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File: 1484843317541.jpg (53.91 KB, 611x488, nofilters.JPG)

No. 237156

Slowly slipping into irrelevancy, Dakota posted on her Instagram that she still believes she looks like a child. As her skin becomes flakier and more haggard by the day she continues to shoop herself to the extreme in hopes her next yearly modelling event is lord of the rings themed.

Previous thread: >>210979

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dakotakoti
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti
Line blog: http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti/
Personal site: http://dakotarose.com/
BRAVO Models: http://www.bravomodels.net/detail/?mid=677
Tumblr: http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/

No. 237191

Haha nice pic anon

No. 237270

Holy shit it looks just like her pictures

No. 237325

Does anyone know when her new photoshoot will be released ? The one from her video …

No. 237333

Usually it's a few months after it was done. Now I'm noticing that she works literally every 2 months now.

No. 237337

File: 1484873645102.jpg (47.08 KB, 480x640, stalker.jpg)

I saw this toy capsule machine (戦慄!恐怖のライト5) and one of the characters reminds me of Dakota.

No. 237345

Fuck, I thought that was Lola Hartley.

No. 237347

I have a harder time believing that's NOT Dakota…

No. 237353

Good to see Kota is still getting modeling gigs…

No. 237396

File: 1484882974335.jpg (92.19 KB, 470x700, IMG_3810.JPG)


It's good to see Dakota finally getting gigs that actually use her real face!

No. 237449

Me too!

No. 237492

same, I thought she somehow got her own thread

No. 237593

File: 1484937214913.png (1.49 MB, 1177x1189, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.31…)

just saw this in her tag! that's definitely her nose, ear and jaw. but no funky lip makeup

No. 237600

The stupid necklace and ring is there.

No. 237626


Tag ? And when was this taken.. Her face looks a little less meaty.

No. 237637

No. 237666

is this how she goes on in public? no make up and baseball cap

No. 237667


Taytay style.

No. 237680

Baseball caps kinda look good on her though, they hide her forehead

No. 237715

Wow, she's so lumpy and unremarkable, no wonder she can't get work anymore. Poor Hiroshi has no standards smh. So many thirsty as fuck white gels who would do disgusting things for the deal she got and she looks like this? The years certainly haven't been kind to her face, she definitely peaked estnetically in 2012 and went downhill from there.

No. 237730

She looks completely fine.
"white gels" "estnetically"

No. 237741

File: 1484967018481.jpg (44.52 KB, 500x309, Q11530450-34.jpg)

why do kiki and dako always wear the same clothes from their scene days..

No. 237742


Nice catch. Normally I don't judge people using old clothes but these bitches are poor af and not successful at all.

No. 237744

i mean i guess keeping old clothes is okay because usually stuff goes back into style but varsity jackets arent a trend anymore

No. 237746

varsity jackets are back in fashion now though, along with bombers and nasty 90's mom jeans

No. 237747

no they aren't its bombers that are dominating the trends rn i remember wearing varsity jackets back in 2011

No. 237880

that's not the scene days. it was dakota's glory days 2011/2012

No. 237892


Sooo…. She went home to pick up old clothing on Christmas. Everything that looks new on Tooters looks like a over sized hand me down ..

No. 237897

Not for a "model" she doesn't. For a model she looks like a dog. Her features outgrew her face 3 years ago and her wonky dumbo ears stick out for a mile.

No. 237931

File: 1485022657980.jpg (28.8 KB, 549x290, 3020398423984.jpg)


Looking closer at it now, she looks like she has the same eye bags as Kaka… Yet I don't recall her having them in any other candid pictures.

Maybe Koots has favoured hemorrhoid cream for more then just her money maker, and maybe ran out…

No. 238061

Being so critical of her real appearance is very sad. She's pretty, but she is not particularly photogenic. Your comments are completely delusional. We all know she isn't actually a model anymore and the few jobs she gets are not exactly legitimate.

No. 238172

goddammit OP that pic scares me lol

No. 238215

I'm mobile so I can't post full sized pics, but she posted a couple of new ones.

No. 238246

File: 1485085486924.jpeg (632.84 KB, 2048x1365, C2wr5lKUkAIKPab.jpg-large.jpeg)

she can't be serious this shoop is one of her worst

No. 238250

Ridiculous face aside, is she back to her old ED self or some shit? And what's going on with her outfit? It looks she's wearing fitting kneeshorts with pantyhose under.

No. 238255

File: 1485087586700.png (330.98 KB, 603x453, Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 7.16…)

Still wondering how she even gets jobs in the first place… She doesn't look like her image nor has the body/height for it, and she's basically irrelevant in both U.S and Japan.

No. 238261

YEAH but I have never seen a rl anime/barbie girl with a rectangle waist and punchbag thighs it's like she makes her face thinner than everything else she's starting to remind me of a rubber on the end of a pencil

No. 238263

File: 1485092011266.png (708.73 KB, 568x575, ShrunkenheadDako.png)

Shrunken head is so kawaii desu!

No. 238264

She looks like a horse

No. 238282

might have to do with the fact she is white, female, still young, fluent in japanese, and can edit the shit out of herself for free.

maybe they strike up a deal - "we'll let you be in our ad or shoot if you do all the shoop work". she can communicate this easily enough. it's probably just quick convenience for whatever cheap agency throws her a bone.

No. 238290

>Being so critical of her appearance is so sad.

No, not really. That's what real models have to deal with, which is why they actually take care of themselves. Dakota has never been and will never be real model material, she cheated her way into it. I don't feel sorry for her and I'm not jealous of her, but it's ridiculous to say anyone who critiques her appearance is jelly or salty when she should have never been a model in the first place. Modeling is all about looks and appearances, if you can't handle people picking apart your features then you shouldn't be one in the first place. I know everyone likes to whine about their feelings these days, but modeling has never been and will never be just some fun job for average girls like Dakota to make a decent living from. Dakota is a sugar baby whose daddy bought her a cover story. If that wasn't true then she would be able to get regular work, but she isn't. It's time to stop pretending she has this setup because she's white or because she learned Japanese, because if that's all it took ten Japan would be flooded with riaru baabii white girls improperly using Kansai slang.

No. 238296

i want to see what she looks like in this hairstyle unshooped.

No. 238306


She's white, female, young but looks old, blond but balding, short af, fake af, rude and speaks Japanese in a manly matter and is pudgy.

Wouldn't it be so much easier and cheap to actually find a pretty white girl with blue eyes and blonde hair, then to hire Koots and have to spend hours just trying to make her look presentable ? and that isn't even including the time it takes to shoop her into model material.

No. 238313

File: 1485103204250.jpg (28.83 KB, 401x555, CdBHSGAUkAEl7YI.jpg)

except real models don't need alien fetus shoop. pic related.

No. 238336

That photo is clearly shooped at least a bit. Come on now, anon.

No. 238343


Who is that ? and of course they don't require alien shoop or outlandish editing because they're actually pretty with striking features.

Dakota is a average person.. You wouldn't even bother shooting her a look if she pasted you by alone or in a crowd.


All professional shoots and pictures are edited, but to no extreme length like Dakota's are. If you probably saw this girl in the street you'd probably recognize her from this picture, where as nobody recognizes Dakota because they never look like her.

No. 238376

she should cut her bangs again

No. 238379

Her eyebrows fucking suck. That aside, she's quite pretty.

No. 238380

>clearly shooped
how so? her eyes really are that color and her skin is clear. so what is shooped?

No. 238406

File: 1485112705609.gif (1.16 MB, 245x247, nice try jan.gif)

Pleasee no waifufaggotry

No. 238407


No. 238435

File: 1485117635935.png (1.13 MB, 952x1016, 1481282789463.png)

I just don't understand why she colours her lips like that, it looks so bad.

No. 238442

Lol at that shrunken head chicken little face. Fuck me. Also nice wiggly bench from shopping yourself thinner koots

No. 238446

Eh, this is still edited. Jaw has been slimmed, nasolabial folds erased, eyes distanced a bunch.

No. 238476

File: 1485121022431.jpg (452.27 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)

Anyone else getting Dren vibes from Koots ? The spaced out eyes, button nose and lip shape .. And unfortunately the baldness too.

She's starting to look more and more like Dren from Splice.

No. 238480

This was totally my first thought too! The shoops get more bizarre every time.

No. 238549

Jesus Christ her whole head… Kooter wtf is wrong with you? It doesn't work at all

plus the wobbly bench lol
she will probably just delete this

No. 238550


idk man, she still has the other shrunken head picture up on her IG. I think she's gone completely mental.

No. 238564

I didn't bother zooming in before, but wow… I genuinely doubt that even she thinks this looks good. She can't be that nuts. She'd honestly have to be legitimately mentally ill to think so. This is getting a bit concerning.

No. 238647

Made her neck longer, boobs bigger and somewhat gave herself a waist again.

She's not a pretty girl, stans. Just look at >>238435 and >>238476 even she hates her face.

No. 238670

She's finally reached Mila Mortice level of photoshop. That's when you know you need to stop. It's actually hilarious since she copied Kooter first and now she's shooping herself exactly like her.

No. 239382

File: 1485302608871.jpg (786.16 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)

Tooters has gotten so boring lately … I really miss laughing at her social media mishaps and failed attempts at sounding relevant. Her faked humble brags of people telling her, her eyes are " too big for her face" or that she looks dolly. Sometimes I wonder if she runs a secrete social media account with a complete different name an ect. ( like her sister tried .. Though probably isn't since all her fame is attached to her original persona/name )

Oh well … Here's an attempt at deshooping.

No. 239387

File: 1485302947825.jpg (213.84 KB, 1080x1350, fb.jpg)

has anyone seen this new copycat? she calls herself Mina Peony (like Dakota Rose, get it?). she's really tryhard and cringey.

No. 239443

shes not relevant enough for anyone to care. please dont post these girls it contributes nothing and just comes off as a cringey self post

No. 239449

Unfortunate bags under eyes. She's just not nearly enough cute nor good at Photoshop to ever be like Dakota.

No. 239453

Man, both the before and after pics look derpy. No salvaging here, I guess.
That entire "kawaii doll" era where she was trying to look less like a "living doll"/model and more like an anime character was awful. Not as bad as her current shoops by any means, but it was certainly the beginning of the end.

No. 239457

She looks terrible.
>6k IG followers
>14 posts
>potato quality everything
The fuck? Someone's been buying followers.

No. 239458


Frankly a nobody who just like many hashtag Dakota's nicknames on their photos. All copying Koot's in a sad attempt for attention. I agree with the other anon that post like this do tend to come off as self post since nobody typically cares.

People only cared about the copy cat KittyPhina ( Sarah ) because of the creepy extent she went to with copying. ( who also currently out ranks Koot's on IG rn )

No. 239522

Kyary started following her on IG. rip.

No. 239525

just checked and yup she did. huh.

No. 239671

she looks so blatantly disproportionate and artificial that i can't look at her anymore without feeling freaked out.

saged for rant.

No. 241503

UNREAL. the bitch won't stay down. the universe gives this idiot a disproportionate amount of chances

No. 241554

File: 1485701264753.jpg (68.78 KB, 502x500, image.jpg)

I realized these didn't get posted here. Found them on pull.

She looks a little bald but other than that not to horrible …

No. 241558

File: 1485701850778.jpg (507.69 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)


Side profile comparison : other models pics vs Koots YouTube video.

No. 241560

File: 1485701967014.jpg (452.72 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)


Koots photo vs other models

- sorry about samefagging.

No. 241561

It kinda looks like shes lost a bit of weight

No. 241563

The lighter lips and a bit more makeup really does miracles with her face. Also she seems slim

No. 241565

She looks like Elijah Woods in her photoshopped picture. She actually looks cute in the other one

No. 241573

yeah, because greasy black roots are so ~kawaii~ and child-like

i want her nose so bad

No. 241577

Wow, Kota really has the "11-year-old with a tiny blonde head" kind of look that Japanese like. Also looks way better in the unshooped pics.

No. 241580

This might sound crazy, but it looks like maybe she got fillers for her laugh lines. And maybe her chin a bit, too.

No. 241581

She looked absolutely stunning back then, legit model material even though it's only sh00p. Her style like in that one outfit video for her 10 000(??) subscribers back then was cute yet mature and it really suited her. Even now it would still look good. Her style nowadays is so boring and ugly.

I agree about keeping old clothes but do you really care about wearing things that are "trendy"? If yes you need to care a bit less about what people think.

No. 241582

File: 1485705377544.jpg (142.66 KB, 1015x827, Collage 2017-01-29 23_53_52~2.…)

Hahahaha holy shit anon, she does.
I was wondering who she reminded me of in that picture.

No. 241583

She looks like a greasy onion, fucking hell Dakota you need to get a grip and stop.

No. 241586


She's always kinda had a pudgy face and did gain weight since entering Japan. I don't think she got fillers since her nasolabial folds are still very noticeable. ( Also she hardly makes moneys soo.. how would she even afford to get fillers along side top it up every however often )


Oh lord. Maybe thats the appeal she's going for ? A kawaii hobbit … Though I don't recall Frodo ever having a shrunken head.

No. 241587

at first I thought it was chichibanban lol copycat? Not a Dakota one, more like Chichi's copycat mixed with some dolly weeb stuff.
This smells like a selfpost. Don't embarrass yourself, girl. And stop buying followers.

No. 241593

File: 1485707285671.jpg (36.23 KB, 514x500, hv2BSxYpBOA.thumb.jpg.a02d9130…)

And yet…

No. 241600


Atleast her hair looks washed this time. That jacket however does her no favours and makes her look broader/wider then the dude beside her.

No. 241601

She is wider than him

No. 241658

don't you dare to compare my husbando with that thing ;_;

No. 241689

Are these recent?

No. 241692


Same time and day Koot's posted these >>238246
>>238255 Which may be delayed by a day or two due to Koots editing her pics. I don't know what the other girls IG is so I dunno what day she specifically posted, but they are recent.

No. 241700

Actually the point of being a model isn't to be picked apart for your looks and the way it's done here reeks of bitterness. No I don't think she is a good model or particularity stunning but she somehow still lands jobs despite showing her "real face" so she must be doing something right. Im not a fan and I don't even care about her but her threads are sometimes just ripping her apart for no reason other than you just want to be in Japan and thinks she doesn't deserve it. We get it, she probably doesn't, but get over it because she's been there for years

No. 241713

>>"get over it she's been there for years"

why don't you "get over" being a white knight defending her on lolcow after all these years then huh?

No. 241836

Bravo-san gets her jobs. For example this designer uses a bunch of Bravo models for his runway. Koots is part of the package. Agencies do this often if they want to push an unpopular girl.

No. 241860

>she must be doing something right

Slinging that pussy, fam. Younger, thinner, prettier models with actual portfolios and no past drama has been sent packing, yet Dakota is still pretending she's an A list model when she only books a few bleh-tier jobs or Bravo group model events every couple of months. Sea only still signed with Bravo so she has a legitimate excuse to hold a visa and not get deported and she's doing that, undoubtedly, by sleeping with Hiroshi. It's not me being "bitter" or "jealous", it's just the way the modeling industry works. Dakota is on the pretty side of average, but by actual model standards she's an awkward, balding, rude potato. One who doesn't care about her reputation, image, or even wearing makeup. If you think any other average white Florida girl could get away with not giving a fuck about their career and still keep their career without a Daddy to feed it to them, you're operating on a level of naiveté that can be rivaled only by girls as sheltered a unaware of how the real world works as the Ostrengas. Except Kiki and Dakota obviously know that there will always be someone somewhere willing to throw them a bone as long as thy kiss ass and put out. That's why Kiki hops into bed with every Asian guy who looks at her twice and why Dakota is only overly sweet and nice to her manager, who happens to be Hiroshi.

No. 241888

> Sea only still signed with Bravo so she has a legitimate excuse to hold a visa

I don't think she's been on entertainment visa for a long time. She hasn't left the country to renew it on a regular basis.

No. 241897

I'm sorry anon, I love him too but the resemblance is uncanny!

No. 242014

I've never interacted with her on social media before, never even liked a pic. My friend sent me a pic of her on instagram saying "she's cute, she looks 12". I went on her latest picture, saw all the hordes of people spewing the same shit and I tagged them and commented "she looks nothing like that in real life." left the page and checked a few minutes later, was already blocked lmfao

No. 242024

At this point, it's her language skills that are probably allowing her to get jobs. None of those younger, prettier models speak a lick of Japanese, but Kota is more than conversationally fluent (inb4 all the whinging that she's not) she IS, and that's what makes her unique atm. There are very few rival, white 'exotic' girls with the language skill to fill up those daytime chat show spots that she usually ends up working right now. She's found a niche.

No. 242035

If she was still doing TV I'd agree, but she's barely doing anything at all right now. I'm still convinced she's married because she hasn't been travelling for visa renewals.

No. 242038

Sorry. I really haven't seen evidence that she IS more than conversationally fluent. She has a good accent and intonation which fools a lot of people but her vocabulary and sentence structure is pretty weak. She throws around a lot of slang which seems "natural" and impressive but at the end of the day, I doubt she could for example get by in a Japanese university.
And honestly, there are quite of few "exotic white girls" with Kooter level skills who could be on TV, they just aren't represented by a major agency who can pull strings for them. Remember they were getting her on TV when her Japanese was still shit.

No. 242041

You can get a 3 year entertainment visa. I think 3 is the maximum though.

No. 242042

the visa can be obtained in the first place by entering first as a tourist then applying once in japan. are you 100% certain she has to leave the country in order to renew?

No. 242044

You don't really need to leave the country when you renew your visa status. At least I didn't.

No. 242091

What time of visa did you have?

No. 242103

She left the country over the holidays. Not sure how long you have to stay gone, but she was in Florida for a couple weeks right ?

No. 242120

Tbh nobody here actually knows how often she leaves the country. She's not exactly a open book and only post on IG like every other week. Everything else she posts about is mild and plain " I ate noodles" "It's a good day" ect.

Nobody really knows what the fuck she does with her time. For all we know she's getting by the same way Margo is. . . . Prostitution … I mean, sensual massages.

No. 242162

She was there for Christmas and stayed through the new year, probably so she would get a fat tax break. Foreigners working in Japan on an entertainment visa still have to pay income taxes, some in Japan and some to the states if she's still a citizen. If she really did marry Hiroshi, wouldn't she have to denounce her US citizenship? Japan doesn't allow dual citizenship.

No. 242167

i'm always wondering how people would know about her whereabouts, in cases, when the only source we have are her social media accounts.
who knows how delayed she posts some things.

No. 242283

?? If she was married she would have a spouse visa, not citizenship. To become a naturalized citizen is a very long and difficult process
Also if you are living and working in Japan, and have no earned income (including investments) in the US, you don't have to pay US taxes. However, you still need to file taxes in the US with proof that you have paid in Japan - 給与所得源泉徴収票

No. 242347

i'm not, i think she's lame, i just think the threads are really reaching at times

even if she is sleeping with her manager, i guess it's keeping her career afloat. i don't think any white girl can do it, hence why her sister failed. personally i support her staying in japan for eternity as she is away from her god awful family, she isn't farting around making racist videos, and while she is creating a lie about her real face, it's pretty funny at this point.

No. 242367


I sometimes get the vibe she isn't happy where she is anymore, but at the same time she doesn't want to go back to living with her parents ( which I completely understand ). I can't imagine her working a typical job or going to school either as she probably thinks she's higher then that.

Wonder what she'll do when she's too old and expired to do modelling.

No. 242375

Uh, context?

I always assumed Kota had to suck some businessman dick to get famous. Who is this guy?

No. 242377

Has some designer she's done runway modeling for I think twice now. He seems to be an acquaintance of her manager Hiroshi. He never looks happy in his pics with her lols

No. 242390

File: 1485828643673.jpg (13.72 KB, 315x238, hireme.jpg)


Well wouldn't you be displeased if that showing up instead of what you saw on the portfolio.

No. 242397

Not to mention, if they still try to pass off her Bravo measurements as current, it's might be quite a shock to find she's actually much bigger and wider IRL than expected. Before popteen dropped her they did 2-3 full body shots of her with listed measurements, and the last one they did had her posed hard as fuck, heavily edited and probably taped and contoured to hell and back and she still looked bloated and dumpy. Not to mention, they published that she gained close to 15 pounds since the previous spread. And tbh, they were probably being generous and still graciously lying for her (just not as much as Bravo).

No. 242404

Oh it's my thing
Did you ever save the other ones?

No. 242418

File: 1485832269756.png (166.25 KB, 500x450, sdg.png)

What else?

No. 242433

this is the best

No. 242491

aha yes, I made quite a few back when these threads were on cgl with a mouse. So any of the ones that look like that are probably mine. I think there was one about the wig/"tinted shampoo" stint and a few about lesbian rants.

My favorite I did is probably the VenusxGreat Expectations because it turned out to essentially be true

No. 242613

You're the one who made it? Oh boy, I saw it years ago when I was a small weeb on PULL v.1, that's kinda nostalgic. I really liked your artstyle lol (still like it).
Also if you happen to have other silly drawings or something I'm interested.

No. 242664

this is still so accurate

No. 242666

File: 1485884514217.jpg (29.7 KB, 500x375, fb.jpg)

there are several on google if you type in "kotakoti art" here are a few incoming.

No. 242667

File: 1485884533826.jpg (113.28 KB, 500x419, fb.jpg)

No. 242668

File: 1485884612337.jpg (141.17 KB, 500x359, fb.jpg)

No. 242689

was there an issue with period blood at one point?

No. 242712

I think it was Kiki actually who, back in her scene days, took a photo of period blood running down her leg while wearing only panties and somehow thought it would be funny to upload it onto the internet.
There could be a seperate incident involving Kota too, though, that I've somehow missed.

No. 242713

Yeah, I'm about 90% sure it was Kiki.
The Ostrengas seem to have a strange attitude to that gross-out lulz random stuff though, remember Kota posting that kawaii vomit?

No. 242728

it was kiki
>Seeing Kiki’s period blood dripping onto her toes and reading her detailed descriptions of cramps have that same effect. And I’ve never even had cramps.
>This is kiki trying to feed off of Jeffree’s period fetish.
From stickydrama

No. 242729

I know I'm late but I just found out she changed her kotakoti.com website and deleted all the post from her golden era

No. 242741

She should go back to this style

No. 242745

Thing is this was never a real look on her. It was a ton of dedicated after effects and lighting work that she can't be arsed to do in recent years.

No. 242747

yeah I know but I mean the clothes, makeup and hair. And edit, too. Now she looks like a retarded alien baby and irl she looks horrible with the minimal makeup + lenses

No. 242749

It's especially funny when you consider the fact that he looks happy in his pictures with just about everyone else. Makes me wonder what Koots is like to work with.

No. 242752


That over the top black winged eyeliner never looked good in person. It's hard to say if she can still pull that style off as she has gained weight and seems to carry it on odd places. She seems obsessed with concealing her stomach area.

However she should return to having bangs and cover up her massive forehead and caveman brow.
( I still want to know what happen to the anon that said her manager outed her on live TV about weight gain and being lazy )

No. 242755

>However she should return to having bangs and cover up her massive forehead and caveman brow.
She looked hella cute here, and yes, she should get bangs again

No. 242757

File: 1485899733388.png (223.96 KB, 500x326, fb.png)

that's the thing though, the makeup and hair from her viral era did not look good irl. these two images were days/weeks between each other.

No. 242836

Holy shit, I forgot she didn't wear those awful lenses in her original debut video. How can she claim they're her real eyes when she went on TV in Japan without them?

No. 242839

The same way she can gain 20 lbs while being signed to one of the best agencies in Japan.
And has the nerve while shooping herself into oblivion to haughtily proclaim to be all natural.
Bitch has no shame.

