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No. 213570

This is a lolcow you've surely already heard about. A Canadian transgender father left behind a wife and seven children to begin a new life as a six-year-old girl. Stefonknee (pronounced ‘Stephanie’) Wolschtt, 46, had been married for 23 years when she realised she was transgender. She's now living with an adoptive family, and says she does not “want to be an adult right now”.
“I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children. But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child,” she said in a video series by The Transgender Project, published by Daily Xtra.
Ms Wolschtt said her wife could not accept her as a transgender woman. She was told to either “stop being trans or leave”.
“To me, ‘stop being trans’ isn’t something I could do,” she says. “It would be like telling me to stop being 6ft 2 or leave.”
Feeling rejected by her family, Ms Wolschtt left and now lives with her adoptive family, who she says are “totally comfortable with me being a little girl”. She explains how her new parents’ youngest granddaughter wanted a little sister and decided Ms Wolschtt should be younger than her.
“We have a great time. We colour, we do kid’s stuff,” she says.
“It’s called play therapy. No medication, no suicide thoughts. And I just get to play.”
In an earlier part of the series, Ms Wolschtt spoke of how she became suicidal and was hospitalised a month after taking part in the first Toronto transgender march in 2009. After she was discharged, her wife accused her of harassment and assault, and pressed charges against her to achieve a restraining order.
In 2012, her eldest daughter invited Ms Wolschtt to her wedding, but requested she “dress like her dad” and to sit at the back of the church and not address any members of the family. The day of her daughter’s wedding, Ms Wolschtt attempted suicide for the last time, and was unsuccessful. She now receives support from the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, where the congregation is mostly made up of LGBTQ people.

Transwoman Stefonknee Wolscht Lives Life “as a Six Year Old Girl”

No. 213571

File: 1450028083318.jpg (130.42 KB, 414x685, 1449923497323-0.jpg)

"Before coming out as her true authentic pediatric female self, Stefonknee (“Steph on knee”, geddit?) was a 53 year old man named Paul who was living his inauthentic life as the married father of seven children. According to him, he looked after the kids while his wife worked as the principal of an elementary school. He was also self-employed as an auto mechanic who worked on cars in a garage on the family property “mainly overnight” after his wife got home.
In 2009 he was charged with 14 criminal offenses of assault, uttering threats, criminal harassment, and criminal mischief. His wife and their two oldest children- then in their late teens- testified against him. He was found guilty of assault and uttering threats. The court also issued a two-year restraining order against him that applied to his wife and all seven of his children. He and his wife divorced.
He moved to Toronto on parole and became a “transgender activist”. He was employed, apparently at The 519 Community Center as a “trans consultant” until, according to transactivist Justin Travis “Julienne” Goins now Patience “patienceinbee” Newbury he was terminated:
“She has demonstrated herself as deeply narcissistic and self-absorbed, putting her own struggles as a white trans woman ahead of the struggles of trans women of colour in Ontario, of putting her own attempts at suicide in front of murdered black and brown trans women at TDoR gatherings.
This would otherwise seem like a quibbling over her character. When she was employed, however, as a trans consultant for a queer-focussed community centre and assigned to work alongside a few trans women of colour, she had a tendency to hijack client/community presentations and redirect these back toward herself (implying that she was the most oppressed trans person there was). Eventually, this cost Stefonknee her job.”"

No. 213573

File: 1450028182120.jpg (1.93 MB, 3648x2736, stefoknee-holding-bcp-sign.jpg)

"Paul/Stef became active in the Occupy Toronto encampment, then cashed in his resulting SJW bonafides to organize the first “alternate trans pride” march in Toronto, in protest of the high cost of beer at the main event, and the failure to of the planners to center attention on individuals named Stefonknee.
Eschewing any transgender hormonal or surgical modification “treatment”, Paul utilized his newfound rights as a male under DiNovo’s Bill 33 and took a spot in a women’s homeless shelter on the basis of his gender feels, and began attending services at the MCC Church. There he spouted tales of his abject transgender transchild existence to kindly folks who put love into action (and who turned a blind eye to his simmering rage, manipulative lies and compulsive autogynephilia). “I have lost my children, have been disowned by family, church and friends, been homeless, I’ve lost all I worked forty-six years to achieve, I am unemployed for the first time in my life, I am now a convicted criminal, I suffer from PTSD and am constantly thinking of killing myself…”
Incredibly, his children attempted to stay in touch with him but he responded with horrific abuse. His eldest daughter tried to have him at her wedding, with the caveat that he tone down the lolicon/brolita gear and not make a scene:
“I don’t want a commotion started or anything. I really want the focus to stay on me and David. Would that be okay?” She texted.
He waited until the day of the event and then on his daughter’s Big Day staged a dwamatical “suicide attempt”.
After that ugliness, a group of folks from the MCC church started a “support group” for him. Not a group of folks who join together for support but a group whose goal was to support him, singular. Like a team: Team Stef-on-knee. Team Let’s Sit Around A Table Wasting An Hour Every Week Giving Attention To An Unrepentant Violent and Abusive Able-bodied White Male Porn Addict. Looks like that project hit the end of the road when one of Steffie’s younger (in biological, cis-chronological age) daughters took a chance and texted the Raging Abusive Pervert Psycho Dad on Father’s Day. Rather than graciously accept the gesture, Paul unloaded with all sorts of abuse."

No. 213574

File: 1450028232123.jpg (1.88 MB, 2736x3648, stefoknee-sitting.jpg)

"Her last text: “Please text me if you want to, but I’m not ready for a call. Happy Father’s Day.”
His response: “I’m going to kill myself. Bye.”
Former Team Stefonknee, the nicest folks ever, recoiled in horror at his calm recitation of the messages off his phone. But “I literally was ready to slit my throat”, he relayed.
“Yeah. Well, keep it to yourself,” snapped church deacon and Former Team organizer as the rest of the participants averted their eyes, speechless.
If you want to get rid of those last few guests at the end of a party or if you want to see what a 3am Todd Haynes drug company infomercial for assisted suicide might look like you can watch this all play out in gory detail in the video ‘Paul Wears Dresses’ at the bottom of this link: http://www.thetransgenderproject.com/#!stefonknee-wolscht"

No. 213575

Oh jesus fucking christ this is insane

No. 213576

The issue isn't that he's trans. The issues are that he left his family and doesn't seem to give two craps about them and adopted a child-like persona, which is disturbing.

No. 213579

File: 1450028978203.png (264.57 KB, 1012x568, n1.png)

This is his twitter.

Follow it for maximum keks.


No. 213584

what a gross fucking pervert. sick.

No. 213588

kek @ the leafs jersey

No. 213591

Yeah, he tried committing suicide on his daughter's wedding day.

And his "daddy" fucks his asshole. It's disgusting. I think the family that "adopted" him should get investigated, they have a 9 year old daughter and they're letting this literal pervert pretend that he's her sister?

However I feel like he could give a lot of milk to us tbh

No. 213592

This makes my brain hurt.

No. 213593

looking at that photo i feel a mixture of emotions i never experienced before. i have no words.

No. 213594

No. 213598

why is it that all the crazies go on pinterest? First asha, now this

No. 213601

>And his "daddy" fucks his asshole. It's disgusting.

What? Please tell me this isn't true.

No. 213610

I'm so thirsty for this milk

No. 213614

maybe it seems "safer" since you can't really view anything unless you make an account

No. 213615

File: 1450037182150.jpeg (30.3 KB, 500x501, image.jpeg)

Y'know, I've always dismissed the whole "slippery slope" thing as just a dumb fallacy, but this has really got me thinking that there's maybe some credence to it.

I agree that the family who "adopted" him needs to be investigated. If it were only adults involved then, whatever, it's their business. It's so gross that they're involving their daughter in a demented old man's fetish shit.

And what kind of stupid ass name is stefonknee anyway?

No. 213617

Holy shit.
So basically he's an autogynephile ageplayer? And he actually found a real family to act out his disgusting perversions? Abandoning his own the process…

No. 213621

“I felt like a woman!” reports Stefonknee of his “adopted dad’s” penis inserted man-on-man into his “six year old girl” rectum at the Oasis swingers club. “I was surprised I didn’t think I was going to be pregnant, I was so much a girl. I actually have an erection right now from it so I’m just going to pull my dress down a little bit,” he told the journalists who were covering his journey to girlhood.

No. 213629

File: 1450038756160.jpg (91.86 KB, 736x756, 6d5f01e862a14def273fc424bec869…)

the stuff he has on his pinterest
ew ew ewww

No. 213635

File: 1450039120381.png (730.85 KB, 465x625, 1450009190013-3.png)

ageplaying old tranny milk is still milk

No. 213636

I hope to god it's not true…but it makes sense- why else would his family 'adopt' him?

No. 213638

So he thinks "feeling like a woman" is all about being fucked. Even if you're a six year old girl.

No. 213639

File: 1450039227527.png (312.12 KB, 537x368, 1450009190012-1.png)

I can see us milking him very well, he doesn't seem to have a lot of followers on twitter, so should be easy to trigger

question is how

any ideas?

No. 213640

Oh Jesus fucking Christ.

I'm horrified and simultaneously thirsty for milk.

No. 213643

Also how the fuck can you be a six year old CHILD and a trans activist who uses social media at the same time. Like, there's a biiiiiig disconnect there.

No. 213644

This is so depressing

No. 213645

File: 1450039705143.jpg (172.91 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

"My big sissy boy stuff"

This shit stain doesn't identify as a woman. He gets off on being wearing women's underwear and fetishising children.

No. 213646

This is so disturbing.

No. 213655

File: 1450040525303.png (399.93 KB, 450x474, stef.png)

They grow up so fast :')

No. 213657

File: 1450040709510.jpg (75.75 KB, 800x619, 64354a827548d2147e2efead8423e0…)

He looks like shrek

No. 213658

Is it just me or are the people who end up into this kind of shit always ugly? I'm not sure if I've ever seen an attractive person behave like this. It makes me wonder if ugly people actually have something wrong with them, and that's why we dislike them, or maybe people being less nice or in some cases horrible to you because of how you look turns you into a freakperson.

No. 213660

I think he looks average,I mean his facial features look average to me.But he just doesn't take care of himself,I mean he is obese.Maybe average looking people that are mentally disturbed turn out to be ugly because they are lost in their delusions and don't really care about how they look.

No. 213661

people get into weird sex shit because they're too unattractive to enjoy normal sex

No. 213663

Maybe without all the shit on his face. Right now he looks way below average.

No. 213664

File: 1450041297317.jpg (121.52 KB, 634x1379, 2F478CD700000578-3356084-image…)

>I just want to be a 6 year old girl!
Anyone who thinks a 6 year old girl dresses like this is probably a pedophile.

No. 213666

Studies have shown that ugly people tend to be more liberal and to desire more affirmative action/social justice

No. 213668

File: 1450041387868.jpg (46.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

which he probably is

and he's living with an actual 7 yr old girl????

No. 213669

Idk man he looks average in the sense that he looks like someone's dad or just a guy on the street, but that stereotype of people isn't considered attractive or even average in terms of looks. He's old, really fat, ruddy and has a huge nose and eyebags. There's something piggy and nasty about his eyes as well. Most average people have maybe one flaw or disharmonious feature tops.

No. 213671

I guess. It's probably knowing how he is that makes him so creepy and disgusting.

He's still creepy, but he looks a lot more normal here.

No. 213672

ah thank god im on the other side of the world to this freak

No. 213673

File: 1450042375438.jpg (58.15 KB, 623x622, 8dada5f9bc5a45d97a0cffad249c17…)

moar weird shit from his pinterest

the fun never ends

No. 213674

what does this cunt even want to be, a six year old girl or not

No. 213675

He wants to be a little boy that's forced by his mum to crossdress

No. 213676

How is this lolcow material? He left his family, so? just seems like a typical tumblr person to me lol

No. 213677

>Yeah, he tried committing suicide on his daughter's wedding day.
Then he has issues and he should get help and we shouldnt make fun of him then? dude he's fucking suicidal. i guess laughing at depressed people is fun!!!!
man lolcow has truly became shit

No. 213678

This is really disgusting. He shouldn't be living with children. I wish there was a way to get his "parents" investigated.

No. 213684

I'm not here to laugh. I'm here to make sure I can report him if he starts trying to molest that 7 year old girl.

Also tried is the important part. Faking an attempted suicide isn't uncommon when someone wants to get pity or look like a victim.

No. 213689

how is he NOT lolcow material? He's got it all
Old man autogynephile transgender sissy fetish and all on the internet for the world to see and laugh
He's like Chris-chan in 20 years. Fucking amazing.

You sound triggered. Are you a sissy or an autogynpehile or a tranny or something?

Literally every lolcow on this board has mental issues, why else would they be lolcows. You also sound triggered. Get fucked.

No. 213690

How exaclty do you adopt a 46 year old man?I'm so sorry for the kid that has to live with them.Can't they get investigated based on this douchebag's online posts?

No. 213693

Hi stefonknee chan

No. 213694

My dad committed suicide when I was 9 and I found his body. My dad never threaten suicide he just did it. He's trying to manipulate the situation and trying to make the biggest impact. If he's suicidal then why is he around a kid? What if he has a breakdown and hurts the little girl? The couple that "adopted" him are the little girls grandparents right so where are her parents. I don't care if this is how he wants to live his life, but the fact that they are including a child in his fetish is highly disturbing to me. To me this is no different to then when John Wayne Gacy would dress up as Pogo the clown to "entertain children". I honestly hope he doesn't hurt anyone with this disillusion.

No. 213696

There's a pony thread in b

No. 213697

You actually sound triggered that i think he's not lolcow material lol

No. 213698

you're so edgy

No. 213699

So basically, screw the fact that he's suicidal, let's just worry about the little girl? i think he's creepy but he's trans and tons of trans people are suicidal

No. 213700

Go back to your ~*~*~*safe place uwu*~*~*~

No. 213704

Yes. Lets worry about a grown ass fetishizing sissy trans man instead of a vulnerable child who has no power to get away from this fucked up perv. The tranny defense force is out in full swing today.

No. 213706

He's not actually trans,just use your intuition for a bit.It's just a pretext for his weird sexual fetishes and for the fact that he is a pedophile.

No. 213708

Probably because they're ya know mentally ill. Why is transgenderism the one mental illness people cant mock? We have a thread dedicated to an anorexic, why should trans people be spared? Fee fees?

No. 213710

Yes, also he's a sissy that gets off on "being a woman". That's what I suspect all trannies are, but if you don't then you might not want to lump this guy and them together.


It's probably not a real adoption. I was just telling you so you wouldn't get banned. I don't if ponies are like the robot situation. I guess not.

No. 213712

File: 1450044344695.png (627.76 KB, 842x433, steph.png)

Iono I think a crossdressing pedophile that has media prominence is pretty lulzy, but to each their own

No. 213713

File: 1450044374474.jpg (123.21 KB, 1350x1080, 1450009189997-0.jpg)

You must be at least 18 to post here yo

No. 213714

File: 1450044431198.jpg (96.98 KB, 634x576, ko-4_8.jpg)

I wonder if they force the little girl to act like he's a little girl too and play with her

ew ew eww

No. 213715

I hope not.

No. 213717

File: 1450044671180.gif (998.45 KB, 245x183, wgdfh.gif)

why is it weirdo tranny pedos like this always make up the dumbest names for themselves? like "stefonknee", really???

No. 213718

File: 1450044749104.jpg (46.34 KB, 454x960, 20151212stefonknee-wolscht-fot…)

It can be done legally speaking, they do it all the time in japan (for complicated legal reasons)

No. 213720

I'm sorry about what happened to you anon :( you're very strong, and I hope everything works out well for you in life.

No. 213722

Please stop posting ponies or you will be banned.

No. 213723

I don't think he's trans. Just age play smh

No. 213724

in the video he said that his 'sister' is very 'supportive' and that they play that he is the younger sister and the little girl is the older one

No. 213725

File: 1450044970058.jpg (141.53 KB, 620x349, $.jpg)

Stefonknee? Like stephanie? because he's on his knees? Iono someone help me out here

No. 213726

A little girl could be in danger. I'm sorry I don't sympathize with a suicidal adult that could harm a child. Also, it seems that he's using suicide as a way to manipulate people rather than asking for help.

No. 213727

If it was just age play, why the insistence that hes a girl? Hes a man that wants to be a girl. Sounds trans to me.

No. 213729


In some video he said that he plays with her and the girl treats him like any other six year old. Ew.


It's a sort of sexual innuendo, "stef-on-knee" like a little girl sitting on her dad's knee. Pedophiliac.


They didn't legally adopt him, he just lives with them, I guess. On his Fetlife, there were pictures of them "collaring" him.

No. 213731

File: 1450045033544.jpg (89.84 KB, 736x1015, 01a9fe451cb55ac98fc6d01f891f1e…)


so basically like in this pin on his pinterest

Why is nobody reporting this to the CPS

No. 213733

I mean… his pintrest is full of creepy "mommy's boy" pictures of a mom forcing her young son to crossdress… he could be imagineing a version of that when he says he's a little girl.

