line between fakeboi and trans*. I would've referred to him as fakeboi if he hadn't had his name and sex changed legally and if he didn't have top surgery.
I thought, or I personally only think people are being fake about their gender if there's never a change. Is this not the case?
(I could be being sensitive because I know someone actually trans* and I know his struggles, what he's been through, etc)

No. 105342

trans people are mentally ill, not doing it for attention or validation, often ruining their own lives & bodies, try to fit into society's idea of the gender norm (trans women TRY to look female and vice versa). fakebois do all of it for attention, whine about muh oppression, hate on 'cis' people & gender rolls etc etc

No. 105343

File: 1457971892407.png (21.17 KB, 517x187, ew.png)

Guys, please don't tip the cow. Soren provides plenty of milk on his own and telling him about this thread might make him go into hiding again. Try not to directly interact with him.

And I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but Sam's dad/leader of the child porn ring/etc. was supposedly named Brian Stowell and he worked at WaWa but if you search that name nothing comes up (same with Samantha Stowell). Soren also said that he died "recently", whatever that means.

Also, I love how Soren said on hardc0re that he hates people who romanticize or even study serial killers when there's Eric and Dylan all over his blog. Wouldn't doubt that he gets off on 'em.

Pic related, wtf is wrong with him.

No. 105345

Actually, Soren once said Sam also went by variations of Clementine and Taylor. If you look up Sam Clementine Stowell you will find a result and she has a father named Brian Stowell and a (fraternal) twin sister named Miranda which, supposedly, was "Sam's" sister's name. Pretty fucked up that he's using actual people for this shit. I feel really bad for this family.

No. 105346


Damn, that's crazy but thanks for telling me! Yeah, I just found a Facebook which apparently belongs to the real Sam and it says that she lives in Bothell, WA. I kind of want to send her a message, just asking her if she knows what Soren is saying but I don't want to bug her. It's bad enough to have some crazy dude say that you were trafficked and raped as a kid. It's also funny to me that the real Sam looks nothing like Soren's version.

I can't imagine what the dad thinks, if he even knows about it. Soren needs to realize that you can't use real people's identities to make a sick story where they're a part of a child porn and prostitution ring.

I wonder if Soren could actually get charged for slander or fraud or something.

No. 105349

Yeah I almost want to message her as well. It's disturbing as fuck that this guy is actually using real people's names. What if someone googles Brian Stowell and gets all this CP bullshit? The poor guys life could be ruined

No. 105358

File: 1457974151197.png (22.93 KB, 267x340, fb 1.png)


Okay, I sent her a message. It was just a short one telling her about Soren's lies and I linked her to this thread so she could see all the posts. I don't have her as a friend or anything but I hope she reads it.

No. 105360

Is this guy /pt/ worthy, or should he stay in /snow/?

No. 105364

File: 1457974665180.jpg (273.28 KB, 998x664, CJ0q7_rUwAA6LN8.jpg)

I agree with this. I really hope the people over at kiwifarms don't take this cow cause they tend to have people willing to tip people off.

made this pic for ya. hope it helps.

No. 105367

i don't think linking her to this thread would be a good idea, honestly

but, i hope she responds, that's horrible something like this happened and to have no clue about it

No. 105375

You're an idiot to link her to this thread. You should've just given a rough explanation and linked to his tumblr or something. I'm sure the last thing someone wants to read is a fucking fake cp saga about their family.

Though with the amount of detail he goes into it he might know them irl or something.

No. 105376

See, that's what I'm saying. He's marginalizing you and other true victims by pretending to be "OMG the most victimized!" Isn't CSA horrifying enough as it is?

No. 105377

different anon, but yeah it is
my own CSA experience wasn't all that severe due to what some other people may have gone through, but due to it i'm very anxious about being close to people and apprehensive about sex completely

but tumblr edgelords will always try to pull being a CSA survivor or trans as an excuse to be a piece of shit person

sage for personal stuff no one cares about

No. 105381

Original CSA survivor anon. Personally, I only remember small bits and pieces of the actual CSA I went through and most of the CSA survivors I know are the same and so it really pisses me off that Soren doesn't think twice when giving extremely vivid descriptions when many CSA survivors can't even recall if they were actually raped or not.

No. 105382

I want to visit Soren's new blog but dont want to end up on some FBI list

No. 105389

I'd suggest going and stopping this person from seeing this message because if Soren finds out he's going to pack up and leave and that kind of ruins our fun here.
you're fine. there's no CP or anything like the old blogs.

No. 105401

His tumblr is gone?

No. 105403

No, >>105401
Nah, he just cleared it, I guess.

No. 105405

This is quite possibly the wildest shit I've read on lolcow. This person is an absolute and utter loser. As much as I hate to admit that I'm angry, I have to say that I've never been so enraged by a person I've never even met before. Forgive the edge, but if any sort of bodily harm were to befall this individual, I don't believe that I'd be able to spare any pity. This is sickening and they deserve any and all ridicule that has come from this.

No. 105406

nah, he just changed his username. now it's necromutilomania.

No. 105407

Ah, thank you.I'm not familiar with tumblr, so it's kinda hard for me to keep up.

No. 105408

File: 1457980458268.png (42.94 KB, 881x315, response.png)


Well, my bad. I shouldn't have linked her but whatever, she already replied.

Here's her reply:

"Yeah. This problem has been happening for a long time and we had to actually get lawyers involved. Thanks for your concern! The boy we're talking about is just a very mentally ill person and it's just very sad this is the path it's gone down. Nothing they say is true, when I knew them, they were just a little kid that liked kingdom Hearts and had a weird mom. They only went to my house once and it's nothing like they described. They made A BUNCH of fake profiles and it was pretty scary for a while, but now it's just old news. I wish they would get help honestly, because nothing that comes out of their mouth is true, except for the fact that they have a mom.
Also if you share this info or anything, please keep my profile out of this. I really don't need them making fake profiles to message me- I've already blocked the lot of them."

No. 105409

I really want to keep observing this train wreck, can we not scare him off again?

No. 105411

i feel so terrible for her, that's horrible

she's mature about it, but to get lawyers involved? holy hell

i'm glad she responded but i don't feel like we should bug her anymore

No. 105412

Wait, so the family actually got the law involved and that's why Soren abandoned his old blog?

No. 105413

This. You guys need to stop notifying him, nothing good will come of it. He won't learn the error of his ways, he won't have a huge, entertaining freakout, he'll just delete, make a new blog, block your IPs and we'll have to spend time looking for him all over again.
Fucking quit.

No. 105414

He did delete some of the asks someone from here (I assume) send? There were like 2 - 3 anon ask which impled that he's a cunt. But now they are gone.

No. 105415

Well that pretty much clears up everything. I'm glad she replied so quick. I wonder what's up with the mom, because Soren never really mentions her or when he does it's mostly in a positive light.

Also we should probably delete;
Since she requested that things with her name be taken down.

No. 105417

i second this, since she provided us with insight, i guess we take down stuff with her name

it's rare for us to find somebody who indulges information to help

No. 105418

What are your guys opinion if we recommend this thread to move into pt?
She might need to msg admin to do that

No. 105419

Wow. I give it 4-5 years before he actually hurts someone and we see his name in the papers.

No. 105420


Yeah, I defintley won't message her again. I'm glad she knew that it was happening, even though the situation sucks. Again, I shouldn't have linked her to this thread, that was a dumb move on my part.


I tried to delete them but you can't delete them after half an hour has passed and it says staff won't delete them…


I archived them, I think. Check here: https://archive.is/necrochotic.tumblr.com

No. 105424

I don't feel like there's enough milk for /pt/ tier

I'll send a message in case she didn't.

No. 105426

Nah, I think there's plenty. Soren is literally even more disgusting than most of the cows in /pt/, and that's saying something.
Mira and the Ostrengas' sockpuppeting, Asha's nasty vagina posts, Yuka's ED and Suzy Berhow's makeup can't even touch this.

No. 105428

Forgot to add, if you need something more visceral than their horrific fake story and countless catfish accounts, just see >>101816
I personally think the thread would fit in /pt/, but if it stays in /snow/ that's fine. A thread is a thread.

No. 105434


Well on his new blog he said that they don't talk, that she said that she's done with his "shit" and that everyone but him believes in God/Jesus but they're all stupid. (Don't have the screenshots because I was hoping they'd still be there for a while)
If she is "weird" (open for interpretation) that could mean anything from a bible basher to actually mentally ill.

What I don't understand is- why mention a dad at all? That doesn't change anything since he was barely mentioned before at all?
The more this inravels, the more confusing it gets.

No. 105435

Is there a way that people could post his tumblr username but not on here? In chat maybe?
I have a feeling he's googled his old tumblr name or that basementgirl's one and he knows about this thread.

No. 105436

Sure, I'll make a channel/chat thingy in case.

No. 105438

No. 105440

File: 1457982701121.png (14.47 KB, 513x150, soren 22.png)


This post, right? It's still up but I archived it in case: https://archive.is/rzTls

He flip-flops so much about how mom idgi.

No. 105443


Not that one but wow, I didn't even see that. So much for always being close to her and her always being there.

Does anyone know/seen a post where he said he told her? Unless that's his new story

No. 105454

Maybe it is. He tends to change little details a lot.

No. 105456

File: 1457986606246.jpeg (32.56 KB, 639x489, image.jpeg)

If someone in this thread is doing this, stop.

No. 105464

this is probably old news but
when i went on to hurtc0re tumblr (which I made the mistake of going onto not from going through the archive) the only thing that pops up is screaming of some sorts and what i assume is an anime image but I got too surprised i clicked out of it so i didn't get to view it

No. 105465

It's just a dumb Evangelion video of Shinji screaming to the ending theme.

No. 105473

File: 1457988752672.png (5.79 KB, 373x90, 3467890-0987.png)

Wait, really? Then is he trying to throw us off by saying stuff like this?

No. 105475

I doubt he's trying to throw us off. In my experience of knowing him in the past and following him etc, he tends to be a very sarcastic person

No. 105477

Thats…..freaky what a freak

No. 105478

Well, I'm fucking dumb. I should have caught on to that immediately.

No. 105482

top surgery scars could just be self harm scars to corroborate with his story.

No. 105483

it's scary how he literally could be fucking psycho enough to do that… lock him up & throw away the key, someone please

No. 105502

I haven't been this entertained and horrified by a cow for AGES. Jesus, he needs to be put in a quiet, padded cell someplace where there's no internet.

Slowfag, but is his most recent blog gone then? I can't see anything from it other than the archived stuff

No. 105504

no, his blog isn't deleted. someone mentioned before, he just changed the url. now it's http://necromutilomania.tumblr.com

No. 105527

Damn, I feel kind of bad for Soren now, probably he believes all his own lies. There's something we can do? He sometimes mentions a therapist, but maybe isn't real, and it seems like his mom won't help either.

No. 105532

I'm genuinely horrified by him. He clearly made up this weird, perverted horror fantasy world and has started to believe that this all happened. What the fuck. Someone send all the horrific shit he's said to his mom or to someone ffs this kid genuinely needs help ASAP before he snaps

No. 105544

Why would you feel sorry for someone so awful? Mentally ill or not, he doesn't deserve sympathy. You can be mental without fucking up stranger's lives.

No. 105549

Unrelated but also sort of related, a lot of people seem to lie about being CSA victims because there's a lot of drama about how you apparently can't like loli/shotacon OR EVEN underage characters in any sort of sexual activity unless you're a victim of csa.

No. 105556

I've never understood how being a victim of CSA gives you the right to be a pedo…

No. 105559

Apparently because people use it to "cope" I dunno, I don't really mind that stuff as long as it's strictly fictional but I find that excuse really dumb.

No. 105569

I don't know, I think it's sad and he is young. He still has chances to be a normal person with some therapy. And the real Sam will be better too, it must be horrible having a stalker who is convinced that you were trafficked by your dad.

No. 105570

Fuck, I meant >>105544

No. 105577

I don't understand why he's gone to such lengths to create this all.

Honestly, I think he might have actually been molested by one person her knew, but found it easier to make up a situation where he was abused alongside someone else (who actually seemed to like him, as he doesn't seem to have any real friends at all) by a load of strangers.

No. 105582

And then decided to add in raping infants and shooting girls in the head and watching someone eat her clitoris? That ain't coping man..

No. 105590


I'm just trying to wrap my head around how he came to writing that sort of shit, man. It's so fucked up, I'm almost triggered by it

No. 105595

I've seen teenagers get called abusive pedos for finding teenage characters in their age range appealing. The word's meaningless at this point with how much people throw it around on that website. But I think Soren has legitimately watched hurtcore CP and is using it to make up these trauma stories. This kind of fixation isn't normal.

No. 105597

>I think Soren has legitimately watched hurtcore CP and is using it to make up these trauma stories
I'm almost sure that's true, it just seems really clear to me from the way he describes things that he has a.. I dunno, mental picture in mind when he's describing it that can't be formed unless he's seen it with his own eyes, if that makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if Soren opens up one day to watching that stuff just for "coping" or some bullshit like that.

No. 105598

there's no way he could have gone into such detail without seeing it. he's extensively researched it and an anon earlier said how easy it was to come across that kanga.avi or whatever it's called. he has 100% watched cp and i wouldn't be surprised if he did it regular because in his mind he's 'allowed' to because of what he's been through. even though really he's a fucked up kid with gore and pedophilia kink.

No. 105599

Misquoted, woops. >>105595

Anyways, as someone stated before, it might be best to leave this drama alone for a bit because I don't know if anything will come from this other than him deleting. It's clear that he's very, very mentally ill and I'm not sure if there's much to do.

No. 105600

I think that's what's so interesting about this whole situation. Loads of kids go through edgy, attention seeking phases, and loads of people like over the Internet, but this isn't normal.
This kid has thought/watched/written about CP multiple times.

He needs to be section

No. 105601

What I don't get is where the fuck his mom was when he was being trafficked??? Like, he writes about how they still occasionally went to school? So are we expected to believe that he was kidnapped and trafficked and his mom was too stupid/neglectful to realise he was still going to school.

I mean, if you're gonna spend so much time writing your own gore-fanfic, at least put some real effort into making it somewhat believable

No. 105602

do you think that he watched cp for too long and that fucked him up?

No. 105604

I doubt it was watching CP that fucked him up. Rather, being fucked up is what caused him to watch CP.

No. 105609

I remember some manga artist (I think?) arrested for CP, he defended himself saying it was for reference.
But seriously, this is fucked up. Sam says that she involved lawyers and that Soren has a weird mother, so she probably knows about this mess and she doesn't give a fuck. I don't think we can do anything about this.

No. 105610

I'll bet it was a mix of both. Someone fucked him up, he then dived head first into the world of CP and it snowballed from there

No. 105628

u kno what…i really want to link tumblr user honeybottledrip to soren's new blog
i've followed her for a long time & she's just a 15 year old kid that soren manipulated the shit out of & i think she deserves to know at least that he's still alive/lied about suicide

No. 105632


I wish I had screenshots but he said on his latest blog and hurtc0re that his mom knew and didn't do anything. I find it really really really hard to believe that a adult woman would knowingly ignore a bunch of kids getting raped and murdered. But he also said that pretty much everyone in his town knew about it and didn't do anything so who even knows.


I've always thought that Zero was in on it. She's talked about Sam like she knew her irl and I just assumed that she was knowingly lying with him. But yeah, go for it I guess.

No. 105642

Where the fuck is this pedo-town supposed to be?!
He skimped on so much detail and realism because he was too fixated on child porn, eurgh.

No. 105656

MULTIPLE lyrics too

No. 105662

I belive minneasota, ely. From his fake character facebook location.
>tfw your from MN

No. 105663

File: 1458005132766.jpeg (35.96 KB, 640x427, image.jpeg)

No. 105668


the edge is real.

in older news i was browsing through faggot ugly dick balls or w/e the old url was & like he was talking about url changes and he described the hurtc0re one as "so cp" as a reason as to why he wanted it. it's so fucking gross.

No. 105678


>no offense but u kno those blogs that are always run by a genderqueer white kid & they have the word “bug” or a number or some shit in their url and you literally can’t tell one from the other because it’s all the same shitmix of rats, frank iero, care bears, deer, rainbows, and honey? yeah those ones u know what ones im fucking talking about. i hate them

this describes like every single one of those blogs that cried over his "loss" in december

No. 105682

You know teens (even adults) make up shit on the internet all the time, but it's always really harmless stuff like pretending to have a boyfriend, stuffing their bra or whatever. What creeps me out to the core is the fact that this guy was inspired by actual abuse CP to make up his stories. Really puts shit into perspective.

I really wish I never found out about this dude because I never knew that hurtcore cp exists and it makes me sad ):

No. 105683


lol i saw that and instantly thought of bratpills or w/e they go by now, wasn't she mates with soren?

No. 105698

To everyone concerned about how he could've come up with that level of detail in his story without having experienced it or seen "real CP," he mentions on his old deviantart that he just finished reading American Psycho and some other Bret Easton Ellis books. A LOT of the details in his trauma narrative sound very similar to BEE-style violence, especially the genital mutilation involving saws and biting and shit like that. 50% of Psycho is just description of exactly that. If he read Less Than Zero too (I think that's the one) there's a scene with an underaged girl being violently assaulted by a group of older men that uses almost exactly the same language, if I'm recalling correctly.

No. 105702

As someone who struggles with self harm, it makes me soo uncomfortable seeing people excitedly talking about being able to cut..

No. 105703

even so, it's obvious he's watched cp at least once even if only for ~research purposes~. but with the way he talks so nonchalantly about cp and child abuse it gives the impression that he's seen it and sees it regularly and created sick scenarios based upon the scenes in cp. american psycho is fucked up but nowhere near as fucked up as soren's trauma narrative.

No. 105705

His trauma blog was called "prepubescent" and had pictures of rape porn juxtaposed with children looking vulnerable. Fucking gross.

No. 105707

File: 1458008590453.png (11.17 KB, 651x117, 45654.png)

Yeah, good plan.

No. 105711

Where's the proof that 'Soren' is who he says he is?

It wouldn't at all surprise me if he's some middle aged pedo sitting in a basement somewhere concoting this 'oh so damaged' trans boy personality to groom unsuspecting teenagers on tumblr who buy into his sob stories? We don't know what he's been saying in private messages to his followers. Teenagers on tumblr are suckers for the whole 'hurting mentally ill abuse victim' card and his gory details and reblogs would definately appeal to the 3edgy5u teens who worship Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold et al.