No. 242844

Clearly she does, or he wouldn't be trying so hard to keep herself both relevant enough to get jobs but also mysterious enough that nobody starts digging into how she's really still there. It sure as fuck ain't luck.

No. 242892

Sadder still is this is back when her looks had 'peaked'. She and Kiki have the type of genes that stop looking good once they hit 20.

No. 242908

do you consider the pic on the right her "peak"? cause if not, then she never peaked. those pictures are days apart. she only peaked in photoshop, then lost her taste.

btw OT, but Beckii Cruel made a video about girls who photoshop and i think she was vaguely talking about Dakota. it said that if the photoshop is obvious, and she knows that everyone knows she edits herself to hell, but still continues to do it anyway, then it means she's not photoshopping herself to fool people. She's doing it because of a much deeper issue and it's honestly sad. Especially because her shoops keep becoming more and more inhuman the more she hates herself.

No. 242915

Didn't she have 200k followers like three days ago? I just checked and she has 126k now wtf

No. 242929

kek maybe insta finally decided to nuke most of the bot accounts that follower her

No. 242931

File: 1485919070708.jpg (51.61 KB, 729x369, image.jpg)


She never had 200k like Taytay and Sarah do. She's still buying and disparately trying to catch up and stay relevant.

No. 242964

That tall guy is cute af

No. 243056

Poor Koots. She declined so fast.
Honestly, she was adorable in this and though she still didn't look 'model material', she was very cute none-the-less.
I don't know if it's just hard and fast ageing, a really, really poor diet or both, but she looks kind of sickly nowadays. Like she's getting absolutely no nutrients in her body. Her skin looks off-colour and she just appears unhealthy all 'round.
On a side note, I sometimes wonder if this slow decline of shoop quality to the point of her real face actually looking better is on purpose.

No. 243121

It's Yu Shirota, he's half Spanish

No. 243149

He's a great prince of the ass.

No. 243178

aww, i wish she still did talk shows. her japanese is such an asset to her, regardless of any style or photoshop weirdness, if she can project a good personality she'll grow her base.

also she should at least buy clip-in bangs to use every now and then. if she'd had bangs during that one game promotion video recently, it would have saved her from the overhead lighting.

No. 243221

Oh, no, I meant moreso in her candids. In the video advertising that game she looks grey as fuck. In her other candids too lately, her skin just looks so dull.
Maybe it's just a foundation she's been using or something, I dunno.

No. 243222

I think she it's her bad eating habits. That's why her skin is grey. I have this problem too when i'm on a diet.

No. 243224

>If she can project a good personality

She has a horrible personality on a lot of her TV appearances and I'm assuming it's because she's a lazy ass who doesn't care about anything. She comes off as so boring that even if I didn't know who she was, I would have no interest in watching her on TV.

Clip in bangs would be a good idea for her. She could put what hair she does have to the side to make it look like she has more.

No. 243264

Very true. And that is why most Japanese viewers really didn't like her. They called her rude, selfish, and overrated.

No. 243285

>she edits it to look pale
why would she need to do that? she is very pale.

No. 243427

That's what happens when your parents raise you to believe your she doesn't stink and you're God's gift to the world. She has such an ego yet she doesn't have the looks or body to back it up. She really is a joke, but she thinks she's #winning because she's living off some middle aged businessman. Her and Kiki love to convince themselves everyone who doesn't like her is just jealous, but I wouldn't want her life even if she was still relevant and getting good jobs. I wouldn't want my future to hinge on being a sex worker.

No. 244459


She's up to 128K now. Sure as shit if IG keeps deleting bot followers, she'll keep buying more. She needs to buy new shoes, clothes that are actually in style and some hair regrown treatments instead, maybe then she could get real followers.

No. 244497

File: 1486214469736.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6166.PNG)

Well, it's certainly better than a lot of her recent shoops.

No. 244501

gross holy shit
but ayy back with the seifuku bows. sadly the whole outfit looks like trash like her makeup

No. 244510

File: 1486216669275.jpg (62.58 KB, 640x480, f2e96cc6-0cff-4a84-8129-3f5ee8…)

She always kind of reminds me of the kid who played Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween. Especially in her shoops

No. 244512

File: 1486216860658.jpg (409.65 KB, 1667x2222, 1470392865Katiushapol01.jpg)

Koot's new facial inspiration maybe?


No. 244514

Looks like she's trying to shoop herself some cheek fillers like their beloved TayTay fucking kek

No. 244517


Is that a fupa bulge or just the skirt poofing ? and that Jacket is the second one looks huge, kek maybe she borrowed Hiroshi's jacket.


Careful Anon, speaking of Tay's fillers can trigger some of the super defensive anons. I'd rather not see shit tons of spammed pictures of fat faced celebs.

No. 244518

Wow, I think you legitimately figured out why Dakota has been shopping herself so badly lately. She does look naturally baby-faced and young, unlike Dakota.

Do we know if this person has done any modeling gigs that would make someone like Dakota envious?

No. 244520

Not sure. I mean she's not really a kawaii model per-say. She just seems to get a lot of high fashion work. Her portfolio is pretty impressive and she is the same age as Koots.

No. 244524

Looks like Bravo might have landed her a role in a high school drama. Ugh.

No. 244533

she looks like a little boy in his older brother's suit

No. 244537

Samefag. But I was wrong. I looked closer and it's not a drama but a photo-shoot and CM for MILK with YuraYura and some other Popteen models.

No. 244538

Woah, for the first time she's kept her irises small while shooping her eyes bigger.
I don't understand how she thinks she can change up her shooping style drastically and expect no one to notice.

No. 244540

To be honest I'd like her to return to Popteen. I enjoyed the photoshoots and even if she didn't have as many pages as the Japanese girls, I liked the style they gave her and how cute she used to look

No. 244563

Well she aged out and they've brought in a new generation of girls. But beyond that she was a terrible model, not popular with reader, couldn't make her measurements, required excessive shooping, and to top it off embarrassed the magazine by acting like an asshole on TV.
I think she wore out her welcome.

No. 244565


Shes too old to make a debut back to Popteen and Nicole Fujita is literally the teen queen Japanese are all over at the moment. They dont give a shit about some
Foreigner blonde model.

She is on twitter with Yula in selfies for a shoot.

Im praying Dakota doesnt go back to Larme magazine. Ill be so pissed off.

No. 244585

File: 1486223069116.png (408.22 KB, 446x591, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.4…)

No. 244586

File: 1486223150545.png (399.48 KB, 445x566, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.4…)


Samefag. Second pic.

She doesn't look that bad here.

No. 244589

filters are miraculous

No. 244596

so looks so infinitely better with bangs that i can't believe she isn't aware of it. i can only guess that she got rid of them in an attempt to make her hair look thicker. her hair is so thin now, thinner than ever, that maybe she just can't spare any for bangs anymore?

No. 244597


her eyes would look less spooky with some mascara on tho.

No. 244602

idk if it's the angle but her right hand and wrist look really chubby

No. 244606

Holy cow, she's gorgeous.

No. 244607


Probably because her fingers are being stretched from her trying to shrink her her body to look thinner.

No. 244613

She is indeed. Love to see her walking some of the big shows In NYC or Paris but she seems to be a bit small, only 172cm. If can agency lists a high fashion girl at 172 she's probably closer to 168-170.

No. 244624


If that height is off of the Bravo site it could be wrong. They still have her fake old measurements on there.

No. 244705

Anon wasn't talking about Dakota's measurements. Everyone knows Dakota's measurements are all lies across every website.

It's definitely fupa. I have a thing for school uniforms and I've bought several uniform skirts directly from Japan and they never fit like that (but then again I buy ones that actually fit). Usually they aren't hiked all the way up like that, lots of Japanese girls wear them lower and roll them up to make the skirt shorter. This looks like what happens when fat weebs buy non-elastic waisted sefuku skirts and don't realize that just because it can fasten around the smallest part of your waist on the last hook =/= it fits.

It's sad that is both heavily shopped and she's undoubtedly sucking it in and yet she still looks like a stuffed sausage.

No. 244724

That's probably why she barely gets work, she shows up fatter than yey claim she is and they can't fit her into the clothes she's supposed to awkwardly model. The last few things she's done have been focused on the waist-up.

No. 244729

holy shit, it looks just her shoops

No. 244733

File: 1486237642451.png (151.6 KB, 640x1069, IMG_3996.PNG)

Hey fam, look what I found…

No. 244755

At first I was excited cuz I thought Instagram had another purge and she lost all of her bot followers lmao

No. 244760

Nope. And this account has been active since July 2015, uploads pics regularly and even links to her actual YT account. It was the first result on Instagram for "Dakota rose". If it wasn't her she would have definitely had it taken down as an imposter by now.

No. 244770

what's the point of posting this? posers aren't interesting

No. 244773

it's fake duh

No. 244824

this is her without circle lenses? creepy.

No. 244859

File: 1486247387593.jpg (160.18 KB, 790x555, 1470297932portfolio_wide2_SHOT…)

Koots can dream

No. 244930

File: 1486258177807.png (622.8 KB, 602x599, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 8.26…)


I wasn't saying they were, but just pointing out that if the measurements are fake or not updated then the height probably isn't either. ( But only if height was based off of Bravo's site ) We haven't seen an accurate update on how tall she is in a long while, plus most of the things that displayed it listed all her lies as well.

TL;DR : She could be shorter or taller then what we've seen listed for her.

Damn, so it was Fupa I was spotting. She needs a better diet and to do crunches, that or to wear shape wear to squish it all in ( spanx )


There is so many girls in Japan that are 100% more dolly and baby faced looking then Tooters. I'm surprised that Toot's even keeps the "human doll" tittle. ( Pic related : Maria_Darts )

No. 244941

Her instagram. Her style really reminds me of Koots. Complete with massive unflattering turtlenecks.
Actually creepy.

No. 244955

No. 244972

She looks cock eyed

No. 244992

Well shit, this is exactly how kota was shopping herself back in the day when she still had those snakebites.

No. 245003

Damn she looks straight up like a Victorian doll! And she doesn't need to shoop herself hell and back either to the extent koots does. Huh. And not to think long ago, people used to say that nothing can compare to koots beauty but here we are, koots having competition that lights her ass ablaze. Do much for jelly haturzz

No. 245004

Funny she is listed as light brown hair while Kota and Kiki still insist they're blonde.

No. 245020

File: 1486272317857.png (415.08 KB, 498x607, Screenshot_2017-02-04-23-21-03…)

No. 245021

File: 1486272371515.png (2.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-02-04-23-21-10…)

No. 245029

Not a flattering photo.

This girl looks a lot like her shooped self. Found her in the kotakoti tag on IG.

No. 245031

This reeks of selfpost lmao

No. 245035

>>245020 here's the commercial:
Nah. Just trawling through tags out of boredom.

No. 245038

File: 1486274761865.jpg (393.94 KB, 1229x1404, IMG_8929.JPG)

Translated rough, but I truly hope no one believes that.

No. 245047

This is one of her uglier photoshops and her hair looks super thin and greasy

No. 245058


lmao selfpost much

she's okay

No. 245106

File: 1486283351524.jpg (174.17 KB, 1200x800, C34OksuUoAEjjqK.jpg)

I don't even know what else to say at this point honestly

No. 245121

Can we just talk about how much she changed her shooping style all of a sudden like what???

No. 245148

Have another commercial.

No. 245149

File: 1486287485688.jpg (450.56 KB, 1122x1996, IMG_8934.JPG)

Sorry for the absolute turd quality, but I can't save the original image right now.

No. 245169

File: 1486289032406.png (45.91 KB, 325x540, IMG_3526.PNG)

Dat chin

No. 245182

I feel like she is actually getting chubby now.

No. 245189

File: 1486292660379.png (159.7 KB, 518x292, the boy mayor 75% form.jpg.png)

holy shit, she looks just like the boy mayor of second life from monster factory lmaooo she's a human ransom note

No. 245190

Damn that commercial just gave me a cringe attack. But at least she looked cute in the cm. She should just go back to the cute type of stuff, it suits her better. I don't know what she's doing at the moment,but honestly she needs to reconsider going down the current road she's going down, because soon it will be to late.

No. 245193

Exactly, would be nice seeing her doing more stuff like this. Also she seems pretty happy in the pics and CM

No. 245198

That wasn't a self post? I'm replying to the previous poster. And that's a real model in Japan who doesn't need to garner random attention from lolcow.

No. 245199

Agreed she seems legit.I guess the other anon thinks that just because another model's picture was posted it's automatically a self post.

No. 245253

File: 1486305149452.png (589.82 KB, 905x483, Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 9.27…)


I'm actually shocked Tooters posted this picture as she looks like herself in it. In other words not edited.

No. 245265

Weird, and she looks pretty bland compared to most of the qt Japanese girls.
At least she isn't concealing her natural face and body with tonnes of shoop.
Girl needs bangs back though, I don't know how many times this needs to be said. She would've looked a lot cuter here with them.

No. 245266

>Looks goodly
Is this one of her bot followers

No. 245269


She's the ugliest one there … She looks 2x older the the other girls. damn.

Guess they wanted one of the students to look like a classmate that got held back 2-3 grades.

No. 245270

That's because the Japanese girls were chosen because they're actually cute while Dakota was chosen as a token white girl

No. 245271

got one of dem big ol quasimodo eyeballs!

No. 245275

Does anyone know how the hell dakota can afford that nice ass apartment of hers??? In her apartment tour video all the furniture in her apartment was super nice and expensive furniture too!! Where is her money coming from??

No. 245276

mispost? or embracing her real face????

No. 245295

File: 1486309091241.png (525.29 KB, 598x395, Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 10.2…)


I'm guessing it wasn't just her apartment and was shared as it had 2 bedrooms which I think she only showed the inside of one room ( could be wrong ).


Maybe she thinks her fans are that stupid by just looking at the one comment calling her godly. Plus 75% of her followers are bought sooooo….

(pic related ) Girl seriously looks like the class delinquent thats hated by all the other girls just by the looks they're giving her.

No. 245300

File: 1486309490051.jpg (230.39 KB, 1080x1643, IMG_20170205_164139.jpg)


Well it certainly looks better than this one…

No. 245301

Agreed. She really doesn't fit this kind of Cm anymore and sticks out like an aging sore thumb. She could have still pulled it off in 2012-13 but now no way. Whenever I see her in stuff like this I assume that someone like Yura (who feels bad for her) pleaded her case for her because the other ex-Pop girls can't stand her.

No. 245312

holy shit Dakota get bangs again please

No. 245314

>She should just go back to the cute type of stuff, it suits her better. I don't know what she's doing at the moment,but honestly she needs to reconsider going down the current road she's going down, because soon it will be to late.
this and get bangs again

No. 245320

lol at the girls in the back's expressions
>mfw i see someones tracks poking out

No. 245323


Are they all ex-popteen girls ?
Every candid shot I've ever seen with Koots and the other girls they always looked pissed or annoyed when she's talking. I seriously wonder if she was actually dropped for being a bitch and having to many complaints against her.

Like maybe thats also why most the jobs she gets are her on her own because she doesn't play well with others.

No. 245327

I really disagree. I don't think she can pull off cute shit at all anymore and she just as cringe-y as any other "manly faced" youtube weeb. If she looked 5 years ago the way she looks now, she wouldn't have gotten signed.

Not all. But a bunch.Or current Popteen girls. Yura and Michopa are current.

No. 245336

File: 1486313595330.png (497.79 KB, 604x353, eep.PNG)


No. 245337

File: 1486313909054.gif (544.38 KB, 500x262, tooters.gif)

No. 245349

File: 1486315010864.png (532.5 KB, 570x569, Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 12.1…)

Sorry to double post…
I found this on a VK webpage that seems to be updated daily/everytime Koots does something.

Wonder where they find some of their photos.

No. 245350

>24 year old sets foot in a high school for the first time

No. 245351

Good lord, she makes Naomi look good.
Damn, Koots.

No. 245372

her skull looks so large and square compared to the two girls to the right.

No. 245384

She looks like Kiki now. It's amazing that she managed to lie her away into a reputation as a living doll. Her facial structure is so mature.

No. 245395

So she'll be actually starring in a drama, as one of the main characters, or at least a major side one?
Sounds like threads are going to be really entertaining.

No. 245401

Link to the page?

No. 245404

No. 245426



Have fun. They have over 9k photos of all sorts of shit she's done over the years. Including alot of the comics done of her debut in Japan.

No. 245438

Christ what happened

No. 245440

She really has put on a lot of weight, damn.
They could have at least fixed her teeth in PS…

No. 245469

Holy shit guys.
This is it.
She really isn't trying anymore.
Something is very wrong lol.

No. 245474

No. 245482

File: 1486329717442.jpg (123.17 KB, 700x840, SqRSNYkq17Y.jpg)

No. 245486

File: 1486329847573.jpg (59.83 KB, 700x840, AUvH0_N0VuA.jpg)

No. 245489

she looks so awkward and uncomfortable

No. 245497

As far as I can tell it's a CM for Lotte Fit's Candy. Her class is supposed to 2Fgumi (F as in Fit's)

No. 245501

>I like to go to American parties, Japanese parties, I like to do what I want whenever I want
lol they even had her play up the novelty stereotypes of Americans. Besides sounding uncomfortable (how could she not cringe at those lines) I like the sound of her voice, feel like I haven't heard her English in forever.
Wow. She's so hard to read, I don't know if she's comfortable in her skin or the complete opposite. Should we commemorate this occasion? Someone make a toast or something

No. 245507

File: 1486331312359.jpg (25.5 KB, 480x480, 16123791_660803720759466_39023…)

I found some pics (not from here but maybe they're there too) of Kota I've never seen before. I'm starting to wonder if she has another page somewhere. I haven't seen these, unless she deleted them.

Commencing dump.

No. 245509

File: 1486331450727.jpg (18.55 KB, 320x320, 16230815_371356419912544_88988…)

No. 245510

Actually, I'm finding a lot of these now that I am using PC.
Disregard. Nothing new, just really old.

No. 245512

She looks good here

No. 245514

This is so cringey. I wonder why they chose for her to speak English here.

No. 245515

File: 1486331845570.jpg (118.62 KB, 595x894, sgk.jpg)

Wow. It is so surprising/jarring to see her real face.

No. 245516

File: 1486331949592.jpg (115.52 KB, 594x898, 6i8Pk_jQKTU.jpg)

No. 245517

She stopped wearing circle lenses.
Guys what is happening.

No. 245520

Her real eyes are so jarring to see especially without eye makeup.
Is she purposely sabatoging herself? Wtf

No. 245522

She looks cute. The normal/real person look is good on her. Very refreshing compared to her shoops that make her look like a genetic defect

No. 245524

Have you not looked at the other photos anon? I'm in shock. I always thought Koots was fine, but without circle lenses and mascara she genuinely looks…heinous. And I'm being honest, I've always stanned for her above Kiki, but without all the makeup she's genuinely the least attractive sibling.

No. 245530

No lenses and no butthole lips. Koots is finally kinda pulling off the natural look. The no makeup look wasn't working with the lenses, the lenses needed eye makeup to pair with it.
Yes, she's got much more of a girl next door vibe in these new candids than in her half babyalien half instahoe shoops.

No. 245531

File: 1486332879854.jpeg (72.06 KB, 594x597, image.jpeg)

Since when was Kathy ever hot? Omg

No. 245532

File: 1486332894748.jpg (46.62 KB, 480x480, vh;.jpg)

I can see both sides.
If she hadn't morphed herself into this character for so long, I think it wouldn't be so shocking. I think she looks fine, but not like the special snowflake she seems to want to be.

I honestly hope she moves more and more towards her actual face.

No. 245533

File: 1486332970802.png (725.05 KB, 783x1219, Dakotarose1.png)


OK anon

No. 245535

She looks like Sloth from the Goonies

No. 245541

I'm actually genuinely worried for her. At this point, she's completely blew it. She just fucked up her whole image worse than ever. I'm not being melodramatic–she just ruined herself for Japan. Her real face is now entirely confirmed to them. This is just sloppy and embarrassing. The circle lenses were a part of her character. All it would take is better hair, some fucking mascara, and lenses. This is just lazy and you know they were all side eyeing her.

No. 245542

File: 1486333244254.jpg (54.42 KB, 600x600, kyr.jpg)

Does anyone think Dakota would've made it in Japan if she looked like this? It seems like she no longer is worried about her image in relativity to her success in Japan.

No. 245543

You aren't very realistic anon.

No. 245544

File: 1486333422707.jpg (78.33 KB, 600x600, CwGWQFxJvI8.jpg)

There's plenty of images already out there, but I think you're right. Only because this commercial will be seen a lot, especially by the younger crowd, who are fans of the other idols.

No. 245547

Absolutely not. I'm surprised there isn't a negative reaction from lolcow yet. For those of us who have lived in Japan or know the beauty standard at least, we see just how bad this will be for her already fizzing career.

No. 245550

I wonder if the failure of BabyFang is what made her change so much. I still wonder what happened there. I feel a little badly for her.

No. 245555


I must have really weird taste because I think dakota is a cute! Holy shit this is way better than her stupid butthole lips/fish eye makeup.

Her hair is looking really thin though. poor girl.

No. 245556

Why would you feel bad for someone that half assed their own jewelry line and ripped off designs?

No. 245565

File: 1486334219015.png (714.49 KB, 797x446, YOOOOOOOOO.png)

I'm so used to seeing her with the butthole lips, seeing her normal lips is blowing my mind.

I think any sort of blowback she got from doing that game event thing really affected her. She looked awful because of her cakey make up and her limp hair. Now she's actually trying to pull off a natural look.

Thing is, she's way too late. She clung to the weird alien fetus thing that people lost interest. She can't just come back with the "NATURAL CUTE MODERU" thing.

No. 245580

File: 1486334941005.jpg (46.7 KB, 480x478, adsgasdh.jpg)

I don't know, I have a soft spot for her. Can't explain it. It just feels like she had a rough time growing up and I guess I sympathize with that.

No. 245589

I cant believe how especially terrible she looks here yuck

No. 245597

She resembles Kiki a bit in this pic. She looks ok here. Still needs better hairstyle and lose a couple pounds lol. She also looks too old to be dressed like that. Kinda cringey but better than insane shoops or that weird brown looking lip liner.

No. 245629

File: 1486337825405.jpg (60.34 KB, 640x640, 14733348_113376389133847_25259…)

Is this reviewbrah?

No. 245637

File: 1486338022335.gif (3.56 MB, 750x930, keyvisual_dakota.gif)

No. 245647

Honestly, this look isn't thaaat bad, compared to the fake baby bulging eyes and disgusting overdone lips.

Here's my theory : Is it possible Dakota is sabotaging herself because she's tired of modeling but is stuck in a contract ? What if she wants to go back home ? I know being dropped by a modeling agency doesn't sound hard to do but maybe she's stuck being her manager personal escort and forced to work for Bravo or something. I mean it's so crazy that
> She put on a considerable amount of weight
> Did the whole anus lips shebang
> Did a few jobs here and there but what seems to be a few hours a month AT MOST
> Drops the overdone make up look and goes all natural with no contact lenses, which she never did so far as far as I know!

Dakota always experimented with looks and never stick with one for long, but it seems that she's cycling styles crazy fast now and I wonder if she's ok.

No. 245648

No. 245657

File: 1486339407968.jpg (61.15 KB, 300x498, a5b961f4e181394feb1de7b17c2a55…)

No. 245658

She's legit in the very back

No. 245665

>Is it possible Dakota is sabotaging herself because she's tired of modeling but is stuck in a contract ? What if she wants to go back home ?
you're the 50th person to make this "theory" in the past 5 years. stfu.