No. 213734

Someone in Canada please report him.

No. 213735

Cuz he's weird. My bfs sister is trans and none of this shit makes sense. It just seems like he wants to be a little girl so he can get off sexually. That's not trans it's literally a fetish

No. 213736

just an excuse to run away from his duty to his family to be a sheltered pedo ageplayer instead

No. 213738

Yeah but hes also very vocal about being transgender. The two (sissy fetish/age play and trans) aren't mutually exclusive, hell, more likely they are similar issues.

No. 213739

So trans people arent weird? Lol

No. 213740


No. 213741

Idk about ftm but its super common story for mtf to talk about the sexual gratification they get from wearing women's clothing. Sounds fetishy as well.

No. 213743

File: 1450045802972.jpg (102.13 KB, 660x660, 1816015.jpg)

because of how progressive everyone has to be nowadays people would fear reporting him, so as not to be thought of as bigots

same thing happened with those extreme islamist the neighbours didn't report because they were progressives

No. 213744

Poor Canadians.

No. 213745

What I'm saying is if he's suicidal then he should get therapy or some type of help. The the fact that he isn't and basically dropped his previous life to become a 6 year old girl is suspect. The fact there is a child involved is reason to be concerned. What he wants to do with other adults is his business but this is beyond that and needs to be addressed.
Thanks Anon therapy helped a lot.

No. 213746

I'm a newfag so I don't know much about acceptable lolcow behavior but this whole thing looks shady as hell so I'm dropping this here

When to report:

Who to report to:

No. 213749

Didn't they get enough with the Christopher “Jessica” Hambrook? No one wants to do something until it's too late.

No. 213750

Thanks anon and welcome to lolcow! May you drink much milk and see the return of our queen!

No. 213752

Thanks anon

No. 213767

I remember this person havin three threads on lbgt 4chan and the amount of fighting it caused with was pretty lol worthy

whether people agree or not whether he is trans the point is most of us know of him because he is being promoted by a trans organisation so to many hes trans.

No. 213768

>makes me wonder if ugly people actually have something wrong with them

Nah, they just have the wrong combination of physical attributes. Not all ugly people are crazy. But most people in general are insane.

No. 213791

No. 213793

File: 1450051978434.gif (601.08 KB, 450x251, abandonthread.gif)

fuck this gay earth

No. 213828

But what I mean is, what if the traits we consider ugly in the first place are influenced by there being a correlation between the physical feature and the bad trait? Not to say all ugly people would be this way, but there's enough of an overlap to make us averse.

No. 213830

File: 1450055888572.gif (985.47 KB, 500x365, 1446595974431.gif)

This past week I've seen a girl trying to explain why women should have sex with dogs, the ratchet af music video/song "Das Me" by Brooke Candy, a group of people who identify with unicorns, and now this freak. People honestly want Donald Trump to be president and he's all over the mass media…my brain can't handle this level of disgust.
this must be what hell is like.

No. 213831


I think the fact that he's ugly is part of the reason he's doing this. It's kinda like why most people who are into weird fetishes/kinks are ugly and or fat.

Idk tho

No. 213841

Yeah, if you go on fetlife 98% of men are fat and old. 85% of the women are "BBWs" and another 10% are chubby.

I think they flock to alternative things because they can't get laid normally. People with rare fetishes tend to be desperate enough to fuck anyone that shares their fetish.

No. 213845

Miley and him would be best friends.

No. 213849

She's so gross

No. 213854

File: 1450059763228.jpg (66.42 KB, 574x644, bb4978726a967bfec0171a62cec916…)

His pinterest is disgusting. I can't believe the family that adopted him is enabling him to live his fetish 24/7. This isn't healthy.

No. 213865

Ughhhh why is Miley so gross

No. 213891

>people identifying with unicorns
Link pls

No. 213909

It looks like he has 2 pictures of what looks like underage kids. One of them obviously photoshopped, but still.

He is disgusting.

No. 213924

>I can't believe the family that adopted him is enabling him to live his fetish 24/7.

This is the same family whose "adoptive dad" put his dick up Stefonknee's ass at a swinger's club and then when he met his "adoptive mom", they kissed and cuddled. She's also a nudist. Are you really that surprised?

No. 213927

>a girl trying to explain why women should have sex with dogs
Link? I've seen the unicorn thing in a Vice documentary, that was just depressing

No. 213929

>Girls T Preteen 3, Girly Boys, Girlie Boys, Boy Crossdresser, Crossdressing Boys, Sissy Boys, Drag Pretty Boys
Isn't there some way to keep this disgusting piece of shit away from children? This can't be okay.
He's not trans, he's just some freak who gets off on the idea of being an emasculated "sissy boy". It's the same as those Tumblr fakebois who read/watch too much yaoi.
Fucking gross.

No. 213931

christ, i feel sorry for his entire family.
i hope they don't get any shit for this.

No. 213936

Looks like he briefly went missing last last Sunday after talking about suicide again and was found last Monday.

No. 213951

This is a sick man! THis disgusting creep has zero to do with the LGBT community. argh, fucking gross. This is just someone who needs to be put away– far away from children especially.

No. 213952

I hope no one has defended this guy (hell no I'm not calling this pervert a woman). I've seen him discussed in some radfem and truscum circles but thankfully I haven't seen any snowflakes defend him, or even mention him at all. Maybe they should though, if I were them I'd want to make myself as clear as possible that he is not part of the community.

No. 213954

I honestly want trans people to go away. At least gay people are just gay and attracted to the same sex. Trans people are always mentally fucking ill and disgusting

No. 213956

Maybe I'm a paranoid freak but this is why I'm scared to get married or have kids. Why is it that 99% of the time it's men who do this fucked up shit, ffs he abandoned his family and pretends to be 6yo girl all for the sake of getting off! Fucking hell. That is so disgusting.
I guess it's an extreme example but it's not that rare for fathers to just take off. Single moms are the scum of their earth for some reason, no one cares about the deadbeat dads.

No. 213958

He could just do the planet and the children of this world a favour… but probably won't.

No. 213962

> I have lost my children, have been disowned by family, church and friends

All sounds warranted to me.

No. 213966

Bog-standard sociopath.

>self-employed as an auto mechanic who worked on cars in a garage on the family property “mainly overnight”

Those poor children. At least they're shot of him.

No. 213970

Some people threaten terrible things like suicide just to manipulate others. That should be obvious.

No. 213972

It was, and not just because he's obviously a disgusting pervert. He was accused of multiple charges of assault, threats and harrassment. Colour me shocked.

No. 213975

This guy's pushing my rage buttons on so many levels.

I am SO concerned to hear there is a child living at that house. In my experience people who like to test the social limits like this are totally breaking them behind closed doors.

No. 213982

Well, most trans people should.

No. 213989

I'm concerned about the daughter. This guy's a perv and who knows what he might do.

Just another autogynophile that fetishizes women's clothes. This is probably his "naughty first grader" fantasy costume. A lot of these creeps have really weird ideas about women's clothing and personal habits. He's probably the kind of guy who thinks we all walk around in public bathrooms with our boobs hanging out and our vaginas on display.

I wouldn't be surprised honestly. I saw a pic of him wearing a collar and standing with his "parents".

Would you call him a transchild? Not that I think it's a valid identity. But this goes beyond some run of the mill ageplay stuff. He fancies himself as a real little girl and there is an actual little girl in the house. That's very scary.

No. 213990

>those pinterest collections
so it's not about being trans. He just has a fetish for babies/little girls/traps.

Good to know pedophilia is now seen as progressive and brave.

No. 213991

File: 1450081968168.jpg (192.83 KB, 762x785, 1447545921641.jpg)

Someone should convince him to get into lolita for the lulz

No. 213993


We don't want him.

No. 213994

but think of the lulz

No. 213997

>man lolcow has truly become shit
so if you just leave that would be great.

No. 214000

Dafaq miley, all those conspiracies about her are starting to sound true given the fucked up shit she puts out.

No. 214003

No. 214004


No. 214007

Channel 4 broadcast a programme about paedophilia, labling it as being "brave". They are trying to be edgy tho and you can see it a mile off.

No. 214008

He has some pics of lolitas pinned btw

No. 214009

Fuck off, I don't wanna have to see his face all the time. Lolita is full to the brim with sjws. They'd accept him even if he was a convicted pedophile and rapist. Because that's transphobic anon. ugh

No. 214010

What conspiracies?

I feel like Miley is a true lolcow at this point, maybe she should get her own thread?

No. 214011

If he's transitioning he's trans. Trans people can definitely be sick fucks too. They're prone to it infact. Trannies just get called crossdressers when they're caught.

See above.

I told you they'd defend even convicted pedophiles and rapists. Then when they give up suddenly it's "but he wasn't actually trans."

No. 214013

Remember those other two sissies who entered lolita and caused a huge shitstorm? I remember a bunch of "whaaaa perverts invading muh safe space". Ahh, good times. I only wish I had thought of calling them transphobic at the time lol

No. 214014

>If he's transitioning he's trans.

Hi Tumblr, but you're wrong. You know it's not all that hard to change your name and buy hormones online, and as long as you're OK with lying about having a diagnosis of GID and saying you're trans then you don't need to ever see a therapist. These days it's becoming disgustingly easy to jump on the "transition" bandwagon.

Saying you're trans doesn't make you trans. Having lifelong dysphoria over being in the "wrong body" does, nothing else. No gender specialist would look at this freakshow and say "yep, you're trans", they would see right through this nut for what he really is- a narcissistic pedophile with a sissyboy fetish who is trying to self insert into his own role play fantasy 24/7 and make it into his new reality. Fuck this disgusting fuck for existing, and then fuck him again for dragging the transcondition through the mud like so many other self absorbed fetishists.

>yes, I mad

No. 214020

Trust me, they probably already heard it a million times. You can't even be lesbian now without getting rape and death threats from trannies and their supporters.

I know retro is basically the female fedora, but even they aren't as sjw as j-fashionistas are.

>Hi Tumblr
Lol. no. I'm agianst sissies and shit like that. If all trans people were like that I'd feel sorry for them. And I'd respect their identity.

But freaks like this man always say they're trans. Calling them a sissy is "transphoic". Not wanting them in your bathroom is "transphoic". Then as soon as they're caught "but actual mtfs aren't like that."

I've got nothing against people like you, but you aren't even close to average person involved in trans politicss. That being said if a trans person calls themselves transexual when asked then 99% of the time they're legit.

No. 214022

Please ignore any mistakes. It's 3am here.

No. 214028


What are you even talking about? You don't seem to know what is and isn't trans, sissy fetishists/pesos are sick fucks, and yes a number of them like to wave the trans flag- but just doing so doesn't mean they really are. They do it so they have a minority shield to hide behind in order to get away with behaving in ways that society would find repulsive and disgusting if they were just, as Tumblr likes to call it, "cisgendered". A 57 year old white man abandons his family to play little girl dressup with two other perverts in the same household as a child? He'd be shamed into oblivion, and rightly so. But waving the trans flag grant him a speshul snowflake pass because society doesn't know what is and isn't "acceptable behavior" among the teams community, thanks to sick fuck like this guy and people on sites like Tumblr who use the identity to play dress up and/or the oppression olympics. This fucker calling himself trans is just so he can scream "Bigotry! Discrimination! Opeession!" At anyone who says he's a sick fuck for wanting to be a little girl getting fucked by an old man.

BY THE WAY, if he was charged with sexual assault against his own kids and issued a restraining order, how the actual fuck is he allowed to even be in a household with a child in it?? Wouldn't he be considered a sex offender?

No. 214030

That shes been royaly fucked up either through "mind control", sexual abuse or a little of both. Almost all young disney stars grow up to be fucked up in one way or another, it can't just be coincidence.

No. 214031

I got curious and decided to listen to the radio show where he apparently talked about the sex he has with his "adoptive" parents. I'm assuming it's The Heart radio show?

No. 214033

I know they aren't, but they are according to everyone who doesn't know better.

We're saying the same thing in different words. That sick fucks hide behind a "trans" badge they don't deserve.

Yes, he would be considered a sex offender, but acting on it would be "bigoted" according to Canadian authorities. See upthreaad.

No. 214034

>I've got nothing against people like you, but you aren't even close to average person involved in trans politics.

If by "involved in trans politics" you mean "walking on eggshells and using made up bullshit like 'nonbinary' and 'demisexual' to asskiss entitled attention whoring snowflakes" then he'll no I'm not. But I do know what is and isn't trans, thanks to the DSMI-IV.

>That being said if a trans person calls themselves transexual when asked then 99% of the time they're legit.

Because nobody has ever claimed to be trans when they're really not for attention/personal benefit before. Riiiight.

No. 214035

>acting on it would be "bigoted"

The fuck?? Even America wouldn't let that shit fly and that's saying something. Fix your shit, Canada. Don't let some poor little girl get raped because you're scared of offending a pedo.

No. 214036

Are there any that aren't?

Transsexual vs Transgender. Trannies/sissies hate being reminded about female sexual organs. They get triggered by the word vagina. They'd never admit there was a different in sexes.

No. 214037

>We're saying the same thing in different words.

We're not though. You said "if he says he's trans he's trans" and "trannies are prone to being sick fucks, even". And I pointed out how you were wrong.

Don't assume trans people are sick fucks just because sick fucks like to claim they're trans.

No. 214038

Raven Simone(?) doesn't seem too fucked up, just really stupid.

Fuck, now I want a Disney child star thread!

No. 214040


>i don't think you can get it in

>stefonknee, i am in

I regret my decision to listen to this.

No. 214041

When I say trannies I mean sissies. It's a habit from arguing with tumblrites.

No. 214043


Transsexual vs transgender has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I use "trans" as an umbrella term for both, because both are included in this issue. My point still stands.

>Trannies/sissies hate being reminded about female sexual organs.

"Trannies" and sissies aren't the same thing. Trans people who feel dysphoria from their sexual organs do so because, duh, that's what makes them trans. Sissies are created usually from sexual or emotional abuse in childhood. Each would see a different specialist as those are two distinct and separate mental issues.

>They get triggered by the word vagina.

Transpeople aren't triggered by medical terms. They may be triggered by having to reference their own sexual organs as such, but that's because of dysphoria. Objectively they don't have issues with sexual organs. If they did, then that would mean they have an underlying issue that they're trying to cover up by thinking they're trans. That's why therapists are so important when transitioning- a lot of issues can present as gender dysphoria, so that not every person who experienced gender dysphoria is trans.

>They'd never admit there was a different in sexes.

I don't even know what you're trying to say here.

No. 214044


But the two aren't mutually exclusive.

No. 214049


See here>>214041

Again I was talking about sissies. I've never seen a fake use transsexual to describe themself. Always mtf or transgender. Because sexes don't exist UwU.

Sissies and fakes tend to get extremely angry and violent when reminded of vaginas and often insist they're more woman than actual women are.

In the future if someone insults trannies but says transgender people are fine then trannies=fakes and trans/transgender=real.

No. 214050

So all I got from the radio show is that "mommy and daddy" were interested in a polygamous kink life and daddy has a transsexual fetish. Daddy met Stefonknee on fet life, they went to swinger's club and fucked, to which Stefonknee announced in the middle of the interview that she got an erection just from talking about it.

No. 214052

File: 1450087871762.png (72.06 KB, 500x331, 1450087436733.png)

No. 214053

File: 1450087907238.png (34.51 KB, 835x279, 1450051217536.png)

No. 214054

File: 1450088004565.png (40.87 KB, 500x151, 1449726290909.png)

No. 214055

File: 1450088071152.png (440.97 KB, 760x440, 1447343539355.png)

No. 214057


Since when "choice" makes you more woman? I dont get that logic

No. 214058

File: 1450088368815.jpg (48.7 KB, 603x413, 1442337185438.jpg)

It doesn't. He's just sexist like most sissies.

No. 214059

File: 1450088378460.png (44.73 KB, 477x576, 1443379234072.png)

No. 214061

>Again I was talking about sissies.

Trannies =/= sissies. Stop doing that. That word (trannies) does not mean what you seem to think it means.

>I've never seen a fake use transsexual to describe themself.

Then you must not be looking very hard, because the internet is rife with sickfucks, snowflakes and SJWs throwing the word into their bios for oppression points.

>Always mtf or transgender.

Which all fall under the umbrella term "trans" and are referenced coloquially by the word "trannies".

>Because sexes don't exist UwU.

Just stop talking and go back to Tumblr. You have literally no idea what you're talking about. Not only are you obviously completely ignorant of the subject matter, but your perception of an entire minority is drastically misconstrued by your lack of ability to tell when someone is doing or saying something only to distraction from their fucked up shit.


>Trannies =/= sissies
>saying you're trans =/= trans
>mental issues related to sex/sexuality/gender =/= trans
>correlation =/= causation re: claiming trans as a minority shield (just because some do it, doesn't mean every trans person is a sick fuck/every sick fuck will claim trans)

No. 214062



>taking this shit seriously

LOL get out of here with that shit.