No. 105719

Tbh I don't think that's the case. He posted quit a few pictures of him being more girly and more manly - at least something that isn't made up, as it seems - and that Sam person confirmed, that he lied about this and that he was a cute kid when they met.

No. 105733

Yeah, you're right. I wonder how I missed this. Less Than Zero has a couple scenes where the protagonist watches child porn and child snuff porn, the scenes are pretty similar to his story.

No. 105735

Why get on disability if you're gonna kill yourself dang

No. 105737

No. 105739

please refresh my memory to what this edgelord has to do with stuff?

No. 105740

I want this bitch taken down a peg. I don't give a fuck about "tipping a cow." Destroy this tumblr toddler motherfucker.

No. 105741

I wonder if the proof was more well known how they would deny it? Especially considering the selfie was the nail in the coffin

No. 105742

It's Soren best friend from old days. She was kinda in love with him, I guess, and loved all his bullshit. Basically one of his "sheep follower" who kissed his ass.

She even has a tag for him:

No. 105746

File: 1458013526753.png (17.91 KB, 490x292, grossedgelords.png)

don't you love being a druggie and alcoholic at the ripe age of 16?

also apologize for posting twice, i made a typo and it was bugging me

No. 105752


But she seems like a flake as well to me - not gonna lie.

Maybe that's why she gets along with Soren so good. They can just kiss each others ass…

e.g. for her tumblerina-behaviour: http://honeybottledrip.tumblr.com/post/140191262907/dont-reblog-something-that-always-gets-to-me-and

No. 105753

UGH these fucking speshul Tumblr snowflakes and their "endless pain". I swear to god…,

No. 105754

I agree. I wouldn't be surprised if she's lying about being a recovering alcohol/drug addict to portray the "fucked up" persona that so many people on the internet seem to lie about to appear more interesting.

No. 105755

i think one of us should im her the details that her precious soren sadly didn't off himself, i feel like that'd be delicious milk
but also, would probably scare soren off so idk

No. 105757

Nah – this Honeybottledrip (or whatthefuckever she calls her speshul self) is as big a bullshit artist as Soren. They're enabling one another and enjoying it.

No. 105758

This "beautifully tragic/sad kid" aesthetic annoys the hell out of me. Because some years trying to be that and all it did was make my already existing mental health problems worse. Even now, I have to stop myself from falling into that trap.

Saging for being semi OT.

No. 105761

It's likely. If she really did show up to school with bruises, wouldn't CPS have been notified?

No. 105768

File: 1458016583142.gif (2.47 MB, 628x344, image.gif)

No. 105775

I've read this thread from start to where it is now, and I haven't posted, but damn it's been a wild ride.
Here are some of my thoughts:

I am a med student, I'm a victim that dealt with abuse for several years, I've seen a therapist and have been in group therapy - if you're similar to me, then it's pretty easy to spot another abuse victim.

It's obvious Soren has been abused. The extent of it, is extremely shaky. There's statements that seem so true, like how he claims to wet the bed. I know grown women who do this from time to time, nightmares can be flashbacks of abuse.
Then of course there's other things like how the ring supposedly "just let him go", as if they would really do that without remaining in contact to make sure he never spoke of it.
There's also the fact that even though it is supposedly a "pedophilia ring" they let Sam remain in it till she was 17, when she is far out of her prepubescent stage and by that time not of interest to them. The only use for her would be if she was helping to bring children in. They literally would not keep her or him if it wasn't for their benefit.

A lot of it is made up, I'm just sitting here trying to figure out what isn't, and trying to figure out how he turned his pain into all this grandeur.

In one of the posts he said that it was his uncle who did it to him.

From personal experience, I don't have a good parents, and literally they didn't help me. So when everyone in this thread is saying "why wouldn't someone help him?" It's just slightly confusing for me, because sometimes adults are assholes, I don't know.
So that part I feel is true, and when he says "me and my mom are very close, I feel that it's important" is an odd thing to say because in reality I'm sure they're not close at all but he wanted them to be. That's his way of saying he wanted them to be close, and he wanted her to take notice and save him of whatever abuse he experienced.

I feel like his tall tales are a cry for attention, obviously, but I think it's a mixture of a lot of things as well. Seems like he didn't get any attention growing up, not from classmates - made up fake friends - and not from any adults except the one(s?) that abused him. Obviously it's a way to garner attention, and a cry for help, I think it also might be a way for him to cope and say "all these really horrible things didn't happen to me, but if they did maybe people would have cared/it's a way to be slightly spiteful to the people who didn't notice the abuse
Not sure if that makes sense, I'm not good at wording things, but maybe someone will understand what I mean and be able to convey it better.

It's very off-putting the way he describes his abuse as well, it's always described as "sex" or "fucking", which you'll never hear an abuse victim refer to it as.

I wonder what his therapist writes down about him, I'd be really interested to know what sort of different mental illnesses she thinks he has

No. 105780


I've heard some abuse victims (myself included) refer to the trauma as "sex" or "fucking." It's a sort of separation from the abuse - no one wants to think of themselves as a victim, and admitting it was abuse is admitting that you were victimized.

I don't think that applies to Soren in this case - he's made it very clear he wants to be a victim.

No. 105833

How else is he going to pay for all this heroin he allegedly takes and ~meth laced joints~? God this loser is unreal.

No. 105835

Samefagging -
>i met this really cool dude i posted on the alt.drug forum cuz i was looking 4 someone to buy my xanax & he texted me asking if i had found a dealer in the area & i said no & then he hit me up when he found one & we started texting back n forth & talking about final fantasy & now we’re meeting 4 coffee tomorrow. heroin brings ppl together.

"heroin brings ppl together" He is so fucking cringey.

No. 105873

I love how he's tryingv to be all edgy and hardcore and then the "final fantasy" in the middle just ruins it.
I mean it was cringey anyway, but this just made it funnier.

No. 105884

i need to go to church now holy shit this kid is sick.

No. 105885

try harder with the fake names, mcr nerd. i see you.
(sage for double post)

No. 105889

Actually Mikey and Gerard are technically his friends real names (Mikey has changed his name a few times since then), surprisingly.

No. 105894

I don't believe anything this shady little fucker says. He had a blog on the MCR website however many years ago, as well as 'friends' named Gerard and Mikey? Nah man, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd set up 50+ sock puppet accounts for his so-called friends to keep his disgusting delusions going.

No. 105897

I second that. Bet he has more made up friends than real ones.

No. 105899

File: 1458048655069.png (497.6 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ndwh2yk4LE1s4mu14o1_500…)


I agree with you on most of this except the pissing the bed thing, it is really common in (mostly child) abuse victims but he could have easily looked up symptoms of ptsd and faked the ones he thought would garner the most sympathy.

And I think I remember Soren saying that even though Sam was 17, they were still pimping her out so that's why they kept her around. And I don't think it's that unbelieveable that his mom ignored it (apparently, Sam's mom did too) but it's pretty unbelievable that an entire town and teachers would willingly ignore it. You also can't miss tons of school and just show up sometimes, there's truancy laws.


Tumblr kids are notorious for having dumb names that celebrities and fictional characters have. Pic related is Gee/Gerard and there's selfies of Mikey too. There was even a picture on hurtc0re of him and Gerard irl together.

I don't doubt that Soren makes up friends and fake blogs but Gerard especially has been pretty well known on Tumblr for a long time.


I'm tellin y'all, Zero is just as fake as Soren is. She fakes doing drugs and drinking, lies about Soren and Sam, and gets into fights all the time. I wouldn't doubt that she knows Soren is dead and just wants to help him keep up the "Soren's dead" excuse.

No. 105901

File: 1458049019040.png (488.06 KB, 523x637, necromania.png)

Oh, and he just posted this. Look @ those tags.

No. 105905

File: 1458050369800.jpeg (302.42 KB, 500x676, image.jpeg)

Nah man I've been following along with Garry AKA Gerard since he was inkbats and still mostly just an MCR art blog. Attached photo IS Gerard from last spring or summer if I'm not mistaken.

No. 105908


My bad. I haven't kept up with him but I knew that he was pretty popular for his art. Do you know if he's said anything about Soren since he pretended to kill himself? I wonder if he knows.

No. 105909

File: 1458050712995.png (701.81 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

While we're on the topic of Gerard, he made a zine a year or so ago with a page dedicated to "Sam" in which he drew "her". This is from Soren's old Instagram but he was very exclusive about who he allowed to follow him since it was privatized and he hasn't been active since the "suicide" so their really isn't any use in trying.

No. 105910

Besides a few vague posts about binge drinking and wanting to kill himself (which isn't unusual for Gerard since he's been actively suicidal for years but hasn't attempted in probably at least a year), and that one post "Oh was it December? I forgot." He hasn't mentioned Soren too much besides occasionally tagging things that remind him of Soren. To me, it really seems many (if not all) of Soren's friends don't know he is alive. However, a recent post of Gerard's blog might indicate that he knows Soren is alive and Soren is mad at him. http://frm24c.tumblr.com/post/141072615957/i-just-wanna-send-him-funny-memes-but-he-hates-me#notes

No. 105917

Zero writes just like Soren, are we sure she's even a person?

No. 105934

no, zero is definitely a person. i've followed her since before she met soren, back when she was a lot nicer & didn't write like him & wasn't an addict. i think he just influenced her personality a lot.

No. 105939

Anyway, here's an update on the Zero situation. Last night I sent her a polite ask informing her that Soren wasn't dead, linking her to his new blog @necromutilomania (including the selfie he posted). Because that's pretty substantial proof he's alive.

She's been active on tumblr since then, answered other asks, but completely ignored mine. So I think it's safe to say she's in on his lies.

No. 105940

I send an ask, too. But she ignored it. There was only one she answered, but that was without proof. (The one is linked somewhere here)

I bet she won't answer them, because then everybody knows the truth… I'm usually not a fan of such things (and I won't do it) but he deserves a callout post with every bullshit that's collected here.

I don't think that nothing has happend to this little psycho, but there is enough proof that it wasn't what he makes it out to be.

No. 105942

Exactly. And she posted stuff after I send my ask, so there is NO WAY she didn't see it. And as it seems I'm not the only one that send proof (I linked the post and the selfie as well)… so either she knows it or she is really blind to it, because for her Soren is like a god and he can't do wrong… either way: it's messed up.

No. 105944

*the URL and the selfie as well, not post, sorry.

No. 105967

probably worth mentioning that jem, whose url is harvestmooning, has been reblogging from nercochotic/necromutilomania and adding commentary about dolly as if they know one another… I'm certain that his other friends are aware that he's still alive and are covering for him as well

No. 105975

Ugh. How deep does this edgy rabbit hole go?

No. 105978

Funny, that she also has a Soren tag…


No. 105990

File: 1458060433104.jpeg (128.71 KB, 640x1002, image.jpeg)

no guyz, ur wrong, he's totes dead, gawd!!!

These people helping him and hiding the truth are really pissing me off. He needs to face up to his mistakes and deal with the consequences.

No. 105992

Links to her talking about Dolly?

No. 105994

No. 106005

Are they real people though? I think someone like Soren would go to the lengths of creating fake online friends. I know because when I was 13 I also did that. I created a tragic, edgy backstory in order to be able to keep up with the emo kids online and I made fake accounts to back my claims up. Though my story wasn’t nearly as bad as Soren’s and I didn’t exploit real people’s pasts.
I have a quite sheltered background so I don’t think anything bad has to have happened to Soren at all. Some people are just bored. Him being adopted already gives an explanation for a false sense of self-importance and a nee for a special backstory. Add some fetishes and mental issues et voilà. Glad I dropped that shit after a year or two.
Sorry for personal blog and all.

No. 106011

jem checks out as a real person. there are pictures of them together (can't be bothered to find them but I think someone has already post them to his thread). he's definitely made fake profiles to corroborate his story in the past—Danny's brother and sam's sister on the mcr blog were both made by him and he abandoned those accounts after a few weeks, and sam's tumblr obviously, but it was mostly reblogged content and next nothing personal, or anything else that required a lot of commitment. I'm sure we're going to see a tumblr for dolly surface sooner or later but he's not running jem, zero, or gee's blogs, afaik

No. 106015

Plus the pictures he says are sam are actually of gingerbronson on tumblr…

No. 106023

Do these people claim they met Sam in person? Or only that they knew her? I'm fairly new to the drama and haven't read the whole thread yet so sorry if I'm asking dumb questions.
But when I did this charade myself I would chat or exchange emails with others as one of my sock puppets (in this case that would be Sam).
God I did fucked up shit to other people online. I'm really ashamed thinking about it now.

Anyway, I can't think of a reason why others would back up his lies. Finding out Sam doesn't exist seems like a reason to cut ties with Soren and not a reason to help him.

No. 106025

Gerard reportedly did, possibly Jem as well and another friend named Zerrin "knew Sam". Zero and Mikey didn't talk to Soren before Sam "died" so I 100% doubt them knowing her but Zero likes to act like they were ~BFFs~ or some dumb shit

No. 106026

gee is the only one that claims to have known sam in person. but now that you mention it, yeah, there is a pretty good chance soren could have texted him pretending to be "sam" or sent/shown him pictures of other girls claiming they were her.

gee recorded himself talking about "sam" on his inkbats blog a while ago (i think it's been deactivated now) and if i remember correctly he mentions that she was "stunning" and an incredible person and all that. he also discusses some of their text conversations but never mentions seeing her in person.

No. 106036

this is so insane. if it weren't for tumblr would these people have taken up writing fantasy fiction? if tumblrs were around when stephen king was a kid would he have made 2edgy3me posts and made/killed off sock puppets to corroborate his horror narratives? i just don't understand. this is so much work, there are so many people involved, i don't understand how someone could devote their life to living out a falsehood just to get likes and reblogs. i don't even have time to live out my own life let alone a double one with mostly imaginary friends after faking my own suicide. how confusing that people are going along with this instead of living out their own lives as well. how do you even plan something like this out? how do you get people involved in this insanity? do they believe him or are they just unspeakably lonely too so they latched on to soren to live out a story that will get them asspats as well? i don't understand what it is about 'soren' that is so goddamn charming - people like deerhoof i can understand because she is cute, i know that is terrible to just up and admit to but soren is really just repulsive, physically and otherwise - he just seems like a disgusting human being inside and out and he revels in that. can a person like this survive without tumblr attention? there's no place for him in the "real" world. this is just really bizarre. and yet here we are discussing him. he's a ghost of himself

No. 106042

I relate so much to this. I wish I haven't come across this shit in my early teens.

No. 106052

He probably killed off Sam to protect his story, as is the catfish way

No. 106074

His tumblr is locked by password now…

No. 106076

Ugh, why did people bait him by messaging other people about him

No. 106084

Ugh. Of course if people are enabling him they're gonna tip him off. Now we have to wait for him to be chill again unless someone can guess the password.

No. 106092

Someone from Tumblr made a callout post about Soren which had a link to the thread in it.


No. 106099

>if tumblrs were around when stephen king was a kid would he have made 2edgy3me posts and made/killed off sock puppets to corroborate his horror narratives?
No because what King has is actual talent and the ability to create good stories. Soren is a fucked up psycho that wants attention

No. 106116

Jesus Christ. This was not necessary at all.
It's been said over and over that no good will come out of any sort of interaction with Soren, even if you're notifying other people of his new blog (anyone who needs to know is probably in on it, or aware).
You fucks can't just sit and watch, can you?

No. 106123

i agree! nice dubs by the way. king is excellent and admttedly not the best comparison, but i like him so he came to mind

i am just pondering what someone like soren would have done without a community to foster and egg on his fuckery. would he have gone on to do worse things or would he have channeled his proclivity for making up things elsewhere

No. 106130

Pretty fucking ironic that this person's blog is filled with the same type of shit as Soren's.
I've become deeply sickened by and jaded to this whole "tragically beautiful abused child" aesthetic. Anyone who's involved in it deserves scrutiny.

No. 106133

if tumblr user babydrool stalks/posts in this thread, honestly fuck you
you don't have any right to try and post about him and the thread
when your blog is into some sick shit, fuck off

No. 106137

This is by far the worst thing I've ever read through, disgusting waste of life.

No. 106140

If you've followed the blog before he locked it you can still visit it without a password. Hopefully I'm not the only person who followed, but if I am I'll post caps of anything particularly cringey/of relevance.

No. 106141

well like…the difference between soren & tumblr user babydrool is that babydrool is an actual csa survivor. so she can romanticise her own experiences if she wants, there's nothing wrong with that, it's a coping mechanism for a lot of people.

No. 106142

Ok, but it's an obvious tumblr aesthetic thing too

It's one thing to try and cope and another to be the edgy pastel grunge blogger

No. 106143

Sadly I don't have tumblr, so it would be cool if you would screencap the important stuff!

No. 106144

File: 1458080528438.jpg (20.28 KB, 640x198, spersonal1.jpg)

No. 106146

babydrool pls go and stay go
Keep your "coping mechanism" far the fuck away, it's nasty as fuck, can fuck other CSA survivors' shit up, and enables people like Soren.

No. 106150

WAAAIT… when I view it under "gorephilic" and not the other url, I can still see it? Someone asked about Dolly, too…

No. 106152

Romanticizing abuse isn't normal and shouldn't be accepted or encouraged. Anyone who does that needs serious help, sorry.

No. 106153


hi babydrool. that's such a gross tumblr way of thinking. just because you're a CSA survivor doesn't mean you can romanticize child abuse. in which fucking world is that a healthy "uwu coping mechanism"? go delude people elsewhere. also, your url makes me want to throw up.

No. 106154

File: 1458081076836.png (8.19 KB, 552x254, dollly.png)


Yeah, this is the ask. Anyone can see his blog on their dashboard if they go to gorephilic.tumblr.com. I don't follow him and I can still see it.


Seconded. It sheds a bad light on CSA survivors.

No. 106170

I think he blocked me lmao. Link?

No. 106172

NVM I figured it out :P

No. 106177

I sent this ask. I can't see his blog anymore tho so if someone can just keep up the screenshot posting that would be rad.