No. 245683

She could embrace looking mature and actually look nice

No. 245700

Those clothes are so unflattering. Her body looks like Bom Park, aka a mannequin without legs attached.

No. 245701

yeah i like this natural look more than the alien shoops, just missing the bangs now Dakota please

No. 245717

Why ruin her looks when she can just quit?

No. 245737

Kota is so out of place. Why not give her a black wig.
Is it on purpose? Are they hoping she'll get more gigs when folks ask about the obvious white girl in the CM?

No. 245738

>a rough time growing up

I'd kill for parents who were worried about me being well off, who were willing to buy me cameras, computers, expensive makeup, and let me drop out of school and pay to sent me to take college classes. She didn't have some abused tortured life, she was a spoiled brat who wanted people to feel sorry for her once she started getting attention so people would forget about her being a cunt to everyone her entire life. She threw away the only friendship she had with someone other than Kiki (Charms) over knockoff VW horns because she didn't want her to have them too and didn't want to admit they were fake.

No. 245739

>stuck in a contract

You don't get "stuck" in contracts at top agencies lol unless you're someone's walking onnahole ad they don't want to trade you in. That's the only way an agency "owns" a model, otherwise they just drop you and lee you under a mountain of debt.

No. 245740

Yea. Where is this rough childhood came from?
The roughiest she ever got was the short phase where she was Kiki's backdrop. As soon as her own kawaii path set forth she was the goldem child.
Even as a backdrop she still got the shit she wanted.

No. 245742

She would have to start doing her hair and makeup again because Japan doesn't care about mature faced white foreigners unless they're celebrities.

And as for everyone saying they like her "natural" no makeup look, well, Japanese girls don't. They like natural makeup and natural hairstyles that look nude. Actually letting your hair be limp, patchy and greasy and not wearing makeup isn't ever going to win her any points with the public.

No. 245744

Kiki and kota both had their own MacBooks, their own DSLRs, kota had Photoshop and AE which aren't cheap, Dakota used Urban Decay in her makeup tutorials (just the eyeshadow primer is $20), she had a huge amount of kawaii clothes from Taobao including shoes and jewelry, and she never had to get a job or go to school. Just because her parents and sister are assholes who love to play the victim doesn't mean she was abused. People these days are PC pussies who think spanking = abuse but it's not, and even then I highly doubt Kiki and kota were spanked considering how cunty and spoiled they both are.

No. 245745

At the very least she could put some powder on her bald spot that matches her hair color. It's so… noticeable. Kiki's hair is just as thin but at least she doesn't have that bald spot in the middle of her hairline

No. 245755

tbh they just needed a big deep voiced yankee white girl and those never wear circle lenses lol. they couldn't pick a cute one. they know kota's a big-chinned bitch so she was perfect for the role. especially given her trademark "quote" in the video.

No. 245758

The director of this shit was prolly like "Dakota rose- chan you not getting paid unless you post pictures of the event"

No. 245762

She prob pirated all her editing software

No. 245767

File: 1486349278152.jpg (104.34 KB, 705x803, image.jpg)

Oh yes, Tooters had a real ruff upbringing.

Don't you know that you pedo lesbians ?

No. 245777

Man, y'all reach so hard. You don't know what her past is like. You're going off what Charms (a pretty obvious attention whore herself) says happened. Parents that buy you everything you want often aren't giving you what you need. I don't know that she had it rough, but it looks like it from the outside looking in. Her attitude has always screamed a need for a real connection (tough girl, brash, closed off and doesn't really let people in) but it's hard to say who she really is. So, does she deserve sympathy? Hard to say, but everything else anon thinks we know about her is mostly fabricated too. It seemed pretty easy for her to leave her situation in America, just saying.

No. 245782

You're really going to complain about these old photos after seeing the monstrosity that is the new ones? This is amazing in comparison.

No. 245796

>you don't have proof she wasn't abused, so everyone should assume he was which absolves all her past behavior and means she deserves pity and more handouts

Ostrenga logic.

No. 245798

She looks horrendous. There's no hope for her. Anyone making excuses for her has no idea what beauty standards are like for regular women in Japan, much less models.

No. 245803

>It seemed pretty easy for her to leave her situation in America, just saying.

You know the rest of the world doesn't aspire to live with their parents until their mid 20s like Kiki, right? She got a chance as took it, what was she supposed to do, say no? She's not the first teenager to move away from her family to another country, and doing so isn't always because of trauma or abuse. Seriously, who else in the world has any reason to reach so hard to believe that an otherwise happy girl who had everything she wanted for nothing was abused? Because she threw a toaster at Cathy? You're either extremely sheltered and get your definition of abuse from Tumblr or your parents didn't give as much of a fuck about you as Scott and Cathy do about their kids, because they're still willing to dump time and money into pushing them along in life, despite one being obviously mentally unwell as the other being in another country.

No. 245804

No, I don't claim that anyone should feel sorry for her. Explaining why I do.

No. 245808

No. 245809

Ugh cmon Kota, just do your makeup the way you did it in the photos that got you popular. That should be an obvious decision to make. I wonder if they made her lose the circle lenses and the ass lips for this.
I think if she just did her makeup right and fixed her hair somehow, she would look okay.
But then I see things like this >>245533 and I just don't know.
What kind of a model only looks good from very specific angles? Not a very good one.

No. 245810

It's puzzling why she always wanted to be a model, consodering how little interest she seems to have in actual modeling, fashion, and style in general.

No. 245815

Everyone's so young and fresh faced while she's just… there.

No. 245877

I think she objectively looks fine here. It just looks overwhelming compared to alien or kawaii goddess shoops. She needs bangs asap tho

No. 245886

>I know being dropped by a modeling agency doesn't sound hard to do but maybe she's stuck being her manager personal escort and forced to work for Bravo or something.

That's exactly what I said.

No. 245887

File: 1486369683240.jpg (663.79 KB, 1920x938, potato.jpg)

No. 245889

No. 245896

In a way I'm kinda happy that she ditched the circle lenses, even temporarily, since she clearly has self image issues and it's good to see her embrace her natural face this much.
I actually think her natural eyes look nicer. Her skin is nice and glowy too. Her makeup is pretty in a minimal way. If she toned up a bit and cut bangs again she would look cute.
Weird how she's still wearing the circle lenses in the video though. I honestly think it looks worse than where she has them out.

No. 245899

Koots isn't ugly but she is plain as fuck.

No. 245913

i think she looks so much better here. hopefully she ditches the ass lips forever.

No. 245924

File: 1486383126924.jpeg (103.41 KB, 692x692, image.jpeg)

Unlike the Kota stans, I'm going to be honest.
She just shot herself in the foot worse than ever before.
Her face is large and uneven. Without makeup she doesn't hold a candle to any model there. Her skin lines are sagging. She looks very old, and I'm not even a weebfag that normally says that.

No. 245925

File: 1486383200421.jpeg (107.42 KB, 566x938, image.jpeg)

Yall are being way too nice.

No. 245926

Clip of the dance only

No. 245927

With live dancing in the beginning

No. 245928

File: 1486386493723.jpg (135.39 KB, 435x1006, c497030e4753cb26fef145ce89acbc…)

No. 245929

File: 1486386523679.jpg (143.96 KB, 408x880, ebe3dd08fbabeb9247564942168755…)


No. 245931

File: 1486386890963.jpg (112.92 KB, 197x300, img20170205fits_08.jpg)


No. 245933

File: 1486387186136.jpg (439.82 KB, 1920x1440, 20170205165819-a5212d9b49479fa…)


No. 245934

File: 1486387246024.jpg (351.97 KB, 1920x1440, 20170205170008-afa435e6e16b70b…)

Yoshimoto 2

No. 245935

File: 1486387273211.jpg (294.32 KB, 1920x1440, 20170205171255-820ae82e27c070b…)

Yoshimoto again

No. 245936

She looks super old compared to the much cuter and younger models next to her. Not sure why she decided to look 30 that day lol

No. 245938

File: 1486388070506.jpg (53.15 KB, 480x361, o0480036113861631000.jpg)

No. 245941

she's wearing extensions and circle lenses in one event and neither in the other lmao i wonder if they forced her to take it off or desperately insisted she fix her appearance.

she has a straight pointy nose and big blue eyes and a nice lip shape. plenty of models have a big jaw. so, okay, she's got the genetics of a very pretty girl. but she smokes, has a terrible diet that causes her frequent anemia, and refuses to exercise. so she looks haggard, bloated, and old. that's why we say she's ugly. yes, we know objectively she has pretty features. she had her moments where she looked adorable in her early career. but she LOOKS BAD and it's 100% her lifestyle choices to blame. she's aging like milk because it's obvious she doesn't take care of herself. she has as little concern for her health and body as she does for her career.

No. 245942

none of those girls are notably cute and they all look way too old to be wearing school uniforms lmao she fits right in

you might wanna ease off on the armchair psychology.

No. 245943

File: 1486389109152.jpg (92.33 KB, 994x746, C3-uuAkUkAAHC2x.jpg)

No. 245945


They're all average looking people.


Yeah, Kota was always a pretty girl, even with all the photoshop. I wish she'd get a fringe and a gym membership so she could actually look decent again.

No. 245949

Kota looks below average.

No. 245955

Almost looks like she has no eyebrows…

No. 245958


Oh god, hahahaha.
This bitch looks like a god damn pedo next to this poor boy.

No. 245959

Kota stans.

No. 245963

>say she's pretty but her body reflects poor lifestyle habits which is why she's ugly
>"you might wanna ease off on the armchair psychology"

your high school drop-out is showing, kooter.

No. 245975

File: 1486393608358.png (727.7 KB, 762x388, Cathy.PNG)

I am convinced this 'natural' look was the director's decision.

No. 245980

Holy FUCK she looks like Kiki.

No. 245981

Looks like she's taking 12head tips from Kaka. How does she not see how terrible and old that massive billboard on top of her face makes her look? At the very least she could get clip in bangs made from her own hair next time she gets a trim. It's a miracle she looks like this and still has people willing to bend over to get her work.

No. 245982

Seriously. Kota stans need to stand back and realize she now looks like Cathy.

No. 245983

The combo of her cheeks sagging down+her chin sticking out so far makes for a weird look. She really needs to stay away from overhead lighting.

No. 245984

File: 1486394977318.jpg (62.29 KB, 474x352, IMG_4005.JPG)

No. 245990

>Cyber goth Cathy

Whew, I forgot about this monstrosity.

No. 245992

File: 1486397067428.jpg (274.09 KB, 594x722, alexis-bledel.jpg)

I think these two actually look good. Not at all like what she wants us to think she looks like. But there is a sweeter, more youthful look in these two and it is far prettier than her creepy warped selfies. I am sure that lighting and some editing is being used here, but it is pretty mild.

She kind of reminds me of an actress - someone I've never thought was "beautiful" but who had somewhat interesting features. Not Alexis Bledel, but there is some similarity to her. Alexis is also pretty careful about how she is photographed. It's hard to find many pictures of her side profile.

No. 245999

she does look pretty here, even cute

but the thing that ruins it for her, even more than the lack of proper grooming is her tragic personality

there are plenty of uglier girls that are considered attractive because of their charm and nice personality, but when I see Kota I can only think how insecure, unhappy and angry she looks
everytime she's on camera she looks like she hates being there, hates being looked at, hates the people beside her and hates herself

maybe all she needs to solve her problems is some happy pill

No. 246020

File: 1486400383033.jpg (119.58 KB, 750x1117, image.jpg)

I wonder how she goes about asking people to post shooped versions of herself. Also does she really only get jobs where she's just some extra or background scenery.

No. 246024

>But there is a sweeter, more youthful look in these two and it is far prettier than her creepy warped selfies.
i'm screaming you look fucking awful dakota no one cares stop whiteknighting yourself. at least try to sound like a farmer.

No. 246030

That comment wasn't whiteknighting her and it doesn't sound like her anyways. You're one to talk though considering you type like a tumblrina.

No. 246034

I am a farmer and I've disliked Dakota's photoshopped lies and nasty personality from day 1. In my opinion, I think her look in the two photos I quoted is better than other crap I've seen from her, such as these
and others with the overdrawn lips and giant lenses

No. 246039

I wonder if they didn't give her a jacket cause of her shoulders? A jacket could have saved her from looking so frumpy. She should have filled her eyebrows in the middle part

No. 246042

she makes the japanese girls around her look so cute and feminine

No. 246047

I don't know what you all are talking about. I think she looks adorable, so are the two girls in the cardigans (grey, beige)

She needs to lose 10 pounds though and debloat and just take care of herself, because she looks really bloated and chubby compared to the other girls. Other than that, the natural look is so cute on her.

No. 246049

the reason she's a closed book is obviously because of witnessing everything that happened to kiki for putting her life on the internet. look at their archives, there are several folders documenting real delusional stalkers and police reports of people physically threatening them over the years. i think that's enough to traumatize anyone into being paranoid about putting more than "i had noodles today" on the internet like she does. Dakota herself has received both threats and overly zealous stalkers.

No. 246050

>she looks really bloated and chubby
have you guys considered that maybe she just has a really bulky, square face shape? her face would look big even with sunken cheeks

No. 246054

>I like going to parties

…What paties? Almost every picture is her being alone. The only time she's ever pictured with people is on those dumb game shows and such. Who the fuck invites Kooter to parties? Lol.

No. 246056

I think her face actually got bigger over the course of her living in Japan. Could be the weight she put on, or the salt she consumes or both. That one video where she was on some Korean show in the beginning was jarring. She used to look so much thinner. She does have a bulky, awkward face shape to begin with, but whatever she is doing hasn't been helping it.

No. 246058

Korean shows use special skin filters and beauty effects to remove aging shadows. Notice how it's the only time she ever looked that good on cam?

No. 246059

Her face has matured. That was 5 years ago. She was sixteen. That happens a lot to girls with strong features like Koots.
Plus what >>246058 said about filters and effects.

No. 246060

No. 246061


I think it's also because she was still maturing at the time. I had thinner facial features in my teens and now a more defined jaw in my twenties.

Dunno why people think your facial bone structure will shrink and change shape with weight loss so much. Honestly if she loses weight her cheeks will get hallow and that's it. Her matured features are wide and ain't nothing changing that.

No. 246063

i was moreso talking about her torso/arms/thighs. comapred to the other girls her body looks very unhealthy

No. 246074

I wonder if she's deliberately not getting bangs to prove us ~haterz~ wrong, the same way Keeks was screeching at everyone in her thread that suggested she go back to the bleach blonde, layered hair.

No. 246084

…what the fuck

No. 246091

She's gained a lot of weight…

No. 246116

Y'all missed this…

No. 246119


This was already posted … Maybe you should lurk more.

No. 246162


Wow it looks like they didn't even do a thing to her brows.

No. 246166

Her face is too mature to be doing any of the schoolgirl crap anymore. I wish she would just accept that her bone structure doesn't work for kawaii babby doll and move on to something else. She can honestly look pretty when she's styled correctly.

No. 246349

She NEEDS to do something about that awful, limp hair of hers. She needs bangs and some layers…or hell, a realistic wig with some damn volume

No. 246352


They obviously scouted her for this it's not like she would turn it down.

I don't like Dakota as much as the next bitch but you guys are serious nitpickers. She's relatively pretty and to Japanese being white makes are automatically beautiful. She's not bad looking naturally. It's her shitty personality that fucks it up.

No. 246354

Nah, she's gotten pretty haggard

No. 246358

This. She looks like someone's mum now >>245928 No amount of dieting or exercise will erase that beast of a facial structure. And as much as we want bangs, she has no hair left to make em.

No. 246366

No. She was not "scouted" (wtf) for anything. Bitch has never had to do regular cattlecall auditions like every other model and actress, thanks to Bravo-san. In this case though, this is all riding on the coattails of her former Popteen image. Most of the stuff that she does is (Abema, The mobile game show with Pikarin, even the kimono show where Kumikki was also there). Even though she's complete shit she gets jobs because of what she is supposed to represent (the real barbie brand).
And Japanese people don't automatically find all white people beautiful.

No. 246368

File: 1486440541687.jpg (46.97 KB, 951x536, Dakota-Rose-Kotakoti-barbie-re…)

we've already established that she has pretty features but she's aging terribly which points to poor lifestyle habits. she's gotten ugly in a way that's 100% her fault. i actually think her hair has gotten thinner. she's like… legit balding. she probably has an iron deficiency which is common with anemia, and something lazy vegans are prone to.

>Even though she's complete shit she gets jobs because of what she is supposed to represent (the real barbie brand).
bruh not even. they have her playing an english speaking yankee without circle lenses. when her whole appeal was that she was a final fantasy haffu fairy barbie. pic related. can't believe she fell so far. talk about bdd.

No. 246369

Well she never ever looked like the that picture so posting it's kind of pointless.
When I said represent I didn't mean the part she ended up playing, I meant the way that Japanese brands automatically think of her because it has been repeated so so many times despite having always been a load of bullshit. So when they are considering casting for a commercial it might go something like this:
-Let's have a gaijin for novelety
-What about Dakota Rose-chan?
-Good idea. She is a real life barbie doll.

Then she arrives and it's like shit that's not what we bought and they scramble to make it work, hence yankee Koots.

No. 246375

man those were the days… and yet we all hated it. memories~

No. 246389

omg she is huge

No. 246418

Her eyes look so asymmetrical here

No. 246419

I bet she got an eye infection or a scratched cornea from wearing them for too long

No. 246442


I think that she always had asymmetrical eyes but she usually corrects it with PS or AE.

No. 246522

File: 1486481028318.png (126.09 KB, 714x372, Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 9.25…)

Says here from rough google translation that she was picked due to popularity ? ( Maybe I misread/understood thought )


No. 246523

Her head is disproportionate to her body.

No. 246547

File: 1486483983461.png (4.31 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_9772.PNG)

You can see her scalp kek

No. 246549

Wow.. her sharp chin looks photoshopped.

No. 246561


She needs to go back to short hair and stop with the extensions.

She literally is in slow transitioning to becoming Gollum.

No. 246611

They're saying she got fat on girlschannel


No. 246624

Moonspeak translation please.

No. 246629

They sound pretty much like farmers here
They are talking about her head and jaw being big, about how much different she is from her photos and that she shoops them too much, a lot of comments wondering if she got plastic surgery which failed

Honestly, there's not even single positive comment

No. 246642

They do. The most interesting thing is they use examples of fetus shoops as being really cute. So I guess she was playing to a look a lot Japanese girls think is cute.
They really don't like her.
Also some says she looks 35.

No. 246643

Probably, she's suppose to be a fresh faced high school student.

No. 246698

wow, google translated those comments, and they're savage af. somebody called her fraud-chan lol somehow seeing Japanese people make those sort of comments really rams it home how far from reality her pics have always been.

No. 246727

File: 1486500639453.jpg (217.11 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Man going thru that VK shows how much we missed. Half the shit they post I ain't even seen.

She looks like a tranny here. She should befriend Bii.

No. 246803

I still find pics from her pre-Japan era around 2011-2012 that I haven't seen before. She must have spent every day for months just dressing up and taking/editing pictures, there are hundreds. I think that is part of what got her so much attention, she had a cute, consistent style with a lot variety and different outfits. That's impressive in itself, and I can see why an agency like Bravo would take interest in her because of it. Except, none of it turned out to actually be her, instead they were basically just digital paintings based on her posed, dressed body against a background.

No. 246827

Why is everyone but Dakota listed as a Ms or Mr?

No. 246839


"Hitchcock's horror films like doll"

this one made me LOL

No. 246842

File: 1486516578503.png (14.05 KB, 248x248, IMG_3617.PNG)

Every time I see her fingers with long nails, I feel really uncomfortable. It looks so weird and out of place, as if the nails are hovering over her fingertip. It looks especially bad when they start growing a little.

No. 246864

File: 1486519177899.jpg (120.53 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

I feel like Koots has looked like shit for quite sometime, but it's only recently that she's getting gigs that don't shoop her into oblivion.( tiaraMily ) This is some what old yet she looks just as shitty.

No. 246954

so doughy

No. 246995

File: 1486529844863.png (7.23 KB, 112x124, IMG_0064.PNG)

No. 247019

Lots of "she changed too much"
"What did she do (to herself?)"
"What happened to her?"
"What happened to her face?"

No. 247023


I especially love the comments saying she looks like a 29 yr old.

No. 247030

File: 1486531877013.png (192.49 KB, 460x400, IMG_8996.PNG)

I'll mention a couple more:

"Not cute if you saw her in real life!"
"She is only cute in pictures."
"I do not like how she talks."
"She resembles (female wrestler : see pic)"

No. 247034

File: 1486531959950.jpg (187.55 KB, 728x1034, IMG_8997.JPG)

I had to add this one:
"A jaw like "Cooking Papa""
(Had to look this up to see what they meant.)

They're straight up roasting her. Pretty brutal.

No. 247047


No. 247048

Because Japanese people tend to not give foreigners the honorific -san.

No. 247136


No. 247184

My fav was she lools like she has two kids haha

No. 247190

OT but is there any specific reason for that?
Just curious.

No. 247199

omg i saw that comment and wondered what it meant. i thought it was some phrase or something, this is even more hilarious. her BDD must be taking a hit after being so negatively received for going natural for the first time.

No. 247227

File: 1486548021718.jpg (765.72 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_4033.JPG)

I wouldn't be surprised if her face starts bloating more and she slims down suddenly, maybe revisiting her old ED she used to get ready to go to Japan.

It is hilarious though, to watch such a conceited bitch fail so hard in a country she still claims loves and adores her for being such a ~natural dolly Barbie~. The only accounts that leave er comments like that anymore are older brown men, bot accounts and weebs who have no Japanese skills as have never heard of her past or seen her candids.

Still winning though, eh Dako-chin? I hope being a cumrag is worth your meager allowance and making an ass of yourself in print over and over again just to call yourself a ~moderu~ in Tokyo.

>pic related, Bravo-san

No. 247240

File: 1486553317777.jpg (248.96 KB, 1006x512, c.jpg)

i'd give anything to know how many times in her career she has been confronted about not looking like her photos. there is no way that she hasn't had at least one mega awkward confrontation with an employer bluntly saying something like "you don't look anything like these pictures". I always had a feeling that must have happened a lot in Korea considering their obsession with V shaped jaw and not knowing what was coming when they hired her.

No. 247245

Korea honestly sounds like a nightmare to model for, considering their obsession over plastic surgery. They probably did tell her to fix her face.

Does anyone have that video from Korea where they confronted her?

No. 247263

they told her off about it?

No. 247269


She was on a show called Get It Beauty where she faked a slight Japanese accent and then one of the Korean hosts spoke to her in a perfect American accent, lol. They had her do makeup on a Korean woman and made fun of how bad it looked and laughed in her face. Idk if that's the one you mean but it was still funny af. I think I saw it posted up higher ITT.

No. 247299

File: 1486567616473.png (116.82 KB, 402x572, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.3…)


I'm pretty sure Korea gave her the boot and laughed her out of the country. Also don't forget she offended them by saying she found kimchi gross and didn't like it.

Its funny how many comics were made about her time in Korea.

No. 247310

Even is she slims down, it won't change her face shape. She has Cathy's jawline and face shape. She'll look gaunt and her cheeks might hollow out which will make her more high fashion but I think the kawaii ship has sailed for her.

No. 247313

it's not even the jaw. some dolls have big faces and i've seen plenty with sharp features. kota just looks haggard. losing weight won't fix that. she looks sick.

No. 247314

Her jawline grew as she matured and now she's not ~small face~ anymore. She's just droopy eyes, a witch nose and jowls floating in a sea of jaw meat with a few sad stringy hairs clinging desperately to life.

No. 247321

around which part did she do the fake accent??