No. 214064

File: 1450088746041.jpg (43.05 KB, 542x283, 1443416734170.jpg)

Again, that's what I said. I used trannies out of habit when I meant sissies. I avoid them as much as possible so you're probably right about the transsexual part.

The sexes don't exist thing was very obviously sarcasm. That phrase and emote is what fakes say word for word.

Are you ESL? Because I don't know how sarcasm could be any more obvious.

I don't. It was an example of fetishists and dumbasses.

No. 214067


Just admit you were talking out your ass about shit you barely understand and stop posting. Do the thread a favor.

>The sexes don't exist thing was very obviously sarcasm.

>Are you ESL? Because I don't know how sarcasm could be any more obvious.

>tone argument

>on the Internet


No. 214071

I italicized it and did the stupid emote that literally every sjw does. You'll see if you spend any time at all with those stupid fucks.

I messed up once when I used wrong word and I've apologized and made it clear I made a mistake.

I do not support tumblrites or sissies and I do support real trans people. I said this over and over again.

Do you want me to carve an apology into my flesh? If you're just going to argue when I've said I agree with you and said I support you then why bother.

No. 214072

>Are you ESL? Because I don't know how sarcasm could be any more obvious.

Forgive me for not detecting your sarcasm when you were so gallantly defending your "trannies and sissies are the same and all trannies are sick fucks!" argument. One is as obviously ridiculous and incorrect as the other, so I figured you might be serious.

No. 214075

No. 214077

Don't fight over this. Trannies and sissies are different things, just equally awful and wrong

No. 214079

File: 1450089873106.jpeg (61.25 KB, 640x473, image.jpeg)

>I messed up once when I used wrong word and I've apologized and made it clear I made a mistake.

You did not. You kept trying to argue your point, very poorly IMHO.

>I do not support tumblrites or sissies and I do support real trans people. I said this over and over again.

You did not. You made a broad, sweeping generalization by lumping trans people in with fetishists more than once by saying "I just refer to sissies as trannies, they're the same thing!". Now you're embarrassed so you're trying to backpedal hard as fuck.

You can walk away at any time, anon.

No. 214080

>equally and awfully wrong

This is why you're a price of shit and that anon is arguing with you. It obviously upsets you, so he keeps doing it, and I say good because you clearly have some kind of problem with Trans* people. Just leave already smh

No. 214082

I said I used the wrong word .I didn't use it again after that.

But fine, you win I actually hate transsexuals and suck a thousand sissy dicks every single night.

Is the sarcasm obvious now?

That's not me you retard. There are multiple people posting.

is me. Nothing else is me.

No. 214089


trannies and sissies are awful and wrong, and you can babycry all that you want. Of course they have their right to live and be respected( not here, in their everyday life) but they are sad and laughable and thats a fact

No. 214091

>I said I used the wrong word .I didn't use it again after that

>When I say trannies I mean sissies.

>Trannies/sissies hate being reminded about female sexual organs

No. 214098

Yes, tranny there is being used as synonym for sissy hence the slash.

Not a synonym for a transsexual person hence why it isn't slashed.

Like I said it's now 5am here and I hadden't slept all night. I had to correct more than 50 errors before I posted and some still probably got through.

Go ahead and hate me all you want. I'm to busy choking on sissy dick to type or care apparently.

No. 214102

is there any evidence that there's an actual child involved in this shit? because if there is, i have no idea how this shit flies

No. 214105


I think there's a kid living with them?

No. 214116

No. 214118

His youngest daughter posted on kiwifarms answering questions, she says the "family" that adopted him needs to be investigated for child abuse because their daughter is probably in danger

Also he has a bunch of fetish stuff out there with his "family"


No. 214122

>you clearly have some kind of problem with Trans* people.

Shouldn't everyone have a problem with degeneracy? :^)

No. 214123

It really disgusts me how this will effect the children (his own children and the 'sister'). We don't even know what psychological problems this will give them later on. Imagine growing up with some man who you're forced to treat as a little girl, bringing friends home and having to introduce them and for fucks sake probably walking in on these sick, inconsiderate assholes having sex (because that happens at least once in a child's life and that's scarring enough, never mind this bullshit).

No. 214131

so much this. god bless that child he's living with. save her poor soul

No. 214139

This cow rivals Pt and CWC oh god this milk is sweet lol

No. 214160

Dude, I don't want to give this shit stain more ideas to predate after young girls. We already have a problem with creepy age players on the community anyway, just think of the future victims of this degeneracy.

No. 214163

I cannot stand Laura. That cunt is one of the most obnoxious and vocal trannies in gaming now.

No. 214165

So what if his "big sis" is just another weird ageplayer? considering what we know about the "parents"and all.

No. 214166

I know. it makes me so fucking worried and sick to my stomach. Why aren't these creeps being put away or shamed into suicide?

No. 214167

Oh please someone do that, I would be happy. Even if it's in Snow, I don't care.

No. 214168


I doubt it, all the articles i've seen have suggested that it is an actual 7 year old girl.

No. 214169

I want these people off this planet.

No. 214170

File: 1450102441904.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

What the fuck?! Someone needs to call help and save that child and investigate the situation. That scares me so much as someone with a little sister irl that I would protect to the end. I don't understand how men are still being preferred over the safety of girls/women. Fuck all these sick perverts and trannies. Canada, I used to respect you.

No. 214171

Holy fuck, really?
Got the link to the thread or somethin? shit I gotta see

No. 214172

On the sissies issue. I spoke to quite a few sissies when i was on a bdsm site-they didnt see themselves as women at all they just liked dressing in womens clothing and got off of being called women because they thought that was degrading because they assiociate being a woman as being less but they always clearly said they were men and wouldnt want to be women.

No. 214173

Because apparently violent and sick men are the most oppressed in our society and if you diagree you are a man murdering feminazi.

No. 214174

has anyone reported it yet? the Toronto CAS has a shitty contact form (they have to contact you before you can write anything to them), so I messaged some other Canadian org on fb asking them to call the Toronto CAS (I'm not in Canada)

No. 214175

Disagree even.

No. 214188

That's how all sissies see women.

No. 214195

Yeah but it's pretty clear this cow is a sissie, but unlike the sissies you spoke to is confusing his fetishes with a desire to be trans.

Trans is regarded as a mental illness but health care profs are supposed to look out for people like this cow and refuse them hormones. Of course lots slip past regardless (though I think it's been mentioned this cow refused surgery/mones anyway).

Just wanted to clarify that the people who get off to being the opposite sex aren't 'trans' - they have different underlying problems that make them appear to be. It's a misdiagnosis, like how bipolar and schizophrenia can be confused/misdiagnosed.

Unless ofc we're going with the liberal tumblr interpretation of trans where just the desire to be something makes you that.

No. 214201

File: 1450110312812.png (678.23 KB, 621x543, stef1.PNG)

This makes me sad

No. 214202

File: 1450110390119.jpg (23.26 KB, 600x300, peter-griffin.jpg)

>resemblance undeniable

No. 214203

He looks so normal there.

No. 214209

if this shit is for real i don't know what to say

No. 214218

oh fuck. i didn't want to believe that there are actual children involved in this shit but there we have it. and religion too, of course. fuck this gay earth

No. 214230

Total Horrorcow! Nick Bates level Horrorcow!

No. 214239


I've never cared about reporting shit on lolcow before, but this hits way too close to home.

I live in downtown toronto and I'll hand deliver a fucking report on this piece of shit if I have to. This is a child sexual assault case waiting to happen.

Does anybody have caps from his fetlife? Anything where he explicitly mentions sex with his adopted family?

No. 214241



There's a lot of info on kiwi, you might be able to find proof there.

No. 214242

Kiwi farms has screenshots of his profile and for each of his "parents."

No. 214243

He talks about sex with his "father" in this audio interview: http://www.theheartradio.org/episodes/howtobeaprincess

No. 214246

The whole "I'm really a six year old girl!" bullshit is such a cover-up for his ABDL fetish - no six year old in real life sucks on a pacifier and pisses and shits in a diaper.

No. 214250


Thanks, fam.

I fall under the 'professionals who work with children' section of the Act, but I don't know the child personally; will that matter? I'm still going to report, but I want to be taken seriously.

No. 214253

i live in DT toronto too, very close to this fuck - kiwifarms released his address.
if you need help i can help you out.

No. 214254


Thanks, do you know what page is his address on? I cant read all 30 pages. Do they also release the names of his 'adopted family'?

No. 214256

Can we stop arguing about sissies and trannys, you fucking autists? Both are degenerate, if not the same. It doesn't really matter. Someone needs to bring down this horrorcow.

No. 214257


There are some screenshots of his FL account here, but that's all I can find so far.

No. 214258

Trannies are crazy people who cut their dicks off. Stefonknee is a crazy person who refuses to cut his dick off. Know the difference, it could save your life

ugh its in the last 10 pages. i can't find it

No. 214259

found it

its here.

i know the rules of this board say we can't dox people but if anyone wants to report this sick fuck, the dox is on this page.

No. 214260


Thanks! It would have taken me forever to find it.

No. 214263

File: 1450118285791.png (68.38 KB, 510x308, Capture d’écran 2015-12-04 à 0…)

One of his daughters.

No. 214272


Unless the rules have changed, I'm pretty sure we can dox people as long as they're over 18.

implying this beautiful young lady isn't actually a 6 year old girl

No. 214278

It's fine s/he's trans..
But what's not fine is wanting to be a six years old child. It's sick. It's fucking not normal.

No. 214279

I feel so awful for his children. I can't even imagine what it's like.

No. 214281

Ok this freak is not fucking transexual he's a goddamn sissy agepolayer and a SICK one at that.
Also what the hell these guys let THIS freak around their 9YO DAUGHTER?
Fucking hell this is why we can't have nice things. He needs help. Being transexual is not an illness and REAL trans people (not tumblr transtrenders) are looked at like freaks because of this shit even more.
Yes i'm mad. And disgusted above all

No. 214285

But it is defined as a mental illness. It isn't normal to think you are the opposite gender you were born with. Only Tumblrites see it as something different.

>Ok this freak is not fucking transexual he's a goddamn sissy agepolayer

The two aren't mutually exclusive.

No. 214286

Idk… being trans is not being in tune with your body, right? so how can you be comfortable enough with it to have enough PiV sex to father 7 kids…

No. 214288

Please stop posting. Less then 30years ago, we treated baby teething pain with cocaine. You clearly have the same mindset as back then by posting this shit.

No. 214289

some of these posts sound so naive. this person gets off on being degraded and humiliated, that's all there is to it. he's a fetishist, nothing more, no matter what he calls himself.

No. 214291

If you look at his fucking fetlife he calls himself a sissy boy constantly. What actual transsexual would constantly call themselves a "sissy boy" when they identify as a woman?

No. 214293

why the fuck do you keep defending this disgusting person

No. 214299

>after a very traumatic falling out with her family

Makes her sound like she escaped an abusive family. This is a grown ass man who had children with someone and fucking abandoned them.

No. 214302

omg why are you retards SO obsessed with whether or not he's trans? trans people can be sickos too. more often or not they ARE. transsexuality is a mental illness for a reason. this thread is unreadable with the amount of gender-tumblr/PULL bullshit in here.

nah. you have that mindset, not her. 100 years ago we're gonna look back and see that we treated this mental illness almost like lobotomies. they need to be put on antipsychotics not have their delusions fed furhter

No. 214303

he's not suicidal, he's just a manipulative piece of shit, purposely traumatizing his own children just for attention. anyone who tells their kids "lol gonna kill myself bye" for them wishing him happy fathers day doesn't deserve sympathy or respect. and honestly if he DID kill himself it would be better for his family's mental wellbeing. the worst would have happened and they no longer have to live in fear or be emotionally attacked by this scum of the earth. fuck this guy.

No. 214304

>trans people can be sickos too.
Yes, there are plenty of trans sickos out there.
But there is substantial proof he's not trans.

No. 214306

Obviously it's just a fetish thing for him. Otherwise he would have given himself a proper name, rather than a stupid, creepy play on words.

Fuck, I hate sissies and their fucked up ideas about women so much.

No. 214307


No. 214308

some choice links from the kiwi thread

ranting about his ex-wife:

"my kids are h8rs":

"but i miss my kids :'(":

No. 214309

I love how transfags are always like "ANYONE WHO IDENTIFIES AS A WOMAN IS A WOMAN NO QUESTIONS ASKED" and then when their tranny-of-the-month fucks up they instantly go "ummmmmm no! he isn't a REAL! trans person" and they start picking apart his identity

no true scotsman, etc etc

No. 214311

fucking this.

No. 214314


No. 214316

It's not a "no true scotsman" you fucking retard, he still calls himself a "sissy boy". How is he trans in anyway when despite allegedly being a trans woman he's still calling himself a sissy boy?

No. 214317

only tumblr trannies say shit like that though

No. 214320

File: 1450126523925.png (299.13 KB, 850x881, mom1.png)

fetlife accounts

No. 214321

File: 1450126543247.png (Spoiler Image, 103.79 KB, 903x889, mom2.png)

sorry i guess i should spoiler them?

No. 214322

File: 1450126557210.png (Spoiler Image, 686.75 KB, 881x599, mom3.png)

No. 214323

File: 1450126621941.png (Spoiler Image, 177.62 KB, 820x866, dad1.png)

No. 214324

File: 1450126645269.png (Spoiler Image, 65.29 KB, 835x665, dad2.png)

they aren't explicit but they are fetlife accounts so…

No. 214325

File: 1450126654937.png (Spoiler Image, 267.55 KB, 790x485, dad3.png)

No. 214326

File: 1450126733328.png (Spoiler Image, 183.84 KB, 806x774, stef1.png)

No. 214327

File: 1450126749554.png (Spoiler Image, 49.58 KB, 835x470, stef2.png)

No. 214328

File: 1450126768810.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 897x795, stef3.png)

No. 214329

File: 1450126784520.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 945x783, stef4.png)

No. 214358

oh god he uses a breast pump on his man tits

No. 214361

I'd love to read a psychological break down of this mess.

It seems so strange he can be the 'perfect father' well into old age before becoming…. this. I thought most mental illness tend to be their worst around young adulthood, you'd think this would be a long time coming kind of thing.

His family don't mention any history of abuse? Other than after he came out and they made the restraining order?

No. 214366

Extreme midlife crisis?

No. 214368

No. 214375

Married for all those years and had children yet left them all behind to become this tragic mess. She sounds like a complete cunt and her adoptive family are delusional.

No. 214376

File: 1450136736382.jpg (33.69 KB, 634x361, 2F49D10E00000578-3356084-image…)

>My whole family, church, and friends abandoned me.

Yeah, except contrary to that, there's evidence even from his kids in letters that show they just wanted their dad around no matter what. They didn't get why their dad was a sissy failure at life and wore dresses. They just wanted them in his life even so. His daughter extended wedding invitations to him and asked him to be there. What does he do? Say his family threw him out. Threatens to kill himself if they talk to him.

The media is painting him as an LGBT victim when he is a sissy who went to go live in a creepy fetish house. He threw HIS life out, making his seven kids and ex-wife to fend for themselves.

This shit makes me livid, especially around Christmas. Do you think it'd be at all possible to donate something to his family around Christmas? Maybe some type of project to give the kids some presents.

No. 214379

Literally milking himself for us.

No. 214380

Anon stop, it's a man.

No. 214381

File: 1450138467063.jpg (99.52 KB, 500x647, tumblr_n7e1l1P6YP1t3fucio1_500…)

Why can't people like this just commit suicide if they're unhappy. This piece of shit is not a woman. And they abandoned their family for his life crisis and still wants to paint himself as a victim?? No, fuck that.

No. 214382

Yeah, it's pretty goddamn awful how women are still treated in this world and society compared to even the most mentally ill men.

No. 214383

I'm very close to my father and reading this breaks my heart. His poor children are suffering. He's a piece of shit who left his entire family because he's mentally ill and is using the LGBT community as some kind of platform for his sickness. fuck him. i hope he kills himself.

No. 214385


Holy fucking shit I think I recognize this neighbourhood

No. 214394

File: 1450140109591.jpg (35.57 KB, 600x632, MXgGnZS.jpg)


Fine we'll stick with his true gender then.

No. 214398

One of the worst things is that he has smiled and giggled about the fact that he will go a full week without thinking even ONCE about his family and children, what he calls "what was before"–as if they're things to carelessly cast away and forget about gladly. What a failure of a father and a human being.

No. 214407

I think his suicidal shit is a really gross way of manipulating others and I hope he's accidentally successful one day.

No. 214409

I really don't give a fuck about his sissy play or lifestyle, it's his whole manipulative personality that gets under my skin. What a self entitled prick.

No. 214410

Yeah that is why he just does these big theatrics instead of actually doing it. Classic way to guilt trip and get attention.

I wonder if he has BPD due to the suicide threats, the physical violence, sudden change in self-identity, unstable relationships, and impulsive risky behavior + self-sabotage. No offense to any far more relatively normal people with that mental illness.

No. 214413


Same, I'm equally as pissed at his new adoptive family who think this shit is okay and media worthy. Dickheads the lot of them, it's revolting.