No. 106179

i can still so his blog. i'll screenshot anything important and if anyone else can still see his blog i suggest you do the same. haven't seen anything interesting so far. not surprised he's reblogging columbine shit though

No. 106181

Are these actual people or sock puppets with MCR names.

No. 106189

lol there's no way a heroin dealer would give this kid anything.

No. 106192

im not babydrool?? nice try though pal
yes, you have a few valid points. yes she has a gross url.
but i never said it was alright to romanticise child abuse in general. i said she could romanticise HER OWN life experiences because it's easier for the mind to view a traumatic event through that lens than see its actual magnitude.

No. 106194

I can't see his blog either. All there is is a picture of the rat from the movie Ratatouille. He fucking knows someone ratted on him.

No. 106196

i think you need a tumblr account to see it. it doesn't show as its own page, it only opens up within the dashboard

No. 106197

yep. just make a throwaway account if you want to see it and it should redirect to a dashboard version of his blog.

No. 106201

So the gorephilic is his blog? or is it the necromutilomania?

No. 106202

necromutilomania is password protected, not sure what's there but only side blogs can be password protected though so evidently he saved the url on a side blog. gorephilic is his blog and can be viewed on the tumblr dashboard.

No. 106221

can you only view from the dashboard if you're following?

No. 106222

No. 106230

my problem with babydrool is she's trying to act like some saint since she posted it

> people are still believing his lies, so i had to post it!!!!

No. You literally just wanted the attention onto yourself, you wanted people to come into your inbox and lick your asshole so you'd feel like a good person.
Short point, you're not.

No. 106232

No. 106233

New to this thread and my only though is: yeah NO. So I've been working for an anti-sex trafficking program for 3 years (2 as an intern in school, 1 as staff) and sex trafficking rings don't work like that. If there's ever been a giant warehouse in the United States where reams of children are raped and tortured by countless streams of sadistic men, it's news to me and everyone I work with (especially when you consider that my organization is in the state where PedoLandia supposedly existed). Child trafficking totally exists and it's horrible but it doesn't work like that. At all. Soren has some kind of imagination, fueled by 80s era Satanic ring fake stories, American Psycho, creepypasta, and tales of the deep web.

No. 106234

Babydrool here. I didn't want the attention on myself. I was talking to some of my mutuals about him earlier in the day and they were saying how he lied to them as well, and that there are still heaps of people that believe he's dead. It's not fair that he think's he can just start a new blog and get away with it. I know i made people made about the callout post and i am sorry. I probably should've waited or something idk. So yeah im sorry!

No. 106237

I that a lot of people can sympathize with the idea that "he can't just keep doing it, and get away with it." But there's literally nothing good that came out of your post, he's not going to magically seek help that he's already not getting. He's not going to apologize, just lay low. And I'm sure some of the people who were deeply devoted to him, will not care and just keep believing him as they have done thus far.
You made it to get attention, it's obvious.

I don't think I'll be the only person who agrees with you, and is pleasantly surprised that you came here to "say sorry". But it's still obvious as to why you created the post in the first place - for attention. You don't - have - to do anything, you wanted to.
You answered an ask about the thread, saying you didn't care about people talking about you in here. Good.
Get the fuck out of the thread, and stay out.

No. 106238

is it reaaaally you?

No. 106242

who the fuck is that on the tv?

No. 106243


courtney love

No. 106244

Courtney Love

No. 106246

Yeah i changed my url though. Also i didn't post it for attention. You can think that if you want though, go ahead but i know the truth. If i posted it for attention i think i would've been more dramatic tbh????? ALSO i don't need the attention nor do i want it !!! i don't like it. It can stay away.!!!!

No. 106249

> keeps coming back
> but doesn't care


No. 106251

You could've listened to people in thread who said repeatedly not to let him know, it doesn't matter if it was for attention or not

Why rush to make a call out post when you could've talked to people instead of waiting for real receipts

Not to mention the questionable url and aesthetic

No. 106252

No. 106253

I didn't message him or alert him. Whats done is done. Sorry you're not happy about it, but what do you want me to do? This is the last time im replying. Have a nice night/day wherever you are :-)

No. 106256

Can we report this guy to the fbi? Surely analysis of his computer would throw up some cp.

No. 106261

File: 1458098187361.jpg (9.25 KB, 667x182, lmao.jpg)

No. 106262

You can make an anonymous tip to crimestoppers

No. 106263

he deactivated faggotuglyhfukcingdickballs a few minutes ago lmao

No. 106266

damn he sure loves using "faggot" I can't even take this middle school edge

No. 106267

that's so funny. like, people aren't leaving you alone because you keep doing the same stupid shit. can't you just stop being a "stupid faggot"?

No. 106268

He honestly has zero redeeming qualities, such a pathetic waste of space, makes my skin crawl.

No. 106272

Super unlikely, but I hope he comes out with his real story.

No. 106305

It's probably boring as hell.

Someone actually does need to report him to someone

No. 106315

Who are we able to report him to? I'm from Australia so i don't know if i can. I'm not sure how this stuff works

No. 106317

I'm from the UK, so I'm not sure either. It does need to be flagged up though, for sure. I mean, I'm against anons getting involved in shit like Ember pretending to be anorexic and reporting her to hospitals that really don't give a shit, but this is actually a matter of someone watching/writing/fantasising about CP and murder.

Is he American?

No. 106319

Yes. They live in San Diego CA.

No. 106320

Would an American citizen have to report them? I feel like because we're from different countries there isn't anything we can really do!!

No. 106321

No, I reported someone for cp from Canada and they transfered it to LA where the person lived

No. 106329

Oh ok thanks for the input!! I'll definitely see what i can do.

No. 106330

File: 1458123302138.jpeg (46.62 KB, 640x446, image.jpeg)


No. 106339

How'd you do it, and can you do it for him too?

No. 106340

i smell bullshit. one minute he's a socially inept, delicate flower bogged drown with trauma, the next's he's a dealer & a smackhead.

i think you can report cp anywhere in the world on the iwf website? https://www.iwf.org.uk/

No. 106341

what is it with /snow and people always wanting to report shit. it was kind of fun in the shop lifter thread but now it's just pathetic.

No. 106342

yeah i supplied the iwf link because someone asked for it, but i wouldn't report anything unless it was out & out images of child abuse. i don't imagine there's much you can do about someone's writing tbh.

No. 106345

plus that's really not how dealing works. at least not in my country. those people on the streets are mostly illegal immigrants selling weak weed mixed with herbs to tourists. hard drugs are sold in flats. no awkward walking away. cocaine has its own subsystem. I bet he never even touched heroine, cocaine or whatever he claims to be selling and gets his ideas from bad movies.

No. 106351

I agree, he probably isn't part of some large complex drug system, I think he just has some fuckhead friends who can find heroin and he sells to other fuckhead 12 year olds. They're probably just too stupid to deal "properly". He has posted pics of heroin so I'm basing my assumption off that but maybe he just googled for pics

No. 106355

Dude, it's fucking child porn, that's something to report. I agree the other stuff is bullshit, but this is serious. The kid is clearly a danger to others.

No. 106358

Is there any proof of him actually owning child porn or any indication for him planning to abuse someone? From what I gather it's just a mixture of gore, creepy pasta and 90s movies. Fucked up but not relevant under criminal law. But I digress. Do whatever you want.

No. 106359

Can you prove without a doubt that he is in possession of CP, or refer the authorities to his stash?
Don't make a frivolous report just because something grosses you out.
I'm pretty sick of oft-hypocritical Tumblrinas like fucking babydrool and moralfags who want to call the authorities on everything (remember when someone called a suicide hotline on PT, and then later tried to rat her out for molesting a kid based on what two British trolls claimed?) trying to ruin everything for the sake of their own moral compass. Sometimes, people on the internet are absolutely disgusting and abhorrent, and you are powerless to ever truly stop them. Deal with it.

No. 106372


That's actually a common theme I've come across with CSA survivors online/IRL/in true crime stories before. They have some elaborate story about being a victim of gang rape by hobos/people trafficking/pedophile ring conspiracy/satanic cult/government brainwashing experiment/ect and then it turns out they just got molested by their step-dad and that's it.

It's almost always for sympathy, maybe sympathy they felt they never got as a child, which is why they go so overboard, no one paid attention when they just got touched up like too many other people go through but there'll sure be attention when they hear the Hostel fanfictions.

Plus if you actually went through anything like that you wouldn't want to tell anyone about it never mind be pretty much boasting about it perpetually.

No. 106386


Are you him or from Tumblr because I seriously can't tell

No. 106411

It's really disturbing to think about that there might be teenagers who open up to him about their own abuse and he might have used some of these details for his own story.

At least that's a common pattern for people with "Munchausen by Internet" where they will steal pictures or stories from other people to make their own made up shit more believable.

No. 106417

Jesus Christ anon, not everybody writes as grammatically correct as you.

No. 106443

Agreed. I remember a year or two ago I opened up to him about my CSA/trauma. I'm just glad he at least never used any of my story for his!

No. 106448

Yeah, it seems most of his story has come from bad movies/creepypasta because of how unrealistic it all is. I really do hope he hasn't used some random person's story though.

No. 106491

Has he posted anything else of interest?

No. 106493

Not as of yet, no. I (and I'm sure others, too.) will post any important things he posts or reblogs, etc.

No. 106494

File: 1458168269857.png (142.03 KB, 573x572, Untitled.png)

My bad! Actually, in the tags of one reblog, he DID essentially confirm that his relationship with Gerard has gone to shit.

No. 106496


Actually, stealing someone else's story and using it as his own isn't the worst part.

Considering the speculations in this thread, knowing he might get off on hearing about kids being abused is truly terrifying. Apparently that wasn't clear enough in my first post.

And most teenagers wouldn't even think twice about sharing intimate details with another teenager if they trusted them.

No. 106497

Oh, the irony. Soren must be one of the most revoltingly manipulative people ever. Gerard probably got sick of eating the bullshit Soren fed him.

No. 106498

Someone bait Gerard for info!

No. 106500


This is unrelated to any of the shit going on right now but

Why is his neck the way it is? It looks like he's wearing a skin turtleneck

No. 106501

Do you have some of these pictures? I find it really hard to believe he deals with anything but crumpets and herbs. I also find it hard to believe a dimwitted kid like him could get hands on heroin and sell it instead of getting addicted.
I’m not doing or buying drugs myself but since I know a lot of people who do his stories sound so made up. Most people know their dealer. Like he’s not their friend but they have conversations, talk about the stuff they’re buying and maybe do a line or two together. This buying-drugs-in-a-street-corner shit is such a cliche. And it’s dumb as fuck to brag about it online. Bragging about buying drugs is already moronic but bragging about selling could actually get your ass busted.

No. 106503

LOL i wonder about his neck every time i the photo at the top of this thread. he looks awful

No. 106504

I was just about to say that!! It's like he has a fat roll or something, but his neck can't be that fat?

No. 106505

No. 106507

File: 1458169996641.jpg (309.99 KB, 1280x1258, tumblr_o1lhftQZWF1v1p4xxo1_128…)

btw here's that selfie he deleted. just because.

No. 106508

I don't think he was dealing heroin, just purchasing it. He was probably dealing xanax because he said something before about wanting to sell it.

No. 106511

I keep wondering what his ethnicity is. He's got such unfortunate features

No. 106513

He probably wasn't dealing anything at all.

No. 106515

True. I mean, if he can lie about being in a CP abuse ring, then it's probably not beyond him to lie about this too.

No. 106516

i'm inclined to agree, i keep thinking back to what the Real Sam said about how everything that comes out of soren's mouth is a lie. except for having a mom.

No. 106520

File: 1458171042018.jpg (77.31 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

So babyshit's blog seems to have vanished?

(Ignore my tabs, I'm too lazy to crop)

No. 106523

Cherrybath is the new URL

No. 106526

Neck roll in action ew ew

No. 106528

He is Indian (Not native american but actually from India lol)

No. 106532

I'd like to debunk the coat hanger abortion part of the story.

Coat hanger abortions are notoriously risky because it's actually very difficult to get the coat hanger past the cervix. You to know the right amount to pressure required to do so. If you are able to do this, it's extremely easy to perforate the delicate uterine wall and even the bowel which, if left untreated, means death.

Finally, Soren goes into gory detail about the outcome of 'Sam's' coat hanger abortion. It is very very very unlikely for a coat hanger abortion to instantly cause the woman to pass the tissue related to the pregnancy. The methodology behind using a coat hanger is to trigger a miscarriage which usually happens 2 to 3 days after the use of the coat hanger.

More proof that Soren is just a sick little child who needs help.

No. 106534

Needs, but doesn't deserve.

No. 106559

Forgot to mention this but I'm pretty sure Soren isn't adopted, either.
I was hospitalized with him once and his family looked pretty damn related.

No. 106565

Love, how honeybottledrip (it's the same as with Soren, you still can see her stuff on the dashbord) is playing the victim card, even after she has seen this thread AND his selfie… either she's in with it (which I believe) or she has been tricked and is in a state of denial.

No. 106567

File: 1458180957509.png (62.9 KB, 667x872, Unbenannt.png)

No. 106568

I remember finding her Tumblr when she was bratpills before I heard about all this Soren stuff & I've always found her irritating as fuck. She tries so hard to come across as this hard-arse druggy with an alcohol problem, it seems prevalent in all these ~carebear/honey/benzos&smack/MCR~ type blogs to emulate the worst aspects of idk fucking Gerard Way and Bert McCracken (sp?) circa 2004. It wasn't particularly interesting when shmegeh was doing it and it's cringey as fuck now.

Lol she is so whiny and overdramatic.

No. 106570

I don't see why someone would keep denying it when there's tons of proof that Soren is alive. Just give up already…

No. 106572

Oh but don't you get it? The dead boyfriend narrative adds to the drama of her tragic back-story; how else will she vaguepost and wallow in misery spurred on by followers without it?~

No. 106573

In what way did his "family" tell her that he was dead?

No. 106574

i don't know why she's not going with the "oh my god soren lied to me and used me i'm so sad" thing, because that's what would make her seem like the Biggest Victim Of All Time instead of just a plain ol' liar

No. 106577

File: 1458181912055.png (32.67 KB, 540x126, Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.5…)

honeybottledrip sent an ask to babydrool/cherrybath. just being a dramatic attention seeking liar

No. 106586

I'm sure she will in the next couple of weeks when this milk begins to dry up & Soren either fakes his death again or admits he's still around.

No. 106587

I guess most people outside of this forum aren't aware of all the bullshit, then. Whoops.

No. 106591

She lies anyways… "they" (him) posted on his old account to say shit like "Thanks for all the support" and shit like that.

She doesn't need to reflect on anything, als long as they both keep being in this wheel of lies.

At least he seems to stop bawling about his CSA lies at least for now… it seems like drugs are cooler. ;O

No. 106598

i can't imagine him owning up to faking his death tbh

No. 106603

i feel like she'd rather perpetuate his lies than seem gullible enough to have fallen for them ?? like she's built this edgy-heroin-addict street smart persona & admitting she fell for soren's bullshit would totally contradict that

No. 106613

I have a really strong urge to start talking to him, being romantic/flirty and hook, line and sinking him into a "relationship" with me. Mostly so he'll confide in me and I'll be able to get stories and details about his lies and possibly some truth about his life then dropping him like a hot plate.

No. 106614

Exactly! Whether she knows he's alive or not (let's be real, she knows). She can't let people know because she'll look like the dumb, naïve, easy manipulated teen (or rather - little girl) that she really is then that will be it for her 'Internet fame'.

No. 106615

That's fucked up anon, but I was thinking of doing the same thing.

No. 106619

It is but it's not like he doesn't deserve it, especially since you've thought about it too.
Even though that'll be nothing compared to what he's done to others, it'd be great to give him a slither of a taste of his own medicine! I just wish my conscience was nonexistent when it comes to him.

No. 106655

Hey everyone i hope you don't mind me posting on here. It's Sophie (babydrool/cherrybath). I originally thought Zero (honeybottledrip) was in on it all and was lying as well but i genuinely think they believe Soren is dead. I don't know why they won't just look at all the proof though. It's kinda infuriating. Maybe they want the sympathy and attention still i'm not sure. Also would it be ok if i add the photo you posted of Soren that you took from his new blog and added it to my post? I'm certain that he must know about my post and this thread. I don't think he's going to delete or anything though. Because he's got code names for all his characters now i think he thinks that's enough for him to stay under the radar and deny that it's actually him. And if he was going to remake or something he probably would've done it by now. I won't do anything until i hear back though. Sorry again to the people that weren't happy with my post.

No. 106656

Go ahead. Make sure to add a pic from his old blog tho

No. 106657

Good idea. I didn't even think about that. :-)

No. 106662

Alright i posted it. I'm really hoping Zero see's it lmfao

No. 106669

if she's not lying then why would she say that soren's parents contacted her? that is obviously a lie since he is not dead.

No. 106674

Maybe he asked someone else to pretend to be his parents and contact her. It wouldn't be hard to fake it

No. 106681

Ugh, it genuinely wouldn't surprise me at all if he did that.

No. 106683

File: 1458217984511.png (19.6 KB, 555x351, guvking awful.png)


He was still living with his parents so he could have easily just sent it himself. I think that's why Zero still think he's dead, she saw his hair as proof.

Oh, and Zero posted this.

No. 106685

Even Soren in his new fucking tumblr admitted that he faked a suicide, why is so hard to understand?

No. 106686

He did? He only did say, that he's glad, that he isn't the same person as before. It was implied but for her - if she really IS in denial - I think he must go up to her and TELL her that he's Soren. And he won't do it… because IF she really doesn't know, if she's really hurt and can't believe it because it is too much, this piece of shit of Soren wouldn't care. He doesn't care which people he hurts. He is the hurt one, he needs help in his world. He is a self-centered psychopath.

No. 106690

I meant this post >>105320 too.
But I'm not sure what is going on, since the anon talked with Sam I don't pay too much attention to this thread. Soren it's a lost cause. Even after people called him out and all his stories were debunked, he is still with the same thing. And it's sad seeing other people sad because they really think he's dead, or maybe Zero knows it all and she just follow his lies.

No. 106692

Ah, yes, you're right… it's basically a confession, I didn't play much attention… lol. Why is she still denying?

No. 106696

Because to accept that it was all a lie would mean he's a piece of shit faker and she would have to let go of all the "ERMAGHERD pain and agony of her tragic lost lover angel".