No. 247336

File: 1486572084972.jpg (79.29 KB, 500x707, rockerkoots.jpg)

I think this rocker/edgy kind of style would've worked well with her jawline. Too bad she insisted on going with the dainty kawaii doll image. She could have still been somewhat cutesy working with jgoth, rokku gyaru, or jpunk brands since kawaii goth/punk is a thing in Japan (maybe the real life punk doll?). It might have even worked with her rough tomboy persona

No. 247362


>Jowls floating in a sea of jaw meat

Lord this made my sides hurt. kek

Anyways, I don't think Dakota's face was ever "small" or petite. She's always had a meaty fat head.

No. 247363

sorry for the potato quality, it's the only I could find

download it before ostrengas copyclaim it

No. 247367

Immediately when she showed up at 3:20. She said "yes" the same way Japanese speakers do, just softly (イエス).She dropped it after the host spoke English to her ofc. Compared to her English in her Bravo profile video it's obvious she was trying to softly fake an accent, which a lot of weebs learning Japanese try to do as well. This was in 2012/2013 before she could speak Japanese worth a shit either so it's not even like that would work as an excuse.

lol you beat me to the YT link while I was waiting for her part to start.

No. 247369

I browse Girlschannel for the best insults. Japanese girls have such creative and hilarious ways of picking each other apart, it's my guilty pleasure.

>eyes like a camel

>radish legs/daikon ashi
>looks like she had 2 kids

They're savage the way Kiki wishes she could be.

No. 247372

Oh, and one I almost forgot:

顎ダ ローズ/Agoda Rose ('ago' means "chin")

No. 247373

Funny thing, currently it's the only tv appearance where she looks really close to her shoop style (back then).

No. 247375

File: 1486575527631.jpg (148.84 KB, 1440x810, IMG_4038.JPG)

Because South Korea edits their celebrities even on TV before the show airs. Her hair was never that thick, her chin was never that small and she didn't really move around much and was wearing a ton of makeup. T would't have been hard to pull off. This is what Dakota looked like around the time Korea started looking at her before she went there. They edited her jaw and chin smaller and her eyes bigger, just like Elle and Etude House did.

No. 247378

I still remember the thread when this video came out and her real face was finally exposed. Great times. Even the ostrangeas kept trying to get it deleted from the official channels.

No. 247379

she used to have so much more hair at her scalp lmao

No. 247388

Ah, yes, her infamous Japan debut video. Observant farmers will notice that this video was taken in Bravo's sitting room, the same one she likes to take selfies in occasionally when people keep wondering why she's still signed there. Same exact wall art, she's probably sitting on that same little white loveseat she sat on in the pic where she shrunk herself by 1/2 to look ~smol~ and dainty.

No. 247396

I think that she might still have an eating disorder. I mean she looks gray and sickly, her weight yo-yo's and her hair loss is very noticeable. The bloating could also be caused by b/p. As much as I dislike Kota, I hope she's alright.

No. 247399

I was bored reading her ED page and someone who apparently lived down the street from her said her hairs always been inhumanly thin but I don't doubt she has an eating issue, it's obvious Kiki does

No. 247410

honestly im not asslicking-chan but i wish dakota would just use her platform and finally reach out.

like give it up girl. if you want to be relevant & get all the opportunities to make your dreams come true all you need to do is let your guard down & pander to the audience that paved your way to japan AND the people in japan/ s.korea. she could be a great ulzzang for a darker kawaii look.

like seriously if you read this dakota not everyone wants to be you/destroy at this point. most of them just want to enjoy the image & content you create. you can find a way to integrate your natural look without tons of filters/fakery too. you couldve stayed on that youtube train and never had to leave your goddamn apartment except to do all the editorial shit you'd be offered because you actually catered to a sincere fanbase so it GREW.

after all isn't this what you wanted? or did all this shit just spiral out of control & doing the bare minimum is the only way to have any independence?

No. 247415

kiki could've done the same if she didn't fake her fucking eccentric fairy personality

dakota always was reserved, cold, but in a kawaii way. she wasn't very good at playing a part i think but it worked for her

No. 247427

File: 1486578978085.png (7.2 KB, 683x180, dshg.png)

omfg someone on girls channel wrote this about her face. savage

No. 247430

Yeah but she never had the bald spot in the middle of her hairline until she got rid of her bangs and started copying that 9 year old model who upstaged her.

No. 247431

File: 1486579735381.jpg (26.81 KB, 275x363, IMG_4039.JPG)


For those who don't know who she is, she's a female wrestler.

No. 247432


No. 247433

Still more attractive than Kooter.

No. 247434

? are you saying shitty for a model's standards, or just shitty for average people standards? Because I think she doesn't look too bad when she had her bangs and shorter curly hair. She isn't slim but it's not like she's a whale.

She set herself up for these criticisms when she didn't live up to the photoshopped persona she got famous for. She could try so much harder to at least resemble that look. She could have even saved up for plastic surgery to slim her jaw. I don't think she looks horrible or anything but she's definitely a far cry from what she photoshops herself to look like.

No. 247436

Not to mention, when people started noticing she lied about everything. Her lenses, her lashes, her height, her weight, her hometown, her education, her family, and the list goes on. She sunk herself by being a genuine fake yet trying to force everyone to accept her lies just by repeating them over and over again, hoping if she said it enough it would become true. She only became known as "Real Barbie" because she literally tagged her YouTube videos with it and it became her title. Japan started noticing her because she started using Japanese tags like "half blood", "half Japanese", "doll" and "sex doll". Yes, literally.

No. 247438

Too late for that, there are hundreds of channels that hoarded all the opportunities and got on that bandwagon years ago.

To be ulzzang she'd need to have an enviable face, which she really can't provide. Her youtube subscribers are mostly creepy pedos and shit, because she never interacted or built a follower base that would want to buy whatever sponsored product she's selling.

No. 247439

Because she built her fanbase by shopping herself into a realdoll and dressing like jailbait and shooping on clevage and caking on blush and bugging her eyes. She took the tumblr ageplay uguu fetish and combined it with kawaii fashion and turned it into a free ticket to Japan. It was never about cute clothes or wanting to emulate Japanese fashion, it was about getting noticed on her own, separate from Kiki.

No. 247441

Exactly, and none of her videos or tutorials were ever helpful. They were literally just her using after effects and doing things while staying still and trying to make herself look like a kawaii elf goddess halfu.

No. 247442

Aaand they're making fun of her again

Thread called "post pictures that show the amazingness of Photoshop"
First pics are of her lol


No. 247451

I honestly wonder what her game plan is at this point. Just keep 'shooping herself further into Hartley Hooligan territory and quietly disappear into obscurity?

No. 247472

> I don't think Dakota's face was ever "small" or petite. She's always had a meaty fat head.
exactly. i really think people are just getting fooled by her edited photos and think she used to look prettier years ago. her jaw has always been exactly as it appears now, she's just so insecure about it that she's hid it well with a curtain of hair.

No. 247476

It was never "small" persay. Not kogao but it was smaller. She used to have a more neotenous look.

No. 247479

File: 1486588358914.png (84.34 KB, 501x517, Screenshot_1.png)

Had to look up neotenous.
And true, now she does look like the human on the far right, with the small head.
Maybe she just wants it to look like her photoshop baby from years ago grew up.

Just for continuity's sake.

No. 247490

Neoteny when it comes to faces also includes large wide-set eyes, a small nose, under developed brow ridges, a small full mouth, and a narrower jawline.
These are all features Koots shoops on herself.

No. 247508

i think it might be from overuse of extensions. taylor swift is a good example. super fine hair like dakota, and for a period she had thinning hair and a weird bald spot. now her hair is short, prob to recover from all the damage done to it

No. 247526

she should've stayed in korea tbh.

No. 247528

File: 1486592916345.png (56.28 KB, 1940x362, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 5.28…)

kek, my thoughts exactly

No. 247539

File: 1486594305292.png (63.7 KB, 1912x370, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 5.50…)


No. 247566

They wouldn't have kept her. They laughed at her face, do you really think with her ego and need to have her ass kissed that she would have stayed in Korea? Japan is OTT polite and fake-nice to celebrities, entertainers and foreigners to a sickedni degree- they'll tell the ugliest sow she looks like a model and they'll say how amazing babbys first moonspeak is. Korean girls are more vicious than Japanese girls when it comes to idol worship and fandoms, but since Dakota only had the one look that worked for her she would t have been able to drag out a career there line she has in Japan because even with a sugar daddy manager the public would have ripped her apart. Koreans fucking love scandals and drama, Japanese are way more polite when it comes to publicly saving face so of course they play along with her, but only because she's foreign and has a Japanese backer (Hiroshi). Remember when she was going to make a Weibo and learn Mandarin? She nuked all that shit when Japan came calling.

No. 247569

Link to the thread?

No. 247599

No. 247610

why doesn't she just put on some damn eyeliner

No. 247616


Koreans don't like Tooters since she was rude and didn't look like her images. Let us not forget when she complained about their hotels being shit and how kimchi is gross. Add that with how she looked like a miserable cunt in most of the etude house pictures. Also she straight up lied on Korea tv about her lashes and lenses being natural. ( Plus I'm sure once it got surfaced that she made racist comments towards asians … )

No. 247619


>she complained about their hotels being shit and how kimchi is gross.

In any culture this is rude af. Who does she think she is? Even if you don't like the food, you don't insult a persons' culture to their face while simultaneously trying to make money off other aspects of it.

No. 247621

>she complained about their hotels being shit and how kimchi is gross.

And she complained about it in Japanese.
Surefire way to piss of Koreans.

No. 247638

Korean fashion and enternainment industry is brutally nitpicky about physical appearance. Her modeling career would last less than 1 min there.

No. 247646


but like
how you guys are gonna front still
remember when she started posting vids and nobody believed she would even get to japan let alone get actual modeling gigs

she got exposed to hell and back but did a japanese talent agency actually give a shit ? there is obviously a whole branding strategy and market for this type of "european blonde lolita bishoujo" whatever you call it, and i don't think they would look twice at her "real face" when you see her large social media following

japan doesn't give a shit about personality or photoshop or plastic surgery or whatever, they are constantly on the hunt for it girls to promote random shit, and her longevity is pretty damn impressive compared to other white girl antics (beckii cruel to name only one…)

go visit and you would be amazed at the "average" looking european models filling public space billboards selling the stupidest products

No. 247654

Stan harder, why don't you.

First of all Beckii failed because she fired her manager and thought she had enough of a fanbase to go it alone without being able to speak Japanese or having a visa. She got cocky. Dakota kisses Hiroshi's ass and that's why he buys her a contract and an apartment, and that's why she's in Japan. Because one man who worked for an agency liked her, not because the agency shit themselves to sign her because she went viral on YouTube. The Russian model she worked with on a shoot for a purikura machine even said she was a cold, rude bitch to everyone but turned into a cutesy, sweet and friendly angel whenever her manager was around. He's been her meal ticket since Orlando as she wouldn't be there without him pulling strings. Even in her "prime" she would never have been signed anywhere or even went to Japan without Hiroshi popping a boner over her so hard. Who knows what she did for him to make him want to support her and force a career for her for 5 years and distance himself from his wife, but it sure as fuck wasn't going viral on YT, being white or being good at photoshop.

No. 247655

I remember the kimchi but what did she say about the hotels?

No. 247661

by your logic she could have been replaced hundreds of times over already

No. 247665

Dakota's "longevity" is her sugar daddy lol

One Jap liking her =/= all Japs like her

No. 247671

>branding strategy
>insignificant following comprised of bots = large
>it girl

Nobody believed she would succko el dicco to stay in Japan but she sure surprised us.

No. 247673

TBH I wouldn't have doubted it for a second. What else does she have going for her? Living with her parents and being Kiki's shadow for the rest of her life? Moving in with Charms and becoming a camgirl like her? It's not like her or Kiki are ever going to work real jobs unless they were being constantly praised and grossly overpaid to do next to nothing.

No. 247700

i remember the tweets at her saying she doesn't look like her pictures from Koreans came after she made the kimchi comment. then she deleted it

No. 247702

I thought she would be into younger asian guys. She also kept trying to push the rumor of her dating some actor here but failed.

But then someone reposted the "I'm into old men" >>242755 video and after remembering how she was with an old man in a tub in another video, it all makes sense now.

No. 247714

Even Charms said she liked Asians and older guys when she was a casualfag before she dumped Charms and became riaru baabi ningyo dako-chan.

No. 247715

Wasn't he some famous horror artist? And when they met, the words "she's his type!" flashed across the screen in bigass font.

No. 247717

File: 1486607103177.png (67.21 KB, 376x668, IMG_3665.PNG)


No. 247720

Big head aside, look at her stomach poking the shirt and her legs.

>>238246 Nowhere near her chicken little shoop.

No. 247722


She looks like a pregnant greaseball.

No. 247727

File: 1486608196868.gif (107.76 KB, 200x150, 43049hw.gif)


What if…

No. 247728

This is funny to me but I honestly feel a tiny bit bad for Tootie, you can really tell she's miserable and doesn't feel good about herself and is obviously in a rut. All her own fault of course, but that's a sucky feeling when you're out of shape and don't feel pretty so I empathize

No. 247729


as hard as you try to minimize it, half a million followers on youtube, and about 50+millions of views are a strong social currency in the media industry, coupled with the fact that you only need to google "dakota rose" to find millions of results. That definitely sets her apart from a gorgeous "unphotoshopped and nice" rival with no following. Modeling agencies scout from and request systematically social media and that is a good way to milk your 15 min.

Also why would she need a sugar daddy to even stay in Japan ? Her youtube revenue alone can be a sufficient proof of income, she would simply need to file it under "artist visa", or could also present herself as an entrepreneur. She would have probably done some stupid shit like getting married if it was needed. and this hiroshi dude lmao, isn't it completely normal to respect the person who provides you for the damn gigs and actually negociates good contracts with visible brands ? this dude has done a good job so far at promoting her (i do agree that she's not model material but japan doesn't really have the same standards anyway)

do you really need to imply that she's a hoe to ease your sleep ?
what i'm trying to say is : to anyone outside of this drama, she is an online celebrity with a clear recognizable brand, that's a job in itself to build it and maintain it. just because some russian model said that she was not nice and kissing her manager's ass doesn't make this less of a truth.

No. 247747

ah ok I watched it… I definitely heard a weird accent going on in the beginning. For me I heard it the most whenever she said "to"… but overall just unnatural.

No. 247766

Stan harder.
Bravo is a high fashion agency with notoriously strict standards. They use and throw away boys and girls like tissue unless they are proven international earners. They aren't a standard talent jimusho (where your argument might fly). Koots has no business being there. The reason people assume what they do is because Bravo isn't keeping her out of the goodness of their hearts or because of her dwindling social media currency. So why are they keeping her?

No. 247788

some of the comments and "comparisons" are a bit ridiculous though, not the kooter ones, but some of the actress/idol ones amount to not being in a studio photo/lighting or a different angle and still looking just as attractive

No. 247789

So you're saying Kota is actually totes successful and is making bank, despite being unable to afford to get her nails done, eat proper meals or leave the love hotel, er, apartment Bravosan keeps her in.

No. 247811

File: 1486618919410.jpg (51.67 KB, 604x604, HfaLJdNmeEg.jpg)

this is the lamest fucking reply, holy shit. are you some 13 year old pulltard?

i believe this. especially the following part. a youtube with 50+ million views is most definitely going to get special interest on its own. there's no point in trying to convince people here that she's not some desperate, poor, sugar baby hoe. For literally 5 years people have downplayed her success to hell's core over and over again. my favorite is still one i read in cgl before she became a model, some attention whore claiming to be a model saying "if i looked like her i'd kill myself because i would lose my modeling career".

No. 247823

Ok. But her most recent videos rarely break 100k views. It still doesn't explain why Bravo is keeping her permanently. She barely works anymore and she doesn't bother to build her social media presence at all.
She doesn't work on her figure or appearance. She has a terrible personality and is eventually dropped by just about all of her clients. She is embarrassing.
Someone was and is pulling pulling major strings for her. After her initial reveal and failure, for several months she wasn't getting any work whatsoever. Then suddenly she comes back and she's a direct booking (wtf) so the client can't even see her in person before they book her, only her portfolio which at that time consisted of her own shoops. She gets Ufufu Girls and Belcom that way and starts working in Kansai and Bravo gets her a Japanese tutor. She also was booked for Candydoll that way. Her connection to Tsubasa finally landed her Popteen which got her a lot of stuff.
If Bravo-san hadn't pushed her into the market after her initial failure she would have been back home in Orlando in less than a year. Why would Bravo pull that shit for someone like Koots? It's not like they were building a stable of kawaii models and she certainly wasn't bringing in money at the time.

No. 247836

Did you seriously reply to yourself?

No. 247837

It sure sounds like it, doesn't it. Actually the second one kind of stinks of Ostrenga especially the random remembering of what someone on CGL said. Like who bothers to remember something like that unless you're a psycho like Mira who compiles enemies lists, or an Ostrenga.

No. 247840

she looks so demented in her new pics

No. 247855

She complained about how cold the hotel was in a litany of other trivial complaints. All in Japanese of course. Not the best way to introduce yourself to Koreans.

No. 247870


You can't hold a visa in Japan by making money off YT revenue. Bravo would have to sponsor her visa, and he can barely get jobs through them anymore. 50mil views doesn't mean shit 5 years later because now her videos get less views that Taylor's. She's not still there because she went viral years ago, especially not after losing all her collars, gaining 15 pounds and refusing to wear makeup. Not only that, the jobs she gets lately, in addition to being far too sporadic and inconsistent to actually qualify her to keep a entertainment visa, are the same level gigs any other Japanese speaking white foreigner could get. Candydoll, Etude House, Samsung- those were the kind of jobs you would expect a Bravo model to get. Political high school? A mobile app game? Not so much. Even Popteen eventually dropped her and they supported her and lied about her measurements hardcore for years.

I don't know why you think Japan shit themselves over Dakota just because she went viral. If that were the case, lots of other younger, cuter girls who can actually model and take care of themselves would be getting contracts at big agencies too.

No. 247871



No. 247872

A friend is an established model in my country and his agency was about to send him to Japan (to Bravo). He's fucking tall, handsome, has a nice body and lots of experience i.e. walking for Kenzo, Burberry, HBA… and Bravo stopped messaging his mother agency. When they asked what happened they said they were no longer interested in him because "he doesn't suit the Japanese market". He was manga as fuck with long legs and have a large following of Japanese teen girls on Instagram. I couldn't understand what happened because he was so damn perfect for Japan.
Now, tell me that Koots suits the Japanese market and Bravo still have her because she's what the Japanese like to see in fashion campaigns.

No. 247873

She's not riding a visa based on her YouTube. She barely uses it, her videos hardly get views, and she has less than 500,000 followers.

Do you know why is called "going viral"? Because despite the rapid onset and huge burst of popularity it doesn't last, and once it's over it's over. If she were really good enough to support herself and stay with Bravo only based off her "brand", she would still be getting good jobs and commercials and would have to buy Instagram folllowers (Japan hardly cares about IG anyway). Aw had to pretend Insta deleted one of her videos because she "looked too young"? Which wouldn't be a problem since it's not like she was showing T&A, she was just sitting in a taxi. They deleted it because she bought an insane amount of fake views and followers and they took it down for botting, which is why her other video with the unrealistic amount of views stopped getting more views and why the video she reuploaded doesn't have the same amount of views it got the first time.

TL:DR; she ain't there because of YouTube. She's not there because of popularity of success because the only indicators you seem to have of her being so successful are based on how hard Scott and Cathy have been whoring her online all over shady click bait websites and articles since she did go viral.

No. 247880

If Dakota is still a model because of YouTube then why didn't Yuka stay as relevant? She had Akira, she spoke Japanese, she was young and cute and went viral too. Now nobody cares about her, she's not super popular and she doesn't get fantastic jobs either. As a matter of fact, Yuka and Dakota both modeled for BTSSB at the same time before and were even in some of the same pics. Where's Yuka's contract? Her YT videos get about the same amount of views these days as Dakota's.

No. 247881

I legitimately wonder how many less she would have if we didn't follow her. I sometimes wonder if her "success" hinges on her "haters" still curious about what she's doing.

No. 247883


Sorry about your pal anon and its such bullshit that is. I have a friend too whos also gorgeous with a very cutesy doll face and they wouldnt take her either. Yet they keep potato face koot

No. 247897

how many of these followers are not bought?
how many of those millons of views are from the past months, not from 2012~2013?
how many of these are not views from lolcow and pull?

No. 247913

Just curious, what's your friend's name anon? A friend of mine used to work in a male model agency in Tokyo and I can assure you that close to none of the guys there were what people would usually call "handsome". Also none of them had a particularly impressive body. So I guess your friend might really just not be suitable for the japanese market.
For Koots, however, it's obvious she didn't get her job for her "model potential". She's way too fat to be a model in Japan.

No. 247914

Isn't there a website some anon was using to track how often she bought her Instagram followers? And I know there are things for YouTube that track views and which countries they come from, I've seen them in old Venus Angelic threads but I'm not familiar with them personally.

No. 247915

Not to mention how terrible she is at it after doing it for 5 years. Her posing and presentation were better before she became a """real""" model.

No. 247951


No. 247954

>why didn't Yuka stay as relevant?
because her manager leaked a dirty vid of her peeing into a cup…. smdh. Natalia is actually doing okay on her own as a beauty student but no one wants to hire her as a model and have that provenance attached to their brand

No. 247958

This, but also he only did it because she was sleeping with a bunch of other guys (like Junnyan) and partying/doing drugs a lot and it caused her to lose what was probably the best shot any foreigner ever had at being an idol in Japan. There was a story going around an old thread about her on /cgl/ years ago that she was gang raped by some Indian tourists at a rave and claimed he enjoyed it. I think JRcach also leaked emails between her and Junnyan from when she was still 15-16 talking about wanting to have sex with him during the one she was still managed by Akira. Granted, he was a acimbag trying to groom her to be his personal loli waist in exchange for fame, but still.

No. 247959

>nobody wants to hire her as a model because her manager leaked a vid of her peeing into a cup

>BTSSB hired both her and Dakota and they did a shoot together

I feel like this is p. telling for Dakota

No. 247968

she seriously thinks it was taken down because she "looks young"? Lmaooooo what a twat

No. 247998

File: 1486660409071.png (280.7 KB, 492x350, Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.1…)

Can a Russian speaker sum up whats being said in this interview with said model ( pic related ) with Dakota ?? Google translate makes no sense to me.
( This is from 2013 )


No. 248013

Wow, she looks pissed. This is from 2013 when she was 17? Damn, she really was all photoshop and AE/makeup. She looks Kiki's age here.

No. 248016

idk I think kota kinda looks cute here

No. 248039

File: 1486664871685.png (71.2 KB, 200x200, OzwINlY.png)

No. 248073

File: 1486668986130.jpg (531.47 KB, 630x1109, 013_m.jpg)


Honey unfortunately for you I worked for instagram and facebook as a content specialist and they will never delete anything for fake views or fake followers. If we did follow your logic businesses who are the main buyers for this type of service would be purged out of ig and fb. People ranging from nobodies to A-list profile celebrities regularly buy fake likes and followers to maintain their image, that doesn't get them deleted. What does get your shit deleted off of ig and fb are the ridiculous policies handled manually by customer service agents who treat thousands of reported posts a day, resulting in the accidental deletion of a large amount of posts that didn't violate any policy (which you can regularly witness in headlines). Anyway, my take is that her video was reported for being underage, some agent either rushed his job or actually believed that she could be under 13yo (minimum age for ig/fb) which wouldn’t be hard to believe to people who have absolutely no idea who she is. This reporting probably resulted in an id checkpoint, which consists in proving that she's over 13 by providing id. That could also explain her having her birthday in her bio in case her profile got reported for the same reason. The video could also have been reported a number of times, which would have led to automatic deletion. However being overly reported despite having no violating content often leads to the shielding of the account, after which the reporter profiles are examined.