No. 214419


Hope Im not late to post this but I have a feeling that it got something to do with being kicked out of the church.

No. 214446

How have child services NOT BEEN CONTACTED ABOUT THIS?! I am extremely disturbed.

No. 214462

The articles say the couple have children and grandchildren that are ok with all of this. Either they don't know that the couple are swingers with weird perversions or they all all completely insane. You don't actually see any pics of additional family members. But you wouldn't want minors featured in articles like this anyway.

The young girl may be a grandchild. Although I've heard it's also their kid. Makes you wonder what kind of mother would leave her kid in the care of grandparents that are housing a creepy pedo.

The couple looks like they are in their 50s maybe? Early 60s? It could be a change of life baby. It's not out of the question for a woman on the cusp of menopause to get pregnant. I'm hoping the kid is a fictional fantasy.

Either way if there really is a kid then that girl is in danger and may be being groomed somehow to play "games" with her "little sister".

No. 214463

Oh I see she's 57. It's possible she had a kid right before menopause. So the 9 year old could be hers.

No. 214484

Fuck i'm getting future visions of those kids turning out like miley cyrus from being around this fuckery. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE THOSE KIDS!

No. 214489


and that the reason why gay or transwomen receive hate is because they're not masculine enough/embracing their perceived femininity and that's "wrong".

there's so much misogyny with gay and trans men that gets swept under a rug bc muh gay/transphobia~ when the issue that drives both is the patriarchy.

and the fact that, as stated previously, he's undermining trans people of color to talk about "sissy rights" is revolting.

No. 214504

If he had BPD, he'd be going after his family and trying to get them back in his life, not calling them monsters and cutting them out himself.

No. 214505

second that

No. 214507

Ditto, hes just a fucking selfish asshole.

No. 214510

I just can't stand the way sissies fetishize women's clothing. What is so special and amazing about dresses and bows?

I almost want to say "we're a culture not a costume" to sissies. But that's so tumblr. Is it wrong that i feel a bit insulted that they make womanhood seem like a joke boiled down to how many layers of pink frills you need to prance around in to get turned on? It's all about sex to this creep.

This is beyond gendered clothing and wanting to be a girl. It's getting off on stuff women wear every day. It's just really bizarre. I know that everything is a fetish to somebody. But getting off on children's clothes in particular is scary and raises red flags.

No. 214511

I agree completely. Especially since most sissies turn out to misogynists.

No. 214513

I agree with you completely.

No. 214514

File: 1450166457286.jpg (47.08 KB, 720x576, 1367758102376.jpg)

>Facebook took down the friend request post from my daughter that was so hurtful towards me, because "I violated their policy." I hope all these haters including my kids are happy. This is my last posting here, I'm done with this bs. They don't deserve a father, transgender or not.

What a piece of shit

No. 214540

Well the reason we all know about him is because he is being promoted via a TRANSGENDER ORGANISATION, so you cant blame people for thinking hes trans dipshit.

No. 214541


No. 214543

Totally get what you're saying. There are several MtF's that I see at my shopping centre and they are ALWAYS dressed like trashy street hookers. It baffles me that from all the aspects of womenhood they choose, they decide on skimpy badly fitting clothes, ridiculous high heels and ugly clashing colours.

No. 214544

Because they feel thats all it takes to be a woman-clothes and make-up. Its the only part of "womanhood" they are interested in, they actually have no idea of what its like to be a woman

they remind me of those fedora atheists who moan women have it better because they get into bars free and its always "women and children first" when the titanic sank, never mind that femicide, FGM and other fuckery women still contend with.

No. 214549

Well, fucking idiot doxed himself on his Facebook page so, as far as I'm concerned, we're just making use of the information he provided to us.

No. 214551


Like anon above me said, by definition really, it's not private information if he posted it publicly himself.

No. 214552

I would actually contribute to something like that. Kills me to see someone leave SEVEN kids, especially when he's painting them as unsupportive.

If the community they live in is as suffocating as he says, why did he leave seven children there to suffer? Cunt.

No. 214554

Yeah exactly. Didn't Caitlyn Jenner even say something like 'the hardest part of a being a wimmin is fashion/doing ur hair/makeup/something equally stupid~~~~"?

No. 214558

From my understanding it was more in the context of looking good for paparazzi because you're a vapid, rich celebrity who doesn't want to be portrayed poorly in the media because you're representing trans people publicly. It was phrased poorly but completely blown out of proportion by retarded SJWs.

Not going to get OT questioning the validity of jenner's transness or whatever. Just wanted to point out that the occasion you're referencing was fucking stupid and in my opinion probably not what it was made out to be.

No. 214568

File: 1450191316567.jpg (78.63 KB, 501x501, jennersaidwhat.jpg)

You are correct,

>being this triggered

cool story bro

No. 214569

Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt

No. 214570

File: 1450192548614.jpg (19.99 KB, 481x481, 1448377960009.jpg)


>They have a fucking fetlife account

>That fucking fascination with being a sissy and young boys in dresses getting dominated by their actual fucking mothers

I don't even have words to describe what I feel seeing this

No. 214575

The guy who got a woman kicked out planet fitness because he changed in the ladies room and she complained was also a sissy on fetlife. I am beginning to see a pattern here….

No. 214577

File: 1450194098102.png (209.3 KB, 355x300, 1446384887693.png)


People who take fetishes too seriously are the fucking worst

No. 214579

Truth, keep it in the bedroom. I have a few, i dont take them, go out into the street and thrust them in kids faces or try and build my whole personality around them. The world sickens me sometimes.

No. 214582

In the video second from the bottom and on the right (it's about 23 min long and called "Paul wears dresses) if you skip to around 17-ish (they're outside at a picnic table) you can see the moment his "support group" (created expressly to support him as an individual) sees the light. He tells them that he texted his kid that he was going to kill himself after the kid made the effort to send a text on Father's Day. They are all appalled and horrified. http://www.thetransgenderproject.com/#!stefonknee-wolscht

No. 214586

>true and authentic
Don't you mean True and Honest? Because that bit reads as Chris tbh.
Also 6 year olds don't use pacifiers still and will object "NO THAT'S FOR BABIES" if offered one, even jokingly (source: babysitting). So why is he using a pacifier. If you're gonna get the 6 year old act, do it right ffs.
>deeply narcissistic and self-absorbed
Wow you mean a person who abandons his children to go ageplay wouldn't be self absorbed? How could anyone be surprised by this.

no yr not lol

No. 214588

Literally right after the meeting where he says he wants to reconnect with his kids too….

fucking failure of a human being

No. 214589

Well it's not like Jenner is wrong. It can make people uncomfortable.

I'm sorry if you're tumblr trans and don't actually want to attempt to pass as the gender you're aiming for.

No. 214590

Sometimes some people just need to be euthanised.

No. 214592

Ugh. He didn't even lose his children! He chose to abandon them. Disgusting victim-complex fetishit.

No. 214596

I love how they chastise the hell out of him there. He thinks everyone should just unquestioningly support his self-centered, rude actions because it's transphobia otherwise, but that has nothing to do with it. He's just a piece of shit who wants to put no effort into his life and instead has decided to become completely absorbed in escapism.

No. 214611

yes, agreed.

No. 214633

I agree. Age play imo is the most autistic of kinks.

No. 214642

the /cow/ thread is better than this one because there aren't as many tranny-loving whiteknights over there. holy shit what has happened to this community

No. 214646

PULL and tumblr

No. 214659

I know where I'm headed then. This thread is shit.

No. 214660

Off to cow then, where atleast you can bash trannies without the PC whiteknight crew here, they even ruin actual tumblr threads

No. 214678

joining the mass migration to /cow/. lolcow is succumbing to pc cancer it seems

No. 214682

Just jumped ship when I saw they made a thread there.

Link to thread:

No. 214688

Samefag. Where are you seeing anyone defending this piece of shit???

No. 214691

PULL and Tumblr basically

No. 214695

Am I missing something? The vast majority of people in this thread hate this weirdo. The only tumblr-esque posts in this thread I see are


and it's probably the same person. What PC crew are you even talking about?

No. 214696

>"sub" is the closest I could find for "girly girl"

No. 214697

I have never been so ashamed of being transgendered in my life…

No. 214698

Sucks to be you. We all have our fuck ups in every community.

No. 214699

the people crying about how he isn't a "real" trnany and that real trannies are cute innocent angels uwu

like fuck off, this is a prime example of liberal degeneracy lmao

No. 214700



I'm intolerant; so fucking crucify me.
For trans, there's nothing wrong with their body. There's something wrong in their head.

No. 214703

Ha, as you should

No. 214716

No. 214725

honestly, I think trans are mentally ill anyways but in this case i can understand why no one would actually say he has the trans mental illness since he does not seem to want to be a woman, more like he is a sissy fetishist

No. 214727


Trans are less than 1% of the population, but they have a big list of fucking sickos, making them a much more fucked up community than the average.

No. 214729

Well just the shit a lot of them even the ones who completely pass have to go through, it would mess them up, I am trans. At this point I pass 99% of the time, I could not wear make up and wear a hoodie and baggy jeans and everyone would still id me as female. Some people even say i'm very pretty, and hell even I have some issues. Most of those issues are behind me, but I still have some mental health issues i'm taking care of.

But yeah, the amount of terrible and mentally ill people in the trans "community" is unbelievable. In the 5 years i've been in transition, i've probably met only 3-4 transgendered women I actually liked and thought were cool.

No. 214730

Honestly, I have no issues with transgender people themselves, its when it starts to affect things like crime statistics (claims that women-on-women crime is skyrocketing, when its MTF attacking women inflating the stats), health care (MTF issues will never be womens health care issues aka abortions, endometriosis, etc) and safety (pushing to get non passing mtf into women's bathrooms instead of just making gender neutral options) the list goes on.

Also, the idea itself I disagree with, that one has to change their body to match their personality aka "gender." Those are my hang ups. I believe sex dysphoria exists, and I respect and hope those people find solace, whether through SRS or not. But gender dysphoria? No.

No. 214731

Pretty much this.

No. 214751


No. 214756

I just read an incredibly long post on this guy from another site, dunno if people would like me to post it here but this bit got my attention "Incredibly, his children attempted to stay in touch with him but he responded with horrific abuse. His eldest daughter tried to have him at her wedding, with the caveat that he tone down the lolicon/brolita gear and not make a scene" now THAT is one fucked up mental image ay.

No. 214757

Please do share.

No. 214760

I don't think MTF attacking women happens so often to inflate the stats that much. But it's annoying when they try to shut down conversations about women's health care and experiences. Majority of women would consider "womanhood" the experiences they've had based on their sex and growing up as a biological women (like how someone pointed out earlier the difference between body hair issues with cis vs. trans women), an extremely small minority of trans women doesn't change that fact.

No. 214765

And how do you know? I have seen quite a few reports of transwomen crime being reported as female crime but unless we have stats you cant really say its here or there.

No. 214771

FTMs usually get described as crossdressers in crimes. Or even as men or women, but almost never as trans.

No. 214773

yeah its already been discussed in this thread multiple times a few days ago

No. 214775

What >>214771 said. And fact is there really isn't that many trans women out there in the first place. Wasn't the % of trans people in the population less than 1%? That percentage is divided between MTF and FTM so it's even less.

No. 214778

We don't know. Trans people are extremely rare. Even including those that don't transition and just keep it to themselves it's probably around 0.05% of the population.

No. 214779

Actually from what it seems FTM outnumber MTF but that's not important. From some of the reports I've seen that aggressor (like Stefonknee) is usually accepted and viewed as trans until the crime occurs they are usually cross dressers.

No. 214780

You don't see a closeted MTF going into a female restroom or vice versa, so they don't count as a part of misreported women-on-women crime statistics since they're seen as men.

This too, people just think more MTF exist because FTM tend to pass better after extensive HRT so you don't spot them in public.

No. 214801


hahahahahahah step on a nail.

No. 214822

How can one human be so disgusting? I've seen people like this, that one deformed woman on Tumblr who fakes autism to the point of deliberately shitting herself, that other 400lbs woman on LiveJournal who faked having a teenage son, then moved into some guy's house and literally slept in her own shit/pissed in bottles, and Nick Bates, and I just wonder how they can possibly exist.
Literally the embodiment of filth. Ugly, disgusting lives lead by ugly, disgusting people. It's almost terrifying.

No. 214825

>57 years old
>has both children and grandchildren

No. 214826

What's wrong with that? Its not unreasonable for someone to be a grandparent before they hit sixty?

No. 214827

That's really fucking young for a grandma tbh

No. 214828

Not really. If you have your kids at 30 and they have their kids at 30, then at 60 you become a grandparent. Most people start having kids in early-mid 20s, so actually 60 is quite older to be a new grandparent.

No. 214829

My mums 57 and she has 4 gradkids already, both my sisters have two kids and had their first when they were in their mid to late twenties, my mum was in her early twenties when she had them.

Really not that unrealistic to have grandkids that young.

No. 214832

Nah, you're just really fucking stupid

No. 214834

File: 1450264506133.jpeg (97.97 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

Steph accepted me on Facebook

No. 214837


We hope you make it out alive, anon.

No. 214850

File: 1450269824616.png (794.79 KB, 1318x810, owned.png)


No. 214856


That's something a 6yo girl would tottaly write

The pic looks creepy as fuck for some reason, like the bed a pedo would prepare for a kidnapped little girl in a basement

No. 214859

I think it's from the women's shelter

No. 214879

what the fuck i

No. 214882

wtf???? whoever said this was a pedo chamber was right.

also gallusmag is awesome, so fuck stefonknee. but seriously "a bed for Gallusmag to lay her dead upon"? that sounds creepy as fuck. trannies are creepy as fuck

No. 214883

File: 1450278390226.png (1.69 MB, 1742x1188, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.0…)

No. 214884

File: 1450278640696.png (1.35 MB, 1002x950, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.1…)

Any toronto haters want a piece of her?

No. 214885

File: 1450278723260.png (91.33 KB, 998x380, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.1…)

This cow is fucking wild

No. 214886

I hope his kids show up and beat the shit out of him with bricks and bats or whatever.

No. 214887

Stef On Knee isn't a tranny, he's a mentally ill man with a fetish.

No. 214888


Canacucks please show up and do this

No. 214891

I hate martyrs the most

Is there a difference? All trannies are mentally ill and have a fetish for gender roles/stereotypes.

No. 214895

There's a difference, but I don't know enough about the subject to actually explain it properly. I'm sure some Tumblrina will show up and sperg out at you about the difference in the next two hours, though.

No. 214896


The difference is that some of them actually get their dicks cut off

No. 214907

File: 1450286957030.gif (484.89 KB, 500x211, mz3e7w6Uzi1rkuidwo1_500.gif)

>teach me a lesson for being trans

It's not because you're trans, friend.

No. 214910

File: 1450287809936.jpg (112.86 KB, 501x501, 1387234350610.jpg)

>teach me a lesson for being trans.

No. 214912

Stef on knee.
Like being thrown over one's knee and spanked

No. 214961

more like sitting on daddy's knee and feeling his hard cock against your virgin pussy

No. 214968

Holy shit this guy is crazy. He's probably doing this because he gets off to it too.

No. 214972

Its crazy how much he reminds me of kiki with the narcissism and victim complex.

No. 215010

Call me terrible but i am loving all the milk this cow is producing, and he is really stupid asking for a fight given how many people already hate him lol

No. 215013

*imaginary virgin pussy

No. 215015

>fite me cunt
definitely sounds like something a 6 yr old girl would do.

No. 215016

Whichever it is it's creepy. And it makes me wonder if he was molested by a male relative and this is the end result.

This isn't regular ageplay. It's lifestyle ageplay. It just looks really unhealthy. Especially since he abandoned his family to do this. It's extremely irresponsible and his kids could end up really broken.

No. 215017

Someone should tell him that nice little girls don't fight.

No. 215020

Their dad left them and was adopted by grandparents and now lives life as a 6
year old girl….I'm pretty sure his whole family is already extremely scarred

No. 215021

A lot of people in the bdsm scene try to make it a lifestyle, and i have seen some pretty sick stuff on there which is discussed openly. Believe me stefonknee looks normal in comparison, i would post it but i dunno how to black text its that disturbing.

No. 215022

Just fucking post it.

No. 215027

I think everyone should just ignore him to show him that he does not matter to anyone.

No. 215029

Just post it.

No. 215030

File: 1450316948369.gif (22.99 KB, 268x200, 200_s.gif)

No. 215031

Just post all your stuff and don't black text anything. Even if it is tumblr: the imageboard, we can handle it.

No. 215049

Ah well played anon, i cannot say no to that meme.