No. 106701

Well… she would've a new story to tell… it's her chance to grab some more attention.

No. 106706

Btw. did she delete the answered asks? I only see her this ranting >>106683 , but >>106567 seems gone. Dunno why she deleted it, if she's so sure, that it's true?

No. 106721

OT but i found this video on his youtube where you can see his face more clearly and i'm laughing. how unfortunate. he's got a face not even a mother could love

No. 106734

pretty sure he's not trans but biologically male.

No. 106736

File: 1458233309085.jpg (49.47 KB, 310x459, Kierkegaard.jpg)

Completely unrelated, but the name the name Soren always makes me think of Soeren Kierkegaard. Kind of funny that it’s a nordic name and Soren looks… well everything but nordic. And it’s either Søren, Soeren or Sören, what is Soren even supposed to be..

No. 106740

wouldn't surprise if he was just some weedy dude pretending to be ftm for more oppression points & to bulk out his back-story.

No. 106741

*wouldn't be surprised

No. 106743

I really don't want to say anything good about this piece of shit, but there is a picture floating around with his scars. Could be faked but maybe that's one of the things that made him into a psychopath… not sure, tho. In his older pictures (somewhere in this thread) he looks androgyn at least.

No. 106747

Soren (and all variations of it) is a great name. This abominable fucker doesn't deserve it.

Also OT but Kierkegaard gives me so many feels. I want to climb up into a tree during the summer afternoon and read his philosophy.

No. 106749

This is not the face/voice of a biological female. Even after hormone therapy.

No. 106750

just noticed he talks about "sam" in this video. about "feeling safe and smelling like coffee". kek

No. 106755

>what is Soren even supposed to be..
I believe he said it's based off Sora from Kingdom Hearts

No. 106758

i should add:

>1:52 he starts doing fucking push ups on the bed

>2:50 "yeah i was kidnapped and abused by sams father. and it was a sexual thing, but i-i thought it was for love. i think everything is for love"
>3:23 "i'm trying. like i want to kill myself all the fucking time but i'm trying. and i think i'm filthy and i don't know myself, but i want to think i'm clean."
>5:10 calls gerard his "bestest friend" and says that he "adores him"
>7:00 says his biggest fear is men while slurping soda. "men. i'm very scared of men. VERY scared."

he mumbles so much though jfc. this video might be important later, especially the part where he talks about being kidnapped so i saved it

No. 106760

it would be so easy for him to fake his "surgery scars" too… some lip liner and done

No. 106775

i'm pretty sure soren's transition is the only thing he's actually not lying about. on a lot of his earlier posts on his mcr blog, he refers to himself as a girl and a lesbian and refers himself as "ciel" instead of soren


i doubt his mom was the secretly prescribing him testosterone & such, though. that doesn't sound like something she'd be able to do as a PA.

also weird that the post mentions how losing sam made him feel like getting his head dunked underwater and having fingernails ripped off, when those were details from the trauma narrative? it makes me wonder how long he was sitting on the fake story before he started claiming it as his lived experience

No. 106780

The coat hanger abortion thing proves its bullshit. Coat hangers don't actually cause a miscarriage, they injure the uterus, so that a person could get a "medical emergency" abortion, before voluntary abortion was legal.

No. 106781

There are a whole lot of guys on tumblr pretending to be lesbians (out of social justice-inspired self-hatred, fetishes, etc.)

No. 106785

OK. Just a theory here.

Let's imagine soren or whatever really did get molested or went through some kind of trauma/possibly sexual abuse, by a male

Obviously not like the crazy stories but let's just say it happened

Let's also assume soren is a bio male and not ftm

Is it not too unrealistic to imagine that soren hates men because he was abused by one, and in turn hates his own sex, so to cope with it makes up the ftm story?

It's also possible soren is ftm, but they don't really show too many signs of female testosterone use

Often I'd think this would cause a bio male to instead become mtf, but not necessarily. lots of people who think they are trans are actually attempting transition because of sexual abuse - it's one of the things shrinks are supposed to look out for before agreeing to hormone therapy. So I can see how it'd be construed into a gender conflict in sorens head.

Is sorens dad present? I only read about the mom. If he's not present it's also possible the lack of a father/figure is part of the cause of his male hate/intensely low self esteem - no molestation needed

Ofc all theories, there's a thousand reasons soren could be the way he is

He obviously is very mentally/socially stunted. I think this make believe story life is very typical of preteens on the Internet. I remember reading similar fabricated tales by peers when I first went online in maybe 2002? So this really isn't that unusual imo, just inappropriate for his age

No. 106790

that would explain why he says he "identifies as cis" in his answering questions youtube video, which is… kind of a ridiculous thing for a transgender person to say tbqh.

i go through jem's soren tag a lot because she's the only person in his posse who seems to actually be in close proximity to him irl & has been for a long time, and she has talked about soren's dad. one of the posts tagged with his name also includes something about how his dad used to call him "scooby" or something. i don't know what the current situation with him is, though––like if he's dead or negligent or an absentee. whatever, the case, i doubt they're close

No. 106792

Has anyone actually met him/his family irl? (Other than the real sam )?

Or is it all implications and such? It is common in some groups of Internet friends to indirectly claim having met/talked to family members - when they haven't really and are only going off the deceit of the fabricator (who may even be pretending to be their own parents)

Sorry if this jem is a confirmed irl friend and I'm just missing deets

Whatever the case, I doubt either of his parents are actually all that involved. If real Sam's family have really gotten a lawyer involved over all this shit, you'd imagine his parents would be more restricting about Internet access

Perhaps they seem him as a lost cause idk

No. 106794

I think nothing ever happened to him. He’s just bored and perverted. I’m the anon who admitted to having made up stories in my teens as well. I also pretended to be a boy. I have never been abused or anything, my parents are great. I think only people who haven’t experienced actual abuse can get into pretending to have been abused because they don’t know the true horror or the shame. The moment something really bad happened to me I dropped this shit.
Today’s internet culture makes kids believe they have to have a troubled past to be accepted by their peers. And if your life is perfect you better get creative.

No. 106795

File: 1458245187318.png (355.69 KB, 359x640, soren.PNG)

yeah, jem's a confirmed irl friend. here are some old pictures of them together from soren's deactivated blog

No. 106797

But why would he carve "Fuckmeet" into his butchered arm, when nothing ever happend to him?

I mean: Would someone without problems do that? I'm sure he made up shit, but there has to be something wrong with him at some point.

No. 106801

Eh, I'm not sure about the ftm thing. He's pretty chubby, and has been for a long while. I've never seen any signs of breasts or (even with breast binding there would be some due to his weight). Plus, he's very young to have had the surgery already, surely?

No. 106803


No. 106804

He craves attention

No. 106806

Idk anon I was being abused at home (Neglect and emotional abuse though, nothing sexual) and used to make up all kinds of fanciful bullshit, because I knew if I told the truth to anyone I was taking the chance that the authorities would get involved, which could potentially mean my sibling who wasn't abused and needed to stay in the care of my parent being handed over to the authorities. But I still wanted attention, comfort and acknowledgement that I was suffering from the people around me.

No. 106813

Yes, anon. They would.

No. 106817

Kids as young as 15 have gotten double mastectomies. But his features don't read as biologically female.

No. 106818

definitely. girls at my old high school would carve shapes and words into their arms all the time. even during class. purely for attention. they have a fine life and a healthy brain, they're just dumb attention whores.

when you're in these edgy tumblr communities and the only members are impressionable kids, this is going to happen all the time. just over a year ago a girl on tumblr admitted that she faked being transgender mtf, faked being abused and faked being another race. obviously soren's story is painfully fake, but don't be surprised if he's never been abused, is lying about the drugs, and about being ftm.

yeah he just looks like an ugly midget nerd

No. 106820

Looks just like a fakeboi to me.

No. 106821

He wishes. Soren is 100% born male.

No. 106822

Are you blind? That thing has a vagina.

No. 106824

You know compulsive attention seeking is a mental illness too, right? You cannot call someone who would self harm to that extent mentally healthy just because you don't feel sympathy towards their motivation.

No. 106825

I mean if he's willing to lie about being in a CP abuse sex ring, with kids being used as fuckmeat, etc, etc, I really wouldn't put lying about being a fakeboi past him

No. 106831

Nope, which is why I can see that that thing is definitely in possession of a penis

No. 106841

I'm surprised his sex is still a discussion in here. It's obvious he's ftm, he wrote about it in his abuse story.

No. 106844

His abuse story is already full of lies, of course people would be suspicious about his FTM claim.

No. 106846

it's been mentioned before but Real Sam said herself that everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

No. 106847

It's. A. Fakeboi. It literally looks like any other fat, short fakeboi. Especially here >>106795
I think you just don't want to accept the fact that this shit was made up by someone who has a vagina.

No. 106850

He doesn't do anything that a normal fakeboi does though. I know he has a vagina, again, he mentions it in his abuse story but says he's ftm. So what don't you understand?

No. 106851

I didn't say he doesn't have a mental illness I said I don’t think something really bad happened in his past. Or at least I don't think it's likely.
He might have something mentally wrong with him - genetically. That was the case with me which is why I made up stuff because it was weird that I felt so bad even though I came from a happy background. I invented things to explain my feelings and behaviour externally.

No. 106853

Just because he said something in his story doesn't mean it's true? Like it is literally all a bunch of lies. Don't be using that as evidence.

No. 106854

Nah, I get the feeling he was probably sexually abused. This elaborate story is his fucked up ways coping and getting attention, as previous anons have suggested

No. 106858

It doesn't sound fake.
He has literally done nothing to prove that he's a "fakeboi".
In >>106795 out of all of the outfits in this picture, the only one that's girl representative is the bottom right hand corner, forget the character but it's a girl (panty and stocking I think??? I'm pretty sure it's stocking.)
The one in the top right corner is the guy from persona, and the other pictures are just regular clothing

the one with the flower crown is the same stocking character I believe

No. 106859

I agree, he probably went through SOMETHING but it was not at all to the extent he narrates it as being.

No. 106860

I really don't get why people think something bad must have happened to someone to make up this shit. 00s RPG-forums were full of stuff like this. The only difference here is that this dude claims it's his life-story and not that of some invented character.

ok soren.

No. 106861

same anon
I guess yeah it's weird that he is cosplaying as stocking
but he doesn't do anything the tumblrinas do, in his posts he denounces them

I know there's a sample in the thread, 2lazy2scrollup but he said how stupid it was for someone to be oppressed or? w/e

No. 106862

Not referring to Soren specifically, but it's really jarring that stuff that would have been ignored or brushed off 10-15 years ago is now treated as shocking.

No. 106863

>I know he has a vagina

No. 106865

so is he supposed to magically grow a penis??

you obviously haven't been on lolcow to know the definition of fakeboi, and are just using the term to try and feel like you're a part of the thread when you're not contributing to it

here >>105364

educate yourself

No. 106867

Same anon.

Also: His story isn’t even made up in the sense that any of this is his idea. I bet if someone put the effort in one could easily track back every part of his story to some 90s/00s movie like butterfly effect or books like A Child Called "It".

No. 106868

but he's not ftm of fakeboi he's just a lying real boy

No. 106869

I would LOVE to see someone find what this shit is (possibly, he probably came up with shit on his own) ripped off from. I'm sure a lot of it is from some guro manga or some shit, at least the gory parts lmao

No. 106870

I don't have a strong opinion of whether he is male or female, but I'm open to the possibility that he also lied about being trans. It wouldn't be hard to lie about that and make it sound believable. It's difficult to believe any word that comes out of this kid's mouth.

No. 106873

Amen to this. People are getting too caught up on what's between this kid's legs.
He's a lying POS regardless.

No. 106874

So… the video is private now?

No. 106875

has he posted anything interesting recently?

No. 106876

obviously knows the thread exists, and is trying to hide stuff

No. 106881

I'm pretty sure it's mostly modified ripp offs. Like really small parts from different stories. Autobiographies, movies, mangas, other online-friends stories..
I wasn't shocked by his story because a lot of it sounds familiar. It's like he mashed up the worst parts of several books and movies. It’s a collage.


He does and I bet he’s fueling the „something bad must have happened to him“-interpretation It’s the only exit for him. Saying „Im sorry guys, I lied but I really was raped it just wasn’t like this… but I felt like my problems weren’t bad enough so I invented stuff. I’m SO traumatized.“ I bet a lot of people would still have sympathy for him, especially if he added some fancy mental illness into the mix. Like what tumblrina would be angry with a ftm rape-victim?

No. 106883

he changed his url AGAIN lmfao


he password protected gorephile as well

No. 106886

Oh my god.
Alternately, you're an angry tranny because I've been around since staminarose tanked. It has a vagina, it's an attention seeker, it's a fakeboi.

No. 106887

it has a vagina

No. 106889

"Fakeboi" can be interchangeable with ftm, not everyone is politically correct and honestly fuck some ms paint chart supposedly "debunking" the personal ability to call an attention seeking trans male a fakeboi.

No. 106899

if someone could continue posting screenshots for those of us who still can't see his tumblr that would be fab ok

No. 106900

Yes! Let's get back to the real matter at hand I beg of you haha

No. 106901

he changed it back again within a few minutes

this guy is definitely watching this thread like a hawk

No. 106904

Sorry, he has literally nothing to offer. I guess he needs to come up with a nice lie to hide his ass.

He RTs some shit, but only tags it with #doll or #little bug

Oi, Soren.
I'm bored! Give us something. You want the attention? Do something for it, fuckboi.

No. 106949

Yeah, literally nothing of interest. Just edgy drugs & blood shit and a few things tagged #little bug #doll or #bear

Not sure who "bear" is, though?

No. 106951

Bear is Jem, his IRL friend.

No. 106960

I've worked with both boys and girls that have been -horribly- sexually abused and almost all of them are extremely developmentally delayed because of it. One girl I remember was raped when she was 2 and at 14, had the mentality of a 5 year old. It was sad and so fucked up.

Anyway, I guess my point is, if this person was really abused to this degree, there is no goddamn way they'd be using a computer doing all this shit. NO GODDAMN WAY.

It's infuriating to me that they'd make this shit up for attention when there are kids out there whose lives have been completely and utterly ruined because of what has happened to them. Disgusting.

No. 106972

not sure if its been mention but,the "sam" facebook has been deactivated

No. 107011

I'm still angry about this shit.

Soren, you're genuine scum. And mean scum, not ~~scum~~ aesthetic. You're ugly inside and out. Fuck this noise.

No. 107036

I remember reading about a woman who was in a child abuse ring for all her life or something like that and she was so fucked up, she developed multiple personality disorder and yeah, many of those personality had different ages. The fact that Soren went throught all this shit and can live normally is so weird.

No. 107037

if it was Sam Clementine (the real Sam), then maybe Soren tried to contact her after found her again in this thread
if it was Sam with the Ginger pictures, then maybe Soren is making a progress. or maybe not and he is going to create another story

No. 107038

The real Sam Clementine is still around, the fake profile is gone.

How can anyone still deny that he's guilty? He deletes selfies, accounts etc. pp. because he reads all this shit…

No. 107105

Never underestimate the power of snowflake delusions. They are truly a sight to behold since they can resist all but the most savage callouts.

No. 107243

Seems like a guro fetishist roleplayer. Lot of layers to it but they totally jumped the shark on more than a couple of things. 4/10

No. 107258

I typed out a massive reply to this mentioning things like how do kids have the time to reference kingdom hearts whilst being raped, how do they have the time to go to parties whilst one of them were part of a paedophile ring, how did his parents not notice any cuts or scars or bruises? How did Sam's body get identified and found so easily? There'd be no-one to identify her if her father was the one who sold her (but didn't really cause she still lived at home? not how trafficking works as far as I'm concerned) and many other things, like how Sam and him were the only two left alive in multiple snuff films (why would they stay alive like I can't watch horror films never mind actual snuff films, NEVERMIND child snuff films so I'm going out on a limb here (no pun intended))

But it doesn't add up. I can't decide what's worse - lying about it all or lying about it all badly.

No. 107260

Also all most his fake names pretty much relate to anime, even his. Shiloh especially for a "little girl"

No. 107263

Holy shit

No. 107272

The rare amount of people that are from chan boards get confused because tumblrtards make sure to properly gender it according to its delusions.

Soren is incredibly ugly. Has no one pointed out pedos do have some standards and he would not be this great CP star, a "favorite" because of his "shy nature" or whatever. He would have been sent straight to the snuff film department.

No. 107274

Yeah, a lot of shit in his story makes absolutely no sense. He says he got to go home afterwards, every day, which is fucking idiotic. They wouldn't let him leave if he were really a part of one of these rings. You don't get to go home.

They should've died from a lot of these injuries, or even just from shock, at a lot of points. I think at one point one of them got literally fucked with a knife or something? You don't just live through that without medical attention.

And I had thought about that, why they were kept alive… I suppose because they were the "stars", but wouldn't that just make something involving their death more valuable?

No. 107277

Don't know if anyone has mentioned it but I remember back in the sicklefawn/shyfawn days (before hurtc0re), Soren talked about how Sam's dead body was found on the side of the road in Minnesota and he told the FBI months before it happened that she was missing and they just…didn't…care. The FBI supposedly didn't care about a child porn/prostitution ring and a dead trafficked girl…Okay.

I wish I had screenshots of it because it just makes his fake story look even dumber.

Also, I love how Soren posted the ~totally real~ comments on the CP (>>101810) like even if it was real, that just means he was admitting to watching CP like…Okay x2.

No. 107281

>Soren too ugly to be CP star
>would have been sent straight to the snuff department

This is so wrong but I laughed so hard

No. 107286

File: 1458358893516.png (39.02 KB, 521x613, shyfawn.png)

I was looking at the blog of someone who has nothing to do with Soren and saw this. Worst part is it has 500+ notes and comments like "This is the most beautiful thing I've ever read" and "I love this". Ugh.

No. 107287

>Courtney love's dress

No. 107342

File: 1458389899378.png (39.08 KB, 850x473, Unbenannt.png)

I hope he means "Bye" like in "I'm so ashamed of myself and everybody found out so I'm going to leave tumblr and stop my behaviour." - BUT I guess he either wants someone to kiss his ass like "Bby pwease donT Goooo! Ily <3" or simply has a new tumblr.