And yes she is there because of YT and her photos, viral buzz or whatever you call it. She got noticed and met the right people. It's a fact. You don't need to be a fan to see that she achieved a small fame. And YES a youtube channel and good credentials can back up your visa, as a video producer or entertainer, the most important thing is being able to support yourself financially. She certainly did not get a visa recently, as far as I know she moved to Japan around a time where she pretty much peaked. I honestly think y’all worry way too much about her being legal or not.

Btw, where did I mention that she was successful or rolling on chrome ? Where did I even imply that Japan was gushing over her ? Why y'all are acting like she either has it all or not at all ? She’s no popstar but she made it work for her, she did learn japanese spoken and written, she did get a model agency and a legit portfolio, landed visible brands and is still active recently with the Lotte CM. And yes there will be people involved, whether you choose to call them manager or sugar daddies. There is a certain amount of work and small appearances keeping her busy, that she is not showcasing on her social media. It amazes me how some of you still want to believe that you are either a super successful model or a straight up hoe now ? Also please stop with the « she’s rude and has a nasty personality », you might know everything from her antics, her date of birth to the shape of her bf’s dick but you still don’t know and haven’t met her. The only very true and very real thing that is cracking me up here is the amount of webs who are obviously obsessed and very very envious of her being where she is, especially since she built that on not much.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 248077

dakota is sleeping with her manager for gigs and an ostrenga is in here blowing the fuck up to defend her. /discussion.

No. 248082

when you run out of arguments, you call any person with common sense an ostrenga ? honestly look at this thread and tell me the last relevant thing that's been shat out by someone here

No. 248092

>>caring this much

No. 248096

>The only very true and very real thing that is cracking me up here is the amount of webs who are obviously obsessed and very very envious of her being where she is, especially since she built that on not much.

Amen. The posters in this thread are more embarrassing than Kota's alien shoops.

No. 248097

why u on here ostrenga. leave the thread nobody cares that you want to fingerbang koots

No. 248098

she looks adorable imo

No. 248102

my fav thing about when an ostrenga whiteknights is that they're so conceited that they genuinely can't even pretend to not be up their ass while defending themselves. the self awareness is nonexistent. they don't realize how overwhelmingly irrelevant they are that it's completely ludicrous for anyone to defend them with this much personal offense. and obviously this is someone new to the thread

>Also please stop with the « she’s rude and has a nasty personality », you might know everything from her antics, her date of birth to the shape of her bf’s dick but you still don’t know and haven’t met her.

seriously? lmao

No. 248105

No. 248107

Holy shit. what is wrong with you? You've been on a fucking tirade in multiple posts.
By the way you still aren't answering the question that has been asked multiple times which is: Why hasn't Bravo (one of the most prestigious high fashion agencies in Tokyo) dropped her ass for gaining 25 pounds and be a continual embarrassment?

No. 248109

This must explain why Kiki has been so quiet lately.

No. 248112

accounts get banned for too many fake followers and likes all the time lmao. They have to space them out nicely to not get caught.
Nice lie, tho.

No. 248113

Kiki or Koots herself. There's something about these defensive posts that seem extra personally offended to me and I would never normally suggest that. Crazy.

No. 248115

wow, thanks for posting this.

if anyone comes across more stuff like this, please share.

(i'll translate tomorrow if someone else doesn't beat me to it by then)

No. 248138


>anons make piss comparing Dakota to Yuka and the quality/frequency of jobs she's getting

>essay-chan shows up calling everyone jealous and saying they have no proof and why can't she just be in between?
>A.K.A. "She may not be a ~real model~ but at least she sill moved to Japan when she was 16 and doesn't have to work a regular job like the rest of you bitter jealous plebs"

No. 248143

Essay-chan has been spewing weird defensive bulshit since last night.

No. 248146

I wonder where she's posting from.

No. 248156

accounts are always being banned for fake likes/comments/followers, how dumb are you?

No. 248157

i dont even like her, but i think people are way too hard on what she looks like without shoop. she's pretty cute and average

No. 248160

They wouldn't be as hard on her if she didn't insist she naturally looks like a 7-9 year old and that her shoops are just selfies.

No. 248162

>defending Dakota
>complimenting Dakota immediately after

I've noticed that a hell of a lot of posts defending her (basically all of them) can't defend her without also either complimenting her by calling her pretty/petite/cute or pitting her and claims she has depression or BD

No. 248165



No. 248208

>I worked for instagram and facebook
>proceeds to blame the same imaginary ~manual~ process Koots when it was just automated bot activity deletion

This is why Ostrengas are unemployable. They write long emotional tirades to defend their fictions and show a lack of critical reasoning. They couldn't even pass grade school.

No. 248248

This. Every time anyone says anything that can even be remotely misconstrued as negative they go full on the offensive sending out copyrights, deleting comments, hiding and locking down profiles, etc. she already has deleted and reuploaded pictures from her work done with other brands during her peak, shopped into her more current facial styles. She was changing the ads she was booked for which was unprofessional as fuck.

No. 248267

This shit is old news sis

No. 248270

Really sounds like an Ostrenga tirade, sounds like either Cathy or possibly even Dakota.

No. 248274

it's 100% dakota. it sounds like that ~intellectual~ essay she wrote on instagram and given her iconic clearing the air essay i'd say these walltexts are pretty much her trademark. lmao. she loves to hear herself talk bullshit.

essay-chan is kooter.

No. 248287

that really bad photo essay chan posted is throwing me off though

No. 248317


Can the admins IP track it and see if it came from Japan ( area Tooters is located ) ?

I believe it'd be more likely to be Kaka than Tooters though. Tooter's comes off too lazy to even defend herself these days. She's probably too busy sitting on her white couch playing video games while slurping down some boiled cabbage.

No. 248322

>viral buzz or whatever you call it

This sounds like an old woman posting tbh.

>choice of shitty pic of Dacote in cheap clothing and a big weave

A look only a mum can love.

>you still don’t know and haven’t met her

And an attitude as well.

>verbal vomit, having conversations with self, unable to use commas or punctuation properly, breaking up text by hitting enter does not equal paragraphs, tl;dr

I remember someone posted a file where Cathy's uneducated ass ranted endlessly on a voicemail. This post sounded just like it.

No. 248332

File: 1486697238819.png (21.63 KB, 192x146, 934t8435.png)

Bet it’s Kooter. You get that different apostrophe when you’re typing with a Japanese keyboard or an IME.

No. 248343

No, it would be pretty much the same, don't know what's up with the arrows.

No. 248348

Would be interesting if it's she who was the other cow who admins say was posting. Was that ever announced?

No. 248351

File: 1486700997231.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

No. 248360

Wow that post tho. Lol sorry but no one gives a fuck about koots to write a dedicated essay about how she's successful etc. Nor does she even have a dedicated fan base who worship her to do the same. This is like some Vicky shingle shit again. This anon did nothing but embarass herself- really hoping it's an ostrengas cause an anon shouldn't get so offended like this pathetically

No. 248505

But then why post such an unflattering picture?

You get that apostrophe on certain German keyboards too - not sure about other languages. The big giveaway for me are the quotation marks, which are French. (Does any other language quote like that? German does not.) The author puts a space before every question mark, which is required in French. That makes me think that this person is using a French keyboard or is French (or French-Canadian).

But the English is almost native-speaker level. So there's something odd going on.

Some other weird phrases:
"a small fame" = petite renommée (an expression used in French)
"japanese spoken and written" = langue parlée et écrite
"rolling on chrome" = not sure. maybe some attempt to translate "rouler sur l'or," but I don't know why "chrome" would be chosen instead of "money" or "gold" (both also translations of "l'or")

So, my verdict: French person.

No. 248516

Nope. But we know Dakota lurks here at the very least. And given her and Kiki will never change, I know she can't lurk here and not post. Her and Kiki can't resist ruining themselves to prove ~da haturzzzzzzz~ wrong.

If Essay-chan had posted a shopped pic of her it would have been ripped apart instantly. This is one of the most flattering looking candids of her from her past events, she's smiling, not wearing an XXL beige garbage bag, and she's actually wearing makeup that looks nice. I can see why she chose to post this pic, pretty much the only thins anons could point out are her giant hamhock thighs and how hard those ankle strap heels are working to make it look like she actually has ankles.

No. 248539

>all those comparison photos and zawachin references.
i know she cant be picky with her gigs but this was so bad for her image..

No. 248542

That's what happens when you don't care about your image enough to take care of yourself. If she wasn't such a rude twat and actually took some multivitamins and did at least some yoga she wouldn't catch nearly as much shit. But she wants to pass off this idea that she's some rich, spoiled princess who only has to work when she feels like it and lives in luxury in Tokyo the rest of the time. The truth is she's an antisocial cunt because she thinks she's better than everyone who spends her time eating boiled cabbage, buying discounted PS4 games and 'paying rent' to Hiroshi.

No. 248545

we have ´ in spanish keyboards too. In old books ocasionally they use « » instead "" but no one uses them anymore, so yes probably that's a french-speaking anon.

sage for no contribution

No. 248558


I honestly don't think Tooters has a problem with her image. She's been on many Tv programs and ads that show her real face and she doesn't even seem insecure or bothered by it. Sure at first she'd try and hide it from her english speaking audience by having the clips removed from Youtube ( an american company ) IG ( american company ) Tumblr ( american company ) ect ect because we're the ones that really rip her apart.

She's always came off cocky to me, like her shit doesn't stink. So personally I think Tooters genuinely thinks she looks "hot" and that she's untouchable even if she shoops, gains weight and is balding. Whereas when I see Taylor for example on Tv or other peoples videos she seems highly insecure and constantly hiding her face and putting on a act. I feel if Tooters really was insecure about how she looks or w.e she'd be more like Taylor, but she isn't.

No. 248575

File: 1486753453293.png (127.96 KB, 1234x1311, translation.png)

you're right. searched for it and found a translation on PULL.
it was very inaccurate and incomplete though.

just posted, but seemed way to massive of a text post, for info, that's 4 years old. so here's a pic.

No. 248585


This x1000. If Dakota really were some poor abused little babby who was just trying to make it with the lucky chance she won then nobody would care and she wouldn't have threads about her on here and PULL. She's a spoiled, entitled, narcissistic twat and that's why people don't like her and why she can't get better jobs anymore.

No. 248586

I remember that interview and I remember not being surprised by the girls descriptions. It did feel like she was walking on eggshells though about questions. Very diplomatic. But most models won't trash other models unless they are anonymous or obviously famous, especially not a model that is clearly the agency's pet.
It'd be more interesting to see what they say about her behind closed doors. I've heard from model friends that Russian girls can be pretty cutthroat.

No. 248588

Tbqh I think her Instagram and YT are just to distract her western audience while she quietly does stuff in Japan, because she knows the majority her followers can't dig up her JP stuff because they just don't know the language, as as long as they're waiting for her to upload some new, ugly shoop onto her IG they won't try to dig further or touch her in actual Japanese (which could potentially be damaging). Japanese girls already shittalk her online, but could you imagine if a farmer had adequate Japanese language skills and posted all her Guy past in Japanese on girlschannel? They would go apeshit an she would be ruined.

No. 248590

Samefag. Another thing to consider is that the interviewer was obviously a huge fan, so I think Olga was trying to be kind and not disappoint her.

No. 248594

Plenty of farmers know Japanese. Some better than Koots I would imagine.
girlschannel already knows all of her shit. It was posted in Japanese years ago and gets brought up in every Kooter thread there. They just prefer to torch her appearance and minus zero personality.

No. 248598

>she is under 18, that's 100% - she came here with her father and lived with him

Yeahhhhh no. Scott is the main source of income for the ostrenga household, he couldn't afford to just live in Japan for a few months while Dakota got herself situated. Plus, de claims she moved there by herself and "lived alone since age 16". This sounds fake as hell.

No. 248641

I remember reading before that he went over with her but I doubt he was there for months

No. 248648

File: 1486763039112.jpg (31.31 KB, 564x317, IMG_4065.JPG)

That's funny, because I remember reading that she flew to LA by herself to meet with a bravo agent that signed her on a 2 month deal that got her to Tokyo. Scott flew to Japan with Kiki and stayed in a hotel there with her until she started "seeing" Taku, when she claimed she was living there with him. In reality she was probably staying with Dakota, but I doubt Scott took 3 months off work just to keep Kiki company because she's terrified of being in public by herself. Plus, the bedroom she made videos in before she got her new apartment was exactly the kind of shoebox they stick new models in. The entire room was the size of her entryway in her new apartment tour video.

No. 248664

File: 1486766630808.jpg (109.14 KB, 1440x810, ダコタローズ-11.jpg)

Lmaoooo, no they don't. Do you honestly think that fb/insta don't have enough work to do with the rampant child porn, self harm, spam, gun sales and terrorism recruitment going on their platform ? But oh right, they're going to delete these horrible people who buy likes and be careful enough to "space them out nicely to not get caught". You are very delusional about how they operate. The accounts they do delete are the spam accounts & bots who make up the fake follower counts, these big purges happen when they track down a spam/spammer's origin.

She always looked chubby or to be correct she never looked stick thin. Longer hair made her frame skinnier. Pic related this is also from 2015 and I don't see a difference looking at her last ad, HDTV is simply not her medium of choice. Anyway, wearing mostly pastel colors also doesn't make anyone look slimmer.
Are you serious with that question about her agency ? I suppose that if they did bother to update her video presentation and if she is still around 4 years later it's a clear sign that she is marketable and profitable, but I know you don't want to hear that so I hope you are having a fun time doing extrapolations. I also have a question for you : Why has nobody on here ever sent her agency an inquiry about her ? If you are so curious about her work that could definitely clear it out for you to directly ask for her fees, what type of work she is available for, an updated portfolio and more if you present yourself as a fashion PR or something similar. I'm actually surprised nobody has used this as a ressource in some way. You could also basically contact every client she has worked with and ask for a recommendation, that would require some japanese skills in some cases but with all the weebs around I don't think that would be hard to find. Please do it and share the tea, I'll be sipping my café au lait right thurrr.

No. 248677

Oh shit, Essay-chan spergs again! Twice in 24 hours!

No. 248678


this is 1000% an Ostrenga post.

No. 248685

As if any professional company would give out any proper details to a random person who emails them out of the blue.

No. 248691

Yep, this is Dakota.

No. 248694


This isn't like you Tooters, did your daddies cut your allowances and now your lashing out at the internet.

No. 248695

She's gained a lot of weight. It's obvious and the Japanese are noticing it too. Not just on girlschannel either.
The Lotte commercial is the first not shit thing she has done since 2015. She's lucky she still gets jobs from her Popteen connection even if the magazine itself totally unceremoniously dropped her ass.

No. 248701

>but I know you don't want to hear that
for the record i totally agree with you anon, but the above is very true. they don't wanna hear it, so there's no point trying to make them think differently. They don't want to.

No. 248702

>I'll be sipping my café au lait right thurrr.
woah nevermind, this sounds like Kiki lmao! girl how many times do you have to be told to not fucking type like that?

No. 248703

read this
instagram always purges fake accounts. try again https://iag.me/socialmedia/4-reasons-why-you-should-not-buy-followers/

No. 248710

No. 248714

Please based admins tell us where this sperg is posting from.

No. 248726

>if she is still around 4 years later it's a clear sign that she is marketable and profitable

It's like you don't even read the threads and cannot into basic rational thinking. She doesn't work enough to still be there on a legitimate working visa with Bravo. She doesn't belong at Bravo. She let herself gain a ton of weight, stopped wearing makeup, stopped doing her nails and she stopped booking clients and working for Popteen and yet she's still signed st Bravo doing almost no work. Who in the world, other than a desperate weeaboo or an Ostrenga would believe that the real world works that way? Or that an entire company just chooses to look the other way and let her be a lazy, rude fatass who can't book good gigs because she's white and speaks Japanese? Are you actually serious?

Because the rest of us who have actually stepped out into the real world and didn't immediately go from being sheltered at home to being sheltered by a sugar daddy know that there is far too much demand for young, thin, good looking models who don't need a fraction of the editing and styling and post production it takes to make Dakota look good. Not to mention the backlash she gets for her shitty attitude. No top modeling agency would employ a girl like that unless someone in that agency was pulling strings for her in exchange for some puss. If life were really that easy, a lot more white girls would be modeling for other high end agencies in Japan straight out of their bedroom at age 16.

No. 248728

We must know. I know of the whole "check my IP" thing but with Kiki being sperg-chan, I believe there are exceptions.

No. 248747

I also wonder if the french-isms are on purpose. Lilou, I mean, Kaka does want to come off as exotic~

No. 248755

That depends on if the French-isms are beginner level French-isms. Since we know even moving to the actual country where the language is spoken is enough to get Kiki to actually learn a language.

No. 248756

*isnt enough

No. 248956

You know how Kiki spammed all those ugly caps of Taylor which meant Kiki or Cathy must've been obsessively looking for ugly screencaps to collect and save? I wonder if Dakota does the same but with good screenshots of herself that she like, saves in a folder to go look at whenever the haters are getting to her.

No. 249011

And one for carefully selected candids too, in case anyone keks at her for whiteknighting herself with a shopped pic.

No. 249024

They are too subtle to be deliberate, in my opinion. If an English-speaker were trying to impersonate a French person (especially Kiki), she would make more deliberate, over-the-top mistakes. Think stereotypes.

I think what we have here is a French-speaker whose English is very good, near native-level.

I did the original analysis of the French characteristics, btw. This is sort of my field (detecting impersonation/authenticity in written language), so I like being able to contribute here.

No. 249031

File: 1486817945398.png (209.43 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4071.PNG)

Does anyone remember the Dakotanyan Instagram account that people suspected was Dakota back on /cgl/ and PULL that everyone thought was a kotaclone/kotastan?

Turns out it really was her the whole time. All the old dakotanyan comments changed to her koti.rose name she has now.

No. 249036

Might be that crazy mimiimori who used to follow Margaret. She's French (or a French-speaking country) I think. Sage for bringing that hot mess back up again. For a while anons here though she could have been Kaka under another guise. Seems to share the same hatred of Taylor iirc.

No. 249038

here's a sample of that crazy bitch in action: >>>/pt/294047

No. 249047

looks like the fourth member of hanson

No. 249059

She even stands with her knees locked like every other hambeast weeb, topkek

No. 249063

I went back to see if this account has been updated and I was blocked, lol.

In other words, it got posted here and I got blocked, less than 24 hours after she blocked me on her koti.rose account too. There are also about a dozen other "official" accounts with pics that haven't been updated in over a year, my guess is she uses them to hold the names so nobody can make fake ones and/or use them to boost her popularity by reuoloadinf her old ass 2011-2012 pics.

No. 249064


Or to make it look like she still has fans that are willing to spam her photos and idolize her bullshit.

No. 249072

Holy shit how deep does this rabbit hole go? They must have hundreds of fake fan accounts dedicated to complimenting themselves.

The typing habits seem so different.

No. 249089

oh hahaha that's embarrassing

No. 249102

File: 1486833261096.png (125.83 KB, 640x988, IMG_4076.PNG)

Go on Instagram and search "Dakota Rose" and there are so fucking many



And almost all of them link back to her old website, kotakoti.com, or her Twitter/Ameblo.

Isn't having multiple accounts that post the same pics against the TOS for Instagram?

No. 249107

>following 7501

…the fuck?
this would make sense if it's some weird fan but koots taking the time to follow over 7000 accounts is … ????

No. 249108

It's not that hard, when you get new followers you can click to follow them right there in your notifications tab. That said this is creepy and obsessive as fuck. No wonder she has no life, her and Kiki and Cathy must sit on Skype talking shit about Da Haterz©︎ while uploading pics and "wow real Barbie supermodel" clickbait articles of Dakota everywhere.

No. 249115

>fake fan accounts

Literally none of them say they're fan accounts though, and they link back to her real official accounts.

Also I've noticed when looking through them that each one has a certain esthetic, like one will have lots of her casual selfies, another has a lot of her flowery Tiara Milly shoops, one is almost all pics of her in Kimono, one is pics of her in sefuku, and so on. A clever marketing strategy but is cringey as all hell.

No. 249172

oh I'm sure it's not hard, I'm just baffled why she pulls this shit?

No. 249209


Because it gives the illusion that she's relevant. Look at how many tagged picture pop up when you look up her name, now I'm not saying they all be her but I'm sure a majority are. Funny how she use to copyright people using her pictures and now she clings like a dingle berry to those fake accounts.

No. 249236

Didn't you read Essay-chan's post about how marketable and relevant she still is online? Her name is her "brand" you know, which is the only reason Baby Fang failed- because she didn't name it after herself, of course!

No. 249240


It failed because they were cheap fucking knock offs from someone who hasn't been relevant since 2014. She advertised that shit on her YouTube and IG and I think had it mentioned else where, and still it failed despite her face being the brand image.

No. 249250

She would have don't better if she hadn't snubbed IG and her entire non-Japanese fanbase when she was still actually worth hiring. She probably thought she was gonna be able to ride the same fad forever. Both her and Kiki have that problem- they pick something that's stylish and cool and use it to get popular and then ride it into the ground, rather than grown and developing a new style.

No. 249270

File: 1486855236380.png (1.26 MB, 1407x846, 2017-02-12 08_17_55-@hiromichi…)

from the brand's IG

No. 249271

File: 1486855267347.png (977.08 KB, 1359x779, 2017-02-12 08_18_14-@hiromichi…)

No. 249272

File: 1486855302710.png (833.57 KB, 1489x674, 2017-02-12 08_18_41-@hiromichi…)

sorry if these have been posted before

No. 249273

Even beside an old dude everything about her looks so meaty.

No. 249274

To be fair - She does look nice in these ones.

No. 249294

File: 1486858810534.jpg (58.55 KB, 280x415, 93837-gemma-ward-fotos-fiesta-…)

Trying to look like Gemma Ward recently?

No. 249314

With how visibly uneven her eyes are she really shouldn't tilt her head that way.

No. 249321

Dakota is not ugly. She is the cookie cutter American girl. short, a lil chubby, blond(ish) hair. She's average. It isn't bad.

But her shops make her appearance worse because of shock factor (When you see her real face)
and her cadids make it sad as well. She is always next to people who are more attractive than she is. It doesn't help that more often than not she is competing next to mousey Asian girls or stunning models.

I mean, if she stood next to Kiki she wouldn't stick out so bad.

No. 249342


mm, yea she'd be average if she didn't have such a greasy balding head. ( but thats just my opinion ) She give her hair a break and just wear wigs.

No. 249363

Yep, I buy this theory. Back in the day so many of Keeks' 'rpers' or supposed catfish accounts looked totally suspect.

No. 249490

>They must have hundreds of fake fan accounts dedicated to complimenting themselves.
i remember reading some ancient website comments from people back in the day saying that they used to make fake accounts to compliment themselves all the time.

No. 249500

File: 1486892284974.png (893.11 KB, 1070x1042, Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 4.29…)

are you literally retarded? she has a million fake profiles on every single platform. but you convince yourselves this far that she's behind this random one?

seriously. Dakota has creepo wannabes like this bitch on instagram, but y'all can't believe she has fakes? that person can't even spell "official".

No. 249502

Below average to me. That nasty greasy scalp, huge nasolabial folds and fat playdo body lol. Btw you sound like kiki trying to subtly whiteknight

No. 249506

Lol don't you have some wrinkly yellow dick to suck?

No. 249529

What I want to know is why these fake accounts are better curated than her original IG. More focused content, neater look, etc.