(yes this is wordy)

I cannot find the screencaps atm, if i do i will post but to give a rundown

>group of guys talking about how they fantasize about intruders coming in and getting off to seeing their daughters raped (btw these people did in fact have kids)

>people talking about how role play salvery is not enough-discussing where to buy underage 3rd world children and smuggle into the country

>one guy (who funnily enough i got match to on okcupid) fantasized about amputating women so that when he raped them, they couldnt fight back. also really got off on the idea of leaving them alive in the woods somewhere and dying from being exposed to the elements and not being able to move on account of the aforementioned amputation. He identifies as trans, he got called out in the comments section of the following article, hes a fucking hypocrite. Also his okcupid doesnt mention any of this.

while his bdsm blog has been deleted he also got called out for penning an article where he actually stalked and intended to rape a real woman-premeditated-but said what stopped him was he masturbated to a video of a woman being decapitated/hung a few hours earlier and that this article was penned to give MEN relief that in fact they do not have to rape women because they can hold back-as long as there is sick porn online. also he looks like jabba the hut.

Seeing this made me leave the bdsm scene altogether and i'm glad. i just fear for those getting involved. like i said i will post the fetlife caps if i can find them, if you are interested in sick shit i have gotten from collarme i will post.

No. 215051

Oh fuck she deleted all the comments the bitch! I will try to see if the original version however here is her follow up article where she talks about him but doesnt apologise for giving this sick shit a platform http://www.womanist-musings.com/2012/02/regarding-snowdropexplodes.html

No. 215052

Goreans are the worst….

No. 215053

So it looks like the comments are gone however one blogger has saved her comments, one has a copy paste of the post i referred to. warning this is long, explicit and disturbing (also he blames his mental illness yet many of us are mentally ill and wouldnt dream of doing this shit)
Here is the link http://andyouthoughtiwassweet.blogspot.com/2008/0… It is certainly not womanist. (TW)

I quote snowdrop explodes, "And, because of my sexual orientation as a sadist and a Dominant, and the firm belief that my depression gave me, that I could never find a willing partner, gradually my mind turned to rape, and how I might commit a rape and get away with it.

Slowly, I began putting together a rapist’s kit that would enable me to carry out the crime if an opportunity arose. Part of me believed it never would arise, and that I was just role-playing for fun. But the darkness and depth of my mental illness knew that I was for real….On a dank and overcast afternoon, I set out onto the local golf course to walk the dog. In my pockets I was carrying the equipment I had put together – ropes to tie her with, and to strangle her with; a condom to make sure I didn’t leave DNA; a bottle full of clean water, to wash her body and get rid of as much trace evidence as I could; a knife to intimidate her and gain control (and to cut her throat if she struggled too hard). I don’t remember if there was anything else in the equipment….
Then, nearing the end of the walk, my heart leapt in my chest. A young woman, alone, not even a dog with her. Walking slowly, she was maybe 50 yards away across the fairway. I would never have such an easy opportunity as this, and what I’d rehearsed in my mind so many times started to go into action. I increased my pace and started to catch up with her, approaching from behind, walking softly but quickly across the damp grass. She never once looked behind her. She seemed oblivious to my presence. I reached my hand into my pocket and pulled out the rope, grasping it ready in both hands to pull it tight around her throat and silence any screams before they began. By now, I was only about 3 yards away as she entered the woods at the side of the fairway. I closed the gap, maybe a yard away, now. At that moment, I was there – her life was in my hands. I could easily have slipped that rope over her head and around her neck – I was picturing it in my mind as I walked behind her, and she still didn’t seem to have noticed that I was there…

I was there, the means, motive and opportunity all within my grasp, no physical barrier to my acting, and destroying her young life, and my soul, forever.

I was there, where there should have been a huge line in the sand, and in my mind there was nothing. No reason not to step over that line. The whole world was just the same to me whether I did or didn’t do it. I felt no moral reason not to kill her, not to have my way with her as I murdered her. I felt no physical, no mental, no emotional reason not to do it. In that moment, I had one foot already over that line, and all it would take was a single flowing motion of violence and energy, and I would forever have crossed that line.

For a few seconds, I was there, and I could have done it. But I chose not to act. That final step that would have condemned me forever as a sadistic rapist and murderer, never happened. And I will never know for sure why not.

I doubt that my potential victim that afternoon knows how close she came to death. How could she?


No. 215054

Damn that really is some messed up stuff. I honestly don't understand how people can get off on extreme stuff like this. Welp glad your out of that scene Anon.

No. 215057

I am gonna try and find the fuckers okcupid account to warn others as hes still active. People give radfems shit but when i see stuff like this i cant blame them-it was a radfem who alerted me to this sick fuck in the first place.

No. 215059

And this is the reason I have a license to carry a concealed weapon.

No. 215061

Thanks Anon.

No. 215067

> my sexual orientation as a sadist and a Dominant

That's… that's not a sexual orientation.

And what the fuck did I just read.

No. 215069

File: 1450325708519.jpg (689.96 KB, 784x3283, dangerouscaap1.jpg)

Sorry for going OT, this guy just really angers me after i found out about him and i am really pissed those comments are gone. i am hoping its been logged on way back machine, am looking at how to use it-i recently got full page screencap app, if i had had it back then would havve capped everything before it got deleted.

warning big caps ahead. People talk about stefonknee like hes a rare sick fuck believe me i have run into many as bad and worse.

1 of 2

No. 215071

File: 1450325834961.jpg (905.32 KB, 768x6251, dangerouscap2.jpg)

2 of 2-like i said jabba the hut's fugly brother

Yeah unfortunatly he is in the UK, tbh i would consider killing this guy with my bare hands, its only a matter of time until this sick fuck does kill (if he hasnt already)

No. 215092


he only wants to be a 6 year old girls when he's living out his revolving peso fantasies - which he totally has the right to do!!1!1!!!

honestly who the fuck is going to fight a 6 foot whatever grown ass man in a tutu? fucking no one, you'll get your face eaten.

No. 215095


underrated post, i lost my appetite when i got to that part the other day and it still hasn't come back

No. 215099

cus men don't contend with male genital mutilation? it's legal in the us, while even the tiniest form of fgm (ritual pricking) is illegal and considered barbaric
not only that, but mgm is widely (in america) regarded as acceptable, e.g. your post, inb4 replies about how it's "beneficial" or insignificant when done to males > http://www.norm.org/lost.html

in the US, women have it better when it comes to protection against unnecessary genital amputation.

No. 215101

That third guy's fantasy reminds me of that movie Boxing Helena, where this doctor is obsessed with this woman and cuts off her arms and legs and tries to convince her it was medically necessary because she was in an accident. The ending is a bit of a cop out though.

That guy is gross looking. The article is full of those stupid neopronouns too. Just reading those slows my brain to a grinding halt.

No. 215109

So many gems.
>Religion: Christianity, and laughing about it
>Offspring: Doesn't have kids, but might want them
>Not that I'm morbid or anything…

No. 215117

>comparing getting a tiny useless flap of skin cut off as a baby and getting the lips of your labia sewn together and your titties ironed down as a 14 year old girl

Baaaaaack to /r9k/ with you

No. 215121


No. 215126


No. 215128

He's in my fucking hometown fuck
Totally gonna keep an eye out when I go back for Christmas.

No. 215144

File: 1450370781024.jpg (48.75 KB, 640x480, 48.2 - Helga Contra La Gran Pa…)

He's got that Big Patty thing going for him.

No. 215152

Wew lads

No. 215154

He stole someone's inflatable Christmas decoration…

I have no words.

No. 215157

i found this video very informative

No. 215159

Hang on…this is a dating website? I thought he claimed he was "kicked out" after he came out? Did he make this while he was still married?

No. 215164

Ritual pricking is just that, a little prick on the hood. Doesn't bleed or anything. Not that it makes it right; no child should be subject to any sort of genital mutilation. Did you know that in baby boys the glans and foreskin are fused together so to circumcise them, they have to rip them apart? Thankfully it's going out of style.

No. 215165

misplaced my sage; I know

No. 215168

so he stole someone's christmas decoration?

what a cunt

No. 215177

Are you serious? You think that's comparable to having half your genitals removed completely with a dirty, rusty blade? To feeling pain and bleeding every time you have sex for the rest of your life?

No. 215179

You're talking about the more severe forms, which are fucking heinous. Some of the more civilized muzzies just do a prick on the hood; it's more ritualistic than a way to deny women's sexuality. The lip-cutting, clit derooting and sewing shut is mostly done in bingo-bongo African countries.

No. 215180

Not that anon but why do you seem to be under the impression that anon was comparing the severity of the actual procedure? their original point was that in the US it's considered fine and normal to cut up dicks but any form of vaginal mutilation is illegal, (as it should be, no arguments there) so woman in that country specifically are better protected from it than men are.

I don't get how you guys can just outright dismiss one form of potentially fatal, unnecessary genital mutilation because a worse form of it exists. People's problems still exist even when others have it worse guys.

No. 215183

You sound like that crazy guy who runs a Silent Hill fan wiki and insists all the games are secretly about the western conspiracy to circumcise all males.

No. 215184

Oddly specific anon

No. 215187

File: 1450387908255.jpg (39.43 KB, 300x300, numb-body.jpg)

That was Mister Kellogg's thing.
Not sure how Silent Hill is secretly about circumcision. Though this one enemy in the third one looks a lot like an uncircumcised dong. It was sort of symbolic in the game, considering Heather was going to birth the devil.

No. 215188

Because these people are fucking tumblr.


>we are talking about western countries…
>wow you sound like a creepy male virgin tbh lol

Nobody here is even male. Circumsion should be made illegal even if you love hurting white men because if you are straight it fucks you over because dried up mutilated dicks are the fucking worst.

No. 215189

Congratulations on managing to start a circumcision argument in a thread about a pedophile tranny. You should all be very proud of yourselves

No. 215194

I meant this guy
Should have linked in the original post.

No. 215195


nigga what

No. 215198

Well, trannys and genital mutilation go hand-in-hand.

No. 215203

Lol, kill yourself m8

No. 215209

can we stfu about cut penis and vag?
No one gives a fuck.

No. 215225

File: 1450395971402.png (266.73 KB, 1004x930, Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.45…)

This guys facebook is a gold mine

its sad how much he hates his family

No. 215227

File: 1450396086098.png (216.08 KB, 990x762, Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.47…)

Part 1

No. 215228

File: 1450396174065.png (195.05 KB, 994x722, Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.48…)

Part 2

Sorry this is just so interesting to me because I live near them

No. 215231

File: 1450396241193.png (384.2 KB, 1002x482, Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.50…)

The documentary. he is so repuslive

No. 215244

I hope he gets little to nothing out of this and people can see what a blatant bullshitter, victim complex pervert he is.

No. 215253

Thanks for this anon, it's fucking hilarious.

No. 215254

Yeah he does. He also reminds me of John Schuck.

No. 215257

this man does not deserve to be alive

No. 215270

File: 1450405662759.png (273.21 KB, 455x329, 1340080983063.png)

No. 215274

No. 215277

File: 1450408801589.png (142.63 KB, 516x611, fgm1.png)

> Some of the more civilized muzzies just do a prick on the hood
Mudslime detected
>The more severe forms
Wut. All forms of FGM involve removal of the Clitoris. The whole reason sandniggers do it is to prevent women from enjoying sex. "Pricking the hood" wouldn't have any purpose. Less severe forms involve partial removal of the clit, though, if that's what you're talking about.

No. 215278


Please refrain from derailing the thread further.

No. 215279

I wish people as sick as this fuck would just kill themselves before they hurt anyone else.

No. 215286

No. 215332

I think that's a little too far. He deserves to be in a mental institution for a very long time, though.

No. 215395

I don't wish he would kill himself, but I feel like his children might be better off if he did.

No. 215397

And it's not just the frilly dresses they get off to, it's the humiliation. Because being female is so humiliating, y'know. Sissies are the scum of the earth.

To be honest I feel kind of similar about drag queens; putting on a ridiculous hypersexualized woman-suit and acting catty and vapid for entertainment honestly doesn't seem all that different from blackface to me. Only instead of a racial minority they're caricaturing and mocking the opposite gender, which coincidentally happens to be the gender they're not attracted to. Actually, some of the worst misogynists I've ever met were gay men.
>not that gay dudes can't be awesome and supportive, too

Probably. I don't doubt he gets off on the negative attention. It's like the entire world is indulging his sissy humiliation fetish.

No. 215399

I think it depends on the type of queen. Some do really beautiful homages to women they admire, some just insult women. Some actually do shit like black face and race impersonation. With queens, it's really a mixed bag.

No. 215404

No most are bad, hense why its "drag queen". The good ones are called female impersonators.

A lot of women feel the same about the drag queen thing too so you are not alone in that, they even have degrading terminology-between them they call really good drag queens "fish/fishy" sure you can guess why.

No. 215410

Of all the people for them to use in a documentary to represent a group of people that represent around 1-1000th of the population. It's this clown? Lol That's like using Donald Trump to represent billionaires.

No. 215422

Did we ever find out if he lives with a kid?

No. 215444

i think d trump is a pretty good representation of billionaires

No. 215459

Not sure if this has already been asked but how did an elderly couple end up with an actual 7-year old daughter? I know it's biologically possible but it is unusual.

No. 215460

I though the 7 year old was the granddaughter. My grandmother raised my aunt's kids or there the wife is younger than the husband and she had a menopause baby? IDK anymore this whole story freaks me out.

No. 215474

File: 1450476793821.png (35.04 KB, 490x394, wonderfeel.png)

It takes a lot to shock but this cow does it

No. 215475

no. he's filed for bankruptcy like 4 times. he makes terrible business decisions.

No. 215590

I have a love/hate relationship with drag queens. I kinda like some of the costumes and when they dress up like celebrities. But deep down I feel really weird that they've reduced womanhood to crazy clothing and outrageous makeup and wigs. You don't like women but you want our clothes and makeup. I don't understand.

Male clothing is quite boring and woman have a lot more that they can get away with. Is this the issue? That men don't have much to work with without getting harassed for it? Are men bored with their clothes? I can't imagine having to be stuck in an eternal cycle of shirtpants.

Maybe that's a really weird theory. But I just wouldn't enjoy male fashion if I was stuck with it.

No. 215591

It's the granddaughter. I think a few articles accidentally said daughter at some point. It was confusing.

But we still don't know how much time this kid spends with them. Although all it takes is a few seconds for something bad to happen.

No. 215658

>and says she does not “want to be an adult right now”
Me too, Stephonknee, me too. Is this an excuse I can use if I'm a cis 22 year old woman? Or do I have to be old, gay man if I want to shirk all of my responsibilities?

No. 215678

>Male clothing is quite boring

If you've ever been on an /fa/ board, you would know that that is completely untrue.

No. 215679

If that time includes bathing or sleepovers I am incredibly worried. But even limited exposure to this scenario is awful for a child to experience. This arrangement is about prioritising adult sexual gratification over any other need, and that's what makes the risk of an involved child being abused so, so high.

No. 215710

>male clothes

I remember growing up and being so envious of the clothes marketed for men. Their clothes tended to be made less cheaply, had functioning pockets, and gave adequate room to be comfortable yet tailored. They were durable as shit as well. Don't even get me started on high end fashion for men which certainly is never boring.
Also when it comes to graphic tees (yeah I know most people don't care about this) they have such a better selection.

Maybe you're right if you're referring specifically to ruffly, aristo-style pieces for men. However they can conjure quite a bit of creativity with their outfits with the modern resources available.

No. 217648

Stefonknee does it again.

No. 217659

Imagine being an employee seeing this shit.

No. 217661

Well my gay friend did put it this way in that men's clothing is mostly just variations of a box. In that sense women's clothing is more interesting. I did remind him that all he needs to do to look good is put on a suit. For me to look involves not only a figure flattering dress, but good hair, make up and control top panty hose under said dress.

I love men's fashion, but it is more streamlined then women's is.

No. 217662



There was nothing fucking educational about that video.

No. 217663

File: 1451191385540.gif (205.71 KB, 500x374, Homer-Simpson-Screaming.gif)

I need a shower.

No. 217669

what the fuck! did she actually pee in the FUCKING HALLWAY while the employees were in the store?! jesus. Anyway that burger place should sue her for defamation lmao.

No. 217671



usually i scroll past videos bc effort and i'm easily made queasy but silly me i didn't with this one and i don't think i've contorted my face in such horror iN MY LIFE


mte, he even put the fucking address in at the end.

also he probably had a hard on the whole time and isn't wearing a pleated skirt with a tutu under it (???????) long enough to hide it. Also him ordering french fries in the deepest voice ever. also WHAT THE FUCK CANADA he broke like 5 US laws how is he not getting charged with anything

No. 217672


yes it is canada is full of HEATHENS

No. 217693

Canada, what the fuck are you even doing?? encouraging this pedophile shit

No. 217702

File: 1451206341214.png (255.47 KB, 469x454, hatred.png)

Even if he didn't actually pee, there's this weird sense of wrongness throughout the entire video.
Fucking disgusting.

No. 217708

>Coletta Hughes is a @Gallusmag Gender Trender Radical Fem Dyke Troll! She is the most ignorant puppet I've ever seen, and she does NOT represent the Trans community. Collette Hughes grow a brain and get a life… and please leave me alone you ignorant bitch! ((((hugs)))) Steffy

What's up with trans hating other trans?