No. 107343

I hate so much the "bye", it's like "I'm going to pretend to kill myself"

No. 107346

That's def what he wants people to think. This trick is so old

No. 107349

Haha oh please, he's done this so many times. He'll be back in a week or less, he always is!

No. 107350

I cannot believe I actually forgot to post this! Here's his personal posts from his old sideblog back when he was sicklefawn/hurtc0re! (I'm sorry if I didn't archive it properly since this is my first time archiving. It's just one "endless scroll" kind of page, not multiple pages.)

No. 107352

His blog is still up (at least for now lmao) btw!!! http://fawncry.tumblr.com/

No. 107356

Oh my god the irony is killing me

"& that fucking kid yesterday who told me grow up im still fucking pissed about that fuck u, u disgusting little scum on the bottom of my fucking shoe. im not the one fucking faking every goddamn aspect of my life"

No. 107357

You did well, anon, you did well

No. 107361

No. 107376

>#hopefully they break up w their bfs & kill themselves or smth #im laughing so hard tho all their urls r priceless #like who hurt u u fuckig faggot #if u have the word angel in ur url u should probably just slit ur wrists right now lets be real #ref
This coming from someone with the URL "fawncry". Can't stand this hypocritical piece of shit.

No. 107377

He's just so punchable.

No. 107381

im so fawncry, can u taste the c0re

No. 107382

No. 107384

Why do people keep doing this?! It's just gonna make him run off again.

No. 107386

This. Stop this shit. If you want to compile info on him, make your own text file, drop it on pastebin, save it on a USB, post it on a password-protected blog only a select few can have the password to and fucking post it here for extra safekeeping if you want.
Nothing can be gained from this. He'll just get angry messages, delete his blog, and then crop up again in a while under a new name and identity, maybe even a brand new story. We'll be the ones losing out because not only will these "callout posts" be rendered useless once the "person" is gone, we'll have to search for him all over again.
He did it with the MCR shit. Everyone thought he was done after saying someone committed suicide and getting called out on it, but he just reappeared a few years later with an even more fucked up tale.

No. 107387

These kids would have been around 3-4 years old when Kingdom Hearts came out, why the fuck would the dog be named Demyx?

No. 107390

i didn't do it, and i don't think the person who did it even goes here. i was just posting the link.

No. 107391

>i don't think the person who did it even goes here.
Bullshit. Pretty much all of their evidence is taken directly from this thread, including screencaps, that conversation with the real Sam, etc.
If you're reading this, fucking stop.

No. 107392

File: 1458405058514.png (20.93 KB, 691x333, shady.png)


A blank blog with a bunch of random letters for a url reblogged that post and added this…This reeks of Soren.

Also, I don't like people calling him out publicly either but I'm kinda glad that people are realizing that he's a liar. (I didn't create that blog, either, god no.)

No. 107393

gothicprep.tumblr.com is the person who made the callout blog, so you can go bother her.

No. 107394

File: 1458405287821.png (26.97 KB, 552x474, yallllll.png)


My bad for double posting, but I just looked at Zero's blog and saw this…You think she's catching on? Maybe she realizes that she can't keep covering for him.

No. 107404

File: 1458407941748.png (19.26 KB, 551x378, fenriir.png)

Fenriir who used to post in the hurtc0re tag constantly got this ask. Lol @ "tried to talk to him through my ouija board".

I didn't send that ask but whoever did, don't. It seems like all of Soren's friends are getting asks like this and it's just gonna make him run away. Lay off.

No. 107413


"You need to find something better to do then stalk someone on the internet"


No. 107415

File: 1458411945665.jpeg (79.2 KB, 640x523, image.jpeg)

No. 107429

her response literally makes no sense. "who ares blah blah none of it matters it's over with " ???? she could've at least made her reaction more believable if she kept going on about how soren is dead lmao

No. 107439

considering how hysterical she's gotten about soren this seems really odd? also she made a grovelling post about ginger bronson:

>@gingerbronson is so dreamy & kind all the time & finds the good and beauty in situations no matter what. she is so inspiring & lovely & strong like a small rose in heavy rain

No. 107443

File: 1458417698028.png (15.22 KB, 561x184, Capture5.PNG)

No. 107446

Wow she actually snapped out of it

No. 107450

I think she is just covering her ass while trying to gain pity

No. 107453

Shit, I went out for a lunch and missed so much!

I can't believe Zero actually admitted that he was lying, never thought I'd see the day where that happened. I wonder what he said to her and what his new url is. Maybe she'll stop blogging about "Sam" like she knew her now lol.

What will Jem and the rest of Soren's little friends say? Hm…

No. 107454

I'm not sure about that. She's really attention grabbing - I'm not denying that - but maybe he is a piece of shit, lied to her and she was way too naiv to believe it (she's only 16, I guess?).
Maybe she got manipulated and maybe she lied because she didn't want to believe… at least she is done with his shit.

No. 107459


Yeah her first post seems very dismissive - she wasn't grabbing for it outright, if she was she'd of made a massive fuss of "OH WOW HE LIED WHAT A DIRTBAG HOW DO I COPE" but she simply said it was all over and done with, swept it under the rug.

She only attention grabbed when she was pressed and then passed the attention on to someone else imo.

Like she's 16? at 16 I believed pretty much everything someone I thought was a friend said over the internet. My mindset was they're my friends, why would they lie to me? I only developed a bullshit meter when I started uni.

No. 107471

Do you have any more dirt on him?

No. 107475

Pft, he's reblogging again. No "bye" for him… not even a word of remorse. kek

What a turd.

No. 107476


And he reblogged something from Jem's blog. I wonder if they know about him lying.

Also, I can't believe that Zero didn't make a big stink about Soren lying. She was friends with Soren for like, two years iirc? Like, oh yeah, the love of my life (she called him that before) lied to me about everything lol it's cool!

The whole situation reeks.

No. 107482

>I think I've known something was off for a while now

This whole saga is such overwrought bullshit that I still can't believe it has such a following.

No. 107495

did anyone download that youtube video of him? I didn't get a chance to watch it

No. 107562

Some people just go numb in regards to big events like that and don't realize what happened and freak out over it until later. Speaking from experience. But that's if she's not lying.

They're not going to. Tumblrinas write call out posts for fucking anything, thinking it helps people somehow. They don't understand how to not start a big shitfest over it or that it just causes people to lay low for a while and continue doing what they were doing before.

No. 107565

Its Sophie here (babydrool), Zero knows everything now. She didn't have anything to do with him lying. She's genuinely so upset and hurt over this so it would be nice if you could stop saying she's still lying etc. Imagine if you just found out your "bestfriend" has been lying about his death for what, 4 months? You'd be so angry and hurt. Just leave her out of it now please :((underage)

No. 107571

File: 1458443983003.png (65.79 KB, 1086x525, bpdbpdbpdbpdbpdbdpbdpdbddbddbd…)

No. 107576

No. 107578

Wat te heck ??
Why can't we post wat we want 2 u doodle noodle

No. 107584

whats ur point???

No. 107585


No. 107586

No. 107588

A user requested that a post they made be removed, despite the info page and delete form pop-up saying we don't delete posts after 30 minutes from post time.

Unfortunately, the post was still inadvertently deleted. I've re-posted it here:


I've been following this thread recently, and I don't know what to think anymore.

I'm tumblr user stomacheaches (the one Zero reblogged from), and honestly thanks to everyone for shedding light on this situation.

I think I've known something was off for a while now, but I don't have the skills to investigate this type of matter, and when I did try to I felt guilty because I knew this mess wasn't my business.

I don't regret posting what I did, because some people really have been treating Zero badly, but I do feel remorse (?) for having believed this lie, even if the part of me that did was fractional.

I guess what I'm saying is, as previously stated, thanks to you all for investigating the reality others considered to be unimportant or untrue. But I hope that you don't take this out on the people who fell for it, considering that many of us are young and naïve.

My wish is that the people who've been involved, humiliated, deceived and exploited receive just treatment. I hope that if Soren will not admit what he's done, he'll at least learn from it.

No. 107591

File: 1458447859794.jpg (13.76 KB, 714x242, die cunt.jpg)

No. 107595

im confused

No. 107597

File: 1458449783066.png (69.52 KB, 208x193, 1405353419313.png)

there's a pretty big difference between a ~lie on the internet~ (ie saying you have a bf when you don't, making up a different name for yourself) and deliberately manipulating everyone around you–including people with good intentions and minors–with falsehoods.
Not to mention stealing people's identities and images and faking your death aren't particularly innocuous either.

No. 107602

File: 1458451120783.jpg (34.73 KB, 450x450, dfcgvhbjn.jpg)

No. 107603

people actually still type like this?
on purpose?

No. 107604

How is she on meds now and meds in the past if she's scared to go to the doctor?

No. 107606


Yeah totally, Soren. Because you /just/ made up a silly lil story on the internet and totally didn't stalk a girl and drag her family's name through the mud with your sick gore fantasies!

Damn, he pisses me off so much but I'm glad Zero knows now.

No. 107608


Who is drunken-little-clown?

No. 107612

She's full of shit that's how

No. 107616

You gotta be 18+ here

No. 107618

Just because it's bugging me does anyone know who Soren is kissing in ops pic? Obviously it's from a movie/tv show/somethings

No. 107622

Courtney Love I think.

No. 107625

Why exactly is he so obsessed with Courtney Love, I don't understand. All she did was marry Kurt, start a mediocre Band and being an insufferable Cunt

No. 107628

Because i was admitted to hospital you rude cunt

No. 107630

No. 107639

What a fucking idiot. This is embarrassing as hell.
>im extremely open about everything besides my childhood trauma, that's triggering to talk about!!
So you write disgusting "poetry" text posts about it daily so your followers can like/reblog while feeding off your trauma for an aesthetic. Makes perfect sense.

No. 107646

Stop saying "I'm babydrool" or whatever. No one cares, this is an anonymous board. Just say what you want to say.

No. 107664

does Soren really have zero's home address? if he sent her a bunch of stuffed animals or hair or whatever in which case girl tell your parents. a kid like Soren seems dangerous as hell and having your address is not good. I'm not talking like come to your house in the middle or the night dangerous I'm saying posting it online, giving it out, sending weird shit via the mail dangerous

No. 107668

I've read this entire thread now, and have followed this Soren shit for a while. found his mcr blog a long time ago and followed basementangel calling him out unsuccessfully. in fact, I'm one of the IP addresses he blocked, bc I had gone through several of his characters tags. that's how I know he had lolicon guro hentai on his blog. it was under one of the girls tags (Kayla I believe) and it was a scene of a girl being shot in the head. she was naked as well as another girl next to her and Soren had tagged it #favorite

the kids a pedophile. there's no doubt in my mind he's looked at CP, real or lolicon hentai, likely guro. for someone saying fetishes don't develop just because–they do lol when I was younger and looked at hentai, which I had found out about due to strangers I talked to on the Internet, guro was only one click away. I almost always accidentally found it. and Soren could have easily found it as well and developed a fetish from there. not all strange fetishes are born from trauma.

also, his CP comments are fake. I can't believe no one else is saying that, but you can tell by the way they write. look at any porn comments. they don't rewrite the scene in the comment box, Soren Photoshopped those bc he wanted us to know what was happening in the alleged video.

if anyone can find the bigger comments picture? he had multiple and most were cringe worthy with how obviously fabricated they were.

No. 107678


Shit, yeah. Girl, tell someone

No. 107688

Has anyone posted this? http://exposingsoren.tumblr.com/

The first picture is honey admitting that he lied and is a dangerous person.

No. 107702

>also, his CP comments are fake. I can't believe no one else is saying that
>I've read this entire thread
Did you really? A couple of anons have pointed that out. Funny enough, for the exact same reasons you noted: they're all written the same, and they describe the scene.

No. 107711

What an absolute piece of shit this kid is

No. 107720

where are the cp comments? i can't seem to find them?

No. 107726

I know injuredfawnprince reblogged both posts (there were two) but I scrolled their blog and feel sick with that nasty abused child aesthetic so if anyone else wants to dive in and try be my guest

No. 107728

Aside from the fact that injuredfawnprince used to follow Soren, I can assure you that they actually are a trauma victim and have nothing to do with Soren. (ie. they weren't a friend of his and I doubt they ever interacted with him)

No. 107729

File: 1458498512507.jpg (5.69 KB, 562x187, ugh.jpg)

No. 107731

He's such an idiot. Literally no one is victimizing him but, rather, CRIMINALIZING him??? God I hate how whiny he is lmao

No. 107736

Can't believe, aside from that one person that provided a link to Soren't 8tracks account that no one else has tried to dig into it. His playlist for Kayla and Anna is practically identical to one of Ginger Bronson (aka smaller)'s earliest playlists.

^Soren's playlist
It seems that Ginger has deleted all of her playlists, though so, unfortunately, I can't really back this up with further evidence. Here's the link to her account anyway! http://8tracks.com/smaller/mixes

No. 107738


I'm not debunking whether or not they're a real victim, I'm saying their blog makes me sick as hell. but I had once gone through it before on a hunt for Soren and saw they had reblogged the two CP comment posts, so if anyone else wants to try and find them on the blog they can. I'm saying they might be there still, not discrediting fawnprince's abuse or not

No. 107763

here >http://archive.is/N7Pnq

Being an abuse victim myself I do follow some abuse blogs but they're ones that post stuff like vent art, relevant text/graphics, etc.
I really don't get ones like this injuredfawnprince, babydrool, and soren's blogs (prepubescent especially) that have so much disturbing graphic images and content that seems to romanticize abuse. I get that people have different methods of coping but surrounding yourself with such words and images doesn't seem healthy at all. It makes me feel ill.

No. 107770

thank you anon!!

No. 107774

It's crazy to me that anyone can claim they're an abuse victim but believe this ugly sack of shit.

This thing needs euthanized.

No. 107846

No one believes Soren.

No. 107864


http://xpoisoned-blood-chubby-waistx.tumblr.com/tagged/Soren this person believed them and their tag for him is full of stuff reblogged from them lol

No. 107935

*no one worthwhile

No. 107944

Jesus, that url.

No. 108902

This is hilarious, there is no way someone who just joined Tumblr would stumble upon a blog exposing a fairly unknown teenager. Is he even trying to be subtle?

No. 108906

File: 1458607414714.png (159.94 KB, 579x627, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.pn…)

if zero honeybottledrip didnt know about soren's faking it, then how come she talked to his mom about him being dead, when he was never dead lol

or at the very least, talked to sorens mom at all

No. 108907

the entire narrative is complete bullshit

No. 108910

File: 1458609208132.png (57.94 KB, 485x700, ksdga.png)

now this is funny lol soren paraphrases a real livin' person for his fake girlfriend

No. 108911


>her daughter's initials with angel wings

Wouldn't that just be SS with angel wings? I'm…

No. 108920

>i'll just say a couple
lists like 20

No. 108923

Yeah, and this "newbie to Tumblr" juuuuust so happens to use Soren's favorite perjorative – "faggot".

Learn some subtlety before you try to white knight yourself, Soren bby.

No. 108926

It's astounding just how uncreative he is. It wouldn't be hard to make up some tattoos, but he just flat out copied them.

No. 108927

So this all stemmed from its obsession with Kayla Day (who, ironically, also turned out a lying sham.) I wonder how many people it sent photos to and spoken with about "Sam," clearly very many. It imagined a whole life based around Kayla and didn't think about the consequences of discovery. I bet it even tried to play it off when everyone discovered Sam was actually just fictitious and Kayla's photos as "oh she's scared, her identity has been discovered so now she'll pretend to be uninvolved."

No. 108930


how is ginger bronson/kayla day a liar? this is news to me

No. 108931

There is a whole thread on her, I'd suggest you read it.

No. 108939

File: 1458617709768.jpeg (23.21 KB, 350x236, image.jpeg)

No. 108940

The thread isn't showing up for me, even in the catalog, anymore? Hm.

No. 108946

kinda wild how soren changed his entire personality on his new blog but not his background story.

like he went from that carebear loving, honey slurping, fawn loving tumblr "faggot" to this hardxcore serial killer loving asshole who seems to just rage and piss at everyone

i mean in his old posts he was all "!! hey!! haha uhmm,…im a shy boy" and now hes all rage and anger

like the personality switch is really interesting to see. wonder if he did it on purpose or if in those three months he had some psychological break and it changed itself. kids clearly fucked up

No. 108950

No. 108952


I suspect he changed his personality to match Kayla Days new "Ginger Bronson" persona. She used to be a honey drinking carebear lover. Now she's acting like she's a tough bitch. I doubt he's had a breakdown, he's just an ~edgy~ teen who's taken his narrative way too far

No. 108964

>no offense but u kno those blogs that are always run by a genderqueer white kid & they have the word “bug” or a number or some shit in their url and you literally can’t tell one from the other because it’s all the same shitmix of rats, frank iero, care bears, deer, rainbows, and honey? yeah those ones u know what ones im fucking talking about. i hate them

alright but this is obviously about zero lmao how harsh

No. 108967

or himself considering he had the number 0 in his url and loved care bears, deer, rainbows and honey lol

No. 109018

lol i feel kinda bad for zero considering she must've been about 14 when he started manipulating her. of course she believed him, she was just a child, and who would've thought that he would actually hurt himself and be so dedicated to this lie for years i mean holy shit. poor kid :/

No. 109077

Hey guys, I'm hoping all of you are still active. I don't wanna disclose any personal information but, reading this makes me feel nauseous. I've known Soren for a while now, we were really close at one point. Being a skeptic, I've always done some snooping of my own and I know his side of the story which cancels out some, but not all aspects of this version. I really hope this doesn't sound stupid, but do you have anything totally concrete I can go off of? How do I get away from this?

No. 109078

I find it interesting that Soren changed the "baby boss" knuckle tattoo to "baby girl".
Fits in really well with his obvious pedophilic tendencies lmao

No. 109079


what do you mean by concrete? everything in the thread is concrete. he used the actual name of a CP video in his fake wiki, meaning he's watched actual CP or has at least searched it. it's proven he used ginger bronsons photos. he was caught stealing ashton drews photos and called out on it by the actual guy. this is concrete evidence he's dangerous. block him, on every account you know him on and don't interact with him ever again, simple as that.

No. 109081

Which aspects are "canceled out"? Be specific.