No. 249539

Because they're designed to gather attention and direct them to her website/ameblo/twitter so she looks like she's popular there for no reason. Her actual IG is just for her showing off whatever boring, trivial shit or hilariously fake selfies she pleases so she can act like a humble, normal girl who just so happens to be a kawaii model gamer vegan in Tokyo. Kiki is the same way, she wants people to worship her for being kind and humble and effortlessly prettt but she's none of those things, and neither is Dakota. That's why she has to "walk on eggshells" with people, if she were really a good, kind person she wouldn't be scared of what people will say about her online. She would have actually and sincerely apologized for her past behavior instead of trying to excuse and brush it off and then later claim it was originally sincere until Cathy edited it.

No. 249552


Why did she even make a website … She doesn't even update the fucking thing.


No one said she didn't have wannabes or that every single account is hers. People are just pointing out that its possible she could have made fan accounts to try and increase the flow/illusion of being popular. Don't forget that it was the internet that got Koots noticed in the first place.

You google : Taylor R and half the page will be her and the other half will be random girls/celebs with the name Taylor.
Look Tay up on IG and most of the results are Taylor Swift.

You google Tooters and there are pages upon pages of her and random shit articles and fan account tumblrs.
Look Toots up on IG and well fuck, thousands of pictures and shit tons of "fan" accounts.

Who comes off more successful looking ? Dakota does. By having her image splashed everywhere it makes it look like she has an actual fans and alot of them. When in reality they don't even use her new photos because just like everyone else she was only interesting in 2012.

No. 249561

i wonder how long of a run dakota would have had, if she went full youtube back then. without public appearances. without going to japan.

just shooping videos/insta pics to hell and back. doing that full time (instead of actual modeling) she would have had enough time for plenty of content with proper editing.
even with the existence of her old pics, she could have still argued, that she didn't look that way, because she grew up and changed her style.
i honestly would have believed that, if there weren't current candids of her.
who would even recognize her on the street?
catering mainly to asian audiences additionally minimizes that risk.

as far as i know yt sponsorships and the like weren't as big back then as today.
but if she would have stuck with youtube and built a loyal following, she could be making serious bank with that nowadays, right?
without actually NEEDING to appear in irl or go to conventions/meet-ups. could have used agoraphobia as an excuse (bonus: pity points)

i mean, if an actual sim can do it (lilmiquela on insta), why couldn't she.

No. 249562

Yah but I feel like she couldn't have kept it up with the deadpan content she was posting. If she didn't change it up she would have become irrelevant fast.

No. 249576

File: 1486909380997.jpg (106.65 KB, 500x631, IMG_4066.JPG)

If Bravo had never scooped her up she would have moved in with Charms like she was planning to before she went viral. One can only imagine what might have happened then…

No. 249577


tbh she should have done both ( modelling and Youtube ) but kept modelling as a hobby and only accept jobs with ott shooping involved ( Tiara Milly ). She would have made decent off of Youtube imo because people actually like hair tutorials and makeup ( girly things ) and she probably could improve on it to over time. I still like her content more then Taylor's … ( Though thats probably because I just straight up don't like vloggs/watching people clean/complain/do daily tasks )

No. 249579

>I still like her content more then Taylor's
If Kota made decent videos with a normal shooping I'd prefer Kota's channel

No. 249582

TBQH I don't think she's willin to put that much effort into anything. Girl obviously won't even take care of her own body by taking some multivitamins or a hair regrowth treatment. She used to spend up to a week editing a single pic, and there's no telling how long her up close AE videos took to do and she could barely move or talk in them. If she still did videos they would be zoomed way in on her face with her staring blankly into the lens with her eyes bugged out and talking through clenched teeth so AE can track her jaw and eyes to make them look how she wants. She wouldn't do all that unless she had something tangible to gain from it, like living in Japan or somewhere else ~exotic~ and calling herself a model.

No. 249585

This pic is from 2011? That would have made Kota 14~15 according to her DOB. She look a hell of a lot closer to 16~17 to me. How old is Charms? Because I know Dakota was planning to move in with her once she turned 18 before she went viral on Tumblr.

No. 249599

IIRC she was claiming to be 16 in 2011.

No. 249609


Like anything she'd get better and quicker at it over time. Her newest videos aren't even "tutorials" and if she stuck with it I could imagine they'd look a lot better then they do. Honestly though, most beauty channels are stand stills where you watch them apply makeup, so if she actually wasn't so lazy she could have practiced and got really good at it.

Could you imagine how good her CG/AE effects could be if she practised everyday ? Even knowing they're fake i'd still watch them in aw. ( like 5 years of practise )

My god she could make and entire series about how to morph your face with AE and makeup.


Ot : Taylor's tutorials are good, but her life is utterly boring.

If Koots went the same way with Vloggs I'd probably dislike both channels tbh. I like the fact that Koots sticks with very short and simple, and isn't trying to be your big sister/best friend. ( though again this all falls on preference. )

No. 249619

Charms or Dakota? Because I think I remember Charms being 2 years younger than Gutterface who is 25 now.

No. 249656


No. 249660

Ok kiki sure thing

No. 249671

I know how old Dacote claims she is (everyone does, she plasters it everywhere since her face is so haggard), but I could have sworn she and Charms were the same age and Charms is 23-24 now. Does anyone know for sure?

No. 249677

Sorry for replying to a fairly old post but holy fuck, some the Japanese comments on that video are brutal.
The top rated comment translates to "What? That face? So she became really fat?",
another one says "I was shocked at how much her chin looks like John Leno's(a Japanese youtuber) lol".

No. 249745


Damn … I thought it was just randoms on GirlsChannel ripping her a new one. You are referring to comments on Youtube, right ?

No. 249753

The comments are right on the youtube video and they're both in japanese and english. It's pretty bad that they aren't deleting them, because they are savage!

No. 249934

The fact that they're as done with her shit as we are gives me life.
She seriously needs to sit down and re-evaluate her whole situation. Nobodies buying this shit anymore.

No. 249943

Ya according to my numbers she's supposed to be 19-20 in that photo

No. 250301



>クソブス定期。 高須クリニック行ってきなさい。

Damn I wish my moon was good enough to accurately translate these because daaaamn

No. 250344



No. 250352

shitty translations for yall


"super beefcake"
"she suddenly became kinda ugly"
>クソブス定期。 高須クリニック行ってきなさい。
ugly as shit. Please stop by Takasu clinic" (cosmetic surgeon)

there are a lot of other similar comments.

No. 250354

ty anon for the translation! Google Translate turns most of it into indecipherable gibberish.

No. 250360

The new version of AE is fucking easy. It has a built-in face tracker, and if the video was one angle/closeup shot like her old tutorial videos she could shoop the entire thing in five minutes.

No. 250381

File: 1486989613444.jpg (661.76 KB, 1600x1150, IMG_4102.JPG)

Daaaaaaaamn. Pls translate and post moar!

Seeing Japanese people she claims love her so much shit on her is so refreshing.

No. 250410

File: 1486996717760.jpg (47.49 KB, 600x800, CdVtMfjVIAA-r0R.jpg)

Not the original translator anon but I know a bit of moon as well. My translations might not be super accurate though, I'm still learning, so sorry for any mistakes.
Some comments on >>245474
あれ? こんな顔だっけ? すげーブスになってね?
Huh? Was her face always like this? She's become super ugly?

Somehow… She's changed!!

Gotten fat..?

She needs to update her face soon.

A couple of people mentioned that they prefer her with bangs.
Someone also mentioned she looks like ジョンレノ who is I guess some youtuber or whatever, pic related lol.

No. 250442

Savage af. Why did she ever think Japanese girls would go for her busted naked faces look? We know she owns a mirror, does she simply not look at her face when she checks her outfits or brushes her teeth? Her BDD must be hella strong for her to have such a high opinion of herself in her current state.

No. 250465

Is that the same Japanese YouTuber who made a video that mentioned Dakota and she copyright claimed it? IIRC all he did was imitate her sitting and talking to the camera with big, fake bug eyes asked over his face and then "accidentally" moved and the eyes stayed in place… lol

No. 250473

At this point I'm surprised Kota hasn't tried to copyright the video or have it taken down for "bullshit" reasons. Maybe Hiroshi is starting to get tired of cleaning up her shit, because we all know a little hershey squirt channel like hers couldn't take on a company Youtube account.

No. 250495

Maybe he's aware of what a shitstain she is on the company and yanked her leash. Would also explain why she isn't signed to his independent company under his own name, NORA Models.

No. 250506

Because I need to practise my moonspeak I decided to translate more untranslated comments from the girlschannel threads linked earlier.
In some game commercial, I forget which, she was dressed like a demon and looked so beautiful.
Was that edited too?

Ehh! But she looked like an angel…

This person has a bad manner of talking
Talking in a self-important way like that is unreasonable

She hasn't changed. The first picture is just edited.

Even now, if she edited she'd look like barbie?
So she was an impostor from the start right?

What happened?
She's become even uglier than before

If she keeps doing this, little by little she will become unable to stand reality and become a plastic surgery monster right?

To come from America to Japan to get fat is unusual lol

Her face looks like the sole of a foot

I wonder if this happened because Japanese food is too delicious….

No. 250513

File: 1487010995810.jpeg (37.71 KB, 600x655, image.jpeg)

>Even now, if she edited she'd look like barbie? So she was an impostor from the start right?

No. 250519

To come from America to Japan to get fat is unusual lol

i love these

No. 250523


Oomph, girl has a point thought. How does one go to Japan and gain so much weight.

No. 250526

sage for rant but it's not as if there isn't plenty of unhealthy, fried, junk foods in Japan. especially since she's of the lazy vegan diet - eat crisps that are incidentally vegan type of thing - what makes you think she isn't just slamming down cheap konbini food? A single korokke might not be bad but when you eat 12 of them…

No. 250533

File: 1487014207569.gif (782.43 KB, 480x201, 196.gif)

>Her face looks like the sole of a foot
Holy shit they have like zero chill

No. 250591

They're even worse than we are. How refreshing.

No. 250592

The natural look doesn't suit her

No. 250620


kinda late reply sorry, but Russian uses « » quotes

No. 250652

You got a map to that treasure?

No. 250659

And yet the Ostrengas are obsessed with the idea that the same few haters have been following them for years, creating sockpuppet after sockpuppet.
No, everyone knows you suck.

No. 250665

She should go back to her 2012 shoop style or anime era. Her new edits are awful. Her new edits hardly get any reblogs on tumblr along with all her so called 'fan' accounts don't even post them. She is losing followers with the new edits.

No. 250670

Are there any new cows with juicy milk? All the old cows are becoming banal and hardly produce any milk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 250689

Find out for your damn self. You people act like the catalog doesn't exist

No. 250692

omfg this one is hilarious and has to be the most savage

jesus christ

No. 250704

It's called tabs weeb

No. 250706

What haters don't no one follow them they're irrelevant and boring these days. The only people keeping her relevant is pull and lolcow and even they're done with their shit.

No. 250711

By sitting on her ass playing played out PlayStation games and eating microwave food. Oh and don't forget exercising is not kawaii.

No. 250713

The last translation is hilarious

No. 250731

B-but she looks like a smol child guys. #stillwinning

No. 250748

I use the catalog fag

No. 250768

she gives off a evil energy to me, maybe the reason she's looking so bad is because of her terrible karma from being such a shitty person back in the day.

No. 250774


Because all she eats is carbs and candy. Go through her food posts on her insta and her LINE blog and everything she eats is either candy, rice, pasta or fried veggies. Plus she used to brag about how she only eats once a day and doesn't cook, so she probably fills up on salty/starchy konbini snack foods. I remember people making fun of her for saying her favorite food was cucumber salad with lots of soy sauce and people called it "cheap food" or something like that.

No. 250775

Did you read the post you're replying to?

No. 250852

Didn't she copyright claim the Popteen beach video where her gut was hanging out of her bikini and they gave her a towel to cover herself with?

No. 250858

idk I never saw the actual video for that one, only screenshots

No. 250862

No but I'm sure she wanted to.

No. 250864

+ towel shot. She's the same size as the assistant.

No. 250865

wrong video

No. 250868

You'd think her being so uncomfrotable showing her body on camera would sway her to take the initiative to lose some weight, but I guess that's expecting too much from her.

No. 250871

It's amazing what bangs do

No. 250878

I remember her copyright claiming a video that she did with a big name company ad loling about it, idr which one though.

No. 250884

File: 1487068371807.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-02-14-11-33-46…)

Omg that towel at the end

Top kek

No. 250906

She looks really cute here otherwise though, her face looks smaller too

No. 250920


No. 250945

File: 1487079328812.png (255.61 KB, 602x338, Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.31…)

Soooooo… She just uploaded a video to Instagram ( maybe a new Youtube video ?? ) but the cover image is terrifying …

Looks like her heads going to explode..

No. 250946

File: 1487079508232.png (287.77 KB, 592x340, Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.37…)




No. 250947

File: 1487079576989.png (234.51 KB, 577x335, Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.37…)


HA HA !!

Please let this be a new youtube video ! I need a good laugh.


No. 250949

if it is I hope someone makes gifs lol

No. 250950

JFC. I'm speechless. Everytime I think her editing can't possibly get any worse, she surprises me.

No. 250951

She looks like death hahahahaha

No. 250953

File: 1487080103400.png (274.99 KB, 535x399, Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.45…)



No. 250955

Why thefuck would she do this, her head looks like one of those little lego dudes

No. 250971

she looks like one of those people that had a face transplant

No. 250992


Shes still trying to make model happen and shes a shit model

Shes trying to look like one of those high class russian ones. Now for someone as myself who is very tall and slim, no way is she even tall. Those fucking wedge heels are a disaster and look tacky.

The bun she wears reminds me of an old picture of a model on tumblr with a bun and tights on? Anyone remember who she was?

No. 250993

I swear, Japanese's way to pick people apart needs a special thread in /ot/ only dedicated to this kind of comments. If only I understood moonspeak I'd be having fat laughs scrolling down Dakota's videos.
>"Her face looks like the sole of a foot"

No. 250994

File: 1487085795229.jpg (109.19 KB, 736x1104, IMG_3893.JPG)


Koots is trying to be jessica stam

No. 250997

This video is almost a month old. That explains all the stretching her fat legs longer and her head big enough to make Megamind jealous. But she posted her outfit selfie from this back on January 22. Sooo that's what she's been up to all month lol

No. 251002

She has truly fucking lost it.

No. 251006

Her head is literally the size of her shoe.

What the fuck daco-chin.

Her runway walk is fucking hilarious. She's so awkward and sticks out so bad… I'd hate being forced to work with a short ass model that can only wear baggy clothes and bounce awkwardly down the runway jfc. And I'm chuckling at how fast she cut away from the group shot, before you can really spot her even.

No. 251020


Maybe she had a brain tumour …

Like how does it take her a month to edit a video and miraculously still do a fucking horrible job. Though I feel like she's aware its shit and thats why she hasn't uploaded it to Youtube. Her bought/bot followers on IG will always compliment her, but her real youtube viewers will question everything.

No. 251021

what the fuck
why the fuck

No. 251030

That's what happens when your face is too fat to fit AE. It can not do so much without being hella wobbly and obvious.

No. 251034

Literally claire/lola

tinfoil hat time, what if something really has gone wrong with her? Maybe not something like a tumour or opiate use, but just something like a genuine psychological break? She can't be happy holed up in her sex hotel with no purpose, she might have really gone mad

No. 251041

I'm losing it laughing at these comments at work you guys holy shit hahaha

That's exactly what I was thinking when I first saw this, like she had her entire bottom jaw blown off and reconstructed

No. 251043


No. 251106

I wish someone would post a Japanese description of the Hartley hooligans on girlschannel with a pic. The lols to be had… omg.

No. 251109

Same here, and not only that, she vertically shortened cheeks and nose bridge too. Like, they cut her face in 3 parts and glued it back together

No. 251191

Is it me or she never shows her face in the runway shots? Also kek at how fat she is compared to everyone else.

No. 251282

File: 1487098569487.png (316.32 KB, 609x309, 20389548.png)

made a side-by-side.
never realised how massive her chin is in reality.
(what if she got fillers and they sunk to the bottom?)

No. 251283

The positive comments have got to be bots lol… I don't see how anyone can not see how warped the video is? Even if she naturally looked like that it doesn't look good, wtf

No. 251296

She got fat and it went to her chin.

No. 251301

Someone should shoop Jimmy Neutron's hair onto her head in the picture on the left.

No. 251316

Her chin isn't really massive to me. She just looks like a normal human being when on the left she looks scary as hell.

No. 251353

File: 1487101364478.jpg (106.4 KB, 980x655, Collage 2017-02-15 03_29_34~3.…)

Oh my…I thought this was a de-shoop until I actually watched the video. I thought she couldn't possibly have shooped herself this way and uploaded it onto her Instagram. Holy shit Koots, you've fallen so far.
Comparing these together, you can really tell how much she squishes her chin to the point of it barely even existing. She must be extremely self-conscious about it nowadays.

No. 251431

Wow! I can't imagine why

No. 251457

File: 1487104899639.jpg (183.91 KB, 1334x750, image.jpg)

Hooooooolly shot Tooters is in a music video. ( I'm on mobile so I dunno how to properly insert video )

Link :

Hope the link works ( also dunno if this is old as I didn't finish watching or checked dates )

No. 251467

Yikes this video. Not only is this a super typical white model job, but it's not the most flattering…

No. 251474

She looks cute here to be honest, her acting is as awkward as Kikis though.

No. 251486

File: 1487106331201.gif (2 MB, 370x358, qjro53.gif)

No. 251488

that hair is doing her no favors

No. 251490

kek you can see it in her eyes, like, nocamera nocamera nocamera…

No. 251492

Some of the angles just really show off how pointed her features are. I did think there were a couple of cute shots though. But…is she supposed to be a mannequin in love with some guy or something?

No. 251496

She doesn't look bad, but she kinda looks like someone's mom.

No. 251498

and she's 21.

No. 251499

She's always had a big chin + the weight gain has made her face look extra meaty

No. 251511

File: 1487108156728.gif (253.18 KB, 320x180, JamFlavor_fallin_snow.gif)

Agree, she looks pretty qt in some shots but yeah; acting is pretty cringe.

No. 251520

File: 1487108837675.jpg (300.65 KB, 674x1230, kotineutron.jpg)

No. 251527

Better than her sister's,ugh just imagine Kiki's ass in a music video

No. 251569

File: 1487112104509.jpg (12.67 KB, 384x384, 1467149321188.jpg)

>But…is she supposed to be a mannequin in love with some guy or something?

Maybe it's some meta-joke on her online image

No. 251599


Ugh I wish Japanese pop singers would stop mixing random English words into their lyrics
It sounds horrible

No. 251611

This was kinda cute until the mannequin

I know unedited pictures of Kota are very few and far between, so the reality of what she actually looks like can get a little confusing. But what's do you guys think are her prettiest features? I've always liked her nose and how her eyelids crease.

No. 251627

I thought this was megfindshersmile from the munchie threads lmao

No. 251651

Nothing? Her nose is too pointy/sharp, her teeth look like square yellow chewing gum, her lips have a really weird shape, her hair is too thin and falling out, her body is chubby and just generally unfit, her finger nails are kinda short and stub-like. I really tried to find something nice to say, but I just can't find anything. Except maybe like, she's got nice skin.

No. 251653

holy shit she looks like a monster

No. 251654


Idk … I find her face to be to masculine for my taste.

No. 251661

it was rice, cucumber and soy sauce

No. 251668

I think her nose is nice too. Her eyebrows as well; they have a good shape and are full, but a nice light brown. Usually having light brows results in them looking sparse but hers are nice I think.
I wish I could say more but…she has a lot of unfortunate features. I feel like her eyes could be nice if she complimented them well again with makeup and I guess if they weren't wonky/asymmetrical.

No. 251670

and yet she still wants to prove us ~haterz~ that she looks better without them…

No. 251676

funny how she posted the clips of her walking in which you cannot see her face

No. 251678

File: 1487118395224.png (206.63 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-02-14-19-25-23…)

Yoo. Who the fuck is this? Sorry if im giving attention to a famenut. But i just saw this in the comments of that video.

No. 251682

who the fuck is Lane

No. 251684

>a literal nobody threatening us


No. 251686

I think she looks cute in the video but she should get fit

No. 251687

No. 251690

Ignore it. That's just a troll.

No. 251691

lmao the comments have now been disabled

No. 251692

She looks like she pushed out a few babies. Even her body and posture looks tired. The other girls look so young and cute compared to her. There is a ton of bad skin they tried to filter out and she still looked old.

The acting couldn't have had less chemistry kek.

Her cankles.

No. 251695

Were they that bad. I mean the white url clearly doesnt belong.

No. 251696


The comments were that bad that they had to disable it. Hahahahah.

What are the comments like under the music video ? Are they just as nasty.

( there was speculation that that one commenter is Mira or a troll that follows the Mira thread. )

No. 251698

Honestly, they weren't that bad. Pretty standard fare for yt comments. Some were even positive and the ones that weren't were still true. I wonder if Koots or Bravo-San had them disabled.

No. 251700

surprised she hadn't had the videos removed for copyright

No. 251701

Pretty much all the comments are just complimenting the song, there's only one even mentioning Kooter and it just says "it's Dakota"

Some of them were translated upthread

No. 251707

One of them says how glad it is to see interraical couples in asians mvs.

No. 251708

The former admin of PULL

Its a joke guys. I'm 99% sure shes imitating kiki imitating Lain? Idk tho

No. 251709

So how is she going to go about taking "legal action" against someone on an anonymous site for posting a screen cap of a music video? Damn Mira you are stupid as fuck.

No. 251716

It's a shame she probably will never say anything about this music video because of her face.

It had to have been the Bravo guy, right? If anybody? She has to be such a hassle to get jobs for and in general, I can't believe she is even worth it for them to keep around. Why not just find somebody else and drop her? It does not help her case for if she's sleeping with someone there or not.

No. 251719

s/he's just a random troll that likes to talk shit in connection with snowflakes and think s/he's important somehow

No. 251731

Oh sorry for bringing that troll some attention.

No. 251756

File: 1487123588505.png (9.64 KB, 349x343, FE55179C-0FDA-407E-AF41-E95774…)

No. 251774

It seems she is still especially vigilant about this… I noticed someone has commented "what happened to your face" or something like that on the IG video, I just checked again and it's gone

No. 251776

samefag but the number of comments she has also seems very small in proportion to her "followers" and "views" heh. Even Venus gets loads more…

No. 251778


Kek, glad I'm not the only who thinks her nose looks pointy and big here.


I noticed that when she first uploaded it too. There were people quoting someone who's comment was missing.

No. 251894

File: 1487145700875.gif (4.61 MB, 374x274, 1487145133397.gif)

she looks weird and stoned idk,
also look at her mouth ¿? what is going on with her

No. 251896

She does look somewhat stoned lol she's also blinking a lot and kind of seems…confused? Idk, I haven't watched the video.

Is it just me or does the clock get really blurry through the gif?

Also anyone made some more gifs? It's weird to watch her move

No. 251904

File: 1487146604856.png (202.51 KB, 548x255, Untitled.png)

the whole vid has weird waves going through it

idk how she can live with herself anymore. this is not remotely believable. if she hates her chin so much why not get the plastic surgery already

No. 251909

ikr,but as some anons suggested she might be broke

But it's really sad to look at

No. 251927

she looks like a deformed elle fanning

No. 251934

shes pathetic

No. 251943

I wish she'd try harder
Lose weight and get plastic surgery…
On girlschannel they call her the foreign version of "zawachin". Zawachin is a Japanese talento who got famous for her shoops too

No. 251944

File: 1487152912243.jpg (56.68 KB, 600x600, CEfChIFUgAAnSkb.jpg)


No. 251947

File: 1487153558955.jpeg (60.22 KB, 1200x900, bF6Os5IZowofC94_2jCLG_57.jpeg)

One more pic of Japanese Dakota (zawachin)

No. 251949

This one isn't that bad? obvious but she looks a tiny bit like her shoops, just like kota used to look a bit like hers, but now…you know

No. 251955


It's worse than Kota lol

No. 251962

Well at least they're not still asking if she's had plastic surgery/is wearing makeup or saying she looks like a doll, lol. She blew the illusion she had going just by letting herself go.