No. 217711

File: 1451210872625.jpg (14.92 KB, 310x310, eye-bleach.jpg)

No. 217716

I feel like there's something I'm not getting here. If Stefonknee is transgender and wants to be female, then use the women's bathroom (especially if it's a one toilet/washroom per gender kind of set-up - no one is going to give a shit which one you go into when the restaurant is that empty as is shown in the video). When it comes to transgender people and bathrooms, the problem is not the labelling of bathrooms as men and women, but the reactions of others who use said bathrooms and if said transgender person "passes" enough to use said specific bathrooms. Stefonknee is completely missing the point with that issue and making cheap, classless jokes about it in the name of internet comedy/fame. No wonder the transgender community want nothing to do with him.

I feel like everyone here has already covered the rest of the video - someone please pass me the eye bleach when they're done with it!

No. 217717

File: 1451216599840.png (273.42 KB, 427x605, stephonknee.png)

Has this been posted yet?

No. 217719

File: 1451217063615.png (111.03 KB, 632x832, killingmyself.png)

Don't forget the comments.

No. 217721


No. 217734

He claims to be a genderqueer person who prefers female pronouns in the replies of one of the comments in that video. Seems more like he's confused and thinks his gross sissy boy fetish makes him trans.

No. 217736

He should definitely use the men's restroom since he's a man. It's not hard.

No. 217759

Ah yes, that favourite family past time. What little girl doesn't love engaging in a bit of BDSM with her parents.

No. 217799

File: 1451245914639.png (5.22 KB, 500x128, NO.png)

No. 217802

File: 1451246628185.png (Spoiler Image, 960.4 KB, 1268x2530, stepheadcanon.png)

Storytime from /cow/. This is probably more true than anyone wants to admit.

No. 217803

This is fucking disgusting. How morally are these people okay with this. I honestly think people need to step in and stop this insanity.

No. 217813

And here is a prime example of someone who shouldn't be allowed in a women's bathroom.

No. 217816

Funny enough my friend says that she is so freaked about this becoming the norm that she was tempted to ask her brother (a drag queen and cross dresser) to stand guard out the stall if she needs to use the women's restroom. Personally, I doubt it'll get to this point but you never know how far people like Stefonee will push the limits.

No. 217817


>those pics

>him with his adopted ~mommy and daddy"
>His "mommy and daddy" let him around their young grandkids to play alone
>There are people who actually defend this

I want off this wild ride. 5 years from now, this will probably not be seen as crazy.

No. 217821

Trans people have dysphoria which is a mental illness ao i guess you could say they are mentally ill

No. 217823

Isnt every guy misognystic to feminists? Lmao

No. 217825

They are definitely mentally ill and should be locked away and treated, not given dresses, wigs and makeup. they will never be real women and real women are still fearing for when men in dresses are more accepted than actual birth women.

No. 217826


>methane warmth

my sides exploded

No. 217828

shouldnt you be on tumblr reblogging feminists posts?

No. 217831

How? His children just lost their father. big fucking deal.
They're better off without him so its a good thing.

No. 217833

I thought feminists were sex empowering? And
>putting on a ridiculous hypersexualized woman-suit and acting catty and vapid for entertainmen
Are you also against porn? How can you compare this shit to blackface?

No. 217834

Hes cool so its true

No. 217835

Drag queens arent supposed to be women.
Theyre an extension of it.
Seriously, dont take his seriously stop these feminist theories and stop derailing the thread pls

No. 217836

They shouldnt be locked way. What the fuck? Is disgusting you have such a low opinion on mentally ill people. do you think people with bipolar disorder or depression should also be locked? Fuck off
If getting a sex change make hem happy then so be it

No. 217837

except there's an actual children involved in this madness (his 9 yr old "older sister")

No. 217838


No. 217839

Yeah but its not his child so.
would you prefer 6 children to be involved or only 1?
I dont think he would do something to he child but theres not much that can be done to the child. Hes stuck with thim.

No. 217842

He shouldn't be near any children. He's living his life as a "6 year old girl" while simultaneously getting off on it with his adopted ~daddy~ who fucks him.
The fact he is around young children while dressed as something he also plays up as a fetish should be enough to tell you he needs to be as far away from any child as possible.

No. 217846

Yes but theres nothing that an be done so calm down lol its not that bad. He doesnt do anything to the child.
Unless he hit or rape the child, he cant be "taken away".
I doubt he'll stay there for a long time

No. 217847

>would you prefer 6 children to be involved or only 1?

If they were an old childless couple they may do whatever they want, I don't care. But they are forcing a minor into their fucked up fetishes.

>I dont think he would do something to he child

Please read the screencaps. The guy is literally a fucking creep.

No. 217849

Where is it written hes forcing a minor? Hes just living with them.
Unless he rapes the minor, as fucked up as he is, hes not a threat to anyones life lol

No. 217850

Want to know how bad shit can really get? I just found out that my great-uncle molested one of my aunts when she was a kid. He had to move-in with my grandparents for while, because his wife kicked him out. It turned out that the reason she kicked him out was because he molested their daughter. My grandmother knew this and still let him move-in with 3 kids in the house. In the end this couple is letting a stranger that they met on a fetish site interact with their grandchild.

No. 217851

Even if the child isn't being physically harmed, it's still a sketch as fuck situation.
Look at how little shame he has to be out in public loudly talking like a retarded toddler.
In the privacy of their own home I'm sure it's even worse and absolutely not the kind of environment any child should be growing up in.

No. 217853

And if he does then what? Oops, sorry why didn't we see the warning labels. Ed Gein wasn't a perceived threat until he killed 2 women. The thing is if they want to live that way, then fine but the child should not be interacting with the kid. Did you miss the part where they play alone? A lot of victims won't say anything until much later on and the damage is done.

No. 217855


Don't forget, on his Pintrest, he has a picture of a little boy in a dress. That just adds to the creep level with this guy and him playing with that little girl alone.

No. 217856


>The thing is if they want to live that way, then fine but the child should not be interacting with the kid.

Um, wasn't that the whole point of my post?

No. 217858

Sorry I replied to the wrong Anon. It was meant for >>217849

No. 217859


The girl should be playing with kids of her same age, not some deviated old man wearing pink tutus and slave collars.

No. 217860

I see this happening pretty soon. >>213731

No. 217861

He's a sicko who's made it very clear he's obsessed with young girls and sexualising them. Even if he doesn't physically harm her, she's going to be fucked up mentally at the very least.

No. 217864

>Barbie Swallows
What a fucking creep

No. 217878

What kind of argument is this? It makes no fucking sense at all.

No. 217880

>I would rather have one child sexually assaulted than six children

How about fuck off? how about no child or person should be molested because we're now living in such a PC world where tranny fetishists and pedophiles have rights.

No. 217885

We've now entered the age where it is OK by some to have a grown man who gets off on dressing as a little girl to be around other little girls

>because we're now living in such a PC world where tranny fetishists and pedophiles have rights.

This world is going to shit. The slippery slope continues with political correctness.

No. 217887

Wow… did this asshole seriously just call someone a "dyke" earnestly in an argument about social justice?

No. 217892

yo, are there any pictures of the new "family" that adopted stefonknee? i wanna see if they look as fucked up as they are

No. 217893

They comments on nearly every video Stefonknee posts. Turns out that they're the ex-lover of Luka Magnotta, the guy who killed a bunch of kittens and a Chinese guy and uploaded it online.

No. 217894

Another vote for you to fuck right off.

'One child' that was abused here.

No. 217895

There are many more dimensions to child abuse than just the act of rape. A child who is exposed to this fetish for the amusement of adults in the house is being abused.

No. 217896

Samefag here. Let me give you an example: a group of adults put on a porno film while I was in the room, as a joke on me. I was 11. I started watching with them for the first minute then it cut to a sex scene and I got up and ran out of the room, with them all laughing.

I was actually being sexually abused at the time so I was especially terrified. Ironically my abuser was not even present in that room - it's just that the adults I was surrounded by were scum, frankly.

No. 217897


I wasn't directly abused (except this once by a pediatrician, but a nurse came in and saved me from worse… Yeah, I was five and had no idea what sex was so I didn't realize I'd been molested until many years later).

Anyhow, my friends and I were at the pool of our apartment complex, there was about five of us, all between ten and thirteen, and this group of adults came in and just started a sex party. We noped out of there as soon as we caught on, and didn't tell any adults since they would forbid us from using the pool.

There's seven billion people on the planet, and a lot less kids would be abused if we could just cull the two billion who have something seriously fucking wrong with them. Bring back the death penalty for child molesters, do it for the environment if nothing else.

No. 217898

>for the amusement of adults

Yeah I think that's the main WTF point here. Sure, Stefonknee might not be "doing" anything abusive. Hell, for all I know he/she's a better babysitter or playmate than a lot of people (even like me) who just wouldn't really know how to get along with a 6yo…

but the ONLY reason Stefonknee is interacting with a real child in the first place is the whole fetish angle. They're not allowing their real child to interact with Stefonknee because it's somehow good for the child, because Stefonknee is a good influence or something, they only do it to further immerse in that fantasy that Stefonknee is a real child too.

I was gonna say it's like someone volunteering to take care of physically disabled people because they get off on, idk, watching them use the toilet. So you think they're just wanting to help you live ur life in dignity, but really they don't give a shit, they just wanna watch you pee/poo cause it's their fetish. Except now that I think about it, it's shitty example, cause at least there is still some actually helpful stuff being done, whereas in Stefonknee's case, the real kid has literally NO benefit from interacting with Stefonknee

No. 217899

>There are many more dimensions to child abuse than just the act of rape

thank you captain obvious

No. 217900

No. 217901

Yes, they pointed it out because some idiot is defending this family by saying what they are doing is not abuse.
Try not being an asshole.

No. 217902

thank you anon! i must've missed that. jesus they look like such normal people though

No. 217904

Thanks anon.

No. 217907

stop overexaggerating lmao

No. 217908

Boohoo, cry me a river. the child is stl having it fucking easy.
Unless he gets abused, i dont give a shit.
this dude is creepy and fucking lolcow material but all of you are overexaggerating so much, damn.

No. 217909

Nobody is defending this but its not abuse.
How is living with a weirdo abuse? This is such a first world problem and pretty insulting to people who truly had abusive childhoods

No. 217910

Wow, so you're one of those people that don't react until something happens. Also, something could have already happened and it most likely wouldn't come out until late. Apparently you have never been around an abused child/person or you wouldn't make dumbass statements like that.

No. 217913

I have been abused which is why i dont take this shit seriously. the child talks to a weird at home, big deal

No. 217914


No. 217915

Anon was saying there was nothing that can be done so why are you telling him to fuck off?

No. 217916

Can we go back shitting on ageplay fake trannies pls

No. 217917

Pedophiles arent child molesters though. Theyre just people with mental illness

No. 217918


yeah sorry you were abused anon, now can you please get off your high horse?
you just sound like those tumblrinas contesting for the MOST RAPED WYMIN prize ffs

No. 217919

Im not on my high horse, this child is just living with a weirdo and we have no idea what even happens in home.
If he wouls get abuses (like violence or insults, etc) id fesl sorry but really?
do you also think he will kill the child?

No. 217920

No. 217921

No. 217924

Think of it this way Anon, would you leave your bank card with a scammer. They haven't scammed you personally, but they have a suspect history and habits.

No. 217926

i wouldn't. I get your point though, but is there anything we can do?
I suspect stefonknee knew the father before.

No. 217962

File: 1451295966953.jpg (105.83 KB, 571x862, image.jpg)

Not one of you know how to sit your ass down and properly milk a cow. All you want to do is throw a tantrum over how it's totally okay for an age playing 53 year old sissy, WHO PISSED IN THE HALLWAY OF A GODDAMN RESTAURANT WHILE ON A DATE WITH A STUFFED TEDDY BEAR, to be in a fetishistic house with a 9 year old girl. Furthermore, some people don't even have a problem with him pretending to be a six year old, abandoning his family, being a manipulative sicko, and prancing around in tutus while he gets his dick wet in public. Ya'll motherfuckers need Jesus.

Here we have so much fucking fresh milk and all you can do is bicker among yourselves and masturbate to the idea of winning some internet argument. When you could be recoiling in disgust or laughing til your eyes bleed while we delve further into the madness that is Stephonknee.

I know ya'll motherfuckers are still going to have something shitty to say to me. But I'd really rather stop this pointless bullshit bickering and remember why we are here: the milk. And I've gotta say, this cow is volatile. I feel like, if we play our cards right, we can softly troll this thing into complete madness. Is anyone else with me?

No. 217963

Trying to be a little girl, yet has huge tits. Yeah okay. Makes sense. This is all clearly a fetish which you wanna live and cannot keep in ya damn bedroom cause you're a dirty animal.

No. 217972

i feel sick. i've seen some shit but this is just

No. 217973

Someone's gonna ruin it. If not from here then from somewhere else. There's too many people who now know who this perv is and 99% of the internet is retarded.

No. 218000

This anon knows what's up. Unfortunately most of our numbers are too autistic to sit the fuck down and stay organized for a proper milking.

No. 218014

Farmers should have learned their lesson from the Kiki incident when some retards chased her boifurendo away.

If he's going to be milked, there should be a proper plan.

No. 218015

if there wasn't a real kid involved this would be funny and worth milking. But honestly this shit gets off on any attention and I don't think should be prodded for more outlandish actions. I don't know what can be done about the child though
This is kinda like that guy who was posted here about masturbating with his own shit but also molesting his sister so it wasn't funny

No. 218019

Have any of the Toronto Anons heard back about their reports to child services or whatever?

I'm not familiar with the system, though I'm sure it takes time to look into things.

Maybe a scare with child services would be enough for the real parents to limit time with gpa and gma.

I'd really like to know what the real parents think of this whole arrangement? It's all just so odd.

No. 218022

Ikr? Bitches are still discussing whether this wacko is a legit trans or some shit instead of embracing this trainwreck in all it's fat, disgusting, ageplaying, pedophilic glory.

No. 218023


That post was all over the place. Wtf

No. 218061

I'm curious about this too. There is absolutely enough evidence to warrant an investigation and I think people can be reported anonymously.

Ideal scenario: this guy gets arrested and sent to live in the same prison cell as Nick Gates and they both have internet access. Win win for everyone.

No. 218066

This so hard. It's disgusting nowadays how anyone in the trans community is immediately held with fucking mittens despite doing some seriously dodgy shit or there's that loud minority said always going"BUT MUH EQUALITY."

No. 218072

Agreed. The milk will be tainted with the possibility of a little girl being abused, and won't be delicious at all.
The most delicious milk would be if stephoknee got dragged from that couple's house and isnt allowed to go within a 10 mile radius of that child (or any)

No. 218075

File: 1451349109844.png (211.99 KB, 843x511, tEAqBjK.png)

Did anons ever go through with reporting this pervert? If not, here is his address from kiwifarms.
Idk if this is the address of that couple though.

Does anyone know the names of the couple? I think you'd need their names to report them since its their granddaughter

No. 218129

>It's all just so odd.

This is actually what they trade on, taking advantage of people being unsure how to take it. It's not odd, it's straight up disgusting and despicable.

No. 218363

He is in jail now. I remember how miffed lolcow got over a Nick Bate thread bein on here, because their delicate little sensibilities were all hurt.

So many moral chans and tumblr fags ruin everything.

No. 218545

This thread is a mess. This person it's about is a mess. You bitches supporting it are a mess and need to be hit with a car. If you guys for one second support him pissing in a hallway let me know. Please let me know. Reply with your address and I'll be happy to piss in your hallway of your home or parents home. Ffs. This thing is not transgendered this thing is an abomination to the transgender community. You don't use trans to back out of parental duties and life like a little bitch. You fucking face it head on. You don't give the transgender community a bad rep by publicly becoming an attention whore internationally. A family should not adopt this thing to let it play with their daughter. This thing needs to be thrown in a mental hospital like the ones who are condoning it. You don't get to reverse your age with trans you stay the same fucking age. You can't trans an age. Ffs. This topic is a mess. The things said are revolting.

No. 218551

File: 1451488051069.gif (1.14 MB, 640x360, slow-clap.gif)

Well said. I don't know why this is even acceptable. Saying your trans doesn't get you a free ride to a new life. He was married with children and he abandoned them all over a mid-life crisis. He's mentally ill. And he definitely DOES NOT represent the LGBT community. He's disgusting and a disgrace and needs to be reported and thrown into jail. I hope he gets fucked by a giant muscular dude until his anal cavity ruptures.

No. 219214

It scares the shit out of me that there's actual photos of children in his fucking fetish photo sets some even with creepy descriptions written by him, I noticed he also seems to have a fetish for transgirls and calls them "sissy boys". lmao, he isn't trans he's a fucking disgusting fetishist.

No. 219215

Who the fuck ITT supports him even a little bit? Are you mental?

No. 219216

But he's not trans and he has a goddamn fetish for trans people and children.

No. 219218

Yeah, there's like one person saying what he's doing isn't a big deal, but pretty much everyone else is agreeing he's a sicko.

No. 219225

Well according to his fetlife he does have a watersports fetish, kek.