No. 109082


yeah, if he told you a different story then you should tell us what he said, even better if you can back up what he's said (yanno, screen shots of convos or what have you)

No. 109083

It'd take a really long time to compile stuff if I was going to, honestly I'm worried about posting here in case he sees it. I might be back with screenshots, I need some time to think.

No. 109084


Make an Imgur album, then. Even if he sees it, so what? He's a freak and a liar, you shouldn't want to keep a relationship with him.

Don't tease, post or don't.

No. 109087

I'm a dumb kid that got conned too. Not trying to tease, I'm just confused.

No. 109091


don't stress out. everyone got manipulated as fuck by this kid, so you're not alone. he needs to be exposed for who he is and what hes done needs to be put to record so that other people wont get fucked over by this kid anymore. so just relax, compile what you have, post it here and don't worry. so long as you've not done anything dumb like zero and give the kid your address, its the internet. he can't do anything to hurt you and you're alright. so go look for your evidence and post when you can.

No. 109098

And if I have done something dumb like Zero?

No. 109100


I just made a throwaway you're more than welcome to share things with if u want to get it off of your chest & talk, then we can go from there?


No. 109101


and how do we know you're not Soren lol considering he uses chat speak "u" and "&" wouldn't trust an anon blog.

No. 109105

Then share as much as you can without revealing yourself. If you know a certain conversation will reveal your identity, then paraphrase certain details but don't post it.

No. 109107


http://ablahblahblah123things.tumblr.com/ here anon, heres a throwaway blog to talk at. im about to post evidence im not soren lmao so if you wanna be sure and shit

No. 109108


yes n so do a lot of teenagers on the internet it's not like he is the messiah of bad grammar

i never said anon had to message me off their blog or even tell me the whole story, i mean if they're really desperate for proof it's not soren then i'll link them to my actual tumblr or twitter if they rly want

i'm just nosey n not even part of this lil tumblr community

No. 109109

And for the love of god, if you've given him your address or phone number and you're underage, tell your parents. Admit that you made a mistake, and tell them that you naively gave your address/number to someone on the internet. You're going to get in trouble, but it's a lot better for them to be prepared than dead.
If it's your address, there's not much they can do, but at least they'll know not to let your "friend" in without confirmation. If it's your phone number, they could change it.

(If you're an adult, perhaps tell a loved one so they know to look for warning signs, like not answering phone calls. Change your number if necessary.)

Be safe, anon.

No. 109110


yeah, basically this. if he has your address, he could do some funky stuff with it. i doubt he's gonna travel from wherever he is and break down your door and kill your family, but he could give it out. he could send you weird shit. phone numbers arent as bad bc you can get those changed pretty easily.

No. 109112

Even if you're an adult if you live at home tell your parents!!! It's their house!!! It's them that would be dealing with anything

No. 109113

If you wanna write about what story he told you, maybe write about it as though you were someone else. So, "oh I think my friend knows him, he told her…"

No. 109115

Not on here though, obviously.

No. 109119

I'm sorry, I meant an adult living on their own. I should have specified that. If you're an adult living with your parents, definitely do tell your parents, like anon said. In that case, if you're someone living with roommates, let them know so, once again, they don't just let your "friend" in without confirmation.

No. 109125

So wait, there are several kids out there who gave Soren all of their personal info? Whyyyyy??

Also, what did zero do that was so stupid?

No. 109126


I got what you meant and I didn't mean to nitpick I just didn't want anon to consider taking it into their own hands and keeping it to themselves if they live with their parents

Basically Anon, for the love of god TELL SOMEONE

No. 109132

Not Soren, but I want to hear anon's story too. Throwaway account?

No. 109134

Dish once you can anon

No. 109155

File: 1458678414561.jpg (94 KB, 1024x768, freethinkingfeline.jpg)

>Not Soren


No. 109161

Yes, we're waiting

No. 109169


why is there a soren daniel hayes reviewing this sex trafficking book

No. 109171

Good find, anon.

(For those who don't want to sign up to the site, here's his review):

Awful terrible atrocious. This is honestly, over all, one of the worst books i have ever read. It's written at the level of a 5th grader and as a former child sex trafficking victim, I find it insulting that it ended so cheeky happy because it is not like that in real life. Everything that took place was obviously written by someone who read one too many wikipedia articles and maybe watched Abduction of Eden. My mom downloaded this for me because I am currently working thru my own ptsd and all the emotions expressed were so surface level. Everything about this book was terrible and cliche. I just wanted to yell shut up at everything the main char said. "He said there were tears in my vagina….but what about the ones in my heart?" Jesus christ. It was embarassing to read.

No. 109172

File: 1458684280041.png (320.15 KB, 1910x804, Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 22.0…)


I found another, it's a review on "The Slave Across the Street"

No. 109174

File: 1458684463320.png (75.91 KB, 983x410, ermargarwd.png)

you beat me to it

just posting in case the review gets deleted

No. 109175

Who's in the pic?

Is it possible soren is lying about his age to access youth?

No. 109176

I regret not watching this before it was made private

No. 109177


i can't find a way to enlarge the thumbnail but it doesn't look like the Soren we know.


The slave across the street review was on the 27/07/2015 and the diary of a sex slave was the 30/06/2015

his story was released in september, no?

No. 109180

So it's either Soren stealing a photo to use for himself, or Soren has been stealing photos of some random indian kid all along

What is the truth here

No. 109182


and soren possibly lying about his age, but i find that hard to believe if not just because of how much soren acts like a kid

No. 109183

File: 1458685092157.png (1.21 MB, 982x982, Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 22.1…)


sorry for such a speedy reply I just zoomed in on the guy's picture and this is what I got

Is he just stealing someone else's whole story? I know he already is but this guy is indian, adopted and also transgender, but he doesn't look like Soren on here?

No. 109185


This guy doesnt look transgender or indian

No. 109186

I'm ngl at this point I'm not really sure what's going on lol

No. 109187

Shit, you might be into something. I mean, he doesn't write like tumblr-Soren does.

Fuck,I I hope this isn't true. That's even more fucked up, and I didn't think that was possible.

No. 109188

I did a reverse Google image search on the photo and couldn't find it elsewhere online.

No. 109194

Soren, I know you lurk here. Please, just explain what the fuck is going on. You'll get loads of attention.

Extra points if you did all of this because of another mental illness.

No. 109195

Shit! So whoever is in this picture is either the real Soren or at least he must have taken the picture himself? That's fucked up! Although there have been many times that I've tried to reverse image search tons of pics in general and had nothing pop up as a source… Maybe the original source was deleted? Maybe he's pretending this guy was one of his abusers? I mean it wouldn't surprise me if that's exactly what he is trying to make people think since he tends to love living in his "*~victim~*" identity. Either way it's pretty disgusting!

No. 109197

Likely, its a random image off the internet but because it's so small, you cant reverse image search. The person isn't typing liek tis & shit but that doesn't mean its not Soren.

No. 109198

I wouldn't be surprised if he stole the image and is trying to mask his writing style.

No. 109200


I can't understand him being this meticulous to cover something up that was posted BEFORE everyone went about revealing him, this was (I think) on the lead up to him posting his trauma narrative so I'm not sure he'd really have cause to hide who he is?

If it was posted now I'd understand and agree but I'm not sure if he'd use some random picture back then, especially when he even posted a selfie to gorephilic whilst pretending to be dead?

No. 109202


when did soren's FIRST trauma narrative start because if it was after this guy, then he could have stolen the entire thing. but to steal the transgender/indian part seems a stretch. seems more like soren is this guy and stole the image

No. 109203

if that guy is soren, then how do you explain all the youtube videos?

No. 109205

It's not that difficult to hide your writing style when your normal writing style is just to shorten all your words and abbreviate everything..

No. 109208


precisely. soren either stole this guys story SOMEHOW (which i highly doubt) or he just stole a random photo off the internet to use as an icon for this dumb account

No. 109209

I have no idea what the fuck is happening
How does someone have the time to come up with all of this shit lol

No. 109210


Nono what I'm saying is why would he even bother to hide or change it? He wasn't in a position where he had to at that point? And even then he's not exactly one for anonymity

I get that it's probably a stolen image but the comments kind of go deeper than anything I've ever seen him speaking about

No. 109211

File: 1458687957124.gif (394.8 KB, 275x173, image.gif)

Yeah lmao, like I honestly don't know what these anons are barking at. This guy obviously isn't Soren and looks nothing like Soren (who is, at the very least Indian since some people wanna challenge the transgender thing, idc enough.) Every single selfie that's been posted (and verified to be Soren) looks the same, and Soren has pictures of himself with friends looking like his selfies. I don't know why anyone would argue with everything we've gathered so far.

No. 109212


yeah but 109210 has a point. why would he hide himself when he already has proven that he doesnt mind being open about his appearance and who he truly is? it seems so random and strange to use someone elses image and conceal his writing style

No. 109214

because when you're writing reviews, you tend to write more grammatically correct then when you're just ranting on your tumblr

No. 109216

I don't think he's going deeper, he's practically just putting down other victims saying he doesn't like their memoirs and comparing their lives to his own, like he's the king of trauma or something. His head is so far up his own ass.

No. 109224

Yeah but why the picture?

I just get the feeling that tard-Soren was obsessively reading up on CP related shit, saw this guy commenting and stole the name/story so he could live out this sick fantasy on the Internet…

No. 109225

Oh Jesus, guys it's obvious Soren just used a random persons photo as his icon. He's still the fat ugly midget Indian we all know and despise.

No. 109226

I'm not saying that our Soren looks like this guy irl, I'm suggesting that maybe Soren stole the whole CP storyline from someone he saw on a review site…

Tenuous, but still.

No. 109227

Both reviews were made in 2015. He didn't "steal" this random guys life story. He just used someone else's photo. Case closed.

No. 109228

This is what's sticking with me. It just seems weird.

No. 109230

Learn2read. Reviews were made in 2015.

No. 109232

When did his abuse narrative get posted?

No. 109233


I think you're right. I don't think this proves anything other than that Soren had a weird obsession with sex trafficking and sought it out as much as he could. It is weird though, that he would post reviews to a website that would get him no attention. Almost as though he truly believes what he's been spewing to the point he needed to defend himself to no one in particular.

No. 109234


I wasn't talking about the writing style I meant the picture, it's not as if he didn't want to draw attention or gain anonymity cos he used his full name.


By deeper I meant that he is bringing race & gender into it. Soren's tumblr narrative is all airy fairy "yeah i fucked loads of paedophiles and seen little girls get murdered mm courtney love!!" whereas the review brings actual genuine struggles into it? i.e. how the review is mad cause it's NOT just white cis people who are affected kinda thing

No. 109235

Yeah, it seems way more genuine than any of Soren's tumblr CP shit

No. 109237

I really hope that anon comes back with more info/screenshots.

No. 109243


yeah precisely this. on tumblr is all blah blah cum in my wounds and shit, but this is like actual, hard struggle. and not graphic, just genuine. which makes me wonder if soren is an actual victim of something but just embellished the fuck out of it on tumblr

No. 109244

Maybe I'm imagining things but didn't Soren claim to be an ethnic Malay? I swear he mentioned his race/ethnicity before, even if he was lying about it

No. 109245

Wasn't he just responding to an issue he saw in the book? The race thing was brought up in it so he was commenting on it. It doesn't seem strange at all to me. He isn't going to write out graphic CP on a book review.

No. 109247


Does anyone know any info such as email addresses? Would be so useful.

No. 109250

This is a blog Soren kept pictures of "Sam" and many things related to her on as well as some personal posts. He put the original trauma story on here long before he published it as shyfawn. Former passwords include soradonaldgoofy and courtnetloveismymom anybody want to have a crack at it? (Just make sure to take tons of screenshots and archive all of it!!!) https://www.tumblr.com/blog_auth/fawnembryo

No. 109252

How the fuck do you know all that? I'm super impressed, anon.

No. 109253

That's because he really does believe it. He became so obsessed with Kayla Day that he developed a dream narrative involving her. He's been clit deep in it for years. It isn't "weird" at all for him to do something like this. He's obsessed.

No. 109255

They're both liars, how ironic

No. 109257

Soren is way more of a cow though, I didn't think that was even possible.

No. 109259

The more I read, the more sorry I feel for Zero and that anon that gave him personal information. I could see him killing someone and wearing their skin or something.

No. 109260

all im seeing on fawnembryo so far is some pictures of ginger bronson and some other kind of crap

No. 109261

if you go through zero's soren tag its sad how obsessed with him she was. like literally sad. i feel honestly bad for her, because shes a kid. and its easy for a kid to get swept up into someone like soren. and others have said that she changed since meeting him and i believe that. we're influenced by who we hang out with and who we know. i hope that she rediscovers who she was before meeting soren and gets better from this. and also that he doesnt hunt her down and like kill her.

No. 109262


whats the password?

No. 109264

can you take screenshots for us?

No. 109265

It's not that deep anon. Anyone can write like that on a book review site.
Soren is a liar. And lies about every small detail.

No. 109266

….that was fast..,,, do tell

No. 109268

when was it that he switched from the danny suicide story to the child trafficking with sam story? was it before or after he got called out for stealing the one guy's photos?

No. 109269

File: 1458690530973.png (288.64 KB, 620x401, fawnembryo2.PNG)

here's one thing

No. 109271


post the passwoooooord

No. 109272

this is kayla/ginger's

No. 109273

The fawnembryo thing and review come across as a little bit dodgy to me like how did people just happen to come across these two interesting relating to a topic that's been pretty much dying for a while

No. 109275

the password is courtneylove

No. 109276


I'm the anon that found the review thing. I was honestly just trying to find this thread after having cleared my history and googled "soren daniel hayes" you can find it on the very first page lol

No. 109278


if you look at the archive on this fawnembryo tumblr too, it's all from 2015, meaning no one made it up on the spot just now just because

No. 109282

wow. i've been following kayla day since like 2009 and he's found old pictures of her that i have never seen before. almost everything here is hers. he is so creepy.

No. 109283

on fawnembryo he reblogged a few things from a blog called rabbitscry which is also password protected. i wonder what's on that blog?

No. 109284


is there any screencaps or proof of soren saying these are photos of sam?

No. 109285

Hi I'm the anon who made the first post about fawnembryo! I knew that info because there was a short period of time in 2015 where I was friends with Soren. I'm not the one who posted the reviews though.

No. 109286


someone crack this it used to a blog of soren's because some of the reblogs from it have captions he definitely wrote ("she drew these for me" and "we wrote a poem together")

No. 109287

Either an old friend of Soren's posted that, because it does check out as a prior Soren URL, or someone's trying to lure our IPs.

No. 109288

File: 1458691918632.png (1.85 MB, 1280x960, tumblr_n50xcnKerp1rkdgaeo1_r1_…)

I used to be super close with soren at one point too. He had a blog similar to fawnembryo also passworded. the url is rabbitscry. Can't figure out the password but i'm assuming it runs along the lines of the passwords chose for fawnembryo. On it were pictures of Ginger Bronson to symbolize Sam. It also had art which he had claimed to be Sam's. I once made a photo (unaware that he claimed it was hers) as my banner for my mobile tumblr theme & he lashed out at me. Later I reverse image searched it & found that it belonged to tumblr user milklace. There is another piece of art that I was unable to trace. Attached I have the photos that he claimed as Sam's art. Might be irrelevant but I mean it's something right?

No. 109289

That's a creepy thought. Maybe we're on his hit list now.

Don't kill me Soren!

No. 109290

I'm not sure who the art belongs to, but the poem thing is also Kayla's. I remember she wrote it with another tumblr user that she met up with in England.

No. 109294

well, I live far away from USA and I don't have friends on tumblr or anything who could be related to Soren. but that's creepy, what does he will do with the IPs? I don't know anything about technology though.

No. 109296

So many anons claiming to be ex-friends of his. Suspicious.

Give us some milk or don't bother mentioning it.

No. 109297

It's scaremongering, don't worry about it. I use VPN anyways, so good fucking luck to him if he is trying to harvest IPs

No. 109299

i recognise several of the older pictures from kayla's exposure thread? like the super rare ones from her pre pissangel persona. i think it's kind of sus they're resurfacing for the same reason

No. 109300


what theoretically could he do with them though? anything?

No. 109301

Holy fuck…"dramas she did for my trauma narrative"… Bitch those are drawings my friend Mayra made YEARS ago.

No. 109302

anon that posted about stolen art & rabbitscry here.
I don't know I feel I've hit a wall considering I deleted my tumblr & have no screenshots available right now to me of past conversations with him. But I'll look for those soon. Right now all I have is letters he sent me concerning more of his bullshit trauma narrative. I do have some of his old writing and could check for more variations of his trauma narrative. I don't have much else on him and it's a shame I lost his address.

No. 109303

*drawings not dramas

No. 109306

Dude you've gotta post pictures of those letters!

I mean, what's it like talking to him on a day to day basis? Did he ever just talk about random crap, or was the whole abuse thing brought up almost all the time?

No. 109307

yeah he wrote poetry kinda shit about trauma & told me that the world is big & scary and to stay safe or some shit. I could attach pictures but his handwriting is hard to read so I'd rather type it out but if you want picture proof can be given.

No. 109309

to settle the debate once and for all…do you know if Soren is really trans?

No. 109312


post pictures but also transcribe them

No. 109315

Soren was born female.
The only truth.

No. 109316

I'm seriously intrigued, pls post

No. 109317

>>No. 109316
alright but give me time it's kind of a lot kek

No. 109318

most of them are actually from her halfbunny days, not really rare at all. they're still all over tumblr no doubt since people used to reblog them.

No. 109320

Many thanks kind anon

No. 109324

Fawnembryo anon here. Really hoping somebody can figure out the password for rabbitscry because I know that there is (or at least once was!) more information there. Actually, I'm pretty sure that THAT is the blog where he originally put the trauma narrative like half a year or so before he posted it to shyfawn.