No. 251975

her pendant and buttons look deformed.

No. 252000

File: 1487168321356.jpeg (41.98 KB, 640x640, ff5d5eaf67d38ba3e310c85e17efc7…)

No. 252001

File: 1487168655808.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1920, bF6Os5IZowofC94_87Neb_253.png)

Maybe she's kotas idol? Lol
Zawachin started by uploading pics where she wore a mask and imitated other celebs with make up skills (which were outed to be shoops skills after all…)
The fame got to her head and she started appearing on TV without her mask. Of course everyone was disappointed with her real face and she was bullied but still she keeps pushing herself in public

No. 252002


Her face oddly reminds me of a cross between Bii and Kim.


Did she come before Tooters ? Honestly if surprises me how nice the are to a lying racist foreigner, but yet when it comes to someone from Japan/is Japanese they are down right mean right off the bat.

No. 252008

File: 1487169783165.jpg (574.93 KB, 530x1933, c.jpg)

No. 252011

>She might be broke
If she cries to her parents that Japanese people make fun of her jaw and that if she gets it done she'll get more jobs, I'm sure they'd pay for it. They just paid $5k to feature Kiki in a shitty movie + they're covering her expenses in L.A.

No. 252014

I remember a /cgl/ chat from Charms where Dakota told her her parents were very against plastic surgery. and her recent "why risk your health for vanity when you have makeup" response on instagram about it makes me think they raised her to think the same.

No. 252024


Your talking about 10 thousand to 16 thousand + 3-6 months of recovery down time. Non of that even includes hotels or meds …

Its also too late now since everyone knows what her face looks like, and she's always prided herself on " I've never had work done" " all natural barbie". I don't think Japan is as accepting on Plastic surgery as South Korea is. ( Kota already shit on any chance she had from Korea )


I thought people were saying she already did something cosmetically to her nose ?

No. 252028

File: 1487172333482.jpg (29.16 KB, 850x439, chin.JPG)

>she's a fake the entire time

No. 252042

>I thought people were saying she already did something cosmetically to her nose ?
no. that Charms conversation I mentioned was literally about this. Charms told her the h8ters were saying that she had plastic surgery and asked if it was true, Dakota's response was that those comments made her laugh and her parents would never allow it.

No. 252043

Well, the shoops seem really obvious. Jokes on whoever thought they were legit honestly

No. 252069

It's because the lenses aren't in. We aren't used to seeing her real eyes.

No. 252070

That also makes sense considering Kiki has been so preachy in the past against plastic surgery, smoking and drinking (both of which kota at least used to do). I feel like not only can she not afford it, her parents wouldn't pay for it and neither would Hiroshi.

No. 252071

There were rumors that she got a nose job under the guise of a "deviated septum repair" when her and Kiki were still in school.

No. 252072

No, it's something else too. She does look kind of stoned and/or anxious. Not wearing lenses doesn't make you look like that.

No. 252074

She's the most unphotogenic model I've ever laid eyes on, makeup or no makeup. Without photoshop and careful, selective lighting she's not worth a second glance.

No. 252078

She looks like a suicidally depressed soggy biscuit

No. 252081

lol I don't think the commenter finished watching the music video. The guy's together with a Japanese girl. Kota is just a mannequin having a crush on him.

I can't believe this girl's nose is NOT plastic. The pointiness of the tip is unreal.

No. 252085

File: 1487179974099.jpg (60.17 KB, 594x597, fb.jpg)

>I can't believe this girl's nose is NOT plastic. The pointiness of the tip is unreal.
have you seen Cathy?

No. 252108

Yeah Dakota has Cathy's nose.

I've never heard about that rumor. Her nose is 100% natural, it's exactly like her mom's nose.

No. 252131

File: 1487184302394.png (170.09 KB, 416x276, best feature.png)

i always feel, that whenever she gets booked for something like that, the clients didn't make enough research and expect the doll-shoop kotakoti.
they clearly did want someone looking like a doll, since she was apparently supposed to play a mannequin.

>I've always liked […] how her eyelids crease.
same. eye make-up is overrated. she looks soooo much better when you can see her actual eyeform and crease (pic related).
also, i like her chin. it looks like she could bludgeon people to death with it.

she looks like a less skeletal version of kaka here.

No. 252145

The ceiling lamp makes the stretch so obvious

No. 252153

She looks pretty cute here. If she learned how to style herself and actually took care of her body she'd be pretty. The new way she edits herself makes her look like she's retarded. I dont get whats with the new no-chin phase.

No. 252166

Shut up kiki

No. 252180

Maybe she got put on a new anti-depressant or something. It's not uncommon for anti-depressants to make people feel stoned and/or disoriented when they first start taking them.

No. 252189

I don't think so- if Kiki won't get therapy for her crazy Sperg-chan episode then kota surely won't, given how broke she seems to be and how Japan views mental illness as taboo/stigma. It's more believable that she's just plain awkward as all fuck. She or yanked out of her bedroom at her parents' house and flown to Tokyo to be a model without any experience, looking itching like her pics, with almost no social skills aside from interacting with her nutty white trash family, where she didn't speak the language, etc. I don't feel sorry for her life being crap if it is, and I don't pity her for being anxious or awkward either. She is the one who chose to live her life like this and she is the only one who can change it for the better. She and Kiki have always had mom and dad to give them whatever they want and do everything for them, but when it comes to living life and interacting with people outside of their family/Hiroshi they're both so cringey and tryhard. It's like they literally don't know how to adult or how to handle friendships or work at all. We all know if it wasn't for her silver spoon-sama Dakota wouldn't have been in Japan long enough to need her visa renewed.

No. 252193

File: 1487190529754.jpg (110.65 KB, 600x320, ew.jpg)

What if they already had a mannequin that looked somewhat like her shoops and had to get a new one once they saw how she really looked, kek

No. 252196

File: 1487190853739.png (131.33 KB, 616x933, IMG_4138.PNG)


It never used to be that pointy, pic related. As for Cathy- I wouldn't put it past her to get a nose job in her youth. She's always been a gold digging cunt, that's how she and Scott had Kyler after all. Cathy thought him and his band were her meal ticket to easy living.

No. 252198

File: 1487190884905.jpg (105.64 KB, 500x788, IMG_4133.JPG)

No. 252199

File: 1487190939816.jpg (58.52 KB, 274x400, IMG_4132.JPG)


sorry for low quality

No. 252209

This pisses me off because peoples' faces grow and mature as they get older. Usually this includes peoples' features getting sharper. If you compare and analyze photos of most girls between 12-14 and contrast them with pics of them 19-20+, the features will have sharpened.

No. 252211

Your nose tip doesn't shrink that much from getting older dumbfuck. Her nostrils are also narrower and her nasal bridge is less dramatic. Yes, getting it done young makes the finished product look more natural on the face, but jfc just layer the pics. The tip of her nose went from being uniform and round to pointy as fuck with a slight dent/dimple in the tip.

No. 252212

I think she looked really cute in the music video.
At least 100000 times better than her shoops. I wish she would at least tone down her shooping (a lot).

No. 252213

Her features didn't sharpen lol they sank. She peaked facially between 16-18 imho. Now she just looks… blegh. Like all her features are individually cute but on not her saggy, wide face.

No. 252218

my god.. comparing her from this video to
she honestly looks so much worse. She looked so much better with long hair and bangs– even her shorter hair looked good, as long as she had bangs. Her face looks so big and her style is so awful.

I felt bad for her in the popteen video because she was obviously very self-conscious about her stomach, but her face looked leaps and bounds better than it does now. I consider myself to be a big dakota stan, but she's really fallen far.

No. 252220

A lot of girls who never really had to worry about their skin/wear a ton of makeup don't realize how crucial skincare and diet can be to your looks as you start to age. Everyone should seriously start a good routine at age 20 and stick with it. Also stop eating garbage and go outside and walk around every so often. Walking is free, and avoiding sugar/salt/bread isn't that hard even in Japan. Multivitamins are also a thing.

No. 252221

I don't know about Koots (probably she did) but I'm almost 100% certain that Cathy did. The shape of her nose is like classic 70s/80s style rhinoplasty where a lot of doctors (especially inexpensive ones) had a few main models they used.

No. 252224

Good to see her finally looking like a normal human being with no lego-brick eyebrows though.

No. 252307

File: 1487200866365.jpg (115.45 KB, 640x427, IMG_0079.JPG)

She looks kinda like Bella Heathcoate here.
Who actually has a lot of similar features to Kota. To bad Kota can't style herself to look even half as good.

Did she dye he hair darker or is that just a video filter? It looks legit brown in that entire video.

No. 252313

She's not even that bad looking? Man, BDD, not even once.

No. 252391

File: 1487207368914.jpeg (48.98 KB, 399x600, Dakota_Rose19.jpeg)


Both her and Kaka used photoshop during their scene days… How do you even trust any old photos of theirs ?

If she can shoop her make up on and make herself stick think, then she can just as easily shoop her nose too.

No. 252397

god their shoops back then were so bad. people actually would argue if this shit was shopped or not. she certainly has come a long way

No. 252413

>she certainly has come a long way
i would have agreed four or five years ago during her tumblr era. back then her shoops at least looked competent, but now… i dont even know what to say about shit like >>251894

No. 252430

Not to mention, mental health is still and extremely taboo subject in Japan. I somehow doubt she's on meds but it probably would help her.

No. 252432

Sorry, I tagged the wrong post but my message still stands.

No. 252438

sorry for sounding like a stan, but transparently jealous 12 year olds like this autist make me literally cringe. get yourself checked anon, you sound like you have a birth defect. i'm still cringing at how far you reached

No. 252441

>transparently jealous 12 year olds
>implying anyone is jealous of dakota in the year 2017

>you sound like you have a birth defect

hey kaka

No. 252515

fuck i know right? they both have the worst shoops in their hair but i personally never thought they were fake. it just didn't cross my mind at all that someone would edit their pics for fucking hours. and again, they weren't even good shoops.

No. 252516

File: 1487219589694.jpg (61.33 KB, 496x353, 49.jpg)

fortunately for them myspace pics were so small and shit quality and their fanbase was all teenagers it was easy as fuck to lie

No. 252564

maaaaan why was this ever a thing…
simpler times …

No. 252584

File: 1487235363857.gif (1.35 MB, 288x288, IMG_9802.GIF)

Her runway walk is so bad. Her posture is fucked and she looks like a slouchy potato

No. 252585

I remember people saying Bravo lied about her height to make her seem taller to get her more jobs, but in all the stuff she's done lately she's the same height as everyone else or taller?

No. 252586

File: 1487235630861.gif (3.46 MB, 288x288, IMG_9803.GIF)

Sorry I saved it so slow. Wanted to show off her crazy shoop and you can see how thin the back of her hair is towards the end. She looks almost bald.

No. 252594

Holy shit, no wonder the stylist was being so slow and careful. He/she was probably scared of ripping out what little hair she has left. Don't extensions damage your hair/scalp? I feel like with her hair in such bad shape no decent stylist would give her any in that case.

No. 252595

File: 1487238598300.png (13.58 KB, 312x471, 7DEFD655-9340-4F16-BD45-301C5B…)


No. 252596

holy shit

No. 252602

File: 1487241769226.jpg (997.62 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_4139.JPG)

I pulled her measurements from Bravo's profile of her and compared them to Popteen's two best full body pics of her with measurements. Pt01 is the older measurements from Popteen, Pt02 are the newer, fatter measurements:


Bravo: 162cm / 5"3
Pt01: 162
Pt02: 163 / 5"4


Bravo: (unlisted)
Pt01: 40kg / 88lbs.
Pt02: 45.5kg / 100lbs.


Bravo: 74cm / 29in
Pt01: 80cm / 31in
Pt02: 81.1cm / 32in


Bravo: 55cm / 21.5in
Pt01: 54cm / 21in
Pt02: 60.7cm / 24in


Bravo: 78cm / 30.7in
Pt01: 81cm / 31.8in
Pt02: 88cm / 34.6in


Bravo: (unlisted)
Pt01: 37cm / 14.5in
Pt02: 41cm / 16in

I took a screenshot of Dakota's measurements from Bravo's site right before doing this, so those are her measurements as listed on their site. Her later Popteen shoot with the measurements was about a year ago iirc? And she's obviously much bigger now than Bravo says she is. That's why she's direct booking: they couldn't list her measurements like that and send her to fittings, nothing they have would fit her. Modeling is all about inches and centimeters and pounds, which is why gaining 12 pounds in print is absolutely unheard of. And we know from how hard she's posing in that Popteen bikini pic and how much it must be shopped, I wouldn't doubt she's closer to 50kg/110 or even more. Granted, at her height 110 still shouldn't look that fat, unless she's bloated 24/7.

The hilarious part? Cabbage, flavored 0 cal konnyaku jelly and 0 cal shirataki yam noodles are all easily available in Japan and cheap. Yes, snacks and combo I food are also cheap and hella tasty, but jfc she could lose weight and still eat like a pig AND be vegan in Japan. I just don't think she gives a fuck anymore. She let herself go, and would rather photoshop herself smaller than put down the cucumber salad and soy sauce. I hope her current plan will work for her long term because there's not gonna be another chance for her to regain her popularity unless she does actually get off her ass, get in shape and start fixing herself. Nobody wants to look at an ugly, fat balding rude cunt.

No. 252603

Whats the point of lying about her measurments when you can clearly see it isn't accurate lmao

No. 252607

File: 1487243288657.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4144.PNG)

Because if you have no previous exposure to Dakota and the only pics of her ou see are on her Bravo page, you wouldn't know any better. Direct booking for a model means you hire them sight unseen and you have to use them once you do. It's usually only for low end models with real, professional portfolios that actually show what they look like with minimal makeup. Hers is all OTT makeup and shoop, but it's good shoop so a client who saw her page and knows about Bravo being a high end agency would just go with it. Until she shows up at the fitting looking like a stuffed sausage and you have to find whatever is big enough to fit her, then change whatever hair/makeup they had planned to go with whatever outfit they thought she would fit into, the shoes, and so on. Clients book you to fit into the clothes/scene and make them look good, not the other way around. If your client has to change the product or set to make the model look good, the model is shit.

Here's a still from her Bravo page's video. Her face shots are HD but all the full body shots of her walking are low quality as fuck, yet you can still see her gut.

No. 252608

File: 1487243338942.jpg (76.54 KB, 640x742, IMG_4145.JPG)

Ok, maybe not HD but definitely less blurry.

No. 252618

Paaalease is she was 162cm at 40kg shed be severly underweight and look anorexic. did she seriously expect anyone to believe that

No. 252623

Yeah, her and Bravo did apparently lol

No. 252627

Are you joking?
Here >>252584 she looks way smaller than the other models by far

No. 252633

>>252602 There is NO WAY she was or is 162-3 cm and 45-50kg and looked like that. My friend has those exact measurements and she's a skinny as fuck babe. Kota looks closer to 60kg on the second PT issue, and that's still photoshopped.

Weighting 60kg is not bad, just don't be a model then. That would spare you having to lie about it, to impressionable teens no less.

No. 252645

File: 1487251476355.jpg (36.7 KB, 590x289, Sunken-Face.jpg)

No. 252646

File: 1487251786455.png (462.22 KB, 1282x971, dakota-rose-google.PNG)

Imagine Googling your own name and finding this mess on the first page. The sad part is that she did this to herself.

No. 252647

You realize the google results you get aren't the same results other people get, right?

No. 252648

Yes, that's why I used incognito mode without a Google account or personalized results.

No. 252653

Go to the library and get it on a public computer. You'll be amazed.

No. 252681

When I was 51kg, super unfit and had pretty much no muscle mass my body looked identical to Kota's in the bikini pic, no joke. Same weight distribution and proportions and just as doughy. I'm 160cm so only a couple centimetres off.
I certainly don't think she's as heavy as 60kg, but there's also obviously no way in hell she was anywhere near 40-45kg.

No. 252742

please let's not derail into personal measurement discussion. Dakota's measurements are lies, everybody knows.

No. 252849

50kg would put a person at the low end of the BMI scale for 160cm, hardly "doughy". God what a warped world when a BMI of 18 and Dakota are seen as being fat.

No. 252877

Dakota is fat. She let herself go and got fat because of a sedentary lifestyle and a shitty carb&sugar diet. The only reason anyone argues she isn't still is because anytime we see pics of her they're shooped, or candids where she's wearing something huge to cover herself up without showing off her figure or she's sitting behind a table. Her Bravo profile video has her looking thicker than she ever has before and that was a year ago, so she's probably fatter now.

No. 252883

She is fat for a "model".

No. 253180

Ana-chan hush

No. 253186

BMI means next to jackshit. she's so soft she's likely metabolically obese (which is incredibly unhealthy and poses similar health risks to obesity). having a low weight because you have zero muscle doesn't make you skinny kek.

No. 253190

I like how she only showed footage of her back so she could skip the work of editing her face

No. 253193

I wasn't saying she's fat, by doughy I meant she has barely any muscle mass, hence why she's not big or chubby or anything yet she's still super soft and squishy. I know because I was the same.
Girl just needs to get a routine going to tone up, at least just a little, but she's so goddamn lazy. Even just a few weeks of doing some pilates or something would make a difference. Kooters has actual potential to be super cute, for some reason she'd rather just let herself go and be lazy as shit.

No. 253195

File: 1487317390904.png (422.5 KB, 630x442, blob.png)

Even back in 2014 her body was bulgy as hell

No. 253196

Isn't that her violin hips?

No. 253199

she's actually really cute here (for an average girl, inb4 someone sperges out about how she's 'NOT A CUTE MODERU KYS KOOTER STAN'). she should target herself back to a western audience, she' d get way more asspats for being thicc that way.

No. 253210

Sure, kiki

No. 253212

She had her chance with a western audience and threw it away for kawaii Nippon. Now that everyone knows what she really looks like and her current style is less than bland she wouldn't stick out any more than any other chubby alt instamodel.

No. 253223

> inb4 someone sperges out about how she's 'NOT A CUTE MODERU KYS KOOTER STAN').

This is getting on my nerves too.
People have always been sperging when it came to her but you're now not even allowed to say you personally think she looks cute in certain pictures without someone frothing at the mouth assuming you're either kota,kiki or one of their parents.

No. 253259


Saddle bags, Fupa and love handles .. How unfortunate.

No. 253261

That's why short apples have to try harder to stay in shape, all the fat they store goes to their middle first.

No. 253263

File: 1487340691069.png (160.78 KB, 640x1084, IMG_4157.PNG)

This "imposter" account is still uploading recent pics and links to her YT. Sneaky sneaky dako-chin.

No. 253264


Maybe it's Kathy. She has been Tooters #1 ( only ) fan.

No. 253265



I want whatever this ana-chan is smoking

No. 253287

A big fat bunt full of reality, stan. Cooter got fat, it's a fact, erasing/ignoring every picture of her that shows otherwise doesn't change that. That's why all she wears anymore is beige knit muumuus and trench coats.

No. 253301

That would explain the less-than-cute profile pic and the fact that it still has the fake, cringey Belebel commercial she lipsynched in and claimed she sang herself. Dakota nuked it from her YT years ago.

No. 253310


Don't need to be fat or extremely over weight to have a Fupa, saddlebags and love handles lumpy-chan. Like >>253261 said she's short and has an apple shape which means she stores her fat in awkward places.

No. 253335

File: 1487349501456.jpg (109.64 KB, 600x800, IMG_4162.JPG)

Plus she was never spoopy thin, even at her best wen she arrived in Japan. Gaining "15" pounds would definitely push her into fatty territory. Most people don't know what 15 pounds of fat looks like, so have a pic. That said, I'm sure most farmers agree she gained more than that.

No. 253337

that hair looks so much better though aaaa

No. 253341

Gtfo Ana chans. She's not the whale your bulimic ass wants her to be.

No. 253349


Your samefagging is too obvious.

No. 253350

It might not be "fat" but it's not skinny, and unless distributed nicely it's not attractive

No. 253358


No. 253418

If you're personally offended diet and exercise work better than stanning dacote

No. 253429

File: 1487355363732.png (128.06 KB, 523x523, nice_try_dako-chin.png)

Input PT01 measurements in an online visualiser-thing and this was the result.
Safe to say Koots has never has these measurements since landing in Japan.

No. 253483

What site did you use, anon? This is really cool.

No. 253510

Different anon but I bet it's this one http://bodyvisualizer.com/

No. 253520

Omg, do Pt02!

No. 253522

File: 1487366299252.jpg (73.62 KB, 480x680, Model-Melanie-Rose-Polaroid-04…)

smh at everyone going on about "ana-chans".

This is what a model is supposed to look like. I wouldn't call Dakota overweight by normal standards, but by model standards? Yes. She's "fat". Models are meant to be very thin and have no real fat anywhere; that means boobs and butt too. You can be considered 'curvy' or 'plus size' if your boobs/butt are too big even if you're very thin in the modelling industry.

Models are supposed to be thin all over so they can showcase the clothes, which are generally size 0-2. A body shape where the clothes don't fit snugly or hang properly doesn't showcase the designer's clothes as they want.

Now shut the fuck up about it.

No. 253523

File: 1487366337913.png (68.02 KB, 640x672, IMG_4192.PNG)


PT02 measurements, pic related.

No. 253524

Wasn't there just a shitfit in the media over a "plus sized" model who was sti hella skinny? She was on the cover of Vogue magazine with a bunch of other models (including one of the kardashian/Jenner kids) and there was some horribly botched shoop involved. But that "plus sized" model was still at least half of one Dacote.

No. 253525

>smh at everyone

You mean >smh at the monstrenga ITT

No. 253527

File: 1487366798074.png (60.21 KB, 640x595, IMG_4193.PNG)

I did one by sliding the weight bar until it looked more like Dako-chin.

No. 253528

Yes. Modeling industry has a very very narrow definition of what is acceptable for 'model size'. I don't know why it bothers people so much; fashion is a bizarro elitist art club. I'm not very offended that I'd be considered plus-size since I still like looking at designer clothes I'd never be able to afford or wear anyway. And it continues to be a multi-billion dollar industry regardless.

No. 253530

Girls like Dakota and Kiki only care about modeling/fame because they believe it's the k my thing that can prove how much better they are than everyone else. They think it's some special, secret club that only special snowflakes like them are allowed into, even if they have to cheat their way in, it doesn't matter how as long as they get there somehow so they feel better than everyone else.

No. 253532

The funniest part about that is that the amount of models who become famous for their work is >1%.

Literally millions of aspiring girls throw themselves at agencies year after year, in every country around the world. The competition is massive and unending and there's always someone who looks better than you. Designers are finicky as fuck and you're never going to be able to please anyone. An iron will is needed, and you have to be working every day of your life to try to get a sliver of payback from it.

Nobody is ever going to remember these two as models. They'll only be e-infamous for the rest of their lives, buying likes and followers while they're mocked on the internet. They have no fucking idea what modelling is or what it's like to be a real model. They'll never even reach the popularity of failed models who retreat to instagram after spending years trying their honest best for nothing. Girls who've worked harder than either of these two ever have in their entire lives.

No. 253533

*everyone not anyone.