No. 219256

I am beyond ashamed of sharing a home country with this absolute scourge upon humanity.

No. 219343

File: 1451799255970.jpg (76.62 KB, 585x960, disgustingpervert.jpg)

This piece of shit isn't trans, he's just some fucking pervert.

No. 219344

Fucking disgusting. Men like this should be lined up and shot execution style.

No. 219349

He just hijack the term brolita…

No. 219350

File: 1451801560635.png (594.43 KB, 634x477, Capture.PNG)

Stop saying brolita, holy shit.

I noticed he tagged this as sissy but also trans, does he somehow think trans is just another word for his fetish and not a fully separate thing?

No. 219351

File: 1451801689084.png (61.52 KB, 634x592, puking.PNG)

ew ew ew ew

No. 219353

That is an insult to ladybeard. Holy shit.

No. 219354

File: 1451802216635.jpg (547.9 KB, 1600x1600, girls-dress-up-trunk-bc-97380a…)


I don't remember any 6 yr old girl playing dress up with that kind of kit.

No. 219355


I feel bad for the real brolitas. As if the term "lolita" isn't already misunderstood enough.

No. 219361

No transwoman would call themselves a sissy. A trap? Sure, sissy? There you go if you needed any proof this is hijacking piece of shit pervert. There it fucking is.

No. 219363

I want someone to murder this man. just… get him off the planet.

No. 219389


I meant everyone in general who is supporting him not just on lolcow, fucker.

No. 219398

That's not what you said though, is it?

Are you ok, btw?

No. 219432

This guy is rage-inducing… we get it.

He has no support here except for one freak who has been shouted down.

No. 219452

>Luka Magnotta
OT but I just watched a documentary about this guy. Before he started killing kittens for attention he was actually very similar to many of our cows, completely obsessed with his own image and notoriety on social media. He would start rumors about being involved with famous people and then publicly deny them, tried several times to get on reality tv, kept different 'fan' websites full of pictures of himself, etc. The farm would have had a field day with him.

No. 219478

And people feel bad for his family disowning him. Who the hell would want some sexual deviant in their house who is a self proclaimed "6 year old girl" and wants to wear shit like >>219343

Why is he so overly sexual?

No. 219479

File: 1451843908716.png (668.65 KB, 875x422, absurd.png)

No. 219485

It's not even just that though. Imagine some teenager with gender identity issues coming across this and they go back into the closet because of how weirded out they are. This piece of shit is probably going to screw over a bunch of a pretransition kids.

No. 219487

File: 1451845947029.jpg (94.8 KB, 799x350, stefonknee.jpg)

If you had to choose between either of them being your dad who would you choose?

No. 219489

aw shit, i have to find it but there was a video on youtube of a girl that was into real trans rights proving that this guy is only doing it for sexual gratification rather than actually being transgender
it shows many slip ups he does in mis-gendering himself and wanting to remind people that he is really a man aswell as his obsession with males crossdressing
it pisses me off that this freak is the one getting media attention and making trans people look like perverts

No. 219490


No. 219491

this is what i'm talking about, he calls his clothes "brolita" instead of "lolita"
but i thought you were a girl stef? why would you call yourself the male equivalent?
is it because you aren't really transgender and are really just getting off to crossdressing?

No. 219493

File: 1451847777623.png (142.23 KB, 549x547, snak.png)

Alice is wayyyyyyy sexier than this dude.

No. 219497

Sounds like a plus-side to me. Most kids grow out of it by rime they hit adulthood. Maybe some bad publicity will keep them from latching on to total non-issues like 'muh gender identity'

No. 219943

That and he calls himself a sissy. If he were truly trans he wouldn't be using such terms. He should just admit he's an autogynophile that gets off on sissy humiliation with his pervoid adopted "parents".

Tumblr would be totally ok with the sissy and brolita stuff though. He's right up their alley because all you need to be trans on tumblr is to say that you are.

No. 219947

Definitely Darth Vader. I mean, he's evil, but at least he's not fucking humiliating.

No. 219994

I come to really question these people are trans, It honestly seems more of a fetish or a fight they wanna get into.
Being trans myself, if you see your penis as female why isn't your whole self female? why you gotta put on long hair and wear ""female"" clothes? isn't your beard a female beard? If you're okay with your penis, you're okay with being a femmine male, unless you just cannot get surgery because of health reasons or have no money that is a different story.

No. 219996

>isn't your beard a female beard?
Not to be picky, but women like Julia Pastrana and others that have Hypertrichosis can also have beards.

No. 220024

Most women that can grow beards/visible facial hair don't like that they do or flaunt it as a womanly thing, they try to get rid of it.

No. 220152

I never understand how people say they are trans but are fine with everything as is. Like trans men who are fine with having tits and a vagina and are fine with wearing girls. I don't understand what makes them trans? Luckily these types of trans people seem to be confided to tumblr

It's good that people who are into trans rights are calling him out. They probably realise he makes them look questionable and want him out of the community.

No. 220175

I was just noting that some women can and do have beards.

No. 220225

File: 1452038439949.jpg (153.1 KB, 720x960, lol.jpg)

No. 220231

Agreed. Plus Alice is a better mother than this dude.

No. 220232

I never thought I would hate this guy more than I already did but here I am.

No. 220238

lmao i thought that was jontron

No. 220250

I did too lol

No. 220251

She rules. I like her a lot, as far as internet people go

No. 220255

fucking degenerate

No. 220258

What does religion have to do with him turning into a giant faggot. I fucking hate what these people have turned into.

No. 220305

>choosing some sex obsessed freak over the freaking dark lord
well i think we can all agree that he certainly need jesus

No. 220321

No. He needs a shotgun to the face.

No. 221146

Try supposedly sharing a demographic
With this son of a bitch that is only 0.02 percent of the population.

No. 223106

File: 1453158896914.png (583.53 KB, 578x547, 1453150005903.png)

If this disgusting subhuman degenerate trash touch lolita i swear to mana sama
>tfw black carousel jsk from bodyline was my first little nooblet dress years ago
>i die a little inside

No. 223107

Jesus fuck, and this is the exact way people who don't understand lolita perceive it, as gross fetishwear. And all he's doing is promoting that misconception. Someone put an end to this guy.

No. 223117

I want to hurt this bastard…

No. 223133

The couple in that photo are actually really cute too. they're not fetisizing anything. i would hunt this idiot down for using their photo without permission. what a sick piece of shit. of course it's a man who does this. Women and girls have no safe space. Look at what men did to MLP.

No. 223144

>Look at what men did to MLP
To be fair, women have been shitting up children shows for years with yaoi fanfics, "OTPs," and other faggotry. Tumblrinas are doing it now with trans headcanon bs, and drawing thin and pretty characters into obese big red nosed hogs.

MLP is shit anyways.

No. 223145

seriously. a younger me wanted so badly to get a bodyline jsk from ebay to wear at a con, and my mom denied me for so long because of the word "lolita" itself. then i had to spend forever trying to explain to everyone around me that lolita wasn't ageplay. it's pieces of shit like this that deny girls to be able to explore cute fashion like this and have them marked as weird deviants for their dresses.

fuck this guy. fuck everything about him.

No. 223146

nothing really compares though, to the fucked up shit men have done to MLP. I hate the new version of the show and am only into the nostalgia factor of the original stuff. I fucking hate being associated with the disgusting pigs who fetishize a show meant for young girls.

No. 223147

I hear what you are saying, and I agree. But then there are women out there that think it is totally okay to bully some teenager to the brink of suicide because she drew their favorite cartoon character too skinny. Never heard a MLP neckbeard do that shit, as disgusting as they are.

I guess what I am trying to say is fandom faggotry exists for pretty much any show, and is prominent with both sexes. Best thing that can be done for the children who also enjoy these shows is for their parents to monitor their Internet access and keep them safe from all of the gross shit out there.

No. 223148

File: 1453173922938.gif (590.59 KB, 400x225, tumblr_m7oab8MB7k1r9wxoy.gif)

oh no, yeah, the women are savages about so much more stuff. I rarely stray outside of my secluded little corner of tumblr because of this.

I just have a sore spot when it comes to neckbeards fucking around with my childhood nostalgia.

No. 223157

This. So much this. These disgusting pieces of shits find worse ways to sexual a hobby that isn't even sexual. Fucking hate them. Why must men put sex into everything they do??

I wish these sick people would hurry up and commit suicide.

No. 223162

File: 1453180388095.jpg (17.69 KB, 500x282, 12227199_929167583785452_32935…)

>parents to monitor their Internet access and keep them safe from all of the gross shit out there

>tfw 8 years old and trying to look for pictures of the fairly odd parents on google

>scarred forever

No. 223170

OT but I've actually seen guys on tumblr "identify" as both trans and sissy whilst flying the "muh equal rights" sjw flag and just ignoring the point of any messages that call them out on it as being a hypocritically misogynistic label.
It's really gross. I wish I had caps.

No. 223171

File: 1453182916251.jpg (25.69 KB, 336x229, 1350404960442.jpg)

No. 223173

If you're an SJW on tumblr, you can basically get away with doing all the stuff they call out. You just have to LOOK like you care apparently.

No. 223178

File: 1453186320966.gif (149.53 KB, 161x250, 1392830829039.gif)

No. 223185

The only silver lining is most Lolita will steer clear of him. I really hope he doesn't try going to any of the meets. #prayforcanada #doesanyoneneedmace
Bright side at least he's too fat to fit brand.

No. 223187

Fucking men ruining everything by revolving it around their dicks.
That and fatty uggo tumblrinas.
These disgusting pigs are a pain, just commit seppuku already.

Also fuck Stef fuck this guy fuck everything about him. He is a disgusting sissy piece of trash, a basketcase, and he should have committed suicide for the greater good of humanity.
If he dares to touch lolita i swear to god i'm gonna get personally involved since i am a canadian lolita and it's not going to be pretty to see.
Yes i am salty af.

No. 223189

File: 1453194139239.jpg (7.45 KB, 236x133, 9428dd89094b32c967363073d50732…)

No. 223198

Someone better find the original posters of the couple and alert them that a pervert has used their pic for degenerative reasons.

No. 223250

Ste-phony is transtrender confirmed.

No. 223254

I know plenty of people keep trying to make this distinction, but it doesn't matter. Actual LGBT groups support him. So unless "legit" trannies make a distinction and separate themselves from this fuckup, he is what most people are going to think of when they think of trannies.

No. 223259

This is why people won't take trans people serious. They keep shielding people like him and it reflects badly on them as a whole. If they would speak out then people would see that they don't condone this type of behavior. It's like Bruce who became Caitlyn this big trans spokeswoman, but now is talking about going back to being Bruce.

No. 223462

Men seriously ruin everything since apparently they cannot like any fandom without making it 100% sexual even when it never started off as off. Pisses me off. And this sissy mother fucker trans guy is grimey. I seriously am afraid for the future of anything now.

No. 223465

As a lesbian, I havent seen any other of my female friends and fellow gay/lesbians who support Bruce Jenner. It's only trans people on tumblr and facebook who were behind him becoming a woman SUDDENLY and then being all 'i support trans rights' out of no where. ugh

No. 223479

I'm sorry I lumped them together there. I should have clarified that no one takes trans people serious because of people like this. I didn't mean LGB people. I have seen
lesbian and gays speak out about it. Thanks for the correction I probably wouldn't have caught that.

No. 224371


At least the benefit of being a passing transgender woman is that I can just blend into society, and not deal with being associated with this person. Goddammit, this is just humiliating.

No. 224394

Ah! no need to apologize anon. I think what's happening right now is that the LGB community really wants to move away from the T part. I mean, in general trans people just don't fit in anywhere. If you're MTF, a lesbian isn't going to want you because you dont have a vagina. And most straight guys dont want to date a MTF since they like vaginas too… and so on with FTMs. Trans people are mentally ill imo. I don't like them and every 'trans' person I've spoken to has be insane in their beliefs that everyone should date them or else they're transphobic.

I'm a lesbian and I would never date or look at a MTF. they're usually more insane than fakebois.

No. 224397

Why do these restaurants keep letting him pull this shit?

No. 224414

Why has no one in this thread said he's a transvestite? He gets off by pretending to be a little girl. He's an age-playing transvestite.

>Men seriously ruin everything since apparently they cannot like any fandom without making it 100% sexual even when it never started off as off.

Are you retarded? Women do the same thing. The difference is that women are way more likely to write disgusting fanfiction, whereas men draw disgusting pictures. You can glance at a picture and immediately know it's about obese pregnant Sonic the Hedgehog getting pegged by Rainbow Dash, but you actually have to take the time to read fanfiction. Besides that, there are plenty of bronies that don't sexualize it at all. The stereotype of neckbearded pony-fuckers exists because that subset of the fandom is the most obnoxious and memorable.

> If you're MTF, a lesbian isn't going to want you because you dont have a vagina

You realize sex-change operations exist, right? There are plenty of MtFs with totally authentic-looking vaginas, and FtMs with totally authentic-looking dicks and balls.

>every 'trans' person I've spoken to has be insane in their beliefs that everyone should date them or else they're transphobic.

If they meet all of your dating criteria, and you would totally date them, the person they are right now, if only they had a different number of X chromosomes, yes, that's transphobic. If you won't date them because they have genitalia you don't like, or they have a shitty personality, that's not transphobic.

That said, those "If you don't want to date me, it MUST be because I'm trans" idiots are awful and I hate them. Lots of "oppressed" people think that way. They go from knowing "Sometimes bad things happen to me because of bigotry" to thinking "Everything bad that happens to me is because of bigotry. If people didn't hate me because I'm trans/gay/PoC/whatever, my life would be literally perfect."

No. 224534


>You realize sex-change operations exist, right? There are plenty of MtFs with totally authentic-looking vaginas, and FtMs with totally authentic-looking dicks and balls.

ROFL. bitch, I can gaurentee you that no real lesbian is going to want to put their lips to a fake gaping wound that they want to label a neo-vagina.

No. 224547

>It's like Bruce who became Caitlyn this big trans spokeswoman, but now is talking about going back to being Bruce.


No. 224549

>You realize sex-change operations exist, right? There are plenty of MtFs with totally authentic-looking vaginas, and FtMs with totally authentic-looking dicks and balls.

They may pass for "authentic-looking" at first glance, but the key problem is that they don't function like biologically natural genitals. Not many people are going to want to fuck a "vagina" that can't even lubricate/self-clean, or a "dick" that can't even get properly hard.

Tranny genitals are just for show and for the person themselves to feel better about their mental predicament. It is delusional to think those most looking for a sexual partner are going to be okay with non-functional sex organs.

No. 224556

Can't wait for the shit to hit the fan.

No. 224561

Caitlyn's recent interviews go find them. I kid you not.

No. 224565

I'm baffled that performing these kinds of operations is even legal. The real goal should be to work with the patient towards not exclusively defining themselves by their outward appearance and help them accept their body as much as possible.

No. 224566


No. 224572

This!!! I do not understand why it's legal to mutilate these fuckers and pump them full of hormones instead of giving them massive therapy to accept their outer body. That's the same way of thinking as giving someone suffering from ED no food and encouraging them to not eat. Or giving a cutter lots of knives to play with.

Trans people are mentally ill and need help, not surgery.

No. 224629

I looked it up as soon as I read your post. OMFG HAHAHAHAHA WHAT WHAT WHAT I am stunned at her explanation. Back to the body God gave him?? I'm sure the trans community is going to love that justification!

No. 224676


No. 224723

No. 224724

>gossip website
>quoting a tabloid
>clearly labeled a romor

…um yeah ok

No. 224725

fuck me sorry

No. 224726

I thought it was a Star or People magazine…

No. 240251

File: 1456226547986.png (435.29 KB, 676x654, suddenlyaboy.png)

Does anyone have any news on Stephonknee? They were a raging cow not long ago, now I hear nothing about him anymore. Does anyone have any news on him?

Here's a recent tweet of his. I guess he's outright claiming to be a boy in this? He hashtags a lot of his stuff sissy.

No. 240260

File: 1456234047721.png (313.39 KB, 590x406, gross.png)

Further proves that he's just in it for kink and does not actually suffer from gender dysphoria.

Pic-related, those hashtags make me want to vomit.

No. 240266

Also is that a child's hand he's holding on the right?

No. 240268

There's absolutely no need for proof that this guy's not transsexual. There's no question about him being a fetishist.

No. 240271

He's not much different from trans people who treat men and women as gender roles and stereotypes already but he is actually disgusting. If he wants to do this shit, do it in the bedroom. How can people stomach this garbage?

No. 240478

>If you've ever been on an /fa/ board, you would think that that is completely true


Male clothing CAN be just as beautifully decadent and flamboyant as female, but /fa/ is a crusty den of nothingness. It's basically all beige coats, overpriced normalfag shoes and wrist watches.

Though I wish it were more socially acceptable for men to dress up extravagantly and explore fashion. Surely we'd have less creepos who feel the need to fetishize womens clothing just so they can wear something colorful and fun.