No. 109329

this goes from oldest to most recent
i omitted my name obviously

from around august 2014
dearest **,
i am very very so happy you wrote to me! i was so scared you would forget about me. i'm sorry i scared you, bumblebee, that makes me feel warm & happy that you would make a tag for me, it's dreamy. you're the sweetest, i'm not very good at disappearing even though i'm a ghost, isn't that strange? & the funny thing is, i don't think i'll ever be good at it, not even when im dead. it feels like a sort of house, i think sometimes the bury someone & there is many roses (windowsill) & you can't remember whether or not they liked roses, much less if they adored them or if they liked yellow carnations better of much less & anyhow, they fall asleep between walls & so when you see them next, they've got their heads hidden (cabinet) & you miss them very much from the library where you keep all the sad & the sorries, though they don't quite care, really, they've been married to the drafts in the cellar since last wednesday & anyway you've got your head to the floor, you hadn't guess that their heart hadn't left for anywhere, you hear it & you close blinds over what is painted shut, you build ballrooms for crying in & it's absolutely wonderful, imagine, whole hallways, filled with nothing. that's where i am now, it's how everything feels in this moment. i'm not sure of everything yet but it feels like i could be, i don't know how to explain it. i hope you are smiling. you are lovely forever.
love, soren
p.s here is the home of my friend. he moved away.

from around september 2014
dearest **,
today im in LA i woke up in a bed that is still not familiar, i felt a tightness in my throat because i dreamed of things that happened when i was kept in a place where you couldn't stand by the door because the cops might guess what was happening inside. girls were crawling on the ground i sat down & the man next to me hit one of them for touching him on accident he was coming up on a pill fast & he held me like a baby even though i was grown up & in the fourth grade. i slept next to him & i bit the inside of my mouth until it bled. then i was standing somewhere & a man came up to me he was old enough to be my grandfather he told me he loved me & that he could tell i was a good boy he said i had clear eyes, that i was, naive he said i dont know if if people appreciate you. i see god in your eyes i want to be with you i want to love you & discipline you. & you will give in & i said no sorry sir because he was not my client & daddy told me not to talk to men who were not customers like a slut. he said baby, i'm so glad i met you & then he left, people make me want to drown.
i dont know what i'm going to do today. i hope these memories go away, every day feels like a dream, always has, i forget everything, i dont know what time feels like, i see myself spinning through water & im not sad i'm just always asleep. your writing is lovely lovely i'm so happy for you about the person you love. i'm scared of being alone. thank you for sharing your words i hold them tightly they're warm & safe. here are some things for fall & they are orange to match the leaves. it's like fire, i hope you like some of them. vanilla is the best scent in the world. stay warm, honeybee. i love you.
love, soren

early december 2014
merry christmas, baby. i hope you're well & the holidays aren't too awful. remember that i love you v, v much. the world is huge & it's all gonna make sense one day, you've come such long way & deserve to be really happy! i love you!
love, soren

june-july 2015
hi **
i hope you're doing well & i hope you like at least some of these clothes! i tried to fit your purple/pink color scheme!
love, soren

imgur link bc it wouldnt let me upload for some reason

No. 109332

geez, I change my mind about Soren being a bio male. This is the faux dreamy writing style of a histrionic female snowflake.

Or a really pretentious gay guy.

No. 109333

I'm not saying anyone doubted me but
I told yall this stemmed from their obsession with Kayla.

No. 109335

No offense but you're a little late anon.

No. 109338

saw that now, sorry about that.

No. 109340

Don't apologize, nbd. Sorry I can't delete the reply.

No. 109341

this goes back to even before kayla had any sort of presence online though

No. 109344

Before Kayla's presence he focused more on Danny and his suicide. Then he must have found Kayla and shaped Sam's entire character around her. His story has always been changing over time.

No. 109346

It got its worst when he discovered Kayla, I don't think the "trauma narrative" would have existed without her. Crazy.

No. 109347


This is a very good point. Soren must have changed his story after finding out who Kayla Day was. Danny was a much more prominent figure in his lies prior to this and he hardly mentions Danny anymore

No. 109348

letter anon here.
ok but can we shut up about kayla influencing soren's delusions it's fairly obvious & hack rabbitscry or something to figure out what the password is.

No. 109350

saging because OT but what is it with these sort of people? like it seems there's a specific breed - i knew a fakeboi who also had a dead friend called danny & she set up about 20 fake profiles for all these people that didn't exist beyond her imagination, while telling everyone her dad diddled her (absolute bullshit) & all this other edgy stuff about satanic sects, drugs & self harm and fuck knows what else. it's so bizarre.

No. 109352


why're you so keen for rabbitscry to get hacked? you sound so suspicious

No. 109353

Erm, why would we shut up about something so prominent in this whole thing? You sound like a seedy motherfucker. Hm.

No. 109355

File: 1458696860990.gif (3.73 MB, 400x225, T_1-1L.gif)

No. 109356

rabbitscry has a lot more shit i'm sure or had some personal posts in beforehand. it'll give us a bigger picture to some things i think. i'd also like to mention he made a poetry blog for me to read called lightsonbruises but he deleted and someone took the url. going to see if i can at least scourge for some of the poetry off that because he deliberately posts about all his abuse and danny and sam and all those characters. it was like his trauma narrative in bits and pieces i promise that but i'm sorry if i can't find screenshots to prove it but it did exist i'll get screenshots of old conversations to prove it.

No. 109357

I'm not sure if anyone else finds this weird, I'm a csa victim and I minor in psychology so I feel like I might be picking up on things that don't even matter.
But it seems weird to me how intimate he tries to be with all of this friends
> i am very very so happy you wrote to me
> I was so scared you would forget about me
> that makes me feel warm and happy that you would make a tag for me, it's dreamy
> you're the sweetest

these are literally the first few sentences, it's repetitive and extremely clingy.
then the middle of the letter is descriptive about how he feels in the moment. comparing himself to an empty house.
then at the end it's that clingy talk again
> i hope you are smiling
> you are lovely forever

How close were you guys? how long did you know him for when he was writing this to you?

He uses the term baby in a lot of his writing, which is weird because you would think he would hate that type of word if he went through so much abuse

No. 109359


we were pretty close, as i mentioned he showed me his poetry that most of his friends didn't even know existed. in that first letter we knew each other for around 2-3 months and we talked on an almost daily basis unless he was having an episode.

No. 109361

I believe he is trying to copy the way Kayla used to write.

No. 109362

Ok so I tried to get into rabbitscry until I hit the limit of password attempts. These are the passwords that DO NOT WORK.


No. 109364

This is a good breakdown of his writing style. It bothers me but I couldn't pin down exactly why.

No. 109365

I see, I just find it really creepy I guess, but probably because I wasn't his friend and such.

No. 109366

https://web.archive.org/web/20120814020459/http://bedbones.tumblr.com/ here are some examples of how she used to write, very repetitive and clingy like you said.

No. 109367

I feel you, anon. Aside from ripping off of Kayla's writing style, it also just feels very forced a lot of the time.

No. 109368

It just gives me a weird vibe?
I don't want to describe it as "grooming" you know when someone tries to groom a potential vic
but in a way, thats the best way to describe the way he talks?

but idk, i think like I said, i'm just over thinking it and it's probably because I already think he's a creep

No. 109369

Thank you for the reference, anon.
I can see the similarities, but idk I guess it's just me but soren's feels more forced and weird.
I can definitely see the similarities though, she's sometimes repetitive and she thanks the person who sent the the ask, a lot. but in the 10 i read she didn't say I love you as much as he did and wasn't weird and extremely attached.

No. 109370

I got a strong "grooming" vibe too - especially from the first one. It's very romantic, and uses a lot of phrases that bind two people together and also include the reader. Like he uses the words married, uses you as a general term and also to talk to anon. Then sends anon clothes?

No. 109373

i remember actually he posted once about that, mentioning that that's just how he acts to strangers. the post was something like "its so funny the difference between how i talk to acquaintances and close friends, when i first talk to people i'm all "ooh angel dreamy dreamy forever warm love" and with close friends im like "WATs up U fufuck ing Meme Shit :^0000"

typical tumblr shit idk

No. 109377

if you were his friend too, could we talk elsewhere for a sec?

No. 109378

>He uses the term baby in a lot of his writing, which is weird because you would think he would hate that type of word if he went through so much abuse

Not saying he actually was abused but a lot of abuse victims really aggressively cling to whatever they perceive to have "Lost" due to their abuse.

No. 109379

yeah he sent me clothes on 2 occasions as gifts. he also sent me candy a lot. every time he wrote me a letter he would send candy with it.

No. 109382

(same person)
though that WAS much later in time than when those letters to anon were written. maybe it was genuine at first but then just sorta became a habit?? i know that 2 years ago i would never tell some stranger on the internet "i love you" but now its just casual and any nice message i get gets near the same exact "wow omg thank you so much i love you thats the nicest thing to say wow youre the best!!!"

No. 109383

there's also sharkembryo.tumblr.com
password protected of course.

No. 109384

Yeah, that's why I wanted other peoples opinions on what they thought; because sometimes being a csa victim my mind will auto jump to grooming, or they're creepy or disgusting or trying something.
I just felt a weird thing, because it's exactly how you said.
he his trying to bond the reader and make them closer.
I mean maybe he wasn't trying in the way that I was thinking, and just wanted to get closer in terms of being closer friends; its' just weird because that's not how you talk to someone you just meet - or even someone you've known for a long time. I guess idk
His writing style to the anon is very specifically formatted, like a sandwich
> nice compliment or verbiage, trying to connect them in an emotional way
> trauma/depressing sad pov
> nice compliment/verbiage

he could write like that just because he doesn't know how to write, it just seems like it's a more formulated style, maybe he didn't think word for word on what he was going to say; but he did sort of plan it out
which I know is how you write letters, it just seems to well thought out for a friend

nooo, this only enables my weirdo vibes from him.

I personally do believe he was abused, so I can understand where your statements coming from
I'm not one of those people, and I have not met anyone who connects to their abuse in that way
to me it just seems like an edgy tumblr thing; but idk sorry, I'm not trying to discredit anyone It just doesn't seem genuine from soren.

No. 109388

late reply sorry but im also letter anon lol. still looking for his old trauma poetry btw

No. 109390

lmao while we're on the topic of his writing style/trauma poetry, here's a long poem he wrote about sam in 2015-ish & the writing is gorgeous which is why i saved it but at the same time it makes me really uncomfortable because sam's so obviously made up & so heavily based on kayla day

she is frayed copper wire stimuli & dead calico kittens. sediment in the milk tea & she began to see things. bluish shadows peeking from beneath thin bedsheets. flies gathering at her hem. she bled through the three dresses he bought for her. pinwheel heart & lockjaw. rinsed clean as the bones pressing against her skin but still covered with the ghosted acres of bitemarks. she’s pieces of flesh that should have decayed over the years but instead stayed soft & alive while i beat my legs against the floorboards & waited for the ceiling to swallow me up. she saw me bleat like the sheep i should have been born as & held my hand as we went into that slaughterhouse where we were reduced to our most valuable parts & forced to watch as all the extra sinew was tossed away. he filed her eardrums with his panting & guttural wheezing, he filled up the gaps she never knew she had. she ached & fluttered between the imaginary & the unpalatable - she grew up like the kind of girl who knew how to take care of children only because she had never been one, grew up with her hands in her mouth. she was raised in locked rooms & daddy was wind & mama was the ditch she left god in, she learned early that no one saves you. here is the town where she grew up. here is the street where she split her elbow open. here is the fence her sister climbed over. here is the room where her father was. here is the door that made her mother cry. here are the sheets she ruined with her first period. here are the scissors she used to slash her hair away. here is the backyard where her dog was buried. here is the camera he filmed her with. here is the closet where the two of us hid. here is the bottle of vodka she stole. here is the rooftop where we watched the stars„ kissing until our mouths were sore. here is the couch he fucked her on. here is where the needle went. here is the car he drove away. here is the bathroom where her daughter was killed. here is tthe holw where danny said monsters lived. here is the room where her faher was. for sick girls, father is a word that feels like falling. she flinched once when i moved to touch her face & i said “i’m not going to hit you “ but she couldn’t tell the difference between the way love & pain look. she made a map of her bruises & it always lead to him, it’s like daddy daddy daddy, the thought of cherries only makes her sicker because he lifted up her sunskirt that spring day & convinced her it was summer & he picked her cherries with his mouth & turned their stems into knots with his tongue & showed off about it because that meant he was good at kissing little little girls. our darknesses have always been identical, as children we would drag all ten fingers down our faces, leave stop sign red in place of the skin the ones we first loved left us with. the doctors didn’t understand but we did. when we were a little bit older, we started to make sense of distance, learned how to walk with only our broken hearts holding us up, went looking for home like it was a pill we could swallow, found soft rot in one another & there was enough empty space to keep all we carried. i want to marry her with a star fruit, want to swim with her wearing her white dress to me, big & warm at the deep end of a rainwater filled pool with a map to the motel room that she started bleeding in, forgotten & i couldn’t stop it. strange, how i think of her like this, how she had to be my mother because i was alone, how i had to be her little prince because she was alone. pretending we were inside out, m ears already accustomed to the sound of gunshots, his strong arms suffocating her skinny frame & it goes over & over; she runs through her field while i run through mine & we touch sometimes, trade weapons, have the same heaven, same bad dreams, run towards the same thing but she is faster than me. i want to fuse our arms together, break my own bones with hopes they may softer, sweeter to hers. she is coffee breath & the accidental lip biting of a first kiss. she is is an opened box of cigarettes & the burned off fingerprints of a criminal. it is 9 pm & curled over porcelain, she lets her dinner fall out of her mouth. eyes all painted black, 90 lbs & tall as a model, with red lipstick stains, she is weak flashlights & phone sex with strangers. she’s streets without sidewalks, bloody noses & unfinished crossword puzzles. we laid together, touching fingertips in her mother’s bed while talking about water colors. water colors. wash away gray sea green soft foam white. she is slit wrists & lightheartedness. she is police reports & your guilty radio song. she is the hidden purple bruises & her eyes make me cry because they look like they were scraped from the underbelly of venus & set to sear on the fires of pluto. they look wild & arcane & untouched like the mind of a child between a mother’s fists. when we ran away we took white bedsheets to the woods behind her parent’s house & drank cough syrup, talked about the devil but didn’t move our lips. her hands were always heavy with me. the moon rose with them & she, the wolf with no mouth, did everything to drag it down. that’s what love is, she showed me how to be brave & i showed her how to break things. in the morning. there was a sky filled with nothing & i left my shirt on the branch of a tree that crashed its eyes closed in the middle of a road because i wanted her to know that i was a real boy. see through completely. love is like this, removes skin, pretends you’re a moon, i’m deep black now, her star in my empty space, i held her face. now i’m asleep too. no one can see through me but her. she is split ends & commercial breaks. she is white knuckles & free condoms. she is fistfuls of inhales & premature lust, the cum on your bottom lip. she walked through the city like a paralytic, she heard the music but couldn’t raise her arms to touch it. she never ate trust, got burned wide white open, blistered, was bleeding. all those songs that sounded slow reminded me of us. she tried to hold & comfort me with her hands tied behind her back. she is the duct tape scars of a kidnapping victim. she said ‘don’t ever feel ashamed of the fire inside you, don’t ever wish you could drown it out’ “too much crying” they said “too crazy, too lost but the smoke floats soft around, the flames are loud & i love her sound. in spite of all the horrors we shared, her arms will never be anything other than home to me. she is the princess of my world, has been for eight years, my knees are still bloody from falling for her. i love that we could exist on the same planet together. she is my angel forever, my favorite kind of flower, our hearts will always be the same color & i hope that one day she will have enough of all i have left to make a bouquet, find a casket, close her eyes, allow the color of them to go back to sea & remember that we did not, can not & never will have a happy ending.

No. 109391

"daddy was wind & mama was the ditch she left god in" i'm pretty sure this is word for word from one of kayla's poems. the whole thing is probably cobbled together from her writing and maybe some others.

No. 109392

I tell people I love them too, so I get where you're coming from.
I guess I feel weird about it also, because it doesn't feel genuine.
In the same sentence he's praising you, he also makes sure to talk about himself, even though you are supposed to be the matter of attention.
> I was so scared you would forget about me
> that makes me feel warm and happy that you would make a tag for me, it's dreamy

he thanks you for not forgetting him, and a few sentences later describes himself as an empty dead house. It's like saying "Oh, I can't believe you remembered me! Even though I'm so dead and sad, and no one else likes me - but you do!"
He tries to make a connection with you, "I'm sad" of course when a friend says they're sad, the normal reaction is to try and cheer them up. "No one likes me but you do" in that way he gives you an affirmative action, in just that one sentence you are made important to him.
I'm sure he's said these things to other people. It just doesn't feel genuine and it seems repetitive because he's probably vomited it out to others. I think that's another reason why I find it creepy.
Yeah, you could say he's saying it just to be nice to you, but if that were true then why does he try so hard?
When you meet someone you don't like, usually you're not trying to get them to like you so much.
It's different from him wanting you to be jealous of him, or him just being nice to you at face value to try and not get closer. He's not being short in the letters, he's trying to establish a connection.

No. 109394

I just skimmed through it but I recongize some lines that are directly stolen from Kayla's poems, as well as other poems I have seen on tumblr. Soren doesn't have a single creative bone in his body, nor any shame for that matter.

No. 109395

>his trying to bond the reader and make them closer

I feel like it's either that or just general-attention-whoring-through-snowflakery. Does that make sense? I've known some IRL drama queens (who may or may not have experienced abuse or just bad family life) who wrote and even spoke this way. Like they're trying to create this mysterious dreamy aura about them.

No. 109396

i'm scrolling through fawnembryo and god….how many pictures has he compiled of kayla, this fucking internet personality he's never even met??? his obsession with her is so surreal & overwhelming how did he collect so many photos jesus CHRIST

No. 109399

How old is this creature again? If he's been stalking Kayla for that long then it must have started when he was like 12, which is frightening

No. 109402

if you mean soren, he just turned 18. and yeah, he has photos of kayla from 4-5 years ago (i think) which means must've started stalking her since he was 13-14

No. 109403

Honest question, shouldn't posts like >>104694 get removed if he was under 18 at the time?

No. 109406

you'll have to ask admin. see what they think.

No. 109407

Yeah but I don't think it's good for her to be associated with this thread.

No. 109409

Is this their tumblr?? http://mayrajosephine.tumblr.com/

No. 109410

At least leave the innocent thing out of this god awful thread lol.

No. 109412

Nah she has nothing to do with this shit, I just wanted to follow her for art inspiration.

No. 109416

Oh shit yeah I'm sorry that was horribly absent minded of me. She's amazing and I love her and I'll delete my post so she's not dragged into this.