Though it's possible to have an amazing face yet not be able to model for shit, or have a slight sub-par body, and not please anyone indeed.

No. 253632

Both of these. No Ostrenga knows what real modeling is because they've always had someone buying their popularity for them. Neither of them has a leg to stand on in their own right, except maybe for makeup/hairstyling. Definitely not fashion.

And I honesty don't get irritated anymore by the constant stanning and and defending Dakota in her threads, I find it sad and hilarious. There's only 3-4 people in the world who would go to such lengths to write entire essays lifting her up above everyone, defending her, asslicking her and calling her pretty and cute and smart. And it's a safe bet they're all related to or involved with her.

Nobody anywhere else just gets plucked out of their bedroom and whisked away to another country to live in the lap of luxury as a high end model. Some people do get lucky shots and get signed with no experience based on just their looks, but they don't get to be chubby, walk around looking like death warmed over wearing no makeup with visible bald spots. They have to at least be attractive or interesting to look at and able to fit a variety of looks and styles. Dakota only suits one look- even though she really never looked like that IRL anyway- and she abandoned it years ago. Arguing that she's still beating that dead horse's dick at Bravo because she has earning potential and internet popularity is something a desperate stan clings to because there's no solid way to prove how much of it it just constant ostrenga spamming of her old ass pics, real living barbie doll supermodel clickbait, and copyrighting anything she/they doesn't like.

No. 253735

ew i had no idea her hips were like that i cant stand those. so many girls who have those thinks theyre attractive

No. 253816

If you're talking about "violin" hips, this looks more like cheap spanx digging in at her hips too much. Also skinny girls with violin hips+Lower back dimples are god tier. But dako doesn't have either lol her torso is just a squishy tube without the right clothes to make her look like she has a waist.

No. 253841

File: 1487428737778.jpeg (18.35 KB, 232x217, image.jpeg)

yeah comparing Dakota to this I really have no idea what I'm looking at lol

No. 253855

i just googled violin hips since i had literally never heard of it before this thread. that is not attractive at all, wtf. looks like a muffin top but somehow missing the roll.

No. 253859

File: 1487430604246.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.67 KB, 720x540, KooterHandleBags.jpg)


She has what looks more like a bad combination saddle bags and love handles.

No. 253864

On chubby/skinny fat girls it does, but wen you're actually fit they look great. Marilyn Monroe had them and she was gorgeous.

No. 253865

File: 1487432376513.png (321.01 KB, 577x488, IMG_4143.PNG)

Does anyone know where to find pics of her in that Tinkerbell costume for the movie premiere? The one with the hella fake bun and the visible extensions. I want to compare it to pic related but nothing I Google brings up any pics from it. Looks like they got the Monstrenga treatment because of how bad her hair was.

No. 253878

File: 1487434536686.jpg (104.91 KB, 450x675, prcm_news-gazo-24885-1.jpg)

Google 'ダコタローズ ティンカーベル' for more.

No. 253879

that eye makeup looks so much better than whatever she's doing now. Or maybe it's just the bangs again idk

No. 253884


No. 253891

Holy hell. That's actually super sad.

Is there any way to convince koots to take some damn multi vitamins? She looks soooo malnourished and sick. The balding hair is an indicator, as is her haggard/dull appearance.

No. 253895


i think she looks good here, not great but those bangs and makeup look so much better than her alien fetus look

No. 253904

Hair loss this bad that isn't caused by a medical condition is usually due to severe malnutrition, which in her case I would believe. Pasta, dango and energy drinks dog have a hell of a lot of zinc, protein, iron, or vitamins A/C. Plus, she's ~anemic~ which means her iron is hella low already.

Cathy really should mail her hella vitamins. This gross is only gonna age her harder and faster than she normally would. Plus I can't imagine how it must feel to be 21 and going bald.

No. 253906

Thanks, but no luck. I remember a pic of her from this where she's turned to the side talking and you can se allllll of her extensions poking out. Ofc I bet they don't exist anywhere anymore.

No. 253907

I know dakota's nose is pointy but jfc in this pic it's shooped like a literal anime nose

No. 253908

Has she said she is anemic? Not that I wouldn't believe it, that's just news to me. idk why she'd let herself get this way. Maintaining a balanced diet in terms of food groups and stuff is difficult but getting the proper amount of vitamins is as easy as popping a pill.

Koots, if you are reading this, please start taking some kind of vitamins. Ask your mom to mail you some Flinstone's w/ iron.

No. 253909

I think I remember the same exact photo you're talking about but I don't have it either >>253908
>flintstones w/ iron
sage for blogpost but my parents mail me those, I lol'd

No. 253915

She has, she even posted pics before of her with an IV in her arm on her line blog where she says it's because of her anemia. Which tbh is probably only dietary.

No. 253920

Because A: her and Kiki probably know fuck all about being vegan and healthy, like a lot of trendy vegans who think it's only about not eating certain things, but that's only half the battle. I know fresh fruit is expensive in Japan, but jfc your nutrition isn't something you let slide just because you're too lazy to get nutrients and vitamins elsewhere. And B: Cathy probably made sure they had a lot of variety in their diet aside from being vegan so it wasn't ever an issue. Except now in Japan without mommy to shop for her groceries she has no idea how to properly feed herself or buy food (and she's even said she doesn't like to cook/spend money on food) she's falling apart.

I'm pretty sure it's in one of her old threads but I'm not digging through the catalogue on my phone to get it right now.

No. 253922

File: 1487442101137.png (1.24 MB, 1153x1080, Screenshot_20170219-021643~2.p…)

Here you go, anon. I took a screenshot from the video.

No. 253924

File: 1487442621446.png (987.38 KB, 1114x1074, Screenshot_20170219-022705~3.p…)

No. 253925

Hey thanks! And fuuuck, I forgot how tragic her hair was in that. Still, at least it's about the same as >>253865

No. 253955

How can she go out in public with her tracks like this? And also, her hair is so sparse in the area behind her fringe and behind her ear that I'm surprised she ties it up at all, although I guess she has no choice when she works.
I feel bad because extensions will only damage her hair more, but if she takes them out she'll look even more like Gollum. She could wear a wig, but it wouldn't work if she was booked for a job. Maybe she just doesn't care since she's so focused on her face.

No. 253957


I dunno man, why did she even leave to Japan knowing she looks nothing like her pictures.

No. 253959

what did they want from all those extensions? length? they sell hair buns you can just clip on. Volume? if that's all they got then kota is bald.

No. 253968


Unless it wasn't them that put the extensions in and it was her, and they only styled it. ( Its actually quite possible she styled it as it just seems so unlikely for a professional stylist to leave such obvious extensions showing )

Why does anyone assume that she's getting anything professionally styled for her ? Every hair style and outfit seems shitty and non flattering most of the time.

No. 253989

… those aren't violin hips. monroe had an hourglass figure.

violin hips are not desirable, google for images of what they look like (including 'before and after' in the suggestions because most don't want them). kota definitely has those.

No. 254023

Would you like some fries with that salt?

No. 254028

Everything looks like shit on her because she's not fit to be a model. Why do people assume she gets styled professionally? Gee, maybe because she works for a professional modeling company? Or because when you get booked at a job, they don't expect you to do your own hair and makeup? Unless it's the kind of one-off pissant low-tier jobs she's been getting lately.

No. 254029

Violin hips are a thing on Tumblr, there's a tag for it even, and they look pretty cute on skinny girls, but yes, they look like shit on fat, flabby slobs like Dakota. TBH this thread is the only place I've seen someone so salty over something that naturally occurs to a significant percentage of women.

No. 254032

A professional stylist would warn her away from more extensions because relying on them for volume when your hair is so obviously unhealthy already is a bad idea. She probably put those in herself.

No. 254037

More than likely seeing how in her previous video >>253865 she came to "work" with the extensions and they proceeded to style her hair with them

No. 254038

something about these disgusts me physically… seeing someone go bald over little more than just abusing their hair. a shit diet won't help your hair, but going bald like this? piling extensions on and making it worse? yuck. poor hair, poor scalp. get a wig.

No. 254040

yikes what kind of extensions are these…? Tape or glue or something? Ive only had bonded so I don't know what the others look like

No. 254046

I wonder how bad her hair situation can get before her agency has something to say about it? She already looks like a haggard mess, and her scrap is visible through her hair.

No. 254072

Looks like tape hair extensions

No. 254075

Yeah it's actually quite the norm there to walk around with your hair extensions showing unlike America. I remember seeing models in the Japanese magazines with their hair extensions showing and was quite surprised.

No. 254078

Her agency probably will sweep it under the rug just, like how they swept her gaining weight under the rug. She's hardly getting any jobs without her manager and popteen connections. The music video probably was a popteen connection the guy in the video used to model for popteen. I think he was the one Nicola had a crush on. She's probably still a model because her contract probably didn't ended yet. Bravo probably thought they would be making bank because she was a real life Barbie. They probably thought they could milk a whole lot of money having her as a model but it backfire when she didn't look like her pictures. Her contract is probably for 8-10 years and bravo hasn't dropped her because it would be a breach in agreement.

No. 254100

uh… why? it looks terrible at worst and weird/distracting at best

No. 254147

salty about what? i love my nice, normal hips, tyvm

No. 254166

Entertainment visas have to be frequently renewed

No. 254171

the contract would have to be broken if she couldn't renew her visa for some reason probably, but I doubt they want to break contract so they're going to sponsor that entertainment visa until the contract expires.
Then again nobody here knows exactly what the terms or length of her contract are. Just assuming.

No. 254177

>Her contract is probably for 8-10 years

Huh? I'm sorry but in what world? I can't think of any model that would be offered a contract that long, even a top model at her peak because 10 years is a lifetime for a model. I mean so much can change in that amount of time. No agency is gonna commit that many years to a girl. It's not practical.

No. 254192

Tbh her baldness is a genetic issue. Just like jnig

No. 254206

And how could you know that for a fact unless you were an ostrenga?

No. 254216

violin hips are normal anon, lots of women have them

good job on winning the genetic lottery but it's not like a disfiguring birth defect to have differently shaped hips ffs

No. 254218

IKR? There are lots of ana-chans on this thread. Don't let their warped views get to you.

No. 254219

not the same anon but two sisters, each with very fine hair and both balding- do the math. ofc they are doing all things wrong (pulling the hair too much, not getting enough vitamins and minerals) but you can have very thin, easily lost hair genetically.

No. 254230

File: 1487492209471.jpg (160.23 KB, 883x663, rose_20150515213803568.jpg)

She should just ditch the extensions and cut her hair short again. Go back to her old makeup style.
This was one of her best looks imo. Yeah, she was stunning in her shoops, but those weren't real and this was.
It's sad to see that she has the potential of achieving this level of cuteness again, but chooses to take it for granted.

No. 254236

They've also both been box dying and heat styling their hair since before puberty. Not to mention years of extensions for kota. If their hair loss was genetic they'd each be as bald as the other, but aside from Kiki's infinite 5head her hair isn't patchy and she doesn't have giant bald spots in the middle of her hairline and behind her ears.

No. 254237

Fam, even if she recreated this exact look again she would still look like flaming garbage. Her face is too mature now to pull that off.

No. 254248

Plenty of girls do that but don't have bald spots kiki lol

No. 254249

That picture is only just under two years old.
I honestly don't think her face has matured heavily, she's just got the face of someone who has an incredibly unhealthy diet and is lacking nutrients.

No. 254257


See >>245925

She doesn't have as much of a chubby, soft face anymore. She's growing into her adult fave and it simply isn't kawaii. She would look out of place in her old style unless she got Botox.

No. 254259

>plenty of girls dye and style their hair crazy ways since before puberty
>hi Kiki lol

Kiki would never call Dakota bald. And aside from kids with parents who didn't give a shit about how they look, no, a large percentage of girls don't make destroying their hair a hobby since age ~10. Scene was probably one of the most damaging fads for hair.

No. 254272

They're not identical twins anon. and even if they were they might not lose the same amount of hair as each other. They obviously have fine hair before they each started abusing it. I mean, there's people in this thread that think that putting conditioning treatment in your hair can somehow make it thicker. I'm just saying they have the kind of hair that can't deal with abuse.

No. 254273

She looks like a little person.

No. 254275

my thoughts exactly

No. 254318

i know that they're 'normal', but they still gross me out and i'm free to have that opinion. just because something's 'normal' doesn't mean it has to be accepted kek

No. 254319

of course this doesn't look like her original shoops but it still looks so much better than now. Who knew it would be like this lol

No. 254321

Except it does. You have the same way of thinking as Kiki lol

No. 254406


Nah it wouldnt work and tbh i dont think koot even like the cutesy kawaii style anyway

When she first started her old era doll pics she was casual and cute

Now shes casual again

No. 254424

I mean there are young girls who get brazilian blowouts left and right which you could hardly tell the damage done because they have so much hair anyway

Already aging horrible there

No. 254428

Yeah there's also hopeful girls itt who keep cheering, "Kota just needs to eat more protein and take some vitamins! Then she will look brand spiffy new!" Like are yall aware there are some racial groups that tend to age horribly. I won't even go there because it's against the rules

She really should exercise though but why would a model even need to be reminded that

No. 254434

pardon my ignorance but what is a brazilian blowout?

No. 254438

Yeah in a interview I remember koots once said she liked dark style idk.

No. 254442

She could've went for a ageha look. Their outfits are mature but still have a hint of cute. I think she also looks cuter with short hair long hair kind of makes her look older.

No. 254446

to be fair, a lack of nutrients does age you faster.
even minor deficiencies over a long period of time have a health impact later in life.
if anything, kota and kaka should serve as reminders for anyone to eat healthy.
also, they're a great reminder to not wear tight ponytails.

No. 254447

she actually looked so good here…rest in peace tbh

No. 254510

File: 1487543841682.jpeg (56.43 KB, 655x500, C5BkB4sVUAA0v0i.thumb.jpeg.a39…)

Koots posted her version of this look.
Think it's rude that she always shoops herself to be smaller than everyone else.
Also, the white coat she's wearing barely fits.

No. 254515

Dakota's hair loss is NOT from malnutrition. It's probably androgenetic alopecia which can start around age 17. You can tell because of the way her hair is getting a lot "wispier": the first stage is diffuse thinning throughout the scalp while the hair follicles get smaller and smaller in diameter. Obviously I don't know for sure but I have it and my hair loss pattern is very similar to hers. (sorry for blogging) I'm 20 and my hair looks pretty much the same as dakotas rn except i keep mine short so it doesn't look so greasy and limp. The only thing she could do if she has AA is use minoxidil which isn't a super great solution bc u have to stay on it to maintain regrowth.

No. 254549

wtf did she do to her eyes

No. 254552


Looks like she added a huge, shiny "silkworm" eyebag instead of enlarging her eyes this time. Maybe she knew she wouldn't be able to shoop her eyes bigger so close to another girl without shooping her too.

No. 254571

Glad she stopped with the overdrawn lips.

No. 254588

Thinking anyone would be fooled by this.

No. 254591

oh damn, she actually looks really good here. like she's actually alive…and we were so hard on her at that time.

No. 254600

Basically a treatment for frizzy/curly that makes it straight and smooth and says "rebuilds" for health but in reality its used w massive keratin which isnt always good and oh yeah formaldehyde! You know the stuff they legit embalm bodies w ? So it lasts for a bit then damages the fuck outta your hair in the long run. Like hair breakage mid shaft so no bueno

No. 254616

Maybe that's what drove her to these crazy ass should.
I'm going to reach a bit, I know she has a shitty personality too but she probably broke under all the harsh criticism (granted she placed herself under the spotlight), and can no longer tell what looks good or real anymore.

No. 254622

Maybe she shouldn't have lied her way into a career she wasn't cut out for or once she got there, maybe she should have tried to improve (style, personality, fitness). she did none of those things. Her brand was a cheap looking copyright infringements. Even her much lauded Japanese ability wasn't present until nearly 3 years after she arrived (which wouldn't have been a big deal except that she lied about her fluency too). She is the definition of someone who made their own bed and I don't really sorry for her. She received about 10x as many chances as the average model.

No. 254629



She's just the same old spoiled retard except she's got a sugar daddy paying her way instead of her actual daddy.

Unless were still aiming to believe that a talentless sack of potatoes that rarely gets jobs can some how miraculously keep a contract with a agency and a decent sized apartment in Tokyo. To me she just seems like a spoiled twit sitting in her bedroom playing video games all day and shooping her pictures.

No. 254637


I wasn't really trying to gain sympathy for her from my theory. This is more like all the things she did that backfired on her. Going into a field that she wasn't prepared/suitable for made her crumble into what she is now.

No. 254643

I don't think she has the brain capacity to actually play games. Like can you see her finishing RE7 on ez? Nope!

No. 254698

File: 1487590069041.jpg (72.51 KB, 692x692, C5FjgL2UEAEpgey.jpg)

Yikes this picture

No. 254703

That hair is spaghetti wow

No. 254710

Jesus Christ she's fat

No. 254711

that's what the "F" on her left chest stands for

she's hideous. should be modelling for wal-mart

No. 254713

File: 1487595713535.jpg (167.56 KB, 700x717, 1.jpg)

Don't insult walmart models like that, they're much better looking than Kooter

No. 254716

I usually stan for her, but jesus christ that's an awful picture. Her fat distribution is so strange. Not much up top, big gut, thin/normal thighs, thick calves.
Absolutely no favours being done to her face either. Photographer/editor must have had some kind of vendetta against her.

No. 254721

there's something unnerving about this pic. I don't think her body looks that fat but her calves are massive??(big calves = typical thing for fat people to have but… the rest of her body isnt that bad as I said..I'm confused)
Sage for personal commentary

No. 254745

she probably has flabby calves so when she jumps like that the fat kind of rises (i have flabby calves so i would know although not as big as hers)

No. 254750

It's funny because although she only shooped herself to look better, the other girl still looks cuter because she actually looks like a real fucking person and not an overgrown fetus.

No. 254755

Who the fuck holds their hair like that in the first place? This is far from cute.

No. 254762

I seriously don't know how anyone can nitpick her thighs in this pic when there are so many more astounding issues???

wtf is that hair? that face? what is going on

No. 254763

File: 1487606155138.png (592.79 KB, 617x609, Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 10.4…)

I'd be bothered too if a creepy balding Tristana Medeiros was touching me to.

No. 254765



But her hair looks like dirty spaghetti noodles..

No. 254766

So there are bruises on her legs again?

No. 254782

oh my god… They couldn't shoop this up for her at all…??

No. 254810

Please for the love of god someone get this girl some eye makeup, blush and lipstick. She has literally no color on her face, she's so grey

No. 254812

Wow. This girl is signed to Bravo models. I wonder what kind of deal an actually pretty girl could get lol

No. 254825

she looks like she could be in an aphex twin video without wearing a mask

No. 254900

File: 1487620342185.jpg (109.74 KB, 569x654, 1485832490portfolio_top_22.jpg)

You should ask any of of the actually pretty high fashion girls currently signed (pic related) there are shitty 3 month contracts where the agency steals most of their money and constantly takes their measurements and threatens to send them home if they aren't perfect. That's why the idea that she currently signed there because she is totally "cute and popular and marketable" is bs.

No. 254905

This!! Looks like every other model is under so much pressure, they're all so cute and/or tiny and/or have a cute personality. And from what other anons have said, it is not easy being a model in Japan. The Ostrengas are lazy, give no fucks, and cut corners wherever possible. I have not seen another model that is as heavy and sloppy as Dakota is. I wish this mystery could be solved somehow. Everything about it is suspicious.

No. 254909

TBH the entire situation is suspicious as fuck. And Kota and Kaka's addiction to internet fame is what makes it so obvious. Their need to show off and create this illusion of a flawless, carefree life of luxury and fame and force it down everyone's throats or you're a salty ana/fat pedo lesbian. Nobody else tries that hard to pretend everything is perfect and nothing is their fault and everyone is out toget them.

No. 254911

Lol in japan?

I dony even find their OWN models high fashiom so..

No. 254914

Unless someone contacted Bravo directly inquiring about Dakota, it's not likely they'll let anything about her contract or visa status, jobs, compensation, her passport, etc. slip. They'll keep pushing this illusion that Dakota is a skinny, beautiful silly girl with big blue eyes and coughdark*blonde hair that speaks ttly fluent Japanese and if you can't see why it's your problem. It's amazing how far they go to keep u flattering pictures of her off the internet and make sure the only google image results for her are the ones that made her go viral or her extremely edited shots of the actual good quality jobs she used to get. Most of them are her 2011~2012 pre-Japan shoops and her IG pics.

No. 254921

Yes in Japan. Talking high fashion model in Japan standards aka Bravo's own standards.
If Koots was signed to a crappy talent jimusho, this wouldn't be questioned as much I think.
Look, I've known a few girls who signed temp contracts with Bravo to build their books and they all said the same thing. Good work but the agency wasn't very supportive and took a big cut and were ruthless about measurements. To give an idea, one friend was 5'10" (b.32" w.23" h.34") and they tormented her for her hips, called her fat, and wouldn't send her on go-sees because she would embarrass them in front of potential clients. So she lost that inch plus a bit more (she looked awful) but that, as far as know is a more typical Bravo experience. Not gaining 12kg and expecting to get work.
Even if you did contact them, they wouldn't admit anything.
>It's amazing how far they go to keep u flattering pictures of her off the internet
That's definitely not standard. Nor was the way they use to delete comments about her on their fb.

No. 254923

File: 1487623420391.jpg (246.07 KB, 1170x1600, 001 (1).jpg)

"popteen connections"
"8-10 years contract"

smh this delusion

I can't imagine the heart attack some of the people in this thread would have flickering through an average japanese fashion magazines and looking at the white people that get hired over in Japan.
I'm not even talking edgy fashion jobs, i'm talking the most random and uninspiring white girls/boys ever landing modeling gigs for local designer brands. Dakota is exactly this type of white girl, she's even above average in comparison, just litterally go check out random japanese magazines…

pic fucking related can you believe this girl landed a cover ?

No. 254927

I second this. Many of Japan's larger modeling agencies recycle girls (many of them from Russia) frequently. The turnover rate is high because 99% of the girls are considered replaceable, which is also why they have no room to fuck up, especially with their measurements. Also, from what I've heard, hair is important too and you usually have to consult your agency before you color it or change it dramatically. I suppose most of this applies to larger brands and more well-known magazines though, not smaller publications with no budget.
Dakota strikes out on weight and hair, so really I'm not sure what's keeping her there.

No. 254931

I have. Even if those girls are plain (a lot of hf girls are without heavy make-up) they thin and well proportioned. You picked the least flattering picture of a white model (who seems like a solid hf girl btw, that gets a lot of runway work) to make your point.
Koots looks like shit and looks poured into her clothing.
>Dakota strikes out on weight and hair, so really I'm not sure what's keeping her there.
Skin too, lately.

No. 254932

File: 1487624321218.jpg (281.28 KB, 1168x1600, 001.jpg)

this pic is not "thin and well proportioned"
it's litterally "i'm a white girl next door and that's enough to be a model in japan". "Koots" looks above average compared to the stuff they fill their magazines with.

No. 254933

Isn't koots more of a tv-personality who sometimes works as a model these days? maybe that's why she's still aorund

No. 254935

File: 1487625148898.jpg (141.39 KB, 736x1009, 74ba4dde72dc3f49afd55d9b7bdae1…)

They all look like typical new hf models on contract. Probably Russian or Eastern European. Still better than Koots. Again deliberately picking most wtf pic to make your point. (pic related from same magazine and more indicative of their usual style)

Well she screwed up that opportunity so no, not anymore.

No. 254938

File: 1487625367505.jpg (361.06 KB, 683x1024, 5764826963_e09826dd2c_b.jpg)