No. 240513

I think the fantasy is not just wanting to wear fancy clothes, though. One of the reasons I find sissies to be kind of disturbing is because their whole thing is "isn't it so embarrassing that I'm forced to wear this feminine thing?"
Their whole fetish is the shame of being feminine as a man, it's the degradation of being forced to dress up as "less than" that they get off on. The kind of person you are and your perception of women has to be so fucked up to get to that point, imo. Desiring to be objectified and embarrassed and treated Like a little girl… Shits fucked up.

No. 240515

I really dont think you can compare it to MLP which has gone worldwide and is mainstream.
>Never heard a MLP neckbeard do that shit, as disgusting as they are.
there have been stories of bronies hacking accounts of mlp fans who disagree with them, there is so much to the brony fandom i dont think you can just handwave it, theres appears to be more mlp r34 than anything combined i was shocked when i just started learning about it and ran for the hills lol.

forgot to sage for OT

No. 241104


doesn't look like it height wise.

No. 241126

most trans people grow out of that contrived and unnatural hyperfeminine/hypermasculine phase and find it embarassing when reflecting on it though

at least from what i've seen/heard

No. 241127

if one's brain is hardwired to feel that way, then that's the same as a lobotomy

No. 241156

Yeah, my biggest issue is the whole "you're not a real man!' and using women's clothing, makeup, etc to humiliate themselves, as if being a woman is humiliating. Fucking sexist ass shit, i tell you.

No. 241158

Usually they kill themselves, which is okay too.

No. 241179

No. 241280

he's not trans though, just a pervert and they don't tend to kill themselves or grow out of it.

No. 241283

i'm starting to believe there's a bitter ugly late transitioner lobby on susan's that's persuading people to not transition young/that it's possible to pass as a late transitioner so that hopefully they'll repress everything until they hit 50 and have a midlife crisis, start transitioning then take off with wearing a dress and adopt the name Lavender, repeating the cycle of hon.

No. 283416

File: 1466574151809.jpg (235.89 KB, 1311x716, ss (2016-06-21 at 10.39.23).jp…)

So I was googling "six year old girl" and freaking stefonknee came up. I hate this guy so much and always talk about him when talking to people of bad cases of "trans" people. Just wanted to share with you guys that he's a popular search in that term

>inb4 pedo

>I'm making jewelry for an 6 and 8 year old and I'm trying to get a better idea for sizes for bracelets/necklace

No. 283450

idc what his fetishes are but it's completely sickening that he left his family to pursue them. I see it as no different than a parent abandoning their kids to run off with a brand new boy/girlfriend.

No. 283452

Apparently, some man where he lives attacked and punched a woman on a bus because she refused to call him a woman. The physical description matched him too, but nobody knows if it was him or not yet.

I want to get off Stefoknee's wild ride.

No. 283464

I have a sickening little bit of hope that it turns out to be him. He's a sexual deviant, plain and simple. I'd rather them throw him in jail over assualt charges now than something worst later like diddle an actual kid or whatever. I feel like he'd be the type to do shit like that if given the chance.

No. 283467


Inb4 tumblr goes on to make him a trans martyr for "fight against misgendering"

Or did they crown him already despite his persona being clearly an escapist fetish thing?

No. 283468

Well, he is not interested in kids as pedos are, he just wants to be fucked in ass by maried elderly men.
But there could be a chance of chaging him with molestation or something like that, due to him being exposed to actuall children and engaging in their activities.

No. 283478

This transgender 25 year old woman likes to dress like a baby.
So, stefoknee is shun just because of the gross grown man factor?
Or is Riley also a cow?

No. 283479

Stefonkee is gross not just because he very obviously looks like a gross man but that he has a number of weirdo fetishes/outfits that conflict with his "6 year old girl" thing. Not to mention he not only abandoned his family but blasts them on social media as abusive and harasses them, while playing victim to dumb losers who believe him.

Riley is a weirdo creepy fuck, but he does commit to the little kid role I guess. I don't know if he has a online presence where he documents his gross fetishes, but if he does then he is equally as gross and creepy as Stefonknee.

No. 283482

His family is better off this way.

No. 283486

she's gross too

No. 283487

Is this really so different from DDLG? It's all cut from the same pedo undertones cloth.

No. 283488

File: 1466622518655.gif (464.43 KB, 192x132, Stressed Stitch.gif)

What a disgusting thread.

I think this guy legitimately has like NPD or some shit. Its rather common to instead of actually grow the fuck up eventually or seek help, do a bunch of delusional BS like "play therapy" which just makes it worse.

I gotta also agree that I'm not sure its him that wants to molest the kid…its these weirdo parents that "adopted" him and expose children to this crap that set off my "bad touch" senses.

I cannot believe the main stream is getting a taste of these deeply dysfunctional ageplayers and not being all outraged about it, because "trans issues."

No. 283493

I feel like some people probably do have a big problem with it but are too afraid to say anything because they don't want to be labeled as "transphobic".

I'm not one of these people who thinks being gay or trans equals being a pedophile, but I honestly think this guy and his "parents" should be investigated. No healthy adult would think including a child in this ageplay shit is normal and okay.

No. 283496

He's weird/creepy too but I wouldn't say he's a cow. Honestly, I feel sorry for him. I feel like deep down, there's a fucked up reason why he's doing all this. (I feel like there's a fucked up reason that Stefonknee is doing this as well, but I have less sympathy for him since he's an asshole)

Stefonknee is a cow for the reasons >>283479 listed.

Tbh, even though I think ddlg/adult baby is gross, I don't mind people doing it as long as it's between 2 consenting adults and they aren't trying to make everyone accept/recognize it. Same goes for transgenderism, you can believe you're a woman all you want, just don't go around trying to force everyone to see you as one.

No. 283498

>just don't go around trying to force everyone to see you as one.
That's the problem wrt trans activism these days. Gender neutral bathrooms don't appease, dudes in dresses NEED access to women's bathrooms because they want their sad identities validated. It's all a mess.

No. 283508

I agree.
The thing that really pisses me off about the bathroom this is that they'll go on about how they'll be raped and beaten in the men's bathroom. But when you explain to them that they're making it easier for actual women/little girls to be beaten and raped, they say, "if someone wanted to do that, they'd do it regardless of the law, and besides it's illegal to do that."
Or even better, they'll say that women can be sexual predators too, like okay, but a woman actually has a fairer chance at defending herself against another woman.

Sorry for being ot.

No. 283509

This!! Fuck those pieces of shits. If a place gives you a third gender or unisex bathroom option, you take it. You don't force your mental illness onto others. Trans people want everyone to cater to them. Gay people just want laws that dont murder them for being gay and allow them to marry, but trans people NEED to be in women's bathrooms because they feel like a woman even though they still have a penis and testosterone. It's disturbing.

No. 283510

I want to know how many men in dresses get raped or beaten in a men's restroom, because I doubt it's actually a thing. In the end, these people still possess male plumping and chromosomes, so they should use the men's bathroom.

No. 283527

They get so offended when you suggest that they use a unisex bathroom because it doesn't validate their "femininity." Iirc, someone on tumblr literally said that they don't go through all this just to be forced into a unisex bathroom.

I don't understand how they can deny that they have mental health issues. If you know that you're a woman, it wouldn't bother you at all to be called "he" or be put in a men's/unisex bathroom.

I doubt it too. Maybe they would get beaten 10-20 years ago, but it seems like now trannies are pretty much untouchable.

Remember when Zoey Tur literally threatened to send Ben Shapiro home in an ambulance on tv and later on tweeted about wanting to curb stomp him? No one gave a shit about that at all, actually they were praising Zoey for being a ~strong independent women~.

No. 283533

Exactly. I don't wear makeup or dresses/skirts half the time but I pass as a woman because I was born a woman. A lot of these transwomen are just butthurt that no matter what they do, they will always be a man. No matter how many surgeries and hormones they get, they'll never be able to escape their plumbing and chromosomes. Too bad. If you're a man, you're a man. You deal with it.

If you want to wear dresses and makeup, that is FINE, since clothing and makeup is not gender specific, however you cannot deny the differences btween XX and XY.

Trans people need mental help.

No. 283538

The bathroom thing is a fucking mess, I agree. >>283533

However, you guys need to stop acting like your someone educated enough to make that fucking call. You're not and you can't prove otherwise, so just stop.

No. 283540

Don't bring up chromosomes, you'll just get someone using intersex people to validate their rebuttal.

> omg intersex ppl exist u no!!! Checkmate biggots :^)

TFW you're an XY woman and that's the literal only time inter people are talked about. Most of us who look ambiguous would much rather use the unisex bathroom anyway, because it's just a toilet and avoiding uncomfortable situations for both parties is great.

No. 283605

after going through TWO shitty trans people in my life that couldn't be bothered to have respect for people's sexuality and romantic feelings, I'm just fucking suspicious of MTF, they always have had that male conditioning throughout childhood, unless they transitioned early.

These jerks felt it totally ok to act out like predatory assholes when it came to sex but claim everywhere they are constantly the victims of abuse, especially if things went sour with one of the few people that liked them sexually.

Then, after alienating everyone they know and love, one of them goes back to being a dude and adjusts, and one of them has gone even crazier tumblr tranny and harasses lesbians that don't want to fuck people with a penis because "Transmisogyny"

then, not only do i experience this crap in my life, on the internet, where MTF trans talk amongst themselves, they spout extremely creepy and uncomfortable cotton ceiling bullshit just like the other crazy one.

There's just so many that legitimately do want to force their sexuality on women that you just can't argue its not an issue.

No. 283624

Aren't intersex people extremely rare? And still only have one set of genitals?

No. 283625

Exactly. If you are raised male, you're going to be act male. Social conditioning is a real thing. Not to mention, transwomen who want to harass lesbians can fuck off. I like vagina, not dick. There's a huge difference in a real woman vs a man pretending to be a woman and I will never feel bad for not being attracted to man. I'm gay and I shouldn't apologize for trans and their mental illness.

No. 283635

Not only social conditioning, male and female brains are literally wired differently, because of evolution.

No. 283641

You have some misconceptions.

The Zhou study is the one trans love to point to that 'proves' brain sex is real, however…
>The brain-sex theory of transsexualism has never been easy to reconcile with clinical reality
>The simplest and most plausible explanation of the Zhou/Kruijver findings is that they are attributable, completely or predominantly, to the effects of cross-sex hormone therapy administered during adulthood.
>Anne A. Lawrence
PS Anne Lawrence is a MTF scientist.

>the evidence for hormonal sex differentiation of the human brain better resembles a hodge-podge pile than a solid structure

>Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences

Ultimately, it has been found there is no such thing as a female brain/male brain and thus no such thing as a female brain in a male body and vice versa.

>It’s not hard to believe that differences between the brains of male and female adults have nothing to do with genes or the Y chromosome but may be the biological expression of different social settings

>Joan Roughgarden
PS Also a MTF scientist.

No. 283646

I hate that people try to go 'hurr durr being trans is like being gay, people used to think being gay was a mental illness too! being a tranny isn't being mentally ill!" except.. gay people don't innately hate themselves. Society teaches them they're gross, bad, wrong, which can lead to mental illness like depression, etc. If society were tolerant, gay people wouldn't feel bad for being gay. To be mentally ill it has to have negative impacts on you.

But being trans is literally a mental illness. You have to be dysphoric to be trans, and dysphoria is literally a mental illness where you are basically distressed by your body/etc. It impacts their lives. Even in a tolerant society, trans people would still hate their bodies because that's what dysphoria is. It's like, people can still get depressed even in first world countries, ebcause it's a mental illness. Same for anorexia.

Anyways, I'm not even saying that to be mean. Having a mental illness shouldn't be shameful, or cause you to be harassed. It's just a thing that is, ya know?

No. 283679

of course if you try the "you were literally raised male and so therefore need to hold yourself accountable for that" point to Crazy Asshole I described "she" starts to go even more fucking loony and practically foams at the mouth with insistence that "I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A GIRL THOUGH SO IT WAS FEMALE CONDITIONING AND YOUR ARGUMENT WAS INVALID"

Just, what a fucking great way to enable the predators in our lives, yeah?

No. 283725

This. Fucking hell, there is nothing wrong with human equality, but men and women will ALWAYS think differently because of our biological makeup and hormones.

No. 283727

Yeah, gay people are just gay. Your personality, dress style, career, etc has nothing to do with being gay. You just happen to only be attracted to the same sex.

A trans person is mentally unstable and cannot function properly in society. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a transwoman? Trans people's entire identity is based solely on being trans and enforcing shitty gender stereotypes that women wear makeup and skirts and can't have short hair. etc

male trannies are the worst

No. 283812

Honestly the fact they are so insistent that being trans isn't a mental illness is insulting to those that have mental illness.

No. 283868

No. 283874


Tumblr is that way >>>

No. 283882

you tried so hard to fit in but you don't know how to sage

No. 283896

hello tranny no you are not entitled to sex, a relationship, or anything else with a human being simply because you are trans. If its hard to get any of these I'm sorry its hard for a lot of people either learn to be more interesting than being trans or stfu.

No. 283901

File: 1466753509820.jpg (7.04 KB, 208x242, 1452955372004.jpg)

No. 284176


Reaks of childhood sexual abuse ?

No. 284206

People like Stefonknee look like examples of autogynephilia to me.

No. 284245

The worst is when they say that they 'knew' they were women all along because as kids they liked barbies/fashion/cooking and that's obviously biologically ingrained right.

No. 284256

File: 1466907028140.jpg (176.84 KB, 1085x700, tumblr_mk6wwtCiNk1r41lc2o1_128…)

Every day I pull out my barbie dreamhouse and pink plastic convertible car to remind myself I am a woman. It has nothing to do with my XX chromosomes or my vagina. I am a woman because I grew up with barbies and hairbows, nevermind that I also enjoyed sports, comic books, video/board games and doing science experiments.

People like that are beyond mentally ill. They need to understand that social conditioning and stereotypes are a thing, but in the end, it does not dictate your sex and you cannot change your biology.

No. 284309

it's all just a cover for his fetishes and he also gets off on mindfucking those around him. he doesn't really feel like any other gender or age. he just wants to live his fuck fantasies 24/7

No. 284361

File: 1466954200408.jpeg (51.08 KB, 479x479, image.jpeg)

No. 284512

Intersex people are around 0.1% of the population and likely more common than trannies. Intersex includes a wide variety of conditions; some of these people do have "mixed" genitalia. The fact that intersex people are almost entirely absent from the political gender wars should make you very skeptical about the whole business.

No. 284729

I also find it suspicious that trans will co-opt the "intersex" label and talk all day long about how they should be allowed to have risky surgeries, all without addressing the irony that is lots of intersex people have wanted the right to not be operated on without consent as a baby.

I tried to talk to my former trans friend about all that and she just didn't want to talk about it and focus on how the injustice was on "her" because being a trans girl is hard, waaah.

No. 284763

When i was little, my mother would buy me barbie dolls, and i would be hanging out with girls and make doll clothes and other stuff.

Who am i now? a raging homophobe and a big shitlord, despite girly stuff i have been raised within.

No. 284787

Agreed with all of this. Trans people have body dysmorphia, feeling that their sexual characteristics are wrong. Anorexic people also have body dysmorphia, feeling that they're too fat. Do we help anorexic people by surgically removing all their body fat? Of course not because that is harmful to them, only feeds into their mental illness and doesn't deal with the underlying problems.
I can't help but feel that a lot of "trans issues" would dissipate if society becomes less strict on gender roles. So many MTFs claiming they "knew" they were girls because they liked playing with dolls as a kid, or FTMs saying they are totally boys because they like playing football and hate wearing skirts. I believe it's a combination of societal expectations and self-hatred. The first can be changed, the latter can be treated. No need to demand that the rest of the world treats you as something you're not.

Anyway, has Stefonknee been arrested for being a sexual predator yet?

No. 284834

He lives uncomfortably close to where I do

No. 284843


Try googling Taylor Lianne Chandler, she is trans but says she is intersex. She stalks Micheal Phelps and literally has drama every week. She is a cow of the highest order and just got her a Wiki page deleted. I've thought of submitting her to snow but I'm super newfag…

No. 285032

interestingly enough, for all MTF screaming that gender roles are oppressive and often that they want to abolish them, they don't. They rely on those same gender roles to feel fulfilled and euphoric about themselves vs. the dysphoria, which indicates some pretty huge mental illness.

Now the dreaded "TERFs" that are gender critical, on the other hand, are often all about abolishment of gender roles and stuff, which is why much of trans behavior and claims pisses them off.

Not saying I'm on any one side here, but funny how it plays out.

No. 285033

File: 1467221867422.jpg (218.3 KB, 1440x1564, IMG_20160628_012030.jpg)

forgot image

No. 285106

i want to see him try and refute that he is a pedo. enlighten me paul you fat cunt

No. 285188

lmfao yeah that's always a good one; like they're so against anything heteronormative yet they think they must be girls because they like cooking and fucking fashion and that's the crux of womanhood

Hate these assholes. They're just men who are deeply jealous of the sexual "power" women were assigned through patriarchy. He wants to be a woman so bad but can't take care of his fucking family????? Calling him a disgrace would be a compliment.

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