No. 109417

Do you have a throwaway blog we could talk on?

No. 109418

Okay but did you have to link her in a thread about a lying sack of shit that gets a lot of traffic? It's obvious it's the same person.

No. 109420

nice try soren

No. 109421

i think he started up the sam fb profile and tumblr in 2014 so that's probably when he started stalking her. he probably moved on to her around the time "danny" exposed him.

No. 109422

Nah I think 2013 would be more accurate.

No. 109424

not sorren, I promise. (I know, convincing right?) seriously though, I'm not but I do know him. I'm trying to compile facts for my own piece of mind right now.

No. 109428

He hasn't been blogging much lately. Makes me wonder whether he's laying low or if maybe he's made a new blog.

No. 109443

I'm not sticking up for him or giving excuses but is it normal for people that feel like they weren't loved, by a family member or what have you. To write in such a clingy, needy way? It if was his genuine way of writing (if he never copied "Ginger") then, could it be stemmed from either feeling unloved, unwanted or other mental health problems?
With less of the 'I'm so mysterious and fragile' act though.

No. 109453

That fawnembryo blog is creepy as shit.

No. 109455

Would anyone by chance have compiled a list of his urls? Back sometime in 2015 i found him randomly in my notes on tumblr, it was just before he was caught using ginger's photos and his url was a series of 1's and 0's, it was before fuckingfaggotdickballs or whatever that was. Im going to go through and see if i can find anything again but a general list of previous urls would be helpful in digging shit up

No. 109462

File: 1458708873530.jpeg (174.27 KB, 640x1045, image.jpeg)

I saw this persons url in Gingers thread and noticed that a picture was the same. They reblogged it from Soren and this blog was hashtagged/tagged in the fallout blog of Ginger. It's also weird that they have "Bambi" as their tumblr name.

I could just be trying to connect things that aren't even suspicious but it's something regardless.

No. 109463

call out blog*

No. 109466

Is there any pictures of the person on that blog?

No. 109467

How do you get Tumblr passwords? I'd like to know so I can protect myself.
You don't have to mention it ITT if Soren is watching.

No. 109468


bambi isn't really a unique name in this kind of tumblr - they're all innocent bunnies or fawns or kittens or bambi's

No. 109472

Probably block them so you get a YouTube video of horses humping eachother when you try to visit his newest blog.
Soren's an idiot, so there's nothing much to be afraid of.

No. 109474

there's some pictures of her going back to 2011… but her name is sam which is throwing up some red flags

No. 109475

I think you're reading way too much into it. It just looks like a regular blog.

No. 109481

Did anyone ever look into filthylamb? hes reblogged a lot from it recently although it was only active for 2 months a year ago, showed up out of nowhere as a girl named Dallas in a relationship with soren. Seems to have only one selfie posted but its too crap to reverse search (but I'm no good at this)

No. 109488

I'm almost positive that Dallas was made up by Soren. I was around when that Blog was active and, at a couple points, "Dallas" posted pics of her anorexic body and I was pretty easily able to find them on extreme thinspo blogs on tumblr.

No. 109490

The description reads "20. Chicago." So I really doubt this person has anything to do with Soren because I'm pretty sure Sam/Doll would have just turned 19 since Soren said her birthday was recent.

No. 109493

this is supposed to be the same handwriting of the same person..?

No. 109495

pretty sure that's a font type, buddy

No. 109496

I believe he was abusedangel at one point and then deactivated that, from what I can see in his various tags

No. 109509


No. 109511

File: 1458720564600.png (20.9 KB, 535x378, soren1.png)

Someone would have to confirm with the owner of that blog, because I could be completely wrong and that person could have just been tagging shyfawn for him to see.

No. 109512

Also I added a d on abuse, my mistake

No. 109514

He's had top surgery and it's not a nude or anything so I don't see why it would get removed.

No. 109518

I figured out the password for sharkembryo! It's hole
I'm on mobile right now so it won't all load (my wifi sucks lol)

No. 109520


It's set up as if it's Sam's old blog.. Wtf

No. 109521

There are pictures of children there…

No. 109523

A lot of this makes no sense to me. With all this going on with him, surely the people who have met him in person know where he lives and can contact his family/authorities? Why isn't anyone coming forward, anyone who knew him? Is this guy SERIOUSLY that ~mysterious~ that no one knows who he really is? Someone tell me what city he's from and I'll send his csa story to the authorities myself. This needs to be looked into, fake or not, and he needs HELP.

No. 109533

Anybody able to hack into fawnembryo yet? As far as I can tell, the password has nothing to do with any names mentioned in his story nor does it have anything to do with Courtney Love, Hole, or Kurt Cobain.

No. 109534

I just typed CourtneyLove and it worked

No. 109537

Sorry! I meant rabbitscry, not fawnembryo! lol

No. 109544

Doesn't work for me, with or without caps (if that even matters on tumblr)

No. 109545

Alright guys, should I message someone from his high school just to try to find stuff out or?

No. 109549

the url soren had in between hurtc0re and faggotuglyhfukcingdickballs was 01020023020312030120120102102 but there isn't anything under that url anymore so i guess it's pretty much useless

No. 109551

When I first found out about him his url was sicklefawn.

No. 109552

gee posted "I’m trying to talk about it, I want to talk about it" with the hashtag "the forum" on tumblr so i guess he has something to say? i'm kind of interested in hearing his part of the story actually, do you think we should contact him or wait until he comes forward?

No. 109553

Personally, I think we should wait. He might not want to talk about it if he feels pressured at all (I know I wouldn't, at least). I think we should wait until Gee is more comfortable to talk about it.

No. 109555

from what i know, soren's urls were fawnsyndrome -> shyfawn. then his blog got deleted because he was posting gore and his new urls were sicklefawn -> hurtc0re -> 01020023020312030120120102102 -> faggotuglyhfukcingdickballs.

No. 109556

i know soren used to have a kingdom hearts side blog together with sam, does anybody have the url? might be interesting

No. 109559

I've heard through the grapevine that he had a blog before fawnsyndrome but, to my knowledge it was just a kingdom hearts blog and I think it got deleted when shyfawn got deleted. Or, at least, he heavily implied (or maybe full-out said; I can't remember) that it got deleted along with shyfawn. However, if Sam also was running the blog (since side blogs can have multiple moderators), it doesn't make sense that it would have been deleted because I know for a fact that when Sam was child-gore she and Soren ran giirlmeat and that's still up because, although his original primary blog (shyfawn) was deleted, Sam's was still up and running. Apparently tumblr tried to delete Sam's blog for blatant gore and whatever but Soren contacted him and explained that Sam "died" and I guess he probably said that it was "all he had left of her" or some phony shit like that. I remember he once posted a picture of what all his sideblogs were. The ones I remember: angeldentium (deleted now, it was private before), fawnembryo (the one with all the pictures of Ginger Bronson, password is courtneylove), petalcoma (he seemed to be saving this url since he only used it once to show his friend something, now deleted), there was one other one that I can't remember the name of (there was not any posts or reblogs on it but it is clearly Soren's blog, one of his friends tagged him as that blog once) and I will post a link as soon as I can remember the name of it.
Anyway, anon, the kingdom hearts blog is PROBABLY deleted but maybe someone remembers the URL?

No. 109570

all these childhood photos on sharkembryo have got to be stolen which makes this even more disturbing. would Sam even have childhood photos? my mother was abusive and my father was neglectful so childhood photos of me simply don't exist. doubtful a sex trafficker or negligent mother would take artful, sweet childhood photos of the kid they prostitute/torture/abuse

No. 109576

filthylamb is obviously soren because there's an ask about why they broke up with soren lol

No. 109577


and they reblog a lot from a blog called fawnsnow that's deactivated now. makes me wonder how many blogs soren actually has

No. 109578

oh i know the blog fawnsnow. definitely not anything soren related, it belonged to a girl who has remade since then

No. 109579


correct me if i'm wrong, but i think "cloud mouth" was the title kayla day was using on her bedbones blog at one point

this is a selfie of what she apparently looked like- http://filthylamb.tumblr.com/post/111701863479/strange

i think this blog is supposed to be for dallas, his "ex girlfriend". but the archive only goes back like 2 months in 2015, so it's likely another sock puppet.

he dated a "cheyenne" as well. wonder if she was real person or just another accessory to his story?

No. 109580

soren also dated someone called kayley

No. 109582

Well this has gone far enough for me. I went to the high school he listed on his facebook's website and sent an email to the counselor. I hope this helps resolves things and I don't look like a huge dumbass but this went way too far.

No. 109583


I doubt the school is gonna be able to do anything, and if you linked them this thread you can forget about them taking it seriously

No. 109584

I feel like the counselor has a duty to look into claims like that? A girl i knew in high school claimed to be raped by an older brother and cops were involved, turns out she didnt even have a brother. The thread was not linked so no worries there.

No. 109589


is soren still attending high school? if so then yeah they definitely have to look into it, but if he's not in high school any longer than I don't think they'll do anything

No. 109590

i'm pretty sure he's still in high school

No. 109591

Earlier post stated that his facebook page listed him at one, someone else did age math and figured he'd be graduating this year (assuming at least those things were true.) Either way i can't seem to figure out why no one is trying harder to contact authorities about this. He obviously needs extreme help.

No. 109593


I think likely it's because everyone Soren knows on tumblr is a teenager. Teenagers don't go to the police about stuff like this, they just don't. Either they're too scared or they don't think it's a valid option. When I was a teen I never thought it even an option to tell the school that my friend had been raped. Everyone Soren interacts with is still very very young, Zero is only 16 herself. So it makes sense none of them have done anything. As for anyone in this thread, let's be real, it's lolcow.

No. 109594


Here's to hoping the real Samantha Stowell and her father don't get dragged into this and his life isn't ruined by having sex trafficking charges slapped onto him temporarily till the truths figured out

No. 109602

no he didnt date kayley, kayley was just a close friend and im still friends with her as well. cheyenne is in fact real and there are pictures of her on his instagram. since then she has changed her username multiple times and i dont know what it is at this point. still questioning how real dallas was

No. 109603

hey! don't put your email in the email box, it's probably not a good idea to do that here

No. 109604

Considering they've already hired a lawyer against this loon I doubt it'll be much of a problem

No. 109613

I think it's a good idea to tell the principal about this, but I don't think it will be effective. After all, Sam says that she involved lawyers, so at least his mother has to know about this, but he keeps making edgy stories.

No. 109615

it would astonish me the school hasn't done anything. there's no way no teachers noticed those scars on sorens arms I mean they're fucked up. and in my experiences kids with that bad of self harm are checked up on

No. 109619

hey i used to follow soren for a while and i remember he posted a screenshot of this webpage http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/w/warner_leeanna.html and tagged it as "anna" (one of the girls he talks about in his trauma narrative and says he was "friends" with). unfortunately i dont have any proof of him posting it though because at the time i just assumed his stories were true…but anyway from what i can tell this is a real missing child and soren used them as part of his sick disgusting lies. he is an evil kid.

No. 109625

Yeah, it's in the archive: http://archive.is/u1qDu (scroll down)
You can't see tags, of course.

Also, don't click the posted date or notes. Apparently hurtc0re is now just a video of someone screaming with an cartoon picture in the background. (That, or someone was right about Soren collecting IPs to redirect us if we visited his blog.)

No. 109631


Yeah, I remember him posting the picture on the bottom left multiple times.

Which leads me to question when this supposed child porn ring started? It says she went missing in 2003 and Soren got brought into it in 2009, I think? Did this just go on for 9 years without anybody noticing?

He is such a liar, ugh.

No. 109640

he was actually brought into it in 2007, but still.

No. 109646

To be pedantic, he wasn't actually brought into it at all

No. 109658

Kek kek

No. 109660

hey this is a lil late but soren's ex gf, cheyenne's instagram is @milecheyclub. after they broke up she deleted all the evidence she ever knew him including comments on his photos. maybe she has some info on him

No. 109661

just realized soren stole the "i am a child that still thinks the world is beautiful" at the end of his trauma narrative from ginger bronson, too…

No. 109673

I doubt she'll tell a complete stranger everything about her ex-boyfriend even if he is scum.

No. 109681

File: 1458754856060.jpg (156.82 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

OT I know, but every time I read Soren's name I think of Soreen loaf and I get all kinda of hungry

No. 109682

I've talked to him, he's really shocked, trying to wrap his head around everything. He said he'll talk when he feels like it's safe. He's only talking to people privately.

No. 109684

saging for not contributing but that blog is really fucking disgusting

as are basically most of the blogs i've looked at in regards to this thread. just makes me disappointed

No. 109716

he's still in high school, but he's homeschooled.

No. 109717

are you sure? in his about me he said that he only went to school when the weather was right or some shit like that

No. 109719

I've been trying to get Soren exposed for about two years now and I'm so relieved it's finally happening. He's twisted and seriously dangerous. I've followed him ever since he was shyfawn (way back when), which means I was able to notice pretty easily when he changed parts of his story, or reinvented certain characters/events. His "trauma narrative" as it is now is utterly unrecognisable from what it was originally. As it happens, I'm pretty sure I know what actually happened. When I first started trying to get him exposed, I found a personal blog that he'd started when he was about eleven or twelve. He's since deleted it, but in it he mentions about being molested once when he was younger - and seems genuine about it. That's about the only element of his story which has remained consistent. I think this actually happened, and was the starting event which led him to fixate on csa and build an entire elaborate narrative surrounding it. It's hard to tell whether it's all a deliberate lie or whether he actually has come to believe his own story, but either it's clear he's severely mentally ill and needs help.
Also, he actually has several private blogs on tumblr, including the sharkembryo one. When I started investigating him I built up a "friendship" by sending him supportive messages, and eventually coaxed him into giving me the urls/passwords of the blogs. There are about six of them, all in the same vein - pics of Ginger Bronson from her skinny blonde period and various pieces of stolen art that "Sam" supposedly created (most of them taken from this page: http://visceralmilk.deviantart.com/). To me the scariest part of all this isn't the made-up narrative, it's the way he manipulates people around him. He preys on vulnerable teenagers like Zero and Jem and lies to them to gain their trust, then emotionally abuses them (tricking them into thinking he's dead then laughing in their faces, etc). I also strongly suspect that this whole deception is there to cover up the fact that he's actually a pedophile (hence why he hangs out solely with people younger than him) and this gives him an "acceptable" way to express his liking for guro/child porn. Someone should report him before he causes any more damage than he already has - although knowing him, Soren Hayes probably isn't even his real name, so getting the police involved would be pretty difficult.

No. 109723


i personally think if someone was sexually assaulted or abused as well as feeling unloved by family, especially those close to them then they would probably become attached, extremely dependant or cling onto people fairly quickly. more so if that person shows that they care, are concerned or are there about said person.
it's possible it could be connected to some kind of mental illness or maybe even an attachment disorder. that could go both ways and even if they get clingy or extremely lovey dovey, very quickly to someone or a lot of people they might not be able to keep up that relationship for a long time due to either not believing they genuinely care or mean it.

they could either have RAD (reactive attachment disorder) or they could just have a attachment, or rather a abandonment disorder.
this is just my opinion though.

No. 109724


They have some sort of mental disorders for sure but that doesn't excuse the fact that he's a pedophile and has been stalking people and abusing minors. Kids dangerous.

No. 109726

We really cannot jump the gun with this.
We can't just say he's abusing minors and have no proof of it.
I certainly hope he's not hurting anyone, but we really just don't know if he has, hasn't, or planned to. We cannot say.
We would need definitive proof other than hearsay, because if authorities were contacted and they were to investigate it might lead to nothing and then I'm not really sure what would happen

No. 109729


If someone suspects Soren has CP on his computer, police have to take it and search it, whether it'll come up positive or negative. You don't even need to have concrete evidence I'm fairly sure you just have to say they might

No. 109730

Even if he has CP he can be charged, remember that dude who bragged about his USB of loli waifus and got sent to jail?

Also, people who are abused can still abuse children
A fair amount of abusers say they were abused as children

No. 109732

He defo has CP on his computer

No. 109734

Look there's no way Soren HASNT watched CP. He KNEW the file name of an ACTUAL CP video. Of hurt core CP no less which is what his stupid fucking url was. It doesn't matter if he isn't out there molesting children, merely consuming child porn contributes to the abuse of children. Fuck Soren, take his ass to jail.

No. 109737

I'm not trying to white knight but
>He KNEW the file name of an ACTUAL CP video. Of hurt core CP no less which is what his stupid fucking url was
How do you know this unless you also looked at the CP? He could just have made some fake screenshots since everything about his story is fake.

I think it's possible that he does look at CP, considering his creepy obsession with child abuse, but I'd like to see proof

No. 109738


did you even read the board? someone already linked the file name kanga.avi in his fake wiki page to a real actual hurt core cp video.

No. 109743

someone should probably report it then? the cops were just called on him last week, he lives in san diego. the name soren daniel hayes can't be that common, right?

No. 109744

I didn't say he wouldn't abuse anyone, I know it's a cycle. I know that it's not impossible.
I'm saying to make the claims > he's a pedophile and has been stalking people and abusing minors
Is slightly outlandish, because we don't have any proof that he's been abusing minors.

If someone was to report him for cp/possible cp on his computer yeah, that's one thing.
But it's a different thing to claim that he's a pedophile or abusive to minors, when there's no proof and it's a claim.

No. 109745


i should have clarified that i wasn't talking about him in this post >>109723. i was just generally talking about my opinion on the way people that have suffered some forms of abuse as well as feeling unloved or unwanted could possibly act, like OP was asking.

No. 109750

I've read the whole thread but I didn't see this? unless I obviously missed it?

No. 109753

The cops were called on him last week?

No. 109759

I'm not accusing you of saying anything or defending him dw

Btw having CP on your computer is abusing minors

No. 109760


ctrl + f kanga.avi and you'll find the posts anon I'm on mobile and can't surf the entire thread for it

No. 109762

He tried to kill himself again, of course. Someone who knows him called the cops. The kids got issues, he needs major help.

No. 109763

Hi, i know you guys are on a diff topic now but i can give a little insight on zero. i used to be her friend. she is def the type of tumblr person to give out her address and she definitely has done it with soren before. i think soren sent her a half smoked cig so they could "share a smoke together" or that may have been someone else. and zero has always been kinda someone who gets wrapped up in